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The New Westminster News May 5, 1913

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 New  WeBtmlnster.
What attractions does New Westminster olTer Industries? Trackage
and waterfront sites, railways and
ocean transportation,
Weather Today.
New WeBtmlnster and lower main
land:   Fresh  to   moderate  westerly
Winds;   generally  fair wtth  stationary temperature.
VOLUME  8,   NUMBER  49.
���������MIL..-. . -    .  ��-'
Coquitlam Council Discuss
G. N. R. Proposed Plans
for North Road.'
Grant $40,000 Toward Construction of
Sshool at Vancouver Heights���
Manual Training School.
Decide to Confer With Other Municipalities Interested���Favor Permanent Steel  Structure.
A special meeting of tbe Coqultlam
council was held on Saturday to con-
Bider the action of the municipality In
regard to the proposed changes on the |
North   road   and   the   construction  of|
the   proposed   bridge  across  the  Hru |
nette river, made necessary by the
proposed deviation In the line of tbej
Q. N. It. company.
The oompany has lodged a plan with !
the  rallwuy   commissioners   at   com-i
plete variance wiih the plan lodged.
jointly by tke engineers of New' West \
minster, Hurnaby and the old municipality of Coqultlam.
A   resolution   waa  passed   to  confer!
Immediately with New   Westminster,
Hurnaby and  to call  In  l'ort  Moody.
now a citv and whose interests were
considered  Intimately  bound  up viith |
thn project
Iteeve Barth explained that the hos-
tlly convened meeting was called to
deal with a communication addressed
by Assistant Chief Engineer Alex. Stewart or the Q, N. II. to Mr. A. II.
MacNeill, their attorney In Vancouver, dated Jan. 6, 1912. or which a
copy had been Bent to them hy Mr
MacNeill, in a letter dated April 28
Mr. Stewart's letter had been communicated to the railway commissioners
last January.
Two and a hair months had elapsed
before the Q N. It. had Informed the
council of their action. Meanwhile
thc company had approached the railway commission at Ottawa and the
Been tarj  of the latter had wired the
council as follows:
"Directed to inform you that amend-1
< d  plan  filed  by  railway  company Is |
being  served  on   you   and   the  board
desires to have the municipality una
war wlihln three weeks frum date or
���m-rvle-e, r*o lhat innlters may be dealt!
���with at once.
"(Slid )   A   I>. CAUTWHHlilT" I
8tewart'a   Letter,
The following Ib a copy ol Mr. Ste I
wart's letter to Mr. MacNeill: \
With reference to the proposedj
changes on the North road made ne-j
cesser) by ihe change of the line of i
the V, V. tV E. ft. �������� N. Co. near Sap-1
perton, and the report made by the
engineers of the municipalities Interested :
1. The report was not concurred in
by an engineer of this company.
8.. 1 submit herewith amended plan
and profile, vis.!
I'lan No. 1 Showing in red the portion of the existing road that will be
interfered with.
I'lan No  2     A profile of the excavation in line with the road and a ground
plan   section   of  the   roadway  of  the |
proposed bridge.
Plan No. 2.    A profile of the exist- ���
lug grade showing alBo  In  red  lines:
the oul line of the proposed bridge and
also typical sections of the graded por-1
tlons or the existing rond.
Note thai the roadbed iB about 201
feet wide.
3. It  is not nceessury by reason
of the change of lino to disturb any I
of the existing road other than on thi |
space occupied by the proposed bridge
over the cut.
4. The same rate of gradp can be
maintained on the proposed bridge as
now exlrts on the portion of the road
to be disturbed,
6,    The  railway  company  does nol
object to  paying  the  expense in the I
change  of  the  road  except   us  to the!
maintenance  ot  the  surface or the
bridge, although il might be with justice claimed  that  inasmuch  us  ihe,
���change eliminates a rather dangerous
grade crossing, the municipalities
Should hear pari ol llie expense oil the |
principle that they were by a previous
order or tlie hoard required to pay
pari of tbe expense of maintaining a
��.    As lo the plan of the proponed
bridge, the railway company maintains
that II is not necessary at the present
stage of development of the surround
Ing district  to build It hridge the full
width of the rond allowance. The time
may come when It  will be necessary
lo do bo and until that time arrives
it would appear thnt a width of from
24 to 20 feet la ample for all purposes
nnd  that  the Btrueture  should  he of
timber const met lon In the first place
Such a Btrueture built aB suggested as
to grade and width would not Interfere
with  any   changes  that  the  municipalities wish  to make in the future j
In  changing  the  grade  of  the  rond;
north or -south of the point under con* |
iilderatiou.  and  by  building a bridge
of aboul li ii I f the width of the.road al* j
lowance and on one aide thereof, there j
need not be any Interference With traf
tie when the time nrrlves for suhstltut-
Ing for It a permanent structure on tt|
dlff' rent    grade    and  to any greater
width round necessary,
Proposed Plan
Reeve Barth, proceeding, Btated
that Mr. J. II. Kilmer who wan In attendance, would give them his opln
Mr. Kilmer then recapitulated the
clrcuimiiinooa connected with the
drawing up or Ihe plans proposed by
the municipalities for the North road
bridge.    Ile said that Mr. Macpherson,
engineer ror Burnaby, Mr. Blackman,
city engineer for New Westminster,
Mr. Hastle, engineer for the (I.N.H,
nnd htmielf met In Mr Blackmail's of
flee and went over (he whole matter.
(Continued on i'ago Four.)
West Burnaby. May 4.���The Bflrna-
by Bchool board has been notified by
the provincial superintendent of education that the government haB granted 140,000 towards the oonstructlon
of a school at Vancouver llelghtB of
North Burnaby. The plans for this
school are at present being prepared
hy the schools' architect. The bulld-
Inc will be of reinforced concrete and
will contain eight rooms.
The building will be arranged so
that it can be added to at any time.
It will contain a large auditorium
which wlll be divided for lhe present
������''i class reoms. l.aier when the ad
ditlons are made the divisions separating the clans rooms In the auditorium  will   he removed.
In addition to the Bchool the architect Is preparing plans for a manual
training building at Vancouver
Hi Ights.
Messrs. Kerr & Son hnve been
awarded the -ontract for the altera-
t'ons to he made to the East and
West llurnaby schools. Their figure
cn the East Burnaby school was $4121
and $4215 on the West llurnaby Institution.
Trustee Morrison has heen ap
pointed the arbitrator of the board In
the matter of arranging for the construction of a road proposed to be
constructed through the Kast Burnaby
In luture all persona wishing to Interview the board are. requested to
give seven days' notice to the secretary. The trustees believe that this
will facilitate the tranBacllon of bUBi-
nesB at tbe regular meetings.
Three   Prizes   Offered   tt>
Boys and Girls Under
13 Years.
Pictures  of   Friday's    Events    Excite
Great  Interest���Winning  Set���
Ladysmlth Celebration.
Brings 6000 Tons of  Steel   Ralls for
C.  N.  R. and Is Unloading at
Port Mann.
The Bteamer Strathtay of the Strath
line, loaded with 6000 tons of steel
rails for the Canadian Northern, ar
rived up river on Saturday evening
about 7 o'clock and proceeded to Port
Mann, the western termlnuB of the
transcontinental where unloading op
orations will commence today by employees ot the Empire Stevedoring Co
of Vancouver.
The Bteamer created no little impression as Bhe steamed past the wat*
Usual Sunday Demonstrations   Assume   Serious
Wild  Disorders Culminate    in    Fisticuffs Between Crowd and Pollce
���Suffragettes Active.
To tbe girls and boys of New WeBtmlnster and the Kraser valley:
The NewB is asked to announce
that from an anoymnus source there erfront," ^aayTpersonT"being 'noticed
will he given prizes ror the three best along the wharves watching her go:
accounts or what you think cf the re- paKt an(1 through thi* open span of
cent May Day celebrations. , the  Fraser river bridge.
Ilere are the prizuB: To the Winner The Strathtay left Cape Breton sev-
a savings bank account of $5; to the ! eral monthB ago, coming direct to
second a aavingB bank account ot Port Mann. She iB s sister ship of.
$2.fill; to the third ihe choice of any , the Strathspey, which unloaded a aim-j
two pictures of tbe May Day. | liar  quantity  of  rails  at  Port  Mann J
Conditions. 'ast Bummer.
The competition is open to all bo>a !    Sti" anMlu'r fhl"' *e Ilprc��">9' "���������
Professor   Hill Tout   Gives  Evidence
Before Agricultural Commission
���Increase In Imports.
Mr. 0. Hill Tout made a number of
most valuable and practical suggestions and recommendations to the agricultural commissioners at their Bitting in Abbotsford on Saturday.
Better marketing tacilities would
reduce the Importation ot foreign agricultural products greatly, financial
assistance for the developing of the
farming industry would increase local
Resignation of W. Whiting
Accepted by Board With
Has Never Taken Seat Since Election
In January���May Mean Another Vote.
Alleged    Escaped    Prisoner
Makes   Get-away   Over
Fraser Bridge.
The' local police were engaged In
n man hunt last evening nnd this
mi ming, looking tor a person who as-
BBUlti il Night Watchman Eagles on
the Eraser river bridge at 10 o'clock
Is it evening uud who afterwards
made u get away to the Surrey side
or the river.
Prom th" description ot the man
given by Mr. Eagles it Is believed
that it wns Hurry Brewer, who broke
Jail from Vancouver on Sunday mom
Ing, April 20, together with another
prisoner named Clifford Sargent, and
who has not been heard or until last
The slory as told to the police by
Mr. Kagles was that following the
arrival of the Seattle flroat Northern
train at 10 o'clock last evening he
was wulking along the tracks on the
lowi r part of the bridge, and while
fastening the locking points, a man
suddenly jumped from behind one ol
tlle s'ccl girders and pushed him on
one Bide, It was only by luck that
the watchman grabbed hold of the
bar rail on one side of the bridge and
saved himself from being thrown Into
the river below. When he recovered
himself the man was running across
lln* southern end of the hrid".' and
v-s allowed io muke quite a distance
bi f>re the police could be notified.
Sergeant Bruce, Detective Burrows
and several officers were quickly on
the scene and scoured the portion of
Surrey iiiiiiiicipulilv from l'ort Matin
to the tannery without any results.
Coming buck they Investigated the
��ci ee of the scuffle and discovered
Mr, Eagles' hat lying on one or the
abutments underneath the Spot where
Mr.  Eagles said ho was assaulted,
Word if the .affair was sent to the
Immigration officers at While Itock
and. Claybum, while the crew nt (be
Seattle-Vancouver Owl train were
notified to keep ii sharp lookout tor
any person seen walking along the
track  between here and White Hock.
Brewer, whom It Is thought to be.
ls "wanted" In Kamloops and it captured a chnrife ol n'tempted murder
Will be pl-ced against him by the
Kamloops police, The man Sargent,
���who escaped from the Vancouver Jail
at  the same time with Brewer, was
captured the same day by one of the
oonstnbloa on the Burnabv fore" and
returned In Vancouver, being later
given u Hlllf term Tor breaking jail.
and girlB resident in or near New*
Westminster, and who bave not yet
reached tbelr thirteenth birthday,
that is all children aged twelve, or
under are eligible. All over that age
are barred.
Essays must be aent in to the editor
ot The News not later than 12 noon
on Saturday next, May 10, They may
be aa long or as short as the writer
The names of the judges will be announced later.
What to Write.
First, write on one aide of the
paper only. Then ask yourself what
you did on May Day. what part of the
proceedings you liked best, what you
would like to do or to see done again.
Write down your words as you
would write them if you were sending to a friend and telling her or him
all ubout it.
Write down your name and address
clearly. alBo give the name of your
Bchool and of your teacher.
Pictures for Records.
May Day was the all absorbing
topic on the streeta and in the homes
i f Wesl minster on Saturday. The
May Queen and her attendant ladies
young we��� to have been observed
I visiting the photographic ntudloa clad
111 all their glory or simplicity and
bearing beautiful floral bouquets.
In the afternoon these young ladie-S
were the guests of Mr. Harry Tidy at
the opera house. The May Queen,
however,  was unavoidably absent.
There were other little girh also
to be seen on Saturday who. dressed
in their country dresa nnd old fashioned bonnets, wished to have preserved Bome idea of what they looked
like at  the memorable festival.
In slore windows there speedily appeared views of the various scenes in
the great pageant, the great circular
view attracting much attention, while
other pictures excited equal attention,
not to say mirth.
The Winners Names.
lt may be pointed out here that the
banner awarded to Lord Kelvin school
and   Its accompanying  gifts  was  fori
the Maypole dance competition    only. *
There   was  no   prize   given   for   the,
three country dances which preceded
this event. I
The Lord Kelvin school Maypole
get was composed of Ellsworth Ben'-)
ner. Vernon Cnrlyle. Whitney Marshal]. Hector Purvis, Willie Hampton,
Arthur Roe, It. Carlyle. and Willie
balrd, Misses Alice McDougnll. Ella I
Merril, Alice Dunn, Currie McCullough, Viqla Gregory, Muriel Monlton,
Margaret Howe and Ruby MeLeod.
Mr. Richard Cullen was Ihelr1
The sword dancers of St. Louis col-
lege were as follows: ii. Cunningham,
A, Gulchon, D. Flnlayson, M. Fitzgerald, (1. Darling and .1. MacDonald.
Principal Mclsaac trained the boya
and Mr. Frank Glldersleeve sang the i
song preceding the dunce.
probably arrive at Port Mann late In
June with rails. The Strathtay will
proceed to Puget Sound ports when
unloaded and' take on a cargo of lumber Tor Australia.
A special meeting of the Coqultlan*.
The marketing facilities were deplor I school board was held at Millside on
able at  present.    Farmers  witnesesd   Saturday.
their finest cii.p.s rotting in the fields. j The resignation of Trustee Whiting
The country Imported $15,000,000 ] who had never taken his seat on th��
worth of farm produce annually, while j board Bince his election last January
our Eraser valley agriculturists could ' was accepted and waa the subject of
find no sale for their products. | much comment.
Tlle remedy waa a comprehensive Trustee Atkins���Of course there ia
co-operative scheme carried out by; nothing in it. It Ib too lad the ran-
government organizers of approved i nicipality should be put to the ei-
qualirications. i penpe of a new election.
Government organizers would obvl-1 The secretary. Mr. P. Barth, was
a'e the petty jailouslea and defective i instructed to proceed with the farmall-
ndministration    which    had    already! ties of calling  the  new  election anil
in  the  surrounding  streeta.
slon to hold a meeting was given at I
the last moment on condition that no
Despite Vote of Miners to Return
Work  Committee   Deems  It  Inadvisable���Small   Poll.
Nanaimo. B. C, May 4.���Out of a
total of 2001) employeea of the district
mine3, only 47S cast ballots today on
the question, "Shall we live up to our
agree ment. and go lo work ?" 432
voting "Yes," and 44 "No." Two bal-
lotB were spoiled.
At the conclusion of the vote the
joint committee representing the
miners not members of the United
Mine Workers issued the following
i     "The   vote  cast   today   was  432    In
Tnvor     or     gtvtum      I,      work,      and      At
against. This on the face of It Is a
handsome majority of Ihe votes east,
but in view of the sllmness of the
vote we deem it inadvisable to go to
work, While we do nol admit a de-1
feat, we advise the men who had
the courage ot their convictions and
came out to vote to keep quiet and
wait developments." This statement
was signed  by  the committee.
Just what move the mine owners
intend taking in view of recent de-1
velopments will not be known for
several days. Meanwhile the mines
will remain closed. United Mine
Workers officials who called the |
strike declare the settlement will not
be made until ordered by their
London, May 4.���Wild scenes of
disorder occurred at the demonstration In Trafalgar square under the
auspices ot the tree speech defence
committee. The police tried to prevent speeches from the Whitehall
aide of the Nelson column, and only
the Intervention of James Kier Hardie. Socialist and independent labor
member of the houae of commons,
who was chairman of the meeting,
prevented a serious riot. As it was.
the disorders many times culminating
in (istlcuffB between the crowd and
the police, continued for almost two ^recked three attenipts to run co-oper-1 was appointed returning oflleer.
���., ',,,��� ,,������ ,,,��� .,���������,,,������ o������i���,i,,  ative societies In the Chilliwack dis-1    The secretary pointed out that the
BJ the time the marching Socialist citv of p      Coquitlam had heen boHm,
le  '1  H    ,?   Tu orB,8nu* ,TS    ,*"* I    The witness suggested the establish-' to defray the cost of the first election
bands  playing  the  MarseilleIs. reach-1 f a tollect^K depot aud depots,but he waa not sure whether this new
ed Trafalgar square,  20,000  persons ;,n  each  ,arge c,     wilh  0(ficial8 lu electlon wouW fa��� un(ler that obUga.
i,f .hf .?,?rl,n"���e.a"?,ffif Hnp T ! Uiorougli touch with the  markets to | tion.    It was also discussed whether
''r""*" Iguard against over-production of any | it was necessary to hold another elec-
partlcular crop. | tlon or whether the law would be oom-
The government had assisted the, piled with if the board appointed a
suffragettes be allowed to Bpeak. Un- Qkanagan farmers where the majority , trustee to fill thc vacancy themselves,
able to Becure permisBion to march ;ot ,he setUcra were highly trained The estimates tor school purposes
as an organization, the supporters of jDUBlne88 men an(1 it wa8 M the more i for the coming year were announced
the   Women's j Social^   and    Political i npce6Bary that they Bhould render aid  at 5100 and were ordered to be sent
where the conditions were more back-  to the municipal council for appropria
ward. ! tion purposes.
Owing to lack of markets there had i The secretary also reported that Uie
been little land clearing for agricul-i superintendent of education. Mr. Rob-
Women's Social and Political union,tUral purposes during the past 15 jinaon, had asked for the namea of the
iwere hoisted    on    the    Plinth   from (years. | achools and the teachers in the city
.which   they   waved  continuously  dur-1    He  advocated   (1)   cheaper or free) of Port Coquitlam and in tlie district
���ing    the     meeting.    Trouble    began (powder;   (2)  the establishment of as-; municipality.    The  information    was,
| when  a  Socialist  speaker  Btarted  to irlcultural banks and cheap money for. desired in connection with the teacii-
addreaa the crowd from the Whitehall | land    development  with long periods; pro' salaries and he had sent it.
side of the column.   The promise had  for repayment; (3) a government land Millside School,
been given that no speaking ahould clearing policy whereby proper ma-j Chairman Ewen Martin. reporteJ.
take place on this side because of chinery and appliances could be plac-.that the board had been authorised
interference with traffic. A husky ed in each district for settlers' use. 'to open a aecond room in th�� Millside
police sergeant standing on the Improved telephone communication. | school and it was now ready to receive
Plinth hurled the speaker down on aid In supplying electric power for in ; the furnishings. They had engaged
the heads of the crowd  below. dustrial  purposes  would  also  greatly i Miss  Olivet.   Vancouver,  as  the  Bee-
The  crowd  then  ruahe-d the  Plinth  benefit   farmers. I ond teacher and arranged  with  Miss
and endeavored to replace the apeak-1 Prison labor might advantageously Muirhead of Vancouver to act as ��
er. it looked for a time as if tlieir he uaed to provide lime for sweeten substitute for Miss Gnff'th, head
efforts would prove successful, but I Ing sour landa at a reasonable price, i teacher, until that lady recovered rrom
mounted police  ruthlessly  rode  down)     Transportation facilities were satis-j he- Illness.
��*�� rioters. James Kler ll trim then I factory but the rates wcre excessive ! Mr. Walker and he had visited Van-
intervened and the Socialist Speaker'Therates from Huntingdon *o Vancou-. couver and met Mr. J. J. Doogan. lit*
was allowed to regain hiB place. \**T w*re ,hre�� times the rate trom\could not  speak  too highly  ot  that
 " Seattle, and collectively he I gentleman  tor Ws kindness  and  Ute
union marched with the dockers,
their colors flying, preceded by a
huge banner inscribed "Where there's
a will, there's a way "    Flags ot the
Clash with Police. Sumas to Seattle, and collectively he I gentleman  for Ws Madness  and  the
In a moment a auffragette attempt-  i��ul<?rsto��d the rates here were 50 per]trouble he had taken to provide them
ed to climb to the Plinth.   The police cent  b'6ller  t,lan  ����    the    American  with  teachers.    Miss  Muirhead    ha-.l
side. _ exceptionally   good  testimonials  from
Government aid had hitherto been I Scotland where ehe had experience as
directed in undue proportion toward 11 teacher and they would be fortunate
the encouragement of industrial enter If they could keep her for the whole-
prise.    More should be done to foster, term.
Three   Sudden   Deaths   Make   up  the
List of Fatalities���Patient Falls
From   Hospital   Veranda.
At Ladysmlth.
May Day was celebrated at Lady-
sinllh on Friday also, there being
Visitors in attendance from Nanaimo.
Ladysmlth, South Wellington und
points in the district, a parade atari- j
ing along the Bsplanade Immediately
upon the arrival of the 10 o'clock ;
train from Nanaimo.
At  the  head of the procession  ap-1
peared   thc   Nanaimo   Silver    Cornet
band followed by  MIbb Ella Ball, lhe
���May Queen, in a small carriage drawn ]
by a Shetland pony, and attended by Uever and was "taken to the hospital
Calgary,     May    4. -Three    sudden
deaths  made up Ihe  tragic record of
Calgary   for  the    week    end.    They:
were as follows:
John !���'.. Metcalfe who committed aui*
lide by putting a bullet through hit
John Gulllvan, who, while delerlous
from illness, wandered off the second
Blory veranda of the Holly Ctosb hospital and received injuries from which
he die d Ihls evening.
Ernest Green, who died suddenly
In u rooming house this morning.
Financial difficulties led to the sill-*
clde of Metcalfe. He- was :>il years Of I
age and leaves a wile and three children. He waa an employee ot| the Al-���
berta Grain Co., and ib aaid to be well i
connected In England. ���
Gallivun was suffering from typhoid I
below tried to pull her back, but
sympathizers on the platform succeeded in dragging her up after ahe
had sacrifled some clothes left in the
handa of the police.
In retaliation a policeman snatched
a auffragette banner from a girl who
was waving it from the back of thc
Landseer lions. She struck the police
man in the face and her friends regained the banner, minus the staff.
ThiB struggle angered the crowd
and the disorder became so general
that Commissioner Wells, commanding the mounted police, ordered the
Whitehall  side cleared.
The orde r waa carried out ao rongh-
lv bv Ihe horsemen that Commissioner Wells, noting the temper of the,
crowd, retired in favor of another
cMe-'iissioner. As he w*as leaving.
Wells was showered with egga and
oranges und other missilea.
Fights between the pollce and the
people then became general, the chief
results cf which were battered faces
and minor injuries on both Bides.
Many rioters were arreated. but the
crowd aucceeded in rescuing moat ef
the prisoners.
Requested to "do so by the police.
James Kier Hardie askrd the crowd
to disperse, which they did reluctant
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Rumor   That   House   May
Prorogue in June���Apply
Closure Rules.
Ottawa, May 4.���It la r;tme."id tonight that a determined effort will be
made by the government lo secure
the prorogation of the house by early
In June. If this Is done It ia aald tc
be possible thai the bank act which
has been considered lu committee for
ly. Mrs. Despard"and'other BUftraget- |the Padt two montha will go over un ham chilelre*ii to their"schools^
tea spoke without interference in,"1 another session. The commons, If the parents wcre dissatisfied wit'i
spite of the Interdict. Any attempt 0��ulu In all probability pass It'WOre the teachers they could come to the
to arrest the women In the temper of June, hut no time would be 1-rt for hoard and ir their complnims wer.-
the  assemblage  probably  would have | Its consideration by the Benate. | justified  they  would  be  remedied  an
resulted  In   a  dangerous  Bituation
The report waa approved and'a vore=
j of thanks to Mr. Doogan recorded ami
! ordered to te intimated to that gentle-
I r.i.in.
It ���'��� �� reBoIvednot to proceed with
-reetlon of the new school on Port
| Merely road this terra.
I Constable Pare, health officer. Is to
he Instructed to see that the source
jof the present drinking water for the
Millside school children Is not polluted In any way.
Water Service.
The trustees will await the result
if the negotiations between the muiii-
���-ipal council and New WeBtmintser aa
to the turnishing or water to the village of Millside rrom the New Westminster water main before taking any
stcpa to hiatal water connection witli
the school.
The chairman aaid that they es-crt'-
drterrelnt'd to have the beat teaclierB
they could bet in the municipality and
keep their children in their own
BChools. He snggeated that the secre*-
taries of New Weatmlnster and Rur-
naby school boards be written to asking them to retuae to receive Co-quit-
Addresses denouncing the government's alleged Interference with the
right ot Tree Bpeech were made by
several members ef parliament. A
letter trom George l.ansbitry, former
St ciallst   member  of  parliament   and
The  expectation   is  that considers- [soon as possible.    They were entitle I
tion of tbe naval bill will be resumed j to  as  good  teachora  us  they   had  L-��
New  WeBtmlnster.
by  the commons    Tuesday and    that
tlie government will endelver to en-
sure Ita passage this week. This cm
be done by the application of the new
closure rules without much delav and
now  militant  leader  in
cause  was arreated  and  released    on
$5000  bond  wltli  a  promise  to  keep
the peace.
the Biiffrage ��� if discussion la commenced again
Tuesday It would not be surprising 11
lhe final division takes place at 2
o'clock Friday morning. The proceedings will be in connection with the
llrst application of the closure and It
Is expected there will be some scenes.
her two maids, the MlaBes Edith
James and Queenle Taylor. Forming
part of the procession were the school
children of Ladysmlth, members of
the South Wellington. Nanaimo and
l.udysnilth locals ot the U, M. VV. ot
A. and a number of women sympathizers,
Otttttvs, Mnv 4���The following have
been   Selected   by   the  geological   sur*
i fir ncieiitiiie Investigations in
Arctic Canada with the Sufiiiiiiaon
Mr. George MallocU, groiogUi; Mr.
,i. J. O'Neill, geologist: Mr. Kenneth
Chtpman, topographer; Mr. .1. H. Cox,
topographer; Mr. Henri lllenucliat.
anthropologist; Mr, D, Jennes, anthropologist; Mr. It. M. Anderson,
Valuable Information concerning
Northern Canada and Interesting u<I-
dllioiiB to the National Museum st
(it lawn are expected aa the reBiilt of
their Investigations In the North.
several days ago. While the, nurse
was absent rrom hia room he .'-walked
orr the balcony and sustained Inluries
from which he died a few hours later.
He was 28 years of age.
Ernest   Green   wiib  about  25  years
of age and had recently arrived in Cal-
jgary from  Huntingdonshire, England.
i:pon arrival at the spuria grounds ! Apparently  In  the  beat ot health,  lie
sni'i ciio.-   were   delivered   by   Messrs.  went  out  this morning, ate a hearty
John Place, M.P.P., II. Foster. M. An-1breakfast,   returned   to   hiB   lodgings
gelo. C, Pattlnson, Parker Williams,
M P.P.. M. Henderson, W. Hussell, M.
Gatz, D. Little and 0, Pelllgrew.
Speech making concluded a program of sports wua run off.
In the football match for a $30
trophy the LadyKinitli Juniors defeat
ed Nnnalmo Celtics by a score of
4 goal.i to 1.
Collapsed, and died belore medical aid
could be summoned,
Colonel Allen In London.
C-il'-ary Bread Wrapping Bylaw.
Calgary, Alta.. May 4.���Mr, Justice
Wnlsh upheld the bread wrapping bylaw In a decision handed down Friday About a year ago the city council passed a bylaw requiring all bread
Bold ln tbe city to be wrapped by lhe
baker.   On account of delay In aecur-
Lake Steamer Sinks.
Sarnia,  Out..  May  4. -The  wooden
schooner Iron City Bank to the bottom
Of the St. Clair river today after colliding wllh the Bteel freighter Thomaa
Cole, near Algenac. The schooner Is Ladysmlth Loses Former Westminster
ITS  feet  long.    The crew  escaped  In Resident
life boats. The Iron City la owned by The following from the Ladysmlth
:��� Toiinwanda firm and waa upbound Chronicle reftra to a former well-
with coal at the time or the accident.' known  resident ot New WeBtmlnster,
 a brother or Mrs.    W.    A.    Duncan,
j Queens avenue:
Mr. John Sutherland, Tor many
ofiyear8 In charge of tho drygoods de
of | partment of S. Lelser & i'o's. store
Is | in Ladysmlth, will leave tomorrow to
far from satisfactory, Since the Bee-[take charge of thla company's storo
ond  operation   which   she  underwent ]at Cumberland.
recently for abdominal trouble there I "While many will regret Mr Sntti
has been little Improvement. She erland's departure from Ladysniith.
haa  shown    reslleaaneaB    throughout   they  will  Join  ln  congratulating  him
Condition of Duchess Grave.
liOndnn. May 4.- The condition
the  Duchess or Connaught,    wife
tlle   governor   general   of  Canada.
The   suggestion   was  adopted   as   a
motion and carried.
Ottawa, May 4.���Canada's delegates
i> the international peace conference
to be ht Id ln New York, left Saturtiay
and during the next two weeks they
will be guests at many functions in
'ending American cities.
After the sessions ln New York a
rip la planned which will include Hoston, Washington, Philadelphia. Chi
tago, Detroit. Niagara Falls, Hulta.-i
ind back to New York. The Canadian
ilelegatea are Sir Edmund Walker,
Hon. Itaotil Dandurand, Mr. Traver
LewlB, Mr. C. A. Magrath and C. F.
Hamilton. At Washington tho delegates will he received by the prcsldrat-
Sundny    and    tonight
slightly worse.
was   reported
London, Mny 2.- The apcecheB of'Ing bread wrapping machinery, the
| Colonel Allen, minister of defence) for: law wna not enforced until recently,
i New Zealand, made during hla Cana- when an arrest was mnde for Its vlo-
idlan tour are arousing considerable in-1 lation, the offending baker was fined
'terest bere, several of the papers hav-lhy the police magistrate, and the case
I Ing special cable dispatches in thlB ��� appealed. The decision of Friday was
regard. 'the result of the appeal.
Wlll  Represent Canada.
Ottawa,  May 4-Herbert G.  Deer-
Ing, councillor of the BrltlBh embassy
at Rome has been approved to represent Canada at the annual session of
the International Institute ot Agricul-1 Mr. Sutherland ita best wishes for"hl8
ture meeting this year in Home. 'success in bis new field ot labor.
on hia well-earned promotion. Iu his
removal to Cumberland, Ladysmlth
loses a good citizen and one who has
ever been willing to lend his aid to
the mevements having for their object the progress and advancement
of the city.
"The Chronicle voices the sentiment
or sll who know him In extending to
Kootenay Ore Production.
Nelson,.May 4-ore production )*��
'he Kootenay and Uoundary diatrirt
Inrt week totalled 51,442 tons, making
i total tor the year to date ot 91t��0O
tons. Smelter receipts tor the week
were 45.751 tons and tor the year 'to
into  804.445  tons.
Mexican Election In October
Washington, May it.-^-ElecUon tor
president of Mexico will be conducted
on Oct. 2fi by the Huerta governm-ros
nccordlng to advices received at the
Mexican embassy here today. General
Diaz is now expected to be the leading candidate for the presidency. a>
though many people believe that *?e��
eral Huerta aUo will enter the race THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
MONDAY,  MAY  5,  1913.
re,i,*L *******
. A**tr^*ix JBiifi guard our sons againat Immoral
btki^oi VV' ���    \,     v     *" ' *,-3   u>9 J3 teZ* We  happy  mothers of  inixid
W^^'iC^-S^^JJ^t^-^^-^V^I        I lies   (.-he  replies)  can   Imbue
*���"" ,   ��� IVom babyhood wtth tha idea thai mei
~~**~~*    -~~**^*~**~* I uro in Uie world to lake cure of won)
rt to ;/i,  ns:. :-������.<   ol New tPMtwbutor ami  cn, by making Ihem yield preoedenci
'' ,ii Sunday by the Xa'ional 1'ri'ittnn   always to 111
British '
An ittil-^pe.'ite.l ttiornint* paper devote
the Fraser I'ntift    I'uUlished everg morning t
Limited, at St McKentie Street
nniilt BVTHBIU.AND, Managing Pirecior.
it lo Thc New West minster .V- in, nnd not
ei.ntt l*ublis*u.'i t'otnpany,   '���'-..,.en  .m  i,.,  .���,M..,.,r  ,.,,.,,, A'eu)  ll'e.ihnlii.sfrr
All i-xniwiuwi-eiilla-ii-t hIumi.VI  be m/rt...��^	
to llsiMllMsal IgsSt'Sl'S "1 Wis staff,    t'lieijins, drafts, anil money orders should lie mud
���p-a.-j-n.Mc fo The \iitiomil t'rintmti ai.it Publishing Company, Limited.
tFI.KI'HI>XES    llusintss office und Man
tmfntsl.  Mt. H	
>|'B8t'KII'I'IOHI kATBB���By oarrier, JI prr yea
tmetnth      tt%  ititnl.  %.'. per ycttr, 1\ic per month.
AtrYMttTtBBra K.ITJ-.S on application.
Editorial lion
in'l depart-
tr, SI  for three months, ide prr
isters, und fetch and
carry for them.
Hoys without sisters should car
taillly be rent, until Ihey are ten
��� !, M n \ ears old to a tnlxi d Bchool,
learn from a highly qualified lady,
a class which probably has a girl
iu held. Lnter on we oan foster reverence for womanhood negatively; by
net taking them to enti rlainments
win ra female gymnasts awing from
trapezes, or thorns girls masquerade
ns men: and by keeping out of
their way unsavory gossip, problem
j novels, and comic papers dealing In
Stupid .lokijs about love and marriage
Let suci writers as Walter Scott
���^���^���n-^���   land CliaVlPs Klngsley form their posl
Cleanliness is next to godliness" says an old proverb, iti,v.,;ili(lr!,1B ,m, J*089 ����W-��ot*�� even in
.       ...    ., ,*����� ,       _J!i.j "hildhood and Inter on, ns occasion of*
���-���������- ���'-��� iboui looking
BW-SI test girl
^^^^^^^   ls the cdii-
   own father and  mother
to each ether that will make maxims
er exhortations useless or else superfluous.
A child -most In a country house 1
knew well ence frankly admitted that
till Bhe went there Bhe had t:iki n It
for granted that husbands and wives
"���"re always bickering; the husbnnd
good son of
Unequalled for
Fragrance and
Sold in
lead packets only.
Black, Mixed and Green.
New York church to become Its organist, following the completion of hiB
���onr of the United Btates und Canada,
Theodore Pi rry slums,  who o
;'.':., d the Job ol digging the I'aua
Itch to income the prestd nt of that
"group   of   franchisee     entirely     stir
minded ly water" known na the In-
arborottgh - Metropolitan     Ralln
Ompany of New \'**.t-'.i, was horn
Pennsylvania fifty-seven years ago
lay, and rpent his youth in lowa.
li wns in the hitler state thai
I roke Into the railroad business, after
a brief experience as an aooountsnt
[and lawyer.    Mr. Shouts Is the grand'
rather of s French noble, the Infant
Duke de Cliaulnes, son and hear of
'lie late Duke de Chuilnes. who married a daughter of the rapid transit
duct of their
whose truth has not altered with the changed conditions terVtSk quite openly ab
of our modern strenuous life.   In fact as man'has pro-i;"rwlir(l "> w-����i��k th<;s;
, , , .   , .   ...      ,,        ,, j  j.        ���. In "if world.    Above all it
gressed towards a higher civilization the need for its remembrance and observance seems to have increased proportionately.
The time of spring cleaning is at hand, and, while this
matter has already received due attention in many of the
homes of New Westminster, it is also noteworthy that the
civic authorities intend to be no whit behindhand in per-lot a gin friend of mine
forming those community duties that come within their sood parents- told me himself dt th
.   .a " I moral iniuiv he Buttered as ii boy trom
SpCC18l province. | coming accidentally on hla father and
We note that improvements in connection with the'moUlcr vv!":i ,m'5' were   wrangling
-    - .     . ���. i        .    . . : rather hi tl>.
it Is the borne In which they are lovers  in the end  that  teaches  Insane!-
can  do, the liig-
city's garbage plant are being requested and we also note
that the medical officer of health is making due provision
for a regular and systematic supervision over those dairies
which supply milk to the city. The milk legislation recently enacted at Victoria comes into effect on June 1, and the
powers given to the city under it will be taken advantage
of, so that there may be in future ho repetition of disastrous epidemics.
In this latter connection it is worth noting that most
bly, as nothing el
nity and joy of true wedlock, and it
waa nct. by what Ihey said that my
own parents taught me, long before
1 knew anything about belhg "In love"
myself, that tho most beautiful thing
on earth is tender, unselfish and enduring conjugal love. We touch the
ultimate fact here.
Children  cannot  become  moral  by
committing    treaties    on    ethics    lo
religion    through    mere
no rival,   with the possible exception
'of La Prensa of Ilueiios Ayres.
I     Few Americans, however, will share
! President Wilson's admiration for the
j Times, for itB dry-as-dust presentation
of-facts,  figures  and  statistics  does
I not appeal to the American tempera.
1 ment. and the Times, like olives, is an
j acquired taste.
The history of what its many admirers  insist   is  the    "world's    greatest
��� newspaper," began in 1785, when John
j Walter founded the Unlvi rsal  Regis-
I ti r. n  little she. t  that  Bold  for tup
pence ha'penny the copy. Three years
later the name wns changed  to thc
I Times, and in isi;;i its circulation pass
ed  the thousand mark. Dr. Stoddart,
[satirized by the poet  Moore as "Dr.
Darwin Pear! Kingsiey, president of
he' New  York Life, was h.irn In Ver-1
leont flfty-Blx years ago today, and be-
guii' his  business  career  as editor of
iiie Qrand Junction, Colo., News.
In that, capacity the Vermont ten-!
derfoot waged a campaign for civic,
decency that aroused the animosity of
the turbuletn spirits of the frontier
' wn. niul for months he dared not go!
armed | Jamaica
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Dates In Our History.
May 4, 17SI1- The United Umpire
Loyalists withdraw to Canada from
tho United States.
May 4, ITU',1 Serlngapatam taken
by  assault
Mav   fi,   14114
-Columbia   discovered
nto  the  slreets  without
Slop," was Its next editor.
Thnmad  nanus  wns  his  sin -ser.
���mil then came tbe gr al John Tlml
'������in*;  Delane,  usually  considered  the
mo: i powerful of Tlmi s editors, li was
the virility of thn articles contributed
by   Edward  Stirling,    however,    that
gn!  ��� I fi r llie Times II i popular title
'��� "I'll ��� Thumb rn."
IM i irlally conaen itive, the Tlm' -
hai   been a ptonet r in mechanical In
respective cities.
in tliis way the sanitary standards of dairies havo
been raised very materially and in iriany cases dairymen
have been educated in hygienic methods to such a degree
that they hnve abandoned old wooden  barns  aad  con-iCurrent ha
Btructed the most modern concrete homes for their dairy "' ���"���l"'!;i opinion and to note
^..        o     l  j   ���  ��� ji        i i .i -.. *    the asceticism of the medieval ch
cattle. Such dairies as refused to meet the sanitary requirements imposed upon them, were closed up.
Residents generally can assist the city health department by a strict attention to seeing that the back yard is
cleared np and kept cleared up. We hope to see all vacant
lots turned to some good use in due course. They can be
made into little beauty spots with a minimum outlay and
at the same time provide pleasant recreation for those
youngsters or adults who will lend a hand. i   W(, ������ longer (leHpii..,,
But. for the present, it is essential that they be kept'. which we are made, but rather do
1  J r   i |     ,| jri( of )h(1   |>sit|misa:
clean. ~      -    -   -
There ar" nol mray of us who follow
closely    enough   the    Quotations   ol
I thought, to realize How recently a n w
Invaded the groat ocean
and   to  note how
... being mitigated by modern thi ughl
The eacn dm ss of human life, ot the
instincts, of the life of the Ave B6nses
khich are cur prison! means of communicating with the world In which
we live, i.i being vindicated. The arts
are all reviving from the blow which
Puritanism gave them,  and  innocenl
tnd holy joy in life is gaining ground d*
ill tlie time, ued with this joy in life -'
;s it is comes a renewal of health and
Tbe new  tariff of Ihe United States
will -doubUcEw g�� by tin*- name ot whoever fathera n \n Vh-e >��t��iae of repre-
���-wntativw*.,   pre-tsniiraWT     Mr      tinder
���ami. hyphenated vrtQi tbat of Its god
father  in   Ihe  senate     Meantime   we
may fairly call It lhe Wilson lariH
The revision has nt lasl completed
its wron-d s-Ti��K*e, lhat of beuiR cast
in the form most BOOBptahle to the
members i>f thr Democratic party In
lhe boose i>r nipmwmiiniinin Two oth-
���vt twts have still to be panned. First,
it mo>t rm-t'-t tbe ai������proial of the house
���of r..pres'i*ntativt-ti aa a whole, and be
-dealt wi'h by its frk-uds and enumies
sitting, together.
���In    0ii��    assembly,    however,    its
Trunrts  will have a  conslflerabel  ma
Jorlty.   TTiis ordeal it will undoubtedly
.Rtir.i-.e- v,ith tittl-e alieration. Its third
and   cnieial   titit.   btrwevi r,   will     be
-whi a  it coin-cs   bnltrre    the    senate.
Thi re ib* palitiraJ trietirts and oppon-l
������ent*.1   ore -almost  rvcnly   divided,   and,
���it is hardly possible that it will come
"sfcrt'TRb the up>fT ktntse -��ithoiit rad-
icrl alteration, even though Mr. Wil-1
mon  di*-s hi�� mmosl  lo coerce it  byi
KrUhholdtng patmna-Kii.
Thcwe who lne imd TnaVe their for-!
ti neh by 111*- isri/l. wrTe aware of the
%npeleMneM -ot allocting the determi-,
mtttlom of th*- eaaisatttee that planned!
tht; lariH or nf 'rallncnciaft the Demo-
OratlC pan; raorns.
Tbi y hm-,��i Barred their Ktrennth for'
the imcial fis-ln in the venule. Now
the siihiirt-*.- -JH- RurViriB toward Wash
tagtoa tn do Iheir utmost to bring
��� he'.r poliUi-al laSaotOa anil Iheir for
U::- H In liar-an the wnvenrs.
An one iMiinple of the menus UBi ii
for achieviaK their porpoaa, lhe sugar
indi.etry is putttng biie, adierlisemenis
in all the Washington pajjers oxplaln-
inK tlu* ti rribli- ruin it wlll linni', on
il    'JliiJr    protei i    ::
clay  of
do we
j will praise Thee;   for  I   am  fearfully
j and wonderfully made; marvellous are
is backed by unlimited means as well J^Z?^ ���".'," tl,;" n,y 8aul   know-
as   by   social   and   political  influence,\%3fibmV*-me1t in - ��� ��� '
there    Is grea   danger that It may be Uiulve   rh,t,im,
BUccesBtnl ana aeoure the paasaga ot' w Ul.
such a had revision bill, that the pre
dent will he forced to veto it.
their employees
it; removed.
'Anybiidy   who
ihe WIBhuartmri
and   its   iititiery
erh*X turt
���plo>��-e�� ��-njoj,
���are today
In     illustraiion   of   this   wholesale
prosltltutlon ot the pri ss io privileged
Interests,   It   is   worth   while   to   Rive
the following editorial from a popular
United States magazine, Leslie's lllus-1
tralpd:    "Lit decency come into vogue j
again, even  with  the cartoonist.    An
organ   of  the  tariff  smashers   has   a
cartoon of four blind beggars holding
out their hats, labelled, respectively: I
'Cotton,'   'Wool,'   'Sugar,'   and   'Steel,'!
with the caption of,-The Panhandlers.'J
"In   an   editorial,  It  speaks  of   the |
captain  of  these  great  industries  as |
'Beggars on   'Jforsebnck,'    'Industrial I
Paupers.' and the 'beneficiaries of our j
protected interests.' 's this fair?    Is !
it just?   Is 11 decent? We know of few
newspapers,    or    other    publications,
that have been greater beneficiaries j
ef  the  advertising  funds,  distributed
ho liheraHy by these beggars on horse- ���
back   than   newspapers   w-hich     print
such  cartoons.    While  they  held  out,
their hats for  their share of the ad- j wen
���vertlslng  funds  these captains of  Industry  were not  called 'beggars, panhandlers, and impostors.'   Tiny were
business' nun.    upright,   successful,
sought for. believed In, providing Employment for thousands and hundreds i
of  thousands,ot  deserving  workmen,'
'at  the blghesl   wages  paid    In    the
world*,  pensioning their deserving em  ,
ployees,  sharing  profits with    them,
and Ihus making them partners In the
j protected  Industries    which nre now*
denounced as only worthy of a caricaturist's eoliii dipt   l.el tlie newspapers
Whal black slavery la hen* admitted
and upheld a slavery not of Ihe body
bul   Of   the   soul      Was   there  ever   a
moie shameful acknowledgment, that
protectionist papers consider that
I host' who accept tlie advertising of
trusts, monopolies or tariff fed IndiiF-
triis ili.il! consider that they have
sold past recall their freedom of expression, and nre in honor hound to
advocate stub political policies ns
will suit thole who are paying for tin-
world of rep
world   where   the ���
.tsili,  ns  li   sings  through   the
f the trees and plays on the or-
gan  of  the  ocean,   the   eoft   soprano
flute of the reeds, or the woodwind i
tribe  of the wheat  fields    and    tull
grasses is rhythmic.   Sound rises and
falls,  clashing  at  intervals,  with   ac-
oi nts bere and there, and the mind of
uian recognizes rhythm in this changing repetition.
Not from the howling and singing
winds alone, nor yet from the unbroken song of seas and moving wat-��rs
docs man draw his senr.e of rhymthie
motion; but from the very swirling of
the stars above our heads. Everywhere the alternations of rhythm
greet us. In the chase of the seasons,
the turning of dark and light, the
twisting of the globe, the dance of the
spheres, man saw motion and realized
repetitive rhythm.
Can we not fancy our first parents,
aS they became vaguely conscious of
this, suddenly spreading out their
arms to indicate space and slowly
twirling in the world where the skies
shifting in circles above thetn,
bowing with wind-swept trees and un
dulating with the ripple of waters?
On May 5th, 10 18, it was unanimous
ly decided ni a meeting of the city
council "that Earl Dudley, governor-
general i.f tho "oiiiinonwealth of Aus-
t ralla, and Lord Strathcona and Mount
Uoyal, hi:*.ii commissioner for tbe Do-
 ilon of Canada, sin old be admitted
l i be honorary freemen of tho city of
..;*. *  I."
lt w is appr ipriate that i itch a com
pllnn il Bhould l'  p iid by ihe city fatten   ol   this borough  to repri senta
tlves ni iio* "overseas dominions,'  for
Oriel  ��� Dived  Its early   Imporl mc    i
ts  port;  an 1  from  il   >., u  out  tn I
John  and  Sebastian  Cabot,  i ul
ai   ther e; pli rei   to  bi i k, and
���f .i- Eng *��� d. i       I nds i   *     !
Uci   ntiy  ;.  m .*   porl  his
'     ���   made   lower down 1 ie A >   a foi
the doc lhe levlath in     ������ i) '
j ] carr; the i cean ti , ��� i f our i I i
lay, and '!��� i irl *. hence the Cabol
sailed   looks,   to   * i      the   truth,   II
brondi ninp cul * * soi o- c mal, . *
^^^^^^    loes    tie*    shipipng II
",ii* nam w wati rwa;  in the verj I;   ** I
i  !*���.��� ol : citj
Bul i*i i in ��� b pasl m inj .i fortune
* ��� made in trade vt ith \nu ricn bj
tho tiny vessels which tii d up al Brls
i I quay.
With the arrival of Coloni 1 Will ��� is
ind  hla  mi n  al   Gi tu i il   Mlddh ton's
headquarli i       ,enty-eighl   years  ago
������ d *���*. ih** Riel n hi lib     * ui      . up m
its  final  stage     The   reinfi r    . ��� il
calm   by the i teatm ,* N irthcote, and
title among the officers!- wns  the  intrepid
from Lieut-Col. Bowcn    Van    Straubcnzh
^^^^^^H vho  had  seen  active  Bervlce  In  the
rhe tit11- of admiral  was  used  In Crimea, India and China.
years  before   and   the      He was placed in  command of the
thought    to infantry brigade, and two day:   later
\2&<l.    The I the troops  moved on   Batooche,   the
idquarters of the rebols.    Intronch-
mi nis   and   pits   bristling   with   rifles
confronted the attacking force at Ba-
inoi-h.-. nml it was spaprent that the
���-. in is were anlmati d  by ihe deeper-
ite valor o( men (lghtlng in the lasl
ditch.    Shot and shell poured in upon
May 6, 1M1 -Wellington won battle
of Kueiito d'Onoro.
May 5, 1824���Rangoon taken.
I Correspondence ���
Sui,-. De-ads, lliislni'sti i.'H.im, etc.. clr-
ciiliir work spei'liillHt. All work ,'tilnly
conltdentlal, II. Hurry, loom <18 IVihI-
niiiiHli-r Trust ink     Phone 702.
************************ *,
New  Westminster  News doe
itself   I*.'sponsible     tor     lie
not   hold
uions expressed lu correspondence
rwa: ���
xcellent   edltorli
of this city Is
d my llbr
tho Wesl
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mmmBmm "kls
were introduced hy the <' In ' ���* ���
Th" Walter press, with a capacity of
17,000 an hour, was brought to p i*1''"* j
lion   wiih   money   supplied     by    thi
Times. Composing machiii' s were first
used iii tie*, office ' f the Thunden r
The  first   special   newspaper  tral;
was also a Tlmee Innovation in 1875
Firtt English Admiral.
The  first   English   naval  officer    to
icld the rank ot admiral wns William
l.eyl oiirne. who received the
'admiral of the English seas'
Edward 1. On this date 11297.
Editor  Dally  N
Sir: 1 ��� ur d:
���' i- postal I ervic
to  the  point.
Some wi eks ago l posti d my
ry card, propi i!..  direeti d to tli
III   irlan  In tl: ��� boj outsld
n n '  ;*  Ti o I   Building,  and   it   h
in   er I ei n si   n sini e
Where   thi    I i ill   lii *
i'i. i   . .i  .        the
. ��� ��� in i
��� I lit  ti|  and ca
m r il comp
NKW    WBsi'MINSTSIK   l.uliHB   NO   I,
B. ft I' O. of Klks of the D, ni C -et
ttie flrat niul tiiird Thursday at s n. m.,
K. ol I'. II.ill. ICIglitli nii'ii-i. A Walls
iiriiy, Hbuilted Rulert P. ll. smuii. .Si-c-
ii. o. M . no. 854. MEB1TS O.V
nt, second mul third Wediuiatlay In
icli month in i< of I', hull ui I p, m.
,i Leamy, dictator; I' K Jones, n,c-
lary. Ilendiiuartnra "f lodge In Bos
,.i. ���-. cornet* uf i-'iuitli iwiii CarnftrvM
of  course   l I
Individual   I   I
p-ct ih 'i1   i     ��� i nd are |
n ful   !: i i !u re li  . ��� rj
int nod i trust a com
Detent Inspector should i'i" nd a inonth
re ! i I ok Into poi tal matl -.
\mirs faithfully,
i:m..\ s'i xi;k.
M.11.. ll.l'.ll.
l ir Syngc also sends us a letl
: Ni w fork i ubllf hlng firm
lh it   their  n presenl ittve
er  torwardi d  to her a  book
latti - pari ol Pi bruary this \ i ar
i;it  B   she   has   nevi r   reci Ivi d
boi k to date,    Editor, The "News.
��� from
in  the
,i   o   ;���   \Mii-y I.OIUIK no   i ,--Th��
��� ���   ii* ��� i""j   ..r    >iniiv   lodiri    Na
rr. I. o. o. p., is held every Monday
,...,.   .,.   I  u i-    in  Uild   l*.*ll,,\\s    'lull.
,* r  Carnarvon  and   ShFlith   stoi-ta
:     inr-    l'i-lh, rn     Qonllnlly     iii-.ii.ii
M'llli'iMV.   N    ���*   ,   .1     Il.!>< rlHuo,
v. .'! ; W, c. Coatham, P. G., reourd-
Ing seeretary; II. W, Sangster, flnim-
< la] m 'i*iiiii*y.
in>,*. i;i.i.    isi'i'i'lissoii   TO
i* r a   Hanna,   I.i.I I     I uni ral   dl
ii'i.l   . Mil,lllll- is       1 '.' i lui R   1''.'.   ��  ���
.'���:,��� i.    New   Westuilnator.    Pttoi
ilte i-uiiM
r.   'I
li - i   l-.iii'iiil
i .* ii, 8   Annul
i .uni' .*
HI T'lil,
. tl    mi, li.  ORANT *   McCOI.L
i Solicitors, etc.    i*1 I *" ne
Ni \'.*  Wi ,.   i     '*.   i;   < -mi i���
C     .1   I!. Orawt.    A.  K   MeColl.
iid,  li.
tli -
I'm nee   some
llrst  Prench  admiral
have   been   appointee
flrsl lord high admiral iaJfiiRland was lii
created by Richard III. In  1385. Tlu   n
name  of admiralty  court   was  given  -
to tho tribunal ted tha trlul of causae
relating  to   marlFlnle  affair:*,   In   1357.
The  admiral  of  the  fleet   is  now  the
highisi  rank  In  the  British  navy and
under him  in* admirals, vice-admlrale
and rear admirals,
in   the   United   states  the  hlghesl
rank, prior to the civil war, was thai
of commodore.    In  1N82 congress established the rank of rear-admiral
1S04 (hat of vice admiral, and in
if Thurs
ADAM   smith    JOHNSTON,    H \ UUI-rt-
Lel .it i.iv>.    smIm-iimi*.    etc       Telephone
i   .*.      Cable      address      ".1 ���ion."
Code, "Wmiti in I'ni,ni " Office*, KUU
Block, BBS Columbia Btreet, N, >v sv,.��t-
uili.stir.  II. C.
Rell's men, but for three days they
held tin ir own, returning the lire, and
evi n making a slight advance,
H   was  nol   until   Mav   12th  that a
charge was; ordered, and the Canadian
vclunteer soldiers had opportunity to
1868 |display their dash and courage
that of admiral, in each case to honor
David <!. Farragut.
David D. Porter wns afterward an
admiral, but following his death In
ISfn tho grades of vice-admiral and
admiral were abolished and the rank
of rear-admiral remained the highest
until 1S1I9, when the grade of admiral
was again created and conferred on
oeorge u
i* * >::< #
���'���    THE
-,:= ���:���/��� >::< #
(By   O.
ft # *\i -;:������ *= *
ph they poured Into the village,
overpowered the enemy, and left for-
ivs-even killed and 1G0 wounded rebels in lh" path of tluir assault. Three
days later Rlel surrendered, and the
rebellion was over. Of the attacking
force, five wi re slain, four of them officers,  nnd  twenty-five .wounded.
Colonel Williams of Port Hope, who
led the reinforcements to Oen Mid-
dicton, was the hero of the battle, and
was in the forefront of the. final
charge. The exposure to which he
was subjected brought on a fever
which soon afterward caHsed his
but   his   memory   Is   cherised I
by  the people of  Canada,    and    h!s'
neighbors at l'ort Hope erected anion
utnent to the "Hero of Batooche."
Editor, The N'*'.'. *;:
l, nr Sir: Vour editorials
das and F flay dealing with the local
oinii service in de reference to a report brought in by a special committee of the New Westminster Progressive Assoctatli n and we regret thai
tie fore making reference to this report
you did not take the trouble to read
It over.
Tlie special committee was asked
to report on a specific matter dealing
with the mail service as affecting our
local hanking clearings. Al the same
time, however, they were requested to
look Into the matter of mail box collections. I
In dealing with the latter point, the
report d'f the committee read as follows: Trie fhe collections from outly-
:ng mall boxes. Tests have been made
from time to time and so far the results have been satisfactory; but if
the members of the executive can fur-
'lish specific instances of the delay
the pest muster will he happy to deal
, with them."
Your two editorials furniFh us with
i the  instances  that  wc  were  looking
for and had we heen notified of them
at  the time we would have been glad
to hav�� taken them up.
As   your  are   doubtless   aware   we
I have   the   Immediate   prospect  of  onr
| post office being raised to a first class
i offlr-e  which   will   enable   Postmaster
McDonald   to  secure   adequate  help.
.1    .-:���
ll 1
, ,.*
If, Is
.    Ni
1 IS,
*.*l. ,.
cltos iiti'1 Nol ii*>*.
���k, 'li Lorne street.
*. B, C.
i-  no.
1KB      Ikirt
Barrlsti rs
tin. W i;
U   I    Sell, II,,
I "i-i   Bla
:.   im  6i��
I-.    Mar.
leoeg*  u
U'llITKSrf'l':.      KI'MiiNIi
aloe -    Bu rrtsters
mlnsr^r   Trua-t   Hlk
NSW   U'esllllll, '��� *     B.   c
"Whitest,!-*." \\.". ���
Drawer        ���'        i. .��� ; :
Whltoslde,   K. i- .   II    I,.
* WHtTB-
leltors, West-
���niila HlrM**,
���' ihle  :e',|r**flli
riilim.    P.    O.
69       Vf.    1.
i:,ii:i,m,in,   IX
j In tho meantime he Is Undoubtedly do
j Ing the best possible under the hand!
|cap of an inadequate staff,
11.   J.   A.    BURNS
Accountant.     1
Hart block.
.     .Ml'l'i
ll   128.
iH    AND
.:"om   22
P-. IL Smith
Wui-lt   iinriertnk, n    i
points.   '.'11-1!    Wat
���Ph.-in*   3t>4.     F'.
W. J. i'.r*>ve��.
���fifN-T IN I'S
city   and   . ,Mi.i*M*a
Insler    Trii-nt    tllitg.
ix   Ml7.
sier Board of Tnel-* meflbl In ttu' board
room. City Hull, aa follows: Third Krl-
day of each num^ii. quarterly meotlnfl
on the third Friday of February, May,
AuKiim and Nnvi-inl.fr in 1 p m. Annual m-setlnas on the iiuni  Friday of
Ffbnmry.   C.   II.   Ktuurt    WtA*.   nt-era-
Russell  II. (Ieorge, one of the pinst :
distinguished of American geologists,
wns  born nt  Claremont,
seven years ago today.
Vour�� truly.
\V.  L.  DA RLI NCI,
Acting   Secretary.
Out.,    forty-1
urged her
iiiii!   spul
Mexico,  li
Lent  and
Inn band
I *.*.'
This is a stale of things that wlll now   Its trea
has walked through
i-nt nrb of Brooklyn
district, knows Just
ciimUlum-R ihe -sugar era
and the fact thnt they
on Hlrikr shows that they
at li-aEt iV> not consider thut their
wapiw; (v houp.-i arr higher than they advertising space?
sruxlM iK-curr*- U nther labor. No one not on the Inside of newspa
���Vera theee labonrs receiving any , perdom, knows how damnably preva-
��hare cf the prut-rct'ion graft thul is lent Ih the practice, conscious and un
���ptmrins millicim. into the pockets of consni us, of this slavish doctrine, and
BM rehlirrR, t.l>e homo of the sugar m consequence how little the reader
kinc *nmU not at this moment be un- gets of independent or honest opinion
iler piillce protertion to protect him
from IhR violence ol W* own workers
Thi-re ih imlw rt no more horrible shun
district in (J-water Ne��w Verk thin
that Hiirni'inding the OOgar houses.
The ltr-ge -Amount Ol advertising
rio-af.-v-tT. that the sugar, woollen
and -cotton imlmitiiis are al present
��JiBpen��iiiB tu ttu- press of the country
hi not done l>y ihem. a�� anybody ri 1*
ins their ��ilVei-t''i<>me:nls would sup
flow . for Hie piirpo-fio of ci-iivi yiir- le
-h�� pi.blic how necessary to in* e\
stGnce of Uhstr mills the tariff is.
Ink i�� doai with tho bidden purpose,
uhich it in iinpuMiiblf' to educate the
people to nal in-, of making It aw k
������sari! ff>r tbeeeapapirs to continue to
admcati- the removal of the tariff,
11 is a tiarliviairs conspiracy again:*!
���ho frsnknriSI Of lhe press, than which
* uthlng ie mave i-.m-mim, and ngainsl
' i- deebdssi of the people recorded In
thl Ir vote of la-s-.l J<ovrjnlii'r; and as it
���   *������     *:: ���::* (I ���:'��� ���:; "* :;���* # ':��� # *:ii # t-
Londcn Tin-es Reduces Priae Today.
A bright ray of comfort wlll today
enter Into ths lives of wealthy and
titled Englishmen ling harried by the
mounting cost of living and the exac
tlons of an unsympathetic gov. rn
lln  and   nflir today   lhi re  is  tn  be
n reduction nf one third In the prlci  of
one of the prime necessities of lite.
This requisite, without  which no up
perclass Englishman can live, or even
exist, Is the London Tunes, which  today   si ils   for  twopence   the  copy,   In
Stead   Ol   threepence,   the   price  binee
i    The change in  price Is hut  one of
many    changes    made  In  the    great
i Thunderer, most famous of journalistic   institutions,  rlnee   it  became   the1 head.   Hup      __^^^_^^^_^^_
i property of  Lord  Northcliffe,  who  Is ; forty years nnd her only son was kill
inlso tbe  owner or  the  London   Mall, led hy the Zulus in South Africa.
i England's most widely circulated daily i 	
newspaper.   Outwardly the Tltjies re-1    Brief of stature, plump
mains  the  same, and   It.  is  rtlll pnn
I dermis,  rareful  and  encyclopaedic   in ^^^^^^^^
iment of news, but in spirit it IsiTumiiUy,  plrvati
Ex-Empres Eugenie 87 Today.
Mine. Eugenia Maria de  Montijo de
Guzman,    ence    the empress of   thi
French and the soofal arbiter of thi
world  of  fashion,  wlll  celebrate her,     __	
eighty-seventh  birthday    today.    She was bom al  Claremont, unt.,    tony T[|p Nl,wa W1)R an(1  lB wel] awlre
who  ruled  over the  brilliant   eotirt  of seven years ago todav.              . nf lh��� n;,t���r(,rf the report referred fo
the Tullerles,  Who spent   millions  for ,     ,      ,, shove.    We believe that if the present
lavish display while proclaiming her- Canada's    second    steamboat,     h nond,ttona are the   "best,    possible."
s.-'f  i,  "woman     I   tbo  people,"  who Swiftsure.  made  her  maiden  voyagi ,,������������, aooIl,.r tt)��� ByBtem Is changed
"elgn'd   ns   rcgenl   At   France   during from  "���'"'���"''ll  '"/^''''^ .J"^,',; ''I,;, the better wlll It he for all concerned
the ahsence ef Nipoleon    III.,    who tury today yesterday, May 4. isia. ine postmaster, staff and puhllc.
lisastrotis war pioneer Bteam craft  of tne st.  i.i��* Qrea, mconvepiauce is being far tm,
. his doom in rence had  been  launched  two years f   quentl,  ,.,UIM,,-   owing  to  present
.;   old,  old   woman, before by John Molson, and this, boi i ���,.,,������.,.,���������,��� ���, ,h(. postal service of
Ith   nine  a   trace :--"-*   *ls  >l""��'-"r  w,"rr  s", fron���D���, , New Westminster, and it Is more than
! left    of   hi I      ���     ���     'lilri 'is   I . *iil';,
Hi i- mind hn-.i��� .��� r Is ��� till giii n tc
Intrigue, and ��� i li ng agn i he sold her
magnlflccnl collection o( lewols to gain
. funds to further Pi Inci Victor Bona
parte's vain dream of another empire
i'i iv women In hisi try have hnd such
| :i career as lhal of Eugenia's, I).nigh ,
'er of ii Spiplsh army ofTleer nnd a
Sei leli woman, she attained to such
power as has been given few ol her.
e\ Her triumph lasted seventeen
Venrs, and 11 *��� ��� lie '*���"-��� forced to flee
before fi mob tint crlid aloud for her
1 head,    Engenio tots heen a widow   for
that uitlnn :i decode a doxen such
crude stramloats were plying between
Montreal and f5nphec,
The iirsi Lake Ontario efeamer was
the Frontenac, launched in 1818, and
was a palatial nnd magnlflccnl crafl
costing $75,000 The pioneer steam
chip lo enter Halifax harbor was tlie
Royal William, in ls:tl. Four years
lati r the Hudson's Bay company
brought over llie Heaver to ply between its stations on Ihe Pacific.
I��� in" that a change w-as made
We appreciate  ihe fact that    the
i Progressive Association. In common
'.villi the Hoard of Trade, recognizes
tlio situation nnd  is working towards
[securing for New Westminster that
standard of postal efficiency which is
llicr rlghl.    Editor, The News.
if n(
. i hluo eyed,
, I "Irish  as
red cheeked,
lore   nf   henlth.   and
such  is   loscph  P.
secretary   to   Preai-
Blr Louis Henry Davles,
statesman,  was    born   In
town.   P.   E.   I.,   sixty-eight
yesterday, the son of Hon.
Davles.    Called  to  the
ner Temple.  London,  i
only continue to increase until the
reader takes cognizance, and rebels
against being supplied with tainted
opinions in the editorial ns well ns lavishly In the news columns of tlieir
If, as ihls Journal says, papers ought |but_they, too,
to ci ni oi r l.ltemselvi i ihe partners of
the Industries ihey advertise, how are
���ve eir i" lire no eloctorste lint Is
nol : Ii iply li i! in ih" master's yoke by
ie ii' ii.o i il   press?   Montreal    Witness,
Opne, or at least going. Is the spirit
of Intolerance nnd bigotry that often
marred the pages of the otherwise admirable newspaper. "The Times is out
of Joint," says the old conservatives,
re passing,
rile old Tory England had Hs good
nnd Its lii'd points, and th" old Tl	
reflected both, but tho new Times Is
better  hecsusc  li ��� b   cocksure  of
own angelic  virtues,  and  because  ii
dent Wilson     l'e was hern In ,li
City, Hi" son or n pilltlclnn   nnd
pass his thirty-fourth birthday tndny.
being the youngest min who ever held
Hi,   lob of secretary to a president of
tllf   I'l'lt'd   Sillies.
Mr. Tumuliy will get, ST..Min per an-1
:u"i ��� n v li ��� li te * upporl his Ivife and
1 >������ -il i f i's e'i Idn n, Ho Ims heen
;i lawyer e'e**eii y:i,-s, and his been
it private si eri lar. to Dr. Wilson B'nce
Hie   latter   | eeoeie   governor  ��f   ^("x
jurist and
years ago
bar nf the In-
^^^^^^^^^^^ a  WA, he
turned to his native province, and wain-- -
successively   solicitor general,     lender I deliberation before the conflicting ele-
of  the opposition,  premier and  attor-1 ments  can  he reconciled.
nev general, member of the Dominion
w ;il | hoiif.e of commons,  judge of  the  supreme court, and  minister of marine
and fisheries from 1S06 lo 1001,
Dublin, May 4. Many Irishmen be-
llievs th-t the amalgamation of the
1 frlsh National Foresters,and the nn-
j eir nt, order of Hibernians Is but a mat-
iier of time. Negotiations aro now
I proceeding with that end In view, but
,|lt must take a considerable amount of
Aliliiii"-li his liti rary laurels v.
���'on In Kansas, Walt Mason, the
���"I us newspaper poet, Is a native
Canada,   and   was   bom   al
Ont.,   liltj-rii"   years   agi
mhI i inlgrati d in the I
tbe ago of ��� Ightci n.
Columbus, |
i-tid stati a : i
'lhere in much evei'iieiii matter for
mediation in an article In the Sundaj
at lloni" by Helen Mgcdowsll on Hie
linlning ol children "My Huys" is her
heading, aie! in the Course of her article thc Writer nsks:    *"lli v. are wi   to
views Its i neinies  in  a  less dark nnd
damnable light ��� To the new Times,
even Irishmen are human, and possessed of some redeeming trails.
I'leiidetil  Woodrow   Wilson recently
ri marked, in thn course of an address,
Hint h" depended upon 'he London
Times to keep him acquainted v.'tii
world in ws a declaration thai ar *.:
iii ihe Indignation of Mr. Hear. i. In
'In  l * Id of world news lhe Time:-, has
Jersey. A "good follow' 'ordinarily,
he has a Donnybrook fair disposition
win ii aroused, and mi : neh rare occasions the "y" in his aame seems quite
This is also the anniversary of the
birth of Nil holas Du Bols Doiplnlc
Beck, Alberto Jurist, at Cobourg, Ont���
T. Ti rtius Xni'ie. one of Ent land's
grentesl organists, la forty-six loday,
and '���' t been or;*,mis*, i f Vork Minster
for ii'ii * yc ��� ll Is probable that
In    fill ,-iici iii l)io fl -Hi ring i ffir of a |day,
Ch tries Weiilwori'i I'nli-im. i ne of
the mosl distinguished Cnilarian ministers of llie Insl century, was born nl
st. John, N, H, in : i ars ago yester
For instance, the followers of Wm.
���tO'Hrlcn  among    the    Foresters    will
I strongly protest against, amalgamation
the militant "All fnr Ireland" chief
I being as deadly opposed to Hibernian-
ism   an   lhe   most   strenuous  Orance
i man. Again; the Foresters are tvl
siiich virile politicians as th" Hilier
nlans, while unite a number of them
rln ti belong to Ihe Roman Catholic
religion, which is .a condition neoessary to nomination for the latter organization,
Before the passing of the national
Insurance act, both organizations main j
talned amicable relations toward one
another, but H appears that the question or benefits under the act haB
i rought tl't'tn Into competition, and
the Foresters are now complaining |
that the Hibernians' are Invading tholr
territory nnd that the Foresters' mem-
11 i-ship is suffering in consequence,
COAL MININd rights of the Dominion
in Maiiltniia, Saskatohewsn ana Alberts,
tl'ie Yukon Territory, itn- Northwest Ter-
ritorl'-e and in u portion of u ������ Provlnos
if British Columbia, inny he leased f,,r a
term Of twenty-ons years nt un nnnoal
rental of $1 an acre. Net more Mian ^&6��
icri-s w-lll tn- leased to une appllaaiH
Application for a 1,'iim- must lie nia/Ju
l,y uie applicant In [mm min to the A��eni
or Bub-Agent of ths dlatrlat In whloh lhe
rights applied for an- altuated
tn surveyed territory the ho,a must ha
���lefierlliiil hy si-ctlons. or h-g.il NiiO-illvl-
alMnH of Hfctlims, and In unsurvoyed territory thr tract applied for ���nail !>*
staki-d out by the apbllcant himself.
Kae.li applloatloil musl he mimnpaiileH
hy a fee of ��6��ph��ch will he refunded If
the rights applfWl for are not nvallnblo,
but not ntherwHie. A royalty shall he
paid on the inercliantahle output nl the
mine nt the rate of five cenls tier ton.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn ri'turna
accounting for tlie full quantity pf m-ftr-
chnatahle coaj mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
are not being operated suoh returns anoald
Im  tirrnlnheS at least once a year,
Iir IniMi WQ1 Include the caul mining
right* only, but the leasee wUI !����� par-
mltted fo porehHjN whatever avallahla
surface rtglits may be conn Id ere*
sary for the working of the mme
rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application sho-ilc
be made to U��' Becretur/ of tlio Department  of lhe Interior, Ottnwa, or 'to any
Agent ot -Sub-Agent of IJomlnlon Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B��� Uniiuthortted tiuhllciillnn of thla
idviTlleemenl  will ool be paid for.
at tha
who do not receive
s a.m. should
The News lyefore
und make complaint. Only In thla way
niny rh efficient delivery be main,
taincd. MONDAY,  MAY  5,  1913.
Play by Millionaire
Theme of all Tongues
Paris, May i.   Barori   Henri   tdelshows up corruption and graft in Ul
Rothsohlld,   bl the    famous tlna.iclal,^nJ' ^u.-u luld ,��� Paris.   I point
family  haa written  u play  which he
has called by the Significant name of
"Croesus."       it
(liieeii iii London
cd a moral In the French version, but
a distinguished   aotor   informed mo
la   now   being   pro-| that this would not. do lu England.   He
lind  though  i'i  will: mid    that    my    ooncluslon    waB
llneel      Ul    l.lllllllin,    llllil    llltiu-sii    ie    o in           ......      ..... ,,   . ,, ���...l
,   t   be given  III   Paris or  New   Vurli   gloom>   for an  English  audience, and
rt.li.cx' fall H l�� the theme of every  Im  added that ft,I BngU.h    Uto    to  through.
150(1 to 2000 feet the aviator was gen-
erully safe.    There had In rec, nt d:iya
been no radioal change In the types
of aeroplanes, although uet ills had
1.. i ii considerably Improvi d fi tm
���iin,- io time, Unfortunately, the engines wore nt t. yet absolutely reliable
und a gooei UD home-power aeroplane
engine was badly wanted.
Plying machines would undoubtedly
prove a great adjunct to both cavalry
and  Infantry  for long distance recon-   'ng  numlier 01   women  m a���  ^.��������^_,      ^^^
nalesanoei,    lighting In the ulr would\��\ WClety who are becoming victims! ally try to do bi
doubtless be a difficult business, and    " " "  -�����������"-��������� r.....-    m,,i nntv in I   "Thla means
; when the aviator waa being shot at
both from earth and air it would un-
doubtedly take a good man to   get
tongue,    'Ibe  Aiuericun, lCngllBh und
Qorman rights ol the play have been
secured by Salter Hanson of Seattle
and Paris.
Huron llotlischlld, who is brawny at
well ub  brainy,  received  your corro-
me the theatre wltb pleasant reool-
"The moral was that a rich man
may well he unhappy; that wealth
and happlnes are far from being syn*
OnymoUS;   and  that If  we desire  the
we     as    irainy,   reeeiveu   your  uurw   .,.,,..........   ....-           ._..���.    ,._-
Hpumlei,t  in  the 'study of bla famous   est,,,,, ot others we must &�����,*��
Paris   hOUBS,   nninl<<i-   311,   Hue     )<'au
bouig SI. Houoite.    Baron  ItothSeblld
selves  worthy  ot  It     We cannot  ex
pect to be loved tor OurselVM and we
liOUIg   Dli    llOlll'II'.       Ii.lliill    n'uiini ,,,���,.     ,*   -	
wbo Is ut once ii millionaire, physician ; we  musl  be content   by   making our
und philanthropist, and of whom _
photograph accompanies this article,
explained  1:1b  play    courteously    und
completely, as ioIIowb:
"I'irt-t, iii me clear away some mis-
uppreln nsioiia. The money question Ib j
Dot the motive of my play 'Croesus.'
Mone) coines Into it. llul this is -quite
secondary, ll is what you might call
a human  Interest  play   lt appeals  lo
people because it la so human.
"Secondly let me basli'ii to add that;
the play Is In no sense autobiographical. Vou ask me wby 1 wrote 'Creo
bub.' The general answer Is thai I urn
a wrili r by choice and hy profession.
You know I am a physician. I write
medical articles as regularly as any
memi.i'i- if the surf of the newspaper
in   Which  they  are  published.
"I write hygienic and philanthropic
articles, I have written Mtlon In
fact, I have touched upon many phases
of literature. The specific answer lo
your question Is. that 1 felt impelled
to   write   Ihia   play.   I   was   saturated
with the subject it waa Issuing from
every pore. 1 could lind no relief until It wub done.
Work of Inspiration.
"You know the demon of Boorates.
It waa that demon, or spirit of inspiration, winch Impelled hlm uu. Naturally, 1 know all the phases of Ill's
touched upon tu thia play. And It 1
11 ud that money cannot buy all happiness, or perhaps much of it, I am but
confirming the discoveries of others
trom the time of Solomon to the time
when Thackeray wrote the lasl words
of tbo last chapter of "Vanity Fair."
'Which of ua in this lite has al) that
he dealrea, or bavlng it ia happy.'
"The hero of my piece Is a rich man
who has bad troubles or worries In
life. We all have them. I have had
no particular rich man before my
mind's Bye when writing the play
Nevertheles it might fit Andrew Car
negle, or John   I).    Rockefeller,   oi
Charles M. Schwab, or James J. Hill,
or William A Clarke, or Mra. Hettle
Green. Kvery man who haa great
Wealth can lind himself 111 tbla piece
iiu- play should interest people quite
ua much in New York, London. Vienna
and  IP iIiu as  in   Paris.
Hero Is Poor.
"A rich mun has Ills troubles nntl
worries and griefs and sorrows Just
us a poor man lie can buy certain
pleasures, but there are* joys which
money cunont purchase. My hero is
very poor In aenliment, bul is very
rich in money. Ile Is the subject of
adverse criticism, lie makes a pres
iuil to some charitable Institution,
and the people say be oughi to haw
giU'ti twice aa much. They follow it
up by sa\ing that be gives back to tin-
community a portion of what he has
taken rrom it The public huve in.
thanks fe.r him. They see In hlm only
:i man Who has a great deal o! money,
nothing more.
"His ioutlmental aide    makes   him
wish for a  wife who would  be affectionate.     He   tries   dikerent   ways   of
securing  affection,  but  always    wltli; to  1:
failure. He cannot win the love of hia
wife. The attitude of ihe outside
world towards him Is what satisfuc
Hon It can gel out of him.
Shows Up Corruption.
"There are three acts and In the-
second a man lakes up a new business, the wireless telephone. Side by
side with this re runB a shipping business. An advertising agenl calls upon
hlm, ami tells him he cannot conduct
bis business successfully without Inking fhe puhllc into his confidence, He
refuses. The agent says: 'You will
havo tfi pay more tor your silence than
you would  for publicity.'   The play
salves worthy of esteem.   Wo must
le good, kind and amiable toward;*
the poor. I bave toned down the gloomy
ending for Kngland, but I shall retain,
the original In my French version "
Never to Get  Married  and
Kept it.
London, May 4     In the pleasant valley of Caterham, there lives a centen
arian who boasts that Iio Is the oldest
bachelor In Kngland and-has lived 101 .-,���
��� ----  ���ii-i-..     tt�� !...
Gambling Becoming Habit
Among London Women
One of tiie mosl deplorable tendon-,are very rond or play." said the direc-
cii s of the present time ia the Inoreua-, tor ot a French casino recently "and
Ing  numlier of  women  In  ail  classes lit tluy can get It at home they natui-
ty who ure becoming victims i ally try to do so.
of the gambling lever. Not only In 1 "Thia means that secret gambling
Kngland, but In ��ll the larger cities In London docs nol exclusively attract
Europe the sami tile Is told ot wives ijillte Simple and Innocent people who
and daughters having become addict-1 are an easy prey to tbe adventurer.
ed to tho oraze whlpa Is so frequently I It la organized, in several plaoes i
the   cause   or   domei'tlc   unhapplness | could name, Into large and aecure pnr-
.mil financial ruin. ties, WhSM genuine baccarat and other
'���Women,  1  find, are more  Inclined . gauica are played."
Ito    gamble    than    men."    said    Mrs. | Private Gambling Clubs.
I Brooke, the only lady "stock-broker"'    All classes ot  1-CngllBli  society  are
In   London, thn other day,  when  ills- j said to attend these gambling sittings, I
cusBlng    h::w  Kho    managed  to con-  and. of course,-women figure at tbem
duct a successful busluei    In    Flocks  as conspicuously as men. .'
and      Bhares.    "They    are    hopeless I    What Is happening In Umdori la alao ���
  plungers," she added. "Tbey will tike   happening  In all the  larger cltiea of i
i profitB  but   Ihey   will  not  pay   differ-1 Kurope.    Everywhere the paBBlon fori
Pictures by  Max Beerbohm  Exhibited ' enO-81 " | gambling among women haa    become;
I     lt Ib the case undoubtedly that worn-1 epidemic. In Vienna, for Instance, the
en  ure  keen  gamblers,  but  they  are, police  have  been  compel'ed  to  close
had payers.    Here Ib the testimony ot | Bome of the women's club, at the In-
MIbb M   Huzett Jones, or Preston, who j stlgatlon of unhappy husband, who not
is also "a stock and ahure broker" of j only   resented   the   absence   of   their
, considerable   experience.    On   no   ac-   wives  from home every evening, Lut
'count, Blie said, would ahe allow worn-1 rebelled      agalnBt   the   housekeeping
' en to speculate because they    could i mony  being squandered  at the card
j mit  "play  the  gnme."    "Never  again I table and on reckless wagers,
shall I do buiilnesB with a woman who I    In  London  many  husbandB and  fills  speculating,"  Bhe  added.    "I   have   there   have   the  aame   complaint    to
been bitten.    Women are different    to imnke:  yet the pollce are' powerleBB to
men.    Of course, there are men wbo   follow the example of Vienna.    MoBt
don't piny the game.    But as a rule! of the  gambling In  London  la done
I a man wlll take a risk, and if he loses within groupa or intimate    triends,
lhe wll ltake it in a sportsmanlike way ' '"" ������������������������<*�����* than
j bnt It a woman loses she blumes the
i broker."
Women on the Turf.
So much Tor thla phase or the question.    Tliere are other    channels    ln
I which we,men find an outlet for their
I p-istion for gambling.   One iB on the
I turf.   A prominent bookmaker stated
recently that  within the    past    three
in London.   Create
IiOndon,  May 4   - Max    Beerbohm,
the brother'of Sir Herbert Beerhohm
Tree, haa provided London with hie
annual sensation by a few exhibitions
cf curtooiia at llie Lelecate-r galleries.
^^^^^^^^^ The BerleB  is an  excellent review   of
ithe current  phases of Kngiish life.
 ��� HIb wit is not Often unkind; perhaps
;Mr. Justice Darling, the   professional
Kobert Cnchton, Aged 101, Made Pact | |,.Kier  of  the  British  bench,  receives
the severest cut.   He ia represented aa
veiirb without taking medicine. II.
is Hubert Crlohton, who ^an horn in
Perthshire on April ::. 1 SI'S. He Ib a
descendant of the Crichtons of tinny.
tho branch of the family to which belonged the "Admirable Crichton."
Starting life- ua a solicitor, at Gunge of 27 he went to Australia, with
Irs brother. James, and the two entered Into partnership with an army rur ,
goon nnd acquired a cattle farm 40(1
I square miles In area. Here their sister I
handing to his marshal, with a bond
ulr, the- black cap wbiob the judge
dons in giving a death sentence, and
"Oh, get some hella sewn on the
Becrbohm's   political     cartoons  are'
very good.    In one Andrew Honar Law
disclosed  as heating  a huge drum
who. having organized themselves into private cluba, manage to evade Unlaw and thua ruin each other secretly. They hold their gambling meetings at. each Other's houses ln regular
turn, usually twice and sometimes
three or four times a week.
There are alao many instances in
which women, otherwise respectable,
make a comfortable living by thaving
with every ounce Of strength alius ���
command. Behind ia A. J. Balfour,
with B muted violin tucked under his
chin In astonishment tbe retired
lender of the Conservative party re-
ma rn a:
"What virtuosity! How Biire, how
firm lhe touch! What nerve! What
brio!      What an instrument!"
Still better la a drawing of Mr. Bon-
-r Law in conversation with a bejew-
led   weak-kneed Individual wearing a
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cento.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
Union Jack waistcoat.
"It's a queer thing, laddie," says
Bonar Law, with a world of perplexity
In the uplift of his eyebrows', "but
there's evidently a Bort of somewhat
about ye that does not Inspire confidence."
Another picture Is a Btout Britiah
with a whiskey and aoda in his
ji lined the two brothers and the three I
rese.lv d nevi r to marry, a compact
that was faithfully ke pt
After twenty yeara the brothers nnd I
the Sister returned to Kngland with a
fortune and hullt a houae in Horsham, j
Sussex,   where they  lived   until  they
moved to Caterham, twenty two years]
ago.    After examining Cue Mnrdens es
tale, whicb they contemplated buying.
Crichton aaked to be shown the church
yard, saying that it waa there they
vi uld b,st find out it Is wero a heiithy
place to live in. The ages on the tnmti-
StonQS proved satisfactory and they
bought the estate.
The brother and sister hive died
I ut Robert, on the eve of his lOtad
year, is still strong, lie is a non-smok-
,r. nnd almost a teetotaler, hut like* a I onegenarlans hobble to hia aid
nlnch  ff sniitT.    Cp  to  the age or V7 ^^^^m
he   played   MlllnrtlR    Willi    some   skill.
but   falling   KlKht   made   hlm   rIvh   upj���n 	
gams'        j by  an   hidlKnnnl   lllitin    ,_  	
1 asked how much longer Setnena Kep-
^_^^^_^^__ per and Clay Hanger are to be stand-'
j ing about here.    She haa never hearel
Value cf Aeroplane? In Warfare���Sol-|0f 9uch poings on.
dlcrc'  Ritka. Learning  la  mirrored   In  a  carloon
London, May -I.-"The great fact injon   *neiiis  In  Magdalen   Quad,  reading
ivlatlon at prcs-ent is that a certain j newspapers and hooka, gazing at the
smoke  into the air,-
 o-     - ........        little     I'rlnce     of
11. Sykes, officer In command or the UVaIe a stands ignored and uncertain.
Royal Flying Corps, in an address last I Tho caption la "The Dona of Magda-
evening at the headquarters of the hen are at great Wins in resenting the
King Edward llorte, Chelsea. Lieu- Imputation ed tliinkvism."
i nl V. S. Sanderman occupying the, A C!iri0on or the king Ib labeled
chair Aviation waa growing ao fast "Duties and diversions of this sweet-
he proceeded that It was very difficult er, simpler reign" lt shows King
.��� .. ... up with, and they were all '- George on a tour of inspection cf In-
practically in the stage of learners.    I font -schools.
With regard to weather difricuitles, j 	
it  his  been  aaaerted  that aeroplane* ! now  NEW WESTMINSTER'S
could not go out more than two daya | MAIL IS HANDLED NOW
a week.    In peace conditions thia was
years the number or female gamblers | regular poker parties att heir roomB.
in horse racing h'ul increased twenty- j A percentage of the money always
fold. Only the other day when a worn I goes to the "house," and this often
an waa aued In the city of London I amounts to a very considerable Bum.,
court for payment of bets, councel j especially when the sittings are pro-'
stated that there wub a "bevy of fair'longed. To obtain an -jntry to theBe
gamblers" In the neighborhood where I parties one must be known perBonal-
Blie lived in London. j ly to the  lady  who  Ib deaignated aB
Thc tendency of women to put their | the "hoFteBB" or muBt be recommend-
j money cn horses Is said to he the out- led by Bomo of the regular habitues or
come of the bridge mania which was I "guests."
! so rampant a few years ago. Women I Aa a rule tbe playera are all worn-
ithen got "bitten" with gambling gen-1 en, some of them elderly, but moBt of
erally, and learned to wager on their I them young matrons and girls over
I own In a way they had never dreamed twenty. The recklessness with which j
j of before; "and." remarked the book- these women play Ib amazing and the
i maker jauntily, the other day, "when   consequence Is that the losses they in-
they  turn  ihelr  attention    to    horse I cur are frequently heavier than they
i racing they take to it like ducks take'can   afford*    Thua,   in   order  to   pay
to water." Ihelr debts they are driven to all sorts
Not long ago it waB reported that a lot  deceitrul  expedients  ao  that  they
lady  well known   In  London    society \ may conceal from their huabanda and
made ��6,000 over a horse race, hut. as j their  fathers  the   financial    troubles
'"'-   ��i>vi��l��    i\,a   eriemhlinll
(Above rates are subject to change without notice)
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Ukfe.
tthli te  -   .
hanilB,  Baying to a  tremendoualy  de-        -.     ���,.���,,��� . ���  .  ���
i      i   Arnirifii   iihiot ��� made ��6,000 over a horse race, nut, as mon  min-oio ...*   ���    	
.,''   '..   J".,,,  ,,,       ',!/  wo   __..! almost  invariably happenB  with  men'into  which  the  gambling  craze  hae
i say, hang it     Look   iic.i. you i_.t ���,��.,���. ���, ,,,��� h������inir manla: landed them.
know.   I tell you what it ia.   Damn iti
You're not a gentleman!"
Lord   Northollffe   Ib   ahown   ln   the
Comfortable Family Hotel
I Times ofTice reeling the demon of fpo-
sattonallsm rleing within him and call
i .ng on his atatV: "Hold me fast! Curb
I me, if you love me!" while startlitl
_egenarlans hobble to bis aid.
Arnold llennett. Bitting on "Mlle-
'.on-as" nnd looking ua If be were
eslng at the world, Ib ooofrooted
" 1'wwaj-n   Hod
who are victims of the betting mania
i there are thcuaands of women in Lon- ��� ^^^^^^^^
Idor.  today   who  are  more   frequently]    A   wireless   measage   haa   been   re-
ioFora than winners in their turf tranB-: ceived   from   Mr.   Mawson,   the   Aub-
acttons,    Uut  the  difference  between! tralian     Antarctic     eplorer.    Several
AB trains
aviation at present Is thut a certaininewspapers and he
number of ua know very little and tholgty, and puffing a:
,,:��� know nothing." declared Major F.  while   the  forlorn
very   often   true,  aa   they   would   not
take the riaka that would he tuk-W In
rival of
iuil in the latter circumstances p*og"t office.
houra   of    despatch   and   r.r-
mail at the New Westminster
Bhould be able to ascend and get valuable results five daya out of seven,
It meant taking risks, of course, but
riaka   were  the  soldier's   lot   ln  war-
���li decent training and good ma-
. tlie wind had not caused great
ntB so far.    At  an  altitude    of
Leave for Vancouver-7:15 a. m..
11:45 a. m., 2:20 p. m., 4:00 p. m��� 6:30
p   m ��� 11:00 p. m.
Arrive from Vancouver���8:00 a. m..
12:00 a. ni., 4:00 p. m., 5:00 p. m��� 6:00
p.  m. i
No Sunday arrivals or despatches In
ri epeot to Vancouver.
Leave for Seattle--10:00 a. m., 4:2s
p. m.. B:80 p. m.
Note.-The 9:30 p.  m. mall is sent.
by way ot Vancouver, where   ii    is
plai I i on tlu* Otti train.
Arrive from Seattle 7:80 n. in.. 3:00
P. m.
No arrivals er despatches Iroin or
for Seattle on Sunday.
The Sunday Seattle mail tor. tl|ia
.city goes to Vancouver aud Is si lit
| over here with the flrat iniiil on Mon-
: day morning
i.i I.e l'er Uie K.'.st 7:f,5 a. in., 1:66
' p. I I
i    Arrive from the Bast    11:45 a. iv...
10:55 p. m.
The i id country and European mail
: is d t patched with the dully eastern
I mall.
Leave for Chllllwack und way
points    2:55 a. m.,  4:05 p. in.
Arrives  trom  Chllllwack and  way
points���11:10 a. m��� H:40 p. m.
In  thia nlso Sunday la excepted.
Li ave   for   Victoria   and   Vancouver
.Island points  -11:45 a. in.. 11:00 p.  m.
Arrive trom Victoria and Vancouver
Island points���10:00 a. m.   Additional
, mail  rrom Island points arrives with
! the dally Vancouver mail.
Mail Tor down river polnta includ-
'. Ing   Ladner  leaves  on    the    steamer
! Transfer every day except Sunday at
I o'clock.   The return mall arrives In
; the mornings about  10 o'clock.
actions.    Uut.  the  difference   netwcen   uoii��n     n....*...	
men and women gamblers is the latter sledge parties were aent out from the
,are bad payers. Winter headquarters and all returned
Women Unscrupulous. ! safely but that of the leader.    lie ar-
Men. as a rule, pay their "debts of rived several weekB late and alone,
honor" to the bookmaker; women are He says that while exploring a aec-
generally less scrupulous, and Wben tlon of unknown coaalline some three
tii<>> Ami themselves unable- to meet I hundred milea from their base, they
iiu-ir obita-at-tona ih.-y t��k��. r.-rnn- b��-/encountered bad weather, which
hind the gaming uct. llut the turf made travelling difficult aim on Jon-
alone iB not responsible for the ever- i nary 17 Dr. Metz died from malnu-
lncreasing evil. Women and young trttlon, 20 dava later Dr. Mawson ar-
glrls bet on football and other kinds rived at the hut after "having travel-
| of sport  to an extent that    is    little : led through bhow and fog, miraculous
known  except  by  those  who  are en-hy guided bv Providence through heav
gaged in tbe business.   While men lay  i\y craVassed areas.
'ihelr sovereigns and shillings on "*'- ��� __
land  that  match  or race, the women-1
folk take risks which they can ill at-
ford to bear.
But it ia amongst what ia called the
upper ten that the most disaatroua re-j
| suits  are  brought  about  through  the
1 Insatiable desire of women to gamble
away   their  own  or  tlieir    husband's
'. money. In  London there has recently
been a revival of secret gambling���the
* kind of gambling that ia openly allow-1
1 ed in casinoB on the continent, r.iid hi j
: this  form  or  "sport"   women   are  aB'
prominent  as men.    So marked    has
been   this   revival   in   the   metropolis
that continental casinos have suffered
a diminution lu their returns.
"English  me>n and  English  women
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not af fact ths rest  of the
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ROLLIN    ����.-.M-.f-,ELD
compnny. who  open tholr engagcincut at
house todny.
tho opera
Ottawa, Miy *t.   A Bpoclnl bulletin!
ii sued by the miirlnr ih partment today j
deplores the fact that Canadians are
poor  t'ii-h eati rs. and announces that
Hti;>y  will in' taken  to educate  ths
public  to the physical and financial
advantages of thin food, tho per capita consumption of winch in Canada le t
comparatively low,
The department will make a comprehensive fisheries exhibit nt th" To-
onto fair this year and at a number
oi other exhibitions throughout the
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i modern express and cold storage tac-
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BitUllthlO Is commended highly by owners of autocnobHas aud horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has boen adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two liumlte 1 In the United State*.
Columbia BitulithicLtd.
Phone 473
Beach St., LulU Island.    Ill     Phone 8��ymour 7130.      714-7ir Dominion Truat Buildiw*, V�� -PAiUt   -FOUR
******���**** i ���BBBBSB'
MONDAY, MAY 5, 1913.
Before Our New Store Is Ready to Occupy
If you have not been among the crowds that have taken advantage of our
REMOVAL SALE you'll have to hurry. If you have, you'll be glad to know
that you have three more days to invest in the values we are offering.
Lot No. 1
Lot No. 2
Lot No
.   3
80 Suits, values to $25.00 for
Sizes 34 to 44.
78 Suits, values to $30 for
Sizes 34 to 44.
| Flats, regular $3.00 for $2.10
Hals, l'.-   Jaw -L00 for   3.20
Sh'   ,   -ej"a: $1.25 for $1.00
Shirts, regular $1.50 for  1.20
Shirts, regular $2.00 for  1.50
Wo are opening up new Spring Goods
daily which are included in the 20 per cent
���?$&���-���*\f*^^sW-J>^ *A
- *' '���i-'fry-v'tti'^flte**''-*!!-- i-tf'v* ���:<*' f
Nothing reser
ed c
xcept ���)
��� goods.
Everything goes as
we i
leed tin
��� easl
for ex-
tensive alterations
it tu
r new e
<)��)2 Co-
lumbia Street.
Every   3nat   Occupied   When   Popular
Savage Frodurticn Is Staged at
Oper; House.
&*..,-.  THE        W
tamoiSd mnhiir Charles Dickens. Councillor Atkins -The It C, E. it.
it was noi the Intention ot Mr. has pledged themselves to Burnaby to
Goodwin to visit Canada this year, carry a line over there provided Bur-
but when this news was sent out, the naby ratll ed their tranchlsa which
managers if the opera houses in N'ew thai municipality had done.
Westminster, Vancouver and Victoria
Ni"* Westminster is either becoming .i real theatrical cily or else the
quality of the Bhow, "Tho Merry
Widow" iinii something to do with a
record house viiich packed the opera
hin ic ou Baturday evening, every scat
being ' ikon hours in advance while
scores were turned away with the remark from Manager Tidy "We are entirely :-9)J out." I
Perhafls It was both, but "The Merry
Wul ;*.i '"<���* rU.n did make a hit, even
(hough lhe Viennese musica) opera
hm. been play <���<*. betore tha footlights
���fur ; i ,ir; ��r-..I yeara, long enough for
any miljfical bil to have died a silent
<ine wiy.o'. ra after Beetng Hi" Savage i leiv. ni Saturday evening, juol
uni *.' i i- ��� Tl Merry Widow" will ever
die out hut II i t.if'' guess lhat with
the quality oi the company which appeared hereSaturday.it will stand fur
���n-iiiii revivals in the miini' manner
nt ii,,- (Jllbi rl and Sullivan light
operas ..:.* as i' ipular aa of,
Wis: Mabi i \ Hour taking the P irl
or "The Widow," was as pretty and
mugful ei- ever and carried lier pari
tn perl cl lon <'. i ir Figman as ilu*
���Var: io ui:i .i be bador Improves with
age, while Cbarles Meaklns ;is Prince
Danllo ". is superb, Ins voice ami figure b'-'iiR in iir.jiiTinii to Ills role
Arthur Wool.; as the original "Mr,
���Ni-sti.' Mia good, "if I may say so,"
while ttiiglrls ': ni Maxims were well
in keeping with the n-si o( tbe company, ibeir daaofhg and vocal ablli-
��ii* twitig well worthy of mention.
At tu" matinee a fair sized house
was -present, the -kliow being In no wise
tnodi-fii d.
WIH 'Go in For Rifle Shooting and
Ottawa.- "uy t. -Minister ol Mllltla
Colonel Sam Hughes, has Invited a
conti.. .'i n of English cadets to visit
Ottawa, .ik guests of the Dominion
government, to take part In the Do
minion Rifle Association matchet In
\iigtit' ,."��� i. and later to encamp in
Petawawi during the annual training
of tli" : aiKiiinin permanent forces.
The cadets will nail by the Empress
i Britain on July 25, and return on
September 12, As on previous occasions tbere are to bn Iwo sections���
���I*,   r, i  Benlora and one for juniors.
During their slay the boys will have
ui eppi lifnlt; ol seeing Niagara Kails
H :i thu Ugonquiii National Park, and
���ii stud cei Jn i pects of agriculture
-.uij i . '.  J llfi ui tho country,
got together and persuaded Mr.
Goodwin that the people ot Western
Canada wanted to see hlm and he
changed his mind and decided to include these cities in bis Itinerary.
The Vin Moore Slock company
opens at the opera house tor an unlimited engagement iiiis evening.
They are a company of twelve players
with an orchestra of six pieces and a
band of ten, .Mr. Moore, who is the
leading man is an acinr of the first
water and bas taken the comedy roll
in innumerable first class road attractions and uuiil lie organized 'his company of bis own. aboul lii months ago,
waa ill the employ Of one of the
greatest producers of comedies in the
world. Miss MurdOCk, who plays the
n 11 if leading lady, bus also bad
several years of experience under the
guiding eye of the big producers.
Manager Murdock, of the Vin
Moore company, has made arrangements tor liis company to play In
some of the neighboring cities tin'
evenings that the big attractions are
billed hero.
There wlll be cue show per night
and the regular house hours will be
kept. Doors open al 7::'.n umi curtain
rises al 8:80 with regular stock company puces
The opening bill wlll be a very
laughable cot ly entitled "lias Anybody  Seen Kelly."
For this week Manager Hillis. of
the Royal theatre, has engaged some
big novelty feature acts. They all
come with a world wide reputation
nnd have never appeared In those
p.ir's before,
l.lttle Olga is an European trapeze
and Contortion artiste who does some
wonderful   stunts.
Tlle Valilare Trio of comedy trick
bicyclists present a daring and si nsa
Hi nal performance on nil kinds of
freak bicycles. They just arrived
from Australia on the last boat and
'.his v. ill be their llrs' appearance ou
this side of the waler.
Miss Mae Kessler Is Ihe premier
lady cometis; ��� of vaudeville and Is
cne of the highest priced single turns
playing the circuit   at    the   present
Haines and Aslur preseut a comedy
��� ik'l i ntltli il "A Study in lliirnt Cork,"
Introducing eccentric dancing, coon
rhnuiing and a let ef good clean
e mi' dy.
The nal al four ri els of feature
Rlti will ii shown in conjifnctloi
with tbe va* devil!'  program,
fContlnued from page ono)
Mr, Hastle did not say anything, In
deed he had no authority to do BO, He
was there just to see what they were
going to do so the first paragraph in
Mr.  Stewart's letter was cornel
The other engineers mentioned outlined a scheme for a permanent Bteel
structure on a permanent grade of
the road.
iteeve Barth- it might be possible
to get a copy of that plan.
Mr. Kilmer -Yes; Burnaby has one
and if you have the old files of the
council my report is there.
There is no detailed plan or the
bridge proposed by the railway com
pany. The letter simply says n w lod
en structure and ii does nol s:iy how
much ii will carry The only ipies
lions that amount to anything are con
lalned in paragraphs five and bIx of
the  letti i*
(in cur permanent  brldgo wc  sug
gested ii good block paving or sum
durable pave
keep Hn- surface of thai In repair.
A plank surface is Blmplj saddling
the municipalities wiih expense from
the time It is put on uuiil it is doni
awny with. "As lo the fiith paragraph
Councillor .Mounce���I think you are
asking for I o much. What do you
want a ��� toot bridge for In a municipality of this kind?
Councillor K. Martin���We are not
asking tor a bridge at all. We are unt
asking u Blngle thing from the G.N.R,
A tram line has been promised across
the Brunette river, one mile up the
North road and wo have the road right
there for It. We have a fil foot road
and if we have to wait for tlie G.N.R,
to do all this work we may have to
go four years without the tramway.
All we have to do at present is to raise
ih" bridge eight feet. This matter ton-
cerns the 0 N. Ft. altogether and they
want something for nothing.
Benefit of G.  N.  R.
Mr Kilmer II is not for the benefit of the municipality they are asking this; it is for the benefit of the
0,   V   1!
Mr Mounce deprecated imposing
harsh terms upon the company. Where,
would ihey find, he asked, a 60 foot
road utilized In this province other
than in Ihe cities. They should not.
force the company io build for prospective tram  lines
Mr   Kilmer    The road Is there now.
couneil!' r Mounce maintained that
althi ugh thi ; li id :i 66 I* ol mad al-
li *'. .nue II  was ii o much to ask the
 p my    to    I uild   a  HO   foot   wide
��� i i*. Could tin y point out to him a
������" foo| road in this or any other municipality iu the province used for
pul :.' traffic or tram Inns, outside
i! e   cltii
CFtod  as   It   was  tlieir direct   road  to
New Westmlnstev.
Ihe (',. N. It. hail a very bad habit
in the way ihey dealt with municipal!-
lii s on llus side of the line. They had
to light Io get tluni to do anything.
Ilu supposed the Q. N. It. worked It on
the other Fide of the line. They bad
to go to law or to the railway com
mission for every little thing tliey had
to do.
The reeve urged Immediate action
Already eight days of the three weeks
had gone.
After some further discussion Councillors Martin and Atkins were appointed to meet and confer with the
New Westminster, Burnaby and l'ort
Moody councils with a view to joint
acl ion In the matter.
The clerk was also Instructed to
wire the railway commissioners to notify the council the date and place of
the hearing of the application of the
0. N. II.
Councillor Martin    I can show you
in. ni and we proposed to  lots of rends thai  require more than
thnl to carry  the traffic.
The Reeve   These conditions might
exist   In  the  very  mar  future.    Why'
Bhould   the   municipality  allow   ihem
to pul up a temporary Btrueture?    if
tbey did so and seme company wanted .
if   the
the  general  opinion   was   that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
road and lhe bridge were fer thc sole  to lay a tram line along there the mu-
benefit of the c,   N   it. company ihey  nlclpallty w, uld have to build. There
solid   iron  structure  al-
full width of the road,
i un- 11 the besl dramatic productions thai has i ver playi d st the
Westminster opera house will i"
Staged ne.vl Thursdaj evening when
the well known actor Nal O-oodwln
wlll he seen in a dramatization of one
of the most widely read books In the
world "Oliver Twist," written by that
ought to pay all the costs and the railway commissioners practically agreed
to that.
Payment of Watchman.
Councillor R. ,f. C. Atkins said  the
i matter of contributing to the payment
;of the, watchman ai the crossing on
the North road had been taken  up by
I Reevo Hilars nnd the old council lc
ifore the commission at a termer sit-
i ting. The commissioners said they
could do nothing ns the municipality
had failed to safeguard themselves In
the first pbice. The couneil should
learn by that experience and not let
the company take advantage of them
this time. In this ease the cominls
sunn rs said il win, a railway propoi I
lion entirely,
Mr Kilnii r said the cnglnoi rs' re
porl was for a permanent roadway
i iiinev iii re iii the "< I 'hborlp i d of ''���''
feet ���>' Ide, on whieh there would l e
two sidewalks each 1 ,"i fei I wide. Thnl
would give spine tor two tram lines
Carry  Tram   Line.
The present road there now would
earn a iram Une and they would nol
have i" eo io any expense save wld
enlng ii o road. If thc railway c im '
pany wi re to build a bridge there th iy
oughl to he ii, pi in allowing for n
i double  Irani   Inn ,
should  li
"".����.  I ^mmmmmmMmmmm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
Mr, Kilmer thought Councillor
Mounce was under a misapprehension.
This plan if the O, N, It. proposed to
take'away a chunk of 600 feet out of
the present roadway altogether away
from the ravine. They had a good,
solid road there now and a fine grade.
Councillor Mounce-The company
Is willing to compensate.
Mr. Kilmer���The O, N. It. Is willing
to compensate nothing.
Councillor Mounce��� Vou are making
provisions for other companies mak-
ng use of another company's bridge.
Councillor Marl in said the Hurnaby
people were anxious to know what the
" uncil Intended to do ahout the
'���ridge because Mny were going after
Ilu Ir own council to preps for the tram
Mr. Kilmer though! it iniKhl lie ne
cessarj to send someone to Ottawa.
They sin uld wire and find oul on what
day this mat ti r would come up and
si nd ii di legate to reprosi nt the municipalities
Wooden   Structure.
ll** had been talking to the Port
Moi ���!��� i" pple aboul the bridge ind
they ptrongly objected to n wooden
Btrueture,     They   were   greatly   Inter-
Trifles   Which   Hava   Msde   Fortunes
For   the   Quick-Witted.
Whenever we nnw hear of some wonderful invention we usually regard it
as a great conception ol its inventor,
yet it is a most remarkable iact that
si me "i he greatest discov r'.es arose
frnm the most simple and often trivial
The discovery of the cheap durable
glaze which is one of the chief onuses
ol prosperity in the Staffordshire pot-
lefies* i'*r instance, was due entirely
to the blunder ol a servant girl employed mi a larm near Burslem. She
vn- enga ed one day in heating a solution "f common salt to be used (or
lie curing "I pork, ami ilunm,' her
tempi rary absence the liquid Boiled
"v r, The resull was that the strong
brine acting "ii ih" almost red-hot surface of the unglascd cooking vessel
produced a coating ol enamel which
did not peel off when cold, anil which
I experiment proved to be impervious
t" water. Tin.* discovery brought neither profit nor honor to the poor Rirl
I - only a severe scolding.    Hut it ere-
, ated what was practically a new industry,  provided   permanent employ-
I ment to tens of thousands of artisans
I ami  put millions  into til    pockets of
[ the master-potters.
Kven Irom tiie lliinsiest notion snme
: great thing may arise, (iraliam Hell
was led to invention of bis telephone
' from watching the vibrations ol a reed
en   an   instrument  he  h~.i   mnde  Ior
; tiie iiit.er-coinmunication of the deafj
Sir Isaac Newton was led from the
falling ef an apple tn the laws which
govern the falling of moons niul stnrs
ami   suns;  and   Brunei  was  able  te
| burrow hia tunnel under the Thames
from watching Imw a worm pushed its
way through wooden furniture. The
most common incidents have also jIv-
en rise to uri'iit inventions. Sit* Hiram
Maxim, when he was fighting in the
L'reat Civil War nf America, was
struck by the fnrc with which In.--,
gun "kicked" ini" him when he lireil.
"The energy which is wasted in thai
kick could well I"' turned to the i lacing "I another cartridge in position,"
he sanl, and sn he experimented on
llmsi lines, witli the resull, that he
produced the famous JUaxiui gun,
Was  Making   Landing  After Flight  In
Biplane���Second  Fatal  Aviation
Accident in Japan.
San Francisco, May -1. Tcnko Tak-
elshl, a Japanese aviator who was
trained ln the l'nited States, was in-
Btahtly killul today while making a
landing on a flight from Osaka to
Kioto, Japan, according to a cablegram
received by the Japanese-American, a
local Japanese daily. Takelshl endeavored to land at the government
reservation at. Turkakiisa and his
American made biplane struck the
ground with such force that it was
smashed to pieces and the aviator
crushed beneath it.
This is the second fatal aviation accident in Japan according to Japanese
here. About a month ago two army
captains were killed In the military
aviation school. Takelshl was well
known In the Pacific coasl cities
where he learned to operate a hlplane
He was making lhe trip today for
the Osaka Asahl, and ihe newspaper,
the cablegram Btated, BUbsOribed
JflOOO for the support of Ins famllj
when the news of his death was re
British admiralty nml containing iho
i :ivy program for the oomlng year
contains no mention of the Australian
squadron. It is evident lhat A,ustrn-
ila is to have the responsibility of
ei ntrolllng the movi ments of her
Application for over IliiO of thi
Northern Territory free farms was
made in ihe allotment which closed
February i6. 1913. In addition, a number of government employees on the
experimental farms iu tin- Northern
Territory applied, making lh" total
about ion.
Australian exports for tiie past
yiar were more than half again in
great as lhe Imports. In 1907 lhe.
position was almost exactly the re-
! verse of what it is today. There have
; been changes in lhe industrial posi-
���i"ii of the country since the protective tariff of tin; above year.
Those people of Sydney whose.
hi hum are  uni   lightet]   by  eleetrletiy,
Award   Lumber Contract.
|     Ottawa, May 4    The cabinel on Bil
unlay awarded a contract for 1130,000
worth of lumber for use lu the construction of the Hudson Hay railway.
Tlio contract is divided among three
firms  who  will  supply    the    various
I kinds required.    The Atlantic Lumber
!Co.  Of Toronto,   the  Long-Hell   Co.  of
I Philadelphia and the  Musgrave I.uni-
l ber Co. of Halifax,
i'? O >',\< -"(��� -i -'.': *"* "'  *"* S '"��� '.'' '.'��� -'.if ���'.-
The II. M. S. New Zealand, which
was presented lo England hv ihe people of the dominion, lias heen si nl In
the mother country en a visit, sho
arrived on  April 8,
The agrlcullural dopartmenl is send
ing F. T. a. Fi-ieii", ih" government
agenl ai San Francisco, an exhibit
of Australian products, consisting of
ilrnd and presi ived fruits, ;;."a',iis,
grasses, wool and tobacco,
lhe new navy Hal published hy th"
have to retire when tin* sun goes
down these days, 12IIUO men employed hy the gas companies are on strike
They ale demanding a rise In pay
of one shilling per day. At a recent
meeting of the men tiie shout waB "A
bob or nothing."
Close Historic Astor Hotel.
New York. May 4.- The historic
Astor hotel in lower Broadway, once
the principal hotel In the city, Is to
he closed May 29. Notice to this effect was posted In the hot ml yesterday afternoon. It Is understood that
the property, or pari of It. Is In he
sold to tlle elly to make way for the
new  subway.
Little Olga
European   Trap-Me   and  Con-
torion   Novtlty.
"A 8tudy  In   Burnt Cork."
Eccentric Dancers, Coon
Bhouters, Clever Comedians.
By  Jim   Raymond.
���4���FEATURE  FILMS���4
Baseball Results.
8tandlng of the Clubs.
Spokane, Ma)  i   The official stund
' f nn- Northwestern lea rue
First Practice on Saturday  ball learni Including games playi
day, follows:
W,    I..
Vancouver 11    ii
S< little 18      7
ppokane  g   n
Cljb Held
���Opening   Gamo   May   24���Arrange  Schedule.
d to-
Tacoma  ;i   11
Regular practice of the Westminster j I'oHinnd    ;i   1q
Home Run Wins Game for Visitors In
Seventh   Inning���Mayor Gray
Pltchea First Ball.
enpiiirii the opening engagement,
,  No further scores resulted until Ibe
seventh   when   Silver   weakened   and
allowed two batten to   get   on   the
rlokl t  olub commenced on Saturday
Iafternoon at the asylum grounds which
were  kindly  loaned   for  the  occasion
by Dr. Doherty, ihe superintendent,
From now on the members of lhe
club wlll hold forth at Moody Park
every Tuesday and Thursday evening
in order to net Into shape for tlle open
Ing game whieh will probably be play
ed on Victoria day, May 24.
Secretary f. a itoso bas arranged
a lengthy schedule or games which
will   fill   practically   every   Saturday
ind   public  holiday  until    the    first
Sapperton   Will   Now   Moet   City   fer
Possession  of  City  Cup���Score
on  Saturday  1-0.
Standing of the Clubs.
sacks which was followed hy a bonier | week   of   September.     Last   year   the
from the hul of Pitch.    Score r,-4    In
Hastings a. c  1 n    mini
North Vancouver 1 0    1000
New Westminster    u 1     ,000
Porl Coqultlam  0 1 ��� .ono
I'rii.-rr Mills (1      ii       linn
Ci ming through with three runs in
tin- seventh, brought in by Pitch, who
���lammed out a homer hit Bllvnr, the
North Vancouver outfit of baseball
artists captured Ute llrst game of the
11 t' league from the Westminsters
nt Queens park Saturday nfteruuoii
by a poors of 8 to 1
iiiehs drive i-iiiinmii ihe situation,!
for v. Hll 11 lend of two runs up to the
seventh, tho  Royals appeared  likely
winners of  the   Initial  contest.
Two men were on liases when Fitch
marched to the 11 He and catching tho
pill fairly on the head sent it to
the 1 'of of 1 in* 1. .1 house whore It
stayed, Before Fielders Ryall and
Shurllin could clamber on the roof
and locate the Bphere, all three bas*
runners had traversed the bags ami
wi re safo sen ���������-��� the plal ���
The threatening weather coupled
with other Bportlng events of tbe
afternoon prevented whal should have
bei 11 n good sized crowd from being
on deck umi only a scattering of funs
graced the stands when Mayor Gray
took his position*on th,' mound and
���ent across the first ball Into the
hands of Alderman Fred I.ynch, who
wai stationed al the receiving end
Silver fanned the Aral three hats-
men who faced him and In tbe same
Inning "Wlldman" Shurtliff Bcored
Welngartner on a two base hit
tThe Ambitious City bunch got go*
Ing in the second when scattered hits
coupled with poor Raiding let In two
i iters.
The Ui yals came back in the si e
���onil mil nili t* Nal Jameson had reach
, d ni '. < lapta n Welngartner doubled
.., : lug Jameson Shurtliff followed
and poundod oul a safe two-base lot
which in* stretched into ,*i homer
wlo 11 tin. fielder missed his footing,
tie* limine bringing in three runs.
Things looked rosy fm- ilu- homesters
nt  'Ins stnge of Uie proreediiiKS    snd
wuh both twlrlers tightening up   i'
looked as if New Weatmlnster would
favor of the visitors.
In Ibe last of the seventh Ryall and
("haunt fanned followed hy a safe hit
by Jameson, who stole second. A
double would have evened up the
score, but the fans were mortified tc
see Jameson scampering from second
to flrsl. being put out before he I
reached   the   sack.   Jusi   what the
move really was meant, for has yet  t'   i
he discovered, hut the damage was
done anyway.
in the elghtff North Vancouver
came through with another nm
Thurston holding ihe Royals hiiiesi
during ihe remainder of the game.
Tin* game was whal COlfld he expected al this singe of Hi" season.
New Westminster, probably from lack
of practice, were nol working   their'
piacblni ry al a proper si d, although
several of the players were showing
mid-season ball.
Marmonl on first batted oul two
hits and accepted  11  chances   with |
  7   Vi
Yesterday's games.
Beavers Shut Out.
Seattle.    May    4,    Vancouver
Viotorla came to Seattle to play
Sunday   game   today  and   put   up  un
excellent exhibition of baseball which
was won by Vlctorlu 2 to 0. The only
scores came In tfi,. fourth Inning
when Drunks singled and Lynch followed wllh a home run. Both teams
played errorless ball.    Score:
It. II. F.
. i) 6 0
. I      8      fl
Victoria ...
Selnnutz  und
club made a good record In the Van
couver and  Disirict league holding ���- ,,  . ,    .,
coin!   position,  bul   will,   the   material j Ka"""hn,'r a,ld  �������
on band at the present  time and the
promises of more coming In. there Is a
likelihood  of the  Hoyals gaining pre
mler position for 1018,
It has been mentioned tbat there
are pi rhaps many persons In the city,
newcomers, who are not yet aware of
the fact that a strong cricket club exists In re. Mr. !���' A. Rose, tiie honor
���ir;. secretary, states that everybody
will he given a chance to work out
wllh the team and if Ihey show any
premise will he asked to play In the
matches, Mr. Itose can be found in
i-ooin 202 Weatmlnater Trust building
or applications fer membership win in
reci.ived hy the sporting editor of The
one      error.      Qsntry,
catcher, appears to be
while Hilly Welngartner
tin re wiih the eo' da,
also   in   form  with   tin'
outfield was woefully  Wl
to in- strength! tied.
North  Vancouver npp
Ihe Moose
n real find, j
on third waa
Shurtliff was
bat, leu the
Idk and needs   Battle
tared t" he a
Tacoma Whitewashed.
Tacoma. May -i Martlnoni was In
gnat rorm today and held the locals
safe at all stages, t'oncaniion was
relieved by Kurfess In the second
after doubles by Williams and Murray and a single by (Julgni had netted
iwo runs, Kurfess waB steady, Ibe
only run made against him being due
to GrindeH'a error.   The score:
It.    It.    F.
Portland    4     7     1
Tacoma   0    6    2
Hatterles: Martlnoni and Murray;
Concannon, Kurfess and Grlndell.
Main   Store    193-443
Sapperton   Store    373
West   End   Store       650
well balanced aggregation and win be
I.i aid from again before the season
Is over.
Tlie  score is as follows.
it.    II.    Iv
North  Vancouver     -8     9      1
New Westminster   t    6     -
Batteries: Thurston and Pyfe; Silver and Gentry. Umpire, Jack Clay.
Vancouver Defeats Coqultlam.
Port Coqultlam, May 4. Tin- Hastings A. C of Vancouver captured ihe
first game of the league series here
yesterday afternoon, defeating the
locals .'. to i. The contest was Interesting throughout and was ever in
doubi  until  ihe close rn" iin*    ninth
Inning. Mayor .lames Mars was "ii
hand and pitched lh" flrat hill will.
ex-Reeve Dan Wiltshire performing aa
catch' r.
Salmon   Bellies  and   Senior  Amatcurc
Wlll   Hold   Workcut.
The Salmon Bellies and senior ama
letirs will occupy the oval al tjueen'i
Park this evening when serious prac
tice will he eiitn-id luto. in prepara
lion  for ihe opening games.
Manager Gifford  of the pros,  an
nonneis lhat his team will line up for
the first time, tin* defence meeting tin
home with a net in position. During
llie practices so far held Uun Clark
has shown enough class to make bis
place ou Un home but his services are
���mo valuable in between the posts to
allow  if any : mil move.
The senior amateurs are requested
to he on deck at tl o'clock sharp so
thai Manager Turnbull will have an
opportunity to allocate the positions
and arrange for practice evenings.
at Steveston Goes Full  Fifteen
Rcunds���Hyland   Never
in It.
Fullerton  in   Form.
Spokane, Maj *i. Seattle won th"
final game of Un series today by o
��c< re of ii io i. through th" effective
pitching of Fullerton. For eight in-
nlngs the Indians s icured    hm    em*
ralch  lii:     in  the  ninth    Spokane
siarlul a rally, and, ussisiid by three
��� in rs by Hie Seattle bailers bunched
lln ir    hits    making  the    run>gettlng
asy. Fulli rton fanned 1:!. The score:
Seattle   ti   12    4
Spokane   4     j    4
Batteries: Fullerton and Cadman;
Toner and Amer.
l'luying u brilliant game of aoccer
nnd with thoughts of wiping out the
defeat which robbed them of the
league championship, always before
Ihem, the Sapperton soccer team1 defeated lhe Hankers In the seml-fitigl
for the City cup Saturday afternoon
and now stand an excellent chance of
lifting the trophy agalnBt the City
eleven.    The final score waB 1-0. '
Although the stiff breeze dlscon-'-
Oerted the placements considerably
the brand of soccer dished out at Sapperton Park was pleasing to the large
crowd In attendance, who felt Well
satisfied with the play, the teams and
the result, for the concensus of opinion was that the better team won.
Twenty-five minutes of play in the
first half passed by when Chlel accepted a centre from the right wing,
evaded two men and slammed the hall
into the rigging, giving the Bankers'!
custodian no chance to make a clear-!
That was the only score of the en* |
tire game although the Hankers goal
was   In  danger  on  several  occasions 1
by the Sapperton forwards.
In the second half the east enders
played ten men against eleven. Robinson retiring from the game through
Injuries. At that, tlieir goal tender |
was never tested throughout the 45
minutes, which speaks well for the]
Sapperton defence.
The Sapperton-Clty game In  the final for the cup wlll probably be staged
'��� on Sapperton Park next Saturday af- j
i ternoon.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale  of  Real   Estate.
No, 57, SNAP ON COLUMBIA STREET. House and lot for M.300.00
Terms fSOO cash, balance 6, 12 and IK months.
No, ll. A beautiful new home on Hamilton streel, good view. Close
tO 1-th street car. Six rooms, huaeinent, furnace, laundry tubs,
fireplace, panelled dining room, and hall. Beamed celling. Hath
nud toilet Separate, Polished brass electric fixtures. Clement v/alk.
Lot all graded. Price $4800, terms $X00 cash, balance over two
No. 54.���Five roomed house, pantry and bath, piped for furnace, situated on Seventh avenue. Price $2800; termB $500 cash, balance $30
per month.
No. 40- Five roomed cottage with basement. Bath and toilet. Some
small fruit Situated on large lot on Fifth street. Price $3150;
$5110 cash, balance $36 per month.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Brsnchet Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches    Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G, PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Stand'ng  of the  Clubs.
As a n suit of licking "Fighting
Tllek" Hyland at Steveston on Satur
day   afternOOta,  B   new   white  hope   in
the lightweight class has appeared In
the   person   of   Hay   Campbell  of  San]
Campbell won the 16 round event
I with ease, taking a lend In eight of
��� the rounds, llyland only having thl
U-dge in three, while the rest were con*
! sidered even.
Campbell's victory comes as a real
urprlse,  as  he   was  regarded  as  a
'short   distance  man  and   his  rep  for
anything  our  ten  rounds was  practically null and void.
II.-. land's work was nol hy any
in, aus disappointing except in hll
nearest friends: lie w.-,h outpointed by
,1 better man, who will be heard from
again before many inoofts have passed
llyland came back with a wonderful
hurst of speed In the 15th round but
("ampin 11 was able to protect himself
and retain the long lead of the previous rounds Biddy Blahop, sporting editor of tha Tacoma News, was
the referee, his decision being received  with  approval.
Joe Bayley, Canadian lightweight
���hamnlon, was an interested specta-
'nr of the battle.
Nev. York 	
Plttsb irg 	
St.   l.OlllB    	
Three  Hits
Cincinnati,    May
.  9
. K
.   '.I
in  Game.
...4  lbs. 25c.
apples 4 lbs.
Hen 1)
ivis npp
CB,  0
s. dozen
111- lnirli.4 Ibi. for ..
comb honey
1s, nt
!'.    Clll'CI
25c. and
Thomas   and   Sherbrooke   Latest
Additions���Jimmy  Murphy  Is
Fn mine tuck part in a great pitchers' j
battle  today,  tbe    former    defeating
Cincinnati   1   to  0,    Only  three hits j
were made In the game. Adams allow-
ng two of these and  Fromme one.  It
so happi md that Adams obtained the
only hit thai wns made off Fromme, al
triple   thru   followed   cloeely   upon     h [
base  on   bills  and   thus  enabled  the |
visitors   u   tally   the  only   run.    The j
U.    H.    E.!
j Pittsburg   ...
Cincinnati   ..
Fromme and
and      Kelly-
School  Soccer.
After winning six straight games In.
the cily BChools    soccer    league    the
I team from  St.  Louis college recetyed
la  temporary halt on Saturday when
the John Robson boys made a drawn
; game.    The game was one of the best
played  In  Uie league this season and
j although outweighed the John Hobson
I learn hit such a pace as to  give the
j colteaglana   practically   no  chance  to
! forged ahead.    The last games of the :
Pet , series   will   probably   be   stag'-d   next
.8671 Saturday morning at Moody park.
,663 Diamond   Cut   Diamond.
:':;"' lt fall- now and then t" a law officer to attend a meeting of tli"- British
Cal,imt in order to keep member*
right on points oi law, and a Btorj
is told about a remarkable conflict
.;' wit across the tabic between Mr.
Gladstone nol an Mtorney-General u!
th" dav  wii"  ha I  been called  in.
The Attorney-General was Sir Ki.ii
url Bethell, who was never a very
manageable man and was proviug a
thl rn in the side ot Mr. GladstOll?,
then Chancellor "I Uie Exchequer,
�� ith s mie big schemes on  ban I
Mr.   Gladstone  was  determin   I   1
take ft certain course, and Sir KTtttTKfQ
Bethell     was     i-fuaUy     determined
against it
Ha toll the Cabinet that it would
be contrary to the law and. .by wa}
of   supporting   himself,  producw   u
ulky and forbidding book of law.
in.in which In- read at ereat length.
Mr. Gladstone asked to he allowed
tn  see the  volume  and,  turning nvei
Low  Fares East
"Milwaukee" Daily
May 28 to September 30
(By "Gravy.")
a long
A   Real   Slugging   Match
Chicago  lost    Uie    farewell
I prior    to    their departure for
eastern   trip    today    when    the    St.
j Louis tenm batted the ball for a total
!of 20 hits and won 10 to   8,   after 1:1
innings.    The   visitors     ran    out     of
pitchers ami called cn First Baseman
Konetchy,   who   pitched   better   than
! any of the St. I.ouis slabmen. fathers.
1 an  outfielder,  also  was  called  on  to
��� pitch.
Richie,   for Chicago, held the   visitors  at  his  mercy  until   the    eighth
' inning when    he weakened    and    the
'visitors made  two  rims by  bunching
hits.    After  filling   the   bases   in   the I
ninth   wiih  one out   Ilichlo  was    relieved by Humphries,    who    was   hll
I hard,  the  visitors  scoring  six    runs,
fathers opened  the  ninth  inning for
I St.   Louis   and   through   his   wildnes.-
, Two singles and a    triple    gave
game in
Montreal,   May   4.  -Two  new   clubs
Were    admitted   to  the   National     Lacrosse  Union  at  a  meeting  held  on
Baturday nighl when the Bchedul
the season was also drawn up.
The following were the delegates In
attendance. President J. II. Murphy,
Peler Murphy, Paddy Hrennaii and W.
Hinpliy. Shamrocks; Dr. Cavanaiigh,
,[. Bouderlck, Cornwall; 11. C. McCallum, .1. M Brlarly, St. Thomas: YV. II.
Brent and ���! B. Myers, Sherbrooke.
The Beason opens on June 7.
Ganong'a   Chocolates
and ls, 35c. and 65c.
Iloyt's Iionghnuts, do?. 20c.
Iloyt's Cookies, down 10c.
Miller's Cake at
per lb.
Victoria Cross
per bottle 35c.
Lime Juice,
Main   Store   081   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
We6t  End   Store,  Sixth Ave.
and  12th Street.
t # tt c �� ���-:;��� # # * # tt -;
:; # tt tt tt tt -.'{ i'f tt tt tt i
-Ike Weir and Jack llavlln
fought six round draw at Boston.
-Johnny  Thompson  and   Mickey
Gannon  fought 12  round draw  hence
at  Iloston.
-Jimmy   Clabby  defeated   Dixie
World Sports Conoress Wi
A world's congress of athletic
sports will be convened today at
Lausanne, Switzerland, under the aus
���dees of the International Olympic
committee. The physiological and
psychological aspects of all varieties
nf competitive athletics will be discussed bv hlghbrowed and spectacled
���xperts from many countries and In
iin'iv languages.
This scientific Interest In sports is
a hopeful sign, and indicates the passing of the time when athletic pastimes were considered ns unworthy
the consideration of Intellectual men.
ii  sports  of all  Berts,  both  amateur I Louis two runs and  th
nid   professional,   the   lowbrow   with , thirteenth.    The score:
he  solid  Ivory  dome Is  relegated  tol
the  discard.
It requires brain, bb well as brawn,
for j to attain supremacy in any branch of
athletics  nowadays,  and   the  savants
and  professors recognize    that    fact.
rhe speediesi runner of half a century ago would now be a joke, not
been use of any muscular Inferiority
or lack of natural aptitude, but by
reason   of  improper  training.
That the training methods of today
are better than those of the past Is
not a theory- -the comparative records
* | prove  II.    In  the old    davs    athletes
*:��� | were put on a starvation diet prepara-
* j tory to Ihelr contests.   To the athlete.
���*�� I a learned  discussion of such a ques
tion as "What part does atavism plav
In sport and what Is ita Influence ?"
may seem theoretical and far-fetched,
but thc answer of tho savants may
show   In    tho   records   some
the leaves, began to read another pas
sage which qualified awsy the one the
Attorney-G&nera] had read and set
matters  right  from Mr.  Gladstone's!
point of view.
Coming away  from  the meeting) aj
member  oi   tlie   Cabinet   asked   Mr.
Gladstone how lie came to know that;
such   a   passage   as   the   one   he   had
read was in the book.
"lt was not." said Mr. Gladstone,
'and neither was thc passage which
Bethell read."
and bunched hiis the locals tied    the   forty-five,
score.    Konetchy came to the rescue, j ,*,r5t" short
;St. i.ouis 	
Batt' ries:     Pirr
father i.   Konetchy
Richie, Humphries and Archer,
.  ...in
and      McLean;
H.    K.
2 I 0
12 2
Standing of the Clubs.
Young Chancellors.
Manv Chancellors of the Exchequer
besides   Mr.   Lloyd  Georg    have occupied that office before reaching fifty.
I Adding ton and Pitt were 1>, tli under
fifty.   Robinson was only forty-live at |
the ' nd <' liis term, while i oulburn ���
was forty-six.   Peel re'.inquiahed this*
I offloe   nt   forty-seven.   nn<l   Baring   nt j
Wh 'ii Disraeli had hi-:
xperience In 1 "**���'>- h ��� w��-
forty-eight, ami Mr. Gladstone was
only' forty-three ��t the time ot> his
hist Budget. Ward Hunt went out at
the sum.' age. ths preeent Lord St
Aldwyn completed his first term nt
forty-nine, and Lord Randolph
Churchill went out nt forty-two. Ou
t e whole, youth has reigned at ihe
Treasury, though Canning. Lowe,
Stafford Northoote, St WPiam Har.
court, Childers, and liitchi ��� bad *U
missed fifty when tliey went Uur".
Cleveland   , ,
St. Louis  ...
Detroit     8
New York     2
Yesterday's Games.
Detroit Wins at Last.
Chicago.   May   4.   -Easterly's    erro:
enabled   Detroit   to  check    Chlcngo's
years I winning streak today and the Walton
j-won 2 to 1.   A single, a sacrifice and
a triple gave the visitors their   tlrst
The. first game in the history of big  run and a single following a fielder
Kid In 10 rounds at New York   ieague baseball In which no player on'choice In which  Easterly  threw  wild
Tli.. t ' I . -.. ����� I,..,,<-.!-...I ..ill Al. ._ " * *.      *** �� it
1011-Jim Flynn knocked out Al
Kauffman In tenth round at
Kansas City.
1912���Mike Qlbbona and Ous Christie
fought 111 round draw at Milwaukee.
1'.ll II
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
(ieorge Meggs won I Hied by defeating    lllll    Stevens    In England.
-Australian Hily Murphy knocked out Jack Fuller In 13th
round In New Zealand.
l.eo Houck defeated Young
Loughrey In 15 rounds at Wilmington, Del.
Harry Lewis stopped Peler
Brown in third round nt Paris,
.lack    Goodman    knocked    out
team   reached   flrst   base  was  that   In an  attempt to catch  Crawford h
between  the Red  Sox and the Phila-: tween  home and    third    netted    thi
delphla  Athletics,   played  nine  years  other run.    Dubuc    was opposed    In
ago today.   Old Cy Young was on the \ White and pitched masterly bull, hold
mound   for  the  Sox.  and,  so  perfect' ing the locals to six hits.   The score
nt New
Maloney in ihlrd*round
Burns deteated Young
lu 10 rounds al  Brook
was his twirling that tbe Athletics
went through nine Innings without
getting a man on the Initial hag.
Over four years passed before the
Irlek was repealed, this time by the
late Addle Joss, pitching for Cleveland against the White Sox. When
It In considered that 27 halters fnce
the pitcher In the course of such a
game, and thai each batter has a
chance to get lo llrst by any one of
nine different ways, such a feat shows
forth in ils true proportions.
Yesterday was the anniversary of
the running if the Aral English Derby In 178H. Dionud, owned by Sir
Charles Hntihiiry. was the winner of
the event which has become lhe great
classic of lhe turf.
White,  Lang
imbue    and
and Easterly,
H.    I
2 8
1 ti
Naps Lose to St. Louis.
St. Louis, May 4. Hitting the ball
when hits meant runs In the last twi
innings Ibis afternoon gave St Louis
B vlotory over Cleveland by a seen
of 1 to 8, The winning run was
scored on an error, a sacrifice nnd a
Blngle.    The score:
H     11.    IC
Cleveland  3    8     :'
St.  Louis      4      5      1
Hatterles: W. Mitchell, Sleen and
Land. Cnrisch: Hauingnrliier nud
Alexander, McAllister.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
unlimited engagement, commencing Monday evening May 5.
Vin Moore Stock Company
with orchestra and band
Presenting all the
Repertoire will be announced later. One show
each night, 8:80-10:45 p.m.
Prices: 15c, 25c, and 50c
Boston    $110.00
Buffalo     92.00
Chicago      72.50
Duluth     60.00
Minneapolis  60.00
Montreal     105.00
New   York     108.50
Philadelphia      108.50
Pittsburgh       . 91.50
Rochester,  N.  Y  96.40
St. Louis. Mo  70.00
St.   Paul.   Minn  60.00
Sioux  City,  lowa     60.00
Toronto,   Ont  92.00
Washington     107.50
Winnipeg     60.00
Omaha.   Council   Bluffs.   Kansas  City  and   St.  Joseph        60.00
Tickets will be sold at proportionately reduced farces to MANY
OTHER POINTS in the East In addition to those named. Return
may be made through California at slightly higher fares.
FINAL   RETURN   LIMIT,  OCTOBER   31,   1913.
Liberal   stop-over   privileges and  choice  of  different routes    aro
offered.     For  additional  Information regarding fares, routes, sleeping
car  reservations,  etc.,  call  on or address
H.   H.  STEVENSON,  City  Passenger and Freight Agent.
622  Columbia   St..   New  Westminster.
ii_i J���-
We have to raise money and in order to do it we
arc disposing of high class Electrical Fixtures at
from 25 to 50 PER CENT. OFF REGULAR
You can't afford to miss it.
prove it.
Call and   let   us
WEBER & S0LEY, Electricians
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Thursday Evening Next
The World Wide Known Comedian    ....
Oliver Twist
Charles Dickcn's Favorite Play
Seats now on sale at Tidy the Florist's.   Phono
L 184.   739 Columbia Street.
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75c and 50c. PACE   BIX
MONDAY,  MAY 5,  1913.
��� RATES. ���
��� #������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
lay; 4o per word per week; lDc per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
mired within one year Irom date of
contract, (25.00.
Birth or Marriage NotlceB BOO,
Death Notice 60c or with Funeral No-
Nne (1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
(rust for a few hours each day.
\pply 339 Wilson Btreet, Snppcr-
ton.  OW)
montha. small, modern, furnished
or unfurnished house In good
locality. Apply Hox 1236 News
office. (1236)
five roomed bungalow In town. Enquire of owner, W. E. Evans, 129
Seventh  avenue.    Phone ltlltil.
eggs, |1.BO per setting 15. Apply
1119  Eighth  avenue. (1233)
Women the  World Over
Are in Van of Progress
pressing business; good trade; low
rent.    Box 1226 Dally News. (1226)
Mrs T. It. Pearson, 715 Iloyal
avenue. na��)
vassera. Good money proposition.
Apply today, Room 319 Westminster Trust  building. (1208)
preferred, References required.
Apply Rox 1180 News office.   (1180)
housework; sleep out. Apply mornings, 512  Seventh street.        (1190)
by un English lady; 25 years' experience. Apply 118 Eighth avenue,
city. (1180)
beds and pillows. Address llox
1136   News  office. (113ti)
house on Fourth Btreet. near Royal
avenue. Apply J. M. McDonald. 201
Agnes. (1237)
feet to lane, two blocks from cutoff on Tenth avenue; cleared and
leveled off. Price (2100; J100 down,
balance $10 per month. Apply
owner, E. VanB, 508 Twelfth street.
cob)' and well built bungalow on a
large lot, Just off Twelfth street
car line. $100 caBh and tho balance
monthly. Call and go with us to
see this. It's worth investigating.
Eastman & Wamsley, Phone 312,
Room 201 Westminster Trust building, City, (1195)
off; $800; $150 cash.    Apply A. Mc-
Fee, Edmonds, 11. C. Phone L 1038.
to purchaser, 17H& acres, high and
low land, adjoining Nieomen Btatlon
on C. P. R. Rich loam, about 4U
acros cleared, mostly in timothy,
tho rest oaaily cleared; barn 60x80
feet; good five roomed bouse;
plenty well -water. Price $10,000;
half cash, balance In 12 months.
Reduction for whole cash. Apply
F. Turner. Do Roche P. O., B.C.
Stove,  Canada'B    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
front bedrooms; board If desired.
608 Victoria street, near News
office. (1216)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings Btreet west. Van
couver,  B.C. 1199)
and toilet; wuodhousn and coal
house separate entrance. Apply nt
Morgan, 230 Eleventh street. (1227)
428 Eleventh street. (1223)
ished bedrooms by day or week. 654
Columbia  street,  over  Royal   bank.
tags.   Apply 6u7 Fifth Ave.    (1192)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agnes street.    Telephone  1.631
keeplng rooms.   224 Seventh street.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for School Building, Second
Avenue," addressed to the undersigned, will be received up to thn hour
of 12 noon, May 13, 191.1. for the
erection and completion of a two
roomed frame sclinol house on Second
Street, being Illock 20, D. L. 27.
Plans and specifications can be
seen at the office of the Architect, 116
Hrown Building, Pender Street West,
Vancouver, or at the office of tlle
Board, Kingsway. West Burnaby, I'..1'.
Each tender must be accompanied
by a duly certified cheque for a sum
equal to 5 per cent of tha tender,
which will shall be forfeited if tin*
party tenderhiig declines to enter
into the ci ntract If called upon to do
The chi qui :* nl unflu ssful tenderers will he returned to them on signing "f oontracl
The Board do Dol hind themselves
to ai*'*' pi the lowest or any tinder.
A. .1. BARHAM,
IV O. Box 207, McKay, B.C.        t!214i
Furnished   three   room   suite,   with
hath.    Hot and cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
NOTICE Is hereby given tbat Jacob
R. Coon did on the first day of April,
1913, retire from the partnership carried on between Silas Fader, Jacob
U. Coon and Frederick T. C. Lever
under the name and style of Investors' Investment Company In the
City of New Westminster in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated ai New Westminster, B.C..
this 3rd day of May, 1913,
According to a recent report issued
by tho United States department of
agriculture, girls are evincing more interest in farming Ihan boys, and this
occupation, so far as fruit and poultry
farming is concerned, is lieciiinlng essentially a feminine pursuit. Sei
eral year agso, In order to Interest
boys In agricultural matters, the department successfully organized corn-
rising clubs In country district.
But the success of these clubs has
heen totally eclipsed by the wonderful
success of similar clubs organized for
girls, at which the art of raising fruit
and vegetables, canning and preserving, and placing tlio produce on the
markets,haa been thoroughly tauRht.
More than 25,000 girls are now enrolled In theBe clubs and the training
they receive fits them to earn their
livelihood aa expert growers and preservers, makes of them capable helpmates for pioneer farmers and keeps
them from crowding into the towns to
lake up unhealthy poorly-paid labor.
Telephone Girls.
The Italian women telephonlstB, who
for some time, past have been conducting nn agitation against compulsory resignation upon marriage,
ire likely to see their efforts crowned
with success, After many petit ions
and representations to the authorities.
a commission was dually appointed
to consider the advisability of removing the ban. and the question of motherhood relative to the conditions under which the women work was thoroughly investigated. The commission
at last decided by a substantial ma-
pority in favor of retaining married
women in the telephone service, and
the new ruling now awaits the consent
of the chamber.
One telling point In favor of married telephoriifitH and one that the
women themselves laid great stresB
upon, is the fact that no marriage bar
exists for women telegraph operators,
while teachers and women clerks employed In the municipal and state de-
parlmnts may also retain their posts
after marriage.
German  Babies.
The outcry raised in Germany
aginst the decrease In the birthrate,
has been somewhat caused by the publication of official statistics, Bhowlng
that 39 more babies in every 1,000 live
through thilr flrst year than was the
case ten years ago.
In large cities the number saved
reaches a much higher figure, a gratifying result of the successful campaigns for "baby saving" organizations through which have been established milk depots, baby clinics, free
nurseries and supplies, and plentiful
instructions and assistance to moth
ers in the care of infants. In small
cities the percentage of babies saved
Is lower owing to the lack of organ
izatlon. ���
From  these  same    statistics  it  appears that 540 persons  in  each  1,000
reach the age of 50 in cities of more
than   100,000   in   habitants,   compared
with 539 in cities between 20,000 and
100,(100, and 5*14 in towns of lees than
20,000.     Thla  is   probably  due  to   the
[great attention  that has  lately   been
[paid to the sanitary and housing con-
ditlons In the large German cities and
the big increase that have been made
iin the various corps of inspection,
Working Women.
An exhaustive inquiry Into the enn
.ditlons of labor for women in country
! districts is   to  be   undertaken   by   a
i special commission in connection with
'.the German  Society  for the   Promotion  of   Working   Women's   Interests.
[Such an  Investigation  will  he of the
brought In to bo sold by the agency.
The- agency will endeavor to dispose
of all fruit suitable for the manufacture of bl-products, and to tbls end
wlll i ndeiivor to make all arange-
nii nts for the growers with the manufacturers.
The sale:; as far ub practicable will
  i be f.o.b,, on a cash payment basis, and
Utraosl value to social reformers and ; w-|| ho made twice monthly to the
women's organizations,.there being no local associations, The central asso-
authoritative private report at present elation will he financed by the local
published ou the subject. ai soolatlons In proportion.
The work will naturally occupy a Meeting? at which the policy will be
considerable time, as the whole area I submitted to tlle growers lu the var-
of Germany is lo lie covered, and the , |0ua districts will be held ln Vernon
Investigation Will include domestic as ! Monday at  2.30 o'clock, Peaebland ut
Industrial anQ agricultural      12 o'clock.   Tuesday, Summerland at
o'clock;   Naramatn,    Wednesday
Club women and women's organizations al lover America are busily engaged In securing signatures to petitions, which ure to he presented to
President Wilson, asking that Miss
Julia Lathrop, head of the Children's  at 8 o'clock.
Bureau at Washington, may be retain-1 	
ed In office. Mlaa Lathrop, 11 will be
remembered, was appointed to thlB
position by Prastdent Taft, and during
the short period that the bureau has
been in existence, has more than proved the wisdom of his choice.
Children and Politics.
The party machine In thp United
States, however, demands with the
election of a Democratic president, the
appointment of Democratic officials
and the question of securing another
nt 2 o'clock; Penticton at 8 o'clock;
Kelowna, Thursday at 2 o'clock; En-
derby. Friday at 8 o'clock; Armstrong
Saturday  at  2  o'clock;   Salmon  Arm
Tbe division of entomology of tho
experimental farms branch of the Dominion department of agriculture, Ottawa, has recently issued a circular
on "Tent Caterpillars," by Mr. J. M.
Swalne, assistant entomologist for forest insects, in the division of entomology.
This  publication  discusses  the  de-
woman for the post has already been  foliating tent caterpillars which twere
niooted. In the petitions it is urged
that the interests of the children
should not be subjected to party politics, and in the opinion of the women
of America the children's interests can
best be served by the retention of Miss
Lathrop as head of the children's bureau.
There Is In the numerous cheaper
class of public drinking places In
France, beside the ordinary bar, an
automatic machine from wblch the
CUSOmers can for the sum of ld. secure
a variety of alcoholic drinks, the nature of which is kept secret until actual delivery.
so extremely numerous In parts of
eastern Canada during the season of
1912. A description is given of the
different stages of the Insects, and
their life histories and habits are discussed  In  considerable details.
The American tent caterpillar constructs the large silken tents In May
nnd June, ao well known by all owners of fruit trees, and from these retreats the caterpillars emerge to feed
Upon tlie nearby foliage. This species
Is found most commonly In orchards,
although It also infests various shade
trees. The forest tent caterpillar spins
no tent, but feeds In groups of several
scores upon the foliage und rests nt
intervals massed upon the trunk or
lower branches. This species feeds
chiefly upon deciduous forest trees,
such as poplar and birch
Both these species were very abundant last season, particularly In Que- i
Inc.      province,    and    their   ring like;
j masses of eggs are to bo seen In Im-1
  I tnense   numbers   upon   the   twigs   of!
_, .,  ,,      ,. ,    .        ,    _        fruit   trees and deciduous shade trees]
Okanagan Valley Organization Is Fore | am] f(iroK( ,n many (ViiiMcU    Th��� flr. ]
eular above referred to above gives a j
very   complete  account  of  the  nieas-
urea to be adopted In controlling these !
important insect enemies.
They are. briefly, tlve removal and
destruction of egg masses, spraying
Infested trees wllh lead arsenate or
ParlB green, and banding the trees
to prevent relnfestatlon by wandering
Formulae for the spray mixture are
mixture are given and directions for
their preparation.
Copies of this publication, Entomological circular No. 1, Experiment
Farms, tmay be obtained from the
publication branch, department of ag
rlculture, Ottawa.
New Westminster District.
The following applies inly lo tin-
New Westminster Dominion Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lands In
tho New Westminster Agency who
are not located In Timber llerlhs will
bo given until Monday, the llith duy
of May, 1913, within which to appear
aud make application for entry.
Squatters whose claims have been
allowed, who have not yet secured
homestead entries, will be nollfleil
by the Dominion Land Agent at their
lust known address. In the event of
any such Bquatters falling to appear
ind make application before the date
mentioned, t,h��lr claims will lapsu
and the lands wlll bn otherwise disposed of on und after tbat date. If.
however, good reason Is shown for
falling to appear and the Improvements on the land are of substantial
value a further period of protection
may bo allowed ky tho Agent In cases
ot merit. Claims not yet dealt wltb
must be filed  Immediately.
Squatting on Dominion Lands without the authority of the Department
will not henceforth bo allowed and
wlll result in loss of claim and forfeiture  of Improvement*.
Supt.,  I).  0.  Lands.
Ottawa, 9th April, 1913. (1089)
?Sr B.C. Coast Service
l.eiu'.'K Vanoouver fur Victoria 10 ����� in-.
J p, in. mul 11 :4S.
Li'uvi-B Vanoouver f��r Beatlls 10 "���. ttx,
1111:1   II    1'.   ifl.
Leaves Vanoouver for Nanalmo :i P. m-
Leaves Vanoouver   for   Prln-n   Bupert
umt  .\iiii|."ru  Holms   lu p.  i"    Wodne����
Chilliwack Service
I>iivn�� chllllwack   7   a,  m.   Tuesday,
I'lini sitay ami Hiilunl.il
i..iivi!�� Westminster h u. m   MuHday,
Wi-UnuHtluy mul Frltluy,
KD. QOUTJDT, Agent,  New W. Mmliwter,
H. w. HituiiiK. o. p. A.. Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  1t6.      Barn  Phons  117
Beadle Straet.
Baggage Deliver tt Promptly to
any part ot the eity.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59 McKenile St.
tight and Heavy Hau'ing
New Spring aud Summer Suitings
now on display. See them. Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed. 7Dl
Kront Street.
runner of Central Selling Agency
for   British   Columbia.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
KstabllBhod      Assets
Railway l'assonger Assurance Co. of London ...    18*9 I    8,000,000
Guaranteed  by tho North  British       Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London   '     1809 105-n"';0''01
Palatine Insurance Co. of Ixmdon     188�� 9,000,000
Guaranteed by the Commercial Ineurance Company of London     W�� 90,000.000
Niagara Fire Insuranca Co. of New York        1850 li.onu.Oi 0
Svea Klre and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  ..    18-S6 14.000,000
Westminster  Trust  Block Phone 52.
Real Estate, Fire insurance.
On    Fourth    avenue,  lot 66x132,
cleared.     Price   fSOOO.    Terms.   No. ; oihw, hnt iwnd m-imp fnr lllns-
r,'1 tratod book���!-*.ilotl.   It frlTM fBl
.Ot. ........I....   ��� .,   , I .   , ���_.,���..
Every, Woman
i la Interested sod f tiy aid know
I sbout Uie wonderful
M���1 ���SSoBT
Aak yonr drutnttrt fbe "
���,yi It. If he <r��miot inpph
a"    tho   MARVEL, accept no
On St. George street, lot 33x132 to !
BtnM't, Rond lawn and fruit trees, j
Price $2000.   Terms.   No. 47.
parlirolar-* and <hr"ctl<m�� InTiIoable
Wiadiea.WINDKORKlll'l1LY(,0.,Wl!i<Uor, OtV
l>i ui-inl AffuM fo. �� tiu��<la.
Notice la hereby given thai the Corporation of ihe i it) ni New Westmin
ster iiro|iosns to fill In and build car-
tain works nn iiie foreshore along
portions of the iniiln waterfront of
the city of New Westminster, and
lias deposited the plans thereof uud
a description of the proposed sites
with the Minister of Public Works
and a*duplicate thereof In the offlos
of the Registrar ol Titles for the Dis-
irlet of New Westminster In tha
province of British Columbia, I>"Ihk
ihe district in which sueh work is
proponed to he cona ruoted, and will
One month after the date hereof up
I ly to the Qovornor-ln-Councll for ap-
j lovul thereof.
Dated this :ird day or Mny. 1913,
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk,
i hut i
On   Sixth   avenue,   lot   66x132.   to     be   Re  Lota 3 and 4,  Block  5. of Section
Cleared.    Price $2600.    No. ;",4. 35. Bloc'-i 5 North.  Range 3  We3t,
Map   523,   in   the   District   of   N*=w
rt     ~ .    ,  , ..   ,������ VAstminoter.
On  Royal avenue   a corner lot 66x132.       wh ���,  ���,  llln   ,���������  ���,  Cer.
Pricei $4500    Will   trade    lor    ....-    ���        ( f TU|0 Number   1G:.T41,,   ia.
proved  property.    No.  J. sued In the name of Alexander Allan
hm been filed In this office.
On THird    street,  corner    lot    82x66.       Notice ii hereby given lhat 1 shull.
Price (2606.   No. 4". ,v  the expiration or one month trom
the date of the iirni. publication here
On sixth street and Eiahtt. avenue,   '������ ����� '* daily newspaper published ii.
e corner; Price $:;m>u""' ('*,v "f M��* w,8��tH1,n"ar' l8BUa
i duplicate of the said Certificate unless In 'he meantime valid objection
b" made to me in writing.
INVESTORS'   INVESTMENT  CO. Dlstriet rJU e{ tiu��
Real EtatO and Insurance. , l'����'1  *-&**  OfflM,  New   Westmin
Notary   Public. Bl"r' IU;*'  A��>nl ''"'  1!U'"      (U08)
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.   .-_  l_      ,'.   '   -'*??
New Westminster, B.C.
Ini   S0x94,  Kin*1
Terms.   No,
Bank of Montreal
Branches throughout  Canada    and
Newfoundland,  nnd   ill   London.   Kiik
Splcr.did arrangements    made    this | |ana> New y0,jj( Chicago and Spokaui
year  fer cheap  round  trip tickets  to I U.S.A.,  Slid  Mexico  Olty,    A   general
all   points  cast,  commendny  May  28.   banking business transacted.    Letter:
Week Knd tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays,  .Saturdays  and   Sundays
if Credit issued, available with cor
respondents In all purls of the world
Savings ii. nk Department -Deposit*
received in sums of $1 imd upward
md interest allowed at 3 per cent, itei
Kor rates and reservation apply   to! uinura (present rate).
Total Assets over $188,000,000.00.
Now  Westmlnste:
Ot H, W. Urodle. fi.P.A . Vancouver
O. I), iiuymnhh. Manager.
Vernon, n. ('., May 4. ~A delightful
banquet wus given at the Kalamalka
hotel Friday nighl to Mr. H. Robertson and local delegates by the provincial directors of the local fruit asso-1
elation. Throughi ut there prevailed
the most remarkable spirit of unanimity and optimism us to the disappearance of all local jealousies.
The absence of    local    differences
BtOOd out  prominently, all  the valley i
districts  falling  in  line.    No "crank"
was allowed for a moment to frustrate |
the co-operathc movement.   The cru���
clal  question    of    a    manager    was |
broached and  negotiations are under
way to obtain the services of an outstanding, competent man.
Mr. Robertson ��ald In an tntervlew
Ihat if the organization, which there
can be no doubt will be decided on
next. week, proves a success this season, it goes without laying that there
wlll be one central selling agency for
the whole of liritish Columbia next|
is Psychological Moment.
This   Is   the   psyciiol-igical   question
of moment for the Okanagan valh y
and through it for the whole of the
British Columbia organization. The
delegates from the various districts
of tlie Okanagan section have been
here since Wednesday and concluded
their business loday at noon, they
having adopted Ihls policy aa a basis
for co-operative selling which will be
submitted to the growers in the various districts next week.
The wording of the policy was made
aa broad as possible, so lhat any modi
fieiiLoiis found necessary in practice
could he incorporated as easily as
The crux of the document follows:
It is signed by   Mr.  F. 11. Cosslt, of
Vernon, us chairman; Mrs. F. H. Nicholson, Salmon Arm; Mr. Charlea W.
Uttle, Ihuleihy; Mr. W. s. Burnetts,
Armstrong; Mr, .lohn El, Reekie, K'l-
'iwnii: Mr. O. .1. Coulter White. Summerland; Mr, .lohn MacLaughlln,
Peachland, and Mr. 1. W. Stevens, ae"
retary,  Pi ntloton.
A statement was given out that the
policy ol centralizing the agency will
i*e to ��� ' the frull and pn ductB of
afflllati d r Boclations opi ratlni or
the co-operative basis as quickly us
pi bi Ible fn in i rower to consumer,
To iiii   ' nd eucli methods nnd plan -
::i clrcumstuiicrs and experience Bhall
warranl  thnll be adonti tl,
Pr ints of  Policy
Fi ���- i'u presenl the Vornon dlstrici
wlll h i ��������� ii*- own repn ��� entatlves 11
agenel -. In the Felling centres v. th
*i vb " lo pu liiie the sale ot Its own
iw.iii- ind looking nfter Its Interests.
Oth r '--'in rtanl points of the policy
adopli I l'-. Hi" deli gati n wns a de
clslon i i Incorporate under ib" com
panl :' acl under the name, "Okanagan United Growers, Limited." und
tbe nrtlcles nre in the bands of a soil
tor for drafting,
The head office will be In Vernon
Representation from loual associations wlll in- baeed on tonnage wllh
li   minimum   of   one   vote.     One   vole
each on 50 cars maximum with 0
votes for "'-ii cars or more. The votes
and directorate tor this year were de-
clded on estimates on the following
output: Salmon Arm votes 2. direct'
ora i Armpirong vntps 6, directors
". Vernon vote-a 6, din ctors " Kel
owini votes ii, directors '-'. Peach-
land vi tea l din eti ra 1. Summer-
land    votes ':. directors 1,    I entlcton
Death  Lurked Behind  Large Hovering
Angel   in   Hotel   Bedroom���Pro.
Prietor Caught.
Through  tloketa, all classes, to the KaBt and  to Europe.
33  Hours to Prince Rupert.
41 bom-8 to Hazelton.
"Prince Oeorgo" runs through
"Prince lluperl" runs through
('���ranby Hay.
���MONDAYS���Prince Rupert.  Stewart,  Massett.
TUESDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Rupert, Granby Hay.
FRIDAYS���Alert  Bay.   Hardy   Bay,   Rivers   Inlet,   Ocean
Fulls,  Queon  Charlotte Islands (direct service, fast time)
SATURDAYS- Victoria, -Seattle.
���Close   connection at  Prince  Rupert  with  Orsnd Trunk
Pacific Railway  trains for points KaBt of Hazelton.
H   (J. SMITH, C   P. K   1   A. W. E. DUPBKOW.JJUA. P   D.
Phone  Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      5?T Gr��nvltl�� Street.
11     Round trip excursions
���eminence May L'N - Go one way. return another.
St. Petersburg. May 2, The mystery of a series of amazing botel murders bus just been solved by a da-
tective'in tlle gold mining town of
lilngow-^sbensk on lhe Amur in F.ast-
ern Siberia, in the most dramatic
und unexpected  fashion.
For a time, however, everybody in
the district lived in a slate of excite-
ini'iit. for when rich merchants and
travellers visited the town and stayed at a certain hotel they were fre-
quently found dead in the morning,
having   been   suffocate!)   and   robbed.
In vain the local police disguised
themselves as servants and frequented the hotel. The crimes continued.
Finally a detective from St. Petersburg was called in. He visited the
hotel and examined the final bed
rooms, lie not iced one thin': which
haunted blpvmemory for several days.
Thai   was  a  large  sculptured  angel
;,b ni' a bed ou which many victims
had  dli d.
Fascinated by the though; of the
hovering angel ho relumed again to
tho hotel, bul tlila time disguised as
n rich merchant and flinging mi ni y
i'b ui as it le* had plenty io spun
He -.-.������nt to bi d thai ulghi apparently
The Annel  Mcv*id.
As soon as ii- lay down his eyes
Koughi the marble augi I above hi
in ul. lis cheeks wero blown oul and
i held a Ling trumpet to its Btono
lips, He wondered how often this
sight, wiih l(* suggestion of death,
had been the lifsi seen by a poor soul
bul In1 did nol forget to snore and
Simula',,"   deep   and    drunken    sleep:
presently, through les half-closed
eves, iie saw iiie angel men'. When
ll had got quite close, tho detective
slelpped quickly out and dived underneath  the  bed.  whero he   crouched
with his revolver in Ills hand.
lb- fi I a sudden bump as the nn*
gel came down on the bed and then
he pcer-d out, The angel wan attach
cd to the ceiling by seyoral thldk
ropes, dov n one of which tho pro-
prietor of Hie hotel was lowering hlm-
The proprietor came down and was
going through tho pocketa cf the detective's clothes wlun be was Btnrtl
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipe*
P.  O.  BOX  442
when you can get aa good, cr tetter, manufactured In n. C, viz : the
Ute celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed ui pass Standard
Specifications of American nml Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe rrom
4 ln. to l!4-ln. In diameter. This Ib also mado in this Province and we
consider superior to any Imparted article.
We also carry u btock oT Crushed I'.ock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
Sei- ua before ordi rlnsr elsewhere,
Phonca 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
-gBBBMBW Wesstsseatst .-���-* t*ta; i- if j* tBosxnosuBaa esmwss*ama**a*t*sh*t.
Cur Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE .JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
votes 2, directors I    Directors musl ,'/"   ,v   "" appearance et lhe man who
nil be growers with produce to ship. ,le.,,,afl ?Vpp��f..d        V'\     ,"���    "'���
An exccutlv. ol three directors wns '* '���,! '*,,i'1 embrace.   Under the Influ.
elected  bv  the directorate. ':!" '  "r  "'"  'l""'<'*> *������,-->  revolver  he
Nol  more ihan rive per cent. Bhall lWM ''"'��� "      ''   '* ''    ''
be kepi bach tor running purposi t
The delegates r
of the pooling of
o other murders have troubled opu
imd a policy |lont Visitors ta Blagoweshonsk.
nil fruits and voge ,
HAtlt CUTT1NQ     HEARD CUTTING  King's Hotel Pool RoOITI
MASSAGING ailAVlMJ  **lu5 ��� ,mw * vvl nuuul
Specially- Treatment of the scalp' Beat Pool Tables ln the city. Fine
by Vibio-MnsBiigrt and Clover's Kam ! Due of ClRiirH and Tobacco.' Sportius
ous  Stimulating Tonics. invents bulletined.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eiflhth at.        1 A. Q. BEATON. Proprietor.
tables or like grades, sizes nnd vnrle :
ties in like packages, marked through
tha   centrnl   selling   agency,    Pliese
pools are to extend over BUCh periods
us may be ni^ri Bd upon in order thai
nil may share In the distribution of
tonnage us lur ns possible, Urns obtaining equitable a distribution of the
proceeds derived from sales.
Powers  of   Inspectors.
Inspectors   wlll   be   appointed   with
power  to  approve or reject all  fruit
P, McBride, formi rly n cabinet
member of Victorian government b��-
conies  agent-general  ni   London.   In
place of Sir .lohn Tavener who re-
luniH home. A. A. Iillsmi succeeds
Mr. Mcllrlde as minister I'or mines
nml railways, and sir Aleander Pea-
cock Ib appointed minister of education to Succeed Mr. Illlsoi), Mr. Murray I3 the arlliiR premier In the absence of  Mr.  Walt.
We hale one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for hent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacture Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New .Westminster News. MONDAY,  MAY  5,  1913.
Dominion Government Invites Appllca
lions  from   Growers for Horticulturist Pamphlet.
.ire run by women; lhere in nothing
mysterious aboul the work Of the gar
den, und Its rules are simple and ex
aeptlons to them un- few; lhere Is
nothing in the supposition that a soli
enn be "worn out."
Some of the oldest gardens in Ent;
land huve been in cultivation for a
thousand yearB, and loday are ub fertile ub ever. A Boll can be depleted
but not worn out.   The thing to do Is
to meet these various emergencies as
ibey arrive ant} line gardens, both
Mowern and vegltaljles, cuu be youra.
Tlle only time when there can be
said to be hard work in tlle garden Is
when It has to be trenched, or dug,
when the housewife should have u man
, int.
inn,"   I'  Ib the   universal  In depth,
of trenching which haa kept ii board.
the European gardens fertile since the
earliest times,
The   first   work   of   the   garden,   In
early ��print;, as noon ub ��he Boil can
be worked, la the trenching, which is
comparatively simple,   lit-glnning   at
onu bide of lhe garden of border (li
It be divided) with the shovel or
spade, throw one width the depth of; the
the spade to one Bide, which wlll leave
tt trench frum which It came. There
in a knack In thiB throwing wliicb
khdnld be observed. The aim Is to
separata the boII In no doing bo that
every particle wlll come Into contact
with the air.   Throw It with a spread
nnd nlso pressed down with   tended  ror sale
The pressing should be Ihor-  ery.
or lor  uae as in I llin
i ugh,  walking on the ^oiird wlll not
te too much,
ii,, ii although many women do it ing, sideways motion or the spade, ns
(beiirelves especially 111 the country I though you would Bcatter It In a dram! In small towns.   The reason whyjcle.    A  little practice  wlll  give    pro-
|h.many of the finest gardens are own- flojenby.
M and worked by women iB due tl The next width Is thrown Into the
tbelr capacity for care and attention | trench made by the first one, or rather
to tlie little things which make for , from which It came. In the same man-
iind   If   these  are   necessary | ner, and this is to he continued until
iinywhen  they ure In the garden.
Old Carden  Must Be Restored.
It nrilti rs not how long your garden
Ins  been   worked,  either  properly  or
Improperly;   whether It be a new one
which you are jui-t starting or whether ii hus entirely failed to give results, the principles are the same, but
ilnir application varies. The end to
be attained is to eei the soil Into good
tilth, filled with humus and the proper
:imount ol plant-food, and in good me
chanclal condition.   TheBe results be-
all Is trenched. The soil is allowed to
lie until ready to be raked into shape
for planting, but in tlie case of soli
which h:iB laid a long time dormant,
or  lies   been   robbed   for  a  long  tune
without replenishment, the trenching
should be repeated, throwing the soil
the reverse way. A soil treated requires merely to be filled with sufficient, potash, phosphate and humus to
I e aa fertile as any soil can be.
The addition of potash and humus
nri made in the shape of stable manure, horse manure being the best ior
At Least a Few Should Be Grown In
the Home Garden.
A rich sandy loam Ib best suited to
production  of  potatoes,  and  the
fertilisers employed   Bhould   oontaln
high percentages or potash. The main
crop or potatoes ror family use should
be grown elsewhere, but a small area I gained the thanks of the'Audubon so
ot early ones properly belongs in the  clety.
In the United States the Audubon
society and similar organizations recently succeeded in securing the Incorporation in tlie new tariff acl of a
similar proposal. England, Germany,
France and olher countries will probably take similar action at a very early date, and It Ib likely tha? 1918, like
1912, will be a banner year for the
birds. President Wilson recently prohibited the killing of birds of plumage
In  the  Panaiiia canal  zone, and thus
Almost everyone Willi tt garden or
rami In a tempi rule climate can fcrow
tomatoes with greater or Icbb success,
bill there Is " great difference between
tbe ixteiil and quality of tlie crops
grown by different persons lu the
sume locality.
These differences are due to sever
nl causes, among which the varieties
grown  and     methods    ot    cultivation
nre  p< rhnps the Ohlef,
According to experiments carried on
ior years at the experimental rarm at
Ottawa,   Berlins,  of  which  there  are
several hi ruins, Is the besl early sort.
tm! Bonny Best, Chalk's Early Jewel
are mIso  good  early   kinds,    Of  later
varieities  Matchless, Trophy,  Livingstone's Globe and Plentiful rank high,
li is the ��� art) trull thai makes the
profit.   In growing plants whal should
be aimed at  is the production of a
stocky, Bturdy plum which will have
mine fruit set upon It when set In the
in id,   Alter planting the chief work
in cultivation, which ihould be dom
both ways In the plantation.
In order to proti cl    tomato   plants
from iii i :!>. ���. 11 �� hich there are si
era!, Uny should be repeatedly spraj   |m���, j-    _d| ,lUl ,������ ,,,,,,.,, ��� ,,.1S been|0f tii
, ,1 even when quite young, with  Hor-      ..   ,    ..,.,_ ..,,  .., n.��� ������n I    ....
deaux mlxti
Tbi   I Ingi       nts are:    Flrsl hum-1the roadside be mixed with the man
i   , ���*. ,i   >i i   decayed vegetable matter ure, before putting it on. as this snd
,vhlch  live the beneficial Boll-bac-  will have J.he bacteria In lt, and It will
terln. without which no soil can be fer- go to  work al once on  the decayed
;;,,.,  ������ ' , h, ph Bphate and  nitrogen,  vegetable matter in'the manure.
.,   i nm,  in ' use of soil a ildlty, which     The phosphate li- best added In the
���   pr b nt ii. llun" i all cases ot run-  shape of a fi rtlllzi r which can be had
down soil, ��� fn m anj dealer, and Ib put on when
The in it expensive of these ingre-  raking the garden In a quantity Jusl
ita   nitrogen     enn    be    had    for  en ugh  to whiten    the    soil.' When
nothing, and Is the motif for most or lime is needed ii Is und In tho same
the work we do In the garden In the  way und in thi   same quantity.
epring of   in   year.    Wer,- It nol that     Th" new  garden will not likely re-
we dt-.-Hie to get  this  free  nitrogen, quire the potash and phosphate In bo
wi  would not need to dig our gardens  greal a degree ns an olfler one. bul
oftener than everj i-ur or tlve years, will need nitrogen and humus, unless
ih,. Doll possosses the property or made from Boil which    wns   covered
abstracting the nitrogen from the air, j with leaf mold, und iB sure to  1
nnd to i iialdi- it to do Ho and I > get
every atom possible nit r genlsed, we
iiiirt to the purpose of either digging
garden. The preparation of tbe hoII
Should he the same ae for general garden crops.
Early potatoes Bhould be planted aB
early In the spring us It Is feasible to
work the land, Irrespective o(. locality.
I.ate potatoes should not be planted
until early in June. The rows ahould
be two and a half to three feet apart,
and the hills fourteen to eighteen Inches apart In the row, Lay off the
tbe rows with a one-horse plow or lister, and drop the Beed, one or two
pice* in a place, ln the bottom of the
furrow. Cover the seed to a depth ol
about four Inches, uelng a hoe or a one
horse plow tor tbe purpose. One to
three weeks will be required for the
potatoes to come up, depending entire
The Weeks-McLean bill, giving federal protection to the migratory birds
of the United States, has Just become
a law, thankB to the propaganda of
the American (Jame Protective and
Propagation Association, an organization of sportsmen all over the United
StateB and Canada.   The United States
department of agriculture   is   now
framing measures for making the act.
fully efrectlve. Senator McLean, of
Connecticut, who was one of the bnck-
erB of the measure, dec-lares that the
law has a commercial us well aB a
sentimental aspect, and that it will
save the farmerB, fruitgrowers and
tiinben interests millions of dollars u
year now lost by the AllnottS activities
of   bugs,   beetles,   insects,   and   other
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
ly upen the temperature of the soil,  pests and plagues against which the
Theso imd many other points which
( ovi r practli all} the *��� bole Held '< :
ti :n .'*' ' Iture In the green bouse '������������
well ae In the gardi n nud field, are
fullj treati d In pamphlet No. 10 ol I ���
Ci "ii- il Expi i-iiie ni il farm, prepan d
by tin n itnlnloti horticulturist, Mi ' ���
T, Mi Coun ThlH work Is for fn dls
trlbutlon for al who apply tor li to
iin* publicatli 'i i ranch of the ddpai I
mini of agriculture al Ottawa,
Ing ail llpi d, the garden Is t ure to give ; |hp fl()W,.r K,.irill,ni aim for mm!, vege.
the full'*! ai nn- cf success. tables, und II should be old and well-
In tho i '��� "l lhe i Id garden which rotted. It should have been under
you have abandoned or contemplate over winter, as manure which lies oul
iii |i ��� go, II Is ic rely a question <>r ii, th , open over winter loses much of
.*.*. liin.' back i.to tin- soil tho plant- ita qualities by leaching.   In the case
old run-down garden, quicki r
rabbed, for it is n bin ry of the soil taction of the Ingredients will be had
to take om and put nothing back!        if chopped sods trom n clover Held or
A Few Simple Rules That any Ama
teur M.-y Fellow Elatlly.
v, in r.* ther, Is space for s garden
there should bo one, as nothing need
i imd in the way The work is nol ab:
normally hard, a - witness the facl
ihat Bome of the finest gardens today
The ground may freeze slightly aft
the planting bos been done, but so
long as the frost does not reach lhe
reed potatoes no harm will result, and
I growth -..ill la gin as soon us the soil
becomes sufficiently Mann.
bi on as the p itatoea appear
above the ground and the rows can bi
followed the i urf ice bi 11 should1 11
well stirred by means of one of tho
harrow-toothed cultivators. Qood cultivation tlioiild be maintained through
��� ul th ��� gn i. Ing si a    a, with occaalon
ll   h   nd   hi    ii.i.  II   ; .sary, to keep
���- .    grou   I tn " from wei as.   T iward
tl * !:i the Roll msy I),* v.. il -,. . ���;. u
n* und  the  plants  ti  bald   them
.* i        d ii".'' ��� i the tutu rs from the
un    'ier Hie vim 8 bl i.in to die.
' "��� ��� dl]   Ing  the    potal es,    they
hould I'',  i a allowi d to li'' i i    ised
r to any light while In Btorage, as
"������ v sun becomi  green and unfit for
fl le ii.--    Early potatoes especially
hould nol be stored In a damp place
luring the heated part of the summer:
and will keep besl ir   covered   with
straw in s cool, shady shed until the
autumn weather n's In, alter which
they can be placid in a dry cellar.
T. J. TRAPP & Co.
Open up in our New Place a  Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
F.- & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
lime. All new -soils need lime excepting tb- '-"���"������ - ' ich is limestone
^ppllcalitn cf the t-ertilutr.
Thi- manure should be put Into and
not on, the soil, as so many times in
donl The eld practice of putting lhe
manure in the bottom of a furrow
when digging a garden soil Tor planing is fundamentally wrong.
'ibere  are  feeding   roots to garden
plant!  from the crown down, and to
nable these- to reach the plant food
��� sin uld be well distributed through
'.he BOtl, and this can best be, done by
"Chopping?" it In with the rake after
the i "il has in en made fine and by
much working With tbe tire and rake.
The fertiliser should be added before
the fining of the foil Is done for planting the teed: the lime alBo, and well
', raked in
However, if the trenching and man-;
luring  is done sometime    before    the)
| weather bus advanced sufficiently to ,
| permit   of  planting    the    garden,    it j
1 should be allowed to lie "in the rough" *
and  the fine raking done just  when
ready to plant, as it Is important that |
the soil be not allowed any length of
time between the fining and the plant-
I ,ng. as it  is just then  In the best of
condition for this work.   It will not be
pci sible  to do  this  raking or  fining
j as it should be done unless the soil
I be In the right mechanical condition,
Seeds Must Not Be Too  Deep.
After yon have the soil ln good con-
! dition.  another condition of    success
I with the spring garden is proper plant-
i Ing.    It would seem as though anyone
j could plant seeds.    They can and do,
I hence  the    differences    in    gardens.
I These  who do  the  best  planting of
I seeds, coming first, Will be treated of
lhere.    The most  Important thing    of
I planting ot Feeds Is to get them covered   at  Just   the   proper  depth.     Al-
I most everyone plants them too deep
I    A  sate  rule  la  to  plant very  fine
] reeds, like portulaca, petunia and pop-
i py on top of freshlly fined soil, and
i press down with a smooth board, whlc
will give the seeds sufficient covering.
Larger seeds,  like  the Bweet    pea.
| nasturtium, and  similar ones Bhould
Ibe planted four times their diameter
Make Your Gardens Beautiful and
Profitable By Planting the Royal
Nurseries Tree and Plant Collection
6 Shade Tree*
2 dozen Hoee Trees
4 Rhododendrons
4 Conlferae or Evergreen
t>�� Hollys for Hedge
4 Apple Trece ln variety
2 Plum TreeB In variety
2 Pear Tree* ln variety
2 Cherry Trees In variety
2 dozen Raspberries
6 Currants In variety
fl Oooseborrles
12 Rhubnrb
4 Shade Trees In variety
1 donen Roses���good   varieties
2 Rhododendrons
2 Conlierae or Evergreens
2  Hollies   specimen
2 Apple Tress
2 Plum Trees
2 Pear Trees
2 Cherry Trees
1 dozen Raspberries
���H Currant Trees
G Rhubarb
3 Shade Trees
1 dozen Roses���good sorts
2 Rhododendrons
100 Privet for Hedge
2 Apple Trees
1 Cherry Tree
1 Pear Tree
1 Plum Trees
1 dozen Raspberries
2 Ooopeberrles
n Currants
C Rhubarb
There is perhaps no vegetable
grown in Canada that is more easllv
raised than the cabbage. It does well
in almost any soil provided with n I
reasonable quantity of moisture and
manure: it thrives from the most
southerly part of lhe provinces of Ontario to Dawson City in the north and
from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.
The cabbage does best in a moist,
cool soil, aniiresponds well to heavy
rertilizlng and gow! tillage. .Market
garileners have learped not only this
but also lhat there are great dirTer* j
eences tn the value ot different varieties. It has been found by actual experiment that It is possible to have
more than $200 per acre difference in
ithe value cf the crop of a poor and a
I good strain.
For twenty-fcur wars the horticul-
! tural division of the Central experimental farm has carried on variety
and cultural experiments with cabbage and has learned much of value on
the subject. This work has been carried on for the benefit of the public
who are fully entitled to the lessons
gathered during this long period
Years after year, results of thia
work have been published in the annual report of the experimental farms,
but such references have necessarily
bi en of a fragmentary nature.
In order to treat the subject of cabbage growing fully In a single publication, the Dominion horticulturist. Mr.
VV. T. Macoun, has brought out Pamphlet No. 11 cf the Central experimen-
| lal farm, which takes the subject up
under the heads of the soil and Its
preparation, varieties, sowing the seed
uud raising the plants, plantiiigfi cultivation, harvesting, and control ol insects and lungus diseases.
A section is also devoted to the culture or the cauliflower, which Ib stated to be more difficult to grow than
the cabbage.
Early cabbage Ms -said to be usually
more profitable to grow than late cabbage, bnt requires more skill to get a
satisfactory ep-p. Coed early sort*
nre K ���.rly Jersey Wakefield. Paris
Market, V-rv Karlv apd Copenhagen
Market, Popular late varieties are
llanith Billhead and l.ate Klat Hutch,
while Red luitch is one of the best
red kinds.
in cauliflowers Early Dwarf Erfurt
and Karly Snowball are favorites,
while Large Algiers and Walcheren
ure excellent late sorts.
The pamphlet points-out that With
all theae varieties It Is Important to
get the best strains that can be procured.
As only a limited edition of this
work haB beeu printed It will not be
sent out to the regular mailing list,
but copies will be sent free to nil who
apply for them to the publication
branch of the department of agriculture at Ottawa,
birds are the surest, protection.
John James Audubon, the eminent
ornthologlst, whose birthday Is now
celebrated as bird day, wub bof-n In
N'ew Orleans, May 4, 17S0. He was
the son of a French admiral, and
spent mot-t of his mature life in the
Hudy of birds, exploring the forests,
wildernesses and mountains of North
America, from Labrador and Canada
to Florida. The knowledge gained of
the feathered inhabitants of these remote sections he embodied in his nun
iiinenl.il work. "The Birds ot America"
which he both wrote and illustrated. I
Although born in Lousiaana, then |
b French colony, and educated partly
in Pennslyvania and partly in I'aris,
Audubon was n citizen of the world,
and all the bird-lovers of the globe
now do    him    reverence.    Ile    spent*
many yean. In London, Edinburgh and
Paris, where be wae    greeted    with
every   mark   of  honor   by   Humboldt,!
Cuvler, and other    great    naturalists. I
His latter years were spent largely in
New York, whi re he died in 1861.
Tlie Audubon Society whieh now has
brunches all over  North  America.  iB
the principle bird- protection  organization of the continent, but there are
a number of others thai, are carrying
on a useful work.   One of there is Un-
American   nird-nandiiig    Association,
which has as its principal object the
study ot migratory birds, and this has
resulted In the discovery of many in-
ti resting racts about the travels ot the
feathered   tourists.     The  importation i
or Kngiish birds has recently  receiv-',
ed much attention from societies and j
i bird-loving Individuals.
Five  hundred   feathered   emigrants j
recently left  England  for Vancouver, i
j 1!.  C��� and  some  four hundred   Eng-
| lish  birds m re  recently  received  by |
a Detroit manufacturer,    lt is expect-j
' ed   that   these   birds   will   rapidly   in-I
I crease  in   numbers,     and    eventually \
I spread over    British    Columbia    and |
A  twilight breeze,  of  honeyed  scent
ltr passioned,
Shakes gently to and fro
Red roses, in a jar of Cyprus fashioned
Three thousand years ago.
So long earth hid secure in her dark
The  fragile,  molded  clay;
I'nburled   now,   it   holds  thc   fleeting
Of a brief summer's day.
And breathes out visions to the dusk,
that hover
Flame-like,  upon  the wall,���
Beallty and old-time gladness, passing
While the red  roees fall.
Rose leaves which patter like the rhythmic feet,
Of dancing girls, who glide
Through sunlit halls, where kings and
chieftains  meet.
When spears are laid aBide.
Peace crowned  tbe girlB with roses,
brimmed with wine
The lovely curves of you
Pair  ancient  ve.se!   and  raised,  with
touch divine,
Dead brotherhood anew.
Fcrgotten  peace!   and long  forgotten
Peoples and  kings are gone
UtiEt trom the wheels of time's unresting car:
Only the vase lives on.
Perfect as when,  within  the    shady
It cooled  from  summer's  glow:
Who would have   deemed   the   frail
thing half Immortal,
Three thousand years ago?
��� ���By Rosalind Travera.
The above collections may be altered to suit our customers requirements.
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"Save the birds!'' Ib now the slogan
of Influential organisations all over
the civilized world, and their observance of '"Bird Oay." the fourth of May,
Is annually becoming more    general.,    	
This year the anniversary of the birth police, following reports by officers or
Of John James Audubon, greatest of the Inland revenue, has now resulted
bird  lovers,  tell  on  Sunday,  and   on) In discoveries that have produced    "
Dublin, May 4.--A revival or "shee-
beenlng" and illicit distilling and
smuggling has occurred In certain territories in Oalwny and Mayo.
The Illicit still���or what Is known
as the "potheen" factory���has always
been a feature of the Irish countryside
and In aplte of drastic efforts to control Its activitlf b It has always managed to escape complete extermination.
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many pulpits on both aides of the Atlantic lhere was fitting recognition of
whiit has come to be called "Hirtl Day"
It was In England, titty-five years
ago. Hint Ihe movement for tlie pre,-
servatlon 01 "our little brothers of the
shook In lhe raiika of temperance ail-
vooates. In one little Village in Mayo
no less than ten persons were found
recently, eiu-airnl In this Illicit traffic and heavily fined.
I    The discovery was due to the com-
air" Tlrst took organised form In the I plaints of local Storekeepers who iin-
OrnitholoKisfa unoii. Kver since then tlced a considerable falliiiK oft in tne
the bird-lovers of Kngland have been I receipts for whiskey. On raw ana
flgliting the feathW trade, but thus ' market days their ilrink department
far in vain, and it remained for A.UB- was completely deserted, their post-
tralia to enact a few months ago n Hon becoming ao desperate lbat quite
law absolutely prohibiting the Impor- a number of them had made up their
tatlim of all feathers and plumes of minds to relinquish their licenses aim
���j-Ud  birds, Other thau ostriches,  in-  abandon the sale of intoxicants.
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talk  it
.Mr. J.
Era, Ore
he  had   made  gestures  and   remarks
calculated to ridicule and annoy them.
Reports from  the end of steel on
the Canadian Northern In the vicinity
of Hope received here lust  evening
state a fall  of over three  Inches    of
snow took place there yesterday.
As u result of falling down tho elevator shaft of ihe t. j. Trapp hardware store on Columbia street at  10
lo'oloek   Saturday   morning,     a    man
named William Hay. Is at present lying
Manners  hus  gone  to Mew 11" lhe  Uoyal Columbian hospital suf
where he will take up his | feeing from u broken shoulder and se
Mrs.    Martindale    Buys  Weatmlnster
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A census will he taken Friday,
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before Saturday noon please notify
mo at my office at once. F. Broad,
assessment  commissioner. (1218;
Thc New Westminster News of Satin day contained a most complete, and
well written account of the May Day
celebration. A limited number of
conies are on sale at the business
ofTico of The News and at tlie book
stores.   Send some to your friends.
On Tuesday, May 6, a concert will
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Messrs. S. Fader and F. T. C. Lever
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vere  facial  Injuries.    Itay  was found
lying nt  the  bottom  of  the shaft by
the other employees Of the store and
wan at onc-e removed  to the hospital [ wheh
where   his   Injuries     were    attended, |
I .ate last night he was reported to he
much improved although his Injuries
wlll probably prevent hlm from working for several weeks to como.
"I hope to be here again next year,
and to bring a large number of
Nanalmo people with me to hop your
May Hay cel'-brallon. I had ho Idea
received your kind Invitation
that   your   festival   would   he  so  geor-
Cl'NNINOHAM- The body of Mrs.
Janet Cunningham, who died at the
residence of her son, Mr. J. W. Cunningham, 620 Fifth street on Thursday evening, wlll be shipped to
Streetsvllle, Ont., for burial on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon services will be held In 8. Bo-
well's  undertaking  parlors.
Deceased Is survived by one sister.
Mrs. Kllen J. Skene of Toronto, and
by a son, J. W. Cunningham of this
city, and a daughter, Mrs. W. J. Kos
ter of Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.
MoCOMBIB���TJiere died yesterday
at the family residence, Hitiden ave
nue, Burnaby, Nora Catherine, ilaugh
ter or Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McComble,
and grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Otway Wilkie of this city, aged 13
months. Mr. McComble Is a member
of the start' or the Hank of Vancouver
here. The funeral will be held this
afternoon at 2:30 from the family residence.
I .OAT���The funeral of the late Mrs.
K. I.out who died In Vancouver on Saturday will take place today from the
residence or her son, Mr. C, J, Lout,
208 Fourth street. Services will be
held in  Holy Trinity cathedral.
Asylum at Esiondale Now Ready for
General   Use.
The new Essondale provincial public hospital for Insane at Mount Co-
quitlam has been opened for general
use, 340 male patients having been
transferred from the hospital in thlt)
By the change the congestion that
has. prevailed at the New Westminster
Institution lias been greatly relieved.
The capacity hen- is BOO Inmates,
while previous to the opening of the
genus an affair, or even lhat so many
children  could  he  made so  happy  In I
ao Interesting and Inexpensive a
Mrs. Lillian Martindale, of Nanalmo, expressed her satisfaction with
Friday's fele In the above words on
Baturday afternoon, on the eve of her
departure for her home In the Coal
Olty, As one of the Judges of the
dpcorsted automobiles In the parade,
Mrs. Martindale had anticipated a
harder task Ihan fell to her lot, but
whatever disillusionment may hnve
been occasioned by the limited number of be flowered machines, waa scon
forgotten  when she reached Queens
park nnd witnessed the revels of the
thousands of children. As she expressed It to on�� of the members of
the committee:
"We will make an effort lo Introduce some of these attractions In
Nanalmo. but I do not think we will
be able to approach the excellence of
vour celebration for many years,
Would you be able to loan us the
music of the various dances ? nnd
where do you get those bars of chocolate for the children ? and how
much do they cost ?"
Having charge of the children's
pan or the big 24th of May celebration In Nanaimo, Mrs. Martindale was
naturally Interested In anything that
would tend to make the afTair a bigger success, and to tills end she was
given all possible Information by
members of the committee. Bandmaster Rushton has promised to for
ward Mrs. Martindale the required
inrormation concerning music, and ar
rangements wen' completed Saturday
by the Pacific Chocolate company for
the supplying or 1600 bars or chocolate for the Nanalmo celehrationo.
It  ls worthy  of mention  that   Mrs.
i Martindale  is a  daughter  of   Mrs.  J.
IP. Plantn. who. when principal of the
j school here 4�� years ago, played an
active   part  In   the  May   Day   festlvl-
| ties.
| Miss McDonald, of the Nanaimo
High school teaching stalT, who also
I crossed  the gulf to witness the  May
Special Sale of'
Vacuum Cleaners
Once a luxury, today "Vacuum Cleaners" are regarded as the most sanitary
help to housekeepers obtainable. In a short while every "new house will have
"built in" Vacuum Cleaners.
Style No. 1���One-quarter horsepower, that does excellent work; a child of ten
can operate it with ease.   Usual price $35.00.  Special Sale Price ... .$25.00
Style No. 2���One-half horse power, warranted to do all the work of it. Usual
price $65.00.   Special Sale Price         50.00
The Well Known Santos Reduced to $125.00.
Essondale  hospital   In   the  neighbor-1 Day festival, returned home oni Satur.
hood of 800 were resident In the build- j day with Mr. and Mrs. Martindale.
ings.    The new  institution  will hold
650 patients and therefore provides
sufficient room for all patients that
may be expected for some time to
The   report   of   Dr.   C.   B.   Doherty,
medical  superintendent of both  Institutions, shows that Kim patients in all
treated    for    insanity   during
A  total  of 792  patients  were
under  treatment  at  the   beginning or
the month and S02 at the end or April,
an  Increase of 10.    Six  patients died
at. the Westminster Institution during
April and one escaped.    At Essondale
Peters, president of theloue died and one escap
The steamer Roman loaded with
220,000 pounds of halibut arrived up
the river at 1 o'clock this morning and
tied up at the wharf of the Columbia ! *"
Cold Storage company. Capt . Fred-1 Al",'11
rlckllBon reports good weather but
many boats out from Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle with a consequent
scarcity of fish.
Another Customs Port.
Ottawa, May 4.- An order In council has in en passed establishing Pin-
horn, Alta.. as an outport of customs
under the survey of the port of Lethbridge,
A-jents for
"Try New
Agents for
"St. Claire"
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
eles, Cat.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
raid  up  Capital  and  Surplus
Assets       4,970,101.06
Trusts under Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New     Westminster,    Nanalmo,
Ic.algary. Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal,   London,   Eng.,     and
{Antwerp, Belgium,
Mrs.  C.  .7
Vancouver  Y. \V.  C.  A��� wlll  address
the regular monthly  meeting of the
l    W. C. A. In the assembly hall In
the new V. W. C. A. building on Columbia Btreel at 3 o'clock this after-1without   probation,  6;   discharged  on
noon.    The work or the organization probation,   10;   discharged  on  expiry
will be the subject or her address. The '���'���< probation, none.    Of the total Hum
various committees are requested to ber of patients under treatment dur-
Mrs. N. Grnher of Los Am
keeps sixty-three l>"t doits.
MliM Bertha Hi��ven�� say* Cleveland
sadly needs an asylum, refuge ur buiue
for old maids.
band in their reports.
Our bread Is full weight, pressed
down and running over with goodneBS
and deliclousness; try it. Home
Bakery, Sapperton. (1187)
New Westminster dog fanciers are
congratulating Mr. J. J. Jackson of
Edmonds on his success at the annual
kennel show held In Vancouver last
week when three of his collie dogs
captured honors in their class. Mr.
Jackson's ''Seedley Sambo" was judged as the best exhibit at the Victoria
show held recently while at the Vancouver show "Seedley Sherlock" and
"Seedley Sousie" also
ing the month, 25K wcre females and
the balance males.
* #
'��� # "ft # # * *��� * # *
The frontispiece of the last  Satur-
I day  SunBet portrays Columbia street,
j New    Westminster,    In    a    striking
I photograph,  showing  the  main   business portion  of  the  thoroughfare  to
| the    tiesl  advantage,    thronged    and
busy     The  new   Westminster  block,
( the  C    P.   R,  depot   and  sin d and  the
top  pari   "f Trapp's  block  stand    oul
prominently     On another page  there
lis :i charming photographic picture or
1),,.     Mil*     QUI'!'!!        ,i>i,l        I,,,,.        ,,,,. la,
The other figures of the report are   , ,   , ,        , , ,,
Admitted during the month! 34; re- wlss "��"<"> Che"rer baa ***" ',|erk
turned from probation, New West* '" the postottice at Mum city, la., im
minister   i,   EsBondale 1; discharged over thirty-four years.
Mrs. William E Oummere, wife of
the chief Justice of New Jersey, is
neadlng a movement for the improvement of tbe highway department's
methods In Newark.
Mrs. nobley D. Evans, widow of
"Fighting Hob." had the distinction uf
being the only woman asked to take
pnrt In the dinner given by the Pilgrims In New York to the captain and
officers of the British warship wblch
was sent to this country witb tlie body
of Whltelaw Held.
Miss Ellen Churchill Semple of Lon
Isvllle. Ky., hns written un Interesting
scientific book In regard to a system
Miss Semple
���mtered Vassal- at fifteen, although that
Is below the usual age, but she wns
uilniltted because she had passed without conditions. After graduating at
nineteen she tiled to be a society girl,
Imt Minn Hred of tlle life.
ilitional pounds or pork. 11,0001000 gallons or milk and 929,136 pounds ot
l.ulier. The local decrease of milk
produced   was   3,000,000   gallons,
An alarming feature was the in
crease lu the amount ot import duties
on fruit which tin- reports showed,
this In view or the fact that local
fruit raisers were compelled through
lack of markets to feed their crops
to  hogs  or  leave  them  to  rot.
The prevailing conditions vludicat
ed most emphatically the wisdom of
appointing the agricultural comtnis
Edmonds, May 12,���Three cases
were heard in the municipal pollce
court on Saturday before I'ollce Ma-
gi.-trate Montgomery Beatty and convictions wero secured in each. The
Wlnton   Motor  Co.   was   assessed   $7
nnd  costs because one of their aut0S|Of  ttnthropogeogrnphy
did not slop after It had run into tin
buggy of one of the municipal rood
captured   rib-1 superintendents.   The accident occurred on Edmonds street on Friday, May
avenue, Burnaby, Nora Catherine,
daughter of Cecil and Nora Georgian McComble, and granddaughter
or Otway and Catherine Wilkie. ot
this city, aged 13 months.       (1234)
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
noMrw Fund
Total AauU >
$U, OOO, 000
Collections A Specialty
The Dominion Bank?hae exceptional facilities for making
coHectlo��3���not,onlyin Canada-   but luaJlparts cl the world.
CoiTipletallst cf Brancttw and corre^poi.denta lurnidied
on spphcsMcl!
and    her
i iin
Ji an is to be
i production,
Ten dollars and costs was mulcted
Munch Singh ror blasting without tak
ini-- the necessary precautions for the
safeguarding of public life and pro
perty. while a Chinaman was
a similar amount for pedling wll
-.: license
Horticultural Show
The residents of Edmonds anil adjoining  dlstrlots   In   the   municipality
ar,* evincing a un*:it deal or interest
majesty iin  the horticultural  show  to be held
' - Co-Opcra'ion and
fckel Facilities! h.
ngratulaled on under the auspices or the Burnnby
Horticultural society, about Aug. 1G
'lh,- idea Is lo make tin exhibition an I
outdoor one .md the grounds of the
Municipal hall will probably be so
cured for the purpose,
The mosl eoinuii ndahle aim of thi 1
society ls to encourage people to beau
tify thilr homes und to this end a
dlBsase of the skin and scalp; ! garden competition will be held coin-
will put now llle Into your hnlr mak- jcidont with the show. Prizes will tiling it healthy and glossy, I'rice 35c, given ror the hist cultivated lol ojld
per 8 oz. bottle. For sale only by1 tho'best looking garden. This com
Prank .leal. 1427 Seventh avenue, city, petltlod has heen well received and a
Phono 839, Delivered to any part of number of people have already an
the city. Send post card or telephone,  no'unced their intention or taking part
(1225) ) The entries close on June 1.
Award   Prizes.
(Continued Irom page one)
Florldora is a remedy lor the hair
nm complexion, the formula or which
la the study of a celebrated Kngllsli
specialist. The Ingredients are
vegetable and mineral, non sticky or
greasy. Will destroy all germs and |
agriculture    Oermany,    the    United
Stntis and Australia were promoting
schemes  to advance agriculture.
Tlie .Nev.   Boutll  Wales  government
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
Qh   Class   LUifi   and   Gentlemen's
II",   l.orne   street,    New   Westmlnstr
50C Main street, Vancouver
waa Inaugurating an Irrigation scheme
to bring Into cultivation 350,000 acres
t an i stlmated cost ol $27,0110,000.
In  1912  liritish Columbia had con
sunn il  $37,000,OJIO of which over $16,-  Salmon
one,lino   was   imported.     The   imports  n-j .
! from  the prairie provinces and  the 	
United  Sinus hnd  increased  by  $30.- . Halibut,  per Ib 15c 1
000,000 In  the lasl  three years. jOollohans   3 lbs. 25c. i
The cattle, sheep and swine raised  Rhubarb, per lh      5c
had  decreased,   par  Spinach   SW lbs. 85c I
Kgga    3  doz.  for  $1.001
.2 lbs. 85c
The next meeting of tlie Kraser Valley Publicity bureau will be held at
Flburne on Thursday morning. .May 16
at 11 o'clock. The Richmond council
will  entertain  the delegates  at   lunch
The winners of the different card
games held during the winter under
the aueplces or the Edmonds club will
he awarded tlieir prizes al a meeting of the club on Wednesday.    Pol
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mads   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
in   the   province
tlcularly cattle,
Dairy produce valued at $222,452
was Imported Into liritish Columbia In
1910, Last year the amount Was
$1,072,435, or 400 per cent Increase.
Particular items wcre  8,000,000 ad-
Phone  9a.
Fish  and  Produce.
447 Columbia  St.
"GET   THE   HABIT"! ami   Will take them  on  a lour of the | lowing the presentation  or the pri/
from   our   newest   department.    All the latest and
popular     magazines     and
weeklies kept in stock.  Will ] pin,
deliver if you prefer.
' dislrlit. The association is doing good
work with ils offices al the Progress
club headquarters In Vancouvi r and
has already Induced a number of new
comers to permanently locate in the
Kraser valley on both sides of the
river. A number of people have made
tours of Inspection of the district at
the request of the bureau's secretary,
Mr. Otway Wilkie.
���48 Columbia Street
Phone 45J
social  evening  will  be  held
In order to defray the cost nf mak
Ing some additions to the church, the
congregation or St. Albans, Kdmonds.
will shortly Inaugurate a campaign
for funds.
Tho Sons of England lodge will meet
in the .Moreton hall on Tuesday, May
6 th,
Tin concrete base for the car tracks
is being laid on Kingsway by the <'a-
nadi.in   Mineral   Rubber  Company.
Some   minor  alterations  are   being
made lo the roof or the Municipal hail,
Mr.  John Anderson, contractor, being
was sentenced to 14 days in Jail with! In  charge of the  work.
out the option of a rine by Magistrate i     The   Burnaby   Victorian    Order    or
Kdmonds in police court Saturday Nurses have appointed Miss Milne, a
morning. Witnesses gave testimony nurse, to take charge or the work or
that Payne had shown an animus j the society In North Hurnaby. In
against the police and also that when April 19 patient's were attended hv
certain ofricials, Including Chief Brad- Miss Calhoun, the nurse ror Edmonds
thaw, had passed hlm on the street; land 174 visits were made hy her.
.MM lAJll
Home For Sale
Convicted on a charge of vagrancy
ider section K ol the Vagrancy act,
Kred  Payne who has given  the  local 1
authorities  trouhje heretofore,
Nn.   1- Here   Is  tx  splendid  home for sale cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park and new school.
It  has  seveM   Inrge  comfortable  rooms with  BVSry  modern  convenience;   full  basement;   on  a  large  lot, fifixlS'J  feet.
This place la below valtio and   the   terms  are   such  thnt  almost
anyone can  handle  It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH, balanca monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let ua show you this place.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast   SteamsMp Co.
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
Established 18*1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marina Insurance.
1)11 and after May 1, 1913, the trains previously leaving New
Westminster for Vancouver (via llurnaby l-aliei at 8:00 and 7;ti0
a.m. will havo the tram terminus at 5-.4f> and 6.45 n.m.
This alteration of the running time Is mado to accommodate
residents along tho line who dfwlro to reach the terminal cftleB of
tbe division In time to get to their placoa of employment on tho
even hour.
The schedule of tlie line will remain   as  heretofore  except  as
the  morning  trains  noted  above.


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