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The New Westminster News Nov 14, 1913

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News Cla' a, id Ads.
Have proven  .**' .r worth by  ihe
results   they   ^ duce.     They    till
large   or   S -S'.    wants   at   small
F.ns-rinrers,   Firemen,   Conductors  and   Trainmen
Walk Out.
Over 2500 Men Are Affected���Wages
and Alleged Violation of Contract Given as Cause.
Houston, Tex., Nov. 18.���Approximately -50u trainmen and engineers
on the Atlantic division of the Southern I'acific railroad on the Suirsei
limit A-ent on Btrike at 7 o'clock to-l_. . ...
night. In accordance with an ultimatum | Municipality
presented to the officials of the road
here yesterday by delegates representing the four union organizations
The walkout came after more than
Blx months of futile negotiations
which sought an amicable adjustment
Vancouver Gets Permission
to Establish Burying
Stands   to   Lose   (6000
H. B. Hollins & Co. Has Liabilities of $5,000,000���Assets $2,500,000.
ffiiHiB today!    at STAVE UKE
Annually In  Taxei
Returns from Victoria
Hv u decision reached in Victoria on
of  difficulties   between   the   company * Wednesday the protest of the Hurnaby
and the men. i municipal   authorities   as  to   Vancou-]
An eleventh hour appeal to the federal board of mediation and concilia
tlon by the railroad failed to stop 'he
walkout and with engineers, firemen,
Conductors and trainmen from Bl I'uso
to N'w Orleans out tonight the southwest faces a possibility of ono of the
moid serious tie-ups of traffic In years.
Itailroad officials were silent tonight as to what efforts were being
niaili- to relieve the situation, but. reports from other polntB Indicated
hat preparation! were being made for
the coming of -strike-breakers.
All trains due
points after 7 o'clock tonight were
cancelled until further notice Those
leaving before tbat time. It was stated
by union officials, would complete
their runs after which their crews will
join  the other strikers.
Looally the walkout was accomplish
Established Over Twenty Yesrs Ago���
Difficulties Dste Back to Psnlc
ct  1907.
New Vork. Nov. 13���Th* failure of
II.   H   Holllns and   company, ta old
established   banking    and    brokerage
house, with International connections.
| was  announced simultaneously  today
ion the stock exchange and In the I'nft-
| ed States district court.    An brvolui*-
tary   petition in   bankruptcy  -againat
the firm had been filed In the court.
Liabilities are estimated at t5,040,d00
with   assets,   largely   bank   loan*  of
from  $2,500,000 to $3,000,000.
The  firm  wss established  over 20
years    ago    but  recently   underwent
Elimination of Provisional
President Will Soon be
President    Wilson    Says    Situation
Looks Much More Favorable to
Six    Prominent    Members    ef    Inter-
national Typographical  Union
Will Be entertained.
convention at Seattle.
They come to Vancouver this* morning, are met by the executive Jt the
local I. T. U. No. 632, and after seeing
the farm at--essondale, speak at    the
ver locating a cemetery In North Bur-j;everal chang^ln "p^rtel"^  M "thrt"mT SEafor MSffiSE^1!^*^ .'TlJXl'"uSS!
naby appears to have been In vain and i ���  Holllns. the senior member, was a port would Ae granted by England to ��� *h*P^    ZLLn��    J? ,!_a���
the residents of the municipality wil J ,mtlneSg  u*ooist�� of the  late J,   I. the Huerta regime, mt fortlr in Lon- ���*m*er"   2f    *!��*"*    I?e   Visit0"
be forced to Btand an annual ions of;Morgttn.    William  K.  Vanderbllt also! don press dlnpatcbes, ereated a favor-
-bout J60OO, owing to the exemption |WM at onP ,lrae identified with thi*', Ai,1�� Impresslbn    throughout    official
Six  big men  in   the    International
Typographical union- are to be In Hew
Westminster today,   md after a tour
about  tbe  colony   farm   will  addrvmi
local typos in the LatW temple. The
visiting party Is composed! of John W.
Hays,     of    Minneapolis,,     secretary-
���.    . ..       .,     .. treasurer of the I. T. U.;' Was Hayeti
Wsshlngtoa. Not. 13.���United  sup-1, _.     .    .    ..      u     '    _,,
port bom tho great sowers abroad Tor I ���� Cleveland.   O.;    Hugh    Stevenson.
the Americau policy towards Mexico, | Toronto;    Thomas    McCuflough,    of
show* In a variety of -quiet diplomatic Omaha;   President  Barrett, of the  I.
actlvlttta, gave President Wilson and I T.  tf., Chicago, and Hugo Miller, sec-
Sec retary Bryan confidence today tint [ ond vice-president of the I. T. U. cf
the elimination ef General Huerta as i Indianapolis.    All   are   delegates    to
provisional presMent of Mexico, soon  the American  Federation    of'   I_abor
would bei an accomplished  fact.
An exctange   ttt   cablegrams wttk
Ambassador  Page, an  agreement  by
Oreat Britain to leave the solution at
else Mexlcaa situation in the hands of
the United
men that no moral or financial sup
Western Canada Power Co.
Will Carry Out   Huge
S<mHar to Operations at Lake Coquitlam Of B. C. C R,���Flood A d-
jacent Land.
Central Georgia Passenger
Train Plunges Over Em-
from  taxation  of the land  purchased i nrm  )n  )ts  outaide enterprises.    .Mr
by the Vancouver couneil. Holllns'   partners   include   Briton   N.
The Hurnaby delegation, composed | Busch. the board member, and Walter
of Reeve McGregor. Solicitor MM.uar-1 Kutzlebb, for some vears the manager
rie, Municipal Clerk Moore snd Engl-1 |n this country of the Ruseo-Chinese
neer   Mucpherson,   argued   that   with   bank.
the transformation of Dl. 143 and j According to the firm's lawyers,
US into a cemetery site, the munlcl-;the failure wa�� precipitated by the
pallty would not only lose $6000 a ��� withdrawal or several large deposits
to leave terminal year but would bc faced with a heavy which seriously reduced Its working
upkeep of through roads to the bury-] r-apltal. At one time Hollins and
ing grounds I company   had extensive  Interests   in
Keeve McGregor suggested that the ; Mexico, and represented In this coun-
city buy a cemetery site In the vlcin- i try the National Bank of Mexico and
Ity of I'oint Roberts and not In such a
i losa-ln section as Burnaby.
Mayor  Baxter of Vancouver stated
Od quietly."   Prompt^ at 7 O'clock Vh* I the property In purchase and improve-
yard crews left their trains and
other trains reached the terminals
lure the men ceased work. Similar
conditions were reported all over the
Sunset Central lines, which embrace
a total of 2400 miles of track.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive En
speak, as there are no grievances to
bring forward.
Upon retUTttirrg to Vancouver th��
It was felt -hat Great Britain. Ger- de.egates win speak at 8 p.m., going
many. Prance and other nations now!to Seattle on the midnight boat.
stood together in acquiescence In the James If. Lynch, for 13 years presi-
plan of the Untied States for the ell-; dent of thi? International Typographl-
mlnatfon of Huwta. | cal union, will not come to this city
President    WBsOn    hnd     prepared as  was  at  once  time expected.    He
TIm federal author-tie* have granted pus-mission to the Weatern Canada
���Poweir company to tura Stave- lake
Info a mammoib reservoir tor water
to be used- for power geaeratlnt; pur-
[ua-**-.,, according to the official.) of
tke Dominion timber office la tbis
Tlte h-ige resesvolr will he similar
to that which hus been created out
of Lake Coquitlani by the B.. C. E. it.
an.ti wlll A*, created by esiargiag tne
basin of tbe lake. The operation will
con set of acreaslrai the height *t the
dam i and flooding the land, adjacent
to tit* pres����t shores of th* bike. The
area which ft is pritposed to flood: i��
several square miles in eat-but aad
is at present rich  la timbnr we*S.
To arrange for the1 disposed of the
timber whicli is now growing: urn
what will constitute part ot* rtte Bottom cr the reservoir, E. P. Stephenson, cltef" insneotor of craw,-* rtrnf-er
agencies,  with- headquarters  at  Wfu-
Consisted ef Five Cara Crowded With
Excursionists���Hundreds Pinned
Under Wreckage.
early today a statement of the sltua-jhas accepted the commlssionership of*_,ip<, lj company wlthiE W Beckett
tlon outlining the communications labor for New Tot* state and is nowUe KcM tlmberragent imd P: ��_**_��
presented  by  Cliarge  O'Shaughrressy in the east. m timber ingpartorp ������ow ou a ,.,��
and John Lind, birr within-a few Hours
such favorable advices bad been received as to cause the president to
withhold the document from publication.
Much MorrFsvoratMe.
"There are elements ln this case,"
the   International   Mortgage  Bank  of
Mexico City.
Trouble Since  1907.
HolllnB and company participated In
the preliminary negotiations of the so-
called  six-power group    of    bankers'look
which   contemplated   the   Issne  of   a able
large loan to the Chinese government. I The president spoke thus of the
Th'.s project was abandoned soon af- situation to half a hundred Washlng*-
ter the advent of the Wilson edmtnls-  ton correspondents    at    tbKr   semf-
meiit   was   costing   the  citv   S400.000,
from which there would be no return
and   the   people of  Vancouver   would
be compelled to pay S20.000 annually
in  sinking  fund  and  interest.    Burnnby  would   have the  right    to    hury
their dead in tiie cemetery- on pay-
gineers. (Brotherhood of l_ocomotlve I ment of the usual fees, which wonld
Firemen,  Order  of   Railway  Conduct;he  turned   Into  the cemetery  fund.
ors and Order of Hallway Trainmen I    Premier  McBrlde pointed    ont    to  lieved  to date back to the panic of
are involved In the strike. |1>olh  delegations that  it   was  evident, IMT. at which  time lhey WW btird-
The  men  claim  they   were  unable  'he government had approved of the;.ned  with a  number of unprofltahle
to secure a satisfactory settlement ot c*m*terjr  she In Burnaby because It j propertiec.
a list of *7 grievances or to enforce'had  set a  price on  the  property  tt|    On the stock exchange It was umfer-
��� observence of tbelr contracts through I owned   there   ItsfM.     He   urged   thf) _ stood the firm had closed out lta ttrw
TienTsin,   China,    Nov.    13 It   Is
alleged   here   that a member of   the
president's staff of secretaries named
,_    _ ..... _,Chu '���as arrested today in the palace
said  thw president,    which- r cannot, t Peki        Chu, it is said, was armed
discuss at preseat. But which make it     lth     ���������������.. ,Bd e^f,^ he   ���,���.
t<r me very  much  more  favor-1 UnM *_ munWr Pr,^dent Yu,n Chi
its Slave' lake.
The timbered' Umd will'be relbaBe*
vs the Western Canada Po*reT com-
paay on the pa> ment of certain dues,
It is stated, and' the amount of tim
EW-Wla, Ala., Nov. 13.���Twelve persona were killed   and more   than   a
acor�� injured, some of them fatally,
early today when three coaches of a
Central  Georgia passenger train  left
the rails at a point 17 miles south of
here aid plunged down a steep embankment. Tbe train, whieh consisted
of five ears crowded  with excursionists wae en route from Ozark, Ala., to
Eufaula, whore a fair is. being held.
The id-mtUled white dead are:
Pomp Ghtkey, superintendent of the
Barbour coufky poorhouae at Clayton;
Monroe FUs-jtt Clayton;  Miss Bonnie*
Brock, Clio; Curb Ben. Clayton; Mrs.
Laura  WilUaann.  Clio;   Mrs.   Wilbur
McLean, Clio;   child of B.   P. Black,
Clio;    Mra. Alto Adams,    ElarovUle;
Zack Peak, Clayton.
Three dead'neitroea also were taken
from the wreckage.
Among tho-a. who escaped with
miner injuriet > w*s Jpttrson D. tlay-
txm. a wealthy Alabaman and brother
of the congreuanan, H .ary D. Clayton, of this sUi**-
A broken rail is sadd to have
caused the accident. As the crowded
excursion train mended a curve the
three cars at Uke rear, packed with
passengers, guddMly left tbe tract
and, breaking a\eay from the others,.
t ration,  which  announced IBs opposition to the plan.
The difficulties of the firm are be-
weekly conference. B was apparent
tbat he feft decidedly encouraged by
recent advices. Asked about the
word "favorable." he eaplained that he
meant "favorable to a settlement."
The president gave no details to
show upon what his optimism was
based, but be made it clear tbat a
primary condition of -settlement was
ber available on what will' oonstttutijl rolled  down  the  steep  embankment,
part  of   the   reservoir  is  now   beinglThe coaches were demoll_*ted.
ascertained   by    the    crwwn    tl'mberl    Occupants of th* two coaeffes which
officials. renurfned on the    tails   liaraediately
Licenses    from    the    crown  to ir.- Bent tftefr efforts uw rescuing the hun-
dlvlduals -and corporations have been dreds who were cuwght in tile tangled
Want to SOmrate 'Em .Issued on part of  the timbered lantf j mass ef wreckage.   Relief trafas bear-
Stockholm.   Nov.    13.-Negotlations anl*0 �����*_? tWS ?��rtl��.n the ^*'!r V*\ J^T^ "l 'IT"* J""e���. dt*'
are proceeding between the courts of l��"����anr ***���    re<l',i���     ""-< ���"-         " ���    "���"
St. Petersburg and Stockholm, accord
respective    organisations   and i Vancouver   authorities   to  jn-epare   a 'remaining contracts or committmettts ��� the uttstlpg of Huerta and all pf thoev
they   combined     their
forces  P|an af the project and arranRem-i-nU a few days ago.    Its principal credl-1 who stood for the kind of gmeiumenf fn May. T908.   Keeently they were
VV  R  Scott  president and O  8. Waid,  might be made later for co-operation ��� tors were the Hanover National and j he  was  conducting     It  was erident
general manager of the Sunset Cent-  between the two municipalities. Oe Bank of thc Manhattan company,  that  the  president  had  received I'm-
"������������'-������    ���-'-������ -    ���< ��� ��� -      portant dispatches, but he decHned to
say whether they were from STexfoo
City or Nogales. the Constitutionalist
nil declined to meet the Joint commit-      Veslerda>   a   delegation   cf   eereral | These Institutions are said to be Billy
,,,, [alderman from Vancouver visited thejtneured as also are some banks strp-
Tbe    referendum    strike    vote was j site and evolved a plan which the city! posed  to have  made loans to the in-
I solvent firm.
Harry B. Holllns Is a director In nn-
then taken.    It proved overwhelm big'
lv in favor of a strike.
engineer will prepare    The site Is accessible   form   New   Westminster   via
Thc grievances Included    the    ques   -b* PWt   Moody  road  and also along
tlon   OftW��gee,   alleged   violation   of  the  Johnston   rosd   which   Is  In  good
contract by the railroad and  various  r'>p-''1-* .
personal   complaint*.
������ Washington,   Nov.   13.--Col.   Oeorge
San Diego, (al., Nov. l8v���TbeIt/f, tloethals. chief engineer of the
armored cruiser South Dakota. Which |Panama canal. Is not to retire, as has
was to begin larget practice off the been reported recently. On the con-
t'cronuilo Islands uext Monday, re-trary he Is on terms of tbe closest
celved orders today to await further friendship with President Wilson,
word from the navy department. This Secretary C.arrtson and the Washing-
change of program cairnes belief that:ton administration. This was made
the South Dakota may be ordered toiplaln today by Prealdent Wllaori him-
\ii'\'ipnti  wft_k____r__i iBVii.
Orders lave been issued to Lieut., The president had expected tc-visit
Martin  Mete ^ <ng  the  Pa- ^   -nal ga> ��.��fiff****
of hls command ready for service OH ^ no particular occasion for a visit
I now   until   January.   1915,  when   the
ii hours notice.
The destroyers are due to arrive
from San Pedro tomorrow when they
will UU their bunkers at once.
Tapping the Maple.
Ottawa, Nov. 18.    A bulletin of he
department ot agriculture states that
of   opening the canal is
Comes to Good Country.
Edmonton.   Nov.   13.���Tired  of  the
continual   strife   In   Mexico,  tired  of
while Quebec Ontario, Nova Scotia I the loss or business and the perpetual
and New Brunswick produce two mil-, hand to month existence, M. K. Hanna
Hon dollars worth of maple sugar an-1 maker of Vera Crux. Mexico, arrived
nually the Industry ls declining. Only in Edmonton today for tho purpose of
about 10 per cent la No. 1 grade, i studying thc conditions In Canada,
while No 4 grade, whicli brings one I with a view to locating upon a suit-
half Um price of No. I., Is 60 per I able farm. He has sold out his bust-
cent of the total production. Thus!ness In Mexico after having come to
on quality alone the makers lose a ithe conclusion that conditions would
million dollars. not Improve.
merous financial and industrial corporations ond Is prominent in aortal
circles. Ills town house was recently
leased for the season by Vincent Aa-
Worst Passage in Yeans.
Boston, Nbv. K.-���Three belated
trans-Atlantic- liners, tbe Cambrian
from London. Hie Hanover from Brera-
erhaven, and thn t^irtsfan from Glasgow, arrived today, each bringing reports of the terrific gales and nxmn-
taluous seas. The Cambrian reported
the worst passage in years. On the
Hanover storm fife lines were rigged
to prevent saffors from being carried
overboard and the passengers were
mot permitted on deck for several days.
The Parisian encountered head seas
and westetly gales all the way across.
ing to the Stockholm newspapers for
the dissolution of the marriage of
Prince William of Sweden and the
Princess, wha was Grand Duchesa
Marie Paviovna, daughter ot the
Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich. The
couple  were married at Tearkoeaelo
ported     In    dbmestfc    troubles
Princess Marie feft her husband.
negotiate;patched   from   Ozard. and   Eufaula.
with' the lieense holders. wher* maay of the dead arj Injured
As in the case with Coquitlam lake {later wet* taken,
the  timber on the land' adjacent tol    Many  of  the   TiMma   wen cared
Stave lake TiB be remove-J befbre t-ftejfbr at   Clayton,   where    the eKlzena
lake basin is enlarged'.   The reservoir
when1 completed will assure the Western Canada   company   an   abundant
source of water for generating purposes at all times of the year amf
will permit the extension of ita generating stations:
Columbia     Cold     Storage
Plant Wilt Be Removed
from Waterfrtnt.
Negotiatlons Concluded and Contract
Wlll Be Awarded at Once for
New Buildings.
Columbus, O., Nov. 13.���The convention of lhe Autl-Saloon League of
America, adopted a resolution today
niuklng a veiled attack on Secretary
��f State Bryan for his part In thc
recent senatorial campaign ln Maryland.
The resolution states that federal
���cfflcerB Interfering ln state politics
should consider themselves the
moral guardians and political spon
sors of the mon    elected   to
through their Influence and should
hold themselves responsible for the
conduct of these men while ln office.
Members of the resolution committee said that they had In mind Secretary Bryan and the part he took In
tho election of Blair l_ee as United
States senator from Maryland, when
the resolution waa drawn.
The convention adopted resolutions
favoring nationwide prohibition secured a federal constitutional amendment
and opposing tho system of licensing
or taking revenue from tho liquor
business.   The convention also urged
that anti-liquor shipping laws be pasted by the various states.
The convention elected national
officers today. Beorganlsatlon of- the
league to permit state associations to
work tn closer harmony with tht
national organization was effected.
The convention adjourned tonight, but
the temperance conference wtll continue through tomorrow. Delegates
wlll outline a definite program for
securing the federal prohibition
office 1 amendment.   A delegation of 1000 or
more will be named to travel to
Washington and present the petition
for a prohibition amendment to congress and President Wilson.
Rev. Dr. -Purdoy A. Baker was reelected national superintendent ot
the Anti-Saloon league for two yeara.
Blahop Luther B. Wilson, ot New
York, was re-elected national president ot the league by the board ot
trustees today. 8. tB. Nicholson, Richmond, Ind., waa elected secretary, and
Foster Copeland, Columbus, treasurer.
Under the new constitution they will
take office June 1, 1914.
The Columbia Cold Storage company haa refused the city's Inducements to remain In New Westminster.
This was the message brought by Geo.
Cassady, manager hero, from W. H.
Barker, manager of the B. C. Packers' association last night following another conference yesterday. Moreover Mr. Cassady said orders for the
Immediate letting of contracts for the
Steveston plant had becn given. It
Is stated to be tlnal and It looks aa It
negotiations were over and the cold
storage company would leave the local
By both delegates from the local
branch of the B. C. Manufacturers'
association and the city council the
proposition submitted was thought to
bo fair.
In part lt was that a site 222xS00
feet at the foot of Tenth street, tho
equivalent of seven lots, and flre water lots, be offered. The rental to be
$1250 per year for the first tlve
years; $1500,, $1750. and 12000 per
year tor the succeeding three five-
year periods.
The company withdraw all claim
for compensation on the present atte.
That lt erect a plant worth $175,000
or more. The city would agree not
to tax Improvements so long aa this
remained the policy.
That wliite labor solely he employed and that the oompany conform with
the harbor llne of tho city.,
Though no announcement haa been
made It la understood that the coo-
tract tor the StefDston plant Will go
to the B. 0. Oranetold company for a
sum less than $100,000, by some thousands of dnt'nrs.
Asked last night what the company's move would be, Mr. Cassady
May  Be  Out Here.
Winnipeg. Nov. 13.���The policemen
here are makfag diligent Inquiries for
Fred S. Crawford, aged 41, a native
ot Ontario who for some years past
has been following his trade as an
electrician at Redford. Mich. Last
Aprll he went to Detroit on business
and his wife has heard nothing of him
since, but now has a clue he is ln western Canada. The man ia steady and
there is ho theory to account for his
disappearance. His description ls:
Heigh*. 5 feet 9 inches, weight 140
pounds, fair, light hair, grey eyes.
Committed Suicide.
Bome, Nov.  IS.^-CoI.  Bougarin. the
Russian  military- attache  .at    Rome
committed  suicide  today.      He    had
been suffering from a serious illness.
turned thetr reeldewces inter emergency hospitals. All! the pttystctans
within a radius of many mites hurried to the scene, ah large waa the
���number at victims, however,, that
available apace at Clayton soon wsa
exhausted and many were plfceed on
cots oa porches .and tar front yarda.
Because of the isolation of Uta place
where the wreck occurred and the
confusion which  prevailed, id-ntiflca-
To Elect Bishops
KBmonton. Nov. 13.���Wftn the ar-
���"���H-al of a decision- whereby a synod
of the diocese of Edmonton wfll be j -uon 0t the dead and injured wss slow,
called to order for election of a bishop ! vot until tonight were the names of a
on Jan. 29. 1914. and the adoption of jmSjort.y 0t thosd kffl*d known- with
'everal resolutions completing the or-1 eertainty. A majority of the injured
ganizatlon of tho diocese, and flnalfy; receiie* onIv patnfur scratches and
witn a social visit to government 16ruf8e5 from gpiln.ered'woodwork and
house at the invitation of Lieutenant'  ���,_ ,__,__ n_i���_ -._,_-
rh��;e�����.vBfo^ !?,��� "e V'Staon*I    SLSSd  omc-flT^saued a state-
the newly formed diocese of Bdmon- i-__3_.w_ i- ...���*._.���< _ti_... ___nrf___-i
ton w�� brought to a conclusion this ������*����������" '�� ��**��*���' ��Tf^f
Census Bulletin Issued at
Ottawa Indicates Much
in Value ef Live Stock
ttlt Over 1901 Waa $60 Par
CenC���Dairy Prodecta.
Nevas of Further Disasters
on Lake Huron in Saturday's Storm.
Full   List at Dead  May   Never I
Known���Many Boata Still
Ottawa. Nov. 13.���The last of the
census bulletins dealing with agricultural statistics ot the western provinces gathered In connection with the
census of June 1, 1911, was issued tonight. It deals with British Columbia
The bulletin shows tbat farm holdings
ot SO acres and under. Increased trom
2086 in 1901 to 11,000 in 1911. The
number of the holdings over SO acres
Sign Treaty of Peace.
Athens. Nov. 13.���A treaty of peace
between Greece and Turkey was signed tonight. The peace delegates
reached an agreement Tuesday on
practically all points under negotiation and initialled the draft.
tbe wreck to a broken- rail: It was
announced that an investigation would
be made.
Fatal Fall on- lee.
Edmonton,   Nov.   13.���Nbaf Can-lev
aged 54. who fell on tlie ice Tbeeday
while learning to slate, died at tbo
south side hospital today.
flnaltTi. Nov. IS.���A man who committed suicide early today at a cheap
hotel in Yealer Way, where he registered under the name of W. a Walker, San Francisco, la believed by the
police to hare been an embessler ot
matted States army funds.
A woman companion ot Walker's
told the police ahe had joined him at
San Krancisco ud that on the way
to Seattle he told hat he was a pur-
The woman, who said her name was
Gertrude Lynn, told the pollce t*a met
Walker about Nev. 1. He told her that
he waa a quartermaster sergeant ta
the UMted States army ud had Melon
money tM-ongtng U> the government
wtth the Intention ot having a mod
time, after whieh he taunded to coat-
Pert Huron. Mich.. Nov. IS.���Newa
received today continued to add to
the total of disasters on Lake Huron
In last Saturday's storm ud tha full
toll taken hy the gale la Mt yet
known. Bodies of sailor* of Ive and
perhaps six vessels were found oe.
the shore of the lake. Wreckage trom
two otber boats, still misting. ***m
oast up by the waves and ho Urns.
had been obtained ef two otter tee-
tela or their crew* which
mor* thu 40 mam.
Never has Uke Hero* baaa tk*
scene ot suoh a suoeeesto* of o*ttt>
-null.!   u_  iin  uuiuiu_b ����w  vv  *i*,*tsa   --       *        _   _.     .. -     ���_______,,_     ��_._.
were 4653 in 1901 a. against 74ST in ��^n�� "^ *L?���J^y' ^h
1911. The development ot the fruit ��?��,!2__��M?. /? _E? ������^snf
industry ls no doubt < responsible for *g*l_*_*__{ & $2 JS*���� ?U
the rapid Increase ln the number ot T*' wom'B -* rte d,d not **"* ""
amall holdings.
Land ln Held crops Increased trom
171,424 acres in 1900 to SSt.SW ta
1911. Tbe number of acres under
crops ln 1910 Was 214,1X9, being u
Incresse In the are* under fl.eld crops
In ten years of 42.S4S acres. The land
under orchard ud nursery Increased
from 7S07 acres la 1191 to SS,��M sores
In 1911; lead In vegetables increased
from SM0 acres to 9318 acres; Isad la
vineyards Increased from IS acres to
309 acres.
The total value of tb* field crops,
vegetables ud frijts In S910 wu
���M19.H1. as againat lUWTtl la
1M0, being u average per hoMtag tor
th* last oeasus of t5M.lt. as com-
pared w*th IU4.1V l�� th* previous
oar. Large acreage rtpreeeated %r
noa-bearit-f fruit trass, tadloatss ths
setting out mt aew orchards aad aot
being prodactag. lh* t-aaaeq***** la
that the average valu* ef the farm
prodsoU per holding Is kspt iaera.'
The v*-w> of the Bv* sssck sold in
mo wiisii-itowwwsr**a *.
cm** of 4S.ttMU. or ft* per not.   ^^^
ever th* agar** ot tea rsars ag* Ta* **SS
io M1M14 ta im.  Th* vaMa at th*
Conservative eMIatates of th* Ism
had little to aay els* thu that the lot lit* ����� the total at 180 at taast.l
contract was ordered to be 1st *-*���--��� \  - -��� "':'.���
dlately. <        (0���ttaaid oa rag* flvi) /*���:.:"
ISOI, laereaaad
r______aH_____l ����
mlt suicide. He aaked her to Join
him ud them casse to Seattle together, arriving hese- Nov. S, after
stopping one day ttt Portland. Last
night, the Lynn ���*���***** eald. Walker
told her he had apaat all the money
ud would commit suicide this morning. At 4 o'clock thU morals**, she
said, Walker announced hi* intsnUoa
of   committing   satctde Immediately.
Sohn%.-ia^Aw&'?Sc2: a
th* hotel. Uto today-ih* proprietor
of the hotel, having seen nothlag ot
Walkef datlu the day, enured tha
mm fad -foartltm dead. He hat
taken poison. The womaa waa arrested by the aolte* aooa afterward*
at tha hotea mik.Mead.   Th* petto*
flew at the-aa fkaaolsw Prsstdte
to Hat* tt ur ��a* Uawarlag Wa&-
her* tonight aad
cedar Jadgar
_Msr feSSaa*
"! '.wo
��� '��� fm
������ ?;>
*�����*!,   '
tl     "���'���>'.   '-%''i
*;������>..* >i.*-.:��.,_ii_��i;
1 ^ "'HuMli-t
Friday, November 14, 1913.
a~ Tim.
make it a honania again. Electricity
from the Payette river makes this
scheme also feasible."
A* independent moraine paper
denoted to the inter-sts of New West* lin,t*r .nd
l��s fraser Valley. Published every morning cseept Sunday by the Satii ,naj Prinllns
smd Pa.ll.MiiB Company, Ltmittd, *t II KoJCmmM Strut. Sew IVmItu ms|er, Britiah
Col��mbi��. SOUS BVT1IBRLASD, Uanagin j, oir.clor.
All communicntinm shnvltl be addressed to The Sew Wlstminstt r Kerns, and ��ol
te ImJirirfudi* members of the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money nriles s ahout_t be mnde
smyaltle to The Sntionsl Printing and Publishing Cninpiiny, Linti' e(j.
TBLBPUOSEB���Business offtce and Manager, SD9,- KditoiiaJ   R���0mt (oil depart-
astnts). t91.
BVBSCRIPTIOS RATBB���By carrier, tl per year, It for three montha tue art
ssontk.    By mail, ��3 per year, 26c per mini!*. ' ***
ADTBRTIS1SO k/ITEB on _ir>-pllratt<>a.
FRIDAY   MORNING,    NOVEMBER  '14,  1913.
Humor and
Philosophy t
Never before has the Progress club of Vancouver
taken a stand more calculated to justify its bearing the
name under which it operates than when, on Wednesday
evening of this week, its directors declared for a white
Canada and a campaign to attain that end. The plans of
the Progress club have been lair'i for a vigorous protest
against oriental immigration to 'oe made at Victoria and
Ottawa, backed by a mass meeting to be held in the near
future in Vancouver.
In speaking on the question Dr. F. B. Vrooman, whoi
is a director of the club, touched the core of British Columbia's oriental boil when he intimated that, while the
gravity of the situation seemed to be generally appreciated, yet there never had boen any unanimous action
taken." He pointed out that a single ship had brought 800
orientals to these shores and t hat this year 8000 had come
from the far east to settle in British Columbia.
The gravity of the situation always has been admitted,
but in the past it has seemed impossible to rouse the public
to action. There may have been some excuse for this attitude in years (gone by, since, while the matter was serious enough, it was not so pressing. Now, however, it is
different Japan of today, China of today, India of today are not the countries of twenty years ago, nor of even I general for the state of Washington,
. ..__       mi j i :__._. *___.   ..Ti t _i���|Deputy Ccranty Prosecutor Irving Da
vis yesterday swore nut complaints in
lbe court of Justice Fred Witt, charging seven locul saloon men and drug-
glsts wiih selling Intoxicants without
a state license.
Warrants for thirty more wlll he Issued as soon us necessary papers art-
prepare;!. Prosecutor (Ieorge Crandell
was r.-cently advised that the license
records indicated that nearly forty
dealers in Spokane were subject to ar-
Seattle, Nov. 13.- -Nell MacArthur,
former United States ,-ufctoins inspector, who was Ruspc'.ted ol complicity
In recent opium s.nuggllnK cases anil
who last January shot r.tnll Sorenson
while arresting him In the Milwaukee
hotel, ia charged In a complaint made
In the probate court as being Insane.
Upon the petition of Mrs. MacArthur,
Judgo A. W. Prater derected thai a
warrant be issued and this was placed
ln the hands of Deputy Sheriff William (iriffiths.
The former Customs official was arrest shortly Jitter and an inquiry regarding hls sanity Ir in prog.-eus.
Mrs. MiCArthur told the court that
her linslianil had ben subject to recurring attacks of hysteria since he
shot SoTeltson and that in them be became violent antl altiickH her. She
said he. beat and choked her recently
and then welted with a loaded revolver
to kill anyime who tame near him.
Husband/ and wife have been conducting the Virginia hotel, B15 1-2
Fourth avenue, for sume time.
Sorenson was crippled for life by
MacArthur's shot. The latter claimed
Sorenson had been trying to escape
when arrested for smuggling contraband.
Investigation showed that the shot
had been fired frota a gun belonging
to Charlie Louie, Chinese merchant.
Later, Lonie was arrested charged
with conspiracy to smuggle opium and
MacArthur was called as a witness.
He disappeared from the city shortly
before the trial was due to begin and
was dropped from the customs service.    Thirtv  days  later he  relurned ,
to  lhe  city  and   the  government  ile-j     "From the wny she spoke,
clared   it  had  no  evidence  on   which \
It could prosecute him for complicity
in the smuggling traffic.
VyHERE has lt (on*, thnl happy tlmt
' *    We knew In days of ynrw
When one oould in t'.e for hair a. dime
Home from the little store
A sle.-ik del-eatable nnd sweet
To feed the hungry brood.
Whose only pin pose was Iti eat
A lleuplng lol of food?
ln dnys thnt not so distant ore
The dame for flfly ot-nts
Oould nil the family cooky tar
Anil  make some pics Immense.
IUiv ham nnd uihl her Sunday roast,
A little t>lt ot cheese
And hnve enough for breakfast toast,
tier family to please.
lt didn't tnke ln times gn-40 by
Half of your monthly roll
To -buy tbe chicken for a pie
Or All lbe family bowl
With pork nnd beam, enough to -stilt
Yonr tender nestlings' cry.
Ten cents would let Uiem eat their fill.
Nor pass the puppy by.
But down lho chute of Father Time
TbOBe good uld days havo sped,
ln every country, every eMme,
Down to the laat lone red '
One hns lo dig to gel enough
To buy a nit of lamb
That, sport. Is why we make a bluff.
-jut puss up steaks and ism.
She Waa Sorer.
"I fancy tbat Mrs. Black wasn't ask
ed to Mrs. Jones- last party."
"Why do you think so?'
Spokane,   Nev.
Instructions for W.
1.   Acting  under
Tanner, attorney j
ten years ago. They are developing fast, where formerly
they stood still in a slough of indolence. Then they did
not know the necessity for reform, now they do and therein lies the pressing need of a Canadian policy of exclusion.
The combined population of these three countries is
more than ninety times as great as the population of Canada. Canada, in common with other civilized nations, has
"built irp her institutions on lines which have been developing for centuries, developing while the eastern peoples
slept. Canada has born her part in rousing the giant of
the orient, In telling him of his needs and impressing on
him his shortcomings. The pupil has been apt and he has
taken hold with a whirlwind energy, born of his new convictions, that has developed into a menace to his teachers.
Every man and every nation must go either forward or
backward. Canada is going forward, but compared with
the far east, she is going slowly, because she already is
abreast of the times and in this twentieth century of progress national development is not of mushroom growth.
. Japan, China and India are in a different position. They
started with centuries of lessons in civilization to learn,
but with those lessons laid out for them by the white races
who had taken generations to acquire the knowledge themselves. Japan has shown how fast an oriental nation can
pick up and pull abrease of the leaders. Little more than
fifty years ago Japan was the home of an unenlightened
people. Today she is neck and neck with the leaders of
civilization and already she has humbled in open war a
mighty European power; and Japan has a population of
only forty-seven millions. China is following in Japan's
footstens and what will happen when China with her four
hundred millions pulls to the front? India is under the
watchful eve of Britain, but India has a population of two
hundred and ninety-four millions of people, who will speak
for themselves.
In the matter of population these three races hold an
-������n advantage over Canada of more than ninety to one. Where
take one slow step in advance, they take ninety leaps. IhS'o^Thave no'exeaVuntn
"Was she called out of town tbat
a f ternoon V"
"That's old"
"Did she tvonder that any one should
care to go to Mrs  .lones":"
"Nothing so crude as that. She only
said what 11 pity poor Martha should
feel she hnd to sti nln the talent that
was only eiiual to sewing circles to
meet tbe requirements of a bridge
On to Hit Job.
Portland, om, Nov. 18.���Out or the
Investigation of draw poker as played
in the Tort land pollce department has
'grown a "scandal." likely to smut tiie
Irecord of inure than one iillli-er. high
'and   low.   with   worse   charges     than
gambling to answer, according to thej
Deal!  to  protect   criminals   are   In
(Heated strongly, ami not denied,
The Investigation Is In the hands of
the civil service coininisslon of oPrt-
land.        Sergeants      Hupert,      Casey,!
Thatcher anil Captain Uiley are among I
these whoso alleged confessions have!
been  received during Beveral days otl
Investigations  by  Civil   Service  Commissioners Caldwell, A. K. Clarke and
John l'\ Logan, who have made publlo
some  of  the disclosures     following
general  open  confessions  und  discus-1
talons among the policemen.    ' i
(lames of draw poker among the po-1
lllcemen  for large wagers involve onei
Oaptaln  and  six  sergeants.    One officer lost   $llin 111 a night.    Ills salary
Is $17*. a month.
1    Tliere was a "ring" formed to protect the criminals during a former ud-j
ministration, according to the evidence]
at hand.
The "moral siiuaill" Is under Investigation now and a dlsolosure of Irreg-;
ularities is predicted.
I    Offlcera are scurrying to make con
fesslons and half a dozen havo been j
heard,   Former Chief Slover is nov,* .1'
captain and has recently   announced!
Intention of retiring.
The disclosures have resulted main 1
ly from a "frame up" worked on one
of the higher officials after il Is alleged he rehearsed his men as to whnt
'to say. should an Investigation be
started. The men began by sticking lo
rehearsed stories, but later broke
away and made Individual confessions.
Lease  Kxtremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
when you cun get as good  or belter, manufactured In II  C, vl-/..     the
the celebrated "VAN( OI'V Kit" Brand, guaranteed te    pane Standard
Specifications  nl  Aiii"ricai.  und Canadian   Engineers'  Association
We  would  ulso call  attention  In our  Vltrltled  Hewer  Pips  from
tin. to M-tn >n diameter    'bis is also made in thin Province and ��e
consider superior to any Imported article.
VV�� nlso carry  a stock  if Crushed   Hock.  Washed  Qravel.  Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc
See ua before ordering elsewhere
Phones 15 and IS
902 Columbia Street W.
Mr. Davis said those who will be
arrested at once by Sheriff Oeorge
Stone and deputies are J. W. Chambers, 108 Post street; Frank Beegan,
121 1-2 Howard street; Clarence Km*
"rv. l_S Main avenue; 1'. Oranberg,
'���''1 Mal navenue; H. J. Hamlin, N630
Washington street; Henry Horstman,'
7 Wall street, and Sol I'rice, 351 Main j
The   state  law   provides     that    all
dealers disposing of spirits must take I
out   a  $26   license  from   the  state  in j
addition   to  the   federal   licenses  and ���
those demanded by the various cities. I
The attorney general has demanded
the arrest of several hundred dealers j
In hiB state-wide crusade to collect thel boy content
licenses. The law provides a fine ranging from Jl to t'iZl) lor convicted offenders.
Prince Albert, Sask.. Nov. 18.- Oreat
activity is taking place al the point
of shipment of cattle from the Prince
Albert district. At the yards of llus-
si ! 1 Baker 1'acklng company are 700
head of cattle, three hundred of which
were brought in from the surrounding
district yesterday and today. The majority of the 7UU are from Davis, I.cask
and Klnlstino districts. A furtiier
shipment of 2oo is expected by lhe
Company on Sunday, which will bring
the numlier in the yards up to the
thousand mark. Next Monday the cattle will b- shipped out. mostly to Kdmonton and Calgary, and tin- first
Bhipment will be made np of 500 head]
for these points.
For a niitnb'-r of weeks past cattle1
has beeu leaving for the large west-1
ern centres in big consignments, This j
constant export Is testimony to the 1
progress of mixed farming In the'
Prince Albert district.
Call and inspect our ful
lines and new fall styles ant
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you may as well travel in comfori
and at minimum coet. Wt- can prove
this.   Call on
UR8     C.   C     I-I.-ii Ilil I.
pianoforte,  harmony hi
ptls    su. f ssful)    |)t*,.|���,l
llnll  In  It   A    M   ami  II
apply 808 Third avenue
hi Ringing.
,'1 for -xi
C   11  I'm
t or
MKS.   Kl.l.A   ('.   HAItliV,
flanoforta;  141  Keary
HL,  N'-w
:lt OF*
tbe Imi* Professor Allan Macbeth.
Principal of ths Glasgow College of
Music ami Professor Clrossland Mimi. ul*
tb" Glasgow Athenaeum, bugs t" liul-
miii,- that she win aooepl 1 f--w puptle
In slnRing unit void prnduetlon. Ex-
tensles rep- tittirv nf hi.:>; class songs.
Tor terms, cull or write tt, lluH llamll-
tnn streak
I.   J    A.   m: UN BTT.
Accountant   f.l    ll
188,   It    8,   Hml
"Are   tho
gl tod
B. OOULKT, Agent
\a*    ".Ve-; mln. 1
Had   Their  Nerve.
North   Yakima,   Wash.,   Nov.   13.--
Yeggmen yesterday morning blew thi
aafe  of   the   Cody   Lumber   company, ^^-���_______________________
thing?" nsked the pernickety purchaser   Walnut Streel and Kirpt avenue south.   H.  W. HKOD1B, (1   IV  A.,   Vancouvei
contemptuously, polhttng to some veg-   within  two blocks or the North Yak!-.	
etables  that bad  heen  vegetables ton  ma   police   station.     They   failed   to           ���
muffle   the  explosive,   however,    and
the shock broughl two officers on a
P. II. Smith W. J   drove*
Wnrk   undevtaktn    In    city    nn I    outside,
points.    ;|1-12    Weslmlnsn-r   Trust    lll'l-g.
J��4.     P   O.   Box   607.
ma'am." returned the grocer's
^^^^^   dly.
"I'or what." nsked the Incredulous
patron. ���
"To sell," returned the complacent
run to the lumber company'B office.
' H    ____________________________-__________________________________________________S-_________Bt
W^ere one Canadian realizes his responsibilities and his
*   abi'litfes. ninetv orientals are doing the same thing and
dointr it with a'greater vigor because it is a new road they
are travelling and they see what they never saw before,
L   a veritable fairyland of opportunity.
The seven hundred and forty-odd millions of the east      ^^^^	
will realize���and at no distant date���that Asia is too small moustache, ami i.e proved
wl" 1C1UIM   .    ,    . ... c ti ��� /--^...i-. _.f ii,���'pe"or to manv a French moustache
f(^-thr-m and their ambitions,   bome Horace ureeiy or tnp,   Bhouia ���,,_ applimlaKe be counted
nr.pvit will noint them the way to Western America and moro   masculine   than   long   hair''
Orient, win uumt "f" L11C "rJ,   . , -   v, ���.���!i ���f ���vni���    8hould  It nm he left   together win
unless Canada builds and maintains a mgn wan oi exciu-the ,llfl ���,,.,.��� ������,.,_,-, lf, phU()ao.
fi-tv- iho time will come when the census returns of the phers. artists, pacifists and revolution-
Dominion will show the Jap. the Chinaman and the Hindu |!'rAS.'n.,ii..r ought to look
fovirrr the white man to the wall.
Paris, Nov. 13.��� A certain grievance exists in the army because of.
lh" regulation requiring soldiers to.
wear a moustache.
Boulanger, when minister of war, I
allowi d beards apparently because he .
wore one himself. The order haa not:
changed. M. Etlenne has no beard.;
hut a moustache. Perhaps that is why'
his perference goes to the moustached
In any cate colonels insist that they
'���hall look upon a llne of moustaches i
when they inspect the regiment.
One young man who trb d to spend
lii_____v en Ing _______ nu t bis    msiistashe,
was  called   back  to   the  harracks  tol
or, at least, was told that *
 ^^^^^^^^      I had
grown ene. The soldier has written
anonymously to his favorite newspa-
pi - about it.
His complaint leads to the query: Isj
the moustache really military? Caesar
wore no moustache, neither did Napo-*
'"���en.    When one comes to think of it,
the great warriors of the world were \
'1   of   face      Von   Molke   wore   nol
lias!   su
A Man'3 Privilege.
"I tvisli I  wore 11 uian."
"So you conl,I leave your soiled cloth      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lng In the bathroom, waiter cigar ash and the men are now working on t
Big Job Nearly Finished.
Walla Walla. Wash.. Nov. 13.���
Twenty-one carpenters and seven
painters are Installing and finishing
woodwork al the federal building. The
woodwork In the building Is of oak
with fumed finish. Mucb of the woodwork on the second floor is tn place
nil over Un- house nnd stn-w tlte lawu
wltll the Sunday papera, I suppose."
"Nothing in it"
"Then why?"
"So I could have business down
town when people llint 1 have to euter
tain are nt the house."
The Usual Way.
"Matiil and .lack scrapped nn awful
lot Uefure their marriage."
"Is tliat so?" I
"Yes "
"And �� hnt Is the end?"
'���There Isn't any end."
"Isn't any end';"
"No. They keep It up right along
llrst floor    The date for the turning
over of tlie new structure has not heen
Kujnfort; V
Robbers and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ke a   ll"-
man legionary.   This is one vlcwfl In
onformlty with the new sporting splr-
  I  but It docs not find favor with the
Whenever they encountered standingIauthorities,  who  insist  on  t'i- tradl-
wuter, being without means or facil-1tlon   a    moustache   with    turned-up
"    '' ends - and  that there Is no reason to
It'n hiimnn nntur" ihroueh nnd through-
On it 'tls Bin-aye ��afe to bet���
Fur thesi! who have to walk lo laugh
When those whu ride a puncture get.
The guy gray haired gentleman
Is fre-h .md tilpiuint has a lot of
mude nt him
COAL MININO light, of tbe Dollllnli
In MmiUoha. SK��k��t-ht!W��n uni Alberti
Ihu YiSttui Territory, the Nurthweet Tei
ritttitt-M and In a portion of the Frovlni
uf lirltlah Columbia, may be leaaed for
term of twenty-one yeara at aa annul
rental or 11 an acre. Nut more than Ztt
acrea will Iw leased to one applicant.
Application for a leaae muet be mm.
hy lh>- 11 hi linant ln peraon to the Agrt
,,r Bub-Agent ot the district tn wlllch U
riKhtH m S'li'-.t for are attuated.
In surveyed territory the land muat t
deaarlbed hy ���-���ciione. ar legal aub-dlv
-.lull*, of Hectluna. and In unaurveyed te,
ritory the truet applied for ahall I
staki'il out tty Ihe applicant hlmaelf.
line.), i.i'i'M' itil'jii muat Iio accom-paule
l*y ti fee of 15 which will be refundetl I
ihe rlghia applied fur are not avallabl,
nut not otherwise A royalty Bhall b
t'Uiti on the nerobantabla output of th
tiiliit, i.t Lbs rute of five centa per ton
Tbe parson operaUns the mine ehu
fSrnlah 'h" Agenl with nwurn return
acoountlng for the full quantity of met
-i-hanlHl'l" coui mined antl pay the roy
ally thereun. If the ooal mining rlghl
me nut being operatsd suoh returns shoal
I"*  furnished at  tsasl  one. a year.
The lease will Incluile ttie cent minia
righta only. Out the leasee wlll be pet
Millte.1 to purehaae whatever avallabl
lurfnes righta maj he cotialdsnd necer
aary fur the working of the mine al th
rate of  110   un  acre.
Kor full Infer 1 lation application ahout
ht-  made  to   lh-'   Secretarr  -..f  the  Il-par
. ment  of the  Interior. Ottawa, or to an
.iK-ril  ur  Hub-Agent  of  Dominion  Ijanih
W   W. CORT.
Deputy   MlnU'.er of the Interloi
N   i)���Unauthorised publication of ti,i
advartlaernent  will not be paid for
atlng Engineers, I.���.<-:,t r,i:i. meets lr>
Labor Temple every flral and third
Thursday ���f thf month 11 McLaughlin.
prealdent iv ('" Saunders, secretary,
I'. O. llur Bit
llf. O uf Kike of the n of OL, meol
the first nnd third Thursday at * p. m-..
K. of P Hull Eighth streel \ \V..||��
Oray. Ex ���:���������! Ruler I' II Smith n.��-
L. O. O. M., NO. 884���MEETS Ot*
flret. second, thlnl and fourth Wadnsa-
day In each month ut it p m.
In the Mote"- linn. 11 j Leamy,
dictator: V. E. Jonea see-rotary.
Headquarters of Itetie In St.,- Ilmiseu
corner of Fourth ami Carnarvon atreeta-.
I. O. O. P. AMITT LOOQB NO. 17 -Tha
re-gular meeting of Amity lodge No.
J7. I. O. O. K. Is hnbl every Monday
night at * o'clock In Odd Follows' Halt,
corner Carnarvon ami ntghtb street*
Visiting brethern cordially Invited
fl. A. Merrlthew. N.O.i II. \V. .'tin,.-ter.
V.  O.;  W. C Costbnm,  P   0.,  t ird
Ing secretary' J. W. MacDoruild.  financial  Becretary
Long Abandoned Placer Ground In Idaho Now Yields $1000 Per
Sr-atlle, Nov. 18.���Gold at the rate
of $1,000 a day is being tal<en from
the long abandoned placer ground of
tho   >',.. se    basin,   near     Idaho  City,
itles  to drain   their  shafts  th
ply abandoned them, often before they
bad been able to reach bedrock.
"Estabrook ami hi:, associates have
put In a big hydro-i lectric power plant
on llie Payette river near the old diggings ami are thereby enabled to work
two big dredges Willi electricity In the
olfl ground. They have succeeded in
going as deep as forty feet below the
surface  and   in    consequence    lune
li n irt from it.
without  capital
Ground  Enough for Years.
"Their  investment   has been  $tnu,.
oun, perhaps, and their second dredge
alone cost (200.000, but   their twn ma
Idaho   through  thmo use, of modernIchines are now taking out a total of
machinery operated  by  electric pow-1H-000 s 'lay. ml. and then-is ground
enough  to  last  for  many  years.  The
Naramata, Nov. Ll.    As a result of
,a   head-On   collision   between   the  new
in font   gasoline  freight  and   passenger I oal   the Skookum, and 11 scow
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kirub tj    with   cement   p!ne,   belonging
(reached bedrock In places where such to the Okanagan Lake float company
ja feat was entirely  impossible to the I Captain   F.  J.  Langiiedoc.  nnd  th" ('.
pioneer gold seekers without capital p, p  tugboat Casselgar, ami Its eight-
land machinery. ,.;ir barge, a short distance from Nara
mala,  Captain  Languedoc and  Peter
Ri'   if- laid nn an a resull of serious
��� il * '        (''plain    Languedoc hul a
'���    broken in (wo places ami ;- hand
1 ���'''���   bruised.    Hoc escaped with less
I serli ni bruises,
^^^^^^^^^ ,,,,,������,-��� ... ,..-.  ,-..   ......... ..........  ..... ' ap in tbe hold of the vesrel were
er. and pay dirt, that the miners of -flgtabrook company ins located and *; --i 'rom the Peachlanij Cumoni
thir- 1 1- forty years ago were unable patented all the ground available, .! '*'*' rl a who were going (long lo Pen-
to '���- s malting a Boston company |though such a enur*-" was nm   neces-  1:  to unload the scow. These men.
rich rays W C Ritchie, a government sary since tho oompany owns the only being brfnw the line of cleavage of
tlm'' -iis'i-. win, Is In Seattle on source of electric power, wltboui tl fastelgar, escaped without a
official 1 usiucBS which It would be iii.iiiin.lblt' to work  Ser teh
Eetabrook   a you.-n- Hoston   the gravel. "   me fer lhe accident, II Is snld. Is
_,!���. nginier.   who   was   fortunate      "Tlie   Bstabrook   * > mllcul".   is   now    '"' thl)  fuel  that lhe (\   I'.  II.  Hit
-enough to be able to command big .turning its attention to sonic of tbi '*, v,i no bend or aldo lighlH at the
Odn'tal tn back his theories, is respon-1abandoned silver mines of the .-..  .    Mine.
"-���Ible fer the revival of the lloise basin,'district und Is planning to run a draia j  -   	
Which  W IS abandoned bv lie   obi time | Ige tun-ie' thretvfourtha '���' i mile ' Msyor Qult-i Job.
_,���,.,.' n9n thirty years ago." says to enable the miners to work again    ''",'*i>��   [daho,  N"-.  1"
Mr    Ititchie     "Bstabrook    made    a the old Banner mine, which was sban     '    ��������� -neii chambers were filled list
SJ,'_, i,   survey  of  the  district   and tinned on account of flooding a third  nighl  when citizens eager to hear the
-Hscc'ercd that thousands of acr'H if.of a century or more ago after n        itlon  of  Mavor   It..   F.   Nallson.
rich  i-l'cer ground  had  been  merely I   ttnm  ^repped   oul   of silver.    Thc  li     is accepted.   Mr. Nelson iald that
timed over bVvthe old time miners. | mine was producing J800 or $400 rock (1 * health  required hla uuivlni-
Muiiey  I* I Iio root of all evil,  which
quite   silllKflli'liirll.V   expbiin*   uhy   lh.
um-t oi us uro ju-i plain diggers
The 1e.1~.1n why some people are suet
fouls Is In-, ause Ihei lind ll so caa)'.
Being nn iipilnii-l would be all rigid
If Ibere were 11 snlary iilliu-bi'tl
Th."ie i~ Ilils ili-.i'.:ieeiible thing til	
a   Iheni'onii'ier   WC  are *o  Viiatly   Ull
E_v,*v i?ir. _-.'
P.O   Box i*
j.  t   m,��u
Ojii/   Ne^vc. Bldg
self ll|
it   rudely lln''i>ls I:
of all  kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
19  McKensle SL
Transfer Co.
Office  Phons   IIS.      Barn  Phong   II
���agbls Strsst
luggage Dellvarei Promptly u
any part of tbe elty
Light acd Heavy Hauling
tv p.. pales���*Pioneer Funeral Dirt-etas
and Kr-ilmlriK-r. Slit tin Aanoa siraat
opikisL.i Came-fl�� Library.
ter A Hanna. Ltd.) ��� Funer-il dlr-iotore
and r-mbalmi-rs. Parlors 4011 Columhl-e
strt-ot.    Nt***  Westminster.    Phnne  Sll,
ster Board of Trade meets In thu hoarA
room, city Hull, us follow* 1 Third nf,
day nf fiach month: quarterly tnt*��*ln-^
on lbs third Frltluy nf l-bruary. May.
Auguat and Novsmbel ;-t s p.m. Annual mr.'tliigit on tit- ibird Friday of
February.   C.   H    Stnart   Wadn.
flnb-, lii't-da, Business Lattsrs, etc.; circular work spicliilbc All wnrk strtotly
cnnflili'iitial.    It. Hurry, room IU Wmt-
rolnstsr Trust nik.   Phons "0'.b
Ib-ni*- :i  prlW I UtV Is 11(11 eondllclvi!
to iltl luhii'-l  In llle I'iemaUing nidus
try    Hul who cures I
A crop ui Iti" :,,i*i uiul a cnnl of Inn
are often CM"'1, i'i'. bill tiie would hi
fil'llliilliihtcK iiiu-i Itnve Ihem Irom Ilu
right place
OIK   t
I'pnple tvt
liml any one yeni
hard to suit scliluc
ling for 11 hurt! Job
now    Nur li
sight     It  i";
lhe doorbell 11
Thi- itiiiili'i
she's loo 11.
ii ���! household
. lbe end of Ils '
j i,*' be able lo
s well aa ling It.
* wiii 1111111.1 11 girl H
��� I a il.imei  to be .1
.���pt'   II
(Subject to change without notice)
,1.. * In-iliile   -Trains leave Nnw Westminster at 6, 7. 7:30, 8,
,s nn   1... '      it . and every 20 mlnutea    thereafter    until    8:30    p.m.
,wt<" :.*   ���     rvlca every 30 minutes with  last  car  leaving at  mid
1; ir,  1;
111 i" J
��� i
to ai*t'
_.i. ��� ,��� ti,��� fnrt'that thev were un-lwhen It was ol amlo"(d snd tho drain-1 r      '    ond  oulttlng the city life.  He
t,wlnp lo tne tact inai       y       .  .p_.|;)|__ ,,..,.���., ���,,,,,, w)j] u ., !t hundreds,.*t"..',l   the
?��!n Irf^l^"Sf-SSKlrt 'cot b.lo�� the old troltom love! .'HiCharle:
presid��nl  'f the
Seil, to the chair.
C.U-.-ll. !'''-'
I bu"
" In |{
fhe iv
SCbedule -"-Trains leave New Weatmlnster at r>, 6:45, fi,
ID, 7. 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
I rorti t  p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service will be
8: IO p.m, a 30 minute Bervlce with last car at midnight.
���ivlc" -Early morning schedule tbe same us on week-
i x a hi., a 15 minute service  will bo given  until  inld-
iniliis  for riillliwack leave New Weatmlnster dally at
I 1:10. 3:35 and 5:46 p.m..   Trains leave Chllllwack dally
Ip al 8:10 a.m. and 9:30  a.m.  and   1:10  and   5:45  p.m.
is service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
HP''!<i. nm umbia mm raii way company
rlmers, .-.iiti'itiirx ate, ��(i Lorna Htraet.
New wsstmlnstsr, n, V��� Corbould K.
C.    J. R. Urunt.    A   B   MeColl.
nt-lnw. Solicitor, etc. Snllclinr fur the-
Itiink uf \ iineouv'T. Offlcns: Merchants Itutik Building, New Wmtmlns-
ter. B.C. Tchpbuiii. No. 1070. Cable
address "Johnston." c���to Westeni'
W. P, IIANHFOlin, HAimlKTLit, SO-
llcltiir, etc.. CiiIIIhi.t Block, corner Columbia nnu McKen7.lt- Htrt't-tM, New Westminster,   B.C.     P.   O.   BOX   2K5,     TS1S-
pnons 344.
side ��� Barristers ami Solicitors, U'-st-
mlnster Trust Dlk., OolumblS slrasta
NeW Westminster. R C Ctil-le 11.b' *���** ���
"Whiteside," WastBrn U^lon. I' Oi ���
Urnwer 200. Tolni'bune U. V. 1.
Whiteside, K. C.: H I. BdmoddS th
solicitor,   etc.;   onrm >
MoKeoSle   strt-.-it.
B. &   P. O. Box  11
J.   P.   HAMPTON    UOi
Hollcltor    und    Nutu* ,
block,  21 Ixirn-   sir-
eter, B, C.
w Westmin
Mew   W,-'.
mi ���
MctlUAIJP.IK,    M-i Itli
Hsrrlsturs  snil   Soltc!
Westminster Trust   I' ���
tin,   T'.  O.   McQirnr-
Cases dy.
*    CASlSADt
...     BO'S   1.     fl<?
ik.   tl.  B    -tur-
ind  (Jitorie    I. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER   14. 1913.
t E.aten to  It.
'ir Pludbub hadn't displayed some
unexpected energy today I should bavi
tired him."
And wlun direction Hid |jjj unexpected energy take?"   "in- wanl oul
nml   gut   Inn:; oil   another   Job."
��-'-&*i-<;**W*3>t-l<VS^t-$r\syt-^4-'i'l*. *���
In Search I
ofFenby !
He Led Them a
Chase i
Beckett's cablegram bad summoned
Itoy Uardwcll to tbe llttlo Central
American republic, where wero sltuut-
<-d lhe IO.IXX) acrea of mubogany forest
lielongliig tu the Bardwell syndicate of
New York.
Hoy fouud Cyrus Rackett at bis desk
In the consular ofllce ut Loniiguu, uud
nfter the preliminary greetings were
over the cousul pushed o box of cigars j
u, runs the table aud lighted a cigarette for himself.
"You  sent  for  me.    I  am  hen-.    I |
suppose  there  Is  something   wrong."
began itoy nervously us be scratched *
a match.   "What's tbe uinttcr?"
Backett looked at tbe glowing end of
blf cigarette,   while  be answered tbe '
-question by asking another.
"Known this l-'cnby cbap very long?"
"Ob. a few months before be- cume
down here.   Why?"
"I.ver do business with blm before?" *
"No. but he caine highly recommend- j
���ed from your predecessor on this Job.
Seems he used to be secretary to old j
Kerfoot �� hen he wns In Lnntlgua
some fifteen years ago. I have perfect eoafldence in blm."
"Then maybe I'm mistaken In culling i
jou down here, but bis head man, the
one in charge of the native help, came
to me a short time ago nnd said I'eliby-
bad disappeared."
"Disappeared!" echoed Itoy blankly
"Impossible.   Sackelt!     Wby.   be  had
(10.000 of our money in his pockets,  l
sent hlm a draft on the 1st of the
Diontb, It was for running eipcnses
In setting out the timber, bis salary,
"lie has cashed the draft.'' suld tho
Boy wns pacing the. floor now. his
brows meeting In a black frown nnd
his hands clinched In his pockets.
Suddenly he turned and facts) the cun*
"Tell me what to do. Snckett." he
pleaded "Why. we've got orders fur
timber enough  to  clear expenses sml \
neyeil north te thc fntnous health resort.
Two days' search of lhe cily failed
to result in iiniiing tbe absconder.
Then Itoy developed a touch of bla
old enemy, rheumatism, ami he resorted to the baths In earnest.
"I will go on io Richmond," said
l-'ox.    "A  man named Tenby has Just
cleaned 10,000 out of one uf tbe (tumbling bouses tliere, uud t believe he's
llie man You slay here. Mr. Hard-
well; It Is possible that he muy collie
back again, fur It is my belief thnl be
bus been here und left."
"I'd go In ii minute If I didn't bare
a feeling that bed be arotfnd bere."
said Itoy. "1'vo got to get hlm. Hog,
With the money If I enn. There nre a
couple of hundreil small stockholders
In New England that must be protected.    Ilea got the money, the cur!"
The third morning nfter Fox's departure Itoy Ilnrdwell went down lo
the bathhouses tor his morning dip.
His  rheumatism   wus  yielding to the
Pete, the black attendant, prepared
Hoy's bath, and the president of the
Ilnrdwell Lumber syndicate entered
the compartment nnd prepared to endure tbo suffocating atmosphere prescribed for Ids ailment.
From outside came tbe sound of
voices In conversation.
"II b-atb ready. Pete?" asked a southern voice, mellow In Its drawling accents.
"Yes, sab; Jes' a minute, sab."
Tbat was nil. But It was quite
enough for Itoy Bardwell. Without
pausing to use the towel, hc hopped
out of tbe steaming tub and into his
bathrobe wltb nervous basic.
When hc heard the stammerer enter
the adjoining compartment and benrd
thc splash uf water Itoy stepped out-
���side where I'elo wus hanging tbe newcomer's clothing in the checking room.
���'Why, sab. you done kotch yore
deffl" gasped Pete as be beheld Hoy's
Hushed face, moist wllb the steaming
vapor. "Whuffor you romln' out dls-
saway, De doc sny you huve to stay
in dere nu hour and"���
Pete's mouth opened so wide wltb
astonishment lhat speech was utterly
Impossible, for Itoy was holding a
twenty dollar bill agreeably close to
that black, toll worn band.
"Pete."   be  whispered  softly,   "I'm
hunting   f"r   ;hn   man  Unit  stutters. I
He's COtumllted a crime.    In the pock.
eta of his clothes-you have em there, 1
my  n.an���should  be  a   weapon, pistol |
probably.    Ile Is u dungerous man and
might muss up your floor here with toy
blood     Sure thing, IVte. If he see* Uie
first'     This   twenty   Is   yours   If   yiiq
hand orw the putol to me. Uow many
nre there? Two? By Jove, Fenhy
Isn't taking any chances! Now, bring
nie my own dot blng Oh. doo't you
worry, Pete, the police will lie here In
ti Jiffy and you'll lie protected,"
The scared but opulent Pete assisted  Hoy  into  bis clothes and  leti  hlm
to the nearest telephone booth     Thero
hc   washed   his   hands  of  the   whole  class.
transaction and went back to bis du-ipated
ties In the (becking room
Hoy bud a few  moments' ronversa-
British  Representative at Big Seattle
Convention Tells Why Unions and
Labci- Joined  Forces.
Seattle, N'ov. 18. Championing the
policy of the British trade unionists
iu affiliating wiih Hie Labor party of
that country in working for legislation
In the Intresls of Die working Classes;
explaining the effect of laws that have
beiu enacted anil attacking the subsidized press, while commending the establishment   of   daily   labor   Journals,
Tom Qreenall, fraternal delegate from
Ureal, llritain, to the American Fed
oration of Labor, addressed the convention at tlie Hippodrome this morn
"We, in the old country." aald Mr.
Qreenall, "have adopted the method of
working In connection with the Labor
j party. Trade unions and the Labor
i party have Joined together to work In-
idiiBtrially and politically for tbe ob-
Ijects whle'.i we hope to achieve.
I Through legislation our people have
.been greatly benefited.
j "Wo have for the protection of mln-
lers an act of parliament known as tha
j mines eight-hour law. That. In my
'opinion, Is the foundation, thc bedrock, upon which the miners have
been enabled to permanently benefit
the membersc of tbelr organization.
|For years we were Bending men from
tthe. mines to lobby members of the
lliouBe of commons. We knocked at tht
: doors for many long years, but not un-
itli we sent our representatives to
ivolec their opinions upon the floor of
I the house of commons could we ge'.,
j legislation enacted."
Success for Labor.
Mr. Qreenall predicted that the the |
i approaching election In (ireat Uritaln
i tbo labor forces wuuld be further successful and would return many members to the house of commons to legislate Intche interest -of labor.    In this
'connection   he.   declared   that  efforts
were being made to elect men to the
I local legislative bodies of the country
lln order that tlie act pasesed ln the
house of commons might not be nullified through failure of proper enforce5
ment.    That thite object of the trade
unions  may    be    accomplished    Mr.
Qreenall  stated,   the   .Miners'   Federation of Great Britain  has imposed a
per capita.tax  upon  Its  members  to
provide for a political fund to be used
in the Inteerst of labor's candidates.
Referring to the need for a dally
paper devoted to the interests of
trade unions. Mr Qreenall spoke of
the publication which the unions maintain in ICnglaud and commended thc
plan as ol great benefit to the straggle   waging   for   industrial     advance-
As we bought too heavy for the Winter Trade, and money is a little tight,
we were compelled to inaugurate this great unloading sale. As we have
many large shipments on the road, we are absolutely up against it for
room. We fully realize that we must give good bargains in order to cut
our stock in twe, we must suffer a great loss.
15.00 values cut to
$C.C0 values cut to .
$7.50 values cut to..
?��.50 values cut to
LOT No. 1.
A special lot of 100 pairs of
men's good, strong winter
shoeB. in al! leathers. Values
to $3.50.    Sale price S1.90
LOT No. 2.
A special lot of 75 pairB of Men's
shoes of the finest quality in
all styles and colors. VaiueB
to $4.00.    Sale price $2.10.
LOT No. 3.
Men'B heavy work shoeB in tan
and black, strictly all leather
and of the best make.    Regular $5.   Sale price $2 75.
LOT No. 4.
Men's classy dreBs shoes In the
latest of styleB and all leathers. Regular price $<i.5(i. Sale
price S3.85.
LOT No. 5.
A special lot of 50 pairs of children's shoes Values to $1.50.
Sale price 55c.
LOT. No. 6.
35 pairs of good, strong, all
leather Hoy's shoes. Regular
price $3.    Sale price 51.40.
LOT No. 7.
Boys shoes of the finest quality,
the kind that can't wear out.
Regular price $3.50. Sale
price 51.55.
LOT No. 8.
Boy Scout Shoes both high and
low, in all tho beBt leathers.
Quaranteed strlctlv the best.
Reg. $3.50. Sale price 51.85
LOT No. 9.
Special lot of ladies' shoes in
all colors and leathers. Values
to $3.50. Sale price 51.50.
LOT No. 10.
Special lot of ladies' shoes, consisting of 100 pairs, in all
leathers and styles. Regular
price $4.. Sale price 51.90.
LOT No. 11.
Ladies extra special classy dress
shots, in all styles and leathers. Regular $5.00. Sale
price 52.45.
LOT No. 12.
Special lot of infants' shoes,
all color* and values to 65c.
Special price 25C.
LOT No. 13.
Little tots' high shoes, both tan
and black in the latest styles.
Regular price $3.00. Sale
price 51.75.
LOT No. 1��
Special lot. 100 pairs children's
shoes, all styles and leathers.
Regular $2.   Sale price 75*
LOT No. 15.
Ladles'  Slippers  of  very
Values to $2.50.
LOT No. 16.
Ladies'    Pelt    House  Slippers.
Regular    $1.50.      Sale    price
Men's     Felt     House     Slippers.
Regular    $2.00.      Sale
Men's      $5.00     values.        Sale
price 52.95.
Boys' $4.00 values,    sale    price
Women's    $4.00    values.    Sale
price 52.35.
tlon with the chief of detectives and
then sat down to watt for the arrival
of ihe officers wltb tbe warrant for
Keiihy's arrest
lt was two hours liefore they heard
l-'enliv's prelinilmiry couch and then
his stuttering call for tbe attendant
I'ete walled on hlin and obediently
carried in the pile of neatly arranged
Ten mlnutea ufterw.iril there stepped out  of ihe roinpnrtmeui n  imi.
loosely huilt mini with brl��ht Iduet-ve*.
Staring from a sun M lined coiliile-
iiauie      Ills  eye*   darted   hither  and
���"piKAI'I'F-tUKli!" ROBOtO  not IIUMtl
liny a handsome dividend, nnd I hare
promised delivery at the time spccUled
liy i'cnliy. The Illl.liiMI I sent lo hlm
���was 11 special  Issue of slock, and Ihe
Stockholders nre people In moderate
<-lrcnmstniices If I cue t recover the
Bdonej the Whole thlug will gi) tu
"lie h isn't bud It long enough to
���pent) much." aaid Sm-keit thoughtful.
Jy. -This morning I learned thnt he
was lasl seen lu Qalvestou. Ub, yes,
they usually make rnr the Stales tn
spend money I suggest that yon go
then- und take np the trail. Get t
good detective, nnd when yun Hnd your
man null blm nnd *��e If you can't get
Mtneuf the money buck. Only my ud-
vice Is lo locate hli" ns soon as possible, before he gamble-* It away. That's
(lis fiillini: cards Look fur him wbere
there Is hlgb play uud you'll Bnd him."
"I'll do IL" said ibe boy. with sudden decision. -When ran I get a
Suckett consulted n small book.
"A fruit steamer should be at the
���wharf now. clearint. for New Orleans
���early tomorrow nm ruing. I ran get
you passage on her if you wish."
Two days later 1\o*t  Rardwell wns
.In Unlvestun In company wltb a New
���Orleans detective.
;���   "Man    named   Tenby!    Stammers.
No. sir; never henrl of blm.   Had a
(fellow bere named Jacobs.    He slant-
merod aome.'  Cards?   Well, yes;  he
tdld play a mighty lot when be wns
here.   Don't know where be went, but
be did uy be aimed to go to New
Tbat was a sample of the information that Roy and Fox. the detective.
gathered In their senrcU for a clew to
'Penny's preeent whereabouts.   At laat
tbere came 0 day when a definite clew
wns obtained.
Kenby, ur Jacobs, h* he now called
himself, ir he wae the late superintend
> ent and  manager of tlie Bardwelll
Lumber syndicate,  was at the Hot
.-Spring*.   Ro -Bey awl Dan reg Jour
thither   and   eouceutraled
frightened features.
"R b-brtng   lhat   g gguu
commanded roughly,
"Wli what  gun.  Huh?" parried
ashy while wllh terror
"I'll show you. yon hlack"��� Ken-
hy's form curved Into snnkellke lllliw-
ncss us he slouched  inward llle Ida k
in discussing legislation that ha?
been enacted iu 1 ireat Britain Mr.
Qreenall spoke of the mines minimum
wags aot and declared that it had been!
of even greater benefit to the working
than Its sponsors had antici-
He Stated that the miners are
earning more money collectively than
'ever before in the history of mining
In Kngland. The old age pension act, j
'amendments to the compensation act.!
ithe act providing for the feeding of;
school children and other legislative]
reforms were mentioned and the posl-j
tlve declaration made that without the ;
affiliation of the trade unions with | No
the political organization of the labor!
party Ihe3e beneficial reforms could
not have becn achieved.
"So far as (Ireat Britain Is concerned." said Mr. Qreenall. "for some
time part wc have had what we have
heen striving for for years���plenty of
work. Working people have been employed all the hours that the law would
permit them to work. Trade has been
man. His rlabi hand suddenly dnrted
down nud lhe men watching from their
biding place In one of lbe compart-
ments saw Ihni now In Ills hand there
wus a keen two bluded knife.
"Hand It over.1" snarled I'enby sav
"1! but. sab"- protested I'ete
.lust I lien i'eiihy leaped, but the pollce officer was too mucb for hlm. tie
darted um. his foot Hushed forward
against Tenby's iidrnnce und the absconder measured his length mi llie
tiled door, i'or an Instant he Iny there
stunned, and liefore he recovered sufficiently to rise Ilnrdwell uud his men
were upon him uud tbe handcuffs were
slipped over bis wrists.
"lib bardwell. 1.1, by Jover be wild
dazedly "They Mold me you had
gone h-bnek tu N-new York "
"Tui ou tbe Job." aald Koy grimly.
"W-well. what do you w want of
me?" asked Kenby. wltb sudden bravado.
"About $10,000." was Itoy's rool reply.
Itnrdwcll threw bark hls bead end
laughed. "I lust every p-penuy Inst
u-night." be asserted.
Uut tbe detectives wcre not mi easily convinced. When Kenby wa*
searched at bend��ninrter�� It was found
that he was posse-ssed of glft.Ofti in
A week later Hoy Bardwell started
on   Pete's good and conditions of labor���bad as
they are���have been greatly Improved
Iwck!"   he'"8 the result or Industrial and politl
I cal action."
In extending the greetings of Great
'Britain to the American Federation of
Labor Mr. Qreenall referred to the better understanding of conditions In
America, which a personal visit to this
country' had brought him, and spoke
Blame  Attached to Company for
Death of Man at Wallace,
Of the tusks which confront the federation in its work In the Intereat of la
Spokane, Nov. 13.���In a fight with
knives Qeorge O. Berg, 26 years, of
1132 1-2 College avenue, and C. M.
Bobbins, 45 years, proprietor of the
Banquet hotel, at W927 1-2 Sprague
avenue, received dangerous slashes In
the side, and are held at the ]atl detection ward charged with assault
wtth deadly weapons. The fight occurred at 7 p. m. in the Manquet ho-,
After Bobbins had plunged a long
butcher knife three times lato the left
side of Berg, and Berg, with a pocket
knife, had opened a gash six Inches
long In Bobbins' side, and slashed hla
mouth, the men were separated by
lodgers wbo rushed ln at the sound of
the fray.
Berg was arrested half an hour later by Detective Edward Kdwardeon at
the office of Dr. C. K. Rigg, In the
Peyton building, where he waa taken
to have his wounds dressed.
The arrest of Berg resulted trom a
coincidence. Detective Kdwsrdson was
struck by a motorcycle while crossing
Bernard street and sustained a sprained left wrlat. He wae seat to Dr.
Rlgg for treatment, owing to the emergency hospital being Riled to capacity.
He reached the door of the office aa
Wallace, Idaho, Nov. 13.���Falling
150 feet down a chute of the Inter-
state-Callahan mine, near Wallace,
caused the Instant death of John Harris, aged 26, an employee of the com- j
pany, his lifeless body being taken '
out a few minutes after the mishap.
Harris and his partner, Pete Vltel-
11, were clearing the top of the raise,
which had ben choked by a blaat of
the preceding shlfL They worked as
long as they could stand the foul airj
and tben started down the ladder, Vi-
telli going first. He waa so weak
that he fell a portion of the distance,
���tui was able to reach the manway.
Harris attempted to follow, but evidently was so overcome with gas that
he lost his hold at the top of the ladder and fell to the plank, where Vltel-
II heard him gasp. It is supposed that
he lay on tbe plank a moment before
he fell Into the chute.
Vitelll was so overcome that he w-as
powerless to help hia companion and
as soon aa he had sufficiently recovered he crawled down the man-
way and notified other workmen of
Harrlr.' predicament.
At '- ie bolt, in iof the chute the gate
was opened and" Harris' body, still
warm, was pulled out of the muck.
All efforts at resuscitation were fruitless.
Harris had been employed in various
mines of the dlatrlct tor several yean
and was an experienced miner. He
waa married a little over a year ago
and leave* a widow and 5-month.old
baby.   The wife is prostrated.
A coroner'* Jury held that the deceased came to his death through hie
own negligence in not taking tha proper precautions In fastening the ladder and absolved the company from
all blame.
Haa Silver In Hia Leg.
Kellogg.  Idaho. Nov.  18.���Edward
Langlois wa* operated on at the Kellogg hospital yeaterday, a silver plate
being faatened to the bone of tk* let
,    ., he broke several weeka ago, a toe
Dr. Rlgg was about to dismiss hia pa- roiling on him.   The bone waa badly
north with lio.ooo In bis pockets mid  tlent.   His Inquiries a* to the cause crm,hed and waa alow In mending, the
his copy of a contract signed hy lbe
new mannger of tbe Bardwell Lumber
syndicate In the Lnntlgua dlstriet. And
the new manager was well known to
Cyrus (tuckett. 11 mnn tn he trusted,
but Bardwell did not tempt hlm with
tbe possession of Inrge sums of money.
As for Kenby. be served a term In
prison for bis offense and lived to attempt revenge upon. Roy Bardwell*
company. How he accomplished It and
the result ar* part of another Btory.
of Berg's cuts were given no answer,
and suspecting Berg ot complicity In
the stabbing of Robbins, he arreated
According to Robblna, the (tabbing
followed trouble over a telephone conversation Berg waa carrying on which
Bobbins Interrupted. Berg iald: "Rob-
bin* attacked me, and I tried to protect myself. Ha had a knife, aad I
drew mine, and we went at It" Berg
1* the son cf O. W. Berg, and a nephew
of F. C. Berg, a merchant
NorthwMt Unitarian* Meet
Hood River, Nov. IS.���The North
Pacific Unitarian conference, representing Oregon. Idaho. Washington
and Montana, la In session her Rev.
Fred Allen Well of Bellingham le on
the program.
operation being necessary to ear, th*
Bight-Hour lm Upheld.
Olympla, Wash., Nov. IS.���The ��u>
preme court, after giving a reh-.arlai
en banc today, reaffirm sO IU former
opinion ln the Pacific American Flaherles eaae, upholding tbe woman'*
eight-hour law and directing that glrla
engaged in varnlihlng salmon tins ���*4
not exempt trom Ita operetta*.
Riveted Steet pfpff
*���*     BURN OIL    ���
P. AMX44I TILimWNI Uf  ,
Gets the Cream of the
Christmas Goods in the
shops and
gets the Cream of the
Trade.    Mr. Merchant,
do your share towards
* the early shopping cai^ %
paign by advertising your
The Paper #��t bi
. :**
i '���'
���'i'3,..-r -'���nW.iV^r'i ' '���*���������*'
��� ft    PAGE FOUR
<* * * �� * �� ����� * �� * * * ���*:���## *
Will  Not Prepare  Lon-j and Voluminous Message as His Predecessors Did.
Benevolent Society to Assist In VV 0rk
cf Aiding Mothers Require*!
to Work for Living.
One of Oldest Structures in the City |
Will  Pass Out of Existence-
Valued  at $3000.
Washington, Nov. IS.���Prmident
Wilson announced today thai he
would read in person his lirst annual
massage lo congress.
The  presldi nt   thus (ar  has  rend
threw brief addresses   on  tariff, currency and the Mexican affairs  -but It
Was not definitely know a whether bis i
first communication   to   the   regular
session of congress vct>nM In- in accordance   wiih   ilu-   century-old   pra-
dent which l>" rertved last  March.
Mr. Wilson i,M Inquirers thai he
had jusl begui ��nvk on the addreaB,
lie Indicated ihat uo such Ions and
Vpluanini'iis messages as have hereto
lore been seifl to congress bj pit-si-
dents would bs prepared by him.
The social service corr.iv issjon, of
Victoria, which is engBCfed in the
philanthropic work of aidins mothers
who are  compelled  through  necessity
���    Chilllwaok. Nov. 13.���OiiRinntiug In
au overheated stove In the dark room
of the Chapman photographic studio.
lire loday practically destroyed thc'
ll two storey frame structure known as
to leave their fa mil tab for a number Ithe Henderson block. The blaze
of hours daily in onler to earn a.bro^e out shortly after !l o'clock and
living for tlu-mselv-vti and their chil af\nr mer ,wo hours fighting the fire
dren will be. asBlsM-d In its Immune department managed to extinguish
efforts by the locril llenevolent society. ,|le f|al���es.
The ascertaining mt namea ot mothers    ti,0 building was valued at  %s,u),i
thus fiiMated ln Miis city will be the iand eorrfea $51)0(1 Insurance. It is one I
nature ��f assistance rendered by tht'j0f the oldest structures in the city I
local ctrganittfton, land although It would be possible to!
At the regular lneeting of the j mako repairs the n��w bylaw will
Vleiietolcnt society yesterday n letter I prevent this and tho ruins will re-
frum Win. Stevenson, secretary of the;,1U|re t0 be razed.
comTiiisslon, describing Its work and i ������*\n\a afternoon the underwriters ar-
askins aMhtanoe so far as the pro- i rived from New Westminster and they
CUrtng of -names of working mothers | wm estimate the damage with a view
WK8 received. Ito settling the Insurance on the vari-
ln briel Mr. Stevenson's letter stat-iOU8 stores in the block wblch suffered
rfl that the commission was endeavor- loss.
ing to lend working mothers sufficient I The following merchants suffpred:
assistance to enable them to stay atichapman, $_10u0 loss. $,.i). Insurance;
home with their children and give Parker, clothier, stock damaged by
them the parental attention neces-1 water, $6000 insurance; R. A. Hender-
sary.     The  work  of  the  commission 1B0I1|    surveyor,    $1000     loss;      Lillie
Al  (his inornli-g's city
ket it is probable that:
No iiiiotab'e changes In price
will be recorded In produce of
any sort.
Kgpi will sell as lust week al
fro'n 60 to (i_ cents a dozen
���"���,1th very slim chances of an
Increase in  price.
Butter as usual will aell for
a few. cents better than 40
cents per pound.
Fowl win be offered In
Meals and lish wlll go at
former quotations,
Vegetables  and   late   fruits
will not  be  very  plentiful, but
the selling figure will remain
lhe same.
still progressing.*   Come and
see us. We can save you money.
Goods delivered to any part of
tho city.
Robson. Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
641 Front Street.    Out of the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Open   Evenings   Till   9   o'clock.
# ti
* ����� *
Denied an Audience.
Washington, Nov. 18. .lose Santos
gelaya, former dictator of Nicaragua
now In New Vork. was today denied
an audience at ths department of stale.
The former dictator sent an emissary
to Secretary Ilryan to ask tor an appointment, but did not communicate
the nature (if his business. Mr.
Ilryan declined  to see hlm.
Victoria  Police Think  *��� Mea They
Chased Threw Him Overboard���
May  Be  Ex Convict*.
extends over the enUrg provlnce._ A |grocery, goods almost total loss,
number of the prominent men of Vic-Uurance not known; W. It Gilbert
torla are connected with it and the |Companv. dry goods, and Carlson,
nature of the stationery used by Mr. tailor, were also occupants ol the
Stevenson would indicate that the building. Their loss is not estimated
provincial authorities are a party to j
May Break off All Relations.
Cologne, Nov. 13. -Germany's disbelief In an Immediate armed Intervention by the United States in Mexico
is expressed in an inspired dispatch
from Berlin published In the Cologne
in- Gazette today,   lt adds that It is prob
New Wellington    |
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Hats valued from $7.50 to $10.00 will go while
they last for $1.50 to $2.50.
On Sale from 10 to 6 o'clock.
the good work of tho commission.
As the winter season approaches
the work of the local benevolent association Is extending slightly. At yesterday's meeting three fresh applica-
clded   to  render  assistance  in   each.
The society ts now lending aid lo 13
Victoria. Nov. 1".���The Victoria
police believe that there may be murder in the hurried flight Trom Vancouver of Leicester and HoMan-i, the
two men who were chased hy the
jiolire  here  last Thursday,  Leicester,
���?,V^^.nl'B^^l^J!iJ!l?ti�����1;l"Parate case, of distress and during
land escaping    after    a    sensational    h ,        SrptPinber $113no WM
Chase toough the Street! of the city. L   fa benevolent  work.    The
Holland is s,11 at  large   somewhere | Stalled   $130.
in  the neighborhood of thta ctty..       , ; ,      ���
Ihe^ story is that Holland   who is U fl       >,       g���   thc  vict..preskli;nt,
also known  by the name  of  George ; be,    ' ,��� th(, __r.
.rank Van Horst. Is an old Victorian, j        *	
and long ago was sent to New West-1
minster for two yearB fo-ltowlTig a
conviction here on a theft charge. |
l_ater, it is claimed, that he spent ten
years in Walla Walla, following the
holding up of a saloon in Seattle.
Where the possibility of murder lies
in the fact that wben the two men
left Victoria last week they went to
Terra Nova and there bargained with
a Jap named Ogada to take   ihem to
Vancouver island.
The  launch  reached  Beaver  Poin*.
Salt  Spring   island,  on   November  6,
���with Lester and Van Horst on board,
but    uo Jap. It ls claimed.    The two
men,  it is  alleged,  fired   the  launch
and then came on to Victoria on the
Joan.    The police are now endeavoring to find    out   what   happened   to
Charles Hawkins was arrested here
yesterday    and    concealed      weapon
were found  on him.    He is held    on
suspicion of being an assistant of Van
Horst.    It is Baid that he is also an
ex-convict from WaHa Walla.
Discover Ca_e of Beri-Beri.
Philadelphia.   Nov.   18.���A   case   of
heri-beri, or sleeping    sickn-ess.    was
discovered on hoard thc British Bteamer Strathmore, which arrived here to-
able  President  Wilson  will  break off
all relations with Mexico.
Two Year.- Hard.
Itegina, Nov. 13.-Walter Fleming.1
colored, aged fill yeurs, was sentenced ',
to two years at hard labor In (he j
Prince Albert penitentiary for leading!
two young white servant girls Into a j
life of shame.    He was also given a |
Mus. Bac.
Singing,  Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011  Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (2263)
Residence Y. W. C. A Phone 1324.
tlons were considered and lt was de-|day from Bombay, India, with a cargo  further  sentence  of  six   months   for
of manganese ore. Tbe sailor who
was suffering from the disease was
taken off the vessel at the iiuarantlne
Btatlon, Marcus Hook. l'a.. and placed
in  Ihe hospital there for treatment.
keeping a bawdy house.
1 and P
City   Council   Says  Trustees  Are
sponsible  for  Children���Police
Have  No  Authority.
Society thronged the home of Mrs.
IC.   II.   Savage    yesterday    afternoon,]
over  one   hundred   callers   being    re-1
ceived  on the occasion of the  post-'
nuptial reception of the hostess.    Mrs.
H.   C.   Major.   Mrs.   A.   E.   Kellington I
and Mrs. Dr, Smith helped Mrs. Savage    receive    in    the    drawing room I
which was hanked    with    red    roses.
Mrs. C. A.  Bourne and  Mrs.  W. Gifford  poured for  the first    hour    and;
Mrs.     Dr.     McKay  and   Mrs.     R.   D.
'Hendry for thc second hour.    Mrs. F. ,
J.   Lynch   cut   the   ices  for   the   firft!
hour  and   Mrs.  A.   W.  Gray  for    the
second.    Those helping to serve were
Mrs.  B,  Brown.    Miss    Nora Dockrill
and Miss Julia Gilford.   Miss El. Major
and   Miss  L.  Savage  presided  in  the!
ice cream room.   Opening the door to
the guests were little Miss Joy Major
and Master Bobby Bourse. The rooms
were  prettily  decorated,    the    whole !
color scheme being in  red.    The tea
tables were decorated with streamer**
of tulle and smllax  while the centra
table was a mass of red roses.
School trustees may bave to don
policemen's uniforms and pound the
pavements to protect children going
and coming from school if the letter
read at last night school board meet-
ging means business. The letter wbb*
from the city council and In repiy to |
one sent on October 10 asking what
Could be done to keep theatre advertising   men   from   soliciting   business.
 in school grounds.    It was dated Oc-j
Pleased  With the West. tober IB and said: Freeman Bunting is confined to his
Ottawa. N'ov. 13���Dr. Roche, minis-!     "Replying to your letter of October house with a dislocated shoulder. Outer   of   the   interior    returned   today, 10 In regard to distribution of theatre  result   of  a  fall   when   leaving   home
from   the  west.    He    expressed    hls passes to school children I am direct-  Wednesday  morning.
pleasure at the conditions existing in jed to state that school children are!    Mr  an(] Mra  H   Moran are .toying I
the west and that the prospects were I under the control of teachers and the at*tn(i Dunsmuir "
of the brightest. i board ol school trustees from the time i
  they  leave  their    homes    to    attend      Charles Turner, of Strawberrv  Hill  ���
Gets  Hurt Warning Boys. j school  each day  until thev return  to registered at the Dunsmuir yesterday
Regina, Nov. 13.���George A. StoweJtheir homes after tho schools are; ,��� . ,,-���...- nf ���,������,,���.,,. .��� .,
a fireman on the Canadian Northern closed and the citv council and police' ������; V. \," ��'��1 loro,'t0' ls a
railway  had  his  head  badly  cut and  have no charge of them between the,g a itUBsen.
times stated." W. J. Manson. M.P.P, was a visitor]
The letter was signed by W. A. Dun- in the city yesterday.
can. city clerk. Walter   Cambridge,   who   wni   ser- j
Now the trustees could not see the  0UgIy  in,m���d  ,���  ������  automoblle  ���-,.,. i
affair in  this light.    In fact Trustee dcnt in Vancouver some months ago
Mrs. Cross wanted to know what she  lg now able t0 get ol]t on t,.��� n_.(,t
was to do if she saw little hoys being alUlo,u-h hampered with crutches,
bullied   by  older  pupils.     Would   she
have to stop the light herself? Miss   Theresa   Walsh   has  returned
What made the reply seem absurd  fl'om Seattle.
an ear severed this morning by a
wire as the result of leaning from the
cab window to warn some boys who
attempted to jump on to the moving
engine. ,
Construct Culvert.
_^ The B.  C.  E.  R.  Is  constructing  a
concrete culvert underneath the track
at  the  Intersection    of    Fourteenth
���street  and   Fourth  avenue.     The  cut  ������,_���^_���^_���^_���_���^_������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���
���Will take care of the water that runs ��� to the trustees was that a parent re-1    Tin-re  were over 70  people preBent
���down the hill and strikes the track a'
this point.
|for the Week Ending Sunday, Nov. 16.
Sand h
Time. HI.
3:43 10.1
14:46 12.0
4:2H 10.9
8 '
15:09 11.8
5:13 11.6
15:30 11.6
5:66 12.1
0 7
15:50 11.5
6:38 12.6
'.i 8
16:11   11.8
7:21   l.'ti
16:32 11 ->
8:07 13.1
16:68 11 8
[ported   that   his   daughter   had   been ttt Ihe meeting of the  Woman's  Edu-|
[accosted on the Btreet,    If (he police catlonal club last evening whicli  wae
were   not  to   have   charge  of  pupils held at the home of Mrs. T. Meredith
during   school   hours   there   was    no fifth  avenue,    Dr.   Sipprel)  gave  an
telling where this Bort of thing might address   on   "Higher    Education    In
did.    A   reply  to this  effect  will    be other  Lands."    Mrs.   Byron   Renshaw
sent to the city council. rendered  a solo.    The  next   meeting
Several  Increases  were    given    to wffl be held at the   home   nf    Mrs
teachers.     Mr.   Summers,   the   new Qeorge Adams.
teacher at nighl school, was reported;	
to  be  ding  I :."  work.    Some of his | ���*
pupils  had  thanked  the hoard for appointing so proficient an instructor.
In Order to Extend the
Use of
We offer our Customers
the Following
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Electric   Stove   and
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All can be used from the ordinary lamp socket. On view
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Tickets given with each $1 00
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December 31st.  1913.
Brown & Son
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Thie week we are demonstrating Edward's Soup. Como in our store
when In town and taste this delicious
soup.   Sold in 5c. packets and 15c. tin.
New fruits for Xrnas cakes and
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t.hoico cleaned Currants, lb. ...1'0c.
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Snowslide  Sweeps  Prospectcrs  to  thc
Edge of Precipice���One Killed���
Others  Suffering.
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block
Phone 386.
Columbia Street
Valdez. N'ov. 13. Robert Mnrtin
was killed and John Connelly. Warren Nelson and K. s. Bruner are suf
feiing from exposure and bruises as
the ri suit of a snowslide a few days
ago on the liig Four mining claims
on   .Mineral   creek.
Bruner, Nelson. Connelly and Mar
tin were overwhelmed In their tent by
the avalanche of snow that cani-i! down
upon them and carried thi-m and their
tent to within 10 feet of a 100 fool
prei iplce,
Bruner managed to work himself
I iose by using a part of a whiskey
* iis'i. Him was near as a knife Willi
his bands badly cut and not a Bhi-ed
Of clothing on hlm h" walked a (luarter 'if a mile to the tunnel and K--
cured a shovel, wllh whicli he dug nut
Warren NelBon, after the latter had
been plnneil down three and a half
heirs, ijniner and Nelson continued
work of rescue until .lohn Con-
. another partner, was released
He had  been  buried  lor seven and  a
half li.mrs before he wa.-i rescued, bul
bo   v::::   Btiil   alive.
Martin's  body  was not  found   until
the next day.    it waa crushed     The
accident occurred at an elevation of
(000 feet.
Personal Greeting Cards
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Parlor Tallica, Solid Oak.    Special   	
China Cabinets, In Solid Qolden Oak.    Regular $82.00
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1913.
Of the passenger vessels on the (ireat
Lake* except the oneB carrying lets
than 50 passengers or larger ones that
do not make long trips, lo become
equipped with wireless.   However, the
act went through ao late that it v.as
decided not to make it effevtlve until
the first of next January.
Signing  on of   Vancouver  Players  by
Local Teams Likely to Cause
Trouhle is said to be looming up lu
the   Westminster   Amateur
league on account of two teams signing on Vanoouver players. This mat
Ier was brought lo a vote at a recent
meeting of the league delegates, tv.'>'MaiKenzli
loams inaliliiK tlie play lo have local
players only perform witli the teams,
Kivlng Fraaer Mtlll all territory covered by Port t'oi|ultiain and Coqultlam
municipality, while the other two
Htoi��l pat to sign On any players tliey
nee lit as lonK as they conform with
the amateur status and are not signed
with any league In Vancouver. The
president's vote was necessary to
pass the motion opening wide the territory to be covered by the league.
Now, the other teams In the league,
tlie Heavers aud Sappertons, claim
that amateur hockey will not thrive
to the extent it should, if outside
material Is brought In as lhe public
wil! pay money to see outside professionals play, but In amateur games
the public desire to know every
player performing on the team and
this tln-y claim will not be so It Vancouver  players are  imported.
The   lea*, le   wlll   open   In   the   near  with   the
future nti thai  it Ik probable that the
matter will reai li an acute stage before the next few* day*, have passed.
. Page slowly gained a lead on her op
pom-lit.   They started the second nln*
hole*  with  AI ru.  l'age having the ad
vantage of one bole,    The lentil   WM
! halved   and   Mr*,   l'age   won   the   Uth
! but losl lhe IL'I'i     The Uth also wenl
i to   .Mrs.   Jenkins,   making   tin-   match
Isquare.     Mrs.     l'age     won   the   11th.
| halved tin- 15th, won the 16th and 17th
and thereby won iho match by '���'��� and 1
Mrs. MacKenzie was loo strong for
Mrs    llhodeu  and  evenl ually   won   hy
4   ami   .1.     Mrs.   MacKeui'.le   won   tin
first  three boles and  was four up at
Hockey Ithe   6th.     Mis.   Illiodes   won   tin
'and   the   "lh   and   8tli   were   halved
Mrt.  Khedes again won the (th, mak-
| lng the match two holes In Mrs. Mac
Kenzle's favor.    The 10th went lo Mrs
the   Ilth   and   12lli   were
Creacents Will Oppose Tigers���Adan
acs to Oc Hard Preceed by Columbian College.
halved; Mis. MacKenzie seeiind the
l.'ltli and halved the Mth and won thc
16th,  winning the game 4 und 11.
Report  that   Johnson   Will  Join
Ross in sn American Tour���
Royals Worried.
The report that ICrnle Johnson had
refused lo sign with the Koyals came
as  a   little  surprise  to  the  fans  yes-
terday   morning   and   all   kinds ot
rumors tire now  afloat  In connection
famous ooverpolnt  player.
The  latest  i.i  that Johnson,  unless
he makes better terms with the Hoyal
management, is agreeable to Join the
] muscular orderly carries him when he
appears  in  puhllc.
I     Many baths and special treatment..
have been tried and every sort of ex-,
i pert advice has been consulted but the!
; hoy's   condition   has  defied   tlie   skill
of  the  greatest  doctors  and   special-
lists.    Tin- agony  is really   very  great
for the czar and  his  wife and  much
.sympathy Is given them.
Shop   windows   throughout   Kurope*
I are hung with pleturea of the czare-j
vitcli   und  silently   the  public  awaits;
the Inevitable;   lhey realize that thej
tragedy  mun  soon  reach  ils climax.
Aside from the father and  mother,
the greatest sorrow Is felt for the old
Baron  Alexleff,  who  was  the  private!
Drowned In Alberta.
Deary, Idaho, Nov. 111. Word has
ju.it been received here of the drowning of Key Grannis, son of Mr. anil
Mrs. K. 1.. Craunis. A brief telegram
from the mounted police of Canada |
recite* that tiie young man wsa drowned in Island lake, near his homestead, and about 21 miles from Athabasca. Alberta, the nearest post offi*'-.    His parents are prostrated.
Ships Hold a Flrey Furnace.
Ilalnax. Nov. 13.-With the forward
hold   converted   into   u   firey   furnace
by spontaneous combustion of ootton
cargo, the Hrltlhr steamer Mulrfleld
Head docked last evening after steaming  for 100 miles at full  speed  from
At the Theatres
Basketball  will  reign at  llie  V,  .VI
Mil IC.  A.  Ilils evening    when    four    (ity
league teams  will  clash  in  the race
'i.r the championship,
The Crescents,  who    have    yet    to | Haron  Alexleff,  who  was  the  private! New Features.
wm t defeat, will oppose the Tigers In ; tutor of the boy's grandfather. Alex- The Koyal theatre will have a num-
���vhat Is predicted to bte au intereslinr; Iand'.r III, of his rather Nicholas II ber of features starting with today's
battle. The Adanacs, last year',,'and now Of the yotUJg and doomed performance. The world's series of
high school team,  will opi>cse Colum-   czarevitch. .baseball games between the National
t.ian college ror the lirr-t Cine in the : The czarina ia quite well again, she'league and American league recently
tecond of the doubleheader Hoth has just returned from a sanitarium in .played on the New York Polo grounds
aami appear to be on ar. equal toot- ��� Hamburg, one hour's ride from Frank-; will be shown for the first time ln this
;���K i fort.    Although  Austria  is  the  blood | city
Walker Sangster and   Joe   Evans
will  likely be the officials.
Forwards.    Pent
centre,   Storme;
and    Dougherty
Hi re are the llm
Cn scent Heath
land and Ilogers;
guards, McDonald
Spare, C. Fletcher.
Tigers ��� Forwards, Swanson and
Smilh; centre, Wattam; guards. Whittaker and  Dawe.    Spare, tlordon.
Adanacs Forwards, Curtis and Cun-1
nlngham; centre. Sutherland; guards,]
l-oiinbeed and Cook.    Spare,  Hobson
College ��� Forwards,    Manson    and \
Smith;   centre,  Moore;   guards.  Haley
and Martin.
enemy of Russia, yet the whole nation I The British war balloon test, show-
Is Btirred with sympathy over the un- 'ns England's latest addition, the
happy family and the certain fate of "Victoria." will be an Interesting pic-
the only son. ture  and  there  will  also    be    many
The czar has four daughters, but other of the latest world happentngs.
under a law of the Emperor I'aul l.i "Voodoo Vengeance," a wonderful anl-
no woman can ascend the Itussian mal picture, 3000 feet long, featuring
throne. The nearest male heir, once Capt. Jack Uonivata. world-famed lion!
the young CarevltCb is gone, is the tamer, Is sure to be an Interesting!
(Irand Duke Michael, tho czar's one. To round out this excellent pro-1
brother. jgram   Manager Glllls will  also  have
_-_-_____--__-___-__-___ ; Pete Murphy sing some of the latest
eastern song hits.
At Omaha  Next.
Columbus. O , Nov. 111.���-Omaha was
selected as the next meeting place at
the  final  session  of  the  annual  convention of the National Association of
in American cities.    Itoss. Ernie |Professional Baseball leagues here toll  and   Harry   llyland  hav,.   jet [day. Omaha won convention In a close
outlaw*   band   und
Montreal  Wander
i Hum
*.-   Art   Itoss   of   the
���rs    and    tour    the
Final Round of Ladles Autumn Tournament���Tight Matches Played
to sign with the Wanderers and Ihe [Contest with Nashville. Tenn., receiv-
I former is slated  to be organizing anied 17 of the 32 voles cast.
all -star team which will visit Cleve-1 Tliere was no discussion today of
.land, Pittsburg, Detroit, Syracuse, i the demands submitted hy lhe Huse-
IBoston and New York. I ball  Players' fraternity,    No date has
While the refusal of Johnson to
i come to terms is regarded In some
j circles as being merely temporary, the
| Officials   of   the   local   company     are
Booking Cancelled.
Bookings with the company which
was to come to the Royal theatre in
stock next week have been cancelled
by Manager Cilllis ot the Royal, following an unsuccessful attempt of the '
 show  manager to cause .Mr. Gillis to'I
raise his seat prices from the popular;
Acting    Premier   Sends    Message   of  prices.   The Koyal manager Insists on
Condolence on Behalf of Canadian     keeping his prices down.   To replace
jthe road company an attraction with;
GovernmenL i Vancouver  players   in   the  principal
roles has been secured for next week.
Ottawa, Nov. 13.���The sympathy of j
the Canadian  government  with  Lord
The ladies monthly medal was play worried as to the outcome seeing
ed tor yesterday OB lhe Vancouver that regular practice Is slated to start
lioir and'Country club links   Weather.cn  November ID,
conditions were splendid but fewer Victoria has Its team practically
Competitors took part than usual. The made up, while Vancouver only rt-
s.miof prize was tied for hy Mrs. Ad-! quires one more player to round up a
dagh and Miss I'eele while ihe Junior septette. Immediate actlcn han to be
event was won by Mrs   E   Sutherland,   taken   by   the   New*   Westminster  off
The ladles' autumn tournament hai
now got the length of the final and
Mrs. F Page and Mrs A. B. Mac
Ki-nzle are left to fight for the honors.
In the rirs-t round the following
were the results!.     .    . i
Miss Bunco brat Mrs   Tweedale
Miss  Peele beal  Mrs. Bond.
Mrs. jenkln* won from  Miss Skilll-
corn.  WO \
Mrs.  Sheriff won  from  Mrs.  Allen.;
W O.
Mrs. Page bent Mrs. Youngling
Mm. A   Stewart beat Miss Ogilvy.
Mrs. Hamilton heal  Mrs. Ardagh.
Miss Corbould  beat   Miss Cl.  Bunco
Seoond Round.
Mias I'eele bent MJ8S IHm-e*.
Mrs.   Jenkins   best' Mrs.   Sheriff.
Mrs. Page beat Mrs. A. Stewart.
Mlrs Corbould beat  Mrs.  Hamilton.
Mrs.  Klklns beat Mrs.  V. 11. Parks.
Mrs. Mai Kenzie won from Mrs. J. H. | York
Smith.  WO.
Mrs.  Lawson  beat  Miss Smith.
Mrs. Rhodes beat Mrs. Corbwuld.
Third   Round.
Mrs.  Jenkins  bent   Miss  Peelo.
Mrs.  Page beat Miss Corbould.
Mrs. MaoKsntie txuu Mm. Bikini.
Mrs. Rhodes beat Mrs. I_awson.
The fourth round which was played
yesterday lay between Mrs. Jenkins
nnd Mrs. Page, the other two semi-
finalists being Mrs. MacKenzie and
Mrs. Rhodes.
The -sine between Mrs. Page nnd
Mrs. Jenkins was a tight one for the
firBt 14 holes, alter which point Mrs.
clals and ano'her meeting with Johnson Is slated for today or Saturdav
when I! Is hoped that the Moose will
see the proper light and atllx his
name to a 1013-14 contract.
Received  Scores at  Sea.
San Francisco, Nc.v. l;t. Exceeding
all previous wireless records for ships
at si a by SOO miles, C. II. Germain,
operator on the Culled StateB army
transport Thomas which arrived from
Manila today, reported that on September 'il, when the Tli mus was
near (luam. and 4700 miles from San
Francisco,  nil  of  the  scores      ,    the
Pacific Coast league baseball game*
were   received.
been set as yet. The report cf the | Strathcona in the loss of his wife,
committee that It would be Impossible j lady Strathcona, Is expressed in r.
to hav uniform    contracts    for    all ��� _able   or  condolence   forwarded   this
li ago, s wlllch    are    parties    to    the .     ,,       ���   ,.   _._,���,__   _	
, _    .  _.   ,    'evening by Hon. Q, a. roster, acting
national   agreement,   was  adopted   byl�� **T* "' '
the convention. ] premier, who returned to the capital
-    ���        ���   (from New York at noon:
"The members of the Canadian government desire to assure your lordship I
ot the profound sympathy on the oc- \
oaBion  or  the death  of  I��ady  Strath- i
cona.     They  feel  that  ln    her    all
icIubscb   ln   this  country   have  lost   a
warm friend, who during a long lifetime labored  not  less  effectively  be-',
cause, quietly and unostentatiously to
assist  your lordship  to  promote  the
well   being  of  her  Canadian   fellow
subjetns   while   her   kindly   and   gracious hospitality will long be remera-
(Continued trom rage One i
The damage to vessels and carsru -Will
be several millions of dollars.
Lying in various morgues along the ,ber(_<i by those "privileged to ehare It
Canadian shore are bodies of sailors 1W(. trugt ,hat your jordship may be
who had shipped on the steamers j strengthened to bear this great af-
Jamis   Carruthera,   Regina,   John   A. | fiiction  and  that  you   may     yet    be
spared many years to continue your
work  on  behair of  Canada and   the
Between the National league
and the American league shown
in the Animated Weekly at the
Americans Defeat Natlonsts.
Oakland. Cal.. Nov. 13.--The New
National league, pennant winners, lost to the Chicago Americans
by a score of 5 to 3 here today. Wiltse
and Hussell were the opposing pitchers. Wiltse was touched up for 11
Jim Thorpe, the famous Indian athlete wllh McOraw'* team, was given n
chance lo warm up In right field today, replacing Mike Donlln. The
n.  H.  e
Chicago   4    11      2
New York     2     7     *
llatteries: Russell and Schalk;
Wlltae and Meyers.
Ptank Barriaau and Joe Bayley will 1 Reports from the East Indicate lhat
not clash at Steveston as Intended, I Frank Patrick has wired Lalonde to
but llarrlnau will meet a 'Frisco j name his price and to leave inimedi-
lightweight Johnny McCarthy, who lately for the coast. Up to the present
comes up north with u rep ot having;time Newsy iu still stalling to get bis
beaten Frankle Hums u few days ago. release.
Bert Halstead. of ICburhe, is trying tol  .
arrange the bout tor tho tlrst week In j , ..    ,.
h. Manager Percy  I.esseuer cvldentfy
December.  I believes in as much publicity ns hc
Kitsllano Presbyterians will bo tho can possibly get. The manager of
visitors at Sapperton park on Satur-1 the Ottawas Is reported to have every
day afternoon where they clash with ��Ur in the country signed up which
the Junior Alliance team of the It. C. leaves he Stanley cup contest settled
int. ,j-in.    t���, before the season starts.
Abe Attell. who everyone thought
waa through with the flght game. Is
going to try and come back against
Johnny Kllbane. It wlll be curtains
for Abe wben Kllbane gets through
with him.
I<ook out for squalls In the Amateur
After dropping $15,000 last summer | Hockey league before another week
on baseball, the directors ot the has passed. There was some talk on
Wichita, Kan., team have decided to the atreet yesterday of a movement
make another attempt next seaaon. ��whlch will bring a little flght before
The cltl-ons wlll now probably flock tj,e schedule opens,
to the banner.
Eddie Oerard and Coo Dion, two
well known amateur hockey playera,
are reported to have signed up with
MoOoan, Wexford and Charles S.
Price, lt virtually is certain those
vtssels went down with all on board.
There also are a number of bodies
noi  Identified,
Wreckage of tbe steamers 'Argus
and Hydra* has been cast ashore.
Neither of those boats has been
heard from since the storm swept
the lakes. The freighter Isaac M.
Scolt Is also missing. The freighter
that has been upside down ln I_ake
Huron fer several days remains unidentified because of rough weather.
Greatest among today's tragedies
was the confirmation of the loss of
the steamer John A. McOean, a 432
foot freighter. Twenty-eight bodies
of her crew have been washed ashore.
Another vessel may Ite beneath the
wreck of the overturned vessel In
Lake Huron, 13 miles north of here.
This theory was advanced today by
Milton Smith, assistant engineer ot
tbe ill-fated steamer Charles S. Price.
Mr. Smith had a premonition of the
approacbiug danger and lett his ship
at Cleveland the day before It rode
Into the teeth of Lake Huron's galo
and foundered with all hands on
Mr. Smith returned to Port Huron
tonight Trom Thedfoid, Ont.. where he
went to aid In establishing the Identity of the men whose bodies were In
the morgue there.
Tbe llrst body he identified was
that of John Groundwater, chief engineer or tbe Price, whose home was
in Cleveland.
"Are you sure ." asked the coroner.
"Ab sure aa 1 know my own name
Is Smith," he replied.
"Well this man had one of the Re-
glna's life preservers wrappod'about
bis body." said the coroner.
Smith was dumbfounded. How the
chief engineer of the steamer Price
came lu possession of one of the life
preservers of the Regina was more
than he could fathom.
Thirty-one points _ to   nil tu   the
Clem  Hill, the  famous Australian
dose handed the Santa Clara varsity cricketer, has accepted a position of
i ugby team    by the   All-Blacks   on paid steward and his new duties wlll
Thursday    The All-Blacks wlll wind probably   necessitate   his   retirement
np their Callfornlan tour on Saturday from the summer game
when they meet the best of the
southern state. Up to date 465 points
havo been Be-ored on the home team*
and three agaln��t the Now Zealanders.
Hanns Kohlemalnen, the PlnnlBh
Olympic runner. I* not a professional.
That Is. thc amateur officials failed
to get the goods on the '->ug distance
star whose expense accounts have
totalled three flguree during the
nhort time he haa tBken up hi* residence In tho State*.
Manager Grant, of thn Rover*, will
take no chance* with West Vancouver
tomorrow afternoon and will Held the
strongest possible eleven.
A. meeting of the billiard players of
tho city Is due to be hold In the
Royal pool rooms at 8 o'clock thla
evenlug for the purpose of' electing
offlcera and drawing up a schedule
for the season.
Local  Citizen  from   Land  of  Mikado
Sfeys Return of Brethren Has no
National Importance.
Denial that the return of many
Japanese to their native land was
deeply significant, was made yesterday b.v J- Mlya Gawa of thli city. A
report was published in a Vancouver
oaper stating that 82 young Jape had
left that ctty Monday for Japan and
It waa suggested that the depletion
of tbe B. C. colony might have a national reason; tt waa pointed out that
all were fit for service in the army or
The explanation of Mr. Gawa, who
Is a graduate of the university at Toklo and a newspaper man ln Japan
for over 10 years, was that there are
two societies of Japaneae here whose
object Is an annual return to the
fatherland. These clubs ask flZO
from each man who wanta to make the
home trip. This covert aecond class
passage and sight seeing tours of the
mikado's country.
Since the alack season In the lumber mill* and the fishing Industry is
now on hand many Japanese ara visiting their own oountry.
.   t       8IEGE ON CHIHUAHUA
Surgeon* Give Boy Six Montha to Live
���Suffering from Tub*reulo*l*
of Bono*.
Vienna, Nov. 18.���The cxarevltch.
the em's heir and only son, cannot
live moro than alx montha Such Ir
the opinion ot the moat distinguished
surgeons here who have been called
In consultation over the boy, now In
hla tenth year. They aay he la suffering from rapid tubereuttwla ot the
bones and that hi* malady la Incurable.
Of courie-np one dare .wfctaper thtf
in St. Petersburg, but th* caar Icaow*
hi* aon Is in an extremely precarious
condition.   H*   cannot   walk sad ���
L.R.A.U.. A.R.C.M.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (in
class or privately). Harmony, Counter
point. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared tor tbe examination* of the Associated Board of tb*
Royal Academy ot Mude and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas. Teacher or Performer.  ,
Por terma, etc., apply Sl DuKertn
StreeL  Phone 411 R.
Bl -Mho, Tex, Nov. 13���General
Kranclseo Villa's rebel troops today
Began I liege on Chihuahua. They
cut railroad and telegraph llne* connecting. Chihuahua with the border
and Nave the city completely Isolated.
Rebel Junta member* stated tonight
that tt Is Villa'* plan to starve Chi-
huahUa put Inatead of again try lng. to
Uke th* town by aaaault. .
A os���seneer and troop train parted,
the point whero tbe line waa out t
few hours before tbe arrival ot the
rebel-forces at the north of Chihuahua. The train* reached Juares tonight; bringing more than a hundred
Americans, foreigners and native refugee*, lite 23rd battalion of federal in
fantry accompanied the train* aa a
guard.  -
Ottawa.   Nov    it-WtrilaMr'je.*-
-Vpayed practically *m *SH ta
ha on tie Oreat Lake* daring
ot Sunday.   Tba nana 1*
i tb* exception of tb* Huroale
ihe boats tkat wer* la tronM#
pped with wirtleoa ateamttia.
laat BMStoa ot parliament.
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Weetmlneter Truat Building. *
J. M. GAWA, Mgr.
Exclualve agent tor H. Ohaahl a
Co., New York, manufacturer* ot
Typewriter Backing Sheets, Carbon
Paper*, Ribbon*, etc. Mali addresa.
Drawer IU Nev Westminster.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, fcaith Block.
���      (MM!
provtMon wad
eompaUUe mat
Wbat wltb tha barbor Improve-
������at*, tba farther
; v A!tejbiM��'t
Lsdh-i* Tw_fcwf>T--i fly-wr-h
Capital  Subscribed J.OO.00030   Capital  Paid  up $449,867.78
Reserve Fund $200,000.00.
To every one making a will and appointing an executor to manage  their estate,  the  ahove  figores have a deep  meaning.
They prove that In addition to careful management, experience
and knowledg* of values, this Company offers a financial standing
an.J responsibility that private executors cannot give.
Our charges lor handling Katatei are never more and are often
less than those allowed to a private executor. When you can secure
so many advantages without additional cost by appointing this Company to act as your executor, you should give the matter careful
consideration and comsult with us.
Full Particulars oa Application
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Furniture Exchange
in 61 Sixth street for real bargains in aU kinds of fnrniture and furnishings.    1'icture Framing, Upholstering, Furniture Repairing, etc
Try us for Window Shade*.
Royal Mercantile Co.
E.  11.  BUCKUN,
Pr*s. aad (leal. Mgr.
w. r. a Bcc-cui*,
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonee H*. J aad S77.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
' ;->--%8.5:*-
We have the smart kjprtflpgth
belted back model witF4 shawl
collar. Also the Chest^eld and
long'ulstefc :'" ,   ' ��� 'l.%r^Tv-V
. '      ���'���'���'���ty-lli��\*'-*\-:'!'\   '  .    .."};;   *!..:*.
Prices: $18, $18, JwZiaff.fflft
Bsamsr-yss $30, $36
; ,\ ,
iM ��� '
''-*.'��� I
I'M... "**
.     _        1*
'  ' '-
������Ma, fn.--.!   mth
FRIDAY*-, NOVEMBER  14, 1013.
Classified Advertising
'resh i!r��sn the Gardens
���S__>.,SaiKIKH    ADS    WILL    BS
ived tor Tne N< ���*'- ��t tlle follow-
t_K places K. T. Hill's drug store,
c.k   Ojinii.b::!   -������i>''i   A-   Bprloe,
O-jerri.-SHii'M-li. l.ulu island: Mrs.
K. 1-ardi-n, HlgUland l'ark; Mrs. V.
lewis, Alta  I lata.
out, $160 an acre, adjoining bl_cl__
$100 and *126. Boll good. Terms
one-quarter down, Curtis & Dorgan,
New Westminster; (2410)
Victoria Branch of Council of Women
Agitates fer Circulation  of
Ccpper Coins.
By It We Know of What thc Sun
and Stars Are Composed.
mm mm
of the  finest  Tea-producing country in
the   world.
**********aamm *m***m
m> r'ATEb. ���
��� ��. o �� **m*** ******
C-tstsatVift'.'���    cent   per word   per
<ta' . *r in i* ... rd per week; 16c por
���at uttl. i.O'i'J wi-rds, to be used as re-
taa r, .-> wtttln une year from date of
asmntc-i.  IH.00,
FOIt    SALE���ALL    OH    PART    OF
Phone 1283 it.
Dominion   Has   Stood   Test   arid   Will
Reap  Reward   Is Opinion of
Prominent Victoilan.
ern house, sixth street oar line,
close in. Apply Box 2889 News
office. (2888)
rooiucd house, modern, fully turn-
oh-d.    Apply P. O. Hox 300. (2412)
reliable young man; used to Inside
work; also for a boy of 14. Dox
2WS fw-ivs office. (-4HS)
.**t**m*. in large or small quantities for
-spot cash. Will give full value or
���will -sell your household goods and
c-fecta Ly suction, Will guarantee
tn realize value or no commission
-harfieii. H. J. Russell, Westminster
-taction House. King's hotel block,
(Vtambia street. (2384)
   Victoria. Nov.  KI.    The iiui'stio.i of I
furniture of six-room bouse. House I bringing into general use the copperi
to rent.    Apply 86 Dufferin street, coinage In this city was a point of
2______11 much dUcusslon yesterday afternoon I
at the regular monthly meeting of the
Local  QounCll  of Women.
This question was flrsl  brought up,
at the annual  meeting Of tba  Local
FOK BALE-SELL YOUR PROP-1Women'8 CoUno" iu l918' When ",0
erty tlirough an ad. ln this column. Victoria Musical society drew the Ht- j
  itcnlion of,tho council to the fact that
EDISON HOME PHONOGRAPH I with the advent of the Increased cost
wiih SO records, cost |120, wlll sell i f ���vi it wag 08S0n,la* ltmt ������. ,.���,,.
same for 188.    As    Rood    as    new. ,   '        ,. .    '
very  little us.id,    Apply  A.  M..  421 j ",'r <"i" sholll(1 00m9 in,�� U6e' a,ui ""
Westminster Trust building.  (2398)   local Council of  Women  were asked
! to take steps to obtain this coin, which
FOK     SALE ��� HOUSE     PARTLY lis In use in every other province of
Bnlshed, and large cleared lot, Bd-I t'ie Dominion.
monds. Clear deed. Cheap fer cash
Apply owner, (ieorge Warne, Klgh
teenth avenue, Edmonds,
The matter has once more come up
I for discussion and some of the mem-
FOR SALE���81.0U DOWN, J1.00 PEK
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market squire. (23351
tici'f. and rooms In the line new
Mel ������< *,; building, Sixth and Carnarvon streets, from fT per month up;
..r-rfnii.i:;.: heat, light and hot and
oold nater in every room, Apply
room 111. (2379)
to rent Iry an ad. in tliis column.
keeping rooms. 810 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (2333)
(2324) 'hen*, spoke very warmly on the abso-
 I lute necessity for the same. To a certain extent the smaller coins are in
currency now. used in the form of
bread tickets, milk tickets and In every
maimer possible whereby householders can save a cent. This, however,
does not apply to the drygoods stores,
and the banker and the merchant is
naturally against the introduction of
the copper coin, the former because it
would not only be a nuisance but a
loss to him, as his profit would be reduced.
By being deprived of the copper
coinage the cost of living i.s increased,
it  is  contended,   from   2E   to  30   per
Royal avenue and Tenth street.
Steals 25c or 21 for $5.00; three-
rram furnished suite. $16 per
���month; single rooms from $1.75 a
���week up. (2391)
BE THANKFUL for the   poultry    industry:  The little old hell Will reduce
the high cost of living if treated right.
Winter Eggs?   Sure you can get them
if you feed right aud sprinkle a little ________________________________________________________
Conkey's  Laying Tonic In the mash.'cent, and for the poor this is a great
Once a day is enough.    Very econcmi-1 loss.    It was stated that copper coins
cal.    25c. 50c and $1.00 sizes.    Pails,  may be obtained  from  several  firms !
$1.60 and $3.00. Jand that up to a certain amount they |
BB THANKFUL Roup can be treated could not refuse to take copper at
successfully with Conkey's Roup the post office, but that tliis was never;
Hetnedv. Put H in the drinking water given out again as change, but ship-j
and let the fowls take their own modi- \P*-�� oul of tho City.
cine. Give it at the first signs of! .. ", ,waa eventually moved by Mrs. |
sneezing, coughing or moping. Don't :V;"._'.. a"ll,._?a'.lmmlB!.' *S--H*i. "m
be too late or you may lose your
whole flock, as Roup is contagious.
Best plan is to have it on liaml in
Roup season and use occasionally as
a preventive. 25c, 50c and $1.00 sizes.
BE THANKFUL there's a Conkey
Remedy for most every known poul
all the affiliated societies be asked to
circulate  t'.ie copper coinage.
-arm sales conducted. Furniture
tvmsr'it for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Begbie etreet, New Westminster.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Calgary Nov. 13. An Interesting
try ailment. You can buy any Von Btory is to hand from Halkirk, illus-
key remedy on plain agreement your irating the wonderful endurance of a
monev back if not satisfactory In two-year old steer, which belongs to
every Way. Ask your dealer for CON- F- ��- Duke. On October 6. last. Mr.
KEY'S POULTRY BOOK���FREE. Duke lost the aiiima, as we'.l as a calf
Braclonan-Ker Milling Co., Ltd. (2394)   '���'- r,nv months old.   As he lias hail the
misfortune  to  lose  several  cattle  as
���*****"*~"~"************���**T***l lhe resull of a mysterious disease, re-
LiQUOR  LICENSE  NOTICE. cently,  when  tliey  were not with  the
  i rest of the cattle on  the above date.
Notice is hereby given that I Intond he ���Mumed that they had strayed
to applv at the next -sitting of the ��**�����, """ ���** ,brus-'' ""'! ****���
Board of License Commissioners (���,! ��""����* ����" for the,,, high and
the  City  of  New   Westminster  [or    al'0,*'.1""  W,llOU.t rS?ulia.n? th?>' wt'"'
bottle lic-|psc and a wholesale license
for  the  sale  of  liquors  in  and   upon
given up as lost. On October 2S, how
ever, exactly twenty-two days later.
tliey   were   found   in   a   10x12   shack
itowr-r Books ,,n jj.i-. and California by
it vtttaifr. Canadian ('.imp Lift-. 2nd iili-
tit-n: Anwm : the Peoples of B. C.; In ttie
4*.i*b*i*-sH Wesl . Kan. or Pioneer Women
*m& Knii. Tli* seta of five for 18.00 or
*SSc p-er mtn 1 ill Jan. lull. Address F.
���-:. ��-_��-rn/,.-;, hit Hamilton St., New
V*>rff..-Tnn-.-.lt'T, It.!'., or any of lhe hook
Discount to iiie trade. (__SS)
sufiere. No collection, no charge.
***m*t**m* Vancou ver Mercantile Agency. 426 Hastings street west. Van-
���e-oawer. B.C. -(2332)
the premises situated upon  Lot  8L of. -vhirl.   0n,y   had   apparently   entered
City Block 24, in the said City of New andi the door closing upon t'hf,m  lhf.v
Westminster, B.C. ;were imprisoned for the period named
L. E. HAINES.       'without food or water.    When disoov-
Dated this 10th day of NoveniDer, 191... |Pref|  t|lev  W(,re 9tm alive,  and  when
(2400) released the steer, aftrr licking up a
^_^���^m*_______*mam  few   iiioiillifuls  of  grass,   made  a   bee
Mine for thc farm, where it  was tak-n
  care of and apparently nom  the worse
  .for  the  experience,  beyond  the  fact
Notice is hereby given tiiat I intend tliat before iis Incarceration i; was a
to apply at the next sitting of tlie fine fat steer, but on its n'ease it
Licensing Board for the City of New more resembled the lean klne refer-
I Westminster for a renewal of license ired to In Pharoah's famous dream.
Ito sell lii-iuors by retail on the prem- The calf was In a somewhat debllitat-
iises known as the Royal City Hotel, "1 condition, but the prospects are
|situated at corner of Customs House that tliey will both survive their twen-
Square and Columbia Street. In the.'.v-two days' fast,
said City of New  Westminster.
Hoo-seholdcrs' Voters' List.
Notici' is hereby given that a Court
���of Revision on above list will be held
on i-aturday, the 16th day of November, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, in
tfie. Council Chamber, City Hall, New
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
CM* Hall, November 6, 1913.      12368)
��e f_ot S. of Blocks  148 and  149, of
Lot 92, Croup 1, Map 17D7. in the
Eluttrvct Of New Westminster.
Wbcro-ts proof of the loss of Certificate uf Title Number 2188B, issued In
the name of Harry Cline.   has   been
filed in tbis office.
NotH-r". is horeby given tliat I sliall.
�����t ttw- expiration of one month from
���ttie <:";_t.- of the first publication hereof.
,n a daily newspaper published In the
City of Now Westminster. Issue a
dtapMeste of the said Certificate, un-
_<nui in tin- meantime valid objection
���ine mad-- to me Ln v. riling.
IDis'trlct Registrar of Tides.
Y.an<i Registry Office,
N<"��  Westminster, B.C., October 9,
1->J3 (2226)
-*��IT\-TK  IS  HF.ItKllV  OIVBN  thai   I   111-
a**a*t *t ih.   n��*vi  no*' ting of the Board
���������� t-ta-vr-**-" Commissioners io apply for s
ir-inttt..:  tr.sir.   myself,   Charles   Schwann.
rr, .H��h.i  K   M:u K.nr.ii* riiet  BruCQ 1 p. of
,-fa^  nt.tii  tl-qnoi   license  of  tlle  Colonial
ftr-t-rt if, i:..s eity.
r.'TMlt Applicant
*t*-*-tr Westminster, B.C., Nov.  Bth, IDI'i
JCSe. thc Southeast Quarter of Section
Sk. Township R, In the District or
nit-tii -Westminster,
VPIiercaa proof of the loss of Ccr-
���easest* Ot Title Number 13164F, is-
S-ps_i io tbe name of .lames C. Periling
send Cburlcs Hummel has been tiled in
i'.iiia oGloe.
Notice la -hereby given that I shnll.
&*. tht* expiration of one month from
tbe tU'.e. ot the flret publication here.
tat, la a daily newspaper published in
ms*. dtf of New Westminster, Issue
is. AtssAte-stt* of the said certificate, un-
f-sm tu tiie meantime valid objection
be. nca-Cc to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
I���mil R��t-|o��try Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October IS,
,*e��13. (2269)
E. KAI.ri-I.
New Westminster. Nov. 8, 1913.
London, (Int.. Nov: 13.���Thomas Ki***-
lley, the young Cram! Trunk brakeman
w'.ic will be tried for murder shortly
for shouting (ieorge Blackburn, a bar-
'i nder,   who   refused   to     give  him  a
IRON   WORKS.    	
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429 i'lrlnk, will base his defense upon the
JOHN  REID,  Proprietor. fact   thai   he   was   intoxicated   at   the
time.    His home is  in  Everton,  Mo..
land word that a number of liis towns-
people will pay for a lawyer for him.
 J aided    by   tile   Trainmen's   union,   of
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline which he is a member,
Engines.   Marine   Engines   and   Auto ,     l(ll''>   ''���'��   worried   over   the  affair
mobile Repairs lso mucfl that, although a young man
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Wiu'mlnster. BC
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m     Daily
2:00   p.m Dallj
11:45   p.m Dallj
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a in. Dally
11:00 a.m Dally
From   Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
3:00   p.m Daily
Nanaimo, Union  Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,  Union   Bay, Powell  River.
11:45  a.m Every  Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
11:00 p.m Every .Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00  p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf  Island  Points.
7:00 a.n . Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call
ing at pulntB In the Culf Islands
KD.   UOHt.BT,   Agent.   New   Westmlnstur
H.  W.   IlNOnil-,  O.  P.   A..  V��nconv-��r.
���""    t ��� i
and   In   prison   only  a  few   weeks,  his
hair has turned gray.
Orient, Wash., Nov. ia nave .\i<*
I Kenzie, a miner, was probably fatally
Injured last nighl by a cave in at the
Napoleon  mine, elgbl miles south of
lere. lie had not regained consciousness this morning, ami Itttle hope is
entertained   tot    his    recovery.    His
kail   is   fractured   ami   ail   his   limbs
> broken.
'I'.ie cave in is said to have been
caused by the filling In of an old slope
and Lie giving away of an old trapdoor
MoKenzie was rushed lo the hospital at Marcus and Ills mother, living here, telephoned for. Bho made
the 18-mile drive to Marcus in lhe
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
tlie rest of the system or
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
How Thoy Were Revealed by the Discovery of the Spectrum and the Reasoning to Which It Led���Our Eyelashes Are Primitive Spectroscopes.
Tlie miracle of the spectroscope Is re
pealed liefere our eyes every day and
every night without our recognizing It
lf people were more observant and
inure accustomed tn think about the
meaning nf what thej- see great discoveries woiihl be as plentiful us diamonds In a Kiiiilielley pipe.
A man snltl to tne the otber day.
"What Is all this color thut 1 see when
1 squint my eyes und look nt 1111 electric lialMV"
I replied: "it is the greatest rev.
elation tlmt man has ever bad In the
physical world ���It is spectrum analysis Vour crowded eyelashes beeuuie
nti asii-iiiiiiiiileul Instrument mid analyze the light fnr ynu Into ils primary
colors. The multitude of narrow slits
through which the light pusses as you
si|uint your eyes mt like a diffraction
grating and change the direction of tlio
various waves of light in accordance
-with their length.
"The nil waves are king, "ne thlr-
nine thousandth of an Inch iu length.
mid lhey keep on without uiiiili clninge
of ilireetlnn. but tlle violet waves nre
short one fifty-seven thousandth of
tin inch in length, and they nre considerably turned out of 11 straight line.
All the Intermediate waves, from m--
miL-e. through yellow, greeu. blue nnd
lii.li-.-n. decrease in length and are
more and more turned aside as tliey
��et shorter. The eunariioeui-e Is that
yiii see through ynur nearly closed
eyelashes a hand of colors, which ts
limbing but ilm famous spectrum of
the astronomers "
Bv the discovery of ihat spectrum
mal (lie reasoning that it led to we
have fouud out w lint the Mill and tlie
stars are made of Kvery known element uf matter, when It is mnde to
shine, glvos out wave lengths pecullnr
tn it-eir Spectroscopic Instruments
linn,.' 1'i'i'fii't than the eyelashes reveal
these special waves In tbo llgbt of the
sun and tlle stars nud by tliat revela.
tii.11 enable us tn detect die Incandescent clouds, composed nf the imt vapors of Iron, copper, nickel, platinum.
cuiliiiii. calcium, sodium ami many
other substances wblch glow in the
atmosphere nf the heavenly bodies.
We lind these things in stars so far
away tliat Iheir llgbt may require
1.000 years tn come to us, although It
; flies with u speed of 18t;.::00 miles per
Look around you when you enter 11
brilliantly lighted parlor with crystal
chandeliers bunging from die ceiling
'Tlie mysterious spectrum Hashes at
j-.jii from 11 hundred directions at mice.
Tin* glass crystals of the chundellers
life alsn spectroscopes, anil they, too,
separate the various colored waves.
though on a somewhat different principle They act imt ns diffraction grating-., but as prisms, but tbe effect Is
nearly the same. When llgbt goes
through 11 prism tbo red waves nre le-'S
bent out of their course than the or-
niiue, the mange less than the yellow.
the yellow less than the green. Ibe
green less than the blue, the blue less
than iiie Indigo nnd the Indigo less
than the violet. Tlie result is that
What was white light, with all Its
waves Intermingled, when ll entered
the prism, comes out iu 'beautiful
sheaves of color.
~\ similar effect is produced by the
beveled edge of a mirror or tlie facets
of a piece of cut glass glittering on 11
dinner table
The beauty of jewels depends upon
their spectroscopic powers. Every
transparent substance has Its own "in
dex of refraction," which means Its
peculiar power of turning light waves
esnle The diamond, as the.king of
gems, possesses this power In the high
est degree falling the refractive In
des uf air 1.00. that of glass is from
i.r.i tn iti, according to its density.
While that nf tlie diamond Is 'i IT.
'i hi* prnpprty itloue tuinislies 11
riii-on- "i rti'tt" ting the genuineness of
�� diamond Taking advantage nf Its
hl*-h refrni-tlve power and shaping Its
fin els    jreiirdlllgly.    the    Jeweler    can
vastly Ini'i'ciiKi' Hie brilliancy nf n diamond by proper cutting    Iii 1 bring
about Inti'i'iinl reflections thai mnke
tiie slunc I'ln/.e as if ils atoms were till
The shimmer of colors in an opal is
dm- to the existence of Invisibly ml
mile Assures, which split up thn light
���wines and scatter their hues In deli-
cute, intermingled rainbows.
Nature has been doing these things
for thousands ��t years In plain sight
before man found out lhat be could
use the principle nn wblcb sbe acted
tu liueover the secrets of the universe.
Very likely she Is gtvlug us many other equally valuable hints whicli We are
still ton stupid to understand.���Garrett
1*. Serviss lu Spokane Spokesman Re
"I'm glad 1 refused (lint mnn. He's
"Why do you sny that?"
"He vowed he would pine away and
���die If I turned him down, nml now
look bow fat he has grown."���Louis-
���llle Courier-Journal.
Viotorla, Nov,    18,   "Tiiat    Canada
lias so splendidly weathered an cv
ceedlnglj trying period has made a
verv favorable Impression ou hts
niiiiils of British capitalists. After I
th,' unlit pronounced real estate activity uud thn undoubted Inflation nf
values in some quarters it was thought
In tlm old ciHililr\  that there would he
a   MrlOUSh   reaction    one   lhat   would
amount to a collapse.   This expectation failing, the sentiment in Canada's
favor Is gathering Strength every day.
the   magnificent   crop on   the   prairies
having given is added momentum."
.1.  .1.  Bhallcross,  president    of    ihe
board  of trade,  who returned  lilt, r a
two  months' stay in  tlie old  country.:
thus summarized, in an interview, the!
financial  -situation  as  it  appeared  I*'1
hlm.     lie  emphatically  asserted   that
it would not take long to achieve tin*
re-establishment,  of  the  former  satis
factory conditions,   Of necessity there
had to be a period of "hiiusecleaning.
Canada  had  and  was continuing to;
tear   up  In   splendid  style,  and   there1
was no doubl tiiat she would emerge
with colors flying.
Unusual Ccndition.
In   the  uld   innd   he   had   found   an
unusual  and   peculiar slate  of  affairs
with   respect   tn   the   money   market.;
Capital was iu demand tin' world over
and  tho hiinie  trade was remarkably
good.   Consequently, there was scarce-]
ly  enough of the "sinews of  war" tol
go round.    Besides, tiio investors were
not  looking for tlie same kind of securities 'hat  they  Insisted  on bavin.'
some years ago.    Then, national  and
municipal bonds, known  to  be abso-,
lutely safe, wire sought and taken up,
with avidity at a low rate of Interesl
Now,  industrial  securities,  something
which before we're regarded by conservative Investors a-; unsound, were demanded.   They, nf course, yielded the
higher rates.    There never was a time
before. Mr. Shallcross declared, when
trustees Insisted mi having the rates
[now sought fnr trust funds.
Illustrating the difficulty which was
being experienced in raising money in
London because of ti��e conditions described, Mr. Bhallcrosa referred to tlie
1 effort  of  N'ew  Zealand  made  a  shnrt :
time ago to renew aa obi   ��3,000,000
loan   which   had   reach, d   maturity.  11
aid been secured originally at li'.i, and
at a rate of 1 per cent, interest. When
it   was   placed   on   the   market,   not   h.
per cent   was applied  for by  the   pub-
lie.    This,  in  liis opinion,  was  aston
li.'hing anil was so regarded  by  many!
'of these who were considered to have
their hands 111 the pulse of tlm flnan-l
clal  world.
Outlook   Reassuiing.
With reapeot tn Canada. Mr. Shall-
; cross   stated     that     the   outlook   val
mosl reassuring, lie repeated that the
general belief was ihat there  would
be  a  pronounced  reaction  in  thi'  lm
[minion as a result  of the exceptional j
development and activity of lho past]
few  years.    When this did  not  come.'
the  British  capitalists  began   to  realize  tliat they had  underestimated ihe
country's    powers    of    resistance,    lt.
followed   that   the   conviction   of   Its
great   resources  and   its  general  substance   was  mure   firmly   fixed   than
ever.    When  there came the reports
of the remarkable crops of the prairie
provinces, the complete restoration Of
Canada  to  the  respect of  the  liritish j
.Investor wnn assured.    T'mt  was lh
present sentiment among mist nl  tli
financiers in a large way.
Wenatchee, Wash., Nov. L'i. Miss
Vlletta   Out-trie,   superintendent   of
schools. Is much pleased wltii lhe resO'
lution passed at the convention of
school superintendents al Spokane last
week on lhe subject of smoking by
teachers. Hereafter she intends tohe
morn outspoken against every teach'
er in this county who makes a practice of smoking in public.
"The law compels us to teach the
Injurious effects of the smoking habit." declared Miss Guthrie. "The el
feci of tliat teaching is largely nullified
whin boys sec their instructors llghl
a cigar just ah soo nas timy leave
the class room and walk down tlirough
the business district puffing. It ls 11
filthy, expensive habit.
"I   am   glad   that  the  publlc  school
system   is   arrayed   against   It.     If  a
f 11 bi r thinks be must smoke I am In
favor ol making him bc Jusl as sneak
;lng about It as possible.".
Ceylon Tea.     Scaled Lead Packets Only.
Try it    it'8 tlelkiou.. BLACK, MIXED or GUEEN.
Those Who Rely on
the great home remedy which has proved ite power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailmenta arising
from defective or irregular action of the organs of
digestion, find themselve:! spared hours of suffering
and able to ward off the  attacks of serious sicknesss.
no ver disappoint those who take them. They help the
digestion, stimulate the liver, clear the kidneys and regulate tho bowels. By purifying tho blood they increase
cheerfulness and creato confidence. As actions depend
on health and strength, those who know i_eecham'_. Pills
Prepared only by ThmnM llr, < hint, Sl. Ilclciit, L��ofl��hire. Fnllind.
Sold everywhere ia ('.��� uada end IJ. S. Ai.icnr*.    In h��ir��, _*S rem*.
If Yuu Are Thinking oi Spending Your *
Christmas at Home
Permit us to Tell Vou About Our
Personally Conducted All-Expense Tour
Leaving Vancouver December 7th
ami traveling hy special train, via Chicaco and Niagara Falls to New
York, there connecting with the various steamship lines. All rat-road
and steamship transportation, berths, meals and hotel expenses included in your ticket.     A choice of various steamship lines is offered.
Fur complete infuntiHiinn, c.ill on ot ad-_re_i
City Ticket Agri-it
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
6-2 Columbia Street, New* Wc*t_niii.ster, B. C.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Do Your Banking By Mail
if you live at a distance from a branch of The Dominion Bank.
Deposits may be made���cash withdrawn���or any other Banking
Bualneaa may be transacted by mail, just as easily as though one
made a special trip to town (or the purpose.
A Savings Account may be opened In the name of two persons
���man and wife, or two members of a family���so that either ono
can deposit and withdraw meney from the same account.
NaUonal Drug and Chamicat Co.
of Canada, limited.     178
Ni'W Iiii|inrt<!(l Knll Suitings now on
Idisplay, H(K! thnm. Perfoct fit snd
j workmanship ijiiarautep.d. Prloes from
1*18.00 up.   701 Front Street.
I.tfe Is s mrd-oo, every Ihniifcht In ��
���ei-d. snd wtut v*M����<* reap. Wnteli
four r*a**"��
Wallace, liluhn. Nov. 18.- A gatiK of
h.iTi- breakers visited this city last
night. Three business establishment!
found their sates and cash registers
rifled on opening this morning. Apparently the cracksmen started operations al the office uf Hie Wallace I'ro-
duce company, n^ar the Northern Pacific depot, whltlu-r tliey bad taken
Sled go hammers and literally beaten
the  safe  to  pieces.    No  powder  was
une<i her and no money was obtained,
After demolishing the safe the rob-
ibers   apparently   made   their   way  to
'the   United   States,   on   Cellar   atreet,
where entrance wub gained by break
lng the. lass OUt of a rear window anil
the fault register robbed.
Their next vlHlt took them to the
Anderson Lumber anil Hardware company Btore on Hank atreet, where t'.ie
iCash register waa also robbed. It In
reported that only about $15 waa ve-
j cured by the robbers,
Aa they made their entrance to the
United Btores, they were heard to
jbrenk the kIiihh, bul nu attention was
i paid to the matter at the time. No
clue was lefl at any of the placea via-
Purse  Seining  Season  Closes.
Lewiston, Ida., Nov. 18.-���Seining In
Snake river haa practically closed.
Grant llarpir Iii two montha caught.
more than "000 milmon, which brought
an average of *1 each.
Moving Picture Trust.
New  Vork.  Nov.  13. -The so-called
moving  picture  trust, defendant  In n
government ault, haa not eliminated
competition, according to the testimony  today of  H'rank  L,  Oyer,  presl
dent of the General Film oompany,
with wlilch the motion plcturn patents company and other flrma and Individuals arc accused under the Kher
man law.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYS���12 midnight fur I'rlnce Ilupert, 8tewart
TTJESSDAYS    1^ midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS��� 1-  midnight for I'rlnce Rupert, Granby Bay.
SA'I'DRDAYS���12  midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS    12 midnight, Oct. 31st,   Nov.   14^8,   for   Queen   Charlotte
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS    12 midnight, Nov. 3-19 for Masset, via Prince ItuperL
Mondays and  Thursdays  Steamers  make close connection  at  I'rlnce
Rupert  with  (irand Trunk Pacific trains for Terrace, New 11,-uel-
ton and  Smithers;   mixed service   from   Smithers   lo   Hose   l.ako
(Mile 300.)
Tickets to all points east and to  Kurope.    Any   rail  and   steamship
II. (i. SMITH. C. P. & T. A.
bil Granville Street,  Vancouver
\V    I_   DIIPKIIOW,  O.  A.   P.   D.
I bono Private  Kxehango  8131
Our Interior Klnish is manufactured from timber specially aelect-
ed Tor Flat Grain.
We nre also specializing In Mr Doors wllh Veneered Panels.
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more ei-
penslve than the old solid raised panel doors.
Get our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Saving* Department at all llranchef    Deposits of Une Dollar and
upwards received  and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques soldi payable In all parts of th*
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, Qensral Manager.
New   Westminster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. Friday, November 14, 191S.
SIGN OF THREE BALLS        your millinery. found ih a sausage shop.
RUIIU-D or tiik ltiojici.
Florentine inmiiy wiiose Operationa
In   the    Field    of   Banklinf    ami
Loan*   Brought   Them   Enormous
Wealth Ruled ihe Civilised World
Por Three Centuries��� sis lltUlx
al First.
Pack In tho 13th century, there
lived in Florence, Italy, a family
culled Undid, wiiose thief business
was running the elty of Horenee and '
most of the hunks in tho clvlll.ed
Besides owning a largi- nnmher of I
banks, the Medici hud a monopoly on
the loan business In that part of thu
country.   Their coat  of arms was a
shield with six hulls ���mblasoned on
11. but us thn loan 'business spread
to olher p.irls of tho world and slipped oul of Die Medici hands, three
balls and the sliiebl w,.re dropped
.mil the remaining throe, suspended
over a doorway, have always lullli'ed
in i-..ii.;_.,. that within money cun be
boriowed. I
, No q|J>-r liouse In mediaeval Pu-.
rope ran boast of such a sl range career un that of the Medici. Hankers
by profession, possession no military
resources, gifted with no experience
In war, aided by no general convulsion, th. y established a despotism '
which lus'.'d for three centuries. Tlm
Medici owed their earliest distortion
to  their success  In   various  brandies
of commerce which brought them
enormous wealth, nnd the liberal
spirit with which they devolcd their
money to genera] utility.
Cosmo de Medici was fond of pay-
lng tb* lav-s of thor-- who had run
In hind and ��o when he sucgeated to
this  l'n   n majority  of  lhe city  that:
be would like lo take a hand In run- '
mini- Florence as it ought to be run.
they all agreed  lhat they should like
to see him do It.    '.nd when a rival
family, called tba Atbi-zi, established
a  successful   opposition   against   the '
policy and credit of the Msdlel rule, I
they   came  forward   and  chased   the
presumptuous    Albtzzl   clear   up   to
Venice;   ami   Cosmo,   who  had   been
banished lo the same cily. came back
mid   became  Ihe  uncrowned   Klnn of
Florence,  and   was    given    the  title.
"Tatbar   of   His   Country."
Thc most famous member of the
family was Lorenxo, sumumed th*
Ifagntficgnt, lie was a grand; on of
Cosmo, ani besides running loan
Bhops .".nd banks in Prance, England,
the I,ow Countries, the Levant and a
few otber places, he became the vir- :
tual head if the Florence slate, and
���shut he snld was law. He had a
crowd of tlve o- six men hniu'ti g
around who. theoretically, had something to say about how the city
Should tie governed, but I/orenzo
merely Ignored them, and they were
���glad to be allowel to draw their
I  larles.
Before he succeeded to power, and
while hit. father, Pletro, was getting
things In smooth running order for
111-i, l_oret__0 married Clarice Orslnl,
��� member of one of the greate.it '-"ml-
lles In Italy. U��ret-*u wati not very
������nth usi a.ri ��� as he had bad hls eye on
��� certain Mac*-eyed t.ucretla Dona-
��i. bot bin *_*���- father realized tbe
Ixinoiflt of an alliance wtll) the Or-
���Inl who divided tha most of territorial Italy with tholr hereditary
nnamloi, the Colonna. Besides the
feonse w. 1 famous for Its numerous
a&rdtnal�� _.i..I gixy blades, valuable
���onsideratiitcs In those days.
In 147-1, the conspiracy of thn Pai-
���I ea.jo near putting an end to tho ;
lii'dl.1, but af;er much mnlual murder and with tho help of thn Orslnl,
t_oreoto go! a firmer bold on tho
���tato of F-'loreneo baa-ever, so that
In the end ho waa tiad ho took Clar-
fc* Ins.-or I of ruqining after Lncreala.
l_Dren_ 1 MM* Started In to rule his
natlv-! cit- as tt had never been ruled
bofori-. Be followed tn tht) footstep-i
���f bis grandfather and won tho favor ;
cf the lower cIxuh-s, thereby making
-aboolule hla own rower. And to win
the favor of the highbrows, ��tmg-
Kllng auihori and the club women.
ke cocoon.-. .1 literature and the
���arts, employ Nl learned men to collect choice books and antiquities for
lilm from ��v ry part of tbe known
world, established prlnUng presses In
ft'a domtnton��, founded academies for
Sbe stud/ of classical learning and
Ailed hi.i gardens wllh a collection
of thn rcnialna of ancient art. He
himself wrots a number of poems and
dr\- at ht ������o-npoglt-O-M, and could
talk Creelt ami Latin sa well as he
��U-I Italian. When bis mirnlilcen.n
mail eoncill.\'nry manners liad gained
for hlm Ina aflantton of the higher
wnd the devotion of the lower
Iclsssea, Ij1r.n7.1i lost no time In making nso of bla popularity. While they
-wore all praising blm and telling
icacti ollin- wh.-t a noblo follow he
'was hu lUpva-d la and took away
Ifrora tb.un all forma of constitutional
Independent ihat be and hU predecessors bsui allciwe-1 to exist.
!gomo fi IW I'loronttncs, alarmed by
ithe brotj.au of tha voluptuoua re-
Unamtmt Which waa smothering every
Etwrfc ef personal Independence,
rtrled to ca.Il a haH on Lorenso and
���tern tho currrint of corruption W
an ascetic severity of morals, which
iuatned for them tho name of "plag-
���aoM," or weepers. P-oremoet among
'tbem was tho Dominican friar. Glro-
|Umo Savonarola, who** eloquent
Wppeal to the people tn favor of a
(popular gorerameut aad a lit* of as-
estlclsm throntened tor a time to
"Vrtbrow tbe Madtel. Bat after
Lmsto'i death a laa-eUoti �����*In*t
thTmonke praaeMag a* ta aad be
waa burned at tha stake.
YafSSEwnw to aauxtated wltn
MtiZs ot '^S-JSWJL^;
steal personality wa* f*?���1]?,""
height and atiwagtr *�����*��� __?** B
face waa nndenUbfr data, the neeo
tot an" tpraedfofc ����� 4!��w,h*I?_
U* complexion salW aad th* ayeo
weak lit* movs-goatt ware stag-
gerated and nngslnfy. bt* voice bars i
Ed croaking. Hts sense of smell
w almost wholly lasktag, which
tastSTwaa a fortaaaU tW tor
living in Pioraasa whaa he did.
Main* ITastlcia.
Tho   rnnn'TV   whtcb   tt  tnltlvated
(wtth dinuultv product treat maa.
In the  Fell   Hats  Womin  Will  Look
In the mujorily of full models women will look older.   This Is because the
bonnet,   mushroom   und  bell  shapes
bgVS given way lo the bat with au up
turned brjm, and to be strictly lu Style
tlie brim must turn ut the back .
If you arc young and fair to look on.
bytill means wear n chin bund ou your
new fall hut. 'ihls cun be- of velvet
rilibou, tatfi-ta or molre or of tulle uud
want <
���sl tv
,      - ��� 'notlnct.
���    . ��� lr a most peculiar
i f i "if.prrservatlon de-
Them   coiyj   don't
. nm ' * nr by the peaky auto*
���ig to honk," remark-
tAtnrrr suog m-i.ve-i- bajlob hat.
ni.'illiies.    It can bnve a fastening by
means of b book nnd eye, or tbe stream.
Ort inn be tied at one side. coqiiMttlsb-
ly, under one enr or Just lu fro^t. The
chin bund will be noticeable on hats
for afternoon uud evening this season
One "���i-u|i" Is of velvet, with n puffed
crown nml n visor which comes down
lu front. At nui' side Is n panache
mounting to great belgbt snd giving a
dusblng effect tbat would look well
wiih ii military suit On a black velvet bat fnr orvulng lhere Is used i-hnn-
tllly lace for tbe brim und for tlie wired
bow rn the back that balds the turned
up brim.   Ttie Illustration shows uu
Sxc Ilnglj stylish piece nf millinery���
a Jaunty sailor of black velvet, wltb
fancy iiuills The upstanding niedkl
ruche Worn with this ihupeiiu will add
ultra cbicneas to nny costume.
Home Fare Often Better Than Dining
Car Meals.
To pack lunch for a truvelcr re-
qulrea much more liues-��e aud enre
limn If you were preparing for a day's
picnic. Traveling Is apt to be tiresome, for lung hours of riding, eveu In
* com furt ii ble twentieth century train.
bave many drawbacks, aud lf a lunch
k. to be enjoyed on tlie rond the same
am-st te the acme of daintiness. Jinny
travelers prefer to curry several meals
tuitrsd of patronising the dining ear
service when going on a long Journey,
und If each ineal Is packed separately
and offers enough variety tliere Is no
reason why the last should not be as
onjoyiible as the ttrst. Have white
clean pasteboard boxes, wrap each In
11 white paper and mark neatly Use
tin- best grade of white |ia|ier nap
kin*, dl lies and waxed |iii|>er. A
small fruit knife or butter spreader
aluminium fork nnd spoon and n eol
lapsible cup  can   lie  curried  in  one's
When iislnu these recipes remember
ull measurements are level. Use a
graded half pint measuring cup uud
sift dour before measuring.
Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.
One soft cream cheese, one teaspoon
ful of cream, one eaobsd red pimento, one teaspoonful ot pimento oil;
mash the ilieese r-lth the crenui to s
smooth paste, cut pimento Into small
lilts, add that nnd Ihe oil which will tie
found In the cun. mix well and ihen
spread on unsweetened crackers.
Boston Sandwiches.
One cupful of baked beans, two thin
sll -es uf bacon, one tcus|toonful of
ketchup, one teaspoonful of mustard
sauce. Steamed brown bread. Run the
beans through a rruit press, cut the
bacon Into tiny cubes and fry to n
golden crlspness: drain off the fnt and
add the .ulies to tbe beans: add other
IpgtVdlcntH nnd run lo a smooth pante.
spread between thin buttered slk-ex of
brown brand
Msrsbmsllew Fingers.
Split l.idy tinirci-s nnd spread with
miirshniiillow icing, put n little sprln
kllng nf ground almonds between.
press together and Ice on both sides,
placing u half blanched sluioixti on
each center.
How  Litters of lhe Czar l'eter Ihr
t-ireat Here Sold Por Four tents.
1 here has Just come to light a rather Interesting story of how some rare
documents worth thousands of dollars
wore sold for four cents ln Bt. Petersburg, The documents in question were
autograph letters of the Czar l'eter
tba Oreat and tbey were discovered
In a herring and sausage shop, where-
they were being used as wrappers.
i'c-ter the ijri-a' had a long correspondence with Count Tatcbeff, the
president of the government mines In
the I'ral mountain*, ever the question
of the disposal of the rlchc-3 contained
In tbt mines. These letters of the
Czar were bequeathed by the count to
the official museum of the mines In
Ekaterinburg. The present manage,
nent of the mines recintly conceived
tho Idea ot Belling all tbe old deeds,
tut ihey did not feel called upon to
satisfy themselves as to t: a contents
and purport of the literature unearthed. The deeds were all lumped
together and three weeks ago were
put up at auction, '.'he whole of the
supposed "waste paper," which was
really worth scores of thousands of
pounds,  went  for a small sum.
The buyer was tbe proprietor of a
large number of provision shops, Including some -sausage shops. One day
a professor, who was an antiquarian,
noticed that the- girl behind the counter In one of these shops was wrapping up hls san ag.- in a peculiar kind
of pape with a crown on It. He
looked at U mor. closely and eoon saw
lhat he hold In big hands a moBt Important autograph letter of the Czar
l'eter. He went at once to the Bau-
Bage dealer to find out how this extraordinary liters.iir. came Into Ills
hands and learned the manner of It,
us nan been jufii related. Thereupon
he offered lo buy the rest of tbe letters, and the manager of the shop
let him have them all for four cents.
V'hen Hirds Are Helpless.
Some of nature's most active crea
turns show strange helplessness under
I certain conditions. Place a buzzard In
I a pet. Bix or eight feet Bijuare entirely open at the top, and the bird will
bo as absolutely a prisoner as if It
were hermetically sealed lu the Inciosure.
This la because buzzards never begin a lllght from tbe ground without
i.tartlng on a run of three or four
yards, lf they annot have that preliminary run they either cannot or
! will not attempt to fly, and so a buzzard will remain a prlsonc for life
In a jail with a wide-open   op.
So with the  bumb'ebee,     One of
< these   lively   lns.ee ..   dropped   Into  a
; goblet or tumblei   will  remain there
i always  unless  tal -n  out,  because It
never notices the means of escape at
C-i top.
Dr.  Thomson,  M,  P., for  Yukon,  Says
Shuthana Is Good���The Wealth
of  His Constituency.
Victoria, Nov. 18.��� Dr. a. Thomson
M. P��� tue member for   tbe   Yukon
speaks hope-fully of the hew discover
les at Bbiislianna.
"Of course," be Baid, "it is pot an-J
other Klondike.    Tin- ni :u is mucb!
more limited, at leant so far as at
present  appl 1 rs.
"It Wll!  take some  time." he con I
tinned, "before the field  is definitely I
proved.    There are a large number of
Voukon   old   timers  and   'sourdoughs, I
perhaps lo the number of a thousand,
who are ready to go to the new  diggings.     Tbeae   are   experienced   men
who know '.low to meet conditions a-F
thoy arise In frozen lands; consequently we an- not likely to bear of tales
of   suffering  and   hardship   such     as
garnished the accounts of tbs disastrous trail or '9&. When these- experienced men mako their reports, probably In the Bprlng. we shall know
Just what the value of the new strike
Dr. Thompson reports that t'ie conditions In tin- Yukon are entirely satisfactory, and that the Olean-UP of gold
during tbe last season wan between
flve-  and  six  millions  of dollars.
"And I want to point out to you."
Continued the doctor, "a little indication of the amount of gold that the
Yukon yields to mankind. In the last
sixteen years between 160 and 170 millions of "dollars' worth of gold has been
mined In tlie Yukon, which Is considerably more than hag been taken from
Hritish Columbia soil in the last sixty
years. The total output of British
Columbia in six decades is somewhere
in  the neighborhood of 140  millions
"The effect of this tremendous out
put haB been to enrich, develop and
build up t'.ie cities of the I'acific
coast through which the gold has passed. The Yukon does not derive from
its own output the benefit that one
would Imagine it would derive under
the circumstances."
The doctor hopes, however, that belore long there will be discovered lode
mines which wlll Involve more extensive mining operations than ls carried
on ln placer mining, and which wll'
necessitate the employment of more
hands, and the building up of various
settlements which will be permanent
in the territory.
A Change.
"Does  he  like  political    He fairly
eats 'em "
������Thut's   better.     Most   men   drink
A Csreless Remark.
"Well, sad to say. I'll bave to tear
��� myself awny."
������That'll be rlppln' won't UP
Wants Receiver.
Walla Walla, Wash., Nov. 13.���C.
Gezel, who brought suit agalnBt the
Gilbert Hunt company today to re
cover $345 on a note given by the Garden City Feeder company, filed a petition in superior court to have a receiver appointed.
Stepping and Starting.
���Tip money makes the auto to.
A Uoilsr you can drop \
And hardly know that It Is spsatrv
A tack wlll make 00* stop*.
Crazy Over Dress.
Walla Walla, Wash.. Nov. 13.
"The American woman ls crazy over
dress, whether grocery, fuel or rent
bills are paid." waB the conclusion
reached by Mrs. W. W. Maxwell, o'
this city, In a paper read before tht
Women's Educational club.
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Deviled Macaroni,
noil, blanch, drain and chop four
ounces of mticaronl rather line. Rub
two tuhtrsponnfuta of butter and two
tiibleHpoonfiiU of flour together, add
une-liiilf pint of milk and stir It till
hulling. Press three hurd boiled eggs
through 11 sieve or chop them very
due. and add them to tbe thick sauce
Xdil one tnblespoonful of chopped
parsley, one-half teaspoonful of salt, 11
few grains of cayenne pepper, a grat
Jug of nutmeg and oue tablespoouful
of onion juice. Now mis tn tbe mars
nml nnd a small quantity of cayenne
Put In Individual shells, cover the tup
wltb breadcrumbs moistened wtti-
melted butter snd ran them into s
quick oren to brown. When done
utitki' an Indentation with the back of
ihe ��|ms>ii In the center of each, pot In
1 teaspoonful of tomato ketchup ���>
mill siiii.e nud serve at ouce
Spelling by Rule.
"Why do you InsM so strenuously
on my planing by order right awayT"
"I havn taken a course In a school
ot scientific salesmanship and according to all rules and theories this Is
the psychological moment for closing
this sale."
Mrs. Hewer, aged 6G, of Guelph. was
burned to death.
I Judge Denton found lack of discipline In the Toronto flre department
, The late Thomas Hlgglns, ot l.on-
don, left an estate valued at $119,638.
i Frederick W. Monro, an old and
'well known barrister of Toronto, is
I James Mills died at the home of
his daughter, at Mountain Grove, aged
99 yeara.
Mr*. William Buck of St. Catharines Is missing, and Ib supposed to be
Vho body of Frank Henderson, of
;Eaat Nlssouri, was found in a creek
near Kintore.
1 One thousand people witnessed a
plowing match at Sir Henry Pellatt'a
1 farm, near Toronto.
I Chief of Police John Holmes, of
! Chatham, has retured and is succeeded
iby Patrolman Hhomaa Groves.
! The Grand Trunk freight sheds at
St Catherines and ton loaded freight
cars were burned, lors tSO.OOO.
Two men obtained three diamond
rlngB from Ellis Bros.' Btore, Toronto, by throwing a stone through the
No trace bas been found ot Miss
Margaret Fraser, formerly of Harris-
toa, who disappeared over a week ago
In Montreal.
New and separate actions are said
to be contemplated on behailf of Miss
Gldays Meredith against .Brantford
police officers.
John Donald, a well-to-do fsrmer.
living near St. Marys, died aged 90
yeara. He had been a resident of the
district for 70 year*.
Arthur B. Hourd, aged 68, proprietor and manager of the Hourd ft Co.
furniture and novelty factory in East
London, la dead.
John Renahaw, station agent at
Blair, on tbe Q. T. R., committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid, no reason being known.
David Waltho. a Welland newspaper man, has been appointed postmaster at Niagara Falla South, to succeed Postmaster Morris.
Mrs. Oeorge R. Pattullo, wife of
tbe registrar of Oxford county, and
a descendant of the Blggar and Hodgina families, died at Woodstock.
There died ln Sarnia an old resident
and prominent business man, James
I. Carter, for many years connected
wltb tbe salt producing Industry of
Western Ontario.
J. A. Jackson, Toronto, has Issued
a statement announcing that there haa
been formed a Canadian Unionist
league to enlist all Canadians who are
willing to assist the Unionists of Ireland.
Injuries sustained by being struck
by an automobile on October i resulted In tbe death of John D. Vivian, a
wtll known automobile man of Detroit.
He was tt years old, and was born
ln Stratford, Ont
The Canadian Northern $1,600,000
6 per cent land mortgage debenturese
at 95 are advertised. They are secured by a trust deed to the British
Empire Trust and the National Trust
company of Toronto.
Between midnight Friday and six
o'clock Sunday evening. 1.260 head of
cattle passed through Niagara Falls
going to the United States. And since
the new tariff went into effect 2,625
bead have been exported.
Convicted for the third time within
a year of selling 'liquor during prohibited hours, I-aurant Bondy, proprietor of the River Canard hotel, in
tbe township of Sandwich west wae
given the minimum flue of $200.
Sad of face, but without a trace of
nervousness, and with her nine
montha old infant in her arms, Mrs.
Grace Beemer. of Drumbo, was placed
on trial at Woodstock assises on a
charge of murdering her busbsnd by
administering strychnine ln a dose of
George Nelson Brown, I. O. F. organiser for eastern Ontario, died at
Belleville. ��
Tke body of George Kelly of Brockvllle waa found in a rowboat about 14
milea away.   -
A. B. Cameron, a well known flour
aad feed merchant, fell dead while
entering Brockvllle cemetery.
His right ana squeexed tram Its
socket whaa he fell beneath a train.
Harold Williams, of Qananoque, died
ot shook.
To date the registration at Queen's
university, Kingston, 1* MOO, an increase of M over the same time a
yaar ago.
The efforts ot tha postofflce department are still being directed towarda
the establishment of parcels pott aystem ou January 1.
Belleville cheese board passed a
strong resolution declaring the need
of oold storage plants oa steamers
and at terminal*    ���
Col. L. R. Carleton, D. 8. O., of the
Kssex regiment, England, hu been
appointed commandant af the Royal
Military college, Kingston.
Over 7,000 maintenance of way employees on the C. P. R., from coaat to
coast, want an Increase in nay with
better working conditions.
The property ownera of Kingston
patted a by-law to guarantee thh
bonda ot the Kingston Iron aad Tubs
company to tbe extent ot $75,00-0.  ,;
Rev. Dr. Donild Ross, Kingston, tke
flrst head of Queen's theological fatuity since ttt separatism trom ait
uBtvertlty, wu Installed as principal
ot the eollage.
Judging by th* postal revsaat
are* for tile put inonth. and ft*
tliat seven months of the fiscal )>���
Canada wu aam to pcoi��iniu aad
Less Than Half-Price
W. E. FALES, Opp. Carnegie Library
A new shipment of Pennants has been received at THE NEWS Office, including "Canada," "Quebec" and "Manitoba." The following are now in stock:
New Westminster
Canada Manitoba
Quebec McGill
Bring three coupons clipped from THE NEWS AND 20c. for any one of
the pennants, or send 25c. if to be mailed. You will want one of each of these
pennants if you see them.
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty cents to The News office
and receive one of the beautiful Westminster Pennants. In case you are not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's subscription and 20 cents for pennant Address all mail orders to The News, New Westminster, B.C. Enclose
5c extra for mailing.
Is continuing to develop at a remarkable rate.
William Chapman, a Treat*, translator on the house of eommoaa suit,
waa ordered by Chief Justine R. M.
Meredith ia tka supreme co-art of Ontario, to pay bit wife $60 per montb
A Royal Humane society medal
wtll ba presented to David Camber-
land ot Peterboro. a lS-year-old Ud
who aaved Mist Trail, ot Lakatleld,
from drowning at Chemong lake dur
Ina tbe summer.
Notice Is given in tbe Canada Gazette of applications trom nine rag-
way companies for legislation at the
coming eesslon ot parliament extending tha time allowed In aatttlag char
*'- acts for completing linee authorised.
Prof. Prinee, Dominion eommlaloa-
er ot fisheries, Just back trom Washington, states that ha found every eat
trom President Wilson down desirous
ot clearing up tha difficulties whieh
hava prevented the fltherlet treaty
trom eon-tug lata toiee.
The C. 23 P. learaa that a paUtita
signed by uvery Caaaawa agsat-geo-
eral and all the leading beating aad
. urging blm ta reject
tbe Westminster site tor Domlataa af
Hugh Nicholson. James Parker and
a maa named Ltwit ara mltting. bad
lt It ttared they have barn drowaed
in^uM^-abeut-uun small tak* ta
011ms* Atttlai
To te struck hy a trata trevattag
mi* m.****** ****** tMMU* a broken arm.wu.the aapwrhmaat ��ngi-
/oaa-2_B*��-4**_r ttm*
���     -    ..     _ ,���     ,W    : "���^^^^W      T^f^      ^V\\**^^*
MaattWaMn ��e�� lava a capaatty *t
���tO.OM.OOO bushels, and that they are
only abont half filled. Tills is because the grain Ib kept on the move.
James J. Maher's body waa found
at Charlottetown, P. E. I., he having
evidently fallen trom a train
The treasury ot New Brunswick is
to be enriched by f 13M0 Ou a result
of the concluding of an agreement, between the federal and provincial governments for the handing over of a
maneuvering area at HeOivaey Junction, New Brunswick, coulttlng of
65,000 acres.
While alighting from a ear In West-
mount, Montreal, Mrs. J. Rothschild
tell and ws. crushed t-MMUfe.
Sir James Alexander Grant, ot Ottawa, distinguished doctor and essayist, lectured before tha Caledonian society ot Montreal.
Donald McTavlsh, formerly chlet
factor ut the Hadtoa Bay company,
and a resident ot Colborne tor maay
yeara, died at Montreal.^
Rev. Dr. Symoada. rector of Christ, zJSJJJ��� J2.
Chureh cathedral. Montreal wbo waa,*"?��*��**?
offered the presidency off aWstvrn tJs^f��W.�� .���*��
rtrstty, London, has detained. {   w
... .'''tar*
. -j* "T"*
*'   HANITOBA. f|,
lames Oraham White, td Wlntlgtet elttl
11 been appointed chief welgbraattS ����.
where he  tanned' on  an
scale. ,
In a teat case at Saskatoaa.
court maintained that soldier* ha
unteer regiments are not taam
from poll tax.
A large delegation of Regina
expect  to attend  the con'
tbe Y. W. C. A. to be held la
November lt to 18.
Daniel Brooke, ot Edmonton, ami*
those Injured In tbe wreck at Ilu
Jaw oa Monday morning, die* ha I
city hospital. Thlt brlngt taw ���***
list up to twa
The new branch of tba C. K
trom Blaine lake ta Diahshaa  i
the main Haa between
Wb-aaa Jaaettsa. wHl ta Oaks*
tew daya.   Onee oMnpietr Mh
Will permit at dbaat 3        -
from Prince Albert to
Walter 1. Mataaa. a     	
.ware merchnat aad plonatt; at'
Wright^ few**.-;.:*'    /^7*i' "
Alfeerta ha* decided that
wltTh^-T&Jat *tmt
ot Canada ta
grata trad
^a?��."*:Peai. ._ .
Prat. Peatbertteol    _
university, who died ta
a daughter at PrtiQittr
at Montreal,   f
J. Bruce Wa
mtastoaer, u
into Cunda
Inclusive. a��
creue ot 17 per etat f
... ��� < -i
fr*-,//^'.:. **&-��  EIGHT.
FRIDAY,  NOVEMBER  14,  101-1.   *f
ta    ��
Thla ai pie - about tho last
word in the aj.pli line. A fine,
law apple, suitable lor baking
and for tabli use. ll has * de-
���cimil flavor, as the name Implies.
If you ar.' fiuiil of npplea you
caniioi make any mistake ordering a bov of these.
IVr Box ****-s
Or n  lbs,  for        -25
We ils.' liam a Itaotl assort-
mont of apples, heavy pack, at
p<t bos $1.75.
Model Grocery
308 S'xth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ava.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
t'aid Up Capital and
Surplus % 2.800.000
Assets    4,'-7_,_83.95
True looslilps Under
Administration over   6,000,000
'imsire for Bondholders over   23,000.000
C. S. KEITH, Mana-aer.
Offices ��� Vancouver,    Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, I_on-
.iiHi, ling;  Antwerp. Belgium
New Westminster
-606 Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenlnje  from
7 to 9.
Erect Scaffold.
Tlie  scaffolding  fur   the   new   addition  in the  Holbrook  hotel  is being
erected on Front Btreet.
Have you Been the $lf.o cliiuiiiniil
ring Olfford is giving away ?    (2",70)
Ladles' and gouts' suits cleaned and
prcsned $1.25; suit pressed Hie. Wesiminster chemical Cleaners & Dyers,
612 Carnarvon slreet. I'hone 484,
Jobn itindal, prop. (2406)
C. A. Welsh
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl-eod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Remanded Until Tuesday.
A Chinese hawker answered to ;i
���Thai-Re of unlawfully keeping llie
change from n $6 bill handed to him
by a -customer, liefore Magistrate
Ileal ty in the Hurnaby police court
yesterday morning. A remand was
taken until Tuesday  morning next.
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch     373
West End Branch   650
Two competent Instructors in attendance at the rink every afternoon
and evening. Admission 25 cents after
noons, 40 cents evenings. (2395)
Ton can pass In a crowd lf you wear
Oeorgc's Corn and Ilunlo.i Shields.
Msde to fit any corn or bunion. Kor
sale only by Hill's Drug Store. (239S)
Danger Signs.
Danger signs warning autoists to
drive slowly while passing schools in
Burnaby huve been erected by the municipal authorities at each of tlie following schools: Riverway East, Kings-
way East and West. Bdmonda, Kast
Burnaby. Vancouver Heights and
Laker lew.
With every $2 purchase you get a
chance on the $1_0 diamond ring. T.
Gilford,  the jeweler. (2370)
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart    -    -    -   - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen     -    -    -   -   35c
(Bucces-or to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone M.
hot WATtR mums
Pigs $1.00 Each
Now Is the time to buy your
Christmas  Mincemeat    Get it
while   we  are   selling   it   cheap
and  put It away  In  bottles.
Why go to the trouble of making your own. We can sell you
a guaranteed  Mincemeat at
15c, 2 Ibs. for 25c
Walnut;  and   Almonds.
Ground  Almonds,  bottle   ...60c.
Almond   Paste,  per   Ib 60c.
Try us for fine Biscuits. We
handle Can's; Jacob's and
Expert sltate sharpening and riveting at Oscar Sv.*u:isoon's, 13 Begble
street. (2303)
Farewell Gathering.
Members of the Henderson Presbyterian church. West Burnaby on Wednesday evening gave a farewell gathering in honor of Kev. II. N. Mcl.enn,
who has been transferred to St. Paul's
church. Victoria. A splendid musical
program was gone through after which
llr. McLean was presented witli a
punc of gold in appreciation of his
services since the church was opened
several months ago. Hev. H. .1. Wilson, Kev. Hugh Grant and Kev. IX. .1
Douglas all of Vancouver, made short
| Kor all Informations regarding ]
'Oriental questions, personal and pub-
j lie, apply to the Koyal Intelligence
I Bureau, 415 Westminster Trust building. Mail address. Drawer 111) Naw
Westminster post office. (2411) !
I    Covered metal garbage cans, as re- |
quired by Board of Health regulations, |
.all  sizes.    Merrlthew &  Ramsay, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
I 231121 I
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property. I)
per  cent.  Alfred  W.  Mcl.eod     <23371
Take  Precautions.
W.  G.  Swan, divisional  engineer of
jthe Canadian Northern visited Mount
.Lehman yesterday for the purpose of
inspecting the  piling  which is  being
'constructed   alongside   the   C.   N.   It.
tracks there as a precaution  against
slides  which  have  been  causing considerable   trouble   lately.
Complete  Spur. .   , ... . . ......
The B. C. E. It. haa completed its .. '\no���n'p ���n %v.h * box ��,f H1Ua
track work at the corner of Fourth -Saturday Special will wm lor you
avenue and Arbutus streets and it is ovpr>' tllne- IZ409)
expected that the Bltulithic company ���"
will complete the paving at that cor- Sweeping reductions in millinery:
ner soon. The paving work was held ****** worth to $16 for $7.60; hats
up on account of the B. C. E. R. op-; worth to $10 for $5; hats worth to $8
erations. ! for $...'. 5; hats worth to $6 for $2.KB.
                              J.Mrs. Agret, 5!i Sixth street.        (2413)
Skating sessions at the Arena every ���	
afternoon and evening.   Afternoon be-      For   Sale���Complete   restaurant  set
tween 3:30 and 5:30 o'clock.    Evening  including one    large    range,    tables.
hours 8:t5 to 10:30 o'clock.
attendance every evening.
Band In 'chairs
(2395) Icheap.
B |street
Kor plumbing, healing    and    sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew __ Ramsay,  Eighth    and    Carnarvon  streets, j    The
I'hone  686. (236"
dishes,    etc.,    for    sale    very
Royal Mercantile Co., 61 Sixth
Seek   Improvements.
Port Moody Conservative asso-
 i elation is seeking the extension of tlie
   -- government wharf at   Port Moody. At
Auxiliary  Meeting. |a recent meeting nf the association it
The regular monthly meeting of the was pointed out that, the wharf was
Women's .Auxiliary of the Royal Col-; much to short for requirements, boats
unil'ia'i hospital will be held at the > of any size being unable to tie up along
Y. W. C. A. rooms on Monday after-[side owing lo the shallowness of the
noon at 3 o'clock. j water   around   the   end   of   the   pier, j
  ITIie association is also seeking a post
Get  your skates  sharpened at Geo. ioffice   building  and   the   appointment
Speck's, 626 Columbia street.      (2363)  Of   a   local   customs   inspector.     The
  present post office in  Bennett's store
Take notice of the change of hours  is   not   considered   to   be   in   keeping
for skating at the ice rink.   The place, with   Port  Moody's dignity as a city.
is getting more popular than ever. .
Shooting Accident.
Werd has been received in the city
that William Colman, formerly of this
city. bl>l now a resident of Sumas, has]
been Injured by being shol. The extent of his injuries or llie nature of
the accident have not been learned.
Skating boots and skates for ladles
and gentlemen at Geo. R. Speck's, 620
Columbia street. (23621
Ten musical selections at thc rink
every evening between the hours of
8:15 and  10:30 o'clock. (2395)
Millinery Sale. All
price at Miss Davey's
lora, Carnarvon Btreet,
For  all  building  supplies   and   fuel
hats    at   half  oil  apply to the B. C.  Transport Co..
Millinery  Par-   Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
opposite Hotel  Office phone 826,  wharf phone 8S0.
(2407) ��� (2338)
Ways and Means]
To Lessen the Labour of House-
cleaning and Housekeeping
Oil  of Joy Mops,  with bottle of oil
Hiss.-H's   Carpet   Sweepers   ...
Kngiish   Hair   Brooms   	
Polishing Cloths, for silver, el
 $3.00  and  up
 $1.00 and up
Also a full line of Pastes, Polishes, Oils and Waxes for Furniture,
Floors, etc.
New  Westminster.        Phone 52,
T? _.*_  xxr
DRUG f_   J.
STORE w#wrH.
Short Term Loans
HART  &  CO.,  LTD.
Ettaollshed 11,01.
Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   snd
Marine   Insurance.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Bring the Children
Market Day Specials
Bring your dollars to this store on Friday for the greatest
values offered in New Westminster. Our Market Day
Specials cannot be equalled.
in Our
11 Golden Oak finish Dressers
and Stands, having mirror 12x
'i'i inches; alsp with three
large drawers;   regular $16.76,
f��r   S12.75
_ only Kitchen Queens complete; regular $6.50. Special
for    $3.75
Ued, Spring ancd Mattress complete; regular $11.60, Special
for   today    S7.SO
1 Lovely Brass Hed; regular
$115.     Special   at $19.75
I Surfaced Oak Chiffonier with
Hritish bevi'l plate glass, also
having five drawers; regular
$12.60,   for    $9.75
One dozen odd  Springs;  regular
$6.5U   to   $7.50   values.
tot    $2."50
1 Qolden Oak finished lluffet
with   large     British     beveled
mirror. Vix'i.H inches; also having large linen drawer, - silver drawers and cupboard;
regular $20. Special S11.50
1 Quartered Oak Round Intension Table, with pedestal base
and extending to si:-: feet in
length. Kxtra quality and finish; regular $32.50. Special    $25.75
1 ,'i-pieee Parlor Suite, mahogany Apish and upholstered In
best quality tapestrj ; regular
$_7.50.     Special $22.50
1 3-pieee Mahogan> I'nr!.- ; Suite,
excellent design and upholstered in best quality velour.
having loose cushions; regular $60.00. special . $32.50
To appreciate i uc*i furniture
valuee yeu Inusl visit our third
and fourth rioors and see for
your e'.'.
Specials from
Our Carpet
for Market Day
l.'ix.-iiirh .lap.uiese Mh'h; iiisHo
lr.*;.. the bi st quality mailing,
'.t'lth heavy cotton warp Tho
very litest Oriental d-SH-fcfls
and colofx; regular lalm-V -5c.
Special  at   --25*
Two-yard wide Floor OYlrfOth.
A selection of patterns lo
choose fro|n. Sei-lorn have we
been able iii get such pretty
designs, In conventional, block
and floral effects. This is a
good, heavy cloth and well finished. The price Is very low
for lhis quality, Special' per
yard    30C.
Heavy Hritish Tapestry Carpet.
This quality Is usually sold at
Ti" and 7r,e per yard. Special
at, per yard   50ft
Tapestry Hearth Hugs; size 22
'-_x.S Inches. We have about
two dozen of these rugs, and
tbfl prlie !.. below anything
wo have ever offered In ruga
before. We have a wide range
of patterns nnd colors. Special at, each  65C
Specials for Market Day from  the
Silk and Dress Goods Section
Come In and tee them; each line a Bargain.
Never before have you had such an opportunllv to purchase
SUCh beautiful qualities at so low a price, the goods are perfect
and the most fashionable of the season, soft and bright aud adaptable for the draped gowns so much lu vogue. All extensive range
of colors In all the leading shades;  actual $1.50 and $1.66 values f.ir,
per yard   93c.
65c. and 85c.  VELVETEENS  AND  CORD  VELVETS  FOR  55c.
Kor a smart looking dress and something serviceable these
goods are um quailed and for children's coats are very much in demand. This assortment is In wide and narrow cords and a silk finish pile; widths vary from 22 to -7 inches. Amongst the colors are
gray, brown, black, cream, navy, golden brown, cardinal, wine,
claret, green, maroon, Copenhagen, mauve, etc., etc. Vour choice
today for. pet yard   55c.
We   are   offering   special   today   about l- pieces ol assorted
coatings; values up to $2.Bo.   Friday Special, per yard    $1.75
Take advantage of this opportunity ami buy your coal length st
rock bottom prices. A splendid assorted lot, Including practically
every color aB gray and brown mixtures, plain shades or red. tan,
'gray,  creain,   etc.,  and  some  reversible  tweeds.
This is a lot of pieces picked OUl  from our ordinary slock  to be
sold    loday    at    this price.    There ale llghl  and heavy weigh!  goods
and goods suitable for hsrdwearifig suits and dresses as tweeds, plain
cloths am! mixtures, all double width and each line a bargain;  values
to  65c.    On  sale  ludii)    35C.
AjnongSt this line are some very smart novelty tweeds, plaids, etc.,
etc. They are superior quality to our ether line and are very
special value. A large assortment of shades ami various widths
from 44 to 5(1 Inches. Your choice of 26 pieces all at this low price,
per yard    59C.
Market Day in the
Gents' Furnishings
All our regular $1.00 Overalls
and Coats, in plain black and
blue with white stripes; all
sizes, from 32 to It. Today
apeclal al   85C
We also carry a line of Boy's
Overalls   priced   according   to
size ut  65c ���"���'* 85c
"Penangle" nil wool heavy Ribbed Underwear. These are
double-breasted and some have
double back also. This is a
splendid garment for hard
���wear und the assortment includes our regular $1.25 and
$1.50 lines; all sizes. Special
at    95C
"Penangle"   fleece  lined   Underwear, b*st quality, in all sizes,
regular 86c and 76c lines. Spi
oiaJ for today at     50c
All wool Flannel Shirts in blue
and brown, with fancy trimming; regular $2.on value Also odd lines from our $1 iiii
and $1.7f, lines. All heavj
Shirts for hard  weir.    Today.
SI    %%.'*'**
���\ iatge variety of Sweater Qo&tf),
also suilc S'tfeitOTf! with but-
tea ued- 'f'.e.e com? in a
r&riety nf colors, IncfilalU
gray, blue, brown, Iau, red
khaki and combinations of
these colors. This assortment,
indues $3.00 values. On sale
''"���*-'   '���*'    $1.95
Market Day Specials
in Our Drapery and
Soft Furnishing
(lei   tlie habll  of 'linking over
nur    Drapery    Department   on
Market    Hay.    This    week    we
have  four special    Inducements
to offer.
FIRST���Dufferin Pillows; size
IHxliii inches. They are of
fancy blue, pink and gray
licking and filled with real
soft feathers; splendid value
at Jl.no cadi. Market Day Special al. each    98C
BECOND Single lted size Quilts
in dark blue, red or hrown.
Special at. each  55c
THIRD Heavy,     serviceable.
(lark gray blankets; large size,
65x84   inches.     Special
at  $3.95
FOURTH���We have eighteen
pieces of colored .Madras. The
prices range from 7B-: t:> $1,60
in the regular way. Nothing
is more dainty for bedroom or
living room windows than
some ol these. Tliey come In
lighf blue, Pink or deep cream,
lind stand the light without
fading. Ttl'.-e van li Wi-iied
and washed. On Market Day
you  take your choice of any
piece for, jtr yard *\9t
A special lot of Currle's lluln-
ftoats, In all sixes; regular values at. $12.50. Today..59.75
ilnst a few Cravenotte Coats left;
fi-Eiiliir values $10,00 and
tYl.iiti, Clearing the lol today
at S7.50
Pine quality I.awn nnci Cotton Handkerchiefs, In p'f#i# hMh'
ditched ami striped borders. Cithers with colored borders. AW e-xffft
good bargain for general uae.    OnO dozen for  SlMtV
Children's two-and-ons Rlliberi H0��e, having double knees. The
Correct stocking for all-round hard  wear.    Two pairs for  3&t.'
A splendid chance fm ladles to buy their winter supply of nil1
���A'col hose. A genuine snap. I'laln, all wool, fine quality; regular
BOB..    Three  pairs  for   Sl.OO
Market Day Specials from the Notion Dept
In our notion department you wlll find the following specials
for Krlday only:
Hair l'lns, Pspcr Pins, Safety Pins, Darning Halls Dome Fasteners. Thread, Hair Nets, Tape, Kancy Pins, Hooks and Eyes, Darn-'
lng Needles, Knitting Needles, Finishing Braid, etc.; regular Bc.
each.   Any   seven   fof    25C.
Mohair and Slightly soiled Wool Caps. There aro only about
two dozen lo select frnm; regular 65e. values. Friday special
at   15C. or 2 for 2Mt.
A nice line or Hlack Wool BhftwlS, Our $1.50 value. Friday
Special at 75��.
JL imt fee
to Wear
An assortment of Dresses In the
new styles; materials are navy
and brown serge, black and
whit.- cheeks, nicely trimmed
with buttons and piping of
silk., others have a touch of
Hulgarian silk trimming; Values to tl-   Special at 55.95
Ladles' fleece lined Vests, high
ni-ck and long Sleevee. Special at 25C
l.ailien' fleece lined vents; heavy
quality and white; regular t>5o
nnd T8e, On aale at 45c.
Ijullea' fle-een lined Drawers;
good heavy quality: regular
i;r.e     Special price 45c
Specials in
Are you looking for a good
heater? lf go. Bee our assortment, the largest in the ci'y.
The following are a few lines as
specials for today only:
New "Melrose" Wood lleati-
Itegular price, $18.60. Special  515.75
"What Cheer" Wood lleate.-;
regular price $30.00. Spts
olal  520.00
"Fairy Oak" Heater for wood or
coal;     regular    $lil.75       Spe-
dal  515.50
"Washington   Oak"   Heater   for
womi  or coal;  regular. $26.B0.
Special    522.75
"St.   Clnlr    Oak"     Heater    for
wood or coal;  regular $86.60.
8peotol   532.50
"Ilctort" Hot Blast Heat.rr for
conl only; regular $20.00. Special  515.00
"Derby Oak" Heater for wood
or coal; regUh-T $12.75. Special  59-50
"Merrltl" Healer; all cast Iron,
for coal only, regular $16.00.
Special    512.50
il-ox Heaters;   mado of all cast
Iron, for wood only; priced
from      56.00  <o  514.00
Shed  Iron  "Alrtlghts."  priced
from 53.25 to 55.50
Five Exceptional
���Bargains from
the Staple
IX apartment
My,   !       -,ls  only,    ��-*��    Bleached
"$ JV* iK "��� ��lrollK eV,m
NfeMfc ThlH IS the kind that
\i*t>i)\"*, ,, hlirn laundry image.
*1H arm ,.ial, per yard. .27e
mm* m .��� double bed site
B0 oWy |<sr, 'reads. Kxtra spe*
-    Oredilm ��i  $1.25'
cini nf        wool Eiderdown.
ISO yards'liniV, iods that Is SO
This Ih rttor g nd now for KI-
greatly Itf <!wi��k,       s.ng   Jackets.
meniiH   and   ftta*.  50C
Special, per ymru Cambric;
B00 yarda of W'ulto. -..and free
rul!  ill!  Inclu-.' WM, Uie thing
from dressing. M\*n en's un-
for ladles' anil otttM. U. Ppr
derwear.    Kxtra rfpunb 15C
yard  rklsn
26 dozen  only  HroWn    1tv fast
Towels,   with   turkey-wet "'es.
dye Rtrlixi; bIso 'i'ixW Hwv yt
Extra special, per pnlr'.^ .


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