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The New Westminster News Mar 6, 1913

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New Westminster (Vv\ x
New   Westminster's        pAsgea
are rapidly liecoml .^ ..wn. The
B. ('. Fisheries wll,v.V.tubllsh a cannery on the Kraser river shortly.
WeatheAToday.   '''      ,
New     WestininsW^snd     Lov��r
Mainland: Ughl to JijpfiHatc winds
generally  fair;   ��UtioWrtV-ur low��:
temperature. Nj /?, ���
���antl     ljovffr ��-. ' *v\
Q*gW winds; -l// *f      % I
w%r lower I   " *J
Makes Speech at Annual Session of the Grand Council of
thc Iloyal Templars of Temperance���Important Resolutions Passed���Social Evil Discussed���Saloon on the
Border Line���Officers Elected.
Grain Growers B.C. Agency
Commence   Unloading
Five Cars.
" .   mi aa
Newfoundland     Opens     Negotistlons
With the Imperial Cabinet With
This End In View.
At the twenty-second session of the l As the boys and girls of today were
Krand council of British Columbia of considered the voters of tomorrow,
the Iloyal Templars of Temperance, I llie Krand council passed another
held In the Oddfellows' hall yeetcr- J resolution urging that more attention
day,    several    Important   resolutions | be  devoted   to  Junior  work  than   at
Nsw   Plant   Has   Capacity   of   25,000
Bushels  and   Storage  Capacity
of 500 Tons.
were passed.
In ono the provincial -government
was thtinkid for tlie passing of the
recent amendments to the liquor act
and for making more stringent regulations for automobile drivers
In another the provincial authorities
were asked to cancel the license of a
liquor house situated near the border
line aa the council considered it unnecessary to the convenience of the
community and a menace to the citizens of ltlnlne.
One  of  the   most  vital  resolutions |
carried   wns  In  regard  to  the  social
evil In Canada In this the Royal Temp-1
lars put themselves on record aB hi
Officers Elected.
At the opening of the evening session the election of officers for the
ensuing year took place. Grand Councillor J. I). McCallum of Victoria, was
The other officers appointed were:
Part grand councillor, W. J. Hogg,
Vancouver; grand vice-councillor, Miss
K. Johnson, Sardis; grand chaplain,
Hcv. S. J. Thompson, Nanalmo; grand
secretary, N. ft. Hrown, New Westminster; grand treasurer, J. Carter
Smith, New Westminster; grand herald, I'\ W. Haggman, New Westminster;   grand   superintendent   of   Junior
St. Johns, Nfld., March &. -With a
view to participating In the naval de
fence of the British empire, the New
foundland government has opened negotiations with the imperial cabinet.
An announcement to that effect wat
made today    by    the new  governor,
Walter Davidson, C.M.O., in the speech
from   the  throne  at  the  opening  of
.,,,.,, .    ��� ,      ,     the colonial legislature.
New  Westminster s--first gran ele-      The  sovemor aim  ��<._._.   ~*h.    �����
IZVTtl- Z 22 shr ofnUoyal ��SWSS3S.3BW rr mov��
avenue and Columbia street and own- U. duty from tea su and u *
ed by the Grain Growers' B. C. Agency, | meatB. Thl |t wag Glared would
Limited, was placed in operation for ; represent the ab rogation of $400,000 S
the first time yesterday morning and|dutu.g annually, the largest reduction
Ing In sympathy with every sane move-, councils,   Mrs.   V.   M,     Iirown,     New
ment for sex education and the suppression of social vice.
Police Matron.
One of the feature speeches of last
evening's srsslon was thut of Mayor
Cray In welcoming the members of
the council to tho city, ln this his
worship made the Important announce
ment that he would recommend to the
police Commissioners at Ihelr meeting next week that a police matron
he appoint! d to look after the welfare
of tbe young girls of the city.
Social  Vice.
The resolution dealing with social
vice was an follows: "We note with
deep concern the prevalence of Unsocial   evil   in   Canada   nnd   when
such Is due in part to certain undesirable conditions in the industrial world
and to what we believe to be an or
ganized traffic in  young girls;   and
"Whereas education of the hoyB and
girls as to personal purity Is essential
and agitation against prevalent vice
is necessary; ._
"Theiefore tie tt renolved. Un we,
as Royal Templars of Temperance of
the Grand Council of B. C, do place
ourselves on record as being ln Bym
pathy with every sane movement for
sex education and the suppression of
i-ocinl   vice."
Saloon  on  Border.
The resolution dealing with the saloon near the border read: "Resolved
that the grand council call the attention of thu attorney-general to the
existence of licensed premises near
the border line between B. C. and
Whatcom county, Wash., and ask fo,-
the cancellation of the license of the
same aB It Is unnecessary to the convenience of the community and a menace to the residents of the adjoining  city  of  Blaine."
With respect to the changes In the
Liquor Act, thc following resolution
was passed: "The grand council wish
to thank the British Columbia government for the amendments to thc liquor
act pasted at the recent session re
the shortening of hours for thc sale of
liquor and also for stringent regulations regarding the drivers of automobiles."
The action of tho minsiter of militia,
Hon. Sam Hughes in abolishing canteens from mllltla camps was commended in a resolution and by the
same means Capt. J. T. Burnette was
thanked for his work In connection
with the Boys' Brigade.
Westminster; grand medical referee,
Dr. G. H. Manchester, New Westminster; grand trustees, I). G. McDonald
of Vancouver and L, Thornber of New
Westminster; grand auditor, Robert
Bucklln, New Westminster; deputy
herald, MIsb t". Bailey. Victoria; grand
guard, W. M. Ritchie. Victoria; grand
sentinel, P. Beaumont. Vancouver.
Police Matron.
Grand Councillor McCallum of Victoria presided at the evening session
and ln making his opening remarks
spoke briefly of temperance work.
Later in the evening Mr McCallum
presented the grand councillor's banner for the greateft increase in mom-
as, Ibershlp in uny one branch   of   the i
from now t. this city wlll be known
throughout the prairie provinces, especially ln Alberta, as having suitable
accommodation for grain handling.
Having a capacity of 25,000 buBhels
and a bulk storage capacity and warehouse accommodation of over 600 tons
hulk, the huge ccrrogated Iron structure has no doubt caught the eye of
many a pas6cng<r (ravelling between
Vancouver and New Westminster.
In an Interview with Mr. C. B. McAllister, manager cf the company, yesterday a News' representative was
enabled to learn the facts connected
with the establishment of an elevator In this city and Its needs for thiB
Five cars loaded with grain arc now
lying on the siding adjoining the building and these will be unloaded, commencing today.
The site Is admirably situated, for
Investigation into Cause of
Port Moody Wreck Is
Pilot Oberchaln, In Charge of Freight
Train Wlll Testify on Wednesday���Other Witnesses
in taxation at one time in the colony'*
Mrs. Pankhurst Has Gene to the Ccun
try to Rest up���All Engagements
Are Cancelled.
Templars to the Salmon Arm council.
Following two delightful recitations
by Mrs Keller and Miss F. Hudson
of Vancouver. Mayer Gray delivered
his address of welcome to the gathering. His worship Bpoke on a number
of local topics and then touched upon
complaint* made of young girls at-
tenilluB" the arena rink, staying out
until n late hour.
Tlie chief or police could not dec'
'with them, he Bald. In case of comp'.1-
cations with the parents nnd therefon
;he declared it wns his intention to
, recommend (lie appointment of a police matron.
llr. C. I". Scott of the Melrolopit.in
church. Victoria, delivered an Interesting address on the conservation of
the nation's reBources. Ile referred
to the young men and women of tne
day as the nation'sresources and declared they were being destroyed by
the baneful effects of the llquoi tr.if-'
fie. The liquor must be abolished, he
said, If the nation's resources were t'.
be conservatcd.
A report from one of the offlcorr
showed that the membership of the
various councils throughout the pro
vlnce had Increased by 60 since the
beginning of the year. The Insurance
department showed a surplus or sinking fund of $342,439.26 for the entire
Dominion at the end of the year while
tho provincial surplus was sufficient
to cover six weekB' sick benefits for
every member in the fund.
The grand council laid plans for putting an organizer In the field to Institute new councils and to wi-k on
insurance and sick fund nenefits In
future the grand council intend to
present all retiring grand councillors
with a past grand councillor's Jewel.
London. March 5. -Mrs. l.tnmeline
Pankhurst, leader of the eufrragetti-B,
has broken down completely. She
although not having water front com-J haB cancelled all engagements and bat
munication. it is tapped by n spur ; Kone to the country for a rest. This j
from the C.l'.lt. tracks the B.C.Kit. j announcement was made tonight at
and also will he In a direct line for j suffragette meeting at Hempstead,
a spur from the main tracks ot the where Mrs. Pankhurst was scheduled
Canadian Northern railway when once!to Bpeak. "General" Mrs. Flora Drum-
this line is built through the city.        ' mond took her place.
Leased Wharf. MrB-   drummond   no   sooner   begnn
Tr. r.trr,i ti... i.*x, ���f '    ,.      ,       I talking than a group of students scat
.a���k...?.f...a..*,.1.t?_a!0nP|t"^   snuff   around,   starting   every-
body   sneezing.     A   lively   scrimmage
ensued between thi attendants and the
disturbers. Chairs were broken, blows
this week
N. wharf
tbe waterfront the compauy
Obtained a leate of the C I'
from the city on the understanding
that It was to be u^cd as a public
wharf and this will allow the concern
to cati r to trade along the river
hanks an.l also with Vancouver and
Vanoouver Island.
Work  on  the  building was  started
early   ln   December    last    the
exchanged and black eyes and bruises
were plentiful.
In a lull In the disorder, Mrs. Drum-'
mond advised all the municipal electors to vote against the lsondon county
council   progressive   candidates   as   a
tonoben on  tbo electrical  ln.uJo' fc S,,''? SEta��l��J��J2?
their militant efforts as blackguardl
Port Moody, March 4.���Because the
foreman of the jury, Mr. Hallaru, requested that Pilot Oberchaln be given
an opportunity to testify, the Inquest
iuto the cause of the death of five
Hindus, killed In the train wreck on
the Canadian Pacific Lumber Company's siding here last Thursday morning, was adjourned today until next
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, by Coroner A. L. McQuarrie.
Pilot Oberchaln, according to Engineer Wellwood, was on board the engine of the freight train at the time
of the accident and was supposed 10
have been in charge of it. Obcrci.a.n
'��� as Injurid In the acciJent and was
Unable to attend the inquest today cn
Recount of the fact that he .s stii: in
the hospital,
Alter hearing the testimony theie
was to be taken Coroner McQuarrie
desired the jury to retire and return
a verdict.
Foreman llallarn objected on the
ground that he thought that if any
person was responsible for the engine
of the freight train It was Pilot Ober
The coroner adjourned the inquest
but stated lha. thn lo-ors were ther"
1 to determine the cause of tlie accident
only. Mr. A. J. Kappclle of Vancouver, consul for the families ot two of
the dead Hindus, remarked that the
jury could fix the blame on any party
,ir parties for the accident.
The foreman also requested that
George Abbott, brakeman of the
switch train that had used the siding
a few hours prevluus to the accident,
he asked to give testimony again. Ab-
Fifty-scvcn Hours' Continuous Session Over Naval Bill���
Members work in Eight Hour Shifts���Liberals Continue Block���Officials and Reporters Waiting Patiently for Saturday Night When End Must Come.
the machinery
The  grain   will  le  taken  from  the
into the elevator by means of an end-! suffragettes, Mr. Bums said such dis-
turbancea   were   the   result    ot     the
bott was the man who testifi. d at thc
former sitting that he had seen rear
Brakeman Cline of the bwltch train
who was the last known to touch the
fatal switch, close the switch and lock
Conductor Dunn.     ..^
Conductor Dunn of the switch train
testified at today's sitting.   He Btated
that while he had not seen Cline ac-
Ottawa, March 6.���At 4 o'clock this
morning there was no change in the
situation in the house. Up to mid
night the house had been in continu-
ous session fifty-seven hours with no
sign of either Bide giving way. On
both BldeB tlie members show no
signs of weariness, each member being allowed sixteen hours of rest and
With eight hours work, the task
cf keeping the parliamen'ary mill in
continuous operation is leis trying on
many than attendance at ordinary sea
With the Hansard reporters, the
officials of the house and members
of the press gallery, the situation is
much more trying and all are counting the hours until Saturday night
when tlie end must come. If ihe
herns of the two parties aro not un
locked in the meantime.
Hon. J. A. Bureau, who cemmenced
to speak at 12 o'clock, continued un
til 2:50. He remarked on conclusion
'hat he could have talked much
longer as he had not yet touched his
notes. Mr. Bureau is one of the most
jovial members of the house and
throughout his speech there wa3 a
constant interchange of good nnttired
remarks across tlie floor of the
At one stage David Henderson, on
the government side, sneezed loudly
at  which there was laughter.
"You Bee. If It cannot come out by
the mouth lt must come out through
the nose," commented  Mr. Bureau.
I     "It is not they are not loaded. They
| are   loaded  for   bear,   but   they     are
I muzzled."
At another stage of his speech
I some government member called
I "Carried."
three dreadnoughts would add to the
burden of the British taxpayer
Finally he argued that the contribution of three million waa unconstitutional and the government had
no authority to make the gift without
consulting the people.
Mr. Thompson. Qu'Appelle. wbo
made the next speech, s'arted off by
referring to an article tn the Ottawa
Morning Citizen, criticizing the attitude of opposition. He waa greeted
with cries of "Read IL"
Mr. Thompson said he was qtiftf
willing to do so and there upon ho,
proceeded to place the whole article
on Hansard. He had some dltTcultv
in makintt himself heard owing tx*
frequent cries of "l.oudcr" from th!>
government benches.
In a Hurry.
"If '.be honorable gentlemen cj��-
posite would keep their earn open
and their mouths shut they wool 1
have no difficulty In hearing me." ro-
niarki d the member for Qu'Appello.
The Interruptions continued, however, and led Mr. Thompson to remark that while there might be some
excuse for a minority member ob-
s:ructing the business of the liouse-
there was no reasonable excuse for
a majority doing so.
"We are in a hurry to get through.
Please keep quiet." said Hon. Mr.
Emmirsen.   amidst   general   laughter.
Throughout the Interruptions Mr.
Thompson was continuing his effort-*
to read the article. Al this point he-
had read enough for his purpose.
Conservatives  shouted "(Io on."
"AU right," he replied, "I will read
the whole paper If you wish." I>>
you want the advertisements loo T"
finally the member for Qu'Aopellc!
completed hia task. He proceeded to
take exception to the prime minister's
 -. i argument that the l_.lbe.ral-! have a��-
mlnlster of  public  works 1 ready voted tor    a    contribution    ��r
IVt&.OOO.OOO and that now they propose
to   move   that     the
said    Mr.     Bureau
less hopper or cab!
ln���crv'^teeKtuow".?Oat I ffi""Jfc"" '""" "  h��" ""���*>" "
flatter, two pairs high rolled grinders i     -.-i-i
attrition mill for flue grinding of hog ' .,��� ' ,i ��rf" "' lhis 0��untry is Imlta
an.l cattle feed, monitor cleaning mil XL*..���?.  Am.pr'Ci">   newspaper   which
Interesting Evidence on Cost of Living at Session of Labor Commission.
Chilliwack, March 5.���C.reat Interest
was apparent at yesterday's session
of the Labor Commission here, the
hall being crowded to capacity. Chief
among the witnesses was Mr. L, Mac-
ken, president of the board of trade
who gave some valuablo sidelights on
the all Important topic of the cost of
The gist of his evidence waa that
there is plenty of work for everybody
at good wageB, while at the same time
rents are not high nor land values
excessive. Houae rentB are from $lli
to $25 a month. 1-and may be had at
$200 to $500 per acre according to location. The price of farm produce to
the consumer Is reasonable. Mr. Mac-
ken,'among his other activities Ib a
dealer In real estate.
An odd trade development was called to the commissioners' attention In
reference to the price of butter. Although the country around Chllllwack
Ib largely devoted to dairying, the
butter consumed Is nearly all Import
ed from New Zealand. It does not
pny Chilliwack people to make butter
for the reason that their milk Is now
sold on tho baBls of butter fat. nt 50
cents per pound, while they can buy
New Zealand butter at 40 cents per
The milk Is handled cooperatively
and a considerable proportion goes to
the neighboring condenser.    What Is
(Continued on Page five.)
Meeting Wilt Be Held In Moreton Hall
on Friday.
Kdmonds, March 5.���A meeting of
the Kast Burnaby Conservative Arso
elation, whirh embraces Kast Burnnby
and Kdninnds, wlll be held in Moreton
Hall on Friday evening of tliiB week
lt has been called hy the secretary
Mr. P. b. Brown aud the organisation OOtnmittee will probably be call
ed upon to impress upon Ihe voters
(he regulation calling for now regis
trillion on the voters' lists.
Mr. C. F. pprotl Is president of the
association but he Is now wintering
���n California and Will be unable to be
present, ���
Ottawa, March 5. -The Evening Citizen says: "If In the not
distant future, a number of
deputy ministers at Ottawa
are rellevrd from their functions there need be no surprise
It Ie understood thut the mat-
has been under advisement
and lt Is current gossip that
three may go.
Pbafilbly with them some
higher officials may bo dismissed. No final action, however, has yM been taken.
There have been complaints
that the fidelity of some of
thnBo officer^ to their chiefs
admits very much of question
and (hat departmental tnforma-
matlon of a confidential character haB gotten out and provided powder for the opposition. Under the circumstances
some nctjon In the not distant
future  ls  to be anticipated.
speech he said
ting   the  American
hincs. bavlng a capacity of 750 ""buslT \ lltreT thl'l*^! ?.?��"5 SHft",0/!f^
el. per hour, and a modern automa- ^ar^Uln^'to'^ ittrpubl. n88
ic sacking machine, capable Of hand- |n America. If the present campagn
ling six or seven sacks of grain per of calumny continues this cofmtrv
'"���"���''' will end  in civic neglect and corrup-
,      tlort, for it will repel rrom public life
machinery   will    enable    the  tho scn8|t|ve. kindly and
John Bums spoke tonight afa gatii-1tually close lhe switch he understood!
from the conversation ot the other |
two brakemen on his train that he 1
had done so.
He admitted that no light was burning on the switch aud when questioned said it was not his duty to attend
to it Asked by one of the Jurors
whether   he   would   have   removed
tie had  one ohetructed   the track,
remarked   that   he   would.
Fifteen Mile* an Henr.
"1  am  willing
nimittee   rise,'
Hoes the
agree V
Mr. Rogers:  "1  wasn't listening."    Uo vote for no contribution "at" att.
Mr. Bureau:     "1  say  if the honor-1    "1 would not." he aald, "Insult  the
able gentlemen opposite  are  tired    11 Intelligence of the prime minister by-
am    willing    to    move    the adjourn-1 saying that he thinks hc  is  exoeed-
ment." jingly  fair when he usea this    argu-
Mr. Rogera:    "1  would assure    the  ment.
honorable  gentleman  that no  one on I    Mr. Thompson proceeded at Ietigt*��
this aide is  at all tired." to give his views in support    of   th~
Mr. Bureau:    "That gives me   new'Laurier naval proposals as com'-areel
vim and new courage."    (Laughter.) ! >vith those of the government and wai
hel    That Mr. Bureau had plenty of vimjst;ll speaking when    the    house
land   courage  left   was   quite   evident, jJourned for dinner at 6 p.m.
j because  he  continued  h:3   speech   fori     After rccss Mr. Thcmnson strongly
Purchase  Direct
company not only to handle Its own
grinding plant but also to purchase
cars of grain direct from the fanners
in the prairies have heard very little
where it will be cleaned and sacke-i
tor the coaFt trade, the object bein^
to cater to the Fraser valley, Vancouver and also points on Vancouver is
According  to  Mr.    McAllister    all
(Continued on Pago Eight.)
men who formerly led their fellow
It was, later announced that Mrs
Pankhurst had gone to I'aris for the
rest cure. It is said that she will
consult with her daughter, Christa
belle, on the future cf the militant
movement In the event that she her
self Is committed to prison as the
result of her trouble at Old Bailey.
Two   Klson   brothers   employees   Of/ano'hcr two hours,
the mill, one of whom was In charge! Spoke Two Houri.
of a gang of Hindus, bcth stated that Charles Wilson, member tor Laval
the freight train was running nearly who followed him. got the floor at
15 miles per hour just before the ac- 2:5-8* p.m.. aud continued to speak
cident.   H. Crawford, also an employee   until 5 o'clock.    Ile made part of his
W.rtless Received  From Dr. Mawson
Tells of Death of Two Members
of Expedition.
Sydmy N.S.W.. March 5.���Details
���f the tragic ending of l.leut. B. E.
Ninnis of the Royal Fusiliers regiment, nnd Or. X. Mcrtz, champion
ski jumper of tbe world, who met with
death In thc frozen south polar regions while members of the Austral-
���*ui Antarctic expedition, were told In
a wireless message received here today from Or. Douglas Mawson, the
leader of the expedition, who also But-
frrd  grent  hardships
The wircli bs message received from
Or. Mawson, who is now in Adelie
Lund, pays:
"On Dec. 4, 1911, while we were exploring a new coast lino 300 miles
to the southeast of our winter quarters, Lieut. Ninnis, with a dog team
an.l with almoBt nil of our food, disappeared   In   an   unfathomable   crcv-
Vancouver. March 5.��� lion. Price
Ellison, minister if agriculture, Is
lying in a Vancouver private hospital
recovering from an operation fer ap
lt van not discovered until tods'
that the jy^bitict minister cf the pro
vincial government was saying In
this city.
HU condition is understood to be
satisfactory In every way.
"Or. Mertz nud myself, with an
Inadequate supply of provisions and
Six  starving dogs,  (hen  started over
��� the  plateau  for our hut.     But bad
��� weather   retarded   our   progress   nnd
��� |we lubslsted chiefly on dogs.
��� "On January 17, 1912, rir.  Mcrtz
��� j died, lhe cause of his death arising
��� 1 from malnutrition.
��� "On   Feb.  7  1  arrived  at  the  hut
��� alone, having travelled through snow
��� and    fog    having  miraculously  been
��� I guided  by  providence    through    the
��� I heavily crevassed areas.
��� I    "The steamer Aurora waited at the
��� 1 base   until    the    weather  conditions
��� 1 made It no longer safe.    She left a
��� few   hours  before  my  arrival  at  the
��� I hnt.   Six men were left here by the
���! Aurora to prosecute a search for the
Killed at Barnet.
Word  was received    In    thli    c':l>
early this morning of a fatal accident
whloh happened ht Barnet. Brtrnabv
lute laBt evening. Or. A. L. McQuar
rle. coroner, was notified of the affnlr
but other than that a Jap had met
h's death, no details are available. Dr
McQuarrie will have for the bccik
this morning In order to lind oul
whether an   Inquest   is  necessary.
��� ������������������������������������������������  members of our party."
At 12:15 Sharp will begin thc
luncheon given by the Progressive association to the mayor
and aldermen. Besides these
the members of the Royal Labor commhrlcn have becn Invited and It Is hoped that they
will attend. Short speeches will
1 e mode by Mayor (Iray nnd
the different aldermen present.
All members of the association and citizens are expected
to support tlie luncheon which
wlll be held ln the room adjoining the Royal Cafe. A new departure Is being tried by the
entertainment committee who
are not going to sell tickets
personally, leaving It to the cltl-
zoiib either to buy them from
the secretary before hand or
Just to turn up and get them at
the door. It Is believed this
will work out all right and that
there will be a good attendance.
of the mill, deposed that tho train
was running over 12 miles an hour,
while It. Brltton, another employee of
tbe mill testified that to him the speed
was clorcr fifteen mileB an hour than
F. Trlgwoo. who was in charge of
the Hindus engaged in moving the
cars that were smashed, stated that
nine Hindus were working on the car
first struck, at the time of the accident. He also stated that an accident
had occurred once before in tlie same
vicinity some two years ago.
Engineer  Wellwcod.
Engineer Wellwood was again call
ed to the witness stand and testified
that Pilot Oberchaln had boarded the
train at North Bend. Oberchaln was a
r< gular man on tho C.P.R., ho said,
but he did not know whether he had
ever made the trip before. At this
Juncture the Jury requested the evidence of the pilot and an adjournment
was taken.
speech in French and part in English
Mr. Wilson also Intimated when he
sat down that he was prepared for
another speech later. He quoted
from authorities dealing with the
gradual development of the naval do
fence Idea In the colonics.
The naval defence act now on the
statute-books, he sid. was the Only
one on which the government could
properly act. The government pro
posals, he said, did not meet the
aspirations of the Canadian people
Neither did they inert the views o<
the admiralty.    The contribution    of
urjjed for autonomy fn the dominions,
"e reviewed tbe policy of Batuennin
!n   r.._r.-irct tt, South Africa.
hat has that got to do with thi.*
bill T" shouted Major Beattfe.
It has �� creat deal to do with it,"
exnlafned  Mr.    Tbompson,    **oa    one
[side we have a poli-y of contrfbntfoa;
on  the other side a policy of n-elf-d-v
velopment and self-government."
"It has nothing to do with JW re*--
trrted Mr. Beattie. "Get down to
"When I am through talking tbe
honorable gentleman opposite wflt
have an opportunity to make a
speech." said the member for
Ten Centa a Head.
"We are asked to be thankful  he-
(Contlnueo on Page Four.).,
Montreal; March 5- Invitations
have been extended to Or. Frl.dmann;
the German scientist, who claims to
possess a cure for tuberculosis, to
visit this cily  and test his cure.
Every possible facility and every
courtesy will be extended to him in
the event of his acceptance. New
York ndvlees Indicate that it Is nol
unlikely that Or. l'riedmann will do
here what the prejudice and red tape
of the New York state medtoal society
prevented him from doing in New
Union Steamship Company Refuse Demand-*���Walkout  Would  Have
Far-reaching   Effect.
Wellington, N.Z., March 5.���What
may prove a strike of international Importance is threatened by the engi-
leers of the Union Steamship Company's fleet, whoBe vesselb ply between here and Australia and to Canada and the United States.
The engineers demand an eight
hour day but the company will not
concede thilr request. Hfforts have
been made to fettle the dispute by a
friendly conference since It is believed that if a strike occurred the trouble
would spread. The Union Steamship
Company's boats run to San Francisco
from Sydney nnd also to  Vancouver.
Captured Americans Rescued.
Caracas, Vinezuela, Mnrch 5.���Guy
N. Bjorgo-and William L. Taylor, of
Duluth, Minn., Ihe two mining engineers who were captured by Meli-
lones last week while making petroleum exploration tn thc vicinity ot
Lake Maracatbo. have been rescued,
according to official advices received
at Caracas today, and both are safe.
���    DEAN
It waB learned yesterday
that the Bolicitor acting for
Charles Mean had about given
up thc fight to secure his freedom by the habeas corpus route
nnd that nu argument before
the supreme court if Canada
as ordered hy Justice Puff who
heard the firt-t argument at Ottawa, will not be carried out.
Mr. Adam S. Johnston who Is
acting for the allrgedbank robber, figures that little is to be
gained by the move apart from
the heavy expense which accompany cases heard before the
highest court In Canada and
will turn his attention to preparing a defence for Dean
when the latter's case Is heard
at Ihe Bpring assizes.
Nothiug new has happened
In tho Macnamara case and
whether he will bo ordered extradited from New York to this
city to Btaud trlnl for complicity ln the robbery remains yet
to be seen.
Several Converts at Meeting af West
Coquitlam Conservative Association���Discuss Naval Bill.
A ipeolal meeting of tho Wist Ca>-
qultlam Conservative Association matt
held l:i the agricultural hall. Burq-oft-
lam, lust night, ostensibly for tbe
purposes of registering voters, but at
which a number of speeches srare
made in support of the ConserraUT-e
administration, provincial anil federal.
Several speakers strongly sap-ported tbe naval bill of the Dominion
I'lriiiimeni. notably two rsfonaaA
Liberals. The meeting ultimately
formed itself into the nucleus of a.
Conservative social elub.
Mr. Georgo Alderson, president, occupied ihe chair, and Mr. Peter Battle
md Mr. II. Cockiill, secretary, attended to the work of registration
Over thirty namea were listed.
Mr. Kwen Martin, North road, aald
some people thought he was not a
Conservative, but the flrst Conservative meeting ever held on the North
.oad was held In his house.
He had supported Donald Uorriaou
it a fed, nil election, but he
good man and did good work i
i personal friend ot his. Speaklnje oT
the naval biU now before tho pariha-
nent at Ottawa, he aald be did M
like the way the Liberals wan carrying on their opposition.
There were no strings at all spss.
the government   la   building
ships   in   the  old  country      P
countries with their own plaata"
(Continued cn Page TewrJ PAG*: 'TWO
THURSDAY,  MARCH  ��,   1418.
A * inetenettdeat wxortung paper Aerated to the (tifsresta of ,Vcin Wtttltxiattsr Olid
IA* Froa-nr Valtei/. /'uhlma.-d every mornbifl Sttospl .Sumlm. In/ thr Niifinitnl PrfnWnp I
c��wl J'aMinh.iig CuM-pany, I.mil��l, at 63 McKeniie. turret, {fsu  Westminster, (Irftlsli '
Columbia. JtOflB BlITU F.Ul.AS 1>.  Manaaint)  Director.
All remiti.iiiw afie-a?, ftto-t-lhi be. addressed to Tlie .Vcic Westminster .Vficn, nnd not
** -fc-ulttridMal miiiiN'is of lit* staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders sltnuM be made
���payable to 77... National I'rititina antl  1'uliHshln'i Company, Limited.
rBLKl'llOHHB-Utttinetn Offlct and Manager, Sb'J ,' fc'.litorm! Kaoins (nil depart-
ttw.t.l.   'J'M
trVMH'llll'TIOHI RAl'tiH  -Rti earricr, %l jicr year, }1 for three moi.thB
****!*    Hit mail, S3  for gVST, tit per  month. I
Mil I'H'I IHINU   RATKK  on  applieatlon.
TO ('OKBKSrOSUKNTS���No letters uillt he publish, il In The News except oimi
the ttariler't signature. The editor reserece ihe riaht to refuse (In: pitblieation ol ani
yoke and  lo rally to thc standard of
(he  cross against  the  crescent.
Independence was proclaimed the
following year, hut was not finally
won until 1*211, when tho powers fore
ed the Porte lo sign the treaty if
Adrinnoiiie, acknowledging Hellenic.
Independence,    oiho of Bavaria be
came the first king of modem Greece  municipal.
who  figured   so   prominently   in  the
political struggles of the times.
Or. Canntf Bays that Mackenzie's
party was opposed to the incorporation of the city, but when .the civic
elections for councilnien took place,
they engaged vigorously in (he con-
tost,  which  was more  political  ihan
and reigned Until 1881,
disfavor  forced    his
In 1832,
Prince Alfred cf Grent Britain wai
the popular choice for king, but Ihe
I throne toll to Prince William, broth-
���,0�� '"' [er of the late Kmg of Denmark, who
he. i   since   ruled   at   George   I.     The
Greek monarch will celebrate ihe
.-���.iii'-," ntenary cf his reign (his year.
T. day K also the thirty-first anniversary if th" proclamation of Bar-
via us nn Independent kingdom, with
Prince Minn, of thc C'hn iiovir.h dynasty,  OS  Kin;,-.
*    THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ���
Through the combined efforts of lhe city und the pro- ��� <E/ ��- Terence.) ���
vinciid government it hns been made possible to erect iii ���������������������������������������������������
New Westminster a hospital whieh in every way will bejJordan' -"-lend ^Posterity
worthy of the community for whose wants it is designed. I   Discording the trdition that
Thc cost of the building will be just short of a quarter of a] g,��� "f Now
Mackenzie, who was popular belli
in the county and town, contested the
[2nd ward with llr. Widmer, und defeated htm. The majority of council-
: mon elected were in favor of Mackenzie and hy their votes plaoed him in
l the civic chair.
The second  mayor of Toronto was
it. li. Sullivan- -afterwords judge   of
ithe court of common picas.
j *****************
>      r.CRAP EOOK  FOR TODAY.      ���
''��� ******************
Russians   Celebrate   Tcnccntentar   of
Th!  Romanoff  Dynasty Today.
Barbarian' Swede,  savage  Slav  und
ferocious Mongol, In ihe dim beginning  cf   Russian
supremacy,   Into
Chaldean  Patriarch's Remarkable Career���Took  $500,003  From  Girl
in   France.
Paris, March 5,   .another cf these
[figures strung, r  Ihan   [lotion  can  invent   was   revealed   by   nn    action
[bronchi against Mgr. llorriotBuiioust.
ex-Bishop of Jerusalem nnd now lord
of several stately French chateaux,
Behold, then, M. Herrlot-Bunoust,
ordained In 18JI1 priest ,".t Jerusalem.
j md soon celebrated fer the ardor of
|hit! missionary zeal amid the savages
tribes In Africn cr Asia, which fin illy
earned him liis position  as Chaldean
British Canadian Securities, Ud.
n a-
York city never amount
anything, William Oeorge .Ionian,
who was horn In Ihe big town on Ihe
Hudson forty-nine years ago today,
has not only made a name for himself among his contemporaries, but
has also arranged a plan.for securing
ih.- respect and gratitude of posterity.
As secretary of the Modern. Historic Records Association, Mr. Jordan
has sent to prominent men and women t'.so envelopes made of durab'.i
Japanese v.'limn, to contain "such
geological family memoranda, mea-
Bages and photographs" as may be
of Interest to posterity, These docu-
ments, with other historical data of
the time, arc lo he stored in Steel
,���,��,,,,,,,,-        . ,        ,, ....   i chests, one to he placed in the New
It ia fqlt that thc time has now come when the raumcipah- Vi.rw library and the other to be sent
ties may show their appreciation of what has already been!'0 Egypt, when. tin. dry atmosphere
clone for their inhabitants and what is now promised in the jls
way of the best medical provision possible.
We are glad to note that those municipal representatives at this meetinc: expressed their intention of doing
their utmost to further the object now before the hospital
board and we feel that when they have explained matters
to their respective councils there will be but one answer, !ncok n.:it  Cum,nt uterature,   th0
Ladles' l'i tne Journal and other Am-
i   nresent  ������nm-oviderl !f,rican P>"rl("i1CRis-   TTl> ����� a 11,nn <*r
-,,    , -.    , .-.. L   c1L^LllL ,LV I 1UU,   original   ideas,   and   first     suggested
witn hospital accommodation are growing bigger and | the formation of a "house of govern-
composed-of  the  execu-
varions states of the un-
million dollars, $280,000 to be exact, and of this amount
the government has supplied or has promised to furnish
a total of $100,000. The remainder is being paid for by the
citizens here.
This $1?,0,000( now being supplied by Westminster,
is solely for thc purpose of building a new Royal Columbian hospital. For a long period of years the city has
Lorne the burden of expense without aid from any other
source but the government. On Wednesday last the
reeves of the municipalities contiguous to Westminster
met the hospital board and discussed the question of raising some $30,000 for the proper equipment of the hospita"
an excellent  preservative.
Each chesl will henr an inscription
directing thai it he onened a centurv
hence. In the year 2013. Special qualities of ink and paper will assure the
preservation of the material for the
historians and genealogists of the
twenty-first   century.
Mr. Jordan was for many years the
editor of the Saturday
and that a favorable one.
The outlying municipalities, n\.
more populated every year, and consequently a greater
proportion of their sick finds its way to this city. We have
reason to believe that during the past two years at least
25 per cent of the patients treated here came from the
Fraser valley municipalities. This proportion is likely to J _ A
grow, and there is therefore no doubt that these communi-1 tt'imost
ties will recognize their proper course in this matter and
come to the aid of the institution which for many years
has benefitted Westminster and the valley alike.
Among the numerous measures passed by the provincial house during the session just closed was one effecting
the governance of hospitals and therein we note that in
ors." to he
tivis of the
Ion.    His plan pleased Colonel lloose-
velt. who Issued a call for a meeting
al  which an creanization waa perfected.
Al tne laut session of the "house"
Cole Blease, of South Carolina.
succeeded in transforming the
meeting into a "rough house." Mr.
Jordan Is also the originator of a
V'aiid new system of education which
h" calls "Mental Training by Analysis,  Law and Analogy."
"e the municipality to which an indigent patient be-
longs is responsible to'the hospital up t0��$l per day for1''"1'"'
his or her maintenance. This patient when discharged is
indebted to his municipality and it is the task of that
body to collect moneys due. As an alternative the municipality may agree to pay the hospital a fixed annual
A hospital to a certain extent pays its own way. but'it
Is most necessary for it to receive support from the communities it benefits. Westminster has done well in this
direction, and Mayor Gray is taking the right stand when
Birthday   greetings  are  due  today
I lo  Prof. Archibald Carv f'oolidge,    of
Harvard,   who  passes  his   forty-seven-
I th   milestone.    As chairman    of    the
Library Council, Prof. Coo-
lidge pr "--i(I-"tl at (he recent groundbreaking .".ercises fnr the Widener
library, to In erected ot Harvard ns
a meniOi'lhl tn Harry Elkins Widener
a victim i f the Titanic disaster.
The eiiifi te will cost $*..nnn,noo,
whl -h has bci'l donated for Ih nur-
r.c*.e bv l'n t-i mor of young Widener. P-.vl, C'tnlulee spent some time
in the diplomatic service at St. Pet-
��� rshurc, Vltinnn nnd Paris, and was
a meii-i'i' .' '.he Taft party which
vis'tetl  the Orient  in  190r>.
history, foughi  for
the waiter cf petty
Is 49 principalities came Iturir, the Norman, and. in the Ninth century, laid
the foundation of the present empire.
In the thirteenth ren'.ury the Tar
ters established the empire cf Hi I
Khan of Kaptscliak. who was mad-'
grand duke of Russia, with Moscow
and despotic restored the old regime
and despotic, rcsored the old regime.
Introducing the use of firearms, and
annihilated the power of ihe Mongols
In 1598, Feodor I., lasl of the race
of Kurlc, which had governed Russia for seven centuries, was murdered
and Russia was left without a royal
liouse. '
Moris   Qodunoff,    Demetrious,   the
Impostor,  and  others  ruled  for brief
spaces,    until    overthrown    hy    the I
strung   hand   of   Michael   PedorOVltZ,
first of the imperial dynasty cf Romanoff,   who  ascended    the    throne i
three centuries ago  today,  March 6,1
The tercentenary cf the accession
of lhe Romanoffs wlll be celebrated
throughout Russia today., and the festivities will continue several inonihs.
The government has appropriated
nearly a quarter of a million dollars ,
to help pay the expenses of the cere
The   principal   anniversary   festival !
will   lie   held  ln   St.   Petersburg.     In
Evening Post. I May,  when  the weather is mere  favorable, the present    weakling   Czar, I
, scion of the ancient house of Roman- i
oft-Holsteln-Gottorp,   will   visit    Kos-1
troma, where the imperial crown wa? ;
tendered to Michael tlrst ot the Romanoffs,
There  will   also  be  Imperial  visit.-* '���
to   Nljhnt-Novgorod,   Suzdal,   Rostov.
Varoslav and other places associated I
with Ihe early history of the emblro.
These towns are In remote sections
, of the empire, and the lour will give
'the Czar an  opportunity  to come  into close contact wtth millions cf his
subjects  to  whom   he  has heretofore
been  only  a  name.
The guard of the Czar on this trip
, will be the Brlvan grenadier regiment, the only Russian military bod'.*
which dates back to the davs of Mich
The first Romanoff ruler was relat
ed on the female s'de with the ancient house of Rurik, nnd this fact I
made him more populrfr than the
other aspirants lo the throne, and enabled him to consolidate the empire
Some historians alloqo that Michael
took a constitutional oath on assuming   the   crown.
Ills reign was not very eventful
hut wns wirely employed in ameliorating  the  wretch..I  condition  of the
li.'turning to Toulouse he founded al
Chaldean slmlnary. which, however,
did not prosper In spile of the direct
[patronage of the Vatican, while the In-1
discreet behavior of the patriarch himself resulted in liis hi ing unfrocked In
1808, For the nexl few years he devoted himself to literature and during
'a visit  to  Russia  married  an  ex-nun!
Joining    the    Reformed     Protestant
1 Church.
i At Nice in inns lie was reduced t��
great straits, even to exhibiting hi." !
���-elf as ii sword swaljlower until in*
made the acquaintance  of a wealthy
i family consisting of M, Bcrtln, his wife
and .laughter. He quickly gained an
extraordinary ascendancy over them,
land when the mother died, leaving
��200,000 to the daughter
: Bunoust pi rsuaded   the
.Mile.   Berlin   wuh   l.'lng
brought up anil thai he
hand 1". r OVt r to his wife,
Having securnl poBBesston of lhe
daughter, M. Herrlot-Bqnoust worked
on M. Merlin's feelings till he had
convinced him that it was his duty to
undertake the conversion of the Tun-
si:111 Arabs to Protestantism, and he
despatched blm thither in charge of a
Polish priest, only to die almost im-
mt iliat. ly,
Though M. Merlin hft the principal
part of his fortune . Isewbere, his
daughter inherited over $260,000, with
several fine chateaux and other property, all of which M. Horriot-Hii'ioust
���s said to have appropriated, lt
said he began hy drawing
Hlit.'.-iricntlollB, agreement., of Male ileeits,
txiBlntst lettviH, etc.] clruul.ii* work _.ue-
ct.iii-.it. All wink strictly confidential IL
Hurry, room <ltl W until .luster Trust Illk.
1 in- 102.
Many    Grades    of    Timber    Hitherto
Thought  Useless  Are of   Much
Merchantable  Value.
.   U.  O.   M.  NO.   8D4 -MEETS  ON  flrpt,
second and third Wednesdays in cucli
month in K. uf P, Hun a! 8 e ut. rt. J.
1,'nniy, dictator; J. II. price, seoretary.
Victoria,   March    B.���A
tests to determine    the
ami   physical   propretles
, M. Herrlot-
lathi r thai
very badly
had   better
series    of
:.f west.Til
larch (tamarack) has been recently
made by forest products experts, and
ii lias been shown that the strength
is S1.7  jier ci nt.
It   is   shown   thut     the     maximum
strength   of  given   bridge  stringers
average of all grades is 67.'.. per cent,
ad great as the strength uf the small
clear beams cm  from large tlmbt rn.
Tin- stringer;! from small trees arc ofl
better quality than (hose taken from '
old  trees, and the material  coming l
from the upper portion of the tree ex-1
hibits   less   strength   than   that   from ,
the  lower  portion.
These results will assist in making
more common the use of many spe- ;
Oles and grades of timber which have
hitherto been thought useless. .lust j
us in eastern Canada red pine, spruce .
tamarack and even balsam fir are I
taking   the   place   of   white   pine,     in'
iiiout $260,1 western Canada such species us larch
O, 0 R AMITY LObliE NO. 17-TJw.
r.-gui;ir iiit-i-lliig of Ainlty lodjie No.
11, I. o. o. R. Is h.td every Monday
night ul 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' ll.ill.
c-qrnar Carnarvon and KiKlitn sire-in.
V.sltlng brctlivrn oordlauy Wvlti-d.
R. A. Merrlthew. N.C; .1. Robinson,
V. 11. ; \V. C. C.milium. 1'. II . recording secretory; ll. W. tiniiK*.i��-r. financial secretary,
ter n Him.m, Ltd.)���Funeral director*
ami ��� mbalmers. Parlors tuTi Columbia
street,   N.*w  Westminster.    Phone 9x3.
sit,- Cam.
Pioneer Funeral
r.   .Ii;-618    Agin*
Kli- Library.
I Hril-tor
i   street.
nun, none of which Mile. Bertln ever
saw.   He afterwards Bold Mile   Uvr
ull the contents
he refuses to ask the people for more money for equip-
cquipment. Now is the time for the municipalities to come
forward with their assistance, and there is little doubt
that they will do this and thus ensure the equipment now
urgently needed.
country, which had recently suffered
no much, and in Improving and enlarging the army Hiring his reign
f ireigners. who
intry In great
I Dutch artl-
to  manufacture
tin's i'aris house anil
nf a chateau nt Doux, Ue. ping most uf
th" proceeds, it in charged, He next
arranged to carry her to an auth. a
tic count, nnd to share with the count1
what was left of lur fortune, nfter
having already pocketed over $500,000,
according to the charges filed.
Tin'   Wedding   was  fixed   for a  few |
.lays before she attained her majority,
md a banquet was given at Versailles I taut
!'o celebrate   the  betrothal,   ah was | ther
going merrily till dissert  time, when
' th" count,  whispered   to his   fiancee
how glad he would he to get rid of all
j the  parvenus   and   shopkeepers   surrounding    them.   "Mile.   Bertin,   however,   turned   upon  him   with   the   remark  (hat  her  grandfather  had  sold
thread and kept gardens.
"I am the granddaughter of parvenus," she said, "and you are a fool.
Here Is your ring," and there was an
end to that scheme.
Next week, being of age,  Mile  Her
! tin went to her villa at Cannes, where
i she noticid a nice looking young man
painting chairs In her garden. Though
and   she
Russia was oneni il ti
'began   to  visit   tin*  i
numbers.     Herman
,\Vhen  the Sterling  Debenture Cor-  sans  were  employed
i.i.inimnni      vr...    :    ,t    '.-   '    f        , .   .      ,.  . i���-ir   1 poratlon   of   New   York   was   raided   cannon.
equipment NOW IS the time for the municipalities tO Come j some lime ago. the literary world Eigllsh merchants invaded the em-
was shocked by the arrest of Klwyn pire hy thousands, and Scottish ad-
Alfred   Harron,   famed  on  both   sides  venturers gained important   positions
When the federation nf Aua'rallan
States took place, the constitution
fM-uvided that the governor of each
state ahonld be. appoints by the Imp-Trial government The result has
b-nen Ihat men to fill these positions
have been sent out from Great Hri-
This is in mark..) contrast to Ihe
Canadian system, by which the lieu-
tenant governors of the province are
tifficials of the Ikiminion governmenl
and are appointed by IL Tlie Australians, iu declining to follow the
1'anadan precedent, sought to etu-
fihasizi- lhe doctrine of the supremacy nf the Btate, as against that of
��� hi: Commonwealth, which is embodied  in Ihe Australian constitution.
���The  experience of    leu     years    is
unhanging the opinions of the Austral
���ana as to the advisability of having
Ihe Commonwealth government only
the   repository  of  powers  delegated
my Ihe stales. A cable from Australia announces that a movement is now
���foot to have native Australians ap-
polnted to the governorships < I the
various states, which implies, wn as-
atnno, lhe transfer of the appointing
power from  Ixindon lo Melbourne.
In other respects, loo, Ihe Common-
wnalth government in seeking to extend its prerogatives.   Ai tbe forth
-coming general election the electors
will take part. In a referendum Intend
���cd fo to modify Ihe constitution as
to Tent in the Commonwealth government the sole powers of control over
trade and commerce, which, to date,
it has Shared with the slates on thn
terms oet forth in the. original constitution    Manitoba  Free   Press,
message. At once the flags all over
the United Kingdom go to half mast.
A memorial service is proclaimed
in the historical cathre.lral of st
Paul. The "lords and commissioners
Of the admiralty" in solemn conclave
announce that Scott and his companions shall he "regard, d as having
beeta killed In action" and that "their
Btory ���will long lie remembered��� with
honor by  the navy."
Such tilings make the heart stir.
They hav.' a dignity and splendor
above all. a solidity nf purpose Unit
reveal tin- virih- national traditions
from which they spr'n*;. Everything
(hat Is done for England is more important than anything thai is done
fur any other nation. This is the law
. f English public life; nf her army
and navy, of her journalism, her critl-
Unon  Marcl
York, capital
tended limits,
At  Ihat dale ���
now wonderful are England's ways
of  natioi ill Ing h.r 1I1uu*tIoub dead.
( ai ���..���ii       ' '��� i'   !'.   ' ��� "   ���������: *'   four
i*i    i:. i ons  die  In  the  frozen
i '  Uie Antarctic alter Ihey  hav
c.sni. her arts.    A story about a for-  matter,
gotten   llr'.lish  soldier  will  today   receive more notice in 1, udon than the
most brilliant  novel  that  comes from
over th" channel.
Most often this quality of English
life arouses our antagonism, We nre
outside of ii. The rough ways of democracy could not attain to it. although there are fine compensations
for  lhe   failure.
It  is nol   Ihat   we would seek to do
less   than   England,     ltut   our   very
freedom takes from us that calm, sit
tied majesty with which an empire
can move We would exult our heroes
to the Kkies, give generously and enthusiastically to these wlin depended
upon them, raise money perhaps for
a monuracnl and then turn back to
our daily life, leaving (heir fame to i
take care  of  Itself.
Not so witii England,   Every agency  through   which  the  national  tradl- |
tlons expresses  Itself  Is  now   turned i
once and forever Into the sacred tas't
of pulling the name ( f Scott  into Hie
pantheon  where stand    Drake,    Fro-
li'sln r,   Nelson   and   nil   their  lesser
companions,    This  i-  a   reward   for
which hm ti win contentedly die.   Cl
lands jcago Evening Pot i,
j of the Atlantic as a journalist, author
critic nnd playwright.
Mr.   Harron.   it   was     alleged,     had
j turned his genius to the friting of
promatton  "literature"  that   was  the
I envy of all other urometers.    He waa
j born  nt   Lima,   N.Y.,   fifty-eight  year3
' ago today, and  was educated a'   Rob*
; ert   College  In  Tennessee.
For eighteen  years he  was drama-
i tic critic and editorial  wri'er on the
I Chicago Inter-Ocean, and later waa
correspondent   in   London  and  I'aris
, for Chicago papers.
He is the author cf "ln Old New
York" an-1 other novels, nnd of a num
h->r nf drama*, including "A Prince
of the People." produced in  England
| in 1906, an.l "Punchinello." which
was stageu by 1.. .-.. Wlllard in Huston nbter   iv.'lve years ago tctlay.
Mr. Baron is one of a number of
tin inii'.'n' American writers win.
have lately heen licensed nf the au
thorahlp of "gel rich-quick"  publicity
In the army. When Ihe first of the
Romanoffs died in 164E he wa3 succeeded hy his son Alexis, who codified the laws and effected the conquest of the Cossacks. Next came
Feodor, w*bn was succeeded by Peter
the Croat, under whose reign Uuss'i
began to assume her place as a world
After years of mediocre rule f'ath-
enine the Creat came to the front,
forced the abdication of her husband
and ascended the throne. Her successor, Paul, wns assassinated. Al
extinder. friend  and  foe cf Napoleon
was succeeded by    the    reactionary
Alexander II., assassinated I" list.
|pfl the thrnne to Mexander I". Ile
d'.'d   in   l^iM.   nnd  bis  son.   N'cholas
humble   he   was   honest   and   she   de-
jcided he would make a good husband
Within a fortnight she married him
innd became   Mme.   Josseraud,      Her
husband, as soon as lie began to look
| Into affairs discovered the vast swin-
dle of which  his wife   had  been   the
1 victim, end  they both  came to  Paris
and entered an action against the Her
I riot-Bunousts.
The   newspapers   publish   a   letter
written   by   Mile   Ilertin   Just   before
ishe contemplated the match with tlie
count, in which she said: "I declare
Ion oath, and may my mother's curse
i light on nie, If It Is untrue, that M.
land Mme. Herriot-llunoiist never ask-
j*-d anything from me, and only accepted my favors on mv Insisting. They
I do not even know what I mean to do
, for them."
This   will  certainly  prove  a  rtrong
, weapon of the defence, but
the stories told are true the ex-patrl-
I arch of the Chaldeans will find it hard
to justifly the possession of his pros-
ent fortune, made In about t.-n years
jfr.ni  the  day  he  was  performing  In
th.- Mr..ts of Riviera winter resorts,
can   replace   Douglas   fir  in  some  of
'.In; less important Industries,
Ccr.alr. regiens. notably the Nelson
and C'rnnbrook districts in the south-
��� rn part of the province, are cutting '
large quantities of larch, at  the pre-1
sent time.    The timber is being used
In all  forms of construction, In  making  floors and In many other dlrec- j
tlons. |
In the East Kootenay tamarack will
rank   amongst  the  four  mosl   linpor- .
woods.     As   time   goes   goes  on
will   doubtless  be   great   development of the tamarack  trade, main-
ly   because     the    old-time     prejudice'
against  it   Is rapidly   passing away.     ,
One  of  the   problems   which  awaits I
the attention of the forest  branch in i
the near future is the making of Investigations   which   will   show   what
species   can   he  used   to  best  advantage  In  various lines of construction
and  manufacture.
The   lumber   trade  and   woodwork-
Ing industries have ben. fitted hy just i
such   procedure,  and   with   the  great
resouroe of inferior sizes and species 1
which   British Columbia has in ad.ll- j
tlon to some of the finest timbers in |
the  world  the  increase  in   the
of  woods  products    would    be
ii-r-at-iaw, sollelter, etc Telephone
1070. Cable ojAdress "Johnston."
Oid<\ "Western Union " Offing*, Kills
Block, i>ii2 Columbia street, New West-
nil.iHl.r.  B.  I'.
1. BTILWBLL CI.(I'll!!, BarrlBi.-r-at-law.
solicitor, eic.; c-wrni-r Cqlumple ana
IfcKensle etrents, New Wi-mruinster,
U. C,  P. o. lion 112.    Telephone  710.
.   P.   HAM [TON
solicitor   ami    mil
street   Over C T*.
tary,    61 u    OoMlnlila
it. Telegraph.
Many  Novel Features at Simple
Exhibition to Be  Held In
It C?ar, beranie the nil
* * * * *
* O'lR
****** t
London, March Ti. Postmaster-Gen
eral Samuel has given notice thai he
will   Intro.luce  a  bill   In   Hi.'  house of
Ioommons which aims   for    s| dler
i   ti.   1S34,   Ihe   t. wn   of
of Upper Canada, was
with   considerably    .*x
tf* lhe Cily < f Toronto.
'there  was not   a single
toot'of Bldewalk in the place." which
contained onlv two hundred and elgh
ly-seven  buildings   good and  bid.
It wns a time of extraordinary increase in the population, fur. while
In 1 sno the Inhabitants <f York num-
j'-P'iI only 2R60, by the census of
1X"6 the population was given as 1(1.
000. The first mayor (nol onlv rf
Toronto, bul of any town in Upper
Canada) was that encrge'lo little
Scotchman, Wllllan Lyon Mackenzie
We worship tho Bplrll that
Through onr land of Ice
We  know  in t   His fa..'. WC
Ills   place.
But   His   presence  and
and snow;
know not
power   we
and  which
will   give
e.i the pals-face's
IOi ���:
gallant  fight  to  bring  glory   to I* ������������������������������������������������
name   of   Kngland.     Al   nine   the,* FIRST   THINGS. ���
nccepta her duty to hind their  *****************
��� s Into the structure nf her nasi tradition.
The prime minister rises In West
niinstii to pnv Iho tribute of llie government to "Hie mnssago of a brave,
enduring men in the face of a most
tragic death" and tn declare unties!
totiiigly Ihat Ilu- goiernment accepts
jfchri responsibility laid hiwmj It In that
Rise of Modern Greece.
The   firs!   Insurrection     In   Greece,
which   l".l   to  the  successful   war  of
Independence,   broke   out   ninety-two
years ago today.  March li,  1821,     F.x-
actly n month later Prince Alexander
Issued hiii proclamation calling upon
Iiie Greeks  lo throw  off the Turkish
"Take thai ud. . ut. ol. a-1 :
th" goods are sold already,"
That's what n pica-sod advertiser raid yesterday afternoon.
He had Ins. rted a small "For
Sale" advertisement in Tin-
News with orders lo run It Tor
a   week    hul    lhe    ad    worked
quicker than he expected, as It
took six hours to clear out all
he had offered for sale Ile
mid    The    News    exclusively.
Comment i�� unnecessary,
Docs the buffal
To find  his | athwav  far?
What guide has he to the hidden ford.
(ir  where  the graen  pastures are?
moose that the hun-
if the shade?
doe and  the  fawn
moose has made?
Him do we follow, Him do wc fear
Spirit of earth and sky;
Who  hears   wllb   the   Wapitis   eager
His poor red children cry.
oaohes the i
tcr's  gun
H crlng out
teacheth the
to  run
In* track  tin
mall transmission
��� il l.y ihe house,
ilu- most modern
office   system   in   llie   world
According to ths postmasl
III.'  sol   will
of all   tho   chief
railways through the medium of a
double track tube railway which will
be automatically controlled.
As a result, wagon drivers will he
dispensed with, and according lo the
postmaster, mails win be handled
with  a greatly  Increased  speed.
London,   March  D.--A   dinner   com-
If half Of I posed almost entirely of nuts eaten oft
Ismail  plates laid on the floor will be
ithe distinctive feature of n forthcom-
1 lug simple Life Exhibition to be held
iu   I.on.ion.    Among those  who   have
promised to attend ure many   leading
j physicians, society people, ami well-
i known actresses,
The guests will  I.e seat..I  In  a eir-
j cle  on   cushions,  ami    In   tin-   centre
MAILS  hare-footed dancers,  in  "simple  life"
i dresses,  wlll perform  while the  feast
1 is in  progress.
Th.- promoters of this novel ont.r
I talnmenl say thai the Idea Is to make
people understand the Importanc
if pass-1 getting  back  to nature.    Another foil
Kngland ; ture or  the exhibition    wlll   be  eight
: <l  thorough post-1 pretty actresses, who will lu turn pro-
tray thV "model wife" and give a dem-
is plan lonstratlon of how  ihe Bhould   greet
irrival   at home
Barristers anil Solicitors. Ileum-? i una
x. Qulehon block. NVw Wesunuister.
.1. U Martin. W. U. M.-Quarrlc nifd
Oeorge I.. I'awuidy.
WHITESIDE  ��   EDMONDS��� Barrister*
an'i BSlioItors, Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia KtlT.-t, Ni'W WesuiiliiHtu*. B.C.
Cable address "Whiteside," Vi.nU'ra
t'niun. i*. o. Drawer 200 1. :.'eh,,oe
us    \v. j. Whiteside, 11.   1.   l.<lmoi.us.
Accountant Tel. R 12S. Room 22
Hart block.
Mi-r Board of Trade inc-te tu tlietWmVd
room. City Hall, im follows: Third-t"ii-
duy of east) montli; Quarterly tu* ��*tiua
on ibe third fi-niiiy of February, May,
AuKust .uut November at M li in. Annual uiiitiii'.-H on tiu> tliln.1 Friday of
Fibruury. B, II. Smart Wade, svere-
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
607 Frout St.    I'hone R 10.11.
New  Westminster,   B.C.
Real  Estate and Business Chances.
Acreaje   and   Choice   Fruit   Lands   a
.1 msB*f***sar ...J
 M Iho linking up I her husband   on Ills
postoffices with the Utter a day's work.
" '
Whose   whisper
Im o.
That, stirs tlie birch canoe;
Who hnngs the reindeer moss on
For the  food of the caribou.
note     in     every
and snow;
e know not
*<:* **************
Spirit   we   worship   who   walks
Through our land of Ice
We know not   His face, w
His place,
But  His   presence   and   power
know. |ter's  sleep.  Ihe woodpeckem
Thomas D'Arcy McOce. i ter no resistance,
Woodpeckers Attack Honey Seekers
In Their Winter Sleep.
Spokane, March T. Bees In Kittitas
county, west of Spokane, are threat
ened wllh extinction due to encroachment of woodpeckers,
For many years the bees have stored   honey   Inside   lhe   wooden   pillars
of ihe courthouse al Dllenburg, Wash,
at'.I between th" brick walls of the
tin.liter'*--, vault, There Is a space .,1'
eight  Inches bolwccn tho two wallstE)ludd- ��� , ,.,���.,������ , . ��� , r .,��� ,,lnnVi
'    '     * ' "  :|" believed ihlskttlh���  ,,v,.,.v.  ���������.���*,,.,  n;1,  ,,,���  ,klM
Willi n I.'nl towel, change llie under-
Tbe men visitors to the exhibition
will he Invited to assist In these dem
mstrations, and their response lo the
���all is expected i" he overwhelming,
'Iho program also includes lectures
by Iir. Joslah Oldfield, explaining the
"art of youth." When Interviewed on
the subject, Br. Oldfield said:
"There ought lo he no such thing
as middle age. If a man live properly
tie can carry the spirit of youth to
the end of his days twuy on toward
90. But. to feel entirely young, the
secret Is simple. Man must, submit
himself io mental und physical discipline, eat wisely nnd not loo well."
1 Dr. Ohiriold'a rules nre lo think
big thoughts, lu cling to noble ideals,
to live on tho fruit of the highest
minds, not to waste time over petty
thingB, 111 I lo lake narrow views; to
out frulti vegetables, oil, pun* wines
eggs, buttermilk and bread and nvoi.i I
COAL MINUS'.', rights of the Iioml.i.oo
In Manitoba, Su-skati-ln-wan nnd Alberts,
lhe Yukon Territory, the Northwest Tor-
ntiui-s null ln a portion of tbt- J.'iiivlnco
of until-.!. Columbia, nny be b-ns-nl for a
term uf Iwuty-our- years at an lumbal
rental of $1 un 11.Te. Not more than '^iiflS
uo.-4-n will he i- ;e*,'it to nm- applloant.
Applteailon for 11 lease must t.. nu.de
by tin* upphcuiit in pefson tn tin- Agent
or Suh-Ag.nt of the dl-Hlrli-l In whloh lhe
rights nlipll..it for iir-f situated.
In surveyed territory the I..ml inu-.t be
described by sections, ... legal Hiih-ilivl-
Htons of seetlons, and in ummrvend ter-
tltory Ih.' iriu'l ;,1*1,1,,,! for sbiill be
Mtnki-<1 out by tli.- applicant hluuu-lf.
t'jtl'll    I.J'l'lhMllull    ...Qst    b.-   UL-l'OIIIlUllllf-d
by .1 fee of l.'i which will be refunded If
tin* light." applied for ars nui .1va.11.bir,
hut nut otherwise. A royalty slmll !>���
unlit on 11.������ merchantable output of the
min.- 111 iii.. ,at* of five ocpts per ion.
Tim person operating ths mlns shall
furnish the Aio*ui with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable cull iiilnrtl unit pity tin- iiiy-
alty tlirr-un. If the cm.I mining tights
are not bring operated suoh returns Snould
li-*   furnished  ut   least   once  a   vour.
Thr IriiH.' will Include the c��.il mining
rights   only.   OUI   thr   looses   wlll   Ik-   |M*r-
uiitini to purchase whatever avnil9,ble
surface rights may u. consl-dered nr.r��-
sury for thr working of thr mini- nt Ihe
rate or tin nn oore,
For full Information uppllf.ilton sbo'ilrl
br mud.- 10 ihe Bocretar/ of the D-ijpnrt.
111. nt of .he Interior, Ottawa, or 10 any
Agent   or   Sill, Agent   of   Hon.Inhil.    Ijl.nt.1.
W. \V. CQftV.
Dgputy Minister of tlu- Interior.,
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of tide
advertisement will nol be paid for.
is completely filled with honey,
A pair of woodpeckers have dug a
bole through the high wooden pillars
at the rear of the courthouse and are
feasting on lhe sleeping bees. Large
pieces of honey.'.nui. containing honey hnve been Scattered about tho
courthouse lawn hy the .birds, who
enler Into Hie pillars lo eat Ihe bees.
As the weather
Ihe   bees   to   coin
���ii 111 lug every twi
"know yourself.'
nty-four hour;*, and
Pais Recall  Bill.
Olympla,    Wash.,    March    4.    The
stale senate today paused the bill providing  ihe  machinery  for thu  recall
Ml ill loo cuhl rnr^of puhllc officials,    11 Is drastic In lis
out  of  their  win-; provisions making il  u felony to pur-
Itlolpats  In  11  fraud  of  any  kind  In
I connection wllh the recall.
For Rent
7-rnomed bouse, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum  and  blinds.     Lease  if
required, 125.00 per month.
8-room house, one block from
car, $16.00 per month.
Broom   house,   modern,   with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      Fast  Burnaby. THURSDAY,  MARCH  6,  1913.
C-ltain,  Neglecting  National   Defence,
Is Dependent cn  France's  Military    Preparations.
Scene from "A Night Out," In  which  May  Hobson
Opera House Friday night.
be    seen    at  the
London, March 6. -The supreme uneasiness of the governing und military
elm-son In Britain at lhe Bpeotaclo of
Germany's open challenge to France
Is made plain in an article by Karl
Percy In to.lay's Issue of the Dally
Mall, By deciding to spend $260,000,-
POO on her army In addition to hef al
rou.iy huge military budget, Germany
has virtually thrown down the gauntlet Dealing With (his Issue, Mr. J. .1.
(i tnin suys In the l'all Mall Qazetto:
"The primary thrcfit is to Franco.
Jo her Germany off. rs the alternative; 'Be my brother or I'll kill you!
in either case, should France he destroyed or forced unwillingly to take
Germany's side, nothing would remain ror Britain but to face, single-
handed, a conflict with Germany.
The question for us ls are we to turn
our backs on all our traditions or are
\ we to deny to Germany tlie unquestlon
Advantages cf City offices Brought io
Deer of Thcie Living In 'he
Bank of Montreal
AL (Paid-Up)
Jacob I'r. in of St. Jacob's, Ont., was
Inatantly killed while felling trees.
The Imperial Hotel, Gait, owned by
V .1. i ..nly, lias been sold to Dr. J,
A. MacDonald.
Eluthenlan   steel  plant
A number cf iuhlitlonal postal fae*
llltles are afforded patrons of rural
mail delivery in Canada us a result
of   the   new   Regulations   which   went  Caslmlr,  Lin'i-.lowitz,  wub  found
Into offi-ci  recently by order cf the dered at Hamilton.
Postmaster-general. I    .x.,tomo-.n,.H ���,���,  motorcycles val
Under toese regulations Aral cour ���..;,' ��� mlllU)n an��� three-quarter dol
lora  are    authorized    and    regulred  I"**" "...	
while   serving   their   routes   to
ra will be
exhibited   at   the   Motor
for sale a stock of postage stamps.
and to take applications and accept
money for money orders and postal
notes from patrons desiring to purchase same, and to give receipts for
funds  so  received.
For  the convenience of patrons  in
obtaining   money   orders   and   postal  whose parents are residents   of Cor
notes through  rural  couriers the  do-  byvllle, was drowned while skating in
partment  has  issued   special  printed  Molra river.
forms  of    application,    a supply    ot      ,, ... , ,,.,���   ,,.,_,,,������,
which  is placed in each mail box as!   _A,dam   ,Mor ��"',J�����U  {   ';"",C ??.
���.well  ns  being carried  by the courier 0.L,.ra,npton P.ub.U.�� ^?h9��! for near,y
Marklmm township Liberals nominated Dr. Garnet McLean, of Wood-
bridge, as candidate for Uie next federal election.
Richard Tarm, a sevrn-yoar-old boy
as many women as men in Ottawa aro
using liquor simply because of the
social conventionalities."
John McGoff, 21, who fell 40 feet
in the Fourth of July shaft at Cobalt
ls dead.
N. G. Neill, who has becn Industrial commissioner of Port Arthur for
thro.- years, has accepted a. position
as commissioner of board of trade at
North Ilattle.ford. Sask.
Branches t'mo-iehout Canada and
Newfoundland, and m l-ondon, Kngland, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking buataaea transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with ���c-er-
rcspondentu in all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received in sums of *l and upward
mil interest allowed at 3 per cent wer
innum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
tl. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Beauty Dwells Where
The Cape Combers Roll
able master of Kurope as firmly as we
denied it to France and to Spain?"
Earl Percy carries the argument  a
step  further.    lie contends  that  Brl-
for the use of iate'ud'ing'remitter's.' A i ?_':'>'.y^���'..dJ,?.d ln that town ttt lhe
patron may procure a money order
or postal note by filling in the particulars   on   an   application   form     and
age of eighty-six.
��� jronto city  council  Bent
| tain must have conscription   In" order, hu'iding It with the cash to the cour- |councli  a  recommendation
The property committee of the To-
to the   city
   _.      that   the
receipt  for  the  building limit be 250 feet.
Cape Town, South Africa, March 5. |     One
���One of the chief thingB that strikes ( ference   between   modern
one on visiting tlie Cape after an ab
s.uice of a decade, js that it Is an
astonishing Ifautiful place In most
respects. One has to overlook the
Ill-kept and almost aggressively careless aspect of many of Ihe environs
of Capetown where corrugated Iron
and "useful" but unused rubbish
seems to dim one's vision of even the
grand old mountain.
Apart from this however, one finds
endless numbers of exquisite motor
or carriage drives, extending for miles
any one of which might tend tornake
another resort famous. As a striking instanre, there ls a road round
from Capetown to Camps Hay which
equals, if ll does not surpass, thc
famous drive at Monterey In California, or its better known rival, the
Corniche road In southern France,
which Indeed it so strongly resembles
The south Atlantic breakers roll In
and break On ttie precipitous rocks
below the road, which seems to cling
to  the steep  mountain  sides.
Owing to there being a dozen clearly defined peaks, those slopes are
known as "The Twelve Apostles," but
. :rli Is the unity at their base, that
a traveller scarcely realises that ho
is on anything but ono continuous
Msny varieties of lovely mountain
trees are Indigenous to tills country,
as are almost all the lilies known to
botanists and possibly gardeners
abroad hardly remember that the majority cf beautfful heaths and bulbs
grown In hothouses grow wild out
here and have been exported during
the last  century or more.
Gladioli of varied colors, oxn,uls'ro
heaths, pelargoniums, and so forth,
nre to b" found with very' little
s.'arching. Tlie blaze of blossom to
he found In the chief street of Capetown every Saturday morning, In Itself proves this and
< f natives make their living through
devastating the wild ground for its
lovely flowers, no definite provision
being made at present to preserve
For the convenience of tourists and
, to enable her to support France with I ^^"^f8	
it least 160,000.trained men.      ing- ^    or ,   The tf,,pg_.aph offlce on the maln
land,   h.  says,   one   boasted thatiht   ^ ^ ^ ^     g^^ faj. the fl()0r 0f the  Toronto   Union   Station
saved Europe.   Today, in   - [      a'ls' c.ourk,r at lll(, distributing post office was again robbed, the amount taken
SttSTS"we*! o?he Un^ThelnZ to which he U attached and is per-1being between $30 and *40.
ore running out und every day makes Bona ly delivered on  the route to the
i ft  harder for self-respecting  English-  applicant  cr  his  duly - authorized  re-
sees Inevitably the marked dlf- men t0 iook Frenchmen In the face." presentatiye, when courier makes his
workman',!    This is the view of Ihe English mili-1 next  regular trip,    lf personal  deUv-
ship and the solid masonry, hand ; lariats, in the War Office and outside, |����7 Is found impracticable, the order
fn �� of but no English political party has yet or note may be enclosed In an envei-
rrames    0I i dar.irl t0 fact. the working class elSC- ope   uddressed io   the   applicant   (re-
torato with a frank policy of conscrip-  mitter) and deposited in his mail box.
tlon. I    Jf on  t'le other  hand,  the remitter
made doors and window
solid teak of those days. Curving
gables of indescribable grace and beauty adorn most of the older farm
houses even in Capetown and old established   townships.
Fortunately a Bchool of architects
under Mr. Cecil Rhodes's patronage,
revolutionized the stvle of .building
adapted here in mid-Victorian days.
Not only are Europeans of many na
tlon gathered in South Africa to earn
a living, but a large number of Am-
iricans are also  found    engaged    in
mining,  fruit-growing  and  other    in-1
dustries.    Incidentaly, it may be men-
tloned,  that  Cape  fruit,  given   favor-,
able  conditions,  ia almost unrivalled
for flavor.   The enormous strides this;
industry  has    made of    late    years,
proves this beyond question.
Modern   methods   Introduced   from
Europe and California are doing much ,
to  advance Ibis  work,  and  Improved
cold storage arrangements, In the mo-
dern  steamers,  lend to  make  it all i
more caster.
II. re ngaln, to a great extent, one
sees  the far  reaching work  of Cecil I
Rhodes,  aa  he  gave  a much  needed |
linii'-'us   to   this   BOmewhat   neglected
asset of Cape  Colony, aided  ably  ns
he was by such  well known  author!-
ties on   fruit  culture as   It.  Malleson. j
II.  Plckstone. and others.
riven the local Fleers are beginning
to see that correct and careful meth-
ods pay, consequently, their farms.
i too, nre  Improving.
John Tovel, 66, a highly respected
farmer, who lived on the town line
between I'uslinch and Waterloo township, committed suicide by cutting
hia throat.
Thomas Collins has heen appointed
the new C. P. K. superintendent of
Toronto terminals, succeeding William Coulter, who held this post there
Mr.   Winston   Churchill's   view   Is | Eo   desires,  lhe courier  may,  as  the ,._ 	
said to be that Britain can only save j agent of the remitter and at his re- j for the past five years,
herself and save Europe us the did in ; quest,  mail  the money order of pos-
the Napoleonic days, by au unflinch-| tal note to the payee thereof In an I Saturday was the sixty-eighth wed-
ing determination to maintain the su-' addressed envelope furnished for the!ding anniversary of I). S. and Mrs.
premacy of the seas and   by all   the! purpose hy the. remitter. | Burdlck Ingersoll.      Mr. Burdick will
states   of   the   Empire    preferring   a      Rural  couriers are  also  authorized ; be 94 years of age next July and  reunited  front   to  the common   enemy.-.and   required  to accept  for  regislra-  tains all hia mental activities.
France, In the event of an attack, can  tion   all   classes   of   mailable   mailer'     .,,,,,        , ,
then cunt on effective help from properly prepaid, which may be ten-1 Alfred Crouch, an engineer In the
both Britain and Russia. deml   to  them   on   any   trip,  and   to : f,mp,lo>' ot the ?'��� T; f.for more than
A despatch form St. Petersburg to-; issue a registry receipt for each let- {}*\rty yeaJ8' waB 8 nckc'" *'"' .n.earl
day announces that in case of war'ter or parcel accepted for regislra-:^"" e ?'!,'���"'? wi! i n*
Russia will be able to place in the tlon. his run from London to Windsor.
field a first line of battle consisting As regards the delivery' of register-) James F. Maunn, one of the oldest
of 4,800,000 men. whilst the artillery ed mail matter, the patron is advised merchants of St.' Thomas, who iB
will be increased to 15.000 guns.   Vast |by  means of a card  notice depoaited  dead, came from Scotland when a lad
In his mail box, that such matter haa,and settled  In Hamilton.    Forty-three
been  received  at  the distributing cf-' years ago he went to St. Thomas,
fice,   and   ls   requested   to   meet   the
courier at lhe box on the tatter's next I The St. Thomas hoard of education
trip in order to receive delivery audi bas passed a resolution forbidding the
give the necessary receipt therefore, j holding of dances by organizations
If the person fails to meet the cour- i connected with the school ln the new
ier at the appointed time, the patron I auditorium of the collegiate institute.
18 advised by moans of a second not- j    D,        u  ^  M ,   ,he   R |d
Ice    hat   the   registered   mal   matter Wrecklng  Company,  of   Sarnia,    lett
hu been returned to the distributing  wlQ.      m outm of and       ,
office where it wl 11 be held until call-, mm neoeSBary  t0 raise tne   sunken
ed  for  or  until  further  Instructions I BteMner Manitou, which sank at her
dock at Owen Sound.
sums  wlll also be  spent on  the   im
provementa of armaments generally
The    Dominion   Grain   Commission!
held the first of a series of meetings 11
In Fort William, and showed keen In- HAIB CUTTING     BEARD CUTTING
terest   in  the  protection  of tile seals
on cars of grain.    Quantities of grain |
have been stolen.
The Fort William grain men are
not united on the regulations they de-
Blre to have put in force governing
the new sample market and divergent
views were presented to the grain
commission now in session.
Specially���Treatment of tho scalp
by Vibro-Maasage and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tcnics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Tho C. P. R. is to spend $16,000,00-.
on its eastern lines this year.
E. C. Pratt, Montreal, has been appointed to the new office of assistant
general manager recently created by
the- Molsons hank directors.
R. C. Miller, former president of
the Diamond Light and Heat Company, Montreal, wns summoned to the
bnr of the House of Commons to tell
why he refused to explain statements
to the public committee.
Clergymen of all denominations are
now in a furore over the complaint
laid against Itev. Dr. Symonds, rector
of Christ church cathedral, Montreal, for preaching in St. Giles' Presbyterian church last Sunday. The
point at Issue is that he preached in
another Anglican parish without the
permission of the lord bishop.
B.C. Coast Service
LuavpH Vancouver tor Victoria 10 a. in,
~ p. hi. uud ll :4ft.
Leaves Vauoouvcr for Seattle 10 a. u.
and 11 ���>. in.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaiino 3 p. ra.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Kup*r*
(���and Northern iviou io p. in. WooBHr
Leaves Vancouver  every Wednesday al
tu p. iu
Chilliwack Service
Leavei Westinlnster I a. m hhmtatxT.
Wednesday and Friday.
Loaves  ciiiiiiwack   7   a.  m.   Tuaadu-p-.
't'liursUay and Saturday.
121}. GOULET, Agent. New Wcatmlrartcr.
H. W. BROUIEt O. P. A..
The New Brunswick legislature
agreed to a bill making Hamar Greenwood, M. P., a barrister of the supreme court of New Brunswick. Attorney-General Grimer, in Introducing
the bill, paid a tribute to Mr. Greenwood's ability, his Canadian birth and
his services to Canada at The Hague.
The Price of Flying.
Chase  cf  Leviathan  Causes  Big  Stir
in  Sleepy Old Village���Captain
Josh   Stars.
Olympic   Has   Complete   Double   Hull
to Assure Complete Safety.
London, March 6.   When the mam-
large   numbers   moth new steaniFhlp   Olympla   leaves
Southampton on  April 12 and  passes
out of the Solent into the open   sea,
eastbound on her maiden voyage, she
will   carry   the    most   expensive   nml
elaborate   mass   of   lifeguardlng   and
lift-saving  appliances   ever   combined
I Amagansett, 1.. I.. March 5.���It is
many years since this old whaling and
fiFhing rummer resort hamlet has
J been fo thoroughly stirred to its depths
With whale excitement ns it has been
j today. A monster humpback was
( sighted at ten o'clock directly In
, front of the tummer homo of Rosslter
for  or  until  further  Instructions
are given as to its disposal.
That the advantages of the rural ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
mail delivery system Is appreciated j Dr. Duncan, chief of the house staff,
by the people in British Columbia island tf dozen nurses of Victoria hos-
evident by the number of applications pital, London, Ont., are under quar-
for new routes now being dealt with'amine  and  the  Institution  has   been
Imperial Limited leaves at 7:55 p.m.
Toronto  lt,.*.pres3 leavea at I:iio a_ui.
St. Pan) Express leaves at 2 p.m.
__ ,, _      ,    Instead of Bending money for your
Salisbury  Plain.    Eng.,  March 5.- ;friena-3 paaBBee from the Old Coun-
Gecffrey  England, a  British airman. * try you will find it to your advanUse-
fell 5000 feet from his monoplane to-1 to purchase tickets from
day, while making a flight on the ar-1 BD. OOULKT, A-gem
my flying ground here, and was kill- j New  Westminster
ed.    He had been flying for an hour | )r H.  W.  Brodle, O.P.A . VancoOTiw
when the accident occurred.    He was IgggBgBBBgSBBg~~,, ���-
demonstrating   the  machine   with     a I
view to selling it to the British government.
D. McAulay
by  the post office department.
1 closed  to  the   public  because   of  an
| outbreak of measles.
Two members of the -sophomore
class at the Ontario Agricultural Col
lege Guelph, have been expelled for
disorderly coudugt on college premises during a vlpit of students from
AtacDouald college, Quebec.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line ot Pipes.
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   St.
Tel. 72*.
Cor. Sixth and ColumXi.ss.
Cne  ThDisartd  C:ndlans Ars
Pledgad   To   Oo  Sa.
Two years ago there were compsro-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lively   few   men   und   women   in  Can-     ^^
The telltale flag was quickly hoisted   ads who made a practice of carrying Kev  jj���rai Dtan Plekford. D. A., for
to the top of the pole on the highest ! with    them    wherever    they    w^ent   a the   past    few    years    Incumbeut    of
beach   hank  near   the   life-saving  Eta-   Bible   or a   New   Testament.    |o-dny Churst  Church.  Nor wood,  has   been
tion     In thirty seconds every mother's   there are over 31.000 wh) are pledaed, appointed incumbent of the parish at
son was hotfooting  to the beach with ; to   do   so.   and   every   day   sees   the Brighton,   to  succeed   Kev.   Mr.  Cres-
.   ,������,* ,o .irive lln a vessel    It   will   represent   six 1 ���"    father's daughter waving a crood number grow, despite the dismal pro- well, who has gone to Rochester.
this  way,  one
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention #iven to order*.
607 Front St.. New Westminster. B.C
Only Three More Days of Low Price*
on Suits to Order.
Get your order in early.
who do not raeatrm
it a.m. should
Th�� N*w* hat*
. can see the  suburbs   ^"l,*''^?"^??"^,*; I vr'rap��p��ed'ln TbVankK by"'ti.7fin-'place I "Canada was tlie Brat country to take j ;rthrca7e"*agJunst"H"*StlZMS   a"c-
which,  beyond   the unkept    pari:    of  ^V,V  ...^l.?."  ^ >>is homestead when the cry "Tharjup this work in a thoroughly system- jcused  of  wilfully  neglecting  to  com-
becomes  more  and   more  hull  was ever  constructed  than  that
Salt riv   .	
beautiful. [originally ^^^^^^^^^^^
As In other countries, the prettiest the massive "double bottom" was car-
portions nre not noarost the railways rled upward later to a point well above
or tram lines, but branching off to- the waterllne, a hull within a hull,
wards the "Everlasting Wall," as making the new liner to all Intents
someone has called Table mountain, 'two ships In one,"
and again towards the grand range But, in their determination to make
of mountain! just opposite called tho  safely doubly sure the builders went
1161-   further,  and   Installed  additional   wa
ter-tigtu    bulkheads    throughout    the
dy bridle paths, of great beauty and  hull, even  carrying several  of them
a   level   up to the "11" deck, forty feet above
the waterlinc
Uhe blows!" went up.   His giant frame
planned  for the^ Olympic, Ifg'tenTby rheumatism and he  had
"Slmonsherit"   and  "Hottentots
land." whlls' here, too, are long, sha-
pcacefulness.     Again,  ncroBS  a   ...-.
stretch of what it called "the flats," <>��' waterllne. The effect of these ad-
are golf links, a race course, and ditiens has heen to Increase the buoy-
many a small farm, half-hidden In."""* "' *������������ Olympic's hull and en-
dense scrub and trees. han0,e ,,,,t' "��"���*'" "r "'f'U' be>'oncl a"
Tourists  sometimes  come    to    the  Previously   recognized   or even   con-
��� ' "oived standards,
One of the famous shipbuilding feats
so simple is the league's plan ol operation,  tlmt it can opernto through a
m*at^^*amMmmmmmmMm���^���^���, I 'he
Cape, spend a few days at the Mount
Nelson hotel or elsewhere, and not
having even begun lo see the beauty
cf the place, nre apt to move on with
Stands six feet two ln his bare feet.
Among Ihe others In the two boat*
a' wrong Impreeslon, this being large-''"'" imusinps, ,.���.��� ,...,��..���,,.,* .wore Captain Clint. Kdwards, Nat Ed-
Iv due to the fact that South Africans I'""Rth of the ship, but (he construe- *��">������ -1""' **��*���$* ChttrUe Mulford
have scarcely begun to grasp the art,"0" "r "" additional Interior skin of |-}n,1.,"rr* ft**- fU��Ch, recently coroner
of judicious advertising. 'Bolul htl>''1 within the hull is unique
The surf bathing alone would make
thc Cape a splendid holiday resort.
for at Mulizenberg many hundreds of
people nre seen, from tho hot, sunbaked cities in tho Transvaal and
other colonies enjoying the coolness
cf the Ideal sandy beach and bathing
In the surf.
Enormous rollers r-omo In ceaseless
ly, rolling up on to the white sands
b��low the mountain. It ls becoming
ton nnniilnr for Ihose visitor! who
prefer Solitude, aB the large bathing
pavilion the bandstand and bloscone
make It rather nn up-to-date senslde
resort, but one can always go farther
down the coast, beyond the pretty naval station, Slmontown, where there
oro still many solitary houses nnd
cottages to L - found, and where bathing Is quite  ideal.
It would. Indeed, be difficult to exaggerate the charm of Cape scenery,
nnd Greal Britain Is fortunate In having II as a winter resort.
Mnnv steamers cover tho distance
from Kngland In from lii to 17 days
of the part has heen the bisecting ol
a steamer and the Insertion of a section   midships,   thus   Increasing   tin
All these pri cautions are reinforced hy
tho extra strong construction of th*
liner's hull, which throughout Its SH2
1-2 feet ls a maFs of great steel pi lies-
held together hy mere than three mil-
I Hon Steal rivets, whose weight alone is
1200 tons More than half a million
of these rivets were usnl In thc
double  bottom.
All Ihe lifeguardlng apparatus and
construction of the Olympic ls to be
Installed In tho Britannic, the next
While Star liner, with such additions
and alterations as experience with the
present vessel may suggest.
Frequently one finds Londoners and
Others enjoying Ihe cool breer.es anil
sunshine nt tho most get-at-able colony. If even for a few weekB onlv,
Rome aviators have heen flying
r-ver the local race course, and ono
wonders how such a sight as the
monoplane   would    hnve   si ruck    Ihe
level-headed old Dutch settlers who
throve here bo long ago, building the
artistic nnd peaceful homesl ends their
descendants and many British colonists still Inhabit.
South African Children Bun Wild Over
New Zealand's   Battleship.
London. Mnrch B. -Thousands of
school children were given n free run
over the battle cruiser New Zealand
yesterday, cables the Cape Town cor
respondent of the Dally Telegraph
Capt. Halsey, It. N., and his officers were entertained at luncheon by
the government, lion. J. C. Smuts,
minister of finance and defence, In his
speech said thai South Africa had
Initiated tho policy of presenting Instruments of war to tho navy, which
had found Its latest expression lu thc
gift of the New Zealand.
HIb reference was to tho lato Sir
Gordon Sprlgg's offer of a first class
battleship to Lord Goschen, the firBt
lord of thn admiralty, in 1897, in connection with Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
I been warned hy his son, Dr. David I'.d
wards, not to leave the house under
I any circumstances,
|    The old  captain  never swears, but
! he vowed by the holy   mackerel   he
would   be    more    comfortable    seven
miles out to sea than  anywhere   he
known when a whale is off Amangan-
sett's shore.    So -Captain Josh, 82, as
the oldest living whaler, was escorted I 8undky"��ohe>if or any  other depart-
to the poet of honor In the first boat I me���. o{ �� ^     -.. w:tbJut cresting anv
by his youngest son. Bam. the young-;     t     m4chlnary, or in any way odd-
'est captain in Lie Menhadent   fishing  in   ,.. ���,e bur^n ,, those Interested.
j    ,    ,. ,  i     . .,    . Tie success of the league in Canada
in  the  second  boat   were   ( np tain ! ,       m       ,    t    , reroJrkable  There
I Josh s second son   Dr. David  and Lou | .     ��  fl     members enrolled, and
Parsons    the   village    butcher,    who |mm    m    ,.jca,     branollc,.       Tht,,,
branches are nt work in every pro
vince ol the Dominion, ami almost
every Inrite cily is represented. It is
interesting to nole that 50 [ier cent
if the meinlieri are young Indies under
twenty-five years of age; that 70 per
cent, are Sunday school scholars, and
that Ontario has slightly over 200 of
tlie brunches mentioned.
When the founders wanted a man
to promote the league they picked
Mr. Waite, a young man ju>t finishing his education. That their choice
wns u wise one no one caa doubt af
ter reading ol the league'* success.
As Canada was .he first country systematically to take up this work, Mr.
Waits had to work out a system ol
promotion that would be wide enough
to embrace a country and yet be applicable to the individual branch, no
mutter how small.
Mr. Waite brought to this task sn
organizing ability that one hardly ei-
pecta to find in one so youn-j, and a
gift of public speaking that ha*
���tamped htm as one of the best young
iii'-n speakers iu Ontario to-day.
Asked as to the prospects for th-
work in Canada. Mr. Waite said: "1
want to say llrst ol all that the lelgue
lias come to stand, it will he a permanent movement. Judging by our
success lo date, nnd keeping in mind
atie way. and to-day leads ihe world I ply with the   compulsory   vaccination
in every particular as far as the league order of the local board of health,
is concerned. .,,,,,,              ,,         _. .,    *, -.,      ,
A   unique   feature   of   the  work   in W.,< alder, president of the National
Canada is found it, the fact that there I'ortlend  (. ement   Company   at   Dur-
are no fees of any kind attached, nor taB,jTOd    a  write    for    $100,000
i< there anv cost to any church Ink- ff1'"81  A-   McC,ab_,��'  vice-president of
:    M'._ ���    ���     ,     S.     i.i . .,_..,i;-,.. ia 'be company, at Toronto, for a leged
it,g up the work    Special attention ll statements   contained   In   a
paid to the sunilny sehoed work, snd c|-,cuiar
ror this district.
In Icfs than thirty mlnutis the first
bout was manned alongside the while,
i fifty-footer, and Captain Josh give
the word "sink the iron," and Captain
Sam fired the harpoon gun and hit
the monster amidships. Captain
Clint, yelled, "lf the bomb busts we
will Leach $6000 before noon, If it
don't we are In for some tarnal hydro-
nlnnln.' " Tin- bomb didn't burst. The
"hydroplanln'" started Immediately,
and continued nt 45 knots an hour until the cable parted.
The school principal turned out
school for n half holiday. The beach
'viis thronged with women and chll
drcn, who witnessed the most thrlllin;
moving picture Ihat has been acted
off this beach since February 22, six
years ago, when Captain Josh aud
Captain Gabe landed the 55-foot whale
whose skeleton Is In (he Museum of
Naturnl History In New York.
Captain Harvey Kdwards, six feel
four, eldest and ("llest of Captain
foi h's sons, was unable to get IiIb
I'.iM'fli hing 111 Bast Hampton In time to
take charge of one of lha boats.  Dr.
I'm). Finch raid he wi uld be willing     .    _ ^^^^
to forego Suffolk county politics fori the kindly attitude ol all denomina-
tour years if only he could have offi j tions towards our work," I have no
cintcd nt tho autopsy of thnt 60-foot hesitancy in saying that within IWe
plungi r. Beachcombers are on the] years tho league wi'"
watch, hoping that the Iron may yet
prove fatal.
The annual report of tho Itlchelleu
and Ontario Navigation Company for
1912, shows net profits of $796,052 on
the paid-up capital stock at the close
of this year.
^^^^^^^^^ have a total
membership running close to the 300,-
000 mark, with branches at work in
every part of Canada. When the conditions of membership in the league
sre remembered, some idea of the
value such a movement will be to
the religious and national Hie of our
country csti   ba   realized "
One of the most prominent honey
producers of the province passed
away very suddenly in tlie person of
George Wood, of Wesley, Dufferin
county, who exhibited his honey at tbe
International exhibition, Chicago, and
the world's fairs at I'aris and St.
Louis, winning many gold medals
Colonel J. P. McMillan, a veteran ot
1S66-70, died at Cornwall, ln his 81st
The wife of Alderman Allan Stroud,
Kingston, died suddenly after retiring
to bed.
Herbert Wright, of Mllle Roches,
wub Instantly killed by the accidental
discharge of a gun.
The British water experts engaged
by Ottawa recommend Gatiueau
lakes as a source of pure water for
the city.
The winners of tho Connaught cup
st the Ottawa carnival were Miss
Klennor Klngsford, Miss Muriel Mauu-
sell, Phil X'hrysler, and O. Haycock.
W. F. Nlckloi M. P.. with a small
deputation, called on the Ontario Government to request a grant of $40,000
for the school of mines at Queen's
Samuel Gamble, manager and joint
proprietor of Murphy-Gamble, limited,
of Ottawa, died of heart failure. He
was being prepared for un operation
for abdominal trouble.
Archdeacon Ogllvlo G. Dobbs, of
Blockvllle, has been appointed Protestant.chaplain of the provincial penitentiary at Portsmouth, succeeding
late Canon A. W. Cooke.
"Since I have been minister of mllltla, I have had dismissed nine men
who persisted ln drinking," declared
Col. Sam Hughes, In an address to Ottawa, W. C. T. U., "and, as long as I
am minister the country will not pay
for the service of drunkards.   Nearly
Transfer Co.iTELEPHONE999
and make complaint Only In tbla iray
may an efficient    delivery    be
Offlc*  Phon*   185,      Barn Phon*   13"
B*obl* Str**t
Baggage Deliver 3d Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
jSecond Hand Store
x a. smith:
' Buy and sell new and    -second    nand '
gooda of all kinda.   Tool* especially.
M Mclnaes SireeC Pbune IN*
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented) ���
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
      BURN OIL    ���
P. O. BOX 442
(Royal  Mall  Steamers Sailing Every Saturday.)
New SS. "Laurentic" and "Megantic"
(15,000 tons)
S3. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
582 feet long. 614 feet long.
Now is the time to arrange for the passages of your friends from
England. We Issue prepaid tickets, and our offices In Kngland communicate with passengers, arranging all details aad advancing any
funds deposited with us.   We alto Inform yon when J/m*m*xt***tm arrive.
For Sailings and Further Particular* Apply
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,    three   dears    tram
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Paclflc R, and W F
Butcher, Agent Q. N. Ry., New Westminster. maa roun
THURSDAY,  MARCH  t,  f#f*
In The Courts
May  Unseat Councillor.
A novel point in election law was debated yesterday  before Judge Howay
in  the  county   court.
Nr. A. I). Morrison, Matsqui, petitioned the court to declare the election of Councillor T. II. Lehman to
Matsqui municipal council, null and
���void, on the ground that Mr. l.ehman
\��a8 a Sheriff's officer at the time of
election and since. His honor reserved   Judgment.
Thc Municipal act lays down specifically that no sheriff's officer may
be a councillor and the sole point for
���onriilcratinii was whether Mr. Lehman was disqualified by reason of
having occasionally served summonses
for the fheriff.
Mr. G. K. Martin, counsel tor Mr.
Lehman, argued that hc was not a
regular officer within the meaning of
the set
Sheriff T. J. Armstrong testified
that Lehman had been employed by
bin) to serve rnrnmonses. On .Ian. 11
lant he informed the sheriff that owing
to his candidature for a councillorship
on Matsqui council he could no longer
act. but that if the summonses were
sent up to him he would make arrangements to have them served by
some other person. Lehman had
aerved n summons on Keb. 5, after the
Mr. "Martin contended thnt liis ar
rangement with the sheriff did not
constitute Lehman a sheriff's officer.
An officer was one charged with the
performance of a public duty.
Lehman was not in thai position.
His duty was simply' to take the in-
���structiuna or directions of tho sheriff
when he was required by the Sheriff
to serve summonses and for the time
being only.
He was not charged with any public
duty in any particular district, or to
act for the sheriff in any particular
Mr. W. J. Whiteside, K.C, for pcti
tioner, eubiiiittod that Mr. Lehman
was an officer at the time of the election and had been for years past. In
tho, Municipal act among the persons
���who may not be elected a councillor,
was mentioned a sheriff's officer.
Kvrry time Mr. I-ohman got a writ
to serve he was a sheriff's officer.
Judge Howay said he would consider the -question and if counsel
found any authorities bearing on the
���question within the next two or three
days, they might submit tin m to him
Issue   of   ��1,438,300   Disposed   of
London   Market���Probably   Relieve Situation.
London, March 5.���The City
Montreal issue of ��1,438,300, 4
per cent registered stock has heen
OVer-SUbscrtbed. This result, considering recent happenings as regards
Canadian Issues, may he considered
highly satisfactory. Montreal is to
he congratulated on her good fortune which will he likely to relieve
the London  situation. ^^^^^^^    ^^���n
So far as applications from the Do- i made his mark  on th
minion  municipalities  to  London  for | is an admirable actor
money are concerned, soreness is still
felt here because Toronto did not issue  4   1-2   per  cent  Btock  instead   of
4  per cent  bonds,    lf  she  had  done
so,   it   is   contended   Montreal   would
probably  have got better terms  and
there would have been but little congestion.
The city of Winnipeg 4 1-2 per cent
bonds now stand at a quarter premium
and Montreal will probably share the
same  fate,  whereas Toronto  remains
forlorn at eight points discount.
There is talk of other loans of thr
same   sort   appearing,   Including   one
guaranteed   by   the  liritish  Columbia
government.    As there are still nearly
��3,000,000   of  Canadian   municipality
and provincial treasury bills afloat in
London, Canadian public finances are
by no means clear of tho woods.    So
recent   expressions   of  opinion   made
here that borrowers of this class ouglil
to limit their   demonstration   seems
perfectly   just i Tied.
The Pall  Mall Gazette today says:
"Canada has for the time being, pretty
well exhausted the market."    This is
too sweeping.   The fact is the market
is not exhausted  if proper terms are
given,  as  Indicated above.    The  i'all
Mall  Gazette, however,  only  asserti
that the exhaustion Is temporary and
contends   that   as  Canada   will   want
much more capital in Ihe future it ii
well to slacken the demand just now.
mining what must be a great wrong
to Canada and the empire.
Mr. Cardin, member  for Richelieu,
waa the next speaker.
Started Something.
Mr.   Hugh   Guthrie   commenced   to
speak  at  9:30.    He   said   that   the
longer the debate continued the more
ho had been convinced that the policy  of the government  was  wrong.
Premier Borden's statement of his policy made in the house on Dec. B had
impressed him and  many other Liberal members.
However,   after   having   heard   the
nt.- t *     l xx      ts w other   Bide   expounded   by   the   many
Lhief Scout  Ha��  Been  a  Merry able dpbaler8 on the Liberal side, he.
Soul In His Time. as a layman, was  convinced of  the
General Sir Robert Baden-Powell superiority of the Laurier plan. Mr.
is in many ways a most remarkable Foster hae stated that thiB was the
man. His memorable defence of most important question which had
Mafcking is writ large in Britain's ever come before parliament for con-
amin'.s; and lind he not been destined sideration and yet Conservative mem-
for an army cnr.'cr he might have bers Instead of endeavoring to help
stage, for he the house arrive at a proper conclu-
Hc could have slon. had for days sat dumb
e *****
shone professionally n,s an nrtist also, 1    Within the few  minutes
for hia drawings nnd lis mastery of | rle stirred up a small row-
Workmen's Insurance.
St. Petersburg, March 5. The
principle of compulsory Insurance
against sickness and accident which
was adopted last summer is to come
into force this year.
Effect Is to be given to the provisions of the Sickness and Accident
lnsuran e Law of .lune 28 (o. s.). 1912
hy means of local state Insurance offices, which are lo be created in the
towns, and which are to conduct their
operations under general supervision
and control of the so-called National
Council for Workmen's Insurance, pre-
j sided over ly the Minister of Com-
j merce and Industry.
The regional and provincial author!
I ties are to he responsible for the oroa-
Mr.  Guth-1 Hon of the local Insurance offices, and
color management evince genius;! that threats had been made that the
while he is quite accomplUhed in cer- I parliamentary majority would take
tain walks of science, being almost as Bteps apparently by some means out-
much nn authority on aerial machin- j side the rules of the house, to sup-
tiry as his brother, the military aero- j press the minority. An article to
naut. j that effect had appeared in the press.
Moreover, "B.-P." is ambidextrous, He was not much disposed, however,
writing or drawing with equal facility , to take very seriously articles writ-
wlth either hand. And the Chief
Scout has that conspicuous carelessness for convention that bespeaks the
man of affairs who "gets there" always.
When, in his younger days, he was
Military Secretary at Malta, his "flip-
He eald'experiments in this direction were he-
Tested the Whole World Over
and through three generations Beecham's Pills are universally looked upon as the best preventive and corrective
of disorders of the organs of digestion and elimination ever
known. They give speedy relief from the headaches, sour
stomach, indigestion due to biliousness or constipation.
are no experiment. They are too well known for that;
and their mild and gentle, but sure action on the
bowels, liver, kidneys and stomach, too well approved.
If you are out of sorts take at once this famous
re.nedy and you will endorse the good opinion of thousands���you will know why Beecham's Pills so deservedly
Have Unequaled Reputation
Sold timmtymrherm.
25c. Tha dir ec tion* with every box point onl Ua road to h*t! th.
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li in
.1. if.
By-law Defective.
Police     Magistrate     Kilmeiiiis     ills
missed the charge against Mr.   II. A. I
Kas'niau of breaking the city building j
t)y law in not erecting his two house.
in   line   with   existing   buildings    on
Sixth avenue.
Mr.  kdmond..  held  there    was    no
established line laid down by the bylaw.    "The  by-law  is certainly defective  and   arbitrary,"  said   Ihe   magistrate,    "it  seems   to  me a  man
liuild a house  on   properly   in   a
block  and    the   builders    after
must  conform   to  those  lines."
Sir, Q. B. Martin conducted
prosecution by the c.ly, and Mr
Orant ���defended Mr. Eastman.
Herbert A. Mitchell, of lhe city engineer's DlTiee. produced a plan show
ing the houses erected on each side
or Mr. Kastman's houses, which demonstrated that the latter were out
of line.
The plan, however, did nut show
the position of other houses on Sixth
Thomas   Turnluill,   building   inspector,  said   ho   issued   the  permits  for
Mr.  Kastman's houses.    He asked the
builder. Mr  Curtis, for the Work plan.
and   that   sketch   showed  the local inn
-4-,f the. buildings to he in conformity
wtth  the  line  of the  cxlsling  buildings adjacent-
lie afterwards saw the foundations
were   oul   of   line   and   he  drew   Mr.
���Curtis'    attention     to   Ihe   fuel.     Mr.
Vurli* admitted  it snd gave the Tea-
son   that  he could  not  otherwise  gel
a six foot lane. Witness then revoked
the permits.
Cross-examined, Mr. Turnhull admitted that t>-ere might lie :i number
i* i tin r   buildings  on   Sixth   avenue
frr.'-i  "H  reel   Ur   IB  reet    back,    and
��eir." right ���orx to the street
Built*in;;r. Not in Li-c.
Mr   (Iran'.    Could you give tne any
tv i- buildings on  that fltreel itiat are  thing.
In line" ,r '*,
Mr. Turnhnll 1 don't Bunpose 1
could ! 1- ivr git ie go by the exisl
ing Vi-.'i'l.i"-, i e ("Joining.
Mr. Gran! The bylaw says In con-
Funnily with existingbuildings plural.
To liuild in conformity with ihe
ticuees on each Hide of him Mr Rasl
man  win.Id have  lo build in  a crook- j
* rt  line.
Mr. Turnbull said the permits were
EtrBotHI on the understanding thai
the buildings vivo lo be orei Led in
Sine  vr'-th   Mr   McComb's linns-.
Mr. Grant Supposing lhe original
bulldor on a block were lo build
right   al   the   back  of h'R land   Bt bw-
��� linint builders would have to build 111
conTormity with that line and lose
perhaps,  three  (,.iarters of his  lot,
-Mr. Turnhnll sa'd the council were
'������unowned to grant special perm's-
aion   regarding    buildings    lo    appll-
there to build their navies and
did not sie why Canada should
do fo al the presi til time.
Councillor Atkins���liuild    them    a1
Port Coquitlam.    I Laughter.)
Mr.   Martin  deprecated  the  shame
fill  manner In  which  the business ol
the country was being held up by tin
tactics of the Liberals.   -The old cent
try   had   defended     Canada     withou
costing   her  one  cent,   and  tlie  leas
they    could  do  was    to  build    thel
ships there when tliey could not bull
them in Canada,    i Applause.)
Voters' List.
Mr. E. Percy said he was delighted
lo see their old friend, Mr. Martin, or
their  side,  and   hoped   a  good   many
ether   people   would   follow   him   Into
lhe fold and pursue Ihe proper  way.
No   man   with   the   best   interests  of
Camilla at heart could think   of   any
other course but staying with the old
country.      Even    the    little    Malay
States  had   shown   Ihem   the   way.
Every   Conservative  should   be  on
the qui  Vive at  Ibis erilieal  time and
register,   for   with   the   new   distrib'i
tion at    hand   every    vole   counted
They     should    all     endeavor  to   gel
others into line and he for one would
do   his   best.    They   had   onlv   sever
weeks ahead of them and they should
register so as to give ".1.  II" anothei
record vote at the next election which
might   come   very   shortly.
His   First   Vote.
|    Mr.   J.   I).   Robertson,  of   Rochester
road,  said Ibis  was the lirst   lime Ile
had  ever  spoken   from   a   public  plat
form  or  had  entered  Ms name  on  e.
voters' list, and Ihe first time he had
ever   called   himself   a   Conservative  I
He had   never voted  at  a  parliament
nry   election,   for   all     his     life     had j
been  spent  at sea.
His political sympathies in the old
country were Liberal, but he was no'
hidebound, lie would now be i
Conservative so long as he consider
ed  Ihat    government    did  the    righl
pancy" wns now and then more than 1 discussion.     Ile
a trifle trying to his serious chief. 	
���At a swell Government House function "B.-P." was deputed by his superior to nsk a young lady to kindly
repeat a skirt dnnee whieh had greatly
pleased the company present.
The fair artist, who���after the man
ner of some of her kind���was somewhat affected, protested that she positively couldn't, and thai, if she did
she would be completely "blown."
"IV-P." returned to the Governor
leokiiiL' rath, r ere t'a'l *n and hi sitant.
as if there was something he would
rather not  -tiv.
"Well?" questioned  (lie  great, man
"Sll" won't." r ���;<!ii d the messenger.
"Why?" demanded   the   Governor.
"Don't know," said "B.-P." "except
that she said she'd be blowcd if she
did I"
' Au o'.d soldier who was in Malta
the lime Baden-Powell was then.' a*
a major, has been telling some good
stories about him.
" When 'B.-P.' was aide-de-camp to
tho Governor of Malta in 1884," he
said, "he was the life nn.l soul of
everything connect id with keeping
Tommy Atkins contented with his lot.
He did mere lo keep tbs soldiers of
the garrison together Ihan anybody
el.-\ He not only btarted a Boldier's
eluh, but one nighl each week he had
n concert for the m >n.
"One particular evening I attendeil I
[with some triends, and we noticed that I
Major Baden-Powell was down <m tha '
program. To our astonishment, when j
ibis turn arrived, a Tommy Atkins
came noon the sta','*-, and in a little !
speech regretted that Major Baden- '.
I Powell, couldn't appear, anil that the i
Matter hnd deputed him lo take his i
place, whereupon h" proceeded to ile
ten in the press by highly paid civil
servants, but it was different when
similar statements were made in the
corridors of the house.
A. C. Boyce raised the point of order that Mr. Guthrie was not confin-
j ing his remarks to the matter under
was   wandering   far
shouted    several
"I am not giving names at present,"
'said Mr.- Outline, then he repeated
! his statement.
Mr. Boyce insisted on a ruling and
i Mr Lesperance, who was in the chair,
said Mr. Guthrie must stick to the
subject under discussion.
Mr. Guthrie persisted in his state-
j ments and Mr. Boyce declared that
t was highly Improper for a member
of the house to make such an assertion about a member of the civil service without giving the name. He insisted  on  another  ruling    from    the
���hair. B 	
By this time Deputy Speaker Blon- j engmunt cannot claim  benefit  from
���lin had replaced  Mr.  Lesperance.  He  the sick fund.
cun last month. The director of the
Industrial department, M. W. P, Lit-
vinoff-Kalinskl. visited Riga a fortnight ago in order to organize the
"ysteni there, and he will shortly proceed to Warsaw for a similar purpose.
Il is the explicit desire of the insurance council that tho creation of the
local offices and sick clubs should, as
far ns possible, be expedited. Until
eonsidernble progress in this direction
tins heen made, it will not, of course,
he possible to give any satisfactory
Draw   Up   Regulations.
The Insurance council, however If
engaged in drawing up a set of uniform regulations for the local offices
and this will greatly facilitate tin-
work of control. On Ihe other hand it
need scarcely he minted out that it
wlll he a task of Immense difficulty to
apply from the outset uniform standard in a country In which the various
industries are as yet so unevenly developed.
The kind ef points which the insurance council has already decided in
advance include for example rulings to
the effect that workmen on probation
are to provide themselves with an in-
surance card aftir a week's trial; and
Ihat a workman who falls ill after the
termination   of   his   contract    or   en-
Do You Want To Build?
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755
said the speaker might proceed.
"Tbat ls all I had to say on that
phase of the subject," said Mr. Guthrie and he went on to discuss the
emergency aspect of the question. He
argued that the government's policy
was not based upon the admiralty
memorandum which had been secured
long after the policy had been decided upon by the Canadian ministers.
liver a song caricaturing a foppish
offioer inspecting the guard. The house
went into roars of laughter, arid it
wai list until the sO"3 was half-way
(inislie-f that the audience nwoke to
the realization thst the soldi r on the
|ilatt'irm was really   'B.-P.'   himself."
Canada's First Train W
A glimpse int i tlie omance r'f railroad building in Canada waa nfi'-r.leii
members nl the Toronto Canadian
('lull the other day when Mr \. 8.
Qoode/e, member nl the Dominion
Railway Hoard, outlined brief, th.-
history of this enterprise lioni the
first little wooden railed, horse-drawn
vehicle to the modern palace stieper,
Railway development nt, I waterway
transportation and facilitiei g �� hand
in hand, he -aid. "With the Inruier
we would never have held together
the sc.itt_.cil provinces and, as for
the Intt.., no country in the world i<
A special committee h?s been appointed to consider the question
wll-ther employers who employ more
than one hundred hands are to be liable for the maternity charges of their
female employees. This question
contains the germ of a controversy
whieh has been acute both In France
and in England.
Socialism and  Syndicalism.
in the absence  of any   systematic
organization  of labor In  this country
the government  assumed  the  responsibility    of nominating    the  working
Pulled By class representatives who are entitled
to seats In the insurance couneil.
The Socialist press, which is not hy
any means enchanted with the Insur
ance law as a whole, is very indignant
that these delegates were not elected.
At first the delegates were alarmed
by the outcry cf the Socialist politicians and cither absented themselves
altogether from the meetings of the
insurance couneil or else merely attended in order to protest against their
own   nomination.
Under pressure, however, of the
bulk of the working dais opinion they
now seem to put in a regular appearance.    The  principal  Socialist  organ
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
t. li. Mccormick
1      Phone 927.
Suit 18, B. C. E. R. Depot.
New Westminster B. C.
New Coin   For  Em-land.
One of the direct r suits of th
durance   Aet   is  the  suggestion,
eirn ���! heartily by birg * "
I labor, that  nn
I pieci
I tion
.  . i ��� ontlnues   to  condemn   the  insurance
tter blessed   with   waterway    pnvi*
��es than Canada
loyers of
be struck by the Mint as a sulu-
>f. Iho copper famine caused by
o-der he thowedj
���th uf navigable
I  bov*  tha  Ili'in-
��-ants.    tie wan empowered lo call Tor  bridges
considered they wen- doing
the wrong thing he would turn
against them without the sllghtos
compunction. He sunporled thi
policy of Sir Richard McBrlde nnd hi
colleagues becausn he believed the:
were jus!ile il In It.
Credit to Canada,
lie was with Mr. Martin on th(
naval bill li was a greal credit tt
Canada, ho said, and would I ��� pro
portlonately disgraceful if she failed
to entry   it   out,
Mr. Peter Barth referrei with sat
isfactlon lo the successful session e'
the provincial legislature. He dwel
at length upon the valuable perv'e.e
of the government towards educatloi
and  their  wise emigration policy.
lie congratulated their member, Mr
Manson, on securing an appropriation
for Dewdney. if Ills memory servef
him   right,  of  (198,000  for roadi  ar.
j the act.
i    Take, for instanc, the weekly wage I
(57.60) which is a good average wage j
for the.Briti-h workman.   He formerly
r.'C'ived a gold sovereign and a gold
half sover i'_rti.   Now he Slots 29s. ami I
Ud.   This has onusi-d a great increase I
tn the demnnd f"T condor, and during i
the Chmtmas trade when  thousands
"1 small articles were purehns-<l, the
trouble lnnl become more acute
(ine objection raised is that the
-ugcsteil new coin will be very similar in si'/.e ht the sixpence and will
end to ccr.lfusiotl ami mistak is, but
'he Mini officials advocate the issue
->! a coin with a Tower perc ntage of
Mlvr than the ordinary silver coin���
n niece not too closely resembling the
shilling and the sixpence. The question will be raised in Parliament
As the  Maid Saw  It.
In he* h'Kik. "Thirteen V
Busy Lil*." Mrs. Alec T��e
'his st'Uy on her- If.
I. Ior>  she   stnrld  cn   n    journey
frum New York to Mexico, she parked \
away her jewelry, including h t rin_ts |
and wntch (hain.   Her urn I ��;is sit-
ting   opfioiilo  Iter   in   the   train,   and j
sudd nly ��lie noticed Ihey were mi-
"ul'.'' sh" exclaimed in a Bud li n
panic,   where nre your rlng-j?"
"I ,'iit them miay.'' Mr- Tw edl *
r |>'ie I I n 'ver travel ofl thc l> ater
trie k  wearing jewelry  ol  any kind."
"Oh, lear. whal a pity '" commented
lhe in.'i'.l. "Th ��� made you lodk such e
of  a
were -^l^ii---1 and
Rnilwsy wa- fin- j
le l Mr. Uoodeve, i
Bl.fnl coii-lructioi*. J
xx block  plan.
The Court It seems to "lie rather
an arbitrary rule. A man can build
sx house on tx new block anywhere he
���tlken and Ihe next one has to nuild
In conformity to that one. lie In
xinly bound by existing houses H
there an- any. There is no establish-
���*i1 line. 1 nolle agree lbat it is d"-
��irahle, ns far as re.ss'tile. to have
���buildings conform lo a line, hut 1
-will nol. he n partv to enforcing whal
might be an arbitrarv relict: <>r thai
ttylaw     I  am  eo!  satisfied  that  there
ng lir-e nn that Street from
B ' 'fun- ire.
-,.  further deb-ite Mr. KJ
Is an cxlstlni
the. ���rifle
ttV  -   '
���mo"ill r.
One or  th
���jrev   neon
nn l ir.nire.
! human vampires Who
he "unfortunate" class of
Harrmcn was charged yesterday before
(Magistrate Edmonda In the police
court, with vagrancy and subsisting
Bp-vn the immoral earnings of a
Janu s   Williams   was   given
Mr.   P.  Boileau  congratulated    thi
association on its prosperity. The]
had through stress of ether matter
somen hat neglected their organiza
tlon al Fraser Mills, but thev wer
reviving it with vigor and lookln'
more seriously after the voters' lis
Origin of AssocU'icn.
Councillor Atkins sketched
origin of the association from
erinin In Mr. Aldcrscn's house,
reviewed with pride the career of S '
Richard McBrlde, In their fed'iri.
member, Mr Taylor, thev bud 6 i.-i-
easj of approach and d avoid of n '���
tape, who hnd devoted bis t'me anri
,.,,   .    . i , j,. !.,,...���, ,||.   ,,, the Intor
', -*- of his enn tllui n iy, i rovlnci and
[country al large.
Mr Manson wns ;" * tier who too'i
a prid" In liis constituents.
lie referred to the irrntils he had
secured for their development In a
most appreciative manner.
Mr. II. II. Maker also spoke In eulo-
glstic terms of the provincial govern-
ihree'ment and the impetus the ndministni-
taonlhs on suspended sentence to be tlon had give, to eiiueation Mpecially.
",?.,.,,i if ..,. wa* found in town onei At the close of the meeting the
fenur aft-r  his  release. members    formed
In the old country the lash Is being Social club  and
gfreely  used to these brulea.
^^^^^^^^^^^   appointed  a  committee to arrange a social entertainment.
Deadlock in Ottawa
No Signs cf Weakening
(Continued from page one)
cause the government has. proposed
to give $7(111.11110 for encouragement ol
agriculture, a little less than ten
cents per head. To protect, what wil'
be produced on Its way ncross the
Atlantic We are to pay $36,000,000 01
$o per head. Ten cents to produce
and live dollars to protect what Is
produced. Is that a proper proportion ?"
"If the honorable member and
party had Iheir way there would
even be ten cents a head spent
agriculture," said Dr. Edward,
"I'erliaps the honorable gentleman
knows more about our business Ihan
we do nnd perhaps thoy don't," came
back thn member for Qu'Appelle.
In    (inclusion    he    said:     "If    the
honorable   gentlemen   opposite   con
tinue In their present course then It
Is the duty of members on this side
of the house to prevent Ihem by
every means in their power from com-
Reviewing them
the  tremendous   li
distances and sh'
inion    was    prai I
Tho first railway waa undertaken
with a view to supplement the-e
waterways. It was caii.il the Chani|>-
lain anil St. Lawrence ii lie nnj operated with wooden rails ami horsf
traction under license of 1832 in th*
reign of William IV.
There was little active enn-dructinr
until lWl, although the rails were'
soon changed to iron���the motive power to steam. Tlie next enterprise wa;
on the part of the (irand Trunk and
it ran a line to Sarnia in Western
"It eost thirteen mi llie ns to connect Montreal w.th Toronto and liv-
millions were lost in the building,"
said the s[>e.'ilier. "It was rigarded
at the time as one of the wonders ol
the world."
In Kltt-7 in the Maritime Provinces
l-VJ.Cirill had  been  granted  by   thc   I ill
perial Government b> survey territory !
This   enterprise   waned,    Legislatisi
to   implement   progress    wn-    -darted
ami  in 1864 nr'icb*.
sealed in tin* bee
The Intercolon -i'
ished in ; 16 Thlr*
wns a rjitlcr monutr
and it had not been n (allure m any
sense. The eost fn in the first had
been ninety two millions mil it had
been shown that it cost Ic;. and re
t. ted more prollU than any railrou I
on the continent.
The C I' R employed 75.00ii men nnd
sailed *2'2 vessels on the -ea- wiih i
carrying capacity ol '2s.!i.'lti people
The pny roll was $3,200,000 per moi th
The gross receipts last venr were Jli'l.
lie referred to Sir William Macken
7,ie ami Sir Donald Mann if plnnnins
n third transcontinental line. All three
were assured ami yet there wns a ter
ritory three times as large ns tha
United Kingdom lying to the north
and pierced by no railroad.
Men nf deep vision, men capable tl
taking fair judicial ri.->ks, were required for this development,
What would be the future? Tb��
hum of (actories from Atlantic to Pacific would drown the roar of Niagara
falls. To-day we were grinding pulp
growing on the banks ol rivers sup-
plying their own power. The greal
frozen prairies lay o|ien to tho plow.
There were alone eleven million Hereunder cultivation.
"We have become the market car-
donera of the Empire," he declared.
In 1 ~i.'l in Toronto the llr*-l loc ���
motive engine was constructed hy
.lames Good, To-day car shops turn
our (KI.O(K) cars a year. There are U'i
less than B.OtX) miles ol terminals and
yards   and  no   less   than  11,1X10   mi le-1
law as "an insurance of capital at the
expense of labor" but is now urging
workmen to comply with the law on
the somewhat Machiavellian ground
that participation in the Insurance
lily circumnavt- Ff.,lerno wjj| facilitate the development
of a disciplined  labor organization.
It is probably something more than
a coincidence that the government
should he contemplating the Introduction of a special system of workmen's
The Vicissitudes of so-called Uadl-
curiam in other European countries
suggest that for the Constitutional
Democrats the present is an opportunity which does not occur twice In tha
lifetime of a party.
Thanks to heavy government contracts, to the increasing mechanical
requirements of agriculture, which last
year and this year Is being subsidized
to the amount of i.'-,'.*..iinn.n(io, nnd to
the readiness of money, iliissian industry Is In a very flourishing condition.
New enterprises arc continually
springing   up.     The   textile   Industry
specially   Is   highly   prosperous,   as,
no, are the various metal trades. On
the other hand the influx Of the rural
population into tbi' towns continues to
issuine such proportions that ere lonii
the menace of unemployment may bl
come sufficiently serious of itself t.
ive a  very  real shape to the spectre
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:00 and 6:45 a.m., aud every l
15   minutes   until   9   p.m.     From   9
p.m. until midnight half hourly ser ]
Sunday! -At 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:0�� and 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���Al
6:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. wltb hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with  week  day  service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and otber points on Lulu Island is made at Eburne.
For Chilliwack and Points in
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.in.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:06 p.m.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Of Syndicalism.
In cities like Riga, with Its 326,000
lnhabltanta, the pressure of these im
migrants is already beginning to make
Itself frit. Iii Russia as elsewhi re, a
I'l'iidjustint'iit of the scale of  wages
���atilii.l  permanently do away with  tie
necessity for making organized  pro-
vision againat unemployment, as well
is against  invalidity and old age.
Reason    Men    Developed   Them���Pro-
festor Lankcster's Queries.
London, March 6,    "What's the usi
f a chin, anyway," asks Professor Sir
Itny l-ankester, one of Kngland's lead
���i': scientists, and  learned  profe-ssors
after thinking it  ont  have been  compelled   to   agree   with   hlin    that    tlie
bin Is of no value nt all, though you
���nn  rbitter the big-chinned   man   by
'piling li I in that his lower Jaw denotes
strength of character.
"The  most   primitive  men did   not
t)OSSesa   this   bony   projection    of   the
front  border oflhe  lower Jaw,  nnd    I
am unable to find nny mechanical   or
physiological purpose   which   a chin
fu rves,"     i    I rof  l -i i'-. ������  r,
The  most   popular   axiilanntlon    ir
;|y -I by Ur  Porn-fa Rosa who points
��� nl   that   ell animals  that   browse   on
t-.resH or herbage have no chin nt all.
and   ns   the  primitive  man   lived    on
roots, etc., hi- did not need a chin.
"The moment  man   gave   up   brow-
^^^ _    Blng on green things and became less
under   Construction    at    the    present lot an  animal, his teeth, which  form-
time, erly slanted  forward  to allow  hlin  to
"We owe to tho  men ol the ear!) (reach  easily  tho things   that  would
days IHUch for the prosperity ami pr*     otherwise have been beyond liis reach,
gross of to-day," na urged,   "8ome-1 grew erect, and hls-Jaw had to acoom-
tunes  the younger  generation  "I  the1 moderate Itself  lo erect teeth,"  says
west lor-H't, the debit to the cast."      i the doctor,
In  Connection With   All
To and from EUROPE
Excellent facilities for the prompt delivery of
tickets to bring your relatives and friends to British
1   Columbia.
Our European Agents save you all trouble and
expense in securing accommodation, etc., etc.
II. 0,  SMITH. ('   P   tt T. A. W. K. DDPEROW, O. A   P. L��.
Phone  Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Granville Street.
If you are thinking of fun Ishlng your house thlH spring, wo
will consider it a pleasure to show you our lini-B of Furniture, I.in-
oliums, Kloor Oils and ItugH, and you wlll he convinced that our
prlcen  cannot  be  beaten   in   town.
Wo huve Just, received another shipment of hardware for the
spring trade Including Washing Machines, Wringers, Folding Tub
and  Wrinv r Btandn,  White  and (iroy I'.nnmelwnre. Stains, VarniHhea,
Brushes, etc.
We are also headquarters for the celebrated SUNSET SEWINQ
C. N. Edmonson & Co, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
*>At*w rrvm
fesslonalism in amateur sports nor
penetrate all the disguises assumed
by the summer ball players. ' Also,
the A. A. U. haB no fund for employing such a force of sleuths.
The word "expenses" covers a
multitude of athletic BinB���and this ls
true of other countries besides the
United  States.
Jimmy  Gardner"! Outfit Out to  Dent
Holes in Record Made by the
Senators Thia Seaeon.
Electric Boys Will Eater Team in the j
City League.
A  meeting of  tbose  interested    In
baseball among the employees of the
B. C. E. It. was held last evening, ttt
which steps were taken to enter   a |
team In the City Baseball league this I
coming season.
Thc electric men only figured In
iwo games last season, defeating a
Vancouver B. C. E. It. team on both
iccasloni nt the annual picnic of the
Mr. Allan Purvis was elected honor
ary president cf the new club, the
otber offlcera with the exception of
president and manager being as fol
lows; Secretary, G. S. Corbett;
treasurer, Ed. Marleau; scout, p. h.
Bellows. The election of a president
and manager will be taken up nt lln
next meeting.
With Lester Patrick's Victoria
team on the down grade, the chances
of the Royals handing out a real good
trouncing to them on Friday night In
the local arena never appeared
Had the Si.iators won their game
in the Capital City on Tuesday nighl
the championship of the coast would
have  been  cinched,    btlt    a different
Uie  may  now be told, as  Vancouvei ! E|ect Officers and  Prepare
still has a chance to break even with j Season
Victoria, and Jimmy Gardner has I Trap shots of this' city got right
been politely, yes firmly, requested to.down t0 business last evening at tin
assist frank Patrick by slipping over , imiiinl meeting of the Westmlnstet
a win on Friday which will make the Qua club held ill the Huh pool par
race  all  the  more  Interesting. lar3   when officers were elected and
The hockey game is one or upaeti preparation's planned for events to take
;place this spring and  summer
for Busy
from slart to finish, a team may ham
out a licking one game and get sound
ly walloped the next, so Ihat ill botl.
llle Kast and Ihe West the fins b.ui
been guessing all kinds of dope
which When figured out, has been far
frnm  correct.
Two weeks ago Lester Patrick Jus'
about bad the Paterson cup stowed
away In his coat pocket, they had
but to win Ihelr home games and tin
title waa theirs. Along comes brother
Frank;  he implores, hc begl his high
Comparatively few fans know that
'Nonpareil Jack" Dempsey, famous
as the middleweight champion of the
world, at one time held the lightweight title. Jack won the lightweight championship of the United
States twenty-nine years ago today
when he defeated Billy Kacey ln nine
rounds at Coney Island.
Jack got $4000 for this bout. His
claim to the American lightweight
supremacy was soon disputed by
George Fulljamcs, then Canadian
champion, and the men fought on a
beach near New York in the summer
of 1884, The Canuck was a game and
clever fighter, but his seconds had to
toBB in the sponge In the twenty
second round to save their man from
being mauled beyond repair.
Two years later Jack entered the
middleweight lists and fought liis way
to the top.
IS All T
Quebec  Makes  New  Record  With
Straight  Victories���Wanderers
In Second Place.
priced stars of the Taylor, (iriffis and   nesday
Parr brand  to deliver the goods and . annual
from   all   accounts   they   turned     the]
in k   In   line   style   on   the   Willows1
i nk Tuesday.
ng to the Royals one musl ad
i ��� he; arc traveling at a pretty
' ��� clip these days, having won
thret of their four last gameB, und
bearing out Ihe comment passed
A strong list of officer., were elect
ad as follows: Honorary presidium
Mayor A. W. Gray; lion. W. Norman
Bole, K.C, Mr. C. J. Major; honorary
vice-presidents. Aldermen A. tv Kelt
ngton and J. Henley; president, Mr.
Alex  Turnbull;     vice-president,    Mr.
Howard   Welsh;   secretary-treasurer
Mr. J. I) Galloway; captain. Mr. All
Turner; executive, Messrs. J. Eagle
Tom Trapp and James  Price.
The executive will  meet  next  Wed
evening   to  arrange   tor    tin
Good   Friday   shoot.
Vancouver and Victoria pis
Ihey are    a dangerous    lot I
*  11%cd low with injuries.
Gardner and his outfit   im
��� a  the  dose  handed  them
IWO  weeks ago and  will. !
tii.it     i'i -hot still rankling in their
I   ' i:.c   yellow   nud   black   star.-. :
are liable to start such a display ot '
lip     worka   us   featured     th"     Kami
agalnal  Vancouver Inst  Friday even \
.-.very man on the Royals Is In lhe ''
pink  of condition  and  light   practices |
huve been Ihe rule fur the past  three
days   so   they    will   enter   the   gun
prime favorites.
The seat mile started yesterday
morning at the Hill pharmacy on
Columbia street, a steady demand be
ing noticed which augurs veil for n
bumpi r house at the Queens park
encli sure   tomorrow  evening.
and board for men who are engaged by
the year. Mr. Barrow stated that
right now Chilliwack could easily I
give employment to over 100 men atj
thrse wages.
Here, as ln other rural districts of'
the province the prejudice against oriental labor was found not to be ao
strong as In the larger cities. The
farmers would prefer white labor if it
could be had, but they regard the oriental as a great deal better than nothing.
The mild Hindu sticks to his Job
and is therefore more desirable than
the transient white man who drifts in
from nowhere and flits Immediately
after the first pay day.
The provincial government has embarked upon an extensive system of
compulsory testing of dairy cattle for
tuberculosis, with the Intention that
all animals found to be affected shall
be destroyed.
Some of the farmers around Chllllwack are none too sure that the test
has the value claimed for It and, they
are quite certain that the rate of remuneration paid by the government
for slaughtered animalB is not high
The government pays two-thirds of
the value of each cow killed but not
more than $62 for any one cow. As
these cows are often worth $150 or
more the tuberculin  test is likely to
uise coiiBldirable loss to some dairymen.
Some of the commissioners have
been travelling in hard luck thiB week.
Commissioner Mackenzie had his pocket picked for $10 on  Monday while
If one can imagine a Bplendld old
lady making amorous approaches to
a deaconlzed professor in order to
test his affection for her scoldy,
widowed daughter, doing it so charmingly, so real, and fetchingly as to
win hiB attentions, and to her daughter's utter astonishment, a promise of
marriage, thereby proving his in
fidelity and then when Bhe has, to
the hilarious delight of her audience,
achieved her purpose, calls to her
daughter when sue nas been listening
to it all.
Or If yon can picture to yourself
this same dear understanding old
lady. In the tiny wee hours of early
morning, half plunging, pulling and
twisting herself over the rail of a
second storey porch-veranda and falling into a chair nearly exhausted
from her night out. then you may
have some idea of May Hobson in
her newest characier role of Gran-
mum in the farcical comedy, "A
Night Out" which Bhe wlll play at
the opera house tomorrow night, and
standing in line to buy a ticket at one! the  gleeful   merriment  it  will  afford
On Tuesday morning
Herb  Ryall  Working  Hard to Get Coquitlam,  Vancouver and   North
Vancouver  Into  Line.
time during the next few
meeting will be called in
of representatives from the
1.1st bull  clubs,    the    objec!
weeks  a
��� bis cily
dlffi rent
being to have an Intensity league    I:
eperatIon dining thc summer months
lie tb Hynll. the well known fan ii
all kinds of sport, Is nt the hac'i i.i
tho movement, and is working on tt
still hunt to drum up enthusiasm fo:
the  starting  cf such  an  organization
It is hoped to have Ooqultlata, Van
coiiver. North Vancouvi r and ellhei
one or two teams from this c.ly en
tered  in the race.
Cotjaltlam has signified its inten
lion "f Joining, While Hynll lias tin
word of Manager Turner of the North
VanoOUVI rs. so that Ihe deal look.
pleasing for consummation.
N. H. A. Standing.
Quebec   15
Wanderers     10
Ottawa     9
Torontos      9
Canadiens      9
Tecumsehs      7
The N H. A. season came to an end
last evening with Quebec holding a
greal lead in the race with a total of
IC wins and only four defeats.
The Wanderers crept up to second
place although they only broke even
on games. Lielitenheiti mUBt have a
great scoring machine and no defence
and were the one best bet for champions at the beginning of the seasoi.
Torontos surprised everybody by tie
ing fur third place with the Ottawas
und the Canadiens. Tlie Tocumaelia
which furnished the most surprises
of the season "cracked" In the last
trelch and fell to the cellar position.
The results of last night's games
were ns follows:
Quebec K, Ottawa C
Toronto tl. Canadiens 2.
Wanderers  10, Tecumsehs 3.
>        OVER  THE  FOUL  LINE.        ���
The team from the Club alleys defeated Ihe V. M C. A. quintette on
the litter's drives last evening
Coghlan came through with high
score, while Ingram led with an aver
ige of 170.
A return match will be relied on
Wednesday, March 12. Tbe following
were the scores
of the theatres.
while going to Chilliwack on the electric car Commissioner Harper had his
overcoat stolen.
Early Winter Dialogues.
"I do hope wc don't have an open
winter! I love real snappy, cold
"Well, I hope we have a milo win*
ter. Dear knun'B wc had a bad om
last year."
"If we don't have cold weather,
what's the mc  buying furs?"
"If we have much zero weather, >
can't pay my coal bill."
"I think cultj weather kills germs.'
"Out west it's so dry you don't fee!
lorty   below."
"Hope we have sleighing for Christmas !"
"Wish 1 lived in Montreal. They
have  two  feet  of  snow."
"You know, I don t think it's ever
quite so cold when tin-re's snow on
the ground,"
"Well, snow would lay the dust
"Yes, but snow gets so horribly
"Besides, it tracks all over the
"As I say, once we get past Christmas. 1 don't mind the rest of tin
"Oh, dear! December, January,
February, March���and most of April.
It's horrid!"
"All very -well for those that can
afford to go to the Bermudas."
to the large audience which will
gather there to welcome this talent
ed comedienne.
Fire and Water.
Why dies water put out fire? Watel
reduces the temperature of the flame
below the point of ignition; therefore
it cannot burn. Water docs not smother the flames even when the burning
brand is completely immersed in a
tank uf water, because the first contact puts out the fire���that is, reduces
the temperature of the fame below
the point of ignition.
Helping Father.
"I got a letter from my son at college yesterday."
"Writing for money, eh?"
"I should say not. He's working his
way through college as a waiter and
sends me his tips. I've paid ofl the
mortgage, and now I'm starting a fund
to build a new  barn."
Prizes For Motormen.
Offering prizes to its motormen foi
the most effective operation of cars by
an English company has resulted in
a saving of 25 per cent, ol the current.
We Act a* Agent* Only for the Purchase and Salt of Real Estate.
Listings of city property and municipalities of Surrey and Langley
acreage. We also wish to have the exclusive handling of a subdivision of five and ten acre blocks.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeta, New Westminster.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking bust i ess transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world. Savinga bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WIL80N, Manager.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Mutt Have Address.
In England every dog over sii
months old costs $1.83 for an annual
license, and the animal must wear s
collar bearing the owner's name and
The Club ���
Whitlam   ....
763 294.
v   m. a A.
.... Ut
....   87
4 U2
A Commons Bull.
Mixed metaphor is one ol Pari
ment's perennial enjoyments, and the
best "bulls" live in tlie Parliamentary
annall lor decades. Many distinguish,
ed members have been enrolled in
tlie list ol those who have furnished
amusement to the House by the careless twisting ol a sentence. H fell to j
the lot "f Mr. F. U. Carvell to head
the collection ol "good thing., ' which
will doubtless characterise the present
session. The lighting New lirunswick
er was making liis recent notabla
speech, enunciating what he held to
1 be tlie Liberal  policy.
"Reciprocity is dead and buried,"
I volunteered a Conservative member
i interrupting.
|     "Then we will resurrent the corpse
t ami nail it to the tnaathead," replied
' the   im-niber   lor   Carieton,   amid   the
customary roar of laughter.���H. W. A
ill Canadian  Courier.
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. O. E. OILLEY, Phons 2��'
Phone*, Off lco 18 and 18.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
, .���
Lichtcnhein   Sayi  Its Against the   I
H. A. Law���Players Will Simply
Laugh at Him.
D84    730    755 2069
Toronto, March 5. President Licli
tenhelh, of lhe Montreal baseball and
the Wanderer Hockey clubs. Is ill
town today wllh his latter outfit. He
paya them off tomorrow und figures
in  a $2000 dellc.lt.
The  Wanderers object strenuously
lu Quebec or any all star team going
to  lhe    const     In     view    cf    several
"jumping" I layers from tha N. 11.  A..
Im ing oul there,   Mr. I.'.ehtcnheln la
ao  sin-:; on  ttie mnltir Ihat  lie has
.I.. In  d  to  his  players  that  if  any'
i f  IV ni  g i  he will    never    wear    a j
Wanderer   uniform   again.   Ills   oh-
lection    io    Qui bee    going    is    that.,
notwithstanding the   fact   that   five
clubs of ihe six have given consent,!
ii is contrary to the N. ll. A. law,
\     B   matter if  (act,  the  N.   II.   A
ldi i is in force   a   commission   oi
i;i In ���* an Ogr��l inenl on the coaal
li ii li,,ii", ii salary limit and al
lowing no f.irihi'r raids either 00*
wii) . r the other. Mr. Ucbtenholn
In *,m vi r, I-its Johnson, who broke
111   11 ntract.
Rvi rj N, H. A. team lost money
lies v, ar exoept lhe Canad ens and
pi islbly the Tecuinsebs, according to
i!,i   magnate,
Fverybody's Doing It.
I'-, lena,    Mont.,    March 5. - A    bill
ll calliing 12 round contests wns pass
i il  by  the senate today and was sen
to lhe governor for hi�� signature
Pa'ricks Control  Matters as to Keep
,11 thc Stars���East Will Retain the "Dead" Ones.
Ottawa,   March 5.   Last   tall   th.
Patricks wire particularly anxious li
form ii Ik ckey commission.   The N
II. A. turned them down. The Pat
rlcka milled the ensier.'i asaoclatlor
of Ils star players, enjoyed a greal
���eaaon and money rciiirns, whereas
the N ll. A. was decidiilly unsuecess
ful. Nearly all the clubs lost heavily
Now the N. H. A. nut derided tha
it   wauls  the  commission.    The  Put
ricks snv it is unnecessary,   if the;.
I organize II tbe Patricia wlll demand
I thai  thev retalll nil Ihelr players and
i will   allow   Hie   N.   II.   A.   lo   do   Ilk-
wise,   whieh    means    that    Johnson
Taylor,   Kendall.   Prodgers, Osimai
and  all   lhe ottu r  Blurs   will   remall
at  the coaal  while the N.  II.  A. cat'
I keep the "dead ones."
Buys   From  Canada.
About 80,000 lobsters are eaten daily
In Great Urilain. Most of them com:
from Norway sud Nova Scotia,
Alec (IrrgRalnS, once promlu
ent middleweight, bom in California.
Billy Papke defeated Billy
Hhodes in 10 round3 at Peoria
Johnny (union knocked ont JIB
Kendrlck    in    tenth   round
New Orleans.
Joe  Mandot    defeated    Yanke
Schwartl  in    nine    rounds
Kid Williams  knocked  out  Ko
homo Kid In   fourth round   al
* *
* 6PORTOGRAPHY      ���
* (Hy "Gravy.")       ���
ParlB, March 5    Frank Klaus
Pittsburg, WEI awarded lhe de-
inn  .'Mr  Hilly  Pnplie ol K'-
wiiu i. iH.i in lha ir.th i'..umi
i    r 'ir e...licit tonight :it the
It    i    .:.   Purls
I ..,.*i. wai warned repeatedly hy the referee ror breaches
or the rules nnd hla tactics
became so flagrant thnt the referee stopped the both In the
lfith. Tho general opinion was
that KIuub had mado thc better
���bowing throughout
The bout wnB Scheduled for
20 rounds at 100 poundH.
Scrutinize   Records  cf  Stars    In
day's Big Titular Games.
Following the Thorpe expoae, oITi
rials of the Amateur Athletic  Dnloi
ire said to have been inakiiiR
psstlgatlon of the amateur
<>r a Dumber of Yankee
All of the on.rants in
minor track and field
ichcduled f"r today
Square Garden, New Y
mbtected to a clase icrul
��� |       -jf tli    ii.ee
it ti' :'     '!">  '������     >'������'   '"*''  '''   ' .',
i, j jouie uf iho best athletei on thli
side ef Uto Atlantic will defend then
tltli i  or  Bcek  lo  set new  marks.
Thi lie wbo crlllcl7.e Ibe A. A. II
officials for not weeding out lhe. pro
(eillonall should remember that ll II
nn in
athletic Rlnrs
the   American
nt   Madison
uric, have been
v.lie  won hone'
They Don't Like 'Em.
DDenver, Colo.. March 6. -The
Colorado lenate this afternoon Milea
the bill permitting boxing contests
under the supervision of a state com
I Continued irom page onei
Lcndon, Mireii 5. -The putrol coni
miltee of the noyAl AiitoRiftblle club
conducting the tight against the so-
called trust reports that they of thc
opinion that no useful action can be
taken at present in regard to the supply or distribution of the petrol that
would tend to lessen the cost of the
spirit to consumers.
The chief reasons given for this
conclusion are:
1. That the demand for petrol is
almost greater thsn the apparent existing supply, nnd that this demand
is rapidly Increasing in all countries.
2. '.lie increasing cost of the pro-
duotli n i f the spirit at the oil fields
and the abnormal freight charges of
sea transportation now prevailing.
;i. The extravagant compulsory me-
tin ds ir handling and distributing
the spirit.
Program   for Today
The Mcllors
Artistic Comic Singers.
Florence Raymond
England's Refined Lady
.  Some Singer���You  .
Know Him,
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
Fr-ss. and Oenl. Hp.
See. aad Tmt,
Hanley and Murray
"The Baron and the
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Two Reel Feature from
the Novel by Mrs.
Phones No. 7 and 877.
One Reel Comedy.
DOl  tha puniest  IhlnK In
"net  the  Roods"  on   mi
tho world to
athlete bent
eaii'l'tnluinK his prowesB. If Thorpe
IhhI had more worldly ���wisdom ���-
mlRlil have escaped dlsrovi ry.
A   force   of   expert
nun will
���secret    serviee
sent to the city brlnns the farmer 20
cents a gallon f.o.b. Chllllwaok, a price
which the witness considered lutflct
int.    Hay Is worth $10 a ton on the
There are one or two circumstances
which prevent the district from beim;
regarded as altogether ideal. Fruit
has not been doing uny too well for
the past  few MaBOn8,    Potatoes were
grown last season iii superabundant
quantities by everybody, but thou
Bands of bushels are still waitlnK In
vain for n purchaser. An Impression
prevails here Ihat the agriculturists
,,f the whole wide world took a notion
last year to grow potatoes as their
ihlcf crop.
"Whit can potatoes be bought for
around here?" Mr. E. D. BurroWH was
"About SO cents a ton," was his
disgusted  reply.
On tho other hand hogs bring a
good price, 9 1-2 cents live weight.
At this figure even tho farmers are
willing to admit that the hog Industry Is fairly profitable,
There Is genernl complaint of a
lack of efficient farm labor, wages in
Loeb's Tea Party.
New York, March 5. The "tea
party" which collector William Loeb,
Ir, planned tn give tomorrow by the
dumping of 21117 packages of tea con
demned as impure and as unwholesome, Into New York harbor, was pre
vented today by the granting of an
Injunction by Judge Hand of the su-
iireme court. Arguments for a permanent injunction will be heard on
Matinee, 10c. and 20c.
Night, 10c. and 25c.
Game Starts 8:30 p.m.        Admission $1.00 and 50c.
���Id uot wholly suppress pro-ithls line run from |25 to $40 a month ground.
Robert Olive's Indian Tobacco Appreciated  by   Englishmen.
London, March 4.- A food story Is
retold on Loritto School in the Arena.
I.ontto House, built ns Is was upon
land that had once held the -shrine of
"Our l.udy of l^iretto," wns in turn
tenanted by the Maltlands, the Kor-
beses and Robert Olive.
Olive  aliuit   th une   ti. ,.      1770
was seeking i lection to Parliament for|
the Midlothian ccnstltuenoy, '|* was
but lately home from India, nnd-in the
course of his election campaign Invited the provost and baillirs of Mus-
selliurg to dinner.
After the meal Olive produced some
Indian cigars, a very rare form of tobacco at that time, and cprtalnly in
that place. The provost took his cigar and forthwith solemnly proceeded
to sat It. bis had being bravly followed    by    the     batllles     standing
Program   for Wednesday and Thursday
Kalem Special
Produced in Ireland in
three parts.
Gpeclal  Cones by  Miss Frances
Hariilton All This Week.
Tuesday Evening Next
Joe Weber Presents tha World's
Best Musical Comedy
Where Do You
Ity Paul llerve;  Music by .lean
Briquet;   American  Version  by
Geo. V. Hobart.
Prices:    Lower   floor    $1.50;
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Friday Evening Next
L.  8.  Sire  Presents the   International Comedienne
Balcony 11.50 to 50c.
Seats on Bale Saturday,
orders now.
In Her Latest Comedy
A Night Out''
Prices: Lower Floor, $1.50;
Balcony, $1.50 to 50c.
Seats on sale now at Tidy, the
Florist's, 739 Columbia street
Phone 1.184.
THURSDAY,  MARCH  6,   1913.
Classified Advertising
. i-tATLS. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
d .; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
u iired witl-in one year irom date of
oo n tract, 1115.00.
liirth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral No-
tn-e 11.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
met maker. \\ es: minster Woodworking Co., Lulu Island. (811)
wanted; day or contract. Kefer-
ences.    Hox 805 News, (S05)
WANTED���HOUSEWORK BY Experienced girl. Address Box 796,
News office.
i.art board if possible. Box 801,
News office.
housework and to sleep at home.
:S09 Seventh avenue, city. (768)
dressmaker work by the day. Box
7112 News office. (702)
barrels.    New Westminster Gas Co.
house work for small family. Cood
home to right party. Apply Mrs. A.
E. Easton, 20S Ninth street.     (755)
Apply  Mrs.  Yates.  4 Third avenue
and Earl's road, South Vancouver.
work on farm; J50 per month; free
house. Must bo good teamster.
Applv .1. T. Brown. Colobrook, B.C.,
or phone I.adner R 491. (750)
em cottage in East Burnsby. Can
pay 1150 spot cash. Balance 125 per
month. Will buy at once. Apply
I'. O. Box 349. (7381
A number of unemployed resident
laborers have registered their names
with  the  Building  Inspector.
Anyone requiring laborers for work
of any., description can have their
wants supplied at short notice by applying to the Building Inspector's Office, City Hall.    Telephone 852.  (799)
just off Broadway, trade for team.
Address Box 53,  Haney. (798)
basement; nicely finished inside;
plastered; on 50x150 foot cleared
lot, ready for gardening; water,
electric, ligiu; macadamized street
with sidewalk. I'rice $2250. cash
1750. balance to suit. Apply Owner,
George Matyear, Twelfth avenue,
East Burnaby. (8071
Baron  Now Claiming $70,000,000 from
A WELL furnished iu'Niialow ',     Mjk_.do,s Government-lnvestlga-
for rent; bed and table linen, silver. I
etc.    Apply .llf  Fifth avenue.  (809) j tlons rroceeamj. .
renin, modern conveniences, suitable for two gentlemen or two
ladies.    220  Seventh  street.      (S12)
furnished housekeeping rooms.   37
Agnes street,    l'liouo L 638.      (803)
furnlshed rooms. Apply 405 Agnes
street. (781)
ed  rooms;   furnace  heated;   use of
telephone;  on car line;  torms moderate.     Apply   433   Twelfth   street.
keeplng rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Allies street. (763)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light nianufac
luring purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or on bloc.
Apply to Mauager tho News.
Four    roomed     unfurnished    suite
with bath, hot and cold water; heated.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Avenue.
Phone 750.
I'aris, March 5. ���An amazing story
Is related in a Geneva despatch to the
Excelsior, which has to do with the
Russian btiron Ygor Tilinsky, now at
The baron declares that be holds
a claim on the Japanese for $70,000,-
000. According to him. three Russian staff officers, of revolutionary
tendencies, sold the plans of the Pacific fortresses, including Porl Arthur, to the Japanese at the. outbreak
of the Russo-Japanese wnr. For political reasons they desired the defeat,
of  Russia.
They received In payment three
cheques, amounting to a little mon
than 123,000,000 each, payable at
Tokio on March 22. 1916, The offlcera further contracted to remain in
the services of Japan until the cheques  were  paid.
Baron Tilinsky and a partner named Swetky. went to Zurich in 1911,
and endeavored to raise money on the
cheques through a local financier. Negotiations were opened with banks in
London, Amsterdam and Dresden,
but Ihey refused to make any advances without seeing the original contract.
In the meantime, according to tho
story, the Japanese embassy learned
of the affair, and reported It to Tok
io. The consul at Zurich was Inst rue
ted to investigate. The Russian government also took up the matter and
sent the Russian military attache at
Heine  to Zurich to make  inquiries.
whore. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. 336 Hastings street, west,
Vancouver, B. O. (766)
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned, marked "Tenders for
Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday, March 19th, 1913, for supplying tills Hospital from April 1st. 1913,
to March 31st. 1914, with tlie following:
Bread  (white  and  brown).
Milk iper gallon) and cream iper
pint I, in sealed bottles. Samples ti,
be submitted.
Wood,  slabs   (per cord).
Coal (lump and washed nut), anthracite (lump und nut, in carload
lots), at per ton.
Detailed   lists  ot   drugs,   groceries,
meats and  flsh  may  be obtained    at
the Hospital.     The    lowest     or    any
tender  not  necessarily  accepted.
Royal Columbian  Hospital,
New   Westminster,   B.C. (808)
But Goes to Prison After Attempt to
Revenge Himself.
Brussels, March 5.���A Brussels
postmaster "revenged" himself in a
novel way on an official he believed
to be responsible for his dismissal
from  the  service.
The postman informed the civil and
religious authorities and an undertaker that the official was dead, as
well as a number of the official's acquaintances. Afterwards he instructed a firm to remove the u.rniture
from the official's house, invited people to parties at tlie official's house,
and ordered goods to be sent to the
The postman has been sentenced to
two and a half year's imprisonment
and fined $35. and a woman who
wrote   liis   forged   letters     to    eleven
months' Imprisonment.
The Corporation invites tenders for
jthe construction of a dredge hull 4" I
feet by 100 feet by 7% feet.
Further  information   and   speclfica j
i tions   may   hn   obtained   from   A.   O. ,
| Powell.  Harbor Engineer. Rooms 511
1514  Westminster    Trust    Illock, New
Westminster, B, c.
Tenders   will   be   delivered   to   thi
��� undersigned,  on    or    before  5  p.  in
, March  10,  1913.    Tbe lowest, or any
tender, not necessarily accepted.
City  Clerli
City Hall, March 1st. 1913. (757)
How to Keep Young.
How often wo hear men anil women
Deivniling the- filet tlmt they ui'e no
longer young! They speak of youth
Wistfully as some elusive thing Wblcb
has vanished like a summer cloud or
with Incredulity, ns If It were n stale
totally foreign nnd Irreconcilable to
their present one, like lielng nn Inhabitant of MnrsTir a three headed man
They do not seem le realize that what
mnlies people young and keeps them
so ls Irrespective of actual years���It Is
the capacity for retaining youthful
The man who regards his son's aspirations with cynicism has slopped
growing nnd Is becoming old. The wo
mnn who sternly nnd coldly condemns
the follies of Impetuous girlhood Is losing Unit very thing which should keep
her fresh���her sympathies and her optimism.
The elderly men who remain vital
and alive are those who keep their
hopes nnd desires and ambitions before theiu nnd not behind and who will
always keep them so If they live to be
HMJ. The women who keep the charm
of youth ure those who hnve �� buoyant spirit, nn iulerest In the world
about thetn nnd n high Idealism. There
is uu such thing ns dropping back
and behind the procession If one's mentality Is continually pushing forward
ind ouward. What we dill llie spirit of
youth is in reality a sanguine nnd courageous attitude toward life, Rnd there
Is no more reason why this attitude
should be confined to those lielow n
certain age than there ls that we should
have false teeth at forty.
The girl who when she gets married
ceases to muke any effort whatever,
mentally, stclully or physically, heroines dull nud stupid before she
reaches even middle age, und the unmarried woman who settles down Into
a rigid nnd narrow groove, measuring
all the world by her small rule of
thumb, becomes u tiresome prude who
might ns well be a mummy for nil Hie
eujoyment und ���spontaneity which she
puts Into existence or gets out of It.
Keel) "" looking abend. There is no
eud to lhe adventures of life. People
nre just as marvelous, their actions are
just us Incomprehensible, Just as beautiful, Just ns terrible, ns tliey were
wlieu you were eighteen and were Just
beginning to realize lbat ihe world was
n wonderful place
Keep looking ahead and around ynu.
Use the past only to understand tbe
present and the future and you will
never grow old. but Will be n perpetual
fountain of youth to yourself and to all
lliose who nre forlumite enough to
count you among tbelr friends,
scripis, the collection of Mr. Anthony
Cope.     Romeo  und  Juliet   of  the  4th
Quarto   Edition,   dated   1609,   In   blue
morocco, sold for 121100 to Quarltch,
lie   dealer.
A. Sablen, the collector, paid $1450
for an extremely rare Fourth Quart,1
Edition of  Hamlet,
American books ill the collection
went cheap. Capt, John Knox, "Historical Journal of the Campaign In
North America" for the years 1767-
lTOo. especially in regard to the siege
1 f Quebec, brought only 187.50, while
a book ou "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society," held at
Philadelphia, for promoting useful
knowledge.  (1771)   went   for  $1.25.
liquor set, gas heater, and odd china
at Bonztes' Auction Mart, 633 Clarkson street. (785)
house; water and toilet. 116 per
month. 1'. J O'Connor, 317 Princess street, after five o'clock.  (771)
in Sippcrton; newly papered; water
and toilet; lot 50x150; cleared. Price
11200, easy terms. Box 774 News
sites on very oasy terms commanding the finest view obtainable. Back
lot 60x121). in convenient location.
I'rice 1105(1 each, $150 c_u)li, balance
over 2V4 years. F. A. Rose. 202
Westminster Truat Building   17x91
thoroughly modern; shuatad un the
hi nil lids of Eighth avenue; splendid view, sine of lot 60x110, to lane.
Prloe 18800; good terms. National
Finance Co., 521 Columbia stroet.
telephone 516. 1784)
Stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges 11.00 down, 11.00 per week.
Canada Rang.-  Co.,  Market square
Btyll ; sn Second street; furnace;
,';..]���'.....-; huge basement and a
large lot; all cleared and In lawn.
You can have this one for 13500;
on very easy terms. National Finance Co., 521 Columbia B'.reet, Tel.
015. (764)
The statutory meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners will be held
at the municipal Hall on Wednesday.
Ihe 12th day of March Inst., at 10
o'clock in the  forenoon.
Clerk to the Commissioners.
Edmonds.   B.C.,   March   4th.   1913.
Engineering  Department.
Vehicular Traffic���Kingsway.
Owing to paving operations the
above highway Will be closed 10
through traffic until further notice,
Intercity vehicles will please take
Douglas Road or River Road.
Municipal  Engineer.
Engineer's Office,  Municipal   Hall,
Edmonds, B.C., March 4th, 1913.
paniry nnd bath; on a 59-foot lot;
overlookng city; on the high sldn
of alreet; $2200 takes this one;
$2on cish and balance by the month
Nat'onai Finance Co., 521 Columbia
street. Tel. 515. (764)
$lfl(t on Montelins Piano, cheap. Box
746 News office. a (746)
Fiano   Reduced   $10   Each
day until Sold. Today
All instruments at half
price. Bargains in sheet
See Window Display.
Frank Major Music and
Fiano House.
SJ Sixth Ht. ]
Engineering Department.
Tenders  for  Sidewalk  Lumber.
Tenders are Invited and will bo received by the undersigned up to 12
noon on Saturday. March 8th, 1013.
Copy of specifications and form of
tender may bo had on application to
the Engineer's Office.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
and must bo accompanied by a mark
ed chaque for Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars (1250.00).
Municipal  Hall, Edmonds, B.C.,
February 27th, 1913. (747)
Do you want a lovely Pacific Island
Home In the Quit of Georgia, within a few minutes reach cf a big
city?    If you do. Investigate these:
We can offer you 15 acres, all cleared
and Improved, with a 20-room all
furnished house, full to overflowing
during the long summer months;
large full-bearing orchard; clam and
oyster beds handy; abundance of
crabs, smelts and salmon caught In
ATJOOOO, one-half cash, and terms
foroalanco. The owner is a widow
lady who Is retiring from business
Possession April 1st. No. 3.
Here Is another snap, alao on a large
Island near a large city:
214 acres, 25 acrea cleared, 80 acre*
alder bottom, balance heavily timbered. Hood house and outbuildings, one-half mile of waterfrontage, on north side of island; timber
on the '"���ice wlll pay for it. Owner
has gc in extensively for sheep
and mixed fanning. $6000, terms to
null purchaser. Farm divides naturally and owner would aell a por
tlon  If desired. No.  2
We can offer you a big snap in Lulu
Island acreage In tbe city limits.   Call
and sen us.
Curtis Block, New Weatmlnster,  B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Beauty Tips.
Enlarged pores cim be contracted by
applications of alcohol.
���lust before retiring massage lhe
hands well wllb a good cold cream nnd
without wiping invar any remaining
portion slip on the loose gloves.
Teller nnd ringworm nr* caused by
Imperfect digestion und should - be
cured by proper diet. Local application:, of Iodine will give temporary relief.
An excellent Innlc for the hair la
made of one ounce of best castor oil or
sweet oil. two ounces of bay nun and
two of French brsudy. Scent with
rose geranium.
People sulTerllig from Indigestion
should ent �� very light breakfast, A
raw egg separated and beaten lighi
with u little creilin or milk added Ik
often snll'u lent null easily digested.
Scrim Is Hie most sanitary material
for face cloths 'Ibis cloth Is porous
nnd free from lint, allowing a free circulation of air. It also admits of i|fii.k
and effective washing hihI drying, so
that it can lie cleaned nfter every fnce
I in ill.
Tlie best kind of exercise Is the kind
(hat makes you forget Hint you are exercising-iii other word-, play, says a
physician. It's n good scheme to have
some more or loss strenuous game for
il hobby, golf or bowling or tennis or
archery- anything that appeals lo you
nud affords exercise with Interest But
this Is not saying that systematic exer-
cist* is not ti good thing too.
P.O. Box 31 D^lly Ni*-��t- nid-j
of all kinds.
I'rlcea right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenzie  St.
Board  of  Health  Dept.
Householders are respectfully notified that on and after the 8th of March
all parties requiring the services of
the scavenging department ^ire asked
to keep their garbage Bepurate from
ashes. Collectors wlll collect the sum
of ton centB por can from any party
mixing garbago with ashes after the
above mentioned date.
(iarbage aud tins must go together
in the same receptacle. The Health
Department suggests that the householders provide separate cans -one to
hold ashes and the other garbage. No
garbage mixed wtth ashes wlll be removed until paid for.
8. J.  PEARCE.
(800) Chief Sanitary Inspector
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. FllH
line of Cigars und Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined,
A. G. BEATON,  Proprietor.
Electric Slitp.
Sleep thill by melius of electricity can
lie turned ou and off at wlll Is the latest cure for Insomnia, it Is the invention of ii Herman doctor, who says that
lie has experimented wllh It on rabbits
mid dogs with great success.
An electric current of h new kind is
applied to the base of the brain, and
Ihe patient, he says. Instantly falls
asleep and remains ho until the rurrent
is switched off. when he wukes up iu a
quite normal condition and much refreshed.
Is Now Nothing but a Harbor With a
History���Sawon  Rovers Replaced   Legions.
London. March f>. Quite one of the
quaintest corners to be met with along
the southern coast of England is the
small Sussex Inlet that is marked on
:lhe maps as "I'agham Harbor," says a
writer In lhe Monitor.
At high water this inlet has all the
appearance of a creek of some Importance, but the ebb of the tide
works wonders, and it gradually dini-
inlsl'i'S till nothing is left but a
stretch of mud hanks, dotted here and
. there with seaweed and the countless
gulls that have made the place their
feeding ground.
Winding its way inshore, at first
between great banks of shingle, then
like seme streak of shimmering silver Chrough the greenest of meadows
imaginable, It suddenly comes to au
end beside the disused quay and tumble-down mill of the pretty old hamlet of Sidlesham.
Vespasian's   Landing.
It was not far distant from here,
somewhere no doubt on the shelving
shores of the Selsey peninsula, that
Anlus Plantlus and Vespasian landed In A. D. 43, and as most of this district became eventually very much
Romanized, it may be practically
taken for granted that the galleys of
these undent people were constantly
navigating the creek.
No so long, however, after the departure of the Roman legions to assist In the defense of Italy the Saxon
rovers began to arrive. First a shipload would be beached at one point,
then at another. Next two or three
vessels would appear together, and
finally they came to land by scores.
Thus it happened that one fine day
the long ships of the chieftain Aella
were seen gliding up I'agham harbor
Whether at  that  period any village
may never he known for certain, but
only a few miles inshore lay Hegnuin.
| one of the largest   cities   of  Roman-
British times.    This Btronghold fell before the assault of Aella and his warriors, and although a protracted strug-
gle   ensued   before   the   surrounding
country   was   completely   conquered,
Clssa, one of  Aella'S suns, eventually
.became King of Sussex and the South
Saxons,  and   gave   tils  name   to  Iteg-
, mini as modern Chichester.
In   Tudor   Times
After bridging over the Intervening
centuries we find'it was recorded In
the reign of Queen Elizabeth that "the
creeks of Selsey, Arundel and Shore
ham are so decayed that they are unmeet to be continued.''
This "Creek of Selsey" being undoubtedly one and the same with Pag-
ham harbor, it would seem that in
Tudor times at all events It had Its
drawbacks That it cannot have been
regarded as really inaccessible to vessels of small tonnage is shown by the
fact, that the immense mound, situated
a short distance within the entrance
of the harbor, and which originally no
doubt was a tumulus of prehistoric
date, was Included In the general
scheme of defense prepared by those
entrusted with the protection of the
coast when the galleons of Ihe Armada were expected in 1588.
As it turned out, Medina Ridonia,
after contemplating a descent on
i Portsmouth, somewhat to tho westward, was driven by a change of wind
to continue his voyage up the channel,
and not one of the pikemen of Spain
set foot ashore at I'agham; In fact all
thai the fleberfoll. of Sidlesham can
bave seen of the Armada was a forest
of hulls and masts well out to sea.
Forty Yeara Ago.
The harbor has experienced more
than one great change since those
days, although any fame that It his
belong raltn r to the past than tha
present. Some 40 years ago. after effectually I locking the entrance to the
Inlet, a system of sluices and drainage was established and before very
long harvests were flourit-hing where
formerly Hie ships bad passed to and
1 from tha utiay.
Tie'lice once again the sea returned to the bed of the creek but Sidles-
has   has   long   Flnee   cased   to   he    a
* is Just a harbor with a history.
an's World
Mist Randolph's Polo Playing      Excites       Admiration.
Photo by American 1'reus Absuciulion.
Enthusiasm bus run high lately
among |H)lo players over the magnltl
tent playing nf Miss Emily Iiuiulolph.
a Philadelphia society girl, who Is
eipuilly well known among the horsy
smart set of .New York.
Miss itiindoiph. who bus n reputation
ss nn expert mul fearless horsewoman,
Is one of the most brilliant of the
Women polo players wbo huve taken
up this form of spoil in Hie last few
Polo ns n game for women wns for
B long time regarded ns fur too dangerous as well as strenuous. But skilled
riders who know how to manage n
horse under any and all circumstances
began to hnve n try nl It. and now they
nie proving that they can piny polo
not only wllh safely, but us adeptly ns
men, nnd they are becoming formidable rlvnls of the stronger sex.
"I've licet! playing polu about three
years,'' suld Miss Itundolph, breathing
bniil nud fast after sn exciting game
played recently, "and I simply love it,
[if course. I think it's a great gnme
for women, and there Isn't any reason
why a woman shouldn't play as easily
und skillfully as a man."
: SUITS for Ladies and men
i receive best attention NOW.
48   Lorne   Street,   New   Weatmlnater.
For th* Eyebr��w��.
Tbr eyebrows are apt to grow shaggy
or sparse with Increasing yonrs. but
Ihelr Ihhv shape might have been pre
served Indefinitely had Ihelr owner
been careful to brush them dally with
a soft toothbrush kept for the purpose.
A Good Shampoo.
To muke n good shnmjioo Loll -t-sstt'e
sonp Bhnvcd  to n  powder���nbnnt  inn
heaping tableapoonfnls���In n little wn
ter. putting In nboiit two snltspouilfuis
tt washing soda.
London Advertiser Offers Steady Job
To Expert Faker.
London. March 5.���There Is a cynical frankness about an advertisement
which appeared In a l_ondon morning
paper this week and which American
visitors to England would do well to
bear in mind when they are purchasing antique pieces of furniture which
jthoy discover in quiet English towns.
I 'Tho advertisement reads: "Polisher and faker wanted for antiques;
permanent job for good man." The
faker has to apply to a famous cathedral in the city which Is much
visited  by  tourists.
I Herbert Cescinsky. a well known
expert 111  antique  furniture, in a lee-
I ture thin week, declared that "In attempting to identify faked antique
furniture  yon  will  find  oak furniture
Wi out of every 1000. It will be
mahogany In ten cases out of twelve
and satlnwnod in nine out of twelve."
What Woman Did First.
Vlic first Sunday school lu America
wns stinted by Joanna Prince aud
Naucy Welsh lit Beverly, .Mass.
The first woman .astronomer
Marie Ctiuitz ot the seventeenth
'lhe first savings bunk In America
Bnd probably the llrst lu Hie world was
founded by I'llscllla Wnkelielil.
The first won.an among others np
prov cd as ministers nniong Friends was
Mary Allen I'liriium ol Nantucket, during the first century of our nation.
'lhe first woman doctor of theology
was Isabella Loan of Cordova. Spain,
The tlrst regularly ordained minister
Wll8 Uev Antoinette Brown Billl kwell,
piailualing In IS IT from Obeilln college and lielng ordained In 1SMI
The first woninn Universalis! minister
wns Phoebe llmuifonl. antl she was tlie
Brsl woman to oHhlnte ut u daughter's
wedding mid also the lirst  ivotnau to
oiii.iaie as a regularly appointed < hn[>-
lain of n legislative body of men In the
legislature of Connecticut.
The iir-t law paaaed by any legislature wllb the direct object of Im
proving female education resulted lu
lhe founding of tbe Emma Wlllurd
The first strike In this country wns
Ihat of the Lowell factory girls for
higher wages lu ISO., but It was unsuccessful.
The llrst public record of civics work
lu a neighborhood is perpetuated by a
brass tablet In Ihe city of llosheu, N
1'. in ii church, to flic memory uf u
poor woman who was uctlielv lustru-
nieiitnl In selling out Ihe simile trees
for whhh (Joshetl Is famous. She set
many wllh hec own bunds and rescued
the "common" from being n dumping
Popularity of Amber.
A'oinen Inive been finding how great-
I.i neeileil Is the glint or color and
llghl wllh tlm dark tones of winter
llialerlills. To further this end amber
lias boon forced Into grent favor. In
both real mill Imitation grades I'u
lioubleilly the best may Ih- bail hi the
Chinese stores of New Voik city, but
the department stores nre selling mil
her which Is snld In lie genuine from
$10,1 In 11'i.ni) a string. The neck
laces nre long and of either the .loud
ed or clear umber. The clear Is cut. A
Very easy little test of the genuine
bends Is found In rubbing Ibem vigor
ously on a piece of velvet nr silk If
the Ih-iiiIs nre real there will Is- enough
electricity produced to pick up small
pieces of flukey paper as Ibu beads nre
Imsac-d over thein.
First Woman Engineer.
Miss Nina Cameron llriiliniu wns re
rout ly given the degree of bachelor ol
eiiglueerlng nt the Liverpool nnlver
slty. Miss Urobilin was the llrst wo
num wbu bas ever been graduated as
*u engineer.
London, March ,r>.-~Works of Shake-
peare brought the largest price at a
Bale yesterday at Southby's of a collection  of  valuable  books and manu-
Scott's Journal Safe.
London, March !>. ��� Lady Scott, widow of tho explorer, has cabled from
New Zealand to Reginald Smith that
her husband's journal Is In her possession, "excellent and complete."
The whole journal wlll bo published
by Smith, Elder & Co. The Strand
Magazine wlll print two or three preliminary articles.
"I'm going to leave, mum," ssld ths
"Alas." cried Mrs. Orsy.
���Tve done nil ol the work myself,
8o why wlll you nol stayT"
Then HrlilKei up and made reply,
Thua ending the dispute:
"lndade. I'll let you know lust why���
The work's not don* to suit!"
��� I .Inolnf-oH'-a.
A bile ot this ami a Ur.te of thlt, sll day
Ion;;, dulls the appetite and weakens lhe
Restore your slomach to henlthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspep;U Tablet
after each meal-���andcut out the "piecing1.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
sre the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia. 50o. a Box
at your Druggist's. Made by Ihs
National Drug snd Chemical Co. of
Canada. Limited.
Newspaper Man Gets Job.
Toronto, March 4. William llinka,
theatro censor, was this afternoon appointed to the position permanently.
Mr. Hanks, who at present Ih engaged
in newspaper work, will have to give
his whole attention to the censoring of
plays and will receive a salary of
lixoo a year.
Tenders. In duplicate, endorsed
"Hospital for the Insane," for the supply of clothing, dry goods, tailor's fittings,   boots  and   Bhoes.   shoemakera'
fittings, meat, fish, milk, vegetables.
groceries, feed, drugs, etc., for the
use of lhe said Institution, and the
furnishings of funerals, from the 1st
day of April no.tt to the 31st of March
1914,  wlll  b  eceredetvshrdl  brdlhrdl
1014, will be received by the Hon. thi"
Provincial Secretary until noon on
Saturday, the 1,1th proximo.
Lists of tho articles required cm
be soon at 1ho Hospital, at ���.-.hic'ii
plac-  Binnplefl can  also  bo  inspected.
All supplies to be delivered at the
Hospital  without extra charge.
Two sufficient sureties for th" due
fulfillment of each contract will be
Tenders  wlll not be considered unless   made  out  on   the   forms,   which
can be obtained from the Bursar of
the Hospital or the undersigned.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial   Secretary's   Office,   27th
February, Hurt. (7r,s>
Notice Is hereby given that the
I Court of I!.'vision of the Assessment
! Roll of this Municipality will be held
In the Municipal Hall. Edmonds. B.C..
'on Tuesday. March 25, HH'l. at 10
o'clock ln the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must be
^Iven to the asaossor in writing at
least ten (101 days previous to the
���tlttlng of the Court.
(5. II. STEEPENS. Assessor.
Dated Bt Edmondj, this -Mill day    of
February. 1813. I7:',l)
Ro Lot 4. Of Illock IS, of part of Section 2. Illock it North, Range 7
Weat, Dlatrlct of New Westminster.
A certificate Of indefeasible title to
above property will be Issued to Frank
N. Tlitas, on the 12th day of April.
1913, unless in tho meantime a valid
objection thereto be made to me in
writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or Interest therein, or
In any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry  Office,
New  Westminster, B.C., February
28th, 1913.
Th�� person nr persons having i;i
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
property nre requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
(a) Deed dated the 21lli day or
November, lS'.ll, from Frank N. Trile*x
io Thomas Bennett of the above do-
scribed property,
ibi     Deed dated the    ll'th    d iv    of
November, i'<94. from Thomas Bennotl
to Arnold Dennett   of the   above   da-
| scribed property.
(el    Deed   dated   tho   12th   day or
j October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett lo
George    W.   Shay   of   tho   above described  property.
1(754) I.lsp-let Registrar of Titles,
"hone R&24
619 Hamilton St..
Hon. Dr. Roche In Ill-health.
Ottawa, March 4. -Hon. Dr. Iloche,
minister of the Interior went south
yesterday on account of Ill-health and
until experts report It is Impossible to
Hay how long he may be absent from
the capital.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks   Etc.
It'a tho Work. Use Your Phono.
*28 Clarkson Street. Phone 493.
Phono 1277.
413 Westminster Trust Building.
Estimates given on application. THURSDAY,  MARCH  6,  1913.
i��AGE   8KVKH
w /
ii ho
niK a.sc.ei s oi.au stonv.
mUW angel  glanced nt  the card
J lit: Chicago nddn-sa wus sun
11.  Auditorium.    She laid her
hand on her driver's sleeve.
There's ii  fast driving llmltV" ahe
I   " . M, miss."
I "Wlll you crowd It all you can with
out danger ot arrest7 1 wlll pay well
I must cntrh some people!"
Then she smiled nt blm. The ho��
��� tilim. nn orphans' home, and the Audi
torluui learned a queer combination to
kiln I driver, but Ibe nngel was always
,iiii<t  everywhere tn��  sngel, mid  nei
���ways were Strictly lie! own
"1 will get yon there )usi as quickly
ins any man could with a learn," lie
'sniii promptly.
Hie  clung   to  Ihe   cnrd   nml   paper.
and. ns best she could In the lurching
swaying cub. rend lhe address,<s over
"O'More,  sulie eleven.   Auditorium''
"'O'More,'"   she   repeated     "Seems
to lit  Kreckles lu a dot.    tVondei  it
Clint could be his nn ine'.' 'Suite eleven
means ttuit you nre pretty  well hied
Suites In the Auditorium coins high '
ihen she turned the curd and rend
on Ils reverse.  Lord Mnswell O'More,
M    I'.   Klliviiny   place.  Count}   Clare.
"A lord man!" she groaned despair
|tugiy "A lord mnni Ret my hue
leal;i' s scorched '."
j She blinked back the tears nnd.
{.spreading the paper on her knee, rend:
'���'After three mouths' fruitless search.
fjord O'.More gives up lhe qtleHt for '
Ms lost nephew, nnd leaves Chicago
���today for ins Dome In Ireland."
I She rend on. nnd renllwd every word
of 11. Tba likeness settled'IL It win
Kreckles over ngaln. only older and
elegantly dressed. There was not a
chance to doubt.
Thank   you;   nnd   wait,   no   matter
him  long." she snld to her driver.
Catching up the pnper. ahe hurried
lo ibe desk and laid dowu Lord
O'More'a card.
"Hns my uncle started yet?" she
asked, sweetly.
'I he Riirprlncd clerk stepped bnck on
a bellboy, nnd covertly kicked him for
being In  the way.
"Ills lordship Is In bis room," be
snld. with a low bow.
The clerk shored tbe bellboy toward
lhe nngel.
'Show her ladyship lo tbe elevator
nnd Lout O'More'a suit," be aald.
tinning double.
At the bellboy's tnp tbe door swung
open and the liveried servant thrust a
card tray before tba angel. Tba
opening of the door created a current
tbat swayed a curtain aside, and lo
en adjoining room, lounging In a great
chair, wltb a paper In bis hand, sat
tbe man who was, beyond question,
of Freckles' blood and race.
Wltb perfect control the angel
dropped Lord O'More'a card on ihe
tray, whipped paat hla servant nud
stood  before bis lordship.
"(jood morning." abe said with
tense  politeness.
Lord O'More glanced ber over with
amused curiosity until ber color begnn to deepen and der blood to run
"Well, my dear." he aald at last,
"bow enn I serve yon'C
Instantly the angel bristled. She
hnd been so shielded lo tbe midst of
nlmost entire freedom, owlniT to the
circumstances of ber life, thnt tlie
���words nnd Ihe look appealed n> her
ns nlmost insulting. She lined ner
bend with n proud gp��turc
"I nm not your 'ilenr.'" she said,
with slow distinctness "There Isn t
n tiling In the world you can do for
me I enme here lo see tf t could do
something���n very grent something���
lor you; hue If I don't llko you I won't
do Ul"
'There was a allkeo rustle and n
benuilful woman with cheeks of
cherry bloom, hair ot let and eyes
Of imre Irish blue, moved lo l-ord
O'More'a side and, catching his arm.
shook   bun   impatiently.
"Torencel Have you lost yonr
senses'/" she cried. "Didn't yo�� ""
ilerstnnd wlint lhe child snld'/ Look
nt  her face!    See what she nasi"
"I beg yonr pnrdon." he snld. "Tbe
fact Is, I nm leaving Chicago sorely
-disappointed. H make* me hitter and
reck loss. I thought ll wns some more
nt ihose queer, useless people tbnt
Imre thrust themselves on me con-
Bluntly, und I waa careless, forgive
���ue nnd tell me why you enmo."
"I  will tr I  like you." mild the nngel stoutly, "nntl if I dont I won't I" ,
"Hut l  begnn nil wrong, and now I j
tlon t   know   now   to   make   yon   like
ine."  snld   his   lnrd��hlp,  with  sincere i
penitence In his lone.
'   The nngel  looked Into the beautiful
{woman s fnce.
\    "Are you   his   wlfer she nsked.        j
"Yes," said  the  woman, "1  am  his |
I 'Well," snld lhe nngel Judicially.
' ibe lllrd Woman says no one in the
(whole worm knows nil �� man's big-
loesses nnd nil his littlenesses ns Ills
iv Ifa does What you think ot mm
ought to do tor me. Ik) you like
she  persisted-:  '
"I have three of his sons, two
little daughter*, a father, mother nnd
sevenu iiruihers anil sisters." enme
the ipilck  reply.
"And you like htm h-est?" persisted
lhe iiucel wnh duality.
"I love mm so touch Hint I would
give up every one of Ihem nun dry
eyes. It by so doing I could save him,"
snld   Lord O .Mores  wife.
���nil'"   cried  lhe  ntigi'l      "Oh.   mv!"
She lifted her clear eves to Lord
O'More s nnd shook   n.i   ni'Hd
"Mie never, never count do Ihni!"
she snld    "Rut ii s n mighty big thing
lo your credit Hint she Ihluks tint
conld I guess III tell you why I
She Inld down the paper snd touched
Hie portrait
"When you were Just a hoy. did
people cull you rreokles." she asked
"Dotom of good fellows nil oveT Iro-
: ii ii tl nud the continent ure doing It to
day," answered  Lord O'More
lhe angel's tnee llgUU-d with ner
most   beautiful  smile.
"I wns sure ol ll," she snld winning
y. "That's what we enll hlin. and he
is so like you I doohi tf any one ol
tlliHis three bovs ol your* are more so
���Hilt It's been twenty years Seems lo
ine you've lieon tl litug time coining!"
Lord O'More caught the angel's
wrists nnd Ills wllo Bllpped her arms
ilboilt her
"Steady,   my   girl!"   salTl   lhe   man's I
<oi,e hoarsely    "Ilon't make me think
you've brought word of the boy nt this
last hour unless you Know sunny."
"It's iiii ngiu.' sold Hie angel. "\\>
tinvr him, nud there's no fbtinco of n
mistake. If I hndn'i gone to that home
for bis mile rlollies nod iionra ot yon
nml ne,-ii minting you nnd nnd met
too on the street, or anywhere, i
should hnve -.topped vou and asked you
in wore jusl lieeiiuse you nre so
libn It's nil right I onu tell
ion ��here l*'reekles Is; hut whether
mu  deserve  io  know- that's another
nilll lei "'
I tint i) More did mil hopr her lie
dropped buck in nis clour nnd. covering
ills tnee. burst Into those terrible sobs
unit shake nnd rend �� strong mini
I ndy O'More hovered over him. weep
num." sns was saying.    "Ue always
i bud been spoiled, because no wns nn !
': only son and  bnd a  title and  a   big
estate.   Ue would hnve Just bis way,
, no mnrter about bis sweet little wife,
or his boys, or nny one.   So when nis
eldest  son fell In love with n  bcntiti-
1 till girl  with a title, the very gtrt ot
nil  Hie  world   his  miller  wiiuteU   min
. to. nnd added  a  big adjoining estate
lo     his,     why,     that     pleiimil      mill
i mightily,
"Then    he    went   nnd   ordered    nis
other son to marry n poky kind ol   t
girl   tlmt   nobody   liked to get another
big eslnte on Ihe oilier Hide, und  unit
ivns ilitTereut    Ihni  was nil the world
different,   because  the eldest   son   tiad
: Hi-en in love nil his life ivitn  lhe girl
| tie married, mill. oh.   Ereekles. it s no
| wonder, for I anw her;    Shes n royal
j beauty nnd she tins ihe sweetest  way
!    "Hut Hint  poor voiinuer son, ne had
I been   in   Ipve   ivllh   Ihe  vlllnge  vn-ur *
daughter nil his ute.    That's no una-
der either, tor stie was .more bemiti.
fill yet. Silo eoold slug like llle till
gets, but she hadn't il cent. Shu
loved mm to d.-iiiii. loo, It ne wus
bony iiiii] freckled mid red hin#i��.l-l
dont mean ihut; They didn't ��:iy
What color Ills luilr was. bin nis tn'ti
er'B musl have heen Hit- redtto-d ever
for when he found out about litem, mill
It wakn't anything so terrible, ne jusl
en veil:
"lhe old man  went to ��w the clri-
ihe   pretty   one    with    no   in..nev.    ill
course-iind  Ile Umi  her   t lugs until
she run nwny She Weill over to I..mi
don nnd began studying music sunn
she grew lo be a lovely singer, Hnd
itien she joined n company uud came
io this country.
(To lie Continued.)
A Hero Who Wm Buried Wrapped la
Iiii Flag by the Enemy.
The Next British Ambassador To the
United States Has Had a Varied
Career In the British Fori'gn Service end Is at Present Empire's
Representative In Sweden���It In
Prime of Life.
The recent resignation of Bt, Hoii.
James Bryce, liritish Ambassador to
lhe United States, caused considerable
discussion iu London regarding his
Mr. J. A. Spender, the editor of
The Westminster Gazette, has beeu
often mentioned as a likely man for
the post, which is one much coveted
hy liritish dlpli matists. However, Sir
Cecil Spring-Rice is to l-e lhe new |
Ambassador to the United States. He
is a man in the prime of life, who
took   the   highest   university   honors,
"I'liiph! Look* pretty fair for free
kles.' muttered Ihe ungel. "Lots ol
ihings can be explained. .Now perhaps
ihey enn eiplnln this."
Ihei   did explain so fully that In n
feu minutes the angel was on tier tm I
Hurrying   Lord   mid   Lady   O'More   to
reach the hospital.
"Vou said Freckles' old nurse knew
bis uiuitier's picture Instantly," said
the nngel "I want Itinl picture ana
the bundle, of little clothes."
Ijidy O'More gave tliem Into her
The HjienesB was a large miniature
painted on Ivory, with a frame ol
beaten gold, and the face thnt looked
OUI of It wns of extreme henuty and
surpassing sweetness Surrounded by
.basses of dark hair wus n delicately .
cul foce, wltb big eyea lo the upper
-art of It there waa oo trace rt
Frecnes, out tne npa curving tn a
smile were bis very own. Tbe sngel
gated as If she could never leave off.
Then wllb a quivering breath sbe laid
the portrait aside end reached both
arms for Lord O'More'a neck.
"That wlll snve Kreckles' life and
Insure his happiness." she snld positively. "Tbunk you. ob. thunk you for
She klsaed and hugged him and tben
the wife who hud come wltb him. She
opened tbe bundle of yellow nnd
browu linen nnd gave Just n glance
nt the texture and work. Tben Bhe
gathered the little clothes and tbe picture to her heart and led the wny to
the cab.
Ushering Lord and Lndy O'More Into
the reception  room, she snld to  McLenn.  "Please go call  up my  father
nnd   ask   blm   to  come  on   tbe   tlrst
She awung tbo door nfter him.
"These  nre   Kreckles'   people."  she
; snld to the Bird  Wuninn.    "Von cun
tlud out about each other.    I'm going
to him."
And she wns gone.
The nurse lett  the room quietly as
! the nngel  entered,  still  currying  the
bundle   nnd   the   picture.   When   Ihey
were    nlone    Ihe    nngel     turned     lo
Krerkles nud saw that the crisis wus,
Indeed, nt hand
"Angel.- lie pnnted. "Oh. nngell
Did you get Ihem? Are they white!
Are the utile stitches there'/ Oh. angel!    Dill me mother love mo?"
The nurds seemed to leap from his
burning lips. 'Ibe angel dropped Ihe
bundle on the bed mid Inld the picture, fare down, ncrois nis knees, stio
geiiily pushed his heiiil tn the pillow
nntl eiiiiL'ht his nrms In a firm grnsp.
"Yes.   denr   heart."   she   said   wllh
fullest assurance.   "No little clothes
were eiS'r whiter.    I  never In nil my
! ute   saw    such    dainty,    hue    nttie
During the Austro-I'ruastnn war a
body of Prussian soldiers enme upon a
ditch half full of wounded nml dying
Austrlaus. Among those who were
badly wounded was a young officer.
They foiintl him lying ou his back In
the wet ditch. Touched with pity for
him. some of the Prussians went to
him and wished to remove liim so that
he might be attended to by the surgeon, liut be besought them to leave
him alone, telling them that he felt
unite comfortable. Soon after tbis h*
tiled. Then when tbey lifted his body
they found why he bad begged them I
to leave hlin alone. He had beeu the
Standard bearer for his regimenL
In the terrible battle of the day the j
! flag had been torn into tatters, nnd
when he wns sore wounded so I hut he
soon must die bis soldier spirit was
I still strong within blm. nnd rather
j than let the "bit of rag" fall Into the
! enemy's band he folded It up aud
; placed It beneath blm so that nuiie
i mlgbt see It. This was why lie would
J not let himself lie moved by the kind
: ly Prussian soldiers, lie would die
' protecting the precious flag.
Ills foes were so.touched by his no-
] ble action that they would not take
j awny the trophy, bnt wrapped It
1 around   him   that  It   might   be  burled
with blm.
South  Africa Will  First Confer With
Britiah   Admiralty.
Capetown, March 5.���During the
discussion on a motion calling for an
Increase In the contributions to the
Imperial navy In the house of assembly. Premier Botha stated that lie waa
quite alive to the Importance of the
matter, but before embarking on a
permanent policy whether this should
take the form of a money contribution, as in the case of Canada, or tf.e
building of a local fleet, like Australia, he thought the admiralty should
be  consulted.
or Thomas Smart aceptecd  Premier  Botha's  assurances  as   the    best
possible at the  moment and  as con-
tainlng an explicit undertaking    that
the discussion, as soon as parliament
roBe,   would   he   entered   on   between j
the premier and  the  minister of de- j
fence   and   the     British     government i
and the BritiHh admiralty for the purpose of seeing what would be the best
means to bring ahout the desired result.
British War Secretary Gives Medal
to  Miss  Mary  Murray.
London, March 5.���Signal honor
has just been paid to Miss Mary Murray, daughter of the late General Sir
John Murray, K.C.B., by Col. Seely,
the British Secretary of State for
war, who has awarded to her the
South African War Medal "in recognition of the very valuable services
which she rendered to the army."
Miss Murray, who is Ihe head of
Ihe Salvation Army Naval, Army and
Military League, was sent to South
Africa by the late General Booth at
the   head   of  a  small   detachment of
Salvation Army workers to rghtter ��� fives in England who begged for
aid to troops iu hospitals and camp*, news of missing sons and husband-..
Under the most trying conditions for' "Mlaa Murray would have made .i)
a woman she worked unceasingly In , line an officer for the regular army
thn  ,,��-,. ,,ii.����� [������   rtf  a   nvalsm   for  at. i aa she has done for the Salvation .-ic-
the organization of a system for attending to the correspondence of sick
soldiers and in ministering to the
Arriving  ln   South   Africa   in   Nev
as she has done for the Salvation ..,
my," said Major Perry of the Salvation Army. "Miss Murray has inherited remarkable organizing and directing abilities from her father, and
ember, 1899, she made her way tol in addition, she is a fine .missionary
Pietermartlzburg,  and   later    at    Ks-jof the Gospel."
court. Living frequently In a tent on I The Salvation Army, Navy and Mill-
soldier's rations, she worked for hours ] tary League provides homes for sail-
every day in writing letters for the ors and soldiers, and Miss Murray
wounded men, visiting the hospitals is making preparations for the opera-
und  supplying information    to    rela-! ting of a new home at Portsmouth.
Corner of McKenzic and. Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Better than nny one to the whole
worm,   snld l.ndy O'More PromptU-     j
1 be angel mused n second, and then
her legal tinge came to the fore ***M.
���1 es mil have you any one you eoW
like   better  U   he- wasn't all   rtsM<
stitches,  and,  ns  for  loving  ynu,  no
boy's mother ever loved him more!"
A grent trembling wised freckles
"Sure?    Are  you  mire?"   he  urged,
with clicking teeth
"1 know." suld iho nngel flrmiy.
"Antl. I'reekles. while you rest nnd
he gind I want to tell you ti mtin
story. When you feel stranger wo
wlll look nt the clothes together,
Thoy are here They lire nil right.
But when I wns nt the home gel Htm
Ihem l heard ot some people thnt
were hunting n lost hoy I went lo seo
ihem. und whnt Ihey lold me was nil
so exactly like wbnt might have hup- :
pened to you Hint I must tell you. I
i then you'll see that things could he
ven different Irom what you hnve
���ilivnvs tortured yourself with think-
nu: "
Freckles luy quiet under her touch,
tint tie did not hear n word that she
was Bliylng until his roving eyes rested
iiii her face; and he Immediately
noticed n remarkable thing, for the
tlrst time she was talking to him and
doing everything but meet his eyes.
I hut WHS not like the nngel nt all.
It wns the delight of hen ring her speak
ttg:it she always looked ono squarely
���n the fnce nn.l with perfect frankness.
���  and ne .was a sour, .-.irumoi  om
Yet Iceland and Tierra del Futgo Ar*
Glacier Bound Regions,
lt Is rnllier singular that both of
the "lunds of tire" are ni-ur the cold
extremities of the globe��� levin ud, fnr
to the northward, aud Tierra del
Puego, remotely south.
Iceland, to tbe eye, seems at Bret
glance to lie better named by tbe cold
appellation. Its glacial tields are not
only numerous, but In some cases these
and tbe connected snow stretches are
hundreds of square miles lu eitent
But only a little travel luto ttie Interior, say to the site of tbe ancient
Icelandic parliament atTblngvnllavatn,
discloses miles upon miles of such desolation ns is pu-ssihle only in a "land of
lire." It Is n very Island of volcanoes,
and, while tbey huve been exceedingly
well behaved for u hundred years or
so. the great hot springs In the neighborhood of Reykjavik, tlie capital. Indicate that the Kuhlerrnu-ean benL If
passive, la still very much alive.
Huge glaciers also mark the "cold
land of fife" nt the other end of the
earth. Thus each of the two purta of
the universe ls properly named, whether the name be warm or cold.���New
York Press.
How Frostbit* Come*.
The first effect of cold on the skin Is
to contract the tiny vessels that connect :
arteries and veins.    Arteries aro ves- j
scls tbat tuke blood from the heart.
Veins are tbose that bring blood buck
to the heart, anil tlie connecting vessels arc called capillaries.  While these
little vessels nre contracting ttie skin
Itself becomes tenser.    In a few moments or minutes tho effects change.
The  tiny   nerves   whose   stiniulstion
caused  contraction  of the capillaries
sre more or less paralyzed, aud tbe vessels dilute bo the skin gets red     Soon
the reins ore diluted, and the akin becomes bluish.   Then the nutrient fluid
In thc skin (tbe lymph) Is coagulated,
and   the   stretched   skin   ruptures  or
"clinps."   if tbe cold ls more severe Its
m. tImi Is deeper, nnd the blood Itself
may be coagulated.   This Is frostbite.
and   one   whose   career   has   been   a
wholly diplomatic one.    He has previously held positions of responsibility
at the   British  Embassies  at  Berlin,
St.   Petersburg, Constantinople, Brussels, and Washington, so that lie will
not eo as a stranger to the scene of
his iuture labors.  Sir Cecil was born
in  1S5D and was created K.G.M.G. in
11)110.   He has served at Stockholm a*
M.nister since Sept.   1. 1908.   In  It-*)
he was acting third secretary at Washington and wa.*- appointed actins.  second  secretary  at  Washington to act
as secretary to the British delegate Ul
the international maritime conference,
Aug.   27,   18o9.     After   serving   for  a
time   at  Brussels  and  Tokyo he  was
transferred   to   Washington   in   1893
He was  charge d'affaires at Teheran
in 19W) an.l Minister to Persia in 1906
1908.   His wife, whom he married n.
19U4, is a daughter of the famous English diplomatist, Sir Krank [.ascelles.
The new ambassador probably will not
reach Washington until early in 191:1.
as the British Government desires U
retain Mr.  Bryce at his post pending
the settlement of  the   Panama Canal
The Simple Foreigner
In his new book, "The Surgeon'*-
Log," Mr. J. lohnston Abraham de
scribes an amusing adventure at Purl
Said. He was driving in the town oil,
aft-.moon, and as they drew near one
house the strains of nius.c came cell*
ing into the empty,  sandy street.
"As if at a signal," suys Mr. Abra
ham, "the decrepit chariot stood still
my guide got down, anil suggested 1
should go In. 1 thought rapidly, and
then followed him. It was queer, and
I wanted to know. He led the way
upstairs Into a large room, where Rev-
frul .men were play.ng roulette. None
took any notice of me, but apparently
the bank was having a very had time
of it. Everybody was winning. Tht
music from the automatic piano was
deafening. I iooked on silently for
soma time and then made a move for
the door. An oily-looked Greek intercepted me.
" 'Won't   you   try   your   luck?'   he
" 'No,   I'm  not  drunk  enough,'   1
answered. '
"He shrugged his shoulders and I
passed out. On the stairs I paused
und then stole quietly back. The music had ceased, and all the confeder
ates who had been playing so feverishly and wiuning Bo much had ceased
also, and were preparing to resiini.
the siesta my advent had so fruitlessly Interrupted.
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
- i
We Will Show You How!
If you have ideas���if you can think���we will show you the secrets of thiB fascinating new profession.
Positively  uo experience or literary   excellence   necessary.     No   flowery language" Is wanted. i
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are i|moving heaven
and earth" in their attempts to get enough good plotB to supply the ever increasing demand. They are of-
ferring $100 aud more, for single scenarios, or written ideas.
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ESSA-
photoplays  to  them.    We  want moree writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrete ot success.
We are selling photoplays wrlten by people who "never before wrote a line for publication.
Perhaps we can do the same for you. lf you can think of only one good idea every week, and will
write It out as directed by us, and it sells for only $25. a low fUgure,
rnrr send your name and address at once for free copy of
Don't hesitate.   Don't argue."Write now and learn just what this new  profession may  mean  for you
and your future.
1543 B'oadway
Whe-2 Ironing is Done With thc Feet.
On   of the most curious sights which
I beheld in Cairo, writes it correspond.
ent of the Wul" World, was men iron-
Ing   with  their  fcetl   They  had   not
been pllxhig their drinks; it is simply
a custom of tho country.   These nen
wer.  employed in the natlvj tailoring
establishments. Except (or a 1"   - iron
handle the !rot��s were shaped lik i the
ordinary Batiron, onlv larger,   A solid
block of w.sid rested < n tho top of ths
iron, ami on this the men placed one
foot, guiding t'.i ��� iron in the direction
ili-sirc-d by means of the handle,   For
tlie   sak."  ol  convenience  the   ironing
boards were raised only a lew inches
above   ths  ground,    Th.'   men   ironed
I with   great   rapidity     and,     however
: strange tlw method nmy seem to our
: Ideas, it certainlj iloe�� lhe work v.*ry
well and expeditiously!
All Telephones
Lead to
Oppresaivs Politeneta.
M. Ernest Lnvlsse lias turned aside
from his historical labors to relate a
Isiniiiot by his friend Mnssenet. It
was at n lime when the mush-Inn was
changing upnt'tnicnts und the historian
ii quired the motive of tho change. "I
was too well known there." Massenet
replied "Everybody wns too oppressively polite. Only the other day 1
happened to buy a penny stump In a
tobni'conlst's shop. 'Prny do not trouble
to curry it," said tho tobacconist 'It
will give us tbe greatest pleasure to
I send It round to you.' "-Westminster
B.-P. In Disguise,
Years ago Sir Robert Baden-Powell,
the head of the Roy Scout movement,
began to specialize in scouting, and
he is qu.tn a genius nt disguising
himself, On one occasion, when ha
was expected st Kimberley, the populace turned out to greet him, but when
his Cape cart arrived it contained
only his baggage ami the black driver. The latter asserted that his master
was following on horseback, anil a
rider was observed in the distance.
Hut on cl<vser acquaintance it wa?
disoovered that the rider was the r^al
hlnck man, nctl the driver ol the
cart, who had quietly vanished, was
I iu fact "B.-P.'' himself.
Information reached Montreal that
the famous companies case, which
mav be said to be of vital Interest to
practically   every   incorporate,     com-
..__.___  I ,       business  In  Canada,  will
_  .,     ��� come up for hearing before the bu-j
Advertise in the Daily Newtjpreme court at once.
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little.
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can fi..d
out for yourself by testing their power. PAOB EIGHT
Remember lhe Place
33 Eighth Sf.     Phone 2
What! You have never tried
Spring's Banana or Lemon Butter or Lemon Curd, .lust the
thing for Tarts or Sandwiches,
and something new.    Try a Jar.
It tastes like the real fruit. Per
jar 35c
Say. we still have a few bottles
of Champion Catsup to sell
at- 25=
Still selling Crosse & Hlack-
well's Pickles at 3 for 51.00
Cooking or ..Dairy Butter, new
shipment just arrived, lb. . ,25c
Coldenl'uffs, the "Special Biscuit." You establish a precedent when you serve thera at
your teas, per tin    50c
Instant I'cstum Coffee, tin ,30c
Artichokes,  each    15c
Cauliflower,  per head    20c
Celery 2 heads for 25c
Lettuce 3 heads for 25;
Cabbage, per lb 3o
Radish,  per  bunch    5c
Onions, green, per bunch ...5c
Spinach,   per   Ib 12'/2c
Davies' Eggs are only 40c per
18 juicy and unfrozen Oranges
for 25c
Public Supply Stores
h, h. ADAMS        S. K. BRIGOS
We Have
to purchase
of Sale
If you  wish to
Discount an
Call at our
office for
Dominion Trust
Ciiiupaiiy, Lid.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 GO
Have Just been opened. Por
stylo and quality "The Party
Box" snd "Ohocolatei lies Arls-
tocratoa" will appeal ui tho
most exacting candy lover I'ren
samples for the ladles every
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
As the police are determined to
rigorously enforce this provision, but
desire to avoid harshness, motorists
are informed they can receive their
duplicate numbers at the provincial
police office here, from Senior Pro
vincial Constable Dunwoody.
The lady teachers of Columbian
j college will not receive today.
Piano reduced $10 each day until
1 sold. Sec ad. of Frank Major, Music
land  Piano House, on page six.  (8151
Miss Florence ilinton, daughter of
I Mr. and Mrs. Hinton, Cumberland
street, has returned home after several   weeks  holidaying  in  the States.
Spring millinery opening Tuesday,
March 4. and following days. Mrs
Agret, 09 Sixth street. (7H7)
Mrs. H. J. Jones, 905 Henley street,
will receive on Friday and afterwards
on the first Friday of every month
during the season.
Wanted at once, a good salesman
and collector. Apply J. H. Todd,
music bouse, 419 Columbia street.
Secure your tickets for Friday's
hockey game. Seat sale now on at
Hill's pharmacy. (816)
Baker & McCauley have secured
the services of a high class ladles'
tailor.    Dunmsulr block. (794)
Two steamers loaded with 13,350
tons of steel rails for the Canadian
Northern railway are now on their
way to Port Mann from Cape Breton.
These are in addition to the Strath-
stay, which Is expected up river during the next few  days.
A meeting of the East Burnaby
Conservative Association will be held
in Moreton hall, Edmonds, on Friday.
March 7th, at 8 p.m.. to make provision for new voters' list. (810)
W. Day, electrician, agent for Hot
Point Irons; fixtures and wiring of
all kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth Btreet
opposite Postofflce. (760)
The Progressive association is giving a luncheon to the mayor and aldermen of thc city from 12:15 to 1:30
this afternoon. Mr. I.ee, president of
the Board of Trade, Is also a guegt,
while the members of the Hoyal Labor
Commission have been invited.
Victoria will be the visitors at the
Arena Friday night. Get out and see
the fastest sport in the world.    (816)
Millinery opening Thursday and
Friday at Miss Davey's millinery parlors, where all the prevailing styles,
shapos and colors may be seen.
Everybody welcome. 204 Agnes street
The Crystal Dairy Co., Ltd., begs
lo notify their customers that on and
after tho 1st of April the price of
their milk wlll bo nine quarts for
$1.00. 1777)
NO. 4 dredge of tho .1. W. Pike
Dredging Company, ia lying at An
nacis island being equipped preparatory to commencing the dyking opera
tions at Weatham island.    The dredge
will lie despatched to the Delta in a
few days.
Trades and  Labor Council   Will    Explain   Views���Minimum   Wage.
The royal commission on labor resumes its sittings in New Westminster this forenoon at 10 o'clock ln
the council chamber, city hall.
The members have been invited to
attend the. public luncheon to b2
given by the Progressive Association
to the mayor and city council al
noon, and wlll be asked to address
ihe assembly.
At the business meeting of the com
mission the Trades and Labor coun
ell through delegates will again lay
their views upon the vexed questions
of assisted white emigration, the pro
hlbltion of Orientals, a minimum
wage and further elaboraie upon the
female labor conditions in the city
and the amendment to the Employers'
Liability act, the establishment of
municipal employment bureaus and
other reforms.
(Continued Irom page one)
The land registry office receipts for
February last show a decided Increase In the receipts over the cor
responding month last year, the
figures being:
FeoruaTv, 19M    $12,584.48
February,  1912   ...'.   10.643.21
Increase    $1,941.27
The applications received, however
aro not so satisfactory, a marked decrease being noted.    They are:
February, 1913     1262
February,  1912      1661
grain handling in this province conies
under the control of the Manitoba
drain act, which is in force throughout
the whole of western Canada.
Up to the present time the farmers
on the prairies have heary very little
of New Westminster owing to the fact
that no elevator was located In this
city but thc new plant of the Grain
Growers' B. C. Agency will be noted
in all publications connected with the
Industry and farmers can now ship
direct to this city.
Under the act the company will
have to take out a license for buying
grain direct from the farmers, known
as a track buyer's license and for this
a person or company has to deposit
a bond of $6000 in order to protect
the seller of the grain.
Then again an elevator license has
to be taken out which carries with it
another bond of $0u00 in order to protect the people having grain in storage in these same elevators.
A peculiar feature of the act Is that
no elevator concern can refuse to accommodate a farmer or grain agency
that wishes to store or sell grain, a
stipulated sum being charged for both
storage and commission on selling.
Thus if a farmer in Alberta desires
to ship cars of grain to New Westminster for either sale or hold, the local
company while it has the room in its
elevator must accept same.
The mill is in charge of Mr. L. G.
Payne, an experienced elevator man.
Unable to come to nn agreement
with the union fishermen engaged in
the halibut industry, the New Kngland Blah Company and the Canadian
Fishing Company of Vancouver, have
announced an increase of 50 per cent
in the wages paid to the men, taking
effect immediately
Since a strike was declared by the
union men in Vancouver aud Seattle
companies have not been hard pressed
for help owing to the fact that few
boats if any, were operating on the
hanks  during  the  winter
The latest announcement states the
wage increase will be maintained for
the year and that all former employees
will be given preference.
Whether the company Intends to
fight the union is not made known
1 but the fact that the Kingfisher left
��� for the banks with a non-union crew
I picked up in the east, gives rise to
I the rumors that a union card will not
be recognized by the companies from
I now on.
The strike has not affected the Columbia Cold Storage Company, owners
'of the Roman and the li. C. P. as
the demands of the men wore nc-
ceeded to in the first instance.
Easter Sunday is March 23.
Consult the Manager of the
Dressmaking Department,
Miss Taylor for your New
Known  as   the   Standard of   the  World
(Priestley's) in Ladies' Dress Goods
Sruid yonr Bpare    table
frtgerator, sewing  machine or
Telephone   Company   Is   Working   on
With  the arrival  of  the  equipment
which has heen awaited for some time
the extension work of the B, C. Tele-
plume Company  In  this  city, an ap-
chair, re-1 proprtatlon Of $30,000 for whieh was
The regular meetings of the Y. W.
C. A. and Y. M. C. A. were held yesterday evening in the college. The
young men's meeting was addressed
by Professor Dolmage. and a splen
did address was given on the subject
of "Having a  Purpose  in  Life."
In Ihe "Y. W." meeting thc speaker
who was expected failed to arrive,
and in substitution Miss Kathleen |
Splayford read a paper written by
Itev. Abi, Japanese missionary in Sapperton, which dealt with the need of
missionary effort here among the
Mrs. Iicach, from Agassi/., is visiting her daughter Iierita, at the college.
The Misses Bessie and Nellie Hazel]
are back at the college again after a
two weeks exile during the quarantine. The day students have also returned and work is "esuming its
natural order.
Practice for the track meet is going forward with enthus'asm. and in
spite c;f difficulties and interruptions
arrising from the quarantine scige, a
creditable showing is hoped for In
the annual clash with McGill. The
basketball season is over, and the
skating rink forms the diversion out
side of training hours.
Mr. Jack Smith is again at the
college after his term in the isolation hospital.
Miss Stella Gosse has left for a few
weeks vacation for Victoria. Her
brother and father, Captain Gosse,
from  Victoria, called on her Tuesday.
Priestley's Cream Coating Serge;  regular 75c.    Special Price  55^
Prlostley'B Cream Luster;   regular 75c.    Special Price SSt
Priestley's   Wool   Bunting;   regular $1.00.     Special  Price    75^
Very Special Offerings in Our New China Department
We are adding lines representative of the China and Vitrified Ware obtainable, and soon we will hu
ln a position to fill your every need in high grade China, Fine Table Glasswnre, Cutlery and all Kitchen
Supplies.    We note a few  specals:
(One set each.)
68-piece    Gree'i and Gold  Line Dinner Set;  regular
$12.90.  Now    $8 50
93-piece   Morning Glory and Gold Une Dinner Seta;
regular   $16.00.    Now    SI 1.00
95-piece   Bueno Green and Gold Dinner Set;  regular
$18.50.  Now    $12.00
96-piece   Bramble  Pencil  Blue  Dinner  Set;   regular
$16.50.   Now    $10.00
93-piece    ItoBebud and Green  Border    Dinner    Set;
regular $18.00.    Now   SI 1.00
97-pioce Hose Pattern  Crown  Seml-PorcclaTii;   regular  $20.00.    Now   $13.00
674 678 Columbia Street New Westminster
thing else you wish to dispose of    to 'sullied.
i made last  fall, is gradually  being re
Benzle'B  Auction   Mart.  C:!S  Clarkson
street.    Prompt returns.
The adjourned meeting of the
Hoard of Trade which was Boheduled
for Friday evening has been postponed to Tuesday evening. March 11.
iu consequence of the fact that a
large number (Of the council and members will be otherwise engaged on
f\ large gang of workmen are en-
(7S6) I gaged In extending conduits up Sixth
street in the neighborhood of Third
avenue at the present time and if the
weather holds good rapid progress on
the  construction   is  expected.
The work of laying conduits on Sixth
street was started late last year hut
stopped on account of tlie lack of material.
Famous  Mariner  Dead.
San   Francisco.   March   a.--Marking
��� the end of a notable career as mariner and  surveyor  for  Lloyd's register.
Captain John Me teal t 67, is dead here
today,    lie  was a  cousin  of Thomas
Ismay, father of J. Bruce Ismay. managing director of the White Kiar Line
' and was for several years in the service of thai company.    He has realded in this city since 1875.
We sell, rent and exchange sowing
machines.   All our machines warrant-
d.    C,  N,  BdmondSOn   &   Co.,  corner
will give an Illustrated lecture on
Thursday, March 6th. at Conservative
Club rooms. Subject. "White Slave
Traffic." Admission 25c. Under auspices of Political Equality League.
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (7,12)
Victoria, March r>. II. G. Coleman
tho new secretary of the Nanalmo In
Bulldlng permits were Issued yes- I <!"��' rial Development league, was in
terday to Mr. Q. E. Bolton. Sloane I the city today with c. A. Sutherland
street tor extensions to Ills residence tna president, to meet representative
it a coat of $660; 10 Mr. Chris Han- advertising and publicity men with
.mi for interior improvements to his ! whom it Is hoped to co-operate. He
house on Keary street, at $125. and j has been engaged in publicity work
to Mr II. 1). Ilourke. fur alterations j In Moose Jaw, Portage la Prairie, and
to his house on Caribou street, at'lately with the "Million for Manl-
{511 j toba" club ln  Winnipeg,
1     He  met  the   secretary   of the    pro-
Tin, skating rink wlll open at   8:80 I vlnclal bureau of Information, and the
o'clock  this afternoon and  will  dose -secretary  of  the     Vancouver    Island
at 5.3(1; open in the evening at 8:30.1 Development league,  and  others    In
Vdmlaslon during the afternoon   ses-  tereated   In   boosting   for   Vancouvei
���tona is 25 cents except Saturdays,
11.'ginning tIiIh afternoon the hours
fur KknlliiK at the Arena wlll be
frt.ni il 30 to ,j 30 o'clock. This change
���mi been niado to accommodate tbe
Island.    Mr   Sulherland    states   that
(7901   the league Is sturting oul  under tins
favorable   auspices   ami is well sup
ported financially.
Special for Saturday
Guaranteed new laid e^gs, three
lozen for $1.00.
Fish for Friday: Salmon, Codfish,
Fresh Halibut, Oolichans, Herrings
and Soles. Eastern Oysters, Crescent
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phone 93. 147 Columbia Street.
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Best in tht Market.
85c. per ssck 100 lbs.
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front 8t. New Westminster
Revised and complete to date, show
ing public buildings, priucipal Industries, railway tracks and number of
lots.    Every street plainly marked.
Every business man needs one.
Large size, 9x3 feet; also pocket
Room  25  Hart  Buildino.
CanadasFire Loss
For January
During January $3,918,385 worth   of   properly   waa   destroyed   by
Ore  in  Canada, and  14  lives were lost at these flres.    In  December
the  loss  waa  $1,709,905.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia St.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
First Accident of Season.
St. John,  Nfld .  March  6.    The llrst
ichool children.   Nighl skating beginslft<.,.ul���n, ln connection with the   set
at 8:30 Instead ot H. (790) ,_,���-..���, ,...���, f()I. s,.ala ......  ���.,,���-,,,| ,���
Mr  .1   J   Porater, general agent of!''*" *���"���" "���" ateamer Labrador was
the     Canadian     i'aeillc     railroad     In j beached  in  a sinking  condition.     I he
ieattle, was in the   city   yesterday CTew "f   4" "'.'" ul",iinl I..'."1" th   .
consulting with tho aecretary of the wa3I l", Bh��m   " saf",,y.    rhc v"
Board of Trade with regard to   the | probably will be total loss.
Itnrorlal  llrune  Reunion  Association
l branch of which Is to he started
'���������ro "hortly under the auspices of
'it"  Heard  of Trad".
Destroy Contraband Opium.
Boston, March 6    Fumes of $:io,noo
worth of burning opium threw a spell
jof   drowsiness   today   over   occupants
The championship of    the    Pacific  of offices in the vicinity of Ihe gov-
Coaat  Hockey  Association  hinges on  ernment appraiser's Stores,    Kven the
Friday's  game    at   the   Arena.    Seal | paSBt.aby   experienced   some   effects
now  at the IIIII  pharmacy,    Columbia street. (K16I
JlIBt arrived a spring stock of the
latest tweeds nnd worsteds for both
ladles and gentlemen's tailoring. Sat
Isfacllon guaranteed, linker & McCauley,   Dm,i.mu r   block,   Klghth   St.
A very much enjoyed BniertAlnmenl
1 waB provided  to the patients of lha
! Mount Coqultlam asylum, now called
KsBondale,   by   tho   New   West minster
Pierrot troupe nnd   the   Burqultlam
I string orchestra lust nighl. The "Scarlet Pimpernels" delighted tlie audience and the Btirqultlam organization
was  also  greatly   appreciated.
Don't decide on your Blaster hnt
until you see our display. One of
the largest stocks In the city. Correct itylea at Moderate prices. Nolo
the address, 204 Agues Btreet, nearly
opposite  St.   Mary'B  hospital,       (77X1
Atitomoblllst ��� have    now    to   carry
their  numbers on  the  fore and  rear
partB of their cars  by  the  recently
i enacted motor traffic amendment act,
from the drug and customs employees
wbo assisted In destroying it In a
furnace fairly reeled under Its Influence. The opium was part of a contraband lot gathered In customs raids
It Will Pay You
to bring yonr prescription to us, does
not matter what doctor writes It we
eau till ami you may bo sure
of getting oiaotly what your doctor
orders at prlcoa based on. services
roudorod. Thirty years ln huslneaa.
Biggest and best drug store In city.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
Phone  43;   L.  D. 71;   Rss. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Fortv years in use, 20 yeir�� the
Standard, prescribed and recommend
ed by physicians. For Women's Ail
ments. Dr. Martel's Female Pills, af
your druggist.
A full line of Drugs, Chocolates, and Fancy Stationery.
Prescriptions and Recipes
our specialty.
Ladies' Handbags
To Ctear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
64S Columbia  Street
Phone 453
..-u I i	
Home For Sale
Are you one of the many,
whose livelihood depends
upon thc fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
in. Economy and reliability.
The Schaake Machine Work��
Heaps  Engineering  Co.,  Ltd., New Westminster.
J. H. Todd's Music House
i 419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    8mall   Muaical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 694.
N0,   1���Hera  Is  a  Bp.ei.dld homo for Bain cheap.    In a good  locality near Quean's Park and new school.
It  baa  s-ovon  largo  comfortable  rooms with  every  modem  con-
vonlonro;   foil  basement;   on  a largo lot, 6fixl32 feeL
This plaoe ls bolow valuo and  tho  terms  are  Buch  that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE, $4400, $760 CASH, balance monthly.   If jou wnnt to liny
n home lot ns Bhow you thin place.
Agents  for  Paclflo Coaat  8teamshlp Ce.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
1JS.JHB w***e**s*t*
Oval Antiseptic Tablets
For Throat Troubles���Just in at
701 Columbia Street
Phone 57


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