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The New Westminster News Dec 3, 1913

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 Newa Classified Ads.
Have  proven  tbelr  worth  by the
results    they    produce.     They    fill
large   or   small    wauls   at    im ''
cost. ,S
The Weather.
N'ew Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
generally   fair,  stationary  or  lower
VOLUME 8. NUMP ,-?'-27.
M.Kl    ���
Government    Defeated    on Progressive Association Kn- Walkout of Teamsters May Wm. McAdam and T. Rut-
After Less Than Half Hour
of Deliberation Verdict
,* Drought in.
Was  Considered     Crcwn'8     Strongcs".
Case���Charge of Assault ng
Pollce Officer.
Vote to Keep Loan Immune from Taxation.
dorses   Re-submission.
Lead to Further Complications.
No  Sound Comes  from   Hiding   Place j S'Ming   Grew   Uproarious   snd   Presi-
of Man Who Slayed Six People **"���*  Had Difficulty in Keeninn
���No Hope Now.
Mayor Gray Still Adviaei Purchaae of  Q\R  KILI ED AND
Plant���Only  One   Dissenting
Voice at Meeting.
Thomas Cowler, Junes Balrd, Tony
Ceirallo, Richard    Orlfflths,   William
Hoy, Alpbouse Monalflla   ami   John
Jackson,   charged    wtth    assaulting! the 0 tali-Ape*
Provincial Constable Barry Tuyior at 11^opei
the (      P,    It.    wharf.    Ns.nal.BO,   on|!l11 ,      ,     ,,
August 18, wen, acquitted lust even- o*l W-'"- were sealed with double
Iiik at the special assise court. The bulkhead* and tonight It VU be-
oase was considered the strongest In l:'1"l ������'*������ lh" V******* mine had be-
th.' bauds ot the crown. The Jurj re-.c'in- the fugitives tomb,
tired aboul 5 30 o'clock and returnedl The """'' watchfulness of seven
In less ihan hall an hour with the ver sheriffs and over SOO deputies for n
d,,., jbreuk    lor    liberty    was    relaxed, al-
The   summing   ng   of   Mr. Justice though the number of guardsiwii not
Morrison was   with tbe possible   ex- lessened,    ll   wan considered   impos-
cep ( Thomas fowler, |��� favor of ; sible for him to approach any of the
the accused.   His lordship practically Wts without being overcome,
directed the acquittal nf Ceirallo and!   One by one. the pol>,.l<.t crowd ot
Orlfflths,  while  in  dealing  with  Cow-   miners,  which    has    Blood    awaiting
Ier  the court   mude  the usual  formal i vengeance since two ef ���;., :i   ���:n���ti-r
remark  thai   If  there  wns  any  doubt
kt to wbether the accused committed
the assault or not be should be given
Order in Chamber.
Uec,   2.
The   government
was defeated  by
90 to _G5 in the chamber of
I'tah.    Dec    - ���   Not    a
sound since lust nighl has come from
mine, it,  which  Ralph j vote of
desperado, Is confined    Today deputies this evening on the question
tlie < xll-r,  except   thai   In   the   WW
i('vef were   sealed
whether the loan cf $260,000,000
bhould be subject to taxation or immune like the existing rented.
As soon us lhe vote placing the
government In the minority by 'in
was read, the ministers left the chamber in a body and proceeded to
BUytee palace where they handed
their resignations to President Polncare. The ministry headed by J.
Louis I'.arthoii. after a long and vigorous defence, fell before the combined
uluicks  cf   the   recently   reorganised
Below are statements made at the
meeting last night by representatives
Of tlie city council. Trades and l.abor
council and Manufacturers' association:
Mayor Oray���1 am still of the same
opinion as before the gas bylaw v.as
voted on. Ii iB one of the best things
P'>_sible for the city of New Westminster to accept.
J. It. Duncan, manager Vulcan Iron
Works 1 think the city would be
wise to accept the offer.
President D. S. Cameren, of the
Trades and l.abor council -1 think
the bylaw would carry right
Now is the time to accept the
At any time an aggressive company
may take over the plant and it ls
gene from us for good.
Special   Police   Officers   Shoot   Down
Negro and lnjure Four Others���
Union  Meets Today.
ledge Will Seek Seats in
City Council.
T.    J.    Trapp    Declines    to
Mayoralty���Mayor May  Be
ed by Acclamation.
So Says President Wilson in
Addressing   Congress-
Terse Speech.
radical   parly  under  ex Premier  Cail-
Iwere killed In the underground battle||aUJ a,,,]  i^-.    Socialists    led    by  M.
Baturday,   dispersed   tonight.     They Juarea.    The  government by a nar-
fi-lt   satisfied   that   the   poison   fumes  ,ov,   margin  yesterday  was victorious
pouring into the mine since yesterday | *., a trial of strength against    tlu' op-
tii,* bem nt of the doubt.
The result  forms  tlle third  sur-ces 'had done their work. 'position, the new loan being approved.
Blvs  failure <*f  the crown to obtain  a1     '^h���H,   *****  Jaunty   Mexican   gunman.!     ibe debate today   **��� "" the 'l'1'-'8'
there   have   been l*hO   killed  a   fellow   countryman   und | t|cn 0f extending to Ihe new loan lhe
Ho   far	
no   convictions   while  the   number   of .flv"   I'""'1'  Officer*  because  a   woman   ,,aim. immunity from taxation as    elite, n ioquitted total* fourteen. favored another, may be    alive,    re-Jjbyed by the eld rentes, and the gov-
!m:*,*I   I    RublnowlU, 'mains   a   bare   possibility      His     one !PI.Illm nt  again  made It a question of
c.lianee   for   Uf*   was   to   bav*   sealed
eight, ,n.   ::;;..,>"l    '���.      the! himself    up  In    Home    distant    stop*
rh   addressing   the   turv' "������>�����   Invasion    of    the    poisonous
Taylor conducted the
Almost Unanimous.
Endorsation of th,' resubmission of
the gas bylaw was given by the Progressive association last night at the
most enthusiastic meeting in three
months, and while formal approval cf
Ihe scheme was not recorded this
was undeniably the sentiment of the
majority of those present.
Two reasons were given for llle de-
Indianapolis. Dec. ^.--An effort
to call a general strike in sympathy
with the teamsters and chauffeurs'
strike, was started at a meeting of
the Teamsters' union late today. No
definite action was taken, it being decided to wait until the union officers
had conferred with the leaders of the
central labor body. The question will
come up again at tomorrow's meeting.
The first fatality of tbe strike which
now. i Btarted Sunday at  midnight, occurred
offer, i todaj   when a  crowd  interfered  with
' an Ice wagon in charge of six men on
whom   spe.ial  powers  had   been  conferred,   '..'hen the crowd began throwing  bricks  and   tried   to   prevent  the
wagon  moving, thn    special
shot and killed Claude Lewi?
Two new candidates came boldly
forth yeaterday and announced their
Intentions of seeking a aeat In the
city council a. the elections In
January. William McAdam. 1022
Seventh avenue, and Thomas Rutledge, bill Seventh avenue, both well
known in the city, are the two aspirants for civic honors.
The two should make a fine team;
both live on Seventh avenue, both are
realty brokers and both have lived in
tlie city for six years. Mr. McAdam.
however, has lived in the district for
_S years, having resided in Langley
Tor about 30 yeara of that time. Mr.
Rutledge came from Manitoba.
There will be at least three new
faces in the city council next year.
Aldermen I.ynch and Jardine having
signilied their Intentions of remaining
out   of    the    race,   while    Alderman
Democrat*    and    Republicans    Alike
Pronounce Message aa Utterance
of a ���tattamao.
officers j While has been appointed to the bar-
:l negro | bor commission.
There Is already live new aspirants
and wounded four others, one fatally, j
: The special officers were taken to po-|ln _. lie,d u ,
1 lice headquarters, but were released:
ion their recognizance
j Another crowd was fired upon to-
jday by William Wharton, negro, when
I he was attacked on a wagon owned
iand driven by himself. Jack I_ong. a
jteaniBter. was wounded in the left leg.
gotu lawyers
.1      I*    lllrd.    _
Arthur i
und A
Klve if
who an
lle accused war* If'*d lm-
aftar the  verdict  bad  been
wli.l, Cowler and liaird,
awaiting    trial    on    olher
were   returned   to   the   cells
Before erecting the outer bulkhead
'in   the   Andy   liiunel   late  today,    six
imen  went to the Inner bulkhead, :!00
feel   from   the   mouth,   to   examine   it.
Shortl}   afti rward  one  of  their  num- ] traditional  immunity  o(    the    rentes
mr staggered out and Mt, overcome |T0  lax   reutcs,   they   declared,  would
jlfrom the gas thai had baked through j,]eai  a  deadly   blow   to   the  financial
the   partition.     Deputies   rushed     In-j pristine of Krance.    Itut tlieir appeal
a vet,, of confidence.    The opposition I
urged that to exempt the new  rentes
would    enable    these    Investing    ex-j
tluslvely   In   these   to   evade   u-.,fairly
the projected Income tax.
Premier Uarthou and M. Dumoat,
the minister of finance, made eloquent
appeals to the chamber to respect th
feat  cf   the  measure  on   October   IS
These were:
The   personal   sentiment   that   pre
vailed  in  the  minds of many  people |
against the vendor of the plant
Wharton was arrested. There were
Feveral other minor disorders, but no
one was seriously injured. The police made numerous arrests.
Among those taken into custody to-
aled by the labor party, which also
nominated Alderman Dodd to once
more represent It. The new labor
candidates are D. S. Cameron, A.
Hogg and T. A. Barnard.
T. J. Trapp Decline*.
Right now it looks to a mere   outsider ae if the mayoralty  was not to
be contested tliis coming election
Washington, Dec. 2.���President Wilson laid before congress today the
legislative ambitiou of the Democratic administration.
Kor exactly 28 minutes the president stood before the assembled senate and house In the chamber of the
latter and read his first annual message. Applause punctuated Important utterances and wheu be had
finished there was an enthusiastic
demonstration, with handclapplag and
cheers, ilrietly the president outlined a program for social justice and
the general welfare of the nation,
and proclaimed the aspiration* ot the
United States for International amity
been noniin-|and lbe maintenance of constitutional
government in all America.
With close, almost eager attention,
members ot the two houses listened
and time and again the legislators
themselves gave vent to their enthusiasm along with the crowded galleries.
j    Less than 3000 words long, the mes-
��age was one of the briefest and most
The   lack   of   real   interest   in    thelft�� *����� He^PtJ-Bd-nail, a prominent
pending   the   iirniugeinem   of  ball
their   behalf   which   was   granted   ... ....
Mr    Justice   Morrison.     Halrd   ts   m.   aide ��nd carried out the
dieted on three other different ehargea V ��'"���� hart ���"'"PI*" ��l,hin ths lun
other live.
Both havi
and Cowler on  one
ii, (all since shortly after tha date on
which  the  assault  oii  Constable Taylor took plnce.
Conflicting Evidence.
The evidence presented by the di
fence witnesses, of whom there wns
over a dozen. Including six of the accused, conflicted sharply with ths
testimony for the crown According
to siinc of the defence witnesses
Cowler rather than taking the
offensive towards Taylor during the
disturbance luui offered protection to
the constable ngalnst lhe crowd. The
���six of the accused who occupied the
���Otnd gave evidence in explanation
of their presence at the scone of the
trouble and the part they trok In the
Gun in Hand.
The lirst Of the accused to take the
���stand was John Jackson, lie declared
that he wus a bartender hy oocupt-l
Hon, but had worked In the mines e
y, ar uud a hulf ago. lie merely went
down to the wharf to see a friend
Who was leaving on the Patricia at
His friend had nol reached the
wharf when he arrived so he llir-'cred
nrouud about tbo approach. There
was quite a crowd around ami the
first be saw of Taylor v ,s when he
appeared al the shed door gun In
Wn ness raw a r in advance from
the c rov i nnd lio'llng up his hands
nail, "."iboot me if you dare." The
rrowrl ilu:i rushed forwnrd He bud
seen th" r'ty officers, Neen and
Shims., In uniform, bul denied lhat
lie laid bauds on Taylor.
Mrs Annie Little gave corrob >-:i
tion ,"s to the i-n\::,n of Jackson's
visit to the wh��rf.
Aipbonse Momiidi, another of   th*
accused taking the stand, snld he hnd
gone down to the wharf to see what
was on. lie denied lhal he hud caught
Taylor by the hair. Ile wns aboul
six feet away from Taylor and thev
���were taking blm cn bonrd the Patricia
when he arrived. Domini Gaupholl*
supported the testimony of Monnldl.
After Trouble Was Over,
James Halrd, the third of the accused to give evidence, swore thnt he
hnd not gone down to the wharf until
the trouble was over. He thought the
ton-tables might be mistaken as to
lis Identity.
Alex. Laird swore that he had seen
Halrd at the pcsl ofllce at 10 minutes
to 2 o'clock, liaird started then for
the Wharf, while Ihe trouble occurred
at 1:80,
In exrltinaMtm Of his presence
among the crowd William Hoy said
he was coming through the town on
a motor cycle nnd seeing thc crowd
on the wharf went down to lnveatl-
gnte. He took his position against
the shrd door nnd during one cf the
rushes of the crowd Taylor was crushed up against him. The result was
that the accused had to evtrlcate him-
t:elf by pushing Taylor slightly from
Did  Net  Strike.
' Hov  swore  positively that  he  did
not strike Taylor nor did ho see sny
one else strike him.   He was only ln
the thick of the crowd three minutes.
lie recognized Cowler nnd Griffith*
l���.,.n   nei.    They  were aoon
j    Tbe gases    were    being    generated
,only  In the lowest  level of the mine
'tonight.     Here   various   compositions
! were    being    used    in    the    smudges
'which  were kept  burning directly beneath  shafts leading    to    'he    upper
workings  where  Lope?,    took    refuge
last   Thursday  after eluding  his  pur-
'suers in the open for nearly a  week
Thousands   Of   pounds   of   wet   gunpowder   were   consumed   to   generate
I what  Is known and feared  by miners
jas "black   damp.''    Sulphur,  coal  tar,
formaldehyde and black oil were the
I chief    ingredients    used   in  addition
i Thn fuel of tiie smudges was compos-
j ed of coal, green wood, hay, and cotton waste.
Two hundred  men are out  of work
| In the lower level ns a remit of the
i smudging    operations.    Tho     lessees
are said to be suffering a net loss of
over J1000 a day.
-Boston, Dec. 2.���A suit for $1,000,-
���100 against the (Irand Trunk railway
of Canada for alleged breach of contract In connection with the construction of a railway terminal at Toronto
was filed in the United Statea district
court today by Westlnghouse. Church.
Kerr and company, engineers and
architects of New York
The Grand Trunk has an office here.
The romplntnants set forth that they
lost ll.oiui.OOO through the railroad's
alleged breach of the contract with
the New York company to erect the
Toronto terminal at a cost of $9,000,-
fell on deal' ears Tlie sitting grew
more uproarious and frequently ths
presldenl rang his hell In a vain at
t��mpl to obtain order. The result of
thc vote was greeted with wild cheering by members of the opposition,
while the governmenl forces appeared  greatly   depressed.
scheme   by   people   who   favored   it.
A third was the opposition of those
not  favorable to public ownership.
There were a goodly number of
members present and Mayor Gray
attended, speaking upon the bylaw in
almost its every phase. After discussion J. R. Duncan moved, seconded
by Presldenl Cameron of the Trades
and Labor council, that "The Progressive association   proceed  to  get
I labor and political leader and wealthy.
[He was charged with interfering with
jan officer. The cases of all the per-
I sons arrested yesterday were contlnu-
|ed in police court today until Monday.
iso the arresting officers could appear.
3000 Men Still Out
I    A  proposed   parade  of strikers did
'not   materlaltae.    Mayor  Wallace  as
soon as he heard of the plan, Issued
J a proclamation ordering the pollce to
if there are to be new candidates for jUOvel of  American    atate    papers���a
(otiice they are not going to announce i marked contrast as presented !}y    its
I themselves until  the  very  last.  First  author today  to the hitherto lengthy
C. A. Welsn says he will certainly not  documents averaging 20,000 words or
jrun for the office of mayor, and then :more Bone through by a reading clerk
last night T. J. Trapp pnt the ditto jt0 a" Inattentive audience.
marks tinder Mr. Welsh's statement.' Then and Now.
"Is  there  any  truth  In   this  street !    There   was  another  contrast    con-
talk that you intend entering the field ;��Picuously apparent,
for mayor?" Mr. Trapp was asked
the stop any attempted demonstration.
necessary number of names to pre-1 The police kept the crowd constantly
sent the petition for the resubmission!0" the move and did not give the pa-
of the gas bylaw to the citv council " 'rade a choice to form
According to employers of teamsters
more wagons were operating today
than yesterday and there was little interference. Thomas J Farrell. general organizer of the union, contends,
however, the union ranks are holding
in,  lliat   there is $���...,.,�� to J-JS^Mg" ^ "^ tha" 300�� me" ,re """
Fifty business men witb horses were
Through the entire discussion
iwas clear that those who favored the
purchase were concerned to a great
extent in securing the franchise now
held by James Cunningham. As Presl-
den*   Cameron   expressed   it.   _,'allow-
Court  of  Appeal  Upholds
Decision in Case of Oli-
phant v. Alexander.
(Continued on Pace Five.)
Entry  from   Manitoba  Wine  Coveted
Ribbon at International  Live
Stock Show.
Chicago, Dec. 2.���With the fate of
the grand championship of the International live stock Bhow decided and
the great victory safely secured by
Manitoba, the Western liinadiiui contingent, whicli had been concentrated
round the steer rings for a day and a
half, scattered somewhat, and took in
other features of the great show, lt
ls a great show.
There are WS entries of Perchoron
horses for example, and the major
portion of these entries are on thi
ground. Chicago has had some magnificent showings of Percherons In
the past, but nothlug to touch thc
present show In either numbers or
quality. Kvery large Percheron stud
farm In the United Btates Is represented, nut a few of tho smaller ones.
The stallion class was a wonder
when the grading was finished, there
wcre 35 lu the ring from whieh to
choose the winning six, and no one
envied Dean Curtlss, of Iowa, and
Robert Graham, of Clalrmont, Ont., ot
their Jobs.
Vancouver. Dec. 2 -The court of
appeal confirmed today the decision
of Mr. Justice Murphy in the case of
Oliphant vs. Alexander setting aside
the sale of lots in l'ort Mann property
acquired at the time of the boom a
few years ago.
The rase concerns, nominally, two
lots In Port Mann, but on the final decision hinged other claims.
lloth the litigants are well known
in Vancouver, and at the time that
the Initial boom came for Port Mann
after the Interviews given out through
the press by Sir Donald Mann and
Sir William Mackenzie, Alexander secured 1000 acres clOBe ln to the railway property, and thus Immensely
valuable If all expectations were realized ln the matter of the erection of
railway yards.
The price paid for the property was
$250') an acre, the sum involved in the
purchase being thus $250,000. Later
Mr. Alexander disposed of the southern 100 acres which lay on a slope at
a price of $1000 an acre and It Is with
part of this property that the action
Is   concerned.
��� Continued on Page Five.)
Vancouver, Dec. 2.���Frank Van
Hcrst and James Lester appeared In
the dock of Magistrate Shaw's court
this morning and were arraigned on a
charge of shop breaking.
Lest r has been In the city jail for
the past week or so, while Van Horst
led the detectives a haid chase until
captured through the efforts of Detective Killen and Provincial Constable
Green nn Lopez Island last week.
Van Horst wss brought to the olty
from Seattle last night, having decided, on the advice of his lawyer, Elmer
Jones, to waive extradition. He is
well known In Vancouver, having tor
seme time kept a store on Powell
street, and hls appearance is anything
hut that of the accepted type of criminal L ater, while not so good-looking hed a pleasant smile on his face
this ti'-rning snd does not seem to
be wr 'ry-hg very much.
No evidence wag taken todav and
'he recused wore remandd until Friday.
sworn In as the citizens' cavalry today. They volunteered to assist the
mounted police. Thus far the regular
police have been able to handle the
situation without calling out the business men's reserves, numbering more
than 700 men. who were sworn In on
Sunday night and Monday.
General Strike.
Thomas J. Farrell late today addressed a mass meeting of the striking teamsters. He declared he would
ask that a general atrlke be called to
protest against the shooting of the
five men today and the treatment of
the strikers by the police.
"If organized labor will get together
and all stand together, we will put the
city ln darkness as a protest to this
slaughter on the streets," said Ur.
Farrell. "The governor and mayor
will be appealed to for rightful protection, but lf these executives do not
Insure us justice then I am sure it is
un to the laborer to get that justice
Pnetal Saving* Increase.
Washington, Dec. 2 ���Postmaster
Oeneral Burleson reported to congress
today that during the year ended June
30, posts) savings' deposits Increased
from $20,237,084 to $33,818,870. and
the number of depositors from 243,801
to 331.00$. The average deposit Increased to $102.
Vancouver, Dec. 2.���Ralph Impett
of Eleventh avenue. North Vancouver,
succumbed today to the Injuries he received on thc old warship Egeria,
lying In the harbor here. What was
supposed to be a cask of oil was taken
on the vessel to set the craft on flre
and thUB destroy it.
It turned out, however, that the
fluid was gasoline, and the explosion
that took place caused severe Injuries
to a number of men, and the death of
one Thla Is now the second casualty
consequent on the explosion.
Inspector of Ammunition
Ottawa, Dee. 2.���Major Ogllvie. of
the inspection staff of Woolwich arsenal, England, has been appointed
by the minister or militia of Canada,
to be Inspector of ammunition for the
Quebec arsenal. Hitherto the inspection has been made by the arsenal officials In Quebec but th* need of an
OUtSlde  lnspeetr.  Y,39   long  heen   thlt
and Major Ogllvle'e appointment will
fill that need. He come* to Canada
with a distinguished record as a capable officer with long experience lu
his work.
Head of British Columbia University
to Addrsss Profr***lv* Aaaoclation Luncheon.
President F. F. Wesbrook. of the
University of British Columbia, ts to
speak at a Progressive association
luncheon here on Thursday, December 11 and at last night's meeting of
that body it was announced that efforts would be made to hare these
noon hour gatherings at .eaat onea a
month during the winter. Dr. Wes-
brook's subject will be "New Westminster and the Britiah Columbia
University." ������
Mayor Gray last night also proposed thst Colonel Thompson, of Victoria, be Invited here to spsak on
"Strathcona Park" (Vancouver Island): When in Viotorla the mayor
had eeen Colonel Thompson, who expressed willingness to coda* her*. A
night meeting waa preferred *lnc* a
lantern with colored elide* cauld b*
used to advantage. Thla lecture 1
been recently delivered �� 8*attl* aad
had created much enthualasm in B.
Ca newert playground. Bffort I* to
he made to have the addr*M gtm in
New Westminster. ���
Congress Will Endorse Winston   Churchill's   Plan
on Friday.
"I don't think so," was the jocular
' Well was that rumor correct or
was It not ?"
"I have heard nothing of it."
"Then that means you will not
run ?"
"It does." concluded Mr. Trapp.
gram into Action at Once
on New Measure.
Washington, Dec. 2.���Without formal action the Democrats of the senate
today put into operation the drastic
program tbey have adopted for the
consideration of the American currency bill. The Republicans, after two
hours of debate, prevented a vote on
a motion calling at once for continuous sessions of the senate daily from
10 o'clock In the morning until 11
o'clock at night, with a two hour dinner recess, but the majority pressed
the bill forward at every opportunity
and kept the senate in seasion tonight.
When Senator Kern presented a
resolution which would have bound
the senste to the proposition to sit
13 hours a day, the Republicans made
a vigorous protest, declaring that
sueh action wa* unnecessary and
would prevent intelligent discussion
ot the bill.
Senator Norrls tried to bring sbout
an agreement for shorter daily session*, wltk an agreement to vote on
the bill by December 20, but thla waa
defeated. The Kern resolution went
over until tomorrow.
The action ot the Republican* followed a minority conference which
decided to o*er formal protest againat
the Democratic program, hut agreed
to make no concerted effort to prevent speedy consideration of tho currency MIL
President Wilson had read three
messages before���on the tariff, on
the currency -and Mexican adaira. The
flrst time he addressed a ..oint seasion In person, early In bis term,
there waa an atmosphere of atlK
formality, applause was liberal, but
perfunctory and there was an indefinable air of precedent being broken
���or a century old custom being re-
vived. Also there was an expectant
curiosity as   to how    the   president
i would  he received.    Today the preg_-
j dent's   reception   was   warm,   almoet
uproarious as he concluded  his read-
| ing.
Later.   Hepublicans  and  Democrats
alike, pronounced the message aa the
utterance of a statesman.
Of particular significance  was  one
demonstration   of   applause   in    the
Democrats Put Drastic Pro-f!,a1tion*1 capital tonight-the  unmis-
|takeable approval that   greeted    tho
president's remark:
Huerta  Must Surrender.
"There can be no certain proapect
of peace In America until General
Huerta bas surrendered his usurped
authority in Mexico." Among those
who would discuss the message in
congress there was a general endorsement of the administration policy toward Mexico.
Democratic leaders were enthusiastic in tbelr comments on the message
and its recognitions. They liked the
emphasis placed by the president on
the need for early action on the currency, for dealing with monopoly
through anti-trust legislation, the Importance of rural credit legislation tt*
benefit the farmer of tbe nation, tb*
recommendations of the government .
construction of railroads In Alaska,
the development ot the nation's resources by a conservation policy alike
acceptable tcT the states and tba federal authorltlee. the enactment of
employ era' liability legislation and the
selection of presidential candidates
by ths primary aystem. '
Party Convention*.
The cuggestlon of the president
that party convention* a* at preeent
constituted, be sboHshed, won strtk-:
ing applause. As Mr. Wilson declarfd
tb* party convention rtoold be MM
only io ratify tb* verdict of preference primarlea, tbnt tba p*r*pna*l of
tbe convention* should b* for the
mo��t part chown fron* thai* m��*ab**n
of oongran nnd *ontts*��t*n*l aea*--,
laee* upon whom woeld devolve tk*
doty of carrying ont platform pts da**,
there waa a wave of hand elapplag is
which 8*et*tary Bryan aad
of tbecabiMt Joined.    .
Washington. Dee. I.���-Tb* house tor
hours today debated the Hensley resolution to commit the United States to
the Winston Churehtll plan tor an International year's holiday tn naval construction nnd tonight the advocate* mt
tho project predicted pa*MM ot tko
reeolutloa tn th* house by M-day.
Consideration win b* r**um*d Tknrt-
dny with both aides, th* ndveeste* for1
outeembering the opponent*, pnpared
to eontmo* the debate.
Tb* ld*n of suspending naval eon-
ruction for a yaar, tint pi��poa*d to
i* Brttteb jterli
m*td*d tar t*a*>
aa****9^s**mm**im  ***m ,.mme^*-*^*a
mt**.   Majority
lta-B��at by th* first lord
. Ity. haa *tno* b**n oo��
nnd _.- ,	
_    .-,-,...... t**d�� .W*4*r*ood
���aid dn' flt* floor ot tbo koM* today
the resolution probably would bo pit*
Calumet, MIA, Deo. J.���A charge of
dynamite pteo*d under tbo tneks of
th* mineral Snag* rallrond kanr Mo-
hfwh. te tko copper strife dtetriet t��
day, exploded shortly kotos* a fa*
seagw tnia wa* do* to
titer of tto track *������ tu
Th* Quinsy Hls-U-g ooMaay ottered a largo reward tor ��Mk *onvi*tbm
tntonnocdea wtth tb* dykyjt-M ti
Thehoasbwaaflu*l rt..__.^
- !o**(t Os ..99k. Stepik.- 'P^WrPi''-as, .
Mmmgh tko wall* ot tkf  It***   In
��Mok tb* m*M*m ,-nj-tkMten-lfr .��**��
. H^MnO&, D*       -Hov.-J   ...
MeMflten.   paator   ot St M*ttb*w*
Pmbyterfca church, thl* city,
*tom *U Vancouver dtaaotcb
���art attributed to blm.   .
-"��� *t his addrsa* ad -
���**** ****%t*t*ii
Aa indtrendtmt morning paper denoted to the -litter m ot New Wattm-iMtar end
Ihs Fraaer Valley. Pu.li.Sed evert/ morning exeept Sunday I'll the .V_.ll.miil Printing
mad Publishing Company, Limited, at S3 McKeneit Street, Sew lv.stMin.ilir. 1,'ritinh
Oohmbia ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All oommunlcatlone should b* addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
ts individual members of th* staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
mailable to Th* National Printing and Punishing Companv, Limited.
TKLKPUONKIi���Business Office and Manager, 8-9; Lditnriul Rooms {all depart-
mssats), III,
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���Bti carrier. St per year, tl for Ihree months, .0. per
tsxoath    By mail, SS per near, 26e per month.
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
bery began. In the morning one of
the boys wakened this youngster by
firing a revolver close to his head,
seeing how far he could cume from
his nose without hitting it.
The boy was remanded and will
probably be sent to the country, away
from his evil associates.
A few weeks ago the city of San Francisco awoke to
a realization of the fact that it had a lot of civic bonds on
its hands that needed to be sold. The directors of 'Frisco's
civic destiny put their heads together and out of the conference developed a local bond sale movement that resulted in almost two million dollars' worth being taken up by
citizens of the Golden Gate.
The San Francisco affair demonstrates two things:
One is that where there is a will there's a way and the
other is that if a town has some civic pride it will make
good, and make very good when it has a whole assortment
of first class natural resources behind it.
Leaving San Francisco and coming north to New
Westminster, it is found that this town has unsold bonds
totalling $1,482,788.00, of which nearly two-thirds are five
per cents., the balance being four and one-half per cents.
Some of these bonds have been hypothecated to the bank
to keep the civic treasury chest from forgetting altogether
what rearmoney looks like, but some are still unencumbered and, if reduced in denomination, it is a safe bet that
there is enough civic pride in New Westminster, also
enough private coin lying idle on deposit in the local banks,
to take up a good amount of the unsold paper.
If the city will reduce the size of some of its unsold
bonds���which, it is said, can be done without difficulty
with the consent of the lieutenant-governor-in-council���
to denominations small enough to place them within reach
of the ordinary man, The News is prepared to do everything in its power to help dispose of the paper locally. As
a starter, here is a suggestion for a campaign: First get
the bonds down to handling size so that a salaried man
can touch them; secure a couple or more first-class stock
salesmen for canvassing; give each man, woman and child
who buys some of the paper a button showing that the individual is doing his or her share to help this town along;
talk, think, eat and boost the sale of the bonds for about
four weeks in a whirlwind campaign that will raise the
grass roots and it's pretty nearly a cinch that the result
will show more civic pride in New Westminster and more
loose coin lying about for a worthy object than most people dream of.
The experiment looks to be worth a trial for more reasons than one. The first is that the city needs the money
and another is that this town might just as well demonstrate now that it has the vim and ginger to make and keep
it the place it claims to be.
������:. >:. # *:. # # tt =:. ����� ���:. tt tt tt # *
The be*t way to read a mer-
rliaiU's   business   character   is   tt
by   his   advertisement,    Just   #
run over    today's    News   and    tt
noli>  the  business   news.
Don't the "ads" pretty well
reflect the houses us you know
One man is appealing for
one kind of trade, and another
for another kind, and each one
is directly or Indirectly writing hls own business character into his advertisements,
Mighty IntereeUng study,
these advertisements! Mighty
good guide for you to po by.
But what hind of a character is the merchant writing
who is nnt advertising?
Oh, he's not writing at all-
he's  courting -
���Courting slowly but surely
���Thc sign i'or the sln'riff s
president of the board of paroles and
superintendent of prisons.
Whether l_u Dow has been imposed
on or has permitted himself to be |
swayed by visionary ideas is not
known. Local officials have always
considered him personally honest, although Impractical in somo ol' his
methods. ^L^^^^^^^^^_
Warden  O.  P,  Mulligan, cf tho Mc-  Exciting   Scenes
Neil's island penitentiary, is not be-
I lieved to be Involved In the La Dow
mailer, although he bus been criticised for retaining Oeorge Kdward i
Adams In the warden's office as con
fidcntiul clerk.    Mulligan  Is known to
be laboring under a small appropria-'
Uon and to be held down to such ex- P
at   Pembroke,  Ont.,
Maniac   Breaks
Pembroke, Ont, Dec. 2. -That "ap-
;itinii H'm tu us ������ u..����� -,.. ...... -..   . iaranee��*re sometimes decsptible,"
, ItramlUos that he Is compelled to keep was brought forcibly to the mind ol
a the  office  handling -^
respondence and keeping bocks.
Judge Kcnesaw Mountain Landls,
!of Chicago, declured two weeks uvi
iin the 1'ederul court there that he
[ served notice on the department of
'justice that be would never again
J sentence a defendant t.i Imprisonment
Ilil  a  penitentiary     wh, re    a    convict
was in the office.
����� tt
���:. tt tt ���'���
New York, Dec. 2.���Here nre more
"money trust" facts, by I.ouis D. Bran-
"The members of J. P Morgan &
Co.. and the directors i r their controlled trust companies and the First
National and Nations! City bank, to-
irether hold 341 directorships In 112
corporations, having -aggregate resources or capitalization of $22,000,-
"The Morgan firm with two Ni*v
York city banks, the National City
and the First National, constitute the
inner group of the money trust
Juhn I'uppin, proprietor of Ihu Mack-
ey house, hero, when I'ullcit Constable Walchorn lamb d in with a
man whom he thought was too respectable looking to put In the "coop"
over night, and as afterwards proved
had lh" necessary cash to even pay
tor tbe best bed iu Pembroke.
About 6 o'clock Watohorn oame to
I'appiu with Ihls man, who Is a for
signer und had a ticket from Winnipeg to Montreal, and asked thn pro-
prietor If be could give him a bed for
the night, sluling as Ills reason that
ii" did not want lo "lock" him up as
he appeared io be alright, only that
he found him wandering around looking for supper and a hed.
Taking Ihings at face value, Pap-
pin said "yes." and after the mail
had supper directed him to Ills room.
On closing the room door and about
to depart on other duties, the stranger culled out to I'appin "Is tliere anybody afier me litre now," to whicli
I'appin replied "no," and returning
downstairs With the thought striking
hlm that there must    be    Komethin
THE ^\        k increasing enormously
\. Can we tell you the
DEMAND \ Reason Why?
"A Trial Package will bring Enlightenment"
���UOK, MIXED ������ NATURAL Mill
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: th*
tbe celebrated "VANCOUt EH" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Amerlcuc  and  Canadian  Engineers'  Aaaoclation.
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4-ln. to 24-lu. In diameter This Is alao made In this Province and we
consider superior to uny Imported article.
We also carry a atock of Crushed Hock, Washed (travel, Band,
Lime, I luster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonea 15 and It.
902 Columbia Straet W.
"America, which seeks 'the greatest  gone  wrong wltll  Ills  newly    arrived
Militants   Ruining   thc   Cause   in   Old
Land���Lloyd George Give3
Them  Advice,
Eggs are expensive because chickens are scarce.
Therefore , chickens, must be scarce because eggs are expensive.   Sad, isn't it?
A newspaper headline says "France Decides on Loan."
A whole lot of us have done the same thing, but it's getting the loan that raises the perspiration.
Burnaby has reduced water rates. Burnaby could
make itself a whole lot popular if it would reduce the booze
rates as well.
Down in Mexico it looks like a case of the survival of
the fittest. Just at present Villa seems to be having the
greatest number of effective fits.
London, Dec. 2.- Is the suffragette
movement gaining or losing ground?
Thn question is often asked, and it is
very difficult to give Han answer, but
it is probabiy safe to say that no real
headway is perceptible. The answer
will be better given when there is
some real sign of the bulk of women
throughout the country demanding the
suffrage as a right. At .present there
exists nothing of the kind.
Meantime we have the same old
agitators adopting the same old policy
with the same old results. There are
occasional assaults on ministers, very
occasional attempts to burn houses,
and more or less frequent meetings in
districts where the women know they
nre certain to have a favorable reception, such as at Bow and Bromley,
where Mr. Lansbury. their chief supporter. Is a tower of strength. Then-
are still a few Interruptions at. public
meetings and there are still a few arrests by the police under the cat-and-
mouse act. Hut it Is doubtful whether
there are more than 250 militant suffragettes In the country, and thc
clearest sign of female public opinion
can be gathered from the attitude of
M P.'s. If these thought there was
any disposition on the part of women
generally to demand the vote they
would lose r,n time in jsupnyrtipg tilt
_au��e. As it is. one of '.**..��� chief opponent;!, who sits for a Qlasgow seat,
told me this week that while he 1,-iFt a
lew votes as the result of his hostile
| attitude, he gained more than an
ece'va'pfit amount.
Lloyd fleorge, who often takes an
opportunity of addressing the -women,
made It quite clear that the movement
of which he is a supporter himself,
was not making headway, and he attributed it. all to militancy. He pointed out that no bill of this kind would
he likely tn meet with the approval of
parliament unless it was backed by a
political party. Tne present cabinet is
divided on the subject, and he did not
Intend to make the issue one governing his continuance in ,he ministry.
He therefore recommended that supporters of the propaganda should con
cen trate on publicity and the persuasion of M. P.'s.
I good to the greatest number' cannot b
I content with conditions that fit only
: 'he hern, the martyr, and the slave."
"The huge sum or $22,000,000,000 Is
| not large enough to include all the cor-
'porations to which the influence' of
tho thrFO allies���J. P. Morgan & Co..
the National I'ity. and First National
hunks���extends." said Louis I). Bran-
dels, in the second of a series of articles on  the  money  trust.
"The lending exploits In the combination of j, p, Morgan & Co.," Brandels
guest. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Calls for Police.
In a half hour or so his thoughts
bore fruit, as his guest had got out
on the fire escape and was yelling for
the police at the top of his voice, at-
tracilng, as it happened at the time,
people on their way to church, und
apparently under the impression that
somebody wn:_ going to murder him.
Mr. Piippin Bajs lie slid down that
E.  H.  BUCKUN, N. UEAHDSl.Ki, W. F. 11. BUCKUN,
Pres and deal M��r. Vlcal'rasldsol. 8*0. aad Tress.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 177.
fire escape with the alertness of tin
|says" "have long h'een_known.~ but"'the  expert, clad onjy  In  his  underclothes
part   plaved   by   their  allies  was  not   und SOCkS,
fully disclosed until Mr Samuel On- On reaching tbe pavement he start-
Uermeyer  developed   the   facts  before [ed to run down Main street, eastward
he Pujo committee.
"Among the allies, two New Vork
hanks, t^e National I'ity and the Kirst
National, stand pre eminent. Thev constitute, with the Morgan firm, the inner group of the money trust. Kach
nf tie two banks, like Morgan __ Co.,
has huge resources. Kach of the two
hanks, like .1 P. Morgan & Co., has
been dominated by a genius In combination.    In  the  National  lirv. it  Is
tnmns Stillmsn; in the First National.
Qeorge K. Hake*..
The futurists have quit painting landscapes and portraits and have taken to drawing noises and smells. Wonder what the odor that arises from a ripe egg would look
like on canvas.
A Kingston, Ontario, dispatch says a Vancouver man
has just been released from thc penitentiary there after
serving a term of thirty years. It will be news to most
people to hear that there was a Vancouver thirty years
Speaking on the high cost of living, a Montreal
preacher says the laborer of today is worse off than the
serf of the middle ages. Say Mister, that serf had a scissors and hammerlock hold on his daily bread compared
with the thumb and finger grasp the modern food winner
has on the eatables.
Does Them Out cf Their Paltry \'ia<2*~.
for   Long   Hcut'f.   In   Biscuit
Montreal, Dec 2 "Have you been
working?" Judge Choquet askei
Thu boy wii-ii In il the <��� i.-.ii, a hue bin
older companion robbed house after
house at the aummer rcsori al Bl
Hose, and wli > aided them in set th
booty, Into the elty, replied that he
had been employed ln a b'.icuil factory, i
"How much do you got?" askii' .. ,
"The bees .. ' mined ir.c four d
a week. He paid me two at the end
of the first, week and Baid he would
not gi.'e me any more. And so I
"I've bad rcvcral complaints about
Mils son of thing." said the judge
About half a dozen girls have been
������' ited Just this way, paid about half
lho little wages they  were promised
Judge Chotiuct then inquired about
the li,ui's of work. "We Btarted at
��� ven and had an bom- for dinner
Then wc would work tofough until Bix
r ���, a anl often eight o'clock at
night," said the boy, "I didn't say
very long,'   he added
i1 hi said that many children from
twelve to thirteen and over are em
ployed in t'.is factory at low wages
and   are  forced  to  work  very    long
1 * ur'
i io boy freely admitted having been
two others who were arrested  for : "ting n number of Bummer
homes.    He told ������! having gone with
rl    because they    told    blm    they
0&uld i ' ' vvirk out there. For two
htB li had no sleep, and tii* n the
throe bn k i Into an empty bouse to
f_;.d a tod.    That W3s when  the ro';,-
f.ccc;-t   Di5-:los*.."co   in   l'n":d   State
Likely  lo  B-inn   About  General
B -���:���'*. Dec .' Tl i ��� tho entlr
parol, aad i rlson s] stem < f tbo f'd
eral governmi i.t n ay be Investlg ited
as the result of widely scattered
t barges in many dlff r nt seotlons
���vas InUmated today by local federal
Officials as a result of recent dlsclo
uurc-3 discovered In Seattle and li
l.i a, nworth, Kan.
Tlie   payment ( I  9250  In  ord ir  h
* b i "��� i aroh a w ,11 be among thi
things Inves Igated, it was els mod
iii rmation having been obtained
that such sum was the Btandard rati
charged, according to paroled prisoners IhamBelvss. M least two Seat tl'
ii ���<������ vea are known to have turned
over Information of this character ti
tiie government; and similar reporta
emanate from elsewhere.
\. hen -I .*< rnmi at sleuths were Invi -t';::tlii,t an atti mpl to blow* up the
King County Jail they stumbled upon
a nr st cf paroled nnd escaped con
viets from Leavenworth, alin.. one of
the paroled men named Morrison
who bad Ogurcd In an etttomoblb
holdup In thl-j citv. mods stat mentt
ci 'ir- i aii i' the i rice paid fe r parole
* '.'���������>'. lea od through to the gotcra
on irn of thesi charjr! -i. the war
den of Leavenworth penitentiary has
filed ��� nee : !c -e-i iat!< h tignlnsl K
V. La li-* v presldenl ������' tfti board of
part !i < ai ii a . im I i ne ol the snn
r-r'ntendonti In the prison, seriously
Implicating ibem, .fiift what action
will be taken by the attorney-general
lias li"! yet beeu Irnrned. It was
pointed out here thai La Dow In���������
practically absolute dictum its to t'i
id s. because if his dual potrftion of
3ig Copper  Mining Concern Acquires
New   Property���Options   in
United States.
f.rami forks, .Dec. 2, Th" Qranby
Consolidated   still   continues   its  poi-
I Icy of expansion, which has becn so
marked during the past two years.
and the latest acquisition i.. the Bnow-
Shoe mine at Pirn nix. Two weeks aso
the flazette referred to tic fact that
the Qranby wob carrying on extensive
development  work at  the Snow-shoe.
,uid it is now understood that the
Qrat'hy has exercised  its option, pay-
| ins; ?L'0,OCO for the property.
The -inows���o" was opi rated oris;!
ually by an English syndicate, but was
j later more extensively operated un-
der lease hy the Consolidated MlniiiR
, and Smelting company of Trail, who
I ceased their operations about a year
aco.    The  property  adjoins the Cold
! Drop outlet of the Oranby mines at
Phoenix, and the Qranby has been recently exploring the Snowshoe by tunnel  and  otherwise and   It is said  to
lhave about half a million tons of ore
I In si^ht with prospects for much ad-
I dition ll tonnage. The ore will all be
snipped   to  i-he company's  smelter at
[Grand Pork
Another property which the Qranby
acquired li the Midas mine, at Valdez,
Alaska, the cost of n ilcb, including
tie,    . *i-*,.'    pqulpment,  will be   $26,'
      The  M!(lu. ore. thus far shown
up, Bvorafcs frcm fi per cent, to '', per
cent, eoppor with t'i a tt n In gold I n I
silver, li velopment to date has dls-
��� : ia i ;i' ul $1,000,000 in values, but
the etti; * *���' the .-re di poslti has by
no n.        i.' sn ascertained.
The ores rrom tbe Midas, mi,hide
In   i har"   -r.   will   be   utilised   BS     n
much needed flux in the operations of
ii" Hidden Creek smelter to which
shipments wlll commence about tm
middle of  1914,
.im t i oul i of the Canadian border
In tiie state ef Washington Qranby
Iris had sevoral properties under option for the pttel few- months, One of
these Ib the Lame Knot group, upon
'which fair results have heen had. An-
tohor pre.);, rly bills f_.lv to duplicate
the Qranby itself.
I The mine management at Midden
[Creek hag advisi ,l the easti rn officials
i timt the construction and developmenl
program has bun fully lived up to.
[which Indicates thai the n<*w sin* iter
| Will blow In i arly In January
.'���.i-i*en. Deo, 2. -Publicity hsa been
one of the gregt factors in t'ie dev -1
opmer.t of Medicine Hat, remarked K.
I. It. Walton, who 28 years a?n w.ia
nne oT Dime who made the fin t  tei I I
Iof lie natural eis which '������ being used
*"i fuel mv many of ths Industries at
the Alberta city Al thi I time, while
In search ���* ' a be ti ������ quality of coa',
Itb'-n   wa*-*   then   boina  obtained,   Mr,
, Walton and h'.p ssso ilati s iiri'i i down
some BOO feet and ran across the nai
nral gae.
Medicine Hat, he declared last nighl
on h's return from a visit to the
prairies, Is passing through tbe financial stringency ir.t.n* easily than any
other eli*.* In ihe prairln provinces.
There  le  hardly a  vacant  house and
!a large number of m w residences are
being bunt, ho said.
and finally landed In the Colonial
Lumber company's mill yard, where
he vvas captured and brought to the
lown hall.
Becoming uneasy about hls actions.
the offici is ii, charge, after looking
him up. determined to wait and see
what might hapten.
Tries  Cuieide.
The prisoner, after a fi"���'��� moments'
deliberation, took off his braces and
tried in bang himsilt. (if course, liis
was frustrated, and the braces taken
away from him.
ii, lhi d trie] to choke himself
finally the offlei rs put the "cuffs
him and this morning he was ts
to the county jail here, to aw;. ���
examination as to his sanity.
He   nad  about  $800  on   his  I" I
and said h" bad a wife and fam !
fthrei   cullilreii   in   Winnipeg,  but
(name  couid  not  be  ascertained.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURIN OIL     	
P.  O.  BOX  44?
London. Dec. 1. Four hundreil policemen have been added Ui the regular force al llublln to prevent a renewal of the home rule riots, which
broke out on Friday night. The damage done ln the rioting Which was led
by Students was estimated at {ail.ntlfi.
The streets were littered with debris.
as windows in buildings and Btreel
cars were smashed, arc lights were
pulled down. doorB tern off and other
properly damaged,
One woman was shot. She is believed to be a Buffragstte, as many
women took u prominent part lu trying to kidnap Bonar Law uh be was being driven to the residence bf Lord
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat drain.
We ure also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered l'anela,
which are better in cunstructh n, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Two Factions Fight Daily���Lads Tied
and   Fires  Built  at Their
Toronto, l>i". 2. -There has been s
riot of moving picture fights, wild Indians, and general bloodthrlstlness In.
around, anil over the back fences of
the Pape and Jones avenue precincts
'or houi" weeks pint From sport and
natural rivalry of differing school factions these unchecked mud and pub-
ble-Bllngtng armies have developed tie
spirit of reckless cruelty which recently took tho ultimate step when three
beys in the Don Valley shot, at each
other with loaded gun...
With shields of garbage can lids,
held Romanwiso, these valiant young
IdotS buried bricks at each other and
shot, each Other with stones from catapults. Hob In court presented a battered nose. Freddie, the smallest of
ten, a black eye, and Tommy plaintively .stated that he had been hit on
tie load with u brick, though unfortunately the mark dldnt' show.
Sections of both the Jones and I'ape
avenue armies were represented, and
honors In picturesque extremities went
to the. .lenses.
"When they catch nny of us," related Bobble, "ihey tie us and build up
lion fires at nur feet. Oue of thetn
como over one dny an' killed my llt-
t'esl pigeon, and my mother went nut
: ind told him ihe would till the police-
linc-i and he hit. her with a brick."
"They rather In gangs or fifty or
������" ���-������,' testified the offlcer. "1 got a
hunch on Thursday, The brickyards
round there are losing Ih'iir bricks and
lomplslnlng and  ihe  neighbors can't
* '    "li    It."
'You know you can't do that in die'
������"���. " sail the commissioner, "II would |
hn nil rlpht en a desert Island, like
Robinson Cruesoei then lite sooner you
killed  each  other ofr the better.    Hut
i In  the  city  It's  trespassing  on  other
people's rights.    If you don't stop this
kind   nf  thing,   It  wlll   take  a  lot Ofl
money out of your parents' pockets."
The  ten  young   Mohawks  were  allowed to go on -suspended sentence of
| a (2 tine. [
Burnaby Street Lighting System
('wing to tin   large extent of territory  covered by the street
lighting system of  Hurnaby  it  Is  Impossible  to  maintain a thorough
night patrol to constantly observe tbe condition of the lamps.
Residents of tli�� municipality ere requested to co-operate with tbe
company In giving the bent possible service from the street lighting
system. Whenever lumps are noticed to be "out" prompt special action will be taken to remedy the condition upon a report being sent
to the Light and 1'ower Dept.    I'houe 77, New Westminster. '
Light and Power Department
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital Paid up . , ,
Kcbcrvc i-uud aud Undivided Profits
$5,400,000 W
A Savings Department
Is conducted At every Branch ofthe flank where dtpOltU of $1.00
and  upwards are   received  *i.*\  interest at current rates added*
It Is a safe and convenient depository for your money.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
SS   "Prince  George" and   "Prince Ripeit"
MONDAYS���.- midnight for I'i Ince Ilupert, Stewart.
TUEBDAYB -12 mldiilKht for Victoria uud Seattle.
THURSDAYS���11 midnight for I'rlnce Rupert, Granny IJay.
BATORDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Soattle.
MONDAYS   1-   midnight   Dec. 1. for Mimset.
FRIDAYS   12 midnight, Nov. 28, for Queen Charlotte Island points.
Mondays nml Tburidaye Bteamera malio close connection at I'rlnce
Kupert with (Irand Trunk Pacific trains for Terrace, New lln/el-
Unpen with Grand Trunk Pacific tralna for Terrace, Hazelton
and Ktiilthem; mixed Irairn-  to Rose Lake OHIO Mile.)
Tickets to all points oust und to Kurope, via all rail nnd steamship
II. O. SMITH, C. P. & T, A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W   I!.  DHPBnOW.  0.  A.  P.  D.
Ihone Private Exchange 8134
pointing out thut the    former    lived
lives which produced a vigorous physical type, while tbe lutlrr have little
pportuntty oi  physical development
lhe Changed conditions of their
^_^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      The  matter   wus  discussed   by   the
.  ]irt8talJ:rs, and  the offer of the West-
*,nd  V. M. C. A. to form a gymnastic
That's the  Reason Negro in Bermuda Iclus- for ministers was cordially wol-
jned.   It w_-i a..s_ed why the central
Will Not Bo Executed Till
Growing of Tobacco a Steadily Expand-
lng Industry.
I have junt had the pica-sure (write.
 ^^^^^^    "Home    Counties"    la    the    World'i
. I Work),   of  paying a visit to thi lurg*
| est   tobacco   grower   in   J-nglawi   thi.
Minnesota  Wants  It!   So Does Texas ' fusr iir. A. .1. Brandon, of itediii Id.,
1 iu   Hampshire,   tin;   Chairman   of   i r, ���_
brant It had i.i I made the same offer,
[und a committee was appointed to In-
*f^_^_^m^_*_^_^_^_^_^_m the   uul with   a   view
���      to  having  lln.'  example of  the  West
_>       1-   ,     .        ���   .-,'   ,     ..    eod branch followed.
New     Jork,    Dec.    -.-Sandy    Mi-i    -,-.., iUggeftlon WM alsi> made that
Mlckle,  tbe  grey-haired    executor  cf  the    municipality    Bhould    fii.nli-.li  a
has   Dot  banged  a  man   in I public gulf cnurse, and the Oommlttee
drawn     the!*'"  Interview  the      '  '"    -.���-���*���-**'���
with tbe proposal
-Up  to Courts to  Decide
Dei Hindu,    	
Beveral   years,   but  lias
modeil inlury tbnt goea with the Job,'
Ijist week  Iie was notified  that  he
wuuld have to preside at tbe hanging
Of a negro recently oonviotod of mur.
���leniii;  am.ther    negro.      The    courts	
fiMd next Tuesday as the day of the
execution,   Bandy aaked   t" be   ex- alberta farmers are
(used   because  he    was old    und   Ills I COMING  TO  B.  C
nerves  being  a  lilt   unsteady uud  In*-; 	
cause be was out of practice
The   authorities   decided    to   let!   Brand Forka,
civic   authorities
     Tho  idea  would
bu to bave a course run on similar
lines to lbe public golf links in different parts of Scotland, where a cer-
tain charge is made per round played.
Ii.  C\,  !)"<'.  2.���W.  G.
Sandy   olf.   and   engaged
British | Montgomery returned yesterday from] was  learned  legatees  under the  will
soldier in prison In llerinuda for as-|a tour-week*' trip to Ills old boiiie In
MUltlug bis superior officer to do thej ,,���.���, Alberla. Unr'���K his first
job. lh" soldier, surname!) Piper,
said  be  was  willing,  provided  be  re
twenty     pounds,
celved   Ills   freedom
ami   fret.'   passage   to ^^^^^^^^^^^
v.as granted.
Then it was discovered that all the
inaiiila rope In the executioner's
locker had rotted. Lots of tarred
lope could  be had. but  that  waa  not
visit lhi re  Mr.  .Montgomery  disposed
of ;: quarter section 't bind which be
ThiB I owned north of Lethbridge, at a good
ople say it will be hut a short
Tobacco" Growers' Society, and tin *���""- *-**-'- ���**������* Westminster congre-
luiiijowiicr on whose premises is being gatluns miut face the problem of
built the rchandliug station to which tho down town church. As houses
the  Kngiish  crops will be going.     Mr. ,.      ���_____�� ',  ,������  ���,,���   .__.  ���,._.
ii,,- i.    ���        .'*. . . i near the   heart  ef  the city  are  sup-
Minr.mpclis. Dec.  2.-Opening guni   "t^T^^MHjffS. toboee, bmrineM,    rodents      move    farther
in the battle to obtain tlie Inheritance   ,  *}J1-__*    , Z^ear~.T* tobatt. back   and In thla way the down town
,      ...      ,,.,. ,   ,.   ,,  , ,,,    has iust  been   planted   out  in   one   of *"*���*��� ���*'"' lu luJB ****'  ***** """"  "J��"
tax    under the    (has   0. (.ales    ��-,!! ��� ,hi, J_1(]     __d ]f ,   ha() ^        chureh Is separated frcm most of the
have  uein  tired it.  Hennepin county.   ,������,_ w_ |1(|t u_|jk��� ,..,,,,,_,.,,    j, ������������;. members of it* old congregation, and
���A .1. Stevenaon, assistant attorney-; #(j aa ;f it wcrc g0i��g t0 die, \jUi that unless tbese continue to attend and
goneral, filed awW of tbe will with j j, ,t W]1V jt 1]HS _ (.los(. inapeetiO- aupport It. it is not sell-sustaining by
...'.mi   Castle, clerk of    tiie    probate I ��howed " that the    hearts     were     fresh a loDg way.
couit, asking that Hennepin county ! and strong. At ,,,-nain dintami'i This has been the case in most
be namod as tlte home of Mr. Gates, i across the field the row*B of tobaec. Canaiiiun cities, and a plan to keep
The petition asked lhat thc Minneap ! wore interrupted for a strip of hemp some ol tlle churches ln the heart of
clis Tiust company be appoint! d ad I Tue hemp will grow high and make a the city has been recently outlined,
ininislratnr with the will annexed.       ; si.elter for the tobacco.     But most  of it is that all  churches    of    one    de-
'Ibut a long battle In the courts will I thu crop was still in frames. The seed nomination in a city centralize their
, nsiie  before the residence of the d" I was  raised   on   these   frames   in    soi!  - - - ���************^
cased Is determined and the will fin- which hud beon sterilized, und lying
illy settled, was Indicated when It ��� "I*"' �����i'ou' ** ���'""' "f manure bought
^^^ ! cheaply     at     Alnershot     camp.       Mr
determined to have it probated i Brandon, had about 800,000 plant, tc
in .ieffeison county, Texas. That "'?"' '" ""��� }'***.*" '" !"'"*!l"�� M'm
legatees  nr"    preparing    petitions  to' '"* . '-""T'^
bring  on  a   tight   with   Minnesota  au-:        he ��eed  "as sown  in  March^
rl    r. 7 _���     *   , _    m.    rt   _.t      ��<'xt operation is to nH out th** ued1
thouties was Intimated to Mr. Castle. I ,__   *,__. ������ thefl��� ������ pUnt6a mt
llmring  on  all   petitions   has  been
financial systems and that it be ar-
ranged to divide this fund according
to the needs ot each church. Thus a
wealthy church in the better residential district would help the struggling church lhat has been eurround-
rm,,|ed by busings houses or slums.
i This plan is now being considered
by   church   workers   in   many   cities,
figuie and for spot cash.    He states j net for December *.   At that time thc
Later on  theri^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
in thc ilebis.    It in ijuite possible that;and may be hearci of at some of the
. _.     - ,   ,,,     ,       .. .   u, i     .... ,    ,.     ���. ,,,    ,    I tue ordinary farmer  who takes up to��� coming   great     denominational    con-
; that  the section of Alberta  which  be- petition  of    Mr.  Sttvenscn    will    be   baeco-growlng   msy   be   glad   to   buy Terences and  assemblies.
Waited never before experienced aueh heard with fnoan   asking    tbat   Uie   his   seedlings,  as   without   experience   There is scarcely a growing city in
'good  crops  aa  Ibey    have    had  BUB mother, Mrs. Dellora R. Gates, be ap-i he  could  hardly   raise  them  propcrlv  the  Dominion   where  the  problem  of
Must  season.    In  lhe  low-lying    lands pointed  to administer the estate. The tobacco plant  is, however,  by  nol tbe down  town church  is not  to the
according  to  the hangman's code, sol which formerly yielded hut  sparingly.    The  will  lias already  been  submit-! means so delicate as is popularly sup-] fore.    Years ago a church w
thej   got  manila  from  the naval  sta-lthis season has produced on an aver-.Hed  f"r  probate  In    Texas,    and  the I posed.     The slightest   touch   of   frost
tion nn  the island. iagc 1" bushels Of wheat P'IT acre, theIdocument   filed   her"   ��a?   a  copy  ofj makes   an   em]   of   Preach   beans;   to
The merchants and hotel keepers Imajority running No. 1 hard. Mr. I the original which the attorney gen-I baeco will stuud five degrees of froBt
"f Bermuda began tO takf Interest, in'Montgomery i-.iys tbere Is a grnwing eral obtained frcm Lhere. Whether: if properly hardened. The harvest is
the lum. Ing when It seemed settled sentiment In thai locality to dean up j Minnesota Is to receive an inherit-j i" August and .September. The leaves
lhat  It   would   take  place  next  Turs-,and move further Weat to IlriliBh Co-]ance  on   tbe  entire  Gatrs  estate  or|are carefully taken into sheds.    There
day Tiny held a mooting and point- lumbia lands on account of the mild i| wlll get mat due it frcm possessions
ed ont that a hanging on so happv en climate, and would not pe surprised of tne legatees Is lo be determined by
isle would effect  the  tourist  business I to see many of the wel! fixed farmers  the courts.
seriously and requested that the exe
CUtlon be postponed until after the
wlftter season was over so tbe nerval
ef the visitors from the frosty alt!
tildes would in-1  be shocked.
The  authorities   solemnly   consider
cil tho problem and according to Cap
tain  Daniel ol th
Caribbean,  in  from th
incothls."  they  put off
till  April.
iccine In next summer and take up
land in British Columbia. Mr Mont
ginnery enme in lure from the prairie
ia few years ago with hia family and
I has made, a success in fruit and vegetable   raising;    he   Bays   that   Grand
I Forks is ihe  place for him and not'i-
The attorney-general's attitude was
clearly Indicated in naming Hennepin county as the home of Charle"
Gates. The Texat authorities, it is
understood, will claim that his residence ..-*. in Jefferson county, Texas.
Cor/ecUons in  the    b'Mjiiests    havp
they undergo air curing, though as a
mutter of fact fires are lighted below
the leaves. At first the fire insiiriini-<
people did not like the risk, but at
cngth    thoy    found   that    the    drying
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ aa put up 1
at much cost,    lt was    then    in the |
heart  of the  best residential  district. I
The.i   the  people  living  there  moved j
and    the    district    became    a cheap
boarding house section and later perhaps a foreign quarter.   In the meantime  the  majority of supportera left,
taxes and expenses grew, and a handful  of  faithful  ones were  left to  sit
at  the   annual   meeting  and   ruefully
Itoyal  Mall  liner  lng   would   Indue   him    to   exchange ibeen made.    According to the probate
"vexed   lb r
the    banging
this climate  for  the  prairie.
First Corn Shew.
Colfax.    Wash.    Ueo.  2.    The  first
com show ever held    In  the    Inland
empire is being b"ld In Colfax today
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and Wednesday.    Cash and  nii-rclian
Toronlo,   !>, c.   J.���The   question   of  disc prizes valued at $lim(i are off* r-
the    ministers    physical    equipment  od   tor  the  best  corn  raised   on   the
wa* discussed al tba meeting of the lines of the Oregon-Washington Rail-
Method It       Ministerial     aaaoclation.  road e.   Navigation company in Wash-
Rev. Hiram Hull, pastor of lho South   ingtou and  Idaho.    0.  I-. Smith, agrl-
Parkdale Church, read il paper on the  cultural expert for the O.-W. K. it  N
BUbject,   In   which  ho  contrasted  the   put  the  various    exhibits    i-i    place
conditions     under    which     both     the   Monday.    The  most    of    today    was j
primitive  Christians  and  the  pioneerIgiven  to judging  the exhibit*,  which:
ministers to tills country worked with  ate   here  irom   all   parts of   the  two j
tlioio of iho    present-day    ministers, j slates  included
cierk, Krank P. liopwood. father cf
Mrs. Florence liopwood Gates, will
receive $26,000 Instead of $60,000,
Mrs. Margarel C. liopwood. the mother, will also get (26,000 Instead of
prisoners Get Drugs.
Minneapolis, Dec. 2 -The state
board of control is today investigating the alleged mailing of morphine
and otber drugs to prisoners at. Stillwater. Warden Henry Wolfer con-
' rred with tho board today. Mem
bors of the board refused to discuss
the matter ether than to nay that
they nre Investigating reports. Sev-
: eral   arrests  are  expected.
operation looked more risky than it:6ean an ever increasing debt on the
I roally was.    Even   witb   the   help   of edifice   that   reared  its tall   spire  In
tres, nil tho moisture is not got out, tbe midst of a crowded shabby, for-
! of the stalks and midribs of the leaves  eign   quarter.
' Therefore  hot  air drying  in  a  special;    And it is these churches that, must
j shed  has to be resorted  to as a  Una)'live, say church  workers.    Once they
process, 'lhis shed is well piped for close their doors the peoplo who need
j hot wator and thc leaves are In 12C the church most are left a'one, while
| degrees of heat for four duys. The the new-r church set in the residm-
| time spent in the Held sheds is nboutUial section is liaving large contritm-
' two months, aions.
When the tobacco comes out of the! To keep tlie old downtown church
i hot drying house it is brittle, and ha��:al work ani0I1K the poor and the im-
I to havo about three minutes in a kmu,mjgrai_tj,  i8 deemed absolutelv esson-
��� of Turkish  bath, an experience which Uftl, and since tbese people cannot be
, makes  it   more  amenable  to  handling.I       ^^        8u-,port it, .;, ������. _e qUf.B.
��� The leaves are laid into hogsheads l.y;,,���,,   ..\\-ll0 wm ������
Have you got your share at the fire stock sale.
The demand for the past few days has been fast and
furious. Better buy now than wait till the sale is
over, than see what others got and wish when too
late that you had bought while the buying was good,
is kicking at your door���Shoes at half-price may
not kick any more; salvage shoes at half and a third
of regular prices. Come and see what is still left
from the fire at Phillips & Wright's store.
Tell it to Sweeney
MEN'S  BOOTS that stand  tough  wear;   at     95e
HOUSE SHOBS���Black or  white canvas     45��
BGY3'   SCOTCH   GRAIN   HKAVY   BOOTS        $1.45
LADIES'  OXFORDS  AND   PUMPS���Perfect   fitting       951
KIDDIES' SCHOOL BOOTS���flapped and strong: at   95*
MEN'S WORK BOOTS���Blucher cut and strong at  S1.45
SOLID HI-CUT BOOTS that give good wear;  at   52.95
���GOOD KIDDIES'  SLIPPERS���From Santa Claus    25*
GUM  BOOTS���Knee length;   selling for      52.95
THE "AR1STO"���The boot for dressy men    tSLm\9
RYAN'S TAN HI-CUT���Value up to $8.00;  for    S3-B5
LADIES' BOOTS for heavy or light wear    51.45
WALK-RIGHT BOOTS���Famous the world over    S3>45
-: THE :���
tbat Is becom
ing even more prominent.
f����w  Vork   Woman    Ably
Soc-I Science Questions Before
Tororto  Audience.
Mrs. Quinn. Stand Up!
Sioux City. Ia., Dec. 2.���Leaving a
note fastened to his hat reading,
"Life has been a burden to me; don't
blame Mrs. Qulnn." Charles G. Casa-
vant. a farmer living al Emerson
Heights, jumped from tho balconv of
the sixth floor of tlle lowa building
todav and was instantly killed. Officers aro trying to locate the tnysteri-
ious "Mrs.  -Qulnn."
men    wearing    slippers,    and    iu    du��
co-jrse thc hogsheads are placed  undci
a heavy  press, which quickly  squeeze.! w
out of   sight the four or live foot pile1
of   leaves showing  above   the    top   ol   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The'SittT on tobaaSo is 80 eenta pei Minneapolis. Dec. 2��� Hotel man-|
pound if "there is moro than 1ft pei agers in Minneapolis discussed ways
cent, of moisture, and 90 cents if there and means to curb souvenir fiends
is less, and has to be paid l.rfore the,who are causing them    hundreds    of
j tobacco leaf is sent away unless   it  ii dollars'  I0S3 monthly  by  stealing sil-
I going into bond.     Mr. Brandon has nverware.
: little bill of $15,000 to pay the Eicise.l    Tlle  "spooners." as they are called
i Mr.   Brandon's   tobacco   is    followinp by hotel men. are said to be getting
eats  and  other   crops.     He   has   used bolder and  bolder.    The   Hotel  Men's i
1 twenty loads of dung for the acre, and Protect.ve  association    will   take ac-
j two hundredweight of potash, three "f, Uon to end the petty thievery,
super,  two and a half of guano,   audi    At lhe Rogers caie over fiino worth
four rf bone meal; manuring   has cost cf silverware has been  stolen during
i him tBO per acre. .* the past few months.
The men at  Hedfields tmoko s  good:     A few days ag0 _ prnmillvn. Mlrme.
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
deal of the tjbacco they have helped ,apo,;8 man and hia wifp wcr_ |n ,he
to grow for Mr. Brandon, but it is caf<. Arter finishing their dinner,
the tobacco out of the hogsheads upon, ,h k ���
At a recent   meeting In   Toronto
the Club for the Study of Suclal Scl-
DiacuraeaimK Ot thom.    Tho firm of Cndbury & _	
in   sent an  Investigator out  to their ���
cncoalfie,ds on   the'African  coast  to   TWO  *OMIN CLAIM  BODY
1 enquire Into thc conditions there, and I OF MURDERED MAN
JIT TcoZi,^ Ibir TX-m i _, J-wUton, ,d.h��T   l>oe.   ,-Coronc;
D-rmtttcd in their fields Vassar has reoelved a telegram from 	
'"                Decent Wage.                      i Mr8   '��� E- ^'ively    of    Farlin. Iowa , ;-"-���-��� -?"-��* -_*  ���' d- ��' -0, ic-d the theft, they were powerless to
of  a  minimum   wage I requesting  him  to  send  the  body  of ��� posed in its favor to some aegrei   noi _ _  __    _ .._,_..           ...
vhich dutv ha. been paid, "and of course \"l  """'"" .��"" tt "��5S" u,,a c'��n-
arrangement   with   the   firm,  with lng one of the large platters  put the
.... _.      Ir,!ar..-r    )n    ^-.r    ,nUff The
-.hich  Mr Brandon   U   dealing.     TheiVhttmt in  her muff.      The    husband
Kedfields  men  like the  local tobaco, appropriated a silver sugar bowl
though,  perhaps,  they  may  be  predis
While  soveral  of  the waiters not-
The   question
for women and    girls    Is the
.-,f���. iher  brother   It   I)   Vorean   who was I ihlfloaslvAMotxlm but by the cheap   act for fear of losing the trade of the
___________________________        . ...     ,mr uiuiien nun    ��n"-    ���- ""    point '��� nor UTOitK.r,  ii. ii. .v.nraaii. wiid was \    j r_      . tmonle, who were regular patrens.
nco,   Mra.   Florence   Kelley.  of   M��W |35-5^5TJS�� lb SS States at pres-  shot and killed by Arthur Rarker, to   aes. of tho supply. P _ P ^  m__m_   '^.tT with the
Vork. one of the founders Of the Cun-      .     commissions  appointed    to  en-  that place. __,,_.] tw   .__**__,  �����i..ii. souvenir  mania  have not only taken
sum. rs' loague.^ddre.s. d the gather-'   " re j��� 0 Se matter report that $9.25 |    M��W��  wm  ntaged  to  wed MlM Developlt? AnrtraUa. ���_,. siIverware they could  ������ ___.
Burners   .��� at.u-.-*��������< rirek Is tbo lowest wage on which ajKlma   Ilardtko  of  Lewiston.    and   tc \    Th(>      rthe       ortion of Australia it hands on, but also stesl soap, brushes
"1S        ���     ,a ������ 'complicate    the   situation    a woman ; hfing ,k,veloppd *_. . rMui, ���f the pro-jand towels from rooms.
to  be  Mor | ajrtmttf* policy of the Australian Ctoy- j    Manager E. Q. Gilsruth of the Na-
Mrs. Kelley. who entitled her lee- shop girl ran live respectably.
lino "Wagi's und Mi rals," sta-od that, (jaaea have been found In which
the last year has been a most encour-]_.**- cr four girls will bo living to
aging om ror the Consumer* league Krt|H,r in one room, cooking their
in N<w Vork- Lbe most epoch-mnk-' too(1 |��� ,t,e game room, tlio wages of
mg year sine lhal which marked ,ach on<1 no, exceeding $3 a week,
the liberation Of the slaves, and she A WOrk!ng girl must have good food,
considered lhat the workera in the,good dottiea. a reasonable sum for
State-., foi the general betterment of recreation and church affiliation, if
nodal conditions had every reason to .compelled to live In a cheap room
t-el oheored and encouraged. The S|,e -. forced Into a dlsreputahlo part
speaker touched on the subject of 0f the town, where she ls subjectedtfo
potaOU as introduced by manufnetur- constant annoyances. """" ���'"'���*~
ors into food and r!-thing, a matter wages for factory girls
New Pennants I
from  Spokane, claiming
gin's wife, called up Coroner Vassar
slying she  would arrive on  the owl
Should she prove to be Morgsn's
lawful wife and demand tbe body
Undertaker Vassar will comply with
her wish, otherwise the body will be
shipped to Iowa.
Morgan's mother.  Mrs.  Clara Mor
gan, resides at 112. Scott street,
The minimum I Davenport, lowa. He also had a
"    have    been  brother    who-ae   whereabouts   at the
whlc. has beon   IoSSmT * Vho | ..^Vis^'a' ���i<; It being con- present are unknown.
league.    In   cheap    silk,    especially, sldered that a girl employed In a fac-,     .
���iald Mrs Kelley,'there la a quantity ;tory does not require to dress Me*
of lead tm and nun pot In to replace pensively as one who is employed In
the glue which Is b.iled out in theia store, ln certain states these laws
nrocss of dyeing. Th- silk, which are In force, and are working well
appear i shiny sonn after It Is bought land have been tested for X**WT
invariibly contains Had. ll Is chief-!years In Australia and proved gatis-
v IM poorer and working classes | factory. Au eight-hour working day
who are affected by the adulteration !|��� also under consideration. Discus-
of food as they are compelled to buy tlon of Ihese matters has brought to
lhr ch. "per grade* of commodities. nK|,t a very large class of people who
In ono Instmie. whore a mother had.will never be capable of earning the
been obliged to feed and clothe n wages quoted, who will probably nev-
(am.lv of two adults and eight chll- er be able to rlao above a $.1 a week
.Iron on $14 a week, marked Improve- rarntng capacity. Such people Mrs.
ment In their genorel nourishment. .Kelley classes under the category
had been noticed since thc laws regu- -lacking In Judgment.
laUBg pure ro��>d had come Into force. | reore^te DefectIvea
Ant-erp Conference. ,    It  is  pronosod  In  the  States that
Mrs Kellev went on to speak or Vhlldron exhibiting this characteristic
the recent International conference ..hall be segregated In ���*�����'*��>���"
ai Antwerp, at which delegates fromlsoon as their mental dlflcienpy be-
all countries interested in trade were!Comes evident.-pnt into special class-
nresent The Oerman delegate made eg, and later traneplanted to ntral
��� startling appeal to the others not to coloi les, where thoy wlll be employ-
bav lhe toys sold by a certain firm ed In agricultural work under super-
o?C,erman manufacturers. These toys vision. This plan has been OTPm*
ere nearly all made by peasants In me.,.ted with and Is proving satlsfac-
Slr own^cottages and the children tory. Six Ujopund children In the
work at them from the age of 3 years. New York cltTactools are being ed��.
These cottage workers aro exempt cated H> theee special dasses at the
from fnctory laws and Inspection and ! present moment
Shot Coal Operator.
Centervllle, la., Dec. 2.���Enraged
when he found John Schrum, a coal
operator, ln bis home after he had
been warned. In the preaence of officers, to stay away, Joda Moreley shot
Schrum through the Intestines, inflicting Injuries which wlll be fatal. More-
ley fled, but was captured.
Frank Gets Jailed.
Grand Forks. Dec. 2.���Krank Noel
the erstwhile resident of Grand
Forks, Trail, Nelson. Revelstoke, Kelowna, Penticton, Orovlllc and s��>veri
other placea, who travels principally
on nerve, was signed on by the Trail
police last Monday, being r little
short In liquidating for $50 and costs
Frank claimed to be a sensationalist
aa a hockey and baseball player, and
while here proved that he area a
sensation aB a bartender. In fact he
might be termed a real live one.
Frank and money from the till both
being missing at the same time, li
was a Jumped board bill that looked
Frank In the fnce at Trail, and as a
result he wlll linger round a different clasa of bar* for sixty daya.
ernment. The Government has made'uonal hotel, said it was practically
arrangements fur leasing large areas of, .mpodiiliic to stop the souvenir hunt-
land there for pastoral purposes. It is era uu|e34 p,,,^ 8nDcrvUIon wa�� In
announced that 55,U00 squure miles orlaugunsted
Crown lands are available, nndI may be I ..Wt ha suftered s0 rauch that
taken npm the near tutor, under gratj^ Uo ���ot �� expenglve .nverware
ing  licenses.    Three special  areas arei.��� .�����,__..   ..,.._._.     i _-,-.��..
mentioned in this coanectiou-the flrat J* "J 4*SIS_^JSSSL LtVmsW
in  tho  vicinity   of the   Hoper   River,I*6,8" " ����'��� advertialng out ot the
where 30,000 square mile, of territory'l **_en 8t""'  ?.nd  that ��� ��11 tte ��������"���
is open for lease; the second  lies be-!wrt *e ,1*ve-
tween the overland telegraph line, the. _.���___.__  ....*.
Vietoria River Downs, and Wave HilliCANNOT CLEAN MILK
the toys aro sort to all parts of the
vrcl.l, some of thom being purchase-
nWe In New Vork for as low a sum bb
5 C"r.ts. An Investigation of the toy-
making Industry In New York had revealed the fact thet certain dolls sn'd
at high prices end advertised ��<t hv-
glenlc and safe 'nr babies to suck hul
be��n mad" bv homo workers at tbe
bedsidct of lick children, lt Is now
lll��gnl In New York fnr manufacturers to give work of this kind to the
d- e'lers In tenement bounce and no
child under the age of 14 enn be leg-
nti" emploved ln a tenement houae.
Tbe work of the Consumers' league
has developed so ranldly during the
lakt five yeara that lt haa become an
International one. An appeal from
the Rngllah manufaoturera of cocoa
and chocolate waa received .not lone
nam asking (he trader* not to buy
-goods produced where crueltv waa
employed In the growing and harvest-
Mrs. "Kelley concluded her lecture
bv pointing out that the people of
Canada would very s-Sortlv he
brought face to face with similar
problems to those with which the
j United States la endeavoring to cone.
Owing to 'he larve Influx Into the
Dominion of a certain tvpe of Immigrant, It wlll not he lone before the
aame labor conditions will arise bere
that have alreadv arisen ln England
Australia and the United States. She
warned Canadians to be wise In Mw
and to take the States aa a terrible
oxamni" of the consequences of letting these, problems get' ahead of
them. Thla year great Imnrovementa
bave been made In that country.
They have mado a beginning, and
they can Juatly aay to Canada: "Takn
up theae experiments before you have
to go through the aame experience a*
the States haa beeu going throne''
during the laat quarter ot a century."
Wife's Property Safe.
Minneapolis, Dec. 2.���Creditors of a
husband have no clalma upon the
homestead property owned by the
wife. This waa tho ruling of the supreme court in the case of Henry
Schroeder of Faribault.
Special Afternoon Teas
The Mecca Cafe ta making a apecl-
alty ot Afternoon Teaa. We hate a
warm comfortable room and It yon
ahould want a cup ot tea while down
town in the afternoon, call in at tne
Entrance*: MaeKenal* and
Ctarkaen ttreeta.
Station, extending over 10,000 square
miles, and the third is situated between
the overland telegraph line und the
Quoenlnnd border, embracing the Darkly Tableland, in tha aggregate making
up 15,000 square miles. The policy of
making available free farms ia the
Northern Territory and ot granting advances to settlers, both financially and
'���n the way of plant, has directed atten-
..oa ti tba empty spaces in the North.
lae farms offered in the Daily River
uid Mai U'ton districts had been applied for over and over again, and those
lucky cough to secure blocks are now
on tlieir way to take possession.
Forge Bank of England Wetea
I.oi_dap banks have received as official winning thst n counterfeit of Beak
of England notes is being circulated,
tt is so well made that already several
bank officials have beea deceived. Th*
paper is ot exactly the aame texture aa
that used by the Bank of England, and
the engraving is perfect, but the watermark u defective. Detectives believe
that tko forgers are working on a big
���icalc, and tkat their factory is oa the
The discover/ of the fraud waa made
at the Bank of England itself. A flfty
pound note was detected aa a forgery
after it had paaaed unquestioned
throagh several heads.
Hade Fana! Mfrtf1-*-*
A pioneer ia cabinet factories, Itt,
fohn Pollock, ia dead at Beith (Ayr.)
He was the iaventer ot aeveral machine*
used ia eabiaet aad chair eoeitruetio*
co-day. Amongst them ar* th* flrat ma-
.hinos to earve wood panel* from aa
iron casting. Tale maeaiae carved ai
many aa ua panel* at a time, aad ia
it ill in uae in aeveral factories. 1ft.
���ollock waa oae of tk* beet k��owa maa
a tlte W**t of Scotland.
Ottawa, Dec. 2.���If milk is once
dirty there is no process known to
science that wlll clean it Straining
only removes the coarser particles;
the germs and dissolved dirt go
through wllh the milk.
This ts the text of a warning being aent out to dairymen by Dr.
Hulliugsworth. dairy Inspector.
The dairy Inspector has been making extenalve testa of all the milk
coining into the city and ia tending
out reports to each producer wbo la
aending or bringing milk Into the city
for consumption. The bulletin la being aent along only as a reminder,
tor Dr. lialllngaworth atate* that he
find* the milk of excellent quality
and handled tn a cleanly manner.
Bnt he pointe out tbat a barb wire
fence la aa good to atop chicken* aa
a atralner ia to clean milk tbat haa
once become contaminated by dirt of
any nkld. Th* remedy ia aelf-evldent
���keep the dirt out before it get* In,
aa the Irishman wonld put tt
Domlnleke Waa Lucky.
Raelne. Wla., Ope !.���Domlnlck*
arandine. a young Greek, waa tk* vie-
tlu ot a mysterious aaaanlt Thar*-
day evening, when a atraager lumped
ota from an alley and attempted to
cut hie throat with a raior. bat aimed
too high and cat bla- cheek from
moutk to car Inatead.
"Canada," "McGill," "British Empire," "U.S.A." "Manitoba,"
More New Westminster Pennants
will arrive this week.
���tyeohnlne Kills eaby.
Davenport, Waab., Dae. I.���Mr. aad
Mra. H. Blrthaupt, near Davenport, loat
their   1-year-old ��*fr   fW. wha, '
playtag. aecumd atyrcb��B*   <
wblcb alt* at* tor candy. Dentk
ad aoon afterward. ^^ f     PAGE FOUR
Start Your Xmas
Baking Now
Lemon and Orange Pool, lh 15c.
Mixed   Peel,  Ui 23c
Natural sultanas, not sulphur
bleached.   2   His    25c.
Fancy Seeded Kaislns, Ib.
pkKs, 2 for   25c.
Currants, lb     10c-
Use those lhal como up to and
ere marked Oovernment Standard. You'll lie Satisfied with results. We have tlie cheaper
kinds also, but recommend the
Preab  Table l-'igu, lb. 23c,  15c.
and 12'_c.
llatos.  Hi 10c.
Dromedary DateB, pkK 15c.
Oood Cooking Apples, 5 llis..25c
Per   box   $165.
Shelled  Almonds   and   Walnuts,  lb 50c.
Almond Icing, lb 60c.
Ground Almonds, lb. jar ...60c.
Ground Almonds, half lb. tin 35c.
Boiled   Cider,  bottle    30c.
Fresh Eggs, dozen   65c.
Good Cooking Bgga, dozen..40c
Cood Cooking Hutter, 3 lbs $1.00
Free Delivery to any part of City
Model Grocery
303 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Greater Westminster
at 10:801
Skating hoots and skates for ladies
and gentlemen at Oeo. R. Speck's. 629
Columbia street. C-5-3,)
issues  Annual  Warning. I counsel.   The court will open
Postmaster McDonald issues his an-io'ciock this morning.
nual warning against the fixing of
fancy stamps, charity stamps, antituberculosis stamps or any other
stamp except a postago stamp on tho
front of envelopes. This ruling of
Ihe postoffice authorities applies
throughout the year but is made more
apparent at Christmas time, many
letters finding their way to the dead
letter office, and causing many disappointments
H. J. Russell's Oriental store in
the Kings hotel block will bo opened
Thursday morning. Watch for the
announcement. C_f,4G)
Expert skate sharpening and riveting at Oscar Swaasoou's, 13 Begbie
street. (2369)
More Cleanup Orders.
Dry earth closets in Sapperton nre
being cleaned by order of the department of health. This is ono of the
|number of follow-ups of the. recent
Cleaner eity campaign.
First Spiritualist Society, New
Westminster, will hold thoir meeting
in the Knights of Pythias building,
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Conductor, .Mrs. Clarke. All aro welcome.
Coquitlam Dam Cuccesj.
For the first time since lhe huge
reservoir was completed water poured over the spillway of tho. Coquitlam
dam of the B. C. Klectric a few days
ago. thus demonstrating the utility
of tho company's plans to provide nn
adequate water supply for its power
houses at l.ako Huntzen. The water
drops 73 foot from the top of the
spillway to the bed of the Coqultlam
river below. The Immense quantity
of 8,000,000,000 cubic feet or 50,000,-
000,000 Imperial galloiiB of water is
nnw stored behind the dam. The
filling of tlio reservoir has demon-1
strntod to the satisfaction of the
company's engineers that the Coqult-,
lam lake schoni" is a success.
With  every  $'-  purchase you  get a ;
chance on  the $1T,0 diamond ring. T.
Gifford, the  jeweler. C-it.O)
Installing Elevator.
Workmen  nn'  now  installing    the
elevator  in   tlio  post  office  building.
The  shaft   is  being  out   through  the
  I floors and   the  Iron structural   work
Invitations Received. 'set  up.    Beoause  of these  activities
Invitations to the Hurnaby board of  passage up  and down  stairs is siune-
trado ball have boen received by the What hindered,
president, aeoretary and other officers j _       _
of the local  board of trade.   . :    For plumbing, heating    and    sheet
  Imc-tal work consult .Merrlthew & Itam-
say,  Eighth    and    Carnarvon streets.
Phone  DS6. 120261
Don't forget the salo of work in the
Sixth avenue Methodist church Thursday afternoon and evening. Useful articles on pale, home cooking and candy.
Impromptu concert in evening   (2538)
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid Up Capita! aud
Surplus $ 2,800,nnn
Assets  ���1,075,983.95
Trus teeahlpa Uudisr
Administration over   6,000,00"
liiistee fnr Bondholders over     25.1)0(1,000
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Wesiminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, lu-gina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Eng.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606  Coliimbl*i  Street
0| -n
Court cf Revision.
The couit of revision on Iho voters'
li't sits in the city couneil chamber
at l" a.m. mi December 10.
C. H Welsh
The People's Grocer
City Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Vi,* are opening ono of tlio finest displays of chocolates In tlie
city, and we want you to make
the children happy this Christmas by slvitig them some of this
good confectionery,   tt you have
no children there is surely some
one you can mako happy. Our
stock comprises:
Qanotig's In 10c, 35c, 50c,
65c and $1.00 sellers.
Cadbury'B in largo boxes at
75c. each.
Fry's in 5c , 10c, and 35c
Malda In 25c and 50c sellers.
Webb's, of Toronto, in a fine
line of  10c. Chocolates.
Marba', put up In our own
special  box, at 25c. each.
We have as well a good stock
of Milk Chocolate. Nut Bars.
Cream Bars, etc., 5c and 10c.
Privy Council Decides in Favor cf thc
Dominion in Fisheries
Children Take Active
Interest In The News
Essay Competition
London, Dec. 2. A long judgment
was delivered by Lord Haldane in the
privy council tbis afternoon in the
appeal of tho government of British
Columbia from answers giver by the
supreme court Of Canada lo i|iiea-
tiolis submitted by the Canadian government The questions did not arise
in any  litigation,  bul   were    Of a Ken
eral abstract character relating to the
lisliing rights of the province,
The questions submitted   were   us
follows:     ill    ls il competent of thel400 words:
legislature of British Columbia to uu-      PI rst���An  Historical Sketch of N
Considerable Intereat is already be-1suggest ilmi you   keep   away   from
lng evinced   In  tl.e essay   competition \\Vtt**  II   ><H.   Write about   lnd��tr>��*
 ,       ., ,     , but  if vou use tlioui be sure they are
being   conducted   by    lho   News     lur  (.nmr|;     Vl,u   ,���.1V   ;,u,   wrjta   aboul
scliool children of twelve yours of agi   tho history or you nmy make a com
and under,    a  number of enquiries position of general Information about
hnve   boon   mado   over  the   telephone   the province
,  ,, , .   .:    fou muat, however, write the name
Which hftve b l gladly answered. but!()|. t|)(i  nbtfA., ���,   lhl,    ,������    ,������    your
It is preferable to huve tbe enquiries ���a.
by  letter   and   lhe answers  wlll    lie  if >
made through theso columns.
The   following   are   the   subjects
be   written   on,   tlle  essays   lo   be    of  '
Cot your
Speck's, 6-1
skates  sharpened at  Cen.
;  Columbia street.     i'ia'iin
Building Bungalow.
W. A. Peters and .1. Thompson are
building a pretty $2000 bungalow for
John 1). Kay on Fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues.
  Welcome to Our City.
Don'l forget the sale of fancy work' Owing largely to the efforts or the
and useful articles suitable for-Christ- publicity commissioner, A. Constable
mas presents at St. Andrew's church j with his wife and family of seven bas
lecture rooms Thursday afternoon settled in this city. Ho comes from
and evening. Hot waffles will be JAlderburne, Newfoundland, and has
served. (--199)  secured a house in the west end. The
  family will  remain in  .New   WV.stnii.n-
Rummage Sale. Ster  during  the  winter  to  allow  the
The ladies of the Y. W. C. A. are children to attend school and in the
asking the public for household spring will take up a farm in the val-
articles of any kind that  will soil at  ley.
the great rummage sale to be held at', 	
Reid &  McDonald's old stand, corner*    Have you seen   the   $150   diamond
Sixtli and Columbia streets, on Friday j ring Gifford  is giving away ?    (2370)
and Saturday. December 5th and 6th.	
Articles not in use in your homo will] Brinos Damage Suit.
bo appreciated by tho ladies. China- A damage suit brought, against the
ware, bric-a-brae, children's clothing [British Canadian Lumber company by
in good repair, toys and books will alLoiaf Llset, a carpenter, for injuries
bo gratefully received on Wednesday sustained through a fail from a scat-
between lu a.m. and 6 p.m. Ladles fold at the company's mill on Lulu
will bo In charge and will receive island In June. 1912, is being argued
donations. i_5.:i) before Mr. Justice Macdonald In tin
                              supreme court. Vancouver.    Llset was
Money to loan on first mortgages, engaged in building a concrete burner
improved citv and farm propertv. 9 and alleges thai owing to the faultv
per cent.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2624) construction of the scaffold on which
  he  wus  standing  he  was  thrown   to
Extend Grain  Elevator. [the ground  breaking his leg.    Ho was
Building permits issued yesterday [forced to spend ton woks in the bos-
Include a frame store on Sixth streot 'pitnl as a result. He is asking fnr
for W. II. Kennedy to cost $5oo; an unstated damages. Word was received
extension to the Grain Growers' ele�� in the ctfv late last night that he was
vator at Twelfth and Columbia |awarded $2500 by the court,
streets, and a $2��0 garage fnr the IJ. |
1 and  P
thorite the government of that province to grant the exclusive rlghl to
lish lu any waters within the railway
belt, firstly aa to such waters as are
tidal, and secondly, as to such waters,
which, although not tidal, are In tact
navigable ?
I-I Is it competent of the legislature to authorize the government of
the province to grain tlio exclusive
right to lish below low water mark in
the open sea within
of the coast '.'
(.'!) Is there any, and what difference between the open sea and estuaries of the livers within the province, so far as concerns the authority
of the legislature of the province of
British Columbia to grant the right to
lish ?
Lord llaldane's judgment went exhaustively into the history of forming
tlio province Of British Columbia and
the general law on fishing was re-
\ii wed by bis lordship to
even   anterior   to   the   Maglll
Second    Tlle  Fraser Itlver.
Third    British Columbia.
The  following anxious  enquiry   un--*
received  yesterday  by  the essay coin
petition  manager:
Essay Competition  Manager,
Tiio News.
New Weatmlnater, lie
Dear  Sir.    I um going  to send you
marine league an essay and try and win oue of the
prizes you are offering.    I think I will
write   mine   on     "British     Columbia."
Would  it  bo alright  ir    I  just    write
composition on the climate or on Hi"
timber  and   lumber   Industry ?    Doon
the essay have to bo about    the    climate, the lumbar   industry,   agricultural   possibilities,  history   and   other
things or can it. be on one subject "
Would il  bo alright if my essay went,
say a little over 400 words ?
Hoping you will answer those ques-
i    time  tlons for me, I am.
Chart,i   . Yours  truly.
Just  write "British Columbia"
ill ChOOae thai sllbj.el     The sn	
will apply If you (hiii.se nny ", the
other  subjects.    Write  clearly   a, ,..
your age. Dame and address, the
name of yuur sohool and the na . ��� of
your toucher.
Try and keep your paper within the
���inn words, although n fe�� on either
side ol the mark will not count
against  you.
Stitch   in   Time.
While just abou'  to lake  the third
degree    of    decay    lhe    old    wooden
library steps are being taken up and
new ones laid.
Mrs.  C.  N.  McDonald,    318    Pine
street,   will  not    receive    lhis    after- .
] noon.
At St. Paul's guild on Monday even-
ing   Mr.   Lonsdale   gave   a   very   abb
i paper on  "Some  Famous  Singers and
Tlieir   Favorite    Sengs'     which     v. a.. !
lalso illustrated by  selections from  u
gramophone.   All present heartily en-
jjoyed the paper and accorded a hearty
Note of thanks  tu  the speaker.
Mrs. T. 11. Green and Mies Strong
will not receive todaj.
.1. Harvey, of Moose Jaw, is a gui I
at the Dunsmulr.
William w. Wi ��� ks, of Seattle, and
Angus Mclver, of Mission, registered
at the  I'r, tnier >> sterday.
Mr. atnl Mrs, A. Dunbar Taylor are
guests at ihe Hussell hotel. Mr. Tay.
lor is ere.mi prosecutor in me Von
couver Island strike ctfses . ; at the
sn"oial assize
a. w, cawley. ef victoria, registered nt the Russell yeaterday,
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, cf Nelson, are
-:.' sts at  the  Russell.
William Horne, of Toronto, w a.-��� in
the city yesterduy.
Ludwig Kb In. .f Kamloops, ivaa
among yesti nlav's arrivals In tbe city.
Helena <���.- Yes. you huve the right
idea. You muy choose any of ihe
three subjects announced and you
may write anything you wish about
tho one you have chosen. You may
write entirely about the Climate or
about   the  lumber  Industry,    I   would
A Few of Our .Vices Today:
.1  His.  fine Toa    90c
No.  1 Coffee, per lb     35c.
Mooney'a Biscuits, nil kinda,
ordinary   price   25c,   for
today     20c.
Como   and   see   us      We   will
save you money.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Legislation to Open up Vast Resources
of North  Will  Be  Expedited  in
Washington, Dee. 2. The Alaskan
railway bill recently reported by the
house committee on territories, will be
called up In the house tomorrow In an
effort to secure its passage In tho
im ar future. The bill purposes to havo
the government build a railway to
connect the southern coast of AJaaka
:ii** uitirlor to opeu up the vast
irees of that territory.
The president's recommendation to
congress today that Alaskan railway
legislation should be expedited was
followed by a conference between
Democratic Leader I'ndorwood and
Chairman Houston of the territories
committee, at which It wus docld* d to
Beek quick action.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
Girls'   classes.   Tuesday   7:10   p.m.;
'Adult classes. Thursday,  10:80 am.;
Sewmg classes, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.
Boarding and room rules reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentli men
.Special dinner Fridays, 11:80 to 1 30.
For particulars call  phone  1384,
C.  Ti lephone  compauy   on  Clarkson
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance mnn. All kinds written.
Hm.drills of millions to pay losses.
i 25241
A temperance and moral reform
mass meeting under the auspices cl
tlie W. C. T. t*. will be held in the
Que. lis Avenue Methodist church on
Sunday next al 3:46 p.m., to I.e addressed bv Rev. Dr. Slpprell, of Van-lpit on the Highland Park cut-off, Ihe Nelson
couver. Song service at 3:30. (2636) gravel being used as ballast on the
  tracks.   Within the next two weeks it
Come and see how far a dollar will la expected that th" work of ballast-
go at the groat rummage salo on Pri- ing u portion of the C, N, ti. li",. o:i
(l���j and Saturday. December 5th and j Lulu Island will be commenced, a
Oth, at Reid  &  McDonald's old Btore. [contract having !.., :i  Big-^td  witl^thi
. f
I To be hold und'
lY, W. C, A.
r tli. auspices of
Newly Orcanizcd Brunette W. C. T
Outlines Program  of   Wort.
Tin-   protection  of   tlie   minors
IBapperton   will  be  part  or  the  work1
to be undertaken l.v tiie newly organ-
Crcuce-NclEon. ized W. C. T. TJ.   This was decided on
RVI1..rT���  ,,���. \* ?���uie' ^ldlngut00k, '"","��� "'  >!   at ;. meeting held yeaterday at    the
Ballast C, N.  R. Line. Marys   Ane,lean   church,   Sapperton,   h._, ,,  .....   ,.,,  .,..   , _,,   ,,',,,     .,.,
The log steam shovel of ihe ll. C   on Mond..-, evening when Miss Iverna , ,,''',''   'r rh" ,
E. It. is making a hole in the travel Crouse  been,."  the  bride  of  Lowe.   "j""'1"'^ "'    >"   braneb  will keep   a
son of Mr. and .Mrs. NVIs. l^Vi . '.' ""���",' \ "' "," ,,W
Nelson. Rev Frank Plaskett, rector,wl ldl >"u ". '"; u"'' ,''," ",l1" ''���"
of the church performed the ceremony. ^ "'���' a"d llquor ���" children under
Immediately after the wedding the a''' a'"' '' illlv P*1**- >���* discovered
bride and groom hft for Victoria and !' '""" committed such an offence
Seattle. On their re;.irn th y win,tbo facts wlll be roported to the pro-
take up their residence on Bnfhett
Bin i -
I never shows to better advantage than
I when the piano accompaniment gives
'forth a  flnu. rich lone.
Our I'lnnos help train voices, and
the best piano Is the best belp a
siiig.r can have.    We offer the
419   Columbia   St.   New   Westminster.
II. C.  Iv It. for hauling the balluat tn
tho point where lt is needed,
S^turdpty   t-veninya   from
7  to 9.
Serious Charge Dismissed.
John Cain, who was arretted by the
local police a few weeks ago as being
wanted by th�� Vancouver authorities
n a charge of giving liquor to a young
Vancouver girl with tho intention of
stupefying her was yesterday acquitt-lhottsi?, s-or,i
ed  by  Judge  Mclnnes,  before  whom and followi
the case w ;.:*
broui :'
'      llle
court bul li was found thai tbe cose
I *.'.*;::*i under : ie Jurl dlcti in ol lhe pro
vincial pollce
Our Dairy Company.
Nine quart* of  fresh   bottled  mill
I for Jl.oo. delivered daily.    I'hone r.:,
i'.'llli i !
It   Saved   His   Life,
Regina,  Dec.  2,��� The  failure  of a
shall  in  explode  Is  the  only   reason
why James Sutherland is alive todaj
Last night  Ben  William.,  broke  Into
Sutherland's   room    in    a    hoarding
herland and a fri'-ml awoke
1 the Intrud"- Into the hall
fain was origin-1where Sutherland turned, poked .. re
Vancouver police | volver Into Sutherland's cheal nnd pull
the trigger, but the t.in-11 failed to
���d". Williams was urn Pted I idnj
remanded for bearing until next
MoWATERS       Voslfcrdi*    the
mains   of   the   late   -William   J.
Wat-is    v.. re   l��:.i   to   rest   In   tin
Church   of England   cemetery.   Thi
f ini ral *.*'--.*i** ;;.i held Bt the hi me,
",' ���   Twi II It  sire,*:.     Kev.   F.   Plackl tt
offlc ited
H \ a.m..'. The funeral of tbe late
N <���' '. [ipkal i was held yeaterday
morning from the Murchie undertak*
Ing C   ape]  I*.  Irn*.. r cenu tery.
VVMI   Inv.ilc   We-.tminetcr.
Bhjdonts of Westminster Hall. Van-.
louver, will Invade thla city on Frl-1
lay afternoon and even ng next when
;a series of conteets will be waged with i
students of Columbian college,   in the!
afternoon at 3 o'clock the Benlor see ,
cor team will clash with tho college
eleven on Queen's park ovei,    Al  7
|o'clock basketball teams from the respective educational  Institutions  will
s  ot   groceries   tor ���,,,���, on ,h,, ,,,,,,,,��� _,,��� whl]0 a, 8|
Christmas use in atock at the * "'(!loH; a" mter-collegiate debate will |
AU   kinds  of
store of
(Successor to Ayling 6* Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98
be held  In  Hi
Colli IO'.
assembly  room at the
In  have  yonr
rlghl lb.ii .* long eve ih
can suit you from
host gold  tilled  lor
i cents up
M to $S,
Fnr all holldim; supplies and fuel
oll apply to the ii. (.'. Transport Co,
Ltd.. fins Westminster Tn.st building.
Olflco phono 826. wharf phone sin
Injii^urats New Fentur?,
Another now f.ntun :'i the mer-
ohandlztng of McAllisters Ltd. denarf
Intent store Is the fiftv cent day, whicli
will iii- Inaugurati ���! t< day Tbls firm
la making rapid strides since opening hero a Bhorl time ago and the
fifty cenl dav should prove a grea!
drav !".- card to the buying public of
New Wi n'mliisfer.
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at reoai nable pries. (2634)
I 3d : S-nit-1 C?SC|;  NCYt.
''"."  r> *.   ii   tlm  Ladysmith casei
"i'i  nrcbnb'y   be  started   when   fhe
spi '*.*!   assl: o   ses: ion     opens   |ht|
)������ ������������������!     ������ rr ingi i u nl ���*. f, r the trial I
rf those   .....  made  peEterday  before j
th�� coun   *,...*���.nn:."I.    Following  the I
l.ildysmllh   "ill e'."i>, the  South   Well, j
Ingtcn and Extension capos according
to m arrangoei. ui  i. apped   out   by i
This yi it la commencing lhe new era ol Christmas giving lite
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Hammered Brars and Cop'perware,    Jardinieres,    Eplrll    Stotf-flt,
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Community and 1847 Rogers Silver Knives and i'..rks- Tea, Dessert, Table, Si,up. Berry and Salad Spoons; Butter and Pie Knives,
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r if.t'-.rltles.
Fiosiiios-  regular   inrsiiiess.   temper-
' a-'ce,  moral  reform and  educational
werk was   ii scusaed   ai    yeaterday'a
meeting and the work for the season
was allotted    Miss Janlea, Mra, Ran.
re-   pie, Mra, Teskej and Mrs. J. W, Irwin
*"    were elected delegates to the women't
council for lfil4.
Th" Brunette W, c. T, r., as it la
called, was organized two months ago
by Miss Livingstone, provincial organ'
i/.er.    Its sphere of activity  ia In Slip- i
perton and tha membera comprise ad-
beranta to the four Bapperton
churcbea. Considering tbe brief lima
It, has boon organized the membership]
roM of the pew branch comparee
fun rablj und everything points to tbe
aucceaa of the branch, Thi offlcera
an* Presldenl, Miss Nellie James:
vice-president, Mrs, Kirk; correspond
iug aeoretary, Mra. George Ronnie| I
recording eecretary, Mrs. MeSween,
and treasurer, Mrs feakey.
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��� i*r**iiv��   air**!.
DECEMBER 5 and 6
-: At the:-
Y. M. C. A.
in uni of the Koyal Columbian
W.l.i   Animals. 40 Clowns.
A   Big  Time.
mi tm. a������a��� ' i
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Winter in California >j
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page mm
Made  to   measure,   guaranteed   one
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MRS. TWIS8, City  Manager.
(248.) 237 8ixth Street.
and Mist
Tin   Praser Mllla hockey cluh has reason to fei I proud of its effort;) in
atiKliiK the eight events which made up a splendid lioxinn and wrestling card j
ul the mills on  Monday evening.    Il was undouhtodly the host -inoker that
haa heen displayed In Now Weatmlnater and district tor several seasons.
The officials gave out that Vancouver boxers would be over In force,
Such iinnounceineiiis have been made from time lo time in coiino.-llini with
local eventa, t.ut on many occasions tho promoters havo failed lo live up |
to their promise and have substituted local artiBts, who. while good con-
nidi-ring tholr training, we no patch on Ihe better trained artists of Vancou VI ���
The Circle I*' cluh lived up to its promise, Kred Smith of the V A. 0.
and Kuss Leighton of the Commercial A. C. both came across with a line
strliiK and although the visitors mnde no bones ahout securing the decisions
In as short a time as pnsslhle, tlie crowd, a largo one at that, fully appreciated everything turned loose.
The only unfortunate feature of the evening's display waa when a Fraser
Mills baseball player, who haa figured with the Moose team for tho past
two seasons, took it upou himself to Jump Into tin- ring und attempt a rough-
house scene because his brother was getting the worst of the milling, lt
was nipped In the imd. the disturber ejected and everything smoothed over.
Event! such as on Monday evening, will take In this disirict. i'he fans
arc willing to come through with the collateral BO long as the eventa are Interesting.
* *      *      *      ��
(ine has to hand it to Joe I-tilly for his enthusiasm in promoting amateur
lacrosse throughout the Dominion. When the game is passing through Its
darkest period Cornwall Lally keeps on the go, day in day out. boosting
here and thero and giving gold medals to Winners of School leagues. Next
nprlng Joe Lally Ih going to tour tho Dominion rrom coaal to coast, slaying
ln one town several days In order to get a junior league organized. Now that
an amateur lacrosse commission has boon appointed, we may look for big
things in Canada's national summer pastime, Joe Lally may have faults.
Mb views may differ from those of other spoiling promoters but It cannot
be said that ho is doing thiB missionary work, IntereeUng himself in the
renaissance of Ihe sport, from a business Standpoint II" really loves the
game and If laorosse is over going to climb to the footing it enjoyed some
years ngn, the Cornwall magnate will have cause to take a Utile pride in
tin. work
Random Shots at Goal,
flert Strouach, well known in HiIh (ity. and recently resident Dominion i
engineer nl Coqultlam dam, and who played with the Ottawas this fall, played
the part of a hero In Ottawa lasl week when rire broke out in the apartment house where tils family resides. Strouach hustled his wife out of the
InilMIng nt lhe rirst alarm hut when he went back for his six montha old
child, lie found the rooms filled with smoke and he was unable to find it at
first.    Ho wus exhausted When UBsisted out hy firemen.
* ��      ��      *      ��
Tlie offer alleged to have beon made by the federal league to Kildie
Colllni aggregating 160,000 fur throe season's work, ls merely cheap advertising Ths star inflelder Is well worth that amount but no club in tht
Federal Ifague has the backing to afford  such a salary
* *      *      *      *
Tin* Tor.into rugby team are not satisfied with McCiill winning the
championship They are trying to rake up past history in the ease uf Joe
Donnelly, who was alleged  to have taken  money  for playing baseball.    The
Jim Thorpe idea failed to materialise, Donnell; proving his innocence.
* ���     ���     ��     ��
Art Throop of lho Hoyals. nnd l!obh\ Howe of the Victorias, are about
on a pur as far as stature Is concerned. Throop, however. Is much tie
heavier nnd will mako mincemeat of Howe thould they ever get together in a
heavy check
Renina Wants Arena.
Itegina, Dec. 1.���a deputation waited cn .Mayor Martin tudav to urge
tliat tin- arSna of the new winter fa.r
in,.iding now nearing completion be
flooded this winter to be used for
playing t.'f hockey matches. It i;:
premised that if permission iB grant-
d. the arena will bc cleared or Ice
in time for the winter fair to be Inld
.nie in Marcil. lull. There will he
.' has: nine hockey teams in Reginai
this winter, perhaps more.
Mahmout Still Alive.
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec, 2. - Man-
���nout, the Hulgarian wreatler, reported some time ago as having be, n
killed In battle during the llalkan
war, Is alive. A letter to that effect
was received from Mahinout today by
Henry Irallnger, an Australian,
Carl Morns Aoiin.
New Yotk. Dec. 2. iiie state a-h |
letlc commission lifted today the bus- I
pension Ol Jess Willard. who ie.
matched to hox Carl Mcrrls here tomorrow night. Willard wus suspended lasl January for failing to keep
an engagement to fight at Buffalo.
Lucky Cops These.
Nev. York. Dec. _. - Throe police-
mi n who took part in the Olympic
games of 1912, 11)08 and l��ti4. and
'i or who participated in tho last two
games were ordered reimbursed today by the board of aldermen for the
time thoy lest during their absence
from duty.
McRae   Suppers   Swamp   Moose 80��� I
Fraser Mills Defeats Sapperton-
White  Rocks 7-1.
liefore the largest crowd that ever,
attended sn aitiniour hockey game tn
this city, the 1018-14 season was
ushered In at the rlnk last evening and
from the enthusiasm shown, the bIihoii
pure stnfr has taken s strong hold
here. \
Although the scores In both games
wero inmevvhut one-sided the play was*
in, re   even,   especially   In   the  second
encounter,  wben  Sapperton gave the
Fraser   Mills  s"ptette  a hard   run   ini
the first period, but fnded away In thej
nee..nd and third.
The BeSvera, lust year's champions
deteated the Moose 8-0, while Sapperton While Itock met defeat at the
hands Ot the Circle F aggregation 71.
A Moose defeat was expected owing
to the late signing on of several of
the herd, but the team Bill (Iraham
trotted out Is one in the making, snd
will h" hinrd from before the season
Is ended It's chief weakness wss the
goal tender who failed to shine with
the snme lustre as Swanson of the
BeavSra or McCarthy and Dunbar of
the t-'ipportons and Circle F respee
l.itt'e combination was oxMblteii in
the first encounter anil even the Beav-
ers with the speedy forward line failed tn shew Inpt year's form, except on
three oecaslons. while the Moose still
held to last war's system of bunching
together. Two spares were given a
trial by thc Beavers, Stacey taking the
place of Spence In tho second period,
who In turn was roulseed by Hugh
Cunningham In the third. Both Cun-
nlgham nnd Stacey figured on last
season's Y. M. C. A team.
Second Oame.
The second game waa by far the-
best or the two and gave the crowd
n run for Its money. Juat one score,
made In the first period, tells the tale
of a furious set-to and the excellent
defensive tactics of both eeptett.ee. lt
was In this contest that combination
counted for. while the Sapperton wines
gave chances galore by Bending the
puck ncross, ne'er a one waa taken ad-
vantarn of, while cvactly the opposite
was dlsplaved hv Doc Scott's seven,
the forwards playing an excellent paaalng game. , .   _
flnndersoi. a new man with Praser
Mills, did the dt-mire. accepting f"ur
chances, Box notching twd and Doc
Scott, a single. '.   ��� ,
Dmtlinr was the stsr of the evening
In the matter of goal-tending, taking
shots from all anglea with an eye, a la
Lent-nun. . _ ,
Bill Hodeers at point, played a atelier game for 8'>nn<<rton, accepting the
brunt, of tho attack.
Taken all round, the ftr-t <��g��ble-
hender snught the crowd, New West-
mlns'er hon amateur stlck-handlera capable of giving the heat In the pro-
vince a rood run for t|_e chsmplonahlp
and yeaterday evening's fnm.ee demonstrated t*e fact that an advance of
60 per oent kaa been made In comparl-
aon with the cH��e ol play laat aeaaon.
The line up of the teams and goal
and penalty summary follow:
Heavers Moose
Swanson     Dadds
Swan     Darke
Williamson       Itoss
Kinnie       MeLeod
Lake Cunningham
Lert Wing
Hastle       Flndlayson
Hlght  Wing
Spence       Handford
RefWOB, Charlie Tobln; Judgo of
piny, Ernie Johnsou; timers, Fred J
t.uneh, Bon Fobh: goal umpires, Doc
Wells, 11.  MoKenile.
Goal Summary.
First period    Spence (B) 8:03; l_ak"
(B)  Ti-.V'.
Second period -Kinnie (B) 3:15;
Hastle (B)   :4P; H.istte (B) 2:53.
Third   period-Kinnie ��� (B)     7:30;
Cunningham   (HI   :55;     Kinnie    (fl)
Penalties- Mcl.eod (Ml 2 min.
Circle V. Sapperton
nunliitr     MeCaCrthy
Lett       Robertson
Scott       Rodgers
Boileau       Heppcnslall
Box   .������ Corrlgan
l*ft Wing
Sanderson     0- Whittaker
Right Wing
Jefford     H. Whittaker
Goal Summary.
First period���Sanderson (F.M.) 6:30.
Second  period���Scott  (P M.i   1:50:
Box  (F.M.) 3:55;   Sanderson    (F.M.)
Third period���Box (F.M.) 9:30;
Sanderson (F.M.) :30: Sanderson
(F.M.) 4:00: Whittaker (8) 200.
Penattles���^orrlgan (8); Happen-
still (8); Whittaker (8): Lett,
Local Talent Will Make Showing at
Meoae Club.
Some evcellent loos! talent w'H he
ieen in action at tho amoker to be
In tlie Moose lodge on Thursday
Marsh   Hedge's   String   Will   Be  Over
Tomorrow Evening���Opening
League Game.
Ni w Westminster bowling enthusiasts will get their chance to see
the crack quintette of Vancouver In
ictioii on Thursday t venlng when
Marsh Hodge and his bunch tackle
the Koyals in the opening game ol
the Intensity league organized this
Hedge has ccmpilcd the best in the
Terminal City for the purpose of making a slir in the Northwest congress
to be held at Portland in January so
that the Hoyals vvill have to be in the
best of form If lhey hope to make a
showing. The schedule is arranged
so tliat New Westminster bowlers wTll
be rolling on their own wood one
i vi ning each week.
Tbe Foster stock company ts making a lilt 111 the hilarious coined;*,
drama "College Cluuns" at tbe Itoyal
theatre ihia week.
The play is u bright little play
with dramatic and comedy situations
following one another in rapid succession, but laughter predominates and
the curtain filially dropa. leaving the
audience in a state of smiles and
good humor.
On Thursday, beginning with a
matinee. "College Churns" will give
way to make room for another western bill called "The Love Route." The
new play tells thr stmy cf a lune
fi. 's tight with a big railroad company to keep tbem from putting a
ngli'  of  way   through  Iter  ranch.
Thc scenes of tbe play are laid in
Texas. "The Love Route" Ib said by
many of the most successful critics
to be one of the best of the good
weatern bills. New auetmiy ta being
painted for the production.
(Continued from,page om)
evening under the auspices cf    the
Sappertnn-Whlte Hock hockev team.
Four boxing and three wrestling
evonta are on tbe program, while
sonaa and olub swinging will All tn
betvVen tho mat Items,
From Father to Con.
Newark. N. J��� Dec. 2.���Charles H,
Kbbitts, aon of the president of thp
Brooklyn National league, -was eicfei
president today of the Newark club,
1913 champions of tho International
league. Bbbetta aueceeda Qeorge '���.
Solomon; who was chosen vice-president. Brooklyn owna the Newark
In the crowd, hut did not aee Balrd
that day.    He   was   not   acquainted
wilh the latter at that time.
Went to Mall Letter.
Accused Richard Griffiths explained hla preeence at the wharf with the
stater.ieut that he wanted to man a
letter on the boat. There waa a
crowd at the wharf when he got
there, he eald, but that conld nct he
considered unusual aa the Charmer
was acheduled to arrive about that
'line, and a crowd generally collected
when boata arrived.
Near the entrance to tbe shed hc
(topped in front of a man pointing a
gun and thinking lt was Intended for
hltu lie threw up hla handa.
He ml"ht have aald "Shoot me It
you dare."
Witness declared UM* Cowler en-
d-'avcrcd \a protect Taylor rather
than assault him.
Saw Some One ?trike Him.
Mr. HodKlnson, a merchaet. if
Nanalmo, sa'd he aaw some o"e atrlke
Taylor, bnt be did not aee Cowler do
so, He' knew a number of specie'
noilce hat) been driven bank on board
Uie Pstrlela shortly before tbls.
He did not aee what happened ln
���he shed, but aaw Hoy lammed In behind Taylor In front of the shed door.
Adam Brown testllled that he bad
seen Cowler holding the crowd baok
frnm Taylor telling them that Tavlor
might ahoot.   cowler picked up Tay
lor when he fell down insidi
shed and assisted in getting
ab: aid iiie i'atricia.
Cowler on the Stand.
Taking the stand oo ids own behalf
Cowler said that he was a miner and
liai l��� "n employed ai South Wellington, lb- was si. or seven feel away
I'"m Taylor and heard cries of
"Chuck him  in  'he  bay."
He endeavored to protect the con
stable and during a scrimmage when
he picked up a chap Inside the shed
and assisted him aboard the I'atricia
he was kicked in the chest and received Injuries tliat. resulted in him
spending three weeks In lhe prison
hospital later.
Witness did net say that the man
he picked up was Taylor,
Cross-examined by Mr. Taylor witness stati d that he had gone down to
the wharf ont of curiosity. Ho did
not hear that a lot of specials had
been driven back on lioaid the
Patricia until two days later.
Accused did not see Taylor'B badge
and did not hear Neen eall out tbat
he was a regular ccnstable. He did
all be could to protect the constable
Ile thought Taylor was going to
strike at him and he shoved out his
liaivi in Hiif-protectlon. Chief Neer
st'-fipid in and catching Cowler by
the back of the neck said "Kor Cod's
sak^. don't you start in Cowler." Wit-
iiesj, assisted one man to the boat, bu:
It was not Taylor.
John Haddovv, who followed in the
witness stand, swore that he had
heard Cowler tell Taylor to put his
gun in his pocket. Taylor struck
Cowler and the latter told him to
go on board tlle b-jat. E. Clarke gave
evidence along similar lines. James
Adderl-. v testilied that Cowler had
helped Taylor aboard the Patricia
Neen. according to this witness, fell 1
down also during the disturbance.
In rebuttal the crown placed Andrew Johnston, formerly chief officer)
of the Patricia, on the stand. John- i
stun declared that he assisted Con-1
stable Harry Taylor on board the Pa-j
trlcla. Witness did not see Cowler at i
all, nor was he aware of another man
having been carried to the gangway.]
Address Jury.
Johnston's was the final evidence
taken and the addresses to the jury
followed. J T). I>eB Farris sought
acquittal for his client. Ceirallo. stating tliat there was not a suggestion or
sworn evidence that Tony had done
anything at all. Mr. Farris was tol
lowed by Arthur Leighton, who pleaded ror acquittal for his client, John
Jackson. Mr. Leighton drew attention
to the conflicting evidence as to the
part Jackson had taken in the disturbance. On behalf of Balrd and Monaldi
J E. Bird questioned the duty which
Constable Taylor was engaged in when
ho drew his gun. Other than that he
conducted a party of constables to Nanalmo early In the morning of Aug.
IS, there was no suggestion of any
special duty being imposed upon him.
said counsel. There was also nothing
about Taylor's appearance to indicate
his authority. Ho was dressed in
plain clothes. Mr Bird deprecated the
action or Taylor In drawing his gun
stating that it waB an tinjudlcious and
unwise thing, considering the conditions. There was no telling what
might have happened If he had fired
and if lt had uot been for Griffiths a
fearful occurrence might have beeu
Israel 1. Rubnowitz delivered an address on behalf of the three other licensed, Cowler, Griffiths and Hoy.
Court Sums up.
In summing up Mr. Justice Morrison
directed the jury to bear in mind the
two charges against the accused. One
was for assaulting and doing bodily
harm to Taylor and the other was for
assaulting a police constable during
fhe -performance of bis duties. This
was not an occasion on wblch an assault could be committed by anyone
who did not come Into contact with the
constable unless It was shown that
there was a design to perpetrate assault
The lury must Say If the crowd had
any common design. The jury must
be prepared to aay from the evidence
whether or not Constable Taylor wee
���r apprehensive. Was he justified
tn drawing bis gun? In the opinion
of the court it waa only reasonable
that any person should go to great
leagttie So wre-vent another from using
a gun. Taking each of the aeven accused separately hla lordship found
that there was no evidence againat
BelraTIo to Justify conviction while
there wna not a particle of evidence
against Griffiths to show that he committed aaaault
Dealing with Tony Jackson and Monaldi hla lordship stated there was
aome mhrap aa to fhe parte theee two
took In tbe disturbance This muat
be cleared by the Jury. The jury must
alao decide whether Balrd took part
In the asaault or -not. Chief Neen
testified that be did not aee Balrd
touoh Taylor.
lt Hoy'a atory waa to be believed
tben there waa no evidence against
him. As to Cowler hla lordship sdvls-
ed, after reviewing the evidence
wherein Cswler waa mentioned, that if
there waa any reaaonabto doubt tbat
Cowler committed the aaaault. then
he moat be given the benefit ot tbe
LesBons in  Pianoforte,  Violin. Sing
img,   Voice    Production,    Theory     !m
class or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form aud History.
Pupils prepared for the examine
tlons of the Associated Board of the
Koyal Academy of Music and Itoyal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 51 Utifferln
.treet.    Phone 411 R.
'..'hat witb the barbor Improvements, tbe further
lbe fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Last  Time  Tonight  of
Furniture Exchange
in 61 Sixth street for real bargains in all kinds of furniture and far
lshiugs.    Picture Framing, Upholstering, Furniture Repairing, ete.
Try us for Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
Presented   by
For Three Days
A  Great Western Play with
Lote of Special Scenery.
Order Your
Seats in
Phone 1068
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bids.
Afternoon, 3:30 to 5:30
ADMISSION: Afternoon 25c.
Evening, 40c.;
- Evsning, 8:15 to 10:30
15 Tickets    for    J5.0Q.
Are Making Christmas Suits at Reduced  Prices.
Colllster Block, Corner Clarkscn and M.Kensie Streets.
Order New.
Hindus complain of being Ill-treated In
Lord Hirdlnge. viceroy mt India, in
if I
the mines, associated   himself   with
urging the advisability of a committee
of investigation on which the Hindus
sbould be represented. He said he
did not believe a poll tu on Hindus
entering 8outh Africa served ��y useful purpose.
In South Africa the Hindu immigration problem is looked upon as a purely domeetlc one and sny interference
by the Imperial authorities will be resented. The attitude of the marquis
adds to tbe gravity ot the situation
and it Oreat Britain makes aay concrete demands things stay become
very awkward.
Lord Hardlnge's championship of
Hindus in South Africa haa had a
great effect In India, where, according
to an eminent Hindu, "It haa transformed Indignation and reeentment
lato hopefulness aad truat"
"Danger has been averted," he oo*
tlnued "and eoafldence arooaed Tk*
viceroy hu uvad India from t"
clutches of scheming extremists."
Secretary ef State fer India Says It
Ssrvea no 6eod Purpose   Wanta
In vestige Men.
London. Dee. J.-Tte   aftu^-als   mt
Crewo, lord privy seal sad see-rotary of
state for ladia, replying to a dss_��ta
Hon of Hlodus la rotatuoe to tho *mwi
orders ta Booth Africa,   whoro �����%%**���
lOMtttMOd Roto ftgo OM I
  i., i ' *    "
valae to ths SM i*\**k ****��� ******
-  the .  IM,0M.
THEATRE     I   ^
Big Special Attraction* Today
Miss Mary Fuller, Featuring in the Eijieon fearura.
"AFace from the Past"
By   Keanh/Bllghton���In   Two  Parte.
. >���'_',' _. .. litfipy'.:
Blograph Farce Comedy
����l"' WW"-  -
Euanay Photoplay, Flrat
A BMirtlful Love Drama with a   ftirposaj /fcitt&ii   V
Soot -V too- Edison m    v^'
ud buy   this  traaohlu   with  tl
mooey T  Thu wo would havo It"
���Olflfw W'wsMI xHpa^
Mayor Oray shoved tew
hudliag of tho su plut had pro>
daeed MN-. disutMaettoa aad ���*���
plained tew tto elty would Improve
It. Ho agreed wtth Mr. Cameron tkat
at aay Uao a progressiva: eencern
.Might take war tlo ptaat .%**,- .***'
would havo sMgvsd through tho mW*
hates, forever. J. R. Duaou * ****.
others agreed ta this.
*- - -"io ia aaM to te valid.
Ue K wouM te uoeooury
> oan through tte   Mnr
tola, ate thu tte oKy aright Mu
��M*1 It te bottsr to Hay sun
t\  -
m ,**, ��� -���
t*ar*-t oi��
Classified Advertising
aelved for Tne News at Vie tolluw-
tag places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
Cts ci umi. i ii street; A. Spnce,
Qai:*-ii:-l..ir<.*j. 'i. Lulu Is.,ind; Mrs.
B. l.-ini.-u. Highland l'ark; Mrs. V.
Lewie, Alta  Vista.
��� ���#���������*�����������
*^_^^^^        RATES. -
CStaO-Metf��� Ohh cent per word per
da. . ��c per ��< rd per week; 15c per
sec nth; *,,mu words, to be used as re-
���gnirwi within one year from date of
son tract,  Itt.OO.
In   the matter of  tho omul--, of  Anna  I..
Casslay.  otherwise  known us Annie J
Cassidy. deceased Intestate,
In  tn.' niuitiT    of    Uu-    "Administration
NOTICE l�� hereby given that by order
..r  Mr. Justice  Morrison, dated  Hi"  .rub
day  of  November,   A.   D.   UU,    Charlea
George Major, Official Administrator, was
____________________ ni>|.i>lnli'<i   ...liiiiiilstimor  of  th.-   t'.-tt:itt*   uf
 ' [Anna L. Cassidy, otherwise known ae An-
KOR SALE���Sl.OO DOWN.  $1.00 PER ' ''.-"  ;'* ,C%>**d-'-  '**?_  "'  *���'!' <**--',0l N!T
 ,      ,,       , ,      _,___.       __ ,��    _.     Westminster,   n  in-1  I'lnvinc  o    lirui.ih
week,    Canada a    Pride    Malleable Columbia, deceased Intestate!
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar- i    And notice ix hereby further given that
kot sauara     " i"-,nii '��� ���''*'  persons heli-hud  to thi nln
FOR    SALE���SELL    YOUR     PItOP-:
erty through an ad. In this column.
Cecause Husband Used That Term of
Endearment the Lady Gets
a Divorce
.! tbelr in-
���,,.,.,���.....   Spokane,   Dec.  2.���Holding   that  a
$et,$*n%.,TZ*Tttil ',,,[ iS&m?ha��|Bb.OUia not call his wltt a "cow" Judge
was "mooohln1 do main stem" In Denver when lie "met up wit' a ringtail,"
who carried a "sap."
lt appeals that "The St Paul Kid"
gave the "ringtail" a "royal thumbs-
down" and the "ringtail" got "fuzzy."
lt further appears that the "ringtail"
wbb about tj "bump" the Si. I'aul Kid
ou "do bean wil' de sap," wben tho
St. Paul Kid gave the "ringtail" "De
elbow bins ill do middle of do map."
"Den de bulls glommed us."
Denver Seme Hostile.
"And don," continued the St. Paul
Kid. Ills Majesty John Law doled us
fifteen rockets. Some hostile, that
Denver place."
"I'm  down  on  mo last  Bkin  ami  a
Big District Seeks Access to National
Markets for  Agricultural
Pianoforte; US Keary bt.. Mnv W_��t-
Victoria,     Dec.   -.   tx.   Patterson,
Conservative   member   for    Grande
^   Prairii'  in  the   Alberta:!    parliament.
walke de plank from de deck ofl*s   in   viotorla   Willi   Ills   family,   and
Accountant. Tel. it. US. Boom ,
WANTKD        FURS    Tl)    REMODEL
and n line. New furs made up of
your own skins; novelty sets made.
Apply -iir Second street.        (3639)
���ery Bolicitor; none others need apply.    P. O. llox 18! city.
���8, 9 mouths, to loan at 5 per cent
interest. Application must he made
at   once.   Confidential
Tbe News.
mar     Fifth     avenue,     gold     pearl j
brooch.    Owner can  have same  byi tribute tlv
paying  for    this    ad.    1008    Sixth  prop^'before blm.
avenue. <2T.33) i    lut     ""'- "*"- ****
���*������**���. wm n->ini:,   KDMON'I
lng claims "againat the "aid,estate ire're-1 William lluneko yesterday found that   ,'.''���"   jfmm��v   ��whm "'fla^-W^a^M I
ijtilr..l lo present  them verified by statu- .i.aKo .i,inni>,    when ue shuck  manes |
tory declaration on or before Hi" -ml .lay  Mrs.  Christina  Bessette  had    proven i me
!;',!���'-'.''.;;',,*V aftVVUhfoh,aS-<"thi?a��lSb>M aUegaUOOS ol cruelty against Jo- the Chop Suey Limited.    I blows lntoihM B ,.,���.���  ,,,..,, ol H,rik|���K informs
Major'will proceed.to dls- Uepii Arthur Bessette and was entitled *. �����6ent2^e -��nd stakes-myself to attjon j,, ,-IM1(1 ,���   ,iie    Peace   river
1,,Kr.*K,,r.t onlv o,su'liH^"s'a;:;li;.n ito  a  divorce.    Mrs.   Bessette   In   her, Mf   .* ^ *" ��� M|j      '*"���������  Country,   ths   Kldorado   ,,f  lhe  future
���  ' suit against her second husband n>Ht- P'"J-.. "al."dU.s.'",'. a ���1","?>,.a',1, ' ?,as|for the tanner ami the stock raiser,
of November, A. D. |ified he rubbed his socks In her face
ROOM   AND   HOARD  at   516  AGNES i
stroet, with use of phone.        (-.4-141 ,
ollcttoni for tl..
���a i.i
of  phone.    416  Seventh   St.   (2505)
Box 2529 News office. (2529)
trust, Box 2531 News office.    (2681)
Box    2491
to $209 to invest for three to four
month:, time with good returns on
money invested. Box 2492
apart mentis to rent, right on car
line, steam heated, hot ami cold
���water, gas r.iiRes, electric light,
separate balh to every suite, rooms
are bright, cheerful, clean and
sanitary and rent is very reasonable
including gas and lights. Also
single rooms, both furnished and
unfurnished. Apply Mrs. Mandville,
suite 1. second floor, Mandville
apartments, corner Sixth avenue
and Twelfth street.
where. No collection, no charge
Americau-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, .:i6 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (2518)
farm sales conducted. Furulturf
bought for cash. P. 11. Brown, 17
Begble slreet, New Westminster
this Uth dt.  _^^^^^^      ^^^^^^^^^^
WHITE- While intoxicated and    called her vile
| name::.
Oeorge      "Many  persons  would   not  think  it
'cruelty  for a man  to call  his wife a
d d cow, crazy and other names Introduced  In the case  which  I  do not
care to mention," commented    Judge
Huneke.    "The plaintiff Is a sensitive
I woman  and  1 have no doubt  the epi-
1 thets addressed to her by her husband
wounded her deeply."
Judge Huneke held the wife was entitled to the custody of her daughter.
Mary Antoinette, aged 2. Iif" also gave
Mrs. Bessette properly valued at (8,000
left her and the children by a former
hut band.    Temporary  alimony of $25 ,'" j.
.-f the City ..i   New  Westminster,  in  thel ni,""Zi ""l.Vn.i.  ���>_r.i��i.ierf      A"d so were approximately 150 oth-
County of New Westminster, In the Pro- were allowed.    Attorneys  testified  P.        hoboes
^Ve^l^^ After   "de   swell   feed."   King   Davis
wm.wM.Pn^toft,ftB^|to^^2i��5\1 Bedfordi QuJcalled  the  meeting  to  order  and  an-
to hike where It's  Peaceful  Valley.       ,     M|,   ,,������,,,.������     lm,v���(|     ,h
Among   hose present was    lie Mon i, ,  ,, ,       ,    ,_,,���.
ide.' 'a hobo straight from Australia. *��� neighborhood   ot   Ottawa
"I was in de hird cake when I lamps jju**   ���"'"'��   *-**,'  ,U"<J    �����. COnvlnoed
de mulligan stuff In de paper. 1 blows!11'"1 for ��Vl r>' klml '"  >-<"*u< i,ml  ���'"*
into       ' ""     *" "-     -.,,.*,,���,. I der crop and    for  the    breeding    ut
P. II. Kmlth. W. J  lliovea.
Work   uiul. i laken    In    cily    .ml    outxWIe
ik.IiiIk.   211-12   Wenl minimi   Truat   Bid*.
I'hune  184.     P.  O.   Box  007.
In Probate.
ihr  Matter  of  the  Estate  nt   Thomas
Johnson, late of thc City of New Westmlnstel-, Deceased.
NOTICE   IS   HEREBY   OIVEN   that   all I
creditors and otner persons having ;
elaiui.   nr  iliMiiamls  .-njaiiisi   tie-   estate   nfl
ithe above named  Thomas..Johnson^ late  waB awarded and $500 attorney'
 I    l'l'O
   ��� i-.'iis.'d.  win
.no dayof Si'in-'inher. l;in.!t0 jj -,00  for the fase
hostllo   bowlhouse   Saturday j d('r cr"i) 'llul
large numbers of stock    liis    district
lias the rest of the prairie farms beaten  OUt  of  tlle  field.
Last winter the stock wire not
tak'-n in until January 2, and were
eut again by March    1, and   horses
ollur   than     bleeding     mares     never
I lays down me 'bees and
! honey' on ile 'netir and far' for au 'O,
.my  dear.'   when  a   inoocher  pulls  ile
black nrt wit' me jitney. 1 slams him
lln de 'up and beneath.'  Dat's why me
lett lunch hook Is all to de fritz. Den
!l  blows quick and buys meself a Jim
my Skinner. I tries lo slide past del come in at all but tasily find a good
lookout, but lie gives ine the once- living for themselves. The tempera-1
over and makes me cough, Dat's why !,���-,, goe6 ,]������,, at times to BO below j
I'm   up  here   frr  lie   mulligan.     Am   1 | _,,ro   t)llt   ,,���.   animals   appear   not   to J
mind this au tlu- inr is still, and such
a slorm as that which wan shaking
the houses of Victoria yesterday Ib
unknown in tlie cold  weather
ntltiK KiiKlneeiN, Loeal 1.12. m.-elH In
l-ihnr Temple every llrsl un.l third
Thursday of ih" month. II  UoLauahlla,
president l   W.   C.   Maunders.     meri'tMry,
P. O.  Ilex  62(1.
II. A P. O of Rika of Ihe I' ef C, maat
tlie flret und third Thursiliiv at S p. i_l.
K. of P. Hall, BlKhlh strsst. A Weik
iirny. Exalted Ruler; P. II. Hmlth. haa-
re lury.
I.. O. O. M.. NO. S84���MEETB ON
flret, aecond. third and fourth Wedne*-
-liy In each month at 8 p. m.
In lhe Moose Home. H J. Inmr,
illetator; W. J. Qrovet, s��er#tiiry.
Il.*ail.|iiiirterw nf lodire In Bea llouaa,
corner of Fourth and Carnurven atrn-ia
���ul who
������nirt Of
ilrillsh Columbia on the thirtieth ,
uw.  ...  October.  1013, and to whose real bee,  in  1909.    Mrs.  Bessette came to
^55W^iSJ^^^^ |^>^ l"rTu' w,i,!l ,"or b.mWer'
James Johnson 6f-the City of New West- Sylvester   Morln,  a   loeal   contractor,
minster aforesaid, are horeby reoulred to two years ago.   No mention was made
mlnUtrator ��iili  the wlll annexed, on  or I complaint.    Hu testified  yesterday he
beforo the 2nd day_of January, 1914. a^the |had located the townsite of New Bed-
Mass., and had already sold lots
undermentioned address, aftei  wlile.i datelford
tin- said administrator with  tie*  will nn-   .      ,,. ������.     _,        ,., ���, ,
nexed will proceed lo distribute the nssets   tor **0,000.    Depositions will bi
i.f   the   said   Thomas   Johnson,   deceased  in  Massachusetts to aid the juilg" in
i;^^ir,'i";;,i!,*,i::,,.,;:'i:;'-,;i M^ Kcidi5s *����� -���* <** ** wwrty the
o! which he shall then havp haH notice and wire snculd receive.
the siiut administrator with  the will an- ������ .���.
nexed will iini be liable foi  the assets <n"
ilu- said Thi mias Johnson, decensicdi or any   np AF put cup  ukic\j*/
pan  thereof bo distributed to any  person : otAF- BUT SHE KNEW
or persons of whose claims oi demands he
n.'t              h.'iyt*^**^*^*^-^-^-^^^^^^
The  springs are  from  cue  to  two j
weeks earlier than    in   tie'   middle
west,  and  tlie autumn     frosts    come
three  weeks  laler.     Not   till  October
last year, did the first Host arrive1,
.-.,_,..,   ,....... m  ....... ..��.. _���_.   t0     OUt    down     tomato.
down for the presidency of Local No. Ibeans and peas. Corn ts doing well |
'.'2. International Alliance of Itinerant i there, even on land broken for the
Workers. Miss Alice Lord, secretary , first time and promises Immense
of   the   local   Waitresses'   union,   was, crops as the  land  is   worked  deeper.
I. O. O. r, AMITT l-ODOB Nil. Jf���Tbs
rejruliir meeting ot Amity lortg�� No.
27, I. O. O. P., la held every Monday
niKiit sl S o'clock In Odd ivtlnws' [lall
oorner Carnarvon and Rt-gluh atreeta.
visltliiK brothem cordially Invited.
It. A. Mrrnthew, NO.; II. IV Hamrsttr,
V. (). i W, C. Coatham. P. fl , record
Ins seei.'tiirv: J. W. Macliomild. financial secretary.
nounced  that  the election  of officers!
v.as in order.
Walter  Thurber  tried   to  stampede
the   motley    crew     of    hoboes,    but)-
'Shorty," liolio de luxe, won out hands  '
i-iioten  secretary  and Mrs.  Krank W
Cotterill,  wife of  the  mayor's  broth-
was elected treasurer.
Wild hay grows in profusion and tin
ranchers could cut any quantity of ii
I If lhr rt- was any  market or means of
.,..,..     ��� W.   K.   l-'AI.KS���Pioneer  Funeral   lilrctoi
pOUIOi .-. |     and    Hnbalmer.   ��12-iti   Amies   atr_.it
iippoMl... Curneale Library.
ler A Hanna. Ltd.)���Fun.-ral directors
Hnd etnbelmere. Parlora 40r. Columbia
Strsst,    New   Weatmlnster.     Phone   -III
Mrs,   Com rill   based   her   right   to  gelling it out.
membership in the hoboes' local to tbe
fact  that  she  once  talked  a  railroad
Th.   Dominion  governmenl   Is supplying pure  bred   Bires    to    districts
WHAT HE CALLED HER   Conductor out of a ride.   Mrs. Cotterill j where enough ranchers can lie got to
j.ieuies she ever -spread  herself on a  K,.tiur t0 form an institute vhlch can
ished housekeeping rooms, also one
furnished bedroom for single lady.
one-half block from Twelfth street
���car line. Fourteenth avenue, east of
Twelfth streel.    Modern. c_r>-lfj|
75c.   l'er, enpv   till   .Inn.   lllll-
K.   Herilni..   hit   Hamilton
Westminster,   B.C.,   or   any
stores.    Discount to the trad.
Address !���
St.,     New
if   tlie   book
(2616) ,
girl, was granted a decree of dli-or*--*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ from  E. Stauffcr by Judge I  li. Sui
NOTICE Is hereby given that tlie part-1 Hvan  yesterday,
nershlp heretofore  subsisting  between  us|     In answer to a written lift of ques
ster Hoard of Trade meets In tha board
ro.Hn, City Hall, aa follows; Third Frt-
duv of i-uch month; quart.sly in.-.alii0
on Ihe third Friday of Fehrimry. May,
Augiiiit and November at I p rn. Annual ne-.-tiiiKM on the third Friday of
February. (J. II. Btuart Wade.
".It's   some   old   clolie   at   dat,"   re- .___���_________________________________________________________________________________________
arked a mulligan-filled "bo" when     _     L.'r9 > ���,|w?7 l0 .vo"l'������      ; specifications,  aorkkmkntr  or
���h,.  sons  of  vicahondla   faded     awav       Ornnde   iTU.rle     lieu   about     flft.-r-n       n��\,., D��*A*, Business l-ett.-m. pic ; ott*
the  sons  or  taRubondla   tailM    away on   ^  nM   ffom   ,.,,,_������:     Pll|���r work a|-*cl.llst    All work strleUy
'and about 200 miles as the crow flies |    ^l^J^'^-^'-V'* ""*���
from  :he Labor Temple yesterday
nershlp  heretofore  subsisting  in iw.ii   uw i     in answer to a -.-.iiut-ii  mm. ui on,---,
the undersigned Charles F. Hardl ig, Stan-   tjnns   presented   by   the  attoniev   ami ! 'ernnon anil sought their various "flop  Md :itl,1��- -"" miles us tne crow rues i
ley n. Simpson and Perley A. Jones, trad- ^        written  hv  the   ludaa   tha  wit   houses." '".nt  Fori Oeorge;  and it. Is Mr. Pat-
mder the firm name and style of I ino����   ������*��� W -*<*> Judge, the wit  _  [terson's hops thai while hcii  he may
tnli   nil
I   ������    tl '
I'll.-   Driving   Company.   ,
1 Ilssolveia   by   mutual |
said    firm   known   as   111.'
rooms to rent. Apply 1_. St. Oeorge
strr-et. I _f.3_ I
housekeeping rrom, cheap. Apply
301 Columbia street. (2488)
tend at the n.-si meeting of the  Boar
of License Commissioners to apply for a
transfer   from   myself,   Charles   s.'i.watui, , ���-,- ,.---,-.      .     .
to John K. MacKenzie and Bruce Loop, of   1'    Harding havlni
the   r.-lall   Ilu.lor   license   of   th.'   Colonial , n.-rshl.-
hotel In tills eliv. I , Dated at  New  Westmlnst��
CHARLES  SCHWAHN, n���'  da>' ri1 i'"',,mi''.'.���, )    '.
(2383) ADDltcsnt  ' ' HMihlv
New W .--������*-   "������    m-"  V.i,   iinii PERLEr A. JONES
ii   i*
sl minster, B.C.,  Nov
1 li 1 ?,
to rent try an ad. In this column.
k��>plnt; nwtw, $1(1 and $la per
JKii.nih at __4 Seventh street. (2ri-__i
Telephones:  Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
nesr wrote!
"My  husband   abused   me  after  we; SAW THE pEAD PILED
jlFraset  River I'll- Driving Company shall I WW* married at Portland   .lune,  HUH. up  L1K�� COHDW0OD
* b'- ei.-ria on l.v tho said Peril y A   Jones   iie   called   me   'old   sport    anil   olher 	
antf._Bt��nhv.B. -""SSS^^s^tl^wt:!^1? """iS ����* ���tt?1SL*S? n,^?T Um%       Spokane.   Dec.   _      Prisoners   stood
jlf 1 spoke to another msn he would       'j:i a rmv a,,(l sll0, down ,,v th,.,r
accuse me of being unfaiMful to h.m   ,.t,.)lors  was  the  sight  witnessed  by
ii was necessary for me to take work-
in order to support, myself."
STANLEY    I!    SIMPSON When   asked   to   explain   how     sho
Witness:    GLApTS   DICK. (2&30) tcould    tell    what    her husband    and
m*tj*****m^SCSSSS* ^sgES^SSSSSt * friends had said to her the witness ex-
 plained sho was able to read lips.
IN    THE    SUPREME    COURT    OF i    Antoinette Saraign. a sister-in-law to
BRITISH      COLUMBIA. Uj^ j  Hums, police captain, was grant-
9d  a  divorce  when  she  testified   her
In  the matter of the estate of  Ben.  A.  .     banr,   ,lad   refuged   ,,,   provWe   for
Wad., deceased Int.'stat.-. _,, , ,_   ,        ,,   .
an.l I her.    They formerly resided at liulte,
In the-matter   of   So    "Admlntstratlon | Mont, and Nelson, B. C.
be able to convince the governmenl
|ol liritish   Columbia   and Its peopleicorbould. orant a UoCOLL, uar-
lliat   tlu-  natural outlet  tor all  the In  I     rl.iter*. Holleltors, etc.    10 _.orrie tttreat,
exhaustible supplies   of   agricultural     ]*''���* w.-stminsur.   o  kl Corbould, k.
, , ,,      .,   __   '.     ii.    J.   R. tjiant.    A.   B,  MoOoll.
proline." from the  Peace river comitr> ;-_______________-___^__.	
is on the British Columbia lit..ral. andUoAM SMITH JOHNSON, iivititiSTEH-
thaf  a railwav construct.'d from  11  to. ,.t-i,iw,  Solicitor, eta    Bolicitor for the
fi om.el   wllh  llm Cr-inil  Trunk or  P��   i """'i    "f    N iiiieouK-r.      iiriie.n,     Mcr-
conneci ���inn tne i.r.inu  iidiih or in ,.|,;,���t, n���,]h Building, New Westmin*.
ciflc Great   Bastorn   would  bring all t.r,  nc.   Telephone No.  ioto.    Oshla
this   produc���   down   to   Vancouver   or Jddrcse     ������Johnston."     Code     Western
Victoria   al    an    expenditure   which
Lelgb lnman. a Spokane man. near
Juarez, Mexico, last week, according
io a   letter received  from  him  yester
While  in  Spokane  lnman  was  well ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
known as an athlete and as coach of  should   lessen  the  cost  of living and-\v.   F,   HANHFoill),   BARRISTER   so-
"'   nt the same time pay a larger rate of i    " "        "    ��� ...
h   profit   to  the  fanner.     Hay  could   bei
supplied  In  any quantity, and as  the
population flows In  every other kind |
if agricultural  produce wlll  be avail-;
the North Central high school football
team. He Is the son of Mrs. Sa
lnman. proprietress of the Spokane
Soda Bottling works, to whom the let
tei  cami
Mellor. eir., Colllster Block,
iiini.iii ami McKensle streets
inlnsiir. HC. P. O. Bon
phone 3(4.
corner Cols', w Wi��t-
:��.     T*e-
order ,
2Hth !
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Kugiiii-s,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile  Repairs.
Office and  Works:   Tenth   St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
From Vancouver for Victoria.
M:��0 an Daily
*:��������  p.ra Dally
H:4b  p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
t0:00 am Dally
U.00 a.ra Daily
From  Vancouver for  Nanalmo.
8:00   pm Daily
Nanalmo,  Union  Bay and Comox.
���9:80 am Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union  Bay,  Powell   River.
UilS a ni Kvery  Saturday
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:09 p.m Kvery Baturday
���Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:90 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:90 a.i<. Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
in* at (.inula in the Ciulf Islands.
KD. Gouij-rr, Agent. Ntw Westmlnstel
H.  W.  HUtlltlK   ,1.   p.  A...   VsncniVHr
Itc  Blur'!;:-   V ':,, ',    J, :i,  ](i and   12    ol
Bum i r 8, -.v  ',. Section 18, Town
rffc.il  s.
A CertUcate ol Ind. r-easlble Title to
tka above property wlll be Issued to
Mel.ei Louisa Playfalr i n the 31sl daj
c��f. Deoember, 1913, unless In the mean
>tirqe a valid obj*** t in Im made lo me
in writ ing by a person or persons
ciajmiii,.; an i stai- or interest therein,
or iu any pan thereof
.1. C, GWYNN,
District Registrai ol Titles.
J_and Itegintry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., N  ���
15th, 1913,
The peraon or   persons   bavlng   in
'loir cnsKxly or possession the follow
mg Title  Deeds relating to tbe said
pivpeilj are reQjjeeted to deliver   the
xain*. lo the undersigned.
17th January, 1 x7!>. Crown grant tQ
<ik>rdon Parmer Dafoe of s. W. !4.
i����t,..:i in. Township s.
17th January, inl'i. Oordon Parmer
l>afoo to Ueorge Marshall, conveyance
in f e ni ihe B.W. 10 acres of s.w.'i
Bectton !S, Township S.
"lat December, i(ni;i. Cordon Parmer
liafon to Jack Miller, conveyance iti
tfe<- of H. part of S.W.t4, Section    18.
Tu-wnship K.
24th September, W04, Oordon Par-
tiii.t Dafoe to .lack Miller, conveyance
ii tee wirt of S. W, ._, Section IS,
Township 8.
HUi Kf'tiruary, l!��n5. Jack Miller tr>
tvavid WrlKht. conveyance In fee of
the t-ouDi portion of S. W. Vx "1 Sec-
t.itn IK, Township 8, except 10 acres
i  17*1       District Refilsfirar of Titles.
NOTICE Is hereby irlv.n Hint hy
of   Mr.   ./.istlee   Morrison,  dated   tne
dav   of   Nov.-nil.. ���*.    A.    I>     111*!.    Chi
n.-ori;.* Major. Official Administrator,
appointed  Administrator of  the estal
| Ben.   A.   Wade,   late  of  lhi   i Ity  of   .-..-.v
Westminster.   In   the  Province   of   British
. lolumbi i. <}. *���' ased Intestate.
And noli.-.- Is hereby further given thai
all persons Indebted to th.. above estate
are romiired to nov th'* ..mount of ih. Ir
Indebtedness forthwith, to the said Charlea
George Minor, and thnt all nersons hav-
! oIiik claims against the said estate are
required to presenl them verified hv statu*
Itorv declaration on or before tie- 2nd day
of .liimiar.'. a. n.. 1914, to the said Charles
. , .Oeorge Major, nft**r which date the said
of the] Charles George Mn lor will nr.u .1 to distribute the assets of  the sai'l  .-state,  hav-
renewal of license|pnr���^%^ithlmCh "l:'""S M m "'""
SSaSl0!!?  aoR thB "��/:altCity  ��0te1'   WtSwiDB.   EDMOMDS     &     WHITE-
situated  al  corner of f ustoms  House;        SIDE,
the I Solicitors for the    said    f'harks    Oeorge
Notice Is hereby Riven that I intend j
to apply at the next    sitting
Licensing Hoard for the City of New
Westminster for -J
to sell  Honors by retail on tlle prem-
26th day of November, A   D,
Young lnman tells his    experiences .able in  ever increasing quantity
[during a r:fnl-mile automobile trip from [    At present shipping out Eo the east. '
KI   Paso  Texas,   where  he   Is   in   the  via     Edmonton,     means    such    limit'
automobile business, tn driving United journeys by train and so mnny translates government officials on an ln- shipments tliat the profit is reduced I
Bpection  ot  the  border,    Tin'  letter to vanishing point before the ultimate
says: markets are readied.
-1 just returned to Kl Paso last nlcht,    The ,,_,.���,, rjvp_ r(������,;-,. ,,.,, ,,,r,,
after having, been gone rive days.on | alternatives, the rom,. , la Bdmon
slile ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Went*
minster Trust Blk.. Columbia ����r����t.
N-ftr Westminster, B. 0. OablS addr������
"Whlleslde." Western Ufllon P O.
:>rnwer 20S. Telephone St W. J.
WblK-sMe. K C. | H. U Kllinonda. l>-
Choicest    of     Brake      Ecam     Babel
Turned Loose In Swarmfcst
at Seattle.
ton, hy Hudson bav and by the Pa-
r t c ocsst -v-d Mr, Patterson believes thai   the  people of  Hritish Co-
luii'ii a   -ill see the wisdom of cap-
I riii; Its 'raile and at the same time
���duclng tho cost of their own pro-
vlslons.   Tn do this a railway to con
Square and  Columbia  Street,  in
said City of New  Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. 8, 1913.
an automobil" trip that took me wlihln
j a   mile  and   it   half  of   where   the  big
battle  was fouuht Iii Juarez  last Sat*
I urday'   I saw one ol the bloodiest battles   of   the   whole   war.     The   rebels
j marched into the city and  then    the
slaughter began,    l  saw them stand
the captured prlsonor? i;;> aei"i��*t thn^	
city  wall  and  turn   the Hring squad  n'?et v-.'11' either Port Oeorge or som- ,
Seattle   Dec   2     *" *"" ********   *������- ''"f51" ��n them.    I counted eight dead  ether point along the (!. T. P. will be I
die  stiffs,  pikers,    turnpiserB,    nuny l d|.g ��� ,iPt.n 	
rats,   working  stiffs,   ringtails,   mush lies Into it afur they had'been laying lln  advocating  and   promoting  this.  ��
-lout In the het sun for two days." new channel of trade may be quickly
 attained, for settlers are pouring in
ECONOMICAL  WEATHER Th��� Qr!tn,��� Pra|r)��� d|_trla |l]r,.:ulv
I J. STtLWBUi CI.UTE. 1-errlst. r-at-law.
syiiouor. etc.; corner Columbia an-s
������I* *.;��� url.. streeta. New Weatmlaster.
B. C.   P. O. Bos  III.    Telephone   71*.
.-solicitor and Notary. i>ffi.���� Iters
block. 21 Lome street. New WeatmlB-
ster. B. C.
Blanket surfs, bin- plled ,,p like t.o much"cortwood. They necessary and, If the British Colum
turnpikers,    gully|5ug a (|p(,,, hole and dumped the bod-1bla government  and  people will  Join
Banisters and Solicitors. ��06 to fit
Westminster Trust Blnck. ll. K. Martin.   W.  a.   McQuarrie   and  Oeorc*  l_
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105
Librarian Warted.
Applications wlll be received bj the
undersigned up lo .". p.m. if the 15th
of Decern!) r, 1913, for the position of|saiil A'rts. i
Librarian al tho   Public    l.ilirar;    in
tin., City.
Applicants   must    state    qualifications,  Balary  required and give good
i * [en i.ee:-.
W. A. IHNCW. City Clerk.
City Hall, New Westminster. B.C.,
November 28, 1913. (2490)
tatuti rj Mi etlng or the Board
Ui     ii    <'r mmlsstoni rs   will   be
IN THE MATTER of the "Credll
I .Ih  Act"  and  amending   Acts,
Chiistofldla of  the Cilv "I   New  Westminster, in the Provln.-.- ul British Columbia, carrying on htisltn-H.-. ns a  Baker and
Ore r al iin- said City ..f New W.stmln-
ster, has by deed dated tie* 18th day of
November, A D. 1918, made an assl mae-nt
under tbe "Creditors' Trust le-.-ils Act"
and emending Acts of all hls real and
personal propcrtVi credits and effects
which mav be soir,".! or sold or attached
un.l. r execution or the "Execution Act'
or i.ii.-o'lii!.. in. lo Hnrvey Milton Btrelght,
n' the .'ii* nf New Westmlnsfr afor-ssld
f..i tin* general benefit <<i Ms creditors
,\ meeting ol his creditors will be held
nt tl fflc of Mi ssrs "���'��� ' il le, Edmonds   f.    WMtcsId".    Han    Block.   New
Wi  nnl   B.C., on Thur-M iy. tbe 1Mb
���ii*    .i   I. .* mber.   1911,  at   ���'.������  i	
1:00 o'i in   r*.    ni ii"i * Ive
.i statement ol  nir-tlr*.. to appoint  tnsprc-
i.'*.   nnd fi     the ordering "r  the affairs
n  -.iii   generalty
. 'redlton    an    rt i u.-st* 1   t i   fil.-   th.-lr
elali   ��� with 'ix   Assl mee, wltb thi   pi....f*.
ti      i it i i *,i, .*���    .... n of,   ri Mi -r. .1   l.v   f
r before the date
mi, . 11 t11_:.	
!    And notice  Is further Riven  that after
i th..  inili dav  or January,   cm.  the  Assignee  i*in   pn il  in distribute  the  nils..tn   of   lln-   debtor  amongst   the   (.nrtl.s
entitlefl   thereto,   having   regnrd   onlv   lo
tlie 1-IiiIitik of which notice shall th��n hnve
been given, and thai Ite wlll not  be liable
I for the nssets or anv part thereof so dlH-
trlhuti I '.. anv person <.r nersons ol whose
claim he shnll  not  then  have bad notice,
Dated tils Both day of November, A.D.
i:.,r.i Asslgnei
Notice Is hereby given Hint I intend
fakerR. gaycats, tramp hooka, one In
 ildhstrial Shirker of lhe World, and Jeff
j Davis. King of the Hoboes of North
America, did a great ciiiBter at the l>a-
bor Temple Sunday afternoon and
Trust I dipped Into positively the biggest mulligan ever concocted on either hemisphere since the lat-e Mr. Noah embarked on hiB historic voyage.
After a century of "boes" and been
fed, King Davis called the meeting to
MAN   NEEDED  THERE |haJ n I>0p,,ia'tion of between five and j
.,f such
Lcndon, Dec ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In with a nasty drizzling rain, anil an
".���xpert" has calculated for us what
the rain on Saturday afternoon costs.
In the first place he estimates that It
_____ j      . ,slx thousand, while POUOa Coupe, onl
Saturday has come|onB y���ar old hM upwar(.., 0, a tho���
order and laical 22. International Alii-'means  that  Ihe  reduction   in  attend
ance of Itinerant Workers, was launched  Into  permanent orKimization.
Hut before the organisation was effected nad while t"ie intilllpnn was be
auce at football matches reaches a
to'al of at least 1.10,000 of the cheaper patrons, because some people will
not stand In the wel even to s"e. foot
lng   conenmed,   thorn   who   witnessed'ball, and  thia, at sixpence per bead,
represents ��3,760, ri<ud loss lo the
chief clubs. Further be nays that It
may be taken for granted that a similar number contrail violent cold.-!.
Influenza and so on from standiim
aboul for two hours in the rain and
on wet ground, and he says that on
in average each (nan pays three visits to a doctor, while some die and
SOmo   bave   Ioiik   illnesses.     Tlle  cost
of medical treatment he reckons al
four shillings and sixpence each, and
tlie loss of lime at least five shillings
each, so that he reaches a grand
total of something ahfut ��76,000 lost
amongs! football enthusiasts through
the f'r iir were treated to some of
the e!" ieerl hol.o slang that ever came
ovc" the pike.
Shortly afier 3 o'OlooS the "boes" lie-
e*.n t..-�� coagulate at the Labor Temple.
Most of them bad blown Into town on
the rods, but promts id to ride on In
standard i.'.
it was a sight for Hie gods to see
the boes gather and swap their ex-
One gnarled "lo." tbort of stature.
with vagabond Is wrii large on his face,
carried a stick ami limoed slightly.
Why Tbs Bo Limped
This Is the way he explained  it to
bis audience
on which tlieir favorites are playing.
held in  the Municipal  Hall on Wed- W0 apply *nl  tbe nexl  Bitting of thi
day,   Di i * qber  10th,   1913, al     10
o'i lock in iiu* foreni on,
Cleric to the  in,nnl of  License ('n)')
Edmonds, B.C . Not i mb r 27th, 1913
'...J! I
Hoard of License Commissioners for
the City of New Wesiminster for a
bottle license and a wholesale license
for tiie snle of Illinois in and upon
tbe premises sllusted upon Lot b. cf
City Block 24, in the said Olty of New
Westminster, B.C.
Datetl this 10th dav of November, 1013
"I'm hound from Butt* to Seattle Inia wel Saturday, All Of wlilch is very
a gondola when fle iiicli gets fuz/y. i Instructive, but which will not keep
We doen a clutch and I done a Hrodle | enthusiasts away from the grounds
to de sandy hot: im and puts me Wee-
ton on de blink 1 gets In touch wit'
de butchers ami --.ei fixed up wit' de
dope and de  rags.    I   wudda  bin all ! Pay. r.ig Fine.
lo de clean, but I falls for de angel I    Mlnneapi lis, Dec, 2    The Cream
"Un keeper gets fuzzy and gives me Package Manufacturing compnny, ot
0e hoosegow md de n.'xt day de gink Mankato, It Is said, will pay to the
on de perch bunds me five rockets, clerk of courts of Sti 11 county u $10,
Me   fer  do  bullpen, !000   flnn    toii'-rrnv.     Tiie    company
"1)t* kepper gets fu/zy and gives nie j was recently convicted of Violating th"
the thumbs-town,   i slams him in   de anti-trust laws.
pns-'i  and  then   it's   ine  fer  de  water j 	
diet   nnd  Siberia.    After I'm  given  aj Record with Autoboat.
vacation I goes Into a bowlhouse, AM I par[8| ]���.,., i,_paul Tlssandler
I got is a hoop In me keck, I meets yesterday beat the worlds record for
a coupla of yegga who mooches me fer g'pMd nn m���t in a test with liis new
-   icut la   FUdS.   I   tries   tO  shake   em   , glider niilcbont at Trli**'.. on    the
Call and inspect our fal
lines and new rail styles ant
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St
COAL MININO lights of the Domlnlr*
In Manitoba, Haskatchewan an.l Alberta,
ths Yuttnn Terrtlory, ths Northwest Tsr-
rltorles and In ��� portion of ths Provtnn
of Hritish Columbia, may be leased (er a
term of twenty-one years at an annual
rental ot $1 an acre. Not mere than ISM
; acres will bs leased to ono appll-artl
Application for a lease must  tw mads
I by ttie applicant ln person to the  Aa*at
��� nr Hub Am-nt ot Iho district In wblcb Uu
rletits applied for are situated.
| In surveyed territory thr land must bt
described  by  sections,  or  |.mil  aub-dlvt-
I stuns of sectluns, and In unsun-eysd (rr-
i illory the tract applied for shall ba
Htakeil out by the applicant btinself.
| Kach application muat lie aecompantae
ky a fee ot tt which will be refunded It
ihe rights applied for are not n ml labia,
hut not otherwise. A royalty shall ba
paid on the merchantable output of tbs
mine ut the rata of five ceut-i per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent wllh sworn return*
decoupling for the Cull quantity of mer-.
.���Iiantnble ooal mined and pay tha royalty thereon. If the ooal mliihig rletrte
are not bclns operated aucb nl urns should
tie furnished at least once a year.
Thc lease will Include the caul mlnlne
rlahts only, but the leasee will be par-
'ul-Meil te purchase whatever available
eirfaee righta may ba considered necea-
���..ry for Ihe working of the mine at tbe
rate of IIU an acre
Por full Infnrnntlnn appllestlon suouM
he msde to the Becretar/ of lb-. Depart-
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
.Kent or Bub-Agent of Dominion  t��nda.
W. W. cmtT,
Deputy Minister of tbe Inlerlnr..
I     V   p.���Unauthorised public Mien of tbla
idvertlsement will not be paid for.
City Voters' List. 1914.
Notice i.. hereby glvnn thai lhe
Court, of Revision on the above
Voters' 1,1st will bo held at the
Council Chamber, City Hall, t ��� the
10th dav of Dec.mber. 1 Sift, at 10 a.m.
\V. ... DUNCAN,
when dey stampedes we wit' n ��al and   S(,i.,,
rolls me for me kale. l'    .   '
"After tint I'm doin' a Johnny Hayes ,     ""
nlonR de pike when  I  sights a swell  "our
hut.    I  fix up me  moeklni! spiel, but
when  I hltH do place on the knob de
queen of de dump gives mfl the royal
turndown.    After ftettln' dat thumbs.
Ile iittnlind nn average aye
kilometers    <5S..">    in lies)    an
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA, Mgr- \U
Exclusive  agent for  II.   Ohashl   ftjdown I Krab a John O'Brien and deck
Co.,    New    York,    manufacturers    of . it Into dls burg."
City Cltii-  Typewriter Hacking Klieeta.   Cnibntil   After a prober amount of condolence
City    Hal!.    New*  Westminster, B. (.'..  Papers.  Itlbbons.  etc.     Mall   addieas, ,11��(J been spMleil hy hla auditors "The
December  1.  1813,
(2515) [Drawer  110   New  Westminster.
I St  Paul Kid" Itt li. be known that ho
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of ell kinds.
Prices right.   Hstlsfuctlon guaranteed
5�� MeKemle St
Transfer Co.
Office  Phene  115.      Barn Phene  II'
Begble Streel.
Hassans Delivered Promptly le
any ptrt of tbe city
Light and Heavy Hauling
citv or New wesfMimrss if
Read - Ihe - News
When you take your
Eastern Trip
yuu may as well travel tn comfort
and at minimum cost. We can prove
Ihls,   Call ou
K. notll.lBT. Auont.
New Westminster
II. W. IIHOI.IH. U. I'. A.,  Vsuoouter.
��> Wednesday, December 3, 1��11
���aaa   eevti*
Gothenberg and Bergen Plans to Control Traffic Considered at Length���
Commente of Investigators.
Bremerton, Dec. 2. -After binding I
and tagging Harry (ireenup. assistant
postmaster,   shortly   after   11   o'clock j
Sunday  night, a lone  bandit,  masked
and armed, looted the pom office Bafe j
of V',i".    Three hours later Greenup j
worked hlini'flf free of ills bonds and
gave  the  alarm  and   detectives   were J
dispatched  to  scour  the  city  for the
Greenup was working on bin books
lecreased  1"  H'liae countries  and  ,.iu.t.k|n(,  uu  t*le  cash   wh,.n  the
buudlt approached In the darkness and
covered the assistant postmaster with
commenting on tlie report and on lh
System in general, sayB:
Quebec, Dec. 2. Tlie Gothenberg
uud Bergen systeiiiB or controlling the
liquor traffic, as proposed in the report of the license commission which
has recently been presented to the
legislature of the province of Que-
l>ec, Tor trial In the smaller centres Of
thu province, are particularly Interest-
The outstanding features of ther,..
systems Which have been tried In Nor
way and .Sweden with great success,
in that the lliiunr traffic is controlled
not by prlvlta Individuals for Individual gain, but by a company, whose
shareholders are all favorablo to tern
perance. All the profit from tlie sale
of liquor I'o.'s to the state aud to tbe
municipalities at proportions fixed byj!,
Ihe law. Tiie working of these systems bus resulted in bringing about a
groat degree of sobriety among the
people, while In 1834, lt is estimated
���45,000,000 gallons of alcohol were consumed  In  Sweden alone
These systems take their nameB
from tlie towns from whicb tliey originated: C.otbi .iberg, in Sweden, and
Bergen, In Norway. The Bergen system is practically the same aB the
other with a few modifications. The
object of the systems Is to eliminate
from the traffic the Incentive of gain,
and therefore tho whole control of the
llnuor traffic Is placed In the handB of
the companies composed oT temperance people who "monopolize' 'the traffic, turning over the profits to the
government and tho municipality.
The municipalities determine tho number of licenses In each town, and the
companies pledge themselves to carry
on  the  traffic  In  tho publlc  Interest.
We  draw   from   our  utiidy   of  the
question  tbe conclusion  tiiat alcohol-
luiii  Iuib	
for three reasons: First, owing to
the temperance campaign; second, ow-
'lng to the taking away from tndlvld-
I mils the Inducement of gain: third,
owing to l_e lessening of Hie number mai:t
Iof drinking places.
"But for two reasons we enn not rec-
jnmmcnd   its  adoption   throughout  Hie
I Whole   province.     Klrst,   because   this
|System   dOU   not   meet   with   the   approval   of  an   important  purl  of  our
Real  Live Siberian Story from Three
Rivers���Prtd  Enyder Lost Several Times.
Ottawa,   Dec.
A   real   live   well
"���Sit'right where you are and don't |Htor> was brought into the city yes
move or I'll 1:111 you," an-,
nounced the thug quietly Hu then
proceeded to stuff a towel in Greenup's mouth and lashed hlm to a chair
with a strip of cloth torn from a window shade. In his fligiu the highwayman dropped $76.     ���
For thrie hours Greenup tugged at
his bandages, and eventually succeeded in freeing himself sufficiently to
a telephone and  notify the po-
poptilntlon, whicli ,cannot mimi; that
the state ehould constitute Itself, as
tbey term It. a truder In alcohol; Becond, because the system has not yet j reac|,
been tried In Hritish possessions. Although persons ��f eminence have rec
onion nded a trial of ll In Kngland
aud Scotland, no practical attempt In
Ithls direction has yet been made save
the shape of the i'ubllc House
I'rust Movement,' the results of which
are sti!! uncertain, and public opinion
here Is not prepared for so radical a
change. Nevertheless, we believe that
Bome trial of It should be made without  affecting  local  autonomy."
The report of the lleeiiBe commission whicli is a lengthy and bulky
manuscrlp. Ib none the Iobb Important
in presenting Its view on the subject
of the control of the liquor traffic in
the province of Quebec, the members
hiving  made  a  careful  Btudy  of  the
sin, .ion as It affects that particular  "_, 0ecreas<, in curreru t m09t
aection   of   the   country.     Ihe   report ���,  whlch   ,���,,,_  ,,mvever   b<.  -,.*,���  up
terday by George ripargow, of Three
Rivers. It Involve*, a story of misad
venture which provoked a good deal
of hard thinking aud talking on the
pait of the victims, but the Iobb of
nothing more than  Beveral ordinarily
reliable tempers.
Uae!.   of     beyond,    somewhere    In
Cbesley township, near the Soo,  is
���       _. ,, _ _.  ,  ... .    . i the  Kddy-Glynn camp,  where a great
Ice.   The  robber reached   tt..- pos.of-. ���., ���   '     _   ���,  th     w00dg     The
CUM through  the basement  after first  f ,   tn(, ,     _     ^    h
having  cut out two panels of a rear ���_.��� _t c|_rk   .-_ ,,/ro of f__ _tory
The thug was masked and Greenup''8  Frtd  Sn*ilX"' not unkn0*n In Ot-
was unable to furnlsii a good descrip:     ,a' ,     , _ ���
tlon of hls assailant.    Seattle and Ta-'    1'a8t  we,;k t,1,,r�� ��as a nice fal1 ��'
coma police were aBked to join In tlielaIIOW   and   Mr-   Snyder   hankered   for
Bcar.h for the bandit.                               I some  sport.     He   took   his  best  rifle
                 jand -started out on a deer hunting expedition.    Mr. Snyder's route lay due
south, but  in a fit of absent minded
ries_  be  headed   due  north.    After a
  ;few   licurs he  was  surprised  that  he
The following statement from the,|,ad lound no deer and had al.o lost
city treasurer's offices shews tin. bis way. About the same time It
receipts ln all departments at the city started to get dark and Mr. Snyder
hall. While this year's total Is less beard the unwelcome music of a pack
than  la_t's,  thla Is due solely to thf '0f wolves, apparently set on his trail.
countrv.     Thi	
firs to the fact that a few years ago durliig""December;
Quebec  declared   against    prohibition      -_\ fitateiIlCnt ���.
by a tremendous majority.    Sum.--   of p_rmi.
the more important recommendations :,.     J
, of the commission  Include the follow-  f ;"'"���!:r8
lng points:
The gradual elimination of the present kind of refreshment rooms, also
the counters and barB. and the substitution  therefor of cafes of the  Kuro
Current taxes  ...
Tax  arrears   	
Tha Individual members of the compa-1_  ;~'~~-.~  siz      .���   .  ,i�� u.ni  ini���rr-,m~,. ,���
Dies  receive T, per cent,   inteerst on' *��",n '���*-*���   *****   th,'re   "re   tables U^ Improvement
^^^^^^^^^^                anil  chairs. .taxes   ...
The reduction of the number of hotel Light  roll   .
licenses In  Montreal  from  47:1  to '.!50 Water  roll
generally three or five. ;n,ld   th<'   ll"t''1   llncen8e8   ln   Quebec
 per cent.   inteerBt  on
capital Invested in the concern.
"The monopoly" of the company aa
it Is called. Is granted for several
years at a time,
22.00 i
3 4 2.:'. (I
802.60 !
323.00 ;
Ihe municipality controlling the opera
tions of the company, which must sub-1
mlt to all the regulations the munlcl-;
pallty   makes,   which   are   subject   to'
royal sanction
In Sweden alone ln 1834 there werej.
one   hundred   and   seventy   thousand!"
private still-, a figure more than three
hundred and  fifty times as great as
the number Of bars in the province of
Saskatchewan  at    the    present time , .
That   same  year  the consumption  ptlS_L_*?!!_ .
alcohol   by   the   people     of     Sweden
reached the figure of forty-five million
gallons      From     that     figure     some
Idea  may  le gained of the enormous
amount  of dritpiikennesti  which  must j
have   prevailed   In   the  land,     lt  Boon'
became appan nt that the nation could I
not  exist  long  under Bticii  conditions I
and the temperance sentiment of the I
naUon became aroused, to Buch an extent   that     legislation     wa��    enacted
Which in 1KS5 absolutely did away with i
all the private otlils.
ln  18-55  the  municipal    council    ofj
C theuberg appointed a committee to'
Investigate the question of pauperism j
In   the  town   la   practically   unheard
Of Mtlon on  the part of a municipal
connell)  and It was found  that aleo-,
hoi was at lhe bottom of all the trou-j
ble. Taking advantage of a law which
had been passed In  1855, the municipal council grunted a monopoly of tho
sa'e  of  brandy   (tho  national   drink) '���
to a company.   According to the regu-1
lation* those entrustud with the sale
rrom tin to 50
The reduction of the retail liquor
licenses to the same number.
The separation of the grocery busi-
ness from the retail liquor trade
Tlie opening of places where liquor
sold   In   Montreal  and  Quebec    at
30 a   m. Instead of 7 o'clock.
The trial of tiie Gothenberg and Bergen ByBtems ln towns of more than
4.0C0 population, but not In Montreal
Seattle. Dec. 2.���For the third time
within six months burglars entered
the People's store. 82 Went Main
street, Saturday night through au ap-
erture cut In the floor of the estab
these   systems   providing  mhnieirt last June. 'anoth-r  trail
The  first  uf  the  relay   of burglars'
Mr. Snyder concluded he was In for
a hard spell, and he struck it right at
tiie very first guess.    He fingered his
trusty ilfie, only to find that it was
frozen  and  so jammed  it  would  not
wcrk.    The sun was going down and
the    wches    were coming    up.    Mr.
Snyder tool: one choice between discretion and valor;  discretion won. He
picked out    the tallest   tree   In the
314.10 neighborhood and shinned up it to the '
most likely looking branch, where��he
H'J-00  rested.
8.610.62 , Thousand in  Pack.
4.608.67 i    After shivering for over an hour, a
 deer came  by  in  a  great hurry.    A
$17,338.59 few moments later a pack which Mr.
Snyder computed at about a thousand
wolves followed ln full cry. It was a
pretty sight, especially to Mr. Sny-
!d sr, when he discovered he was not
j destined to be llie wolves' supper.
As s.on  as  the hunting party  had
| passes   to  a   safe  distance,  Mr.  Suy
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr. Wm. Sedgwick Saunders, Medical Officer of
Health of the City of London, Eng., was good1
enough to say that a long and universal experience
has proved a cream of tartar powder the most efficient, safe and economical, making food which could
not be deleterious to the most delicate stomach.
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited*
hungry clerk bus'.ly engaged punish-1
lng Jiree rations of pork und b_an_ j
with coffee on the side. The camp j
cook reports thai the conversation ;
which ei._ued was cne of the most j
animated ever heard back of the Soo |
and tbat tbe display of adjectives
wouid have done credit to an experienced halt-breed getting away with
! he lusl cf his season's wages.
These Are The Ones
Who Want Equal Rights
"The   Sultan,"   waB   honored.     Theae
di r climbed down and took the trail.. ���	
He did not know where he was golng!JUDGE DECIDEB^THAT ^__ ^jj~----^^-~-;^^jjj^|||__| the gentlemen who c^pUto-
London, Dec. 2.���People sometimes idea. The contrast was indeed very
wonder why In mis country we feel a! marked when the subsequent toast,
certain amount of resentment towards |
that the profit of the business goes
Ito the state and municipalities.
I The execution of the new law ty two
I license commissioners, one at Mon-
! treal and the other at Quebec.
The trial of the new law for at least
j five years.
but after going for a while he Btruck j
and  then  realised that.   ��� tanitv 0, beSng 0{fcnglve to the mon-,   .���  _ . __   ,  ���    . .
he   h_,d   gede   wrong-    Murmuring   a      Montreal. Dec. 2.���Mr. Justice D��m-1 archy since he thinks that this form ' colonies   toward   Indians,
cause he" very often loses no oppor- they did complain last night-ot the
hostile  attitude    of  certain    British
Tnd cut a hole two feet ��mare fc* suitab,e *****%* ne Btarted back ����� ***** given Judgment ln the action lot resentment will produce most ef-!openly expressed regret that
ihroueh the floor thrmieh which thev it0 Ulc CaInp wWch "e 'reached tha �� ---���- Inetsance of Dame Marie .Louise , teet. Thus, this week the Islamic so-: Hclent attention is paid to the M
.ir?,rt7e\ .��� .Trnne-m m ,h It,hi"��i, ' npxt *T'or'****& lr' tim�� *"" * ��"> '"te ' -***��� -*������*<"" t)- Patrick Co. rlgan I ciety in London gave a dinner in honor togs of the seventy million Moslems to-
|effected an entrance to the establ.sh ,blcak)asl. | against John Dee.   Plaintiff aaked for , of two Moslem gentlemen, Mohammed > India   in  deciding  matters  ot Brittal.
several   revolver^]    ln   _g   meantime   Foreman   l_each ; $60 a month for her support from the  All and Syed Wazir Hasan, who have: policy.    They   apparently  ignore the
had become alarmed    at his   clerk's! defendant, who Is her -grandfather, la been  conducting  an  agitation  in  In-1'act  that  while you  can  get almost
���st-.i ._.,__ -. the gfitijh people by
ment.     Thry   took
and some watches.
The  hole in the floor was covered [^mag-out so'lat'e at night,"althougb i giving judgment, Mr." Justice Demers id.a"aga^nst'The"government"and'who Ianything from the B
w'th siieet iron following discovery ot r^c 1;luv thfre was nothing dangerous J said it had been established that the have  come  over  to  this  country-  to ; handling them aright, you canoot hope
th,. robbery. Six weeks ago burglars,, t, ne,s,ltorhood but woiTe8 and
again went through the hole, obiain-;btars He vltXDltml_ _ searcb p,rty
log mire    watches    and    some    pen-;and  gtBrted    out      ^^.^    up    Mr
**5!e���., ,, . ,       Snyder's trail In the moonlight About
I'luinhitig    appliances    were Stolen L, :ime  SnydCT. vae ^^-.g lt back
from   a   vacant  house   at   2.114   Sixth l_ t _n refc(_u_  ^    discovered
avenue yesterday morning by thieves. \__ lree ,n ^^ he h_\       nt
Various Opinions Are Held by Ladies'
Constitutional Club of
  London,  Dec.  2.���There was an  in-
nf brandy were nalarled and received [terestlng dlBcussion lu l_ondo;i at the
no remuneration. The establishment*h^^ constitutional club on the ad-
opened at 7:30 a. m., and closed at 8 . , _ _ ,
In the evenings In winter, and 9 in ��� vantages and disadvantages of eml-
Biimtn.'r.     In   1871   Hergen.   Norway, jgration   for eilucated    women.    Some
wbo used a wagon to carry away
lhelr loot. The property was owned
by C. S. Parker, 301 Fourth avenue
| William H. Lewis, SOO Eighteenth
avenue, reported to the police yes-
; terday that his apartment bad been
icnttred hy InirglarB and jewelry val-
;ue*d a' $3ati stolen. I_ewla was absent
ifrom the dry when the robbery took
| place.
adopted  the name system.
Report on System.
In   1908   the   Scottish   Temperance
AND  FORFEIT $50,000
ISpeakers tcok  the  view   that  the  Do
in   l!.o��   the   Hcotusn    romperance |mi,lki"8    overseas    offered    a career I    Vancouver,    Dec. l.-ttecently    the
legislation board, asked four eminent j"10���  lucrative  and  happier  than  in |piilsbury Mining company forfeited a
���ritlr.ens of Kdinburgh to examine on | the old country, but this was not thej sum of 150.000 through  a default in
the spot the workings of the system | Ktneral view.
ln  Norway,    The results of their In-1
vestlgatlons were summed  up ln the I
following report:
"Our    own    Impression,    gathered;
Mrs   I eathes   wife of Inot entering a defence  to a lawsuit
Profsssor l.eathes, of Toronto unlver- ���*����� ��B>,"tri \&*"E2!L_-lTJ��
[Vancouver l_and & Improvement cim-
slty, agreed  that thers wus room lnipany.    The action was one In which
_.._          Canada for ull exceptionally endowed :the  plalnUff claimed  foreclosure and
from a close study of the principle and i men ahd women wllh Initiative, good  forfeiture in regard to an agreement
practice of Ihe  liquor licensing laws I health and u small amount of capital,  made  by  the  Pillsbury   Milling com-
of  Norway,  from   personal   Investlga-' but for the ordinary educated woman pany In November. 1911, to purchase
tlon of the premlsess of the Schlllags ; who had nothing but her education to i a piece    of    property    for    S^SO 000
and of every quarter of several towns  fall back on, the outlook was differ judgment by  default  was given  and
,7*B,J11d   Vtf" ' LV^n���,t0n,?.V1"'    Th"  wa8  roUgllly  ,he  vl*Z* forfeiture allowed of the $50,000 pa'd
of Norway and the town of Great Brit- | Mrs. i,ionBl Quest, who alto had lived
aln  cannot be compared.    They canjj,, Canada, and who came to the con
only be contrasted. The sobriety of
Norway Ib ns evident as the Inebriety
of Ureal Britain, We met no one who
worn the aspect of an habitual drunkard: we searched tho streets for
drunken men, and even in the largest
towns found but few.
"If we add to this the striking testimony of the Norwegian people themselves���many of them far-seeing and
statesmanlike reformers, unswayed by
passion and prejudice, convinced by
study nnd long experience that tbelr
controlling system Is good���surely we
have .i right to plesd with our fellow-
citizens to make trial of a similar system, with the necessary adaptation to
the conditions In Great Britain.   With-
elusion that a great need In the education uf women was training in domestic science.
In 1911 on account of the purchase.
This morning counsel for the Pillsbury Milling company made application before Mr. Justice Murphy for
leave to set thc Judgment aside and
Unfortunately. Ills not always j t0 enler ��� defence to the action.
recognUed that the majority of edu- ��� "A recPnt supreme court of Canada
catcd women In this country whoi(Jeclsn>n haB ,et , mtle ���ght tn,0 the
havo no means of livelihood also pos- matter and opened up a defence
sess no fit and proper trainlug for . ,uppoge" M|d h|g iordshlp querylngly.
emlgrsilon. Mosl of them have becn After discussion, In which the appli-
brought up to do nothing and have cation was opposed by Douglas
not a good knowledge of domestic Armour, his lordship declined to
life; If they possessed these qualities lopeB up tne judgment or grant relief
they would havo no need to emigrate. | against the forfeiture
Most women of the middle class. ..you ai|owwj judgment to go
emigrate because they are not able|Bgalntt j-,,,^ and ^g ,-mt} for the lMt
to do anything at home and have no payment e)ap,ed 0��er *���_ m0nlht ago
 ... _.��� ... prospects, and It Is   considered   over | *\0\a yo��� ar. ,00 iat# now .��� ���. .-
In tho last half century. Norway has here by all experts as sheer cruelty ilef fro-, the forfeiture clause*    de.
been transformed from one of the most to dump them   Into the   novelty   cf \m_\^__ jud-e
drunken European nations into one or Canadian life unless they know what |	
them ost sober H,���y have   to   encounter.   What   Is
"We must certainly not attribute to, wanted ,g ratlier more p|aln gp^i,,,-
th�� Gothenberg-Horgen system all the caudl(UtCl) for em|gration, and thc In-
nwrlt of the traheformatlon JMlUed    ,Uute    M h ,���,,, the truth no|
n Sweden and Norway.    **���"����� book the most passages, but It will
*\mU "wMchTi. rbe^Ton' ^^^'T^JSu^it^TSJ
to prepare the people and convince on > save many an emigrant a very
them of the natlonsf peril which Painful experience, but It will free
threatened them before It was possible Canada from taking charge of a large
:'n~n:~ni Vh_T T-^hUitaB which was to number of females who,  from their
Tho  Quebec  license
commission, anything but encumbrances.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Threughoirt the >rowlnoe of ���rltleh Columbia.
Ssvlnos Osoertment at all Branehee Deposit* of One Dollar and
npw!rds^ec.r��ea ��nd l.tereet .t tbe highest current rat. paid or
credited ball mrly.
Drart* end f reveller*' Ch*u��* *old. pay��We In HI P��U ol tk*
W��rW CHAr. O. MHKOOK. ��W��ril Mjntojr. ���.������,
iMier  ���renoh: A. W. BLACK, Mansger.
cf  lbe  night  aud  then  followed  bis-
lt was a hard night for everybody
and a wort-e morning. For none of
them was hit so hard, however, as
for iiie foriiieman, when after his
weary night's tramping he got back
io camp and discovered hls pale bu'
to achieve any result by insulting
them in respect of their most trew-
ured views.
defendant was a fairly rick  man. ke-1 carry on their propaganda here. There I
ing ln possession of about $100,0(1*.     ; were abou: 120 Moslems present, and
According  to  bis   (his    lordship's) ; yet  despite  the  fact  that they  oceu- j . 	
reading of the law, there were   two j pied   positions    of    responsibility  In j 	
different kinds of aliment    Wbea    a ��� many cases and  in others enjoy the'      w_ *.-. ,  *.,,*__ /�����_-�� __���____.
wife  claimed  from her kmshana  she! hospitality of this land, they did not! Youn3 Glrl  K'"ed Com->������������*���
had a right to ask according ta the; in all cases take the trouble to so far i Prince; Albert, Sask., Dec. 1.���Katll-
fortune  of her husband.    In  a case | asttsfy British susceptibilities as    to | leen Olka Simon was (ound guilty ef
S_!^*S,t?e P/e!!__'t��� *? Wkich ayand-ibehave decorously when the royal naUslaughter todav ty a jury at tha
child  claimed  from  her  grandfather,  toast wag proposed. . "  "        . Z*.
after marrying against his lish a poor | Alone of all the speeches the Mos^! supreme court fall assi.es sn�� **m
man. he did not think s��*e had a right l lem proposer of the king's health em- * charged with killing ber playmate Oy
to aliment, other than according to! ployed two words only, "The King." j battering in her skull with aa iror*
the statton she had chosen to assume. A few did not rise at all, while many j spade near Wakaw on June 21. She-
That being so he gave decree for $35 others either pretended not to honor is only 13 years old and the deee-_se-t
���. month. I It, or sniggered  unpleasantly  at the | w-as but eight years of age.
New York, Deo. 1.���James Brother-
ridge, forty,, whose plea for himself
that be was no "hordlnary burglar,'
led to the disclosure he had lately
come to this country hoping to Hnd
pickings better than ln England, wu
turned over to the Rockaway Beach
police last night, charged wtth having
broken Into the house of Arthur
Meany, a contractor. His captors were
Mr. Meany and Detective Cooney, a
One of the man's practices which
raised him abovo the common burglar
typo waa to burgle In his stocking feet.
Brotherrldge explained at the station
house that he was batter than others
because he despised jewelry and never
tried to Bteal anything except money.
Me w'as In the act of opening a drawer
which contained $S60 in cash when
Meany surprised him.
New  WMtmlMMr Brenoh:
Lead Pencil Kill* Her.
Clarksvllle. W. Va., DM, 1.���Mm.
Ida Sommervllle. aged (9, died In m
hospital last night ** th* result of a
peculiar accident. Bhe fell asleep I
hor home Saturday with ft lead pea-
ell In ber hand, hey head dropptj in
the tkble. and the pencil pierced few
throat, making * wound trom whloh
she died
!*W�� mum ctotrr.
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50C buys li yards unbleached Canton  Flannel;  regular 10c a yard.
;>Oc buys 4 yards Cotton Delaine,
varloui colors; regular 17V_e a yard.
5Qc buys 4 yards Victoria Lawn;
tegular 18c a yard.
50C buys -"> yards India Linen; regular 120_c a yard.
SOC buys 4 yards Bordered Gingham ; regular 25c a yard.
50c buys 4 yards strong Apron
Gingham:   reg-tilar  13c  a  yard.
504 buys 5 yards Checked Apron
Oiugbam: regular Ci.bc a yard.
SOc buys 3 yards Colored Organdie
Muslin; regular 35c a yard.
50c -buys 4 yards extra fine Jajama
Flannelette;   regular  20c  a  yard.
Initial   Handkerchief;    fine   Cambric
Handkerchief,  neatly    embroidered   initial,  3  for  ...
Hom-rititched, fancy and colored bor-
bordered handkerchiefs; 12
for    I
Kim; plain, hemstitched lawn Handkerchiefs;  good every day    CfJ,,
Quality: S for OUC
Dainty scalloped and embroidered
Handkerchiefs;, four
Neck  Kuciiing;   all colors;   plain  fold
red   bor-
i   Hand-
and   fancy   nttrM
any r. length for.
Balkan Btyle Collars, with oi
jabois: vaiueB lo $1. Wednesday, each   	
l.mlii*-' Fancy Stock Collars; shadow
leu*.- and fancy net, trimmed with
touches "i hlue. violet. Pink, saxe.
black and white, silk and
satin; rallies to $1.08, for.
white  hm.*  and    Marquisette
trimmed,    lunch    collars;
vainos lo 86c;   Wednesday
l__<tiiV Suede Elastic i�� !'-. wllh oxidized buckle, grey, black nml nav)
Also a fi"* odd lines ol fancj belt!
aud pinlli a; raluea to Ci 60
Olovee; gi od, beavj qualltl In
kid  Cloves.    Al" Ul  i   o 'I"'*'' u
*.;..���. i. and I lai h  Two pairs
Ladlae'    Cashmorette,      Fleece-lined
Gloves.   Comfy ior .-old weather; In
brown    and    black,    l'er    Prt
pair ....      *J*J**
Misses' and  Children's  Woollen  Ki
fed Glovt a; In all Bizei and
i winter
en left;
Two   ��
in  a!
2 pair for ***\r\*
e  \ll woo! Cashmere Hose,
���iy   all Blues; per
Dili;}       .lllll    "Llttlo
: nil sizes ami shades
two  pair  for	
nd  One-Ribbed   Ml 'ool
I sizes;  ladies' i.i.il chl
a  pair.    Twi
Iren'i .
pair for  	
llat Tins; neat designs. Kin-
T;ifri'tu Ribbon; Irom 2 lu 4'
wic!.'.; regular lo 250 values. Four yards for 	
ffiam ���, striped and spotted, also moii"
am) taffeta Ribbon; 5 inches wide;
regular to 75e value*. Two |*A.
���TATA*   Mr    OUC
Jewellery    Dainty  Hatpins;   all   ))>���>������
-in,) .*,;! Irnake nice Christ;
Four tor	
maa gifts.
Great SOc. Values in
Toyland That Should
Bring the Crowds.
Dolls of every description.
Large Noah's Arks.
Musical  Pop Guns.
Chin?. Te?. Sets.
Animal Toy.-..
Mechanical Toys
Drawing Toys.
Drawing Slates.
Card Games
Musical Instruments.
Puzzle Blocks.
Metal Soldiers.
Water Color Paints.
Work Boxes.
Don't Miss the 50c.
Offerings in Dress
Goods and Silk Depts.
Our values
the 50c  Day
are now well known as
Specials will he long re-
One tahle will contain a variety of
Kast Black Dress Goods cf reliable
makes. These are serges, panamas,
voiles, taffetas, cashmeres, resedas
and many fancy weaves varying in
width from 42 to IS inches. Wednesday only, all    at,    per
Your opportunity to get a useful
Dress Length below present values,
as these se!! ordinarily up to 95c per
Your  choice    of    numerous
Cloths Wednesdaj   for   ....
A good range of colors, as red, brown.
green, navy, pink, cream, sky, gray
and   tweed   mixtures;   values  up  to
$1 00.   Wednesday for, pe
This is suitable for House Dresses,
Skirts or children's Wcsir and the
light c ir,-1 are suitable for Party
Dresses, etc.
That mean a big saving on your dress
or waist. We have selected many
lines from our stock to clear at SOc
per yard that usually sell at twice
the pri*:. Taffetas, Messallnes, Ta-
inalines, Crepe de Chine, in plain
shades and shot effects, in a variety
of colors and hlack; regular values
75c and 95c. Buy these on
Wednesday for per yard...
Another line of Silks we nre specializing nt
2>_ YARDS FOR f>0C
Thls comes ut an opportune time when
man; people aro making Christinas
dainties, children's party frocks
or doil dresseB. There are numerous
colors in dark shades of brown,
navy,, black r"d. green or dainty colors as sky, pink, Nile, yellow, cream.
nisi*, etc. Remember the
p: ice, -''_  ;-:ir.ls for	
i i Is a ws special offer, us you
up used to paying 76c for Hns qual-
ll. Thi r.i is a wide range ol .dors;
I rowu,   gn en.   black,     pink,     navy,
. r.. red in..i cream Thei
and 27 lm lies wide, Wi <l-
ni .-.luy. per ynrd	
We ur'j classifying Trimmings Into
:: inis for Wednesday, Tbere is a
large stock of various colors. Something to trim almost uny dress, Each
lol contains galons nnd edgings,
LOT 1.
6  YARDS FOR 50c
Values up to 17%c yard.
LOT 2,
Values up to 39c. ynrd
LOT '���'���.
gular values up Io $1.00.
This lol coi
and   Is  n
for  extra
The colon
fawn, In
onslsts   Of  just   eight   pieces
very useful lot of goods
Hkiris or school dresses,
. are gray, cardinal, blnck,
I wi*. iis  and   plain  cloths
FOR 50c.
One entire slock of double width chiffon.- in a nice fine weave in a vu-
variety of -hades as pale hlue, cream
black, while, pinks, etc,
Wedne: I iy   	
Bread    and  Butter
Values to Sl.OO in the
Crockery Department
for 50c.
Hand Painted Cups and Saucers
China Hair Receivers.
Tobacco Jars.
Sugar und Cream Sets.
Hat Pin Holders.
Shaving Mugs.
Berrj   Bowls.
V-    dozen   China
Hot Water Jugs.
Cake Plates.
China Berry Bowl aud
fi Cups and Saucers.
fi Tea Plates.
Biscuit Jars
1 dozen Table Tumblers.
1 quart Glass Water Jug,
8-inch Gins  Berry Bowls.
Glass Celery Dishes.
Etched Glass Sugar and Creams.
10-inch  Glass  Flower Vases.
1 pair Present Cliiss Candlesticks.
Half dozen ���H-.-lnch Glass  Nappies.
1   pair  Near  Cut  Sugar and  Creams.
Half dozen    full    Crystal    Whiskey
Half dozen large Lemonade Glasses.
Half   dozen   Nickel   Top     Salts     and
7 inch Fish Globes.
Near Cut Glass Oil Bottles
Irridescent Glassware
3 for 50c
Flower Vases
Cakfs Plates
Salmi Bowls
Nut Bowls
Fruit Bowls
Fooled Bow is,
3 FOR 50<
50c. Day in the
Hand Painted Cups and Saucers;   2   for   	
Near Cut S-tn. Berry Bowls;
regular   75c   	
Engraved  Glass   Sugar   and
China Shaving
7*inch   Berry   Bowl    and     fi
Near Cut Glass Water Pitchers
10-Inch Glass Flower Vases
Hand Painted China Salts and Peppers
Hand  I'ainted China Fruit. Plates.
Great Picture
Clearance at SOc.
We have a number of odd pictures
we are going to close oul for 50c.
These pictures are actually worth
from $1 2ii to $3.uii each. Do not
delay In securing some of these, as
they will not last long at the
price offered Wednesday 	
We have a few pieces in Bamboo Furniture for BOc day, consisting of
Bhelves, what-nots, jardiniere stands.
Irrespective of former
pries, all on  Wednesday
Carpet Department
Specials for 50c. Day
2 yards wide Linoleum;  regular 55c
.i ml    66c,     Bpeclal,     per
.-quire  >:trd   	
A   splendid   selection   of   p i
block  cud   floral   effects.
Wednesday sale price	
70c   4   yards   wide   Linoleum.
50c  pi r Bquare yard   This linoleum
la n greal wearer, and usually sells
at 70c  per    square    yard.
27 Inches wide passage Linoleum, with
key  border;   sells recularly  at  BOc
a yard.    Wednesday  per
2 jnrils wide Oil-loth; regular 35c per
Bquare yard Bpeclal 2 stiuari* yards
for BOc This is a good, heavy
weight  oil  cloth.  Which   wears  well
and gives good satisfaction. Wednes-
day,  two  square  yards
liemiinnt. of inlaid Linoleum; values
to $1.2.'i p.*r si|ii.ir>. yard, Special
".no per square yard. In lengths sufficient to cover small rooms, bath
moms. etc. Pattern right through.
Almost Imposslhle to wear out On
sale Wednesday per square
25c Japanese Mills: size 27x54:  neatly
stencilled.    Wedm sduy.   :i
650   Cocoa  Mats;   size U',x27     Special
50c each  A good, heavy, brush mat,
Which  will  not  shake out
Oil Opaque Window Shades: size 8jJJ,
mounted on hest quality  Hartshorn
Boilers, with lace or plain.
Wednesday,  each   	
36   inohes   wide   Revertlbli
special 50c a yard.    Onl
yards in stork and we at
dear it. out on Wednesday
at, per yard   	
erns  In
iiv   sells
im, with
at  BOc
35c per
*.* yards
rs  well
:  values
;;hs suf-
is, hath
out On
: neatly
ish mat,
ilze 8(0,
aboul "'-1
going to
Prices Like These From
the Drapery and Soft
Furnishing Section
Should Attract You
lir.c Bungalow Nets, Scrims anil Muslins; all these the newist and fc<-;t
patterns we have In, In plain scrims,
boreder scrims; all patterns of netH
nnd muslins; regular 35c a
ynrd;  2 yards for	
65c and  75c Lace Curtains for 50: a
Curtains. '.7 indies wide and 2'j yards
long,   r volar 7iie per pair
25c S'lk Cord, 3  Yarda for Wc.
Good   heavy   silk   cord   In   plain
iiilxid colors,    Just what you
for  cushions,  i tc;   regular
26c.    :; j ards for	
25c Cushion Tops, 3 for 50c
Square and oblong and  in ull colors;
regular 2,.c. each; Wedne
day  3  for   	
53c. Cushion Tops of  Silk  and   Wocl
Tapestry. 2 for 50c.
Tbpse made   up   mak.'    Serviceable
Christmas gifts    Two   ol
theso Wednesday for	
25c Eurlap, 3 Yards for 50c.
'I'lii'- oome.. in full 40-lnch width and
makes one of the besl wall covering
known;   red  only,   regular
25c. Wednesday, :'. yds for
85c Chintz for 50c a Yard.
All our newest. Cretonnes and Chintz
Those are sure to he sold
out.   Two yards for	
in dark and light, colors; some double fold wltli beautiful scroll border;   regular  75c  nnd   85
goods.   Wednesday, ynrd.
7'ic and 80c Tapestry Carpet, special
BOe a yard. This is a carpet, which
never sells at lens than 7ilc. some
of il H0c per yard. We haw about 50
pieces of It and we are going to lei
I; go for SOc per yard. Comes In
fawns, red and two-torn, greeni
On sah' Wednesday, for
per yan;	
ir 5*3; a
���i yards
a in    or
ou need
id  Wocl
ilth nud
te  Staii
il      Sp*
18 inches wide Reversible Jut<
carpet, regular 36c per yard
<-.al price   Wednesday
yards for  	
Carpet   Door   Mat:   fringed     and     nil
fringed; slse 12x30 Inches;  regulai
85c   and   75c      Spi*.oul,   BOc    The .
n.ats ere of good quallii relvel tnd
Axminster carpet, and ere very usi
ful for doors, etc I in pattern!   i *
able  for any  room     Wed
ni'iiclay. each	
is Inches wide Btalr Oilcloth
26c per yard,   Wednesday,
'���', yards for  	
IS inches wide Stair O.I li th
lfio   yard      Wednesday,   ii
yurils for  	
Chinese Man ing; regular 20c
yard, Wednesday, t yards.
Carpel  Knds;  reg, 50o each,
Wednesday,  2   for   	
Cotton Stair Pads; reg. I_"_c
cn !i, Wednesday, 6 tor.  .
Tapestry   Hearth   Hugs;   regular   7iio;
li/e 2'lx*is inches, iii neal Oriental
and convention effects iu (awn*, red
and green, one of the best rug val
lies ever offered. Wednesday,  each   	
76c Co'coa Matting, 36 Inches
green, red and natural
color. Wednesday, yard  ...
n gulftr
vide, In
���4b  V-__5�����
*% Limitecf
Read What You Can Get
On 50c. Day in the
Hardware Department.
Covered Granite lloasi  Pans
No. ,1 Granite Pry Pans
No. 51 Granite lllce Hollers
No.     40     (iraniio     Early     Breakfast
No. li Granite  llerlin Saucepans
No. 80 Granite Saucepans
No. 36 Granite Coffee Pots.
Granite Colanders
No. 10 Granite Dish Pans
No. no Granite Pails
No 4n Granite Ton Kettles
Granite Seamed Cuspidors
No. 12 White Mixing Bowls
While Colanders
No. 8 and 10 Milk Pans
No. 22 Pudding Dishes, 2 for SOc
No, 13 Jugs
No.  126 Chambers
Japanned ship palls
Japanni d Knife Boxi s
Hound Roasters
Coal  II. ds
4-quart Tin Milk Cana
No. 0 Gnlvanlzi'il Tubs
12-lncb steel Fry Pans
"Duchess" Brooms
No. 6 Granite Lard Palis
Imp Soot Destroyer
ii Cuke Tins  	
6 Pie Plates 	
�� for.
In the Gents' Furnishing
Department Wednesday
50c. Will Do Wonders.
Iti ma io ii>- found
ear;   all
Here  are  a
then .
"Penangle" Sanitary Wool Piecei d
I nderwaar for theso chilly davs;
regular 65c valu.. for, per
Black, and Blue and While Striped
Colt n Shirts for hard wear; ull
sizes,  14Vi   to  16'_;   regular
7r.c values for 	
Qdd Dross Shins for men and hoys.
si.i's 12 lo 17;  r.'gular Mil-     T_t\
ties  tO 11.26  for          OUC
llandkt icin.'fs in plain white, white
with lancy colored border, and blue
with rid. Gel your season's supply
now;   regular   l.'.c   valuea        Eft
Wednesday, 0 fer       OUC
HeAvy <.ra> Woollen Sox; good ralue
at    25c,      Wednesday, J
Bla k Cashmere Sox;
25c  value,    Wednesday, 3
pairs   for   	
S uiu.i'.is   Cashmere    Sox    in  black,
with  three-thread  heels and  toes;
86c  valu".    On sale Wednesday, two pairs  for  ..'.
Oray Cotton Sox; 15c value;
C  pairs for	
Regular 75c Neckwear, In plain   and
crossbar crochet effects; also plain
and  fancy  silks,    with    narrow or
flowing ends.    Wednesday
ji ur choice     ..
$1.20  Kid Gloves for 50c.
Black  Kid Gloves.    No    man  should
be   wlthoul  n    pair of    these;    in
nil ii see.
Mens  Sus| enileiH,  iii    heavy    pollce
aoif lighter  wi Ights;  35c
ni ii  iOc values; 2 prs for
Men's $1.00 Caps for 50c.
i i ne  iii  plain hlue, gray, and
brown   mixtures   and    check    pat-
tiriis,   all good styles, In
all   mi/.os;
\\. dneeday 	
15c Collirs, 6 for 50c.
These are "Success" Brand linen colon .-  In good styles and in
all slti s   12 to IS; (j for..
Hi I. s   II. uiy   Winter  Caps
���Ide lm  bands    Just what
wanl i.   n gular values to
$!   Bale prloe 	
Any ..I uur regular tific
Bocks   Wednesday pi r pnlr
3uc Cretonnes, 3 y.rds for 50c.
Cretonnes tor coverings of all kinds;
uur i (ular    ic values.
\i. .li*.  da). .: miicIh for
?r.: Tapestries for 50c a yafd
Hed   Iirown and green, 50-inch heavy
Tapi    ii   Oi   portieres  and    hangings;  regular 7,'ie und Hfic,
for, per yard   -
70c  Poles, 50c.
Portiere  Poles,    complete    with
la  .iml   brackets and    rlncs;    S
t   lung,  regular 760,
dneeday, eaoh  	
75c  PHIO'-s, 50e.
*u   shipment iust  in  of
Filled   Pillows;   heavy     art
and good lite;  n K. 7.c.
Wi dnesday, i ach    	
$1.00 Guilts, SOc.
Single  Bed  Qullla  In  blue,
brown.     For  small   hods
just what you in ed: reg.
$1,00.  Wednesday, eaoh..
7-Inch   X-ltny  lit ".. dors;
regular $1.50, for  	
A    I i
In and
so plain
rrow or
ise;    In
ay. and
k     pat-
nen col-
with  In-
a driver
I kinds;
II heavy
e with
Hits;     8
In the Art Needlework Department on FIFTY CENT
DAY You Will Find Some
Valuable Bargains for
Christmas Shoppers
52,00   to   $3.50   Centres.   Squares   and
Cushions,  50c.
Embroidered Centres,   Bquares   and
Cushions Hop and back) embroid-
< red   In   colors,   mostly     floral   <].'���
������ igns, on cream and   graj    linen,
The centres are lace trimmed A
i.* I snap, as these goods rang.- in
price from fi to |3.50. Cfl
Wedm sday sale price ..     OUC
35c Tapestry Cushion Tops. 3 for 50c
An* Iher  line    of    Cushion    Ti ps,     m
Tapestry,   'Hum' are   regular   ?.i,e
values,    Wednesday sale      tt(\
price, .". tops for     OUC
New   Laundry   Bags.
We have a mw loi of Laundry Hags,
onil.roiden d in white ;md colore, on
gr.n  linen, ready tor use.       CA
s.iie  price OUC
Tea  Aprons, 50c.
,\   io",.   line of Tea  Aprons,  made  up,
some wuh ruffle and   others laee
trimmed, stamped ready      Cft
f..r work            OUC
Barred   Muslm   Aprons,  2  for  50c
An.,iher line Of Aprons, with  worked
Bcallopi .1 . do.*, on a nice quality ol
barred muslin, stamped       Cf\
for  work,  two  for     OvrC
10c Eiderdown Wocl. 7 Skeins for SOc
in Wools we have Eiderdown In different   shinies      Tins   win.I   Is   used
for  making  caps,  etc.]   regular   10c
pt r skein.   Wi dnesday,
7 skeins for	
Berlin   Wool;   Hefular  2   Skeins   15c.
epeelsl, 7 Skeins 50c.
Berlin Wools, both 4 and I fold   Just
what   you   want   Tor   bedroom   slippers,  hug me-tights,    etc ;     regular
2 skeins for 15c. Wednesday salo price, 7 skeins
Shetland Floss, C* "keins for SOc
We iiave Shetland  floss in all Colors.
suitable for shawl,  jackets, etc, 6 for 	
Crochet Cottons. 7 Balls for 50c.
Vi   hnve Clark's Croohel   cotton in
il   numbers.    Wednesday.
!   h.'lls for  	
Silklne,  12 Balls for 50c.
We have Sllktue In all
���hades, 12 halls for ..
60c D.  M. 0.i for 50c.
We  have  .1).   M.  C.   Perle Cotton,   for
making bags, etc.;  regular
BOc. Wednesday for 	
35c Children's Caps, 2 for 50c.
Children's Caps, In shades   Of navy.
red.  white, and  navy    and
regular .ic  values.  Wednesday, I for 	
75c Bear Skm  Mltta, 50c.
While   Hear   Skin   Mitts,   having  silk
cord attached;   regular
7ic. Wednesday special
75c  Children's  Allovers,  50c.
Childrens Allovers,    in    white    and
red.    These  are  nicely  woven, und
aie Just tbe  thing fur cold
er,  regular 65c und 75c.
Wednesday sale price  ..
Nsw Bootses and Infants' Mltta, Two
pair for 50c.
A   new   line  of   Bjotees and   Infanta'
Mitts, In while, pink and pale bine.
Wednesday sale price, 2
pair for 	
Scotcli    Fingering;    Regular    10c ox.
Special 6 ors. for SOc.
Si'-itch Fingering, Hed Letter, an excellent duality of fingering. Baldwin makes; In bluck only; regular
10c OS. Wednesday Bale
price, 6 ois	
35c Note Paper; 2 Boxes 53c.
In  Noie  Paper we huve a nice large
box of good quality Note Paper and
hi.veiopes;  regular ;t6c box.  Wednesday Speclul, 2 boxes
15c Crepe Paper, 7 Rolls for 50c
Fancy and Plain Crepe Paper, lu all
shades; regular 10c and 13c a roll.
Wednesday Sale Price, 7
rolls for  ;	
rapi i  Table Napkins, tinted;  100 for 	
l.c Curds Bone  Hair Pins;
.. cards for 	
35c unities of IM funic  ill
different odors;  two for ..
72-lncli wide Burlap; regular
SOc. Wednesday, sq. yd. ..
Standard Oreen  and   White
Lump Shades;   regular
vaiuii fl.uO for 	
A  lurge assortment of Class
In green,  ivhlte, ruby    and
Colors;  2M[Xf> mches wide;
vaiueB to 11.50 per yard,
An  us.ioiimoiit  ol  Art (llasa
in different colors; regular
$2.25 for 	
An assortment of Silvered
llr Hectors; reg. 1.50, for..
nu   15c.
iid. Just
un   slip-
i "iriilar
r 50c
I bolorSs
��� 50c.
otton  in
ton.   for
f  nnv;
Ing  silk


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