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The New Westminster News Apr 21, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions dock .New Westminster offer industries?   Trackage
and  waterfront slteB,  railways  a1*     ^v
ocean transportation. \x*
ew   \V*:*llnr*sl^>ai��h��Jm   l.'is
rinAl-'vd    '.ight to ninttr>tJU3 windt
-*,  le^ifetelr -vilh "ot i
in  t<*iifW>.V.
^^^^^^ much chang
Government    May    Adopt
Conciliatory Measure of
Liberal Leader.
Asserted   That  500,000   Men   Wlll
Out Today���Diamond Cutters
Join Strikers.
No Fever for i^'our Days���Is Growing
. Home, April 20. So much Improve
infill wait found iu the condition of
the pope by Doctors Marchiafava and
Amlcl on their visit to the sick room
this evening that Ihey did nol consider I: necessary to issue a bulletin,
The norning bulletin was as follows:
"Por four days his holiness has had
no fever. Ab a reHitlt of the amelioration (i the bronchial affection the
popt gradually Is recovering his
strength "
Mgr. Bressan, the pope's secretary,
and rather Parolln, his nephew, cele-
bro ted mass today In tbe chapel ad-
Jolnl'ig the papal bedroom in the
pii-neiiee of Angelo Sario and ibe
Homesteaders   Lose   Their
All in Worst Fire in History of District.
slaters and niece.
pontiff is desirous that tiie
n i in'.ers of his family Bhall return
to their hoines ond has requested
them to reassure his friends outside
of Home that he hopes soon to resume the regular course of his life
and receive the faithful who come to
Home to ask for his blessing.
Tin- physicians have some fear that j
this anxiety on  lhe part of the pope
for   woik   may   have   on   unfavorable
The pope rose from his bed today
and remained for an hour or more in
uny  ann  chair.    This  seemed  rather
Brussels, April 80���The opinion now
is general in politicnl circles that at
the session of the chamber of deputies Tuesday the government will be
prepared 'to accept the conciliatory
motion or the Liberal leader, M. Mas-
son. Thlt provides ihot if tlie parliamentary oommlttee appointed recently to consider the riforjn of the pro
vlnclal and communal franchise ays-
tern cvoiven a plan  which  appear to
bse a manifest Improvement on the
pres* nt methods, then tbe advisahlllty
of revising parliamentary elections on
thi* hoi-co lines siiul! Immediately be
The adoption of Ihls motion by the
chamber would mean the end of the
strike which is paralysing Belgium's
'ilu  Socialists assert tbat there Wil]
be 500,000  men out tomorrow.
No  Disorder.
Liege, Hel-glum, April 20, -Twenty
thousand persons assembled at a treat
meeting here today listened without
lhe slightest disorder to adresses on
the strike situation throughout lhe
country. The Socialist leader. Emile
Vandrrveltle, said the proceedings in
the Chamber of deputies seemed to
show that the thin end of the wedge
had been Inserted.
Arrange Meetings.
("harleroi. April 20.���The burgomaster has sanctioned a meeting of Washington, April 20.���Moderately
nil the Mrlkcrs In the province on I worm weather will prevail throughout
Thursday, on condition that the strlk-1 the great central valleys and the
ers themselves appoint polic-) to pre- Rooky mountain region and the plains
serve order. The Liberals will partici- j slot.-s tiie coming week. The weekly
pate actively in the demonstration.       bulletin says:
Diamond Cutters Out. "Tile nexl storm of importance will
Antwerp. April 20.���The diamond appear in the for vest Tuesday or
cutters b> a vole of 1021 to 162 decld- Wednesday, move eastward and cross
ed today lo loin tho strike movement, the great Central valleys Thursday or
A detachment of clerical union work' Friday nnd the eastern states near lhe
��� rs also will go out. Three thousand end of the week. This disturbance
members nf the civic guard are pro ��� will be preceded by a genera! rife in
testing against further detention from j temperature, be attended by showers
their business since there has bei-n ���iml thunrir storms and be followed by
no trouble- joonslne^ahly    colder    weoiher. which
*.'���"������~������  '���,:;     lA-TMi-.d     th*     northwesterr.
j stutcs Thursday and  Friday"
Mooee Jaw, April 20.���A rider hus
Just arrived from the south country
antl reports a fierce prairie fire which
started Saturday afternoon and con
tlnuad all night, beginning at Hut-
tress on the Expanse line anil sweeping to the Dine Hills antl around them,
stopping at the Tort Walsh trail, nine
miles distant. The form buildings of
Jejnes Foniisworth and bis father Buffered badly. Paddy Doyle and a man
named I'laster or the Dine Hills, lost
all they boil. No fatalities to stock
ore reported.
B. C. E. R. Will Make Re- Hostel   for  Young  Ladies
ductions if Franchise By-       Will Be Located on Col-
law Is Passed.
umbia Street.
Edmonds,   April  20.
; request   of   the   Hurnaby
gresslve association to tl
All Bear Name of Mackenzie Emigrate
From United States .-19 RcEult of
Crop  Failure.
to cheer the lontlff up.
t ordinal   Merry  Del  Val, the papal ]    Winnipeg,     April    20.���Among
secretary  cf    state,    today    received j new arrivals into western Canada
Card.nal   I-'errala and  gave  him   last! most   unique   party   composed
Instructions in the name ot the pope j Scotchmen, a portion of the  Maeken-1 ������"���' tt) ft~' propoBe.r\ "granting of'the
is a
of   26
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ municipal
council, thut the 11. C. B. 11. be ap
proached ub to a reduction of the fares
on tlle Hurnaby branch of the company, in the event of the tramway
franchise bylaw receiving the support
of the people. Chairman Macpherlon
of the transportation committee, yes-
tt rday received 0 letter from General
Manager It. H. Sperling of tbe company stilting that the 11. C. B. H. was
prepored to make material reductions
in the fares Charged on the Hurnaby
While the general reductions will
nol I.e so sweeping its those contemplated on the Central l'ark line it is
thought that the residents along the
line of the Burnaby branch will be
satisfied with the announcement made
by  Chairman   Macpherson.
The building of the flumoby line
was one of the Issues ot stake at the
time the municipal council granted
the B. C. E. H. a general franchise and
while tlie building of that line satisfied the residents to a certain extent
those residing in the vicinity of the
line take the stand that any conces
sions pranted patrons of the Central
Park line should also be granted to
thoBe on the Burnaby branch.
Apparently about the only opposi
[following  the I    A de"isnn to lease the building on
Lake   Pro- Columbia street,  formerly  known as
! the Premier hotel and transform lt In-
,.'i 1 home tor '.he Young Women's
Christian association waB reached at
. a inn tin" of the directors of 'uat bod>
i held in St. leorgo's hall on Saturday
, afternoon.
The building  which has been unoc
! cupied   for   some   little   time   will   be
' fitted up throughout ond it Is expect
ed  that  the opening ceremonies  will
take place about Ma> 1.
Preparations were  mod"    for    the
j holding oi a "shower" in the building
some afternoon  and  evening of  this
I week when contributions such as furniture,  cutlery,  linen,  china,  kitchen
, utensils and all articles useful for the
I outfitting of the hostel will be gratefully received.
All the committees appointed at pre-
1 vlous  meetings reported  progress.
Liberals     Lose     Inniefail���Edmonton
and South  Edmonton  Return
Two Conservatives.
Edmonton, Alta., April 20.���The
only change In the results of the provincial elections since Saturday morning  la the  transfer of   Intiisfa 1   (rem
tlie Liberal to the Consemltlvo
aolumn when I'. Archer won out by
a majority of seven over John S nip
ion, tbe oldest member of Inst legislature and former speaker cf tin- ier
ritorial bouse. Figures now stand:
Liberals, 87; Conservatives, 15;
doubtful, 1.
In Coronation there ia a close raci
between the two candidates with the*
Liberals now 40 In the lead. In Pom- (
bina, G. M. McDonald. Liberal, has |
,0 majority. His election ls conceded. (
In Clearwater, W, II. MocKenny, Lib-:
oral, has a majority of two, but A. (
���.v. Taylor, Conservative, claims   hei
Will Win out on a recount. In Slur- j
geon, Hon. J. R, Boyle, Liberal, has 0 .
majority of 400 which Is st:ii growing.
1 he reoocnt in the case
G.  MacKay,  Liberal.    In
and running mate, Hon. (
Public   Growing  Tired  of
Arc Chased.
Policeman Discovers Infernal Machtae-
in   Doorway  of  Newspaper
Office at York.
of Hon. A.
'. W. Cros3.
will  begin  tomorrow,    Cross  is  the
only Liberal    returned    to the
Alberta house  by a strictly city
iml it is claimed that he is the
Liberal  member sitting for a ci
Bucharlatlc     cere-
Izie Clan, who have migrated from*
Oklahoma. These newcomers who all
bear the name of Mackenzie, are descendants of those members of their
elan who came to the American continent with Lord Baltimore 200 years
At that time they settled in the state
of .Maryland and remained there and
prospered os fanners for 175 years.
Twenty five years ago a portion of
them, oitrocted by the ni w territory
which hod been opened up in western
Oklahoma, went into that state where
they remained until now.
Norman Mackenzie, the leader of
the party, states that they left Oklahoma on account of the failure of the
crops for the past five years
franchise, which will be voted upon
next Saturday comes from lhe section
around Central Park which takes In
wards one and six.
There the residents are up in arms
against allowing another vote to be
taken on the bylaw and they have
gone so far as lo interview the at
torney general  in the matter.
Democratic  Bill
luslon and a
able and
Described  as a "De-
Uncalled for."
^mm_^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   I I
I any of the provincial legislatures.
In thus appears that along with the
I other cities of the Dominion, Albertan
cities are growing more Conservative,
Edmonton and South Edmonton returned three Liberals to the last
legislature and only one Liberal and
two Conservatives to the new houae,
while  Calgary   in   place    of    divided
Washington, April 20.���That ad
; valorem duties such as are proposed
j n the Democratic tariff bill are "a
delusion and a Biiare; that the radi-
ll was expected that the members!���1 ,ariffi r,;vi8io�� submitted by the
of the municipal council would ap-; D,;���wr;"s Is inexcusable and, unca 1-
pear on the public platform and speak | ei1 <*'rr ami lllat **** account ng will
Sther for or ogainst the franchise but s0���e f'.'r llB enactment Into law. are
���m understanding was reached at the j contentions of the Republican    mem-
London, April 20.- -The suffragettes
had plenty of evidence today that lh��
public has tired of militancy and only
the protection afforded by large
bodies of police saved the women from
the hands of angry mobs. At Brighton the suffragettes were chased off
iii- Baplanade and look refuge in ��
neighboring house. This was surrounded by howling thousands who bombarded tin.' place with stones und
smashed every window.
The   Women's  Social  and   Political
union atltempted to carry on Ita pro-
i paganda   in   Hyde   Park.    Londoners
had anticipated that    such    attempts
' would bo made ond 20,000 persons assembled  at  that  place.
No sooner had the suffragettes
I mour.toa the box ond unfurled the raiB-
tont flag than the police interfered.
'There were a few cries of "free
I speech." "are we in RussiaT" but theso
j cries were drowned by hostile yeH��-
Turf and stones were thrown and
threatening rushes made toward the-
I women. A large force of police sur-
: rounded them and kept the mob ia
An   infernal   machine   was   discov-
lered by a policeman early this morning ln the doorway of the Yorkshire
Liberal  and  Conservative  representa jHerald oiflee at Yo'rk. Tlie wrapping-si
11011 has chosen three Conservatives,
Mr. Cross succeeded in carrying Edson as well as holding bis seat iu
Edmonton. Lethbridge remained Conservative also, an alliance between
Liberal and labor forces.
inscribed   "Votes
catcd its origin.
for  Women."  iudl-
Elgin, Ills..
't.ppes. whose
it   Ki vears of
ible to advent
April 20. ��� Herman
nentality is so low that
ate be bos been only
e to the fourth grade
Catganan.   Sister   Ship   to    Alsation,
Slips off the Ways at
London, April 20 The Calgarlan,
the latest addition to tin' Allan fled.
wds launched in Glasgow on Saturday,
Mrs. Andrew Allan naming the vi ssel.
Which Is a sirter ship to the Alsation.
which was launched a inonth ago.
Speaking after the ceremony And
rev* Allan .nid thai, as o Canadian
1-e vits not proud of the recent poll-
tlcal dlstrubances in the Cai idlan parliament om r the naval bill. He hoped,
however, the nuttier would be Bettled
by the Canadian parliament passing
lhe donation oT 135,00,000 ond llie vie
pels would he i tiilt iii Scotland on be
hnli and os 0 gift from Canada to the
mother country,
j In school, confessed today thnt be wap
the   sl ovi i- ef  Mrs.   Manny   Sleep  and
j her two small children, whose bodies
were found yesterday in a cistern un-
der  th"   kitchen  of   the   Sleep   form
: house, five miles west of Elgin CoppeS
soya the killing resulted from Mr��
Sleep saying she "wonld see about It"
wh< n he hod refused in ill humor to
, do om- of his accustomed chores after
1 school.
Fnlal  Auto  Accident.
Toronto,  April  20.���As a result  of
! injuries received when run down by
\i rmal Webb, n lawyer of T."i Yonge
street, Thomas Taylor, aged 3S, died
in St. Michael's hospital today, Webb
was arrested charged with manslaughter. He appeared before Magistrate Dennlson today ond waa remanded for o week.    His bail ti $4000
1 was accepted,
this period they have lost their crops 1 pp0���|,
through   drought   and   grass   hoppers'
each year
, . On- their arrival ln Winnipeg tbey
I were advised of the benefit to be de
rived In the homestead district north
of the city, but the members of the
part> raid they had mode up their
minds to go to the district northwest
I of Edmonton.
Tb, y are a fine party, all being typi-
��� eal  highlanders.  tall and  agile.     The,
peculiar thing about them is that ihey i
speak Gaelic perfectly    but     with    a!
I strong American accent which makes
it difficult for their fellow countrymen
wh" came Into contact with them lo
understand.    They ure forerunners of'
j another 75 or 80 families of the name
j elan who are still 111 Oklahoma but an
1 tlclpatt  coming.
last council meeting that while the respective   ct uuelllors  could   take   the
platform and speak as a citizen, any
. spicchmaklng as a councillor was not
During j t0   j,(,   ,mu>nakeu.   thus   leaving   the
ii rs of lhe ways und means commit
tee in a minority report to be presented to the house tomorrow.
" 1 here is no excuse for the radical
change   in   our   revenue   system   pro-
to   decide  for   themselves   os j Posed  by this  Democratic  bill." says
Ito wbelher ihey want the franchise by-1 lhe  report.    "The  people    have    not
law to poet ��� '-"kl '*   ������*���    Th<'  liart>   proposing it is
The last chance ior loose who are in power, not by the grace of a ma-
I registered owners of property in Rnr- joriiy of the American people, but by
j nabv, ane at present not having their \
'1 name cn tlie voter's list expires at 9
I o'clock Monday morning, when Returning Officer Moore will close the
litts until the election is over.
, I
Antagonistic to  Uncle  8am.
Antofagasta, Chile. April 20.-The
Argentine poet and agitator, Manuui
Ugarto, who is conducting a personal
campaign against the 1'nited Slates,
spt ii,- here lost nlgbt ond urged the
necessity of all Latin-Americans uniting to prevent absorption of the various republics by the United States,
lie declared tbe U, s. was promoting
a  revolution, and  was cheered   by  on
1   in  audience which escort,:-' h'.m
: to his hotel.    He left here tor Valparaiso to continue his propaganda.
Dissolve  Two   Railroads.
St. Paul, April 'jo. -Robert S Lovett,
chairman of tho board of the Union
Pacific railroad, arrived   here   today
��� nd tomorrow will hold a conference
] with federal Judges Sanborn, Hook
ond Adams relative to thi dissolution
of the Ui lon Pacific ond Southern Po
ctflc railroads An application for additional time In which tn consider tin*
cose will be tiled In 11 half ol th
ibnd   unlet a a method ol dissolution I
I agreed .upon at tbe conference
Ar-ra.Kements  Being   Made for a  Big
Time on September 1.
All piibli. and semi-public bodies.
Inclining the council, the Hoard of
Trade and Progressive Association,
will oe Invited to attend the grand
In bor Day celebration to be held in
thl-i city on Monday, September 1.
Pius was decided upon at a meetinig
of thc ways and means committee of
t'.e Tiades and Labor council yester-
H wat  also    decided    lo    ask    thet
transportation    companies    and    the j lowered
nict-~i nuts  of the.    cities    tt     donate | than   th
I rizes for the sports whieh will form
one of the most Important features of
tb" event.    The  work  of drawing  tip
the program has been referred to the
iub-program committee.
The afternoon of l-abor Day will be
devoted entirely to sports with base-
mil, lacrosse games, either or both.
10 form Uo- chief Item. The question
if having 0 porade was remitted to
thi priigroiii committee. Another
meeting of tho committee will be held
two weeks hence.
a division in the ranks of the major-
ity on other questions than that of
protection. The administration has
1 the power to enact this legislation.
iThe accounting for the abuse of that
j will come later."
Tbe report contends  that  the    bill
, has  caused  "Intense  and   widespread
alarm  in  business circles."
Asserting  that  the  Democratic  bill
! "seems   to  meet   with   universal    ai>-
iroval on the other side of   the   Atlantic." the report declares that    the
protective   feature   has   been   entirely
eliminated in  ihe framing of the bill,
"it is easily apparent,"  the    report
adds,  "that many of the duties have :
been   placed  on   articles  used   by   our 1
manufacturers   and   imported   wholly |
from abroad,  os a 'tax on  manufao-1
turers';   that  many  duties have been
so   that   they   ore   much   less |
difference  in  the    cost    of      Pans,
tabor at home and abroad:  that many IMonler,
Ottawa, April 20.���On    enquiry    al    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the department of the interior vester-
day it waB learned that railway belts ;Good Scores Made hy Regiment
of  British Columbia  are scon  to    be j
thrown open  for settlement, one dis 1
trict at a time.
The Golden district was, as a mat
ter of fact, thrown open one month
ago and Instructions 10 open the
Fraser valley district were sent for-
1 ward about one week ago.
1    Shuswap district, which Is covered
Civilians���J. C. Chamberlln Captures Weekly Spoon.
Idea! weather conditions favored
the members cf the 104th regiment
land the Civilian Rltle Association at
tthe    Brownsville      ranges    Saturday
by the Kamloops agency, will be
thrown open ln the course cf a couple
of weeka antl later on Revelstoke district will be opened for settlement.
Each district is being dealt with according to the special conditions prevailing there. .
Squatters on lands arc given flrst
opportunity to homestead, being allowed 30 days to put In their claims
to homestead privileges. The cbjoc.
of dealing with lands one d!s;rict n;
a time is to pr vent congestion In the
land offices, os there are so man:,
claims to be dealt with.
afternoon,  the    -ecorea    made    bein-g
very creditable.
Captain T. Cunningham kept up the
gocd work with a score of 9G, wbflo
amrr.g the civilians Mr. J. C. Cham-
berlln captured the weekly spoosi
With a score cf 92.
in- following o-e tiie scores.'
Regi-rcntal   Rifle Association.
200 BOO 600 Ttt
���\pril  In.
���The auto
and Soudy.
will be
nicies now paying very
duty have hi en put on the free list,
which lhe comparative cost of pro.
duct,on here and abroad is such lhal
it will be Impossible for business to
continue without bringing down our
scale of wages to the level of the
rates paid abroad. In many eases
articles are put on the free list, while
a   protective   duty   is   laid   upon     the
material used In their manufacture."
The elimination from    the    Demo-
^-^^-^^���^^���^^^^^^^.^^^^^^ cratlc bill of ihe maximum and mini-
rwo Ui-tEAK jail | niuin feature ol tiie present law   is
BUT ONE RECAPTURED  deplored   by   the     Republicans,    who
Claim    that    through    this    provision
low rates of I executed at  down,    it was supposed
( apt.  Smith   	
Lieut, Groves ...
Liautd Alrth ....
i.i,nt. Sangster
Pte.  Walker  	
Sergt. Thompson  .
Pte.   ("order   	
Hte     Vl'Ciie     ^^^^^^^^^^^
XXDid nct shooL
Civilian Rifi'e Association.
200 500 000 Tt!.
.. .xx
A getaway was
rail-1 early    yesterdaj
Vancouver Ciiv
awaiting trial.
London, April 2d    Sir Charles Hose,
M.P. for Newmarket, died in his automobile on bis return Journey from
Hendon this afternoon Just after "
o'clock,   sir Charlea left his residence
on North Augley street III Ills car and
drove to the London aerodrome at
Hendon. Afier witnessing some
flights Sir Charles himself went up
as a passenger. On descending be appeared to have enjoyed the trip thoroughly, for he hail for a long time been
looking forward to the experience.
When Sir Charles left his home-for
the aerodrome he was in excellent
spirits and remarked to a friend that
It was a beautiful day for a flight, lie
returned after the flight to his resl
deuce by automobile and ahout 4:30
between the aerodrome and bis house
death took place suddenly In the cor
When the chauffeur pulled the car up
at the door of the house lie got down
to assist Sir Charles, be found lhe
baronet dead,
The driver ill once drove to Dr. Mil-
iignn in upper Brook street, which is
not far from Sir Charles' residence
but the doctor on seeing the patient
could only  pronauuee  life extinct.
The ('Iri'iitnstiiuocN of lhe baronet's
dentil, whieh oppears to have been due
lo heart failure, have been communicated to bis son who wits In Paris,
whence he Ib expected to arrive tomorrow.
The lute baronet  represented  New-
known on the turf here, both ns owner 1
and  breeder, his colors being oxcep '
(ionoiiy popular at Newmarket
Sir Charles lost spoke in parliament
here as recently os April 11, win 11 he
seconded the National Service bill. Ue-
was the only Liberal to back the bill.
The baronet was elected to the Joe
key club In 1801,    lie laid out what is
probably  tli" finest  tennis    court    in
England at Newmarket and also had a i
magnificent court at l-Iardwlck castle,
bis  li'itutifiil  Thames  residence,     lie
resumed racing In 1011, after a virtual I
absence Irom the turf for Beveral sen- *
Dr.   Mllllgan,  In  nn  Interview,  declared that there could be little doubt
bul that Sir ( harles died ot benrl foil-
lure,    lie added that the excitement
of the baronet's tlrst aeroplane flight
1 wns in 0  large measure responsible
though   probably   tho   primary   cause
I wns the weak condition of the heart
Sir Charles was the second son of
the nt. Hon. Sir Charles Hose of Montreal ond was born In 1N47 In Unit city.
He wns created baronel In 1000.   He
was a captain in the Montreal Garrison Artillery and assisted to quell the
I Kiel rebellion In Canada,
j    He  was  a  member of the Jockey
club and for a lime racing partner of
the    late    King    Edward  Vil,  when
j Prince  of  Wales,     lie  was  president
of the Hoyal Automobile club.    Later
he took a grent  Interest In ynelning.
his boots Including the  Emerald, the
Toamstere Draw up Scale.
Toronto.    April    20,    The  Btriklng
teamsters at a meeting yesterday drew
up a wage scale to be presented to
the sup rlntcudents of the different
companies in which they set forth tht
Increases, vl?., ti' per month for in*
txperlenced teamsters; (r>l after lour
month; und (66 after six month.*. Mer-
(hints und others are complaining oft
the Inadequate service given.
Commence Seeding Soon.
Athabasca Landing, Alia..  April 20
���Farmers  are  coninienciing  to  plow
nid next week seeding will be gener-
I   In   litis   district.    The   past   week
��� >i   hi'i'ii   very   hot   and   ns   11   result
that   distrlrl     has    been    drying    Up
rapidly,    The Athabasca river Is un-
-*'f,' for travel and even  tn cross    Bt
thia  point, hut  it is expected  lhe lco
.,,,1  ko  i",I   next  week.
mode by two men
morning from tin
Jail where they wen
One of th-in. C. S.ir
teoiit. was captured in North Bur
noby by Constable Kelseberg of thi
'.tiinioly municipal police, who had re
���oi'.ed ward ot the 1 scope of the men
from the Vancouver authorities,
The other ni.ui, named Drewer. had
not 1 cn Raptured bite last ovenlnp
although tin' South Vancouver, Hur-
t.abv and Vancouver p dice were
keeping a sharp outlook for the man
S ugotiilt wub captured lu-s man two
hours ufter In bod escaped from tiie
lall and was token back to the institution tc dwalt trial,
I ,real tariff concessions and regulations were procured and much added
ItO the export trade of the country.
Iieleiiding  the  existing    Payne-Aid-
rich tariff, tbe minority asserts that
! ;i the lost four years, "ihe people of
the country have been more prosperous than ever before in oi;r history."
Ore Production in Kootenay.
N.lson, B.C.. April 20, - Ore prodi.o
tlon In the Kootenay and Boundary
districts last week amounted to 47,-
020 tons, making i total for the year
to date of 274,000 tuns. Smelter re-
Icelpts for the week 42,079 tons und
I for the year to date 69H.420 tons.
they would go to the guillotine Tie
day,   bu!   the   authorities   kept   tlnir
decision secret until the lost moment
with ,1 view of preventing a demon-
Pour men were to have been executed, but DIeudonne, one of the bandits sentenced to death i y the I'aris
court of assizes on Feb. 27, was pr-
doped yesterday   by   President Pi n-
care.      The    men   were convict* 1   of
many  murders.
C. Chamberlln
W. Jewhurst  .
A. Dadds 	
. .29
.. 28
, .2.1
A -m
23    *****
19    77
Cannot Locate Cotton Dealer.
Vevey, Sv.it ,-viand, April 20. -
!rso"t. W. Martin, the -Memphis CO*
ton broker, who disappeared from
London April and has bo tn r ; irted
ni Vevey, cannot be looati 1 I re
Telegrams for Martin are piling up In
the post office. There |s a rumor
that   Martin   bos  gi ne  10 Geneva.
Ca- Conductor Killed.
Saskatoon, Susk., April 20. Ilugli
E. Eaton, a conductor on the S.-uk.-i
toon Btreet railway! was killed on
Saturday night He went to loolt out
of the rear door of the car antl swutif;
too for oul Btriklng one of the iron
trolley posts, lie died sltortly after
wards from his injuries. He vrita 2<
years old and bo.', only been nartlcd
eight 1r.or.C1s.
market   division   In   the   llrltiBh   com | Sntnnlo nnd the Aurora     He on-e Is-
mons from1908 to 1911 and was again sued a challenge for the Americas cup.
elected In 1911.   Tliere are few better | which, however, was Withdrawn.
llerlin, Aprll 20. - II was announced that ex-King Manuel
Of Portugal Is engaged to
marry Princess Augustine Victoria, daughter of I'rlnce Wilt-
helm of llohenzollern.
A similar announcement to
this was made ut Munich us
long ago as January, Princess
Augustine Victoria Is .Manners
COUSln, She Ib 22 years of age.
Hon-.e-iteadcrs Suffer.
Mo'obo Jaw, April 20.    A special re-i *
port from Morse says bad prairie fires i *
are raging in the country to the south
of thut town,   it ts estimated to be
some 50 miles iu width nnd is sweeping everything before It. Already a
half dozen or nifire homesteaders have
lost all they hove and several of thetn
are reported to hove had narrow es-
capt s for Ihelr lives. It is the worst
fire in the history of the district.
Beware of Mixed Marriages.
Saskatoon, s.isk., April 20. lie-,-
Father  Lnrase of St.  Paul's oburcb
lhere, yesterday warned Catholics 10
refrain from entering into mixed mar
rlages, Ho condemned such marriages
jas  most  dangerous und  exorted  par
* *
ems   to   prevent  their  children   fi-om|*
nterlni: Into mixed marrlnges. He
stated "there is a great danger for
your souls In mixed marrlngeB.    Vt liy
therefore are you not obedient and
uvoid the danger Beware of mixed
Washington. April 20.-
Trouble with tlle Moros In
the Philippines which has
threatened tho peace of mind
Of the war department for several   weeks   has   been   averted.
Representatives to the department say the army of belligerent tribesmen, numbering 8000,
which practically laid siege to
Join and dared the American
garrison to venture forth and
do battle, has dispersed.
The Moros threatened to revolt because agitators from
the province of Luzon had
spread reports that the Americans planned to make tbem
abandon the Mohammedan religion.
Tokio, A-ril 20- The an"ouncemenl
thai  President Wilson and Secretary
f Stat" lli-v-in are maklna efforts to
bring  about   a  compromise  In    ths
aroposod California legislation
respect   to   the   olieii   land   own
'ill  and   that  Governor  Hiram  John
son Is opposing the b'll ha; softened
Japanese Ire, and public opinion now
has become more optimistic,
The alleged unwillingness of the
American missionaries to assist In resisting the bill Is the subject of harsh
criticism In the Japanese papers, but
after     a    conference      which   Count
��� lOkumii.    the    foreign    minister,    hnd
with missionaries, the latter despatched telegrams to California, the exact
nature of which are not known.
Count   Okiimn   Ironically   reminded
forntans the same principles."
The Japanese consul at Vnncoarer.
B.C., who has arrived here, hna
caused some 1 *>cittment by tho stafo-
withlment that anti-Japanese legislation it��
hip [pending in the Canadian province* of
liritish Columbia, Saskatchewan anil
Awaited with Interest.
Washington, April] 20. Further
consideration of proposed alien l.-uiff
legislation in the California a-ssamUy
tomorrow is waited with deup Interest here. There were no pi'QMlBt
developments today In administration
circles.      Secretary    Hrynn    received
a telegram reiwrted to bu front
Coventor Johnson, acknowledging receipt of the secretary's message cf
yesterday outlining    the    udmiiii.slni
the missionaries that Japan owed its.'tion view of tho Blluatiun. but il-.tl
llrst lessons In foreign humanitarian not make tho contents public. Cali-
prlnclples to the United States, j I'ornla representatives issued atatft-
"Now the duty liua devolved upon | ments discussing the demand lu their
Japan," he added, "to teach the Call-1 state for alien land lawa.
J ���SHtSif. *******
****f*>'tl C- 'i' 7*1'<*r--   ,,t"lSTER( -'**:���(% t
An i-tdevetult*/. rtxortiitiff futio ,- ii,,-.i-.t io the interest* 0/ Neil IVestiMtuttter und
ih* Fraser Valltu- I'vX-titk. .1 every mo-11 a.0 except Sunday lilt tht National Prlntiwp
4,1,! ruhlitht** Cuiasm-y, Limited, at i>:i UoKentu Street, New -Woslmltntar. BrUtafl
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND,  Maiimiinii !'������    tot
All i-ommiinu-aeons s-H,iu\d be addressed to  The .Wit:   ll-st, .-0, ,   ,V'I   n   o-ot  not
linmi diotel.', ihey betook themselves
to Son Francisco, ond thence with
othi r excite 1 treasure bunt rs tt ok
Bhlp for Portland, Oregon,
The main trail north was besot by
hostile Indians, b * a roundabout route
was chosen, passing Seattle, which
at  that time was an  Indian village,
A  canoe was secured and after Baling   across   Hie  ,Stralt8   cf   Georghu
and Samll i i'i ba \ they reach d the
mcuth <f tie* Fraser river, which was
n ''inti.
By  d'nl    if  great   exertions    tin y
��� i    Fort 1 a-aglev   thirty miles up.
and tho mosl Important Hudson Bay
pes', on the Pacific coast.    The route
fclowcd  ���'���''  Harrison  rlvor to Harrl-
l-'������    mil  tiicoe    agalnsl    the
��� .' 'i*i   waters   of   the   Lillooet   river.
H5 miles lnng.
1 **i\   bad   to  drax the canoe
up streooi with ropes, nntl altogether
We have previously observed that in respect to many thoy were 23 days at the task.   ���������-
So indio*i*txl member, of tht   staff. Cheat*
fWf/.ifcte  1"  The  Kotvooi  1'rtntin.o and   1'
f*tLBPOtHt*t*i   Bmutets otun and
�����:>:.  SSI
HlllfH'KirTlOX  KATKK���llv enrri,
n.int��    Ki,  nujil. %*,  p*r near, *.-:,c per   in
ADVtUiTfalWta  aTATKe' on <t|/|ilK-<i<t
It, droit* moi  1 ion- > "'.'
MisIihik Comfanif, ���Umi
Manager, ays .* Bdwonal
M  per  'tear, tl  for llr
��� ntli
���   |||    -���l  1.     -nail.
i: i    1 oil  il' oorl
,  month.-,   i"*   v"
1 NG, AFRIL 81, 1013,
I pon April 21, I -; 12, the pen, '.������ ( I
Toronto Joyously welcomed the new
;overnor-general, Sir Charles Bagot,
who   was   pitying   his   tirsl   visit   lo
the town.    He  bad succeeded    Lord  Editor Westminster News
Sydenham, who bod died In the preceding year at  Kingston os a result
i r o fall from bis horse.
Bagot came to Canada In the difficult time when the Bystem of responsible government  was just  being  town.
tn, comparatively   Bpeaklng,
newcomer,   nntl   was   prevailed   upt
thev   lost   all   Iheir  stores   save
soc's of floor -i'"l :iil firearm *
Bave one revolver.    During the whole
���-���������   i>,p   men's   clothes   were   soaking
Wl t,   ond   at   Iheir   Camps   they   were
forced to establish  n  sentry system
to  keep  marauding   Indians away.
������,...  ii:!i-<  of  hardship and  trouble
brought ihem to the Indian troll over jjj
important events we cannot sec their import in true per-1^ 'Jr.
spective until they are separated from us by a considerable
amount of time. The men who make history arc seldom as
fully aware of the influence of their actionsupon the
whole life of the communities in whieh Ihey live as are
Close of a decade, or, it may he, a generation later.
During the few months that have already gone to the j the cascade mountain'. -. rockv track
.  .run ���      ii ��� ,- *   ii    /i    t i "'e  conn-ilptc   control  tf  thieving
account of 191", we in this section ot h. ( . nave been|8avages ���f   ���,,(,r   barbarity    Thev
making history fairly fast, for within that time there ' ive
blossomed out from other forms of government the     ie
of Port Coquitlam.  Port Moody, the munieipaliti      if
Fraser Mills and the reorganized municipality of C -    it
All these changes point to the one central fac
���development upon the Fraser river is proceeding at a rapid pace, and. when one ceases to bound one's mentrl
rizon by the city limits of Vancouver or of New We -  nu
ster, it is not difficult to see why these changes should be.
The. lower mainland of British Columbia, bordering as it
<d��es on Burrard Inlet and on the Fraser is destim I
loom fully as large on the commercial map of the P
put on trial; out! os he had been
appointed by a Conservative ministry in England, ond wos known to
be o strong Bupporter of the party,
the members of the Family Compact
in   Canada   hoped   that   his   coinln (
��� ���
t Correspondence j
��� ���
The New Westminster News dot >
net bold Itself responsible for tbe
i pinions expressed In correspondence
As one of the merchants of New
Westminster, l  want   to express  raj
appreciation of tho efforts you havi
made in your rapidly developing pa *
per to educate the people of this city j
to   be   loyal   to   themselves   and    the
would cause a reaction  in Iheir  fav
They   were   disappointed,   however.
BagOt  understood the duties too  well
to hike sides In party quarrels;   but
gave his  support  and confidence   to
advisers for the time being,  to
cold  dust,
an Indian
world as tti
v., Montreal
We h:*
ered that hi
all tho yer
canal and '
the world '
1 western port of the Dominion of Cana
its eastern gate.
��� said "fi Ily as larg  " but, when it is c<
e in o,:"
ound, v
1 V^ivv-
pavored cl* ne ships may come a l I
len .the      lificance of the Pa mm
lary effect upon the irade routes of
������''I tn mind; when the growth of the
n   ccntlnuallv  In danger of death.
��� niy   reason   the  Indians  did,
���   take  their  flour  was that  they
��� ���  no'   ti'iii '--I'-i'id   its use.
,M   lost   nfter a   Journey  of   forty
��� .��� thev reached the Fraser al o
nolnt   perhaps  tour    hundred    miles
ti      Mi   ind  began  washing
"'" sands for cold Thev mode from
'*  to io '������  dav  for  ipvpral  weeks.
Whin   their   supplies   were   almost
hausti ���'  ihey  succeeded In
,BC], ,.,- fit '-���- ror tti11 In
���*!,.,i night II was stolen Ir
i      knew   Its   value     Discouraged,
Mr.  Gardiner    and    hla    companion
��� I,, ,i   down   stream   tn  Fort    Hone
."il   Fori   Yale   and   thence   to   the
mi, returning to California no
������vi,, r savs In experience.
-��������� ���-,* called al Victoria   a town of
nl   i "i Inhabitants, and Baw two
British  men-of-war, the Satellite and
the plumper.
Mr. Gardiner earnestly advised his
r>rii ce Edward I dand friends not to
go  to  British  Columbia  with  the  In-
* .htlon ' f staining, a fortune bv mining, or with any other Intention, as
the trip wos very laborious and expensive.
whichever party  tbey  bt
He   hod   been   (niy   o
time in Canada when a
Of  renfdence  In     the
very short
vote of want
ministry was passed by the Assembly, ond be then Invited the Reform
leaders, Baldwin and Lafontalne, to
form o ministry. Soon afterwards
he nsked to be recalled on account
of JU health, bul dud at Kingston
en  his way  heme.
.He ""es Cnrtier. In command of
two Fhlpa and 24rt men. sailed from
St. Mnlo, France, 379 yi ors ago yes-
1 '"d * Mil 20, 1534, ond. after a
prosperous voyage ot twenty davs
��� ���''*'' d the bleak coasts of Newfoundland.
I andlng on the coasl of Labrador
he took possession of the country In
" me of his monarch, Francis 1
i-r France. Turning southward, hi
* i ti red, Iho Bav < r Chaleurs, 1 inded
In (H.-pe hay and held friendly Inter
c ursi    with   the  natives.
Ra'Png thenco northeist across thc
Gulf of St. Lawrence, he entered tht
branch of the St. Lawrence north rf
Antic* sti  Island.    All  unconscious of as hos the Royal City,
having  discovered  a  great   rlvi r,   he
returned to France, hiking with him
two Indians,
to cost In my lot with the peoi ii
here believing that New Westminsti i
bod the geographical position, tions
pcrtatlon facilities and the scenic
beauty to ultimately make it one ol
the most pleasant and desirable cities
in  II. C, lo live In.
i hove been astonished to observe
the number of our citizens of all class
es, professional, laboring and even
mercantile, who spend their mono)
away from home. I have even heard
one of our public men soy. "1 will
go a little earlier ond get a shave
at my destination," Whal a llttlt
thing, and yet our barbers reside ben
and I hope spend their money here.
They live on the IS and ;',."i cent ne
Some cf our merchants' wives
even merchants themselves, and
blush to chronicle it. send or go out
ot town for merchandise, even theii
groceries ond other household net*
essit'es are bought from people whi
do not contribute one pinny to the
upbuilding 'of our city,
l heard it Btated al lhe lost civic
election that Columbia Btreet contributes about 25 per cent of the total
taxes collected In the city. Is It fair
or just that theBe people should pay
isiich a large proportion of the taxe--
and not receive the hearty ond loyal
support of it? citizens?
ivti i hear seme sav, we can't get
the goods here? Lei me tell you
after several yeara i icperlence In mer.
cantlle life, that I hai e never yet
known a city of New Westminster':
size have so many well Btocked sl in i
MONDAY, APRIL 21,  1913.
Bylaw No. 156.
A  By-law to enable The C
ii���.  iiistriet  nf   Burnaby
way ef loan the sum of t
Streot Purposes.
irporatlon uf
to ralBo   by
100, .00 fnt
llll'l I-
aid O
I  will  moke
Wlii:ui;as it Is necessary
' ent lbat the Council "f the
I :itl..ii In- authorized i" borrow tie* Bl
ot Five Hundred Thousand Dollara (Si"
 I, i to provide for Improving and
Intruding certain roads and sii"
1 tin- limits of tin' Municipality.
\NH   W11EREA8   it   is   necessary    1"
| ruin" the  moneys  required  to dufray  tli"
above expenditure upon the credit "f Iho
| Municipality.
\NU WHEREAS lt will In* neceBSary to
raise annually by special rate tin* sum of
Five Thousand Two Hundred and Slxty-
,,!i.. Dollars and seventy-five cents llo,-
261 76) principal and Uio sum of Twenly-
tlvi thousand Hollars ($26,000.00) Interest making tog tin i* tl tutu! amount annually "f Thirty Thousand Two Hundred
.uni Blxty-otie Dollara and Seventy-five
Cents i i.O'.Ji:: :���', i for tlie term o'. forty
years for the repayment of the said loan
anil Interest thi iron as hereinafter mentioned
AND WHEREAS '!'.* net value of tho
who|.  rtiienbte I.in.l In tbe Municipality ac-
 -iIIiik to lhe I.eo rf.is.-d assessment r-,11
, .,,, mis io i \> * i.i ��� two mllll ni One hundn ,| an I ��� Igbti ��� n thousand three hundred
and s, i, ntj -five Dona��� I *:-���.! !*. li S " ��� i
AND \\ HERB W3 Iiu total existing debenture debt  ui   tne  Municipality  is Two
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc; elr-
i-iii.u work specialist. All work strictly
,���::;,I, nii.il. II. Barry, room lis Westminster Trust Blk.   Phone 7".'.
Ill I*'. T. C WICKBTT, A. ll C O.,
1, i- C M-. Buporvlsor uf MubIc New
WratinlnMsr Schools, Organist sixtk
Avenue Methodist   Cburcb,   Vancouver;
r in** pupils fur ttie pianoforte, organ.
singing; and theory,    tilu  Fifth avenue.
New W.aliiilnsler.
it s I' i�� at Elks of the
th,- lirst umi ii.ini Thursday
K of I', i-u.il. F.lKiiib strei
Gray, Exalted Ruler; P, II.
i*> tary.
NO   3,
. meet
A    Will*
'until, I-Vc-
O. M., NO. HjI -MEETS ON flint,
mnd and third Wednesdays in uacH
mill 111 K. of H. Hull in s p.m. H. J
amy, dictator; J. H. Price, seoretaiT.
n -Ths
go    No.
-   Iiall
* OTHER?   ARE   BUSY. *
li-iprcvitig tbe Pnrts cf the World.
Anticipating the opening of the Pan-
tI commercial power of the nations bordering
upon thf Pacific is considered, then it would seem that the
future has in store for Canada's western outlet far greater
things than are those to he enjoyed in the east.
With this in mind it is but natural tti expect that new-
cities and municipalities will arise on every hand around
the western portal. The times of late havc been a little less
active than might have been hoped for, but the answer of hl lns spent for imprpv, ments at vnri.
,, ,   . n,    .       , .     ,, ' .   . . mis ports of the wrrld ko as to better
the coast is contained in the new civic organizations we handle deep-sea commerce.
mentioned. ~    movement   is   universal���the
uttpd States, Canada, South \meriea,
Europe and elsewhere.    Tor this pur-      M;ijnr-f!eiieral    T.    Illand Strang
��� I'.,.  Los AngeleS  has pledged  itself |n   command   of   the   thrpe   eoltn	
���m si'.iii! $10,000,000 if o capable ad- SBnt against the Rlel rebels, left Cal-
ministration   may   be   Becured.     San .-���,,.,���   twentv-elghl   years  ago  yester
!lf"o is operaUng a port develop- flay, and  with  bis 656  men  marched
to guide them into that place they arc destined to fill in m?!i^'lZ^, *e wSrSVeattst wZeTZtZ*' l" "^ '^^ '"
the union of cities and towns that toefether constitutes the ,"'"- i|r"i|0S0B t0 "p^1''1 "" ',HIJ?rove' Ch'e' Big Bear and his Indians hnd
western portal of the Dominion.      ' HUdo*a^5^0M6��0MM ' ��"�� '"":; raJ^ "l^'rV' 7'"
r nt >*.  nm n  t ni-iiim  -piu.uuu, uu, |,n nu, vu.miiy ���f Kdmonton, but Gen-
Seattle lias planned a port expendl- rr.,,   girange   foillll|   t!lP  redgkins   so
...        ,, ture winch will require an outlay of
iiR3 ot the robin  and  meadowlgrk,   {20.000.000.
The  .New   York  Zoological  Society      Montreal lias rprnt 117,000,000 and
They are not phantasies born of optimism gone mad.iir
but cities and municipalities with all the machinery for
proper governance, the possibilities for infinite growth
and we hope and believe the men at their respective helms -
O" his nexl voyage Cartler Balled
ill) the St. Lawrence to the site of
Quebec, where he was given a kind-
'. reception by Donnaconna. "Kinc
of Canada." Later he visited a I inr
on village on the site of .Montreal,
and called the mountain back of ll
Mont Real. On returning to PVance
than $1,000,000,000 is he treacherously took with blm King
Donnaconna and eigln chiefs, who
'I-- i"-��d of erlef.
Cartler made a third voyage to
Can da In  1541, and died In  1555.
Prices,  did  you  say
;edg,M'lhe"aven,ge   price  here   oor.- ^:::;J-;Z   ,*���;���;;,',',';,' ^ ,&"&�����.
pares   favorably   wtli   prices obtain- , t.t , , ,,. ,, ,   .,,,:,.,.     i   loch
Ing in any city on  the Paclf'o coant pr inn  debt
the l'n :
Specials vou mav get, but they are
the exception. Our own stores have
specials, but our people are so slow
to respond, that it seems almost use-
less to offer anything, 1 was told by
a very prominent merchant that specials do not Hike bere, Not believing my informant, I tried the b:iit.
putting in my window and advertising in the papers articles of common
use. ut much less than factory cost.
with practically no results.
I have tried to find a reason for
this apparent apathy. It is-i't lie-
cause they don't, want the goods, for
they are being bought and sold every
day, and the same goods advertised corp"
elsewhere at a high cost are eagerly
sought by throngs, and amongst the
crowd ynu see New Westminster cltl-
izi ns jostling and elbowing the crowd
tn grasp one nf the plums.
I  am  told  by  many of onr disfriot
There Is a poofl deal of healthy
-opinio-, fln-dhtg fire n ii -n n, w
on Uie mailer ut developing a Canadian drama, wblch may \-o taken ns
another evidence of t>" d'tv with
��hlch wc aie coming to I 11 self-con-
: scloiiHTii-ss as a  nation.
Much of thc opinion expressed does
.not reveal a very  close  study  nf lit-
���-���rtirv history  or of the processes  by
���whir/i T'aliimsl drama ls evolved, but
tin- nail)  iiiipiirl.-u-it point in that pen
Vie Should betjln to think about   111,���
���matter,    tt is only a few years since
���ilr-ama  in   the  Kngiish language  con-
������corned  itself almotd  fxrlnsivi iy  with
llie   llf"   of   lhe   upper   classes    Then
came tho in-ThA'-ote -Ot jx'.wsrir.l drama
i-a-B-p-aaally   In   Ireland,  to   show  that
���the  eternal   probicms   were   just   ;is
fndslent anion,-: thi* tnanVle a.= nmotif
.*h< Se in high jilar^f.
'iiie influetiri! or Ibsc-n in his socle
' 'or.c\-i1 plays furthermore drew atten-
���tjfm  to the  vast fields for  dramatic
* Bttton in the liv��-.<i cm! thr middle class,
��� Op, with the renAt that today drama
tu   Kngiish   is far   mor****-   comprehensive than  ever tx-Jore  in  ita history.
Whether ll it, -cffaHare-endnring worth
is  a quite  dirfi.nns  ijM-iti-on     which
neirl  not be dlsctiftsed,
llie point is -Thai il his u sense
i->f iirli'iillly which rr.h.k(a it more
���il  Ml   influence  ia   nn.tiin :ii   life   than
has Joined t'i" Audubon Societies of
America lnchallenglng the right of
lhe feather Irade lo etxermlnate the
most beautiful and curious birds of
tiie world for millinery purposes,
Fully    100   species   of   these   birds
Is planning creat extensions.
Toronto  will   cp-nrt  f'.s nnn.dnn     In I
harbor and waterfront Improvements,      y���.,,,,r,|���..
The  government   of  Chile   has   au-   ,
ihorizod   a   $20,000,000   loan   fur   port
improvements at  Valparaiso nml  San
\otnnln,   Valparaiso alone is to spend
strongly entrenched that he dared customers who have no local Bym-
not give battle. Illg Hear, with the palhy or antipathy that they can buy
collanse  of  the  rebellion,   voluntarily  to   better   advantage   and   are     more
courteously  and  pleasantly  treated in
.....      .i.-.    . ,        .., ��� \"l'il in.     \ .iinii! .hm, .ni'li,' i* in ;��� �� ii
���mw   threatened  wltb  destruction   $I2noo,000 to $13,000,000.   This meat
t   the vanltv of a v-ry few wowm  frlprovemenls of the most modern an
New   Westminster   stores  than   else- of io:
��   the  Tif'vr.-u-ir,-   , f  where,
ii- birth. In 17S1S. of Sir William  Ed-      1   uni   therefbra   forced  to  thp  con-
mond    l.n/iii.   who   wus   direc'nr   of elusion   that   Sevr   Westminster   pos~
the Ca-nadian Geological Survey from
1842   to   1871,   and   whose   scfentlf'o
1    l'\    special    I ll ''-I
nr nsfli sstni nis of ,\ Itlcli none of the pi In
,*,i tl or Intort si  Is ;u arrcikra
AND WHBRBAa to provide for tlio pay-
in. r,t of inn nil .mil itie creation of a
Hlnklng Fund for Urn pas ���������* nt ot thc said
pt Incll .il  Sl tn of  l'i  ���    I Oi*i'li"l Ttvms-inil
linil.ns   ($500,tl I  will be ri. ���-, si-.il v
to lev) i special annual rate mfflcieat to
,;,i... ��� , Bum "i ii.ii*'.*'* 'Cbouaand Two
hundred nnd SUt: one Dollara and s< *.*
enty-flvp i i'i i t::".^ii 1 T", i the ;in��utit
t,, i��� calculated itnnuallj on tb'* wiiole of
lite rateable Land uoniprlned wiililn tin*
now 'i*iii*:ki:iiH!i*; the Mimii-n* .t
Council of Un Corporation "f the Dt��-
trlcl  of   But nabi   t-nacta u��  i,,llow��
1 It Rhall I"* lawful tor the u. ��� *. ��� Snd
Clerk "I the Council for Lhe purposes
aforesaid lo borrow or ralae by w.iy of
loan from any person or body <,r i������!i-'n
wi,., may h wiilinK to actvance
���*,,. nanv ipon lln aredll of the deben-
tun h hi n *,:..,:������ ' im ntlntu -I n sum not ox
oedlnR   Five   HunUrudl Tboasaud   Doltan
, $6i 1.00)   nntl  tn  '-mis,'  lie-  dame  lo
Ik- placed in :l"* Royal llmiit ,if Canada u
i',, im. of New Westminster, British Columbia, lo the credit of the said Corpora,
lion for thi- purpose nud wirh the nbjecta
above set rortb find tn issin- nny numti-r
of debenturea of the said CUVQ-grafi] lo to
the num of Five lliin,lii-fl Tbavatmad lxi\
lam ( J.-,('0.000,nn i In the whel-- ill iLCT-nrd-
iiiii-.. with th" "MunlBlpol Act" And th,.
s.ii'l aebentures nhiill 1��* is-.n'd to coti��i-��
1. O. O,   F.   AMITY   LOIX1B  Nt)
[���Hiilur iili-etlnK n-f Amity I
j,. I ii. O, P., U�� h-i-iu everj
nicni .it 8 o'clock In D'l'i I'll.
i ier   Carnarvon   umi   BDsbth
VislllitP    ho th, rn     oordlally
U    A    M.Tiilk.'M',   N    il..   J    Roi
\     il,    W.   C.   I "lillnu:,.   I'    '.
in-' secretary;   H.  W,  sangster,
clal secretary.
ter \- Hitniiii. Ltd. i���l-'im. rnl directors
and i nih.iltiii'i'M. r-iarltirs 4'ir, Columbia
etreet,   New   Wostmlnoter,    Phone   B9I,
of t
iay be gratified. The Boclety belli ven that civilization has a duty
to perform In this matter.
further In submitting a practical
means whereby the American nation
can perform Its measure nf that duty.
provision   for   the
It  proposes   Ibis
pending  tariff bill:
"That the importation nf aigrettes.
egret plumes or oBprey plumes, and
fie feathers, quills, heads, wings,
tails, skins or parts of akins nf wild
birds, either raw nr manufactured,
and not for scientific or educational
purposes, is hereby prohibited; but
tli's provision shall not apply to the
feathers or plumes of ostriches, or
to the featherH of domestic fowls of
any   kind.
This   is   what   Australia   has   done.
It    is   what    America   might   dn   wiih
vastly   greater   effect
greater purpose than
efficient character.   Witb the improvement  extensions in  Pacific coast and
'    '   ' s  transpacific thlp services.
Halifax !s discussing the outlay nf
at least $"n,ooo,000 fnr port Improvements.
i'cru.   as   a   pro-American   country
i  the pnrt   imprnvement spirit,  but | Sir   Fe
attainments won the Imnnr nf knighthood.    He died in ttl:,.
* fBy   O   Terence.1 ���
BesseB some of the most disloyal,
short-flighted and narrow gauge citizens that any city could be cursed
with. I am glad to sny we have on
the other bnnd. some of thn best
class  of  people   to  be  found  in  any
nnt yet the wraith nr trade fnr ex
tensive expenditures such as are be-
itign planned by Argentine, Brazil and
Chile, In five Brazilian ports the great
urn of jrii.nnn-.nno mny be devoted
to port development. In the next
live years $':.ri.nn0.onn will he spent on
docks at Buenos Aires.
Hamburg, which is finishing tli"
world's greatest steamship. Imperator.
is preparing ample accommodations
for the new type of passenger vessels.
The city of Havre, France, is mak
and to vastly ing port Improvements which will cost
lies  behind  its  $20,000,000.     The   port   of   Boulogne,
iy   Schuster,   Leading   London
similarly spending* $R,00(),-
rmrt. of Cal lis, France, la
��� development.
4'. 'bun   hern.
A national drama cbtui    as n result (if  the world.
��� if  a   vivid   nlin*itig   in   the   national In   the  argument   which   has   been
imagination     Vrm nw.noi divorce the submitted   to   lhe   Wa>s   and   Means
golden ��!:������ of Grv<-k drama from the committee  It   Is shown  that  the  van-
gbWoa  age of  Creek statesmanship. Ishlng  bird life of tho  world  is dim
(ireal politics do nm make great dra- to    this    Indiscriminate      slaughter.
nm   nor   greaJ   drama  great   politics, Ther"  is a  regular standing price In
���hut   hrdli  sprung  fnmi   iti    si,me in !-' ndon   for   rare   and  beautiful   bird
tejiii- ooniclouaneas. shins.    The  price  of the  skin  of it
In   the  Sixine  way  it   was   no  mere red tallager is nine cents,
many    tariff   prohibitions   for    mono-   France,
poly  profit  in the exploitation of its  one.    Th
own   resources,     Feminine   fusa   end  alio und.
feathers have small  claim  tu protection at  this cost  tu  lhe  wider beauty i the   l'unamn   canal  with  expansion   -it
harbor   limits.     Many   Improvements
n:-e under way  nl  the various  Amen
can  and  other   ports  on   lhe   Gulf  of
The lateet   project  of the  commls
Banker,    is   59   Today.
Sir Felix Schuster,  ' nndon banker,
"-tl one of the world's greatOHt atl-
'hoM'cH  nn  money  matters,   will   be-
,-in h's sixtieth vear today, having
been horn on \nril 2). is:,4. He ia
the governor of the Tnion of London
and Smith's bank, one of the strongest financial Institutions nf the [irit-
l��h  Empire.
Sir Felix is especially interested in
the question rf gnld reserves, and is
a member nf the new committee nf
Kngiish bankers which wll meet next
month tn cnns;dcr that problem. He
believes tbat wfth ihe Increasing pro-
il'*"';' e'l'ss    rf    ���',,,    cour iries    I  ne'
aebentures eaoh of thf .t*-n..'*iinn.
On,-   Hundred    Pound's    *^ti-rlmK
i   nnii one debenture of the ;i;;i,"int
tin   1,1   I,, i ti lc ttie Sterling e-^ntm-
f   Ki-.,-  Hundred  Thousand   DoHsra
(((00,000.00)   nt   lhe   rate   uf   J4.SS   2-3   tr>
thi* one-pound Sterling; each debetrtwe N**
Ing also exprcRfled to In- payable In o-tnn
dt.li! Currency computed at mich race, -on.'
such debenture!) Mlml! hnve annexed then-
tn coupons exprensed i��.ih In Bret-nag and
Currency fur tin- Interest th'-rr<-n at the
rnte of Five i :. i per centum ��-r annum
, payable  hnlf-yenrlv  ��n   n.e  .""th   .fny- nf
iinlry.      lhese   Infer   are   the   peo- j��������� ���,���, ,,,,. ?,,,��� ,,,,,. ,,, i *>,,,, mh,.r ;n ner,
-,-ejir. And Buch Hterllns debeittrrrefl ahall
iv delivered t., tin* nurebnsers nf th" -^\lii
ileln-iiiuris, and both -is tn prlttefpa! .-iuil
Interim shall 1��- payable nr thi* Office of
the ftrival Rnnlt nf c-.-inndii In l.rmrt'-in
Btngland, nr in TorontB, Montreal nr Vancouver, rnnadn, n- in N',-w Vnrk. tit hold
er's option. And rh,- prlncfpu! nf the mid
AQbentUrea shall he payable nn the thirtieth dav nf June A. ri.  to US.
- Tin re shall he raised nnd levied nn
nually bv n apeclal rat,- stirrieient there-
: for on  nil   rateable  Innd  irlthtn  the  tl-nlt.*.
'.'. .* ;..::���*     B    Insti-   $( ,h" ^,dT^UrtgW*L^^T^x-t-"*.
Ttlniisiinn    Tivn    IfunornI     nml     sixty-"'
pie who buy at home as far as possi-
ble and who will he responsible, for
r*ur iiltimale success au a commercial
and industrial centre.
Wake up. people nf N'ew Westminster, turn your faces lo thn future.
Take the ditBt from your eyes, tho
cobwebs from your brains, get the
viR'nn have faith and show your
faith  by  your  works
Support    N'ew
ttittons,   her   Industries.      Boy    B.   ��. |f***oiuvrB and fSevenrv.ffve Cents f$SHfl.7!H
produce in  New   Westminster  ( Frarer | tor the intrpnw of f'-nninK n -"Inking rund
,. ,, .i._~��i ifor the  payment  nf  th-  -tnld debentures
'.alley    preferred] and  the Vm   **r  t�� mv 'lve   Tnmt��nntl
Hoard   of   Trudn   and   ProgreSBlvt    Dollara   tlSH.OOO.O-*)   for the pnyirK'nt 0-
Association   spend   *i   little   of   yonr I the Intereat at a��e rate aforesaid, the
are not true, how
do you expect anything but bumps
and  sidetrac'.ing   from  the  other  fel
If   our   citizens
O   you    expect    fl
i which   Europe   geta   supplies  of  food
!'     '���'������"'   "'���-'"���       ":" : '    ind  nr*    materials,  the.  demand   for
gold will continue to Bhow Increasing expanB'on. Ho holds thai the
" Id resi i-vcb i'i the various monetary
centre.- Bhould be (* rrn^thened. 'n
* ri'* r that sudden ditnaids may lie
.    ;<i   ,,  ,,,,,.     ,,,   ,   .  , ,  Nm   met   without.  r��n<rs  or   liardshlna
York  providen   for  oorl   exnendlt��'��-      A" l"11'1   "r  ""'   "   ''''"l""'1
.:,  ���   I.  im   ���  ������ ���.!������/�� empmrttn. |SJ(^^I^1J?^,l2JSl^^,^"2SS
Munleii-nllly  rlurlivg   thc    currency   r,f  the
said debentures nr nnv of rhern
H This Fly-I.iw shnll take effect on
and after th) sceood day of June A I'
I Thin Tlv-tnw may be e|teH for nil
niirtin-ni ni lhe "Bl'HN'AHV rti-nn 1M
LAW.   1813."
thin seventh d-iy nt April A   D. 1913.
Rtoelved   the   nssent   of   the   Fll
Keep up llie good work Mr. i'dilir.
Your paper i.i hound to be effective
if conducted on these lines, our peo
pit oughl to support ynu, nur mer
chants ought lo
in enable you  to
idvertlse   with   you
A-ork with  renewed
energy for th'
amounting to nearly tSB.OOO iiiiii
iii inn Philadelphia will probably
hpi ml  about   $3,250,000,
f I'-nt   tlmt   Hbakesticare   and   Fro-
'btslii'r beJnnR)-.l to the BOme ,it;e.
in, ie a,e .a tin- hJotory of every nation those i"��irat'r\iiiiary periods when
Ml* oraaUvs powers of tho nation can
no looser he held uithin bounds und,
-according to their character, r, mako
.tie   wo-ild   of   Idea   and   the   wofld   of
The Oomand <>f a national drama ternatlonal
hen- iu nothing His* -ihan tJir* stirring
Ot those creative powers. The dls-
fiaili.fa/-lion with things -as thtty are
ir Hue prophecy eit thlnfiB ;i*.' !h,-> will
We -shall not create
���*irr.ina by any aectoanl
but wn can, by cone
Hin-s on it, prepare
ntr't".":; our (1 ������
the  way   for  it.
The  price ol  a  buuimlng bird  skin
' .1 nts. thai  of a  scarlet  Ibea
and orange oriole five cents Borne
of theBe Bklns are more expensive,
thus of th greatr bird nf paradise
ranging from  JJ.-ln  to  34.61 each.
In ihls purl of the world we nre
greatly Interested in legislation do
d.gned to protect bird life An In-
commission should be
formed with the special duty nf ro-
commending necessary legislation
both in Canada and tin- United
S'.ttes Winnipeg Tribune.
A letter of no little historic interest
was sent by Mr. C, C. Oardlner from
('nl foi-ni.-t in the Charlottetown is
lander antl published by that papet
in December, !*->. it was n detail
ed   a*- lint   of  a   journey   minle   from
In ad
greatest bunks, he spoils with
thorlty when ho declares that
Hani, of England Bhould m t bn
to   henr     alone     the     burd-n
"good old Royal City.'
IfOUrs fnr Hitcei ss
N. W. I-.OYA1.i1S1
lay of
nn  f
anthill f
IDRRED  .mil   flmill>*
ll. -Iir-i'd by tv   It
There   is  surely  enougti   material  tu
rhe   national life  t.ini   for  n   great li'-
iT.iturii   hut  the  national   mind   tiaa San Francisco to the placer gold dig
not yet'attained a sufficient :*... < :': ���.�� '    '  "'   the  Fraser  river  ln   Britiah
i . r, m..d"i  ii   in  It rm    nl  lh * Itnag C ilumb'a,
itnttlon,    In other word     life Is  far     Not   1' ""   :'''   the  Patr'nt
too   Interesting   fer   us   ti    i    *. n   t . Ush ���! tbo ;.  ter, commenting
.*.:;    i i" i.i *.   nature  of  the
vi.:i*j*..(   it   yob    Monlrra
: * ar
Bummer would nol be
-niiiumt the annua] rl��H ol
tiful birds tnmi ths Ith
the neighboring n:<ti' n
m  be
the beau-
jui i as
enforci     leg
���e pub
in the
���till *. that wero mi t, nnd ri minded
us how rei'i'iil Is the growth of clvl-
laiit n on ihe western coasl of Canada.
The ���   v i ol the big gold Btrike i n
the   i rn n r    and    Thompson    rivers
reachi cl  California   In   Mn ���.    Al  thai
im.,   Mr,   Gardiner   and   n   partnt '
wt re mining  In  the neighborhood ol
��� i
eaerve, but
the    tint i'ui
What arc the problems, the
needs, the thoughts, of tin-
people yon are trying to
reach 7 If you can answer this,
you should he able tn get thn
point of contact. When you
ran arouse motive, can awaken
desire, then yon can talk
about your gnods, but romem-
In r thai It Is the service of
lhe adding machine that draws
purchasers nol the mere machine The hous-wise Ifl buy-
Ing relief from drudgery when
she  buys a washing    machine
The correspondence school i*
Belling success not courses of
study. In each case, the thing
tn h" sold is only a means to
an end; It Is nol the thing
that awakens motive. Of
course there are productB tile
usefulness of which Is so well
recognized thai thoy bi 11 ihem-
si Ives on merit, bul a i harp
distinction Bhould bo made bo-
imi . ii produces ol this class
nnd those for which motive
musl be stirred up. Prlntt r s
^ ��� itrengthen'ng  the  n
^  that   -ill   the  bink?
^ j slu uld i"., -HT-i'i'.
��� | Kir Felix comas of a family that
r r Beveral generations i a�� been en-
uf g'* 1 In bankli g and mercantile a-~
Abolition of Death Penalt/.
The first bill providing for the
abolition of the death penalty In
Great Britain mm" to �� vote forty-
five years ngo today, and waa negn
lived   llh  in  58,     Mr. (lllpin,   author
f'lerk find Renled With  the -r
....  dny of
'. ���    .lie'
'e  f<en:
nil ',
A. r
the .
*   . f
protecting  mrd  i ti. bo  will
Messed    aiib    the   cheering Michigan   Dlutfs  In   I'lacor    county. ��������������������������������������������������� 4 jof all outdoor BporU,
He has  wrlltin  a  number of books  r,f   ,|1(.   nrt,   made   Beveral   laier   nt-
temptB to secure ItB passage,  but all
failed,   as  did  the peace act   nf   1SK1
A society Including many influential men nnd women Ib still carryln"
on the propaganda against, capiat
punishment In England, Russia, the
most backward of European nations,
was the first tn nholiah the death
penalty. Through the influence of
Catherine II, capital punishnmnl waB j
abolished in 1767, except for treason
but. was soon restored.
it wns tu t until 1861 that the doith
penalty was confined In Kngland to
trcison and wilful murder. !n the
reign of Henry VIII. lasting thirtv
eight years, no less than 7^.!>"'i crim*
Inala wi re executed, some of them
for what would now be little wi rsi
than  mlsdeameanorB.
From hundreds, the crimes punishable by the extreme penalty have
gradually diminished, until new In
mosl countries death Is Inflicted onlj
for murder t ud tn ason, uud In manj
parts t.f tb" world capital punish
mi nt has been almost or quite abol- j
financial tuples, incindnt "Out
Cold Reserves," "The Bank et Kng
land and The State." and "Foreign
Trade erd the Money Market." II*
waa created a baronet In 1906.
Birthday  cf  Crsat   l-lsh   Surgeon.
Sir Thomas Myles most eminent
of Irish surgeons, was born Apr.l 20
is.'i7, flfty-slx years ngo yesterdo\
His father was a nail ,-e nf l.ln.r pot
while hi-* mother was>born In county
S r Thi mas was educated a:. Trinity   Ci '1     ! i ii.i'n,  and   began   lib
medical i arei r as a house s irgfon
i Sti evi ���! s hospital, In '���* ���'���' ii
was appo nieil Professor of Patholcgj
of the Ri *.nl colli*: e (f Surgeons,
antl was president ol the college from
1000 to 1902 In thi latter y-ar his
lame in* n surgeon Won tho recoijnl
in n   i I   knighthood.
Lady Myloa is a iaught' r i I the
Ri      i" , rge  A . res.  b ng  the  e.an< n
Tnk' notice lhat the Rbove la a true
eopy of l'e nronosed  Bv-law 'u>on which
the vote of Ihe Munl-lpnlltV will he Olken
-,n fi.itunliy. Ihe Uth il.iy of April. ItllS
between tl Oelnek n.ni until T I'l'rlnek
r in .  nt   tlie  following   [ilneea
Bumaby  Public  Hall,  Edmonds
Aitririiitiiriii  Halt,  Central  I'tirk
Mr Topping's Store, Uth Ave., Vmsi
Hamilton Bond Pchool, Burriultlam.
Dundonald School, Fniner Arm.
Barnet Hull. Bameb
Mr   BrnSce's Store.  N'-rlh  ftiirnii*ey.
Tbe  Social   Club   H'lllillrig,  Capitol   lllll.
Burnnby l.nki- Store, Bumaby I.nke.
Lnkeiii'-re School,  Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given thnt the
vote of the Electors Of thc District of tlur-
nnhv will be token on the above mentioned   llv-luw   nt   the   time    nli'l    ['lne    above
mentioned, nnd Hint A. fl  Moore hns been
appointed   Returning   (Iffle, r   tn   t.ike   tie
vote of such electors with thc usual lowers iu that behalf.
ji.*  ord* r nf the t'M,'t,eii
Ii. C, McOregor, It" ve
Arthur r;   Moore, Clerk
KdmondB,  B, C��� April 7th.  1918.
i I n i M
islte t
-Pioneer Piuwral Dlrectos
-r. 61--61H Agnes "Ireot
-gle  I.Unary.
nsi. is. gold Itoi I   - -.-
New  Wi Btmlni tei
I*      .1    R   ill*..nt.     A
pi Lorne
Iv i-f.itvi
.  MeColl
lid.  K.
'.I     SMITH      JI 111 N -
al-law, Bolicitor, ���
'. Cable n.lilr,-
de. "Western Union.
rt IN
It MtlUS-
T' l, plume
offi.s,..   Kills
f'UuiiitiiH street, N,-w  Went-
8TILWELL CLUTB,  Barrister nt law
Bolicitor,   etc ;   corner    Columbia    nnd
McKenzie   stcets,    New   w. mminster
H   C.   P. O.  IJox  lit.    Telephone   ,l��.
Solicitor   and   Motary.   utr*.-.*     ti.irt
Illock.   21   Ixirne    Htreet.   New   W'stinln
so r.  B, C.
Barrlsteni mid Bniirit,u-s -s^*, t,, i,\t
Westmtnater Trust Hlock. t;, |-: M.ir-
tin, *���*���' tl. McQuatrti* nnd Oeorge L.
sMe ��� R.irrtsters nnd SnljicttorH, Westminster Trust Blk., Colnrnt.-ui street.
New Westminster. B. C Cable , ', irens
"Whltoslde," Western Pnlon. P O.
lir.-iwer    200.       Teleplioue    i>9      W.    J.
IC  C:   it.   L.  -fMux.ii.ls.   tt
Accountant. Tel. R 128, Itnum 27
Hart  blnck.
P. II. Smtib. W. J  Orovea
Work  iituli ruiktn    in   ettv   an.l   outside
points.   2ll-12   Westminster  Trusl   Bldg;.
Phone  381.     P.  ii:   Bob  aiT.
flter Board of Tr-vde meets In the Imttrd
roridn. I'lly Hull, its follows Third Friday i,f iiich month, ouarteily mc-tlng
on ihe third r'rhlay of February, May,
Aimust and Novemtier HI 1 p tn. An-
mml meetinm* tea the thir/i Friday n'
February, tr. Pf stumi Wado, secre-
COAL MINING nxhis of the Dominion
n Mantto-ba, Baskatchowan and Alberta.
���Ue Vuk-in Territory, the NorthwcBt Ter-
rltortoe ami lu h isirllnn of tbo Province
of Mrlttsh Columbia, mny be bus, ,1 f,,r ���
term of twenty one yearn al nn aunui-d
rental iif tl  un ner-   Not mnr,. than 25��t
teres win be leased to ona appllouiU.
Appiieiitlon  f.,r h  lease must be nmtle
hv the SppUcanl In pSrSOU to the Agent
or Bub-Agent of the district In whlcli Ihe
rlults applied for are nltuiite.]
in mirvey.',) territory the land musl be
l-scrlled   hy   BeetlOlM,   or   legal   suli-illvl-
ilons of sections, and in unsurveyed mr-
rllory lhe tract Kpirlltsl (or sluill be
mnkitl nut hy the applicant himself,
Kaeh SpplfoatlOn must lie i,.'.*...|ipniili'd
hy a fee of l; which wlll Is* refunded If
the rights ap-plled for are not avKtlable,
hul not othorwlee. a noisily shall he
psld ort the merchantable output of the
mine nt the rape of five cents per ton.
The person otieraUng the mine shall
furnish the Agmt with ��w,.rn returns
���v-cniintlng f,,r the full quantity of mer-
chnntnhle conl mlneil nnd pnv the royalty thereon. If the ooal mining rights
are not h-iiiK operated such returns HfTSnld
lie   furnished   at   lenst   once   )i   yenr.
The lease will Include the ceal mining
nidus only, but the lennisi will I* tier-
mllte.i to purchase whatever nvnllshle
surfaco rights mny iw consiiterisl necessary for the working of the mine at Ihe
rate  nf  J10  fin  acre.
For full Information application should
tm made to the Socrotar/ ol ths Department  of tin.  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to  nny
Agent or Sub-Agent ol Dominion  Lands.
W,  W. ('OUT,
Deputy   Minister of  the   Inlerlnr..
N. It    i nauthorlsed publlontlon of this
advertlBomenl will not be paid fnr.
it, Patrick b in Di blin    S r Thorn
in ::  yat hi man i ' note, and tond
t. M. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New WeBtmlnster B. C.
MONDAY,  APRIL 21,  1913.
48   Hastings  St.
Phone   Seymour   988.
B. C.
Cor.  Granville   and
Phone   Seymour  5727
Brown Bros. & Co.
Vancouver, B.C.
Greenhouses:  .
21st Avenue and Main St.
From   Small   Beginnings   Started     By
Station  Hand,  Floral  Department
of C.  P. R. Has Crcvan.
has come to have other' meanings,
i n In centuries passed it has usually
spelled massacre and persecution foi
tne Jews, und their descendants engage In lamentations fnr the myriad
martyrs Of the race's bloody pant.
in most orthodox Jewish households the door will be left open during tbe Keast ct Unleavened Dread,
and tills custom had ita beginning
lu the days when Christianity and
superstition. Stalking arm in arm,
.joined In a wholesale Rliitighter of
.lews. In the middle ages it was
charged by ihe Christians that the
1 Hebrews 0ji6n slauk'iit.i'p'd geu'.i!"
bibles and used their blood In the
preparation of "mat/.oth" or unleaven
ed bread.
(.'liable to defend themselves agains
tbelr persecutors, the Jews sought
to  placate  their neighbors  by  throw
Fifty-five   Years   Ago   Began   Rush   to
New  El   Dorado of the
It is just, twenty-four years since
an employer, of the C, P, It. raised
a few varieties of flower seeds in his
own. plrd'ii and dis**ributed thn <
among his  friends  In    the    company
with  the Idea of beautifying to some   u,  ,���^a���-   ���,��� ��� .���  ���,   	
extent  the somewhat  barren  aspect ing open their doors during the feast
Of llie stations on the railroad, round   that  the  christians  might  enter  and
(louses and yard offices on thi
punv'H   property.
It   was  a  small  beginning,   but   the
(',   P.  II.  lasl  week  celebrated Its se-
nr-annual   flower  day.  and   the   little 	
seed  planted  in  the earlier days bas rivals, especially from Russia, It
mown   to  such  an extent  that   It  re- prevails.
onirics a floral department to handle |n   the   Jewish    calendar,    today ���
the work and  instead of a few   pack- which  began at sundown laat night   -
ages of seeds bunded cut to a limited ha "Krav Perrsacb, "   or eve of   the
see for themselves 'hat their gross
and supertltioua charge was without
fi undatlon, American Jews have to
some extent discontinued the "open
door" custom, but among the late ar-
^^"    Btiil
T. J. TRA!
Open up in our New Place a Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
P. & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
Passover,   and   all   first   born     male.
Jews  above  the  ag"  cf thirteen  are
commanded   to   undergo  a  fast,   nor
partake of any food until sunset this
evening,  in  remembrance of the tact |
that win n Jehovah slew all the first
born of Egypt he spared the Jews.      t
The name of Feast of  Unleavened
Urend  is applied to the Passover because on  the night of the departure
from   Kgypt   they   Itfl   in  such     haste
that they had no time to bake their
bread.     The   unleavened   dough   wa.-:
removed and baked In that condition,
and ever since the orthodox have ab-1
sained  from  eating anything leavened during the entire Passover period.,
The first two days of Passover, be-'
ginning  this evening, will be kept as
religiously   as   the   Sabbath,   exce\j)
that  cooking  and  the  preparation  oi
During  ihe  first
__.   ___ will   include, the
the   tending   cf   flowers   haa   on   the  0fferlng   of "the   LrttVer,   "Tal."   that
human   mind  and  body. Jehovah   mav  send  the  dews  cf Ilea-
These men take a great delight in  ven t0 refregl) tbe mii durinK the
caring   for  the   plants  as  they   grad-  conJtng  summer
ually grow and enjoy tlieir fragrance      Thi8   eventng' and   tomorrow  even-1
as much as the man nearer home.     ,      the oeremony "Seder" is enacted
The  influences  and  encouragement  )n a��� orthodox households,    The ban-1
of   flower  growing  on   the   C,   P.   R.   QUe,  b    *ns  with  lh(. rea(1*I1K  of the
during the lasl twenty tour years has  Hagadah  tttter wh|ch COIn(,s the feast
assisted   materially   in  the   Inaugura-    -       ... .,   , A     t-ko   Toimiid
tlon  of floral    societies    ln    almost
iniirib"!' of employees, no less than
150,000 packets of various varieties
have been distributed to -station
agents, section foremen, 'hose in the
charge of round houses, yard offices
and all employees living on the company's iroperty showing an inclination   toward  the  cultivation  of  flow-
A Million Bulbs Given Out,
In the fall a million bulbs were
given out- and the benefit of these
s now being felt, from the Atlantic
to the Pacific and even on Vancouver Island the traveller will see the
delightful results from the fall planting of these luxurious flowers.
Kven in tbe midst of the prairies
where men are permanently encamped working on the irrigation ditches
at forty  different points, have seeds
been   si nt   for   cultivation,   which   is  f0'~j  {-)* permitted
another  demonstration  of  the  effect  day tbe  programn)
on   the
Fraser River.
The gold rush to the Kraser river,
to which the development of British
Columbia was lar^ei/ due, had us
beginning fifty-five years ago today, |
���when 460 miners sei out by Bteurn- ,
ship from San Francisco for the new
r.i   Dorado.
During the two years before that
a few persons had tried the adven-'
ture of gold-hunting with more or
less success, but lt remained for the
California '40'ers to slart the Btam-
pede. Before the cloBe of 1858 there
were some 20,000 Callfornians In the
The governor of Vancouver Island,
on the first influx, look prompt measures to secure to the British government It3 share of the proceeds
by imposing a license lax, uy protecting the Hudson's Bay Company
In Its monopoly, and by lorbiddmg to
foreign ships the navigation of thc
I-raser  river.
Many   parcels   cf  gccdB   belonging
to   traders   frcm   the   United   States
were seized.    Protests were  mad;: at
Washington, and  it was alleged  thai
the governor     of   Vancouver     Island
had   no   legal   purisdict'on   over   th'
mainland wherein the mines were situated,   but   I :ie   Bruisu   guverumeui;
i sustained  the  governor in the  steps j
he had taken,  while at tlle same ad-1
vising him to pursue a liberal policy
In dealing with  the immigrants.
During the first year of the rush
several large finds were made by
nctnad adventurers engaged lu an unsystematic process of mere Burface
u.gg.ngs ai.u washings,
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
. very to*n along tlie line3 of the
system and an examination will ahow
that   actively  connected    with    these |
Cor. (ith Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture. Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.    Agencies :
Established      Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...   1S49      '   thooo.ooo
Quaranteed by the North  Urltlsh       .Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London  1809
Palatine  Insurance Co. of London    ISSfi
Quaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Com-
pany of London  1861
Niagara Klre Insurance Co. of New York    1850
Bvea Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  . , 1S6H
Wcstm.nster   Trust   Block
Phone 52.
of unleavened bread. The Talmud
prescribes a certain set arrangement
for setting the table for this meal.
At  the head  is  placed  the  dish  con-
...... ������.���,   ������--  , ta'timg  the "mauoths," or unleaven-
hundreds  Of  societies  are  employees    j bread
Of  the  C.   P.   lt.   whose  first  lessons      Another  dish  contains  the rcasted
in flower culinri' and the love of the ^^^^^m
beautiful were learned In lhe service
Of the company under the stimulating
influence of the floral department
Station  Improvements.
Station Improvements have led    to
fun  Improvements and often the C.
P.It. is asked to cooperate with some
of these institutions for the bea ttl
tying of open spaces, and in many Instances the station is a sort  of h tr-
eau for flower Information, while the
lb ral department at Montreal Is Inok-
ed upon as the headquarters for flow
er  information  for  the  whole  of  the
c.  P   R   Bystem  from the Atlantic to
the Pacific.
In i very division snecial prizes .ir'
awarded   for   the   best   dlsplavs  and
many  of the  employees have  lo'i.-f.
s>  Interested   in  tin* work  as to trv
iheir  results  ne.'tinst  the  best   In  the
country  by exhibition at  the big exhibitions.    In   many   Instances    they
have  been   very   successful  and  have
r  rrled   sway     the    premier     prizes.
Many  agents  have   wonderful   vegetable gardens In the west   for the ci -
I""-,   is  such   that  anything  can   be
Cornish    Poet,    Whose    Works    Are
Purely Oral, Achieves Wonderful Task at 81.
London,     April    20.���Because    his
Eastern   Standard   to  Go   Into   Effect
on   Atlantic   Division.
St. .lohn Nil. Ai id 20. An important change will be made by tin
Canadian Pacific railway, with the
adoption of the summer time tables
in June. This will be the abandoning of Atlantic standard time lor the
,t pet-ation of the Atlantic division and
the adoption of eastern standard time
for this section.
The reason givt n for thc change
is the confusion caused In operation
and despatch of trains, and the pos-
sib lily of serious accident through
error in times under Uie present arrangement.
The change from one lime to thl
other is made at Vanceboro and thi
company has decided that It is worth
-htle   to   make   the  change   for  tli
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Atfassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice)
Atiouier   u.iui   t-u���..,us   ,..-   ������------,     ���,������������. ���     	
shank bone of a lamb, and a third a , p(K,.ry |B perishable, Richard Kestle,
mixture called haroses, made of an gi.year-old Inhabitant of a Cornish
chopped apples, nuts and spices. A | pariah, has Just built a wonderful mon-
cup of vinegar or distilled bitter herb inn,,..,. ,,, perpetuate his local fame as
calls to mind the bitter oppression a poet. Kestle has never written a
endured by the Jews in Egypt. Bach word of poetry in his life.
i���i son present drinks four cups ot He recites lt juat as the words come
���>v:iie  during  "Seder." to him. rhvmes on almost any topic
3I I  services will  be held In all   simply bubbling out of his mouth. "But
synagogues every day for a week to . u.11 my thousht are nearly gone," said I
come, and the programme will diffei \ the old man -sadly. "Can 1 Bliow the I
little from the ceremonies cardi��1 world that 1 really have been a poet?"
cut by the Jews annually for 84001 Thua it was that Kestle. early last
years, 'year, decided to erect a monument to
___ _     . himself at the end of his garden, and
| at once he Bet to work selecting beautiful wltn,, Cornish spar, pieces of
stone found on his grounds.
Today   tlie   monument   to   Richard I
Kestle is nearly completed.    It stands j
with   Its   three   conical   towers,   each I
20 feet in height, facii/; the lane for
I everyone to see. a wonderful record ol
:an old man's inspiration and purpose
This is J he inscription it bears:  '1912
-Erected  by  Richard T. Kestle. the
Cornish poet, when In bis eighty-first
year."    Many tons of white spar have
bei n  used  in  building this  memorial.
Between the towers spnees have been
left for stone images.
How he managed at his great age to
erect such a monument was told by
Kestle, who said: "1 got all the .itones
myself. Then I laid the foundation
'or the building, and working very
slowly l uilt up the walls, keeping the
.vhiie *-p;,r together with cement and
sand. Putting up the towers was rather hard.
Some architects told me I could not
do It, but 1  went on in my own way,
Salesroom: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to. Seymour 6058
Catalogue and Guide free on request.
Sweet Peas a Specialty.
*      SCRAP BOOK  FOR TODAY.      ���
Pacsover  Begins This  Evening.
That   greatest   of  Jewish   festivals.
the Passover, or Feast of Unleavened    -   	
Broad, will begin with the setting or sake    of    the    comparatively
the sun this evening aid will be gen- Blretch of road east of Vanceboro
erally   observed   by   the   Hebrews  of 	
this   city.  In    common     with     theii       incroasea samnm m  ,,,�����.,���   ,���,��� 	
I brethren throughout  the world.    The gymen who In the past havi' regarded  strong the walls arc.   1 want them tt
observance will continue f. r a week marriage fees as an important part of  lust forever.    In this space here." he
and Is hi commemoration of the flight their remuneration wlll    follow    the  said, pointing between two of the ton-
from  Egypt and tile long and  wear!- dual adoption of the new bill to place  its, "1  am  going to put a figure of
stme -journey to lhe Promised Land a ban on the marriage ot couples from  Hat id. the psalm signer.   I expect, I
In  more recent times the  Passover the States.                                                   Fhall finish the monument about May."
Increared salaries to Windsor rler-  nnd   now   I   have  finished,   look   how
*-��VS ���**   ��M]EKit723ROBSONSt
Make Your Gardens Beautiful and
Profitable By Planting the Royal
Nurseries Tree and Plant Collection
Shade  Trees
rio/.en  Rose Trees
Conlferae or Evergreen
Mollys for Hedge
Apple Trees Iii variety
Plum Trees In variety
Pear Trees 111 variety
Cherry Trees 111 variety
dozen Raspberries
CurrnntB In variety
t Shade Trees In variety
1 dozen Hoses -good   varieties
'J Rhododendrons
2 conlferae or Evergreens
2  Hollies   specimen
2 Apple Tress
2 Plum Trees
2 Pear Trees
2 Cherry Trees
1 dozen Raspberries
li Currant Trees
ti Rhubarb
Th* Finest
and Freshest
in Town?
Carnations and Roses
 Fines! Quality and BeslVatee	
Shade Trees
dozen  Rose*���good sorts
Privet for Hedge
Apple Trees
Cherry Tree
Pear Tree
Plum Trees
dozen  Haspttirrles
Covent Garden   Florist
Vancouver Block _
Phone Sey. 1213    Granville Street 1
The above collections may be altered to suit our customers' requirements.
The Royal Nurseries, Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Head Office Suite 710  Dominion Building, 207 Hastings St. W.
Phone Seymour 5556.
Store. 2410 Granville St.; Phone Hayview 1926.
Nurseries and Greenhouses at Royal (on the B. C. E. Railway, Eburne
Branch).   Phone Eburne 43.   P. 0. Address, Kerrisdale, B. C.
Simmer's Seeds
We keep our stock fresh by burning doubtful seed*. Can w�� do
more to prelect you? TORONTO PARKS LAWN GRASS SEED ia
ti but  we hul.die nutt  what  we use on our own lawns -Try  it.
Now is the time to KODAK. We are aneuts for Kastinitn'-s Kod-.ii*. ;
and  supplies.    Big and fresh stock always ou  hand.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43;  L. D. 71; Res. 72. New We.tmin.ter, B.C. fAC.r.   FOUls
MONDAY,  APRIL 21,  1913.
made Odious or ridiculous on the stane
his religion ihuiild hot be stated, as
.    '���:.. :*.i h a I Uow n llgtonistg.
Ill      He, .'11. .'Uhll i u      the      in;:,,      ol
hOS   heen
characti r
Ji .'   h  tm in )   *��� ul ir.    Other
;.;    -   i ;*,*  l eing   i rl ldd< n    because
'��� ��� 'nt i onc< Ivablj olft nd Protest-
.Vovcrr.rnt   Has   Proved   Entirely  Su:-   ants I f Catholics.    In  Bi "..  u op .    I n
h ,.-   I ei ii  prohibited  the  play    "Die
mm iitvim
(.'LU   HANlJllKAl \0   ���   "' ���"> becaui ��� :���'-,'.'l;':,
ccsiful���Has  Filled   Pockets of
Poverty  Stricken   People.
Stockholm, April 20.���The crusade
tor handicrafts has bt i a successful in
���Sweden as in no other land. Incidentally, it> hus added millions of dollars   the
Magd," i'";,un   ii  *ii ikt s s  Catholic
; i f Ing nirl blackmail in r i meter,   lu
Apele orn, Bchevenlngen,   Breda and
.-..;, . i'*:. n. rtnir plays bave been pro-
iilibted because they might hurt some
nib. ,* n llgious ; usceptlblllttea,
Into Private Life.
The censorship extends r.ir beyond js^n  enui
tage, ami intu private lire.   A tew
of    Mr.    Savage's  productions   ever
iiie part of thn prince, ;:i everyone
knows, is lhat ot a handsome, manly,
though utterly carelccs, carefret   uud
lis sponsible young fellow, whoso solo
bought and ambition in lhe world is
in c.sure ���who   Eaaclnates   every   woman, and every mini as well, by Ins
charming personality, hia magnetism
and democracy.
This is Charles Mcaklns in real life.
If he  ever had  a care cr  a  thought
An Kurnpian novelty will be the big  except ol pleasure, no oue  has ever
feature at the Royal theatre the first  discovered it as yet.    li is said that
part of  this  week.    The  Cclestos is   lie  is  lhe  man  v;!l��  Inspired the  fa-;
., , ., ... ,   mens   sinus   plirnre   current   in   N'ew
the name of the act antl they present   V(irk ,)t thp t>mfi ���T,,(, M wldow���
irisiic turn introducing bicycle riding on the Swinging wire.
They have lots of comedy in their
turn  and the management says  it   is
jvmiunity to the economic prosperity dayi  after the Haarlem doll incident,
��f the nation,    into one formerly pov-  a Hague lady was slopped by a polioe-
t-rty stricken farning village the revli in, und had her address taken, for  the bert act of the kind ever seen
al of homemade bapkitry is bringing  carrying the same offensively undress-   New Westminster.
���$30,000.a year;  in another, lace mak-  ed doll.    Scbieddan's burgermelater Ctorge Temple is a  vi rv   versatile
tag adds an etjual amount; in the third Schleddan Ib the city of scnaos hna yoiing num who sings nnd dancer.,
parish, tie old men, too old mr toil in forbidden unmarried couples to walk llis act ie a strictly refined one. Thlr
the fields, earn $80,000 a year by carv. in the town after dusk, and the bur- will be his Initial appearance In Can-
ion furniture. ,     rmelBtor   of   Vrijeiibaan   decrees   a   ada.
limne   crafts  have   saved   many   n   Hue of ft; for any unmarried pair that      An excellent feature film has been
'tarm fr,t>m desolation and made it pus-  go arm  in  arm  "iiazonsondiu-gang"���  secured  in  the  "Romance  ut  n   P
irfble   for   the   peasant   population   to   which means after sunset. Girl.''   lt is an Kuropean Ulograph in
remain * in  possession  of ttietr anccs-      Holland's most    respectable,    most  three   parts   and   the   photography   Is
tral estates.    Emigration io America  censured town is Zwolle, t.i the oast 1 said to be wonderful,
has materialy abated, and many umi- .of the Zulder '/.eo.    Zwolle's  richest i    Jimmy- Raymond is suing to sing a
���jxants   are   returning     to    iheir   old   resident,  Mynheer Jacobus  Westphal.' surprise son that bar never bet*n h   ir.i
homes.    Far frtun Infringing upon ma-  Is now  being  prosecuted   fnr  "breach   in ihe west,    The name or it is "T1
chute indUBtrleB, arts and crafts have, of  public   propriety."     Unwise   Myn-  Hindi}   (Jp,  Rag."    At  present  it   is
on the other hind, compelled the fac- hecr IVpstphal's offense was bis frivol-1 creating n big sensation in the easl
���tory  tt)  produce  more  beautiful  aud  ins charity  entertainment.    In  order',        A split reel of that ever laughab'
to  clear off  a  debt   from    a    local Keystone comedy will be Bhown,    <
*'; '    !t  :       ���'�� entertainment  at prt-eenl   6v '-.��������� ti the great demand,
wh   li  li'i   two grown  daughters ap- every release of the Keystone Co. in
ance- ot Hie and health, whloh  their  Reared as boys. booked for. a showing at th-sf Royal.    '
beautiful toil brings to the workmen |    The local unco' guld, who ought to new film  company named the Excel-
in Snellen.* If you doubt it, go Into  have been gratful, were highly Indtg- sior. wlll present "The Legends of the
the north to Deli carlia; visit the p r   Hint m a.church being associated with  Everglade."
"iah of Mcckfjerd in eummer, and see  klckerbocker  maids,   and    they    set |
a group c.f glad-eyed women gathered * mi moti in.   When the two bean
I   i.i Westphals were preparing to ap
pear the  police Inti rvened, wrappi d
was the talk of the town���"Nothing on
his mind but his hair,,���and whether
i Is true or not "Charming , .Ince
Charlie" has nobly lived un t'.i ilu
No one, however, has ever accuse d
him Jf biing anything but a thoroughbred gentleman tc his finger tips���a
loveable companicn and a true friend.
Seats are now on sale ut Tidy, the
florist's, 137 Columbia St.. phone L1S4.
<!nrabh* objects
llut. niore Important  th.;u externa
-economfc   prosperity, it  the exubc
���e ei I
under the  lurch  trees  about  a table
<rl<rkt-d with pillows and bobbins and
jpilen ol delicate lace. | them in long, decent clonks, and drove
Their clothing- kerchief and bodice | thi m  '* Ai  1 next  morning they
and aprpn* -embroidered with a gay
flower paturii.t is in keeping with tht
ftf-rpt iiial spring time ot their n oods.
Or stop by the roadside In Vcrmland
inn! w.neh a gay family party, grandmother tnd grandchildren breaking
and  i ciulching
iUrt-d prnc,   iiitifts against Mynheer.
anil fun nad frolic, If you are playful
j'l-.u v II nceivi a baptism of soft
white chaff showered i., you by nm-.*
.Wo handp.
Revive National Drttrc.
Another evidence of tho return of
-youth to the nation is thi revival of
national dress. One Swedish prlnci bs
requires peasant costume of :.'.! of h *r
lad,' . ,n -wailing at her : u . . r court,
The artist /.orn, when ut home, goes
about iu the blue knickerbockers ai d
Mint.* leather apron ihat are traditional to the ini n of Mora.
Thc re fire vilug*
���whin on the Sabbath, every man.
woman aud child goec lo i lurch in
a costume Into whicb moth , or vife
tiim woven her own . .; mate expres
st *:i if the beautiful, id ... b syni-
bolWea for the wiarn- the joy of worth i p.
" gorgeous spectacle they present
on the mad home trom church. Each
par.,-di has its own faehlou���the cock-
ado of ltattvik, the Btrlped apron of
l.i-k.-.and, and red braid In the ban* ot
���the Mora .girl-while the connoisseur
ven ;-,ni: es   at   once   til
Rlcltjrd   III,   England's   murderous
tyrant, will be shown on the canvas al
the dura   house  this  evening  when
���  th i* ai ��� fil ;i tol ill ng over 5000 fm t
MS DRIVE away w'" B'low   Mr.  Frederick Wardp tak-
t-'MWE'COME visitor ' "'* ''"' ���ur: ''' Shakespeare's Immor-
1*1 play
Mr. Warde occupies one of the
hlghesl i>**' tli ns an interprei er of
11 sic Shaki i pi ari in n li s and to-
. . *' i- v, tl i a high class company
maid s up o pb I urt whit h it- i aid to b(
thi tlm si nf it
Gra .1 Jin ctioi.   Coin.     \  i l ���* i
and story-telling  Sixty militant members of the Indus
May Day Corner,
Our   May   Day   festival   is   year   by���
ear   gaining   additional   charm     and
���i-.t-rest  throughout the province and
Canada, while  at  the  same  time the j
never lost sight of by its work- ���
irs  that   it  is  purely  and   s.mply    a i
hlldren's festival.
Therefore   reminiscences  and    sug-
SeBticns from old  timers,  native  sons !
aud   daughters,   from   Britiah   Columbians  born   elsewhere,   from   tiny   ono ;
wno cant tell his or her fellows sonic-
thlrifl that may be of help to the still ',
further   improvement  of  the   festival, ���
or,may be of general cr historical in- ���
tcrept, will be welcomed as contribu-!
tir.ns to this column by thc New West-
minster News.
l-ppy  hearts and  happy fa;cs.
���   g.y  play in grao^y  placet,.
h tl   was   how   in   ancient   ages
��� dren grew to  lure's  nr.d  sages." ;
presenting their own original
equillbristic novelty.
the   Fashion    Plato   Singing
and  talking  comedian.
3      Reel   Feature      3
from   the    Berlin    Iliograph
Co.'s Studio.
Singer ofl fate Xetv York song
April 28, 29, 30
Balfe's Famous Opera
Produced in motion pictures. Magnificent special
music, mammoth star cast, a masterpieces of stupendous settings.
Will be shown
at the
Our Regular Show Also.
A $2 Show for 10c. and 2T>c.
trial Wn;:-.. i..; , f the '.'. orld arr'vetl li
* ;  .*        *     i* .   M  an ! al  onei
'*:-' ���:    -i ill '������   tor   lie*   police.    'I hey
mi roll fl to     I   e hi id ;*���    *  t .*    '
.'���. s  (1 ma il * l  tood.    ii  was danli d
Known  at  12:30 Today. , **;*
The  name of tho sudc . sful  Kind:- ! ,-^j
d tie for the throne ot the .May Que, n   ''-ry
New Woatmlnsler     ,i'i    be    an
In the film ��     ���*       unced by bulletin a! 12:30 sharp at
Sixteen cf he bai d then went ti
a restam ml win ���* they orde ���< I ;
; le ", l I 'i eal for .vhlch they refjsed
.' I .i . I ijlh ������ and ap - al il pul'.es In
',:..���������.��� ��� r : * bu ami na demanded and
!��� rei .1 pay inert ol the dlnnei  checks,
'l he ui .. tin ���' il. clan d that tin re
"    *   u     it r *..  in the party, but
'���''������'     ��� a   iii lj exp   :ti il lo a aj  In thia   *  y f
'.:��� * day.   .** I  h ��� fed,    ( it;, ens lo
;ht aro i rganl; lug posst s to drive
the vlsitora trom Grand Junction In
lhe i"' rning.
today. The onli picture of s r <���>-.'
time ivhlcli notrcp near t'te standard
of llichard II! Is Cleopatra which v.-,is
rt c -itiy ah wn -" the Edlst m ill atn
before at ti ���* Immenso audiences.
1 he film   *���::: i i  ��� hi �� ;i at the operr.
houi e to ilKht  :,; ���'  Tui ��� day ;;- d   will
mi li* be n treat to in*- general
:. , . le follower, I ul wlll ahn be of
Immense value to the high aehool students and rthers who studj or nad
the word   of Shakespeare.
.*  -.1 i t   ilu
. ��� f The News.
Mr.   W.   A.   Gilley,   mastt r  cf     tin
���i remoniea,  luus  been indisposed  tor
iie |),ist two days, but ii,ri associates
pi n    thn    May    Quet i    committee',
��� ���r.i. J. J. Cambridge and    C.    I).
Not liin,-; but Loaslis.
i:* ci Islor Drama
voting this
1000 io'.i's In
;��� ., , :.,   \, ho   : :���.*"   11 *nl   ii-  *. ju iper
Hundrtd Perse ns Are HomelCBS. '       -   <      the    ������'���.I'lt.    land   traild'a
St, Louis, Aprll Ifl. Fire tod y vl'**''' have taken place In th ������-:
wiped oul tin business section ot i*\ n- ern states will have the opportunity
ton, .. village 16 mileq Boutbwest il * -" '" om of these land .... * Hi
St. Louis, and destroyed Beveral Itch'tl on 11 : * . i - pi tin :'in
homes. The blaze was put out only vaa al the Edison theatre today and
after au engine company made ;t run1 i* ���  :i       It tlu      .   it   Ami n
:*' ..  the ' i.i;-!.nis ot St.  I.ouis.    Thu
": " ,''-;1,lr   -.-.*. is . itimated   at   J200,0M.   One
,��r.^rwuiiirwid0rd troa -^^ ���������"-���
���n22l^l?��riS"tt ?i'Lh"!s,ln Ka       San Fran, aco, April 19    Charlea F,
T.nue        Lit-i  [ '    "' ;"" .''������'"������>������  confessed  embezzler,  will  ap-
thm the E fr ,.,"  i'     ' ::������t,Vl' i �� M i!l *be '"i""1 States dlstriet curt   has b en shov n ai 11 m U il tedl
ant     ', ������      t   ,        aM.^0*ns- Monday and be stripped ot all his pos- appeal   to  those   who   patronize   this
Yet   in!   it* ';   ''!lhjl;'S;'*-'--n ������'���--     ll"     will    hear     sentence , h Vitagraph
%��ir�� r ��S:'" 'T:!? ss -^-X :;:���::- ^::n r- - *,**,.��� j^��s s
lous even��fi un-toi   ;' *.' ���',  ��t*ll! l,.ank' *}*VTe he was formerly trasla-1cU  the   p��0-|ram  with  Mlas  Frances  lha usual custom Uu  names will
. ill -i. where , ,
the telephone service ..  i'.. . boat and
(Clearest in the world.
Tbe knlqkerbockere of tho men
���aro more- comfprtbale thun tr.niK
ptb. Mid cannot the farmers daughter
riiiR the telephone and ridi her bicycle
to market in a scarlet bodice and Id a
.��!jiiiity white embroidered kerchief?
OT' <>'
t'ctle, announce that  tin
year is keener than evi i
���ill being cast.
Some eighteen girls    nami a    w :
submitted and ot these the two hlglh
i si fiimi the Bchoola have been tui.en.
Hie oholce will tnerefi re be with onu
ot the following:
Kathleen Drew and Jean McPhail,
frum Judge Howay and John Robson
schools; Gertrude Urooks and Eva
.Mu.-ithill, rrom Lord K Ivii ..:'.,..
Lister BChools; Vera Haw and Jes3ie
\\ llson, trom Hi nn*!* *  hoi 1
Constance havel and Ada Cambridge!
from Richard McBrlde school, and
An.ia McDonald, from St. Ann'.-?
I.aai year there -* onlj seven
candidates ami the name of the May
U ,i i n i.ns announced upon Munday,
Api t 16. The voting In the schools
ia thia year near!.,   .t weoll  1.   ei
.i .io ii l vi I, .-��� for tht numerous
candidates gave the committee much
,....., iw.i, o..\ the ballot is now all
���   rtid out  ,,:. I   in  t onformance  with
Hamilton rendering cne ol her tavoi    l"-<   d   ��    ���'** hal and the   one drawn
April 21 and 22
can detective, William .1   Bums, plays
;i prominent part,
'The  Land Swindlers" is    ono    if
the greatest exposure films ev r product 'l  b *. tlie  Kalem   Film  c mp in;
It has itr-.veil a sensation wherever it
stem   Sensational   Three
iie  Bongs  during
.- ons.
the   afternot n   Bes
'trni,i   will
��� iy
Queen    for
Detective Wm.J.
in   the   ivqitirnr-
Mr  N'evlle Smiths' new survey boat
Western, which Is being built at the
sir-nil: y"'-'''<r wa>s *'I1I 1"* ready In a few
iTlll'ii  **������**���   sbe ls G5  In length, with IB
VfLlli'i h'eel t earn and 6 feel  mi lildi .1 di pth
nd It i*- eald will  be lhe beBt  bout
of her class on the river
Dutcb   Cabinet   Seized   With
Oeaire to Cleamc Theatres
li falls to tin- lot of ti w ai tors to
play the part on the stage that they
live In Seal life, or vice vir.-a, but
"Charming Prince Charlie" Meakins,
who will be seen in the pari of Prince
Danlllo in Henry'W. Savage'i enormous all star revival of "The Mt rr..
Willow," a; the Westminster opera
house on Saturday, May 3, han now
bean hating tho unique experience
for several yeurs.
Tho performance here wlll be well
Amsterdam,  Apr:'. '.<    Proper li,.i
land   Is  Buffering  from   u   mania   l'i
censoring,   men   and   Ih'.nga      IJuol
iibiy.-   and manners an  ill ba    the li  V. l
ance    Rulers and govtruori hav    and      The   Mi   da,  lhe   jovemm nt   r  I
deal:  i  ached the concluBi a tl .   tl      erj  l,.;*.i.   e    '  ',l'*   ���  ���'   *     mdi
is a w.i ked v^ t rid, aud I   it tho on'.;    ing her yi ,
way of turning 11  to *. rtui   ;., to pro Tide  Gauges.
UibH everything anil i :'.i tii the lid) al  the Frnsei
'.'.���he main explanation       that   11  I nrb   *��� >- 11 :* u-d I      v ���   I
land hi a jusl now got bluet Theli bi-lcw tli    br
dislikes frivolity.    L.ittly it       red * ; .!,.:'.
eli  ul '.:* I ' p lice aul i ril .... * p and  whi lh��r  II   . hnl!  ba
n mtrlng (';*. ml        * *    . rests j ir;    fjr   them   to   le\   ���������   ;.    r
uf religion and mora . i  ,- . .*       *   .
en' ;.n le ir i res ar,   d  r  * .-, ��� . .**'��� .     l-rruptid    rn' the ear]      ���:**.,���      II
lively that wicked, v, Ilollaiidei il bj thin t   �� arrai :em, ,i  ;
hive in, peace. Pt.w Ivr and Crfsl.
'. loll ind'a stage Is being Uiorouhhl;      0     .,    ��� ,  .     ,.    ��� .*     ,.*,   . ,i
cleaned.    Generally, II    lhi   ti * . I tl     ,*  I'   ::   :;    *���*���*    Itli a co   to
mwc to coaraeneBi    . ..  ,**  ;   ,* i [   powdei   . ��� .   coal   trom   Nanaltno
lei uy, bul n*.:* both .,. * are bell hi  ui   iaded lhe powder on Saturday
jltg  earred  on  with  ;. i  French e enllij  here, and will go down river
iiTHvi-crii.n  was the flrsl  vit   m I      mon  i,   to unload the coal
ThiB vas an Incident In Lh    fron flu   King Ldward is dredging   the
play   "Jj-  Uipin,"  In   wbicl    a   Bi I  Steveston   auction  ot tho  river  bank
<���!::'.', .-.noraiit ot iti, . h .nn lei���:--..   .-. ll   frcm   lha  Imperial   to  the   lted   can-
seen giving a toy bath to a nude doll   mry.
l),-i tho morn after lh    Brsl   produ        in fronl ol the cannery wharvo   lu
tlon,  Haarlem's    cehiprl us    burg r   Lhla aeotion oi thi   river tin   silt  has
���ctetcr declared th** the doll  niUBt|accumulated to i ich an extent ns toj
not be glvonja toy bath unless   t \v.n  prohibit any  boo!   drawing mon   than
properly dressed    Herr tli  bbi     the ,,  ,, ,���  .,,,,*   ,    , ���,.,,     , , .,,
Impresario  qt  the  tbcal i   company,  mooring
obeyed the writ. rhi   Kil *��� V.fr      . hoped  v. 11
Nexl  oventag ht   Beal    .     ohtld on  nnish  lhe    *ork    tlioroughlj    beforo
the  ...  Ige   Willi   Ibe  .!*  I;    full; *   !      |;1������   ��3i   ���.,���.���   (1        |,|      ,.,,.,,    ,.  ,      ,
with ,i toy hi.l on *.!.- head, and a , ,,,,,,
toy  umbl  Ua  in  Its  Uy fl id   it, '   Ncrth ;,r.��� c,er.
n.    .  Hpi   table cl **. doll
-.-,*     .. Ii ,a .iy dipp '* ��� * .   :*     . ��� .i
The el ainboal Clutlia, belonging to Pa&l    the    five    thousandth of "The
St.  .'.,ni:--'i >  cannery    letl     Mercer's M-erry  v. ido*" in  America,    and    In
ivays oi   Saturdi;   afl  i having under- theBe "( harming Prince Charlie" hat
n, e. ii repairing, played  more Hum 2000 tlmea  having
Six .-i   wa tor Mr. l*:  ,1. Fader have ,:l'' "   '-''ll   u"    original   company   In
tin   beer,  tlnl :'-'"**-   >*ork city for more than ball ol
Mr.  Mi re i   expects  to start   work ll8 year's rnn, and having been play-
oti  the    Ity .   I   ���   dredge  Bhortlj lrn"  PWuce  Danlllo in one or another
Ordei    havi    ilso been received for ������ ���
'n,   n- . a  ol    '.ni-   st-owB   for
Prepare   fer   Parade.
i-.l-iu t . ti., in.I,,,  ��� Ise  :.i  conm cl lon
,vith    May   Day    il     is expi cted thai
growth will be much In evidence   in
lunnection  with  the  parade.    Mr. C.
a.   Bourne,  chairman  of  lhe   parade
���  i,i,nnee,   is    preparing    lor    *,:reat ,
tilings and some interesting announce- j
..  ii a  may   be    looked    far    In    tills,!
column, f
Medals far Canadianr.
Toronto, April  19.   -J. Uoss Robert-
icn haa donated eight gold medals to
the Canadian bowling team who ure
Id play tor six wi   ks in tin ;ii  iliitalu (
*i a  min.n:, r.    In  i ; .ier  -ii si [mulate :
hi   Canadians to pul forth tlu .r h al
egorta K"bl  medals will  be awarded
i    ���   ma sing   Hi     highea    se"i*e
.  :* iheir opponents and    the    rink
,hich  wins the greater    number   of
it ilali durli *4 ib" tournaineut.
lohn Dtinny und. Mils Fieri
Finch  in
The i.e eke t
in   ; m ���*   ti ,'*in   auth
la ,*. :,;;;, !:'r,-tlf.l
*t : i, and I ,.   :
are 'ii ��� qu   il
Moral Sontli er.*..
. . .  i* . * *
i      *,i   ilve ot a Btrict
a -Ji ��� ,*     Holland I       countr;
r--l gll  is      II   b i i   sl ���- pel
ul   I'roti     intu,  llilrtj ;   .-    ���    .
���l'*):'.i lici      id  thi      i
Ordlnaril)   thes i rei i ud-
miral.iy,   i Ui   the   Stipei II  . *    Cl
...iir.i i ive  *i*t them I    t!    ���** ra    ':';'
eesmon hold thai  whi ti a i  :. an ti   ';*!
i, : auol
E)|ij n   tl
id  I'rid       rei
* *
I * *
* I *.!'    .   'll    ..      Oilll   )
I', lllll .'!.*'    I.I l)f   Cl
le eatel
lit lul      It fur the I '  :       :
ig     i   .
I he  Ki      i   la   i   ci o .i     lo    li ivi
ht!-;   within   il.     l*.*���     ���   .
fi IDERICK     v *,PDE
*    | Icture    ;ii   \\'i -Iminuter  Opi *
ton * : row.
i idi'y uni
NO.   13.
Son-| by  Miss pROTCea Hamilton
in the afternnor.u inly. }',
m-:*Bnj*s,T. ������k:j:s*^^xsair.*^A.T*iii.*c*-z.:n.*rt'a..
Every    Pari--*.    Theo+rs    Mapioer    Is
Swampod   Wl'.+i   Unread  Plays.
Paris,  April  20,    Play-writing si Bl ���
: to be more u hobby than a profess on
in   France,   Jhdging  by   the   flgiifaa
nf ti*,- Kri Men sociciy nf Dramt't
Authors, Trie members of th ��� ������
eitty number all rold 5400, Bul dining the last two yenrs Blxty of th's
iiiitntii'r have BUfTlced to turnlah1 t.n;
dltamatlc fare of the. communltv, eom
prfstng every w<��rk in prose and1 v��rse
staged through-mil the country in the'
rftentrcH  and   nife  concerts',
The other BWO members of the ���-* ;
"��i> ty nr* awaiting tlieir turn to cnt-r I
for lhe public tastes, and In nil pn b
ability 'sill wait a Ioiik ;ii.i-ii, for the
majortDy of French theatres have
their Rcceptcd playwrights, whom
they eommlsslon io wrll thetr plays
nnd ehe ici-'.<*.' ni\iy Jealously guan
hulr  nrlvlli -l e ;��� nd do i ll  ihey  ��� ai
��� m ilude nt ��  aspirants,
TT    members ol thu . ociety Inch I
i ��� ��*iii'.!;   from   nearly   ,**. i ry     **, It
-i'i i  and calling   In* ���   ro, tinny a d
h-'.vj*  officers,   bustni * i  mi si,   clcnin
���*i    who nsslduou ily prod rl a
' v licit nevt i* si " tie* Ili;lit ot daj
When *.t  is rem unbon d that   uenr-
iy   i *. iry   wi II   know n   Paris   tl
manai ��� r li ia a sii ok ot iwo ur   in
hundn d manu ici ;' *   careful)    In    I
in .i   nn I  i'u .   * ted   bul    uni ad,    it
would I." a klndneaa tor ma  i   I i
do something t" dlac luroge 'iii   tirmj
ot unwanted g-snlti i��
Besides This  Feature
y^B -A .T :\'*l'-atli+i*i..va**- UAtM'CVM^ 11W7xerLiiT .*l~J*mflt'L*.,^.fc.Wfl
Comfortable   Family   Hotel
r on li  N. Ity.   All trains
Fort) mlnuteB run from New Westml
Btop at  White Itock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent v-li ... . f [lay nml Oulf;
only five mluutt'H from lUIlway Depot; llm and Cold Wator Itooma
can be engaged en suite, suitable for chlMren and families, European
and American plan; gymnasium ball In connection, ahn :t store oon-
talnlug full lute ot groceries,   For terms and rateB apply
Whits  Rock.  B.C. P. GREYELL. Proprietor.
���vr jiaaaKiajaiikwj-iu'sj .txKi-jiar-fina- vi.-.-mnnnvn-
HARRY  TIDY,  Manager.
Sat irday Evening, May 3rd.
Ti'*i':*,"��������� r
*W* Ws v^ 'Q-i
\ C  rs  S       C'   '    ' i",      ' <      A *J *? 5
��� f  fi! ' W*'l ti it    'itf o 9 Vi *\   ffft '
���i>ucr.'ini!ii��-.-- EDDBBI ���HHOHHMB MONDAY, APRIL 21,  1913.
PAQB tnv��
B. C. Baseball
City���All  Clubs Have Strong
Officers   Elected   at   Annual   Meeting
Held   in  Westminster  Saturday
Sew Westminster was honored by
Hi,, delegates of the Pacific Coast
Amateur l.ucrosse association at Its
annual  meeting held nt tin
^^^^^^^^^^^ Russell j ter
hnt, I  on  Saturday evening when  Mr . ' tophor,
James I.  Keary was elected  president
and  Mr. Oeorge W. Qrlmston, secrc
tary for the coming year.
Coming as It does when tiie lacrosse   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sii nation among the professional clubs   ter, New Westminster; R. II. Melt!
submitted   by   Mr.   Walker   Sangster,
showed a very healthy state of affairs.
Officers Elected.
Thi-  officers   elected   wero   as   follows . ,
Honorary   president,   Hon.    T.    W.
Paterson,    Victoria;    honorary    vice-
presidents,    Mr.    C.   A.   Welsh,  New
Westminster;   Mr.  W.  Clark,  Vancou
ver;   Mr   I.. Tait, Victoria;  president.
Mr.  James I.  Kiary,  New  Westmlns-
firsi vice-president, Mr. C, Chris
Viotorla;;  second    vlce-presl
I dent,   Mr.   M   Oppenheimer,  Vancou
Ver;   -secretary-treaBurt r.   Mr.    (i.    W.
'Irimston,   New   Westminster;   execu I
jtive:   MeBSrs. H. Welsh, H. W. Sangs- i
business nml agree  Hlill  Jon, a abiul'
un itgretnieni with the Big Kour, tho
Vancouver manager   till!   cut    loom
from  ihe Salmon  Bellies   and    play
borne and home game- ���>��� Ith Victoria
Pretty fair yarn it nr.:sl read to anyone  not  acquainted   with  the  In ;lde
  working of the game and one can almost hear Ibem whispering their plan-
League Opens In This  dlts at the work of Joe Gorman, the
former Tecumseh player, now a spurt
writer in the Capita! City, 'or his mode
ol  threatening  the   Royals into  submission
Not content with    Jones    dropping
  New Westminster from the B. C. L. A.
Saturday, May 3, North Vancouver writes Gorman, lhe eastern teams will
vs. NeW Westminster at Queen's Park. | Immediately start to rake over the
Game commences at, :i o'clock sharp, i Royals for the pick of the men and
This game was decided upon to open | Victoria will also be awarded playera
the season of the 11. C Haaeball league
which heltl a meeting Saturday evening at the Russell hotel. Little business outside of drawing up a temporary schedule was transacted but the
reports from the different managers
of tlle clubs Indicate that unusual interest Is being aroused In the different communities tapped by the organization.
At the same time that Manager
Jones of the Ambitious City across the
inlet is trying to kibosh the bunch
under Herb Ryall, the Cooultlam out
fit will be entertaining Hilly Walton
and his bunch from the Hastings A.C.
The schedule arranged at the meeting was of a tentative nature antl until the lacrosse dates are released the
final touch by the baseball men In
perfecting their system will not Le
Defeated   Sunderland   in   Final   1-0���
Villa   Goaltender   Injured   and
Carried Off.
Playing a substitute goaltender and
ten men against eleven for a short
period in the second half of the game,
Aaton Villa defeated Sunderland on
Saturday afternoon at the Crystal
Palace. London, by a score of one
goal to nil.
To those who have followed the
performances    of    the    Birmingham
to build up a Capita) City team
Messrs Jones and Yorke are now
on their way to the coast and on their
arrival President Kellington will prob-j
ablv call a meeting of the B. C. I,. A. Players in their cup ties this season
to 'discuss the situation. After all and wno haye a knowledge of the
the dope lhat Jones has been handing ' -nacitv of the Vlllans when the Eng-
out to the eastern fans there Is likely ( "sh cup Ib at stake the midlanders
to be come spluttering before the dove were prime favorites and their vic-
of peace finally perches at the head ' tory obtained at the expense of Sun-
of the table. , derland   when   Hardy,  the  Villa  cus-
The east has not yet forgotten the todlan, had been carried oh" as thc
move of Joe I.allj and New Westmin-1 '' "' a collision with Martin,
ster at the annual meeting of the shows them even In a still better
D,  U A.    Like the hero of Kopenick,  light.
the guy who pinched a whole mayor j was    generally    expected    that
ton, the Villa centre, would be
somewhat complicated the gath
ing on Saturday was of Importance
and from the reports handed oul by
the managers of the three clubs there
is every reason to believe that the
amateur gome will be stronger than '
ever during the BeaBon of lHLi.
In oriler to foster the national pastime among tha different cities, the
delegates went on lecord as favoring
ihe presetitation of cups or shields af !
perpetual trophies for tho junior and
intermediate championships    of    the
province, the competition being open
t.i any league in the province, although
iii   finals will probably be played off
.   ,- of the three cities represented
in   the   senior  amateur   league,   viz.. i
Vancouver, Victoria or New Westmin-,
i!, r    Tbe president    and    t Bcretary
were appointed a committee to Becure
cups for cpmpetitlon.
English   Lacrosse   Team
Whether    tho    Kngiish     Lacrossi
���   will see its way dear to Bend
oul a team from tli" old country this
year n mains to be seen.   A letti r was
rend  ul   the  meeting  from  Mr.  I-'. C,
... secretary of lhe English union
i ��� gard to bringing oul an amatt ur
''   plav  ngalm t   the  teams  In:
lhe   east,   middle   west   and   on   the
,      '
���'"���!., chief difficulty  in this regard
*  ���    nabllllj ei  the coast clubs I *
guar' nti e  Ihe  expenses     it   was  -:
> ml v hlle the league could nil
offer   ir.j   : tated    sum    as    o> pi *
��� i   Hi.- 11Biti rs should tin y make
i     trip, would tak-^ the entire rea Ipl
Ihe ground rental
I I,,*  Pain I) US are unable tr  fb 1,1 a
In   the  league  this  st ast n  I ul
granted   honorary   membership
������Mia eh mcc i f being readmltt-
��� m    Beason  if they can flel 1 a
sei-ietary tro'isurer's     report.
Sam Lorimer, Victoria; II. Fowler, S.
Gunn, Vancouver. Referees submitted
to tho league were: Victoria, Howe
Stevens, Hinsrnore, Jesse, Joe Gorman. Cusack; New Westminster, W.
Giffertl, C. Cameron. II. W. Sangster,
B. Oalbralth, K. Mullen, B. McCarthy; Vancouver. Tuck, Fowler, F.
I.ynch,  Murray, clarkson,  Ravey.
The   schedule   adopted   was   as   follows:
May  17   -Victoria at  Vancouver.
May : I     Westminster at Victoria.
May 31    Westminster al Vancouver.
luno   3    Vancouver  at   Victoria.
June  11    Victoria at Westminster.
June L'i   Victoria at Vancouver.
July a    Vancouver at Westminster,
July 12���Westminster at Victoria.
July   iif! -Victoria  at   Westminster.
Aug. - or I.    Vancouver at Victoria.
Aut-  !)     Vancouver at Westminster.
Aug   16    Westminster at Vancouver.
Standing  cf the  Clubs.
Pnokni-"'. April 20,���The official
Standing of the Northwestern league
baseball teams, Including games played  today,  follows:
Vancouver   4
"iTtland       *1
Victoria     3
Seattle   '���'���
Spokane       2
Tacoma     2
Yesterday's Games.
McGinnity  CoT-ieti  This.
Tacoma, April 20.    "Iron Man
Qlnnlty pitched h'".; league ball
afternoon,  although
ragged.   Deconnleri
errors  behind   him
times.    The scon :
antl council of the German burg, the
name Lally will not pass out of sight
for some little time to come. It is
possible that Mr. Jones will be asked
by lhe Vancouver park board as to the
why antl wliercfon of his statements
in Toronto that he had purchased Hastings park for a lacrosse field at a
cost of 510,000. ^	
It   is  possible  also  that   Mr.  Jones l lhe net.    The official
will   be   asked   by   the   Westminster It  bfTside.     Wallace
executive as to his statements In dif-
ft rent eastern cities that he held the
i>ro\y  of the  New   Westminster  club
to vote for a commission
Things are getting mighty interest
ing In lacrosse, what with Charlie
Welsh and Dad Turnbull leading the
amateurs and the return of such valiant heroes as Messrs. Jones ard Yorke
to th.  coatt.
Any hepes the Eastern hockey magnates had ot keeping l-'red Taylor in
the N, li. A  nexl season disappeared
I on Saturday when the Llstowel wonder announced  the laci  thai  he had
Mc-;resigned   bis   position   in   the   public
this  works department    at    Ottawa    and
his   support  was i would  leave  for  the  coast  where he
was    wild    and   will  go into business for himself.
c?me  at  critical      Taylor undoubtedly made good on
.the coast last winter.    The Patricks
M l'n   Store   	
f.ipperton  Store   .
West   End   Store
193 443
.. 373
...   650
r in . i , Bsence of lhe
ilh ,. ii.. ii. i .*! are many, as
i ,* idiclno, and tor I ible pur-
[ii cs, and uow that the hoi
a uthi r is lur" it will rl8'
,,.., largely as a dressing for
al ids Ws stoi ;*. the bottel
I i mils, among whloh are
\i .., ol Italy brand, Crosi e
.��� liiai I-.' ell'S and I'e'ifl Of
; , i ,iee brand. Th Be are
i ,p notcbere and are guaran
nl absolutely pure Thoy
n '.nl ut from
20c. per bottle to $1.25
11      ^���
Olives  give  us  '��������� -sail.
i   supply ycut' wants,
Evr.tY morning ron
thing:, or interest in
M .in store, 605 Columbia St.
6 ipperton  Store, 317 Col. St.
West   Erd   Store,
SKtli  Ave
12th  Street.
Will  Now Meet Bankers or Sapperton
i.i  Cty   Cup Tie   Final���
Gocd Game.
R.   H.   E. .pulled off a good move when they se-
Tacenia    4     4     5 cured a signed contract with the for-
Vanrc'ivor      3     6     ?, . mi r N. II. A. Mar . i d -he decision of
llaiteries:   McGinnity and Crindell;  Taylor to move his traps out to the
Deconnlere and Lewis, coast demonstrates the facl that when
Pippins Going Up. [the     Pacific     coast      magnates     get
Spokane.  April  20.    Portland  made ' through signing the players they want
' tour oul  of Six today for the series   for next season, figuring that Seattle
listed on the score board, but the
honor of scoring the only goal of the
game fell to Barber, one of the Villa
Playing with  the  breeze,  the  Villa
did all the pressing in  the lirst half
���  '! i     r Rtipporters went nigh crazy
: when Hampton slammed the ball into
however, ruled
i   few   minutes
latbr failed to convert a penalty, the
half   time   whistle   finding   the     two
teams on equal terms.
The Wearsiders came back in the
s"c;nd half and pressure was brought
by Holly and Martin, but brilliant
work by Leach, the Villa back, and
Hardy  in  goal  saved  the  day.
Marlin on one occasion had only
Kardv to beat, but the latter came
out on the field, and although he
* * i 'I a certain goal suffered injuries which necessitated hlm being
carried off.
This misfortune, however, only
Bpurred the Vlllans to attack more
and more, the chance to score being
given liarber, who was equal to the
Although they have made records
in league football, the Sunderland
team have yef to win the English cup
and this year was the firs' In which
they were  mixed  up in  the  final.
We Act aa Agents Only for the Purchase  and  8ale  of  Real   Estate.
especially for the purpose of acting as Executor and Trustee under
Wills. We can manage your affairs after your death to the best posal-
ble advantage to your heirs.
We bring to the management of Estates
Business ability, Knowledge of Investments,
Large experience, Continuous service,
Financial  responsibility.
All matters pertaining to realizations and Investments are passed
upon by our Board of Directors composed of the leading business and
professional meu of this city.
Our charges are no more than those allowed a private executor
for the same work and we ofTer a service that no individual can bob-,
sibly give.
Full particulars freely given on application.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
will be pleased at any time to submit frea of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing your store.
Phone 473
Beach St., Lulu Island.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches     Deposits of One Dollar an.l
upwards  received  and  Interest at  the highest current  rate  paid  or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: D. D. WILSON, Manager.
By a score of three goals to two
the City Boccer eleven emerged vie-
ti rs from the conflict with llurnaby
nt Moody purk Saturday afternoon In
the replay tor the cup semi -finals, and
��ill now nnii cither the Hanks or
Sapperton In the finals.
Saturday's game    was   one   of the
b   ii   played  In  tbe  city  league ibis
i'i.   iii.   City   being  hard   pressed
at   all   times   by   the   surbaniles'     for
aid   line,   the   score   being   tied     on
." i ccasli us.
HarnCB   was   the   real   star   of  the  _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
n.ie, scoring all  three goals for the   easy for ths visiters and was
,.*   fourth   inning   by   Schneider
by outplaying Spokane and winning
the final game I to '-'. Spokane made
���l strong bid for the contest In the
���ig'.-.th, bul So.iiij broke up the rally
by ;i wonderful catch of Itisberg's
drive against the right field fence.
Martlnoni waa In line form in the
early innings, but faltered In
eventh and was relieved by Mays I
when the Indians started hitting In
the eighth.   The score:
H.    U.    K
Pi r'land    4    10       1
Spokane   2     X     f.
Batteries:      Martlnoni.    Mays   and
[Murray;   llisberg and  Auer.
Bsjs  Defeat Champs.
Seattle.   April   20.    Seattle   was   unable   to  hit   Smith   when   hits  moan!
rt    B todav and  Victoria  won  thp las:
game tit thc series 3 to 1.    Gipfi was
^^     relic
is   added  to  the  circuit,  the  easte.
InaeuH will b- riddh tl so full of holes
that Satnlvel  Lichtenheln, the  Montreal mogul, will find It hard picking to  1911
r-ven exctt'ic himself through the pub-
lie press
Taylor mav tign up with Con Jones
jjjg  and  play  lacrosse    wllh    Vancouver
' thlB
This  wus his first  appearance!
the forward Hue and with the aa-|who pitched good hall the rest of
iiauce of I'ettie succeeded in getting the spheroid through the posts
nit three occasions,
lln* llurnaby forwards were a bard
working bunch and gave the City no
eud of trouble, tho latter having a
substitute goaltender between the
posts In tin* absence of Rattray.
Bonchc-J  Hits  in   Eighth  Give Victory
-.0  College   Boys.
Blanking their opponents for Beveti
Innings, the Balmoi als wt re In   i ti
t bj   lo  :. itch  tl"*'r flrst  victory    t
tho    ' .��� - 'i ui  Qui ens porl,  Saturdo i
*   rn * n  v. In ii   the  C6Ii)mbian    col-
,i i.     can      'brougli   w Ith   I 'inch' il
hits  which   netted  Ave  runs in    tho
Eighth, rollo *' d b)  two In the ninth.
n   * are I" Ing T :;.
it was g nerally understood bj the
Balmorals that the garni wns to go
unlj seven Inninga and with a com-
iblt lead si -.eral of tbe regulars
lefl the l*. Id to attend to Ihelr business In the city.
I owever  the result is doI worrying
Herb  Ryall   and   Ken   Mallen as
...mil   ...nm'  allowed   the   two  <
 lis  ef   tlio   Hols  to  gel   a  line  on
ih. ,1   i i w   mat) rial  before  th)     citj
b aguu Bchedulc opens up.
Burnaby   Defeated  Again.
Bj   :i ��� i-  i ��� if two goals to one,
municipal   football   team   of   1
Urey  defeatod   Burnaby    at    Central
Park on    Saturday    afternoon,    thus
n i ;|ng  it   two  straight   to
from  the extreme  west
rani  peninsula.
I       \   om I .���;    Vi i'i*
game.    Both  teams  were  fast iu
field.    The score:
n.  ii.  k
Victoria      5     1
Seattle   1     tl     l
Batteries*    Smith and  Meek;  Qlpe
-'" I'lu'iiI'M* ami (adman.
Saturday's  Games.
Vancouver, ���'',;  Tacoma, I,
Siattle. 3;  Victoria, 1  (11 Innings]
Portland.  S;   Spokane,  3,
Nanaimo Soccer Team Fails to Put in
Appearance  for   Scheduled   Game.
No little disappointment was felt liy
lhe large  number  of spectators  who
gathend at Sapperton park Saturday
afti moor, in high hopes of witnessing
a soccer battle between the Nanalmo
Hangers and lhe Bankers of this city.
For some unknown reason    the Coal
City team failed lo put in nn appearance and even disdained io wire   the
ih,   manage! of the  local  team  of their
��� hi   inability to make the trip.
It   Is   possible   an   explanation   will
be  forthcoming  from the manager of
i  the Nanaimo team, but at the present
time their standing in the estimation
of Westminster soccer fans is down
to zero.
1890���Hilly Murphy. Australian; d��
fealed Tommy White in four
rounds at Chicago.
1910���Dlch Hyland and l.each Cross
fought 10 round draw at New-
Jack    Brltton    defeated     Jac'i
Barada    In    15 round3    at    S'
1911���Sailor Burke defeated Tom Mc
Mahon   in   lo rounds   at   New-
York, j
1911���Young    Britt    stopped     Kenny
Riley in Ilth round    at    Haiti ]
1911���Charlie Smith and Willie Lewis
foimht    six    round      draw      a'
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
1882���John  I..  Sullivan  knocked    ou'
John McDermott In third round
at Rochester.
1884���J.  Welsh  and   Prussian   Sherltl
fought 76 round draw  at Philu
1903���Jabez White    defeated      Spike
Sullivan   in   15  rounds   at   London.
1906-   Jim   Harry  knocked  out   Frank
Steinook in first round at Matli j
son. Wis.
1911���Joe   Jeanette   knocked   out     Al j
Kubiak In ninth round at    New
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
, Mil
Standing  cf thc  Clubs.^
.delphia     ",
���������: burg     5
.  *.  Vo ll    I
Chicago     4
...   1
.... 1
���p.   I I'll!.-	
Bro iklyn  	
tti n  	
.' nc'nnatl  	
At  Cincinnati - M
Chicago    ;*     'j.
Cincinnati    -,    '
Bmti   ier    Cheney,  Lavender   in
'.onion, Suggs and Clarke.
I, Louis
���   lllll*!.',
l.o rs
ll.   II.   E.
it a:    u Toole. Roblnso
Kelly;   Harmon,  Salic
the men
I  the  Bur-
Following thi' game
entertained al the
ball at KilinoniN.
old fashioned smoking concert was held, local. Point
Qrey and New Westminster talent
appearing before tha fodtllghts,
meeting    df the
n-ue will be held
*   i n
A    special
City Soccer 1 ^^^^^^^
in the office of Herb Ryall on
i noi day ii et ing w hen the re-
inalnlng games of Hie league
cup will be arranged and also
committees appointed to take
chargo ol lhe annual smoker
of lhe league, which will lii-
lii id within Uie next three
I.ail   year's  smoker  was  the
lu st i vi i- In bl in the olty and
the league tb legates are working haul to outdo all previous
gaihi rings of its kind. Presl-
il' ni i;,.iii will call them to
order at 8 o'cloo :.
Saturday's  Games.
��� *   York. 7-1 l;   HoBlon, '1 3,
Pittsburg, 6; Cincinnati, 6,
Pn Is li Iphla, 1.  Hrooklyn, U.
Chicago, ti;  S'. I.ouis.  1.
Standing  ot  tbe  Clubs.
St. I.ouis  	
Hi slon   	
New   York  	
Yesterday's   Game.
Ai  Detroit It
St.    I.ouis         '.
Delroii      '
Batteries:    Baumgartner and
new;   Mullen  and  McK--
At  Chicago
Cleveland     2     7
l iileago    1      9      2
Haiti i ies.      Cregg    und    Carisch;
' Wnlsh, Clcotte and  Schalk.
Sdturdjy's  Games.
I i lioit,   i;   St, I.ouis, 0.
Phlladi Iphla, 7;   Boston, B.
Washington, 3;  New York, 0,
Cleveland. 0;  Chicago, 2.    .
11.    I-
II.    II.    1:
��� i    Tin* hn :*i  yarn  In lacrosse conies
��� fron. Victoria io Uie effect thai unites
��� Malinger Clffoiu and  the executive nl
************** i the W 'sn Insler ciub imuoklo down to
Bitulithic on Second Street, Nrw Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Bitulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easj on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable, for these reasons
Bitulithic is commended highly by owners of automouilcs and horses,
householders, aud city officials. It Ins beeu adopted by fifteen cities
iu Canada, anj over two hundred lu the Cnlted States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymcur 7130.
714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
% Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front St.
The  Home of Low  Prices, Out of the High Rent District.
The finest variety of Kiddes' Fancy Shoes and
Slippers in the city.   Bargain prices on every pair.
Depot for Leckie's Boots and Ahern's School Shoes.
$30,000 STOCK TO SELECT FROM. pA'.r six
MONDAY,  APRIL 21, 1913.
* MATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
lay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
Dionth; 5.000 words, to be used as required within one yeur trom date of
contract, J25.00.
Hlrth or Marriage Notices GOc.
Death Notice 60c or with Funeral Notice $1.9D. Card of Thanks 60c per
inside property. Will pay 8 per
ceut. for live years. Apply Hox 1116
News. Hl">
Fleet   on   Lake   Winnipeg   and   Ericr-
desk,  nearly  new.  Room   419   West- \        mous   Resources   in   Fish   Deo-
minster   Trust   building.     Rutledge1
Hrnkerage Co.
ou Gti foot coruer. three blocks 'roni
Sixth street car. J2600, 5400 cash,
balance $26 per month. T. D. Coldicutt,  Kast Hurnaby. (1109)
cribed���Mineral   Wealth.
by 120. Five lots from corner ot
Richmond street on Bachelor
avenue, $475; $175 cash, balance
easy. \V. F. Edmonds, 522 Westminster Trust building, (1112)
general housework. Apply Mrs. P,
Blrrell, 115 Royal avenue.      11106)
time, for a few evenings. Apply
llox 1110 News olTice. (11101
$10 Dominion Match shares for
good buggy horse, or will sell. Ap-
*ply  Dox  lill  News office.      (lllll
First class teacher wanted at once
for entrance work.
Secretary of School Hoard,
,112:1) New Westminster, U.C.
suitable for one or two gentlemen.
Apply 407 Royal avenue.     .   H114I
for rent and furniture for sale; outside rooms. Westminster Trust.
llox  1115 News. 111151
!  ll It   It E N T���U N F U R N I S H ED
rooms.    Apply 311 Columbia street.
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street.
house with every modern convenience, Bituatcd on Eighth avenue, between Tenth and Twelfth streets.
Apply owner, II. I). Morgan, 1040
Hamilton street. (10821
cheap.   Hox 17 Edmonds P.O. (1083)
Stove,   Canada's    Pride     Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada  Range  Co., Market square.
Miss Alice Banner, Hox 5, Sta "R."
N. Y. City. (11V!'
country needs money, sells 66 foot
lot on Highland cut-off cheap. II.
Brackman, Seymour Rooms, Seymour street, Vancouver. ill2'))
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes street.    Phone 1.638.    (10911
small rooms over the News olllco.
Suitable for club or light manufacturing purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Mnnager the News.
nny person giving information that
will lead to the recovery of a sheet
lined Watson wagon, No. 25, belonging to the Columbia Bltulithic, Ltd.
Address above at 57 Sixth street.
city. <109S i
Waterworks DDepartment.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to Friday, the 25t'.i
inst.. at noon, for tha position of
reservoir inspector. Salary $100 per
Applicants must be experience-! ir:
the operation of electric motors and
pumps. The duties will consist in
making daily inspections, Including
Sundays, of all the city reservoirs
and Venturl meters, and keeping the
same in good condition, the operating
of electric motor and centrifugal
pump as may be necessary, and any
other duties required by the superintendent. Applicants are required to
state age and experience and deliver
applications, ln sealed envelopes,
marked on outside.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City  Hall, April 19, 1918, (1122)
Re Sapperton Sewer Schedules.
Unfurnished, three roomed suite
with bath, hot and cold water; $25
per month.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
Ttie sell,vlul,'h published in Tlle "News,"
dated 1st April refer to the Assessment for
Mains and Connections in District A and
H ,,f  H'*eii"ti  No.  2  only.
Tbe Schedules published In Tho "British
Columbian," dated 2nd April refer ;,. Ah-
I nssessmenta un the "Oulfnll" for the whuli
urea covered by  Hectti-in  No.  2.  Including
Dl trlcts A. Ii. fn  K, mid F,
Tbo   two   Ahi  "Oul fall"   and
"Main  and  Connections"  for  Districts   A
,t    11    I'lakeS    til''   1"' ,1   .. ���   .SSIIII nl     fur    tlle
completed   works   In  these   Districts   23c.
p,*r  fl.   1'ronUtge.
W   A    inN'AN.  Cily Clerk.
fitv ll.dl. Apnl i',,   :: t ine i
may have same by implying at
UU4 Nanaimo street after 6 p.m.
and   paying   for  ad. illOS)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, DUG Hastings street west. Van
couver, II. C. (076)
New Westminster District.
Tb" following applies only to the
New Westminster Dominion Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lands in
the   New   Westminster   Agency   who
are net I Red in Timber Berths will
lie given until Monday, th" 19th day
i f Mav, 1913, v tthin whit li in appear
and : lake ap; llcatlon for entry.
SquattorB whose claims have been
nllowed, who have nm yet secured
homestead entries, will lie notified
bv Hi" Dominion Land Agenl ai their
last kin,wn address In Un- event of
any such squatters failing to appear
Mid make application bi fore Mi,- date
mentioned, l-helr claims \-cil laps,,
and lii- land- will !>** otherwise dls
posed of on and after thai date. If.
however, good reason is shown for
failing to appear and ih" Improvements on the land are of substantial
value a further period ef protection
may be allowed by tin- Agenl in ruses
ef merit. Claims not yet dealt with
must  be filed  Immediately,
Squatting on Dominion Lands without ihe authority of the Department
will not henceforth l>" allowed and
will result In loss ef claim and for-
feiture of Improvements
Snpt.,  B,  c.   Lands.
Ottawa, Ilth April, 1913, (1089)
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Sapperton car service has been so
greatly Improved this week thai it
is now the ideal place to buy,
Cix roomed house on Hospital street;
piped for furnace. Built for home.
$2750,    Terms.    So.  I.I.
House and corner lot, lot 40x100.
Price   $1800.    Easy  terms.     No.  34,
Choice lot near new school, practically
' leared, $550, Terms one half cash
No    12.
Five roomed cottage, handy to car.
Price $1600. Terms tu arrange.
No   82.
Lot close to Columbia, with shack
aud stable. Extra big snap at
$1050 for short time only.    Nu. 31,
Winnipeg, Aprll 20.���Speaking of
ithe Great Uakes naturally directs
one's thoughts to the great chain ot
island seas, the waters of which
| eventually find their way to the Atlantic via the majestic St. Lawrence,
'and citizens of Winnipeg seldom
seem to consider the fact nt their
I very doors ls a lake one-third larger
than Ontario and much more in ex-
���ccbs of the dimensions of Lake Erie.
iLake Winnipeg Is practically two
i lakes distinguished as the northern
and southern waters.
j The great navigable s'.retch of this
lake at first suggested it as a highway to the Hudson Hay and indeed
many years ago railway surveys were
i made with York Factory as tho proposed terminus on the northern route.
The Lake Winnipeg Fleet.
This route was however surrendered to more advantageous plans and
now the chief interest In those waiters is taken by fishing companies,
i fur hunters and sight  seers.
The opening of navigation will set
in motion a combined fleet of seme
twenty bottoms, consisting of steamers, tugs and barges, eight of which
comprise the fleet of tlle Lake Winni
peg Shipping Company, five each t,
i tlie Northwest and Northern Fish
companys and cue or two to the property of the Winnipeg Fish Company.
Winnipeg during the lust winter ban
���been somewhat unfortunate by the
loss  by   fire  of three   boats.
The Mount Cashell, the Wanltoka
and the Mount Temple, all of which
.were burned at their winter's moorings.
The Lake Winnipeg Shipping Company bas for Its largest steamer the
Rosemount Billet, a vessel some 300
feet in length of 40 foot beam and
considerable   tonnage.
Fishing   in  June.'
!    Tbe  fishing season  lasts from  tho
'beginning of June lo the lulh of Aug
, usi  when  the tugs as a  rule return
!to their docks while the larger steam-
'ers  ply   back  and   forward  with   passengers   and   freight.     The     summer
climate far up this lake is delightful
and   along   with   mining   prospectors
and  hunters  there   are     those    who
* take the journey simply for the sheer
love of scenery and  travelling.
Rumors of Gold.
There are rumors of gold and silver
up in  the regions of the  Big Saskatchewan   and   large   deposits   of   commercial  iron on  the lower west side
of  the  lake,   but  up  to  date nolliine
| of  very  great   Importance  has  been
developed.     Molybdenite   an  dgypsum
are reported In practicable quantities
and the waters abound  with fish and
feathered life.
In the rice weeds at tin mouths of
Hi" inflowing rivers flocks of ducks
and geese which t]ark"ii llie sun in
tlnir flight are hatched and fed till
autumn drives them south.
While wbtteflsh, pickerel aud pike
Bwarm ilu- waters of the lake from
i; il  n, end.
Million Pounds of Fish.
Some 3,000,000 pounds of fish are
annually taken and shipped to the
southern markets. The boats of the
fishing fle"t take a crew of from
eight to twelve men each, all of
whom for three months make their
home on board, netting, salting and
preserving the season's crop of fish
till the expiration of time sends then*.
home. Near Selkirk the bulk of the
industry is in building stone and sand
The quarries at Selkirk produce a
s, fl mottled limestone anil those al
Sii in wall and' Stone Mountain have
already been worked to a large extern. The shipments from these quar
tii a and sand pits keep many of the
Red river boats busy till late in the
In days to come, with the Increase
of population and the necessity for
summer resorts there is every probability that many of the numerous
islands in tlie north lake will furnish
is pulur ii-iii .its Irom iio* .summer
hi at.
Willi the acquisition of ihe pew ter-
riiory which surrounds Lake Winnipeg there should be a new Interesl
awakened in the minds t.f provincial
officials regarding tin- resources aad
pt asib lities of a great ana of eoiiu-
iry which heretofore has received
hut a pausing glance fom Hie Dominion au horllles.
in a good proportion i[ eases, to effect  a probable cure
"o��ing to Ct.- small amount of ra
ilium   at   our   disposal   our   energies
on behalf of our pttllolUS are pain
fully ivitrh-i A On Ibe oilier hand, tl
would be dllllcult to overstate Ilu
benclit that would bo derived bj min:,
suffering from pain ami Inoperable
cancer   if   500    mill-, grammes   were
forthcoming, Hut I believe we colli,1
easily use 1,000 iiHiligrainines every
hour of tlie tweniy feur     All we need
i is tiie radium, or tlie money to pur-
t chase it without delay,
"The radium ought certainly    not
to   be  allowed   to   leave   lhe  country.
The government  might  even  buy  it
;and loan it to the hospitals.
"As a pure Investment it would be
a security that virtually does not depreciate because more than one thousand years would elapse before Its
powers fell SO per cent, of the origi-
S nal.
The 500 inilli-graiiimes referred to
are nt the present moment lying in the
safe of the British Radium Corpora-
i tion.
"The radium is not actualy purchased by Japan." said one ol the directors, "and if any British committee is formed to obtain It, as well as
(any further supplies for hospital use,
I am sure the directors would be only
to delighted to gram  every possible
; facility.
"We have been selling our radium at
$100 a milll-graniine. but if it were designed for hospital purposes I have no
doubt   a  substantial  reduction   would
: be made."
with the railway companies so that
delegates will be able to lake in the
meetings of the w. ii. m. s. and w.
u. M s.. the Pre-Assi nibly conference
ami  the  Assembly.
ii has been suggested that a layman supply the pulpit during the minister's absence. If arrangements cannot be made with ministers of other
i denominations, ln aome instances,
(particularly in the cases of mission
fields). It may be necessary  to close
: th" church  for u few  weeks.
Every   one   cf   Ihe   two   thousand.
' ministers, every minister's wife, and
every representative elder, as the
leading laymen are styled, will be
taken to Toronto without any cost to
themselves, and the peoplo of Toronto have risen to the occasion by prom
ising to entertain them during their
stay in the Queen City.
Captain   John    Hood   Says   Not
Ship   is   Prepared���Fleet
Too   Small.   .
Washington.   D.C.,     April   20.-  Nol
one of the thirty-one battleships and
twenty-four   destroyers   that   constituted the fighting force if 127 vessels
which  assembled  for  review  in  New
York  harbor last  October,  was ready
for   war,   Captain   John   Hood,   then
captain of the dreadnought Delaware,
the pennant ship of the fleet, tc id thc '
navy   league   at   ils   recent   aess tm |
here.    Captain  Hood,  uow  a  member i
of  the  navy  general  board,  gave  hia
views  on  a desirable  naval   policy.
"Not counting the British fleet with
which no conflict need ever be fear
ed," he said, "In 1920 Germany can
put to sea 41 battleships of which
25 will be dreadnoughts and also 15
battle, cruisers; France will have 2!-
capital ships of which 2Lt will be
dreadnoughts; Japan will have 36. of
which 17 will be dreadnoughts or
dreadnought cruisers.
Nothing short t.f the general
board's policy of 4fci battleships for
thi" 1'nited States can even approach
the adequacy and a fleet Inadequatt
is a burden without protection. Ai
i' ir present rate of growth we in
1920 could put out agains' these arm
aments thirty-three ships all told of
which only sixteen will be dreadnoughts.
"At no time has our flei I been de
veloped along lines if consisten
thought lo meet a definite end which
Bhould   be    the   gua: ml [    tho   na
lion's peace Today we have a fleel
u" small and heti n geneous to meel
Uie ends wiie'a justify its main ten
ance and too large to be carried as a
burden tor a play thing."
Fire   in   Chilling     Plant     in   Buenos
Ayres  Affects  London   Market.
London, April 20���A despatch from
Buenos Ayres says that fire in the
Hleiuui meat plant there caused a loss
of $600,000. Fortunately only the old
plant  was  destroyed.
The fire it) Buenos Ayres aroused
extraordinary Interest In the London
meat market. The Argentine chilled
meat trade is an extremely sensitive
one. It Is built up on the theory thai
meat must be consumed wltliln thirty-
I five days from the time the animals
,are slaughtered,-and that period, after allowing for tli,' 2:1 days' voyage
leaves little time for the disposal of
the meat in  this count ry.
For   this   reason   it   is   impossible
'to keep slocks of chilled beef such
as are kept of frozen mutton, but a
close account has to be taken of all
available supplies.
Tbere are only eight big meat companies  operating  in  Argentina  beef,
'so that if one killing of three thousand animals a day, as in the rule
In South America, bus to stop or slow
down the others will Immediately increase   their   output.
It is understood that the Blenon
company will continue to export unit
Ion. but will have lo cease for a line*
sending   over   beef.
CiJ T?"     As an autlu'rity  says���"Truth   well expressed
|Jp makes thc best advertisement" -then here's one
of the best advertisements in the paper.
Is the best flavored and most economical Tea in the World.
Beware of high profit bearing substitutes.
Sealed Lead Packets only.
k !��� lrUtTt-stnl nml thouUl know
about tbo wonderful
Aek toot dnipeUt .��.   ^
It.   If he cirmnt supply    -,
th*  MARVKu accept no
other, bat smd ?;irai> for
tnOed boor--*e��lp<!.   it rIt** .uu   -
SrttcnUn mil ittnH'.tloTw Invariable
Generul A��euu for t'naiiilu.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beat Pool Tables In the city. Pint
line of Cigars and Tobacco, yportint
events bulletined.
A. G.  BEATON.  Proorletor.
New Spring and Slimmer Suitings
now on display. See thorn. 1'erfeci
lit and workmanship guaranteed. Tol
Kront Street.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders foi-
\ Equipment" for tbe new hospital build
iing will be received by the undersign-
,ed up to noon
on Friday, April 25th. 1913.
Tenders must  be submitted on the
, forms of specification  which  may  be
obtained  at   the  hospital.    The   lowest or uny tender not necessarily accepted.
K. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Hoyal     Columbian     Hospital,     New
Westminster, (ion?)
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
t Winding l'p.)
r.r-   nn.-n~.._..��.. . ..���    O'tli'lio- "f April. 1��1S, to send in their
OE PRESBYTERIANS!��-&'4ffa<,aws ars
MW    I I1LULM I LllinilLl  narm.��� ana addresses ���r ibalr Solicitors, ir
thc   Matter   of   the   "Winding   Up!
Act,"  Revised  Statutes of Canada
���Chapter 144, and
the   Matter   of   Tne.   People's  Trust
Company, Limited.
ihe Court haa fix,-it tin- :ioth day ,,r April.
mi.',, nt id :i0 o'clock in in,- forenoon in
Chambers at thi* t'ourt Houne. Vancouver, it. ��'. as the llin,' and place fer the
appointment ef Official Liquidator of thr
above-named Company
IHI*; CREDITORS "f Uie above named
puny are  required  on  nr  before   lhe |
J. H. Todd's Music House
413  Columbia   Street.   New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines,     Small   Musical  Goods  of  all   Kinds.   PHONE   R94.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes        TANKS
 BURN OIL     	
P.  O.  BOX  442
Two Thousand  Ministers With
and   Representative   Elders
Meet   in   Toronto.
Montreal,   April   20.
ministers   in   Montreal
wiili   their  colleagues
ada��� are looking forward
re: '    ic-rinn
ovr Can
eagt r!j  tt
irjjj' IU. tail Service
Loavofl Vanoouver for Victnrin i'�� a. m.,
* p. in  and 11  4.
Leftvufl Vancouver fur Seattle 10 h. rn.
nnd 11 Pi m.
Leavea Vancouver for Nnnatmo 3 p. m
Leaves Vjuh otiver for Prince Rupert
mid Northern jVuintH lu p. m, Wednea*
11:* v a.
Leavei Vancouver every Wedneaday at
1" p, tn
Leavei Chllllwack 7 u. rn. Tuesday,
'i tiuraday and Saturday*
Chilliwack Service
Leavef   UVHimlnM-tT   K   a.   m.   Monday
u odnaaday snd Friday.
KD. got T MOT. Ak��'ih. New Weatmlnater.
H. W. BRODXB. U. P. A��� Vancouver,
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block. 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Japan Wants to Buy Present Available
Supply���Patients  Die for
Lack  of  It.
London, April 211. Wbile the great
London hospitals which employ radium tor the treatment ol cancer and
otber diseases are making pitltul ttp-
peals ror adequate supplies of Che
bem ti' lent element, the country Is
��� inow threatened with the Iohk of practically all the available radium not
actually In constant use.
These supplies consist of BOO mill-
grammes now lying Idle in n London
, Bafo Japan Is now applying for this
radium tor purposes undisclosed. Utile*-" mine one comes forward with the
m >* to purchase it there in general apprehension thai the radium
I wiih an additional 800 mllll-grammos
| Una will in- ready shortly, will no
All thai ib * mi ii is ii sum of between $40,000 Mid $60,000,
Iir. Lazarus-Barlow, the director of
the Cancer Research Laboratories of
the Middlesex hospital, in nn interview with an Express representative,
I mini
������The greal  majority of the unfortunate patients have tti die Simply because   we  lit)   not   possess  sufficient
.nuiinm to relieve their pain, if not,
I any,  tn  cno  Westminster Trust.  Limited, |
,,f  tli��� ''llv  of  New   Westminster,   Province of llrlilHli Colombia, Provisional I.l-i-]
.... itlit.itnrs of tbe hhIiI Company, and ir iio i
wives   squired  i,y  notice  in   writing  from   tin-
i.-mill Liquidators, nre by th-tr Solicitors tol
to come  In  mul  prove tln-lr said  debts  and
claims, at my Chambers al the New
Court House, Vanoouver, B. C. .*it such
i time iih shall li,- specified In such notice,
in-   In  default   thereof,   the)   will    I x
I eluded from tlle benefit of nnv distribution  matle before i-nn-li  debts nre  proved I
DATED llie  mili day of April,   A    li '
A,   It.   POTTlNCircR
the 2nd Of .lnne. when there will open |     N'w Westminster. B. C.
in   Mas��y   Hall  Tore:.,,,   the   greal    ^^W^m^r^^L^dr Se
est   gathering of Canadian  ministers ;    Provisional Liquidators,
ever  held. (1059)
The   eon Terence   Is  ti"   el'.:   of  the ' __ , .
Rev. Dr. (irant. general superlnten
dent of Presbyterian Missions, and
ithe Home Mission Board adopted tl'
ils annual meeting hll plan of mass
Ing tin- forces nf the Presbyterian
Church In Canada, by bringing io
'Toronto all the ministers if tin
church with their wives, and :i representative lavi- ;"l fit I'l '-el
charge, also the holding of a big l'n*
[Assembly missionary conference op
June 2. ii  -"nl  4
Toronto Presbytery was nnproached
on January 14, and asked if it would
be  willing  to  billet  n  gathering  ot
rm i people for ten days or two weeks
The   reply   wits   the   following   resolu
tlon.    unanimously    passed:      "Tha'
Toronto Presbytery hereby agrees tt
assume the responsibility of billeting
those who  mny attend  the  meetlnge
"f the  l'n -Assembly convention,  Un*
meetings  of  the Oeneral    As-'embl'
and  the annual  meetings of  the  W,
'���'   M   S    and of the \V,   II.  M.  H.. to
! be held  111 Toronto iu June  next,"
The plan outPne W as follows:
"That the dlfferenl   lepartments ot
���be  Church,  with  ti" leaders I I  thi
'Laymen's  Miss;',miry  Movement, pro
:'l" lhi   i"-' gram for the Pri Asscni
bly eimfi renoe
"Thai  Toronto  Pcpshylery   look ,-if
tor  the  blllet'nt!
"Thal the Homo MIhsIi ii board
| take cure of the trn^snorln lon and
furnish  a  tlckel  free  to all  entitled
to   COIlle."
Tiie   following   nrr iii,*,*i*.ii"it i   hr.vr
; been  made with the railways:
i    l. From   Porl   Arthur  west   to the
Atlantic, tickets ni" good going from
May Z'.i in Jim" ll   nui returning up
to June  17.
2,  Prom   Port   Arthur  west   to  llrll
ish Columbia the going dates wlll bo
May i:'.i to June 7. return limit, July
i    ;!. liritish Columbia, going, May 20
I to June "; returning July 27,
Arrangements    hive    been    made
Pres  and 0<ul. Mgr. Vle��-Pr*std��t)t. flee, t-td Trius.
Fir, Cedar  aod   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Do You Mi
to Sell Your
List it with the
I'hone 1275   48 8th St.
Auto and Marine
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
W. R. OILLEY, Ch.n. 122. G. E. OILLEY, Ption�� 291
Phono, Oftliw IB ord 11,
Wc have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
! which we can recommend for Steam and
i   Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Tickets at Lowest Rates
To   all   Eastern   destinations  and  lo
���Monday*   Prlnca Rupert, Stewart, Massott.
Tuesday!)���Victoria nml Seattle,
���Thursdays   Prince Rupert, Oranby Hay.
Fridays   Alert Bay, ltardy Bay, Khun Inlet,   Ocean    Palis,   q n
Charlotte IhIuikI (direct Bervlce, f.-iHt time).
Saturdays   Victoria nml  Seattle,
���Close connection ul Prince Buperl with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway truliiH for polnta K.-im lo Hazolton,
11. O. HMITIl, 0   P. & T. A. W. E, DUPBROW, O. A. P. u.
Phono Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Granville 8tre��t MONDAY, APRIL 21,  1913.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
Bylaw No. 153
vlded, however, thai tn no Btuw Bball cam
in   required i<> run between midnight and
6:90 .1 tm.    nm nothing in this clause is
Intended   to  prevent   tin-  Companv    from
running Hn firs :it  any Other time   or hh
on ii --is ii may iee Ui.
ij.    in   tin'   event   "f  .-my  other   lint.-
.being built  by  the Company during   the
term of tiiis Agreement, the frequency of
is'i'.,<���> over aueh llnea shall from time ��� ���>
time be determined by an Agreement between   Mi"- Corporation  and  tin- Company,
and   in   case   th*-   Corporation    and    the
I Company Hbaii  be unable to agree upon
the same the question shall be referred to after  during   the   repairing
arbitration as hereinafter provided. |free passage for vehicles   "
A By-law to authorise tin- execution o(
an Agreement with The British Columbia
Electric Railway Company, Limited, for
nn ekclria railway system In the Dlatrlct nf Burnaby.
WHEREAS mi nr about tin- thirteenth
day nl* October, 1909, the Municipal Council of the Corporation nt the District of
iy paesod ;i certain hy-luw
anil known .is Uie Burnaby
V-'i,"oi i in Truniway Hy-luw 1909, Uie said
li'v-liiw I"-inK a by-lnw authorizing the
Reeve tin,! Cleric of tbe Haiti Corporation
,,,, i��� li.ill of the said Corporation to alien,
v.i'iit,- niul affix tin- corporate seal tn
niul ��l#e delivery to lbs Britlsli Columbia
Elicirlc Railway Company, Limited, of
an Agreement between the CorporaUon nf
ii,.- Dlstrlcl "f Burnaby mil the said
Company f,,r tho construction of an electric tramway system In the District of
Burnaby ..
IND   WHEREAS  In   pursuance nf the
���,,l tv conferred by the said by-law thc
���,i.i  icii'i in' in was executed on behait'of
said Corporation and delivered to the,
I compan) on nr about the nili ilay nf
Ociobi r.  1909;
ami WHEREAS tin* said
r iin* terms of lhi
tompanj  In
eald Agrei -
l  t       nil'     ll  111
pur. --
���ntnt   cms, <l
miles   nf electric   tramway
Btructed through the District nt Burnaby,
which iramwn)  haa bet n In operation fur
soiroi time pasi .
wn WHEREAS In the opinion of tne
nri.'Dfnl nuiniciii.il council nf the said Cor-
!,,,, m,,n Hi'* "ni'l Agreement and Hy-law
authorising the ��� xecutlon nr same are in
,.,,iit| by reason "I same imt having in-,-n
���.!,,',, i���,i for approval t" tt" ��� li ctore of
Dlatrlct "t Bumaby prior to the fin ii
tssitge of said by-law and the execution
,,: the said Agret ment ;
\Nii WHEREAS the aalil company in
nf tin opinion that it was unnecessary I i
'. ,���,,,, ti���. mild Ilv-law and Agreem nl
'.,',', Uie approval ot tho'electora of tho Dls
��� rici of Burnuby prior to the flu il passogi
iltl   by-ln��   and    execution    of    said
x ui nt, an I thai thi  said By-law and
A   ..,.:!  . ������   valid;
\\-|i  WI-USREAS  the said Corporation
i   ,',,,.mu, nc il litigation agalnsl the said
io i, -.   tht   validity of the ��� iid
i         i  Agn ' mi in .
wn WHERE -iS ilu* said Con ol nl m
I ...',: ihe said Company to coil'
.. . furthei railway Uni a In the I 'I
, . of Burn ib> und) r the terms nf the
, ,i mjri ��� ii" nt, which the Bald Com) ���* *.
ri, ,i ,,, do owing i" ii" i-ii'i'-"
, .. ,,��� tht Council of the said Corpora
I thi   said Bi -law and Agreement
WH WHEREAS with n view ta   ivol :
i, -  | ligation  and  unfriendly   fei lln      **���
,i ,   - ,  i i- irporatlon  and  tin      <
..   md i       ring thi  * ���;.-��� net on nl
. ���   ...... i     Uni ���   In   thi     Dial     *   ���**
ii,.   pri   ��� tu   M ml   i al ''        I
i i * ,i p ii   Hon has   i
.    i ��� ,mpnn<   ll it II should agn i   to con-
ich   furth. i-  rallwa)   lln-��   ��� >ndl
, upon   ������   i" v.    Agn , im nl   betwei
,   , i irpm ill m   ��������� I  thi   Bald  ' nm-
reuurdlng electric ro I* iy constnii
! ��� tin      li trlct of Hum iby,  togel   ������'
.    .    |nv    mu orislng   the   execution
, i   .   .      hi   lted i"t     pproval   ' *
.    riots nf th     District   of  Bun   *
pi   .   id hi Ii .��� fin illy passed nnd
., |   ,,,,   hi i ill    nf   'I ���*   Corporatl in.
i   ,   been   accepted   by
i Co in] ins
��� -.   ,   WHEREAS   '���������������   ni cordni ce    s I 111
.   i.i ....       of thi   Corporatl  it   s
.    .    Agret in nl   tas   lafii   pri pan d    hi
.. ,   min  .   ,ri oi itlon and  Hi"  said
.   for Hn* construction  of electric
,   .     |n    ihi     District    of    li in il I
.       h ,,, n.  ai::*, ��� :���*'!- hen to nnni sed
I i    |--.* wt i;:,   bj   the   Reeve   and
,    i   ol   uie   Cm poratlon   "f   the    Dls-
* ���  .t Bumaby In council assembled ss
* '���)
Author!!]    Is   given   hereby    tn   the
'* . v.- nml CIsrH nt  n-* said Corporation
 nd . V* iti  "nil affix th rpoi
... nl lo and give dellvi n   to  Tlir- Hrlt-
Columlila   Blectrlc  Bnllway  Compan)
Iti-d   therein named of an In* mar'' of
mi t i  i" tween  the Corporation   and
ntltlsh   ' olumbtn   Electric    Railway
... .    |jn ued, i" construct and oper-
eleetrlc railway system within th"
*     f iMrnub*.. all to ti"' extent, on
ii ��� ins and In th" manner sei both in
* ��� Kgreemcnt   which   Is hereto  *���"
 I nnd forms part of this By law ��
".',-,1 ben In, and that  all  aa tl"' .,��� *
I   iced of ih,* said Corporation
This I'.*. law Bhall nol go Into street
*  |i  has been submitted    fm  approval
���     *.. lectnrs "f the inairin ,.f Bum iby,
.   ,.,  ,, titled to vote ii|win a by-law  to
..... ���  . debl   and has tn- Ived the as
.   .    ,..,;.- ii..,,   three fifths In num
f the i led ira who shall vote   upon
'    '  hi  law ... iu.
-,-, is  hy-law  may   be c ted as   tne
., j  Biectrli   Railway B) law     91>.
....     ���nd   loused   1"   "1""   c lunell   Hits
-, dn,  .,f April.  19H
..... ,t  thi   assent  "f tt"* electors   of
Uu  !* -'ii,- of Burnnby on the . ,
iha^/h^Sanniii^tl;;1':;'^,!!,:^;:;;;! corporation of the   corporation of the I corporation of the
other option or options u> construct and
operate said desired Line or lines unless
the construction of same has been com
m iif-.i within a period of six months
after tho Company s refusal or neglect to
construct, and thereafter continususly
pros cuted In a bona fide manner, and In
swell oase all the Company's powers over
such streets shall in- in force as if there
had been i>" such refusal or neglect,
30.    During tiie time of construction <>f
a  railway and  laying  the  rails or there- '
���f  same,   a i
Bylaw No. 1.59.
Bylaw No. 158.
! i the event of a second track in--, portion of tli<* streets and crossings shall
iiiired by  the Company to be laid  be   maintained;   and   Immediately   after
streets or  road  where   a   single  the said rails have heen laid   or repairs
riret  laid,  plans Bhall   be   sub- |dpno the surface of the streets shall be ro-
Council for Hn approval  l>
\ By-law to enable the Corporation of the
District i��r Burnaby to raise by way of
Loan the sum of $29,00(^.00 for School
):n onsldored   and
day   nf
.   1911
finally   passed
All   W.um   OF AGREEMENT   made   In
.   ic I te   Ihls   dav   of ��� ��� ���    ��� ' ;
'.  ,  LJ? of our  I*rd one thousand
��� lne hundred and thirteen.
\ ������.: WERN
iiik ronronATiON "~ T-iK -M
TKICT OF UURNAnV. In the I rov-
,,,,' n, ,;.,, ,n Columbia, hereinafter
, ,1,,,i -ihi   Corporall n,
.    VND
-;,!,.'���   KAIIAVAV    COMPACT.    LIM
TED   (POREKiN). being a wtnfsn
1 ni der the Companies   Acl
having  its fffh-"- ��it;
,lU,lM     LAne,     I-oni>.ard
Ity ..f London, England.
nt.s promises and agrees with tbe Cor-
; iJoratlon that it  will fulfil all the conditions, regulations and undertakings hereinafter contained hv the Company to be
I observed and performed.
8.    The Company covenants and agrees
subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter sei  forth to construct or cause to
be constructed the following lines of elec-   ���'* charge
trie railway ; namely :
LINE "A." From the easterly terminus of the Company's railway on Hastings Street in the City Of Vancouver, easterly along said Hastings street and Bar-
net  Road for a distance of two miles.
HMO "II.'" From the northeasterly
��� '���nttJnus iif the Company's railway on
Columbia street in the City of New West-
nnn.Uer, northeasterly along said Columbia Street and the North lload for a dls-
tance of one mile, and to continue tiie
same to the junction or the Clark Road
so soon as settlement warrants; and the
Companv witi commence the constructions of m.ilit ),lne "A" within one month
rrom the date ��.f this Agreement, and will
fully complete, equip and op* rate tie
same within eleven months from the
date of titis Agreementv and will com
construction of the said Line "ir
wlth.n one month after the completion ot
construction <<r n high level bridge suitable to street railway traffic, over the
Brunette River and tne granting of anv
necessary permission from the City of
New Westminster to construct tiie said
Line "B" along Columbia Street, and Will
fully complete, equip and operate same
wit hin *U nn mt lis from the commencement of construction or Ute said Line "B,"
bul in case the said work of construction
shall lie prevented or delayed by reason of
rebellion, epidemic, fire, storm "r tempest,
strike or other cause of a lik<' nature bend the c introl of tlie Company, the
time for completion shall be extended for
so long ofl the work shall have been so delayed mt prevented, the length of sucii ex-
tei li to bi mutually agn ed upon be-
i : ��� < !om| any and i he Corporation
-l. The Tracks of the Baid street rall-
.'-��� * hall be of n gauge ol four fei t eight
ind hall '.- . the rails and const i uc
Lion to bi ������. t ���. ... lonabli satisfaction of
tin C ���' ���.' i; of the Corporatl m. The tracks
shall conform ��� th grades <>f the streets
������ ��� ��� . .1 by the '!ouncll and the whole
hail he c msl n ct' ���! I ��� the n ason<
abh   eat Israelii f the Council,   bul    the
ip] ��� ������������ al sliall nol  be unreasonably   withneld,
:..   The location "��r the line of railway
ol   thi   streets shall  nol   be made
by the Company until the   plans   thereof
sii,.-.ving thi   proposed position of the rails.
tyle  "i   the  i.'l!   to  i"- used and the
othi r   works  on   sueh   Btreets  have   l����� ���*��� 11
nib ���  ' ��� tl   to wnd ��������� ppro\ ed of  by  ri boIu
tlon  of  Ihe  Council  of   tlie   Corporation,
which approval shall not be unrea onably
will   eld
Bi :��� . ���   bn iking up, opening or In-
iv 1th anj  purt of said streets for
i he   pul poi ���   of constructlntj   - iid   wor^s
the i 'ompu io   shall  give  lo thi   Clerk   of
the Council  for 'he time being  ten days1
In wi Itlng "i Its Inb ntlon to do so,
and no  mor>   than  flfti i ti  hundred lineal
fool 'ai any oni  streel Bltall i"   broken up
���   opened at any one time unless permis-
ni     t .  do  Bhall   have  been   given  by
thi   Counc        And when ths work there-
I hi   ���   been commenced it shall bi
proceeded  with  without  Inttfrmlaslon and
-i - ::i; idii    is Un   same can be Carried on
whl, due  regard t>> the proper and efn-
clenl const ruction of the same.
:    The   tracks   of  the   said   Railway
shall until  the temporary roadbed <pf the
streets Is rep!  ���   ���! by om  of   it permanent
character (the question of what \*i replacing n street Ir)  one of a pet m tm nt character   lo  be  lefi   to  the   decision   of  the
Couni II   ��hli h   sliall   be   final i    be  con
Btmcl   I   In   such   t< mt irnry   m mner   as
may .��������� approved by tlie Council or somi
pen* ���!   appointi d    hy   the   ' 'ouncil,   pro
vlded  no  unnecessary obstacle  Is offered
to   ordinary   traffic   during   t��r   after  con
struct Ion      When,   however,   thi    roadbnd
on suoh Btreets l�� oonstructed by the Cor
poratlon <-*i -i m����i11 and perm menl basis,
tben ihe Company ahall at the same timi
construct a thoroughly good and subsUuv
tlal street  Hallway  to tni   satisfaction of
the  Council  of  tiie  Corporation   or   anv
person appointed t>y the Council, both as
lo grades,  location,  width and   depth ������(
rail and mode or construction.    But when
tiie Council shall so decide to change thi
ros Ibed   from  a   teniptirttry  to  a  permanent one of any street on which the Company's  track   Is laid,  It  shall  give to the
Company al  least nine months, prior nolle* in writing <��f Its Intention to do so
provided    thai    In   ull    macadamised   -��t
gravelled streets a track constructed with
"tee"   rails  weighing  not   less   than  fifty
mu  pounds per yard shall  bo considered
permanent  construction   until   the   streets
are paved as hereinafter provided, but  if
any such street  is to Ih- block-paved, as
phnlted <t laid down with a pavement of
a   similar  character,   then  the   Companj
mav be required to remove thc tim-k rirst
laid  down   and  replace   it   wllh   s   track
suitable tn ttie new pavement to the witis
faction   of  the Council  <>r salt   Corporn
tlon or I-, some person oppointefl hy the
Council   for till/  purpose,  imd   Hi   tint ease
the  track  rtrsi   laid  down  shall  bo con
MM*rt-d   n   temporary   one  only,   but   the
Company  -diari only once I ailed upon
tM   remove   a   temporary   truck   and    re
pl.T-" it with   i permaneni one.
��     The   Company   shall    maintain    It*
Ilea    stringers   and   rails    In   a    state   of
thorough  rept li   and shall  for  thnt purpose remove, renew and replaoe the sum-
as eirrumstanc s mav require, and as the
round I   ><r   the   Corporation   shall   dlr- ���
and shall main! iin and keep
iTI th" case of per mam nt tr
rails  and ��Iffhl   Indies
aach rail, and in the c;1
ti ,,-k between the rails
et^ht  Inches on
tn  an  good a
malnder nf ��h
mltted to tl
fine the work Is commenced, but such ap
proval   sliall   not    be   unreasonably   with
14. The Company shall have the right
to make and enforce regulations and
rules   for   the   proper   collection    of   fans
and for the conduct of passengers on its
l",.   The Company shall have the rlghl
I tip
et   from  every   person
i Ing  any  of   Its  cars   for t
placed In a condition as nearly as possible sim..ar to that in which they were
before the commencement of the work of
t-i.-, itructlon   or   repairs.
II, iii case the Company shall fall to
operate any portion or the whole of its
lines ror the period of six <G> months or
shall do or omit to do anything, the doing
or omission of whloh under the provisions
of tins Agreement causes the forfeiture of
the rights hereby conferred upon the
npany,  the  Company shall  forfeit   all
" ';'' 522 'Iri III :i\\l SUSm 5ihin  Privileges franchise arid the rights which
2.6ISSS Sr S?iSi^-S5!?SS       " ��aru conferred up-
���cd   five  cents   for   any   distance    within
ln<   rpni
11"-.:   an I    .���>" ���
unle   In   3t   Nlct
Street, In *
hi ing duly licensed to carry
ni��lnlB   Province or British Colum-
hin   who with  Its ���tt��SWrS(J",in,S;
Hignn H hereinafter   called    the ' om-
WHEREAS the Council of the Corpora
��� as r sted  the Company to con
certain electric   strei i
,. msirict   nf Burnaby,
has expressed  Us wt
-i tlie trrtitN mul eondl-
Minn l    and   n|" r Lt
i ill ways within t
and the Compan)
���as tn d'
th   of  the
k under the
iilier side   of
*, tlr a temporary
Bnd  t.�� a  width or
the outside  or  each  rail
state of repnlr as the re-
��� street  mav be   Ami In tin
Companv  making   any   re
duration  to  ths   tracks,   tics.
r rails, it shall replace the por-
. street  disturbed for the pur-
ch repairs or alterations in as
��� and condition as the rest   of
the si reet without unnecessary delay.
i     The Corporation shall have the right
t��� tnke up and replaoe the streets travcra:
e,i by the said  Railway Un*"
them either for the purpose c
grades thereof, constructing. Improving
Splulng or repairing the street*, sewori
Iralns   conduits or water plpos or of    a,
r repairing water or gas pipe
p-ilrs   or
stringers >
tlnn  of  tl
\Hi*M*    Of     S
good ordi
any   I
1 altering ti
tii fee miles from the westorp boundary
of tha ('orporatlon. aud for each two
mlhs or part thereof ridden beyond the
said three miles tlw Company shall have
the right to coll* ;. an additional five
cents. Provided tbat residents of or settlers in the said District of Burnaby shall
be given special rates which shall not cx-
-��� ��������� d the rates charged to settlers on tbe
Westmin ster-Vancouver Interurban line
Tor proportionate distances, and with such
similar transfer privileges ils settlers on
the Westminster-Vancouver Interurban
lin< mav, have from time to time, provided, however, that In the event of the Cltv
���r Vane luver- purchasing tiie Company's
railway system within the present Hunts
of the citv of Vancouver tiie Company
will exchange transfers with the city upon such equitable basts as may be mu-
Luallv agreed upon between the Citv and
the Company
16. Tiie Company shall carry Infants
In arms free and shall carry children un-
dt r the age or twelve years at the rate of
two children for one regular fare and shall
issue to school children attending the pub-
la- schools tu the said District tickets at
the rate nol to excet-d 26 c nts for ten
far"H within the District of Burnaby, but
such tickets shull only b" used and en
mi" sucn Bchool children to travel on the
railway between the hours of 8 a.m, and
."> p.m. and sliall not be available on Sat*
iipi.r b and Sundays, and other school holl-
da vs.
17. The Company shall grant free
transportation over its system within the
District of Burnaby to th Reeve and
Councillors of the District and to the
Cl< ik of thc Coui ������!! Ei ��� n r, Medical
Health Officer and C mst lI l< s of the District  . nd  Proi lne
18. The Company shall lie liable for
and Bhall al all times Indemnify and savi
harmless the Corporation rrom and
ig tins)   all   damagi a   t 'Islng   oul   or   t'i-
ui Lruction or opei ling ul its Railways
within the  Munli Ipalll
l '.* The Company shall uut by anv ol
Its works, Intei fi > ,vit - th public right
of travelling on ot ualny highways,
street-, bridgi.-:. wab i ��� ��������� > ��� or na
abl< waters, and thy t !omi an Bhall not
L-recl any pole hit; Uian om hundred
m t  fifty  fei t  above  tin ���������     af th
treii noi fix t��.nj w In i Ush th in eljli
tei n feet ab ivi ���* ��� urfaei nf the ."! n ��� t,
nnd the poles snail be as n arlj as pos-
- li . stralghl and perpendle . and iti<
��� iompany shall not plac h p . it any a I-
ing signs to lie plac. u i :������ on, and
provided that after the opening up of the
���strw ts    ior    th nstructl >n    or    any
of thc works of the C impany and
tho erection of pohu or for
carrying the wires underground, the surface td the stn ��� t bI ,.: In all coses be
restored to the Batisfact on ol the Counoil by and at the expi-nse of tin Company,
and provided furthei that whenever In
case of fire it *" "���'��� i* ��� m c ssur) for its
extinction or the presenation of property that the wires shn i be cut, the cutting under Buch circumstances uf any of
thi win ������ -��r the i lompany undi r the direction of the Chef Englnec*r or other Offi-
cer in charg of the Fire Brlgadi sliall
not entitle tne Company to demand or
dn i impcnsntlou for any unavoidable
damage that might be - i Incurred, and all
property n ��� Injui d sh ill be reston d to
its former condition so soon thereafter as
������..-������ ������'. '..  i in '������   dom  at the expi ns<   ol
ttie   ( "o.-p init.   ���
-' Tin Company shall place and conch ;��� snld Rallwa) tnicks good and sufficient passenger earn for the convenience
in i    nnfort of passengers.   Each car snail
"   I -re    on the outside and inside ami
possei  [ers only   shall  be curled  m  such
cai a
Sl, The Company may also operati
freight cars for tlie transportation of express and freight in ths said District or
Kin naby,
SS. The Company shall not be obliged
to currj ii passcngei jars any packages or
baggage ��� xceedlng In weight 26 lbs. for
an> one pass' e.g. r, nnd It may refuse to
Ulow paasi ng< rs to living with ttutn on
���o.ml Its passenger cars any  package of
-v   ate �� ver   nature   that   would   cause   ln-
lonvfiilence to other passengers or occupy
spnci* destined  tor the accommodation of
issengers, or soil or tl.image the clothing
of   passengers   or   the    Company's   prop-
rty nnd II may make and enforce sucn
regulations as to packages and ba-gga-ge
.is .. mav deem necessary.
23. The Corporation and the Companv
shall make By-laws and regulations pro
hihiting spitting on the Company's Cara
undi r proper penaltli a
24, The cars of the Company shall h-
entitled to the uninterrupted right of way
on the tracks ur the nail railways. At!
vehicles, howj^YWi may Jtravel on, hJoih; oi
across the Nild tracks, but any vehicles
horses, bicycles, man or foot passengers
upon the tmck shall turn out at the approach of nns car, bo as to leave the truck
clear for the passing of the car. provided
this shall not be taken to affect or restrict
any legal rights the * 'ompany may have
against any persons ho travelling along or
across the wild tracks, Hut In ��if- oi
fire, the hose of the Kin* Hrhruue, IT laid
across the tracks on the said strwts
s.all not be Interfered with by the Com
pany and the earn of the Company on the
said streets shall be stopped to allow thi
passage of ail fire engines, fire brigades
and appliances.
26, The said street cars shall stop at
crossings whop leaving or receiving pas
Hungers In such position us may !����� mu
tually agreed upon between the Council ol
the Corporation and tin- Company, and
no cars shall be hft standing on Un
Mr^ i at any time unless receiving or leav
ing passengers or waiting at a terminus
provided  the  location  of  such   terminus
shall he first OSScntl��d to by the Couneil
HC. The cars after dark on the snld
Btreets Bhall t*- provided wltn lights h,.ti
front and rear; and such otht r signal
shall Ik- attached to the cars as safety In
operation may from time to tin
n It under the provisions of this Agre
ment over such portion of Its railways on
Which default lias heen made, and the
same sliall thereupon become and b" vested in the Corporation at a valuation to be
di t< rmlned upon by arbitration; or at
the option of the Council of said Coipora-<
tlon Uie Company shall remove its rails
from said track or portion of said track,
and place lii- paving of sucii street In a
condition similar to that In which the re-
-naind-r of such street may then be; pro-
vlded this clause shall only apply to wilful
default of the Company.
3'i. At the expiration of the term of
thlrty-slx years and six months granted
by this A reemeftt tie1 Corporation may,
upon giving at least twelve (12) months
written notice prior to the expiration "f
iald terms or its Intention to do so, assume the ownership or all the railway
lines belonging to tiie Company wlUon tii*'
pus-i.t UmlN of the corporation, to-
getner with nil the real and personal property of the Company actually used, In
use or i" be used exclusively iti the operation of the railway lines and plant within
the limits aforesaid, upon payment being
made to the Company by tie- Corpi ration
-,r the value thereof, such value to be rsn-
tually agret ii upon between the Corporation and the Company, or In case of a fall-
lire to agree, then such value shall !�������� determined by arbitration In rhe r iiowlng
Tin   arbitrators shall fi\ the 'hen market  value of all the lauds bo to ie- taken
over exclusive of any Improvements   machinery and bulldln  -   thereon    md to 1
sum so foui 1 Bhall in: added thi   ' a' m   of
the   Improvements,    machinery,    b did ���������������
in l personal propiTtv Inclsdh     ���'������ crab
,( ,.���.������������ ion of  ��� h    sal l  i ��� llw   .   lln   ���
ind  of  Installing  nil   the  pi mt n   l   m i
Inerj   nnd  di ducting  thi n from   a  reas-
 tn '������ '��������� di termini l i>-*   tin   arbl-
��� -,��� ,r   for d< preel tt Ion thei *   .    but such
r r   or value shall not Include ji v  pay
- .��� nl   ror any  f- inchls .  fnr ': ���   rl v-\i  "f
nnii \'   or    go idwlll       The   ''- rpor itlon
��� ill hn' ������ ei:' I  months after i ie ���- alue Is
Inall" di tertn'n1 d on to comp! le the pur-
- , .'���    provided,   however,   that   until   tie
nurchnse  I ���  complete   the Companv  shall
>.,  . ��� ��� ,���  i -., retiiln possession of the said
���nllwav lln< b and property and i i on rati
��� ���Ti-   ���<���!'. to n tain all th�� pr iflts d ���: Ived
ih< refrom.
33, The covenants, condll Ions, regula-
t| ���'. h and undertakings to be obsen'i d and
nerformed by the Company and thi privileges given to the < lorporatlon In this
\greemi nt shall be dei med lo refer to
ind be applicable only to electric Btreet
railways or tramways herein c instructed
��������� the Company i p n Btreets within the
'>istrlet or Bun '' * in li r I he terms ������'
*!iis Agreem nt, and shall In nn wise ho
deemed to n f��r to or be ippllcable tp any
nart of the Company's West minster-Van-
���<".: er Ini irl n tr im�� iy or anv ep-a-
������!������ street railway or tramway wl I ���
Companv may construct <>n lands acquired
by the Companv In the District of Burnaby or t i any of th.- property of the Com-
������any us- d or to t������ used In connection
hi rew 1th.
3-1 *a th ��� even I of the Corp i rat Ion
falling In ex< rels ��� tl ��� ��� gl I ta nssume the j
ownershli i f Bald ��� illway and plant, as
provided i'i paragraph 82 hereof, then this
Agreement shnll continue for further p*-r-
lods of p-:i (10) years ench on the terms
in . ������ it ��� il Ioi n h�� -��� In '-"'it ne.' d. and the
' orporatlon shall have h similar right to
purchase at the end Df each period of tes
i l1- years and to opet ite the railway or
otuise It to be operated, nnd tho said pur-
ihase to be In the manner aad on the
terms si t out In Section 32
35, If nt any time hereafter any dls-
ute, differ, nee.or question shall arise be-
ween lh'* hii't parties hereto, their r��-
iptcttve successors *>��r assigns or any of
"fin. touching ttio ������nMlriiction, meaning
r ��� t et of tti'rte presents, or any clause
- thing herein contained, or the lights
nd ItablUtli s of ths said parties   respec-
I-.-Iv   or   ti.- Ir   successors    and    assigns
;, n everj   *-��� ���     dispute, difference, dec'
WHEREAS theBoard of School Trustees of Burnaby in pursuanc i of the powers grant-d to ttiem by Section lid of the
"Public Schools Act'' as re-enacted by
Section B of tlie "I'utdic Schools Act
Amendment Act 1913*' have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
t'ouncd a detailed estimate or the sums
required to meet the special or extraordinary expenses of the  Hoard.
AND WHEREAS tbe said estimate or
BUCh special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to tiie sum or $26,000.00 according to tne statement following, which Hum
togetiier with the sum of |400o.oo estimated costs Incldf ntal to this By-law and
discount  on  debentures amounts   to   the
sums   of   $:9.(JO0.OO.
Aattrpoted   cost   of   new   school
jill-H Iz5.000.p0
expenses    connected   with   the
Issuance    of   loan    Including
discount on  bonds      4.000 00
A Hy-law to enable The Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by
way of loan thu aum of $40,000.00 for
the purpose of acquiring site, erecting
and equipping a hospital In ttie Municipality.
and WHEREAS it Ih neoessary to
raise the moneys required lo defray the
above expenditure upon the credit or the
AND WHEREAS under the powers
vested In the Council of Public Instruction under Section six t<>) of the Baid
"Public Schools Act" the boundary h of
Lhe Municipal School District of Hurnaby
have been extendi d Ho as lo Include District Lot one Hundred and Seventy-two
117SJ Group Due il) New Westminster
AND'WHERBAS by Section 14 of the
said " Public Schools Act" where any territory haa been included within a Municipal School Diat rict tn accordance with
Section 6 (b) the provisions of that Act
respecting Public School* hi Cities and
district Municipalities shall apply thereto, and sucn territory, for ull aehool pur-
i>oses, shall be deemed to be united to
juch Municipal School District, and all
. roperty situate in -such territory, Bhall be
liable to assessment for school purposes
In the same manner and to the Bume extent as if the same were included In the
limits of the incorporated City, Town or
District Municipality, and in this By-law
the word "Municipality" ahall be construed and apply accordingly.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to
ralso annually by special rate the sum of
I'hn e Hundred and Five Dollars and
eighteen outs ($305.18) principal and the
gum of One Thousand four hundred and
fifty Dollars ($1450.00) interest making
togetiier a total amount annually of One
Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-five
Dollars and Eighteen centa ($1755 18) for
the term of forty years Tor the re-payment of the Baid loan and Interest thereon
is  hi relnafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
whoh rateable land In tiie said Municipality (including District Lot Due Hundred
and Seventy-two ��� 17 J * O roup One tl) as
before recited according to the las', revised Assessment Roll amounts to Twenty-
two Million Six Hundred and Twenty-
nine thousand Two Hundred and Five Dollars i $22,629,206 00),
AND WHEREAS to provide ror the
payment of the Interest and the creation
of a Sinking Fund for the payment of
the said principal sum of Twenty-nine
thousand Dollars ($29,000.00) it will be
necessary to levy a special annual rate
Buffloient to raise ihe sum or One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-five Dollars and Eighteen cents <$i;:.vim the
amount to be calculated annually on  the
whole    or    the    rateable     land     comprised
within   the   Municipality   Including    said
District  Lot One  Hundred and    '
two i IT': i Group One d ).
lhe Reeve and Council of the Bald Corporation or Burnaby In open Council ast* m-
,ii' d as follows, namely:
1. IT SHALL BE LAWFUL f<>r the
Reeve and Clerk of the Council, for the
purpose aforesaid, to borrow or rain*1 by
way of loan from any person or body, or
bodies corporate, who may be wilting   to
vance   the  name   ui����n   the credit   of   th
WHEREAS It la DOcess&ry and expedient that ttie Council of the -said Corporation be authorized to borrow the sum of
Forty Thouaand Dollara ($40,000.00) to
provide for acquiring site, erecting and
equipping a hospital within the limits of
the Municipality.
AND WHBREAS It in neoessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon tiie credit uf the
AND WHEREAS It wlll be necessary to
rats- annually by special rate the sum Of
Four Hundred and Twenty Dollars and
ninety-four cents ($$20.94) principal and
tne sum of Two Thousand Dollars ($-,-
000,00) Interest making together a total
amount annually of Two Thousand Four
Hundred and Twenty Dollars and Ninety-
four cents ($'J43rt.94) for the term * of
forty years for the repayment of the said
loan and interest thereon aa hereinafter
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
Whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last revised -Assessment roll
amounts to Twenty-two million One hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred
and seventy-five Dollars 1182,118,876.00),
AND WHBREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality la Two
Million Four Hundred and Twenty-four
Thousand une Hundred and Fifty Dollars
I$2,424,160,00) exclusive of Local Im-
provi ment debt secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of Ute principal or Interest Is In arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of interest and the creation of a
Sinking Fund for the payment of the said
principal sum of Foriy Thousand Dollars
($40,000.00) tt will he necessary to levy
a Spi' 1 il annual rate sufficient to raise
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred
and Twenty Dollars and Ninety-four cents
($2420.90 tho amount to be calculated
annually on the whole of the rateable
land  comprised  with In  the   Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Couneil or tii" Corporation of the District
of Bumaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful ror the Reeve and
Clerk  or  the  Council   for   the    purposi p
.'lion said   to   burrow   or   raise   by   way   of
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advance
tif same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,-
000.00 i and to cause the same to be
placed in the Royal Bank of Canada at
the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation for the purpose and with the objects
above set forth and to Issue any number
of debentures of the said Corporation to
the Hum of Forty Thousand Dollars ($4o.-
 .00)    In   the   Whole   in   accordance   with
the "Municipal Act." And the said de-
betures shall be Issued to consist of fi'.!
debentures each of the denomination of
One Hundred Pounds Sterling (��100) and
on** debenture of the amount of ii'J 3s. 7d.
lielng tie- Sterling equivalent of Forty
Thousand Dollars ($40,000.00) at the rate
<-r J4.SG 8-8 to the one pound Sterling,
each debenture being also expressed to be
payable in  Canadian Currency  computed
at   such   rate,   and   BUCh   debentures   shall
have annexed tliere to coupons expressed
both in Sterling and Currency for the interest thereon at the rate of Five (5) per
.������ntum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th dav of June and the Slat day of
i H cembet In each year. And such sterling debentures shall be delivered to the
purchasers of the said debentures, and
both as to principal and Interest shall be
payable at the office of the Royal Hank
ng    saM   ,(f Canada In London. Eng1., or In Toronto.
Sevents - Montreal or Vancouver. Canada, or In
Nt w York, at holder's option. And the
principal of the said debenturea shall be
payable on the thirtieth day of June A. D,
-. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the naid Municipality the sum of Four
Hundred ami Twenty Dollars and Nln-'ty-
four cf-nts I $4-0.941 for the pur;>ose of
uk  a  Sinking fund  for  the payment
Bylaw No. 157.
L Hy-law to enable The Corporation of
tin- District of Burnaby to raise by way
of Loan the sum of $50,000,00 for tho
purpose of constructing sidewalks In
the  Municipality.
WHBREAS It Is necessary and expedl-
���nt that the Council of the said Corporation be authorized to borrow the sum of
Fifty Thousand Dollars <$r>0,000.00> tt>
provide for constructing certain sidewalk*
within  the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS It is necessary to raiso
tie- moneys required to defray the abovo
xpendlture upon the credit of the Municipality.
AND WHBRBAS It will be necessary to
alse annually by special rate the sum of
,Wo Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-
SSVen Dollars and five cents ($2497.05)
principal and the sum of Two Thousand
Five Hundred Dollars t $2500.00 > Inter-
st making together a total annually of
Four Thousand Nine Hundred and ninety-
seven Dollars add flvs cents ($4997.05)
for the term of Fifteen years for the repayment of the said loan and interest
thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of��the
whole rateable land in tiie Municipality according to the last revised assessment roll
amount to Twenty-two million One hun-
Inil arid eighteen thousand Three Hun-
ired and Seventy-five  Dollars  ($22.ns,-
AND WHBREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality is Two
vlil'ion Four hundred and Twenty-four
thousand One Hundred and Fifty Dollara
< $2,424,150.00), exclusive of I,ocal Improvement   debt   secured   by   spi clal   rates
ir assessments of which none of tlie prin-
tpal or Interest Is In arrears.
AND WHBRBAS to provide for the
ayment of interest and thc creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of the said
principal sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars
($50,000.00) it wdU be necessary to levy
l special annual rate sufficient to raise
���.he sum of Four Thousand Nine Hundred
iad Ninety-seven Dollars and five cents
($4907.05) the amount to be calculated
innually on the whole of the rateable
land comprlsdl within the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE tiie Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the District  of   Burnaby enacts  as  follows:
t. It sliall be lawful for the Reeve and
i !li rk of the Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
oan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advance
tiie SfCrne upon the credit of the deben-
tures hereinafter mentioned a sum not ex-
��� i ding Fifty Thousand Dollars t $50,-
100.00) and to cause the same to be
placed In ths Royal Hank of Canada nt
the City of New Westminster. British Columbia, to the credit of the Bald Corporation, for the purpose and with the objects
above set forth and to issu^ any number
of debentures of the said Corporation to
the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,-
000.00) in uie Whole In accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the said debentures shall Im- issued to consist of Ono
Hundred and Two (W2) debentures, each
of the denomination of on e hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture of the amount of ��73 19s. Rd. being
the sterling equivalent of Fifty Thousand
Dollars ($50,000.00) at the rate of
$4.86 2-3 to the one pound Sterling, each
debenture being also expressed to be payable in Canst]Ian Currency computed nt
such rate, and such debentures shall have
annexed thereto coupons expressed both In
Sterling and Currency for the interest
thereon at the rate of Five (6) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on th��
10th day of June and the 31st day of December in each year. Antl such Sterling
debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debentures, and both
is to principal and Interest sliall lie pay-
ible at the office of the Ruyal Bank of
' 'ana da in I /union. England, or In Toronto, Montreal or In Vancouver, Canada.
>r in New York, at holdeFs option. Aud
the principal of the said debentures shall
be payable on the thirtieth day of June
V  D.  1928.
2. . ..ere shall be raised and levied
innually hy a special rat*�� sufficient there-
for on all rateable hind within the limits
��r the said Municipality the sum of Two
Thousand four hundred and Ninety-seven
Dollars and five cents ($2497.051 for thn
���urpose  of   forming   a  sinking   fund    for
���    < ��� - i.i i i ifi    .i    oi i ovoik    i ii i tti    iio     Lie     i iti j in' 111. 1    'ti i ^vr-'     >'i     '' ' i ��� i ��� ��� ��� 'h     ���
J, l',*ntur.*8   ti, rcllKltl.-r   in.f.UulR-d_ u.   -Mini     ,[   tl���.   aula   di-b^ntu""*.   Md   tho   num   o!   tlw   pivymi.nl  of   th��   ���Mild   **.nwn.  ���.!�������
l��d   Two Thousand IH.Waril   (*-i0DO.O0>   tor IheltVi-R   ,um  ot  Two Tl
. u*,*,*,lui, Tw.-nty-nlne rhouHuhd \ Two ���ynousand lH>\\ar,�� ( \-iO0O.O01 tor the \ IY.* -Bum ot Two Thounatid tVv�� "toundf^l
I ti^y.UUO.00) l*o\Vu.r*ft and to c-.uiHf ttte I tutyment ot Ow Inver-pst nt the rate ator*- \ VK.Uarft -f-lWOO.-UO) tor the payment -at ��*��
I Hum- io Im- blaoett Vn th�� Vtoynl Baiw ol \ ^v\,\t ty,,, Hs-ad Rperhil rate to he \n addl-\ 'nUT-ent at the rate atoreaatd. tha tea* h***
Canada In in,- city of Mew wtatmlnatiIt I ,���������, to n|| nt\,er ratea to be levied and col-1 rial rate to be In addition to aH other
i,, Uie oredlt of the mild OorporaOan tor 11..,.,,.,, ln tl���. a&lS Uuntotpallty durma th" \ '-.tie. io be levied and oolleeted In tn�� eat-*
tbo purptme and with lln- ob),H-t�� above currency ot ihe Kild debentures or any ot \ Municipality durlni the ourrenoy ot the
b, i forth and to l��8ue any number of ao- \ ih-m, 1 iA*d d^chtur-M. or any of tnern.
benturessl (^ -tl^?t.2?ijE?X*J(Ki-iu*��"iSfrt~~i.     ���""<*  Council   In.tead   of  borrowing      3.   Thin By-law ahall take effect on and
'\:m ot Twenty-nine thouaa-nil < j ,N.      M mm 0, ,,i|r,y .n������ls:vnd  Dollars latter the Bcennd day ot June A. D   1913.
tn Can-
eio-l;    rate.
and iuch debentures shall have   annexed
who shall  be  selected   thereto coupons   expressed   N'th   in   Qtcr-1 DEBENTURE   HY-I..UV
st  th, r,^,n
.,*.., ��� n St. be rt'trni ic arbl , ,, .,, irK ln ,..,;-. w,���.u i��� r_ ,���?lilu,:, with
��� ration. ,,���.  "Municipal  Act."    And the  **u<l  d.*-
36.    VS'ht r- ��� di r ;���* t-rms nf this ' .��� ntur, s shall be Issued to oonslst of fifty-
Igret-ment   any   mutter,   dispute,   differ- j ntne  (E>9> deb.iHurvfi each of Uie den-am-
ce or ia  lo i��- referred to ar-1 jnatloti  of  one  hundred  pounds   Bterllng
titration ��� ��� wh.never under the term*, of iuooi and one debenture of the amount
n' < ment nny matters or things are to he , ,,f tt,*, iss. Id. beinn the Sterling e-qulva-
tiutually turrc ' upon between the Com-1 lent of %'x9.00.00 at the rate of M>6 ��-3
.>���!> :,-i 1 the ,- Tin,ration and they are ] t,, ihe oue i>ound Sterling, eaoh debenture
f  ible  to  .i i ��� ���     ',      *<tni- shall   be  refer- : t��� jng all*, express.-,! to be pay&b
��� -.]   to   th.-   il'ci-i.,-,   of   two   arbitrators,   adlan   Currency   computed
��ne to be selected by each of the part'
,;. i  to an umph
!iy   th"  arbitrators   before  entering   upon
.. Ir i ;i���>��� lln ttwtsnl Pf the majority ol
������ham shall bn binding on all i.trt!,* and
.hall be arbitral -1 under and according
to the provisions "f the "Arbitration Act
,*-     ���   Chanter   n   of  the   Revised   uta-
utes of British Columbia, any amend-
mtnl tl < r, of or at,; a��*t ,,f the Legislature of the Province or British Columbia
-,.r i te t:-!-.1 being In force in British Co-
t'ml'l.i r. latlng to arbitration aad lhe c -n ���
lm-1  thereof.
37 Any notice to be given unlet' thlfl
\greement by the Company Bhall be deemed sufficiently given and served if ,!������-
Ivered at the Office of the Corporation,
ind any notice t.> he given by the Cor-
.-.ration it tbe Company shall be deem
J sufficiently Kiven and served if al-
if'y.,'1 lo the rieneral Manager of the
'om any, V'ani tuver, It C. and forward*',1
,y register. -I letter,
3V Whenever under this Agreement
thr word "sti ft" nr "..'.-v is" occurs tv*
mu'   sliull   I ���-   t tli'-n   to   include   road   or
��� ; :��� wnv  or roads or highways,
iV    liothlng   in   thia  Agreement   c,,n-
t-ilned  shall   be  deemed  to confer or  be
i ,sir*.- 1   a-    conferring    any    exclusive
rlS'hts or pow rs on or to tbe said Com-
(l-tO.000.001 on the credit of the deism
tores hereinbefore mentioned may acquire
-.ite, erect and equip the Bald hospital and
arranee for payment for th" same in nuch
manner and upon such terjns and condt-
tlons as the said Council may deem ex-
i.    This By-Jaw shall tak" eff.-ct on and
after the second day of Jun" A. I��.  1913.
0.    This   Bv-law  mav   be   clt"d   for  all
purposes hs the "BrRNABV   HOSPITAL
ling nnd Currenoy for the  .* :
at   the rate of  Five  (51   i��'r
annum   payable   half-yearly   ,,
dav  of June and  the 31st  day
. ber  In each  year,    Buch  Btor
Mures shall  be delivered to the purchasers
| of   the   said   il.bvnturcs.nnd   both    as   lo
principal and Interest shall he payable at
the office of the Royal Rmk or CJanada
��� * ' t  England, or in Toronto, Mont-mil ft VanooW-ll', CfliuiiU, or In New
���York,  at  the  holders option.      And   the
principal Of the said debentures BhaJl I"
1 tavable on the thirtieth day Of June A. u, j
There shall be rnlsisl anil levied (Ul
-    there
iNi:  ANH
seventh d:i
PABSBD In  Open  Council
?ont5U.m,?fu   this seventh day of April  A.   D.   1913.
of Decern- I     RECEIVED THK assent of the Klrctors
loir  deben-1st   an   t'Us;tloli   for   the   purpose   on   thc
"��� '    day  of  Aprll   A.   D.   191.1.
RECON8IDERED and finally adopted
bv the Council, slimed by tbe Reeve and j
Clerk  and sealed with  the Corporate Seal
4 This Hy-law tnnv b" died for all
purposes as the "SL'RN'ABY SIDK-
the seventh day of April A.  D.  1913.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors
it an Election for the purpose on the
 duy of April A.   D,   1913.
RtvCOVflPEREP and finally adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve nnd
"l.rk nnd Sealed with the Corporate Sh-uI
ill on the  .
A.   11   1913.
. .  day of.
ill  on   the
A.  D.  1913.
.day of
l��Wh          ':'   ..' '.   .   '."..soil with   I 'ober.   w.-n behaved   and   prudent   oondui
on stn
* fro
iionr. hereinafter stated.
ash WHEREAS   the   eteetort
District of Burnaby have assented t�� ��'��
. [edition of tbl. Agreement.
l     The corpoiatl.m In i��n��ia��ratIon
the premises ami of the Company M��   ��
. ,  perform   und   observ* tbs   joj""^"
I ,-i-e-.lr-.nfl. I   contained   hereby   iirants
the Company its wkiiw.*,,,,  ,,,
ih,* riaiit  r ill nermlston and autnonij to
'"'  cnipi.ie. equip, malnuin  and
the dn f lh'-,''",'"''        let-
.l.liveiv hereof for the period <>' tMtt*t-
six  years nnd 11  months and [Of W JT
 ,i thereof tlmt may >>��� .�����Ctelt��TrtS
afier    .1    Single    "r    double     Imek      ' h>\��
-ir.*. t railway or tramway, with nil nejw-
sary sivitcbrt,. turn-outs and spur trnejti
and other requisite appllftnoe* '��.?���":
mctlon therewith, upon and o "' ���r
nny of the streets wiilili.   the 1   "irt-1 or
vl l,*,l,  however, thai
^      wllh-
eii bv way of
bad und  obtained;
s"  nor anviblim   I"
,.r be construed
tbe   llnllwu'.
of th"
.   eh rlKbt, It shall
' delay   replace,
the   I
pany   shall   no,   construct   any   r.-l'wn
���irautway   nlnng   King's   Way   tf'
Itnnwn   ns   Westminster   Roan)
centrnl     Park     and     Bdmc
out   Ibe const 111   of  III.
H solution  being first
iml   nciiii'T this clans"
llllS    tur.enietit    -b '"   Bl
as giving lo lln- Companv tin- I
i K in any oilier bus ness t
 Blending  nnd  openit ng electi
�� ,*..,  within   lb-  said   Histrict.
tlnn being thai  this Agr
f sn
ihan  that  ������!
the  Int.n-
.luill c
Iherwlse.  o-
any per
id  Corpora-
the event  of
'di   rtj-ct.i   t -
r'bodv oorpomte it
It "n  ivintlltlnn  of such  grant
ce   shall   without   delay   r"-
k   nnd   iiinke   K.iod   to   l'i"
damage   thereto   nt    such
son or pei'sons
or  ink"  up said  slr.s't"
Hon  of  nny  of  thnn.  but   Ir
the CorporaUon granting  ���
���nv person or persons-- '
iiball   mnk
that th- uian
plnce the tra
Company   anv
tors   and   drivers   on   their
shall  be the duly of  such c,
drivers as fat ns practicable
hint   watctl   for   all   teams,
persons on  foot,  bicycle
nductots an I
to keep \l.*1
oarrlagcs   o-
ir   bors,b;u'k
The Company shall employ car, f
, ......rs and for all other pons ,
in the power, province or nrWItWM of U.
Corporation or the Council tn.*rsof. w t
out being  liable  to the Companv  for an
compensation or daniAge -hi"'""\
...isloned    to   the   work\u<   of   till*    I
'���""the works cmcted therewith, but,!;
such event no unnewssars or unou'
���r hindrance) shall i--,';"^^ '"v ,
Hon   of  the  track   and  In   Uie  event
Corporation exercising f
^S��,,ip|!irl*3n!tl��S���  tmi  tl��   rlgti-
herebv punted shal   t��- "Ubjsot t
existing rights, sUtutory or
thnt may hereafter be grantnd i
-    r body oorparats t.
[1 ii ag ������ 1 by   nol between the parties
.;,,,   ihat   the   Agreement   between   the
md   tb-   Company   dated   the
Oct her.    1909.    regardl
nually by a special rate sufficient there-
for on ull rateable land within the Limits
' ,r the said Municipality Including sui'i
' Histrict l^it One Hundred and rt.-v.nty-
two (IT!) Group One in New Westminster District the sum of Three Hundred and five IVIlars and eighteen cents
($305.18) for the purpose of form lug_a
1 -dnliJiut Fund for the payment M tne de-
b,ntur,,. and the sum of One Thousand
Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(11450 1101 (or the payment of the interest at the rate aforesaid, tbe said spcctaJ
rate to be in addition to all othi r rates to
be levied and collected ln the said Municipality (lurliiB the currency or the Ram
dl Is ntures or any of thcni.
8.   This   By-law   shull  tAjte  effect   on
and   after  the  s.s\md  day  Of  June   A.   H
grantee s
in     Tl
c��ed   H
Ihni   II
���ed of tb
shall lint   ex
hour,   provide,!
iBl,| si,,.d shall, If i-*;iiili*e,l   bv
a rati
p. r
of spi
���d not
cars to Is
.1"!       HI'        I     llllil     ,,,,"     ���-.������       ,..,     ,.    ,,.,,,    tt'l-
fer on  lhe Company  nm r��M to I      .'
mid sireeiii nn.l no olhor Interest ttierem
,��� lli:���������, ���r,���-esai,i. so longnei and pro
vlded ii..   Company obwrves the  co,
2.    The Companv Iii oonsld rnuori
tho BtrooU as ul
Hon I,- reduced
ceedlng ten mil
Streets and flfjl
.let-it lit I   streets.
11     ti 'impany will can
,������ ���, intervals of nol more than an hour
belUeen   S'Veh   lllll     lllld   "b Veil    P 1,     elUli
,v  txel'llmr  Sunday,  on   which  .lav   the
Companv  ibu    ���>���   obliged  '"'""'";
,.,,,-s  earlier   than   elghl    a.m   provldsd,
however.  Ihni   the company  Bhall,  If  n
,';,.,.,i ,,, ,i  by resolution of tho Council   of   lh,    Corporallon.   luivlng   reltard    t.i
whal the demand for traffic Bccommodtt
Hon   lusllfles.   cause  cats   lo  be  inn    on
each  nt said  lines nl  BUOh  more   r,e������, u
htlervals mail  In  Hns clause provided und
belween  the hours of 6:80 n tn . mul  mil
nighl of tun-. .lav oxceptlng Sunday, pro
Ith.-r on the track or movtiut t iwards I'
md ,,n ihe first appearanos of ���j.-iiiK'-r thi
Oltr shall   be   stopped   III   the BltorteSt   x-o*i
sible sivice of time.
rr The conductors on said cars itluill
.inn uinoe to lhe paj-wugerti the ham-^ ,,|
Ux' slreets uud public s.junrea n.i the cut,
reach  t belli.
it In the event of the Corporation or
any other pareon or person, or tssly or
issiles corporate proposing or Using dealr
ous of botailructlng a street railway or
slr.s-l railways on nnv of the streets or
roads within the Histrict of llurnaby
other   than   those   upon   wblch   the   Coui-
pany sluill have constructed a str.st i-nii-
wuy or huve a sir. et railway In course of
oonstructlon In aooordance with the provisions herein contained, the Companv
shall Is, requested In Writing to build
Buch desired or proposod railway uud operate the same uihui the terms und conditions in this Agreement contain.-.1. and
the Company shall, within sixty dill) days
thereafter notify the Corporation whether
it Is wllllto; to build und operate such
stni't railway and In the event of the
Companv refusing or neglecting within
sixty (00) tlivu from such r, quest to slit-
nlfy lis willingness to i.uii.i nml operate
such railway, or in ih,- nvenl of Ihe Company neglecting or refusing lo commence
ihe biiiidiiu; ,,r Hi,,h railway within six
months after expiration of the said slxtv
dim .lava, or to complete sume wltliln
twelve i 15) months from the dato when It
Signified lis willingness to build and operate   such   rtlllw |\'.   lhe   ' ��� ,, **-tf *.,.:,   sliall
Hun have tbe il . ,-, ,,, construol und op-
crate so much oi ih, desired Hue or Hues
us shall not havi been constructed bv llie
C"tiii'.in\. nr grnnl to anv person or persons ,.: bo.iv csrpornti tho right to build
mil op nili .-urn,��� or olheiwlsi- BJ the for-
'orporatl in
III-,    day   .
irntnway   c instruction  In  the   DlBtrlct   o?   Ids. 	
Hbmaby   shall   be   null   and   void   as   from        4.    This   Hy-law   may   he   Cited   tor  ai
.   date of the execution ,.r this AgTCe- | purposes  as   th.    "BUbNABi     I- ���
IS   WITNESS  WHEREOF the luirtl.s
��� r, to have hereunto caused  these pres
els to Is- executed
ilu, I'oiuaien Seal of the Corporation   of
the   Hist rlel   of   llurnaby   was   hereunto
affixed   lu  the   presence  of
Take notice that the ubove Is n true
���"!>> of the proposed My-I.\w u|H��n which
he vole of the Municipality will be taken
ti Saturday, the :Clh ilay of Aprll, 1913.
��� tween 9 o'clock i lu, until ", o'clock pin .
it ths following places :
Hurnuby  l'i,bile  Hall,  I'dmonda.
Agricultural   Hall.   Central   lMrk.
Mr. ToppliiK's Store, lSlli Ave., East
Hamilton  Road Bchool,  Burqultlam,
Himdonald   School,   Frasor   Arm,
Barnet Hall. BnrneL
Mr    nraz-e'-.   Store.   North   llurnaby.
The  S's'lnl club  llulldlng.  Capitol   lllll
Uurnaby Lake store, Burnaby Lake,
l.ikemrre   School,  Ijikemere.
Public   Notice   Is   hereby   given   thut   Ibe
ute of the Electors of the District of
lint-niibv wlll Is, taken on the above-mentioned By-law it the time and |ila,s- above
mentioned, snd thai A. Q Moore bas
',,.11 appointed it-inming Offloer to take
ihe vote of Bitch electors with the usual
oowers In thai hi half,
ll.   C.    Md ll-Ror.   Reeve
Arthur .1   Moore. Clerk,
ffidmonde, n. c. Apni 7th. mis.
(1038) |
!';;Ki"an'no-V,IV:UW   1913."
DONE ANO PABSED In Open council
this seventh day of April A. D, 1913
RECEIVED the assent of Ute  Blcctprs
"   il"   K""""n ^y of'A^'TV'Vn
RECONSIDERED Mid  fiimlly   adopted
bv tT.e CounoH, sUm-cl by the Rexeve and
clerk ami sealed with the Corporal
all on the   day of	
A. D. 1913.
Take   rmti,'..   that   Hi"   above   Is   a   true
copy  of the  protsised   Ity-lnw  upon  which
thc vote Of the Municipality wlll be taken
���ii  Saturday,  the :6tll day of April.   1913.
between   9   O'clock   a.m.   until   7   O'clock
pm. at the following places:
Ihirnuby   Public  Hall,   Kdmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,   CntrHl   Park.
Mr.   Topping's   Store.   13th    Ave,.   East
Hamilton Road School. Rurqultlum.
Dundonald Bchool, Fraaer Ann.
Barnet Hall, Barnet
Mr  Braise's store. North Burnaby,
The Social Club Building, Capitol Hill.
Burnaby I-ik" Store. Bumaby 1-akc
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby nlven   thnt the
vote of the Electors ,,f the District of Burnabv win be taken on the above mention-
���d   Ilv-law  nt the time   and   place   above
mentioned, ami that A. Q   Moore lum been
tppointed  Returning Offloer  to take  the
���ote of such electors with the usual powers In thut behalf.
Ily  order of the Council.
ll   C.  Mclregnr.  Reeve.
Arthur U.  Moore.  Clerk.
ndmOBdg,   D. C  April  7th.   1913.
I 1050 1
Take notice that the above la a t-:e
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be tak-n
on Saturday, the 1'Sth day of April. 191.1.
between 9 O'clock am. until 7 t)'cli.ck
p.m., lit the followInK places:
Blifflftby  Public   Hall.   Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Pnrk.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave. Kiust
Hamilton Road School, Rurqiiltlam.
Dundonald School, Kraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Rnuee'a Store, North Burnaby.
The  S.s-Inl  Club  Building.  Capitol  IIIII.
Burnaby lJike Store. llurnaby Lake.
Lakemere Bohool,  I-ikemere.
Publlo Notice is hereby given that the
vole of the Electors Of the Histrict of ISur-
mibv will be taken on the above mentioned By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and tbat A. '". Moore has b*'en
S-ppointod Returning Officer to tuke the
vote of such electors with the usual powers  In  that  behalf.
By order of the Council.
1). C.  McOregor,  Reeve.
Arthur  O,   Moore.   Clerk.
Edmonds, ll. C��� April 7th, 1913.
I 1049.
o clock
P.O. Box 34 ���.illy  News Bliig
tit nil  kinds.
Prlcei rlghl   Bstlifactlon guaranteed
b9 MeKenxIt st.
Take nntlce that lhe above ts a tTU*
.,, ���r the propoied Hy-law upon whloh
thPvoteo th- ktuni.-ilx.llty will be uken
on Baturday, the net), day of April
between 8 o'clock am. until
,, m. at  tho following places:
llurnaby   Public   Httll,   K-dinolids
Agricultural Hall, Central Park
Mr    Tapping's   Store,   13th    Ave
Hamilton Road School. Iliirnultlatn.
Dundonald Bchool, Fraaer Arm.
H ii net   Hall,   Unmet
Mr. Bnuee'a Store, North llurnaby.
The  Social  Club  BuildUlg,  Capitol   lllll
llurnaby Lake Btore, Burnaby I ake,
Lakemere Bchool, Lakemere.
Publlc Notice Is hereby given tbut tlu
v���, of the Electors of the District of Bui
nttby wlll bo taken on tho above mention
ed By-law nt the time   and   P'o igovi
mentioned, and thnt A. ��',  Moor,- has been
nwwinted  Returning Offloer to take the
vOtO   Of   Sliell   eleCtOl'S   Willi    ill.'   UBUOl   1H1W-
,-i-s In ihat behalf,
III   order Of  the Council.
Di C, MoOregor, Reeve.
Arthur   8,   Moore,   Clerk.
Edmonds, H. C April 7th. 1913.
Sank of Montreal
-.APITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$18,000,000.00
iESERVE    .$16,000,000.00
Week Eud  ticket* on aalo to local
.olnta at Single Faro for Hound Trip
n  Fridays, Saturdays and  Sundayg.
Fur rtittn and reservation apply   to
New Westmloster
)r H. W.  Brodle. Q.P.A.. VaBdouver
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, nnd In London, Eiik
nnd, New York, Chlcfago and Spokane
J.8.A., nnd Mexico City. A general
hanlting buBlness transacted. Letters
if Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents iu all parts of the world.        _          ^ ^__      :
received in sums or $i and upward EXCELSIOR BARBER SHOP
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent per; nAm CUTTING  "BEAllD CVTTINO
uihui (present rate).
Total AbboIb over $186,non.000.00.
G. U. HIlYMNEIt,  Manager.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Massage nnd Glover's Fatuous StimulatlnK Tonics. ,
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.      | PACK KICUT
MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1913.
Remember thePtane No.
Remember  lhe Place-
33 Eighth Street.
Specials for Saturday
Black  Currant  Jelly,  regular
���Joe, today    20c
Hed  Currant    Jelly, regular
25c,   today    20c-
Crab Apple Jolly, Raspberry
and Strawberry Jam, all in
1-lb. glass; sold regularly
at 25c; today per bot...20c
Today we will sell any pail
No 1 quality Jam In the
store,  Smith,    Tickler's    or
Chlvera, for a pail  75c.
We are  losing money on these
Hunt's   Apricots,   Peaches  or
Pears,  sold    regularly    for
40c;   today,   per   tin 35c
Hadishes, per bunch   5c
Onions, dreen, per bunch 5c
Celery, fine and large, 2
bunchoa    25c
Cauliflower, per head   20c
Asparagus,   per  Ib 10c
Cabbage,   por  lb 2c
New Wiltshire Paeon, lb.  ..40c.
New Ayeshire Paeon, lb....35c
Pork   Sausage,  per  lb 25c
Cambridge Sausage, per lb..20c
Headcheese, bowl    15c
Sliced  Tongue,  fresh,  lb 60c
Dutch   Edam   (soft),   lb....35c
Dutch fioudas, (soft), lb....40c
2  pounds    75c
Roquefort, lb  50c
English Stilton, lb 50c
l.imberger,  lb 35c
Fresh Strawberries, per box.25c
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BIUGGS
Breaking away from    a    fence    to
! which they were tied, a team owned by
ithe fashion livery created a little di-
I version on Agnes street yesterday af-
I ternoon  before  being  pulled  up  near
Ithe corner of Agnes and Sixth streets.
The steeds hit a quick pace from near
���Eighth street ami but for the timely
work of Mr. W. Guttrtdge, the driver
of the city patrol wagon, it is probable
that '.he rig would have been wrecked.
The regular weekly meeting of the
eity counclll will be held this evening
:is usual at 8 o'clock.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (107S)
A meeting of the council of the
board Of trade will be held at 4 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon.
A Hardman, the cake man. Get
good  bread.     Eighth   Street   Bakery.
Telephone 231. (968)
Mr W. Walmsley and Mr. R. Ud-
geru^oil, Port Moody, motored tuto the
city ���yesterday.
The work of laying the water main
along the Norlh road, Burnaby side,
is proceeding apace.
A dance under the auspices of the
Itovnl Citv True Blue lodge, No. 1G2,
is scheduled for Friday evening, April
25, In St. George's hall.
A   new   record     for    coaching  h.is
I been made by  Mr.    Harry    Whitney
| Treat, ibe millionaire sportsman of
Seattle, who drove from Seattle to
Vancouver    lust    week  in   the  short , ,
spare of four days and six hours, beat ! *"s*''r**P ��f tlliS **"-"
ing tb" previous record by one day
and 17 hours. The party was made up
of Mr. and Mrs. Treat, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Noble Skinner and Mrs. Goldsmith. Mr. Treat and Mr. Skinner
have a string of 12 horses of various
classes entered In the Vancouver horse
show. Thc conch passed through the
city on Saturday on Its way to Vancouver.
Complicated  Case.
Magistrate Edmonds announced on
Saturday, In the police court, that ha
would pronounce his decision in the
charge of perjury again Partlh
Singh today.
Accused was arrested on the sworn
information of one Ilatdit Singh. Now
comes tlie information of Ihe arrest
llnrdit Singh
for perjury. A rather complicated arrangement. Bul with sihks mendacity and veracity seem convertible
��� ��������������������������������������������������
��� (By "Gravy.") ���
Congratulations to  Marquard.
****.*********.****      Richard  de  Lion   Heart  de  lteubon
*****************  de  Marquis de Marquard, also known
��� COLUMBIAN  COLLEGE   NEWS ��� M Mt\ Blosson Seeley and as the $11.-
*****************   000  beauty,  will  be the  recipient    of
birthday   congratulations   tomorrow,
The steam Bhovel on the Great
Northern track near the North road,
is busy day and night excavating the
sandbank on their Coquitlam property.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Best of Edmonton arrived in the eity yesterday to
take up residence for the summer
with    their    son,    Mr.    Robert    Best.
Second hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson &
Co corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth
atreet. (1074)
The city council
ervoir inspector at a salary of $100 a
month.    Applications must  be lodged
in  the  city  clerk's office  by  Friday,
April 25.
Get yonr lawn mower ground at
Swanson's, Begbie street. We have
special machinery for doing this work
Saturday afternoon the tea rooms
if lhe domestic science building of
Columbian college witnessed a
pleasant social function when Miss
Evans and Miss Pennington served
afternoon tea in aid of the Women's
ISdwcatlonnl club. Decorations of
yellow daffodils gave the room a fes-
ive air. ami little tables were set
about In cosy arrangement.
A tempting menu was offered, and
the serving and assisting was done
by the girls of the domestic science
department. Miss Florence Johnston,
Miss Kathleen Splayford, Miss Edith
Vince, Miss Maud lluteherson, Miss
Grace Clayton, Miss Pearl Deane,
Miss Gertrude Glover and Miss Emily
llobbs comprised the staff.
Besides the college students who
patronized in numbers the tea room, |
many outside guests were present
itlvertlse for a res- Mrs COverdale Watson, Mrs. V,'. T.
Reid, Mrs. D. S. Curtis, Mrs. Howard
Wi Ish, Mrs. C. Osborne, Mrs. J. R.
Gilley, Mrs. T. Meredith, Mrs. J. Bry-
-i.in. Airs. Jardine and Mrs. Hobson.
Mrs. Robson was a former teacher in
Columbian college. She is at present
visiting friends in town, having come
from California for a renewal of
friendships here.
Meets a
Real Need.
That need was for an
executor    and   trustee
who should not die, be
absolutely honest, know
how to handle estates,
be always accessible, be
always   able   to   give
clear, concise accounts
of the trust.
No individual executor can meet these requirements.
We would be pleased
to see you at any time
and tell you more. It
will interest you, too.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid   up  Capital  nud  Surplus
    $2,800,00 i
Assets       4,1)78,161 05
.Trusts undi t Administration
'   $4,217,988 86
Truateoshlps for Bondholders
offices:���Vancouver, Victoria
New    Westminster,    Nanalmo,
Calgary. lU'gina. Winnipeg.
Montreal, lxindoit, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
The Fraser Mills will resume work
In full blast today. The new burner
will lie put Into operation and work
proceed as before night and day.
The Klks will give a smoker in the
Conservative club rooms on Wednesday evening, April 23 at 8 o'clock
Exalted Ruler Mayor A. W. Gray will
On Chong Co.. merchant tailore.
New arrival of spring goods. I-adles'
and gentlemen's suits at reasonable'
prices. 413 Columbia street. Burr
block and 24 Mclnnls street.     (1067)
The work of preparing the site ior
the nev Anglican church at Burqultlam will be proceeded with Immediately. Plans are being prepared for an
edifice moderate In size but of handsome design.
Forty new automobile licenses and
tlve new motor licenses have been issued sinee Jan. 211 by the provincial
police, which heals all previous records for N'( w Westminster,
when he will pass his -Jtili milestone.
Rube's real  name    is    Richard    de
Marquis,   which   would   Indicate   that
be  was born    in    Montreal    or  New
Orleans or that dear Paris, btlt. as a,
matter   of  face,   the  honor   is   t-ieve-1
land's.    The   big   six     foot     twirling
artist   was  first    employed     by    the'
Canton.   O.,   team     of     the     Central
league. In  1907. and  in  the  following
year  played  with  Indianapolis in  the
American  Association.
Everybody knows iiow Mister McGraw paid $11,000 for Richard, an.l
whai a lemon Richard was during his
llrst season with the Giants. Few
players have conn' In for so much
panning as Marquard, and any manager who knew less about his husi-
ress than McGraw would have turned Richard out into the cruel world
and told him never to darken the door
again. McGraw had a bunch that
Marquard had In him the raw material of baseball genius, and paid no
attention to the roastlnga of press
and public.
I.ast year Richard was the pitching
sensation cf the season. Ills subsequent exploits as a wife-si,atelier,
vaudeville actor and holdout haven't
helped his reputation with the fans
to any great extent. Rube became
the husband of his vaudeville partner.   Blossom  Seeley,   In   San   Fran-
Westminster   Member   Leaves   Today [Cisco last month, Miss Seeley'* former
to Attend  Sitting at Mission. I husband having secured a divorce.
Mr. R. A. Stonev, president of the ] According to the dope. Richard now
Trades and Labor council, who has!has a three year contract calling for
Ji-st returned from an extensive tour \ *^n(> a season. As a vaudeville
cf Vancouver island In connection artist he got some $2000 or $5000 a
with   his  duties   of  official   organiser I week���the correct  figure  may  be ar-
The many friends iti the cily of Mr
Im, Travera will be pleased to learn
that under specialist treatment in New i
i York  hiB   hearing   which   wns   badly!
I affected some time ago, ts now  prac-1
[tlcalVy restored,
The renovated approach to the Fraaer river bridge from Columbia street
will probably be finished within the
next few days. A handsome hand rail
bits been erected on each side of the
steps leading down  to  the bridge.
The Matsqui couneil and board of
trade have appointed Reeve \V. Merry-
field to represent them at the meeting
with ibe market and produce committee Of the board of Irade of this city,
to discuss lhe proposed scheme for j
the New   Westminster market.
for British Columbia of the Typo-
g.aphlcal. union, bas been asked by
> ancouver newspaper men to form a
newspaper men's union in Vancouver.
Mr Stoney has his doubts as to
(he success of such a union if
oiganlzed. and has decided on no
definite course of action as yet.
Mr. Stoney will leave today for
lission City to attend a sitting of the
labor commission, of which he is a
lntinbcr. From Mission City the
Westminster man will travel with
the other members of the commission lo the Nicola valley where other
lilting-* will be held. The Okanagan
valley and Kootenay will be next
vi-d'.ni. The final meeting will be
held at Trail.
Passengers imprisoned in Elevator
for Over Fifteen Minutes.
A Bomewhat amusing incident occurred In the Westminster Trust
building on Saturday about noon
Alien one of the elevators of the
building got stuck midway between I ""'
.......  Ji-���  ������.i   ton
rived   at   by   dividing   by   10   and   extracting the cube root.
Rube has never worked at anything but baseball. His parents died
when he was voting, and he was
brought up by his grandmother, which
probably means that he was a -'spoiled kid." Ile attended the Cleveland
schools, and In the summer was bat-
boy for the Cleveland club, lie began
pitching for a Bchool team, and before going to ('allien played wiih a
seml-profegslonal   team   In   Cleveland.
Twenty-four years ago yesterday
ithe Chicago Nationals and the Ail-
Americas arrived in Chicago after u
tour of the world lasting exactly six
t months. The globe-trotters played 5:i
games en rout'-, in Hawaii. Australia.
Ceylon, Egypt, Italy, France, England,
Scotland and Ireland The trip marked an epoch in baseball, and served
to introduce the game in many countries wlitre It  had  been unknown.
'Try New life'
One application gives immediate relief, and continued, works permanent
cures. Let us give you a free demonstration the first time you visit our store.
Prices are $25 and $35. We also
have the machines that are operated by
Batteries, price $35. Send your name for
a circular.
Agents for
"Try New
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
a  champion  steer,  weighing   I960
|j pounds is at present on exhibit at fhe
! plant of the Vancouver-Prince Rupert
Meat company in Sapperton.    The uni j Fortunately  tliere
mal was owned by Messrs. Barker and  fat men aboard
lOroff of Ersklne, Alia., bul  was nor-1 -~    ���
the ground and the first floors and
the some half a dozen passengers on
board were imprisoned for about la
It was necessary before the passen-
rpri could In released to remove one
of the lanes of the glass partition
which surrounds the elevator shaft.
Through this two by three foot bole
the prisoners scrambled on to a
ladder found in the basement and
l.laced In position by some onlookers,
were no women or
U. S. Sclditr Drowned.
Vancouver Barracks, Wash., April
Sanipel J. Egan, a private in
ipany I- -1st infantry, U.K.A. was
drowned today while attempting to
cross the Columbia river in a skitf
Egan'a home was In  Muskogee, Okla
New. O. C. Customs Ports.
Ottawa,    April    20    An   order    In
council   has been   passed   establishing
Vegreviiie and Athabasca Landing,
Alta., Melfort and Qull Lake, Sask.,
and Anyox,  lit' , as customs  ports
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
chased bv the meat com
j be slaughter! d    for    m
pant     It  will
���in    purposes
Although no official timers were on
deck at   the  time  several  cross  coun  I
ry records were smashed on l.ulu Is j
telephonic messagi
'���nei S3inprr*cn early Sunday morn
lug to the effect that BOmi men were
breaking   Into   the  Japanese   miss
the local police swooped down on Richmond police who raided
the place capturing one man, while i barn during tho progress nf
yesti   '
at Barretvlew, Twllllngate, Newfoundland, on April lii 1913, of cancer, Elizabeth, beloved wife of
William and' darling mother of E.
li. Barrett, of this cily. and J. n.
Barrett, formerly a student at Columbian college and later a newspaper editor at Blairmore, Alberta.
Deceased was aged 60 years.
Smooth  the  locks of silver hair
gh   C
ass   Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
e   Street,   New   Westminster
Main Street, Vancouver
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
CapJtaJ paid up
U*te��r\*> Fund
Total Aiwto  ���
"In The Old Country"
nnd In the new, Dominion B��nk Letter! ���( Credit ��nd Tt��vellers'
Cheques, ire pood u fold and saler to carry.
They may be cashed in any Banking Town In the world, and
are self-Identifying.
Oiijy the owner can cash thetn ���and il lost cr stolen, Ihey art
of uo value lo Under or thiel.
NEW WF3TMIN3TEH BHANCH :   O   H.  M ATHEW30N,   Munnpir.
brow  with  tendon sl
i Our Own
On our moth.
were I land on Saturday afternoon In a rnci '""'���
situ, |for liberty  from  the clutches of tin Gather the robe in final fold
l,i, Around the 1   I m so still and cold;
"aj Lay on her bosom, i nre as snow,
Nnw  Laid
Ibu. tor
Eggs, dozen.
irday afternoon three mon mi n
Wl re picked up and lodged ;n the '* t>
bastlle on a charge of vagrancy. Tho
quartette will have a hearing bi fori
Magistrate Edmonds In police coui
tliin morning,
It -���  ,1"  cocking   main
The main was In full progress when
Mr ll A. Robinson, S.P.C.A. inspector
iiiil'i iti-neil bis coat which displayed
an of;'!', r's badge and Informed every
one in the building, who numbered
150, thai they were undi r arrei i.
One look at the officer o[ lhe law
was enough lor the crowd for with a
er... ii thai v. b beard a mile away tht
��� Ids doom of the barn were i rnai hed
and a break for liberty enBued.
fifteen of the sports were captured
and ink' n in automobiles to Bti voston
������vlnr"   Ihej   appeared   belore   Magls
trate Palkner who demanded $2ft ball
from each and fBO from tbe supposed
J keener of the  pit.
The  many   friends  of   Mr   .1    |i    .-���       Those  arrested   are   due   lo  appear
Barrett,  a  former student  at  Colum   In  court  al   Steveston   this  morning,
blan   college  and   now   of   Vancouver.
��� I
BW eel,   ;|       fl    \\ c (H       lhat
The East Burnaby branch of thi
','lctorlan Order 11 Nurses will t,*..- an
At I ;"ii " ai lhe ri Bldem o ol Mrs
Temple  Cliff, corner of .-'ixih  streel
; and   Twelfth   avenue      On   Thursday,
1 \prll 21 The members o( the New
WeBtmlnster and   Edmonds  branches
' have been invited to attend, An els
borate program hns been prepared for
1 the occasion.
grow ;
Kiss   In i*  and
iler pain is over, she Bleeps
li ave  her
r   heart.;'
per head   20c
Onions,  per  bunch    Be
Lt ttuce   a for  lOc
Salmon   (Ued   Bprlng).,2  lbs.  for  35c
Oollcbans  2 Mm. for 20e
Cod   2 lbs. for 26c
Halibut, per lb i:���
Phon-*   93.
Fieh  nnd   Produce.
447   Columbia
our   newest   depart-
All the  latest and
popular    magazines
weeklies kept in stock
deliver if you prefer.
will In- grieved to learn of the death
of bin mother, which took place al
Twllllngate, Nfld , on Saturday morn
Ing last. Mr. llarretl Is well known
in the cits and since leaving Columbian college was a newBpapi r editor at
Blairmore, Alta ll. Wir,.,i i,, hie fur
mer home on Saturday and it th,. f,,
neral arrangements can be postponed n
���.'���'111 leave for Un.' can today. the resld
EASTON   Wllllalm   Clarence   Ebb-
ton,  aged   12   years,   tlie  only   son   of
Mr and Mrs  William Easton*, 813 ito-
glna street, passed away on Saturday
vi i .i.i   ai  t o'clock at    the   family
home,   '1 he funeral will lake place to-
iiiooii  at   2  b'clot';  front
nee io the new city ceme
i tory.
To   Builders and   Contractors    Tins
Is  what   you  have  been    looking    for. i     IIAI.I,
now tak- advantage of it.   We   are killed In
carrying  in  Btock  from  inon to '2nna
yards of   building   material.    The   f.
Miss Carmen Hall, who waa
the  auto  accident  a   week
ago, was buried yesterday In the new
I olty    cemetery      The    funeral    look
lowing are out retail    prices    to   eon-' place from Mm*
A46 Columbia Street
Burners   at   tiie   bunkers:     Crushed
rock, pea gravel and coarse gravel,
?1 per yard, coarse concrete sand
and river sand, 80c per yard, We are
also prepared to furnish English
cement, hard plaster and Hum at a
moment's notice.    Special prices given
to wholesalers by arrangement,    Wa
have the  finest bunkers in  11. ('. and
we invite your Inspection at any time.
Phone 453 ]U. C. Transport Co., Ltd. "(1021)
���'s undertaking par
lot's at  2:30 o'clock.
C. P. R. Purchases Old Iron Bark.
Seattle April 19 The old iron bark
Coronation, bull al Sunderland In 1S74.
und which was long In the sugar trade
bet,ven Hawaii ami Han FrancilCO,
was purchased today by the Canadian
1 aoifio Railway company and wlll be
used as a coal I,arm* between Vancouver Island nnd Vancouver, B.C.
Boundary Bey
Maple Bench Park, b( Ing a sub
division of the historic eld Wh.-iien
estate at Point Rob*rts, wash,, is al
last on the market In 50x100 feet lots
fronting broad streets and with per
petual   beach   privilege!,   This   haa
been the camp ground for scorea of
local people fur years. The lots are
-telling fast, many people procuring
the lOcatioiiB they had occupied as
tenants for years,   Prices V.'i'i and ui>-
WtlrdB, easy terms.    Hole agents.
70i Columbia Stroet. City.
Transfer Co.
>f��lc��   Phons   185.      Bsrn   Phone   137
Btgtole Street.
I'-aKnauti Delivered  Promptly to
any part of tba cily.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mad*   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works. 	
Light and Heavy Hculing
Home For Sale
Fraser Valley Division B. C. Electric Lines.
Effective April 20, 1913.
(Subject to Change Without Notice.)
cheap,    ln a K"i>d  lo-
modern con-
Is   n   Hplendid  home for sab
calily near Queen's Park and new school.
It  has  seven   large  comfortable  rooms  wllh  every
venlsnce;  full basement! on a large lot, fin.ti32 [eot,
This place Ih below value und   tlle   toriiiB  are  nuch   that   almost
anyone can handle It
PRICE,   $4400,  t?5Q  CASH,   balance monthly.    If you want to buy
a home let ur Hhow you thin  p lace.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast  8tea muhlp Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1801.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   end
Marine  Insurance.
i.ve  Vancouver	
An- Huntingdon  	
Arr Chilliwack 	
i.ve Huntingdon 	
Arr  Vancouver   	
8: :in
I'raln  No.
.   ��
1H: 15
IK; 08
Train No.
IS; 1G
!l: fifi
110:66   19:0��   i'i
7    Express
18:00     6:10
10: fill
22: 5ft


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