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The New Westminster News Oct 25, 1913

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 PHMV-Vi .-.
News Classified Ada.
Have proven their worth by the
results   tbey   produce.     They   fill
large   or   small   wanta   at   small
^\|k| JPX-rf
The Weather.
New Weatmlnster and the Lower
' Mainland: Light to moderate winds;,
partly fair, cloudy   with occasional'
Mr. Cunningham   Says  It  Is for Sals
no Longer���Dose Not Approve
of Editorial.
Oswson, N. M��� Oct. 25.���Two hun- snougb for instructions from lhelr
dred miners penned In Stag Canon'director, J. It. Roberts, these men un-
mine No. 2 are dead and have been | der the leadership of V. 8. Stevens,
alnce the    explosion
afternoon.   Mine rescue workera here
the list of recovered dead had reached f.4.
Chief Roberts, of   the   government
rescue service, tonight announced his
on  Wedneedsy  hurried Into the mine.   I-or six hours, j ponltive    belief    that    no    entombed
Stopping  for refilled    oxygen    tanks, im|nerg arc now   allve   and   ln   thlg
became convinced of this tonight. Th��  I1"'8" Til.   '""""l ,   .iT    b ".!.   ��P""<">  he  was supported  by  rescue
"        "lamp, falling  roofB  and  timber unt ll'rrpwa .���* minp niririnin   ��hn nv it
death by ..pyhal.t.on of th. two men ! th(.y finally emerged with the bodies lu^crly Irn^ib^ for .Ue V have
Two Hundred Miners Entombed Are Declared Dead and in the Opinion of Rescuers
The    suggestion    thrown    out    by
Have Becn Dead Since the Explosion on   Wednesday���Twenty-three   Survived��� Mayor oray that the ratepayer might
be given another opportunity to vote
Sixty-one Bodies Recovered���Two Rescuers Doff Oxygen Helmets and Succumb! ��"the proposal to purchase the west.
minster (las company's plant from the
���Pitiful Scenes at Funeral Services. , ��w"?r Jame* Cunningham, got its
death blow yesterday afternoon when
Mr. Cunningham, in an interview with
The News, positively stated that he
would keep the plant and under no
consideration would be offer again to
sell it.
"Tbat gas plant is no white elephant," said Mr. Cunningham to The
News. "It Is a good paying proposition and It will continue to supply
this city for a good many years to
come, at any rate, as long as I am on
deck to run lt."
Continuing, the owner of the gas
concern stated that he bad made additions lo it so that now it was in a
position to supply twice the number
of cubic feet per day as are consumed
In New Westminster.
In answer to questions relative to
the quality of the gas furnished by
his plant and lis cost to the consumer, compared lo prices In Vancou.
ver and elsewhere, Mr. Cunningham
staled that he believed tt was as good
a service as a city of this size could
The owner of the gas company
said he did not agree with the sentiments expressed iu the editorial which
appeared in The News on Thursday
morning last, October 23. He considered It unfair and tliat it showed a desire to take a stab at him as a citizen
of New Westminster.
"I called Mayor Gray's attention to
the editorial," said Mr. Cunningham,
Remaining Two Port Coquitlam   Aldermen  Pass
existed this long. No miners were
found alive today and the number of
rescued    living    still stands    at    23.
who became frirjhtened and took   off | or ihe two dead helmet men, James
their oxygen helmets brings the death ! l-urdlp und William Poles,
list  to 283..   Twenty-three  men    sur-j Funeral Services.
vived the explosion and 61 hsve sl-1 One hour before, two miles from the I Mine officials still continue to an-
resdy been recovered. Four bodies camp, funeral Hervice was being readlnouncc that 263 wlll be the probable
brought to the surface lst�� last night sOVer :;�� bodies of dead miners placed death Hat, lt having been augmented
���were frightfully burned and mangled ' in ooQIns in the temporary morgue. | today by the death of Helmet Men
and many then pronounced doom for'Along the sides of the morgue walls j Lurdle and Polsa. Two hundred and
the miners, for whom some hope was, lay the coffins, every o ne containing'nine bodies were still In the mine to-
held out. ithe mutilated and scarcely recognlz- inight, a great portion of the dead be-
Traglc Twelve Hours. able features of a miner. And all ling In chambers and rooms yet unex-
The mosi tragic 1- hours of the through the services which werelplored.
xlisaBter ln Htai? Canon mine No. 2 mercifully brief, could be heard thel The Cauae.
���Ince the explosion Wednesday after-1 chant of the Austrian widows, tbe | After his day spent ln the mine
noon, passed at 6 o'clock tonight. Not; hysterical cry of Mexican women, the i Walter Douglas expressed his opinion
until  today  did  the  dead  claim    the j moans of (Ireek bereaved ones    and1 as to the cause of the explosion.  He
��    living   those sturdy, silent men  who! group of American    women    who   so'stated gas Is known to have existed
(incompleting!)' have donned their hei-; broup  of  American   women   who    so   In a vein of coal Just above the one
mets  and  oxygen  tanks  and   walked [ suddenly   had   been   bereft   of    tlieir  which  the  company ls  working,  and
unfalteringly    throunh   the thousands  loved ones.                                                 that It has been known to enter   the
<if   teat  of  death lined  chambers  and I     Father   A.   Collier   of   St.   Joseph's ;Stag Canon mine on occasions when
���rntriis - and  then, lust at the  boKln-1 parish, Springer, N. M., resd lhe   last   part of the mine roof gave way.
niiiR    i f th<)    day    which    had    been i riles  of   the   Roman   Catholic  church:    It Is the belief lhat some time Wed-
frauRhi    with     possibilities    for    the i over the bodies of men who had been   nesday a small part of the roof drop-
thrones of gaunt women, ever watch-  of that faith, and the Episcopal burial  ped,   permitting   gas���flre   damp���to
ltiK ths man way, came the news that: service was read for the salvation or  penetrate In several rooms or cham
two of the life saving crevt were dead.! P
Instantly that which might have be-enjea
was  changed.     With   but   few   exceptions  the    remaining    helmet    men,   ..-,-��� ,,,m.���. ... .���..���....._ ��. v.,, ..���-.  w-w-ur  _,-*.�� .uu  i_u_.  ��,_*.*_  mwu-um-, momine
IhoiiKh wavered and refused to return  the   lone   ride  to  the  cemetery   was  lated, with the    attending   explosion'     * K
to Use work of rescue.                             made and the burial of tho   first   re-  which has wrought the greatest havoc ..,,mm,0 .)r0I)���Bj.i0n r
m    Then came the trained rescue crews covered victims was consummated. Six  to  life and property  ever  caused  in'* '..."_ -.,..._,
'���"���from the United States rescue service bodies are yet In the morgue tonight this territory by a mine accident.
��*ar which hnd hastened forward from and they will be hurled tomorrow. Chief Itoberts, of the government ser-
the Kansas coal fields with all thej And all the while, from the depth:vice, agrees with General Manager
power of man steam. Without stop- of the mine, rescuers were bringing j Douglas ss to the probable cause, but
ping ter questions, wailing only long | body after body to the surface until j says lhat it was only a gueaa.
C. P. R. Officials Offer Concessions to
Municipality���Matter to Come Befors Rsilway Commission.
Port Coquitlam, Oct. 24.���A sensation was sprung today when Aldermen Galer and Millard, after putting
up a stern fight against a proposal
that would practically mean the removal of the C. P. R. depot from Its
present site, suddenly left the councll
chamber while a special meeting of
the council was In session.
The two aldermen left the meeting
following a motion introduced by Alderman E. S. Morgan to accept the offer made by the C. P. R. officials,
and by which the council would withdraw any objection to the removal of
the station to block 16, which Is about
half a mile east of the present site.
Whether the two aldermen Intended
by their withdrawal that the passage
of the motion would be obstructed is
not known, but lf such was their Intention they did not succeed, for on the
advice of Solicitor Mclntyre the motion  was submitted and  passed.
Aldermen Morgan and Welcher were
"and he agreed with me that it waalft* onlv two remaining with  Mayor
' Mars, Alderman Langan being at pres-
the effect that
solicitor be Instructed
council's applica-
-What ahout that IW ontion on    ali.on for a new ��t��tlon In the city of
wnat .inou. ni,.t sin option on   &[Port Coqultlam and aak that the site
Currency Committee Conclude Hear
ings Today���Glass-Owen Bill l(
Washington, Oct. 24���Whether there
shall be one federal reserve bank
with branches throughout the United
States or several banks as provided
for in the administration bill, promised to be the chief Issue of the final
currency reform fight In the senate
commltte that Is to open up Monday.
The hearings of the committee will
conclude tomorrow night and the committee's members will commence on
Monday night the arduous task of attempting to agree upon a revision of
the Glass bill that will prove acceptable to President Wilson and the
The president made It known ln emphatic terms today that he was apposed to the central bank plan, as suggested by Frank A. Vanderlip of the
National City bank of New York and
as endorsed Informally by many members of the senate committee. He re-
Iterated through Secretary Tumulty
that the Glass-Owen bill with IU system of 12 regional reserve banks, related only through the functions of one
federal reserve board Bitting at Washington, was "admirably suited to the
needs of the country."
It was apparent tonight that the
course of several members of the
committee  probably  would be deter
Report That Canada Hag
Adopted New and Stringent Regulations.
Underetood    that    Premier    McBride
Presented Views to Sir Edward
Cray in England.
Ottawa, Oct 24.���"New regulations
governing the whole question of
oriental immigration to Canada and
designed to furnish a means of effectively controlling It have tentatively
been adopted by the government here
and have been submitted to the British government for lis approval," says
the Evening Citizen.
"Until this is secured, there wlll be
no announcement aa to details, but
generally speaktng. what la proposed
are steps which will much more ade-
,,.,,- -           -���...   "Juately guard against an oriental In-
mined finally by the attitude taken by flux than is possible under exisitinz
President Wilson and other party lead-1 conditions."
ers as to the expediency of the single
bank plan.
Cunning- ��� be   a,   ,he north end 0* the Schoo,
House road, as asked for by the rate-
.--1- S1...L
Miraflores  and   Pedro   Miguel  Locks Act of Ontario in Withdrawing Grant
ham was r :ked.
"Bah that option didn't amount to | Ji7eVa lJTt recent'^eblsclte. "if" how-
a row of pins. In the first place the sver the rallwa oon52S2mwJ, be-
city has no authority to take_ such an ,.ore whom the applicatlon ��� to be
option and Mayor Gray did it on his I taken, consider that such a aite is lm-
own responsibility when he put up J practicable, the council will recom
thai ten dollars. mend tbat the commission be asked
"At any rate," concluded  Mr. Cun-  to make ao order for the location sur
gested by the railway. A proviso Is
added to the effect that the latter recommendation be made only on the condition that the ratepayers be permltt
nlngham. "1 will not aell the Kas plant
now. I'll run It myself as long aa I
am on deck."
United    States* Preparing
Proclamation to Issue to
thc Nations.
Will   Not  Tolerate   Any   Interference
��� Everything Hlngea on Elections
on Sunday.
Used fer First Time Yesterday.
Panama. Oct. 24.���The pipe line
suction dredge No. 89, which lias been
working at the Pacific entrance of the
Panama canal successful}" passed to-
vessel, In ���tow of the tug Miraflores
and  Pedro  Miguel,  making  the first
to  Ottawa  Separate  Schools
Starts Trouble.
Ottawa, Oct. 24,���Following the announcement that the Ontario government will withdraw Its grant of fSOQO
a year to the Ottawa separate school
hoard owtng to its failure to comply
with regulation No. 17, the fight which
complete operation of those locks. The ; hinges around bl-linguallsm Is assum-
Wssnlngton, Oct. 24.- The
"KiaUs government Is preparing to notify tbo nations of the world generally
that any Interference In Mexican affairs will be rogardt'd as unfriendly
to this government.
President Wilson, Secretary Bryan
and Counsellor John Uaseett Moore of
the state department, have exchanged
Ideas on what the proclamation to the
world Bhould expres_. It will be communicated to foreign governments
���everywhere. In llne with the policy
csts! iished ��'i tiler of keppli, other
nations Informed of every step taken
In Its handling of the Mexican problem.
The proclamation also wlll serve, It
Is understood, as an explicit definition
or the policy of lhe United States to-
ward the defacto authorities in Mexico *
reiterating the principle that recognition only can be given to governments on this hemlsphese founded on
Ihw and order.
Earlier today lt was expected It
would only be a matter ot a few hours
when the proclamation would be made
puhllc, but tonight It was practically
decided to hold the note In abeyance
until after the elections tn Mexico on
War Vassals.
Two things. It Is known hsve contributed to the determination of the
government to define Ita nollcv���the
presentation by Sir Lionel Carden,
British ambassador to Mexico, of his
���credentials Immediately nftpr Huerta
lind nrnclalmed himself dictator, and
the dispatch of eeveral war vessels to
Mpvlca" waters.
Th* British emhassv here today at
the dlreetlort of the British forelm office, officially nrtvised Secretary Bryan that tho British government pronounced ss unauthentic the now famous Interview credited to Sir Lionel
harden, exnresslng the vW thst the
United States did not understand conditions In Mexico.
Another significant Incident tonight
*������)���> the ���nssi-ir-mce from Ambassador
Jnsserand to the state department
that the French government In sending warships to Mexican waters did
nnt Intend to embarrass the United
May Withhold.
If the powera indicate further unwillingness to embarrass the United
- Btates, thla government may withhold
vessel. In tow of tho tug miraflores
and accompanied by auxiliary craft,
entered the lower lock at Miraflores
l'nited'at 9:04 this morning, lt was lifted
into the second chamber at 9:45, passed out into Miraflores lake at 10:20,
entered the Pedro Miguel lock at
11:10 and emerged from this lock
Into the Culebra cul at 11:52.
Tomorrow the girder span of the
railroad trestle at Palrso will be lifted
io permit the dredge to pass through
on its way to the Cucaracha slide,
whero it will begin excavating.
(Continued on Page Four.)
Will Visit Duncan and Thsn Report
to Government���Session in Vie.
torla Tueaday.
R. A. Stoney, a member of the royal
commission on labor tn thla province,
returned last evening from Victoria,
where hfe asalsted In the Investigation
In labor movements and the suggestions advanced to Improve labor conditions. Three sessions were held ln
the oak room at the parliament buildings on Wednesday aad Thursday, an
adjournment taking place yesterday
noon until Tuesday of next week. At
that time lt ls expected that the B. C.
E. R. will offer evidence ln rebuttal to
certain testimony given during the
week by witnesses.
Duncan, B.C., has yet to be visited
after which the work ot the commissioners wlll have ended with the exception of making a report of their
findings to the provlnolal legislature.
Doukhobors Settling.
���Saskatoon, Oct. 24.���John Dowes,
Doukhobor commissioner, has placed a
party of Doukhobors this week on the
second last reservation In the Saa-
katchewan dlstrlot, 2880 acrea being
secured by 25 applicants.
Ta Werk on Canal.
Quebec, Oct. 24.���The dredge Newell
arrived here today frotft oermany in
tow of the tug Seine. She ts to be
engaged In the work on the Welland
ing a serious aspect.
Yesterday when Inspector Summer-
by went to Inspect Garneau school on
Cumberland street, every pupil walked out of the room ln protest. The remarkable spectacle was duplicated at
St Peter's school today and lt ls understood that a number of the French
Canadian residents tn the vicinity
threatened the Inspector with forcible
ejection from the rchool. In each case
the teachers only remained to greet
the Inspector.
Following closely upon these unusual events, Samuel Qeneat, of the
separate school board, and Dr. Anthony Freeland. who Is supposed to
"nresent the Fngllsh speaking section of such schools, declared toda"
that tbe Ottawa separate aehool board
la going to sue the Whitney government
Defence Wlll Continue on Monday In
Bank Robbery Charge���No New
At 3:15 o'clock yeaterday afternoon
the crown's eaae in the retrial of
Charles Dean was concluded and attor
outlining what the defence would undertake to set forth, Adam S. John,
ston, counsel tor Dean, ^started hls
Frank Olden, chauffeur and 20 years
a resident here, wai examined upon
conditions of the road between New
Westminster and Vanoouver In September, 1811. He had made but one
trip In Auguat and September ot that
yesr and tbat was on the nlgbt ot
September 14. Part ot tbe highway
through Central Park he found impassable; he used the Dowlas rand.
In tha'morning J, O. Fraaer, manager of the Pacific co*** -agency for
tbe Plokertona, swore to hnvtag seen
Dean lu Los Angeles. QbiMnan, a
Swede, said he had seen. DM* In the
Rainier hotel, Vancuwftte mi Fred
Burman. thought tho m**\* lad seen
there waa Dean.     . *..-.* ,.*W..    ..    .
Court adjourned l�� gaoet at 11:15
vin. Monday,
Old and Complicated.
The question ls old and very com*
Plicated and lt has been the cause ot
recurrent difficulty in British Columbia.   Under the old government admission was sought and    in a   measure
secured by providing that, ln the case
j of   the Hindua they   must   come   to
Canada directly. There being no direct
jline this  scheme worked very  well.
'However, there are means of evasion
and these have    been    resorted    to,
I while there la nothing tn the way ot
the Hindus establishing a direct Una
of their own In the event ot the movement assuming any large proportiona.
Evade Regulations.
Tbls summer a schooner was seized
In British Columbia when making   a
stealthy entry, loaded    with    Hindua
and another aggregation ot them are
_ under detention.   The whole   matter
Realize Gravity ef Situation���United baa been under careful consideration
States Ambassador Falls to         (and a point which looms large In th*
Keep Engagement                 {question Is possible infringement    by
                              such new regulations   upon   existing
Umdon. Oct ".-"Owing to Impor  *5^_2!E.Wl* '*"" "* 0theF
tant business." Walter H. Page, Unit
London Papers Say Britain
Is Wrong in Recognizing Huerta.
.........   ...m.   .mm  ,nirVm,r,,  _-_   pcruiiu-      j   gluten   ,mhajuurinr    laat   nl��h��   am.l      "   '"   on   account   OI   UUS   mat
��*J*Vto?****��*^*^^ ha.  deemed  It  win.
eastern countries.
It Is on account of this that
Ilway company to the council, and S\n^*s%^^Si*S�� whose su��� I Brt"��h authorities. During his trip to
?��terdav This"uSfr'^7Jf iTfS *** was "Gre^ ��*����Tand tCe Unit ^gland. Sir Richard McBrlde, prem-
l??"lly-   TS 1lJ?_t_e__p~��??. * /_T ed States."   The ambassador's Imnor- '�� of British Columbia, is understood
Struck   off   Lummi   Island���Was  off
Regular Course���Cargo of
Bellingham, Wash., Oct. 24.���Hope
of the steam schooner Stanley Dollar
floating off Vlvi Rocks, at the southern end of Lumml Island, ten miles
southwest ot here, where she struck
last night, without lightering her, was
absndoned tonight, and a force of longshoremen was dispatched trom here
to shift the cargo of lumber to scows.
It Is. believed by Capt Thwing that
high tide wtll tree her when the part
of the boat resting on the rocks ls
lightered. From a cursory examination It was reported that no damage
hsd been done to her hull.
Capt Thwing In explaining how the
host grounded said laat night was ex-
trem��ly dark and that a heavy mist
of rr'n cbsrured the light that marks
���he ���>cVs. The boat wae off her regn-
lt>�� -"i-i-ae. She waa to haTe taken on
SS" 00O fe't of lumber here tn com-
pk'e ���> cs-ro of 1.180.000 teet. 540.800
teet bwlre been taken on at Tacoma.
As lonr aa the sea Is calm, it Is ssld
the boat I* not In danger, but should
heavy wither oome on It la In a perilous position and might be damaged
badly ty pounding on the Jagged reet.
San Franolsco. Oct 84.���Whlto returning today trom n vlalt to the wnr
ship fleet Mra Nellie Meyers attempted to leap trom a launch to the Washington street dock, but misjudged On
distance and plunged Into the hay.
Besides being nearly drowned Mrs.
Meyers lost k gold mesh bag containing |500 in money nnd Jewels. H *��a
necessary to use tke respiratory apparatus nt the hnittor hoipltal to tarty* her. Little tape Is held out tot
tbe recovery ot ier valuantos.
���r -��
W.~Hls Royal
Dike  of Ctm
naught,  gonrnor  general' ot
Canada, aMMipnnled by H. R,
H. lha DsinkMs  nnd  H. ft &
PNmom PnMoU. arrlred han ���
at ll.M o'��Bekthls sMtnlat,   ��
The royu* pnrty wen nstosa' ��
when the Rasprees  of  BrtMi  ��
doeked  and  will  iwsnk gn ��
board until ������'eiocktkfc mom-  ��
lng, when tkaf will Ms* ttsim thn
Ottawa on   ***** ��� tl*  royal * ,2
-   '^'SmL-
the purpose of giving tbe electors the
final say.
The concessions offered are that
the C. P. R. grant to the city a strip
of land about 20 feet wide to make
oossible the widening of the Dewdney
trunk rond to a 66-foot street. It might
be pointed out here that the C. P. R.
nroperty constitutes the northern
boundary of the Dewdney trunk rosd
at the ooint where it Is proposed to
make this grant
The railway company also agree to
withdraw opposition to a crossing being constructed across the railway
tracks st a point where the present
station stands, and to offer at a price
that would make lt easy for the city
to acquire, the apan of the old single
track bridce over the Coqultlam river
which could be used to replace the
preeent city bridge across the stream
which haa outgrown lta usefulness.
The resolution paaaed by the council
today will be presented to the railway commission at thetr session on
Monday. It the commissioners aet according to the suggestions offered In
the resolution. It Is very probable that
a plebiscite on the block 18 alto incorporating the alternate proposals of
the C. P. R. wlU be submitted within
th* next month.
During the discussion AMerman
Galer queried F. W. peters, genernl
superintendent ot the C. P. R.. who
vin present, why It was that tke!
company did not discover tbat the
Schoolhouae rosd wu not suitable tor
the depot until after tbe plebiscite
had beea voted upon and received tke
reply that the compnny hnd nnt been
consulted previous to the vote being
Among ntany ot tko Interesting
"filnts raised bv Alderman Gator waa
tke one that Vice-president Bary ot
tke C. P. R. knd verbally promised tkat
tke question ot tke location ot tha
atatton akould Ito wltk tka realdenta
nnd not wltk outsider*
Asked by Alderman Morgan tt kn
was willing that n vpte at tka rntj.
payers should be taken on tka C.P.R
oropeettlon. Alderman Qatar reeled:
"No, nothing ot all.*       ._
Out��� wt% (M WNt   .
The S-suasston ��M not and ta tke
council chamhar. te tka rtwnt, M��
towing tke spaoM meeting AMarau
"liar" ootid ba kaeid vrnqr tregtsent-V
trom tk* tfcran and e�� Vang a era**
��� O ��� �� �� ���
abundantly justifies President Wit-
son's refusal to accord recognition to
hls government
The Graphic, however, is almost
alone ln taking the view that Great
Britain la wrong In recognising the
Huerta administration. The tendency
of the editorial opinion generally is to
regard It as Impossible that tne two
English speaking peoples should quarrel over, the affairs ot a Latin-American country.
The Dally Telegraph recognises the
serious danger of Huerta's attempting
to marshal the people of tke United
States nnd the less Interested nations
of the old world Into opposing camps
and says tt feels convinced that the
good sense and political wisdom in
America will aee the riak and by sagacity aad restraint avoid it
The Standard saya It sees nothing
discreditable tn the British government looking after British Interests in
oil ln Mexico since other nations pto-
teet their commercial Interests in n
^^WEJStataltod w.n
i to il tatntoa and was tstand n��
4 A. 1^1 f
ed States." The ambassador's important business ia believed to have been to have presented to Sir Bdward Grey
connected with the Mexican situation. I the views of British Columbia on tho
The British press is alive to the gra-1 question and In dealing with it the
vity of the Mexican affair. Tbe Dally i colonial office will have the benefit of
Graphic, which finds It significant I first hand information on the subject,
that one of the secretary's of Foreign Sir Richard next week will confer
Secretary Grey, Sir William G. Tyrell,; on the  matter  with the minister of
Ib being sent to Washington, In an editorial today again denounces Presi
dent Huerta, whose statement of last
the interior. If the new regulations
are put into force British Columbia's
fears of a Hindu and oriental invasion
Thursday, lt says,  proves bis unfit-!will be removed and a much moro
ness for any responsible office and | effective control exercised than ta now
�� �� * is* -** �� *  *  ****** **
Ottawa. Oct. 24���The govern- *
ment haa renewed the contract *
with the New Zealand Shipping *
company tor the eteamer  aer- *
vice between Canada. Australia *
and New Zealand. The aummer *
port will be Montreal and the *
winter porta SL John and Hall- ft
The contract provides tor,, ft
monthly Ballings direct frslit ft
Canada to Ue Antipodes* -bnt ft
tke return voyagnasay be mad* ft
by any route. Tko sOWdy te ft
W44.000 nnd tha tenure of tko ft
oontract to two ysara ft
t ��\ft ft ft �� ��.* * ft ��� �����*.* ���
"ii      i MBSBBgggMg"^���-^Haasa���aei
.Ntw, Task, Ocg. M.-A gna ��v��k In
whloh tiio nwtal'wna belat ennsaaUat
tag in Canal atwac sngtadsd to-
toils^fi5j^0^ftii.'n nam. 3
rgy*-^^*^.-_*BTg--jaB;*-T zmi***.���***���
otnnrn mma npsgw aw*** m-\
tba that MBuM-SI thn ��__k_s_oa.
��_ _*?^*TvgTTy_.T*.-*.X'  TaST. ��.
rum "~-
���a**, U, V u
_ta ladesimdrai mominff paper devoted to Che Infer�����(�� of Veu Weatmlnster end
lbs Frater Vell.i*. Pttblithed every morning except Bundaii bv the National Priming
aad Publishing Oompany, lAmitsd, at SI ll-Keneie Slreet, New Weatmlnater, British
Columbia. ROBB SUTIIBRhANli, Managing Director.
All communiraliona akovld to addressed lo Th* New Weatmlnater Newa. and nol
. Ss 'to-dividual member* of Ike ���(off. Ckeouee, droits, and monev ordera ahould be mode
peyable lo The National J'rintinp and rutlishing Companv, limited.
TBLBPHONBB���Butinss* Office and Manager, .DO; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
amli), Sll.
SUBSCRIPTION I'ATBB���Bv carrier, $4 per year, $1 /or three monlhe, 40o per
axoath    Bv mail  13 ;,���   tear, ibv per month.
ADVBRTIIH   0 Rt.TtlS on ajiplicalioH.
As an example of unadulterated idiocy a neat little
yellow circular which has been received by The News
from the post office department of Canada is freely conceded the bun, medal, palm or any other trophy to which it
is entitled. In fact, as a joke, this little yellow thing has
Punch looking like a death warrant.
Couched in all the official urbanity generally employed to use up ink at federal headquarters, this missive announces that it is against the law to print an advertisement straight across two pages of the paper and include
it in the mailing list of the paper without paying extra
postage. To make it correct and proper it must have a
little white space between the two pages. Of course, in
these times when cash seems to be glued to the oottom of
the till, a two-page ad. isn't an everyday occurrence, but
then the country is in hopes of better things soon and
there's a remote possibility that some day an advertiser
might get reckless and demand a double page go, in which
case The News, or any other paper couldn't hand it out
without paying this perfectly good government of ours
about four times the usual mailing charges.
The department justifies its stand by quoting from;
the new postal regulations as follows: "All pages of the;
publication must be of the same size, form and make-up."
Now wouldn't that melt the blanc mange? Who ever
heard of a newspaper with all of its pages of the same
form and make-up? Wouldn't the sporting editor have
an awful time trying to make his epileptic effusions look
like the society reporter's account of a fashionable wedding? And, if all the rest of the sheet had to be as foolish
as the editorial column the subscriber* would resign in
a body.
- ��� Therefore, for the protection of the public, it seems to
be the painful duty of the newspapers to ask the owner
of the brilliant brain that formulated that postal regulation to guess again. He may be a bear for getting the
right kind of stickum for stamps, but he doesn't seem to
know any more about the newspaper business than the
folks of Westminster do about the harbor commission.
This Is How Potato Crop la Summed
Up���Shortage in  Washington
Will Boost Prices.
This year's crop of potatoes is not
as largo txn last year's, but Is slightly
better In quality nml higher In price.
This Is the way a local man, Intimate
with agricultural matters In the
Fraser valley, sizes np the present
condition of the potato growing Industry.
He says that because of the timely 	
warning issued hy the city market au- | market in the old country was improv
thorities earlier In the season,  farm
ers saw the futility of rushing    tlieir
taken by our province. 1 feel sails-
fled the situation Is now much better
understood than It has ever been. Unfortunately, as you can understand, I
am unable to give to the press any of
the official correspondence on the subject. We are as firm as ever In our
stand In regard to Immigration from
the Orient, HrltlBh Columbia, however, does not propose uny legislation
of an offensive kind to the Japanese,
Chinese or other Orientals. All of
the statements we have made make
the quest lon purely from a local or
domestic standpoint which, we contend, Is well within onr constitutional
Sir lllcharil would make no further
statement as to what he expects will
be the solution or the problem or ns to
whether he expects legisltalon either
provincial, federal or Imperial to lie
brought down shortly.
Financial  Situation.
Sir   lllcharil   said   that   the   money
.  oui
One thing we must all make up
minds to." he remarked, "Is that
He Had  His Neck Broken, Ribs and
Wrists Fractured, Skull and
Nose Smashed, Etc.
potatoes to market before they wero
matured, and now with them full
grown are realizing a very fair price,
from 80 to 90 cents a bug.
Complaints were being made, he
said, in some quarters, of disease
among the crops, but this was the
natural sequence to farmers buying
tholr seed from all parts of thc country, especially from other provinces
and the states along the Paclllc coast.
While  government  inspection   cf    In-
\ve will have to pay more for money In : accident
Seattle, Oct. 24.    Kate never Intend-
tended tbat V. A. Jorgenssen of Kulr-
hanks, Alaska, should die by accident,
hut   for  nil   that   there  are  few   men
who have lived to tell of escape from
violent death so often or In so many I
painful forms as has he.    Jorgenssen I
Is now In Seattle on hls way back to I
the north,  after a  stay    of    several
months ln San Krancisco, where hospital surgeons did their best to muke
hlm reasonably whole after his latest
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
future In Umdon. Tlie day of cheap
money seems gone. There has been a
disposition on the part of the Lodon
financiers and the Hritish public to
hesitate somewhat when it comes to
Investments In municipal securities.
However, I expect to see that condition relax somewhat In the near future.
"As far as the siatus of liritish Columbia Is concerned, our provincial
credit stands very high.   There Is th
coming shipments had been enforced j greatest interest In the old land in our
and several carload lots confiscated
because of disease. It was impossible,
this man asserted, to altogether obviate the trouble. Farmers near the
border bought seed from their neighbors on the American side of the line
in some cases.
Better prices would be realized for
potatoes next spring than was the
case this year. Since the supply last
spring was too great prices had dropped away down, but this would not oc-
province and tho development Is baling keenly watched. I was pleased to
hear from leading financiers and bankers the most complimentary state-
'ments as to the conduct of the provincial government's affairs.
I "Oreat Interest is being taken In
Oreat llritain In the railway construction In British Columbia and In the
i harbor development nlans nt Vancouver, Victoria. New Westminster and
Other porta I never hefore heard so
i many Inquiries concerning the outlook
Phones 15 snd 16.
"'Am'ilier.;:;*; that will tend to boost!"'  '""  ��""'     "   -  "��   '""   "'	
the    market    is that    in   Washington |
StatS tliere is a great shortage. With
British Columbia, and especially   the
Fraser valley, as its nearest outside
source Of supply, the state to the
south will naturally come here for
supplies to augment its meagre market.
pletloa of the Panama canal wiii give
a great Impetus to business In British
Columbia and for that reason t'ie situation  is being closely  watched."
A Seattle man is dead from too much fast treatment.
That's usually the end of a month or so without eats.
In New York they are opening some new bus lines
with women as conductors.   Fair please.
The world consumes a million gallons of kerosene per
day, but that's not the only _uice used by some for "lighting up."
South African oxen are clad in trousers to ward off
the attacks of the tsetse fly. In that case the South African cows should wear skirts, not split.
Victoria, Oct. 24.���In the presentation of the annual address to the
school trustees In convention here,
President Capt. D. Mcintosh of Victoria paid a high tribute to the work ni
the provincial educational department
The present minister, Hon. II. E.
Young, and the department at large,
he said, were alive to their duty in
connection with the school system and
the needs or the British Columbia
schools, both rural and urban, and
might be expected to live up to tbelr
Captain Mcintosh went on to aay.
that there was in this province a j
sense of responsibility on the part of
both, trustees and teachers in connec-1
tion with the traiinng of the young
and the thoroughness of the educational system which was the result of
this was the pride of Bill ish Columbiana and the envy of those from other
Dealing with the work of the rural
schools, he said that they had been
marking time for years but were now
coming up to tlie standard set by the
otilier schools. He praised the consolidated school system, pointing out
that it permitted the farmers' children to enjoy the advantages of a
high school education without having
to go to town.
This occurred a year ago laHt August when Jorgenssen. while mining
In tlle Tanana valley, was caught beneath a falling boulder aud crushed so
badly that for a time hls life was despaired of. Ills right leg was shattered and after waiting a year In the
hope that nature would repair It, Jorgenssen made the trip to San Krancisco and la now returning home minus
one or the smaller hones of the limb.
This   loss   would   seem   serious   to I
most  men. but the Alaskan  treats  it i
lightly.    Why  shouldn't  he?    In   1906
he broke his neck hy a fall down    a
Shaft In Kairbanks     Kor several years
bs Was  forced  to wear an  iron  cage I
on his shoulders to support hls head j
Then surgeons with a taste for tinker- i
ing   removed   the   third   vertebra   and
replaced   the   bone   with   gold.     As   a
result   JorgenBsen'S   neck   Is   as   good
as ever, except that  he ran  not  turn j
It as does  the ordinary  less  unlucky
mortal.    In fills same accident, by the
way, he lost two ribs.
Jorgenssen'a had luck began early.
When a boy In Denmark he was kicked In the forehead by a horse and lost	
'������irt  of the hridge of Ills nose.  While I
haying   on   a   farm   In   his   youth   he | SINGING AND VOICE PRODUCTION
was thrown from a wagon  in a  run
���iway and Imd both wrists broken. Ile j maIuiaiikt
turned sailor and one of tlte ships  lie
sailed  In  was burned  at sea anil   the
crew barely escaped     When bs landed
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured In li. C, vis.: tha
the celebrated "VANCOU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to paaa Standard
Specifications of American  and Canadian  Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Bewer Pips from
4-ln. to 24 In. In diameter. Tbla Is also made In tbla Province and wa
consider superior to any Imported article.
We alao carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed (Jravel. Sand.
Mme, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
���02 Columbia Street W.
pianoforte, harmony mul sinning, i'u
pits sucoessfuly prepared fnr naming
llun III  It   A    M   and  K. C. It  1'ur term
apply i*��"'i Third avenue.
���   HARDY,
_4_  ECeary
IL. New West-
McGill   Sophomores Tangle  With   Police   While   Kidnapping
���nipti il
ing  called  for by  the
A newspaper headline says. "Tornado Sweeps South
isiana."     Well,   perhaps   South   Louisiana   needed
The world had to wait a good many hundred years for
Simon Fraser to come along and discover the Fraser river;
then it had to wait several score more years before the
Stream's value as a fresh water port was recognized; but
say, look at those grain elevators coming this way now.
Canada says she will withdraw from the fisheries
treaty if the United States doesn't live up to it. Canada
has been saying that for about two years and perhaps she
ltieans it this time.
Mayor and Mrs. A. W. Gray were the
guests of Principal and Mrs, Sanford
at Columbian college Wednesday
night. In speaking to tin- student
body the mayor referred to lhe practical interest taken bv the city council in the college. He complimented
the students on their general deport-
ment and stated lhat the only com-
I plaint he had to make was the ring-
ling of the bell on Sunday mornings
two hours before the time he would
himself prefer. As an old la'-rosse
player lie urged the maxim Unit 'good
sports wire good losers" and tliat 'lie
siTret or success lay in love for the
place a team represented.
Touching upon municipal
Mayor Oray said that this yi
council was an excellent one.
ths prevailing financial d
prevented Its carrying out
schemes It would like tr, take
Ih closing, he urged both _ir]s
boys to take an active Inti rest ii
niclpal   doings,   to   ex< n ilse   tie
whenever opportunity permitted,
"ar's citv
bul that
all     the
in hand.
Montreal. Oct.    'il    -An    att
"kidnapping" took place Friday
ing about 1 o'clock, but by the prompt jltfe in Alaska
acl lon ot a Montreal policeman the vic',or him.
tlm was able to escape.
Several  sophomores  at  McOill  university   thought   it   would   be   a   good
Idea to capture the freshman  presl-     Victoria, Oct
dent.  Hutchinson.    To this  end  they*
hired  a cab and  drove  to the young
man's home, where on enquiry, alter a
vigorous knocking a;  tiie door,    thej
were informed that he was fast asleep.
On telling the father ot their quarry
that they were there on important bus-,
iness they were granted an Interview,
and  tl.e  president   came down   in  liis
pajamas   to   Bi e   what   was   the   mat-
Tlie designing sophomores said they
were freshmen in medicine, and so obtained all th" information the president could give on the freshman
plans. Later tliey induced him to get
dresseil and come out with thetn. In
t'.ie meantime, however, a policeman
had si en the sophomores drive up and
noticed three of them hide under the
verandah     So he stayed around.
lhe sophs hrought their intended
victim to the street and attempted to
force him into lhe cab, bnt at this i
cries of "murder" and "help" brought
the oflicer on tiie run. He used the
butt of the revolver to beal off the assailants, forgetting to use his baton,
It is said.
Trying to explain the matter and
hold on to their victim proved Impossible, as the constable would listen
to no stories until Hutchinson was released. So he was released, and with a
wild dive made tor home. Explanations followed and the policeman was
in Puget Sound In 1890 he look a train
for California and was wrecked before  he  got   through Oregon.
Despite the accidents, Jorgenssen
went tn Alaska twenty-two years ago,
long before then' was such a thing
as the Klondike, and mined for years
���along the Yukon, and trapped along
the Mackenzie. When the Klondike
was  discovered   he  got  good   ground.
, but lost several fortunes In attempt
ing to make good stakes later.
\nd It Is his own firm belief that
lie  will strike It  rich again.  He says
[be  intends to spend  the  rest or liis
that It Is good enough
A     DROVES,    l'll'II,
lhe    Ian-    I'rnfiiwor    Allan     Macbeth, I
Principal   ef   tha   Glasgow   Colt��c��   "' '���
Music, an.l Professor Grassland Hirst, nf
tin- Glasgow   Athenaeum,  i��*��k  to  Intimate thai ih* will acoept a  r. w  puplli
In  KiiiKin*:  and  votes production,    v.*. '.
tensive  repertoire <>f high 'inns Nonas
Ker  terms, enll  i,r write  to   litis   lluinll
ton strei I
Bank of Montreal
| CAPITAL (Paid Up) . .. .��1��.0e0 000 OO
RESERVE    V��.000,000.00
Branches  throughout  Canada    uud
t Newfoundland, and   In   London,   Eng
land. New York. Chicago and Spokan*
j U.S.A., and  Mexico City.    A  general
banking business transacted.   Letters
Iof Credit  Issued, available  with  correspondents In all parts of the world.
'    Savings Hank Department���Deposit*
received   In  sums  of   11   and   upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent par
annum (present rste).
Total Assets o?er I1S6.WIO.000 00.
0. D. BltYMNI.lt,  Mnuager. ���
II.   J
A.    Bl'RNKTT.   AUDITOR      ANH I
unlaw.  Trl    It.   lis.   Hoom   -,   Hurt'
V. II. Hmlth W. 1   drove*
Work  undertaken    In   city    anl    outsidi
polnta.   211-lil   Westminster   Truat   Hldg    T)l;iOP   VOlir  OT'-lpr   nnw
Phone   3��4.     P   O.   Box   507. ����� ��� J-KfLC   _,Ulll    OIUll    flOVS
Call and inspect our
Ines and new fall styles
fenders are be-
d' pai"ment of
pul lie works for the const ruction of
a firs' class detentli n build ng on the
quarantine station site al William
Head. It is tli" Intention of tiie Dominion government to creel a building along similar I Ihei  to the   now
in existence at Oi - ��� | ie, the government quarantine settle ��� on the
St, Lawrence river Plans for the
biilldlng prepared by W lllam Hi ndi r-
son, Victoria, are i,ou being conHdsred
at Ottawa, and BS all ti nders have to
be in by November IT. 'her. i.s everv
probability ihat the actual work ol
construction vvill be started before tbe
end of the year. An appropriation o!
approximately $46,000 lias been - I
aside for the work. The building will
be some -00 reet in length, and will I e
at least two storeys In height, capable
or handling a large number or saloon
passengers that would be necessity be
detained at William Head in case ��r
the discovery or Infectious disease on
hoard Inbound vessels to the port of
Vice rla.
uting engineers, Local 543. meets in
l-il��or Temple every tlrst untl thlnl
Thursday af the montb. n. McLaughlin,
president; w. C. Saunders, secretary,
P. o. Hox t;s.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
ll   * 1'   O  of Rika ot tha I), of C meal
ll*'* first und third Tliiirailujr at 8 p. m.
K.  of  P.   Hull.   Eighth  atreet.   A   Weill
Oray, Exalted Rulor; p. H. Smith, Sec  '
!,. O. O M.. NO. 164.���MEETS ON
first, seoond, third nnd fourth Wednesday In each month nt *l p. m.
in tiie Moos* Home. ii. J. Leamy
dictator: !������. e. Jones, Memory
Headquarters ol lode; In Bee Room
corner of Pourth and Carnarvon "treets
Interesting Criticism.
Umdon. Oct. 28, -Maltre Labor!, the
famous Krench advocate, oilers an interesting criticism on returning rrom
Montreal. "Canada remains Krench at
heart, much more than we are accus
tomed to believe," .aid M. l.aborl.
"Canadians, though loyal subjiicta of
Britain, regard I ranee as their Intellectual, mother, 'lhey have the cult
for France which bas nothing to do
i with politics."
O. O. F. AMITT LODOB NO 17���Th-
regular meeting ot Amity lodge N't
ii. I, O. o. K.. ta held every MondO)
night nl I o'clock In odd Fellows' Hal'
coner  Carnarvon  and  Bl-gbth  street.
MsltlnK hntliern cnrdlnllv Invite!
it  A. Merrlthew, NO.; H   iv   Boncster
V,   O.;   W.   C.   Coatham,   P    CL,   re, orr
lng secretary: J vv. MacDonald, financial  secretary.
Commencing   Oct.   26.     Change     or
time table, as follows.
H ��� i a rn.    for Toronto. Kamloops l.o-
1:26   p in     Kor Ht.   i'aul.
6:26  p.m. -Kor Agassi*/.
8 1" pm     Kor Imperial Limited. Mon.
fieal, etc
Kor  rates. rVserviitlons    ami    Mher
paTtlculars apply to
B. OOULET, Agent.
New  Westminster
O. P. A.. Vsncouver.
W E. KALES-Pioneer Funeral
and Smhalmer, ��I2-��I8 Ague
oppoMl.., Carnegie Library.
I    HlreH
ter * Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director,
ond embalmers Parlors 405 Columbh
street,   N.w  Westminster.   Phone til
All you've got to do now to get on the stage is to break
the law or get jugged, fined, impeached or something like
that. Look at Sulzer for instance. Ordinary fakirs only
reach the Chautauqua platform. Look at Bryan for instance.
In Germany there is a society called the bundheimat-
shschutz for protecting and preserving the natural beauty
<��f the country. If they can make a success of an organization under that name in Germany it should easily be a
gb in Canada.
A press despatch says that the United States is becoming one of Turkey's best customers by its heavy buy-
know that sonic of the Turkish tobacco used in Turkish
ing of Turkish tobacco for cigarettes. It's a relief to
cigarettes comes from Turkey.
Spokane, Oct. 24-"That lady there
-.gripped me by the jugular when I artd
Officer Martin stepped In to stop the
roftgh house," said Sergeant Bunker
yesterday in pollce court at the trial
uf Koss Twaddle on a charge of disorderly conducl following an alleged
lieer party at his home In the St.
Ixvuls apartments Sunday night.
"I did choke the little fellow a hit.
liut not until he grabbed my husband
*nd I went to Uie protection of my
admitted  Mrs. Twaddle. "Tin
trouhle came about, your honor, when
a fellow called In and said be was a
prize fighter, and fought with Wolgast, Jack Johnson and Jeffries. I
questioned him and he beat. It.
Roomers and the landlady, who
| called the police, said the noise was
I inesufferuble. The ofTlcers told of Iio*
I number of empty boor bottles found in
| the room and of a smashed chair.
Twaddle said his home had been Invaded and himself arrested without a
warrant. The Court assessed a fine of
?.*. and costs.
to urge tlieir friends and
show  a  healthier  interest
pertaining to city  life.    Tli
showed their appreciation I
of the mayor and his lady  l.y
Professor  Vir'or  fl    Dolmag
who has been working witli the
lon   geological   survey   on   V
Island   during   tlie.   summer,   r
to the college last Monday.
Misa Clbbard' slargo class of ladles
in household science, whicli has been
held on Tuesday mornings fron 9 to
12, has becn so successful that It is
expected another class will be organized to meet on Krlday mornings.
iati-.es (o
In ihings
* students
' Hie visit
by hearty
e,   II.A.,
"Sometimes I Could Hardly Walk I"
2 Boxes of Gin Pills Cured Me
Says Federal and Imperial Authorities
Now Are Better Posted���Day of
Cheap Money Is Past.
��� old
Interviewed on his arrival a
York on his return trip from 1
country, Sir Richard McBrlde, premier of ll. ('., made It clear that the
Asiatic Immigration question haH
cleared somewhat
On this subject he made the following statement:
"On my way to London I conferred
it some length with Premier llorden,
in Ottawa, wltli regard to Asiatic Immigration Into liritish Columbia, and
whilst In the old country had an op-1
DOrtUnlty of laying before Sir Kdward t
Orey, and the foreign office, the stand
SUFPBRF.O from Kidney Trouble for five long
years.    1 also had Rheumatism in all my bones
snd muscles-could not sleep nt night-and
sometimes could hardly walk.    1 was trested
by some of our best physic-inns but without
relief.    I lost over fifteen pounds, wss very
week, snd friends, who had not seen me for
some time, were astonished.   One day, 1 met
one of our leading hotel keepers, who hail been
cured by Gin .'ills, and he advised me to try
them,   so   I   bought   two   bo��a   al   my
.   druggist's.
A        Before I had used one box, I frit n big
^���change for the better, nnd before the second
box was gone, I wss completely cured.
I assure you I can hardly believe it for
if I had known what I know now sbout Gin
Pills, I would not have spent over one
hundred dollera for nothing, when two
boxes of ('.in l'ilIs cured me.
Anyone suffering from Kidney Trouble
or Rheumatism, should never bc without
Chief City Circulation Agent,
"La I'atrie" Montreal.
Drive yonr old enemy ont of your system.    Ile free of pain,    lie able to walk
end work and enjov life.     Away with pain  in the back, Rheumatism   sml
Kidney Troubles.   Take Gin l'ills.   A few boxes now,  will mean ease and
comfort for the rest of the year.
Remember, Gin l'ills are sold on s positive guarantee to give satisfaction or
���foul money refunded.   50c. a box, 6 for $3.50.    You msy try them before you
buy them.   Sample free if you write tbe Natioiul Drug snd Chemical Co  of
Canada, Limited, Toronto, ...
' ' 16*
ster Board >.f Trad,, mnets In the bssri*
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Frt
day of each month; qimrterly msetlni
on Ihe ililrd Friday of February, Hay
August and November st I p.m. An
nual meetings m, the third Friday 0'
February. C. II. Hluart Wads, snort
Hale, Deeds, Hnsim-st Mttera, etc.; clr
eular work specialist All work strictly
oonfldentlal. II. Harrv. room 418 Went
mlnater Truat Blk.   I'hune 702.
rtsters, Solicitors, etc. 40 Ixirtie street
Nsw Westminster. ���TV K. Corbould, It
C.   J. R. Grant.    A. R. MeColl.
te-wtt-law, solloltor, etc Telephon'
H...I. Cable addreas "Johnnton.'
Code, "Western Union." Offlc.*, Rill
Block, 562 Columbia street. New West
minster, B. C.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, West
minster Trust Blk., Columbia street
New Westminster, B. C. Cable addrcmi
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O
Univver 200. Telephone 6*. W, .'
WhlirnMe. K. Ci II. L. Bdmonda, t
! COAL MININO rights of th* Dominion
In Manitoba,  Saakatchewan end Altwrta.
1 the Vision Territory, tbe Northwest Ter^
rltorl.H and In a portion of the I'rnvlnot*
Iof Britiah Columbht, may be leaaed for a,
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of 11 an acre. Not more than -'_l��
1 acne wlll tu- leaaed to on* applicant.
Application for a leaae mutt be niaoa
I by  the applicant In person to thn Agent
I nr Hub-Agent of the dlatrlct tn which tbe
I rlKhui applied for ar* situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat b*
described by aectlona, or legal mib-dlvt-
slona of suctions, and In unsOrveyed ter-
I ritory the tract applied for ahall ba
���ink,,! ,.ut ly the applicant hlmaeir
Knell application must be aooompanl*a>
hy a fee of |t Jhicb will be refunded It
I ihe rlghia applied (or are not available.
hut  not   otherwise.    A royalty shall   bai
I paid on the merchantable output of tb*
I mine at the rate of five dents par toa.
The   i��>rson   operating   the  mine   Shalt
, furnleh   ihe   Agent   with   swsrn   return*
! accounting for tlie (ull quantity of msr-
chnntabii-  coal mined and pay the roy-
; alty thereon. If Ch* eoal mining righta
are not being operated sueh returns aboul*
! b�� furnished at leaat oae* a year.
I    Th* leas* will Include the esal mlnln*
! right* only, but the leasee wfll be per-
mltted tn purchase whatever available
surface rights mar be considered necessary for the working of the mine at Ums
rate of no an acre.
For full Information application sfaoul-S
tie mnde to the Becretary of the Department  of th* Interior. Ottawa, or to *a*>
Agent or Sob-Agent of Dominion Land-a
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of thto
advertisement will not n* paid for.
.1. STILWRLL CLUTB, Barrlster-at-law
aollcltor, etc.; oorner Columbia am
McKenzie atreeta, New Weatmlnater
B. 0.   P. O. Box UI.    Telephone   71(
Solicitor nnd Notary. Offloea Har
block, 'it Lome street, New Westmin
atcr, II. C.
Barristers and Solloftors. too to 111
Westminster Truat Block. G. R. Mar
tin, V.'. G. McQuarrie and George L
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The Daily News
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Office Phon* US.     Barn Phons W
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Bsgbls ttrggi.
Baggage Delivered Promptly t*
���ny pert of th* eity.
light and Heavy Hauling
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of all kinds.
Prices rlfbt.   Satisfaction guarantee*
M McKensle Bt 1
It's  Hie Own Money, But an Anxious
%fc        Wife Offere Reward for
Harry Brown.
Spokane, Oct. 24.- Tbe polios have
hi-i ii uiialilc tu locate Hurry llruwii, a
rancher,   who  disappeared   trom   Hpo
kan<< Beptembar 20 with 110,00,0 in',
currency.    The following latter was
11'ci'lvi'il   yesterday     from     l.iiwrenee
SU plieim, ii bnilher In law   residing ut '
'I'wlHIi, Wash., at whose hoini' Brown's;
wife Is staying:
"Hurry Hrown lived about six mill's
from Orangsvllls, Idaho, for the last 181
years lln was married 1'i'hruiiry 3,,
last, to Mrs. Kva Hanna, of Winnie, j
Or*,    'In Bsplsmber 4 In- sold all hls
personal property and obtained  ton*
98,800 ''ash. He sold bis ranch a few |
days Inter for $7,700 cash anil left*
Orangevllle September 'H for 8po-1
"On Beptsmbsr 2(1 bs sent Ills wife, I
who was then nt  Twlap awaiting  Ills
arrival, u draft on the Dxchsnga NaUonal   hank  for  $600 nnd  also  wrote
her nt thnt time
"Sines that data we hnve bean unable to find any trace of him. Ile has
S   baby   girl   here,   born  September  2. |
His   wife   says   therf   never  wns  any
trouhle between  them.    She will pay j
a   liberal   reward   for   Information   re-
gardlng his whereabouts.
"He was a very quiet man. a little
Careless   with   hls   money,   but   uever
drank  nor frequented    saloons.    He]
Served   hi  the  Spanish-American  war
and hns always had a good name"
The description of Brown. Riven th?'
police by his wife, says he Is 4<i years'
old. dark coinplexloned, sandy musl
tnche. hrown eyes, hair rather gray, i
round fnce, weight about ISO pounds,'
height about five feet six Inches.
contemplated. Sir Joseph Lyons, of
tearoom fume, wlll soon build a "palace" behind the quadrant In llegi nt
street, ut the bottom of (Jlassliiuae
street, and a second "Corner House"
in the Strand nt the come*' of ('tn-
r*n street, eating up, by UU way, a
I'.vi   of   the   ancient    lien     Franklin
There wlll hn a luxurious hotel In
Piccadilly and the big scheme for a
hotel oil the site or St. Georges hospital has already been alluded to In
the press. The scheme of this Is the
most ambitious that hns been undertaken. The site will overlook llyle
park. Buckingham palace and Oreen
park. This she cost 12,800,0,00, and
18,760,000 will he spent on the building It Ib probable that Aldwych,
where the Tribune's London olTlr.es
are situated, Oxford street and Haker
street, will also be centres of the hold extension movement.
The following summary will give an
idea of Die changes In London's hotel
Hed room a
Lyon's   Piccadilly  flrcus 1.000
New  Hotel tn Piccadilly    7f,0
New  Oreen  l'ark  hotel    310
Haker street      56K
New Oxford Street hotel 1,000
St. George'! Hospital site...   500
New   hotel  at   Victoria    300
Lancaster 'late scheme ...    no
Naturally, ths underground railways
since Ihey have been connected together huve been a great stimulus to
hotel building, and there Ig an obvious tendency to place the hotels ad-
ncent to the leading stations. Kor In-
s'ance. the new hotel at Lancaster
(late wlll be the fourth on the Central
London line. On the Piccadilly line
there Is also a hotel over the Hyde
purk station and another Is content
pleted further west.
Accommodation    on    Incresse���About
2CO  Big  Onee  Now  In
London, Oct. 24 t-ond&n. Ion*? 'h��
home of many hotels, Is trying to rival Nev Y.uk. for today there are In
th* metropolis more 'hun Hon big rios-
teltes. .no it Ih calculated tha' aver
(50,000,000 has been spent on hotel
buildings and accommodations In
the last ten >ears. At the present
time ihere nre more than a dor.cn
schemes on fool for extending the ac
cotninodatlons of the great    meiropo-
ll was only a few yenrs ago taut the
Savoy spent about 15,000,000 on Its
Strand frontage, and this was folio v-
<���<: by an addition on the Kinbr.iili
menl lid* costing $500,on0 and ihe
8180,000 hull room At the Hotel Cecil
ahout $100,(100 was spent on the winter
���gardcriH nnd palm court
A great deal of money wtll be expended on the hotels now building or
Spokane, Oct. 24.���Charging that
her husband Insisted on giving hls
"blidren Intoxicating liquor and making them 'moral degenerates," Dora
Robldeau of Iteer Park filed a divorce
action yesterday against Joseph J. llobldeau.
In the eompalnt Mrs. Robldeau announces that her husband often told
her he was going to a hardware store
to get a gun and kill her. She alleges
that he also swearB at her and charges
her wiih infidelity.
The couple were married at Rauk
Kaplils, Mich , ln 1KX9 Mrs. Robldeau
asks the property at Ponderay, Idaho.
Judge Sullivan granted a restraining
order to keep the husband from molesting her.
Whnt Is expected to be the literary
; event of lhe season will take place
this evening at Columbian college |n
the assembly room when New Westminster talent will take part In a well
prepared program which Includes readings fmm prominent authors, and a
Sketch entitled "Place aux Dames."
which In the Kngiish Interpretation
meana   "The Ladles Speak at l_ast."
The event which Is being held under
the auipleei of  the  Women's  Kdtica-
tion*] club, will be divided Into three
parts,   the  first   being   readings   from
selected   authors.     Part   two   will   be
recitations    from    Shakespeare.  Miss
Danphlnee  taking the  part of Juliet.
Miss  Laura  Watson as Portia In  the
���"Merchants    of    Venice."  Mrs   T   ll.
[Pearson   as  Lady   ninetieth   and   Miss
JDrew    tis   Othella.     The   sketch    will
Close the  urogram  which  commences
at  8 o'clock.
Now for the Finish of the Big, New
Fales' Stock of Furniture and Carpets
You will have no one to blame if you fail to get in on the feast of bargains. We
have been telling you for several weeks of the unheard of bargains we have made on
these high-grade House Furnishings, and the continuous buying from the start is the
best evidence that the prices are unusually attractive. For today we intend they
shall be more so. No matter where you look you will find reductions of one-half to
one-third on everything in the store. One thing you must remember-THIS IS A
GENUINE CLOSING-OUT SALE, and every piece of every description must be sold
and out of the way, if possible, by the close of the month. The stock is all new, and
of the very highest character. No cheap sale pieces are anywhere to be found, and it
is this fact that has so strongly impressed the hundreds who have already taken advantage of the sale with the genuineness of the bargains they have secured.
You'll  Save  Nearly Halt  on   Everything at
W* Ea Fales9 Great Retiring-from-Business Sale
"NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS." This sale has been a great success in
every sense of the word, because we have unfailingly backed up our advertisements
with the goods at the store. When we say you save nearly half on everything you buy
during the sale, WE MEAN IT. Ask any of the thousands of people we have served,
and the answer will invariably be in the affirmative. . "The proof ot the pudding is in
the eating."   Come and see.
Half Regular Prices
Tke Sale that Saves You Money
That Little Spot
On Your Skin;
Beware, Beware!
Beoause the smallest sprt of Infection mean* danger. Thnt blotch on
jour nrm, that Itchy place on your leg,
beware lest soon It spread, covering
breast, face, body
1). I). Laboratory, Chicago, has proven
definitely that D. 1). D. Prescription is
a spe 'Hie that euros skin and scalp
Your own druggist will recommend
ithls soothing, cooling liquid.
Because the curBe of skin disease * lf you come to us for the famous
Is growing. It ls estimated that mil-' prescription and the efficient l>. D. D.
lions of our people aro Infected and Skin Soap, we wlll refund the pur-
spreading tbe disease. | chase price of the first full size bottle
Because -- unlike tho established If It falls to reach your case. You
doubt in regard to lir. Friedman's ex-> alone to Judge.
pertinents   with    the   "Great   White!    Frederic T.    Hill,    Druggist,    New
Plague" the research work ln   lhe D. I Westminster.
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
Goods Packed and Shipped Free to Out-of- Town Customers I
W.E. FALES, opp. Carnegie Library, the Iver Smith Sales Co. of New York in full charge
Csnds's Small Psrt In Preeent World
Production���Bright Prospects
In Esst snd Weet
H. O. SMITH, O. P. A T. A.
62? Granville Street. Vancouver.
W   R. m'PWROW, O. A. P. O.
Phone PriTat* Exchange 1184
.-_.__. j 1 1
The Bank of Vancouver
Branch** Throughout th* Prowlnc* af BrltUh Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposit* ot OA* D*llar and
upwards received and Intereat at the highest current rat* paid or
credited halt yearly. ��
Drafts and Traveller* Ch*qu*�� sold, payabl* ln all part* ot tk*
*��rW* CHAS. O. BtNNOCK, 0*n*ral Mahager.   *
Instsr Branch: A. W. BLACK, Managtr.
New  W**tmln*t*r
Ottawa. Oct. 24.���The federal department ot mines ls st work upon an
Investigation which closely concerns
a vital Imperial problem���the supply
ot oil fuel.
Oil ls rapidly supplanting coal as the
fuel of the navy; and It Is therefore
highly Important thst the empire
should be self-dependent in the matter
of this element of naval security. The
pnrt which Canada can play ln bringing about this self-dependence wtll be
Indicated In the report on this Investigation, of which some advance Information Is now available and which wlll
probably be published tn full early ln
the winter.
The pressing Importance of this
uuestlon ls clear from the recent
-speeches ot the tlrst lord of the admtr-
ilty. ln March last���on the 2��th of
the month, to be precise���Mr. Church-
Ill declared that "we are not very far
���we cannot tell how far���from some
form of Internal combustion engine tor
warships of all kinds." And later on.
on July 17. he returned to the sub-
ted and reviewed the changes In progress In succinct terms.
"In the vear 1909." said Mr. Church-
Ill, "the first flotilla of ocean going destroyers wholly dependent on ofl wha
created, and since then ln eaoh successive year another flotilla ot oil-only
destroyers has been built There
are now built and building more than
a hundred destroyers. Including eortal
destroyers, which are solely dependent on oll fuel. Similarly daring the
last five yeara oil has been employed
tn coat-burning battleships and crulr-
era to enable them to realise their full
power ln an emergency. . . - In the
autumn of 1911 there were more than
a hundred and titty vessels built and
building wblch were dependent wholly
or partly on oll. . . We are compelled
to use oil-fuel over almost the whole
field of the new construction program
ot 1912-13. This condition and" the
reasons for tt are, with one Important
exception (that ot five battleships ot
this year which wtll use oll as an aus-
Hilary only), repeated tn the preaent
ynnr. 191S14. There ar* another eight
light cruisers, there are sixteen destroyers Instead; of twenty, but thoae
sixteen are ot superior speed and pow
er; and for both these types oil must
be used or they would not be able to
discharge their tactical purposes."
Canada's Small Part.
Canada's present contribution to oil
i production Is seen by the returns to
be a mere bagatelle. With us It is not
a question of what we are producing,
hut what resources we possess. Our
record for some years has been one of
decline; but fortunately there ls now
promise of further development. Our
production reached Its highest point
In 1907, when lt aggregated 788,872
barrels of thirty-five gallons each. In
1911 the corresponding figures were
only 291,082 barrels of crude oll and
71,000,000 gallons of its manufactured
The question for the future is, what
are our resources; and considerable
light Is shed on this by an advance
report of their Investigation made by
Frederick G. Clari and L. G. Huntley,
of tho mines branch. The chief con-
trlbi-'or to present production ls the
wes'crn Ontario field, which Is being
gra'ual'y exhausted. The only other
sor-ce Is New Brunswick, where the
otl-sha'e Industry ts ln Its Infancy. In
1911 New Brunswick'si output ot oll
was 86.139 gallons; which had grown
trom only 8,328 as recently as 1909.
These oil-shale deposits, which are
situated tn Alberta and Westmoreland
counties, are extensive and rich. Five
years ago thirty-six tons of this shale
was shipped to Sootland and there
tested tn an experimental retort The
yield of crude otl per ton ran trom 34
to 45 gallons with 71 to 100 pounda ot
sulphate ot ammonia. This showing 1*
very favorable, for the Scotch shale
now seldom runs over SO gallon* ot
crude otl to the ton.
Pnt Into coTunxrclal language, the
New Brunswick shales show a yield of.
$8 a ton up without bonus, or M.li'V
with bonus, aralnst a coat of 91.88 to
the ton tor mining and manufacture.
In Bcotland at present the cost of mining and manufacture Is ahout 12: had
the net profit* are only abont ft
centa. As a remit ot thl* experiment,
a commercial plant Is being put In
wtth a capacity of 80,004 gallon* of
crude oil per day.
New Brunswick Fields.
These oil lhal** of New Brunswick
are the only deposits of th* kind whldh
have been-thoroughly inventlgatod.
but rich shale of varying character la
known to wist In a number of the
provinces. Nova Scotia, pertkttuty
tn Ploton and Antlgonish connUe*. ha*
ev tensive **|M*lts ot thl* *ImM
which hav* been partialy es^oMMl
tor a aumher t>f yeara It t* foul
usually in **nlunetlon with ttu* eo*i
fields and ha* heen used chtafly In
th* production of gas.
Gsspe, In Qnebec, ha* b**n_ th*
soon* ot a goal, deal ot proepwttag tn
th* out hnt *o far with dlsoeuragtng
result*. A wore hnpttul Indication
Is found la th* Utloa shale* which.
says a special report on the subject, with only partial success. The Mont-1 ferry service from Deep Bay, the ter-
"occur along the course of the St. gmery family who own considerable I minus of the interurban line to many
Lawrence from the vicinity of the head of cattle and horses, have per-1 important settlements In the gulf ls-
clty of Quebec, as at Monmorency slsted in squatting down anywhere ln j lands and lower cast coast of the taj-
Falls, as far west as the ctty of Mon-1 the city where they could find avail-1 land,
treal. Between these places, espe-1 able pasturage for their stock, and as
daily nearlng the latter city, they oc-! a result Innumerable complaints have
cupy a large area along both sides of been received by the police from the
the river.'
Farther west ln Ontario these
shales "appear along the shore of
Lake Ontario ln the vicinity of Port
Hope, and thence west to the shore
of Lake Huron, being especially well
displayed about Georgian Bay, the
Manltoulin Islands, and tn other places In the Ontario peninsula." As long
Bgo as "1859-61 these shales were
used for the distillation of oils with a
fair amount of success, until the discovery of the oils ot the Petrolla district put an end to the Industry."
There sre indications ln the west of
possible large oll resources but little
development haa been done. There
are large deposits ot tar sands ln
Northern Alberta along the Athabasca
and the Peace rivers. The gas fields
of southern Alberta have led to hopes
of oil discoveries and there ls a considerable field In southwestern Saskatchewan where the eame formation
Is probable. In Manitoba several well*
have been drilled but neither oil nor
gaa ha* been discovered In commercial quantities. British Columbia haa
been the scene ot much searching hnt
seems little prospect ot th* discovery
so far with little success.
Thus the outlook tor Canad*'* contribution to th. oil wealth ot the empire to not Might But while then
���re liquid deposits, the Meant development ot the oil thai* Industry give*
hope of the turning to good aocount
ot our large deposits ot shale, which
have heen hitherto neglected. Mor*
definite tntormation on thld element
of th* problssn will probably be available wwtn th* oomplete report of th*
mine* department to publish** In January.   ....   .     isjfc *<��� .
.   -, �� :*  fi". ���'"'* *.'.*��� U"**i
to pay rare
owners o' the land. Almost endless
efforts have been made to bring the
family to time, but lt was only Just
last week, that Mrs. Montgomery, who.
It appears, is the official head of tbe
family, despite the fact that her husband Is alive, took the pleasure to
show up In court to answer one pf
many summonses Issued against her.
Through some mistake tn the evidence
she was dismissed on one charge, but
brought up again on another on Tuesday last On this second occasion she
asked for an adjournment nntll late
next week, remarking In very Indignant terms while making application
for aame that ahe had already been
put to much Inconvtence over the
court appearances. The magistrate
aet the hearing of the eaae down for
yeaterday morning.
There waa no mistaking th*. evidence when the case waa oalled aad
tbe magistrate found Mrs. Montgomery
guilty end orderad her to pay a tine of
ftO and ooata. Thla she strenuously
refused to do and as ther* la no accommodation in th* elty lock np tor women, sh* wns permitted to go. Later
In the -afternoon the police lanmed
that thf Montgomery* had skipped,
lock, stock aad barrel. A distr*** warrant was Immediately mad* ont and a
coapl* nt policemen hurried to thp
****** of th* -amity's hut natdtoto.
may found Ut*. MpntMgMttt nti ��������
dn* hackney rtdBon. >i_�� the r**t
ot th* family aad stoch had tn**- Th*
potto* *���!*����� th* hon* to pay tk* Sn*
an* *x**ro*m. ttt*. vtereabonta ol
Mr*. MunUWIi'* husband aad family to not kaawn aad it to twBtmd th*
***** let of tbem and Unto stoat ha*
lumped th* Pitt riv*r and token np
TMhtonM at Wtt MNtoM, wMtt to
on th* east sld* of th* rtrar. The police w�� at pMMnt *ndM*Mttnt to to-'
.eat* them. Th* staUtwwftl h* pat np
fer aaotioa to tb* n��ar fntan.
���  .>m��wh>��mih ���^Umiiiimi mBwi   '.'
The ferry Enilda is being used on
the trip, which is made daily except
Sundays, touching at such points as
Cowichan, Genoa, Musgrave, Bur-
goyne, Vesuvious, Maple Bay, Fulford
Harbor, Beaver Point, Uort Washington, Moresby Island, Pender island,
Portland island and Piers.
Although it is expected that the proposition will be a losing one for a
time, the opening of the summer season of 1914 is expected to acquaint tha
people of Victoria and visitors on Vancouver island of the charming scenic*
beauties of the gulf islands, making
the trip one o tthe most delightful
Imaginable. *
���at*. CsgnWOm ftdtoY nil Msatg*��*,
���ry Faulty A-ppar to S* at
. Port CoflW��t*��. OA 14,-Aa *U*k mad*
a trick &**$ ***t auamptod ** J**|lfiri
, at*'
Montreal. Oet 24.���That tjpr* I* a
further and unexp^ted reorudeaceneo   .
ot infantile paralysis Is tie statement **
at a well-known child specialist tn thn *
eity.   No fewer tham eight addtttonal
cases hav* appedmd, nota* ot them
under *��c*pUn^_t circumstance*.
In on* hoai* ta Christopher: Cotton*
hia straeWtwo littto children havn
bMtt striobM. om *it*r th* other, an* -
th* body ot on* wm buried yaatwday.
tor the Moond child. This to th* tint
mm la whtoh two -tMUnn. have \asm-et
iffeeud to om tomSy.
~ - McatflcaMe It attachable to
ia to that th* children hnd
MOMtly heen jtaytas to a neighbor"*
ho*M to which wm a pnttont suffer-
���Ito which a ntaa ha* hMa stricken
���MB-Ajgngto-4m.*t**t- tottaw *nn nnv
2ffi_as3^����� *
'���!��� ' lV V^W!"'!. >' i i>.��� i-'ii f   if
t. 4X CASB MAY AFFECT -.   "*��� ���.
f r    PACE FOUR
Fresh "Water and Salt
Wen Employed Along Waterfront Not
to Go Without Employment,
Saya Engineer.
Although the construction of the big
dippers on llie city dredge und derricks hns been found faulty, the men
employed on the work will not be laid
off for two weeks. This Is the statement of Captain A, <>. Powell.
Mr. I'owell yesterday suld there was
vork of various kinds about the liar-
bar Improvement sufllclent to keep
most hands employed until the lips
of thc big steel dippers nre fitted with
proper steel. While the pile driving
crew could go on working, he did not
press them to do this as there were
already 4000 piles driven. Consequent-.
ly the contractors were taking ttv
opportunity to lay In a Bupply of piles
iu readiness foi continuance of that
���department of the work.
In all there are 16,000 piles, or there
about, to be driven on the unit now
under construction. Until the dippers
are repaired the men will finish the
new derricks and do small jobs about
the work. InBide of ten days it is
expected, according to Captain Powell,
that filling operations will have been
The material lo be sunk around the
piles will be lifted from the end of
Lulu island and from the opposite
side of the river by the dredge John
A. Lee and by means of the monster
derricks now built wlll be dropped in
place along the city waterfront.
The fault found with the dredge
and derrick buckets is tha'. the lips.
made of manganese steel, are too
brittle and chip off like glass. Tliey
ure now at the Vulcan Iron Works
and an expert from the manufacturers
In Seattle is here. The new parts are
expected here on Monday, the engineers say.
from 100 to 400 per cent, on the Puget
Sound routes, and the companies are
compelled to handle the increase at
tho old contract rates.
On every trip the steamers Potlatch, Sioux, Whatcom, Wallealenle
and others serving Hood's Canal, San
Juan Island and down Sound points,
and all of the fleet of the Kitsap
County Transportation companp operating ot Balnbrldge island and points
of  the   mainland,   are   loaded   to   ea
be secured cn taxes stating that such
action by a district municipality was
Illegal. With reference to this Solicitor Mclntyre stated that district municipalities had every authority to extend the date of tbe rebate on taxes,
and Instanced South Vancouver and
llurnaby as places that had done so.
The Westminster solicitors, who, It
ls believed, wrote on behalf of some
dlsBatlslled ratepayers, will be Informed as to the municipal solicitor's ruling.
An alteration was made to the resolution passed with respect to the Port
Coqultlam stutlon question at the last
meeting. It now reads: "That this
council give moral support to the
residents of the east end of the municipality In the matter ol the Port Co
in the
paclty with mail. - , .. ...    .,.,,    ,.,._,
The special mulling rooms aboard, ?M.,1Uam B,"tl0" ''"''"h ,,,���,?���,���,.���.
these craft are so crowded that the! lutlon aa It appeared In the mh utes
clerk accustomed to handle tbe mails ��������� ,ho ��"P��-e��"loi�� that the council
Is unable to gain entrance. It over- officially favored tbe removal of he
flows the mailing rooms and encroach- *>0V��*' ThlB WH8, no' " ,?ten,d*S' **.���
es upon valuable freight space. Whole Icouncll maintaining the stand that It
wagonloads of everything from the or-1 should not Interfere officially " ��� -
dlnary package of jellies and eggs, matter.
marked "handle with care," are piled
high up on the decks.
Nor can the transportation companies back out of their agreement to
deliver, All of the companies at present are obliged to handle whatever
mails are furnished them under contracts signed before the parcel post
went Into effect. While ordinarily the
companies can make money on small
and weighty packages they have discovered that they are losing on large,
bulky bundles at the same rate.
Fifty  Men  with  Bloodhounds  Fail
Find Trace of Men Who Beat
Up Guard.
Munlcipsl Railway.
Regina. Oct. 24.���The Regina municipal railway began a regular service
to the new country club this morning,
six cars a day being scheduled. The
entire amount of money due the elty
for construction has not yet been
turned over and legal action to recover the balance may be begun any
Let Her Out on Ball.
Regina, Oct. 24.���Either A. Thomas,
held to the supreme court for perjury
ln connection with the recent postofflce robbery case, wus let out on her
own recognizance of u (1600 bond und
a guarantee by her lawyer that she
would be produced when wunted In
ICpntlnued from page ono)
Makes  Fastest Time Between  Berlnp
Sea and Seattle���Man Lost on
Seattle, Oct. 24.-���Completing a voy*
age of seven days and eight hours
from St. Michael, the fastest ever
made between the Hering sea port and
Seattle, the Alaska Steamship com-
pany's liner Victoria, Captain John A.
O'llrien. reached pier 2 at 11 o'clock
Thursday     morning.     The     Victoria!
Its pronouncement, but some officials
are of the opinion lhat sooner or later
such a declaration, which they regard as tantamount to reaffirmation
of the principle of the .Monroe doctrine
would be made.
Administration officials generally
malnthlned a severe reticence In connection with Mexican affairs. They
admitted that a delicate situation existed early In the day wheu word waa
received that the AmerlcHti vessel, the
Mort-ok  Castle,  had  been  detained.
The disposition of the high officials
of  the government  Ib to wait   before
making  a   move.     President     Wilson
,. ,   .,      ...     ���������  ..i ���  i.,i,���   has Bome doubt ahout going to .Mobile
Kolsom, Cal., Oct. 24.-\\arden John-  (f) m^p M ^.^ on x|om||.y bpfor(>
Eton, of POlsom prison, and a posse of I the Southern Commercial Congress.
50 men with bloodhounds, are search- j but  told   his  friends  tonight   that   he
ing   the  country   around   Auburn   to- ?��*��"�� w,ul f>'   He goes tomorrow to
��� .    I Philadelphia  to   make  an  address  ut
night  to capture three prisoners who|,ne Congreii  lla*||  celebration,  but  If
escaped from the prison farm today Ithere Is extraordinary developments
after battering their guard, M. C. lhe may not make the southern trip.
Morse,    unconscious    with    his    own |    Secretary     Ilryan   wus   In   frequent
conference with the President today
Mr. Bryan called attention to General
Huerta's promise to the diplomatic
corps that even If Ills friends voted
for him next Sunday, he would not
accept the presidency as It would be
useless for him to succeed himself.
inasmuch as President Wilson in B
note recently announced that the l'nited States regarded the assumption of
dictatorship hy lluerta as a violation
of the promises for a constitutional
election, the result of this election  is
Produce   Quickly   Disposed   of���Few
Changes In Prices Over Last
The fleeing convicts arc Norman C.
Hair, serving ten yeara for burglary
In Los Angeles county, and William
Itedez and Thomaa Samuels, serving
flvo and seven years respectively Tor
burglary in  Sonoma county.
Morse's condition Is said to be serious by the prison physician. The men
were working in the prison vineyard
near the prison
  j overboard   and   was drowned.
ithe vessel lurched Smith wus thrown
Lack of Water on Rim of Arctic Circle ion his back and carried through    the
_ _    .   _.        _. , 1 ship's railing.    Captain  O'Brien  stop-
Retards Operations at I ped the Victoria    and    searched    for
! nearly two hours in an effort to  find
  During the storm at Nome the Victoria went    seven    miles    off  shore,
That a disastrous summer drought wh-ere she anchored In 17 fathoms   of
���on  the  rim of the  Arctic  circle  thisUater,  remaining    there    four    days
year paralyzed mining operations    at Captain O'Brien said the wind reached
Candle and in the Kotzebue   sound a velocity of about 75 miles an hour.
country  ls  the news  brought  by  the ��� 	
steamship Navajo, whieh has reached     _.__ _._, _    __��._���_,   _,,,,_.._
the lower coast from  Bering Sea. TIOE  TABLE���FRASER   HIVER.
The Navajo brought no news of the _    .,    ...    ,   _   ~~   '���
Nome storm of Octoher 6, as the ves-! For_the Week Ending Sunday, Oct. 26
���eel had passed that point and was on
its way to St. Michael when the gale
struck It.
The Navajo found shelter at Port
Clarence, proceeding later to St. Michael, where wharves and boat landings
had been carried away and $15,000
damage done along the waterfront.
There the vessel discharged consignments of freight for Deering and Kee-
walik which It had been impossible to [
land at Kotzebue Sound ports owing to i 24
heavy weather. This cargo was taken '
back to Its destination by the steamship Corwln.
Captain Miller says the steamship
Victoria rode out the storm seventy
miles off Nome, and that the Corwln
steamed back and forth in the lea of
Beldge Island before she was able to !
put her nose in the open.
Those on the Navajo said that the
subarctic settlement at Candle was
almost dead, owing to the drought,
���which prevailed throughout the summer.   All through the Kotzebue Sound
country, where great preparations had ! 	
been made for a monster cleanup tblsj
year, practically nothing could be done i Coquitlam   Municipality   Sends   Reeve
as all the dredges had to remain idle.
   ,.   ,,- , Morse was decoyed from Ills patrol
brought 41d passengers, taken aboard   hatwaan   rows   of   *raii<-   vines   bv   a i
menu'o'r SS {V'^'V"1"  "*�� P""un���! -InTL tZ men1 ��*   ,<X^^Z^T^ "1
r^aClen'^rintered fcKd'ft & SfW 3��r*^3^  *&
���EwiiW..*   Wt\ .1.   .9��yi0.,tor".   w"  with the    gun.    The    convicts    then !excited the attention of officials"hire
rolling in the   rough of the sea, Leslie  ���ed, who are determined  to gtve him   re"
.'mit.li. a member   ol    the   crew,   fell j    (j���ards on  the  prison   wall  towers  nee If necessary.    The position of the j
W Inn ;_aw (-,,_ asHau]( and gave the alurm.      ] administration with rrspect to all can-
  dldatns Is that they should not be mo-,
lested In any way.
Sand Heads.
High.             Low.
High. Low.
Time. lit. Time
11:00    5:20
10:02 12.0    2:05
19:,.5 1G:00
18:36 11.4 14:58
12:05    5:55
11:03 12.0    2:51
20:05 17:10
19:06 11.0 16:12
13:05    6:50
12:03 12.0    3:45
2 3
21:05 18:50
20:06 10.4 17:51
14:00    7:50
13:00 12.1    4:48
23:19 20:20
22:18    9.6 19:13
14:40    8:45
13:42 12.2    6:00
1:35    9:55
0:33    9.6    7:10
15:15 22:30
14:15 12.4 20:46
3:05 10:40
2:06 10.2    8:10
15:45 23:50
14:46 12.6 21:23
1 and P
Captain   Martinolich   Was   Master
Fraser River for Twenty Years
���Funeral Yesterday.
Prospecting work, however, had revealed several very promising finds
and with water a banner yield of the
precious metal is expected next year.
The Navajo brought sixteen tons of
tin ore from Teller, $500,000 in treasure from the Iditarod and Ruby and a
big consignment of empty oil drums,
all of which were taken on at St.
���   a
Councillors to  Sessions
Rail'vay Commission.
By Ibe death of Capt. V. Martinolich.
whose funeral was held yesterday at
Port Guicbon. there passes into history one of the Kraser river's picturesque old timers, a man known up
and down the British Columbia coast
and in most of its rivers.
Capt. Martinolich died very suddenly
at Nanalmo on Wednesday from heart
falure.     He  was 65  years
had always been a partlcul
He came to Port Gulchi
ago from the Colorado mining tlelds
and soon after arriving began life
anew as a boat builder and fisherman.
In the suinmer he fished the river up
and down and In the winter time
turned his hand to boat building, turning out B goodly number of tugs,
scows, and fishing craft. At the time
of his death hi* Was owner of the tug
B. C. Boy, the gusoline boat B, (.'. Kid
and a number of smaller boats.
It was 20 years ago that deceased
took out marine master's papers.
K.  Coekeriil.   of   Austin   road,   Bur-
QUltlam,  Is seriously ill at his home.
Mrs. Arthur Lee, M2 Henley street,
on   will receive the lirst und fourth Tues-
i duy of each month.
The girls   of the St, George's pbysl.
cal culture class have arranged a
| dance to be held cu  the evening    of
Tuesday, October 28, in St. George's
Wltb tbe exception of eggs, which
hovered uncertainly between 55 uud 60
cents a dozen, no quotable changes In
prices were noted ut yesterduy morning's city market uud on a keen demand good produce was soon disposed
of. Witb inferior qualities such wus
uot always the cuse und some wua left
unsold ut closing
The surplus of buyers over sellers
wns particularity noticeable yesterduy
nnd the business-like person with the
market basket wus on hand early and
the majority of trading waa concluded
soon after lo o'clock.
Butter remained steady In prico at
40 cenlB. and some even sold for 35
centa per pound. Kggs generally
brought 55 cents u dozen, with some
few lots rising to 60 cents.
As bus been the cuse at most recent market* the supply of pork wus
good: poultry was offered In quantity
and quotations held llrm. Little garden truck or fruit was offered. Potatoes retailed at from 80 to 90 cents
per bug.
Other prices were:
Turkeys, per Ih   35c.
Chickens,  per lb       19c  to  21c.
Ducks, per Ib '. 17c. to 21c.
Butter, pit lb 35c. to 40c.
Kggs,   per  dozen    55c.
Cabbage,  per lb      1 Vic. to 2c.
Turnips, per suck   60c. to 76c.
Carrots, per sack    60c.  to 75c.
Potatoes,   per   sack    -...80c.
Inlons,   per   sack    ,...] $1.25
I'rab apples, per lb 2c. to 3c.
Apples, per box   $1.25 lo $1.60
I'.ar.-.  per  box    $1.00  to $1.80
Fish,  Retail.
f'louud;'rs   per Ih 10c I
Sturgeon, per lb i;,c |
Halibut, per lb 10c j
Smelts, per lb ]0c I
Herring     3 Ibs. 25c |
Sockeye. per Ib l2V_c|
Retail Meats.
Beef, hest rib roasts   | , r Ib. 20c to 22c
Beef, loin, per lb    L'6c to 27c I
Beef, round steaks, pei  lb     20c to 25c
Boiling bl ef, per lb 14c I
Veal, per lb 16 4c tu  17c
Pork, per lb 12'_e to 13c ;
Mutton,  per Ib 8c to 20c I
Poultry. Wholesale.
Hans, small, per doz $8.60 to $7
Hens, large, per doz   $8 to $10
���Chickens,  per doz $.-, to $7
Broilers, per dozen   $4 00 to $5 00
Hens. live, per lb 17c to ISc
Chickens, live, per Ih 19c to 20c
Ducks, per dozen  $s to $10
Ducks, live, per lb 16c to 19c
Editor Released on Bail.
Hamilton, Oct. 24. -J. It. Rogers,
editor of "Jack Canuck," was arraigned at the assizes here today In the
criminal libel action brought against
him by Hugh McReynolds, real estate
dealer     Released on $1000 bail.
641 Front Street    Out of the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select Prom.
Now selling shoe stock of the  M.   K.   Price Co., from  1186 (Iran-
ville slreet.    Open evenings till 9 o'clock.
TONIGHT'S   SPECIAL���MEN'S $3.50   BOX   KIP   BOOTS   FOR   $1.50.
Boil Beef 12'/2c.
Pot Roasts 15c.
Front 1-4 Mutton 12'/_c.
Rib Roast Beef IKc.
Legs Pork 20c.
Picnic Hams 13c.
Rabbits, each 25c.
Butter, 3 lbs $1.00
Phone 300.
632 Columbia Street
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  44.
Buy Your Farm Direct From
Company's generous offer lo bona fide settlers re selling farmi at
prh'i'S ranging from $11.00 to $80.00  per acre,  unimproved  or  ready-
mads; making a loan of $1000.00 for farm Improvements and a loan
of $1000.00 worth of stock to approved settlers, ull on _. year colonization payment plan at ti per cent Interest.
Detailed Information, literature, settlers transportation rateB. etc.
furnished by D, Bl. Hrown. Hope Ar Macaulay, Limited, Canadian Pacific   Railway     Company's   Official Land Selling Agents.
D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial,   Insurance and   Real Ettale Agents.
Rentals and Collections.
General Railway and Stearruhip Agents.
Church Notices
Among those registered at the Hussell   hotel   yesterday   were:   A.   Ulair.
Thomas Woord.  M. J.  McLean.  H   Q.
Pooler. Toronto;  J   B. Johnston,  London, ont.;  J.  M. Thornton. Hamilton,
Ont.;  and James  VV, Kvans, ripokane
While Mrs. T. J. Trapp, president of
falure.    He  was 05 years of ag>' and[tl��e Victorian Order  of Nurses of New-
had always been a particularly healthy  Westminster, is In England, the vice-
man, president,  Mrs.   T.  J.   Armstrong,    is
He came to Port flulchon  'i'i years  acting in that capacity.
Mrs. A. VV. Oray will receive for the
lirst time on Friday, October 81, between the hours of 4 and t! o'clock ln
the afternoon.
Ex-Reeve John Oliver, of the Delta,
was a visitor in the city yesterday.
Frank Hroad, city assessor, Is enjoy- I
ing a well earned vacation In thel
Kraser valley, visiting Chllllwack and ]
James Holt, of the Vancouver Ath- |
letlc club, is the guest for a few days
Students Get Revenge,
flris-tcl. Eng., Oct. 24.- -Students of
Bristol university avenged today the
burning of the sports pavilion of tlie
university yesterday by suffragettes
by smashing the windows of the offices of the militants, dumping the
streets and making a
of it. The students were
by large crowds.
Smedley,    of    thc    Kings
Seattle, Oct. 24. -The government's
1918 contract for Puget Sound mall
deliveries Is an Irritating tohrn In the
sides of local  transportation  firms.
The parcel post is held responsible..  , ,  .,   .,     .  ...
oi-,,,    ,��������� i������������,    ,i        , .,. . iafternoon at Maillardville
���since  tne  Inauguration  of  the  parcel
post  the mail  business  his  Increased
Mrs. Busy Housekeeper
have you seen the new WIZARD
DU8TLE83 MOP? Absolutely no
dust in sweeping. Fine for linoleum
and polished floors. We have just
received another 'shipment of these
mops and as an extra Inducement to
you we are giving away FREE one
$1.26 can of Wlzurd Polish with every
mop sold.
You Want One of
These Mops
Call in the store and let us demonstrate them lo you.
Dean's Grocery
i    To    protect    Coqultlam'*    interests,
with respect to the application being\ furniture in the
made by  the Oreat  Northern  railway   b"n  ,lri
jfor the right to expropriate lands and   cheered
divert the (lunn ruad and for the right
Ito erect ti bridge over the North road
Keeve Peter Harth, Councillor It. .1. C.
Atkins and Solicitor P. J. Mclntyre
will attend the session of the railway |
commission at Vancouver on Monday,: **** *nd Drink M*y Become Danger-
They  were appointed  by the    Coqult-' ou, Purveyors sf Disesse.
lam  municipal  council  at   its   regular!    Scrupulous   neatness  sbould  always
fortnightly    meeting    held    yesterday I be observed In keeping, handling und
serving food.   If ever cleanliness Is de-
The  railway  company  propose    to  jlrable It must be In the things we cat,
close portions of the Gunn und Bru-. and every care sbould bc taken to lunette roads, a course to    which    the   ,ure lt ,or ,he sake of heBlth ������ w(,���
i municipal fathers are   opposed.    The ; ������ of g0(.|Cty
delegation expect to take up with the     rii������-.n���������'i��� ,.,. __.       .,	
railway commission the dangerous up-!    Cleanliness In this connection means
iproach of the 0. N, R. excavations to' Dot 0Dly abRe"ce uf T,8lble dlrt- but
j tbe    North    road.    Some   time    ago
* urgent  application  was  made to the
! commissioners for the stoppage of the
excavation  work as    It  was    thought
dangerous.    The work was suspended
' by the
. the councll  took action,  but,  whether
the stoppage was caused by an order
from the  railway commission Is    not
freedom from undesirable bacteria and
otber minute organisms and from
worms and otber parasites, if food,
raw or cooked, is kept ln dirty places,
peddled from dirty carts, prepared lo
railway company shortly after j dirty rooms und lu dirty dishes or exposed to foul air, disease germs and
otber offensive aud dangerous substances can easily get In.
Kood and drink may, ln fact, be very
dangerous purveyors of disease. Tbe
bacteria of typhoid fever sonietlnes
find their way Into drinking water, and
those of typhoid and scarlet fevers and
diphtheria Into milk und bring sickness
and death to large numbers of people.
Oysters wblcb are taken from tbe
salt WBter where they grow und "float*
ed" for a short time In braeklsb water
Willi reference to the money that is
due the municipality from Port Co-
'ini'lam, Reeve Harth reported that he
had taken the account up with the
city authorities, but had been unable
t'i get anything. "They say they are,
unable to pay until their bonds have
bi i ii sold." said the reeve, "and lt Is
a question whether they will be sold
this  year   or  not.    The  lack  of  this
of Oeorge
Rev. J. S. Henderson, of this city,
Held secretary of social Bervlce and
evangelism of Presbyterian churches,
will occupy the pulpit in one of the
Victoria churches tomorrow.
Mrs H. Whittaker. accompanied by
her daughter, baa arrived In the city
to join her husband Tbey nre stay
lng In the Telford apartments, Royal
Kev. i>r, I'ldgi-m,   t.t Westminster
Hall, Vancouver,  will  preach  at   both
services in st. Andrew's Presbyterian
church on Sunday.
! The first dance of the season was
given on Thursday i venlng in st
George's hall by the Bankers' Football
club. Rushton's orchestra was In ut-
tendance. Among those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Haines, Mr. and Mrs. VV.
O, McQuarrie, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Dr.
and Mrs. Doherty, Miss Josephine
Martin, Miss Elenor Martin, Miss Corbould, Miss N'.ra Armstrong, Miss
Marlon Martin, Miss Payne. Miss Curtis, Miss Florence f irti . Miss Gertrude Hrown. the Misses Cunningham,
Miss Dawe, Miss Hood. Miss May Mac
kenzie, Miss Hand, Miss Peele, Miss
Wilson, Miss Dorothy Wilson, Miss
Hickman, Miss Dockrill, MIbs Cassady,
Mr. Pltoalrn, Mr, Kord. Mr. Scott, Mr.
Dunford. Mr. Chestnut, Mr. Styer, Mr.
Cauly, Dr. F. Doin rty. Mr. Wilson', Mr.
Mills, Mr. Edwin Hand, Mr. Pelly, Mr.
Lloyd, Mr. Knight, Mr. Teale, Mr.
Hell and others.
CHURCH,     corn r     Carnarvon     and ,
Blackwood  streets.    Services  11 a.m.
and  7::i0  pm.;   Sabbath school    and)
llible class 2:30 p.m.
A.    S.    Lewis,     pastor.    Public    worship 11  a.m. and 7:_u p.m..  with Ber-
inons by the pastor.    Morning subject. '
"Tlie    Church    ut  Prayer."    Evening
subject, "Steps to   u   Nobler   Life." |
Primary Sunday school 11 a.m.   Other j
departments    8:80.     Young     men's
Baraca class,  led by the pastor, 2:30 i
ill the church auditorium.   Young men
are heartily Invited.
CHURCH -Services 11 a in. and 7:30
p.m,   Evening subject, "Undermining
the   Home."     Adult   Bible   class   und !
Sunday school 2:30 p.m.    Guild meets
Monday at 8 p.m.    M. Gordon Melvin, '
B.A., minister.
Services will be held next Lord's day
afternoon ut 2:3n o'clock In the Cun- I
nlnghum ball, 89 Sixtli street, one half;
block  from   post  office.     The   service
will  be conducted  by the  Kev.  T   A. j
Sehoenherg,    Held    secretary    of   the '
Lutheran denomination for Hritish Co  \
lumbia, whose  purpose Is  to organize
an   English   Lutheran   church   in  this .
city.    The  service  next    Lord's    day l
afternoon win be   conducted   In   the
English language and all members of j
the Lutheran faith, no matter what !
mother tongue muy be, are most I
cordially Invited to be present Every- j
one welcome. ',
There a uniformity ol grain we se
bit only the firmest, plumpest wheat
from Canada's bumper crop And uniformity of manufacture the wheal Is
ground lu a mill equipped with every
modem device to produce flour the
finest of the fine and the most cleanly,
Uniformity In baking too In our testing laboratory, we test not only the
wheat and the flour, but ulso the
bread we bake with thut flour. No
wonder ROYAL STANDARD Is so uniform,
Vancouver,  New  Westminster,   Nanalmo, Victoria.
Mr. und  Mrs. Ci
days of this week
on Friday evening
The young ladle
rbnuld spent a few
n Seattle, returning
nt Port Moodv will
money dries not put  us ln a very bad I near the mouth of a stream have been
Burr Block
Phone 386.
Cstumbla Street.
position, however. I have had some
negotiations with the bank authorities
and have found them quite willing to
accept our note."
Messrs. Martin, McQuarrie & Cub-
sady wrote objecting to the extension of the date ou whicli rebates can
known to be Infected by typboid fever
germs brought Into tbe stream by ths
sewage from houses.
Oelcry or lettuce grown in soil containing typhoid germs bas been thought
to convey tbls disease.
give a sheet and pillow case dance In
the Orange hull ol thai city on Friday
evening, October 81. Elaborate preparation! for the event are being
Mrs. C, I.  Churchard and little son
Jack, of Port Moody, have Joined Mr. I
Churchard at Moose Jaw, where he   Is
muking an extended visit.
We Can Save You Money
Mahogany Chiffonier; regular $32.50.  Special  $26.50
Bird's Eye Maple Chiffonier; regular $33.00.  Special  26.85
Fumed Oak Chiffonier; regular $21.00.   Special   17.75
White Enamel Chiffonier; regular $20.00.   Special  17.00
White Enamel Dresser; regular $33.00.   Special   27.00
Set Solid Oak Diners; regular $24.00. Special  20.00
Solid Oak Library Table; regular $14.0Q.   Special  11.50
Brass Beds, Satin Finish; regular $30.00.   Special  26.00
The Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. MM
_. . page rive
Interesting  Eoccer  Card  on  Tsp  for
the Fan*���Banker* st Sapperton
���City at Moody.
Three New Westminster City Soccer league teanm wlll be seen In nc
lion this afternoon in the MOOOd
round for the Iroguols cup, two of
the contests being Hinged here, while
the ItoverH Journey to North Vancouver where they oppose the Cale-
don Inns.
Judging from the performance!, of
the three local ten ins so far this m-ii-
tu.n, New Westminster should he well
represented when the time rumen for
lhe third round, although ns In [eneral
among  soccer  names in  all  seotlons,
SUrpliSSS  might   he  pulled off.
Banker*  v*.  V.  M. C.  A.
At Sapperton park the Bankers will
inert the Vancouver Y. M. C A., this
hi lug  ahout   the   llrst   time   lhat   the
Terminal City "V" have Journeyed to
New Wsstmlnstsr in quest of victory.
Their obances, however, look mighty
hlini considering ihe display given hy
the linancial students In City h-aguc
K&mea and ii three lo nil victory for
the Uanksn should he in order.
Proudtoot will handle iIiIh game.
At Moody Park.
Cily vs. Wallace Hangers, of North
Vanoouver, will be the attraction at
Moody park and the new btaaoher
Btand, wiiii accommodation for several
bundred spectators, should he practically Ailed win ii tlle kiek-olT Is made.
Very   little   ll   known   of   tin-   visiting
they ure well worthy    ol    holding    a
pluce III the cup content.
Taking a tip from the showing made
against Ht. Andrew'n last Monday the
manager of the City eleven hun ui
ranged fur the strongest team yet
placed in tlie Held this HeaHon wearing the red uud blue, ho that a victory
In looked lor by the sujiporleni of the
locul Icam.
Murphy, who handled games   In the
old Vancouver   and   District league
Innl   winter  and   who Ih
one ot the most capable
iiie couni, win handle th
Tigen   Defeat   Columbian   College���
* Adanacs Swamped by Crescent
.Iust an nice an anything that could
be expected wan handed to basketball
fana ut the Y. M. (.'. A. laat ovening
when the city league wan nent along
with such a shove that It held the few
hundred spectators hreathlean through-,
out the two Interesting games ached-
regarded  an '��� tiled for the Initial opener.
olTlclaln on j    True to predictions, thin class of In-
1 game. The |doof nport linn taken such a boost this
kick-off In SObeduled for il o'clock.        iwinter that even greater    Interest    Is
Hovers to North Vancouver. I sure  to  he taken  by  the  crowd  lhat
Luck in the draw wan agalnsl  Man-iattended last evening's encounters.       I.-,
niter (irant, of the Itovers, for lie    Is]    In lhe opening ceremony, the Tlffl rs I-
forced to take his team over to North 'surprised everybody bnt themselves by I
Vancouver where they meet tbe Call- Irunning away from Columbian college I
donlau*. of Ihe AmhltlouH City across
ithe inlet.
I The Cullies, like lhe Wallace Runners, nie an unknown quantity, al
though the eleven garnered hy Scotty
Hooks Strang enough to pull out ahead
I by a h!: margin.   Thi  result will rest
nnii iiie Hover forwards   in this   In-
! stance f, ;��� the  lineup, un Tur as    the
I defence is concerned, looks aboul the
strongest  yei   turned out  tills season.
Lord   ��lll   malls  his appearance   with
jthe Hovers fo." tin- Orel lime, partner-]
] lng MacNanghton, who is regarded as,
one uf the niftiest  ami   safest   hair j
, back or fullback  playing on a  West-|
tnliisti r  team.
The following players will leave on
'lbe I o'clock 11. C. ED, It. car for Vancouver: Samphor, Lord, HaeNaghton
Key.    Siwver,     McMillan,    Carlo d Off,
aggregation, althougb   it is   rumored I Shaw-cross, Hayes. MeLeod, Cadyxleu
Before   fecretary   Lynch   Parts   with
One   Thousand   Simoleons���Desires to Be Protected.
to the tune of ill to IS. Wattam. the
tall, lanky centre for the Tigers wss
on the Job every moment when Bcoring was mentioned, accepting nix clear
Chances from the Held which he
The llrst half found the collegians
lacking live points from the Tigers,
while In the second period they did
even h'.ss against the Jungle eaters.
The teams were an follows:
Tlgors Swanson, Smith, Wattam,
llawef n, Whittaki r.
College��� Hansen,     Smith,     Moon,
Hoult,   Haley.
The Record    game    was    a thriller
frcm mart to finish with T. Storme doing muKt of the scoring for tbe Crescents.     Krom     start    to    finish     the
Adanacs were licked    from    stem    to
stern, the lirst half ending M to 5 in
favcr   of   the   Oysters   of   Crescent
._________��_________________________^___ j Beach.    In the second und concluding
halt the Adanacs more than held their
could hear the meadow htrks singing |nwn in ihe way of team play and but
on the old homestead down lowaward. |for ,.ratlc shooting on the part of the
j Haley hung hls haymaker on Palter h|g|, aehool boys the score would have
In the second round and Tom Igbowed a different complexion. The
lORourkes hlg meal ticket was hauled j-Jj Bcor() waB a* to 10. The teams
lout of  the ring  feet  first.     It's nbout i
Urns    hat   I'al/er   got   hop  U>   himself I     ,.,,.,,,.,���,        ,������.   ������,,..    M,i,,���,al,l
land null  the ring for the less Strenuous life on the farm.    As a prise fight-
er Palxer is a splendid  plough chuuf-
I feur.
a i* a ���:> a nr ft * �� ft * % a a *
-  ��
Soccer. li;
Schoola League��� <:���
Lord Kelvin vs. John Robson,
Moody purk, U:'M) o'clock. it
Herbert    Spencer    vs.    High ft
school,      Moody     park,    10:30 *
(i clock. i'i
St. I.ouis college vs. Klchard
McBrlde, Sapperton    park,    10 ft
o'clock. ii
Iroquois cup conteBt��� ft
Bankers va. Vancouver Y. M. ft
C.A.. Sapperton park, 3 o'clock. >;.
City   vs.    Wallace   Rangers, -it
Moody park, 3 o'clock. ���*,'.������
Rovers vs Caledonians, North ft
Vancouver, 3 o'clock. tt
Junior Alliance��� ft
It.   C.    H.    S.    vs.    Seaforth ���'.':���
Cadets,     Robson     park,   2:30 ���*).
o'clock. ft
Rugby. ii
Westminster   vs.   Crusaders, *
Queens park. 3:15 o'clock. -if
Rifle Shooting.
N, W. C. R. A. and 104th regl- ft
ment, Brownsville ranges, 1:20 *���'.;������
o'clock. , i';
���'.';��� tt ft
Ae announced exclunlvely in The
News some days ago things are getting to au Interesting stage ln regards to the JlnOu being held by Secretary Kred Lynch, of thc B. C. I.. A..
to which aeveral claims are being put
An   intercity   Intermediate   basket
hail league will probably be Formed in
the Vancouver V M. l\ A. this evening when representatives of both the
Terminal and {loyal cities will hold n
Hireling ll Is planned to draw up s
schedule, not conflicting with the city
league, teams from New WestmltiHt' r
Crescents ��� Dougherty,
Storme, Fletcher. I'entland.
i    Adanacs Curtis,   Cunningham,
i Sutherland, Loughsod, Cook.
Joe   Evans    and   Walker    Sangster
handled the first contest, while Sang-
Scottish teams tour the Dominion Irrespective of Whether they be professional or arna'eur.
About the only: method to prevent
the break between the two bodies In
the east is the rt tlrement of Secretary
Crow and th other officers of the
union now in control back in Toronlo
and   Montreal.
British Columbia figiit fans have
not yet forgotten the raw deal handed
out to Scotty McKay, the Victoria
amateur boxer, who while holding an
amateur card in B. C. was refused ad-
mltance to the Canadian championships held iu Toronto laBt spring, although the officials allowed McKay
to spend considerable dough In train
fare, travelling from Victoria to Toronto.
The B, C. A. A. D. and the A. A. U
of C. are supposed to be one and the
same, the former taking orders from
the ruling body ln Toronto. Although
several months have passed since Hie
tournament, the question as to why
McKay was holding a card ln B. C.
and not allowed to compete In Toronto
still remains  unanswered.
Last Time���Today
Matinee and Night
Chas. E. Royal
Order your seats early
Phone 1068
Matinee 10c & 20c
CHILDREN : y2*?rice
On Inside Westminster  Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begble Streets.
Reliable real estate agents In every town and village in tbe west;
I handle only first class money malting properties and will gladly
furnish best of bank and commercial agency references. Can furnish names of over four hundred satisfied clients who have made
substantial profits from Investments ln properties I sell to them.
My agents also make good money. Write today for particulars and
secure the agency for your territory.
Robt. A. Grant, Financial Agent
1001-1002 McArthur Building Winnipeg ,  Man.
ster  and
Kirkland  officiated   In     the
Yehterday Secretary I.ynch request- an,| Vancouver entering. T. Storme j
ml President KelliuHiun. of Uu- b. C'and B. Sutherland will represent thel
I.. A., to call a meeting of the organl-  locals
lation In the near future In order to | 	
straighten out  Uie tangle and release Who remembers the saying "Who has;
the alderman from the pressing claims j got th.it (an  pound note." whicli  was
of the solicitors of Con Jones who arc, upon everyone's lips In the old coun-
landing   repeated   requests   for    that tif snnie ten yenrs ago It Fred i.ynch:
$1000 note on   the  strength Pf West-jever flashes that thousand dollar note i
minster's default on July 6 at Vancou-j In Connection   with   lacrosse,  he  runs]
a risk of being pinched In connection'
with complicity in the Bank of Mont-
'real robbery.
Rugby Fifteen Loses Several Players
for the Afternoon's Contest at
* Queen's Park.
Secretary Lynch aaks that action
be taken forthwith so as lo release
hlm from any responettrtllty In the
It will bc remembered (hat each
���rlub posted $f>0u as forfeit money In
order that the schedule might bo completed. Westminster walked off the
nald at Hastings park on July 6 by
reason of Manaacr Jones playing two
men  who had  been suspended.
At a subsequent meeting of the as-
si elation Vancouver were ordered to
pay the $500 forfeit, but the latter
caine hark with a request for a like
sum. That $1000 looks mighty good
to either organization these times.
.lust how the matter wlll be settled
Is hard to Imagine. There is a strong
possibility of a court action before the
(angle Is Anally  untangled.
Injuries   to   players     have
i havoc   with   :hc   Westminster
Moose .Inhnsnn beRS to announce
that the I'aterson cup wlll be resting
In Ihls elty ngaln next spring. Here's
hoping your prognostication ls correct
Rumor has it that every player at
Moody mil Sapperton parks this afternoon will be "mugged" before he Is allowed on the field. Oet your cards
ready boys.
(By tbe Potter.l
Let all the nport fane of the city gel
out and root for the bome team* who
are playing football thil afternoon.
���I here ls plenty of accommodation st
all the parks of the city which are In
use this afternoon.
The Junior Alliance loam of the
lt. C, H. B. will Journey to Robson
l'ark this afternoon where they meet
the Seaforth cadets in a league gnme.
Hack In eaitern Onnadn they are
laving plans for a visit of nn old country field hockey tetm enrly neit
A remarkable"7ttonce ***** ,**
hlblted by the mnnagere of tbe Jfour
Ice hockey team* In the City ******
Just at the preaent time. vVTiat Is l"
A lull before a ntormT St** ������
Welsh, generally of a talkative nature
when It come, right down to "port.
rofuaei to iay much except_that the
Kapperton-Whlte Bock MM^
like Theodore'a hat on oertoln occa
Mom, Is In the ring. Ai for Bw��
this gent li burning up aai extra �����!
lon of oil  theie day;, although Ow
Surprise in  Home    League    Bowling
Last rveninc���ftandinq of the
Wcw t The axe fell on Ihe bunch
under the captaincy of Walter on the
Club alleys last evening, losing three
straight games to the bunch un-it Q.
This la the heaviest defeat yet recorded In the House league and Just
goei to Bhow' what changes In form
can really take place in this popular
winter pastime. McOill himself was
off form and failed to live up to hii
record of tbe previous evening when
be rolled up a score of '--* against
Vancouver, hut Pierce and Burr pulled
him through in great style.
For the losers Sharpe was the only
man In consistent form wtth a total
of 493.
Here Is the standing of tho league
and tbe scores of last evening
little Up he handed The HiwiW
days sgn. appears to hare *"��g^"*��
blm to keep a'.ricter ���Ilenc^. Keeve
���noo" Scott Is feeling Inwardly tickled on account of the tura out ��t the
masque dance Wednesday eywtng.
but even that will not allow the worthy
physician to speak for ?��"�������"����' .��
for Bill Oraham the manager of the
Moose feels that he got too **��**��
llclty with bis baseball team laat aummer so he too Is lying ��ow tor a time.
The time Is coming.
Bome burly bucko yaolpt Dattjsl
rtaley handed Albert Palier of Osalan.
la., a five ounce chloroform pinl last
Saturday night at *>�����>���� J p*j��
wore than an bout, afterwards Paisor
���i 2
a Tti.
Reday ....      102
160   427
Oreenway M��
111   340
Sharpe 1(5
153    493
Coghlan  IDS
156   463
Walters  160
164   490
744 2213
3   Ttl.
142   601
Motherlngham  ,...149
158   447
Robinson U0
162   494
Burr  15��
153   605
McOill 134
185   416
795 2432
Next game���Marshall
Sloan   on
Monday night.
House League Standing.
I..    Pet.
fl     1000
Sloan 3
' 1      .666
Burnett  3
1     .6(6
Pike'...  8
2     .833
Marshall 3
8     .388
8     .000
team this week and the locals will be
forced to stack up against the Crusaders of Vancouver with a weak fifteen
compared wllh that turned out ln previous gameB this season.
Smith, vice-captain, who has been
playing a stellar game at full-back
and threo-quarters.is out of the game
with a damaged shoulder, while Wilcox sustained Injuries In Monday's
game against the Rowing club which
will prevent him from donning a green
shirt this afternoon.
Morton, who played a good game
last season, wlll be back in the line-up
together with BlggB, Ihe skipper, who
was forced to drop out of the laat two
Konii-s on account ot an accident sustained In practice.
Despite the changes, the Royals will
tike the field confident or holding
the Crusaders clown to a small score
ilthouih one hns to consider the fact
that thev are leading the league ln
the number of points scored, while
they can be counted to give the other
leaders a close race for the Millar
cun. which they captured last season.
Lloyd will handle this afternoon's
game at Queen's Park which will
start at 3:15.
Here la the team: Morton. Hart
Clarke. Kord. A. N. Other. Dart. Haley,
Stevenson McDonald Andrew. Kvans,
Ruddock Saunders, Davis, Biggs, Duncan son.
Royals Will    Be    Right    There When
Paterson Cup le Mentioned���
Everything Settled.
D. P. A. and Amateur Union Are About
te Part���Old, Old
According to advices from the Bast
the gap between the Dominion Football association and the A. A. V. ot C.
Is beginning to yawn to greater dimensions with a probable split taking
place within the next two weeks.   .,
The latest Is the action ot Secretary Crow In asking for a copy of the
D. F. A. constitution which Is sap-
posed to have several clauses Inserted In regard to professional clubs.
As an amateur body Mr. Crow contends that the D. F. A. cannot have
any Jurisdiction over professionals.
Such a contention Is where Mr.
Crow gets off wrong. The D. F. A.
was organised last year for the purpose ot being the governing body over
soccer In the whole of the Dominion.
While thc strength of the organization
mainly rests in the east at the present
time, the movement to affiliate Is
spreading slowly across the provinces
to the Pacific coast
British Columbia organisations are
marking time for the present until tbe
Everything Is about settled and
Monday afternoon will Just about
clear up everything pertaining to professional bockey for New Westminster
fans this coming winter. These remarks were passed by Ed. Savage, of
the Arena company, to The News
last evening following a meeting of
the compauy wheu the latest proposition advanced by the Patrick brothers
was made known and discussed.
Tbe annual meeting of tbe Pacific
Coast league ls scheduled to take
place at the Vancouver hotel Monday
evening when officers will be elected
and tbe schedule announced.
After that the contracts to the different players held In reserve by tbe
three clubs in the league will be sent,
while little possible difficulty in the
way of signing up the best septettes
that have ever represented the coaat
ln pro hockey.
New Westminster, by reason of the
ice being ready in time for practice,
111 be a strong contender for the
title and the fans can accept the little
tip to look out for the Royals when
It comes right down to fighting for
the Paterson trophy.
Veteran Soccer Referee Believes that
Younger Material Should Oo the
Work���His Connections.
Tlm Mahony has retired aa a soccer referee. This Information was
Imparted to Tbe Newa yeaterday by
Tlm himself, who believe* the time
has come when younger persona
should take ap the work, while hls
duties In connection with the 104th
regiment wlll not permit him to gtve
the time neoessary to handle games
out of the city at times when he Is
Tlm Mahony Is Jnst About the beat
known official handling soccer games
on the Pacific coaat and his experience with B. C. dab* dates back yean
and years, shall w* again say yeare-
the "Ould Sod."
Although he state* he Is through a*
an official, Ttm will still remain a
member of the referees examining
board ot Vancouver and retain U��
connection with Westminster sport*
such aa lacrosse, amor, rugby, hookey
and genernl ethtotlos. Although M*
remarks differ somewhat tram tk*
majority ot nport tlu tn the elty I*
connection with the 8 C. A. A. V., he
The Royal Mercantile Co.
Is now Open for Business at
Davies' Old Stand on Sixth
We aim to conduct a genuine Bargain Store.   Our stock will consist of I
Smallwear, Dishes, Glassware, Kitchenware, House Furnishings, etc. i
As our store is too small to carry Furniture we are putting the price away I
down in order to run it off quickly. I
We have on sale now Brass and Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Dreseus, I
Buffets, Chiffoniers, Library Tables, small Tables, Couches,* SeagrassChaire I
and Rocker*, etc., and they are all marked at prices that should clear them out 1
in a few days. I
Professor Trie* Experiment and Finds
Way to Save Kansas
Much Money.
Lawrence. Kan., Oct 24.���The 115,-
000,000 egg Industry of Ute state of
Kansas wlll be saved several million
dollars annually as the result of a
series of experiments conducted by
University ot Kansas experts to learn
whether egga when frosen may be
kept tor an Indefinite number of yeara
Without injuring their food valae.
The results of the experiment prove
conclusively that eggs >nay be broken
out of second grade stock. Iroaen and
kept Indefinitely without their whq)e-
someness tor tood purpoeH being destroyed. ��� .,_'���,...
CnpnrtiMnt OneMbd.
8ome time ago, Dr. Samuel t. Crnm-
secretary of th* state board of
health and dean of th* onlvonlty
school of medicine, requested Protto-
P. H. Billing*, of ths dsej*rfit
of bacteriology, to <
ments which would
food valu* of from *m. ,_
Six student* vgrttl* **vn* thM*
dally tor *****t**�� day* ****_.
prepared Wttfc ��*oond *'����*���* i
SoMUtui ***** Stw intotiU dietary ot the average jerwi.
_B___^___________i T__________l
Examination* were made regularly
during the iApntlgisnUI ****** to aee
whether tha Owen prodnatp    were
when"he"ianded to the provlnoe from having an tojyton* *****^ **** the
�� hatfaslna aid
lajpy (Menhotet
time ls opportune to throw oft tbe la *n ardent supporter of the present
yoke which has been tied around tbelr movement to allow profeealonal and
t eeks for some yean paft, and thus Amateur football ******** to mix with
' each other In th* MUonal game.
were taken
of that
tion no
the smd.
All bjtjdm ggaed tttm mm
m\^*^***S*Wt. ******^^G*Wi'i,' *^**  -WW*^t*W*tWW**.,.^*W4S^F^*ma     **^^r.
wetgM at mm not ehantfafr
_M%____Ml *Ws* ' _________  ______���____!   t*tt\*\\*m*tta\\**\
*ta*4tSmTwW*_TCm 'm*i n
ttme, and ��*��� Ud oaMa. *tnt j
709 Columbia St
Westminster Trust BHf .
were uniformly excellent and _
abte, differing In no way from the
same articles made with quite fresh
eggs. Frosen eggs are prepared espe-
clslly for bakery products,
sweetish taste, dne to the sugar In the
Ingredients of the canned egga, which
waa noticeable when the egga wans
served in an omelet or scrambled, Is
no objection to the canned product
Bacteriological examinations of the
canned egga, made forty-eight hours
apart tailed to ahow the presence of
anything tn the leaat Injurious. The
successful reault of the Kansas university teat* ts looked upon na mb<
Stortford. Ont. Oet   M.-P��n*lin��
C. A. Mayborry, of the local eollegtot*
institute, who to prwtd*** *t tm*m*
tuto Kducational aaoedattoa. antra
���oedatipn. :
stashing attack at n meettac *t
teacher* of Strattard I     ~
���Onr systsM af education, br toy
greatly emphasising the vain* at *****
kanwMa*. to, ���nrely tending to Mm
���agteet at toft* bhportttt Mfpdto ���**.
i Utah-* and eaaeelatty an at**a tsx*
**JMj)H- ^..ij.1 .''i,'*:m.V,.**Wai.**X'
berry, adding: __���* ."*'-i*_'�����'_t.
"to ay opinion, th* fault Mw ��fcMfc*
the veto*   of
notion that ihelr ran *ahtooto*)W I
hsy* instated'
will he furnished by A company   tor
week ending November 1.
Parade*���AU recruit* of headquarter
companies will   parade   on Tneadana-
and Thursdays at 8 p.m. until tax*****
oiden.    Officers   commanding  o**n-
panic* win see that at lenst one N^C.
O. per company is preaent at
Application ha* been made to
offio*   to   hold   th*   am
tor parade on Friday, SIM
further order* will ******* na i
m\fW   KMitM>
'-viTI^JtaNNr HorUonltornl *n*to*r
*M tohe th* Oe��d tor a ******* mm* -m
torgsrOsww show tow -**���***��
Z*\Xtm��*?a\**^^^ ~
%  ii
*>* v**.:'r.-iiJH8
{  '���?"-���'*
���Am, ��� ,  '<
I Classified Advertising
oeived for Tne Newe at tbe follow-
fOK pla-res: W. T. Hill's drug store,
��K Columbia etreet; A. Sprice,
Quceusli.itoiif-h. l.ulu Island.
machine, $_
Apply Bapperton hotel.
-f .....di"
0 HATES. ���
00 ****** * ��� ������������������
CtoaaWad���'One cent per word per
0sr. ie per word per week; 16c per
moth; J.000 words, to be used as re
amtsStt wittlu one y<aar
���aotnet, $26.00.
modern  house on car line, excellent
location.     Apply     Hox     1298     News
office. t Ti'.iti i
Opinion    of    American    Doctor Gives
Them the Palm���Quiet, Well Mannered, Reliable and Strong.
New  Vork,
from date of
of six roomed house, Including elegant piano. House to rent. Apply
4:1 Begble street. (3284)
.listrie.s to wll Fire Kxtinguishers,
ne��e*t ami beal ever Invented;
���good pruflta.    BOX 2292 News office.
ed     modern    bungalow   on    Linden
avenue, close   to cur,   $2600.   will
sell at tbls price If sold this month, j
Apply A. McPhee, Kdmonds. Tel. I
1.1088, (8276)1
ern bungalow on Linden avenue for
$..0fin.   Apply A. McFce, Kdmonds.
Oct 24.    Is nursing as
a  profession   for  women  on   the  decline?   Representatives ot a training
school affiliated with one of the smaller   public  hospitals  In   tht  Olty    answered this Question yesterday In the
affirmative.    And lhey gave as a reason  for a decrease in attendance the
fnct that there nre so many other pro- ���'"' beoaut
fcslsons now open to women that com-. "'V'".1' n"'
parailvely   tew   choose  lo   follow   the
old  fiifiliioned  womanly  profession of!
caring for the sick.
lt  was  the  head  of  the  f'olunibus!
hospital    training    school,     In    Kast
Twentieth  street, who declared    that
nursing Is declining us 11 popular pro-i
fesslon.    "Women  prefer other work,
for various reasons," she said.   "Until i
uiluniiori. Iiou-m; work cr care of tail-
Ho* 22BH News office.   (2288)
maker wants work by day. Apply
3M Seventh atreet (2289)
and Sixth street. 66 feet on Sixth
and 132 on St. Oeorge. Must be sold
as owner wants to go south. Apply
Curtis & Dorgan, 122011
al arm ant. must be good plain
cook, no washing. Apply Till Sixth
street. (2272)
ers' supplies.    Oriental Contracting
413 Westminster
ture in large or small quantities tor
���spot cash. Will give full value or
twill sell your household goods and
effects by aurtius. Wlll guarantee
to realise value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction Mouse, King's hotel block,
Columbia street (2164)
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   Hox 2222 News office.
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheup for
cash. Apply owner, (ieorge Warne.
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2140)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' rid-
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram, frontage
$150 an acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lots $100 and $126. ] take care of.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance,    This is a sacrifice; estate
tills vear we always have had as many
applicants as we could accommodate
In our training school, but now we
have been unable to fill the beginning'
class. Our training scliool Is small
compared with those maintained byi
the larger hospitals, but It is thorough j
and we turn out young women who are j
splendidly '���.���'.tipped to care for hos-1
pltal or private patients.
There are scores of new professions
and new kinds of work open to worn-1
en  now  which  used  to  bc  closed  to j
them or wcre unknown a few years
ago.   Ten years ago nursing was one
of the  finest occupations  for  women
who  were  forced   to  earn   their  own
living.    Now  It  is  one  of  many    hy
which they may become self-support-1
Not Same Future.
The director and superintendent of
the New York hospital training school
for nurses said In reply to the -ques-'
tion of whether or not nursing was!
declining as a woman's profession that
they had all the applicants tliey could
'We have as many as
we need for this year's beginners'
class.    Perhaps the smaller hospitals
as tliere used to be, ihe superintendent said thut the number had decreased  and    she accounted  for this
by the fact thai Canada has estab
lished   recently   many   new   und   fine j
hospitals, which   maintain   exoeUsni
training schools for nurses.
"On the whole 1 think that Canadian young women make the best
nurses we have. They are unlet, tliey
have delightful milliners and they can
always he relied upon. Besides lhi
young women from across the Inn'.Ier
seem to have greater physical en.litr
ance than   American  women.    It  n;av
beoause tliey have lesK money i"
1 may have been reared more
wholesomely and In a more rugged ell
mate,  especially the girls from Nova
Scotia and other northern proviUO-M,
"I   account   for   their     unlet     and
charming manner hy   the   fact that
many   Who  become  nurses  are    from
clergymen's families and they   bave
hi il the best possible trait.Ing. l.'su-
tlly they are girls wllh manv hrith
ers and sisters and they nave had to
learn the lesson of give and '.ike."
Spokane's    Mayor   Telia    Parenta
Evila Allowed and Disgraceful
corner Koyal and Tenth street, for
two roomed suite newly furnished
with hot and cold water, gas and
���electric light, steam boated, private
hath; all for $1G. Also nicely furnished rooma for $1-7U and upwards.
welt   furnished   modern   bungalow,
Durham street.   Apply Phone L227.
furnished hoosekoeping rooms, 37
Agnes street.   Telephone 638 L.
house, furnished, right party. Apply
434 Sixth street. (2255)
to bc cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New West
minster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
find difficulty In filling their classes,
I but  that  is  easily explained.
1    "In  the first  place, the larger hos-
Inltalp offer more advantages In triiln-
 I lng   than   hospitals   of   smaller   size.
jThcn   there  are  more  hospitals  here
$1.00 PER  than there were a few y ars ago and
Malleable ; the applications  are divided    among
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN,
week,    Canada's    Pride
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar-juevarl" times as many schools as they
ket square. (21601 1 used to be.   I cannot say whether the
  _ j proportion   of   women     entering    the
training classes Is as large as It was.
PERSONAL. 'That   would   he  a  matter   for  careful
^n^n^^n^m^n^n* . -s^r^ns-* ^m^-*ns^m. \ Hi VPSt i ga t ioil. If     the     proportion        is
FIVE SPORTING POST CARDS 10c rP!1">' falling off, then il would bs non-
Miss'Alice Banner, Box 6, Bta. "R," H"70 "rnnf ������**���' n"rsin^ is no! hoWlD��
..   .. ,.���_.   ,,,,,. .09071 1 It* own as a profession,
New Wk ( lty' '--'" I    "There Is not, and this I can state
BS [quite   positively,   the  same  future  in
1 nursing as In most of the other professions.    This fact  has  led  to Home
discouragement   among   women     who
beeping rooma. $1*9 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street.  (21631
trude   protection   specialists.   J. M.
Gawa,    general    manager,      P.    O,
drawer 110, New Westminster.
���where. No ���cofleetio-n, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. 336 Hastings street weBt, Vancouver, H.C. (21621
farm saleB conducted. Furniture
bought for ca3h. P. B. Brown, 17
'Jegbie street. New Westminster.
P-DRSDAIYT ������ Pent ton 80,  RutvaeoUon
��� .if tin- Kriti_ih Coin mllla RaJJway Act,
1-311. notfee is hi-r��-t��y given that t*ere
.em >-"��*n ,1,-im.iH-M with tin' H.-cimrar iit
H*m Wi'alni-naitrTi a i>U�� ahewlna proposed .'itM,��<�� nt ln*k Hmif from Rond
"No    19   tn <"r,*[:-it   iSr,-,*.   tyMoa&e   :t.'J   A.  to
iwiti-AK*,' *t a.  .jiiii iK-tand Brand), and
��m,1er th*' power* w-.-n in It ti BtatUt-S
*ti.- Cuaeflaa NnrttK'in Tix-it.o Railway
*t***T*s*tf ��<il ,:<k". ttttS if naeeaaary "x-
pr-aprlaftB lh*- Un,t�� r��TMtr,-d for  tls  rlt***ht-
****** T   H   WI1ITR.
,;fja) Chief Engineer.
have graduated in the profession and
Spokane, Oct. 24.���"The conditions
of the'dance are worst in private
homes, where they ilmost beggar de-
serintion. because we have failed to
realize the duty devolving on us as
parents. The interest of p*.rents ln
the actions of their boys and glils lire
not ns deep and close as tliey should
he and it Is no wonder that sometimes
the wild horses of passion run away
with  the hoys and girls "
Mayor W. J. Hindley made the above
statement to a nieo'lng of the parent-
teachers'   association  of  the  Emerson
school   last  night,  after   referring   to
the nrw dance hall regulation, which,
he said, had remedied grave aliases In
resorts until there Is no dance hail In
Spokane   not  comparatively   safe  fori
young people of reasoning age.
Parenta aid Teachers Join.
"By    cementing    the    parent*    and
teacher*  you  are  going  to develop  a I
new   responsihilty   toward   the     Chll- '
dr' ".
"The policing of our city and other j
matters of dealing with the individuals
In our society decrease as the home In- ]
fluence increases and  increase as the,
ho'fie  Influence decreases.
"I hope for the time when there wfll i
be more self expression and self direr
Hon which will bring out the finest In ,
Re  Lot 5, of Blocks  14S and  140, of
Lot ��2, Group 1, Map 1757, ln the
District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 2138B, issued in
the name of Harry Cline,   has    been
filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall,
at  the expiration 01  one month  from |
the date of thn first publication hereof, lj
iin a daily newspaper published In the I cannot
City of     New*  Westminster,    issue    a
duplicate  of the  said   Certificate,   unless in  the meantime  valid  objection
be made to mc in writing.
3, 0. OWYNN.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October 0,
101?,. (2226)
,      . ,        ,   , , the growing generation,  rather    than
who   ,,',v..   hoped   to   keep   on   rising | lhroUKh  thP enforcement of the law.
for you can not regulate conditions
which arc primal and fundamental In
the home. Vou can not make up tn a
hoy by schools, churches or government ha'ls what the home might have
giver, him.
Must Do Own Duty.
"If you are too tired or too busy
there wll] be no one to do It for you.
The real problem and peril Is that our
youths will slip from the home with
no one to point the way. If you don't
believe it co downtov. n any night and
see the young people on the streets,
the kind of girls that are there, cr go
to our parks and parties. The word
ehaperone is cannble of abuses, and It
hr? been hroueht Into such wide use
because parents are not companionable."
vear after year, A trained nurse earns
just, the same when she takes her first
ense as she does after she has had
several years' experience. Her skill
and knowledge are worth no more
than when she graduated a full fledged training nurse.
"Only in institutional  work does a
graduate   nurse   receive   more  money
'and   assume   greater   responsibilities.
Bill the institutional positions are comparatively few and the applicants for
I them  are   many.    So,  you  see,  there
lis not much of a future for nurt.es.
Nurses Muat Live Well.
"Of course, a  trained  nurse  makes
living, and  a good  living,  but she
save much, for Ihe cost of almost  everything  is higher now   than
it   was   two   or   three   years   ago.     A
nurse has  to pay her room  rent, sh ���
must  dr'ss   well  and   have  a  supply
of   uniforms,   and   it   Is   expensive   to
keep   tin tn   fresh.     A   trained   nurse
must, live where tnere is a telephone
or she must have one of her own. and
this Is another Item of expense."
When asked if there were as manv
training   school   pupils   from   Canada
the  Southeast Quarter  of  Section
25, Township S. in the Histrict   of I
notick ta HKltBiiv OIVEN that the
Oorporatlfln   of   tl���-  city   nt   JJew   "*���    '
-nmM-r   lia-s   del*-***-*!'-*-!   -ivi'li   tl-'    Mtiil-e   i
��� ,1 isibti'- W-eflwi art*) ta the office nf th*
*t\it*****i**a*t nt I****** Inr the Dlatrlct of
******* *Wt*attx**Sa***t*. Hfltlsh Columhla, nlans
���VM* rt*r-*_-Hi>fions nf centre line "f propoa-
��� ���A KaptM-rton s,*w*,'i* outfall croaalng Brunette   *Riv*T   tn   H.-ii��l   (ItMlrlit
rlttat t!w* Oorpor.nion nf the City of New
'-w--��tmlnRt��-r -will alter nt,.. month from
civ- rir��t. miMic-oson ttt this notice aecly
ti, fh# (iBWmrtr <;-*-m"*-a.l m c-inctl foi
..Hi-proval ot p-.k-Ii  r��*rtis,
PATKI1 :,t N��-w Westminster, TV <*.., this
���fSTth day ���*���"���< ���s.-t*��-iTi'iM-r. tSVt.
SntK-iton* for th,- Corper-fftfon of the
vntv ��,f N��w Wi*oh(��it.
Nnw Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Nuniher 13164F, Is
sued in the nam" of James Ci Forlonj
and Charles llununel has been tiled iu
this office.
Notice IS hereby given that I shall
at tin- expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here
nf. in a dally newspaper published In
the City <f New Westmlnsti r, Issui
a duplicate of the said certificate, tin
less in tin* meantime valid objectloi
be made to uie in writing.
.1. C, OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles,
l.sinl Registry Office,
New Westminster, lie, October 1><
1013. (2269)
New Imported Tall Suitings now on
���isplay.    See them.     Perfecl   fit   ami
workmanahln ���winranteed   Prices from
SIS 00 np.   7M Mat Stretrt.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Dally
2:00   p.in Daily
11:46   p.m.
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Daily
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From   Vancouver  for   Ni
3:00   p.m Daily
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vim a in Wednesday und Friday
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nee  Rupert and  Ala6ka.
 Kvery Saturday
Vane u  1
11:46     i*
Fc     I-
11:00 p.m
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Pointa.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf laiand Polnta.
7:00 a.n . Tuesdays for Victoria,   ('all
ing at points in the Gulf Islands.
BD. QOOI-HrT, Agent, Now Weatmlrwiter
IL W. BRODIB, Q. P. A.. Vancouver.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429 i
JOHN ItEID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Knglnes   and   Auto
mobile  Repairs.
Office ana  Works:  Tenth  St.
��0. Box 474.    New Weatmlnater. B.C
1 "HereistheAnswerfin
1     Webster^
1 New International
The WstSsSH Webster
s  Evpry day in your tr.lk ard rrwlinfr, ��t
g home,011 (hestreetcar* In t cof.icu,^mp
U umi s< i.-jfii >'m likely anuiUonUisidchu*
-3 inir of some new word.   A frivi.d it.-i -:
i    What makes mort&rnardetif*'  Vou seek
s tin* 1'K-atiim of Loch iC at n"/icorth',proniin-
| elation of jujutiu.   what ia ni.it* coal?
I This New Creation answers nil kiml.H of
B qiu-!itionsinI,iuiKiiJi|Ee.lli'-tory,Bin(j:riiptiy,
i= Fiction, Foreign words. Trades, Arts uud
ii Sci< ih -vu, tcith final authority.
g     400,000 Words.
I     6000 Illustrations.
I     Cost $400,000.
g     2700 Pago*.
^ TlteonlydfrtinnarywUh
H tli" ntw dir/dedpnde,���elinr-
h neterized as   AbUokeof
E (jciiius."
| India Papsr EdHlom
T. On tit In, opnque, strorv,
h India fnuter. What �� untiH-
H faction toown t 1 Mcrrium
�� Webster In n fnun SO light
n nnd ��o ronvcfiiriit to uscl
��� 0;ic> lmlf t.10 t!ilrkn*jWHiid
g w<.ij;UtofHi'Kular Edition.
B Regular Edition
g O-i strong ^xikpnper. Wt.
I it i i'.s. SUe w;���x ri'ir.
��� g tiuchca.
: n Wr.t��(oripMliMapacM,
��� lllu>tr4tloi_i, ��lc.
I Mtntloa tUl
.  S poll1 Irt won
j !^ tnd t*t.t\t*
���2 Of L"ic*.t
_^ mapi.
I   etc.
I       CO,
I Sprlastield.Mau?
When   He  Lit  His  Cigarette  Woman
Was Dazed���Can't Remember
New York, Oct.. 24 - llvnntlzed with
a lighted match, she said, hy a suave
stranger, who Inspected her home, posing as a purchaser, Mrs Edwin N.
Hunt wiih fobbed *i. X" wRochelle of
���'.'"."i and '(ion worth :f jewelry, it was
ta'hin r'(;h' from under her nose, sii"
trlil the pollcp. Sh" Telt the mull In-
tended to rr.h h.r he said, and she
kept her cyns cn h m all th" time he
'was l-i th" boure, I it shp did not nm
him take her handl in, oontalnlng val-
iiiihleh. she cannot even describe
him, i"'"pt tn *-���,*, he was pleasant
and wore dirk clo'tics. He did not
give his name.
1    The tn-'i culled i't noon nt tin? house,
Nn.   IX  ('hurch  strc<t, nnd asked  Mr.
Hunt  tn he allowed  to see It. ns he
:was  looking f"r a  home In New  Ito-
jchcllr..     Mr.   Hunt   Showed   him   the
n'nrn ����� .| apVed to return at 2 o'clock,
'When   Mrs.  Hunt   wonld  he  at.  home.
The   man   returned   at   Ihe  appointed
time  nml   Mrs,   Hunt  took  him  on   a
second   tour   nf   thn   house.     She   became   Bitsplclous   of   him   when     she
oaunht  him  peering  Into    ��    bureau
drawer and examining trinkets in the
b-"'' ��� -���"'
When they reached the dining room
and were discussing the prloe, she
noticed thai tin. man leaned against.
*h"   tiiff"t.   where   she   had   laid   her
handbag, containing 9876, which she
had Jurt drawn from th- hank, and
three  diamond   rings    worth    ahout
The man tlnn nsked her to go Into
the yard ;������\ ttsk her hushand  If thei
nrleo he offitid was satisfactory. She
refused to gn and continued to watch
h'm.    Then he honk a cigarette from
l,ls   nnnlti.l   n���,|   lU-litfill   It.
Mrs.   Hunt  Inld  the  police he  held
the match before her face tn bvptm-
tlze her.    He then stood talking, wllh
hls   hands  behind   his  back,  hul   ehe
as only a faint   recollection of what
'*"  ""'���'  "" did   though  she  watched
hlm closely.    Hut she docs know thatI
i--, tn<*i hnHedly, "aylng he would return In an hour with the money to pay |
for the house, and when hc fulled to j
relnni   she   found   her  handbag   had 1
Whale*tr we wiih to buy, we ought first eontldcr not only il the tl.inj I* il Ioi ut, but il the
ttunuUctuie ol il b�� a whol-iom. and h.ppy onr; aod il, nn lhe whole, the mm we ate going ta
tpend  will do ������  much good spent ia ihit way  ai it   would   ii   ���peal ia mom   other   way.
HPHIS advice of England's great critic
and essayist,  applies with particular force to tho
kind of clothes wc sell.
Wc arc architects of style���manufacturers of sound
values���bankers of clothing satisfaction.
Wc are ready to  show you fall fabrics and fitting models,
unmatched in this city. 8i��
Acme Clothing
C. M. Creen, Manager.
Or ~vv%
% FIT   -:'
���_:V v      ji?-:*-
Bring 3 Coupons and 25 Cents
To this office and receive a handsome Pennant in three
colors.   Size 15 x by 36 inches.
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty-five cents to The News office
and receive one of the beautiful Westminster Pennants. In case you are not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's subscription and 25 cents for pennant. Address all mail orders to The News, New Westminster, B.C. Enclose
5c. extra for mailing.
map ami noteB 1 had taken of Weber's I i alias i|n     1|}F   111
Ship Loat for Six Year* Found In Far Northern Waters
Who Probably Periahed  on  Bleak
is Siberian   Shore.
-No Trace of Crew
Eastern   Provinces  Provender  for
Cold Months la 8hort���Many
Will  Perish.
Shuttle, OOt 24   -Imprisoned In tbt | ill; Iou  he  piloted  panned  throuKh  the
Okhotsk Hen for Uu northern Shore,
Off the Ice pack, which wnn Jimmied
nun uiul   to   the   lee  or   Hiiutliward   of
Ice In the lee of HIliiKhallen IhIuiiiI, III
laolnted niul little vlaited OkhotHk Hen,
off the barren coaat of northern hi-
berln. Ilea the old Hteunmhlp Cetiten-
niul   which   left   Muroruti,  .Inpiin,   six
yenra ago umi disappeared.   The tail
of the crew may never he known, hut
It la liiiiniHt certuln they ptrllbed on
the dssolttl  Hlheriuii   wastes
htaterneiit and told of It here for the
first  time yemcrday  ln  the rooma of,
the Marine Engineers' lleneflclal aaaoclation to frletidH of old John  Kliiunl-
Kan, chief of the Centennlul."
Those who heard (Jrlffln relate hla
Htory, old l&ltl Inclined to he skeptical
(iver one another's yarna, believe, an
Griffin said, that the Centennial doea!|n
lie to the southward of Safballen i��l-
und In Okhotsk Ken. tirlffln haa writ-
tou to Captain Hleber, ankiiiK hlm to
I write  In  full  the atory  for the  BngI-
I nears' association.
In* that   when; *(f^^***^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
J months  went  hy  nnd   the Centennial j    Cookahlre, title., Oct. 24.    Wild anl-
; was never beard of, Lloyd's reported I nmia in tbe woods of tbe eastern pror-
I the vessel lOSl nnd the preM tbe world j lncea are doomed to a hard winter, ac-
dver curried Stories or ruKltiK lire In oordlng to lumhehnitn in thla vicinity.
her sulphur cargo and of her supposed Total absence ol the usual aupply of I
l with all aboard, On berrlei and nuta will muke It hard I
thla OOUt, especially nt Beattle and sledding for those animals which look
Snn PranclSCO, the old Iron-hulled ves- t��� theae supplies for the usual SUSte-
Ie1 wns well known , nunci.
Captain  Harney Ollboy, her master, i     In   the   immediate   vicinity   of   'hla
was  called   In  those  days  "the  dare , place tliere are no hazel nuts, no but-
vil"  und  was  known  of by  reputu-jter nuta, no beech nuta, the three va-
iis they can live longer on green twins
than any animals that Inhabit the
wooda. It la expected that foxes may
bo driven to farmers' hen houses, but
aa this appears to be not only a habit,
hut a lark of diversion with llre'r Kox,
Ills visits will not be entirely unexpected.
' skeleton or of  human beings was seen,
vessel,   wlilch   wus   supposed   to  havel     '"'"I""'  "I"1  "K"1'1   '   w,'"t <"*���  I*',"1
burned   at   rea   with   the   Iobb  or   u|| 'Htory wltli III.lM.r irylnn t<, ��liuk��- him
hands, was hrouKhl to locul members  '" ���**"���*" (,,'lftM     Ho extraordinary did
Baghallen Island, he taya  lie saw tbeIfoundering nt aeu with all about'!     On
Centennial, even to tbe name partly1 *'     ������    1.,,.. ., _,,.���,,-,_, _���,i
obliterated on her bow. They investigated far i'IioukIi to find thai lifeboats
wire missing nml that the years had
corroded the old Iron hull nnd her
decks and upper works.    No hIkii of a
ICuildlng Magnificent Temple at Card
ston  as Centre  of  Future
Cardston, Alta.. Oct. 24.   Thc lavish
decorations and ornate interior finish
Thn discovery  of thu long  missing
^^^^^^ led   to  have
wllh   the   loss   of   ull
of the  Marine  Engineers'  Beneficial
association   by   <i.   A.  'Jrlffln.  former
chief engineer In the coast guard.
Members of the ItUBslan expedition,
bound tb rough the Okhotsk Hen. saw
the mlsslnf! vessel. In minutest detail
even to her mini nal overhunKlnK bow,
flush   decks,   email   houses   anil   pern
honi" detail 	
seem   that  step   by   step,  piece   by
devil" and was          __  -__,,     ._.  , . ^^^^^
Hon In everv port of the seven seas. |r|etles of nuts that commonly *Upply I planned  for the Mormon temple now
Het?,ltt.?��W^??;_^.��^i^J^l!!ayi"*!L����1 ""n'lar  l0t**t  h*WtM,|betng built at Canlstu,,. the lu-adquar-
ters of the Church of the Latter Uay
Suints In southern Alberta, will corn-
Increase Your Present Income This
Amount and Get Somewhere
There is Money in this Printed Mestage for Yot*. Read it
...nking the rirst attempt to cross the i with  rood
iiceuti  In a small boat.    In u tiny- It-       With these eliminated  It  Is a <|uos-
footer    "Daredevil   Barney"   and   bil]tion   as  to  what  will   be  substituted
piece we put the tale' together, trying 'companion lett Han 1'ratiolseo ror Jap- j Woodsmen say that squirrels can live
to   account   for  the   presence  of   the
Centennial in thut Godforsaken part
of the world, und to fn'hom what must
bave become of brave Captain Hnmey
Ollboy nnd his men.
"It didn't seem so unusual, after all.
Cargo would
liar stern   Captain   Iv  Hleber, a pilot j when   we  got   throuKh       Ihe  ( eiiten
on   the China   coast,   r.irtncrlv  a  lien-1 nuU, "iiroute  Ior Han   I- runclsco rrom
tenant in the   United   states   coast Muroran wltb a suipi
guard or the Philippines, who piloted!
thai expedition, described tbe Centra   r''"' f"r i,s advantage
nlal us he saw her. lying lu the Ice       off  for  the  ureal circle
au  and  several  montha  later he  wasI for a while on twlKB and will eat bUKB
Dlck'-d  up,  a living  skeleton, off  the | found   dormant   in   hollow   trees,   but
coast of Australia I should the winter be long, they could
Ship of Many Names. | not withstand it   Home persons go bo
The  Centennial   was  built  by    the ��� far aB to predict that most of the squlr
Thames Iron Works of London In 1S51*.
She was of the sturdy old iron hull
type, 'i'ii feet long, thirty-five feet six
inches  ln  breadth  and  thlriy-flve feet
I naturally   Btand   Into   the   Japan   cur j deep.    Craft of  such   length,  narrow
tirirrin. then a chief engineer in Use
the const guard, has a map marked by
Captain Hleber with tbe location of
the vessel held In Ice which has
grounded near Baghallen  Island   Crlf-
before turriltiK
route across
tho 1'aclflc.
"Thnt turning point Is little more
than 100 miles front tin- ICurile Islands
whb i guard the entrance to the Okhotsk      Driven   by one or   the  typical
fin has reputed his Btory to members  storms of that coast it  Is not hard tol
of the Marine Engineers' Beneficial aa
soclation, many or whom were personally acquainted with the captain
and  ore*  of the 111 rated  crart.
"A group of us were gathered In
the rooms of Hleber, who had left the
roast guard service to take up pilot-
lm.. He had iust returned from u
trin and wis ti Hint; ns of it. quite casually mentioning having seen a steam*
���hip lying In tiie ice in Okhotsk Hen,"
snv" a riff In
Imagine the Centennial forced over
this distance, runnlliK for slulter into
th" Okhotsk Sea behind t'ie Kurlle
Island.- and being catidtht by the Ice.
nor- to Death Gold Map.
"In that part of the world nn pro
visions of anv kind for t'ie suBten^fe
of 'nan can lie obtained, barren wilder-
ness attending for hundreds of miles
lu all directions, ll Is probable 'hnt
Barney Ollboy had one of those old
English   blue  maps,   which  were  still
beam    nnd    extreme    length are now
piaet'c-iiiv unknown on the seaa,
Originally she was tbe steamship
Delta end then the Takasaga Maru.
"nernt'-d from Seattle to tbe Orient bv
tbe Ninnon Yusen Kalsha. In the
early Klondike dnvs she was pur-
1    bv    the    Centennial    Alaska
Transportation comoauy,    of   which
���ft Bnragua
rels will perish before sprlnm arrives
and that thc bones of thousands will
be round when Ihe snows have melted.
The seeds ol wild cherries are, In a-
pinch,   stored   by   squirrels,   but   thel
cherry crop was so light thiB year and !
came  bo <arl>-  It Is not  likely  much'
food tor winter wns obtained trom It. j
The WOOdchtiCk, too. will be deprived
Of  much  of  its  usual   provender  and
wlll  be forced  to go light   before  Its
lone   winter  sleep  has  ended     What
few bears there nre in the woods, must
pan- favorably with the artistic work
In Ihe templen of old.
While the temple wlll be built, as It Is
believed to be most appropriate to the
house of the Lord, It will he provided
with rooms elaborately embellished in
accord with the rites of the Mormons
to be performed therein, and he mystic rites of the oldest secret organizations of the world are reported to be
as milk In comparison. The earth
before sin entered will be depicted In I
oils and water colors In the decora
tlons of one room; the world as a
Garden of Kden, will be Illustrated in
another hall by decorations comprising stately trees, as well as gnarled J
and misshapen ones, rocks. rlverB, caverns aud wild beasts, while there will
"So vivid did  his description  recall   In   use  at   that   time     That   mail  i'"li
.lam.s  Crimtha. of Orlfriths  or necessity, become more closely car-1 b*'   "''rcstial   and   celestial  halls,   ap-
of this olty. was managing rlon esters. propriately embellished,   and   secret
-wner.  and   renamed'the  Centennial! Crowr Are Flying South. j sealing rooms in which only the head
The   government   then   chartered   her.     Within  the  past  week  Kn-at flocks |nf Ulf Ohurcb and  those upon  whom
'or the army treneport service, of crows have been noticed assembling tte rl'os ar<* Performed may enter.
Tbe Charles Kelson Oompany Of Ban and   starting   on   flights   toward     the | Mormons Anticipate Big City.
PrunrUoo  were  her  last owners and   south.     Few   woodsmen   believe   that!     "hile the Mormons in Alberta now
had   jnst   conducted   negotiations   for, these flights presage the approach or j j1*��� * .f^",0fl'.1ta���1if���?ci'.at���f,'"^s,to,n
���w>r   sale   to   the   lat"   Captain   B,   I'..' winter.   Crows, they sav. usually start   '   " "
Kane the well known pioneer of Puget tbelr migration about thlB time of the
Sound shlnplnt-'. subjec' to approval.' vear. winter or no winter. There are
tnen delivery at San Franc>co.    The'; still many reinainln*,, and this feature
Icated  an old  post  road  house on  the
ma Inland opposite Saghaltejj island.
"Prov] Ions exhausted and In desperate straits, the Centennial's men
musl   nave   carried   or   dragged   their
leal   over the |c(. to the open water
which   is  known   to  extend  half  wny
around  Baghallen  Island  to the main
to me the eld Centennial that i Immediately spoke of It and lie replied thut
the vessel was certainly the Centennial aa thty had seen part of the name.
Hleber seemed surprised ,".t my interest Alter a few years In the Orient
everyone gets that don't care, lazy
feeling and before tbe evening was
over all memory ol the Incident had
been  drowned   In  thoso    present,  ex-
repi  mveelf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Chief Engineer John Flannlgan, oflYesrs before !t had been deserted,
the Centennial,  had   been  n shipmate'     "Then   a   favoring   wind   or  current
Centennial never reached S.in Fran
���'���cn to become, thc property of Captain Kane.
Brockvllle, Ont., Oct. 24. -After serving a short term  In the county jail
taken an another Indication that
cold weather ls still some distance
iway.    ThtiB  far.  the  local    weather |
they, each and every one, at certain
seasons and for specific reasons have
to go to their temple tor the performance or ceremonies, one of which la th.
marriage ceremony, which is only per-
formed in a sealed room in such an
edifice.     This   accounts   for  the   fre-
land     Ollboy  must   have  headed   for I on a charge of drunkenness
the madhouse and found where It was
Indicated   on   the   map,   only    ruins
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Charles
Hawkins, or AthenB. made a written
complaint to Judge McDonald, of the
treatment accorded hlm by Constable
irophets have not come forward with /'""""' of the trips of the Mormons to
he annual stories of the wishbone of Sa,t *���**������*��� cit>'- and the concluding antic goose Indicating a very harsh or a nouncement of a marriage notice usu-
or the coats of the a"-y contains the statement that the
counle have left for Utah.
ery mild wint ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
horses and cattle being heavy or light
In anticipation ot marked weather. On
the other hand, it appears that the
coatings nre about tbe same as usual
for this time ot the year, and no wild
or  mine and  n  warm  personal  Mend
i  remembered the troubles his wife
had   experienced   in   obtaining   Instir
being tumble to prove to the In-
carried the Ice and the Imprlosncd Ceo-
tennis! t'< where she was seen by
Captain Hleber. Soon utter going over
th's with  Hleber I  resigned from the | task,   stat
Hlllls, who drove the prisoner fifteen I goose  has   come  fooling  around   and
miles, from Athens lo Brockvllle, with [heen shot, hence the status of Its wlsh-
his hands cuffed behind IiIb hack.        jbone has not been determined.
The constable,    wh��n    brought    to]    The only animals in the woodB as-
d   lhat   some   persons  hadjsured of the cuBtomary supply of win-
deer. "BrowB-
The million dollar temple building
at Cardston will bc for all time, and
the Mormons evidently are looking
forward to a time when surrounding
this fine edifice there wlll be in southern Alberta a big city, and a largely
peopled country, that will compare
favorably with, If not outstrip. Salt
1-ake City, the original home of Mormonlsm.     As  one  looks  at  the     tm
We want every reader of thlB
printed message to ask himself:
"Do I want to rise above the ordinary, commonplace existence that
goes with a small, limited Income?
Have I a desire to BB SOMKHODY
In this world, to attain a place
among the St.'CCKSHI-'CI, men and
women who really accomplish something?" Most of us have. The world
has no use ror railureo, but it applauds SUOCRSB.
make more money than you are
now earning.
Vou can IncreaBe your Income In
the amounts we named above. Oh,
yes you can. Don't say "I simply
can't see how I can do It." That
one remark Is the earmark of failure. The "I can" and "I will" person Ib always welcomed by the
handmaiden of SUCCKSS. What
are you today-a Balary slave, a
wage earner, or depending on 'he
meagre profits from some small
business; do you run a boarding
house, or wait on table, or clerk In
a store or any one of a thousand
and one vocations that allow you
hut the mere necessities of life?
can! This printed message Is the
opportunity, is the open sesame to
bigger, brighter 'hlngs: It is the
ca'line    or    OPI'ORTCNITY���the
fabled old lady who visits us so
verv, very seldom.
Whv not be associated with 8DC-
CESSFI.'I. men and women who
have adopted a profession that Is
not alone lucrative, but Is pleasant, education, performed at will
and can be successfully accomplished by any person who can
read, write and observe. No, dear
reader, we are not going to ask
you to join a corresnondence school
snd THY FOR THE UNATTAINABLE. Nor to huy a batch of technical books that few, very very few-
persons, outside the authors can
understand. Listen, read and let
this truth soak In, permeate!
We are an organization of SUCCESSFUL men and women photo-
plavwrlghts banded together for
mutual benefit of each member.
We are co-opsratlve. we are SUCCESSFUL.    We  hold  out to  you
your message of mionae. ��K
MAKE YOU 80CCKKD. The tech
nlcal work WB DO. ***** people
are mentally trained for that pert
of the work. Bat KVBHY PRR
HON is trained by nature to provide the ground work, the skeleton on which the trained expert
builds his finished product You
are staring now at a safe, aam-
and sure method, wo ACTI'AIXV
NEED YOU. Probably yon caimo.
realize this. Hot the fart remains:
because with us, this motto holds:
"One for all and all for one."
We hare grown fron a mere affiliation of a Tern seals baying experience dearly- right here on tat.
ground, where 57 actoat prodorinp
motion picture companies are rolling up film footage maay thou*
ands of feet a week. We have ��w
slsted each other, hare taken in a
few more from time to time. MADK
THEM SUCCEED, be am we
brook no failure. And now we are
ready to extend the branches of
this unique organization into the
western states and aeoept a limited membership from each section.
each state. The newness, the
freshness, the oot-of-the-ordfaary
happenings that occur daily in
every habitable mot in thht conn-
try are AM. WORTH MOWEV.
Catch the idea? We reflere all t!w>
harassing details from year shoulders: we care for the marfcrtinr.
and Its attendant delays by nraff.
WE arc on the spot and KNOW
HOW. Often we ourselves purchase.
Let us reoeat, HE SOMEBODV
Oet  away   from   the  fetters -of  a
limited salary or wage or Income.
Join  yourseir with    a    SUCTKBS
that Is everyone's due.   Participate
in the nleasnres of life that row
Maker intended von tn enioy. There
Ib ample room for all. bat for the
present we limit our membership
and for that reason write TODAY.
WRITE NOW.   Write for the pan-e
nhlet  that  holds  out  to  yoa   tbe
keys to freedom    and    happiness.
Oct  In the band-wagon    of   SUCCESS with us.   Tf yon don't yon
alone are to blame.   A postal win
do. tine* just ssvr "Send me detail*
FREE."   Nn obligation at all.   Address your inquiry to
357 South Hill St.     l*% Angefcs,Cafif��nmi
Promise Extraordinary Bargains for Saturday from the M. J.Phillip's
$75,000 Clothing and Men's Furnishing Stock
Saturday Will be Suit Day
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Now don't you want to make
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ns to make 40 little girls or boys
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. snd 15th Ave.
Greater vVestminster
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid   Up Capital  and
Surplus i 2,800,000
..Assets   4,974,983.96
Trus teeships  Under
Administration over 6,000,000
Trustee     Ior     Hond-
bolders over      25.000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary. Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown. Loudon, Kng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
60S Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   frcm
7 to 9.
flood roll roast of beef for today
only, at IRe per Ib. P, Burns & Co.,
Ltd.   Phone 1500. (2ii����)
Seven Roomed Bungalow.
A building permit was Issued yesterday to Ora T.  Powers, Archer street
for a seven roomed bungalow to cost
The W, C. T.  l'. will meet on Monday afternoon  at I! o'clock    in    St.
Stephen's church.
For plumbing, heating and shee'
metal work consult Merrlthew & nam-
sav, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 5S6. (2148)
Meeting for Men.
Taylor Statten of Toronto, boys'
work secretary of the Dominion for
the V. M. C. A. speaks tomorrow afternoon at the association building
here.   The meeting starts at 4 o'clock.
One Month In Jail.
George Farrell was yesterday sentenced to one month In jail by hla
honor Judge Harker In county court
on a charge of assault. Farrell Is a
shingle mill worker.
Insure with Alfred W, Mcl.eod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Defy Burglars.
The installation of a safe in the Coquitlam municipal offices at Maillardville has just been completed.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the U. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
See first item on tills page.    (2299)
Uce New Tracks.
The new tracks on the Sapperton
hill will he ready for service by the
B. C. fa, R. al about 10 o'clock this
morning. From now on the Sapperton
cars will pass each other near the
switch at the foot of the hill Instead
of the Brunette Etreet switch.
Three bedroom suites, oak (liiiin-
table and chairs, bed lounge, rattan
chairs, centre tables, carpets, pictures
kitchen cupboard and kitchen utensils will he sold at auction on Satur
day. October 25, at 2 p.m.. at Moreton
hall, Edmonds road. No reserve.
Terms cash. Full particulars at 17
Begble street, P. B. Brown, auctioneer.
Phone 334. (22SO)
Assault Cost Him $15.
A. Fielding, a Western Canada Power lineman, was yesterday fined $15
and costs for assaulting II. O. Jones
lu a room ln the Myrtle hotel, Port
Cooulllum. Another wlreman named
MoBrlde, who was accused of participating ln the assault, was dismissed
bershlp camgalgn In all B. C. cities.
Money to loan on
Improved city and
9 per cent. Alfred W,
first mortgages,
farm property.
Mcl.eod.    (2159)
Alderman Meets Accident.
As a result of being thrown against
the rail of a street car he was boarding, near Leopold Placi1 on Thursday
evening Alderman J, S. Bryson has
been forced to take to his bed for the !?,,younK, (,oc'"r
lAnrmnn   <_-..  <��� Inger   Lumber
Injured Hie Foot.
An employeo on the (Ireat Northern railway construction work at Sapperton was brought to tho Iloyal Columbian hospital yesterday suffering
from lnjurlcB to tine of his feet, sustained while unloading lumber from
a car. He Is expected to be able to
leave the Institution the beginning of
the  week.
Elected Officers.
Kdmonds ratepayers held a representative gathering In Moreton hall
last night when the annual meeting
of the Kdmonds District Ratepayers'
association was held. President W. S.
Hose occupied the chair. The election
of officers resulted na follows: President. W   McCulloch; vice-president, O,
ft.   Cordon;    seoretary-treasurer, H.
next few days. The alderman was
getting on a car and after being
thrown against the hand rail, fell on
the cement pavement on Columhla
street. No bones are reported to have
been broken, although he wub severely shaken up and bruised.
Portable Sawmill,
H. Ellison of Vancouver, has Installed a portable sawmill on the North
road, Burquitlam, and Is now cutting
railroad ties for the C. P. R��� with
which company he holds a large contract. Mr. Ellison has purchased a
large amount of timber along the
North road. The mill will give employment to eight or ten men when
riming to full capacity.
Millinerv Sale���Special for Friday
and Saturday, trimmed hats, $3.50 and
$5.00, regular values $5.00 to $8.00, all
this season's styles, call and inspect.
Note the address. Miss Davey, Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the
Hotel Russell. (2290)
Mistake Coat Life.
Saskatoon, Oet. 24. J. H. Seaton,
doctor ln the employ of the
company, at one of
their camps up the Carrot river, died
last Monday fifteen minutes after taking some poison which. It Is believed,
he mistook for whiskey.
Auto  Racer  Killed.
Douglas. Ariz.. Oct. 24.   -Jack Forest:
of  El  Paso,    an    automobile   racing
driver, was  killed  and John  I'ry-sr, a!
negro,   his  mechanician,   was  injured
When Forest's racing ear turned turtle I
'onlght on the KI Pnso-Phoenix course!
13 miles west of here.
McAllisters Limited
4-Big Special Sales-4
Four Big Specials to Interest Keen Shoppers Values Here That Must Command
Your Attention
Threw  Care  Aside.
Junior  business  men  met    at    thc
Y.  M. C.  A.  late yesterday  afternoon
at the regular weekly gym class.
See first item cn this page.    (2299)
Fixing School Grounds.
The roadway from Sixth street to
tha rear of the new Duke of Connaught
school Is being top dressed with crushed stone and socn will hr In fine condition to bear heavy traffic. At present a terrace is being made about the
foot of the big flag staff recently
A very pretty wedding took place at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Dunlop.
Twelfth avenue, llurnaby, on Thanksgiving Day. October 20, when Miss
Ethel E. Manning, of Peterboro, England, was united in marralge to Henry
Edgar, of this city, formerly of Scotland.
The ceremony took place at 4
o'clock,  tho bridal  party  taking their
[stand under   a    tastefully   decorated
The ceremony was performed by
Staff Captain  White,    of    Vancouver.
JThe flower girls were the Misses
Nellie Rowbottatn and Mable Plummer. Only the immediate friends Of
the bridal party were present. A
large  wedding  bell    bung    over    the
! breakfast table with white ribbon
streamers extending to the plates.
After their honeymoon they will be
at home on Thirteenth avenue, Burnaby.
Working for City.
Recently the city of New Westmins
ter has had some hundreds of scaven-1
gers  working  for  it.    The best  of  it j
is   that   the   white   wings   are   doing
their work for nothing and are making I
a fine job of It too.   They are a mons- j
ter flock of gulls who have gradually
worked 'heir way up river cleaning up
after the salmon.
"Y" Officers Meet.
Employed officers of the Y.M.C.A.
in British Columbia meet all day today In the local association building
In a conference upon their work In
different, departments. Discussions
and addresses upon utilizing the dramatic instinct in boys for association
work, upon the vital things In work
with young men, upon what can be
done in the physical culture department and other themes will take place.
Among those who are to attend Cie
meeting are Messrs. Turner. Bellingham; Raymond, Graham, Hutchison.
Yates. Marwell, Hunt. Vancouver:
Beall, Bissell and W��ltham, of Vic-
I toria and Taylor Statten of Toronto.
An important matter to be brought
up Is that of instituting a great mem-
Fall Has Fallen.
What the pessimistic poe' dubbed
the "melancholy days" must surely be
here, for back In the residential sections the man of the house Is harnessing himself to the aft end of the
lawn rake and tackling the leaves that
Insist upon coming down. All this
week householders have been raking
thetn up and in other ways tidying up
their premises before winter opens for
GODFREY-The     death     occurred
at 3:30 Friday morning   of    Norman
Walter  it. Godfrey, the  12  year old i
son of Mr. and  Mrs. Oeorge R. God-1
frey,   IIS   Regina"  street.     Death   re-
suited   from   diphtheria  aft��r  a   brief;
sie'KiicBB.    The funeral  was  held  yesterday afternoon    at 3:30 o'clock    tol
the Church of England c metery. Rev.
Cauon d'Easum conducted the Bervlce.'
A home run vith a box of Hill's
Saturday Special" will win for vou
every time. 12286)
WEST���The   funeral   of   the   late
Gladys West, aged lh months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, West, Cloverdale,
takes   place   this  afternoon   from   the
���    _.    . "T*      , .,     .   . residence to Surrey Centre cemetery,
Somebody Moved the Auto. ,.  ,.    ...   ,.,,,,���_,   -<.i���i-.i..���      i,���...k
Thursday   evening  when   Or   Caw ��?*   M,r'   G^S*rt  &M*****     l),'a:h
well  went  home to dinner he left hls icccur''od on ln"rs'"'y'
motor car standing outside.    When he      ���..,_,_,_-,     -,., , ...
came out again the machine was gonej ROUSSELL���The remans of the
and after a search he discovered It In late ''"llls U "'st:"" wore lald ,0 r''9t
a ditch on Sixth avenue. He notified yesterday, Tne funeral took place
th" police, who are looking for the \1*tm Bowell's undertaking chapel to
ners-n who undertook to spirit away  thn Roman Catholic    cemetery,    Rev.
Dancing.--Adult     beginners
Wednesday. Octoher 29, 8 n.m.
tuition,    moderate    fee.    Easy
Advanced  class  and  Informal
every Thursday evening S to 11. Burnett Academy, ,'US Royal avenue
Three Resolutions.
At a convention of the Dewdney
Conservatives held in Port Coiiuitlam
yesterday three important motions
wore passed. The first was one of
condolence and sympathy to Mrs.
Thomas Mars. In the death of her husband nn Sunday night, last. By the
other two  resolutions  the association
pledged fealty   to   tbe Conservative
party of Canada and decided on Rus-
kln as the location of the next annual
the chug-chug  wagon.
Peculation  cf Coquitlam.
Acoordlng to a  census    taken    by
Chlof  of   Police   Pare,  the   population
of Cnfiuitiam municipality is 1226, nf
this total 41G are mal��'s. 637 children,
and 273 females. Maillardville is the
undisputed centre of population wiih
fl total of 525 residents. According 'o
Chief Pare there are l'Vi'i houses in
MniU-'rdville and every one iB occupied.
Father Bessette officiating.
KTT1NGER��� Full particulars for the
funeral of the late George Ettlnger.
who died in the city on Wednesday,
are given cut. Service will be held at
the Labor Temple at 2 o'clock Bundav
afternoon, and Interment will be made
in the odd Fellows' cemetery. Thc
services are to be in charge of Granite
ledge, No. 15,  Knlghta of  Pythias.
A Big Sale of
Men's Sweater
Coats $2.75 Each
You can get a dandy Sweater Coat during this
sale at $2.75. There Is every color and combination of colors, and you can choose from
both high neck with close fitting collar, low
vest neck, etc. These are mostly sample
sweaters and a very special lot, bought at a
round price, and you can choose any one iu
the assortment for $2.75.
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies'
New Fall Coats
at $13.75
Fifty smart new Fall Coats for ladies, to go on
sale at one special price. These coats embrace a very big variety for you to select
from. There are all kinds of new tweeds,
coatings and curl cloths, and in all the newest colorings, etc. Many are smartly trimmed
with velvet collars and the new large buttons. These coats are all perfectly tailored
and there ls a range of sizes. Many of these
coats are worth from $20.00 to $25 SO each.
Your choice of any coat In   this   range   for
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies' Tailored
Skirts, at $5.75
One hundred skirts In this purchase will be
placed on sale In our Ladles' Ready-to-Wear
departmen Every ono of these Bklrts Is
strictly man tailored, cut in the latest Btyles,
and yuu have the choice of black and navy
suiting serges, smart new tw-qeds and fine
coaling serges, in grays and browns. They
are made with high or ordinary waist lines,
and many of theae skirts aro worth from
$7 50 to $10.00 each. Every slue, to slight,
medium or stout figures. During this special
sale you huve your choice of any skirt for
A Big Special Sale
of All-Wool
Blankets at, Pair
One hundred pairs of full double bed size, all
wool blankets; fit Inches by 84 Inches. The
thick cosy winter blanket, ample In slie,
heavy and warm. This Is a very special
purchase Just to hand, and while these bund
red pa Ira last you can purchase for $4 95 a
pair blankets that would be good value In
the ordinary way at $7.00 a pair. Special for
this sale, per pair at S4.95.
McAllisters Limited
Mrs. Agret,
ti-iinmi'd bats    for
59 Sixth
jr. in
aad Misa
L.lt.A.M , A.U.C.M.
'I.essonB In Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (in
���class or privately), Harmony, C.unter-
ttoint, MuBical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Board of the
Iloyal Academy of Music and Royal
Collage of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferin
Street.   Phone 411 II. (2157)
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the  fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
ARE YOU    j
*t, recognize and seize the opportunity i when they come to you?
advantage  of
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
i iiiii i
yourself to take
future opportunities ���
���,t>  fit
isnany  future opportunities*--!!  is the
opportunity lo gain a practical knowl
A. I,  I.OUCK. Principal.
Phone 853. 610 Columbia St.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,  Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply at
Studio,  1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319R. (2263)
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
MARTINOLICH ��� Yeaterday morning at. in o'clock the funeral of   the
Municipal  Officers  Meet. |]8tH Captain V.  Martinolich  waa held
A new fiature in connection with j from the l'ort Qulchon Roman Catho-
ttae .Municipal Officers' association of lic church to the Boundary Hay ceme-
Brltlsb Columhla, was taken up at a : ,er> * , Deceased died suddenly at
_.,���,.,        . ., ..      .   ,,   .      ,     Nanaimo on  Wednesday.    A     widow,
mee Ing of the executive held in the L       gong anrt lhr_e (!;���1Kh,(,rg gurvlvp
board of trade rooms yesterday after- ]limi the eldest son, Mike, and the
noon, with President .1. J. Mackay, daughter, Mrs. I.uptne, being children
citv treasurer, in the chair. This was;of a former marriag". Tbe eldest of
i discussion nr the new Municipal act the widow's children is 22 years of
and a snbseiiui nt report on same with 1 age.   und   the   youngest   13;   two   are
Colonel J.
the  east  lai
D. Taylor, M.P
t evening on a
,  left for
Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Godfrey. US Regina Btreet, desire to thank all those |
j who tendered their kindness and sympathy ln the hour   of   their   bereavement caused by the loss of their Bon,
' Norman Walton Ruddick Godfrey, who
��� died on Krlday morning at the Royal
! Columbian hospital. (2300)
suggestions and recommendations to
hp made to th" provincial government
���'iiiierities at Victoria and also to
the Union nr rv C. Municipalities Nothing official wa�� transacted yesterday
nn account of the non-attendance of
several of the executive so tint nn-
��� ier mietiii'- will he called In the
near future when n fuller corn-element
"f members is looked fnr. Ruraaby.
Vi rii Vancouver and New Westminster were represented ��t yesterday's
girls and three boys.
Free, aad Goal.
Beo. and Traaa.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and S77.
DANIELS���Word was received Id
the city yesterday of the death of Herbert, the seven year old son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. It. Daniels, formerly of
th's citv. but now ol Pasadena, Call.,
t> In re "ie death occurred. The fani'lv
j .ni- ����� II known in the city. Mr.
' Daniels formerly being a business man
lln New Westminsterj leaving here   a
little over a  year ago on account  of
Illness of his son.
Coast Sealed Oysters Hassam Paving Co., of B. G> Limited
50c |
Per Pint
Per Quart
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    -   -    -    -   35c
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
Successful Entertain-nent.
Absolutely every available Beat i
Inch  of  standing  room  was  takrn
St. Oeorge's hall last night where
first entertainment of the season
der the auspices of thc local Conservative association was held. Thn affair was in every way a successful one.
The committee Immediately In charge
was composed of (ieorge Blakeley, .1.
It. Wilson and C. I). Peele. Col J, I).
Taylor was hilled to speak but his absence from the city prevented this,
The program was: Song, Mr. Williams; club swinging, Mr. Matthews;
comic duet. Mrs. Willmore and Mr.
Dllson: dialogue, Mathewson Tiros.;
song. Mr. Hhaw; acrobatics, Messrs.
Matthews, MoOee and Diddle: song,
Mr Williams, and a playlet, "The Area
Granite Lodge Knights of Pythias.
In the West End.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bld��.
Phone 85R. Phone 851..
Is manufactured from timber specially select-
Our Interior Finish
ed for lint Drain,
We are also specializing.tn Kir Doors with
which nre better In construction,  more  beautiful
pensive thnn the old solid raised panel doors,
(let our prices before placing your orders.
Veneered    Panels,
and  no  more  ex-
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The members of Granite Lodge, No,
are requested to assemble at the
Castle hall, corner of Hoyal avenue
and Seventh street, on Sunday afternoon, al 1:45 o'clock. Oet. 26, for the
purpose of attending the runcral of
our late Hrother (Ieorge W. Ettlnger.
Members of Hoyal lodge No. ti and
sojourning brethren are invited to attend.
.1.  McCLUCHAN,  C.C.
P. H. P. MclXTOSH, K. of R. S.'
.   . (2281)1
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Wa write Flre, Life, Accident, E mployers'
Marina Insursnee.
Liability,   Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS-5 and 5.45 am.
ond every IB minutes uutll 9
p.m. Half hourly servico until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight
8ATUKDAY8���15 minute ser
vice is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7. 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m..  with  late  car at 11.30.
rush hour Specials���7.30
oar at
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���I a.m. and
until 10 p.m. with late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7'a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am.   and   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection Is made at   Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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