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The New Westminster News Oct 4, 1913

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 Ntws Clemmed Ads.
Ha\e iinivcn  their worth by tha
results   they    produce.     They   All
large   nr   amall    wants   at   small
The  News
matlon booth
Is ln
is trial
building,  neat
Phone 189.
Five Men From Vancouver
Appear in New Westminster Assize Court.
Met:  CvrlcuB Charge  Is "nootin" "ilth
Intent to Commit Murder���Others
Alio Charged.
Tn;i billii were found bj the -irand
jur> against live men charged with va-
linus crimes oonnected with the mln*
ers' riots on Vancouver Island this
summer at the assize court yesterday.
Tin- '.i-iiiii bus been changed to New
Westminister. Application tor ball was
refused by the Honorable Justice Clemen
The most, serious charges are
against Edward Norrls, wbo Is a"cns-
1 used  nf  (1)   shooting at John  .lobus
with intent to commit murder, umi
it) with assaulting JSrcy Johns with
Intenl to do blm grievous bodily harm,
nn tbe 19 July- 1918, al Cumberland,
Tin- otber men. Bl lbe inline time and
libice are charged us follow:.
Richard Goodwin  111  with bavlng
taken part in a riotous assembly; (2)
assaulting Constable Joseph McCar-
gill In  tbe execution of bis duty.
Joseph Savior, riotous assembly.
John am. James Connors (1) riotous
assembly, and CM assaulting Jeffrey
I! innln;; In the execution of Ills duty
Crcwn Counsel Astonished.
11 transpired, When prisoners were
arraigned, that Morris and Hall had
been i ranted ball al Nanalmo. to the
evident astonishment of A. n. Taylor.
K C, wbo appeared for the crown.
Thej  will be arraigned later
The others pleaded not guilty and
are   represented   by   J    K.   Hint.   Na
.nal tni
* Alter consultation as to the probable date of lhe trials the court Inti-
mated thai thc> were not likely to take
place until the middle of 'he week sf
ier nexl  (IS October).
Been In Custody.
Mi. Hlrd In applying fer hall said
thai with the exception of Morris, t'ie
prisoners had been In custody since
their arrest, on 1!>th Julv, and that
llm extreme petutft* f"r int1midtt,'-"i
was only three mouths' IninrlV'Titnent
Their continued incarceration Imped'
ed the preparation of their defence.
Mr Taylor opposed ball, and pointed oul thai Judge Harker In bis wis-
il  hnd refused It
Justice clement commented upon
i �������� Inadequacy vt tin* penalty attached ' ' rioting and referred lo the
c \' K s'rikes. where practically
nn ri-p'cd mo'i took pari in the rl-nl
; ���_ and Intimidation    He resi rn 1 bis
ii lon
Should Hjwe Ball
Later In the 'lav hit, lordshln said
ihn: he bad come to tin. non'ilnsion
thai he oughl n"t to ndmll ���trims**) m
ball 'ml 1 1 d Chief Jtwtl e Coleridge
on the subject It was net ti nt���s
Hon cf the rullt or Innocence of the
prisoners, ln some of the courts sl
any rnte the evidence wns Beri 'us -������'���
1 * ugh the punishment was not He
musl lock ni the denosltiona and this
was one of the CHBAS in which the nc
cns"d parties had nol chosen to offer
nnj evidence nt the preliminary In
vestibgatlon. The acouard bad beon
In lall for some time and be did 11 ������
think an additional few davs would
do any harm hefore their trial.
Crime  Defined.
In charging the grand jury .Init''-''
cietii, ni enumerated thn chirT**
gralnsl prisoners, and defined the
crime of rioting v" tmHwful arsem
ll).    lie recommended 'l'e '"dlc'mcnls
in tbelr csreful oe- ts*<' im' 'f they
round a prima fn**io ������,<���.,. -yu\ boen
minle 1 ill for the civ 1 r '-ised them
to leave " to lhe mit' lury 'o pass
upon   lhe guilty ot   it, tocence of ac
R. A. & I. Society Entertain
Judges at Big Function
Last Night.
President   Welsh.   D.   E.   MacKenzie
Oeneral  Lct>eard and Others
C.  A.   WELSH.
President of lbe It. A. ft I, society, to   whose tactful direction is due much of
the success of   the bit* fair
Opening dav  8,198
Second day'  7,620
Third day 15,668
Fourth day 12,691
Total   44,177    43,395
Net decrease, 782.
Yesterday's Attendance.
Membership and passes 	
Paid Admissions	
.. 6,904
. . 6,109
Laudltory remarks aud comment on i
the greal exhibition of litis were pass
ed ut the second annual banquet of
tbe it. .'.. k I. so<- ;y held on the fair
.rounds last evening when uearly one
hmxlrtd guests sat down to a sumptuous feast.
i'he lies! In the West slogan of the
New Westminster fair was ever in
evidence, exhibitors from all parts of
the province and from d'stant Torontc I
rising lo remar. that the [loyal Citv;
hold premier place among agricultural
fairs in Western Canada and can slv-w
In some itutanoes some polnteri ���- ;
the Canadian national exhibit'on held
Minually in Toronto.
President C. A. Welih was rv*r In
evidence and anv remarks which came i
'tiii  the lips of  the chairman  were
listened to with the greatesi  Interest.
Presldenl Welsh occupied the chn,r.
surrounded by i'r. Tolmie. of the Victoria Agricultural association; Oeneral
l.rH-aid. ihe acted judge of horses;
M.i>or (iray. Colonel D. C, McOregor
Colonel A. D. McRae and others, all
ol whom are interested In the welfare
of the pro\ince and whose sympathies
lie In the best exhibition In the west
Immediately  after thc close of the
horBe  show   last evening an  adiourn- I
menl was   taken to the large refresh- \
menl tent where Manager Davis had
prepared   everything   in   readines   for j
the guests ot the evening.
Following the toast to the king, Aid- j
erman A. F. White was called upon to
I propose the toast to the Dominion and I
provincial governments, coupling with j
the name of \V. G. McQuarrie
Secretary and manager of the provincial exhibition. His untiring efforts
have been largely responsible for the record breaking exhibits at the 1913
President C. A. Welsh Will
Present Trophy to Winners This Evening.
Attendance Last Night Still Better-
Ponies Took Up Several Events
of Evening.
Implies That There Are Some Doctors Acting as Medical
Health Officers Who Are Addicted to Use of Drugs
and Liquor-Also Says Dairy Industry Is Threatened \$*ggt^Z^**^^.
By Mismanagement.
Tonight is the last opportunity of
New Westminster and district people
taking advantage cf the popular horse
ahow which have been in progress
every evening since Tuesday, In connection with the provincial fair.
Perhaps the chief features of tonight's program will be the high jump
and the awarding of prizes won during the week. The jumping classes
have appealed to the crowds which
have been in attendance during the
past four nights, althougb these affairs
were of the 4 feet 6 inches class,
while the high jump scheduled for this
evening will go just as high as the
horses can clear.
Together with the high jump there
are three events also in the jumping
class, one for local owned horses, boy
riders, another for girl riders, while
a third Is the Jumping post and rails,
stone wall, etc.
The latter event is a new one for
the week and will try out the skill o.
the lady and gentlemen riders from
Vancouver, Portland and Victoria.
President Charles E. Welsh will
make the presentation of prizes won
and a splendid array of silver cups
will be shown inside the ring when
the (tames ot the winners are called
This event is always pleasing, not
only to the successful onea, but also
Total   13,013
* Th', n"ld;rman"mentron:d"'th; tactile grand jury to the Honorable *aa-
that   the   Dominion   government   was,tice Clement yesterday  ln the asslre
spending   the  Immense  sum  of  $10,- i court, after their usual inspection of
444.00(1 on  agriculture,  while the sale
of  pedigree  Etock   was  also  assisting
the farmers     The province ot British
ceive the cups.
ln connection with the protest made
oa Wednesday evening against John
The following is the presentment by ling safe, either from a sanitary or alBavsfce, ot Westham    laiand,    to   the
Are point of view. effect that he and Hon. T. W. Paterson
Some Doctors Charged. combined in the   four   horse   heavy-
It has been brought to our attention I weight  team,   an   affidavit   was    re-
Although the attendances at the fair last year were
unusually large because of the presence of H. R. H. the
Duke of Connaught, this year they stand in a fair way to
be shattered. Yesterday's registered attendance was
:'>2J greater than on the same day 1912. The directors of
the R. A. & I. society expect to pass the 55.000 mark for
the entire fair and it is up to the people of the province j
t o help them do this today. It ean he done; it will be done
if the people want it to be done. Every man, woman or
child who passes through the stiles boosts the number
up "ne more. The record is to be broken. Will you help!
in the great smash? i
Another Day in Court Taken
Up With Testimony of
Vancouver People.
Everybody on their toes for the last
round- the final whirl at the big fair.
Today sei
so let thi
B the nn ish for another year.
music play.
B.  C.   E.   R.  Puts on Train  to Allow
Up River People to 8ee  Horse
Show Tonight.
li r the benefit of Kraser valley pro-
pie attending the exhibition today, tin
ll. c K, H��� through Allan Purvis. In
terurban manager, announce! the running of a late car to Chllllwack which
will leave New Westminster Immediately after the horse show Is over.
Considerable expense Is ntlached to
this venture, and It is only through
tho conrstery nf the transportation
company thai such a concession has
been made.
Special cat's wlll also he placed on
Ihe Vancouver lines If tho occasion
warrants, and tflven Rood weather
there in every tennon to believe that
nuch wlll be required.
Owner of House Says Cellar" V/indo"
Wcre Varnished  and Furnitt.1?
Roughly Used.
The barkers on Sockeye llun aren't
as fresh as they were four dnys ago;
their voices are somewhat frayed and
their tones show signs of ravelling at
Ihe edges, hut the teddy bears and the
snookytikumses are selling Just as
fast: probably because hte crowd has
got the hablt.
I Columbia wns working along the same
Mines   as   the   Colony   farm-   near   this
cltv, amply demonstrating the intense
I lnt< rest   iti   assisting  the   farmers.
Looking Forward.
\V    (I    McQuarrie,   first   expressing
surprise  at   being  called   upon   to   respond to such a toast, stated:  "What
wo hive dene in  the past  is a   mere
.���nl as to  what   will he done In the
future.    He was Just petting interest-'
rd In country fairs and had spent the
pas'  few* weeks vislfinK exhibitions in ;
the    neighboring    dlstrits.    He    felt
prom! of New Westminster as to the j
showing    made during the week.
To the  City,
"The City of New* Westminster" was
proposed by Reeve McOregor. Burnabv,  who paid  a   creat compliment  to
'he  present  exhibition,     lie   referred
to the movement to mould an  ambitious horse sh"w.    It was a    laudable
one and it is featured by an efTort to
rot the best Judges of horseflesh possible.
Mavor Responds.
In responding Mavor Gray stated
thit the city councll. to a man. was
henrtlly in accord wllh the R. A. fr 1.
society. Next vear thev would endeavor m place the buildingB in better
(Continued on Page Eight!
heal public instituticns:
After considering  and  disposing of
the  various  indictments  submitted  lo
us we aro cf thc opinion tbat some of
the cases presented should have been rquite
dually dealt with by tbe lower courts,
the cases involving Orientals arc certainly among those, nor do wc think
I it necessary to bring up at this assize
'cases Involving such a trifling amount
as the value cf a locket and chain. It
appears to us that the cost Involved to
the crowd is cut of all proportion t*>
any benefits which could result,    and
such cases could very well have been
attended by the lower courts.
ln the course of our duties we have
visited the various public Instiutions
of this citv and district.
Asylums Excellent }
We inspected the hc*spi:al for the
insane and the Colony farm at Essondale. These institutions are beyond
criticism and reflect tlie highest credit
both    on     the     superintendent.    Dr.
that some cf the medical men resident cetv��d from ���*��� D- P��te�����n. manager
within this couutv and in receipt "of \t0T Hon. T. W Paterson. to the effect
government monies as health ofTlcera. Ithat he had n0 interest in the horses
etc.. etc.. have, through their addle-1 which made up the four horse team
tlon to drink or drugs, at times been,uP��n ��'���>'<* 'he protest was entered,
incapable of fulfilling their The Brunette saw mill protest was no:
duties.     This   condition   cf  affairs   j8   upheld.
within the personal knowledge of Lafit night's crowd was quite In
some of the jury. We feel sure that! keeping with the previous evening.
such a state of affairs only needs toj""3 reserved seats all being taken up.
be called to the attention of the while many of those inthe rear were
medical   association   and   the govern- 'occupied.    A  feature of the  program
He bites their bends off and swallows 'em,   No, not the wild snake man,
'but the Angora gont in the cattle pens
'when the attendant slips him a meal
Another day of following up Dean's   of carrots,
spoor   in   the   Hank   of   Montreal   rob
bery case, nnd he Ir still lu Vancouver, i ccupylng Mrs. Burton's house al
lo!l7 Broadway, paying his way. cci
ducting himself respectably as a decent resident, but according to Wit-
peas lt. A. Burton leaving some of the
basement windows Of the ho, e varnished, several liouse keys died and n
number  of  blank   keys,  besides  rut-1 drink."    Ymi *���*��� -v0llr mouth pucker-
Last year the young sockeye saln-in
in the fisheries building were only
Cry, Three >ears from now, If they're
not careful, they'll be boiled or canned.
Ts'k about Irony. Just as yon enter
the Industrial building a young fellow
behind   a   counter   hollers,   "Have  a
���:���:   ANO"'-'"." POEM BV
Otlnwa, Ocl ;i.- -An Intero-it-
Ing notice of Ihe entry of nn in-
i.'iim copyright at the copy-
rlghl brunch, Ottawa, appears
in Ihls week's Canada (la/.ctte.
II. Is of a pouni entitled "And
���;;< He Said KIkIU On." by Uu- lata
Paulino Johnson, and the entry
i.) Is made by Evelyn 11. C, Johnson, of Nelson stivi't,  Vnncou-
���-,'    vir.
4S # # ts* li tt tt tt tt tt tt tt * * tt
ting his sofa and uting some of
furniture roughly.
It also transpired that he paid
llrsl $.',r> rent In gold. I
Greenwood Called.
On lho resumption of the trial nt
the ussUe court    yesterday,    (ieorge I
Greenwood, the  witness upon  whom
the prosecution is supposed to rely to
Identify Dean aa one   of   tho    com-i
pnnlcus of   Mnciiauiara In  the  mot: r |
drive  nlong    the     New   Westminster-
Vanoouver road, on the   morning    01 |
lhe robbery, wan called by  Mr.  Macneil, crown counsel.
Clr Charles' Rf ruest.
Btt Charles Tupper. [or thc defence.
Imtredlutelv rose, and said he war., at
|.resent, following up notne very Important Informntjin and requested the
ccuit to permit hlm to reserve hia
cnns-cxumlnntlon until a later stage.
Other Witnesses Called.
Mr. Macneil thereupon decided to
cnll other witnesses, seeing thnt his
learned friend was not prepared to
crosti -examine nt the close of his examination.
Counsel    ultimately    agreed   that
ed for a Utile of the same, feel with
your foot for a rail and look about for
i friendly fnce behind an expanse of
whhe iacket nnd anron and Ihen you
wake up.   He's selling orange ade!
Tonight the curfew man ot the exhl-
Hon grounds will shout, "Lights out."
and It wlll nil be over for another
twelve months, n'l hu the remem-
br"f"-e of the fact that the standard ln
nmrinolal exhibitions has heen raised
���mrl a nov hlirh water mark,has becn
act for 1914 endeavors.
There'1* no Willie Rltchl���� nbout
"Hob" the boxing kangaroo. "Boh" ho-
|!,.-���q h-'s (here to inx and he boves.
"h'-h differentiates him frnm some
of these easy-come, mercurial champion*..
Thc winners in the Worn
en's Institute Districts Ex
hibits competition:
Out of a possible 2,000.
Central Park  1.375
Matsqui    1485
Chilliwack      980
Surrey      935
Mission f  700
Summerland      675
Doherty, as well as his staff of assistants, and wo venture to say, ah'O reflects the highest credit on the gov-
ernment '.vhlch has built and maintains such an up-to-date Institution.
Out of Door Work.
The out of doors work which is undertaken by many of the patients, cannot possibly be but of the greatest
benefit to them, as well as incidentally to some extent to the province.
We think that the time is not far
distant when e similar institution
should bc built for the female patients.
Could Not Visit.
The members of   the   grand   Jury
wi uld have liked to have visited the
ment to be at once rectified.
Accidents Not Reocrted.
tt is a matter cf common knowledge
that a great many accidents are continually occurring in connection with
the railway construction in various
parts of the province: little or nothing is heard of them, and while it
would perhaps be unfair to say that
such cases are hushed up by the press,
it is a notable fact that very few of
them are reported, and few. If any,
enquiries through coroners' juries or
otherwise are made.
Paid m Lump Sum.
A feature of the
was the entry of Dr. Johnson, of Van-
j couver, with a pair of jumpers.
Robert Kelly Wins.
Robert Kelly, of Vancouver, who so
far   has    been   unsuccessful    against
! Reeve McGregor and Colonel  McRae.
'made a  better showing last evening.
his daughter taking one first, while In
the amateur driving class. Dr. McKay
of this city captured a  white ribbon
with a splendid driving pair.    Colonel
McRae took the blue ribbon in    this
event with a team which    has   been
taking    the   cream    of    tbe     prizes
throughout the week.
Reeve    McOregor   was   also   there
When a man receives a permanent | witb his team of fast road horses and
injury In his work, either in a rail- jiooked a proud man when the red rib
construction or operation work
he has his rights under the law to
compensation and gels something paid
in a lump sum.
Becomes Public Charoe.
We feel this is a most unsatisfactory way of handling such cases; as a
rule the money is Bpent ln a very
short time and that man becomes,
more or less, a public charge.
Provide Annual Sum.
We would suggest that all public
service corporations sbould be compelled by act of parliament to provide
an  annual Bum  proportionate to the
Tariff Bill ?lrned.
Washington, Oct. 3.���Surrounded by
the lenders of u united democracy,
President Wilson signed the Underwood-Simmons tar'lf hill at* !>:09
o'clock tonig1'" -' l*i�� Whlto House.
Greenwood should bo called on 5^pn-11 Simultaneously t< lesrams were sent to
day. | customs     collectors   throughout   tho
���-Vchanro Room. ootmtrv   bv   the  t-tnRury  department
J.  W.  l'vsloii.    hei cle-!;.    swore i "titling Into uclnnl operation the (Imt
(Continued c:i Pane Pour.) 'Domocrallc tariff resolution since 1894.
penitentiary oltlclally, but we were in- nurnber 0f n,en employed, to be paid
formed that we could not do so. tha* LQ th(. gov��,rnment, or to trustees, or
ihe Dominion ac'.s governlnn the man-ito oBiclai8 appointed by the govern-
agement of the penitentiaries pre- nlPnL who sh0Uid have administration
eluded the grand jury having anything I, tn,_ ' an(, that thls ghouid be in
to do with them. You. your worship. i.)eu or 3^ various workmen's com-
ln your charge to us stated that we L^^^J acts g0 far as public service
could inspect any building on which j (Continued on Page Four.t
public monies were being spent, you 	
did not say any provincial buildings.
and we can only assume that this wa.   nr/i/tna   DDAI/FII
an inadvertence.    Wc "link, however.  Hfl I IHI)   n_\ll|\rP|
that it is a pltv that Ml buildings, in ! IH.VVIW   UIIVIU.11
eluding Dominion buildings cannot be j
inspected  at  the  same  time, by  tho |
grand Jury lf the members thereof so
wished.   If this Inspection is good for
provincial    Institutions,    it must   be
equally good  for Dominion, no harm
could possibly result In any case, and
there might be some good.
New Hospital Needed.
We Inspected both old and new
iloyal Columbian hospitals. The
former ls so dilapidated as to be, actually falling to pieces and Ib totally
unfit for ubo as a hospital, thc very
floors are in places rotten, one hf tho
Largest Crowd Yet  Yesterday   Used
Stand���Special Attractions and
Lacrosse Responsible.
bon was fastened to the bridle.
Shetland ponies took up several
events, New Westminster entries being well to the front lh these, especially the Cameron boys, who wero
roundly applauded, although having to
give first place to a Brantford entry.
The events and winners of last evening were as follows:
Shetland pony, 3 years old and ovar.
to be ridden by boy or girl not over
12���1, Ralph Robinson, city; 2, Chas.
Gilley, city;  3, Elmer Cameron, city.
Single pony, 4 years and over���I
and 2, T. A. Cox. Brantford.
For tbe best performance over six
hurdles, 4 feet 6 inches timber and t!
inches brush���1. Dr. Johnson. Vancouver; 2. E. Henderson, Victoria; ",
Colonel Mcltae, Vancouver.
Ponies, to be ridden by boys or girls
���1, Olga Smith, Coqultlam; t. H. S.
Cunningham; 3, Miss Daura S.vcn-
Pair Shetland ponies, not exceed,n;
46 Inches in height���1, T. A. Q0K.
Brantford; 2, Elmer Cameron, city. 3,
R. Leigh Spencer. Vancouver.
Mare or geldiug, to be shown to an
appropriate vehicle (combination usi-
die or harness horae)���1, Roocrt
Kelly, Vancouver; 2. B. Henderson.
Victoria; 3, Louis Williams, city.
Shetland pony, 3 years old and over,
driven by boy or girl not otrer 12���1,
T. A. Cox, Brantford; 2, Elmer Cameron, city; 3, -lonald dor-dan, Edmonds
Most accomplished coachman, with
(Continued on Page Four.)
More' records are being broken at
the exhibition,  the latest being the
size of the crowd Inthe grand stand
members of the Jury accidentally put yesterday afternoon watching the tree
Chairman of tho horse show committee of the provincial exhibition.
attractions and the lacrosse game
The efforts of the apeclal attractions
committee are being crowned with
success, for on' every side words of
his foot through some of the boards.
The new hospital Is In every way a
credit to the country and Is practically
finished, but unfurnished. It is of the
utmost importance that this building praise that the-vaudeville stunts^are
should bo corilpletod at once, there "    "-"' ��� " '- "       *"
does not seem ta be any valid reason
why this waB not occupied sonw time
ago.   We also strongly urge that   a
0 ��
the best yet seen tn a western exhlbl-
toln are heard.
Aa a special feature for this afternoon, the closing day, the commltte
SM'��\;"��pttS immedl. ^terday ���^UoTm^Ttne
I grand stand commencing at 2 o'clock
,   , ,    , ��� leharr.
We Inspected the provincial Jail, j Thte wm nnow the T|aitorg time to
which we were not favorably Impress-1 enjov themselves while watting for
ed with. We understand that a new I the Minto cup lacrosse game to corn-
central prison Is being built, and whe" .mence and will also r"nr*\ t'tem the
this la completed the provincial JM11rmnortunlty of seeix" th�� "ttractlons
will be remodelled���It verv badlv during the lulls In the aame when *he
needs It.   lt did not strike us as he-'two teams are resting up,
Jail Not Safe.
tttttttttttJOtt*** ��'��������
Ottawa, Oct 3.���An unconfirmed report to the effect that
the government has practically
decided to call parliament for
the third Thursday in November Is ln circulation tonight.
There Is a strong local pr-^s-
���mre for a November session
as lt Is better tor business In
C-i capital. It ls known tfc-t
othe-ats ot the various departments are working overtime In
tbe preparation of tho estimates and many of them ax-
press the belief that ��� November session is likely. .PAGE  TWO
An Indtpentlent morning eoper devoted to the Inter-tit of New W..��ml����ter and
.����� JTf��.��r Vslley. Published every morning except Sunday by the national ''""'"J
x**4 Psblithing rompany, Limited, sl ��3 UcKtnzi* Street. New Wettmintter. BrUi*h
��� . ImntiKi ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All commutwntions .Bould be sddretted to The Next We.imlH.ler Newt, and not
... mdltrfdiiol mmiDfr- of the lta*. Cheouei, drafts, and money order. .Aould be made
.auoble to  The A'utiniial PrfntlfW and I'ulllthlng Company. Limited.
TBLBrilOS'HS���Butintut Ofllce ond Manager, BBS; editorial Booms (oll depart-
���tmtft)    fiSl
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier. 14 per vear, 11 lor thret month*. 40o per
month    Bv mail. 13 per vear, 26o per monlB.
ADVERTISING RATBS on application.
for ub to sell these towns," said E.
II. Cruse, "and this summer I went
north to ascertain the cause. 1 visited
Haines and was nslounded at the Bize
of the vegetable gardens there. When
I tasted the turnips and other vegetables It was easy to understand why
the Seattle sales had dropped down
to nothing. Nowhere in the world. BO
far as 1 know, are vegetables as
sweet and tender ns those produced
under the midnight sun."
Tonight at ten o'clock the doors will close on what in
many ways has been the best provincial exhibition ever
iield'in New Westminster. By those who have gone closely
over the whole fair there may be some criticisms to make,
but, taken as a whole, from the little pansy bud in the agricultural building to the big roan Percheron stallion in the
-tables, the distinctive excellence shown all along the line
lias set a new high water mark for future events.
This exhibition, like many of its predecessors, has had
its own lessons to teach and these, no doubt, will find their
way into the discussions of the annual meeting of the
Royal Agricultural and Industrial society.
One point in particular impressed itself on those who
were present on Thursday evening when the prize cards
were placed on the big displays in the district class and
this was that an exceedingly important event was hardly
accorded the honor which it deserved.
The quantity and quality of the component parts of
those district exhibits and the care with which they are
prepared and arranged warrant their being taken into
consideration as one of the most important features of a
big exhibition. When it takes more than sixteen hundred
points to head this class and carry off the coveted Dewar
shield there is told in that brief summary of merit marks
a story of hard work and careful preparation which goes court win'
to show the high value of the district exhibit competition, ^.l?sent
While there is much honor attached to the premier place
in this prize list, together with the possession of the Dewar
shield and a $500 award, still the name the winning of this
gives a district is worth much to it afterwards in hard dollars and cents.
In the light of these facts it might not be a bad idea if
in 1914 the awarding of prizes in the district exhibit class
were made something of a ceremony. A competent man
in a speech of a few minutes could tell the public of the
importance of the competition and graceful acknowledgement would be made of the appreciation of the farmer's
untiring efforts to raise the standard of produce in British Columbia.
Federal Cavalry Goes on Special Train
for Canta  Rosalia���Artillery to
Be Used.
El   I'aso,   Texas,   Oct.   3.���General
Salazur und  4nu  federal  cavalry  left,
Juarer on a apeclal  train early    this
morning   for   Sur.ta   llosalia.   Chihua-1
iiua, tu assist the federal forces under i
General Krancisco Castro iu the battlu
on     Villa's    combined    rebel     forces,
which are defending the town. The
troops made a record run of nine
hcui- to  Chihuahua City.    The  train
Recent     Jswslry     Thefts
Alarm Society  Mondaines.
Great Business Union Will Have
Branch In Washington State.
That the Chamber of Commerce of
the United States of America, the
great national organization composed
of 250,000 of the country's leading
business men. is to open a northwest
district branch in Washington and that I
this office, of prime    Importance    tol
of^ea,;4^1,c^!"!;^;r,,1,;^-PI,'d only a rcw minutes at Chibu.H
Seattle Is the assurance brought    by *">* "*  ���*��  continued  the   journey,
Walter E. norland, field secretary of  �� u'1  r,u,u-
the national chamber. Balaaur   took   a   Held   piece  and    8
The    National   Chamber   of   Com-   corps ut artillery men with hun.
merce represents 300 community and      The Juarez garrison has been order
seventy national trade    organizations! ed by liei.erul M.rcaco to be held In!
and  was formed to influence federal | readiness to be sent to Santa Rosalia,
legislation, by frank and open meth- ] iiains are  made  i.p and  waiting  In
ods In behalf of the business men Of  the Juarez yards to carry more of the!
the nation.   With a district branch In ! federal garrison to the scene ot    the;
this state, the national    body    would  buttle
have a working force directly on the
ground, and would be enabled, In a
national sense, to protect and expand
the business of the northwest.
tinder the present arrangement.
without the northwest office, Seattle
has a representative of J. D. I.owman.
a trustee of the local organization and
councillor to the national chamber,
but the bulk of the work done has to
be' effected through correspondence.
The latest federal reports stated
thai the battle was still in progress
at -iaiiiu Rosalia und that lhe federals were pouring shrapnel into the
town. The rebel:', are Bti 11 holding
their positions.
Four Cheque Raisers Liable to Aggregate of 543 Years In Jail and
$76,000 Fines.
Seattle, Oct. 3.���With a total of 543
years'  Imprisonment  In    the    federal
penitentiary and ITfi.OOO In fines con
fronting  them,   Bernard   Duffy,  J.   K.
Griffin, George Griffith and Dan Darnell  as a  result of convictions    and
pleas of guilty returned In the federal j have
be taken before Judge Jer-
erer Monday morning to he-
tence  for  passing  raised   $1
bills  which  had  been  changed    Into
$20 banknotes.
Two of the defendants. George
Griffith and Dan Darnell, are still under 21 years of age, but the government makes no provision for granting them reformatory sentences as
does the state. Should the court Impose the maximum penalty on Griffith he would receive 225 years In
prison. He Is also liable to a fine of
$30,1100, should the court see fit to
assess It. Bernard Duffy, who pleaded guilty to three different Indictments, totaling thirteen counts, may
be given B sentence of 195 years and
n fine of $2(i.oon. Duffy is also wanted by the state of California to complete a ten years' sentence at the Fol-
aom penitentiary for burglary In San
Krancisco He bad.been paroled from
this institution only a short
Cheap Machine    Will    Bring    Motion
Photos Within Reach of All
Seattle,   Oct.   3.���No  fnr  off   is  the
day   when   moving   picture   machines
in  the home,   with  films  bought  and
exchanged   just   like   phonograph   records,  will  be  an accomplished  fact.
An  eastern   company   is  now   looking
over  sites   In   the   Ihree   cities   of   Al
toona. Scranton and Indianapolis, with
the Idea of putting up a factory build
ing for the making of the picture machines.    The machines    in    queation
not   yet    been   marketed.     Tbe
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
ious   a.   HANA.H   (TOPI   AND
ItlAIU.ts I All!  BLUSKV
C.  P. R.  Lands in    Prairie    Province,1 Northern Varieties Are Now Invading
Now  Worth   Entire Capltallza- Seattle   Markets
tlon of the System. Af|f.r bl,vfng  thousands of tons  of
Calgary. Oct. 8.���As an example of fre.b   yegetablea   from   Seattle   com-
ie progress that the province of Al-  mlgg|on men and jobbers, residents of
That womeu of wealth are oftel
careless with jewels of great price le
again evidenced In the case of Mrs.
Charles Cary Itumscy, daughter of
Mrs. K. II Ilarrlman, who recently
lost from ber Newport home gems
wiluwl at $100,000.
Sirs. Ilunisey. it seems wns In tbe
habit of leaving a numlier of her
company claim*- that the home ma ! favorite Jewels lu an unlocked bureau
chine will be retailed at not to exceed drawer, tbelr resting place lielng two
$17. It weighs about fifteen pounds ��� pasteboard boxes Now every woman
and usis ordinary films. 'knows what a l"t of personal plunder
  can   And u   home lu  a dressing  table
CRAZY   MAN   FIXED   TURTLES     ;���,-������.,,,..  ������d sbe also knows ��-... au
~ ,      , . _.    .   easv   thing   It   Is   to   upset   boxes  and
Injected Serum Into Animals and Kept treasured   article   tin-
*�����& ^s?^WS h-���� fr -����-�� r- *>���
the turtles In tl." Jardln Des IMaiiles 1�� imnoylng to the owner of tbe behave suffered from a mysterious af- longing besides being IIU necessary
fectlon, characterized by spasmodic temptations to dishonest servants.
movements. The professors attached ��� Mrs. John 11 llannn. wife of the
to the museum were completely non-1 wealthy shoe manufacturer of New
pluBsed by the unknown disease nnd York, also a recent victim of Jewelry
all   treatment  proved   unavailing,   till  tl)(.rt   0WM  |ler  |0S1I to the careless-
British Canadian Securities, Ud.
when you can get as good or better, manufactured lu II. C viz.: ihe
the celebrated "VANCOUt Kit'' Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americai*.   and  Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
We would alao call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer lip* from
4-ln. to -4-lu. ln diameter. This Is also made In this Province and we
consider superior lo any Imported article. ..,._,-       ,   _,     .
Wa also carry a stock of Crushed Hock. Washed (.ravel, Band,
Mme, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonet 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY    g^   Qf   Montrea|
Teocher, Terms moderate; 16 Blackie
St.. i'hone 806. i -uuu.
UUS. i'. C. I'iSHKll. TOACHER ill''
pianoforte, harmony .ma singing. Pupils miccessfuly prepared tor examine*
tlnn In It. A M and K C M. I'or terms
apply 80S Third avenue. 	
Pianoforte; :i43 K-nry Bt., New weatmlnster.	
the late Professor Allan Macbeth
Principal of the Glasgow College of
Music und Professor Orossland Hii'i ol
the OIoskow Athenaeum, h"K�� to mn
mate tlmt she will accept n few puplla
In HiiKltiK .oul voice production Bx-
tensive repertoire "( liish olass eoncs.
I'W terms, call or write i<> Un*, Haroll-
tim street
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ...  ��16.000.0O0.0e
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada aod
Newfoundland) and ln London, Bug
land, New York, Chloago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letter*
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents ln all  parts of tbe world.
Savings Hank Department��� Deposits
received lu sums of 11 and upward
uud Interest allowed at '���'��� per oul. pai
annum (present rate I.
Total Assets over IIS6.iimi.linu.on.
(i.  D.  BRYMNBR,   Manager
fore his arrest in Seattle. ,1 !). Grif
fin was found guiliy on eight counts.
and faces a maximum penalty of 120
years. The maximum fine In his case
would be 120,000.
one of the keepers discovered an old
man of strange appearance in the act
of Injecting a liquid Into one of tin*
turtles with a hypodermic syringe.
When taken in charge lie said that bia
name was Frederic Atnbroeettl and
that he was formerly a professor of
me be-] zoology at Milan    He had discovered,
lierta has made, the statement of the
('. P. R. that the lands owned by that1
company are now worth the entire
capitalization of the whole system is
interesting. That they are yearly becoming Increasingly more valuable,
nnd that (here are still ten million
more acres to be sold, are facts that
jro to  prove the  future  holds  iu     its
Alaska, for the first  time in  history,
made a determined effort to throw Ihe
balance of the garden truck trade in ITravelled    Fifty-five    Miles an   Hour
tlieir own favor, one ton of the finest But Paid for it Later
, rutabagas and Alaskan apple turnips Seattle, Oct, .).���(.. R. Roy was ar-
ever seen on the local market being rested and charged with speeding In
placed on sale.    This is the first ship- jan automobil
ment, and if tlie sales prove satlsfao- when he challenged Police Chauffeur
prasp possibilities that, will outdo the  tory  more than  one  hundred  tons of  Eugene Sisler to a race down Jackson
- igeiablfs will be placed on sale be-!Btreet.   The officer was answering an
lore the season closes. emergency  call and   wu?  goin   near-
The Alaskan turnip is a new varie-   |y   forty   miles  an   hour   at   the  time
he explained, a marvelous serum anil
was experimenting on the turtles before trying It on mankind, ile was removed to a hospital
achievements of the past.
Land speculators have been anxious
ii acquire large    holdings    of    these'
lands  in  the past, but this class    of ty, shaped like an apple, colored like I Roy   flashed   by  the   polk
isiness has been discouraged from
the start, though, at the very beginning, when the potential value of the
ind had not been dreamed of, certain large tracts of land were sold to
peculators, These, however, have
I "en since, sold to individuals or en
I loc to other syndicates, who bave
: :nce sold their interest, or part of IL
' i lesser concerns.
In latter years, however, it is com-
' irting to know that the land has been
��� 'id by tbe company to actual settlers,
and the business of their many agents
haB been to get families here to set-
t'a on the land and grow up with the
country. Preference is always given
I i  purchasers  who  undertake  to  set
an orange and having a sweet, crispy when overtaken by the policeman waa
n.r.ir     The  shipi-lent  placed on  Bale |travelling iit a rate of fifty-five miles
an   hour.    Roy  was considerably  sur
prised wben informed that the man he
had challenged to a speed contest was
a police officer.
was received from T. Vogel, a mining
man residing at Haines, Five years
ago   it   was   discovered   that   the   Roil
and other elements In this locality
were propitious for the successful
growing of garden vegetables, and
since thai time Seattle commission
men have been unable to make any
sales to the mines and restaurants
at Juneau. Treadweil and other mining centres In that region. More than
i Hough onions, cabbagi s, lettuce, celery, pie plant, potatoes, turnips and jan aeroplane, which, it
nearlj  "very other form of vegetable I revolutionize   aviation.
A War, a Race Riot and a Regiment of
Soldiers Among the Results.
In tlie year 1704, the beautiful, charm-
ing   ami   famous   Duchess     of
founded   uni   raised   the  Oordon   High
Hoy's downfall came | landers, one of  the  most  famous  regiments of Scotch Highlanders.
The   most   attriniivo  terms   to  a   new
recruit  in  this gallant  regiment  were a
guinea in gold and a kiaa from tho far-
famed duchess.    It is said that this famous regiment of soldiers was raised nmre
* quickly than  any other regiment  in tlie
Hritisli   service.     This   Poems    all    very
good, yet  tlie Oordon  Highlanders paii
i dearly   I'or  the   kiss  tnev   bad   received
from   the charming   Duehoss  of  Gordon.
Tbey were soon tent to light tho - ranch
and   in  their  lirst   engagement   30(1  of
them fell, killed ami wounded.    The -nr-
; vivors nf the Oordon Highlanders always
, maintained that they never regretted tiio
j price they paii  for a ungle kiss.
In tlie year 1703 a stolon kiss was tl."
ness of u maid left In charge of Jewels
to be placed In a secret druwer which
were stolen while the maid was absent from the room for u few minutes.
It Is known that lu foreign countries
many women of wealth are content to
wenr duplicates of their line Jewels.
and with the hick of supervision lu
I country bouses It would not be a bad
!lden on this side of tbe water for women to follow their eiumple.
On one occasion many years ago the
late Mrs I'arnii Stevens reported the
loss nt u fashionable ball of u diamond
nnd emerald tlarn The host was In
great distress wben Mrs. Stevens went
Oordon ,,, |,|m the day following to ask If
there was any trace of the lost orna
ment. snd upon learning that It had
not been found she said: "Well, don't
worry: tbey were only imitation and
1 did not wnnt them to fall Into strange
When Mrs Potter Palmer ns#d to go
to liar Ilnrlxir she always carried
there fur the season Imitations of her
Wonderful pearls, whose value was
well known the world over. Mrs Pal
mer did not care fo have the rc-spon-
slldli'v nf so mucb that was valuable
mid In traveling she tthviiys left her
best jewels iii tlie safe deposit vault
ul bur Chicago home.
Dancing and Calisthenics, will ���. I -11 New
Westminster once ;i week Classes fur
adult*     Write or apply  for particulars
nt  uimrr  it,ms.-.  Hornby  street,  Van
!    oouver.  i.mti
tt   J.   A     DURNOTT,    AUI.ITOR     ANI
I    Aoeountont   Tel, It   l-s   10,0111 J.  Mint
W. J
:�����    In    city
Truet   Hliis
--4.     P
O.   Uol   607
atlng Engineers, Looal ''li. meeta in
Ijilx.r Temple every llrm nn.l third
Thursday ft the month. '! MoLaufhlln,
prealdent: W, C Saunders, secretary,
p. o   Box B3I
l! I, p O, of Bike of the n of C mee
the first and third Thursday al s p m.
K. of P Hall. Klghth street a YV.il,
Oray, Rxalted linier; P. II. Smith, Ht*
Inventor  Claims  That   Machine   Flies
By   Gravitation���Liftino   Power
Greatest Yet
Wenatchee, Oct 3.���The model   of
id,   will
be   dis-
'e on the land, and when the railway  ';"  supply   the
ompany  sees  a  large   family  follow- In  the locality
ng  In  the wake of the parents it   is sunn d.
veil satisfied. |    "It became  practically
as  well  as  raspberries and  currants, flayed  for the first time at the  fair
market.i.   were   grown
where they  were con-
HoapcrldeB in this city next month
lCd. Manlell, of the Wenatchee Motor
Car company, is the Inventor and is
impossible "ow assembling the parts of the machine. Ile expects to have the mod
el completed within the next
iiie new* plane model will be about
four feel wide and is equipped with
power supplied trom the ground. This
be   says,   will   prevent   the   machine
from soaring higher than Irom 2b tt
iii feet, but will be BUfflclent to demonstrate the practicability of the
Mamell's a< roplane, according to his
statement, differs from all oxistlng
styles   in   that   ii   riHi-s   directly   from i
means nf  bringing  about   s   bloody  and
oxpensive wai". Ferdinand of Bavaria) Future May Sec Ranges for Varieties
was journeying Into a neighboring state.
One day during his journey he visited
the royal household of a neighbor and
while wandering wandering around in tiio
spacious ].;irk that Burrounded the pal-
aoe li" espied a beautiful maiden under
a wide-spreading tree elose at hand. He
was sU bewitched with ln*r beauty Bnd
two charming personality that lie Impulsively
and iliuuglitlenlv implanted a lis- on
ier fair uni lovely cheek.
She was a princess of the roynl  fnm-
Iy, but the Bavarian prinee did nol kn.i-.v
of   Deer   in   Far   North
Seattle, Oet. :!.    II. .Mortis,    1-
ECunkle, Alaska mlncrB now In Seattle
report   having   seen   Immense   drovea
c.f   cariboo   In   the   Jack   Wade   creek
district, just west of Dawson City.
"If the price of boii and other meal
continues to soar, I expect to see the
pastures of Alaska used by slot .m.i:
;o raise caribou, mi oee and reindeer,'
d E, (l. Kunkle,   "Caribou meal ii
prince ,h.i um Kimw rar s,u.,,r:���r to beef and can ba rala
'���" '   ���        111  he  knew that   she  was an     ,,  ,������,,. ,,h,.;l.',     ��� ,,.,��� s������ ���,   reaBOn
;..,-: ������.!,' 'I.    '*'i<l"gr<""n-   ,,.hv,-with the odvenl  of cl p trans
���'  ���  portatlon, these animals should not be
raised by stockmen jusl aa beef cattle
ire  In re.    The  caribou  1 f the Jack
. 11. 0 M . NO IM.���MBBTH I)-*
first, seeond. third snd fourth \vsdnss
dny In Mich mouth at I p. m
In the Mikiiw Horn*'. II. J. I^'inny
dictator! F, K. Jones, saoretar)
Headquarters of lodge In Hce Mouimi
oorner ot Fourth and Carnarvon str*-��'t*
1. O. O F. AMITT LODOB NO 17 ��� Th
reipilur meeting of Amity lo.lg'* Nl
27. I. 0. O. F. I�� held ��v,.rv Mimrtii
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Ral
corner Carnarvon and Klttbih nt f,-��-tj
"Visiting brnttmrn cordially Invito.
R. A. Merrlthew, N 0.; If. w, Bangster,
V. O.; W. C. OoHthBin. P, 0 rwnr
lng secretary: J. W. MacDonald, flnnn
clnl  eeeret-ii-y.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
When travelling for business or plea
sure, you may us w II have comfort
and travel by our line.    Vou will find
II io your advantage o consult u* for
rales and reservations
C  OOULET, Agent
Now   Wesimlnetat
II.  W. BI.ODI-9, ll. P.  A.. Vancouver.
w   B. PALB8���Pioneer Puneral Directs
and   E**->bahm*T.   H2BIH   Agics   <tre..
opposb- Came^le Library.
t��r A Hanna, Ltd 1���Fuii.'r.l director
and  ���mbnlmers      Parlors  4'Jr,   CohnnM
Btn*.-t.   New  Weatmlnater.   Phons ��>l
! t'uirant
car   S*ilt�� l.ni,,,   (
the earth, is capable of remaining Bta
ttonary In the air and files more bj
power of gravitation than by force of i lllv-
inn,!! Heirs pushing buck the air. The       " la conrl
lifting  power  Is greater than   In  any ' '���' negro Ins..
airship yet  made, the Inventor Bays.
lb   expects to land thp $50,000 prize
offered lu New Vork eity for the flral
aeroplane able to carrv and operate
two engines, ono to relieve the other
In :��� i " of accident or disorder    Hi
alBo ,- e nfldenl of winning Ihe honor
of being th" first to c*ro:-*,:-i th" ccean
in an aoroi lane.
atiiane.'.l bride
elect    was   ii"ai    Iv   and   law   tli
allnir.    Tliere were hot  winds nnd blow*-.
A  duel  wns  fought  in,,I  I "tli   nrinfipals
werei almost fatally wounded.   Diplomat,-, ,--mi��� ,._,.,,,.  (]:s,_i(,,   ;���.   .,    , ,,.
relations   between   the   two   [jetty   king
I   nn.I    a    li.n*_   me
'ims   were
tiilv war
d for nm
msueil,    The stol
:  dearly in hlooi
ii  ktis was
and in'.is-
| >))* rang" rattle. In tliis section carl'
boo are fully as numerous as wro the
buffalo i.n the plains ti rty y.-nrs ago."
"on the Yukon Territory side of the
boundary, ll is different, however,
miners are permitted to kill ns many
caribou as they desire, and wa saw
scores of thetn thai had been Blaugh*
lered and lefl where they fall, for the
"I- cm ��ere uidi^iiail    Slid very smin t Oro ,     ,    ,     , _.���
.,..,_  , , -      .     ,���,        wolves  to feast  upon.
i\.is a mob and a race war ennie.i.   Thir*|
ty ��ix whit.
ster Board of Trad*1 me.-ls t.i the heap
room. <ity Mall, as fnllpwe Third Pri
day of ench inonth: oaiart-arly msr-'ttni
on the third Krlday of Pftbruary, Maj
August and November nl s pin. An
uuhI ,n..ttln��- un the third I'rl'btv o
Ffieruary. t',. II. Btuart Wade. teer.
tin v
e.'ihly within a dei'tiil" that
I a white waitress in a reR-
littIo lown called  I.ranker,
I tali.     The  look-
id  and
ncn wero killed nm!  wound-
80  iiej-'roeH  met   the  sumo
In Ills capacity as chler magistrate of New   Wesiminster.   Mayor   Cray
been a staunch friend and sui porter of the exhibition.
X-Ray Afforded Solution of Symptoms
Shown by Small Boy���Doctors
Pulled How to Act.
T. '������ "I" Oct. '. 'I'he V.l-iv photo-
graph haa proved of Bllfflcient value
to the doctora nl the General hospital
i" enable them to diagnose tha trouble
of 4 year-old Connie Sellers. :is lhe
"ise nf a swallowed hairpin, and also
to confront them with the prospects
of a very serious operation. Early In
the week the child was discovered by
his mother to be In th" midsl of B
choking spell, and upon beino tinted
l i tell whal offensive weapon ho had
swallowed, the boy confessed thai it
was a hairpin. In alarm, the mother
look the boy to the Oeneral hospital,
and an X-ray photograph taken yes
terday showed that a pin over three
inches In length had lodged lu the
child's stomach.
rtrnngesl  and  must   pi"*,dun  eli-
I max  in  this bloody nflitir was  the  fact
thai  tli" inuie  negro and  white waitress
that had I n tli" rauso of the Bloodshed
and rint wero married nnd then tho
nogretsea of the town joined issue with
the white iin-n and started in pursuit of
Uie negr i and Ins white bride nml thev
barely oteapod dentil at the liaida of tha
angry blacn anil" whit, mob by "sudden
aud swift Bight.
Swinburne's Hatrod of Tobacco.
Tennyson w��s the Bmoking boot of tIio
I \ ictorian era, snvs tlio Loniloij Chronicle.
His two ureal i ..nti'inpornri"- - Browning
and Swinburne-   hnie.i tobaeifo, <���*-���. lap
lyStvinbunio.    tin! expressed himself with
characteristic vehemence,    lie  had v.nn-
flerod into the Arts Club, where he sought
and  in vain, a  mom that was free from
the funics of tobacco smoke.    At length
lhis fnr,- overcame him,    ".lames J," ho
I exelaiinoi-i   "was   a   knave,   a   tyrant,   a
fool, u liar, a cciynrd, but   I  love him, I
worship him, been tse he slit the throat of
Tlie doctors are uncertain yet whM ' """   l'"',)' ll|ai'k���niard, Raleigh, who iu-
stale, Dts-iiH, HiiHineee Letters, etc., clr
color work s|,,-ei;iiist. All wurk Btrlott}
confidential. It. Barry, room 4is West
minster Trust  Hlk.    Phone 7IIJ
rimers. Solicitors, etc. 40 Lome Streel
New weatmlhater, O B, Corbould, f
(',.    i. II. lirnnt.    A. K   M.-Ooll.
t. ���,t-liiw. solicitor, etc. Ti t'-phoi'
ii*. Cable address ".i.ihiH"��n
Code. "Western Union." Offices, RIP
Block.  r,r,2  C'llumblii street   New   Wet'
mlnater, B. C.
wiiiTi'-Hinrc,    kdmoniih   ft   wnnt'
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Wesl
minster Trust Hlk., Colin .hlu free-
New Westminster, B, C Cable addres
"Whiteside." W ���niern ttnlon. 1'. r
Drawer 20" Telephone til) W. ;
Whltealde, K fi.; ll. I.. Bdmonda, T
I. STII.WKI.I. CLOTH, UiirrtKlcr-nt-ln��
solicitor, etn.; corner Columbia at
McKenzie atreets, New Weslmktste
it. c.   P, o  ho�� ii*.    Telephone  7i
course of treatment to apn'
vented this filthv Imnkl
Q, U. ci. mner
Ker many years honorary treasurer of
the n. A. __ I. society.
COAI. MININU rU-hte of the I.omlnlos
. iu Manitoba, Haakalohawan nnd AlOer-ia,
ttu- YUkon Territory, the NurtbweHl Ter-
rltorlea anil in a portion of tlw 1'rovlnee
of liritish i eliiinlnu. nmy be leased for a
term 'if twenty*une yeara at un hiiiiuI
' rental of f 1 an ftcre. Not more tlmn ?6St
acre., wlll  he leam-d  to ont* appllOaiit
A: -el irn tl* ei for a Wn*. iiiuMt i>,- roadi
by Uu- m,piic��.nt In peraon to tha A��om
or  Sub-Aie-nt  of the district   lu which Uu
righta applied for ara situated.
In surveyed t.t, lt,,r v th. land must be
described liy -wciinnx. or i.-,.m| sui, divl-
sinus of amotions, ami In uusur*. ,->���<*.i ter
illor> the IrHCt upplled 'ur sln.il be
alajted out hy lhe appU -hi* ''"is���lf
Hud! iip|i|lcutl,,n must Ih nc. ,tiimnle4
tiy a lee nt |.r, vTicieb wlll he refi d��d it
ihe iIkIus applied for are not avallnblS,
but  not otiierwiw.    a  royalty shall   be
paid   ou   ttie   iiieietii,until"   output   uf   Uie
I mine i.t the rnte of flv,. cuts per ton.
The person operating the mlns shall
rurnlHh die AK'nt with sw,nn returns
accounting for the full uunntliy of mer-
ciiniilitt.lt' conl mined nnd pay the roy-
ulty thereon. If the ooal mining rights
lire not being operated such returns Should
I." fumlshocl al lenst once a year
I The I, ue wlll Include the cenl minim
rights only. Imt tho leasee will he p��r-
u'ltti'.l   to   purcha-w   whatever   available
Surface   rlKlits   may   be   considered   neces-
"ii ry for the working of the mine at the
int.- ..f tin au acre.
for full inioi'imalnn application ahould
���In    mul.*  to the  Becretary  .if  tin.   I >.-,.,, rt.-
tnein   nf  the  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to  snf
m.-nt or Bub-Agenl of Dominion Landa
w. w, (,'OHT.
Deputy   Minister  of  the   Inti" lor
N. n��� unauthorised nuMionn,,,, nf thu
sdvertlaemeni will not t.e nnld for
Transfer Co.
'JUloe   Phon*   IBS.       Barn  Phon*   1lf
B��(itii_ Sheet.
Baggage DatlverM Promptly to
any part of the city
ligb! and Heavy Haulipg
^ITY OF  N?W   WFRTMtNnTFH    r. fi
J.   P.   HAMPTON   BOLD,    BA-tlUSTntt
Hcdlcltor    and    Notltry.    Offices     Hur
l-toiioiior     Hn'i     moniry.     yilioop       Mir
bloek,  28  Lome   etreet, New  Westmin    P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
H,,r   "  c; :     J.  T.  BURNETT'S PRINT  SHOP
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
> SO McKenile St.
Hamsters and Sodeftorn. 60fi to Sll
Weatiiilnttor TriiMt Hlock. u I_. Mar
tin, V. (1. McQuarrie and Ueorgo 1
Cassady. - ��� "   u
6ATURDAY,  OCTOBER   4,   1913.
Of  Judginy  Exhibits Continued
Yesterday���List ol Priie
Apples, N.   V.  Wine   -li. K. Gelk-tly.
Apples, Wallbrldge    Maw & Sous.
Apples. Wlntur SI. Lawrence -S.;
Kelowna Land Co.. Salmon Arm board
ol trade.
Apples,       Yellow        llclleflower -J.
Creighton, Salmon Ann board of trade
Apples. Bismarck, 6- -It. Clay.
Applm, (iuno, ir- J. A. Coatham; W.
Apples, llubbaids mi, *.--J. Kox.
Apple.-, JonathttU, 5 .iurprise Poultry Varcl.s; J   liaUciham; J. Fox.
Apples, Bells De iioskoop, 6 ii
day; '!'. M. Uirlmcr.
Apples. COX Oi'.in ,'. '.. H Brace
Apples. Canada lted. 5-������('. T. Hlg-
idtinon A*. Sons. .1. A. Cotilhaiii
Apples. Golden FtUSBSt,  B   -Vi.  Knl't
Apples, Golden itusset, r, W.
[Cnlgitt; C- T, Higgle ton & Sons; J
A. Coat ham.
Apples, [_onglleld, ���"-    ���'��� A* Coatham
Apples, Ontario, B���T. M. I.oriiier.
C. T. Hlgglnson & Sen, C. P. .Johnson.
Apples,' Rhc.dc Island Greening, f>
,f  A- Coatham; li. Ilellicse; C. .1. Hub
W.E. Fales Furniture House
Apples, Blenheim Orange, 6   H. M.I   Apples, York imperial   Salmon Ann w" ��� ,.���,,���-_ n������_���t
<iard.ier;   II.   VV    Kuytnor,   .1.   Crelgh-   board  if trade.  W.   A.   I,ang. Apples, Hoxbt.ry IIubm l
Apples,   best   collection   by   Indlviu-[ rose
0.  IMI
,1.    A.    Coatham:
ual growers, of fall apples, B varietiaiB, ]    Apples, stark,
���  of  each    II.   V.  Chaplin.  J.  Crelgh ! W. KaiKht;   MM. 1. Kot: nscn
Apples. 20-oz. Pippin, ������    W. Knight.
Apples,   lielirloiis    II.   W
K   W. MutChi   Mrs. Hurvey. .
Apples,  Nurllnn,  Spy    II.   W.  Hay-   nu. W, A.  Lang. ' ,   ,,. -.,.,      i   ,;,���
mer;   L. K. Taylor;  Mrs.  W. A   Ijuik.      Apples, best collection by individual   ���'   A   toainam. J.
Apples, Alexander���W,  Btlnbrldge; grower, of winter apples, 6 varieties,     ahp ��������. ����� ''''
VV. A. Laim; II. VV. Ilnytner. 5 of ,a,i,    W,   A.   Lang.   II   V.  Cbap       Applej. Winter Bananaa-J. *"'*' J
Apples,  li. use   W.  A.  Lang:   ���.Un, I- K   Taylor, . i **���*������.: C. B.     t gjrrfd.
Speer; it. ll. Parsons PearB, best collection by IndividualL^J.^SrS.Ji?" ��� A Sons- J
Apples.   (Iravensteln    S.   (1    Specr;   gKWOrs,  B  varlclus.  5 of each   I fall |   *������'   ( .   t.   Hlgglnson   &   Sons.   J
W, A   Laeg,   ... Spear. ���    -I.    K.   Taylor.   II.   V.     Chaplin.     J.\*x.Ogmm. ^ ,    ..,
Apples,   iiubanUton-   L.   K.   Taylor.   CrMgnton. ii/���i���J,,    t    x   fcvithnm*   J   Fox
I', ars. besl  collection  by  individual 'Knight. J.  A. (oath..    .  .1
W.  V.  Ilrooks
,   ,.,.,,   ,���:���        Aplpes,   best  collection   fall   apples,
of each   (win- |)jy )ml|vl(lual p.oweri, r, varieties. 6 of
each    C.   BS.   Fitzgerald;   J.   A.   Coatham; J. fox.
Apples,   best   collection   winter   ap
Appbs, Jonathan - s. 0. Spear;   J,
Creighton; W, C. iilnkwuod. growers, 5 varieties
Apples, Mcintosh Ked    W. A. Lang; ter)���H.  V.  Chaplin.
\V. Btlnbrldge; c. e. Thompson. Pears, Bartlett, -   .!. Creighton; J. I
Apples.   Cox   Orange    11.   \V.   Hay- B. IHckle, Salmon Ann board of trad" ;
mer;  W. A. Lang;  II. C, Sadden. Pears, Flemish Beauty, B���h. E Tay Lj^p"- individual growers, B varieties,
Apples, Orlmes Golden- D,  B. Oel- ,or; "��� v Chaplin; J. S. Campbell.     |R ,,, p_-tl   ,.   T   Hlaglnson & Sons; ]
luly;   II. M. Gardner;   H. V. Chaplin
Apples, lted Cheek Pippin It. II.
Apples, Spltteuberg- J. Creighton;
A.  S. Mills;   W,  A.   Lang.
Apples, Tompkins Klnis \V A.
Lang| J. Creighton;  W. A. Lang
Pears, Benree d'Anjou, S -0. Anderson; Kelowna Laud <v  Orchard Co.;   I
' s. Campbell,
Pears. Winter Nellis, E -I.. E. Tay
lor; II. V, Chaplin; H. II. lilirtch.
Apples,   Wlnesap���J.   Creighton;    R. Pears, ClalrReau. .',    I.. E. Taylor; G
il   Parsons Anderson; .1  Creighton.
Apples.     Wagner    .1,     McLaughlin; Pears. Louis bonne do l'ersey. a    II
!ri. Cooper; W. Sllnbrldge. V. Chaplin;  L. B. Taylor; .1   8. Camp
Apples.   Wealthy    S.   Cooper;    Sal '"II.
mon Arm board of Irade: A   Shaw Pears,  Duchess li'An. ..uleine.  r,    L
Apples, Winter Banana���8. 0. Bpeer, ''������ Taylor;  n   v. Chap -a; J   Crelgh
W    A    Lang;   B,  W.   Mutch. ���"��
Apples.   Wolf   Kiver    Salmon   Ann P*hn,  H'-urre   llmissock,  B   ���Q.   An*
board of trade. deison; .1. Creighton,   K. Speei*.
Apple,      Yellow     Newton    W.     A. Pears. Hose. _     I.   K. Taylor.
Pears. Howell. ,',    11. V, Chaplin; (I    K   w   Mntf.ll;  Mrs. .lohn  Robinson
Anderson; J. S. Campbell. I'earB, best collection  by Individual
growerB, 5 varieties, 5 of each (fallI
C. T.  Hlggtoson & Sons;  1. A. Coa'.-
ham; W. Knight.
Pears, best collection by individual
growers, f, varieties, 5 of each (winter I C. B. Fitzgerald; J. A. Coat-
PearB. Louise Bonne de Jersey. 5���
J  A. coatham; .1. Fox
l_.ni-;  .1. L.  Prldhain;  J. Creighton
Apples, itotue Beauty- E. W. Mutch,
li    I!    Parsons. S.   Ii   Nicholson.
Appbs, Canada Baldwin -It. H Par-
hone. .1   II   Hrown, .1   F��� Thompson
Apples. King David -W. A Lang;
Kelowna Land and Orchard Co., II
V   ( haplln
Apples, Maiden's iilush w a.
Lang. .1 McLaughlin, Salmon Arm
li :ard or irade.
Apples. Hen Davis J. McLOUgh
Iin, W. A   Lang, I)   Spur
Apples. Oano -*W. A. l-ang. first
nml Beoond;  li   v. Chaplin.
Anplas, Northwest Greenings    L.  ES,
Apples,   Akin   Red    1<-   H-   Parsons   s���n
ll    I'.    UurtCh,  Salmon   Ann   board  <I      Apples.
Apple-. Baldwin W, A, Lang
Mc* anghlln, Salmon Arm board
,\piin,. Bells De Boskoop .1 B
Bateman, second.
Vpples, Blue Pearmaln i. k Ta>
lor, J.   H   Hrown.
Apples. Canada lied Vt. A Lane.
Booth  Kelowna  Land Co.
Apples, Golden ftueset���W. A. Lang
lb ird
Pears, Bartlett, B���Mrs. J. Robinson;
A. Halley; 0. Belrose.
Pears. IK urre BousBOck    .1. A. ("oat
bam; W. Knight
Pears.   Bose.   B���W,   Knight;   J.   A
Coatham; B. Stude & Sons.
Pears,  Beurre    ClalrgeBU. 5--J.    A.
Pears. Idaho, 6    J   Crelghlon. iCoatham: W, Knight! C. B. FlUgera'.'.
Pears, Vicar of  WakeOeld, 5- L.  B i    ��,pars. Beurre d Anion. B    J. fox; 1 .
Taylor !A- Coatham;  W. Knight.
Pears. Baxter Beurre. B  -ll. H. Par-       ���'<������������"��� U,'inUr  N?',liS'  &~~H' ��MVf'
2nd;   V\    Iloway,  3rd.
Pears, Howell. B���W. Knight;  .1. A.
Coatham; C. T. Iligglnson & Sons
PearB,   Sheldon.   B���W.   Knight;    I.
Fox; S  0. Tidy.
Pears,   Duchess  d'Anlouleme,   5--C.
T. HlgginFon; J. A. Coatham.
West of North Bend. Pears.  Hardv, B    W.  Knight;   J.  A-
Apples, Blenheim, Orange, B -W. P.lcoatham; B. Q. Tld.
Brooks; J.  Fox;  .1. Uobson. Pears.   Vicar   of   Wakefield,   5���E.
Apples. Maiden's Blush. 5    Surprise ,Stride & Sons;  J   Fox
Poultry YardB; J. Fox; J. A. Coatham. I     Pears. Souvenir de Congress, B���.1.
Apple*  Northern  Spy, r,--H   Owen;   For C. T. Higginson & ��mj.
c   E. liug.raid;  c. T. Hlgglnson &l   Pears, Hmtlled'Heyst B���W. Knight'
TheyVe Going Fast���We Quit Business
Herald the good news, for it is wonderful. A sale of good, dependable Furniture, Carpets, Rugs,
Linoleums in the latest, up-to-date styles with a variety that covers almost everything needed
to furnish a home in whole or in part, at prices that don't even cover the cost of making. We have
spared nothing. Every piece in our large and well selected stock goes into this sale for most anything they'll bring. Here you find reductions that will fairly electrify the most confirmed bargain hunter in this vicinity.   Think of buying Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Etc., at
These remarkable Going-out-of-Business values may seem strange. The big sale is under way.
The crowds are here. Words didn't bring them. Mere words are no attraction. The crowds
would not come if there weren't value inducements���and we repeat, THE CROWDS ARE HERE.
Here you have the story���going to quit business. It's an event offering out of the ordinary, prices
below cost, savings worth coming for. It's a spirited sale of immense stocks; all new, bright Furniture at rare price inducements. .    ..^
I'ears. Hardy. r>    I.   F.  Taylor.
Pearsl any other variety I Fall I. C
J. S. Campbell.
I'ears. any oilier variety (Winter)
j Cralghton.
iJ. A. Coatham.
J.hn      i'ears. Beokel, 6���U
Look For the Red Tag That Tells Your Saving
But you had better judge the issue by investigating the offerings.  Values tell the tale.  Come any
time���morning if possible.
No Prices Quoted-Nothing to Mislead You
Everything marked in plain figures, with original price for comparison    \
Alexander,    B-   Mrs.    J.hnl     fears, nee.no-... Belrose^
Robinson;   J.  Fox. FjMlfc M�� "ther variety  Hall).  B
3-      Appl,,.  1'am.wse. B-C.  E   FlUger-' '.   \  Herald;   W.   Knight.   J.
'��  aid. J. A. Coatham:  VV. Knight "", ���ram any Other variety (winter!. B
���C.   K.   Fitzgerald;   J.   A.   Coathan,.
Mrs. ,i   Hobinson
i.argest appl'*  In  the fair  (distinct
tro"i ether tntrlesi ��� J. Creighton;   J.
Out-of-town customers are urged to take advantage of
this sale.   We pack and ship your goods free of charge
Appbs, Qravenatein C T, iilgg'.n-'
son. C   B. FlUger&ld; J. Fox.
Appb-s. Keswiek Ci dlin, 1. Stride & j
Sons, j   Thompson; .1   A. Coatham.
W.E. Fales FurnitureHouse
knplefl       Ontario   -8     MclJJiighlln.   Knight; J. A. Coatham.
Apples,    llaldwln.    .*.  -f. E   Fllzger- U   r'oatham
aid,  J    Fox.   Mrs. J.  Itt.btnson. |    Open  to  the  World	
Apples.  Crimes Golden, B -W.  Ilea i     piurns,  best   r/)lleotlon.   S   varietii a,
well; W. Knight; J. A. Coatham. lindlvidnal growera, 12 of each -J.  \.
Apples.     uibKton     Pippin,     B���Vt. 1 Creighton I   II    Darey;   H.   v.   Chap-
Apples.    It: vb,m    RUB    t. .".    J.    A
Coatham; w. Knight; Q  Bwroee
Apple.. Salome, r, I A. Coatham;
Stride fi  Sons;   W. KnlRht.
Apples. I-ucheas, .'. -Surpr.se Poultry \ards. J. Batterham; J. a. coat
Appbs. Sutton's Beauty, B���3urprlsc
IPoultry Yards; W. Knight; J. A. Coat
W.   ham.
Apples,    TompVlns    KIuk.    B���w.
jh.  Knighti  .1. a. Coatham; c   B.    Fit;
-   J. Fo-:;  T. M
K.  Flt.^rr
-C. E.  Pltsger-
Ma*  fi Sous. 11.  E   I.eigb
Apples,   ftbode   island  Qreenlngs
W, A. I.��ng. It. II. Parsons. J. I.. Prid
Apples, liltmton Pippln-J 1.. Prld
bam. Balmon Arm board Of trade, II
C,  Beddon.
Apples, l(L*Un:ry ]tii*-:et W. A
Lang,  Maw A  Sous.
Apples,   Saloni.* B    T.i.lir
A.  l-atiit.  Maw  ft  Sons.
Apples. Seek No Further    J. Cr
Apple:'. Itark    Mav*.   it Sons. .1. Mo Apples,   Whga
i.aii^hiin, H. V. ChapHn. ' i riroi r.
Vpples, Button's Beauty   it. H, Par Apples, wealthy, B  -C
aom   W   c   lllakwood. NV. A. l-aiiR. a'ii    .1   Walker;  W. F. Johnson
Apples, iii>ottnce Pippin   Hob Mun kprlas   Wolf Blver B���W, Kn
non  W   \   Lang, 6 t'.mon Arm board Surprise Poultry Y.-.rds; J. Fox
,,,  ,-..���,,.' -oibs.    Arkansas
* -t,j t,.-,. Tallinn Barest���J, B. Camp Coatham,
b,H. Salmon Ann board ol trade, A Vpples, Delicious,
I Cross aid.
Apples,  Wlsmer   Desert   B.  Bpeer      Apples. Qolden Pippin. B ��� J.
II v. Chaplin, E. Bpeer, Iceetham.
Apples, White winter Pearmaln   D.i    Apples,  Ben  Davlfc
gpeer, Salmon Arm board ol ir,id\    j mer
Plums. Lombard, 12 - E. Stride ft
Si ns; C J. Hobson;  B. V. Chapman
Plums. Coo's Oolden Drop. Ig���C.
J. rtobson: VV. A. I-ang; O. E. Thor.ip-
Plums. Yellow Egf. 12���J. Creighton:   H- V, Chaplin;  J.  McLaughlin.
I'lun-.'s Pond's Seedling. 12���E. Sf.
WtlUhlre; H. Hill;   Mrs. W. A. bang.
Plums, Relne Claude, 12���A. Bailey:
T.  M    Lermer;  E. Stride & Sons.
Plums. Shropshire Damson, 12���H.
Davey, 2nd
The IVER SMITH SALES CO., of Vancouver, in charge.
r.  M.  l-ori   !
II.  Uavey;  J. Fox.
Cabbage, 2 best summer���W. Whiting.   C.  Mulr.
Cabbage.   2   best   winter--E.   Smedley���S. Crichton.
Cabbage.  -'  best  red���E.   Smedley; j
C.  Mulr.
Brussels sprouts. Z stalks -Mrs.  S.
Walker.  (Surprise  poultry  yard.)
Savoys 2 best and largest���B, Smedley;   S. Cricvhton.
Plums. Rivers Ulack Diamond, 12-!    Cauliflower. 2 best hcads-C. Mulr;
I    !���'   Tavlo- |K- Smedley.
Plums, Pallenherg or Italian Prune.      Onions, white, 6-J. Mills; S. Cnch-
12    K Stride & Sons; E. M. Wiltshire,   ton.
j.  oWen Onions, red, 8���B. Smedley; C. Mulr.
Plums, Giant Prune. 12.���J. A. Coat-!    Onions, yellow.  6���J.  A.  Coatham;
ham. J VV. F. Brooks.
Plums, Bradshaw, 12���J, Crelghtnn;      Onions,  white  pickling.    1  quart-
!,.  B. Tayloi'. W. F. Brooks;   S. Crichton.
Plums. Burhank, IS���J, Creighton.    |    Onions, yellow,  pickling.  1  quart���
Pltt'os. Cram! Duke. 12���1.. B. Tay-|Mrs. A. A. Stewart; B. Bracewell.
lor:   Kelowna   Land   &   Orchard   Co.::     Veas. green, best dish, 1 quart shell-
H. V. Chapman. |ed    P. E. Tomsett;   It.  H. Grav.
Plums, Geuii. 12-Mrs. W. A. Lang.      pea8i   green,   10   lbs.   unshelled���J.
Plums, Columbia, 12���J. Crelghto.i; 1 Batterham.
L. K. Taylor. i    Beans Scarlet rtunners. In pod, best
Plume, Sugnr Prune. 12���J. Crelsh- di8h._.H  pooney; A. Magee.
ton:   H. Hill;   L. E. Taylor. Btan8  btlsh   be8, dish In pod-Mrs.
Plums   German   Prune.  12���H.  Da-!A   A   gtew8rf  j   Fox.
vev;  J. A. Coatham; W. Knight. I    nclna   nroad   be8t  dlgu   In   pod���
Plums,  any other  variety,   ^��.~J- stride & Son-   P. E. Tomsett.'
Creighton: 11. Davey. ,     ,        , b,     . farR-j, Fox;  E. Os-j
Peaches,   Earlv   Crawford.   �����Mrs.;.."'
\V.  A. Lang;  .1. Creighton;    J.    MclD0���-     ,c       6_c   Mulr;  s. Crlch.|
Laughlln. I
Peaches, Early  Charlotte, 6���W. A. ;10';
��� .,., Hee
Peaches.  Elherta.  6-J.  Creighton: |    Cel��y,   white   8   biinches-Salmon
Mrs. W. A. Lang:  J. McLaughMn. Arm  board cl  trade,   W. WWttnf
I',   -t.es.   Ye'loi   St.  .lohn, 6-Mrs.j    Celrry, red. 6 bunchcs-C. Mulr, 8.
W. A. Lang; .1. Mol.aughlln. ;Crichton.
Peaches, Fitzgerald. 6.-^J. T. Camp-;    Ctlerv   nv
bell;  J. Creighton:  J. McLaguhlln.      iton. P. E. Tomsett.
Peaches. Fosler. fi.   J. McLaughlin.      Lettuce,  C  heads���W.   Whiting;   i
peaches, nny other variety���Mrs. W. |Batterham.
A. Lang; J. McLaughlin: J. Creighton
p'obo   6���J. Fox;  A. Magee.
ether variety���S. Crlch-
Pnat'-'rs Early Burbank. 16 lbs.���
|W. R. Smith; J. S. Sinclair; E. Osborne.
Potatoes, Carman No. 12, IB Ibs���J.
Sinclair;     A.     Magee;     Sprott &
HadiBh, long, best dish���P. K. Tom
sett; E. W. Wiltshire.
Radish, turnip, best dish���B. Brace
well; E. M. Wiltshire.
Squash, best 2, any variety, tab'.*
use���C. Mulr; E. Osborne.
Squash, Hubbard, beat t���H. Hornby, C. Mulr.
Pumpkins, for   table    use,    2���S.
Potatoes, Early Bose, IB lbs.���W. E. Crichton' J. Coatham
Smith; J. S. Sinclair; H. Hornby. Vegetable Marrows, S���W. Whiting
Potntoen, Vermont Gold Coin, IS lbs. j. Batterham.
T  J     """RAPP
One of ihe honorary presidents of the H. A. & I. society   who for twenty
vi w I  as president ot the organlBBtlo n, did yeoman Bervlce in bnUdlus up
*'     '      ' the provlncl at exhibition.   .
I. S. Sinclair; A. Magee; Wallace
Potatoes. Early Puritan, IB lbs.���
J. S. Sinclair.
Potatoes, Sutton's Ninety-fold, IS
lbs. - .1. S. Sinclair; P. B. Tomsett; H.
Potatoes, any other variety named,
K, lbs.���J. 3. Sinclair; C. Mulr; W. B.
Potatoes. 3 varieties, correctly named. 15 Itt. each, not In preceding list
���J. 8. Sinclair; 0. Mulr; W. B. Bmlth
Potatoes, best collection, beet 12 ot
each Bort, correctly named���A. Magee;
W. E. Smith; J. S. Sinclair.
Turnips, table. White Globe, 6 roots
���A. G. Marshall; W. Whiting.
Turnips, Orange Jelly, 8 roots���A.
G. Marshall; P. B. Tomsett.
Carrots, Short Horn. 8 roots���A. Magee (Surprlao pr-l ry yard.)
Carrots, Intermediate, 6 roots���C.
McGregor; A. Magee,
Parsnlpa. 8 roots���A. Magee; W.
-KVUie*-t w. wUh ie key. ***,*-*rm Irtaeniiasr eel i-M xU dsag U biases, hm.Aa
nsnalBc-meikUawUkMsse-lksmeas; aada. ��elU wWs, *. Mas st* srn spin *s
aptad wUI de as max* food ts-t-t ia this wsy u i ��esM ��' *apss( ia ssbm ***t wsy.
Tomatoes, best 12���P. E. Tomsett;
W. Whiting.   '
Tomatoes, best collection, 8 each,
correctly named�������� ����� Tidy; P. B,
Cucumbers, besl brace. gTecn and
grown under ���jJaeSr-JP. Ja, Tomsett;
W. WhiUng.
Cucumb*���, best bMloe, green, and
grown in open air���P. E. Tomsett; 1
Cucumbers, beit dish for pickling���
E. Sthedtey; 3: Vox.
Citrons, best i���H. Hornby; P. t-
Tomsett. 1   ,-,
Peppers, 1 plate���P. E. Tomsett; ft
Crie^ten, J
Kale, Scotch kurly. i heads���x%
8medl��y; J. Batterham. .a
Kale, thousan4�� headed, 2���W. Wh��
Mg; J. BMterhain.
i/TDg Carrots, 8 roots���Surprise
Poultry,yards; C. Mulr.
Intermediate parsnips, 8 roote-C
(Continual on Page Six.)
tfi ������'.- .'..***l**S*<. '-' I-1***
HTHIS advice of England's great critic
and essayist, applies with particular force to tbe
kind of clothes we sell.   *
Wc are architects of style���manufacturers ei mud
values���bankers of clothing satisfaction.
ft* are
mdy to show yoetttt lAric. and Cttkg a��4A.
unmatched in thit cky.
,4 ��AOl fOUR
id Salt
Kasu Maru Takes Flsh Products From
Ewen's Cannery to Japan-
formed  Men Aboard,
10 *
Loaded tflth a, cargo of flelt 0(1, $��d,
eanned salmon, the .Japanese three-
irtaated schooner. Kasu Maru, is lieady
to leave the Eraser river for her home
port in .lapan after having^ keen,-in
the river tied up near Ewen's cannery
fi r the past three weeks.
Some mystery is attached, tr},.U>a
Kisu Maru, although the immigration
nnd customs officials have Meeh unit ble to fathom anything in thelflwt-
ti ',
Steamers plying between here and
1 iTlner report that the crew ofthe Orb
e:ital Bailing vessel are all decked out
|i uniform, which leads to the^nknur^s-
rion that the men are either members
of the Japanese navy or elBe HS-Ve
aerved their enlistment time and are
new on the first reserves.
The Kasu Maru put into Port'Simp-
"i about a month ago antl was helj
ly   the  Canadian  authorities oh  the'
 plclrn  that  she was  mixed  un  In
t'"' alleged landing of several Japanese from an unknown junk which tho
'"���'iieries cutters have been .qjiKMe
i '-ice to locate.
Seattle, Oct, 8.���Halibut fishermen
are racing a ball shortage. The poorer grades of Balmon are used for halibut bait, but now any kind of fresh
salmon is held at a prohibitory price.
Humpbacks are becoming scarce and
are sold at IB cents apiece and the
silver and tlog Sainton have not run
this fall aa In years past.
,   Herring must be substituted, and the
fishing boats will  have to run    Into
dem of taxation of ull lands occupied The first month's rent waa paid ln
uy tbo 1'auway, anu if tor no outer gold. The other payments were made
leason tnull tins tiny are entitled to In bills. Dean hud got two extensions
some ConsideraUOU. of liis tenancy.    The lirst   time Dean
jury Mostly Farmers. 'said he had a brother across the line
Tlle majority ol the members of the 'mul he thought his brother would gel
grand juiy is composed of either him a job over tliere. The next time
i_.i*i.i*_i�� of men closely In touch witn he told witness that he hail n place In
the larinlnu industry who coaat*-j South Vancouver whloh would not be
iiueiitiy leti ilia, tliey are particularly finished for a few days,
iliiuliued to refer to conditions undor j Was Prevented.
which me industry is Buttering at ihe Cross examined, witness mantained
present Ume. lue-c conditions are the reason why he had not spoken to
sue.i tnat me whoie Industry is In a.the machinery, varnishing and the
ii.o_t unprofitable anu unsatisfactory keys, etc.. at Macnamara's trial last
suiie ai.u mints ure getting wursu July was that he was prevented by Sir
every day. Charles himself.   The digging   of   the
Fewer  Departments. garden might have been done by the
The number ot the various branches dogs, lie first mentioned his informa*
if farming whloh tn the past have Uon in the matter when the Hank of
been prontably conduoted    is   being Montreal communicated with him at
Department Under F. H. Cunningham
Shows Enterprise by Placing Specimens on  Exhibition.
Although wide apart from the reel
of the other buildings on tho fair
grounds, the fisheries exhibit maintained by the Dominion govermnenl
under the supervision of Chief Inspec
tor K. H. Cunningham of this city, la
a source of wonderment to the people
who have entered Ha portals, tbls, in
man] casse. being their tirsl oppor
Ketchikan   Petersburg or some other  continually narrowed down.   Owing to  the end of lllll. or beginning of Wl-.
southeastern Alaskan port on She way the< peddling   system   ot the Chinese He met Mr. Ahearn there and told
lp the banks to obtain thetn. Some of  vegetable growers    the    tarm    truck  him    all    he  knew.    The    hank kept   tiiuity of realizing lhe  importance ot
���   *"     '     '   *���'      '*    '   "   '������'���*    '  "   '  -  "    the  fishery  industry  In  the  province
and especially  to New  Westminster
and   the   Kraser   valley,
I'lsh. large and Bmall, alive nnd preserved, together with the different
processes from wlllch flsh emerge
from the spawn to the full-grown salmon, uro on view, and afford the vial
the fishermen intend using frojten her-i busiiiLtM Is practically dead already, I bothering him to cull and see thetn
ring, a supply being available: Thelwhlle tiio present fraudulent or gross- and go to a lawyer's ofrice. lie saw
silver and dog salmon run Is expected  ly  careless system    under    which    a   Mr. Ahearn a great many times Blnce
to begin at any time. During the
Winter months the fishermen depend
on the winter salmon and Bteelheads.
���_Od many of the    city    dairies   are  but, with the exception of a few Words
operating will soon cause dairying to about  the case,  they  had  never dls-
the sanm way. the underweighing  cussed It.
and undertestlug of milk and cream in | Would Have to Think.
Sir Charles    How much money alto-
Many Who Attended Were Sightseers
and Did Not Buy���No Change in
Last Week's Prices.
this country is an open scandal.
Government Srfould Act.
When  such  a state of affairs  waa  Ahearn In connection with this prose
found to exist in the logging business cution ?
the government promptly passed an | Witness���1 would have to think u
act for providing lor official govern-  little.
ment scalers; we call upon them to j Sir Charles--You did not have to
lake similar action with reference tol think a great deal about the (86 in
uie dairy Industry. I gold, the notes of the Union Hank of
All ol which is'respectfully submit-; Canada or the $7.50 you received rrom
ted. Dean.
C. fl.  HILL-TOUT. Witness���I   received  $100  for  time
Judcc  Be-ilies. iand expenses, and  as  near as  I  can
Justice Clement, lu' reply, said:    So   say   *__  and  some  cents.    !  got  the
far as the criminal work ot the assise  -1100 from Mr
gether  have  you  received  Irom   Mr. j (or a splendid opportunity to estimate
what sockeyes. cohoes. halibut, and
other specimens ol' fish really mean
lo the province and the Pacific coaat.
The fisheries building Is located opposite the Industrial building close to
(hi' Queens park reservoir and is free
to the liubllc.
j is concerned 1 lliink I may safely
Ilmi    (,,,ii    I.,,,-,,    rlnlii,    ..nil-    \  ���___���*��� '._*    if iiii
'this year.    He
..heara about July 1 of
told tne to keep an ac-
At the market yesterday normal con-  that yuu have done your work with ex- jcount of my time and expenses,
ditlons   prevailed   as   regards   prices. | ptdnion and cure, but the presentment ���    Witness also stated mal Mr. \ asey
" 'vou now place ilt inv hands deal with  of the bank, told him also to do so.
'"attic. Oct, 3.���Charging that ' sf>-
��� ��� "xlmately 30,000 cases    of    canned
other matters somewhat beyond my
province. In one or two tilings you
uave mentioned 1 have to iuj|Ke a re-
mai.; upon, .. i tj1
Not Allowedj��| Talk<*
of   them   are aJlalrffof state
M >8l
Which a Judge bj not a#ow-d tojhini showing an omls
and though there was a good attend
ance, the majority was of visitors and
sight-seers, and the business done was
���about ordinary. At this time most
.TEAMSHIP LIBELLED .";  ipwle are on holiday bent, attracted
BY CANNERY COMPANY'!bv Ihe alureinents of the great exlu-
 , bitlon.
However there was a good supply
or poultry, prices running about the
same as last week; a small supply of
' 'mon, valued at $90,000, hadj-been (apples, Number :''s, which sold read-
rerlously damaged while .. beiftgilly at $1.25. and the same applies to
' rought to this citv bv the steamship pears. All the pork available was dis-
,      ,      , .,  ', , ��� ! ,v   i posed or at 12'" cents, a lairlv large
.T-Wta    from    Alaska    canneries, the^up[)]y ���f VB.*\enl  at  16*4  a.   17*4
���:nska    Paciric    Fisheries    company Qonts, and the supply of mutton was!
filed  a  libel    in    the    federal    cairt.good.
-���������ilnpt the vessel, seeking to recoyeri    The  market was rather lato  In  be-|
?'2,2S2.0G    damages.    The   complnint (ginning, owing to the rain, but busi- \
s��t   forth   that   the   cases  of  salmon I ness  was over about the usual  time.
������ -re loaded at Chileoot. Yes Bay .and,!    There was a very good auction sale,
f'homley,  Alaska, and    were    gtowrtti |nuite  a number of animals changing
������ ".ay in the hold or the .leanie. Bilge .hand:-.
'���iter leaked through and ruined some |     A   herd   oi   six   Holsteln   cows  and  _
< ' the cases. It was asserted, and'COalfthree heirers nnd one bull were dispo<---  another sense the federal government
t'ust   mixed   In   with   the  water.   The led or under the hammer or Mr. M. S.: has nothing to do.
��� 'imps were not operated  sttrriclently  Ross, while T. D. Trapp, the other auc-i Rests with Accused.
|s   keep   the   water  out.   it   was    al-jtloneer, disposed of a number of horses ]    In numerous cases the option resta
Ifged. [and some rigs and harness. with the accused.   Tliere are cases In
As a result, cases were stained and      Potatoes were in  good  supply with  which   the. accused  may  take  speedy
Hvkened and cans were    rusted    to1 a   slightly  increased  demand.     There  trial in the county court, to elect   in
what tribunal he will take his trial.
I  shall  see your representation
Although he   thought    there   was
somt thing wrong in the basement he
did  not go  to  the  pollce  and  report
it until llie bank had bothered hlm.
One Omission.
Witness' deposition  was quoted  to
ilon t f the varn-
talk.   Ker that reason] 1 donVwish to
_ay anything beyond that It is my
duty tu see ..our representation
reaches the proper quarters. It i.s tor had been dug I
.hose who are responsible to the elec- for the purpos
torate or tbe province and the Dominion tc givo such attention to your representation as they think you are on-
Betvcen Two Fires.
Two   matters  you   mention.     Fir.t
lisliing incident and he explained that
he had not thought or it at the time.
He did not suggest that the garden
v Dean and his Irk nils ship 1! u.m. and
of aiding the extradition of Dean. Ho did not remember
Dtan saying that be was going to
look at a house in South Vancouver, if
be did nol go to the States. The house
in Broadway -was vacant from June 1
to July 25 before Dean took it.    Wit-
lhe character of the cases which come  ness kept   carpenter's    tools
before this court. That is a matter
| with which In a sense the provincial
-government has nothing to do and  In
��� '"h  an  extent  that  they  had  to1* he  was a good  sttpplv of potatoes,  enl.
"-'abeled, th-? plaintiff contended, and ihaees.   carrots   and   turnip?,   but   the
"nie or the goods were spoiled, The (demand was weak.
'���Dense nf renovating the goods was!    Prices were ns under:
"e*  at  $4282.06;   the depreciation    in Fruits.
* "'ue at S2B00: the loss ol money dur- .Plums, per crate
'".g a period of three months at jjlOOtf.'fPrunes  per crate
* nd the value of the worthless goods '
���.Tears, per box
Immediately after the
. I   ,' tApples, per box
sent to the attorney general ol the
province and the attorney general of
As to the right to inspect the penitentiary 1 must confess it is news to
! me.    1 don't pretend to carry all thi
basement during Dean's tenancy.
There was also a washing machine
operated by a motor He bad slated
befure that he had round the turnl
ture in the usual way, Lut rathei
roughly used.
Was Out  of   Pocket.
Re-examined by Mr. Macneil-The
$100 did not reimburse him tor his expenses. He was out ot pocket over it.
He had to leave his work and provide
additional assistance at home. He
made depositions before  Mr. Armour.
Sir Charles���That is Dr. Davis' part
Mr. Davis���That  is his misfortune.
Mrs. llnrton, Mrs. Btebblngs, Mis.
Ethel St' bbings and Samuel Uacon, all
ChurcK Notices
CHURCH, oorner Carnarvon and
Blackwood streets. Services 11 a.m.
and 7:80 p.m.; Sabbath school and
llible class 2:30 p.in.
CHURCH���Services U am. and 7:30
p.m. Evening subject, "The Judgment" Adult Bible class and Sunday
sohool at 2::i" p.m. (luiid meets on
Monday at 8 p.m. Strangers welcome.
M. Gordon  Melvin, HA., minister.
A. S. Lewis, RD. pastor.    Public wor-
io p.m.   The even
ing service is specially for men
women not excluded Hearty singing
led by a male chorus choir; male
solos, etc. The pastors sermon will
be specially to men, BUbjeot, "Curves
in Character." Centre seats and gal
lery reserved for men.
will bo held ut the Cunningham ball,
.",'.) Sixth street. One-half black from
post office,, next Lord's Day evening
at 7:30 o'clock, conducted by the Uev,
T. A. Schoetibt rg. Held secretary ot
the Lutheran denomination tor ths
Pacific roast. This service and all the
services ol this organization will be
held In the Kngllsli language and all
the members of the Lutheran faith, no
matter what the mother tongue may
be. are most cordially Invited to be
LAST LAP wind-up of the Exhibition. >, LECKIE
SHOES are still on view. Makers have splendid
range yet at the depot, 641 Front street. Don't go
home without them. OPEN TONIGHT TILL 11
P.M. Be there. Special prices to finish up the exhibition week.
Free ! Free ! Free !
We have received $tlud worth or Packard's famous Shoe Polish for
distribution at our discretion. Now listen I Huy one dor.on shoe
laces al 10 cents, or shoes or slipper* Bnd the polish will be handed
to you. Or cut oul this ad., hand ll lo us. and we will givo you
a 'in cent bottle ot polish In exchange for it.
Ladies attention! Rubber Foothold*, all silos, 76c value ror 2SC
Ladles, the Hyan Bout, vici kid sewn, stub toe. 93.50 value . . $1.93
Mind the baby, black and tan 9f,o slippers, 9BC value, pair .... 5$e
Youths Hoots for school wear, slieB 11, IJ l'i. values |2.60, per pair
For men.   Tbe Harry Hoot, made In I'S A , JO.fib value.    Present this
ad. and get any size for $4.95
The Young man. Ames Holden snappj dresfl bout, $4.60, pair S3.45
The Wee Kid. strong tiox kip bootB, w.lth kickers, -t to C.   ..       95c
Hoys' school boots, strong and durable, Blzes I to 6       $1.75
Travellers' samples for men, (6.00 to $7,00 values. Your pick, $3.95
For the solid man, the K Hoot, world famous.   Sole agents for the city,
Men give ear, Bulldog Rubbers, $1 26 value    per pair 50C
Men, the Hyan Hoot, strong and durable. }5 f,0 value for ..      $1.95
For boys and girls, HOO pairs box kip boots, si.es 7, 8, 9, 10,   .  $|.25
Slater Hoots. F.W., blink and tan, any pair In the store f,ir       S4.95
Value to $7 I'll, but hand  us this ad  to show  lhal   ll   brought  you
(lum Hoots tor Men. knee length, any sl.'e  ....  53.45
S30.000 STOCK   TO SK1.KCT   PROM.
tUlc to "lie
.tiOc to 75c
 $1.60  statutes of Canada in  my head, but  I  over \ nmouver, gave evidence of si
 10c. idid not think there was any  prohlbl-
I'nited States marBhnl   s i���������i i ��� Vegetables. ' iion against  an inspection ot that in-
*  ns filed in o!e sum or filw!' relea"    il"^^ Pf *��   $12 l0 *14   s,i"'tk"' ��>' ����' ��rii��" J��W.
ing It, '     ���**0x8, per bunch ,.c ;     i cannot express my own opinion.
���  ,._��,v��-_4.Pnl<'ms' -Por  lb Bcl    I cannot express mv own opinion.
|f-arrots. per bunch  51.      i   thing  it  is unite  evident, gentle-
Cabbage, per lb 4c.  mm, yuu have given  very careful at-
turnips, each 5c hentiou   to  these  various  matters and
Eat and Get Thin
-   ,       ,  ,- 'l'\Ub?l^'W,);',Blackb'errie8, per box'
led  and the vessel  taken  uv (-W'gM* ven.-t-hi-
lng  Macnamara and  Dean together in
lhe house on Broadway.
Tin  court then adjourned until Monday at   11:15 a.m.
Victoria, Oct. 3.- That the new British steamship Cardiganshire, the rirst*
��� t a flei t cf veBaels building in the,,
< 'niter! Kingdom for the Hoyal Mail
Steam  Packet company's service    to
victoria and the Northern Pad-Tie; hy (White Spring Salmon, per lb
ay or the Far Kast. will depart rrom ! Flounders, per lb	
ondon or. Decern bi r 20. ror this coast I Sturgeon, per lb.
' i the important announcement fttade Halibut, per lb. .
by E. J. M. Nash, special ropresenta- I Swd's- per lb. ..
ve  or  the Koyal   Mail   line on  Che Herring
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale,  dozen    -46c
Kggs, retail, dozen  r,0c
Butter,   retail,   per   lb    .fie.
Butter, wholesale, per lb 30c
Fish. Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
discussed    your    presentments    very I
fuih.    Thev certainly  should receive
careful attention by  those who have |
the power.
You are discharged.
lbs. 26c
Sockeye, per lb	
Retail Meats,
Beef, best rib roasts, per lb. 'itir. to 22c
Beef, loin, per lb 2(lc to 27c
Beef, round steaks, per lb...20c to 25c
Boiling beer, per lb 14c
Veal, per lb ISHc to 17c
Pork, per lb 12'^c to 13c
(Continued trom page one
: ortb  Paciric coast.
The Cardiganshire, which was re-
i'"iltly   launched,   is   oi   14,000   dead-
"lght tons, out 500 reet long, and
��� 'lulpped with the latest and most mo'
i ern machinery ror the handling of
i argo.
She will be followed hy other new
��� "rbcIb of this type building for the
'acific coast run aa scon as they are
' t.mplcted.    It  is expected  that  two  .,        ,
ore of the new liners  will he com-  Hens, large, per doz  $S to $10
ore oi  ine tin   iiiii.rs  win  in. com-  C(licl{eris   .,,,- (lo-                     .. .    .. agreeable odor from t
Meted early next year. :      ."      * '   '  ""��� *'  '    *'
For the Week Ending tunday. Oct. S.
High. Low.
5:10 0:40
17:50 13:10
6:10 1:35
18:15 13:41
7:10 2:50
18:46 14:13
8:10 3:40
If: 15 14:35
9:10 4:25
19:45 15:K|
10:15 5.15
20:15 15:40
11:25 6:15
20:45 16:45
Sand Heads.
High. I-ow.
Time. IH. Time. Ht.
4:09 11.7 10:24 i.i
16:48 12.7 23:05 4.0
5:10 12.3 11:13 4.2
17:16 12.8 23:44 2.7
6:10 12.S 12:01 6.3
17:45 12.8
7:09 13.0    0:25 1.8
18:15 12.fi 12:49 6.7
8:10 13.0    1:10 Vf
1S:46 12.3 13:39 7.9
9:15 12.9    1:58 1.0
19:16 11.9 14:32 9.0
10:24 12.8    2:48 1.2
19:47 11.2 15:46 9.9
Bright fretsh stock- pc lb...
I ocal cranberries, :i lbs	
Myslop crab apples. 4 lbs .
choice cooking appl'-a, 6 lbs.
( hoice eating apples, 3 lbs..
. ,wect potatoes, 6 lbs	
that Macnamara had occupied a room
in the Strand hotel, Vancouver, a:
various times between Murch 28 and
June 'i'i. He exchanged his room one-
Mutton, per lb 8c to 20c for a lesfl expensive one.
Poultry. Cross examined, he said ho was not
HenB, small, per doz. $6.50 to S7  prepared  to  deny   that   Macnamara'!
reason   for the change  was  the    <l:s-
RrollerB, per dozen   $4.00 to $5.00 j No Imaginings.
Mens, live, per lb 17c to 18c     A. fi* Barting,   grocer.    Vancouver
Chickens, live, per lb 19c to 20c  recognized both Macnamara and Dean
Ducks, per dozen  $8 to $10 as customers of Ills  during  the sum-
Ducks, live, per lb 16c to 19c  mer months.    The goods  ordered  by
��� either were always delivered t�� 1697 ,
Broadway, and he Imagined both men
resided there,    lie had seen them both
there together,
Tlie court gently requested '.vin,ish
to refrain  from  giving thetn  li\y    im
aginations.     Prisoner   was   not   in In
tried oii that account.
Dean   Pleasant  to  Meet.
Witness caused some amusement
when he Informed the court thnl In*
passed tlle house one night and lu:in]
a nolac as If tm automt bile were be
ing   pumped,    but     admitted     to     Sii
Charles that   the   noise   was   very
similar to that caused by an old wash- i
ing machine.    He also sapTently    ob \
served  that he had seen  light  In  tin
house late at nights,  but  sometimes I
iContinued from rage One i
pair    I, Robert  Kelly.
I'ivegalied saddle horse 1. Dr. C,
M, Henderson, Vancouver.
ot mares or geldings to a suit-
park use   driven  by
atour    1,   Colonel   Mc
Uae. Vancouver;  2.  D. C. McOregor;
3, Rob irt Ki Ily,
Ui sl heavy draught stallion, i C anj
breed - 1 and silver cup, G. L. Vatio.i
Vancouver Island,
Ponies, 13 h-mds. not i xceedlng 14 2
driven taudi m 1. T. ,v Cox, Brant
Windstorm on Prairlet.
Tyndalt. Mnn.. Oct '���'��� A violent
windstorm passed over this district
yesterday, followed by a had prairie
lire There is n bad fire on the north
of township !-',, running around the
Swamp, and at noon today was still
burning fiercely.
This Is tumln�� on old phrase tsea
sbout, but modern methods of rfluclng
tat   hove   made   this   revision   pon��itile.
If you are everfat and  also averse to
physical   eiertlon   and   llkf-wlui"   Prndlof
' the table and  still want  to reduce your
excess flesh  suv-ral  pounds, do  this: Uo
to your druggist   (or writs  the Mannola
Co..   Farmer   Hulldlng..   Detroit,   Mich.1
���and five  him   lor  send  tbem)   75   rents.
Kor  thla   modi'Ht   amount   of  money   the
druggist will put you In lhe way oi satisfying your  ambition  for  a  nice,   trim,
! slim figure     Ke wlll  bund   vou  a larga
i case   of   Marrnola   Prescription   Tablets
(compounded In accordance with the fa-
i mous    Marrnola    Prescription),    one    of
; which   you    must    take   after   ea<*h   meal
: and  at   bedtime  until  you   begin   to  hue
your fat at tho rate of 13 t" !C ounces
' %  day.    That   Is all.    Just  go on  eating
1 what   you    tike,    leave   exerrlntng   to   tbe
1 athletes, but tike vour llttlo tablet faith-
\ rnttv and without a doubt that, flubbv
neeh wlll autckly take unto I'seif wln����.
i 'eavlng behind It your natural self,
;    '-.-illy   rlothed   In   firm   flesh   and   trim
(Continued from cage onei
corporations are conoemed. and that
these Bums should be disbursed hy
the government department, or trustees, In the form of annuities to the
injured parties.
Should Receive Attention.
We think that this should be so arranged as not to put any  additional
burden on the public service corpora-1there was no light.   Dean was a com
tion and wonld be very much to the munlcatlve man and pleasant to meet.!
benefit of the Injured men and their I He did not think It very serious   to
families.    In any case the constantly  own bull dogs,
occurring accidents   on railway    con- No  ru'-'"'8tion9.
Btructlon should wecelve iar more! in further cross examination wit-l
public attention than they are getting ness said be had talked over these I
at present. matters   with   Mr.    Ahearn.   of   the
C. N. R. Should Operate. Pinkerton detective force, but the Int- j
We should like to draw  tho atten-  ter had    never    suggesti d    evidence
tloh or the authorities to the fact that merely asked questions,
tho Canadian Northern Pacific railway j Signs of Machinery.
IS practically completed as far east as]    T.    A.   Burton,   carpenter,   Kburne
: llppe, and that, although Oonstructlon  said   he was  a  real  estate agenl     In j
trains have been operated continuous-  Vancouver In  1911.     His  wlf" owned
ly on this "o miles of road  ror the the liouse tenamonted  by  Dean    and!
���"���"��""���"~^""^"""JJT^TTT  last year and a hair, freight  ami pas- witness and his wife had occupied It |
ve you  tried  our fine quality teas  fcnjger trains for the convenience of  themselves  previously,     II"  had  call
I  foffei's"    Our ^special  bienos or, ^ p���hUr ,iri. _tl��� ni)t  ,��� operatloni (,(1  ,jurlnK Dean's occupation  several
i ,���. and cofree at 35c per tn....i ins.. Ag    thj_    H||(,    ,|a8    ,)|i(,n    |n,|ir,,ctiy  (|lnPH for his mull.    He had seen Mac-
��� r $1.00, are the rlnest to be nan, we ij^yfijr bonussed by the people or this namara and some other persona there
t you to try them. ���       it jjovlnce, we think  that, unless there during his vIsIIh. Arter the Deans b-r
oice 'tibio butter, .1 lbs **1J_*V W some very good reason other than he  round signs cl  machinery  having
Btern fresh eggs, per doz 40t  that of the convenience of the railway  been  used in the basement and  the
'   mi dozen  7r**t  company Itself for the non-operation  windows covered over with varnish or
"nallty and service are our aim.   We  ���(��� this  line,  tlle company   should  be  some liquid,    He also  found  some of
"I,rii B trial order. .iriirtlbelled  to operate  It.     We   would  the house keys hied BO thai  he could
���" J ulso point out that It runs through not make use of them and five others
fjAan'C GrOf-lirV jinout of the municipalities on tiie blank, uot yel made; further, the sofa
********x*MU  *m  ama a******* j   raggJJi Bi(]p 0f the Fraser river and that was cut, some of tbe stuffing cul cut
I these    municipalities    are    directly and olher junk stuffed In,   The yard
boiiusBliig this line through tbe   free- bore the appearance of being dur.
(Juakcr    Brand-   canned   .peas,
corn and tomatoes, 2 cans.251
L .rr Clock.
Phone 386.
Columbia Street.
Look for thc BigV
fin the next saek of flour yeu buy. It la the trademark of
BrltlBh Columbia's greatest milling company and of tho
finest fleur made���
Hoyal Standard is made in a modern factory turning out.
500 barrels per day. The factory runs day and night to
supply the demand. Before buying grain we analyze the
choicest samples from Alberta and Saskatchewan, grind
t'.iem into Hour, bakn actual bread with thom. Only wheat
that makes perfect loaves Is purchased. That accounts for
the delicious uniformity of Hoyal Standard.
New Westminster.    Telephone 1485.
$1000.00 W( Hli of stock on 2i) year loan basis wlll lie given approved settlers.
C. P. It I'AltMS Ready-made or unimproved, may be purchiBOt.
In nearly every district In the following provinces Alberta, Has-
katchewan, Manitoba and the Interior of British Columbia.
I'or detailed information, descriptive literature, etc. call on Dr
write D, 10. Brow ii, Hope & McCauley, Ltd., the Canadian Pacilb
Railway Company's Official Land Selling Agents.
D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Real  Estate,  Mortgage Loans,   Insurance,  Rentals, Collecticns.
B.  C.  Farm  Lands. Alberta  Farm  Lands.
Phone Sey.  1887.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
II. (!. SMITH, C   P   ft  T   A
Iiii Granville Street,   Vancouver.
W   11   OrtPKROW,  CAPO
I'hone  Prlvntn  Exchange 8134
furniture Specially Priced
For Friday and Saturday
Bid, Spring and  Mattress, complete;  ranlUry cotton top mattress.
double-woven wire npriiig and strong Iron, bed with capped poBts
*���or  $8.50
Brass Bed, Spring and  Mattress, eomp'.ctc;  maltreat, Ih rilled  with
sanitary  tilted  cotton, spring  is double  weave,  wllh  heavy   brass
bed, guaranteed  nol  to tarnlBh,    Kor  S22 00
Couches, strongly made and  well  upholstered, In green  velour und
Bn tatioil Spanish bather: finished with roll edge; solid oak rrame
lrlcr'    S10.50   and   $12.00
Chiffoniers, in solid quarter-cut oak. mnhos-any, blrdseye mania and
White enamel    nnlsb;  best British   bevelled   mirror:     with   five
and six drawers.    From    $Z4.50 to $27.50
Mahogany   Withstands;   regular   $!l,0(l   values,   ror ��e nrt
Kitchen Queens $5.25 Kitchen Tables j,7n
Kitchen  Keekers    $2.50 Kitchen Sates ..,...'.'. $2.85
The Bii? Furniture Store.
One Block Above the Post Office, Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets,
New WeBtmlnster.
K mtt
m*tt**xt*i*mm**i**saim' lywsw-is
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
This May Bc the Last Appearance of Some of'Old
Salmon Bellies.
New   Westminster,   Vancouver   and
district lacrosse rami will get another
i hance  to  see the  Salmon   Bellies  in
action   this  afternoon   when they   will:
Mack up against the Vancouver Ath-;
letlc club In  lhe second game ot the'
si rles.
Despite the fact lhat the Vancou-j
ver goal on TueBday aftcrta-Kin was!
subjected to an avalanche .tn shots..
five of wbloh round Iheir billet In the.
last quarter, the supporters or the]
green shirts sre out with the InfoM
inatlon thnl stage fright wlij n��t effect
their youngsters In this afternoon's|
game and lt would not surprise them
any to per the score kept do*wn to a I
difference or only three lo fpiir goals.
Or course one cannot estimate Just.
will happen, taking It  rropj    a    New
Westminster   standpoint.   If   the     red
shirt   home   ever   Btarted   un   another
ratrnnge,   purh   as   featured   the   last]
quarter ot Tuesday's game. Klve goals
after their opponent! had scored one.
was  goin:-'  some, bul   that  only  goes
to show the features which have made
lbe New Westminster team famous all
over the Dominion, they never know
Just whe'i they ar" licked snd all sort ���
o' th'pcs can happen in the lust few
minutes of play before Ihe whistle
final;, vcundr.
Veteranr Leaving,
Anith'- feature of thlsr afernoon's
mme Is the fact that it Is a'most eer
t-'ln lh;'' thl lasl game of tin- series
will be the last In whleh several of the
veterans will take part In
After 'keening an almost perfect
Ti'aehine intact for years end years
dither TIP'" hns butted lilt nosp In
the sav end nest spring It Is all the
more llk"lv 'hat several vacancies wlll
be i hi'wln" when the timet! routes tt,
Bend out  the eall ror players
V" it*'i'I in yesterduy'e News the
(������"Vliil line.up of the Salmon Bellies
wll tut lie announced until a few
niinuti h from the start of tlie game
owing to Indisposition of ono, aod lt is
sMd two. of the regulars. Johnny
"���w'lril the start point man of the
Minto dinners fr the past three sen
son" wh'le feeling much better In
t'"ilth. W nild to be indisposed svlth
'h.. ���-. -n*it rhat .laek C.lfTotd might Jnst
po-psltdy get Into the game,
Vsnaaer lice Fowler or lhe V A
'���'�� l�� coming over full of confldenre
that his leam wlll make a better show
lo believe that the fans will be treat
ed to some stellar hockey before the
winter has ended.
Before the next two weeks are over
hockey enthusiasts "will be in a position lo know the line-up tif the lloyais
In lhelr race lor Ibe Paterson cup.
Those Who Go Down Nolcy Lane back
of the Bleachers Forced to Separate frcm Their Silver.
On* Sent to Fence  in Came  Between Schoola Yeaterday���John
Rcbson Won, 8 5.
An amusement centre with
iuai  tan* mid a Sockeye  nun
Westsainstar  piuvinciai
is a ntoessity which tew
-S. v.
an  an
���.Mill    .
���I,o   lai.
the   s.giii
jiiACept   tui..',,.'
Not  content wltli   winning  the  Jog [realise,
Lilly  Gbampioa-stilii   medals  in    the I    Sockeye Bans at Queens park dlf.
icboola* lacrosse leagoe, the boys from j ter but slightly notn previous fairs
lohn Hobson school turned right excepting tue new stunts which are
around yeaterday afternoon and trim-; being uiauufactun d from time u>
med iin all star team selected from tue j time to afford amusement to young
three other schools in fhe city. Thc'and old and Inciden.ly lead to a part
final score was s to 5. lln  gof lhe  way  between  dollars and
Prettier stick handling is hard    to j persons.    One baa to Bpend a few dol
be imagined and among the old  llm; lars  down
ers there was considerable regret ex-  only   want
pressed   that   the   grand   old   national
garni had fallen to Btich a low standard among the aenlore.
I'he John Robson boys scored i'l-
most at win In the first two quarters,
bnt combination wort was brought Into action among the all-Stars later in
the game with the result 'hal the Hob-
I son boys score was nearly tied at one
The  goal ���scorer"   were  as follows:
John Robson C. H��yes, 3; H. stod-
i' rt. '.'��� n. Sinclair,"B, A. Welsh.
���tiMttars McKenzie, J. Rennla, :���:
���ft. ChsmTiers, t.
Tor'i   'la'ioney handled   the  Indies-
"v no occasion   to  send  any
to the fence.
Thc Caitam Knows,
"That's a rlskj suntet. but ! believe
'N- tr 'uiiif, wind storm means another
lite dav for the fair." Thl*. remark
v.as passed yesterday evening bv ( ap.
min Aib ipiius Peflle, New Westminster's weather proifheL who his been
taking B vital Interest in Mr. Weather
-Mun during the pas' week, hibnobbiii
���round    with   that   gentleman
  Informs i-matter    of    feci.    The    old
The News that he is good for manv
."re: nr  cf  the  S-liuon   BdBea,   wlio
ii-\..-:   misses  being  n.:,wll   up in     ex-
hfljttlon  siictls.    Th-e  i.ld   vtliwan    i��
rUD  utrtiw on   hs   phis and
lure yetiTB to come.
lng than they did on Tuesday and
Wtth s strengthened home, expects to
in,ike an Impression with tin* fans sui-
f'cinrt to allow the Vancouver teurn to
bfl represented In the B. C. 1. A. next
kiwi me *
The referee will be Fred 'Lynch and
M'tie need be said of this gentleman,
h'.s work In th*' first encounter stand-
In!! the highest praise und m-Mtlng
with little or no crUletem-
stimleQ  rtrtti  the   press   room
\ fair   last   evening   Knd   after hair
; Hour's   deliberation   watching  thc
:tade away ever Vancouver  wav.
noiim-ed    ins    eonVlctk ins    cr
wether  conditions today.
as     a
al     the
Took Cup and Shield From
Big Field at School Day
Sports Yesterday.
Two  lone boys, representing Chllllwack   high   school.     ncmpellod     New,
Westminster  school  athlelen  to  tnke
sei ond  place at the    children's    days
sports yesterday afternoon at Queen's
park and nn a result the championship ]
cup and perpetual shield .awarded to
thc school piking the highest number
Of points will rest for the next year
In the valley overlooked by Uie Veddar
Irvine I'orte. son of Captain Coote.
::nd fleorge I'rtilckshank were the boys
thn turned  the trick, and there waa
no fluke aboul their victory.    For the
'"nlor events they brought along with
f*m) n ycitnvster named Jack Hutchinson,  with  the result thet  this little
fellow   rcu'"   the   Hoyal  City  Juniors
���Hen soma, ''kliiR two seconds against
n plethora or entries from this city.
Wlll   Be   Eneouraament.
The victory of the Ohltl.wnrt hoys
v -i n pleading one to the crowd and
will   undoubtedly  be  an   Incentive  to
morn entries from the Fraser valley
Or-orge Sangser won the cltv cha"v
n' 'oubln gold medal In the half mile,
running a splendid race, never at any
��t:ige hartl nreased.
Junior Event*.
ln   the  Junior  half  mll��"R.' Lewis
showed a clean pair of hee*a-to h's
i" "in"ti;"rs    and   ruptured   the    elty
s"ho��lB championship gold medal   Fori
scoring the most points In the iunlori    I'elav   ra
i snt*  L.   McMillan   was    %ad   and  t��m. Laird
shoulders above his school mates, on!    Clt'_ schr
��� nrtnm |n tm,. events and*UCbf "rsf
In the quartette. f"|��5
Rlchsrds Rode ***sax,
Albert Rlchsrds showed up well In
the ha'f mile bicycle racep-eapfnrlng
the gold locket, presented ,-by f8h��rtff
* -m.trnn-   nnd   ~*""~  * 1-aehool
Senior Boye'  Evenl*.
I'unalng   high   jump- I.  B.     Suther-
'iniil   4 fieri 7 Inches; 0, Criiu kshsiik.
Chlllhraok: 8, vi. Phelan.
'I'wrjvi pound shot 1. I Cote. Chil-
llvracX, 2t, feet 1-2 Inch; L. d'Kasiun;
-. C. Seynrmn
I'm yard dash- 1. I Coote. Chllll-
waok; 2 li. Crtilckshank. Chilliwack;
". \   Jones, New Westminster.
ISO-yard dash ... (1. Kcney. New
\v-*t,v,*n6;(.r; 2 I. Coo(e, New Westminster.
4��i yard race���-1, 0. CruickahanX,
Chil'i'vafk, 2. I. Coote. Chilliwack'. 3,
11   Cunningham. New  Westminster.
One mile- 1. G. Sangster, New
Westminster; 2, A. 8wrncl��ky. New
Wistm'nster; 3, V. Jones, New Wcst-
m'n��tc '
Three-legged rnce���1, Jas Chandn'l
���ind Thomas Gunn: 2. C. Dawe and
n. Taylor: H, Q. Sinclair and E. A.
Senior relay race- hlvh school��� r.
P'we, E. Lewis. C. Swencisky, L.
Junior 9iy' Rf-eo.
Kurnlng broad  Jump-  1,  I..   Mc.Mll-
llan: 2. 0. (larrlck: 3. E. Lewis.
High Jump--1, A. Tome; 2, E
lis: 3. P, Mayers.
100-yard dash���1. l. McMillan
lr*.  Hutchinson. Chllllwack;     3,
i     ?"Ovard da��b���1. L. McMillan
in. Hutchinson. Chllllwack; 3, \V
11st ���'
<ii.vard renr���t. \��� McMillan: 2, D.
i Wnnms: 3, W. Morlson.
m-pound shot put- 1. 0, O'Connor:
\1, r, Seymour; 1, W. Phelan; 26 feet,
U Inches.
,.,.|    Half  m'le���City  schools  champion-
Kor|Sli'n���-1. E. Lewis: 2, Llndoff.
Pelav   race-t-ord     Kelvin   school
.1. Craig. Adams. Mavers.
jnol   rhamplonshln     bicycle
rnce    1.  Albert Richards;  2,    II     A.
Ltite-rBrisinr. Firms Draw Many Tei
Uiori at  Provincial   Exhibition
Thit Week.
. Lew-
2. J
championship. morning forced
ThP slPiwers inf ��" "251|A to the
the sports ���wmmMe* to ���wj~M   M,'
horsp show ''>'��a,nf' ^JfVarried out
;.,,, r���is' mot races *��r�� JJfJ^" and
TT.���e were fh^ real ^���W^ ,he
e****y a  ^,(Jr,7,,rt?e -lr* encircled
 " "��nwV"iJ2Srt?-l_e value of
*\%^��E8S3 l��thearena,
ovor l��(i ". -_.i�� Batterl
lc *j:r"J&i��F&��   nertans. the
rn<)>--*'" snorts sre���      ,     .��� run
rt* w-.h  pw�� -"h'''nn' ?XtrnMs'n-''
fart   th��t rnfsW |*t��5*j\%2   m-ne-r
n, tun enmmtne.* h-nr-�� com-1"8, of town by the dead of nlgt
���..���..., |��� worthy ��t favoranie , ^."/p^dlng on his way to the
��"""' .   .nr. w��s r''"'W"t*, T'"! before  Sammy or any of the
OM.M��:r..'".Ts ��"or P^'" 1 \en.i*TO maanates In the Ice gam
.nnl. t��~e��he�� w'*H ������vor P���x*i"1f*" "
r'-��,fi0i,i -r,,t xt v��U(l|-i, while m J.
firtnuiii   tie*.**  nvt   In   P   ^Vs'".? C**-st-
..-.,., *tnrninm tmneit of the different
ovnts ^^^^^^Hi
wtKner* and t"��(M
The 'riinwln* ****** the
thn afternoon snd the wtMMii
W'nts of
Much Disputed Hocksy   Man
Usetf by Royals During the
Ceming Winter.
After trying hard '��' "v���
months to get revenge on_the Coast
wgue, and especlslly on Ernie John-
Ion! Samuel Uohtenhetn. *��*�� and
Seed mogul of the Montreil'Wander-
"s hockey team. I. forc*ff��to take
the count In his endeavors );ita.obtaln
u judgment against the note*. West-
mTheerfansy will  well  remember the served special mention,
dsy when, after Johnson waa reported
Blaucd by the Wanderers, ho slipped
siguiu uj t   __���_-_ |llght and
"aiitern magnates In the Ice game ever
realised that the Patricks had a paid
stent working for them In the east.
This winter JohnBon wlll be again
f rand on the defence of the New
I Westminster team snd partnering
George Rochon It is only reasonable
^^^^^^���Gille/   Brnt-mrs
|     mttOttsr** Uilley Lru-hers are nothing
| if not iii.trprlsing. ac may be Judged
bv tbeir exhibit    The (rent is encluj
��� d  by cement  walla soul tie entrance
to   tlie stall   Is  between  two  cement
pillars  of  ela'uorai*  paUe.-n.    At   the |
...ue   are   tv.c   splcud.d   imhatlciis   of !
the cuter Shell of tree trunks done In |
cement  and  slightly    discolored    to
make the imitation more effective. At
the back arc two chimney fronts, one [
made   ol   .Nanaimo   and  tlle other  of
Claybui-n. pressed brick-    Ilirectly behind "sv cement walls there are boxes rilled with samples of coal, cement,
lime, snd plaster,  and inside, groups
ct tiling, plpca and bends are arrant
id. according to  the class uf mut.r- j
lal   used   In  their  construction
T. J. Trapp s\ Co.
In tile Industrial section one is Immediately attracted  by  T. J. TTapp'-
section, which consists of three StaiU.
The main oue lias an especially tine
I'.ilui-   iii  tin*  shape  or a  waterfall
behind  which   colored   lights  are   so
arranged, as to  produce a beautiful
j scenic effect.   It ls worked by a pow-
2. 3.  crful -.asoliue force pump.   There Is
Earl | also a 'tra;; saw outfit, lu thc demon
isirat'on of which, two large legs ar.
used.     From   the   farmers   point   of
view,  either  the  potato  planter  and
digger, or vacuum mechanical milk"r
and separator, would be of the great
cat   interest,    lloth   these   machines
are amongst thc most important agricultural inventions of the age.   The
famous Tamplln chicken Incubator ulso forms part of this exhibit.   In the
third stall are several very fine examples of the McLaughlin motor cars.
Welsh Sash and Doer Co.
The  Walsh sash and door exhibit
was. as might be expected, composed
of numerous sashes and doors arranged around the    walls.   There    were
plain doors and elaborate doors, these
: bavlng glass framework for glass fittings, being particularly attractive. A
fine  piece of  work  was the window
> frame In one corner of the stall, the
upper part being an elaborate frame-
.work for several panes.   A close In-
spt-ctlon wtll show how every part Is I
fitted with extreme care and exactl-1
tude. proving that no finer work can
lbe done than that ln this exhibit.
| Brunette Ssw Mills Limited
* As might be expected from this enterprising firm their exhibit Is particularly fine. The entrance was an arch
made .of bees, and around the well"
were more boxes, sugar, butter, fmtt
tea. and In fact boves for everything
for which thev could he required. In
thc centre of the stall wsn n ch'cken
house, four feet bv six feet, which de-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jaid showrt
crush! Table Inventive genius on the
part of Its maker. It Ib divided Into
a too and bottom compartment, the
top being for roosting. The division
U a drawer which pulls cm In front
for cleaning purposes. There is a
door, window and hinged roof. On
one side sre two folding bins on which
the hens Isv, and the eggs are removed by simply pulling ont thn bins. On
the opposite side Is another long ud
narrow hln tor feeding purposes.
the  Sockeye  Run   If  they
to get  Into   the  rage,  the
idea of the game, it's ju3t the way
[they  go about  It.
II you haven't the Sockeye motif
, In your composition, you'll never un-
iderstajid it. You'll never get away
;licni the Itule-I-ritannia-Maple-Leaf
I enthusiasm of the band  stand  in the
Industrial   building.     And   you   won't
know what you miss, but If you've
Ithe taving ragtime and rhythm in your
'heart beat, you 11 be able lo put the
' classicalities In your pocket, a!oii-.
i with your birth, marriage and stock
lcertificates and go in Ior an hour ot
',     It nay coat you several dollar:! and
the pristine splendor ol your new tan
shoes, bm what or that.
When yeu turn tbs corner between
iie bleachers and the risheries build-
| ing. yon begin to catch the breath ot
Ccney. It isn't just the lights, nol
ijuft   the  crowd,  nor  just   llle  flaring
tent fronts. It's the realization that
'yeu carry an ice cream cone in each
jhand and ent alternately, none saying
[you nay. It's the voice of the mega-
I phone uian at the coal-up counter
! breathing into your ear that he was
ithe guy who put the cut in biscuit���
��� ind the sauce in the sausage  - and the
sausage  in   the  biscuit���and  the  bis-
mil In lho gentle reader. And he decs.
iJuBt think   of eating   Coney   Islander j
I like that at  home even   if  you  were |
j paid for it and even if you did you d
never, never descend to painting
111111*18115 onto It with a young white-
; wash hrush, such as tile one that re-
ipcses on the oilcloth counter.
One ran see local color every step
[they take along Sockeye Itun.    I-'cre'��
a girl screaming "1 won't. 1 won't. I
w-o-ont. west-tog a black and white
ctsluine you could play chess on. "I've
ale three red-hots an' two ice cream
cones, an' if 1 had a lemonade on top
You don't Jset to the end of that, f ir
a youth with a tin of talcum spills
a nlckle's north between your blouse
and vour backbone, and goes on rental klne 'bet he'M ro*. row. row a little further up tbe river he will row.
Here s Jessie, from I-anglev She'd
becn to r"t- the two-headed baby and
the nolegjed mau.    She'd  shuddered
ut tbe fat lady and the giantess and
the cigarette fiend, who Is dolled out
In the latest creation of masculine
Clothing Including buttons and slit in
the leg of his pants.
Now Bhe's promoting tbe soul-shlv-
,ers with an Ice creain cone, the while
hanging cn   to   John,   who  carries   a
canon  filled with souvenirs from the
Industrial   building.
There are two who can be seen
dishing out stage whispers in order to
decide which one of the many beautiful and costlies on the ring thrower's
���Ai.'i would tit into their own five-
John knows he can, buys a quarters
; worth or rings Bix thr'jws, and takes
his chance. After parting v.lib six-
bits ol valuable coin to stetr through
the winter on. John is lugged away
by Jessie, with au "1  told-you-so."
Here's  the   shooting  gallery  and   a |
swarm  ot  men   all   trying their   luck j
listening to the sound oi the bell and
the  click   uf   the   little  china   birdies
diuppitig Into limbo,  row by row.
All those running concessions are
by no means out-of-town people. Here
I we have a prominent footballer running a booth where the spender gets
��� a quarter every time he kicks the
ball through the hole. Mighty easy
when the spieler tries bis nrt, but
very few quarters are noticed finding
their way Into the crowd. In another
section, even lacrosse has been Chang,
ed to a vaudeville stunt. It's all In
the game, but everybody appears satisfied.
We Are Organized
Especially for the purpose of acting as executor and
trustee under wilLs.   We can manage your affairs
��after your death to th&hist possible advantage of
your heirs.  We bringlo tne management of estates:
All matters pertaining to realizations and investments are passed upon by our Board of Directors,
composed of the leading business and professional
men of this city. .   .
Our charges are no more than those allowed a private executor for the same work, and we offer a
service that no individual can possibly give.
Full particulars freely given on application.
J. J. JONES, Maaaaing  Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster. B.C.
I.ld-, Gtertrr
Agents for D. E. Brown. Hope * MiMaulay,
Steam hip Agents, of Van_wr*CT.  B.  li.
Railway anrt
709 Columbia St. Westminntrr Trust
Ticket Sale Opened for the
Provincial Exhibition
11 'i *
Queen's Park, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4,1913.
M.mliersblp hri.eii, Edn'.tB, ,1: children. $1. On sate at the manager's office, Industrial building, Queen'R Park, Ryan's Drue Store. T.
A. Muir * Co.; i>. S. Curtis Co., Davles' Drug Store, J. il. (.anion, Columbia Street; C. A. Welsh, B. M. Copeland, Eight* Street: F. T. Hill.
Columbia Street; V.. P. Beggs. W. A. Daebwoo-d Jonee. U, A. Bourne.
Bank ot Commerce, Nela Nelson, l..._-_ Lewie, A. J. Levy. Press Agent.
Automobile tickets, with chauffeur, tor tbe week. Vt.
Express and drey wagons, with drWer, for the week. IV
Horee Sbow tickets, teaes ot teur seats, tor the w<eek. 110.    He-
aerved Beats, 50 cents.
Seat plan can ke seen and tickets obtained at H. Tidy's Ofllce.
Columbia Street.
C.  A.   WELSH,   Presid^.tt O. E. MACKEN1E.
Manager aad Secretary.
Kdison's Photoplay.
Vitagraph presents.
Hugliiea Mack and Flora Finch
Edison  Photoplay.
Pathe   British     Animated
lette. No.  234.
to   Bei
A 5, 10, and
25 Cent Store
Means Economy in Purchase of Small Wares
You will be surprised at tbe
purchasing power ot t, 10. 15,10
and 25 cents ln this store ot
largo assortment ot useful and
necessary ereryday household
articles.  "We stock no luxuries.
We Invite your Inspection of
our stock of Enamelware, Tinware. Glassware, Crockery,
Chlnaware, miscellaneous Kitchen Utensils, Notions, Embroideries, Laces, Ribbons. Embrold-
Towels, Shelf Oil Cloth, Shelf
Paper, miscellaneous Dry Goods,
Notions, Jewelry.
Stationery, School Sup-
plies, Toilet Goods,
We sell fresh Candles. We sell
Toys and Dolla
Necessary Luxuries for
the Boys and Girls.
We are adding new lines to our
stock weekly. Something new
all the time. Take advantage of
yoar visit to the eihtbitlon to
call at the store that studies
economy for yon.
We are located at 48
Sixth Stre��i. "The new
retail buaiaees street"
in and
see what
we can
do for
you in
Raincoats and
a t $12,00 and
ii     . '        I'll, ,i mil Ill | II
Semi-Ready Clothing
m	 ���WWllTTH
SATURDAV.  OCTOBER  4.   1911.
Classified Advertising
CI-ASSIFIKD    ADS    WIM,    B'fl    Rfc-
rrfivfttt tor Tne- \***".i st the fothiw
in* i>la-""�� K. T HiII'ii -<���-.���-: sf-rrf,
���62S ( idimi'i'H vi-net; A. Spriw.
-Q-m^unborrHi^it. Lata l-slam-f.
��� ��� ��� ���
aa aaa ***>���*���*������
Clee-sit-letf���items e*-ni p<��r *,,r-l per
���dnv tc fKT wo-vl j,"r veakj I-***- -per
aeco<j��, &.��_<i word*, ���� bm utm^t hs re
���3-u-inMl wicF-.tn net* i-var fr'.m 1fit*�� nt
canti-art.   Kami
t-iinlO** .
ttttisrt ho���at met l-laneuu*
i-whr*;! bf>y. Appl'  .Injuiiu-se niiHSinu.
Sappf rlon.
WAVTK11 TO 111 1 SK'VKN l\< H
Cfho-e net, Seeond hand; must be
cIh.ip apply Captain it. MeLeod,
���Kaieall-- Kt*, Hi i_l.*.|
the comer of Oo-borae street^nd
Kixth avenue, across from i xhibltlon
yrfuiiidK I'rifi' $1000 each. Terms.
I   m   t-lndsay, Nelson, B.C., owner.
Bale ut riRht price, "il Eleventh
etreet    C, (!. (4109)
(Continued from  Pa^e Three)
taker's exhihit aa above Klve squares
of medium red Ka lor-otd ruoflnR A
li. Marshall.
KOH      BALK        HOUSE      PARTLY
Bnlshed, and large bleared lot,   lid*
tiionii-. ( lear deed, Cheap for
rash. Apply owner, Oeorge Warns,
RiKhteenih avenue, Bdmonda i-ll'ii
Rhubarb,   ti  stalks    i .     Muir;
Leeks,  fi    P,   K.  Tomsoti:   C.   Muir.
ilrrhs.     oollection     (sage,     piirs.ey.
thyme, summer savory, sweel marjor-
:iin.  etc)   correctly   named
Poultry yards,  S. Crichton.
lies: collection of vegetables srraag
ed in a spaes net more ilian fin sipia,-
feet, correctly named C Moir; p. k
Tomsett:   E, Smedley
rnllen nut. lesa ihan SO rninutrs' rid'*
on II. C. BReotrlC from New West-
miiieter; wiii szoellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
1160 an acre anil remainder just
back of fronta-so lots $100 and $125
Terms quarter cash,   iwo  yonrs for
balance.   This is n sacrifice; estate
to be rl-eancd up at one***. Sole
BRont?, Curtis ft Dargan, New West
mtnster.    Phone 466.    No trades
win at. autumn,  l   bushel,  fi<> lbs.
white    ii.  8.  Harris. M
Wheat, spring. 1 bushel. 6il lbs.���R. |oiled   by   Sutton
Daily Newa Publishing company.
New Wesiminster III' iKohh Sulii
erland, Esq., mamieer i To the person winning the Isrgaat Dumber of
prizes under Division 0 Field produce
���One year's subseripllon to the Wesl
minster Daily News    C, Mulr
Special    prizes,    pr-'s-i ated    b]     the
nr.u'kiuan Ker  Minnie eomoany,  Ltd .
s ir-ji-i i   Vancouver   Victoria  anil   New   West
*���"*"������     minster    For the lest  100 lbs. White
Milling flats    It.  Morley. W   Smith.
Special   prises    presented   by   Bui
, ton * Son., The Kine'-> Headmen, Read
.Inc. Kn-lanil fthfough Iheir sola agsnt
'for R  C    A   .1  Woodward, Esq., florist   513 Oranvltts street,  Vase iuver
'and   filfi   Fort   street.   Viol >rta,   P.   C I ;
For the best collection of garden anil
field   products  grown   from   ���aeeijs  gap.!
Hrpcl.      nr
Morley;   W. Bmltle.
Parley,   any   variety   of   two rowed,
1  bushel. tt lbs.    il   Morley,
Sons   ^^^^^^^
A. .1   Woodward
Morley .
.  any  variety ot  six rowed.  1
is ies.    K. Morley.
white.   1   bushel.   '.I   lbs     II
\\   Smlllie
black.   1   bushel.   ;14   lbs     il
.   not   l.-efore   ex-
;..-    :i   Morlej.
.tiiss Penning ion, >   W. <    a
as steniiRraplior. Meven yeara nlj
coimiry experience, ipiirk and sc
moderate salary.   Hoi HM
l��ail�� -News
��� ���ilhi)
Jhons-ework   Annly -la;wm��w mijpsion.
8a�� pert on.
WANTBD    Al.l
ers*!'  supplies
���Cosipanj,    411
Oriental t'onlntrting
Westminster    Trust
wood; cord wood 55 per cord, stove
nn-cd $_.r. fl per rick. Telephone
inns. (8086)
for 8AMB-ll.no down, ii.on per
week. Canada'9 Pride Malleahle
Ranges; every one guaranteed Mar
ket square. (3160)
firm   sales   conducted.      Furniture i
bought   fnr   cash,     P.   II    Brown,   17
llrsble slreet. New-*. Westminster
(-"I; I
WANTBD       IHH tfi&HOLD    KHUN!
tar* In largp or s-maJI <iuaetilie9 for
���spot rash. WiJ) givp foil nine or |
will sell your hcMeboH gwads and
fCt___:a by aurlion. Will g>*nrantee
to reafize ralue or no eornmieaion
���rt'.srs'��d. II. J Russell, Westminster
.Ai-wfion House. Kings hotel Monk,
���f'oltimbia street. (21B4)
to siEvrr
TO    RENT       FrilNlSHEl.    UODBB  '
keeping  moms.   SX   per  month;   S2g ,
fl��'\al arenne. 121741
Binxm heati-d tws)   T-oom    suites   in |
Burr hlfH'k. 411 -Columbia street   En
���F)ui-?-r on premises. (21721
between Third slreet and horse
show hniliiinu, er al horse show, old
fashioned gold filigree rine Reward
at .126 Third streel. (3178)
graved on face of case Finder re.
turn lo 14.0 Seventh avenue. He
ward. 1211)0 1
eity market Btables Baturday even
lng. bright  bay mare, six years old. board  of  trade
new variety
^^^^^1 biisi'.il. *M
W. Suiillie.
Peas, while. larae. 1 bushel, 6n lbs
���O. S   Harris
Peas.  grey.  )   bushel.  6" lbs.���(1.  S
Tan ?. 1  bushel, fi" lbs     0,  S   Har
Turnips,   five   swede,   for  cattle   C
.7.   Hlgglnson  a-   Son
Mangles,  red  globe.  ,V   .1
Mangles,   yellow
Oregon  H   Morley.
Mangle   WurUels,
Morley ;  W   Whiting.
Mangle, golden tankard
ley;   B.  M    Wiltshire.
Mantle,   sugar
Piitnpkins,       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Squash,  8  heaviest    M.   Dahm;   II
S'iear  heel.  r.    E   M,   Wiltshire,
Carrots, 0 long, white- j, a
ham;   Vt. Whiting.
t    Carrels,  fi  yellow    Mrs   8.   Wai
i    Carrels, ti red���Mrs, S. Walker;
Kohl rsbl, best i   W  Whiting; Mrs.
IS   Walker.
Hal"   of   hav,   clover    w    Whiting:
F.  E.  Pakenham
Hale of hay. timothy   "   Hornby;
Salmon   Arm  board  of trad"
Hale  of   hay,  mixed    Salmon   Arm
w   Whiting
A.  Coat
globe.   6���C.   Me
6,   long   red���[!.
it   Mor
II     Morley
!:��� avll Bl     11   Dahm;  II.
ithroueh   their agent   ^^^^^^^^^^
P   H   Tansett.
Special prl7o presented by Wm   Ren-
nie Co . Ltd., Vancouver, It  C , for th I
I test  collection of vegetable and   '1 ���' I
roots grown from Kennies seeds   SP.
ver run    P   E, Tansett.
Snecial prize, presented by Messrs,
E Q Prior *- Co. Vancouver. Victoria
nnd Kamloops. B. C. for be.--! 106 lbs
white na'J   !'   Morley; W. Smlllie,
Special prize, presented hv the
Westminster Dally News Publishing
companv. New Westminster, B, c.
(Robb Sutherland. Esq., mnnageri. to
the p'Tson winning the largesi mi"'
her of prizes under Division H     Field
Proi'i'ec   One yer��r'H  subscription   to
th" Westminster Daily News    ll. Mor-
, ley.
For Professionals Only.
lies* group, stove    and    greenhouse
plants, to occupy 60 square feet, 'ii
.trance fee. 60 cents  -Iirown  Bros.
Begonia,  Ilex,  fi  varieties, not more
i than B-lnoh pots    S. G, Tidy.
Hegonia Tuberous. 12 plants. <i single, fi double   S. 0. Tidy.
Collection of gri��nhniis<- ferns not
more than 24 plants. 2,ri cents entrance
'fee Imperial Nurseries. Iloyal Nur
ser'es.  Hrown  Hros.. S. C,   Tidy.
Hanging baskets (two) Iirown
Pros..   Imperial   Nurseries,   Davles   &
Cactua dahlias, 13    llro��u Hroa.. R.i
Wintrip   S   O. Thli
Pompom dahliaa, 12���R. Wintrip.
Divler *;��� Sons. Hrown Bros,
Dahlias,  p i>.  13    Davles & Sins.
Collection of named dahlias,  not  to
exceed 69 varieties, 1 bloom each, tlle
five   preceding   clauses   lo   he   renre-���
Sented    Brown Bros.. S. fl   Tidy. D.tv-
lei  .V* Sons.
Pot   Plantr���For   Amateurs   Only.
Best   12   plants   In   hliiom    2"i   cents1
entrance fee    Mrs   W. N   Draper,  M.
A   Mathewson.
Best a fuchsias, douMs   Mrs. w, n I
Draper, M. A  Mathewson.
Besl .1 fuchsias, ilngle \f A Mathewaon, Mrs   \\   ,\   Draper
specimen  fuchsias   m   a   Math a*
son,  Mrs   W,  N.   Draper. (Ieorge  Kell,
Best .: geraniums, in bloom, single
\i   a   Mathewson, Mrs. II   P   Vldal,
Mrs  w   Y Draper
Best   '���'���  g*miliums.  In  bloom,  dobule
Mrs  ii   P  Vldal, M  A  Mathewi i n,
Mrs    N    Drapei
Specimen geranium M A Mathew-
see. Mrs II I' Vldal, Ml* W N Dra
Specinien   Rex  begonia���Mrs.   A    I'
Why Do Women Suffer
When They Could Be Well?
It is ���or-Tiy to be wrll and strong.ind
able to enjoy life, that it is siirprisnu;
how many women drag themseUet
through the day suffering tortures (rom
Ume back due to kidney
trouble, Mrs. Wilcox
found the way to cure
herself and gladly writes
��� bout it so that others
may be induce.1 to use
the ume remedy.
15iV> pounds, halter on. Liberal reward. Apply Clyde Williams, city
police station. (3143)
Merrivnle  streei
WHIMS,     47
kr-cjiln'* roo-m.-.. 31li anil 12> ppr
���mer.i.. al 214 Seventh ���stri'r'   cJ1h?,i
rnmr*. laitHfil at (IS Sixtli svmct. lint
water- heat;  hOM ctimtcrt:-     IZltTl
UAU   IMBBTa   -XUU_��CTIBD  Kl'liltV
tntXt-rti. !,l,      i./tX:*.' .ill.      tie     <'J-_-IA*'
Aiuerit-iui Va<;ouuv��_i i_. n.-tnut.-* A*
racy, -th Hm-iU.-ir- *l**xt *,v*t. Vmm
oouver, lie nltn
I'ndra  ��im.  b>   virtue of 8   Distress
iWarranl .inti a Warrant undei a l hat
tei Hortsajp    to me directed and   de
livenu. i  Uav Beized and wtll  otter
I for  sale b'-   pablic  auction,  on  Tuee
day, the f*c*t dn.  ol October, 1913   al
,31   o'clock     ir   the  forenoo'.i     at     the
'���premises c! In,   Kings  Hotel,  Colum-
ihi- Streel. tvew Westminster
I    All bedroom and dining room furni-
jttB"*-. linen, cnockcry. glassware, office
land  bar fixtures of the  Kinfis  Hotel,
Miuairtl    oii    Oolmnb-S    Street.    New
U<��i-iiinsi.'f    III
The above  will  hn sold hs n  going
cash     Ker   further
li, ui  I'li ibs of corn tor ensilage
B.  M.  WilUhire;   A   0,  Marshall.
Bi fi ilisplav el roots for cattle, to
coi ,s of 6 ot each, lorn: red and
I bi mangels, ���*���; swede turnips, 6
sugar beets, f, carreis, 6 stocfc cih
bages    E   Smedley;  W, Whiting
Tlmothj   seed. 10 Ihs      ('    M ���'.:,*.   :
Corn, dem. 12 ears-  E  M  Wittahln
- n     tl :      IL cur:-    W   Whitin.E.
Peg-   collection ot  grains  In  strr��
mos:  tastefully arranged and correct
1-   named    E   Osborne    W   E   Smith
v.   Whiting
Best collection oi forage plantt
most tastefully arranged and correct
ly named-W. Whiting,   W. I*.   Smith
Palms   (10),  no'   less  than   n  varle-
'ties. 36 cents   entrance   fee   Brown
lBros.. S. a   Tidy.
!     Best    collection    foliage    plants,   to
locrupv 86 square teet, colons axclud-
ed, 36 cents entrance fee Brown
Brothera Imperial Nurseries. S, (',.
I Coleus,    13      vari'-ties.    IS    plants
: Boval  Nurseries, S   (I. Tidy.
Fuchsias.  ,"!  single    Davles  fi   Sons
j     Fuchsias. II double    Davis fi Sons.
Geraniums, it double   Davis l^ Sons.
i     Geraniums, .1 Bini:le    l)a\is ti-  Sons
Chrysanthemums, 6 plants in bloom
S   G   Tidy, Davles fi Sons.
Geraniums, Ivy, 6   Davles fi Sons
Heliotrope   2    Davles fl- Sens
Bridesmaid Bouquet s G Tidy,
Dai:  s \- Sons   Br  �����-. Bros
Bridal Bouquet Brown Pros, s G.
Tidy. Davles fi S, ns
Basket      of    flowers.    11x8    Brown
'-: ---r-i.-iT
G     tdy,
'J'erms   ol sale
pi.i-,*.ir .:.'<-!> apply
Notiee ������ Ik-T-ebv n.iv��ii lhal mn ap
pUest-ioo ivill U' made to the iir-iid nt
I-_ci>_uki! fllllfll���b ��� ra [or the Cltj at
-lew Wmtiniisslwr nt- tht^ir etnlng, to
tn- In-iii ou ihe Uth itiy ut Decesafcer,
tali.. ><r at aay ateettag prior tberete
'Ixai    Ho spillII Mill eau oe twant
���t tsvsiflCer nt' ibv' ttoessae u�� txr.ii tkiaea
hv "e'ail is-MUt-sJ :'r* resj-.X't nt the.
On- .iMutal ho(c-i pmieilsw. Columb a
���gveet, N<��w Waetsehsster, Itc . frtmi
���hi- ,'. >m<"r. "Michael Cowan. iv�� Ji_.<rui.
Hwsi���in and   Idkiif Cirtii ttannun
Dated '���tax, -��th *SJ at Aa��v>st- All
mcB-un. oow -��.n.
l.icenae tteMer
the ci.onnili ���-  ol Bl   M.< ���, ,- ���
i.in., ni ri' i  ��� a.-i,  Ni '*.   '--���
.-,,    ii.    i,<    ���.. ���     i, !,,!   ,.     : .,
i\.-n i. wlilc ' Is "t'l'i    I    l       *       B pari
Iau *i   -r-ubiirts-ii Iliii'k 3, City of New
Bros., S   G   Tidy, Davles fi Sons. Im
���per:;'  Nurseriei
Two    i-pra-.**     for    ladle*
j Nurseries. Davles & Sons,
Bmwr  Bro'
Three l-utioi,   oles for gf>r.\]er
    P," wii Brothers. Havies fi fcons. S   n
Vegetable and Fruit Exhibit Cross   i'O-inch   frame,   26   cents   en-
Speofal    prize,    presented    by    the [trance fee���Davlea A Sons, S. G. Tidy,
Hudson's  Bay company  II.  T.  Nocfc- Brown Broa.
ve, Bsq., manager, t'aoeouver, B.C.) : **��*������� ���\r''h fr:\'"' ���'' '"���*������ "r1
Open to corn petition emong the ama- I '�����<" '". Brown Brothers. .', I.
teur gardeners of Vancouver. Nev.���'"'��� Davler. A Sons
Weatmlnster and tl.e sofroundlng dls Star design, 20-Inch tram.-. 86 cents
tricts. For the best cottager's exhibit i;,"'���";;" '-" I'-'vi-s AflODS, S 0.
-���  rruits and  vegetables;  that, is an!'">* Brown Bros.
Roses. 12 white-   Driii**,!!   Bros.  D.iv
li  Sims   S. 0   Tidy.
u ~sim tu in i
till   ltie   V"
niperty I-   i wi u  bulb
,       In.  s" ��nil u iwrlsb hill   '.'" 1'*' '  '
X"* I      i'li- v:>ii*.-ti l..i'l Uni!  Is  iml   li*' *'i
111 be  cm '."1  nt   '!l" "OSI   of  II
~ .,   'i
Vi*irii,-ii ������ i. -i-i. ra for KI    .)��� ���
n Iti    1"      1 , ,     ! , l   l     1.
"   i:   !��� on    *'!"),        I '       '..
Pimwii \
���-������sl   uu
���     ISI1     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
\..  .'UU-'    |     ';,   I'U to   It      | '   |h<    '
nrr   inv  i      i
KKI     1-TXXNK   l'i
,  i-
A' "tr NM'NT  ' AI r
���ROTt C
'    i.i llrt'.l.-RV CIV!:-
-.   .
" ���-   -  ,i   .-. ,* i M
MW-er    K-,l*_**n t''*MumliM
Tendei     ire palli il foi  pureha
pool '���'���'" but I  ���       nd I
i   Chlillu ii !. 'i hen   are  Ihr1     I
i tlili i   Bnd   -'��� English bil  ard  l  I
.ill in t ��� -,* i  i conditio.     Btocl
i .  ���   i,  ii     i i       ici       Good Ini'i
i *,     *     i    Whltl    ��� i     cai
K    I   .      !l     I 11
'      HC
exhibit   made and arranged  bv  an in-
divldual of ve-jetihles atld fru:t grown
In   'is  ovi;   garden   ami   cared   for  In
*- spare time    A peraon making his
.   i ni e' growing fruit and ve?6'
ishlea   le   n it   entttlff!   to   P'irtlclpate
Hilling    room   mi'e    Mrs.   M    -I      ('"
^^^   I,.:i i
I he i! udeon - ii 11    con pani    stlpu
l�� feel     |atei     i:     ���    ., ** -���-.     ..;,,    ,*i I      len-t
six  i nti,. .    their  prlsi   ���-���. ill   not    be
-I led
': ��� . isl '*���*'-1 r, - .-. 'e,i hv James
1 li ft Sena. Ltd ll 'milti n, Onl
. * ,��� -,*. the r agenl ". s rs T f
ipp St. l'n '.I * **.' ��� 'i-*tt i H'' i
i * thi ni ' t '������' ' it* ger's exhibit
il ��ii* Ni 3(1 : ei of li imesfi J.
al mI '    pri  ������������'���< ���     VTi    -
*t     1   'i - ,','   a   '        '.'   ���   Wm ' "*'i
I: |       | ,,,   , i,,   i   ��� ,| | ,.. , ,...,��� .,".,������.  , ���
(in.   N'e  80 ' :i,"    Mrs.
....     :     ', ���> .      -'t'i     i.'     i
 IP     il       *'',���'
1   * * '  ,".-'    M, s
t    '   ��� *       .'������.',.     ��� . itmlti
Hnll"ilnv Mrs. If, P Vldal. Miss Annie Smith
Speeliuen shrubbery begonia. In
bloom Mrs II P Vldal, Mrs. W. N.
In Miei   C   M   RIohsrds
Specimen plant, any variety M. A.
Mathewson, C, M Hlohards, E, Oa-
iw geraniums in bloom (-i    Mrs
W   N   Draper. M   A   Mathewson.
l'i llection ferns (f.i M, A. Math
owson, Mrs   W, N, Draper
Collection foliage plants (ill Mrs
W   N   Draper, M. A.  Mathewson.
Hsnglng bssketa f2) M. A. Mathewson.  MrS.  W.  N.  Draper.
Bi st collection marigolds t varieties i; of each w a Dashwood
Jones, Mrs. M. S. Coburn. Miss Annie
Best collection phlox drummond!,
; 1^ varieties, il oi each W A, Dash
wood Jones, Miss Annie Smith.
Besl collection dtanthus, IL' varieties. 6 of each It. Wintrip- W. A
Dashwood JoneB,  Mrs   (I   Beatty.
Best collection 7innlns E Osborne,
W   v   Dashw - d Jonei   It. Wintrip.
Dest collection pansies���C. E. Col
r.'ii'-ur   P,   '���   Taylor, Miss Annie Smith.
Best ", llect'on stocks W, A. Dashwood .Tones, Mrs 11, P. Vldal, Mis:-!
;.\'"0" S"iiiii
Besl  slv   roses    it   Wintrip.   Robert
* ll. Cray. .1 Jaokson.
Twelve   ��how   dahlias   H.   Home-
, ward.  H.  Wintrip, Kdna  Bowden
Twelve cactus dahlias II Homeward, Mrs. W   N.  Draper. It.  Wltitpn.
Twelve ilei'or.-itlve dahlias II
Homeward, Mrs W N Draper. It
Twelve pompom d ah Haa it. wint-
ri"  li   Homeward
Peony dahlias, fi    11. Homeward.
Best collection dahlias, not more
than 24 varieties. I of each 'I
Homeward, Mrs W. N Draper It.
Best collection  verbenas   R   Wint
run   Mrs   Beatty, B, Crlchlon
Best collection annuals w A.
Dashwood Jones, Mrs ll P Vidal,
M    A    Mathews,'!
Beal collodion perennials fi varieties   R. Wintrip.   M    a   Mathewson,
W    V  Dashwood Jones
Best collection glad 16tl J Jackson,
W    v    Dashwood  Jones
Best collection sweet peas. I?, va-
rtetli ��� 6 of each Mrs. G Schmidt. It.
j   v-(.ii  i'   n   oray
Best display as'er*- W A Dash
wood Jones. Mrs S Walker. Mrs. ('���
Be ���;
Best dtsplav sweet pi"= It .1. Fell,
Mlw  Aiic   \\'ise,  E.  A.  Wilson.
Best disolay nasturtiums c M.
Richards. Mrs V Marring, P. Crlcli-
, tor.
Best collection .'ist.Ts���w
* ������ ������ni Joni;;. K. Osborne, M
Sin- rl
Hand  bouqui t    Mrs
\     ]);. i v ��� ' fl    lines,   M
I Jfn;   W   I   Hraiier      	
Ladies' .prays    Mr-   r;   lleatty, M.
till'.   I.ORRAINK.
"During the last winter, I was bothered
verv much with a Weak Hack. I was
advised by a friend to try GIN PILLS
and I did. The first boa I found helped
iur very much and I found when I had
taken the second, I was completely
cured." Mas. 1'. WILCOX.
If GIN PILLS do not do all that wc
sav they will - let us know, anil we will
cheerfully refund vou vour money. Send
for a free sample and see for yourself
tint thev will do ynu good. Then buy
the regular boxes at your dealers -JOC.,
6 for j_. 50. 202
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited Toronto.
Notice ia hereby given    that un application  will be made to the  Board
[of License CoiiiuilsslonerB for tlie City
of  New  Weatmlnster at   their  sitting,
to be held on the liltb day of Decern-
ber. 1918, or   at   any me> iiiu    prior
j thereto  that  the application  can    be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
isell liquor by retail  issued In respect
of the  M-t-rchantB  Hotel,   lu   the  City
Jof New  Westminster.   Ill',   from  the
'holders. Paul Root and J. A. Malm, to
I the Bald J. A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day of August, AD.
J   A.   MAI.M.
(HI'S! License  Holders
PURSUANT rn Baetlon  80.  Bub-ssetlon
! I. nr 11- Itrtiisii Columbia Rallwaj Act,
mil. nodes is iii-nhv given in.,1 th'-i"
has ti"'n dsooalUd wllh  tb*  Registrar at
New Wi slmlnsti-r. 11 plan Khewliig |iru
HMMd ������**!' iisleu uf Dock Spur tiiitn H'Mi-l
No ri i" Canal street, Mibaga 11 A to
Mileage 10 A. l.ulu Isbuiil lirani'li. unit
iiriuet- ib.- prmare given in tt b statute
it"* Canadian Northern Paclfla Railway
eornpanv will tnke. nnd if neeeaaery ���������*
prooiints iie* buids rsqutrsd for h�� right.
of way
T   If   WMtTK.
't'tii  Chief KiiKliu-cr.
n.- Lota m and -'1. Block i. Sub division
uf Lot ::i��. I'.ii'ip 1. Purl Haney, in the
Dlatrlct ef N'm weatmlnater
1 Whereas, proof uf llle less of I't'rllflc.lt.'
1 of Title Number S3S8 l'\ Iswieil in tin' nam"
I nt Alice  May   Dorman  has been  tiled  In
ithlS   Ufflie
Notion Is herein- glvan that I sb.iii. al
the explratton nf one munih trom the oats
i if ihe first publication hereof, in n dsllv
newapaper puNtshed In  tbe City uf N'-w
; iVt'StiiiiM-i. r. issue �� duplleata of 'he suia
certificate,   unless   lu  tt,.,  meantime  valid
' it'li't-tliiii   lie   mreti.  in  me  ui   writing
r  i- i'.wvs'n.
ntstrtci Reslatrar uf Tltlea
l-lllH  Bi'Klstrv Orftee.  \',-w  Weslltlhist. t
IPP,.   Uth   September,   till, I207SI
in ihe Supreme Court uf Britiah Colum-
,     bin.
{Between  Edith   M.  KI v,  Plalntlft  ami
Allien K  Kinney. Defendant.
Piirsu-uit   in  .111  order  "f   Mr   Juetlsa
' M11 r 1 ��� ��� j.   I   wlll   ulfei   Tur   Bole,   .11   my   uf-
, rice. Caort Huusi*. New Weatmlnster, un
Wedneada) the ��tti day ur October, 1113,
at eleven o'etocfc in the forenoon
line cut .iff saw arliei.  two Cil In   eut Off
j saws,   three   LetSOS   *   llui*[i.'i*   shlliKli-   llia-
f'lints. nm- Nu 1, ttancii.ti automatic naw
nimmer. out- band Kiinuner. me- Mtin.
Btanwosid Oamhla engine, llin*. steam
Ipumpa, une t*\\\t boiler, one ISxlS boiler,
three   shlnKle   partctns   frames,   ahaftlng.
pilllivs. betttng, t'ie. titu* saw   mill eirrl'ix"
with planed truck, une .t-in. saw arbor,
'wltli Ti.-ln saw. anil also all nthei K'ssls.
chatlela bufldtnga plnnt. and maonlnerj
now In nnd iiprin the po tms.-w uf the Hit-
pentlne Lumber Cbmpanyi Township line
. mad. in the Municipality nt Surrey Sume
of the above articles have been through a
Mrt- and any purchaser must oik-- lh"
- mi" In th-- eonditten In which tlcv are
new in The urlli-le* Ilia" Im* InsP'-t ted h"-
fun- sate hv anv propoeed |iure',ijist*r, on
lh�� above i^seriiieit premlaes
Th"    aboVt    Will    ho    snld    Kllt'leel    tO    ll"'
. Interest of Suduei* Buthertend Maloolm-
I sun. iissiimre uf tin* Serpentine  Lumber
Terms nf sale :    f'awh
New Wsatmthster, net   1st. ISIS
New Imported Pall Suitings nnw on
display.    See  them.     Perfect   fit   and
I workmanship guaranteed. 1'rlees from
llS.no up.    7(U Front Street.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented*
A    r),ish-
A.    A.
1;   Beatty.  W
A. Mathewson.
hi .   -*'    I
1 i
Hoses,  i'i  red    Iirown  Bros.,  Dsvies
&  Komh   S   C,   'l.'h
I'ih s, 1- yellow    s <;  Tidy, Davles
*  .Sons.
Hoi is,  ii nii'i-    Brow :i   Bros .  f 1 r>
lei K Soiih H i;. Tidy.
Collection,  hardy  perennials    Hoyal
Nurseries, Daviey b Sins
Carnations, I'i pink    Brown Bros., 8.
(I. Tldj   Davles * Sons.
Carnstlons,     12   red   ,-t    1;.   Tidy,
Iirown Hros., Iluvles ft Hon8,
Carnations, lii white    Brown  Bros.,
Iiir us ft Sons, :���!. fl. Tidy
Camntlons      12     crimson    Brown
Hros , B, (I   Tld'.,  Ihu i. B ft   S  11 I
1'am it ions,    1^    fane)     Davles      ft
Si *'-.  'Mni.
virli ties   i'i nt nach
��� .':��� si i,
'���  i'        in ��� t el ��� 1
.     I. Mills, Davles &
A   Mathewsi n   P'dns Burdi n
'���.,(,,'!.,1    ;,- ���,,, ���     pr,    it tt tl    I'V    S     '!
'nil iv u florlri New Westminster
11 i' i-'er the besl 1 dozen Cactus
rVihU-s ;"-'i'.'���! fru'i plants or bulbs
supplied hy him Ihls --enr U913.I
Special prize presented for the 'est
collection ol three dahlias, no mo
nlik", nnl distinct froni otber entries
Cash    S  1;, Till;.
Bpeclal prize, presented for the besl
: erh'hll  1 ' cut   flowers (open  t" ,1 11
dlst'net   from  ether e-itries.     R    Wnf-
rin W   A   Dashwood .lones, Edna llur
lhe Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department si all Brunches Deposits of One Dollar nnd
upwards received and Interest at the hlgbeet current rate paid or
credited  half yearly
Drafts and Travellers' Chequee sold, payable in all parte of tha
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New    Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
* ���
:  pi is, !:
Ill     Iin*.
' ��� t 11
:    *���    '- ���
I ;<
: '
l.i ���. : '    ::  >���*. 1. Broa,
���      a,
*��� \ -. .
��� ���       ���
.    ... .
ll. C. Coast Service
a.  111.,
2 P-
for Vic
in. am:
Telephones-   CHic***: S3.  Htmitrme 4>9
JOHN kkik   Proprietoi
UL At.KSiWI ! tlif...
A-genta      t'almt-r      IIhh,      Oeeollae
���K'isiiieii.   Iilario -   Kukiim-.   t.J   Auiu
uioblle KKpaiiit.
Office *tut Worfca:  Tenth  -.<
Pit Bea 474.    Nue Weatmlwetcr   B C
tona lu
j   l,eavt'.-. Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. in. anil 11 p. 111.
Least's Vancouver fur Na
Inaimo 10 a. m. and 6:30 p. m
Leavea   Vancouver   foi
Prinee Rupert and Northeri
I'oiriL--'. III |i. in. Wodnesda;
and Satiinlay.-, at 11 p, m.
f:ii   'ioi i.i'.'T    i-Ment    Ni w   ^ ��� -iiiiii.i4ii,i
itiM-A'Z:.  xt'**\xn
the     sheriea uud
Aiti hi.ion's
-Las-tic-B* Tailoiing Branch
Miroly W-eetiHiiu'1' ;  i   ciiinliiu lu
her i.mh
Tailor to Ladles and >���   "tlemen.
Westminster Trusl  flu; k
' Fifty Cuohcle to t:ie Acre  63'.. Pounds
to  thc   Bushel
.'  rilrli ,    Al.i .      'h i       :'      i't
��� ii '.i, 'i. th ��� acre even ur \i irqula
winm. ���, ;*t Ing -*"!." , i in ih' so nc,
',:. - nie ki���'*n iii :i sworn statemenl
fmndo hy ii 11 Uet.iis Fourteen
o sown th , ,,,*: i.n land
i: n! hul recelvi il no i pedal prepum
111 :i   i,i ,i'l:il   thl   '��� dill i!*:    tilling     ih a
���i *   nl i in'u i* 'ii'.'.'i*. ��� :���',,as bis l ind,
i' * in* ii -,i;   showed the number "I
*   itati A, t*ii' h bushel w< i; :>
I Inn  ':'.'"   pounds, v.hich  makes    ths
i ,������''! Mil! mini' remarkable.
In the West Pint].   Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
lilock from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 everv four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P    O,   BOX   44?
TWO  H'.
ih llie tiro 'i partment.
-,      ON
rtcr i" the
clui exblblili n,
CHlEi   j. .
-.itt. :*���* ���: i ��� [ tin: provln*
ii" trallla, Oct :'..    \ oase that riv
i il*. ilmi. i.t tin* lata Enoch Arden Is
i iv iii need in t1"* k :t r, r divorce r led
I in   tin*   I eta'ls  count]   uupi rmr   courl
���'.'���irein  Mrs,  Mlllo  Hansen  seeks t:
j 'ave iur ti'arrlaKo *.v!''i Bert Hansen
������' Hi ii    :i    wn     *' ri ,| in the wo*
j man's i omplalnl   M i*    tie    Hsnsen*
I. , ,-��� carried In Gn *u I3tnd, Kanss :
; No"-Pmbcr  14,  i'< 14,      Mrs,    liiiiv c:i
: v "i vi't:  had  previouslv married    s
man named Hazelwood at Redan, K "i
���������I sfter l' Bvln    him imd sued fur
��� ' ��� i  f,      M- .-ii* v'i i ���   Harolv '��"l   hsd
ur :i'*i*  11' -I ! .liiit iii ii boiler ex
'���   :.' 'I   Vu*      l;:'* "ll   BtOppi ll   Ih'
. i .  -,.    ,, -    '���] ;��������� ���   i*it,.,-   marryInf
���  ���    nnd "������ v :n" ii Vmis' Ington!
-u :i ie Kansas for a vlsli
' i   "-ir,*  ���" !    ������"iiiiuii r* .! In r r r-.*
'ms;, :"ii oi   Uf sti set    She returned
��� * re :''!���] ������i'i Ilansi n, suggesting thai
i -iiie secure n d vorce trom Hazelwood
ti  i"i tarry  Hani     The  hushsnd
however remarked thai ihey ii.nl i;\
������I happily i'i r nil ������ years and wa
tttsfli -1 tn ;.** mattera stand a�� thev
��� ere Later In* began t" nbuso tin*
Kcman. who imw secka In havo har
i ������ -iin������.. annulled on the grounds
thai nhn.   was   already   Hazelwocd's
[wife. SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  4,   1913.
Builders and Contractors
��� -
k>wa lumber & Timber Co., u/
; " t'   .      '. ��� ��� .  ���
M ... .^ , Ai        s���   -���
llipc Tomatoes. 4 ihs.
Okanagan Pearlies, to arrive today, at per crati.   90*
;.. f
Apples of ull kiiuls at per
uux  $1.75 an* op-wards
Supply Co.
Supply Co.
P. O. Boa 2 Phones 1 and 17.
641 Columbia SL    c
Local Freeh KntB per ��tr-..��5��
Eastern Kresh Ksjsj. <ti>z..S0*
rooking Butler, 11 Ib boxes.S4
Cooking Butter, l-lt�� bricks 30*
Concord Grapes, ba.si-w!, ..GO*
Cranberries, 2 Iti* 35*
Tokay   Crapes,  tiaiilret OS*
Fresh Celery, Caulinower and
Lettuce, fresh from the gar-
i!m this morning.
All notices ot meetings, entertain
���ments, sales of work, etc.. In this
column are charged for at the rate
af 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Coal.   Coal.   Coal.
Westminster Coal Co., I.td.
Phone WW- llox 7_S. Cheapest and boat.
Nor is he worried
with the fluctuations of
the stock market nor
real estate depressions.
He goes right along
with his work without
We havc placed millions on mortgages for
investors and they have
never lost one cent of
principal or interest and
they have made money,
too, because money at 8
per cent, doubles itself,
in about 8 years.
We are thoroughly
equipped to relieve you
'if all bother regarding
it. We will secure the
mortgage, look after all
collections, etc., for a
very small percentage.
Call in and let us tell
you more about our
Declaration   of   Trust
Dominion Trust
New Westminster
H ranch.
The Perpetual Trustee.
C   S. KEITH, Manager.
5 Per Cent, on Deposits.
Offices: Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster- Nanaimo,
Calgary, Winnipe-K. Montreal.
Charlottetown, l-oodoo, Gag.,
Antwerp, Belgium.
here, tlie greatest lacrosse team, the
greatest Industrial centre a:id before
ions th other agricultural societies
will he clamoring at our pates In or*
order to get In.
Thc Exhibitors.
Nela Nelson thought thai the toast
was one of the most important, as the
R, A. fi l. society appreciates jnst as
much the needlework done by a poor
woman as tiiat of a millionaire driv-
ng hls carriage and nurse mroiwi the
Hotel  Trade  Better.
ItM ftjf. the hotels have been  busy]
d^'lSfl the'-week as a result cf tho In-
ru��h of visitors from tbe neighboring i
cities and towns.   The additions   ��>;*%';,. dletrtcU exhIb!ta were better
OtfCMHHttoilun   hotel   havi.   been      �� manufacturers' building
ctjurletcU and everything Is In going ^ ������,_ ,-,.������ ,,��� referred ,., lndlan
���c-���f'r'  '' , I Agent, Ilryson on the Indian exhibit,
"___  "��� .   .... ��� .  ,   ,      Col. A. I). McRae Bald II was best to
r-fllr all'building supplies and fuel , k ��� ,��� . c01intrv falri whera the
oil apply to the li. C. Transport Co., agr|0Uituj.ai resources, are brought to-
Ltd., 605 Wesiminster Trust bin.ding. ���,.tllPr Ha h(-,���,,| l(, ���,,,. lt kept that
pifico phone *_-, wharf phone 880.    |,v.,v, a8 xrw Westminster   was excel-
(2168) Uentiy situated  for surh  n  fa'r.    The
  ! herse show can he run Along the samo
For  plumbing,   lusting   aad   sheet |jines, something different  'han  Van-
m��>tal work consult Merrlthew & Ram-
say. Klghtli   and   Carnarvon   streets
Phone 5R6. i_l4Si
Have yon vis'lid Russell's Westmin-
stt'r Auction House yel 1 If not, why
,":���,'!.'? Yer riii buy a t"*as", bed n"r:n^
-itiff feoxlinorc mattress, absolutely
new. for $22.5H. This priee is onlv
TfVii utVttl Saturday nighl. King's
li'tcl block, C-ulumbla street.     (2169)
Makes Changes.
'.(>.' i. Keller who lias for the past
fdtir 'Venf* been manager ot the city
iirrtunHy "department of W. J. Kerr,
I/td., is now with W. II. Keary, 451
Columbia streel, where he will have
charge of the real estate department
for this llrm.
couver and Victoria.
Pol.  McQregor  speaking as an  ex-
Ihlbltor and referring to the manage-
inieni said thai better-treatment could
nct ho obtained,
Col.  LcGsard  Speaks.
Dr.   McKay  proposed   the  'rast  to
| the judges, coupling with it the name
of c.eii. Lessard.
The Toronto judge  was very  brief,
but to Ihe point,    He had found pleasure in Ihe harmony among the exhibitors nnd management    it was good
nough for himi to go back to Toron-|c
ver; L>. K. Wize, Vancouver, at the
Hussell; Mrs. A. Dell. Vancouver, 728
Second street; Mrs. H. Jackson, Vancouver,   821!   Henley   street;   Itieliard
Jackaon,  Vancouver,  staying al  8211
Hanley street;    Nurse Bell. Vancouver,  staying  with   Mrs.  C.   II.   Evans,
788  Second  rtreet;   J.   A.   Dales,   Mission City;  Mr. Carl P, Grant, Abbots-1,'
-ford,  Hussell;   Mrs. J. C.  Kemp-  Van-1
i conuver;  Mrs. S. D. Bcott, Vancouver;
Mrs.  C,   H.  Kemp,  Winnipeg;   C.   I,.*
Schmidt, Huntingdon, B. C; Mrs. Victor .lohncox. Vancouver; Mrs. Edward !
Barrett, Abbotsford; E. Black, Albion;
Jack  Gay,   Kraser  Mills;   Mrs.   Haves. I
Coquitlam; Qeeoher Weld, Vancouver; j
Janet Shaw. Vancouver;   Mrs, Keariis,
I Vancouver; Mrs. c. Satchell, Mi. i.i-ii-;
man; Mrs. Alexander, Clayburn; Hob-
er,  Aieeek. Colllngwood Bast; Mrs. J. j
Third,  Vancouver;   Mrs.  J,  P,   I.ynch. I
V'neei'ver;  I.llv Jenkins. Cloverdale; j
Clara Derail. Vancouver; C, Latimer,
Vancouver;   P,   Riley,   Vancouver;   A. I
C   Mather,  Vancouver:   Mr, and  Mrs. I
c    Crahh,   Miss  Tufrail,   Miss  Crahb. I
Miss Doris Tufrail, J.  Ii. McConnsll. I
Walter Tufrail, Lulu island; Miss Pol-j
lard, Langley Prairie! t;. 8. Matheson,
Langley Prairie! Percy Theard   Vaji
couver] Rlohard N. Held. Vancouver;
A.  J.  Robinson,  Trail:   Mr.  and  Mrs.
| McCallum,   Vancouver;     Eunice    Jon-
'kins,   Cloverdale   Tom   Lusby,   Ward-
lier;   Mrs. Sl. Clair, Vancouver;   M. A.
Warner,    Vancouver;    Mrs.   .1.    Miller
Spencer, Vanoouver; Miss Dorothea
Bolton, Vancouver; John Levett, Kelowna; ll. M, Dodgrcm, Clayburn; Mrs.
.!. M. McCal'an. I.buriic; A. .1. Allison.
Portland, Ore., staying at the Russell
'hotel; Arthur R. Creighton, Whakaro
wanv.a. ,\. '/,.. slaving    al    88    Koyal
|avenue; Mr, aud Mrs. Orchard, Vancouver; Miss 0. Orchard, Vancouver;
MeLeod   Leadd,   Vancouver;   Mrs.
R.    Davison.    Vancouver;    Chief
nas, Pi.ri Coiiuitlam; Albert  Hull,
Coil.    Coal.    Coal.
Westminstfr Coal Co., Lid.
Phone 880. llox 768. Cheapest and bes
Money to loan on
improved city    and
9 trOr cent. Alfred
V or;-i::
first mortgages.
farm property,
Mcl.eod.    (215B)
telephone STI Tl.
Insure with Alfred YV Mcl.eod, thc
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Notice���lie a peer of good taste and
get your bartering done at the Hub
Harbor shop. Dominion Trust block.
w'brre cleanliness and good workman-
slilp ls a specialty. A new artist has
been added to the staff, (live us a
trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. It.
('*on, proprietor. (2139)
anil tell ihem about  it. | B.
Ringmaster   Clements     also     spoke j Th
liiiefl". i Vancouver;  Christina O,  Lister,  Van
D. S. Hirtls nrrposed the toist, "SIS- ccuvor; Mrs. C. Hallis. Vancouver;
ter Bxhlbi lon." drawing special atten- Charles liallis, Vancouver; B. D
tion to agriculture in the Fraser val- Grant and family, White Hock; Chas
ley which New Westminster was tho Steele, Wesl Point Grey; Mrs. Chas,
outlel or, i Steele.  West  Point Grey;   Mrs,  Alex-
Dr. Tolmie of \ icioria, snd H, S. andeI- North Vancouver; Miss M.
Un'stnn,   manager   of   the   Vancouver|McEwan,  Vancouver;   Mrs, O. P.  I'ox,
II.   S
exhibition, responded to Hie toast.
The  Press.
Chairman !���". FT. Cunningham In pro-
po-slrrr the toast *o the "ress paid spe- i
rial ootnpllrnent to tho -Vpro Wpst'ntn.
ster nipers for their BPlendld work in j
heostiu" work in promoting interett In j
the fair.
Mr. Ci'nnlnghani reviewed the days
when the horse sh"-," was first moot-'
ed  and  what  had  taken  nlaee during
Hie three  years    of  existence  in  the
here" show huslnesB.
The toast   was  responded  to by  A.
J. Levy.
Calls were made for Manager MacKenzie of the il. A. A 1. society, the
manager responding with a brief
speach, eulogising the work of
h's capable assistants who, he de-
I dared, were resno'isible. more than
j anything else,  for the  success of the
���:  smaller details.
B. C. E. R. Comoetent. M, J. Knight rendered several songs i
Traffic bn the 11, ('. K. R. has been I which called for encores,
11-iuifmallv brisk, and the depot-master I    Others who spok<> at the gathering
has* h'ad his hands full in dealing with i were   M��r��r��.    I.   H    McMI'l
the crowd** that   have    thronged    lhe
depot, but the unusual demands on the
system  have been  fullv  met.    Every-
tlling has gone  without  a  hitch  and
I l'i*
sd  far  there  has  been   no  acci-
! Bey Ccouts Prominent.
OffWW Ihe sun" was the slogan
W'tli-ePeri Coquillam boy scouts who
arrival on the fair grounds bright and
early yesterday morning and spent
the day viewing the attractions and
alskV1 entering into the children's
s-pt-lrts. - The boys frcm the neighbor-
Ihr city were in command of Captain
Tliomas, chief ot police of Port Co-
���idVtlaiii, and a brighter set of lad-
ftrWtled in their natty uniforms could
���bb1 hard to hnd. Later in tho after-
norm they were Joined by the two
troops ot New Westminster scouts th"
thren troops giving an exhibition drill
iir'front of Ihe women's building.
Mrr.rs       .1.     H        MCMI'lin, I   'I'U
ii-U'iul. Withers, Chilliwack; Pack-
Inghsm. Mission: James Iirown. Kain-
leoos: Mutch. Pentloton. and E. Henderson, one of the prominent exhibitors at the horse show.
Social and  Personal
Mr; I'. Crake will receive nexl
'Wednesday afternoon and every sec-
lend Wednesdai of the month through
I out Ihe season.
Mrs, Harry Tidy will receive for the
| first time ln her new noma, 1017 Hamilton streel, and thereafter on the first
Tuesday of the month.
Mrs. Sanford and the lady teachers
cf Columbian college wlll be at home
next Thursday and afterward on the
first Thursday of each  month.
Juvenile Dancing DlasB���Beginning
Saturday, October 11, at 2:30 p.m. To
-PI joining th:s class on above date
will be given special discount rate of
$1.0(1 per month. The method is thor-
���Mi-gh and up lo dale, and parents are
WPlcpnre to drop rn���at-tm-y time and
siC what is going on, Bamel Academy.
;H Hi yal avenue. (-181)
Ccal.   Coal.   Coil.
Westminster Coal Co.. Ltd.
Phone. 880. nor. T5S. Cheapest and best,
Pred Davis will sell by public auc-
tlori'ttb.olutely without reserve iund"r
'ftStructlons from il. .T. Russell), at
the Occidental hotel. Columbia slreet.
on Tuesday October 7. a1 2 p.m.
-.harp, all tho bedroom and dining
n om furniture, carpets, linoleum, etc.,
also all the crockery and glassware
large kitchen range and utensile, etc
ptc. Everything must be Sold and be
removed before mum the following |
day. Kor further particulars of this
Hale see Russell, Westminster Auction
Mrs. R. P. Walker, formerly Miss
Lilian Bowell. wll Ireceive for the first
time since lu-r marriage on Thursday,
October ll. at her home, 512 Third
street, from 4 until fi o'clock.
Miss     Norma     Hoy     left  yesterday'
for Toronto, at which olty she will enter the  university  for a  three  years'I
course In arts.
Today���Farmers' Day.
0 a.m.  -Grounds open to the public I
10 a.m.���Band concert on Columbia '
11 a.m- Special attractions on Sock-
eye run.
1 pm.    (Irand stock  parade.
_ p.m. - Vaudeville In front of grand ;
stand, and each turn  repeated until 5
i.'iM p.m. Grand open air band concert.
:;  p.m.   World's  championship -li-*- ,
crosse   game   for   Minto   Cup,       New \
Westminster  versus   Vancouver  Ath
letlc club \
Evening Performances
7.:|i)   p.m.- -Grand  electrical  display,
s p.m. I-Tnal even's of the horse
ahow in the Arena building
8 p.m.���Band concerts in the Indus
Irlal  and Agricultural  buildings,
S p.m.���Final performances on
Sockeye run.
10 p.m.���Fair closes.
Her-?; ?hO"/ Proi-ram.
8,'00���Jumping i local owned horses)
boy riders.
8:15���Musical ride.
S:80���Best three horse team
8:45���Gig claBs. gentlemen onlv.
11:00 Jumping post and rails, stone
wall. etc.
9:16���Best four horse team, owned
in New Westminster.
9:H0���Ladv'B phaeton, single,
9:40 Jumping competition. girl
riders ilocal I.
9:5il���Single high stepper, under 15
hands high.
10:110���Best light stalllcn, of any
10:1."    champion saddle bors��.
10:30���Champion harness horse.
10:45    High Jump.
McAllisters Limited
Special Valuns for Exhibition Week in Every Department
New Arrivals in Coatings and Suitings      Our Men's Furnishing Department.
This embodies Fashion's latest materials; some ef- for exhibition week,
fective  color combinations;   a  few    exclusive    coat     Men's new  Raincoats;  Currle's    guaranteed    make;
lengths, 4 yards long and fill Inches wide;  In effects     light weight.   Special values at $10.00
of gray, blue, cardinal and emerald, with black. Coat    und S12.50
Inigt'.i   fnr    I) it&XtW}     Men's Sweater Coats;   in a large range of new colors
1 .ITTfTV     un(( combinations;   every  size and  shape to choose
Anotiur splendid oloth is a rough rtnlshed coaling,    from,   Priced at $1.50, $2.25, $2.75, $3.75, $s.oo and
In  mixed  shades;   In  tan  anil    gray    shades.      Per $6.75.
yard    82.80 Men's Heavy  lllb All  Wool 1'ijderwear;  a fully sut-
'   ...        ,.,.,. ,    .- ,   .  , isfactory  ami   guaranteed  garment;   In  every  size
suit ag  cloths   'hal   are   made   Iron,   lines    selected g      ,���, ,.���,��������� ]U        . garmifii 81.50
wools,   in tweed effects,  with superior finish; M ���(1VI). jw,Byi ,��������� Bweatei*!  In a big assortment;
Inoheswlde; browns, grays, etc.   Psr yard at.fl.78 jerseys with snap collars; sweater Coats with and
Imitation diagonal tweed is a material that is set- without roll collars; all the a��w combination shades
Vloeable in  wear and very  smart  ia appearance;  00 1""1 '" ,,verv ''*'"'���    PrlcB" r""" ���*<
inches wide.    Per yard Sl.OO l0 "'' l*   82.25
A good oashmere sock Sl itn* al-palr    This Is ii great
A choice assortment of new tweeds and cloths of ex- value, In  fact,  the hest  suck  we know of for ita a
���-optional  value;   In  shades of navy,  browns,  grays, pair  In  the   trade  todaj      Kor  satisfaction,   fit  und
Copenhagen and some beautiful  mixed  effects,    All comfort  It cannot  he equalled,      "ur    special,    per
on sale, per yard   75$ pair at  25e
Special Prices from Our Ladies' Ready to Wear Department
THE BETTER  KIND, AT $12.50 to $20.00. FALL COATS AT $15.00.
Just opened  up, a  new  season's  range  of  mannish ..      ,  ,   , ,,.,., , .   .
,,   , _    . , Special   for   exlilhlt'on   week,   we   are   giving     extra
Lain coats for women,    rhese are all made rrom lhe ,pec|B|  Vft|UOT *���  Ladles' new  fall coats     We have
beat guaranteed materials; cut and finished in the gathered  rrom our big stock a large selection  of
looae sltp-on shapes.    Por general usefulness   as a coats to choose from, embracing all the new cloths,
fall garment, nothing can equal these coats; ���i,.os ln V"',','1"- ''0��l-��P' '���<-r- ''-"'"a. ��tc,   There are si/-
,���  r,,     .   . ,  , __, .  es to fit  all,  and  many  extr-4  values  wlll  he  found
to fit  everyone,    special   values  from  512.50 to in   this  assortment.    The   styles   include   smart   ,-!���
820.00 feels  for  walking  and  good   loose   wrap  coats    for
driving,   etc ;   all   suitably   trimmed      For   this   ex
A BIG RANGE OF NEW FALL COATS hibltlon  week  sale you can select  any  coat  ln  this
FOR  CHILDREN. nn****  !or       815.00
The new coats for children and misses are all bere SMART TAILORED SKIRTS.
ihe'en^vT^ "'im1"';"5' **?.'* "'ll "''"'V '    Ju,t s",art   Tailored   Skirts   for'women;   In   a   range   of
*st .rr^tjsts 8^50 ���:":. sio.5o ���.^a,,<1 r" Mn>m rr"m *8-50 *'���
Extra Values in the Furniture Depatment for This Week
A $10.50 BEDSTEAD, COMPLETE,  FOR $7.95.
Ini'ln" ai ,'"ri', SP,';iil1 Prlr." Inance����sl to buy In our I'urn'ture Department, this Exhibition Week This
se consists of a strong white enamel hed wllh brass ornaments, strong, serviceable .prim with a good
COtton top mattress.    Vou have the choice of all sizes a, the same price;   reg���|iir ,10.50TJdstead   compleJe
$17.50 DRESSER  AND STAND FOR $12.50.
A full ale* golden oak finish dresser and  stand;  dresser with  large mirror and   Iwo  large a���,i  two small
drawers.    Tins I. a very extra value and well worth $17.50. a set     For ICxhlhiiion Week vou can purchase
this set or dresser and stilnd. complete, for  ��l_��"_l-l
$12.50 CHIFFONIERE FOR $8.50.
A full size golden oak chiffonlere. wtth large mirror.   This Is standard $1-50 valu-    Special for Exhibition
unhoI^J* ��ew,!r Wi"|bS ��"e.red it_-,P5C'" rU'**"*��'" PrfoM during this week; all with good silk
upholstering; each one a real bargain     Priced, each, from  Vi cn
$11.50 MORRIS CHAIRS FOR $9.95.
viuV��BJShfor M"rna ^',alr,,��� WUh b'K l0��^ *r*Pn VPlm,r r"8hlons;  ,,iK """">  <h��'":  ��W��1m MUO
McAllisters Limited
At   the   Hussell    ,f.   Tattoo.   II.  Cavers, Toronto: I*. C, Campbell; Clinton; j
Mr. and   Mrs.  J.   Uulwanr,  Kamloops; .
II. H   Plummer, Han Francisco; S. P.
Tolmie, W. T. Maconald. W. .1. Honaria I
and son, Joseph ami Mrs  Patrick, Victoria; -I. W. Swan, Nanaimo; A. It. and I
Mrs, Steacey,   North    Vancouver;   C ���
Lowen  and  party   W.  T.   Dickson,  A.
[.. H. DebserlleB, Matsqui;  BJ. 1;   llur
ton-MacKenzlc, Douglas; T, ll   Grant,
A.  Mad.can.
JAMES    .1.   .lai
ws,   ageil
34   y<
died on Thu
lasl at his
���1  the   citv
���   funeral
place   today
1 In*,', el Is
ng parlors
to thi
city cemetery.
UpTTSE Sarah Florence, daughter
Uf Mr. and Mrs. A. House, of Itoval
'.ah. died on Thursday afternoon, and
the funeral took place yesterday from
Bowell's undertaking parlors io the
Church of Kngland cemetery. Rev,
Str. Johnston officiated.
At the Windsor Oeo. Dennis, East
Delia; II. Llm s, Ladner; W, S, Carpenter. Strawberry Hill; J ll Anns)
Beaver, River: J. Chnrbomerall. Has-
lelmere; Jas. Orleoe, W. 11 ami Mrs
Patterson, -I Karrtson Chllllwack: .1
M, Crimson, Sporllng;  J   Irvine. West 1
ham Island: Chas. Jolly and sons. Nanalmo; Curl Swanson,  Abbotsford;  S
Klrby, Aldergrove; Walter Farland; i*'
Sparkes, Westhsm Island; Jack Jones !
Ferndale; Jas  11   Hardy, Agassis: L
Patterson,  Mi.  Lehman;   Cvrill  Allen.!
Langley;  Geo,    Porter.    NTiirrnvviIle; j
Wm. MacDonald, Mlcomln; i'. W, Fen-
ton. J. J.  Brest. Kmlerhy    -f.  Ilannav. |
Nanalmo;  John  Popish. Pert  Moody; (
D. w. Poppy. Langley; J. N. Rites, C. |
P. Grant,  Mission  City;  C.  Wilson.
Day sessions the entire yea*.
Night session Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings
Individual instruction in Shorthand,
Touch     Typewriting,     Hookkeeplng.
Arithmetic, Spelling, Penmanship and
allied subjects by Hpeicialiels at either ,
(Continued  Irom   Page Two)
Phcnc ��53.
nOUCK. Principal.
CIO Columbia St I
His won hip stated that never was
there,   greater   harmony   among     the
. \wiir. lentil.mil municipalities Uian at j M
',he present time.    Such a reeling has
Ben .brori'il about by visll 1 of vari-
"fll councils. T''e opening of Kings-
way was an Illustration,
Alderman Kellington; "I can say,
���gentleman, that when the gates closed
tonight the mark of the entire 1913
���*r-"w<ls bar, marly been passed."
}t was a pleasure to see Keeve Mr-
Treaor, c*.lorn 1 Meltae and oilier ox*
hlhltors who came las! year, were well
Olessed   and   came   back   again    this
Those who registered at The News
booth yesterday included: Albert, c
Thornton. Vancouver; Mrs. Townsend.
Vancouver; Mrs  Edmundron, Vancou.
ver; .1, ll:i", Vancouver; K *-'���  Mie.Lean
V.ipe"ii"er;   II.  ThomPBOn.   V"'"" ���"������-���
C. Hutchinson,  Vanoouvor;   T   l-Intch-
'nson-     Vancouver:     M(ss    Dsyldprn
I staying at 106 Tliirrl qventm:  M   Vu'' '
son,  Vancouver:   Miss    J*i"-iis.   Vu*  j
Ici'iiver;   Miss    Camolu 11.    Vancouver-
I Vi.   It.   McKenzie.   Ladner    It    C.-   W
|C, Wlllotighby, iisni Juneau 'treet Re-
..���'iiie:  Ceo.  A.   Rowland,  riovprdalp; '
I.Tamei   M,   Mi'vted.   Abbotsford:   Mm
Mili-ted. Abbotsford:   Miss  Myrtle
and Miss
Lit.A.M..   A.ItC.M.
LeBsons in  Pianoforte, Violin. K.ng ,
ing,  Voice    Production,    Theory    (ini
class or privately). Harmony. Counterpoint, Musical l'i nn  ti nd  llislrr-.
Pupils prepared for the examine
Mors of 'h" A��si c'sted 111 ad 1 f the ,
Iloyal \r"d *.' ������ ��� f Mus-" ������'��� -I IC y ii
College of Musi' Also Proi Bslonal
Diplomas, Tiacher or  Performer
Tor   lor"'s    it-     apply   ",1   Dufferin I
Stree:.    Phene 111 It, (2167)
Mus. Bac.
Sinning,   Pano,   Thecr-i.
I'or Terms and  llour.-i Apply in
Studio.  1011   Hamilton   Ctreet.    Phone]
1119 R. (1D77|i
Fancy nnd Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, fimith Block.
Large  Hipe  Pears, ;i  lbs 25c
Choice Snow Apples, per box 52.50
Throe   lbs   25C
Fancy Creamery ilutter. :; r>s Sl.OO
Fresh Kggs, per do*. _50e to gOc
SUelhead  and   Herl   Spring   Salmon.
_p,-,r '" ise
Smoked Halibut nnd Salmon, Kippers,
Finan Iladdle, etc.
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
I'rs*   aod lisal.
w. r.
and Treaa
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Itealdence V. W. C. A.        Phone 1824
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street. Nsw Weatmlnster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Muslesl Gooda of all  Kinds.   PHONE I
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,  1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shinnies, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels. ���
Delivered on the Job.
Enqulra about our special stoekss. they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
We have lhe rnalilnR Of a ureal
Muncy,  Pumas;   Vis   1,111'--!   Rtmr-"! !
Ruinns: Mm. Anne Mnnc.*. Sumni; Mr.
.Tames   Follows.   Burqultlam:   N   Mo
i.eniiiin,  Vanoouver;    I.,    Alexander, j
Vancouver' O Aip'onder, Vancouver; |
w.  Kells,  Port   Kellf:   !-\   Rells,  Pnrt
KsIIb; I-'. II. i'eck. "mr. Broadway W���
Vancouver:   Kev    lir    Kver  Crnnimv. I
ind    d!"'vliiei-.    Vancouver!    A.    li.
Stone"   North  V��nconvpr  ai t'ie Pus- !
"dl;  Mrs   A. R, S'i ������->*. North Vanc"ii-|
ver,   "I    I'-"-   Hussell;    0    Co'llnf     I'd   '.
i'" ��l   Mr,   -nd   Mrs    W,   M.   White.
City   Chllllwack;    M.   A.   Stevens,   Vancou-'
Short Term Loans
F. J.
New Westminster Fair
SEPT. 30-OCT 4.
We write Fira, Lite,
Established 1391.
Accident, Employers'
Marlnn   Insurance.
Liability,   Automobile   snd
iho week of l!io New'^Westminster Annual fair a special round t"ip rate of single fare and.
a third will be offered from all points on the Fraser
Valley lino to New Westminster'.   Tickets good for
return passage until October Q. ���   �����


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