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The Daily News Jan 15, 1912

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SITES���K   acres
between *"> railroads, with Freesr
Mills I' V* /nnlng through ths property. . '-ms for genuine Industrial^    jssIs.
^  j*        	
-'��   JrtlTE, SHILES A CO.
JAN 16 1912  V"
NDID LOTS one black
__ r line* on ope* Street
adjoining the city en    tha
WOO; eAsy terms.   Ses    ..
I        ipil.UMM \        =
Husband  Shoots   Father of
Wife's Abducta*.
Woman   Will ' Soek   BWorce���$20,000
Worth of Jewels Batotiging to Her
Unknown   Man   Keocked   Down   and
Killed on C. P. f*. Tracks Near
Hammond-���Inquest   Today.
Westminster Junction, Jan. 14.-r
Knocked down and killed by a train
near Hamrooad, a stout man of about
45 years of age, name unknown, wag
brought ln here on Saturday evening,
it appears that the deceased was
walking along the track, wben he was
overtaken by the train, that is due
here at 18:47, anfl killed Instantaneously.. Btith the unfortunate's man's
legs wei* broken, "and life wag extinct wben the train was stopped, and
the body fount The corpse was
fcrougbt here, where It now rests
Bwaitlng Captain Plttendrlgh's arrival
m the mornlng'to bold the Inquest.
Fort Worth, Tax,. Jan. 14.���J. B.
.Snead last night shot and Instantly
killed A. G. Hoy ott. sr., father of A. G.
.boyce, recently arrested ln Winnipeg,
Manitoba, charged with the abduction
*��t Snead's wife. The shooting occur-
��� ted ia tbe lobby of .a. local hotel.
Snead, millionaire cattleman of Am-
���arlllo, Tex., whose wife eloped with
A. G. Boyce, a Kort Worth clubman
and society leader, said before leaving Winnipeg on Jan. 2 for Minneapolis, that he would kill Boyce.
"ne is a coyote and shall die like
cne tbe first time I can catch him on
American  soil," he said. \
Mrs. Snead was deported by the immigration authorities and went south
with Detect! vv Allan, of Chicago and
two other operatives of the Burns Detective Agency. She refused to speak
to her husband or lecelve any atten
tion from him. Boyce was held here
and was to have been deported later,
but escaped .recently. Boyce said be
bad not given up hope of getting Mrs.
Snead, who affirms she will get a dl
vorce form hei- husband as
she possibly man.
The story M)t how Snead, the millionaire Texas banker, after tracking
his wife a .thousand miles and spending $23,000 Jn. the search, overcame
ail obstacles . in international diplomacy, was revealed today.
Boyce aakV tbe change of grand lar
ceny was trumped up to extradite hlm, !��d  fey a slide about  four miles  .out, -led xhe polls, while .Trustees    Morri
W i       \ . _ __i _ J       i 1 a.       Ia        ....IJ                __..���. a       __.*       ar mm***. r*      a  ..__       .. -. -J        _ ra .. .. J r*. aaam am        ��������� mtmi*       tUA       nthAt
Jam "Trains  Stalled  by  Slide Across
*U*/er���*oti\y delsyed Two Hours,
Say Officials.
Some iof .the Groat Northern Pass-
Bars who.arrived in this city yeater-
soon as 'day afternoon made tbe last part ef
it heir trip in an ususual way. Owing
to a delay caused by a slide block,
ing the line across the river by the
cannery they took a gasoline launch
and fami; to New Westminster by
Inquiries at tbe G. N. H. offices
showed.that two trains had bpen stall-
Reeve Weart Returned in Burr.aby With Majority Over
Opponents Combined���B. C E. R. Bylaw Lost in Point
Grey���Fraser Valley Results.
Only    One    Recaptured���Other   Two
Wsnted by'Pollce for Theft and
Vancouver, Jan. 14.���Vancouver police force has troubles all its own. At
noon today throe men made tbeir es
cape from the lock-up and only one
was recaptured. The two who arc
still at large are Collins aad Ed. Winkler .the former being wanted  for a
Schooner   Ploughs  Through
Govt Jetty.
In one of tbe most spirited political man  who had represented the ward
contests ever held in the municipality (or the past eighteen years,
of Burnaby, tbe electors, hy an over-     Councillor-elect Madill spoke upon
whelming  majority, returned    iieeve having harmony In the council   and
Weart to power for another year. The promised full support to the platform ���number"of"thefts,"and the laitteTfor
present  reeve made  a  spiendid run of Reeve Weart 'shop-breaking
and was given 537 out of s>47 votes |    Brief speeches   were   heard   from |    It ,��, not ^ M|lde cJear exact,
polled.    Of the remainder, Councillor, Councillor-elect  Mayne and the sue- how the men made their escape   in
Humble receSsd 229 and   Councillor eeesful candidates for school trustees,  troai daylight but It ls imagined thai
Coldicott 187.   The latter's defeat was Messrs. Patterson,    Saundeison   and jthcy must have exe cised considerable
a sore disappointment to his support- Morrison. ingenuity.   The third man was very
ers, who felt con fl lent of his eiec-1 A vote of thanks to the returning goon recaptured but so far no trace i
tion after championing the recent ���officer, Mr. Arthur Moore, brought '0f the other two have been found lt
flght against the B. C. E. R. franchise,  the election contest in Burnaby to a  i, suspected that the men are lying
With the exception of Bast Butna-  clo*e* ��� ���-.
bv   where Councillor Coldicott polled -    Reeve Weart has the support of the
a" heavy vote, the reeve headed   hU ��nt,re council and the ratepayers of
the  municipality   may   rest  assured
that   their   interests   will   be   well
warded by tbe   council   which   they
elected on Saturday last.
Point   Grey   Results.
Crew, Captain and Fatally
Salvage Crew Flake* Up by
opponents at every station.
In the aldermanic contests the inteiest shown was no - less .intense
than in that of tbe reeveship. Councillor MacDonald was retained in
ward flve by acclamation, while bis
neighbor. Councillor McKee, for ward
four, received the narrow majority of
ime over his opponent, Mr
Vel. After representing watd two
since 1893 Councillor Stride met defeat at Xhe hands of Mr. F. M. .Brit-
tan by 31 votes. During the eighteen
years be has been councillor, Mr.
Stride has met no less than nine opponents.
Councillor .MacGregor was returned
in waid one. Mr. T. W. Mayne won
Din in ward six, while Mr. W. H.
Madill gained an easy victory in
waid three.
-   'lhe dark horse in    the
school  trustee,   Mr.  D.   C.
On an exceptionally heavy vote, tho
British Columbia Electric Railway
P W Pau Convoy franchise bylaw, and with lt
Councillor S. D. Churchill, candidate
for the reeveship, and one of the pi in
cipal exponents of the measure, went
down to defeat in Point Grey Saturday, lhe reeve-elect is Mr. A. G.
Harvey, who has the honor of being
the youngest man to hold that office.
He succeeds Mr. P. Bowser who was
re-elected for a second term last January.
I    There  was a  straight  majority  of
up somewhere waiting for darkness
to cover, their further movements.
on abdication
The Only Course Open, Ssy Princes
���Revolutionaries, Will Advance
North Forthwith.
flght   for
"and  he assented that it could  never
be .uoved.
l'he Tfxas authorities, it is said,
contend that Boyce persuaded the wo-
mun to give, bim her jewelry, valued
at {20,0011, but.no trace of the Jewel,
could be found here, and both prisoners, who Stem, guests at a fashionable
hotel, refused to state what became ot
Snead a*aUl he wanted to take hi*
wife back with him. regardless of tho
I.ust. The woman claimed that she
was incarcerated In an asylum and
that Snead did not give her a chance
to expiate.
She said  she wanted  her children,
but  that   her  love   for  Koyee   Is  so Charles
Beat iha   sheJi willing to give tbem
up for him.    Mrs. Snead returned to
'iexas wtth her husband.
between 3 and 5 p. m. The tfelap,
however, was stated not to have last
���ed more than a couple of hours, afte"
whidh: time the slide, which was not a
bad one, was cleared away and the
'trains were enabled to proceed to the
Peking, Jan. 14.���The abdication of
tbe throne has been practically decided on and tbe retirement to Jehol
'will take palce almost immediately.
tSZSFFtiZ SysSEE * *rrM,ged the detal,E for the abLa-
The   figures   weie  859   for   and   8!W
against.   These figures also serve as
Dean,  Under Arrest Pit   Los
Anflles. Resided With Woman Confederate at Tacoma.
Conductor Shot in Mead, But Is
ing Witfi���Motorman and Passengers  Robbed.
Ward  1���D. C. MacGregor, .66;
Bevan, 45;  O. Dackert, 32.
Uaid H���p*. M. brltton, IK; E.
Ward 3���W. H. Madill, 112; E- W.
Peck 56.
Ward 4���11. J. McKee. Ci; P. W.
Fau Vel. 6i
Ward 5���A. MacDonald no opposition .
ward C���T. \V. Mayne, 99; W. F.
Silver, 56; C..F. Chaffey, 45.
For school .trustee, three to be
elected���D. C. Patterson, 465; T.
Saunderson, 459; T. P. Morrison, 377;
H. J. Whittaker, 375; W. New-some,
Waterworks    Bylaw ��� Eor,    230;
against, 26;  majority tor, 67.
iioads  -By-law���For,   227; ��� against,
.Portland.   Ore.,   Jan.   14.���The   ,de-   ��2; majority for  80.
dactives .have seemed  evidence willed , "gjdewalks     By-law         For,   _228,
convinces them that Charles Dean, against, 27; majority tor, 75.
under Jirrest at Los Angles as a .bus- i Tne ordtiianct.to authorize the coun-
pact.in the $271,000 rohuery of the c|] to enter Into .an agreement with
tranch Bank of Montreal at .New tiib Buirard Inlet Tunnel. and Bridge
Westminster, B. C, September 15, was company for the purchase of stock, as
in Portland with a woman confederate weu ^ the money b>>law to purchase
named Vina Griffin, for about .six I laq^aoo worth uof stock in the corn-
months,. Just before the robbery of .th-s m^y Were both passed by large ma-
Canadian bank. jorities.    Little ^Interest   was  shown
The .detectives have assembled -con- jn tlie plebiscites which wcre.submit-
sidecable evidence against John Mc- ted .to the people .relating.to oommis-
Namara, another   suspect, who was 18i0n form 0f government, .and   the
I    Owing to the growing disorders In
son and  Saunderson  were the other  gome indication of the heavy voting. ��* ^'l^? ?e Minch^ prl?ceS  *?
saccesatul candidates. . There are about  4000 names m t. o  l^f, J?E*��  C^l the  M^\ ��*"
ihe  results in the-different wards j Point Gery voters 'list, and approxi   Cial8 and tb�� Boldlery agree thAi ttlls
were as follows: mately 45 T-er cent of this was repre
sented ln
Astoria, Ore., Jaa. 14.���Tha totur-
masted schooner Admiral* Caytain
Joseph Bender, 44 days - tx<m Valparaiso for Grays Hartor, Hi* bottom
up near No. 6 buoy it Hi* ontranoo
to tha Columbia Hr*f, after what
probably waa the most unique experience which ever brteU a deep water
I vessel in tbe history of PaciOq eoaat
1    Driven off her course before a 70-
mile gale and completely tbnt ia by.-
a tog, the Admiral early yesterday
crashed Into the sunerstruetnre of tbov
��� south Jetty   of   the   ColsmWs rlvar
about 800 feet from the end of the
Jetty attd paused ln bar meandering
sufficiently long   to   permit   Captain
I Bender, his wife, their youhg sin and
[ the'steward to make a laadtag on the
shore end of tho Jetty white   eight
members of the craw Sought refuge
on tha outboard structure.  Later (Captain Bender's little party waa teaeueii
by the crew of a locomotive, who, Uk-
ing out a train load of rock to begin,
the day's operations were surprised-
to eee the little party huddled at the
broken end of tbe Jetty,   It was the
first intimation  the, tXfifa crew had
that* disaster had ocenfredi   Captain
Bender and his family indy the steward were placed on board jthe train,
and taken to Fort Stesens.
I    Meantime the Admiral foi
d by the
lotted to
lly fore-
Vancouver. Jan. 14.���One conductor
shot ln the. head, thn. motorman and
passengers.xobbed o/..nll they had on
them, and a clean escape ln what ls
supposed to.Jiave beet .a stolen motor
car, is the record of ���n couple of unknown hold-up men, who stopped a
Hastings stna-t cur al ihe coiner of
Venables and Clinton stieets on Saturday evening, 'this <iari.nn robbery
occurred about 10:15 in,tha evening,
and three shots were llieJ by the
highwaymen, one of whicli lodged in
the skull of Conductor William Barker, who with Motorman Matthews,
was ln cbargejgf the car.
Tbe wounded .conductor was uncon-
uolous, and thla delayed .the police
.somewhat in taking proceedings. He
was taken Immediately to tihe Vancou-
wer General Hospital, and last night
the was reported fc> be doing well, the
.bullet having been removed, and tbe
(found found to be only a scalp one.
An traces of the escaped bandits .had
baon found, however, up to a let*'(hour
Hast night.
Ttxeae men escaped in a smell .cua-
*hputt automobile, wbich Is saldttoise-
���amble the machine stolen from tha
garage of Mr. G. E. ITrorey, manager
of Birk's Jewelery stoae, earlier In the
ev��itiag. and tbe poliee are keeping
A Obary lookout for tMa same car. A
description of tbe men Js also ia ate
haada *t the palice, anl all the exits
from tho city of Vancoarer are beta*
watctei by plate-clothes men, whllo
the New Westmlnater police are also on tte <iul vlMa. t
arneated.in New York simultaneously
wilh the .arrest of Dean ln Los Angeles. A photograph of McNamata
has heen identified as that of one of
the .visitors i to the Dean bouse. The
family .left ..suddenly about August 12,
Dean and his companion are presumed hy the detectives to bave gone to
.abolition of tbe present ward system,
both being carried, but ithe official
count Is not as yat .to .hand.
The delay In .receiving .the ballot
boxes ./rom .ward ihiee, East .Burnaby,
caused a little uneasiness and .the
police .and messengers were .sent out
to find .them.   However, .at 11 o'ciock
Tacoma, whete they met^ MeMamara j^ese were brought to Xhe municipal
hall at Kdmonds and .in .a tew minutes
.the results for tbe whale .municinal-
Jty were complete, lbe .result of the
.reeveship was well meoeived hy .the
large crowd which had patiently wait-
ad in the .old ball to tear who were
enccessfui. Mr. P. a Brown being In
the ohalr, his worship, Reeve Weart,
briefly addressed tte electors. He
thanked them for tbe confidence tibtfy
had lahown In returning hlm .to .power
Ior .another germ. Burnaiiy had been'
progressive during tte past year, but
and others oof. their confederates, and
planned and executed the New Westminister Job tbe following month.
Deejo amd swxme of his associates
are strongly suspected by Poitland
detectives of ���having robbed tte enfe
at the Hellig theatre, Dec. 13, 1910,
iwhen $2*00 mu*.stolen, and alao lbe
safe in Maoris Market, April 10, laat
year, when another 11400 was taken.
the polling. According to
old-timers in the district, this is-about
the biggest proportion of tbe total
number of ratepayers wbo have voted
any time in tbe municipality Saturday some 1800 votes were recorded.
The "prevfo'iia heaviest voting was in
July, 1910, when a similar kylaw was
defeated, 797 votes being cast on that
; occasion. When Mr. Bowser was
elected in 1910, 537 votes wane .cast.
Last year's elections were devoid of
any live issues, and the poorest vote
was recorded.
South   Vancouver.
South Vancouver, Jan. 14.���.Mr.
JanieB A. Kerr was elected .reeve on
Saturday by a majority of .38. A
large    and     enthusiastic    gathering
1 awaited the official returns at the municipal hall, hearing in the meantime
short   addresses    from   the   retiring
1 reeve, Mr. Pound, and from .Mr. Thomas, Mr. C. S. Campbell and Mx. T.hind,
all councillors-elect Both Mr. Kerr,
the new reeve, and Mr. R. C. Hodgson, his defeated opponent, pronounced themselves satisfied with the selection of the ratepayers, and aald that
they would do tbeir utmost to further the interests of South Vancouver.
| Mr. Kerr polled 1S1C voles,; Mr.
Hodgson 1478, and Mr. &. McBride
193.   Tbe councillors declared eiecteu
{were:      Robinson,   EUiett,   Thomas,
I Third and Campbell.
I Tbe school trustees elected are-
McArthur, Neelands, Vogel end
Fraser   Valley. j
With the exception of Misakm. all
.the municipalities returned their outgoing reeves by acclamation, is Mission there waa a contest between-
Messrs. Dick and Verchere, victory
remaining with the former by 73 to '
Detailed results are as follows:
is the only course Optn to the th one.
Shanghai,-Jan. 14.���The revolutionary leadets say tbe advance noi th-
ward will begin forthwith. Lat^e orders for fur coats and warm clothing
tor the soldiers have been issued.
j Washington, Jan. 14.���Nine hundred men of ttw United States marine corps. It was learned today, are
at present in China, dispatched there
from the Philippines In small number
since last October. The United States
as early as tbat date was moving
| Quietly in preparation for any eventuality in China.
Conservative Government  Refuses to
Make Loses���$15,000,t00  More io
! Ottawa, Jan. 14.���It waa learned
through official channels .yesterday
.that the Grand Trunk Paciflc railway
will seek legislation at tte present
session of parliament, empowering the
company to issue additional debenture
stock .perpetual or terminals, up to
a total of �� 5,000,000.
This means that following the
change of government, the Grand
Trunk Paciflc is being called upon to
do its Own financing, without throwing additional burdens upon the country. It is an open secret that tbe
company wanted the government to
hei? lt out, and It Is evident from tbe
sieve now being made that the government declined.
The company needs an additional
115,000,900 to complete iu railway, to
purchase rolling stock and conatruct
branch lines, etc. Mr. Hays preferred
to get tbe money by way of ^government loan, aa they got $10,000,000
clamation. Five councillors elected three years ago, but the new govern-
were:    Messrs. ,J. E. Murphy, J. P. ment being found to be less Indulgent
old, tte company finds a fur-
.    ,   . .  ��� iaaue of debenture stock   neces-
ite Imuiiclpaltlty:   "The wage que* g���� gjj- ���� J^*���11���?^'
ttenaaong municipal *ms*��r*m *** ~?r.���" *?Ke: . Messrs.. Fraaer   W����j
Reeve. Sullivan was returned by ao-
ffiyTSVS^iWSSttSf L^��*i*a't*LTm�� r\^
be an epoch outer In the hWtary of ^, ��* f   *���   <*�����>��� ., *S *�� l"u<
���teen amntTonef ��uHo��tte"��M��W;VSri��r C^lin��l.t,2L?U��
te coBinued.     Let it be aedarateod m0T* 169    Four P��n,D�� ��t����ons are
Polncare   Apparantly   Successful    In
Forming   Government���Delcasse
Minister ef Marine.
Paris, /an. 14.���M. Raymond Polncare has practically aaoceeded ln
teaming anew cabinet As far aa arranged up ito midnight Saturday, tte
cabinet will be composed ��a follows:
Pnemler amd minister ef foreign Affairs. M. Potacare; minister ef Justine,
Aristlde Briand; minister of labor,
Leon Bourgeois; minister of war.
I Alexander   Mlterand;     minister   of
Chicago, Jan. 14.���It cost Joseph marine, Theopbtle Delcasse; minister
Benjamin $100 today because be had of finance, L. I* Klott; minister ot
fallen ln love at eight. |the Interior, Jides  Steege;   minister
Benjamin waa brought before Judge of public works, Jean Dupny;
Caverly on complaint of Miss Margaret Martin, 18 yeara old, who said the
defendant had written her love letters and followed her on the streets.
"I fell In love with her at first
sight" Benjamin explained to the
court, "and I adopted tbofW methods
pf becoming acqullnted with bar."
Benjamin la J9 yeara old.
ter of agriculture, \7ules Pama;
.Ister of colonise. M. }j* Brun.
The portfolios of r��blic lnstructioa,
commerce and tbe vaious under secretaryships remain to te apportioned
pnd tbere is some possibility that
shifts may b<vmitde befoM^e com-
roittlon ot   the   caMnct   is dec!-.led
'offlcWly. -     '-f
Anlth lii, lohnston
more 169.
t* aatiafled mor than I am te pay "J^^Jijadgu^rt^te ��u-
sSa^rumbiVmo���'^���^^ s* s���; *siir- .^l1? * v^t>
I an *o awpect a ialr return t*r Ite :wtt* ,our poU,ng p,,usw t0 hear from
Leaf ley.
Reeve Poppy waa returned to office
by acclamation. Tte ooateste tor
councillors resulted la the following
being declared sleeted: Ward I.John Smith. Wild H.-Oeor��e E.
Taylor. Ward GL���Wm. Bodley.
Ward IV.-R. J. War*. Ward V.-
Oeorge J'aiwell.   Ward VI/-A. Van-
Coundllon Ru*ble ateGoldlcotf in- j^,'^Set^ uL^ r "7
their work and executive ability and .��?�� j <S*i2rtd JftS n **i
regretted the fact that ttey ��m|] be ' Ti"*��� J< MW��nald, J. Naah, G, Tay-
missing from the council chamber' ���
during the meetings of 1912.   fn clos
js man recelres. My whole am-.
bttloa la iis secure the best maa tor
*y*ry department, and I am aura you
will all agree wtth me. Judge the
mas finm Ms works add not' by the
Idle atreet gossip which one hears
He flunked ihe electors for their
endorasmaat ef tbe different by-laws
submitted.   He fald a high tribute te
lag. be thanked these wbo ted worked bard for blm. making special mention of Mlsa Johneon, tor ter work
,in ward two. .     -a
Cottaclllor-ilect'Brltton gave 'credit
to his opponent, Mr. ftrifle, for\ ft*
rentlemanly way In which be hid rtn-
Rsete Mara waa reelected by acclamation. Tbe councilors -An* Messrs.
L. E. Marmoat,, J. T. Ungrpn. R,
Hawthorne. R. J. C. Atkins, G. 8.v
Morgan. Tte only change In the
council as a insult of tte electlona la
the replacement of Councillor Robb by
gale and   heavy   seas
pound against the Jettj,
ing her way through tbe' j
ture to the open sea b^rfl
later she was sighted by the bar tne
Wallala, Cantain Nolan, then on. ter
, way to sea.   Ordering ifcr.e* 4teO Into
a small boat with one -niiSfMtA hawser
Captain Nolan instructed tbe    three
men to go aboard the Admiral, a teat
which was finally accomplished amid
grave peril.    nnal}*.<te%M��J��(>: wss
made fast and the Wallala with ber
two proceeded to make tbe river.
i    Eor an hour or more the Wallula
fought to get her charge to a sate anchorage, but the gale and heavy seas,
finally gut the better ot the contest,
and  slowly  but  surely  the disabled:
vessel began to turn over. All through
tbe perilous period of towing the three
men from the Walluia remained   en.
| board, but as she commenced to   go*
over they  climbed  out  on  her   dis-
I mantled rigging, and as she made the
! final effort  clambered' up Her  sides
and were rescue!  by another small
boat from tbe Wallaula. In going over -
the anchor of the Admiral broke loose
from Its faste&ings and the vessel au.- .-
tomatically anchored herself.
.   Later sbe broke from her anchors
age and drifted across tbe mouth lot'
the    Colnmbia   onto   Peacock    spJC
where she commenced to go to piece...
All the captain's papers and the pen> -
sonal effects ot his family and. crew i
were lost.    It was several bone before the   life-saving . crew front   fhe -
Port Adams life-saving station reach- '
ed tbe outer board in an endeavor to ���
rescue tbe members of tbe crew wbo
had.taken refuge there.   A dozen attempts were made, however, to get
the men off, and finally this waa   ac- -
complisbed by means of a breeches
buoy without mishap.
Captain Bender and the crew arrived here late today. The only physical injury incident to tbis disaster
waa sustained by the steward, one of
whose feet was crushed by a. Umber.
Royal Clemency Sought in   Vain sm
���shslf of Condemned Man���People  Restive.     -
Madrid, Jaa. H.-IoUnse pnWia excitement prevails over the. refusal ae-
far of royal clemency la tbe ease mt
one of the seven mea eOndemned u*
'death by court martial.tor killing ���
I magistrate and two officiate durtas
Fire Deetroye Beardino-House of tte g* .JJJJS*^"* rtota at <Mtftat-
I Several deputations waited oa tha
premier yesterday to solicit intervea-
tlon with |Ung Alfonso.  Tbe premier
'rpromiaed to summon if"'
ell to tate the caae uader
Canadian   Pacific   Lumber   Com*
pony's   Indian   Em.-loy-ee.
dor'ed hie camrslpn. and p-oV�� o' t'on\ Mr. Mcgsn. Tbe schoo'. trustees are.
r?pronslblllt-" whloh nested npon bis t* "��� " ' ' " ""' '. iiT " ' '<' ' ���'
���hooitors after being ��:ect��d ovar a (Oontlausd oa Psga five.)
Port Moody, Jan. 14.���A big blaze
occurred here on Saturday evening,
when a large' Hindu boarding-house
belonging to tte Canadian-Pacific
Lumber Compaay waa burned to tho
ground wltb all Its contents. The lire
started about 7 p. m. and everybody
trim* oat to flght tte flames. A
bucket brigade was hastily formed
aad dii yeonun'a service, but was unable to save tte building. The flames,
however, were confined to one bull!-'
lag, ted no other damage was done.   ,
It ls reported that the flre origin
nated tram an oveMuated stove-pip*.
Tbe butting la said to have bc��n un-
lnsvrsd.       ,
Deputations also waited oo the       _
who told them be would consult wttk
hts ministers.
It Is feared there win te a rnpaMi
outbreak If tte maa ta not reprtered.
Lawrenoe, Maak, Jan. ^4���AKbo^iK
there waa no 'repetition of
���outbreaks that marted,4he
yisterday yt js* .atr|te. ��e 1
operaUvee who object to a -St
la tbeir wagea Incident tj lia'
Writ by two hours of the wotWae
week under the new 64-hour law, saBI
agents and .owners hst night ware-
considering the idea of a aj��|b<al shag
dowb uatU jpeaf Itions tevo bqcoaut
more gedriy norbial. ,    ^^���*
\\ raocTwo
fty Weatminater Private hospital,
323   Townsend   atreet.  near  Third |
Ave monthi. Apply Columbian
by intelligent single man. not using
liquor or tobacco. C%n help with accounts, if required. Addreaa Box
1060.   Newa  Office.    	
housework.    Apply 520 Royal Ave.
salesmen; also one stocs
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., 62S Columbia.
New Westminster.
clear of the Chinese legation, but he
the^changing orient.       ' EVENING IN THE LAKE OF BAYS.
6% WhV       USC    ' TeaS        Of        UnCertaill   dld not heed the *dviC*#    aDd    ""^Now York Evening Post cn Story of   jj^ wind come, chill irom the h**f
�� \.*_ am a ****** night on the street he was suddenly
��� quality and value, when delicious *>!��* and thm.t mt0 t��e doorway
Tea can be had on demand.   .
A, Km or Mixed. Sealed Packets Only.
' ����ket on Enquiry. Address s" SALADA." Toronto
of a bouse. It turned.out to be the
Chinese legation, and Sen was informed that he was a prisoner, and
would be kept, Ja#eonflnement untll
he coSvj *e shipped back to China
to s.tand trial. By the judicious use
of money he had word sent to the
police, with the result   that   the lega
tht Changing Eaat
Even the sturdiest believer in   the
gospel that this Is a    white   man a
world meat feel that the great event
of the year wbich is Just cloaftg ia   	
?m&%^otK*^��S&  The Queen of Heaven is veiled from
tion.    Asia haa taken the centre of.)       view,
.    to-night.
A mist creeps over the lake beyond,
And the shadowy islands sink Item
As night drives on.
the stage.   What is now going on   in
China la bound to transcend in   lm-
And  the servile stars  all sulleuly
Uon  was  surrounded,  the orders  of! prosm*-...... _��� ,
the officers being to prevent the Wd- George's     insurance     schemes     all
 1 , o-���     ^ hen the legatlou l^ranco-Oennan v bielterliHK   and
portance all our tariff revision   and   And yet would I watch the long night
presidential speculations, all of Lloyd |       thro
For just one
napping of Sen, ^^^
officials saw that there was no chance
qf smugg.ing him out of the place,
they teleased him. Sen went immediately to the Far East, and established
Justments.    And this wiil   hold    not
only for the year 1911, but for the I
half dozen years that   preceded    it.
Many  years  from  now,    when
Be still, my heart, and cease to doubt,
For  the  mists  must go  when the
 I     morning sun v ~jr
his-'Shall put all the Tfc<16nfr��l dark to
Re Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 of Lot 95, Group 1, New Weatmlnster District
kaow that I am bow operating the
*m*lj pasteurised bottled milk plaat
���a the city aad will deliver either
���at curl ted milk or cream to aay
���art ot the city or district Milk,
��� quart* for $LM; cream, 30c a
���tet Phone your order to R873
mr write Glen Taaa Dairy,
Lulu Island.
livfroent car, $250 np, $25 caah.
$12  per   month.      Box   60,  Dally
ranges, $1.00 down, $1.00 per
week.   Apply market square.
property at Edmonds Station.
SK00 dollars   under   value.    Apply
��2* Columbia Street.
mi house with all modem convent
Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
���toney, wlll sell five acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre. Easy
-terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
���treet. Sapperton.
furnished housekeeping rooms,
f nrnaoe heated, corner ot Agnes
and Dufferln streeta.   Tel. L638.
private boarding house; all home-
cooking; use of telephone and bath,
nice quiet home. Terms very reasonable. Gentlemen only need apply.    513 Agnes street
government supervision,    the
sentatives of government have a veto '^m out he had the misfortune to
on the action of tbe council repre- ^ swlnaied 0ut of the war chest by
sentmg the stockholders, and slnoe ^ Japanese traitors, and the revo-
1848 tlje publicity of reporta has been   lutlon falled for Uck ot fundB.
i An American General
Whereas proof ot the loss of Cer-  Insisted on.
' The new grant to the old lnstitu-
���*���.,  - --���- hM(,nllftrterB .���   torians' appraise the peimanent con-;       rou^
another revolutionaryb^^Tl tribuUon to human V*V*i*mgs^ \ _pV^ Houle. in Canada Monthly.
the flrst decade of the twenttetn een ^���^^^^^^^^^���'
tury, they will very likely flnd that.
in spite of radium, wireless, and the
aeroplane, the West has experience!
no such profound change as has come
during these years over the mind and
Japan.   Once more he planned an up-
repre-  rising, but before the   plot could be
They  Hang   In  On*  of tha Salmon
Canneries In Western Canada.
Mn American wm.r.. ,        % rf ^ BupPosedly.   unchanging |    For wprldly wisdom it would
tiflcate of Title Number 1971F. isaued'    The new grant to the old lnsiuu-1    A{ter the Boxer rising he lI��ougni  Eagt w^ ape fon(J of 8peajt|ng 0f the   bp difficuit to- surpass the "Ten De-
in the name of The Corporation of tion which went through   when   the  that some of his reforms were at>oui ntened   consciousness that must  mandmt.nt8" hanging in one of the
.. ��^........      -���      D.,��.W.        >.n.      Wraraw*      Sn^l.llil     mnVB    fnllpfl     will     double   MlO     tra    taaa    nut     llltn    OraCHCC    HTH1    110    V eD" |I���I������   In    a    a,r.*:,t    ITOnera- 1...   ...    r.,.,,,,, ,r, ,,u    at    filf>....l��.
be made to me in writing,
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry   Office,   New Westminster, B. C.4-Dec. 21, 1911.
tbe  District  of  Burnaby,  has   been  Socialist move failed will double tbe t0 ^ put into practice, and1 ne ven-      lmate men Uvlng ln a great genera-   m       salmon tanneries at Steveston.
filed in this office. .   authorized issue of paper money by  tureQ to show himself in China, ana . Ar<j we aware ,CKlay tllat wo   westl,rll Canada:
Notice Is hereby given that I shall, the bank. This is not looked upon by wa, not molested. Suddenly tne ,^ ^ witnesses of, and to a certain i. Don't lie. It wastes my time and
at the expiration of one month trom experta as hazardous. On the whole, wnim Qf the Empress Dowager urn- ] degree the participants ln, a phase y0ur3 i am sure to catch you in
the date of the flrst publication here- France Is to be congratulated on her ed against reform, and Sen fled aga n higtorical evolution that ls worthy the tn&_ aiid that is the wrong end.
of in a dally newspaper published lu  adherence to a system that has work-  for his life.    Once more he went to       .    compared with any era ln his-     2. Watch your work, not the clock.
���   ���   ���    "              -  '-** ���" ' ���* ~",-'m ""*  the United States, and there he feu ,    _     what we are witnessing   \ ]nng day's work makes a long day
in  with  "General"   Homer  Lee,    an  ""' ���  ��� ... ���     .    . ��� ��� jI - -*.--* j������ u ������*.-.
American, who is said to be the
military adviser ot the new repuD-
llcan government. The general went
to China and   assisted   ln   spreading
revolutionary ideas     as    he *"    �� oul ^    -    __-
���    ���       safe intermediary  between the  little out  wUh  g(ich  vlo)ence haVe      _
It is too much to say that Dr. Sun   doct0r and his friends.   For the past ifegted themselves elsewhere    in   cannot   affnrd   to   owe   anj
Yat Sen Is the msn of the hour    in  few years  Dr.  Sen  has    spent  most , . j ,J0Wer in Turkev   Ke "y> out of debt, or keep
China, and the mere    fact    that the  of hi9: time in the United States and   lue *���""" ...      t ���
revolutionists have chosen him presi- Engiand, but always he has been the
dent is not of tremendous importance. director of whatever formal revolu-
i Still, the little doctor is a person of tionary sentiment there was in China.
I some importance, and undoubtedly is -pi^t he is the "stiong man" neces-
I not without responsibility for the Bary for the piesent situation may
[tremendous upheaval that is nowtak-' weu be doubted, and It may be his
(ate to see others reap the harvest
he has been sowing for the past
twenty years.
the City of New Westminster, issue ed out well in every past crisis and
a duplicate of the said Certificate, un- has been a great agency ln the de-
less in the meantime valid objection' velopment ot her foreign trade.
Biographical   Sketch   of   Strong   Man
of China.
Toronto Express leaves at 8:50
Chicago Express leaves at
Imperial Limited Leaves at
.rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
TSs*it and bath; front view; also
-sfingle beds; rates to suit, at 224
Seventh street
Through    Pullman     Tourist      and
Diners.    For Reservations and rates
apply to
* New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A\, Vancouver
hot and cold water. Apply 543
Front street
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
ing place. He bas been an aggressive agitator for many years, and has
the distinction of having a price oh
his head. There is yet standing an
offer of half a million dollars for Sun
Yat Sen, alive or dead, but preferably dead. This sum is made up of a
score or more of rewards offered by
provincial and imperial governments,
and is in itself a testimony as to the
trouble Sen_made for the Manchus in
Peking and'in the'provincial capitals.
Governments do not offer rewards cf
half a million dollars for the capture
of men who do not seriously threaten
An English Education.
Accounts differ as to Sen's birth- ���
place. Some say that he was born in
Hawaii, but the accepted ^version is
that Hong Kcng was his native city.
When he was a mere youth he was
studying medicine under an English
doctor In Hong Kong, and thence he
went to England, where his medical
education was completed. He returned to China and began to prac-'
tise, meeting with considerable opposition, for twenty years ago China
regarded the new medicine as a sort
of witchcraft. Ju3t when Sen began to be a revolutionist is not clear,
but it was not long after he had been
to England, for no intelligent Chinese could have experienced English
civilization and not realize the great
need of reform at home. The
ciiances are that Sen preached revolution all the time he was practising
medicine, and that his first converts
were his llrst patients. His first Idea
was  for    reform    through    peaceful
IUI >    . * *r*      ..��>������>.      " a.     ��� - ��� ���      ..    .....B rf ^ ^ .
today is nothing less than the moral   sh0rt; and a short day s work makes
transformation of Asia, which means   niy face long.
the  moral  transformation    of    more      3. Give   me   more   than   I   expect,
than half the human race* und  I  will give  you more than you
China  is today  the dramatic    ex-  expect.   I can afford to increase your
amDle     But the    forces    that    have   pay if you increase my profits
v ���    ��� '   *������      4. You owe so much to yourself you
owe   anybody  else
     out ol my
andTersia, with'greater restraint in   ihopa 	
India Just where the rush of events 6. Dishonesty is never an accident,
is carrying us, one dare not say. But Good men llks good *omen never
?he one great thing that has been see temptation when they meet it
accomplished is the shatteiin�� cf 6. Mind your own
what one may call the Caucaso-cen- In �������������.�������
trie theory of the universe, the belief your OW�� to mu.d
ifl a dual law of citation which , �� Do <^{iffi^ An employ,
decree-,  that one tortlon  of tne  ...    j-W  j    \*       {; ^   |of   ^ \,
business,   and
a   business  of
Y. Don't  do   anything  here which
man race is born to move forward and
'another portion to stand still, cne
I portion to rule and another portion
, to serve, one portion to whom Ideas
r are living things and anothe;1 poi tlon
to whom they are Inaccessible. Ttiese
have  been a bitter half dozen yeara
Oi the
Willing to steal from me. ���,   #
8. It is none of my business what
you do at night. But il dissipation
i.flects what you do tlie next day, and
you d') half as much as 1 demand.
you'll last hall as long ak you hoped.
9. Don't toll me what I'd like to
hear, but what I ought to hear. I
d"n't want a valet to my vanity, but
cne ior my dollars. 1
10. Don't kick if I kick. If you're
worth while correcting you're worth
while keening. I don't waste time
cuttiiiK pp'-eka out of rotten apples. *
Work  for   F!edmen   Over-rode    In'.sr-
I denominational Prejudice.
Montreal, Jan. 14.���A    suit,    the
' records of which date back to 1717,  for the political  phllosopheri
when Louis XIV. was endeavoring to   West and their generalizations abo.it
educate  the  original   inhabitants    of (tj,e peoples of the East.    The philo-1
New France, came to an end in the ' 30phers had no   trouble   in   "roving
court      of      King's      ben:h,      when   ,hat Mohammedanism and repfesenta-
Judge    Carroll    handed   down    judg-   t|ve government were Impossible;  so
I ment declaring the  Seminary of    St.  Turkey  worked out a    constitutional
Sulpice, of Montreal,    owneis    of    a   revolution unhampeiel bv the priests,
large tract of land    known    as    the  and perg|a established a constitution-
Seigniory of tile Lake of Two Moun-  the Oriental mind rejects the Idea of
tains, and  the claim of the Iroquois  of it8 priests.    The philosophers had , _ _   ,
and  Algonquin  Indians  to the  lands  no difficulty in showing that the c;:sre   strance   without  George Taylor,
was dismissed. system   in  India  makes   the  idea  of   U"�� **"
The Judge found that the seminary  self-government a delusion. But caste
in India ls giving way before the
newspaper and the college, and the
British government is conceding self-
government to India. The philosophers had no trouble In shoeing that
the Oriental mind reects the Idea of
had agreed to give the Indians spiritual care in return for the land, and
bad carried out their agreement,
though as the majority of the Indians
are now Protestants the Catholic
clergy    had    been    obliged  to    hire
Protestant ministers for the purpose,  liberty and demands to  be governed
The appellants, Angus Corinthe et
al., duly elected chiefs of the band of
Iroquois residing in the Seigniory of
the Lake of Two Mountains, claimed
that they were the owners of the
seigniory, or that they were the owners of the "common" lands, and that
the seminary merely held the land iu
trust for them. The action was
taken by the three chiefs under the
authority  of  the  government   to   de-
by despots. So China today Is on th<;
verge of establishing a republic. We
must do the philosophers Justice; now
that things are what they are, the ���
have discovered that the Chinese aie
at bottom a democratic people, anu
have always enjoyed a generoiu
measure of self-government.
A great many books have been written by Europeans during the last lf>
years about the awakening of China.
George Taylor anil the Senate.
The    House   of   Commons   seeme
has stopped n.-side lo (five his seat to
the new Minister of Finance. "Uncle
George" could be counted on slwnys
to  provide    wholesome   fun   in   the
chamber.    His   voice   would   chok*
wirh  sobs as he recounted the   way
in   which   th* country  was  goiny to
the do<r.->  under the Liberal administration^   and no one   enjoyed   thesi
exhibitions   more   than   Sir  Wilfrid
Km--If.    Wi'h Dr.   Sproule   in   the
c,  ,1. ,-.   .,,,���;.   ,nd   George Tsylot
,-,-., .v .,;   ;- n,   |||��  scene, the House
���3   ���' ���-���.-.. 1   of   much entertainment.
Tavl. r SUV* he will go to the Senate
mi' th- n'rst   vacancy.   There   i�� no
doubt he will, for Ihere is no man in
Parliament   or out   of it.   with   the
possible  exception  ol  Mr. Lancaster,
the   member for Lincoln,   who   has
done more to poke fun at the doing*
       The Bank of France,    which    was
MjOST���BUNCH OP KEYS IN POST ' established in 1800, and has had
office. Finder deliver to Mr. Wil- j more than a century of success, is
sswrg, B. C. Cigar factory, and   re-  regarded by mafty financiers as closer
a. amat        ��\*�� 1 ViUI   ass LU1  UUKI1 1/CHI.C1 111 , ., 1       *__. a. l's . s*      . \-  -~ma  ' J ' ' tl i II1W1 V        lv      *_r\JW*\s      ��*���-���      ���-
means, but this course did not satisfy   t��rmin<�� |hV'lgh' an���d '"te^e8t of th8  The long-predicted awakening is now   0f that august body.   "Uncle George
-. - *��� l,,mil      nf     lni   bina n      tho        'liulo * _ I. : I  I a _   *, .** .   w *    *.     m V _ 1      V.
ceive reward.
months' old. Black with some
white and tan. Return S27 Kighth
atreet.   Reward.
to tbe ideal as a factor of money
stability than the Bank of England.
and as the best example ot the advantages of the private joint stock
bank over any state bank.   It la not
band of Indians in the lands. taking place,    but   after    a  manner was positively mirthful over what he
The seigniory consists of a tract of quite  disconcerting  to  the  European term-.d "the old women'e home." Still
land on the east bank of the Lake of experts.    Almost everywhere  lt   was h.  is  heading  that way!���The Mace
Two   Mountains,   having   a   frontage taken  for granted  that China  woul.l in Saturday Night.
of nine miles on the lake and river, awaken  to  the  more  doubtful   bles3-1	
He began to organize  "the""young  and extending back a distance of nine |ngs 0f  Western    clvilizaUott-to    ft Canada1. Gateway,
men who shared his ideas, and under   mll,ef;   The ��*a ban,d ��,f rIndl��na- n<T Sr*��' standing army, with which she No country in the world haa a more
residing  on  the   Seigniory,  are    the could menace the peace of the world, magnificent gateway than Canada. To
him long, and he early realized that
blood woul.l have to be shed If democratic  Ideas  were  to  prevail  in    hla
lifetime.    So he became a "Red."
A Young Men's Movement.
the titles of the Voung China association, and the Cut Life society, Sen's
and warts permanently removed by
Miss E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
8, Collister block. Wednesday and
Thursdays.   Phone 978.
Mr x H. C. White is ao longer In
Che employ of tbe Koyal City Dye
Works and has no authority to collect
" Tenders will be received up to 20th
' inst. Tor the (erection pf a throe-
stoney brick building, corner of Royal uwbuo and Tenth street. Plans
and specifications can be seen at 406
Araies street, city.
Dividend No. 27.
"Nfctice Ib hereby given that a dlvi-
den'l at the rate of 10 per cent per
anaiMii has this day been declared on
tbe Permanent Stock of the Company
for the half year ending December
:10th, 1911, and that the same will be
tnyable at the Head Office of the
Company, 330 Pender street, Vancouver, B. C, and at the Branch OfTice
in Halifax, St. John, Winnipeg and
Victoria on and after January 15th,
Vancouver, B. C, Jan. 12, 1912.
Titles    Examined,   1-aad Registry
Taarfes Straightened eat.
tfCartls Block Ctty Baa *SA
surprising that the Socialist effort in doctrines    were    gradually      spread
the French chamber of deputies    to throughout the south of    China.    In
substitute a national bank has been lX9t> tbe young enthusiasts   thought
overwhelmingly beaten, by a vote of that the time was ripe for a rising,
433 to   89.   France   has   no Andrew and they planned to make a demon-'
Jackson ln evidence, and she knows stratlon in Canton.    A note paBsini
when she is well oft. In the hot debate it was shown that this bank
haa varied its rate of discount only
ten times ln 13 years as against 69
variations by the Bank of England,
and that Its maximum rates has been
4ft per cent, against the Bank of
England's 7 per cent. The Bank of
Prance has always been the leader
in the amount of metallic reserve.
Its policy of charging a premium to
the exporter of gold, and  its  policy
between two of them was intercepted
by a missionary who was in ignorance of its meaning, but he was
alarmed and carried lt to a Consul,
who turned lt over to the viceroy.
The result was that the uprising was
stillborn, and Sen and several of
his friends became fugitives. Sen
went to the United States, and finally turned up In San Francisco,
where he proceeded to make converts among the large Chinese popu-
llneal descendants ot the Indians Md fo ft *ree�� navy with which she 8^wn' up the noble'St" Lawrence, part
who in the year 1717 and for many might set aut h> search ot ooallng th- long, dim undulations ol the Lau-
years prior thereto occupied a tract staflons. spheres ot interest, and in- rentides past the lew, far-expanding
of lant on the Island of Montreardemnltlea. China, in ether words, shores beyond to Montreal ia to re-
adjacent to the Sault-aux-Recollef, waa to become a power strong enough ceive impresiions of natural beauty
and who, shortly after 1717, moved to to send the other powers about their j without a parallel. Surely a people
the lands comprising the Seigniory of business, thereby gaining their re- reared under such a high-domed heav-
the Lake of Two Mountains. spect and forbearance. So all the talk j en, amid such rich expanse* of cham-
. ���_..-���        . , pa;gT1( should not be mean or petty in
The Indians claim that    the    land was of modern armies, arsenals, navy
alwaya   has   been   held  common   by yards, reformed   economics,   regular
all the members of the band for the taxes, mines, railways,    factories���in
cutting    of    firewood,    pasturing    of short, a huge awakening In which the  gers all crowded to the rail, lor th*
cattle,  etc.,    but that    the seminary nobler aspirations of the nation were | 8un was sinking amid clouds'of glory
pretends the ownership ot the whole, quite overlooked.    That  the Chinese   over   'he   great   wide   green   country.
soul.   As ttie steamer forged ner way
up the tortuous channel, the passen-
of buying g��W With its own resources Iation ln that city.    Tlie cause made
In   the   open   market   have   steadied rapid   headway,  and   soon   thousands
the discount rate. ��f California Chinamen  had enrolled
The Joint stock bank is private pro- themselves    as    revolutionists,     and
perty.    It Is not part of the spoils of wete    drilling    every    night    under
and has assumed to sell lots therefrom to "whites," and has recently
fenced ln a large portion of the common and Is preventing plaintiffs and
other Indians from enjoying the common as heretofore.
The Indians claim tbat the seminary Is preventing forcibly the Indians from exercising the rights
which they have    hitherto    enjoyed.
people should desire freedom from
,Manchu misgovern mont as well as
from foreign aggression; should desire a free press and free speech,
honest administrators, honest Judges,
schools, libraries; in other words,
Progress���this our Western students
cf tbe Chinese awakening did not
foresee. The regeneration of tho empire was to come through its armies,
war, as a national bank must be, under International law. When the
Germans under Von Moltke entered
I'aris at the end of the Franco-Prussian war, they could have seized all
the bullion in the bank vaults, if the
institution had not been private. Hut
the  Bank  of Frahce  is   under  close
American instructors with the object
of invading China. The Chinese government protested to the United
States, but Sen was not Interfered
with and the drilling went on.
Kidnapped In London.
Sen went next to London. He was
warned by an English friend to steer
and In particular the cutting of wood the regeneration    of China    througn
necessary for their use.
Your druggist wlll refund money lf
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days. 50c.
the force of Ideas takes them by surprise. They expected that things
would begin to happen as soon as
China could put a million men into
the fleld.
. ...
ft, %iy**i^m$wm
���7* * .^KkX^W^MM
lit  '������   .
f r     i >
1 1 il 1 i\
- ��� m rnigM    R$$l
fcs ��� a
m %   ii
I I* *��� ��� 1 ���* *, *aX 1.1
s. <!:���*,-1*-'1*] , y   Jg
��� ��� ���' 1    HPWI      R-lf
' /
-4* t \        \
mtmttU        ^t'^--l
*    aJ*i*0te*.
i            ' mSmbfiSSttfit     i          ���   a,-
$f   1
m         '       1
Velare and Campbell, presenting the "Death Cage"    at   the    Royal
theatre, Monday, January 15, 16, 17.
Walking Through the World;
I walk beneath mysterious    Autumn
An Autumn twilight hour���
But when    I    walked    in Summer
fleld and bower
.These, too, were mysteries;
Always  there   la  a  spirit    and    a
Beyond my spirit's call.
Almost the living trees confess the
And yet I know not what creation
But He who    walks    here with    me
knows It all.
There was an hour, O friend of mine,
when w*
To each drew very near.
When hand In hand we both grew
silent, dear,
Because love could not see:
Always there is a secret yet untold.
The barriers do not fall,
Almost I flnd your life whose hands
I hold,
And yet I know not what my hands
But love Himself Is with us, knowing all.
���Saturday Review.
e   gn...             ...
dotted with farms and white-walled
villages. How it looked to stranger*
���eeing it for Uie first time who can
tell; but to Canadians coming home���!
One plain little womnn sain, "When.
I was In England, I had to be polite
to my cousins ami say I liked it, bul
all the time I was longing for this."
She flung out an arm towards th#
sunset and her smile made her face
almort bt autiful.���The Dean in Montreal Standard.
A Queer Reunion.
A reunion of four brothers, who
had never been together befor\ wai
the happy event that wns celebrated
at the horn" of Thomas Simpson,
1047 Ke?le Btrsat, Toronto, recently.
The brothers range in aye from bi to
They are: Charles Simpson, 62, a
farmer of Carodoc Township, near
Strathroy; Thomas. 58, Wen Toronto;
George, &R, a farmer living near Barrie, nnd Frod, 54, who hat been living In Massachusetts and is going to
Los Angeles to make his home.
They were all born nt the corner
of Queen and William streets, Toronto. Thoir father, George Simpson,
who was a baker, died 51 yeara utto
and the fnmily separated. Charles
and Fred hud never seen ench other
till two years ago, and as Frcd waa
going fc> California, this reunion was
Rushing tha Line.
The Canadian Northern line from
Vegrevile to Calgnry has been graded
and thc track laying operations are
being pushed forward with all speed,
and will likely be completed early In
1912. At the present time the site is
being cleared and preparations are
being made for the erection of the
new C.N.R station in Calgary, which
will serve aa the terminal point ia
the line. ���-I. _.
*��-*������.m. '���'tmstsaaa*
r    MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1112.
tanstie Retorts eftf* TseRurn British
There are sotu��- -tortus, new and pid.
rf Lord Kitchener told in Niiab'e Mag-
tstne by Sydney Brooks.   "Sunstroke?
iVhat the devil doe* he menu by hav-
PC sumttrokeT' I* given as the classic
stance of hia attitude towurd the
reaker vessels. A favorite captain ot
ll�� was once Intrusted wltb an Important commission. Tbere was a delay
n executing it tbrough bin horse cast-
pig s shoe. "Very aorry." was Kltcb-
raer's comment, "but 1 cannot rest my
;lan of campaign on a horse's shoe or
in officer's carelessness." He bas a
rrim. laconic humor. "Keep tbe gun."
lie Is said to have wired to the war ofllce authorities, who were pressing a
certain weapon upon blm. "1 can
ibrow stones myself."
To so offlcer wbo kept on reporting
that as a result of hls various brushes
wltb the eflemy "several Boers were
wen to fell from their middles" Lord
Kitchener sent tbe polite inquiry. "1
hope wben tbey fell tbey did not hurt
Hv goes Instantly to tbe essentials.
"Sorry to report loss of five men
through explosion of dynamite." wss
tte gist of a telegram from the front
put Into his tends one dsy. "Do yoa
went nny more dynamiter* was bis
Immediate answer. Men do tbe Impossible st s word from blm. "Twelve
bourn in whicb to carry tbi* dispatch?
Jon must do It in six." And tbe oflicer
wbo bad asked for tbs twelve bourn
Old tt tn flre.
If a Pin Prick Dossnt Draw It Than
You've Got a Weoden Article.
The pure food expert at a pure food
ibow In New York took up a nutmeg.
"Watcb me Jab this pin Into the out-
meg here and there." be said. "Do
you see bow from eacb pin prick a
little oil exudes? Well, tbat Is a proof
that tbe nutmeg U good. Wben a pin
prick draws no oil from it lt Is a wooden nutmeg, notblng more.
"The nutmeg tree of Asia ts seventy
feet high. Tbe fruit is like a pear.
Tbe flesh of tbe fruit is like candied
citron, snd Its seeds, our nutmeg proper, are enveloped te a yellow rind that
Is our mace
"Nutmegs sre dried for two months
ln a moderate heuL They sre tben
sorted, and tbe small and broken ooes
are thrown luto tbe press for the purpose of extracting their oil. tbe essential oil of nutmeg being a very costly
article of commerce.
"Tlie big. Une. ebolce nutmegs. If
they are now put on tbe market, are
veil rlplit: but, the oil being so costly,
tbere Is a woy of extracting it without
the use of tbe press. The flue, choice
nutmeg ls steeped ln hot water nud
afterward coated with lime. Tbeu.
though uli its oil and nearly all its
flavor have departed. It looks O. K.
"It looks O. K.. but It Is a worth-
tetsa 'wooden nutmeg.' snd U you grata
it over anything you ge* oo flavor.
while It you stick a pin In it oo vtl
ex udes."���Exchange,
Sand Dunes In Gascony.
Onp of tbe most Interpsi'iiK ��nd re-
Iniirkublp of the mnny regions for tlie
observation of Band dunes lies beinwn
Bordeaux and Bayouue. In Unscony
Tlie wa here throws every year Ojtbu
tbe hfii -h, along n line of 100 miles In
length, some b.000.000 cubic yards of
sand The prevailing westerly winds
Continue picking up the surface |��nr
tides from tbe westward slope, whirl
them over to the Inward slope, whern
they are again deposited, snd the entire
ridce by this means alone moves grod
unlly Inward. In the course of years
tbere has thus been formed a complex
system of dunes, sli approximately
parallel with the coast and wltb one
onother and of all altitudes up to '��*>
feet. These are nisi-chlng steadily in
ward *| a rate o,f from three to sis
feel a year, wbol* villages Iwvlns
sometime* been torn down to prevent
burial nud rebuilt ul a dlstum-e.
Blends Getting Scarcer.
Scientists nre minne h u'l.muiy ��M#w
of tbe future of the blond Not only
ore fair |ieople becoming fewer, but It
this Is not s parados they Hre also becoming 'darker. The future promises
to bring o* nothing more Interesting
than tbe "wbltey brown*" of humanity
To preserve our blonds I* ncieuttflcnlly
possible, but their continuance would
make an end to tbe progress of elflllxu
tlon All or nearly all ibe conditions
of modern life und to em-oarage bm
nette*. Before many decade* bur.-
pumwd ttere will probsbly ouly be
rgre examples of women wbo sre dl
rlnely talr.-London Lady's Plotorisi.
Little Peter hnd disobeyed hla moth
er. snd when. In a abocked voice, she
culled blm to her he came running
with tbe tears streaming over his
flushed face
"Ton wont- he sobbed, cllngins ���*
ber hand-"you won't nave to whei
me, mummy, 'cause I'm cryln' *-
ready!"-Woman's Home CotnpouNw.
A Bed Case.
The cynlral man was stsrlttgthrough
the window at the chesty man swinging down tte street "Done Chesty
know anything?" naked hla companion.
"Know anythlngr aald tte cynical
man "He doesn't even suspect any-
thing."���New York Times.
Sorrow for sin in not repentance. Re-
pentum-i* 1* a great volume of duty,
sod Kodlv sorrow is bnt tbe fronris-
pl���� or title page It la tte h*tMs|tr
gt iBtmdocOoa te **.
���   ��� *-  ALASKA'S PROGRESS.
M -   III Ml ��� td
Value of Mineral Output Estimated at
Twenty Million Dollars.
The annual report on tbe mineral
resources and production of Alaska
for 1911 ls now in preparation,. but
the Pacific Builder and.. Engineer
gives a piellminary estimate, whicb
Is believed to be not over 10 per cent.
in error.
The value of tbe total mineral output of Alasita ln 1911 ls estimated at
$20,3/0,000, compared with $16,883.-
078 In lyiO. The gold output la 1911
is estlmatel that tbe Alaska mines
produced 22.900.000 pound* oi ".opper
in 1911, valued at about $2,830,000;
In 1910 their output was 4,241,089
pounds, valued at $538,695. The silver production ln 1911 is estimated
to have a value ot $2zo.0oi>, eonii.k.e.��
with $85,236 for 1910. The value of
all other mineral products in 1911,
including tin, marble, gypsum and
coal, was about $170,000, an Increase
over that of 1910.
By using the above estimates for
tbe output of 1911, tbe total value o:
Alaska's mineral production since
1880, when mining first began, is
found to be, in round numbeis, $206,-
mOO.000, of which $195,950,000 is lep-
resen'ed by the value of the gold out
put. The total production of copper
ln Alaska since 1901, when systematic
mining of tbis metal began, is aoout
66,700,000 pounds, valued at about
General Conditions Favorable.
Tbe favorable showing made by the
Alaska mining industry during the
year is due, nrat, to the very laite
output of copper, and, second, to the
greater production, compared with
1910, of tbe world placer mines in
the Innoko-Iditard region. Aside from
the increased production, the most
Important event of the year was the
opening of the Copper river region by
the completion ot the railway into it.
The lndust:ies already stimulated by
this line strikingly Illustrate the Importance of railway communication
to Alaska. As no progress was mad��
in the opening of the coal flelds, the
needs for cheap fuel in Alaska are
! being met. by tne substitutes of oil-1
! burning for coal-burning engines. The
! importation or California crude oil H
tapidly Increasing, with a corresponding decrease in the use of coal. Some
new drilling was carried on in the
Natalia oil field during 1911, one or
two old wells being reopened, and a
small production made. The oil was
refined and the gasoline sold in tbe
local market
i    Although   most   of the   gold   still
1 comes  from  the placers,  much  progress was made during 1911 in pav-
I ing the way for an Increased output
from  auilferous    lodes.    This    *oik
I was carried on in most of the   goli-
beaiing areas of Alaska, but tne most
' notable advances were in the Juneau,
\ Valdez,     Kenai     Peninsula,   Willow
Cieek and Fairbanks districts. Aside
from the increase in  copter  mining
the advances made in develojing golu
lode  mines is  tho most eucciiiatang
feature    of    the    year's    o'.erations.
, Dredge mining also made great pro-
| gress,  notably   In   the  Nome   region,
lt  la   estimated  that,   ln  the  entire
territory 22 dredge*    were    operated
tor the whole or part of the open season  ot 1911.    In aidltlon    to    those
1 operated, at least half a dozen were
, ln process of construction,
j Transportation   Facilities   Increasing.
Ab improvement    In  transportation
Is the most important element in the
advancement of the mining industry,
the progress of the year in this   respect will be briefly summarized. The
Copper Kiver and Northweste.n railway  was completed  to Kennkot    lu
April, Villi   There was no other railway construction    in Alaska    during
the  year, though some railway surveys weie made.   At the close of 1911
there   are   465   miles   of   railway   In
the territory, compared with 371 miles
In 1910.   This mileage   ls dlsti Ibuted
among nine different railways from
five to 196 miles in length.   The existing  railways  emphasize  the need
of additional transportation facilities.
The most urgent need ls tor a railway
to connect   an   open   port   on   the
Paciflc wltb the Yukon basin.   Until
such a line ls built only the richest
placers of the Interior and~only   the
most fa vol ably located lodes can be
profitably exploited.
The Alaska road commission continued its important work of making
mining districts accessible by the
building ot wagon roads and trails.
Probably the most Important undertaking of tbls kind was the comple
tion of the winter trail from Seward,
on the Pacific seaboard, to the Iditarod placer district. This not only
serves several placer mining camps,
but also shortens the winter route to
Nome by some 500 miles. Work was
also continued on the Valdez-Falr-
bsnks trail, which can now be used
not only as a winter route, but also
as a wagon road ln summer. A cut-
oft was built which connects the
wagon road with Chitlna, on the
I winning party hia reward would be
'certain.   The man wbo is able to be
at the same time at tbe bead ot both
opposing parties,   and to be   in   the
position of winner no matter whicb
side falls, possesses dexterity ot the
highest  order.    That  is  the  happy
situation of Yuan Shi Kai at the piesent   time.   Of   course,   a   mis-step
would ruin him,  but it wouid rum
{any other big man    ln China,    and
Yuan's ultimate Liumph would be, in
| spo. ting parlance, "a good bet."
Premier or President?
His career up to tbe present tlmo
has   been a  remarkable  one,    aud
chiefly because it has revealed a man
able to'enjoy the confidence of bath
sides in any conflicts.   Thi ough it all
he has enjoyed the confidence of the
foreigners, and this is at the jottom
of hit strength.   At the prebent t me,
for example, he is piemier of china,
yet be Is trusted by the revo.uiiouists,
ani  was  offered  the  presidency   ot
the Chinese republic by   them.   The
prince regent realizes that Yuan is
a reformer at heart, and yet he was
obliged to appeal to him to save t.ie
country.    The hesitation of Yuan before he accepted the imitation  was
a master stroke of diplomacy.^   Uau
he hastened to Pesing he would have
forfeited   the   regard  of  the  revolutionists.    Had he tefused to answer
the summons he would have incurred
the enmity of the Chinese loyalist*.
He paused impressively,    and    then
when he made his move be did to
with tbe blessing of both parties.
With the Boxers.
Yuan flrst attracted attention by a
demonstration     of    patriotism,     or
treachery, according to the point of
view, when the Boxer agitation was
in its earlier stages.   He was at that
time mayor a small town ln Shantung, and he beheld  most   of    liis
friends enrolling    themselves ln the
Boxer society.   The non-Boxers were
! ln a minority, and yet Yuan was wise '
' enough to see that their cause was '
I doomed to failure.    To have said so '
; openly would have been to risk bis ;
| life.    So    he remained    silent.   The'
I time came, however, when he bad to
j take his stand. . He was Invited   lo
; Join  the brotherhood  and    help rid
| China  of   the   foreign   devils.    Fortunately for him, in Its earlier stages
the   Boxer  agitation  was  ministered
to by   the grossest superstition.   For
instance, lt was believed that  when
once a Chinaman had become a Boxer
he became at once tbe ward of the
Chinese gods, who would render him
immune from the effects of foreign
inventions such as rifles, and lt was
this belief that gave Yuan bis chance-
- Exploding a Superstition.
In response to    the invitation, he
said he would gladly Join tho society
and help exterminate the foreigne s
if he could be certain that the miraculous    effects    attributed  to    th.i
Boxer Initiation ceremonies were   to
be depended on. Me was assured that
there could be no doubt on tt Ja rotift,
and  finally he Induced the most active of the Boxers In the town to give
him a demonstration.   Yuan produced
a rifle, and the Boxer stood a   tew
yards  away.    The  mayor   then    explained that it was at the request of
hia friend the Boxer that he was maW
Ine the teat, and that he considered It
a mere matter of form anyway.    8o'
hc   took   careful   aim,  and   shot hi 3
friend   thi ough   the  heart.    He  was
filled with grief at the accident, and
had the victim buried at the expensrf
of the town.    Later on, as the people
began to think the matter over, they
concluded that there were disadvantages connected with the Boxer business, after all, and that they would
be better not   to mix  themselves up
in it.
. The Ailing Leg.
News of the Incident reached thc
Dowager Empress and greatly delighted her, and Yuan's subsequent
efforts In behalf of the foreigners
marked him out for honor at tho
court.   Gradually he rose,
Clearance Sale
Proves a great boon to thrifty housekeepers. The fierce storms no barrier to our customers.
$2.50 Wilton Carpets made and
laid, this-month, per yard  -    -
674-S78 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B. C
in the empire. Soon after the death
ot the Empress he tell a victim to
the Manchu princes, wbo Induced the
regent to depose him. The occasion
of a temporary indisposition, caused
by a trifling accident to his leg, was
seized upon by his enemies, and it
was announced that on account of
an accident he had been granted indefinite leave tn order to nuise his
leg. When he was invited three
weeks ago to return to Peking as
premier he sent word that his leg
was still troubling him, anj although
he was keenly sensible of the honor
done him be could not immediately
make the Journey. Although he has
never traveled abroad, and is an unlettered man, Yuan Shi Kai is a man
and Anally dominated by western ideas, and whe-
was forced on the Empress Dowager ther as premier or president he is
by the allies and became the vice- tbe one man who can best serve bts
roy of Chi-li, tbe most Important post  country in the present crisis.  ,   -
sterilize   your kitchen   things and!
make them wholesome and sanitary
Headaches ��� nausea���indigestlon-^muddy complexion���pimples-
bad breath���these are some of the effects of constipation.   The mild, sensible,
reliable remedy Is
They contain ths latest
discovered snd best evscusnt known, which .
empties the bowels without the slightest discomfort Snd without disturbing ths rest of the system. Constantly Increased doses are not neoesssry.
SScahaa.  If rour druRlst hu nol y.t Modud thwn. land 25c.-ind w�� wth tmll th.cn. 25
N*Uoa��] Dm ���4 Ckaaslesi Cwnn at Camada. Uaaktai.
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure sny
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles ln �� to 14 days.   60c.
���*       ....      m*       .1.       ���!     ������     ���     n-fii���
Chief of the Loyalists In the Chinese
Yuan 6bl Kal had the honor ot a
biographical sketch in these columns
-when he fell from favor in 1908, Toronto, says the Mall and Empire.
Again a turn of the wheel has male
him the man of the hour In China,
He ls the "strong msn" which every
great crisis IS expected to develop;
but it is only fair to Yuan to say that;
he is not one of those strong men
who despise craft. He realizes that
mere strength ls at a serious disadvantage when lt*ls opposed by both
strength and cunning, ��� and It Is his
fortune to be armed at both points.
In a country torn by a revolution a
strong man might place himself at
the head of one party or the ether,
and ln the event of his choosing  the:
their uprks shall ye
know them"
On die merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is die inheritance of genera*
w      tions, make
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watchea I
is assurqd by a guarantee which enables
the owner to hare any conitrUctional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the Wodd. They
are not made' in grades which cannot be fully
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving* a irreasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deepaffergeniis -
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's;
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of tfe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take:
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is agood, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying" materials,
in just the right pro- V
portions to cleanse \^
easilyt vigorously, ^2*^
and without harm fo < "~'
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOttf
DUST Twins do
your work."       l
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval enke.    '
fll"'*     "' I.WSaeaBB���B���BSBSBBE���B1.L.   ..t'l I   I       ,1.       ��� _||
3900 ifone-7000  Horeepmeer    .
'    Johnson's Wharf
Queen Charlotte Islands **i East en 0L T. P. RaltwqrJ
'..;���;    SEATTLE.   V -'
V   Through tickets to' Eastern DeettneUens vta the QrmUt Trunk:
Double TrecR Route���Standard AMI Tories  Weepers.   Moil* * la
Cert*.   ���'���'���' "-���''-
. ******���*. ;,  , ,    ,;|vg , ^,.  |
'"jTlieKETS .Tp,*ND "MM"   w*,l��*��-f��L   UNES.
U V. MOCK, a A.
���   ^CITT OtnCM: m'alnmim*-.0��mz->**
'��������      ...:K   ���    .-������'. .-y- '��� *      f.i.VV ".'������-   '.V 1 '.      'it*/..
-������wmwtwm* .   -
ayi1.**" Ltmas    imi
MONDAY, JANUARY IS, 1111     ���
  News PublWb-
***** Company.TJmHed, at their offlce*.
of   McKenzie   and   Victoria
With the elections in the municipalities oh Saturday, the municipal machinery ln the cities and townships on
the Lower Mainland ls once more In
-working dfderi It Ib true, of course,
that cach mayor and reeve has still to
.submit ftfs��� {'elate,", to form his committees and choose the chairmen of
them; but ttyiLjafter all, is "up to"
them. The elector now knows the
sort of administration he may expect
with his municipality during the coming m��nl(^n��l)^ar'.
Burnaby l��tf shbwn, In measure and
Imnanner not to be misunderstood, its
keen sense of the importance of having at the head of civic affairs a man
whose conception ef progress Includes etreirgth and stability, as well
as mete'motion; - In Burnaby three
candidates sought admittance to the
reeve's chair. They were good men,
.alL Some pf tbem had picturesque
programs; the retiring reeve, seeking Teelection, did not attempt to conceal tbe fact that he does not regard
-eccentricity "and originality as being
-one and 'thp same thing., There was
nothing picturesque about his platform. He was able to' point to tbe
growth of Burnaby, not only among
neighboring communities, but in the
financial w��ri4( Wd, he promised to the
people of Burnahy a continuance of
the policy which has contributed to
this growth. And Burnaby registered
its approval af the polls.
Perhaps   tbe most   important   and
significant result  of the   voting   on
Saturday U theydefeat of the B. C. E.
JL b��lfc*fjJ6 Pfl|it Grey.   Few things
l>ear ' moco fMtO&Uy, or more vitally,
upon the development of a district, or
upon the values of properties within
Its boiijHlt^yian internal   transportation, thai*   jth^.,facility   with   which
which communication can he made between point and point.   Point Grey is
a fashionable residential district. On
the operation oT {ts tramway  system
���depends to a considerable extent tbe
rale, both in speed and in price, with
communication    can    be   made   .between  Vancouver   and   the   districts
south of  Point Grey. Point Grey   Is
largely peopled by business men, who
1 study the commercial bearing of mu-
j  jalclpal  measures.    And  Point   Grey
.   turned   down the   B. C. E. R. fran-
'���  chise. .
I One of the most interesting problems,, j%[senta*nj|jy municipal life on
' the Lo^r jjmjjnlMd is this aroblem
i ��f Pofnt.^rw trai&^uys. Doubtless the
i l>roblemi wlH**(md solution In the
. logic of events, and the most logic-
Jaden event in the recent history of
the municipality lathe defeat of the
ample, a payment of |13���the price of I
one hog���made for a boy of 10 and
continued until he Is 60^Will give blm
'an annuity of 1215.3*1$"'lite. .If tbo
payments are' continued until ��5, ha
will receive 1335.73, or over $120���per
year more than he would receive at
60.   The same annuity could be pup-
chased for a boy of an older age at
a littlo advance   ln   this   cost   If,
therefore, a farmer's bey knew ihat
at the time when he shall be no longer
able to work he would have ample
provision for   the   remainder   of hla
days, and that If he died before drawing the first payment of annuity jill
that he had paid ln with 3 per cent,
compound interest would be returned
to his heirs, what a difference   this
would make ln his outlook; how much
more contented  he would  be to, remain on the farm���for there is I no
occupation more honorable, an:l how
much more Independent he wduld be
In hls old age.    This la    worth   tbe
serious consideration of every fanner
who has boys, and of every farmer's
son who ts old enough to reason for
himself. The government's system Is.
of   course,   available   not   only   to
farmer's sons and daughters, but   to
thp sons and daughters of every otber
man who makes Canada his home, no
matter what his nationality or creed
may be.    Literature explaining   thla
provident system may be obtained at
the poat office, or on application   to
the superintendent ot annuities, Ottawa, to whom letters go free of postage.
mm um
One   Deaperado   Waa   Wounded, But
Companlona Carried Him Off���
Bank Safe Destroyed.
Fights Claimed aa Victories In Official
Despatches Said to Have Been
Special Safe Fer Them en Board
H.M.S. Medina.     ���
Two crowna, to be worn by the
Kins-Emperor -:id the Queen-Empress
In the ceremonial ol the Delhi Durbar,
have been included among the state
jewels to be tak-n to India in the custody of a special official, the Keeper of
the Jewels, who has a cabin set aside
for his use In H.M.S. Medina.
The King's crown for the Durbar is
one specially made���a crown of India.
The Queen will wear her coronation
crown of diamonds, the magnificent
specimen of tha jeweler's art which
was prepared for her crowning at
Westminster Abbey. In the forefront
of the diadem the Koh-i-noor diamond
biases, so that the use of the crown at
the Durbar will be particularly happy. This crown is not kept with the
regalia in the Tower of London. Legend has said of the Koh-i-noor that
it brings the smiles of good fortunu
for a full lifetime upon the woman
who wears it, but that it is a gem ol
ill-omen for a man.
The robes which the Queen intenda
to wear in the Durbar ceremonial are
those she wore at her coronation,
slightly altered and made lighter in
consideration of the heat which will
have to he borne at Delhi
Newport Beach, Cal., Jan. 14.���
Three bandlta, equipped with large
quantities of nitroglycerine, destroyed
the supposedly burglar-proof safe of
the state bank of Newport, at 2:30
o'clock this morning, but in a battle
with citizens, who were aroused by
the explosions, they were forced to
drop their loot, amounting to about
$2000, before they got outside of the
hank building.
One of the robbers was wounded,
but all escaped, although they are now
closely pursued t>y a posse of Orange
county, deputy sheriffs, with their ultimate capture apparently only a Shatter of a short time. i
Bert  Kimball,  the  fisherman, who
rushed up to a point near  tbe bank
when  the explosions   occurred,   was
.mistaken for one of the robbers and
I seriously wounded by a load of buck-
; shot fired Into him by William Hall, a
saloonkeeper) who also wounded one
|of the bandits.   Kimball ls now in a
hospital at Santa Ana, five miles from
The wounded bandit' was knocked
down by Hall's volley of 'buckshot,
but was picked up by his two companions, who rushed to a rig eight blocks
away, in which they escaped.'
Four charges, were exploded in tho
safe before it yielded.    The first ex-
Rome, Jan. 14.���Letters irom Italian ofticers and men serving with the
Invading army ln Tripoli received by
their friends in Italy, describe in de
tail the extremely unpleasant position, of the Italian troops at the front.
Fights which have been claimed aa
Italian victories in official advices
from the commander-in-chief of the
Italian expedition are said by the' cor
respondents to have been reverses.
lhe Italians appear to be suffering
more severely ln the vicinity of Der
na than at any other points. The
troops who are engaged in protecting tbe engineers employed ln the construction of aqueducts Into the town
have frequent furious engagements
with the Turks and their Arab allies.
Deachments of the latter make harassing attacks on the Italian outposts
day after day.
One Italian officer writing to hls
father says that the Italian army haa
lost a large number of men ln these
Another letter from a private says
that in one battle regiments of Grenadiers and Bersagllerl were nearly
wiped out. Still another letter saya
that the Italians on one occasion ran
out of ammunition, while the Turks
and Arabs, well supplied, succeeded in
killing and wounding 100 of tbe Ital-
Now is the Time to Prepare
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Ike Modern Business School
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BUT LOOK I���You enroll end you will soon be convinced of the
beneflt of a business training as given at the
Modern Business School
Phone S53. 510 Columbia St
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
safe before lt yielded.    The first ex-  ;~   "." .       .     .    ... .   . ,
Plosion aroused Hall and a number or L&^SSbZiE "*
B. C. fX
| I--_________________^_
jGovernment Comes to Relief of Dlffl-
cuTTtToffnWIc Situation.
Ji     OOse   reason   why   so   many boys
leave the farm tor the city is because
(��� of tbe failure ot the father to take
- the boy into his confidence and make
���lear to him that he Is not merely a
, "'hewer of wood and drawer of water,"
.tout that he ls in full partnership with
him and has e personal Interest In tbe
- success of the work. Those of ub
who were raised on the farm know,
of course, that It would be practically
.impossible for the father always    to
demonstrate this, to his Bon by a cash
couEideratjpu; bul if the seeds of dls-
.satisfactfep are 'not to be planted
��ome greater consideration for the
swiy services"will hare to be made
than ihat w merely board and cloth-
Inf if, raj, tht> son knew that he
-would recefVo;'even a small, share of
the proceeds from the sale of a pig
The Queen's private jewels, and the
many priceless jeweled orders to be
worn by Their Majesties upon occasions of state, also form part of the '
immensely valuable collection in the
care of the...Keeper of the Jewels in
the Medina. One particularly notable
ornament to be worn by the Queen at
the Durbar will be a lotus flower of
diamonds, and another will be a magnificent pearl l.^cklace.
Twenty-four si'ver trumpets, to be
used by the state trumpeters ��� who
will, with their Innfares, herald the
Durbar proclamation of th? King-Emperor���have been made by Messrs. H.
Potter A Co. of London. Each of these
trumpets is worth $100. The banner*
far them are being manufactured in
India, and after the trumpets have
been used they will be kept ��s souvenirs of the great day. The King will
ha,r one, and so will the viceroy, and
oth . will he given to other distinguished people.
At a religious ceremonial of the
crowning does not form part ol the
Vurbar there is no need to move any
of the instruments of the actual coronation from their resting place in
the Wakefield Tower of the Tower of
London. In connection with the safe
keeping of the regalia in the Tower it
is interesting to recall that before
the Wakefield Tower waa recently altered and made absolutely burglar-
proof, an old passage waa found leading from the tower to St. Thomas'
Tower, which faces the river frost.
It was discovered that it would have
been possible for a burglat, by the
collusion of a servant, to obtain entry
through St. Thomas' Tower into the
old passage and ao into the Wakefield
If the burglar had made hia entry
after the cloaing hour on Saturday he
would have had all Saturday night
and Sunday to work undisturbed at
the locks of the iron cases holding the
regalia. This condition of thing* was
Realized when a thorough examination
waa made of the Wakefield Tower after the theft ol the Dublin crown jewels. Alterations were made immediately. The passage was done away
with and the regalia room in tf\e
Wakefield    Tower    waa    immensely
other citizens. Piocuring a shotgun,
Hall secreted himself behind an oil
barrel standing on the curb opposite
the bank and when the bandits emerged with their loot the saloon man fired
at them. The shot from the big
bore gun spattered the wall over the
head of the robber who was carrying
the bank cash in a horse's nosebag.
He dropped the-sack and fled. Hall
fired again as the robbers sped down
the street and one of the fugitives
tumbled over. Money and parts of a
burglar's kit of tools rolled out of his
pockets, but he vyas helped up by his
companions and faken to the waiting
; before they tried to blow the bank
safe the bandits entered the post-
[ office and after robbing the till there
I of flu they cut every tlephone wire
leading into the Newport Beach exchange, which ls located in the same
building. Having thus isolated the
town they started to work Und later
the lack ot communication,'' delayed
the beginning of the chase by offloe;��
ln automobiles. I
In their haste the bandits left behind tbem large quantities of nitroglycerine lying about in the vicinity
of the looted bank.'- <    i  ������
When Charles Wallace, cashier of |
the Institution, arrived, he found two
bottlea ot the explosive standing on
the table in the directors' room. An
oilskin roll, lying just outside the
front door of the bank, contained several more bottles. I
The presence of the highly dangerous bottles deterred every one from
entering the bank after Wallace made
his discovery, and constables later established a cordon about the place to
await the coming of detectives, who
later joined in the chase for the robbers.
This was the second time the State
bank of Newp
by robbers,
their mothers. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
London, Jan. 14.���Ali Bey, a prominent member of the Turkish Navy
League, today decried the Italian
claim to a great naval victory in the
Red Sea.
"The only Turkish boats in the vl
clnlty," he said,' "displaced between
fifty and one hundred tons. Some ol'
them are small wooden vessels."
Ali Bey repudiated the reports that
the Turkish government had any intention of as!;ing for peace terms.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist
657  Columbia  Street,  Upataira,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Houra-. billy 4'7ZO a.m. to 5 p.m.
and  later by appointments.
Phone. 295.
vport, uad been attacked
Rlee In Temperature la Now General
Throughout West and Northwest
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
-or phone 324,
New Westmlnater.
���i. r a lamb, or a calf, and occasionally i wakeneta     lower    ��������    uuu��w��;
of a cow or a horse, to do with as he  strengthened   with  a  thick  concrete
liked, we believe, speaking from   ex-' flpor, fresh burglar alarms, and a new
.pedience, that the arrangement would  grill in frpnt^of the jewels
ibe utually   advantageous.   The   son' ___^______^
���does not like to feel under the obliga
.tlon of going to his father every time
he wants a few cents for some expenditure; and, besides, he should be
in a position to lay up something for
lhe "Rainy Day." The needs of a
quarter of a century ago do not accord -wtth-the needs of the present
day;  nor did the boys of that time
' ihavc the same facilities for investment as the boys now have. Today
we have practically at our door strong
financial 1 t/aittitftions    which   accept
j -email amounts 'on deposit; and we
also have fhe Canadian government's
' great annuities system, in regard to
which a word of explanation may not
t>e out of placet lt was approved by
members of both houses ef parliament, ���**�� at the back of it tbe ee-
���cority of tbo whole of the Dominion
���of Canada, and there could be no better or safer hlan of investment as a
of making provision for old
The wifTBents may he spread
tSA^mCAy'^��ars as may he de
s**d.^rangovernment attends to ai:
*be details free of charge.    For   ex
Blow Safe With Only Merchandise
Catalogues and Ink in It.
San Andreas, Cal., Jan. 14.���Stephen Cassinelli perpetrated a cruel
joke on three cracksmen early Satur
day morning by allowing thera to blow
a sate which he knew contained nothing but a lot of old merchandiee catalogues and a bottle of Ink. He says
he does not believe In Interfering   in
other people's affairs.
f in.
United States Upper Claeses.
Washington, D. ft, Jan. 14.���Chairman Stanley, of the House steel committee, received a telegram yesterday
from Mr. Thomas W. Lawson, pf Boson,  criticizing poi tions  of Mr. Andrew   Carnegie's   testimony and   suggesting a further inquiry into the C03t
>f armor plate furnished the govern-
nent.    Mr. Lawson eald he spoke "on
ehalf of the multl-mllllonaires,    the
ll'.lonalres and the soon-to-be-mllllon-
'���rea���t'ie s'nx-rlo* or uMret c'asses of
he l'nited States."
Chicago, Jan. 14.���Tbe moderated
cold spell now existing over the Middle Weat and Northwest wlll continue
with local variations for tbe next several days, according to the weather
bureau. After tbat a cold wave now
forming ln the Canadian Northwest
may sweep down over the territory
that haa been held by a similar invasion for the last two  weeks.
Snew was predicted to corao today
on a northwest wind, which would
prevent warmer conditions.
I Weather conditions Saturday hail
moderated materially from those of
the previous few days. Ihe rise in
temperature was general throughout
the West and in the Canadian Northwest,
Dulutb, which has maintained the
coldest average ln the West for several days, saw a rise In temperature from 20 degrees below to zero
ln 24 hours. In White River, Canada,
the change was from a minus of 28
degrees to 10 above.
In Chicago the mercury got below
7��ro for an hour on Saturday.
Toronto, Jan. 14.-The eight-day cold
spell reached Its maximum at 7 a.m.
yesterday, when the thermometer registered 12 degrees below zero (official.) By noon, however, lt had rlseu
21 degrees, between 9 and 10 o'clock
the mercury going up a degree every
six minutes, and at 10 o'clock last
night the difference from 7 a.m. was
3? degrees.
Eastern Canada continues very cold
and shows sign of a change.
Mr. Lavergne'a Condition Critical.
Quebec, Jan. 14.���Mr. Armond
Larergne, M.P.P., the young Nationalist lieutenant to Mr. Henri Bosrassa,
who was operated on for appendicitis
n few weeks ago, has had a relapse
and Is very low. Blood poisoning '.s
*r- -
I have just received a ship-
.-         -ment of
All kinds of Watches Repaired. WorK
Andrew Clausen
541 Front 8L Nea- the Market
Davies' Pharmacy
Is the place to buy
Hot Water Bottles
. Fully guaranteed.
Cough Syrups
The effective kind.
Dermol Cream
The beat application for whiter chaps.
Ce Se Davies
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
Double corner on Edinburgh atreet,  $2,000.00;   third  cash,  balance
6, 12 18 months.
Three lota on Eighth atreet, $3,200.00, for the three; one-third caah,
balance 6, 12, 18 months.
Corner lot on Third street, $2,250.00 on easy terma. This is an Al
Five-roomed house on Dublin street, $2,100.00; $600.00 caah, balance
to arrange.
Seven-roomed house on Hamilton street. $3,00.00 on easy terms.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE 904. (Old Glass Works Factory. SAPPERTON.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It la the stuff that the foun
datlons of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be uaed in two waya; to   spend   for   what   ls
needed now and to Invest for wbat shall be needed ln the fu
ture.   Money cannot be Invested until it is flrat saved.
The Bank cf Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columola. corner Eighth atreet.
A. L. DEWAR. General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
B.C. Mills
limber and Trading  Co.
Mamtfeetarers and Dealera In All Kinds �����
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
It New Westmlnater Box 137
We Carry a
 Full Line, of
'   ��� j
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 59 New Westminster, B. C.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
_____ MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1S12.
*^*t^m <***+**t****i*******>t^m^^>m**^S^*^^****>x.*^V>***^W^^**+^'
A meeting ot tbe SehWr Amateurs
-and City   Leaguers, wiU   be held on
Tuesday evenins in Mr. Ryall's office.
It is   particularly   requested  that  a
��� delegate from each City League team
be present, as ttie schedule has been
upset by tbe reoent bad weather, and
arrangements' for tbe future will have
. to be made.
Football was Impossible on Saturday ln New Westminster. In Vancouver, however, the Celtics were able
to meel the Shamwtiks on a very
muddy held, and defeated them by
9 to 2. It ls only fair to the losers to
mention that they played throughout
with only nine men.
Tbe referee and Judge of play tor
i the ice hockey match to be played between New Westminster and Victoria
��� on Tuesday bave been selected. Tommy Phillips will take tbe former duties, snd "Newsy'' Lalonde tbe latter. The Jine-up of the Royals will
not be change!. Hugh Lehmann will
play goal; McLean, point; Johnson,
covetipoint; Hyland, rover; Mallen,
centre; McDonald, right wing, and
Gradner, left wing.
gepresenWiVB Elected It
UjolPiDi Musicipalltles
(Continued trom
R. M
e, G. E. Welcher and Atkin-
For the reeveship there   were two
rdidates, victory resting* with Mr.
W. Dick, who defeated Ms opponent, M. A. M. Verchere, by 73 votes
to 23. The councillors returned were
Messrs, T. Catherwood, in Ward 1.;
D. Jeffries Greenwood, ln Ward II.;
Thos. Wilton, ln Ward IV. Ward IIL
had not been heard from at a late
bour last night.
For school trustees the following
were returned: C. A. Christie, Harvey Wren, J. H. Lawrence and J. A.
The Western Canada Power bylaw
carried by a good majority.
There were only two wards contested in the municipality of Richmond. In Ward HI. Mr. Fentlmarr
was elected by one of a majority over
Mr.' John D. O'Neill. In Ward V. Mr.
Samuel Shepherd defeated his opponent, Mr. Samuel Mitchell, by seven
of a majority. Both the water and
roads bylaws carried by Urge majorities. Other candidates were returned by acclamation. '���
In Maple Ridge Reeve J. C. Macfar-
Beeton, tbe poular late honorary sec- lane was returned without a contest,
letary of the 8enior Amateurs, who while a like experience befel Reeve
resigned bis position to Uke a holl-1 Macrae ln Kent, Reeve Wilson in
aay back east. He Is at present in i Chilliwack and Reeve Oliver ln Del-
Winnipeg, where he does not find s \ t*.
temperature of 27 below at all condu
Sellings, owing to the ta/^J**fh*i*n*
his council of last/tar were n6t ther-
sealouu ln performing tbeir duties toward This distiict White Sock, however, look^sVor the fulfilling of vjiV
ous promises, made by reeve and
cAfrcll last year, In regard to a vigorous policy of road work ln this district and throughout tbe municipality.
Mr. Harold Hunter, who has been
on a business trip to Eastern Can-,
ada, in the Interests tf the Campbell
River Lumber Company, Is *** - back
on Wednesday, when It ls expected
Niece  ef Vlscewtt
groom Decide Net to Insist.
���nd   BrUe-
Jan. 14.���The omission of
tbe word "obey" from a marriage service celebrated ln church is i illegal
and Invalidates the ceremony, accord-
Word bas been received from Mr.
tive to his comfort. He was also lai!
up for some days with a cold caught
on tbe Journey. Tbe thermometer fell
to about 40 below, and then the heating apparatus on tbe train went out of
order. Despite tbe application of a
Scotchman's usual remedy (sic?) Mr.
Beaton seems to have found this a little too much for him.
Mr. McAllister, the full-back of the
Senior Amateurs, has been laid up for
the past week with a severe attack ol
what is said to be Intermittent neuralgia In the face. The doctor bas ordered him not to go out, and It is uncertain when he will be seen again
about town.
on tbe new lumber and shingle mill,
which bis company intend to erect at
the mouth of the Campbell river. Just
half a mlle south of White Rock
The watchman In charge of the vacant summer bungalows bere reports
tbat though one or two have been entered, presumably by hoboes, during
tbe past two months, very little damage bas been done. A night's lodgings and a warm flre seemed to be
tbe aim of tbe intruders.
School reopenej on the llth with
Miss Annie Mitchell I of Sapperton,
The local shingle mill, operated by
the Campbell River Lumber Company, will open up to full capacity in
a couple of weeks. At present they
are only running one machine.
Charles E. Hope's summer cottage
here bas been rented by G. Koerner
and family from Hazelmere, B. C,
for the winter. Mr. Koerner ls engineer ln tbe local shingle mill.
Clearing operations, and development work have been partially stop
ped by the cold snap, but the ring of
White Rock has already become the axe and the hum of the cross-cut
noted as a summer resort, but It is did not entirely cease, and carpenters
that work will immediately commence  ing   to  a  sensational  announcement
made this afternoon by Rev. Hugb
Chapman, chaplain of the Chapel Royal Savoy.
Before the altar stood' Miss Uns
Dugdale, daughter of Commander
Dugdale, and niece of Viscount Peel,
with Victor Duval, waiting to be married. Both are prominent supporters
of. tbe militant suffragists and they
had decided that the Worl "obey"
should be omitted from the marriage
service and had communicated their
decision to the chaplain.
Just before tb* time Of the., cere
mbny. Rev. Mr. Chapman nought legal
advice and obtained a ruling which is
likely to invalidate many marriages.
Mlss Dugdale and Mr. Duval, after
the announcement by the chaplain, de
cided to waive their objections and
tbe marriage ceremony proceeded.
River Seine Continues to Rise, but Is
Still Below Danger Line.
Paris. Jan. 14.���The River Seine
continues to rise, but the authorities
declare th��y are prepared for ths
worst. Special iron frames have been ,
fitted along all the parapets and these
can be filled with cement ln a few
minutes. Traps have been arranged
at tbe opening of sewers to prevent
ingress of the flood water, and similar
precautions have been taken in the
subways. The river is still six feet
below Its mark of 1876 snd twelve
feet below that of 1910.
not generally known   that, although
only  twenty   odd  miles   from   New
Westminster,  climatic   conditions   in
winter are much more congenial than
those of Vancouver or New Westminster.    For instance, during this present cold snap   the   total   permanent
snowfall ln the immediate  neighborhood of the townsite haB only been
! about four inches since Dec. 24.   Fur-
; ther  back  in tbe bush and   timber,
| some six or seven Inches have been
noted, but all round, tbe tbermome-
; ter  has  not   fallen   low   enough   to
freeze the running water and  wells
and ditches.
I    On Thursday  morning, when   New
Westminster and Vancouver were ln
I the thyoes of a snowstorm, a   warm,
: gentle   rain   was   falling   at    White
Rock, and by Friday night hardly a
vestige of snow was to be seen along
| tbe sea front road.
The result ot the civic elections in
New Westminster was received at
White Rock with pleasure, for the interests of this young burg are bound
up with those of New Westminster,
and progress ln that city means progress at White Rock.
The population here greeted the reelection of Reeve Sullivan with mixed
are now working on the fratae of the
residence of Mr. Cody, Vancouver.
E.  E.
Warren A Co., Stock Brokers,
Fa||���Liabilities |12S,000.
Toronto, Jan. 14.���The stock exchange firm of MesBrs. E. R. Warren
& Co. suspended payment toiay with
$125,000 liabilities. The firm has been
heavily interested in Porcupine shares,
and a slump in these is Baid to account for the failure.
Some time ago Mr. Warren joined
a syndicate which bought the Davidson claim ln the Porcupine district
and turned it over to a crown-chartered company, taking stock in payment. The firm have since then been
endeavoring to make a market for ibe
stock, and tbe failure to do so, due
entirely to tbe general collapse of
Porcupine stocks, is believed to hive
been the final cause of their suspension. Another factor ln causing the
suspension is believed to have been
the drain of tbe New York office,
which the flrm bas been maintaining
at a big expense.
i !   I
Three days, Beginning
Sensational 1   Wonderful I
Presenting tbe
Most Marvelous Bicycle
Act Ever Attempted
They  risk their lives every
time tbey perform this feat
Illustrated Song.
Three  Shows Daily.
Notice is hereby givJn
that ��� dividend for the K
half year ending December
31st, 1911. at the rate of 8
per cent, per annum has
been declared upon the
capital stock of tbe company, payable on January
15th, 1912.
By order of the board.
���   >
:  -
Notice   is   hereby   given
that a dividend for the
half year ending December
31st, 1911, at tbe rate Of 8
'mr cent, per annam has
b��fcn declared upo*. the
capflU stock ot tbft company, payable on January
15th, 1912.
By order qf the .*�������%
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit fo.,ttd.
������ "ii
J.J.JONES, M(r.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
I llll      ��l '
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices ere low
W. R. GILLEY, Phone tta. G. E. QILLEY, ***** 2t1.
Phonee, Office 18 and 1S.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
id j
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In Coal
"jkU.f;<i"f -
c ;��������
;.   0W
Fay You
*      "���L
HBO    nmmiinup <v
The Public Supply Stores
���mmtu ml* "
Announce Their Opening
, ?
HV-'      JJOS*��l      ��tfi
��� -r*t nusi -*a.' .'
I   V.i   -'iiilidl   *.r.i
���'���i oirl ani v.<i
, i/ifij ire.'. -.: ���
'in* BOOW to :>''���''
!i."�� iir i'i -Mi :i.Ai ���
..-no<i jl aiiri hxrt '.
:���"  oti'  '':,  -.-yy
IO   liS����ii>S1   'it*.,'*-     '���
���v."    ll   JSllj   .'JIIJT
ihU -.o'i Bfdsauij'
With a Full Line ofGrocerim Provisions and
:\-.,-l   ���;���**���, ������������..;    '
.-:������ B    9 ��� J .Tc .. 4.   ��� ���
......        *.   ,'���   (
��� ;  . ���'������Oifi'-  -j*.  Jy
��� i.i-l  '���:-."'[  ootta .
��� - ���*;:, '.*:.    \:'* IK
*yt o.t s ill \i*'. .  \
..ii o\ ?t��i'>;?'ki
�����*>', a ?:.;..'.v-
��� vfl'i .Sri.-;    -��� nit* .*
.;��! ol -toi.-i-'-y,. i
'���   ".<.*'!.   ^rMAjl"     '.   i
������'il-.'.*   i-   to    I'M-.' "
**-'***m--^**-***4!'m*!ll* ir*
r.rfl pit* to rr.;. ���'.
it  tuaea  wit ,��n
^*^* m     ******��-    mm   ".���'������*��� astod edi a* At'-
Good Delivery!
Our Prices Cannot Be Beat
33 8th Street
Phone 2
i -,tia'7> tWotaA p*
IXt i'.*i\iuan.~ JkV
o ">�� b- -)vr t, A:nt
f      *iimi*\  lO   JtlU   ..��.-
ifcWM   )>���> **��<flt.
'��ii )& iii.il ,ta---
�����",��  wll   i<l  -r.l\r
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J&Hl iM.;-'.  T-i
..-tjl+azi  1-r ��������� "..
fli, j
*   ���*!   -
lllll I
:���****-��! *���������*'
ttamsmm .   ,. ****.'
"Weir-he tooted np at tke sky fist
���   Jl^.    I��� ���A��� -A e   �� reason and fou nd one���"in the mora
: An instructor: u
In Painting
A Tale of
Orr's Island
e  Conrrtfht by American Prass Aim-   ���
elation, 1911.
! Daring the summer of Id��� Constance
Phillips, an art student, chose the
coast of Maine for a field in whicb to
paint pictures. There ls an Island on
that coast which has been made preeminent among its neighbors by a
celebrated authoress, who located one
of her stories there. HafMet Beecher
Stswe's "Pearl of Ore's Island" bss
been read by mllllons^of ber fellow
countrymen, thus familiarizing them-
wltb st least tbe name of tbe locality.
Mlss Phillips, being alone, stopped at
a small hotel near the house In which
Mrs. StOWe wrote her story, lu the
morning ufter breakfast she would
tnke her artist'* paraphernalia and
start out In seun-h of a si-ene tn transfer to i-UDvut Itui sbe found tiutlitnn
of the marlue order Hint pleased her
Wore thHU Hie vli-w looking eastward
Irom the lower em) of the Island Hi*
sri-udlnp au lupllm'. she found berselt
Just abore n rocky shore overlooking
a strip or Cuhco buy. There she set
up ber ensel nnd. embracing In ber
subject a hit nr the rocks and s bit of
the ocean, Imtuu her work.
Constance palmed all the moraine.
but uiironiinatelv her ability to transfer to canvas what she saw wns not of
ii high order. Like many aspirants for
success In art sbe felt it. but was unable to express It What she bad
placed on the canvas disappointed her.
Bhe was looking at her work ruefully
when sbe heard o step behind ber and.
turning, saw u man descending through
tbe wild grass and weeds. Aa be passed ber be lifted his cap and. casting a
glance at ber picture, paused, looking
from lt to Its subject.
"You have selected quite an attractive view." be said. "Your discrimination ln tbls respect ls proved by
your having cboeen tbe best tbere is
- rr fear It Is all discrimination." said
Constance, viewing ber work lugubriously.
"You mean tbat yon are not gifted
with the artistic touch?"
"1 fear I am not."
"A good deal depends upon tbat
which for tbe want or a better word
1 shnll call tbe trickery ot art. There
are all sorts of methods of producing
effects wbich. though ln themselves
mechanical, tend to successrul painting. Judging from tbls bit of work. 1
fancy you bave something to learu in
this respect."
"For Instance, this Wt of rocky cHU
ls depicted against thnt wood across
the water. The cliff ls of a dark
brown, the wood a dark green, two
dark substances, the one directly behind tbe otber. You must make one
of tbem of a different shade from
what It Is. Tbe rock, being In the
foreground, is the most Important.
You have got its color to perfection.
The wood, being distant, would bear
more blending with its neighboring
objects. It will bear lightening,
which will darken the rock!"
Coustam-e mixed Borue colors on her
palette, gave the wood beyond the
rock a dull nnd wus quite pleased with
the Improvement. Tbe rock stood out
boldly, while the wood uppeured ut
Its proper distance.
^''Are ,2""" ��� tether of grtr sbe
*, "1 have taught art, t>ul \ do not
tca^b now. I am interested at present
in regaining my physical strength,
���wbicb 19 somewhat run down."
Constance noticed that be was pale
and thin. Hls eyes, which were large
and expressive at any time, seemed
more so In his invalid condition. She
thanked bim for his suggestion and.
removing ber canvas, folded ber ensel
and her stool, put her palette and
paint ln ber box and was starting
away when the stranger said:
"Have you to carry tbose things
"To tbe village, about a mlle up the
"Ho you come back to paint this
afternoon r"
"1 expect to."
"Then it ls not necessary that you
shosild lng ihem both ways. 1 have n
shack ou the crest, between here aud
the road, und you can leave them
"That would Indeed be a saving or
i lie took np a part of her belongings
while she carried the rest, and they
,-wnlked together up a littlo path to one
Of those summer cottages containing
only bads, chairs and cheap tableware
���which city folk rent either for a few
weeks ln summer or for "the season."
There was a broad porch on three
Fides of lt, and Its occupant, setting.
down the artist's materials on tbe
porch, (said: ���       ��;
"They may remain here til! you return ln tbe afternoon, and lf you don't
conic ugain today 1 will take tbem in-
Hdc 'ami Jseep tbem for you till you
Deed them.''    "   >
"Vou are very kind." Constance re-
I lied    "Ho you live here all alone*"
"For the present 1 go back te the
<-lt.v early in September."
"I wlll relieve you of my belongings
r'Hint S o'clock this afternoon."
"If it ls not necessary thnt you
work  iii ucy i wbflld advise yiril nut
iu Co *>.''
SV*r-a ..
���ra* delighted jvft'j !ts   Sbe was sur
\,flsei af her lalSuf.
Cutistance'l Instructor told her that
If she would take her picture to a
prominent nrt dealer In Hoston he
thought she wouid get a good price
for ll. He snld he would meet ber
there on a certain dnte and Introduce
her. On the dny named sbe took ber
work to the store, but her Instructor
felled to meet her. She showed the
dealer the picture, aud he studied It
"Hid yon paint lt?" be asked.
"Certainly.    Wby to you ask that?"
"Because I would have sworn tbat
was u Frank Klllot "
Taking up n small mlcroscooe. be
hruugbt it to heur on a lower corner.
���It Is an Elliot." he said.
"What do you mean?" exclaimed the
Hstonlshed Constance.
The dealer handed her the microscope, and sbe brought It to bear on
tbe picture. Tbere sbe saw "P. Elliot
"Wbo is Frank Elliot?" sbe asked
"Our principal American marine
painter Just at present"
"Wbere does he live?"
"Nowhere. He's been trying to regain bis health at Orr's island, 1 believe."
Constance was dumfounded.
"Wbat value do you place upon tbe
picture?" she asked.
Tbe dealer pondered a few moments,
then said:
"H Is worth about $1,200"
"(ioodness gracious!" exclaimed the
girl, ber breath quite taken away.
At that moment Constance's Instructor walked Into tbe shop.
"Hello. Klllot." said tbe dealer.
"Heen trylug to fool me again, bare
you? You can't do lt 'I'd know your
work In a dungeon."
The sequ-jl to tbls story ls very brief
and very prosaic. Frank Elliot nnd
Constance, his wife, now In summer
occupy the cottage at Orr's island,
where be pslnted tbe ptctnr*
lng we are fresh snd can do ear best
work. Besides, wben we have Inat
finished a bit of work we are liable te
either undermine or overvalue It II
yon leave wbat yon hare done this
morning without looking at It GUI tomorrow you wlll be able to put a much .
better estimate upon tt tbsn now, Ju#f"
after working upon it."      ...,-'
"And if 1 leave It bere-1 can't sec
it can 1?" -*���*
"No, you can't   And In tbe morning
when  you  art  fresh  you  will  know
just what lt  requires.    Yon see. tbe
: course 1 advise is' benedclai in more
j ways'than one."
-Constance left blm and. striking s
.''disused road through tbe pines, walk-
I ed away toward Harpswell village.
i After dinner Instead of going bark to
i her work sbe took a siesta snd later
I a tour of observation In search of ob-
! Je>'ts to transfer to canvas.
Tbe next morning was clear snd
j crisp. Constance walked to tbe rot-
I tage where sbe bud left ber belongings nnd, approaching, saw ber eusel
set np on tbe nortb porch and ber picture resting on It She was far better pleased wltb wbut sbe had dons
tban sbe bad been lbe day before.
Just tben tbe stranger came oul. and
sbe said to blm:
"You are an admirable teacher.
Last evening I was disposed to throw
my work into tbe flre. Tbls morning
1 am very well satisfied with It"
"I'erbaps It is because yoa see lt
tbrough rested eyes."
Constance took her picture down to
tbe position she bad occupied the day
before and began her day's work. She
was ugain disappointed. It seemed
to ber when noon cntne tbnt her picture looked much ns It had done tbe
day before. She carried lt up to tbe
stranger's cottage He saw ber coming
and went out lo meet ber.
"I fear thnt I hare spoiled It." she
said to blm. "This morning- It was
tine: now It in worse than it was yesterday."
"I'ut It away from you again." he
said, "till tomorrow morning.'*
"I will leave lt wltb you till to
morrow morning If you will kindly
keep it. but I know that during the
day I bave Injured It rather than Improved It. I am heartsick over It."
Growing confidential: "1 am very poor
nnd have hoped soon to be able to
make my living In this way. If the
taore work I put on a picture the
worse it is, what cbaacy I* there ror
me?" -��� *���
"We must all meet discouragement,"
he replied, "but when we ere In lis
tolls there ls u ki:id fairy called rest
thut unwinds tbem,'and wben we ure
refreshed we take Uold ayalu with
renewed  vigor."
So Constance left her picture with
hei new found friend, went to her
room and lounged the rest of the day.
In the morning she found ber picture
Ugain set up in au advantageous light,
and again her dissatisfaction with it
of the day before was changed to
I'ay after dny Constance worked on
tier picture, every morning comforted
iiy its appearing to her to oe improved
trom what it was the day before,
every noon fearful lest she bad lost
more than she bnd gained. The
<rrunper taught her many a "trick." ns
he called it. by wliich objects were
brought to their relative position and
striking effects produced. One thing
she knew���taken altogether, the picture was really growing Into something beautiful. She believed that
whkt'she was doing was due entirely
io n subtle influence ber Instructor
exerted over here.
I Hiring this time tbe summer wns
fading Into autumn. The water and
the sky took on a cold hue, and tbe
cottage residents of Orr's Island began
to return to their permanent homes.
;.ce  finished   ber  painting  and
Famous Correspondent Hss Seen Active Service Since Wsr of Sectesjg/J.
Rennet Biirlc;gh,*flOYMfe*''(foyen of
active w>r cbfrejpondents, is st "lhe
���Iront" in T��*AVi. It is not generally
known that the famous correspondent
ol The London Daily Telegraph fought
as a youngster on the Confederate
side in the American Civil War, and
it may be added, was twice sentenced
to be shot by .the Federals in the'
course of the campaign. Sir Charles.
Wyndham, the acvr, was another who
saw service in the same war a? an
arm^ surgeon before h�� decided to exchange the medical for .'-he theatrical
Mr. Burleigh has seen more active
service probably than any man living, not excluding professional soldiers, since he has participated uot
only in British wars, but in those of
all other nations during something
like half a century, in the course ol
which he has engaged in some twenty-five different campaigns. He ha-J
gone through enough hardship and
exposure in pestilential climates to
kill half a dozen men, and has been
in the tightest of tight corner/again
and again, but miraculous luck hae
always attended him, and his many
friends look to see him back again
safe and sound from Tripoli in due
One of Mr. Burleigh's best "scoops"
probably was his interview with Joubert on the eve of the last South
African war. The slow troop train by
which he was traveling was overtaken by s special on which Joubert
snd his staff were going to the front.
Burleigh waited till it was just moving out of the station, and then bluffed the stationmaster into stopping it
by signal, telling him thjt he had
been left behind. The special stopped, and Burleigh got on board���tn
be congratulated heartily by Joubert
on his enterprise, and to get fron* the
Boer generalissimo a capita! interview.
Swann and the Army.
While the Rev. Sidney Swann. *ihe
vicar of Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland, who rowed from Dover tt
Sangatte, near Cape Grisne2, Calais,
in a 20-foot racing skiff, in the extraordinarily short time, o! 3 hours
50 minutes, was an undergraduate at
Cambridge, he was noted for his unusually liberal-minded views. For example, the Salvation Army in tbe
Varsity town met with fierce opposition. A rowdy antagonistic mob used
to find pleasure in smashing up the
bandsnfen's instrument, and personal violence was not by any tmans ttlj-
inown. This was too much tor a
trio cf tilt V ��������� .""v'��-u'lt.��s���S. Swann,
Rowing Blue, wTTo has "now" conquer-
d the Channel; C. T. Studd. the
ttmoug cricketer, now so useful a
worker nt the London Polytechnic;
ard S. P. Smith, stroke of the Light
Bine crew, These at once decided to
show their sympathies with the Army,
by addressing the crowds who were
drawn nightly to the local Salvation
Army barrp.cks. It is a romarkabk
{act that from thRt timt the opposition commenced to subside, and gome
of the most troublesome of th*
"rou?hs" led to hear the young Varsity sneakers afterwards became "sui-
jiers"   ol  Uia   Army.
Alter Keir Hardie.
The Liberals are out for Keir H.-ir-
''ie's seal?.   The utioompromh-ir/r So-
���ialist has bean going up and down
the country condemning the Govern--
nrnt, particularly for their action in
������ailing out the troops at tlie time of
the railway strike. Mr. Lloyd George
look tlie lead when he gave Mr. Hardie a dressing down in the House ol
Commons, which, however, made th"
Socialist leader bitterer than ever,
and his attacks have been so sveere
that even th? labor leaders have had
to repudiate them. The Liberal revenge is to take the form of opposing the re-election of Mr. Hardie ior
Merthyr-Tydvil. Hardie is a Scotsman
and has not been able to manage the
'.ahguage cl WaleT To"mosi of hvs
eorsLtu?nt* Welsh is their nativi
rof.gue. The Liberal, campaign against
Mr. Hardie is", therefore, to be carried
on in Welsh, which the Chancellor of
he Exchequer and most of the Liberal )eadfrs q? ,ff6& ClS fclj ,tt g$
as they can Er.g.ish, and it leSJra...,
"arries a Welsh audience. Whether it
,vill wean the Welsh miners from
* :.  F-pjalistic  member  remains tc
*~-*t* ^^MHOMVMSV*- -..
Jud3o cn�� Child's Theology.
Justice Horridg3 had occasion to
rebuke those in court et Durham
(Eng.) Assizes. A little girl#i before
giving evidence, was asked, "Where
do little girls go to-if they tell Ihst '
"To tha devil," was the child s answer, and the court laughed loudly.
The judge, addressing the public, said
this was not a matter to laugh at
Children ought to be asked these
questions, and the public ought t<
be ashamed of themselves. Turn ing
to the little girl, his lordship found
her in tears. "Don't cry, little girl,
he said kindly. "I will take care oi
you." He then asked her. ' Do you
know where good little girls go to?
"To heaven," answered the little wit
ness between her sobs. His lordship
then gave directions for the chad to
be sworn.
A Vstcrsn Sailor.
Vice-Admiral Sir Alfred WinBloe.
who has taken command of the foreign forces at Hankow, China, by
reason ol his superior rank, has spent
forty-six years in the navy. He start-
ed his life afloat st the age ol thirteen, and was only thirty when he
took part in the battle of Tel-el-Kebir.
Yearns For South Africa.
After spending; flve months in South
Africa, Miss EUaline Terriss has become so enamored with lhe country
that she says heir one ambition now
is to retire, go out there to live in
an orange grove, and do some big-
game  shooting.
Animal Lawn-Mowers.
Since  the discovery in England of
the  lawn-moving  proclivities  of  the
guinea  pig  the   price  of  these little
animals has increased fortyfold.
Large, light, deliriously flavored
loaves-more loaves and more quality
tq the sacRthan from any other Hour.
The housewife who uses.
knows this, and will use
no other.
A money-back guarantee
in everv sack.
M008C nm, SAW
MlM.       -
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Milk at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
A Soda Cracker Was a
Soda Cracker UNTIL���
TMTFOHO.qmAOA ���><*__ '
Six years ago we gave to the
Dominion a Superior Soda Cracker
���better flavored, better made.
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas caught and held
popular favor, through their flavor.   Tons of them are
consumed every day���and the demand gets bigger every day.
You Want Biscuits
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���SBfyffl -a
f%-T Shipped in.Private Cars
������������MMMMMBM       *******        *S***M*��*******��B***��*****W***        a*****************
We use none but the choicest ingredients.   We get the best because we
pay top prices.    Then they are baked by Canada's master bakers in
the largest sunlit sanitary factory in the country.
But we don't stop with making the finest soda cracker���we go further.
Every package is shipped in our own private cars.   The cars are
specially made so an even temperature is maintained.    Wc
are the only makers to go to this trouble and expense.
It's expensive, but better for the biscuits.
They arrive at your table fresh, flaky and delicious.   And
they cost no more than common kinds.
Try a package today.
Ask Your
CucuU& Candy Co.. W
1 ���*
Your Advertisement in the
Daily News is a Salesman���
Reliable, Indispensible, Etfective ;    MONDAV. JANUARY IS, 1112.
sir willia:: white is dean of
Tha Man Who Worked Fer Thirty
Years For the British Admiralty
Department Gave Up a Lucrative
Petition at the Call ef Hia Coun
CUnrlcarde,    Ireland's   3re*te��t
rent, to Sen Hia Property.   "
Nothing ao significant has happened
tti 'tfje history of Ireland tor many a
day ki tha decision oi Lord Clanri-
carde to well his estates to hie tenants,   announced   recently   by   John
Dillon  at   a   meeting   at   Portumna,
County Galway,. in the heart ol the
Clanricarde country.
.^....... ��� ...�� _... ��. ,... v..,,. {    Perhaps no Irish landlord has been
try���Hla Text Beek en the Subject   more execrated than Clan��ic��rde,�����md
i. UaaA aii Ou��. ��k. IW..U i certainly none has  deserved it more.
la Used All Oj��r the World. | when 0{her8 w���e reducing rentg> and
j   Tt��em��an age, yet the actual dif-!even   "��'ving  them   in   hard   times.
Iference iffTime between our splepdM ^CJanricarde exacted the uttermost
modern types of ocean greyhounds nothing and evicted and burned with-
and war vessels and the clipper ship out mercy v#rhen they were not forth-
and frigate which preceded them ii ��� coming. His ettate has been in a con-
'only little more than half a century, dition ol actual*war thirty yeara.
To-day, even, there are yet living men ��� How pitiless he .-yea is proved by
who have taken a large part in thia I ***.�� '8C' that the toen ol hii own
important revolution in methods of | cl*M even refused to associate with
transportation  and fighting.    One ol I niln-   Things were made so unpleas-
these, eir William H. White, who waa
tor many years the chiei constructor
of the British navy and who designed the great Miuretania.
While he was director of naval construction in the- British navy, in
which office he served lor manv years,
174 ahipe were built irom his designs. The vessels of this immense
fleet���t'.iey really constituted 12 separate fleets ��� carry 1,510 guns and
have an aggregate displacement of
861.000 tons and an indicated horse
powi.- of 1,400,000. They cost altogeth-
-et ahout $200,000,000.
But that fleet of 174 ships does not
represent all that Sir William White
hat done in naval construction. For
a number of years before he became
director ol construction in the British
navy, he was at the head of the warship department cl one oi the biggest .
ehip building firms in England, and !
ant for him he was not seen ih the
House of Lords lor many yean, and
when he did' make his appearance a
couple of years ago to vote on a division of great importance to his claas
he waa shunned by every one.
A great English landlord, Lord St.
Aldwyn, who is better known by hts
former title of Sir Hichael Hickt-
Beach, even went so far in a debate
aa to declare that Clanricarde't vote
in favor ot a measure was equal to
hall a dozen votes against it, and to
denounce him ai a disgrace to landlordism.
Clanricarde hat not been in Ireland
for at least thirty years, and probably
for a good deal longer. He had not
even the courage to tace Lit tenants,
but left that dangerous work to his
agents, and more than one resigned
rather than carry out his orders.
He lived alone in London, occupy
Miniature Biayclas That Are Capable
ef Greet Speed.
A new form of roller akate. the Invention of M. Louis Marchand. a young
French   engineer,   resembles   nothing
, more than miniature bii-yclee. weigh
j twenty-flve pounds eacb and work automatically.    Tbey  have thick  pneumatic tires, and the wheel*, of which
there are two on each akate. are twelve1
' Inches ln diameter. ,
Thirty mllea an boor can easily be
i made by an experienced skater with
! these skates. Tbe akate la clamped to
tbe sboe,��"and when tbe foot li raised
a spring is automatically wound up
around a specially constructed gear attached to tbe rear wheel. When the
foot ia put to tbe ground tbe pressure
releases the spring, unwinds thp gear
and revolves the rear wheel at a great
rate. Nearly 000 revolutlona a minute
are thua produced.
Both skates are equipped with tbe
winding device, but lt is aet in motion
on one only, a safety clutch being provided to lock It on tbe other. But ter
tbe setting of thla clutch It would be
Impossible fer tbe skater to stop, ter
obviously be would always have to
have one foot on tbe ground. Before
starting thla clutch ia aet on one akate,
which Just tralia along after the other
and whicb ia relied upon when the
skater wishes te stop.
ship building nrnis in r.ngiana, ana :     *** ******* *.***"*��� ��������� ���. f.
while he was in that position he was i ing a little flat in Piccadilly, amusing
** ���*-. , >,;��,.eolf    Kb    i*(\\\i*t*t\iiv    nietures   and
more or less the constructive mind
back of several of the navies of the
���world. He designed at that time war.
���hips ior Austria, Italy, Spain, China
and Japan.
His   connection   with   this   private
ship  building  firm  wat  very  advan-
, ������ , nn WILLI AU WHIT*,
tageous to him, but he sacrificed it
unhesitatingly to what he considered
his patriotic duty when he was called
aome 35 years ago to direct construction in the British navy. He carried
on that work (or 30 years at a personal  sacrifice, at his  compensation
himself by collecting pictures and
antiques. Although a wealthy man,
he probably spends less on himself
than most clerks, and few oi the people who meet the queer old man in the
garb of nearly a c-ntury ago walking
along Piccadilly every fine morning. I
realize this is the man whose fame as
the worst landlord even Ireland ever
produced is known to all the world.
The pity ol it is that Clanricarde ie
the latt of a race that has been great
in Ireland nearly 700 years, and some
of whose members really served their
country. His name is Hubert George
du Burgh Canning, but the "Canning"
was added a couple of generations ago.
He it therefore the head ol the great
Burke family.
The first of the race in Ireland was
Richard de Burgh, who wa* lord lieutenant in 1227, ar.d who received th*
title of Lojd of Connaught.   His ton
became Earl of Ulster, and four generations   later  the   present   title   wai
created. Other branches of the family
are the Earls of Mayo and Viscount*
of Galway.
I    There   isn't   any   doubt that   Lord
I Clanricarde has made up his mind to
sell  his estates  because he sees  that
Home Rule is inevitable, and  knows
he  will receive much  less conaidera-
tion irom an Irish executive thun he
will   in  making   n  bargain  with   the
congested districts  commissioners, to
whom he has signified his willingness I
to consider a fair offer ^^^���
Borer and Dredger Uaed to Recover Sunken Geld.
The search by a British syndicate
for tbe Florencla, a ship of the Spanish
armada which weut down In Tobermory bay. Isle of Mull, in 1558. baa
met with considerable success. Tbla
ship ls aald to have carried 30.000.000
pieces of eight aa Ita treasure cargo.
.at the Admiralty was small in comparison with what hia services could
!ommand from private enterprues.
Sir William received at an early
lege a thorough, practical and theoretical education in hia profession. At
a boy of 14 he wat apprenticed to
the matter shipwright at the royal
dockyards at Devonport, Eng., hit
birthplace. Hit advantages thera
included not merely actual work in
construction  of  ships,  but  alto
the  scientific training given  at
school   wbich   waa   attached   to
yards.   When he  waa  19 years
he became a candidate for admission
to the Royal School ot Naval Architecture in London and atood first in
ihe competitive examination. Imm-d.
lately after hit graduation he became
a member ot the staff of the Admiralty and for several years waa large-
ly engaged in that capacity in the
construction of the types ol warship-
then regarded at the mott advanced.
He left the Admiralty to engage in
the private practice of hit profession,
only to return again to public duty.
ae haa  been  atated,  in  retponae to
an urgent call from hit country.
But Sir William it not only a great
builder ot ships; he ta al*o a great
teacher of the art of building them
It may be said that he has instructed the young men ot most of the nations of the world ln the principles
-of naval architecture and engineering.
At pronator of naval architecture ha
* _..  ���aara HD  tilt  CvUTSC
Story  ef  Self  Help.
A man who bepari his,working er*
reer as a scissors-grinder in Sheffield,
England, and married on n wuge of
only $6 a week, has just died worth
$100,000, and has left heouestt of ii.
500 each to four charitable institutions of the city.
He was Mr. David Fenby. glass and
china dealer, the proprietor of a very
large business, which he acquired as a
retult of hard work and thrifty habits,
in which his wife shared. *
When he was earning his small
wage the couple always managed to
save something, and when they had a
little capital they started a small general grocery business in a back street.
He purchased a donkey and hired a
cart, and after two years in business
A number of these coins have been
recovered, aloug with sword hilts, scabbards, large quantities of black African oak. muskets. stilettoN and stone
and Iron abot A piece of eight waa
a Spanish coin worth 9(1% centa in
American tnouey, ao tbat tbe coins carried by the Florentine are wortb nearly $30,000,000, an amount of gold
weighing a boot flfty short tons.
The upporatoa uaed in searching for
the treasure la unique, constating of a
specially constructed auction dredger
used to sink artesian wells. Tbe boring auger penetrates tbe sea bottom
for several feet and bringa up samples,
which are examined for treasure. Then
the scow supporting tbe borer la moved te another point, and tf tbe previous
haul of sample bottom reveals treas-
irrlval: Closing
llS:10���United States via C. P. R.
(dally exeept Sunday). 88:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:18
IJ:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R-
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:80
7:40���Victoria vi* B. C. E. R.
(dally exqe* Sunday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
7:80���United States vfn 6. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)     ��.4t
16:16���United Statea via 0. N. R.
p.. Ji���*     (dally exceot Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All polnta eaat   and   Eu-.
rope    (dally)   ��:1��
22:43���All points   east  nnd Europe (dally)  13:15
11:40���Sapperton   and   Fraaer
Mills      (daily     except
Sunday)       8:30
18:10���Sapperton   and    Fraaer
mills     (dally     except
Sunday)      14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (daily    except Sunday)   ,  8:30
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Bunday)       USJS
1400���Eaat Burnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)  18:30
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:30
10:80���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Mondav.      Wednesday
end Friday    14:00'
10:00���Ladner. Port Oulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa 13:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(dally  except  Sunday). 13:30
0:00���Woodwards        (Tuesday,
Tnursday    and    Saturday)    13:30
' 10:60���Vancouver. Plper'a Siding via O. N. R.
(daily except 8unday)..14:2i
! 15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.  R.   (daily  except Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day       14:0c
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake  (dally except Sunday  16:0*
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine     (dally    except
Sunday) If 41
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday   9:4!
11:20���Chilliwack,   Milner,   Mt.
Lehaaaa, Aldergrove, Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South     '  i
Westminster,       Clover
Valley,   Coghlan.   Sardis.    Sperling   Station,
Bradner, via B. C. E. R.
(daliy except Sunday). 9:00
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B.  C.   E.  R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday        9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:80
11:20���Abbotaford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   17:30
16:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm 23:00
l. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are bete In Odd fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eightb atreeta,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Vlaitlng brethren cordially Invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvis, N-G.; W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary: R- Purdy, financial secretory
Varden No. 19, Sens nt Norway,
meet In Eagles hall the first and
third Wednesdays ot each month at.
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
'1188 M. BROTEN, pubUc stenographer; specifications, business let
torn, etc.; circular work token
Pbone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St
Our process ef Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOUS.
We can reclaim, many garments you might decide to cast
Phone R278 for the Best Work.
Gent's Saits Pressed   ���   75c
Geat's Suit* Cleaned $1.50 np
Cleaners & Dyers
S46 Columbia Street
H. J. A.
^^^^ Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
ters matt Solicitors,, Westm In iter
Trust block, Columbia, street, New
Westminster. B.C. Cable address
"Whiosslde,:' Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside; H. Ii Edmondk
8* to 36 H. P.
t aad 4 Cycle.
^^^H^ocal Agents
Westnifister Iron Works
Phene 63.
Tenth  St,  New  Westmlnater.
MARTIW��� Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and i
Gulchon biock, corner Columbia anu
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of-
Beea, Williams building. 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrio, O. E
J. Newsome & Sons
Punters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
solicitor and notary. Clo Columbia
street.   Over G. P. R. Telegraph.
214 Sixth Aveeoe.
Phone 667
J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, bar��iaae��-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie etreets, Now Wast
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
Choice Beef, Mutton,
tank, Pork and Veal
Barristere-atrLaw,     Solicitors,   Etc.
Adam   S. Johnston.     Frank A.. Jack-
eon.    Offices:    Vancouver, Room 405
i Winch   Building;   Now  Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street
(     Telephones:     Vancouver,   Seymour
12163;  New Weatminater, 1070.
Cable   Addtwss:      "Stonack."   Code.'
Western. Union.
Corner Eighth St and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 870.
waa"able to take a grocer's shop with 1 """'��� ������"���"����� .��� ���-- ,
t~    , | an  off-lieem*.    After nine  years  he I n�� the sucUon dredger Is act to work
Imm-d. | htd Mved pnough  t0 buv ,he gb     I at that pc'.at   The material sucked up
-��� ���  ���      *.      a.  the | by the dredger Is discharged into a
large sieve with a mesh sufficiently
small to retain objects one-third of an
Inch in diameter.
p. G. GARDINER.       A. t. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
minster Board of Trade meet* ln th*
hosrd room. City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each ��"��""
quarterly meeong on toe tmro
Thursday of Febfunry, May. A**m
and November, at �� *�����*���"�����
meetings on tho third thnrtday rt
February. Now members may b*
proposed end sleeted at any monto
ly or quarterly meeoac C H
Stuart-Wade, secretary.
LC.Coast Service
2 p.m.
and nine adjoining houses.    At
same time he was carrying on a business   aa  furniture  remover, hia  wife
looking alter the shop. %
He waa afterwards able to move to
bigger premises and became a wealthy
man, but h�� and his wife continued
U> live in a very moderate style.
���,      .  m.
Defying the Dictionary.
George Eliot and Horace Walpole
introduced the strange word
"greenth" in place of "greenery" into their writings, Shakespeare wrbte
"kist" and "drest" and is said to
have signed his name in sixteen differ-
ent  ways, and Carlyle  ���*��� tnnA of
Cats and Tuberculosis.
Dr. W. L. Enaor of Lockwood, O-
has dissected more than 100 cats during the past six months, and in all
of tbem, he says, he found germn of
tuberculosis. Among Dr. Ensor'a patients waa tbe bead of a family wbo
was afflicted with tuberculosis'. From
the history of the caae tbe doctor wus
convinced that tbe family cut had
brought the disease t* tbe house. As
a result he made an Investigation.  Oc
--a  -   u^lnJ
M. S. A.
Phone N1.
Bex 778
B. C.
M Bank of Canada
* m* nAA AAA
pnld up
Transfer Co.
PMae lift
BegWe Street
Baggag*   aeii��- -
nay pan ������
Pion*  I
Rei ^^^^^^^^^
The Bank han over 2M
branches, extending in Canadn
from the Atlantic to the Paciuc.
la Cubn throughout the Ialand;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Dvafta issued wtthout delay
on an tbe principal towns and'
ctttce tn the werM. Theee' ex-
eefent connections afford every
bnaklnc facility.
New Westminster Brooch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
For Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dolly except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
 Dally except Sunday
For Seattle.
M ....Daily
M..... Doily
For Prtoeo Rupert and Alaska
P.M Jan. 13Ui, 27th
For Hardy Boy.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For GmR Islands Peints.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano, Mnyne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Bearer Point Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent Now Westminster.
G. P. A. Vancouver
M Pru. ������-;���--       ar�� ,-0 tht course
WlvTffi'of^avsl Archi-
in tne xv����v�� lectures  which   he
&W�� baai. of hi. Man-' tuauon    -<��� ���      jial t0 ,h,
ua lVof Navll Architecture   which ,s ��J���� *���������������, .-excessively" when
.*!...��� anaard textbook. Ith^uj��*n"  "he obviously   meaDt  "exceedingly.
* ���*%��&&* l��=Ksa��Sas
lecture   and the  lecture,  which
ual of  iMivi*. ...-_.,
otill a standard text book
translated    into    German,
Russian and Spanish
Queen Alexandra.
A great many Canadian, take a surprising interest in royalty, and a question not inirequently heand it:
"Where i. Queen Alexandra now?"
It is expected that the Queen Mother
will be in con.tant residence at San
Dem r.
uary, when it �� ��ij ..-,., ���
Majesty will go to Russia on a visit
ot twA or three months' duration to
her sister, the Empress Marie, at the
Castle of Gatohina, near St. Peter.-
^ se^e^erate." .Dickens
introduced the most eccentric punc;
luation   when   writing   "Pickwick.
and the(.critica have accueed Miss Ma-
"ie Corelli of using "perspicuity in-
steed of "perspicaeity.	
Offers Maid Every Night Out
The Australian scarcity nf domestic
or more were killed and examined.   *'!
found ln all of tbem germs of tuber-
culosls." the doctor aald.   "Of course
I not all the cate were In the last stage
j of the disease, although at least SO per
cent wore tn a serious coudltiou.    I
venture to say  that enough  of the
; germ* were present to make nny ot
| them a danger to a household    Csta
j prowl around ln various places nnd
i thua carry the germs with them.
tight and Heavy Hauling
OFFICE���T*****  ���>��*"
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
ill Bankof Toronto
  ^___ %      tnua carrjr uie K-._	
servants  is  eo  acute  that   would-be 1 household pets sre a uenice.'
employers have to be original in their -I       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
appeals tor help.    Probably no moro I
enticing  offer   to- domestic   servant*
tm &TC�� "hpTSutri" iron-   J^1', b��fn made"than is contained
l&rk St5 Se beginning o! J.u-   ^^'oUowing advertisement from
,m   vJ? i.u��varv likely that her   Ml.Tvdney Morning Herald:
r. when ��t !P��L5HL . mt*n P^gffoEd general, S in family.
washing done out; wage* n��. ..biect;
eveVy night out, tram and biiaijate*
Ml? drawing room, with ua* ��>f piano
Shen requireSi also sewing machines;
  Sent home for a .uitable girl.
A�� a T.rH ��L?of WW SS The ���u around the ��,��et nf the
Britain ^���^JVthf J,ion.. H.r- British Ules an inortly nnrrow. The
h*yA���b.linV��E, iSwKrtSw Pf the   "SlVUt width nf the_Kngh,h Channel
re,* &S?*****�������*
it, bPtwetju i-<iiiini��d Hill and St. Mah��.
U0 mile*.   It narrows to twenty mid
une-quarii-r mi't-* at one point in the
straits ol Dover. Thc dUtauce lieiwern
Great   Britaui   ami   Ireland   is   t-ven
less.   Tor Head U only twelve miles
from the nearest point ol the Mull ��l
Cantire.   Between Carnsorc Poinl and
St. David's Head, iu Wahs. furty-sev- i beoato of Iron.
eu mill's is the leail bread'.'.! ol water T -    .'W^1
An Electrical Laundry.
The laundry of a Colorado hotel la
electrically equipped throughout, oven
the water being heated and the march
cooked by electricity. The equipment
Includes motors for driving the machinery, an eighty-flvr kilowatt. 290
gallon boiler, generating steam , at
eighty pound por square Inch; a twenty
kilowatt circulating type1'water beater
connected to a 000 gallon hot water
tank and a six gallon starch cooker.
To Make Braaad Joint
If occasion should arise whoa it ts
desirable to make a good, clean brated
Joint the metal ahonld be carefully
cleo ned, heated to a bright red and
then covered with ttwflux ot tho fol-
I lowing formula: One pound ot boric
add. four ounces ot pulverised chlorate
of potash and three ounces of car-
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufaet��'i��(j  i*
'�����oir��    Princess 8>
Bank of Montrea)
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   .. .��15,418,000.00
RESERVE  .' ....915,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, anu In London, Eng
Ond, Nsw Tork Ch ago and Spokane,
0.8.A., and Mexico city. A general
banking business transacted. Lit
{ton of Credit Issued available with
I correspondent, la   all   parte of   ths
Savings Bank D*cartmeat���Deposit,
received In sumo of 91 and upward,
and Interest allows 1 at ��� por cent por
annum (present mto).
Total Agists over Ilit400.000.oo
O p BRYMNER. Manager.
Phono 106.    P. O. Box 845.
Oflles, Front St. Foot of Sixth
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, Nsw Wsstmlnstsr
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such* people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
latcrest is paid sa Saviafs
Balances katf-yearly. a ::
fastness jAccseaU spaaed
an favorable tarns.   ::
ASSETS  148,000.000
A :'r'r)   i'i'''   ���     '������m
..-   BRANCH
��S CWivn^ls ab set
a. a
...   ���   .. .
��� PAGE
^m^B^tmf *%*****
10^'Off All
HeStiHg Stoves
Fire Baskets
hit' �� 8
���mci. rtti-.r*, _...
Sir. Thomaa Ginord, M. P. P.
wife, left for Victoria yesterday.
634 Colin
f  t m
Plione 22 23
As one of the facta that can't be
gainaaid���that Inaurance Is a Godsend to mankind; It means absolute
protection against all the accidents
and ilia that flesh ta heir to. An Inaurance policy means an inaurance
for your f.mily agalnat poverty. Ever
think of it ?
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westmlnater.
Mrs. George Brown ls visiting her
mother, Mrs. Galrpa, on Seventh avenue.
R. E. TweeJell spent the week-end
with Dr. and Mrs. Hepburn, Steves
Mra. J. E. Insley will receive on
Tueaday, the 1Mb, as usual, and the
first and third Tuesdays thereafter.
Grand Mask Carnival at Pythian
Rink, Wednesday n+ght, January 17th.
Good prizes. Admission 10c; Skates
25c: j  m   ���*
Mrs. J. E. Inaley entertained at dinner on Monday, Jan. 8, Mr. and Mra.
F. P. and Miss Alice Geddlnga/Van-
couver; Mr. Forman, Vancouver; Mr.
Slater, Mr. LeCouter, Mr. Lee, Misses
Scotts ahd Mra. Baker.
Mr. and Mr. Norman Norcroas lost
their, flve-day-old baby yesterday
morning. Tbe child was burled the
aame day ln the English Church cemetery, the arrangements being In the
handa of Mr. Murchie.
A special meeting of the Women's
Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hospital will be held at 3:30 on Tues
day afternoon at the residence of
Mrs. G. E. Corbould. Every member
of auxiliary ls particularly requested to be present, as Important business will be discussed.
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get you- eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, ln T. Gifford's Jewelry store.   *���
Mr. Stilvell Clute, It Is believed,
wlll replace Captain Pittendrigh at
the end of this month as Stipendiary
Magistrate aud judge of the petty
debts dburt. Captain Pittendrigh has
held these offices for the past tweny
five year., and is being retired on a
pension at the age of 84.
Funeral services were conducted by
the Rev. W. P. O'Boyle in Ct. Peter's
church, Saturday afternoon, over tho
remains of the late Edward Huard, the
victim of an accident In Timberland
Mills, as reported in Friday morning's
News. Quite a number of Knights ot
Columbus were present to pay their
last respects to a departed brother,
even though no regular notice was
given. The deceased's widow accompanied the remains via the G. N. R. to
I Minnesota, the place of interment.
=*, Although but few of tho resident,
here were.awore of the fact, the city
of Now Weatminater was plunged In
darkness from 2:30 to 6:30 a .m. on
Bunday morning. Tbe B. C. E. R.
company cut off the power for these
hours in order to ca)Try out soiqe necessary wot* {by the dynamos. Very
little Inconvenience, however,' was
caused the citizens, who were mostly
sleeping, soundly at the time.
' Take the steamer Transfer for a
found trip Saturday afternoon. Leavea
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. ������
We Start the Third Week of Our
Great Stock-Taking With
Miss CaycBrowne-Cave
L. R. A, M-        A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musicians  (England).
(Successor te Mrs. Reginald Doad.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing,  Theory,   Harmony,!
Counterpoint    and   Musical
Prepares candidate, for Teachera'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local exam-
1 nations of the Aaaoclated Board of the
Royal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Has had numerous
auccease. ln past years. Lessons by
correapondence ln any of the above
For terma, etc., apply 37 Agne. St.,
New W,e.tmio.ter.   Phone L638.
Now is the time to lmve your
SPRING SUIT made. The spring
model, have just' arrived.
A beautiful line of black and
numerous shades of blue and grey
Worsteds and Serges, which maks
handsome costumes.
Special terms to customers
ordering suits now for spring delivery. '
No need to wait. Come in and
talk It over with us now.
The beautiful new shades, especially the browns for this spring,
will delight you.
A full ala^d lot and large houae
Apes Street
An exceptional investment aa
Agnes street (s the logical place
for the next business district.
84000 cash, easy terms.
Major & Savage
If you have not already visited this great
sale, do so TODAY; astonishing bat'
gains await you.
Beautiful Dress Fabrics at Less Than Cost.
Hundreds and hundreds of yards of newest dress fabrics will be put on the bargain tables Monday at
less than cost. In many cases less than half price. Thia is no clearance of old cloths, but strictly new
fabrics. Here la an opportunity to buy your spring dress or suit at a wonderful saving. All these
fabrics will be found suitable for present or spring wear. All the wanted colors, Included are greys,
browns, navys, reds, fancy tweed mixtures and blacks; widths from 42 to 54 Inches. Values regular to
$2.00.   On sale Monday at, per yard 75c
40 Lorne Btreet, New Weatminater.
It Is with much regret that the
death of Mrs. Wells Gray Is announced. Mrs. Gray died yesterday morning at their family residence, 226 Second stieet. For some time she has
been suffering from an incurable dis-
ense, but her death yesterday morning, came very suddenly. Last Thursday Mrs. Giay went down to the pol t
to vote, but she was taken ill immediately afterwards.
1    Mrs. Elenaor Gray was the daughter of  Mr.  H.  A. Jones, broker and
i real  estate   nian   of  Vancouver, and
| was a native of Shawnee, Ohio.   Sha
had live.l  here, however, for twenty-
three years and was 31 years and six
months old.    She married Mr. Wells
Gray on Dec. 15, 1899, and she leaves
her husband with one boy.
I    The funeral will take place tomorrow and will leave the house for the
Presbyterian church at 2 p. m.  After
the service the burial will take place
at the Oddfellows' cemetery.
B. &M.
537 Front St   ���   Phone 301
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
d, Mcelroy
' | �� 'f
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
8ewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc
A new grocery business wlll be
opened up tomorrow by Messrs.- R. G.
Smith and L. L. Adams of this city.
The new store will be situated on
Eighth street just above Columbia,
and is planned on an extensive
scale to allow every accommodation to the future patrons of the
new business. Kvery trouble will be
taken by the proprietors to give efficient service, and to secure prompt
delivery. The store Itself has been
fitted up In the latest style with all
the most up-to-date Improvements, and
every line of groceries will he carried.
Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Adams
have a long experience in the grocery trade. The former was for several years In the employment of Kelly, Douglas and company In Vancouver and Uew Westminster, and pos-
esses an intimate knowledge of his
business. M. L. L. Adams lg well
known aa the .on of Mr. G. Adams, retired grocer, and worked In the latter's employ for seven ��� years. With
so many things in their favor this
firm can hardly fail to aucceel
I   We   Have  Successfully
FUled 80,000
i'i  j. j J11
since coming to this city, besides all the repeats.   This nv
turatly means experience.
Bring yOur rPrescri ptions    to
wm>m store
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.   ,' <
Boa lie Bteiib, -4M Columbia St'
-H*w WwlaflntW. BC      ..A'-QW.Fellow, burial ground
T are invited to attend.
���    """' "���r
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
Fresh Cod (half or whole), lb 8c
Fresh Herring   4 lbs. for 25c
Rock Cod   3 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Skato  4 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Shrimps, per lb 20c
Smoked Salmon, per pound  20c
Smoked Halibut, per lb.  15:
B. & M. Brand Kippers, per lb.  ..10c
Finnan Haddle  2 lbs. for 25o
Smoked Cod, per lb 10c
Prime  Rabbits, each    35c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p.
1 Terma���Caan.
Women's Silk Waists in Half Price Clearance
Remainder of several lines of smart silk waists, in Messaline, taffeta, and shot chiffon alike, new peasant effects; tilmmlngs on collars and cuffs of contrasting material, aome with wide side frill; all elegant
models. In shades of brown, green, blue, red and fancy shot elects; all sizes ln the collection. Regularly priced to $8.50.   Sale Cleaiance Monday, each  ....   $4.25
Children's Rubber Capes for Quick Selling
Regular Values to $5.00;  Sale  Price $2.25 Each.
'Don't  miss  such  an  opportunity to protect the children from the rain.    A  little Investment  now may
save a long bill from your doctor.    These little capes are made with hoods    lined    with    plaid    silks;
lengths from 27 to 39  Inches;  In Bhades of navy.   Only a limited number, so get down early  Monday.
Sale price, each    $2.25
Neckwear Bargain
Lot of lace collars, Jabots, also lawn jabots, Dutch
and Sailor .collars, embroidered; in fancy colors,
also crCani and white. Regular values to 75c. Salo
rrice, each    20s
... ���^..^���_iM������������������^���_
Neckwear Bargain
Embroiierea collars, ln Stock and Dutch st>les;
also Jabots, In white, cteam and ecru; dalntlly
trimmei with laces. Regular values to $1.50. Sale
price, each    75c
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real EBtate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Calgary, Jan. 14.���Driven temnora-
rarily desperate by aching teeth, a
prominent business man went sud.en
ly insane In Eighth street tonight
He threw himself down and tried to
beat his hoad aefiinst the pavement,
all the while yelling, "My teeth, my
teeth." He was picked up and taken
lo a drug store by passers-by and attended by a physician who restored
him to his senses.
The funeral of the late Mrs. A.
Wells Gray, will take place from the
family residence, 22(1 Second street,
on Tuesday at 2 o'clock, to St. An-
dtow'i. church, and from there to the
(999) We have Just had listed for sale a new modern bungalow
that will be sold below value. Tbe owner is in need of money and
has put the price low In order to make a sale.
This dwelling has seven rooms, has basement and Ib piped for
furnace.   Throughout the house the best of material haa been used.
Price $2,750
The location Is pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
to local and Vancouver car line..
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be paid monthly if desired.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Call and get   a
Free Cook Book
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
New Westminster
Head Ofllce, New Weatmlnster.     branches af Vancouvei
Chilliwack and Alderpfove. AX,.
Pres. aad Geni. Mgr.
\ Ice-President.
Sec. and Treaa.
=====   LUMBER CO, LTD.  =====
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
rir, Cedar, and  Spruce Lumber
- Phonos Na. 7 and S77. Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
. Westminster branch. ��� Cart
leave for Vancouver at 6,,6:45
a.m. and every 15 mlniitee
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, S a.m. and every 11 mln.
utes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ���Cara
leave for Vancouver every bour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connect
lng at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line���Cara leave tor
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraaer Valley..,Hns. ��� Caw
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.80 and
-6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon and way  .polnta,
Tho B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a tare and a
third for week end trips to all
polnta on lta Fraser Valley
Ticket, will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
leave, at 4.05 p.m


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