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The Daily News Apr 10, 1912

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Four Polling Stations Open From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.-Big Majority Expected If Progressives Turn Out In Force-
Bylaws Provide for Solid Development.
Today the by-law campaign culminates at the polls. At D a.m. these will
be open and they will stay open until
7 p.m. In those ten hours, lt ls ex-
peeled that hundreds of progressive
votes will have been cast and that
when the time comes to count them
the lo.in dehenture by-laws ot 1912 will
be carried by a big majority.
There are four polling stations, the
one in Queensborough being an inno-
Mition this year.   These are:
The City Hall, council chamber.   ���
.No.  I Fire Hall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Flre Hall, Thirteenth street.
thane's huilding, Queensborough.
All those who have the city's interests st heart have been busy these
last few days canvassing energetically
on  behalf of the  by-laws.    The  Pro
gress club has sprung up ready armed
and has conducted a brief but energetic campaign. A personal appeal
has been addressed to every voter,
banners have been spread across the
stieets and notices placed on the
stieet cars and in every store window.
There seems to be no doubt about it;
Westminster is out for progress.
It la noticeable that everything of
a boom nature lias been carefully excluded from the campaign. The improvements proposed are universally
regarded as solid necessities. The
arguments used in support of then,
have heen conservative arguments.
The real estate aspect has been absent, and citizen lias appealed to citizen in the interests of the community
as a whole.
Trade   Agreement  Between
Board of Works May Reorganize De- j   Canada and United states.
partment���Results Do Not Justify 	
!S|fiN FB|j TE8M 0F Y��ABS
Ladn:r Beard of Trade Hears Reports
���Westminster Compared Favorably with Vancouver.
the only way out ot the embroglio appears to him to he his own death and
ne shoots himseif. He is not killed at
once, hut just us the priest is telling
Angela that the chuicn will release
her from her vows unasked the news
of Giovanni's death Is brought In and
happiness is once more snatched from
Some of the minor parts are not in
very capable hands and the Countess
is a most Unpleasant creature, as In-
dec.l she is meant to be, in the hands
of Miss Flo.ence Burroughs. Miss
Roberta 'I ay lor deserves credit for
her presentation of .Madam Bernard, a
thankless and unimportant pait.
Sixth strf>el   r.s a bosh&fts   street
prepotltloB is becoming   mo-.-e appur-
ent fevftfy day.   lbe ipproachlig completion of the nev.' ��:ir lint bas boost-
ed   prices   in   tho  v iclnlly   tapped   h>
tho new line, aad  plans are nov.- belli;  mn:1c  for the erection   of several
' new   Mocks,  In addition  to   those  already tinder w:iy.
The Dominion Trust Co. will short-
] ly  let  a  contract for  three scores  a*
I the corner of Sixth street   and Third
I avenue,  the tenants  for  which, it  Is
; said, have already been spoken for.
Edmonds, Api 11 'J.���A complete
oi'c,uui..aiiuu 01  liie    engineering
purunent    was toreshauuwej   at.
liUiiiatjy boaid ot worris meeting lasi
evening, many 01 tne couucinois taking ti.e view that tne present system
is   too  cost.y  conipa.eu   Wtl'd itsu.is.
Eariy in tne piesent year, nine dis
tnct    lortmen     were    uppu.ntea     n ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
salaries of $luu a month,   a construe- jed the confeience between the lepra
tion    engineer    was    appointed    two  sentatives of the V\ est Indies and the
weeks ago at *35u a month.   The roau   dominion ot Canada which has been
stipe) intenaent receives $150 s. month
lor his laboi s, wiule mis evening tne,
municipal   engineer,    Mr. McPherson,  closer together.   The   result has been .
I received an advance from $2uu to $2i>u [reached a.ons the lines of commercial
| a  montn,  dating  irom  Slay l.    This j reciprocity and not on tuose of   tne j
[comprises a total lor the year of $tb,-] iuccrpo;ation of the indies with Can-
; 000 without mentioning the salaries ot -tua.
jthe  assistant eufeiueeis,  rodmen  and j    un the conclusion of the trade con-
others connected with the office work, i ferente toda.., fcton. Geo.ge E. roster,
[The question was asked this evening, I minister ol tiade and commerce, gave
I "Is the municipality receiving its due 'out an oh.ielal statement as loliows:
'for tue large amount being paid out      An  agreement  has  been  signed  In
lu the engineering department?" The , duplicate and issued today by the rep-
municipal engineer,   Mr.   McPherson, | resentuUtos ot  Vtest Indian colonies
together with Mr. H. L. Thompson, the j and the government ot Canada. It was
do-i Hon. George E. Fester MakeG Official
tae I
Statement���Wide and Generous
Ottawa, April 9.���Success has crown-
Iheid    to bring the different countries
Reaches 51.00 Mark for First Time in
Two  Years���Record-breaking
Demand from Orient.
newly appointed construction engineer, will make a report at the next
meeting of the council as to what
plans tiiey have to offer to reorganize
tbe staff anl cut down the expense oi'
get more returns from those now employed.
Petitions for    and    against
| :oom  license  heing issued  to
jthe result of live days Bitting in conscience and a grout ileal of steady
jwoik done outside of the conference
hy sub-committees. The agreements
j are made for a term of years and are
j revocable at the end oi the period
:named therein on one year's notice, lt
Seattle, April 9.���For tbe first time
in two years the price or wheat in
the Pacific Northwest reached the
aoilar mark today, beattie millers
were pacing *i a bushel ior -NO. 1
bluestem and as high as UT cents waB
tiSKed tor iso. 1 tiuo wheat. Oniy
three tlu.es in the last eight . ears has
wheat passed tue uoiiar mark In the
Seattle market. The other times were
in lHe'J when wheat Drought $1.18 and
in 1910 when lt sold tor 93 cents to |1.
l'he hi^h pilce of wheat in the Pacific Northwest is said to be the result of the record-hieaking demand
for (lour in the Orient. Although a
crou estimated at tJB.UOn.OOU bushels
was harvested in the three Northwest
states last year it la said that less
than lt),tiOU,000 bushels remain.
Barley and oats aie also soaring.
Barley was quoted today at $:H.50 a
ton, the highest it has ever been in
the local market, and oats sold for
$.'iti.50, the highest since 1909, when
the price was $00 to $39.50.
Aldermen Lay Stress Upon
Parks and Exhibition.
Tjanspoitation questions were prominent iU tM    inee.iiig    of    the   Delta j
board ol trade beld at Ladner oa Mon-1
fcaj nlj'ut.   Communication with both I
\\ e ������ mlnste^ and Vancouver is desiieo i
Sin: io;o.U on both scheme* i^i'o
submitted, Mr. T. BS, I.adner Bpoke for
the committee that was to have Interviewed Mtv Sperling, or the B. C. E. K.,
On the subject of a direct line to Van-
Couver. Tbis Interview tho committee
bad Rol secured, but hoped to very j
Mr. C. Brown repo;tcd on tram eom-
m-inUailon with Westminster. He hnd
seen Mr. Sperling some time ajio and
t!,<- latter had promised to have surveyors on the ground within two
weol.i in locate the best route for the
line,    Thero    were    two   alternative  I
courses; one was down the river and;WORK 0N WASHINGTON
th- ojber along the trank mad. canal will be PUSHED
.v communication was received from j 	
Mr, smart Wade, secretary of the
board o! trade, Westminster, asking
the board to appoint two experienced
farmers to represent the Helta at a
convention to he held In May to consider the enlarnini. of forming Operations in tho Fraser valley. Inclden:-
nllv i discission arose on the relative
.i    pool ! includes exchanges of products on    n
a resi- jv.ide and generous scale and is based
Idem of McKay were read hefore   the  on a preference given to the products
j council,  those  against   it  numbering j0f each country in the markets of the
I12S, while 12 receded themselves i".i .other.
j Jftvor of allowing a pool room to be j	
(Operated in ths district,   'lh? natter |
''>\as left over for furthe.- considers
| TIOT!.
A readjustment of water r..tcs   nov-
Seattle, April 9.���The building of
tbe Lake Washington canal Iock at
Salmon bay will be pushed this summer l.> tne .government. Major James
li. laiauaugb, L'. S. A. engineers
corps, In charge of ihe local otl ice, relumed from \\ as.iing.toii, 1). C, yes-
, j^^^^��� . _      Jteruiiv   \vHli  authority   from  the  war
merits of the Westminster and Van- department to bend ail his energies
| tnH summer on tlie project.
1 he  government  will  do the wprk
j iiho 1 f, nnd Major Cavanaugh ls author-
I l/e I   to  purchase   materials  and  suji-
p..ee and employ men.
"Correspondence with   the   depart-
ment would have resulted fn a delay
) of    possibly    several    weeks,"    said
I Major Cavanaugh, "which would have
I meant something to us at this time.
It was to avoid all delay that 1 made
the visit to Washington city, and the
course decided upon by my superiors
assines   the   work   now   proceeding
without   delay   and   upon   permanent
Major Cavanaugh said that he could
not Eay at this time Just how many
men would be required, but that Hie
men and the supplies and the materials which largely would have to be
obtained here would be considerable.
(Adjustment of water r..
charged in Uurnaby   was   dl2CUS86d.
^c:i:e of the councillors favoring    the
meter system, claiming that insny of
the consumers when first  making application   for   water  stated   they   had
otic or two taps to bo used, when    It
was  nt'.erwnvtlg  dlacovet-eo tn*t "Swttfc-
rcoms,  barns,  etc.,  had been    adde
greatly increasing    the    consumption.!
Ia view cf the fact that the receipts toned duiing
for this year will show a profit apart . terday, unles
from the sinking fund and interest on
bonds, it is probable that the present
rates will be left as they are
The board of works will hold
other session on Friday morning
increase* ��'very*hcre, But Discontent Not Lessened.
DoSton, April &;���-Despite the wave
Of wage increases which in the next
twelve months vvill swell by more
lhan flS,OUO,000 the pay of thousands
of   textile   workers   ln   New   Kngland.
Judg3 Reserves Decision in Case Dismissed in Police Court and
Appealed by City.
An Interesting cise came before
Jud^o howay ln the county court yes-
ite.uay morning, bein �� an appeal by
|the city with reference to the sale of
liquor in restaurants. The important
Jio/ut was to find out whether the
o| a  rests Jrafit .��4n  send  out
��V^-����*c��on t8^u;^^.tet����^eeIS^ffi#1��*����aei*.
eiallves iu a number of places.
the wee
Strikes now are in effect or threat-r.at
cer cr m&rkets which did not redound
to lbe crodll of the latter.
buying it at a hotel b-ir and
|afterward3 supplying the same to bis
1 patrons.
1 It appeared that an employee of the
Bismarck cafe was recently charged
with Illicitly trafficking in liquor, he
hating received the whole or part of
a bottle of beer which formed part of
beginning yen-
certain demands are
granted, at nearly a dozen textile
poiuts. I'xcept in Lowell, where 15,-
oOO operatives are out of woik, the
number of operatives involved is comparatively small. j purchase he had made on hehalf or
Many observers believe that he 'cuslonier whom he was wait.
strike and locKO'.it in Lowell will end!"
tills week through the expected action]    jj*. ���,,���������, i    , ���(���������      i\.a
, ., , .    ,        _.,,, _      The   case was recentlv before   the
of the manufacturers in granting
increase  of  1    ^^^^^^^^^^^
the 7 and  8  per    cent,    alieady    an
Now    Is    the Tide    in Westminster's;.
Affairs to Make Bid for Progress
and   Prosperity.
Special explanations of the park and
exhibition by-laws, added to a iuciti
survey of the whole of the by-laws,
which today come before the people of
Westminster, were given last night in-
Johnston'8 hall at Sapperton by. Aldermen Curtis, Henley, White and Dodd.
There were not many people present
at the outset, but later on the hail
contained some fifty or sixty rate-,
payers, who, after listening to the
arguments set forth, gave a unanimous
expression of opinion in favor of carrying the whole of the by-laws.
Mr.  Watson  filled  the  chair in an
admirable manner.   Quoting from   the
bard of Avon, he Baid that Westminster had now come to that tide in its-
affairs which led on to fortune. "Now,"
he continued, "is the high  time and:
tide of  prosperity, and  I  am  out to
support  the  by-laws  as  a  whole.    It
they are turned down it may be a long,
time  before  the  opportunity  of    improving our position again presents itself.    The great    national    highways
are coming our way and we nviy be
neglected.   After all the council ls our
servant;  we are the masters.     TheiP
has been no dissentient voice raised:
in the council.    They are shrewd far
seeing  men  of business  acumen   tnti
we have confidence In them."
Importance of Parks.
Alderman White dwelt   chief Ty   on
the parks and exhibition schemes. He-
said  that  the  time  bavC come   when
the R. A. & I. had to go forward or
stop altogether.    It wns the duty    of
the city to push it forward, and    the
exhibition by-law was a means to tha'
end.     Touching  on   parks  in  genera''
he said thr.t all the cities of the cpaej
���note l&UtieaU*!. Vn  liuvtovtm ��n4 �����.--
tending their park systems, and   o-at--
'.tned what is being done iu Portland..
Oregon,   which  city   be  had   recently
visited.     A   million   dollars   was   first
set aside in this city of 225.000 people,
and now that this sum has been   expended   In    playgrounds,     gymnasia,
swimming  tanks,  sandheans  for    the
children to play in, as well as bojle
vards and parks, a sum of a further
'two  millions  had  been  set apart  foi-
the same purpose.
iciurers in grauung an I ��� court and was there dismissed. I Turning to the relationship of park.
0 per cent, ln place ��rjThe cjtv subsequently appealed, and area to city area he showed that while
��� .     "'������"���J"    ���"-  Ju(lge lioway, after hearing the   argu
ments, which were presented by   City-
Holidays Made Last Week Dull���Total
Only $14,850���Big Buildings
Miss   Jeanne   Towler's   Acting   Was
Str.kirg���Giovanni in Capable
Hands���Small Audience.
It is rather trying lo sit lu a theatre
fO.    illlt'e   llOUl-b   ~..a    ItSUU   a   llUillaU
SO-! lorturtu oy a buccesbiou ot    tue
iiiu.->t i.uMiiu i.t-:u.a oi tale,   tet auch
to....ie is wnat Lie "Willie isisior" uii-
ue. weut   lie.oie   U.e   Byes  oi   a  smail ^^^^^^^^^^^
uuuitate lust night.   Turough no fault! through the mails from \ ancouver on
oi  ue.   o*n bi.e is ���ubjettied to    tue'Juniiary 16, 1912. addressed to a real-
Some  Globe
Edmonds,   April !���-���
-A   letter
The break in last week caused by
the l-.astci- holidays is lesponsible tor
the comparatively dull record of building returns. Twelve permits were issued, the value of the buildings to be
erected totalling 114,950. New houses,
cottages, bungalows, and additions to
present buildings are comprised In the
The outlook for the present week ls
most favorable. It is learned that five
applications have already been granted, all of which date as yesterday.
The value represented Is $S0O0. Some
large applications are also looked for
this week, u $110,000 building and another $100,000 being expected.
The settlement of the Lowell situation, however, apparently will not
mean the end of activity ln New Kngland hy the Industrial Workers of the
World, the organization wllich has assumed responsibility both for the
greal Lawrence strike and that at
Lowell. I  i
The leaders are now predicting
strikes In the Manchester, N. H., cotton mills, and in the iron Industry in
In Fall River, where a general Increase of 10 per cent, to the textile
operatives prevented a strike of "0.-
000 persons, tfce .100 firemen have
voted to go on strike today un'ess the
100 cotton mills involved grant a flat
wage of 22 cents an hour In olace of
the present sliding scale .of from 12
to 20 cents.
bitterest tnalsaiitl bravely Indeed bii-j
bt.i.s   U:fIU.
��.i4S ..untie Towler's acting lu the
name pari oi the piay wa�� good, und
rean., I'utcuve at times. But bhe
lai.o.u uuuer one dlsau tantuge; ner
voice Is not sufficiently flexible to
convey all fhe emotions that she
wishes lo portray, lt ls ruther a
strong voice with but few variations,
un.l tnose are wither far apart, allowing none of tho liner shades of expression. Her acting, however, was
vciy genuine and emotional and Bhe
can led off Ihe strong scenes of soul
toiture very effectively. Miss Towler
received excellent support from Mr.
Veinon Wallace ss Captain Giovanni,
her lover. 'Mr. Wallace acted easily
and rather like an embarrassed young
man would act under the trying circumstances among which hc finds himself. His outbursts of feeling, too
we, plensantly unrestrained and almost unintentional It seemed.
As has been said the plot Is a trying
one and many sn eye blinked away unbidden tears among the feminine part
of the audience at least last night.
Thinking her lover dead. Anrela becomes the "White Sister." Giovanni,
however, returns unexpectedly. Anrela refuses to renounce her vows and
In d'Sf.'iii'o, as she thinks, them both.
Ha Insists. In tlm third scene Bhe
yields  to his wishes  under presctim.
dent of Kdmonds, has just heen delivered. The letter was received In
Bombay, India, where from the Indian
hieroglyphics and a number of Bombay post office stamps It must have
been passed through many hands before someone wrote on It, "Try Can-
adu." It came to the Westminster
office on April 2, after a globe trotting
trip of nearly three months. The letter, when delivered to the correct ad-
dre8svwas ln good condition, the writ
lng being perfectly plain.
Bernard F. O'Neil    Must   Stand    Hla
Trial In Idaho���Lies In Vancouver Jail.
Expect Traffic Boom.
New York, Aprll 9.���A banker
whoye Interests extend to the four corners of the country counted off on his
fingers a few days ago the factors
which He uppermost In hls belief that
a notable expansion of business has
been steadily gathering force since the
beginning of January. He mentioned
the material increase In bank cleat-
ines over the coi responding periods of
both tho Inat jBft'v nml the* year before; the excellent prospects for winter wheat; the near-capacity ooera-
tlons of steel plants: the perslBtent
replacement of depleted stocks ln textile lines, and th�� heavy purchases of
copper metal. The coal strike and
threatened strl'te of locomotl'e drivers
he waved aside    as   matters   whose
To Elect Two Members to Represent
It on Hospital Board.
Tbe chief business that occupied
the meeting or the Women's Council
willed was held yesterday In the Odd
lellows' hall, was that connected with
the nomination for election of two
members to represent the council on
the board of management of tbe Koyal
Columbian hospital.
I The actual election will take place
iin June next, and/ in the meantime the
I different women's societies affiliated
, to the councll will i>e notified to send
', In their nominations before the sec-
'ond Monday ln May. The two ladles
'now holding this important office are
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Mrs. Pearce and Mrs. Ferguson, and
  In accordance with the rule that the
���    .    _ _   appointment ls for two   years   only,
Vancouver.   Aprll   9.���Bernard    F. tney w���, ^tlttl ^ the near future but
O'Neil, former president of the State  It ,g uni!lergtood that both of    these
ladles wlll be available for re-election
only 3 per cent, of the area of New
Westminster was occupied by parks,
other cities ran all the way from (J
to 15 per cent. Again Spokane, Boston, Los Angeles and many oilier
cities had less population ln proportion to the area of parks than had
Westminster, ab of which went to
show that there was not enough park
area for this elty.
Regarding the ground which it was.
proposed to buy, the flve acres on Lulut
island were badly needed by the peo--
pie   of   Queensborough.     The   eleveu i
acres in Sapperton    would    make    a
beautiful park,   its drainage problems
for the most part were easily solved,
there was room on the flat for   two ���
lacrosse games to be played at    tho
same time, while the slope of the blufl"
lent itself admirably to park purposes..
,and lt might be r.rranged to bave the.-
i^-^-^-K          [native flora there planted.
j To Improve the Parks.
A shooting affray occurred on Mon- "As a business real estate Invest-
day night In Cloverdale which result- ment it is a good buy," he said, "lf
ed ln a man called Kay appearing I after all lt is not wanted for a park it
before Police Magistrate Bose charged Can be sold again. But park lmprove-
wlth firing at Mr. Roberts with In-1 ments are good business. Later on if
tent to kill. ;, tiiia by-law ls passed we have in hand
Mr. Roberts swore out the Informa-1 a by-law for the improving of thoao-
tlon against Kay and gave evidence i park3 which we already possess."
In court to the effect thut Kay fired I Alderman White laid stress on lh*v
three shots at him with a revolver, j Importance of the city beautiful la-
meaning to kill him After Roberts' \ attracting the best class of people t��-
evidence had been taken, Kay asked | u city, and spoke of the miles of-
that the hearing bo postponed until he i boulevards which Victoria ls now lay-
Solicitor McQuarrie on behilf of the
city, and Mi. Adam S. Johnston representing the employee of the Bismarck, reserved his decision.
Charged  with   Firing Three  Shots  at |
Mr. Roberts with Intent to Kill
Bank of Commerce, Wallace, Idaho,
was ordered extradited today by
Judge Grant today. The charge against
O'Neil Is one of falsifying the accounts of the bank and the case has
been pending for a long tlmo. In
making the order for extradition the
judge remarked that while the evidence might not be sufficient to convict it was stiong enough to Justify
B. 8. Taylor will apply tomorrow
for a writ of habeas corpus. For the
present O'Neil lies ln a cell in the
city jail.
O'Neil has been a resident In Van
Mrs. S. A. Fletcher presided at the
meeting, and all the various officers
��� were present. Several communications were received, among them being a report of tbe executive commit-
teo of the Nations I Council of Women
j which met recently st Toronto. It If
hoped that tbe Odd Fellows' hall wlll
be available for future meetings of
this body.
could get a lawyer. Accordingly lt
was adjourned until April 16. when
Kay will appear before Stipendiary
Magistrate Clute. Judge Bole appeared for the prosecution yesterday.
lng out. ^H
|    In answer to   a query   by   a. ladjr
> present, Alderman White stated that
ithe council Intended to do notblnr in
the way of selling any of the present
Sapperton park.   There had been sev
eral petitions on the subject, but he-
i would not   favor   any   action   being
taken.   Mr. Kemp aald tbat this opinion differed from a previous one held,
by Mr. White, and the alderman   explained that his own    personal   au*
private opinion was   not   necessarily
the opinion he beld as- a* member of
Informer'e Light Sentence.
New York, April 9.���Edwnrd   Kins-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ man, one Of the men who took part In
couver for some time, having started  the recent $25.0f0 taxicab robbery, was
a real estate business here.   Ac-
       ^ it ZTZVnZlX �� -ding to H- own account ,. is to
hu,  her last nppea,  ,��� Giovanni not ilook,    When asked  for stll, nnother 1���*���^^^%?%%
to sacrifice their Ideals is successful  sign of the times he replied: "Watch having r���n pno PP���� ��n 0, Idall0,
and he destroys her signature.   Then the railroads." to James BraUy' *ov��rnor
s��>nt today to Sing Sing prison for
three years and six months. He turned Informer on the others In the rob-
bery end becnuso of this he received
a light sentence.
Professor Callis Will Give 8wlmmlnu I
Exhibition at Y. M. C. A.
The Y. M. C. A. swimming exhibi-1
tion to be held . next   Friday   night
promises to be a big affair.   Professor   ^	
Callis Is going to be the chief attrac- the council,
tlon and will go through with some j    Replying to Mr. Beaton, who spokor
pretty fancy stunts.   There will he a on behalf of the Senior Amateur Footrace between the boys who have learn- j ball club regarding the extremely ba<f
ed to swim during the week.   Demon-1 condition of Moody   square   ground*
stratlons of life saving, fancy diving, jupon which footballers were compelled
etc., will be given.   Seats may be re- ^ to play, Alderman White said that tlw
served for ladleB, but    as these are   present by-raw was simply to purchase
limited to 73 there Is sure to be a big1 the   two sites   mentioned,   but If   tf
rush at the last.   Therefore lt wlll be  did not pas3, they would still endeavor
advisable to reserve seits early. ' to spend a little money on park lm*-
Some   of the   would-be   swimmers ' provements,
have not called for tbeir assignment ! Road improvements,
cards yet. Anyone who has not re i Alderman CurtW spent some- tttrttr
ceived his card Is naked to call at the before the meeting wa? called lor*'**tr
Y. M. C. A. There Is also n c'rss In explaining the roid wrru- which
formed for   business mon   swimmer1?  was provided for In the bv-lc-viv and
I which will meet on Wednesday and i ,M^m^���nA .������,�����--���-%
Friday at 5 p.m. KTCmtttuod onvpage^our)
residential properly; 8 per cent, interest payable in five years, witn
privilege of repayment in three.
National finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
Waste Paper or Rags.
comfortable home. Apply C. H,
Stuart Wade, City Hall.        _____
two gentlemen in private family. 814  451 Columbia Street.
Third avenue.
dren, ages 2 and 4; an older woman
preferred. Apply evenings, Mm
David Cambie, 7;U  Sixth street.
Murdered Woman Called on Name of
Her   Mate.
Toronto, April fl.���As result of investigations into the shooting of Rebecca Cooper or Berger, of Chestnut
, stieet, tlie police have   delinitely   de-
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of  elded that the   murderer   is not   an
h rom disjointed utterances of the
woman after she h.i I receive! in-
fatal wound, it was at first believed
that the vvoras, "Italian, Italian," hud
reference to the murderer. Detectives, however, liave satisfied them-
���_ selves that she was referring to the
man with whom she bad been living
for the past flve years in New York,
the. father of her two children.
The officers are working on another
clew, which ffis believed vvill lead to
iue apprehension of tlie assassin.
The People'3 Trust Co., Ltd.
Phone 669
nble home for working men. Apply
525 Tenth street, city.
new cut-off, four lots, size 220x185,
all cleaned. Price $7300; terms. No.
227. ���
HAMILTON      STREET���Three   good
huilding lots; all together and cleared.   Price $3400;  terms.   No. 271.
WANTED -f  A WAITRESS.   APPLV j$600 SNAP���Lot    on   Toronto street;
Bohemian    cafe,   opposite C. P. R-      $000; terms.   No. 100.
Twelfth street car line; $1200; one-
I quarter cash, balance tl, 12 and 18
months,   No. 371.
langes on easy terms;  $1.00 down,
$l.d0 per week.   Canada Rauge Co.,
. Market Square. I
cafe business doing first class trade,
in good locality.   Ap;>iy II. Swor der, j
Ed monds.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
red Rock Cockerels. Laying strain
,$2.25 delivered in New Wejtm nster.
C  A. Mitchell, Alicevillc, Barnet.
of excellent fruit land, easy to clear, j
in   southwest   one-quarter    section
86, T. P. 15; only one    mile   from I
proposed tramway.     Price $110 per j
acre, payahle 20 per cent cash, bai- |
ance   by  four   half   yearly   instal-
jments.     Apply   Alexander   Phillip,
broker, Cluh hlock, Esplanade, North
land ne:ir Murrayfield and Great
Northern Railway station; small
holdings for fruit and chicken
farms to suit small purses; soil of
very hest; near two sawmills where
-work can he got. Areas from 2 to
3% acres; one block Ins seven-
lnom house. For price lists and
full particulars apply to Alexander
Philip, Real Estate Agent. Cluh
Hlock, Esplanade, North Vancouver.
Competition for new University
buildings to hc erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Col umhia.
Ihe Government of British Colum
'hia invito competitive plans for the
I general scheme and design tor the
proposed   new    University,   togethei
with more detailed plana for the build
lngs to he erected first at an estimated  cost of $1,500.00(1.
Prizes uf $10,000 will he given for
the most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may he obtained on re
quest from the undersigned.
Thc designs to he sent in by July 31,
1912, addressed to
Ithe minister of edduation,
Parliament   Buildings.
I Victoria, British Columhla.
A 8tarter.
"So you want to marry my daughter,
young man?"
"Yes, sir."
"And do you think you can make hei
"Oh, yes, sir."
"Well, God bless you."
"But, sir."
"Can you ndvance me enough to gel
the marriage license, sir?" Yonkers
Their Privilege.
Tou bear a great deal of a
man's duty to his loved ones.
But a man's loved ones may
treat him tolerably mean without being generally talked about.
���Ilowe's Monthly.
Enlightened Self Interest.
two men.   325 Alberta street.
keeping looms at 221 Seventh street.
Ground floor, front view; phone connection, hath and nil modem conveniences and comforts.
housekeeping rooms; every convenience.    102ii Third avenue.
[ Sealed lenders, superscribed "Tender for Seventh Avenue School" and
addressed to L. Avory White, Esq.,
Secretary Now Westminster School
Board, will he received Up to 5 p.m.
of Monday, Sth of April, 1S112, for tne
erection and completion oC .1 three
storey Eelvool to be erected on Seventh
avenue, New Westminster.
Separate tenders vvill he received
ior, 1, Concrete, Brick and Carpenter
woik, etc.; 2, Plumber and Tinner
work; 8, Painter work; 4, Electric
Light, etc.
Plans and specifications can bs ob-
ipplication   to   the under.
Uncle���I'm glad to see you are not
Hellish with your new skates, Willie.
Willie���I'm lettin' Bob use 'cm first
because I don't believe the ice Ml hold.
���New Vork Mall.
corner Royal    avenue    and    Tenth I
sireet, are now open for   business. |
The most   modern   and   up-to-date J tained on
looming house in the city. Single signed on receipt of a deposit of $10.
rooms and housekeeping flats. A which will he refunded on (he return
dining room will be run In connec- 0f plans. Each tender must be action with this establishment on or companied by an accepted bank
about the lath inst. | cheque or certificate of deposit on   a
 chartered hank in Canada, made pay-
HOUSE TO BENT, $10���LARGE able to the Secretary of the New
horse, barn and jrardon ground, on j Westminster Scliool Bcaid, for a
river fron near Sunbury, to rent by sum equal to live (6) per cent, of his
the month fir $10. Apply "X," P. O. tender, which shall he forfeited if the
BOX 304, New Westminster, 11. C.       party  tendering decline to enter Into
-������ ���"��; ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� - ' contract when called upon to do so.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
iof  Unsuccessful  tenderers will  be  re-
1 urned to thein upon the   signing   of
.LOST���DIAMOND RING    BETWEEN I lll�� contract.
Columbia street and   Clarkson,   on !    Tll�� lowest or any tinder not neces-
McKenzie, between 2:30 and '*! p.m.jsarlly accepted.
Monday, March IK. Reward given 011 '��� GARDNER  fi   MERCER.
returning same to Royal pool rooms. \     Architects to the School Trustees.
__i___D__^_____   New Wesl minster, H. C.
In Sox Signo Vinces.
Jones answered an advertisement
nnd sent a dollar for four pairs of socks.
When they arrived Jones looked them
over and then wrote the advertiser:
"Socks received. 'l'he im Herns are
Ttie. 1 -wouldn't be Been ou tbe street
���with them on."
Back came the answer:
"Whnt are you kicking about?
Didn't we guarantee that you wouldn't
wear ihem out'/"���Judge.
Meatwinner Missing.
Last Tuesday my possum dog followed some man home. Take good cure
of hlm, send him back and 1 will pay
for your trouble, hlack body, red legs,
few specks, white mi feet, collar with
m.v nnme ou It. Ben L. Ray, Salem,
slo.-Salem (Mo.) Monitor. ���
McKenzie street, near Daily News
Office, Owner may secure same hy
proving possession und p.iy for this
advertisement,   Cull News office.
Extension   of  Time.
The above time  mentioned  for    re-
cclvin-;  tinders  has heen extended to
12 noon of Friday, the 12th Inst.
Fcr a Licer.cv to Take ar.tl Uee Watc
Su long ns we love we y"rvf>.
long   ll?     WS   lire   lev, il     hy
her a Llcer.cv to Tal:e ar.tl U3e Water. '  i N>  long ns    we  nre loved   by
,.,.,. , I other-  I   would  almost miv  w'e
.. ���'"  I" borebj   #ven thai  W, R.   1 are   Indispensable,    No 'man
bastman, ol  New   Westminster,  win If 1,   ,���,..,,.,,   whlle   ,���,   h.is   a
npply tor a licence to take and usu
two cubic feel  per second ot  watei l
oui of an unnamed cr< 1 k, which Hows
in 11 1 outhwesterly din otlou tur  11 ���
J1. L. S, 6, ���!, 11, Burnaby, and omi tl- ���
into Brunt tte   riv. r,   near   Cariboo
road,   The water v hi he diverted at
.llloi'i:  ii, |). L. 0, i:u:i..iliy, and wll
.lie ui 1 1 ior log   pond   und   lumbei
ilun.e purposes <*n tho land des'ulbea j
;is District Lots 6 ami ���!. Burnaby.      j
This notice    was    posted    on    the
ground on  tbe 28th    day    or    March, I
1012,   The application will be Hied In j
the offloe Ol  the  Water Recorder    ttt I
New  Westminster.
Objections may be Bled   with   the
said Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller of Water Rights, I'uliu-j
anent Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Mankind are alwayi happy
for liavini; been happy, so if
Vil make them hnppy now
yi 11 make them happy twenty
years hence by the memory
ol it. ,
Jessie���How do you like being engaged to an Italian count?
Bessie���Fine! 1 can eat onions
whenever I wain and h(. never no
ticcs it:���beattie l'.-l.
Japan Recognizes   Christianity as   lm-
, portant   Factor.
Toronto, April !��.���In a letter received at the Church of England Mission-
. ury Society offices   from a Canadian
j missionary in Japan, a^uli account ol
tbe meeting between representatives
j of  1 ho three  most powerful religions
j of the country, which  was   held   recently, is contained,   The religions re-
1 presented al the meeting were Budd-
) blsm, Shlntoism nnd Christianity. The
; following     compromise     resolutions
wero unanimously carried al the conclusion of tho conference:
"Wo acknov. l< dge the will of the
governmenl authorities which led ui
tu hold b conference of representa.
i th es in 1 [iree rell Ions is lu ooutor-
niliy wiih the prim Iples of free lorn
of religious beliefs, to respect the au-
, thoritv 01 religions whicu >-a .,
1 : a ises, to promote rational mot ullty
' snd in improve public discipline withoul spoiling our original creeds, an 1
educationalists, non-Interfering with
one another, and to maintain the honor of thc. Imperial household, nnd to
! contribute to the progress of time, \n
���this li in accordance with our orljil-
j nni maintenance, wc comply with the
1 request of tbi autho'.'tles, an l prfttnlao
, in male cm possible effort'! for 1 er-
] feetly   discharging   the   onerous   duty
I of the betterment of the  nation, al-
\D> V. Lewthwaite
NSW We-.t-lp.5tsr,  IV, C
v/orkoHep BWVrttorlj Btreet,
(Over 'Unify "Nc.-H.)
ivi 11       -.,;:.
there Is Only One
"Bromo QuBninm"
That is
Bromo Qulnlno
Always remember the full name.    Look
for this sljnaflure on every box,
ways adhering to our own beliefs.
Simultaneously we hope that the government autnoriiies will never be
short in their endeavor and assistance
iu realising the ultimate object o'f
this coherence. With those principles and objects In view we nave
made the following decisions:       t
ia> "To foster and develop our respective creeds, the promotion of the
welfare of the Stale, and to contribute
to the progress of the national morality.
lb) "To hope" that the authorities
concerned will respect religion, to
fraternize the relation between statesmen, reiiaionisii, educationalists, 10
contribute to the progress Of the nation."
The first part of the resolution was
presented by the Christians and the
Sub-divisions b.v the Buddhists. "How
this arrangement is going to work out
remains to be seen, but the influence
of Christianity has heen felt to such
an extent that the government is officially recognizing it as a factor in
the promotion of national moralltv
and placing it on an equality with
Buddhism and Shiutoism," saya the
missionary in conclusion.
Curtis &  Dorgan
706   Columbia   Street.
City and Suburban.
EDMONDS���Two lots 80x204 on graded street just off Douglas road, near
city car; a grand home site. $1200.
one-third cash, balance 0, 12 and 1<*
Twelfth street, 50x132 foot lot
$850; one-third cash.
rooms, thoroughly modern, cn car
line, a double corner comprising
three large lots; good barn, fnlll
trees, etc. $S500; long terms. The
lots are worth the money,
QUEENS AVENUE���Near park, magnificent modern home, nine rooms,
basement, furnace, ele.    $8500,
SIXTH STREET, near Eight avenue
���Five roomed modern home, full
basement; lot developed to fruit,
$:;150; $900 cash.
LONDON STREET���Let 50x132, close
to Twelfth street. $1050: one-quar
ter cash, balance ti, 12 and 18
BURNABY���Two lots cn Sixth avenue, just off the car line; all cleared. $725;   one-third cash.
Curtis *& Dorgan
706 Columbia Street.
TUC >\ Is increasing enormously
\ Can we tell you the
DEMAND \ Reason Why?
"A Trial Package will bring Enlighf --nent"
ulaCk, mixed or matubal green ,_.���,,,___ ..
Do Mot Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It ls the stuff that tho foun
datlons of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed now aud to Invest for what shall be needed ln the future.   Money cannot be Invested until it ls flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth atreet.
A. L. uEWAR, Gsnaral Mcnagir D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
ffUHprnrcwraTO m*m- inu*mrKmwx*mnrTmaiTvm.rixrmiB
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
r,ioritr:al-Quehec-Liv. rpool (Su.fl mer).
Portland,  Me.-Hallfax  (Westbound Liverpool  (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through lo steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Trip!e-S( rew *S.S, Laurentic.     Xew Twin-Screw S.S. Mesantic.
14,892 gross tons. 14.7SS gross tons.
���Turbine aud Reciprocating Engines.
Last word in shipbuilding.    Electric elevaiors, electric heaters, -killed orchestra, wheless and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $92.60; eojoad-otesi, J63.76;    third-class,    (closed   rooms),
$32.50.      *
Comiort at moderrtc rates hy excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw "TEUTONIC, S.S. Twin-Screw CANADA,
582 teet long. CM feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I one-class (ilj cabin
Hest accommodation given $50.00 up, third-chisB (<lo?ed rooms), $-,l 23,
Company's Office. Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and Cherry St:.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent,  and   W.  F.  Butcher,  C. *N.   R.
.ltt~:���;���-    a :.i... -t. ... ��� - v:-.i;.r.v
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
La   ���---,-      t* tt,,-,     fi 1 1 in        n      M��� ins 1������ m iiMii���M ���    1 ilia   11  ���    11  1 ��� 1 m in | im      1   ���^M������i ���-���
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
Jim ImaR^b kJ>     %*t *-...-���-' ���jl.:> -v.. Jf1,
i I! .A
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
Havor and food value.
The New  Mi!Is at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000  ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
Are   the Bargains  Offered During This Final Wind-Up of the
Gordon Bankrupt Stock
Yard, 8 L3o.
Yard, 15c.
Each, 12'/2c.
$5.00 JACKETS,
Cach, $1.93.
Yard, 12'/��c.
Yard,   15c.
Each, 10c.
Yard'. 32c.
Yard, 2c.
$10.00 LONG COATS,
Large Sizes, -
Each, $3.75.
Yard, 7J/-C.
12'/fl0 PRINTS,
Yard, 8 1-3c.
The Man
Cliff Block
\xiiy**o^s7titSo!jSi'-iS.*. ���
c Saver. 1 ou Money
.Sixth Street near Columbia
. i
*, ���
i .  ������ .-���*.,. I       ���   ������: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1912.
ey the
The grf.at clock struck 3���sleepy
time for every one but Laurie. He
lay stretched upon the back of his
friend, the tiger skin rug. waiting for
everybody to awaken from his ufter- ;
noon nap. He looked up as the hist ]
stroke fill upon his ears aud stared i
tbe old clock In the fm-e. "1 wonder ;
why they call you a grandtgtlier!
clock?" be said. A chuckle came from !
behind the door of the clock. The \
tick, tock stopped, nnd n soft voice j
said: "Because 1 am so old. Why. 11
remember when your grandfather j
was a little baby." Laurie's eyes!
Opened wide at henrlnj; the clock
speak, but he said eagerly: "When
my grandfather was a baby? That
must hnve! been when the Indians
were around here."
"It was." said tho old clock. "Many
and many n time, in the small hours
of thi' night when tho house was silent and still, have I scon a painted
fnce peering in yonder window."
"I   wish," said  Laurie st  last, "that
you'd tell me a story-sn Indian story, please."
I The tlclfi t?rh ceased, find the soft
Ylii. <��� Spoilt; llguili:
.   "J.! -"ii.   (hen.  and  I   rill  tell  you
In...   I .-i.jvrvl your grandfather's life.
"It was long, long ago," began the
old clock, "when the luwn was not
sniontii nnd beautiful as It i* imw. hut
full of rocks r.nd tree stusiiJYs. Many
rf (he great trees oil the lawn were
lucre siipllucs tben. Not a bouse wns
to  I ���*  ���.���,.-;.  n<, f;,r ���, tht* eye could
jtwW k  B
<#c��t ��*wsw-sr-
1 um a college professor nnd add to
m.v Income by lectures ou astronomy
One November day 1 started to wall;
from the town of A., where I bud
just given n lecture. In (he town uf B,
where I was to give oue that flight.
The weather was Indian summer und
delightful. Some nf the trees were late
In shedding their leaves, nnd the woods
weie here nnd (here still decorated
With patches of scarlet, brown and
deep green.
On emerging from a cut through
which the woud riin I saw ;i num
walking ;ihe-id of ir.e. 1 don't "ji,id tl
compiinion now nnd then in my walks,
so I hastened my price and Caught up
with bim. I found lilrn to be UliOUt
thirty years old, dressed In shabby nen
tee! clothes nnd of au intellect mil wist
of coiinteiiar.ce. I addressed hlm,
Speuklug of (he beuuty of the scenery,
the autumnal glow and the Invlgorut-
lug atmosphere. lie responded lippre
After i h.ilting iiv.iiiie on general tuples he ashed mo where 1 w.v.- going,
an.l m.v ;'!!"j"se lo give a lecture thai
night at !'��� 03 a'-'humuiy CP.ffie "'!-.
lie said lii.it lie hud n'".v:iy.-> nad a desire to knn-.v something ou that subject nnd regretted that liN education
had been neglected, for If It had not
been he would certainly have devoted
some lime to Ihe study of tbe stars.
Wou'd l tell bim Bopieeblug ubout
It occurred lo ae that this would be
I a rut' i opportunity lo rehearse iny tec-
| ture.   M.v subject wns to be. "The So-
ir.r System." iind. beginning with the
central orb. 1 gave its dimensions and
j weight and then passed to the plunels
n their order nf distance from it. end
lir; wiih an account "f the discovery
of  the  farthest.   Neptune,   by   means
of the perturbations of Crantis. then
supposed to be the moat distant satellite nf tho sun.    My companion seem
ed greatly Interested in this maryel-
o-.r- power of n man to reach out luto
space mul take cognizance of a world
Invisible to the unaided eye and greedily absorbed all 1 told him, though, be-
ler expected to lecture to a  popular
audience.   1   did   not  eater   Upou   lhe
marvelous develop xebt of knowledge
of tiie cons.i,mh .r. ->i Ingredients of our
system with tha interpretation of the
lines oa the spci trum.   In other words
Fox Farms Very Profitable Vcnturjc
Severai in Existence.
Ottawa, Ont., April   9.���For   many
years now has gone fortn the annual
warning that "milady's furs will cost |
her   mure."     '1 his, aa   is   generally;
known, is because the supply of wild
fur is being   deplete 1.     as a conso-
quence of thia situation seve.al men
in Eastern Canadi conceived tlie idea j
of raising fur-bearing animals.
The euorts  in fur farming   ere at
present wholly directed toward' rstis-���
in^' foxes, wltich gave the most lih.ell-
jiood of success, and today Canada haa
several well-established fo>: farms. Of '
these, the most extensive Is that conducted   at Wyoming,   Ont., by T. L.;
Bowerman.   He is the man who clear- |
ed $10,000 In the past   scr.-on alone.'
lie does not raise the    ordinary red ;
fox, which fur is as yet ln this pait;
of the world  comparatively plentiful, i
Only "silver grays," whore fur is so j
expensive that only the very wealthy;
can afford it, are to be foun 1 cn this .
"Twelve years ago," Mr. Bo.verman
fays, "while in husiness ?*e a fur dealer I saw, the possibilities of profit ':i
ruir-iri"- far-bearing animals. At great
expense I managed to secure a pair of
silver grey foxes which bad been dug
out of their den when only puppies.
"I spent thousands of dollars bofore j
I achieved results, and in these years1
I had to withstand the   jeers c'f my |
farm   neighbors, who regarded    the
scheme as nothing mere or less than
Ihe pelts are marketed In London,
-',4,p'--, miiu'iw.' R single fox Mr. Bow-
erman sometimes ohtlins as mut'n as
��20.10, and lor a p3ir of fo..e;, to be
used fer breeding purposes, he la paid
from $4t;0.0 to J3".'0. Itr the fast
few years moai. 0f tlie faxes on t'nL
farm ha\u not been Killed for their
fi"', for, no v that the enterprise has
"billed out a success, many others arc
anxious to go into the business.
The remarkable value of tho silver !
fox fur lies in the fact that it cr.nnot ]
be imitated,   The color is black, save
at the tiii of the tail, while around tha '.
hips is found the silver g:ay band th-tt |
gives the fur its value.    At the root
and ti;> the haiis are black, but giay
through the raildK   Thus is produced .
a beautiful sheen which even experts '
are unable to im'tnte.
'Taking Up   Dry Parmlng   and Watching American Farmers!
Lethbridge, Alberia, April B.���Dr. M.
Augstin, oi ttie Technical l-u^n Saioo,
at v lia.iotlenbuig, ileum, hus writiei:
tv.o arti-jles, dealing witn dry farming
: in the United States as lie saw it
when on a tour last summer, aud they
aie being extensively published by the
German press. The interest sho.vu In
dry farming in Germany has br."n ioi-
When You Are Ready
to Re-furnish, Our Immense Line will Interest and Satisfy You
We Furnish  Your   Home   Complete
/ i**1? -. ��� -, ,
' ��������****������������'"������;
I contented  myself  with  stating (he   lowed by numerous  requests   to   tho
simplest truths tfuown b��Jf n comin-., ; headquarters  of the Seventh interim
ago nini within the grasp or ordinary
N..w uud ugnln in bis comments or
tin- information I nave hliu my con
%orn  <.!iv:nrtTi!' :i  v
Mill!   Tl...    Cl.'
;-...   i .i iv
reiii'li Tins Lieutulful hull wes ruiif.h
mul iinlitiiitiii.! SV< umi im i.p In
then milt three phimiih Iii the whide
Hulise, 'lbe ITW^H tiiv|-iiiici. nml u,.-
Wllntuw are i in- same iiinii-..,!. TUe
tin..i was rough iii-il siren a. ami in ;;
Were liiilcs. Iliriin^li wnuli Hie K.UU*
Wen- put. for uiuuy tierce nnd tlnicer
ous trilM's of iMiUaus scoured the land,
killing ��r carryui;: nway the women
and children.
"The tlaie came when IT was believed
pnnioii aatonisbed me by an observation Indicating :i natural aptitude for n
subjbet of whicb he vvas Ignorant,   tie
j wondered  how  the heat  of the sun
cou:il pass through realms if spitev in-
Cnltely cold without being lost.    lie
lished if we  were sure that Neptune
wns the most distant planet o* our sys-
teiu.    These nnd ollu-r points tie suggested convinced u:e thai if he were
uneducated he at bast possessed nn
original or at least au inquiring mind.
i    While we  were conversing 1 felt  a
I mdjdiuess to which I am subject and
I v ill, h ls always followed by a disability for either houra or days.   M.v coui-
pfllilou  hiuilly  guided  me  to a  farni-
i liuuie be.-dci- the road and ministered
lu my wants.    I told hlm that 1 wus
tiumiJ  Dry I'-nrtnliiK Congi <'.is nl   l.etli
bridge Alberta, for lntormatlon as to
details of methods.
The past two or three dry years In
Europe has turn-j attention to American methods used In dry farming, and
it is reported that the German a$*ii ul-
tural depaitment will be strongly represented at the forthcoming congress
of dry farmers at Lethbrldge, Oct. 21-
Geographificen Mitteilungen. the
great geographical magazine of ihi
German-speaking people, has taken up
dry farming, with a view to deep Investigation, and Or. A. Petermann, tlie
editor-, is himself greatly interested In
the work.
Two   months ago   the Annales   de
Geographie,  the leadinj? geographical]
maga/lne of the French-speakinc peo-j
pie, devoted 25 pageB to a dlscusfien
of dry farming, and the investigations j
by Germany, coupled with the growing
interest of other nations, shows that
Spring lamb, Beef,
Poik Hutton, and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner   Eighth  St.  and   Fifth  Avenue.
PHONE  370.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds ard grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles ami-
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for'sale or rent while prices are low
the Indians had nil left lhe neighbor : v,.,.v uul(.[) troubled nt tbe prospect of (irv farming has become a worl 1-move- j
hood, and people begun to be less rare- j unl being sble to keep my engagement ment, and will in future grow b.v great '
ful.   One nl'-fbt. when the family Imd | to lecture, mul In order to help nie out   strities. Canada's becoming sponsor ln |
\ ot ihe Uifllcnlfy. since he was going lo   sending official invitations to :ill na-1
; It., he rilTrre I to cull on the manager of   ti- ��   tn participate in the congress at
: the i-on'mo and e:;pli;lu m.v iinfortunute  Lc-inbridge has been an important fac-
[posltioil.    ! iol<l him to say that past' for In the development of the workl-
expeiience hail taught me that 1 would . *M�� dry farming movement.
not bu sble to lecture the same night i
; eveu ii I were able lo get to B��� but the ;     P'LES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS,
lecture might be put off till the next      Your dnieeist wlll refund money If
evening or su.-li time us I hml recover-: PAZO OINTMENT falls to cu.e any
ed.   lie promised to bear my message. ! gg,-.*^ gf% f?& Bot
In the course of a few hours I fell |
goee Into dimwr. they lefl the baby
Mleep In Iris frudle beside the lire.
Jii^l wltblti reiKh of the window I
\v:t�� Atiotil to strilte V wben I happened tn chiU"-e icnvurd Hie window T*>
my licpinir I saw the 'Tiiel fuee nf vn
Indi.-in peering In at the sleeping baby.
Thru *M' n��'k��*<l tiiiltbiusly about the
riMiiii tery Ketitly. sn linn ll mnde im
sound   lie niHed the Window mid put
in hli) hnnd     Whnt iiifiW  I Alii  Qulelt    but put �� ittmpei' 0!1 ,u>' unlh iiuitioiis
us ii llush I dec-bled tn smtud mi nliirui.    |,v ns'.-.irg fur n small loan.   I gave hlm j*5^
|   heftm  HtTlklng  ns  iltlh'K  us  ever   I , what he ashed
ifiuid -trlke.    I saw Hie Indian shirt
itiid sinre ulKitit  him     By the lime  I | so mfacb better th:tt I made u Imrguln
hinl reiicbed 7 his eyes hud found iny j wnu  the  fsKtter   with   whom   I   wns
fllie.      lie   looked   <|lllte   iilurilied       I
su;i|������e he  hnd  never  stH-n  niiythln:!
HI; before lied tfcoUKJIt I was some
rtrumie spirit Hut I knew If I made
im iimve in selr.e him. which, of course,
1 K.iild not do. lie Would seize our
IkiIi.v tind iniilte off with It. All tIlls'
Ilu.-iii'd through my mind beivvfen the
slvtii mid seventh strokes So I kept
uli strlkinu' H. ll. W, II. I- und Itl
���Uhut I Irniwd would hnppi'ii did
hnp|ieii I lieiird my muster sn.v. 'Why.
the clock bus stn*ck ]���'<: And I heard
lllm move hastily Hi-rnss the floor The
dlnlns room was wUffe It Is uow. uud
the d��sir faced Ihe window. Sn lhe Instant he entered the hull lie ciltlght
nglll of Hie painted face. Without n
mutnent'S   hesltntlon    he   tired   twice.
lodged lo Ultl h up a teiiui nnd drive me
I Into Bi I wuuhl rem-li the lowo loo
. late fur the lecture, but thnt would
! have beeu ppatpum-d nnywuy.
On driving Into H.. Wllich I reached
about half un hour lifter ibe hour set
. for the lecture. I was surprised to see
the hull III ��hl'b It was io be given
' illuminated I usked the farmer to pull
| up. I got cut 'ind entered tbe hall.
I To say I was astonished conveys
(little Idea nf my condition. There <m
��� the rostrum wns ihe mini who had
I taken iny message, speaking enslly and
gracefully on the solar systenK I"
I short, he was delivering Jmy lecture,
but so much more easily antl grnceful-
!ly Hum I could lmve done It. so en
liirhed with eiiiertnltiliig facts nnd
The Indian gave one rieiit cry. threw [w||h so much poetic Inspiration, that I
up bis tirms snd fell. The family mnk Into u back sent nnd listened
ru-ihed In and hastily barred the win-   v ellbotiiid.
do��s nud doors- All ul��ht long Hiey I \��� ���ue present hnd ever seen nie
itilted iiwtike. wnteblna iind wnltlnc phe innn hnd nnltnwl himself off for
for' number nttnek. Hut none eiiine. [nie nnd wus s|ietikliiii for uie far better
l-i Hie morning they ventured nut nnd tintII I could lmve spoken for myself,
found Uie dend body lying under the | When he clime out I Joined hlm. He
Window, Tbey burled It nl the end uf ��� ft*ft very ttnensy nml drew me nslde
the garden under n  willow tree, nnd   ,w quickly hm possible M tell me that
Front Street Sewer.
Schedule showing the Heal Property'
Immediately benefited and the proportion in which the assessment is" nude
on per foot frontage:
Assessed Owner.
I (City of New West..|
<-��� a
�� o
$   M
9 6
6f..0|�� 12.60
Ci,.Ill    V2.HD
| Z Countryman, J. K...
| 3   Alcitalii, William ..| liii.ll,    12.60
| 4 |v'., V. & E. ity I 66.0|    12.60
| 5 i.Mc.Halu, William ..j 66.01    12.60
| 6 |Brlnton, Caleb  I ��6.0|   12.60
I 7 |Johnston, W., Est..| 66.0| 12.60
I S JAnnanclale, T. S. ..| 66.0| 12.60
i(/-15|MtBain, William  .|462.0|   88.20
I     I i 1	
The Dessert
Problem Solved
fhe bnby. liixl bless hlm, H your gruntl
fat ber. usleep In his nrinchnlr over
there ' And Ihe old clock looked tenderly nt the white haired old mini
whoie life It hnd snved over eighty
years itgp - Hrotiklyn Kngle.
Th�� Spread of English.
In  Imih   KiiL-lisb wns spnken  by ?0.-
fC'iWtim  pers"iis.     At   present   English
is .-pnLi'ii by more than 13u,UU0,UUU.
He hnd not been pnld for the lecturp
and hiid no Ideii of perpetrating n
He I urned ot.lt to be nn Oxford grnrt-
Mte who hnd cone lo Amerlcn nnd
got run down.   I took htm with lhe to
cy college and snee led in getting
hlm a i Ictlr which for nwhlle be lllled
i'b!��. Bul there wns n screw loose In
hlm. Cue di'/V he di.-iippeiired, and I
never bciu'd from him again.
I     I
I     I
Notice Is hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westminster Intends to pass a Local improvement Assessment By-law. assessing the
properties ln tbe schedule nbove mentioned the sums of money annually for
twenty years set opposite each lot and
a Court of Revision for the trial of
complaints and appeals ttaalnBt tbe
assessment so proposed to be made
will bo held on Thursday, the 2nd day
of May, 1912, commencing at 10 o'clock
In the forenoon at the Council Cham,
bor in the City Hall. New Westminster, British Columbl:i. nnd anv notice
of mpeal from such Intended assessment must be served upon the OI*>rk
of the MunlclpplTouncll at least eight
davs prior to such Court of Revision.
\V. A. TlV"r>i1'1
City C'e-k.
Dated this ninth day of April,-1012.
That ever botht fiome question, "What shall wc
ior dessert?" has i ten solved by Mooney's Sugar Wafers.
This delightful confection i3 taking the country by storm.
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are now served in thousands of homes in
place of pastry and cake. At dinner, luncheon or tea���for picnics
or the unexpected guest���with berries, fruits, ices cr beverages there-
is nothing better.
MooneyVSugar Wafers
Thi> Dessert That Creates a Desire Fof More
Mooney's Sugar  Wafers are made in the largest bakery &r
Canada. Hundreds of skilled employees���640 windows���3 miles of
floor space. Here in this magnificent sunlit sanitary factory, where
purity ia naramount, we create Canada's most toothsome delicacy.
Itty 1 jV*v>��e today.   You'll be glad you did so.   At your
gassrt! iaii t*^ dust and damp-proof to, 10 and 25 cents.
WEDNESDAY, APfifL tfl, 19f2.
The Daily News
vpubltshed by The Dally News Publlsh-
Cm? Company, Limited, at their offlces,
earner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
Today Westminster chooses progress or tho reverse as ber policy for
the coming year. If the bylaws c'-irry.
it will be progress. If thsy do not,
the citizens will have declared in favor
of a stagnation policy. Especially is
this true in the ease of the streets bylaw.
We feel confident, however, that the
majority of tbe bylaws will be carried. Tho streets, water and light by-
taws are almost certain to receive
"ihe endorsoment of the Westminster
electorate. The cemetery, flre apparatus and bunkers bylaws will probably
meet with the same approval. The exhibition and parks bylaws alone perhaps are in danger. But both these
are worthy of support. The importance of parks cannot he exaggerated.
In tho future the healthy up-bringing
of the children and the healthy living
of the grown citizens depend to a
Jarge extent on a sufficiency of parks.
It is on man's uEe of his leisure th-H
his character and health mainly depend. Parks give him a chance to
use that, leisure aright, [f parks are
not bought today cheap, they wlll be
.bought some day in tho future, dear.
The exhibition bylaw is also Import-
.ant. Westminster has today thc reputation of holding the best exhibition in
the province. lint other cities are
improving their facilities in this respect all tbe time. It ia hopeless,
then, for Westminster to stand pat
nnd hope to keep the lead. Continued
effort is the only means of keeping In
front. The bylaw provides for such an
effort and if this city is not to lose Hs
premier position to Vancouver or
sonic other city the bylaw must be
passed. All petty discontents must he
forgotten and a solid voto polled for
the exhibition bylaw.
We believe there arc enough progressive voters In the city to carry the
bylaws.      Cut  the  progressives   must
��� ,. "WS| J
t Correspondence X
�� X
The Dally Xews is not responsible
for tne opinions expressed by its cor-
���W :-
Dear Sir���As a Burnaby ite, .doing
business in this city, and being a member of the Nev,- Westminster Board of
Trade, 1 have been struck with the
cMracrditiaiy efforts that are being
put forth by banners and public
si^r.s to Induce the tax payers of our
city to eohie out tomorrow to vote for
the money bylaws. We do not need to
do this In Burnaby. Directly it is
known that our council is placing bylaws before the people for raising
hirj,e sums of money upon the security
of thc taxes, we go and vote. . And we
do this willingly, ln the first place,
been use we trust our council and
have faith in their ability to carry out
the Improvements if we find the
money. Secondly, we are a progressive people, or claim to be, and we
recognize the fact that if we are to
take the proper place in the future
metropolis of Ue west, that we are
geographically destined for, we must
present td-'tfrel prospective resident or
industrial settler such improvements
as vvill promote an influx of population. If 1 may be permitted an expression of opinion with regard to
this city which is on the frontier of
liurnaby, I should say that the present time is pre-eminently the time for
the people of New Westminster to
wake up ua&Jfi catch something of the
spirit of Its"' neighboring municipalities. Buinaby is thriving today. Kast
Burnaby and Kdmonds are object lessons in the Way of rapid settlement,
aud we do not have to seek far to tind
a reason. We have raised money. We
are getting all modern improvements
and to the man who passes by on
the railway, there is evidence that the
people are alive, progressive and Infused with the true spirit of citizenship. Surely, our neighbors In New
Westminster cannot afford to remain
callous any longer.
I earnestly hope that all city tax
payers men and women, having a vote,
will marcli in time to the tune of genet al progress and refuse to listen to
those who have for so long a time retarded tho pi ogress of this city,
which possesses such unique advantages, and occupies such a magnificent
Tours 'Faithfully.
Greatest aid to home baking
Makes the cake, biscuits and
hot-breads of superior flavor
and healthfulness.
Absolutely froe from alum and other
Injurious substances*
We have for exclusive sale a very pretty five roomed cottage on
Blair avenue on lot 3.1x115 and overlooking the Fraser river. Besides
the five rooms whicli are all well finished, there are bath, toilet and
pantry and all electric fixtures. Tliere Is also a basement excavated
The price of this modern little home Is onl.v $2100, with a flrst payment of $700 and the balance as rent or arranged any way to suit.
This price is only for a few days, so ring us up and we will take you
out and see lt. I
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phone 1004.
(Continued from page one)
The British Columbia newspaper
world in common with ihe journalistic
circles of Eastern Canada mourns tho
ioss of ono of tho brignu-st of Its members in the pei ten of Arthur M. Bums,
who passed away on .Monday last in
Vancouver, alter a brief illness.
Mr. Bums vias boru at Rochester,
Kngland, 43 years ago, and was the
eldest son tft Mr'. William Burns, prin-
.,., i.i   **  .--. ..Ill       lllv      (..tfoivBD..^      ��.��� ��� -   .  -- ��� wi    Bar.,     ar.     .....      a,  ,,..���.111     IJUUID,    Jl.1.4-   i ... ��� ���.   JJ        IMUqUICJ        TViHJ       I J.I I I: ��� I ' | ]        Uj*       IHV
turn out and vote.     They must b�� as jolpal ot tlie 'Vafltfeuver Oprmul school, [suggestion   thai. $100  bo set  asldo for
Its particular relation to Sapperton.
A marked plan will be publicly exhibited today.
Begardinj; the other objects for
which authority to raise money- was
asked, such as water, cemetery purchase, bunkers and the exhibition, the
whole would cause no increase in thu
taxation, property would be worth
more; more people would be coming
in to meet the expense. There was
not enough money in the general revenue to do the work so it was necessary to borrow.
Exhibition Building Asset.
"The exhibition i3 one of the best
assets the city has," declared thc
speaker. "New Westminster ha>, done
more towards developing agriculture
and horticulture and imi roving stock
than any other place in the province."
lie went on to say that the proposed
additions to the exhibition buildings
would give the It. A. ��i 1. society a
much better show, and especially
would they be of use in Wet weather.
Vancouver had a horse show and there
was no reason why Westminster
should not.
Alderman Henley spoke on the subject of roads alto, and incidentally
paid a tribute to the work of Alderman Kellington. He dwelt in particu
lar upon the urgent need of an auto
aerin.i ladder. The present ladders
and trucks were, he said, quite inadequate, and iu fact dangerous to tlie
firemen. Many benefits, among them
reduced insurance premiums, would
result from the Introduction of better
equipment for flghting lire.
Much   laughter  was  caused  *by  the
maniacs might cause the destruction
of another of the large business
Small boys are responsible for a
number of small stable fires. They
put their matches to straw piles mere
to see the firemen turn out. In addition it ls certain that oue or more py-
romaniacs are at work, for evidence
ail points to the fact that men have
been concerned in a number of fires
of late. At the present time two men
are serving time iu the penitentiary
for incendiarism and the city police
promise that before long there will be
His  Limit,
lie was known as a mechanic,
A builder of renown,
Ile coul.l rear :i mighty structure.
Or quickly tear it down.
He had settled all the problems
Of torsion and of sti ess,
But he was a ghastly fizzle
At hooking up a dress.
���Seattle P.-I.
Everybody needs at least ONE    good    Whisk.     Here    are a great
variety, prices from 20c to 75c.
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles,
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
DV'AI   fl      DRUGGIST  and
rC �� /ALL  optician
--   GO TO
BOtlve as the Btand-pauprs. U isi
surely easier to be enthusiastic, to be
energetic on behalf of a constructive
policy than on behalf of one of mere
passivity. But we may be sure that
the men who do not want to go ahead
will he at the polls. We must be
equally sure that the men who have
confidence ln Westminster, the meu
Ihat know that not to advance is to
��u back will also be vhere.
Kvery man who believes in a greater Westminster must not only vote
himself but he must brinj another
man to voto with him. An overwhelming i.iajoiity in favor of progress will :iil everybody wiih a new
spliit ot at-, ncement and such a conviction of t.i..- gic.it and prosperous
future ihat lies before our city that i'.s
march to gicat.-.css will be assured for
many years to come.
-Salvation Army Celebrates���Prizes
Awarded to Children.
The Salvation Army Sunday school
'save a concert and exhibition of various drills on Monday evening in iho
citadel before a delighted audience
which pretty well filled the hall. Junior
^igt.-Aiijor Dunlop, superintendent of
the school, presided,
The drills were excellent features of
die program, and Captain Best, who
'Kindly  i ame from Vancouver at  great
Inconvenience to i>e present, accompanied ihem on the cornet.
At the clo.-"' ol the concert the
pri/i ;, wore dlsti Ibuted. Flint prize
winners: Girls*-Ida Chalk, .lessi ���
Chalk, .Sarah Lome, Klsie Lane, Jessie
Lane, Pearl [ones, Qraoe Innes, Edith
Innes, Blanche Innes, Ellen Innes,
Alice innes, Evelyn Qarin, Dora t'.nl-i
nd Qrace tole. Boya���Solomon
Crouch, Watson French, Archie Innes,
borne Innes, Blake Innes, Arthur innes, Bejamln Oaln, C, Chalk, .Mian
Chalk, Lloyd Holden and Willie Cole.
lie ctme to Canada at uie age of 12, I the provision of a male for the Sap-
and his newspaper career commenced ' perton flre horse.
upon the Toronto News, lie was then I Alderman Dodd had not been to
successively .uopneeted in responsible |Portlanl, but there vvas not one of the
positions *ith the .Montreal Herald by-laws, he said, whieh the ratepayers
and Ottawa Citizen, and in 1894 was should not endorse. .Money would he
president of the piess gallery of tbe (saved  by  the institution of bunkers,
Dominion Houses. He later became
cliy editor oX,_,Uftt.Vaneouver Province,
was on the staff of the San Francisco
Chronicle, acted as special correspondent to the fnn Francisco Tribune
when the Chlno-Japanese war broke
out, and later cdiied the Hawaiian
Star. He rel.uiT.e.1 to Vancouver 0
vear ago, and qjiully became one of
:he original staff of the Sun.
He gave up newspaper work at one
time to accept tl-.e position of prlvato
and with legard to the cemetery it
would pay for itself in live years. The
burial grounds with the exception of
the Odd Fellows cemetery were not
kept as clean n* they might he.
The chairman, revert In; to the exhibition by-law, clinche.l the arguments adduced In its support with the
statement that the four basic sources
of wealth are to be lound in forests,
fisheries, mines and farms.    Statistics
Sacramento, Cal., April 9.���Attempting to escape yesterday from the Folsom prison. Manuel Hoderlguez, a
Mexican serving one year and a half,
whs shot and probably fatally wound-
"The Mouse of Quality and Low Prices"
showed that tho sum of the first three
secretary to Sir Donald Mann, spent [added together had to he multiplied
some tlmeJfltffjtina with hlm, and by six to equi fhe product ofthe
later looked after his interests in I farms. Agrlc. .re was the backbone
Alaska l��f t,,e  WOI'ld at large.    With all    its
boasted wealth R. C. had but 3 small |
area  devoted  to  farming.    Therefore
they must all  work for Its Interest by 1
voting for the e: hibltlon by-law. ;
  Winnipeg, April u,���Special instruc-
ed. The convict with others was i tions issueu to the poilce to bo on the
working on the wall being constructed j watch tor "fire bugs" resulted in Uiu
on the north' silo of the prison. Rod- arrest yesterday ot ..ivo Gallclan boys,
erlguez Jumped from the wall and was ) both about   \2 years   of age.      Tney
1 were taken to the Detention home on
! simcoe  street
commanded! by the guards to halt, in-
ste.id, he tan Up a bill and when
nearly half a mile away from thr> wall,
was struck by a bullet from the rifle
of a guard,
UoderlgiiTO tiled   soon    after being
taken to lhe prison hospital.
T 1 11 n, \ila., April D.��� Passi "" a
.-���iiI.In -    h -i������   tod ij   from   Blnaloa,
!���!������:.1.11,   ri| orl     thai     a     battle   wa i
fought lasl Thursday nt Qulla, Blnaloa,
In which six men wero killed. The
rebels withdrew ut night, leaving the
federals In command ol the Bold.
The passengers also reported that
trains between Navajoa and Mttzat-
land were being detained by rebel
hands near San Kla/. and Culiacan,
and were being robbed, Several In-
stances were reported where the passengers also were lined up and relieved nf uli their valuables.
Unique Dog Trip.
Beattie, April D.���After oae of the
MOBt unusual campaign trips ever
made by  any  man. duiing  which    ho !      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���covered 2600 miles on dog sleds,   at ��� ��	
times 1 raveling when the temperature Chinese Aeroplane   Smashed,
was Bl below zero, Charles K, Herron. Sun Diego, Cal., April IL���The third
chairman of the Republican territorial annual meet of the San Diego Aero
���campaign committee of Alaska, return- Club came to an end at Coronado this
���Ci last night from Alaska, enl hiislas- afternoon, tlie close being marked hy
tic over the political outlook In the the only mishap during the two days
North   and   confident   thai   William of Hying.
Howard Taft ls the choice of Alaskans , Capt, Tom D, Gunn. Ihe Chinese avi-
Vor 1 resident. later, wrecked hls machine when mak-
Mr. Herron was sent to Alaska by ill* an enforced landing. Oiinn had
the Republican campaign committee splralod to an altitude of about 2600
at Washington, D. C��� with the simple feel for a elide to the hangers on
Instructions to hnd out whal the peo-1 North Island. Fine.! by disarrange-
pie or Alaska wanted and to assure ment of ihe^nKchanlsm to descend, he
them representation In the councils of pointed hi ���������.< ��� of hla craft al a va-
the republican   party,   In   the   four  0 mi lot.
months since leavinv SeaUle, Mr. Her-     Thi   r.;i ninj  fear'of his   machine
ron "Irltod practically   every   votlntf |caiifhi In u brush pile and tho aero-
,-,. pri :uH is now ready ��o make hla  ''aie -vns <������ erf-v-i.. -   n-v   smashed.
��� lo tho national headquarters.     Gtmn eacared without Injury,
:oe stroet  and   will  come  before |
the Juvenile court.
Their arrests were made by Detec-1
live Fred Batho y sterday atternoon, |
he had been detaned   to Investigate ���
several fires of undoubted Incendiary I
origin.    He noticed aiouiid seveial ofi
them bool  prints which he managed]
to trail, in om- Instance, to a hou ������
occupied by a (laliclan.     He charged
the hoy living tin re wilh having Btort-
eii the Ures.
As a result of questions Baked thej
small boy confessed thai he had started a number of fires and that while
doing so he hud worn his lathers
boots. Incidentally he Implicated llis
companion, who w-:is later arrested,
That there are other flre bugs at
work la evident, Last evening two
piles of straw- were set flre to within
an hour of each other and both wero
In the same vicinity. The flrst was
at 9:50 o'clock ln a straw pile outside a stable at the corner of Sherbrooke street and Notre Dame avenue, while the second vvas for a similar cause at 10:110 o'clock at the f'or-
ner of Sargent avenue and Toronto
street. Friday night there were threo
Incendiary Arcs In widely scat tered
Since the beginning of the vear
there havo been over one hundred
fires of undoubted Incendiary origin!
and several others which Rllffbt rl-'h+-
ly be classed as such. The loss from
t'ipse incendiary tirm totals ove?
$200,000. ind to this lorn nvi"i he mid.
ed the lives nr A*-, human b-dngs ns
well as those of several horses and
In addition to the cltv pollce ���> nrl��
vate detective agency has tho matter
I,, hnnd, for Conditions ������'"" -*"-�������� such
thai at any moment one of these r" v:
Our Housecleaning Sale gives yen an excellent opportunity to buy your fie or coverings at a great saving. These are new
Rugs.   Attractive designs and colorings
There is no need to tell you
of the wearing qualities of
the Wilton Rugs.
9x9 feet
9x10 feet 6 in.
Without a Seam
You get the maximum wear
at a minimum cost
V elvet
Seemless Velvet Squares are
the hardest wearing Rugs
(for the price) manufactured . Ask any of your friends
who has one
3x3 1-2 yards
3x4 yards
3 1-2x4 yards
In neat designs and colorings. A hard wearing Rug
and a good looker.
3x31-2 yards - $8.50
3x4 yards - - $12.50
3 1-2x4 yards      -    $15.00
���403 Columbia Street Phone 329
New Westminster WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1912.
Salmon Bellies Will  Be Strengthened
by One or Two Stars from East���
Howard Uncertain.
>Vhen the lire and smoke from the
.Wattle now raging between Conrad
Jones, of Vaneouver, and Fleming,
Kennedy and the other magnates of
ibe Dominion Lacrosse Union, known
in lacrosse circles as the "Big Four,' ,
hag cleared away, enthusiasts and sup-1 oiJ'e and Bonner to New Orleans.
Harry Lord, third buseman, was appointed today    field    captain   of "the
��� ���
��� BASEBALL. ��
��� *
Philadelphia, April 9.���The Philadel-
phia Nationals defeated the local
Americans today by 10 to 5 and thereby won the spring series. The Phillies
won lour of the six games played.
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati Nationals,
(i;  Detroit Americans, 4.
At Washington��� Washington Americans, 7;   Brooklyn  .Nationals, 8.
At Toledo���'1 oledo, 9; New York
A in ei leans, 8.
At Newark���Newark, 2; New York
Nationals, 1.
At Des Moines���Des Moines, 2;
Chicago Americans (Second team), 1.
At Boston���Americans 2; Harvard 0.
At    Indianapolis���Indianapolis,    1;
Cleveland Americans, 2.
Club Gossip.
Connie Mack, manager of the Philadelphia  Americans,  released  Pitchers
.porters of the Salmon Bellies will flnd
tliat tne line-up for the coming seaton wilt ii' practically the same as
lust year's, ln addition one or two
stars irom the East have cast In
their lot with Westminster to help
bring back the Minto cup from Vancouver.   That famous old inu& remain-
Chicago Americans.
Roland Barrows, an outfielder procured from the Lowell, Mass., club,
was sold today to Jersey City bv the
Chicago Americans.
The St. Lotds American league
team released today   Pitcher   -Milton
'  ;  '"  ihoCa. ���.��,���.!,, library    :*'>    many j JJJjflyjJ ^M Baseman Miller to
the Lowell, Mass
.years tnat time will probably show, It
was a good thing ln the Interests of
lr Crosse in the Vvest that the Vancouver* ootained possession oi it last
iUis: n. I
aSthorgb Harry Hyland Is tbe   only
nutte given out by the local executive
4b lining been signed, It is generally
kliii^u in loc
in i t 'u.vers on
well Kutislled with   the remuneration . ���.,.., ,,.,,. ,
they .eceived last year and unless the | SEE li .���^SS^L^^S���
through   with
Less than one week fiom today and
the  famliiar cry of "pluy  b:'ll!"  will
��,Toung SiSSttS I?ir1 ur,8hoult,le*rou,toft,;��
m  the team of 1911 are   Northwest league.     Material changes
"wi.'h6   ,h?Vf��LneraZlt;tbrn,,mi4de  tluri���� ** P*St  few
jweekB in the strength of the virions
terms, and the pennant race for 1912
Eastern moguls come   through   witn. ���,,,, nroh;i,,K, h��� .,,��� ,,  '   ,    ..     ,,
oners  far  in  advance  of  those they   *'" P^ably be the best in the Us-
already have made, their efforts   to   ,?'* * t^,111eaBue-   Vancouver, cham-
. ...       i pions of 1911, are Intent on attain an-
corral the cream of the local conting- j nex,      ,���    pennLt, Manager BniwS
em will be in vain.   Rumors are cur-  durine hia recom  iuu i!. Ti    0V.,,,i.
rent these days that Johnny Howard JJj!    '"arufe    SwiS '
l     7*    .x i ��   oitvmK  unociruit'u   several   nroiiiisin**-
has Signed to handle   he managerial | y01inKBters   whnm   ���   believes   capa"
end for George Kennedy s Irishman*  b!e of &m    th    s, ���     '
dian team in Montreal this   summer. ��� ha , company
Altbougjj it is a fact that the famous   Bame 6
Salmon Delly is in receipt of a hand-i
some  offer  from  the  Montreal   man,
c    * ~-"""r"    _. ��� aa.
Special Easter Excursion
VICTORIA and Return
By the big, comfortable S.S. "PRINCE GEORGE."
Leave Vancouver, midnight, April  Gth;   returning,  leave  Victoria,
10 a.m., April 8th.
Special excursions to Eastern destinations  ln  May,
August and September.
June,    July.
Regular sailing for Prince Rupert  (direct service)  every  Monday
at midnight. '*t____\  ������    Latfttfflfa I
City  Ticket  Office:     527  Granville Street,  Vancouver, B. C.
Dock Office:    Foot of Main Street.
Howard was not in a position yesterday to give out anything definite as
to his future plans.
��. Harry Pickering, who could not
come to terms with Jones last week,
lias signed a contract to play again
for Vancouver, thus setting at rest any
talk of him playing for this city this
reason. With the return from the
south of Alderman Cray this morning,
it is expected that something definite
wil] be given out so as to enable local
fans to size up tlie available material
nnd set at rest all this "con" talk
aboul a wholesale desertion from the
ranks of the Westminster aggregation.
story is    heard   from Victoria,
Seattle and Spokane, while   Portland | race 0fthe day
and Tacoma will    probably run about
the same as last season.
Y. M. C. A. Basketball.
A  great game marked the final for
tie Y. M. ('. A. basketball senior house
One of the most perplexing problems that confronts ttie gentlemen interested In maintaining America's supremacy in tlie coming Olympic games
is that of keeping the Vankee atnleteg
in condition tiuiing the voyage from
this continent to Europe. The greatest
danger to a sea-going athlete is tnat of
gaining too much weight. Some of the
American athletes that visited Athens
in 19U6 gained as much as louncui
pounds during Uie trip from New
\ork to the largest city iniGreece. On
thut trip fully 4u tier cent of the men
wbo started from    New  Vork on  the
night parade of illuminated water
craft is a feature that has lent distinction to some of the past celebta-
tions, and will, of course, be incorporated in the piogram. The customary
Launch Club regatta ought to be more
ambitious tban usual, as the new
club house will then be opened, aud
nearly 200 motor boats on tbe west
arm and Kootenay lake are available.
The Boat Club has not yet announced
the special features for Its regatta,
but it always brings in a Canadian or
American crew to enter the principal
There is always an
etxenslve program of land sports as
well, bul with 220 square miles of
cruising water adjacent exclusive o.
the 45-mile river trip into Idaho,
there Is good excuse for accentuating
the water feature.
Good Pay for Doctors.
Toronto, April 9.���The Ontario medical health officers for the provincial
districts to be created under the new
act will not have starvation salaries.
Tbe new bill will fix the amount to be
paid these men at $2500, with $1000
additional for expenses.
Another portion of the bill which is
of interest to big cities is the clause
which places under the Jurisdiction of
the Provincial Hoard of Health the location, plans and equipment of all
hospitals. Two or three of the ton
districts into whicli the province is to
be divided are to be created in New
A Cheap Home
On Easy Terms
Mouse and lot in Sapperton for sale. Hons�� la small but well-
builf and comfortable. Lot is large size and well situated. Price
$1800, with only $400 cash and balnce as rent.     '
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phonee, Office 15 and 1��.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Re-elect  Officers.
San    Francisco,   April   9.���At    the
meeting of the board of directors of
the Panama-Pacific international  Exposition  Company,  held   a few days
  'ago, the piesent regular officers and
Comply With Hygienic   Conditions  of   executive committee of the exposition
Pastor.    ' I were re-elected for the ensuing year.
Chicago, April 9.���The llrst hygienic ; The officers are: Charles C. Moore,
marriage unuer Dean Waller T. Sum-j president; \V. 11. Crocker, flrst vice-
ners requirement of medic 1 ccitifica- i president; ll. B. Hale, second vice-
lion  will be perfoiined in tbe cathe- | president;  I. W. Hellman,    Jr., third
Must Be Sold Before April 13
66x132 feet, corner of Ash and Clute Btreets and Third avenue.
Price $3500; terms, onethlrd cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Price after Aprll 13 will be $4000.
REGINA STREET.���Seven roomed modern house, lot cleared and
ready for garden. Price $2800, terras, $600 cash, balance $20 per
month.   This hou?e rents at $25 per month.
P. Peebles
Real Eetate and Insurance Agent.
620 Columbia Street. Phone 307.
iefeuolait night Bvana* and Doherty'.   Ba���a���*"*.111 ,i,le ('ontiiu��n were no
I thev bad   8��od   utlilotlca
were the tennis engaged and
u gn at tiifisle. At the end of tlie first
ball Doherty'a team was leading by
13 points to 4, hut Evans' aggregation
cjmp bck in great form and holding
their opponents down to only four
more points, ran their score up to 21
and HiiBt won out.
Tbe following were the teams:
Kvans' team���Smith, Dawe, Oraham,
Y.-. ns and Hirchflehl. Doherty's team
���Forrester, HsrImon, Doherty, Whit-
UiVi r and T. Trapp.
ally when tliey leached
���Vtliens. Some were hurt and others
got sick wilh a disease resemiillng
mumps, bul the majority of those who
failed to perform up to tlieir standard
in the Ureclau games were simply too
(at. <
Elect Officers    for Year���Want
Optimism in the extreme prevailed
at tbc annual meeting of the Itegina
Lacrosse club held In No. 8 Are hall
last evening. Plans are now being
made to place a strong team In the
race for tbe championship of the city
league, of which organization the Retinas were members last year.
Tho officers elected were as follows: Honorary president, J. P.
Hampton Bole; president, J. I. Keary;
\ice-president, T. Mahoney; second
���vice-president, D. Cotton; secretary,
B, Eastman, and treasurer, Harry
Turnbull. Messrs. W. Keary, M.
Fletcher and L. Johnson were appointed as delegates to the annual meeting
of tbo city league.
dial of St. Peter and Pent, Wednesday, April 10, when Miss liath PJloicr
wiil become the wife  of A. W. Bode.
l.'oth prospective bride and bridegroom were required by t.ie dean to
bring certificates - from reputable
physicians showing that they were nor
physically or mentally deficient ami
that they had neither Incurable nor
contagious diseases.
Mr. Bode and hl* biide-to-be both
presented such ceitificates and the
bans were read.    The third and last j
vice-president; M. H. de Young, fdurtfc
vice-president; Leon Sloss, fifth vice-
president: James Rolph, Jr., si::th
vice-president; Itudolph J. Taussig,
secretary;  A. \V. Foster, treasurer.
it's a mighty hard job for a healthy I reading was today, and the ceremony
young man with a husky appetite to j will be performed Wednesday, proba-
lCirain from eating while at sea. The bly by Dean Sumner himself.
salt air Invariably sharpens the trav-1 Mr.' Bode, the first medically inspecting tor tood, and more losd. The ^j bridegroom in Chicago, declined to-
transatlantlc lines also do their share 'day  to discuss the marriage further
A well attended meeting; of the Sapperton Lacrosse club was held last
nii;lit nnd officers for the coming seaton were elected. Practically all of
the old team will be in the Held again
and every!bing points to a successful
.summer. Prospects are good and en-
Ibiisliisin runs high.
The following were elected: Honor-
ary ptesldent, George McKenzie; presl-
dent, Howard Welsh; vice-president,
Joe Cameron: secretary-treasurer, B.
John.-ton; delegates, Nels Nelson and
Howard Welsh; nlternales, William
Patchell and Fred Hume. The appoint.
.'nut of a captain was left to the
(layers. I
Billiard Handicap.
Qttrnaby practically cinched the
championship of the Billiard League
last evening, when they made a clean
sweep against tho Mechanics, who
have been making a game fight for
honors. The following are the scores:
Mans.leld      H00
Andrew      200
Johnson      200
Douglas     200
Hunter     MR
Watt    hi
Robertson     102
Mntu'st.      162
l"i"h Rrcalts���r>oii��'la��. Rurnaby, 20-
30-25! Llnnulpf, Mochonlcs  28.
I'-rnnhv wlll most th�� Real Estate
toflm ihln pvr-nlnp-, the Accounting
r-it t'.r. Me'-i'-nlcB coming together
Thursday nlylit.
toward fattening up the traveler by
serving plenty at meal times, and
some mort) between meals. One of
the regular Jobs of Manager Halpin,
on tho Athens trip, six years ago, was
chasing away stewards who bore trays
loaded down with "goodies" for the
athletic voyagers. In spite of their
determination to keep in condition, it
was hard for the athletes to refuse
dainty cakes and the like when the
stuff was pokc.l under their noses by
tho tip-seeking servants between
The forms of exercise used to keep
the athletes in shape while at sea are
various. The sprinters of course can
do no real fast work, but easy starts
and "prancing" keep their leg muscles
supple. Jogging is about all that the
distance runners can do. The Held
men aim to keep in good condition
generally by every sort of exercise
stunt they can pick up around the
deck; the shot putters heing the only
ones that can get ln any real work.
Boxing and wiestling are great
stunts on
letes can go in at top speed, and get
warmed up, without running any danger of being hurt. On the Athens trip
ln 191)6 regular sparring exhibitions
were held on the after deck every afternoon to the Intense delight of the
other passengers on the Barbarossa.
None were more Interested In the boxing than a company of Mexican bullfighters tbat were on the ship en
route for the King of Spain's wedding. They marveled at the skill of
somo of the Yankeo athletes who
knew how to handle their fins, and
promptly proceeded to tako lessons In
the manly art. Their antics with the
gloves were extremely ludicrous.
On thc. coming Olympic trip to Sweden, whicli wlll be made on the steamship Finland, every possible arrangement will be made for keeping the athletes In condition while at sea.
than to say he was to be married and
under Dean Sumner's plan of safe
guarding marriages.
Days on Wide Pacific���Found
Dead Body.
Sitka, April 9.���Jack Frost, a prospector, was tossed for eight days In a
fiat-bottomed boat on the open Pacific
west of Chicagoff island after the
drowning of his partner. He was rescued by Frame webb, of tne Pinto
Mining Company, iu the launch Muril-
let, and ls here after a series of perilous adventures.
Jack Frost and Howard Lyons, prospectors, left Pinto Bay Feb. 26 for
Touakee, where they expected to remain for a week, and then spend the
summer prospecting. On the second i
day out they found themselves In a |
small cove on Yakobi Island, with a
broken engine. It was a likely-looking place to prospect, however, and
,���u   ��,��,.,iB    ��.���   ��.��-,. sh!lrpened his pick and announc-
hlpboardbccaujse the rtb; ed ������ determination to remain. Lyons determined to take the little tender and row back to Pinto Bay, and
started out over Frost's protest, after
arranging that Frost should erect a
large cross at the entrance to the little bay, so that the place could be
found easily when lit came back with
This Frost did, and a week later,
Lyons not returning, he walked out to
the entrance of tlie cove to see If anything had happened to the cross. He
found the dead body of his partner on
the beach.
Returning to the disabled launch,
Frost cut holes ln lhe cabin, made a
pair of sweeps and resolved to row to
a settlement. As soon as he was out
of the cove, a strong offshore breeze
caught the craft and bore him out to
sea. For three daya and nights he
fought the heavy swells, flntlly falling
asleep at the oars. How long he slept
he does not know, but on awaking he
wns far out at sea.
Several times he made entrance to
Dusinn8l Straits, but was beaten back j
Into the ocean.
Meantime, after the departure of
Frost and Lvons, Frank Webb left
Pinto Bay for Tnnnkee In the Murlllet.
Pnssfng around Va^nol Tulnnrl he must
have passed Frost while thp latter
was out ?t <=oi. *r>-lv<nT at Tonakee,
he wn�� Infnnrvl t'-it Frost anrt T,von��
hid not nrrb'M I here, nnd   realizing
*\>S*t   csp���ifv  TY)lq'nrt-'"'i   r��'|F*   (lIV.  O'n"-
**i**rii   the*"    '""   Ftfr'n-1     h"C-  ***  ttvA
them        A.t   t*-fi     ri^n'h    of L'tedcrinl
<?l��",lf5   \-���*   llmt-'eA   |?Vp��t'-J   hil*     e��TT>
T"!!'*'.  Oft;    r***t   I'...   -f-nrl..   f(*r\\   pros-t
��� "--'r*. vn* tsfcps In loir.
Davies' Pharmacy
Choice List
of City Lots
One extra good lot on Seventh
avenue, partly cleared; $1400;
one-tjuarter cash; terms.
We also have some splendid
Jots in various pert* ot city,
Acreage Near
Port Mann
Three five-acre blocks at $Z60
per acre; easy to clear: near
school and church; near G.N.R.
station and shingle mill; good
water; electric light available;
exceiient tor fruit and truck
gardening.    Terms easy.
Phone 40.
Cliff Block.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777. TELEPHONE 295.
Ambitious Program Planned
Sportti as Well.
Nelson, B. 0., April !).���Three clear
months ahead of the fact, the annual
water carnival at this city on July 1
Is already being eanVUtSd. with pub
He sentiment ptrongly In favor of
making this yeai'a event n distinctive
one. The pro'-nsn! || bolng advanced
to mass lhe Dominion Day sports as
far rs possible on the wnie-front, and
In this conneclton a floating tlower
show is the latest Ides imiI forward/-
Tho holding of a f'ov.cr ihow on
that date was decided on the past
���week, but tbo stip posi Inn to lui'd it on
barges has only Just bnoi nu'e.     A
GILLIS. manager.
Week of April 8.
Big European Novelty
Globe Rollers.
Comedy Entertainers.
The  Different Ventriloquist.
Singing, Talking and Dancin ;
Tbe Flexible Pi'r
Comedy Skit, entitled
"Trimming a Rube."
Illustrate.! Song.
PH0T0-PLAY8.  ^
Three    Show��    Dally���3:00,
7:15, 9:00.    Extra Show
Saturdays and Holiday..
10c���A D M18810 N���20c.
Carpets!   Rugs!
Exceptional Opportunities
The man who saves .you money, has just received large consignments of AXMINSTER,
WILTON, BRUSSELS and TAPESTRY Carpets and Rugs, the whole of which must be
Positively Cleared This Week
Call and Select Early at
Extraordinary Values
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave li. C. JS, It. Co. station for
\ .tii'-o'iier at 5:00, 5:45 and
f 45 a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After lfi:00 p.m. half hourly ser-
vice t:atil  midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:J0 and
Burnaby Branch�����Ctir3 leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
ild ���
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 arm. Kegular
week day servl^ thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service,���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
the daily news.
Euilding    Loan
By-Law   No.���
A By-law tu  enable  the   Municipal
Council of the Corporation ot the
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum of Twenty Thousand-Dollars  ($2(1,000.00)  for the
purpose of etxending and improving   tiio Exhibition Buildings   nt
Queens Park in the Cily of New
\YiH-;iU0AS it is   necessary to   extend   una   InQrove   tiio   tfkhi'oiti&i
Buildings at Queens Paris i:i ths City
of New Westminster, and tne cosi of
such   extension    and    linpi ovementa
will     be   Twenty   Thouatir.d    Dollara
-i ($-.0,000,001'-
and WHEREAS it appears that if
iho aald aum oi ^o.uco.uo ue appropriated from tt��e teneral revenue of
tuo City for the current year the rate
oi taxation will be excessive, and H
is expedient that such excesuve taxation suouid be avoided, aud the said
���sum  be raised  ou   Hi
ity will be taken on the 10th day of
April 191::, between the hours of Nine
By-Law j o'Clock a. m. and Seven o Clock p.m.,
lat the following places, viz.:
!    The Council Chamber, City Hall.
|    No.  1 Flrehall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Fireball,
And   Crane's
, 13th Street.
Building. Qucensbor-
Clty Hall, New
2 :ih, i'jij.
City Clerk.
Westminster,  March
CITY OF  Nli.V W��iT.\1:NCT-R.
Dc!;c,i'.v.r;    E/-I^a,    1312."
Pur-, rccri
Byla-v J jo.���.
A By-law to enable ttie Municipal
Council ji Tiie Oui lunation of ihe
City of N'ew Westminster to raise
by I.o.n the sua of Six Thousand
Dollars ($o0G0.60) to erect Blanker?
lor the  Storhge  ei   Crtu- ied    Rook,
Snjid a:..',; other   i   '���: ���'��� In las
City of Nc.v Wfectininstcr:
WliLUi-JAS/it is nece.^ary to erect
credit of the'bunkers lor the  stor.ipo    of crushed
Corporation    aud     that'   aebentures J rock, sand and other materials in the
shou.d be issue! for that amount. City of New    Westminster', and  tlie
'cost of such bunkers will I'e six thou-
ANU WHEREAS for the payment
of Interest on Uie debenture* proposed to be issued under this By-law,
and lor creating a pinking fund for
tiu payment oi the wild deb.snture-i
\...a.i hue i. nttl be iitceslatj taralsb
ly special tate iu u.uiiiuu to ail oth-
ir .....;>    v.   ..  i<nti   uJtltij  nic    cur-
Band dollars  (50000.00).
AND WllEREAiS it appears that ;f
theisatd s.iin oi i,i,uui..i.u ua; hji^iio
pr.uted trom the general rcn--ui.c u'
the City ior tbe current year Ahe iau
..i taxation will be excesslyii, an.i .t
;s expedient that uueh excessive iaxa-
rtcv-.v o�� Ua* twu.; udjent-rei ue sum   uon should be u\oiUcd, una the suiit
Ct     b.Mten    J".....-.l\-a    iai        u.*.-. ,a,
; .-.     : :  (l Do .. :���   . '.   U.S.).
.-..-> \. .:.-. ... a.*  Iu   .-      .   ;o raise
l. .>  ...... .....     I ..;..    Ol   $.mii.;c f-n
ti;.i      .- al   ,..'i   ....    i..- ��� LI   wl.l
in u ;i..,i.: tc be leweu ou t&oWh'olu
ia . ..-; pio't ������������> 0* uv�� Cit;. oj New
.'.;.tj WHEREAS tho whole rateable
1*7. .cy ct the aaid City according ta
the    laat    revised  As&esiinent    Roll
tnereof J3"Nine Milliou Fhe Hundred 'of the s.iid debentures the sum of Fuji
aum should be raised on tlie ereuu
of the corporation and tli.it debentures
should be issueu for that amount.
AND WHEKUAS loitne payment of
Interest on the debentuies proposed
t.i be iESiicd uncer this By-law, ami
iOr creating a smiting fund lor mo
payment o. the said debentures wheu
due it wiil be necessary to iaise by
Bpeclal rate in addition to a:i otber
ratea each yd* du.lng t��s ca'rjXiTj,,'
sent of the Electors of the said City
in the manner required by law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on the ��� day of , 1912.
DONE AND PASSED in open Coun
ell the ��� day of , 1912,
RECONSIDERED and finally parked the ��� day of , 1912.
City  Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that, thc above Is a
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which tihe Vote of the Municipality
Will be tafcen ou the 10th day of April,
1912, between the hou:s of Nino
o'clock a. m. and Seven o'clock p. m.,
at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hail.
N'o,  1 Fireball, Sapperton.
No. o Fireball, l&th Street.
And Crane's Building, Queensborough.
City Cork.
City   Hall, New Westminster, Marc!)
27th,  l'Jl'J,
foilows and not otherwise: Towaida I bentures shail have attached to them
paying the cost of the passing of this i coupons for the payment of Interest,
By-law and tne issue and sa,e of ihe (which said coupons shall be signed by
ueuentuies   inerem   reterrua   io   auu   the said Mayor.
all expenses connected with the issu- *��� A special rate on the dollar
anco of the said loan, and the balance | shall be levied und raised in each
shall be paid over trota lime to time 'year, in addition to all other rates, ou
as required by the City Treasurer to ] all tne rateable property oi the City,
die several persons to whom moneys | sufficient   to   pay   the   interest   up-
are payable.
on, the  debentures  and    to  create  a
This By-law shall take effect on j sinking fund for tbe payment of the
the lst day of May, 1912, an.l may be   piuicipal   thereof   wnen   oue,   supject
cited    as    the    "CE.vIl/fEitV    FUR- j to  any Act or enactment respecting
CHASE      DEBENTURE       BY-LAW,! the same.
11*12.'' 0.   Subject as aforesaid there shall
8. This By-law before tho final I be uiised annually by special rate as
passing thereof shall receive the SB- aforesaid during the currency of the
sent of the Electors of tbe said City i said debntures the sum of SfluOO.uO
in the manner required by law. | for the payment of interest thereon,
RECEIVED the assent of tlie liSlec-j and the sum of $354.01! to provide for
tors on ��� dav of , 1912.      ithe repayment of tiie principal.
DONE AND PASSED ln open | ti. Tho proceeds of the sale of the
Council ihe ��� day of ���-, H'l'.',  sahl debentures  shall  be applied as
RECONSIDERED r.nd   finally' pass' \ follows and not otherwise:    Towards
l Ol
Cemetery   Purchase    Debenture   Ey
Law 1912."
.,,      -nd Thirty-two Bo.iara ($9,592,-
AND v.iir.r.EAS live to;al amount
Doif.,3 ($493.30).
AND   WHEREAS  in  crd.r to raise
tiie    said  yearly   sum  oi   $493;;.0    au
cf the existing ileLe..tu.c tfebTTSr tua - f.'J11"1 special rat-.j ou tho dollar will
said tu/ i��'fwo Million Four Hua- be tcQu;".d to be levied on thewiioje
dred and Fifty-tWO Thousand Nine ratc-ble PtOpcrtj u* v-'^ <-'l.v 0I "e'v
hundred  Dollars  (?2.t52.00u.OO)  Irr*|Westminster*     ~"~r
spectlve of the sums proposed to be
raised under this by-law and
"Street Improvement Debenture Bylaw1 1S12" Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1012," "Water Extension Debenture By-Law 1912,"
"Paris Purchase Debenture By-Law
1912,"   "Cemetery    Purchase    Deben- j
and w;
RKAS   lne   whole   rate-
tne I db>e property of the said City accord-
i lng to uie last    revise.l Assessment
Roll the:tof is    Nine    Million    Five
Hundred   aud    Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hun.I'rcd and Thirty-two Dollars
AM> WHJBP-EAjB the total amount
ture    By-law    1012,"  "Fire  Appartus'Of tho existing debenture debt of tne
Purchase Debenture By-law 101^" and {said City is Two Million Four Hun-
the "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1912," I dre.d   and Fltty-two Thousand    Nlrie
ol ��� I '��� h r.cai pf the principal or in- ! Hundred    Dclhtrs  ($2,462,900.00)  irre-
te.-'est Is In arrears. spectlve of the sums proposed lo he
\OW  THEREFORE, the'Municipal I raised    under this  By-law and    the
Council oi The Corporation oi the City i"Street  Improvement   Dobemuie   By-
oi   >Jew   Westmlustor   enacts   aa  fol-1 luw 1912," "Electric Light   Bxttn3iqo
lowg. Debenture By-law  1912," "Water Ex-
i. 'it shall be lawfai for the Mayor j tension    Debenture    By-law    1912,"
of tlie said Citv to    raise bv way of  "Parks  Purchase    Debenture    By-luff
Jo.;. t;om any per.-ori or persons, body  1912," "CbiAitoty Pmciiasc- Debentu?j
...- uoiiies corporal, Who ihay be will- ��^   "*�����"���**   2?T,'  't^Ti i
iu^ io .ia,i.u,:. u.u .ame oa in, e:cdit .] ur^u-iEe Debenture I,,- s��  1.1      anil
Ki.-L.-ie   debentures   liersinatur men- ."Exhibition   Building    Loan    By-law
i,-i.,-i, -,.-,.���   Mini o>- ��..uu   ot money\W12," ol which none of ;ue principal
not exceeding ln the w'uolc ihi ntm oi  or Interest ts ... a   -    ...
'   ..i uj    faousand Dollars  ($^u,o0.00n    -''  IW, THEI ��� ���/��� Municipal
and to cause the same to be paid In-  Cou     . of Tlle Lo:pi ii vt theCity
t,i the Treasury of the said City for 0|   ������'���"   Westmlnetei   ���..    U  us   fo.-
the purposes mentioned herein, lows:
.'.    It snail be lawful fur the Mayor;     L.    It dial] bo lawful ,  r the Mayo"
lo  cause  any  number  ot  debenturea |pf the said Cily lo raise by way o
to be made not exceeding in ine v. nole
tin- sum of $20,000.00 tor such sum
ci  money as  may  be  required,  not
lloau from any person or parsons, bod}
or bodies corporate who ciuj be wiil-
ii ; I   advance thi  same on tho. credit
less than $100.u0 "eacli or an equiva-1of the debentuies hereinafter mfi|tloi>-
lent expresed in pounds Sterling o�� ?d> au>' sum or sums ol money i^t etc*
the United Kingdom of Great Britain ceding In lhe whole ihe sum or tdx
and Ireland, at a vnMiti ot '4.8C6 to tho Thousand Dollars ($0000.00) and i->
pound  Sterling;  and ail such deben-  cnuse ihe Earns  io  be  paid into the
Treasury of the said Citj for the pur-
pci^a mentioned heielfl.
it shall be lawtul for the Mayoi
tuns shall be sealed with the S<-al
of tlie Corporation, signed by the
Mayor   aiui   countersigned   by   the
Treasurer thereof, or by sucb other I to caute uny number ot debentures tfl
person or persons as may be thereuu- P" h��uue not exceeding In the wnoie
to lawfully authorized. j1Ue bul)l c1' JouOd.Oo tor such sum of
3. The' said debentures shall ba 'nohej as may be required, not lesu
payable on the first day of Ma., 1932 Ul-U -Mou.oo each or an cpuiva.eju ex-
ai such place or places as the CoUncilU��'eBf,etl '" Pounds Sterling or the
of me said Corporation mav trom JOuked Ktogflom ot Great, Britain,and
time tb time appoint with the approv- Ireland, at a value oi 4.86(1 to the
al of tbe holders thereof, and shall P<>und Stealing; and nil such aeben-
bear interest at the rate of four and|tureB *ha11 be sealed with the Seal of
one-half per centum per annum, pay- th0 Corporation, sij-ned by Um: Mayor
able half-yearly ou the flrst dav of and .countOTSlgned by the Tieasureg
January and tiie llrst day of July in thereof, or by such other person or
each and every year, and the deDen- Persons as may be thereunto lawfully
lines snail have attached to them cou-  authorized.
pons for the pavment of interest, "��� Ti>8 KiU1 aebentures shall be
Which said coupons shall be Blgned by |P��mble on the first day of May, 1932;
the said Mayor. at BUch plaCa or places an the Coun-
4. A special rate on the dollar!-'1 of tho said Corporation may fiom
shail be levied and raised In each I '''^' to lime apoint with the approval
yeai in addition to all other rates on"': the holders thereof, and Khali bear
all the rateable property of the City Inteiest ��t the rate m iour and one-
sufficient to pav the Interest upon thol|iaf i"'1' centum per annum, payable
debenturea and to create a sinking I half-yearly on the iiict day of .lanu-
fund im tbe payment of the principalIar5' i,:"1 lllL' filBt llliv of Jul>' in <-',u'h
thereof when due, subject to anv Act.���""' *'vt'-v >v'iT- a1"1 Ul�� oebenturei
o; enactment respecting the same.      lnhnW have attached to them coupons
.". Bubjeet as aforesaid, there shall Ifor lho Payment of Interest, whicn
be raised annually by special rate as BaW coupons shall be signed by the
aim.said during the currency of tho sal|i ^la��o'-
said debentures the sum ot $900.00 for 4- A bi-<"'lal ''a|e on ,lle dollar
the payment ���f interest thereon, and slla1' >>o levied and raised in each
the sum of $744.32 lo provide for tho !>'<���'"'��� ln addition to uli'other rates ou
repayment of the principal. |a.11  the rateable  porperty  of the City
8, The proceeds of the sale of the s'lirlclt'"t l0 P*y ,hc l******* ul,on tUtf
���aid debentures shall be applied as toi- debentures and io create a sinking
lows and not otherwise: Towards fund Mr the payment of the principal
paying the cost ol the passing of this 'hereof when due. subject to any Act
By-law and the issue ami. sale of the or enaotment respecting the same.
debentures therein referred to and all ���'��� Subject as aforesaid, thero shall
expenses connected with ths Issuance ij''- raised annually by special rate as
of the said loan, and tho balance shall aforseaald during the currency of tho
be paid over from time to time as re-lsill'i debentures the sum of Two llun-
ciuired by the City Treasurer to the fared and Seventy Dollars ($270.00) for
seveial persons to whom moneys are the payment of Inteiest. thereon, and
payable. j tiio Bum of Two Hundred and Twenty-
7. This By-law shall lake effect, on  three and 30-100  ($22::.30)  to provide
tho first day of May, 15)12, and may be  for the repayment of the principal.
cited as the EXHIBITION BUILDING      ''���   T"�� proceeds of the aale of the
LOAN BY-LAW 1912." ,: aid debentures slrjll be applied ns fol-
8. This By-law before the Qnal pass- pows and not otherwise: Towards paying thereof shall receive the assent; lng the cost of the passing of this By-
cf the Electors of the said City in thu hiWand tha ISHUO and sale of the de-
manner required by law. Ibentures therein  referred to and all
DONE AMD PASSED in open Coun- expenses connected with the Issuance
Cll o,e (jay 0f ���, 1012. of the said loan, and the balance shall
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec- be paid over from time to Ume as re-
tors on the��� dav of . ini2.  Uiuired by the City Treasurer to the
RECONSIDERED   and   finally pass-  several .prions to whom moneys are
cd the -- dav of -��� , 1P12.        I"'iab!e
City Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE thnt tho above is a
True Cmv of the proposed I!v-law Upon which' the Vole oi the Municipal*
Thl3 By-law Khali take effect
on Ihe I?t dav of Mny, 1P1L', and may
he iltcd as the "BUNKERS DEBEN-
TTTRE   RY-LAV.'.   1912."
ft.    This     Bv-lew   before  the     final
pas3ltic   li.  eof shall -receive thc as-
By-lav; No. ���.
A By-law to enable the M'-miclpa!
Council of Tiie Corporulipn of ths
City of New Westminster to raise
bv Loan the sum of Nineteen Thousand Dollar's ($19,000.00) to purchase Site for a Cemetery within
Die City of New Westminster, and
lu Clear, Grade, Improve and Survey the same:
WHEREAS i; is desirable to purchase site for a Cemetery within the
City of New Westminster and to
clear, grade, improve and survey- thc
same, and the cost of sueh Site and
Improvements will be th<? sum of $iu,
AND WtiEREAS It appears that li
t,.e sai.: sum of JlD.OOo.uO be app.o
printed irom tne general revenue o-
the City lor the current year the rate
ui luxation will be excessive, and it
is expedient that such excessive taxation sftouid be avoided ani] flit; said
sum shouid oe raised oa liu c:C"'7
of the Corporation and that deben
tures should be issued for that
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of interest on tlie debentures proposed tu be issued under this riy-iaw,
I and for creating a sinking fund for
thp payment of the said debentures
when due it will be necessary to raise
by special late in addition to all othei
rates each year during tiie currency of
the said debentures tne EUm ot Four
Thousand Four Hundre J and Thirty-
thre^ and 0."-.V".' DQ'-lara ($4433,65)
AND WHEREAS in order to raj^a
the said yearly sum oi ?443i.6o au
equal special rate on tlie doiiar will
be required to be levied on the whole
{rateable property of the City oi New
AND WHEREAS the whole raro-
able profiei ty ot the said City accord
iiiij lo tlie lust revise,i Assc-nsineni
Roll thereof is Nine Million five Hua-
ured and Ninety-two Tno.itan 1 Nm-
Hundred and Thirty- two Dollars ($9,-
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of tho existing debenture debt of the
said City is Two Million Four Hun
dred and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2��4B2,900,00), Irrespective of tbe sums proposed to be
raised under tins By-law and the
"Street Improvement Debenture Ly-
law 1012," "Electric Li^ht Extension
Debenture By-law 1912," "Water Extension Debenture Ily-law 1P1L','
"Parks Purchase Debeni ure By-law
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Debenture By-law 1012," "Hunkers Debenture By-law 1912," and ''Exhibition
Duildins Loan By-law 1812," of whlcn
none of the principal or interest is ih
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of tbe Coil oration ol the
City of New Westminster enacts as
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said City to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate who may bo
wll.ins to advance the same on the
credit of the debentures hercinaftf-
mentioned, any sum or sums of mono
I not exceeding in the whole tbe sum o,
' Nineteen Thousand  Dollars   l$ll),O00.-
00) and to I'ause t.ie same to be pnld
Into the Treasury of the said City tor
the purposes mentioned hereto,
2. It shall be lawful for the Msyo:
to cause any number of deben ty Ids to
be made not exceeding in th i whole
tiie sum of Nineteen Thousand Dollars ($111,0(10,00) for such sums of
money as may be required, not less
(ban $luu.00 euch or an equivalent expressed In pounds Bterllng of .tha
Cniied Kingdom of Oreat Britain and
lielaiid, ai a value of 4.M;,i to the
pound Bterllng and all  auch deben-
| tures shnll be sealed with the Seal of
Corporation, sinned by tbe Mayor and
countersigned by tho Treasurer (hereof, or by such oilier person or peraon*
as may thereunto lawfully aut hoi lzed.
u. The said debentures shnll be
payable on the llrst day of May, 11117
at such place or places as the Council
of tho said Corj.oration may lrom
time to lime appoint with tin approval of the holders thereof ami shall
bear Interest at the rule of four and
one-half per centum per annum payable half-yearly on the first day of January and the llrst day of July in eacn
and every year and the debenturea
ehall have attached to tbem coupons
for the paymenl of Interest which
said (oupons shall be signed by the
4. A special rale on tho dollar
shall be levied and raise.! In each
year In addition to all other rates on
all the rateable property of tho City
sufficient to pay the interest upon the
debenturea inti to create a sinking
fund for the idyment of Ihe principal
thereof when due. subject to any Act
or enactment  respecting the siime.
fi. Subject ns aforesaid thero shall
bn raised annually by special rate ns
|aforesaid dnrln-.; the currency of the
said debentures the sum of Sfiri'i.OO for
the payment of Interest thereon, nnd
the sum of $3578.66 tn provide for the
repayment of the principal.
'<. The proceeds <>f the aale nf lhe
said  debentures  shall  bo applied  a.t
the, ��� day of
'    City Clerk.
���, 1912.
TAKE NOTICE that ihe above is t-
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which tbo Vote cf the Municipality
will be taken on tbe 10th day of Anrtl
1P12. between the hours of Nia ���
o'Clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p. in.
at tbe following places, vh.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No, '1  Flrehall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Flrehall, 13th Street.
Ciane's BulVtlng, O-Ueensbofotfch,
City ClerR.
City Hall, Nerr    Westminster, March
27th, 1912.
Water Extension  Debenture By-Lav
paying thc cost of the passing of this
By-law nnd the issue fttd sale Sf the
debentures therein referred to an:l
all expenses connected with the issuance of the said loan, and the balance shail be paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to the seveial person:, to whom
moneys are payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect on
the first day of Mav, 1012. and may
he cited sq the "WATE-'t EXTENSION  DEBENTURE  BY-LAW   1912."
��.    This   By-law   befo'e    the    l'mal
passin;;   thereof   shall receive the assent of the Electors Of the said City
Iin  the manner required  by  law,
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on ��� dav of , li)l'2,
DON& AND PASSED l:i open Coun-
Oll the ��� dav of 1912.
RECONSIDERED and  finally pass-
led the ��� dav of , 1912.
City Clerk. 'Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE ihat tbe .ibove \i **
true copy of tbe proposed By-law ue
on which the Vote of the Municipality
fli!l be C'.kcu on the loth day of
April, -1912. between ttie   hours   6!
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc.
in Cuba throughout tne island:
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, En;,'.
Drafts Issued without delay-
on all the principal towns am:
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford   Richardson,   Mgr.
p. m. at the following places viz.:
The Council Chamber. r-;ty Hall.
No.   4   Firehall.   Sa'pperton.
No. 13 Fireball, 13th Street.
DuiidiniT, Queensborough.
City Clerk
New   Westminster,  March
Ey-lav; No. ���.
A By-law to    enable    the    Municipal
Council of The Corporation of  the
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the s-ji;i of Forty Thousand
Doiiars i$-10,u.;u.00)  for the purpose
of   extending   the    Water   Worka
System in    the  City  of New  West
mln ter:
\. FiEAE.'vS applications are madj
from ume to time to The Corporatioa
of the City oi New Westmiuster foi
the extension ot the Water Worlta
system In the City ard the laying o..
aew water mains along stive.-.: where
residents are being erected, and It li
impossible to pay the con o: such H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tension out of the general revenue o> I
the City  for thc cur.tut year, and  it !     The  Municipal Council  of the  Cor-
Is exjiedienl to rake by loan the Bum  poratlon of the City oi New Westmln
of  Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,000.- ster having by Resolution determined'
00)  for tbe   extension cf the    eald Iaud speeined tnat It is   desirable U
Water Works System, I cany out the following wonts, t.iat, l
Aft WiEtfaF]t appear* t:; i ,, I ">.;��>��� ^ �� gim,, , w
the caul Bum ot ��iu,MOi).oo oj t-Pb'M ������,,,., w,,,���, ,., , .,������,,���.������, -u.ve.
��mtad from the eoneral revenue 0l  umWa Street   to t ai*arvoj    *>"<-*���*
.      ,.     ',.,... ,.r.    ...    ,....      wilh stone setts, and that said works
he City tor tie cu.. ��� t >oa   tho rate    h ]{ , (     i,l:l.ul,UlK.,
OI   taxaUon   WiR  be   t.c..-ive.   and^ t        ^ (       pr0vlslOOa Of .bu "Local lm-
iB expedleut that sucn excessive taxa-1^^men* Uenerfl, ljy|;lv, lsu9...
ell.. |     And the lily  Kufclneer artd Cltv Aa-
tlctiei-Ieessor  having   rcjioned   to   lne   Coun
[City Hall.
;rrth. 1912,
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) ...$15,413,000.00-
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches througooui CunRda tnd
Newfoundland, and In London. E:.c-
lend, Naw York, Ch'tago and Spokane,
U.S.A., sod Mexico City. A general
basking business transacted, Letters of Credit laauad. avaliablo wltt;
correspondents ln all pnrts of tl. i
Savings Bank DsrsTtment���Deposit*
received In sums of $1 aud upward,
and Interest allowe'. ft 3 per cent, per/
jnnum  (present r��t��).
Total   Assets  over  JISC.OOO.OOC.PV
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Sole agent fpr|
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water?,   Aeialcd Waters
Manufactured by
Bar 8^ BmtlGa
Teleohone  R  113   Office:   Prlnccii  St.
tion shou.d he avoided, and the saij
sum   tliomj   lm   i.a.-c.i   oa   tin
oi   tho ' coi'i.-oruilou   una   ttiut   ���~^^^^^^^^^^^���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
tures    Bhould    be    Issued    for    Uldl ] cll lfi accordance with the provlslcu
amount. ^n^^^^n^^^^n^^^n^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__
giving     statements     snowing     the
I amounts   estimated to be   chargeable
against  tlie   various   poi tlons  of   rial
_^^_^_^^_    s,,il
works and other particulars, and the
eald reports of tiio said City Englneei
jof tbe said bylaw upon tha sail works
a.nd WHEREAS for tho payment
ol Interest on the debentures proposed t.i he i-vv;i under th i By-law, and \���.������__����� ,    , ��� , ,,,,, , . ,,
tor creates ,a sinking fund for theiProPer^ ,0 ,,e beneftted by the
Phone 388.
P. O. Bos 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a  Specialty
Market Square,  New Westminster.
duo, it. vvill be necessary to raise by
special rate In audition io all other
rates each year during the curt mc;
of the said debeu^urts the i ui nl
Two Thousand One Hundred and
Fifty-four aud 62-100 ($2164.02).
AND WillORKAS lu order to raise
the said yearly sum of $2164.fill an
equal Bpeclal rate on the dollar vvill
be re.(Hired to be levied on the'whole
rateable propeity of the City of New
V\ estminster.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable ; rocerty of the said City accord
in;.' to the last revfgej Asaeasmeui
Roll thereof, is Nine .Million Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thiry-two Dollars
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of Die
said Clly Is Two Million Kcpr Hun
dred an.l Kitty., wo Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2,462,900,00) irre-
sped ive of the sums proposed to be
raised under this lly-law and v,m
"bluet Improvement Debenture Ry-
iaw 1812," "JSlectirie Light Extension
Debenture By��la,w 1012," "Pirlts l'ur-
cbase Debenture By-law \'.t\2,'' "Cemetery aPurchnse Debenture lly-hi'V
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase D��
benture By-lnw 11112," "Hunkers Debenture By-law 1912," and "lix-
bibition BulldlpK Loan By-law It'll!, '
of which none of the principal or in-
terest is in arrears,
NOW THEREFORE tbe .Muiiieip.il
Council of Tli" Corporation oj ib"
City of New Westminster enacts ai
1. It i.hall be lawful for the M.iyoi-
of tlm said city to raise by way o!
loan from any person or persons body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned any  stun  or sums of money
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of $40,000.00 and to cause the same
to bo paid Into the Trcsury of thf
said City for the purposes mentioned
2. It Bhall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding iu the whole
the sum of $40,000.00 Ior such sum:<
of money as may be required, not
less than Jiop.co each or nn equivalent expressed In pounds Sierlln;; of
the l'nited Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland nt a value of 4.8'lti to
the pound flterliiiR; und all such debentures shall be sealed with the Beal
of tbo Corporation signed by th��
Mayor and countersigned by the
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
persona as may bo thereunto lawfully
.1. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first dny of May, 1962
at such place or plaoes as the Council of the said Corporation mav from
tlmo to time appoint with the approval of the holders thereof, nnd shall
bear Interest Bl the rate of four nnd
one-half rer centum per eimum. pav-
able half-yearly on the first day of
January nnd the flrst dav of July in
each   and  every   year,  and    the  do-
and City Assessor having bu-n adopted by the Councll.
.Notice Is hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection at the
office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia Street, New Weatmin.-ter.
B. C., and that unless a petition
against     the  proposed   works    above
mentioned, sinned by a majority of the
owners of the land or real property
to be assessed or charged ln respect
of such works representing at least
one-half In value thereof is presented
to the Council within lifteen days
from the date of tbe first publication
of this notice the Councll will proceed with the proposed Improvements
under such terms and conditions as to
tho payment of the cost of such Improvements us the CiiMticdl may by bylaw In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assessmenl.
Dated Ibis 27th day of Marcli A. I).
City Clerlr,
Date of fiist publication March Z8th,
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38  Begbie  Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Eatlmate�� Given.
214 Sixth  Avenue. Phone 567
NOTICK ls hereby given that the
llrst meeting of the Co'irt of Revision
of the Assessment Boll of the City tt
New Westminster will be held In the
City Hnll, Now Westminster, on Wednesday, April 24, 1DI-, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment must be lu writing, and deliver
ed to the Assessor at least ten dnys
previous to tho sitting of the Court of
Dated at New Westminster, H. C.
this  12th day of March.  31112.
W.   A.   DUNCAN.
City Clerk.
tho partnership heretofore subsisting
between the undersigned as tho "NKW
PANY," Carnarvon Street, In the City
of New Westminster, Province of
Hritish Columbia, has this dny been
dissolved by mutual consent. All
debts owing to the said partnership
are to be paid to John Dobson at
Carnarvon Street, New Westminster,
British Columbia, aforesaid, and all
claims against tho said partnership
aro to |,e presented to the Bald John
Dobson by whom the game will be settled.
Dated nt the City of Now Westminster, B. C, this 21st day of March,
A. D. 1911!.
JOHN DOBSON.    1,8.
The People's Trust Co. Ltd.   O. W. N.
Boulton, Secretary-Treasurer, Prank
C. Cook. General Manager,   h. 8.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
RE8T  ...
l��?Ki5��'*C 1 '*������  - * * -'-*t
I    9<trQ<&&m'?4>-$&i&
l    *
i X
Tlie Uaed'
That Cooks
The Dinner
bs Ha::d that rules the world.
Injspite of what they say about
"cradles", the stove it the all-import'
ant factor in "home-rule."   A
The rare of n horse's feet In the
stable Is of the greatest Importance In preventing lameness.
Wetting   the   hoofs    with   a
Kpuuge and clenn   wnter every |?
dny or simply dipping each foot <*
luto ii pull of wuter will beep ihe J*
feet lrom becoming dry.    Wuter <p
is much better than uny hoof oil. <*
racking the teet is laiod, hut lf 4
the   wnter  treatment   Is   begun %
wliile the feet ure In gnud condi- 4
X tion packing vvill  never he nee- 2,
4 essury.     Watch the  blacksmith. 5?
4,   Never   allow    the    heels   to    he /.,
w  drawn In. Jg
4    The slabbering home may be <;>
$  in need of more grain, or It may St
&  be that its teeth ueid tiling. 4
V     In tiie purchase of anew horse x
<& .always   purchase  a   mare.     She <f
X   will raise you some colts, which x
%  will increase the farm profits.        <r>
* <&
Is the best guarantee that the "band" will keep your home moving in the
right direction of economy iind health.
Pleare call and see our line of GURNEY-OSPORD STOVES ird
RANGES that are built and sold cn honor. The Chaiiceiit rancl Imperial
Oxford*are equipped with the Oxford Economizer. Come ?r.il let ua
show you how this marvellous device save:; time and fuel by a single tcucii
of the lever; how it holds lire, ar.d directs odcrs ujj the chimney,
The Dividing Oven Strip guides heat equally all over the oven���a
fine baking insurance. The Reversible Grate saves time and fliel-wasts.
These, with other star features make us proud to Bhow the Gurney-O.loid
line. Design���finish���workmanship���all these .it taib
wc want to demonstrate to your entire satisfaction.
i am cun
Hsio3bvh,t,S, HS.
'Tor twenty yeare, I have been
Irouljled v.'iJi rl 7:\cf and Pdadikr
ErouL'e, r.::J have bei a treated bj'ir.ar.7
Hectors Imt fo-.mJ Uf.:- relief; rh��J
nsw n np all hopeofrcttiagciiretl-vt-'rfn
.tt.i 1 Gin Pills. Now, Ic^inrvv: li
.-. h.:->ny heart, thr.t I i*.*n tared after
psiag .cur bo:e=: of <".)"���' I"l l&'L
dam:.;:/v. i 717.77:2.
jvxt, th!i:k cf it j r ar ".- c:> ol <:"..���:
T'.'.j cvr.cl '..'.-:. i';;:?r���;....'. be be:
sii.'ercl for t-.-.cr',/ years a:>l i:-- had
bc-n treated l>y 0-1 V,;m, tc o. It ij j sti
Er.cli cases ns h'.i', v.'..;..'i ph re Uli
sower of C.;-i i'.Iis to euro Kidnc)
atjd Bladder Trod ���!.?, l!-.ir::l.-.j; Urine
Bupprccica cr IitconUnence of tb
Urine, BacUarhO, Rh'cnm'atlsnJi e&aisK
ar.d Lnmbs��D. Try Gin P.'.lr. on ow
positive guarantee of a cr.re cr jo'.-.r
gior.ey Iv.c'.c. 50c. a box, 6 for p.50.
Sample free If yoa write Nati-mai Vrn;
-lied  Co. of Canada, Limited,
yjheirworks shall ye
���^      ^know them "
HI  ''
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined wilh a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of genera
tions, make
T' 'jPjr^'Z*^*-^^,," ������>Az7i-"i
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches
efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
owner to have any constructional defect remedied free erf
nearest agent in any part of the world.  They
1 in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
Valu* of Cottonseed Cake as Part et
the Ration For Stock.
Cold pressed cottonseed cuke Is the
byproduct remaining after the whole
seeds have beeu crushed to extract the
oil, says Kansas Farmer. It differs
from the ordinary cottonseed cake In
that the latter has the hulls aud lint
removed, the kernels heated and placed
between cloths aud theu pressed to extract the oil.
Cold pressed enke contains the hulls
and short lint, while lhe ordinary cuke
does not. Tor this reason ihe ordinary
cake Is richer lu protein.
The cake  Is  ground  into  meal   for
feeding purposes, and,  while the uril-
mals could  doubtless eat  the cake If
broken up. it pays well to grind it.
Heing  very   rieh  in   protein,   cotton-
; seed cake is always used us u eonceii-
i trate   and   cannot   be   compared   with
corn, which Is not.
lt is 1111 excellent concentrate with
which to balance up a ration fur al-
I most auy farm animal, and alfalfa hay
i Is one of the best things to feed witb it.
As cottonseed meal cannot be used
j for a grain ration, corn or some other
��� grain should be used wilh it.
The best ration reported by the Ml-
nois station  for steer fattening  was
1 composed   of   sixteen   nnd   six-tenths
; pounds   of   corniiieiil.   two   und   uine-
I tenths pound of oilmeal and eight and
seven-tenths pound of clover liny.   On
this ratiou the steers mud.- a gain or
I two and  four-tenths pounds  per day
! In  a test of ISO days on   I 000 pound
steers.    Alfalfa bay cau be substituted
1 for clover bay.
In feeding sheep n Scott ish test show-
I ed the best results from a ration com-
| posed of eight-tenths pound of oil cake.
: four-tenths pound of bay und thirteen
i and  live-tenths  pounds of turnips,  oil
which tlle sheep gained Ibirty-six I11111-
1 dreiiihs pound  per dny.    Sugar beets
could   bu   substituted   for   turnips   by
feeding u smaller quantity.
A Michigan test was made" with nlne-
tenths pound ol .tried beet pulp or mo
Insses beet pulp. I'iree-tentlis pound of
oil meal and one und three-ieiiths
pounds of clover hay, on which lhe
sheep gained thirtyfcir hundredths
pound per day. Alfalfa tiny can lie
substituted for clover iu nny ration bj
using a somewhat smaller amount.
Cottonseed menl ls u vnlnable con
centrnte wltb which to balance up tbe
ratiou for beef or dairy cattle, bogs,
burses or sheep, und the rations given ���
above nre average rations, liegin Ihe
feeding period with a small auioiint of
cottonseed meal iu tbe ratiou aud gradually Increase it. Fattening steers may
begin on one pound per day and increase to as blgb as sis or eight pounds,
Dept -'! 0 Toronto,
Re part (10 acres) of lot 118, Group
1_, formerly in Yale Division of Yale
District, in the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title No. 10985P, issued In
the name of Francis W. Fcrd, has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hero
of, in a daily newspaper published 111
the City of New- Westminster, issue a
duplicate of tho said certificate, Unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Keidstry office,  Xew  Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
Board of Health Department.
Tba Board of Health Depai tment is
u'ouiu to start a campaign lor tlie
cleaning up of all back yards und va
caut lots in the city, and tbe heart)
uO-operation of the citizens ln tenerui
la uakc.i in this regard,
A clean city is one of the best ad?
we can have, and we  feel sc; e thai
the elii.".:io appreciate this to the fullest txtait.     The burning up   of ali
v.-uato  paper, etc.,  the  (.leaning away
ot ashts and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning up win go a long way
toward-} giving us a city beautiful.
S.  .  PEARCE,
Health inspector.
 Nrla  G.   N.  R.
?:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:lii
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
tdally except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .20:30
7:40-Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily e: cept Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. It.
(daily except Sunday) .11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).. 9.45
15:15���United States via G. N. R.
<dally except Sunday)..1G:0(:
11:40���All points east   and   Europe    (daily)     8:15
22:43���All points   east   and Europe tdally)   13:15
11:40--Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mills      (daily      except
Suuday)    8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      (dally     except
Sunday)        14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except  Sunday)     S'rla
Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.15
East Bornaby  (daily
cept Sunday   ....
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    .13
10:30���Barnston Islands'arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
0:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville   aad   Sunbury
idaily  except  Sunday).13:30
0:00���Woodwards <Tuei��tay,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. F��� is held every Monday :iit,ht at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethern
cordially invited. H. VV. ILirrison,
N. G.; G. B. Bryson, V. G.; Jam03
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; It. B. Purdy, financial secretary-
1IS3 M. BROTEN, publlc stenofra-
pher; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
Accountant Tel.
Trapp block.
R 128.    Room,
JOHNSTON &. JACKSON, barristers-
at-lav.-r so.lcitors, etc. Offices, Rooms
6 and 7 Kills block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston und Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust bloek, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone fli'. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in j ust the right pro- \
portions to cleanse Nx)
easily, vigorouslyvJ^
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
uLet the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Ration Far Growing Pigi.
Growing pigs should receive, wbere
It is |K)��Hlble, some skimmilk. An Ideal
ration would be tu mix some middllugs
wtth skimmilk and feed them about
three puunds of the slop for eacb one
pound of corn. In otber words, feed
ii Unit three pounds of Rklmmllk to oue
pound of coru. Buttermilk ls alsu a
t-'uod feed for pigs and can be used In
lieu of Hklmmllk. If no skimmilk Is
obtnlmible. then we would mix the
middlings lu water and feed lt with
corn, as above. The best results are
ii lit Mined when a variety of feed is piv-
eu. It la not wise to have either corn
or middling" or skimmilk form the entire ratiou fnr the pig. Better results
nre obtained when tbey nre fed together. In the absence of sl;tmuillk a
fourth to a third nf a pound of tankage may lie fed dully. Blood wenl ts
also used when slilmuiilk cannot be obtained.
���.'.:*:;��vt,'.-,., .    y.m-"i:,)?
-j&   '���;���., r;-��fi
Teasing Farm Animals.
Don't let your buys or the neighbors'
boys "pick" on the iintmnls, suys tbt
Farm Jouruul. lt pleases the Immature Intellect of a half grown lad to
see the mule launch un unavailable
kick at agile tormentors, to pull the
bull's tall nnd see hlm mnke a wild
dash at the ulr. t(�� tickle the helpless
horse and see blm cuper madly, hut.
as sure ns you lire, some one's going
to pay the piper. Some day the animal ls going to get his Innings, nnd
some entirely Innocent person, perhaps
a woman who never Injured u helpless
creature tn her life, will be killed or
Injtired. Then It is not good for the
boy. He grows up cruel and heartless
nnd Ik tyrannical to humans as well as
to brutes.   Better stop it ut once.
Cow Management,
In  the  management  of  the cows
there; should he ns little excitement ns
possible, and 1111 effort should be unde
to milk. feed, water nml.cleiii) tbeatil-
units nt fixed and regular times, licit-
nhirily  lu everything couuueted with
��� 5 ''.>.-     ' '      ���   '���      ifrSkifl
vv   u.,1. I    |���  MlUUflStl        ���LAi.*^\**-.i-','
.'.fiit iivrt��i��tsp'���   - '���������  .-.avHI".:
The  Municipal  Council  of the  Cor-j
l.ortttiuu ot Ui�� CUy ol Ntw \V��Biuiiu- |
ster having by KesoluUon deiui mti.ed
nnd  specified  thai  it  is  desirable  10
carry out the lolowius works, that is
to say:
taj To pave Front street from
Kighth Btreet to the northerly end ol
the Schaake .Machine Works lor a
width of l'j leet; lay water mu:ns,
yutters, instal electric street lighting
system, und any otber works contingent l bei ctn.
tb) To construct sanitary and
storm Eewers fiom Lot 1 to Lot 15,
City Block seven 17)
And that the bald works shall be
carled out in accordance with tbe
provisions of the "Local Improvement
General By-law 1909."
And the City Engineer and the City
Assessor having reported to the Council in acordance witb tbe provisions
of the said by-law upon the Eaid
works, giving statements , showiu;;
the amounts to be chargeable against
the various portions of real property
to be benefited by the said work��
and other particulars, and the said
reports of the said City Engineer end
City Assessor having been adopted
by  the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the snld
reports are open for Inspection to tho
office of the City Assessor, Clty Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged In re-
Bpect of such worka representing at
least one-half tn value thereof Ib presented to the Council within fifteen
days from the date of the first publication of this notice, the Council
will proceed with the proposed Improvements under such terms and
conditions as to payment of the cost
of such improvements as the Councll
may by By-law In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make,
the  said assessment.
Dated thiB twentieth day of March
A. D. 1912.
City Clerv,
Date nf first publication twenty-first
dny of March A. D. 1(112.
.. 9:4f
Special low rates to all Eastern
points will be on sale commencing
May 2; good to return up to October
31. These rates can he used for passengers going to the Old Country.
For particulars and reservations
Vancouver, Piper's Siding via u. N. H.
(daily except Sunday)..1-4:2t
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G.   N.   K.   1 daily   except  Sunday) 11:0(1
11:20���Clayton 1 Tuesday, Thuia-
uuy, Inday uud bat-
day        14:01;
11:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday    and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Siiuiiiiy   16:0e
U:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matacjiii, Huntingdon.
etc. (daily exeept Sunday)   23:00
,0:15���Crescent, White Hock and
HIuluo 1 dully except
;6:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Ila/.lemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
11:20���Chilliwack,    Milner.    Mf.
Lehmsa, A iderprove, Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey
pjy PialTle. MursuyviUe.
Strawberry  H1H, South
Westmlpster,       Clover
Valley,    Coghlan,    Sardis,    Sperling    Station,
Bradner,  Bellerose, via
B. C. E. R,  (daily    except Sundav)  	
11:2*���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday aad Fridav      	
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily except. Sunday).17:30
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. H. (dally
except Sunday) 17:30
IS:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   23:00
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Itooms 7 and 8
Guichon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie. G. E.
Martin. Geov Cassady.
J. STILWELL CLL'TE, barrister-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
mlniiter Loanl of Trade meets in the
board room, City Hall, ns follows-
Third Ft iday of eadi month; quarterly meetWK; on flic third Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected al any monthly or quarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secro-
Gardiner &. Mercer
M. ft. A.
Phone Ml. Box 772
Phono R672.
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit and workmanship guaranteed.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone 185.      Barn Phone 137
3��nbla Street.
l'agwago Delivered Promptly to
any pait of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
them will im v.
Now Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancotivor
>,'.iV  .**\YX-  Iin-**'
D. McAulay
Tel. 701.
Cor. fith and Columbia
11% to S5 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle. .
Local Acsnta
Westminster iron Works
Phone  63.
Tenth  8t.,   New Weatmlnttir,
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on all
junk, and highest price.
207 and 208 Front Street
Phone R 619.
B.C. Coast Service
New additional steamer to Prince
Rupert. Goose Bay and other polnta
leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p.m.   Additional April 8 and 19.
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m. ..-,���_ Dally except Sunday
For  Seattle.    *
10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Dally.
Chtlll'.vack from Westminster 8 a.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouvor
On Chong Co,
Merchant Tailors
' Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Fit
and  Work Guaranteed.
IV^rchant Tailors
24 Mclnnlsi St., City. j
.  .- ' ��� .    ,'.t(lHM!<f.l.i. j
1 .-...
��� C5   ��0B EIGHT
The daily news.
Brushes and
Sold and Guaranteed by
mum & lusby
City News
IMiss Cave-Browne-Cave
Mrs. H. L, "Edmonds, Fifth
will not receive today.
Eighth street Bakery, fresh crumpets daily.   A. Hardman. Phone L109.
Mrs.   Alexander  Larab  will
no!   re-
ceive toda:.
Mrs. John  B. Jarf
iue will njt
ceive lorruclly again
until furthei
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated  Society
i of Muslclnns  (England).
!   (Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
| Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
1 Singing, Theory, Harmony,
| Counterpoint and Musical
j Form.
For terms, etc., apply   51    Duffcrin
j Street. New Westminster. Phone U4U.
OTffSMllHCo ���
*^   I J-< i n*V I nr ft: rr>_^**- -^
��������� .fa-^'.n.jiTwm.'.M^B^imr-7-^jrWK
I ���
B. &. M.  FISH
J-'reph Salmon  - lbs. for ESS I
Fresh Ccd  thai or wbolt). per lb. 8c |
Fresh Halibut iha'f or whole), lo.. .8c j
Salt i-'alnionbellic's. per lb 10c |
Salt Labrador Herring, per do��...60c
I.arce Rabbits, e^ch
Dili Pickles, per doz         ��� '���'���������
537 Front St.
The clioir-of St. Andrew's Preaby-
tcrian Chuicll will not meet for rrnc-
tlce o;i Thnr^iav evecin; fiext,
Glanj Orchid HoA-eitd; Str^t ?ea
seed for .sale ct Davles' flottll BtOWs
corner Agnes nud Sixth llWCtl,
Permission hOS hem ^ranted to
Mrs Mary II. Williams to ered u IW>
storev house, of the value of WOO, at
the corner, of Ash street r.n.! Sixth
YestertJV- lhe steel for thc work
of raising the 1!. C. B. a. high tension
wires over the Fraser arrived In t^��
city. The work will :io
as soon as possible.
Bought and Soid.
Highest Price Given,
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
he com; ieted
Publicity Commissioner Wade announces that the date of taking mov
Inn picture views of this city has heen
postponed until May 3. This will nl
low of pictures being taken of the
May Day ceremonies at the same time.
St. Patrick's hall, Wednesday, April
10, at 8:30, violin-vocal recital by Mr.
IHolroytl Paull and .Miss Hcttle Frank
Iin.   At the   glano, Mr. C. W.   Open
I shaw.   Tickets -$1.00 at F.auk Major 6
1 music store.
The l3iltes of Vtelham Island g*v��
a basket social mi Monday night iti
honor of the W^tharw Lacrosse clab.
About T.r�� couples were present and a
good time was ?vad hy ���ewryhoily. The
haskets were -eagerly hli for and averaged JL50 each.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Members and friends of the   Royal
Templars of Temperance are requested to be piesent at the usual monthly
meeting to be held this evening In the i
Odd  Fellows' hall.    A good program ]
of music, games* etc., has been    ar- .
ranged and refreshments will also be.
served.    This is an open meeting and |
anyone interested in the work of tho '
order wiil be made welcome.
Alfred'W*. McLeod
Bonner's Single nvlll at Crescent.
B.C., near White Rblfe, was destroyed
by fere on Saturday last. The extent
of the danvage has tiot vet "been as-
ses-ed, hut the whole is fully covered
bv insurance in thJs city.
Dr. II. K. Hope, D. O
ist. can tie consulted daily fram 9:30
to 12 and 1 to 6 'ior later by oppoim-
ment), ut  room    2,  ColEster  Biock.
Phone 1121; **
The vital statistics of the New Westminster county district for the first
three months of the present year
show considerably larger figures than
do those for the correspon.lin;; period
of last year. This points to the general growth and development hoth of
the city and the surrounding dlBtrict.
The figures do not include the Chilliwack returns, and are as follows-
, .Births     193
"HDeaths HO
Marriages   101
An Important
Offering from
the Women's
Women's Suits
forming one of the most attractive offerings of this season;
made ii^i in a fine quality Veno-
tiau; In navy, taupe hlack and
greys; In plain tailoied stylos;
coat ii inches long; skirt panel
back and front with side pleat.
Special o.Tcring this week $15.00
perfectly modeled and well
tailored shown in light and mid
grey and navy serges; coat with
small breast pocket; Skinner's
satin lining, and plain skirt.
Prices $25.00, ?27.50, 530.00,
$35.00, $37.50 and  $10.00
NOTE���If you cannot be fitted
from oar regular stock we can
make your suit to order and St
Extraordinary Values in Navy Blue Serge Suitings
Furchase.l Jrom an exclusive English serge manufacturer, whose goods are known the world over as the
most reliable on the market; in fine and medium twills from the finest selected pure Patany Saras, whieh
a;* guaranteed thoroughly scoured and free from grease, tried and tested cloths; absolutely pure, hest untaxing fast dyes and guaranteed  spot proof;  ".0 to 5S inches vUe.    prices, per yard  $1-25 to $3.-5
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  ��2.
New   Wtjstmlntter,
Photo Supplies
The Best
Curtis Drug Store
Phons 43:   L. D. 71:
New    Westminster.
Res   72.
B    C
Ray Duark Passes Away es Reiult o?
Long  Past  Accident.
A    sudden    and    most    unexpected I
death occurred at 7 o'clock last night,
when Ray 'Duark [lasted away after   a
series of fainting fits.   Mr. Duark was :
5  o'clock  in   the  afier-
Uvoon,  Rlthough  he  had not  hisen  feel-I
ling well that morning.    The night t>e-
A  pile-driving outfit   of the FsaSer j fore he had conducted s Christian En-
Rlver Pile Xlrtving Co. left yeatarday 1 deavor  meeting  in   Sapperton   where
tor atevestou, nt.ir  where  the com-lhe resided.
pany has the large government eon- Mr. Duark was only 23 years old.
tnct tor tbe construction of a Jetty, [and his death is helievetl to have heen
Another oui hi of Uie Bame company caused by a blow from a baseball re-
left for Pcii-t Hammond, where
Mr. T. K. Pearson of the Dominion Trust Co., Beav'es for an extended
trip Omuigh Europe this morning, go-
ins, by way or New York. Mr. Pearson expeets to be away several
months, bltsJwess reasons taking him i
to many rnipo.-tant centers in England h��*u ""���" :"
aa xve'.Y'fiy On Uie continent.
mil]  instill  a wharf ami  boom tor
Port Hammond Lumber Co.
We  Havo Everything In
| Shaving Necessities
Brushes, Razors, Strops, After-
shave   Creams,  powders, eet.
See our window display.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Hlock.   441 Columbia
New Westminster   TC
The M. P. Co-ton Co., who have tho
contract of building dykes in Surrey,
nre rushing the work, now thai favor-
ible wetrfher ia promised. A oamp <>f
sixty men is now on tlie ground and
the lemiairary hridge over the Serpentine. rivi*r is completed. The contract
calls for eomplethm within six months
holroyd Paull, .the celebrated violin
virtuoso from uui oalie de la Grande
Harmonic concerts, Brussels, who will
up].ear ui St. i atrlck's Hall next Wednesday, is described by the critic ot
tue i-elit Bleu, as heing, "Always
niusieaJ. refined and full of temperament." *���
A small lire, probably caused by a
lighted elgaietie being thiowu out
of an upper window, destroyed the
l.awi.ius wall Paper company store
lu the Burr hlock, ou Columbia street,
yesterday afternoon. The firemen were
caned oui. hut tne chemical wagon
soon righted matters. Damage wus
Advices from Blaine state Ihat the
citizens are keenly alive to tno advantages of paved streets aud other road
Improvements. This wer'; is curried
on by means of tbe local Improvement
plan. The main street, Washington
avenue, has already been caved, and
steps h.-ue heen taken lo Improve li
street in a similar manner.
Thc city council will hold their
weakly ineeting this evening, following
the announcement of the by-law results, It is expected tbat the aldermen who have heen visiting in Portland and Seattle, will have something
to say In regards to paving work go-
log on In those cities. Mayor Leo will
probably he In the chair again aftci
his absence ln the East.
KhvAldermaa J. ,1. Johnston returned from Seattlo late on Monday night. |
I It was in this Sound city that Mr. antl
I Mrs. Johnston spent the Easier holl-
| day and noi motoring on  Vancouver
| island as was reported in one tiuarter.
Mr. Johnston  found    Seattle    a very
lively town.    The streets were crowded, he paid, and everyone was boosting fo.- the golden potlatch. Altogether
Mrs. Johnston and himself ha.l a   very
pleasant  time down there.
The regular monthly meeting of tho
New Westminster Graduate Nurse?'
association wlll be held in tbo nurses' i
residence1 of tho Ro nl Columbian hos-
Pital ' a Priday, April 12, al 2 p.m, A
full mooting of fra'iriie ntirsej In rr-
nuestul ii' the final .-.Trance-'" v,'*- 'nr
the graduate muses' rpvlntvafloii
dance to I- hi hi In '���'' Pntrt"'-'* hi'l
on AnrH~l'.- "'ii' ho ihe lm Drts.nl
';-.is!r.og*4ww��L: **.U:C.
���eivvd about two years ago.    On that
Trefousse Kid
Gloves $1.50, $1.75
Woman's "Greyiock Quality"
Real French Glace Kid Glcves:
made from best quality skins,
two domes; over-sewn seams;
self silk iioints stitching; perfect Uttinjj and linish tiiis season's newest shades, and complete range of sizes.    Price, per
Pair $1.50
Trefousse "Delorme Suede"
Gloves; perfect Utting and season's newest shades.    Price, per
Pair $1.75
By all means wear "Trefousse."
Alluring Styles in
Neckwear for
Oar Neckwear department is
conspicuous just now for many
new iJ,eas are constantly arriving. . |
Novelties from flne embroidered Batiste sheer linen leal lncc
in Irish and Venetian Guipure
lace, Maline bows, and an Immense lange of neck trillings.
(Just inside Ihe door.)
S-��le of Sample
Blouses $1.25
Values up to $2.23.
Unusual values offered in a
group of Waists developed In
lawns, vestings, stripe and UOI I
bar and dimity with l:i.;i).!:e.!
collars and cuffs; plain tailored
and llnge'-ie effects; values Up
to 82.25. To clear at.  $1-25
occasion he was striking and was hit
'ii the head by a fast ball. He was
stunned for the moment, but after a
few minutes rejoined the game. Since
tlwn he has been troubled at times
and a clot of blon 1 is supposed to
have collected, causing this last fatal
attack. Mr. Duark was well known
and liked in Bapperton. He was a
native son, his parents hein>,' resi-
lents of Clayton, nnd was in the em-
i>ov of the People's TniRt company In
'heir Sapnerton office. Only n dav or
two aro he was promoted to the Lad-
ser office of that company. Yesterday morning an automobile called tf>
take bim out to his now post, but he
waa too unwell to i��tnrt.
Toronto,   April   .i.���Compulsory    in-
Btallatlon  of electric  lighting   in  all
public lodging bouses will bo urged '
upon the board of control by Dr. lias-
tings,  r.icdir-al   health  officer,   who 'is j
also preparing an ordinance to govern I
the installation  of gas  fixture pipes, I
and  calling  for inspection  similar  to ]
that  In  force  un'er the recently  re-|
vised plumbing by-laws.
Burnaby Home
Full 66 Ft. Lot Cleared
Oood six  roomed house, chicken  house and    run,    near Twelfth
street, at city boundary,
$1800, Small Cash Payment.   See
On The Market
We have for sale in Langley one and a half miles from the electric
tram depot, pestoffieu and s.ore, 10 acres of excellent clay loam fruit
noil, high and dry ,wlth gentle More, overlooking Langley Prairie,
for |100 per acre.
In order to close up an estate we are enabled to offer thin land nt
the above pilce In a locality where Iand Is selling at $1G0 per acre
snd up. This li nn unusual opportunity, and Is a good speculation,
though we prefer to tell to an actual settlor. Very rcasonnblo ternu
can be arranged. I I  .
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Timber & Trading Co'y., Ltd.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and    Shingles
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window Display]
Official Tims Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C.
Electric Railway.
rt & Co., Ltd.
.  New Westminster
Head Off|r��s, New Westminster.      Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and Aldcrprove. B.C.
Pres. and Uenl. Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
=====   LUMBER  CO., LTD.   =====
Manufacturers  and   Wholesk'.q Dealers In
Plr, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phones Ns. 7 and 877.   8hlngles, 8ash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.


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