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The New Westminster News Oct 29, 1913

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~*r ;
News Clssslfled Ads.
Have proven their worth by tbe
reaults   tbey   produce.     They   till
isrge   or   small   wants   st   small
Ths Weather.
New Weatmlnster and the I.ower
Mainland:  Light to moderate winds,
| generally fair with not much-change
ln temperature.
After Being Incarcerated for Nearly Two Years Man
Charged With Robbing Bank of Montreal in New
Westminster, When $271,000 Was Stolen, Is a Free
Man���Jury Out Two Hours.
A fl ��� r being In custody for close on
two yars. Charles Dean, arrested in |
January, Hll-, in connection with tiie
famous Hunk of Montreal robbery,
���teppsd from the prisoners dock In
tlle. assize court yesterday afternoon
at 4: lt> o'clock a free man, and thc
CUrtOln was lowered on one of the
most protracted and sensational criminal case*, ever recorded ttt th,* annals
���ol   th.' toarIM 11  New  Wc-tnaus--!'.
At S.8C, after listening to the summing up of ihe case by Mr Justice
Clement, tbe Jury in the retrial retired to consider their verdict Exactly
two hours later they returned and
while an Intense hush prevailed over
lhe crowded court Foreman Goodwin
iu a clear nnd distinct voice pronounced the fact that the jury had
round Dean not guilty, Ab the fore-
man arose to announce the verdict the
beads of every person In court were
turned In bis direction. The prisoner
leaned well over the. dock and faced
the Jury, his Una clenched and bin
face ashen pale.
1 As the verdict was announced be
heaved a ureal sinli while u small demonstration broke out among the audience. The sheriff stopped the outbreak |
ot applause before It bad been given
proper birth and when silence again
prevailed Mr. Justice Clement tnriK-d
lo the prisoner and said "Prisoner,
���you are acquitted."
Thanked Judge.
Hefore leaving the dock whieh bad
lie, n opened for him the nrlsoner In
n weak and constrained voice faced
the judge and said: "I than1, your
lordship and nlso the Jury." Following this Dean with bis face wreathed
In -milea stepped from the box and
shook hands with the Jurymen and returned personal thanks to each for
the verdict.
Evidently lieaji had manv friends
tiniiinK   the   audience   for   the   crowd
he  said.     "The   result  Hpeaks   for   It-
si If     Irom a legal point of view the
case bus been eminently satisfactory."
Attacks Witneee.
In his address to the Jury wblch
commenced with the opening of the
assize court yesterday morning, Mr.
Johnston centred hls main attack
around the testimony given by Greenwood In reference to the passing of
���.u: Qui**) SlOUfi (CfSBSVffl^ nn Uie ci-niT.
lng of the roubery. Tbis witness be
sc.atbliiKly arraigned as a "disreputable gentleman and Bhameless liar."
Continuing Mr. Johnston drew attention to what he considered a miserable absence cf facts in the evidence
and made u number of remarks which
reflected on the Plnkerton's. The
evidence of the crown had "the Imprint of the devil's hoof on every
page," he said.
Mr. Johnston spoke for a little over
an hour and when he concluded hand-
clatiping in the crowded court started.
This QUlOkly subsided, however, when
SherifT Armstrong called: "Order, order. We do not want any demonstrations here."
The address for thc prosecution
was delivered by B, I'. Davis, K.C. lie
prefaced his remarks with the statement that in the absence of evidence
of fact, the Jury must base their deliberations on circumstantial evidence.
Mr Davis then entered upon n
lengthy refutation of the inference of
Mr. Johnston, with respect to some
of tbe crown witnesses.
He gave n detailed description of
what might have happened according
the evidence submitted, using In tbis
connection the deposition of the late
Mr. Standish ond the testimony of Fer
i.uscii und Creenwood
Nominated to Act on Harbor Commission���le Chairman of Harbor
Ab Intimated In The News several
weeks ago, Alderman A. BJ. Wblte has
proven the popular choice of the city
council on the New Westminster harbor commission. At a special meeting
of the council held yesterday It was
unanimously agreed that the appointee
of the city to the responsible position
should be the well known and capable
chairman of the harbor committee.
Before it becomes official the appointment is required to bc ratified by
tho federal authorities. Alderman
White will also be required to sever
his connection with the council In order lo accept the post. The alderman
.will be one of three commissioners on
the harbor board. Tbe other two will
be appointed by the government and
some announcement ln this connection
is anticipated on the return of Col. J.
Di Taylor from his present mission to
| Ot'awa.
On account of his connection with
the civic harbor commltte and his genernl knowledge of the Fraser river,
Alderman Whlto is peculiarly well
fitted for Ihe post of harbor commissioner and It was mainly on account
of hls excellent qualifications that the
selection of the eouncll fell on his
shoulders. He has been connected
with civic affairs for a number or
Important Resolutions Are
Passed at Conference of
W. C. Lord of This City to Be Assistant    Postmaster���Official
Announcement Expected.
Alto Alk to Have Chief Executives of
Province Styled "Governor"���
Increase in Salary.
This Is Believed to Be the'8 *ar veS8el t0 Mex*cu* waters, ���**
\ has signified a desire to enter such a
Theory President Wilson
Ottawa, Oct. 28.���A formal demand
for an increase in the subsidies paid
to the provinces which would more
than double the Income now received
froth the I>o.T.:nion government wn?
| unanimously agreed to at the sittings
of the inter-provlncial conference held i tershlp.
here today. In   addition   to  the  assistant   post-
The resolution after being agreed to ! mastership, four other appointments
was submitted to the Rt. Hon. R. L. jare to be made, viz., chief dispatcher,
Borden who was in attendance for an j chief sorter, chief registry clerk and
Befo-e the week is out the local
post office department will be the
scene of a reorganization of the staff
due to the placing of New Westminster office In the first clasB by the
postal authorities. Five appointments
arc to be officially mae'e public by the
lepartment. word being expected any
lay of the list of head officials of the
various  departments.
Chief among these is the appointment of an assistant postmaster. John
William Clifford 1-orii. a native son of
New Westminster and one well known
In the community, being prominently
mentioned for the position.
Mr. I_ord during the past few years, .  .   ..      ,      .     _______       .__-_..
has been In the railway mail service,!deflnite Plsn 'or the future treatment
resigning his position last week.
Three European Nations Waiting for
United  States to Take the
Washington, Oct. 28.���Three European nations. Great Britain, Germany
and France, have agreed to adopt no
new policy toward Mexico, until the
government of the United States can
submit    for    their    consideration    a
Lord Is at present on a hunting trip,
enjoying a vacation, but The News
has been Informed tha'. bs hi*.* acc-pt
ed .the position of assistant postmas-
of the revolution-torn republic
That a request of tbe powers to
await a proposal regarding Mexico
frow tl:is (sovenimen*. had. been made
co-operation peace enterprise.
That all   tbe   foreign   nations   are
looking to the United States to take
the initiative is certain and   the situation  presented  makes    it imperative
that this government submit a plan.
In Preparation.
The United  States   requested   the
: powers to await   a proposal    several
days ago and since that time the note
j has  been  in  preparation.    Tbere    Is
j much speculation as to what is to be
1 proposed, but lt is declared to be eer-
i tain  that  whatever  the plan,  it will
demand the elimination of Huerta and
the government which arose after the
revolt against' Madero,  and   provide
tor constitutional election in    Mexico
which can be recognized by the United
With Great Britain, Germany and
France joining the United States in a
demand for Huerta's resignation and
the holding of a tree and fair elec-
���i''t:,r,, it has been asserted confident-
ally by oliicials    high    in    authority
hour. The prime minister assured the
delegates that the recommendation
would receive consideration of the Do
chief money order clerk,
J. S. Cameron is said to be in line
for  the  position  of  chief  sorter,  W.
minion government.   He also express-1 Brecher as chief registry clerk and E
ed himself  In favor of the represen-  w- Money as chief dispatcher,
tatlves of the provinces meeting once I    It is understood that the reorganl
Street Speakers Evade Law.
Portland. Ore., Oct. 28. ��� Street
speakers addressed a crowd of 1000
people ln the proscribed district last
night without Interference because
they kept moving, for they were
mounted on a platform fitted with
castors, and women pushed the platform up and down the street while
the speakers harangued the crowd
The Btreet
In every decade for the purpose of
suggesting a re-arrangement of the
basis on which subsidies are granted
to the provinces.
The suggestion of the provincial
delegates In brief Is that the provinces
should be given, in addition to the
present subsidies, of over $10,000,000.
ten per cent of the amount collected
by way of customs and excise duty-
revenue. As this amounts to over
$133,000,000  at  the  present  time,  ac-
zation will take place this week, the
duties of the new officials commencing on Saturday, Nov. 1.
and that the three    great   European I ial!>' **'���>' officials    high    in    authority
nations  had   yielded   to  the  request, Ihere that Huerta would yield and that
'' a new government would be cstabllsh-
Dairymen at Chilliwack.
Victoria. Oct. 28.���The British Columbia Dairymen's assoelation will
meet al Chllllwack February' 5 and 6.
One of the features of the convention
will be a competition for milk and
was announced late today by Secretary Bryan. President Wilson was
en route to Washington from the
south when the announcement was
made and the secretary of state did
not indicate what would be the nature
of the contemplated negotiations with
the foreign governments. The president arrived here late tonight and
planned to confer early tomorrow wltn
Mr. Bryan.
Reasonable Time.
When the note to the powers is to
be presented has not been determined
at that point was so l ��eptg.nce by the dominion government
crowded that automobiles and other would mcan an lmmediate increase of
vehicles could not pass. Beyond a!over $is,ooo.000 in the subsidies, or
casual word of warning the police did abnut $3,000,000 more than is being
not interfere. __       !paid to the Dr0vincial governments at
the nresent time.   The subsidies would
ed without intervention. This would
necessitate a cessation of all hostilities and co-operation on the part of
Mexican revolutionists.
An evidence of the sincerity of
France in the proposed co-operative
Mexican policy came today in a request by that government that Hie
United States send a warship to pro-
i teet her nationals in San Ignacie, Sina-
loa. on the I'acific coast of Mexico.
The state department received   the
pressed   forward   to  tbe  barriers and
msny **mitm ���*>-*** pushed ontwardtto 1 i-xaraati lot tax****.
���Harp tho hands of the mau  who but ftu��,��%i
a ml:.ute before Mood charged with ���
serious crime.
Congratulations and conntt'r con-
grattilatlOTiH wire eXOhsnged between
Charles IN-rii nnd bis counsel. Adam
Sieiiii Jotinsit'ii and otbern who had
assisted in the trial In  Dean's bclinlf
at length on this description and asked why counsel for the defence hod
not endeavored to establish an alibi
In Dean's favor. The address concluded   nt   12:50  and   the  court     ad
Married by Priest
Geneva.   Switzerland.  Oct.   28.���The
Duke of Croy and Miss Nancy I/elsh
'man were married today according   to
Ile elaborated {the riles ot the Catholic church    by
^^^^^^   Sum-mint Up.
In summing up after the adjourn
tti'-nt. Mr Justice Clement stated thai
the prisoner must stand or fall on thc
evidence glvSn In the box including
Slso the evidence of young Greenwood
liven before his unfortunate death
  lie declared the g-nveriimcnt was quite
Demi   was   uicompiiiiied  Into  the hall-1 J1'1-1'"*''1   >" joining  with  tbe  Bank of
Montreal in an tiKhiavor to locate thr
Abbe Blanchard at St. Joseph's church
ways and out on to the street by i>
tbnnii seeking to congratulate him
and It was not until be bad been
escorted to bin counsel's office on
Ciliimtilu street Jliat. he wna partially
freed from the crowd.
A Great Flnht.
Naturally Dean and bis counsel. Mr.
Johnston, were overjoyed ot the out.
cotne i.f the trial. Immediately after
be had stepped from the box a free
mii'i lie was approached by The News
Tor a statement, but was so exc'""" ""
the time that he was unable to say
much more than lhat "It had been a
great light." Later, however, he Issued the following statement at Mr.
Johnston's office:
"As 1 did In court,    wish to thank
the judge for the fn'r and    Impartial
way In which this trial hns bren con-
ducted  under hls guidano, and  also
wish   to  thank   my   frle'ds for  their
assistance In the fight.   The fact that
the cse has turned out In my favor
goes to show all along that 1 had   nol
'Connection whatever with the   crime
with ��� liic.lt  I vas charged.    The fact   STRIKING
nlso  of   riy   :���   initial   by  a Canadian i
Jury cc-.tirtr i tlle statements of myself'
in my behalf    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"I was placed In the very unfortunate position of being n stranger In k
strange land without money, at least
such a small sum tbat It was exhausted In a very short time In obtaining
transcripts necessary for the trial, and
disbursements out of pocket
j robbers. With reference to the Pink
���������ruin's he remarked that there was no
suggestion of the witnesses having
. b, ,n tampered witb by the employees
iff the detective agency.
ln   reaching  a    verdict    the    Jury
iniglii have to decide on Ihe guilty or
! Innocence of  Macnamara and  Powell
; as pari of the evidence had reference
to all  three of these men.    After re
* ,-���-���._. I viewing   the   evidence   at   length   and
lted at i giving a lengthy definition on "clrcum-
.-.  __��� Utantial   evidence."   Mr.   Justice   Cle
ment Instructed the Jury to retire and
return  a  verdict consistent   with  the
New   York,    Oct.  2"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -Guarded by
policemen and federal secret service
meu the l'nited States mStls were be-
     ... lng moved nbout the city tonight on
I was forced to go to trial without llormal schedules that had been in-
necessary witnesses for the simple; t(,rrupt(,d for nBariy 24 hours by 125
reason lhat I had nol money to bring B,r,ki���R mall-truck drivers. Post-
them here and more than that In some magter Morgan ssld there now was
cases their addresses could not    be|no  delav   ln  transportation  between
Author Commits Suicide.
Chicago, Oct. 28.���Alexander T
Ltoyd, Known as the author of several
books on animal life, shot and killed
himself here last night. No reason
for his suicide ts known.
,���-���������������-��� ��� jthe    extradition
I of course, increase from year to year i Nnv���mt,pr .
I with the growth of the Dominion rev-1 "u,emDer *���
I onus from customs snd excise taxes.
The resolution reserves to any province  the  right to make special  de-1
mands upon the Dominion government.
Salaries of Lieutenant Governors.
Other      resolutions      unanimously
agreed  to were  those calling tor an
Increase ln the salaries of lieutenant
governors ol the provinces;   suggesting that ln future the chief executives
of the provinces be designated "gov
Thaw Obtains Delay.
Rochester, N.H., Oct. 28.���Governor
Felker, after hearing  both Bides yesterday, granted the request of Harry
K. Thaw for a further continuance in
proceedings      until
bmtik mm
uc H.c.cu^i _,���_,���,. 1���,U ������������_��������,, request late  ln  the day  and tonight
but the belief prevails that reasonable j *������** making plans to accede^to it.
time will be given for the announce- ~-
meiy of the Huerta government tn
Mexico of the result of last Sunday's
election for a new government. That
this announcement will be that tbe
election of a new president had failed
because ot the insufficiency of the
votes still ls the expectation of officials here and it is believed President
j Wilson and his advisers are proceed-
I Ing on the theory that some concerted
j offer must be msde by all the govern-, ��*���*___. _-,._.
I ments interested in Mexico to rid that j C. N. R. Negotiate With City
nation of the domination of   General
Huerta. ^^^^^^~
Although  Interest   In this  development overshadowed all doe in official
1 circles here the    flight    of    General
I Felix Diaz from Vern Cms, to refuge
lon the American gunboat Wheeling,
was much  discussed.    Hear  Admiral
Fletcher was notified tonight by Sec
retary  Bryan  that  political  refugees
could be shielded only temporarily.
Admiral  Fletcher,  who ls ln com
1 mand ot the American ships in Mexi
Council   for   Concessions.
May   Erect  Depot  on  Columbia  Opposite Church Street���To -Submit
Detailed Plane.
ernors"  instead of lieutenant govern-, m .__ __.
ors; asking the government to take I One Mine Gu&rd Killed find {can waters, notified Washington early-
steps to have stocks of provincial cor- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t���,_t __._ ____,���
oorn tions  classified  among stocks  in
Furore Created Over Premier's Speech Before Canadian Club.
Ssy  Hs  Abused Hospitality of Hosts
in Introducing Controversial
found,   although   my   counsel   msde
���every endeavor In that direction.
"When I was brought to New Westminster, 1U13, I employed A. 8. John-
uton ss my defending counsel, who I
have retained ever since, nnd. even
when Mr. Johnston wns considerably
out of pocket himself and my funds
exhausted he stayed with me lo the
��nd of my successful light, for liberty.
Today he hss not been reimbursed
lor his expenditures pu my behalf.
"I have nothing to complain of as to
the treatment 1 received at the provincial Jail. The guards treated ine
very (airly. My counsel extocded bis
���duties as counsel and visited mc
nearly every day during my long term
of Incarceration. These visits I appreciated at all times, but particularly
during it period of three or four weeks
when I was sick."
When nsked what his plans for the
future wero, Dean said that he had
nct had time to decide. Inasmuch as
lie waa without funds, however, he
expected to seek work cn this side of
the boundary llne,
Adam S. Johnston wss very jubilant
over the outcome cf the trial, but
maintained a modest attitude when
nsked for an expression of opinion on
the trial.   "I have very little to ssy,"
post offices and railways and steamship terminals.
Strikers and sympathisers msde
several attacks otl trucks todsy. After
stoning the driver snd the policeman
on the sent, they set flre to a truck on
Klghth avenue. An alarm was turned
in, but tho driver snd policeman put
oul the (lames before the engines sr
Among those arrested todsy was
Patrick Johnson, who ssld he wss
vice-president ot the local branch of
the chauffeurs union thst Is conduct
lng the strike, Johnson snd other
prisoners were held by s United Btates
commissioner on a charge of Interfering   with   the   transportation   of
Officials of the Postal Transfer Service company, which has the contract
to carry malls, sold tonight thst thc
men's demands, Including union recognition, would not be granted Snd tbst
nono of the strikers would be reinstated.
Accidentally Killed.
Calgary, Oet. 18.���Arthur Peel, ID
years old wss fatally Injured by the
accidental discharge of a target rifle
which he wss cleaning this sftsrnoon,
dying s few hoars later.
Ottswa, Oct. 28.���Quite s little
furore has been created st ths capitol
over the speech delivered by Sir
Richard McBrlde before the Canadian
club on Monday afternoon. The
point at Issue is at whether or not Sir
Richard should have dealt with a
controversial subject in his address.
Tbo Morning Citizen says: "It wss
somewhat unfortunate that Sir Richard McBride did not observe s little
mcre closely the custom that prevails
In the Canadian Club of discussing
controversial questions. The lack of
a more hesrty reception of his pro-
naval sentiments was undoubtedly due
to the fact that the audience felt the
inspproprlateness of his statement under tlie particular auspices."
On the other hand, Sir Richard's
speech Is warmly approved by the Ottawa Evening Journal which declares
that Sir Richard struck s sledge-hammer stroke In behsK of prompt action
on behalf of Canada. <
The Journal continues: "The deliverance will be critlslsed by some
because Its text wss an sdvocscy cf
the voting o( thst 135.000,000 which
the Liberal majority In Uie senste
blocked last spring. Accordingly the
speech will be Interpreted ss s party
uttersnee, and ths Canadian Clubs srs
not supposed to be opened to party
utterance. Nevertheless s msn msy
be st liberty to deliver a message
(rom hls own home, even before s
Canadian Club snd even though It
trend on Canadian politics."
Ths Free Press takes sn oppniltt
view nnd winds up a lengthv editor
lal critislzlng the British Columbia
premier as follows:
"Premier McBrlde s' <sed the hospitality of his hosts. He took advantage of a non-partisan gathering to
make capital for the political party to
which he belongs, He owes sn spol-
ogy to the Canadian Club of Ottawa
and to those Liberals who ***** compelled to lis en to him without having an opportunity of answering booh,
If he desires to re-Instate himself thst
snologv should bs forthcoming Immed-
England In which trustee funds mnv
be Invested: and suggesting that in
future all provincial documents, both
departmental and sesslonsl be carried
free by the Dominion postal department.
Several mattera still remain to be
dlacuased by the conference Inclnd'ne
control of tbe natural resourcea by tbe
western provinces. As this Is a more
cr less controversial matter the mn-
Wltv of the delegates may decide it
should not be discussed, more particularly as it is a question which does
not directly affect all tho provinces.
The same fate may also overtake the
resolutions which Premier Gouln of
Quebec proposes to move relating to
provincial control of any monies
granted by the Dominion government
(or highways and agriculture.
Delenttea   Entertained.
Premier Borden entertained the
delegates tonight at the Chateau
Lserier snd thev will be the guests
of H. R. H. the Duke of Connaught at
Rideau Hall tomorrow night. The
eonference Is expected to conclude at
6 o'clock Wednesday when some of
the delegates will leave for their
home-. On Thursday those remaining
In thi c-pltnl will consider th-a question if the pollution of the navigable,
strr - mi..
T'ie ihor' important resolution of
the drv p--sed after a long discussion, was that deslln-r with the nro-
vlneM r-i'hsldles. The resolution.
movrd bv Hon. 1. B. Lucas of Ontario,
ind s"conded by Hon. P. H. Macken-
gle, of Quebec, was as' follows:
Not Sufflelsnt Revenue.
"Whereas, under the provisions ot
the British North Amerlcs set, Wl.
Four Union Miners Seriously Wounded.
The erection of a passenger depot
on the south side of Columbia street
Strikers   Hem   In   Mine   Camp   and
Fierce Fighting Ensues���Two
Children Hurt ���
Berwlnd, Colo.. Oct. 28.���Three battles, the hottest fought since the strike
of coal miners in southern Colorado
began, marked tbe first day of martial
law in this district One mine guard
killed, four union men wounded, two
badly, two children of non-union men
shot, one mine guard missing and a
county marshal wounded, were the
casualties ot the three Sights, oi.e
here, one at Tabasco and the other st
In Hastings the most serious fighting took place and it was there that
the mine guard was killed and the
strikers wounded. The mine camp hsd
been hemmed ln on two sides by the
strikers, who hsd climbed the steep
hills on either side of the canyon at
night snd st daylight began shooting
into the camp. Mine officials hsd
been notified that Marshal Robinson
with deputies wss on his wsy into the
mine ciunps snd when the fighting
started* they msde s rush out of the
stockade/In on attempt to locate the
msrshsl's party.
Not more thsn 25 guards were defending Hastings when the miners st-
tscked them and tor almost sn hoar
the bsttle raged out In the hills surrounding the mine. Tben the strikers,
who numbered, it ls ssld, approximately 300 men. succeeded In driving them
slowly back Into the mine sad shelter.
While fighting outside the stockade
Guard Angus Alexander was killed.
At Tabasco the two children wero
ths only known Injured, though It Is
from this tight that the one guard Is
reported missing. Tho battle thor*
wsa of a nature almost identical
srtth thst of the Hastings tight, exeept
that the strikers spproaohed the camp
trom only one side. About IM ot thom
were engsged by an eqaal hambor of
mine guards, who bat been sreused
fmm thetr sleep by 0*4 sounds of
While tho fight at Tabasco waa at
lta height, the strikers dropped a On
bucketful of blsck powder into tko
oamn at a place calculated tn throw H
against oae at tka many frame build-
lags of the cams. Wator trom (slliag
****** had gathered at tha point wkoso
tha bucket Isnded aad tha taaa waa
At short this Una the mlaa gaarda
reached ths toa of tha oapsstte
.haakment sad bsaaa to oaaiato
Ntohtne m**t*T*******************a
Ngkt ot
today that Diaz with two Mexican
companions and an American newspaperman, had been granted the right jopp06lte  church  street and  the con-
��LTn},.Th_,0n,.J,re i^ieeli��/,�� afl" struction of its line through the busl-
plead.ng  tbat   their   Uvea   were    en- neM ,���,ion of u,e city ������ , doob,���
aangered. (track trestle on a level with Columbia
Tbe admiral asked for instructions' trMl    ia    p���0IllN,  by tbe Canadian
as to theii��� dtaposltion. .The state de^Northern railway according to prellm-
partment flrst Instructed him to   ln-|lMry plana of tt, company that came
quire of the Mexican refugees wbere < np for consideration at a special meet-
they wished to go.   Later the depart- in(f ot the council yesterday.
ment notified the admiral that within      fhe plans were produced in connec-
a reasonable time tbey niOst be trans- tion wltb some concessions being ask-
ferred from the American war vessel,  ed by the railway to enable tbe cany-
They may  be placed aboard a com-j lng ont of its proposals.    The aban-
mercial liner bound for Havana    orjdonment of Columbia street between
New York, as the/c'   ose, j Tenth and Fourteenth streets by the
May Go to Ne > York. city and the deeding to the railway
It was believed hero tonight    that!company of Lytton Square for depot
Diaz and his friends would ask to be j purposes are the chief requests of tho
placed aboard an American bound ship
and that, until such disposition could
be made of them, Admiral Fletcher
would permit them to remain aboard
one of the L'nited States ships in Mexican waters.
As to the future treatment of
Mexico by the United States and
other nations tbere hss been much
discussion both here snd sbroad since
the election Sunday under supervision
ot the Huerta provisional government.
President Wilson! in two speeches,
has outlined s general policy of Inter
national cooperation wtth all Latin-
American nations and trom France
and England have comb assurance of
a desire to co-operate wtth the United
States upon some concerted' effort to
restore pence and good government tn
Mexico. Germany, which recently seat
C. N. R. The council does not wish
to grant the concessions asked without receiving something material in
exchange snd it was decided to ssk tho
harbor and city engineers for a report
on the C.N.R. proposals, before taking
any definite action. The company
will be asked to submit more detailed
plans and K ts likely that a conference
between the officials of the railway
and the connell will be called shortly
to go Into the various points arising
over the plans thoroughly.
If satisfactory   srrangessents
msde s contract will be. drawn up t
submitted to the ratepayers for,
ficstlon before the city eaters latpl
deal with the railway. -,
The plans submitted to tha council
are entitled "Canadian NoAera Pa-
(Cont'nned oa
San Francisco, Oet ��.���"1 do not
care what Dr. Fraser aald," declared
Mrs. Hattle Blala today. Juat aftar
making a deposition la the HHagsfcr
eaaa before Doaglss Toamg, British!
*tes coaeal hare, wli*
.-t^t_.., hi tha '
., Weaver-fife Ca). Be wsa snee-.
, ed ����� a ehargs of hariag fa&tafc.
|fc ******* $ *m 11. sftat the easejlF
ahaaesry, Loa
the truth aad
Frassra ofBoe
her foraUvta
took the dead
shall eoatlnae to tstt It
Ort *t$ .ta** amtm.ttttm
Jadge Dsjtaa hi the
held the ooeteatkm
.it acting as a held the ooeteatkm ef the an*
Ugh Sean   ot toners that ao srisse had fc
;.  -I eat teDlag Mltted. boosaas. wtthta tha
attoaetoteUR. of the law, a Mrth saet��eem
m��by��pr, gahbe lliamiat        .   _
Mattletad  wtth    Ae aatlker LtsntaeaaS ttt*
kis wtt��'mtiy____ . ,_^^^^^^^^
_h____B______A       *****       *********     ___________S       __a^__l____l -    -fefc        amm*jm**itm*aa***mm^Sa*\i
*���"�����������   �����   .������   "?*   ���**\^r*\m*^M*\- **\\*%T^m^^*W
Who wsa aimed tha city's member oa
, the harbor oquiaynn yestefsar.
gelded by the
_| powered i
..tee sad tts strikers m**\
the hlirafler fktag treda
bsttle wen reaewed sad *>
tp-t-ra-.ta-tat***^*-'*-**-* -r-
���**���**" PAOI TWO
WE0NE8DAY, OCTOBER 29, 1913.
Aa IsdSPsadsnl morstos ***** devoted to ths inter *tts of New Westminster a**t
��� Tallty.   Published ettary mo-rahis except Bunday b�� the Wotloaal Printing
Companv, Limited, at 63 lfcKensie Street. New Weetmlnsler, Brttiek
  ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU eosiimilDStloni ekoeld Ss addressed ta lhe Kev) Westminster News, and not
eSlslSsel member, ot tke afaff.   Che-juee, drafts, ond money orders should be made
 to Ths National Prtntinp snd Publishing Compaiiy, Limited.
TSLaPBONEa���llutttieit Office and manager, M9; Editorial Roome (all depart-
SVB8CRIPTION RATKB���By carrier, 14 per year, 11 for three months, 40o per
���m���IS.    By Mil, 13 per year, 26c per monll.
ADVstBTIBINQ RATEB on application.
Once again, the attention of the city council has been
drawn to the segregated district in this city and once again
that section in the west end has been labelled a disgrace to
New Westminster.
That it is a disgrace goes without saying; the question
is the remedy to be applied.
, One thing the reformers have at their backs this year,
the support of which has been lacking in previous years,
is the new provincial law, which provides that the punishment shall not fall altogether on the women caught, but
on their male companions as well. That makes it easier
to get at the segregated district, but it does not act as an
aid to prevent the scattering of the evil throughout the
city, as many contend will be the result if the district in
the lower west end is closed out. There are those who claim
���and there are a number of them���that such action will
lead only to worse conditions and they cite other cities as
examples. They are absolutely correct in their contentions, but the fact that the plan has never been thoroughly
tested in New Westminster is a strong argument'in its
favor. Let it be given a fair trial locally and, perhaps,
with efficient police administration, this town may prove
an exception to the rule. In any event, lacking a more
hopeful solution of the problem, the suggestion to close
down the segregated district is worthy of attention. If
the authorities act on it and the results are satisfactory
the desired end will have been gained and a dirty subject
and civic disgrace will be disposed of. If the plan fails,
then the authorities will be in a position to ask those who
now demand the abolition of the segregated area for the
real solution of the problem.
October 1, instead of the twelfth, as at
In view of the number of members
of the legal profession in the house
of lords lt Is almost certain that parliament will follow suit.
The demand for a fixed Easter has
been made on many occasions, and
from many quarters for some years
past, and it has been the subject of
several private bills. In February of
last year a calendar reform bill, presented by Robert Pearce imd supported by Sir William Bull. Robert
Harcourt and Sir Albert Splcer, was
Issued,    in  a  memorandum   to  lt  Iti ture discussed.
was pointed out that In November. | The article names ten large Cana-
1910 the Swiss government, at the In- Ulan companies, which bave defaulted
stance of  the International  Congress |       fa       . . (!ivl(len(ls as fol.
of Chambers of Commerce held In 1-on-1 .
don In June, 1910, agreed lo take steps lows: Mexican Northern, superior
for an international diplomatic con-, Iron and Chemical, Canada Iron, Brit-
ference on the subject. One peculiar-1 jsh-Canaillan Lumber, A. Macdonald
Ity of the present calendar, it was
noted, was that In the financial year
Easter Sim-
London, Oct. 28.���A special artlole
in the C.lobe says Canada has safely-
passed a financial crisis, but it is well
that the truth be known, and the fu-
|& Company, Union    Life    Assurance,
o; it.
Foolish Investments.
"We have heard of more than one
case where Individuals with historic
and aristocratic names, who have foolishly invested money in Canadian
land through ex-English army officers,
anil others.
"The crop that is now harvested Is
the largest on record, and of the best
quality, anu the result of this good
crop has certainly been to very niu-
terlaly lessen the anxiety that had previously been felt, not only by the best
friends of Camilla in this county, but
1912-13 there were two
days, April 7. 1912, nnd March in,
1913, but tliere will be none in this
financial year, as Easter Sunday next
year falls on April 12. The plan Tor
fixing the calendar Is to make a new
bank holiday for New Year's day,
which is to be a dies non. so that the
rest of the year will cvonsist o f364
days, divided exactly Into four equal
quarters of 91 days, each and Into 52
weeks of seven days each. Each quarter will contain exactly 13 weeks, with
two months of 30 days each and two of
31 days each. Each day of the month
would, under this scheme, always fall
on the same day of the week. In the
clase of a leap year there would be another bank holldav. again a dies non.
to be called Leap Year day. and to fall
between June 31 and July 1.
Fif teen-Year-Old Thug Hits Her Over
The Head and Stesls Her
Montreal, Oct. 28.���After two days
and three nights, during which he
slept afternoons at moving pictures
houses on St. Lawrence boulevard and
walked the streets late at night until driven to outhouses to avoid the
police, Utile 15-year-old Ernest Catch, (had
Helding  Paul, Cortlcelll, Ocean  faUs.Uy c!U1tlous Canadians, who havo all
Dryden Timber, Swanson llay KorestB. [along deprecated the extravagance and
The article continues: Inflation that has been indulged in dur-
"Tho thoBe who study the situation ! ing the tightness of money In Can-
closely, It is obvious that clrcum-1 ada. The collapse of the land boom
stances have combined to place   Can- and  the shock caused to certain bor-
Ida in less favor in this country than
formerly. This does not mean that
Canada will not be able to secure a
continuation of capital and supplies, or
that the British public nnd the London market have less faith in the
Dominion, but merely the glamor   of I
rowers by difficulties now being experienced In financing themselves In
London as compared with formerly,
have had a most beneficial effect, and
:is far as can he judged the situation
has been saved.
"Oovenunents,    municipalities    and
Canada has gone for the lime, this be-1 corporations have had their atten
ing probably due to the defeat of the I t|on sharply drawn to the fact that
naval bill, synchronizing with the col- j money cannot be secured without ques-
lanse of the land boom, whieh assist-ition, and without limit, and the result
ed to bring about the present comll-, has been a curtailment of expenditure
tlon. wherever possible.
"Starting, therefore, with the as-1 "it Is sincerely to be hoped in the
sumption that Canada is no longer the iintrests of all concerned that lhere
'fair-hatred hoy.' we analyze the sit-1 will be no recurrence of the somewhat
uation, prefacing our remarks with the reckless finance In certain dlrec-
statement  that  it  will  probably  be a   tlona,
good thing in 'he end for both Canada ; "Meanwhile several companies, both
and this Country thut thete Should [financial and industrial, are still In
cease lo be such a strong sentimental ' difficulties, but when it is realized
Inclination on the part of ill-informed how huge the total borrowing lu Lon-
neople to Invest money In the Doniin- don has been, the pronortion which
lon.  regardless of all economic  laws,   lias been lost Is insignificant.    If one
"We think the only fear to Canada takes the whole list it will be found
would be to interject that a large to compare very favorably with any
oart of money that has been improper- corresponding list that can be pro-
ly and. unwisely Invested wis en-- duced in the British Isles."
harkril therein at the solicitation, not When asked to give their views
of Canadians, but Englishmen, who about the above article, one of the
one to the Dominion  to spy out   larger   Canadian   financial   houses   In
Lease Extremely Moderate.' For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
when you can get ss good, or better, manufactured In B. C, vis.: ths
the celebrated "VANCOUVBH" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Auierlcaa and Canadian Enflneera' Association.
We would also csll attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 2--in. In diameter. This is also made In thla Province and ws
consider superior to any Imtortcd article.
We also csrry a stock of Crushed Hock, Waahed Gravel, Band,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
902 Columbia Strsst VV.
Phonos 15 snd IS.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY   jRan|.   0f   Montreal
A doctor rises to remark that the average man uses
only ten per cent, of his brain. Don't think some of them
use even that much.
of No. HLM!) Parthenals street, wanted ithe land, and who. seeing the possibil-   London said they would rather not be
for  explanation  of his  disappearance | itles for the enrichment of themselves quo'ed,  but  thought  tiie  article   saw
Those Seattle ministers who are rustling for marrying
jobs have the Hebrew schnorrers skinned forty ways as
first aids to cupid.
In the first six months of the present year Great Britain exported twenty-five million pounds of biscuits.
Wouldn't that rattle your cracker box?
after tlie assault on Ills mother. .Mrs
Cote, wns found by Detectives Thlbault and Walsh yesterday morning
at 2:30 near the corner of St. Catherine street and St. Lawrence boulevard.
Ever since Saturday morning when
Mrs. Alphonsj? Cote was found In an
unconscious condition by the son Kr-
nest, who notified .Mrs. Mooney, Suspicion that the boy knew something
of the assault grew apace and became a conviction when he disappeared from the place soon after.
The two detectives walked over to
tiie   youngster,   who   was  alone,   and
questioned hlm abont his destination,
at the  same time scanning a  photograph   they   had.     He   was   Informed I
that his name was Cote.    This he denied at once and insisted on being al-1    Montreal, Oct. 28.���"The number of
lowed  to go home, but  Instead was caflM of married women coming hefore
taken to ihe ward in Notre Dame hos-' . ,   ,      , ,
nital where Mrs. Oote Is lying.   There Ime  on  charSe8   ��f   drunkenness,   and
the   woman   informed   the   detectives |drunk in charge of children, is simply
that the lad was her son. and it Is as-1 appalling." Baid Recorder Ceuffrion in
sorted that in a storm of emotion de-   th(_ recorder's court.    When, after lec-
clared he is the one who beat her over ]
'he head on Saturday morning. Detectives are reticent over the actual state-1
ment  of the woman, but tt is known (ed sentence
'it the expense of tlieir fi'llowcountry-  ernt'v reflected present opinion of the
men were not slow to take advantage  Hritish   investor.
when the friends gather round or keep
calling the poor woman Is forced to
i'-'-'k with them, hence the drunken
wife is in the mailing. This home
,ii.i..i,jm- is Indirectly the cause of
many of the wifebeatlng cases that
pomp, hsfnre the recorder's court. The
only remedy for the evil Is that re
strictlon as to amounts sold should be
placed upon the retailers."
If you can believe Sulzer and his friends, what has
been known for years as the Tammany hall tiger turns out
to be nothing but a polecat. At any rate, the smell is something fierce.
There seems to be a difference of opinion between
Councillor Macpherson of Burnaby and the rest of the
municipal body as to whether the dicker for the bonds
has fallen through or not. What interests the ratepayers
there most is whether or not the bonds are sold.
Speaking of relics, what has become of the lass who
used to wear a white muslin dress in summer with a pale
pink sash tied about her middle? What has become of her?
Huh! That's the chicken over there with the green petticoat showing through her split skirt and ten cents worth
of tuti-f rutti between her molars.
Associations don't always influence a man: For instance, take the Prince Edward Island oyster fishermen,
who are raising a holler that can be heard clear across
Northumberland strait because they think their rights
have been filched by the government and yet those men
spend most of their time in the society of the bivalve that
believes in the rule "Silence is golden."
that sin exclaimed, "Why did you do
it?" when the son was brought, before
Cote was taken at once to the juvenile courl. where he admitted that he
stole SI) from the purse in his mother's bed. When arrested all but $2.31
wnr. missing.
The boy has no fear and when once
over the scare of meeting the detectives, did not seem to remember anything connected with his long stay
from home. This Is the first time since
the inauguration of the juvenile court
that a hov of tender years has been
arrested on suspicion of a foul crime
"Conditions Appalling,"  Says   Recorder of Montreal Court���Many
To Treat Consumptives.
With Babies. Too. ,_���..,,,.���   ()(.,   ,,n    -.,���, l0(,;l, K()v(,nl
���  [ment board has made an order empow
ering the London county council to
act as the London authority for the
treatment of persons suffering from
consumption It Is computed thai
there are 50,000 consumptives in its
area. This decision has come about
by reason of opposition to a proposal
, ,      . . ,    to utilize the hospitals  or ths   Metro
luring a  respectably dressed   woman,   |1()|lt.,n   asyUlm   lm.lrU_   fo_   ���._,  Mm_
lie decided to release her on suspend-1torla treatment of cases,    lt was contended that people sent to nuch  Insti
husband who had come forward * lutlons   would  be
.....        ,,        ��� , ., matter of fact thi
on behalf of the wife, said the woman
pauperized.    As    a
aRviums board wns
originally created under the INiiir law,
obtained the liquor frnm the house of   !,���,   it   has   for   vears   been   untlertak-
a friend, who had beer in by the two, Ing non-pauper duties, and lias ceased
dozen crate.   The recorder said it was '���"  h�� essentialy a poor law  body. In
,. _ , ,    ,,   ,��� _������.,   these circumstances the local govern
a disgrace for a woman ... be in suci  n)(,nt   boa_d   thoB^  nomlna,,n*.    ������
a state, especially  when in charge of j |.nm]���n eounty council as the respon-
a baby in arms. , Bible  !.ondon authority, gives Dermis
The child, which the weeping woman sion to the council to make Its own
carried as she stood in the dock, arrangements with the asylums board
fondled   its   mother's     face,     saying, | for the ure of all available hospital ac-
woman was leaving the court the husband stepped forward and seized the
child, and dragging the women to a
watting rati, drove away.
Mrs. Rothwell, the police matron, In
an interview said:
"No one can guess the number of
heartrending cssch that come to our
notice. Drunkenness among women
seems to he on the Increase. During
last  week  there  were  six   cases     of
  I women   with   babies   in   arms     being
charged with being found drunk In the
Up  Goe3  Licsnse and   Uncles  All  Go' streets.     These   women   do   not   get
I drunk at the puhllc 'muses     They gel
Into Second   Hand It, as anile, at the friend's liouse they
j visit.   I have known many families ruin-
Business. |,,(!  through  it      Women  have  only to
  i go to the grocers ami order the Ihioiir.
���ind  it  Is brought to th'-  house, and
accomplish tlieir purpose
with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing   doses   are not
needed.   <
25c.   a   box   at   your
Druggist's. i?��
_ Siikia. I Orat *** Chtmltst
.C..*ttta***.*imlltA .
EMPLOYMENT BUREAU NOW Iby   mall   with  the  unemployed,
open in citv HAl,L I addresses srs on the register;
The ofllce of the municipal employment bureau Is now open for business
and anyone requiring labor of any ib-
schription may have his wants supplied, free both to the employer nnd
employee, from the building inspector's office in the city hall, which has
now been moved for convenience to
the committee room upstairs. An entrance for the use of applicants has
heen made from Clarkson street where
also a bulletin board is displayed.
Applications for labor will be posted as received, and filled, If possible.
from those having registered as being unemployed.
As Is well understood many men at
the present time are out of employment, and a clause is inserted In all
municipal contracts that residents
must receive the first chance of employment where available. Those residents registering will receive a curd
certifying that they are entitled to
work on any municipal
requiring labor
quently a
would be
cants are
short notice to thm
ippreclsted before th
to report for work.
��� appll
British Judiciary Commission at Work
on Measures to Expedite Legal
London, Oct. 28.- -The judiciary commission, sitting under the presidency
Df Mr. Justice Darling, has arrived at
undertaking  ���'"'  Important decision which  is likely
to materially hasten the process of lit-
The license from the Dominion gov-ligation and Ultimately to effect the es
���ernment. under whicli the bureau Is tnblishment of fixed bank holidays
operated, makes it Imperative that !nK Easter and Whitsuiitidi"��iiri' al present
riltgrants and others seeking work! fixed by the ecclesiastical calendar,
must also be considered, and on reg-1but with a view to Increasing the time
lsterljlg an endeavor will be made to 1 at the disposal of the Judicature the
place them. commissioners will  recommend:
As  the  entire  work   is   being dune 1     Tbe fixing of the commencement of
���without charge. It Is obvious that the the  Easter recess for the third  Mon-
public generally must co-operate with-dav in April;
the officials of the bureau in their en-1    The abolition of the Whitsuntide re-
deavor to make the work a  success, cess;
��nd while some calls "for labor might |    The substitution for It of a holiday
be filled without delsy.  It  would  bei on the second Monday in June: and
necessary  lo  others to  communicate]    The ending of the long vacation on
Montreal, Oct. 28. -"How much can
I get 011 my wuich?"
"Could you let nie have 50 cents on |
my trousers?"
"I would llko to pledge my wife's
wedding ring."
Tbese and olher dismal slogans
chanted by persons visiting ' pawn
shops an- no longer heard in Mun
treal, for tin-re is not s pawnshop in
the city Tiie remains of the lust two.
which went out business some time
ago, have been pul "ii sale i,v
the auction rooma of Rse & Donnelly,
'_41-24:i St. James street, They were
the pawnshops of Aronion snd of Rut-
The goods placed on sale consist of
the usual motley collection familiar
to pawnshops. Dlcken's Old Curiosity
Shop had nothing on a Montreal pawn-
shop for real miscellany. Tint'* was
no "Little Nell" to welcome the customer. Imi there was big "8am" or
"Uncle Morris." always ready to ac-
cominoilale. Anything that had a
value was welcome under the portals
of any Three Halls Inn, of Montreal.
Now all are gone.
in place or tbe pawnshops, Montreal
now has a long list of second hand
stores. There is a difference between
the two -abOUl 11,800 difference, inasmuch as the second hand dealer does
not have to pay a pawnshop llcenss,
The BSCOnd band stores buy and
sell. They will buy a watch from a
customer one day for a dollar and sell
It back to hlm the next "If thev ���*j\\
hnve It." at a slight jiercemags or some
Kin per cent. They mnke no promises
to hold the goods, but old customers
have privileges, even In second hand
This" stores do no pawn business
whatever, nnd thero Is dot a pawn shop
in Montreol, It Is not imnwrj whether
the general prospsrity of tho populace
nf Canada's leading city is responsible
lor this lack of "bankers of the poor."
ir whether the license Is too high, or
what not. At any rate, Montreal is
"robahlv lhe only elty 0r Its size on
tht? American continent which haa not
a single pawn shop.
The Answer is here, in
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the ijiiiHgow Athenaeum, i,*** to inii-
innte that she will accept .*i few pupils
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tenslv,. repertoire of hiKti claai songs
Por terms, i-.,H or write lu 1 loN II million Htreet.
E3TAIH.I8HED 1817.
CAPITAL tPald-Up) ....$16,090,000 Off
RESERVE    116,000,000.00
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| Newfoundland,  aud   In   London,   Eng,-
j laud, New York, Chicago aud Spoknns
U.S.A.,  and   Meslco City.    A  general
banking business transacted.    Letters
of Credit Issued, available with cor
! respondents In all parts of the world.
i    Savings Hank Department���Deposits
i received  In  sutns  of  tl  and  upward
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it ii ri u in (present rate). ,
Total Assets over IISC.000,000.00.     i
O. D. HltVMNKIt. Manager.
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.-illiiK    Kiikiii'-itn,    1^m:hI    '..IS.    ne-ftM   tn
Labor Temple ,-vcry  MrHt    and    ttiirii
Thursday ���t the month, ll. MoLaufhlln
io> *-i,i. -ii    \v. c Hauii-iTM,    aacratary,
P. O.   Hox  0*-��.
D A V. O uf Elkii of the 11. of C . mew
the first mid thlr,! ThumdHy at ti v. m.
K. of P. Hall. Eighth etreet. A Wfll,
Oray. Elallid Ruler; P. II. Hmlth. Hec
L. O. O. M.. NO. SM.���-MEETS ON
Urn!, eec-ond. third and fourth W,-ln,-��
day tn ench month at s p, m.
In the Mooee Home. II. J. lA-imy
dictator; *T, E. Jonea, secretary
Headquarters of lodge tn See HmiKe
comer of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
L O. O. F. AMITT LODOB NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodge Nr
27, I. O. O. F.. la held every Monda;
night at n o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streoti
Visiting hreth.rn cordially Invite,'
R. A. Merrllhew. N.O.; H. W. Sangster
V. O.; W. C. Coatham. P. (.1 . reeorr
Ing secretary: J. W. MooDonald, financial eecretary.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
I   Commencing Oct.  'is.   Changs    or
tints table, us follows.
vim u.m  -for Toronto. Knmloops I.o-
1:26 p.m.-  For 81.  I'mil
it',it p.m.  -For Agassli.
8:10 p.m.    For Imperial Limited. Mon
deal, itc.
Kor rates, reservations    anil    .' iit-
portlculars apply to
B. OOULET, Agent.
New Westminster
II. W. Mtnt.II.. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Dl recto
and Eeibutmer, S12-S1I Agtii-a stree
o|i|k,��i... Carnegie Library.
ter A Hanna, Ltd.)-���Funeral director-
and enii'i,liners. Parlors 40R Columbl,
street.    New  Westminster.    Phone  III
���ter Board of Trade meets In the hears
room, City Hall, aa follows: Third Frl
day of each month; quarterly ne-<*ln|
on the third Friday of February, May
Auguat and November at S pin An
nual meetings on the third Friday o
February. O. tt Rtuart Wade, secre
SYNOrSIS  OK  COAL  MININU   regulations.
Sale. Deeds. Business 1/etlera, etc ; ulr
cular work specialist All work strlr-tlj
confidential. II. Barry, room 418 Weat.
mlnater Trust Blk.   Phone 702.
rimers. Solldtnra, elc. 4e lorne Btreet
New Weatmlnater. O. E. Corbould, It
C.    J. R. Oram.    A. K. MeColl.
tewit-law, solicitor, etc. Telephon
IO". Cable address "Johnston.'
Code, "Weatern Union." Offloea, BUI
Block. -Bit Columbia atreet. New Wast
mlnater. B. C.
tO $35.
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
aide ��� Barristers and Boilcitora, Weat
minster Trust Hlk., Columbia street
NeV Weatmlnster, B. C. Cable addrea,
"Whltealilk." Weatern Union. P. O
Drawer 200. Telephone St. W, .'
Whltealde, K. C; H. |. Edmonds, I
J. BTILWEI-L CLOTH. Barrister-at-la*
solicitor, etc; corner Columbia an,
McKensle streeta. New Weatmlnater
B. C.   P. O. Box 111.    Telephone   711
COAL MINING righta of the Dominion,
In Manitoba. Haakatchewan and Alberta.
Ihe Yukon Territory. Ihe Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Province,
of Ilrillsh Columbia, may be leaaed for a.
term of twenty-one yeara at an annual,
rental ���f ll au acre. Not more than WIS
acres wlll be leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a leaae must lm mad*,
by Uie applicant In peraon to the Ag ot
or Hub-Agent of the district In which lb��
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat ba
described by aeotlQns, or legal sub divisions of aectlona, and In unsurveyed territory the tract applied for ahall ba
staked out by the applicant himself.
Eaoh application must be accnmpanle*
by a fee of 16 tfhlch wtll be refunded II
ibe rights applied for are not available.
but nol otherwise A royalty aball ba,
paid on the merdkanuble output of tba
mine al the rate of five centa per ton.
��..,". *'.r"on_op*r",,nS the mine shall
furnish the Agent with swern return*
accounting for the (ull quantity of mer-
_K?<8P,_ ��oal mined and pay the rpy-
ally thereon. If the coal mining rights
��re net being operated audi returns aboul*
be  furnished at leaat once a year.
righta only,  but  the leasee  will  he  per"
milled   to    piirehaaa   whatever   avallabla
surface  righta mar be considered  necea-
_a.7 '?r.!K* wo*"1* of the mine at tha
rate of 110 an acre.
n*For .T". ,n'orm����lon application ahouM
mJ?".J? .'h_,i".'!jcre,"r' "' -*������ Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or lo uy
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion  lAiida
W   W   CORT
_,   _.   DoP"** Minister of the Interior..
.-N���_5~Dn?u*h.?.r,,,l,, publication of thla,
advertisement wlll not be paid for.     ^^
Solicitor and Notary. Offloea Har
block, 21 Lome etreet. New Westmin
ater. B. C.
Barristers and Hollcltora. 101 to 111
Weatmlnater Trust Block. O. E. Mar
tin, W. O. McQuarrie and Oeorge I
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The Daily News
Transfer Co-
3Hlcs Phong US.     Barn Phong  lir
���sgbla Strsst.
Bsggsga Dsllvare* Promptly to
sny part ot ths city.
light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Boa S4 Dally Nsws Blda.
ot sll kinds.
Prless right   Ssttsfsetlon gusrsnteed.
B* MsKsnsli tt WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1813.
The demand  for   the beautiful New   Westminster
Pennants last week far exceeded expectations, and
all were delighted with them*
A large  shipment has been received, including a few McGill University
pennants, and all comers can be supplied for the next few days.   GET YOURS
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IS: by 3$
������?' -"I
��ll   1
���*etti'-;.,xii   ' !i*
���^t/ii K.iiWmwi
��� ���..���wi***** % -1)0��> '���:��������� r^p^ym
'*.".���   -;.-.-'���: 1��r.&.. .     ��=:   ..^.���'SMKLi^ *&:i."Ms*u. >*.
i'f   ��
2  ! -
?-'r���-v,.. _,.;U.
"W """
. Uf
"*, ��� 1   .-I
* , *   .   .*������ ;V'v��� i'f
-a,.,    ,..,,.   ,!**?���.> ���,
**��������������� -^:"Wii   %
��� tj1 i
-���:^Ut^V-.'-;_..,Je*.,.y.... !'':*i*^7itfyfr
.^iMtyllr*'. *��   ��AOt FOUR
Fresh Water and Salt
California Man Saya Wharves Remind
him of Story of Noah's Hiitori-
cal Zoo.
though all hand's worked hard baling
out the water. In three hours we were
beaten. The engine room wbb flooded
and the machinery put out of commission.
"Our vessel sinking, we had only a
small dory to rely on  whenever the
same as the ordinary week-day schedule except that truing will run out uf
Vancouver In the evening every llf-
teeit minutes up to midnight. The {
last train from either city will leave
at 12 o'clock p.m.
The local service on week duys be-
This was President I). S. Cameron,
who wlll probably be at the next meeting.
angry wave dashed her Into the air
land she landed bottom up. In the
| dory we clung to the hull of the Wasp.
Whicb served as a breakwater. In
launching the dory we lost our com-
| pass and previsions except a few rations of raw bacon.
Adrift for Two Dayi.
"Kor two awful days und nights we
I pulled  at  the oars.     Hefore  teaching
Innd we were nil parched and the first
thing ue did was to slake our thirst as
    B we luiil lived mi nothing but  the raw
Did you ever hear a trunk or a tin |    After a minute survey of the river | bacon   since   the   Wasp     ovi rturned.
I��U fall down stairs, and go thumping, I t'apt.  Voti, pilot  for tills  port,  feels  Krom   the  natives   we  obtained   rood
.-Tumbling,   tumbling' 'way   down   into'sure   that   the   big   schooner    Tullae, land shelter, but we were all exhausted
"" ....    -     __)]at   |g  coming   to   load   piles   at   UuBkln,   at | and our leet were swollen und Inflam-
ithe  mouth  of Stave  river,  can  paBs i cd.
Wasp went down. To saveithe larger j twet,n Vancouver and Central Purk
ehraft we put empty gasoline tanks in wl��� n|n ev ^ mll>ut8B between
the   hold   anil   battened   the  hatches, ^^*���
This   prevented   her  sinking,   but  an
UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT TO j Sex  Hygiene In 8<*������
COMMIT   SUCDE1    Chicago. Oct. -H.    I lie (ourse oi let
Jl I tures OD sex livglene In Chicago pub-
Suskntoon  Oct   28-At 7 o'clock to-1 He schools  began yesterday   Included
night"CT.um. of a plsto, s   from'additional  ^���*^0' *J,  ,
* mom on llie Kround flour of the ��� boy pupils of the Scull lilgl.H'liool nut
SaSTboU, ��<��rS ',he inmates and , five man ^����*��&�� **��?
brought  the  police to the scene.    On  euls.    A   number of  fall., rg  wer.
Pilot   Ford   Will   Bring   Vessel   in
Nov. 10���She Draws Fourteen
the basement of oblivion?
what must have happened to the egotistical attitude of some of Vancouver's horbor boosters when they read
���Il article ln a California publication
by Dr. Putron Glidden. ln which he
Hives some rude Jolts to Vancouver's
harbor.    Harken to what he says:
"Yes, I know that some of the Vancouver people have made a good deal
Of talk about their harbor, but u walk
along the waterfront confirms the
opinion that talk builds nothing more
substantial than mocking mirages.
True, some of the talkers and writers
appear to sufficiently appreciate the
harbor to say that it is the 'finest in
the world. But that poor old verbal
Baw is so worn oul by constant misuse
that Its teeth are missing, and while
it makes a fine flash in the sunlight,
It no longer can 'cut any Ice
intelligent person the phrase is received with the same sense of cynical
amusement as the braying of a pet
"The matter of the neglect of this
splendid asset of Vancouver is a mystery to me because of the people who
compose the residents of the city,
many are Kngiish and Scotch, lt is
probably true that the leading men of
Vancouver are from those two countries so are men of the great dominant race. Yet the port shows no better development than one would find
if the residents had been people born
and bred on the farms of Manitoba
or Iowa, or the great ranges of Montana or N'ew Mexico."
After some praise of the entrance,
anchorages antl extent of shoreline,
Mr. Glidden pokes fun at the existing
wharves.    He says:
"And  those venerable,  ancient-style
safely up stream.
Seldom ls lt that vessels go so far
up stream as the vicinity of Mission
to take cargoes out, and the piloting
in these caBes is always a delicate
piece of seamanship. The Tullae was
up the Kraser to her Intended destination once before, In the spring of this
The pilot wlll bring the vessel in
on Nov. 10. She draws 14 feet of
water and as there ls a good 15 feet
at the bar near Langley Island at high
tide, Capt. Kord expects no difficulty.
He is in Vancouver all today arranging  matters with  tlle owners.
'With the aid of a skill canoe supplied by the natives we reached Beth*
el after a rough voyage occupying six
days. We remained there six days for
medical attention by Dr. J. W. Heed,
the government physician on the Kuskokwlm. Against his advice we pushed on, despite our sore feet, for St.
Michael, which we reached after much
further suffering. September 20.
"Krom St. Michael we went for med-
at present.
Calumet,   Mich.,   Oct, 28.      John. ���... .���_.,_...
^^^^^^^^^^ I.avers. a deputy sheriff, was arreated ! entering the room Win. Kelly, aged 47,  atteiiiliiiiei
4 o'clock nnd 6 o'clock,  the game as'today   iu   connection   with   the  shoot-j formerly of  Plumstead. England,  was *\^*M
ing of Margarel Kasakas. n 12 year old  found stretched on the bed anil bleed-1
girl,  iu  a  struggle    between    copper'lng   from  a  bullet  wound  In  his  leti
mine strikers und deputies on  Labor i breast Just over the heurt.
Dav He  was taken  to  the  hospital   but
The home of Henry Baam, muter (Probing for the bullet was deterred
meohaulo of the Mohawk mine, wee owing to big weak oondltlon.  Thebul-I
'let wus fired from il II'- calibre revol
iConllnu.id Hum rage Ono )
Mrs. Dean Davis Found Guilty of Manslaughter at  pdmonton���
fordid Story.
Edmonton. Oct. 28,���Charged with
the wll full murder of Sydney Pellunt
ut Edmonton on September 25, Mrs.
Dean Davis wiib found guilty of manslaughter by a jury after twenty minutes retirement in supreme court
here today. She was sentenced by
his lordship, Judge Simmons, to li!
years In the penitentiary at Edmonton.
Many sordid details came out In the
G. N.
set on lire early today  by some   one""' **** lirl'" '"���-"" * "��� -**"��* ���
who poured kerosene through an open   ver ltl an ettorl to commit suicide. Ite
window and set  lire to 11 lm,i *'���'*'������ '" ,,,e 0"* ***'" day* "ml '"  ��	
One hundred and forty-one strikers   h,lB V***** ****, r"��"1'1 " \fhon-r,'** (\"r['   ,.,,,,.  .-,,,......  ,,,.,,,, showing the loea-
wlll be tried at Houghton Thursday ,"��'������ r""�� , "", Canadian Northern ,'r'' '���'"��"> ������""�� -������"*���������� ��" 1""1
oil a blanket charge of violating the raUw*�� "'"Pleyment agency at W mil--tl.m of the line from the north eml
injunction prohibiting picketing by '"'*��� directing that the bearer he given I of the Weatmlnster bridge to cjnneo-
strikers In the copper strike none.       iemployment   on  a  construction  gang. ,,���,���   W|U,   Westminster   lower  harbor
-��������� ��� |scheme (l.ulu Island.I"
No   details   are   submitted   by   tlio
C   N    It    wllh  refen lice  to  the depot
Everett. Wash . Oct. 28.- The (Ireat | wlllch   It   Is  proposed   to  ..instruct  on
Northern   railway's   main   transoontl- UAIICC  TA   IMC 1 TREE  the south side of Columbia street op-
MIIIIVI- III iiivai.un- VMiu. (.luir(.h _,.,.���,   Tt ,���ri. ,tt('.,
tbut thut is the point where It  in pro
posed to locate the depot Is only Indicated in the plans submitted There
i will be a series of four tracks leading from the double track trestle to
! the station.
nentttl lino over the Cascade mountains was blocked for the second Ume
In  two  weeks  today  by  a  rock  slide
loosened by a blast in the tunnel the
company Is building nt Windy I'oint,
west of the Cascade tunnel.
The rock covered the track to a
dpth of 25 feel for more than 150
feet and the line will be closed to
traffic until late tomorrow.   Overland
Trouble    Predicted    in    Senate    Over
Ceamen'e Fervitude Bill���Objectionable Clauses.
of  the  Seddon  have  been  found  and |
Marks  First   Paper.
Victoria.  Oc!.  28.���Capt.     Maepher-
Bv the i son,   wreck   commissioner  and   exam-, .   ,
Iner of mates and masters, has mark-  "ndobutedly all are lost
ed the examination papers of hlg first
applicant  for coasting  master.    Neil
McLean, the well known mate on the
Q. T. P. steamer Prince John, has the ',
honor of being the first man tried by i
the new official and has been granted :
a   master's   certificate.     McLean   has 1
been promoted to pilot on the Prince i
S ��&�� NaKX 1XZ I "nee tat ��& * ffU. pfe j trains to battle are ***** routed by
schooner Transit off Point Barrow and     When the body was flrst Been by to SpoKMie.	
of the power schooner Seddon, south   the  police,  a few   minutes  after  thel
of Sinnazot. in th? same storm which I shooting. Mrs. Davis was caressing the
caused our trouble.    None of the crew | dead man. and calling him by hls pet
name "Darkle."    There wire several
affectionate letters  written by    each
other and apparently  were very fond
of each other.
Salem, Ore., Oct. 28.���An alleged attempt was made last night to poison
ail of the inmates of the state industrial school for girls by putting strycli
nine in  the tea and coffee served at
Washington, Oct. us,   Dlsagreem
between the senate and lions., iver
protection of life on vessels, plying 'In
(Ireat  Lukes atld the Inland waters of
the l'nited states was predicted today when the "Seamen's Servitude
hill which recently passed the sen-_.ii
went to the lower house for approval
chairman Alexander, of the boose
committee on merchant   marine   and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_  fisheries to wlllch the hill was roferr-
I ed, declared he would object to the
 " j provision  of  the  bill  making   ii   man-
���       . ,   . ,   ,   ���..    .   _���>...!��_ _uiik  datory for boats plying inland  waters
Canada's Rate Is $2.88 per Capita with I ^ (,i(__y ^ fu|, ����� ^ ���..,.���������,.���, ,.���
Spic   and   span
i overhauling, the C
after   one   month's
P. R. steamer Prin
cess Beatrice, in command of Capt
Hawes, has left Victoria for Union
Hay to fill her bunkers with coal before proceeding to Vancouver to take
up the Oranby Hay service, relieving
the Princess Mary. The Beatrice ls
In fine shape as she has been thor-
landing stages wouid'su'it the "picture ;Oughly overhauled and painted both
of the debarkation of Noah's historical !lnsill(' antl 0,lt* >rt'r engines have re-
zoo, when the animals walked out two celved special attention and she will
by two. Kor the equipment is not that; now be able to shake a little more
of our day of speedy, powerful, labor I sPee<1 ollt of 1,pr propeller.
United States Second���England
only .54.
According to infer.
Ottawa. Oct. '.'S.
ral Park Only Every T'cnty
and time saving inventions. It is not
such as one finds In London, Liverpool,
Hamburg, Antwerp, Amsterdam and
all other ports that with any show of
justice can lay claim to modernity."
The Princess Mary
out of the coasting trade.
The car ferry Sydney No. 2 was
brought into port late yesterday by
the Karl, after her regular run to Vancouver.
Cars Will Run to Vancouver Via Cent. r    Owing to the timely dlscov
erv that something was wrong with matton gathered by the commission ol
the beverage by Mrs. Esther Hopkins, conservation Camilla's fire loss per
matron onlv one or the girls was mad" capita Is higher than In any other
l]j ' country rrom which records are avail
^^^^K  The strychnine, it '.as charged, was;able.    The United Suites i.s not a bad
supplied   by   Mrs.  Effle Creswell,  who'second.     North   America   as  a   whole.
An Important change In the schedule was committed to the Institution lasl  has un unenviable pre-eminence over
on  the Central  Park  branch    of    the   week from Salem.    Sbe smuggled the   Kurope In this respect.
Hritish Columbia railway system was   ****-* -,'��� by hiding it in a pocket on       Even Italy which  hasitt. IN��tMt
* the   inside  of  her   corset.     She   was   loss of any of the old  worm countries
made known  to The N'ews yesterday |g0Barched   when   committed   but   the  ba#  less   than  one third   of  Canada's
by  Interurban    Manager    Purvis,    by  hidden pocket was not discovered. rate   to   her   debit.     The   per   capita
Which the fifteen minute service now i     Stella  Morgan.  Lulu '6niltli and  Ly-  losses of  the various    countries    are
In   force   between    New   Westminster   dia Hill 'lave confessed that Mrs. Cr-ps- .given  as   follows:
and Vancouver is altered to a twenty 1 W-8'.l induced them to place the poison;    Canada.  22.88 per    capita)     united
taken'minute  one  during  certain   hours  of   in the tea and coffee. .States.   $2.56;   Kngland.   .64;   France,
the dav i *,:  Germany, .20;  Ireland,  67; Scot-
The rearrangement,    according   to',.,,,    llrfwv,., land. 49; Italy, .90; Russia, .84; Aug
rempan*.   officials,   has     been     found   11/1 HH/ll   IN ���?.', '   .. ,        , ���
necessary  owing   to   a   falling  off  of   Tf ILL   flLKI/  111 I     Th�� flp,!r"s Rre bal,ed  ",",n th" re
traffic during the  winter months and
also the opening up of the city lines
sea craft. Mr. Alexander said curriers on the Inland waters did not require the equipment of an ocean liner
to Insure safety.
Looks  Like Cold  Winter.
^^^^^^   8teel Trestle.
The double truck Steel trestle on
which tiie line will be constructed
through the city wlll start al the north
,.,,t end of the Kraser river bridge and
wlll be constructed across the property owned by tin- C. N if between
Columbia stret und Kront street from
the bridge to Lytton square, Krom
Lytton square the nestle win be continued down Kront street on the same
level as Columbia to Klghth street.
The trestle will curve slightly at thla
point, irossing tlie C, I' It and Dominion government wharvee to Colum-
inn and Tenth streets, continuing
along Columbia on an s i" of one par
ei nt t.iliiui-' grade to the north end
of l.ulu island bridge where thi line
will take  the ground  level
Krom tliis point tbo tracks will eon
tinue along the north -hore ling of the
North Arm lo nnd beyond the city
limits, deviating northwest in D, L.
HIT, and then making B COQipli le turn
crosses   the   North   Arm   on   B   bridge.
The Canadian Fishing company has'
idosed down its salmon fishing station at Ilute inlet and the men and i
equipment have arrived in Vancouver.
The company maintained a station at
Bute Inlet and Tuba Inlet for the
catching of cohoes, but the season has
proved somewhat disappointing and
dog salmon were a nuisance. The
station at Toba Inlet is still in commission. The New Kngland Flsh Co.
has received ..0,000 pounds of halibut
ex the schooner Carlotta (J. Cox and
20,000 pounds of halibut ex the schooner Borealis. The fish were brought,
from Prince Rupert by a G. T. P.
Spent Forty eight Hours on  Overturned Schooner���Rescued by
Northern Natives.
running ont of Vancouver as far as
Colllngwood Kast, which have taken
awav manv patrons who formerly used
the interurban system.
No change is contemplated for ihe
resent in the two-car train service
and these will be run throughout the
when the traffic demands. This.
to an extent has rendered possible the
extending nf the running time, as
greater accommodation is now offered
to the patrons than formerly when the
single trains running out of Vancouver and New Westminster were crowded lo capacity.
The  twenty  minute
the week days will be
ports   fmm  cities
over 20,000.
Progressive   Association    Lays   Plans
for Collection Campaign���Many
Members in Arrears.
Edmonton, Oct -���-> Moving picture
shows will no longer run full blast on
Sundays throughout the province. Attorney General Cross tonighl informed
Saskatoon.    Oct.    L"v    (in    Tuesday   the northern end of which will ret,i in
morning early, the temperature In this ���]���   I.   167
city reached urn for the lirst time In Krom thi- bridge the line ttlll con-
eight years during October, and for: tinue almost directly south connect-
the second time this century during lng with the C N H Lulu Island line
that month. or "Dock Spur," as II Is named "ii
  [the map on account of Its relation tithe New Weetmlneter harbor scheme,
The connection with the Dock Spur
Is made Iii sections l'i ami 11. Lulu
Freight Terminals.
No   m. ntlon   Is   made   In   the   plans
with reference to the freight terminals
of the city, hut it Is thought thai In
the more detailed plans which the city
lus requeeted, theee will be shown to
oeiu'i. the old Roval city Mills site
purchased by the C. N H some considerable time ago.
��mm333333333mmam333333333333**m3333333333******m3m.     Nothing lias ber-n said as vet li\  the
England, arrived here yesterday tor a members of the council with refer
weeks stay she wiii lake on hoard ,.,���.,. ,,, the demands the cltj will
tomorrow 1000 tons of oil fuel,   she is  ,m,k,. upon the C  N   it. in return for
the first warship that has taken oil ,t,,. concegglOM ask. .1 It ts suggest
fuel from this island. ,.,l   .)iat   |���  T,.uirn  for  the  abandon
menl  of Columbia street the council
Received Serious Injuries. will oak lhe C  N. It   to construct an al-
Dauphin.   Oct   28.   Jack   Main   re-  tentative thoroughfare at  no cost  lo
Cement Worker is Killed.
Winnipeg, Oct 'i*.   While working
on a narrow plank at the Canada Cement Company yesterday, 1011 Antler
non of North Dakota, was blown off
and killed No one witnessed the accident and tbe body was not found until morning.
Battle Cruiser New Zealand.
Port of Trinidad. Oct. L'N     Tlie llril
ish battle cruiser N'ew Zealand, a gift
from the Dominion of New Zealand to
Point Hope Docks.
The  tug  Point   Hope,    which
struck   by   the   freight   steamer   Despatch on Saturday morning in Victoria
at the mouth of the harbor, has been
hauled   out   on   Turpel's   ways.     The
A. N. Evans, western district superintendent  of  tlie   government   native.
schools of Alaska; Capt. Charley Mad-
was I "en,   the   well   known   Arctic   trader, i
leg-j and Prank Wasky, Alaska's first dele-1
gate  to  congress,  survivors    of    the J
 ^���Ithe   Lord's   Day   Alliance   who  waited
^^^^^^H | on  hlin, that the government  had  de
cided  to initios,' a  License, on eondl-
Further plans fer the -rent  eoliec-tlon  of  such   being   that  tbe  movies
tion campaign of the Progressive as- shl111 not "-1"" 'm Sunday, otherwise
,. ,    . the licenses will be cancelled,
t soclation  were discussed  when mem-      Tht, .tephgg been decided on owing
service  during jbers   Of   tlie   executive   committee   of t��� the fact that In general prosecution
n operation be-   that body met yesterday afternoon. Instigated   recently   by   the   attorney
delegation of tba  local branch  ofloelved serious injuries today when ho Ithe olty. In reference to Lytton sonars
���      ������     ........ ��� ... * W11B caught  lu the fly wheel of a gaso-   |i   Ib hinted  Hint  the council  will ask
line engine doing dredge work south; the construction of a union depot
of the Ochre river. He was badly j lhere and a cash remuneration In re-
mangled   before  being extricated turn for a died to the property.
wreck in Bering Sea August 26 of the
[power schooner Wasp, oniy managed
vessel's hull will he surveyed and the, in reach succor at-Bethel, on the Kus
kokwlm river and later at Nome, after heartbreaking hardships, according to details sent to Alaska hy 'he
liner Victoria and made public recently.
In  a simple manner Kvans has  re-
repairs  needed    decided    upon.    The
X   ' port side of the ship has been  badly
damaged and the housework has been
--knocked out of plumb.
VESSELS  DRAWING 21   FEET   corded dally details of the experience o'clock every thirty minutes up to m'.d
                                of the  little  hand  from  the    time    a night.
In   his   report   to   the   city   council   storm in Bering Sea opened the seams Week-Day   Schedule,
���dipt. Kord stated there waB plenty ol  *,f the Wasp, causing all on board  to Trains   leave    New    Westminster
water  at   the  Sandheads  for  vessels  bale like demons to sav,- ihelr leak- 5:00, 6:46, 6:00, 6:16, 6:80, 6:45, 7 00,
drawing up to 'il feet   The channel   ���"���������:  vessel,  until  the  exhausted   sur- 7:15,7:30, 7:46, 8:00 and every twenty
h" found to be ljjn feet wide and 3 1  vlvors, a montb later, crept, half dead, minutes up to 4 00 o'clock.   After    4
to at1" Nome for medical  attention. (o'clock   everv   fifteen   minutes   up   to
tween the hours of tl o'clock a.m., and
4 o'clock in the afternoon, before and
after which lhe present running time      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
will be in effect, members  who  have   left   unpaid   tlieir
Here   Is   the   new   schedule   which   fees from  last year or who have not
will go Into effect on Sunday next:       yet paid those of tliis year.   This list,
Cunday "Jchedule. which averages about *lu per nann\ Is
Leaving New Westminster���6:00. to be divided among the .'10 member.!
7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 9:00 and every twenty I of the executive, who will go after
minutes up to v;',u p.m..    after   8:30, the monej.
o'clock every thirty minutes up to mid- To better assign the names of mem-
night, i hers to be seen to men best suited
Leaving Vancouver ��� 6:00; 7:00. | to"coTIeit. a committee for selection
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and every twenty was appointed. This consists of J. W.
minutes up to 8:30 p.m.,   after   8::m  Cunningham,    II.    Schaake   and    Dr
Smith, and a meeting Ig lielng held to
d<K to start the ball arolllng, ufier
which  hnal arrangements will te an-
Since the meeting last week Secre-  P''��f'ra''8 <l"P'"-l'"<"-'<  fW Sunday non-
,,   observance,   the   decisions   have   been
tary  Darling has made a list or    all
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
given against the government
P.  O    BOX   44?
Regina   School   Board   Issues   Instructions to This Effect���Only Custom in Past.
feet long and on a 12-foot tide
ford 'i'i feet fi inches of water.
For the Week  Ending Sunday.  Nov. 2.
[thirty minutes up to midnight,
nounced and the work started,
Report! hy VV. I. Darling, indus'rial
cMiimi-sloner. showed substantial
progress in interesting industries in
.New Westminster Since the Inauguration cf lbe position, three In-
Last . diistrles have been secured, which as-
Westminster    at
High   Low.
4:16 11 20
16 IB
5:20    n.4!i
in 45 11: IE
6:20   -.SB
17:20 12:20
7;HO    2 40
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. III. Time.  Ill
3:10 111 B:08   B.l
15:18 12.7 21:59
���1  1^ 12.0 '��� 58
15 47 12.8 22:37
-. 19 12.8 1"  19
18 19 12.9 23 IT
6:19 13.4 1141
to Nome for medical attention,
"We lefl Carter bay. near the mouth t g:30 o'clock and arter 8:30 p.m, every
;or  the   Kuskokwim,   nt     high     tide."1 ^^^^^^^^^
writes Kvans. "hooding well out
around the Yukon flats, but made poor
progress owing to tse strong wind
\i s o'clock 011 'li * niiiriiiiiK of August
'it, we thought we sighted lend. As th��*
winii Increased to n storm we decided
to  run   for  Nnnivak   Island   for  she!-
"������sn.ir.h  after 6 o'clock tbe Wain I o'clock, after that hour every   thirtv  bend thatmr. 1����^e��",��tt��tt ���orJ
which    had   'i    severelj   pounded,  mlnut?s up 24 o'clock midnight. vrk   a.��l had -'����'������' '       ,  iv,'
sprang a leak and rapidly began to fill I    The Saturday service wlll  be    the  member to the Progrewlve executlvi
train    leqy
Trains leave Vancouver   5:00, 5:4">.
6M6, 7 00, 7 15, 7 30, 7.4T,. 8:00   and
every twenty minutes up to 4 o'clock
in the afternoon,    After 4 o'c
: fifteen  minute    service    up  1
Hiires tlie Utility ol such an office.
Mr.   Darling,   In   his  weekly   report.
told of the mutual understanding between the Progressive association and
ih" Trades ami Labor council, brought
ick   11 about bj bis vlsll 'o the latter body. Ito the discretion of tl
'1 80 The labor men uon, <piI,���!. ti eompro-  to  issue  Instructions
Itegina, Oct. "iX. Regina public
school teachers will be instructed to
open school with the Lord's Prayer.
Though this has been the custom In
the past iu many of the rooms. It has
never been compulsory and many
teachers failed to observe the custom.
According to the present school act
the  teacher "may'   'open  school  with
the reading of the prayer and It Is left
school  board
Such  inetruo-
tlons will be issued 1.1 Itegina public
school teachers as s resull or the
meeting of tha board last, night,
1 CvSltM
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
11. 0. smii'ii, c r * T, a.
61:7  Oranvllle Street,  Vancouver.
W.   IC.   OUI'KIIOW,   Q    A    P,   D.
I bono  Private  Kxehnnge 8134
17:50 18:00    -C,:.r,0 12.8 _:i:59    0.1
?,1     x:_0
is: L'n 13:46
1      9:15   4:10
7.18 13.8  12 36    '' 1
17:__ 12.6
8:16 13 ti   44:i    11 1
18:55 14:45     17: i.4 12.0 13:38    9.8
2     10:16    4:65
19:25 16:46
9:13 18.9    1:28    0.1
18:27 11.4 14:47 1n I
Mrs. Busy Housekeeper
have ynu seen the in -*���*���. WIZARD
DUSTLESS MOP? Absolutely no
dust in sweeping Kin,, ror linoleum
and polished floors We bave just
received another Shipment ot these
mops and as an extra Inducement to
Jou we are giving away FREE one
tliin can of Wizard Polish With every
mop sold.
You Want One of
These Mops
Call in the Store and let us demon-
���trate them to you.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr De; .l. Columbia Street.
It's the Biggest Clothing Sale
Suits at Factory Cost.   Extra Pants at Less than Factory Cost.   Furnishings and Underwear at Less than Cost.
M. J. Phillips, Clothier
West Coast Sales Co., Sale Managers WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2��, 1913.
n . pace nve
say every ten years, to have new financial arrangements concluded If circumstances so  warranted.
During the afternoon the conference
adjourned for half and hour so that
Prof. II. I". Robertson might address
the delegates on the subject of technical education.
|next, winter which wll
maueiit  sheet of Ice.
Arens Company Straighten Out Many
Matters at Meeting���Opens Nov.
3 or S
Bd, S. Savage as mannger, Clayton
A. Bourne us secretary und the offi
rial opening ol lhe rink not litter than
November  5   was  decided  upon  at
provide tt pe.' town sweet way against the University
I of Nevada fifteen ibis afternoon, Hy!
*fffffffffffffffff*  the   time   Ihe   New     Zealanders     gel
Bombardier Wells' stomach, Achilles' I ��ft> ����� , "J*   ''V'   ^"J"",,',1'   US i
-   ...... i will  hi*  li.ol.ihi_   for aivoram uttoriK.VH.
heel and Al  Palter*! Jaw'  now i>in>ear
to  he oil  un  equal   footing   when  ml
iieriibiiity is mentioned.
will  be looking for divorce attorneys,
The wages of sin Is death, but cusl
and wesl hockey magnates say the
wages ot players are ruination and
bankruptcy, which amount to about
the same thing.
Basketball players are awaiting Friday night when two Interesting games
are sobeduled for the V. 11 C. A., the
Adanac smeettng the Tigers, while lbs
I Crescents  clash   with   the   Hustlers.
I Vancouver Just Manage to Defeat the
Royals in Editing Bowling
In  one of  thi'  most exciting series
,     Joe Oorman,  sporting editor of tlir. i .     _. ���
Victor!* Times. Is touring the east, OB- ��w --****- on tlle club *-*���***��� ���"***-
tenslbly  as  being on  a   vacation   but   gan's team from Vancouver, headed by
mr.nn.,,1. |       <-���    II11 111 ll <��� r   of   chllllgCH       have      heCIl
The curly opening, while not sped- j msde   In   Ihe   rules  of   basketball   for
fled   In   the   lease   between   the  com-'"1" season  of 1918-14,
puny and the city, ban been arranged \ portent   |-
owlng  lo  tha fact  Unit   last year the
company was put to a good deal of
expense In delays of machinery which
prevented  the  use of   the   skating
The  most  im
requiring  thos
Mexico City, Oct. 28- -The taking
refuge on an American warship by
Felix Dial Is regarded by government
officials as un uct of cowardice for
which there was no justification. Diaz,
ii Is insisted, was In no danger. Had
e accepted the overtures of General
lluerta he would have befen treated
with every consideration, ucccrdlng to
Senor   Hoheno   declured   the   conduct
Senor Hoheno declured the conduct
of Oeneral Oiaz unputrlotlc, cowardly
and    Inexplicable.      Every    guarantee
was assured   Hist, the minister  said,
...   and unusual honor was shown hlm ln
con-; despatching  a  special  train  and  put-
arena before January although thl
lease runs from  Deoember the first.
Tho appointment    of Bd.   Bavage
comet as a surprise to those outside
ot the Company but now that Ice skating and ice hockey has urrlved mi the
roust to stay, It wns felt that a member cf the compauy should secure all
ihe Information    possible   as to the
managi rial end of the business, and
furthermore, the amateur and skating
clubs will be aide lo dicker with a
member of Ihe company in Mr Sav
age liisliad if having negotiations
pool through the bands of several per-
-sons as uas done formerly
-   'i'he dealings with the i'i.tri"k hro
then ii, regard to a franchise for the
professional hockey game was discuss-
od   at   length   and   a   proposition   wan
made up v. hich wlll be presented to
Crank I'atrick tills tiflcrnmiji which is
Ihnuxhl wlll be acceptable to the Van-
���  'iiver magnate.
Should this be accepted, und accord-
���to Secretary Ilourne. there Is every
I inspect of success, the skedule for
hiulatiil at ihe annuel meeting of the
I. ague held Monday evening will be
gone through with.
^^^^^^^^^^   clause         .-_.
Jumping for lhe ball tossed up by tin
refine lo face In the dlroe'lon of lhi
basket toward which lhelr team Is
throwing. The players will not be allowed   to  catch   lhe   h
 ���   ���   __.. _   .._,,,    when   II    is
tossed up by the referee between two
i players, The player Jumping for Iiie
I all   sliall   not   be  permlt'ed   to  catch
lit. The rule was changed so OS to
Unit llie play where a player with one
foot over the line throws tbe hall while
In tliis position. Another change Is
to   prohibit   B   player    "Inside"    from
j touching the ball while it is in lhe op-
POnenl's bonds wbo Is throwing from
"oiitsiili "
mooe mc ouicr uig leuows Keep oil | three games, wmcli is creditable con-1 despatching a special tram and put-
bis trail. Jack Lester lasted Just five Isld.-ring the fact that Hodge has ; ting the school ship at his disposal.
rounds With Sum at Taft, Cul. on Mon-1 combed Vancouver with a fine web for I He declared tcuight that he could not
day   night    Heavyweights  appear  to I the pick bf the bowlers. I conceive upon what ground Diaz based
walk hand In hand with tlle ('alitor- Westminster ltd In the first game I the fear which possessed hlm. What
man ctty. j -pv  s|x  u|nB    Vancouver  coming  back ! urestiee he enloved with the Mexican
! by  six
in  the
pins.   Vancouver  coming  back \ prestige he enjoyed with the Mexican
    second   with  a lead of 98,  O'-jpeople   was   gone,   he   said.     Diaz   is
Connor falling down from whal would   now a private citizen by virtue of
have been a creditable compilation,     .resignation   from  the
Interest   wa:.   tense  in   the   seventh
On Inside Westminster  Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streets.
Three  Games  Arranged   Fer  Saturday
Afiernoon���Ttanding  cf thc
. I
,.-..���,- a good' (ium"s a,:d rer-rees for Saturda, IMcG���, ,
they landed nexl wire arranged by the delegates I Marshall
of the Rilln-j0f t)u, ('jty SOccer league at  a  meet-IO'C'
The City soccer team  madi
capture   yesterday   when
.latins Murphy, formerly of the l-.illn* |0[ tne city soccer league at  a meet-1 O'Connor
burgh  Hibernians and   later  with  the -       ,,.,,,, ,., , ; Burnett
li;*ii kl i in   Hovers     Murpnv  will  pro* mat^^^^^^^^^^^^m
bally turn out with tbe City In their I    Burqultlam    will
nc i game either on the half-back
i frame of the third game, a crowd of
ispectators holding their breath as
I each ball was sent down the alley.
i   Campbell, of Vanoouver, took high
average With 200 and also high total
With 223. Marshall's 215 led the Royals.
The following are tbe scores:
j    Westminster- 1        2        1
Walters 202    180    181
 _,  _   army   and  for
that reason his acts, according to the
declaration of the officials, are of
little moment to the government.
Jose Luis Kequena, who was on the j
ticket with Diaz, said he had no positive  Information  regarding   the  flight t
of General   Diaz,  but  if  it   was  true,
Diaz undoubtedly had good reasons for
I his course.    He laid he had  positive [
Ttl.   proof   that   the   government   was   not
full back line.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ play     their    first
OrIgame  ut  home against  the  city   with i
 BjAinsworth ns the official.
.   . ,, .,   '    "   " .       , The   Bankers,   present   leaders,   will *
A full practice of tne rugby players
Is requested  for Thursday  evening at [���'*���'' rlaln   Bumaby  on   the   Sapperton
Queen's Park In order to get in Shape I grounds,  Harry Tidy  referee,    while
for the game against the Welshmen ofl Rovers and sapperton wlll clash
Vancouver tin Saturday  afternoon.    Iti,|.��� Vi ���- ,      __.._��. .��	
is expeel
ers   who
a  result
to return
^^^^^^^ . afternoon. It
���d that several of the play
have   b.cn   off   the   team   us
of  Injuries  will   be  In  shape
S their positions.
Illy tbe Potter.)
______________________________________       ��"
Moody enclosure.    Ralph Forester
wlll   handle the  laitcr contest.
Arrangements   were   made   for   the
entertainment of two Vancouver teams
  In the third round of the Iroquois cup.
An American golf correspondent de ihe Itinera losing the toss to the city
scribing Miss (iladys Uavenscroft. the and wlll be called upon lo play either
ISngltth girl who won 'he D B. chain-: the Vancouver lias team or West Van-
plonship, says: "Miss Uavenscroft Is couver at Bapperton on Nov
Just a  slip of a girl."    Afl.r resiling
Hermann ...
Campbell ...
. .176
. .19'.!
900    988    852 274.
"to j acting in good faith in the elections.
���>���* j Among Mexicans there is a differ-
Designee cf opinion, many believing that
MOmiai would havo fared badly had he
*W i listened to Huerta's overtures. On the
 other hand It is pointed out that the
bearing of Diaz throughout affairs ot
last year was of a man lacking moral
and physical  courage.
I     Foreign Minister Hoheno expressed
���lthe   opinion   tonight   that   no   Inter-
���J*! national complications would    follow.
57i.i | The American charge had no comment
to make on the subject.
Retailers Nose Out Canners
In the other games played the Grocers  tied  the  Canners of  the  Amerl
emblematic of the
ey   championship  of
liow Qladys gets 185 pounds behind her
brassle, the rest of the article carries
no Interest.
Tho   Allan   cup.
Amateur loe hock..   .	
the    Dominion    Will    probably   Chang"
hands in thi  Winnipeg   league   this
winter Th" presenl holders, the
WlnlpegS, will be minus Iwo of lhelr
In". t mi n In the persons of Jack Rut
tan  uud  .lack  Cannon.
A semi-pro hockey league, 'aklng i.i
Calgary nnd Kdiiionton is the preaent
talk of tin-  prairie province.    A.tifi-i
rial   rinks   will    probably   be   erecti  ' ;
The ownership Of the National soo-
epr cup will probably assume a greater
mystery than the five dollar tipn they
hand out   in    moving  picture dramas.
On the same date City and City United   wlll   cla_h   at   Moody   park.    The   	
Hankers   were  nol  so  lucky   wtth the  Allison    114
draw  and  will  travel    tb    Vancouver i Wilson  89
where  they   meet   either  Colllngwood  Chaput    153
Half Million for Education.
Chicago, Oct. 28.��� A committee to
spend the $500,000 In a campaign of
���ci-m mru uie imiunj ui ,.r __...,...- .education, voted at a recent meeting
can Can company from East Burnaby ,0f the American Packers' aaaoclation.
two games out of three, the Canners i was named yesterday. The commit-
Ooming back in the third with a lead  tee also will have to devise a plan for *
^^^^^^^^^^^  raising  the   money.    Gustav  Bischoff
���HI   of  St.  Louis,  was  named  chairman:
42S I Arthur Meeker. Thomas E. Wilson. S. I
of 18.   The scores were:
Grocers��� 1
Knight    145
ior  tlie Sixth  regiment.
The official standing of the City lea
gue was made oul as follows*
448  \V. Allerton, all of Chicago; G. F. Sui
j[,4 .berger of  New   York;   Jos  Allerdyce.i
4-.,   Indianapolis and J. K.  Martin, P'nila-
4j���;delphta, compose the committee.
625    731    706 2065
W.    1..
At the present time the hockey
funs Of the city are worrying themselves to death trying to rind out just
Mho wil nonage the Hoyals this win-
The All Hlucks wlll continue on their
Hankers     3 I 0
Burnaby   2 2 0
' Hovers     3 2 1
'City     1 1 1
Sapperton     3 1 2
Cuniultlam  2 0 2
H   C. E.  R  3 0 3
D   Pts
0      6
!    Canners -
Jones 130
; Slicker   Ill
Young 103
Cade    115
illundy   145
I 604
1 2
At tke Theatres
This feature film showing today at
th" Kdison theatre has truly been called "a love story for the romantic." It
Is �� tale, wonderfully told, that begins
with the early ages of Ihe mound
builders an.l linked to a story of the
civil war by the reincarnation of tho
spirt, ends like tho love story that
It  Is, In tho reunion of lhe msn and
The action of the tlrst plsce Ir set
In tho Stone Age. It tells of Walla,
the daughter or a chieftain, who after
her father's tribe Is defeated, sees
the vlc'orloiis voting leader and goes
with him to his own country.
In pnrt two the American civil war
Is the vehicle, and the maiden of Ihe
F.nith shelters tlie wounded federal
lieutenant nnd after .the war they
nuirrv. Although emotional throughout, the production Is by no means devoid of adventure, it is�� picture and
e theory that once seen Is never forgotten.
London, Oot 28 ���' 'I'll hsve no scandals,' were King Edward's words when
told of the theft of the Dublin crown
Jewel:' "
This Is the opening sentence of a
striking chapter In "More About. King
Edward." publlshMl today by Sir
Harry   Leger.
Recalling the controversy aroused
by Sir Sidnev Lee's observations thst
the loss of tho jewels wss discovered
hefore the King's visit to Dublin tn
1907, the writer continues: "It Is the
King who speaks. He thunders. The
velvet glove Is pulled off almost savagely and the Iron.flet revealed. He
bangs the table and shouts: 'I'll never
���Come to Dublin again.' Never bctora
was the Klne seen In such a rage nn.l
he wns needlessly furious wltll l_ord
Sir llnrrv speaks of the linguistic
powers of King Edward and his mother. Queen Victoria and the personal
note Is emphasised throughout. References nre made to the Tranbycroft
affair nnd the King's broadmlndod-
ncss shown by many Incidents.
Victoria, Oct. 28.���-The Immigration
authorities here have been given to
nnderstandstand that there are many
more Hindus coming to the coast nn
the next Inbound steamer, the Seattle
Mwu Steps wlll be taken to see that
rone but those complying strictly wllh
Ihe regulations ot the Immigration net
will be permitted to land.    The Sea.He jcvmolexion, blue eyeB, dark hair   and 1 demands of any province.
Mnru   should   reach   port   Thursday.     1 mustache. "That the additional subsidy be paid
The 39 Hindus arriving on the I'.ma Killed   by   Fall. t��� tt,e provinces as follows:
ma Maru. who have been ordered tie ! Carl I.yngu. I 0 painter, wns killed! ���(a) There shall be set aside out
ported, have appealed to Ottawa ' yesterday afternoon when the rope of j f guch additional subsidy sn amount
through   their  lawyers.   In  accordance j a Bralluld on  which  he wus   working jBUf(|Cient to pay each province a sum
through their lawyers. In accordance ] a BcalIold on w hich he wus working : BUf(|Cient to pay each province a sum
ulth the Immigration nct, siif'lcler.l Iat th,. |_ee building. Main street and I qua| to 50 per cent of the amount
run.!': having been posted to provide ��� uroadwav, broke, dropping him B�� !��_ payable to each province tor garter iheir iiinli.leiiance In the meanttm*--  fe��t to the top of a skylight. ernment and  legislation.
 .._,,. A.iU     UUa    Taelii _________________________________-a t _ j _ _
-..*- :.,_   _-   - 1 ernment and  legislation
Auto Hits Tram. ,.���.    _.     ,   , _       .     ,.,..
An automobile owned by P. Burns I . (h> Jhe ��a ,a��ce of 8"ch a,dd"L��nh
* Co., and driven by Rolf Callshan. >*** 8��D8ld>- 8hal b<? Pa abl*, *�����*
crashed    into a  C.  P.   R.   wMMIK����2.S18S,'*Si?iHfifto
Ithe last census.
Secures $2262 for His Injuries���Landlady's Agreement ef Pale Is
train   at   the   corner    of
.drive yesteiduv afternoon.    The    tm^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
! chine was badly damaged,    but    the!    "That   In   the  case of  the  goverr.
driver  escaped   with   minor   Injuries. !ment   ��J   Canada   concurring   in   the
The train was stopped and the crewlvlewB of the conference aa expressed
rushed to the assistance of the man.
(Continued from page one!
Vancouver,    Oct.  28.���For    Injuries
received In falling from a lire escape
on the new Orpheum theatre, while It	
was In course   of   construction   latt '
March, Hugh Mc.iraw obtained a Juryjnml various amendments thereto the
verdict in the supremo court yester-1 existing financial arrangements bc-
dsy against the B. C. ornamental Iron !'tween the government of Canada and
and Fence company for J2262 dam-1 the provinces thereof sre Inadequate
ages. M.-(lraw%��..s employed by the | ,��� ,lde a 8uf(lciency of revenue to
defendants and had been sent out to | enable them effectively to provide for
work on Ihe escape nt the time it thelr expenditure In consequence of
gave way.   m *     .   the  heavy  and    steadily    Increasing
As the result of the fall hls spine ammmtB required to be expended to
was strained and his ribs and right | maintain the efficiency of the services
leg Injured. An osteopath who has <ft the responsible governments as by
becn treating him for the past threv|law  provided and to provide for the
........    ...ttm. n..,A ,      __.,        ,_._,,���,      -.,������_,.��     ���f     the
months said that McOraw would never
be able te do heavy work again.
Sals Called Off.
Mrs. Sabtna Havens, landlady of the
Wtlber rooma, Hastings street, was
successful in the supreme court yesterday in obtaining a reclslon of ber
agreement to purchase the property
for a sum of 86600. Mrs. Haven had
given property valued at $7000 to
(.entry T. Wrinkle for the rooming
house, receiving $600 tn cash to bal-
ance the exchange. She ls to return
the $500 nnd receive her lots back
again. Mrs. Havens alleged that tbe
premises had heen misrepresented tc
her at the time of purchase. Charles
Macdonald appeared for the plaintiff,
and Messrs, Fillmore tt Todrlck tor
the defence. The trial was before
Chief Justice Hunter,
Nephew Is Missing.
Joseph Cortle, a resident of South
Vancouver, has asked the pollce to
aid him in searching for his nephew,
Syme Roes, a gaa engineer, who was
scheduled to arrive ln this city from
Glasgow on October 24, but failed to
appear In spite ot the fact that his
luggage came to Vancouver. He la
doserlbed as being Ave feet six Inches
lln height, weighing 160 pounds, sallbw
moral nnd material progress of the
people; and
"Whereas, financial arrangements
made at the time of, and since confederation have never been regarded as
final by the provinces;  and
"Whereas, In 1867 the provinces surrendered to the government of Canada customs and excise revenue
amounting to 811.968,025 and received ence It
of    $2,227,-
In lieu thereof the sum
942.21: and
"Whereas, In 1913 the total revenue
from customs an.l excise was $133.-
212.143.67. of which the provinces received only $10 281,042,
A��k Adriltltnsl <.'ihel-.��ee.
"Be It therefore resolved, that In
the Qidiinn of this conference an additional subsidy equal to ten per cent
of the customs and excise duties col-
'octed bv Canada from "ear to year
should be granted to thn provinces
pavable semi-annually In advance In
sdldtlon to all other subsidies to
which thev are now or may hereafter
be entitled, under reserve of the right
of any province to submit to the Dominion government a memorandum
In writing concerning any claim lt may
have to larger sums than those mentioned In this resolution and without
prejudice to any existing claims or
views of the conference aa expressed
in the above resolution a measure be
submitted to parliament at the next
session providing for the payment of
such Increased subsidy and allowance
as msy be determined upon, pending
the amendment of the British North
America act."
Increased Salaries.
The  following are the other resolutions:
Moved by Sir Lo'mer Oouln. seconded by Sir James Whitney and unanimously resolved:
"Thst tn the opinion of this oonfer-
ence It Is, desirable that the government of Canada be requested to consider the placing of remuneration of
lieutenant governors on a basis more
In accordance .with present circumstances."
Moved by Sir James Whitney and
seconded by Hon. G. H. Murray and
unanimously resolved:
"Thst In the opinion of this confer
ence the government of Canada be
requested to have legislation passed
to change the title of (he head of the
executive of each province ao that tn
future he may be designated hy thc
name of governor Instead ttt lieutenant governor."
Moved by HumJ, U A. Taschereau.
seconded by Sir Igmes Whitney and
unanimously resolved:,
"Thit In the opinion of thla confer
ia desirable that th* postal
Soldier Killed at Baseball Grounds and
Many Persons Hurt Just Before
Tulsa, Okla., Oct 28.���Chester Taylor, private of Company 1-, Ninth
United States Infantry, waa killed and
50 persons were injured, when s
crowded stand collapsed at the baseball grounds here today Just before
play started in the game between the
Chicago Nationals and the New York
It la estimated that 5000 persons
were tn the stand when the supports
gave way. A company ot soldiers was
passing under the structure when tt
collapsed, but with the exception of
Taylor all the soldiers escaped In-
Massive $100,000FilmProductien attle
Elect National Secretary.
Kansas City. Oct 28.���Dr. Hubert C.
Herring of New Vork. was unanimously elected general secretary of the
.National Council of Congregational
churches today. The office Is Becond
In Importance to that of moderator.
Dr. Herring has been secretary jf the.j
 Congregational   Home   Missionary  so-:
59�� 1970|eiety for seven years^       ^ml*m
641 Front Street    Out of the High Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Now selling shoe stock ot tbe M. E. Price Co., fi��� UU Granville street.    Open evenings till 8 o'clock.
Entire Change of Program���Egganay Special Today
(In Two Parte.)
Is a genuine motion picture masterpiece. A thrilling and senes-
tlon.iI photoplay that throbs with
strong sentiment���excellent portrayal and unusual situationa It
tells a Btory of a young warrior
who lived during the Stone Age
and later reincarnated into a
dashing tombs Heateaaat of the
Union forces, dariag the Civil
War period: Rfebaid C. Travers, Dorta Mitchell. Charles
Hitchcock and Thomaa Commer
ford featured.
Anita Steward and   E.  K.  Lincoln ln tfce Vitagraph
SefTg _______________
Some fan In Oor Back Yard.
Don't nsisa It
^^^_   OXVOEN
Iron* burna Uk* Ckareaal
Oxygen ia
709 Colombia St:
-HW3     �����    m*    -��-.-���_��������� ���|���
regulations ot Canada be amended so
aa to provide for the free carriage of
all provincial pubtlc docareeats both
sessional and departmental."
A further resolution ottered the
government ot Canada was to have
stock and debentures of corporations
classified among : the securities ot
Kngland In which trustee funds may
he Invested. Thla,was ma���4 by Hon.
P. D. Maokensle aad steoMjId hv Hon.
3. H. Howden and unKatmously carried. .   ...       ...J	
At S o'clock Premier Harden entered the conference and th�� resolutions
were presented tn hint, .Sir Jamea
Whitney and Sir Lomer Oouln speaking ln support of them. Premier Bo*,
den promised tham via dsnalderatlon.
Ha added tor hlmselt aad referring
to a remark made hy Str Jnmea Whitney, that ho saw no objagtlop to tht
province edrntat at" ******* Intervals,
Moyal McpBe Id.
Is now Open for Business at
Davies' Old Standi on Sixth
We tfim i*�� conduct�� genuine Btrgaia jttMa. C
Smallwear, Dishes, dataware, KUcH��ft��ai��_HMM
. As our store is too assail to earty FauJjnrsyi
down in order toron it off quickly.
We have on sale wwr Brass and Iran 1
Buffets, CUffeafen, Uinurjr Tahke, - '
and Rockers, etc., aod tfcey areaB bm m r  ,_
���'.'     '.      ���****'' 11.'.'     ���,,.*\.V': ,M
*'  -*-.'    ...-.:   '���>    ������,.'; '.�����'*. f-��'-"iV'' '������
i _y^^^��jt.?*-. Xma*'':'
f-rm^W'   I   *l    "    i *
:< ���%., ;i\ V
"i -***i->i
i i* > 1"
,���:*.**; irt.'
{Classified Advertising
IF1BD    ADS   WILL.   BB   KK
for Tne Newa at the follow-
r. T. Hill'a drag store,
Columbia   etreet;    A.   Sprice,
lAxta Mand.
��� RATES. ���
cent per word per
te per word per week; 15c per
SMSSth; S.MO worda, to be uaed as re
mjttrmi wlttlo one year trom date of
mmmttaa*, I26.IMJ.
tara isi large or small quantities tor
swot cash. Will give full value or
will tell your household goods and
cCeete by auction. Will guarantee
to realise value or no commission
chaired. H. J. Hussell, Westminster
Auction liouse. King's hotel block,
Columbia street <-164)
maehlnc, $20. Apply Sapperton hotel.
modem house on car line, excellent
location. Apply llox -296 News
Ten-Year-Old  Who  Doesn't  Like   His
Sums Runs Away From
Auburn, Oct.  28    Kunlng away  bo-
I22H6) !cause he could not get his arithmetic,
10-year-old Johnnie Mozior left home in
Kvcrctt ten days ago and, to use his
saws, foot power mortising machine, ... ,    ,
grindstone.   llox 2222 News office.     I"w�� �����������. ������<'H worko" ln "v,r>' lown
(2222) |
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, (ieorge Wnrne.
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2140)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland es desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and (125.
Terms quarter cash, Iwo years for
balance. This Is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis &. Dorgan, New West
mlnater.   Phone 466.   No trades.
between Everett nnd Tacoma since
Today he Is the temporary charge of
l'eter Koester, a brakeman. with
whom the boy rode here from Meeker
Junction, one mile north of Puyallup.
last night.
According to Johnnie's slory. ten
days ago he was working on a particularly   hard  arithmetic  problem   that
proved to be more than he could solve.
He  thereupon  decided   that   learnlngf-a  circumstance  by  comparison   with
such things as how many yards of pa-  ' ' "  "'"    * " '"
per are needed lo paper a room twenty
feet by sixteen, nine feet high and the
continued remembering of how  many
gills are ln a gallon were unnecessary
and  so he decided to go out Into the
world. .
Edmonds was his first stop and
; there he worked for 25 cents a day
[and  his board, driving a horse for a
ished housekeeping rooms, private
: amity, *t&.tV> per inonth. 310 Warren
avenue. (2312)
furnished or unfurnished, at reason
able terms.    113 Oakland street.
apart nn ills to rent, right on car line,
���steam heated, hot and cold water,
���ro-i ranges, electric light, separate
bath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
is very reasonable including gas and
lights. Also single rooms, both
furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
floor. Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN, ��1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (2100)
trade   protection   specialists.   J. M.
(���awa,    general    manager.      P,    0.
drawer 110, New Westminster.
mt)tl furnished modern bungalow,
Durham street.   Apply Phone 1.227.
keeping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (21C3)
(21611 J'mk man. lt wasn't much money, hut
it was better than nothing. Johnnie
philosophically remarked this morning.
Retarding his experiences from then
on, Johnnie was not communicative,
but said that he had arrived in Tacoma last Friday. There he was
Bslsed with homesickness anil decided
to go back. He got as far as Meeker
Junction last night on a Buckley train
and there waited for a freight. When
he clambered aboard the caboose of
the train on which Koesicr is head
brakeman. he told Koester that he lived In Everett and wanted to go home
Financier and Club Man Has Experts
at Work Within tho City
Seattle, Oct. 28.--That a stratum of
parafftne-buBe oil underlie) Seattle Is
a theory that has been held by geologists. To determine whether Ihese
scientists are right or wrong, anil
quite Incidentally, of course to add a
little change to his already bulging
bank roll, Henry Whitney Treat, prominent llnancler and cluliman, has commenced the work of drilling at a point
about 100 feet from the lock of lhe
Lake Washington canal at Mallard,
within the limits of the city of Seattle. If his efforts are successful, the
Klondike discovery wlll appear as only
within tho Hritish empire. Hritish
ideas of justice and straight dealing
must be acquired and conformed to.
National and Imperial defence must
claim the whole-hearted support Mul
assistance of all. Without these H.I-
clts of a "common Canadlanism" no
hew settler can be said to have become
assimilated, and none who ls incapable
of subscrlplng to them ean be regarded as a satisfactory element of the
originating Inside buildings repaired
day or night, by Woodward, 613
Columbia street.    Tel. 766.      (23021
t he excitement lhat wlll he created
It  might be mentioned  In  passing,
ihat the Increase In the number of automobiles has created such a cnnsiimp-1
tlon of gasollno that the supply of par-1
ralTlne tape oil  is  now   less  than   thel
demand.   Clearly, something had to he"
done to prevent a big   Increase In the
cost of gasoline.    Also,   it  is  worthy
of note, that  Mr. Treat owns a  Rood
many hundred acres of laud in this locality, and  it is his intention  to drill
all over his property directing his at-1
tentlon     particularly   to   his   Meadow
I'oint holdings.
When  the canal  was being  cut  by
the    government    engineers    several |
months ago, several explosions of pe
trollo   rock  took   place,  and   the   blue
shale country rock gave off a small
amount of oil.    Treal  very quietly In-1
Stalled a  small drill near by,  but  lts|
mechanical   limitations   prevented   the,
drillers   from   reaching   the   depth   of,
.0(10 fert. at which, the geologists sav.
the main body of petroleum sands will
Tacoma. Oct. 28.   Identification of B
foreigner killed by u Northern Pacific
train at a street crossing In Puyallup
last Thursday as a member of the
bandit gang terrorising the fanning
districts easl of Tacoma, and the discovery  by   I'ostoffiee  Inspector  It.   II.
Barclay of evldencs showing that the
same man robbed the Yelm postofflce
several weeks ago, had the unexpected
result this morning of establishing
that two separate series of postofflce
nnd farmln-g district robberies were
committed by the snme band. It was
generally supposed two bands were
operating In the districts about Tacoma.
K. Ida. a Japanese storekeeper, Identified Ihe dead man as one of the gang
that held up his place near Garden-
ville last Thursday morning The
same gang robbed the store of II. Ku- I
ramoto nearby and tortured ll. Dodo, i
p clerk.
Postofflce Inspector Jlarclay    found
that nippers carried nrby the man fit- !
ted marks on the edge of the fulmlnai-
Ing  caps   iisril   In   blowing  open     the
Yelm   safe,  the abrasions  In  the hoi- j
ster  corresponding  exactly    to    thel
points  that   the   revolver  would   wear j
Every one shows the dealer a larger profit, but
none possess the flavour of
or give the same satisfaction to the tea drinker.
Black, Mixed and Green. Scaled lead packets only.
smtoMUNOo oui* m.p , ssssidsmt.       wo ��.��TiHiwt. vioi-snsiioii".
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Collections, All Over The World
Whether your business Is confined lo Cmads or you ship
foods lo ail parts of the world you will appreclile the lacllllles ol
the Dominion Bank In makltif; collections.
The Branch In London, England, is In immediate touch wiih
the European linancial centres���while correspondents throughout
Ihe world expedite ail transactions.
The Dominion Bank has branches in all sections o! Canada.
Manufacturers. Wholesalers and Shippers are requested to write llie
Head Olllce lor a complete llsl ol Branches and correspondents.
Koester brought hlm here, took him  he encountered.    Small seepages of oil
to his own horne and srnt a telegram
to the police In Kveret Up tn a late
hour this morning no reply had been
where.     No   collection,   no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
���eney, SS8 Hastings sU-eet west, Vancouver, B.C. CIS:!
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. D. Brown, 17
illegbie street. New Westminster.
Telephones: Office S3, Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
Engines.  Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Bok 474.    Now Westminster. B C
I    Toronto, Oct.  Eg.���With   the engine
i cab enveloped In a m��Fs of flame as
;tre result of the firebox blowing out.
Engineer  Kingston,   running   'he   Wabash express from Buffalo to St. Thom-  the
j as.  hrought the locomotive to a stop
| near  Marchville, atfer sticking to his
I post   for some minutes  with  the  fire
blazing beside him.    When the flames
I flared into the cab Ihe blaze engulfed
Ithe fireman. J. (.range, whose clothes
were ignited and almost burned away.
As   the   engine   was   brought   to   a
I standstill,   the   enginrer   leaped   from
Ithe   cab.   dragging     the     unconscious
fireman with    him on    to   the tracks,
i He extinguished tbe burning clothes
With his coat, but during the time he j
was bringing the train to a stop the |"
fireman   had   been     terribly     burned j
abou' the head and body.
The fireman was carried to Marsh
however, were struck In tie well and
a strong flow of gas was found.
Big Drill Installed.
Tre.u has Installed a big derrl"k
with a Standard drilling machine ea
Dable Of reaching a denth of 5.000 feet
If necessary, and has obtained the services of H. H. lloxhury. a well-known
Pennsylvania drilling expert.
Geologists who have been over the
field for Treat declare that the formation and the fossils found In It are
precisely the same as those found at
lehrated Carpenteria field In
California, and it. is a striking coincidence thnt the topography of t'ie
countrv also Is similar Carpenteria I
lie-i close to the sea. and manv large :
wells were at first sunk on the shorn
line, and these gradually were extend-1
ed seaward
Queen Charlotte, Oet. 28 In drilling
for coal on the Armstrong and Morrison property about twenty miles from
the mouth of the Yakoun river, a
large pocket of oil was found nt a
dip h of 200 feel In the new drill bols
sunk   this   spring.
The oll flodde.l the core barrel, but
was not In sufflclent Quantity to prevent further drilling, which wlll be
continued for another 1,200 feet When
the drill hole Is completed a charge
of dynamite will be exploded In the
oil hearing s'rata to release any olher
wflls In the vicinity. The presi n :e
of petroleum was not inspected in
Ihls region, though found in oilier
places on Graham  island.
The Bank of Vancouver
Brioches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Ssvlngs Department st sll Branches Deposits of One IXdlsr aod
upwards received snd Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Trsvsllers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, Gensrsl Msnsgsr.
New   Wsstmlnatsr   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Msnsgsr.
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display.    See  them.    Perfect  flt andUille, where a physician was rushed to
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from (the scene, while word of the accident
$18.00 up.    701 From Street.
Ite Lot 5, ut Blocks  148 and  149. of
Lot 92, Group 1, Map 1757, in the
District of New Weatmlnsler.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 21J3E, issued in
the name of Harry Cline,   has   been
filed in this ofTice.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
-at the expiration of one month Trom
the date of the llrst publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published in the
���Cily of New Westminster, issue a
dup-icate of ttie said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writins.
District Registrar of Titles.
JLarsd Re-giHtry'Office,
Hess Westminster, B.C., October 9,
1913. (2*26)
| Was telegraphed to the yards at
Ilridgeburg. Two special engines and
a caboose were rushed to Marshvllle
with another physician. One of the
engines was attached to the train,
while the other rushed the in lured fireman to the hospital at Biidgeburg.
There Is no hope held out for his recovery.
Although  the  cause of the   firebox
London Standard    Givet    Wholesome *
Advice to Men Who Come to
NOTIf'K IS tllfillKB-r <;IVKN that th.t
���Om-pon-lioli of tli<- Olty ol Sew West-
t*A****t*t baa <l<posH��<I with tie" Minister
n-f Piiblir Works and in the nttton nt thr
.IrfCislrar of HcMls for the IMKrlct nf
���New Westminster, British Cnlumlil*-., plans
tad dencripiloiiH ��f rim."' linn of propositi Kapper.mi Sewer outfall crossing Hru-
���j-a-Me   River   tn   Haid   dlstrk-f.
rruut lhr <-0!|��in��tlmi of the Oily of New
Westminster will arter one month from
ths firs. poUlic-i.ion of thl* notice :,\.*v
to the Oovernor General in Couneil  tor
iTp-oroval of  sueh works.
DATBD at New Wesiminster. II  C. this
���^.Tth ita. of September, isis.
OuUeiters   for   the   Oorporatlim   of   the
<Vv of New Wesiminster.
B.   C. COAST  SS. SERVICE blowing out Is not known, it is thought
to  have  resulted   from   the    engineer
From Vancouver for Victoria.
1��:'00 a.m Daily
2:00   p.m Dally
11:45   p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Daily
11:00 a.m Daily
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo.
3:00   p m.-_______-___...____________,__Daily
Nanaimo,  Union  Bay and Comox.
0:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union  Bay.  Powell  River.
11:45  n.m Kvery   Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m m ,.. Kvery Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf lsland> Points.
7:00 i.n . Tuesdays for'Victoria,    (tall
ing at points in tiie Gulf Islands.
BD. QOULBT, Asent,  Niw  Westminster
H. W. BRriDIB. Q. P. A.. Vanoouvsr.
The objects of the Canadian league,
says the London Standard, are such as
will   Inspire the cordial  sympathy of i
well-wishers  of Canada  and   imperial
unity,    li Is clear to all that, with an i
immigration of something    like    two;
thousand  persons per day, Canada Isl
fac-d  with a problem Into which  ele-
j ments  enter other than  the capacity
LONDON'S LORD  MAYOR to  give  them   profitable  employment.
GETS HIS FRUIT FREE Tbere is no douh   of the Dominion's
  lability to find a place in the sunshine
London. Oct. 28.    A magnificent col- ipf '>Pr prosperity for fiim.nnn or more j
lection of luscious fruit was prasent-Sd  immigrants every year, but before the
my   tha   Fruiterers'   compnny   to   the!
shutting off ihe steam, as the accident
occurred Just as he shut off.
| lord mayor of London ISIr David Uur-
netti   and  the  lady  mayoress    at   the
| Mansion house last nigh'. The gift
marked the continuance of a custom
which has existed for many years anil
is a survival of the days when the
lord mayor was entitled to sample all
the fruit that came Into the citv
process of assimilation Is complete
lhe new comers must become In every
Sense Canadians; and In the case of|
those of alien birth, whether coming
In from across the international bound!
nry or arriving from Kurope by sea,
they must become Britishers as well.
Canada Is essentially a horning country.     Like   Australln   and   New   Zeal-
All   Hi"   fruit   presented   last   night'""'I and  Hritish South Africa, sh" re-
was grown in Kngland. and most of it ,'Mliresof her new  citizens   thai   inv
came   from   Kent.     Perfectly   shaped
pineapples, velvety   peaches,   apples,
pears, anil melons, and. indeed, almost
everv variety of fruit this country can
nrodnce were to he seen in the over-
flowlng   cornucopia   and   three   large
shall throw In their lol with the country and  make their homes there. The]
type   of   man   who   emigrates
many  continentals do with  the idea'
"f making as much money as he can,
in the shortest space of time and 'hen i
bankets decorated with carnations and   returning to hi:, native land. Is of the
��� 'nutt va'tte to n nnv,- eenntrv. and Is
inrdlv *** ' " c'l'vrt i "eltlsen" in anv
ense pf tli* wr-d. f'nni'iln and her sis-
er  dof-lnlens h-ivo  r wakened   lo  the
ii*  the Southeast Quarter of Section
25, Township X, in the District   of
New Westminster.
Wlii-reas  proof of the loss of Cer-
��� it.cate   of  Title   Number   13M4K,   is-
���m-d in the name of James C. Vorlong
i��il Charles Hummel haa been liled ln
tfais office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
*..t the expiration of one month  from
��� ijie date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
i;he Cttl of New Westminster, issue
-a. duplicate of tlie said certificate, un-
��� .e-ss in the meantime valid objection
.-*���. made to mi in writing.
District Registrar of Titles,
Land Regkstry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., Oclober 18,
Wt, <226'.��)
bine silk ribbon. In which lhe gift was
contained. The muster of the Fruiterers' company. J. C Hewlett, with the
members of the court of the company.
were received by Sir David and I.ndv
Burnett   Mr. Hewlett, in lii
tion speech, remarked ihsi
��� ing proved the contention that Kngiish
'rults. grown as thev were under the
* disadvantageous   eHmal,e     conditions.
held the first place for beauty and fla-
Vor      Siibsernientlv   the  f-'iiir*   of   tlle
company and the general purposes
I committee of the coun of common
1 council were enterlalneil at dinner in
| the hiinili'etlng hall under the presidency of the lord mayor
Montreal, Oot 28.���As ihe rf still of
a street, fight at St. Henry yesterday
afternoon, (llnvannl Beutani, an Italian, living at 2ii?.(> St. .lames Btreet, ls
at the Western hospital, with two ugly
knife wounds  in   his neck,   while  th"
Montreal, Oct. 28.���Injuries received
Saturday in a fall from a wagon prov
ed fatal to Isaie Choiiinard, who died
Bhortly atfer midnight at Notre Dame
While driving through the ifterrl | man for whom the woutel was Intend-
street subway on a truck loaded with ed refuses to tell the police who did
iron, seated beside liis friend, Zacherie  the stabbing.
Chalifoux, Cboulnard was Jolted from Early In the afternoon a row start-
the rig and crushed between the wagon ��� ed on the street, hut. It was appar nt
and the subway steps. The driver, whoIly called off, the comhntnnts dlsap-
is under arrest on the charge of driv- pearing after a few minutes' parley,
ing a vehicle while Intoxicated, was ; About B:80 the fighting Italians made
unable to stop the horses before Chou- their appearance at  2336  St.  James
-Notice Re Household Voters' List.
Applications to be placed on above
list must be received before the flrst
day of November.
For the benefit of those who may be
���tmable to attend during the day. the
undersigned will be in his office at
the City Hall on tbe ,.0th nnd 31st,
between the hours of 7 p.m. nnd 9
pm. to receive applicstiorm.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
���City Hall, October 25, 1913. (2301.
fact ihr't iipy must spare no efforl to)
nresentA-1 "WW  fn'lv and effectively the great
the offer- 'errltories which Irtn courage and en-
trrprlre of their forefathers have he-
questhed to th"tn. Apart from the economic necessity for population, ade-
quate forces for the defence of hearths
aid homes can nnl^ he made out of
iablS-bodli d men.
Cof-rrpn Cinadianiem.
The  Ideal of a "common  Canadian-
���ism"   is   therefor"  all-important.   Kast
\ must understand the west, and no time
|"in  ps'elv  be lot-t  in    bringing    the
"Amerienn"   so-called���the     Russian,
"ie   ftsl'an,   iho   Oerman,   and   other
'nre'ff-i  "nml-rants into    touch    with
British-Canadian sentiment and t.ra.ll-
'Ion.    'Hire  Is. Indeed, something to
lie learned hy evervone who migrates
to a nfn   countv. even though tho mi-
gmiIon he but a "move" from one na-
Mo.i  imd or 'tn flair to .-mother.    The
i SofPiWet or Warwickshire
re will have to real!*" that
ech a thing as Canadian na-
llng and he will find himself
at fault If he fails to sym-
ith snd acquire something of
feeling.  He will nnt be reoulred
orsweat the land of his birth, but
The mild, but remarkably satisfying aroma of these
English favorites���their unusual richness and coolness,
is making them Canadian favorites as well.
Virginia leaves have never been blended so skilfully
or manufactured so carefully. They're ideal cigarettes
at the ideal price. All dealers sell them. Enjoy them
man   fn -
or Ayrsii
���ho-o is
'in.-il  fo(
������.'������hl'/p w
inard's ribs, chest and stomach  were I
An antemortem statement was'
made at. the hospital by Chouinanl to
Judge Lafontalne, the dying man stat-i
lie must become a Canadian In thought,
���nil ii'ihll If h" hones to get the best.
result out of the new life. It is to encourage and make easy the learning of
Mni! thlnss thai the Canadian league
has set itself, and so long bb the work
Is performed with due tact one can
foresee for It a career of great useful-
ii" The   farmer   frnm   Minnesota
strrrt. and started the battle nftain.
Cront the street In front of the house
the gang Of eight, or ten went to the
yard In tiie rear where the fight became one between two of ihe crowd,
lng that the affair was un accident the others taking sides. A man nam-
and exonerating his friend, Chalifoux.Led Hautlnl was one of tbe principals
from all blame. At his request, Chill- and it Is alleged that (iiovannt tried ! hm-e-��t���ndlng in the prairie, provinces
ifoux was allowed by Inspector Mc- to placate the belligerents. His at, or ine daliclan laborer at work ln one
Laughlin and Chief Campeau to visit tempts were met with objects, and In of Die transconlinental railway enn-
tho Injured man. the   melee,  knives  were  drawn,  (Ho-; sanction camps cannot learn too soon
"f'don't blame you, Zacherie," he vannl failing to the ground with blood tlmt he has got to become a good Ca-
said as lie lay on uie cot. "It was an flowing from his neck. Ile went Into nadlan an.l that good Canadians to'a
accident and It ls too bad thai you the house while the crowd made It- man stand for the maintenance of the
should be locked up on my account," .self scarce. !Dominion as a self-governing  nation
Head of Toronto   Force    Contributes
Plain Spoken Article to New
Former     trooklyn     Society     Leads.
Warns Girls Against Marrying
Foreign   Titles.
Are Canadian women becoming Wt-1     Paris,  Oet.   28.--Tho  CouiitleBs   Lo-
loua ami Indifferent'towards .lean llv-lvean do Chavanna, now In her sixty
lng and purity of morals? This Is the j ninth year, Iho daughter of a dlstln
gist'of an earnest article on the sub   gulshed American family, and once a
mergau I'asslon I'lay, and a booif of
short Stories are held In Englim I,
Kussia aud France as security foi
Discreet .sympathizers In I'aris star;
ed  a  subscription  here  In   her favor.
but it la as yet of no considerable pr>
| portions, and her friends hope some
day that many of her wealthy residents
will remember her. Her family In
I America may also come to her ah',
Whan lhey read of her distress. Atnopf
these relatives are Mrs. Albert W,
Benson, mother of MIbb Thyr/.a Ban-
son, heiress lo millions, who re.'ently
became Mrs. Montague I'iagg after a
UnlQUI   courtship.
yiar, Iho daughter of
.  .Jie sub
Jeet  Of  tlle  White slave  traffic  whloh'Ibrlaht star In arlstnnnifl'n Parish,,,    ,,
appears in the first number of the Ca-    .        , arlsto.ratl.. 1 arlsiau so
n ml Ian I'lilice Bulletin, a new uuiirter- ' ���''' " |H Jm'' '""rued, Is living alone
l.v publlriillnn. which makes Its up ''u extreme poverty In one or the moBt
pearanca this month. The magazine Is.mis. rsj)l6 neighborhoods on the wist
piihllshiid by the Association of Chief ern slope of Montmurtre, lu such crlt-
Consumes Of Canadian Municipalities, leal health that she is scarcely able
and la chiefly mini with voluntary lit    to look after her personal affairs.
"""" ������������'���������' ���������-���   Bpeclal   artl-      The life of the count: ss Is a remark
Illustration   of   th.
erary  contributions  and
.ies OR   police questions.     In  the  re
port of Deputy Chief HUrk. of Toronto
who  Is  secretary -treasurer of the as
soclation, the discrepancy In tween th
since the permanent highway   law
In eame effective in June, 1911, a total
of |2402,4S1 lias In en expended by the
I thirty-nine counties In the state of
Washington or is obligated under eon-
|tra..Ui already let, resulting Int he con-
; st ruction of approximately 25.1 miles of
mini nt roadway   Figures Just
pel iiiiuii nt roadway   Figures Just coin-
    uiihappiness Ipiled by Stats Highway Commissioner
misfortune which  sometimes fol- W. .1   Roberts show that up to October
In  the train of the showy  mar-:l. 1!��1". a total of 188.8 miles of high-
 _.   riages   of  American   girls   lo   foreign way  has been built ut a cost of $1.-
figures concerning the number of worn-  noblemen. 199.452,    Contracts have    been let on
en who enter the traffic from Cunada      From   the   delicate   luxury   or   her' III.5 miles of additional roadway whicli
each year, Is protested against. Brooklyn home to the dazzling salons|will OOht HHM.999,
Mr. Kturk   continues:    "Many   of of ihe exclusive St. Germain quarter     or ihe total expended, King cdunty
those who publicly discuss this <|      *    '      ... ..
tion, both male and female, and some , career.   I.ut from  that   to the  presenl
newspapers as well, ure not particular- condition Is
ly discreet In the choice of their Ian
a much longer one.
most   American   girls
gunge, In view of the effect It Is sur.
to have on the morals of the coimnun
Hv. particularly the younger   people
The Incessant presentation of this un
savory  subject  to boyj and  girls by   ...
newspapi rs. and from pulpit and plat-, Captain   Henry  John
form. tOO often In language offensive-   '
ly coarse and filthy, cannot but resull
In   the  pollution  of  tlieir  tnlnds. and
IhQ  general   lowering   of  their   moral
tone, evident" of which Ib dally before
in In the lewd conduct  and languag.
married foreigners,
"I  found It. Imposslbll
own   moral  consciousness  to  tlle  unmoral code of the Inner i'aris circles."
The cOUnteU Is a daughter of lhe lall
...   Benson,  of   ths
Aim rleaii revenue service, nnd a .;rniiil
niece of  Kdward   White  Benson,  late
Archbishop Of Canterbury.    Her marriage  brought  to Count    l.oveau    de
Chnvaniie nn  Immense fortune which
    be  dissipat.d   in   a  remarkably  brief
and the Immodest dress of many girls  period, ther aftei- relieving ills wife of
without distinction of class, umi per-Ibla presence.   He died in 1894.   it wis
bans never before was tho time <>; the i lha old cuse of a worthless noble de
police and courts taken up to such anjbauches victimising American faui!!i*"'s
extent Investigating cases seriously ln-'ln the davs whn the American pub lc
'.olvltig tha morals ot both boys and ; was unenltghte_ted to the risks of su '���
glriS. ,''    .lagea.
Nov Is th" nilult population escaping The Counters Is Mill unable to recall
the contaminating Influences ot the In- bar married life without n shudder
discreet handling of this question. Despite her gruit unhappluess, lur -* >
details    are    expected : clal career in  K
paid  out $'_4!l,.112  for  18.1  miles.
i'h" heavy expenditure ln the face of
so small a mileage Is explained hy the
.   'act tliat soma of the highest types of
said the countess, | permanent roads In the l'nited States
to adapt one's |sre being laid down at a ccst of from
120.00 (ito 128,00 a mile.
During the next year approximately
$l,90(i.noo will be spent In highway
construction in Washington, of which
King   county   probably     will
W94 517. which Is excluslv
000,000 bond issue voted    last    year.
There was a total of $380,841 on hand
in th:-- slate permanent highway fund
���-il October 1. of which King county
is credited with 184.562. Under tha
permanent highways tax levy for 1913
there will be raised H .528.761
county v. Ill provide
I of the tn,-
.    King:
|859j0BS of    thel
Retiring From  Business
This final opportunity is yours, and well worthy of your prompt attention.
We cannot cut prices any lower than we have been doing. They are at
rock-bottom now, but we know you will still find many substantial and
remarkable bargains in what you need in
Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums, Baby Carriages
From 1-2 to 1-3
...... .ranee waa marked by
frequently invaded by (mutual mcceas.   lier charities
peetable leisure class numerous ami unceasing.
��� revolting di tails In   "f Neullly Rave hir an i
s without a blush to tlfleate "f
iiie oourti ar
women ��� f tbe
who listen te Ih
all tbelr filthliiii
Hie eiiilmrrausiii'iit of the male attend*
'all's,   whn.   In   lh"   mn)..rit.   nf rases.
owing tn ihe pretence of woman, would
nm be than
The mayor
laborate e T-
. 'intnetiil.'itlmi  on   lhis oe.
Bbe interest,ii hernlr actively
in IMt**. in the welfare of Amerl.
dii rs entrant d In thi
Toronto, (Jet   28.-While alttitiK  nt
tbe   li'iliiile of her  husband  in  the
Weatern hospital yesterday afti moon,
Mtb. John Lowther. of 170 Qlen road,
was ; mlilenly,seized with a weak spell j
and dl.il  within a few  mlnuies.    The
n sol-   iCana was n most pathetic one, as Mr.
Spanish war. and  lowther Is In a serious condition tut-
as a matter of choice.        (General Miles wrote her a warm l'i fer   faring   from  a  compound   fracture  of
These evidences of a (.rowing moral  of thanks. the lefl hip. and ha seemed to realize
tilousnesa In ao manv women of evi-;     In  1901  It was planned to place her   Ulat <ll'",h had overtaken Ills wife.
not an lat Ihe head of a scholl which  was it-':     Mr��-  l-owther came to the hospital
tended to give American children the *D0Ul ������''���m- a* ha!i *"'vn ���"���' c"Rt("n
same education that the Human youth   8|"C1'  l"'r husband   was  taken  to  the
enjoyed S.OOO years ugo.    It waa to (^ '��� Institution.    Sh-a sat In the room In a
oalled   the   Tuaculaneum,     amv5eiit|,ttr*8 ohalr, and when tbe nuna cama
Philadelphia!!*   favored     the   project, i1n al|out 2 o'clock to give the patient
but It was never realized.
Small Quantities ef
.lent refinement and culture I
enOOUractng slcn and so far to support the contention that In the main
���he manner In which this (|uestlon Is
being treated, and the free and easy
way In which the problems nrlslne out
of It are discussed, and constantly
force-d on the attention of Ihe public
of all clsi'ses. regardless of sex. condition er place, tends to Intensify
r. ther ihan abate the evil. "Straight
talks to men only," and "spicy lectures
On sex problems" and the Incessant
illnniiiF Into t'ie public car of unsavory subjects. Is well calculated to d
the  '
nnd  corrupt     by ^keeping  the   her brain
tie  people,  particularly of
��� young and weak, constantly sa'ur-
d with unclean thoughts."
Th" countess lately spent manv
weeks In the American hospital 'n
Neullly. All the furniture and othet
belonitlnes In her smi.ll apartment In
Montmartre are under seizure for rent.
One aspect of the present situation
that ls ninsi affecting ls the fact that
she was (arced to put the children i.f
so to speak, in pawn. Three
Importani manuscripts of novels entitled "Ho Honor Bound," "The .alien
Christus."  dealing   with   the   Ober i.n
Fines To Be Paid
On Instalment Plan
some nourishment she though', that
Mrs. Lowther was having a nap. After watching her for a few minutes,
however, she called for assistance and
Mtb. Lowther was carried to another
room, but the doctors could do nothing
foi   he..
i Deceased was 70 years of age. and
witli her husband, formerly of the cus-(
.fin- department, but now retired, lived with her sonln-law. Arthur W. Williams manager of the Belle Rwart Ice
company, at 170 (Hen road. Mr. Low
jther was struck by an automobile a
, week ago last Thursday, and his wife
i W0s greatly upsej by the accident. The
, Worn is Mipnosed to have affected herj Fishers
hear:  to such  an  extent  as to cause j
;de-"h. Bl9
Mr.  Lowther's condition last nlcht
 ������"   the shock having greatly
affected hlm.    '
Goods are packed
and shipped, free of
charge, to out - of -
town customers.
"The Sale That Is a Genuine Sale and the Talk ofthe Town"
. t,. rALLO,  The IVER SMITH SALES CO. in Fufl Charge
left, enough to cover
rooms only.   Foil double toil
of 16 yards for, roll
P. 1.1. OMR MEN
Allege   Government   Grant*
Interests Special Privileges
���Industry  In  Danger.
work;  lut he docs no'  suffer In per j
son, because the conditions In prison
are b.tter In many cases than in his
Own home.
"How to conduct a prison without being brutal, and yet to be deterrent. Is
a very great problem thai has not been
solved The elffct of J!r. McKeimn's
proposal, It If comes to be an act.
would he that It would mako prison
the last resource of the law Instead of
the first. The very Idea ot a man.
woman, or boy having to pay a fine
of, say, ls. per week because they have
criminal nnn "< < * i>��>' ���.*********. ... done some'hlng wrong and having to
Ix.ndon extends over many years, said ideny thetnsi Ives eomethlng to pay that
that lha need for reform in the dlrec-)8um wlll mtijte them realize that the'th
tlon of spri-adliiE fines for petty of-g law looks upon the necessity of mak-
feiices over a period Instead of send-1 |ng restitution to the state in a manner
Greatest Reform ot Century    I*    the
Way One Prison Worker Decrlbes
McKenna'o  Idee for  Britain.
London. Oct. 28.���"The greatest pe
nnl reform-of the century." Ib how
Thomas Holmes, of the Howard asso
elation, describes Mr. McKentia's proposal payment of lines by Instalments
Mr. Holmes, whose knowledge Of the
criminal nnd  of  crime  prevention   In
B-jston   Mae   Back   From  Orient
lleves Dr. Sun Will Bob
Up Again.
Seattle, Oct.  28.���Honolulu  will be
next place visited by Dr. Sun Yat
cn  first provisional president of the
fences over a period Instead of send-1 |���g restitution to the state in a manner ��� renublic   in the belief of Wil-
,���K .he deliuuuen, .o prison was longLyjj gg*;m a iauon ggNg ,,������ ThJU of Boston, who returned
"Moreover," he said, "it is absolute- :a  Week-to  better conditions  and  n
ly necessarv- I have advocated It my-  comfortable  time���they    often    say:
..... .... .   ,Whj,  , -nn rj0 it on my bead.' Paying
bv Instalments prolongs the
self for over twelve years���and ae a
result It will probably keep 60,000 out
of prison every year, lt means the
reducing of those from whom the
great army of habitual criminals Is
recruited. Ultimately It wlll very
largely reduce tho number of our
prisons. The folly of the present ays-
tem is borne In upon anyone who
think.' ,   , _   i
"l.lght hundred and fifty-all lads In
l^.ndon alon-e���lads under the age of
20 were In prison last year because
they had commit td some trifling of
fence against the by-laws or pollw
regulations nnd had not paid tha
tines. The state haa been treating absolute dishonesty much more leniently
than boyish offencee���dlaordef In tne
���treets. playing pitch and toss bathing In the canala. and tbe like. Consequently there te unneeeaaary Imp���;
onment of youths, and as ar����ult a
removal from the youthful population
of the fear of Imprlaonment. When a
boy goes Into prleon for a '���*������
because he cannot pay �������**"������
he Is treated well, and rightly ao.
Sometimes the  chaplalna    pay    the
the flm:	
penaltv. The offender takes longer to
purge his offence, and the punishment
would bo a greater deterrent In the
Ludicrous Punishment.
"One wonders who Instituted the ludicrous and mad policy of sending peoplo to prison for two or three days.
Tnke the case of a man or a woman
worse for drink on a Thursday. Thny
get taken In charge by the pollce. and
nre brought before a magistrate on
Frldav morning. "Were you drunk?"
"Yes." "Three shillings or three days."
Now look at thla. It la Krlday. Away
frorn ho~�� there ��re no friends to
pay the fine. In the afternoon a commitment Is made out and signed by
the magistrate. By and by the prison
ran srrlvoa with an officer In chatrgo,
to whom a court, officer hands over
the prisoner In exchange for a receipt
fnr hla bodv. He la taken to prleon,
received there by the Wardera, classified, tabulated���all tho resourcee ot
the Ibw are brought to bear upon him
fnr the sfV" of 3 a.    The prlaoner la
of allowing them to aee the prison and
know prleon lite. Out wWmthJ lada
do experience Imprlaonment they hold
afternoon. At eight o'clock neat
morning he la discharged. Why? Be-
cauae tn law every portion of a day la
;\0inXPeorrmp   a.rmea7ureo'f pen- a day.   Friday count, one day   Satur-
It In contempt as ��� J"���"" ,��� ._,,,, .,,   .������ "_���,���i_. nn al*ht o'clock counts
11  ID uui.it;!"!**'.  ��- - ������--.    .   ,*.   .
Ishment: and when prison Is held In
contempt all things nre poaalble.
Prison for Poverty.
'Teople ought to recognlxe that the
youthful poor nre lmprlaoned because
of their poverty and not because of
?helr crl&lty. Youthful disorder
must, of course, be put down, and
when even poor young people break
laws and put tho community to the ex-
pense of prosecuting them. It ����>�����
that some penalty ahould attach to
them. The penalty of Hne meets all
eases, because the fine, Is secured, recoups the publlc for the ��P��"�� ��n;
curred. But when, nataad ����������*>����
the line, the atate aelaea the offender ���
body It haa to keep It ���><"����*''���
���nd you Buffer and not the criminal.
He sufferaln an Indirect way only, be-
day morning till eight o'clock .counts
two days, and aa there ls no discharging from prison on Sunday, tbat day Is
struck off���and the prlaoner has served his sentence of three daya' Imprisonment nfter soendlne one night In
prlaonl Is, It dignified? It Is absurd.
Why It has gone on so long 1 cannot
"Even one ride In the prison van,
one night In prison, have a demoralising effect on any decent mnn or woman who for tho want of a little Teady
money find themselves undergoing the
Indignity. The atate ought never to
be used to brand Ita cltlxena with suoh
disgrace juat tor the sake of a few
shillings; and the very fact that more
than 12.000 people go to prlaon every
year In thla way ahowa unmistakably
OuV.TloUhuXr.oter and UgSS rVfom la ur,.nt.y needed."
Saturday after a six years' residence
In the Interior of China. At present
Sun Yat Sen Is living ln the country
near Kobe, Japan, but when Mr.
Thacher sailed from thc Orient It was
generally thought he had decided to
go to Hawaii before coming to the
United Statts.
The revolution ot South China, generally supposed to have been s.io-
pressed. Is not so considered by the
southern provinces, and there Is a
strong confidence In the ultimate success of the part of China south of the
Yangtse river. That rather a fine
gamo of far eaatern politics Is now
helng plaved Is asserted by thoae best
Informed and back of It all they believe the eionlalte hnndlwork of Japan ean be discerned.
"It was Japan that supplied Sun Yat
Sen and hls suporters in their latest
efforts to overthrow the Yuan 8hl Kai
government," aald a returning passen-
trt-r yesterday, "and the smartness and
keenness of the southern Chinese���
particularly of the Canton locality-
will eventually win out over the slower
moving, more contented Chinese of
the north."
In the Hawaiian Islands are number.
of southern Chlneae, many of whom
havo accumulated comfortable and
even great fortunes, who are loyal and
staunch supporter, of Sun Yat Sen.
From these, It ta said, the former prealdent hones to obtain flnanctal assistance with which tho revolution aimed
it the overthrow of the new rennbllc
ciinhe conducted to a sucoeaaful Issue
Oeneral b��elueps ccndltlona .of
China, accorilna to Thacher, ��s In
rather a deplorable condition ana me��-
ehants both of the coaat cltlea and the
interior have been naught with enormous stoeka of western merchandlae
for wblch tbere la at preaent little, It
any, demand. Tbe demand tor weatern plotbing, food, and Implements
that appeared when the Imperial government waa overthrown haa outgrow*
Its first hysteria and bualneaa men
who purcbaaed these gooda with ���***
expectancy of the demand lncraaslng
bave heen disappointed and many of
them have failed.
If the Prince'Edward Island oyster
Is dumb, the island oyster fishfermen
are ont. At present they are talking
loudly about tbelr grievances, and un-
lless some satisfactory arrangement Is
arrived at, what might prove one of
the most lucrative Industries Is liable
lo receive a heavy set back.
A year ago the provincial government, actuated by a desire to restore
a rapidly declining Industry to vigor
again, started to survey a number of
so-called barren bottoms in various
parts of the island. These were leased
as follows: $1.00 per acre during the
llrst five years: $3.00 for the second
five years, and 15.00 during the remaining ten years of a twenty-year
tenure. Tbe most desirable area which
In the past had been most prolific
g-tound for the production of oysters
were scouired bv companies who proceeded to develop the industry this
year on a larger scale. These corporations were allowed to market their
oyBters on September 1st, whereas the
fishermen on public beds had to wait
till October 1st.
This is the chief grievance of tbe
fishermen. They see companies or
corporations, as they consider, treated
with partiality by the government.
This fall a number of oystera from
nrlvate beds were sold In the Cana*-
dlan market. The companlea claimed
that theae were oystera acquired Jn
thc United SUtea In the spring, almoat
full grown, and then put for eeveral
months on the Island bed*. The lish-
ermen contend that they cannot understand how Amerleaft oyatera. almoat, It not quite, full grown. Oan h*
brought all the way In tha aprtag.
freight and duty paid, dumped on the
private ground for a few montha ana
tben lifted and ahtpped to the markets at Montreal and other Canadian
cities at a profit. Tha Iobb in handling
would be very considerable, and lt u
s well established fact that full grown
oysters whan disturbed or moved from
their beds in May or Juna to other
grounds, make practloally no growth
that seaaon: and th.lr meat. It auoh.lt
can be called, becomea thta and wat
ery. aa a general rule. _....,
The fishermen also claim that deal
er. In Canadian oaatrea can buy.
American oyetera direct from tha
American plantera freah from tha beda
where they originate. Why. than,
should they wlah to get the aama
oyatera trom hare. One uolution ot
the matter t. that *eea_ Amerlcw.
oyatera which are brought In tha
spring and ke��t In Canadian watere
li th. .tirtmermonthB ara ahipped to
Canadian marleta al Prtnco Bdw.rd
Island oyatar*, and flttarmen ther-e-
fora contend that ��*�������� ����� �����*
to the reputation ot Im tamoua Mal
DOLLARS and SENSE are Inseparable!
This Advertisement Points the Way to a
Better Future for Those with the Blessed
Ambition to Succeed���Read it Through!
(Nomatter who you are, j
where you are, if you can |
I read and write and see, j
you can be SUCCESSFUL.   |
You, who read this, consider:
"Opportunity visits most people
more than once; but you never
know when she'll come again."
This printed message to you,
coming through the public press,
may be Opportunity's laat visit.
And if you have but one little
spark of ambition in your make up
to rise above the every-day drug-
ery of mere existence, you will act
AT ONCE. Read this typed message to the end, absorb Its meaning,
think what It holda out to you.
Salary alavery���the curae ot a
large majority ot American manhood and womanhood���may have
blinded you to what you can really
earn in thla lucrative proteaalon.
No matter what you are doing,
what your trade, your proteaalon
or your employment; no matter if
you live ln the moat remote part ot
the country; no matter what condition ot Ufa you mar ba In. We Cu
Hely YOU to bigger, better, aad
brighter thingB. We cu break tha
dreary, monotonous day hy day existence that goea with wort-a-day
drudanry. Moat of ua have paaaad
through that teHaama miserable
existence. Barly to bad, early to
rise, la order that you may punch
tha tlaa-elock, aak* money tor
your employer, deprive yoaraelf of
the pleeenree end ee-Joyaeota raw
Make* Intended you to hava-WB
KNOW what that aort of exletenoe
maaaa. A dollar looks Ilka a eart-
whea*-*waatj 9******* Wj. �����
Year by yaar YOU OMND
Coma wltk ua- Bo oas of ua '
WB can ���**>* yo�� tko way tkat
lead, to a brighter Uto. a lucrative
profusion aa yot to tto tafaacy.
Tha world ot motion picture production holda oat uatold oaaotUa-
ttlee to YOU. YB8. TO YOU. Wo
are a' oo-operatlve aaaoclation ot
motion picture-play authora beaded together tor MUTUAL benefit
���one for all and all for one.    Individually, we bare passed tbroagh
every stage of progression la sar
adopted profession, nntll, by force
of will and environment  we bar*
forged a SUCCESS tbat Is growtac
larger day by day. outstripping oar
most   sanguine   expectations.   At
first, thrown  together by elreom-
etances and affiliation, tben by sat*
cesslre stzgae Into a small etab fbr
tbe Interchange of Ideas, and flaaflr
NOW Into a full grown professional
association of SUCCESSFUL, nen
and women. ���
Our work is easy, lucrative and
educational. Our time Is practically our own. We owe allegiance
to no employer. We are FREE
from the drudgery of wages, a ordi
desk, a plow or a salescoaater. x life.
And we can help you, can make
you one of ua, give you every opportunity that at firBt waa dentetf
ua-. see that you succeed���we ttx*mf\
brook failure.
No, dear reader, wo are NOT to
any sense either a so-called eorre-
apondence aehool, attempting tbo
unattainable; nor distributors for
technical works of ovoratoskat
publishers, tbat haro little value
except the profit derhed from their
aale. Juat a muttal organisation
that la ao founded, ao conducted.
that each member Is a help to each
other: la reality the moat aalfae
organisation ot lta kind In tka
world todav. It U an organlsaUsa
built oa SUCClfB   .
Oar beadquartaia are in Las Aa-
geles, Callfor��la-*to the very heart
ot motloajMatare prodnetiaa
FIFTY-8EVBB -Kodndeg esp>
sealae are located NOW to tola
city and Its enviroas. That auto-
ber U lacraaatag auath by
We uw to toeeS a*at*r witb
move at Otta aaattastul bea���_
We feel tt* least torob. we kaoer
ftn -Lii-xtm. we realise Uto aaanM
uoney-maktoc upaurtanlU��� Iti
bcMa os* to YOO. Kxpertsssee
rt.Tht bere la tha field, baa gt-am as*
Um keyaeto ef aanrsaa fit stmt w***-
Yea tbtok that $1M per aaoatlk
ever what yoa are ao* receiving ie
absurd? Reader, consider: Maay
mm* and women ta tola profe-ades.'
wh* came tram the ranks of pfa*-
a-day workera are receiving iar-
eomee from ti.*** tm tl*.���* **-
nuaRjr. A few get more t -
either of these anaea. If yoa
read, write aad ohaerre the
arr happening,   of   every*.**
yoa eea SUCCEED, by ceasing la wnh aa  literary ability  to
NOT   NBOCBBSABT.     tt   wool*
really he to year tea*.  .
Know mora of tfcfS profe���loa.
To know le to act; to act to to re-
eetve. NOW. TODAY, drop a pasta) to the ������- - - - -
ply say. "Baad sas detail..- No aa>
BgattotL  No Shytock baigata.  am
shay to Bastot tor sksstor: Bm to
a line ma-am* ehtoh eat eaamat gm.
The fact i that the
open to one claaa ot
to aaother make,
enforce the remit
tober aad sell hls oysters
ilng seaaon Is
tie and deaied
difficult to
I pave they
tae the
pastes whs oouW than legally ahlg
them attar (ks tlrstsf teptoiabtr.
The flsaemen wtt aet onoea lha
IsMag ot harna bottMMj^MWMa
SjSja SL.'mWt.rt4^
ttWL*** :"""
to the��M�� ���vVp.-mt ip��t|Bg
1    ���^|       *   fsj lU    ,
V'N '
til}*-*:':': ��������*
'aaeasBt ���<*'-���#*
Our stock of -groceries at only
a (Sir margin of profit- Thin has
beea our method emr since we
commenced In taselncse and our
healthy growth Indicates that
more people are rwtoRnlr.inK this
fact month after month
Reader Have Yoa Tried us?
Wby not tbla montb. We Hell
for cash or credit.
Fresh fruits and vegetables
received dally. We havo u very
good lot of potatoes tbls season,
quality considered, at a very low
Smoked Salmon. Kippers;. Kin-
nan Haddie. Dry Salt (lod, Kast
irn Salt Herring, ulr... always In
Pork Pies, Headcheese, Pork
Sausages, Momivmadn Doughnut, and Cake in fm.li.
Our stock is large and varied.
Everything tbat goes to make
up a first class grocery stock.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and IStti Ave.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved-and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For   full   particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Greater vVestminster
Hospital Board.
This afternoon tha hospital hoard
meets in regular session in the board
,rooni at ihe Uoyal Columbian hospital.
Burnaby Smoker.
Members and friends of the llurnahy
board of trade will hold a smoker in
the lliirnaliy public hall, Kdmnods this
evening. President Coldicutt will be
in the chair and will handle a comprehensive program,
For plumbing, heating and aheel
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ram-
gay Eiclitb   an.l   Carnarvon   streets.
Wilson Road Open.
Operations have    been    started    on
Opening the Wllaon roadi Port Coqult*'
lam, from Shaughnessy street to Coiiuitlam river.
Money to loan on
improved city and
> per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages
farm property
Mcl.eod.    (215ID
dence of tho bride's parents, Rich-
mond street, Bapperton, by the Uev.
E. tl. Thompson, on Monday. October 27, Ueorge Henry, .'unstable, of
Cumberland, B.C., und Miss Ellr.n
belli llouton. (S809)
1 and Persona)
Phono 586.
One Hundred Guests.
Members nnd friends of the St.
George's Physical Culture club enjoyed a dance In St. C.eorge's hall last
evening. Over 100 guests were present.
Confirmed Rumor.
Mayor Mnrs, of Porl Coqultlam, today confirmed the rumor thai has been
circulating about his city that he had
been asked to Btand for re-election
next year, lie states, however, lhat
he Is undecided In Ills mind whether
he wlll run or not.
All members of the Political
Equality league and friends are Invited to nn At Home at Mrs. Tuck-
man's, 714 Fourth street, on Thursday arternoon at 3:30. (8811)
Work Suspended.
Work   has   been   suspended   op   the
provincial  road   building for  the  season,   the   tools   having   been   stowed
away and the men paid off.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Serious Accident.
What might have been a serious accident befell Charles Klrby on Monday afternoon when he was thrown
from a box car nt Highland Park.
lie was taken to the Hoyal Columbian
hospital where he made a quick recovery.
Fred Davis will sell by public auc
tlon (absolutely without reserve, under Instructions from (!. B. Milne, the
assignee) three automobiles, machinery, office furniture, safe and effects.
on Ihe premises of the Westminster
Garage Co., corner of Sixth street and
Carnarvon street, New Westminster
on Friday, October 31. 1918, at 2:30
p.m. sharp. Full particulars of sale
can be obtained at the Westminster
Auction House, Kings hotel block, Columbia street, New Westminster.
Everything will be on view morning
of sale. (2310)
Meet Police Commissioners.
Police commissioners and delegates
named by the Citizens' league meet
this morning at 10:30 o'clock to discuss what. Is to be done with the
segregate^ area In this city. Those
appointed by the citizens are Uev. .1.
S. Henderson, I). S. Curtis and Uev.
W. W. Abbott.
The Ladles' Aid of St. Stephen's
church Intend holding their Christmas
sale of work on November 'is al St.
Stephen's church. (8318)
J. A. Cutliurwood, of Mission, vlce-
proBldent of thc  Dewdney  Conserve |
tlve association, was n  visitor In  the
city yesterduy morning.
James C.   Harvey,  i.f Toronto,  is  u;
visitor In New Westminster.
Frank    II.    Patterson,    of Toronto,
registered   yesterday   at    the   Uussell
W.  H.  Potter and   wife, of Calgary.
UTS guests at llle Uussell hotel,
Ijwt Friday evening at the home
0( J. J. Morrison. Kurt Langley, about i
70 people of the dlstrlcl were enter-I
tallied. A dance was held nnd a !
really enjoyable time 'aftorded the!
Burnaby Rateoayers.
The regular meeting of Ward one
Uatepayers' Association of Burnaby
will be held at Johnson's hull, High-
lain] Park, on Friday evening at 8
o'clock. For thc convenience of the
members and ratepayers in the ward
a justice of tho peace will be present ! clothes. Yessir, 1
for ihe purpose or adding names to;way a private from
the municipal voters' list.
McAllisters Limited
4-Big Special Sales-4
Four Big Specials to Interest Keen Shoppers Values Here That Must Command9
Your Attention
Municipal Employment Bureau.���
People desiring help of any description can be supplied at short notice by
applying to the ofTice. City Hall, Clarkson streel entrance. Phone S,",2. (2805)
Labor Smoker This Evening.
Labor men or the city will meet in
the Labor Temple this evening where
i smoker wlll be given by the Trades
and Labor council in aid of tlie children and wives of the striking Nanaimo
miners. It is the aim ot the labor
men or the province to collect a fund
of $5000 which will be turned over to
a commltte of Nanaimo people for
Spiritualism, whnt it teaches. An
address will be given this evening at
8 o'clock by Mrs. Clarke, rcom 5. 830
Columbia street. (2308)
No Action Taken.
Though retail grocers turned out to
a meeting last nlgbt to discuss shortening terms of credit to customers, no
acticn was taken. Another meeting
is called for tonight from which
definite results are expected. The
question was brought up by a circular
sent, out to the trade by Vancouver
wholesale growers stating thnt terms
of credit has been decreased from 30
to 15 days.
Il-ni-m. 1 wanna a -a- suit of under
sure do," was the ;
the ranks of    the
Ureal Uuwaahed explained to Dr. Mc-1
Quarrle hls  visit  to  the  M.  ll.  O'a
office  a  tew days  ago.    This  bit    Of
"inside Information" was followed by *
a sort, of foot  note at  the conclusion
Of which the doctor gleaned his visitor '
wanted a job and apparently thoughl
the garments named a necessary fac
tor in ills success in securing same,
As tlie man sat gingerly on the
edge of a chair and lingered his hut !
nervously he shivered; then he shuddered; then he shook. This to demon-
slraie how cold be was. The sun wns
Bhlnlng, the birds were singing and all
that sort of thing, but a man in
March of more clothes can't consistently look het up, so this one didn't. i|
"Well,"  said the   M.   11.  (>..  "where I
do you come from ?"
"From jail," was the reply, which
jupon questioning was changed to
"from Bellingham," with the additional Intelligence that 60 perfectly good
daya had been spent on the wrong
i side ol a cell door.
! Not wishing to be��"sold" by this
I tale of woe, the doctor, after lament
iing the scarcity of Merinos, regretted
| he could not put his petitioner "next ;
I to" a suit ol the woolles and showed
(him how the door opened outward.
For all building supplies and fuel
nil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd.. 505 Westminster Trust building.
Olflce phone 820, wharf phone 880.
To  Supply  Water.
An announcement regarding the
proposed agreement between Burnaby
and South Vancouver municipalities
whereby the former wlll sell the sister district a plentiful supply of water
will probably be made known at Hit-
next meeting of the llurnaby councll.
The agreement is now being prepared
by the llurnaby solicitor Connection
will  be  made at  Central  Park.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid Up Capital ��rd
Surplus $ 2.800,000
Assets    _,S7..,��83.95
T r il 8 tei slii|jK  Under
Administration over   6,000,000
Trustee for Bondholders over   25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vanoouver, Victoria,
New W'esimln-Kto.T. Nanaimo,
Calgary, Ke-Rina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Eng.;  Antwerp. Belgium.
New Westminster
60S Columbia Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to 9.
and Miss'
I.R.A.M.,  Alt CM.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, Slag
ing, Voice Production, Theory (in
<lass or privately!. Harmony, Counter-
point. Musical I-\u-in and History.
Pupils prepared for tthe examinations of the Associated Board of the
Iloyal Academy of Musk; end' Royal
'College of Music. Atso 1��rofessionaI
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc.. apiilv Sl Dufferin
Streel.   Phone 111 tt. (2157)
.. for ..
Officers Elected.
The following officers were elected
at the annual meeting of the Hurnaby |
Liberal association, held on Monday j
evening: President. K. .1. Uussell; vice-'
president, .T. M. Bryan; first vice-
president. David Stockvis: executive,
Messrs. F. C. Mock, tv 1! Bond, S.
W. Manuel. C. A. I.ane. John Murray,
Walter (Ieorge and E. II. Kinnee.
Lighting  Tenth   Avenue.
An agreement between Hurnaby nnd
New Westminster In regard to lighting Tentii avenue is llkelv to be made
In the near future. Doth the city
council and that of the municipality
will meet within Ihe next week to discuss the question.
o recognize and seize the opportunities when they come to you?
to fit yourself to take advantage of
many future opportunities- it is the
opportunity to gain a practical knowledge.
Phone 853.
A. I.. BOUCK, Principal.
fil0  Cotun-ibin   S*.
N.'hat with  the harbor Improvements, the further
the  fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Work on New Tchool.
In response to the urgings or the
srlio. I board tlle new rour roomed
school at Jamea park. Port Coiiuitlam.
is advancing very rapidly. The building   is required     to  be    finished     by
ChrlBtmaa.    Immediately on its com*
i iilction   it   will   be   placed   ill   use     ns
j there is nt present a very undesirable
congestion   in   the existing school    in
thai neighborhood.
Bocth on Way West.
Winnipeg. Oct. 28.���llramwell Booth,
accompanied by his suite, will arrive
in Winnipeg at 2 p.m. on Saturday,
.November S. He will be received by
the Salvation Army olTiciuls at the
station, and a monster procession wli;
escort him to the city ball where the
address or welcome will be read. Tbe
genernl will reply briefly.   Tl.e mayor
and tlie members cf llie council have
been invited to attend the great mass
nicfting to be addressed by the general at the Walker theatre oll Sunday.
Burn up Old Rubbish.
Every ratepayer In this city is to
published by the commission or conaer-
recelve this week a copy of a booklet
vation for Canada. The hooks are be
lng srnt out rrom the city health in
Bpector's office and contain Information on refuse collection and disposal.
Among tba"Hlnts to Householders"
ure the following: "Burn as much paper, rags, strnw, etc., ns possible so as
to keep the city's streets an.l lanes
dean.    II this  Is Impossible  tie It   up
in a bundle and place it iii a covered
boi near the garbage cun."    ll is Blgo
adv.siii  thai  before the approach of
I winter   all    waste   material    be   taken
i from the premises, The city officials
eyppcl the recipients to act upnn the
advice given.
"You are charged with being drunk;
last night on a public street." said
Magistrate Kdmonds to John McMillan in the police court yesterday
morning, "are you guilty or not
"Aii'm guilty nil richt." answered
Mac.   And then he went on to explain.
"Ye ken Ah'm joist romln' frae
Srova Notin. Ah've no been here lang
an' Ah took julst a bit drop too much
c'  'he liiiuoi."
Seeing that .lock had never been
In court, at leas- this court, belore.
hla worship let him out for anothe*
chance at good behavior.
One of th*1 other drunks on yeat.er-
j day's list was an Interdicted young
I gentleman who doesn't seem lo ba
table to get far enough awny from the
j booze to let it get by him. Ile has
'been In the cooler a week thinking
j tilings over and yesterday came Up
.for   sentence.     He   looked   as   though
lhe expected at lenst to be banged,
{drawn anil Quartered, but it wns worse
jthan that; he wns Int out with strict
injunctions to leave the jag prod rcer
istrlctl * alone.
. wo   members   of   the   Toot  on   the
Tni. Elbow nn  iiie Mahogany society
wore   otherwise   engaged     and     left
their pny for their absence.
A Big Sale of
Men's Sweater
Coats $2.75 Each
You can get u dandy Sweater Coat during this
sale at $-75. There is every color and combination of colors, and you ean choose from
both high neck with close Ilttlng cellar, low
vest neck, etc. These are mostly sample
sweaters and a very special lot. bought at a
round price, and you can chooBe any one In
the assortment for $2.75.
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies'
New Fall Coats
at $13.75
Fifty smart new Fall Coats for ladies, to go on
sale at one special price. These coats embrace a very big variety for you to select
rrom. Tbere aro all kinds or new tweeds,
coatings and curl cloths, nnd In all the newest colorings, etc. .Many nre smartly trimmed
with velvet collars and the new large buttons. These coats are all perfectly tallore''.
and there is a range of sizes. Many nf these
con's are worth from $80.00 lo tit, In) ench.
Your choice of any coat In    this    range    fur
A Big Special Sale
of Ladies' Tailored
Skirts, at $5.75
One hundred skirts in this purchase will bc
plaoed on sule In our Ladles' Heady-to-Wear
departnien Kvery one of these skirts Is
strlrtly mnn tailored, cut In the latest styleB,
and you have the choice ot blacl; and nuvy
Bulling serges, smart new tweeds and line
coating serges, In grays and brdwns. They
are made with high or ordinary waist lines,
and many or these i.klrts nre worth (rom
$7 .-.0 to $10.00 ench. Kvery size, to slight.
medium or stout rigures. During this special
sale vou  havc  your choice of any skirt  tor
A Big Special Sale
of All-Wool
Blankets at, Pair
One hundred pairs ol full double bed size, all
wool blankets; 64 Inches by H4 Inches The
thick cosy winter blanket, ample In sl/.e,
heavy and warm. This 19 a very special
purchase Just to hand, and while these hundred pairs last you can purchase tor |4 M a
pair blankets that would be good value ln
the ordinary way at 17.00 a pair. Special tor
Ibis sale, p'*r pair ut 34.95.
McAllisters Limited
Home, Oct. 2S.���Professor lloni, who
is carrying nut excavations in the
ruins on the Palatini- hill, has located
the Imperial palaces of Nero and Caligula (Caslns Caesar) and also that or
Domltian, of n slightly later period,
the roundation of the Imperial throne
being uncovered,
The excavators have come on seven
houses of the republican epoch, a complicated netw. rk i r  pipes and
led  network ( f
and several circular rooms
tufa stone  anil   lined   wiih   plaster   to
protect agalnsl dampness,
J       CITY
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
Christmas  rnlertair,n-ent.
1'nrier the auspices of Am It)  li dg
No   :7. nnd  Roval (ity lodge, No. ?,. ,
I. 0. o. F.. a Christmas tree and entertainment will be held on the evening of December 'it, in  the I. 0   < >.  I*'.
I hall.    The Christmas  tree ami  enter-I
Itninnii'iit  will be ier tbe children oi
jail  Odd   Fellows and  a  musical   pro
I gram  will be given in the upper hall
for   the   parents   and   members.      Arrangements for the entertainment are
in  ihe hands of a committee,   which
i hus nsked  thnt nil  parents  who huve
[received  cards  till   them   In   with   the
I names and   ages of  the Children  and
i return them to the committee    Those
J whose   have   not   received   curd
obtain them from Uie committee.
V!c or,a. Oct 28 Mcintosh R
apples make a "hi" v itli the bears In
the Kootenay country, says \v Uar-I
land Foster of Nelson, who Is visiting
Victoria, Mr Foster says that the
black and brown bears tliere nlso huve
a fondness tor penrs and ehe: lies,
much to the chagrin oi the fnr.1
He proposes to nsk Attorney Oeneral Howser to amend the irt enl
game regulations in order that i'i a ��� [���
tied districts It shall be lawful In oil-
! minute  Mr.  Ilriiln  upon  sight at  any.
;time In the year, such elimination  lot
ibe contingent of course, upon the ex-'
tatence of one's person of the requisite I
nnd ni pessary flri arms, ulso with BOms
requisite and   necessary  nerve, other .
wise ihe process of elimination might
pot  he carrlid out  along the llne de-
Islred  hy  the Intending eliminator.
Victoria,  Oct.   28.    In   view  of    the
Isituation  which  lias arisen   in  Beattle
trom ruts Infected wiih bubonic bacil-
j lus, the loc.nl health department    Intends to direct Immediate attention to
the BllbJecL The campaign against
'rats which  was carried on some time
���mo ii>* two expert  ral catchers hns
I been suspended, and it is feared tlie
;rat.-i are Increasing again In the elty.
At that time a few Asiatic rats were
I slain, but no trace of plague was
found on tbem,   The provlnolal health
I regulations will require some strength
enlng if tbe cltj is to deal adequately
I with preventive measures when Vie-
drains I torla la the nrst port of call for ihe
in the [Japanese steamers. The attempt
which the city made through the
health ofTloIals when the ngitutlon wns
al Its height some years ngo lo on-
force the regulations affecting tha Introduction of tins terrible scourge led
in  recommendations   tor  amendment
if the rules, which so far have apparently not met with tb" favor of
the provincial officials, the old order
in-councll being renewed only recently in the <l.izi tie.
Pros, and D**l.
N    H1.AHI.8I.E__,
W. r. H. BUCKUN,
See. aad Treaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 177.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Mas. Bac.
Singing.   Piano,   Theory.
For Terms und  Hours Apply nt
Studio, 1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (2263)
Reeldence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1384
WAI.Sll Toduy the funeral or the
jlate Thomaa Wnlsh will be held at 8
o'clock    rrom    Bowell's    undertaking
chapel  In  the   Koinnii   Catholic   come
jtery,   Kev.   Father   Bessette   bavin-'
Icharge or tho service.   Deceased had
been  In  this city  (or ten  yeara and
��� was 75 years or age.
Women to Have Say.
l.os Angebs, Oct. 28.  -For the firBt
'time  in   the  history   of     tha    United
��� States women will be given an opportunity (ill the question of boxing Ht
uii Initiative election to tie conducted
ut Venice Nov. 'HI. It Is sniil that the
fnlr   electors   of   the   beach   city   are
��� .about evenly divided on  the question
or   whether   boxing   shall   be   in rpetu-
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart    -    -   -    - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    -   -    -    -   35c
(Successor to Ayling e\ Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
is manufactured trota timber specially select-
Our Interior Finish
ed for Flat drain.
We ure nlso specializing ln l-'lr   Doors   with
which nre better in construction,   more  beautiful
pensive than  the old  solid  raised panel doors.
Gel our prices before placing your orders.
Veneered     panels,
und   no   mora  ex-
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
We wrIU Flre,
Established 1l��1.
Life, Accident. E mploytrs'
Marine insurance,
Llsblily,   Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WKKKDAYS���5 and 6 45 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���*, 7, 7.30 8 and
8..10 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with  lato ear at 11.30,
car at
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am. and
until 10 p.m. with late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and erery
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and erery
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection ia made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINT8--4.06 p.m.
���  . .:


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