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The New Westminster News Jan 6, 1913

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I 1
4. ���'
The New Westminster News
the only morning newspaper
llshed  ln  the  City  of New  V fjf
minster  and   the  rich   and   ' ^
Fraser Valley. e
The Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
' generally fair and cold.
��� ���  i
Ambassadors in London and in Constantinople Using
Their Influence in Effort to Persuade Turkey to Make
Fresh Concessions to Balkan Allies���Not Much Fear of
Mussulman Uprising���Will Probably Cede Adrianople.
London, Jan. 6.���Danger of a rup-, slty of Turkey meeting the terms of
tore tomorrow of peace negotiations j the allies particularly with respect to
seems to have been averted by tlie
probability that . Turkey will make
fresh concessions wblch will give the
allies a holiday during the festivities
la connection.wltb the Cbrlstmaa celebration of the Greek Catholic church.
From authoritative sources. It is
said the powers, through their ambassadors here and at Constantinople
have exerted strong pressure at Constantinople for moderation, while the
Balkan representatives have been
urged to be patient before breaking
oft negotiations, especially as they
can lose nothing by waiting, tbelr position being stronger than that of the
The efforts of the powers appear to
hsve been successful on both sides.
Thus, unless some sudden change develops st the last moment, Rechad
Pasha will present on Monday, new
terms, which will comprise another
rectification of the Thraccan frontier,
bringing It farther out, perhaps to
Dedagatch, but not Including Adrlanople, and probably the cession of
Turkey's rights In Crete directly to
the allies.
After representations had been
made to them, Mr. Danoff, premier
Venlzelee. M. Movakovltch and M. Mi
yuskovltrh met today and decided to
Adrianople.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The powers continue   to   exercise
pressure at Constantinople, aiming to
demonstrate to tbe Porte that reals-
tence only would lead to graver losses.
Cede Adrlanople.
The Impression Is that Turkey will
end by ceding Adrlanople and that tbls
will be done without serious results,
such as are predicted by Turkish sympathizers or threatened by Constants
nople. Whenever Turkey is about to
suffer territorial amputation the
spectre of Mussulman fanaticism Is
raised and assistance Is Bought from
Great Britain and France, whieh have
ln their dominions millions of Mussul-
men, pictured as ready to rise ln sympathy.
The Tdrklsh empire, however, gradually has been dismembered, without the Mussulman dragon ever awakening either at home or abroad, and
experts In Turkish affairs Interpret
this to mean that the Musulmen are
convinced they fare better under their
present rulers.
Advancement has been made by
Kussla and France in their efforts to
Induce Italy to use lu r good offices at
Vienna with, the object of turning over
Scutari to Montenegro Instead of in-
give Turkey a further period of grace. | eluding that town  in Albania.    It is
taking the ground that the submission
of new teams will be proof of a disposition on tbe part of Turkey to
reach a satisfactory solution. They
propose to submit the new terms to
tbelr governments for study, and will
suggest an adjournment of the conference probably to Friday, the third
day after their Christmas, at the same
time emphasizing the absolute neces-
believed that Italy, as the ally of
Austria, and, also because of relationship between the Savoy and Montenegrin royal families, may succeed in
accomplishing this, while If the same
proposition were urged by the administrations at Paris and St. Potersburg.
It might assume the character of tba
triple entente opposing the triple al
Hague Tribunal Is Not a
Fitting Place for Discussion.
Leave Settlement of Panama Dispute
to Board  Made up of Englishmen and Americans.
Washington, Jan. 5.���President "Taft
is willing to submit to arbitration tbe
issues between Great Britain and the
United States over the Panama canal
tolls, but do.es not favor such procedure by The Hague tribunal. This became known here tonight upon the
president's return from New York. Although he has not given the matter
of a tribunal much thought, the president probably would prefer a special
board of arbitration composed of an
equal number of citizens of the United
States and Great Britain.
The president has expressed to his
friends the view that at The Hague
all Europe would be against this nation and that the moral pressure on
the commerce would be enormous bc>
cause Europe ts Interested in Panama
In a court In wblch only Great Britain
and the United States were represented, It Is argued, there would be a
much greater chance of a fair subscription. Several Democratic senators
have voiced tho opinion that a special
tribunal should bo created to arbitrate
ihis diepute.
Msnager G.  L.   Hunter  Expected
Arrive Early In the Week to Assume New Duties.
Tbe Union Bank branch ln this city
the eighth similar institution In New
Westminster, opened for business for
the first time on Saturday morning
in the offices located at (til and 613
Columbia street. Tbe Dominion bank,
the ninth Institution will open, It Is
expected, some time within the next
three days.
Tbe manager of the Union bank, Mr.
G. J. Hunter, lite of Fort William,
Ont., was unable to reach the eity
nn the day of the opening, but Is expected early this week. Business was
started with only a small-staff but Increases will be made as soon as business warrants it
Transportation Problem in
Burnaby  a  Troublesome One.
First Stage of Downward Revision Promised Will Commence Today���Will Be First Change Made in Duties
Since Passing of Payne-Aldrich Law in 1909���Republicans in Peculiar Position.
Call Governor-General's Attention to Actions of
Mr. Rogers.
Minister of Public Works In Borden
Cabinet Refuses to Appear Before Committee.
Reglna, Jan. 5.���Attorney General
Turgeon will move In the legislature
that the actions of the Hon. Robert
Rogers, minister of public' works In
the Borden cabinet, be brought to the
attention of hla Royal Highness the
The Hon. Mr. Rogers in a speech
made ln Montreal some time ago
made derogatory remarks regarding
the methods used by the Scott government In the recent elections ln
Mr. Rogers was asked to attend a
meeting of a committee of the Saskatchewan legislature which was appointed to Investigate the charges he
made and to place before them the
proofs he had for the statements made
ln Montreal.
This Is a quite unusual proceeding
and has caused quite a stir ln political circles throughout the Dominion.
Washington, Jan. B.���The drat stage
ln the program for downward revision
of the tariff, promised by the Demo
cratic party, will be entered upon to
morrow, when the bouse of representatives, through Its committee on ways
and means, formally will open the
doors to the American public for the
dUeusslon of tariff rates, protection
to industries and concessions to the
"ultimate consumer."
The work will be preparatory to the
first change of tariff duties, since.
1909, when the Payne-Aldrich law was
enacted by a Republican congress and
approved by a Republican president
Fortified by the election ot a Democratic president and congress, tbe
adoption of a tariff reduction plank at
the Baltimore convention and tbe pronouncement of President-elect Wilson
chat tariff revision is to be the first
big achievement ot the new administration, Democratic leaders will
Who  Served   During  Franco-Prussian
War���Remarkable Depletion of
Battle Scenes.
Edmonds, Jan. 5.���A curious situs
tion now exists In Burnaby following
the decision handed down by Mr. Jus
tlce Murphy in tne Supreme Court
dismissing the action of the Burnaby
municipality in seeking to quash the
franchise given the British Columbia
Electric Company by the council of
The case was argued ln Vancouver
in September, 1912, by eminent council on both sides, the plaintiff claim
UK that the council of 1909 exceeded
Its powers by passing the by-law without first submitting. It to the people;
nnd. Biso, that the company exceeded
! its charter rights Ln accopllng th* con-
call tbe extra session about March 15.
Informal conferences between Mr..
Underwood and Democratic leaders of
the senate wlU continue throughout,
the preparation of tbe tariff bills.
Through these conferences and consultations with Governor Wilson, it Is expected the details of many bills will
be perfected early In March, so thai
tariff revision will start wben tha
new congress assembles.
While the Democratic tariff Is to
be based on the revenue needed to run
the government. It is understood fully
that the probable effect upon Important American Industries will be taken
into consideration In reducing any at
the present protective tariff rates.
Drugs, chemicals, paints and other
merchandise that comes within Uus
chemical list, known as "Schedule A"
will form the subjects of the opening
hearings tomorrow and Tuesday.   Th?
aers win   open chemical schedule raises over 112,090,-
confldent   that   ,  <���-���-���  -
tomorrow's hearings confident that. ,������, ln r,.Veuae, or about 4 per cent,
they will lead to an early change in 0f the total from the tariff. The*
many, If not all, ot the schedules   of i -
Peace   Commissioner   le   Robbed
Money and Clothing by   ths
Mexican Rebels.
the existing law    ^^^^^^^^^^^
The method ot the approaching revision, and the extent of the changes
to be made In the present duties, are
points now settled fully by the Democratic leaders and President-elect Wilson,   It Is known that reduced duties
ou chemicals, metal, cotton and wool
len goods   will   follow   closely    the
standard fixed by the bills passed by
the Democratic house the last    two
years, none of wblch has become law.
The  facts to be brought out at the
public hearings this month, and the
conferences to follow, may result    In
Bl Paso, Texas, Jan. 5.���Represents-
chemical bill, as framed by the Democratic house last session, would increase this amount about ��3,000,000.
according to Representative Underwood's estimate.
New schedules ot the tariff law wilt
be taken np for hearings each Monday, Wednesday and Friday until
January 31. when the sessions will
close with a bearing on the free list.,
the administrative features and miscellaneous portions ot the tariff law.
To Withhold Names.
Chairman   Underwood, ot  the committee, has concluded, as a' matter of
Cause ef Dlecoloratlon of City Water
to Be Investigated���Will Discuss
Matter Tonight.
Pending an Investigation into the
cause ot the discoloration of the city
water. Alderman Curtis, chairman of
tbe water department of the council,
has induced the officials of the Vancouver Power Company to suspend
construction operations at Coqultlam
ln the absence of O. R, G. Conway,
chief engineer of the B. C. E. R
Alderman Curtis Interviewed Mr. R
H. Sperling at Vancouver, and requested that the company suspend operations, which It was agreed; would be
Mr. Curtis Is ot tbe opinion that
the discoloration of the water u>
canseit bv tbe dislocation of clay In
the filling of the dam and suggested
to the officials of the company that a
pump be Installed to carry the water
over the dam so that any discoloration
caused hy the material used in the
construction night not -enter Coqultlam lake.
L. Alderman Curtis states he will
bring the matter before the council
this evening tor general discussion.
Edmoads, Jsn. B.���For the first time
In the history of Burnaby as an Incorporated district, n Socialist candi-
[liset has Honoured In the field. This
Is Mr. E. Edward Winch, who Is run-
���Hue; against Councillor Mayne and
Mr. .James Murray in Ward Six (Cen
trnl Psrk district.)
Mr. Winch Is an out and out "Red"
and will strictly adhere to the principles of Socialism if elected to office.,
Propaganda    Is    being    circulated i P��8e ��urlng
throughout the district and meetings
will   be  called  during  the  next  two
weeks tn bebalf of Mr. Wlncb.
Exodus to  Victoria   Means  Daisy
Starting Many Classes���Schools
Open Today.
Federation   Claims   ths   Proceedings
Against Dynamiters Wai Based
' on Trumped Up Charges,
Chicago, Jan. 5.���The Chicago Federation ot Labor condemns the, eon-
vtctlpu of the thirty-three labors lead- ]
In a series of resolutions passed by
th* Federation they say that' the
prosecution was baaed on trumped np
charges; that Judge Anderson ������waa
partial to tbe prosecution; that the
jury was prejudiced and Influenced by
government agents; that It wa* a
clear sue of the government making
a ttrtti<tou* effort to crush out organised tabor.   ^^^
��� '���>. ���'��� *).4>> ��� 4> > 4> '��� *> ��f ���,��'
*> Milt PELlV ENGAGED. ���
*>     Ottawa,   ��*-    * v-The - ea- ���
^^BssBsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssTnesslons made.    JBkm^L^kmWkm^L^kmWKi 1 mining companies
Paris, Jan. 5.���Jean Baptiste De- j .-tor-the fle'-indarts the questions ot ��,��� ral_�� _,
I ta.lle. the painter of battle scenes, tho Burnaby l^ke btaneb ot the eoa>lln m �� m
I and a veteran of the war with Prus-' pany, the building of whlcrl was 'one
{bia, who died here on Christmas Eve, of the promises made in the event of
I was 64 years of age. longstanding : the by-law passing, was brought for-
heart trouble was the scause uf death. < ward Into court, the company claim-
Detaille was born In Paris tn 1848.1 Ing that they had spent thousands of
He went from the Paris schools to the dollar* In building this road which up
' studio of MeiBsonier, and at once be- to that time had pot been a paying
i gnu to develop his penchant for mill-; on��.
j tary studies.   At the salon of 1868 ho     That the supportei s of the franchise
exhibited the "Halt of Infantry," which will make campaign matter of Hh�� re
| was widely commended.   He Increased : r-pnt decision goes without saying and
his fame the next year with the "Re-1 there is liable to be heaps of fun on
the    Drill,    Camp    St.! the public platform during the   next
two weeks while the municipal election campaign Is raging.
On a vote taken tn October. 1911
the electorate, although In fSvor of
the franchise, turned down the proposition as a three-fifths m*4**'** was
need to validate the act'"-'.* nf the
1<">9 council; thi* was lost by 34
A plebiscite was submitted at   th;
important   modifications  of   the    big '��� personal courtesy to the witnesses. to>
reductions   the   house   has put into, withhold their names prior to   their
some   ot the   bills   ot the last   two!hearing.   In each case, the witness is
tlves at Washington of two Mexican ! yeorB. expected to file a brief giving reasoAs
Peculiar Position. ' i tor his recommendations aa to chaiv��f>"
Republicans will, OSSJUU a peculiar 'in the law, his estimate of the Increase
the wayB and means' committee twol .^^^^^^^^
Republicans���Representatives Payne, in making the estimate, ana suggen-
of New York, and Fordney, cf Michl] tions as to phraseology and the im-
san���will remain In the new congress, j provement of the administrative rea-
jiaur." From that time Detallle's
work was sought for and commanded
excellent prices.
Perhaps the most marked characteristics of this painter's work was Its
fidelity to detail and Its careful exactness. His soldiers and their equipment were perfect patterns of his
models.   Some of the beet known ex-
, WMtwa,   Jan.    *��f��r&   4>
��t Ottawa. na* J*" ww "^
A large contingent of Westminster
school teachers will journey to Victoria today to attend the annual convention, of the Coast Teachers' Institute of B.C.
Teacher* from practically every
city, town and district Till be present at the convention, th* chief objects of wblcb are discussing school
matters. Papers hre read on various
subjects relating to educational work
and many new Idea* are, advanced a*
to the way It should be conducted.
Though today haa also been set for
the reopening of the school* after the
Christmas holiday* It Is highly probable, on account of the absence of a
number of th* teachers, that several
classes will not resume work for a
few day*. ,
The teacher* of the John Robson
school will, attend the "convention en
masse and therefore that school will
not open until Wednesday morning.
Believing that a great advantage can
be derived from attending the convention, Mr. B. R. McMillan, principal Of. the blgb school, will attend as
will also Miss Strong, principal ot the
F. W. Howie school. On account of
Mr. McMillan's absence the Junior and
senior matriculation classes at tho
high school will not meet until Wed
nesday morning. Tbe resumption of
Miss Strong'* class In th* Howie
school will also be postponed until
Wednesday. The other classes will
continue as usual.
 <-������.���",   *
Thrt* Launches Wrecked In Storm on
Pacific Coast.
San Diego, Cal��� Jan. 5.���During the
gale last night three coasting launches
were driven ashore on the lower California coast near Point of Rock* about,
fifteen miles south of this city. One
of tho wrecked boats was the United
States Immigration launch Elizabeth.
Twelve men were on the three1 ves-
t] Bo far as can he learned all except
two were drowned. Arvong them are
United States Immigration Inspector
George Jones and Daniel Klrkendahl.
On* body cam* ashore. It ha* not
been identified.
Corcoran Galleries ln Washington, "A
Reconnoitre," "Salute to the Wounded," "Bonaparte ln Kgypt," "French
Cavalryman" and  "The Conquerors."
"The Retreat" secured for him tn
1873 the decoration of the Legion of
ln the Franco-Prussian war he waa
secretary to General Appert, and he
performed notable service ln making
topographical plans.
Detallle admired English artists,
and numbered many of them among
his closest friends, Including Land-
seer. Although severe in his comments
on tbe Impressionists. Detsl���� <M not
Include the English Impressionists In
the same category with the French,
wbo, be ssld, recruited everybody thai
did not know how to paint. Detain*
enjoyed the friendship of King Edward VI., who often vhtlted him lb
Paris. In 1909, for a week, the painter
wa* a guest of King Edward at Windsor. He painted a picture, which '
numbered smonir his most fomon>
works, ot King Edward kiJ ihe Tlj'.
of Connsnght reviewing the troops *���
Me>*shot. ''�� was fond of painting
English military scenes.
amples of his art are "The Retreat, .,^^^^^^^^^^^^^,^,^mtttttttttam
"The Passing Regiment," now in the J name "lection ��"kl��"�� whether thsresse
Occsased Wa* Founder Of Flour' Mill*
Bearing HI* Nam*���Waa Sick
Just Three Week*.
Toronto, Jan. 5.���Senator, the Hon
Archibald CamplielK the founder of
the flour mill* bearing hi* name, d'ed
here today after an illnes* extending
over a period of about three weeks.
Mr. Campbell died In the Wellr-slev
hospital, to which ha had been moved
immediately his Illnes* became serious.
Tbe late senator wa* visiting his
daughter, Mr*. George H, Peeks,
when he wa* taken ill.
be taken to the highest court* -and
this was passed br about the same
majority as that which turned down
the. franchise,
1'ider the circumstances It would
impair that the present and coming
connc'l have nothing to di h"t v
take the case orr anneal to the h'sher
^urts and eventually to the Privy
n*nvs> w**r�� la noncommittal on
the decision handed down bv Mr
.initio's Murphy. atthoiiKh he n'atfwh
that the Incoming council vo'Dd undoubtedly Introduce a resolution to
have the esse aopealed. i"*'- lino I*
also taken by Councillor Madlll.
today telegraphed |
all    American   woman and   child
The  cause ot the  apprehension was
not given.
The six Guggenheim smelters and
mining plants ln Northern Mexico are
reported near cessation of operation
because of lack of fuel due to tbe
rebel activity whieh Interrupted railway traffic, and the strike of National
railway employees.
All but the Chihuahua smelter face
tbls predicament within tbe week.
Already the Torreon smelter, controlled by Mexican capital, Is reported shut down, as Is also the Monterey steel plant.
Pedro Pobledo, peace commissioner
tor the Mexican government, arrived
here today after treating with the
revels below Juarez. He appeared discouraged. He was robbed by the rebels
ot his money and articles ot clothing.
Representatives nal'ell, of Pennsylvania; Hill, of Connecticut; Long-
worth, of Ohio; McCall. of Massa-
chuetts. and Needbam. of Cnllfirnls,
all prominently Wertiflei n"h r^ro-iy.
"ran tiHir wrr't in Uie pnst. win rot
be members of ���*>��> new rcsrrpss. although they will take part In th��
hearings preliminary to the proposed
Urged bv Underwood, bsrty leader'
Sneaker Clarke and other Democrats
President-elect Wilson Is expected . to .
tures of the law.'!
An important feature in the preparations for  revision '���    the    beiief    of
DemocT'">  leaders  'hat  before    tho
extra session Is called enough states
���III ha' e  ratified the income tax. to>
quisle congress to pass a law to that
effort, supplanting both   the   present
c-Titration tax and the" proposed excise tax.    The proposed Income tax.
the Democrats estimate, would snpply-
Tom    $80.01)0.000   to   SIOO.000,000   ot
government revenue.
Flan* of London County Council ft*-
.wlv* Rumor* of (ratability ef
SL Fduft*
Peace River Railway,
Ottawa, Jan. 6.���The Pacific and
Peace River Railway give* notice ln
this week's Canada Gazette that it
will apply tor an act extending the
time within which it may construct
tt* line and for power to Increase the
amount ot It* securities.
New York, Jan. �����A cable trom
London say* the question -of danger
to the stability ot St Paul's Csrfh��dral>
which has agitated the minds of Londoners tor many 'yqars, has been reopened by a propositi .which, if carried
out, will -be, accoWtng to Met-vtn
Macartney, tho architect to th*
Cathedral, the most serious peril that
ha* ever threatened Wren'* magnificent structure.
The London county council, In the
fact ot repeated warnings, 1* pushing
forward a scetne to build an under
ground tramway close to the structure. It has already'bought a block
of buildings near the flathedral at a
cost of ��1,boo,ooo. tu the purpos* of
starting the subwsy work, and will,
if necessary, boro to' the depth ot
21 teet, only tow '���** above the actual foundations of th* drtMnl, and
only 06 feet from the eaat end., which
is the weakest part of th* edifice:
Mr. Macartney, In an Interview on
tbe anbject. say*:
"Tunnel* or exeavatlng work ot any
kind would tend to disturb the water
lodged In the sub-soil and drain It off.
Only so long as. the sub-soil remain*
unaffected, will tbe latety ot St. Paul'*
bo certain. This danger of draining
the snb-soll has been pointed out by
expert after expert. Longman spoke
ot it ln 1874, and Penrose In XJWO."
Body of Whltslaw Held Laid to Rest���
President*,   Cabinet    Minister*
and Diplomat* Attend.
If the piles for the foundations arrive from Ruskln this week construe
tion on the new Bcha.-'-" Machine
Works on Lulu Island will be Inaugurated shortly.
As soon as the foundation work lu
started the contract for the superstructure work will probsblv he let
���ind the construction of th�� buildings
aa.rrevlously planned will be gone
ahead with.
It Is not probable that the h""dinp
in which the Diesel engines will be
-manufactured will be erected for some
New Fixtures Have Arrived and Dominion  Bank Will  Probably
Open at Once. b
Although not previously announced.
It Is altogether likely that Westmtn-
^f^^g^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ster's ninth bank, the Dominion Bank
It Is expected thst the company will |of Canada, will open its door for bom-
bo Able tn move into their new plant j nee* this morning.
New York, Jan. 6.���The body ot
Whltelaw Reid. late' ambassador to
Great Britain, was carried yesterday
to It* last resting place In the Sleepy
Hollow cemetery at Tarrytown. President Taft, cabinet officer*, representatives ot the army and navy and the
British embassy, the bereaved family
and hundred* of friend* and associates ot tho late ambassador attended
ihe funeral In the cathedral of St.
lohn the Divine.
Bishdp David M, Greer conducted
th* service, assisted by Bishop Leon*
ard of Cleveland, representing th* die*
cess or Ohio. In which Mr. Held wed
to reelde. Bishop Boyd Carpenter
Canon of Westminster Abbey,.represented th* clergy of England. .
Britain Represented.
Great Britain waa represented by
her American ambassador, James
Bryce, and member* ot hi* aulte, and
the officer* of the cruiser Natal, which
brought .(he body acres* the Atlantic
The United State* army was represented officially by Major General
Berry and the navy by. Rear Admiral
Among other* present w*re Sir IV
nest Shackleton, the polar explorer,
representing the Pilgrim*' of Great
I Britain, and ex-President Theodore
Roosevelt, representing the American
Honorary Mi Bearer*.
The honorary pall bearer* included Secretary ot Stat* Knox, Amb***a-
dor Bryce, Senator Root, Senator
Lodge, Judge George Gray, Rear Admiral Cowls*, Joseph H. Cheat*,
Chauncey Depew, J. P. Morgan, Robert Bacon, Robert Todd Lincoln, and
Henry Whit*.
After the service*, which began at
U o'clock, the casket waa escorted to
the Grand Central station by a battalion of marine* and a battalion ot
tailor*.  At the station a special train
on April 1.
Mr. Joseph W. Irwin to Run for Alder
man���Tan   In   th*   Rate���
Another aldermantc candidate, Mr.
���Joseph W, Irwin, ha* announced, hW
entrance Into the civic election campaign which will probably bo started]
tomorrow evening. Mr. Irwin came to
hla decision on Saturday morning. It i
.was known ln private circlet that
many-of his friend* wanted him to
enter the race.
Mr. Irwin has been a resident In the
city for the past Ave years, and la th.
district nineteen year*, to that hit
ll*t of acquaintances Is extensive He
Is connected with the brppeh of ""
Dominion Trust Company in this elty
Thi* brings the list Ot candidate.
up to ten with a prospect of more b*
tor* another week has passed. Those
in the field at present are Aldermen
A. ���. White, A. E. Kelllngton. Joseph
Henley. Fred J. Lynch, Walter Dodd
Mr. John Jardlne. Mr. P*t*r Peebles
Mr. J. W. Irwin, Mr. Archie Hon and
Mr. Ralph Wilson.
So far only one of the retiring
school trustee*. Mr. L. Thornber, t*
seeking re-election, while three Labor
men, Messrs. R. A. Stoa*y, Chamberlain and Mcintosh, hare also entered
the race.
'However,. It Is known that several
cltlttns have been hanging back until
the last moment, nnd Acre tt not Ua-
Late last week Manager O. H.
Mathewson stated to The News that
owing to tbe fSct that certain office
fixtures bad not then arrived It wa��
poeslbel that the. date of opening,
mlgbt be postponed.
However, it Is undented that theses
have now arrived and tbat Mr. Mathewson and hi* staff will be on .deck
'hla morning ready to cater to the)
business and financial need* of tha
citizens of New Westminster.
Located In the Bill* block, the office of the new banking Institution baa
undergone a great change and everything pertaining to the best In financial need* had been Installed.
Mr. Mathewson stated at the same
time that his firm had several large-
concern* In th* city oa It* roster sad .
felt certain that there wa* plenty of
for seek an institution wbea
the present growth of the city wa*
Ottawa, Jan. 4.���The Canada,, Gazette include* an order ln council reserving to the Crown a atrip of ones-
half mile on each side of the Hudson
B��,y railway from Le Pas to Nelson.
This will provide the government
with townsite* and sites tor station*
yards, terminal* and shut* off tho
race among speculators for Inside Upst
respecting townsltes   and   divisional
:���������������* ���������:
 K to "be ~a deeirtft of candfdatea for
wMW"aWtVntrto"��*rry the Matlly and'school board honors whsn nomination
friends to Tarrytown.
day arrives.
���      The Hon. Frank Oliver, mln-  ���
The Hon. Prank Oliver, minister of tke Interior ln the
late Laurier administration,
will speak at a Libera! rally In
Vancouver on January th* thirteenth. The hall has not yet
been selected.
If  the  only  purpose  of  the  press  thirst,  but he must not poison    his
1b to give the public what it likes, it' f00(j or Water.
Suppose  a place is  besieged    and
that outside the walls are wellB which
An independent morning paper devoted to the interests of .Vim' Westminster and
the Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the Xational Printing
ornd Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Btreet, New Westminster, British
Columbia. KOBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU comntMHicsstioss should be addressed to The New Westminster Sexes, and not
to individual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
payable to The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, 999; Editorial Kooms (all depart-
__��), 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, M per year, f.1 for three roefntlis, 40e per
its. By snail, $3 per year, 25c per month.
ADVERTISING  RATES on application.
TO CORRESPONDENTS���No letters will be published In The .Veios except ovsr
the writer's signature. The editor reserves the riaht to refuse the publication of any
cannot be denied that it is fairly well
served. If the press has any mission
in making the world better; if there
Bhould be a press that should continue
in all departments to set the highest
ideals before men, there must needs
be a public willing to support and pro- j
mote that press, and not only make
its existence possible, but make sacrifices to spread Its usefulness.���Mon-
trtal WltnesB.
t It is with great pleasure that we see that those responsible for the government of Burnaby have declared themselves in favor of a single controlling body for the Fraser
river, North Arm and South Arm alike. This view of the
situation was advocated recently in these columns and
we feel that it is only by such a broad and comprehensive
policy that the best ends of the future port can be served.
The history of the ports of the world has proved one
thing very clearly, and that is the importance of one port
authority, controlling the whole waterway concerned and
the land adjacent thereto. Only under single administrations have the best results ever been obtained.
At the present time still other considerations emphasize the importance of unity of action by all the municipalities fronting on either arm of the lower Fraser river.
These considerations are political in so far as they affect
the passage of a Harbor Commission bill through the
House of Commons. At present the government is puzzled
by the appearance on the scene of two bills, one for the
whole lower Fraser river, put forward by New Westminster, and another for the North Arm only, presented by
the municipalities of Burnaby, Richmond, South Vancouver and Point Grey. This duplication has delayed action.
In the case, however, of these two bills being merged together it is more than probable that the cabinet would
accept the one bill as a government measure and put it
through without any of the expenses incurred by a private bill.
We are glad to say that already it seems more than
probable that all difficulties will be quickly swept away.
At a joint luncheon of the Burnaby and Westminster councils, Reeve Weart and Councillor McGregor have both declared themselves against supporting any partial bill that
will affect adversely the passage of the New Westminster
Harbor Commission Bill. It is also understood that other
citizens of Burnaby prominent in the arena of municipal
politics hold the same view.
As far as Richmond is concerned her interests are clearly to be seen. She is equally interested on both arms of
the river and it would suit her far better to have both
under one central control than be forced to deal with an
independent body for each.
The position ot South Vancouver and Point Grey is
���not radically different. These two important municipalities cannot share in any Vancouver harbor development.
For them it is the North Arm or nothing. But the greatest factor in the development of the North Arm will be
the creation of a deep sea port on the South Arm. It will
be from the existence of this that a very great part of the
future business of the North Arm will come.
The latest harbor announcement relating to government action on this coast, is that the Dominion government has decided to spend $500,000 in building wharves on
Burrard Inlet. This is further proof that at Ottawa
they are fully alive to the needs of the Pacific coast and
in view of the expressed opinion of the department of
Public Works that the Fraser river offers greater advantages than either Vancouver or Victoria for develomnent
as a national port, it is high time that any small differences were sunk in an united attempt to secure the active
creation at once and the efficient administration for ever
of the port of the Fraser river.
With this end in view immediate steps should be taken
for cordial common action by all concerned in support of
one bill for one port of the Fraser river.
The New York Sun, ln recalling Mr.
Whltclaw Keids' career, tells how, as
conductor of the New York Tribune
ut the time his chief, Horace Greeley,
was running for the presidency aa n
luiltlng Republican and with the Hegr.
l.'ir Democratic nomination, he became
a force on the side of Independent
.buirnallsm, then a new thing, In
which other notable paperB wo.ro at
the lime leading the way.
It tells how that the. honorable attitude was sacrificed later when  Mr.
method, or hy slyer benevolence, a
good many things could be accounted
There Is eaune for congratulation
ln the fact that Ihe public now demands at least the rhow and pretense
of Independent Journalism. At one
time newspapers were not evnerled
to he other than party "organs"; that
Is, holding a brief to defend the
party under all ciroumstanoes, by
every possible or plausible argument
just as a lawyer takes a fee to Identify himself With (he r.nuse of his client,
and, If he can, to gain the case fur
��� ���������������������<>��������������-��������>
? ���
4-    SCRAP   BOOK   FOR   TODAY.    ���
��� ���
Few Pilgrims Visit Holy Land for Today's Religious Feast.
Owing lo the absence of pilgrims,
today's great festivals will pass almost unobserved In the Holy Land,
and a few priests, trembling for their
lives because cf Moslem hatred, will
go through the ceremonies which ln
former years attracted thousands of
Christians from the ends of the earth.
For Roman Catholics and Prostestants
today is Epiphany, and thiB festival
of the baptism of Jesus is customarily observed by thousands of pilgrims,
who gather on the banks of the Jor-
don, clad ln death shrouds, to commemorate the baptism of Christ by
St. John. For the Russians, Bulgarians, Greeks and other adherents of
tho Eastern Church, tonight will be
Christmas Eve, but there will be no
thirty or forty thousands cf pilgrims
at Bethlehem to celebrate the Nativity. The war in the near east is re
sponsible for the absence of the faithful. The Holy Land of the Christians
remains in the grasp of the Turks,
and the Moslems have no love for
giaours at this time.
Last year some fourteen thousand
Russians made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate their Christmas,
which falls on January 7, new style,
and there were more than as many
Bulgarians, Armenians, Montenegrins
and Greeks. Today, it is likely, the
hostels and monasteries built by the
Russians in the Holy I-and are empty
of guests. The sacred edifices snd
shrines���where Turkish soldiers wear
ing cynical smiles at the follies of the
"infidels" were wont to keep order
among the warring Christians-
will have few worshipers today. In
the past the Moslems have welcomed
the annual invasion, as a source of
profit, and the frequent fights between different varieties of Christians
have been 'to them a source of great
amusement. This year Russia has refused to Issue rassjorts to pilgrims
to the Holy Lard, and the men of the
Balkan States lave been loo busy to
think  about  reUgiOUS pilgrimages.
The greatest sufferers from this
-trite of affairs will be the Jewish
merchants ef the Holy Land. The
Moslems will hear their flnincial loss-
with equanimity. The Hebrews, ac-
customed to profit f'-om both Moslem?
and Christians, will wail and groan
and call down curses upon both
houses. The Jew is cast for the role
of innocent bystander. Also ther?
will be lamentation among the hosts
f beggars who Infest Jerusalem at
this time of the year, reaping a rich
harvest from the comnassion of fill
or'.mo. In va'.n they will d'splay the!:
t---lppV* Miebs. il^elr sores *md utcers
The Montenegrin guides, familiar figures in the Fclv l.smi because of
their remarkable height, who afere-
tlme found rich p'cuing from weslthy
Mlgrlms. have long since returned to
Europe to f'cht the Te-ks noon whose
sufferance thev have piled their trade.
Polish Catholics, both In Poland and
in America, will celebrate Splphany
'"dav -s the "Feast of the Three
t'ng*." The program begins with a
"lemn procession to the church. At
'he mass the priests will hless ��old.
frankincense, myrrh and bits of chalk.
The latter will be distributed among
the heads of families, and on return-
'ng to their homes thev will rnsrk; on
'he door the initials "C. M. B.", ln
*">nor of the three kings or wise men
ef the east, Caspar, Melehior and Bsl-
In Paris the Pav of the Three Kings
's a day of sadness. r- M��'w Tear's
Oay sll hills fall due, and they must
he paid on or before F.plphanv. or
Three Kings Pay. Casnar. Melehior
and Pnltha-ar have pretentious gifts
ind frenchmen are supposed to folio"- their e-samnle. not only paving nil
b'lls. bnt distributing r'fts among servants  and  tradespeople.
���> ���
*��� FIRST    THINGS. ���!
��� ���
The first physle'xn to enrage news
rarer anace to ndvnrtlso hi"* nliA-ri*
sbllltv to cure d'sease was. it is believed llr. J. I'oehev of 1/indon. In
tho "Flvlng Po��t" of 811 years ago
todav, Jan. K. 1700, this announce.
ment appenred:
At the Angel nnd Crown In Rasing
lane near How lane lives I Peehev
a products of the tlnlveslty of Oxford, and nf manv years standing In
the besiegers cannot effectively hold
and which the besieged can reach under cover of night. The besieger
would be justified in Bending parties
to fill up the wells with earth and
stones or to destroy them with dynamite. On the other hand to pollute
the wells with poison or to throw
dead animals Into them would be an
A "prisoner of war" has his rights.
He may be asked to give his parole
to promise not to escape, but he
must not be forced to give his parole
and is not to be punished for refusing
to do bo. A prisoner on parole who
attempts to escape is liable to be
shot, even when escaping orif retaken alive.
An unparoled prisoner may also be
shot, even when escaping or In rctak-
lf recaptured It would be murder tq
shoot him, and he should not be punished for his attempt, though he ma."
be placed ln more rigorous confinement.
A prisoner may be compelled to
earn his "keep" by working at hi
trade, if he has one, or by doing worK
for his captors not ot a purely mill
tary nature. Thus, he may be ordered to assist In draining the camp In
which he is a prisoner, but It vould
nol bt fair to put him t.i ijuiMIll"
The customs of war JustkV the em
ployment of spys, but und��r cenain
rules, if a soldier voluntarily turn";
tiaitor, the other side ia entr.iel
make use of him, but it is not "cricket" to tempt a soldier to bof.ray his
own Bide.
If thus tempted, a man may pretend to turn traitor and deceive the
enemy with false information. On the
other hand voluntarily to go over to
tho enemy, pretending to be a traitor
or deserter, would be dishonorable
conduct, that is, if the pretended traitor is an officer or a soldier.
A tpy, of course, has no rights, and
is at all times liable to be shot or
hanged at sight. An officer or soldier
caught in tho enemy's camp, must not
be treated as a spy, but as a prisoner
of war, provided he is not disguised.
If a commander takes part In a
charge, or persistently exposes himself to fire, he must take his chances
of being shot: but ln big affairs, it
is not the "game" to detail marksmen to "pick off" your opponent's
general, though every effort may be
made to enpi ire him.
When a city or town is bombarded
public buildings, unless used for defensive purposes, should be spared bo
far as possible. When a place Is captured the victorious foe is entitled
to seize art treasures and so on, and
to hold them to ransom. To Injure
or destroy them would be the act of
a  vandal.
When a country Is Invaded, the Invader can compel the Inhabitants to
supply him with food and other supplies, and to act as guides, workmen
and drivers.
A person who, not heVrg'nc to snv
recognized military force, takes', up
arms against an Invader is liable to
be thct when captured. Retaliation
is sanctioned by the customs ot war.
It is military vengeance and t.ikci
place when an outrage is committed
on one side is avenged by the com
mission of a similar act on the other
Youngest of Senator Qoorge A. Cox' |
Sons Who Has dust Been Mad*'
President of til* Imperial Lib
Assursncs Co. Is ��� Music Palroi
���nd Horss L*v*r as Well as i
Msster of Finsnc*.
Herbert C. Cox of Toronto, the nev
president of the Imperial Life As.-mr
ance Co., is one of ttje fofomott younj
business men in C*��sds sn��l inherit;
in s marked degree the financial uliil
ity for which bis father. Senator Geo
A. Cox, is distinguished. I
ln the first plaoe his fsce ciulrl nm !
be mistaken lor any tout ths Cox conn
tensnee���snd it la * phyyiognnmj
famous in Csnadian finsnee. lie hai
more paternal trait* than a.a exhibit
ed in an ' external physical re��em I
blance to the Senator. He possessei
��� desire to do things for himself anc
map out nsw lines of sctinn. ,
He bslisves in getting started as ear
ly as possible. As ��� youth st tin
University of Toronto he cruld unl
wait to graduate, his fingers so "itcluc
for tho leel of a typewriter," n�� lie onei
expressed his ambition. Ths Senalm
gratifled bis youthful commercial ten
dtneies by taking him out ol cnllegi
snd giving him a job in the Csnsdi
Lifs.- He rose through sll the grsdei
tn managing the business uf that bi|
insurance  company.    As  hs grew  ii
Right In the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months. I^HI
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
officers are among the principal recommendations of Major General
Leonard Wood, chief of staff, in his
annual report made public today.
General Wood recommends the con
centratlon of the army on strategic
lines and in areas where It can be
maintained more economically. He
would transfer all the personnel of tin
staff corps���except engineers, medical
officers and chaplains���to the line,
Increasing the number of the general
officers and line officers In the different grades.
Japan After Trade.
Buenos Ayres, Jan. 3.���The Japanese government Is about to conclude
tn arrangement with the government
uf this country looking to an increase
in commercial relations between Argentina and Japan. The present value
of exports and imports between the
two countries amounts to about $2,-
000,000 annually.
ID: 60���Vancouver
Wonderful Fiddle*.
One nf Ihe greatest fiddles thai *v*V
sere known wns to Ise seeu at Ibe
French court st Ibe time of Clinrle.
IX. This was s viol no large thai nee
sml boy* could he placed Inside nf It
Chess? hoys used to sit Inside this *n#*r
instrument and'sing the sir* that tbs
men whn bundled the tsww w��* play
nc on Ihe viol outside. The ��f ��-t Is
^alrl te hsv* been wry hranufui
though It wenld neem ���* If the prvs
���lie* nf th* lad* In Its Interior would
seriously Interfere with th* toM *f the
great flddl*." em It was railed M**y
rears after another huge l**trti*i**t
>f this kind was nsed st esiii-erw I*
llosmii It was m large tint to play
il the fiddler hnd to ntnnd ���* ��� i*kl*
tn use hi* bow at th* proper pnlat ��*
the strings. Tbls Instrument wa* call
ti "the grandfather ��f SMI**.*
Columbia Stiver Thrlso Nam**.
The i.'olumhtn river bas hnd thn>*
Slimen II wns Mm rolled Ik* Orxou
\fterwnrd it wh* railed tht ft Rutins.
'Hit when II wni. dtworssrod fcj Holsuri
���inn in ITUV il sn giTeii the mini, ot
IIS VPmsfU the I 'htlllUhl*.. I* sinew ol
the Ivw, HnalIris H|i|iellntlo*��, Orssgon
mil Si limine Accnrdliig lo vThllnry
ihs niiKiuiii mitnv nf tho rtv*r was the
ilrejon. "Id* enr" nr "one tbst has lilt
Slim," I lis- sllllMlnn lielMK I* the cll��liilli
.if the In'lliinK who were found In Its
"egliin ut Htretrhltig Ihelr earn by lair
ins i hem snd crowding lli��*i wltb or
field himself wont Into politics.    Aiidjhlin,   whatever   It   Is.
the University cf sliro'.h;
      I the college of Physician*'' I L^rl -
il drawH the Inevitable deduction, th.il |     Such service cft.cn breeds had blood,  .here   al!   rick  people  th��t  come   tr
he who enters the field of Indepi ml    between the employers and  the    em
��>nt Journalism must abandon all hone j ployed, and It Is sometimes found nee-
of a political  career.    Tie cannot lie | essary to purchase the stock In such
a purl of a party machine and serve
tiiB fellow m.n as a Journalist. For it
need not be said that the advocacy
of a narty through thick and thin Is
not the service of man.
neither is tho use of a newspaper
Tor the personal benefit, or its proprietor or proprietors. Sometime*, ns In
the most notable cases of outstanding
papers so aa to put the control in safe
hands. The sequel to that sometlmer
is that the venture runs down till the
owners are fain to sell their stock
hack again for a scug. And thr
process begins again.
The problem remains, how Is tht
public to come to Its own. Must It forever have  Its  mind   made  up for It
Journalistic success, the proprietor Ib j and   so  have   Its   voto  controlled, tiy
tn the singular number, and the one
purpm-.s- Is the advancement of this
-projnietor. ln others, the plural ll��i
to be lined, nnd the paper Is one In
���wlileTi this. that, and the other man
-of "wealth h'ut etocli or other control
line lutori rt I i ord r ih-.t the n' ��� r
may be manipulated to Blipporl hi"
manv ventures and to tho overthrow
of t.h"-e of his rival*,
In this case the real proprletorrhln
Is net  known  to the public,  pe-rcihly
those who are in one way and another
exploiting It? The public thinks thst
It is voting according to its own mind,
when It Ik voting according to the
mind Of these who work Its press.
If newspapers depended, exclusively
upon their public, they would, at
leart, have to please their pub I la e*
iluelvely, But they do not. In tlilr
"unlry (try nre Issued for less than
they cost, and    In    many    Instance'
very additional  copy sold  Is n loss,
���siot to  those   working on   the  pancr I If   they   are   self-supporting    at     all,
Thev   only   know   which   things   they ] which Is only oocasslonally tho case.
own to support ami which they are to
undermine. The United States now has
a law requiring that the real proprietorship of all newspapers shall he
���uule public mi a condition or their
������Sussing through the malls. Whether
tke public will ever get at the real
nnder this law remains to be
If it could he laid hare who
really controls each paper, whether
*** partial proprietor, which is a crude
they live hy their advertising, and
have to please the advertiser; or at
least, nol offend him.
Still, to get advertising, they nniBt
besides not displeasing the advertiser,
get circulation, so that It Ib the publics HkingB that largely control them,
at least In their general bill of fare
What the public llkeK Is easily shown
by the succes of tho lurid theatre
and of the yellow press.
i,i,., ,���,,. hive for rlx-pcnce s. faithful account of their diseases fnr!
plain directions for diet snfl other
things they can prepnre themselves
And such as have occasions for medl
"Ims may have th'tu of him at any
-'nsonnble rites without paying sny-
Ihlnp for advice. And he will visit
any sick perron In London or the l,lh.
"rites thereof In the daytime for two
shllllnrs nnd Flx-n��nee, snd n"vwherr
else within the pi's ef Motslttv for
five shillings. And If he be cnlled \r
hv any person as he n-""e. hv in any
���if these places, ho will require but
one shilling for his advice.
Both Hat* Him.
"runny thine;." remarks*! WlhMiV
ilrtslngtjt -Iiiiii Wllkius ��ud frlltk
llrown imed te ho greet frWsit* ef
mine I Introduced them to onek uthor
J'l.ei got inarrtHl. and sow Hoftkor of
iliem will spedk tn mo ITosrtlor wkat
the reason e*n hoT'
Armies cf Clvlltred N-tlons Must Cb'y
fVrtaln    f��i"l��o,
W't that Is. w-rfare hetweeu elv*
nf which are written ether". t.ie|tV*
i|l7o<) nations his Its cede of etiquette, known as the customs of war, some
agreed   to.
Obvious examples of fighting etiquette are the rules which protect
the Red Crops flng of the ambulance
and forbid the use of explosive, or,
within limits, expanding bullets.
Nominally a general may use nny
means In his power to bring his foe
to subjection, says Answers, but there
Is a well defined boundary line. A
loader may cut off his enemy's food
and water supplies. He may subject
him to all the horors of famine and
Somttimss Thoy Are.
Utile swier What era gone* ojtgs ta
i hflsetmii tn met Klg Brother-Inatags
hi which un runs sre made. Why do
.on ssk ' l.lttie KI*t��r-Ob. I tliougut
(hoy were Mid tiv th* foul* of the
s-sme - Chicago News
Hnw well yon Hv* matters, and nol
sow inng.
Followed Trail of Blooa.
San l I'iiiicmc.o, .inn. ... -Following .
rulj of blood from a wharf In tin
s'urth Hcae.h district here today, I'o
lloeman Twomey discovered the body
if Michael Milkovitch, 40, a long-
ihoreman, lying In a room at the
Huena VlBta hotel, with a knife or
gunshot wound  In the groin.
Highest Salaried Women.
Sun FranclBCO, Jan. 3.���Tired of the
distinction of being the highest salar-
'ed woman In the United Sates, MIbb
Stella Kinney resigned from her 81,5-
ono position as buyer for n large New
York department store, and Is here
today, the wife of T. Jeff White, a
Liob Angeles theatrical man.
nsinxiiT 0. cox.
busines* ststure lie found his lcrvieei
in demand in the bosrd rooms 11 leading corporations throughout, ths country.
He ii the ynnngsst ion ot Sen��tot
Cox, and was horn in Peterborough,
Ont.. in 1873. He entered the service
of the Canada Life Assurance Co. in
1804 snd in 1899 enterrd into partnership with his father under the firm
name ol George A. A H. C, Out, In
th ��� management ol tlie eastern On-
tsri > snd Michigan branches ol this
company. Not lonj sltsrwsrds he lie-
csme sole m*nag��r ol these branches
and new has been appointed to the
responsible position ot president c(
the Imperial Life.
He is connected with numerous
business and financial concerns lie-
sides being * director of the Dominion
Securities Corporation, Die Central
Canada I.oah A Savings Co., Ihe Rolf
ert Simpson Co.. a tnutte of the Toronto General Hospital and Ihe Toronto Cniiservstnrv ol Music, vice.president of the Vncal branch of Underwriters As��ocietinn of Canada, sml vice-
president (,( the Provident Investment
Oo, and chairmsn ol the Symphony
Orchestra. In rrlijion he is a Methodist and s trustee ul the Metropolitan
Church. He belongs to several of the
leading club* t f Toronto, among lliein
being th* Nstionsl Club. Ontario Club,
Rny*l Canadian Yorbt Club, T��rT>'nti
Hunt Cluh one) I.nmliton Goll Club.
Away trom his nfttae Mr. Cox hs��
iCultivatad a variety  ol interests,    fie
on* of MwMeading patrons o| music
Tesonto; in his devotion ti the af-
irs of th* Toronto Symphony Or-
hestrn resembling a young Moiitrrsl-
Col. Frank 8. Meijlien, who hss
lieeu trying to give Cansds grit ml
opera st his own expense. Hor.es
are natt'nSsr of Mr. Cox's diversion..
He owns some of the best known Hi. r
oiifhhreds on the continent. He i. a
breeder rather tlisn a r��ee trsck ile-
vote*, und has exhibited with inii'li
success in Montreal, Toronto ami Ne��
Tsken -t HI* V *rd.
When Ros-ielti was a sludeiit if art
n.1 one day happened l/i f> with s -ine
lelhhw students to tho e��.t end 11 l.un-
i' i. There at a wliatfshja inn he shw
hi inline n I envns nn '.'e lisrriKUII
w '. A'ler la 111! hint at it lor sumo
time ami thus provoking the inukeep-
si's wra'li Ihe following Oonvcfsatlul!
t'.ik   place!
"Where tlnl  you get that picture1"
"till, never n.iiul. young man, whore
I r Ul! '
"Wlinl price do yon j-f <n itf"
"Mom  lltan  von  can  sfford."
"Indeed I" said Roiiettl, "New, how
"Three t'lousand pounds," replied
the innk- eper.
At this there ws.1 a It'id burst ef
laughter from the younn s'tlsts.
"Do yon know iiow much I would
dive  you  fit' your  ��3.000 picturer"
"How much!'" nsked Ihe innkeeper.
"Thro* pOunds," said "osselti.
"Dot)*," sail' the innkeeper promptly. And to his amazement and omii��e.
uient Mr. Rosselli found himself thu
own*? of the colossal daub.
I 1st Crows In Lsn'jn.
Besides the sparrows and Ihe pig.
eons which inluiliit the atmosphere' nl
London, there is ii great net til en w��
in Gray's Inn, thu last survivor if
numerous rookeries which used tu
exist iu the old buildings nl Ihe city.
Checie More Popular.
Cheese is coming more snd more in
favor tor lunches in Knglsnd. In *d.
dition to the home made product there
wss consumed lust year imported
c'.eese that cost $:il,74l!,(KK).
Washington, Jan. 3.���The restoration of the army canteen and enactment of legislation tor the elimination
from the United States army of unfit
via   O.   N.   R.
^^^^^^^       IS'.tf.
11:46��� Burnaby  Lake   and   Vancouver via B. C. E. It... 7:4i
16:46���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:1*
40��� Vancouver via B. C   K. R.
(dally except Sunday).It'll*
2:00���Vancouver via. B. C. R. R-
tdally except Bmvoayl !��:�����
i8:0O���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) iiv:3
10.00���Port Mann  (dally except
Bundlty) ��4r
1:40���Victoria via B. C.  E.  R.
(dally except Sundstyj.u.lC
0:30���tiarnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday ana
Saturday, and leave*
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday 13:1.
lO.69���Victoria via O. N. R.
(doll: j, <xcept Sunday) .28:3��
18:90���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sunday)    16:0��
LI:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday   and
ftldavi        J4:0f
18:10���Abbotaloid Upper Sumaa,
Matsuul, ttuottngdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)    7:U
.6:16���Crescent, Whit* Hock and
Blaine idaliy except
Sunday) ��:4I
16:16��� United State* via G. N. It.
���dally exc*Di Sunday 1..16:0-
16:16���Hall's Pralrl*, Fern Hldge
and lluzlwnere (dally
except Sunday! 9:4!.
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)   7:1:
11:50���All points east and Europe (dally) 7:1
18:10���Sappertiu and Falser
Mills     (daily      except
8unday)   13:11
9:2*���All points east and Europe (dally)    ft3:U
11:60���Coqultlam    (dally   except
Sunday)   7:11
2:00���Central Park, M*Kag aad
Edmonds (dally except
Sundayj      Ill
0:00���lJtriner, Post Oulcboa,
Weitham laland. Ban
VlUa 13:11
'it 00���East liurnnby 'dally except Sunday)   ....   ....13:Qt
0:00���Ttm her land (Tuesday aad
Friday!    13:3i
1:20���Rand,   Majuha   RMI   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        ���:�����
'1:19���Chllllwack, Mllner. ML
LtduMa, Aldesgrov*. Otter, flhoittreed, Surrey
ley Pralrl*, MurrayvUle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlaa. Bar-
dliv Sperling Station,
OcnnlBo'n Station, llmd-
ner,   Bellerose, via  11.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:��
0:00��� Annlevllle   and    Sunhury
(dally except Sunday). 13:1
46 46���Vancouver, Piper's Siding vis tl N. R.
idaliy except Sunday) .Alld
��:SO���United Stales via Q. N. ft.
(daily *'oent Sunday!     �� ��
20:40- -Chllllwack via R C. E. R.
(dolly ��xoept  Sunday). 17:8
1:20���Clayton frueaday, Thursday. Friday aad Sat>
day       14:0
1:20���Cloverdala and Port Ke!ls
via O.  N.  R.   (dally except   Sunday) 14:0
1:20���AbhotHford. Huntingdon,
via it.  C. K.  ft.  (dflfly
extent Sundav)   17:8
10:40��� CloverdaI��   via    B.C.KJt.
Idaliy except Sunday) 17:3
12:00���Fraaer   Arm    and    Alts
Vista and Oakalla  23:0'
COAI. MIMING rights ef th* Dominion la Maaltoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberts, tke Yukon Territory, the
Marthwest Territories and In a portion et the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
tl aa acre. M*t more than 2,6(0 acres
will be leased te one applicant.
Applicati** for a leas* must be
���si.** by the applicant ln peraoa to
th* Agent er Sub-Agent of th* district
hi which th* rights applied for are
Ia surveyed territory the land must
ba ajraeifbed by sections, er legal sub-
tftvM*ns of sections, and ln uasurvey-
o* territory the tract applied for shall
h* staked out by tbe applicant blm-
Bush application must be accom-
paaled by a fee of S6 which will be
���standed If the rights applied for are
mm available, but not otherwise. A
isssarty stall be paid on the merchants
ssU* ���abaat of the mine at the rata
of five sstnts  per ton.
Th* tenon operating tha mine shall
ssraieh the Agent with awora return*
jossuiaUng tor the full quantity of
sacselssvatHblc coal mined and pay the
^ess-airy thereon. If the soal mining
Csgsvis as* not being operated *uch re-
isar.s MsauM be furnished at least
vac* 9 year.
The lease will Inch I the eOu) mlong rights only, hut thu leasee wt.". be
aniwirisd tw purchase whatever avail-
uMr sstafa** sights may be caasUtored
a*a**fuusjr tar the working of the mine
at the sate ut $10 an acre.
For tall Information application
���ibeiiss] be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the lnurior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Bub-Ageut of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publleatton of
ihts advertisement will u*t  be  paid
"h*r.�� R624
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Bavatrough Cleaning,
6*w*r Connecting,
Caaapool*. Septic Tank*. Etc
who d* aot receive
I a.m. sbaald
Th* N*w* befor*
tnd mak* complaint. Only tn tbl* way
aay aa *f iclent delivery be main-
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
limal Water*,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
f*l*ph*n* r\ 11*. Office  Princess St
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables ln the city. Klne
line ef Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
-rents bulletined.
A. 6. BEATON, Proprietor.
t's tha Work.
Uss Your Phon*.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan,'Ltd.
609 Columbia St.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   haad
goeda of all ktad*.   Tool* especially.
to ataloac* Street. Phone 100*
dtt CUrkssn Street. Phons 4H.
Eighty Rooms, Nsw and  Modern.
The most eomfsii'tiible room* In the
oily. Met aad cold water aud steam
sudlalor la each. Bar and first class
cafe sua In connection.
Cor, Front and Begble St.   Phone 185
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46  L*ra* Str**t,  N��w W**tmln*t*r.
. i7
Mr. J. Q. Qow, Trade Commissioner,
Is Leaving for Southern Seas���
Inter-Dominion  Commerce.
Following  Sharp  Engagement
Turks on Saturday  Decisive
Action  is  Pending.
With I
�� *
| The Mystery of j
Mark Island \
A   TRUE   STORY   {
Vancouver, Jan. 5.���Great regret Is
felt ln both shipping and commercial
circles at the departure of Mr. J. G.
Qow, the New Zealand trade commissioner of Canada, who owing to tbe
change of government ln New Zealand, has been recalled.
Mr. Gow has been trade commissioner for about twelv* years, representing the Agricultural and Trades de-
partmeuU of the New Zealand government in  various parts of the world.
At the tlmo Mr. Gow first arrived
Gow was stationed ln South Africa,
and wa* the means of establishing
large trade, connections between South
Africa and New Zealand, a few years
later Mr. Gow was transferred to the
Pacific coast of Canada and for the
past two years bus been ln Vancouver.
At tho time Mr. Gow flrstarrlved
In Vancouver the trade between the
city and Nuw Zealand was practically
nil, . but owing to his energy and
ability, ho has been able to work a
targe amount of trade with tbat part
of the dominions, for example, at the
time Mr. Gow came into office here,
the amount of butter Imported was
0000 boxes, while ln 1912 about 52,-
000 boxes wore Imported, and the
ordera for 1913 exceed 100,000 boxes.
all of which Is due to Mr. Gow's efforts. A large development in preserves and canned goods has been
enade, both ways, between Canada and
New Zealand. During recent years
raw hides have been Imported In
large quantities for reshlpment to
Eastern markets.
Mr. Gow during his stay ln Vancouver has been a very hard worker and
popular official, aud his departure at
this time Ib very much felt by shippers, wholesalers and Importers.
Mr. flow leaves for hlB home In
Scotland this evening, and after a
few weeks' holiday, will return to New
Zealand. At present no one has been
appointed to Mr. Oow'a place.
Athens, Jan. 5.���An official co'n
muicatloii issued by the ministry ot
marine thus describes the engagement
between Greek and Turkish warships
off the Dardanelles this morning.
"Greek destroyers cruising off thi
straits announced at 7.50 o'clock thi:
morning that two Turkish cruiser*
followed by six destroyers, had been
sighted at the entrance of the Dardanelles. The whole Greek squadron immediately weighed anchor aad
steamed to meet the enemy.
"At 10.25 a. m. the Turkish Medjl-
dlth detached Itself frcm the other
vessels wblch remained under the
shelter ot the forts of Sodil Dehr, and
proceeded west of Tcnedos. The Med-
jldieh fired six or seven shells at two
Creek destroyers cruising there, and
tho latter replied. The enemy, how-
aver, drew off Into the straits immediately they perceived the other
Greek  destroyers  coming  up.
"At 11.25 the MedJIdieh and th<
Ifamidleh separated from the squad
ron which remained at the cntranci
to the Btraits, and advanced west toward Tcnedos, whore for half an hour
they exchanged idiots with the Greek
destroyers. The Turkish cruisers
were followed to a certain point by
their destroyers.
"The fight ended by the flight of
tbe enemy's warships luto the straits
'lamedlately they observed the whole
Greek fleet appear on the horizon.
Battle Now Rage*.
Constantinople, Jan. 5.���The Turkish fleet left the Dardanelles at 7.30
o'clock this morning under orders to
engago in a decisive action with the
Greeks. A battle began near the Island ot Tenedos less than two hours
Fourteen   Lives  Lost  In  Chesapeake
Bay Disaster���Captain'* Crlppletd
Wife Drown*.
Newport, Vs., Jan. 6.���Six members
of the crew of the steamer Lucken-
bach, which was cut ln two and sunk
by the British   steamer    Indrakuala,
early   Saturday   morning   In     Chesapeake  Bay. were rescued hy the Indrakuala, according to a wireless message received here from the revenue
cutter Apache, which went from Baltimore to the Indrakuala'B assistance.
It  was  reported  by  the  survivors,
who  were    landed    here    yesterday,
morning by the steamer Pennsyvnnla
that 22 persons lost their lives ln the
sinking  of  the  Luckenbsch,  but  the
newB of the rescue of six others reduces the number to 14.    One man
of the  Luckenbach's  crew,  however,
died aboard the Indrakuala after being rescued, the wireless reported.
It was the saving of bIx other members of the Luckenbach's crew that
reduced the number ot lost ln the disaster to 14.
First Officer Hunt, who was crazed
by  his  terrible  experience,  at  �����t
Prince Exiled From   Russia, aa Flre-
barnd, In  Quiet.
London, Jan. 5.���Prince Kropotkln,
a man of tbe simplest tastes and highest Ideals, loved and respected by all
who know him, lives In a small, unpretending house iu    Brighton.    His
existence there Ib that ot a student,
i anil no one unsqualnted with his facts
l would ever dream that this thoughtful, gentle, courteous savant, with the
thin, nervous hands and the scholar's
stoop,   was  the  dangerous  firebrand
and revolutionary who had been ex-
tielled not only trom bis native laud
but from France and Switzerland   ai.
He Is one of the few who have ever
succeeded in escaping from that grim
stronghold, the Bastile of 8L Peters-
burg, known as the Fortress of Saints
Peter and Paul.
One day when he was    recovering
from nn Illness he was permitted to
walk In the courtyard of the fortress
As the prison gate was open, Prince
Kropotkln. whose friend were. In watt
Ins outside, inado a wtld dash far tt. i
Ills guard, taken completely  b�� *ur-l
prise, stabbed wildly at Him' with hit
I bayonet,  but before  an  alarm  could |
be' raised he hod been whirled awa>
in a carriage and by nightfall, ln tht
guise of a military officer ho was or.
hi* way to Sweden.
J      By P. A. MITCHEL       i
*****sWtsi^#*********#**** *
There Is no mor* attractive region
ou the Atlantic coast for summer out
lugs thsn Caaco bay, Mslne, snd the
many Islands It voutalua. There the but
wave., of Jul/ and August are dissipated. It Is seldom that there la not
a breeze there.
lu winter tha inhabitant* ef ihe Is
lauds dab. mostly wltb buge asta.    lu
siuuiuKi-  those awutug  busts turn  hit
honest penny  by  tsklug visiters out
upon tbe glorious  waters.    At aliusst
uuy time one may a** the sadl of a
jdoasuia boat beadlug to the fews**.
aud lb�� eiuduea of moturbosta ��r* al
wus throbbing like * rapid druuibaat.
Not far from Orr** talsud. where liar
riot Ueerher shew* laid the at-eue *f
oue of her stories, and t* tha oustwsrd
U  Murk Island.    It coulslu*  possibly
half a dozen acrea aad b deuaely wooded.    It stand* alone,  there being  uu
other laud within **v*r*l mil** uf It
It* shore* are" reeky, aud Ue  waves
uurllug up .on them even In (llr was Lb
or worn sklpissra tu keep off. wall* during itorni* tliey send wstarjr plana**
high lata the sir.
During tht> last dscsde of th* Blue
teeuth eeutury \lsrk Island waa purchased* by a nuu living In Portland,
some dozen miles distant, wbo annas
* summer residence ot It la tbe earl;
���uminer be would gu there lu hla yacht,
remain during July and August, and
when the liettlr* of summer boarder* to
tbe city came around, the 1st of September, he would lock, bar aud bolt
bis bouse and sail away by the urn*
Who waa the owner of Mark Island
the people living un the neighboring
bind did not know. Orr's and Bnlley'a
Wand*, well storked wltb summer cot
tuners and boarders, lie to tbe west
ward, while Kebaaru Is not far tu tbs
eastward. No one ut any of these
places ever made the acquaintance of
the owner of Mark Island. He neither
visited nny other locality nor Invited
bin neighbors to visit him. Indeed, no
boat was allowed to make a landing
upon, Ills slimes     Several  iientuns at
aald that 22 persons had gone down
with the ship, but subsequently It was
learned that only 28 ln all were on
board the Luckonbach, Including the.
crippled wife of Captain Gilbert.
W. M. McDonald, ot the Luckenbach's coal paasers, was the man who
died aboard the Indrakuala. The Indrakuala was reported by the Apache
to be badly damaged forward. Considerable water had entered the vessel'* hold.
The Apache said (he would stand
by the Indrakuala until the weather
cleared, and .then would attempt to
tow the vessel here.
Norfolk W. Va., Jan. S.���The eight
���urvlvors of the Luekenbach's crew
who were landed at Newport News.
sailed from here tonight on the old
Dominion steamer tor New York.
First Officer Frederick Hunt waa so
unstrung that doctors had to administer drug* to quiet him
Opens Thursday, January 18.���Speech
FrorW tho Throne  to be Brief.
.Victoria,  Jan.  6.���Preparations  tor
the opening of the first session of the
new  parliament of the province are
KOing  forward  expeditiously  at    the
*7VU | Government Buildings, the official in
first | vltatloh list for the opening on Janu
"���   **-*  -.ssntt  AH   Ir
vitatlon usi ior mi* utn......,, ...
ary 16 being virtually; the same as in
recent previous years.
The Speech from the Throne Is ex
peeled to be a somewhat shorter document than those with which the past
tew seceions have been Inaugurated.
No official announcement has as
yot been made aa to the members
who will enjoy the honor of moving
and seconding the reply to His Honor's address, but It Is not improbable
that these will be either Mr. Lornc
A. Campbell ot Kossland, or Mr. McLean nf Nelson, as mover, and Mr.
J. C. G. Wood ot Alberni aa seonder.
. A*��?X!���    * ���Further   drastic
J^u'w'.th reference to MM
*** SiS with?drinkbbtoVnoon. and
,��� a. m. ���. . ��� m^���.waA that the hour* of
It **�� J������*J2%tbe between
opening 8u"d,a^s0 p. a". �������. 'ur
tiwr, that ths ��a* ���'��      ., lnto��l0at-
Chicago, Jan. S.���The use ot plenty
ot onions will drive, among other
things, contagious diseases out of any
city. Dr. Mary Walker, who Is visiting Chicago friends tonight declared.
Here are Dr. Walker's directions for
the use ot onions: '
Eat plenty ot them stewed, boiled,
fried or r?w. Keen the fumes ot onion continually permeating the atmosphere. Spread onions tn Ut* alleys,
on the lawn or any other place where
It might appear they would do good.
Dr. Walker said onion* were particularly effective against smallpox. The
use of the vegetable* ln two cltle* at
least haa proved her contention to be
correct, ihe laid.
"Madrid was one ot th* affected
cities," she said, "some even had made
the statement before the onion* were
used, that the city would be depopulated by smallpox.   The minister ot
��m bism* a bb.bcb or tn ramus**,
different times approached with th*
view nf going ashore, but tbey were
always warned off.
The denizens of Msrk Island, so far
as those who were used to sailing by
It noticed, were two white men and a
colored maa who ��rt��d *��� a servant
Reside*, there wsa ��� white woman who
wss occa��lonally sees sitting In a leafy
bower above a rack against which tb*
water* avrUhed. Sometime* ah* weald
be reading aad . a* bust* **ll*d by
smuld look tp *t those abeam. Bui
usually ah* oat Idly- gating up** th*
beautiful bar snd th* Islands lying
tranquilly afton It* bosom. Yet, whetb
te reading *r dreaming, ther* wss always a aad look *n har far*,
K* on* e**td b* batter atrnwtod la
keep �� nerM than oa Mark Mead far
tin reaeoa that thar* w��* ao liability
tn snsntrtoa *C taring a **cr*t to keep.
Th* *aly Brighter* ar* tho** paa*Mw
to tear*. Bach talaad la Caer* hay'H
*   lonMltv nf lr**lf.    Within  ���tfht of
Orr** and Bailey's Islands ere * malm
of th*** sanall ***** of th* water*. a*
���am* ef which ar* on* *r mar* houeo*.
whtl* other* hav* a* lafe*Mt**t* wh**
���ver. stoma ar* winwd. *o** tarrea
rack*. F*w persona knew to wham
they tartan* aad no en* earea. Seta*
ar* trripM bg Oh* asm* peno** ye*r
���Iter rear, seen* chsng* band* often.
wlili* th* barren rack*  **��� always
The oaly escttaat of earlosHir at Malt
waa tbe desolate  lady.    Usi
'Ihe nortneast Atlantic coast Is sub-
Jst't to fugs. Oue summer s low, almost Invisible line appeared on tbe
horizon from Murk island. It broadened until It became a buuk of fog wblcb
spread Itself over the whole bay. We
all know what a fog is tu thus* wbo
tmverse thu waters, both ships out at
sea und small boats near the land. It
happened that a bout load of pleasure
teeters from Balloy'a Island wer*
���Ugbt out iu this fug. For buurs tbey
drifted, uot_ knowing whether they
wer* going out to sea or toward the
���and The buy Is full of reefs, aud no
on* la fitted for a skipper on Its wa
ter* Sleep! ou* who know* every reef.
I'll* uct-upauls of lbs bofugged boat
did out know what moment 11 might
strike oue uf these roof*. * hoi* lie
made la Its hot to us aad they would sll
Suddoaly they dissevered within *
ih'Ruu juida of thsm * sksr* la one
nan of wblcb wa* * **rr*w lattsata-
tlu* la U* rack* by which th*y might
uuks a lauaiug 1 bey war* *o r*ll*v*d
ihat sll raise* thtsr voir** I* bsppy
sic Is ma ilea a A* thoy war* making
ibtsir way t* lb* landing pile* lb* dim
dgur* *f * ass a ana*ar*d oa the share
aad ah*ut*d:
"Reap off! T*a ����a'l lead bar*!"
- W* will land bsr*," replied tb* sklp-
pes, "sad we'll stay hara Mil tb* teg
To* woa't l**d har*." aald tba *lber
A* Ik* ae*o of tb* boot scrap** tha
siiiir* of Mark taliad th* maa wk* pr��-
hlbllad tb* laadlai paabad bar away.
A mas *a tb* beat **U*d aa *sr and
was about t* bring tt dow* *a tk* *tb-
sr's k**d wb*B b* supped back aad.
drawing a r*v*lv*r, thr*at*a*d at *be*t
lb* Irst maa wb* attampUd t* e*ma
Tb*r* waa a vl*le��t pr*t**t *a tb*
pan et tb* *c*��piata *f tb* boat.
agslast being turasd back In th* fog.
possibly to tkslr death. Tb*r* war*
wviuca aboard, and tasy b*gg*d th*
m*u to l**v* tb* labospttabl* plac* aad
dually prevailed npua tbem te do so.
So they drifted ��w��y. muttering curses
upeu lb* msa wbu had refused them s
A deathkuell had been sounded for
tho wcret ol Mark Island. Had tbe
man permitted th* lauding tbe party
would not bar* remained long on the
Islsnd snd mlgbt out bsve goue 100
yards from their boat, for the fog
soon lifted, sud tbey got safely back
to tbelr destination with tbu story of
tbelr Inhuman treatment.
But why bad tbey been thus treated? The reply was tbat something
was going ou st Msrk Island lost the
perpetrators were unwilling to have
known. The story and this supposed
reason for the party having been refused a landing at tbe point of a pistol psssed from mcuth to mouth, it
was suggested that the desolate lady
was kept there s prisoner. But If this
were ao why bad she not asked to be
taken away by those on some of the
passing boats? Others thought tbat
some other person wss held there and
the desolate lady waa a party to the
outrage; but. though tbey differed as
to tbe crime, tbey all agreed that
Mark .SUM mnn sjssra tor ��� criminal
Meanwhile Mara; island remains* aa
unknown place. All wer* curlou* to
know what was going on there, but
It wa* no one'* business to find out
especially alac* this could not he don*
exeept at the risk of getting shot.
More boat* Balled about It than before,
aud on every boat persona at*red at II
wondertngly. All bad beard of tb*
desolate lady aad ���xnected to see ber
sitting oa a rock. Ilk* ��� mermaid,
combing her balr. But tb* lady did
not appear. Indeed, ao oar waa to b*
���sen *a the Island. Yet tb* ksua* waa
located la Ita center and ao aarruuaded
by troe* *��� to b* Invisible.
MetawUI* tb* story of M��rk talaad
reached a persoa wb* pricked up bl*
ear* th* m*meat Ss beard It Later,
when tt* P*rtl��*d b**t touched tba
landing it Orr'* tolttad. a* stepped
���sh*r* aad put up at ��������� *f tb* betel*. H* listened ���tteattvoly to *ay
one wb* would talk to him about Uo
mystery, bat aald ssstblag himself.
Th* a*xt day several atbtr mta arrlvad
at Orr** iilkad. *aci maa btartog ���
rill*. Wh*n **k*d why tb*y war* *rm
���d tb*r toPllad tbat tb*y w*r* g*lug
���n a huat tor moss. Is tb* Mala*
woods. Blaco It waa ateat lb* Ut of
September, aot air rram tb* *b��uUag
seasoa. th* Mary w��o bollovsd.
Oa* moralaa tk* maa/wb* bad trst
grrlvad. ���eeempaatotj ftV Uto hue-Jag
party, blrsd a teat aad tsjtktd out
ibroagb th* eat topswaMssb Orr-* *a��
���alhrr'* telsada: *b*m tttop taraad tsvsr
earn-** to tb* Mtoward.
A few mile** mill bromjbl stem to
Mask tsksad. aad lastead of taplaa al
It ttey mad* atraltat tor Ik* (bar*.
O* rsjaetlai II tb* msm ewiwd that*
rig** add J*mp*d ssi *������ rack* tteU
tsadlag sraa act aafmsd. aad tbay
it ap to tba a**-**,   tiwr ��s��md il
First Lion killed ln Afrlcs by Ralney's pack of American bunting dogs, Paul J. R*ln*y'��   African   Hunt   at
' Opera House, January 9, 10 and 11.
promotor who was twice sentenced for
embezzlement and was out ot prlsou
on hail, had disappeared,
Rochette's case involved a sensation
al parliamentary Investigation, ln
which M. Clemenceau, the ex-Premier;
M. Leplne, Prefect ot Police, and
other officials were examined. Rochet-
Rs Naw  Westminster District. Bleak   Block "B," south half of Distrlut Lot
t et Lot it, Group 1, Map lltii. ��    ISM, eontainlng 43 acrea, mure or
Whereas proof of the loss at Car        !<��������,  Municipality  of  North   Vao-
tlflcate  of  Title  Number  28620F,  Ib-        oouvar.
sued in ths name of Lily RtU MsNalll,      Whereas, proof ot losa al Certificate
has bean filed In this offlee. ef   Tltl*   No.   llosSC,  oovsring   the*
other officials were examined Rochet Notice is hereby given thAt I shall above mentioned property, Issued Ua
omer oiticiais were examined. Rochet- at ^ eXDlratlon of one m-Bti tnm tha ���ame ot Corpor%Uon of Dtatrlct ot
te, by various frauds, according to tho the date of the first publication here- North Vancouver, haa beea filed In
testimony by which he was convicted   of, in a daily newspaper published ln  this otftct, notice I* hereby given that
the City of Nsw Westminster, lssu* a  I shall al th* expiration of oa* month
duplicate ot the said certificate, un-  trom date of first publication hereof
less ln the meantime valid objection  Issue a duplicate of said Certificate
be made to me In writing. of Title, unless In the meantime valid
C.  S. KEITH, objection be i ade to ma la writing.
District  Registrar  of Titles.      Dated at the Land Registry Office.
Land Registry Office, New Westmin-; this Uth day of December A.D. Islz.
ster, B.C., December 22nd, 1912. ARTHUR O. SMITH.
"Mill ^^^^^^^
robbed the French public of savings
amounting to $30,000,000.
He was arrested March 23, 1908,
but was released on $40,000 bail. He
fought the case by every legal device.
His first trial began July 28, 1910,
and he was sentenced to two years
Imprisonment. This was quashed on
account of legal Irregularity.
District ReadBtrar.
Wsmen's commsntst ailmar t
���the root of s* much of thstr
Ill-health���promptly yields to
ths gentle but certain actios
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
mm and PHONE 890
CONTRACTORS i=or prices on *~
Lumber Lath and Shingles
make your purchases in your home city. Every dollar you
spend here helps some other resident and incidentally
yourself. One of the surest ways of building up New
Westminster is to spend your money as far as possible
at home, ���
ihould b�� tha quantity o ny other cWefl..
te,A 'Tar r^olatloa wa. In favor of ^
Anlftmil of Srocera* licensee and
% 58BW8- �����!. of Mr m
flaaon*. . ���    th(rt owb.. .nould
lated by smallpox.   Tbe mimswr ��.
plenipotentiary assured me that the ls'sad  waa the aeaoiaw  is,,,
���pread of tbe disease had been halted she been  coaatantly ��n  sight of tb*
- -...i.���.    Thnv were alsc asm*   persona  soma  of  th***
Now Cuatoma Offlc*.
White- lE*T Jan. S.-Wlth the new
���am* persons sums of ta*m wont*
ilnuhtlnsa har* Jieen (urflclrBtly carl-
cms fa mak* aa attempt 10 dlattov*r th*
rain* sit her sorrow. Rut th* yachts
and the other different klaaa of bests
thst  sailed by  a*v*r eoaraliwd tb*
���hat *a, barr*t *aa MtssL   Kl
a <*a hark** ur a rat mows*.
I   Th��y ht*��* la th* ***** a*4    _
a March *f th* praml***. la th* r��i-
lar tb*r foaad a camalata raaamrratt-
���r'* auttt '
Th* k>t<*r af th* tartt. a Caltai
Mat** ���ovoraaioal SsMss-tJ**, hai lug
beea locking IV th* taakora af **r
tain stmrtous bills that had b**a tad
la* their way tali* rtm-latl*a 4 f*w
of ths��* bills bad U*a put aal la Naw
Rnaliud. but tb* bulk *f thrm la *ther
locattoas, * A' awn af ataratlu* sad r*>
flnrmeut w*�� laally dlsravored to b*
lb* r*rpetr*tor. and tb* ama wko bad
- -������>... .0 suss>a ��� isadiaa
^  1th
�� platform 176 feet long ana w halt
a mile nearer the Rock and boundary
line than the old depot '��� '' ���
52HR5S "V0^ Z *Sr custom   nnd imml^lon of-
1 "��� -"". ����nnlle* aupervlslon and tho ��ew .cu,*!. ���   N   n   depot    The
- usi. Troabla With Maehlno
^*A^'Vme?l��-io n��med NUM.
White-Kock, Jan. 6.���With the new �����" ---
year haa come the opening of the new thst  sallctl  by  a*v*r eoatalusd  to* ���*-;---,...     .���, ,.   ������ .��� ...
bulldlnn at White Rock, containing same peraoaa. aad tb* vtals* tasy saw ��h* r*r^tor. and taa m*a �����<��� as*
- .���������,i������ nf. i,���tlNj \rai t (SW monisata. psfuaed th* defeased party a laadlai
- ...  waa til* asalalant   Tb* deaelat* lady
lasted bat a few mom*��t*.
Knr Mveral year* Usrk talaad waa
oronpl��d by tlm Mm* pwaon*. Th*
dMolat* Udy *at la mt bow*r, and
landtoc ther* waa prohlbttad. Paaajt-,
My th* secret attached to It might hsVs
born kept for*v*r had it not b**n for
��� mistake of Jadgmant mad* by aa* et
ita denlMn*.
'   !"*    To Aboil ah Bon u***.
Reglna. Jan. B.~Introductl6n of a
bill to abolish the system of bonus-
lag Industries ln th* cities and town*
throughout the province was the feature of yesterday's Legislature session.    Tbe  measure  Is . directed ��� at
Americana who have succeeded ln the	
I past few years ln securing large sums be available (or the training
I of public money as bonus for estab- and   transformation   Into   auxllllary
Hshlng various Industrie* tn the wost. cruisers,
waa hi* asalalant Tba deaelat* lady
wss th* former's srtf*. who, twltevtag
that har husband wosrld *om* day W
���xpe-wd, wis (Imply waltlag for that
day. The aaslstaat whll* th* principal and his wif* ���rera atray from th*
Island, had very foolishly r*fna*d thda*
who asuaht rafnga a Ifadlng.
' VaM.1. forOhlna.
London, Jan. 8-Tha China
luro  ws   /w.~,��_j__^^^^^^ B-   Ixjnaon,   Jan.   ���.��� *��*,     	
���Ion. The measure Is . directed ��� at chants' Company 1* placing an' order
Americans who have succeeded ln the ln England for four liner* which will
nut tew year* ln *acurlng large sums be available (or the training of cadet.
... ....,,.1,. .���,,   transformation   Into   auxllllary
gVVtr.01.trl P^APMAM
to�� Heirl Donohott*. the ��nk�� ��*
'   ,
'ii'imm ���'"'
rfsmnitV''''* 1 ���'    ��� ��jg
f ���
All ARt DtllGHKD
Teachers Enler Heartily
ment���Ml** Cotsworth Will Teach
Mere at Easter.
Into    Move-(Chicago   Police   Arrest   Four   Detroit
Msn���Fourth   Man   Overpowers
Detective and Escapes.
"Mow many dances have you learn
ed '." amd .tliBs l.una Cotsworth, ml
dressing some llfty children al thu
last lesion given in folk dancing ut St.
George's hull on Saturday morning.
"Four," chorused the kiddies as they
aat on tho floor, delighted with their
revels, and eagor for more.
"What are they T"
"The Ribbon dance, Gathering
l'easc Cods,- the Black Nag and Bo
.Peep," bame the answer.
Miss Cotsworth leaves for Victoria
Given   for   Expropriation .
Waterfront  Lots.���Wharf  Will
Cost $500,000.
Sheffield Wednesday and West Brom
wlch  Albion  Leading  In the
First Division.
efcubenuit spirits had no. effect on the
faltering opposition. Perhaps- they
did. Anyhow, confidence like his.
Cobb's or Ziu's never hurts the men
possessing it, nor the team to which
these meu belong.
C'liiciigt), Jan. 5.--Detectives searching this city today for the automobile
bandits whose raid3 have terrorised
citizens, captured three men from Detroit, w hoin they assert to be members
of the rilders. A fourth man, also
trom Detroit, overpowered the dPtec
tivc who had him In custody- and
escaped. . ,
The men under; arrest aro Albert
Charest, aiso known as Dubois; James
Mitchell and Charles McNeff. The
man who escaped Is Hubert Cattilt*.
today, abd before going she expressed Charest and Cat tilt t were stopped   ou
her satisfaction at tho start that   has | the street by   detectives.   Revolvers,
been made in Westminster towards
Introducing the eld folk dances at the
coming May Day festivities. She wus
delighted; with the Interest shown by
the children and with the progress
they have made.
A teacher herself, spending her holidays at her home in Westminster, the
action ot&Miss Cotsworth in so kindly
jflvins hey time to co-operate with the
standing May .Day committee ln a
movement of which she was one of the
best expmients in England is appreciated deeply by the children she hah
already taught, by the teachers who
riavo alreadv witnessed the dances. l>v
members ef the school board, parents
and the committee alike.
She projnised to continue the work
during thi Easter holidays and to
teac^ also during that time th" proper
May Day dance, an exposition of
wlii-''' at last year's pageant provided
���one of the most charming innovations
of the day. This year both boys and
girl* ^vill take part In the dance round
the Mavpcle.
Prircii :ils p' the schoolB who,hav?
already interested themselves in these
simple yet pretty dances have promised to take un tho matter with their
ntaf'-, and it ia hoped that, through
their kindly co operation and from the
knov ledge now obtained of the dances
and t!ie instructions left n" MIpi
Cotsworth, before Easter tho fifty children who now know the four dances
mentioned will have grown to twice
five hendred.
"Folk dances,' said M'ss Cotsworth,
"arc entirely separate from Morrl3
dancing. There are some eighty folk
darces and forty of the latter. The
children now know the outlines of tlie
dancrs but with tho proper finish
the multi-colored ribbons and the
���Imple add'tions to the dresses which
any mother can make in a short time. \
the spectacle of a thousand boys and
black-jacks, skeleton keys, knives, two
screw drivers and 200 cartridges were
found on them.
The detectives then forced the men
to take them to their rooms, where
Mitchell nnd McNeil were arrested.
While tour policemen were searchlnv
'he flat. Ca'tllt! struck Detective Mor-
<ran a ter-'flc blow on the bend and
hrpiie away from him. Morgan re-
lovcrcd himself crd flrpd at ths fleeing man. who is believed to have been
struck by at least one shot.
The three men are being held on
suspicion of being the band'ts who
smashed a Jeweler's window here Friday and escaped in an automob'le after a severe revolver fight with thr
police. Policeman Stlcken was wound
ed "cverely In the battle.
fharest and Mitchell were taken tonight to the bedside of Policeman
Stlcken. He positively identified thorns the men In the car who struck nnd
shot him when he trierj to arrest them.
Otjta%a. Jan. 5.���The government is I Rvery dog has its day, apd It would-
to proceed at once with construction j seem that to Manchester City has
of a'taew public wharf at Vancouver.
Hon.jltobert Rogers, minister of public \fpckB, has given instruction for
the expropriation of several lots tn
the vjemity of the Sugar Refinery,
and is socn as expropriation is ef-
fectel the construction of a dock will
It it expected that the entire work
when, completed will cost close to
$500,(��JO. The dock will be constructed (it plans providing sufficient accommodation 'or the future as well
as for' the present traffic needs.
sKsRcsentatlons have been made to
the government from time to time
and v*ry strongly urged of late that
Uie exjeting;. dock accommodation was
fnsuffSient. Especially has it been
reund Ihat lack of a public dock imposes ;*. hardship upon tramp ships
doing Business in Vancouver.
In providing a remedy for this condition the Minister of Public Works
Is ' autfioruz'ng the construction of
the ne* dock, and construction work
wltt baj vigorously  pressed.
Washington, Jan. 5.���The cold wave
now prevailing over the northwestern
and western portions of thu country
will extend eastward and southward
. In the next two days, reaching the
Atlantic slates Monday night or Tuesday, according to the weather bureau
weekly bulletin.
"The cold weather," says the bulletin, "will be followed by some modera
tion about Tuesday over the north
west and extreme central west, and
after the middle of the week t�� the
eastward and southward, although
temperatures probably will remain be
low normal fur the seaBon.
"The week will open cloudy east of
the Rocky mountains except In the
northwest, with snowfall over tup
northern and central and rain over
the southern districts, but bv Wodnes j mothering
feirls dancing on the green w.ould be
7J?U��HL&^�� S. ft I*��; generally lair weather .hoaldI pre
accent pleasure and bene"., n-al the ��>.). A disturbance will probably ap
children derive from the dances.
Some S&y a Man Should Be Thirty���
i Others Say Forty.
A discission has been raised in England concerning tire age at which a
man makes the best lover. After declaring-that It is ridieulcus to try to
discuss, the subject the l��a��y'8 Pictorial nevertheless proceeds tp do so as
follOWSV'i '3
"Of coirse a great deal depends on
what a \��oman expects a lover to be.
Women's'tastes vary so much In this
respect. >Sonje fancy the strong, masterful, Hociifftrr style of man, who
stfoops down upon their hearts and
gives tli< m no chance to say either yes
or no. This type of lover can never
be In his first youth. He has had to
gain experience to play this game.
"There are women who like namby-
pamby, so called poetical lover.s And
no age caiu be assigned to this pattern. It may be anything from 20 to
50. As a matter of fact it never seems
to he voung even when its years arr
limited, and. speaking generally, the
older It grows the sillier it becomes.
"Many women do not care a jot for
silent ndorhtion. ethers are only satisfied with lovers who come wooing like
whirlwinds; some prefer kindly.
thoughtful, father-like lovers, while
not a few women want those who need
And It is the quiet young
I pear over the northwest toward
[ close of the week, bringing with
"rousing   cloudiness   and   rising
I peratures."
it Intern-
supplies two-th:rds.
SAosKsalgha   and   Toboggans   tn   Qraat
PsmswtV  -lassraafs %Sav6 DltfiauHy
Keeping on Their Feat.
men who come in this category as a
I rule.
"In tine course of the discussion it
has been said that the man of 40
makes the best lover. With this
opinion, however, we venture to differ. There is nothing, we have been
told, so sweet in life as love's young
dream.- and tlie lover of one's imagination is surely young, full of illusions
which no man of 40 can retain.
"But then much depends upon the
taste and abe of the woman who Is
Uelnrc wooed. It is always more flat
terliiK t��s a woipan -who Is not tn her
flrs-i ^ddih td "nave a youn��.���sr man for
a-lover, whes-eas a girl often thinks |
Output of Petroleum for 1912 Valued
at $150,000,000.
Washington, Jan. 6.���With the
world's, consumption ot oil aggregating ���.000,000 barrels a day, ot wolou
the Wnlted States supolled alroort, two.
thirds, production ot petroleum In this   _
country ln 191!! was 220.200.000 fnrlv-\ tbe mUlftie-ngnl man more Interesting
two  gallon barrels,  or about 250,000 \ in that capacity because he knows the
come the turn of having a period of
bad luck. During the Christinas holidays the cotten town aggregation met
several defeatB and on Saturday lost
,.0 Aston Villa on the Villa grounds,  j
Sheffield Wednesday and West
Broinwich Albion are going great guns
at the present time and it is a neck
and neck race betw��en Yorkshire and
Staffordshire for the leadership, although the Alblons could only make a
draw on their own grounds.
Blackburn Rovers upset all calculations when they defeated Tottenham
HotBpur on the London grounds by
the lone goal.
Although drawing immense crowds,
the  London  clubs apparently cannot
hit their stride this Beason and   thi
despite the fact that    all    kinds    of
money is being offered for players.
In the second division Burnley ap
pear to be heading for senior com
nanv, defeating Clapton Orient five
goals to nil.
The surprise in the Southern
League was the heavy defeat of Stoke
by Northampton, no less than nine
goals being scored against the Pot
fories men. The latter, ever since
their relegation to the second division
\nd from thence to the Southern
League, have not appeared to have hit
their old stride as when Tommy Hoi
ford and the Badderley's were In their
prime, and senior football in Nortl;
Staffordshire is surely on the decline
Clrse scores were a feature in the
Scottish League.
The results are as follows:
First Division.
Aston Villa 2. Manchester City 0.
Bolton Wanderers 5, Woolwich Ar
sensl 1.
Derby County-Sunderland, postponed.
Manchester United 1, West Brom
wlch A Win 1.
Middlesbrough 0, Sheffield Wednesday 2.
Newcastle United 4, Oldham Athletic 1,
Notts County 0, Everton 1.
Sheffield United 3, Chelsea 2,
Tottenham Hotspur 0, Blackburn
Rovers 1.
Second Division.
Barnsley 2, Leeds City 0.
Burnley 5. Clapton Orient 0.
Fulliam 0, Grimsby Town 1.
Hull City-GlosBOp. abandoned.
Leicester Fosse 5, Bristol City 1,
Preston Northend 0, Lincoln City
Stockport County 2. Notts Forest
Southern League.
Queens Park Rangers 2. Gilllngham
Brentford 1, Norwich C'ty l>.
Bristol Rovers 2, Southampton 0.
Brighton Hove Albion 0, Coventry
City 0.
Millwail Athletic 4. Reading 5.
Portsmouth 2, Crystal Palace 0.
Exeter City 2, Merthyr Town 4.
Swindon Town 2, Plymouth Argyle
No college youth ever gained prominence on the diamond���more rapidly
than Eppa rtliuy, the Bensatioual
young left-hander who flashed to the
front as a men, ber of the Philadelphia
Nationals last season.
One year ago the name of Eppa
Rixey was unknown to the baseuall
world. Today there Is hardly a city
in the country wherti the fans are nol
familiar with It.
Rixey has the reputation of being
the best pitcher Imported from the
college ranks in years, arid It took
him less than four months to eBtab
Ush it. It did not require even that
long for him to demonstrate his
worth as a player, for less than a
month after he donned a big league
uniform Horace Fogel turned down
an offer of $17,000 for him.
Rixey first attracted attention as a
pitcher while a student of the University of Virginia. In one game there
lie struck out 21 men in a nine inning
struggle and soon had a whole army
of scouts trailing him. When he
graduated last June he had offers
from at least a half dozen big league
All sorts of inducements were made
to the youth, who was finally Induced
to exchange his sheepskin for a Phila
delphia contract calling for $900 a
month, a salary almost equal to that
of a senator. It was through the good
graces' of Umpire Rigler that Rixey
was persusded to cast his lot with the
Phillies, and for the part,th? National
League umpire played In discovering
and getting him to sign' he received
a handsome bonus.
Rigler acted as coach tolhe V'-gitilo
university squad last spring. It was
while at work In that capacity that he
becamo familiar with the yourfgster's
Pes'rles hi9 remarkable ability.
Ttlvey has the distinction of being the
tallest pitcher In the league. He stands
nearly six feet six in his stockings
and uses everv centimeter of his
height in his delivery. Besides having a lot of smoke, he has good curves,
far better control than the average
left-hander, and is an excellent fielder.
There is no question about his having
requirements of a b'g league star. He
has exceptionally long arms and thPBo
enable him to use tremendous speed.
Besides being long-ltgged. long
walsted and long-necked. Rlvev la
long-headed and has shown more baseball sense than any college recruit.
Every one shows the dealer a larger profit, but
none possess the flavour of
or give the same satisfaction to the tea drinker.
Black, Mixed and Green. Sealed lead packets only.
LLU. ,.��4-'
New Tram Regulations
On anil uftor Jan. 1. 1��13 crrlnln allsiratlons will b�� made In th�� regulations of this Company covering the transportation of passrasers over IU
be Company Is doing a., that "men und money" can do to provide an
adequate train service whic.i will guarantee convenience nml safe! for lis
I'lisaingrrs and tbls policy will be continued In the line of the provision of
additional curs.
Artcr New Year's Day riding on the steps, bumpers or fenders of cars
will be a violation of the , rovlnclul regulations and sue, action cannot be
permitted by te Company. As speeui.v as possible, with due regard to public
convenience, the platforms of u.   cars will be equipped wltn gates or doors.
IbarrclB Wbs than 1911.   While the pro
To the Joy ot all tbe yonng hoys  Auction was less, the riting price of
aad girls and many of the old people'oil   Increased   the  total   value  nf  the
tut to the disgust of teamsters and j product markedly.   Last year the out-
drivers Jsok Frost dropped  into the {put was valued at ��150,0(iO,000, an In-
city after the slight snowfall of a few-
days ago and has been lingering ever
To the children the freezing weath-
<sr came as a boon for with bobsleds
aad toboggans they have been making
the ���|d hills of Westminster in their
���strange garb ot white. ling with
��houtb of joy and laughter. The frost
on the top of the snow makes an ft-
<ellent surface, and practically every
:grade with a not too dangerous decll-
"vlty or abrupt conclusion has been
���convened Into a coasting, run. Not
only have the streets and byways
been monopolized in this manner but
also the parks and open squares.
Hundreds of children were out on
Tipperary park on Saturday enjoying
to the utmost the Kastern uport. The
library square, though the elide could
only be of brier duration, wa3 haunted by crowds of pleasure seeking
Though It Is a slightly dangerous
TP'irt. fortunately few accidents have
���occurred so far. Some children huv<>
���.suffered minor injuries and a lad In
"Sapperton was unfortunate enough to
have his leg broken.
While cold enough* to be notreeabls,
the temperature has not sunk very
low. The minimum up to late lust
night was reached with 18 1-2 degrees
wtjove yrro. All day yesterday the
thermometer stood between "7 and
25 degrees above which Is mild weather eomoared with what is being experienced in the East at the present time.
Accidents caused hy horses slipping
on the frosty hills have been very
Tare fo far, in fact, none of a terious
nature have been reported.
If the frosty weather keeps up Ice
���hating enthusiasts will probably
have an opportunity shortly of enjoy-
ing themselves out or doors. The
Bnrnnby and Trout lakes have already
��ommenced to take on a thin coating
���of ice and will probably be in condition in a few days time.
crease of about $16,000,000 over lflll
According to David T. Day of the
.United States geological survey, the
eastern oil fields, as a rule, declined
In prof'-ict'op. "-cause It was Impossible to keep up with the great output
of 1911 without large additional discoveries or pools tu the old' r fields.
The eastern decline, however, was offset by the Increase in California.
Spokane, Wash., Jan. 5 -After walk
Ing the streets most of the n'eht
���"���leepless," he said, "seeking solaee
for my so-'l." A. .1 step-, el asUoH \
���policeman here early today to take
"him Into custody, saying thai he wai
wanted in Galveston. Texas, for th-
���alleged embezzlement of y,W\ frrm
the Citizens' National Bank of Galveston, of which, he says, he was assistant cashier. At the police station
Stenzel .said he left Galveston a year
ago last New Year's Eve and since
then bad visited many cities dodging
dtot.ectlves the while, and had spent
���pwards of $4000 with which be hid
Intended to bave his wife and daughter Join him somewhere In the north-
���trest to start life anew. Sten-sel at-
tfihates his downfall to dabbling in
Washington, Jan. 5.���The Supreme
Court has set out for hard work this
year by  piling up  a record breaklnr,
amount fur tomorrow, the first sossidn
In 1913.
Many cases under ndvicetnent-
more than a hundred (,f ih"rn prnb
'lily will be decided. Chief Justice
White may announce the decision ir
regard to the rights of CaW i-bcIH"
stockholders In the distribution of
ihfl Southern Pacific stock now held
hv the former company. Among other
"ases decided may be the 8*]iret cot-
ten corner and newspaper publ'cltv.
In addition lo the deeis'on, the court
has set 24 case, for oral argument to
morrow. These arguments may require two weeks to complete.
Among the first to be hen'i*. <������'" b'
a group  testing  the  constitutionality
f the federal  ''White  Slave"  Tr��fl<
Vet    One Is the Jack Johnson caB"
frrm Cfilqago,
In another casr. the government will
"Tike a Inst effort tn s-'R'.-i'ti thr vnjirl
Hv of l"dlc.ln-ents against officials n'
'he United S'Mcs Bnnn Mich'-".-
"nmtMinv fer alleged violation of the
Sherman Anti-Trust law.
When Napoleon van at St. Helena.
" -"���-������'���-1 ss nskf'l him one day about
his treasures.
"They are enormous." the emoorrr
replied, "but In Ml vv- Here the<-
are: The splendid hrr'ior of A"'
worn, that o' IMushlnttf the dock" <��ii
dvkes of ltiniklrh of Pavm cf Nioe-
tho "i-T-ti- hn-h^��- ef r-i-f-rr"---r2: fn��
harbor works of   Venice;    the    ureal
fro"> Main?, to Met''   fror- UrivSnxn-
*n B*V**rinS!����' *'^o pss.os rtf i-l-i *"'s*rt.
fst��     o1*   -��r'-��   '���-..-'-    ct   \��A!,>-��>   rjppp-i'rO
of the Cor^lc^e. that pave four n-,en
ings through the Alp*. The mad" from
the Prenees to the Alps, from Parma
to Snezzla, from Savona to Piedmont:
the bridges of Jena, Aiislerllt?,. of
Sevres; the canal from the Phlnp to
tho Phone: the canal thst joins the
Scheldt and the Somme���'"
And so he goes on, recounting the
building of waterways and roads as
his lasting monuments,
Waterwavs und roads wouldn't he
bad for the present generation to
j leave to Its successors.
value of restraint and subtler use of
"However, If one were making a
! real hero for fictional purposes per-
uaps the very safest and most attractive age to Ii* upon would he 30. At
this age a-man Ib less unreasonable
than a youth, he knows his own mind
better, he can more rightly judge if a
woman is companionable.
"He understands that she does not
waul to ho made love to morning, noon
and night, A. has had sufficient experience to know that she likes small
attentions ..better than pasionate
scenes; IrtTs neither so sure of him-
Felf as the boy nor so Biire of her as
the older mp.ni,nor so exacting as the
one and so abnormally conceited as
the other."..
Scottish  Leasjue.
Ralth Ro-verp, 0, Aberdeen O.
A1r<lrleil*n\s 4. Cnieehu Psrk 3.
Celtic 1. Parties: Thistle 0.
Hearts 3, Clyde 2.
Kalklrk 2. Dundee 0.
Sixteen educated dogs ln tricks of
wonderful s.;ill and intelligence will
be the big feature at the Hoyal thea
ire today, tomorrow and Wednesduy
I'hey present un entire comedy aot
entitled "A Ninlii ln Hog Town," play
ing \|ie Bkeicli without the presence
ot any person en the stage. This is
beyond duubt the most wonderfu
trained dog act appearing before th��
| public.    Without the least bit cf boast
Third Lanark 0, Hamilton Academy  '*���'�� '<��� con be truthfully said that this
i, act has played in the largest theatres
Hangers S, Hibernians 3.
Morton 1. Kilmarnock Z.
Motherwell  3,  St.  Mlrren 1.
Gloucester 13. Leicester 8.
Llanelly 5. Cardiff 0.
Several   matches   were   postponed
owing to Inclement weather.
��� *
��� IN    PUGIWSTIC    ANNALS.      ���
��� ��
��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���*�����������������������,
1SS6���-At Ktxnffman,  thu  heavyweight j
boxer, bviru'iii San Kraut:.sco.
1KKC-. Ike  Wah'    ami    Hindi    Conlev
fought   slx-.ruund draw at    Preston
IS":'. -Jack'Ashion. heavyweight pugil
1st and spurring partni r of John   i.
Sullivan,idied at New York.
1900    T-'ioihy. M' rtlliv    knocVd   on'
Tommy Mowtll In two    rounds    a"
19011    laoM Twin    Sullivan    a"d    Hill
McKlnnon fought 12-round draw al
1865���Joo Wormald defeated Andrev
.Hard'i' for Muvywuighl champion
ship t-f Engjatld al Hor!o'\
1891���Bob PHy^fthimirs defeated .lac
Demrtev in 1" rounds, for   middle
we'-'M chjpnlflbnship of tho world
at New qrleans.
1901���- Jack   Doughet-tv    knorkod   ou-
Maurice Sayers in second round at
:917--.!im Ply-mi d^tea'cd ,I?rk Twlr
Sullivan lo 20.rounds nt Lo.i Angc
les. ���
1!iM   Pal'   Moore   aid   Henry   Miers
fought 10-round draw at Iloston.
Hungry Sirhool Children.
Toronto", Jail. B.--IV o uire of the re
port that many of the poor children
were compelled tp go to rch'iol hun
rry, the district'-Trades Counc;l In
ter-.tl to prosecfte; a timpi'gn for
school children kitchens In Toronto.
MI''-<do'*->'V H f""-epe.
Tokio, Jan. 6.���The Emperor cf
Japan, according to a local newspaper, intends after his coronation next
November to make a trip to Europe
on  board  a Japanise  warship.
Steamer Bertha Floated.
Seattle, Jan. 6.���The steamship
Bertha, which went achore New Year
Day in Safety Cove, near the south
end of Calvert,Island, was floated today nnd is coining to Seattle under
her own steWS^.Her master reported
by wireless that the vessel was not
Probably nothing ia more disconcerting to a pitcher than the attitude
at bat of persons like Tris Speaker,
Ty Cobb and Heine Zimmerman.
Heine handles his bat as if It were a
tall toothpick. Cobb and Speaker
when their turns are coming, act as
if they could hardly wait, and their
every move exudes crnfidence. Although men of the Svelte and La'oie
Ives may be filly as dangerous In a
I'.nch, they don't fr'.'.-hten a h-irler
half to death h�� "���"'- d'splays of
lagsrnets arid "freshness."
3-eiter is one of the moBt exasper-
atine of trWBKlinen, Probably Chr'sly
MathewBon vouM have Ii ed to shoot
"Spoke's" head en'in that Mil world's
series gatre. . With the Sox one run
behind, Kn^o on second, Yerkea en
first and ore out in *'���' "-nth in-'n?
Tils pepped un his now famous foil!
which was allowed to fill tn the
ground through a misunderstanding
Sneaker, not knowing at first ,.Vir',,.
it was a foul or fair, started running
'"ward ftr��t rnie. fie stopped l-nlf
vav when ho sav v here the pill was
���;rIng to light. Mntry *id loped over
to Jhe vlclnitv of the eoafcher's box to
lirect the oatf.hiiv <-f I" - ly'l. After
he fiasco ho Started sci'ly on his way
'>ack to h!s ������'isition. Speaker, going
to the plate for another effort, passed
"Pretty IticT-" thnt tWie. Mn'ty." he
la'd. "T'm going fo bust tho next
No". S-okc d'dn't mtan that he
ilmself was luc.kv. Ue '-n't-tod *o con
vcy to Christy the impression that he
speaker, should have cracked that br>|
.ut of the lot and that the fqul was s
mistake that wouldn t be repeated. N*
outburst of curses or malediction:
could have stung Matty at that rac
mini half ai much aa tiie chart;
,; i.y. i Ma'ihrfwscn was lucky thai
iiuy Jack Pfioster'a a r.��ii.,-u.i, o
uiiid tia..email.
^ .euMir icsumed his place, at bat,
swunir his stick viciously and awaited
the~*StUtt delivery with a ^tantalizing
smile. The ball came over, he "busied1' it. and the score was a tie.
In the tense moments that followed
with Yerks on third, Speaker at second, Lewis on first, where a walk had
placed him, and Gardner up, Tris behaved like a wild man. He was sane
enough not to take much of a lead,
for his run meant absolutely nothing,
but he performed dunces and emitted
sounds that must have filled the
hearts of Matty, Herzog and Doyle
with an Intense hatred.   Perhaps his
n England and America.
Manager Gillis expects packed
houses during tne next three days and
has been exceptionally careful in
selecting the balance of the acts for
this program. Ito Japanese Family
will present a novelty turn which will
be a strong supporting feature to the
bill.   Thomas and Wright are a pair
���f corking good steppers and singers.
The big exclusive photo-play secured
for this show will be none other than
"Thelma," presented in three parts.
The hook and the show "Thelma"
have been read and seen by millions
ind it can he safely said that 1h-->
pictures will be seen by as many
The "remarkable motion pictured taken by the Paul J. Hainey Expedition
to the centre cf ISritish East Africa,
which will be the attraction at the
Opera House on Thursday, Friday and
Saturday ne\t are said to demonstrate
the value of this invention not only
as an entertainer, but as an aid to
idence and education.
It is human nature to believe what
:>ne sees, and in these pictures it m
claimed there Is visual evidence of
he manner In which tho wild beaau
t nduct themselves In the Jungles and
on the veldt.
The characteristics of the many animals seen at the waterhole and on the
chose are said to bo Indelibly printed
on the minds of the spectators. Above
all, the pictures demonstrate the value
of the American-bred as a hunter ot
big game. These pictures havo proved a veritable sensation wherever
shown and come here direct from four
weeks of tremendous success at the
Cort Theatre, San Francisco, where
tliey played to the largest receipts of
any exhibition In the history of moving plcture-i.
A well informed lecturer will call
���mention to the general and teohnlcal
matters of interest. Matinees will be
Ladies and gentlemen, as It will he
tnposslbla for me to meet you all personally before the forthcoming municipal election I take this means of announcing my candidature for Alder-
man and of soliciting your vote and
influence on my behalf. I have had
several years/ experience as City
Councillor and If elected I will do my
best to assist In carrying on a forward policy for tho advancement of
our City, at the same time having due
regard for the finances, arid seeing
that we get value for money expended.
Youra respectfully,
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
4! Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with G. T. P. Railway  for  points East;   also with  8.S.
"Prince John" for Stewart, Oranby Bay, llassett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
8.8. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd of each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
H. Q. SMITH, G   P. * T. A. W. B. DUPEROW, Q. A. P. I).
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
8lx roomed house on Alberta Street, Sapperton. close to Columbia
Street   Price SJ2800; $500 cash, balance $25 per month.
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
car line. Full sized basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tubs.
Price $3700; $800 cash, balance arranged.
Three roomed houBe on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
Pne. Urge lot in fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
quarter cash, balance 6: 12 and 13 monthB.
Five roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnaco, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Prlco
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
The Peoples Tra^t Co J^
451 Columbia Street        Phcne 669
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
A $20,000 Stock to Select From
; ' '.
.. - .   ,:,a��i::..- -. aks-a
: j%
Have You
Ever Seen
Present a com-
edy sketch
without the
presence of
any one on the
You  haven't,
unless you have
Special   scenery used
" Dog Town v
Bring the Kiddies. Let them
see these canine actors.
Monday, \
Jan.' 6-7-8
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skates. Also large assortment of
other makers such as 8tarr Manufacturing Company and Bokers
Special Boys' Hockey Skates at 75c per pair. McPhenon'a Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, $4.00 per pair. Skates screwed on boots free
or charge.
WtM^IGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
pass rivi
.    V    i
"Millionaires" Win by Score
of 15 to 5 at Vancou
Playing sis men and a fraction
against seven well trained nnd tried
players, the New Westminster septette
went down to their third successive
defeat of the season on Saturday
night when Vancouver trimmed them
by 19 goals to 5.
Tbe score by no means Indicates the
play, however; and, had it not been
for the fact that Hugh Lehman, tht
star goalkeeper of the Coast League
waa still-on the hospital list the re
suit might have Been different. It was
expected oa all side, that Lehman
would be in shape to j-lay Saturday
night, but lis physician dictated otber
wisei and "Foxy" Smith was delegated to take his place.
"Foxy" i.laved his best game. In
fact pulled on* some grand saves at
times, but he cannot hold a candle to
Lehman. He showed a tendency to
save the hot ones and allow the slow
shots to slide past him, and these
were tallied in the second period
when the team was pulling off some
classy combination plays. No wonder
tho seven went to plsives.
On the evening's display, \he v'ctory
of the Millionaires was well deserved,
but it cannot be gainsaid that ill-luck
dogged the footsteps of the Royals.
Lehman waa away, Charlie Tobln had
a blood vessel ruptured ln the second
period, while tbe players did not feel
like mixing things with Fred Tayioi
owing to the fact that he was suffering from appendicitis...
The news of Taylor** Illness was
given the Royals ia the afternoon by
Frank Patrick, who
(West.),   3 mlns.;   Harris   (Van.),   3
��� mins.;  R. McDonald (West.), 3 mlns.
Second Perlpd ��� Harris (Van.), 3
mlns.; Kendall (Van.), 10 mlns.; Oat-
man (West.), 10 mins.
Third Period���Mallen (West.). 3
mlns.; McDonald (West.), 5 mlns.;
Harris (Van.), 3 mlns.; Oatman
(West.), 3 mlns.
Total Penalties--Vancouver, 25 minutes; Westminster, 27 minutes.
League Standing.
, o Won. Lost F.     A.
Vancouver 3     1     27     15
Victoria     2     1     14     14
Westminster 0    3    11     23
Next match���Thursday, January 9,
Westminster at Victoria.
Individual Scoring.
Games. Goals.
Dunderdale, Vic     3 7
Griffis. Van.     4 7
J. McDonald, Van    4 6
"arrlB. Van     4 4
K-ndall, Van    4 4
Tobln, Van     3 3
ft. McDonald. West 3 3
Gardner, West     3 2
Rowe, Vic     3 2
Smaill, Vic     3 2
Mallen. West    3 2
F. Patrick, Van     4 3
Tavlor, Van     4 3
Ulrlch, Vic     1 1
L. Patrick, Vic     3 1
Poulin, Vic     3 1
Delegates of the Westminster Hockey league are reminded of a meeting
to be held In the board of trade rooms
this afternoon when the matter of
practice hours at the arena will be
taken up with the rink officials.
Now that the time Is fast approaching when Ice will be formed at the
Horse Show building, the different
members of the six teams are looking
forward to the first practice and alBC
the first game of the league. The
meeting is called for 4 o'clock.
Former West of England Player Stare
for Maple  Leaf���Tough   Fight
at Finish.
San Diego, Cal., Jan. 5.���In a game,
marked by brilliant play, at Coronado
Bay the Canadians defeated the Pasadena team by a score of 9 to 3 34.
Accurate drives by A. O. Crltchley,
a former West of England player, now
a member of the Canadian team, did
���mich to gain the lead which the men
from Calgary maintained throughout
the game.
Snowdon was the high score man,
driving six of his team's goals.
From the outset the Canadians appeared to anticipate the Pasadena
teams method of play, and during the
first two periods the Californlans
were unable to register a goal, while
the Canadians kept close to tbe posts
ind Snowdon drove two scores past
the defence.
In the third Reggie Weles at No. 2.
scored a goal from a difficult position
and for a few minutes, brilliant play
hy Pasadena appeared to be turning
the tide. The Canadians, however,
were phowlng their previous form as
the half closed.
In the second half the relative playing ot the teams was almost the same,
but the scoring was heavier. Four
goalB were driven In seven and a half
minutes In the fifth period.
A Pathe Hand Colored Masterpiece.
Three Reels of Pathe Colored films.
Victor Rugo's Masterpiece Dramatized,
Ambroslo���The   Inseparable   Friends;
Ambrosio��� Plenty of Good Lungs.
Comedy. ..   ,
Frontier���The Ranchman's Wooing.
Rex���The Wheel of Destiny.  .  fl
Drama. (413)
Four roomed flat ln the Marlorlbanks Building on Begble street,
close to Columbia. AH conveniences. Rent $30.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store on Begble street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet.
Possession about January 1.   Will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne Street,    New Westminster.
Bankers Defeat Rugby Team
Game Played In Snow.
Braving the elements, which consisted of several Inches of snow upon
stated he would j the Queen's Park oval, the Westmln
put Slbby Nichols In as substitute, ster nigger team turned their atten-
When the play started Taylor was Hon to soccer on Saturday afternoon
right on the Job and played hiB usual; and were only defeated by a two to
Btar game, but his attacks were not I nothing score by the more experlenc-
brolten up with the same vim asjed Rankers'eleven,
would have been the case If he had The blanket of snow prevented the
been well. | display of good soccer and from the
There is no uso denying tho fact , kick-off, each player had a certain
that Taylor lives up to his cyclonic j territcrv to cover, same territory be-
name, but his gallery play at times > ing confined to about a 20 yard radius
did not meet with approval and the Wilson, by his speedy display on
groans from the crowd, 5&00 strong, the wing, and Biggs who used his
soon made it rJsiUn.l.u'l' �� -s--��a*ltln�� I-..am in-ar.adnmia-ht fashion, tea-
cf rtigitng d'spTava. such as perform   tured    tor    the    rugger  m��m.  -while
A meeting of the City Soccer league
delegates Is called for Tuesday evening at Ryall's store. It Is probable
that only one game will be played on
Saturday next, that between the City
and Sapperton at Sapperton Park.
This will tend to decide the championship of the league and a great
struggle should result between the two
Will give New Westminster something
to talk about.
t   ���
African Hunt
Marvelous motion pictures and new
facts about one of the greatest hunting trips of modern times.
9th, 10th and Uth
Thursday, Fridy and Saturday
The Bank of Vancouver
j' 11
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world.   Savings bank department at
all branches.
NeV Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
Pros, and Genl. Mir.
B*e. aad Tr***. .
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Prices  25
and  50  Cents,
All    seats
Riveted Steel Pipes
���     BURN OIL    ���
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
739 Columbia street.
P. O. BOX 442
Novelty Creation....
��� That Man and Woman
| Who
Dance, Dance, Dance
special mnitf
ed  by the  Vancouver lacrosse team,
would not be countenceo in hockey.
The first period was one of the
fastest seen on the Ice.'this winter,
and for the first time this season, the
bunch under Jimmy Gardner showed
some real combination. ' "*���>"���'<���
Goals were scored like clockwork,
bv the Pnvaln. while the Individual
rushes of tho Terminals evened ^up
the score to four all when the bell
sounded. _.    .    .
In the second period the Westmln
ster attack fell down and five Van
couver goals to ope by Westminster
told the trend of the game.
Gardner, above all players, was
awav off and conid.apt* do anything
right McDonsld wss belns. bumped
,'�� every opportunity, while Tobln got
etruck on the knee by 'KM*; ���,���**������
which resulted In him retiring. Tre-
herne took his place.
Mallen a Star.
The shining light among tb* Royals
was Ken Mallen. Jt was Ms besi
night on the Ice since the game star,
td on the coast, and at timeshe show
ed a wonderful burst oT speed both qn
the attack and In helping out the de
fence. Johnson was Jilso la toe
shape and did two men's work trying,
to stop the individual rushes cf th-
Vancouvers. Oatman aud Kendall ml
ed things in the last period, each
warming the bench for ten miputes as
a result. ���   A   n..   ���.
On the Vancouver team Old Hi
Grlffis was In brilliant form ana well
earned the applause of the crowd.
The goal and penalty ���summary tells
tha tale:
Westminster. Vancouver.
Smith  ..
Johnson .....
n. McDonald
Cover Point.
J*. Patrick
... Taylor
Right Wing.
Centre. .v,
Mallen..... .:.-.���������������������������'H"-**-1'
I.eft Wing. v
Gardner    .- ��� ���"> ���' ��� ��� ��� ���'��� ���-��� ���������������
Referee���Walter Smaill.
Judge of Pley���Sfclnner Poulin.
Tlmekeepers-H.   C.   Major. West-
���nlnster; J. K. Clarke, Vancouver.
Geal Summary.
First Period���"
1���Vancouver.. ..Grlffis ....
2_We��tmlrister. .Tob'n, -. - ���
3_We*itm.n8Cer..Mall**. .., ������
4���Westminster. ���Mattta*''.. -
5���Vancouver... .Kendall ...
6���Vancouver... . J. MiDonald
7���Westmln��tet-...T0lintifin .. .
8���Vancouver....3. McDonald
Second Period���
9���Vancouver, u .Tajnbr
In Three Reels
You  All  Knew   fee
Story���See the  -
.. 1.41
--   Vanooirrer... .Kendall
. r.4t>
. 8.00
,. .40
13-Wiitolnster. B- MoDpotfd
14���Vancouver... ,T. ��-w|rflt
Third Period���
1*5���VaneouTer..Tavior ....
Wrst Wrtod^^DOBrtd (Vara
mlns.; tWIte ST**-),�� ***>"* <**-*
Stency. with his all round playing at
hack and centre forward, starred for
the financial students.
Trm Mahoney handled the game
The spectators ..were conspicuous by
their absence, and no one could blame
Loose   to   Vancouver   Six   Goala   to
The Burnihy grass    hockey    team
came an awful cropper on Saturday afternoon nt Vancouver, loping six goal?
to nil before the Vancouvers.   It war
exnected that the suburbanites would I
put up a Btrenuous game, considering
i heir performance the sprevtcus Wed
neaday, hut sayrrs.1 ot the players put'
In sn aopenranc.e after Mie tiame has
been placed on Ice by the Termln.,1
City aggregation.
This Is the worst defeat suffered
by Burnaby tbls season snd just about
spoils their chances of gaining the'
championship of the Mainland League
this season.
��� 2
* OVER THE FOUL LINE.       ���
��� ���
Much Interest Is being taken by the
bowlers of Vancouver and New Westminster ln the weekly sweepstake
events being field ln the various
bowling alleys,, and with the Western
Congress bowling tournament only a
couple of months away these competl
tlons are aiding materially ln the formation of teams and bringing out the
skill and.ability of the players who
compose them. New Westminster
bowlers never fall to take advantage
of thene opportunities and will have
the satisfaction of having one of these
sweepstake events at their'home alley
on Front street next week, when at
leaat six' trims will be over trom
Vancouver to take part
.  Thla week's schedule la as follows:
Tonight���Knight versus Ayerst.
Tuesday���Peterson versus McDonald.
Thursday���Lane versus Knight
Friday���McDonald versus Ayerst.
Harry Pierce won last week's high
score prise with 248.
W. Burnetts had th.e most double
century scores last month, winning
the prize for thla competition with 33,
J. C. Chamberlln was next with 18.
Marshall 15, Walsh 16. T. Mills 7,
Pierce 6, J. Mils 5, Sloan, Hayden,
Steele, Wegley, O'Connor 3 each, A.
B. Chamberlln 3, Walters 2, Dlnsmore,
Ayerst Peterson, Knight Lane and
Wlllette one each.
Captain Lane's league leaders took
two from Captain Peterson last Friday night tn the House league. The
rollings .....
Wegley   ..,-...
Coughlan .....
Peterson ....
Brassette   .
Yeomans   ..
Hayden  ...
��D��   "TOtvYtt
SOUTH AFfllCANS fe?^   f
Twickenham, England, lata,
4.-The South, A-frlenm Jtttgbr
team conclUn"*1 their Important tlxturee today by beating
.JSnglanfl t*. f.'to J8. thus winning four international games.
The halt tlme.acore waa three
Washington. .'��*, B.--TH National
Rlgle Association will meet here beginning Thursday to consider the arrangements for target matcher} at
Camp Perry, Ohio, next summer. The
association matches will be held from
Aug 18 to 23, the national matches
from Aug. 25 to 29 and the International matches from Sept. 1 to 9.
At the International matches It Is
expected that aa many as 22 foreign
teams will compete. Cash prizes aggregating 217,000 and medals and
plaques, valued at $3000 will be awarded In tlie International matches.
Lieut Isaac F. .Dortcb of the navy,
and Capt. Douglas C. McDougal of the
marine corps, will captain the teams
of their branches of the service in
the national match.
include twelve cities.   This year Canada had only one club, the Tecumsebs
as the Maple Leafs retired, as did also
the Columbus and Lynn teams.   The
new cities were Hartford, Conn., Lowell, Mass., and Springfield, Mass., Buffalo, Hornellsville, Birmingham, Utiei
and Syracuse,  N.  Y.    The champion
recumseh3 made an excellent showing, but were outclassed by the Buf
j falo and Vtica clubs, the Bisons winning   the   pennant   after   an exciuug
Ilnlsta.     At  Uto  etdaa  ��  u>��     aaaaun.
with only one game to play, Buffalo
and Utica were tied, and in the crucial contest Utica held a two-run lead
up to the eighth inning.
With two men on bases, a Buffalo
player smashed out a hit the ball
lodging In the spring of a farmer's
wagon. "It's in tbe spring,'' yelled
he agriculturist, as the Utica fielder
aped after the ball. The player
-tbOMght he meant that the bill had
landed In the spring of water, and
was still hunting tor the "spring'
when the third and winning run crossed the plate.
W. R. OILLEY, Phene 128. O. E. OILLEY, Rhone Ml.
Phones, Off let IB and It.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
��� ���
��� (By "Gravy.")      ���
��� ���
Birthday of Eastern League, Organised  29 Years  Ago.     ,
Saturday was the birthday of International league, the successor oi the
Eastern Baseball League, tin "genl-
zatlon under the latter name ha > 'ng
been formed at a meeting of ma,-
nates held In Philadelphia In, Jan. 4,
1884. Since then the circuit has had
Ita upa and downs, and at times has
been threatened with total extinction.
The change ot name to International
League recalls an organisation of similar name which flourished te ��he 70's
and which, as the first circuit to Include both United States and Canadian clubs, was the real parent of the
big minor organisation of today.
Baseball In, Canada had ita begln-
Ing in the early 70's. and, by 1872
there were a number of strong team*,
nclndlng the Athletics ot London.
'.ftift, the Ottawa's, the Montreal, and
tho Dauntless club M Toronto. The
first Important International games
i-e-e* "laved when the Bostons, pen-
nast wwraert) of the National ^sso-
."Istlon. rrtsde a tonr of Canada ln
j,*s.�� iv ���<<���<!���> Parted* ttbt into organ'-
tod baseball, with the formation of the
tntormttional Association, the raw
'daddv" of the present league. . This
association was formed at .Meeting
held ln Pittsburg, P��-. ��t which the
following Mr*s were represented'
Mleghanva et Pittsburg, Live Oaks of
l.vnn. MM... Buckeves ot Columbus
Ohio. RotmetJtt*, N.Y^IIaiiche^fbW. N.
H.. the T^m-Whs" ot
attd the Mario uat>
It Is noteworthy thht
nant of the new
Canada, the Lon<
luring the eoveu
following year, MTt,
�� ��� * e ��� ��� ��� e ��� ������ e ��� ��� ��� ���:��i As^ocutt** t����s������lad luotttatt-to
Al  Kauffman,  27,   Might  Have  Bssn
A Great Heavyweight
Of all the words of tongue or typewriter the saddest are, "A Iras-been
fighter." So saith the poet and. blimey, 'tis true. Among the "might have
beens" of tbe squared circle no name
stands out more prominently than
tbat of Al Kauffman. Al, who once
made . noise like the hope of the
paleface race, Waa born ln San Francisco twenty-seven years ago today,
January 6. 1886. Al made his professional debut baok In 1905, wben he
knocked out Harry Foley ln one round
Before that as an amateur, he had
made a wonderful record, and had
formed the habit of winning all his
battles in tbe first round.
Then Came a chapter in Kauffm.n'
career  that  might  be entitled  "The
Fatal Error; or The Cuss of fold.
Kauffman was only a lad of nineteen,
still undeveloped, and though he had,
shown remarkable ring   generalship
for one of his age, was not yet "fltten"
to go up against the veterans of th*
ring. . Yet  he  war   matched  against
Philadelphia Jack O'Brien,  tbe    old
fox of tho ring.   The bont was staged
In San Francisco, and for seventeen
rounds the game Kauffman withstood
the onslaughts of the wily Phlladel
The final blow that stretched Kauffman out for the count was a hook
that took all the ambition out of the
youngster, aad fairly broke hli he��rt
Blinded, cut to pieces, Ksuffmah assimilated a tremendous amount of,
punishment, and that his seconds permitted Mm to continue was an exhlbl
Don of abominable judgment to say
the vary least of It
If Ks'iffman had been permitted tr
fight his way up gradually. Instead or
being pitted against one of the clever
est battlers that ever donned a glovr
~!*rht ��t the beginning of his career,
he might hate reached the top of the
heavyweight heap.
As st.v-as. lie kept on fighting, but
the -heart snd gameness had been
taken out of him. In 1906 he defeat
��d Dave Barrv and Oaorge Gard'net'
and In the following earned decisions
ovt-r-Mtke Schrecfc and Jack Sulllva^.
In 1908 he knocked out Jim rivnn,
Battling Johnson, aad Fred Bradley,
tad defeated Jim Barry and Jo* Grim.
For a time it looked a* tt he would
recover from the drubbing gtveis him
by O'Brien, but In 1911, at Kama*
Cltv. he again met Pueblo Jim Flynn,
and the fireman knocked him out and
rolsstated Al to the has-been club.
The moral of Kauftmar's carter te,
"Dont bit* off mot* thu you
,We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
whicli we can recommend f Or Steam and
Furnace \M*e, v-;h\ch vie wiu wall ��or cash pnly
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
.." Lsyer* of Hassans tCompresstsd Concrete (Patented) -
Monday and Tuesday
���   **��'!��� I ���-.'���-���' i>ttsiwi;'��'
��� ���';���',.
1   1
Classified Advertising
Classified���One cent per word per
due; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month.; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
'lidsW, witUn one year from date ot
eortflot, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice Sl.AO. Card of Thanks 60c p*r
Blacksmith. Apply Heaps Engineering Co., Ltd. (408)
street, below Royal avenue. Apply
201 Agnes street. (410)
Few Women Understand the
Art of Picture Framing.
housework. Apply Mrs. John A. Lee,
615 Third avenue. (188)
private house by gentleman, ln or
near New Westminster. Apply 117
Dally News. (887)
acres, Matsqui, of which 20 is fully
developed; good buildings, fencing,
etc., boat wharf on property. $9000.
Terms arranged. Will trade for a
small home In the city. Curtis &
Dorgan, 706 Columbia street, New
Westminster, B. 0. (409)
able residence. Furnace heated, 201
Queens avenue. A. H. Gordon. (404)
rooms, bath, pbone and Sre place.
205 Carnarvon street. (386)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (397)
keeplng rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythian
hall, corner Eighth atreet and Agnes
street. (398;
rooms, also tw* connecting rooms
bedroom and den; furnace heat. Box
>���� News. (l*o)
tb *ntrr���rwe r.A*tjpi anb two
assail reeves ever (Be Now* ortfcs,
MtsMe for slab or light asaa-sfSb
turtag *�����-����������<<���. Win lease fer twe
���r three year Mm, ninety *r ea Meo
Apoly te Manager tha News.
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
The Corporation invites tenderB for
a steam tug, now or second hand.
Further particulars and specifications may bo obtained from A. O.
Powell. Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
514 Westminster Trust Block, New
Westminster, B.C.
Tenders will be delivered to the
undersigned on or before 5 p.m.,
.January 20th. 1213. The lowest, or
any, tender not necessarily accepted.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, Dec. 31st, 1912. (384)
formerly of Sarnia, Ontario, wil'
learn of something to his advantage
hy communicating with A. Weir
barrister, Sarnia, Ontario.        (363)
Wealth cf Beauty Confronts Cys ol
Traveler on Every Hsnd.
Japan ia a kingdom of flowers. Each
month of the year has its favorite,
and it ia alwnys a question whether
the chrysanthemum or the cherry
blossom is entitled to be called ths
national flower.
In April the cherry trees are radiant
wL'.i blossoms.   Usually pink in color,
these beautiful flowers grow in clusters several inohes wide.   They have
In  an   Imported  Aluminiu*i"Thr*adlbje.i the favorite theme for the songs
_.  ,, ,    .     , ... _..��� 0:i���_, p.-'of poets   for  centuries,   and  are  to
That  Look.   Like  Dull   Silver-Bag Jgpan  wh.t ������    ro9e   j. (<>   ^n
Pretty Nsw Crochet Hand Bags Dons
Soistort For Table Service.
My Dear Elsa-I don't think there I*
oae woman In ten���ths average person, I tueaa-who has tb* fslatest Idea
what kind ef plotars* to banc *a her
walls, and If she Is hsppy In the selec-
nations. Their blooming time is the
occasion of one ol the nstional feeti-
.vals. Boms avenaes in the island
kingdom are lined with these resplendent trees and are noted lor their
rare beauty and coloring, rn Tokio
there is a little river which, ln April
Me* of prist* er caavase* aha falls for a distance ol two miles, lows bt-
.epriewly dewa whs* �� eeme* t�� .���"*���* hanks lsden with W bVos-
aZ.   i.    is.���. semi.   People come for mils* aremid
frsmtug thst*. to   im(M   ln,   beauteous   bWseoras.
la motst cases the frasss Is patch**-) ,����� K,, ���.w,r,n����� ,nno��n*s eaeh
*4 entirety tadess-atoatly ef th* ��!*��� day the variation* in solor as-wraed
Sura, oftwa at a**** larg* s1��r*. wJsoa*; as ths treei come into their foil ref s!
frsasing defnrtssaat' Is ros ��* rh*j splendor. Msp*. of the eity in sold
aane line* aa thee* dsveMul t�� g��w��* <>�� whieh ar* rndiest-d by pink dot*
The City Schools will open again
on Monday, January (th, at 9:30 a.m.,
at which hour all pupils will be expected to present themselves at the
school situated ln the district ln
which they reside.
Secretary   Board  of School  Trustees.
New Westminster, B.C.
Sid provleteis. Oeeasioaslly It hap-
pe*M that a* �����������������! dsgr** *f rate*.-
ll��-eac* *��� tk* ��*rt et tk* salsassa*
lead* st least I* ths t**e ��f th* tram*
being wilerted as*r�� er l**s I* karssoay
with thst *f til* ptrtur*. bnt it la seldom Indeed rhst the MrtsJsrt I* (trea
ssnch eonslderstle*.
A picture frame maker evolve* what
appear* te him a ssrrtenlsrly sttrse-
tlvr frame, and stralghrwsy It Is adopted for Cornt*. Rsmbraadt* snd Bnrae-
.loneoea alike.
Il la a fairly safe rhsory t* Isy dew*
thnt   water  rolnr*  look   best   la   gold
fhe Wation ef Mi* sherrv grove*. A
perfect bro*��de ef rith Donemess. In
elouds ef psle pink hlseeems, stretches
out I* Ihe perspective and all nature
seems to *ing the requiem of ths wi��-
t��r snd 'he (lad tidings ef she vernal
The glsry of Ihe menffh of August f*
Ihe sacred lotus flower, which is. par
excellence, the emblem of the Budd-
hisl faith. But the ehry��anthemnm.
heeacie it is longer in bloom thsn
any other nstive flower, is regsrded ss
the emblem of longevity, and, perhaps
better thsn any kindred Bloom, typifies the national eherseter.
The chrysanthemum   Is, erf   ermrae.
frame-, but rh. width snd design efi*"* November bloom, but the Japan^
the*, naturally vsry with th* snbject1'" are 'fon<-9rfD, nnrieurhirist* and
If the picture lie low In tons tt will be
Tho Corporatloon Invites tenders
for a .1-yard rlam sliell dredge and for
three 2-yard clam shell stiff-leg derricks.
Further information and specifications may bo obtained from A O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer. Rooms 511-
r.]4 Westminster   Trust   Block,   New
Wi luster. RC
Tenders will bo delivered to the
undersigned, on or before 5 p.m.. I
January 20th, 1913. The lowest, or
any, tender not necessarily accepted, j
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk. J
City Hall, Dec. 31st. 1912. (382)
A meeting of tho ratepayers of Port
Moody will be held ln Bennett's Hall.
Port Moody, on Friday, January 10, al
8 p.m., to decide the number of Alderman to be elected at the first election
after Incorporation; also to decide the
number of Aldermen to form a quorum
at council  meetings-,   also  the time,
manner, and plsco of first election.
G. S. Churchard, Secretary.
generally found thst It will hear a
broad mount, slso of gold, snd a som*-
whst bold frame. Bnt If th* color be
vivid and the drnwlag not too detailed
the frame had heat be simple snd the
mount discreet ln *uch rases the narrow, rounded molding, decorated at
the corners with a well molded shell
or s delicate sprsy of flowers. I* often
For engravings dnrk wood Is preferable to gliding, slthough ln a few es-
centjooal Instances the latter Is permls.
slble.     Frames   of   polished   wsln
The Corporation invites tenders for
tho construction of four wooden scows
33 feet by 100 teeet by 8V4 feet.
Further information and specification may be ohtained from A. O.
Powell. Harbor Engineer, Rooms 511-
514 Westminster Trust Block, New
Westminster,  B.C.
Tenders  will   be  delivered   to  the
^undersigned,    on    or    before 5 p.m.,
JHTMry 20th, 1913.    The lowest,    or
any. tender not necessarily accepted.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
CltY Hall. Pec. 31st, 11112. (383)
A Court of Revision of the Voters'
Lists will be holden at the Municipal
Hall on Mnndav, the (1th div of January, WIS, at  10 o'clock in  the forenoon. V|!��Ti claims to be placed on the
Voters' Lists, or   objections   to   any
names appearing upon the said Lists,
will then be tv-nnl and determined.
Edmonds, B.C., Dec. 23, 1912.      (359)
Municipality cf Burtnby
For  Excellence  In  Shaving.  Halraut
ting -Mid Shampooing give the
35  Eighth   St.    David   Boyle,  Pr*p.
a trial.    Pour skilled workmen.   Our
system of treating the tvcalp f*r dandruff and falling hnlr caanet be las
pri'Vfl upon.    Try It.
Psee Massaging a specialty.
sNYTr.Tr,.r'<:'     'WVPCTMlC-arT     ��-ft
11. ��� ���..., I ,Jl\,j l|MLA>lu,t.-.ll l*t*.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
TMepfione 295. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
WB Can i   "PER YOU���
1 A OoartBr section in Saskatchewan
1 ���' " trhauge for Iturnaby property.
2. A  fine Three  Storey  Block ln    a
thriving  Manitoba agricultural see-
���' m.    Portion of block leased    for
���id per month,   llalance In use. Thla
a   going   concern   clearing    ten
Uii land per annum. Will exchange
"' ' re- mue producing B. C. Pro-
per y,
:!- ������ full hearing orchards In the
' ifcan VkIIi'v. In each case owa-
''' i   trade  for coast property.
The : ropertlBB are handy to the best
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch iu exchange for
Alberta acreage,
6. A choice Chllllwack r>n-acre ranch
I with oholce buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
Write or call on us If you want to
trade hb wo have a cumber of bar-
galQS worthy of your consideration.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
In the    matter    of th��    Municipal
Elections Act, Chapter Tl, 2 Geo. 5.
Public Notice Is heri-by given to the
Hl'-ctor* of the Municipality of Burnaby
that I require tho presence of the said
Eleetor* at the Municipal Hall at Bd-
monds on the
for the purpose of electing persons to represent  them  In  the  Municipal  Council  aa
Reere and Councillors; also for the purpose ot electing School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of Candidates
���hall peas lollowsj..
The CannldXtes shall h* nominated In
writing. The writing shall hei subscribed by tw�� voter* of the Municipality
aa Proposer and Seconder and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any'
time between the date of this notice and
2 p.m. af the day of tbe aominatlon ; the
said writing may he la Us form numbered I In the .Schedule *f thi* Act, and shall
state the names, realdenoe aad occupation
or description ot eaoti person proposed, In
���uok manner a* sufficiently to Identify
such candidate; and In tha event of a
Poll being aeaesaary such Poll will be
���peaed on
JANUARY, 1��1t, AT:
Burnaby Public Hall, Bsliwsada.
HamllUn N**d Sch**l, ���urejultlam.
Barnet Hall, Barn**.
Mr. Topping'* SUrs,   1��th  Avenue,
East Burnaby.
Burnaby Lak* ��t*r*. Burnaby Lake.
Dundonald School, Frassv Arm.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. J. Herd's Office, 17*1 Hastings
Street East.
Lak*m*r* Schael, L*k*m*r*.
Of wbiok  everr   aeraaa   la  Sereby   re.
���jiilriss  U( laka aolloe aa* ajsTaru bliuaalf
ataall aa liU belas a laale British aubject
aad aavlAUf Seou tar tke tars* mimtlus
r.-it preondlag the day af Sis oaaiin, ri��#i
ihe r ^I��u-rcv3 onued I* Use ts��ad Hesji.vi'
.sffloo. Of land or n-al praporty sltuau
wltMa the muosOlpallty at the sus.*-sss,-il
ralue, an the last Muulospal ar 1'rixlurial
luroiia-nt Roll ot tire hundrld dollars ar
mars aver and asstve any. registered
Judgateat ar okarge aad aala* otliorwlse
duly qualified aa a Muntr.lpe.1 Tatar.
coiloiCIlJ.OR skall be bla bains a male
British subjexit aad harlag kaea far tin
Uirea saooth* neit s>roo*dla��; th* day ul
hla aaialaatlon the raglaterS* awner. In
the Laad Reglutry office, af land or real
proaerty situate wltliln tha Munlelpalliy
af tke aaseaaed ralue. aa ih�� last Municipal or PraTlaclal Aaaeawmeat Rail, af two
hundred aad fifty* dollars or more ovei
and above any registered Judgment or
charge ar being a hemeateader, lessseu
from �����o Crown, or' pm-eusplor, who liai,
-eslde* within the Municipality r.ir tin
spaoe of one year or mare Immsdjativly
procMLng the day af nomination and Ih
-JHseaat-d for five hundred dollars or more
'in the last Municipal or ProTlnc-lal A��-
vaatnent Roll over and above any regl*-
t*ired juogment or cliargs, or being a
homesteader, teaaee from the Crown, or
pre-emptor who haa realdod wtthln the
\TunIi-tiwillty for a' portion of one year
Immediately precerirnv "the nninlnatlnii,
and during the remainder af aald yenr.
ties bt*en the owner of, a*id land. i��i
whli-h he formerly was' a homesteader.
t'-Hswie from the Civiwn or piV-f'mptor, nml
u as*sesse,1 for five hundred dollam or
mire on ihe last Municipal or1 Provincial
Issesstnent Roll, over and above nny r.-i;
Isleri'd Judgment or charge; and 'beliia;
otherwlse duly uuallfied as a Municipal
follows: Any parson being a householder
In the .School District ami being a Hritlsh
subject of Ihe full aue of twenly one
years, and otherwise quallflri* hy the
Public School* Art. 1 son, to vote nt nn
election of School Trustees In the hs.1.1
School District shall be ellglhle to |���.
Sleeted and to nerve us a School Trustee
ln such Municipal District.
niven under my hand nt Bdmonds the
thirtieth 'lay of Dseembflr,   IfllJ
(373) Hemming Officer.
standing st sn obtuse angle to the
picture sre usually gate. There should
be a marked sbsence of curving, but
the narrowest of gilt mny make Its sp-
pesranee on (lie Inside. Oak slso lis*
Its merits, but ln the majority of cases
It Is too cold ln tone. There tire, on the
other hand, certain tints of photographic reproduction with wblch It I*
in harmony.
Thin picture framing talk In the re- \
suit of a  round of calls snd the oh
they msnsii to hsve slmost aH She
flowers indigent to the country for
their sutumnsl feetivsK There is a
gorgeous nstursl disnlsy whieh in
Japan adorns with a continuous brilliancy the path of the revolving year,
but in ths autumn the grandeur of
the foliage surpasses anything in the
world. Th* maple trees, in the poetic
language of the land, then put on
their damask robes, and Ihe varicolored leaves are regarded hy the
natives as flowers, ss part of Queen
Flora's decorative scheme.
On   one   occasion   when   I   visited
Japan in the fall, writes nn enthuci-
"*T I astic traveler,   although   Ih*   ground
DUC- I was covered with a white frost,   the
Ml** Addams Tall* Why She
Joined th* Progreasive Party.
islderatlori when the conference of thu
' ranking officers of the army is held
! here January 8.
Some officers favoring the plan are
| prepared to urge It on   the   ground
| that in  the  Philllpplnes the  natives
! are said to   resent   the   appearance
'among of the black troopers, and thai
there are. signs ot dissatisfaction    lu
Hawaii, owing to the fact that the 25th
Infantry,  a negro organization,    has
been ordered to the Islands to form
a permanent garrison.
FrlcndB of the negro soldiers are
preparing to make a strenuous fight
In their behalf, pointing to their splendid record in timo of war in Cuba
and in the Philllppinea.
chrysanthemum was in the lull blush
of its maturity and the foliage rivalled
the chunking colors   of   the   kaleidoscope.    There    was    every    shrule   ol
orange, green,   vermi!lion.   red   and
purple,   which,  in   the  light of   any
clime, would have been beautiful, but !
here, at tho first touch of dawn, the
vision waa one never to be forgotten. |
comparable with nothing we had ever |
Irhe]! even in my own glorious Cali-
fcrais.    Now  we walked through  the |
fallen foliage ankle deep, now it rlrop-
M*a* turn AM*h*B.
Mis* Jane Addas* at HAill H**s��-~
tt* esse In ln*ssn*rabljr asaoclated with
the ather-ls. ss are**/ ewe knows, tafc-
tag ��a setlr* part III th* R*e**v*lt
pseatdeaHal owmpalga.
1% the a*se*tloa of "Why ar* y*�� ���
Tress fairer  Mia* Aidsms replied:
"1 went hit* tb* party, ss I said st
(IV* time, bersm* It was standing for
assay of tb* thing* I had Iseen warfc-
tng for for year* Tb* social reforms
1 had beea working far and rh* legm-
Isrjon for women for which I had b*ea
working sre put st last Into practical
politic*. Tho platform Is a good one,
and all these matters ar* matters for
"It Is surprising." continued Miss Ad-
dam*, "how the campaign bss served
educational purpose* so far. Feopl*
ere learning tiring* almut soclsl reforms of which many were Ignorant
It amount* to a tremendous campaign
of education. It has stsrted unny
persons thinking about economic, soclsl and sociological questions who
hsve never given the matter much Urn*
or consideration."
Mis* AiMain* had the following to
say about the Increased Interest of
women In politics: "It wss Inevitable, and It Is quite natural thst It
should lie.   And It Is only natural that
Region, Sask-. Jan. 3.���Arrangements are now completed whereby a
branch of the Red Crose society will
be formed in Reglna.
Lieutenant Governor Brown has
called a meeting of a number of prominent citizens at Government House
next Tuesday and on this occasion,
the branch will be formally launched.
Officers will be elected and the movement put on a firm basis.
The step haa been taken by reason
of requests from the east.
Off    Treacherou*
of Cape Hatteras.
Now York, Jan. 3.���Wireless messages picked up by coast stations ln
this vicinity tonight report that the
Diamond Shoal lightship is adrift and
sending out "8.O.S." calls for help.
The station or this lightship is off
the treacherous shoals of Cape Hatteras, N.C. The crew aboard usually
consists of about a dozen men.
"Write Like the Dickens."
Loudon, Jan. 3. -One of tho Siamese
papers recently published tho following advertisement of the merits of Its
wares: "The news of Kngltsb we
tell the latest, but In perfect style and
most earliest. Do a murder get commit, we hear and tell of it. Do a
mighty chief die, we publish It, and In
b irders of sombre. Staff bas each
one been college and writ like the
Kipling and the Dickens. We circulate every town and extortionate not
for advertisement.   Dtiy It.    By It."
School Board Accounts.
All outstanding   accounts   for   the
year 1912 with the School Hoard must
reach the Secretary's office by  Monday, the 6th Instant
Secretary  Board of School  Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
thu Provincial Uovornment to Inquire Into
the conditions of agriculture In the Province. In Its various branches nml In all
Ita relations to Industrial unci crnnoinlo
development will hold sessions ul the fol-
lowlnK  phlc.es nnd  dates  usslnTiicil;���
Vancouver���Court-house, Juinmry 9th,
loth and Uth.
New Westminster���City Hull, January
13th and 14th.
Victoria���Court-houM. January 17th
and 18th.
All the sessions to bo commenced at 1��
o'clock a.m.  of each day.
Anybody desiring to give evidence before, tho Commission on any subject within
the scope of this Inquiry la hereby Invited to appear at any of the above alt-
tlnira of the Commission.
It la the purpose to give the Inquiry
the widest and fullest scope possible.
While It is the Intention to telle up tha
Investigation rrom the point of view ol
the practical producer, he he horticulturist, dairyman, or stock-breeder, etc.. It at
also the desire lo ascertain the views of
the consumer, the middleman, the commission   merchant,  and  the  retailer.
Partlea appearing before the Commission will nol be restricted to any format
line ot Inquiry, but will be afforded every
opportunity to take up tke subject mnk
ter from any point of view they may <m
_ I'k.ilrmaa.
Secretary. (I0*��
'   SJ is. .1
fr��i*is of BritUh CahtatSss, County of
Wsotmtnoter, to  wit:
Under and by virtue af a Writ of hT Tea
ta me directed and delivered against the
sosda and chattels ot J. C. Keith, at tha
nit of C. A. Croable, I have ��"lr.-d aad
will sail at Sunnybroek Farm. I'itt Meadows, formerly know* a* tke lllgitlnaon
r*arm. or Uquhart Farm, one mile north
of Pitt Meadow* Station, aa Wedneaday.
tke Itk day af January, 1111, at ft*
o'clock la the forenesa. the ��� following, ew
sufficient thereof t* sillsfy the jUiigiaeBl
debt and oats herein:
One team Clyde horses, T years old.
weight IIS* lb*.: 1 Clyde marea and S
haraee, average weight 14*1 lbs. , : saddsa
horses: II yearling Clyde cslta and flllle*:
1 Orade Jersey out; $ Holateln caws all
In calf or milking: I oalvea: ��> to TO heaa
and a lot af young plga: ������ geese; 110*
chickens; 40S duoks: 4 turkeys: SKO taqa
potatoes it, tons hay: lot lumber: JS.ona
shingles: 1 two-seated Democrat; I
buggy: 6 farm wagons: 1 new Mtuda-
baker dump wagoa; let harness,; p.owe;
cultivators; 2 mowers: 1 tetter; 1 r.iks :
3 binders; 3 sccl drills; 1 dltchlnx machine; 1 Vlotor palate digger; 1 three-
aeetlon eteel roller; 1 new butcher's cart;
1 Sawyer and Massey threshing machine,
engine and water tank; I hay puna: 7
sets double harness; 3 aaddles; lot tools;
neraper. haling unci fenoing wire, etc., cte.
Lunch   wi..   be   served.
T.   J.   ARMSTRONG.   Sherlfr,
New W< stmlnsler.
Intending purchasers oan leave Vancouver on the 7:J* a in train, or New
Westminster on the 7 :��S am. train and
get off nt I'ltt  Meadow Station.        (HI)
nervation of the pictures hung In the   P('d overhead, and before us stretches!    women should be divided Into different
rooms of tbe acquaintances visited,
which In most cases were unforgivably
bail In flielr framing qualities, nnd often In the subjects selected     1  really
think one can gain a truer insight Into | ard
the character of a person by the pictures they allow to linn;; on their walls
than by many other nnd so called bet
ter methods. At nny rate. It Is a favorite test of mine that usually turns
out creditably to my womanly lutul
tion.   Here enileth tbe framing le**��n.
Didn't you dislike to give up carry
Ing your pretty hand bag of lisle crochet
when the cool weather came? 1 did.
snd there are evidently a great many
more women of the same mlud. for
there are crochet bags In Ibe shops
made like the Irish one. whlrh are
carried out In a dull silver thread. This
aluminium thread Is imported from
Germany and resembles dull silver. It
la very light and guaranteed not to tar
nlsh. Bags made of this sre for shopping or small chsuge. or for one's opera or party bag. Any of these bag*
can be had [ltiUtied or done to order,
or, better still, one may purchase tbe
thread by tbe spool and rrocbet them
I'lnlsliesl wltb German silver or
aluminium topa these bag* cost, large
size, SI .VIVO. Small sines srs leas expensive, but as It take* but thr** spools
of the thread tn crochet th* bag aud
the thread Is but 40 ceuta s spool It ts
far more profitable to crochet them
ousself. As you crochet so beautiful
ly. I thought tbe suggestion would be a
good oue wben you ar* working st
your Christmas gifts. Tops for the
liags may lie. purchased, and sddrd at
home. I'or the opera bag s besvy
cord la used to pull it together si the
top Instead of tbe metal faatener. Tbe
thread I* *o tblti aud pllabl* thst tbe
daintiest, frailest work may lie
wniuaUt from It. Even trimming* for
winter gowns are being made from
thla silver thread, and on a gray frock
It would Is? lovely, wouldn't It?
Another oddity. 1 might call It, 1* to
Is- found In the housekeeping depart
ment of the large shops this season -
egg scissor*. I know that you and ��
great many people ihluk that the only
way to eat a boiled egg Is In Ita sliell
You also ere swnre of the sad accidents that happen when one performs
this part of lahle etiquette lu an swk
ward fashion. To obvlste these mis
hap* fascinating egg scissors have
been Invented for table service. Eacli
pair of scissors Is |n the form of
s gay little chicken. Each has s ruby
eye. and the steel Is glided. The finger
loops of the scissors are left the natural steel color for contrast, snd the
size Is about live Inches long. Tbey
ore delightful for an Invalid's breakfast tray ami very tidy as well as cut*
for a child, though tbelr use la becom
Ing general whenever the boiled egg
appears. Tbey are only 65 cents
nplcce, and If you would like to have
several of these novelties send a commission to MAIIICL.
New York.
n path glittering wit'.i the brlcht
crystals of frost which reflected the
brilliant colors of the autumn lcavs
Ii'.;e jewels in Ihe diadem ot an Indian
queen, nil Egypt Ian princen or a wiz
camps In politics Just as men sre.
Tbey divide when It come* to religious
some diamond-decked grotto,     . Who  Will  Be  Mistras*  of th*  Whit*
  - |    ' HousaT
Who will he ihe first lady nr tb*
land? Well. Just at present there Is ���
little doubt on tbls absorbing subject,
but It Is Interesting to know that tb*
Japan'*   Pancake   Women.
On��  of the  familiar  sights  on  the
s*r<v>ts of a Japanese town is the pancake   woman,   who,   with   her little
brazier  of coals  and her tiny   fryin*   wive* of sll Ih* presidential Itlchmonds
pan, is usually found on a corner nit ilu the field are well equipped for the
Re Lot;i 4, 5, 7 (except the south
westerly 112 feet by 54 '4 feet of said
lot 7) of portion ot lots 1, '.'. and '.
and B portion 0f jo feet by' 106 feel
marked "Lane," of Lot 5, Block 34.
Man H04, In the City of New Westminster.
Wbertia* proof of the loos of Certificate of Title Number USSR V. Issued
In tho name of Robert Lennle, has
been filed in this office.
Notice la hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof
n a dilly re   spaper published in the
.C. Coast Service
tar from a school.  She has a bowl full 'position  of  uncrowned  queen  of to*   V*tttof,  N,W,h^S-J,!l2Ji .?!U91,J'.
( delicious battier, a lad'.e and a cake   White House.
turner, and there is apt to he a him- I   TBere ir,  flr, f,m|nln* candidates
gry crowd around her littie stand as   fw ���,,, eBr,.bl# ������..,., pinion.   Tht,
>r�� Mr* William Howard Taft. Mrs.
| WcsMlrow Wilson, Mrs. Theodore Roose-
,vt-tt,   Mrs.   Eugene   Ylctur  Deb*  snd
soon ae school is out, for not many
of the children are sble to resist the
smell of the crisp pancakes, st least
if tliey hsve any money.   For a very
���mall coin a child may fry and turn :Mr*- CbsBit
his own cakes, and happy is the one |   Mrs. William Howard Taft. th* pre*.
who has a number of coins in his lit. init Isdy of the White House, went to
tie kimono sleeve and can fry and eat line mansion well aqulpned for her nsw
to his heart's content.
rpbere aud, of course, It sh* remain*
another four year* at Ih* social calm
tilings will go oo lii tb* same gracious.
I'ntil business is ���uer".sfu! without jlsrtfnl msnner.    As Helen Herron *f
a prop*' store, proper employes  and  Cincinnati,  she hsd been eotertslae*
the right amount of capital it must h
assumed that these three condition*
sre essential to Uie conduct of protH-
ab'.e trade, and it is as obvious fiat
so long as advertising accomplishes
Uio business ���>! profit advertising is
necessary for the upbuilding of business, The mere app&aranctt ol advertising iudiruU** thai business is b'-wig
dan* or will be done, and so long a-
8 very body prefers to buy ol nien of
���UCCSSS rather than of men n[ Isilurc
ju.it so long will the man who advertise* be likely to do the laigist business.
Beating th*  Waiter.
On* of tho regular cUiUinsrs of *
city restaurant observed for sever*
[U'KUings that when servi. ( th* dishes
a new waiter would invariably g-i
b,s Ungeii in the meat and vegetable
dishes. When the eioresaid waiter
m;m around to the talila on* mnrni..,
tis<! customer g��v* tils following order,
supplemented w.th some Mrcs.-tic
"Give me two hard boiled eggs with
th.! shells on, a coooanut and a pot ol
tea. Now, get your flutters in 'em.
will you!'"
Budapest, Jan. S.���As the outcome
Of a bitter personal quarrel which resulted ln a deadlock In parliament,
Stephen Tlsza, president of tha Hungarian Irfiwcr House, and Count Ka-
rolyl, opposition leader, fought a Babre
j duel today.    Karolyl was dangerously
I wounded.
Her C*ur** In Lift.
"Professor," ��aid Miss Skylight, "I
wsnt you to auggest a course in life
for me. I have thought of journal
"What are your natural inclina
"0, my soul yearns, and throbs, and
pulsates with an ambition to give tht
world a lifework that shall be marvelous in its scope and weirdly entrancing in the vastneas of its struc
ttiral beauty I"
"Woman, you'rs born to be a milli
Th* P*r*lsn Apron.
An apron Is the Persian royal stand
ard. A Persian who was a blacksmith by trade raised a successful ru
volt, and his leather apron, covered
with jewels, Is still borne In the vac
ot Persisn armies.
Bandages Served Soldiers.
Bucharest, Rumania, Jan. 3.���Bandages and other requisites for first
aid In tbe dressing of wounds were
served out to the soldiors of the Rumanian army today.
It Washington by Mrs. Rutherford B.
Hayes, who was related to Judge Her-
nut. Mrs. Taffa father. She ssw much
of offldsl society when her husband
was solicitor general, sex-rrlsry of war
��� nd gorenier general ef the Pbllttr
plnes. Mrs. Toft Is not tall and MB
brown hair and eye*. Sbe dresses well
lud Is a good polltlrlnn.
The present Mrs. Roosevelt was Mis*.
lallih Cnrow. (lather shove medium
height, she has a graceful rnrrlag* and
luielllgent features. Born In New T*rk
,*iiy. RtUtb Carow'a home ws* not fsr
trum Ihe RtMMVJHtsf. On Oec. 10, ISM,
Theodore Roosevelt snd his tioyhood}
friend were married In historic 8L
(ieorge's church In Umdon. After ser-
MtU mouth*' travel on the continent
lUs-i returned to America, gnfng to Hv*
it Oyster Hay, V If., tliclr present
!> iii/if.
Mrs. Wnodrow Wilson Is s daughter
>r the south snd bus all the charm of
the womanhood of Dixie. Mrs. Wilms was Helen 1/nilse Atson of (ieor-
(1a and as a girl shewed a derided talent for painting, nml she would prob-
��� bly have had a career ss an artist
had she not given up must of her work
I* this line Upon her marriage In IMHfi
lo I'rofessor Wilson. Mrs. Wilson Is
her husband's companion, her chll-
flreu's chum snd n charming hostess.
Mho ts a home woman through snd
through, yet believe* In woman's duty
to Hie community
Mr*. Eugene V. Ileb* has been tbe
Wife of a presidential candidate so
long that It Is uo longer a new sensation. Before her marriage to the labor candidate shv wns Miss Katherln*
lletsel. She Is n pleasant fared worn-
���n of dellghtrnl personality and absorbed In tbe Hgbt of ber husband'*
Sir*. Chsfln, the wife of th* Prohibition nominee, ws* Mis* Carrie A.
Hunker of Wisconsin and was sctiv*
tor year* In tbs Prohibition cans* until bier health no longer permitted.
duplicate of the said Certificate, un
less in the meantime valid objection
be made to mo In writing.
C. 8. KKITH,
nifrtr'et Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   January
3, 1*I03. (407)
NOTtCR   Is   hereby   given   that   meetings
of the Provincial labour Commission
wilt be held at tho following plaoss:���
Victoria -��� Tuesday and Wednesday,
January 14th and 15th. tn the Mupie
Conimlttee-rooin of the Parliament HulH-
!iw;m. nt   II)  a.m.
Vancouver ��� Friday and Haturdav,
January IT t��i and I Rth. Court-house, 10
New Westminster���Monday. January
iOlh,  Court-house,   10 a.m.
Kamloopa���Wedneaday, January 3lnd,
Oourt-noQge,   10 s.m.
Salmon Arm���Thursday. Januard ''3rd.
rtsvelBtOks - h'rlday, January Jlth
Coert-hoiis**,   10 a.m.
Other rnsMttnga will he announced later.
Ths CntiniiisMlon will bear evidence on
all matters atTcctln* lalsnir conditions In
the Province. All parsons Intereated are
Invited to Is* present
!���'. R. MoNAUARA,
(4111 Hecretsry. Jai!
leaves Vancouver lor Victoria IS a. nl .
2 p. m. and 11 :4S.
Leaves Vanoouver far Scuttle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves \ ancouvcr for Nanaimo 3 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver far Prbs** Ftupeit
sad Northern Points II p, m. Wednesdays.
(.eaves Vancouver every Wedneaday at
1* p. ss
(Miwack Service
i.   Monday,
LMTea   Wc��UnlMts*r   I
WHn��h��l;tv and Frlil*?.
!>araa Chllllwack 7
Thiirsday hih! Saturday.
���1). QO1JM0T, A*wit.  Nf
h w. uRouia a. f. a
vmtmisma ��� ���    ���
T   WentmitlHte-r.
D. McAulay
Tei. 7.1.
Cor. ��th and Columbia
ji.ussaiusujuxji _i**ssiniiia*ii��^^
We.i Built Modern
5-Roomefl Bungalow
Just off Sixth Btreet car line, with
hot water heat $3160.00; 11000.00
tash, balance to arrange.
Coldleutt Block, Fourth Avenue
���bone 71ft. Cast Burnaby, B.C
".���. B*M 84 Dally New* Bldfl.
of all kinds.
Prim* right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
6ft McKcnxle St.
7:M far Toronto aad Nicola branch.
14 :M few m, r*ui aad Kootenar
UiM far Agassis 1*0*1.
1I;W tor Imperial Limited, Montreal aad Okauagaa poluts.
Thr*uBh first-class Sleepers, Tourist
snd CMsSsg Car.
Ikt* reavarvatloa aad other
lar* aiitr I*
KO   OOIII.KT, Agent
_    _ New Westminster
B* ���. W. Hrodle. O.P.A.. Vanconvet
Advertise in the Daily New*
In American Army���Hawaii and Phlll-
plne* Resent Them.
Washington, Jan.  3.���The proposal
to eliminate the negro as an American soldier Is a topic slated for con-
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum and blinds. Louse If
required, $25.00 per month.
8-room house, one block from
car, $15.00 per month.
Broom  house, modern,
basement, $20.00
Warner. Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldleutt Blk.     East Burnaby.
I.adlea' and dents' Suits dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75-
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
X45 Columbia 8t.      Phone IIJ7*I
I $���;''���:
nmw Wmmw&w. Niws.
-1�� WnsSaM aad shoal* kaow
Aakjoor ____. __
It If ha csnoot supply
the MARVKL, accept ao
other, bnt send stasia for Tftos-
trated book-��*aled. It rives mil
pari lr nlsrs anil itirwllnns loTslasble
to bvlles.WINMOKSUI*I>i.V(X>.,wluasor.ODl
Oasacml Ajrejsu fur Csx**d*
Specifications, egr**ments of 'sale.
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly c*n
fldential. M. Brotan, Room ��, Mer
obant  ismk Hldg.   Phone 716
I. 0. O. M.. NO. 864���MSBM Oh
fiiHt, second and third Wednesday*
in each month ln K. ol P. halt ai
8 p.m.   M. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H
Price, secretary.
1. 0. 0. F AMITY LODGE MO. II-
I h�� regular meeting *f Assity ladj,
No. 27,1. O. 0. r.. 1* held cv*ay Me*
day night at 8 o'clock In Ml Pel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon suar
Eighth street. VlsHlus j��Sft��
oordlally Invited. C. B. Brj-SM.il
O.; R. A. Merrtthew, T. 0.; W. 6.
Coatham. P.O., reeenjla*
H. W. Sangster. inanclal
CENTER * HANNA, LTD.���Paaeral
directors and nnbalmers. Parl*s*
406 Columbia street, New Wests**.
Bter.    Phone BB3.
���W, E. FALE8���Pioneer Funeral Dire*
' tor and   Emoalmer,   612-418   Arses
street, opposite Carnegia Library.
at Law, Solicitor, Etc. 662 C��ds>aJsta
street, New Westminster, B.C. W����
phone 1070. Cable address "staka
Won." Code, Wester* Union. Office*.
Rooms 6 and 7 Kill* block.
Imperial Conference Accepted Proposal That  Each  Oversea  Nation
Be   Represented���Cane's
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-tit
law, solicitor, *tc; corner Oslnmblo
and McKenzl* atroets, N*w Tl**t
xnlnster, B. C. P. 0- Box 112. sOsk
ipson* 710.
solicitor and n tary, Ol Colannm,
���treat.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Kuouis f
and 8, Oulchon block. New West
minster. George E. Martin, W. G
McQuarrle aud George I,. Casssady
Ottawa, Jan. 6.���The government
bas received from the secretary of
state for the colonies a despatcu outlining the proceedings of tbe Imperial Defence Committee during the Imperial conference held in May, 1911,
and during the visit of tlie v^aiiau,^.
ministers last year.
It states that the resolutions put
forward by the Imperial government
and accepted unanimously by members of the Imperial Conference at
the Imperial Defence Committee provided that one or more of the representatives of each government should
be invited to a land defence committee meeting, when tbe question of naval or military defense affecting the
overseas Dominions are under consideration.
The proposal that the defence committee should be established ln each
Dominion was accepted, tbe composition of such committee to be settled
by each Dominion.
These proposals were put before
Premier Borden and his colleagues by
Mr. Asqulth last year. Mr. Borden
accepted, subject to consultation with
his colleagues, and stated that he saw
no reason why a minister with or
without portfolio should not spend
some months each year in    London.
At subsequent conversations between MessrB Asqulth, Harcourt and
Dorden, the latter asked tbat the Dominion in London on the Defence
Committee should be Informed confidentially of any Imperial Government proceeding ln foreign and other
He was assured that the resident
Dominion minister would at all times
have access to the Prime Minister
and Foreign and Colonial Secretaries
for Information on all questions. The
Imperial proposal waa accepted by
Canada in Premier Borden's speech
introducing the Naval Bill.
It is open to all the Dominions, but
is not one necessary for strict uniformity and can be varied to suit in
special circumstances each Dominion.
The dispatch, which Is Bent to all
overseas governments, desires the
adoption of a more continuous connection in naval and military affairs
with the Imperial Committee til the
United Kingdom.
mill of the Laurentlde Paper company
at Grand Mere, when one of the dl-
gectcrs  blew up.
Tbat Email pox has been making serious ravages in Qucbes province 13
f.liown by tho governement report,
which shows 971 case of small pox
in    six months.
Word has been received ln Montreal
f the death at her residence In London of Lady Tyler, widow of Colonel
Sir Henry Tyler, R. E., president of
the Grand Trunk Railway for eighteen years.
The annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers takes
place in Montreal, Jan. 28, 29 and 30,
1913. Tbe Boclety numbers about
3,000 members and 600 br more are
expected to attend.
Lower Provinces.
Charles   Plckard,  thrice   mayor  of
Sackville,  N.    B���    and   prominently
identified     with    several     Important
companies, died, aged 62.
Forty-six years ago Dalhousle College re-opened ln Halifax with a staff
of seven professors. Of these seven
two are now living, both retired, viz:
John Johnson, M. A., and James
A lleffcoat from the missing coal
(earner Morlen drifted ashore near
Placcntia, Nfld, slightly damaged
mil bearing evidence of having been
launched from the deck. The Morlen
has not been reported since sbe left
Loulsburg, C.B., Nov. 16 for Placencia,
It Is reported at Frederlcton, N.
0., that Chief Justice Barker will
retire early in the new year and receive knighthood. M. G. Teed, St.
John, is mentioned as his possible successor on the supreme court bench,
with O. S. Crockett, M. P., for York,
as ix contender for the position.
tion to the sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars i J300,ft00.00) In the wiiole
in accordance with the "Municipal Act."
And tlie said debentures shall hit Issued to.
consist of 6lli di-hentures each or the denomination of One Hundred Pounds
Sterling (iloo) and one debenture of the
amount of ��15 lis. 8d. being the Sterling
equivalent of Three Hundrtd Thousand
Dollars ($300,0(10.00) at the rate of
*.4.S8 2-3 to the one pound Hterllnjf, each
d'benture biiris also flvprfllniid to be.payable In Canadian Currency (-.imputed ut
sucii rate, and such debentures shall have
annexed thereto coupons expressed both
IS Sterling and Currency for the Interest
tlurtou at the rate of four and one-iiaif
(I 1-**) per centum per annum payable
half yearly on the 30th day of June and
tJie 31st day of December tn eacli year.
And such .Sterling debentures shall be delivered to tbe purchasers of the said debentures, and both as to principal and interest shall be payable at the Office of the
Royal Bank of Canada ln London, England, or In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada, or ln New York, at holder's
option. And the principal of the said debentures shall lai payable on the Thirty-
first day of Dec imbur, A. D., 1952.
t. There shall be raised and levied annually by u special rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of *ie said Municipality the Bum of Three
Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-seven
Dollars and Four Cents ($3157.04) for
the purpose of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of the said debenjures and
the sum of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred ($13,500.00) for tbe payment of the
Interest at the rate aforesaid, the said
special rate to be ln addition to uil other
rates to be levied and collected In the said
Municipality during tne currency of the
said debtntures or any of them.
S. This By-law shall take effect on
and after the First day of February, A.D.
4. This By-law may be Cited for all
DONE AND PASSED in Open Council
this Thirtieth day of December A.D.. 1912.
HBCGIVtvD the assent of the Electors
at an Ei'ctlon for tlie purpose on the
 dav of   A. D., 1913.
RECON'SIDERED and finally adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve nnd
Clerk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on the .... day of  A.D.
equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dollars ($84,000.00) at the rate of Four Dollars and Eighty-six and two-thirds Cents
($4.86 2-3) to the One Pound Sterling,
each debenture being also expressed to be
payable in Canadian Currency computed
at sucii rate, and such debentures shall
have annxed thereto coupons expressed
both in Sterling and currency for the interest thenon at the rate of Four and
One-half (4 J-2) per centum per annum,
payable half-yearly on the 30th day of
June1 and the 31st day of December ln
;:acn year. And sucii Sterling debentures
shall be delivered to the purchasers of
the said debentures. And both as to principal and interest shall be payable ut the
office of the Royal Bank of Canada In
Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver, Canada,
or in New York or In Ixmdoti, England, at
the holder's option. And tlie principal of
the said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.,
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate therefor on all
rateable land within tbe limits of the said
Municipality tlie sum of Eight Hundred
and Eighty-three Hollars and Ninety-
seven Cents ($883.97) for the purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the payment
of the said debentures, and the sum of
Three Thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty dollars ($3,780.00) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid,
the said special rate to be In addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected
In the said Municipality during the currency of the said debentures or any of
3. This Bylaw shall take effect on and
after the First day of February A.D., 1913.
4. This Bylaw may be cited for alt
purposes as the "Burnaby School Board
Loan No. 1 Bylaw. 1913."
Done and Passed In Open Council, this
30th day of December, A.D., 1912.
A.D. 1912.
Received the assent of the Electors at
an election for the purpose on the	
day  of       A-D-.   1912.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
tbe Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the  day of	
A.D.  1912.
trie vote of the Munlelpaffty will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7
o'clock ii.in., at the following places:
Burnaby Public Hail, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store,  Burnaby.Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice .is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. Q. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote of such electors with the usual
powers in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 1912.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
��� ���
��� FROM  BACK EAST. ���
��� ���
Canada Will Not Enter Protest
Against Panama Canal Bill.
Ottawa, Jan. 3.���The Btory from
Washington that Canada Is preparing
a subsidiary protest in connection
with Uie Panama Canal bill was char
aeterked In high government circlet
here today as a "mere report"
No such action has been taken or
8 under way. Wbile Canadian com
merce is vitally interested in the bill
the protest made by the British gov
eminent fully covers the ground. For
he preparation of the memorandum
tortsiderable Information was forward
il by the Canadian government and
it is understood that the prime minister was consulted about the matter
by the British authorities. For thes"
reasons the need of any independen'
action by Canada is not apparent.
It Is pretty generally believed here
that the dispute will be amicably ad
Justed by the suggested process of
Take notice that the above ts a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds,
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Burnaby. ,
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School,  Fraser Arm.
Barnet  Hall,  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby  Lake  Store  Burnaby   Lake,
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of Bur-
nabv will be taken on the above mentioned Bv-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. a. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 1912. (374)
Take Notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'ctock'
p.m., at the polling places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds,
Agricultural  Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald   School.   Fraser  Arm.
Barnet Hull,  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby  Lake.
Lakemere School,  Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the ��� Electors of the District of
Burnnbv will -be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
By order of the Counc'l.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
A.  G.  MOORE. Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 81. 1912.
A By-Law to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by way
of loan the sum of Twenty-eight Thousand   Dollars   ($28,000..00)   for  School
WHEREAS the Board of-School Trus-
. tees of Burnaby In pursuance of the pow-
lers granted to them by Section 50 of the
1 "Public  School**.  Act"  have  caused  to  be
prepared  and   laid   before  the   Municipal
Cornell  a detailed estimate of the  sums
.required to meet such special or extrasr-
p-dlnary expenses which may be legally Incurred by the Board.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($2 5,000.00) according to
the statement following, which sum together with the sum of Three Thousand
Dollars (13,000.00) estimated costs Incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount to the sum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars  ($28,000.00).
Purchase     of    two     or    more
School Sites and or Additions
to Existing Sites and Clearing
Sites      .$25,000.00
Cost Incidental to this By-
Law and discount on debentures $8,000.00
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Jain. Herd's Office, North Burnaby-
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School,' Lakemere.
Public Notice to hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be taken oh the above m��-ii-
tloned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with theuaual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.    *
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds,  B, C.,  Dec.  31,  1912. (377)
BYLAW NO. 146.
A By-Law to authorise an agreement between the Corporation of the District ot
Burnaby and the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster for the building of a Main or Trunk Sewer:
Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. An agreement shall be entered Into
between the Corporation of the District of
Burnaby with the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster for the .building ot
a main or trunk sewer In the terms of the
sohedule hereto which agreement la hereby Incorporated wltb and made part of
this By-law.
2. The agreement shall be signed under the Corporate Seal of the Municipality after the final passing of this By-law.
8. This By-law before final passing
shall receive the assent of the electors
qualified to vote on money by-laws.
4. This By-law may be cited as "Bin*-'
NABY-WESTMINSTER SEWER Agreement By-law, 1913."
DONE AND PASSED in open council
this Thirtieth day of December, A. D.,
RECEIVED the assent of the doctor*'
this  ....   day of    ,	
PASSED this day of ���
THIS AGREEMENT made In duplicate
the  ....  day of January, One   Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirteen.
of the FIRST PART:
WHEREAS   the    partial   hereto   hare
agreed upon a Joint sewerage scheme to l
provide sewerage accommodation for both
Municipalities for the area, shown   upon
Corperatiei cf tke
District of B-araaby
BYLAW NO. 144.
Ctrptratton ef liriafty
AND. WHEREAS, the party of the See-
AND, WHEREAS, It Is necessary to
ralae the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND.   WHEREAS,   under   the   Powers
vested  In the Council  of  Public Instruc-   J^plan hereto annexed!
tion under 8ectlon 6 (b) of the sold    Pub- *)  WHBRBAS  tin.    _
lie Schools Act" the boundaries of the . ��� h ttMneA to construct the sold
Municipal School District of Burnaby ond.ran nas agr eu^ h��hjj ^ ^^
have been extended so as to Ine hide: Dls-   A ���   ,hown upon me aald plan and   .
trict Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two *��� ke the J",,, ��, a BiM sufficient to
(172). Group One (1), New Westmln- Ucconunodate the sewerage requirement*
8,AND"wHEREAS. by Section 14 of the of the��ectlon of Burnaby .hown on the
said "Public Schools Act" where any ter- �����JJjR" WHEREAS, the acreage of Bur-
rltory has been Included within a Munlcl- A^ Yhat wmbV benefitted by the said
pal School District In accordance with jjaW ��"��^nuT'to Six Hundred and
Section ��   (b)   the provision of that Act   ��ew'_r acreage
respecting Public Schools In Cities and ��Wg gg�� j.������ ^^^n^r that will
niatrli-t   Munlclnalltles  shall apply  there-   �� '"f.S1,1.' "J" sHTL. ���,.., ����_.. amounts
be benefitted by the said aewer amounts
���-���-^~   ��         .ESS.
ten and Solicitor*, Westintnnte-
Truflt block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable add-*a��
"Whlteilde," Western Union. Pj��
Drawer 2��0. Telephone �����. W. I
*Wbtte*lue. H. L. Kdmond*
Accountant      Tel.    B Ut.    ��ioo*i
Trapp block.
minster Hoard of Trade n>��*!s In tht
board room. City Hall, a* (otlows
Third Friday el eaeb month; ouar
*erly meeting oa the tltlrd Vrtttay on
^February, May, Augait aad Novem
sber at 8 p.m. Annual meeting* en
��tbe third Friday of February. New
.members may be proposed ani
.elected at any monthly or Quarter!-
.meeting, g. H. Staart Watte, ���eci'e
Bank of
���CAPITAL (Pala-Up) ... .tHJUOajUQO.V.
Branches torocuraout Canada an<
Newfoundland, MM ln UNSdon, Bb)
itoad, !<ew Tert, CWcaae aad fnfhajv
U.S.A., aad Masteo City. A .(WMMH
banking bualtiasa traaaactssd Us.
.ters of Credit laeue*. available erW
eorreipondeata til all part* of tb
Savings beak Dtranmeatj. Osposlt
reeet'-ed la aunt of fl and mkhttl
���aud Interest aHowe 1 at I gar eeat. ��e
annum  (present rata).
Total  Asset* o*er *IM.��M4J|M-0t
Eastern Ontario.
Jobn H. Floyd, editor and part own
cr of the Colour-* Hoist, died, aged 64
Mathew H. Claxton, of Kingston, Is
confined to his home aa the result of
burns be received from rubbing carbolic acid over hla body In mistake
for  linnmlnt.
Cornwall ratepayers carried by a
very large majority a bylaw for the
Bupply of electric light and gas by
ii company for ten years at a fixed
rate lower than the present
Most of -last week Muriel O'Brien,
a little girl living ln Kingston, lay
In the Hotel de Dieu In a comatose
condition, and her case puzzled tbe
doctors. She recovered and Is arouud
An Important Ontario port has been
added to the C. P. R. system and connection made by the two main Unci
of that road by the acquirement by
the Canadian Pacific railway ot the
Kingston and  Pembroke  railway.
A conference of the shipping Interests will be called to consider tbe recommendations of the British Board of
Trade In regard to the Titanic disaster. It Is possible that the conference may assume an International
A report from New York to the effect that Prince Arthur of Connaught
will be in Canada to apend the Now
Years with the Duke and Duchess of
Connaught ts denied by Col. Lowther,
military secretary of hla royal hlghoea
The will, of the late Sir Richard
Cartwright leaves an estate valued
at $238,239.90. but out of this debts
amounting to $166,000 will be taken.
This leaves his wife, three daughters
and six sons with less thau 180,000
to share between them.
Ottawa, Jan. 3.���The department of
labor announces that the board of
conciliation appointed to Investigate
the disputes In tho quartz mines of
-he Kootenay district of British Columbia will meet according to Infor
tv<>d bv the department
from tbe chairman of tbe board on
January 6 at Nelson, B.C.
After a short d<iay Ibe represents
tlves cf the miners and the mine
"wnors have come to nn agreemem
on the choice of chairman for th"
"ward, and W. H, Biill'v't WroMer
of Victoria, B.C., h*-s beer
the mlr.
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the
District of Burnaby to ralae by way of
loan the sum ot Elgbty-tour Thousand
Dollars (184,0011.00) for School Purposes:
purpose of constructing further Extensions of tlie General Water Works
System throughout tile Municipality:
WHEREAS It Is expedient that the
General System of Water Supply ln the
Municipality should be further extended.
AND   WHEREAS   It   will    require    the
appointed to that position bv the mir.
���trr i' labor on their rec'mmenda
ion. The other members of the hoard
���re c n. T's"il1ton. K.C.. for the owners, and J. W, Bennett, for the men.
Mulhausen, Germany, Jan. S.���Arthur Fallcr, the aviator, today exceeded by five seconds the world's record tor a duration night In a biplane
carrying five passengers. His time
was one hour, six minutes and five
The previous holder of the record
was Henry Molla. who at Dousey,
France, on Jan. (, 1912, flew tor one
hour and six minutes.
Corporaticnof Burnaby
enable Tho Corporation
Public Schools Act" have cautted to tt-e
prepfired and laid bc-fort* the Munlcip.il
Council a dttaikd estimate of the sums
roqulrtxl to msct nucl. spatial or extraordinary -���xp.-n.st s which may be legally incurred by the llourd.
AND. WUEKEAS, the said enUmate of
such RfM-clal or extraordinary expenm-a
unounts to the sum of Seventy-five Thousand, iSitjht Hundred and Fifty Dollars
,$. 5,$s>0.Uu> according to tlw statement
following, which sum together with the
���urn of Blgbt Thousand One Hundred and
r'lfly Dollars CIS, 160.00) estimated costs
ncluental to this Hy-law and discount on
itbfnturt*s amounts to Uie sunt of Eijlity-
four Thousand Dollars (184,00.00).
Vancouver   Heights,   nvW   model n   eight-roum   building $40,000.00
New  building and additions   to
existing buildings 29,400.00
Clearing and Improving grounds
and fences 	
to. and such territory for all^school pur- H�� ^Hundred   ^   Bixty-four    <&M>
^-^0%^^^ Fhn^SrCSal!ttCSl>.   ^HEKEAS.   the   Party    of    the
��hS2��?Z��$JiZ& InTh^^ftsUe/-- Kl.verto ^^J--
of the Incorporate City. Town or Dls- J��5���tXat Three Hundred and Twenty-
trtct Municipality, and ln this By-law th��'f" Thousand Dollars lt82S.000.00) leas
word   "Municipality"   shall   be   construed   ^V-n"e  Thousand  Dollars   (��5B,000.00)
and apply accordingly.   .������   the value of Government labor.
�����,���=   ..   - -���-    ���       AND. WHEREAS, It will be_ necessary   ���i��aDuewHEREAS,   the    Party   of   the
sum  of   One   Hundred   Thousand   Dollar*   to raise annually by special rate the: Bum ��� agreed to pay to the Party
(IHo 000 e0)   ln order to Instal such ex-   ot Two Hundred and B-ffl-^JgSSSi  of   theT Second   Part  Flfty-fWe  per  cent.
and   sixty-five  Cents   (��2S4.65)   prlnclp.il   ��' t    , ^4 Mwer  (the
~ ' and the sum ot One Thousand Two Hun-   'h",? however, of the Party of the First
dred  and  Sixty  Dollars   (I12S.00)   Inter-   svt^/^n���'> ��� ei'^ed the sum of One Hun-
est. making together as total ,amount an-   I art ���� tgm> Tliou8ana j^,,  (1Uv0
nually of One Thousand/FI'-e(Hundred and   *>       ���     ,     thlrly yearly   payment*   that
fifty-four   Dollara   and* Slxy-flve    <-<nis auftlcleut to.pay the Interest and
H*UU.O) tor th* term ��*���������-   t��)   wln^1[lg fund on the .KLre of the PJirty of
years for the repayment of the said loan �� , ^ j^,, ���, ^a ���,,,���
iiind  Interest thereon as hereinafter  *n*">* Peculated upon the basis of   thirty   (SO)
lttoS&. WHEREAS, the.net -Uie^theVei-vvlth Interest at five   (5,  per cent.
It   Is   necessary    to
WHEREAS, tlie Board of School Trus- rtt|Se the moneys retiulred to defray the
tees of Burnaby in pursuance of the pow- above expenditure upon the credit ot the
era grained to them by Section 60 of the 1 Municipality.
AND*'WHEREAS It will be necessury to
rulse annually by special rate the ku.o of
One Thousand and fifty-two Dollars una
tnirty-flv,. Cents ($1052.85) principal and
the sum of Four TtlouBand five Hundred
Dollars   ($4500.00)   Interest,   maklng_to-
'usis Incidental to this By-law
and discount on debentures..! 8,150.00
Atn,ey-Di:trtc<t rCmlS; to ra?�� ����� way   Si** PW3.  bV-d^med to be  united  to
of  loan   the   sum   of l����0.0��0.00   for   such   Municipal   f-chool^Dlstrlct,
Transfer Co.
16.     Bttni Ptttfie 1*7
New Ontario.
A large nail company, of St John,
N. n��� will establish a branch factory
at Fort William to cost (600,000.
Samuel Harris was frozen to death
within halt a mile of hla camp, near
Frederick House, Northern Ontario.
In a dynamite explosion on Hlgglns
Brothers' construction contract at
Red Rock, near Port Arthur, an unknown Italian wai killed.
There Is still one boat to arrive ln
Port Arthur before the 1(12 season 01
navigation la altogether closed. The
Strathcona la sow en rw.te' up the
lake.       ^
A. E. ronton, one of the best known
elevator men of Fort William, head
of tbe A. B. Fentoo company, was kill-
Street Purposes.
WHEREAS It I* necessary and expedient that the Council of th* said Corporation be authorised to borrow the sum of
Three Hundred Thousand Dollar* ($300,-
000.00) to provide tor Improving and cou-
structlnr certain road* and streets within the limits of tho Municipality.
.hi. WHEREAS, It I* necessary to
raise tho money* required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND. WHBRBAS, It will bo necessary
 -1*-- s��� -.w.sl��l rate th* sum
at Three  Thousand   w���~   ..__���. r
I'lfty-Biven Dollars and Pour Cents ($3,
157.04) principal and the sum ot Thine,.
Thouaand   Five   Hundred   Dollars   ($H.-
(00.00)  Interest, making together a total
 -"- -��� ��<��*���>n Thousand Six
AND, WHEREAS, It Is necessary to
���iii.se the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon tbe credit of the
AND. WHEREAS, under the power*
v'est-d In the Council of Public Instruction under Section 6 (b) of th* sold "Public Fchoole Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnuby
have been extended so a* to Include District I.ot One . Hundred and Seventy.
(171), Uroup One (1), New Weatmir
Dlsti lot. eW
AND WHEREAS, by Section 14 ot the
said "Public School* Act" where any territory ha* been Included within a Municipal School District In accordance with
Section * (b) the provisions of that Act
respecting Public Scliool* In Cltle* and
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory, for all school pur-
- ra  --   . j  s�� *. -nited tc
Bust,   ���m��....��.,-w5_-_______^^^^^^ and  all
property situate In sucii territory, shall
ic liable to assessment for school purposes
In the Bune manner nnd to tho name extent as If tit* same were Included In the
limits of the Incorporated City. Town or
District Municipality, and In this Bylaw
the word "Municipality" shall be construed and apply accordingly.
AND WHKREA8. It will be necessary
'o raise annually by aprolal rate the sum
���f Eight Hundred and Blfhty-three Dollars and Nlivty-seven Cent* ($883.��7)
���rlnclpul and the sum of Three Thousand
Seven Hundred and Blghty Dollar*
($3,780.00)   Interest,   making  together  n
- ��� unt annually of Four Thousand
���<.i i\na Sixty-three Dollars and
cither  a  total  amount annually  of    FlvelWTl0t.  Tu.uss.kte  land  In  the
Thousand   Five   Hundred    and    FKly-two 1 rsmlltt   UncUrfans pisstrtet V>
Do,ara and Thlrt?-five Cents   ($55..2.351    dred and Seventy-two,0*11)
Douars and Thirty ...,   	
for the term of forty years for the re-
liaytni-nt of the Bald loun and Interest
thereon as hettinai'ter muulonod.
AND WHKHfciAS the net value of the
whole rateable land In the Municipality
according to the lust revised assessment
roll amounts to Twenty Millions, Five
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand, Two
Hundred and Five Dollars < 120.576,-
AND WHEREAS the total existing debenture deht of the Municipality ia One
Million. Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollar*
(fl,912,150.00), exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the principal or interest Is ln arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of Interest and the creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of the aald
(irinclpal sum of One Hundred Thousand
Jollars ($100,000.00), tt will be necessary to levy a sptcfal annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of Five Thousand.
Five Hundred and Fifty-two Dollars and
Thirty-five Cents < $5552.35) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
tbe rateable land comprised within the
NO.V THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows;
1. ,U shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollars
($100,000.00) and to cause the same to
be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada at
the City of New Westminster, British
Columbia, to the credit of the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the
objects above set forth and to Issue any
number of debentures of the aald Corporation to the sum of Oae Hundred Thousand
Dollars ($100,000.00) In the whole in accordance with the "Municipal Act." And
the said debentures shall bo Issued to
consist of Two Hundred and five (205)
debtntures. each of the denomination of
one hundred pounds Sterling (��100) and
one debenture of the amount of ��47 18s.
l*Jd. being the Sterling equivalent of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.1)0)
at the rate of $4.8$ 3-8 to the one pound
Sterling, each debenture being also excel to be payable In Canadian Cur-
Son.00)  interest, muisi ...��	
amount annually of Sixteen Thouaand 61x
Hundri'd and Klflr-aeven Dollar* and
Tour Cents ($16,157.04) for the term nf
forty year* for the repayment of the said
loan and Interest thereon a* beretcaftcr
AND, WHKHBAS, the net Value of the
whole rateable land tn the Uunlnlniv'-lty
according to tha last, revised assessment
roll amounts to Twenty Million*. MM
Hundred and Seventy-six Thouaand, Two
Hundred   and   Five   Dollar*    (I20.576,-
tntal amount ���-,  _,
Six Hundred find Slxtv-thrre 	
Ninety-seven Cents <I4.����3,��7) for the
term of Forty (40) year* for the repayment of the wild Ion* and Interest thereon ns hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHKttKAS. the net value ot the
whole rateable land In the (aid Municipality (Includlnt Dlatrlot lot One Hundred and Seven ty-two (17 J) a* lief ore re-
olted) according to th* last revlaed assessment   roll  amount*  to  Twenty   Mil-
.levator men o?"Sort William��� ��fc��*f |KS ^^TimtSTTSaai.- ^^^S^reiWSdtn. ereat{on;
'the A. B. K��tOB WW-**   SQM0D. WHHRBAB. th. total ex.^ln, de-   ^Wnk^n, Fu��tor gjgw*�� %**
b* a ahuDtlnS engine ln the Cana-     and, ���{JB"f"*a,B Municipality Is One  said principal Wm or BWmy rour ^ _n
n'lJomS ThtmTht hi. elevator,    bj.nt.ire d.bt_tf ���$e d��    a R.I^Thou-   ��j	
Baggage Detltetei Projaptly to
any part ol tha dtj*.
iigkt aad Ifeavy fla-Aug
���i ii���   ����������� gessaaastei    .
TWEED, IRItH URQE, etc, Jimt
Arrlv*d. Perfect Pit tuMl Werkmare
swhiip Guarantee*).
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
761 FrmmStjrm*
dlan Pacific yardS	
The Power companr'a dlnltrdllde
factory at Short Lake, near Cojjalt,
wa* damaged hy (Ire. Although there
wer* ton* of exploalves near by none
exploded, and ate people, including
five girla, got out safely. The lose
to $12,000.
Arrangement*! axe being completed
by the government to have Ice breaker* keep the harbor* of Port William
and Port Arthur open until January
t, In order that the veaaele which are
wintering there may be able to move
from dock to dock to take on grain.
A party ot aurveyora left Port William to chooae a route for the International road between Port William
aud Duhita. The men expect to arrive Id Duluth thi* spring. H. T. Hare,
Million,   i-sine   ..��.���  	
sand. One Hundred and Fifty Dotlnri
(fl.ni2.lo0.00) exclusive ot Local It,
provemtnt debt ���eeurcd by special rate*
ir nasi ssmrnts of which none er Uie principal or interest 1* In arrears.
AND,  WHUmBAS,  to provide for the
uivment of Interest and the creation of *
���essraem   nni  aiuvsm.*  ����	
Hon* Eight Hundred aad Porty-alx Thousand.   Four  Hundred  Dollar*   (tSO.MI,-
AND WHBRBAS. to provide for the
payment of tho Interest and tha creation'
if a glnklng Fund fer the payment of the
said principal *um of "Slimy-four Thousand Dollars (f84.400.00). It will be ne-
jeasnry to levy a special annual rat'
suffloP'nt to raise the sum of Four Thou-<
-    *   ���.   a,.,���_,i,���������   Da).
Q    IS    M    |S,7s..v    ...    ,.	
I rency computed ut such rate, and such __
I benture* shall have annexed thereto cou-
1 pons expressed both In Sterling and Cur-
nncy for the Interest thereon nt tho rate
of tour and one-half (4 1-!!) per centum
per annum payable half-yearly on the
10th day of June and tha Slat day of December In each year. And such Sterling
lebenture* (hall bo delivered to tha purchaser* of th* said debenture*, und both
^ntonT'liingtan^ or In Tor-
K sj��e Hun-
  ... aa before recited 1 according to the last revised As-
seasm<-nt Roll amounts to Twenty Millions Right Hundred and Forty-six Thousand Four Hundred Dollars < 120,846,-
AND. WHEREAS, to provide for the
tvivm'-nt of the Interest and the creation
of a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
said principal sum of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollar* (tis.000.00)  It will be nee
srs   ii���,v��v,..,   ..   .....
essary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of One Thousand
Five Hundred and fifty-four Dollars and
sixty-five Cents 111.554.65) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
Reeve and Council of the aald Corporation of Burnaby tn Open Council assent-
Died, as follows, namely:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purpose
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way ot
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same upon, the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Twenty-eight Thouaand Dollars (12S.000.00) and to cause the aame
to be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada In the City of New Weatmlnater to
the credit ot the said Corporation for the
purpose and with th* objects above set
forth and to Issue any number of debentures of the aald Corporation to the sum
of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollar* (f!S,-
000.001 In the whole In accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the aald debentures shall be Issued to consist of
Fifty-seven (57) debenture* each ot the
denomination of On* Hundred pound*
sterling (4100) and on* debenture ot the
amount of Fifty-three Pounds Bight Shilling* Six pence (Cil-8-4) being the ster-
llnn equivalent of Twenty-eight Thouaand Dollars ($38,000.00).at tbe rate of
Four Dollar* and ,El*hty-*lx and Two-
Third* Cent* ($4.84 2-8) to th* One
Pound sterling, each debenture being also
expressed to be payable In Canadian currency eemputed it such rate, and such debentures shall have annexed thereto coupon* expressed both In sterling and currency for the Interest thereon at the rate
of tour and one-half (4 1-8) per centum
���r   annum   payable   half-yearly   on   the
th day of June and the 81st day of De-
kiss,  srssa>.,��'-~   ...   	
be payable on tlio Thirty
comber, A. D., nti.^^M^B^^^ttttMttmnm
t.   There ��holl be raised and levied an-
nuully by a special rate sufficient thero-
  for on all rateable land within the limit*
sufficient to mine tne sum or .��, .,��� . 'Jf the ��old Municipality the mm of One
send Six Hundred and tJtxty-Uirep Dal-1 rhou��and and nfty-two Dollar* and thi*-.
lars and Nlnrty'wven CentT ($4,8*1.17)1 ty-flve Cents (��10j>��.35) for the purpo*e
the amount to he ealijulafcd annually on 1 ">f forming n elnhlntf fund for the pay-
the wholo f -���-s..-.,s._a ������,���^a,a ��� -c ������ J��i���i..��.. and the sun
navment oi interval ,���.�� ... _.
Sinking Fund for the payment of the aald
principal sum of Three Hundred Thousand
hollar* ^$800,000,00) It will be neomeary
to levy a special annual rate miffloleht to
rulse the sum of Sixteen Thou*and- Six
Hundred and FlUy-*even Dollar* ���*
Four Cent* ($16,6*17,04) the amount to
be calculated annually on th* whole of
the' rateable land   comprised within   the
NOW.   THBRKFORK,   the   Municipal
,..��..._-, ���._   ���    follow*:
1.   It ahatl be lawful for the Reeve and
t-W. 'rnT^nand comprl-.dl SmW &^jH^l^%g5i
��� II of 1
if"liurn'itby It. O'V-n
as follows, ��"���>���? ��v .
Reeve ��.nd Council of tho said Corporstlon
of Four Thousand, Flv* Hundred Dollar*
r i ($4500.110) for the payment of the Inter-
n I -nt at the rule aforesaid, the aald special
ij I rate to be In addition to a I other rat'* to
i ��� levied and collected In tlie aald   Mu-
,    1.    It M
and I Clerk   of
Council ot the Corporation
trtct ot Burnaby enacts ai fo
1. It *hall be lawful for tl
Clerk ot the Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or ralae by way ot
loan from any perabn or body or bodice
corporate who miy b" v-Mlllnc t-> advance
the nun1 upon the credit ot the debentures 1 hereinafter mentioned   a sum not
lailtv t'ailmt the curitnov of tlie aald
debenture* or any of them.
II. This by-law shall take etfect on and
ill ���!��� tue vi.-il Jay ot February, A. D���
���.- _..��� ��������� K. sited Jor an
TITO  ID   A/U����14��j��   win  -mar-   ���   ^    --
the man la charge, would not declare exceeding ^^'HuVd^'^iouiand Dol-
for whom he 1* working, not WOUld lar* ($tM.J��*.0*l) and to eaue* the name
���*",*"***,,**1*��*��*aa***a*-.���. ��*I*. -i.��. to be plnesd In the Royal B*nk ot Canada
the City ot New Weatmlijiter, British
1UI      SSSSY.su     ���-    --.     	
he eay anything about hla plant.
Poor mtw w*�� tdlM to th* *ul#WU
to ��� ���
nt the City of New Weatmlnfter, i
Columbia, to the credit ot the *al
poratlon for Uie punoee and with I
jeet* above net forth and to l**u
aumber of dihwliirea ot the aald Oorpera-
Id Cor-
,i wful for the Rmv   .in:!
Cuiicll.   for   the   pu-uod'-
��� ���tow Or raise by waif Of
loan from nr ��������� iMHmn or bpily, or bodlre
corporate, who may be willing to advance
tbe name upon th* credit of the debenture* hereinafter mehtlened a .mlrt -not
exceeding Elgtity-tour Thouaand Dollaf*
($84.o��o.o��) aad l��,ee��m the iwrne trTh*
placed In theT��WTH��* of Ctf***
the City of New We*torW*ter to the er*
ot the aald Corporation for the nurt
and with the object* above a*t forth
to l*��u* any n��mb*r of debenture* of
���aid Corporation to the sum et KM
four Tliow*uid ' Dollar* MW
Sic whole In accordance with t
pal Act." And th* said debentures ���naniTK,-���.��� -.,...
be Issued to oOMtat of One Hundred Mil  ''�����
n^rnVtloi^O^*^^^^  �����������!��:
4. Thi* by-law may be cited for nu
irpoer* n* Ol* "BURNABY _WAsBB
rvBSB   EXTENSION   BY-LAW 1��l$."l uierK snsmn.
AND PA8tfBp to  Open  Mi-.W oh tWsi'.���(iltor.
ilrtleth day of Deeember. *J)4S.. D��� l*f>J.,. ���' ' '
50th day oi rfusss, bm> -�����, - ~^
cember In each year. And such sterling
debenture* *hall be delivered to the purchasers of the said debenture*. And both
a* to principal and Interest shall be payable at the office of the Royal Bank of
Canada In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Canada, or in New York or In Lon-
Son. England, at the holder'* option. And
lie principal of the said debenture* ahull
be payable on the Thtrty-ftrM day of De-
.osnibsr, A. D., 1*62.
I .*,, There (hall be muted and levied annually by a apeclal rate aufflctent there-
,nw on all rateable land within the limit*
of the Mid Municipality tha *um of Two
I Hundred and ninety-four Dollar* and *lx-
ty-flve Cent* ($2844$). for the purpose
if fonuiaga Sinking Fund tar the payment of The- aald deMiture* and the mm
of One Thousand two hundred and Sixty
Dollar* ($1260.00) for the payment ot the
Interest at th* rate aforesaid, the aald'
1 special rate to be In addition to all other
Irate* to be levied and collected In the said
���Municipality during the currency of the
said debenture* or any of them.
i 3. Thi* By-Law shall take effect on
land after the First day of February, AD.,
, 4. Tbl* By-Law may be cited for all
purpose* as th* "BURNABY BCHOOL
BOARD LOAN NO. 2 BY-LAW, 1��1*."
DONE AND PASSED in Open Council
this Thirtieth   day  ot  December,   /.D���
RECEIVED the a*t*nt of the Electors
it an election for th* purpose on the ...
lay of .. ,'. A. D���
of "the Second fan ftttjlftve" w'
(55  p.c.)   of the cost of maintenance
said  sewer. ^^BSfas
that the Party of the Second Part covenants and agrees with the Party of the
First Part Its successors and assigns that
the Party of the Second Part will within
four month* commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the 1st day of January, 1915, (unless
prevented by strikes or other causes) a
sewer from a point on the Fraser River
to a point on Tenth Avenue of the location approximately as shown on the plan .
hereto annexed, such sewer to be constructed of concrete pipes of a diameter
of not less than fifty-four (64) Inches at
Ter n Avenue and Sixth Street -
v ND the Party of the Second Part will
r istruct lateral sewer* from the said
main sewer running from the main sewer
to Tenth Avenue aforesaid as shown on
said plan.
THE Party of the First Part IU successors and assigns shall hare the right
to connect Its drainage and sewerage
over the area of Six Hundred and Eighty-
three (483) acrea us shown on the said
plan with the said sewer and to drain into said sewer surface water and ordinary
sewerage and to use the said sewer both
as a sanitary and storm sewer.
AND If It is found tbat the said sewer
will  provide sufficient fall to take sew-
rage from outside tbe boundaries of the
aald Six Hundred and Eighty-three (*t*t)
acre* as shown  upon the sold plan  thss-,
Party of the  First  Part  may with   this,
consent of the Engineer of the Party oft
the   Second    Part   extend    It* I sewerage
works outside tbe said area. *
The Party of the Second Part coven- >
ants with the Party of First Part that*
the said Main Sewer constructed by the?.
Party of the Second Part and Sewem"
constructed by the Party of the FlrsU.
Part to connect, wltb ths said Main Sewer-
shall be constructed under tbe joint supervision and to the mutual satisfaction of-
the Engineers of the Party of the First
Part and  of  tbe   Party  of  the   Second1
THE Party of the First Part covenant* with the Party of the Second Po't
Its successors and assign* that the Party
of the First Pert will pay to the Party
of the Second Part tu successors and assigns after completion of the said sewer
from Fraser River to Tenth Avenue fifty-
five per cent (55 p.c.) of the oast of tho
said sewer (the said fifty-five per cent.
(66 p.c), however, not to exceed thesurn
of One Hundred und Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,000.00) and such payment to
be made In half-yearly paymenU on the
Thirtieth day* of June and December In
each year a* will provide a sinking fund
for payment of said *um In thirty ($0)
year* with Interest at five (6) per cent,
slND the Party of the First Part cw-
ejianta with the Party of the Second Part
that the Party ot the.Ftrat Part will pay .
to the  Party of the Second Part fifty-
five per cent.   ($5 p.c.)   Of   the cost - of
lalnfeuanee ot tbe said main aeWer. met*
maintenance of the aald main sewer sit
payment* to be made yearly on the Thirtieth day of December to eaeb year.
hereto have caused their Corporate 8eala
to be hereunto affixed.
In the presence of;��� ,
 clil,C.  Reeve!
Take notice that tbe above I* a Ira*.
copy of the proposed By-law upon. wMahl
the vote of the Municipality will be tsdcsn
m Saturdav. th* 18th day ot January.
1818, between $ o'clock a.m. until f
o'clock p.m., at the polling place*:
Burnaby Public Hall. Kdmond*.
^���oulturW Mall, Central Pkrk.
Topping*'* Store, l��th   Ave., Maa*.
finally adopted
the Reeve and
Corporate Seal
_ the Thirtieth
RECEIVED the assent of the Hs)
tor* at an KleeUon for th* purpose on tb*
.... daf Ot: ���;  A. D.. 1��1*. .
RECONSIDERED Midvflnall|      K=I-"
P  ���.�� ih. roune.1'nSgned by th* *����w a*d
4- }^m7emm^�� &>"��,?#
Hi all on tho .... ��*y of  ��� *���**>'
nd ��-��'     	
le-  ", ���;"     '     cM.C,
lebenWn t*,th*;l
��bov*  I* a tru*
upon which
���fa*)* oothj* that the above 1* a (rue
nVm'e ot*tir*i^ctti*IUy\lfrbli "nken
m Saturday, the lfth day of January
81t,.W*��**��,. 6  o'clock   a-m.    until    7
iHuirdHall, Oentral Part     ���
More, Mth   Ave., Satt
i Road Sehaait. Bur��ultl4un.'
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam.
Dundonald School. Fraaer Arm, ,
Barnet Hall, Barnet, ���*
Mr. Jas. Hard'* Office. North Burn-sb*.
BUrnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lfcke.
Lakemere School. Lakemere.
Public Notice I* hereby Jiven that the.
vote of the Elector* of the District et Bur-
atew* <"&��� iTm** Wfcr &
mentioned,     and     that    A.    a.    Moo**)
ha* been appointed .Returning Offlotr tt��
.take the vote of such   elector* with  tb*
t usual power* tn that behalf.
Edmond*. & C, Sn SI, 1811. (IMSt
i*!***". \v ������/
PAGE EIGHT    '""'J-'/fJ
m,    I -a������*���
"PAY   CA8H   IT   WILL   *��AY
YOU". '.
"We are preparing to take
stock, consequently are offering
bargain* on odd lota.
Armour's Brisket of Beef In
1 lb. tins; regular 35c each; a
dellcacv. Today 30c, 3 for 75c
Canned Soup sells regular i for
26c; all kinds today, each ..10c
���Per dozen  ; .$1.10
Try a dozen French Peas; regular 2 for 25c; today, each   10c
Per dozen e"1-10
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
blend; regular 40c a lb.; today
36c, per  dozen    *3-6>>
Our Special Tea we will retail
today at 45c per lb; regular 50c.
Very excellent
Pork and Beans, the famous
Quaker brand; regular 15c;
straight today 2 for 25c, or pet-
dozen  *'���*
Olives,   special     bargain     50c
pottle for 30c
Potato Flour, very best for fine
cakes and pastry;  regular 20c,
tdday 15c:  1 dozen   *1-'5
Fish In 1 lb. tins. Herring, Haddock,  etc.;  regular 10c;   today
3 for 25c; per dozen 95c
Raisens. In   16   oz.   packages;
reg. 2 for 25c; today 3 for 25c
Smith's   extra   cream   Sodas;
1 regular 25c per tin; today   20c,
3 for  ��� "V?5c
Cowans' Unsweetened Cooking
Chocolate; regular 60c per lb.,
today,  per  lb *'c
Head Lettuce, per head 10c
Celery,    beautiful      stuff,    par
bunch 10>��
Turnlps, per lb 2c
Onions, per lb -2c
Cabbage, per lb 1/?��
Sweet Potatoes, per lb. .. 5c
Apples, only    60   left.   No..   1
Jonatlions, per box   $1-65
These are prize apples.
Spy Apples, per box $1-50
Cooking Apples, per box. .$1.15
Public Supply Stores
V L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIG03
Your Dear
You have worked,
planned, saved and denied yourself���all that
some dear one may be
free from want when
you are gone.
What have you done
to ensure that the
estate you have built
up will be efficiently
managed after you?
Let us tell you about
our facilities for handling estates.
The new B. C. Telephone cable
which will serve the South Fraser district Is now being laid across the
Fraser bridge.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo<
It. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395.
The regular meeting of the Orphanage Guild will be held at the home
of Mrs. H. Haidenger, 1215 Fifth ave-;
nue, on Wednesday afternoon.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get'
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (3��*)
The Sisters of St. Mary's Hospital
extend their cordial thanks to all those
who donated gifts to the institution
on Christmas and New Year'*.
Trimmed Hats to clear regardless of
cost. Ready to wears, regular 83.50 to
$6 00, for 81-50. Mrs. Agret, 69 Sixth
street. (391);
It is officially announced in the
Canada Gazette that a new postoffice
has been opened in Buena Vista, under J. H. Bucholtz, and another at
Vine Hill in charge of Wm. Thomas.
Wondrous Pathe colored production
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame," Victor Hugo's masterpiece, dramatized in
Motophotography. (414)
So far tbls year a total of 45 bartenders' licenses have been issued by
the police department. These men
are employed in the two saloons, four-'
teen bars and one wholesale liquor
house operated ln the city.
A branch of the Union Bank of Can
ada will be opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, In the premises
recently vacated by W. K. Sinclair
611 Columbia street. (387)
After an illness of Beveral weeks
Mr. E. R. McMillan, the principal of
the New Westminster high school,
will resume his duties at the reopening of his school after the Christmas
holidays today.
Mr. C. D. Nunn, of the Dunsmuir
cafe, Eighth street, has decided to
make some alterations in the arrangement of interior cafe fixtures in ordej
to accommodate the better the well
merited and largo patronage of his
"good place to eat at." (412)
The fourth annual ball of the New-
Westminster Post No. 4, Native Sons
of B. 0,| will be held on Monday evening-, Jan. 27, In the Masonic Temple.
Messrs". J. P. Hampton Bole, chairman,
A. Sholto McCall, James I. Keary, A.
W. Gray, Edwin F. Eastman, Frank
Major, Duncan McPhaden and Louis
Sangster comprise the committee.
Mill wood for sale, prompt deliver/
���o any part of the city; also Sapper
ton or Burnaby. W. Rich, phone
0 1146.
the Factory Town.    Here Is the article:
"Mr. P. J. Lally received Christmas
greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Jay Kelley of New Westminster, B.C.
'Mr. Kelley is proprietor of the
Russell hotel, New Westminster,
whore tie Cornwall lacrosse club were
_ festa while on their trip in the west
for, the Minto cup.
"""���"Mr, Kelley wishes to be remembered to all the lacrosse boys and sends
ly* Christmas greetings to them.
A "tlie, boys were all loud In their
jjraiae of the treatment accorded them
ay Sir.* and Mrs. Kelley and it is their
Hctfw that the worthy host and hostess
may be spared for many years to en-
ipy the comforts of (.heir beautiful
hotel, of which they are proprietors."
B. O. Walker Say* Meeting Was Not
������!'���'��� ��� �� Representative One.
.' Edmonds, Jan. 6.���Taking the stand
that the meeting held in Moreton hall
on Friday evening was not representative of the whole of the ratepayers' associations of Burnaby, Mr.
B.; Q. Walker has decided to stay in
the race for the reevoshlp.
At the Edmonds meeting, called by
the Central Ratepayers' Association, a
vote of twelve to three was taken in
favor of endorsing Councillor D. C.
McGregor, but, as only three organiza
tlons were present the vote taken
probably does not indicate the trend
of feeling of the whole of the municipality.
"A meeting will be held ln Moreton
hall, Edmonds, on Wednesday evening of this week whan it is expected
that Mr. Walker wtSjpresent his platform. So far (lnrirj||. the campaign
neither Mr. Walker^fer his opponents,
Mr. D. S. Pattersonji&d Councillor D
*VVW"Gregor. have rjotne out with a
d'jfntte- platform, although all have
jjatsto?'that If elected they will follow
^eafilicie.s of Reeve Weart.
GRAY.���The late Mrs. Elisabeth
Gray, who died tn Summerland on
Dec. 31. was laid to rest In the Masonic cemetery on Saturday afternoon. Services were held at the home
of'Mr. A." Gray, 226 Second street
where a large number of relations
and friends of the deceased were gathered to pay their last respects.
Friday, evening, the 3rd inst., was
the occasion of a very pleasant meeting rf the field and office staff of
Mr. H. Nevile-Smith, C.E., B.C.L.S,
at his own office on Columbia street,
when the staff presented him with a
handsome bookcase, as a memento
of the closing year. It came in the
uature of a surprise party.
The presentation address was made
by Mr. linger.
Subsequently a varied programme
with music and songs, and many interesting as well as ludicrous remin-
kept the community in a cheerful and
scences of field work in the early
years of surveying In the province
cdtivlvial spirit.
Mr. Neville-Smith's reply to the pre-
sentntn.!! addresfi by Mr. linger, as
well aa his own address later In the
evening,   thoroughly   emphasized   tl
"Who or what is it that governs the
world?" was the question put by Rev.
Owen Bulkeley, rector of St. Mary's,
South Hill, at, the cathedral last night.
There were many answers likely to
be preferred, he said, all ot which
were true to a certain extent, but In
the course of an able and enlightening sermon, he showed how kings and
queens were, governors and yet governed by the people, how they in turn
had their opinions moulded by the
newspapers, how the press was subject to the power of money, how that
again was subservient to knowledge.
And yet, he said, it was not knowledge altogether that ruled, and, reverting to his text from Revelations
13:14, stated that the dead ruled the
world, "and their works do follow
Mr. Bulkeley showed how the progress upon which we pride ourselves
le the result of the work ot preceding
generations, and, elaborating upon his
declamation above, brought out ln
vivid language the work of Jesus,
whose naming was that day being
"It Ib Christ that rules. Civilization
begins with Anno Domini," he said.
The Venerable    Archdeacon    Pent
reath Is seriously ill in Vancouver.
Something of a mystery surrounds
the Identity of the man who was killed by the C. P. R. train in Coqultlam
on Friday evening. The body has
every appearance ot being that or >
working man. but no money or papers
were found in the clothing, ln fact
the only thing found In the pocket*
waa a razor.
The clothing consists ot a bluo
woollen logger's shirt, overalls, heavy
.hoes, and a light felt hat. It appears
to be the body of a man between 35
and 40 years ot age, and would measure about five feet eight Inches. The
weight '���would be about 130 pounds.
The face was dirty, while the hands
were rough and Boiled.
Tbe view has been expressed that
tbe man waa returning to Westmln
ster from one of the construction
lamps along the C. P. R. line, but the
fact that no money was found ln th*>
clothing Is considered strange. Ttin
man looks to have been either a Cana
dian or American.
The man's head was split open by
the lmpace of the engine, and his
shoulder bones and left arm were
broken. The Coqultlam police, In
whose territory the accident occurred
have not yet viewed the bodv. but It
is expected they will do so today. It
Is also very probable that an inquest
will be held today.
. . . ON ...
Will help on the heating problem.
Every one of our heating and
cook stoves are marked down
during this big.
Airtight Heaters
$1.95, $2.50
��Z.VD |95o down to $7.25.
Our $18.50 Heaters
marked to $14.90.
Every Ladies Cloak, Suit and Skirt marked down to a saving of one-third.
Every item of warm, comfortable Suits of Ladies' Children's and Men's Underwear marked down.   Every yard of Dress Goods and Silks marked down.
We are clearing our stocks of all .surplus, getting it down to normal size.
Splendid bargains in Furniture, Birds'and Bedding. Single and Odd Suits
at savings of 25 to 33 1-3 per cent.
'���5',un cordial   foeling  that  haB  so  long
It Is expected that the new flour and
| grist mill being erected by the Grain
I Growers B. C. agency near the June-
j tion of Twelfth and Columbia streets,
I will be completed early in February.
I The frame work of the structure is
I now practically completed and the
] building is taking on the form it will
(assume when finished.
Mr. F. J. Dyson, better known as
I New Dyson, an old resident of New
1 Westminster, has returned to the city
I after an absence of 17 ���/.ars, with tht
intention of making a permanent
I stay.    Mr. Dyson left Bhortly after the
big fire and during the greater part
I of his absence has resided at Colorado
| Springs.
A near collision took place at I.ep
I iiold Place last evening whim a Fraser
I Mills car overstepped the switch and
all but Crashed Into a Sapperton car.
But for the prompt action of the
I motorman it is probable that a Biuash
1 would have occurred which would
I have damaged the car at least, not for
] getting the passengers.
A great tug-of-war between four
sturdy Scots and a policeman la reported to have taken place in one of
the local cafes on Saturday night.
The contest waa called a draw owing
to several bystanders coming to the
rescue of the citizens and telling the
blue coat man thut everything   was
lovely and that no    disturbance    had
taken  place
I iiited between himself and all the
members of his staff
\V. C. W. Murray, B.C.L.S., ably fulfilled the duties of chairman, and the
various musical selections, Bongs a.id
addresses were thoroughly Indicative
of the hearty good feeling and cordial
relations that have so long existed.
between Mr. H. Neville-Smith and all
of his employees.
Many thanks are due to Mr. Opcn-
shaw who so ably presided at the
piano, for the musical portion of the
3Vi ;ilng.
The programme of toasts and musk
Messrs, Openshaw, Cotton, D.L.S.,
R. S. Herd, KIrkland, B.C.L.S.. Unger,
D. Pennell, II. Nevlle-Smlth, W. H.
Mumford, W. Parnell, R. McCullough,
Uiggatt, Neil MeColl, F. L. Jackson,
R. S. Heed, W, H. Mumford and W.
Ha* the Privilege of Selling Beer
Without  a   License.
London, Jan. 5.���The Bank of England, amongat its numerous privileges
granted by Royal Charter, has the
right of selling beer without a license.
The bank could, if It wished, open
a public house in Threadneede lstreet,
and, like the modern hostelry, turn
its "parlors" into a saloon har.
What a sale, also, would Bank of
England beer have, delivered at customer's houses with the signature of
the chief caBhler aa a guarantee on
every cask or bottle.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
given on all order*.   Thi* discount if
lor tan day* only.
Room 6
Collider Block
White. Shiles & Co.
from 628 Columbia Street to more (jomniodious offices in the Westminster
Trust Block (Suite 312 to 315.) Their lower office, No. 746 Columbia street,
near the tram office, will, however, be kept open in charge of Mr. D. A. Shiles,
the firm's regular business being carried on at both offices.
312 to 315 Westminster Trust Block.     Phone 85.
New Westminster, B.C.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Is the result of using our
Hot Water Bottles.
j Two and five year guarantee with every bottle sold.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Iloyal City Lodge, No. 3, of the In-
dependent Order ol odd "tallows, in-
stalled   tho   officers,   ter the Miwlnf
year on   Friday   evening  at   tlie  Odd
Fellows' hull.
District Grand Maitrr J. A. Johnson
assisted by N. H. llrown, P.O.; D.
Mcl'hurson, P.O.; J. Ferguson, P.O.:
W. Wray, P.O.; O, K. (lllloy, P.G.; W.
It. Jaynes, P.G.: and C. S. Keith, P
G��� P.O.It., officiated.
The following officers were install
ed: 8. I.evar, Junior Past Grand; E.
J. Houghrtii, P.O., Noble Grand; S
Bowoll, Vice-Grand; II. Price, record
Ing secretary; B, C. Turner, finnncla'
secretary; ft Lawrence, P.O., tree,*
uror; I.. NetlKTby. warden: E. F. Hall
conductor; II. Orr. P.O.. R.S.N.G.: A
II. Parsons, L.S.N.G.; F. G. Watts
-iianlaln: C. ,T, Bell, B.S.V.CI.; T. W
r-uroer. L.S.V.O.; G. A. Plastow. U.S.
8.; P. Brown. L.R.S.; W. rialrymiil''
1.(1.; J. llyslop. O.O.; W. E. Brown
P.O.. organist; G. Halllday, team
Phone 43: L. d. 71;
Nsw   Wsstmlnatsr,
Res. 72.
B, C.
Between Lacrosse Nurseries of Eastern   and   Western  Canada.
An Indication of the good feeling
that exists between Cornwall and New
Westminster, tbe lacrosse nurseries of
the East and West, respectively, If
tbat contained ln the subjoined article
culled from the Cornwall Standard
of Dec. 27.
Although defeated by a large score
at the provincial fair of 1912 the Cornwall players were well lilted during
their stay ut the Russell hotel In October last year and their feeling Is
evidently appreciated by the funs of
Mr. William Gagiion and Miss Marie I
Cote were the contracting parties In '
a marriage which took place at Mt. I
Vernon, Wash, on Jan. 1!. Itev. Mr. |
Beftoh officiated. Mr. and Mra. Ua��-
iiou  wll  Iresldu at the  FraBer  Milis.
t-o-i Angeles, Jan. B.���Tha wind
which began yesterday ahd before
nltfht hill reached tha proportions ol
'. tale hsu��!ng minor damage through
i large portion or Bnut***'rn California
dlminis'.K'd somewhat today, but the
woiitluM- became culdor as tin: Btunii
ten formed to a thlokness of hair an
'f*ln*l In n"Miv nlact's IWh mnrnlnir
Forecast Ihat the mercury would full
below the freezing point again t"
���nr,-*'-, paused citrus fruit grows***
considerable apprehension.
������������������������^���^ ___^___^^_
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 636
63 Sixth Street
of all kinds In great variety. Try our
typewriter rlbbonB, our Carbon Paper
In all grades and for every use.
Stephen's  and  Stafford's  Inks and
/ Blank BookB of every kind.
646 Columbia Street
Phone 463
feol the need of Glasses today when
EYESTRAIN I* the rule snd not the
Workmen who would have reliable
help for their eye* should cal( on
Druggist and Optician
701   Columbia  Street Phone 57
These are all
In Qfod location* and are  good   Inveatmente  at  th*  prices
they ean be bought fer now.
|359��� FIFTH   8TT.EET    nter Elohth
avenue; 5flxi;H! to lane; a good buy
at $1,040; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
street;- two lots; upper side; BOxlSO
all cleared and graded; piioe $1275
13B7���es foot LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot In good location; Just of!
Columbia street;   price    $1200   on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO.. LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'  Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
If you want
Reliability, Silence,
Economy. Satisfaction and
The "YAI.K" will meot
your requirements.
Adapted for the Fishing Trade.
Tfee Schaake Machine Works
Try One of Our Self Basting Roasters
The best on tlie market, prices from $1.50 to $2.50
Note the bargains in our dinner sets which we bave Just opened.
97-plece Flo Blue, .worth $15.00 for $19.75
108-plece Dresden Gold Line, worth$26,  for    19.75
96-pl'ece Grecian Dull Oold, worth $2S, for  21.25
07-plece Blue Bandand Dull Gold, worth $30 for  21.85
98-piece Poutraclcla, worth $32,50, for  22.00
We also carry Blue Willow, Clover Leaf and the Vitrified ware.
Seo our Cut Glass Bowls, Vases and  Bon  Bon  Dishes and  our
Glass Table and ,W^ter Sets.
Nothing Is more appropriate for a Christmas Present than an
Electric Iron (I mean the kind wn carry) unless It Is one of our
Sewing Machines, guaranteed for 10 years.
The New Furniture Store
Cor. 12th St. and Sixth Aee. C. N. EDMONDSON & CO.
llh   .:,.:���


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