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The New Westminster News Oct 17, 1913

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m   -n-m- ,  .,___
News Classified Ads.     ____
Have proven their worth by tbe
results   tbey   produce.     They   till
large   or   small   wanta   at   small
The Weathsr.
N'ew Westminster and the Ix>wer
J Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
generally fair   with   stationary   or
j higher temperature.
VOLUME 8, NUMBER  188.   s
Ratepayers Hear Details of Bylaws Which Will Be Voted
on Tomorrow���Alderman Bryson Takes Different
View to Mayor���Produces Interesting Letter.���Company Pays Expenses of City.
Helen Leamy    and    Frank J. Watson J   	
Awarded Medals snd cssh Rumored That Sir Charles Capt. Inch Arrives in New
Tupper May Not Defend
Although   the   score   cards   for   the
better   babies'   conteBt.   held   In   con- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
KThSl?   ltn TStaSP^tSl*"* No, Comp.lled to Keep Together j Refu���. SMUme���t.  cf  Steerage  Pa*
���Stcry of Robbery Reviewed
York With Survivors of
award! for the two llrst and the two j
second prize babies have not beeu j
banded over to the winners. Mrs. U. \
Walker, of the committee ol the i-ocal
Council of Women, In charge of the
contest, Is having the cups, donated by |
local persons,    engraved    today    and
Ones More.
The   second   trial   of (harks   Dean,
Iwo second prl/.e babies, will be, In a,of <he  Hank of Montreal  on  Septem-
few days, ready for tlieir owners
new jury.
Hefore the   opening
the    eaae
There was a fair attendance at lhe I had   ll   huilt   through     u     tunnel  cut .********^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm��� ^       ���.._, ______________________________________________________
meeting in  the  council  chamber las' i !lir"u^,'."r?('u_c_lll,y_ HO_ld,"'������*��� "J" '_'"_ j these which have been a.warded'lo Tlie iaccuBed  of being one  of the  robbers
nighl when Mayor (Iray explained the  " "	
why   and   wherefore   of   the   proposed
agreement among the contract lug par-
ties In regard  to the Coquitlam dam '
nnd lake, the cily, tin- II. ('. Iv H. rum
pan)  and the Dominion government.;
The mayor and Alderman Dodd spoke
Strongly   In   favor  of   lhe   agreement.
Whilst   Alderman   Bryson   opposed   It. j
preferring   to   have   the   question   ofl
the  ownership  of  the   land   surrounding the lake fought  out  to the bluer:
The mayor said lie supposed to go
lino the Question from lis commence-i
menl   would   be   ancient   history.     It
by six feet and In that way he felt
the supply was better looked after
than by going through the dam.
Mr. Strouach, the Dominion resident engineer, waa a very efficient officer and everybody who ever came
In contact with him felt assured he
had done everything to protect the Interests of the Dominion government
and city. Whenever the discoloration
Of the water took placo he cither
phoned or came down and let them
know 'he cause of It.
Home  people said   they   would   have
a discoloration of water for some time
whenever lhey  had  a heavy  rainfall,
,, i  ���.   i,  ,.������������,,   ���   hut   tlu-v  claimed   there   was  nothing
was    lve years ago since It became I   lnjtll.lull��� ln (lrinklnK ,,.
burning question  In  New  Westmins- ���.   '  J,* _ .
ter     He WU nt the opinion that even I     ..   ,.       y"1*' *���"* Geu ,     ,.
this   agreement   a  better  settlement  ., ,,, ,   N,   ���.   . .
-! gr-�� rrtf_fitK&8s^�� t��rt,r e ;ri3
they  take the case to the final court., ���-;.��������� ((| fmM     ,.y (hp nf,*l.���mi,n, j
the company would pay a sum noi exceeding Jio.nno for the city's out of;
pocket expenses Incurred by the city's!
opposition   to   the   company's   apllca
���No Need of Revolver-
Tragic Details.
New- Vork, Oct. 16.--Francis Inch
the boyish-looking Briton who com
manded the burned steamer Volturno,
I'he medals sent by the Woman's
Heme Companion bitter babies de
partment are to go to the first prize
babies, along with the $7.50 each pre-
sented by the H. A. & I. Bociety.
which Is soon to be sent to the winners.
The success of Helen Leamy, the 21
months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
II. .1   Leamy, 7_'.t  Second street,  who  who was engaged    at
won   lirst  prize  along   with   Wank   J. ! assizes
Pastor of Olivet Baptist Church Said
to Bs in III Health���Announcement Sunday.
Common report has It that Itev. A.
S. I-ewis, pastor of 01)ret Baptist
church, Queen's avenue and Seventh
street, is about to resign and that his
resignation Is to be placet before the
congregation on Sunday i.t either the
morning or evening service.
It ls said Mr. Lewis Is leaving New-
Westminster because of climatic conditions and It Is understood that bis
move is a result of doctors' orders.
Kev. Mr. Lewis has been In the city
about a year.    It Is not said where he
ber 15,  li.ll. began yesterday before jcameV porttoright briiglti" wl_h||SS25te 2ta_r V^ttt*1^ *
the     onorable JuBtice Clement  and a   i i      <������) . 'intends going,  providing his  reBigna
��uie justice iiemtnt and a. hlm   87   survivors,     passengers    and : tlon Is accepted by his people on Sun
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pted by his people on Sun
crew of his Ill-starred vessel. His:day, but it is understood It wlll be
story  of   the  disaster,   in   wlllch   136 somewhere In the eastern part of the
,.        ,,    , . .    , .llveB were lost, had  preceded him by'Dominion.
Adam s. Johnston, junior counsel for  wirH(,SSi but ������ a cabln of the Kroon-1	
the accused in the laat trial, asked for I land,   which   brought   him   here,   Inch
an   adjournment  In   order  to -consult!tol(1   h'8  ta'e  ln   simply  phrased   and
_,.,,���.   i,,���  -._, ���.    ,,,   _,      _ i moderate!v spoken detail that descrlb-
with  his senior, fair (harles   Tupper,;  (,   morf> 'vi;.,dly   lhan   the   win,Ie88
the Vancouver! could
Watson, aged 13 months, the son of j papers In his
Mr. and Mrs. Watson. '-17 Fourteenth with the caBe.
street,  Is  her  second  in   New   West- |    The court and crown counsel. how-
Albany, Oct. 16.-���Governor William
Sulzer waB found guilty by the high
court of Impeachment on three of the
articles preferred against him. Tbey
were 1, 2 and i. He was declared Innocent of tbe charges contained ln
articlo 3.
He will be removed from office to*
 ,a youn)? woman gave a taneo exhlbY-! morrow'   but   not   disqualified     from
possession    connected | than 500 of those she had on board. |,fnn in ��� haii h_.no>>,v,  i-it.. m���i-__-..". I holding ��fNce in this state In tbe fu-
Judge Approves Tango.
Cleveland, Odr Oct. 16.--As part of
Asa Anderson's injunction suit to restrain the city from barring the tango
.     ,      _   . ..   _   ,    picture,   the   panorama  of   the | at his dancing school,  Anderson  and
Sir Charles had most of the j Volturno's loss and the rescue of more'
New York Governor Found
Guilty on Three Counts
of Indictment.
Martin  H. Glynn  Will  Become Chief
Executive���Bare Majority to
Convict .
I    Cowardice  there   was   none  on  thej
| Volturno.   either  among    officers    or i
ion in a hall beneath Judge Vlckery's
court room today.   Judge Vickery will
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -__,**                    ssss���=         --announce    tomorrow    his opinion of
minster.   Just recently she was picked I ever, would countenance no delay. The  crew, Inch  said.    There was no rush;.ang0  dancing.     This    afternoon    he
as  New   Westminsters most  popular [court pointed out the convenience of Iof seamen -which   made  it  necessary gave It a nod of approval
baby at a contest  held  by the  Iloyal i the  jury   had   to  be  taken   into   con-  for him to warn them  back with his1
theatre   Here i.  her picture. isideration as  well  as  the congestion (revolver.    His  revolver    was    ln    a
of legal business. ! drawer   In   his   cabin   and   it   burned
        to the final court
Protects City.
The flrt-t  part  was an  independent
agreement between Ihe city and the]
Vancouver Power company, whereby
thej   were granted 1000 inches of wa- j
t.r ovei and above ihe quantity they!
wee* i milled   to, through   their  water-1
works system.    That was for any pur
pose required  by the city,
Thai protected them In the contracts to supply Richmond, l'ort Co-
-quitlam, Coqultlam or any other municipality they wished to supply. One
thousand Inches estimated on the ha
Sis of what th"v were using In the city
todsy w-as sufficient bo supply a population of Ut.OOO. That was the ad-1 f,
dltlonnl record.    That 10(10 laches was
tlon  In regard  to the building of the
dam.     The  total   expenses    came    to'
19000, but to be nn the safe side they
placed  ||  ai  $ln.fl00.
in addition they got $10,000 to withdraw the case, and 11000 a year additional for a man to look after the purity  and   protection  of  the   water  and
Ihe .-unitary  arrangements.    The   -I.*)
was  not obliged  to employ  a  pcrsv-i
j constantly, but from time to time the
j water   superintendent,   the   health   of-
sanitary inspector or some otner
_   . _,        ,,        .     ,, ,,. ,-fflclal might be called upon to report
not given them by tw power companv L      ���.,,   ^^   ^     condition   of   the
bul     by     the   provincial   government   g-j,,.
when   the   former  applied   for   10.000 *     Thllt  ���_,  whj.  ,h_ ,,���������  w__  _,,__���,
the  '-My   nothing  at   all   to  hold   that j
Kiine people  asked   whether  If  the!
population of  the city Increased  aud I
. Ihcr portions of the adjoining muni'
Cipatltlea cume Itilo the cltv   In  what
waj would tin- water supply be affect
ed The reply, so far as h" could
ni''. ��� ll oul was thnt over und above
Coir .valer system they were entitled1
to the additional 1000 Inchea, Bome
people nuked why that was not made
;t iii'r* �����*. the arr-ement In Conttgotion j
with the Dominion government it
was a matter the Dominion govern
no :*. was not concerned with.
Safety of Dam.
Coming to the -main agreement, it
bad i.ecu arrived at after iii" elty
council had been working at It for
some two years, lie did not think
many citizens had been looking f"r a
great amount of cash over the prop.)
sltlon.    Their  fight  had  been   for the
protection, purity and quantity of the
waler more than anything else lie did
not believe it wub Intended to be a
hold un against the company.
At the same time thev were Inter
i-si-d l.i the safety of the dam.'   No
person would he able to recognize the
there.    Any  person sent by the coun-
(Continued on  Page  Kour )
Wife   Succeeds   But   Hus-
band   Not   Seriously
Police   Suspect   Murder���Was   Tenth
Anniveriary of Marriage���Planned
y Jury Selected.
"       Th" business of selecting a jury w
carefully undertaken, the defence   (
with the ship.    And no one on board
First Offender Is Woman.
Appleton, Wis., Oct. 16.���A woman
________________________________________________      ex'
liausting its challenges'before a    fi'.ial
choice was made.
; Justice Clement addressing the jury
said: L'nder our cede It rests >t the
discretion of the court after the jury
Is sworn whether they should be slowed to separate in the course of the
trial.    I  do not, however, intend that
drew a revolver. These statements'wa* the fir8t P*rBon t0 bf flned ln
he intended should refute the stories ' Outagame county under tlie antl-gos-
told yeaterday by steerage passengers. 8|P act- Mrs- Ro8a ***���**" toda>' Paid
who arrived yesterday. ia fine amounting to $21.50 after plead-
No  Criticism. ln8 guilty to the gossip charge prefer-
The Volturno's  master,  besides de-|red  by a Mra.   McDonald and Emma j
ture unless there is a substantial
change In the Informal vote reported
to have been taken by the court on
these questions in secret session today.
For the same reason, it was expected that he would be found not guilty
on the other four articles still remaining to be voted upon when the court
adjourned tonight.
Lieutenant-governor Martin H.
Glynn, who haB been acting governor
since the Impeachment of Sulzer, will
become chief executive of the state.
fending his own officers and men, said I McDonald.   The anti-gossip act covers |
he had   no  criticism  to  make of the cases of "near slander."
tactics of anv of the boats that stood | 	
*-^**********w....******w......���.w���.......aaaaaa*..m,    "Tbe   Carmania  did   its   best,    the i
you should be compelled to keep to- \..me u the others." he Bald. "Therej"
gether. It is likely to be a long trial i*. nothing but praise for evervone. I
land 1 must impress upon you neither did not expect, a boat could live In
! to speak to auy one a'jout the case those seas when the Carmania and
inor allow any ono to apeak to you|the other first few ships came up.."
during its course. You have as re-1 The Carmania did drop a boat. Inch
[sponsible a duty to perform as 1 have j declared,   but   It  could   not  get  near, j
on the bench.    I say that to you now I for  the  Volturno  drifted   faster than      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k^3t^^^mt3333m
so that 1 need nct repeat it at somelthe crew  could  row.    Later the Car-iMEMBER OF BOARD OF MANAGE-[that   the   governor   bribed   witnesses
Vlltt 10 HOSPHM.
He is an Albany newspaper owner.
Robert K. Wagner, a New York attorney, will become lieutenant-governor.
He la the majority leader in the senate.
The vote on articles 1. and 2 waa
39 to 18, a bare two-thirds majority.
The former article charges that tha
governor falaified his statement ol
campaign contributions, the latter
that he committed perjury ln so doing.
The vote on article 3, which charges
other stage. I mania sent  off  a  life  raft,  but they'
All olher jurymen and witnesses inldrlfted across the Volturno's bow and
.ether cases were relieved  from  duty jdlsanpeared     More than that the Car-
until Monday, October 2". 11 a.m. I mania could  not do,  said Capt. Inch.
Another order Issued  was the rigid j OM No* Rush.
seclusion from eourt of all witnesses. Eighteen cabin and two steerage
save the one, un-Jpr examination, on IPa��Bengers entered the first lifebost
'both sides.
to withhold testimony trom th . Frawley committee. waB unanimous ln favor
of the governor.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      i Changed Votes.
_____ I    The vote on article 4 was 43 to 14,
1 six members changing their votes on
"1 have faith enough In the citiiehs | articles 1  and  2  from not  guilty  to
that ventured to leave fhe ship.   Onlyj0f \ew Westminster to helieve thatis���!."?-  *_*  two, fr��m.  gdtlty  to  not
The Old Story.
enough of the crew stepped in" to man : L'i-,e���,,' ron. ersionbrlsw wlllbc IguIlty'   Thls article char8es 'hat the
It     ..In    tnnh        Th_v    -M    nm    *...*.    .n , lt*e   ********   BOO' ersion   Dyiaw   Will   OC I rnv*,Tnar       cnnni-MU-       -i*M���.��       tsar
lit,  said  Inch.    They  did   not   rush  to
governor    suppressed    evidence    by
Mr   Macneil. K.C, opened the case jj(-  --^ ���   noi"crowded."'EnUngMcarried   by  a   """dsome  majority  on \a***ta at threats   to keep  wftnaSSM
Ingr  itself   in   Its   after-tackle   it   eap-|ff^-^V/'_sU_^t-^^fc8man^pwl-|fh,B, _testifying   before   the   Frawley
Frank J. Watson will eurely grew
up to be a true gentleman for he
���shared with his little competitor the
,i r.;r of first place. To'li b��b:e3 were
awarded 'HH out cf a possible cf 100
'or the crown and traversed again the
i well   worn   story of  the  robbery   and
the tacts he Intended to prove.
While Mr. Macneil    was    sketching
I the history of the case and the crown's
hypothesis regarding the connection of
 __^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Chicago. Oct.  16.���Mr:;.   William C.
plans   that   were   used   l0   b,lll<J   ,hn1t' Ellis v.as found dead  In  bed  in    her
I room In the Hotel Sherman this after
Her throat had been cut    and
dam fron. the ptanB that were presented in the firs' Instance to the govern
ment at Ottawa.   Pretty nearly every-1 noon ,..,-__
thing In tiie flrsl plins hid been she had been shot twlco under the left
changed arm.     Kllis,   a   wealthy   leather   mer
It seemed the enilne'-s who drafted .chant of Cincinnati, Ohio, waa stag-
the first ple.ns were experts, men of jgrrlng abont the room, liis throat and
gr< ��� reputation, t'it thoy were very j wrists gashed by a knife and suffering
a-Ious to get th- work commenced,    from three bullet wounds when hotel
The attitude Ihe city look In re- j detectives forced tlieir way into the
gar    to the  r-.allton of the dam  not  room.
���only tr-ido them redraft the plans, j Kills waa taken to a hospital, where
bnt i .iryt'.ilng elac had to ho modi-1h, declared hls wife had killed her-
fled to a certain extent. He was of s,,|f uml (|1Bt |le had attempted to end
the opinion still that If the original I j-|, |lf(, aa lt reau|t 0f ft suicide pact,
plan hsd boen gone on with the dam An investigation by the pollce, how-
would nol havc Btood, but he believed L V(,_ ca|18e<j ,)lom ,0 a0n\,i the story
now. and hc had Been II Blnce It was \ . K1|jg wa_ p,,,-,,^,,,, ,0 ti)e House
practically completed, that any per��� o( - ���rroctlon hospital, where ho will
son looking at It would consider it as b|>       t under (     ,|co       nJ_   ,���. ,���.
part of the formation ��/'en/"��""'rry'i juries ure not serious,
lust like the mountain.   It looked very ,' . .* .
*--*--*--*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*--*-*-^ v.   __.__   tknw   uinra  at*. \
Blzed.    All In It were drowned, except Ment of tbe Roy��l Columbian hospital,committee.    Anion* these was Duneam
Chief   Officer   Miller   and   a   steward j board, yesterday to The .Vew�� W. Peck, state superintendent of pub-
who climbed into it after it had right- The more one investigates Into the ��c works, who testified at the trial
ed. and were rescued. Into the next proposition the more feasible it looks that the governor had asked hfm to
boat went 30 passengers and ten sailland  r feel confident that the elector- ��� commit perjury.
llttie Tike's dam such sb they were ac
���<iuslnteil with.
inferring to the agreement Itself,
he complimented J. R. Ornnt. who formerly represented Coqultlam munlcl-
nnllty, for several valuable suggestions and Mr. McQuarrie. their solicitor     who    with Sir Charles  Hibbert
Timner KC. had drawn up the agree- ��� ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lupp    o, courfe the main fight sll!"was of the utmost importance in   a
for the ownership of the [crime committed here today."
���-. -   *      ���       - ..-   -.  .*.*   ���M.I      m._   t���n*.l,...   _���ll,r,rHl.w   i
A number of letters and telegrams
found at the room lu the hotel were
takon by the police. One telegram
caused the pollc to address a message to the chief cf constables of
Brantford, Canada, asking lf a merchant of that town had left Brantford
recently. Tho date of his departure
and destination, tho    message   said.
al��n^i"tRSlr��Charl()B"wla8'oi'"the opin-]" The Canadian authorities answered
Inn that the city wss better without:that the merchant In question had not
*^*^SEsa^ss^*^^M ..itt     ll*.**.** #__B*-1     *T*-\m   *** t-\T**n h    t ImO
Frank J. Watson iB a sturdy youngster and to judge by his picture he It
lulled as the star ot his college football team about the year '33.
Little Leslie L. Duncan, like Frank
Watson, possesses the qualities of a
gentleman and believes iu sharing up.
for he too took just half of hi cond
place along witli Laura A. Henry, thc
21 months old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry, 1315 Fifth avenue. Ht
Ib the IR months eld son of Mr. and
Mrs. .1. L. Duncan, 81$ Fourth avenue.
Both these last named ara line babies
and ranked juat a fraction below flivt
the title to the property. ,
Getter Without It.
Hla argument waa that If the city
owned the land they might be held re-
-sponsible for any damage caused by
overflowing, or giving out In any wsy.
rtoth eventualities he. nersonally,
though practically Impossible.
Mr. Grant's opinion was that tt wns
n very fnlr agreement and announced
hls Intention to vote for it. Mr. McQuarrie was of the opinion that the
council would be unwise to turn it
Tho agreement had been published
ln the local papers and he took it the
���electorate hsd read it.
Purity of Wkter.
He believed that Mr. Freeman, the
Dominion government engineer had
acted solely ln the Interests of tho
city as regards the purity of the
water supply.
In the original plan their main was
to go through the dam, but Mr. Freeman waa not of that opinion and he
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 18.���Mrs. Jen-'
nie May Eaton, ou trial for the murder of her husband, Rear Admiral
Joseph Giles Eaton, II. S. N., retired,
heard today her 16 year old daughter,
Dorothy Virginia Ainsworth, aupport
the contention of the prosecution that
she (tlie mother) waa unreasonably
Jealous towards her husband. Under
the questioning of District Attorney
Darker, Dorothy testllled that her
mother was easily angered and bad
continual hallucinations that the admiral wss trying to poison the family.
Dorothy, an attractive girl, apent
two hours upon the witness stand,
She had not finished when court adjourned. It waa the flrat day of testimony In the trial.
In the early part of today's aeaslon,
Assistant District Attorney  Fred G.
'.'*'-    I'll     -��",     1--II    i��(      -lien,    -,,i,->ip.        ...   I - __S^^^^H ***a*M*a. , I -'	
ahe settled  into the  water ten  more!now.,on their^ bands^so that work MUr-jnot to disqualify him was said to ba
jumped aboard from the Volturno's
deck. A -wave swept from the Vol
turno's  Btern.
Juat Sat on It
"She just sat on lt and crushed It
out of sight," said Inch. The bosun
dived  and   was  the only one saved."
Inch denied reports of rotten tackle
and fire hoee and of unsafe lifeboats,
ssylng all of these articles were In
good condition. He counted only
three explosions, the last one wrecking wheel and compass, so that a hand-
gear had to be rigged up.
Man Accused of Using United States
Mails to Defraud laeuea Secret
gently needed, can  be carried out"    /unanimous?
Mr. Small then explained the needs |
of the Royal Columbian hospital which
Is vitally interested in the passage of
the bylaw.
"Without finances are available for
the purchase of furniture and equipment for the public wards and the administration offices In the new hospital, New Westminster will be forced
to get along with the old delapldated
building which is now doing the work
of a hospital 'and which came under
severe censure from the last grand
turv on account of its condition," said
Mr. Small.
Will Cost. $25,000.
"The furnishings for the entire
building, a portion of which is completed, will cost in the neighborhood
of from $26,000 to $30,000. This includes furniture and equipment
"At the present time the administration department and the two eastern wings of the building are built,
ready to be furnished and occupied.
For this $17,000 to $20,000 ls needed,
not including the furnishing of the private wards which we hope to see sc-
(Continued on Page Flv*.)
Not Sustained.
the   accused    w-ith    Macnamara    and 1^��' This bwrtgotawiy STrUSht "but l����* wf" !*>���� their stamp of approval | ~ ThTsMrerinform.*.! mtn m **-me*a*t
I'owell and the Trapp motor theft, the  ha8 n0, been heard of     The"Ixt one  <>" the mode of procedure to allow tbe  thjraveraor was mW Io be �� fn 14
Iu7;^a:-eUIhr,IatesU7^he\rres.toerl,00k ��" *��' * ��* ,hem Sa"�����   ���1!**^-*J*y*^��ii^^
the thrco men mentioned.
Mr. Macneil stated    at    once,    that
John  Macnamara    was    arrested    on
January 24. 1912, Dean January. 1912.
and I'owell in June, 1912.
Familiar Ledger.
W. H. G. Phlpps, accountant. Bank
of Montreal, carrying Ills familiar
ledger, then moved briskly to the
witness box and the now- old familiar
tale was recommenced, about 11 a.m
At 4:40 p.m., when the court adjourned, the apparently unwearied Mr.
I'hipps had got down to the reward
offering incidents under cross-examination by Mr. Johnston���$5000 to the
party or parties giving information
leading to the conviction of the robbers and 10 per cent, on the recovered money were the concluding answers of witness when the court adjourned to resume todav at 10:30.
It ib rumored that It is unlikely that
accused will be again represented by
the iminent advocate who voiced his
care r.t tbe last trial.
i esn's resources are snid to be
cr upletelv exhausted and the services
of emine't counsel costs money.
Mr. Jchnston, consonant with the
best traditions of the bar, will continue to represent his client alone.
The following gentlemen compose
the new jury: W. J. Goodwin (fore-
maul, R. Greenway. W. E. Gooding, J.
O. Germain. W. J. Goldstnne. J. R.
Gibbon, W Gorrle. A. M. Grieve, J.
Gibson and G. Gibbard. jr.
Article 6. which charged tbat th*
governor committed larceny In speculating with bis campaign contributions
was said not to have been sustained
In the secret session by a vote of 50
declaring the governor not guilty, to
seven against him.
Article 5, which charges that he prevented a particular witness, Frederick
L. Colwell, from attending the sessions of the Frawley committee; article 7, that he threatened to use his
office and influence to affect the vote
or political action of certain assemblymen, and article 8, that he corruptly
used his Influence to affect the prices
of securities on the stock exchange,
were reported also to have been decided in favor of the governor ln ths
secret session by a practically unanimous vote.
 ____      **   ,
Five Forest Fires.
San Jose. Cal.. Oct. 16���The Santo
Crus mountain Sre now extends ��
length of 20 miles. Five distinct fires
are in eight Five hundred men ar*
fighting the flames. ���*
left Brantford for some time.
Mrs. Ellis left Cincinnati last Saturday, coming to the home of Morrla
Ebersole, a friend and business associate of her husband. Ellis came
here Monday, finding his wife at the
Ebersole home. Later they moved together to the hotel.
Today was the tenth anniversary of
their marriage and the couple had
planned to celebrate here.
On thc way to the hospital Kills said
he and his wife had agreed to die bo-
cause of business reverses.
Ellis, In a further statement to detectives, insisted that his wife and he
had agreed to die together.
"We went In a theatre laat night," ^	
he said, "and then to a cafe and Kakmann outlined the eaae for the
reached the hotel about midnight. I prosecution, clslmlng Jealousy as a
shot myself flrst. Then she shot her- motive for the alleged crime
aelf. I grabbed the knife and began Dorothy's testimony substantiated In
to cut my throat. Bhe took lt out of I several oarticttlars the points on
my hands and drew It across her which Mr. Kalsmann had placed
throat.' I emphasis.
Forty-nine Arrests en Charge of Picketing In Trinidad���Rlflea and
Machine Oun.
Trinidad, Colo., Oct 18.���Forty-nine
striking coal miners, charged with
Picketing, were arreated at the Mc-
Loughlln mine of the Santa Fe Coal
Company aad marched three milea to
the county Jail at Triuidad.
Fifteen deputies, armed wtth rifles,
flanked the prisoners on either aide
and a machine gan, mounted ob aa
automobile, brought up the rear, bat
In spite ot this several hundred strikers who followed attempted to break
through the Hues and liberate tlw
Some 780 strikers gathered at Us
McLoughlin mine when they learned
that M miner* whom they prevo-ated
(rom enuring ths mlns yesterday,
had returned �� vork.
l-os Angeles, Oct. 16.���A pamphlet
written by the defendant was sent to
every Juror drawn to hear the case of
Dr. John Grant Lyman, the promoter,
whose trial on a charge of having
used the mails to defraud in connection with Panama lands, waa begun
here today ln the federal court
The Information waa brought out
during the. examination ot tbs talesmen.
Each of the twelve selected aaid,
however, he (ad not read the pamph
let as it hardly reached hla handr. before he had reoelved orders not to
pursue it, trom government agents
who learned that Lyman bad mailed it
The pamphlet, which was written In
the Los Angeles county Jail where
Lyman had been waiting trial several
months, was aald to detail tbs prisoner's efforts to obtain a apssdier hear
After ths Jurors wsrs selected,
Judge Olln Wellborn gave tben the
usual caution not to read about the
trial or to discuss It, stat Mward A.
Ragan. apeclal prosecutor, mads a
lengthy statement ot what tbs govern
ment hoped to provs againat Lymaa.
The taking ot testimony la expected
to bs begun tomorrow.
Ottawa, Oet IC���The - Cvtatec
Journal says: "While it Is anaouuesd
iu connection with W. Perisy's risK
to Oreat Britain that hia trip is purely
a personal oae, tbs Journal ia fairly
reliably informed that thr gnatsr importance aad slgalfioeaoe ta attached
to It It la understood tbat tho primary reason (or Mr. Parity's ��Wt ia to
Jloeuss with ths Britiah admiralty tbs
probable terms under which ths Xh>
mlnlon government win taks ovar ths
three extri, battleships bats* built by
tbs admiralty to take the pines ot
those which tt hnd	
Nsw Curs fsr Insanity.
Los Asgetea, Oot U.���Ssn
aa a ours tor insanity will be triad
out at Nprwalk, Cal, in a, <nsw stats
hospital tor tba lahene, which  Is to
Arrqut-m Tsrms.
In a siaisdsist ***** st ths close
it ths last' sesafea>.'Presster Borden
proposed that svoh aetlea would be so
thnt tbe overwhelming wish of Ihs
Canadian people In regard to th*
national defence woa*. not ba defeat*-!
sd by the senate,    l*^^"^^^""
**-TO*_-_^____a__________  It ta
ooit''iSo.MO."8eleotion ot -a alta wipi'ma passed san Mr. ChweblB
aaaouaoed today; Tha Isdstntlvo ap-| Prettier Borden totting the paat i
proprlatloo waa conditional upon   s -ner "   ~
tbe purpoae of ai-tanglag tanas to hn
submitted to ths Dominion parliament
this session.
Will They OhJset
"What aotion tha Liberals **, tak*
la regard to such a proposal Is
 ��� liberal ���^^^^^
tb* Borden naval MB last i
bodied tho prinelple tbat It ths shlpn
proposed tabs osnstructad by tbs gor-
emment were hnllt under tha terms at
tbe naval aat uf MM no -*.**i*i*-
would bo taken.     . *���*-
ships from ths Britiah admiralty d��
.   '----*-_-_     tam.    _a__-tt ______
:m*,**^ ,   **^**:'^\***l******t,. t*^^
!SJg __��__��*���:����.*��
Iaa*^**-^^***-^^*  ^^. ^^^^r\z   *r^j*r^^^^~:,^*^,
���a^**ta****** ' ***a*sa***  '������*-*���       ���- *"--���������-!__���_- -
^__ . _7^__T_ffW. ^^____TvT^.*
na to th* tatrrring tut at
promlaa nnl Mr Fatten **m ;i��
' ������("' fl" ���-���������'--���
*-. itt' ���;, -jtruTng-sgi^ty^S-ifSi-^i'aii i niip*��gBpiMBi-jg��iiiJB) MOI TWO
Aa -independent mornlap paper devoted to the inter *stt of New Westminster and
She Fraser Valley. Published every mornlatt except Sunday by the National Printing
���Ml Publishing Company, Limited, at ti McKentie Btreet, New We sl inlnster, Britiah
**tsm*ia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communication* iHoiikl he sddretscd lo The New Westminster Newt, and not
ta individual m-m6���r_ of ��A�� tin*. Cheques, drafts, and monev orders dliould be made
payabl* to The National Printing and PuMisMng Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Otfloe ond Manager, *>���*���); Editorial Boom* (all dcpart-
its), (11.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���Bv oarrier, S4 per year, 11 for three months, 40c per
ath.    By mall, 13 yer year, 26o per month,
ADVERTISING RATES on application.
If reports from the Boundary country are to be believed it is high time the provincial government took some
action with respect to the Doukhobor settlement there.
lying around Idle) does he not allow
her to.tow the garbage scow- -here Is
a chance for her to mako $60 In 1-
hours doing city work.
Still following up the old adage the
"most good to the greatest number" ?
Is he afraid the fumes from the garbage scow might tarnish the Hero's
polished  fittings ?
Thanking you before hand for the
space, in your valuable paper,
1  remain yours,
observations the Russian Judged the
movement of the solid lee pack and the
conditions that would de encountered
by pushing Into Ihe unknown latitudes.
The Kit found the Solid lee pack llrst
in the same longitude and latitude of
the meeting with the Taimyr. Three
weeks later In the same longitude the
pack had moved to 9 degrees north
Mrt.  Ainslce Was Important Witness  latitude and stll la fortnight  later In
the name longitude, to latitude 71  do-
In  Seattle Case  and   Has
Seattle,  Oct.  16.- Mrs.   1).   Richard
Ainslce, an  Important witness    in    a
government prosecution due to begin
federal court, has
school   at   Vancouver,
line tip was as follows
Guards,   Raley,     Knight;    centre,
Moore;  forwards. Bmlth, Men son.
Crack   Shot.
c.   h.   s.   Hunter,  of   Columbian
ii-i ,    .      .1     .   .1 x*   ii .      College,   was   heartily   applauded   last
Advices from Grand rorks state that these folk seem to night when the principal announced
think they are above the law; they disregard the health ^^^^ffjaS^K
and school regulations, are born, marry and die without pany a of Aberdeen, Washington, and
the Duke of Connaught's Own lllfles
of Vancouver, Mr. Hunter obtained a
total of 188 out of a possible 200
points, being mainly responsible in
rapturing the cup for the Canadian
Mr. Hunter has never used a military rifle until this year, and the contest took place on a gloomy day with
a cold rain falling continually. The
Grays  Harbor Post or Aberdeen  in
On    Saturday    evening the    "Itep"
team of Columbian college administer-1-^jj morning In th
to sixteen' !" UiVprovindif*i����S n*t��toM.jp disappeared fron, the city | scientific observation of any_ expedl
mil Is believed to have been murder
grcos north
Aimed at Northeast Passage.
The Itussian olllcers told Captain
Aunnevlk that their intention was to
push through the northeast passage to
Norway. Tbey Haid they had coal for
12,000 miles continuous steaming, and,
according to Captain Aannevik, the
Taimyr, which he boarded, was equip-
I ped with the most complete outfit f ,r
Tim    college
being registered and generally conduct themselves in a
manner that would land the ordinary white settler in
within twenty-four hours.
Because there happens to be a plague spot on the map
of British Columbia known as a Doukhobor colony, it is
not sufficient reason to let that spot be administered at
the whim of the ignorant people who infest it.
Everybody knows the trouble the authorities experienced with the Doukhobors when these settlers were on
the prairies and it was not expected when they moved to
this province their habits would undergo much change.
However, there are laws in British Columbia to be upheld
and, through the associated boards of trade of the interior,
the Grand Forks citizens have directed a straight appeal
to the authorities at Victoria for immediate action in the
matter of the Doukhobors.
tlon  that  lias ovi
"tn ured  into  the
Never tell a man business is rotten.   Business is what
you make it; it's up to you.
A Regina man has been convicted of robbing the
mails for magazines to read. He ought to get a medal for
keeping some of the trash from the general public.
A man in Washington state who lost a four karat diamond ring took fourteen months to find it. It should be
possible to see a head-light of that size at least a mile.
An Idaho woman is suing for five thousand dollars
because a dog bit her. Most of us would let an alligator
take a nip at us for that much money.
i Arctic
���������.li. itlllll'IIMI Pli' Mil, 1111 I'llll   ' Vil     ' . .        ��_
In appreciation of the information
employment, a I'ikn street millinery furnuhed by the master of the Kit.
shop, iu company with three strange iCommander Wilkitzky gave Captain
men, news of tlte disappearance and I Aannevik  a  map nnd  picture of  the
fears or  the government  officials  for Ta'mf1',_ W}^   W" J___Ul   '".".'   "'"
,.,   , , ,,        ,        , ,       i model of the fatuous Krnni and Is one
her life became public only today when L, (h(< gturdleB| rruft ���r h,*.r ty,���. ,,VCT
affidavits were filed In court announc- constructed. The Siberian coast had
lng that the best efforts of the gov- j been mapped by the expedition and
ernment to locate her had failed. that  presented   to   Caotalu  Aannevik
Because of her disappearance thel was fhe tlrst copy made of It.
case of the government against II. K. ] Following lhe directions of the map.
Fortler, charging him with a violation the Kit pushed up the Siberian coast
of the Mann act. was postponed until und ran Into a hunting ground which
the end of the term by Judge Jeremiah Captain Aannevik keeps secret. The
Neterer. lt was In this case that Mrs. Kit completed her catch of ni" walrus j
Alnslee had been subpoenaed. j In a short time.    For the flrst time In
According to the affidavits filed by years, the Ice had receded from the
Special Agent William It. Byron and northern Siberian coast, according to
I. J, Sullivan, assistant district attor- Captain Aannevik and the natives de-
ney, Mrs. Ainslee was served  with a  clared that coast freer frnm Ice than
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
when you can get as goon, or better, manufactured In D. C, vli.: tbe
tbe celebrated "VANCOIU Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americas aud Canadian Knglneers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Bewer I'lpe from
4-ln. to M-ln. in diameter. This Is also made In tbls Province and wo
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed itock, Washed Uravel, Sand.
Ume, 1'laster, etc.
Bee us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Berted a glowing account of his skill; subpoena   on   October   7,   eight   days  ever before.    It  is this fact, probably,
ago; at which time Bhe announced her that  accounts  for  the unusual  floes
which have locked numerous Arctic
j crafl off the northern Alaskan coast
I so early this year.
"I don't believe Wilkitzky found Ice
nt all nnd was thus able to mnke hls
discovery."   declared   Captain   Aanne-
and nerve.
Stirring Address. Willingness to be a witness for the gov-
The monthly united meeting ol  fhe  ernment.    She was living at that time
V. W. C. A. and the V. M. C. A. socle-Iin  the   Planters'  hotel,  Third  avenue
ties  was  addressed  last  eveninby  by iand Stewart street.
Rev. A. S. Lewis of the Baptist church.      Deputy Marshal  H. V.  It. Anderson
His subject was "Ideals," and the mat-1 served   the subpoena nn  her. and  he
ter was treated under three headings,  cause of her apparent  willingness  to  vik.  judging  from     hi-i    observations
viz.: testify it was not thought necessary tojalong the northern  Siberian    coast,
(al    Their influence on the Individ-  place her under  B  detaining bond  of'"That he did  discover a  new  land   I
nal;  (b) Their Influence on the com- $1,000 such as has been used in other believe Implicitly, having   been given,
munlty; (c) Their influence on the na-  cases at times. ample proof with the map of the ac
tion, Strang*; Men Appear. curacy   of  the  observations     of     the
Tlte  speaker  prefaced  his  remarks!     Special   Agent   William    It,    Byron   young Russian oflicer.
by saying that "what we become de- heard  three days  ago  lhat  she  was Sees No Reason to Drubt.
ponds' largely on our ideals." Lives missing from her snartment in the ho "It Is surprising to me that Cant
that are content to drift with the tide, tei and Investigated the case He was Otto Sverdrun Bhould doubl the die
or to remain where they have Btrand- told nt the millinery store that she covery, The Taimyr is one of the Bn
ed. are a menace to society and a|had been called for the preceding esl vessels and most completely out-
evening by three strange men who fitted that has ever gone Into the Arc
escorted her from the shop. She had tice and I ludge from having gone
nnt been seen by her employer Bince over the Kraut in my own countrv. The
thst time. honesty of the young Russian officers
On   application   of   Special   Agent cannot '" auestloned in my mind."
Byron, a  writ of attachment  was  is      The Kit took her catch to Yokoha-
sued oul of the federal court and dep-lma. arriving at the Japanese porl Sep
uty mar      s scoured the city In hopes tember 1     The  little whaler proved
time  for, rather   an   expensive   proposition   forin.  J
tched  to-  Arctic work,  requiring so much   fuel. I    Ac
Bank of Montreal
KHTAI11.18HE1) 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...��
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches throughout Cauada am)
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane*
0 HA., and  Meilco City.    A general
'  banking business transacted.    Letters*
SINGING AND VOICE PRODUCTION   of Credit Issued, available  with  cor-
%~        ���i************ -        i   respondents In all parts of thc world.
"J"'^1 itt';":,'v% ���;���'''���;!:.,���'',.:���    att*'"���� ""k Department -Deposit.
Principal   of   the   Glasgow   College   of   received  In  sums of  Sl   and  upward'
pianoforte, harmony and -.inning Pupils suceessfuly prepared for examlns
Umi In II V M and R. C. M. Km tenon
apply OOJ Third avenue.
unfurl. . ;'i:i Keary Hi. New Wist-
clog to progress.
That Ideals lift is seen in such noble instances as Toistov, Milton aad
Wendell Phillips.
Never was there a day when ideals
should be taken hold of as now. The
reputation of "father" and wirepulling are surely giving plac to "merit."
(Ireat positions do not wait for a man.  ��'  b * ���' ' ���' hi '���    Whi n  th
and can onlv be obtained when a man'""' trial of the ease wafl
Su."SiS^r0A,ti!eoni21'S"b3A,{|,���fc���l! ������'>*��� ���'������'>���������'����� ���*}?"** *���3 ***��� ��������� *'
nnii.- that ��tn* win acoapt s few pupilsIannum (present rate).
in  HlmttnK  und  voles  production,     K\
tensive  repertoire of  nigh class songs !
Por ternw, call or write to llun Hamilton street
Total Assets over f 186,000,000.00.
U. D.  IUtYMNF.lt.  Manager.
uiitinii. T.I.   H.   |tl    Room  ^
proves  himself  indispensable.    Ideals ! dav :������ ! Bhe had cot appeared affidav-   but  the larce catch  made the season1	
that are strong and big enough to lift T'9 w"'" fi'"'! certifying to her disap- through a financial success.    Th- Kit [p H HmUh w  , 0r0__
men where they can see eternal things! eearai nid SDectal   u-fnt Byron at  still lies  at   Yokohama and  probably       AUDITORS and accountants.
are needed  todav.    In order to exalt  ">e same time declared that police In   will never again come to Puget Sound   Work  muuctaksn   In   city   and   outsldt
one's   life   ideals   must   be   cherished | 'H  the  Important  clt I'8 or the  coast   unless brought here by  Itussian  c��wn- Kjgjj tu**p   c_-Bm*��IW Trurt   B,U'*   P'��tCe  J'Olir Order  tlOVV.
- pur I  " ;	
Call and inspect our fall
ine.s and new fall styles and
and though the way may be stormy
the harbor will probably be gained if
the compass is kept safe.
Secondly, "ideals lift a community."
Ideals are usualy found in groups; the
lawyers have theirs, the preachers
have theirs, and it is even said that
politicians have theirs also.
had be..-, ��� i-k. |to search tor her.
Under similar Instructions morgues'chase.
will '. searched :t- Spei lal Agenl By
ron believes that Mr.- \;*;-;.. has met
with foul play she is described as
beim: of attractive and striking appearance, and formerly made her home
I In Vancouver. II   r     I Lt former bus-
ers, who are negotiating for In
The ideals of many
often   too
According to advices from across the border, the po
tato crop of the western American states will be one mil-*
low, and such degrade the community,
it is not "law" that makes a community good, or Westminster would be Efforts to reach him w     be made in
highly  favored, but  the greatest   con-!"1" '
band. D. Richard Alnslee, [rom whom
slv- was divorce,| ;^ q traveling sales-
man with headquarters in Vancouver
*,��� ,- 11 j.1   ��� ii .     I "���*������������������     ""wiWi    nin    ine   meni.L'M    oou-j ........ ^
lion sacks smaller this vear than last, in which case spuds trlm,tlon ",1P '"���"��� &,vais ;i llfe wi,il aa:   '"' r ' "��� ''"'''"'     'u n" f!aso  1n
are likelv to hp snndq anr) thru, mimi* ldeal'    Th" 8|,i<l"r vibrates  its  web which she had I     ��� railed as a wit-
die ui-u.y to ue spuas ana men some. w.)ien at ,hf, eeatl.e and Uje |jfe of ev.Less, was .--..-���*    ��� .;ust 22 and lat
in Montanta state they're looking for a woman who is
heiress to a fortune of half a million. How long would
they have to hunt for the average individual if there was
that much coin waiting him?
Huerta seems to be in the position of the bov who
������rynne  is a web of influence,  every er Indicted
sees how close he can skate to the hole in the ice without\tuLt, . ' *' * * ' ZZ*
but he end <������*,.       ������������*,��� facl
thnl     ��� (id he the loriestar 0f
all actb * ��� ��� *. rrli ��� I the *. tried
Pn '��� ns to which tbe tu li nl i were
Pn|ne f' iralng thai  the idea!
thread   vihratl.iir  either  for  good   or|on Beven ci ml     * irglng violation of
evil.    Tin-    man    thut    stands    four-;;>" Mann act     i:    Is .-onfined in the
sauar   to every wind and lives up to | King count} lall,    eking |6,000 bonds.
bis Idi 1! does more for a community
than I*.  accumulating wealth or s*ck
i"1-'  * ;  'Sltion.    Such  a   man   waa
August; - Mare, the university stu-
deiii of England, who lived for twenty
years In a i immunity thai was al [ rst
di gn , 1 ! nt which whi n he lefl had
been tra rn * *l hy his noble life
Tim,, di     . ��� ���   1 *���,.������   Mr   ��� ....      .     .,
Montreal. Oct. 16 Arthur Beechy,
IT years old. and James Moray, 17
yenrs old. who were arrested last night
while resting peacefully in a camp in
the brush in the rear of the town of
Verdun, pleaded guilty before Judge
Lsrfontaine this morning to a charge
of stealing fare boxes belonging to
tho Montreal Tramways company,
���ral grand Jury   "Thev were remanded at the request of
jfoing through.   In cases of this kind a fatality generally
is recorded.
Some people are worrying because Prince Arthur of ;'r ''" l!' '" n<"   * be min
inaught wasn't created' a duke on the occasion of his the w ',' ��� ' Ich^nd'aii %l*i'n
marriage.  He's got a wife now, surely a paltry dukedom ;'"',   '' *; W0T*-'  "N'"' '��"����
wouldn't make him feci any better.    '             '                  ,;* *,   * ,.;���'*   ;;:;!,,;"
"An actress was jugged in Spokane the other evening
for smoking in her dressing room at the theatre She
forfeited six dollars bail, but figures she will get mure
than that out of the incident when her press agent, starts
putting it to work.
' ���   '���' ' ' rte si lection by Miss Shaw
';;. ��� ' ' tied "My Task" by Miss
v* ' I elm -i to make the evening
bright and Inspiring.
Man Who Saw Exploring Ship Taimyr
Says  He   Has  Every   Faith
in   Commander.
Captain O. A. Aannevik, master of
the Norwegian whaler Kit, who has
just arrived on Puget Sound from a
walrus hunl in the Arctic, was probably the last white man seen by Commander Wilkitzky before the Itussian
Relative to the city tug Hero, Tbe
News has received the following com-
munlcatlon, for   tbe   sentiments   iii  publicly
lake out the boiler (which, mind you.
was the newest part ol the tug) and to
allow the owners to keep the same.
And waa ;t also the "mosl good to
thi* greatest number" to allovi the In
Btaiiaiion of iin* machinery   of   the
dn dge John A. I.ee lo In* conlracii d
for   without   tenders   being called   for
he detectives, who declared they
looking fnr five others the youths had
The fare boxes, found in the camp
in the bush, were produced. They bad
been smashed with a hammer. Detective Wayland stated that be had
been Informed by the accused thai the
rest of the fare boxes were at tlie bottom of the river opposite Verdnn.
The Montreal Tramways company,
be said, had been losing live or six-
boxes a month from cars operating In
Point St Charles and  Verdun
The detective explained that some
time, ago an attempt was made to
wreck a street car In Verdun by placing planks across the tracks at a
"erve. The mntorrnan was able to s'op
his car In time.
atlng   KuKitiei rii.   Jrfx-iil   tii.i,   insets   in |
l_iliur   Temple   every   Urn!     mni     thlnl
Thursday of n." month. II   UcUuiahlln, ,
prt.-Hliletil *   \V.   (.'.   SuuiiiJith,     nn:iel__ry, '
P. O  Hm r.;s.
B. A P O of B1K�� of the D. of 0.. mi-el
tho firm and thlnl Thurnday lit 8 p. m.
K. of P. Hall, EI��hOl ��lr.M.t. A Willi!
Oray. Exalted Ruler; P. H Hmlth. Ueo
U O. O. M., NO. 1(4.���MEETS ON
first. ��. ennrl, third end fourth WadnsS-
tt.iy In ��� ach month at tl p. m.
In the Mouse Home H. J. t/'iimy
dictator; r*. B. Jonea. Bi-crelary
HaadQUarterS nf Indue In See House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
I. O. O F. AMITT LODOB NO. 17���Thi
reinlar nw-etlng of Amity lodge No
17, 1. O. O. F., Is held every Honda}
night at S o'clock In Odd Pillows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and BlRhth streeti
VlnltlnK bri'thern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew. NO.. It. \v. Bangatsr,
V. 0.1 W. C. Coetlinin. P. O. reeore
inK secretary! J- vv. HaoOonald, financial secretary.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
When travelling for business or pleasure, you may as well have comfort
and travel by our line. Vou will find
It to your advantage 'o consult us for
tate*- and  reservations
B. GOUI.KT, Agent.
New Westminster
II. \V. BROD1B. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
Berkeley, Cal., Oct, 16. There is
division iu the ranks of the Berkeley
Women's Council, of which Mrs. .1   It
expedition pushed through tbe Ice to a  Hume iH president, because the gym-
new land described by the discoverer|naslurn class which tho cluh started
And Is It also, I would like to ask,
the "most good to tin- greatest number" thai we have here a harbor
engineer who Is to gei i; per cent, of
$500,000 (or is it t;>_ per cent.) in two
year.-, for being able to go through
that amount of money ?
If   Mr    While
Victoria Methodi3ts Add Ancther Structure���Army  of  Men  on
the Job.
Montreal, Oct 16 Vet another
Methodist chureh has sprung Into con
crete form in the city during the lasl
which and the inferences drawn from
tins paper'B report    of   last    Monday
evening's council  meeting, The News
does not hold Itself responsible:
To the Editor.
Sir,- After seeing your report of the ;
council meeting of Monday night and I
Mr. White's answer to the tug owners'
protest Of the    tug    Hero   competing
with local tugs I would like, to ask   a
lew pertinent questions:
In his report Mr. White says, as the '
tug owners are a very small minority
of  the  ratepayers,  that  the   Hero  be
allowed  to  do  all  the outside  work if it was a humorous question he waalordering  the  building  materia
nhe can get, using the old rule, "The putting lo Mr. I_ogan when he af.tad superintending   the     work     on
as lying to the north of Siberia In lat
itude Sd degrees north and longitude
104  degrees east.
As a souvenir of that, meeting far
nflf the northern coast of Siberia, Captain Aannevik has the picture of tbe
steamship Taimyr, presented  with the
compliments and signature of the Ftus
slon commander and bis fellow officer
on the steamship Waygatcb, con ort
to the Taimyr. More precious to the
master of the Kit, he has a map of the
Siberian  coam   sketched   t y   I.e uten
int Colonel Wilkitzky, said to le* he
inly true map of Siberia and which
iter led Captain Aannevik to a hunting ground which reaped him more
than 900 walrus worth approximately
where, with the assistance of
ment of voluntary workers,
building   was   erected   In   two
?uesUo     logically, so tba, 1, wl.lX ! *��^ZiZ" .M'lS'.n**""
limited intelligence,   can   understand age
them, 1 will say that perhaps we lug
most good to the greatest number,
liis excuse for doing BO.
Now, I would like to ask Mr. White,
hh chairman of the harbor committee,
:es to
in aver-
of  aboul   thirty  working   on   the
construction throughout tbe whole of
owners and masters were asking  hist Tuesday and    Wednesday    The
something unreasonable when we ask- . work was done lmder the auspices of
ed that the Hero should not be allow- the  Methodist   Church   Bxtenslon  so
id to compete with us. clety, of Victoria, W. C, Holt, the con-
And I would also ask .Mayor Cray |tractor, taking the responsibility   for
The Kit. wltll perhaps the most elab-
rate outfit  lhal  ever  ventured  into
'���������������   ���������������     '*       being at  Oaklands,|the north on an Arctic hunt, left the
sound   May  28  and   according  to  the
careful ioK kept of the expedition by
plans to give an exhibition Friday
night and wear bloomers of knee
ll ngth and to admit the men.
"It looks too much as if the women
were displaying their physical
charms,"    declares     Miss     Blanche
Morse, a leader  in  the council.
"It's all silly prudery," retorts Miss
Violet ltichardson. Instructor of the
The   class   announced   it   will   gn
ahead wllh the show  as planned
W. E. FAI.ES��� Pioneer Funeral Dlrecto
anil E ���"-> hft I mer, *12-SI��� Amies sire*'
oppnsl.., Carnegie Library.
8.    nilWEI.l,    I SUCCESSOR    TO    CEN
ter * Hanna, Ltd.)���ITunsral director
snd emtMUmera. Parlors 40F. Columbii
street.    Niw   Wentmlnster.    Plion��  SSI
COAL MININO righta of the Homlnlw-
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,.
BOARD OF TRADB���NEW WESTMIN Hie Yukon Territory, the Northwest Twitter tioanl of Trade meets In the imnrt t rltotias and In ft portion of the Provlnce-*-
rnom, city Hull, aa follows: Thlnl Frl of British Columbia, "nay lie leaned tor ���-
day of each month; iiiwiriifly ineiKini .term uf twenty-one years ut an annual
on the third Friday of February. May rental of tl ao son. Not mors Ihan IttS'
Auguat and November et i p tn An , acres will tw leufted to one applloant.
nual meetings on the third Frltlav o* , Application for ft leaae must be made*
February, li. H. Stuart Wade, Sucre ' by the applicant In person to the Agenl
tatv (or Hub Auen! of the district In which the
, ' '(KM" applied (or tire situated.
1     Iu survuydd territory the land must *���<
PUBLIC    STENOGRAPHER. .l-icni-d   by  mollvna.  or  legal  mib-dM-
; slons of sections, and In unsurveyed ��sr-
iii.iry   the   tract   applied    for    shall
that gentleman If the Hero was nol
as good as any two tugs ? As on
September 1(1 I stood on the markel
wharf and timed the Hero towing tl
if In* doee not consider tin* tug trade dredge .lohn A. I.ee from the C, P. N
one of the Industries of New Wesl
minster ? and. If so, does he, and the
harbor committee, Intend by unjust
enn,; ��� tltlon to drive out this industry?
And wus il the "most good to the
greatest number" that induced these
-name gentlemen to pay ^000 for the
lug Hero without B boiler, when thai
tug was off end here Iin N'ew Wesiminster) a year before
oomplete, by the then owners, for
And was it the "most good to   the
������greatest  number"  that  induced  thl
'I'he new church has a sealing an-
commodatlon for about lfid, and ar
rangements will be made for Its forma! dedication at the next meeting of
the Church Extension socio y The
lirst services to be held in the new
building look place last Sunday aft
ernoon at 3:30, when Rev. Mr, Hiker,
of tho Hampshire road Methodist
church, pnached; tbe first sesskm-of
wharf to the Westminster bridge. Hie
was Jusl three-quarters of an hour,
the tide being comparatively slack
.Some tug. Eh ?
1   woi;id  also like -ti.  ask  Mr.  Dodd,
us a labor man. if in. really thinks this ,1110  Sunday   school  took   place    .,   ,.,,.
competition Is fair? |new building at 2:30, quite a large at-
Aud  again,  when   Mr.   White  savs  tendance of pupils being present. Con-
*.,,,,*,,.,  ;,,,,,    ii  that   no  trade   lias  been   solicited   in-  siderlng thai  the site was only seeur-
bas been misinformed,    As we have '*'' ;i *ew w<,,'ks ago. the need ,,r the
tin   word of a business gentleman that   w"rl<  '"  the district has been  amply
HIS irade  WAS solicited dmeonstrated, and the services which
have heen held meantime In the tent
which was erected, have been well at-
I   would also like  to ask Mr. White
to _>ay  $1000 extra to the owners  to  Why   iif  he  docs  not   want  tbe  Hero Mended.
Captain Aannevik, about a week later
arrived off the northern Siberian coaBt
A fortnight later, after taking a crew
if Fskimo hunters, the Kit pierced
the fine Ice to the solid pack in latitude
71 degrees north.
Polar Bears Chief Meat.
In search of the walrus the sturdy
little whaler followed the edge of the
ice. which became very heavy, und ran
aboul four knots an hour, according to
observations entered in the log.
with the run of the tide. Polar hears
were seen on all sides. The unusual
slt.'ht of six hears In a single group
was noted. During these days, those
aboard tho Kit lived on polar bear
steak witli onions for breakfast; stew
made from the meat of the polar le ar
al noon and slill another polar hear
dish for the evening mi al, bul Captain
Aannevik declares these made a more
delh ious repast ihan any diimi sticated
hei '.,
Hardly a nlpm of walrus was seen all
this time What few had been caught
were being skinned oil the lee lu longitude ITS degrees 'ill seconds east and
latitude 68 degrees 3d seconds north.
when the Taimyr arrived July 'in.
Commander Wilkitzky eame aboard
the Kit to Inoiilre about, the conditions
of the Ice
Governrrent Helps.
Ottawa. Oct 16 In the proposed
eight million do'lar scheme for provld.
ing Ottawa with a permanent and
ample supply of water, one quarter
if the financial burden will be borne
by the government. It now contributes Jlfi.OCO a year for flre protection
and bus agreed to Increase this to
llun.(Kill a year for fid years for fire
protection and water supply If the
proposed plan goes through. The water
would be brought, some 40 miles from
Qatlneau lakes.
Bale, Deeds. Himlness Letters, sto,; clr
eular work bpeebillnt. All work Mtrletl>
confldentlal It Hurrv. room 4 IH West
minster Trust 111k.    I'hone 71)2.
staked oul by the appUcant himself.
jt.oh application
hy a fee of ti which wlll be refund!*! IT'
must Ite acoompanlstft
rlsters. Solicitors, etc. 40 Ixirnn Slreet
New WestmlAstST, O, K. Corbould, K
C.    J.  ft. (Intnl.    A.  F.   MeColl.
tr ���it law. Hollcltor, eto. T'dephiin.
11,^1. Cable address "Johnston.'
Code. "Western Union."    offices. Kin,
minster. B. C.
ihe r Ub is  upplled for are  not ftVfttUMSk
but   not  otherwise.     A   royally  ahall   1*'
, eald on  the  merchantable output of the'
I mine at tbs mte of five cents per toa.
The   [lerson   oprratlnc   lhe   mln*   shall
furnish   thn   Agent   wltb   swern   return*!
! sooouhtlni for the (ull -quantity of merchantable ooal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If tho conl nilnhuc rlsits
are net being operatnd such return* shoulf
i be finiiishmt at least once a  year.
The lenm. wlll Include the c��al mlnlnw
right* only,  but  the  leasee  wlll  tie permitted   to   purchase   whatever   nvallabla-
surface  rights  may be considered  necessary fnr lhe worklnc of the mine at th*
I rate of 111) an ftcre.
For full Information application ���houl-tt
B.C.tei Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m., 2 p. m, and
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. in. and 11 p. m.
I,caves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10 a, m. and (5:30 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for
Prince Rupert and Northern
Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays
and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
BD.  QOULBT,  Agent.  New  Weatmlnater
From Captain Aannevtk's I & w. lutouim. o. p. a., vanoouver.
Block. f>fi2 Cnlurfibla ��treet, New Wost   I he made to the Secretary of tho Diipart-
tnent of lho Interior, Ottawa, or to anF'
Agent or Hub Agent of Dominion  Und*.
..   -.   tV'Vnlf Mlnl��t��r of the Interior..
N. B���Unauthorised publication of Uil��>
advertisement will not ba paid for.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Wo*t
tnlnster Trust Blk., Columbia ntreot
NiiW WeHtinlnstor, B. O. Catde aildreai
������"Whltosld-e," Western Union, p. o
Drawer 2<><>. Telephone (10 W, .
Whltoslde. K C.; II. l��� Edmund*, L
.1. BTTLWBLL CLtTTB. Barrlsler-at-law
aollc.ltor, etc.; corner Columbia an.
MoKenab- street*. New Westminster
B. C.   P. O   Box  US.    Telephone   711
Solicitor iiiiil Notary Offlcee Har
block, 2�� Uirne street, New Woatmln
Hter, B. C.
BurrlelerH nnd Nollcflnr*. SUS lo (11
Westminster Trust Block. Q, B. Mar
tin, V.'. O. McQuarrie and (Ieorge I
Transfer Co..
Office Phone 118.     Barn Phsng lir
B*gbl* Strast.
Baggage Dallvmt Promptly to
any part of th* elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling:
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Blda.
of all kinds.
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rtn*        t**     ss       -x-i ��' *" Un(M*
The Daily News r,CM ri,hJi S*.K��,e.tionit,u,r"tee^ ...
-   ���
Tidal Wave Leaves Behu *��� D'P"** of
Sand Laden With
to Snake river, a dlBlauce of about
three miles, has been swept away.
This uround has never been worked,
and ut a depth of about three feet
from the surface will be found a
stratum of ruby sand which will he
worked, out beforo Ihu buildings are
"In addition to this, there wlll be
a line Btreak of Baud on the Hurface,
which will yield from 14 to $10 per day
to the man with a rocker If eoal Ib
cheap at Nome this winter- thai is, If
" Ib told at $17 to $1K the ton -much
of tills ground wlll lie worked.
Ki attle, Oct. 16.���UiBBes tit Nome
following ihe great tidal storm of last
week are as extensive as originally reported, and while thu rund of (10,000
rained In Meattlu for the Btrleken city
will serve to relieve the Bituation, the
need of more money Is Imperative.
The money sent north from Soattle
1b being used, to a greal extent, In paying the needy who are laboring to repair damage In ;hls manner, tin- people who lust everything. Including sup
piles, an- earning funds with which to
purchase  what  they  require.    At the
same time tliey are working for thc rehabilitation of the cily.
Cantaln .1 <;. Balllnger, of the United   Statea   revenue   cutter   Hear,   lias
advised Washington that the Tahoma
also Is needed to transport the del-
tllute who desire It from Noire lo .In
nest] or Seattle.
These facta were cabled to Seattle
todav by r il Thatcher, of the Nome
Banking �������� Safe Deposit oompany, one
of   llle  most   substantial  and   best   in
formed business men in the north:
Sea  May  Repay.
That the element which devastated
Nome will enable the residents of the
Behrlng Sea metropolis to recoup their
lotses next summer, is the opinion of
Cupi B, W, lohnson, and other former
Nomeltes now In Seattle They believe
tin- terrific waves which swept the
shore, and wrecked the waterfront
bulldliiKS. have deposited a stratum of
tin- ruby sand for which the Bering
Sea li noted, and which Is impregnated wiih fine particles of gold. Unfortunately, the storm was followed by a
spell ef cold weather and a fall of
snow Otherwise, many of the miners would have been able to retrieve
tlieir losses before the close of the
yen ���
It was these ruby sands whirh first
lured thousands of fortune hunters to
tin- Ooasl of Bering Sea, and In the
summer of lnon, the whole shore line
from Nome river to Blnrock, a distance of aboul thirty miles, was worked  over.  In  September,  190U, another
j Bights   and   Duties   Concerning
Canada   and   Australia   In   Race
Fresh Blood From United
lost Prehistoric    People    Had    Devsloped
Property. Wonderful Skill.
Considering the esormous number of ��'"��fessor   Marshall   Howard   Saville,
'articles that are lost and found every who has been making extensive eicava-
i year-indeed, every day of the year��� ���**-*�� m the State of Esmeralda, fccua*
! it ia strange to discover, when attention d",r-   "''!��  of   dwovenes  that,   amend
nthar thine-,   m-cm to Drove that dentis
it particularly called to a ease, how
vague is the ordinary person '��� idea uf
what is the true position of the loser
and the finder, and what erroneous notions are held aB to their respective
rights in the lost article, says London
Tit Bits.
The popular expression, "Finding is
...   keeping," is probably responsible for a
u   great deal of the error, for it is only
... , ... ,, i true to a limited extent.     The lost of
dur.ri? he past few years that an all ���_ ^.^ ,,��������� n,)t d(.pr,v��� the ,,������_ of
round "speeding up" proceBB Ib to be i,j, rights in it, and he is entitled to re
looked for In the near future.   Canada' cover   possesion    when   he   ean.   Tho
London,   Oct.   10���Signs  aro
wanting to those who havn kept Hi.
selves   Informed   of   empire   pmgr
not j
Problems  Conneeted   With   Preaerva-
tion of Public Health There Are
Very Complex.
big storm swept the coapt and the following year hundreds of men again
worked over the ruby sands which
had been deposited above tin- average
high Water wnrk. A Blmilar condition
prevailed  in  190-4,
In 1908 It wuh discovered that many
of Ihe buildings along the south Side
of the street had been erected on top
of rich deposits of ruby sand. Tom
Nestor was among the first to realize
this and, In cutting a subway across
the main street of the town, under the
plank road, for the purposes of storage, he sluiced out several thousand
dollars Sine" that time many small
buildings have been removed and the
ground beneath them was run through
ths Sluice boxes.
"If the reports received from  Nome
:ir.- Irue," Haid a form* r Notnoita this
morning,   "every   building     from     the; Mm   a
Standard   till   company's   warehouses   league
London, Oct. 10. At tlie London
School for Women, Hunter Btreet,
Brunswick square, sir Charles Lukis,
director general of the Indian medical service, spoke on "Tho Medical
Nei d�� of India." In his opinion one of
i!n- most urgent needs of India at the
present time was an adequate supply
of suitable and fully trained medical
women   The problems connected with
ihe preservation of the public health
. In India were extremely complex, especially as regarded the remedying of
sanitary defects, the education of the
people  Iti  personal  and  domestic hy-)
giene,  the  saving  of  Infant  life,  and
Uu- protection of women from the dan-
gere Incidental to childbirth.    Women
who had  spent  all  their life  In  Kngland  were apt  to regard  tlieir Indian
.Bisters   as   being   very    downtrodden
j and  oppressed,  but this  was a grave
mistake.    Out of doora the man  was
lord   of   creation,   but  in   no   country
more  than   In   India  was  the  woman
more  miptress  of  the  home,  and  tie
was convinced that they would never
make any rial headway iu promoting
the knowledge of domestic  and  personal   hygiene   until   they   had    convinced the women of India as to Ub
necessity,    Here    the   medical    man
was powerless--the    pundah    barred
the way -and  it  was  to  tlie  medical
woman that lhey must look for educa
tlonal   propaganda  Inside  the  zenana
was (Ik- first of the Dominions to realize the necessity for peopling her lands
In order to Increase her wealth and
Importance, and so she spared no pains
or outlay  to bring  before  the  people
of Ihe mother country, whether of the
investing   or   emigrating   claBS,     the
splendid  opportunities  which  BhaB to
offer to both.    I'or aome time she had
the  field  to herself, and  Bhe profited
accordingly.    Then   Australia  entered
Ithe Ha'B. and the n-Bult of the friendly
rivalry  of the two great  BrltlBh  con-
federations oversea  has  been  largely
to check the flow of emigration to the
Culled States and other foreign coun-
tr|( s   and   keep   it   under   tti*.   Union :
.lack.   Canada and Australia both want
the same thing, and the conteBt cannot
be to the  disadvantage of either, for i
any  cause   which   tendB  to  the  more
rapid   development  along  sound   lines
Of the younger nations of the 'empire
must be to their profit and to that of,
the  empire as a whole.    Canada has
secured a lead as a result of her longer !
establishment In the art of attracting
the   attention   of   the   people   of   the
mother  land,  hut  Australia  is  by  no
means disposed to stand aside and allow her sister dominion to secure the
much needed  prizes unBhared.
In the paBt couple of years the commonwealth and the Btate agencies in
London have done a great deal to bring
before  the  public  the attractions    of
Australia.    According to a Btatement
by the new  minister of external  af-
j fairs,  the  disparity  in  the figures of
j Immigration   and   capital   investment
between Canada and Australia Is such
las to cause the public men of the latter country seriously to consider rea-
jsons  and  remedies     The distance of
; Australia from Croat  Britain, as compared   with  that of    Canada,    hardly
counts nowadays,   ''heap, government
other things, seem to prove that dentistry of a high order was practiced in the
ini-a country moro than 1,000 years ago,
"This is the end of my twenty-second trip of exploration in the tropics,"
said Professor Haville, "and thin timo!
I did  all of the  work.    I am glad  to j
say the trip  has been  a most Buccess-,
ful  one  in  every  respect.    I managed,
to get  ulong  very well  in  places that
are  seldom   visited  by  man.     I  found
a number of human skulls in a splen-
did   state   of   preservation.    Tbe   teeth
WOTS in perfectly even rows.
"The scene of my work this time was'
the State of Komeralds, in Kcuador, J
and I was able to gather much new |
data bearing on the ancient eivilixe-j
tions of this hemisphere. The skulls,
I bave referred to had their teeth decorated with gold, being filled with gold
on the inside, but showing only slight-1
ly without. Tbe teeth seemed to have
a gold band stretched across their
edges either for deroration of the
mouth or to Btrengthen the incisors.
Home of the skulls had the incisors
neatly chiseled nnd in others with s
material that seemed to be a kind of
dental cement.
"In another type the gold band was
cemented to the teeth, but most remarkable were the chiseled holes, most
     _ p  the   of them little ones, all filled with gold.
enti'tled   ti   keep   the   article : T**�� t'fr<,'-t is striking and the work may
real owner turns up to claim   �������� *,m! v<'a��� "ld-as a matter of facti
^^^���       -      it msy have been done before the Iucas.!
these people
ntllll   |.:. IM.Mi. l.i   inn,���,-   ....    ..... .       .  	
The government of India bas decided j aided passages in large modern liners
definitely against the creation of a
Mate service of medical women, but
had aproved of a urant of 610,000 per
annum fur a service of medical women
under the central Committee of the
Dufferin association. This service
would be called "The Woman's Medical Service for India." and In the first
Instance wou'il not exceed _Fi first-
class medical women, one-fifth of
whom would constitute n leave re-
.serve    India afforded ample scope for
make the voyage of ihe immigrant an
enjoyable, health-giving holiday bb a ;.
prelude to taking up life in the new-
land of hope. As Mr. Glynn points
ont, only i\ per cent, of Australia's
va?' territory is alienated. This fact
-tlone shows that for national preservation i* Is necessary -that Australia
I Should put forward all her efforts to
[attract Hritish man power and en-
'courage the Investment of British
money.    |i is an assured fact that the
.....v.    r***.���-----
finder has no right to retain the articl-.
as against tho true owner; nor, exeept
in Home special canes, to demand a reward as a condition of returning it.
If Smith Uses his umbrella und Jones
finds it, Smith can compel .lines to give
it back; and if Jones has given or sold
it to Brown, Smith can oblige Brown
to make restitution, and need not, as a
general rule, refund him the amount
he paid for it. The duty of the finder
of an article is quite plain; it ia to discover if he can the person who has lost
it, and if ho keeps it knowing who that
person is, he runs the risk of being pro
flecuted for theft.
But   where  an   article  ia  found  in   a
public, j,lace to which  there is free ac-
' cess, such us the Btreet, a public park,
and even the public parts of a shop, the
! finder   is
until the .-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
it, and no ono else has any right to take
it away from him. This w-as well ahown
in a very old eaae on the subject of lost
property. A chimney-sweep's boy found
u valuable jewel.   He took il to a jeweller  to  ask   what    it   was   worth.    The
jeweller,   wishing   to   swindle   the  boy,
told him  it was worthless, and offered
1%&. for it, and, on  tbo boy declining
. thia  sum,  refused   to   return  the  jewel
to  him.     It   was  held   that  ho  had  no .
* right  to deprive the boy of tho jewel,
and   thnt   in   the   absence  of  the  true
owner  the boy, as  the  finder, was en-
titled to keep possession of the article.
Tbis  statement  of  tho  law   must  be
taken   with   some  limitation.    Thua,  if
property   is  found   in  an   inn,  the  inn- ;
keeper enn   demand   it;   and property
found by railway porters and other cm-
<*Hr*f*t  in    railway    stations    or trains
must  bo delivered  up to tho company.
In   London  (ab  drivers  and   ;rain   and
. omnibus conductors are entitled to claim
possession    of    nrticlea    left    in    their
, vehicles,   ond   muat   lake   thom   to   the
: Lost  Property Otlice at Scotland Yard.
. It an article is claimed thc owner must
' pay   a   reward   of   15  per  cent,  of  the
lvalue: any article not claimed within a
; certain time is returned to the finder.
whether   ,i,.-j    -.,-.- ���   .
nendent practitioners, and he trusted
that In the future the medical woman,
now that all Irksome restrictions were
nboe' to be removed, would cease to
refurd the civil rnrseon as her natrusl
enemy, and would learn to look upon
an  esteemed   friend  and   col-
serve    India nvoroeu ampin asatya >���.>. , nu,,,. ,      ,,  ... ....	
physicians and surgeons of both sexesICanadian government  is not  likely to
they   were   olHcliils   or   lnde-1 *i*nx-nn  ,._ efforts ln theBe directions.
CM SDmjNO ��� OS-Ill. M R . mil IIO-TNT. W. O MATTHtW*. VMS-PMBIOS j*
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital Paid up
Reserve Fund and Undivided Profits
A Savings Department
li conducted at every Branch of the Bank where deposits Oi $1 .oo
and upwards are  received and interest al current rales adt-*ed.
It is a sale and convenient depository lor your money.
slacken Its efforts In theBe directions
nor are the multifarious commercial
and Industrial enterprise-* requiring
capital for their development likely to
diminish bb time goes on. Dr Koche.
the Canadian minister of the interior,
is very keenly alive to the need for
keeping the Dominion ever more prominently before the home public, and
Ihia. we msy he sure, will be attended
to by the department under his charge
So the two Dominions, seeking salvation in the snme directions, will bene-
-1 iiniila'ing   presence   and
Fun at tba Stock Exchange.
There were high jinks in the London
Stock    Kxchange    recently.    A    jobber
who enjoys tho nickname of the "Burglar''  was suddenly  handcuffed and ac
cused   of  being   &  party  to  tho  aonsa
; tional jewel robViery now exciting gen- .
1 ernl   interest.     Circumstantial  ov;donce :
1 of  his  guilt   was  duly  forthcoming  by :
the  extraction  of  strings  of  imitation'
pearls  from  his  pockets, and then  the
cry  went up for the police.    This was
promptly    responded    to    by    another
doaler, who had gone to the trouble of
hiring   :i  con.ta'ole's  uniform,  and  the
delinquent was hustled out of tho House
by thi- scruff of the neck, followed by   	
an  excited mob,  a  large percentage of j from
which  was gulled  into the idea that *'������ ���
genuine arrest had been mide.   Kventu-
ally the joke recoiled on the owner of
the   handcuffs,   who,   when   demonstrating how they worked, had to Buffer the
Thc skill with which tbose p
worked speaks volumes for tho civilization that centuries ago preceded us/
I myself expect to get ono full volume'
out of it.
"I have brought back with me articles which Bhow how wonderfully skillful those people were in pottery work.
I have oxamploB of tho most distinctive kind of pottery making."
Among other things the professor
brought back with him were a miniature face und bust and a perfectly
formed clay head about the size of an
One of tho beads wss bo finely finish-.
ed that  it  seemed to bo of marble in-'
stead of clay.   Tho nose was delicately
Chiseled  and  the  lipa  were  gracefully!
' arched.
"These aro among the most perfect
specimens   of   pottery   figures   I   have
, ever   soon."     Professor   Saville   said,
! "and show- that these early inhabitants
of  South  America were the only  people on that  continent to bring pottery
making to   such   a   high state of  perfection.    They  arc, so far'as I know,
the only peoplo of   thnt time and re
gion who worked with jewels and plat
inum.      It    proves   that   these   people
were highly cultured.   They were pure
ly South American, and must have had
highly skilled dentists among thom."
(     Professor  Saville   Baid   he   was con
fident  that  many  moro  wonderful dis
covoriea   awaited   the   archaeologist   in
1 Ecuador and tho adjoining countries
fit   bv   Ihe   stimuia-ni-iK   ���/eamaum*   ���-line now mer ***mmm, ��� .- ���
activity of each ether. There Is no ! ���,��,ideation of having the koy stolen
question of the superiority of the ad-1 {or ttt,uu. an houi.   -Iinan-ier.
vantages   which   one   country     offers | ���_	
over another.   It is -. n-ntt?r of taste I B,>onrcsfuHdvlngstons.
^r^Ai^^VCn^ .David L^iO��, ^."^
���Sh ind industry, nnd In neither are i sionary, was �� ��" ,f ",��" hiro,.lf
thf openings likely to be "enhau.Ud" , {Jishments BesWeS ����"������� b sj.
for many generations or centuries tO | HjJjM^'��P. ���*�� "ft  ��roat
accural astronomical observations for
h.in- latitude and longitude, besides
���* min ina Mmse-tf with botr.nv and
IC, ��*�� rstnctls literature snu
r-gvlvToloi-y, l.t*H*-.tose vrtS s. e,ccl
lon.' mechanic, �� steersman and a
His resoWc^alBCsa was at all
Jealous, He Suicides.
Saskatoon. Oct. In.���James Gordon
who resided ten miles out cf Ruddell.
Sank., committed suicide yesterday by
taking Strychnine, After saying goodbye lo his Bweetheart, Gordon went
up stairs with a tea cup when he came
down agaiu he tried to talk but all the
girl could understand was that he had
taken poison. Immediately after he
fell dead. The reason for his action
Ib said to be Jealousy,
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
Pastims For Children.
A send pile In tbe back yard Is s
source of never ending pleasure. It
will bold a child's Interest longer If
some colored marbles, shells, pebbles,
etc.. are mixed through It Children
should bsve play clothes. Tbese little
garments msy consist of rompers or
big aprons wltb abort sleeves. There
sre msny patterns for play clothes,
nud uune of tbem ars -difficult to muke.
II. 0. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Btreet. Vancouver.
W.  B.  THTPEKOW. 0.  A.  P. D.
Vtaone Private Kxchange 1134
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block
Maa. Bac.
Singing, Piano, Theory.
Por Terms and Hours Apply st
-Studio, 1011 Hamilton Street.   Phone
1311 R. (1977)
' Residence T. W. O. A.      Phone 1334.
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
her own.
Taller to Ladles and Oentlemen.
Weetmlneter Truat Block.
An Easy Egg Dish.
Mix equal quantities of water snd
good real gravy, two tablesimoufulB of
each, with e teaspoonful of vinegar
snd a seasoning of pepper and salt
Put the whole In a stewpan. and stir
In gradually the yolks of two well-
beaten eggs. Wheu It thickens, and
hefore It bolls, have ready hslf a doxen
nleely poached eggs. Pour the sauce
over them, garnlab with parsley and
serve promptly. This Is an excellent
emergency dish, snd only takes about
ten minutes to prepare.
A Girl's ���sdroem.
French gray wall paper In soft satin
Onlsb Is exquisitely charming for a
young girl's bedroom. The background
nf gray Is lovely for pink and blue
flowered hangings and furnishings.
I mariner,   liis reaoc-rcv-'-u"'*."-	
times remarkable. **��*�� be was hard
I up for fuel on his firs* rtesme. journey
| up the Kiver Shire, he' Itisded in the
elephant ranrsh. Here air frres cxtB."d
and no fuel was obtainable, !*Wt hit men
found many bones of 8lau,'b?'vwl ele-
phanta. Livingstone at once tx^tit the
bones on board, burned them irf Jbf
furnaces of the Marobert and tn i***t.
ttnued liis journey.
The Qneen Parson Bird.
A queer bird is thc poe honey eater
of Mew Zealand.    Its throat is adorned
with small white fiathers, which, from
the f   resemblanoe   to   clerics)   bands,
[hit-.-  | iin. il   for  it  the name "parson
lb'.J."    l'��   metallic   green    plumage,
|-a ith broil.-*,  and purplish reflections, is
ry beautiful.     Its   long   and   rather
large feet, and the length of its tail is
mil.-, thinking they were dogs that be
longed to his team.
ries. insects and honey. It has sn extensile tongue, th- tip of which is
forked and, being covered with libers,
forms a kind of brush, most useful to
thc parson bird in gathering its food.
It iB s good songster and mimic.
Balxac a Hypnotist.
That  the great French novelist Ball
zac was not only a believer in pergonal ���
'���magnetism,'' but himself   an   expert'
hypue'.ist. is affirmed by Count App-on
yi in his ' "Journal."
Count Apponyi Bays that Balzac once
related an instance of event reading at
a   distance  which   came  under   his   no
tice.     "I  have believed  in  magnetism
that    day,"    Balzac    continued,
and have myself become a powerful
magnetirer. Such is my force that few
peopie can reBist me. Almost every one
who enters my houae becomes hy-pno*
tizer, and I can mak. them reveal tueir
most secret thoughts." Balzac boasted
that he could eve ahypnotizc at a distance.
Tattooing as a Trademark.
Seafaring is perhaps the only profession in which tattooing still is a " trademark;" the present sailor British
prince has been tattooed as was his
father beforo him, now Oeorge V. Another sign of "profession" was recently placed on her cheek by a fumous
English beauty who now ls tattooed
"Votes for Women;" fortunately
methods hsve Jatclj- been discovered
which remove such marks without SCUT.
Tattooing hss been divided by one observer into hieratic or religious; totem-
istic; family; castej profession; embellishment of charms! to avert the
evil eye; to hide a bleaiish; to cure a
Deserves to Oo.
"What? Vou didn't let your ofti"*
$oy off this afternoon simply beCsuse
Me told yni. his grandmother was dead >
t>hn-'t you k��ow that the moment hc
lefV here he west straight So the bal)
"Ye"��:-tttit what ��ould I do* tt-vHt'
tie l.-iscaVtaking s' long chan��s�� -lBohe'+ I
me st.iiigl**- in the ���>����� and lAked-dle '
politely   woHId r like  to  att**a^the
funeral.    You' rtm't  call a maWs-aixe
bluff like that, ***a youf"
Watching r-tmie Sols
Teacher (instructinlf'-5'-*** 'n the'a-Mr
of   Ireland):     "Where" is   Ireland's
All in the class wi'r$* slltnt bnt
Tommy Murphy, who has heard his
father reading the newspaper?lately:
".Please, miss, it's on the Hah** oi
Commons watching Hoae Rule."
LJAVE you looked over the advertisements in today's NEWS
and noticed what the best shops
are offering you for refurnishing
your home and making it more
comfortable for winter?
If you have not done so, don't
lose any time about it.
Do you need new blankets, new
curtains, new rugs, new articles
of furniture?
Perhaps you need a number of
things, but cannot afford to buy
them all at once.
If so, make a list of whaQyou
want, and then read the advertisements in THE NEWS carefully
from day to day.
You can soon see what shops are |
keeping the things you need and I
where you can,buy most advan-1
tag^ously, quality and price] considered.
New Imported Fall Buttings now on
dlspisy. See them. Perfect flt and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
111,00 up.   701 Front Stroet.
Orange Pudding.
The secret of malting orange podding wblcb has no bitter taste la to
mnke tbe pudding without beating tb*
orange. Cook the pudding first and
then beat ln the oranges last If a meringue cooked brown Is wanted on top
of the pudding beat tbs wsltes, stiffen
them with sugar, use a teaspoonfnl
snd s half to each wblts so that tbt
meringue will be unusually stiff, and
drop It in big spoonfuls on a granite
pie plate. Itroivii It In the oven, and
when It Is cold slip tbs meringues on
the pudding.    It Is cooking wblcb
A Perilous Pet.
An English major with a penchant
for entomology asserts that ths hornet
is " a gentle, inoffensive creature, very
suitable for a pet." This reminds one
of so incident in the life of the late
Lor*1 Avebury. Traveling one day on
a railway train with a pet warn in his
pocket, he hurriedly thrust his hand
into his pocket to get his ticket, and
considerable. Its i-od consists of ber-
the wasp stung him. He did not blame
the wasp, however, as Us hurried actios
had frightened the creature. Wasps
have frequently become pets, but ths
major is said to be tke flrst to turn the
hornet into one.
^M      Oariyls's Creed.
Man Is born to expend every particle
of strength tbat fled Almlguiy b*
given hia ta doing the work he flads
lhe is flt for, to stand it out to tbe belt
breath of life aad do his best.���Thomas
V* Tests for Watsr.
Wife (severely); Is this tbe flsh yoo
caught! Husband: Y-e-s, m' dear.
Wife (shrewdly): Were you fishing ia
salt water or fresh! Husband: 1���1
doa't know, vs' dsar. Didn't taste it.
���London Tit-Bits.
Little Bov (with swollen face): Oh,
dear! I wish I waa grandpa, sr else
the baby.
Mother:   Whyf
Little Boy: Grandpa's teeth are aU
gone aad baby's hasa't erase yet.
Progressive* toercfraiits~and
manuf acturertf are telling you what
they have to offer through our
advertising columns. Youjowe it
to yourself to read what they have
to say.
psosd ts Woman.
Kansas City. Oct 16.���Jam-as Arthur
Baker, arrested bere, charged   with
theft committed at SummerAeM, Cal.,
the  puaaing.    is ��  cw��mn   """-"'in a signed oonleaslon to ths police,
makes the orange bitter, snd s pudding nM that during much of his Ills he
made In tbls way wlll bs sweet [h^ posed is h woman.
Every sew ehlld a wesson gats ia like
a ne* patent medietas; the always
thinks it will do something wonderftd
tor her aad lt aever dose.
The only tailors a asaa ought to fear
ia failure ln cleaving to ths purpoee he
sees to bs beet���Oeorge BUoi>
Ons of Hla Own*
Now Tort, Oot ll-John C. Hem.
mont, n photographer, who wns wtth
tha Paul J. Rnlnsy expedition In
Afrten. will start ngaln for the dart
continent at tho hand of nn expedition
of bin own.
1*     jm   * j��      jr i ft.*      .��������   ' iw     **>     ������
.���ta tS   PAGE FOUR
Fresh Water and Salt
Vfant to Know Reason for Her Sinking���Say She Was in Good
Steamer Merced on   Rocks South    of
Point Gorda���Passengers All
Owners of the tun Firefly are de-
termiiR'ii to learn the reason for lier
sinking suddenly at the mouth of the
river Sal urday morning last, and at
their request Captain Diek llisselt, of
the Vancouver Salvage company, went
to Steveston yesterday to make investigations.
J. H. Drnney yesterday Bald tlio.
owners of the boat were al a oomplete
loss to understand why she Bhould
Ijave foundered al her inooriiiKS as sh.
did. She was overhauled at the Star
shipyards before going to work on
the jetty and was found to be In first
class shape. .Mr. linuiey wanted to
know who was to blame for Ihe accident, and it was for this reason that
he was having the vessel raised.
According to Broley & Martin, contractors on the jetty, the Kirefly was
not under charter to them, but was
merely at work lo see what she could
do. If satisfactory she might have
been chartered.
Tbe Firefly is completely submerged. At low tide she lies in from
14 U> lii feet of water.
Eureka, Cal., Oct 16.- Scant hope is
entertained  tonight that the   steam
schooner   Merced,   ashore   five   miles
I south of Point (iorilu, can be saved.
Lodged on  Keynolds  Hock al  almost
[exactly the Bame spot where the
steamer Washtenaw and barge Simla
recently went ashore, the Merced ls
slowly being beaten to pieces by heavy
Tlle  passengers  and   crew   of    the
idoomed ship are aboard the steamer
Atlas, bound for San Krancisco, but
maj   be transferred    to the    steamer
j Vosemite, northbound.
Within   an  hour  after   the   Merced j
.went on tlie rocks last night, the pas-;
sengers and crew, with the exception
of  Captain   A.  K.  Asplund,  the  chief
I engineer  and   the  wireless  operator,,
; had been transferred to two small
boats launched from the ship.    At    5|
(o'clock  this  morning the  oil  steamer
Atlas picked up one of the boats and
a  short  time  later the other,  which;
had returned and taken off the captain
land liis two companions, was fouud.
The  oil   tankers   Konia   and   Atlas, j
besides  tlle  steamer City  of Topeka. I
stood    by    the    wreck    after   having
cfiught   her   wireless  calls,  but  could j
do nothing but pick up the passengers, i
Mart* 29, 1870, received at Joliet prison on larceny charge from Cangamon
county; Aug. 13, 1870, pardoned;
April 6, 1882, received at Joliet prison from Sycomore county; Jan. 5, 1844
discharged; March, 18S4, sentenced at
LePorte, lnd., for two year term In
Michigan City prison for jewelry store
robbery; May, 18112, received at Joliet
prison from Ottawa to serve an eight
year term after arrest at Hardin, l.a
Salle county, 111., with Waldo Brewster; May 11, 1S08, convicted at Ab-
liidon. Va., for postofflce robbery on
March it,, lsus, mi/I sentenced to five
years In North Carolina prison in Ka-
lelgh, later escaped; Jan. 14. 1904, arrested in Chicago, suspected of being a postofflce robber, later lurned
over to the federal officers and taken
to Atlanta to serve unexpired term of
previous sentence In North Carolina
prison; March, 1909 arrested at Cincinnati, charged wllh having burglar
tools In his possession. Indicted by
grand jury for burglary, bill later discharged; Keb. 18, 1910, arresied 111 St.
I.ouis on suspicion, no record of disposition of case; Kebrunry. 1911, arrested   by   postofflce authorities on
charge of having broken and entered
the postofflce at I.aSalle; Nov. 18,
1911. convicted, but discharged on a
technicality; July 9, 1913. arrested at
Korrest Park, III., while on Soo line
train coming to Chicago by postofflce
authorities and city detectives with
James O'Neill, alias "Tip" O'Neil,
William Halley. alias William Burns
and Dan McOuIre .alias Dan Moran
charged with burglary of the Kewas
kum.  Wis., postofflce.    July 30.  1913
clslon of the ratepayers as an instruction.
When the trouble llrst started the
transactions of the 11. 0. 10. ft, and
the city council were shrouded lu dark
ness, but the people said let there lie
light and there was light. Then* was
no better water on the American continent than that of Coqultlam lake and
If power were necessary it should
have been got from Stave lake and
Coiiuitlam lake preserved I'or domestic
Through     their     one     time  federal
member of parliament,  now  justice
Morrison, they got a grant of the land
round the lake for half a mile, some
18,00(1 acres, from the Dominion government on December -I. 1900.
On thc Quiet.
Shortly after that the B, C. K. H
applied for 20 acres lo build a dam.
The Dominion government told them
lhey could not grant it without the
permission of NYw  Westminster
It was, however, worked mi the
quiet and a resolution was passed In
the  New  Westminster council  giving
the    permission.    If    the    i pie had
known the resolution had been passed
they would have come tbere and protested against It and upset It.
It took the II. C. K. K. live years ti
work the people of New Westminster
into their present position and gel
this agreement ready for signing,
whether It was right or not.    (Applet!
| whether   it    was    right   or not.    (Ap-
j plans., i
On May 31, 1902 an order in council
I was passed selling to  New  Weslniln
thu government analyst aa unsurpassed. He did not think the citizens
could make any mistake In voting for
the agreement because tliey had better protection than If they owned the
As to the appeal to Victoria It was
very unlikely the minister then-
would refuse to aet As to appealing
to  Ottawa  they   knew   very   little    of
New Westminster's situation or circumstances whin lhey suggested sub
dlylstona on the mountain side.
Must Have Been Cra-y.
The man must havo been crazy If he
thought of subdivisions round the
lake protecting their water supply.
Tho dil'iklng water at Ottawa, ho
said, was not Wit to wash tlieir faces
In and when lhey got out of their
baths It was Cleaner than when they
got in. .Laughter. New Westminster's water was millions of times
better than in Ottawa.
The mavor concluded by saying
lbat if the agreement wiib voted down
he would at once Instruct their solid
tors to start right ahead with the case
and light it tooth and mill. (Applause.)
ihey would have to find the money
and muat not grumble when Iheir tux
notices cume in.
A. Maun asked if New Westminster's population leached a million
would Hie additional  1000 Inches    be
still available,
Tim mayor answered yi'B, If It reached over 2,000,000, and the ll. c. K. It.
could not get a drop of water thn.ugh
their tunnel.
Mr.   a.   (iarrett   asked   Questions
about   timber   leases   round   tbe   lake
which were    satisfactorily    answered.
I Them whs one limit three-quarters of
la mile and the others were two or
I three miles distant from the lake
Tin- plans could be viewed In Mr.
Beckett, limber agent's Office. Thero
was    a    government     reserve    i.f    90
square miles.
Mr. (iarrett seemed surprised to
learn   that   the  agreement,   had   le-en
i advertised lu tho local papers.
I     The  meet lng then  adjourned.
641 Front Street.    Out of  the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Now Selling Stock of M. E. Price & Co. of Vancouver.
I ster tlle half mile round the lake
' I condition of a  payment of  I860,
title  was  to  be granted after it
v, as
all four remanded by Culled States
commissioner to Btand trial at Mil
waukee,  hail  fixed  at  $10,000  each.
Later llouilihan's sister obtained
his release bv giving $10,000 cash
ball.    Trial expected to come up next! Question of Survey.
nion[i. Unfortunately there was a difficulty
  ubout the surveying of  the land,  but
��� they were given to understand that il
did not make any difference so far as
their title was concerned.    They paid
the cash and the title was to be theirs
as soon as the land was surveyed.
That was put off and off, he did nol
International  Sunday  school  associa- k|imv  wj,ether    intentionally
tion. has left New Vork on his way to'After a while J. II. Kennedy
this city, ami on Sunday afternoon he. that   time,   took   the   matter
John   Alexander,   secretary   of   the
crrr-tlll/*1    -"T_Allltl\   Fif,v Thousand  Feet of Lumber Car-
Mil I Nil   IlKlll  Nil        r,ed Overboard  by  Hea*y s��e-
I LLI/lllU   UllvUlll/j    sun Francisco, Oct. 16.���Struck by
I a heavy sea off the Columbia river tho
 steamer  Northland,    of   the  coasting
��.���   .,._,,_. , j (fleet, lost ;.o,noo feet of her deckload
Whaler.  Locate    Big    Mammal. and,of ..^ M ^.^ ,,     T,K, _,._._,,,
Record   Breaking  Catch   is pad passed out of the river from As-
. toria when a heavy sea struck her on
the   Result. iho pert side and carried away many
  feet of her lumber cargo.    No  other
damage was sustained. The Northland
Eagle Harbor, Oct. 16.���Returning'put into Ban Francisco for fuel yester-
nfter the most successful sperm whale fi^ morning and continued her trip to
.      ., ..*.���*., .   .i        Southern California ports In the alter-
hunting season in the history of Alas-  nooll
kali the steam whalers Starr II and Iiii 	
'will rive an address at the Y.M.C.A.
building hen.
His object Por making the transcontinental trip is to speak a*, the B.C.
Sunday school conference to be held
in Vancouver. Mr. Alexander is
known throughout America as the author of -=everal books, accepted as
standards In work among men. and besides is prominent In tlie Hoy Scout
His address will be given at 4
o'clock Sunday afternoon and all men
and women, especialy Sunday school
teachers and workers, are asked to be
or not.
. M.P. at
up   with
get    the
yesterday arrived at Eagle Harbor,
���where they will be laid up for the
winter, from the l'ort Armstrong station of the United Whaling company of
Seattle. Seventy-three sperm whales,
worth approximately $73,000, were
caught by the whaling company during
���'**    ~"ason just ended
Mate Boyd Sick.
W. J. Iloyd. mate of the Samson, is
on the sick list at present. The cause
of his illne.ss Is a sore back and yesterday he was granted two .eeks sick
Repairs to Scow.
One of Gilley Hros,' large scows   is
Declaring   it   his   belief    that     the  being    repaired    at    that   company's
sperm whales have always been plen-  wharves here.    Yesterday new Btaun-
tiful   in   southeastern   Alaska   waters, j.chions were fitted in and parts of the
���rapt. (1. Krling. assistant manager   of, flooring overhauled.
the   United   Whaling   company,   who, 	
returned  on  the  Starr II,  makes  the   NEW TUG T0 BE LAUNCHED
remarkable   assertion   that   his   com-,          WITHIN NEXT THREE WEEKS
pany    has    discovered    (he    feeding j .	
.M_U?.d ll *?'.  v;a'"ab'e -W-ffflwal.    To j    ,��� anot|,er two or three weeks Cap-
this is attributed the dazzling and un-1
looked fur success, after the Tye
Alaska  Whaling companies had  gone
out of business because of a disastrous
season in 1312 '* '���
tain    J.  Mayer's    new    tug    will    be
launched, according to officials of the
Westminster    Marine    Railway    corn-
Machinery is    now    being    In-
"I  believe the sperms tvpre always
stalled, and    already    three    months'
This morning the annual Thanksgiving day market Ib being held. Here
are some likely prices:
; Turkeys, per lb   35c.
I Chickens, per lb      19c  to 21c.
DuckB, p"r lh 17c. to 21c.
j Ilutter, per lb 'inf. to 40c.
EggB,  per dozen    55c,
Cabbage, per lb    l'-.c. to 2c.
Turnips, pir sack   fine, to 75c,
i Carrots, per sack  ....
I Potatoes,   per  sack   .
I Onions,   per   sack
I Crab apples, per lb. ..
Apples, per box  	
I'ears, per box  	
tn   view*   of   the   big
bumper   attendance   Is
ail offerings i
er than usual
be on Bale.
Mr. Oliver, minister of thi
to Bee whether they could
title without the survey.
Alderman Bryson then banded   the
mayor a letter from Mr. Oliver which
(the mayor read.
The letter contained the following
statement. "Tin- crown in Issuing a
patent has to be absolutely clear and
specific so far ax description .- con
cerned.   The grant to the town is   a
very   large  one.   lii,nun  acres.     If  the
town simply wishes to maintain the
land for the purpose of protecting its
water so\irces, the reservation under
which the land now stands should be
sufficient for that purpose, If, on the
other hand, the town is anxious to
deal with these lands either for sub-
division or otherwise. I am afraid it
could do absolutely nothing until a
legal description complying with all
the provisions of the Dominion Lands
act was furnished and Incorporated in
a patent."
Ctronn Evidence.
Alderman Bryson *-uM that v.as
strong evidence In their favor. The
minister changed bis way of thinking
j when certain people gave hun ban
ijii-'ts and told him different stories.
. .'lOe. to
 2c. to 3c.
.$1.25 to $1.50
.$1.1'.' to $1.25
event  a  truly
expected   and
due to be much larg-
Llttle green stuff will
What New Westminster
there."but weToulTn'.'flnd^'em^BajS work 1,KS l"'f'" dcn<' on tne boal'   she
Captain  Erling this  morning.   '"This  ls 7li  teet lo"**    The  Paystreak  left
year we did.   The sperm   very seldom  lhe wa-vs ��" Monday after having    a
comes near shore.    He slays in deep  few Planks in her hull replaced,
water and  follows his food.' 	
"The hunt of the sperms is the most I Nct on Ways,
exciting  sport   I  have ever heard  of. I    Contrary to previous announcement:      f*   t     I)    l\�����.  ln-^nn-,,1   ''
with more thrills than automobiles or'the Flspa will not  go on the ways of        \w\\ |W 113111 APrPPFllNII   '���
aviation.     The   weather  was  splendid   the Westminster Marine Railway com- j       UVlJ Ul  UW" n��jl t^l-H-lll  _
and It was sport for the gods to come  pany to be painted.    Those In charg
upon six frisky sperms at a time and to  of the speedv power cruiser hav.- de-
plve   chase   of   this,   the   liveliest   of  tided this is not nee
Captain  Erling .. ,
-gunner  of  the   United  Whaling
(Continued trom rage One I
'sei left her moorings at. the shipyards
himself   s the  star  yesterday  and  lay In  the  slip above
���   com-   ii,,. i;
pany.    In addition to his managerial
duties he serves during ihe
N.  R.  freight  wharf.
 -ason as
gunner on the Starr I, which will not
return for about a month yet. With
���Captain Erling as gunner, the Starr I
tnade the record catch for the season
of five sperm  whal. s In one day.
For the Week Endinti Sunday. Oct. 19
Westminster. Sand Heads.
Time. High. Low.
High. Low. Time. Ht. Time. Ht
IS     5:20    0.45       4:21  10.. In 12    69
17:15 12;25 16-ld 11,7 22:56
11     (���: 10    1:25       6:08 11.0 10:5(1
17.4(1 12:35 ; 16:38 11.6 23:20
I'..    6: SO    2:05       5:53 11.5 11:27
17-5.-, 12:50 16:57 11.5 23:46
18    7 35    2:33 ;    6:37 ILK 12:03
1S:15 13:35 | 17:10 11 4
17 >:20    3:2(1       7:22 12.0    0:17
|      18:35 14:00 ; 17:34 11.6 12:40
18 H:10    3:55 '    8:10 12.1    0:49
���48:56 14:30     17:53 11.5 13:19
19 10:0.)    4:30 ;    9:08 12.1    1:26
10:15 15:0,. i 1K:13 11.5 10:04    9.9
There   is   no   apparent loss of business caused by placing the Paystreak
on the run between here and Chilli-1
wack instead of tbe larger vessel, the
Deaver, Yesterday at lhi city markel
wharf the amount of produce and '
other freight discharged was as large.
if not larger, than that brough qn
former weeks.
The city dredge .lohn A, Lee has fur
4 ;���   Bl me    days    been    moored    near    tin
fi 4'
7 1
Royal City nulls.
Derelict   Still   Burning.
Washington.   (HI.   16     The  den Hit '
Hritish   steamer   Templemore,   which |
caught flre off the New England coast
2_7   about IK days ago, Is still burning, ac*
X . 'cording lo a report to -he revenue cut-;
u-, ' ter service today.    The cutter Andro-
o'o  scoggin Is towing the derelict at  the
"rate  of   two   knots   an   hour,   toward
the coasl
Week-End Specials
Dean's Grocery
Choice Alberta Ilutter, 3 Ihs $1.00
New Zealand Ilutter, Ih 40c
Ideal Cheese, the new cream cheese
In  drums      2%c.
Club Saussge,  regular 25c, special
20c, 2 for 35c.
Worcester SauBe,  special,  3  fnr..25c.
Man Alleged to  Pos-eso Stolen   Bank
of Montreal Notes Is Well Known
to Police.
Special Candy Sale
Marbs Chocolate Caramels and
.Mixed Chocolates, regular 40c,
per lb.
25c. per Ib.
Cream Mixture and AsBorted Jellies,  regular 40c.  for 25c.  Ib.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Blcck Columbia Street.
A   remarkable   police  record   Is   the
cue  held   by  Charles   Houilihan,   who
v. .is arresied by the Detroit  police recently  on  a  charge of  having  in  Ills
possession   certain   hunk   notes  which
have since been Identified by 0 repre
-dilative, of the Dank ol  Montreal as
having    been    stolen     from   the   New
: Westminster branch on Sept, 15, mil.
Iloiiilihan. when arrested lu Dei imi
wns out on Jin,min ball supplied by his
iSlsi.r.  ror a  charge of  looting a   post
office,  a:   Kewnssum,   Wis     The   Detroit judge  asked  for $10,000  hail  on
[tlm latest Charge which Houilihan was
uiiabio to supply.
Hlo Record.
Following  Is  the  record  of  Houilihan aa given by the Chicago police:
ciy represented the city. The company had nothing to do with the spoil-
'���ig nr the nnii..*,.. The agreement'. In
his opinion, was the best that could
be drawn up in settlement of the cuse.
Tin re had many things connected
with the R. C. E, R lie did not agr- ���
with. He had opposed the dam at tie
commencement and represented Ike
city at different limes before tne pro
vincial and once hefore the Dominion
There was a certain amounl ol
horse power there and both govern-
ments recognized that it was needed
for the development of the surrounding municipalities, and tin- cities ot
Vancouver and New Westmirsti *
Thai was their main argument, thu
power was to be used for Industrial
and commercial purposes for the up
building of this pan of ihe country.
II.* had pledged himself tha ivhai
ever lhe conclusion arrived at bj the
citizens '.f ew Westminster, he would
be guided by. He believed il ,*, ;',.'������
Class business proiiiisiiien and :i lar
better settlement  than  'hey coui I   :"���!
even if tiny received a verdict rrom
the  privy  council.
He trusted thai on Saturday when
marking their voting papers they
would hold the agreement well n consideration anil If lhey thought it ii lhe
besl Interests of the city support  It,
I Applause, j
A Different View.
Alderman Bryson differed on the
matter of ancient history with ihe
mayor. If they had remembered the
history oi two or five years back they
would have a belter class of men in
power Ihan at  Hie present lime.
He was very much surprised at .Sir
Charles Tuppc r's statement In regard
to the city owning the land. Could
Ihey not lease land and safeguard
themselves from any responsibility,
They could put a clause In an ague
ment bo strong lhat it would relii ve
thetn from all consequences.
He was astonished at Sir Charles, a
Nova Scotian like himself and born
Within a few miles from bis own
Alderman Ilryson then sketched lb'*
progress of tin- question Irom the
memorable public meeting Ave years
ago when Mr. Coulthard, the hit..
Mayor i.e.. aid himself were appointed lo look afti r the City's interests.
I'or the iast live years he had given
nearly all his hie to lhis case and
despite ihe mayor's belief as lo hls
secret, feeling he was wholly oppus. i
to llle agreement and as a ratepayer
would vole against, it on Saturdav. A*
(in alderman  he  would  accept the de
7f,c. '���    The tact  thai  .\ev,   Westminster's
,80c. consent was asked by the I.I. C. B. R
$1.25 j company to the sale of the land was
conclusive that it was the city's prop
erty. when tin- company applied to
(he Dominion government for a piece
of It. The government a.3ked the ccun-
cll's permission. That was four or
live years ago and ihey bad been
watching and lighting the case ever
The con.pany expected to li.iish the
dam in six mouths i.t a ocst of ._;,i>..
000 and :t cos:  them .v.r $6,000,000.
Did    they    Imagine    tin-    compan;
would hav- waited all these years If \
they thought they wi id b success
il in ihe court. IR- was not saying]
nything against tin* B. C, K. R, in i
this case. The questli n was between '
ilu.* city and the government and i\ .
was only fair and jnst to Bay that the
pns. nt administration was nm re- :
sponsible for this trouble, but the late j
iin- control of their water supply .
by the agreement was taken out of'
their bunds lie ridiculed the ial'.*
guards in the a roement, running from j
i.ne government to the ether, and all ;
over the country, if they signed that j
agreement. It was ull up with them
and they could kick as much as they |
Alderman Ilryson tben r?:ated a re
port of Sir Wilfrid Laurier scoring Mr
Oliver for his action In passing the
transaction giving the company the
gram of 56,000 acres on the lake with
out Ills knowing anything about It.
\s to their chanci s i f winning   the
litigation, he admitted it was not so [
good us l.vo years ago, and that  hurt j
him     iin- ilniii had le n built and pos   .
session wa. nine tenths of the law aud I
Cure  il   was.    lie  was of the opinion I
thai  New   Westminster    owned    that
laud and lie was going to vote agalnBt
the sgri cment,
Aldermen  Dodd said that  while he |
! did nol bl lleve the city had b"en
fairly dealt with, the purity, quantity
and protection of their waler was
guaranteed by tlie appeal to Victoria,
embodied  In  tlle amendment    to    tin
i agreement acquiesced lu by the 11 C,
10, R. compuny. The position was Ihls.
If they turned down the agreement
they had no alternative but to fight
the Issue lu the courts on a ten to
one chance against them. The company had spent $6,500,000 on the
works up lhere and lhey spent It by
authority of tin.' Dominion government.   Could tiny tell ihem to get riff
Ithe  land.     He   did     not     think     they
1 would. He was In favor of the proposition and would vote for il on
Saturdav,    If the cily won their case
'lhey would not get any better agree-
uu nt.
Mayor Replies.
The mayor replied to Alderman
Ilryson In regard to the dam thoy
could lake it Irom hlm that lhe cltv
bad a heller water supply than the',
ever had so far as quantity wai con
cerned.     Ile   sua!   nothing  about     the
quality became in- was nei on expert, During their dry season their
reservoirs were practically overflowing, Thej had today, In the cily, over
:two million gallons going to waste and
that was one reason he wanted an
other reservoir built lor additional
StOl'Oge so that, lhey WOUld get  belter
lire protection,
The quality  had   been  certified  hy 11
���AT THE-
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Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. ********** x*.^ *�� ���MWM-.IHI *H%   mn*.*.*.*,
-    .
*- -^*e-s
He    Had    the    Magistrate Gasping���
Thue's  Antiquated   Horse   Gets
Official Protection.
High Jinks Wlll  Be Pulled off at St.
Patrick's   Hall   on   Monday
Illy the Pot Ier. I
i    Hockey and log skating prospects for
I the season wiii probably lie made
known following tonight's moating ol
ithe Wsstmlnstsr Arena company. During the past few days a slight hitch
has OOCUrad  with  the  Vancouver hoc-
I key  promoter hut thlH Ih expected In
he smoothed out at tonight's rotating.
be given on ths following Friday eve
ning. Keeve Knott will probably preside.
BsOTStary   .Maiden   of   the   amateur
lne key league  will  probably release
the   schedule  h'fore  another  week   Ih
New Westminster field booksylsti
i will play their first gams on Saturday
afiernoon when they stack up against
the public BCbOOlS of Vancouver at
i Hastings park. Tho league season
> will  open  on  Nov.  1.
Klnal preparations will he made today for the mammoth smoker to he
held   In   St.   Patriots   llnll   under  the
auspices ol tho Mooss hockey club
next  Monday  evening, Thanksgiving
when the hest athletic anil musical
program ever staged In the elty wlll
he carried out.
During   the   past   two   winters   the
members  of  'he   Moose    lodge     have
made h  name  for themselves  in  hoc-1
key  and   baseball  while their  bunch
of boxers and wrestlers are perched! Manager Hurry Tidy measured just
nn lop of the ladder as fur as this city I ��l�� inches more lu height yesterday
in concerned [following the announcement that the
Monday night's entertainment is in
old of tiie lee hockey club and one has
to take off the hat to IIIII Oraham and
his bunch or assistants who have heen
plugging for nil they are worth during the part few weeks making pre
pa rat Ions  for the event.
There  has  heen   no  lark  of entries
In th" bOXlng and wrestling events hnt
these   have   heen   weeded  oul   so  as  to
leave the 1 est for iiie fans to digest
that   Is.   their  performance
"Snowball"  O'Connor  will   in-   the
headliner In the wrestling events, a
first class  performer from  Vancouver
having 1 n secured to stark up with
the Royal City hoy
-IIii -Iithii. that mysterious Japanese
Ftiort will also he on the program. Ed
McQree and Charley Matthews having agreed 'o demonstrate their prow
��������� as compared with that exhibited
by the milted i-i adherents.
In the comedy line. Clarence "Doc"
Wells and "In.sen" Weldeumnn will
grace lhe footlights in a skit whieh
includes local citizens, the turn ending with a fi nclng exhibition
It Is expected that a few of the
members of the tirnndvlew A. ('.. of
Vancouver, the newly organized athletic organisation,  which    took    the
rream of the prizes at the last V.A.I'
tournament, win in. on deck
Alderman Fred I.ynch wlll probably
be handling the boxing and wrestling
events together  with J.  II    Watson
Monday night is the time, with St
Patrick's  hall as the place
Tlie following team  was selected  to
represent the rugby cluh against Mc-
'ilil college of Vancouver at Queen's
park on Saturday afiernoon; Davis.
Stacey, Wilcox, Smith, Dunford, Dart,
Haley, Stevenson, lllggs, Clark McDonald   Kvans   Dum-aiison,   Huddoe.,
I Crur'al Game Tomorrow.
Wilmington,  Del.. Oct. Iti.    America
'and Kngland will meet In the final
match for the national women's golf
Championship to he played oii the
links of the Wilmington Country cluh
ou  Sa'urday.
Native Sons would field a team against
the itovers on Thanksgiving day. It
should   he  some game.
Iieilinghom     and     the     Vancouver
v m c a basketball teams win open
ihe Pacific league sea. 011 in Vancouvi r next  Monday night.
An exodus of ice skaters will take
place ibis week end from this city,
the n-ai-o;i being the opening of the
Vancouver arena. Victoria opens al
ilu* snme time. Local devotees on
llie blades v. iii have to wait until Nov.
1 before 'he Queen's park ampltheatre
is ready for use,
It iti rumored that the Moose soccer ',
team   have  withdrawn   from  the  city |
league on account of difficulty In rals- !     ., , _, _   .     ,  .
ing a team every Saturday. If this Is, So,;CPr fan" on Thanksgiving cay
correct, the game between the herd w111 Bel ""-' opportunity of seeing the
and the city will be called off for Sat- crack team of the Becond division of
urday afternoon. j the Vancouver and district league, Bt.
I Andrew's.   In   action  at   Moody   park,
That dispatch about Jimmy flard-
ner being engaged as manager of the
Canadians of Montreal, appeared in
Tin- News ahout two  weeks ago.
Ueorge Stovall. deposed manager of
t'ie BL I.ouis Americans. Is reported
to be flirting with the Kansas City
Federal league club. First thing we
will know Is that Han Johnson will
have his work rut out fighting these
outlaws who threaten to place teams
ln several of the large cities thin next
ThS Circle V hockey cluh will hold
a masque dance at the Fraser Miils
hall on Wednesday evening of next
week, supper to he served at 'he hotel.
i Here's another hunting story which
was related by A. M. Kipp of Chilli-
' wack to The News last evening. It
"happened about five years ago when
Judge Ihle and Berkley Reeves of
Chllllwack were om after ducks some
w!ie,e In the Fraser valley. Shooting
cock pheasants was against the law
ct that period but the temptation was
Pheasant into the jaws of death as a
too great when Judge Hole noticed a
enk pheasant running across a field
in their own direction. On came Mr.
matter of fact. When wltliln a few
pans of the party Judge Bole raised
his gun with tii" following remark lo
tin- pbeasanti " Keep back! Keep
back! Or 1'il shoot you fu self defence."
Wong (low may be shy on the pugl- ;
llstlc stulT, but he's tin re with botn :
feel  and a crowbar when  it  comes to
addressing th" court.
Wednesday night OOW und another
human atom from the local Chines
Settlement  undertook  to settle a few
differences in the middle or Mcinnei
st.'i I      The   second   celestial   gentle
I man who mude up this quarrel, which
| was staged  In  the  presence of abou:
-im  compatriots,  goes  and  comes  by
the  name  of  Lee  Lung.     He  of  the
pulmonary ha.,die was getting the hest
of the argument   when   a   policeman
managed  to nlggi.- his  way through
iio  crowd and yaiiked the twain    off '
! lo the coop.
Yesterday morning, as Boon na the |
j case was called. Gow started right in ]
at the court.    Plashing the high  sign
at .Magistrate h'c'i londs, he opened hiB !
j rice  receptacle  a.. I   poured   forth    n,
i flood of  Chinese   .ratory  that rattled ���
the vundows.   The magistrate backed
down  and  shouted to the  Interpreter!
'or   aid,   the   result   being   that   Gow
waa askPd to ,dead to the charge of
i*=tagiii- a stiap in a public highway,;
all c: wnich that individual cheerfully
admitted.     I ee   Lung  also  confessed
to his  share- in  the trouble and each '
of the belligerent  pair was fined  $10
and c'--ta.   .
Pretty Old Horse.
From what could be gathered in the
case against D. C. Thue for ill-treating
a horse by not treating him at all to i
any   meals,   it   would   seem   that  the
.'.���*..   tilled   when   the  game  is  called I animal  In question  is so old that  he
Andrew's of Vancouver Will Visit
City on   Monday���Strong Team
a  game  with   the city  eleven  having
been  arranged  yesterday.
Tills, with the exception of the
rugby game against the Rowing club,
will be the only inter-city fixture of
the day and for that reaBon the new
bleachers   at   Moody   park   should   be
Our Business
Investments for otimts oa First Mortgage security,
aged, payments collected and forwarded or invested.
l-states man
Kvery branch ot a Trust business carried on  by competent and
experienced men.
Deposits accepted and interest
at  4  per cent allowed  on  daily
We act aa P.xecntor aad Trustee under WillB and always ready
to advise und assist yoa fn drawing up your Will. We prepare legal
documents*or all kinds, seorcii titles and attend to all kinds of notarial
work. Act as agents for tba sale of real estate. Insurance in all its
branches.    Safety Deposit Hoxc.i for rent.    Apply
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begble Streets.
Agents for D, E. IZrtytrxx, lie**- A Maraulay,  Ltd.,  Gener      Railway and
Steam hip Aithw, \A Vancouver. B. C.
A meeting of the howlers at the
V. M. C. A. will be held this evening
for the purpose of organizing for the
season. Every one interested is in-
vited to attend. A competition Is on
among the members, a special ball being the prize offered for the highest
score compiled in three games. The
contest will close on Nov. IS,
The New* Westminster cricket club
will lose u valued member In ihe person of L. II. Miller, who with IiIb wife,
leaves for Kngland on Saturday. During the past season Miller compiled
some   creditable   scores   and   made   a
at 1:30.
Following a meeting of the city club
executive held last evening Manager
Maclaren handed out the following
list of selections for Saturday's game
against the Moose and also the tean,
.���-������lected to play against St. Andrew .,.
Saturday's team - Guthrie, McAllister, Barnes, Craig, Gough, Graham,
Barclay, Andrew, McLaren, Da'is,
Walke.*    Newman.
Monday's team���Guthrie, McAlister,
Barnes, Aylesbury, Smith, Chlel,
Lambdin. Andrew,  McLaren.  Walker,
��� hasn't enough teeth left to lead an
expert to Bay how long it Is since he
was a colt.
Thue, who has a penchant for conversation that would get him a good
income if talk passed as money, tried
to arsue the court out of the decision,
' ut the magistrate proved that hi
packed the required punch and fined
Thue $5 and costs, or ten days in jail.
Incidentally he waa forbidden to work
; the antiquated  relic  on  city ftreets
or hard reads under pain of appearing
again on a similar charge.
Tint the road  ia the place    for    a
u and not tin
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
A smoker, also In aid of the cluh will I mark  in the fielding line.
Davis I'etrie Graham and  Barnes,
Easketball   Tonight. Iw&son and not the 3ide-valk was the
Baaketball   fans   will   be  givo    the  truth  impressed   on   William   Burrell.
opportunity of seeing two city league   who was fine two-fifty Just by way   of
, teams in action tonight at the V.M.C A.  driving home the lesson.
I at 7:30, when the Sangster Bros., un-1
; der  the   name .of  the  Hu*. tli rs.   will
play     an     exhibition   game   with   the
Adanacs.    The line uu-  will be:   Hostlers, regular team except l^ouls Sangster.  who  will  be    replaced    by    il.
Munn.    Adana-B. Curtis anil Cunningham,   forwards*.    Sutherland,   centre*.
Robson and Cook, centre.
At tlie Theatres
known, but ll ib suggested tha; it will
ibe iti connection with certain letters
iof sn alleged peculiar nature, that It Is
said   he   sent   to  the  mayor  and   the
medical health officer.
reason for complaints . tion  among  the  differen
American   coal
fuel shipped to
Vancouver's   Dig   Bill���After   Chinese
Pedlars���Mayor   to   Testify   in
Police Court Case.
Hai   Written   Most   Shameful   Chap
ter  in   Hiutorv  of  Women's
Vancouver Oct   lfi    More ihan $7'ioii
lo   he   exact   $7138.08   wns   shown   to
have been expended by t'ie elty In
lhe Inspection and culling of the 1*1 tth-
liurg wat' r pipe In a re|iort made to
llle waterworks committee yesterday
afternoon. The final statement of the
pipe culling showed that 17 46 per cent
oul of the three sizes had been rejected. The percentage for the 6-Inch
was iiii*, for Sinch 20.6 and for 12-
Inch 4.78. For labor the city paid
J:iri.ri7.".;   tool-   'nil  material  came  to
*o.,^h7r,,1',cKs;:;;,r^poH,oT,rhelw-!- ��������������- ���"��"��'"" """""���'���
three experts cost  $8426,    The uncov- j
ering of Mime old pipe In order to ev-
limine its quality cost the city $151.46,
After the Coinks.
The  lMiwer  to  license  pedlars  with
Cie  intention of preventing Chinese
from  selling vegetables fmm door to|*h?
floor   as   much   ns   possible   may
Boston, Oct. lfi. -The Kngiish suf-
tragist iii general, and Mrs. Kmineline:
Pankhurst In particular, were de-1
iiouiK'ni by Mrs. Ghaut, a slum worker, on her arrival Trom Liverpool today
"Mrs.   Pankhurst,"   she   said,   "has
the history of women's progress.''
Mrs. Qhant, who heads ft company
���of   British   delegates   to   the   natlunul
convention of the w. c. t. r. at Brook-
l'.ue, Oct. 2,1. Is one of the leaders of
i (he   i ��� aeeful  suffragists   of   Kngland
opposed  to  .Mrs.   Pankhurst
he iand   her  mllltan:    organization    and
any price.    The
about   lhe   quality   of
was that much of thc
N'ew Westminster was what Is known
to the trade as lignite.    All Washington  coal   was  not   like  this  though!
here was good eoal there bul tlle cost
would be su.-'i that It would retail for
between  JI<> and  tli here.    This last
was very hard  to  procure.
"I have a little Union coal, but none
Tri in Nanalmo." said another dealer.
'Also we have Just received a SCOW-
load from Seattle. Prospects for Vancouver Island coal will be fair In November, aud we have heen notified by
ihe mine owners that we can go; one
scow load  then."
A fourth coal merchant had just
ii oeived 1600 tons from Seattle. Vancouver Island fuel, he raid would be
difficult to get  until spring.
asked  ; s an amendmenl lo the city's
charter according to the Information
given hv Aid McMuster lo the mnrket
committee Of the city council yester
day afiernoon He said thnt he Intended m notify tbo finance committee on
Frldav that be would urge an amendment'm Ihni uffeet. The Intention,
he said, wan lo put the white mun on
n more equal ba��S In the growing of
Vegetables. The license, he declared,,
would force thl t'hlnese to lake their
produce io the city market or to the
retail Btores.
After a lengthy trial, In which he
was defended by Joseph Martin, K.C .
n younc fellow named William Bond
was ronvlctul yesterday In the as-
Slxes for the theft of s gasoline engine
und a quantity of motor boat acres
sorles Three owners of motor boats
came forward as complainants and
swore to the Identity of things found
In Bond's boat, as having been stolen
from their craft. The most Important
Item was a 3 1-2 horse power Fairbanks Morse engine, which had been
taken bodily out of Clnude Butcher s
motor boat ono evening after he came
In from a run on the Inlet. The engine was found two days later by P.
C Carl Anderson of the police patrol
boat In Bond's boathouse. Bentence
wae reserved.   _
Not under Aet.
Men employed In logging camps dn
not come under the scope and benefits of the Workmen's Compensation
net.    This Is the Judgment of Judge
who, according to Mrs. Ohant. are the
"only really serious workera for women's rights"
She expressed regret thai Mrs.
Pankhurst was to be allowed "to exploit her vicious, shameful propaganda In this country."
At tlie home of Mrs. J. A. Cunning
ham last night U4 members of tho
Woman's Educational club and tlieir
friends met to listen to Mrs. Ralph
Smith, of Vancouver, who ln speaking
n hew the laws of B. C. could be bet-
tered to the benefit of women and
children, mentioned the property, marriage and guardian acts as ones that
should be amended to be more just to
women and children
In New Zealand, the speaker said.
Women had attained the franchise 22
years ago. nnd In recent conversation
with u traveller from that country.
Bhe was told that the people there
would not go back to conditions as
they existed before that time, when
meu alone had the rights of suffrage.
Mrs. Hnrkey, of Seattle, also spoke
telling how Ihe state of Washington
had benefitted by extending the suf
frnge lo women. M. J. Knight gave
several solos.
Local  Merchants eQttlng Only Small
Supply from Vsncouver lslsnd���
Inferior Grade.
(Continued from page one)
trades and
business houses which i�� meeting
With BuccesB. The sawmill employees
Of the Bruaett* Mills ami the Small &
Iiucklln Mills have already taken up
the plea for assistance and subscriptions have been received.
"A canvass among the machinists
and other trades, the civic employees.
clerks in the mercantile houses and
also the hank clerks are being Invited
to subscribe to this fund Already one
Of the hanks has cume through with,
their subscription
"Steps are on the .* iy for the mem-
bars of the legal proiefcon in the cltv'
i to equip one of ine public wards which '���
I hope to see culminated within a!
very short dm', while the various fra-
��� tenia!   societies   have   also   promised
! their aid.
"In -rmneotion with ihe outside municipalities, many of which rely on
New WeBtmlnster taking care of their
sick and injured, a canvass has been
made and will probably meet with success although the financial stringency
is making It difficult for the various
councils to assist In the way they wish
to do. One of the Fraser valley municipalities is hesitating because at
this period they cannot come through
with the sum they feel would be well
worthy of the section they represent.
"The question hag been asked 'What
Is to become or the furniture in the
old building?' Much of this will be
utilized In some way op other but it
must be remembered that considerable of the f urn it rire Is ln Ihe same
conflltlon as the building and will
therefore be unfit to uae. The beds,
however, will be available for the public wards.
"I want to Impress upon the peonle
of New Westminster." concluded Mr.
Small, "the necessity of assistance
coming lo the hospital board at this
time. The Institution Is a civic one
In every sense of the word. It is Just
as important, if not more so than any
other building In the city. Without financial aid we cannot hope to open
the new building and the loneer delayed, tho more difficult It will be"
l.ast night at the Uoyal theatre was
a memorable one in every way. A
play written In New Westminster by
Charles E. Koyal, leading man cf the
Charles BL Koyal company, was produced for the lirst time.
The production, "The Last Call." is
enhanced greaily by little Edythe
Koyal. ihe six year old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Royal
It was also theatre nlgbt for local
hockey men. some id of these attending in a body.
Chas. �� Royal
"The Last
A Melodrama In Three Acts,
Featuring Little Edythe, the
Wonderful Child Actress.
Phone 1068
And Reserve Vour Seats.
Prices? 10c.. 20c, 30c.
People hero will be forced to content themselves with cosi from thc
state of Washington during the coming winter, according to opinions of
local coal merchants, for while one or
compllahed by private parties and fraternal societies.
"This may look a large sum, but one
has to consider Ihe fact that for kitchen equipment alone, the   sum    of
12600 Is needed while the administration department equipment   wlll   be
used for the entire building and will
two will be able to get perhaps a few'****ssarlly reduce the cost of furn-
scow londs from the Island within the j tshtng the remaining portions of the
next few  months the majority must building yet to be built
depend  upon Seattle or Tacoma for
their supply.
Judging by results the strike on
Vancouver Island Is still as much In
force as before the recent disturbances
and no coal Is coming here from Na*
���SSt .���  ,h. test rase of Hll   vs   nalmo.   The only apparent sources of
��S_&t&A��3�� STABS? Aff JUS
decide this hitherto mooted point
among the lawyers. It Is Improbable
that the case will rest hero, as owing
to Its Importance lo the logglnir work-
ors or tho province It ls desirable to
obtain the Judgment of the court of appeal on the matter.
Mayor to Testify.
Mavor Haxter and Dr. Underbill wlll
be called to give evidence In the vagrancy cbnrge agalnsl Samuel J. Carr
In tho police court tomorrow morning.
Thn ense wss adjourned today al.
Turr's request to allow hlm time tn
summon the mayor and ti'o medical
health officer. What evidence they
.will give* on behalf of Carr   Is   not
mines at 1-adysmlth
Is working nbout three quarters of the
time; operations are small at Ladysmlth nnd It Is only when men are obtainable that any coal Is being mined.
Kven at Union shipments are small.
One dealer said yesterday that no
coal was coming from Nanalmo and
that he would havo to depend on Se-
attlo for hls supply.
Another slated thst he had received
about 2G0 tons Tuesday night from
Ladysmlth and that this would be delivered retail at the usual prices, $7.50
below Fourth avenue and $8 above.
It was impossible, he said, for an outsider to buy coal from the Island at
Individuals are coming forward
with subscriptions, slow to be sure,
but every little helps. Mayor P., D.
Roe and Mrs. Roe recently came
through with the offer of 11200 for
the furnishing iif one public ward,
which goes to show that tbis ia by no
menus a city Institution although New
Westminster citizens will have the
greater benefit and therefore can
take more pride In the building which
Is at the most a public Institution.
"In the wings now completed are 12
private wards, six scml-nrivate wards
nnd four publlc wards. What the hospital needs especially are donations
for equipping the remaining publlc
wards and the administration department which Includes furniture for the
kitchen, nurses' dining rooms, X-ray
rooms, officers' quarters, etc.
Dollar Subscriptions.
"How sre we going to get It?" asked
M.'. Bmall.
"We have Btarted a dollar subscrlp-
Our stock of Sporting Boots is tKe best in the
city. Never before did we show such a large assort*
ment. We have them all heights, both in leather
and rubber. Every pair is guaranteed, being made
by the best manufacturers both of Canada and the
States. See us before buying your hunting boots.
711 Columbia St. Westminster Traat Block
About That
We-have some snappy models*
Among them the three-quarter
length aUter with the shawl
collar and *\eked back, lined
with silk to waist and plaid
inner cloth*.
���*WtmW-*w^^w    w^&^t-WW
$30, $35 and $40.00
'      *gl^i*:v*. ;-*.'
>*��.*����.,_rt*.*>,<��-i*%^^^ ew
Classified Advertising
cctved tor Toe News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia Btreet; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. *
��� ���������������������������������������������
Claaaifled���One cent per word per
mar; te per word per week! 16c per
���>cntk; MOO words, to be used as re-
fnlrod within one year from date ot
���OBtnct 126.00.
nnd Sixtli street, 66 feet on Hixtli
and I."i2 on St. (ieorge. Must be sold
as owner wants to go south. Apply
Curtis ������>��� Dorgan. (2261)
on close in residential property
worth $3500 for IS months or two
yrare. Will pay 10 pox cent. Itox
3U4 New Westminster. I'i'Ho)
on improved farm, ail under cultivation with dwelling and all outbuilil
ings valued at $12,000. W ill pay 10
per cenL Box -94 New Wsstmln-
Vancouver Island Largest Area In the
World Enjoying Freedom From
This Disease.
How State of Washington  Is Bidding
For Share of Settlers' Rush
to West.
Victoria. Oct. 16. The cuttle of
Vancouver Island ure today entirely
free of bovine tuberculosis. After
yrars of patient and persistent effort I
on the part of the provincial depart-
ment of agriculture, culminating in a.
lirst class mortgages; $1800 on close
in residential property worth $3200,
anil $.ni)ii on farm all under cultivation worth $10,000, These mortgages
have 18 months to run and  hear X
per cent. Interest    Will accept any,
reasonable offer as money Is needed i campaign which has lasted throughout I
lo protect other property.    Hox 394 the past summer, this dreaded Bcourge
New WeBtmlnster (2246) has been entirely eliminated from the
 ! herds pasturing on the Island.
"No other large area of equal di-|
menslons In tlle world is entirely free]
of the disease," sniil Commissioner
William T. McDonald, "anil tbe clean!
hill of health which I am today able
to wrlle for this Island will not only In- i
creaBe  the value of milk  for the hu-|
length 62 inches, hust 86 inches,
cosi $160; will sacrifice, Suitable
for an automobile coat. Apply 888
Strand avenue, Sapperton.       (___0|
KOIt   SAI.K ��� SAW   TABLE    AND  man family, but will add to the profits j
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone,   llox 'i'i'i'i News office.
housework. Write T. llnruke. P.O.
llox 414. (2-'!l1
man, odd jobs, anything. Apply Dox
2240 News office. (2240)
house near in. Communicate with
41S  First street,    i'hone 227L
strictly home cooking, can accommodate about eight gentlemen with
room and board. Terms $6.50 per
week.    305 Columbia  street.  (2227)
skates attached to No, 7 slices. Sui
is in nood condition, Wnat offer?
V. O. Dox 239. (2224)
of  the  dairyman,  and  relieve  him  of
one  of  his  greateat  scoiires  of  mix-!
The   importance  of  this   announce-!
menl from the aspect of ihe health of i
the community can hardly be magnified.    The  matter of  transmission  of
the dread disease from infected cows
to human beings first became an Is-
 ' ���������suo In 1901, when Professor Kock, in j
FOR SALE��� HOUSE PARTLY an address before the British congress
finished, and large cleared lot, Ed-Iou tuberculosis, while not absolutely
monds. Clear deed, (.'heap for denying the possibility of such trans-
cash. Apply owner, Oeorge Warns, mission, declared that if such a sus-
Bighteenth avenue, Edmonds, (2140) ceptlblllty exists, the infection of hu-
 man beings from this source was rare. '
.   ���  The importance of this pronouncement
ACREAGE NEAR NEWTON, Jl al  S  ,-_���,��� ,.���-,, a hif,h authoritv as the Ger-
miles out, less than 80 minutes' r.de  man Bavant led to the appointment of
on II. C, Eieclric from New Westminster; soil exctlknt, bottom cr
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and $126.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This Is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up al once. Sole
agents, Curtis it Dorgan, New Westminster.    Phone 406.   No trades
ers' supplies. Oriental Contracting
Company, 413 Westminster Trust
building. 12120)
lure in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
���will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. 11. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block.
Columbia slreet. (2104)
FOR SALE���11.DO DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (2160.1
trade    protection   BpeclallBts.   .1   M
(Jawa.    general   manager,      P.   0
drawer 110, New Westminster.
house, furnished, right party. Apply
434 Sixth street. (2255)
seven rooms, two blocks from post
office.   Apply Box 2252 News office.
the royal commission on tuberculosis,
which, after examining a large number
of Witnesses and carrying oul much
original Investigation, came to an opinion diametrically opposed to the Koch
According to the livestock commissioner, Vancouver Island has never
heen severely infected with bovine tuberculosis, but it has required persistent effort to entirely eradicate the
disease. Last April it. was estimated
that about 1 per cent, of the herds
were inoculated, and since then about
125 catile have been condemned and
destroyed. Seven Innsectors have
been constantlv In the field and every
herd on the island and every cow supplying milk to the public has been subjected lo tests. These tests were
what is known as Intradermal tc-ns.
which have been approved by veterinarians all over the world as the most
valuable   and   effective   employed.
Dr. Torrance, veterinary director
general for the Dominion, who is
Bncndlng n few days in Victoria, was
greatly interested in the eradication
of the disease, and wlll spend sev-
et-il davs ne the mainland to see the
tests scientifically carried nut.
"It is difllcult to exaggerate the Im-
irior'anre of the ellminstlon of the disease on the island." said Dr. Torrance.
"Pasteurization, unless it is thorough,
is  no  safeguard  against  tuberculosis.
.        .       ..while,   aii'irt  from   the  benefit   to   the
.UK   lot it  "���''���"^  community,  tuberculosis  means  enor-
A   ���-���>.* '1   ti'iiic   i'id|moua  inRSPS tn the ,]airv  interests  In
the  era dual   wasting  away  and   final
death  of their cattle."
Olympla, Wash., Oct. 18. Enough
land to provide homes for between 2,-
000 and 3,000 additional families in
the state of Washington Ii.ih been
cleared during the season Jus! past
under burning permits issued for cultivation   purposes,   State   Forester   K
w. Ferris reports.
A total of 10���'140 separate burning
permits have heen Issued during the
summer, calling for the clearing of
86,000 acres of land. Of this total
S5.0OO ncres were cleared for purposes
of cultivation.
Tills   total,   expressed   ln    sections,
would represent a strip of land a tulle
wide and 133 miles long.
Figuring that forty acres, on the
average, will support a family, tInstate, in lhe summer months of 1918,
has cleared homes for 2.Mil new families, or in excess of 10,000 additional
riinit  population.
These figures cover the twenty three
limbered counties of the slate, no ae-
count being kept nf the sixteen others. The figures Bhowlng land cleared for cultivation purposes only, in
each county, are as follows:
Chehalls, 5.595: Clallam, 71 r.:
Clarke, 2,376:t Cowlitz, 1.742; Ferry,
SS2; Island, 525: Jefferson, 35k; King.
8,326; Kitsap, 920; Klickitat. 576;
Lewis, 16,321; Mason. 1,892; I'acific.
1.316; Pierce 3.441; Pend Oreille. _,.
097; Skagit. S.302; Skamania. 33; Snohomish. 10.5391 Stevens. 2.269; Spokane, 5 721: Thurston. 5 471; Wahkiakum, 250; Whatcom. 8,816 Total. S5.
In addition to the foregoing permits wen- Issued for burning more
than 2S.730 acres of logged-off lands
Of these approximately 10,000 acres
will  be agricultural  hinds.
Little Miss La Mode.
Up to the minute from a fashion
viewpoint Is the dress of this little
maid. Tho material ts sheer white
batiste wllb cutre deux of Irish lace.
These bandings are used on tbe waist
Judicial  Inquiry    Into    Work of Past
Three Years to Settle Whether
"Ring" Exists.
Victoria. Oct. UV All the nets of
the Victoria cliy council In the last
three years are to be submitted lo "
Judge, possibly a Judge of Die mipreine
court, as n result Of a derision reach
ed lust evening by the city council.
The council nlso determined to nl-
low Alderman Humber to retain bis
seat In ths council tinlll the report of
Ihe iiuinlr. Is presented, III spite of
the refusal of the alderman to qualify
or apologize for his remarks of Oi tu
ber <; thai Home of the aldermen were
"In a ring" lu connection with contracts.
There wan a considerable dlSCUSllon
last evening when the subject came up
in n crowded council chamber
The mayor introduced the subject to i
I Hip  council   when  asking  what   action
; should be taken with regiird to Alder*!
j man number's altitude at the previous
meeting,     Min  worship explained  that
i the city's solicitor's opinion fully    en ;
i dorsed the position he look up on Friday, that the conduct of the meeting
lay  exclusively with the mayor and
! not with the council.
Alderman Humber Immediately
in his stateroom the valuables ***r��
missing. Among the stolen art?et��'��
were a check for $1,000 on a bank im
Italy, another for $600, a heavy nugget chain and it nugget scurf pin. Pruc-
tliully pi'iinlles. Adnlphn Visited the
pCllce station last night to ro|rort his
In faltering speech, Adolpho explained that the 11,800 and other valuables stole noonstltuted   practically
all of hls savings while In Alaska. He
was en route lo Italy where there Is
an   expectant   girl   awaiting   hlm,   he
Less than two weeks aito when the
steamship Northwestern arrived bere
the theft of $400 wan reported by pas*-
laengers. The valuables bad been
stolen from staterooms on the vessels,
on the previous trip passengers complained  of liming  money  and  Jewelry
'and  one of lhe  steamship  company's
I employees was arrested and oonvloted
nf the theft.
Robberies on vessels bound from
Alaska in Seattle have become so frequent of late that the government nifl-
clalH, local police and private detectives havo been exercising unusual
vigilance In nn efTort to run down the
LACE AND   Ull isii: DIIKS8.
portions to form tbe yoke, nnd bnnds
of the same extend down for n few
Inches on the lucked skirt.
The sleeves of luce and batiste are
nf the set In variety and cud nt the elbow.
keeping rooms, 410 Ash street.
Alderson avenue, Ilurqultlam, $10
monthly, seven minutes walk from
Sapperton car terminus, sidewalk all
way. Apply Alderson, North road.
over the moet
Invlgorator will put them in eondl
tlon for you. Don't li I them loaf
tco long, for If cold weather strikes
keeping rooms. $10 and $15 per
rnmrth at 224 Seventh street.  (21621
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, S36 Hastings Btreet west. Vancouver, B.C. (21 (.21
Telephones:  Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Hros.'    Gasoline
Engines,  Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    Now Westminster, B.C
before they get back to laying, like
ly they will be poor layers all
winter, when eggs mean money, too.
Improve the appetite and digestion
by putting a little of Conkey's Laying Tonic In the mash once a day.
Watch the Improvement. Try this
on Conkey's guarantee your fowl*
will look better, act better, d i better in every way. 25c, BOc and $1
packages; pails $1.G0 til d $3. Hi a I tli
means profit, Lock OUl for Roup
Belter have Conkey'B Roup Remedy
on hand now, 25c, 50c and $1 sizes.
Use it ai ti ��� flrsl Bymptom Better
still, pul a little .ii the drinking
water occasionally us a preventive.
Men. :���* back guarantee. Brackman-
Ker Milium Co., Ltd . 54 i Front
street, and all groci r i, ( 2233 i
Kred Davis will sell hy Public
Auction the furniture and effects of
Mr. Llndekugel at the residence, 230
Mowatt Street, Friday. October 17, at
2 p.m. sharp. Sale comprises oak rockers, lounges, range, carpets, dining
table and chairs, lace curtains, brass
beds, etc.. etc., also 30 quarts fruit.
Every article will be sold absolutely
withoul reserve. Particulars ol Bale
can be hnd from II. .1. RiMsell, Westminster Auction House, Columbia St.
Dulldcg Keeps Watch, Eut Poundkeep-
er Removes Him and Police
Seattle. Oct. 16.���After eluding Juvenile officers ot the pollci department
for ten days. Carlos Farnham, 17 years
old, this morning was dragged from
his retreat under tbe family residence
at 2S17 Third avenue by Patrolman
Frank Olmstead. Farnham is charged
with  the  theft  of several   bicycles.
About ten days ago Patrolman Olmstead unearthed information whicli
pointed to Farnham as responsible for
the theft of a bicycle from the public
library, one from the Cascade school
ind a third from a messenger hoy. The
third machine, tt has since been
learned, was sold by Farnham before
it was stolen.
The  chase  beijan      When  Olmstead
laid   for  Farnham  a'   his  home,   tbe
youth stayed away.    When th" officer
> visited   Karnhain's  downtown   haunts,
ithe refugee had just left    Three davs
ago 01mstead4lghted the boy leaving
! th*' house and gave chase   He pursued
him   for   seventeen   blocks.     through
nearly as many alleys, upstairs, downstairs,   along   docks,   behind     freight
cars and on and off Btreet cars, the officer going in the rem* end as his quarry  dashed     through   and   out   of  the
Olmstead'a weak angle, injured in a
motorcycle acefdenti finally los', hlm
the race,
The next day Olmstead went to the
house atld found that Farnham had
dug a cave under the house, whence he
emerged only at night, Al the mouth
of the cave, on guard day and night.
Eastern Embroideries.
Turkish embroideries  whli b, ss ls
well known, ore largely In chain stitch,
bid fair to be In fashion. Bulgarian
embroideries, notably In the floral designs affected by the peasant class, nre
prominent among novelty trimmings,
both for dresses and for millinery.
Bright colored tassels, such ss are
frequently noted on the costumes of tho
native oriental, sre used In most unusual snd uneipected ways In the new
costumes and stilts for summer.
Inewed his statements made during fhe
Investigation thai  a rinK existed
Aldermen i'orter and Fullerton both
objected  to  the  alderman  being  re-
i moved from his sea If a further Inves-
��� tlgatiou was to be held
Alderman Dilworth also opposed the
oroposa! to press for the alderman's
For a judicial Inquiry
Meston formally moved
which Alderman HcN'elll s inded
Officials Leave to Get  Hints for  Bettering   Industry   in   British
Victoria, Oct. 16- R M Wlnslow,
provincial horticulturist, is accompanying  J.   A.   Kidmen,   a   nu-uiher  of
the commission appointed to inquire
Into the condition of the agriculture of
Alderman the   province,  on   a  Journey   Into   the
motion,   United Stales, undertaken with the object of making a study ol the working
Alderman   Oleason   considered   that
���he right way would be by application "f tH��trlcl organisations,
to the nontenant-governor In council organisations and the development of
I'or reference of the whole matter to a industries for tho utilisation ol by-
judge of the supreme court products Of the orchard During 'hls
.Alderman Cuthbert asked for an yfsll both California and ths apple
intendment to be accepted extending producing states will be oovered and
'he  ground of  the  Inquiry over  Ihree Information gathered In regard to the
years citrus   fruit   industry   us   well  as   the
The mayor believed they should llm* fruits also grown here  in   Hritish Co
It the Inquiry to some definite period lumbia.
though   so  far   ns   he   was  concerned Speaking of the season of 1918, Mr.
there was no doubt that the   judge Wlnslow said tbat the fruit growers ol
|could   Investigate  the  actions  of  theltbd province have every reason to he
councils since 1908.
Alderman Humber declared   for   a
i limit of thr.-e years.
Alderman Oleason did not ihink any
good purpose would   be   served   by
spreading Mie Inquiry over a lone  pe
satisfied  with  the  marketing of lhelr
crops   this   year,   which   Iios   been   re-
warded   with     remunerative   prices.
Thanks In great measure to the BStab
llshmenl ol central selling sgenclea,
tbe produce lias been well distributed.
The  Madonna   Fichu.
Why the madonna Bchu Is so culled
nobody seems to know, but nt any rate
It  makes n satisfactory  covering  f"r
the blouse of ugly cut or evil lit. since Iriod   of   years,  all   those   that   he   had   w*u, an avoidance of glutted markets
It conceals most of the bnck nnd front   been in the council, for Instance. .,,,,-j   a]H0  ������  unsaleable  quantities  of
and n goodly portion of the sleeve tops      Th*8 resolution ol Alderman Meston  fruit, though here and there s certain
The madonna flehu actually is a
shoulder cape, with a deeply rounded
buck reaching to the belt nml so broad
is   it   ut  the shoulders  that   Its  lower
edge terminates halfway between the
top nnd llie elbow of the sleeves.
The front labs. Instead of tapering,
continue broad for their entire length
und liiivi- square ends which come flatly against lhe figure and nre fastened
to some pnrt of the frock by Invisible
hooks und eyes
Do You Shuffle or Lurch, or Straddle
or Ju_t Toddle"
Unfortunately,   there   nre   quite   a
number of walking atrocities of whieh
' our  sex  nrr  es] 11,iiv   guilty,     i'nr  ex
ample, then- is the ''lurch." an ungraceful ivnlk directly attributable to
wenl  I Is.     Doesn't  every ene know
, the sudden blood rush to the head and
nervous shuck accompanying the
down-tit-heel "lurch und recover".
While the wrench  to tbe ankles,  par-
��� tieularly if  they   be   weak,   ii   really
hn rm fn
must   nttesd   tn   those   lieils   nf   yours
j regularly
was  then  carried, nn was also a pro    amount   of   peaches did   not   reach     a
nosat to continue Alderman Humber inistandard which would warrant putiniK
���iis seal hh the report is received        ibem on the market    in-ue!! canes the
The council left the whole question causes were found to be either Imper-
���r tiki-.- the nec-ssiry steps wtth the feet pruning, Which resulted In under-
citv sr'lcitor duplication will be sized fruit being produced, or the own-
nvile for a Judge to sit at the In- ,.rH having planted late varieties which
quiry were unable to ripen
The regulations of the fruit mark*
lad have been more successfully enforced Uian ever hefore sl the dlstrlh-
luting points, and this is another step
'towards placing the Dominion grower
In a position to compete with bis rivals across the boundary.
Police Celieve Thieves Are at Work-
Italian   Robbed  of   Hi-i
Year's Savings.
London.   Oct.     16.   Extraordinary
facts regarding the eating capacity of
an  Invalid   boy   were given   in   a  case
heard   at.   How   street     yesterday,     In
1 which  the  father of  the  lad.   Henry
PItteway, ol 78 Helgbam road, Hast
Beattle, Oct   18   Federal authorities  Ham.   loalmed   damages   against   the
the   local   police  department   and   pri-   East  Ham corporation and  Mr   Wack-
vale detectives  lire  in   quest   of  what   ett.  a   Mia nor  l'ark contractor,  for  In-
. .        ,. thev  believe tn he nn organized  band  Juries to his son   received   In  B  i "III
"   '"'    '���"���'H   "''"'���' '   ''"'l.ot thieves that  has heen operating on   j|on between a brick car and a tram-
Btami hips plying between Seattle and  car
Alaska pons. ���,    jn the course of the bearing is was
farm sales conducted. Furniture ���
bought for cash P. B. Brow n, 17 ���
Begbie street, New Westminster
-n   * i.'i'iiiiiini'-iiisiir.iiiiia.'.iiir.i'.i'i/.i'Jiii'.niiiiiiir.iiiii'.'.iiiiiiiiirailiiii
"Here is the Answer "in
New International j
The M-iT-AM Webster
i  -tv dsr in jmir talk and raiding, ��t I
'"��� Iiiiuii*. on ilu* street car, tn the ollloe, shop !
_: hml m UikiI >uu likely Question tile Oil IIII-  "
-   tas nt wune neto wenl.    A friend usi.
What ntikis in.irtjir harden?"  You sa k
lie local i���n,iI I ,��� h lit lune-r tli. ���pronun-
< i.-Iuki ill jujulsu.    What is uiiite cool?
II'ih New Creation dcw-its all kinds of
qnesUoiu In Lansuasc,tllitory,Bioinsphyj
netloD, F'ikiioi Words, Trades, Aria and
Iv :    . i ���, uttih final tutthtirily.,
���00,000 Words.
���6DOO Illun.raUoflS.
Coil S4CC.OO0.
3700 VaiiO*.
T>H-<rtil> il,. tiiiiuirywith
lie nnv dit nlitt ftntji; ��� -Imr-
M-t-rimJ a, ������Asuiike of
la-ja r.-rm tdilton:
On  this, opi que, ftrnnir,
liule*. ;i.ii-1   What n Mih,
t��i tinu loown t ���* Uertiam \
\v. i-.li r In .i I     . mi Iit-ii
n-��i bo ronveniii t to in.nl t
One half the thi< Km *���*���> u ail .
wt 1,-lltof HeKUltlx 1-ilW'iii. j
Refute* Edit lee:
()iislmnsl*����>k*i��t>er. Wt
1*   illn.   SmtSlSfStWiX
NO'I IC.V. 1- ItERBBY GIVEN thai thi
Corporatliiii <���' lhi- I'll) ol New Wml-
iiilnsii r iii,.- ,i' posited wllh tl, ��� Mini ��� i
ol I' italic Works end In the ��� i. on of lhe
K, ui-ii.ir of l-i-cd- r.u tho Dlstrlcl "f
N..-.V Westminster, Britlvh Columbia, planH
and 't'*.-* rli n ��� ������' ��� ntre llm ni proposed Bapperton Bewer i iifall eronslng Brunette   Hi*., r   *.n   said  dl Irlcl
thai ilu- Con or itlon of the City of N'ew
Westmlnsti r wlll afti * uni moi ih from
the first publication of this nollci appl)
to the Oovernor Genernl In Council tor
approval ,,l euch work-
DATED al N'ew Westnainsti r. B C, thin
*..ih day of Bi pu mtn r, 1 ftl3
Solicitors for thc Corporation ef lln-
Cltv of New WeBtmlnster.
.   Ul---t.ftlw-c.a1_.
M-i.e.-. Ibi*
inr.i. >hi
Ot (,-*��,
Stria*!*!-:, Matt,
PURSUANT in Hun..n r.o. Bub-sectlon
1. uf th.* Isrn i--li Columbia Railway Act
1811, notice is hereby slven that then
has been deposited wnn Hn* Registrar al
N'ew Westminster, a elan shewing pi"
posed extension of Dock Spur from Road
Nu. in in Canal street, Mileage :i.:i A. tn
Mileage 4.0 A. Lulu Island Branch, mni
under ihe powers given te It b* sintuti
in.- Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
company will tak'*, nud if necessary m
proprlate ihe lands required fur its rlghl
T.  It.  WIUTtf.
(.13(1) Chief Engineer.
Under Instructions from the execu
tors, 'o close oul the eBtate ol th
late Mrs I., v. Walmsley, i will sell by
Public Auction on the premises, Cor.
Lorne and Carnarvon Sts., on Friday,
Oct. 17, at 1 o'clock p.m., the under
���*, ntloned household furniture and ef-
i i's, which consisl in pari as follows:
Parlor 1 ll"ll Player Piano, Carpet,
Bookcase,  1  Leather Ann chair
Dining Room Dining Room Table,
no! hiniiiK Room ('hairs, _ Buffets,
Bedroom 'i Brass Beds complete,
DresBers and  Wasbstands, Carpets.
Miscellaneous 100 ft. Garden Hose,
[Grindstone, Picture Frames, Incubator, Tools, Cooking DU'IihIIs, Crockery
niul a miscellaneous assort menl. of
sundries too numerous to mention.
:T. 1. TRAPP I CO., LID.
Tin- an-
ie officer
aS   P'lv
Farnham had stationed a sixty live
pound bulldog attached to a long chain.
Olmstead breathed soft words of love
in lhe general dire, lion of the dog,
but they availed him nothing.
itnal was not recepive. Tl
wenl hack again yesterday
was sii;i oti the Jot) and jus;
At length an Idea came to the officer Henry Gregg, bead of the dog
catching faculty, was culled upon t"
n tni ��� e ti,,. guard al the dungeon's
' ' uth " :���'��� ������ b soon netted and
i'H  (I nnt] ��� *i Mt     i / poundward,
(.'��� .** ���' ui nnd Mm ���veie Patrolm in
'i i \i"i Hu kirk than entered the
cave and found Farnham surrounded
his cavern home with all of the
Itles and i*. ��� ������ * of the luxuries
of life, and prepared for an extended
-;. si
He has twice heen pent to the training school on Mercer Island, and prob
ably will bo r< lurned.
Boots   and   shoes   are   the_ primaryI    Uh���n   ri|���   H,(.amHhil,   Mariposa  oflstated  thai  during  the  seven   w ks
������ause.  also ot   the      snuffle.       In this  ,,���, A1.ls](:i steamship companv. dock    ended June 'i'i, 'iM pints of milk were
case  the victim baa probably acquired ,.,, ,���._��� yesterda, afternoon  Murchie  bought tor the boy's nourishment   lln
the  habit  through  once wearing  loose Adolpho, an   Italian  mine
footgear.     In  direct  contrast   to   th is:
walk   is the  " bounce."    The girl who  nUggets,  cash
milii1*.''"  in  it   rises   inordinately  high | rB
on  the ball of tho font.    Buch a itnit.
robbery   occurred   between   Ju-   was to have   ��10, the doctor   ��il niul
In this !
llie    /.i.i.,-,-   ,-ii . .i iii_ni{,   iuiii|iui
ed   here yesterday  afternoon
reporled   also had -7H eggs In the same period.
ui.*  nf approximately (2,000  in and consumed the contents ot 104 sy-
inl  checks.    The  sum   phons of soda water.
epresented Adolnho's cleanup for the      The jury gnve a verdict of ii'ih for
..season In the north. the  plaintirf, out of which  the father
Ithougn   possibly   denoting   n   cheerful ���     .r-|(,
I Ineaii and Ketchikan.
I Ile   Lot  6,  of  BlookB   14S  and   149,  of
Lot 'ii. Group 1, Map 1767, In the
iHsiiict of New Westminster,
win reus proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 2138B, issued in
the name i.f Hairy Cline,    has    been
died  In this office.
Notice is hereby given thai   I  Bhall,
it  lhe expiration of one month from
tho date of the first publication hi reof,
i hi a dally newspaper published iii the
ICIty of    New  West minster.    Issue    a
| duplicate  or the  said  Certificate,   unless  in   the  meantime  valid  objection
be made to me in writing.
J. 0. GWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October 9.
i     1913, (2226)
Montreal, Oct. in. -A renttesl for
mandamus wns prer-mrta-d this morning In Hie practice division of the BU-
nerlor court, in* Qonr.alve Desaulnlers,
K. c en behalf of Marie l.ahbe, an
cx-nun In the Notre Dame eongrega-
'ion. with a view to forcing that congregation li) take her back In Its fold,
from whieh she claim* to have been
unilislly dropped.
The n nuesl sets forth that Marie
1 sbbe ni'ered the order of the Notre
Inine congregation In 18M. she was
alloweil in rnslte her perpitual vows on
Angus'  0, 1906.
In .lune. 1912, she had lo undergo
���"i operation, nnd Ins been In uncer-
tnln lie-it), Blnce. On September li'
last. s'ie vus ejected from the convent, she claims, und taken lo Noire
Dame hospll il
After Mr Desaulnlers had presented
the reouenl of Mr. Justice Charbon-
"'���an. in lhe practice division, Mr.
Sniiit Jacques appeared for the Notre
Dame congregation, nnd asked thnt
"ie 13th he fixed to question Miss
Lahbe, which was done.
Miss l.ahbe is at preswit with an
lnml in this -iiv She has admitted
she had nsked in be relieved of her
vo-.'.s two v",*i*-i ago, In a moment of
dtneotiraecmi ni and Illness She was
told by the nuns recently that her renin It had been acceded to, It Is snld.
disposition, looks  not  B  little extraor
dinary, and, although  the girl herselfibee|) ������ (1(,_k .lm|
may   not   rOGOglUKfl   it.   <IH r&CIJ  in'trm-
ously t mm h*>r aervotw energy. ��� "
Ono of the most unsightly walk* it
is possible to sea is tin- "straddle."I
Hero a ji'r' BBoma to throw ber feet
"whore thry lint,'1 rocking from one
aide to the other much in the *atna
manner um n sailor. This moans, ->t
course, that sin* i.i walking with har
I.'^h too f;tr apart- un unforglveablo
offence. To correct this sbe Bhould]
try nm) place her feet ono before the
other in hm straight n line n* possible
with the toea turned outwards.
Than thero are bo many modern girls
guilty ��'f n ridiculous " toddle.1' This
ia nearly alwayi the combined roflull of
Innl. heels and one must be candid to
bo kindj- tight lacing. It la impossible
not to toddle whm the shoulders andl
ItipH nrr kept stiflly perpendicular and
u.i the impel oft roiws from. UB it wore,
within a cardboard mummy ease. Ajj i
will nt once l>f* seen, there enn be nol
freo and graceful swing of limbs in
these circumstances.
Never must the very slight nek of
tlie shoulders and hips necessary to
the ideal wulk by uny chance be exaggerated into an awkward ''waddle."
Nor should the naturally slight swing
of the arms be allowed to develop into
n "windmill" motion, evidently though]
erroneously considered to bo "qirito tha
thing" by the athletic young miss.
After ho wholesale b criticism of
thesOj a Ins! rapidly Increasing eccen*
tricltiee of feminine gaits a woman;
who walks really well is a rarity���it
might be advisable to try^and deduce]
from observation   of   tho wrong   way
the right way to wnlk.        '
First place the feet down hoel first,'
by a circular movement placing them;
one in front of the other in as straight
u line as possible with the toos turned
well out, but not ' 'spread*oagled."
Secondly, balance the body evenly, |
rocking the hips and shoulders very
slightly in unison, ut thr> same time
lightly swinging Ihn right, arm with
the forward movement of tbo left leg,
and vice versa. Thirdly, rear the
head squaroly on the neck column,
with a very, very slight tucking in of
thn chin.
Buch iH tho porfect walk! And it ifl
an accomplishment well worth uc-
; was to have
The Minor had > the boy   n 12.
ten be returned Icordtngly.
Judgment entered ����������
"Salada" Tea Ib "Hill-Grown"
"Hill-grown" tea has the small, tender leaves
with   full,   rich,   delicious  fragrance,  redolent
of the spicy tropics.
Tea is grown high up on the mountains of Ceylon - with its native
delicacy and fragrance held captive in the sealed lead package*.
���LAW. SHEEN er MIXED <�����
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  44?
Branches Throughout the Provides of British Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits nt One Hollar and
upwards received and interest ut tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In ull parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, Gensrsl Manager.
New  Weetmlneter Branch: A. W. BLACK, Msnsgsr. ..*-.. .. A*.
FRIDAY, OCT06ER 17, 1013.
City of New Westminster
"New Westminster Debenture Interest
Conversion Bylsw 1913."
Ihe vi,le of ihn municipality will In- tuki'ti I�� t f    I  I ��� i
;w...,,,,"u,:s!!:���;r|r���,i 0W4 Kn News ot Happenin&s
o'clock p. in. m ih.- following fisass, rts.i|    ���*���**-***--   *-*** f f t_
In Other Provinces
1IVI.AW   NO..
1-Klirt 1(1, )i,'i AND U8.
WHEKKas tin-  municipal  council    of
tlm oorporatlon of Um city ,,t New Westminster iiiii with tin '   " "��� -���������*-���
on  th��>  third  iiny
peas Mvluw Nu. [61
��� llin  tlle  municipal  I
Uon of tin* city uf New Westminster i
raise by loiwi ih" huui nf seventy-flv
tliiiiimthil dollun 1(70.1111111 for tin* |iur
nose nt constructing n new reservoir
asseut '
,r ilu- eleators
���t  July.
IBIS,   finally
being u
bylaw  lu ill-
iiuiirii <>;
t tii irpora-
Tim oounoll chamber, <-ity ball,
Nu. 4 fin' hail. Bapperton.
Nu. t flre hull. Thirteenth strsat, and
nt Qusensborougn.
w. a. DUNCAN, ctty Clerk
i'ity hall, New Westminster, October 7.
KIS. ' j l u s��
City of New Westminster
re proposed
. Xl-OIIIK      , ,,       ,
tot-works system in the eity (
orporatlon by the
i. Imhim' nf deben
uf seventy-flve thou-
,,,   ,��� l���. payable on
mul  n> beal
���f four nml "in- half
uf     Ni'W
assent uf  tin-
of July.  lDii.
being a bylaw
"mimlotpiil council of tht! city
tcllllllIK  till'  V.
of N'-w  Wi nil
known uk "\v
turn Bylaw. IM'.'. No. 'ii
���mil bylaw authorised t)
turei in iiu* amounl
Sand dollara  (116,01
the firm dny >.r July
Interest at th" rum i _..	
il 1 '��� i per oentum per annum payabl
half-yearly on the first day of January
umi the flint day nf July In eaoh year.
ANli  WIIKUKAS tlm  muldclpul
ef  tliv oorporatlon  uf  tin* city
Weatmlnater illd  with
electora on tbo third
finally paaa bylaw No
tn enable the iniinlflim. ������  ���
-nf New Weatmlnater to nuae hv loan tin
���um uf mi"  hundred    thousand    dollars
I llOMOt'I   fur III"  JiunM'H'' Of BrulltlllK  tin-
same tu ih" Hoyal Columbian hospital in
aililitiun   I"   the   mini   ol   thirty   ll niind
dollars  iisn.oiiii)   granl
tni Debenture ByU
law t��'-in'. known i
Itvlaw. ISH'-'."
anu wiikukas tiie corporation hy the
mthorlsed th.- iMau" "f deben-
amount uf um- hundred thou.
11100,000]  to be peyabl" -**
rirm dnv of July. till, and t- '���-
ti-n-m   ill   th
I I   1-2 I   pot
.   .nuntilpnl council
miuui.  of   the  olty  nt    New
with the iism-nt of the elco-
on   the  third  day  Of  July.
tin- "Powei
th" first  litirt ;
���d  under "Hospl-
lyiili " the nald by-
"Hoipltal Debenture
ssld bylaw
turea to tin
���and ilulhir
rut.-   of   f(
���titiim   per
 Klii!   first
a,id th" first day of July
AND WIIKUKAS trot the <
tms  dhl  '
ar In -
annum, payable
day n( January
I    Of    WIll'T
to oortaln
.rd uf SUOb
Till-!   AtiUKIOMKNT.   mail"   the
day  ul ,  um-   thuiiuaud   nln*
luiinli.il    I   thirteen
.,/"������"/ WBRN;
reservoir uid��.      VANCOUVER      POWER
reservoir ana ex |LIMlrEj,   hereinafter caUed
OP    NKW    WESTMINSTER, hereinafter
oalled  "ih.  Corporation"
of tin* teoond pnrt;
whrretis. th" power oompany on the
-uth dav of April. ItOI, obtained under
th. provlalone uf tha Watet Clauaea Con-
aolldatlon act (Chap 1(0
l v'-71 a grant of lu.uoii I
uut nf Coquitlam lak
conditions endorsed oi
And Whsrsss, thi-Hn condltlona provided
among other thlngH, an followa, namely
"'I'hfit  in  addition  ti thf  wates  which
the olty of New weatmlnater n.
tu tak>  from Coqultlam lake fr*
terworka ayatem, th" oompany
uut coat,  surrender tn the
Weatmlnater 1000 Inches of
When,   required,   or  sm-h   l,su
inehi .i from th
quired, but sc
Inchis   su        	
loon Inchea.
"The oompany shall pay tin- annual f*
f..r aueh luiio Inchea, hut! '  "��� ���*
ter surrender, and shall ent
lint agrei mi nt with the
i. nder aald  muo  Inehi ���
eltv without coal to thi
tin*  annual   fees   In   r-nj
Open  curb  markets
for Toronto.
James Daly, one of tint oldest
sens of Napanoe, died  at HH.
burned   like   tinder.     BoathOUSSS   ad
Jolnlng wero consumed.
Representatives from the six counties of Brant, Klgln, Perth, Oxford,
Waterloo and Norfolk, gathered at
the court hotlSS here to discuss the
advisability of Installing an industrial
ih a Toronto tiltlrt
Hint   tha  whil'
surrendered   shall
Its null wlth-
f      New
���iter, If and
number  of
may be renumber of
not  exceed
hefore and af-
Inlo n bind-
said elty I" ��ur-
of water t" the
City, and 10 pay
ci  thereof."
Smoke from u fir
sand dollara daman	
wai^t factory.
John Short, one of the oldest and i
most esteemed citizens of Elzster, is|
dead, agi-d Bl.
Sir James Whitney and Hon Dr.
Pyns are said to have gone north lo
study bilingual schools.
At the Ontario provincial W. ('.
T. II. at Slralfonl .troiii; opposition
was QxprSSSSd  in militarism.
Mrs. Sarah Mutidy. aged 55, fell
downstairs at her home In Windsor,
breaking imr neck and dying instantly,
Men wanted in count ci lon with ihe
Rosenthal murder at Toronto are
said to have been located In the
Wl" *".
Matthew Vincecz, an Austrian workman at the Massey-Harris company's
Brantford plant, was lltcraly torn to
The new oll pipe llne between the
Imperial Oil works in Sarnia and the
Lima, Ohio, oil fields, has been completed.
.lamoH Wilson, Of Warren, was accidentally shot, nnd Instantly killed by
his   hunting   companion,   Joseph   Vin-
I twenty thou-! farm   for  the  six  counties.
A London boy who brought action
for damages against the. l/ondon street
railway for personal Injuries, was
awarded $1,200 by a jury at the fall
assl/e court. The boy loHt a foot whan
he. fell beneath the whi els of a car.
The death of Dr Ivan Annett occurred   at   Victoria   hospital,   London,
following   a   serious  operation.    He
hail  been   practising only  six  months
at   Windsor,   having  been   house   sur-
thu Windsor street station, Montreal
| Bradner had been wanted by the po-
j lice since July 4 on a charge of em-
I Dealing $5,000 from the British Canadian I'iur company.
The establishment of a  provisional
! sc/hool of instruction for engineers at I
Winnipeg, for a period of six weeks, I
; Is authorized in mllltla orders juat Is-
i sued.
Veggmen entered the Canadian
Northern railway station at St. Boniface, stole $125, shattered the safe,
broke windows and ruined walls.
When Constable John Cross accosted
the two men they opened flre at him.
He   was   unarmed   and   the   men   es-
The heavy eastward movement of
grain thin season as compared with
last. Is emphasized in the statement j
of the amount of grain in gtore at
temrlnal and eastern elevators last
week. The total amount of wheat In
store  was  8,160,1(9 bushels  as  com
on the
Seasick   Remedies   That   One
Would Not Expect to Cure.
geon at St. Joseph's hospital, London, I pared with 2,987,066 bushels
previous to tbat. [same date, 1.12
The Mulloy farm, the second larg "I had heard such wonderful tales
est In Brant county, has been sold, of the Canadian west from men wbo
It has been operated for aome years knew the country, that I felt I must
by the Oak l'ark Stock company, and see for myself." said A. M. Kitchen,
has been sold by W, fl. Bailey, of financier of Cornelia, (leorgla, In Wln-
Hatnllton. for $60,00. The farm con- nipeg this week. After having seen
gists of 546 acres. i the  country   he   considered   that   th'
Walter   Rumpel,   son   of   Alderman ' good reports he had beard were fully
(ieorge   Rumpel,   of   the   Berlin   Felt  justified by facts.
Boot company, has announced lhat ha      The present season _eems to be re
wlll erect a  large fell factory  In  theimarkable   for   vegetable     "~       "���'
north  ward of Berlin this fall.    This,growth    In  Manitoba,
makes the third Important industry secured by the city this year.
Columbia   River  Scheme   Will   Mean
Extenelve  Settlement  in
h. lug a bylaw
cil   of   the
r N'*w Westmln-
. sum "f twenty-
for   tin
twentv 'i***'* tl oi
I*, pavable on tni
���,���!  to bear Interest at
finally i.ass bylaw N
to  enable   the   municipal
tlon of ihe "Ity '
"��� raise by loan ih
....   thousand   dollara   ($26,000)   ...
piirtsiK.* of Improving the elty parks, bolns
known  as  "Periw  Improvement    Debenture Bylaw, 1*13 "
and wiikukas the oorporatlon of thr
f N'-w  Westminster authorised  the
,,r  debentures   tu  the  amount    of
nd ileHats  (J3-.000 i   to
first dav of July. 1S-8S,
^^^^^^^^    ^^ tin;   rat"  uf   fuur
nm! one-hair m )-'i) per oentum per annum   payable half yearly on the fl*-t flay   .
of January  and the  first day of July  In '
ami wiikukas the   debenture!   au-
" "     "���- Id hylnws, Noe   161, l r, _
tn-en soi.l, and owing to
rut"  nf   Interesl   f-.i
sing or  the  sai.l  by-
thereby author-
I  .if exe.-pt
���ubatanttal  re-
lulre.l to h" I
tboiited by
utd IM ha'
nn   advanoe
rnuni'V   fini"
tlu* i
laws,   the sanl   dehentll
J,',,, ,,.,,���, ,,.. ���wldanddl.J
nt   n  dl-enunt   Involvlr
duotlon In  the ii'iiount
..ml Whereas, Um corporation has requested th" power oompany t" surrender
to lhe corporation the sahl luiju iiiehes of
wati r.
.v..*.* if i.i ni/rrrd t,y an.l between the
pai tli s hereto as follows:
The power company for iis**lf. its suc-
cessoni Bnd assigns hen by surrenders to
il"   corporation  1000  Inches of water nut
��� if thi said (.',*raut of 10,000 Inches which
[000 Inches Is to ts- In addition t*. suoh
water as the c*rporutlon may be entitled
��� t, tali    from Coqultlam lake for Its wa-.
terwork ; systi m
Th" power company for itself, its sue-1
c-ssurs ;in.l uAslims nsrees tu pay the an-
r   payable  from  time  t.. time  In i
���i . f the 1000 Inches so surrendered
ereby warrants that the annual fees *
usct  of th'*  sahl   1000 Inches up to
the ilut" of this ani-i-iuiiit bave been duly j
puhI hy the company
fa   ititnt.s uherenf  ttu-  parties  berel >
havi  ��� tused these presents t" be executed.
Witness'. ^^^^
ri sui
nnl  I
ssarv  tu P'
ss this
Interest at thi
[s-r unntim
vlded fur. and it Is n
bvlaw authorising tvi
aald ammtnts to bear
Of   five   I I I   fi*   ""Iltlir     ^^^^^
AND WIIKUKAS It wlll Ix- tieci-ssary
nn.l.r thr mini bylaw No 1(1 to raise
annually bv special rate the sum of sin
hundred    and     sixty-one    and    S8-10Q
dollars ilfUl r,f. , tu form a sinking -fuml
fur th^ Mivne-nt of ttn�� iirhirliial and "Ileum of three tlw*ueend seven hundred and
fiftv dollars itiT'.oi for Interest, miking
Iuki thrr iv total amount annually of fnur
thnn-Min.i four hundred and eleven and It-
ItlO   ilullars   ������"ii et,   fnr   t(,n     |���rm     nf
7*.iir nnt'.-r i*'at  a referendum  ns    to
whether it Is advisable for tbe corporation
intu the above agreement will be
i  I,, the  vote ..f the electom on
dnv of OctnSer. on�� thou-
James Park, a prosperous ami prominent merchant of Luoan, died sud-
denlv, following an operation for ap-
p< ndicitis,
The fourth holdup In a few days
occurred  In  Thorold, and  the    town
��� ��'�� "I   frr   special   police     protection
along tho canal roule.
An     Investigation     Into    conditions
comolalned by by a discharged pris*
oner at  .Middlesex
���ii���������'������ by Shi riff Cameron.
Congratulation a   were showered   on
A.   T.   Freed,   of   Hamilton,   veteran
printer, editor and soldier, on the eel-
lebratlon of hls 70th birthday.
One of the oldest citizens of Strath-
I rov nassei] away in th" person of Geo.
Oordon German, who was In his sr,ih
year and had lived there since 18C7.
Charles ClementH, a Chatham shoe
merchant, was seriously, if not fatally
hurt,   when   an   automobile   driven
. ni
the eUthl
t"  the | ���.���������( nin
hundred and thirteen, between
,f !* o'clock a, in  and " o'clock
,.. .... ...  . i" following plaoes, vis. :
Th,. council chamber, elty hull.
Nn 4 fir- hull. Bapperton.
No t flre hall. Thirteenth street, ami at
W   A   DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Cltv   hall.   New   Westminster    Oetobei
13.   ISIS, I-.-H!)
and    floral
 The six-bloom
and seven-bloom sweet peas were fol
lowed by other flowers of unusual
size and beauty. Later, came pota
toes and other vegetables of record
size and weight. Specimens of 4V_
pound to 8-pound beets are plentiful
The charges of drunkenness and in
competency against Deputy Chief
De Roslter, of Moose Jaw, were dls
The third legislature of Saskatche
wan will open November C and thi
referendum on direct legislation wil'.
take place November 27.
Joe Glenn, M. P. P. for Indian Head
estimates tils crop as 260,000 bushela
 This  is  conceded   to   In*- the   largest
Melville    McKane      was    seriously j individual crop in Saskatchewan thit
burned by the explosion of a gasoline , yea.'.
latnn  at   the  yardB  of  the  Kingston j    Mrs. Josephs Zantoski. a pretty Rub-
Shipbuilding company. ��� sian bride of two months, refused in
The Canadian    Locomotive    Works  Regina  court  to  kiss  and   make  up
company gave $8,000 to the widow of  with her husband, whom she accused
the late  Melville Knapp. who sustain-iof  choking her  when  she refused  to
?>'  ed fatal Injuries at the works on Sep-  get him something to eat.    The bus-
Somewhere In  western Ontario are I
located   relatives  of old   Mrs.   Miller,:
of Ancaster. who alone can solve the
mystery of her sudden disappearance.
The aged lady, an eccentric, had about :
Jl.ToO   when   last   seen,   standing   Ini
front of her lonely old shack  talking
to two  well  known tramps who also1
Jo'.m A. Copper and Arthur Hawkes
ounty Jail Is to be addressed  a  Brockvllle audience   on
tlu   new  Canadian league.
Mrs. John Duff, sister of the late
Sir Oliver Mowat. died at Kingston
as the resull of a street car accident
V  M.   I   Hays of  London  threw him  tember 16.                                                  I band pleaded guiltv. but. opening his
from  his bicycle.                                      :    professor  Cecil  P,  Lavell.  late    of, arms, begged his wife to forgive him.
The provincial health department Is queen's  faculty of education, has ac-' Thev were given three days to think
endeavoring to arrange a conference C(,���ted the chair of history of educa.it over,
wlh the United States health depart-  ,|on ln the University of Ohio at Co- 	
^>outh  Bruce bye-election    has been
fixed  for  Octoher ..0, nominations on
October  Ti.    East  Middlesex  election
la to be held October 21.
Joshua Knight, Klglnhurg, who died
from   iiarlysis,  near    Kingston,    waa
aged 77 years, was of old United Km-
nlre loyalist stock and    waB  born  in
ment  respecting tin   contamination of
boundary waters.
Judge (lorham. county iudge of Hal-
ton since 1901. died  at  Milton after a,
Um'? Illness.   He practiced law in l'ort
\rthur at one t'"ie and was mayor of.
���he town  In  1SS9.
The returns of the assessors at St.
j Catherines Vhow a pooulatlnn of 16.-
li'ir,. or "M increase of 1.285 during the
James Mitchell O'Brien, the circus
man, who shot and seriously wounded
Joseph Bellans. in the Castle hotel.
Kdmonton. and was awaiting trial in
Fort Saskatchewan barracks, has escaped.
William   Davis,  chief  of  police    of
When You Spill a Chocolate Sundae
on Your Best Frock Here's a Wsy to
Get the Stain Out���The Latest Fashion Fad.
Dear Elsa���My thoughts tbls wet'
bnve all been wending their way via
tbe big steamships to "furrln lands,"
for really so many of my friends bave
deserted tbelr native shores tbut very
few are left on this side of tbe pond.
I'oor tblnga! Several of tbem were,
or, ratber, are. esperlenclug tbelr
maiden trip, nnd tbey were very
doubtful before salliug whether tbey
wuuld be persona grata ut tbe court
of Neptune.
You know, dear, how one's friends
urge tbelr own pet remedy for seasickness upon Ihe tourist but for some
strange reason each one is ns sby
about tbe value of his offered cure as
he ls nbout bis way of dancing the
tango. And strange, too. his method
Is exactly the one you would oot ez-
p-ect blm to suggest.
For example, there la a social tradition among a certain smart set in New
Vork that one of tbelr members was |
cured of seasickness by living on raw
bam. blnck bread nnd beer. As a result lots of would be smart women
have followed In the footsteps of tbls
scion of American aristocracy nnd. In
the vernacular of the day, have been
sadly "left."
Another of the topsy turvy cures
I've heard recently was for tbe victims of mni de mer to tie a tight band
around tlieir waists to steady their
stomachs Now. this ls a real hardship to demand of n woman wben la
mode is encouraging n more than
Venus de Milo expansion of waist proportion, so this ls probably tbe most
unusual thing that particular recom
mender could thluk of.
One of the most abstemious men I
ever knew told me be overcame the
terrors of seasickness by walking the
deck with a bottle of champagne under each arm nnd wns enred by tbis
ungodly remedy. On the other hand, a
sporting mnn wlll often suggest such
mild remedies ns lemons sud ginger
The ihlnnest girl t bare ever encountered lived for five days on hard crackers ond Insists tbnt they are tbe only
things that saved her.    Some people
With the completion of the land
reclamation scheme proposed for the
extensive area of the Kootenays aloof;
the banks of the Columbia river, a
brief outline of which waa contained
In a dispatch from Ottawa on Saturday, one of the best factors in tho
settlement of that territory will havi*;
'ji-eii established, In the opinion of
many who are Intimately eonneried
with the country Involved.
The scheme, which is said to have
been approved by an order in-council.
provides for the reclamation of 26.000
acres of land lying from Golden in a
southerly direction along the banks of
the Columbia. Private enterprise ia behind the project, but It la understood
in the passing of the order in-council
hat the interests of the publlc will bc
Victoria and Vancouver people are
argely Interested in the scheme. Ifci
������Id McKay, of Vancouver, baa spent
' considerable period of time at Otta-
va laying tbe plans of hia party be
ere the government. Messrs. Canaan and Mitchell, engineers, Victoria.
vere also Interested in the drawing up
f the general scheme, and It Is likely
ha they will be associated with the
eali-atlon of the undertaking. A. B.
I. McGowan, M. P. P. for Vancouver.
s also an interested party in this im-
icrtant matter.
The work of reclamation very vital-
ly affects Bast Kootenay. inasmuch an
t wlll mean the opening np of a vast
'errltory for cultivation along the
���'anks of the Columbia river which haa
litherto lain idle on account of the
act that it Is flooded for se eral
nonths ot the year. R. F. Green. M.
P.. has Interested himself in the mater, and has advised tbe government
'rom time to time relative to certain
aspects of teh possibilities of lust such
t scheme as the one now in hand
lt  is  understood  that  the  work of
reclaiming Ihe flood lands will be ac
���jompliEhlng by dredging the channel
Ot  the  river  and  using  the  materia!
"or dyking bo as to prevent the over
flow.   In addition to benefiting agricul
ure  and   settlement  In   that district-
t ls stated that the scheme wlll great-
y facilitate navigation. aB at the present time the channel is not clearly defined.
The question of reclaiming the lands
in the Columbia river was before the
Laurier  administration,    hut  no'.bine
������,iu*lllv   of   flv��  th
-���.i     ��i-tv.,-igtii    ana
(f,*.dv sin for the lerm ���
T. irs fur Uie repairmen
nnd  in!"-"'!   thereon as
ten In-   been   r
slnkln't fund
ANH   WHKttl'.A*
mil-r   sniil   hvlu
nnnllv   hy
Inrs   H-'l
sn-HiO dollars : <""<^^^^^^^_w..,_,.,,���
f forty-nine (4��'I VANCOUVER POWER
,,f the eeld loan | LIMITED,  a   b.Bly  corpc���
als,'*l   for
hereinafter in'*"-
l��lit hundred and
dollars   i SUM*}
the   firs!   yenr ���
,1,    lurilniid'i
duly   liiiol-
���*lh"    Cnm-
��� ���nl
tlie  piiv.	
of   i��*'|*   "'".""
III-Tin i   fnr   hit
total amount
four hundred
il.illnrs   II14S1
nine nm v-n
nid loan snd   nt
��rt.-r mentions-*
Hr.il   sod   tw.nt
<l-.l Ml havln
yenr's sl'iUlin!  '
INTI  WKKRI-.  -.   ._
whole  rat ��hle l��nrt ,n
according to
lltnnuiits   10   I
nnd and Hft
or.-.t and t'n'i
"���"���"enn!.;.  a.'Unw.
will   h"  ii.i'ess.'iry
1 &:i   In   rnlse   untl,"   sum    "f   tw"
.even..--.,    and    20-100    dpi-
t��� formir-slnklii't ruml for
f the principal -
nnd    nr
t.   mnkliiK
illy   of
'or   th"
I th" sum
t    dollars
.mrethir  n
,, thousand
en" and 10-100 j
term or forty-
he repayment of the
i thereon as herein-
umount  of  IWO h��tv
uiul  14-100   dollars
,d fur the first I
Tin: CORPORATION OP Till" i'itv
I'li'uiiiv in tn,* province of British Columbia, hereinafter colled "thi     ^^^
Whereat, hy petition ot right dated
third   day   or   Murch.    11)10.   filed   '���'
exobeuui r   oourt   of
I. the e.ty und    "
���60 000   to  the  expense of  the  under��� i seaboard    Chaleur   Co.^uld.     Chede-; ���������, to pro��e ������ 8ervIce
Th.   well known hotel and store   at   ��"r �� "n' C.hl"ec,��I1  ,T,h�� ""V thP      c'eor^ Anderson, an old timer, who
ine win Known note] ami store   atn,,,^ w,u sa,| from na Ifax in Novem-1,.|<wt   _,   u.-i^j    ���..���   nn   -pn_-Hsh-
etturgeon   Point    known   as   Mrs.  Wel-   ,.���- ;"'<*   at   .Maci.eoil.   was   an   Mgltsn
key's, was totally gutted.    There was' iman'  who came WP8t ,n  the ciS^tles
say you must drinV no w.tar ^rthmi^^^^*^-^^^
that you must take no soop. snd many Lrnrn(.nl.  The BCheme invoWeB th',.,.
old   travelers   advocate   nothing   but  pendlture of a large sum of money.
tonst. So. dear, you see the most pop- and while the conditions noon whicb
I ulnr rule this season for tbe almost I the contract has been made are not
| Inevitable pond a miction seems to be to Ito hand, it is stated on excellent au-
do the opposite of what you would on Whority that they are certain tn con-
lnnd. but the old and tried salts'cure is " "'
that "tbere ain't no slcb thing aa a
Dick bas Just come ln and snys he's
beard tbe latest remedy s "sure ���tip."
It's lime Juice cordial. Put enough
in cold water to make It taste pleasantly of the cordial and alp tbe beverage slowly the first thing upon awak-
���10 wind, but the building was dry and
md the crown duly filed
....... m me suld pitltlnn.
-d u reply.
_^_____ the
Canada    uiul    duly
_ _     I Mullhew Marshall
Houitht Inter aila oeitaln proprietary rights
in tie* lutiiis and premises therein described
and tin company ~~~* -*��� -
anil servii!  u dt-fi
.iml tie ,-itv rth-ii and duly sen'	
niul the Issues In sahl action lune hither- I
been standing for trials I
on the 24th day Of March.
ii n^Tsement wns easeuted t��-
  I twis-n uu- crown and the oompany with
i�� ihe net vihi" nf   the I "spept tn tiie company's applloatlon for,
hi. u, iii.-iiiiilitv   permission to build a dam at CoQultlam
i  _i     , _.,.sii.,   ,t     nili i Ink,   and to execute certain  other works ,
" '.'rn. .n  m "l< ns    .,.'   hun- '��r ""  i'"""��" '" developing water pow-
...nteen  mill .is.    n.   '"",.-   ,���  connection   with   tli"   sahl   .lum.   u
"""iniiarli  (It. U,7.940> <*W nt which agreem.-nt  Is h.'reuntu an-I
-Iml   Whereas,  ihe  oonstructlon  Of  thej
Said wnrk is continuing under the terms
f the agreement last referred to.
the object of the elty In
referred to was
of  Toronto   municipal   of-
and roughed it in different forms. He
' was a photographer, served In '85 under Mlddleton ���      '-   " '
tain clauses that will meet with the
approval of he Dubllc and at the same
time work for the benefit of the whole
saw  service in  Egypt
Montreal. Oct. Ig.���A trap was taltt
today   by  Detectives   l_ajoie and   Mc
., -, _ . _   .*,,.   , ,�����._   ._. i Cann to catch persons responsible for
Before commencing this letter to the ,arge niim��er of thefU from ers-
yon I waa ln the depths of despair pre|g wagona ^.-i vans of late. Their
concenilng my best damask table-cloth. [0|8Ds resulted in the arrest of Wmiain
ii ralaec
Anl Whereas,
A.D. 191H
COtJNCIti of   tinny uf N.w Westmin-
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxative?
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
Net-Mul Dni end Cb.-mlcel C*.
at C��__.d-, limited.     175
A   party 	
1 flclals  Inspected  trap rock  roads    at
j Cobalt.
An   English   syndicate   recently   of-1
jfercd   the   sum   of  Jl.250,000   for  the
Sultana gold mine, a property of some j
l<S acree. which has produced, accord
under Kitchener as c. captain, and was J npon wblcb a guest had spilled cboco-   Delbln. James Murray and John  Mc-
In India and Gibraltar.
and the suld debentures   ehu.	
tadied tin reto oovpons fnr the paymenl
of the said Interest which shall hear the
signature of the nwor nnd clerk, nnd
sueh s'-rii'iti"-" inuv he either written.
etiimpe'l or Itthoicmnhi'd.
2.    Tin re shnll he nilseil and levied STI-
during   the   currency   of   the   srild
une uuthnrlai'il hy Mid hyhiw No
������lul rule sufficient therefor upon
Montreal. Oct. 16.���Arretus Brooks,
colored  youth, nged  12 years,  left
  ihls   home,   at   051   Wiseman   avenue.
Work on the new government ele- yesterday morning, with the Intention
1 vator at Port Arthur is practically of attending school at the Strathcona
completed and the first two cars   of academy.
| grain to be received were unloaded ��� He did not return home at the noon
Thursday. The storage "tanks of the i hour- npr dlli he mske hls appearance
elevator wtll hold five million bushels 'la8t nlBht- The result ls that his moth-
Figures compiled by the supervis-1 "r lf> ver>' nluch worried and fears
1 lng principal of Dublic schools show that 8ome accident has happened to
the  steady  growth  of  Kort   William iher ��on'    The hospitals   and    police
^-- ...  ���^.���_,  --,���/n,in���o     t���| have  been   communicated   with,   but
have no trace of the missing boy.
Ing to government reports, over }600,-  a
000 worth of gold.
under  purely  normal conditions.    In |
September.  1908,  the  number of  Pu
tin*   litigation   first  above  referred  tu  was I  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_,___________^__ ,.,   	
tn   secure  huth   tlie  quantity   and   purity  elusive, tubirct. huircrer. to un appeal to I ".i'i _������,ii_���i  ,_-��� _��.   ������j  ,_  Q ,  .    ,     Mearlne of the disnnneftrance Cenrire
of water nuuired (or the supply oi  the tin- lieutenant-governor in council of the PH* enrolled was 9-.J, and in Sep tern-1    "earing or tne msappearance ieorge
 ._._..,-. lurovinc. ot Brttlah Columbia. ber, 1913, the number was 2,089. Craves, of 955 Wiseman avenue,  In-
^^Ll^^^m ���'��� -1   | formed Mrs. Brooks that yesterday at
about 1:30 p. m. he saw the boy In an
automobile driving rapidly down Park
avenue. When reen the automobile
was in the vicinity of Mount Royal
avenue, and the Brooks boy, according  to Graves, was alone with  the
   has    by
herewith surren-
di.henl .
181 hv sis niul rate Sllllieieiu ��..��.    __
ell the munlile hind wltliln the limits nf
the snid municipality In addition to ih��
annual sums rtfiuiriid bv the sum nyuw
Mo. IBI in the sum of three hundred and
eeventv.rive drillnrs (1375) In puy the nd-
illtlniiui lnterist ���uitlm-lsed by thin hyhiw.
the sum" tn he Iii ftAdltton to nP rates tn
be levied nnd created In the snld municipality.
S. There ehall be raised and levied annually during the currency of tbe snld
ih-heiituii's iiuthorlBci by eald bylaw No
 '-'    ���"�����*   sufficient    therefor
city of New  Weiitmlneter;
Anil  Whereas, tho    company
agreement of even date herewl
doreil to lhe city 1000 Inches of water out
of ihe grant of lO.ooo inches of water out
of  Couultlum   lake  grunted  to   the  company nn the 30lh day of April.   1903,
der the luiivlslntia of the wat���
Consolidation net. iss? (Chap, ipu r.
H. C. 1S97) which 1000 Inches le to he In
nddltlon to such water ns the olty may be
entitled to t ike from Coiiultlum hike fur
Ils waterworks system
| provli.v...  _..   	
to   Tho company agrees to pay nil thej
out-of-pocket expi uses of (he city incurred
hy reason or* the litigation as aforesaid,
together wltll tho proper costs und churges
of soli, iturn and counsel fees incurred by
the city, tlie whole not to exceed the sum
or tin thousund dollars iilO.000 1. such
paymenl to be made on or before tho first
thn agreement herein
A'titf thit agreement lettnrserth and It it
herebti  ag. -ed   that   the    agreement     of
I'u... ,���. ...   ...    _-     	
day ot December,  1913, and the company!
shall on or beforo the first dny of Dtcem-! I
hei-.  1913, puy tn the cily the rurther sum > l
of eleven thousund dollars  ($11,000)  and   .
i -ii -is,, -__v to the ctty the further sum |'
liy   it//    in    nui.   .....
'll 24. 1910, berolnbefore referred to
, Hiihji ct to the improval above ipsn-
id, be amended and altered to ths fol-
l.V- by speclai nue ���un,.,.... .
ui'un all thr ratenble land within thn llm*
Its of the said municipality In nddltlon to
the snnual sums required by the said bylaw No. 152 the sum of two hundred and
fifty dollars (1250) to pay the additional
Intereet authorised hy this bylaw, tho same
to tie In addition to nil rates to lie levied
and ereated In tbo snld municipality.
4. There shnll be raised and levied annually during the currency of the said
debentures authorised by snld bylaw No.
Uil by special rnte sufficient therefor
upnn all the ratenble Innd within the limits nf the said municipality In addition to
the annual sums required by tho said bylaw No. 168. the sum of one hundred and
twentv-flve dollars (11151 to pny the additional Interest authoriied hy this bylaw,
the same to he In addition to all rates to
lie levied and created In the snld munlclpalltv.
R    This bvlaw shall come Into effect on
- --- ...��.,���( 0t the lleiiti'ti'iiit-
for    all
tinned, bi
lowing extent, that Is to say
tn) The city shall be considered tbe
���party of ths third pnrt lo the suld agreement, and the snld agreement shall be
read  accordingly.
(ti) The following worda ahull lie added tu Clause i of the said agreement, vis.,
"(he word 'City' shall mean and Include
the Corporation of the City of New Westminster."
(c)    Tlie following sliall be added at-
..... m nt ihe suld ugreement : "13a.
ter Clause ia oi xu* �����.���. �����	
The company ehall keep pure nnd main
tain the purity of tho wnter supply for
"--��� .*��� ...,,._., nftM-4 for
Its receiving the asset
governor In council, !^_^^^^^
tl.    This bylaw  may be cited for    nil
purposes     nn   "NRW     WBHTMINHTKtl
-WnKNTt'tlB      INT' ~      ���"""
SION BVl.AW, 1913.
DONia AND TASBBD In open councll
the (Still sixth day of October, 191S.
      �����������... of the electors
13 of tbe suld aure
shnll keep pur
;ty of tho wnte.   _._.._-.
the c'tv at and above the Intake pipe for
the city."
Id) ln ess" of any dispute between
llm oompany and thli cily or between tho
ctiiui'iiu., and the city's englil-ei* touctmitf
any matter provided for uy these presents lu ri'Rpect of tbe requirements on lhe
city for thn preservation or
securing of tlie purity and sufficiency of
mil'!' supply for thu cily, such dis
��� >   ... ...,^ia.���i  i,v  the minister o1
assent of the electors
the nav u. ,".	
HBCONS11>1.HUP   and   finally   passed
the gay ot October. 1913.
City Clerk.
WBCETVEn tho assent of the lieutenant-governor In council the day
ef October, 1913.
purl ot  th.   cily  ior me vi***.-���*. -
securing of ttie purity und sufficiency of
the watcv supply for Ihu city, such dispute shall bn decided by the minister nt
lands or acting minister of lands of tho
province ot Hritish Columbia for the time
being or by such person or persons an may
In* appointed by him to hour and decide
such dispute o. Ill casu of the Inability or
unwillingness of such minister of hinds
or noting minister or hinds of the province of liritish Columbia for tlie time being tu mt or to appoint some other person
ur persons us ufnri sahl (a letter from
himself or hls deputy signifying such Inability or  unwillingness being conclusive
proof thereof)   such dispute sliull bn dc-|tne eisnu.um ������, ���,  ������, , 	
elded by tho minister of the Interior or by  "and nine hundreil and thirteen, bet
such other person .or persons ns may be-  the hours of 9 o'clock n. m. and 7 o'
appointed by the minister of the Interior IP  nt. nt tho following places, via.:
to henr and decide such dispute, and the ^*m**^^^^^^**sx^*^H^^
decision of the minister ot lands ar noting minister of lands of the province o*
British Columbia  nr tbe  person or  pe.
 "* ���* *n* blm as aforesaid or the
Robert B. Eaton pleaded guilty to a
cbarge of bigamy at Montreal.
D.  A.  I.aFortune. M.  P.  for Mont-
ralm,  challenged  Albert Sevigny,  M.
P. for Dorchester to resign and con-
siuiiiaie., pay to the city the further sum |,eBt  Montcalm.    The   challenge was
of  one  thousand  dollars   (11000)   u  year i accepted.
hereafter on the first day of January in ' Andrew Phillips was nominated by
each and every year during the construe- ti.e Huntlneton Countv 1 thecal naar,
tlnn and operation or maintenance of the l""_ "untington county i.merai asso-
sni.l dum. the first of suoh payments io, elation to contest the vacancy In the
he mnde oti the first day of January. 1914. Quebec legislature caused by the death
If) Kor tho better protection and con- 0f W H Walker
servntlnn of tbe supply of water lo the Ar,PP . -hnse nf mum thsn K nnn
citv and for the company, the Coqultluni I ,7,leI\ ��� ,cVa**'*L n'. moTe lnan B'0v0
reserve, comprising un area of firty-six miles. Adolphe Bradner was captured
thousand 156.900) ucres more or less and by Deputy High Constable Klchard at
as constituted by order In council dated I *  ���* .
the  fourth  day  of  March,  one  thousand j	
nlnn hundred nnd ten, shall be continued
and lho minister shall make and enforce
all necessary rules and regulations governing the said lands so reserved so thut
the snme mny be preserved for the pro-
0 ctlon and conservation of the supply of
water to the cltv and for tho company, and
so that tho purity of the watiT supply of
the city may be maintained.
(0) Thn city shall havn the right at
nnv tlmn to apply to the parliament ot
Canada or to the legislative assembly of
tho province ot British Columbia or both
ta confirm this agreement or to empower
11 to carry out any of the terms thereof
or to enforce this agreement, or to do nnd
perform any matter or thing therein contained. Prnt'iderf, that thc compnny shall
he nt llbortv to take such objections to
such nimllcatlon or legislation as It may
deem advisable.
fn Witness lukerenf. His Majesty the
King has caused his sent to be affixed bv
the Honorable William James Koche, and
thn company and tho cltv have hereunto
affixed their corporate seals under the
bunds of tholr proper officers.
Signed, nettled nnd ilp.lerreil
In thn presence of:
Take notice tbnt a reetrendum as to
whether It la ndvlsable for the corporation
to enter Into the above agreement will be
submitted to tho vote of the electors on
......   n...*,^,*     ,-������   t|ln���.
driver of the car. Thinking nothing
amiss he had not taken the trouble to
notice the number of the auto.
To Mrs. Brooks the reason for the
boy's disappearance is a oomplete
mystery. She states that he has always been a well behaved youngster,
never left home before and was apparently content and happy. He had
never worked during his school vacation, remaining around the house playing wltb boys in the vicinity.
I Better Than Wealth I
I is perfect health; but to enjoy good health it it neceaaary I
��� flrat to get rid of the minor ailments cauaed by defect- |
ive or irregular action of the atomach, liver, Mdneya
and bowels,���wlmenta which apoil life, dull  pleasure,
and make all sufferers feel tired or good for nothing.
Ohs Luge* Sale el Aay MedWae la *m WartO
have proved themselves to be tho best corrective or preventive of these troubles. They insure better feelings
and thoae who rely upon them aoon find themselves to
brisk and strong they are bettor able to work and
enjoy life.   Por that reason akme. Beecham's J?ills ara
late      You   know   wbnt   o   wretched
stuln this  beverage makes, nnd  mout
reiuetHes that nre tried merely make
bsd worse.    Dut where there's n will
there's a way. nnd I've got hold of tbe
chocolate wsy.    Wash It out���I  mean
tbe chocolate���immediately ln cool water, not hot water, and never use soap.
When, however, the Injured article
is silk or wool nothing I bave learned
Is   so   efficacious   as   tbe   following.
which Is a genuine discovery arrived
at after much experimenting upon a
chiffon blonse tbat bad  been  rudely
treated  to  a   chocolate  sundae:   All
you're got to do Is to rub the spot
with pare glycerin, taking cure to nib
It the wsy of tbe (rain of tbe goods
and   not  round  and  round,  as  tbls
nutkes a larger spot, wblcb la a mis
tuke often made.
When tha glycerin baa been well applied then waab wltb lukewarm wnter
the part that has beeo stained, rinsing
several times until all grease hns been
effaced.   Now Iron on the wrong side
awl bane In tb* sun for a little while.
At thin seaaon of soda It Is welt to
mnke a mental note of thla expedient
for It will aave tb* cleaner's bill.
Now, before tbls chat cornea to ���
weekly paaa* let's get In a tittle fash-
tun goaatp. Bar* In New York aad at
tb* resorts tb* mustsrd colored parasol In In evidence, indeed. It'a tb*
whim of tb* boor among tb* exclusive*, slthongh Ifa tb* ngllsat thins
the mind of man conld bar* coocdved.
On* cannot say, either, tbat th* amain rd colored parasol b cool looking,
but It Is tspsctally smart wltb Ita kms
handle of carved black wood. Car
rled wltb a blsck costum* sack s sue-
shad* Is T*ty effective, though It has
Ha pronounced ttmttatloas ss tar ss
pink. Ma* snd tav��oi*r sf* concenwd
Tb* grew parasol has been too much
exploited bjr th* massaa. so safari !***r;..-.-^_   	
mustard snasbgd* sad b* In tb* swtta. feW nrtn la tha ******* wfll au
but 4aat so o**r yaar depth, far tba ]*** many wr ���"
sn* ���**��" fad* tbla sarttottlsr tt'-s.. -*"*���
"waafal hsa,- b*Hm ysata 4*rotadtr
The council chnmber, city hall.
No. 4 flre ball. Bapperton.
No. r, flre hull. Thirteenth stroet, and at
W.  A.  DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City hall, New Westminster, October 11,
1913. (MU)
Carthy. ___
Murrav was the driver of an exprem
rin cnrrv'ng packages for delivery to
irfty -Merchants. Today the detectiven
'oaded tlie wagon with packages of
their own making as decoys. Slorrajr
in the meantime had been warned by
lis employers not to take anyone on
the wagon with him while making:
���rins with merchandise.
Today, the detectives claim, they
followed Murray and his wagon on
which they allege were two other men
whom Murray had taken with him
contrary to orders. The detective*
say that when the wagon reached Vitro
street, the men opened some of tbo
packages and extracted goods there-
'rom. The detectives tlien placed,
them under arrest.
Many complaints have _een receiv
ed at headquarters declaring tbat ax-
press packages have been tam**ts*r*a*
with. In numerous cases. It waa can,
plained that the packages bad been
opened, their contents ranaacked and
part ot it stolen, aad tha r-'ekagea
tben sealed up again.
Tho police claim that the tbre* i
irrested have police rceorda.
Minneapolis. Oct IS.���A statewide
campaign against vie* la Miaa-saota
wlU be organised at the iat*tMtfcMMl
Purity ooagrcss, to b* lurid te Mlaae-
ipolts November T to If.
At a meeting yesterday th* Woas
aa's Welfare league appotatad a eoas-
tntttae of flftr Mtaeaepo-ta woassa to
.urge all organlaatkma tetsrsstsi to
aatHrlc* work Ouaashoat th* state to
sen* delegataa 10 tha aeaawsa.
Iwy load omnlsaMaa ta dttaa.
towas aad villas** **-* be r���shad.
Th* campaign oa viae ***** ba laid
oat dnris* th* aMUBf.
Th* procraai tor to* ste day* ot
th*09*sr**s aaa test baaa ��ms-
^^^^M althe boat -  --^������
SmaH bnaehse af Mack sad wh
satin raarbods apesar sa tea ****
aa* tif tb* rlto and aaaa tbs toaala
smart paiMste.    Medium lars*
ribbon rnss* aa# tettasa ai* ai
lu wraath forai araaad ***** fai
Moatrsal. Oat II.���K
h��r* bat aa tu ae aaaOra
tatnahl* that teat aUM at a :
at M. JsrosM. Hae. W. ���. Naaaa **m*
a* Ma r-Mlamst^i totaw hte t-***t^*tt-
iatoteaaSMajt tree ********** -a
that Moa. T. C. Caaarate *M aaiasifl
I* ������' \v.iy -���',   i",.4.|r;|:.ll"l'.'"
Qrand ItaaUa, Mtek, Oat, J*****'
Uam Holooash, al flteatoa. Utah..
tts ****)��� MJ
jiii.Mttffv*j ujn f^R'iw '"���ij'S EIGHT.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 191.1.
The Japanese
mra the most persistent tea
drinkers in the world. They
drink it at all hours and in great
���quantities, and they are moreover less afflicted with "nerves"
ti.xa any other people on earth.
Cxa think of nothing more refreshing than a good cup of tea.
-*7a carry a very well assorted
stock, pretty well every known
variety or tea.
Blended by ourselves and composed of high grown Ceylon
and Indian Teas, per Ib. 45c.
Very good quality, Ib.   , .  35c.
3 lbs.  for    $1-00
Containing a good percentage
ol Flowery Tip. lii. 60c.
Flowery Tip Ceylon, Ih. . . .$2.03
TETLEY'S Russian dc Lux
Name implies  the  quality,  in
IA lb tins, per tin 50c.
-Her Majesty's Itlend." 1-2 lb.
UnR. per tin 50c.
Vneolored   Japan   Tea,   per  lb.
35c and 50c.
Spider Leg Tea, per Hi 50c.
Gunpowder Tea, per lb 50c.
Tetley's. Lipton's. llidgway's.
Nabob, Malkln's, Salada. Blue
MlhJnm. Mazawatta, in facl any
ui, thut you have hem useing
you can get at
308 Sir.th St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15Ui Ave.
A Woman's
Training is for
the Management of a
She spends prudently,
but is seldom versed in
It is in your power to
now arrange matters so
that after your death
she may be assured of a
regular safe income.
Is it not the part of
prudence to arrange
that today?
Call on our Trust Officer. Tell him what
you wish done with your
estate and he will show
you just how it may he
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
l'aid   Up Capital  and
Surplus ..." $ 2.SO0.00O
dssita ....   4.'.i.:;,'-S:i.9.i
T r u a teesuips DUder
Administration over 6,000,000
Tingles     lot*    lU'tid-
holders over   25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Kng.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606  Columbia  Street.
Optn   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to 9.
Greater \Vestmmster
All  notices  of  meetings,  entertain- j Sunday Concert,
ments. s*\*lt* of work, etc., in this I A sacred concert in aid of tbe
column aro charged for at the rate Royal Columbian hospital will bo
of 1Q cent* per line. Please do not I given iu tho Kdison theatre on Sim-
aak ���members of the staff to break this j day evening under the auspices ol
rule, as their instructions are positive, i tlio  Loyal Order of Moose.    A galaxy
  of local talent vocalists have promised
Erect New f.hed. | their aid to tlle event, together  with
Notwrthslanding.financial stringency the Moose orchestra under 11. Moss.
the Ca_)-uiian Western Lumber com- while Kev. Melvin will deliver a short
pany fi��J Justified In going on with |address. The doors will open at. S:15
the er-ec-ti-ra -of a 300 foot long shed j o'clock, the orchestra delivering an
for cedar lir-ibcr storage. overture until 8:110 o'clock, when  the
  | regular program will commence.
A hfime Tim with a box    of    lllll
Thomaa OilTord, Marshall Sinclair.
John l'ope, Hugh Gunn, Alex. Lamb,
John Calblck. Interment was made in
Ihe I. O. 0, V. cemetery.
Interurban Manager Allan Purvis,
of the it. C. BL IL, left for Victoria last
evening where ho will spend the week
end inspecting the lines running out
of the Capital City. He will return to
New Westminster on Monday.
"Satur-iLv.   Special
every ti/ne.
will   win   for you      Round  trip  fare  $;t'..ti0  New   West
122541   minster to San  rrancisco,    Cal..    via
(ireat  Northern  railway account   I'ir-
Cosi.   Coal.   Coal. I tola  celebration, October 22-2-th,    OH
WcfU-ninster Coal Co., Ltd. (sale October 18th to 2(lth, return limit
rhone-feift iStox 7.1S. Cheapest and best. Jgood  November Uth. (21S7)
Winter storage    for    potatoes    and
Small Wasltouta.
Several washoutts have occurred
along tbe north bank of the river just
below tlte Kraser river bridge. Gravel
has beea TaT.ti<��l away along the railway tracks, but these are on tressols
and men jmflniiflfp were at w.;rk on
the Spot.
apples.    We have the heat frost proof
warehouse.    II. P, Vldal & Co.. Ltd.
Remove Plague Spot.
The plague spot iin the eastern end
of Coqilitlam is in course of removal.
Following up   the   magistrate's    re
I marks on  Saturday  when  Mr.  Smith
Mrs.      Frances      Hughes      Wade,  fined the keeper    of   two   disorderl.i
America's roBBtnOSj  Indy harpist, and   houses $.'i0 ;;nd $40 respectively. Chief
McAllisters Limited
her company will appear in ���yueens
Avenue Methodist church tonight.
Mrs. \Y*s*,e plays with the finished
touch unti delicacy of feeling of a
master  -Lrt!__L (2268)
l_o_4 Whit* osprey, between Agnes
and St. George sirens. Finder please
leave a) The Mews office. 122531
Union Thanksgiving Service.
ITie' SI'mntfTiiil association have ar.
ranged to Jroltl a union Thanksgiving
3ervice wi Thanksgiving Day In the
Queens Avenue Methodist church al
11 a.m. Ttie preacher will be tlie Rev.
M. G. Melvin, B.A.. of St. Stephen's
Presbyterian church. An offering will
be tokca up in aid of the local Protestant orphanage on Milton street. A
good attendance from all the churches
is rarne.st!-' solicited.
oT Police Pari' and Constable Marshall
^ot on the trail again and on Monday
iwo new summonses for similar of
fences were served on the offenders
The women failed to appear at the
pollce court. Maillardville. yesterday
and it was reported they had decamped and that the houses were in course
of being deplenished of their t'urni
Meeting to Nominate Candidates    for
Aldermen and  School  Trustees
This Evening.
Believing thnt everything Is to be
gained by nominating candidates for
aldermen and school trustees at such
an early date, the labor men of the
cltv will hold a mass meeting In the
Labcr Temple this evening, commenc
lng at s o'clock. A special committee
has been working on the affair for several weeks and announce that everything is prepared for a hard light
when   the  campaign  opens.
The work of this special committee
will end with tonight's meeting, a
general committee being slated for
election which will assume control ot
the issue until election time.
It is understood that live candidates
for aldermen and three candidates for
school trustees will be. nominated, the
parties representing t very portion of
the city.
either   blue  or   pink   border.
All wool blankets;  in full double bed size, IMxB4; six pounds to tho   pair
This is a grand value at, per pair $5.50.
A special sale of Comforters,  in  various new  chintz;  different colorings.    These arc well filled.
clal for this week, each at 75t.
A full double bed size comforter;  In new design chintz;   well  made and  filled.    A  great  value at  each
Feather Pillows;  full size, In art ticks; guaranteed purified feathers.
and S1.25.
White Grecian  Bedspreads, in a good heavy weight;  full bed size
Special  values  at  75 <.   95*.
Very special value at 51.25
For the Holiday���Millinery special.
tit. Shapes in fell vi lour, plush and
velTet; tatamed with ostrich mounts.
wings, ribbon antl velvet for $5. Mrs.
Agrit, S3 Sixth street. (2257)
Coal.   Coal.   Coal.
Westminster Coal Co.. Ltd.
Phone 8-.Q. llox 70S. Cheapest and best.
More Than Baroained for.
Many and  various are the hags re
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved cily and farm property.
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (21091
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone SRfl.
Formation  of  St.  Paul's  Guild.
At  a  well  attended  meeting  of  St j
Paul's Reformed Episcopal adult Bible i
class   held   Wednesday   evening   with
Rev.  C.  E.  Wincott  In  thc  chair,    i;
was unanimously decided to form    a
guild for the purpose of giving papers
���Druggist   Raises   Novel   Pcmt   in   Dl
fence of Charge cf Si*?plyi.ig
London, Oct.  16.��� T.  A.   Lough'*
A very extensive range of Tapestry Carpets Is now being shown on onr carpet floor, both In piece
carpets antl all sizes in squares; Imported direct from Bngland. We can give you the very best values
and the newest designs and colorings for this year.
Tapestry  Carpets  in  a big  range of designs antl colorings;  27 Inches      wide        Specially      priced       per
yard  at    65c.   75*. a"'1 85e.
Tapestry Hearth  Hugs;  in all kinds of pretty colorings and designs; size 24x45, each at   51.25
Size 27x54 inches, each at    51.95
Tapestry Carpet Squares in a wide variety of shadings ami  large and   small  designs.    These  Carpets  will
give almost endless wear and satisfaction and are very moderate  l.i  price:
Size 9 ft. by 9 ft..    Specially  priced   at    58.75
Size 9 ft. by 10 ft. 6 in.     Specially   priced   al    510.50
Size 9 ft. by 12 ft.    Specially priced at   512.50
Seamless Tapestry Carpets, in  all shades, and very large selection to choose from;  sizes to fit. any room.
Size 9  ft.  by  9  ft.    Specially priced at   515.50
Size 9 ft by 10 ft. 6 tn.   Specially priced al 516.75
Size 9 ft. by 12 ft.    Specially priced    519.75
and holding discussions on subjects of I (jruggiBt who was broughl hefore Po-
devotional, literary and missionary Hce Magistrate Judd today, charged
character, the meetings to be held by License Inspector C.apping with
each Monday evening at 8 o'clock, and selling liquor without a license, ad-
the last Monday in tlie month to take (mltted that he had given a prohibitory
the form of a social evening. The fol , lister 25 cents wonh of pure alcohol
lowing officers were elected: Presi- but raisetl the point that the magls-
dent. Miss    Annie   Uilley;    honorary Itrate thought worthy of a week's eon-
ported oa Un opening of tie Pheasant presldenL Rev. C. E. Wincott. ��eore- Loughey's contention
shoot inr,    ol    Wednesday,    but     the  tan. A. Robinson: treasurer, A. Chris- *    ,   .   ,,    .
worthy eity clerk of Port Coquitlam Uie.' The lookout, devotional, literary ����" ���������nl liquors were alcoholic haver-
had as many trtipbies of the chase as .missionary and social committees con-'ages and thai pure alcohol is definite
will di> him the whole fall. A severe j slated of the following: Miss Hest chemical and not a liquor Dpon this
cold, rheumatism ln both  knees and i Miss M. Doukersley, Miss 0. Doukers   arK���mf.Ilt  he  based  the defence  thai
_______   __ __. ..a      ....... ">.    M �����.     tJ ���>-. i t It       in   nn. Ilk.,       tf ,..i.        M       1 L.ni'v Ulna.        ITiivii sua    t
one pheasant, quoth Mr. Smith   In an
swer to an interrogator
'ley.  Miss    M.   Henry,    Miss    Furness
he did  not  commit a  breach
Miss II. Hurr. Messrs. (). McCloughan
.Stanley Dixon, A. Christie. A. Robin   ""uor license act.
Those desiring a few davs rest and  son  G. Plastow, ll. Doufbrsley and Q. .  p>"-'' alcohol would .choke a man If
.. ...   ,    i     v_i     i i~-     u.,.1    _������     . he  attempted   to  drink   it.  and   is   ae
qnMww wlH and   St Alice    Hotel, coates. cordingly not   a  beverage,  the  drug-
Harrison Springe, B.C., an ideal spot   slat contended
to spend    Thanksgiving     Hay.    Good       Fred  Davis will sell  by   public auc * >* ��� ...-is'considered ,t���   .mini In
fishing and hunting, situated on Harri- tlon the furniture and effects of Mr J^^en  and 'stated    .ha     he'
m lake, eeven.y  miles Irom  Vancou-   LlndekUgel,   at     the     residence,     MO   wouW reBem ���,, ,K,,i8i0��� for ., VV((,k
ver.    Automobiles meet all trams    al I Mowat street, on  Friday, October 1,
Agassiz illation. (2260) lat 2 p.m. shurp.   Kvery article will b
Dr. Shield's Underwear for Men
We arc making a Special demonstration of Dr Shield's famous underwear. This is considered the best make shown In
Canada today; mnde from tha
finest pure wool; natural color;
a good fall weight. The vests
are made double breasted and
good roomy garments that fit
comfortably and easy; all sizes
in stock In both vests nnd pants.
Priced,   per   garment  52.50.
Coat buying time is right nn
us now and this store has a
very large assortment ready for
you to choose frnm: hundreds
��� if coats for women and children,
stnart and useful coats lu new
tweeds and coalings; leather
ette and curded valour motor
coats: rich coats In silk, velvet
and plush, and dainty coats for
evening and semi evening wear,
nnl for lhe misses nnd children.
We give you ii broad assortment, in every size and many
pretty styles to select from;
popular cash store prices on
every garment It will well re
oav yon to visit thlB selection
before purchasing.
Men's and Boys'
Oilskin Garments
The lime to huy your Oilskins
Is al hand again This store ls
fully stocked wllh all sizes, in
the most reliable makes in both
yellow*, and hlack. The Imi est
cash store prices for th" best
Men's   coats   and   pants,   priced
at 52.75 to 54.25.
Boys' roatu;  all    BtSNi    priced
at 52.50 to 53.00.
sold absolutely  without   reserve.  Par*
County Court. jticulars of sale can he had from 11. .1
fn  Uie  county   court   yesterday  his I Russell,   Westminster Auction   House
'honor. Judge  Harker.   tried  the claim j Columbia street. (2246)
cf     Williams      ,-v      Co.,      consulting j 	
engineers. New Westminster, for %'i'ii,. | For plumbing, heating and sheet
a��nin;��t the Powers Contracting com-1 metal work consult Merrlthew -ft Flam-
pany, Nov.* Westminster. .Judgment 'say. Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
was given tor  Jl-i'1  and  costs.    The  Phone 586. (2148)
claim was in connection with the i fee  j 	
tion cf the horn- snow building, .(url-;- , Another Mectino Toninht.
ment ��a.s also given for ?,;1 and costs a meeting of tne ratepayers will be
in an action for goods sold by T. Ki'iield tonight at 8 o'clock in Johnston
The judgment is expected to he one
of some provincial Importance in that
it   Is  said  the  point  has  never  been
raised   in   sucii   instances.
McAllisters Limited
ty      tk      Son.    merchant.-*.,    Harrison,
against  J.  Cartier,   Harrison.
���'or club notices, programs, etc.,
secretaries Bhould go to ll. .lent,ings.
who makes a speciality of this work.
Typing, Stenography. 507 Westminster Trust building. Phone 361. (2259)
hall,  Sapperton,  when  the  Coquitlam
dam agreement will be explained and I
discussed   by   the  mayor and    aldermen.
City of New Westminster
Fractured Leg.
Buffering  from   a  fracture  of    tii"
right log   Fred  Pocock,    of    Langley
Prairie, was broughl  in by  ihe    late
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the I Chilliwack train lasi evening and was
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written. |admitted to the Koyal Columbian lies
llimdred-s o.f millions to pay losses.    Ipita.1.    Pocock   -mis attended   by    Dr.
(2159) i Drew and  was reported to be resting
easy  according  to  late  reports  from
. Kine cocking apples, i,  Ihs   25c.
Choice eating apples. :i Ibs 25c.
Fancy Tokay 0rapes, basket     ...50c.
Qood Creamery  Ilutler, 3 lbs...  $1.00
A public meeting will he held at the   Our Own Ranch Eggs, dozen  . . .  55c.
Council Chamber, Citj Hall, on ThurB-   Kresh Kastern egg*-, dost   40c. to 50c.
day, the 18th inst., at 8 p.m., to discuss  Steelhead salmon, per lb 16c.
the proposed agreement in reaped to [ Fresh cod ami halibut  2 Ihs  .     25e.
the Coqultlam  Dam. A,,0  Hm���k������   Ba,m0Ili  Wppers,   fi���-
Ai.-o a meeting al Johnston's Hall,  au had die, etc.
Sapperton; on  Friday, the I7.ii  insL,
it 8 p.m., Tor the same purpose. %V.  J.   RUSE
A. W, tlllAY. Mayor (Successor to Ayling 4 Swain.)
Mayor's Office, Oct. IB, 1913.      (2250) .447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
K.   H    BOCKLIN, N.  Uli-AK_.8L.E-_,        W. V. H. BUCKUN,
Pres and (leal  Mgr.      vice President. Baa. and Traaa.
Hr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
-and Miss
1.11 A.M .  A.It.C.M.
rkwams in Pianoforte, Violin, 8ing-
ng, Voice    Production,    Theory    (in
la<s or privately), Harmony, Counter-
iioint. Musical Form ami  History.
Pupils prepared for tlie examlna.
���'���.ons of the Associated Hoard of the
Uoyal Academy of Music and 'Uoyal
"College ef Music. Also Professional
Dtptoatas, Teacher or Performer.
Fc.r   terms,  etc.,   apply   iii   Dufferin
' -itr-eel.    Phone ill It.
.. for ..
Move Orohanaoe.
To scene better snd more   accom-
tnodaUoo both as to house room   and
Rn,und_. ine True  nine orphanage is
today moving from Its quarters al 818
Milton Btreel tti 220 Ninth street. Mrs.
vv. Hardin, supervisor ol the orphan
age, expects io have the establishment
all M'ttli-d ii. Ra mw home before nexl i
mid-wt-'-K.    Tnifii Is a playhousi
larger grounds at  the  new  property
and    the   accommodation    Is   better. I Coal.    Coal.   Coal
Thirteen children, oue of whom is al ; Westminster Coal Co..'Ltd
presenl Jn  boBpltal   are  now  in   the phono 880. Box 758. Cheapest and
charge  ef  the   orphanage   under  th** |
dirtiL earn  of the  housekeeper and
the hospital.
Great Success.
The euchre party In aid of the Mail*
lardvllle brass hand was a great su".
cess. Over 200 took part in the en
tertalnmenl nml the music of Ihe hand
and mins by Individual members ox
ceilently rendered and much appreel
atiii The pri/e winners were thi
conductor, V. Bowden, and Mrs Hon
'    and     Over $40 wns realized.
Social and  Personal
A. Bastion, nl Sumas, Is registered
at thc W'K.'d��*.i- hoti I.
Among 1ho��," wlio registered al the
Itimsrtl hotel yesterday were II. \V,
Lind, l_or;d.rt;, O. W. Jackson, Wlnni-
pen, awl Mi. u:id Mrs. Dawson, Chi
Mrs. F. P. Fimfth, SB Leopold place.
will mil re-reive this afternoon,
���a lemnlw ind seize the opportunities when they tome to you?
8F.LF   TO   YOU   NOW
' 'o fit vour.clf to lake advantage of
iiiini faturs opportunities���It is the
oppoi-liaity to gain a practical knowledge.
A. L. BOIU.'K. Principal.
HL ��10 Columbia St.
An Interesting event took place al
Pert Hammond al the home of Mr
���un] Mrs. William Graham, on the 16th
Inst,, when their eldest daughter,
Excel L., and Robert Ward, Vancouver, were united ill marriage. Hev, A,
Dunn, D.I)., iu the presence of a lar?e
company of frlenda and acqualntanct
performed the ceremony.
In the afternoon the young couple
li ft on a long honeymoon trip to the
Kastern States. On their return tliey
will make iheir home at Porl. Coquil
Now the cool weather ia here and it is time you
were buying your
I*, just what you want.   We   have   a   full   line   of
Don't go elsewhere till you have inspected our stock.
Next to (-ifford's Jewelry Store.     Columbia Street.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Muaical  Gooda of all Klnda.  PHONE *M.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Plal Ornln
We are also speclnll/lng In Kir lloors with Veneered Panels,
which nn- heller In construction, mote heaulirul uud no moro expensive than  the old  solid  raised panel doors.
(let our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
At Abbotsford, at the residence of
the bride's mother, on Tuesday, the
141 ll ItiSt., Isabella, elder daughter of
Mrs, I). Fraser, v.n.i united In mnr-
''Inge lo John Stefan, Now Wesiminster. Hev. iir. i)iinn assisted by itev,
1. I.. Campbell, D.D., officiated. After
a brief bonoymoon Mr. and Mrs.
-iii'ian will  reside In New Westmin-
���U. r.
NICHOLSON    Tho funeral    of    the
late Malcolm    Nicholson    took    place
rrom the family residence, 233 Kixih
aveaue, yesterday afiernoon.   Hev. a
Dunn led lho service nt the house and
al the graveside Kev. W, W. Abbott
officiated,      The    pall    hearers    wero
Short Term Loans
F. j. HART  & CO., LTD.
Eetabllahed 1891.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, E mployora'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marina Insuranu.
Single Fare and a Third for Round Trip from New
Westminster to any Point on the Division.
Special tickets may be purchased from Saturday until Monday, good for return passage on Tuesday.
This special rate provides an enjoyable holiday
trip. For sportsmen it will be especially attractive
as the line passes through a country which abounds
in pheasant and other game birds.
Trains leave New Westminster terminal daily
at 9:15, a.m., 1:10, 4:05, and 6:15.


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