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The New Westminster News Feb 22, 1913

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Are Facta.
tries of
1   Fraser
1   I
Weather Twjjp/?/^
Westmlncter and lower WMaijpg?
Light to moderate winds, generally
fair,   with   mederate   temperature.
JER 297.
Washington, Feb. 21.���Intervention
of the United States government ti.
secure Justice, or at least a fair trial
for fallen President Madero of Mexico
as announced by Secretary Knox at
the cabinet meeting today, was an un
expected development of the state department's policy in regard to that
Ab recently as yesterday It was announced that there waB uo Intention
to depart from the policy of non-intervention in thc Mexican troubles.
It appearB, however, that this statement was based on tbe natural as
sumption that the newly established
Mexican government would observe
the i-uBioins of civilized nations ln ItB
treatment nf prisoners of either high
or low degree, and when the killing
of Gustavo Madero gave ground for
genuine aprehension for the fate of
tho ex-president, it was felt that the
time had come to atretch forth a re
straining hand.
Saved Diaz Life.
The administration feels that lt has
not In any manner departed from its
policy of strict neutrality. Ita action
was purely Impersonal and probably
would have followed aa surely had
General Diaz been captured by Madero and threatened with death without the procesa of law.
Tbe fact is, though not officially
admitted, that in an unofficial manm ;
Mr, John  A.  Lee was unanimously | warded the report of his investigations  where the City Council took the   Inl-j
elected  president  ot  the  New  West-ito thc Hoard of Grain Commissioners , tiative and where our interests were j
to 'minster board of trade at itB annual j who are now strongly urging  -in their ! mutual  I cannot speak too highly of
' the  helpful   spirit   which   waB   manl-1
tested by Ex-Mayor Lee  -and our pre
the   state  department   did   bring  ^-_-_______________________________^__^___^__^__^
bear influences which saved Diaz from j meeting last night. ; annual report to the Minister or Trade
death, wben he was captured last fall | A number of very Important re! and Commerce���that every prepara-
by General Beltram at Vera Cruz, lt J ports were submitted, two of Bpeclal I tion be made to make the most of the
is  believed that  the   Mexican  people !interest being    that    of the retiring! new " . .
themselves, after the heat of conflict | president,
that    of the retiring ine*;  routes  and   ����*****  Wgg
Mr.  John  R.  Duncan,  and | elevators  at  ther <���� __ ,���_ lht.
.  r   wlll be the flrat to express I that of Mr. Martin Monk on the Hah   powe   to tov^Wlj
W2** SW&rMl8%U��.nt   advocated   strong, fe^JffiI- BW tf��
ernment for preventing the Vmmn      | ft a���p0|ntment of an industrial com  j ��**������*y JfiLSZ ������_ .,_���,,-_--_ ~<
such   a  spot  upon   tne   r-��puu_.����"�� , ._   __,_._._.   .-  .���-_ ������-��� -   -
lelr  country  as   would  follow  what
virtually amounts to murder of a de
^gSffita some quarter, that
the action of the administration In
the  case of  Madero  Is  precisely  the
sent mayor���then acting Mayor Gray
���aud the other members of the council.
The names cf 16 stations that will
be established on the Canadian Northern Pacific railway between and including Port Mann and Yale, were
announced yesterday by Mr. W. G.
Swan, divisional    engineer    of    the
reverse of 46 years ago.  whn  Presl
dent Andrew  Johnson  refused  to  in 	
tervene   to   prevent   the   shoot Ing   o Westminster
the unfortunate Kmperor MaxmHIan . WW BconlI_.inlca���on trom the
wbo by a 8l"K1,1"i^1<1 S,;,dGe , ! manne department, Ottawa, was read
trayed by the ^"^^.wllance. declining to light it farther than at
eral Lopez, who was Ms main return,    | ^��becftUBe ,he department con-
In that SlSw*    P��intpd i "dere,d1��th8 "raffiC d'd n0t Warran' ("��
cut   that   STxImlllan   was  In   Mexico ! expenditure,
Committee of Trade and Commerce of
this board.
"Industrial development has been
extremely satisfactory from the
standpoint that established industries
general!/ have been expanding and
relocating where conditions are favorable for further development, be-
In regard to the matter of adequate- 'speaking splendid enterprise and con-
in New Westminster's future,
miaeloner in addition to the publicity
The proposal to form a branch of
the Imperial Homes Iteunion Aasocia
tion under the auspices of the board
waa   enthusiastically   endorsed   after
Lights on the Bridge
"The  same  remarks apply to   the I company
president  and  secretary  of  the   Pro-;     Starting  with  Port  Manu  and  run-;
greBBlve Association. I nlng eastward the names of the eta-
"It Is with pleasure that I refer to I tlons will be I'ort Mann. Langley. Glen
the proposed formation, under the' Valley, Mount Lehman. Matsqui. Su-
auspicea of this board, of the Im-1 mas, Mountain, Chilliwack, ilosedale,
perial    Homes    Reunion   Association.   I'opkum, St. Elmo, Floods, Hope, Tra-1
This association provides a legitimate
means of helping the honest worker
to help himself, his wife and hia family���bringing to the city deairable settlers, as only applicants, through their
established reputations, can be assisted.
gre-atly against the will of the United
State-p, and also that he was tried by
a legal tribunal In the form of a court
While It la hoped that the Huerta
government wll be able to draw to itB
support all of the revolutionary lead
' rs of the north and south, the administration continues under thc belief
l Continued nn  Pare Right.>
Given by    Fraaer   Valley    Farmers
Many Not Paid���Dewdney Tax
Sale Position.
Victoria. Feb. 21.���After standing nn
provincial balance sheets for aeven-
teen yeara as representing assets to
the extent of fifteen thousand dollars
the promissory notes given to the gov
ernment by fanners in the lowe
Fraser river valley in exchange for
seed wheat, they desired to plant in
the year following the great flood ot
1S��4, bobbed up before the public ac-'
counts rommiito-B ot tho lojjlalature
Some few of the notea have been
paid, but there are many given by
men who are now wealthy which have
never been taken up and on which
not even Intereat has been paid.
Adding intereat at 4 per cent, to the
principal owing all these years there
is now due the government some $25.-.
000. All the notea were for small
gums, very few of them exceeding one
hundred  and  fifty dollara.
It is eutlraated thnt from 60 to 75
per cent, of tho Indebtedness Is col
Tho question of provincial    aid    to
Salvation    Army    Immigration      waa
again to the    fore,    Mr.  Parker Wll- ,
liams desiring to know If the govern-
ment  was  assured   that  all   the     Im  ;
migrants named by tho army as hav-;
ing been brought Into British Columbia had really arrived here. The mem
ber for Newcastle alao questioned the
payment Of $550 to Theodore Theorux
and W. P. O'Boyle for sorvlccs rend-
ered    in    bringing   French-Canadians
from Quebec to replace Asiatics    at I
Fra��;er Mills.
Alexander Lucas, chairman of    the
committee, declared it was not com-
patent for the committee to criticize I
the policy if t'te government���that Its
sole duty was to scan the public nc-
counts and criticize anything deemed
The Dewdney Settlement Act of
1906. by which the government ns-
sumed responsibility for a loan of
8-5.000. was also discussed. The loan
has only been reduced by $2000 in
five years.
The chairman  Bald  It would  be  in
order to ascertain if Ihe tax Bale had I
been held In Dewdney as provided by ;
the act, and If not, why not ?
Ottawa. Feb. 21. Notice appears In the Canada Gazette
that the Burrard, Westminster.
Boundary Hallway ft Navigation Company will apply to parliament for an act extending
the time fur the completion of
its lines and increasing the
capital stock of the company
from one million to two million
William E. G. Murray, Son of Prlnci
pal of Maple Ridge School,
Goes from  McGill.
A Rhodes scholarship of McGill university has been awarded to William
K. G. Murray, son of Mr. Paul Murray
for twenty years principal if the
Maple Itldge school.
The fortunate young man received
his preliminary education at the
hands of his father, from whom he
acquired the valuable art of study,
which Btood him in good stead in
subsequent years.
After finishing his public aehool
education he entered the Vancouver
High school from which he matriculated af er  four  yeara earnest  work.
Entering McOill nnlversiry William
Murray commenced right from tin
start lo cut a wide swath through
the many honors put up for competition. HIb success was of the moat
complete nature, aa he captured every
cap for which he was eligible to com
pete, and won scholarships to the ag
grega'e value of $600.
Gladstone Stnrray. as he is better
known among his fellow students, was
also quite accomplished in athletic
circles. Laat year he won thc ten I
mile race at the Intercollegiate Held
and track meet.    He also holds other:
athletic honors,
The report on the lumber-industry
by Mr. Itobson disclosed the fact that I
an enormous quantity of lumber waa
being    imported    from    the    United
States, especially to the prairie prov- :
inc.es at less than cost price.
The meeting  was  largely  attended
and  was  presided over by  Mr. J.  R. \
Mr. Stuart Wade, secretary, read a ,
number of communications at the'
opening of the meeting.
In reply to an invitation to visit
New Westminster and attend a ban- |
quet. Hon. G. E. Foster replied that if
on his return from Australia he found
It pc-is'bl" he would be pleased to
visit the city.
The secretary waa Instructed to ;
keep in touch with Mr. Foster,
The correspondence with ihe B. C.
E. It Company ln relation to desired *
improvements in the car service, was
read and as the superintendent of
Interurban lines. Mr. Purvis, desired
to see the secretary personally and
was now out of town the matter was
left over until these officials should
meet and confer.
Car Service.
The irksome delays on the Sapper->
cn switch waa ascribed by Mr. Purvis
to the single track between Leopold
Place switch, the fact that the track
waa too short for simultaneous run-
���ling of three cars and too long for,
two cars, aud lhe congested traffic
I consequent on The Fraaer Mills and ,
I Burnaby  cars running over it.
It was nol considered expedient to
i operate the Burnaby and Fraaer Mills
i car on  the  same  conditions  as    the
city cars.
Homes Reunions.
The chairman detailed the steps
taken by Messrs. Kennedy. Curtis
SherrllT and himself to form a
branch of the Imperial Homes Reunion Association.
They had decided to do so. In Toronto it had proved a great success
and there were no failures.
The Bank of Commerce would ad
vance them the money on a quarantee
personal note. The money would be
advanced to bring out families of men
who were settled e>n steady jobs after
being passed on hy an inveatlgation
System of Loans.
Mr. D. S. Curtia amplified the chair
man's statement   They must sign n
personal bond for $5000 If they wanted $2000.
been the experience of other cities to
Bee manifested in the people helped,
alone must In time get resulta from
the standpoint of citizenship.
"This Ib a work which is closely associated with our Publicity Commissioner's operations and I am satisfied
nobody could handle those people better than Mr. Wade.
"The recent banquet held by the
hoard will I trust become an annual
event aB the resulta and good feeling which can be produced from meeting socially cannot be dlacounted. The
fldence        _-_____-.-.-___-__________
and     indicating     general     industrial
"Conspict.tus amongst the new industries which have actually started
operating during the year are the B.
C. Lumber Corporation on Lulu Island, the Westminster Foundry Company, the B. C. Brass Works, the Pacific Chocolate Company Limited and
the B. C. Transport Company, Limited, which amongst other things has
established a fuel oil depot for river
craft, these have all contributed to
our upbuilding.
The    First   Elevator.
The B. C. Grain Growers have added not a little to the metropolitan appearance of the eity by the erection
of a twenty-five thousand bushel grain
elevtor,  and  the  extensive   additions | worthy of Epeclal mention
being made by the Canadian Western
Lumber Company  at Millside,  which
will require the services of an additional 700 men should materially.
affect our future prosperity.
"The Glenburg Brick Works at Pitt
Lake, with the head office here, will
also employ a number of skilled men.
"Further evidence of the confidence
hanking men have in our city has
been exemplified by the establishment of branches by the Union & Dominion Banks, bringing the total up to
nine The result has been that a
clearing houee has been established
and New Westminster is now regularly quoted
falgar and Yale.     ^^^^^^^^^^
Thc line between Port Mann and
Yale ls 87  mlleH long.
The stations will be Bituated at an
average distance of five miles from
each other. The construction on the
station buildings at the various pointa
"The feeling of loyalty, which has j selected will probably commence some
time about the middle of next month
as it is proposed to let the contracts
for  their  erection  about   March  1.
The depot at Port Manu will be one
of the  first  to  be constructed  while
rapid rate since the betterment of tha
weather and It Is confidently expected that it will be complete in aecut
three days time.
The land for the tracks between
Yale and the eastern side of the
bridge la ready for the steel.
Mr. Swan made a tour of inspection of the line thiB week and found
the tracks from Port Mann to tho
end ot the steel in good condition and
well ballasted.
No Facilities Yet.
He states that if necessary trains
could be put In operation oa this section ln about a week'a time. He doea
not expect, however, that either a
freight or passenger service will bo
inaugurated for some time yet as until
the stations are erected no facilities
will be available for the handling of
freight or for the convenience of passengers.
The divisional engineer also inspected the construction work west of Yale
and States that the route for the trans-
the others will be built in batches of | continental for over 30 milea puat tho-
three or four. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ancther important announcement
made yesterday by Mr. Swan was that
the line between Yale and Port Mann
would be complete and ready tor operation ln about a week.
Nearly Completed to Yale
The Bteel has now  been  laid  with-
end cf the steel has been cleared and
graded to the extent of 75 per cent.
The 2100 foot tunnel, just opposite
the town of Yale, the boring of which
was commenced over a year ago, was
finished a month ago and the steel
will probably be laid through It at
an early date. The west portal of
the tunnel is directly oposite tlie town.
:Coquitlam Shipbuilding Company, are.
Interesting addresses by Mr. Peters of j (ng three miles of the town of Yale
the ('. P. It., Mr. Graham, representing , where its further extension is held up ;of Yale. Bsmem
the O. N. R. and Mr. ghafner, of the|peQdlng the construction of a bridge! Rolling Stock.
over Quarlark creek. With  respect to  rolling stock  Mr.
The  conttrtiction on    this    bridge.; Swan intimates that no portion of it
Inferring   to  the   proposed   Indus-  however, has been puehed ahead at a! (Continued on  Page Five.)
trial Investigation Committee; I trust!	
that  this   important   committee   will!   ' | ���	
bcecme a real force in the city, aud
that  thla  line  of action  may be car-:
ritd Etill further by the appointment
of an Industrial Commissioner.
Industrial   Commissioner.
"All through   the year, by   correspondence  and   when  visiting  in   the
East, personally have 1 been probing
into this phase of cur civic problem,
for  1  was  satisfied  o-.i  taking office
that this year num be oue of adjustment.    And tonight  1 submit that to
, promote  healthy  industrial  and  coiu-
j mercial activity in New Westminster,
what we require, in addition to the
Publicity Coinmieeioner, is an Industrial Commissioner.
"The nature of this city demandB It
��� more than  any  city  in Canada, as
we are already publicly committed to
spend large sums on harbor develop
ment and, as any harbor authority will
tell you, you need tonnage to aupport
a harbor and you  will not have ton
nage without industries, and you can- \
Jetty   the first Bnit being well under.not get Industries, of the permanent!
wav' and I have every reason   to be-  t>'Pe. without going after them,    lt is
believe that the work from   now on Industries   which   feed  the  railways,'
will be consistently advanced. **������* " ** is Sood business to encourage |
"Much that vitally affects our mem-  railways   I   claim   it  is  equally   good
The introduction of the electric
power, for manufacturing purposes, of
the Western Canada Power Company,
with their cables underground, marks
another step forward, as New West-
mlnster is essentially an industrial
centre, and any additional facilities
which can be produced ln this direction are of great benefit.
"Considerable progress has been
made in the erection of the Sandheads
London   Feb.   21���The  lord
mayor of London announced today that Premier  Asqulth had
informed him that the government    would    propose    that
funds from the national treasury be appropriated for the dependents of  the  late  Captain
Scott and his four companions
who died in the Antarctic. The
amount, the premier said,, will
be sufficient to secure to the
dependents the pecuniary position they would have held had
tRe  disaster  to   the   explorers
not occurred.
���C.N.R. INC0RP0R��H)N
And Railway Mutt Pay Local Improvement Taxes���Westminster Features in  Discussion.
business  to  encourage  Industries  by-
providing  economical  operating  sites I
on the most advantageous terms���the
details of working out of locations be-
Ing in the hands of an expert.
"With the granting of the foreshore
rights( and   the  extension  of our harbor a great responsibility rests on all
of us.    it is up to ua to pay for   ex-
_ -peirt advice,  iu  this as In other mat-j
Coincident to"harbor" development I tern, and we can get lt if we pay for
Comes  facilities and   the   anticipated I'<���  not  a  few  of  us,   but  the   whole,
early completion of tho C. N. R. should
I put us more conspicuously on the rail-
bers, and the city generally, has been
transacted Ly the City Council this
year���the passing of the Harbor Bylaw being, commercially, the most
Important, and ill -.satisfactory to reflect that individually most of the j
members of this board did everything
in their power to promote Its pass- j
Helping   Shipper*.
Of  Proposed  Line  of  B.  C.  E.  R-  to
Port   Moody���Surveys  Not  Yet
way map and offer additional service
to shippers.
"The completion of the tram   lines
to  Millside  and   Queensborough   has
It was stated at the officesi of the
^_ ,,    c    Electric   this   morning   tba    no
������Thev have done this with success ! definite announcement had ever oesn
in ^Arthur  and hard-headed basi- authorised ^,the company conoerning
ness men of St.  John are now  doing ; the construction of a tram  '""fv
XT."   thing.    The fact that this is | ****, ******* ������� "^ sur-
That   was   placed   In   the
collateral security for any loana they
might require, paying intereat ouly on
the money used.
He had had a conference with Mr.
Davidson about it and ao far aa Vancouver was concerned the bank had
not lost a alngle dollar.
ln case of default the aasociation
would have to defray the debt probably  by attbscrlptlon.
The bank would charge 6 per cent
I interest and tlie association would
I charge 7 per cent. It would be a good
| thing for the city to have the-se fami
bank   as  proved a decided asset to the city.
"At different times special committees have taken up with the B. C.
E. R. the construction of tram lines
to Ladner, Coquitlam and Port Moody
nnd 1 believe that as soon as normal
financial conditions prevail the company will consider favorably conBtru-
tlon to these points.
"Referring specially to Port Moody
we have the assurance of Mr. Uoe,
the prospective first mayor, that he
will co-operate with us.
"At different times the secretary and
myself have visited our neighbors and
a fresh-water port and open all the
year round does uot make any difference, lt makes it more Imperative.
The Land Problem.
1 submit this, gentlemen, after looking into agricultural conditions, that
land conditions are such that to my
mind, the supplying of a larger mar-
veys would be made to ascertain ihe
best rcute for such a line but the engineers iu charge of this work have
not yet completed their task. No announcement concerning the Hue can
be made by the company until these
sutveys  are  completed,  an   estimate
Hon.  Dr. Young and Dr.  F.  F. Wei
brook Visit Colony Farm Today
���Will Past Through City.
President Favor. Free Pre.g-Rebcl, I    _n   ..^  ,_,._,���,���.,.,  ���,,���,������    o[    ar.
Fourteen     Railway |rang'ng  plana  for  the  opet.tng  cere
monies e f the new asylum building at
the Colony Farm, Hon. Dr. Young
provincial aecretary, accompanied by
Dr. F. K. Wesbrook, the newly ap
pointed president of the British Co
liiDibla university, will pass through
the city this morning on his way    tr
Mexico City, Feb. 21 -It ls certain
that the new administration In Mexico
muat deal with a now revolution in
accordance with the lemnants of the OOQUltlam.
nl* one.   Three governors of Btntea or i    The distinguished gentlemen will b
,met  st their destination,  which  the\
expected to reach at   10 o'clock
old one.   Three governors
C "i republic have formally refused to
recognise      Provisional      President:nrp ^^^^^^^
Huerta, and two or three othera are  hy Dr. C. K. Doherty,    An inapectlnt
doubtful ir' l'"' various buildings and the stock
Oarransa, governor of!w'" ����� mftda flrrt' nf,or w'��l<''' ,1r
lies brought out.   Only deserving men > discussed  mutual interests.     Victoria
would be assisted. Board of Trade, particularly, has al-
The chairman pointed out that the ways shown a disposition to work with
applicant, had to advance 20 per cent ^is and I suggest that the incoming
of the money he actually re-quired anil i president and council arrange a get
!f he had nny other security he would I together meeting. '
be required to give il. |    "I also beg to report that, as   your
On the motion of Mr. E. H. Sands i representative,   I   attended   an   influ-
the nction of the committee was    In ienetial meeting in Vancouver at which
recommendation uanl-.l was chosen cue of a committee   to
dorsed and the
mouslv adopted.
On Mr. RyaH's motion the appointment of an organWng committee was
left in the hands of the president.
Review of Year.
The  president  then   spoke  as   follows:
"Following   out   the   usual   custom
the secretary and chairman of   com-
wait upon the attorney-general with
reference to the 1. W. W. situation.
"At that time an alarming Btate of
affaire waa In evidence, hut the suggestions of the delegation were well
received and when put into execution
were effective.
"The banquets of Chllllwack, Burnaby and Delta Boards of Trade were
will present their reports In "attended   and  tlie   benefits   derived
����� r*.r.*~~    BiiflK     urn IhnrlnSS     Pinnnl     h_i    nVPr-
iwi||   be  made  tlrat,  after
Vrnostiano   Carranza,   governor   oi   I)o]._,.,    nm, ���0n. Dr. Young will con
.he rtite of Coahuila. with 1200 men Dfl  (0  the arrangements  fo.     tie
.working with Kiuilloand I'aoul Ma-;���._.,ir!,���on which It Is proposed to
Lrn   hnrthers  of the deposed   presl-  [* ont on an elaborate scale.
' '["are at San Pedro. Madero's,    ���'   Weshrenk will accompany    tin
Thome, "ear Saltiilo, which is Car - ���   f,, the,��*��. -
r^ymrformer governor of Sonera ���W��* S&JS^ll ���"V" ����
j&^ffiftph^from M��?��4>i��.ft���|5l3tm to luncheon after which they
mlttees    ���--____________________
detail, which will cover largely the
apparent work of the board, but I
take thla opportunity to touch on some
special features.
Many questions of community interest havo been handled during the
Outstanding amongst these was the|*
Investigating of agricultural condi-i*
tinna. nfter the Fubmisaion of an ex-|*
Calient report from our Agricultural ���
Committee, resulting in a convention ���
being held bere nt whieh the true!*
state of affairs waa learned. Lack of ���
orfmnlsatlon resulting In poor mar- ���
kctinir   seemed   to  he    the    principal ['���
from such gatherings cannot be over
Efficient   Co-operation.
"in connection with   public  affairs I
ke t for the produce of the Fraser Val- j prepared as to the cost of construction
ley, through Increased Industrial pop-: an,i tho earning possibilities of tlie
ulatton. will force conditions agricul- j [fa* considered
turally to right themselves, but it ia to j ' The question of financing the pro-
industrial development we must first; ject will play a part in any considera-
look. The work of an Industrial Com-1 tjon 01- work on the line iu the near
missioner is specific nnd result get-1 future, owing to the stringent condi-
ting if yen get a man who has already Uions now existing In the money mar-
been engaged ln the work. The main- ] Ket 0f the old country
tenance of his office is nominal. __ ���
"In conclusion, gentlemen, let me i
state that I thank you for the honor *
you bestowed upon me, and 1 look
back with gratitude on the help which j
I got from the active members of the |
"I trust the coming year may see
the fruition of some of the work we
have- begun and in or out of office
hope to continue doing a little for the
promotion ct Industrial New Westminster."
The report was received with applause.
Mr. Curtis���We have had a splendid
report   from    the    president    and    I
heartily congratulate blm.   it is com
prehensive  and  has  the right    spirit
i running all the way through It, and 1
Sir   William    Arrol���Left   Bride
Marriage Day  to Vote Against
Victoria. Feb. 21.���At the instance
of Sir Richard McBride, at the after-
neon sitting of the legislature yesterday, au amendment was inserted in
the bill to amend the incorporation
act of the Canadian Northern Pacific
.railway, by which -frtovlalon waa m_Altt
that lands ot the company situated trr
'.municipalities should not be exempt
from local improvement taxation
The .amendment is a most important
ioue and was incorporated iu the bill
for the protection  of  city  and  other
municipalities where    local   improvements were carried to execution and
where    the    property of the railway
company may be in the zone benefited
by the works.    Sir Richard moved, on
report  of the  bill  that  the  following
clause be added to section 7:
The   Amenoment.
I      'The  advantage,   power and   rights
[granted the company by this act ard
gruel C. and  this act parsed, on oon-
! dit'i a  that the agreement set out In
the   tchidule   to   chapter   ���   of   the
st.itutes of 1310. is modified to provide
ihat the lands of the company situate
within a municipality shall not be exempt   from  tax   for  the  purposes  of
municipal local improvement, aud notwithstanding   anything   contained   In
the  Canadian   Northern  Pacific   Railway Extension Act of 1913, or In any
other act of the legislature, the lands
of the company situate within the limits of a municipality and which are or
may be affected by any scheme of local  improvement cf the  mitnicip*-!:'.:"
shall  be  chargeable  with  all U"**"'*_.*l
taxi s  heretofore  assessed  or  t_   St��
hereafter assessed against such lands.
under the provisions of any local Improvement bylaw or bylaws of a inuiij-
ctpality, and such taxes may be recovered by municipalities." ,
New Westminster.
In explanation of this amendment.
Sir Richard informed the house that
the Canadian Northern had bought a
large section of land in New Westminster, the property being on Columbia
and Front streets, and it was subject
to local Improvement taxation.
He announced that he had been
in communication with the president
of the railway company and he had
signified a willingness to join wltb
other owners in the matter of meet-
\ ing the costa of local improvement
works where the property of the com-
oany  was  benefited  in common with
| that of other owners.
London, Feb. 21.���Sir William Ar-
  __ _.. ___   , roll, the famous engineer and con-
have pleasure In moving a hearty vote jatructor of the Tay and Forth bridges.
of thanks to him for his excellent re idied at Ayr yesterday, ln hia 74th
port, Rnd  that  it be referred to the [year.
Incoming council for conaleleratlon. I Sir William waa born in 1839 and
Mr. John A. Leo, In seconding, said , waa created a knight ln 1600. He mar
It was a treat Indeed to hear the Tried in ISM Elisabeth l'attison. who
president of Buch an important asso-Idled lu 1S04. ln 1S05 he married Miss,
elation as the Board of Trade going | Hi dgarth   of   Ixickerbank,
governor of Sonira, Offering him 8000
r"*.u and two million pesos to restore
Madero to office.
The governor of Sonora has telegraphed the senate and the provisional
president repudiating the new administration.
The governor of Yucatan, ignorant
Of the death of Gustavo Madero, haB
(Continued on Pago Four.)
handicap, The minimum acreage, of
average productiveness on which a
family could live comfortably beinp
pitted nt ten acres.
"Your board also took a prominent
part In the promoting of the British
Columbia Chamber of Commerce- a
body which ahould have a great nnd
uaeftil future If the object which Inspired its formation Ib kept well to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^the front.
_,       - u ,r- _  ' i Grain   Commissioners.
King George Holds Court. |    In gP���tember the board sent a rep-
lAindon, Feb. 21.���King George and ; resentatlve to Calgary, where he ad-
Queen Mary held their second court i dressed tho memberB of the Grain
at Buckingham palace this evening.    GrowerB' Exchange, and later we for-
Pekiii, Fib. 21.- Yc Ho Ma
La, empress dowager of China,
died at H-30 this morning. She
was the widow of Emperor
KwangBU,   who  died   Nov.   13,
will return to Vancouver.
Tho new asylum building has Just
been completed at the coat of $580,000,
lt will accommodate -sr>o paticnta.
��� 1808, ���
��� The   empresB   had   been   111 ���
��� only  a  few days.    The actual ���
��� cause of her death is unknown ��� I
��� hut It ia aald the symptoms of ���
��� her aliment resembled appen- *\
��� (Ileitis.   She was attended only ���
��� b>   a Chinese doctor. ���
��� The ,'ormer imperial family ���
��� was about to remove to the in- ���
��� ner portion of the Forbidden ���
��� City hi order to make room for ���]
��� the government tn the eastern ���,
��� portion. ���
Into these details ao thoroughly.
It gave th"'n food for reflection. He i
complimented their retiring president
for his efforts In so many things ao j
very vital to New Westminster. He
haa given these things n good deal of I
attention and consideration and the!
result  waa  before  the board  tonight. I
        Ayr,   who
din1 in 1910. In the latter year, he \
married Miss Elsie Robertson, daugh-;
ter of the late James liobortaon of;
Loudon, who survives him, lie served as a Liberal Unionist member of j
parliament from Ayn hire from 1S95 j
to 190G.
On the day of his marriage to MIbe j
���or  Past  Week  as Compared  With
Correcpondlng Week Last Year
���Total $56,310
Vote of Thanks. j Hodgnrth, he left ^bride ��d ml��d
The vote of thanks was accorded by ^^f,^10^ B  to  ths
the members rising and applauding.     Chi ithi Ms ^  ���,
Fisheries Report. , MM Mln  re   y Seated.    Hh
Mr. Martin Monk submitted there- gjjgjj[^ colleagues gave him
port of the fishery committee which I Liberal iiniomv
was as follows:
The fishery season for the past yearj
has been a fairly successful one. A
total of 173.921 cases of salmon were
racked This total consisted of 108,-
784 cases of sockeyes. 14,655 red
anrlngs 8373 white springs. 12,961
chums. 574 pinks and 28,574 cohoes.
(Continued on Page Four.)
The aggregate amount Involved ia
he building permits granted during
tlie past week was 856,310 as against
9075 for the prevlotiB week. The corresponding week last year totalled
Permits were Issued yesterday to-
Mr. G. H. l'attison, Fourth avenue for
a tsmW ^^typ^dati0^-e^r,^s[Trrrt��
of his loyalty to the party. | ,.���__,..,..   simpBOn street, for a two
ra Lo-ontfl G��� 81-ie. ��t,saa��rMss
SJS% mtttwh\Vmw?mX*m^ ����� ~"��" " ��*
valors to load grain. *iivv'
. V
11 PAGfc  TWO
t'.   !!    -'���������-������������!>'���  -l'i ���..      .       .
Victorian Order; whose books have
made him famous as an author; who
Is a sculptor of ability, having exhibited at the Royal Academy, and
who haa founded lhe greatest hoys'
organization of modern times.
Sir Robert Joined the Thirteenth
trivial music | Hussars at the age of nineteen, and as
a young man served with that famous
regiment in India, Afghanistan and
South Africa. In 1<S1 his operations
in Zululand won him honorable mention in the, dispatches, In 1886 he
C mniandcd a native army in Ash-
ant!, and ho was chief stuff officer
In the campaign In Matabeleland.
HiB defence of Marking lias be
come one of the classic events of war
fare. S*r Robert's favorite recreation
is pig-sticking, and he won the Kadlr
Cup. standing for supremacy In that
sport. 11 Is book on that pastime is
considered an authority, and Is the
lloyle. of the pig-slicking game,    lie
i V.'T,'s*r'tt^xy
An IsdSBBSdsal m��i~i.ot_ paper devoted to the inferettt of New lVsat-mfoater and
the Fraser Valley, fublishrtt tvtru inorttinu ���s-rcf-cii' Sunday bu the Sationul Printing
antl Publishing Company, tdmtttd, at 6*1 McKenzic Street, See Westminster, Urllish
Columbia.. ftOHH SUTHSRLA.lvD,  Managing tlirector.
All communications sha.ld be addretttd to The Sew Wettmintter Newt, nnd not
to iudtriitval members of the stnfl. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
payable to The .Viili-inil I'rttitiug and  Publishing Compann,  Limited.
TUl.hl'ltONKS��� lIuiuKf Office and Manager, 999; Krtitnrlnl Rooms lall depart-
Meats), ��9t.
BrVBBCMPTlON FAtriK-liii carrier, $4 per gear. ?1 for three months, 4iV jirr
month   ltn mail. $3 pci- tf.tr, _.<c tier month.
AOVSRTiaitta tt.ATKt, -.ii oppHoatton.
It) CORRUaPONDStfTa���Ko letters will be published in The Neva ercept aerr
the if-rtser't signature. Ike nditor reserves thc right to refuse the publication of any
.��� .    .       ' ���H'    '
appeal. It Ib not necessary to know
what is the amount of stress on any
of the olustered pillars, in order to
appreciate the beauty of the structure. It is just as Kane to pretend
that people prefer a tumble-down old
shed to a (lothic cathedral, us to assert that the people llki
better than good music.
Mr. Farwell has given the people Of
New York a chance to hear Beethoven,
Wagner, Bach and Schubert and un-
iltieitionably they like ths innovation. So would people in any ciiy.
Coed things are always worth while.
It is about time tor some one to
scrutinize the musical programmes
played ln the parks of Toronto during
the summer.���Toronto News.
More than once In history war has
raged almost continually over an entire century.   Only once ln the entire I fi'iOBO fond of "golf and polo,
history of mankind since natural life |
became indefinitely outlined, have two
great world commanding nations llv-'
Fillips tO the desire, made plain 011 Several notable 0C- I ed aide by side for a hundred years
���casions, of the people of New Westminster to be ready to J^���* an aI",ea, t0 the g0BP1,1 of
meet the trade of the Panama, are to be welcomed; but,i The international committee an-
lest it should be blazoned abroad that the city isiss1e$ ^^^^^aSS
we would refer Mr. John Crane now a resident of South-: gaxon friendship in one sense repre-
ern California,and late of this city, to the recent report y&VK��t "* ���"�� 	
of the minister of public works for the Dominion of Can-jportant nations of tho entire worm re-
aula.   Therein the city council is mentioned for their; making at peace with each other tor
-,        . .,      ..,..."',,. ...        -      ,       , ,        , four full generations ia probably the1
"praiseworthy initiative in providing for harbor develop-;most salient ami Bignificent achievement.
We would like to know the source of Mr. Crane's authority for the statement that American ports are now
ready for the trade via the canal. It is true that they are
taking steps to meet it, but the work contingent thereon
is far from complete. Until the estimates of the work
to be done upon the jetty at the mouth of the Fraser river
are made known, we do not think that Mr. Crane or any
other former dweller in this city who prefers to make
bis home in another country, has any room for criticism. Pni"1'li;;""u"u;;"'t,;;f! DoUnion^ganto
As far as Canadian ports upon the Pacific have made! tion.
any preparation for thc expected increase of trade, New' s,,v,Til1 - ��� <"" �����'���- '- ,; ="'
Westminster is in the lead, and with the appointment of
the harbor commissioners we trust that Canadian engineers will be able to make equally fast time upon construction work as that recorded at Portland or any other place
down the coast.
ment cf mankind, representing the
moral advancement of civilization.
The organization that is to outline
some permanent commemoration of
lhe hundred years of Anglo-Saxon
friendship is n broad one. ln Britain,
in Canada, in the United States scorea
of thc most prominent national figures are devoting themselves to the
work of this organization.
That such is eminently the case in
Canada is shown hy the number ot
famous  Canadians,   in  all   walks    of
Illrthday congratulations are due
to-lay to Jaroslov Kocian, the wonder
fill young Bohemian violinist who is
now touring Americn. Kneinn wns
born In Wlldenschwert, Bohemia, twen
ty-nine years ago today, and b"gar
playing the violin when a baby of
three, under the direction of hia father, a schoolmaster of musical In-
fBct' cllnatlons. Kocian was in the same
'm" I class aB Kubellk at the Prague Con-
aervatory of Music, entering that In
Blitntioii at  the age of twelve.
Five years later he began hla concert career, nlaying In all the principal cities of Enrope, and .dso visited
Fez to play in the palace of the Sultan. His first American tour was
commenced tn 1010 as soloist with
Ihe Theodore Thomas orchestra. In
London he played at tho concerts of
I)r. Hans Rlchter. who declared thai
the Bohemian genius was destined
to become the greatest' violinist of
tho century.
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$15,000,000.01   |
RESERVE    $13,000 000.0(1
Branches   throughout  Canada    aud :
Newfoundland,  and   in   London,   Bng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and  Mexico Cily.    A general
banking business transacted,   Letters I
of Credit  Issued,   available   with  cor
respondents In all parts ot the world J
Savings Bank Department���Deposits!
ruoei .'ed   In  sums  of  *i   and  upward
nnd intereat allowed at 3 per cent, (er
annum (present rate).
Total ABBeta over $186,000,000 110.
G.  D.  BRYMNER.  Manager !
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Today every citizen in the United States gives himself
over to rejoicing that just 181 years ago there was born
George Washington, the first of the presidential line. For
��nany years now British calendars have acquainted us
with the fact also, and 1913 sees more interest taken in
the observance of the day than has been heretofore thc
case throughout, the whole English speaking world.
vnnced by each of the three national
committees. In fact the interoBt in
'his matter ia wider than Auglo-Sax-
ondom, for the city of Ghent, In which
on Jan. 15, 1S15, a treaty waa Bigned
ending the war of 1S1214. Is holding
a worlds' fair next year in common.-
oration of this event.
The United States organisation has
suggested a (treat "Peace Parade" of
British, Canadian and 1'nited States
warships on the Oreat Lakes aa one
! event of the celebration.
The  proposals  of  the  British  coni-
| mitlec are:
1. The placing of a monument to
George   Washington   In   Westminster
i Abbey.
2. The purchase and nrrntcnance of,
Sul-crave Manor the original home cf i
the Washington family as a memorial
There nr.-�� twelve millions of Socialist voters in the world, and today nil!
of them will celebrate,  at  least    in
spirit,   the  seventy-third   birthday     of
their recognized    leader,    Ferdinand
August Rebel, the "red Napoleon" of
Germany, Under the leadership of
Herr Bebel, the Social Democracy of
Germany haa become the greatest poll
tlcal organisation, numerically, In the
continent of Europe.
Even his political enemies admit
that Rebel is the most powerful man
In Ihe fatherland, drey and bent he- ;
neath Ihe weight of years, he is still
Europe's most eloquent orator. When
he aneika the Rolchs'ag listens, and.
although thev detest hie theories.
none can resist the power of his voice.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Several Strong Lines  $1.9")
10-inch Hi-Cut   3.45
Leckie's Oil Tan Hi-Cut   4.45
Men's Samples at Bargain Prices.
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Suue-UfIcatioiiA, uKnM'im-utA uf sale Ut-ettM.
bui-mimta Ipttern, ele.; ct-cuUr wwrk ejie-
cl.Ui.-.i. All work strictly conflikesl-.il. II.
Barry, room 418 *Wintluiliui��r That nik.
l'ti,.i���*  702,
L. O. O. M.. NO. 854 -MKBT8 ON flrat,
r-.*��. or,,l imd third \V,-.tii, -mluyi In "Uieli
month In K. ef I'. Hull in ft p.m. 11. J.
Loamy, dictator; J. II. l'rlcc, MOretikl-y,
1 O, O V. AMITY l_ODQ_D NO 17���'Hie
regular ine-ietlnK of Amity ludtif No.
_7. l. 0. O. P., i�� lie-til every Monday
nlKlit ut ft o'clock In Odd Fi-llmv-V Mull,
cofner Carnarvon and Kbditii efT-cta.
Visiting i,i, ti,< rn cmdtilly Invited.
II. A. Merrlthew, N.G.; .1. Robertson,
v. ii.; w. c. Coatham, P. 0.. recording seorstary; H. \v. bahgatar, finun-
ciul storotai-y,
K.    ROWELL,    (BUCCE8SOR   TO   t'l-.N-
iir A   ll.iiina.  Ltd.)-   I'uiit'rul dlreolore
nnd embalraers.    Partora 4nr, Oolumbla
New  Westminster.    Phone 993.
w. l-:. FALBB-��� Ptonur Funeral Director
and lumbal mer, -fit--cm akih-m -mn-t-t,
<>i poaltfl CarnoKle l.liirury.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
* *
* �����
For the centenary of a hundred years of peace be-    ������lTta,^*bUS2^'2l^SS1S,��1.
,-,__. ,   ���   ,. , ,   ' [varsity lectureships of an appropriate
tween the two great nations is to be observed next year
nnd already plans are being formulated which should do
For these purposes it is at present
,    , , - i . e ii ,ii   estimated  that  a  sum  nf from   -Cii0.-
much toward removing the remnants of that great cloud ooo to ��80,000 win be required,   it
of ignorance and misunderstanding which has existed con- '��� proposed to raise this sum by pub
eerning the merits and demerits of the contestants in the
"American rebellion'
one chooses to call it.
The comic supplements will doubtless remind us today of
the story of the axe, and jt is to their pages that much of
thc biased history of both sides should be relegated.   To-
the "war of independence"���as1
: tending to every  place of worship in
: the land.
day we prefer to think that within another year there may; br^ oT^J^ntena'r"1188 '" ��"K"
l'e set in Westminster Abbey���that  abbey  that makes:   Bome one gathering of an official
t-Mldren of all the Britains and their American cflusins "'luo^physiMi^monuinants as may
* ve"���a statue of an American colonist who was great Beea appropriate.
grandson of an English gentleman who left his home in I JS^bJffi^U\?SS^S
inn midlands to seek fortune across the seas. , to the occasion. '
It is to bp honed that lhe Panama controversy mav lie '   Tho 1",ari��K in minrt of ,he 'l03sl'
il ih lo oe nopeu iii.il liic i an.una Luiuio\tis> nia,, oe bjmy of some Umty .vhil.h .vml][1 af.
Settled amicably before the first Ship Slides through from | ford an advance upon  present  inter-
ocean to ocean.  We trust that the canal may prove a link ��������>nai practice
,....,. .. , , ,i       it * Common to thc  suggestions of all
to bind the two great nations together rather than fur-;three national committees is the one
nish a fresh bone of contention, and todav, upon Washing- ���tna!. *?'*��� ppr���n���' efluoationai es-
.      ,i-   .-.j ���_ t ii  _���       n   -i-'u i   a ��� tablishment  shall     be    aehieved    by
tons birthday, it may be well for British and American which each country shun be given
born to think that the flag that this pioneer craft of a a np,tpr understanding of the genius
.j ,     v       i     n i j. \ ,i      _���    i      -n     ���_������     civilization and progress of the other
myriad argosies to be shall bear from Atlantic to Pacific two members of the compact
through the canal will not have had its origin in crosses of \   However, this is not ykeiy to be
i-      ���     _   . ���    .    -i     , v. ,.       , ��   permanentlv outlined until  the three
.any nation s patron saint, but was born in the brain of committees meet as one tor the final
some long dead herald who furnished a coat of arms to a agreement,   one idea nkeiy   to   be
e   i i i.      i.    c ii        -i.       e t       j adopted is thnt ou the dav of the clos-
successful wool merchant of the city of London. ing of the hundred years or petce.
Ifive  minutes  of  silence  shall  be  ar-
Philosophy cf Pessimism.
The f.rst Occidental philosopher to
formulate a   system   of pessimistic
thought  was   Arthur    Schopenhauer,
who wa3 born in German; 125 years
ago today, and died in  1860.    Schopenhauer, who now has hundreds of
thousands of followers in Europe and
America, taught that this is the worst
possible  of  worlds,   that  human   life,
The Canadian comniltee as a result lis one long tragedy, that evil always
i t  a  recent meeting  in Ottawa sum-   trlumphes  over  Rood,   and   that  pain
marlzes the Canadian Idea as to the t�� ever dominant over joy.
lines the celebration  should  lake  as'     HI*   teachings   wen-   largely   IntlU-
[oiiows' ence of Hindu and oilier Oriental ph 1
Widespread religious exercises, ex- osophers, "We feel pain but not painlessness," wrote the greatest ol modern philosophers; "we feel cure but
not the absence of care; fear, but not
security. We feel the wish as we
feel hunger and thirst; but ai soon
as 11 haB been fulfilled it is like the
mouthful Ihat has not been ta'.ten.
which ceases to exist for onr feilinE
the moment it Ib swallowed."
In other words, Schopenhauer
mourned because lie couldn't eat his
cake, and have it too. His literarv
style was most attractive, and his
works had a pri* .und influence. He,
was a -woman-hater, blaming the fair
sex for the perpet nation of the "farce
of life."
I f'cieiiey men are at work. They are
studying the kitchen, and there is no
telling what they will do to it. Perhaps the work there can be made
easier by the use of gas and electricity. Perhaps ii is not really necessary that the washing of dishes after
dinner should be exactly thn same
si rl of drugory that It was two hundred years ago.
But we do not quite like the Idea
if the dinner coining in through a
pneumatic tube from a central cooking factory, ln a way sucii a dinner
might be all right. But in a home
���vi! re dinner" tills th" h'll about
the sani" extent
child instead of
Toronto Kiar.
as does an adopted
one of your own
The toil of Ihe housewife who works
in the kitchen and the difficulty she
meets with In getting domestic help
arn two important farlj nf life In
every i.art of the. continent. People
who would rather live in ihiir own
houses are. being driven into apart
im ,.t.i. Many who should be eating
substantial, well cooked meals are
i.iibBistiiig on  ready made substitutes
nnd canned makeshifts.
<Dwing to the high test of llvlns
and the general difficulties of life,
many a man who should 1- carving
a joint of beef tonight and serving i:
in gi :i�� roua portion* to a merry wlfj
and half a dozen hearty children i.'
j-eithcr living as a dismal bachi lor i..'
[diving in a tiny apartment, and is io-
night carving a solitary sardine and
serving hall of it to h.s little wife, ,, ,       ..       ,,,,,,,,,
HOW to keep house without bei? -,r ���Vrlhur ' :irw*" t0'a ,h" ' ;u"
-grows to be a problem which iiigi-n* dlan Club that people ontsule of thi
ions minds are tackling, in tbo Sat- gmall culture circles In every com
urday Evening Post appears a s-ory ,ml..ilv ,,...��� Rnn(1 ���,���������,. ���[ u,,.,
.treating of the subject. Ooorge is an -.,, a ct,ance to hear it with reason
-efficiency expert, and while his wife .,-,,-.��� freauency a? they do in thi
is away he revolutionires the kitchen, vicious tvpe of tum-ti-tum melodv
lie finds that the uteris Is are for the tj,-y win r,.j0|-P |��� |t.
must part prehUtoru:, and that hu- ,;���,. ()o(B n(,t ,���.,.,; to pr. educated
man invention, busy in all other dl-)in or0;er to enjoy good music. Thi
reoUons, has passed the kitchen by. wor]!g n. ihe masters were written
Be calls In an electrical expert, and n(1, t0 i,p studied, hul to he heard.
together they proceed to rig up thai i T-,,1,. jK a (liRtinrt.lon that most of up
kitchen so that everything in i:. from f���rget. Many musicians rcf'tii to be-
cooking to dishwashing, ean be done li(,..(, (;,.,, j, |��� Impossible to feel tin-
by presjlng various bottom greatness of Verdi tnlrss   we   know
When  his  v'I     ������  urns  fc'i" failed  ������ ennsecutlve   octnves   hi
to !''��� the del'gbi Re had ������" ��� ed wrote, and whj he did eo, Men whr
The ki ;���' 'ti lomicda h.u ot the cper lyieveT hesrd of a "modulation" will
ating " ���" In the heap Ul. You fi ���' -. i in., ���.. -t-'l and emotional stlmula
Unit si e misses the dear old confua ' ���)*,:, thai the modulation gives,
ion anil multiplicity Oi utensils which. The prrr.t music of tile world is
liad miida it a "homey" kitchen preserved nol  because   it Is   beloved
Another expert writing in tin* Sclen- and appreciated by expert musicians
tTic AtnerlCUB liaa worked ont a plan or people, with a university education,
by which, in cities, people can have but because It is true human expert-
cooked meals delivered in their houses ence and because It is the beauty of
by pneumatic tubes from a central j life ideally expressed, lt Is a living
kitchen. He claims that the whole j thing eternally young, and has
���scheme is feasiblr, and that he has mightily tairrcd the emotions of men
it -worked out  in detail. [for perhaps two hundred  yeara
The  inventors, thc t-xpfrLs, the. ef-
ranged for all Greater Britain, Canada
1 and the 1'nited States.
The  breadth  of the  International
proposals, the calibre of the men interested in the active organization
the wide general Interest in the unique occasion, all promise that the com'
memoratlon whatever forms li may
assume will give a profound pBhycho-
.logical impulse to International peace
land natural good-will over the Anglo-
���"nvoii world,
The occasion is one thai  is truelv
���:rrat and all Indications point to th"
facl  that  ('ai'-'l'i  wlll  worthily  bear
.   ' Its part In organizing the commemi ra
'ion, and in carrying it to t'i" succe
the greatness or lhe event deserves
Ottawa Free I'rc.-n.
* *
���>   THE
H"M��N     P"0."--_:.-ION.
(3y 6   T'crence )
i    o    Miiiiun    Boy    T-outs   Celebrate
B.rthdav of Badcn-Po'.vell Today.
Tv.0   million   Hoy   Scon's   will   cele
irate   today   the   fifty-sixth   birthday
it the r chief scout. Lloutenant-QeD-
eral   Sir   Robert   Stephenson   Smyth
iiiidi n-Powell, the "hero of Mafeklng"
and  founder of the greal   movement
aUlcli has aroused the enthusiasm of; "
the youth of all lands. *
S nee  his  lasi  birthday   the  distill-  *
gulshed warrior, long thought to be a  *
confirmed bachelor, has taken to him   *
self  a   wife,   and,  curiously   enough   *
today  is alio  the birthday of  I_ady *
������' h n P ,' ��� II.    Thr  i;. ii ral's   bride   <>
vho was Mis-i Olive SI  Clair Sonmes   *
. twen'y.thrce today, Juat half  her \*
husband's age, *
She is described as a slender and *
divinely tall brunette, pretty and in- ���
, lellectiial, and a fitting companion for|-#
; the man who lias risen from the ranks \*
i lo a generalship;  whose heroism andl^
military ability won for him the dis-j*
tlnct-lon of knighthood, and the order*-, *
of  Knight  Commander  of  the  Hath. ���
Commander  of  the   Royal   Vlcterlan \*
The Gothic cathedral has a universal j Order, ar.d Knight Commander of the ' ���
��� ���
��� THIS   DAY   trl *
* ���
A hundred years ago when the "War
of VjVl" was causing loss and misery
on both sides of the frontier -ven the
coming of winter did not stop the
fighting. In the district where the St.
I_awrcnce makes th" boundary between Canada and the United States.
the forming of Ice on the river only
made raids and counter-raids the easier.
Early ln 1813 Drockvllle was attacked by American troops from Ogdens-
b r- ard [ fty-two of the Inhabitants
of th" little town in r,' carried off
But he day of reckoning was close at
hand. On February 22 a British force
Including n*en if ihe fatnouB Qlengar
ry Light Infantry crossed the Ice trom
Prescotl to Ogdensburg, and after a
sharp -fight, captured ihat place, wltb
many'prisoners, eleven gun., and
much other booty.
The troops were led by the valiant
Highlander, Major McConell, bul anther officer of ih" Glengarry i.ighi
Infantry; t'ai tain Jenkins, formerly
��� f the ilMlh New Brunswick regiment.
greatly distinguished himself, -beer
ing on his men, tho i.c't he was fright
fully wou tied till ha fell exhausted
from loss of blood.
"Two stand I f colors" were taken
In the fight, and were sent to Kngland "to lay at the Prince Regent's
��� *
��� SCRAP   BOOK    FOR   TODAY.    *
��� *
Fngland    Plans   TV o    Memorials   ,To
Honor George  Washington.
A New York tavern was the scene
lilu yearB ago today of the first celebration of Washington's birthday. Today tha anniversary will be observed
as si legal holiday in every stale ot
the union, and in Porto Ilico and Alaska, while in Hawaii and the far
I'hilipines the "father of his country"
will  be honored.
Most significant of all, the British
commit ee for the celebration in 191-
ot the centenary of Anglo-American
peace will obBcrve the day by plan-
n'ng two memorial., to the memory
of the first president of the t'nited
S'ates. In the Mother Country all the
old animo'-.'ie3 thai linked the name
of Washington with thai ot "rebel"
are forgotten, and Britons now rein in
ber onlv thai lie was a great man and
an  F.nglislinian.
It is proposed that one of the English memorials to Washington take
the form of a monument In Westminster Abbey or in Westminster Hall.
Th" other project is for the purchase
of Stilgrave Manor, in Northamptonshire, the nncestral home of Washington, to be preserved aa a permanent
Washington museum.
The old manor is in the tiny rural
village of Northends. five miles from
Banbury. The first Washington t/i
own the property was Laurence, son
of John Washington of Lancashire.
He amassed a fortune as a wool merchant of London, and waa knighted
by Henry VIII. The manor and lands
of Sulgrave were given to Laurence
Washington hy King Henry following
lhe dissolution of the monasteries.
Laurence erected the house, a quaint
old structure, which still hears th��
rnyal arms of Queen Elizabeth, and
the mullets and bars of thi-- Washington Tamily.
Laurence Washington "*fii twice
mayor of N'orthnnpion, and held many
other positions if honor. The tomb
ef Laurence and his wife. Amv, marked by a brass tablet. may ntill be seen
In the old Church of St. James at Sulgrave. There Is a tradi'lon that Laurence Washington was a personal
friend of Shakespeare, but of this
there   ls   no  proof.
Tii" founder of Sulgrave was succeeded by his son Robert, a spendthrift, who speedily disbursed the family fortune, while Sulgrave passed out
of   IiIh   hands.       Robert's     grandson,
Laurence, revived the reputation of
the family, becoming a popular clergyman, The Uev. Laurence was faithful to Charles II.. and for this was
ejected from his charge by Cromwell.
After his death, his eldest sons,
Laurence and John, sailed for the new
world, settling in Virginia. John became a fanner on an estate at Northern Neck, between the Potomac and
Rappahannock, John's son Laurence,
became the father of Angus'.ine Washington, who, in turn, was the father
of  the great  Oeorge.
One of the most enthusiastic of
Washington birthday celebrations will
be held today in San Jinn, Porto Rico,
and will include tho formal opening
of the third Insular Fair. Thla big
exhibition of Porto Rirau products
will be held on new grounds, given to
the people of the colony by the federal
It is proposed to use the buildings
for a permanent West Indies exbiDi-
tion, In which Cuba and the island i
nf the British West Indies will join.
The Porto Ricana have benefited
largely from the rule of the United
stati s. and are proportionately patrlo-
Hc. The production of fruits, sugar
and coffee 'u's shown a steady growth
sine" the American occupation of the
The completion of the Panama canal ia expected to add to Porto Rico's
prosperity. Coaling plants and repair
stations will be established al the variable porta eif the Island for the use of
ships running between Europe and the
"big ditch."
A l MM s.mi ill JOHNSTON, nutttis-
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephone
1070, Cable iutilr,-B�� "Johuston."
Code, "Western Union." Offk*.��, Bills
Iiliick. r>5*_ Ciiiimibi.i atreet, New Westminster, It. C.
J.   BTILWIILL Cl.IITK.   Barrister at-luw,
no lienor,   etc.;   corner    Columbia    silttrnx
MeKenitii'   streets.   New   Westmlnstarr"
n  C.  P o. Hox 112.    Telephone  710.
610     O "
lieilur    ami    notary,     6111     Columbia
���_l net.    liver C. V.  H.
rrlsters ami Soli
nni* *i i
tlulctum   block.
l_.   Martin,   W.
il-rie    8
orgs L. Caasady
Will I'liSIDK & KUMONDS���Il.irrlsteri
and Solicitor.-). Westminster Trust ink.
Columbia street, New- Westminster lie
cable address "Whiteside," Western
Union. P. Q. Drawer 2uu. iBelephone
on.   W. J. Whiteside,  11.   L, Edmonds.
' 11    .1    A.    BURNETl',    AUDITOR    AND
Accountant Tele.  H 128,   Room Trapp
|     Block.
���-���it Beard of Trade meets In ���>������ Board
room, City Hull, as follows: Third Friday of each month, quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February. May.
AiiKiust und November i*.t S pin. Annual inieiiimw uu the thii'i Friday of
February, s. 11. Smart Wiule, seer,--
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St . now at
G07 Front St.    f;hone R 11)31.
New   Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage   and   Choice   Fruit   I.and.,   a
Paris. Keb. 21.���The bangle has
come back. Mme. Rejanc, who is
winning new triumphs in "Alsace,"
has brought it back���ln the place
where it was first #orn by women.
The new bangle is worn Juat below
the left  knee.
You get just a glimpse of it through
a slash in a silken frock and a shimmer of gossamer beneath, it la supposed to be worn aa a token; but the
latest fad In Paris is the engagement
bangle, which has put the finger ring
out of date.
Mme. Iteiaii" wore a beautiful gold
and enamel "knee bracelet" at a sol-
n e In her honor by artistic, friends
following a performance of "Alsace."
Next night you have counted the
slashed gowns and "tokens" by the
dozen, and today by the hundred.Paris
believes that when a thing is "the"
thing and to he done at all It should
be  done quickly,
* *
An Increase In the circulation <>
Of The News oT i.0 per cent, in ���
three months is a pretty good ���
Indication that the people of ������
New   Westminster   appreciate ���
our i tfortS to provide them with *
:��� live morning paper that gives *"���*
all the news Of the city, and *
the facl that u larne number <>
of  new  readers  have  ordert d A
The  News without solicitation ���
whatever la proof positive that ���
Ihe   Increased   circulation   has ���
been obtained on the merits of ���
the  paper alone. *
The paper that Ir, looked for ���
and read is the one yon should ���
advertise In. ���
Thete is no substitute
iof Royal Baking Pow-
de* for making the
best cake, biscuit and
past*y* Royal is Absolutely Pate and the
only baking powder
made from Royal
grape ct earn of tartar.
COAL HIKING rlKliU of the Domlnlo*
In Manitoba, SuHkatchewun unti Altx-rU-
thc Yukon Territory, the NortUvvt'St Trr-
r.Ujrt^s antl In a portion of the Provlnc*
of Uiiii.ih Columbia, nmy Im- letuM-d tojr a
term ���t twtmy-ouc yearB ut an annual
rental of $1 an acre- Not more than -ifio
acrei-* wlll \��* IcujwhI to one applicant.
Application for a leaM muM V mart*
hy ihe applicant In person lo tha Agent
or Rub-AJfent of the dlatrlct U> which tho
rtahta applied for arc imiatea
In surveyed territory the Land must b��
described by BCCtfOIM, or letfoj mib-cHvl-
���slons of seotlonSi ami in unsurvoyed territory the tract applUnl for Mall bo
Mattel out hy  the applicant lilmmlf.
Each uppllc .t.U'Hi TiwHt be at-com pun led
by a feo of $!- which will Im refunded If
the right! applied for are not available.
bul   not   othevivlHe.      A   royuHy   Khali    l>��
paid on the merchantable on turn of the
mine at the ra1" of five cents per ton.
The person operating Uie mine Hhaii
fni hImIi the Agent with bwoin returns
accounting for the full (|imnilt>y of merchantable coal rained and pay tlie royalty tlu-renn. If tlie coal mining Hi'litH
im- not being operated such returns anopld
he furnished at  leoat once a  year.
The tease will Include the oaal mining
rights only, but ttie leasee will be permuted to purchaae whatever available
surface rights may be considered neche-
sary for the working of the mine at tht
rate of fin an aare,
Por full Information application shauld
be made to the Secretary of the Department  of the  Inferior.  Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion r-amin.
w, w, CORY.
Deputy Minister of t��w Interior..
N. B���Unauthorised publication of this
ndv*rtlfwmcnt will not he puld ri>
���WU-L- I H1    '!������   .      __...������	
For Rent
7-r-snmed hotine, fully modern
with fttrttiie-n and kitchen rangrt,
linoleum and blind)). Lease it
required, $25.00 per month.
8-room house, one block from
car, $16.00 per month.
i-room house, modern, with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.      East  Burnaby. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1913.
^jayllptE   DANCE   ON THE STAIRSf
Amendments Wlll  Be  Introduced  Into
Propoted   Bill���Doylo   Scalo   to
Bs   Abolished.
lo  Carried  By  Scottish  Liner to  A us
ti-iia���Had Been Delayed Through
Lack of Medicos.
TRINITY    iti'v. Canon fi. 0. d'Besutu, I
HA, rector; Rev. Oeorge A. lUy, M,
A.,  assistant   curate.    X    a.m..    Holy
Communion;   11   am..   Matins.   Litany
and   sermon;     2:30    p.m.,    Sunday
school; 7 p.m.. Evensong and sermon,
Dally  service  and  address  at  5  p.m. |	
during I cut on Mondays. Tuesdays, tbe present week between Hon. \V. li. .ship offers much scope for lady doc-
Wednesdays and Thursdays and at n0SBi Minister of Lands, and a com- tors, A case, has, however. Just oc-
7:30 Fridays.        mlttee   representing   the   Coast   ami . curred In which the medical welfare
W   MARY'S CHlinCll   (Church of Mountain  Lumbermen's   Associations,  l>f  a   ***��?*   conveying   to   Australia.
St.  BiAU*. n ni11ui,11   tuaurtn oil among   oilier   passengers,   a   number
England),     Sapperton���R$v.     Prank an agreement regarding the question (,f g^ig-^,-^ %u��� placed in feminine
Plw'tett. *' '    vicar. Holy communion -of royalties to   be paid the govern* hands
g a.m.;    Matins and sermon 11 a.m.!   llHJn,  ,,n timber cut on crown   lands
has been reached.
Victoria   Feb.  21. -Following   con-     Glasgow, Feb. 21.���Heretofore It has
ferenees held during several days   of   nol   been   considered   that  the   steam-
Kven.-rOi-iR ���>��� i
school 2:30 p.
7 p.m., Sunday
CHURCl Services 11 am. aid 7
p.m.    Evening subject, "Wesley    and
the Evangcllu.il rtevlvol."   llible elms 60 contBi t\mM hp doubled
and  Sunday   school  2:30  p.m.    Guild
meets Monday at S p.m.
Last week the government introduced, by hand of Hon. Mr. Hofs, a
bill to amend the Forest Aet ami this
contained provision that on Jan. 1,
1016.  the present  royalty  on  timber.
rable opposition to thla arose among
the lumbermen anil a deputation representative of their  interests  waited
ST.   ANDREWS   PRESBYTERIAN on the executive council of tin-.-v,*,,,
���Uev. J. S.  Henderson, pastor.    Ser- ^^^m
vices 11  a.m.  and 7:30  p.m. Sabbath
school and llible class at 2:30 p.m.
ent last Monday and  requested  reconsideration  and  a  conference  with
^^^^^^^    Hon. Mr. Koss.
The conference* folic "d and there
QUEENS avenue METHODIST has been a readjustment of the pro-
CHURCH���Servlcea 11 a.m. and 7] visions of the bill and certain amend-
p.m. Pastor, W. W. Abbott, B.D, In ments covering the matter of royal-
flic morning Rev. Charles II. Huestis, ties wiil be Inserted in the measure In
secretary of the Lord's Day Alllanc.o.  committee of the whole Houb.
will occupy the pulpit. The pastor
wlll preach In the evening, Subject,
"A Gracious Invitation." Young Peo
pie's meeting Monday at 8 p.m.;
prayer meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m
Quarterly official board wlll meet at
tho close of the prayer meeting.
OLIVET HAPTIST CHURCH-Public worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., with
sermons by the pastor, Rev. A. 8
Lewis. You will receive a hearty wel
entile nt both services. Morning sub
Jed, "The Eyes of a Young Man Open
ed." Evening subject. "Not Conform
ed. Rut Transformed." Sunday school,
1:30 p.m. with excellent teachers for
sll ages. Rarnca class for young men
meets   In   the   church   auditorium   at
The steamship in question was ready to sail from the Clyde. All that
k:pt her at the Tail of the Hank was
the lack of a surgeon.
A qualified lady doctor, the daughter of a member of the Institute of
Marine Engineers, heard of the difficulty and was disposed to offer her
services. Her father was.at first inclined to veto the plan, as the young
lady was on a holiday, and was not
very  strong.
Finally,  however,  he  withdrew  his
���bjielien, and the board of trade officer,   for  the  first  time  In  his life,'
certified that a ship with her surgery I
in charge with other than a male doc- j
tor was duly complying with the law.
It is hard work for a ship surgeon
If the vessel carries any considerable ,
number of emigrants.    The lady doc-
tor must, therefore have had a  busy '���
time.   She took the appointment, how-
ever,   for   the   outward   voyage   only,
and Is possibly now on her way home,
resting   a���roenbly   after   a   decidedly i
Unique experience.
Whether this lady  doctor's  expert
Miss Janet Coote. of Chilliwack, is
the guest of Miss  DeWolf Smith.
*    *    ' I.
Mr.  and   Mrs.   H.   R,   Davidson   returned home on Monday from a three-
week trip to California.
.    .    t
Mrs. White, of Victoria, is spending
a few days with her sister, Mrs. Marshall English,  Dlackford street.
���    ���    ���
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Marcon left for
Greenwood yesterday, where Mr. Marcon has been made manager of the
Hank ot Commerce. "j
Fmm Jan. 1, 191(1, to Jan. 1. 1926.
royalties from timber cut under special and hattdloggers' license ahall
nay ?l i��er thouaand feet wesl of the
Cascades while east of thai range:
where tbe Doyle scale has been In
ute the royalty (hall be 15 cents per:
thousand feet, I      ,    ,,. .. , ���
From Jan. 1, 1926. to Jan 1. 1913. all m"nt *'��������� encourage others to follow
timber cut under special or handing h,'r -MWnPIB. may, perhaps, be daubt-
ger'H license is to pay an additional1''J1; m,,r" Particularly in long-voyage
royalty of 25 cents per thousand feet , *WV�� "r ""���* clil���� chosen In this In-
making a total royalty of $1.25  west a���!,.0B'
of the Cascades and $1 east  of that     1,le CHRe ls Interesting, however. n��
range during this five year  period.    ! wowing   that   under    the     Merchant
Provision Is also made that on and   Snipping act  the male doctor has by
after  Jan.  1,  1916,  the  British   Col- no means an exclusive right to prac-
umbla  log scale, now   In   use   west of1 Hue on shipboard.
the Cascades, shall  be tired  east   of| ���-	
3tC��nd Is taught by the pastor. This | thnt r.ingi    the section of tho   prov-i
service   is   bright,   brief,   brotherly
��(!omc and see for yourself.
SCIENCE-Servlio Is held In their
hall. 730 Fifth street. Sunday. 11 am
Sunday school at the close of the
morning service. Wednesday evening
meeting at 8 o'clock.
... The, Dutch section In the Orange
Free State Is making a national hero
of Mr. Hertzog, and Is demanding
General Botha's resignation. "Ons-
land." one of tho chief South African
Dutch newspapers, says that if imperialists and South Africans are unable to work together, woe be unto
-South Africa.
inee where the Doyle ucale is now In
"BThe concession in the matter of roy- i Dl" *  $*Wr *B_,?,a}H ^  Attending
ally made to Ihe mountain  mill  men
'a hpoauso of tho Inferiority   of   the
timber of  that  section  of  the    prov
Fever   Stricken   Man.
Paris, Feb. 21.- The Abbe Marie Pn
Jos de Coud.ay. military chaplain, died
ince ns compared with the limber of
Ihe coast districts.
After Jan.  1,  1916,  Ihe  royalty  on
a  few  davs since in circumstances
which entitle him to the name of hero,
lie was summoned at the Versailles
railway ilea',' nWVo'cettU, wIlTbe |lj "JJJJfiJ -^'^iJf I?��_b22fl*a ��} ���"
per cord.
artillery man who was dying of an
infectious fever. Although aware of
I the danger, for the doctors warned
E. J. Chamborlin. as president of him, he remained with the dying ar-
the Central Vermont Railway, made tllleryman until the latter succumbed.
his first official appointment Monday, | Tho same evening the chaplain, a
to tbe effect that O. C. Jones ia vice- j robust man of 35, was taken ill with
president In charge of construction,; similar symptoms of Infectious fever,
transportation and maintenance de-! aud within forty hours he also ex-
partments. plred, a martyr to duty.
Mi's. Gay nor entertained a few
friends at the tea hour on Wednesday
afternoon in honor of MrB. Marcon.
Among those present were Mrs. C. N.
Macdonald, MrB. Gracey, Mrs. Hall,
Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Doherty, Mrs.
Creighton, Mm. Worsfold, Miss Marlon Martin, Mrs. Mallns and Miss
Josephine   Martin.
��� ���    *
Another hostess on Wednesday afternoon was Mrs. J. S. Clute, who entertained a number of her friends at
a very enjoyable work tea. Among
these noticed were Mrs. Gwynn,
Mrs. Corbould, Mrs. J. Brymner, Mrs.
Cambie, Mrs. T. J. Armstrong, Mrs.
Richardson, Mrs. Creighton and   Mrs.
Worsfold. I
��� ���    ��
Mrs. W. Norman Hole arrived home*
on Monday from California, wbere he
has been spending several weeks'
��� ���    ���
A large number of people took the
opportunity on  Monday night of see
Ing   the   well-known   English   actor,
Lewis Waller, In "A Marriage of Con
venlence."    Among   those   noticed   In
the audience were Mr. and Mrs. Kel
lington, Mr  and Mrs. Hendry. Mr and
Mr*   Diamond. Mips Alma Leamy, Mr.
nnd   Mrs.   Corbould,    Mlsa   Corbould
Mies Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle. Mr
and Mrs. F. Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. Coult-
[hard,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ardagh,  Mr. and
! Mrs. Marshall  English,  Mr. and  Mrs.
Swan. Mr, and Mrs, Tidy, Mr. and Mrs.
iilill   Burnaby),  Mr. and  Mrs.  Homer
'. Adams. Mr, and Mrs. Sherriff, Mr. and
| Mrs. J. S. Clute, Mrs. Pyne, Miss Hand,
I Mr.  Rand,  Mr.  Floyd,  Miss  Gertrude
;Brown, Mr. Bryce Iirown. Mr. Walter
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Armstrong.
[Miss Nora  Armstrong.  Mr.  and  Mrs.
Schmltt. Mrs. George Wolfenden. Mrs
1.1. H, Jones, MIsb Peele, Mr. and Mrs.
���T. H, Smith   Mr. nnd Mrs. Creighton,
'Miss Scott, Mlsa Grey, Miss Warwick,
Miss "Inrlon  Martin, Mr. Martin. Mr.
Ward,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Ballock,    Mrs.
Pope, Miss Pope, Mr. Keith Macgow-
an, Mr. Knight, Mr. Wells, MlssPetter.
Miss   Pinder,   Mr.  and   Mrs.  Haines,
Mies DeWolf Smith, Miss Janet Coote
(Chilliwack),  Mr. Stacey,  Mr. Harry
Greame, Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, Mr.
Ted Hill, Mr. Wylie and Mr. Cauley.
People Who Know Buy At
We have built up a reputation for the right kind of Furniture that we
must maintain.   Our Pr^es Are Right "AU the Time.". Many aay we are the
lowest in the City, quality considered.
We want you to make a comparison.
Here are some Prices.  Call and see the Goods:
Linoleum, laid on the floor, per yard $   .45
Dresser and Stand, Oak Finish     9.75
Good, strong Iron Bed, with Spring and Mattress complete    8.50
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Set Diners, one Arm and five Straight Chairs, from  12.50
Five Piece Parlor Suite  29-50
Up to March 1st we are giving 20 per cent off Room-size Rugs and Tapestry Curtains.
Get our Prices on Window Shades, it will pay you.
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon .Sts.
Phone 588 PAGE  FOUR
John A. lee feted Presi-
c! nt of Board (if Iraddc:
(Continued irom pace one)
Comparative Figures.
These Qgures do not compare very
tavorabl) with the 1811 pack, in round
numbers, as there wire 301,3-14 cases
gained thai season, but the 1811 pack
contained a larger percentage ol In
ferior lish. These statistics apply to
the Kraser river district Mono. Practically 1,000,000 cases were packed
throughout the whole of it. C.
Over $13,000,000.
The total value of the tisliing industry of British Columbia was consul-, r.'lily over $13,000,000 last year.
In the Kraser river district consul,
ably over (1,000,000 must have been
expended for fish alone, that Is inelud
ing tlie [ish that were used for local
and shipping purposes.
These figures do not inrlude halibut,
whloh although caught in the Kraser
or its vicinity nre still a large source
of revenue lo New Westminster, as
tbe 11. C. Packers' Asssociatlon, which
is largely interested In the halibut
trade, pay their fishermen and buy I
their supplies in this eity.
$1,000,000  in  Wages.
Your committee wish to point out
al��o as Illustrating the value of tbe
fishing Industry of Ihe Kraser, thai
this (1.000, I, paid out to the fishermen were actually wages, u3 Ihe raw
product, outside the gear, costs them
nothing but the labor of catching,
As this money is spent (nt least as
regards white fishermen) locally, it
must necessarily be of great beni fn
to the community at large.
Your committee is pleased to note
the increased Interest thai is being
taken In the lishing industry in the
Kraser and throughout Ibe province
of H. C. by the Ottawa authorities, and
think Hut lhe thanks of every one engaged in the Industry are due to our
member, Mr. ,!. n. Taylor, for the
very Intelligent interest he has shown
in promoting the best interests of Ihe!
fishermen and those engaged in this
The Fishery Beard.
Among ether matters that have en-
gag d the attention of the department
a! Ottawa this year has been the
format inn of a fishery hoard. Mr, K.
11. Cunningham, fishery inspector,
M.'v,* Westminster, and Mr. Mclntyre
who Is employed by tho provincial
govt rnmeni in lhe fishery depart-
in 'nt, have bi * n nanv -1 as members
of the board for this province.
These gentlemen are undoubtedly
omlnentlj fitted for (be position and
will he able to advise the governraenl
al Ottawa as (o the needs nf the in-
dustr) from time to time, but still
tbere is a general feeling of disappointment, especially among the
fishermen, as it was understood thai
lie department of marine and fisheries at Ottawa was anxious to get Into
touch with the people actually engaged in the business and that the
members of (his board were to l"'
composed of a representative of the
fishermen, the conni rles and the sail
water fisheries.
As Mr. Cunningham is already employed in an advisory capacity to the
government by virtue of his office as
fishery Inspector, it dues nol appear
on  the  surface   very  much  baa been
However, these gentlemen will, no
floubt, be largely guided by the representations made to them hy the fisher-
ir,, i  and others Interesti d.
K is suggested thai the fishermen
appoint a permanent o mmlttee who
will convey to tlie fishery hoard lhe
wishes of the whole body of fisher-
nun as conditions may arise.
Enormous Waste.
Your committee also wish to call
the attention to the very wasteful
methods that have been in vogue in
the salmon fishing industry every big
���or fourth year, and even In the off
years with some varieties of salmon.
It has been the custom of the canneries to limit the catch ef their
fishermen to a certain number of fish
per heat. This system has resulted
In an enormous waste of salmon as
the fishermen aro not always aware
that a limit lias heen declared, and
���even when tliey do know their nets
may contain in one drift two or perl-laps three times as many fish as they
���can sell. Consequently the balance
has to be thrown away.
The Remedy.
To remedy Ibis your committee
���would recommend that either the
fishery board or fishery inspector le'
-empowered, from Ottawa, to open or
close the season at will.
For Instance when the canneries
"hnve ( nough fish on hand tn la*--' them
for 24 hours, instead of limiting the
Catch, the fishing could be stopped
entirely lor a few hours, and these
salmon instead of being caught to he
thrown away would be allowed to pass
np tn the spawning grounds, thus en
soring a future supply and th"
neries would then be sure of getting
fresh fish.
Natural Enemies.
Another mailer that is engaging the
attention of all thinking men eon
necti-d with this industry is to pre
serve the salmon from their natural
enemies, the forces designed by nature
to keep salmon in their proper
-equilibrium  in (lie balance of na'ttre.
It is a well known facl that one
form of nsh feed en another and the
more prolific the more enemies I'
naturally has.
Of the life of thi.' salmon In the
open sea very little is known. In the
mail rs of the surrounding coast nnd
in the rivers and streams where they
spawn we are able lo watch these
forces at work.
The  Dreaded Seal.
In the ease of the full grown salmon
the hairy seal is undoubtedly the
worst enemy  we have  to  deal  with.
Mr. W. A l.nwinan. an authority on
the fishing industry on the other side
of the line, in au open loiter lo tin'
Hen li M. White, chairman cr the
senatorial fish commlasli I states
that there arc at least 30,000 . ols In
Ptiget   sound   and   the   mo��'li
Skagit  river,   nnd   that  seals  di Btroy
at lias!  five salmon each per dav.
Tnis in equally true of the Gulf of
Georgia nnd the mouth of the Fraser
river Mr Halliday, assistant fishery
inspector, called attention to Ihis fact
in his last annual report, and says
lbat something must lie done in the
���near future If we wish to preserve our
salmon from the seala,
What Mr bowman proposes for
Pngot  sound  would be equally applic
able to the Gulf of Georgia, that a
bounty of from $11 to (5 a head for
every hairy seal killed.
Kroui Information secured by your
oommlttee trom fishermen Ihere
seems to be no doubt that they would
Ic willing to contribute to a fund for
tins purpose.
Expect 2.00 Licenses.
There will in till probability be
some 8500 licenses Issued this year.
if each fisherman wore taxed (2.60
and the provincial and Dominion governments were to contribute like sums
a fund would be raised that could go
towards (be object aimed at.
As regards the spawning grounds of
the salmon so long as predatory fish
as trout, chub nnd sueki rs are allowed, Indeed encouraged, to destroy thu
eggs and fry of the salmon il will In
Impossible lo Increase our supply,
Kor every salmon egg hutched out
nnd the young salmon allowed to
reach the sea, thousands are destroyed by predatory fish.
The remedy is simple, net out these
Fry  Annually Destroyed.
As an Illustration of the number of
fry annually destroyed II may be
mentioned thnt. lhe Pemberlon river
hatchery expect to turn out 85,000,000
sockoy fry this year.
As only about 1.500,000 were caught
last year it shows that one hatchery
alone could keep up a supply twenty
limes over if tho fish arrived at
In a new fishery net to come before
congress at Washington, prepared
after a full and careful Investigation,
It is provided thai irom may be killed al all times and by any means,
transported and sold, within nnd without the territorial limiis ot Alaska.
The committee hope  to deal with
some other  points al    some    future
time in a supplementary report
Work  for Executive.
Mr, W. J. Kerr moved a vole of
thanks to Mr. Monk for liis exceptionally good report, It would be n
gooil thing if their executive would
lake il up the first tiling of the year.
The motion was cordially passed.
Lumber Committee.
Mr. .1. T. Kohsnn submitted the report of the lumber committee. lie
said it brought out that the lumber
industry was by a long way the lead
Ing industry of the province and in
some degree was not receiving lhe
consideration   it  ought   to have.
Tiny had passed a resolution suggesting thai tho Dominion, provincial
g vernments end city councils and
Bchool boards Insert a clause in the
specifications of their contracts calling for domestic timber being used of
i annd'an manufacture. Copies of that
resolution bad been sent to all the
Bt aids of Trade throughout the province.
L;rge   Pay   Roll.
He detailed the number of work-
mi u employed In lhe various mills in
the city and vicinity, Fraser ..lills.
1000; it C. Canadian Lumber Company, 300; Brunette mills. ssttO; Small
,v Ducklln, 200; Galbratlb -.v- Sons,
120; Walsh Sash fi Door Factory, To;
Westminster Woodwork Company, 60;
Royal City Mills, 4u; Irwin Shingle
Company, 4o; Westminster Mill Company. 35; II. C. Manufacturing t'i :n
pany. 30.   Total, .'17o.
Manufacturers having their heal
office In Now Westminster with milla
outside: Collins Lumber Company,,
Beaver Lumber Company, .1. A. Gib
son, Fernrldge Lumber Company, Tlm
berland Lumber Company. Employed
ln the city, 16; al the mlilB, 350.
Tributary to Now Westminster,
saw mills, shingle mills and logging
camps -tr,. employing approximately
2260 men.
Imported Lumber.
Mr. Ilobson gave the figures of Imported lumber Into Canadi which
allowed an alarming increase fiom the
previous year, lie said that he had
already explained that the American
mills have had practically no trade, er
very small trade, in their own coun
try during  the  past year,
A number Of mills in the Sound anC
Spokane have had very heavy slock ���
aud it was uot a question of profil
or realizing what it cost.
They bad to bring in money to their
banks and they put ihe price at tin
figure tbey could sell  it.
lie knew of 1000 cars of lumber
which were sold al (5.50 f.o.b., not
nearly the cost of logs.
It wns a question of America dump
ing their lumber here, it cost from
J10 to $11 a car in freight to send
lumber from bere io Calgary.
There was a tremendous lot ef lumber used ln their public works from
the American side. Kor every 1000
feet of such lumher used they not
only lost stumpage and profits, but
labor valued, approximately, at $7
pi r 1000 foot.
Agricultural  Conditions.
Mr. .1. W. Irwin reported on agrieul
lure, Tlie general conditions of farming In the community wore very pros
pi * is, high prices for produce and
abundant crops.
Croat quantities of hay' were im
ported, however, from the United
Stitis to tho detriment cf local producers.
Tho report recommended that
similar duty be laid upon imported
hay from the States as that levied hv
Stales which, he understood, was Km
per cent, more than Imposed hy Can
Commerce Committee.
Mr. T. 11 Sheriift delivered the re
port by the committee on commerce.
it was ee,*, red in a considerable mean
urp by tne chairman's report.
lie congratulated i'/i city council
and Mr. John A. Lee on the passing
of the harbor bill and a vole ol
thanks should be passed  to them.
The report reviewed 'he number
of new Industries established In th'
city and mentioned that the U. C, V.
R. Company had constructed fifteen
miles of yards iu the west end of the
Mr. B. II. Sands submitted 111
finance leport, which showed a credit
balance of $111 in the hank, ovei
���mho of assets, not including Troi
... , u . |.* ... , -iy -. Then
��� no outstanding liabilities,
Drastic Measures.
Drastic measures nre tu he taken in
regard to members whose arrears ol
subscription have been allowed to ac
cumulate from $20 to (80.
Those High Power Wires.
Mr. II P. VlQiJl gave Lie report of
the   navigation  committee.
It stated Dial although ihe high
power wires across the Kraser river
bridge had been raised -fi feet they
were still too low for some vessels
and an  Incoming ship would have to
lower her royal masts to gel up to
(he Kraser Mills
Tlie money for the second Motion
I Of Uie jetty nt tlie mouth of the
Kraser would lie available when required, nnd the work would bo carried to completion as originally
The tower near I.miner was still
lying in the water where it had fallen
and was a danger to navigation. The
resident engineer had heen written to
cn  the  sub.lert.
Posta   Facilities.
Mr. II. liyal made an exhaustive
report   on  the    postal    facilities    In
stunted and tht improvements contemplated.
Tlie  stall had  been  Increased  and
additional accommodation provided, a
sum ef $110,000 had been Included In
the Dominion parliamentary estimates
for additions to the post office and a
free rural delivery was proposed from
Ihe city nlong the Scott rond to I .ad-
ner, Helta, and back via River drive.
A parcel post direct to Westminster
without going to Vancouver, and other
reforms were dealt with.
The Highways.
Mr. W. .1. Kerr submitted a report
on the roads In the city and neighboring municipalities with mileage.
| cost and mode of construction.
The    secret ary'a     report     was   a
, lengthy  one, reviewing the work    of I
the   past   yenr  and   making   valuable
I suggestions for the future.
Mr. TO. V. Goulet made a report on |
I thn legislative recommendations   and
Nomination  of  Mr.  Lee.
Mr. 1,. M. Richardson moved the1
'nomination of ex-Mayor Lee ns president, l'e had guided Ihe business of
tbe city for the. last three years with
great success and to talk of New-
Westminster today practically meant
to talk of John A. I.ee.
Mr. Goulel second d, It was fitting
he said, to appoint ,, man who had
first opened out the vast resources
which bad lain dormant np to the
time Mr. I.ee became mayor.
Tiny had reached the stage when It
was absolutely necessary thai Ihe
board should be represented by a
man of experience nnd  initiative.
Mr. I.ee said while he highly ap
predated the honor lie had hoped to
get out of civic work and attend more
to his own business than he had done
In Ihe pnst. He would not say thai
i he would say "No" ns he deemed it
an honor and privilege to be president
of the Hoard of Trade.
Still he would like to leave ii to
some other person. He would do bis
best to help the board in his private
Nominations Closed.
A peremptory motion to elose nom-
Inntions silenced Mr. Leo and no was
unanimously and enthusiastically
Mr, I.. M, Richardson was reappointed vice-president. Mr. ('. II. Stuarl
Wade re-elected secretary, and the
following directors were hallotted for
and elected! M. Monk. W, I!. G'IIp'
IV S. Curtis. K. V. Gould. G. Kenendy.
ti. Ryall, ,l. T. Robson, H. P. Vidal :
iY. .1. Kerr. .1. w. Cunningham, .1. R
Duncan, T, n. Sherriff and L, D
At 11:30 p.m., there still heing a
large amount of business to transact
the moiling adjourned for a fort- |
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New Revolution
I flow Expected
(Continued from ia.�� one!
! wired him offering the services of
1200 men ami money to assist in a
new rebellion.
What will be done with ex-President Madero has not been determined.
Juan Sanchez Axcona, Madero's pri-
j vate secretary, is a prisoner at
i l'uebla. lt was reported today that be
had been shot, but the report is untrue.
General   Poririo   Ola-/.,   ex president
'rive  regarding  the  attitude    of    disgruntled leaders
* The president declared that he fav-
lored a free press In Mexico, saying
Ihat even antagonistic organs wore
desirable since from them the administration might learn ��� of evils that
otherwise might be hidden.
An emissary of President Huerta
left today for Saltlllo, capital of the
state of Coahuila, bearing a letter to
Governor Cairan/a, who is reported
to be raising an army to fight the
new government In this letter a final
effort Is made to gain the governor's
adhesion to the new regime. A train
loaded with troops in also on its way
to Saltlllo from the capital and in the
event of Governor Carranza maintaining his attitude of opposition these
men will be used against him and his
It Is reported that Juan Canehoz
Azcona, private secretary to ex-ITesi-
of the republic, who has been in exile
In Kurope, is coming home,    There dent Madero, has baen put to death at
' l'uebla. There is no confirmation
Of the report, but it is generally believed to be true. Axcona was arrested   Apisaco,   while   fleeing   from   the
is not the slightest possibility that
he again will mix in the polities of
Mexico, but his enforced exile is now
ended.   Word was received today from ,       ... ���    ,, 	
I'aris that within a Bhort time Gen-' c��Pltal and was tak<n to ��� n��bla-
eral Diaz will he in bis private resi-1 General Felipe Angeleu, Torinor com-
dence in Cadena street, an interested \ wander of the army operating at
spectator in the development of the Guernevaca, and General Joaquin
new   regime Beltran, former commander of the fed-
It was officially stated today that! prall) at v<"*a c*->'' *** lo b�� subjected
the arrival home of General Diaz, will |t0 a" inquiry by the military court
not be later than April 2. the anni-1 General Iteltran will be tried fer the
versary of the taking of l'uebla by his
forces in  1867 in the war of  French
| Intervention    This  day  will   be  celebrated in honor of General Diaz.
Pcrfirio Diaz Returns.
The news that I'nrfirio Diaz, was re-
i turning to the land from which he
was driven by Francesco I. Madero
was not difficult lo believe after the
scenes today In the national palace.
It. was evident the nun of the old regime wire again in the ascendency,
'out with the support of a greal number of those who att ilmd promlnenct
in the Madero rule and who. disgusted at the continual warfare, wn re now
ready to support anyone,
laid conservative eli mint
It was n busy day fir President
Huerta and the new cabinet. While
jri Mi-nlay was the day of organization
today was one of felicitation and the
Inauguration of multitudinous affairs
of govi rnmeni Scores of commissions
j official and otherwise, visited  the na
|tlonal pnl��e,. |��� pay their respects to  '_"-.?-..__."_���,   ,_.'_.
the new president.    Men  went tn the
, palace who had not been seen there
nine,. Porflrlo Diaz went out of office.
lament; them General Samuel Gar'in
Gut liar, who was Diaz's chief of stiff
Mon who had been political prison
lers until yesterday were among those
seeking an audience.    Felix Diaz ua'
among the ealUrs anil interested spee-
' tutors al lhe official reception of the
government   commissions.     His  only
participation, however, was that of a
I private citizen, a role in* has assumed '
part he played last year in attacking
Vera Cruz at the time of th-? ill-fated
uprising there by Genera! Diaz.
Ile is accused of misuse of the white
flag in capturing Vera Cruz, and taking General Diaz, a prisoner, who later was brought to the capital and re-
inilmil Incarcerated until the recent
revolt which i ndi d in the downfall
of   Math rn.
lt was charged at th�� time tbat
Diaz's revolt hul tailed, but Diaz, believed that Qeltran's forces would
loin him. IPIlran and his m,-n under
a flag of truce, were permitted to enter Vera Cruz ami Diaz was seized
even to the1-1**'' **** federal commander and was
placed  in  prison
' flenrral Anmlin will be tried for
failure to oley an order of General
Huerta to rep'rt to the palace with
his foreis on the list day of the recent fighting in Ihe city. General
Huerta Intended to nt Angeles to the
palace as a part rf bis plan for end-
General Amii-Us is
confined In the same room in the
paiuce with ex President Madero.
Senora Madero, wife of the ex-president and Senrra Snares wife of the
ex-viee-presldent. for the firi-t time
since their husbands wire arrested
were permitted to visit th m t'lday In
the palace. The visits lasted one
hour and were private. When Ih" women left the palace they appeared ti
be deeply apprehensive as to the file
f their husbands.
B Eurn  Fourteen  P-lrfg--.
He is n.*t idle though He anil h's El Paso, Tex., Keb. 21. -Fourteen
close friends have sel in moil:.a the bridges of tho Mexico Northwettern
machinery anil lhe party work for j, railway were burned today hy rebels
political campaign wh'ch it is h��n -i rt.ween the American lumbering
tv th" mw Bdmlnirtratlon, will he towns of Pearson and Madera The
rinlshi il  in a short  time j Canadian-English    owned    road    had
Tin re Is no good reason In believe,  been nearly reconstructed and  ready
I however thai   President   Huerta  will many weeks.
find the task of pacification simple or I The Mexican Central railway re-
partioularly short. The awe Inspired mslhl open from Jaurez to Mexico
by cannon doubtless will not as a re- City. Only pascnger tralnB are in oppressive agent in and about the cap!- eration, however, an nn Indefinite em-
lal, bet many with whom rebellion | bargo on freight exists. Shortage of
has Income more or lei ���- a profession, train crews Is given as the reason,
probably will continue the strife. Dls- Pew American rcrugecB ary arriving
quieting reportB also continue to ar-  here.
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page rivi
Evenly  Matched    Teams Wlll    Clash
After Skating  Session���Fans
Follow Games with Intereat.
couple of years, when be began to see
Ihat hewould soon tal.e liis pitcher to
Ibe well once loo often, Able begun
putting by a few dollars, and he now
lias enough to keep lhe wolf from Ibe
door. Hitting on the ponies und on
lhe turn ''I a card took a lot of At
toll's fortune.
During hi| career Attell hss touch!
tu '.vi i 300 bouts, Weight made no
d'(Terence with him. When be had
cleaned up nil the men of his class he
tackled the lightweights, and whipped
many of the best nf lliem. Able would
have fought -Inn Jeffries or Jack John
son, If given the chance, when In
wus In his prime. And, given a ring
big enough be might have won ! A
great man was Abie, und bis memory
will long be treasured by the funs
two or three years, maybe.
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PHONE  237.
Victoria,     Keb.    21.    Playing     fast 1    ,��� ,   , ,        ,    , .
' Toledo expects to entertain several
hockey right   from   the   outset the thousand visitors during the American
Capitals administered a dsteal to ths Bowling congress tournament, which
Royal City  seven  this evening    that I'"  scheduled to open  today and  con-
moro  than  mude  up  for  the  dusting
(Continued from page ono)
given the locals when tbey visited
New Westminster on Tuesday. The
Haul score was Sigh I goals lo ono.
Willi both toums about evenly
matched In na far us strength ls concerned, the gams between Suppertnn
aud Burnaby In the race for the
l'i li nei Mellue trophy, wblch Is to
be stuged ut Ihe menu this evenlhg
Should be Just as interesting us uny
Ol (ho games played bo fur this sea-
The decision of the league oftlolsli
to luy over the llurnuby Moose gams,
which llurnuby won, until the end of
the season, has so far kept the subur
banllss out of the will column, but
rrom nil nccounls they will make a
great effort lo turn the trick Ibis
.lust as In lacrosse, lhe rivalry between the two points, In amateur
hockey is sirotii,r and all kinds of
challenges are being mad
erst of both loams showing a keen In
lori st in the work of their pets.
(longs, lln horns, megaphones nnd
ull other kinds of noise making Instruments have been rooted out of the ash
pile, so that the league secretary Is
In a quandary figuring out just what
V\ id of whistles to supply the referees
who will handle Ihe untni'.
Tlio game will start al in: ir, o'clock
sharp, I wo IE minute periods being
Eddie McCarty, the lacrosse player,
will handle the game, his partner In
crime to he selected sonic lime In-
Game   Will   Be   Played   Today���Two
Locals  Asked  to  Participate.
Two picked (earns will piny on the
Bridge street grounds in Vanoouver
this afternoon  lo allow  the selection
oommlttee of the Vanoouver Rugby
Union to pick a team for the Inst Me!
Kensls cup match against Victoria.
Two Weslniinsler players were se
lecied lo play In the game, Messrs A.
II. Lloyd aud II. Savage, although the
former is the only ono who cm muke
ihe trip,
The   fuel   Hint   Vancouver   officials
have begun  to recognize Ihe pluying
abilities   of   the   Royals     is     received
wllb   satisfaction   among   the  suport-',
ors of  (he local  team.     Perhaps  next;
year we shall be able lo have several j
players   make  a  permanent   place  on
support   .,.(, ,.,,....     W)lo kmiWB?
tlnue to the twelfth of March. The
A. 11. C. Is thu parent body of all lhe
ten pin organisations,   This   la   tho
thirteenth annual tournament of   thr
The first was beld in Chicago In
1901, with 115 Individuals, 7�� two men
teams and -il live men teams participating. Baah succeeding year has wit
nessed a gain in entrants, Subsequent
tourneys baV8 been held In Buffalo,
Indlnnaiiolls. Cleveland, Milwaukee,
Louisville, St. Louis. Cincinnati, Pittsburg. Detroit, St. Louis and Chicago.
In Ihe order given.
Moody and Sapperton Parks will ho
the scone (his morning of the open-
lug matches of the Bocond scries in
the public i*chol soccer league.
The boys from the Lord Kelvin
school will meet (be John Ronton lads
at ��:li> n( Moody Park, while tin
Richard Melirlde team will clash
with thai of the Herbert Bpencer
school at in o'clock on the Sapperton
Muoh Interest is being evinced in
the gumi s both by the boys in tin
tennis and their adherents and though
��� ���������������������������������������������������
��� ���
��� ANNALS. ���
��� *
1883 Abo Attell. featherweight ohamplon of the world from 1'JIIS to
11)11, born ln Sun Krunclsco.
1896���JOS Cans knocked out Jlmm)
Kennnrd In Uflh round at Itos
1900���George Gardner won on foul
trom (lei rgo llyers ln 14th
round at Hartford, Conn.
VMl'i Ti ity McGovern, ex-feather
weigh! champion, defeated Dave
Sullivan in 15 rounds at Umis
11006���Abe At'.ell defeated Jimmy
Walsh, Massachusetts bantam
weight, In li* rounds at Chelsea
��� inns - Digger Stanley defeated Wall}
Morgan in six rounds ut I.on
1909 -Johnny Summers, new English
welterweight champion, defeat
ed Jimmy Britt, the California
lightweight, In HO rounds a:
To Our Friends and Clients
IP you  wish  to buvn a place to meet a friend. |
IP you want lo write u letter (paper, pens and Ink al your dlsposul
IF you want to use a telephone,
IF there Is any way wn can bo of service to you we shall be very
pleased If you will make use of this office any tlmo during office hoars and cordially Invito you lo do so.
O'flcu hours:    1) a.m. to D    p.m.    Saturdays, 9  a.m. lo 1  p.m.
Saturday evenings, 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
will be received on tbe coast until
the stations are completed. Both Ihe
freight and passenger cara and locomotives when they come will arrive
over tho Great Northern railway from
the eastern lines of the Canadian
Mr. iT,TllsDoeIh!)01imhnoH.y for-m.usei,  with this lates,  effort of the
Last evening    Ihe    second    chorus
girls'  contest   wub  featured   with  the
] "Manager's Troubles" to well packed
j houses.    The new bill with the specl-
allii-H   went   well   and   everyone   was
Witn Odds in Favor of the Amateurs���
Victoria   Soccer Club  Members
After  Reinstatement.
the play all round last year was of a   mio   Ad Wolgast became lightweight
champion by defeating Battling
Nelson In 4n rounds at Port
Richmond, Cal,
Frankle   Conley   knocked   ou'
Monte Attell. brother of Abe, In
42nd  round at   Los  Angeles.
Parry    Lewis    defeated    Blink
McCloskey    In   25   rounds   at
most commendable nature, a belter ]
class of soccer Is anticipated this i
sort' s..
The public School cup, which Is at  ]\i\n
stake on the series must he won four!
consecutive terms before becoming thei
pia party of nny (earn.
the  Bta(ement*that  Important  (level
opments may bo announced shortly as
to the establishment of a number of
large Industries In Ihe
l'ort  Mann.
He stales that (lie Canadian Northern lu an effort to Induce large manufacturing concerns to erect works
and factories In the townslte Is of
taring large free Bites and several
concerns are considering offers made
St present
Mr. Kwuh confirms the report published in The Niiwb yesterday morning
that tlm Imperial Cur Manufacturing
Company of Pittsburg Is about to establish a plant In Port Munn.
500 Barrels Daily.
From another source It Is learned
that the International Milling Company of Minneapolis may erect n
branch flour mill with a capacity of
B00 barrels daily at Ihe Terminal City
The International Company has already  mills at Spokane and  Tacoina.
It Is slated also, though Mr. Swan
has not been officially notified, thut
HiB Canadian Northern wharf ut Port
Mann will he enlarged some 4000 feel
in the apring,
This extension was planned some
���tine ago but so fur actual construc-
lion has not taken place. The divisional engineer is of the opinion thai
the C.N.R, have at present sufficient
wharfage on the Fraser for any marine business that might he done lor
four or five years to come.
Turntable   Arrives.
The  first  consignment  of  tha  ma
icrini to be usul in the construction
of  the  roundhouses  on  th
the C.N.R. terminals, aniv
Jack Golden musical company
All the contest numbers were differ-1
ent from those Been lust week nnd the!
town-it,*    of w,lol(l nudlonco entered Inlo the spirit
| of this Innovation.
Messrs, Jack Golden,   Hallon   and
Hamilton, curry out  the leading roles
With a rapidity and clevernesa Ibut at'
once wins nudlenco.    Killy llrudy und
Babe  Paterson  have  new   songs and
continue with their usiiui popularity,
"A Manager's Troubles" will lie pre-j
bellied   tonight   for   the   last   time   us
Ihe engagement  closes aud  thn coin-]
puny will go to Scuttle.
Beginning   Monday   Manager Qlilies
will present first run motion pictures I
and  four  premier  vaudeville  acts.
ciuei nave iiuiue
i almost a house-  U
tteatr-9-goers   of
Alice Lloyd, whose sweet voice nnd
powers for dainty mischief have mad
for her u inline that Is
hold   word   among   llnalre-g.
both   Kngland  and   America,   Is  soon
to be lu-urd here as the star of Werba ,
and  I.uescher's  new   foreign-born  op-
eretta, "The Kose Maid."
From New York to the western
coast there has been praise for a firm
Of producers who have given so much ]
beyond the average in entertainment.
For Alice Lloyd herself has heen con
siilered the greal powers of the vaude-,
ville world to give a hill entertainment
without any assistance from others.
Sin- bus shared with the Scottish liar- j
ry   Lauder   the   honor  of   being    the]
highest paid   entertainers   to   come,
site  for across tlie sea.
I at Port'   ll ia "ot a m'w thing tor Miss Lloyd
"A Manager's
Presented by
Jack Golden Co.
A Scream From
Start to Finish
Matinee: 10c, 25c.
Night: 10c, 25c, 35c
The year 1918 will probably sec a
liniHh .lulu between the amateur boc-
cer bodies and tbe professionals or
���so-called professionals and already
stops are being taken which Indicates
thut the two forces ure mustering
their strength  ready  for lhe fray.
Dp to the present time Ihe strength
of each side appears to be even, (he
amateur leagues on the mainland and
also on Vancouver Island showing up
well, while Ihe outlaws have bad no
cause to complain excepting on   tha
northern part ot tha Island where lhe
eoal  strike  knocked    things    on    the
bead as far as gates were concerned,
which gave the pro game a temporary
According   to   Victoria   advices,   the
members of the victoria Football Club
are applying for cards with the British Columbia Athletic Union wblcb If
granted will muke the amateur organization supreme In the Capital City
and will have a very Important henr-
ing on the future stains of soccer
football In the West, in fact throughout the Dominion.
If these footballers nre placed In
good standing and It Beems likely
that ihey will be, Victoria will of
necessity herd with the Dominion
Football Association and l��ave the
Canadian Football Aaaoclation���a
body organised by George A Parker
nnd Billy Hilton, of People's Shield
fame���severely alone.
There are good points to the claims
cf both organisations for recognition.
The C. I*. A. will allow competition
with the old country professional
teams while the I). !*'. A. will not; but
the lalbr has boh'ml It the A. A.  I'
Application for Reinstatement of Hoc
key Player to Be Decided in a
Few Days.
, 1012
Johnny Kllban
became feather
weight champion by defeat ins
Abe Attell in 20 rounds ut   Los
Prank Mnntill defeated Bill?
Papke, ex-mlddlBwetght ebam-
pto.ii. In 20 rounds at Sacra
Frank Klaus, the Pennsylvania
middleweight! defeated Sailor
Bid Petroskey In 20 rounds at
Ban Francisco.
1912-Hay llronson, the Indiana light-
welght, defeated Young Erne in
10 rounds ut Indianapolis.
Munn yesterday on four (Ireul North'
ern cars. A huge steel turntable, to
be installed before the roundhouse is
constructed funned part of the load
of the cars.
The contract given for (ho construction of the roundhouse culls for a start
being made on the work in aboui two
weeks. A large force of men is now
engagi d in .shaping the ground for
the shops which will be eom-.truo.teil
siipsoquent to the start of operations
on tlie roundhouse.
Within  the next few days u  meeting of the Westminster brunch of the
llritish  Columbia  Athletic  union
be called, the chier matUr of  impo
tanoe at winch will be the application
of a certain hockey player seeking re- i
Installment   in   amateur   ranks.
Thi* case is a peculiar one in a way \
and the outcome of the affair Is being
watched by many people who are in-;
leresled In (be iloinns of the amateurs
[ in this city and district.
Contrary to the usual course of
\ events this player conies out openly
' with a signed statement admitting be
: bus played professional hockey, mentioning lhe teams he has played with,
I ut slates that five years have elapsed
since that time, during which time he
has Interested himself with amateurs,
'not as a player, however, and feels
Justified  in  asking  for  reinstatement
If Quebec   Refuses to  Make tbe Trip
Art Ross, of Montreal, Wlll Bring
an All-Star Team.
The possibility of a post scries of
hockey games being played on the
coast rinks between eastern and western teams which has been thc talk of
every fan for some weeks past has
so (hat he ean assist the club of which ___.. developed into a practical cer-
he is manager, 'tainty.
What  nre  they going to  do  about |     ( a8t
to  be  beard   In   the  definite  form  of]
comic opera.    Her greatest  fume was,
made in London in the creation of the
principal  roles as  such  great  Christmas panlomlnes as  "Puss In  Hoots." ,
"Cinderella" and "Goody Two Shoes.":
With lhe favorite (leorge Huntley she
starred In "Two Little Mlchus,"    and
played  in a number of comic operas
with the best known ot English comedians,  Oeorge  Craves.
I    Her record-making trip overfall of
I America In the last  two seasons with
I the merry comedy "Little Miss Fix-It"
made  her  powers  of  versatility   well
I known  to  theatre-goers on  this  side
of the seas.
When  Werba nnd  I.uescher    maih
known   their   intention   of  presenting
so Important a star a;  such a neces
siry  salary  in  their    new    operetta
"The  Hose Maid," it  was  felt by the
theatrical world that they were plac
ing  an  unnecessary  large  number of
expensive eggs in one basket  for thr
supporting   cast   must   naturally   tbo
Ihitb long and made up of high priced
j singers of ability,  but the Immediate
success of a new music work that had
, ,      ~~ ,       , music of life and beauty at tbe hand" I
The provincial police are searcning'of a Bta- wn0 rollU1 br*���K ont the gav- I
for a Chinaman named Joe Kam, who  _,.. that hnd been intended by the rol-
s alleged to have murdered Jim Sun.  llcking German authors and composers
a fellow countryman, in a squabble al  ,_������ be,.n hardly equalled in theatrical
Mission on Thursday evening. , kigtorv
The particulars of the alleged tiiur- Miss Lloyd plnvs the character of
Ier as given by l'rovlncial Constable Daplme, a mischievous little rose girl
Lister, of Mission, are that Jim Sun who Ba..cs a sppmi,nr|ri duk(. from
and Joe Kam got into a dispute on hin-Bplf and hia acquaintances by her
Thursday night, and during the course ��� ,_.��� of ,���_. a9 ,mlch ns bv hPr |oyal.
of the quarrel it is alleged Joe Kam  tv     To hpr ra���  the  beautiful  "Rose
No   Trace   of  Chinaman   Wanted
Murder of Fellow Countryman
at  Mission  City.
it? Are they going to turn down the
application by hiding behind their
constitution or other trivial matters?
Several reinstatements have been
made in the past few months which to
those In touch with the soccer situation, were regarded as shady on the
night the News received a
definite wire from Victoria announcing that the Patricks had wired the
Quebec team to come out for a post
Berles on the camping grounds of the
P. C. 11. A., and a reply is now being
eagerly awaited by thc big moguls.
Should the yuebecs not accede to the
drew an automatic revolver from his
pocket and fired ut Jim Sun. striking
him in a vital spot.
Jim Sun died immediately after the
shooting, while his assailant made
away in the darkness.
From information received from a
search party wbo went in search a
few hours following the occurrence, it
is suspected that Joe Kam is now
heading for Vancouver
Song" which has taken its place tn
her auditor's mind as the real sue
cessor to the fasinating "Day Dreams"
the "Pagoda" song with its daintv
dance, the rollicking "Monocle Girl"
number and other melodies sung and
whistled from coast to coast.
Most Favored Canada,
nirmingham.   Fng.,   Feb.   21���The
which controls t'i
in Cauadn and In consequence wields
a much v Ider authority as far as Canada alone Is concerned.
A Utile peculiar move, however,
wilb the D. F. A. Is tbe fact thai a
professional player from the old
���Country can come out to British Columbia, make out he is a slmon pure
although there are numbers out here
who pi rhnps know' the player's stand
Ing. and  mix    in  general    with    the
majority of' sports  Part of tbe individuals who were the muegt   lh(,   i-atrieks   have  arranged
gamers t0 have Art Uos8 bring out an all-star
One of the officials of the n.l.A.A.ll.,        team  aa  ,lp  dU, during    the
In this city is openly going around the        ,      o( lhp ,M, ycar
streets telling people that as long as    "TbJ N(,... WegtmiMter hockey fans
he  is connected  wllb  amateur  sport     ... .  _...-_ dellght the advent ot
this hockey player will never be rein-  an --sU,ni coniingent on the coast as
Stated. ���,..��� undoubtedly at least one or the   post-
As stated above, a meeting will be ^��� bp    ,      fl on    m
called   within   lhe  next   few  days   to ,lere
settle   the   matter  once  and   for  all. '	
T.e various avenues of escape are 0lty council is being asked lo vote
being guarded in order to stop the ��1000 toward assisting poor working
alleged murderer from leaving the people to emigrate. Last year of the
country aud making a complete get thirty families thus helped only one
away. famiiy asked for help to go to Aus
The search is being conducted by tralla; lhe rest went to Canada.
Inspector Wynn and Constable Wing.  ^��_*****���
��� ���
��� (Ity "Gravy."! ���
��� ���
Winnipeg, Feb. 21.��� Should the proposed project of Comptroller Evanson,
of the Assinlboine rink, be accepted
The first game played In the Junior *****************  by the  Manitoba Curling  Association
.in-.       ._ ���o - i,',.nthnii    leaEiie    In next   year's bonspiel  will  be by  far
N wnw\.��,nXs.er��   ne     the^pen' Abe Attell. 30 Today, Become, a Box- the largest ever held.
I\eW      WlBHllllll--.lt r     mil'          ������                     I- ri-k.     M-.-.-.��_    In    *-.-��.,_-.                             TK..    .,......,,.,1,1..,,    ic    In    Int.*    lha   nrld.
Fight  Magnate  in  Gotham.
Abraham  Attell,  the clever, crafty.
cat like old master of speed and gen
The proposition Is In fact the add!
tlon of three new trophies for competition by the outside rinks only, one
for that west of Winnipeg and one
ing of the season  will  be pulled  off;
this  afternoon  when  the  Iloyal  Cily
bleb   school  bovs   meet  the   St.   And- -,,,,,
row's Vancouver team on Moody Park,   etalshlp   In   the   ring,   will   celebrate
Tlw. i,iVi>, f Ih scheduled    for    2:30  his ,0th birthday today. The man who for that south of Winnipeg, the United
strn ' WR9 ���**'���* "f the featherweights for a  States.
The SI Andrew's contingent are do/.en years, who made and spent a Public opinion seems to favor the
the li��� "t'lie leaders hut the local boys fortune of a quarter million. Is now addition which undoubtedly would
are confident! hnt 'they can take their  lhe matchmaker and part owner of a mect    with  favor    from    pll visiting
measure on the home grounds.   A stiff. New  York boxing club rinks, 	
contest  is exureled as the plavers on i    lt was just a year today, on Attell s 1
jfeth team."are In first class trim at- and Washington's birthday, ihat Abie JOe rivers favored
ter the relaxation of the past (��r"li���i 'is crown at. Los .' leeles.    After FOR
weeks    The high school boyg will take   twenty  rounds,  In  which  Is  was  evl- 	
Ihe field iu the following ordori <: V. '���<" ' ���''���>' 'ttell hid Ins' m, "h of his Los Angeles, Feb. 21.���Joe Itivers,
Hoy Gilley full backs, M. Loimheed speed, most of his stamina nnd a the Los Angeles lightweight, is a 10
and Holly Gilley halves, K. Cooper,, little of Ills cunning, Johnny Kllbanc's^o 6 favorite over "Knockout" Brown,
J Allison and W McKay; forwards, right band was held up, and Abie's of New York, who meet tomorrow In
Storms Hhlldrie.k Swcnclski, Fecney! championship -career was over. There :B 20 round battle in Vernon arena,
and 11' Wilson.   ' | wasn't uny whimpering from the fal- Both boxers were within the weight
The Junior Alliance schedule for all Ten hero's corner. | limit today after they concluded train-
of the Vancouver office of the provincial police, assisted by Constable
Lister of Mission.
Kam is described as a well-to-do
and smartly dressed Chinese contiactor and was In charge of a railway
construction gang, liis official description as furnished to the police is
height 5 foot 6V2 inches, aged 35
years, clean shaven, medium build,
scar on the top of biB head, dressed
In a blue suit with white collur and
a tie, and wearing u.-own boots. Unless he has managed o g"t a hat j
since his escape he will ee haliess.     1
Yesterday morning a Cbinamau an-1
awcrlng the description of Joe Kam Werba and 1-euscher. Americas fore
was taken in custody by    Constable most musical producers, present Eng
Stanton while getting off the C. P. U. land's foremOBt comedienne
train at Fraser Mills,    and    brought
down  to  tho office of the  provincial
police   here,   pending   the   arrival   of
Constable Lister, who had becn wired
to identify him.    Lister came down
last  evening,   but  declared   the  man
i held was not thc man wanted.
HARRY TIDY.  Manager.
Monday Evening, Feb. 24
Bank Increase* Capital.
I Ottawa. Feb. 21.���Formal notice has
been given to the secretary of state
by the Bank ot Nova Scotia that the
shareholders have approved a by-law
increasing the capital stock of the
company from five to ten million dollars.
j-ames today follows
Powell street- Sixth Ucgimcnt vs.
X'edar Cottage, 1:45 p.m.; referee,
Westminster--11. 0. II. S. vs. St.
Andrews,   2;30  p.m.;   referee,  Camp
He offered no alibi, bul accepted de-'lng.
feat ln the same nonchalant, sneering!    The Vernon management announced
way he hnd always greeted victory, tonight that the bout would be staged
In his thirteen years in the ring, j regardless of threatening weather. It
Abraham accumulated some $250,000, \ la planned to put a canvas roof over
but he has little of it left. Not that | the big open air arena If the rain con-
he Is down and out.   During thc lastjtlnues.
White House Wedding.
Washington. Feb. 21.���Helen Taft Is
to be the thirteenth White House
bride, according to a report here today. It is rumored sho will wed Dr.
Cary Grayson, of Washington, before
jhor father's term ends.
���hy^ew vs- -ir
A Bister play to the "Spring  Maid.'
Westminster theatre-goers will remember Miss Lloyd as being the leading lady In "Little MiBs Fix" of last
PRICES same as Portland, Seattle
and Vancouver: $2, $1.50, $1, f>0e.
Mail orders now.
Starting Monday
FEB. 24
3 Excellent Acts
3 Exclusive Films
10c, 25c.
Captain ^
Scott s
South Pole
2000 Feet -: in Two Reels
Complete two-reel reproduction of the Antarctic
Expedition of Capt. Robert Scott, R.N., from the^
hour of his departure from his beginning point at .
Wellington, New Zealand, up to his winter encamp-'
ment at Cape Evans across the great ice barrier of
the South Frigid Zone, including such genuine and
unusual   pictures   as   dodging   through   icebergs,
crunching the heavily clogging ice-floes, making the
landing on the great Ice Barrier itself, unloading
the Terra Nova, building the Antarctic camp, sleigh-r
ing, ski-ing, hunting, rounding up and sporting with
the penguins, the lonely peaks ol Mount Erebus and
the gloomy menacing Mount gf Terror and lastly the
climaxing feature of unusual grandeur and rarity
"The Midnight Sun."
By James Oppenheim, produced in co-operation with
the National Association of Manufacturers.
A Picture of Intense Heart Interest
"-��' -��"���������' "i-Kmsc
Classified Advertising
���* RATbo, ���
Classified���Ono cent per word per
dayi ic per word per week; 1(0 per
month; 6,000 worda, to be used ub re-
, nrod ttill.ln one year rrom date of
e.ntruct, |S6,00,
Birth or MarrluKO Notices tiOe.
i'.-ath Notice 600 or wtth Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
ed rooms, furnace (heated, uie of
telephone, on ear lino, Apply 483
Twelfth street,   Terms moderate,
thi par month, Apply after 6 p.m,
i". J. O'Connor, ;ii7 I'rinccss street,
And Tells Him  If He Were Not King
Ho Would Be a Captain.
taking oere of a flat or rooming
bouse In return for living a*
ponies,   Box 718 Newi, 1713)
era; ona large front room downstairs; terms reasonable, 233 Btxth
atrset,   (WM
downstairs work. Apply 817 St.
Patrick street, phone R840,   (714)
em   hOuse,
Fourth avenue, -JM per
ply 430 Seoond street,
Madrid, Fob. ill
dsvotei mueb space to oomments on
the action of King Alfonso In receiving Senor /Ucarato, the Republloan
leader, at th|9 palace recently.
The Liberal, Radical nml Republloan
7 Agnes street, or I newspapers  welcome the king's   ao-
(718) (Jon,    "Bl   Iiuparelal"  snys  that  the
 May wlll lie n historic one.    "El  Mb-
SEVEN ROOMED MOD  oral'/ describes the audlepoe to the Refurnished,   piano,   JOBIPUOlloan leader ub n "kiud of revolu-
Miners  Released,
Ottawa, Feb. 81,   The minister   ol
labor, a short limit ago, noticing   a
press ileaiialeh stating Iliat three men
imd been oonvloted of offences under
I the Industrial |iiH|iutes net, and In de-
I fault of payment Ol lines had been lin-
TheSpaiiii.b press I prisoned lor three months In the Jail
Proving   According  to  French   Writer
Tbat Ehe Know of Britiah Plans
Through   Spies.
furnished      housekeeping
furnace healed.
phone I. tilts.
j    Ing rooms, $15 per
Seventh street.
mouth, at    884
t linn I
able room  with    board
homo.   Address   Box
In    private
A   13,    The
1 ANTED       Bit
dressmaker work
898 News office,
bv the day.    llox
experience wishes tor post In office,
Apply llox 698 News ofl'iee.       lC',12)
with housework, Apply 88 Agnea
street, (688)
roomed modern house on lot 38x160
feel, on Main Btreet, Chllllwaok, tor
houae and lot In New Weatmlnater
or vicinity; value $3000, Federal Invent ments, Ltd., 806-8 WeatmlnBter
Trust block. (li'Jil)
to Join me In a syndicate i�� pur-
ehase  Now Weatmlnater  property;
priee is low and I ean convince you
there is money In it.    llox 071 News.
furnished,  %'1'.\  and  up,    848  Iloyal
avenue. (dull
TO    RENT        A    NINE    ROOMED
house partly furnished.   3115 Carnarvon, uilii'il
keeping rooms, hot and eold water
Apply  room  It,  Knights  of  Pythias
hall,     Oornsr     Eighth     street    and
Agnes street.                              (808)   w'r'
   in the arras
Ap-'llon"    an  event   whieh  will  establish
di!) in new method of procedure 111 national
��� and International polities.
The Republicans, who are very fav- ���
oraldy Impressed by the king's step, I
slate thai Senor Azearale'H visit to
the palace does nol mean thai he has
been  converted  to  Monnrohiam, but
thai tht crown lias approaelied the lie-
publican party.
Tiny   state   thai    the   king    asked
Benor  Aaoarate    if  bo    thought    it
would be advisable, In the event ol a
ministerial crisis, to eonsull  tho lead-
i rs of the nntldyniislic parties.
The king also made dl elaratlotiB on
religious   toleration  and   polilleal   sin-
oerity.    Expressing his   appreciation
of the army, His Majesty s.iid:   "li i
not king, i iii. <ii<i I,,- a captain |
Htnnll rooms over tile News offlee
Suitable for club or light iniinufae
luring purpoaea, Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloe
Apply to Manager the  News.
at North Hay, Immediately thereafter
look up the matter Ot Ills own motion
and in onee asked tin- eonvicling
for a copy of ull the evidence in the
Soma months ago In the l'oreuplne
district tha minora at five mines joined lu an application tor a board ol conciliation under the Industrial Disputes
I act, whieh was gi anted.
All award wus made whieh lhe ap-
plIeanlB refused to observe, and went
ou strike, ub Ihey had a right lo do.
A little later the mlnera at the llol-
llnger Mine, who had not Joined In liie
said application or made any other,
and therefore were prohibited from
Striking, notwithstanding went on
strike, aud some 800 of Iheni were
summoned lo appear before Magistrate Torrance charged with offence*
under  tile act.
Two ol tbem were convicted for Inciting olhera to strike, and were fined
$5imi eaoh, or  In default  Ol payment,
i,i three montha Imprisonment, and
one man was convicted of illegally going on strike and was fined |60, or
three montha, and an appeal from all
these convictions was entered. Unable to pay the rine or to gel ball,
these three men un the 84th of January were confined in the jail al North
Al the Instance of the mlnlatar ol
labor tickets of leave have been is
sued tor these three men, and the
Sheriff at North Hay has been Inslnic
tc d lo release them.
London, Peb, 81,   "i.e Yacht," the
best known and most authorlllve ot
French naval Journals, Il is conjee-
tin-oil that Ibe plans of tlio now llrll-
Ish   battleships   ilium     have     bccoiue
known to the Austrian naval author!-
ties some time ago, as the design.
of the new Austrlu-lliing.'ii'lnn ships
which  Count   Montecucoll   bus  urged
should be commenced ut once, show
u great Similarity 111 their armament,
The new Britiah vessels, Il Is known
mark a new departure, and this feature Ib reproduced In Ihe proposed
Austrian battleships nl. a moment
when In ohei- countries, bo far as Is
known, naval construction Is slllljol-
lowtng ihe accustomed lines.
it n, reported that, in addition Iii
the new dreadnoughts, the marine
minister Of Austria-Hungary proposes
the construction of three armored
enilserB of 10,000 tons displacement
and thirty knots -resembling the
orulaera projeoted in 1909 by Admiral
de l.apeyrere for tlio French navy but
never built ten submarines, four monitors for service In the Danube, four
vedette  boats   for  patrol  duties,   and
three auxiliary ships.
Do You Want To Build?
Wo specialize in stool and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper1 than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755
Lumber Lath and Shingles
tice.   Ap
ply to Miss
& Cos.
��� at W, B.
Sealed Tenders will be received up
to noon of March II for the erection
and completion of a two atorey frame
store and apartment building, to be
erected on the oorner of Thirteenth
si reel and i'ourlli avenue, for Messrs,
fining Nye and Tom Him, New West
minster. A copy of the plana and
specifications can be obtained from
the undersigned. The owners Uo not
bind themselves to accept the lowest
or any tender.
(Tel i Westminster Truat Block,
Among Bsrli;
To   Bj
's Go'cien Youth
"Cento"   After
Amusing  Pattern.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Box ill Dally News Bldg.
Iiest Pool Table
line ut Cigars and
-vents bulletined,
In the
city,    riii."
.   Bportlni
1 1
of all  lilndB.
Prices right,   Satisfaction guarantee
Fi9 McKenzie  St.
Present Combination  Supplies 75 Per
Cent, of All Stones Used on
Langley and Matsqui acreage, We
also wish to have the exclusive
handling of a subdivision of ii and
in aero blocks, in ihe neighborhood
of   Sllverdale,      None    but   owners
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Company, 31E^& Cordova street west,
Vancouver, B.C. t"04)
Three and four roomed suites wit'h
bath, steam heat,    $25 and    $30    per
month   unfurnished.    One  6-room  and
i one 7-room house to rent,
Bradley Apartments,
I 1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
roomed bungalow, lot B0 feel with
street in rear;   strictly   up-to-date.
panelled wall, beam ceilings, built
in buffet and booh cupboards, large
attic, Pre place, furnace, laundry
tubs, etc.; beautiful view. BIB
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House Furniture, Real Estate, Marine-,
Fruit or Farm sales conducted anywhere. Consult ine; my experience at
your disposal. niT.i
to city limits and Twelfth street car
line. Owner forced to Bell, !'rlri��
$325 eaoh. Inquire ''oom 419 Westminster Trust block. Thos. Rut-
ledge Brokerage Company.        (6711)
Stove.    Canada's    i'ride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down. (1.00 per week.
Canada Ilango Co.,  Market square.
sell that lot fo
you.    Try It.
while and brown with white ring
around shoulders, white tip to tail.
Kinder rewarded. Dr. A. L, McQuarrie, 4D7 Third avenue.       (663)
Notice is    hereby    given    thai    the
Bora 1-Annual Oeneral Meeting of the
Shareholders of the Oaanagan Telephone Company will be held in th,.
Hoard Room of the Westminster
Trust. Ltd., Columbia Street, New-
West minster, II.C, on February 23,
131.1. at 8 p.m.
nnsineas, to reeelvo Direotors' Report and any other business that may
regularly come before ihe meeting,
By order of the Hoard.
Secretary-Treasurer. \
New Westminster, li. c,
Ft hruary 13, 1913. (678) !
Berlin, Feb. 21. It Is a curious fact
that the golden youth of Berlin at present seems m be afflicted with an extraordinary attack of Anglomania. The '
ailment shows itself in a hundred different ways, and crops up in many
an unexpected corner,
Truth to say, however, tbe leaders
of the movement have nei a very exact idea of what it is that tbey are
trying to copy, and often enough their
idea of what Is English might have
been obtained In Paris, or even Buenos Ayres.
Nevertheless the youth of Berlin
today spends much time and money
on trying to be a "gont."
"Gent" is Indeed the word of the
day,  and   try  as  they   will   those  who 1
know* something better about the Eng
lish  language cannot    persuade    the
young Herliners that gentlemen is a
word and that "gent" corresponds to i
i nothing of any consequence.
Remonstrance is all to no purpose
( and the word "Rent" promises to re
main iu the speech of young Berlin.
; Apparently the mania is penetrating
the real lit * ot the community, and
one may almost bellve the report that
was spread last summer that Berlin'
era who consdered themselves in the
mode lalkul nothing but English and
French among thomst Ives.
The following advertisement appeared recently In one of the Berlin newspapers:
"I don't mind to get married with
you, as I am going to settle down a;
Berlin, I expect you to be a smart,
tall, good looking young lady, fond of
music and of rambling and of aciiuar-
istie sport please write X.Y.Z..,, The
advertiser evidently forgot that English dictionaries omit the word "ac-
Germany   Increases   Zeppelin   Fleet���
���Ha3   Many   SMllcd   Airmen���
Britain's   Apathy,
London, Feb. -I    In his  narrative
Ol  a  thousand   milis  journey   in    the
German airship "L I." an author, who
signs himself "Qerd Fritz Leberccht,"
describes how the officers and crew
of the airship have four-hour watcheB,
and eat at mess and Bleep in hammocks exactly as on a dreadnought,
Throughout   the    cruise   the "L   l"
caught wireless messages containing
the news of the world as furnished
to the great ocean liners. He goes on
to say;
"After such an achievement no more
doubt can exist that the patrolling of
the English coast and the return lo
Hamburg, or a reconnaissance along
the French mobilization routes to
Paris and back to Colonge would only
be a normal manoeuvre. Tbey will be
the watchroi n of the German ocean,
from whose eyes nothing escapes, and
from which no foreign Equadron can
Something  in  It.
In the present series of articles the
writer has had occasion to refer   to
Germany's steady  building  up   ot a
: large aeroplane  fleet.     But  be  is  not
among thou- who have persistently d
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 21 Sensational charges are contained iu a civil
anil-trust suit for the dissolution of
the Cleveland stone Company and its
subsidiaries,   till d   here   by   order   of
Attorney-General Wickersham,
To acquire an monopoly    In    the
building, paving, curbing and grindstone buslneBB, tho stone trusl "is
charged with Influencing architects
by a money consideration or by cun
I tarring favors," to specify their stone
in the building plan, maintaining a
separate organization of Hs subsidiaries to enable them to appear as competitors in bidding for contracts, fixing prices  of  building,    paving    and
; curbing stones in tbe central states,
and controlling tha price of grind
stones throughout the United stales
by agreements with jobbers and re
Tlie combination is alleged to dominate absolutely the entire market tor
'grindstones in lhe t'nlted Stales, supplying eighty to ninety per cent of all
grindstones produced In tbls country,
' and at least seventy-five per cent of
all grindstones used in America, including importations from abroad.
Vhe Cleveland Stone Company organized in lHSii, is capitalized at $4.-
[000,000,     Oeorge   II.   Worthinglon   Is
Come to the Bankrupt Sale Today at
Thc People's Friend!
708 Columbia St. Opp. Wettmiiuter Truu Bllt.
In Connection With All
To and from EUROPE
Excellent facilities for the prompt delivery of
tickets to bring your relatives and friends to British
Our European Agents save you all trouble and
expense in securing accommodation, etc., etc.
11. (1. SMITH, C   IV ti T
Phone   Seymour 7100.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
Curtis Block,  New
Telephone MS.
Westminster,  B.C
P. 0. Box 777.
S3800 c-;'-<h buys two full sized lots,
each 68x132, two house; one four
rooms, one eight rooms; semi-modern. $4000 on terms. This is one
of the biggest BUapa in the city.
$2800 buys six roomed house In
Weti End    Lot r.iixir.o; mi cleared.
One ���������������rtcr ensh.    Terms.    No. 75.
$1250 buys small, all plastered
bouse, larKU cleared lot In least
Burnaby, on Eleventh avenue. $350
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and Fourth avenue; excellent condition.    Terms to suit.    No. 72.
$10,000 a"d $9000 respectively
will buy two of the choicest modern houses on Third avenue. Pine
lots and generous terms. No. B6
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Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile.  Burglary,  Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
s thc Work.
Use Your Phone.
Highest authority (25 years experience) on the treatment of the;
scalp for Iho prevention of Dandruff
and stimulation of the hair by VIBRO
MASSAGE. My assistants are experienced In every brunch of the barber business. 35 BIQHTH STREET.
���__.   >t
Of  Marriage Until "Obey"
From   Woman's Vow-
Rights   Again.
la Deleted
London, Keb. 21.- In their tight for
political equality women have found a
recruit wbo has brought a new method
of attacks on males. He is the Uev. II.
Kxti.n, who declares in a speech at
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
meeting of tin
Poiltlclal   I'ni
form   no   inarri
the   word   "otic*
Women's   Social   and
n, that  he   would   per-
ge    ceremonies    until
"   wua  dropped   from
ithe woman's part.
He avowed that women should be
i put on nn equality with men. Militant suffragettes are planning a cam-
Ipaign to persuade more Clergymen to
Join them but anti-militants are not
lover successful in this tingle.
Many people are of the opinion tint
'; divorce already Is sufficiently popu-
,lar in Kngland, especially anions the
higher classes of society but according to the secretary of th�� divorce
'law reform union, efforts are to be
i made during the coming social sea-
\ son to Increase the knowledge al-
i ready fairly widespread of divorce re-
j forms.
He said: "Within the last week no
fewer than five well-known women
leaders in social circles have joined
I us as workers. There are Indications
that during the season lectures on divorce will find a place In some of the
' ���"".-.' end drawing rooms and that
j they will become Increasingly popu-
l lar among hostesses."
ORDERS FOR EASTER!   This statement was made after Pre-
Sole agent tor
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waten
Manufactured by
T.I.Dhona  R  111.  Offlcs:   Prlncsn  Bl
628 Clarkson Street. Phene 490.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
46  Lome  Street,  New
tnler Asqulth had announced in the
'Commons that the government was
considering the recent recommendations of tlie divorce commission with
| a   view  to  legislation.      Mr.   Asquitb's
anbunceraent is the first public sign
of official recognition of the recommendations of the divorce commission.
The  members  of  the  divorce   law
, reform union hope that by the end of
the   present   parliament   the   five  ex-
| tended   grounds   for   divorce    recom-
! mended  in the report will become a
Westminster. | law.
cried the dirigible
those critics, indeed, now admit that
there is "something in It" after all.
As  to  the   Zeppelin    airships,    for
; which orders for two more have Just
been given by the German Admiralty,
until  some striking demonstration  of
'their capabalitles Is given over England the English peopl" will, It seems, j
refuse to believe even   In their exist-
Yet It is true that they can travel at
160 miles per hour independent of the
wind, whieh means, for ixample, that
; Ihey could keep station on a fleet trav-
lellag at 15 knots in any wind not ex-1
ceedtng  86  miles  per   hour.      They
carry  guns  and  wireless;    they   can j
carry  a  big  load   of   high-explosives,
and  ean  drop  1320  pounds of   explosives In one discharge without losing
equilibrium;  they ean carry forty or
I fifty men, ami they can aBCend easily;
to 5(,'U0 and 6000 feet.
Above all, Germany has large num-!
; hers of men who have, by months and .
I years of experiment and pract\ e, be-
' come experl in their management.
j    And, iu addition to Ihe airships   on J
Ithe strength, many private passenger
J airships can bo taken over by the gov
ernment  when  required,      In   seven;
months one of these vessels travelled!
16,000 miles, and carried 8900 passengers, at an average speed of 36 miles j
per hour.
People In  this country fall to   realise that Germany's air fleet is   not
only large and  powerful, bnt  well or-1
gani?ed and well equipped; they seem
to think that In Germany cists same!
muddle on a large scale that characterizes the  work of the HritiFh army I
airships.    Such  Ignorance will  inevit- ]
ably entail a heavy penalty If it he not j
speedily     overcome.       Already    (ier
many    has    numerous    fully-prepared
airship  stations,  each   with  Its   own
gas making plant    six near the western   frontier    namely,   at   Dulsnhurg,
Dusscldorf,  Colgne,  Frankfort   (two),
and  I'Yledrichshafen;   one at  Monigs-
lerg: one at Hamburg;  and Ihree   nt
Berlin   and   Dltterfeld.       There    are
sheds at various places.
Everything iioints to Increase of
sire in dirigibles, without which It is
true that the small airship has been
greatly Improwl; but larger airships
ean always carry a relatively larger
load and will always, therefore, be
capable of greater efficiency.
Head to Wind.
Ultimately the rigid type may po?-
slhly become universal, fer It Is prib-
able that in the near future tho custom of bringing an airship to it.H shed
at the end of every voyage will he
recognized to be as ridiculous aa II
would bo to beach a liner whenever
it came Into port.
Airships wlll he moored head to
wind, and they will be capable of riding out a storm. Put that time is not
yet. Doth airships and aeroplanes
aro necessary, and neither they nor
the men who navigate them can be
called Into being at a month's notice.
, president, .1. il. Waih
and Edward A. Mi-rritt
i treasurer. Today's court
(lows an Investigation by
the department of justice
balloon.    Most   of; P��rl(.d of several months.
action   fol- i
agent*,   of
covering a j
under new management.   Quick Service, Good Meals,
Reasonable Prices.
Engineering  Department.
Inspectors fer Kingsway Paving.
Applications for the position of In j
spectors (two required) on the Kings-
way Paving will    be   received by the
undersigned up   till    noon    Saturday, I
22nd Inst.
Kurther particulars regarding duties
and special  forma  (on which appllca
tlon must be made out) ean be obtain !
cd at the Engineer's Office.
Only competent men with practical I
experience of concrete work and I
aspbaltlo pavements need apply j
Wages $r,.0D per day.
Municipal Hngineer. |
Municipal Hall. Edmonds, B.C.,
February  11th,  1(113. (Gf,!l) i
;.  II.  BUCKUN,
l*res  and (real.
W. *
��-*ii Trent
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonc3 No. 7 and E77.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Ses\ing   MachineG.     Small   Musical  Coods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesalo and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia   St
t. m. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B.
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
The News hefni-<
ard make complaint. Only in this *�����:
may an efficient delivery be main
W. R. GULEY, Phone 122. B. E. OILLEY, PtlWM 2��<
Phonti. Offlc.. 1ft snd 1S.
QIBl&y Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stefck of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Transfer Co.
Offlc.  Phon.  18%,      Barn  Phon.  13:
B.gbl. Sti����t.
Baggage Dollveisd Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY  22,   1913.
As pur! nf thc scheme of the federal government for advertising the
commonwealth in the united kingdom
and elsewhere, the minister of external affairs has approved of the expenditure of ��860 In the purchase of
111,lllltl copies of a publication entitled
"The   Auslralliin   t'oiuuiotiwealtb
itesourcoH und Productions,"
It If
Hand   builders unit  cnutraetiiru  un*
urging a further reduction   of railway
rates in ordsr to foster inland Industrial,
Tbe first entries have been register
ed In tin   temporary Australian  naval
college at Qeelong (pending the completion of the college ut .lervis liny)
There were 130 applications for admittance to the college, although there
were only 24 vacancies. In making
a rbolce of the most suitable boys,
the naval board demanded something
more than more educational attainments aud I,rains. A naval officer
bss lo be a leader of men, and capable Of withstanding u Sailor's arduous
life.   The selecliun hoard visited each
capital city, and Interviewed personally every boy nominated, The government offers a number of free scholarships, and  no social prejudices ure
permitted to enter Into the selection
In the course of su address to Hie
buys of Newington college. Lord
Chelmsford referred to the avenue for
Australians In ths imperial service.
The Indian civil service, he said, wns
also poorly recruited from Australia.
Instead of sitting on an office stool,
which might be the Tate of Home ut
lhe lads, Ihey might he ruling over
millions In ibe Indian Empire mil
lions who would look lo tbem for guld
ante   and   fer   wisdom.     Thev   would
he holding tbe soales or Justice evenly between man ami man, nnd al nu
age when, at an office, they would
not have the responsibility of signing
Ihelr own name. Kven looking at It
from the pecuniary point of view, they
were safe in entering tbe service,
There was a good salary lo atari with,
and after 26 years, a pension Of ��1000
n year. Even then they would still
be young enough to enjoy life, and
live to serve the country In   other di
Already   46,600  men  have  been  on-
Itg|rolled under tba Defence Act, a result which haa considerably exceeded
the government's anticipations.
Hir Gordon Hprigg, a former premier of the Cape Colony, Is seriously ill,
and Mr, Steyn, tho ex-President of thu
Orange Free Slate, Is also reported to
be in very poor health.
Kxcltliig scenes attended the throwing open of the new diamond field at
Kastlelgh, near Klerksdorp. Over
400 licenses were Issued, und the
Mining Commissioner, lleaotm Inspector, several clerks, nnd a squad
of ptillce wero on the ground. The
firing of a pistol gave the signal for
pegging, and the line of 400 men raced
to the diggings about half a mile distant. Borne were on horseback, others ou bicycles, and there were a few
donkey carta, Cape carta, and motors,
but the majority of the diggers rolled
on shank's mare. Home heated arguments followed the pegging of claims,
hut the wives aud frlcnilH of Ihe ills
putants suooesded in smoothing  the
differences as to priority, and there
was no violence..
The diminishing supply of domestic
labor Is causing no little pi rturlialion
at llloimloniclu. Though people find
greai difficulty tn procuring servants,
the police figurcH t-how that In Ibe native locations there are sufficient females available to supply eaoh household! r Willi two servants. II is stall <1
that Ihe locations are the happy hunting ground of native loafers and vag-
rants 'I be police strongly roroiii-
mend Hi" adoption of the finger-print
system by Ihe corporation.
But  Has  a   Ring  of  S;ars  Where
Formerly   Was���Wins   $1,000
From   Beauty   Doctor.
Purls, Feb, 21. -Are scars more be-'
coming than a heard us a feminine
facial adornment? A young lady In
the postal service, at the age of 20,
found ber c.heekH and chin covered
j with a dwwny beard or which many u
' young   man   would  havo  been   proud.1
Not so Mile. 0. She went to Ur. Uel-1
hemic and asked hlin to remove all j
traces of the hair.    Thl^-was in 11105.
Bbt underwent twelve applications1
of the X-rnys, which left her with u
ring of burns Instead of a beard. Accusing the doctor of gross carelessness In the use he had made of the
X-rays, the indignant young lady sued
blm tn the l'urls courts for $4ouo. She
lost thc day.
Now, at un Interval of nearly eight
yeai-H, the case came up on appeal before the Kifth Chamber the same
tribunal, by tbs way, which decided
that a lady's dress bill ought not to
exceed the rent of the house she and
1 her husband occupied and they have
awardM  ber $1,000 damages  for tbsl
Isubstitution of the   soares   for the
'I hi' Judgment of the court Is very j
I Interesting,   it makes it cults olsar
that Dr.   Delherine did  his work  pro ,
perly. but that as it was not a "cura-
tlve"   operation   that   he   bail   uuil', r j
taken, but only an "aesthetic" one, he!
ought  to have warned  Mile. 0, of the
possible dangers of attempting to re
tnova tha downy beard from her face,
and have obtained her signed consent'
to the operation.
lie had uot done thai, so the court
held him responsible ior the unfortunate bums thai disfigure tbe young
lady, even though Ile had been guilty
of no professional fault.
A peculiar flab has been washed up
al Simla  Hay (Bredaadorp).    It was
'[eight feet long, and about two feel In
| girth     The  head  was  like  that of a
;calf,   with   large   eyes,   and   nostrils
Tbere are Indications that the old placed high up.
Sydney Government House wlll not, I
Ster all, be converted into a museum '
as proposed by ministers, but that
when Lord Chelmsford retires In
March, and Sir Qerald Strickland sue-
 Is him, the latter will be quartered
lu the house, The area of the grounds
attached   lo  the house,  will,  however,
Woman  Faints by Ycur Side Call
a   Policeman���Leave   Strangers
London, I'eb. 20- Klfty thousand
copies of a pamphel containing
"Don't" for girls and young men are
being Issued In London by the National Vigilance association at railway Blatlons, shops, factories and
Other places.
Some of tho warnings are:
Never ask tho way of any but officials.
Never stay to help u woman who apparently faints ut your feet In the
streets, but cull a policemen Immediately.
Never accept a lift offered by a
stranger in a vehicle of any description.
Do not uecept sweets, food or drink,
or smell flowers offered by a stranger, ss tbey may contain drugB.
Do not speak to straagcrs.
Never accompany a stranger (even
if dressed as a hospital nurse) or believe stories of a relation having met
wllh nu accident, as this Is a common
device to kidnap girls.
If aoCOStSd by a stranger whether
man or woman) walk as quickly as
possible tO the nearest policeman.
This aotlon following close on the
passage of the White Slave Act, which
provtdi s flogging as part of the penalty for conviction for living on the
Immoral earnings Ot a woman, gives
some Idea of the state of ferment Into which English public opinion has
been lashed by sensational alleged
revelations of the existence of a thoroughly organised and well-financed
working syndicate for the procuration
of young girls for Immoral purposes.
conduct was proved against 20-1 Wives
(ind only against 192 husbands. There
were BB hiisbunds und 30 wives divorced for the second time during the
Kigllt divorcees were under 20 years
of age at the time they were freed of
jthe bonds of matrimony, ami 20 were
lover 60, One husband who weni
through Hie courts was 25 years older
than bis will-; two wives were mors
(than 20 years older than their husbands.
In no fewer than 120H of the Instances where marriage* were dissolved there were no children, ln 602
there was one child, In 2��2 there were
two children, In 35 there were four
children, In 5 there wero 5 children,
and In li cases there were more than
5 children.
Brampton, Ont.,    Keb.   21.���After
braving the storms of life for over
u century, Matilda La France, an Indian of the Mohawk tribe, died yesterday afternoon In Ihe House of Refuge here. She lived to tbls great
age under the reign uf six British
monarch*, and tradition places her
years at 108.
Although she was born on the old
Indian Reserve at Port Credit, there
seems llltle doubt I hst the woman
descended from the Mohuwk branch
of the Six  Nations at Caughnawaga. 1
So Says Thomas Stephenson after
be   lunch   reduced,    It  Is  slated   here
thai a request was recently made to
tbe state government on behalf of
Lady In nman, for two small Inlaid
tahbs from Government House as a
memento. They are said to be val-
in ii at bi tween ��30 and��80, The
government is understood to have re
fused to acoede to tbe request,
Tbe Western Australian state outdo r a shop is experiencing difficulty
in securing an adequate supply ?>f cattle from the northern ranges. The
rapidly growing population of the
slate has brought about a considerable Increase in the demand for meat,
Bome time ago an anciee coin was
I found by a prospector In an abandoned
working al (Iwanda. The coin was for
warded by a Capetown gentleman to
tin' British Museum for examination.
A reply received from thi' Keeper of
1 Coins stalls that the coin Is of the
I Emperor Diocletian, and was struck
in Alexandria. The piece is dated in
tlie fifth year of his reign A. D.
[809-10. The letter adds tin- caution
that as these colnB are not rare It
would be r.uh to make any dedUO
tlons as to tlie date of the workings
from the fact that a single specimen
had been found..
Tin' agricultural outlook throughout
Southern    Rhodesia   bis     improved
greatly In the part few weeks Farmers in Mashonaland are extremely
busy on account of the continuous
rains.    Standard of Empire,
Now   All   the   Rage   In   Paris���Lively
After-Theatre Supper Parties
I'aris, Keb. 21.���Many visitors came
to   I'aris  during the  holidays  and   so
! gay was the eity that scores of them
j have    remained    Indefinitely,     The
' strangers have no doubt, contributed
largely  to the animation at  the principle    restaurants.      It is    they  who
dress    in    the    loveliest   of their lat-
' i'V Innovation require,and1 hhe publlc
long halls with tin knowledge, of their
, power lo make evi rv woman
I from ber caviare or crayfish,
'strrs or chicken.
Protect Present Timber���Plant Trees
Where   Suitable.
Ottawa, Feb. 21, That the various
governments of Canada and tlie lumbermen and the railways have Bpent
In the past year In forests protection
and development, about one and a
half million dollara, were facts
brought out at the annual business
meeting of the Canadian Forestry Association here on Wednesday.
The meeting, which  was largely at-, ,.,       ,,        .     ,
it clear'     Supper   parties   ,-ifter   the   theatre
have been the liveliest of entertainments, and in some of lhe celebrated
Dresden, Germany, Inherited Publication From Cltlxen.
It Is an Interesting faol that n newspaper Ih owned and administered by
the City of Dresden, the property having been bequeathed to the municipality, '
In the year 1K,",6 Dr. Justus Quants,
publisher of the Dresden   Anzelger
and proprietor Ol an advertising burl-ail with a concession from the Saxon
government known us tbe "Koentgli-
dies  Baecbsisohes  Adress-Coraptolr,"
Willed said bureau and the right of
publishing the Dresden Anzelger as a
Hpecial foundation for the common
welfare under the condition Ihat the
profits should be used for beautifying Dresden and for charitable purposes.
During his lifetime he retained at
first flfti'en-slxteentlis. later two-
thirds, und finally one-half of the net
profits. After his death his heirs receive and will receive until Ihelr
, death, one-third of the profits. The
head of the city of Dresden nnd his
representatives, with equal rights.
| O those who have suffered, yesr In and veai
out, from the dragging misery of   Kidney
Disease, anything that will relieve the pain
is a blessing indeed.   Tbat ia lust what a well-
known resident of Lsi-biite Mills, Que., and bla
i wife both found In GIN PILLS.
Lachute Mills, F. Q.
"I waa troubled for many yeara with Kidney
Disease,   and a friend told me to  take GIN
PILLS.     After  taking  a  few   boxes,  I waa
&reatly relieved, and alter finishing the twelfth
ox, the pain completely left me.
My wife Is now using GIN PILLS and finds
tbat ahe has been greatly relieved of the pain
over her Kidneys.
I can  safely recommend anyone  suffering
from  Kidney Trouble to give a fair trial to
Would you welcome such a relief ? Then take
GIN PILLS.   They go right to the spot-ease
tbe pain almost at once���neutralise the Uric
Acid   which   is  causing   all    tbe   trouble ���
strengthen the kidneys so that they will be able
to keep the blood pure���nml quickly take sway
tbat   weakness  and  tenderness of  tbe bock
which   undermine   tlie   energy aud   vigor of
manhood ami womanhood.
Don't pass GIN PILLS without a trial.    Every box is sold on the positive
guarantee that if six boxes, used according to directions, do net help you, your
money will be cheerfully refunded.
50c. a box, 6 for $2.30,   l'rce sample if you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto. tss
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.  Paper Hanging our
Specialty.  Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering     34 Begble street.     Phone 393.    Ed. Allcock.
look up
her oy-
ti tided and enthusiastic, made
that this association decs not stand
for a negative policy of keeping Ihe
foresta locked up, but stands for the
progressive and affirmative policy of
utilizing the forests ns quickly and
fully as possible, always with the understanding that where cut-over lands
are unsulted to agriculture they are
to be protected from fire and got back
under timber crop as quickly as possible.
Progress was shown all along the
line, and hope was expressed that the jap'
forest   reserves   would   be   Increased. I before
places Uie most charming of scenes
have been enacted. A pretty girl In
red satin, for Instajice, with her skirt
open on one side to the knees, dances
the fashionable waltz with an "ele-
gant" young man.
The guests applaud.    Then nn American couple go through sll the contortions of face and limb that the lat-
ist Innovations require, and thepubllc
laud n?ain more rapturously than
The  majority of the  speeta
B.C. Coast Service
fori'Ft services strengthened, and I tors are Americans and English, with
Bome days ago Lightkeeper Waters,
of lhe Itatliurst Point lighthouse. Holt-
nest Island, accompanied by his daugli
ter, 18 yeara of age, Bel out on a fish-
iug oxcuslon In a small dinghy. When
a mile from Hottnest. a breaker
swampi d the boat, and its occupants
were thrown out. When the dinghy
came to the surface the father and
daughter caught bold of the keel. Waters was unable to swim, but the
daughter, who Is a stiong swimmer,
managed to keep him ua. The waves
broke over tbem many tiin s. nnd on
��� ach occasion the couple ,ost hold of
the boat. The girl Would then swim
after h<r father, and bring him back other provision for her.
to safety. Kor more than an hour |
Ihe brave girl managed to keep her WANT
father from sinking until  help came.
Stay in Convent or Inherit Bulk of
Lord Ashbumham's Fortune.
London, I''eb. 21. Tlie estate of the
Karl of Ashburnham hai been sworn,
provisionally, as under ��250,000. After leaving various sums to relatives
and others, he bequeaths tin' bulk of
h's fortune lo his only daughter. Lady
Mary Ashhiirnham, in the event of
her returning to secular life.
She is now o novice In tbe Order
of the Sacred Heart at Roehampton.
Tn the event of her remaining In religious life, the trust In her favor be
comes   ineffective,   the   wlll    making
The lion. W. K. Massey, tbe prime
minister, after Btating that much dls-
OUSSlon wbb in progress as to the form
that the establishment of a llritlsh
fleet should take, emphasised the position of New Zealand. He declared
thnt the southern dominion stood
utraight for the principle of a Hrltish
fleet in the Pacific under Imperial
control, if the call that he anticipated should come, New Zealand would
be as ready to answer It bb she had
ever been.
Many cold storage plants are idle,
as the companies are resisting the
Blaughti rmen's demand for a 20 per
cent. Incr ase Ul tlie price paid per
hundred heal. The companies have
Offeri d a ill per cent Increase. The
works in Other centres wlll close on
tlie expiry of the existing agreements.
Uy an net passed last sesion, political patronage In lhe civil service
tame to an end, and the control of
the service was vested In three commissioners, who have just now been
appointed bv the government. Tbey
are as follows: Mr. Donald Kobort-
80U,   I.SO.,  lhe  present   eecretary  of
London, Keb. HI.���The invitation extended by thc admiralty, owing to the
scarcity of competent workmen, to
pensioned shipwrights of 60 and upwards to re-enter the service is meeting  with  a poor  response.
As many of tbe men are in receipt
of a pension of about $5 a week, and
as they would have to drop their pen
s:on while so employed, they do not
consider it good enough to do a weeks
work for a matter of about 14s te lti-*
i st" itallv as most of thest; veterans
make no secret of the fact that they
unsider themselves superior crafts
men as compared with those cf the
present  day.
that there he established a Laboratory
for the testing of all kinds of Canadian treen to ascertain their suitability for various uses, their pulping qualities, etc.
I    Winnipeg was chosen as the place
for the next convention and late July
was fixed upon as the date.
The officers elected were:
Patron���H.   R.   II.    The    Governor
Hon.   President-Right    Hon.   lt. I.
: Borden.
lion    Vast   President���Right   Hon.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
President    Hon. W. A. Charlton. M.
P., Toronto.
Vice-President -Wm.    Power,   Esq.,
M.  I'.. -Quebec.
Territorial  Vice-Presidents.
Ontario-   Hon. W. 11. Hearst.
j    Quebec   Hon Jules Allard.
New   Bruswlok���Hon.   J.   K.   Firm-
i mlng.
Nova Scotia -Hon. O. T. Daniels.
Manitoba   Hon. H. P. Kohlln.
i'rlnce  Edward   Island���Hon.  J.
Saskatchewan -His    Honor   0.
Alberta -Hon. A. L. Slfton.
British Columbia-   Hon. W. It. Hess.
Yukon    Ceo.  Black,   Commissioner.
MacKenzie���F, D, Wilson.
Keewatin    ills   Honor   D.  C.   Cameron.
Dngava���HIS Grace. Mgr. Bruchesi,
Archbishop of Montreal.
And a strong   Board   of   Directors
representing all the provinces.
sprinkling of Parlslenues from the
half world.
Leases Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m
I p. in. and 11 :45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. n
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nannlmo 3 p. m  |
Leaves Vanoouver  for  Prince  Rupert
anil   Northern   Points    10  p.  ni.    Wednesdays.
Leaves Vancouver  every Wednesday at
10 p. in
Chilliwack Service
LftaVM WvstmlnHtor fc a, in. Monday
Wrdmwduy  and  Friday.
bravea  rhUllwttck    7    a.   m.    Tuesday,
' Thursday an<l Saturday.
j ED.  GOUI.KT,   Agent,  NVw Westminster
H.  W.  UROHIE.  G.  P.  A.. Vancouver.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 0:00 and 5:45 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7.08. 7:50,
8:00 and 8:30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
. For Vancouver via Burnaby-���At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with  week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:OS a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other points on Lulu Inland Is made at Eburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:18 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:05 p.m.
Indian  Army  Now Welcomed  in Australia���Regulations    Ameliorated.
Calcutta, India, Feb. 21.    An   army
order exists by which no British soldier in India is allowed to emigrate to
New South Wales unless, besides being  physically  fit and  under the age
of 40 yunrs he is in possession of 200
pounds and a pension.
After some correspondence the co-
lonial    authorities    have     announced
publicly that this restriction no longer
applies.    The general secretary of the
Royal  Army  Temperance Association
Simla, has now been informed by the
secretary at Sydney that the Instructions regarding the Immigration of re-
I BervIstS and other soldiers into   New ;
I South  Wales ara no longer effective, j
The British Immigration league ac-!
j repts the responsibility and welcomes
| the arrival of soldiers who have good
diaoharges  and   a  minimum   of   five |
pounds   C$'.:5)   landing   money.      The
league have lately opened  an  Imml-
grants  home  to  which  all   men  sent j
out   under  tbe  aegis  of  the  temper- j
aneea association are welcomed.
A  labor bureau is attached to the
home and immigrants   are certain   of | Buy an<1 Ml( ne-_. and
immediate employment at thlB time of
the postal  department, chief comrnls-jnml was killed.
Faris. Feb. 21. Normandy, fiascony.
Lnnguedoc. and Flanders are lo be
the names of the new French super
dreadnoughts to be laid down this
year. Two destroyers nre to be called  Bnsign  ltonx and  Chief
i.ostin, commemorating the deaths of
two brave officers.
Ensign Route, safe himself when the
Jena exploded, attempted to flood the
drvdock at tba head of four marines
|��| canadian pacific
Imperial Limited leaves at 7:55 p.m.
Toronto  Express  leaves at 7:55 a.m.
SL Paul Express leaves at 2 p.m. j
Instead of sending money for your
friend's passage from the Old Country you will find it to your advantage
to purchase tickets from
New Westmlnste
Or H. W.  Brodle, G.P.A, Vancoovei
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Second Hand Store
J. G. 6MITH.
; goode ot all kinds.
'H> Meln nes Sire,'I.
second    UanC
Tools especially.
1'bone 100 V
to   live:
sloner; Mr. A. 1). Thompson, stlpen
tliarv mairistrate, Palmeraton North;
Mr. Robert Trlggs, a New Zealander,
chief accountant of the commonwealth
���postal department.
A government surveyor, while searching for a road route in the Tangarakan
d'atrlct, has rediscovered a waterfall
���which was originally found hy the
Uev. C. Bush King in 1S97. The stir-
jy'yor and Mr. King are, ns far as
Is known, lhe only white, men to hnve
���come across the falls, which are de-
scrlbed as the finest in tbe dominion.
Tha roar Cf tha water wblch falls In
n cascade of about BOO feet- some-
what higher than the famous Victoria
falls is heard many miles, and lb"
noise was ascribed by settlers, who
bad forgotten "Ot never beard of Mr.
K'ng'a discovery, to tbe wind. The
fall has been named Wnlapoa.
Twenty stores belonging to Asiatics
In Boksburg have been closed on ac-
���e.ount of a boycott which has been
put into effect by natives, on whose
trade the Asiatic shopkeepers prlncl
pally   exist.    It  la  considered  likely
Chief Engineer Loslln. ordered by
the commander to extinguish the firs
in the forward magazine at the disaster to the Liberie, replied. "I'm go
Ing bnt 1 shall not come back." lie
succeeded on turning on the valves,
but was burned to death.
Berlin, Feb. 21- The kaiser has is
sued a warning to the German aerial
fleet that It must not fly over the new
palace irt Potsdam.
Owing to the Fharp explosive noise I
mnde by the motors of aeroplanes and
dirigibles which have hitherto flown |
Engineer | directly over the palace, on their way'
to and from Berlin, the empress asked
her husband to have the aerial route
Sbe said thnt she would like the interdict to he In the form of a request,
Instead of a command. Nevertheless,
flights over Potsdnm are now forbidden, and the great Zeppelin airships
must make a detour around the palace.
Thi' empress was not only annoyed
by tbe noise of the aerial engines, but
she expressed the fenr thnt an airship might meet with sudden disaster
and fall on the palace
London, Feb. 21.--An extraordinary
experience has befallen the members
of a wedding party, who, aMer thi
ceremony at Morton (Northumberland! parish church, were d-'-'c"
homo to Newsham.
Their way home lay through Beaton
Sluice, and as they were driving along
the coast road a number of shots were
Bred at the carriages. One guest had
his hat riddled with shot, a small boy
riding on thc step of a carriage waB
struok in the leg, and Borne of the
women fainted.
The men of the party alighted and
found a drunken man with a gun hid-
, ing behind* a hedge. He waB dlsarm-
led, but afterwarda made hla escape.
. His gun was handed over to tho po-
i lice.
Berlin. Feb. 21.���The German mil- \
veralttes nre turning out yearly ln-j
creasln i numl i rs of doctors of modi-
Cine, but win re and how these young
men will collect enough fees to meet
their expenses Is a question of vital
InterosL '
The   medical    profession    In    Ger- ]
many   is   overcrowded.    The   number'
nf  new   physicians  licensed   to   practice in 1910-11 was 1047. which com-!
pares with MS in laoii-io, and the net
increase for 1912 was 692. against
r,M5 for the previous year. There Is
now cue physician In Germany to
every 1970 persons. The number
varies from one to every 8867 In the
i mining town of Qelsenklrohen to one
J to every 39S in the fashionable water
| Ing placo Of Wiesbaden.
In   Berlin  nnd   Its  suburban   cities
there Is one to every 818.    That nnm
ber of physicians will undergo a fur-
jther  sharp  Increase  Is  Indicated   by
the Increasing numbers of medical
| students at tbe universities. In the
I Bummer semester ol 1912 there were
18,380 medical students, or a gain pf
'about 1500  lu n year.      The number
haa doubled within Blx years.
'01   Front  Street,   New Westminster.
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays! |
We Will Show You Hew!
If you have
Positively no e
st. Petersburg, Keb. 21. -On the oe-
Vision of the centenary of tb-> 1F12
"ar-'oiilgn the e.'/nr addresred to the
P *,-. ".!.<���' ' btter under the Imperial seal recalling Ihelr loyal and
brilliant Services to the throne during three centuries.
Tho Hon Cossacks by their heroic
efforts 100 years ago powerfully contributed to tho liberation of church
and state from the grasp of tbe Gallic invader and a score ot allied nations, thereby winning undying fame
and the gratitude of their imperial
In token of thiB enduring good will
'he arrpj ef the Don Is confirmed in
tho historic conditions of ita service
Curious Features of the 2131 Decreet)
Mado  In   1911.
rarls, Feb. 21- The divorce statistics for Paris for the year 1911 have
Just been published, nnd make very
curious reading. No fewer than 21X1
decrees were made.
The ground ot separation In more
than half the cases was incompatabil-
ity of temperament which led to "Injures graves." In 300 cases the
grounds wero of such a nature that
the causes, If they wero down for
trial In Kngland, would be heard ln
I camera by  tho divorce court.     Mis-
deas -if you can think���we will show you thc secrets of this fascinating new proteaalon.
porlenee er literary   excellence  necessary.    No   flowery lauguage' Is wanted. a
Tlie demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers arc llmovlng heaven
and rarlbh. their attempts to gelenough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They are et
lining IMfl and more, for single eceuarios, or written ideas. ��,����_�����   -_,<-<-.
We have -received many letters from the film manufacturers, such  as   VITAGRAPH.   EDISON,  BSSA-
K   V      TON   SOI AX   IMPRBX. HELIANCK. CHAMPION. COMET. MKL1KS.   ETC     urging  us  to   aend
*. "'  lays to them     We want moree writers and well gladly toacl.h you the secrets of success,
c are selling photoplays write* b,   people who "      - r before wrote a line for publication.
v,     wr^ do the some f.,.'���-.,*.   [f -on ean th lb* of onl   i   o '   " ia e"ery week,   and    will
'     '��� ���>��������� ir- dlt��     rt bv as. and It sells lor only $25. ��"l'iw figure,
rnrr send your name and address at once for free copy
I ion t hesitate,
and your future.
Don't argue. Write now and learn Just what thla new profession may mean for you
1543 Broadway
RcmemberrLthe Place
33 Eighth ft.     Phone 2
Olive Oil, Vetttieel's, In pint
and quart titifl, regular 50o, and
BOO. per tin, today 35c. and 75c.
Crosse Ai lllnekweU'a 1'lcklen,
Chow Chow, OniotiB, (iherkltiB,
Mixed. Everyone knows these
pioklos.   Regular 3ric, today ail
30c. per bottle.
Cooking or Dairy nutter, a
very good product. We have
been selling a great deal of It
at 800. per lb., today wo will
make It per Ib. 25c.
Honey, While Clover, In lit.
Jars, each 75c.
Table Raisins, regular 30c.
pkg., today pkg. 20c.
Large and juicy, untouched by
frost, 18 for 25c.
Apples, No. 1 Quality, box 81.65
Lettuce, .1 heads    25c.
Cabbage,   per   lb 4c.
Celery, per head    10c.
Cauliflower, per head   20c.
Croon Onions, bunch    5c.
Radish,  bunch     5c.
Parsley,   bunch     5c.
Remember   tbey   aro   guaranteed, per dozen 55c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS        S. K. UU1GOS
IB he Market
e�� V   ���mSh*****xm*re*
Mr. A. 11. Marcon of the local
branch of the Hank of Commerce left
yesterday lo assume a higher position
Iii tbo branch bank at Greenwood,
Scott expedition pictures at the Bdl
noil theatre today. 1707)
Illg sale of flowers at Tidy, the
florist's, today. Daffodils 80 cents.
Phone 1.184.   739' Columbia Btreet,
Dick J. I-awronce, teacher of banjo,
mandolin and guitar.    Telephone 63-1.
Hxpert skate sharpening and riveting. Oscar Sf anson, 13 liegble street.
Thero will bo uo Sunday school at
St. Mary's school tomorrow as tho
restrictions placed on account of the
fever epidemic, have not yet been removed.
Sinclair,  the  Shoe  Man,  is
| ladles' $6 shoes at $2.95 now.
You gave your best
care, ability and energy
to accumulating the
property you have.
You need your keenest and calmest thought
to consider the final disposition of that property, to "prevent its being wasted when you
are gone.
Therefore, consider it
NOW, while your mind
is clear and your body
Use your privilege of
free consultation with
our experienced officers.
Dominion Trust
ornpany, Ltd.
His honor Judge Howay repeated
his lecture "RambleB Through the ills
tory of Northwest America," before a
large audience In the Aberdeen school,
Vancouver, last evening.
Call In and Bee Jack Insley, jr., 13
llegbio Btreet, about that marine gaso
lino engine. Ragle and Imperial. (697)
A.    Hnrdman. the    oake man.    Gat
���tend bread. Eighth streot Bakery
Telephone m. (604)
Provincial Constable Owens of Victoria, arrived In the city yesterday In
charge of a mentally infirm patient
Whom he placed In the asylum. Thc
coitBtablo   returns   this   morning.
W. Day, electrician, agent for Ho'
Point irens; fixtures and wiring Ol
all kinds. Phone 12G9. 28 Blxth
street, opposite postofflce. (05-)
Tho assets of the assigned People's
Trust. Company were taken over by
tho Westminster Trust Company, tile
provisional liquidators appointed by
the supreme court, yesterday afternoon.
Thoroughly modern In every way is
the Dominion hoti i.   Elevator servlct
flrst class. Cafe in connection. Con
venlent location. Rates 75c per da>
and up. Corner of Sixth and Columbia
streets. (G70)
Miss Kmuia Poster, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. T. W. Poster, of Ladner, and
Mr. Arthur Teller, of Polnl Roberts, i
Wash., were the contracting parties
in a very pretty marriage which was \
Bolenthlted In tha Presbyterian church ,
at Ladner ou Thursday,   Rev, J. J.
I laatii' performed the ceremony,
At the first  annual meeting of the
Graduate Nurses' Association of New
Westminster held yesterday Miss S.
P, Wright was re-elected president
nnd Miss Grace A. Gray secretary-
treasurer for the ensiling yeara. Mra.
Joseph Dorgan, the only new member
of the OfflperS' board, was elected
Tho utendance al the meeting was
not as large as It was    hoped,    but
nevertheless a most successful session
was held.   The reports of tbe offloers
of last year were of a most latlsfaO' j
tory  nature,  the  secretary-treasurer's
Statement showing that  the    assocln- |
tlon bad a good balance In the bank |
with which to start the new year.
The whale oil Steamboat Gray yesterday loaded a cargo of empty creo-
BOte drums at the C. I'. H. wharf for
distribution among the whaling sta-
llonB belonging to the CN.lt. company
on the west of Vancouver Island,
These drums are brought filled with
creosote to the Carbolmcum worka on
the North Arm of the Fraser, near
New   Westminster,  from   Britain,
When emptied they are freighted to
the whaling stations, filled with whale
oil ami shipped back ugain to tbe
I'liittd Kingdom.
Today on the First Lap of His Walk
From Vancouver to New York���
Going South.
Lieutenant lsidor Adler, of the New-
York Hoy Scouts, a robust young
American citizen who baa set himself
tlie stupendous task of walking from
Vancouver to his native city, New-
York, a distance of about 5il(in miles,
will pass through the city today on
the lirat  lap of his lengthy jaunt.
Mr.   Adler    arrived    in    Vancouver
about a fortnight ago and up to the
present   has    been    inking   arduous
Call in at Oscar Swanson'B, 13 Beg-1 physical   training   to   provide   himsel,
)Ie street, and  see something up-to-lwlth   the  necessary stamina  for  his
late   in   the  line  ot  marine  gasoline  undertaking.
���ngiiieB.    Eagle and Imperial.      (��97)l     He arranged to leave Ibe Terminal
��� City on Washington's birthday, t/hlch
Ladies'  %* Bboes at $2.95  la one nflla  lml.iv   at   l0  o'clock,  and granting
the bargains at Sinclair's big sale   of  bim the speed of four miles an hour
l from  his  starting point,  he ought  to
arrive in the   Royal   City   about   l
Alderman Joseph  Henley and  Mrs.
Henley leave this morning for a week-1
end at Otter,  Il.C.    The chairman ol |
the fire committee will return in time
for    the    demonstration  of  the  new
terial   ladder  on   Monday   morning.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
information received in the eity yesterday confirms the announcement
made previously in The News that the
Hazelmere mill of the Campbell
River Lumber Company destroyed by-
fire some months ago, will be rebuilt
it an  early date.
Don't fail to see the pictures of the
-Ico't expedition at the Edison theatre
today. (707)
A branch of the Union flank of Can
ada was opened for business oi:
.Saturday, January 4, in the premise,,
recently vacated by W. K. Sinclair
ill Columbia street 16051
In accordance with clause six of
lhe North Arm harbor bill the joint
municipal harbor committee at a
meeting held in Vancouver on Thursday notified the councils of Point
Grey, Richmond, South Vancouver
and Burnaby to send delegates to a
convention that will be held for the
purpose of appointing a representative on the harbor commission.
IlOUSeWiVCS and  eon.Mni.irs III inn
eral   will   be  gratified   lo   learn   thai
the high coit of living received a ut-
back yesterday on thi' city market by
Ibe fact that owing to an overahun
tlant supply, eggs droped  15 cents a
do/en wholesale, and i�� cents retail.
The causs ���- of this unexpected decline  In  tills  eiinimndlty   Is  given  oa
the  Improvement in  ollmaUo oondl-
Since the opening of tha year eggH I
have  been  somewhat   limited  In  sup-!
1 ply, but the improved weather It is i
presumed has had the etteot also of|
j improving  Ihe  supply.
There was a good arrival of poultry;
[bul not large enough to meet the de-j
Ab far as the variety and quantity
wub concerned, the offerings In the
vegetable department were satisfactory.
Tbo potato marked showed littlo
Improvement, with little change ln
Tbo meat market was fairly well
provided. Veal and pork were In
good supply but the purchasing was
In keeping, and there were few aller-
ntlnotiB  In  the  quotntlonn.    llecf  fell
away short of requirements and as
a   consequence   the     price    stiffened
Apples nrrlved In limited quantities and were disposed of early at
quoted figures.
Tho auction marts were well pnt-
ronlzed, large numbers of horses being disposed of at prices ranging from
$125 to $300.
Apples, per box   76c to $1.25
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack $1 nn
Carrots, per sack   71s
Turnlna. per sack   Mi
Potatoes, per sack    76o
Potatoes per ton   $13 tn SI 4
Onions, per Back   $1.25
Vegetables, Retail.
Beets, per bunch Bfl
Onions, per Ih Be,
Carrots, per bunch  Bo
Cabbage, per lb 4o,
Turnips, each  5c j
Epos and Butter.
Kggs. wholesale, per dozen ?,0c. to 25c. \
Kggs,  retail,  per  dozen    40c. J
Butter, retail, per lb 40c to 45c
Butter, wholesale, per lb 30s,
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c \
White Spring Salmon, per lb Sc
Flounders, per lb I0c
MiTgeon. per lb 15c ,
Halibut, per Ib 10c .
Steelhead, per lb IBe
3tnelts, per lb 10c
Retail Meats.
B'-ef. best rib roasts  IRC to ISc
Beef, loin ixc to 22c
Beef, round steak  20c
Boiling beef 10c to Mc
Veal  15c to 25c
Pork   12c to  13-ftc
Sugar cured bacon   25c
Mutton  12c to 20c
Dressed  chicken,  per lb 30c. ;
Wholesale Meats.
Venl. lai ge  9c to 10c [
Veal, small    14c to  14'Ac
liiH'f, frost quarter   lie to 12ci
Bei f, hind quarter   13c to 140
Spring lamb   15c ,
I Million    10c to 12V&C
Pork    13e. to  14c.
Hens, small, per doz....
Hens, large, per dozen
��� Chickens, per doz	
' Broilers, per do-z.  ....
| Hens. live, per Ih.   ...
Chickens, live, per lb.
i Ducks, per dozen   ....
A Scott. Memorial Service will be
held In St. Paul's church, Royal
avenue, on Sunday evening, February
23rd. The Rev. C. 10. Wlncott will
preach. Friendly order.-, and patriotic
tssoclatlons specially Invited, Special
hymns, etc. (G55)
o'clock. After having hero he will
strike south to Seattle, from which
city he will muke direct east.
The young American will Btart the
trip without a penny in his pocket and
holies to sustain fits body during the
long trip by selling pictures of himself.    He has been entrusted wilh let- I Rucks, live, per lb 20e to 23c
ters   to   the   mayors   of  Seattle   and j Turkeys, live, per lb 83c to 86c
New York from Mayor Baxter, of Van-  Turkeys, dressed, per lb   ..39e to 40--
COllver,  which lie will deliver on    arrival at these cities.
. ...$(i to $8
...$8 to $12
.$4 to $5.50
....$3 to JI
.20c. to 23c.
.$12.to $15
(Continued from page onel
The   Results Obtained  with
Are Simply Marvelous.
Cleans Gloves, Fabrics, Furs.
Feathers, etc. See our window
and note the results or this wonderful cleuner. Price for this
week 2()C.
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
Constable    Marshall    Drops
and Shoots Himself in Leg.
Police Constable Marshall, of Coqultlam, was brought in to the Royal
Columbian hospital last evening suffering from a nasty bullet wound in
the calf of bis leg.
Acc'irding to reports the unfortunate man sustained the injury in an
unusual manner, B Is said that hi'
accidently let his revolver fall and as
it hit the ground the hammer weni off
the bullet entering the constable's leg
below the knee,
SELICH Mitchel Bellch, a fisherman, aged 62 years, passed awa> in
Ladner on Thursday evening The
funeral will take place today from
tho Ladner Catholic  church    to    the
Boundary nay cemetery,
that prudence dictates the continuance
of the military and naval preparations.
Pursuant to this, the First and
Fifth brigades of the army remain under preparators orders for foreign
service and the three army transports
which are due to arrive al Galveston
early next week will be retained there
ready to embark troops al a moment's
Diaz Sends for Rebels.
El Paso, Tex., Feb. 21. Another at-
tempt to pacify tho Northern revolutionists was made today. Oeneral Diaz j
invited two rebel representatives to
Revolver | hurry to Mexico City. This is under-'
stood to be in addition to the two
northern rebels appointed on tho new
cabinet, neither of whom has ac
The message from liiaz was sent or
Igtnally to Col. Pascual orozco, Br.,
at Nuevo Laredo, wbo transmltti d it
here to Rlcardo Gomez Robelo, the
younger Orozco's personal agent,
Robels and federals    in   northern'
Mexico remain in the same position a:- i
before the revolt  in  Mexico City.
Await  Next  Move.
Rebel agents here, speaking for the
missing   Orozco and   fur Oeneral   Sal
asar, ibe acting commander In chiel
insist that the northern revolution
will await the action of those In
power at Mexico city. Their demand,
regarding laud grants are being for
mutated for presentation by the dele
gates to the national capital
At Juarez, placards denouncing thi
Knights of Pythias.
All  members of Granite  Lodge.  K. '
ot  P.,  and   visiting  brethren   are     re-
quested to meet at the Castle Hal] al
6:15 on Sunday. February 23, for the;
purpose of attending a memorial ser-j
vice to honor Ihe late Capt. Scoit and j
companions at St.  Paul's church. j
a. Mcdonald, k. ct it. & s
Forty years in use, 29 years th?
Standard, prescribed and recommend
ed by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr, Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Our assortments are unusually   large,  giving   you   a  fine  choice.
Bright days will Boon bo here  for Baby's airings.
$35.00 Wicker Cabs;  February  Sale Price  	
$211.00 Wicker Cabs;   Febru.   y  Sale Price  	
$20.00 Wicker Cabs;  February Sale Price  	
$18.00 Folding Cabs;  February  Sale Price  	
$12.50 Folding Cuba;  February  Sulo Price   	
$8.50 Folding Cabs;  February    Sale Price   	
Just in time to taki  advantage  of   these   bright   days
for  Baby's
All Lines of Furniture J
Are moving In this February Sale. Some specially nice dining seta
ns well ub parlor suites have gene out this week. Are you taking
advantage or this sale to refurnish or to All in the odd pleoSS you
need? I'lease remember all our extremely low prices continue up
to March  1st
... OF THE . . .
American Lady Corsets
Arrived thla morning. You certainly need one of these up-to-date
atyles to give to your spring costume the proper fit and correct appearance, i j   . i
$5.00, $3.50,$2.50 and $1.50
We   are   Agents  for   "Try-Ne-v-    Life." $25, $35.
Easter  Sunday   is  March  23rd.
On Saturday last H. D. Morgan took out a building permit to rebuild the house owned by Mr. A.
Jones that was practically destroyed by fire the previous Saturday. The house was insured with
White, Shiles & Co., who last Wednesday paid Mr.
Jones in full for his loss, with the result that on Saturday���one week after the fire���the contract for rebuilding was let, the permit taken out and the work
is now started.
Protect your home by insuring in reliable companies with a record for
prompt and full settlements, whose local agents are
312-315 Westminster Trust Block
or 746 Columbia Street.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
FISH TODAY      VULCAN iron works, ltd.
P.  O.   BOX  442
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
1    Salmon, Halibut, Oollchans, Ccd. All
..inds of SmoUi d Fish at
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
I Phene 98. 447 Columbia  Street.
j Workmen in Every
I liei thc n��ed of Casses today when
-.YfcT.rHAiN is the rule ind not the
Workmen who would  have  reliable
lelp for their eyes should oall on
larmy were posted today on the prln
��� ���������������������������������������������������  clpal streets, only to be torn down by
* * the police and soldiers.   Thoy chargt
��� Columbian college notes ��� the army with treachery to the coun-
��� ���try, embodying   an    appeal against
*****************  militarism.   The volunteer troopa are
barged by tho regulars with the au
Tin' literary society provided a
bright entertainment last evening In
the sofrm of a country party at which
all the students attended dressed In
tho costumes of tbe old days. Tin
games Df the old regime wero indulged in foi a time until Mr. Arthur
Wilcox, president of the society, com-
thorshlp of the posters, Increi
ill-will between thu two factlo
Ing tin
Dissolve   Railroad   Merger.
Washington, Feb. 21 Attorney
Oeneral Wlokersham personally will
represent the government at the hoar
Ing Monday before the federal court at
polled each student to put forth Im-1st. Louis on the plan of dissolving the
promptu wordH of wisdom. Lunch nml Union Pacific-Southern Pacific rall-
tho singing that followed It rounded road merger In accordance with the
out a fine evening of ������ntertaliiuuMil. idecision of the United Slates supreme
tt is expected���and sincerely hoped court. The attorney general and rop-
for hy the students and facility that rcsentatlves of tin- two roads have
the quarantine upon the college may,agreed upon a plan of disintegration
he raised on Thursday or Friday and all that remains to make It effec-
next. 'tlve Ib the court's approval.
049 Columbia  Street
Phone 453
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable In all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WIL80N, Manager.
Druggu.t and Optician
701   Columbia   Street Phone 57
Home For Sale
No,   1    Here  ls  a  splendid homo for sole cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park and i.ow school.
It  has  seven  large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;  full basement; on a largo lot, tiiixiits feet
This plaiwf Is hi low value and   the   terms  are  such   that   almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400, $753 CASH, balance monthly.    If jou want to buy
a home lot us show you this place.
Agents for  Pacific Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Wa write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*   Liability-
Marine  Insurance.
Arc you one of the many, *
whose   livelihood   depends
upon the fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engine,'} cannot be beat-
in. Economy and reliability.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineering  Co., Ltd., New Westminster.


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