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The New Westminster News Dec 7, 1912

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 Have your r *$ made up to support the Prr J s-e Association's
fund and g1/ *'. signature without delayt-<j Canvasser. He Is
giving hi- ���* o.ree.
  A  V
���*ZJL> '���*	
******.   * i	
JME 7, NUMBER 233.
Westminster and lower mainland
forecast for the next twenty-four
hours: Light to moderate winds,
generally fair with not much change
In temperature.
Leader of Ontario Liberals Regrets Dominion's Aid Is not
Greater-Britain Still Has to Man and Maintain Ships-
Says Canada Is Able to do Both-Would Revert to Naval
Agreement of 1911-Take Responsibility for Pacific.
Gait, Ont., Dec. 6.���N. W. Rowell,
K.C, leader of the Ontario Liberal
party, today addressed the Gait club,
a non-political organization on "Canadian Autonomy and Imperial  Duty.'
Speaking of Mr. Bordeu's naval pronouncement, Mr. Rowell said: "In
view of the great burden Great Britain
now carrying in naval defence,
burden involving the gift of her sons
to man her ships, as well as of her
money to maintain them, In view ol
the great demands on the British exchequer for money to carry out im
portant schemes of social reform, 1
cannot but confess my own great personal regret that Canada ts not manning and maintaining, as well as giving these dreadnoughts.
Take Responsibilities.
"Why should we impose on the British people and the British exchequer
the obligation of manning and maintaining ships, when Canada is well
able to do so herself? In view of
the statemeut that Great Britain has
neen compelled to withdraw her naval
forces at the center and that Bhe n
not able to maintain naval forces
either In the north Atlantic or In the
north Pacific, where admittedly such
forces sre needed, I cannot hut express
my personal regret that Canada is
not now undertaking to carry out the
naval agreement ot 1911 between
Great Britain, Canada and Australia,
whereby Canada assumes the responsibility for providing the forces necessary, both in ships and in men, to
protect these naval bases; to fly the
white ensign on these seas; to protect
the trade routes as well as the honor
and integrity of the empire, Just as
Australia is now doing ln Australian
Have Been Long Enough.
"For over, 25 yearB Great Britain
has been asking us to take part in the
naval defence of the empire. Surely
the people of Canada have had time
enough to make up their minds as to
what our r.aval policy would be. Sure
ly It is not necessary to defer longer
a statement of this policy.
"The whole of the address of thr
prime minister was a most cogent argument against further delay and as a
Canadian citizen, may I express the
earnest hope that the government will
see its way clear before the present
bill goes through the house to undertake the manning and maintaining of
the ships which it Is proposed to build
and definitely to assume the responsibility on behalf cf Canada of protecting the naval bases of the north Atlantic and north Pacific as provided in
the terms of the naval agreement of
Huge Tank to be Erected for
B. C. Transport Company
at Once.
Wilt  Meet Growing  Demand In City
and Requirements of Oil-Driven
Synchronising with announcements
regarding the manufacture of oil
burning engines and great harbor de
velopment, the scheme which is to be
launched shortly by the B. C. Transport Company ls scheduled to become
an Important factor in tlie Industrial
life of the city, namely, that of stoi-
ing crude oil in large quantities oh
the company's wharf near the Praser
river bridge.
According to Mr. J. R. Duncan ar
rangements are lar enough completed
to allow work to be commenced and
with the consent of the directors ot
the B. C. Transport Company, the
Vulcan Irou Works will shortly begin
the erection of an Immense oil storing tank, 90 feet in diameter and 50
feet bigh.
Faith In Future,
Those Interested in the venture
have every confidence in the future of
the city both as an industrial centre
and seaport
Several of the large blocks iu th-:
city, notably the Westminster Trust
Co.  block,  Russell  hotel  and  annex,
Engineers of Three Councils
Interested Agree Upon
Structural Details.
Coquitlam  and  Sunday  Labor���Burn
aby Water for  North   Road-
Work for Residents.
At a special meeting of the Coquitlam counctl yesterday Engineer J. II.
Kennedy reported verbally that at a
meeting with Mr. Blackman, engineer
Westmlnater, and Mr. McPherson, engineer, BurnabA they had agreed that
the bridge proposed by the G.N.R. at
the North road crossing should start
about 100 feet north of the Brunette
road, as.at present, and be carried
to a polirt opposite Mr. Atkins' house
on theJNOrth road.
The��i#neers bad decided that they
required a permanent structure, pre-
ferrably reinforced concrete and Irou,
61 feet wide, two six foot sidewalks,
and a 49 foot roadway���the substruc
tures to be kept ln order and repair
by tha. railway company and the top
or Biirface by the municipalities; tbe
first cost of the whole structure to
be at the expense of the railway. The
structure was also required to be of
sufficient strength.to carry two tram
lines, .    .
CoqullUm'S Wishes.
,���    ,   ���.          ,   .,  . So far as Coquitlam was concerned
ii  -7 T���PP #bul'dlng, have installed he wanted the company at the point
oil  burning  furnaces and  these  will of leaving the North road to give them
have to be constantly  supplied with 100  feet at the diversion,    at    right
fuel which will be brought from the angles to the North road, eliminating
rage wharf in tank wagons. Then the  sharp Wangle caused  by the  pro-
nit,     tlir.     Lit..*......     I... *.���,._._    k_��.     j_ .      ..      a    . . ��� "
Elevator and Mill Bring up Totals to
$10,750  for   Part   Five
The building permits for the flv��
days cf the week ending yesterday
totalled $10,750. This compares with
$14,500 for the laBt week in Novem
ber. The largest permit taken out
during the week was one for $4000
by the B. C. Growers' Agency for an
elevator and mill to be erected at the
foot of TweHtti street.
The others were: E. B. Dean, alterations to block on Columbia street,
$1000; E. \V. Talt, garage and storeroom ou Columbia Btreet. $1000; M.
Sinclair, alterations to house on St.
George street. $200; J. Campbell, foui
roomed cottage on Fader Btreet, $700;
T. 8. Tomptcius, flvo roomed cottage
on Dublin *troet, $1000; Tofu Wing,
alterations "to huilding on Tenth
street, $501; E. Adams, alterations to
house on Fourth avenne, $200; S. Kader, alterations to house on Sixtli
street, $80fi; T. S. Tompkins, horse
stable on l^lin street. $400; JoBepb
Osborn, house on Munday street.
$1300; Investors Investment Co., alterations to nouse on Alberta street,
mail Gins um
Grqwth of City Demands Addition of
Six Extra Han to Handle Christ-
Wlth th* advent ot Christmas and
ithe usual heavy receipt of mail Post
master McDonald la preparing for a
f r^rary Increaae of ataff unproco
slpnteu la tha history of the New
Westmlns.. t rostofflee. In all six
men will be taken on during this
month to handle tto Christmas mail.
One will start hia duties next Fri
day, Deo. lt, whlla tto others will be
talten on by the 20th. They will be
engaged untll January 2. The men
wlll be apportioned to do dispatching
and sorting according to the special
requirements of those two departments.
On no previous occaBlon has such a
temporary increase been made to th��
Btaff. Last year thre extra men were
engagrd but the city haB grown to
such an extent lately and the demands on the postoffice have advanced correspondingly bo that this
departure Is absolutely ncctssary.
Mr. McDonald would like to extend
a little word of advice to aTl Intending
gift senders by mall. "We hear a lot
about "shop early' these days," he said
"but very few people realize that It Is
just as essential to mail earlv. The
earlier glfta are put In the post th"
greater ls the assurance that they will
be delivered on time. All matter for
the Old Country should on in the post-
office by this time or hy next Thurs-.
day. December 12, at the limit. If
mafled on thc 12th lt gives the post
rffifp authorities 13 flays in which lo
deltver It."
The first of the Old Country Christmas mail for 1912 arrived yesterday
and contained many parcels. There
are two other big seasonable mafi*
vet to arrive. According to advice*
the first will be here next week snd
the secrnd a llttln nesrer Christmas.
The first quantity- of outgoing our
nel gifts has alreadv been dispatched
hut those that go alter the next two
nr three davs win take their chance
on arrival at the desired moment
again the shipping Interests are devoting mucb more attention to oil
burning engines than heretofore and
at the present time, the aternwheeler
Transfer Is being equipped wtth them
and will be on the run between hero
and Ladner ln a short time.
Barges Built Here.
The crude oil will be brought to thle
city in tank barges, the first of whicii
wlll be launched from the Star Shipyards, l.ulu Island, early next .week.
This will bave a capacity of 2500 gal
Allies Preparing Joint Draft
Their   Demands   from
Conference in London Expected Soon
���Greece and Turkey to Settle
In Vienna.
London, Dec. 6.��� Pending the assembling of the peace delegates ln
London, the Balkan allies are occupied in preparing a joint draft of the
demands which are to be made upon
Turkey and are exchanging communications with a view of arriving at an
agreement defining their own mutua:
The formal acceptance of all the
powers to send delegates to the ambassadorial conference to be held in
London have not yet been received
but there is no reason to suppose
there will be any delay in tbe as
sembling of the  conference.
The position of Greece in refusing
to sign the armistice remains un
changed. The Greeks are said to be
continuing thetr occupation of Janina
Their ships are closely searching al!
foreign steamers bound between th?
Dardanelles and Smyrna.
Vienna for Peace.
London, Dec. 6���Telegraphing from
Constantinople the correspondent ot
the Dally Express asserts that Vienna
has been chosen as the scene for the
peace negotiations between Turkey
and Greece. He says the Turkish ambassador at Vienna bas received full
All Shades of Political Opinion Unite in Commendation of
Canada's Proposals���Welcome Representation of Overseas Dominions in Imperial Councils���Gift Means Greater
Burden for Biitish Taxpayers���A United Empire.
powers to negotiate with the Greeks
and that he will be assisted by Ozman I than she haa ever been.
London, Dec. 6.���The Westminster
Gazette, Liberal, says:
"We share none of thc mlsglvlngi
expressed in some quarters about possible developments of this movement.
A true system of alliance for the Brit
ish empire is an alliance of its own
peoples beyond the Beas and on that
basis it wlll not be drawn into European militarism but evolved on ilts
own principles ot world power.
"Let tbe overseas dominions states
men really be brought into confidential relations with foreign affairs, Let
them be told everything and given a
fair voice���and that voice we are confident will be for peace and mode?*
tio'n. The people of Canada do not
want to be drawn Into the European
game, tbey want only soob security
as enables them to live and develop
by industry and peace.."
Motherland Not Tired.
Tbe Glasgow Herald says:
"The Dominions are not speaking
correctly as coming to thc assistance
cf a tired and exhausted motherland���
the motherland ls not tired and is very
far from being exhausted. Great
Britain, as every statesman from thc
overseas admits, is more full of enthu
siasm, energy, Industrial life and abll
Ity to maintain her place in the world
Her people
defence which he suggests should be
regularly attended by Canadian ministers."
Proud of Canada.
The Edinburgh Scotsman says the-
mother country may well feel proud
beyond measure of this free will offering, the most magnificent in the
history of her own or any other nation. The magnitude aud value of
the gift, great as these are, form but
a secondary source of the pride and
gratitude. With the proof thaf has
been rendered that we have behind ua
tn all danger aud difficulties' tiio
hearts and hands of the people of Canada and other self-governing Dominions overseas the dangers and dlffi- I
cultles begin to melt away. ��
posed  division  with  the North and Nlshml Pasha, the Turkish ambassa-  tire as willing and able as ever to bear
Brunette road-i and al3o that the com-1 dor to Germany. j the burdenB necessary to keep her su
pany grade the road and keep lt pro- ___________ premacy at sea
tected perpetually.
Each engineer would report to hiB
own municipality and meantime their
Joint report would go to the Railway
Commission at Regina." said Mr. Kilmer. All papers would be In the hands
of the engineer for New Westminster
tomorrow afternoon. The railway
would be diverted to the new cut. In
case  the municipal   engineers  could
Proposed Inclusion in Trades License
Bylaw���Identification Assured���
Tax on Milkmen Passes.
The new Trades License bylaw will
Ions, the oil being Aimped from th? I not agree with the railway engineers
bjrgtt to the siora��f tasik by mean's the: mSttei would be left to the
o*����* electric rbtar* pusup. | engineers of the Railway Commission
The Diesel oil engines, the Canadian  for decision
rights of which are owned   by    the
Weans Engineering Company, will be
an Important factor in the establish
ment of a permanent oil depot in
Westminster, and, as soon as the machine shops of the company are in op
eration on Lulu Island, attention will
be devoted towards manufacturing
these engines.
Judnc   Dliatlsfled   With    Evidence���
Wished to Visit Scsne.
During the hearing of the Wolfe vs
municipality of Surrey damage suii
yesterday, Mr. Justice Murphy became
dissatisfied with the evidence of Mr
*C. M. Nicholson,' a witness for the
plaintiff, and expressed a dosire to Vis
It the Hjorth road bridge upon th"
condition of which Iho case revolts
This was found impracticable, haw
ever, on account of the condition or
fhe roads In the neighborhood.
The plaintiff's case concluded yes
torday vith the eVlttcnco of Meirfr"
John Wclfo and Nlc"hdlr.i::.
The defence waB opened with ttv
'.rstimony of nev. B. A. McRae, Pres
byterlan minister of Cloverdale. Th>
minister stated that "ho wan well iue-
qwSinted with the condition of thf
bridge and apart from a little rounh j
mass-at one end he aaw -comparative!
tew defects In it.
Wish to Manufacture
Hats In Westminster
There are tood prospects ot a steel
factory, sugar refinery, glass works
and a number of Other industries establishing in New Weatminater or
district wHWn tne near future, but
the latest Is that a hat msnuflscturtag
conoern is easting deslroui ara* on
the city at a seht tor tte operations.
Notification to thle effect wae given
yesterday by Mr. Stuart Wade, olty
publicity comtelsslpser, who has en
tered into hego��atl<m�� with those be
hind the concern on behalf of the city.
As ls falrtr well known all the hats
used In Brltleh Columbia and the ad
Joining provinces era Imported either
from tha Unltad Bfrtee or Great Brit
nin. About 10 per cent only are made
ln Canada. The dut�� <m these importations whloh varies troip 30 to 85 per
cent, results in the British Columbian
paying that much more tor hie nat
than the people   ln   tbe   countries
whore they  are manufactured.
If a bat factory was established ou
here thla extra cost would be almos
entirely eliminated.
The proposal of the concern, whic'
Is backed entirely by Western cii'ti
|s to establish a factory  lion,   v
thereby do away with a ��ood *n\i\
this additional cost, while at the sun
time keeping the money In the conn
try.   At the start of operations th
necessary raw material wtild be lm
ported but later when a good trade Is
worked up, a fur blower for handling
tke orude material wltl be installed
The consumption 'of bats in Br't'i'
Columbia pet year aggregates In valur
approximately 11,000,000 while "ip v
nual sales of four retailers In Vm
oouver amount to $250,000 ajmnall'
alone. By these figures lt mny be re
allced how much money would be koo'
In the country by the SBt|rt��lW"'irh'
ot this Industry.
The report waa reaoived with approval.
Prom Burnaby Main.
A letter from tbe Burnaby municipal
clerk stated that an application had
been made to his council by the residents of the Coquitlam side of the
North Road from a supply of water
from Ae Burnaby main laid along this
"There should he no mistake abou'.  contain a fixed scale of charges for
the meaning ot the contributions by  oarriageB, hacks and automobiles ply-
the Dominions;  no contribution from  tng for tire.    The council met  last
any Dominion, whether in the form Or   night  to  consider  the  measure   and
T/V  rn   an AIM-   S��t%iliglnate(1   ln   New   Zealand   and  no"   Alderman Kellington moved tor lta in-
111   l.rl    Mllllr   UftYladoptcd by the Mnlay States can re   elusion,  stating  that at present   any
*\t  ULI    nlvIlL   I nl |Ueve the mother country from the re-1 passenger could be "soaked."
sponsibility of maintaining a powerful I xhe mayor agreed, stating that Hit
navy. Far from relieving the burdens rateg in the city were ridiculous. All
of the British tax payer in one sense, other cities ���t B���, a\w baa adopted
the contributions of the Dominion will '
Regulations   pompelling   Wireless
Certain Canadian Vessels���Dismissals |n Maritime Provinces
Ottawa, Dec. 6.���The business of
the houae of commons today was confined to the consideration of a num
ber of government bills, the moat im
impose on Britain fresh burdens.
"It is one thing to build ships and
quite another thing to man them. A
British bluejacket's training extend*
over seven years, during which period
tbe whole expense will bave to be
borne by the British taxpayer.
Need for Co-operation.
The   Liverpool   Post   and   Mercury
portaat  being a measure  to cuiupel   says:
the installation of wireless telegraphy J    "The admiralty in describing our po-!
a  set of charges and  in some  tli-s
taximeter system  was in  vogue.
A committee consisting of Aldermen Kellington, Dodd and Gray w����
apointed to draw up the scale.
According to the proposals all drivers must wear badges for identification purposes. These will be sold bjr
the city at a moderate rate. Eight
miles an hour will be the speed limit
frr horse vehicles. All must be numbered and have the numbers displayed/
Buraalv" councll'"^s"Tn'5lMd I on ��M vessels carrying more than" 5U | sitlon    in    relation   to other  navies r^'ft^w^'tho.ifrht  unf.,ir  to   bona,
to accede to the request provided no  Paaaengera and rfytng "between points j shows in the Interest of empire that |��� *S..'L*" i ��75.?J�� ,",m, ���.rir��.
BOOWB   III   Uie   lnitrreai   ut   einpiie   *-uai    ...      _ ~    _   ���..���_-   ��B..tn_   ...ark-nt
rbj^tton" was~~ra"i^d"by"vancoivrr|^0 niiles or more apart !^re.is  ��e*d  for suf��  c<r��perf 1o;   gardeneT for   ��S HcltfniT business   ia
1    Jt was sucaessed that the distance | Premier Borden, on  the other hand I f^e clt    was struck'out
and provided the request was received
At  Vulcan Iraa Works���British Fishermen ior Pacific Naval
Xbe Vulcan Iron Works of thla city,
are at presenl makiug the parts tar
an Immense ail lank which will ke located at the .plant of the B. C. Flan
erles Compaay, Ltd., Alllford Bay,
near Prince Buport.
The steel will be taken north isi
sections and rivetted together on th;
spot. |
Mr. J.' R. Duncan, manager of Ike
Vulcan Iron Works was recently tn
conversation with Sir George Doughty.
tb" head of the B. C. Fisheries, who'
Btated that with tthe largo number of
old country fishermen who are conihsg
out to man the 'fishing fleet ot his
company, there Will be a great cha��o*
for the Canadian government to or
ganl'e  r Paclf'c  naval  reserve.
Two of the steam trawlers recently I
arrlvr.* ����'r- a ���-���ovage around thf
"nm whilo others have been purchased and will soon tio on their way here i
from England.
tbat the bill ahauld apply ta all ves
wh . carrying passengers. Bon. J. D.
Hazen, who was sponsor tar tbe bill
(aid that be whs prepared to accept
(he view of <h�� house ia regard to
both these suggestions.
The luatnUiin providing for an In-
London, Dee. 6.���Prince Louis of
Battenberg. whs commanded the At
lantic fleet ln 1905, has been appoint
od first sea lord of the admiralty In
succession to Admiral Sir Francis C
Brldgeman, resigned.
Rear-Admiral John It. Jelllcos'e, ex
commander of the Atlantic fleet, has
fceeu given the appointment of second
ew lord, made vaaant ky the promo
Man of Prlqce Loots of Battenberg.
OiN Place Where Sealskins Ars
Property Cared for.
Waahinglon, Dec. ���.���Fish Commissioner G. M. Bowers wtll go to London next week to dispose of 3764 seal-
that 'belong to the United
Statea >The law requires that the
skins be sold by the commissioner.
"' ondon ts the only place la the
world," aaid Mr, Bowers, "where they
kno-- hbw to care for and dress and
dye the sealskins ln the proper way.
"""������fore l-ondnn Is the one great
sealskin market."
The seals from which the skins
,��� 'a'-en were killed off the Aleutian Islands last season. They are
worth about flS0,000. Many of them
will come back to the United States
rs coats and. cloaks and will pay a
Iarj - tirlU duty.
had received a promise of Ite cessa-!
At Colony Farm.
Councillor Hawthorne saiii It hall
been reported to him that Bunday In
bor waa going on al the Government
Colony Farm and It would be sbow
ing discrimination lt they proceeded
against private persons awll allom>d
the government to go on without ac
The reeve explained that the con
eeUt of the attoravgeneral was requisite for a prosecution. It was re
solved to communicate with Dr. Do
horty on the subject endowing a copy
OT their bylaw and complaining ot Its
transgression. ,
"St. Whiteside, cf Wmnrs Whtteslde
& Buddie, Vancouver, appeared In sur
port ot the disjunction tfl OX. 23S
anH 346 from Coquitlam to enable
them to take stepa to become parr oi
fhe fXtr of Port' Moody. All .they
wsatted the council to do was to at
firm the expediency of tbe severance
and junction with Port Moody. All
the-'Interest of the residents hi the
lots mentioned waa wVh the new
elty. - It was -only halt a ufln lrom
the latter's harborfrunt.
After discussion and explanation
the matter waa lett aaar until the
'""���acll's regular meeting on Thurs
It was resolved to suspend all bu'
emergency work and work under con
tract and that preference he gtven
ln the. matter of emnloyment to mar
Tied men and restdents. '
from   Coquitlam   asking   Eurnalc   to
supply such,
n was left to OouncIBor Atkins to
bring the matter up lu Thf form of a
petition at the neat meeting.
Councillor Atkins reported that he
''ad  remonstrated  with  the  superin
tendent of the paper -mills on Brun- . .       ,���..,.
ette Ureek against Sunday l*or and! urease of pay for the Royal Northwest Mounsefl Police wae Introduced
by Premier Borden and passed aod
the bill based thereon introduced and
waa read a first time. Sir Wilfrid
-.aurier ga��e his hearty assent to the
There sob a long debate over dia
missals in the Maritime provinces,
the opposition claiming that they are
not being (fairly conducted. Conserva'
tive mesnVsrs argued that tbere was
nothing In the allegations made and
affirmed that dismissals were tew as
compared with those wliich took place
subsequent to the Liberal victory ia
sbould   be  reduced  to 100 miles  and I points out to Canada that $35,000,001
Twenty Women Killed.
:o Ctty, Dee. 6.���Rebels wer?
-epuUed in an attack today on Tern-
oscsltepec, an important mining tow>
'n the state of. Mexico. The rebels
lost twenty killed. The governmen
losses are not given.
Ottawa, Dec. t-4-Premter Borden has glf en .notice of the
following proposed resolution:
"That It Is expedient to pro-
ride for two additional mem-
S beta at the senate for each
. of the provinces ot Manitoba,
Alberta and Saskatchewan and
for three additional tor the senate for th* provlace of British
Bank   Messengers   Alleged   to   Have
Stolea Huge 6ums���Wars Just
-off to Honduras.
Winnipeg, Dec. (.���Chief of Detectives Stodgill, accompanied by Deter
tives KUcup Bathe and Mclver today
arrested Gustave Bruning and Valentine Berman, supposed to be Leon
Zaree, oharged with being the absconding hank messengers from Ber-,
Iln, Oennany, who stole 280,000 marks,
which tbey were to have delivered to
a bank la lbe German capital.
Bruning has already admitted hla
Identity, but Berman .has refused to
talk at all. Both men denr knowledge
of each other but Bruning had ad
mitted that his companion came over
to this country from Germany with
him on the same steamer. Both men
had completed all arrangements to
leave Winnipeg tomorrow for Honduras.
Gustavo Bftiutng It said to be wanted in Berlin on a charge ot bavlng
stolen about 170,000. The allegation is
that on June 26 last and while employed as a messenger, Bruning took
1260,000 froth the Imperial Bank to
the Dresllner Bank tn the German
capital and while the money waa being counted at the latter institution
he walked out with $70,000 and disappeared.
Last month, a letter waa received
in Berlin by a former fellow employee
of Bruning.
which may be spent on three dread
noughts is only a BmaU return for
the four hundred million dollars which
the mother country bas spent upon
the defence of Canada. That is to regard the mntter ia a narrow light. We
have no doubt flrat Canadians gener
ally will take a purely patriotic view
no matter what the ultimate decision
may he.
Reasonable, If Late.
The Yorkshire Post, Unionist, says:
"If Canada le late on the field the
delay ls due rather to diffrrence as
to methods and conditions than to a
denial of responsibility. This proposa'
must strike the Canadian _as moder
ate and reasonable."
The Pall Mall Gazette, Unionist.
"If the lot nf the people of Canada
has fallen In fair ground tt is becaus.
a goodly Twrltage has been brought
them bv blood and toll of the race
from whose loins.they have sprung
We render unto them tbe admiration
due their virile resolve and the re-
��nect owing to those who stand by
their duty.
"This ts an offering more after
their hearts than floods of careless
flattery. Britain looks on them toda'
���art*** ib. loving pride with which a
mother beholds her first born whe.:
he dons for the first time the uui
form of hls regiment"
Matt Havs Voice.
The Evening Standard,, Unionist
"If the colonies are to tax themselves
'-r our strategic alms they must have
their voice In the transactions on
whloh strategy depends. The tlm-'
Is rapidly approaching when a whole
formal organisation of the empire t>
Its extra relations must be created. In
the meanwhile Premier Bordeu Is oon
tent with the Imperial committee or
Tbat assessing milk vendors $5
every six months, was reconsidered
and passed b.v a split vote.
The Westminster Co-operative Association registered an objection to an
excessive levy being placed on any
bona fide retail business as lt would
tend to fflve the Impression that prices
were higher in the city than elsewhere.
Premier Commends Canada's Magnificent Response to Call of Imperial Defsnce.
Wellington, N.Z.. Dec. 6.���Speaking
tonight at Lawrence, the premier,.
Thomas McKeuzIe, declared that Canada's proposal to add thre powerful
battleships to the naval defence ot
Great Britain was a splendid one���
'h.n r-anada had risen to the occasion
lr  i"  magnificent  manner.
He said NeW Zealand's contribution
to the Imperial navy was assured;
that several warships would be given,
but they would not be fighting ships
as compared to battleships.
He said that a representative of tha
government, Hon. Allen, would visit
England shortly and confer with th��
naval authorities and when he re-
���urnid the local government would
declare lta naval policy. If more than
naval assistance was needed he asserted New Zealand would readily respond.
Progressive Citizens
Unite In Subscribing
The Progressive Association's cam
palgn tor funds Is progressing steadily
and this morning ls likely to ses a
number of active canvassers out on
the streets. From the spirit. wltb
which the cheques are being paid In
hy all the merohints that have been
visited, it would seem that little dif
flculty will be encountered In bring
lng the fund well above the $5000.00
Interviews with prominent merch
ants and brokers show that everywhere there prevails an eagerness to
help the city along the road ot progress and practically every class is
anxious to be represented on the Ust.
Hotel men, merchants, manufacturers
and real estate brokers have this one
thing in common���a desire to do>
everything In their power to promote
the future, prosperity of New Weatmlnster in which they have a firm
"ere Is a vtew though, which waa
put forward by several people aa they
put their signatures to their cheques-
"We think that It ahould be undet^
strod. ��� they said, "that the $100-
amount Is not the limit for the bl*
tirms. For many of us $100 Is about
as much aa we can afford and tho
I?Z>b" conce"�� to whom $600 or
$1000 means less than $ioo to na.
should be willing to' contribute pr��
portlonately." *
ii iii���i���ia
���������*,: r
i. MSf" ������.*���-- ~*-m PAGE TWO
Classified Advertising
��� ���<
Classified���One cent per word per
Jay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used ae repaired within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
weeks, light delivery horse. Apply
to 513 Eighth Street. (221)
Must understand cooking. Apply 48
Royal Avenue. (220)
horse for sale at Eighth St. Bakery.
Telephone 281. (226)
XV style, choice Burl-Walnut. Uaed
seven months. Any cash offer within reason will be accepted. Must
have money. Apply 1018 Tenth
Ave., City. (230)
place and board; use of bath and
telephone; hot water at all times.
Apply 83 Sixth St. (219)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly er en blsc.
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythlat
hall, corner Eighth street and Asrncf
street. (202)
A Statutory Meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners will be held at
the Municipal Hall on Wednesday, Da
cember llth, 1912, at 10 o'clock ln th-
Clerk to the Commissioners.
Edmonds, B.C., December 2nd, 1912.
gines, factory benches and machinery.   Apply Royal City Mills.
bungalow, strictly modern, large
corner lot, close to car line, $500
���cas.li, balance arranged. Apply box
209  News office. (209)
I ������*^m�����������������
modern bungalow, almost finished,
cement basement, furnace, fire
place, attic; near school and Queens
park; $3150; $400 cash and $30 per
month. Apply 122 Seventh street
Pbone 1109. (1961
ranges on easy termB; $1.00 down.
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co..
Market Square. (201)
information leading to discovery of
person who killed my Irish Setter
���dog, December 3. J. E. Walmsley,
412 Second street. (205)
Re the northwest quarter of Section
35, Township 13, in the District oi
Naw Westminster.
Whereas proof ot the lose of Certifl
cate of Title  Number 101B4F,  issued
in the name of John Smith, has been
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof.
in a dally newspaper published In tha
City of New Westminster, isBiie a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in
the meantime valid objection be made
to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, |
New  Westminster, B.C.,  November
15, 1912. (95)
Two large lotB, North Vancouver $500
Large lot , Point Grey.
Edmonds lots,  Wise Poad,  $400.00
1850 ft. waterfront, joins city New
Westminster, with ZO acres all under
120 acres, 2 miles from White Rock
station, $100 per acre.
5  acre  blocks
easy terms.
3 good houses
ment, balance as
near  car  and  city,
in  city,
Bmall  pay-
Hotel, South Westminster, 18 room?
furnished, $3200.
30   acres   residental   property   half
mile from proposed docks.
Excellent dairy farm $200 psr acre
For    full    particulars  of  this  and
other property apply
Phone F 507 South Westminster
Eighty Rooms, New and  Modern.
The most comfortable rooms in thr
city. Hot and cold water and steam
radtator in each. Bar and first clas;
cafe run In connection.
Cor. Front and Begbie St.    Phone 18'
Inhabitants of a North African Town
Live In Cavss.
It is interesting to hear and know
about some sections of the world of
which seldom nny mention is made.
A writer tr��veling through southern
Tunis in Northern Alrica came across
many cavs dwellings. The troglodytes who live in them to-day are
descendants of the men whi lived in
similar caves when the country was
part of the Roman Empire. The traveler describes his visit to the region
in thia manner:
"Imagine arriving at a town of
5.000 people and not seeing a single
house; only a picturesque mosque
built since the French occupation.
There are 20,000-people in the district,
of which this town of Matmata is
the chief city. All of them are troglodytes.
"There is, first of all, a great hole
dug in the earth; the average hole is
perhaps 28 feet deep and 45 or 50 feet
in circumference. This hole is used
as a pstio, or courtyard. Numerous
caves dug in the walls serve as living
rooms, chambers and storehouses.
"One enters these dwellings by
means of a passageway tunneled
through earth or rock. Some of the
ceilings are roughly ornamented with
Arabic designs cut in low relief in
the rock, and the dates when the
dwellings were dug. None seems to
gn back more than a hundred years.
The earlier troglodytes were all
"climbing iroglodytes," dwelling in
caves in the mountains.  ..
"WalkinR through the passage into
the circular courtyard, open to the
sk", one sees large caves cut into the
sides, that serv2 as grain storehouses.
Thera are also caves here for goats,
sheep, and donkeys. A square trough
of masonry pipes the rain water into
a large cistern in the centre of the
courtyard. It rains rnrely, but when
it rains, it pours, and every drop ol
water is carefully preserved���so carefully that horses and animals are
watered "nly once every 24 hours, and
th?n get not all they want.
"Sheik Ferdjnni asks us to enter. A
young man burns a handful of dry
esparto-grass, which flames up and
shows us tlie steps and turns of the
"The courtyard is lull of children.
At least a down from 2 to 12 years
old are curiously watching us.
"Pushing open a door of palm Iree
boards, we tnter the sheik's cave. It
was whitewashed. To the left is n
wooden eh"st and a gun, one of mnny.
Pinck of the gun is a shelf cut out of
thi rock, and and oil lamp standing
on it���the shape dating hack to Greek
and Roman days. There is also a
bedstead cut out of the rock, and on
it nr,> comfortable mattresses filled
with wool, and native blankets or
rugs. Above the bedst"sd is a cupboard.
"The wive? of t'.ie sheik live in n
cavj similar to tlvs. nnd so do Iheir
sons, and their wives and children.
The question of rent is not of great
importance. Hollowing nut snother
cave is not a very difficult task."
This Picked Up Drapery
Extremely      Coquettish.
Bradner School.
Sealed traders, superscribed "Tender for Bradner School." will be received by the Honorable the Minister
of Public Works up to noon of Wed
nesday, the 18th day of December.
1912, for the erection and completion
��� nf a large one room school house ai
Bradner, In the Delta Electoral District, for the Provincial Government
i ac.
Plans, Bpocifications, contract, an:!
forme of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day of December, 1912,
at the. office of S. A. Fletcher, Government Agent, New Westminster; Mr.
Wm. Merryfield, Secretary School
Board, Mount Lehman, B.C.; and th<!
Public Works Department, Parliament
Buildings. Victoria, B.C.
Kach proposal must be accompanied
b.v an accepted hank cheque or certifl-
catn of deposit on a chartered bank
.<if Canadn, made payable to the
Honorable the Minister of Public
"Works, for a sum equal to 10 per
���cent, of lhe tender, which shall be
fort el led if the party tendering decline
to ester Into contract when called
upon to do BO, or if lie tall to complete the work contracted for. The
Cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers wlll be returned to ihem upon tho execution
of the contrast,
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
Blgned with lhe actual signature or
the tenderer, nnd enclosed in the envelopes furnished,
The lowesl or any tender nut neces-
earily ace pled.
Puhllc Works Knglneer.
I*nbl��e Works Department.
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December. 1912
<200) nr**,.
For  Excellence   In   Shaving,   Haircut
ting and Shampooing give the
35 Eighth St. David Boyle, Prop,
a trial. Four skilled workmen. Oui
system of treating the scalp for dan
druff and falling hair cannot be improved upon. Try lt.
Face Massaging a specialty.
It's the Work.
Use Yeur Phene
628 Clarkson Street. Phsne 4S0
Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Curtis Block, New Westminster,  B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Snap For a few Days
The best 50 acre farm in Chilliwack
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 acres
which ls covered with 30,000 feet of
standing tlmbtir. Large ten roomed
house, large stables, barns, chicken
houses, hog penB; $18,000, $6,000 caBh.
Terms for balance. Property Is unencumbered and a large loan can be
raised on the property.
Are you insured ? It costs tut littl��
and makes you feel safer. Insurance
Insures Bleep.
We represent only strong Britisli
Board Companies, and shall be pleased
to tell yeu what it will cost yon
whether you insure or not.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile.  Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Strength of a Bear.
Few reople know that a grizzly
bear can tive points to any other
onrnivirous nnimnl in point of
strength. A grimly hear weighing
jus', four hundredweight hns heen
watched carrying ii heifer of more
than two-thirds its own weight for
two miles up the most steep and rugged mountain side, and this withoul
pausing one instant for rest. The
grlszl? bear is the largest and most
powerful of al! the bear tr.he, but hi.-
cousin. the cinnamon hear, runs liiin
very close, nnd the big white polnr
bear, though not really sn dangerous
a customer, is capable of performing
the most extraordinary feats of
strert 'h.
Portugal's Oolonies.
From Lisbon in the fifteenth arxl
sixteenth centuries went out mariners
through the unknown and uncharted
ocesni" to Africa. India and the new-
world to the west and planted the flag
of Portugal in every corner nf the
globe. But in Africa alone'hsi Pertu-
gal maintained its hold M colonies ol
nny magnitude. In India nre little
hits of Portuguese territory, Nova Gon.
southeast o! Bombay, being the ��api-
Ul of all Portugal's colonies east of
Cape of Good Hope, while as tar eaal
ali China the island of Macao, in tlie
Canton river, first oolonUed nearly 400
yenrs agr>, still owns the sovereignly
of  the  government at Lisbon,
Simple enough ln general design ls
tbls little frock of machine plaited
blue chiffon over a buttoned cassock
gown of wblte cburmetise. Particularly chic, too, Is tbe hat worn with lt or
black velvet and the smnrt little patent leather boots wltb buttoned cloth
tops, wbicb complete tbe gay costume.
Blouses Trimmed In This Fashion
Smart For ths Small Boy.
One of the very prettiest Ideas In tbe
way of trimming ls Knocking. This Is
an easy stltcb to learn aud a littlo of
It can work wonders In lending an air
of distinction to the dress. A fsscl-
nnting little frock was made from tbe
good old Holland linen, which withstands so successfully the assaults of
bard usage. A fullness at the neck
was taken care of by the smocking.
which appeared again on the litle
wristband. A lovely golden brown
silk was chosen to work this smocking nnd the result wns not ouly a
thoroughly practical gown, but an artistic and pretty one as well.
The English smocked blouses for the
little lad sre quite tbt newest fad and
they nre wonderfully good looking.
The wash materials and the serges sre
both used for these blouses. Some
times the smocking Is used to lend
the yoke effect again It appears only
st the neck In the front Another
model shows the smocking from the
shoulder well over tbe round of tbe
arm, In fact quite to tbe elbow. The
hlouses are often allowed to fall
straight although they rosy be ron-
lined by a belt. Tbe little bloomer*
complete this costume, which Is really
as attractive as It Is novel.
Hs Won a Wager and Thsn Lost His
Life Through Purs Rseklsssnsss.   ���
"There is a regrettable modern tendency to disrespect the difficulties of
some of the great Alps, especially
those whose ascents have appealed to
popular favor. The Wetternorn, or
Storm peak, that huge rock embattled
sentinel of the Grindelwald giants, is
the most notorious example of this,"
writes George D. Abraham in The
Pall Mall Magazine. "Truly even on
mountains 'familiarity breeds contempt.' It has been lightly named 'the
Ladies' peak,' but with tar too terrible frequency a fearful revenge ha.��
been extorted; its death roll is equalled hy few of the Alps.
"The following tragedy of 1908 is
typical of many others. A young
English lady, aided by the best of
guides, mado one of the earliest ascents of the season and innocently left
a silken handkerchief fluttering in
the summit breezes. This wss noticed through the large telescope at
Grindelwald, and a Swiss workman,
roused by the sight, wsgered forthwith that he would bring down the
trophy  single handed.
"He won the wsger, but lost his
life in the winning. Common sense
prevailed to the extent of taking a
companion as inexperienced ss himself, and fortune smiled upon theni
until they almost reached the foot ot
the Great Couloir on their return.
There the young workman untied
ffiim the rope and, waving the trophy
of success in his hand, started to
glissade direct down the snow slope
to the glacier.
"The friend's example and advice
to follow the usual descent hy the
rocks at the side of the couloir were
utterly disregarded. At express speed
lie rushed downward until suddenly
he saw the end of the couloir overhanging nothingness and the glacier
some hundreds of feet below. It was
too Inte. With a shriek of warning
to his friend he dashed outward over
the edge into space and eternity. The
next day tlie remains were recovered.
In his right hand the unfortunate victim of Ills own folly clutched the
handkerchief; he brought it down to
10 acres on Main road, all cleared, planted in assorted fruits.
Splendid location; 6 roomed cottage: electric lights; barns and
stables; one mile from Hammond Station.
$9500���y3 Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
Biitish Canadian Securities, Ltd.
lish of the future ls dying out.
"I suppose the disappearance of the
true Cockney accent and vocabulary
is partly due to our Influence," said
an East Eud schoolmaster.
"Personally, 1 regret the loss of Its
peculiar vocalbulary, though the mod-
-m accent pleases my own ears much
belter than the Cockney accent. But
the disuse of a word Is a blow to anyone who has been accustomed to employ or hear it. The Introuctlon of
modern schooling is seriously Impair
Ing the Cockney vocabulary and practically eliminating the Cockney accent from the Street*. Such a tnn
Cockney word as 'skelllngton' for
'skeleton' Is hardly used at all now.
We schoolmasters have no longer any
occasion to prick up our ears In order to understand what our boys and
girls say."
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)....gle,000)00O.0g
RE8ERV*    ���U.00O.0O0.0O
BraaehM throughout Canada ang
Newfoundland, aad la London. Bar
Sm*. taw Tork. Chkage ud Spokane.
0.8JL. aad Mexico (��,.    StSSSSt
^�����tt��   b��-iMM   tmsssut'iZ
**r* at Crailt Iaaued. available with
eerreapondaou ta all parts of tha
Savings Baak Dspertmeot���Deposit*
r*c.l-*d la turn, of gl ni upV^
snd Interest allow* 1 at g par cent, oar
annum  (present rata).
Total  Asset* over IIM.OOO.OOO.W
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Results Count
Two advertisers phoned The
News yesterday to kill their
classified ads., stating that they
had secured sufficient replies
from them after the paper had
been out but a few hours. Another stated that a small classified ad. had sold a houss and
lot for him  In short order.
Results Count
Queer  Presents to  Royalty.
The list of strange gifts to modern
monarchs contain some   curious items.
King Edward,  shortly niter his corn
nation,   received   a   registered   packet
from  an  admirer,  addressed to  "His
Majesty the King pf Kngland,  House
ol  Parliament,  Kngland," containing
a   gigantic   prize   potato,   which   th��
sender begged him to accept.   Anoth-
6* strange present to his late majesty
was the mummified hand of nn Egyptian princess, which the king kept nn
his writing-desk at Sandringham, and
used  as  a   paper  weight.
The Kaiser, too, wns greatly amused, __ _
seven years ago when a letter wa> K inn'* HaIM Pnnl KAAni
i delivered at the palace in Herlin con- ""'g 5 ��WMH * Wl IMJUID
! taining a bank-note for 100 marks
! and an anonymous note begging the
'��� Emperor to use the money for the
| purchase ol warm underclothing.
'  Tor," wrote t'ie donor. "I saw your
majesty at re\ lew  yesterday, and  it
seemed to me wat jou were not so
warmly clad as you should be..
Hest I'ool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,(00.000
Reeerve    112,500,000
The Bank ha* 350 branches,
extending in Canada from ths
Atlantic to the Pacific, In Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
tdad, Dominican Republic, New
York and London, Eng. *
Draft* Iaaued without delay
on all the principal town* aad
dtlea la the world. These ei-
oelent connection* afford every
banking facility.
Naw Westminster Branch,
Lawford BI��hard��on. Mgr.
Phone R524
619 Hamilton St
A Nsw Type ef Sleev*.
The tretnendou* vogue of lac* this
antnmn Is responsible for some very
ehnrmlng effects tn *l*eTe* for sfter
noon gowns. Most sttractlv* among
the several new features at this costume of slnt* gray satin sre Its sleeve*
of embroidered  whit* net *nd point
Chimneys are modern ��� that is,
I chimneys with fireplaces and flues.
I None of the Soman ruins show chim-
j ney* like ours. There are none in
i the restored buildings in Ilercu'.aiieum
and Pompeii. Roman architect.! complained that their decorations were
smoked up. A kitchen In Koine was
always sooty. Urasicrs were used in
the living rooms. The chimney of
antiquity consisted of a hole in the
roof. The wealthy Romans used carefully dried wood, which would burn
in the room without soot. The modern chimney was first used in Europe in the fourteenth century. The
oldest certain account of a chimney
places it in Venice in IMT.
Chimney  Sweeping;
Eavetrough   Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspool*, geptle Tank*. Etc.
W 83*?-
Dolls Siuffed With Fortunss.
The Bank of France destroys eld
n,tes hy placing them in n vat *n<l
subjecting them to the action ol certain corrosive acids. In n few mntnctils
the banknotes are reduced to pulp.
This pulp is sold to toymaker*, who
use it for'stufliing tlieir less expensive
d'lls, so that the plaything nf a child
may he stuffed with what was once s
4P*i   l's.*, -'V
T&M'AWk'i*' 1}
Caesar's Mother.
Caesar's mother wns a "strict nnd
stately lady oi the o.d school, iinnf-
fect/d by the cosmopolitan laxity ol
her dny." Consequently, though tin
Caesars were wealthy, their liOuselu Id
was "simple and se\crc. ' lis greatest son "wns always passim ale'y '!������
voted tn his mother, wl, i ."hare nis
hou** up to the tim* of her dufttb,'
when  he  was forty-six years old.
The mother of a three-year-old hoy
who was given to running nway.
adopted the plan of tying him to "ne
of tlie piazza pillars w.th a long rope.
He wns very fond of having his mother sing to him, and one night when
she wns singing the old song. "Where
Is My Wandering C y To-night?" lhe
child suddenly hurst into ti-nrs and
asked, "Why didn't ins muvver tie
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
A g< iitleiiia.i nt a musical pnrty
: where the lndy was very particular in t
to hnve the concord ol sweet sound*
Interrupted, seeing that tlie li_o was
going out. askcil a friend in a whisper. "How could you stir the fire
without interrupting the music?'
"Between   the   bars!"    replied
d'esprlt. Iiiiiiiled top and Outturn with
Muck cliiiiiillly snd fulling ovet nar
row ellmw sleeves of plain net, trimmed with gray mum and wblte point
Such a sleeve etreet Is excellent for
tirlnglnu u lost year's truck up to the
minute in stylo.
Will   Build   Fourth   Bridge,
Edmonton, Alta., Dec. 6.���Tho  contract for a fourth  bridge across the
Saskatchewan to cross at the foot of
j Fifth street has been awarded by the
cltv to tlie Lyall-Mltchell company for
Lorne  Street,   New  Westminster.  $79,898.
She W*it*d.
Clerk- Hut .1 nu )n��t liought this uuvei
end pnld for It
Clerk-Then why do ybu wl*h to return It 1
< 'ii'tomer-1 rend It while waiting
for my change.
To*   Inquisitive   for   Dumas.
A person more famous for inquisi-
tiveness than correct breeding once
took the liberty of questioning Alexandre DumqA ratheT too closely about
his genealogical tree.
"You are a quadroon, Mr. Dumasf"
"And  your  tsther?"
"Wss a mulatto."
, "And your grandfather?"
"A negro," hastily answered the
dramatist, whose pstienco was waning.
"And may I inquire what your
great-grandfather was?"
"An ape, sir! ' thundered Dumas
fiercely. "An ape. s.r! My pedigree
commences where yours terminates!"
Poison In War.
The use of poison in war was once
���on.sidcred not only permissible, but
commendable, and was defended hy
no less an authority than Wolff.
There are reported instances of wells,
springs, ponds and streams bein.,'
poisoned as a military measure. Even
in our time instances are numerous
of the intentional defilement of drink
ing water supplies hy throwing lbe
bodies of animals into tha slrium or
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
cood* et all kinds.   Tool* Mpecially.
10 Mclones Street Ptaoae ISSB
D. McAulay
Tei. 781. Cor. Cth and Columbia
Largest Gold Nugget.
Men have found a mass of native,
eopi-er weighing 420 tons, and they
hsve discovered a chunk of pure sii
ver weighing one and one-halt tons,
hut the lnrgest nugget of gold tiiat
hns yet heen seen weighed only 190
pounds. And gold teekeis sre inform
��1 that larger finds In the future are
The Sly Youth.
He���Then you have no objection to
admitting we  nre engaged?
She���No. liu'. why do you want to
He���I'm going nway, you know, nnd
it's such a protection when the girls
sutioy me.
Wealthy Citizen Dead.
Salt lake, Utah. Deo 6.���David Eccles. president of thn Amalgamated
Sugar company, and one of tho
wealthiest citizens In Utah, died sud
denly at. the Emergency Hospital here
last, night of heart dlBcaie.
Tho Mussel.
1 he mussel prefers a hed ol sand it
fine gravel perpetually covered with
water, lt attaches itself to its bed by
the ligaturc-likc growth on thc shell,
known as the byss.us, aud multiplies
itsctf amazingly.
Will Not Become Universal Language as Predicted,
London, Dec. 6.- Ixindon schoolmasters say that the Cockney speech
which the late Professor Skeat expected to become the standard Eng-
Winter Schedule
7:65 for Toronto and Nicola branch
14:00 for St. Paul    aad    Kootena;
18:30 for Agasalz I .ocal.
19:66 for Imperlal   Limited,   Mont
real and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particu
lars apply to
New WeBtmlnste
Or H. W.  Brodie, O.P.A, Vancouvei
Ferry, Fraaer River.
In accordance with chapter 85, R. S.
B. Ch 1911, "Ferrlea Act." the Government of British Columbia Invite applications lor a charter for a ferry to
ply on the Fraser River between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Anaacis Island, and Coquitlam. ,
Application* will be reoelved by tho
Hon. Minister ot Public Works up to
12 o'clock noon of Monday, the ��th
December, 1912.
The charter wlll cover a period e��-
plrtng on 31st March, 1914.
Applicant* shall give a description
of the vessel lt I* proposed t* ase, th*
method of operation, and the ves***
muat conform tn all no��o*U te th* requirement* of the "Canada ahlpplag
Aot" and amending Act
Applicants ahall Mate th* toll* User
propose to aak for���
Foot passenger* (adults), set*.
Foot paeeenger*. children under
thirteen years.
Pawengor with eaddle*or*e.
Faaaoagor with hoos* sad bag*.
Driver with two borsao Md wage*.
loaded or aaloadofl.
DriTor wtth four horses ud wagoa.
leaded or unloaded.
Cattle and horses, per head.
Sheep, per head.
Hogs, per head. .
Calves and colt* under oae ye��r old.
per hoad.
FrelghL perUheble. Rer IM lb.
FreighL unperlehable, per IM Jo.
The Government of Britlrt Colus*-
bia 1* not necessarily hound U accept
sny application submitted.
Public Work* Engineer.
Department of Public Work*,
Victoria, B.C., 21*t November, M��.
no28. (148)
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
r.i.Dhon. r  in. Office Print*** St
Transfer Co.
Offlc* Phon* 188.     Barn Phon* 137
Begbla 8tr**t.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of th* eity.
Light and Heavy Hauling
The time for receiving application*
for charter for a ferry to ply on th*
Fraser lllvnr between New Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Island and
Co'iultlain, is extended up to 12
o'clock of Saturday, the 21st day of
December, 1912.
The charter will cover a period of
five years, expiring on Slat March,
Public Works Engineer.
Department    of   Public   Work*,   Victoria,   B. C,   3rd   December,   1912.
(M laZ      UDlES'
sf/ I ��� | IS SU|TS
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
 .' $3.00
Overcoat* Cleaned and. Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75a
We-do repairs at a small additional charge.*
345 Columhla Bt.     Phone R27X SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1912.
Conservative     Orflan    Tremendously
Impressed���Dally   News   Indulges
In  Severe Criticism.
London, Dec. 6.���The London morning papers, more especially the Conservative organs, are tremendously
Impressed not only by what Is characterised as Canada's splendid contribution to Great Britain's naval power
but by the frank avowal of the perii
the Empire stands In by the rapid
growth of rival navies, as pointed out
in the naval memorandum published
In London and referred to In Premier
Borden's speech.
The Telegraph say: "Canada has
Bpoken. What response shall we In
the Motherland make of her unique
and magnificent tribute to the IdealB
of peace and freedom?"
The Morning Post, expressing pro
found gratitude to Canada for her
magnificent evidence of loyalty and
faith In the Empire, sayB: "if thi
reciprocity agreement with the United
BtatPs had been carried out, this
great contribution would never havr
been proposed."
Tho Standard says: "If the Cana
dlan Parliament accepts the proposals
we shall enter In to a new era of hop,>
and security, supported by the knowl
edge that it Is not an Island Kingdom
but a World Empire with whicii
Great Britain's enemies will have tt
Most of the other papers are elml
larly euiofflstlc. The Dally News, rep
resenting the Little Navy party, how
ever, indulges in severe criticism. It
doubts whether the urgency is so extreme, and fears that the political
consequences will be very grave. It
says: "Unless there ls a correspond
Ing reduction In the British prograrr
of naval construction Canada's g'f
will get to be a burden for the main-
It-nance of the Canadian ships." The
paper asks how the new development
is to be reconciled with the preserva
tlon of Imperlal control over the foreign policy. Altogether, It thinks It u
most hazardous step.
The Times heartily approves of the
appointment of a Canadian minister
as a member of the Imperlal Defence
Committee, and adds: "Similar ap
pointments by the other Dominions
would be equally welcome, for they
mean more than the creation of
navies or the contribution of ships."
Beresford Talks.
I/ondon, Dec. 6.���Lord Charles Beresford. speaking to a Daily Express
representative on the Canadian nava'
proposals, says:
"What I recommended that the Dominion do was to defend their end of
the  trade routeB  with   stronp   naval
bases, mines, torpedo boat destroyers
and ligltt cruisers.     The trade routes j
are unprotected and now our  danger
is starvation, not Invasion.   The coun- ]
try was deceived and fooled by state-1
ments retarding the Dreadnoughts of j
���other nations.    We were Insulted   bv j
tielng told a Dreadnought could   sink
three whole fleets.    The peopU- sp-ak
of    nothing   hut   Dreadnoughts, quite |
forgetting thnt a fleet Ib composed of I
a varletv or units, any one  tit which \
being defective or   short,   jeopardizes j
the whole."
obeyed by Servia seems now probable |
enough always provided the civil authorities   at    Belgrade   continue    to
wield the supreme power, for yester-
day the semi-official   Servian  organ,
Samouprava, announced  the  decision ]
of the government to submit unhesl
tatlngly to Europe's decision.
Largs and Brilliant and Numerous snd
Net Afraid of Man.
In Japan fireflies are more than mere
beetles. They are Cupid's light to
guide lovers, souls of ancient soldiers,
tbe devil's snare to tempt wanderers
to death. In tbeir light of magic gold
with a tint of emerald green the Japanese see stars of hope, sorrows of
broken hearts, tbe everlasting spirits
of warriors, but, most of all, the Joys
of lore aod lovers.
Whenever tbey see the glimmering
faint green light of fireflies ho wring
over tbe stream running into tbe dark
ness of night the Japunese dream of
love and loving hearts. Tbe light of
fireflies Is the guide of lovers going
aloug tbe narrow paths to meet tbeir
Tbe Japanese fireflies sre mucb larger and give brighter and more steady
light tban those seen ln Europe or
Amerlcn. In old days many poor Japanese students, unable to buy candles,
were wont to gather fireflies In a bag
aud read their books by tbeir light
The Hotaru kago iflrefly cage), made
of flue laces, placed on the veranda
gives almost as bright a light as tbe
large stone lantern, but mucb more
qunlnt nnd dreamy.
Fireflies are plentiful everywhere In
Jnpan. They are oot at all afraid of
human beings and wlll often alight
upon the dress aud even oo the balr
nr hands. It Is not seldom tbat flre-
fil"s fly Into one's pockets or sleeves. -
Mock Joya In Strand.
Oiant Sharks.
While the whale Is regarded as the
largest of creatures that haunt tbe sea.
there are some sharks that can be
compared In size wltb the former animals. These giant sharks, however,
nre very rare and arc known under
the nnme of the great whale shark and
the basking shark. The former, which
attnlns a length of fifty feet Is found
off the coast of India. Peru and Ixiwer
California. The latter's most favorite
haunt Is tbe Arctic ocean, but It Is
slso found near the grent whale shark
These monsters, curiously enough, are
quite harmless. Their teeth are very
small, ond they feed on tiny matter
that floats on the ��urfa<ie of the sea.
This matter the flsh strains tbrougb
Its enormous gill rakers.
Differences  Are  Greater Than  Common  Alms���Greece  Desires to
Regain Islands.
London, Dec. 6.���In the Dally Telegraph, Dr. Dillon, writing from Vienna, takes a hopeful view of the
peace situation and Insists that all his
optimistic prophesies are being verified. Casting bis eye aver the Balkans, hc reaches this conclusion:
"From what haa come to my knowledge lately, I am firmly of the opinion Ihat little will remain of the Bai
ikon coalition within twelve months
after the conclusion off peace, and
that Bulgaria, Turkey and Roumania
nnd Albania will constitute ln reality
If not In name the United States of
tbe Balkan Peninsula,"
Commenting upon the probable action of the peace conference ln London -and the partition elf Turkey, he
goes dull
"At present tbe differences that
divide them are becoming more Important than the common alms which
still hold them together. Salonikl le
the apple of discord for Greece and
Bulgaria. . ' ���
"Another possible phaae which fires
the Imagination and nervea the arm or
Oreece Is possession of the Islahds Inhabited hy Greek population! which
no longer wlll be contented to remain
under the sway of the Sultan. That
the Hellenic Government wtll try hard
to Incorporate them la oertaln.
"It U �� matter of IndHtorence to
Austria-Hungary whloh of the competitors succeeds In obtaining possession of the bulk of the Wlands, excepting, however, those wMeh oou>
mand the entmnoe to the Dardanelles
and on that aoocunt are T*t**��*S as
under the Immediate guardianship of
the elgnatortes of fti Tnrtj '** Berlin. If Ownee were to lay ����*�� *��
any of these the matter would hat*
to be referred to thwe P��**��- .,���
"I am informed from Constantly
ople that the Porto la resolved to refuse the cental of any part of au-
tonomus Albania to tte Balkan
states. Thla deetolon> would H'tax
ried out, relieve Austria-Hungary of
the necessity of fmUrreiilnB b��tween
Servla and Turkef, ���*."*��"���*,��
declared .autonomoaa, B follows the
Servian occupation row.end ias soon
as the peace treaty ����� *!�������"��
ahould Turkey aurreader the Allian
ian seaboard to BeryU ����'..ffiwfi,
posed to regard thla as moat ����>����{��
then Europe coUaotlyely would1 doubt
less take the matter la *���������? ��?
mand the evacuation of Albanian territory without delay. _,�������
in both these cases Austria would
bo relieved of the neoenlty of inter
venlng directly. ' ���_ _m tw
"That Europe's aummooe will   ne
Pint Man Dressmaker,
One day In I7:��t u beautiful carriage
appfarvd ou tlie boulevard of Part*
with an escutcheon in the shaiie or a
luilr of corxi-tH and sn opeu pair of
miHSors painted on the pnin-1 of euch
door. Tills was the eoal of arms of
liliomlierg. thr t)r��t man who made a
name as n woman's dreKsmuker
l;ii"i"t��-rE. wtio was the son of s Ha
varum i��.':isant from the tiWghhorhiMMl
���>f Munli-h. awed hls rapid suet-ess to
lii* genius fur roiii-enllng and remedy
ing defvfta of flpire lie left an an
nuai Im-ooM of .Vi.ooo francs to bis
Mrs. A. F. Cotton will not receive
again until after the New Year.
��� ���   ���
Mrs. J. W. Harvey. "The Glen," will
not receive again until after the New
��� ���   ���
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Belyea left on
Thursdav for Southern California,
where they Intend spending the winter.
��� e   e
Mrs. J. It Glover, who Is the guest
of Mrs. W. H. Keary, First street, intends leaving n<.::t week for her hour-
ln Armstrong.
��� s   ���
Mrs. .J A. Lee, 615 Third avenue,
will pot receive again until the New
Year, and then on the second Wednesday of the month.
��� ���   ���
Mrs. Corbould   ard   Mrs.  Seadd'nE
went down  to  Victoria  on   Monday,
and   were   guests   at   the   Empresa
Hotel for a few days.
Mrs. John A, l,ee entertained a tew
friends at the tea hour on Tuesday
afternoon In honor of Mrs. Beauchamp Tye (Victoria).
��� *   *
Mlss C.  P.  Wright   went down   to
Victoria yesterday afternoon, and will
be the guest of Mrs. L. O. S. Schole-
field, Pemberton Road,
Mr. L. M. Richardson, manager of
the Royal Bank of Canada, has returned from Victoria, where he has been
spending several weeks' vacation.
��� *   *
Mlss Scott, superintendent of , the
Royal Columbian Hospital, will be "at
home" for the first time this season,
on Monday afternoon, from 4 to 6.
Does Not Intend to Attempt Atlantic
Flight Until That Time���No Big
Engines Yet.
(By-law No. 183.)
A   By-law to widen   Cemetery Streel
and to establish lt as a road with a
uniform   width  of  forty   (40)    feet
from      Cumberland      to     Alberta
Streets In the City of New Westminster: ���
WHEREAS under the provisions of
Subsection  176  of   Suction 53 ot the
"Municipal Act" lt ls provided that In
every  Municipality  the  Council  may
make by-laws for establishing,'open
ing,    making,   preserving,  improving
repairing, widening,   altering,   divert
ing or stopping up   streets,   squares
alleys, lanes, bridges or other publlc
tbprougbfares and . for entering upoi,
expropriating, breaking up, taking oi
using any real property tn   any way
necessary or convenient for the said
purposes without the consent of tht
owners of the real   property   subject
to the restrictions contained   ln part
XV. of the said Act
AND. WHEREAS, lt Is provided by
Subsection 193 of said Section 53 ol
the said Act that the Council of every
Municipality may make by-laws for
disposing of a public street or highway or any portion thereof whenever
deemed necessary in exchange for ad
Jacent or contiguous lands expropri
ated for the purpose of Improving
widening, straightening or diverting
any publlc street or highway, and to
execute deeds for property so ex
AND, WHEREAS, it is deemed de
alrable and advisable to widen Cemetery Street to a uniform width of
forty (40) feet extending from Cum
berland to Alberta Streets in the City
of New Westminster, and to stop up
and close that part of the said Street
as now established as particularly
hereinafter described and to dispose
of the said land.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the Cltv
of New Westminster enacts as follows:
1.   A highway,  street, public thoroughfare or road Is hereby established
and opened over the lands and prem
lses described as follows:   Commencing at the North East angle of Subdivision Lot One  (1)  of Lot Nineteen
(19) Suburban Block Three (3) in thc
City of New Westminster; thence on
a  course   North  Eighty-nine degrees
and one minute West (N. 89 degrees.
1 minute Weat)  a distance of Seven
171   feet thence  on  a  course  South
Fifty-nine minutes West (S. 59 mln.
West)   a distance  of Seven hundred
and Bixty-six and fifty-three one hundredths feet (766.53);   thence   on   a
London,    Dec.    6.���Mr     Grahame-  course South Eighty-nine degrees and
White, discussing his    plans    for    a  cne m'n"'e East (S 89 degrees 1 min-
.raiiAatlantlc ri!t;ht, said he has been  ute    Ea8t)    a    distance    of    twenty-
much misquoted. seven     (27)     feet;     thence    on    a
"1  never intended,  said   or  hinted  course North Fifty-nine minutes East
that such a   flight would   be  accom-   (N- 59 ui'n,lt��s East)   a  distance   of
pi.shed next year," he declared. Four  (4)  ,eet;   thence   on a   courBe
"Nobody could do It.    Engines   of  South Eighty-nine   degrees   and   one
the required power do not exist minute EaBt (S. 89 degrees, one mln-
"A transatlantic flight   is perfectly | "** B.)  a distance of Thirteen   (13)
feasible,  but not   in   two   or   threelf,,pt; thence on a course North Fifty-
months' time.    It ls a sort   of thing   ninP m��nntes East (N. 59 minutes E.)
that takes a long experiment.   We are, Ia dlBtance ot seven hundred and six
We Must Have More
Room to Display Our
Mammoth Stock of
Holiday Merchandise.
Any $50.00 Coat or Suit, now $37.60
Any $40.00 Coat or Suit, now $30.00
Any U5.00 Coat or Suit, now $26.75
Any  $30.00 Coat or Suit, now $22.50
Any $25.00 Coat or Suit, now $19.75
Any  $20.00 Coat or Suit, now $15.00
Any  $16.50 Coat or Suit, now $1233
Have You Seen Our Mammoth Stock of Toys ?
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
dealing with something never attempt
td. My date for the start was at. the
opening of the Panama Canal ln 1915
At present If any sum ot money ls offered   I would not attempt It.
1 know of no satisfactory engines
tv-two and fi'tv-three   one-hundredths I
I762.53\ feet more or leas to the South '
post planted at the North West cor- j
limit ot Alherta Street;  thence on a.n�� of Subdivision Thirteen (13), Lot
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
cotirse North Eighty-nine degrees and
one minute West (N 89 deg. 1 mln.
W.) a distance   of Thirty-three   (33)
built of over  120-horsepower.    There i feel t0 the Plare ��f beginning
There was no material change In
the prices at the City Market yesterday morning, and despite the factthatt
stocks were generally good business
remained about the average.
Spuds continue to be a drug. Further heavy shipments came in yesterday, but apart from a little purchasing now and again, dealers found
things pretty slow.
Eggs held at the quoted figures .of
last week, though tbe ranchers
brought In a good many dozen.
Fruit of the hest quality found a
ready aale, but -flto poorer grade was
a little slack.
Meats were generally In good nup-
ply and the traders tn this line found
business "brisk all round.
Applet, per box 75c to $1.00
Pears, per box mlt*S
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack *L00
Carrota, per aack  -TSr
Turnips, per sack ��0��
Potatoes, per ton $11 to 114
Ve-etsibles, Retail.
Beeto. pes- bunch --.Jo
Onions, per lb.  8c
Potatoes, per sack, new 75c
Carrots, per bnnch 6c
Cabbage, por lb Jo
Turnips, each ��c
Egga and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doien.45c to 50c
Eggs, retail. per dozen ... .660 to <0c
Butter, retail, per lb 40o to 45c
Butter, wholesale, per lb. ..
Pink Bprlng Salmon, per Ib 15c
White Srrlng Ssilmon, per lb 8c
Flounders, per �� *������
Sturgeon, per lb. Jjjc
Halibut, per lb ttt
Steelhead, per lh.  ISc
Smelts, per lb W"
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasto 16e to Wc
Beef, loin, Ho to Wc
Beef, round steak .* Vir
Boiling beef 10o to 14c
Veal  16o to tte
porlj 18o to SOc
Sugar cured bacon 85c
Mutton 12c to 80c
Dressed Chtcken, per b *6c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, Urge ��o to 10c
Veal, small  Wo to 14V4c
Beef, front quarter 9V4c to 10c
Beef, hind quarter llo to 12c
Spring lamb ���!*��
Mutton We to 12%c
Pork We to 18%'j
Hens, small, per dos $�� to $8
Hens, Urge, per doz $8 to $10
Chickens, per do�� $4 to $5.60
Broilers, per doz $8 to $4
Hens, live, per lb 17o to 19c
Cihckens, lire, per lb l��o to Sic
Ducks, per doz 8" to SK
Ducks, live, per lb 18e to SOc
are engines of 200-horseptrwer, but not
f f>e tvoe I   lntnnd to use.
"1 am buBy with the design of a machine which will be neither biplane or
ii ro-tlnne.    I am going   at first   to
kuild  a small    machine,  a    working
model to test matters like weight displacement   I expect this machine will
lie finished next snrrnner.     I estimate
tbat  I   shall  spend '$100,000  building
the  machine and cm   other   preparations before I shall te ready for the
start, which 1 should   like   to   make
from the Thames opposite the Savoy
"otel, If the river authorities woull
allow it.    Then  would   commence   a
30-hour flight to Jlew York harbor. 1
'hould fly over '.he Panama Canal and
then go to S-n Francisco.
"The crew will 'include two pilots,
two mechanlcUns and possibly twr
nassengers besides myself. I shall
not attempt to ilrlve the whole distance myself."
2. The Corporation of the City of
1 New Westmlnater for the purpose of
estahlishlng the Baid street or public
thoroughfare expropriates and takes
those parcels or tracts of land situate
In .the City of New Westminster and
Province of British Columbia
scribed as follows:
Four (4), Suburban Block Three (3); 1
thence South Eighty-nine degrees and
one minute East IS. S9 deg. 1 rain.E.) j
a   distance   of   Thirteen   (13)   feet;
thence South Fifty-nine minutes West
(S. 58 min. W.) a distance of One hundred    and     sixty-seven    (167)     feet;
thence North Eighty-nine degrees and |
one minute West  (N. S9 deg. 1 mln.
W.) a distance of Thirteen (13) feet;
de-1 thence North Fifty-nine minutes Eaal j
(N. 59 mln. B.) a distance of One hun-
P. O.  BOX 442
Lisbon, Portugal. Dec. 6.���Eighty-
two Portugneee fishermen lost their
lives during a storm this week on tlie
coast Of Portugal.
The survivors -suffered severe prhra-
tlone. being without food or water tor
three days, vrtille heavy and cold
"-liids nrevallod. Four men on one
boat became itnaane, lumped overboard and wero drowned.
Letters tf a Slim-Haie
Woman Mer Fat Sister
Third Letter: an the Mistaken Theory
of Starvation to Reduce Weight
Dear Sis:���I have Just finished dinner, and lf 1 had time would tell you
all the good things I  ate���you'd be
Remember that dear, mistaken old
doctor back home who tried to take
the fat off me by a tar v Ing me? What
. iMi.uni, trusting creature I wa. to
put up with Iti I was half famished
and weak and actually sick from lack,
of food���and he wouid graciously al
low me about one cracker a day���1
felt like a parrot.
k'ou know i always said that system
was barbarous���that there must be a
simple, easy, natural method to take
off superfluous fletiu Well I found
tt, found the simple harmless Mar
mola Prescription. It took time of
curse. But I had ben carrying thai
load of fat for years, aad I waa mighty
well satisfied to get rid of It In a few
hi ay I did It was this: At the dru;>
store I got % ounce powdered Mar
mala, % ounce Cascara Aromatic and
4% ounces Peppermint Water. I mixed these at home and began taking a
teaspoonful after meats and at bedtime. There wasn't any change at
first, but I kept right on, and pretty
soon I "noticed a gradual reduction In
weight���alow at first, but greater as
���weeks went by���untll now I'm as trim
as a princess, flesh firm, skin smooth,
i^mplexlon clear, nnd feeling fine. If
I'd kept cn starving I'd have died���
fat Lovingly,
FIR8TLY���Parts of Ixrts Seventeen dred and sixty-seven (167) feet to the)
ri7) and Nineteen  (19) and part   of place of beginning.
Subdivision Lot One (1) of lot Nine       "' "
teen (1?) Suburban Block Throe (3)
In said City of New Westminster.
-which may be more particularly described as follows, that is to say:
Commencing at the South East angle
of the North, half ot Lot Seventeen
(17), Suburban Block Three (3), as
shown on the official plan of the City
ot New Westminster aforesaid:
thence on a course North Fifty-nine
degrees East (N. 59 deg. E.) a d's
tance of Seven hundred and sixty-six
snd fifty-three one hundredths (7B6.-
53) feet to the Southerly limit of Alberta Street; thence on a coutsc
North Eighty-nine degrees and one
minute West (N. ��9 deg., 1 mln. "W.)
a distance of Seven (7) feet; thence
^n a course South Fifty-nine degrees
West (S. 59 dag. ~W.) a distance of
Seven -Hundred nnd slxty-slx ana fifty-three one hundredths (766.531 feet.
to the South boundary of the said
North half ot aald Lot Seventeen (17)
Suburban Block Three (3); thence on
a course South Blghty-nlne degrees
and one minute Eaat (S. 89 deg. 1
mln. E.) a distance of Seven teet (7)
to the place of beginning,
SECONDLY���1��art of SubdlvUion
Nineteen (18) lot Five (6) Suburban
Block Three (3) tn the said Ctty of
Naw Westminster, which may be mor���e
particularly described a* follows, that
Is to say: Commencing at a pssrt plant-
��d at the South 'West corner of Subdivision Nineteen (It) Lot Flvu (5)
Suburban Block Three (8); tnenc-
North Flfty-nlno degrees Baet (N. 69
deg. H.) for a distance of One hundred and three and Sixty- one-hun
dredtbs (103.60) tadt; thenee south
Eighty-nine degree* and one minute
East (S9 deg. 1 mln. E.) for a distance of Twenty-one (21) feet-, thonce
South Fifty-nine degrees Weet (S. 69
deg. W.) for a distance ot One hundred and three end sixty one-hundredths (103.60) teet; thenoe North
Eighty-nine degrees and one mlnutn
West (N. 89 deg. 1 mln. W.) tar a distance of Twenty-one feet to the point
of commencement.
THIRDLY���Part of Lot Five (5)
Suburban Block Three (3) ln the said
City ot New Westminster, which may
he more particularly described as fol
lows, that ll to aay: Commencing at
a post planted nt the South West
angle ot Lot Five (5), Suburban
Block Three (3); thenee North Fifty-
nine minutes Boat (N. 58 mln. E.) a
distance of One hundred and nlnety-
elfcht and fifty-three one hundredths
(198.53) teet; thenoe South Eighty-
nine degrees and one minute Bast
(S. 88 deg. 1 mln. B.) ��� distance of
fifteen (15) feet; thence South Fifty-
nine mlnutei West (S. 59 mtn. W.) a
distance of One hundred and ninety-
eight and fifty-three one-hundredths
(198.53) feet; thence North Eighty-
nine degrees and one minute West
(N. 89 deg. 1 mln. W.) a distance of
flfteen (16) feet to the place ot beginning.
FOURTHLY���Commencing    at    a
FIFTHLY ��� Part of subdivision
Twelve (.12), Lot Four (4), Suburban
Block Three (3), iu the said City of
New Westminster, which may be
more particularly described as follows, that ls to say: Commencing at
a post planted at the South West corner of Subdivision Twelve (12) Lot
Four (4) Suburban Block Three (3);
thence North Fifty-nine minutes Easl
(N. 69 mln. E.) for a distance of One
hundred and thirty-two (132) feet;
thence South Eighty-nine degrees
and one minute East (S. 89 deg. 1
min. E.) for a distance of Thirteen
(13) feet; thenee South Flfty-nin��-
minutes West (S. 59 min. W.) for a
distance of One hundred and thirty-
two (132) feet; thence North Eighty-
nine degrees and one minute West
(N. 89 deg. 1 mtn. W.) for a distance
of Thirteen (13) feet to the point of
3. The Corporation of the City oi
New Westminster for the purpose of
establishing the said road or public
thoroughfare wiil enter upon, take
possession of, break, take and nee the
lands hereinbefore mentioned tor the
aald purposes without the consent of
the owners ot the real property but
subject to the restrictions contained
in Part XV. of the "Municipal Act"
4. The Corporation of the Ctty of
New Westminster hereby closes and
declares cloned and stopped up that
part of Cemetery Street as now es
tabllshed described as fellows: Commencing at the North Weat angle of
Subdivision Lot Seventeen (17) of
lot six (6), Suburban Block Three
(3); thence on a course North Eighty-
nine degrees and one minute West
(N. 89 deg. 1 mln. W.) a distance ot
Four and seven-tenths (4.7) feet;
thence on a course South Fifty-nlno
minutes West (S. 69 mln. W.) a dls
tance of One hundred (100) teet;
thence on a course South Eighty-
nine degrees and one minute East
(S. R9 deg 1 mln. E.) a distance ot
Four and seven-tenths (4.7) feet mort
or less to the South West angle of
said lot Seventeen (17); thenco on a
course North Fifty-nine minutes Bast
(N. 59 mln. B.) s distance of One hun
dred feet (100 ft.) to the place of be
5. The lands In the preceding section described shall be sold and disposed of or exchanged tor other lands
In this by-law described and the proceeds applied for the purchase of land
aforesaid and. a deed ot the land In
the preceding section described may
be executed under the corporate seal
by the Mayor and City Clerk.
6. Thii By-law may be cited ai
BY-LAW 191S."
DONE AND PASSED In Open Council thli 25th day ot November, 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally pained thli Snd day of December, 1912.
W. A. DUNCAW, City Clerk.
JOHN A. LEE, Mayor.
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 12*. <-��� E. OILLEY, Phons 211
Phones, Office IB and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
untll 9 p.m., with halt hourly service
until 11 p.m., laat car at 12 midnight.
Sundaya���it 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular servloe thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at fin45. 6:45 and 8
a.m., with learly service unltl 10 p.m.
aad lato ear at 11:31 p.m. Sundays���
Flret ear at 6 a.m.
(VU North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.a., with haurly servloe until ll p.m.
Suaaays���flrat car at I a.m . regular
���arviae thereafter.
Far Chilliwack oad way points at
9:31 a.m.. 1:20 and 4:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points i:o5 p.m
Reduced rates are offered
cer the Fraser Valley lis*
for week end trip* covering
all points on the division.
Tickets for theae special ta.
curslons are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
. From Portland. Halifax
New 8.S. Liursntlc    Dec.   7      Dee.   *t
8.S. Teutonic Dec. 14      Dec 15
8.S. Canada  Dec. 21      Dec. Sl
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, 15,000 torn, largest trom Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 688 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada.
614 teet, 11,004 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggajra
checked through to iteamer ln bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
New York���Queenstown���Liverpool.
S.8. Celtic, Dec. S.
S.S. Cedrlc Dec 18.
S.S. Baltic, Dec 19.
New Vork���Plymouth���Char,
���S.S. St. Louie, Not. 10.
8.8. New York, Dec 7.
8.3. 8t. Paul, Dec 14.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doors ..���.
Cherry Street, er E. A. Ooulet, Agent Canadian Pacific fly. and w"r
���utcher. Agent 8. N. Ry., New Westminster,
Mfo".lUii ���***4-******��nB
avn noAq
Published every morning ezoepi
Bnnday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their office,
�� McKenzie Stroet, New Westmln
���tor, B. C.
Business Office ������
Editorial Office  ����1
By carrier $4 par year, $1 fof three
Wonths. or 40c per month. ' ,
By mall $3 per year, or 256 por
No letters will be published ln th��
News except over the writer's stgni-
ture. The editor reserves the right
to refuse the publication of any letter.
be permitted to adoot for their motto
'Art for Art's Sake."
Those whose   works   are   designed
for the multitude have a greater re-
spoiiBibility and ought to temperately
Indulge this gift of making swindlers
attractive, and representing penlten-
'Uary offences as smart business practices.���Toronto Mail and Empire.
The more one studies the proposals
concerning naval defence, which at
long last have now been given to the
���country, the more ls one impressed
-with their present and ultimate efficiency.
No one in nritish Columbia will
���deny that as a nation it is high time
that Canada adopted some efficient
naval pollcy. We have writhed ioc
long under the delay now, we trust
.soon to be ended.
The nature of this naval defence
has all along been the bone of contcn
tion over which Liberal, Conservative
aud Nationalist alike have wrangled.
Now, if each of us asks himself whal
he would do were he contemplating
the launching of some great scheme
concerning which he knew little, his
course would undoubtedly be that ol
applying to an expert who did.
This course, in brief, is what the
���present government have followed.
True, it has been done before, but
the result of not following the advice
then tendered is known to all, and
meanwhile time has not stood still.
We are not concerned here so much
with emergencies as we are with
showing ourselves and the world that
we are alive to our responsibilities
In the matter of Kmpire defence.
Therein is our immediate need. Thii
policy now before the country meets
this need and at the same timi* pro
vldes for the development of the f-i
Today we are not prepared to build
Dreadnoughts in Canada nor to mar
thom with Canadians. In the arrangements with the mother country pro
vision has been made agaiinit tlie day
when we shall have grown great
enough to do this.
Therefore, for the presenl. our duty
Is to do as our brothers in Now Zealand have done, namely to take the advice of the Admiralty, to station our
ships where they are most needed nt
present, and to rest assured that .we
have done our duty for that present.
Our ultimate duty is to build our
own navy and to man our own fleets
ready to fit Into the general scheme
-of empire naval defence, in the same j
manner as today we have our own j
regiments, ready, should the call come,
to fit iuto tho'cogs of empire military
The day for the former may not be
far distant, and judged by the light of
what other portions of the
have eossldercd their fair share In
this vital matter the Question to ask
is not what form our share Bhould
take, but how large it should be, '
��� �����������������������������������������������
*fl . ��� ���
��� ' ENGLISH    NEWS. ���
��� ���
i On G. Monk's farm at Halstead Essex, a rat has built its nest in a rat-
trap, and has reared a litter ot
Old age pensioners at Norwich are
Invited to attend, one matinee per
formance free each week at a picture
As a result of the war. flgs and
datea, which are generally in good
quantity at this period of the year at
Covent Garden, are scarce.
General Sir Charles Lawrence
D'Agullar, who served in the Crimean
and In the Indian Mutiny, died at
Folkestone, aged 91.
A new Industry has sprung Into ex
istence in London. Vendors bearing
trays of chewing gum are to be seen
ill all the principal streets.
A Southend boy has died from eating berries of the deadly nightshade
of belladonna, which he picked up
while walking in the fields at Prittle-
H. 0. Norris. a director of Wool
wlch Arsenal and Fulham Football
Clubs, has been unanimously selected
for a fourth year of office as Mayor
of Fulham.
A hut, built of fish boxes, covered
over with laths, and plaster, whicii
had been used as a residence has been
demolished at Woking by the local
An egg weighing 4 oz. and measuring 6% in. round the centre has Just
been laid at Watford. Hertfordshire,
by a dien described as an "ordinary
barndoor fowl."
Asked bv the Industrial Council how-
It is tliat bakers have regulated hours
in Liverpool, and not i.n London, a
London employer said: "Well, the
men of Liverpool are more level-head
ed than those of London."
Mr. Sampel, Postmaster General,
stated In Parliament that no compensation was payahle for a parcel or
lace, registered at ��5, whicii was lost
in the Titantic, and in al 1 similar
cases compensation had to be refused.
Four-year-old   Lillian   Duncan,
recently arrived at  Moose   Jaw,
katchewap.   to   Ilve    with    her   uncle
after the death of her parents, traveled   by   land   and   sea   from   Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, entirely alone.
After being out all night, the Rams
gate tug and lifeboat  brought In tin1
4 S3
A pure, healthful, Cream
* of Tartar Baking Powder
\ % , *
When buying an article of food you are
entitled to know exactly what you are buying���its quality and ingredients.
If this information is refused don't buy it.
Some of the low grade baking powders
are advertised, but the ingredients of the
powders are scrupulously concealed.
A housekeeper would not use a baking
powder containing alum M she knew it.
It is well when buying to examine the
label on the can. Unless it shows the
ingredient cream of tartar, don't buy it.
Dr. Price's baking powder is absolutely
free from alum.
Vernon,   B. C,   Dec.   6.���Hugh   A.
Heggie, Esq,, Police Magistrate, Vernon, B. C fined the Vernon Fruit Co
$10 and costs for violation of Section
320, A. D. and 6 of the Fruit   Marks
Act, Part IX., which requires that the
I person who owns -the fruit when it is
wj,0  packed   In  closed   barrels   or   boxes
g��g. must mark plainly on each   package:
1.   Ills  name and  post   office   ad
j dress.
���I.   Tho name of the variety of thc
I fruit.
o.    The grade, whellicr   it is   fancy,
| No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3.
These apples were shipped from
crew of eight men of the Swedish i Kelowna to Cljilgary and marked
schooner Johan. of Kelmar. wllich was j "cookers," which is m-tiher a variety
wrecked on the Goodwins. A life boat [or grade, and no provision is made in
man named Bryant broke his leg I the act for marking other than in
aboard Hie vessel by falling down the I section fi2n, which must be observed,
companion   ladder.  -r���, ������ ���
Fines of ��~i and costs wore Imposed
on each of five forttine-tpllerB who
were charged at Birmingham as th"
result of a police campaign to rid th'
city of this class.
The new battleship King Qeorge V
returned to Plymouth on the satlsfac
tory completion of her twenty-foul
hours' graduated power tests, and lef
for her full power trial.
The Royal National Lifeboat Insti
tutlon has sent to Newhaven a new
self-righting lifeboat, built by th"
Thames Ironworks Company, and
equipped with a 35-h. p. motor.
For the purpose of small holdings
the Buckinghamshire County Council
Where  Herbet  S.   Hockin   Went
plosions  Occurred   Later���Spring
field Case Cited.
Indlanapolis, Dec. 6.--Viclent methods of fighting non-union work In
which Herbert S. Hockin acted as an
"advance agent of McNamara's dynamiting Bquad" were charged by the
United States Government, today In
��� i*t. nrosa-esaminat'
Pennell, Springfield
The government alleged that the
Inability of the local union officials to
unionize a job v.as followed by an appeal for aid and that a visit of Hock
In to a particular locality was followed by an explosion.
Pennell testified after he failed to
unionize jobs in Springfield, he wrota
to Secretary McNamara: "Send Hock
in as soon as possible," but he as
serted he wanted Hockin as a national
organizer, and not for dynamiting
purposes. He said Hockin failed tr
appear, and on Feb. 15 1911, he again
appealed by letter for Hockin. McNamara replied lo "hope and wait,'
cautioning Pennell "to be more careful what you write to headquarters,
fnr the Ixird only knows who roads
the mail that comes into this office."
The witness said that later Hockin
, of Murray U arrived iu Springfield. On March 8 an
111., a defendant |explosion   tliere caused  $45,000  dam-
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Eveningg Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Do you want the Best Value in Westminster
in Slater Shoes, Ahren's School Shoes,
Walkover Shoes, "K" Shoes���all the best
makes.   And the Price���the LOWEST.
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boota.   Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren'a School Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent Valley,  B.  C.
~    S-ltM
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with (J. T. P. Railway  for points EaBt;   also with  8.3.
"I'rince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points��� bi-weekly.
S.S.  "PRINCE ALBERT"  for Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd.
13th and 23rd of each month.
TIcketB to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
H. G. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville StreeL
at  the  trial    ot  the   accused  "bomb   ases.
1300 Miles oi New Line, In
eluding Double Tracking.
Winnipeg, Daj, 6.���According to its
present j lans, the C. !'��� It. will build
over ono thousand r.illc3 of new lines
in Western Canada in IIU3. This Includes 1250 mites of double-tracking
between tbc- head of the Iakos and the
Pacific Coa3t. It is proposed to builj
between six and seven hundred miles
pf branch lines-, and on', hundred miles
cf sidiiiRS for terminal facilities.
The    projected    branch    HneB   will
open up a vast stretch of new territory'.    The  bulk of  the  double-tracking will  be   done   between   Kemnay,
.  , . Manitoba,   and   Cal&arr.   Alta.     The
have purchased 230 acres of land ni double-tracking Is ulreudy practically I
Mld-Bucklnghamshlre from Francis completed between the head of the!
Bliss, Hawarden Lodge, Harrow. | lakes and Kemiipv
Bird  dealers nnd   undertakers   are
Empire I the only trades whollv exempted from
' the  order  given   notice   of   by   Actor.
Council   relating   to    the    closing   of
i shops on the weekly half-holiday.
In   tho  three-day   boat   angling  fes
I llval   at   Deal.   Mrs.    F.   V.    Murmanr.
wen the Borough of Deal Cup with ,i
j record  oatctl  of 68 lbs.,  her husband
I taking the Becond prize with 4GM> lbs
One who read many hundreds of! Station Sergeant Randall, who join
dime and half-dime novels In His ���* ,hp Metropolitan Police at Green-
youth is authority for the statemeni ', Wlch 26 yea��� ago and who has Jus'
that the tailings of all of them "lean-1 retired, was on thn lick list only tWC
ed lit virtue's side." lt Is true Uioy da>'8 during that period,
might inspire in the limast ol' the ad-1 Having to retire from active work
boy an ambition to arm | owing to an Injury received six year.'
and go West to ton-(ago at the Rotherlilthe tunnel, si
grapple With [bricklayer has heen awarded ��30"
compensation from the London Coun-
Confirmation tl thj above program
was given out by the c. P. R. officials
at Winnipeg today. The appropriation of a big sui for tlie construction
-irk in the Weat In 1913 will likely
announced at an earl) date.
hiniBelf heavily
Bort  with  cowboys and
bandits;  they never prompted him to
do the reverse and range himself ou
the side of lawlessm ss.
In no literature did virtue more
Bwlftly nnd decisively triumph than
In the sort of literature we devoured
behind tlie shelter of a geography hi
���choolho-ira. Vet the dime novel used
to be denounced from half the pulpil-.
in the land, and even today sotn,
preacher, bard put to ll to find a sub
Ject upon wliich he oan become vlt
riollc without offending anyhidy.
takes au occasional fall oui of the old
dime novel. Thnt there Ih a much
morn pernicious literature abroad ai
the present time seems to have been
Hornung set a bad example when hi
created "Raffles" "and Invited the pun
lie to become sympathetic over hls
rascally hero. The public accepted
the invitation, aud a by-product of tin
general admiration for tills fascinal
lng, if depraved, character bas been
the appearance of aevcral "gentlemen
cracksmen" in real life who are nov
repenting tlieir sins In various Brit
ish and  American  penitentiaries. Tht
ty Council.
Mikado Names Count Ternuchi. Resi
dent-General of Korea for Post.
' Tokio, Dec. 6. -Count Teniiichl. resi
dent-general of Korea, was named by
the   Mikado    today   as     Premier    of
I Japtn, Succeeded Premier Salon II
who. wilh all the members of hls cnbi
net, resigned a few days ago.
Count Teiaurhl's appointment ciuis-
ed much surprise here, us despatches I
from Seoul Indicated that he did nol j
want to undertake the formation of a
new cabinet. It Is expected tliat Te-1
rauchl's cabinet will be composed of]
military men.
drift toward Immorality in light litem i*
ture ]���; pnt reflected in the half-d
novels, but in the most popular magti
An entertaining but nnsTunulou
swindler named Walllngford anpear
in tvo nf tbem. lie is cleverly drawn
And Is perhaps tho cleanest cut char
meter that has entered American fie
tlon in the past three or four years.
The average man can enjoy the Wall
Ingford stories without yielding (othe
temptation to imitate his methods and
"get rich quick."
Here and there, however, there may
I be some   weak-minded   reader   Influ-
���������peed   b.v   ovil    by   literature    of   the
MJftalHngford scliool.    Men who   write
ays or books or essays that wlll In-
est only a few thinking people may-
Many compliments have
been given The News on the
improved appearance of the
paper since it wns enlarged on
Thursday. Increased circulation and new advertiisng contracts have followed as a siat-
tor ef course, but there are
some business men who have
not yet come in with their ads,
that we would like to see on
our  list.
The circulation of The News
hns Increased 25 per tent In
the past month. Many of its
readers see no oilier local paper. Can you expect them to
trade with you If you don't Invite them to your store through
tbe advertising columns of the
paper they read?
Portland. Or;., Dec. 6.���The decide chair is to take the place of the
noose lrf1 Oregon- if a bill being prepared by former'Speaker C. N. McArthur passes the rtcxi legislature. The
chair, if secured. :wl 11 be the first In
the West. .McArthur has been collect
ing data on Iho'subiect. and states he
Is convinced that the h1''  vill pass.
"The chair can be Installed with but
little expeuse." he declared, "and it is
���i far more humane means cf taking
human llfe-tlmn hanging"
i Two* niblick. ��nd iho  limpled bnll
,     Did tup anil fnozte from the tees;
AH uiupblft Wer* the bunkers tall.
And it>* links cleuked wtth trees.
'  I'pwnre th* bunkered course, my nnn,
Tlie grassy He, the pond's encrnnch;
I Biw&rt the putting greens and shun
j    Tho hazardous approach.
,  He took his driving club In hand.
Long time the red dot ball he sought;
Then rpnt**d ho st thu second tes
And stood awhile In thought
And as In gnin.ih thought he stood.
The bunkered course before him cam*;
On one side sliced lhe JlRger wood.
Thy oLhur pulled the same.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
The cabaret Trio at the! Royal thoatre today In a very Interesting act.
One, two, oil*, two, and through ini
The eighteen holes with cries of "for*;'*
He's six holes, up!   He's won the cupl
He has a Logey scorel
And hnst thou played the bunkerM
Come to my arms, my brassy boy.
Oh. bafts- dny; bh, siymle playl
He uiddlt-d in tils luy. ,
"Tat* niblick, nnd the dimpled boll
Did top and foozle from the tees;
Alt niitHl.lt- were tliu bunkers lull,
And the links decked with trees.
-Ellen R. I'yn* in Llfs.
"Unwritten Law" Holds.
Dallas, Tnx.f Deo,   8.���Mrs,  MlnnU
I.adiii|iie today was acquitted of the
charge pf liaving murdered her hus
bund, W. II. Laduque, laat summer,
because of his attentions to other
women. The defence wns a Btralght
case of "unwritten law."
It's a distinct advantage, in
business as in social life, to wear
Fit-Reform Suits and Overcoats.
Made by thc founders in
Canada of highest grade hand
tailored garments, they win for
wearers  respectful   recognition in any company.
The model illustrated here
is exceptionally dressy. Come
in and sec thc otlier Fit-Reform
styles as well. W8
C M. GREEN. Manager.;
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable iu all parts of tbe world.   Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
No. 488���Eight roomed house, modern, on first sireet, close to
Iloyal avenue and Queens park; size of lot 66x132. Price
$7000.00; one-third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
No. 483- New six roomed house on Oak street, modern. Price $3400;
$275 cash, balance $45 per month, Including interest on loan.
No. 484���-New Ove roomed bungalow on Sljth street, between Blghth
aud Tenth avenues; size of lot 50x150; all cleared, Cherry
trees.   Price $3300;  $700 cash, balance over "0 months.
Three roomed bouse cn Dublin street; large lot, all cleared,
and all kinds of small fruits, chicken house and yard. Price
$1850; one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
No. 472���Six roomed house on Hamilton street, close to Sixth Btreet
car line; large lot. Price $2860; $250 cash, balance by the
month, ;
No. 470���Now six roomed house; flre place, furnace; lot ls all cleared; cement floor In basement; close to car. Price $3701);
$1000 cash, balance to arrange.
451 Columbia Street
Basketball, Volley Ball and Gymnastic
���Interesting and Valuable Presentation.
Westminster's Interest in athletics
centered at tho Y.M.C.A. lost evening
whore a splendid program was carried out.
In the basketball game between the
.second teams of the 104th Regiment
and the Y.M.C.A. was a close contest,
the Y'S winning In the last lap 18-5.
Thc volley ball battle between the
Senior Business Men and the Junior
lliisineBs Men also scintillated with
flashes of speed, the Juniors winning
out 22-16.
The cup and medals of the Lower
Mainland Ilasebail league were pre
sented to tbe winners, the People'..
Trust Company's nine, by Rev. A E
During a lull In tho athletic program
a large and beautiful moose head was
���carried Into the gym by three of thc
junior-boys and was handed over to
the association by Mr. F. J. Williams.
The specimen, which once roved the
woods of New Brunswick, Is the finest Been In the city for a long time
ami will find a prominent place on
the walls of the association building.
Mr. T. J. Trapp, president of the
local Y.M.C.A.. made a few remarks
commending the munificence of Mr.
Williams for such a handsome gift.
Should Beat Cedar Cottage at Buffalo
Park���Bankers and City  Playing Here.
Very little football wlll be seen In
the city tills afternoon. The City
League have only one game scheduled, that between tbe Bankers and
the City eleven, hut this should prove
an Interesting encounter owing to the
position in the league table of the opposing teams.
The battle will commence on the
Moody Park square at 2:30 o'clock.
The Royal City High School team
will journey to Buffalo Park this afternoon, where they meet the Cedai
Cottage eleven in order to settle the
differences In the Brunswick Cup contest, the flrsl game liaving been a tie
while the second was abandoned owing to lack of playing time.
The local boys are playing a fast
game at the present stage of the sea
son and should emerge from the contest witli flying colors,
Application to E. C. A. A. U.
Very little business was transacted
by the officials of the local branch
of tbe B.C.A.A.U. at Its session last
evening. The, application of John
Donald for reinstatement was brought
up but the circumstances of his offense were such as not to warrant the
union recommending his case to th.'
provincial body, which has the last
���ay on such questions.
p *
P STRIKES  AND  SPARES.        ���
��� ���
Howlli,.; by telegraph will be thc
rather unusual leature at the Front
Street Alloys on Monday night wheti
the Royals aud tbe Salmon Bellies
wlll roll their initial matches In the
Telegraph League.
This league is composed of teams
in practically all the cltlea on the
coast, including Vancouver, Victoria,
Kamloops, Nanaimo, Belllngham, Seattle, Tacoma, 'Frlaco and a numbei
of other towns. All the games will
be rolled tomorrow night and the resulta wired to the various contenders.
The Salmon Bellies rolled their Initial match lHTu night, losing two games
to the Royals.
The "Comnoslcators" took three
straight from the Rbjral Pool Room
five.   The scores:
Walsh  188   187
Dill    181   Ml
Mills   .188   185
Sloan    191   187
Steele   145   181
179��� 617
169��� 611
190��� 663
172��� 661
181��� 508
City Schools League: ���
Robert Spencer vs. St. Louis
college. Moody Park, 9:15 a.m.
Lord Kelvin vs. High School,
Moody Park, 10:16 a.m,
John Robson v��. Richard McBride, Sapperton Park, 10 a.m.
City League
Bankers    vs.    City,    Mocdy
Park, 2:30 p.m.
Senior Amateur League: ���
Coquitlam vs. B.C.E.R., Powell street, Vancouver, 2:45 p.m.
Vancouver vs. Victoria, Mc-
Kechnle cup, Brockton Point,
2:45 p.m.
��� e
Soccer   Organization���Royal   City
Should Be Represented in Thomson Cup Matches.
If ever a league Is worthy of sup
port, It ls the city schools soccer organization. The high position that the
British Empire has obtained tn all
branches of sport can be traced to the
fact that the boys and girls of the
public schools are taught by competent instructors to play their games,
and such Is the case in this clty.where
the younger element are being taught
the game of soccer, how to swim and
all otber kinds of athletics.
The last games of the school league
schedule will be pulled off this morning although this by no means finishes the season.
Rugby ns now gaining a firm hold
In New Westminster and lt Is to the
schools that one must look for likely
recruits for the future. Victoria and
Vancouver high schools yearly oo
battle for the Thomson cup and it Is
earnestly to be hoped that before an
other series rolls around the Roya!
City high school may have a team In
this interesting intercity league.
Nearly a Million Workera Took Part
in Strikes in Old Country Last
Wells Knocked Out Champion.
London, Dec. 6.���Bombardier Wells
the English heavyweight champion
made his first appearance in the ring
in London since his return from the
United States, when tonight he knocked out Oeorge Rodel, champion of
South Africa. The end ef the fight
came In the second round after Well:
twice had floored Rcdel.-
Three French Aviators Dare Hostile
Indians���Thrilling  Adventures.
New York. Dre. 6.���After crossing
the Andes Mountains In a . biplane
through a blinding snowstorm, and
daring the poisoned darts of hostile
South American Indians, three French
avlators-br. Ignaclo Allende, Pierre
Villard and M. Le Compte Saint Croi*
de la Ronclers���are today en route
from here to France aboard fhe steam
er La Savoje.
The trio started from San Diego
Chile. Aug. 14, with a Bupply of evap
orated food, Intending to make 150
miles a day and land Ih southern Bolivia. After four days, at an altitude
of 4000 feet, they lost their way. On
the 3lxth dayvthey landed ln a thick
forest, where they were attacked by
Indians and were forced to abandon
their machine. On foot they then
reached the village of Essang. Bolivia
������nd finally by steamer came to New-
Calgary, Dec. 6.���"Life to me is Jusi
one damn drink after another and I'm
sick of It," excltamed Oeorge Cole
shortly before shooting hlir|3elf ln
the head in a local hotel this after
noon. Me Is in the hospital and is noi
expected to live.
Despondency caused by heavy drink
lng prompted tbe attempt at suicide
Cole had been on a debauch for sev
eral weeks and was without funds or
employment. He came to Calgary n
month ago. Nothing ls known of his
antecedents.   He was a laborer.
864 914 881���1659
Sslmon Bellies.
Chamberlin    114 158 199���491
Monteith    184 159 166- 499
Burnett    174 140 188���660
Marshall    174 140 168���482
Chamberlin ......169 188 172��� 609
835   811 895���1641
l'avden  1��0   151 142���463
Randall    ....129   167 144���440
MacDonald    108   143 156���402
Chaput   161   135 147���444
Peterson    101   181 176��� 408
656 727 765���2147
Royal Pool Reom. ._
Orant   , IM iM ��>- ***
Stewart    145 104 154���403
Sharpe   105 119 128��� 847
Arco    188 180 Ml- ��7
O'Connor  131 164 127���412
643   ISO   M8-M16
llndon, Dec. 6.���Following the
Times' editorial of the success of the
strikes engineered during the past
year by the Trades' and Labor council, the report of the board of trade,
which wae issued today, shows that
the exact number who actively participated ln strikes in 1911 were 961,-
980 which ls a record.
The labor department reports also
that 138 profit-sharing schemes,
which Involved some 160,000 workers,
have survived out of 300 which have
been attempted since 1894.
Commenting on the board of trade's
report, the London newspapers anticipate considerable activity ln trade
immediately following the establishment of peace in Europe. British
trade at the present ls enjoying unbounded and unprecedented prosper
ity, and the business year book predicts that 1913 will see industries feverish and active.
There will be a big boom for a
time, and the demand for food sup
ply, clothes, and general materials
will be In excess to the supply. The
general prediction also is that all the
prices will be high, and wages good
while there will only be a minimum
of unemployed.
Industrial undertakings should
show an exceptional profit.
Lord Kitchener Introduces Motor Cars
In   Egyptian   Streets.
Alexandria, Kgypt, Dec. 6.���Egypt
has, indeed, became a country of contrasts, for as visitors to Cairo and Alexandria know full well, camels and
motor cars, heavily-laden donkeys and
fashionable victorias Jostle each other
on their way through the streets.
Owing to the energy of Lord Kitchener the roads are steadily being improved and the completion of the road
from Alexandria to Cairo has rendered the motor car as usual a means of
conveyance In Egypt as in other coun
It is not, however, only for pleas
ure that they are used, for Lord Kitchener has introduced the motor car
and motorcycle into the government
service. Upper and Lower Egypt ar?
divided into well defined areas called
circles of irrigation and the inspector
of each circle now goes on his rounds
in a light motor car while his Junior
assistants are provided with motorcycles.
There Is nothing more acceptable   for   Christmas   prasents   than
handsome, well finished Sheffield Cutlery and Plated Ware.
We show an elegant line of the best manufacturers.
Csll early before our assortment is broken.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
Would Havs Some   Changea, Though
In   Borden's  Policy���Canadian
Men Only on Vessels.
London, Dec. 6.���Bernard Shaw, ths
famous playwright and Socialist, gave
the Canadian Associated Press the following opinion:
'Premier Borden's scheme for
building up a navy for Canada by putting out her ships to nurse with the
British fleet at the expense of the
British taxpayers until the time comes
for the recalling of them to form au
Independent navy for the Dominion,
seemB to me to be clever and altogether a good bargain for Canada, but
for obvious reasons. Premier Borden
should stipulate that after sufficient
delay to allow for necessary training,
the Canadian ships shall have exclusively Canadian crews.
"I notice that some English' paper"
regard the scheme as a metfapd cf
strengthening the British fleet! af the
expense of Canada, and If I thought
that Premier Borden meant that, t
should recommend his immediate removal to a lunatic asylum.
"Canada must be able to defend Itself before it can be a source of real
strength to England or any other
power. It need not cut painter, but it
assuredly must cut apron strings if it
la to take Its proper place in the
world as, a grown-up state."
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the celebrated writer of patriotic verse and
author of "The Great Boer War," who
politically is a Unionist, but believes
in Home Rule for Ireland, wires:
"Magnificent, every Briton must rejoice."
Hon.. A. L. Sifton and Sir James
Whitney decline to���express publicly
an opinion.
Have Llttls Liking for Life���More
Than Third Deaert.
Ottawa, Dec. 6.���The uncertainty of
the Canadian Naval policy haa done
much to curtail the activity of the
Naval Service Department, In the last
fiscal year according to the annual report Just published.
No special effort to obtain recruits
has been made aud, all told, they number 349. Of this number 149 deserted. Many of them came from inland
ports, disliked sea life and quit
The appropriation in the year was
$3,000,000, and the expenditure $1,-
Considerable lnoldental work was
ione in dock yards, but this, too, was
curtailed because of uncertainty as to
the naval policy. 	
Celebrate 100 Yeara Peace.
Toronto, Dec. 6.���Arrangements for
the adequate celebration of the ion
yeara peace by Canada will be,dia
cussed at Ottawa Saturday. Delegations from the Ontario government
left tonight fbr the capital and will
Join the delegation from-Quebec and
at noon tomorrow will meet the Dominion government to discuss plans.
Among other things they wtll ask that
an Invitation be aent to His Majesty,
the King on the occasion of the celebration in ��14.
PREPARE     FOR    8UN    YAT    SEN.
Seattle Receives  Official   Notification
of Famous Chinaman's Visit.
Seattle, Wash., Dec. 6.���Instructions were received from Washington.
t>. C. today "by tire iocat customs and
Immigration officers, tb prepare for
the early arrival of Dr. Sun Yat Sen,
forr:er provincial president of the
Chinese republic, and ether Chinese
dlgnitr.ries who are expected her*,
The department Bt Washington or
dered the local officers to arrange to
facilitate the landing of Dr. Sun and
his party and to show the distinguished Chinese every courtesy.
Acccrdlng to the advices from
Washington. Dr. Sun will bo accompanied bv Wank Chung Chung Hul.
former Chinese minister of justice:
Hsu Chien. former vice minister of
justice, and Chientlng T. Wang, former vice-minister of industries and
Friday and Saturday.
Both man and g:rl seper.ite the
superficial, frcm the real.
The story of two western chums
and the R.N.W.M. Pollce.
At Vancouver
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10th.      Match  Starts at 8:30 p.m.
PRICES: Entire Gallery 60c;     Reserved    Seats    $1.00.
Secure your seats at Ryall's Drug store.    Special cars to rink.   Admission, including car fare, $1.00. - (224)
Raisins, No. 1  Bon Ton, 2 pkgs for 23c, ��� for $1.00
Not-a-Seed, per pkg 10c, 11 for  1.00
Tropic Seeded. 4 pkgs for     ��>
Sultanas, 2 lbs. fcr    .23
Nabob Brand Vostlsxa Currants, 2 pkgs. for i. ������'���' 25c
Clear Bulk Currants, par Ib 10c. 11 lhe. for  1.00
Mixed Candled Peel, par lb    -.    .20
Dates, per lb  .....   .10
Sealehlpe Oysters, par pint.... 80
When ordering Oysters ask for Seelshlpt Oyster Recipe Book,
100 ways of serving.
i    "       ' ', ��� ���   l t'i      i  i M
AL. W. GILLIB, manager.
Royal Road
Show, No. 1
3 Never Seen Before r\
-nm ��� PLAYs-i
mm house aasitsiitt
bathroom, all modern conveniences.   Rent $50 per
month.   Will lease.
CTADF on Begbie Street, near Columbia Street, size
JIVM. 20 fL by 66 ft   Possession about December
1st.     WiU lease.       For full particulars apply to
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Offlee: 28 Lorn* Street, New Weatmlnster.
See This Home
Six roomed Cottage on Lot 66 x 132 feet to
lane. Good garden and lawn, very convenient location. The price is right and the
terms will interest you. Call and see me
about this.
Phone 827.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.        Vice-President Sec. sad Treat.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 877.
Keep Your Eye on
Fine 50 foot orchard lot. $850,
$250 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
���  months.
Improved 1-4 acre lot. with
4 room house, $900. Easy terms
but must be sold quick if at this
High 50 foot lot 10th Ave,
$800, $10 cash and $10 monthly.
33 foot cleared lot, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     East Burnaby.
AT Half Price
��� ���*.,:
The White House
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newa Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices light   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzie St.
Home .'.for thc Holiday I
*,:-H      '      :
tl .
YOU may want something new fdr the holiday jaunt,
either to thjk 0$ home or the old friend.
While Semi-ready Taitorihg offers you quick service, we put larger emphasis
on the quality service,- the better clothes for less money, such as only a great
���pecialized organization.can produce.
^ay we. show you the new Overcoats, at $i$, $io and, i��St��
or the Suits at $i$ to $35 ?   There is nothing better ��pade
tSJtl"tw N.�� * i* .jthe,, world.   Just to show whether you  are  interested
Stwa 1�� tht Facktt nnam r*r  aftera
AlwaVs tka Baa*.
now or afterwards.
Jfeid & McDonald,
;_'"Vtm- Westminster, B. C.
'.Hill dtjouq a"
M.lnawnM.11... i. Kiraftiflr,,;, PAGE  SIX
How can you help your husband to save more money
than he is now able to do?
Sit down at your desk and figure it out. How long
have you been paying rent ? How long do you expect to pay rent ?
Suppose you have been paying rent for 5 years���
$25 monthly, $300 a year or $1500 in 5 years. Do
you know that we will build you a home for that
amount and let you pay for it with what you are
now paying out as rent. What have you to show
for last year's rent? Can you say that you are
$300 nearer owning your own home ? If not, make
a start towards that end today. Come to the office
and talk it over; tell us the size of a house you
need. Let us show you the 4, 5 and 6 roomed houses
we have already built for people in just your circumstances; people who cannot make big cash payments
on a house, and have been paying rent.
Tell us just how you would like to have your house
built and we will start to build it, and all you have
to pay is $25* Come to the office at once and let
us help you to get ahead of the game.
E\ery lot is high and dry 40 x 157 feet to lane.
Streets graded and sidewalks laid, electric light, city
water and telephone service. Right on the 12th
Street car line and only two blocks above the Orphanage. All lots are cleared and graded. Twelve
houses are already built and eight more are started.
If you do not select your lot at once the better lots
will be all gone. Remember you can secure a house
and lot with just what you are now paying as rent.
Come to the office today and talk it over. We are
open till 9 o'clock.
Royal City Realty Co<
Phone 433
750 Columbia Street
One Five Roomed House with bathroom; modern; plastered and well
finished; concrete basement ar.d cement walk. Ready to move into, $50
cash, $30 monthly including intercut.
For those who are unable to see these houses on week days we
might say that agents will be on the subdivision, corner of 12th
Street and 12th Avenue (2 blocks above Orphanage) on Sunday
afternoon. 2 to 5 p. m.
(Chance* for this column muat bu
left at, or telephoned to, this offlce br
6 p.m. on Fridays. The omission of
any church notice from this coluxin
Indicates tbat no dotails bave been
'Salves Can't Cure Eczema
TRINITY���Rev. Canon O. C. d'Easum,
M. A., rector; Rev. George A. Ray, M.
A., assistant curate. 8 a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m.. Matins, Litany
and sermon; 2:30 p.m. Sunday school;
7 p.m., Evensong and sermon.
Tenth street���Rev. E. R. Bartlett,
M.A., rector. Holy Communion, 8 a.m.;
Matins and sermon, 11 a.m.; Evensong
and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday Bchool.
2:30 p.m.   Club meets Wednesdays at
8 p.m.
* ST. MARY'S CHURCH (Church of
England), Sapperton���Rev. Frank
Plaskott, M.A., vicar. Holy communion
8 a.m.; Matins and sermon 11 a.m.
Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday
school 2.30 p.m.; Confirmation clasB,
3:30 p.m.
ST. ALBAN'S CHURCH (Anglican),
East Burnaby���Rev. David Dunlop.
rector. Matins aud Holy Eucharist
11 a.m.; Evensong and sermon at 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
Westminster���Rev. C. J. I.'iona.d,
rector. Matins, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p.m.; Evensong and ser
mon, 7 p.m. The church is flve minutes' walk from South Westminster
station, on the B. C. E. 11. Chilliwack
���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
achool and Bible class   at   2:30 p.m.
corner of Fourth Ave. and Seventh St
Rev. M. G. Meivin, B. A., minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sundry school and Hible claas, 2:30
p.m.; Guild, Monday, 8 p.m..
ton���Rev. E. G. Thompson, M.A., min
leter. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class 1:30 p. m.; Sabbath
nchool at 2:30 p. m.; Y. P. Guild
Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wed
nesday, 7:30 p.m.
corner Fourteenth street and Seventh
avonue���Kev. R, Wallace Collins, B.A,
pastor. Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m
Guild Tuesday 8 p.m. Sunday school
2:30 p.m.
Moreton Hull.) W. J. Gordon, pastor
Services, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.    Mr.
Rev. \V. W. Abbott, U.A., BI)., pastor
Seryic.es 11 a.m., and 7 p.m.; Sund.ij
school at 2:30 p. m.; Young People's
meeting, Monday, 8 p. m.; Prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m. Subjects:
11 a.m., "Ashamed of Christ"; 7 p.m.,
"The Man That Is  Wanted."
Rev. W. S. A. Tux. B.A., pastor. Ser
vices at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sundaj
school at 2:30 p.m.; prayer and prais
service Wednesday at 8 p.m. Subjects:
II a.m., "The Well Is Deep"; 7 p.m.
"The  Book of Jesus Christ."
E. D. Braden. pastor. Services at
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. The pastor wil!
preach at both services.
CHURCH���Comer Eighth street anl
Third avenue, Burnaby. Ret. W. C
Frank, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.; Sunday school and Bibb
class at 2:30 p.m.
S. McKinley, pastor. Love Treat
9:43 a.m.; preaching, 11 a.m. and
7:45 p.m.; SapratUJSt, 12 noon; Sun
day school, 2:30 p.m.; praise sorvice
7 p.m.
ner of Seventh street and Queens
avenue. Services 11 a.m. and
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m. B
Y. P. U., Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Hospital street���O. B. Anderson, pas
tor. Services at 11 a in. and 7 p.m.
Sunday school and Bible class 12 to 1
EDMONDS���Rev.   Reid   McCullough
B.A.,   pastor.    Services,   11   a.m.,  and
7   p.m.;   Sunday   school,    2:30    p.m.
prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m
vice will be held at 3 p.m. by Rev
D. a. Macdonald, B.A. Sunday schoo'
at 2:30 p.m.
PAL CHURCH, corner of Seventh
street a:ul Royal avenue���Rev C E
Wincott. rector. "The Low Churci
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m
Sunday school and Bible class at 2:3 '
p.m. Prayer meeting Thursday, 7:3"
p.m. Subjects, 11 n.m.. "The Oonfllc
ii f'Trmol"; 7 p.m., "Thc Oreat Salva
les and Lieutenant Manning���Harves'
(estiva! at. II a,��.��� 3 p.m. and 7:81
p.m., In the   clt-.nl il,    Pighlh    street.
are held In the hull, corner Fifth
itreet and Eighth aventta, ut 11 a.m.
every Sundiv. Testimony meetings
Wednesday at 8 p.m.
tlans--at tent. 215 Durham street, between Second and Fourth streets. Ser
vices: Preaching and Communion, 11
a.m.; preaching. 2.30 and 7.30 p.m.
CHURCH, St. Andrews and Eleventh
streets.���George N. Anderson, pastor
Services every Sunday at 7:311 p.m
GOSPEL HALIr���Corner of Sixth
avenue and Ninth street.
every    Sunday   at   3.30 p.m. in    St.
In regard to skin diseases, medical
authorities are now Agreed on this:
Don't imprison the disease germs In
your skin by tbe use of greasy salves,
and thus encourage them to multiply.
A true cure of all eczematous diseases
can be brought about only by using
the healing agents in the form of a
A simply wash: A compounl of
Oil of Wlntergreen, Thymol, and other
Ingredients as combined in the D.D.D.
Laboratories. This penetrates to   the
dlseuso germs and destroys them,
then soothes and heals the skin as
nothing else has ever done.
We have made fast friends or more-
than one family by recommending
this D.D.D. Prescription to a skin sufferer here and there, and we want yci
to try It now. We can tell y��u all
about D.D.D. Prescription and how it
cures eczema, or you can get a free-
trial bottlt by writing D.D.D: Prescription, 49 Colborne street, Toronto.
For sale by F. J. McKenzie, Druggist.
Paul's Reformed Episcopal church,
Royal avenue and Seventh street. Sunday school, 2:30 p.m. O. Borge, pastor, residence 1654 Eleventh avenue
east, Vancouver.
Otis Skinner Sued.
Cincinnati, Dec. 6.���Mlss Mollle
Quinn, actress, bas <lled suit asking
$5000 damages from Otis Skinner, star
of "Kismet," charging Skinner pinched her arm. Miss Quinn says her arm
was pinched so badly that lt becamo
swollen, and that she has had to visit
physicians twice.
The Original "Village Blacksmith?"
Dunrhuruh, uear Rugby, England,
claims that its smithy is the original
forge wblcb Inspired the fumous verses
on "The Village Blacksmith." It ls a
picturesque old place, and the "spreading chestnut tree" still flourishes in
(root of it.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeda, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work stihtly con-
fldentlal. M. Broten, Room ��, Merchant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715
Trousers In their present shape were
Introduced Into the  British army ln
1813 and tolerated as a legitimate portion of evening dress In 1816.
The Gulf Strum.
Western Europe's climate would be
changed entirely were tbe Isthmus of
Panama and adjacent territory to be
submerged, for In tbat case tbe equatorial current would be carried Into
the Paciflc ocean, and the gulf stream,
which does so much to warm Europe,
would not emerge into tbe Atlantic
Oldest House In Paris.
The oldest bouse In Paris, built ln
1407, ls still standing. Tbe bouse was
built by a philanthropist, Nicol Flam-
el. and was originally used as a hostelry for worklngmen.
The Game of Craps.
The game of "craps" Is an old one.
Is the word Itself a corruption of the
French "crepe." n favorite game In the
gambling halls of the Palais Royal in
the eighteenth century? Bcscberelle
says it was a game played with dice
ind of English origin; that the name
was sometimes written "krabs" and
the word was spoken when oue succeeded in throwing 2, 3, 11 or 12 at
the llrst cast
The Screw Cylinder.
Invented about 286 B. C. the princl-
pie of tbe pumping screw, or screw
cylinder, ls still tbe same for those lu
use today.
Freezing Water.
Water contracts as It falls from the
normal boiling point, 212 degrees, until It reaches 39 degrees. Below Ihat
degree It expands, and at 32 degrees,
the freezing point. It will expand
enongb to buret pipes and vessels
holding it
h. O. O. M��� NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednssdayo
in each month in K. of P. hall at
�� P.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Prioe, secretary.
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
Th�� regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. P., is beld every Monday night at 8 o'cleck in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth atreet Visiting brethern
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrithew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H, W. Sangster, financial secretary.
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia street. New Westminster.   Phone 993.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, aolicltor, etc; corner Columbia
and MoKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
solicitor and notary, 6U) Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Oulchon block, New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 68. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
How She Kntw.
Apropos of the servant maid difficulty I heard a good story tlie other
day. The wife ol a very well known
Irish official was in want uf another
nurse, and among those who applied
for the position wss a good-natured
looking girl of about seventeen. "You
tell me," said-the official's wife, "that
you are very fond of children. That is
all very well in its way, but do you
understand anything about the duties of a nursery? Have you suy experience of children?'" "Yis, mum,"
waa the reply. "Sure, I used to be a
child  wanst mesi If."���London Taller.
A Cask's Capacity.
Should you wish to get the capacity
af a cask you can do so in the following manner: Take the measurements from the bunghole to the bottom of each end ol the cask in inches.
Average the two measurements. Multiply this figure by itself twice. Then
multiply tht product by .002266. and
the remainder is the number of gallons. Example: 31 inches, 2't inches
(average 30 inches). 30x30x30���27,000.
which multiplied by .002286-61.182.
The contents, therefore, sre sixty-out
gallons  and  a  fraction.
Mrs. McTaggart���Hoots 1 Dinna fasb
yerael', McTaggnrtl 'Twas a bad shilling I gave him! ���
The McTaggart���A bad shillin'l Ma
co^acieno:���sio extravigence! Wuman,
lii 1 ye no bad saxpenoe?���Sydney Bulletin.
A Natural  Wonder.
Teacher���What are marsupials?
Boy���Animais which have pouches
in tlieir stomachs.
Teacher���What do they have
pouches lor?
Boy���To crawl Into and conceal
themselves in when they are pursued.
"Why do girls   wear   engagement
rings?" ��� i,   .
"On t'ie ssme principle that a par-
��� ties s slri'u: around his finger���
so they won't forget they're engaged."
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets in the
board room. City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of eacb month; quarterly meeting on the Udrd Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. B. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
B.C.Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria lft
a. bu, 1 p. tn. and 11:41.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle lft
a. m. ami 11 p. as,
Leaves Vanoourer for Nanaimo   ��
Vancouver every Wedneaday 10 p.m.,
also Deo. 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Westminster I a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P  A.. Vanoouver
who do not receive   The Newa before
9 a.m   should \
and miii-.i- complaint. Only in thla ����)
may an e'Tlctent    dell verv    ' ���     ���naif-
TWEED, IRISH 8ERGE, etc., Just
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman-
ehllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street IATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1912.
Wu Tbere Nothlnt In It, or Wu
It a Scientific Wonder?
At Newport, It I., ls a bouse which
three-quarters of a century ago was
(he Quest of all tbe "cottages," as ths
dwellings of summer residents were
tben called, In the town. Even then it
was an old house and full of old
���furniture, such as four post bedsteads,
tables with three legs and claw feet
high bureaus wltb small mirror* oi
top and other seventeenth and eighteenth century articles.
From tbe settlement of Newport ths
property bad belonged to tbe Wlthrlngton family, tbe original Wlthrlng-
ton having come out from England
-with a patent from the government of
lands In Rhodo Is',.:,d.
Tbere was one VVIthrtngtnn-be was
tbe belr to the estate. Including tbe
Newport manor bouse���who went
abroad and was never beard ot afterward. This wns In tbe yaar 1857.
Kalph Wlthrlngton, tbe person referred to, bad a passion for science
and went to Germany to study under
the   then   famous   Professor   Htckel-
Schneider of tbe Cnlverslty of Bonn.
Wlthrlngton wus often seen by various
; -rsons entering and leaving the professor's laboratory. On tbe loth of
November. 1858, he was seen to mak*
sueh entrance. Ue was not seen to
depart at tho ususl time, nor was be
��ver seen aguln-at least ln Bonn.
Samuel   Wlthrlngton,   a   cousin   tn
America,  being  Informed that  Kalph
Inui dlsappeureil, went to Oermany to
Investigate the matter, but received no
satisfaction.  ProfessorHlokelschoelder
waa so universally  respected that no
charge of his having made way with
his pupil would  be received  by the
authorities.    Samuel   Wlthrlngton   returned to America and laid claim to
Ralph's estate, but alnce nothing could
tM transferred to him without proof
of the owner's deatb tbe eourto retained  charge  ef   It  Th*   Newport
manor   house   remained   vacant   for
many years, whea It waa purchased by
�� family ef th* earn* of Tushcorth
They ised a crest on certain of their
belongings, but tb* only crest to which
they wer* entitled wu a ��*rt with
a handle to b* grasped by a bumia
(wing, for Um founder of tbe family bad
to 1742 been a peddler In New York
��ity aad wu called flrit th* pnabcart
snan. thee Old Pushcart and when his
famDy cam* Into possession of a Urge
fortune which a* had accumulated the
name became Pushcart and later, aftor
the family bad become impartible. It
was chnaged to Pnsbcirtb.   A irenln*
for accumulation bad been the family
talent and tbey were now very rich.
They wor* also very aristocratic and
preferred th* Wlthrlngton manor honi*
with Its old furniture b*eaus* tbey
aald It reminded them of tbe original
PuHhcsrth   chateau   tn   Prtnce  from
���which the original Pushcartb bad been
aent out to Canada by King Louis XIV.
Professor Hlckel*chn*ld*r died In an
tuanne  asylum.   He  bad mad*  *om*
wonderful   scientific  discoveries   and
wns sold to hnve heen balf a century
ahead of bis time, hiving arrived at
results thai  be did not give to the
world, but which hiv* recently be*!
brought out by a famom Institution
for original research.  His ion, Oustav.
Inherited his aclentlflc tost** ahd his
laboratory.   H was noticed that after
the father's deutb tb* *on would not
permit any otber person than hlm**lf
to enter tb* laboratory,
(Jtistsv waa succeeded by his son
Heinriih, who did not Inherit the
Renins of hts grnndfsiber or eren ths
tnstes of bis father Be tor* down the
laboratory to mske worn for ��� build
ine Ihat would afford blm an Income
Fifty years nfter the dbuippeurauie
of Ralph Wlthrlngton It was reported
Iln nunn thnt tlelnrlcb HK'ketocbneldei
tind uncovered n vault In th* laboratory
from which he hnd token in Oblong
l>ox. such ns Is used for Inclosing bur
tui caskets, thnt th* bat contained a
ehrlvcleil lentherllke body, that a !*���
,|ier was found stilting that the contents
��f thc box waa ��� SeNccitod body.
which might be brought to life by a
certnln process, that WU glTIU l�� Ol*
oute detail, and laatly that It bad been
turned over to a corps of scientists,
wbo had applied the process given aud
brought tbs leathery substance to a
living human being.
Tbere were a few persons In Bonn
wbo attached some credence to tbls
story. No one else paid any attention
to It snd tt passed away as a Munchausen tale.
During the flrst decade of the twentieth century, wben tbe Wlthrlngton
propeity bsd long ago passed into tbe
Pushcartb family, a man apparently
about twenty-flve years of age entered
tbe place and, advancing to tbe bouse,
rang tbe bell, sent up hla card���Ralph
H. Withrlngton-witb the word that hs
belonged to the family that had for-'
merly owned tbe property.
Tbe butler took the card, ushered ths
visitor into a drawing room and after ���
brief absence returned, saying that tbt
only person wbo could see Mr. Wlthrlngton wu Mlss Pushcarth. wbo
would be down directly. A young lady
of haughty mien appeared, wbo maintained tbat reserv* to be expected
from one of hlgb degree But no sooner had sbe taken a fair look at ber
caller than sbe started. Tbere was an
unwholesome leatbery look nbout him
that appalled ber. Kh* knew all about
the family from whom ber father bad
pbtslned the plnce; that since ons
named Itnlph Wlthrlngton, tbe owner,
bad not given a deed to the property
the title was defective, and a dreadful
Ides came to ber that be bad returned
from tbe dead to claim bis own.
"Pardon what may seem an Intrusion," said tbe visitor. "Tou bave seen
by my card that I am a Wlthrlngton.
I have beeu spending some time ln
Germany nnd since my return have felt
s desire to visit tbe bome of my boyhood."
Mlss Pushcnrth shuddered the moment Mr. Wlthrlngton began to speak,
for bis voice had something of tb*
sound of a pair of leather bellows. His
throat appeared to be dry and the vocal
organs stiff. When he spoke of the
home of bis boyhood sbe Interrupted
"Kxcuse me. Vou hnve mistaken th*
place I was bom and hnve lived bere
all my life, snd I must be nearly yonr
"My ancestors, I should bave said,"
hastily replied the visit,,..
"I have heard." the lndy continued,
"thst one of tbe Wlthrlngton family
named Italph disappeared s great many
years ago. Indeed, I understand tbnt
be wss the owner of this property at
the time of bis disappearance therefore the title to It hi defective. Perhaps
you nre a descendant of this Ralph
Wlthrlngton and can supply tbe deficiency."
A singular expression cnme over tbe
young innu's fnce. Am Mlss Pushcarth
looked at blm ln tbe light dimmed by
the heavy curtains It seemed to her
that sbe snw lu blm tbe soul of s very
old msn. As to bis body. It was neither
old nor young There was something
about It to remind her of n certain
bachelor she knew of seventy-five wbo
kept bis position as n beau In society
Ile wns so artistically made up tbat
one could scarcely tell whether be was
seventy-five or twenty-flve. Without
making a direct reply, ber guest lu the
courtly manner of hnlf a century before, assured ber tbnt he could make
good the title to the plnce nnd asked
ber If   'ie would Inherit It."
"It is mine slready," she snld. "My
mother died wben I was n child and
my father a year ago. There Is nothing to trouble me In the settlement of
tb* estst* except tbe outstanding interest of this namesake of yours.
Doubtless he Is dead long ago and wtll
never trouble us, but I wish tbe defect
ceuld he supplied."
Ulsnclog st Wlthrlngton, sbe noticed
another expression en bis fare tbat
startled ber. It wu or resembled the
look of on* who wss thinking of love
at marriage-msrrtage wltb her. Rot
tt wss not tbe look a young man would
lav* given ber with such Intent: It was
aiore like a leer from a septuagenarian
Without directly pursuing to* matter her visitor broke out tn sn Im
passioned manner, telling ber tbat be
found himself In a world from wblcb
all wb* bad loved blm and whom be
bad loved bad deported and left him
alon*. U* wss hungry for affection
If no new attachment came to blm.
nothing to All the frightful void, b*
would ge mad. If sucb ao affection
reuid b* purchased be would glv* fur
It this, his family homestead, were It
still ble
During thli iddress st tiroes he
seemed to b* an attractive young man
offering ber hi* devotion, at time* a
broken down antiquated piece of dried
flash, begging for some one to take
car* of blm In bis old age Suddenly
recovering himself he arose and said:
"Rut I will Inflict no more of thla
���n y��u. I may see you again, and I
may not At iny rate. 1 will se* that
you hnv* a clear title to this manor
Without watting tor a reply h* hur
rltd away.
That waa th* last time kilns Push
earth us b��r visitor. A tow diyi
liter there came to ber tbrough th*
mall ��� document got up In proper
legal form which. If tbe slgnsture
wu genuine, removed th* flaw from
th* title to b*r bom*. It was signed
Italph Howird Wlthrlngton. No" tetter accompanied It Mis* Pushcarth
Immediately unt for her attorney ind
turned the document over to hlm wltb
Instructlois to look Into the matter.
Within ��� week.be returned It with a
statement tbit be hid found * number
of slgnatoree on different record! of
Ralph Howard Wlthrlngton. had inferred the ilgnature sbe hid given
blm to expert! wbo bad compared It
With those be bad found, nnd one and
all had pronounced It genuine
Tb* above Is a record of all. that I*
known of the Wlthrlngton mystery
tbat a few year* ago caused sucb a
stir In th* Pushcartb family and their
Intimate aseoclatee
British Vice-Consul Is Mayor.
Port Townsend, Dec. 6.���Oscar
Klocker, British vice-consul, was
elected mayor ln tbe municipal election held here on Tuesday, There
was no contest the otber aspirants
for city offices having been eliminated
at the primaries.
Odd Bequests by Rhymesters Have
Hald Good In Courts.
Mr. Thomas A. ArmMrong, of Dal-
ke;-, in Ireland, who died on .lune
&'lnl left all his personal estate in the
United Kingdom to bis wife. His will
ran uj follows:
All earthly goods I hsve in store
To my dear wife I lesve tor evermore.
I freely give, no limit do I fix.
This is my will, and she the executrix.
Mr. Armstrong wss only following
an example that has been s?t many
a time beiore. Hundreds of wills have
been written ln rhyme. We give here
one or two of the more curious.
A quaint will that was admitted to
probate ran as follows:
W.ien I'm lsid underneath,
I give and bequeath,
To my two loving sisters most deal,
The whole of my store,
Wpre it twice as much more,
Which   God's goodness has given me
And Hint none may prevent
This my will and intent,
Or occaB:on tlie least of law-racket,
With a solemn appeal
I confirm, sign, snd seal
This, the true act and deed ol WiU
Joshua West, who left a p>oetical
last will and testament, was evidently
uncertain in his own mind if he had
anything to leave or not.
Maybe I am not worth a groat.
But should   I   die   worth   something
I leave it all, with my old coat,
And all my manuscripts in store,
To tho��o who wil! the goodness have
To cause my poor remains to rest
Within a fitting shell and grave;
This is the will uf Joshua West.
A'lthough hundreds of people have
left vindicative wills in prose, very
few have done so in rhyme. Evidently poetry gives testators a better outlook on life. The following will is in
distinct contrast to Mr. Armstrong's:
Here is my will: I leave to my wife
Exactly nothing a year for life.
I found her. while living, the dearest
I knew;
I hop-: now I'm dead to punish   the
The whole of my goods I leave to the
(My wife will be one of that I  am
For whom  she'd never a word or a
But I hope that she will now I'm gone
to dust.
Humor and
TT ls seldom tb* enjoyment of tbe
making of money and tb* enjoyment of the spending of lt Is coexistent In the same person.
The fellow who ls fond of hli work
doesn't trouble the bes* much.
There are a lot of reasonable things
that ar* ln no way connected with
Tell me what yon admire and 111 tell
you the sort of person you are But
what of Itl
Being beantlful ls often more a matter of Judgment tban of accident
Tbe wife of a successful man Is al
molt sure to be a woman of expedients.
It takes a smart man to com* ont
right when be gets tn wrong.
Good Intentions need to be attached
to a dynamo ln order to amount to anything.
Tou have to keep going ahead lf you
would prevent sliding backward. Nature abhors statics.
Tbe coal man ls grinning across ths
street as we pay the last Ice bill of the
The Silvery Lining.
There's no use ln moaning.
In weeping and groaning.
The sun may be shining
Ere yet It Is noon.
/ His warm ra ys may cheer you
And hope nestle near you.
So cense your repining
And look for It soon.
Make end to the sighing.
For swirt hours are flying
And Joy at your casement
Is catling to you.
Make haata, then, to meet tt
Uo smiling to greet It
Ulve care Ua ertacement
And hide It from vlaw.
Oh, turn your face sunward
And listen for one word,
A message ot aweetnesa,
Ot love pure and true!
Ba happy, my dearie;
Be smiling and cheery,
And tbeu with completeness
WIU Joy como to you.
Reduolng a Pound to Nothing.
In wbat form I* lead lightest on th*
scales? A British scientist hu it-
tempted to toll bow to mak* tb* proof,
bnt It Isn't th* easiest thing In th*
world either to prepare th* pound of
lead or place lt ln position for tb*
proof. He says thst making 1,000 small
balls of tbe pound of lead tbe weight
remains tbe same though tbe surface Is
greatly Increased. Then reduce tbe
small balls Into 1.000.000 balls, witb
the surface enormously Increased, but
tbe bolls still weigh tbe one pound ln
tbe scalee But this scientist says tbst
If these 1,000.000 shot particles further
are reduced to one twenty thousandth
of an Inch each, they wtll rest In tb*
atmosphere Just where they ars
placed. This for tbe reason that that
pressure of light from tbe sun exactly
overcome! tbe forces of gravitation.
To make tb* lead bits smaller, however, tbe scientist asys that tbe sunlight seizes them and buries tbem Into
Hindu Moon Lore
According to the Hindus, a Innar
eclipse li tbe contact between th*
moon and another planet called Rahoo,
but tbe masses believe that owing to
the wlll of God. Rahoo. or the serpent-
like planet catches bold of th* moon
by Its hideous mouth and releases lt
sfter a short time. At flrst contact tb*
Hindus batbe In tb* sea and anxiously await th* release. After the contact they take another bath. During
tbe Interval tbey are not allowed even
to drink a cup of water, u their belief Is tbat all things In the world get
polluted during the contact
Fsktrs Is the name given to a celebrated class of fanatics found In mnny
parts of the east but more particularly
In India. Some of tbem wlll mnke a
vow to continue all their lives In on*
posture and adhere to it strictly. Others never Ite down, bbt remain ln a
standing position all their lives, upheld only by sticks or ropes under tb*
srmptte They pretend to bave subdued every passion of mortality.
Hard tuck.
"Well, bow about Itr
"Her father and mother both ohlect
to me"
"Hard luck."
"Haid luck for fair. It's the flrsf
thing tbey bave agreed on In years."���
Louisville Oourler-Journnl.
Marries Thru Tirol* In ��� Year.
Mltineapolla, Dec. fl.���That ihe mar-
ried three time* within >'* ifenr with
tho formality of a dime*, to the
charge mude bere today ngdnit Lola
M. Pierce by Union Rothe, nt Del
Moines. Rothe aay* ba lfl the woman's second husband.
j. P. Morgan Slightly III.
New fork. Dec. t.���I. Pierpont Morgan Is confined to bis room here today with a slight cold.
"There is no oauie for anxiety,
uld on* of bl* partneri.   "Mr. Morgan wlll be all right ioon."
The Latest Ides In England.
A National League for the Promo-
tion of Domestic Happiness is Uie
latest proposal for England. It has
tor its promoters a few clergymen
who have been impressed by the ex
traordinary number of coujilcs in their
parishes who have obtained separation orders from the magistrates becnuse of domestic strife.
Th^ idea of tlie clerics is that magis
trntes nre too accommodating to np
plicsnb chnfing under the matrimonial harness and if efforts were
rrndc to subdue domestic brertes they
would mostly he prevented from developing into gsles. So this lesgue
is to organize ministers of all denominations and kind Christians of both
sexes to set as peacemakers.
They will take their respective parishes under survey .and in casea of
household str;,'- where the husband if
at fault ths msmber of the league
most likely to influence him will bs
selected to intervene and subsequently keep an *y* on the culprit It the
wife is the offender then some sym-
psthetic woman will plead with her.
Most enthusiastic workers among
the poor, especially in the north, call
these separation orders ths "working
class equivalent to divorce." Uie lair
ter being too expensive for them to
The consequence is they have no
real freedom and looseness ol roorsts
it the result. In industrisl centres,
where both husband and wife are
wage tamers, this is especially the
use. Lancashire alone hu 96.000
people separated by law, but not tree
to remarry.
He  Wor* the ReSe.
A story is told ot the late Dr. Ped-
dii, a Scotch minister, to whom his
congregation l.ad presented a pulpit
robe. He had never worn a role, and
nfter acknowledging the gilt he said
he would wait in the vestry five min-
utee after service to hear any objectors to the innovation. Nobody sp
peered 1 ut one old lady. who. on being asked what her objections were,
answered that she had read the epistles' of 8t. Paul and could not find any
reference to the apostle wearing a
gown. "What epistle did ynu read?
asked the doctor. "From Romans to
Hebrews," answered the old lady.
"Well, Janet," said her minister, "1
have read from Romans to Hebrews
also1, and I could never flnd any refer
ence to th* apoetle wearing the bre-kn.
What would you think If you saw m*
going into the pulpit without breeksf"
The old lady quit right there, and
the minister wore the robe.
Motoring Msde Popular.
A British engineer has invented sn
apparatus which, it is claimed, will
prevent the clouds of dust raised in
dry weather by motors and other
chicles. The device, which is simple
and inexpensive, collects the dust na
it rises. The dust is drawn into conduits which nre funnel shewed at the
mouth and which run from tho rear
of the back whiels. These conduits
are connected with a box into wljich
the dust is driven by the pressure of
air, or this end can also be accomplished by the aid ot a centrifugal
tan geared to tha driving shaft of the
cur. The contents of the dust box can
be discharged by pulling a lever at
the front ot th* vehlole.
Isaacs' Income
The sums paid to Sir Rufus Isaacs,
lhe British Attorney^Jeneral, thii
year in Government fees will com*
to over $160,000. and exceed by many
thousands any amoant a**t paid to
any wMloui law. offloer.._ '_
Cornering Her Dad.
Her Father���I Judge a mnn. ��1r. by
tbe company be keeps. The Sultfr-
Then I'm all right, for I've lieen keeping company wltb yonr dnucliter for
ovar two years.-Uoston Tran*-r1pt.
���t     *
Boldness tl ever blind. therefore tt \a
lit] In counsel, but good In eieciulrti.-
i Bacon
arrtvalf Cluing:
M: 60���Vancouver via O. N. R.
11:46���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:46
16:46���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
f:40���Vanoouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:16
11:00���Vancouver via. B. C. B. R.
(dally axcept Sunday). 16:00
tl:00���Vaneouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).2v:80
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Sunday) 9:45
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11.16
10:60���Barnston Islands arrive*
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wedneaday
and Friday 13:13
10:60���Victoria via O. N. B.
(dally except Sunday).20:SO
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)  16:00
11:20���Tynehead (Tueaday   and
Friday)       14:06
18:10���AbbotsJord, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily exoept Sunday)   7:15
16:16���Crescent, Whlto Rock aad
Blaine (dally axcept
Sunday) 1:46
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(dally excent Sunday)..16:00
16:16���Hall'* Prairie. Fern Ridge
add   Hazlemere   (daily
except Sunday) 9:46
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Mills     dally     except
Sunday)  7:15
11:50���All points eaBt and Europe (dally) 7:15
18:10���Sapperton and Fraaer
Mills    (daily     except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe (dally) *,|13:lo
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday) 7:15
12:00���Central Park, MsKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.16
0:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham   Island, Barr
Villa 13:15
13:00���East Burnaby (dally exoept Sunday)   13:00
0:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday!     ..18:80
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wedauday and Friday       6:00
11:20���Chilliwack,   Milner.   Mt
1 ah matt. Aldergrove, Ob-
tor.   Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westmlnater,       Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   Sardis,   Sperling   Station,
Dennison Station, Bradner,    Belleroee, via B.
C. E. R.  (daily except
10:00���Annieville  and  Sunbory
(daHy except Sum
11:46���Vancouver,  Plper'i    Siding     via    Q.     N.    JL
(dally axcapt Sunday) ..14:*0
7:80���United Bute* via O. N. R.
(dally exoept Sunday).. t.*S
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:80
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thuraday, Friday aad Bat-
day       14:0f
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kelli
via Q. N.  R.  (dally accept Sunday) 14:00
11:20���AbbetBford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
excent Sundav) 17:14
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:10
2:00���Fraser   Ann    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalia ....28:00
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ani
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tha
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,660 acrea
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must ba
made by the applicant ln person to
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
ln which the rights applied for ar*
In surveyed territory the land most
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of Motions, arid in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 65 which will be
refunded lf the rights applied for aro
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ef the mine at the rate
of five sent! per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent wtth sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such return! should be furnished at leant
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, bnt the leasee wlll be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of the mlna
at the rate of 810 an acre.
IFor full information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
the Department ot the Interior, Otta-
. wa or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
I Doininlc n 1 <anda.
1 Deputy Minister of the interior.
1    N. B.���Unauthorised publication ot
Useful Jack.
"He ls superior
to notblng."
"Wby, he's on
"In what?"
"Chorus girl*.'
���t    ��
Certainly Hard.
"Tbat girl is something remarkable."
"You tblnk soV"
"I know It"
"I don't see anything remarkable
about her."
"She I* il ways so sweet tempered, and
ahe weirs a shoe three alzea to* smalL"
[this advertisement wlll not be
Sunday)   .... V.OOjtor.
Th* Old Adags.
"If* a poor rule tbat won't wort
both ways."
"It's a poor rule tbat went work alwaya" 	
Appreciated Silsne*.
"How did be  make out U
"Very tine. Indeed."
"Whut did be sayT
"Nothing,   lie forgot hll speech.'
One* Mar*.
"Money did It."
"What���spoil somebody?"
"That's as you look at It"
"Whnt do you mean?"
"Out her a husband."
The Surest Way.
"He couldn't hypnotise me."
"He could hypnotise anybody."
"How don he do itl"
"By Jingling dollars In bis pocket"
Peor Fellow!
"Whst I* your oecupatlonF
"I am a receiver."
"Of what?"
"Rejected manuscript*."
Naad It
"Where Is your father going to spend
ihe second week of his vacation)"
"Oh. I tblnk be will come bom* to
***l theu."
- Too Bad.
"I'd little to he u Vem-turlBn."
Tboy can't make either end meat"
"Count Your Blessings"
Would you be willing to go back to the standards
of living that prevailed in 1812 ?
In spite of all the praise of "the good old days,"
would you be content to give up the many conveniences
we have gained in the past century?
Former generations knew nothing of the luxuries
of modern travel with its observation cars, individual
lights in Pullman berths, phonograph recitals, rich appointments, home-like comforts, and special safety devices with which the modern railway system surrounds
its passengers.
It Can't ������ Don*.
Tou cannst drink with alt th* lad*
That round ths barroom wait
And all your days so honaai wavs
And koap your head ea stralaht
Twenty Rebela Killed.
Mexico City, Deo. 6.���Rebel* were
repulsed ln an attack yenterday on
Temoscaltepec, on important mining
town In the State ot Mexico. The
rebel* lost 20 killed. The government lossei are not given.
The rural telephone now places the
farmer lu Instant communication with
the source of tha, latest market report!, and saves him many hours of
precious time In the event ot sickness
or accident
The Introduction ot the typewriter
and adding machine has lightened the
load and lengthened the day of the
business' office.
It was Advertiiing that first proclaimed the usefulness of these devices, that created an Immediate and
universal demand tor them, that established   a world-wide    distribution
which made them readily accessible
to us all.
McCormick Invented the reaper and
thereby made himself an everlasting
benefactor of the farmer. But It waa
Advertising that carried the wonderful news wtth Iti tar-reaching significance to "the man with the hoe."
Yon know what house work used to
be. Realise what it Is now, lince the
advent of unitary plumbing fixtures,
hot water heating, vacuum cleaners,
and elec tile household appliance*.
Advertising hai brought theae thtnga
Into your bome. lt hai eliminated
Advertising is service. Science, invention, commerce, are all indebted to its aid. It has raised the
standard*of living, elevated business ethics, and put us
within reach of more real comforts, more real bless-
ings_than,we ever enjoyed before.
Advice regarding yeur advertising problems is available through any
racognlxsd Canadian advertising agency, or th* Secretory of th* Canadian Pre** Association, Room 803 Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry Involve* ne obligation on your part���ao write, If Interested. PAGE EIGHT
Mushrooms,   No.   1   Hothouse
quality, per lb,  $1.00
Apples,   Jonathans,     at     per
box  ....' $1.65
Special ln Jams���Smiths, in all
fruits, regular 90c, today 75c.
Cabbage*, pec crate  75c.
j? J  '  -
Oreen Tomatoes, per crate. 25c.
Ridgway's 50c. Tea, today 5 lb.
MM    $2.25
Mixed Candy, pure bard boiled
candy, two lbs 25c.
MeFarlane,' Hangs' ��� Water  Biscuit per tin    50c.
Extra     Special���Regular     35c.
Pickles, only  20c.
Pork Sausage, 80 per cent pork,
per lb. 25c.
Cambridge' Sausage, per lb. .20c.
Head Cheese, each  15c.
New Edam Cheese, per lb. .35c.
New Swiss, Itflqyefort and Stilton Cheeses, new stock.
Xmas  is   coming.    Come   in
and see' our special lines.
Public Supply Stores
,\. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
The steamer Neptune arrived yes
terday morning wilh a cargo of coal
for the C.P.R. She loaded nt the
company's wharf and left later in the
Skates sharpened and set
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.
at  Geo.
relative or your
friend, and the affairs of your estate
wil] be a side issue
with him,
Appoint this Com-
pany and,the proper
management of the
estate becomes a
part of its most important business, the
business for which it
was specially organized.
Consult our' officers before completing your will.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will b
given on all orders. This discount Ir
for ten clays only.
Room 6 Coliister B!o< li
Christmas Cakes. See our window.
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephont
281. .       (203)
Repairs have Just been completed
to two sections of the paving on Columbia street, near the B.C.E.R. depot
wliich  showed  signs of  wear.   <
Ladles' Trimmed Hats half price.
Childreh'S Hats, 95 cents. Mrs. Agrot.
59  Sixth  St. (223)
The Political Equality League will
hold a public meeting ln the Conser
vatlve Club rooms on Tuesday even
ing, December 10th at 8 o'clock. (229)
Rushton',8 Orchestra will furnish
music tonight from 8 to 11 at W. E
sinclalrs' new shoe store In the West
minster. Trust block, 711 Columbia
street.   All are invited. (231 p
The uBual Sunday afternoon mast
meeting for men will be held at the
V.M.C.A. tomorrow afternoon at '
o'clock. These havo proved a grea1
success on account of the excellen
musical programs included.
W. E. Fales, Agnes and McKenztt
streets, has Just received ten of thi
most up-to-date patterns in Brat;
Beds. Our prices defy camn��t;
tion. (216)
The formal opening of W. JS.  Si
jlair's new shoe  store in  the  Wesl
ninster   Trust   block,   711   Coluinb:
street,  will  continue    this    evening
vhen Rushton's Orchestra will be In
attendance from 8 to 11. (231)
Why dees John Rindal, the tailor
.ell a flrst class $40.00 suit for $30.00'
lecause the location of his business I;
put of-the high rent district Johi
tindal, 612 Carnarvon. (204
A special meeting of Beulah Re
becca Lodge No. 5, will be beld in the
I.O.O.F. hall, Monday, Dec. 9, at ls3C
p.m. AH members are requested to
ie present. (Signed) Mrs. A. Mt'Ker
chle, Noble Grand. (228)
Richardson & Humphries. Fit-Hi li
clothing Parlors, cordialy invite th'
people of New Westminster and dis
trict to visit their new store In th*-
Westminster Trust building. Orches
ra ln attendance thia evening.   (232
A further communication has lloei
received by Mayor l.ee from tlie head
if tlie iron industry who are thinking
.if locating a plant in or near Nev
Westminster. The present difficulty
Is tho question of site and the repre
tentative* of the concern will be It,
the city sometime next week to ll'
ner the ground.
II is very probable that thc first
week in January will see the arrival
if the new aerial flre truck for tho
fire department. A telegram has jus
been   received   from   the   Seng-reave
'ompnny of Walkerville. Ont., statin.
that the manufacture has been un
avoidably held up on account of tip
lack of the necessary material.
Drop in and see the new styles li
Pit-Rite Clothing at the new store oi
(Richardson   &   Humphries.   Westmin
ster Trust block, 707 Columbia street
UMt&Pstra  iu  atendance    this    even-
', PR, (232'
Save money by buying your lioli
day gifts at Morey's, Columbia St..
next the big Westminster Trus.
block, fhey have a profusion of toys
lolls, fancy goods, books, Bibles,
fancy china, crockery, glassware, etc.,
.ind everybody says they have by fai
the best showing of Christmas cards
in   the   city.     So,   Ho!   for   Morey's.
(227 i
Ranchers and farmers who visited
the city market yesterday report a |
general boom in the price of farm
lands around Ladner. Just the other
day Mr. H. N. Benson, who recently
sold his farm for $150,000, purchased
80 acres of the Shildrick property at
the rate of $400 an acre. Other deal3
varying In value have also been con-
Fifty children's hats comprising vel
vet shapes, trimmed ribbon, black
pony cloth, with colored facings, uls >
cloth and felt shapes, all trimmed t
fit kiddies from two to ten years
Prices ranging from $2 to $5; while
ihey last $1. Don't iniss this snap
Allan Davey's Private .Millinery Pui
lors, 204 Agnes Btreet, nearly opposit.-
St, Mary's Hospital. (233j
grew out of complaints made against
the mill owners for permitting Baw-
dust and Bmoke, filled with dust, to
escape into the air much to the annoyance of citizens. The mill owners propose to burn all of the refuse
In developing heat and electrical energy and at the same time abate ths
The various mill plants will be UBed
as sub-stations and ln this way, it is
thought, it will be unnecessary to
maintain the high pressure needed
when the steam and power are generated at one central station. The
men behind the plan, declare they can
produce heat and electricity cheaper
than in plants which have to purchase
coal for fuel.���Pacific Lumber Trade
BENEDICT.���Mrs. Harry Gardiner
of Sapperton has just received the
sad news of the death of ber sister
Mrs. Mary E. Benedict at Kamloops
yesterday morning. Mrs. Benedict ls
well known in this city and In addition to Mrs. Gardiner has two brothers and another sister living here. The
sister is Mrs. George McKay and the
brothers are Mr. T. W. and .J C. Ellis
Another brother, Mr. J. Ellis, lives in
Vancouver. Tho remains will be
brought down to this city on Saturday
evening or Sunday morning and the
funeral will take place from Murchle's
undertaking parlors to the Oddfellows'
cemetery on Sunday afternoon at 2:30.
Mrs.  Benedict was 35 years of age.
BACON.���Eleanor Bacon, a native
of the Isle of Man, passed away at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. Burke
of Patterson, at the advanced age of
'0 years, yesterday morning. The deceased was a resident of Canada for
wenty-five years. The funeral will
'ake   place  from  Centre  &   Hanna's
arlors to the Chuurch of England
"rmetery this afternoon at 3 o'clock,
ftev.   Geo.  A.  Ray  will  officiate.
Over   Four   Hundred   Now   on
Working List.
Yesterday \yas the last payday but
one of the year for city workmen and
to the number of 420 they lined up
before the city treasurer's office yesterday afternoon and received their
envelopes. A total of $16,116 was
;iaid out to the workmen and officials.
This is divided proportionately
imons tlie various departments and
schools. The payroll has showed a
steady decline during the last two or
'hree weeks on account of a general
slackening off in the street improve-
'nent  work.
During the summer months lt generally ran in the neighborhood of $45,-
000 a month but now it has been reduced to a little over $30,000.
Bulgaria  Wlll   Met the  Bill  for Gun
powder by Sale of Fragrant
London, Dec. 6.���Englishmen who
have traveled in Bulgaria have s
grateful recollection of the cigarette
obtainable there, and it will not surprise them to learn that Bulgaria expects to pay the cost of the war chiefly by tobacco.
Tho "weed" grown ln Bulgaria is
excellent, and much of it ': ultimately
appears in Turkish cigarettes, but, of
course, the price in the tobacco market differs from tbat paid for genuine
In Parts recently Turkish tobacco
was sold at 5 francs the kilo, and Bulgarian tobacco at 2 francs. After the
war the Bulgarians will not only have
the big Turkish tobacco provinces
iniu.ch of the best Turkish tobacco is
grown in the areas nbout Karasu Yen-
ldge), but they will be able with the
Greeks to make a monopoly, and also
to raise the price of Bulgarian tobacco to what they believe is Its real
It Is believed that a very large part
of the war expenditure will be paid In
this way. If seems, indeed; a strange
Instance of modern developments
when gunpowder Is to be paid for by
Edmonds. Dec. C.���A large turnout
Is expected at the Publlc Hall. Ed
monds, on Thursday evening, Dec. 19,
when the different committees appointed to work in the interests of
the Burnaby Horticultural carnival,
which ls planned for next summer
will hand In their reports.      '.
The membership committee a^e well
pleased with their efforts bo far and
state that much enthusiasm is being
shown by the residents of the municipality towards thc initial event.
The formal opening of the W. E.
Sinclair shoe emporium located ou
the ground floor of the Westminster
Trust block, took place last evening
and many were the residents who took
the advantage of Inspecting the large
stock of footwear with which Mr. Sinclair has stocked the  store.
Rushtons' orchestra was in atten
dance during the evening and the
Bates stall \,e.'e Kept continually bus.,
attending to the wants of the people
who patronised this up to date busi
ness establishment.
The opening continues this evening
the orchestra being In attendance also
Valle.lo, Cal..  Dec.   6.���Having   the.
distinction of being the   first   woman ;
to travel on an American war��hio in
the past 31 years, Miss Priscilia Kill-1
cott, daughter of Captain J.  M.  Elll-
Cott commander of the cruiser Mary-
land, is here today, on her way from
Honolulu to the Puget Sound station
on her father's ship.
This is said to be the first violation j
nf the rule since Secretary of the j
Navy W. H. Hunt issued his famous
"no petticoat" order In 1881, prohibiting women from staving over night
aboard a United States warship
Prior to that time it was customary
for the officers to have their wives
share their quarters.
Rent makes the biggest hole in your month's salary. What have
you to show for the money spent for Rent last year ? Absolutely
nothing. Come to our office and let us show you how your rent
applies on the price of the house and in a couple of years the
house is yours. In other words your Rent money is yours. Our
houses are right on the city car line and have all modern conveniences. $25 Monthly Buy You a "Home of Your Own.1" Cometo
the office at once and talk it over.
One Five Roomed House with bathroom, modem; plastered and well finished; concrete basement and cement walk. Ready to move into, $50 cash,
$30 monthly including interest.
750 Columbia St. Phone 433.       Open Evenings Till 9
Gentleman  With  Principles sl  Again
In Toils.
After enjoying the freedom of the
City for a few days Tom Huston was
arrested nS.iin yesterday on a charge'
of vagrancy.
Huston cs~e Into prominence, If
��iie co,.ld call it such, by refusing to
pay his fine on Oct. 29. just becaue:
It was "a matter of principle" with
htm. He was arrested two weeks lat
er and sent to rest by Magistrate Ed
monds for ten days.
Now he ls again In the toils.
Detective Burrows picked him up
yesterday morning, and refusing tc
comrf through with any announcement
regarding his means of living, the pa
trol wagon swept down, picked up It?
load and was off again. Huston wlll
explain to the beak this morning.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news,
To Repair Eburne Bridge.
Tho Fraser ft��,t .  Pile P'rivlng Com
pan) iias aeciul \',*, QitntrftOt for th'
repair  of  tho  brldgtJ    cirrying    thli.O.K.H.  trackB over  tlle  North   Arm
of the  Fnier  river from  Etiurne to
���Steveston.    Tho  work   will   take  sev
tat   ueeka  to complete as some  te:
thousand  lineal  feet of plllni;  lias  I
.i" vrii  besides 50<Q0Q feet of linn
bor (Ivtho  pier abutmi nls      An  u. t
fit will  be sent down the river oarl
in xt week
The lease between the c;ty and thi
��� I'-i-s Bi reerlng Company for thi
rental of property on Lulu island Is
expected to be signed at the begin
nh     of ir- i    week,    looordln?    to
Mayor Ice, the contract Is row in the
handi of f " city solicitor who Is ex-
��� > '   1 ' -������"   II   ready   for  slgnin ,
ni Monday,
.--���'��� 11 ,'l"fC>"  pf *t
t    '���   awajllng  the
cor   letlor   r*t  tho  rfoguMatlons  a- l
��� 'I on the pr
tiprtv as *oor an the papers ar
-*--*-    - - r.I OS*.  'ITILIZAT'ON
Foreign  Boats Have More Advantage
In Port of London, Says Victoria
-���-< _Ud ;���>���;���
���I*'-      tO        I      "
'    ��� -  I'gM  awl
I ���     ���l,lc)1  giwdus
-     '1 be  ibcJ f
London, Dec. 6. -In the course of a
discussion on the trade of the British
Kmpire before the Dominions Royal
Commission, Sir John Travernor, th':
agent-general for Victoria, took occas
ion to remark that the trade of Au3
tralia with the mother country, whloh
now amounted to 1305,000.000 was
worthy of being fostered hv better
aid more economic conditions in Kng
land and In the rort of Ixindun.
A hardship v.hieh the weekly mall
steamers from Xuslralla were subjeel
to was the necessity of disembarking
their passengers anil produce 23 miles
from London, whereas foreign passengers and produoe were carried rl^ht
up to Lpndon bridge, The contention
that the Ausralinn boats were top
large was not a valid one. fnr If British enterprise demanded larger hoats
for the Australian trade, It waj a sign
of progress and development and was
'ill the more reason why the port of
' widen should keep pace with the development of British shipbuilding anil
Sir John concluded by drawing a
ciuiinarislon between the shipping and
storage facilities of Bremen and Hamburg and those of the port of London
very much to the advantage of the
At the John B. Gray Jewellery Store
Will Be Found the Solution.
Here arc a few suggestions picked from our large and varied Btock:
LADY'S WATCHES  FROM $10.00 to $80.00
GENTS' WATCHES, FROM     5.00 to    50.00
LADY'S RINGS, FROM ',    6.00 to 300.00
,       GENT'S RINGS, FROM     7.60 to 275.00
It will be a pleasure to show you our large,
crisp, clean stock of���
The Jeweller
608 Columbia Street
Phone 338
Our lines comprise Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils ln
Iron, tin and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings,
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing .Machines and Office Furniture.
We will sell you for cash or wlll furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Street and  Sixth Avenue
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to felect from by visiting us.
All kinds of fluo Talcum Powders here   too���Let
us supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist and Optician
701  Columbia  Street
Phone 57
Is a Necessity���Not a Luxury.
If you require constant power you must bave a thoroughly reliable engine. You cannot afford to have your boat out ot commission lf you expect to lead���or even keep up wltb your competitors.
The "YALE" is trustworthy. It Is always ready to do your work
��� honestly  and  efficiently. '
If you Intend purchasing an engine, let ui aend you specifications of any size that you are Interested IP. A careful study of the
���YALE" will well repay you
T^e Schaake Machine Works
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Millionaire's Daughter Kidnapped.
Los Angeles, Dec. 6.���Search Is be-
<nx mac!'' hew today for Consuelo and
Juanlla Kiiiiidors, young daughters of
- millionaire American mine owner.
Thoy ill i.ip pea red from Oalveston sev-
'nl I'oekn ago, and It la believed they
hsve heen kidnapped. The OalveBton
"olice believe they may have come to
1 "-illfnrnla.
These are ali In good locations ano
they can be bought
1359���FIFTH STREET near Eighth
avenue; Mix l.lj to lsne; a gqod buy
at $1,000; ono-thlrd cash.        '
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
Btreet; two lots; upper side; 50x131
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���86 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and AbIi street; price |4000
on easy terms.
are  good   investments  at  the   prices.
fcr now.
60 (oot lot in good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good terinti
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'  Liability, Automobile    and
Marine Insurance.
Residential Site
32000 Each      $200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long termp.
, No. 152.
628 and 74$ Ootufbla 8treet. Phone 88.. Nsw Westmlnater, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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