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The New Westminster News Sep 19, 1913

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Newa Claealfled Ads.
proven their worth by t>
they   produce.
or   small   wants
at   '  .*
Tha Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to modulate winds;
fair, with stationary or lower tm-
VOLUME 8, Nl' ,< 1S4.
Prisoner Merely Questions
Witnesses   upon  Their
Representstlvea Who Open Kingsway
to Bs �� mortal nad en First Dsy
of Exhibition.
Pinal  arrangements for the official
|opening of Kingsway, tbe mwly paved ,
I road between    Vancouver   and    New ���
Oetroit  Witnesses Come Here Again ! Westminster, which will take plsce In
Says That Duty of 10 Cents Will Be
ei^s Mes-
Put Against Countries
Who Levy Duty.
and Tell the Came Ctory ss st
Mscnamara Trial.
the morning of the opening day of the
provincial exhibition, will be declined by committees from Vancouver.
Bouth Vancouver, Hurnuby, the Now
Westminster council and the It. A. tt
1. society, at a meeting which wlll be
held in the llurnaby municipal hull ut
Edmonds, at 10 o'clock this morning.
Alderman I.ynch, Alderman Killing
lon 4nd Alderman Jardine will repre
sent the New Westminster citv council, while President C, A. Welsh. Vice-
President Nels Nelson and Manager
D. B. MacKenzie will represent the
It. A. tt   I. society.
The ceremonies will take -dace In
the morning cf September 30. following which the officials who take part
wlll be the guests or the It A. A I.
soe'ety at luncheon. Thev will also
be Invited to attend the formal on��"-
Ine of the provincial exhibition wli'd
will take place shortly after the
The mayor of Vancouver and a ntt'n-
ber of the  sld-ernien  wlll  be  pr"��e".t
Felix Diax In Europe   Gets    Messa?e
from President Huerta to Come
"I plead not guilty to the charge of
the bank robbery," stated Martin
t'owell, accused of burgling the Dana
of Montreal on September IK, 1911,
whereby 1273.721 was stolen, In the
police court preliminary trial yesterday.
��� ie was. however, committed for
trial to a higher court, after the evidence of witnesses had established a
case worthy of further Investigation.
The magistrate said accused would
hsve an opportunity of being tried at
the present assises.
A mystifying feature of the Investigation was when Powell cross-examln-
ed the two witnesses, Ferguson and
���Greenwood, who Identified him as being In company wltb Macnamara un
September 15, 1911. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Powell, to everyone's surprise, only'at tlie meeting this morning togethe.
questioned  them  about  their nation-!with the reeve and a committee fr*"n
ulitv and whether they had been    In [South Vancouver and the reeve and >
certain places In the States.   He mid ��� | committee rrom Burnaby
no attempt to cast discredit upon their
evidence.    He did  not cross-examine
any of the others.
Hsd ne Lawyer.
B. P. Dsvls. K.C, Vanoouver, prose
cuted for the Bank of Montreal
Pow��U <-n. unrepresented by counsel.
The oft told tale of finding the bank
broken into snd the safe robbed of
$271,721 on September IS. 1911. was
repeated by W. H. O. Phipps, account
ant. who gave the numbers of nilsstng
notes and other marks of Identifies
Detective W. Black, of the Detroit
police, identified Powell as's prisoner
he had seen flrst under arrest at
police headquarters. Detroit. Witness
was connected with oertsln searches
in regard to prisoner. Detective Wt|.
son and witness went over to Powell's
room ln the botel. They hsd the key.
but found the door unlocked. Exploring the room thoy found 12490 In
Canadian bills and 1290 In American
money. The Canadian money was In
fit) bills.
Mr. DavlB Had you any conversa
tlon with Powell ?
Changed His Mind.
Witness--Yes. He tlrst told me he
was ticket seller for the lllnglliv.
Itros. circus, nnd referred me to lie
tectlve Price to verify that statement
I went over to the circus and brought
Price d inn to the police quarters and
confronted him with Powell
suld prisoner did not belong in me i
circus at atT Powell than admitted
he did not belong to the circus, and
explained that the money in his pos
session was handed over to him by
some men in Detroit, but he did not
know their names.
Natham H Klneberg, pollce officer,
Detroit, stated he arrested Powell cn
June 24, 1912, upon suspicion of pass
Ing bad money. He followed him Into
n department store and saw him
change two 110 Bank of Montreal
bills. After a conversation with the
cashier girl he stopped Powell nnd
asked him If he had been changing
certain bill* In the stores.    Powell re-
Washington,    Sept.    18.���President
U. 8. Tariff Revision Committee Cattle
Differences���Potatoes Wlll Have
Countervsllinn Duty.
Washington, Sept. 18.���A settlement
Wilson let It be known today thai Ut *t,f the differences between tbe senate
lakes the view that there was nothing and the house over the proposed duties
in General  Huerta's message to   the on  wheat and  flour was reached  by
Mexican congress last Monday in any
way Inconsistent with the interpretation adopted by the United States of
the last note transmitted by Krcderic.
tiambou, Mexican minister of foreign
relations, to John I.ind, tbe Amer.can
Tbe administration considers that
Huerta, having been declared iu tbe
Gamboa note, Ineligible for election
as president, will not be a candidate
in Ute approaching elections and the
the Democratic members of the tariff
conference committee today. The nature of the agreement was not made
public, but it is understood tbat the
liouse members finally accepted the
senate amendment almost without
Under this provision, both whest
and flour would go on the free list
and a duty of ten cents per bushel
would be assessed against wheat Imported from a country levying a dutv
Ainerlcan'governnTinris"prepared*at;on American whest, and a dutv of 45
l^^^^^^^^^m cents per barrel against flour Import-
any time to resume the negotiations
through Mr. I.ind on this basis.
No Friction.
, No announcement was forthcoming
today as to the policy to be pursued
with respect to the presence of
American warships in Mexican waters,
but the official view here Is that there
will he no friction on that point.
[ A satisfactory understanding Is expected to be reached through diplomatic channels as ou previous occasions, when warships have been sent
to protect American Interests.
Official reports of tbe killing of the
Americans. W. O. Robertson and Mor-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ rls P. Root. were received at the state
  idepartment today.   Advices from Gua
~"     ~" ~ dalajara said  Root  wss  killed  by    s
��     *   _J   _-#   -   ts*.,   :__   (*������m4   Mexican   miner  in  a  quarrel on  Sep-
Instead of a Day in Court lcrnber ,   No Uetall9 of Mr Robert.
! son's death at the hands of the reb I-i
st Bl Tobo. Slnaloa, on September
11.  were given.
Diss Coming.
! Mexico Cltv. Sept. 18.���Instruct'ons
have been sent bv President lluerta
to General Kellx Diaz, who now Is in
Europe, to return to Mexico itnmed'������
ately. It Is expected that he will sail
within a few days.
This fact Is learned "n high authority aad it is regarded here as Indicit-
Itvt that General Huerta will ab'de bv
the pact signed at the American em-
bissy last Kebniary to place rn ch
s'acle In the path of General Diaz in
bis candidacy for the presidency.
Goes   to  Country   and
Wooes Dame Nature.
ed under like conditions.
Countervailing Duty.
Today's agreement established a
precedent, which. It Is understood, will
be followed In other cases In Imposing
countervailing duties. It Is expected
thst the conference-will approve of a
countervailing duty of ten centa on
potatoes which both houses have put
on the free list
Fro* Meat
An agreement was reached on the
meat Inspection provision as applied
to free meat from abroad, and the st"*.
tion will be written so that the rigid
nrovlslons of the American lnsnwtlon
laws will be applied In aome of their
more important features to Imported
The decision of the conferees to droo
senate amendments promising a tax
of II 10 a g��Hon on all fruit brandies
used to fortify,, sweet wines, was attacked In the senate today by Senator
Impeached Governor of New
York Was Absent from
Court Adjourned Until Today���Rules
of Procedure to Be Drawn Up
at Once.
Sheriff Takes Him Over the Hills and
Far Away���Prieoner Gets Rosy
piled yes. and stated    that   he    	
ticket seller for Hlngling Bros, circus
and had Just come across the bord"t\
He further said he    lived    in Toledo.
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Concord, Nil.. Sept 18.���"This has
been the most enjoyable day I have
had In years," said Harry K. Thaw, as
he returned from a long automobile
ride In the country today. The outing
was arranged by Sherirr Drey, wbo has
Thaw In custody, pending the outcome of the extradition hearing before Governor Felker next Tuesday.
Price I Accompanied by the sheriff and his
to the j assistant, newspaper men nnd photographers, Thaw's automobile whirled
out   Into  the country.
Tliere the Inviting fields stretching
alongside the state boulevard attracted Thaw, who got down to stretch hls
lege, with Pollce Officer Stevens as
hla escort. Thaw for over two miles
hit up a pace that forced Stevens to
do hiB best to keep up. When they
Climbed back Into the car. Thaw's
cheeks had a healthy flush, and hc
was In better condition uppsrently, as
to wind, than was his guardian.
Like a Colt.
"ThiB has mode me feel like goln^
to hed early nnd getting u good sleep.'
said  Thaw,   when  he  got  bnck.     Hut
West Burnaby. Sept 18.���A resolution that school trustees be given full
control of all school funds and alao
that a universal aystem of bookkeeping for schools be adopted, wag passed at a meeting of the Burnaby school
board held last evening, and a copy
of the reso'ntlon wlll be forwarded to
Victoria, where a convention of school
trustees will be held in October.
Owing lo the financial stringency,
the Burnatiy trustees who plan to attend the convention, wlll be compelled
to foot tbelr own expense bill.
Albany, Sept 18.- William Sulzer,
governor of New York, charged by the
assembly with high crimes and misdemeanors, railed to appear In person
today before the high court of Impeachment when It convened to begin
the trial which will determine his Innocence or guilt. Instead, his attorneys
entered a "special appearance" In the
governor's behalf and challenged the
organization of the court and Ita Jurisdiction over the accused.
The objections of counsel were
set aside temporarily by Chief Judge
Edgar M. Cullen of the court of ap-
peali, presiding, and the Impeachment tribunal proceeded to organize.
The court convened at noon and adjourned an hour later until tomorrow
to permit a committee of three to pre-
1 pare and report rules of procedure.
First Clash.
The first challenge came when Senator James J. Frawley was called upon
to take the oath. Senator Frawlev ie
chairman of the legislative committee
I wblch furnished tbe evidence npon
which the assembly board of managers
bssed Its charges against the executive.
Sulzer at Home.
The rovemor did not come to the
capitol today, but remained at the
Peoples' House, closely in touch with
the nroceedlngs going on In the high
court He arose at 7 o'clock, enjoyed
his usual IS minutes stroll about the
executive mansion grounds and had
breakfast alone with Mra. Sulzer. After the morning meal, be was closeted
alone with Mrs. Sulzer for half an
hour when the various possible developments of the day were discussed.
Later, he conferred with hla legal advisers.
During the afternoon, la spite of the
James  Bradshaw  of  Burnaby   M'eta
Death While Working oa Pitt
Struck on the head with a piece of
heavy timber when part of tbe pile
driver broke, James Bradshaw, of Edmonds, Burnaby, was almost fni-Uotly
killed at Port Coqultlam yi--.trrd.iy afternoon while working on tbe government pile driver engaged at the aew
landing of Minnckahada ranch. The
accident took place abeat S o'clock
and before the police and doctor, who
were notified, could reach the scene.
tbe man had expired.
Deceased was about 40 yeara old
and resided at the corner of Stride aad
Mary avenues, Burnaby. He leavea a
The body was brought to the city
hall. Port Coquitlam, where aa Inquest will be held at f:*3��th
New York Pays Tribute Today to Dead Mayor, W.
J. Gaynor.
Body Arrives Aboard Luaitania and la
Landed at Sandy Hook���Private
New   York,  Sept  18-   Ab
ments had been completed
Traction Employees in London Prepared to Tie up
All City Lines.
In  Dublin  May  Mean  Birth of  trials
Labor Party  Without Political
London, Sept. 18.���Despite the inter-
Vfc.u.ou oi ine lord mayor, wli.cii led
the Tllllngs uus company to concede
tbe right of thu meu to wear union
badge-, a general strike of the traction employees is still imminent or
the clear cut Issue of recognition ot
the union. ,
-Explaining the failure of a conference held at the Mansion House to-
day. Organizer Ben Smith, at a maa*
meeting of the strikers, declared tonight:
"'We are preparing to stop every
passenger-carrying vehicle before wa
tose the fight. Til.ings will come flrat;
then the Ueneral Omnibus company,
then the tubes anad after that if ww
are forced to It, the street cars."
The strikers declare that the union
must be recognized and the grievances
with reference to wages and hours adjusted.
Big  Resulta.
Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 18���The etrikt*
ot>*i*t*. transport workers here is believe** -By aome observers to ladic*t-��
the birth throes of an Irish I-abor
party, destined to wipe out many at
the traditional lines of cleavage in the
political, religions and Industrial Uto
of Ireland.
The historic and bitter feud betweea
Nationalist residents and the member*
of the Royal Irish constabulary, added
to the ferocity of the street flgbtin-r
during the riots, but the strike Itself
waa a clear cul   Issue   between   en
tile tribute the eity will pay te   italpioyer and employee over the que*-
dead   executive,   William  J.  Gaynor. |tlon of labor unionism,
whose body wlll be landed trxmx   the |   The master mind of
steamer Lusltania ton
Martin Powell Ssys "Good-bye Boys"
When Taken from Police Station
to Provincial Jail.
"������'before carrying out thnt part of th-
program, he went over with liis lawyers the results or their all dav
search in the law books of the state
library for precedents b*-arin*5 unon
the extradition proceedings before
Governor Felker next Tuesday.
The lawyers nald they wer- well
ssllsfl-��d with the outcome of their
Threw Him Out.
A New Vork man who ha ��� bean In
Ccrc-ril since Monday, circulating a
nit tlon asking the eovernor tore
Icisc Thaw, was forcibly ejected from
Tlinw'n hotel late today.
Remarks made by him tonlgM were
c- nstrued as a threat iiniiinxt Wlllluin
Travers Jerome, and tha pollce sent
him cut or tlte city.
Martin Powell, alleged robber or tbe
Bask of Montreal branch here, was
yesterday taken from the custody ot
me city police and transferred from
the cells at the station to the provincial Jail.
While under the care of the city
officers Powell has been well treated.
He haa been kept away from prisoner.!
of the ordinary sort, and put In a
special cell, to all outward appearances not unlike a room in an hotel,
but nevertheless doubly secure.
When the door of bis cell was
thrown open yesterday afternoon,
Powell appeared Immaculate and
quietly dressed, two magatlnes under
hls arm. His belongings were re
stored to him. Including keys, a
watch, several pog-f cards and letters
ard aome $28 Inxash. -"That's one of
the new American pennies," he said to
an offloer, producing the coin while
pocketing the loose change. <
"All ready. Martin ?" one of the
���nlf'oers asked. "Yea." replied Powell,
and as he looked at his watch h��
turned and said "Good-bye boys" to
tnnm* ina'rf- the police station. W'th
BUI Gtittrldga, patrol chauffeur, pre-
ceading him, carrying hH suit *������������<*,
end Chief of Police Bradshaw walking beside hlm. Powell looked i-noci
like an honored guest than a close
But he *'*s]*X 'rom * fp"" man:
and an oecsslonal glint of the steel
handcuffs showed it.
New Vcrk Officials Trace Disease all
Over City to One  Dairy
New Vork. Sept. IS.- One hundred
and forty-seven cases of typhoid fever
ure reported since thc first of September from the east side and were
traced to Infected milk today. The
[health department found that all this
I milk came frcm -one company and Immediately ordered tlu> comnanv t"
cease soiling anything but pasteurized
The recent typhoid epidemic wns
on�� of the most virulent the health
officials have bed to contend with
The health department found that nil
the families infected got thetr milk
from one dealer, who obtained hls sup
ply from one company. The companv
received Its milk from an upstate
creamery which bought the product
of a number of farmers. The department now Is trying to trace the Infected supply to ItB original source
A single case of typhoid on one of
these farms might have caused all lhe
Cltv Treasurer Mncknv reports thnt
the total net taxes for 1913 wss ��33��,-
0(11. Up to Sept. lfi he received 1274.-
660, or nbout R0 per cent, which Is
verv close to the percentage of 1911
which waa. the trearurer believes, 82
per cent nn to the same date.
Ttn tn thp ���ame date this yesr h"
j--.oei.-ed ��ll.g��l for tax nrresrs agal'ist
111.060 Inst year, or 1600 more this
veer which' slthourh more money. Is
a trifle lo** ne'cpntnse. Qultn s portion of the Unpaid is*** end urn-Md
tnv nrenars are on a few down town
The treasurer save aa ell.fir arrears
hear 8 rcr cent Interest, those who
<to not nnv their taxes aro slmnly
hnlnlnr those who dn psv tin, as the
c'ty can borrow money st less thnn
8 per cent. Therefore besides savlne
Ihn rebates, the large bulk of neonle
who nnv np their taxes moke n profit of 2 to S per cent net on the arrears.
���a a o O �� # t> o k ft ft ����� �� o #
���"���   MONDAY. OCTOBER 20.
Ottawa. Sept. 18.���An orde*
In council hsa been passed
naming Mnndav, October 20,
Thanksgiving Day.
Jurymen Come   to   Decision   Cooner
Than Ctay Under Sheriff's Care
the Long Nl;ht Threueh.
Three minutes after they were In
formed that they would be locked
up for the night, after the Honorable
Justice Clements and Mr. Macneil, K.
C, counsel for the crown, had do
parted from the assise court, and the
registrar had announced tho adjourn
ment of the court, while Mr. Uampton
Bole, accused's counsel, was scurrying
nbout renewing his client's ball, the
jury came through with a verdict of
not guilty In the case of Frederick
Cunllfte, charged with an assault upon a young woman In Burnabv.
The Jvrymen hat) been In ret'rrment
from 3tl5 to 6:40 discussing the pros
and cons of the esse without a decision. But what discussion could not
effect ln three and a naif hours, tha
cogent argument of a night's hoapl-
tallty under the sheriff's tender cars
did in three mlnutea.
His lordship had to be sent for In
a motor eer and brought back to acquit Cunllffe.
Princess Suicides Because She
Cannot Marry.
Heidelberg, Germany, Sept.
IS.���Princess Sophia of Saxe-
Wormar-Blsenach, a beaut ful
young woman of gunny disposition and much courted by the
off.c-rs with whom she often
rode to hounds ut Baden court,
committed suicide i ar.y th s
moiling. Her body witn a bullet wound in the temple, was
round in her room In the palac >
of her father, the Prince
The death tf the princess
was due to a love affair. She
was engaged to Hans von
Blelchroeder. the eldest son of
the senior member of one of
the most powerful banking
houses in t_ermany. When the
engagement was announced
prematurely some months ugo.
it was learned that the reigning grand duke. Prince Wl I an
Ernest, nruinously prohibited
the union unless the princess
renounced nil her titles and
d^uities. Thli she r.fused to
Beloved by Poor.
Princess Sophia and her par-
rnts were much beloved ln
Heidelberg for the interest
tbey had taken in the pror and
the general publlo welfare, although the father waa by no
means wealthy and wss living
ou au all .wanes from the reigning grand duke. As head of
the family, the grand duke objected to the union of the
princess with a man who occupied an Inferior station In 1'fe.
Her father, It Is aald. waa Inclined to accede to his daughter's wishes, but waa unable to
take an Independent stsnd owing to his ffrnnelal relatione
with the grand duke.
A Humble Doctor.
While the princess had b*en
prevented from man-ring Von
Ble'chroeder. they often hnd
bean asen together at Heldel
berg s'no* the e"g����ement was
announced. Ho studied for aeveral yeara at Heidelberg and
secured hla doctor's degree hat
According to one of tha,
palace employees the prince's
killed herself about ��� o'clock In
tha morning Md a nald, en-
taring bar apartments aoon
afterward, came open har dead
body. Tba pdaceaa waa onlv
21 yeara of am, having baaa
born oo July M. IMS.
Other conferences wltb counsel followed In the afternoon and evening.
Bv all who saw him the Impeached
executive was reported In good health
and spirits.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ the street car
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ 'men's side ot the controversy, James
It was expected tbe Uuit-_Bia wonld ,1-arkin, is a picturesque character **t*xt>
 paas Sandy    Hook    at m-daigM    or imbibed his union    prlndolea   while
urging of his wife, he declined to take shortly afterwards.    U wae arraagM working in the   steel   mills   of   tbe
his customary automobile ride. |for the   department   ot   corrections
boat. Correction, to draw ap alongside the liner down the hey Id traaa-
fer the body from the sti���Ws decks
to the unfilled casket ntlag aa the
heavily draped catalfaHpne MB the
upper deck of tlte nttle
Service at Horn*. 	
Tlie Correction wffl bnd the body la [followers.
Brooklyn and tomorrow and Saturday
it will remain with the late mayor's
family. Saturday afternoon a private
funeral service will be ' iid in the
Raynor home and in th' evening the
casket will be brought to the city
hall In Manhattan sn<f ptoeed in the
rotunda where t will lie fn state Saturday night and Sunday.
, Guard of Kofier.
A card of honor, comprising relays
Talk in Burnaby Haa It The London
House Once Turned Down le
Again on the Job.
Kdmonds, Sept. 18.���Boulton Bros.,
the l-ondon financial house, wblch
made a proposition to the Burnaby
council a few weeks ago in connection with the bond sale, which proposition was rejected by the electorate at a recent election, is again said
to be dickering with the council in regards to a loan, although lt la rumored that the conditions In the agreement are not the same by any means
and If the otter Is accepted tlie municipality wlll not receive as much cash
as was offered in the first plsce.
The reeve snd council, with the exception of Councillor Macpherson, arc
said to be In favor of the latest proposal although further light on the
deal Is lacking and will not be divulged until Monday evening's meeting of the council.
Cimes Back Unexpectedly to-London
and Home Rule Situation May
Be Cause.
'.onion. Sept. It.���The sudden return of I.kyd George from the contl-
ner- where It waa announced a few
day ago. he Intended to spend ����� fortnight, hns uot unnaturally given i'se
ti a gu-al deal of speculation and several iroiidng papers state positively
tha'. t'te ho.no rule situation ta the sole
cause .*l bis unexpected return.
Tho chsucellor, however, ban lott
no time In explaining that these in-
f-renccs are all wrong. Ha baa returned a fe* daya earlier than ha or-
igh.ally Intended ln order to daal t. 'th
various treasury mattera beoause Hr.
Mc-Ktermsr, recretary of lha treasury.
K {.wav on his holidays.
The cl,smeller haa nei a public engagement of anv Importance oiV-e
his speech at Bedford next month,
when he opens hh land campaign. He
ha�� n.i tr-tentlon of Waiting either tht
Unltel Bintea or Canada thia year.
United States.      ^^^^^^^^^^^
Larkln is not even an Irishman, having begun his career at the Liverpool
docks He believes ln continental and
American methods of conduct'n-g
strikes and has no sympathy with tht*
Nationalist aspirations which :>"��� *-*
dear to thc hearts of many   of   bis
of uniformed rolice and'n-rwnen, wtlljSe.ciid to Last Meeting of R. A. tx I.
��oci8ty This Evening���All Members Must Be There -,
remain on duty at ihe city hall until
Monday morning when the funeral cortege will start tor Trinity church for
the funeral.
Tho Correction steamed doom the
bay earlv tbls evening. She was a
hearse afloat with a cstslhkjw on
deck, her flag dropped af half
and her upper deck 8 solemn apee-
taole ol black. Down fn ttm engine
room and ln the deck hum��� tbe mem-
bers of the crew had replaced their
blue oll stnined ovemlTs with Mack
trousers, black shirts and Uack how
With just about ten days until thw
1 ""J1 opening date of the provincial exh-U-
'tion, the meeting o." tne cu-.uiive -if
the R. A. & I. society, which will be
held In the city council chambers this
evening will be an important one acrf
the final reports of committees wilft
be received and a tentative program,
may be arranged.
The final meeting before the opening of the big fair will be held next
Friday evening but there will be httt
little time after tliat date betom ttie
official opening and the meetf^g 'flls ���
evening will be even more Important
Some Interesting announcements arn
expected and President C. A. Welah
requests that every member of the
executive be present this evening.
Troubled Times Did Net Effect Commerce With the UnJtaa- Statea
Last Year.
Washington. Sept  W.   Da
the unsettled conditloaa ia
salting from the revetfleia,
the United Statea with tba*
for the fiscal year iust
greater than teCsret.
Figures made publlc today by
department of commerce showed
porta of merchandise frnm *******
1913 totalled 177,600.600, aa lai
of $11,500,000 over the peailuna yaar.
Exports to Mexico amounted to W4.-
50�� 000, an Increase of |I.TtM��< -over
> la
|"> 0 �� �� o o o * oocoooo ���
�� o
Umdon. Sept II.���Mr. Balfour ar
ri��ed at Balmoral caaUa yeaterday aa
tha guest of Ring Qaetga.  UMft Our*
aon and Bonar Lew, who hare baaa
tbara since Saturday, haw ML Wla-
��� at-*
I<ondon, Sept. Iff.���"Whir
ahould you swear at g��IT when
no one swear* at bTfaiata�����
gama onlte aa IrritaNag ta Km
novtee V aaka aa covert ���*.
have never Beard to a MMeri
room anything Uka tba ftrrtosm
outbreaks at tba coir
Whan a man mines sua
ba will not swear ba
only 'Ah. too tm,* ar.
lege enough.' a
quietly (br Ife
msn who swore
a blOtard room
ed Immediately.
tbt ~~
Automebtle Dispute Settled in Coast
Chushanna Doesn't Intereat tho
Progress Club.
Vancouver,   Sep:.   18.���Mlaa   Irene
Lillian Bowes waa successful   beforo
Mr. Justice Morrison yesterday la bar
ault to recover possession of an automobile, given to her by her mother,
Mra. Margaret de Northall.   The ear
bad been haid by Hoffmelater Broa. aa
sesurlty for a repair bill ot $70.46 la-,
eurred br tbe Rohrbacber Pump ooia-
pany, which had stored the ear wltb
Hoffmelater Broa.   while   acting   a*
agents of Mrs. de Northhll.   Sa't waa
entered against the Una at Hotwts'a.
tor Bros., which   in   turn   barf   tba
Bobrbacher Pump company added tut
co-defendants.   A claim foe. (wsrt
for depreciation of tbo car la t-> b��
adjusted hv the regist-a-.   star. tr.��.
deraon,   K.C,   appeared   for   Mlaa
Cwtdo Mlaale*
Andrew Cbilberg. Swedish -r)n-**t t
���   m
6 o o o����*tt��te0ttl
���eattle, haa acala written to    ____
ma*'er Sdacphersoa aakfng Mm to OT
and locate Adolf  r.." "
wbea bd oame io tb��t t
��M aaamaWV* ���*****' M^tWl*W**W* :
i ��VM tavftbt. for. i
-   **t that ���  __^,_L,
��b*M��.  who.
eoaatrr aaapto*
*-*����� (Moan*
wET mi '!*��*
���%* *>AQe TWO
i> taa***e*dtmt atoraitag paper devoted to tke -Inter -st* of New Westminster and
a\\a **r***r Valley.    **t*%U**tat every -morning sacce-pt Sunday by the Aalinnol Priatiag
tt. at (I MoKtatie Btreet, New Westminster. British
ROBB BVTBERI.AND, Managing Director.
SU MHiinMiMM skeaM he addressed to The New Westminsl.r Sews, and not
aa **tSt*a*t*sl imuoSuis af th* stall.   Chsejxus; draff, and money order* should be made
gs^-"- to T*e NttttSmml Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TBLCetiOSEB   ***)**%*** Otfios and Manager, ������; Editorial Room* tall depart-
BlwacRIPTlON RATBB���By carrier. 14 per year, tl for three month*. 40c per
Ily m*tl. M per year. 8bo per -ino-nlk.
ADVI*MIMNO RATRB on application.
Britain has stuck up the "Keep off the Grass" sign on
the Chinese boulevards and the talk of Japan starting a
war with China to secure indemnity for subjects killed in
the recent troubles has died out with a squawk.
Following the news that a couple of Japanese had lost
their lives in the recent rebellion in Yuan Shi Kai's restless republic, came reports of great "popular outbursts of
indignation" at Tokio, "demands on the Japanese ministry
for immediate declaration of war with China" and a whole
lot of other similar tomfoolery. The mikado's government
dispatched a pre-emptory note to Pekin, which amounted
practically to an ultimatum and hostilities were expected
.to break out almost any day.
Meanwhile there were other nations which had lost
subjects at the hands of the Chinese rebels, but they were
content to follow the usual diplomatic course to secure
The Japanese government evidently felt sure it could
whip China in the event of war breaking out and it also
desired a chance to annex some further slices of the valuable territory belonging to the young republic. But Japan
had noticed that her war talk wasn't going down very well
���with the powers, so she decided to adopt the cautious
course and find out how she stood. Accordingly she approached Great Britain and she wasn't long in discovering
that her bluff was called. 'Nothing doing in the war feature," remarked John Bull.
And so the Japanese claims for indemnity will follow
the diplomatic course.
Whatever may be Japan's secret program with regard to the Pacific coast of North America, there is not
the shadow of a doubt that her policy calls for more territory in Asia and it may be expected that the recent incident with regard to her claims in China will be re-enacted
many times in the years to come if the impertinent empire
of Nippon is to be kept where it belongs.
The announcement that the Burnaby bonds are about
to be sold is becoming as frequent a visitor at Madam
Patti's famous farewell tour.
Stole Fine Pair of Horses But Report
In Press Puts Intendln; Buyer*
Toronto, Sept. 18.--An Interesting
case In newspaper detective work ap-
| pears ln the discovery of the team of
horses and wagon stolen from the
Ward Fireproof Storage company, 300
College street, by a driver for the
firm. Herman Fusier, on Monday last,
the announcement or which was made
in a locnl paper on Thursday. Mr.
Ward said last night that he had Jnst
Man at Shushanna  Writes   of   Hardships Along the Way���Many
Lives Lost.
Seattle, Sept. IS- -That tho lives of
Steals   Blooded   Csttle  and   Tries  to
Sell Them to Packing Plant
for Beef.
many brave men have beon sacrificed J colos
. ,    . | climb   are  so   steep   that   when   their
received   a   long  distance     telephone U      ��� d ��� omj ran gcaroe,    hear
message from the Bradford police an-  (hf,m ,and   ,_ thp g|���, ()f % Btatprn(,nt
made by Captain William N. Armstrong, an old time Alaskan, who has
visited practically every field In the
country, and who recently arrived at
Shushanna. Armstrong Is a brother
nf the famous playwright. I'aul Armstrong, author of "Heir to the Hooran"
and joint author with Rex Ileach of
"doing  Some."
In a letter to D. B. Dugdale. the
local baseball magnn'e. Armstrona
points out that the Shushanna gold
field does not wear n roseate hue. except only at long distances away from
the scene of the discovery. He describes the trail as one nf the toughest in Alaska, in the following letter,
dated at Shushanna, August 28:
"Mv Pear Dugilnle:
"lust a note, as a fellow Is going out
'n  a  few  minutes and  will  take  this
nounclng their discovery of the team
and wagon, which Ihe driver had attempted to sell for 1200.
From what the police can gather
Fusier drove 'he team into Bradford,
and on Tuesday attempted tn sell them
to one of thf townspeople, offering the
entire out'it for $_00. The man who
was approached was evidently suspicious, but he paid down $25 and
promised to pay the balance when
Fti-ier  had   prou d   hla  ownership
Fusier then caller up one of the
Pli mbers of lne Rradford council and
asked hlm to identify him. but although the councillor acknowledged
tbnt he Ihioy. ttie name, he declined to j
Identify anyone over the phone.
The next attempt made by Fusier
was from Newmarket, where he appeared on Wednesday and found a
leconc profnoctive purchaser -vrom
he sent to Bradford, but the holder
of the horses refused to part with
them, as he realized the excellent bar-
aain ne was making If the sale was
bona fide. Finally the notice in the
newspaper put the intending pun-has-
er in possession of the facts and he
notified lhe police.
When Fusier arrived he wns accompanied  by  two  women,  evidently  _.,
his wife and mother, lut none of the    ' "" hnr(I    ���lls ,0 �����!' Pr-vious stain-
iciles  in  Alaska  are a joke  In  com-
n;>risen.   I   lost   nv   hn-so   when   half
Tacoma, Sept. 18.--With a nerve so
al as to stagger everyone con-
to  the lure of Shushanna gold;   that! n*fbt* with the subser,uenl: Inveattaa-
..i-.ia , .        tlon. an unidentified man rounded up
many have found a last resting place | fnurlP���n hea(i nf blooded cattle, valued
In the swift streams or the giant ere-jut -fa.nori. and driving them into the
vasses of the Scolal glacier; that sev- city yesterday afternoon, tried to sell
eral died of starvation, and that the jthe entire herd as beef to the Carstens
cliffs around which the mushera must |f'!>cki"B   company   for   approximately
fSOO. When he saw thnt the company's
stockyard employees had grown suspicions, ho disappeared.
Despite a vigorous search since then
not a single clue has been discovered
as to the ownership of the cattle, nnd
th"re is no trace of the thief Thoueh
the cattle were stolen more than twenty-four hours ago, no claimant has yet
While Sheriff M, W. Jamieson nnd
his deputies are hunting for the owner, the cattle sre chewing their cuds
contentedly In th" Carstens yards.
The hen! consists of thirteen Holsteln heifers, and one Jersey ehlfer,
all registered stock. Officials of ">"
plant say thev are worth easily 1260
each for dairy and breeding nnrposen.
The cattle rust'er tried to sell them for
slightly less thin ftin a head, about
all they would be worth as heef. To
each heifer's cr Is attached the tag
bearing her registration number. They
are  two  and   two   and   a   half   years
i ���-___-----------------------------^-_-_--_------------------------__-_-______.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get ae good, or better, manufaetured in B. C, Tls.: tha
the celebrated "VANCOU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications ot Americas  and Canadian Engineers' Association
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe trom
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. This Is also made In thla Province and wa
consider superior to hoy Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed (.ravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonee 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY   j^   rf   jj^^j
"I have heen in here some time, but (old
did not write you be'ore as all is bustle ,    The cattle rustler is a middle-aged
and I wished to writ" something defi-   well dressed man of an easy-going an-
nite nf'er I had sizrd nn the camp. IlPoaranc   that   gives   no   hint   of   his
wrote vou last
from   the  end   of  the
"Th- trip In
summit of the
toughest   ever
of 115 miles over th"
glacier  Is  by  far  the
attempted   In   Alaska
trio has been located as yet
The stolon team wns shown in Toronto In the Isl ef July parade, and
was an evcc-tir nelly -fine pa'r nf
horses. Mr. Ward lnd ri 'used $600
f.r the pair quite recently
A newspaper headline reads, "Oldest Fossil on the
American Continent." The article does not refer to the
graft prosecutions in New York.
Auckland, N'ew Zealand, Rfpt. 18.-
way across the summit He slipped
and fell off a cliff hundreds of feet
and landed on t >p of another dead
horse. Men and horses were drowned
*n crossing the innumerable glacier
streams aed many men have heen lost
on or in the crevasses of the fourteen
���-nlles nf glacier Ice that never will be
he.nrd nf. Men lost their packs of grub
and wandered ahout lost and crazy:
several had blood poison from feet
that were raw und blistered Some
wandered off the so-called trail in oth
 [er directions and die,) <>f starvation.
j     "It is a physical impossibility for n
Spud Discovered in New Zealand that j man  to pack grub enough in here to
stay any length of time and  he must
Promises to Revolutionize [turn around and start out or starve.
"I   bought  some  flour and   rice   for   'h"
SI.50 per pound and a little coffee for   E
12.50 per pound and can stick a few j"
\ new blight-proof and frost-resisting I a&'wrtn tUrtl^ PornP���for th'" "
���   a.uiii trip and s'art soon or the sr.ow
,on th
The hens of the United States laid one billion, three
liundred million eggs last year, which magnificent showing certainly entitles them to an extra cackle or two.
potato  has   been  discovered   by  John
Harris of Ohura road, riaetlhl.      The
discovery is said to be the most Important one in agriculture for    many
i years, and the agricultural department
! has investigated the phenomenon and
j admitted  that tlie properties claimed
for the new potato are  beyond  question.
Mr.' Harris has been  experimenting
nerve. Me was se^n driving tli" cattle Into the city from the south ln
broad daylight yesterdiy mnrnlng. The
only cittle r-tprh to th" south Is that
nf Henrv Rovoo, president of the
Tldfwitter Lurcher comnany, who has
thrc" big herds cf lleist'-lns In the
vlclnltv of Kepowsln ami Henston. His
herd?, however, are lutocl Itoyee ev-
smlnod the heifers vesti relay and said
tb'���>��� had not been driven fnr.
The rustler drove the herd straight
through "he city to the Carstens plant
nn the tiiii'P'ts. Seeing the registration tags in the animals' cars, the cm-
ployees questioned him.
He declared that he bought the cat-
He in Auburn, giving a flotltlom name
is that of the former owner. Thc employees said they could not make n
price until later in the day, and asked
him 'o drop hack In a few hours. The
man promptly disappeared, while the
employees notified the sheriff's office
of their suspicions.
it is suspected that the rustler stole
heifers  from  the herds of either
P. Frvar or J. E. Annls nf Sumner.
��� of Tacoma, and drove them south
ire  entering  the  city.    Fryar has
four blr;  herds  of blooded   Holstelns.
while   Annls   owns   a   large     number.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ... .$1 (.000,000.00
RESERVE    116,000.000.00
Branches  throughout Canada    aud
j Newfoundland, and  In   London,  Bng
I land. New York, Chicago and Spokane
i U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A general
banking buelnesa transacted.    Letters
* or Credit Issued, available with cor
j respondents In all parts ot tbo world.
Savings bank Department���Deposits
j received  ln sums of fl aad  upward
and interest allowed at t por cent, par
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over I18��.000.()unoo.
Q.  I)    HKYMNKIl.   Manager.
Call and inspect our fall
AUWTORS AND ACCOUNTANTS. ���; . ��,.      .     , *""
ww underuik-n in nty and ouui* i lines and new fall stvles and
points.   211-U    Westminster   Trust   Bldg I _i . *���
Hun-. 3��4.  r. o. bo�� 607. " place your order now.
Teacher    Terms moderate: nii iiiat-kii-
St..  Phono Sni-S. (100-t.
Mlts. <\ C I'lSHKIt, TEACHER Ofr
pl.inol'orl'\ h-in-neiiy and sinking. Pupils su-seessfuly prepared tor ssaxntna-
tlnn tn R. A.  M   nnd K. C. M. Kor l.-rms
apply 6M Third avenue.
Plnnoforto; :4.t Keery ki.. New w.-st-
Dandaa and Calisthenics, will visit New .
Wastmuister once s w-aes Classes for.
Adults,    writ" nr apply fnr particulars i
al   tlMwr   House,   Hornby   street.   Van-!
pauvri*. I I0t V I
H.   J.    A.    BURNETT.    AUDITOR      ANr |
��cc*>iiiiiaru. Tel,  H   !>. Heoni *.. Han
P. II. Smith
W. J. linn
Yes thanks, that'll do fine. This refers to the sample
of weather the weather man forwarded yesterday for the
approval of the board of directors of the provincial exhibition.
Winston Churchill, first lord of the admiralty, may
he keeping his nose to the grindstone, but his wife is doing
some high flying. The other day she went up seven hundred feet in an aeroplane.
Speaking at the suggestion of the emperor of Austria,
a venerable doctor has roasted the modern female fashions
in dress to a Delmonico turn. The only drawback to the
discourse Ls the fact that thc venerable doctor's name is
the seeds cf the previous cron.     The
variety  has   beep   placed   under     tli"
closest  observation,   but   on   no  occi
sion has there been the siieht-'st trac"
of blight  or disease eiused  bv  frost.
though the cron planted next to It has
been  blackened  bv sever co'd and  i-
even  now  badly affected.    So  strop"
Ih  the rrowth of the new  variety of
potato  that som" of the  tops can  be
'extended   to   a   lenpth   of   seven   feet
JTbe   tubers  are   the   color  of  lemons
"nd from ID-lb. to 11 -lh   tnbTs are be-
  j Ins; taken  from  a sine'e "talk.      The
Says a European doctor, all you've got to do to livep���* y,eld is a,,��"1 " "",B per
long i.s eat garlic. That may help the consumer to stand1 Mr. aayqiiss of the government a*
��.ff senile decay indefinitely." but his breath is almost sure ig!��& TT^,^r^,T-tZ
to kill the neighbors, so the race wouldn't profit much by. though he has formed no thoor	
j explain lhe rriRln of the New Bra, h"
I admits that the potato Is reallv frosi
* reslstlne and bllgbt-pro
with potatoes for years, ond some jthe few claims opened up by old tlm-
time ago he noticed a healthy stalk j ers who mnde the strike, and had a
prowiiiK amonjr a crcp of Northern stock of grub in the country, brought
Stars and El Dorados, all of which lln last winter over different snow-
were affected bv blight He took up! trails, which will he a comparatively
th* root, cf the health** plant, and |easy thine to do this winter again af-
finding It in a perfect state began to i ter the holidays
experiment. The result is tbat n po-j "The new law will not let one re-
tato now called the New Era has been cord a claim until MOO worth of work
""���-"������n. The plsnt was carefullv nour- has been done on it. So all the poor
ished and tended, and for several Bea- fellows can do is to stake and rush
sons a new crop was propagated from , out and  take a  chance of pettinn en
summits will be too deep   One
cannot carry blankets enough on long   Thry arp "<1W rc"n(,in!< ��P tl,elr herds
trails in weakened and wet condition   t0 BeI> if any ar" mllts-��K
to keep warm,  so  must sleep on  the "          "
Kround a few hours at middav when
the sun Is warmer. No one could net. lp
crub enough to have time enough
to do the wnrk of sinking or burning
down prospect hoDes in this frozen I
Kround.     So   little   Is   known   beyond '
B. a !'  O. "f Klk�� of the D. of C m-M*.
;     lh.   flrit and third Thurnday at I p. m.
, K nf P Hull, RlKtith ��tre*t. A Weill
(.my. Emlt'd Ruler. P. H. Cmlt-l. Bee
I. n. O. M. NO. ����4.���MEETS ON
Prut. SMOnd. third and fourth Wednesday In ������*"���*. month at S p. m.
In the Mooaa Home. H. J. V*amr
dlciamr. r E. Jonea, eecr-Mary
ll.-.-,.!-: '������������������ * >f Inda* In Bee Hoom
��� enrn.-r nf Kotirtli nnd Carnarvon atreets
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Up to Bulgarian to    Show    that    His
Corpse Is Not Lying in Vancouver Cemetery.
1. O. O. F AMJTT LODGE NO. It���Tb-
r'Stilnr meeting of Amltr lodge No
IT. I. OD r. Ii held every Monita'
nKht ot 1 "' ���i'--i< In Odd Fallows' Hal)
oorner Carnarvon and Eighth ���trm-tf
vlnltlns hr-thern cordlallv Invite/
It. A. Merrlthew, N '1 : ... W. Snneilter.
V. O : w 6 -"o'l'mm. P. O WW
Ina secretory' ,1 W. MacDonald. financial  eeeretnrr
Individual experiments.
dlstrlcl where
found Is no small
2000 feet above hi
I  level
A   fmst  I-i
not,-i*n "'as
The Innd  I.
md th" eni,i
Talk about hard times; just think of the poor duck
in Spokane who must prove that he's alive to Ket his own
estate that was divided up several vears ajro on the sup-> "f',rn " *'v*��� "'"j ��?'a'" """iv;|-
*-"   .  .    *���*"*** , .      .       ,,_,__.' ,. ' , ��� , ,        '     itlon  has  heen  stopped     Tlle H"��   no-
position that he had left for a clime where wings and harps'
are the only visible assets.
Questions That Are Being Brought Be
fore Boards t>f Trade to Gain
Victoria, Sept. 18. To discuss
-weahtp.rn freight csbc, which Is before
tha railway commission nnd which Is
an effort mi -the part, of the ws; to
briBg about an equalisation of lh''
i-Hatern and -western rates, a meeting
���of the freights committee of the hour I
���of trade was held yesterday. The \,-.
LMtitm taken hy British Columbia l-<
that the oresent acfbedttle makes a
marked dlser'-nlnetlon In fa-or tit
-eastern manufacturers, Inasmuch p.-
the rates trom eost to west nre so
mnch Invt'T than those fro"> M<�� Pi
cille Hr-ahonrfl across thc continent.
The c��ne for thl* province befi���e
the rallwav com mission cm is In the
hands of Vi. A. Macdonald, K. C��� and
tt Is the wish to obtain an expression
ttft opinion from the shippers of all
wrutem centroe.
are concerned, irrespective of density
Jof traffic In a given district.
j 3, Whether or not all stations at
points, Irrespective of population or
business, Bhould be entitled to similar
commodity  rateH.  I   e..  In  respect  of
-distance or rnte basis, irrespective of
! density of traffic.
3. Whether or not al IstaMons at
common distances from    distributing
j centres from which freight moves at
commodity rates, I. e���(  ln respect of
I distance and rates,
I 4. Whether rates should now be
(lied In the western provinces on the
laseumptlon of a sufficient existing
railway mileage to enable    the   grain
:crop  to  be  properl  carried,  and   nf-
��� fording lands Fettled, nr f!t for settlement, with railway facilities within a
reasonable distance, or whether rates
should he fixed on such a basis nB will
encourage   further development.
[ 5, Whether or not rates should be
based on Ihe traffic and returns of the
Cnnfdhn 1'aclfilc Railway Irrespective
of th" density nnd dlvcr=ltv of traffic
;and returns of the Canadian nNrthern
i-'tid Crank Trunk I'-jcIflc railway com-
i pmlr ���
ft, Oenvlly. on whnt princlnles d"i
yen desire the freight rates to be considered?
latn will give a greal Impetus to the
potato cultivation of the dominion.
Event on Serten-ber 25 Promises to
Pe Huge Success.
The Maple Ridge fall fair will excell
In the line of -.ports arranged for fair
day. September 25. In addition to
whet bis been already announced the
fisherman's Jiinual pports wlll be held
ip ei-nnectlon with It Tho managing
of whloh will bo well looked after by
Alex. Morrison, fireat Interest Is be-
'ng evinced In these sports hy all the
fishermen on the river, and many n
dispute as to the relative speed of
boats will be settled on that day at
l'ort Haney. Several fast boats are
reported coming from Ituskin and
Sllverdale,   while  down   stre-im   some Then.
outfit in over the'longer winter trails
in time to do their work before the
three months' time expires on their
claim and all their efforts are lost.
"As  to the  prospects of the eamp
can just say only the future can tell.
LII i�� ture to make a small camp anv-
way     Yours truly.
I .ondon. Sepi 18.���The cadet Bhlp
Porl Jackson lias sailed for South
Australia with a full cargo from Hot-
terdam, where 'he cadets Joined her,
The voyage to Australia and thenoe
home again usually InstH about nlns
months; during thai period the cadets, wli., :,,;. di-.-idert Into witches, will
attend classes regtilarly. bo ti-.ught
'"��� gallon,  nnd,  fn   faot,    be    taken
Ihrotlgh all tin   subjects nocoie-iry fir  same Kostoff  who Is now  In
thi   h    rt) i    tr..|,   evn��-|nat.|r,r*.
The :: in o| -s in charge of P '..
i'air   . i. . |,0 .,-,��� BnP,. S|i,,ed In theo-
retlcal novt-rmiott, mathematics nnd
"������ ence ThN is the f'rst Ume that
the Instructor has not been a rallc*,
'"" ''" ���' 'nt'ire from the old cub
lorn is held to he a move In the r*��bt
direction, With r��gnrd to th" nracti
cal side of navigation - deck work, i*;-
nalllng and pn forth���the cad-ts am
regularly Instructed hv the office's nl
the ship, who are specially chosen for
such work,
The value ol this thorough train'-i?
In a sailint,' vessel Is evidenced hv the
ract thai Messrs, 'levltt and M-to.
the managers r' t.h�� tmiping shins
h-iv-> none-.. it,n'r shareholders the
tTnlon-Cajtle line, t'-e Shiw. Snvlll
and Albion I'nes end Messrs. T\ snd
J. Harrison
nnd liooth I
Spokane, Sept. IS. ���While Dimeter
Kostoff, a Bulgarian, died at Vanc-.u-
ver, 11. ('., February 23, 1909, according to superior court records signed
by Judge William Huneke, who ap
pointed Theodore Tt r/.ieff administrator of the estate of llie dead man,
friends of Kostoff insist that he is
very much alive and that he is pre
paring to begin legal proceedings to
prove that he is still in the land of
the living.
To  the   reporl   of  his death    the
supposed deseendi-nt adds liis own
protest. Aged and practically without funds, he Is quartered at the Idaho hotel. 236H Main avenue. Whether
he is the same Kostoff, who, on leaving imre more than five yeara ago.
deposited $?r,n witli Theodore Ter
zieff, who became his administrator,
remains for tlle court to determine.
Many of the friends of Kostoff who
knew   hlm   before  he   left   bis   moii"v
with  T"r/leff.  declare   that   lie   Is  the
The superior courl records shorn
that Judge Huneke gave Thel dor"
Ter/.ieff authority tO settle un the en
tate of Kostoff on August 19, 1H1 li,
when It was proved to th" satisfaction of  lhe  court  that  the  bodv  of t
man answering the deaorlpt'on of
KoBtoff was found at Vancouver In
February. I!i0!).
The friends of  Kostoff are  prr-ar
ing to show that  the mnn    who d'ed
at Vancouver was named  Kolosoff   ���*
. RusBlan, and not Kostorr,    tho    Bulgarian,
W   F.  FAt.BH���I'limmtr  funsnil  Dlrscto
I     and   Bf"��b*lmer.   US-SIS   A��n��i   Miw
opvmiI.- Carne-rle l.ltir��ry
8.    HOWRI.I,    I WICOBSHOn    Tn    OKf.
Ur ft tlsnnii. Ud.)���Funeral director
and etnhnlmrni     Psrlorn .*" -Tnlim-iM'
street.    New   Wmtmlnatur.    Phone  sat
ster Bonrd nf Trnd*i meet* In ths h-wr'
roctn. f'lty Hall, an fnllnwn* Third Pri
day of eaoh month | niiarterty me��41nt
oo the third Frtdnv of February. Mal
August and November nt H p.m. An
nual ineetin��ii on the third Friday o
February. O. H. Btuat Wade. ��ecr��
Only another month to get summer
tourist tickets at reduced rates. Observation, tourist and dining cars on
all through tralas. For reservstlons
and rates apply to
E. OOULET. Agent
Naw  Weeiimnaler
11. W. BRODIE. O. P. A , Vsnconver
Sale. Deeds. Business I.i-tl.-ts. etc.: eir
eiilsr work np*ctnllrt. Ai) wnrk strict!)
r/iiiKdentlal. H. Barry, room 411 Weat
minster Trust Blk.    Phone 70t
rlsters, Sollrltoni. etc 40 Ixirne Rlreet
New Westmloster. fl E. Corbould. F
C.    J. It. (-rant.    A. F, ,MeColl.
ti ^ t-lnw. solicitor. ���tn. Telephop
)���** . r-r.i.1^ 'iddrcss "lohnston
Cirte. "Western Union " Offices. SUP
Block, r.r.2 Columbia street. New Wrf
minster. B. C.
Toronto. Sepi. IS.-Mrs. Oinif-hn
Michael, nn earnest worker and generous   friend   o'  the   Methodist   chiif-h
f London and t'>o Cunard lwhn '"'"1 on ���T,"", ���2lB'- remembered in
a of Liverpool, who- nre tl,'r w"l n number of charltleB and pub-
looking ror future officers for the'r Uo Institutions. Among the henuesta
Steamers from'thli    training    fichoni iare the following:    Women's Mission
Third  year students of  Metill!  uni-
ti_ _ ,,...��� veralty aro much  upset   over  the  de-
^[hiwlni! are some ot the niiestlo-iscree of the faculty of Uie university
kf-ing considered by dirreront boards j'hat because of the hazing or fresh
of trade in the province: men   by   third   year   mea.no     more
1.   Whether or not stations should ] freshmen  will be sent to the Bord-a-
tas -placed -on the same rate basiB. In  Plouffe camp  to do  rodding  for  tha
no tar as general  merchandise rates' third year men.
f the fishermen are purchas^rr spned
'er englnts in anticipation of the contest ',
The most  Interesting contest  prnm-
'ses to 1-e that of soro-vling 1 r>0 fathoms of net. and lifting It again in tho|
Vat, points to be awarded ns to time,
spread and condition ln which thn net'
���s stoved In the boat.    The prizes are.'
flrrt |20, second. J5.
The ottier contorts are; FP-at ra-^es.
'hree -nd one-ha'f horse po"-er n* under, fm, $10- second, t" HI, Onn^.
four and onn-t-alf horse power, first.
$10; second, >B. Open seven horse
power, first. $26: second, fK. Open to
all power, first, $25; Becond. $5. In ad
lines  will   give  r-nforence
Officers who have had their training
In these sailing shins. The Port
Jackson is sailing under the command
of Captain Charles Maitland.
Mrnt'et>|, Sept. 17.-   Vt   to   a
hour    reltlier    the    police    nor
morgue  n.nl|r"-|tlen  hod  received
information   tliat   would   lead   to
to ary Boclety of the Methodist "hurch
of f'nnsdn, $1,000; Methodist deacon-
esBCB' home. Toronto. $l.nnn; H"me
for Incurables. Toronto, $1,000: flick
Children's hOBpltnl Toronto. *2 00n
[the amount to be for thn endowment
lor a cot to be known ns the Wllllom
11). Michael cot: Salvation Armv Toronto. $500: Muskoka Free Hosn'tal
$300;     Fr
Identification  of  the  old   man   wbone
'jVn  for Consumptives,  $300;     Fr"e    Cop
l",!  rnmptlve hospital. Toronto, fidl): Fred
n''v . Vlr*T  mission. *500:   Jewish   tn's-ion
' ,n  on Rim Btreet. $300: Haven and p-'i'-n
c.ate  mission,  Hcton    stroet,    f-ii;
body was found lying under a btiflh on-|rfoWfl  for  Inctlrahle 'Children,   'SOO;
the mountain near the Incline railway. 'Salvation Armv Shelter for Children,
NO  marks  of  violence  were  found |*300;   McthodlBt  Missionary  hospital.
rn ,h" bodv. Several llttlo scars ,chen Tu. China, $500: building fund or
dition tn theBe races the swimming of | proved puzzling, hut these are old, the Ilathurst street, Methodist church
the FraBer river wlll bo well conteBt- and none of them appear to bn sort- Sunday school. $300.
ed. there being four entries to datn. !oua. The coroner has decided that un- [ Theae IcgncloB are to be paid after
Two bonl. races wlll be run off In the 1-ss the police received some evidence .thmse to members of the family have
morning at 9:30 sharp, also the not that the man came to his death by. .been provided tor, and the gifts to
contest. The other races and swim foul or violent, means no autopsy need l Institutions having to do with the
win come off ln the afternoon at Si be held. The Inquest haa been ad-i rare of children aro to be awarded
'���'clock. Ijourncd for a few days. ,| flrst.
sli-fr ��� Barristers and Mellcltors, W<��t
minster Trust Blk., Columbia streel
-.'ew Wentailttffter. ll C. Cable addres-
"Whitesl*-"' Western Union. P. C
Dmwer 800. Telephone SI W. }
Whltpslde. K. C.: II. L. Bdmonda, T
J. BTfl-WHJLL CLITTR. Barrlater-at-lav
solicitor, etc.; eomer Columbia an
McKensle streeta, New westmlnsle'
B. C.   P. O. Bo* ll?.    Telephone   TU
Snllcltor rfrtd NiitHrv. Offices Har
blonk. 28 Ix-irne street. New Weatmlr
���Ier, B. C
Barristers nnd Solictors, int, to Sll
Westminster Trust Block. O, K. Msr
lln,   Vi.   (I.   McQusnte   and  Oeorge  I
Telephones: Office S3, Residence 421.
JOHN UKID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Onsnllne
Engines,  Marine  Engines and  Automobile Repairs.
Office and Worke: Tenth tt.
P.O. Box 474.   New Weatmlnater, B.C,
COAI. MININO Hshts of the Domlnlea**
In Manitoba, t-taski.trlii-wn.il and AllMrta,
the Yt-kon Territory. Ihe Northwest Tar-
rltniies an4 In a portion of the Prnvlnes
ot Brlllah Columbia, may be leaaed for a
term of twenty-one yeara at on annual
rental of f 1 aa actv. Nol mon than flgf
acrea will ba laaasd to ona apyllcsnt
AppllO-ttlon for a leaae nauat Is. oiaAs
by the applicant In pcrsan to tie* Aaial
or Hub-AKf-nt ot tha district In which tk*
rlaiits applied for ara attuatad.
ln surveyed territory tha land must hs
described hy sections, or legal ml. a***-
slons of aactlima. tnd In -anstirv��yed rsr
rliory tba tract applied for shall be
staked out bv tbe applicant himself.
, Rack apnlloall'n muai be aceomnan-M
by a fee ot |6 ifhlch will he r><riinJM It
the rtatiia applied for ara not iiwiMMa,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall ba
nald on the mer oh an tal, I., outimt at tbe
mine r.t the rale of flv* centa per lon
Tka person operattaa the mine shall
furnish the Aj-ent with swam returns
acamwllng for tha kill quantity ot mar-
cnantabln ooal mined and pav lha royalty thereon. If tha ooal mining rights
ara not being operated aueh relurnaaheuM
be_fumlshed at least onoe a  y*af7
will Include the nasi mJalna
but tha leaaee will bs -par-
, urehaaa whatever available
attrraoe rlahu mar he -considered at���-
sary for the worklna ot the mine at tka
rate ot 110 an acre.
. For full Inrormation appltatloa sbould
be made ts the ReoreUr/ ar tha Depart-
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or ta any
Agent or Rub-Agent ef Dominion *
W, W. "
ttm  rurnisnea  a
rlAts ofilr.  bi
mltted  lo   pur
IJeputy Minister ef lhe 	
N. B.���Unauthorised publ lest lon at Vats,
advertisement wtll not be paid tor.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  IH.      Barn  Phon. W
���eflble Btreet
Bagsase DallvaNi Promptly ta   ��
any part of tba eity.
Light and Heavy Hading
P.O. Box 84 Daily Newe Blda,
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed,
Bl MoKanile tt
n Respect   to   Chureh Union���
Right of Minority to All Properties Wlll Not Be Upheld.
In view uf thn action of the Presbyterian opponents of church union as
announced and tho statement which
tbey Intend to publish within a few
days, the following editorial trom the
last number or "The I'resbyterlan,"
under the caption. "Church Union and
the Law," Is particularly apropos, and
sums up one of the Important Issues
"One of the weapons freely used by
those who oppose the projected union
ol the Methodist, Congregational aad
Ifesbyterlan churches is the threat of!
litigation with regard to church prop- I
erty     Injunctions will  be sought   Ini
the courts to prevent, for example, the!
funds of the Presbyterian church ba-j
Ing  conveyed   for use  in  the   United j
church     The decision of the Judicial |
committee  of the  privy councll  with
reference to the Free Church ln Scot-1
land Is pointed to ub a precedent and |-wh--'le church must always go with anv
as nn Indication of a view which may jrectlcn. however email a minority It
he taken by the courts in this country, ���av be. which continues to adhere to
When it is aald. on behalf or the union- lV-.--.-o etjindird^ unehang-d. The logins,   thst   preliminary   legislation     to���'l   inference   Is   tha'   the   divisions
of all the Scottish courts, that It was
not unanimous, and, further, they re-
cull that Its announcement, speaking
generally, shocked the moral sense of
'"hrlBtendom; nnd the government of
'Ireat Britain showed that, In their
opinion, ir legal, tt was not Inst, by up-
nnlntlng a commission equitably to
distribute the property. Similar treatment would he the worst that could
befall unionist Presbyterians, and It
would not be fatal. Turning to the
ease In the United States, It is Interesting to note that ln Tennessee the
federal courts have reversed the Judgment of the state courts, which are, ueraey
sild to have been preludlced by local ... -j
considerations and Influences. I
"The truth Is that thc view of the '���
ehureh'e constitution held by certain j
Vnellsh and Tennessee Judges and r"- |
InctecJ In their JurJgments Is essential- i
ly absurd nnd Intolerable. Wo cannot
think P>al It would he defended bv
our nnti-unlon'st brethren In Canada I
even though they might be willing to!
take advantage Ot It. The view is this: '
���hat ;i denomination Is bound for all \
time bv the standards which It now j
see nnd that the property of the !
rler wlll be the chief speaker.
Tbe frequenting of Montresl Chinese restaurants by women at late
hours of the night and the custom of
liuving small rooms for diners will be
brought before the city councll.
That little Ida Hobinson, 13 vears
of age, Montreal, was lured io a
room ou .Metre bame etreet, and that
she fell to her death from the fourth
story window while attempting to es
cape from the place, Is the belief ol
the pollce who are working on the
"I do not think there are many
people at home who consider Canada
overborrowed," said A. W, Smithers
of the Grand Trunk Paciric upon his
return to Montreal rrom the west.
"There Ib not. bo far as I know, any
municipality In Canada unable to pay
Its Indebtedness."
The selection of Major Maitlaud
to succeed Arthur Piers ss
manager of the Canadian Pact
flc KteauiBhips iB expected to mark ��
closer co-working with the Allan and
Canadian Pacific fleets, if that Is pos
sible. Mr. Kersey Is a director of tbe
Allan Brothers and tbe Allan steam
ship lines.
cover the case will be sought from
parliament. It Is replied that the application for sn"h legislation wlTI bc oo-
P"sed, a-d it Is pointed out that the
view of the question to be taken ewn
by parlitiment wlll necessarily he affected by Ftich a decision as that glVFn
"���Veti now erlrt In 'he Church ofl
r*\T'ei n'"��t continue t" the end of the ;
WDltfl. Though the bulk of the mem-
'���erFhln In two fTh-istlan churches i
-.-���ie t" mm that the points of doc-.
"���'���"' which hnve seoarated them are |
t fundamental, though they find that
In the case of the Scottish Churches. I their pomm-nn fs'th can be adeouately
Moreover, the decision or the privy leT-tin-r-ed In ." formula of sufllclent
council does not stand alone on that! hrepdth to a'low for difference of
side. TTiere was a union In the United lontnion cn these mints, though they
Stntes s Tew years ago between the; declare ln constitutional fashion a de
Preshytcr'an church (North) and the j stre to unite unon the basis of
CunTberlnnrt Presbyterians. A minor- |enmr"m faith, yet a minority In o-ieh
Ity or the Cumberland body were op-|e>."-c1i which -e'tises to give liberty
poBed to the union snd refused to gn'w'-rh ni-ard to the disputed points
in. The ouevtlon of property cameis-ninfl'nr upon thit grnnd. can retain
before the courts In several states In'the -whole, of their church property -
which there were Cumberland church   [���propeitv -"hich In the main was evl-
e��. and ln some state courts���ta Tennessee, for Instance���decision was
given hi fivor of the minority.
What Unionists Bay.
"Now wbst have unionists to say to
such threats and allegations? First of
nil. thT recall that the Judgment of
the privy council "waa opposed tn that
flently dedicated not to denominational
end*, bill to the advancement of a j
���e-*-*-"���_ni- Christianity. Sunh was the I
rltim-t of the English and Tennessee |
MWtm; hut such, we are confident.!
oon never b�� the last word either In
conr> or psrllsment among a free and |
entirhtencd   people."
His Honor tbe Lieutenant Governor
cf Manitoba and Mrs. Cameron gave
dinners at government bouse to honor of Lochiel and Lady Hermlone
Late crop reports show that threshing has become general. Wheat is
ull cut In the Humboldt division, the
crops are in a splendid condition, and
threshing In Just about to commence
In that part.
lu a Bhort speech of simple eloquence at Winnipeg, Camerou of I-o-
cuiel expressed warm commendation
of thc Seventy-ninth Cameron Highlanders, after lnsp��ctiiig them on parade at the university grounds. "If
you are proud to be members of the
British empire, as 1 believe you are,
we In tbe mother country are no less
their | proud to count you as such," was the
ii 'lorattii of I on. Herbert Samuel,
British postmaster general to th*, Win-
i. peg Canadian club.
The first contingent of the Canadian representatives who are visiting
Kngland ln connection with the National Brotherhood conference next
��� "th were welcomed. The party Includes Dr. J. L. Gordon of Winnipeg, whose racial likeness of Lloyd
George wss immediately cemarked.
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
I ihlbes in -secluded spots on the hospl-
��� _.    ..   ..        -_.-_ ��� . ___n  tni  grounds   watching them as    they
John m. PeoaefUber  a former w* from th oum ��
kown realdent of Chatham, died aged ire.,flenee   whlch gUndi ^e ^j,,,,
���"��� "fhe feoup-t-fl
Albert niselemeyer of Berlin wae! Evan E. Fraaer. M F. SL an-1
fatally Injured by being run over hy imnnred that he would he a candidate !
a motor car. for Ua- Dominion House of l*art:B*m��iii !
The town of  Brighton  hss hsd    ai���� "PP0"*  **'��� "   Oerman, M. F��� for'
good water s; stesa constructed hy a
Toronto engineer, J. G. Mill.
Adam Kernegban, uuiil reoently a
wi.ll known contractor of Regina, was
arrested this week. Tbe case Is a
complicated one and InvolveB robbery
fraud and debt iu almost inextricable
ln sight of a score of persons. Paul
!Cook, a farmer, near Glengarry. Sa��k.
[coolly walked toward an approaching
freight  train  In  the  St.   Paul     Union!
station  yards,  laid  his head on    the j
rail   and   waited   for   death.    Before
anv  ��� f the horrified  witnesses  could
Interfere, he was decapitated.
Medicine lint Is completing plans
for a new hospital costing a quarter ol
a million dollars.
C. L. Richardson, former city audi-
will   sue  for  dam
On Friday and Saturday Only
22 men's suits, sizes 36, 37 and 3& These
are odd suits, oply one of a pattern. The
original prices range from $22.00 to $30.00.
We will clear them out on Friday and
Saturday at a price to suit every pocket���
$15.00 M
This is less money than the suits cost us,
and the best patterns will go to the first
Albert lluson, who was dlvl��lon
court biil'ff In llrant county for lit
years, died at Paris In  his Slut  year
The man who fell from a Toronto
Street car Monday wai Identified at
the Weatern hospital hy friends as
Charles Petefer.
The Tcronto police sre looking for
e man wlio deserted hiB wife while
she wa.�� In a hospital and married
snother woman.
Charlea lliitcman of Toronto, u>-..
ws. "tP'ck "ii tho lieod hv o*< au'o-
��� nbMo nn Hiilnrrtuv. dlod ot the
Western honnltal Tuesday
,la|t fir-���"���nor Chart", xvitu.n a"d
Turnkey RiiTest o' Woodstock l>��v��
fiooo ."F--nnii-H until nn Inve8tlg��tlpc
'�� mnd-> Mm the escape last week of
Tw-. prisoner.,
I-'-., rn-' Kin ]lfn nt n rtlllt* n ��� ���'
r-l*eA   --..--...1   ���**���-���,,.,,,   1,..'MI,,-.S     ��� l.i-',
, ��i--,i  tt,.  f'r.t  -h-npt,��i"����    ��"��t'An
���������������.ned In T-"">"inB |n the earlv dnvB
Thn 1-sb Is ��20.ft00.
*t*hi*m**   '���'    Micdon-ild    o-.e*.'r.f n*
-.-Ha-,   rt  ""I".-rid    ��������*�������   p��>ct"T"-'"t      tn
��� m-OTvn    .,.-���  ���*���-,    l,,.nrl��r,p����.,,,l    f,\-    .....
*���������*<*���-   fi***  nt  tho  vlTlsge  fund"
w^v)* (���- '������ ""ctor
Tli-iYM K ��� Ith oo.r*****\ni- *nn ��,..'M
C-. sg��'d " -ho ril*e) .1 Ot.. rs��h��.
einrr* f.. - life Ion" Mh-arat e��"Hne
1,1. fl,.. ,.-,_ fnr ,���n *n,n William
l.'-oti HirtTentle In llaldlms-nd
,1. F. Allen, formerly t*tt TnitfX'*
"������"i B>rnr'-"H |n Kort Wll'lsm at t*f
reo'tes* of the Toronto police r�� '".r.
r""i�� chsr-'n- him with attempting to
obtain credit by fraud.
A Comber syndicate hss piircha��ert
e large ��rs't of land Inalde th��, e��"
l'-mit. "f 8����nla as an Inve.tiaent
evldentlv, ha-v>ng great faith In Ihr
growth of Sarnia In the near furore.
Nineteen cases of fruit dealerr
charged with exposing their wares
without covering to protect them from
files and dust win be heard on appeal
ln the recorder's court at Montreal.
William Odell, one of the brat
h"nwn Hfer.emen In Ontario, wae
hilled by being klehed by a mare,
l-sdy Unco, he waa driving In the
three-year-old race at the Western
fair grounds, London.
Tony Paulo, the Italian who la
charged with shooting two of hla
countryman at Falla View aver ���* card
game on March 17, waa committed for
trial on a charge of murder.
Steps are being taken to commemorate the centenary of the battle of
Chateauguay, the anniversary of
whieh falla on October 26. As that
data Is Bunday, the celebration wll
likely he held on the 26th.
James Taylor, a half breed of Hamilton, called "the Spaniard." Is the
self-confessed slayer ot 13-year-old
Charlie Dawson, whose mutlltated
waa found on a wayside ditch on Bloa-
son avenue near Calnsvllle oa Monday,
The total amount paid to missions
In the Methodist church for the past
vear has reached the splendid total
of M37.241S0. With one exception
British Columbia, there haa heen an
Increase In the amount glren by overy
conference In Canada,
Nurses In the Oeneral hoip'til
Toronto, Hare been subject to Insults
W-eO-and county, at the ecu Dominion _m��____*__ii    win  bu
****m*m    VV. H   Munro of TWHlis j J* ^���gf**^ \nd aldermen vol
��� ptikni  of as  tbe  next eaadMMn for i"*** ule *���'���' "'.' -
the local house.
Additional dutle have been .->1.t-m1
upoa teatructor. ut the KingS-on i -n-
llelitlary. Thiy are re mired tv i.)
guard dotles and to work two Sundays -nart -niuntli.
The Bumflemd body ot Charkes Hop
Inson or Brooklyn, N. Y., sn emjiloytH;
of Nsthsa Bbaplro. a bookmaker of
Sl. l-onia. Mo., wua found Is the cellar of a *ae*ut building on Somerset
street, Ottawa.
lt Is brlM-wd that the Federal by-
elect loss In llriice. Mlddleae.v, l-an-
ark and fhst-aaguay will not he
brought on htdose November In view
of the increasing probability of a late
session of ���ai-ftanient.
wa�� I
or |
{ing tor RIchardBon's dlBmissal
The first arrest in connection w'th
the murder of James McN'ulty
made   when  detectives   took   on-
the   members   of   a   gypsy   band    en
camped   near the  scene  of  the   mur
drr. ten miles from Edmonton
With    a    bullet    from
and mixed up ln real eBtate. He also
told the magistrate that his parents
were quite unable to belp him In his
present need as their financial standing would not permit them to do so.
Magistrate McCausland pointed out
that sending I'errlam to prison again
would not help the complainant. Mr.
Dalrd. to get his money back and the
j prisoner hsd already been confined In
Jail ror four months.    Mr. Anderson.
I who    appeared   tor  the complainant.
revolver said  that they had  no wish to push
' the matter more than was necessary
Con    Game    Operators Catch Wrong
Man and Are Landed in Jail.
Now Penman  Is  In  mJil.  But  Magistrate Will Give Him Chance to
Make Restitution.
the international boundary line north
of Great   PlOls,  Mont., wgjt Into th"
Crow's Nest country, tapping th" coal
......        ._.,    f!eld�� north of Calgarv. ard on Into
1 here has been a big rolling off ln ^   Peace rlvPI. country, will be com-
murder cases In Canada thus far dur-     ,_,,,,,,, immediately  by  llritlah    aud
lng the preacat year.    Since Aprll 1.  An.,.rican capitalists.
jthe  beginning fhe  flscsl  year. ih��~ |An"nca"     P 	
i wero  only  see-eMeen  convictions  ror I
capltsl canea recorded at the justice
department, aa aguiimt    nearly    fifty
i lasl vear.
]    The coBt of    llvhig    took    another
Jump upwards last -month  from ]tn
the -figures for July, to 13C.2    In August, 1912   the llgureB were IC- 11   mo
that It wlll be seen there was dear I v
n three point  increa-m- In  August    of
this  vear  com ns red  with  the    same
month a year ago.
It Is  now  practical!*-!   certain    tha'
the third session of th-e Twelfth Tn-
llnmen' of Canada wlll -not open until
sf er the   new    year.     ThOPTh    the
--question has not  been officially ro-y.
aldered by a full cnhlnet oouno'l, It l��
���reoortilly ernced"d that fbe early pnrt
of Jnmiary will bo the date.
It has been decided to tilscc In fh��
hands  of  the  new   sollc'ter   general
'Ton.   Arth"r  Meighen.  the  work    tif
dealing with all application* for cle
nencv to conrlrts by t'eket or leave
c- olherwlre.   >!o less than wncn.e.
ot  this  chsract��r  were  nas-wd   upon
hy Hon. C. J. Dohertv last yenr.
A decrease of ahout snnn In tho Immigration from the United State, tn
Cansda during the four months from
April 1 to July 31 compared with the
corresponding period last year, In attributed by W. J. White, Inspector of
Canadian   agencies   In   the   United
States to the strenuous effort, being
made by the Washington authorM'".
to ��'e-m the flow of money and men
to Canada.
through his head, the bodv cf Jumei I
Patterson, a native of Texa.. one ofj*1"1 would be quite content If the ac
the most widely known cattlemen in !
Tanii'tii   wa�� found on J.  Franklln's-I
ranch, 18 miles north of McL��od. Thel
police suy it ia a case of suicide.
The announcement is made thi'
work on the IVjmlnton Western rail
rosd   which will  run from a point o*t
cused oould manage to repay the
money in some manner bo that Mr.
Haird would not he The loser.
|    The magistrate celled Mr. Balrd to
jthe bench and said that tbe court desired to not only protect him nnd the
country as well, but also wanted to be
jas merciful to the accused as was possible.    He tried to do hls duty at all
i times to both the prosecutors snd the
defendants and In this eaae he
thought that justice would be partially
met If the accused was given nn or,.
I portunlty to make good the money that
i was Involved. The scenped was th"n
remanded  In custody  until he could
| furnish the necessary ball.
Wenatchee.      Wash..    Sept.    18-
|Plftrlet  Horticultural   Inspector  Darlington gave warning today that the
| orcahrdlng Industry ot this valley, rep-
i-efentlng an Investment   of 110.000.-
Hon. W. J, Hanna. provincial secretary, Is taking a two weeks' trio
through northern Ontario to Winnipeg, combining both buslneas and
pleasure. Several stops will be made
on the way, Including one at the new
prison farm near Port William.
The first shipment of new wheat
left Fort William, consigned by James
Richardson A Son of Winnipeg and
Toronto to Qoderlch. The steamer
PtIc had tb�� honor of carrying the
shipment, Ailing ona compartment
with No. 1 Northern from Manitoba.
Arrangements are being made for
another great political meeting at St.
STiMHJi!^ r����MheC who* Jean on "October 4.   Sir Wilfrid Uu-
Itegina, Sept 18.���Arthur I'errlam
was remssuled yesterday afternoon at
the police court for eight days to enable him to gather sufficient funds to
mako restitution. Dp to a late hour
last evening he had not been able to
find tho necessary sureties which are
In three sums of two hundred dollars
each, one In himself and two others
satisfactory to the magistrate.
The story as told to the magistrate
yesterday by Perrlam was to the effect thst he sold three lots, 38, 39, 40,
block 607. In Lakevlew to the com-
plalnsnt, James 'Balrd, ln April of laat
year for the sum of 31,440. Of thla
he received 3480 as the flrst payment
when the deal was pat through and
later received $513 ln settlement of
the second payment. At the time he
sold the lots to Balrd he had no authority from the owner to sell them.
When he received the money for the
second payment he used the money
to huy the lots for himself from the
owner, using a fictitious name, as he
said the owner had refused to sell
them to htm personally. Ho bought
the Iota fo*f $1,800 and nald $600 as
the flrst naTnent. He therefore hvl
no Interest In the iota until six months
after he had r-cld them to Balrd. Al a
result, of hls Imprisonment four
months ago he had been unth'e to
make any further payments end f>e
result w��s that hli agreement with
th" original owner had been can-'
In answer to Questions hy tha magistrate Perrlam ssfld that the flrat
payment he received from Balrd ha
had placed to hls own oredlt at the
bank. He had been In thla country
since 1966. coming to Canada '
Bngland whete hla parent* are
living. He had gone farming for a
while, bnt bad later com* to Bt
j Toronto, Sept. 18.���For some time
j past the police have been receiving
j complaints from d<f ft rent sources thai
| a continuous "con" game was being
i worked at the Union station. Yes
, terday two arrests were made, and
jthe authorities believe that the men
they have in custody have been work-
; ing successfully for the past month.
The accused gave the names ot Robert Emery, Butfalo, and Andrew J,
Karley. Cincinnati, and they answer
to the description given by a number
of victims. The two men are held on
a nominal charge or vagrancy, but additional charges will be laid against
A young man who had been In the
city only a short while was accosted
by one of the accused yesterday afternoon at the station, and after a few
preliminaries was Induced to take u
walk. The pair had not gone far when
tbe other came along and greeted his
si* nsunaosisa tu*., tmttuatfl.       w. o. ���Mr-mom��
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
R-VM-rm Fun-S
Total AM.U    ���
$5. OOO, OOO
Don't Risk Losing Your Money
by carrying It with you, or hidlnj it St home. Rre or robbery
may wipe out the javinjs of a lifetime In a few momenta. Let Tha
Dominion Bank taks care ol them, tt costs yaw aa-thlng- his this
protection���in fact, your money will earn Interest tf dbpesited la
Ihe Ssvings Deportment.
000. |. rerlonsly menaced by a recent :��I<1 friend as If he had not seen him
ruling of the state attorney general I or years. The three gradual y got
whereby all deputy Inspectors ol the ! into conversation, and  when  tt was
state horticulture! department   were
fif'tnarlly dismissed.
Th�� order come, at the ment critical time ln the history of the fruit
growing Industry or the state. This
season blight has anpeared with virulence never bef.-re observed In this section. All districts have suffered. The
Wenstchee vnlley Is said to have lesa
blight than other districts but Darlington e��tlmntes that JK0.000 damages
have becn d"ne to orchards   this sea
fouud that the. strauger had some
money, a game of matching coins was
suggested. *
Avoided the Oame.
lt happened, however, that the
stranger was not quite so green as
he might have appeared to be, and he
retused to indulge. He walked back
to the station, but soon left his two
friend- and made hls way to police
headquarters. He was advised to go to
the place wbere   he   was   stopping
-    ���-   ���   - - -.       ��� -���   - -���     , ...c    ^r.u. *.    -> mm. v       mm       n m.      *"^.F|""b
.cn a'one. He snd his four Inspectors change bis clothes and go back tb the
hnve been waging relentless war and | nation to see If he would again be
they were sore of eradloatlnn all signs i accosted. He did this, and It was
this fall. Now that their efforts are ] onljr a few momenU after hla arrival
discontinued, It Is feared thst blight ,t tl,e gtatlon that he again met the
will reappear neat spring worse thsn (n,en Bmery %D* Karley were pointed out to Policemen Holmes and
Sothern and immediately arrested.
. Many Outside Victims.
The names of more than a dozen
complainants are on record at police
headquarters, and all were worked n
the same way. A number ot the people live out of the cltv, and the two
accused will be remanded whan they
appear In court today to allow the
pollce to make all the identification
The attorney general's ruling Ir said
to hsve been caused by a discovery
that (he lsrf legislature In reorganizing a numher of departments Iqto the
agricultural commission, neglected by
Inadvertence to provide for employ.
m���if of denutv Inspectors for district
officials. There Is a movement on foot
here to raise fnuds by publlc subscription to meet the present emergency.
Went te th* Degs.
Ixindon, Ont.. Sept 18.���Mr". Annie
Warren, a woman with a police record, who claims thnt a few years ago
thc was an eminently resoectsble women fid teacher of music at Belleville, hns bean sentenced to aiv
nvnnths In central prison. Mrt. Warren was -convicted ot having stolen
two nrttf spaniels fr-ofi the kennels In
Ihe dog elww el the Western fair. Ona
wis ownrd by Mr*. KateTomllnson. of
Woodstock, and tha other by Mrs.
flam mon. of Hamilton. They wrt-�� ol
|��nnsld*rable vain*, hut Mrs. Wai
dollar bIH.
1 rVA-n-relr-t, fleet *'.���Tha tory
try Oeorge df. Bbby, the Long
millionaire, indicted on char-gee of
bavlng contributed to the delinquency
of twn girls through acta Involving
alleged dsgenercy, was computed today,
Although  Judg*   Bledsoe, .of   San
 WBeruardlno, who I* preeldlng at   th*
of on* worth ��3W for ri��IW��l. torbrtg tb* attorneys who... ���*
���    Both w*re recovered by fi8nin*d *** talesmen to ask whether
._, ������____.,v___3_T6L--.-.rvittl^^tr, a,*, oMtaa.-iej, th* prat*
outing attorney Mated tonight It wa*
positive every on* of thd tw*lv* mw
selected w*r�� martM.:;;,.;._._ ,^.,-.
from lh���LFrtl��e. and twelf*hout* ifter sh*
still Iwathwd out of the shhw with th* MtU*
fellow* under h*r oape ah* drew th*
lontha' torn. .'. 1'.,,.___-
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
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We have built up a reputation for the right land
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Set Diners, solid oak, Turned Leather seats. .$16Jtf
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Fresk ^rVater and Salt
In Ten Days' Work Big Dredge Makes
1609 Feet of New Channel at
Another proof of the remarkable capacity of the King Edward is shown
hi the rale with which she is eating
throng)* her allottment of work on the
new chauael at the mouth of the river.
In exactly ten days' work- the big
���dredge has dug 1600 feet of the 3600
feet of channel given to Capt. Rogers
to make. This good showing is made
in spite of bad weather and constant
i-haiiginga  of  the  ap-3-iratiis.
Although only at work 10 dnya the
King I-Jdward has been at the river
month since Aug. 25 but high winds
and rough water have made lier put
into Steveston very often, for being
mi far out from shore and the water
���being shallow, a gale soon kicks up a
big sea. At present the King Edward
ia out near the lightship.
A day's work on the King Edward
does not end at (i o'clock and the crew-
are hard at. work as Ions as daylight
lasts, with this spirit of enthusiasm
possessed by everyone aboard, and
with the Fruhllng, with her double
���crew and improved machinery at work
next week the sneed with which the
new channel will bc built should be
At thc Eraser river bridge the draw-
was opened yesterday for she following vessels: Heaver, down; Favorite.
down: -Senator Jansen, up and down.
The Samson was down river yesterday and docked at the D. P. W. wharf
late in the day. She goes up river this
World's Markets
Montreal, Sept 18.���The excitement
of the stock market through a week
of sharp a-dvanc-c-s again, as on Wednesday, .-Sowed signs of subsiding but
an excrlleat tone was maintained during today's dealings C. V. It. steadiness in the morning and Its advance in
the afteraoon to the best price or the
day, leaving it 1 1-4 higher than Wednesday contributed to a satisfactory
Gild Edged Stocks Had Improved
I-ondon, Sept. 18.���The Improving
tendency of gilt edge -atoclts under Investment tmylng waB one of the best
features on fhe stock exchange. The
tone waa helped later by a better Bank
of Kngland Btatement than was expected. Home rails hardened on the
bear coveiing. but speculative issues
yielded on realizing. Paris Bold Kai-
rirs and copper stocks.
Money waa in good demand and discount rat-ws were firm. American
stocks were rrnerally higher earlier
due .o f-nverlng. l'rices reacted on
Vow Yort Belling hut later hardened.
The rin?.l tone was quiet.
The dredge Fruhllng is exncct��d in
today after undergoing repairs at
Vancouver. New oil burner*, have been
Winnipe-g, Sept. 18���The local wheal
market opened fractionally higher on
all months on higher Liverpool cables.
During the greater part of business
hours prices held steady, fluctuations
being nanow, but nearlng the close
the market weakened in sympathy
with  Americans.
Winnipeg opened 1-8 to 1-1 higher
and clce-ed 1-4 to 3-8 lower.
West Coast of Prince of Wales Island
Have Finished Their
New Ynrlc. Sept. 18.���Sneciilation
dragged along in an uncertain way today, with nn important movements
save In a few stocks, until the last
hour of tradm-g. At that time buying
became more active and the market
rose thai-ply Union Pacific shares
led the advance, both thc common and
preferred rcoring rapid advances.
Ni.w Haven hroke 2 1-2, to arcther
low lcTtl a! S5 1-2, although it subsequently rallied. The petroleum issues again moved violently. Mexican
I'etrolenm dropped ... California 4 1-2,
and California preferred 7 points.
Later they developed a better tone and
Mexican rtnntl a fully recovery,
Toronto Steady.
[    Toronto, Sept.  18.���The  local  Ft-ci.
!market was steady today and trading
was not on anile so livelv a Bcale as
' for the last tlay or so. Brokers declare that the local money  markel  is
| in no shape to take care of an active
bull market at present.
Seattle, Sept. IS.���West coa3l of
l'rinee of Waits island canneries have
practical!) finished their packs !:r tlle
season, according to officers of the
Alaska Steamship company's freighter
Santa  Ana,   which   has   arrived   here
HluuriaM-l uoni rage une j
in Vancouver.. Wash. Mr. Chll berg now
i wrftis that he ia not known there auu
with 14,000 cases of canned salmon that nis ��������/__��� ui Ha/eden is very anxi-
from Kassan, 4000 cases frcm f.liakan 0UB to h��ear from Jim.. She says mat
and :i(iuo caBes trow Skowl Arm 700 w'len ,aa;t -hoard tram he was working
fcoxn of salt herring irom Convenient |,n a MW "��''" �� ?w a,,tuuur'
Cove, and 103 barrels of Salter her-, ���n .JJ?'*."T ,, i*
ring from the floating saltery Nep- L-S�� 8ma", "J" .""'"""-���'"I"'"-'" a! (he
.mu, h ���        "   Progress club chain be.��� last night t.r
When the Santa Ana left the north ^e meetin* lookuig to the diversion
the ki.i,;,k Hacking company had ?' 'hfh���2_?2S i1'^' lo v�����0**���
completed a 40,000 case pack at tl.e ��hat the club decided to postpone the
Klawas canned, and the Llndenberg '"^ting    indcfliut.ejj.     Surprise   was
ig  express,! *r,y thane who were present
racking company a r>0,000 case pack
at Craig, Fish Kgg island. The cannery crews of hnlh were brought to
Seattle by the freighter. The Weise
Packing company confined Its operations almost entirely  to  mild  curing
that the business mv.u would ..lio��
such marked apathy lu so Importani
a matter.
Doth to Blame.
A   nonsuit   wm, granted   yesterday
this  year and  the  Waterfall   cannery  5T !"*** "'f1 J?  ,Li'"    fU" of   Xh,i
���u-a�� nm,, ���_o,i Stein Export   and    Import    company
against the It I'. Klectric railway. The
was little used
Companies Finish  Packs.
The Northwestern Fisheries company's cannery al Boca de Quadra had
a pack of approximately 50.000 cases
complete August 20 and the Sinta
Ana cannery of the same company,
has finished a pack of th(. same size.
Tbe (J.orman Fish company's two canneries at Kassan and Bhakan had just
about finished paoka each ranging
from 50,000 to 70,000 eases when the
Knnta Ana Tailed al  these points,
After many unlooked for df lavs the
HoOib  Fisheries company is readv    to
(begin operations at Sitka. The Santa
Ana earr'ed north the last  maohlnet-v
'for the large new cold  storage and
freaaltig  nlnni  erected  bv   this  com-
pany  at   Sitkn     First   machinerv   '*���-���
��� -deed for the pi .nt vus lost when the
'tVnrin sunk of Hecetn Isliind a"d ��
iHrr-raid    Consignment,    ordered    wh��n
nopes were given un nf reooverlngthe
machinerv from the ''nr'-i" this son-
������ton. was lost, when the ill-fated tt'of
��'f California wenl to the hottom, Pros
en halibut snd salmon will be -shinned
to  Seattle this wirier from  the new
Benin to Ei't Herrino.
WSiJi the close of th" eannln" nid
?nlld-en--lng i"ini*-ii hpi���'ng *'-- beg'**-
Ing to be salted and shinned here '**
trans-shipment to the Orient. Th��
Snnta Ana met the Neptune whloh
mild cored In season. n-��ar -riat^h1"-
tiay. The herring had left this v'Mn-
Ur nn the Santa Ana's nrr'val. n"d the
Xpptnne vus pro'iarog to Bhlft t*"'
fane r"ar,shaw In Convenient C-ive
f.n�� 1mr���� Two Ilrotber-i wss under
fnll one-ration as a herring sa'tery, and
action arose oui of u coll,sion between a street vas and ii.n automobih
at the corn-w of Vine Street and
Fourth avenue weal cn April 1.". Judge
Grant non-auKed the pianaiilT'B claim
for $5000 damages on the ground of
contributory nt'sligeur.ii. I* fl. McPhllllps, K.C., appeared lor the railway company, and C. Darling Fur.the
Me'i Rabbi Arrives.
The Hebrew congregati'm of Trmpl��
Bmanoet, wh'ir"h has lieni without a
leader nince tlw- ���dopHrture rf Rnlib
Farher several months ugo. is being
reorganized under the direction of
Itev. Dr. Bernard 11. ItiiKengnrd, lat"
of Spokane. Wash Halihi Knacngnrd
will aridreiw a rnttdtng tit lhe in<*m
hers fit the congret-iii ion in room
307, Labor temple, tomorrov.* evening,
with a view ��>f getting reafl-j for the
New Year ti-bsf-rvanecH early next
Plaintiffs Altage That Right  Rev.  A.
U. DePencier Claims Right to Dispose of Property.
Suit  haw  b-een   brought   in   the  supreme court by Holy Trinity parish In
Mlterles on  Yes bay   were preparing,^,.    wi-strainaU'r    agalnsl   the  lord
to begin aoon.
for  Week   Ending
r-vi.. 1 o*
���os    1-'
?ucrf-��"   8*pt.
Sai:d Head'.
tt[*th, Low
1-r.r, I-
11 ��� nn
���10 '
on i
I*:*:, It
R--.0  a
IV 4" 14
���tin 4
ie-r,r, 14
loon 1
����n-iti 15
11 ��� on *:
���__0:::5 ic on
Tire. FT*. Time,
K-oq 10(5 11-12
j- _<t 11 <t "t---i
-   rn -nn 11:44
Il n�� 11.7
i; 'ill H.I    0:?4
l-l'i'i.  U.fl 1?:17
7:22 11?    n:5a
IV :���:,  11 U  12:51
s io 11 :;   i:2fi
1R r.n ii.fi ia:'n
'i n'! 11 ii 2:02
10:14  11 �� 14-04
10 01   inii 2:44
10:36 11.* 14:47
bishop of the diom-ne nl "New Westminster, the Right Hev. A V DePencier and the Socit'ty for the Propoga-
Hion of the r.ospel in Foreign Parts.
��� I The acticn la over tli" possession of
ithe sre hotire >n this cits. The plain
| tiffs allege tha- the bishop clai:n9 ihe
' '   rtj-ht to dltpoee "' this property as
4-" he see* TH toil thev <f|afm the pro-
"��� r -nertv t'ch'"''*���"- bolotnni to the paris'i
5,0 of Holy Trhn'ty unc-r two crown
grants and for an Kpiscopul church
4 �� and reetnrv
5.7 The tlmt writ Issued named only
4 a the B. P. of O.. but yesterday ln chain-
11 bere tbe plaintiffs mnde tipplicaioi
.1.1 before Mr. Jo-Alce Clement, through
7 5 I McOuarrle. Martin ft Cassadv, io ha-e
a �� i the bishop -rtf tlie diocese added as de-
s 5 'fendant. Th�� a-ppllcsltlon was granted,
yfi, K. Cortn-sM app-Maad for the de-
J,8 fi ndantff.
We cordially invite you to attend our "Fall
Opening" of "Men's Smart Apparel9' on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September
18th, 19th and 20th, 1913. Display-Friday
Evening, 7.30 till 9.30. Orchestra in attendance evenings.
A. S. Mills & Co.
1 and P.rsonal
At the Windsor Waiter Richardson, Clarence Fair, Halzlc; W. P.
Watson, Clayburn; A. S. Griffith,
I_ylc -K. Garrett, Hatelmere; M. Mc-
C'ulluni, V. I). McCready, Vancouver;
Mrs. A. field, Chllllwack; II. Pollard,
P, Bl liornard, Vancouver; J. II.
White, Bardie; W. Carey, 11. .1. Hard
ing, T. f*. Halpenny, I.. Elliott, Chilliwack; A. It. Anderson, l.angley Fort;
C. Kingaley, Ii. llanaon, P, J. McCormack,Harrison Mills.
At the Russell���(J. B. Malcolm. Vancouver; 'MIbS Mary Parks, Kngland;
William P.. Rarkor, Vancouver; A.
Knight, Chilliwack; A. S. Wheeler,
Seattle; iH. J. Crulg, Seattle; 0. A.
Thornton, Victoria; B. W. Hutton,
Vancouver; H, Nevill Wright, Vic
torla; K. .1. Chlsholm, Kamloops; F.
M. Carland, Cobble Hill 1). Gardner,
Ottawa; fl����>rge C. Hlnion, Vancouver: '(. Fitzgerald, I.ytton; O. W.
Hamilton, Glasgow; J. H. ilalns, Toronto; A. Fraser, ixindon.
Chicago, Sept. 81. -There ure a few
women In Chicago who spend $75,000
annually in personal adornment, according to an estimate submitted at
the semi annual convention of the
Chicago Dressmakers' club today, The
dressmakers figured that the averagt
factory girl spends $3.84 a week for
These figures vera arrived at. hy
nvern-'n" tli" estlmntea PtSdfl bv tho
various del"rn'es.   The table reads:
"A f w $75,000.
"One hundred social leaders, $50,-
'"''' n thousand o"-ors, g500n.
""'ell flronged cl"b women $1500.
"The suffragist *500.
'"rhe club worker *5nn,
"The social worker StaOO,
"The s'eno'-rnnh'T |275.
"The shoo (tlrl 1260,
"The factory girl  $200."
Madame C, II. IMialr. president cf
the cl"b. declared lhat mn"v working
girls lose monev hecafsa thev do not
know how to mnke their own clothing.
Choice Fresh
Fruits for Week-
End Shoppers
Table  f'eaf.hea   4 Ibu. 25c
Tokay OrapeB   2 lbs. 25c
.Jonathan Apples  3 lbs. 25c
(iravenstoln Apples   2 lbs. 25c
Local Tomatoes a lbs, 25c
New Figs in 5c and    10c    packages.
Oranges,   Hananaa,  Grape   Fruit,  Peppers, etc.
Choice Table Ilutter ,'1 lbs. $1.10
Kastern Fresh Egga. per d'izen  .,.3'r
I'lcnlc Hams, per Ib 17*'
Special values In Teai and Coffees, al
25c, 40c and 50c per lb. They are the
llnest obtainable.
We solicit a    trial    and    guarantee
Dean's Grocery
Phons 386.
Burr Block, Columbia Street.
Provincial Exhibiton
Queen's Park, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions    $60,000
Largest and  most extensive truly agricultural exhibition In the west.
In the best arena west ot Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
High (.lass Special Features and Attractions.
Detter Babies' Contest. Thres Bands In Attendance.
Special rates on all railroads nnd 3tcamahlp lines,   .entries close
8ept.  20.  1913.
C.  A.   WEL8H,   Preeldent D.  E.   MACKENIE,
Msnsgsr and Secretary. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1913.
*>*.%*�� *****
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
New Westminster Wins Championship
cf Vancouver and District Cric-
\f ks*. League.
For the first time In many years
New Westminster gained premier
honors In the Vancouver und District
cricket league by winning the championship Announcement of this was
made by the secretary of the league
yesterday although the complete details will nnt be known tor a few days.
lt Is expected that a smoking concert will be arranged to take place In
Vancouver In tlie near luture when
the valuable ullver cup will be pre-
i ented to Ihe New Westminster club
for safe  keeping  until  next  summer.
b' smoothed over this season, which
will mean complete harmony between
ull the teams wben the New Zea-
lauders arrive hero rrom California.
Chs's Sure Comin'.
Evidently the amateur lacro-es"
teams oi the province are afraid of
New Westminster following the brilliant showing of the local youngsters
during lhe second half of the season.
Secretary Satigater and Manager Alex
Tiirnbiill have been working overjlme
trying to arrange games with the V.
A. C, Ladner, Crandview, Eburne.
Kamloops and Oak Bay, all to no
j avail, just what this bunch will do
in coast lacrosse circles next summer
Is not hard to Imagine. The Mann
cup Ib slowly hut surely heading this
way and shoirtd bc In possession of
New Westminster after tbe first five
or six games of the Pacific Coast
league schedule next summer.
On    Saturday    Afternoon    Vancouver
Rowing Club Will Plsy Royals
*\ at Queen's Park.
A good turnout at the rugby practice
last night was an agreeable sig-i of
the Increased interesl that Is being
taken iii rugby this season and lh"
practice game with the Rowing flu i
on Halurday Is calculated to give a
good Idta of tiie calibre of the team
An effort was made by the committee
In select those players who have been
most active In attending the workouts
and those wllh the soundest knowledge
id the game, and although still lacking In scrum practice, It is hoped to
offer Strong opposition to the oarsmen who have one ot the besl teams
in Vancouver The 15 men who wlll
di  dull arc:
Full hack. Smith: tlireeiiuarters,
Hoult Davles, Ruddock, Kvans: halves
SatinderS (8.-), Dart: forwards. Sav-
age, lliggs. Stevenson. McDonald. An-
dretr,   Dini'-ans. n.  Decker,  Logan,
I bgan is another mnn from Columbia college and lie was accompanied
nl the practice last evening by Hadley
who also promises to he of good service to the club, lloult ls not uulie
i ertain ol being nl le to play, in which
��� i:t there will be some re-arnange-
u.i nt ul the back division.
(By  the  Potter)
Occupying the dual capacity of ar
ranging details for Mann cup amateur
laorcsse games and Minto cup profes-
s:i nal lacrosse games, Milton Oppenheimer, of llie Vancouver Athletic
club, sueceided    In    arranging    date*
(By the Poller!
.lack Gentry, of baseball fame, re-
turtH d yesterday from a four day fishing trip at Pitt lake. The size ot members or the finny tribe who managed
to get entangled with the hooks and
lines of the party, waa being ^plained to the fans on Columbia Btreet yes
Sapperton and the Wliite Rock
hockey team will l|kely amalgamate
this winter. This aggregation Bhould
cause a little stir In local circles tor
with both purties having a good fallowing, the players will undoubtedly
make things het for the rest of the
league The White Hocks claim the
support of practically every member
ct list wlnl'r's Y. M. C. A. team
which engaged In the finals with the
Hi avers.
After stl'-klng at the bottom ot the
American league all summer Frank
Chances New York Highlanders have
beaten out St. Louis and the tana are
expecting the peerless one to finish
seventh at least. Chance and Farrel
have spent thousands building up a
n*?w team tills summer, and although
the youngsters cannot hope to cop the
pennant even next season against the
well trained veterans of other clubs,
tliey will likely lln Ish In the flrat
division at lease Only Ave member3
of the team which played in the earlv
nart of the season now remain with
New  York.
on at a profit to Mr. Peard, and the
latter tranaferred him to Tom Lewis,
the Netheravon trainer. He carried
Ia'wIs' colors on a few occasions, and
then came Into the possession or Mr.
Aboyeur Ib tiie second Derby winner to be sold to Russia within the
past few weeks, as It ls only recently
Hall Walker disposed of Minoru, the
hero of 1907,' to the czar's government ror a large sum. Another Derby winner that went to Russia was
Oaltee More, who was sold tor ��21,-
000. It wlll be recalled that Craganour. who finished in front or Aboyeur
in the Derby, was subsequently sold
ror ��30.000 to go to the Argentina.
Beckett of Jericho Club Makes
44 Against Mrs. Jenkins in
Inter-Club Matches.
Large  Crowd   Expected  Today���Most
of Special Prizes Hsve Been
Awarded.   ,
Not satisfied with the ract that
Fn ddie Welsh Is on this side of the
Mlantlc seeking a match with Willie
Ritchie, an Bngllsh soldier boxer
named 'Sapper' O'Neill, leaves for
New York on September _4. 'Pears to
us that Sapper Is a new one. although
we have heard of Ounner and Bombardier.
.Nosing out  a  win  by    two    points
over their opponents, the ladles team
of  the   Vancouver  Golf and   Country
club succeeded yesterday afternoon In I
winning  the   lirst     ladies'    inter-club I
maich ever staged on the Burqultlam
course, their opposition consisting of
twelve members    from    the    Jericho j
Golf and Country club of Vancouver.
In all the games played the results
were cIobc, while the score made by I
MIsb Beckett, of the Jericho club, 44,
against Mrs. Jenkins, constitutes a
'record among the lady golfers on the
Burquitlam links.
Mrs.   Page  was  also  in  good  form
nosing out a win from her opponent. !
Miss Waghorn.    by    one   hole.    Miss |
Peele's win again t  Mrs. Sinclair and
MiBS  Corbould's   victory    over    Miss '���
Bell-Irving   were   also   very   close.   6  Binary;   homemade
and ?,. |Mrs, Kullham.
Miss Runce b��at Miss Griffin hv
two holes, Mrs Bikini won from Miss
McMullen 5 and 4. while Miss Ogllvie
defeated Bias  Ilaly 7 and 5.
The visitors expressed themselves
charmed with the Rur<|uitlam link*-
and the surroundings and rave vnv��
to their appreciation of the hospitality
accorded them by the home members
of the competing teams.
The  scores   were  as  follows*
Mrs   Jenkins 0, MiRs Beckett 1.
Mrs. Page n, Mrs. Waghorn 1,
Miss  Peele 1.  Mrs.  Sinclair 0.
Mrs. A. Stewart 1.  Miss Wnghorn 0
Mrs. T. I). Sh.rrlff 1. Mrs Tulloch 0
Miss Corbould  I, Miss Bell-Irving 0.
Mrs. MacKenzie n  Mrs  Griffin 1.
Mrs. Tweedale n. Mrs. Serrie 1.
Miss M. Bonce 1. Miss Crilfin n.
Mrs. Yenngling o. Mrs. Richardson 1
Mrs   Klklns  1.  M'ss McMullen 0.
Miss Ogllvie 1. Miss Italy 0.
Brighter conditions prevailed yesterday at the Central Park exhibition and
under the influence or the brilliant
sunshine the fair was ln good going
order. The side shows were more in
evidence and the refreshment booths
were doing a good business. Tbe attendance has been better and hopes
are entertained for a large number of
visitors tomorrow.
The ticketing of the prizes is not yet
completed, but below are given some
ot the special and first awards:
To the Central Park Women's institute, a special prize.
Vegetables, special and first prizes���
J. N. Sinclair. B. Emery; first prizci, |
M. Wright, J. Batterham, J. Hahn,
| Children's Aid society. F. Perkins, Ft.
|Bracewell, N. Hahn, W. Hamilton, R.
Fruits, special and first prize���John
Dahn;   first   prizes.  W.   Hamilton.  13.
Emery, M.  Boyd. J.  B. Batterham, J
Walker,   D.   Jones.   R.   Bracewell,   V
Boggee, J.  G.  Keefer, A. A. Stewart.
Flowers, bouquets, potted plans, etc..
spe-ial and  first prizes���H. Jones. J.
[Batterham   H. J. Taylor.    Children's
lAlil society:  first prlres. Hilling Tav-
I lor.   E.   c.   Cocking.   Mrs.   Nelson,   R.
Crawford. D. Jones. S. .1. Griffith*-,
Products and home industries, spa-
1 lal  and   first  prizes-���Dressed  piultrv
1.1   Smith honey. M. Feedham:  bottled
I fruits and  lams. N. Dahn; homemade
cake, Mrs. Wagner; eggs. J. Smith. B.
bread   and   bun...
Sixty Head of Grade Stock Bought by
Farmers Yesterday���List of
j "The government wishes to supply
farmers with good animals to farther
the interests of dairying in this province���and not to obtain the highest
possible price."
This was the announcement made
by T. D. Trapp, the auctioneer, at the
opening of the auction sale of dairy
cattle which was held in the exhibition grounds yesterday under the auspices of the live stock branch of the
British Columbia department of agriculture. The auction commenced at
1 o'clock, and by t:3* every animal
put up was disposed of, tbe last four
being sold In one batch. There waa
a fairly good attendance and the cattle appeared to be ln good demand.
the bidding being brisk and good
prices were realized.
Ladlet'   fancy   work,   first   prize.���
Mesiiames.   Holmes.   Glover.   Warner, i
Sperwell.  Kassoo.  Hall, Layton. Tay-
lor.  Simmons   Edwards    Com t'i    and
M>res Flmnaurloe and Simpson.
Oil painting, water colors and freehand   drawing -Mrs.   Slmrt ons,   Mrs.
Children's exhibits ���Special prize.
Ruby Taylor: firsts. Miss Wanner.
Jean Simpson. Margate! Devin-a, Ili-I-:,
Aplebv. Norah Brow re, Anni I Pain
Eo':h  Bray.
Owing to delay thc prize lists were
not ready yesterday.
Stock Co'y
Tbe LION and.
Reserve your seats for the
night performance.. Phone
'hone  1068.
Improved Ranch
For Sale
containing 102 acres, 90 acres under cultivation, six
acres orchard (apples, prunes, pears and peaches) all
bearing, balance alfalfa and timothy. House cost
$3000. New barn with basement, stables for six
horses and 14 cows. Water piped for domestic and
agricultural purposes. For further particulars apply
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
2 TO 5
6 TO 9:30.
K. H. BUCKUN, N. B_.ARDBL__.-_. W. W. H. BUCKUN,
Praa. aad Otal Mgr.       vice-President gaa. aad Traaa.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 177.
��iili Iiie Oak Hay Victoria team
�����' nnectlon With Mann cup games
Vancouver, the dates agreed upon
Ing Septetdtx r U and 'il.
Coccer Bleachers.
Th*- realisation of    the    dream
roccer men to bave a bleacher stand
. r.i 'id at Moody pink for the benefit
of lhe fans  who attend  tlle games  Is
fast approaching, President Herb
Ryall, who flral *englne3r3d ""' !<iea,
last rtSdV. sml dad iii obtaining the
lumber for Ute structure and. thanks
to tiie assistance of Tom Turnbull,
lhe building inspector, tlie plans for
the liliaehers were drawn up early In
tin' weak so tbat the stand Is half
ec'-'I'd  hy this  time.
Wben completed It will afford seating capacity lo 4U0 people and will
eliminate the discomforts of standing
on tlie damp ground during the progress of a match.
Althougb nothing of the kind has
bappi ued HiIh season, the amateur
hiei" r clubs might do well to continue
starling tbe ii-men on time and thiii
lake a lesson oflt of the "book of a
professional athletic team. II takes a
pretty good football game to make th"
spectators forget that thev sat and
twirled their thumbs for half an hon-,
waiting till the teams get cuougfi
nun to start  the game.
Baseball Results.
it. ll. i-:
... 1 s 1
... 3 fi n
and   Murray.
R.    11.    I.
A Shadow Dout
I'reddle Welsh threat ns trouble
wiih W llle Hichlc and It Is aald that
the machinery fir the deal will be
atarted cn Silurd.iy afternoon at
Hrighouse when ihe itrltlshnr will
clamber through tbi> ropes, shadow
tight an Imaginary Ritchie, declare
himself winner, clnlm tho world's
championship and then start a legal
battle for damages for breach of contract.
Vccordlng to present plans Freddie
will motor down from Vancouver to
Hrighouse about 11 o'clock tomorrow
morning Ut company with Harry Pollok and a few Intimate friends. There
Ihey wlll meet Al llsgnr. the ofT'clal
stakeholder, thnl Is before the flght
waa declared off. weight In at 135
pounds at 12;le o'clock.
During the weighing process, one of
thn party will route out an old stove
trom the Minoru track alongside the
arena, start a flre going and for a
little over' an hour the bunch will
��� oast their tons talking nf "lights we
have won." Whatever the thoughts of
Hnr-v Pollok securing a judement
against Ultchle. the flght fans of the
eo-��Ht nr" a little skeerv of tbe result.
Pollok. It appears to many, la getting
h'-< name In nrlnt too often peddling
this press agency stuff.
C-third a y's Rugby.
New Westminster will present a
Rtrong line-tip on Saturday afternoon
nt tiiiemis nark when the rugby team
dashes with the Rowing club ln a
friendly match. The Rowing olub la
enn of the strongest teams In the Van.
cnyy union, but tbe locals by rea-
non of a fair amount of practice. Tbe
Km-i'sh same ia due lo a great revival In British Columbia this winter.
More teams and more players than
���ever have made tbelr appearance
which Is n good Indication of the Interest being taken In the game.
The unfortunate ending of the Intercity games between Vancouver and
Victoria last spring will undoubtedly
Vesterdsy's Gaines.
\t  Vancouver. It.    II.    E.
Vancouver 2     9     ;>
Spokane   fi     8     ll
Batteries:      (lark    aiid    Konnick;
Douglas and Hanna.
At Seattle:
llatteries:     Martinonl
iteardon and Cadman.
u Viotorla: H	
Victoria  t    !>    1
Tne ma       il      7      it
Catteries: Kitrhner and Shea; Mc
Ginnity and Harris.
Yesterday's Csmes.
At Cincinnati: R.   ll.   B
Brooklyn    3     X      1
Cincinnati     .1      S     .1
Hatteries: Rucker. Ragon and
Fischer; Amos and Kling.
Al Chicago: It.    II.    B
Br ston n      f>     0
Ciilc:igo.��� u    2      7      1
i-iftfcries: Tylel*' -and Rarlden;
Pierce and Archer. -v,
Second game: 11.    H.    K
Poiton    il     7     1
Chicago     0     !��     8
Hatterles: Hess nnd Rn'Nden;
Vaughn, Stack and Archer.
Little Bits of
Human Interest
Prize   Winnlnr     Infants   Wlll     Have |
Medals  to   She* Their Grandchildren  in  1950.
MATINEE:   10c. AND 20c.
NIGHT: 10c, 23c, 30c.
Kdmonton,  Sept.  18.���Today's  pro
ceid'iiK- ;n the legislature were con
fined lo ihe debate on the speech from
the throne, Leader of the Opposition
Miciiener. Premier BIftOn and T M
Tweedle, Calgary, having   tiie   floor
during Ihe afternoon. .Mr. Miclienei
criticized tin* meagre bill of fan- pre
tenti d.
Not with Us.
Ottawa,   Bept,   IS.    The  demand  for
Canadian gold coins has almost resc'i
ed ihe vanishing point. When the firs'
issue      was      made
quantity was placed
gradually fell off, however, and at t
present time tliere is scarcely any
Can't Even Whistle.
Moose .law. Sept IS M use .law '
nlso threatened with the staid Salibat'i
of the old Puritan stales. Tomorrow
morning three local dealers, Howard
Dowley, John LISC and Charles Crane
will appear In police court charged
with sell]
to the I _^^^^^^^^^^^^^
against Crane nrlscs out of the sell'
ing on Sunday of goods from a news
stand 1(1 a local hotel.
In addition to the two prizes already
offered hy the H. A   & I. society for
tin- better babies contest,   Mrs.   r>.
Walker, convenor of the committee,
appointed hy the Local Council of Wo- ;
men, under whose auspices tlie show
is being held, states that there ihll
alto he two bronze medals, one for the
prize baliy boy and one for the prize'
baby  girl.
These medals are donated by.-the;
belter babies  bureau of '.lie  Woman's1
Home Companion and were offered to- '
gether   with   a   supply   of interesting'
literature  on   lho  subject    of    better
a   considerable ' tables to the Loral Council of Women,
i circulation   ll   which has accepted with thanks.    -
Mrs Walker states that tliere are a
large number of entries alreadv being
'received and asks that all mothers Intending In make an entry to comma-1
nleate with her at her residence, 22fi '
ilxtli slreet, where otttry forms may
be obtained
Thc Judging will take place on Friday afternoon of exhibition weekantJ
| the Judge will Judge each entry In the
'order In  which  ihe entries were received. , \
Mondays (ll midnight) tor Prince Rupert, Stewart, Masset.
Tuesdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Thursdays (12 midnight) for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
Fridays (12 midnight) for Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Riverwlnlet. Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service anl fast time).
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle.
Close connections at Prince Rupert   with    Grand   Trunk    Pacific
Railway trains for Terrace. Cedarvale, Hazelton, Moricetown.
Through tickets to all points East via Chicago and the Grand Trunk.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W. E.  DUPEROW, G. A.  P.  D.
I'hone Private Exchange 8134
lng goods oiy-Jundav -pjjpjrarv
Lordf^Day  let.    The  chare"
More Love Letters.
Ottawa.    Sept.    18     The    flnaeeln!
stringency hns not affected Canadians
ns letter writers Last year there
were more letters mailed and stamm
sold In proportion to population than
ever before In the history of the
Dominion. This year promises to
break all records.
At the Theatres
Entire Change of Program Daily.
Program Today.
Vitagraph   Feature
A Picture of Intense Heart
Sellg Comedy
Patheplay, Colored
BOILERS  Riveted .Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442   ,
Yesterday's Games.
M Horton: R.
Cleveland   4
Boston ........  ..,.,..., I)
Batteries: Cullop";'.lames GregT and
Garish, O'Ne'll; MoBeley, Bedient and
Cadv. ���        .
At Philadelphia: '  It. K **t**********t*t**mj*****s*s*t**a*s*-m
<"��� '���""'��   5     ��     j The Army Grows.
Phiiadeinhia o    4    3    Ottawa, Bept 18.���Nearly 11.000 ap-
Bn'tcrles: I.everenz nnd McAllister;   plications for l-Vnlan    raid    bounties
Shnwkry and Schnng- have been received and paid off thus
At Washington: R.   H.   E.  far bv the finance department and the
Detroit    1     7     ��  end Is not vet In sight.   On the con
Washington  9     8     n tr(lry ToqueBti> for the hundred dolliri
Batteries:     Rcfner,    Harding   and continue to flow In at an unceaslnr
Olbson;  Groome and Hetiry. I Stream sod it mny be some time vet
At New York: R.   H_   F.   ^efore al) the veterans are rewarded
rhlca,ro   J   ,'     J At the mllltla department no less than
New York    .... 6   10     0 ,15,000 anpllcatlons for the   one hun
Batteries:     Russell.    Welsh    and dred dollars grant remain to be re
Easterley; McHale and Ooaaett. | ported upon.
Winnipeg. Sept. 18.���The C. P. R.
will complete to the last the progr""
which was mapped for 1918, was the
statement made this morning hy Geo
Burv, vice-president of lha comninv
on hla return fmm Port William where
he aecp-mnanled the directors, completing their trip over western llnea.
Yssterdsv's Games.
Montreal 3. Buffalo 2.
Baltimore 5-2. Jersey 8-3.
Toronto-Rochester game postponed;
Aboyeur Bought By Russia for Large
Aboyeur. the winner of the Derby
"'Is year, hss heen snld by A. P. f!un-
iffe. througb tho British Bloodstock
u-onrv, to gn to Russia. The Bract
nrlce has not been learned, bnt It is
known to he a very big one. It Is. ot
"Onrse, well <within? memory ��� that
��hov��>ur was awarded flrst place In
the Derby on the disqualification of
the actual winner, Craganour, for
bumping and boring and not keeping a
strnlght course.
AKiycup, who Is a son of Desmond
-nd Pawkv, was bred ln Ireland bjt T.    ^	
K. Laidlaw.   As a youngeter be wmlretsnn, was held responsible for tbe
sold to James Daly, wbo passed bin negligence ot bis subordinates
Naw Haven Disaster Shows They Deserve Mere Pay.
New York. Sept. 18.���A. .B. Garret,
feon, the trainmen's representative before tbe government srhltntlon board
tn the controvert with the eastern
railroad managers, clletX* . thn   latest
New Haven railroad wreck today to
brove tbat mnonrinr-. **,-} t-^in-men
have T**ponslbH"'cs greater than thoy
are paid for.   The conductor of tha
Wblte Mountain express, said Mr. Oar-
"The ' ion oui the Mouse." ns pre
���anted I y tha '���'' ysl stock oompany
at the 'lo> il theatre last night war
undoubtedly ane of-Uhe cleverest dra-
uatlc offerings ever seen In this city
al any price of admission. The por-
t ay.il of th" remarkable plot of this
ureal piny wns mnde In such an artistic manner as to hold the packed
house spellbound from beginning to
The special Bcenery was perfect,
the wardrobe beautiful and tho acting
Rdythe Klliott, ss Shirley Rossmore,
the Mouse, played her part with an
artistic touch and naturalness thnt
would hsve done credit to any of the
stars who have visited here..
-Charles E. Royal, as John Ryder; the
Lion, proved himself a master actor
at all times and enacted this difficult role In a manner which showed
long years of study and experience.
He was predominating and forceful at
all times, and yet showed hia love for
his son with a tenderness that brought
out the light and shade of thia great
Mr. Donnell, as the wayward son,
was especially good In the third act.
However, It might be suggested that
he read some of the passsges a trifle
alower. Donnell Oray aa Judge Stott
waa aa usual sure of his ground all
tba way and gave a masterful Interpretation. Mr. Wakefield and Mist
Marion, In the comedy parte, kept the
house In good humor throughout and
added  much  to  their popularity by
���!E9f **2rk*     ":_��" _.
TW-j-e-Vletche-r. Meesrs Rifcay and
Ayres held u�� tXtttt wt of tha program In a delightful ausner, aad tba
rest of tha eaat gave good acoounts
of themselves.
"Tba Lion aad tha Mouse" runa tha
rest of the weak. Neat Monday nlgbt
"In Missouri," a comedy drama, will
ba presented.
Children Knit Wool Bonnets 25c
Children's    Cashmere    Polo
Caps 25c
Extra Special Caps, assorted
colors 16c,.
1-adles' Brooches 15c
New 8hort Steel Hat Pins ...6c"
Enamelware, Tinware,
Kitchen Hardware
and Utensils, Crockery, Glassware, China
etc.  . . .,;;*v''
Towel Racks 15c.
Come tn and look around, f ou
wlll And soma neceaaary articles'
you wast and tbe price wlll ault
you. We are at 48 Sixth streeL
juat a abort Mock north of Columbia street Out of tba high
rant dlatrlct "'''
5, 10 aad 25 Cent
-Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. __
Enquire about our special stockes, they ara money savera.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street New Weatmlnater.
Singer Sewing Maehlnaa.   Small Muaical Gooda of all Kinds. PHONE Me
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Out of the Hiffh Rent District
25c Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shoe laces at 10c. the polish will
be given to you.
Ladies. Dwi* Boots, eveiy size  .$Lg?
Gent-^BreasBoot^ every si��e,-.:��..**.nr. ���-.-, -.^--^lJS
Uckie Bpots, Slater (F. W.> Boots, K Boots; IW.OOO
stock to select |ft>m. The fittest variety of low and
high cut boots and rubber footwear in the city.
������'���i-i.*. -Sti*   SIX
eelved for Tne News at the following places: V. T. Hill's drug store,
6'_8 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
queen-borough, Lulu Island.	
��� ��� '
Classlflsd���One eent par word per
.tuy 4c per word per week; Uo per
month; 6,900 words, to ba used as re-
11 red within one year trom  data of
ontract, I26.0O.
iducation for outside position. Ap-
ply room 3, 644 Clarkson street,
New Westminster, before 10 a.m.
help around moving picture theatre,
learn run machine and chance to be
educated. Board, room and wages.
Scenic Amusement Co., Ashcroft,
B.C.         (2070)
lish preferred. Apply 48 Royal
avenue. (2055)
ture In large or small quantities for
spot cash. Wlll give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1991)
three rooms, also piano below flrst
cost. Apply 230 Tenth Street. (2083)
with hot water; cost $10. Apply 252
Burnett street. (2061)
a bargain. Typewriter desk, flat top
desk, roll top desk, swivel and office
chairs. Rare chance for party fitting
up office. Particulars from box 2058
News. (2068)
Idaho Homesteader Walks Into Trap
Set for Game unci  Gets Thlrh
miles out, less than 30 minutes' rids
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
|150 an acre and remainder . just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. This ls a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New Westminster.   Phone 466.   No trades.
wood; cord wood $5 per cord, stove
wood $2.5 0 per rick. Telephone
1005. (2026)
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds.
TO RENT.   .
furnished front rooms; private
family; 51 Columbia street.     (2087)
keeping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh etreet. (1986*
whero. No collection, no charge.
Americaa-Vaocouver Mercantile Agency. 939 Hastings Btreet weat, Vancouver,  B.C. (1982)
Coquitlam Municipality.
Pleaso lake note lhat the offices of thp
above   municipality   are   situated   ou   lhe
I Itt   River   Heart.   Maillardville.
(20.5) Clerk
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week. Canada'a Pride Malleable
Rangea; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1983)
Lewiston, Idaho, Sept. 81.���August
Anderson, a homesteader in the North
Fork country, walked into a set gun
on Friday night that had been placed
ion the trail for a bear by John Larson, a neighbor. The bullet from a
,38-callbre revolver entered the left
thigh, badly fracturing the bone.
Tbe accident happened on a trail
leading to the upper North Fork, and
at a point 43 miles from Oroflno,
Known as Meadow Creek. Larson was
sleeping in a cabin a short distance
from where he had set the gun, and
was awakened by the shot and cries
of Anderson. He immediately went to
hla neighbor's assistance.
The trail ls In a lonely section of
the mountain country, and lt was necessary for Larson to travel 10 miles
to secure Fred Frebie before Anderson could be brought out to receive
assistance. He was then carried five
miles, where a boat was secured, and
was taken 42 miles down the North
Fork river to Ahsahka, the journey
consuming nearly 24 hours.
After receiving temporary medical
assistance, the patient was brought to
1-ewlston and placed in St. Joseph's
hospital. He Is resting easier today
and if complications do not set in he
will probably recover.
A place gun Ib operated bv being
firmly anchored with a string attached to the trigger so that anv ob
jeet striking the string is In direct
line with the course of the bullet
when the weapon Is discharged.
German  Who Threatened   Rothschild
Blames DownfaM on English
era, 716 Queens avenue. (1927)
side car, lddy's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of keys witb owner's name plate,
and lady's gold watch, banting eaae,
bearing raised monogram M. C. G.
Finder please return to tbis office.
Reward. (2966)
FOR RENT���Eight room thoroughly modern hous*-. good location: cios-t- lit*. t'-O
a month.
A HOME BARGAIN���Klve roomed modern bungalow, new and up to date; clone
to Sixth street; $100 mxuh. balance $-.">
a month.   Will trade,
Ke Lots 28 and 29. Hlock 1, Sub-division
of Lot 398. Group 1. l'ort Haney, in tlie
District of New Westminster.
Whereas, proot of tlie loss of Certificate
ut Title Number 9238 K, issued In the name
of Alice  May  llorman  lias  been  filisl  in
Ihls office.
Notice Is hereby given  that  I  shall, at
the expiration of one month from the date
-.f the first pubtlcatlen hereof, in a dally
newspaper published in  the City of New
'Vestmltister. issue a duplicate of the said
certificate, unless  In  the meantime valid
objection  be made to me In  writing.
Dlstrlot Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westminster.
B.C..   13th   September,   1913. (20TS)
WE HAVE $6000 for good agreements of
Phone 312.
201 Weetmlneter Truat Building.
Regina, Sept. IS.���Through the
agency of the bureau of public welfare assistance has been has been
given to a deaf and dumb man, who
arrived ln the city a short time ago.
Three days he spent In and aut of
the C. r R. station without a bite to
eat Someone noticed him almost
fainting with hunger, and directed him
to the bureau. Where he was given
temporary lodging until something
Could be done for him. He han friends
In Toronto, and the secretary is In
communication with them in an effort
to have him sent back to his friends.
A man Just out of prison yesterday was sent out to a farm last evening, and will be given a good position.
The farmer wrote to the secretary that
he wss badly in need of assistance,
and that he could accommodate one
or two men if he had them.
Another case of a man in 111 health
was brought to the attention of the
bureau. He wished to return to his
home in England, and getting into
touch with government officials, the
secretary of the bureau was able to
arrange for his deportation.
London, Sept. 18.��� Heinrich Kremer-
skothen, 20, a clerk, has been sentenced at the Old Uulley for sending
letters to Lord Rothschild demanding
money with menaces. The charge
was heard by Sir Forrest Fulton. The
defendant pleaded guilty, and a sentence of IS months' hard labor was
passed, with a recommendation for
subsequent deportation.
Travers Humphreys suld that the
defendant professed to be acting on
behalf of a committee and threatened
death not only to U>rd Rothschild, but
to Miss Alice Rothschild, his grandchild, lf efforts were made to discover
the Identity of tlie committee. He
suggested a reply through a newspaper under tbe initials "H. H." meaning "Black Hand,' though it was not
supposed that the defendant was connected with that organization.
Travers Humphreys described how
the man was trapped by u police device at a West End restaurant. He
intimated that Lord Rothschild did
not wish to press the charge unduly.
Mr. Roome, on behalf of the defend
ant. expressed his sincere regret, and I
said    that   Kremerskotheu's  original I
id-ta was taken from a book, and he
intended, after writing the first letter j
to communicate with Lard Rothschild
and  tell  hlm  how   he  happened    to
overhear the plot which led to Its being     sent.     When,    however.    Lord
Rothschild   answered  the   letter,   the
temptation to change his original plan
overcame him, and he sent the succeeding communication, which led to
hla arrest.
Mr. Roome added that, when 5 year?
old, the defendant fractured his skull.
and It would seem that his mind
might not be quite normal.
The defendant. In broken English.
explained that the injury' to his skull
cauaed headaches, aggravated by the
fact that English beds are harder than
German beds, which prevented Mm
from sleeping. Sentence was passed
as stated.
So Says the Lady, But She Must Submit to Being Opened Agsln to
Win   Her  Cat*,
Spokane, Sept. 18.���While attorneys
on both sides of the case yeBterday
agreed that Mrs. Lydia Murrey should
go under the surgeon's knife at the
hospital to determine If Dr. T. E. Hox-
sey and otter surgeons had removed
her appendix, Mrs. Murray failed to
give her consent, and Judge J. Stanley Webster held that the court could
not demand that the operation be performed.
The question of placing Mrs. Murray under the surgeon's nlte was a
feature of the Dr. T. E. Hoxsey cose
against Mrs. Murray. Mrs. Murray
charges that the physicians were expected to remove her appendix, but
that-,they went further and removed
other organs, for which she asks $5,000
damages. Dr. IIoxBey, who has sued
for $:!S5 fnr the operation, has placed
several physicians on the stand to
testify that the operation was not
performed to remove the appendix.
The physicians said that both Mr
and Mrs. Murray agreed to the operation declared necessary by the surgeons.
Possessing exquisite freshness and a
fullness of flavor not found in other teas
CEYLON TEA-"Pure and Clean to a Leaf
BLACK, MIXED OR I Sealed Packets Only
NATURAL   GREEN >  Beware of Imitations       .
the junction of that road with the
roadway which turns off to the Bam-
berton cement plant, was mude yesterday morning. The skeleton la that
of Harry Krskine. an employee of thu
cement company, who waa. last seen
on Saturday, May 17, when he was
proceeding along the Malahat road.
He had been acting strangely for
some time previous to that date, and
It is supposed he wandered Into the
bush and wns overcome through exhaustion.
Yesterday morning Provincial t'on-
Mable Ownea and Mr. Henry Krskine.
NOTICE Is hereby given lhat Qeorge
ftlchard l-uve. of the Municipality <>r Burn-
aoy, Province of British Columbia, ("on-
iractor and Builder, has by deed dated the
:-ih day or September, A. n. inn. assign-
' d to me, Tliomas Starch Annandale, Hart
i-.lock. City of New Westminster, Province
"i British Columbia, Broker, in trust for
the iM'intit of all his creditors, all hls real
-���nd personal property, credits and effects
-vhh-h mnv he seized ol sold "I attached
ruder execution or tin Execution Act or
And further take notice that all persons
having clalnis against the said Insolvent
are required to deliver the same duly verl-
l��-d to me at my "flic", Hart Block, Cltv
of New Westminster, on or hefore the 26th
day of September, A. D.. 1918, after which
late the said assignee will proi d to distribute the proceeds of the said estate hnv-
'ng regard only to such claims as have
been duly filed with him.
A meeting of tbe creditors of the said
fleorge ftlchard I_nve will be held al mv
'.the-. Hart B'oek. Lorn" Sf-'-'t. New
i'...t~i..si, i: r on 'i'h"*���d-iy. the
���-.1th dav of September, A. D., 19)3, al the
l��n" m 4 o'cloeli In lh" afternoon r,,r the
i-ivlnR of directions with reference to the
dlstOSal  of III'   ��*---t.'ite
Dated ihls nth dav of B^tember, A. D.
t"om ���"-" *-'Trt:rn   \vv \\ii\i,--*..
"irt Block. New Westminster, B C
i 'int,'11 Assignee.
Tenders are invited op to and Inducing
Sept. 20th for sale of grocery business
conslsilng nf stock, furnttuee, building Old
property situated In Soi-'h Westminster
nnd lately operated hy sinion Svendse-n.
120121 Ven- Westmlnstpr.
New Imported Kail Suitings now on
display.    See them.    Perfect  fit  and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
MR.OO up.    701 Front Street.
B.C. Coast Service
Ijsatiea Vanoouvsr for Victoria IS a. m.,
i p. m. ond 11 I*.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattla 11 ��. nx
sml 11 p. m.
t*nven Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.m
Hnd < lln p.m.
Leave* Vancouver for Prince Ruperl
/tnd Northern Points IS n. m WedneS
-days  and   Batui.hiys  st   11   p.m.
Cliilliwaci- Service
I/Mves CtillllwHi'k 7 k. in Tuesday
Thursday snd Saturday.
I/eaves Westminster �� a. iu. Monday
*h odt.csdiiy snd Friday.
Y.tt.  OOOt.BT,  Agent. N��w   Vfeflmuxn.'
H. W. U-UJDIB. Q. P. A..  Vai.tt.u��er.
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster,
By virtue of a distress warrant
issued in an action by Pearson's
Limited, and to me directed against
the goods and chattels of Seabold k
Jones, I have seized and taken the
following: All the furniture, bedding,
carpets, linoleum, etc., in sixty-three
bedrooms and halls in the Dominion
hotel, and. all the tables, chalrB, cutlery, glassware, crockery, show cases,
stock  in  trade, linen, cooking range,
utensils, etc ln the Royal cafe, corner
of Sixth and Columbia streeta,  New
Westminster, B.C.
All of which 1 shall expose for sale
at Pearson's Limited building, corner
Sixth and Columbia streets, on Friday, the 26th day of September. A.D.
1913, at the hour of 10 o'clock In tbe
September 17th, 1913.
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff.
Bailiff for the Landlord.
Terms of Sale Cash. .     (2084)
Didn't Take Long to Send Him to Insane Asylum.
Davenport. Sept. 18.���A record for
quick disposition of insanity cases was
establlhed by Judge JoBeph Sessions
In the case of John Brooks, 25, of
Kansas City, who had been picked up
by the police after they had Been him
kneel and pray repeatedly In the
streets of Davenport.
As soon as the man was brought before the judge for examination he
broke out with, "Judge I saw a Hon
running through the ttreets this morning and I took after hlrp with my razor."
"That'r, enough," said the judge, who
proceeded to sign his name to the
commitment papers a half minute after the Ir.sane man had been brought
In the court room.
Brooks believes people ure being
turned into dogs and inform-*! the
court that the Lord had given him
choice of being turned Into a dog or a
cat. and he hadn't yet made his choice,
hut thought lt would be a cat.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Board
o( License (.'ommituilont-irs for the City
of New Westminster at their sitting,
to be held on the 10th day of December. 1813. or at any meeting prior
thereto that the application can be
heard, for a transfer of the license to
sell liquor by retail Issued In respect
of the Mi-rchants Hotel, in the City
of New Westminster, B.C., from the
holders, Paul Root and.-J. *\. Malm, to
the Bald J. A. Malm,   j
Dated this 20th day tf August, A.D.
J   A.  MALM,
(1978) License Holders.
London, Ont., Sept. 18���JameB
Barnaby, aged 35, an Englishman, residing with his sister, Mrs   Moore, at
jthe corner of Alma and Sydenham
streets, tumbled head foremost from
one of Carling's brewery motor 'rucks
this evening and died shortly afterward  ni   Victoria   hospital,    Burnnby
|was riding on the rear end of the machine, ��hen he suddenly toppled off
on to the pavement. As he did bo H
case rolled olT the lilpli load and
struck hlm on the head, Ihe double
injury causing n severe fracture of
the skill 1. The police motor ambulance
was rush lo tho scene am) quickly
conveyed Hurnaby to Victoria hospital,
whero he  .uccumbed   wltliln  a  short
What with the harbor improvements, the further
the fisheries aad
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
Biirely Westminster ls coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen,
Westminster Trust Block.
Reports From  Pilgrimage to  Lourdes
���Not to Be Classed as Miracles
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxative!,
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of the system oi
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
N.IIm.1 Drag a*d Ck.mic-J Co.
*t Caaad*. Umiiai.     176
Paris, Sept. 18,���At the thanksgiving service held at Paris on the return from I-ourdes, Father Bailly mentioned several of the cures effected
thl�� year at Lourdes. which he carefully abstained from qualifying as miracles until the'ehureh had proclaimed
them such. He said that there had
been more cases of cure this yenr
than during any previous national pll-
er'Ti���tigp, nn<| cited s.tme of the most
notable, a child of ten with spinal disease and a paralytic boy who telegraphed his mother, 'No need to send
carriage to station. I enn run like a
rabbit." There were nlso cases of tuberculosis and purulent sores among
the children.
Of the adults, one of the moFf extraordinary case? was that of Mile. Pa-
qtilgnon. who had bathed In vain, hut
was Buddenly healed during the procession of the sacrament through the
ranks of bedridden sick. Before this
happened her condition wan sn n'arm-
'ng that Dr. Lessee, her medical ma"
in Paris, was telegraphed for, and
came down by the net train. When
he arrived and found her completely
"tired, without littering a word the
doctor, with tears, went to the grotto
to orav and giva thanks.
Besides cases of women. Kather
Bailly, cited those of several men.
���>mnn���""������-�� whom are Lou's Thnnel and
ir.or*i Handler Before the pilgrimage
l��ft 28 cures had been certified hv
doctors nnd manv other occurred. It
'-���-r remarkable that most of the tures
���"���ok piece net In the poo], hut during
the procepslon,
Ai""ni"--t ciirinec matiifes!-tlons Father B.-illlv gave the e-isn of "providential ruhotltutlon" where n w.m-..
nraved thnt she might lose her sight if
<t crnld he restorrd to a friend, and
til's h'ipj'"icd under pondltlins which
seen to allow of no physiological ei-
Sesttle Man's Will Gives Money to
School snd  Mission.
Seattle, Sept. 18.���Provisions for be
nevolence to the amount of $15 000 are
made In the will of John C. Norton,
late of the university State bank,
which was admitted to probate yes-
terdav. Seattle seminary Is to receive $10,000 and $5,000 goes to the
foreign missionary society of the Free
Methodist Church for use at Osaka.
Japan, under the distribution of Hev.
Kawaba. and the residue to the American Bible society of New York.
The bequests, however, are subject
to the life use of the entire eBtate by
thc widow. Mrs. Mlnera A. Norton. At
her death the money is available. It
ls estimated that the entire property
wlll amount to approximately $100.-
000. The will was executed on May
19. 1913.
tTnder the dlrectlonB of the deceased
the wife becomes the executrix of the
estate, with full powers. At her
death the executor ls to be Harry B.
Lear, who will distribute the benefice:'.
ParlB. Sept. 18 -An explosion of gas
at a cafe In the Hue Salneuve entirely destroyed the cafe and caused considerable damage to the neighboring
houses. The ground floor of the cafe
fell In. and the front was blown out
In fragments Into the neighboring
houses, the windows of which were
completely shattered. An unholster-
er's phop In an adjacent building waa
blown to  atoms.
A concierge was hurled out Into the
courtyard and had his skull fractured.
The front of a haberdashery shop was
oomple'elv torn away, and the ground
floor fell in. burying several people In
the ruins. It Is reported that one person wus killed, and six seriously and
six slightly Injured.
The explosion ls attributed to the
carelessness of a smoker, who iB be-
l|e-cd to have thrown a lighted match
which set fire to a jet of gas emanating from the street, where some workmen wcre repairing the pavement
___*. \y
-____ I*
____ ��
W 3
Notice is hereby given that nn application will be made to the Board of
License Commissioners for the City of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be beld on the 10th day of December,
1913, or at any meeting prior thereto
that thn application can be heard, for
a transfer of the license to sell liquor
by retail Issued In respect of the
Occldunlal hotel premises, Columbia
Btreet, Nnw Westminster, B.C., from
the holder, Michael (iowan, to JuBtua
Swanson nnd Adolf Otto llasson.
Dated this iiiith day of August, A.D.
(1979) License Holder.
Washington State Tribesmen Will Go
to Court.
Nor'li Yakima, Sept. 18. Judge
Carroll B Graves, of Seattle, has been
retained as counsel for the Yakima
and Kittitas tribes before the Joint
congressional committee which wlll
hold hearings on the Yakima reservation water right problem at thn end
of this weekfl, by a council of twen'y-
elght tribesmen at the state fair
The Joint committee consists nf
Senators Joscnh T. Hobinson of Arkansas, and Townsend of Michigan.
and Congressmen Ste'ene, of Texas,
and Dukrn, of South I lake a.
The IndlanB will ennfeprt f*>r their
rlt'M to free water fnr nil lnl.-xble
land on th" reservation, although li.,"��
mnv be sativicd with free water foi
forty nens of each Ir'Ha.i's allotment
bp provided liy tho Jones-I'olndexter
Roast Hop Pickers.
Portland, Sept. 18.-Denouncing all
Christians and W, C. T. U. Workerr or
friends who pick hopH or work In thc
hop fields as untrue to the right standard, thn delegates of thn Multnomah
County Woman's Christian Temper-
union. In annual convention, unanimously udopted a resolution decrying
the Industry and those who aid Its
progress. The fact that beer Is made
from hops Is the reason. Coffee carts
to compete with the saloons have
been urged by the delegates also.
Left  Auto   Hurriedly  to  Avoid  Colli
olen With Car.
Seattle, Sept. 18���Provisions for be-
---7 qp��ant--)i nve-nti'. northwest, and
W, B. SerfoBB, of 817 Union street,
saved themselves from serious Inlury
by jumping from an auto Just hefore
'* struck an electric freight train at
Wpster-n avp"iie and Marlon street
last night. Frazler sustained badly
bruised kneea and a cut on one elbow.
The automobile was wrecked
Serfass was driving the nuto for J.
I). Herzmnn, and was going west on
Marlon street when an electric freight
train, consisting of a motor and two
trailing cra��. crossed the streets ahead
of them. Serfass was coasting down
the hill without power. Ile applied the
I'rai-es. T*io street was wet and the auto
cortinued ahead Without check In its
sneed. skidding over the slippery pavement. Seeing thnt thev were powerless tn atop the machine, Frazler
and Serfass leaped over the side of
Jerry 1'clllngcr "f 710 Blewett street
was In charge nf the cnntrcller on the
motor. He said that he did not see
the auto untn after II had struck :he
car. F. II. Oeltr., of 2'.H Vine street,
trollev tender on the tr-i'n, saw the
auto Skidding 'nt" the train and gave
a signal for Ilelllnger to stop. Ilel-
��� i" r tnld the police he was traveling
about four mlleB an hour.
thc latter a nephew of tho deoeose 1.
visited the spot where the Ikslatoil
wnr found on Monday by T, Peden,
The skeleton still had enveloping It.
some of the clothing. A portion "t a
meal ticket was found with part of
the name of the person lu whose la
vci it had been Issued. "H. Krs.< -"
coii'd be deciphered thereon, lu addition change to tbe amount of $1.95 v us
lound In one of the pockets of the
trousers. This exact sum had been
gi"en by the nephew to Mr. Krskl'ic on
May n when the lstter was la- ����� -t 11
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shade* from 75c to $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every  Kind .of  Electrical Work
London, Sept. 18.- In broad duyllght
yesterday a daring theft of Jewels was
perpetrated at the establishment of a
Liverpool jeweller In London road. A
well drefsed man entered the shop,
and desiring to bc shown a tray of diamond rings, this was produced to Mm.
Aft'T tx somewhat lengthy Inspection
of the rings, he left the shop to transact, as he said, some business outside.
This "business," It subsequently appeared, was the engagement of a taxi-
cab, the driver of which was told to
wait for hlm a short distance away.
Returning to the shop the man further examined thn rings, and then suddenly seized the tray, which he concealed under his coat, und made 11
dash for thc waiting cab. He was
(Mos' ly followed by llie proprietress
rf the shop, who rained an alarm, wltli
the result that Ihe man was promptly
held until the arrlvnl of the police,
when about ��100 w> ih of Jewolery
wns found on hlm. The man. who was
silil to belong to Liverpool, had In hla
nncket an Iron hammer, weighting
some four pounds.
Vlctorln, Sept. 18. -Idemlflcatloii of
the skeleton found on Monday after-
""on In tho bush about a mile from
the  Malahat road, and not far from
What about your new-
Fall Overcoat ? Jack
Frost will soon be
around���tinting cheeks
and sending shivery
chills down your back.
Pick out your Fall
Overcoat NOW, from
this delightful stock of
new styles.
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Wc have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, Tlie New Westminster News. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1913.
paqi uvn
Vlrglnaln     on     Seemingly     Endless
.esrch for Msn Who Doesn't
Want to Be Found.
Spokane, Sept. 18.���Kred M. James,
once of Joplin, Mo., has been Bought
for more than 19 years by hia rela-
llves. according to C. C. James, now
of Roanoke, Va., formerly of Joplin,
who arrived In Spokane yesterday.
The two men nre brothers. C. L.
James has continued the search that
lias laaled for so many years. Since
he dropped from tbe sight or nis relatives Kred M. James is reported to
hav-.- mude a fortune In mining In
Montana and later to have changed
Ills name to satisfy the strange idiosyncrasy that manifested Itself from
youth���concealing his whereabouts
Irom his own family.
"I have traced Prod through Montana and Idaho down to nine and one-
half years ago, but at Murray, Idaho,
the trail wus lost and I have been
unable to get any trace of him further." Bald lhe brother. "Here and
there I have run onto people who have
known him. One man In Montana
told mc he shook hands with hlm
about a year ago Another woman
-claimed to have been in communlca
tlon with hla wife as late as sixteen
months ago nnd said they were at
Dixon. Mont,, but when I went to Dixon I could find no trace of him.
"We had a family reunion at Chat
taiiooga, Tenn.. a tow weeks ago, and j
father and  mother, three sisters and j
myself,   together   with   all  the   grand- i
children, were present.     Th*    familv
Circle  was complete except  for  Kred ;
We   then   decided   that   I   should   look
through the norihweijt for my brother)
and  I  have  bten one month  on    the
"! have gone lo all the county seats
In  Montana, have looked up the marriage records, have searched the dead
record! to Bee It he has filed mining
claims, and  have gone  through    city I
directories for years    back.      Thre��!
times' I have crossed thellocky moun-1
tains and tonight I am going back to
Kellspell, Mont., again to mnke a fur- j
ther investigation there.    He lived   In ;
Kalispell before he went to Murray."
Mr. Jrnies said    thst    his    father.
Oeorge K. .lames. Is keeper of tbe na- |
tional cemetery at Chattanooga and an ,
Important   fluure   In   the   national  or-;
ganiznt'rn of the (i   A. It    The sought
man  is 44  years old. ami  has  lost a
fincer    from    his    left    hand       The'
brother is seven years his junior.
Two Fatalities Reported���Insects Are
Eolder and  Hungrier Thsn
Ever This Yesr.
Nottingham. Kng., Sept. IS.-Two
deaths have heen reported as due to
wasp stings -In the one case of au
elderly man, and In the other of a
child. .   .,.
A twelve-year-old girl named Alice
Maria Milts died yesterday In Ihe general hospital ns the result of having
been Btung on the nose by a wasp The
child a fortnight ago came to Nottingham from Newark, where her pir-
fiv.n live, tn spend the holidays with
nn aunt. She was sent on an errand
on August 18 and on returning complained of having been stung. Her
aunt bathed the Injury with warm
water, but her nose and face having
swollen to nn alarming extent, the little elrl was removed the following
rtuv tn the general hospital. Her ei.n- |
dition, however, gradually became
wrrpe. until death took plsce.
Qeorge Frederick Shirrs, aged fi'L fot
80 years In business In South Norwood
as watchmaker and Jeweler, who waa j
burled yesterday, alfo died as the re- j
suit Of a wasp sting. He w>s resting
In Mb rhnlr after d'incr when the
wasp came through the window i"id
stung him en the back rr th" neck. For
two days he ken! nl��-ut -~ nsirl. in'
acute b'-'id pe'soning r'-veloped. ending fn'lly v thin a week.
In the '"har'dale orchards durlti':
the pn-?- few dor wasps have prevented the trull growers from marketing wh"! life crop) remained after
tho drought had caused the hulk of
to fall unripe from the trees. Seasons
have been known where more wasns
have been wen���notably ln 1911���but
never have they seemed hungrier or
more discriminate In their selection.
They have selected tho ripest side o'
lhe hest. fruit, "nd by carefully making a hole with Jagged edges they
have effectively removed all the luscious rruit. leaving little on the. trees
with the exception of a dried skin covering a bare stone,
New York, Bept. 18.���Dr. M. tt.
Ostes. vicar of the church of the Intercession, has just returned to New
York. Wllh him he has brmnrtt slxtv
itcies gathered Int he holv land snd
ancient nlaces of urchin In Wnglsnd
and Fr-��"oe, wh'ch will hn set In the
eltar rf the ***** church being built In
TVIty eemeterv.
���fhe net" r'tnr will b�� fifteen '""I
wide divided Info a ni'mh"r of -nn"*!".
1n which the relics wlll be eMidderi.
Two rf the stones come from the
fountain of the apostles at fenisslem.
Another w�� taken from the anete-ct
1etnnle ot Jericho, while others, ench
bearlnir a ce'tl'lcsto -nf authentication,
mine from Calvary, the garden tomb,
the old "Ity walla of Jerusalem and
.Topna. the enthedrals of (WlUHmry.
Canterbury. Winchester. Lincoln and
._ondon. ���> -Several others have been
hrought from Fanee, Including one
from the grave of Lafayette and tho
Abbey of Bee.
The altar wlll be the only one of
Its kind In the United Statea, Dr.
dates says, and waa conceived by him
after seeing a somewhat similar altar In a little Spanish church.
I Don't Care How Cheaply
I Sell These Things
I don't care a rap how cheaply I sell these things. Fm going to sell them, and that's all
there is to it. I can cut the prices as much as I want to, and Fm going to cut them enough
to sell the goods and get the money, just to show you I mean business. Look at the prices
below and see what I've done for Friday and Saturday.
What do You Think of These Prices?
70c. leather soles, wool lined.   They keep the feet ofi
warm; to go at  *��tOC
50c. childrens' leggings to keep the legs warm.  To 0_T\_��
go at  d&UC
15c. handkerchiefs, of good white linenette.   Tool/
go at  O*/3C
75c. wool toques and caps.  To go at  35c
50c. ladies' black and tan cashmere hosiery.   To ofi
gO at ���  tUDC
Children's short hosiery, all sizes and colors; in
-   values to 35c.  T j go at  1UC
$1.75 Perrin's gloves, all colors and sizes. To go at 35c
Children's wool mittens.   Regular price 50c.   To *\(\
go at  1 UC
Ladies' black and white hosiery.   Regular price ���% e
50c.  To go at  1 OC
A large selection of corset covers; values to $4.50. A(?
To go at  *JOC
Ladies' silk knitted bedroom slippers, all sizes and AP
colors; values to $3.50.  To go at  %/OC
Ladies' house and street dresses; values to $10. *| OP
To go at  *pl,m*\D
Ladies' waists and blouses; values to $3.00.   To QC^
go at  ^/��--H_,
Berlin, Eiderdown and Shetland wools; regular      C ,,
15c. To go at           ^-H"-
A large selection of corset covers; values to $2.00. O (V^
:   To go at  xJzy-Lr
Ladies' all wool underwear; values to $2.50.   To fLLZ^
go at  \J-JV_-.
Ladies' flannelett night gowns.    Regular $1.50. CZQ^-.
To go at   U*/<~
H. T. Lacelle
The World's Greatest Price Cutter.
I will give absolutely free of charge to the first 20
ladies to enter the store Saturday morning when the
doors open at 9 a. m. a very nice pair of gloves.
Tickets will be given as you enter the door so that the
first 20 ladies will be
sure to get the prizes
-soryqu had better
hurry and be here
early if you want to
be a lucky one.
Did You Ever See Such Prices Before?
Childrens' all wool kimonas; regular price $3.00.   n_T_-
To go at    UDC
Baby's muslin dresses, sizes 1-2 to 2 years; values   **?n
to$2.00.   Togoat ...,  0*7C
Childrens' straw hats, values to $2.50.  To go at..   35c
Silk ribbons, all colors and sizes; values to 60c.    f ��*
To go at    IOC
75c. ladies' silk and lisle hosiery.  To go at ......  40c
Children's school dresses; values to $3. To go at..   95c
Ladies' muslin underskirts; values to $5.00. To *t>i  -tyC
go at      *pi*t**iO
Pure silk cushion cords; regular price $1.00.   To  AQ*-*
goat    rtmx.t.  ��...  tt57C
Ladies' and misses' write dresses; values to $15.    O -CQ
Togoat. t,'.%yjj.y  ��*DO
Ladies' muslin waists and blouses; regular $1.50.   <_��>#__,
To go at    ��f*C
Ladies' neckwear, jabots and ruffles; values to ;"f/l__
$1.50.   To go at f.,, ...< kVC
Children's nighties, of good muslin; regular price  Ao*-.
$1.00.   To go at   *27C
Boys' and girls' buster suits, all colors and sizes;   ��!��.*-*
regular $1.50.  To go at    O.OC
Cushion tops for Christmas presents; values to   **%m4^a.
$1.50.    To gO at  . .     aastltC
Childrens' wool dresses; values to $3.00.  To go at  9Sc
Ladies' muslin combinations of good make; regu- O/V-,
lar $3.50.  To go at  &UC
Ladies' muslin night gowns; regular $2.50.   To ^Q/.
go at  4 *7C
I have placed on a special table articles such as Dresses,
Skirts, Waists, Muslin Wear, Corset Covers, Kimonas,
Underwear, Gloves and many other articles of good,
dependable merchandise. Values run as high as $5.00.
For Friday and Saturday
Mrs. A. J. Birtch
"The White House'*
only, your choice:
Wonder Where Those
Savages are Located
Nsw Vork Lsdy With Gift ef Imagination Find! Prtmitlv. Redskins in
Unexplored Wilde of B. C.
Toronlo. 8ept. 18.���Mlaa Mary *-.
Jobe, an instructor ln history, In the
normal college. New York, waa buay
laat night at her home, 50 Mornlng-
elde Drive, unpacking trophies of an
exploration expedition that took "ier
fnr nearly aeven weeks Into the wilds
of northwestern British Columbia.
Pack covers and duffle bags that retained the smoke of sprucewood camp
flres were strewn over tho floor of the
apartment, and a suit of corduroy-
Jacket and riding breeches���that hung
from tho wall testified to hard usage.
Mliis Jobe Is a good-looking woman
of ��8. She Is E feet 8 Inches Ull, athletically built and looks aa If she
would be able to take care of herself
on the trail. Aa a matter bf fact aho
succeeded wh��rnsonse.menthi* .foiled.- Alone, except for an occasional
Indian guide, she penetrated to the
unexplored regions of northwestern
British Columbia, studied the Carrier
Indians In their villages, made exhaustive notes on thetr life aad cua-
toms and hrought back with her miter lal that she Intends to use torla
book, magaiine articles and lectures.
Trip Was Her Sixth.
"I  was not a tenderfoot, by  my
means/' said Miss Jobe laat night.
"This trip was the sixth that I have
ir.idfl Into ihe far northwest within
eight years. On July 10 i lett New
York, went to Prince Rupert by way
of Vancouver, and after outfitting
started north to -make studies of the
"For the greater part ot the time I
was alone. Whenever I needed a
guide I employed an Indian to take
me on the next carrier village I de-
xired to see. 1 didn't truat the Indians
very much and I was always on the
alert for trouble. I carried a 38 Colt's
revolver, and I was ready to use i/lf
occasion had arisen.
"These little known Indiana were
fnr the most part friendly, although
shy, and sometimes sullen, lt waa
difficult to get photographs ot them.
They fled to the brush the Instant a
camera was produced. By giving
presents of bacon, sugar and tea, I was
able, though, to get some excellent pictures. Everywhere I went I found the
Indians eager to hear about tke wua
of civilised man. They were keen 'to
possess anything I owned. I wa* ot-
fere* all sorts of things tor tbe clothee
I wore, tor mirrors, hairpins, pencils,
writing paper���any sort of belonging.
Indiana are Primitive.
Generally speaking, the Indians ot
northwest Brltln',i Columbia are much
the aame as they Were hundred* of
years ago. They subsist almost ee.-
tlrely on the proceeds ot their hunting
and flahlag.   Every trite   kaa   tare
chiefs, a civil and a religious chief,
���ttliosa functions are sharply differentiated. Women have no standing
among them. The women do all the
work and aro thust Into the. background They are not a good looking
people, anrt are rather und.rslied.
"I wss the flrst white woman who
had ever entered much of that country. The Indians were amazed when
they saw me. They gave nre promptly-1
a name of thetr own coining, 'Dene-.
Sreacki,' which means 'man-woman.'
That was because I wore men's clothes
and dealt with them aa firmly as the
men they are accuatomed to treat
Witnessed Quaint. Ceremonies.
"I witnessed numerous ceremonies
and dances among the Indiana, the
mart Interesting betngthe potlatch.
Medicine men came to the central vli-
���stton, bringing with them the alck and
maimed. For days In a period nf
feasting and merrymakln-r the medicine men performed Incantations and
prayed noisily. The successful hunters made presents to the sick and to
the poor. Tbe dance was very Interest I"-,
"Wherevfr I went I saw much same.
Bear crossed mv. trail many tlmee,
and deer were, of course, very numerous. I did no shooting, because I waa
lu -th*. country purely for scientific
Miss Job* I* a suffragist, aad- a
great believer in woman'* capacity tor
work thst take* muscle and nerve, as
well aa brain*.
"The day will oome," ahe aald,
"when women explorer* w|ll be so
common that reporters won't even
bother to interview tbem. Woman ar*
natural bora explorer*."
During her trip she covered more
tha* 100 milea am horseback and afoot
"It was a wonderful experience." she
said. "It beats bridge and theatre going. Some of these daya I am going
back and take the trail to the very tar
Young Sleep Walker Haa Exciting Experience���Stoker Suicides Leaving Fourteen Children.
New T-prk, Sept. 18.���The extraordinary adventure of a boy of lt ysars,
a somnambulist, who wae discovered
hanging from a porthole In mtdoOean
on Sunday night waa reported by the
Oceanic on her arrival here.
The boy, Jack Steele, ot Ro-lham,
Kent, was heard shrieking by Assistant-Surgeon Reiliy at 0:30 p. m. Mr.
Rellly U Med tbe call* tor help *v*r
the sU-ooard sld*, and en "pMrtng
*>wn he������*������*��� itoefo clinging to? the
porthole of a large tour-berth room.
Mr. Rellly tried to reach the boy trom
the deck, bat ten teet npaimtod then.
A heavy aea rolled th* vessel, and aa
th* Oceanic rocked Stael*'* foot w*ra
lapped by th* oosan.
"I'm going! Help! I'm going 1"
shHeked th* terrorised lad. Mr. R*ll-
ly raised ths cry ct "Man ovwbc-aril"
whloh (topped the o���ahla'a ***%.**
and . brought Quartermaster Rowe tc
hla aide with a coll of rope. Mr. Rowe
made a running bowline and skillfully
swinging the noose under Steele's feet
drew tt to his shoulders and hauled
him on deck.
Steele was exhausted and tainted.
He waa carried to the ship's hospital
where he was semi-conscious for s
day.    He waa unable to explain his
predicament, except that he was glv-
tn to aomnambullam. He waa asleep
alone in hla cabin and- crawled
through the porthole while dreaming.
Henry Robinson, one of the Ocean-
Ic's stokers, jumped overboard on
Sunday at noon, efforts at reecue being unavailing. Members of the crew
say that he leave* a widow and fourteen children at Southampton.
Suffering Humanity Finds
thatreHef mustbefound for the ills which may oame any day,
���else suffering is prolonged sad thenfa tfangmthattftaver
trouble will follow. Most serious siclraeem start in disorders of the organs of digestion gad eHmii-Stion. Thsbsstcor-
recthra and pwrsat-Te. in such oasts, is acknowledged to bs
This standard hope ���nedy-Mooa Aa etcmach, stimulates tii* sluggish HT��r, regulate* tha inactive bowels.
Taken,^heoertr then fa need, Boechajn's POfa will
t^ere ytiu hours of suffering nnd so taferava your
general health aad strength that yaa ea* batter
resist dlseaae. TesUd by tfaao,, Baedham't Mfc fcatrt"
proved safe, esrtaln, prompt, cooveakct sstf Hn& tiyy
**^m^mwwt     msa^^^m^^aa*.
.!��������-*>>���' ���..ff*;.'/''-*--
������*%*' XlimxtV .^.uit'tS
~i':       _.' FAOB EIOHT
Supply Co.
p. 0. Box 2        Phonee 1 and 97
641 Columbia -St.
Fancy large Elberta
peaches, box 90c.
Italian Prunes, crate 75c
Fancy table apples, 3
lbs. 25c.
Blackberries, crate $1.
Alberta Creamery Butter, per lb. 30c.
Fresh Picnic hams, per
lb. 17c.
Sunshine Tomatoes, per
tin 10c.
Okanagan Peaches, 2
tins 25c.
Whole Codfish, per lb.
Labrador Herring, just
received, per lb. 10c.
Supply Co.
Money to loan on llrst mortgages,
Improved city and farm property,
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1989)
Boy Scouts Parade.
Scoutmaster H. P. Day has issued
orders for all boy scouts to parade at
the C. P. R. station at C-45 sharp this
afternoon to catch theT-J-10 train for
Port Coqultlam. where\tl_e boys wlll
be the guests of the fair management
there. The scouts will parade In full
dress without staves.
Por all building supplies a_td fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust buildbtg.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 88-...
is open from 9:00 a.m.
every week day except
Saturday, when the
hours are 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.
4 per cent interest is
allowed on all deposits
from $1 upwards and
such interest is added
Every assistance is
given to depositors in
selecting safe investments whenever deposits are sufficiently large
to purchase securities.
There are other ways
in which we are of service to depositors.
Call in and talk the
matter over.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. 3. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships  under  Admlnla-
tratlon, over 16,000.000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Greater Westminster
i # * *�� ��* # # *�� *�� * # #��. * * *
All notices of meetings, entertainments, ssles of work, .tc, In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cants per Una. Pleas, do not
ask members of ths staff to break this
rule, as their inatructlona ar. positive.
Hindu Case.
The case coming before the assize
court today Is the charge of issuing a
forged cheque against J>Jaglr Singh, a
Sikh. J. P. Hampton Bole appears for
the accused.
tlfled two watches belonging to Mrs.;
MacKenzie and himself and a ring be-!
longing to Mrs. MacKenzie. j
Social to Mothers.
A social to the mothers of the parish I
of St. Mary's, Sapperton, will be given
In the parish rooms this afternoon by
thp Women's Auxiliary of St.  Mary's |
when refreshments will be served.
Opening Dance.
The opening dance of the Royal City
Dancing club was held in St.' Patrick's
hall last evening, a large number be-'
Ing in attendance.   These dances will
be held every Wednesday evening.
Hardware Holiday.
The following hardware firms of the
city have agreed to close their, stores
on Saturday till further notice, between the hours of 1 o'clock and 7:
Cunningham Hardware Co., M. J.
Knight Hardware Co., James & Mc-
Clugan. Bryson & Sons, T. J. Trapp
& Co., Ltd., Anderson & Lusby and H.
T. Kirk.
The Elks Were Happy.
When the Elks met last nigh" they
ri*��3e:ited one of their meaThibs, 3.
Stllwell Clute, with a boque: of flowers just to remind hlm of the honor
he had brought to the local lodg. by
being elected grand exalted ruler.
After the regular meeting thc members
and visitors from Vancouver sat do vn
to a banquet during which timi addresses eulogistical of the grand ex-
alter ruler were made.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds ot millions to pay losses.
Will Ask for Writ
This morning an application for a
writ of habeas corpus will be made to
Mr. Justice Clement, on behalf of H.
W. Hoadley, engineer. Hoadley Is Incarcerated charged with setting a
house on fire ln Burnaby, belonging
to J. C. Henderson. The flre took
place on Aug 20 and Hoadley was arrested on Sept. 13. The apllcatlon
was made, to Justice Clement by K.
Corridon of McKay �� O'Brien. Vancouver, yesterday, and leave to apply
was granted.
Old-sat Church in B. C.
Although the site of St. Mary's
church has been sold, the building itself, which Is the oldest place of worship In British Columbia, having been
erected by the sappers and miners 50
years ago, will be preserved as a cem-
etery chapel. This decision was arrived at at a meeting of the -parish
held Wednesday evening when a communication from the dioc*san authorities, allowing the members to sell
the site on the understanding that the
bulldine itself would be removed tn
some other site and preserved, was
read. Little will be done in the matter this fall, although a olan for Increasing the aceomn)odatlon in time
for harvest festival ���ervlcee on Oct.
12, was gone into and! adopted.
A Night 'Out.
Wawatesians and tlieir friendt enjoyed themselves at a successful social held ln the rooms of the B. C
Telephone company on Clarkson street
last evening. Commencing shortly after 8 o'clock a musical program was
gone through, many of the numbers
receiving an encore. Refreshments
were served by a bevy of members of
the club. Among those In attendance as guestB were several from
Vancouver, Including Miss Brennan.
Messrs. Hooker, McLaughlin and Ober.
The following took part in the program: M'sse_ Burnette, Godfrey, Parker, E. Godfrey. Morrison. Daisy Wai-
ker, Tlmleck, Giechen. Dorothv Walker, Eva Morrison. Smith, W-nddell,
Brennan and  Mr. Clarence D.  Wells.
(Continued from page onei
Fred Davis will sell by public auction a large assortment of household
furniture and effects (removed for
convenience of sale) at the Westminster Auction House, Kings hotel block.
Columbia street, on Tuesday. September 23, at 2 p.m. sharp. This Is a
very Important sale of high class
goods. See H. J. Russell for particulars of sale. (2089)
Night School Opens.
Malcolm McKenzie has been appointed teacher of the night classes for the
city, by the board of school trustees.
This action was taken last night at a
special meeting. Mr. McKenzie is a
member of tbe faculty of Columbian
college. His salary will be ti.50 per
night. Applications for. a janitor for
the ' high school were received and
four applicants wlll be interviewed by
the board next Tuesday. The night
classes start on Monday and all wishing to take up th" course of study
there should call at the school board
offices before that time.
Twenty-two years ago China nnd
Japan supplied all the Tea consumed
in Canada. The "Salada" Tea Co. at
that time, commenced the Introduction
of British grown Teas, with the result that laBt year, of the thirty-nine
million pounds of tea Imports, thirty-
two millions came from Cevlon and
India, and nearly one-quarter of nl>
the teas sold in the Dominion was sold
In "Salada" sealed lead packets.
The moral is' If you have a good
thing with which to serve the public.
advertise It. '-.
Methodist Circle Meeting.
The rnrn'ar meeting of the Queen's
Avenue Weslevan Methodist elrcle
was held on Wednesday evening at
the narsonage���the residence of Rev
\V. W. Abbott. Delegates from a
branch mo-Hing were present and a
most Interesting report was (irf-'f't-
j ed hy Miss Grace Diamond. After
business was concluded an hour or
two was spent In social Intercourse,
dorine which refreshments were served. The meeting broke up at 10
On Prldav next P. B. Brown wlll
sell by public auction on the premises
the contents of Mr. liardwlck's house
nn Kdmonds road, at 2 o'clock. South
Tlend Malleable cooking range, six
hole, ln flrst class shape; bedsteads,
tables, chairs, pictures, china and
earthenware, garden tnols. lawn mower
and other effects. No reserve. M'.
Hardwlek Is leaving the district snd
everything must be sold regardless rf
price.    TennB cash. (2073)
.. f or . .
On. Mysterious Man.
The travelling Jewelrv emporium ar-
"���estcd by Chief Constable Matheson,
Pttrrnv, recently, still refnsoH obstinately to ei*"* eny nstoo and has been
designated "John Doe." John Doe was
vesterdav committed for trial hv Police Magistrate Bose at Cloverdale inn
'��i now lodi-ed In the provincial Jail,
I Vesterdav Chief Matheson lodged with
|the registrar an assortment of valu-
aides which showed the prisoner no
mean judge of Jewelry and the
watchmakers' art. besides other things.
The other 'hlnvH Included $..0!>.85 In
mnney, u beaut&ftll leather pouch, containing a large numlier of foreign
coins, ancient nnd modern, razors and
a revolver, The jewelers' art is represented hy eight gold watches, a
.deven snld rings, lockets, chains nnd
i beautiful brooch Robber.es ��r(. re-
���".rted from Chill' ick and Cloverdale nnd Chief Matheson Is to be con-
pratulnted on hls smart, capture. Road
Superintendent MacKenzie of Delta,
v.ho resides at Cloverdale, has lden-
WitnesB then suggested a visit to the
police station. Powell answered that
witness might phone to Detective
Price, who would Identify him as a
ticket seller for the Rlngltng Bros,
circus. Witness, however, took blm
to the station and on the way noticed
him do a twist and observed the boy,
| George Pratt, Immediately afterwards
{pick something up. Close to tbe sta
tion witness noticed Powell drop a
key down his pants. He grabbed tbe
key, whicb was found to be the key
of his hotel room. Powell explained
he was merely fixing up his pants.
Witness then detailed the detaining
and searching of prisoner at the police
station and of the boy Pratt bringing
in Ave (10 bills of the Bank of Mont
real. Powell denied throwing them
away. When Powell was searched
some 4500 of American money was
fonnd on his person.
George B. Pratt, a young lad from
Detroit, testified to seeing prisoner arrested by Officer Fineberg at Kline's
���Store. He followed them and saw
.prisoner drop something out cf his
pocket which he picked up. They were
five -110 blllB, but he took no notice to
which bank they belonged at the time
He turned them over to the police. He
also saw Powell dron the key.
Same Bills.
W. H. O. Phlpps. accountant, testllled to certain of the bills stolen fr-m
thc Hank of Montreal to be amongst
the money discovered ln Powell's possession by the Detroit pollce.
Thomas Ferguson, teamster, cave
similar evidence as he did in the Mac-
uainant case regarding tho theft of
TrapiJ's automobile on the morning of
the Hank of Montreal robbery, He
Identified Powell as one of the companions of Macnamara when he
noticed them clustered round Tra|ip'<
auto opposit" the Y. M. ('. A. about
6 o'clock that morning
Accused-  Where were  you horn ?
Witness���hi Scotland.
Accused- What age were you when
you left there.
Witness-About   3d.
Accused - What porl did you land In
when you arrived in this country ?
Witness���Vancouver, Further Inter
rotated Perguson replied he had neve"
lived in thp l'nited States, but onlv in
Vancouver and New Wesiminster
since lie came to British Columbia,
He Reconnijed Them.
(.;. K. Greenwood repeated his evidence of recognizing l'owe'1 with Mac
namara on tha morning of the bank
robbery opposite the Royal Oak hotel.
Me had never seen them before, bill
learned subsequently  who  thev wcre.
Similarly cross-examined bv oc
cused witness said be wss born in
British Columbia, but had been In th"
United States, all over the Btate of
Washington and In Portland, Oregon.
No Developments.
Bench and bar. police and spectators, were perplexed. ��t first supposing some strange development to b"
imminent, which did not, however,
materialize vesterday,
A Precious Burden.
Deputy Register Urine, guarded by
the stalwart Senior    I'rovlnc'nl    Con- j
��tnbie Macleod, appeared bearing   a
box    containing    the    precious   b''|o !
which were under the care of his department.
Chief of Police BradBhaw save < vl-
den'-e ef receiving the Imv from De.
trolt. lie took over Powell from the
Detroit police tinder an extradition
warrant and brought hlm to New
Prices generally will b-j ab nit
stationary at this morning's
It ls anticipated that there
wlll be a large supply of
prunes and some plums.
Apples and pears are in
good supply, and pear, especially Hardens, are plentiful���
mostly of the stewing variety.
Cabbage, carrots and turnips
will be on hand ln larger
quantities than usual.
There will be a big supply of
potatoes, but so far the demand Ib only fair.
Poultry, it is expect"d. will
be up to the usual standard.
Meats   generally    will   hold
their own,   though   pork   wlll
probably weaken somewhat   In
��.# ft tt ft .# ��t # # # # tt ft ft
We the undersigned agree
to close our stores on Satur- j
day afternoons between the
hours of 1 and 7 p.m. until
further notice.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
H, T. KIRK. (2088)
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324
Mus. Bac.
Singing,  Piano, Theory.
Por Terms and Hours Apply at
Studls, 1011 Hamilton Street.    Phont
1319 R. (1977)
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
L.R.A.M.. A.R.C.M.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, S'.ng-
ing. Voice Production, Theory (In
class or privately). Harmony, Counterpoint. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examina
tions of the Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Profess'.-uial
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
Kor terms, etc.. apply Gl Dufferin
Street.   Phone 411 R. (20671
Night School
Starting   next   MONDAY,
at 7:30 p.m. at
Individual Instruction
in   Bookkeeping,   Spelling,
Arithmetic,      Penmanship,;
Shorthand, Typewriting by;
A.   I..  BOT'CK.   Principal.       j
Phone 853. 610 Columbia St.
A few crates of choice
peaches: for preserving left
at 90c. per crate.
Tokay Grapes, 2 lbs. 25c
Red Spring and Steelhead
Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbs.
for 25c.
Smoked Halibut and Salmon, 2 lbs. 25c.
W. J. R US E
(Successor to Ayling *\ Swain.)
447 Columbia St Phons 9*.
McAllisters limited
Your Choice of SO Ladies' New Fall
Coats for $15.00
These days mpst ladies are thinking of new fall coats, and for today's selling we
are offering you the choice of fifty of the newest coats in a big assortment of the
smart curl cloths, tweeds, etc., all man tailored, and made up ih the latest and
most approved styles. The assortment of colorings include browns, navys, grays,
tweed mixtures and new coating shades. There are all sizes in this range of coats
and to those who require a new fall coat this special Friday offering will give
an opportunity to choose from many coats that are well worth far in advance
of the price this opportunity offers.  Special for Friday, your choice for
Friday Specials in       Friday Offerings
the Men's Furnishing from the Range and
Department Heater Departments
A speclul value ln new fall season's neckwear ls jus',
opened and you can choose (rom (lve hundred deferent patterns and colorings in the latest designs o( men's neckwear. Including new knitted
Bilks, plain and striped silk effects to suit all
tastes. See our special window showing (<>- this
range.   Today's special value at  50C.
Penman's $1.50
Heavy Ribbed Under-
Our Reliance and Steel Range stands practically preeminent foi value and satisfaction; built on substantial line., with body of blue steel, asbestos
lined, rolled Bteel oven, heavy (Ire boi, per(ectly
ventilated, (or either wood or coal; made with
poi ih iml steel tops: (umlshed with a large warming closet and all rtlckel trimmings. Today's
Special I'rice on this range is  SS7.80
wear Friday, at $1.25 The St- Clair
Now is the time to secure your (all underwear imd
today we are offering all sixes In our Standard
Penman's heavy fall weight ribbed underwear,
regular f 1.50 value. Special, garment at S1.25
Your Choice of 150
Men's Sweater Coats
for $2.75 Each
Sweater Coat time Is here and we have secured a
very special purchase of ISO men's sweater ooata
In assorted styles and colorings specially for today's selling at a round price. You will find styles
with a "V" shaped neck to wear under a rout, or
with high collars, and some with the new extra
SHparale vest and collar ef(ect. All are on snle at
one price, each    $2.75
Oak Heater
A beautiful parlor or hall Hot Blast Heater; handsomely designed and elaborately (Inlshed; wllh
nickel largo (rout feet door; cone centre shaking
grale; made with heavy (Ire bowl and cast linings, and body of heavy gauge steel; (inlshed
with a nickel plated ring and base. This l�� a
very special value, today (or  S32.50
Also our WaniLiigtau tlrand Oak Heater, now specially prices at  $23.75
Sec thc special values in all Cook Stoves
Ranges and Heaters for Today's selling
in our Stove Department.
McAllisters Limited
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Markel, Columbia St., Phonea
1200, 1201, 1202.
Sapperton  Market, Phone 1204.
Eighth  St. Market, Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market, Phone L883.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province ot British Columbia.
Savings Department ot all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and intereat at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited halt yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Chequee sold, payable In all parte of tbe
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
A. W. BLACK, Manager.
New   Weatmlnster   Branch:
Bellingham. Sent. IS. With prices
on shingles steadily dropplng.24 manufacturers In this countrv closed down
their plants today awaiting a stronger
market. Clears are quoted at $1.75
nnd stars at. *1.4B, the lowest In two
years, say the mill men. More plantH
are expected to close tomorrow and It
is believed practically every mill In
the county wlll join the movement.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employer**
Marine Insurant*.
LlaWtlty. Aut-emeMi* and
Notice to Passengers-City Lines.
CHANGE IN FARES-Effectlv* Sept. 18,1913
For the convenience of pasengers, conductors
will be provided with stripe of five tickets, good on
city lines only at any time, which will be sold for
twenty-five (25) cents.
Strips of ten tickets (five green and five white)
will be sold for forty (^0) cents, good on city lines
only, but the white tickets will ONLY be accepted on
the cars between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. The green tickets
will be available until midnight.
The ratoa and conditions previously prevailing
governing transfers, school children's tickets and the
requirement of a double fare after midnight will
continue in force.


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