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The New Westminster News Dec 6, 1912

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>* J ���
Progressive Association Ca' v<\ ^
Volunteer your subscript'.** <>* I
are then worth double ��-.c^ e* ed
coin. Make the $2500 )i^ ^ , ue.
fore Saturday night,       .^
Light  Wftfoderate
nrer malabmd-
jwinda.   uns
ally fair and cold ag
Held oufin Order to Prevent Turkey Improving Her Military Position-Greek Ships Bombard Janina���Bulgaria
Advises Turkey to Seek Friendship of Allies-French Premier Hopes for Settlement at London Conference.
London, Dec. 6.���Oreece announced
tonight that sho would participate in
- the peace negotiationa.
It is explained both Irom Sofia and
Athens that Greece held out from the
armistice In agreement with the allies
ln order to prevent Turkey from profiting /rom tbe armiattce to Improve
her military positions.
An unconfirmed report (rom Athena
says the Greeks are continuing the'.!
operations against Janina, but else
where orders hare heen received to
cease hostilities.
Provisioning Delays.
Reports current yeaterday tbat ar
rangements had beeu made for revie
tualing the besieged garrisons appear
to have been Inaccurate.
,  Provisioning  will  not  begin   untll
the peace conference has been lnaug
urat��l. The Bulgarian government or
gun Mir, In on editorial today dilate
on   the  advantages  to  Turkey  of  A
good understanding with Bulgaria.   1
declares that Turkey's salvation lie
not ht continuing the war but ln seeking a rupproachment with Bulgaria..
Frenoli Declaration.
The French premier, M. Polncare.
'In a speech in the chamber of depu
ties, made an Important pronounce
menl 'indicating that the difficult
proMem would be solved at the Lon
den conference and expressed th-
hope that Turkey speedily would re
cowOT'her prosperity.
He Bald It would be necessary t<
determine what part of the Turkish
debt should be taken over by the Balkan   states,   and   addfd  that  Franc
strength of tbe Roumanian army wll!
be introduced ln parliament Monday.
it is reported tbat the cabinet hau
decided to devote $6,000,000 to lm
proving the navy.
Italy   Angered  at  Greece.
Rome, Deo. 5.���The persistence ol
Greece in bombarding Avolna is causing serious dissatisfaction at Rome.
The Italian minister at Athens has-
been instructed to notify the Greek
government that Italy and Austria
will never allow any state to occupy
Avolna or even the peninsula of Lin
guetta or Saseno Island, or transform
tbem Into naval and military bases.
lt Is understood the Austrian min
ister will give similar notification ti
the Greek government.
Why Oreec* Holds Out.
When the Porte announced that on
Tuesday nlgbt an armistice protocol
with Turkey had heen signed by'Bul
garla and Montenegro, an Intimation
wsb conveyed between tbe lines that
It meant the rupture of fhe Balkan
Alliance, but It seems tbe Balkan allies are wilier than the wily Turk, ae
a despatch to the Times from Its correspondent at Athena makes clear.
He says.
"1 am Informed, from an authoritative souixe tbat the signing of thf
armistice protocol by three of the al
lies and not try Greece does not In
any way Imply that a disagreemeir
exists hetween them. The Greek ac
Hon is not egotistical and has noi
heen taken for selfish ends, but for
the benefit of the whole Balkan Al
[llance. since the 'raising of the block
Prominent Journalist Looking Over City and Valley
for Information.
Farmers With Capital Desire to Settle
in Suitable Location���Likes Locsl
For the purpose of "spying out thu
land" for his countrymen, Mr. Eric
Rltzen, a prominent journalist of Co
penhagen and a correspondent of tho
Danish Press Association, was In the
city yesterday and bad a lengtby Interview with Mr. Stuart Wade, city
publicity commissioner.
Mr. Rltzen was deputed by the
Press Association whicb he represents
to make a tour of all Canada with a
view to discovering If a tract or tracts
of land suitable for the settlement
of a colony of his own countrymen
of modern means was available,
x    Telling His People.
So far tbe journalist has made a
thorough tour of the prairies, northwest from Wlninpeg to Edmonio*
from tliere back to Calgary and on
tbrougb British Columbia. All along
bis route of passage he has been
compiling data as to conditions \s\
Canada which he will formulate lntn
a series of reports for publication ln
the Danish papers.
Speaking to Mr. Wade, Mr. Rltzen
stated that many Danes were desirous
-1 emigrating to Canada hut being ol
the "canny1' nature they wish to look
before Chey leap. The emigration
Trom Denmark has been remarkably'
amall -during late years as .compared
with that of surrounding countries jiot
more than an average or 1000. to 1200
people having lett .Denmark annually.
The difficulty with the people of the
country the journalist stated was that
Mr. D. S. Curtis Believes in
Commission Government
to Meet Present Needs.
Has   Served   Wsstmlnstsr  for   Many
Years���Tells of Its Growth and
Prospects.. ,
Ten Women Thrown out at
Birrell'*   Installation in
. Glasgow.
Lively Battle With Police���University
Men Endeavor to Rescue Captured Companion.
Glasgow, Dec. 0.���Hundreds of organized students of Glasgow University went to the headquarters of thc
Women's Social and Political Union
today and completely wrecked the offices.
The attack was the outcome of suffragette Interruptions during tbe Installation of Augustine Birrell, chief
secretary for Ireland, as lord rector
of Glasgow University.
Wild scenes followed the wrecking
operations, finally culminating tn a
riot which was subdued only by baton
charges by the police.
Smashed Everything.
After smashing in the front windows of the women's headquarters
wtth stones the students rushed ln
disregarding the cries of "cowards
from three women left In charge of
the place. Tbey demolished the in
terlor and destroyed everything they
could lay their hands on.
Ono student, seizing a suffragette
banner, marched out through the
wrecked  front of the building,  lead
Although many Westminster rest
denta have tried to induce him to seen i
re-election, Alderman D. 8. Curtis
yesterday came out once and for all
with a statement that for the present
he was through with civic politics and
would retire at the end of bis present
term. He would not allow his nam"
to be mentioned In the coming election.
Mr. Curtis ls a believer In the com
mission form of government and says
tbat the present growth of the city
does not allow a business man to de
vote the necessary time to his privat ���
affairs let alone civic matters. The
only remedy he could advance was the
appointment of a commission who
would run the city. They would devote their whole time to the work and
receive commensurate remuneration.
Old Time  Plonere.
Mr. Curtis' name Is linked with a
great deal of city history. He haa
been a resident of New Westminster
for many years and takes a pride tn
the fact that he can call himself one
of the pioneers of tbe former fishing
village on the banks of the Fraser.
In  the  fall  of 1882  he    first    announced himself as a candidate foi i .... v, ,     ...       _ -
alderman  and became a  member of *��*i b,ut hl8 comrades fell upon the
the  city  council the following  year.|P����ce ,n "> ?"��L1..^ "n
For ten  years he retained his  seat I    ^u    ��� *'*lM wlth Police,
there until 1893 when he was success      The ��*t was waged up and down
ful In the mayoralty campaign.             the streets, but  the best the  police
It  was  not until  this  spring that   ���*>}\ Ao w*s to held their prisoner
-  ���'-   ���  --   *r^r    3*^ -"....    -ladd to capture  one of the  rescuing
Will Give Motherland Three Super-Dreadnoughts,
$35,0O0,00O~Will Form Part [of Royal Navy Under
miralty Control-Canada May Recall Them Should
Establish Navy of Her Own-Will be Built in Britain.
Ottawa, Dec. 5.���In the presence of I therein that any action of the
the Duchess of Connaught and the ' lon tbat will tend to inoreaae the vow-
Princess Patricia, wbo occupied seat.i j er and mobility of the Imperial navy
on the floor of the house, and prob-, must widen the margin of common
ably tbe largest crowd that ever tax- safety. This, it says, would be taanp
ed the galleries, Premier Borden ! uized everywhere us most significant,
promptly at 3:10 o'clock this after- to the united strength of the Kmpire-.
noon arose to Introduce his naval and to the renewed resolve at Ike
bill. Tbe leading feature of the bill overseas dominions to take their part
Is the proposal to ask parliament to  ln maintaining its Integrity.
lng a howling mob to meet tlie attack
cf the police.   A lively battle ensued j facilities  for constructing
and finally the police drew their bat | Canada.
vote $35,000,000 to His Majesty fo,
the building of three of the most mod
ern dreadnoughts afloat, these to be
a part of tbe British navy and to be
used for the common defense of the
Otber essential features of the pre
mter's announcement were that Ae
had received assurances that if at any
time Canada decides to establish a
navy of her own, or a unit of the Brit
Ish navy, the ships shall be recalled;
that arrangements will be made to
give Canadians the opportunity tc
serve as officers and men on the
dreadnoughts which Canada is giving
that .the ships will be built under
the supervision of the admiralty tc
the United Kingdom for the reason
that at present there are no adequate
them    lu
ons and charged. Tbey arrested a Btu
Cost $12,000,000 Mere.
In  connection  with  the latter  en
nouncemeut. Premier Borden Inform
In touching upon the terrific effect
which would result to Canada from
a defeat of Great Britain the memorandum points out that while 12 yeans
ago the British navy and flag was
predominant on every ocean In the
�� odd. today they are predominant nowhere except ln the North Sea. Owing
to the necessity of making matters.
safe ln home waters ships have beea
called back from distant stations and:
this in spite of greatly Increased expenditure for naval defence.
Receives Ovation.
When Mr. Borden rose to make hia
historic announcement he waa reoeiw-
ed with cheering and much poundlnc
of desks by his followers. Throughout the deliverance of hts
which lasted from 3:10 until 4:25,
adhered closely to hlg man
The premier was ln good form
his voice carried to the rankest_���
ner of the chamber with ease.
essential announcement was tke
ed the Mouse that tbe additional cost I ual for vigorous applause and when
of constructing the three dread | the conclusion was reached, the en-
noughts tn Canada would be in the j monstratlon amounted to an ovation.
vicinity of $12,000,000. 1        Some   one   in   the   back   of  the
The preliminary portion of the pre   chamber started to sing "Rule I
_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���. ,afle or the Dardanelles and the cessa
probably would arrange conventkms | ,|on cf the general "Oreek blockadinp
wtth the Allies for the protection of i ().,erilt|onl wnulU make it eaBier for
Krench Interests In the conquered ,hp T���rk8 to gupply their forces with
territory, gmrvle'lona    and    munitions
"Balkan Strategy. I there ean be no dcilbt that
Athens,    Dec.    6.���A    semi-official   kan allies are satisfied with the action
statement    Issued    tonight    protests taken hy Oreece.
against Interpreting    the   fact    thai ]    "An   official    communication    jusi
Greece did not sign the armistice asI Tiiibllshed  states   that   Greek   action
proof  that  dissensions  exist  amon; ihai tree1* taken in agreement with tb�� J
Ore-ante*.-und declares that lt was ty 'o(i,pr nTties."
a  Urmanil  of the allies  that GTeece! Rough on  Ccribea
��^�����iVr^.Un��H'"nl��!^-?iTi!J!iiVSMhe again decided to enter the political; an<��  ���>  capture  one  oi  uie  rescuing ,    t^ preliminary portion ot the pre-ichnmhtr started to nine; "itule Hr
2S w.o"��,lIl,P.?S�����,^*il*  Ihreni  and   was  successful  in   being |P?��y.   l*tertwo^oth^ students were | ���,|er-���?eech was devoted to an out-j ���ia�� while Mr. J. A. M^ Altera
open for settlement which were com
mendable to them.
Valley Will Sv.lt.
Mr. Hitzen expressed hlmBelf as be-
Hence | 'ng well satisfied with the Fraser vai
. ���.���. .M-.-.n        ������*���    f                  i taken Into custody but all were lib-  Une of the development of Great Brit   hla desk mate, Mr. J. Ralnvllle, the
eiecteu aioerman.                                     erated on ball. ain aud the overseas Dominions. This . member for Chamblay. who this sea-
Watched It Grow.                  j    The ingtallatlon- ceremonies at the  iej to a consideration of the necessity i 8i0n moved the addresB ln reply to the
.Mr.   Curtis   waa   in   a   reminiscent  university wer* carried out. but ten Uor co-operation In the matter of trad.:'speech  from   the  throne,  struck sp-
  ���._ ._.   mood yeaterday afternoon and gave a I women were ejected during their pro-land defence. r'God Save tho K..lng"
ley as far as he hadaeen it and be-J brief history ot the city from the time   gress. i The    premier     quoted  In   full   the      The National Anthem won out. ss*
lleves lt  will  provide just what bis 1 he  first landed here.    JUst to show j   (memorandum of the aSmiralty dealing (in  a  moment,  the  members  sf tarn
people require providing land values j the growth ot New Weatmlnster, Mr
are nut too high. The average capital Curtis stated that the total revenut
ol the Danes who desire to emigrate when he first took offioe was about
���ranges from $1000 totSOTO.  - i   | $10^00-a year.   This hsji steadily \xi-
TStr. Tlltzeh len yesterday for Van-1 creased Trom tlmt time until this year
couver  and   Victoria  hut   before  re: j when lt win probahly touch the $300,
adopted an attitude    different   Troir. I    fierlln.  Dec7 '5.���No.
that of the other states. j Balkan-TurklshfWar has been watched
The    explanation    Is    given    that j with  keener Interest by the Germai.
Greece's courso was due to her arrxl {-miirtarv authorities thap the manne
ety that her naval action ahould not
be Interrupted In the Ionian Sea in
order to prevent the revlctualling of
the Turkish army In Eplrlus and In
the Aegean Sen, In order to prevent
the transport of Turkish troops to
Thrace with respect to which OTPece
considered thn Interests of her allies
rather than her own.
Would Havs Delayed Peace.
The chances for the conclusion wl
peace would have suffered from fhe1
reinforcement of the Dardanelles nnd
Tchatalja  garrisons.
The statement refers to the TmTco-
Italiau treaty recently signed as a
protff that It is -not necessary that'
peace negotiations shall be preceded
by nn nrnilstlce.
Houmsrtia   Strengthens  Army.
Bucharest, lleo. 6.���A hill providing  Tor   a  'large   increase   in   tlie
tn which both Bulgarians and Turks
controlled the army of war correspondents. It also has caused snme
speculation as to Wbat action the German general staff Wlll take with war
correspondents In tbe next war in
whleH Germany will be Involved.
"TTiBre will be-no 80 or 100 newspa
per men ln German - general head
quarters. I can assure you of that."
��iid a hieh German army off'cer bere
today. "War -eorrespondenta are e
nuisance, a constant source of danger
to the operations df an army and ar-
evil that must be reduced to the mini i
���mum." '
Tnniliry develops that Ironclad re1e��{|
are lsld down In respect to war corv '
snonllents with the -army.   It Is ���*'<*
that  not  exceeding four  correspondents Will be permitted to accompany j
(he general headquarters.
phase   cf   th* j turning  home  be  wfll     revisit  New
^^ "   "  "Westminster and make a tour of the
"ntire Fraser valley' with Mr. Wade.
Tt is expected that It will take about
three   d>vs   to   examine   the   country
Look fo Islands fbr
Industrial Expansion
in a gfcwrtte highway from New
Westminster to BtstMton through the
RlchiwmB -muifieipamr **r��r bee
sees the tirst link nf a chain which
will bind the witiw Uln Mland and
New Utastartnsler into one great
Testerdsy ���*��� **iror slated that
st a mesUng In 'his ��fflee ot the of.
flcials at Richmond some time ago
be brought forward the suggestion
that tb* atattWlt-Jhtj continue the
250 foot highway aa shown in the
harhor plans frnm ���wen's icannery
to Steveston emS ttam cresto * great
comerclal arUlT-
The road as SSSPP to the harbor
plans starts ��t a poinl on the North
Arm of the Titan. SB* runs adjacent
to the waterfront �����'�� *��tat tnear
Bwen'a cannery, tl**"����>�����] '���*��|at
Richmond take It V�� �� IU tentfna-
tloa and carry lt the Wance -of tte
distance to BteVsston. The �����SW"1
ed highway would he ��� *wt distance
trom but following ����� *�����*�������' ����
main channel ot tho twm- �����".b2*
sides of the road *��**njMjiltea for
Industries would be StanaPtt*   ���        '���
"With the ��w>w*J��*'iI,5*!t!3v, i.t
Telopment on AnMwto tad JWh| '*'
ands," declared the taaynt, ~tb* tIme
is not so far dlstanc^when'���� municipalities ot New WlMUBtoJttr .and
Richmond  will  be so ��*��*ljj>l��ed
that thov wlll all ��f��-"��y,��2
municipal govenmwht aa*.,����"
wh��ch will eonnsct with out M foot
road along Uie harbor, ���� ��%���*'.
to Sieveston along ���������'fiS-ftf'S
of the river wfll ba tho first *��P towards the coniummntlpn of amaig*
"��0?,r hillside m^^SSSM
adapted     for iwWmJW atat ��ta"
purposes but ws must look ^��"����'8
and l.ulu lalmdg M ����*�����*'wr 10
dustrles." ,   j
U. 8. National Highway.
Cincinnati. O., Dne. o.���A national
highway was advocated 'before the
American Road Association here today hy Bam Hill, seosetary. He said
plana were already under -way for a
rend from' Vancouver. <B. <C., to Mexico, while one shouw "be built from
New Tofk to San Pranehreo.
Rseogalxleg Meeds Is Maktaf Anottei
Altemjrt Sa Repair Cuhmsroad
���tew   Factory  Plant Will  Uo   Under
Cover iby  Christmas  IParqusntlne
Inward Bound.
000 mark.
Although leaving politics at the
early part of the year. Mr. Curtis has
become emhued with the new spirit
that now exists in the city and stated
vesterday that, If help was needed
he would get out and hustle for anything that would benefit the city on
the whole. I
Takes Bright View. |
New  Westminster    has    got
local mm TO
Contrast Awarded fcr Reclamation ol
Five Thousand Acres on Nicomen Island.
with international affairs, and which
was prepared at the request of the
Canadian government. The most striK
ing feature uL tlie memorandum was
that the British government had informed Canada that it had no hesita
house,   both   Liberals   and   Co
tives were on their feet and rugiss
at the top Of their lungs.  .
Laurler's Commendation.
A moment later Sir Wilfrid Laurier
rps��  ar.d   was   greeted  with   Often*
tion in saving that after a prolonged cheers. He spoke only for a short
consideration of all the circumstance* I time and his observations were gen-
It was deairable tbat such aid as Can j erai in their character. Sir WilfrM
ada might give, should include the crmmended the premier for tbe tem-
:rovlsion for a certain numtfer of the Operate manner fn wliich he had spot-
largest and strongest ships of war;en'. FV said he was glad to rind thn*
which  science could  build  cr money j there was no real condition of danger
the Empire,  but for all Buropenn-
The Norwegian steamer 1 Christian
���ore," Which lett the Praam- Mills on
Sunday afternoon with -2;I0O,O0A feel
off lumber and 1,300,000 laetouf lath, ia
now at Chemainus, Vancouver Island,
cmupbiting ber lumber .cargo .for Syd
ney, Australia.
Tihe Ibacfluentlne "Alta," Is now on
her wqyage to the Praser Mills from
a South American port, Rhe -will load
l.tOO.OUO ifeat of lumber ifor Sydney,
Sew .South'.Wales.
Building operations anil lreeonstrne-
tton work Is being raptUly jpushed
ahead -sit the big mills nnd sa large
etngf Pt artisans Is busily .engaged In
tha esutttus .departments. The new
fhetary plant ts expected to lhe under
liy Ohrltmas.
The following dimensions alt tthe va-
Uniliaings will give sm Mea of
the extent of the work now In'hand:
Sawmill, 150x2M feet; rsanwILon 8.
M., *t*S��; Shingle mill. 30x��W>; .seven
dry kOna, 190x120 eaoh; oooHng abed.
154x150; Shingle storage, ��fi*M0;
planing niill and cut-up room. HOx
140; door stock shed, 100x1*1; sash
ahd door factory, 94x820;. veneer
plant, 100X100; burner for nsw iflnnt
brick-lined, 40x120; burner tar Did
plant, MxtSO, with 80-inch natter
  >uy- B^^^  ^^
u��r.h.ii   sntiZTTrr ��� V�� I Had to Recall Ships. countries, due to tbe Increase of.
���i.    . ***""">"'   summer  *  Co..  a  con       The memorandum saya larger mor���  , ent
. ., -... ���      .       _ ,, the  jraetlng firm of Vancouver, have Just  gins   of  superiority  at   home   would      He assured the prime minister
right Idea and unless rash and hasty j been awarded the contract for dyking j restore  a  greater  freedom    of    th��   whatever might   be  the  devoUoo to-
movements of the British squadrons th.. Empire of those wbo sat oa thein every sea, and directly promote r|eht of the speaker, the l.thmrata
the security of the Dominion. An> Werp not less devoted. Sir WIHrUT
thing which increases our margin in | said he would not discuss the naval
action   Is taken,  we  shall   have  the i and   draining   West  Nicomen   Island
name ot the Royal City known all
over the -world aa one cf fhe big
centres -and ports of the Pacific
On   Reyal   Commission���Mr.   R.   A.
Stoney���Personnel of Agricultural
Body Announced.
Victoria, Dec. 5.���The commlssioc
promised hy the provincial government lo enquire Into matters relating
to labor amd agriculture haa been
appointed aa -.billows:
Labor commission���H. G, Parasn
(chairman); A. R. Harper, barrister.
of Vanoooner; R. A. Stoney, of the
Trades and Inlbor Council New Weal-
minster; John Jardine of Victoria MM
J. A. McKetvte af Vernon.
Agricultural commission���W. ft
Hayward. MJL.A. (chairman); Alex.
Lucas, M.L.A.; ��. Shannon, Cloverdale; Thomas KMd, ex-M.L.A., Staves-
Urn; William Duncan. Comox; J..J.|
Campbell. NMssn. nad T. A. Kldston
of Vernon.
fat the tender figure cf $85,000. Mr
Harvey C. Brlce of this city, aupervis
ing engineer of the project, together
wfth a commission consisting of
Messrs. Tipping. W. V. Hill and Mur
do McLean, conducted tbe negotiations on behalf of the government.
When the dyking aad draining contract Is ultimately completed 5mm
acres of choice agricultural land
which has hitherto heen useless will
be recovered tor ranching and farming purposes. The plana wlll result Ic
85 acres of clearing; the use of 250,
000 cubic feet of earth, and 100,000
feet of timber In the construction of a
first class draining system, consisting
of four different stretches of drains]
and a number of culverts. Ninety men
will be put on the work and two drag
line excavators with n capacity of
750 feet per ten hour shifts will be
put In operation.
The cost will be assessed to the
property owner; at the rates of $1.50
an here per year. Thla wlll provide
for both the Interest aad sinking fund.
The work Is expected to'be complete]
fey uneJ next year.
The water committee ot the city
councll with its energetic head Aider-
man Curtis, is brooking no delay as
regards giving Richmond and,Queensborough a sufficient and steady sap-
ply ot water. The eight Inch main Is
considered good enough for emergency purposes but fine protection to
the Industries and residents must also
be looked after in a careful manner.
Wtth this object In vtew steps are
being taken to have the submerged
water main under Lulu Island bridge
set In good working order again. A
diver will be over from Vancouver
tomorrow to survey the pipe from on?
end to the other and report on the
best way of going ahoot repairs.
In any ease, however, the servicea
of the tug boat Samson wlll be secured and the log whloh at present
Hi an obstruction to repairs will be
removed. This done less difficulty is
expected wltb the repairs.
Large Numher-of Witnesses Give Evi
dence���Wm be Long Trial.
The case of Wolfe versus Surrey
Municipality occupied the assise court
all day yesterday and will probably
occupy the attention of lbe court to:
day also,
Bvldence regarding the dilapidated
state of the bridge was given by a
number of witnesses and the .testimony ot Mr. C. T. Saunders, who suffered Jointly tn the accident with Mrs.
Wolfe, was taken. ->
A quantity of splintered planks
were pnt In aa exhibits In the ease,
E. N. 'Carncross said that he had
been clerk to Surrey for 15 years. He
inspected the bridge three days after the accident and declared the
flooring was In first class condition.
Other witnesses examined yesterday were Messrs. James Lee, M.
O'Brien. W. F. MeCasklll, J. W. 8mlth
O. J. prudvik, J. Vallance, W. T.
Saunders, O. K. Urquhart and P. Anderson.
R. A. *TW��fcY.
. President, New WMOnlnater Trades
and Labor Council who-baa been appointed a member oi tto Labor Com-
Senler and Junior Business Men ef
City In Volley Ball Contest.
A classy program Is arranged for
this evening at the Y.M.C.A. building
when all kinds of athletic sports will
he undertaken by the different bodie.
connected wltb tbe organisation.
Much Interest Is being centered on
the outcome ot tbe volley ball eon
test between the Senior and Junior
business men ot the dty.
Messrs. P. O. Canfield. Dr. Wilson
W. T. Reid. W. Rennle and F. Chllvet
will represent the seniors white
Messrs. A. S. Mills. A. MacDonald. I)
Bowell. R. Walker and H. Lee wlll
wear the junior colors.
A basketball game will start things
going at 7:40 o'clock, the volley ball
contest being scheduled tor 9:15.
Othir stunts will be wrestling, gymnastics and relay race. High School
va. Intermediates.
Reminiscent of the scenes enacted
during the great tire was the spec
tacle of the majority of the Inhabitants of Chinatown pouring put Into
tbs street* early this morping amid a
terrific hubbub.
The cause of it all was an alarm
ot lire which broke out In tbe upper
story of the second hand store occupied by Mr. J. O. Smith on Mclnnes
street at I'M a.in.
The brigade under Chief Watson)
was soon on the spot and by $ a.m.
the affrighted Celestials wore reassured by the departure ot th* firefighters. The damage Is said to be
oot extensive.
the    newest    ships    diminishes    the
strain and augments our security and
our chance of being left unmolested
The  further   statement    is    made
proposals in detail until the
reading.    The bill was then given a
first   reading   and   the
Westminster Merchants
Make Good Their Words
Officers of Progressive Association
Eisctc ������Little Politics.
East Burnaby, Dec. 5���With the exception of the annual election of officers, little business was transacted
by members of the East Burnaby
Progressive Association at a meeting
beld this evening.
It waa expected that election talk
would reign supreme but owing to a
small attendance, this was left over
until Tuesday' evening,' Dec. 17. '
Officers elected are as follows:
President, Mr. H. A. Kerr; vice-president, Mr. J. A. Whiten; aecretary
treasurer, MrE. W. Peck (reelected).
Executive, Messrs. 0. 8. Vickers and
W. Newsome.
Rev. A. S.  Lewis of Yarmouth, Ae-
cepts Call���Wlll Reach Westminster In February.
The officers of Olivet Baptist
church are ln receipt of a wire from
Rev. A. S. Lewie ot Yarmouth, Nova
Scotia, accepting the pastorate of the
church. Rev. Mr. Lewis also intimated that ha would be prepared to resign his present, position and move
ont,west by rebruary next. ,
The. pastor la 'understood to be a
very accomplished man with exceptional ability according to those ln
thl* elty iyho bave heard him preach.
His reputation is widely known ln
Baptlat circles and Westminster can
be considered fortunate to have secured hi* cervices.
Rev. Mr. Lewis wtll fill the posi
tlon vacate* a abort time ago by Rev
A. T. Baker, whole now paator of the
Mount Pleasant Baptist church, Van
Following the previous day**
derfully successful meeting, too
mittee in charge of the
Association's  campaign    for
spent yesterday in assuring the
tion won and preparing for a i
canvass of all (he busineaa men s
were not present at the meeting;.
The same committee as bofOre v
reappointed, namely. Aldermen A.
White and D. S. Curtis, and
H.  Schaake,  Q.  Gilchrist.  Net*,
son and J. R. Duncan, president at
the board of trade.    Each sir tamaa
c-ne.'ttee men  wilt '���*'"��� rnrltr Stta
self another ally fof the purpoae at.
tbe canvass aud every effort wfll htt>
made to complete this as aoon i
Tbat the amounts already . , .
had not been pledged ln a moment at
unguarded    enthusiasm    was
shown tn the collections made
Everyone paid hi* cheque and i
up his quarterly note with an
sion of gratification at the sne
the meeting and the best of	
for good results from the expewdftnrw
cf the money. Everywhere oonBd '
waa expressed, too, that the
of $5000 would be easily
should be exceeded.
"It waa a capital meeting; nnd f
am very glad to take my part," anM-
one leading Columbia street merchant.
"Tbis city has the best opportunities
n iny opinion of any on tbe coast anl'
these will be realised, all the nulphei
by our getting in and pushing thinam
Mong. But tbere ts one thing I wi
liv-e to say and tbat ls that ft fo
owner  ot  Columbia  street ,_
who Is going to benefit most bw -
growth ot the city and 1 would
to  see him  come  in  and  I
share with tbe reBt of us."
To' Stay In Canada.
Calgary, Alt*., Dec. 5.���Robert  *tr.
Clinton,   a   Calgary    youth,
father Is a prominent  mart   I
tana, has been tendered an
ment   to the   West   Point
Academy.    The  appointment
with lt, on graduation, ��� oon*
tn the regular  army of thn  ��_
Statea   tie likes Western Canada i
w'll prcbably decline It.
am,,n^<t**i,'t.t' lamifimmS*
'���irr ���r.
-m<*m%* *AOE TWO
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
Claealfled���One cent per word per
���day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5.000 wordB, to be used aa required within oue year trom data ot
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card ot Tbanka 50c per
wants furnished room in private
family.   C. R.. P.O. box 927, City.
lng, experienced. Minerva Emery
Dept. 2 Mercer block. City.       (187)
gines, factory benches and machinery.   Apply Royal City Mills.
bungalow, strictly modern, large
corner lot, close to car line, $500
���cash, balance arranged. Apply box
209 News  office. (209)
modern bungalow, almost finished
cement basement, furnace, Bre
place, attic; near school and Queens
park; $3150; $400 cash and $30 per
month. Apply 122 Seventh atreet.
Phone 1109. (1M|
tables, several chairs, suitable for
kitchen use.   Apply at News oBice.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
gl.no per week.   Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
place and hoard; use of bath and
telephone; hot water at all times.
Apply 83 Sixth street.
modern, one block from Twelfth
street car. Very complete. $12.
phone L 616, or call at 1321 Eighth
avenue. (1991
amall rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes, Will lease for two
or three year term, singly er en bloc
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pytblat
hall, corner Eighth Stroet and Agnes
street. (202)
Information leading to discovery ol
person who killed my Irish Settor
dog, December 3. J. K. Walmsley
412 Second sireet. (205)
bia or Sixth street, on December 't.
Finder please return to Gifford's
Jewelry store.   Reward. (211)
A Statutory Meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners will be held al
the Municipal Hall on Wednesday, Ds
cember llth, 1912, at 10 o'clock in th��
Clerk to the Commissioners.
Edmonds, B.C., December 2nd, 1912.
Notice ls hereby given that we Intend to apply at the next sitting of the I
Licensing Board for the City of New '
Westminster for a license to sell
liquors by retail on the premised
known as the Liverpool Arms, situate
on 662 Columbia street in the aaid City
of New Westminster.
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 27th,
1912. (179)
Two large lots, North Vancouver $50C
Large lot , Point Grey.
lots,  Wise  Road,  $4C0.0C
thc northwest quarter of Section
35, Township 13, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certin
cate of Title Number 10154F,  Issued
in the name of John Smith, has been
filed In this office.
Notice Ih hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the llrst publication hereof
in a dally newspaper published in the
City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in
the meantime valid objection be mad,-
to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry OfTice,
New  Westminster, B.C.,  November
15, 1912. (95)
1850 ft. waterfront, joins city New
Westminster, win. zo acres all unde
120 acres. 2 miles from White Rock
station, $100 per acre.
5  acre  blocks
easy terms.
near  car  and  city
A  Pathetic  Incident of   His   Franco-
Prussian War.
Bismsrck Is always thoucht of ns
the Iron Chancellor, who cemented
the German states into one empire
with the blood of Gorman soldier*
shed in three prest war*. But a
French army surgeon. Dr. Czernicke.
in n volume of reminiscences from
which Forest and Stresm quotes, most
unexpectedly presents him as a man
who felt and deplored all the horrors
of wnr. The surgeon met the statesman nt Rezonville during the Franco-
Prussian war nr 1970.
"You are taking part, sir. in a terrible war," lichen Bismarck to the
young man. "What a beginning for
your career! Whut awful sights
What suffering I *
"It is not you or thes.! poor muti-
lated^fellows that 1 should like to see
here," Bismarck continued, earnestly,
"but your senators and deputies
They would then see whst war is."
This idea that the wnr had been
forced upon the two nations by politicians wns cvrr with Bismarck, according to Dr. Czernicke. He referred
to it nunin on goin? over the battle
field white, seated on some straw and
propped up against n pillar nl the
church, was one ol the Krench soldiers, a very young man.
He was terribly wounded. A shell,
striking him like the lash of a whip,
had ciirri.d uway both his eyes and
tlle bridgi ot his nose, leaving the
skull bare, The wound was covered
with a dressing. He lay there, calm,
silent, motlonkis, in dumb resignation,
Bismarck eiooped in front of him
anil asked .ho surgeon nbout the case.
"TherjB is war   for  you, Messieurs I
the Senators aiul Deputies)" he snid!
bitterly! Then, turning tn one of his
suite, "Please bring me some wine
uud u fins.-."
He tilled the glass lo the brim and
took a sin. Then, gently*tapping the
poor fellow, "My friend, will you not
drink something:-"
Tlle woUhded soldier roused himself.
Bending, Bismarck very tenderly nnd
slowly pave him the wine and, ri.-inp
again, almost solemnly drunk what
was left in 111-- glass.
"What is jour name, my boy, and
where do you come from?"
"itoasignnl, from Brittany."
"I am B'.Jmnrek, my comrade, and
I am very prou I In have drunk out
of the same glass wilh a bruvc man
like you."
Stretching Ills hand over the horribly mutilated head, Bismarck gave
mute benediction and passed on.
Turkish Peacemakers.
Constantinople, Dec. 5.���The Turkish plenipotentiaries ln the peace negotiations, lt la understood will be
Tewfik Pasha, ambassador to London;
O/. in an Nlsmi Pasha, ambassador to
Germany and Rechad Pasha.
Owner of $10,000 Collar Dsvs'lops
Acute Mania���Ths Death  Ring.
The Egyptians embalmed tlieir dead
for th* purpose of preserving the
bodies for the day of resurrection,
placed 3,000 years ahead; hence the
most terrible calamities were to be
visited upon the heads of any irreverent enough to interfere in any man-
nr with the program. The caae Is
cited by the lie, of n sarcophagus, now
in the British Museum, which has
engraved on it Lie -lllgy of o priestess
of Amen-Ra. This was discovered in
188f) and trouble began at once.
The tive men who found the cover
died all within n'short time of each
other; the men who transported it
from its place of discovery were like-
wire unfortunate in various ways,
while tho servant who took lhe object
to Ihe museum, the photographer who
was called in to take a picture of it,
and the archaeologist who translated
th" inscription were one by one overtaken by a series ol disasters.
The late Shall of P-rsia possessed
a dagger which, secordinir to tradition, would make  invineilile whoever
Hew te Test II and How te Tail tht
Kind ef Fish It Holds.
Francis Murre gives tbe following In
structluns for purchasing a can of ner
Tbe two sides of ibe can sbould he
Ont or concurs. If tbey bulge out there
Is a likelihood that the ean contain*
gust\i resulting frum decomposition.
No cnu should be bought tbat has
been resuldered.
Tbe lettering on ths can should bs
clear und distinct
If there Is a cbolce between solderea
i-iiiia und euus sealed by crimping, tbe
latter should always be preferred.
If the cans nre soldered select tbose
Ibat bave bright solder, wblcb la leas
likely to contain lead und less likely
to be bnd.
After tbe box of sardines Is taken
bome tbe can sbould be opened under
water, lf any bubbles of gas escape
tbe stuff sbould be destroyed. The kind
of oil used In preparing tbe sardines
Is of no great Importance. Ths Huh
used are not, buwfever. alwaya true
lii tbe true sardine the dorsal (In ls
forward of lhe ventral llus and there
is no wrinkled crest on tbs ventral
line. The xkln Is smooth nnd bluish
on tbe buck. In tbe berrlng the dorsal
Is only slightly In front of the ventral
37 ACRES alder bottom land, exceptionally good quality. 1 mile
from Milne's Station. $150 per
acre, on terms.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
concealed it about his clothing, hull fln a"d ll",ro '" �� wrinkled ridge be-
if once used the person using it would' bind the intter. The skin Is brownish
die by it. It is sa rl that this dagger I on tbe back, witb a dellcute network.
is one of the oldest in the Orient andj In tbe sprat the dorsal Bn is ln a
has been "used" but five times in | ]|ne wltb the ventrals. and tbe crest
hiMory-itlways   justifying    the   pro-! beh|,ld a9 wd) ������ ,��� front of th
fhe'ttfh ofV$S   "        *  CaU9Ci,ral flns ",D ta ���"�� felt * "����""*
In   1906   a   business   man   in   St   '||e th,,n|b huckwnrd from tbe base of
Petersburg   acquired   at   an   auction I ,he  hwld-    TUe 0v*h df ">e sprat Is
sale a enllnr for which he paid $10,-1 rather hard.
000. It had been made 120 70ms j In the anchovy the ventral crest Is
earlier liy a Parisian jeweler nt the absent, us In tlle sardines, but the dor-
order of the unfortunate Louis XVI.! mil flns are behind tbe ventrals. The
Kvery memb.-r   of   the   royal   family   "chluchard." u small variety of muck-
by Rev. Dr. Burke of "The Catholic
Register," Just returned after spending several weeks at the Coast.
Dr. Burke gave the low price at
which various wines and liquors were
sold In the Coast cities as the cause
of the unusually large consumption of
Intoxicants. Good port could be had
ln Vancouver tor 50 cents a bottle,
while other wines and liquors were
proportionately priced.
Dr. Burke also stated that every
thing was booming ln the Western
towns and cities and was most enthusiastic concerning the present prosperity and the possibilities of the future. ,
3  good  houses  in  city,  small  payment,  balance  as  rent.
Hotel. South Westminster, It? roomp
furnished, $3200.
30   acres   residental   property
mile from proposed docks.
Excellent dairy farm, $203 per acre.
For    full    particulars  cf  this  and
jother property apply
Phone F 507 8outh Westminster.
Bradner  School.
Healed tenders, superscribed "Test
-der for Bradner School," will be r-y
ceived by the Honorable the Minister
of Public Works up to noon of Wednesday, the 18th day of December.
1A12, for the erection and completion
of a large ono room achool house at
Bradner, in the Helta Electoral Dls-
��� rict, for the Provincial Government
Plans, sprtclllcallons, contract, and
forms of tender may he Been on and
after the ith dny of December, 1912,
at the office of S A. Fletcher, Government Agent, New Westminster; Mr.
Win. Merryfield. Secretary School
Hoard. Mounl Lehman, B.C.; and th��
Public Works Department, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Kach proposal mud hc accompanied
by an acoepted hank cheque ur certilicale of deposll on s chartered bank
ir Canada, mads payable to the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, for a sum equal to 10 per
cent ���r the lender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline
to enirr Into contract when called
tipiin to do so, or If lie fall to complete thi unrk contracted for. The
oheques it certificates of deposit ot
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution
of lhe contract.
Tenders will not be considered nn
less made oul on the forms supplied
signed wiili tin- actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in thc envelopes furnished.
The lowesl or any tender not necessarily accei ii i.
���I   E   GRIFFITH,
Public Works Engineer.
Public Wor^s Department
Victoria. B.C., 2nd December, 11*12
(2(10) oer,.
It's ths Work.
Use Your Phene
��28 Clarkson Street. Phene 410
Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Curtia Block, New Weatmlnster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Snap For a Few Days
The beat 50 acre farm in Chilliwack.
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 acres
wbleh is covered with 30,000 feet of
standing timber. Large ten roomed
house, large stables, barns, chicken
houses, hog pens; (18,000, $8,000 cash.
Terms for balance. Property Is unen
cumbered and a large loan can be
raised on the property.
Are you Insured ? lt costs but llttl"1
and makes you feci safer. Insursncr
Insures sleep.
We represent only strong British
Board Companies, and shall be pleased
to tell yeu what it will cost yon
whether you insure or not.
Fire, Accident,  Plate Glass, Automobile.  Burglary,  Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
Remembered  by a  Humorist.
It is flattering to find little details
about yourself lingering in the recollection of another, particularly when
that other is among the great. But
in this, as in other matter?, pride Is
rot often justified, as a little tale out
ol "Lewis Melville's" Tho Thacjteray
Country .shows.
Tliackeray'.s favorite cluh was the
Garrick. It was to this club that he
brought Mr. Herman Merivale, then
a boy, to dinner. Years after. Mr
Merivale asked him if he renumbered
"Why, yes. nf course," said the
great man, without a moments hesitation. "And what is more, I re-
member I gave you beefsteak and an
apricot omelet."
The young man w .s delighted that
even the smallest details of the entertainment should have imp-essed them
selves upon liis liot-t, and )ie expressed i continued
his  pleasure  accordingly.
"Yes," said Thackeray, with twinkling eyes, "I always gave boys beefsteaks   and  apricot  omelets.'
who had worn tliii collar perished in!
the  French  Revolution  nnd   the  man   , .       , , .. . ,
who first purchased it fled to Brussels! Lsh """r '';n,, tba\.r**ent* of two Hns
and sold it in that eity lo gel money  on*be back extending nenrly the whole
for his sojourn in exile,   Subsequently
it changed  ownership frequently,   nl-
ways    bringing    misfortune     to    it*
Finally it was sold to a Russian
1 rince for $20,000 and h? gave it to
the dancer Tzukki. The dancer lost
her liea'th and vas compel'.d to part
wi.h it and it passed into the collection ot Linicvitch.   This man died
erel, mny lie distinguished by Its B$nj*
length of the body.    The forward do
has il spiny point.-Uflrppr-g Weekly.
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
The most comfortable rooms ln the
cltv. Hot and cold water and steam
radiator. In each. Ilar and llrst class
cafe run In connection.
Cor. Front and Begbie St.   Phone 188
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (PaldUp)....|U,000,000^
RESERVE    $18,000,000.08
Branohaa throufnoui Canada an*
Newfoundland, and in London, Eng.
���BBS, I/aw Tork, Callage and Spakane.
U.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
oaaklnt business transacted, im,
tern of Credit Iaaued, available wttk
sorraapondenta In all parte of tka
Savings Bank Dtpartmeat���Depoalta
reeel-ed In aums ol 11 and upward,
ind Interest allowel at I por eent. par
annum (prsseot rata).
Total Assets over 1188.000.000.00
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Solemn  Faroes That Have Bssn  En- j
actad In ths British Navy.
It Is a rule In tbe British nnvy that I
, ,    , ., ,,   , ,   .    , when n ship Is cast away or otherwise |
suddenly at   Monte   Carlo   R"d'iis] lost aiCoart ���;���,,,���-, m���a ,���,��� order
else he possessed in play.   Th! ��?Jfl �����" ��PI*>rtlon   Ibe   blame.    Sometimes
For Excellence  in  Shaving.  Ilalrcut-
tlng and Shampooing give the
35  Eighth  St.
a trial.    Four skilled workmen.    Our
system of treating the scalp for dandruff and  falling hair cannot bu improved upon.   Try it.
Face Massaging a specialty.
Iieir lost the   collar   and
The man
who then purchased the collar (in
1900) lived in the greatest harmony
wit'i his wife and family, but almost
at once devlopcul acute mania and
ended by killing his wife.
One vpry surprising thing was sonv-
yours ago vouched for by M. Mace,
at one time nt Iho head of the Paris
police. He said that at different
times five dead bodies had been
brought to the morgue, each one ol
whicii had a ring with this inscription: "All who have worn this ring
have died miser ihly like nie."
King's Hotel Pool Room
Could Read Face*.
"Tea, sir,"  went on  I'rof.  X. to a
gentleman  to  whom he had   recently I men  lost their Ures
Best Pool Tables In the city.    Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco.   Sporting
these courts really try and condemn
those that aro held to be responsible.
At other times their duties are. from j eveuts bulletined.
tbe  very  nr.ture  of  the  catastrophe, I A- <*��� BEATON, Proprietor.
more or less nominal. j m-^������ ,
Thus, wben the Serpent was lost off
the Spanish const, a court martial assembled and solemnly "tried" three ordinary bluejackets, the Sole survivors.
although Ibey of course had no more to
do wllb the error In navigation wliich
led up to tbe catastrophe than tbe man
lu tbe moon.
A similar solemn farce wns enacted
after the loss of the Cnptaln In the
bay of Biscay, wlien 483 officers and
In  this ense a
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up t11.5OO.0OO
Reserve    112,500.000
Tbe Bank has 350 branches,
extending In Canada from th��
Atlantic to the Pacific, ln Cuba
throughout the Ialand; also In
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trln
ldad, Dominican Republic New
York and l-ondon, Eng.
Drafts Iaaued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities tn the world. Theae ex-
celent connections afford everj
banking facility.
Now Weatminater Brsncti,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning, *l
Hatter Connecting,
Cesspools, Beetle Tanks, Etc.
Wonders of ths Eye.
Viewed as an optical instrument the
human eye rosy well be called perfect.
for it is an apparatus contained in s
globe less than an inch in diameter,
in which is produced an image practically perlect in form and color snd
which can be accurately adjusted almost instantly for every distance from
flve inches to infinity, which is movable in every direction, hns
small enough for the detect,on of the
most minute details and at tlie sami
time large enough for thc appreciation of large oh;ecte, and wliich en-
sbles us to see all shades of color and
to estimate distance, solidity and, to
some extent, the consistency of objects.
been introduced. "I have yiven some
attention  to the study of human  nature, nnd I rarely ful to read a face
correctly.    Now, there is a lady," he
pointing acros.-. the room,
"the lines  of whose countenance are
as  clear   to   me  as  type.    The chin
shows firmness ol disposition amount
ing   to   obstinacy,   the   sharp-pointed
nose a vicious temperament, tiie large
mouth volubility, the eyes a dryness
of soul, the"���
"Wonderful,  professor,   wonderful 1"
"Y'ou know something of the  lady,
th��n?" ssid the professor complscent-
"Yes���a little.   She's my wils."
Algebra was cultivated in the ninth
century   by   the   Arabs,  especially   by ]
the Arabs of Spain, who, it is said liv |
the   hest   authorities,   derived   their1
knowledge   ol   tiie   science   lrom   tlie,
Hindus    The first printed b>*ik on algebra waa published in 1404 by Luca
Paciolo.   Thomas Harriot's Important
discoveries appeared
the  celebrated   phili ,. ,  .
applied the science ol geometry, thu.-1
psving the Way for the triumphant
work  uf  NeHt.ui  and   Laplace.
His Confidence.
Weill George," she called from the
sn ,*.rfB I '��P ��' "������ stairs at 1 s.m.. "what w
It this time? Did your lodge meet, or
wss it necessary for you to stny in
town -to discuss business with some-
he iy who had to esteh a midnight
train, or did you drop in st the cluh
and get into a friendly little gnme
with some of the boys, or was it an
extra rush of work st the ofiice?"
Hc clung to the newel post for a
moment and, blinking, looked up nt
her. Then he endeavored to moiston
his lips and snid:
"Mary, if I d:dn't hnve confidensh
in you I'd think you wer: shushpici-
ous of me���bonis   I  would."
gunner named James .May. one of the
eighteen who escaped from ihe wreck.
wns the nominal "culprit" The verdict was that the loss of the ship was
due to instability snd faulty construction. This really ntnouiited to a rnte
of censure nn Cowper Cole*, the designer, but as he wenl down with
tbe ungainly monster he hnd eren ted
he wss beyond the reach of either
blame or praise.
On another occasion a small "middy"
of thirteen year* nf age was put npon
trial, and once, tt ts said, s court
martini assembled on a cat which
chanced to be the sole living thing
found aboard a derelict frigate.
Billiards and Pool
HlKgeet and best line of Pipes,
Clgara and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia SL
Second Hand Store
Buy and aell new and   aeeond   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
10 Molnaes StreeC Phooe IMS
. ****Mj**t********jaas
D* McAulay
Impractical on the Face ol It.
"I   understand."   said   Mr    llrastii"
Plnkle-y,   "dat   dey   has    invented    n
machine   (oh    washln'   an    Iruuln
"(io' long, man." replied Mis�� Mm
ml Hrown. "You knows (led as well
as I does dese wliile folks ain' g'lw iei
leave no clotheslines full ol two dm
lar bills hangin' out iu de yard."
Ons Sided.
brown an/1 Jones were discussing
In 1681, and Hio71 the question ot who should be head ot
iplier   Uescarte* ; tho houne, the man or tlie woman.
"I am the head ol my establish'
iiier.t," said Jones. "I un: the breadwinner.    Why shouldn't 1 be-"
"Well," replied Brown, "before my
wife and I were married we made an
agreement that I should make the
rulings in ail major tilings, my wife m
���ill  lne minor."
"How has it worked?" queried
l ones.
BroWO smiie I "So far," he repli-d
'no mujor matters have come up."
Mur(er*s Last Word..
In Ihe diary of Rsron d'Ambes,
published as "Tht Intimate Memoirs of
Napoleon III.," Is thla entry fer Jan-
nary. 1(14111
"1 win wllit Alms Millet (the oenlp-
tori, who was lhe last thst spoke to
him (Murger. ihe writer). And what
do ynu think he said to Millet? 'Mind
you ��� ��� ��� there sre only three Ihlnr*
In life-friendship, love snd'- He
could not linish. he wss choking ��� * ���
Tbe mBn fell silent awhlls, thru went
on again, fascinated. 'Friendship���lure
- I wish I knew whst the third thing
Tel. 7(1.
Cor. (th aad Columbl*
Talking  Business.
He- Does a woman when she's married expert her husband to tell lier
his business affairs?
8be���I don't know, but a womnn c>;
peels a mall to talk busine.-^ wli o
lie's courting her.
Fail Suits
for Ladies and Men
"If a man is friendless it is his own
'���That's rif,'ht. Why, there are fine
tallows standing on every corner who
would gladly borrow money lrom
hini. '
��*  Lome  Street,   New  Westminster.
'Maw, what s a lambrequin?"
"IV.-. a kind of short drapery to cover tne curtain fixtures- something like
tlu idra-jRliiig mustache your Uncle
Sime grows to hide his funnv-lookirig
Naval Battle Eminent.
Constantinople, Dec. 5.���The Turk
Ish fleet Is concentrating in the Dardanelles. The government has decided to order it to engage the Oreek
fleet, but there Is speculation as to
thc probability of a naval battle.
A   Mean  Thrust.
"Have you  ever placed y
the   hands  of   a   beauty
Mi.ggworth? '
"Why do yrm ask me thnt?"
"My   husband   wants   me   to go
"Yes.    1  have been taking  regular
reatments   from   one   for   the   past
'"I hen I think I'll not go.   It sceiiis
il bs useless."
ursclf  in
doctor,  Mrs.
Clear   Proof.
Gcnti.tnan (who has just picked up
n sovereign, to tramp who Claimed it)
��� Hut bow can you prove il belongs tn
'I rump- W liy, guvnor, you can see
fcr yerself���l'vo got a 'olo in me
Ons Universal Symbol.
"Sclenilsls Hi work on a universal
language hart one symbol to atart
with thai already has tlm ���nmelnenn
ing the world over." a traveler snid
That Is llie skull snd crimxlmnrs. Us
���p-fch Is eren more universal lhan
music nr money. Musical value* differ In different muntrlea. ns does mon
ey, hut from one end of the earth tn
ihe other a skufi and rrosshones means
poison "���New Vork Times.
Real Merit.
Real merit nf any kind cannot h#
long conwaled. It will be dlseorerwi
and nothing can depreciate II hut s
man's exhibiting It hln{��elf. It may
not always lie rewarded as It might,
hut It will always be knowu.-Chester
The  Doctor's Orders.
Lady of tlie House���What caused
you to become a tramp?
Ragged Roggers���The fam'ly physician, mum. He advised me to take
long walks after mo meals, an' I been
walkin' after  'cm ever since.
Small Brother-Mr. Sammy, are ron
a Imsebiill piayert    Sister's Benii-No.
Sammy,    Small   Brother���Trow   "hy
did sis tell me you weren't so much of
a catchi��� Washington Timet,
Woman's Part,
"Whflt pad ol speech is 'womnn.
"Womnn Isn't s pnrt of speech, my
son.    She's the whole speech."
Show ns the msn who never make*
a mistake, and we wlll sbow you a innn
wbo never tnnkes anything.��� Way land
Australian Honey.
Great quantities of honey ara ship,
ped out of Australia, much of it giving to Kngland.
Toronto Divine Criticizes Vancouver
and Victoria.
Toronto, Dec. 5.��� That there Ib a
great deal too much drinking amoiiR
the citizens of Vancouver and Vic
toria,  was the statement made toda>
Winter Schedule
7:56 for Toronto and Nicola branch
I4.no for St. Paul   and   Kootenaj
IS: 20 for Agassiz Local.
19:55 for Imperial   Limited,
real and Okanagan polnta.
For reservation and other   particu
lars apply to i
New Westminste
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A , Vancouvei
Sole apent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waten
Manufactured by
relsphon* R  111. Office:  Princess tt
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  186.      Barn  Phone  13?
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the olty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Ferry, Fraser River.
In accordance with chapter 85, II. 9.
B. C. 1911, "Ferrlea AcL" the Government of British Columbia Invite applications for a charter for a ferry to
ply on the Fraser River between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Annacla Island, and Coquitlam.
Applications wlll be received by tha
Hon. Minister of Public Works up to
12 o'olock noon of Monday, the 9th
December, 1918.
The charter wlll cover a period expiring on Slat March, 1914.
Applicant* ahall give a description
of the veaael lt ls proposed to use, the
method of operation, and the vessel
muat ooaform la all respects to the requirements of the "Canada Shipping
Aot" aad amending Aet
ApplleanU ahall state the tolls they
propose to ask for���
Foot passengers (adulta), each.
Foot passengers, children nnder
thirteen yeara.
Passenger with saddle-horse.
Passenger with horse and buggy.
Driver with two horses aad wagon,
ioaaed or ualoaded.
Driver with four horses aad wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
- Cattle and horses, por head.
Sheep, per head.
Hogs, per bead.
Calves aad oolts nnder one year old,
ser hand.
Freight perishable, per ltd Ib.
Freight, unperlshable, per IN Ib.
The Government of British Columbia ls aot necessarily houad ta accept
sny application submitted.
Public Worka Bnglneer.
Department of Public Worka.
Victoria, B.C., Hat November, 18.lt,
noil. (!����>
The time for receiving applications
for chnrter for a ferry to ply on the
Frasor fllver between New Wbatmln-
ster. Port Mann. Ai&acls Island and
f.'onultlam, la extended up to 12
o'clock of Saturday, the 21st day of
Deeomber, 1912. ,   ,    .
The charter will cover a period of
five years, expiring on Slat March,
1018 ���
Public Works Engineer.
Department   of  FubMc  Worka,   Vlc-
torla* B. C, StS  December,  1912.
* a   -- LADIES'
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits dyed
, J ��3.00
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.     Phone R27�� FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1912.
Unique Situation in Remark.ble War
���Constantinople  Is Optimistic
of Speedy  Peace.
, ^��?d0?: Dec' 5--Ashmead Bart
lett, In hls despatch from ConstantI
nople, reveals a situation unique In
the warfare of all ages. Commenting
upon the conditions of the armistice
which are coming out only a bit ai
a time, he says:
"The problem of feeding Adrian
ople day by day has been settled by a
very simple and practicable expedient
which does credit to the common
sense of thc delegates and Is an earn
estness of their evident desire tc
come to terms as soon as possible.
"The Turkish army at Catalja will
feed the Bulgarian army In front ot
their lines and the Bulgarian army besieging Adrlanople will dally hand
over to the beleagured garrison ��dml
ar quantities of provisions, amount
Ing to one day's rations for even
man, woman and child In the place.
"This will save the Bulgarians the
Usk of transporting food from Kirk
Killsseh to the Catalja lines, and thf
Turks from having to send up fooj
from Constantinople to Adrianople
This waB Is full of dramatic anc
unique situations and surejy this spec
tacle of two armies, which ten days
ago were engaged In a life and death
struggle, now mutually feeding om
another, is without precedent in war
Men seldom keep up a quarrel aftei
they bave eaten one another's bread
and salt, ar.d this arrangement is i
happy a::gury for peace.
"I presume some similar arrange
ment will be arrived at in regard to
"The garrisons of Adrlanople and
Skutarl have the right to make good
any damage to the defences so long a.
they do not break freab ground, and
the besiegers for their part can alsc
strengthen Intrenchments and make
good any damage.
"Preliminary negotiations for peace
are being conducted at Catalja at nu..
rate until the outlines of an under
standing have been arrived at, but 1
am inclined to think that the poor
quarters and the severe weather will
speedily bring about a much desired
consummation and allow the dele
gates to discuss the minor details In
more comfortable surruondlngB. Al
though lt Is denied that actual termr
for a final settlement have been d's
cussed by the delegates and although
in the armistice signed yesterday
nothing Ib mentioned of the lines or
which the discuBBion will proceed. 1
have every reason to. believe that pri
vately among themselves the delegates are already agreed on the broad
principles of the understanding.
, "I am assured that the whole of the
village of Adrlanople
Cxar   Prostrated   With   Grief���Czarevitch May Never Use Leg
, Again,
London, Dec. 6.���The St,
burg correspondent of the
Dally Moll telegraphs    :
"The Czarevitch is still bed-ridden
at the Czarkoe Selo, and a doctor is
in constant attendance on the Imperial patient.
"A Bpeclal apparatus tor tbe support of the left thigh and leg Ib being made for the Czarevitch's journey
to CagM, on tbe Black Sea coast, a
health trip on whicb tbe doctors insist.
"It ls not yet certain whether th.
Russian heir will ever recover thi
use of IiIh leg.
"The Czar refused to believe in the
gravity of his son's Illness until the
arrival and verdict of the celebrated
ipeclalist, Federoff. His Royal High
ness has. however, been convinced
and ls grief-stricken."
��� p
��� ���
fortreBB and the port of Dcdeanhatch
wlll be left in possession of Turkey
and that Bulgaria wlll be compensat
ed by a trip of coast line east of thr
Istranja mountains. i
"The uutonomy of Mseedon'a an*1
Albania will he settled and Salonik'
will become a free port as Tangier lr
"Servla and Montenegro will also
receive some slight increase In terrl
tcrv as a reward for their successes.
"Optimism reigns supreme today In
Constantinople. The fact that Bulgaria, pervla and Montenegro have
signed the armistice without Greece
Is taken as conclusive proof the'
peace Is assured, because lt is a seri
ous step to desert an ally In the mid
die of a "ar unless you are sure yoi<
can do better by treating with yonr
"The condition of the armistice
which provides that lt shall last Jusi
as long as pence negotiation* con
ttnne. Is regarded aa an expedient to
prohibit anv further outbreak of hos-
tilltles and to reduce the chances of
rupture to a minimum."
The political situation in New
South Wales la very unsettled at pre-
lent, due largely, no doubt, to the nar
"owness of the government's majority.
But apart from this, it Is Btated that
there is a lack of agreement amone
ncmbers of the cabinet. The Hon.
.!. S. T. McGowen, the Premier, ls
ra'd to be much disappointed at thc
trend of events.
The Hon. W. A. Holican, Attorney
General, Is about to pay a visit lii
London, thougb there is no reason fa
associate this fact with tbe politics'
situation, as Mrs. Holman left fot
Kngland some time ago.
The Hon. J. S. Beeby, Minister of
lands, announces his opposition to
the Federal Referenda proposals re
gardlng Increased power In regulatint
Industrial matters. Mr. Beeby, al
though a member of a Labor Ministry
himself, says that the Labor party ha.-
not yet learned to govern itself.
A new outbreak of plague is reported to have occurred in Noumea, thr
capital of the French colony of Nev
A judgment of the High Court hai
declared that section 181aa of tin
Commonwealth Electoral Act is valid
This section provides that between
the Issue of the writ for a Federa'
election and the return thereof, an>
article, report, leader, or other mat
ter, commenting upon a candidate, oi
party, cr the IssueB submitted to Un
electors, printed and published ll
newspaper, circular, pamphlnt, oi
Including   thej dodger, shall be signed by the author
hood of suffragettes" succumb as
martyrs to the glorious cause of suffrage.
woman who threw the brick
through the window of the automobile wbicb was thought to contain
the much-sought-after form of the
chancellor was fined $10.
Not  Necessary  That  It  Should  Bs a
Junk Hsap.
It has for a long time seemed necessary for the college girl's room-to be a
-..runs between a gyuiniiHlum aud a junk
shop. This Is altogether a fatal Idea,
not only from au artistic point of view,
but from the point of.view of tbe woik
to be done nt college, play lo lie played
at college and health lo be inulumiued
at college. It stands to reason that In
a room which Is Insanely furnished
concentration on any tblug���piny ct
work-is bound to be more difficult to
attain, and from tbls difficulty of attainment a strain naturally ensues.
Surely lf there is anything to bs
avoided at college It Is strain of'any
kind whatever. Thc sane room, tben. Is
one answer to the question of how to
overcome some of tbe nervous tension
Ibat seems to cause breakdowns und
the relinquishing of college courses.
The sane room does not mean a colorless, prim or cold room. On the contrary. It means Just the opposite. It
means a room that is hospitable, warm
in coloring (not hot) and consistent In
design���a room, In other words, as conducive to rest nnd tranquillity ns It Is
to consistent, undiverted thought and
to the*most enjoyable type of camaraderie, room purt ies and tbe Inevitable
If Ibe Inmate of a certain room ls a
clever athlete nil the more reason why
tier trophies should he boused In ber
room in such a wuy us not to cause ber
eyes or thoughts lo wander from the
(-���'���ii I" b""* rcd.n'.so si ihnt they wlll
njt fall ftVi-ry tl~e she or some on��
else passes them. All Ibe more, too. it
sbe Is athletic should sbe have���yes,
should she need���n room which makes
for repose nnd not unquiet. Far better
Is It for the "preusy grind" to bnve a
hodwpodge room, for then her mind
might hc diverted reasonably from het
overcnnseienllousiiess. But even for
her this kind of n room is unwise, because wltb all the effort and strain
needed for the closest kind of application to her work she should, even a"
lh" nthlole. hnve a room that tends to
organization rather thuu lo disintegration. Otherwise her etTort ls tba
greater, with the consequent Increase
ef strain to her body and mind.
or authors, giving his true name anc
address at the end of   the   article.
Standard of Empire.
So  Saya  Public Worka Department,
Which Telia of Harbor Improvement In Report
High Priced Copy.
inirlnp tlie slope of Kiuiherley Ihe
iHlltor of the only dally paper then-
was often Hnrd put lo hnd enough
news. Hue day In a cluhrnoiii he found
Cefll Hliodes rending n fairly new \m
[art from Cape Town. He Imrruweil It
and rushed tu his own office, where It
���oun reappeared lis il special edition,
selling Uke but cakes. That same rvvu
luu lie met Hliodes. who Inquired.
"Where"* my Cape Town imiwr?" "Oh.
I cut It up fur tbe prlntem." was the
reiiiy. "I'lense dun't do that attain,"
���aid It hod��� mildly. "That paper came
tbougb by native runners and cost
iue gl.UUU."
Ottawa. Deo. 5.���The effect'of the
Panama Canal In the development ot
trade, particularly that of the gran,
carrying in the Weat, I* the principal
feature ol the report ot the Public
Works Department tabled by Hon.
Hobert Rogers today.
Deputy Minister Hunter revi-wa at
length tha work ot the dapartmem
and refers to the harbor improvement* which haro been begun at Victoria and Vancouver. Both ottle*. he
atates, are looking forward to a great
development from the opening of the
new canal and In consequence a start
has been made upon extensive dredging opeimttan* and docking facilities,
lt is pointed out that a oarload of Alberto wheat conld make tour trips to
Vaneouter and Victoria In the tune
It would take tor one trip to SL John.
As a consequence there I* no reason
wby million* ot bu*hel�� of tbe West
ern grain ahould not find an outlet by
the way ot Panama and not to the Injury either of the Wke ports or Montreal and SL 3t*n. It 1* ����.idetod
that the I*.t laex**Mlnt otop outpu
will greatly tax the caps*Ity of a
those port, and the jwoutl wjli
consequently be ot the greatest au
VaAn?normon. IM*" * ���j^Jf*
tlon also I* looked tor by reason of
the cheap rat*, wh* the trip Is wade
all the way by P***t. ww
The report rariew* ^ *JjJ*r
��� i work, at the lafroortc Montreal
Quebec and flt. John. Md also gives
much Interesting ��**�����>*���?
touching the groyth Ot ft* country,
its trade and *��� ^^ J"*1**6
menu that h*��* W^^tJ*?1,,",. _.���
The total expenditure W^J*"!
-$3,i68,��87 on harbor* ^#"*M'E
029.147 on dredrfm ��4 HWUMjg
.public building*. �������E$?���
$418,630. of which or** fWO.000 eame
trom government teltfropK ,U��>e��'
"Stenography" Not the Only Name by
Whieh It Is Knevm.
Shorthand writing ls known by otber
onnies tban "Stenography." "Tacbygra-
pby" ts ouly one of tbem. Its second
part, of course, come* fives tbe same
root as tbe latter end or "stenography"
-tbat Is, from tbe Greek "gropho,"
���leimlng to write. "Tachy" la derived
from tbe Oreek "tachys." meaning
swift: so only tbe shorthand writer
��� bo baa tbe ability to take down rapid upeet-b and transcribe it quickly ba.
tbe right to call herself or himself a
"tachygrnpber." (tbe "eh" Bound la
Nice that of "k."|
"Stenography" cornea ftom "grapbo"
combined wltb "atenoa." which mean,
"narrow" lo Oreek. Be a "stenographer" ls either a narrow writer or ab*
��r be priK'ticee "narrow writing."
Not so mnny year, ago wa beard a
good deal about "phonography" aa a
name for shorthand writing, but th*
(arm seem, to havo gene -ont of us*.
Jt cornea from tbat aame useful root
"gwpbo." combined wMb "pbonoa."
Tbo latter word maaae ""Bound," aa
tbat * pbonographer Is one who write*
���down sound a. be ts**** H. Th* photograph is. of comae, sm enstrument
tor mtlUng or recording sound.
Then tber* *r�� "hr*e*rgr��|iby" "ate-
sranogrupby" *nd "knsegrophf" ac oth-
or muses for wbat wo generally call
���tonography, ln tbe ender given they
ara derived from "graptoo" oomblned
srttb 'ibracbyB." meaning"about:""ste-
p*a**," weaning "covered;" "eocret" (a
atenegmphe* ta on* ap* wrttea In
ctn��tle or my*terlou�� witting, os* to be
rend by the uninitiated! and "togoa,"
aieaalog "apeecb."-New fork Unset
POLICE   CAnilf     iurrrtAQETTE3
WoMsn Refuse to   Walk'to  Jail, Sc
Cop* Pick Them Up.
London, Dec. 6.���Three suffragette*
charged with having disturbed tht
chancellor of the excheuqer"* meeting
at Aberdeen, were today fined $5 or
five days In Jail.
The women refused to cither paj
tbe fine or leave the dock, and the
gallant police officers were compelled
4o encircle their protecting arms
around the slim w*t*t* of the "female* ot the specie*" and .troll prls-
onward with them.
Shrill cries of "We protest,"
"Sham*. Shame" issued from the
throats of dozen, of other suffragettes
wbo had assembled In the courtroom
to see their alitor* of the "brother-
Hsre It Is, the Watt.au Plait.
This gown Is especially designed fol
i young girl.   It has the clinging lines | Four  (41  feet
(By-law No. 183.)
A By-law to widen Cemetery Street
and to establish it as a road wltb a
uniform width of forty (40) feet
from Cumberland to Alberta
Streets In tbe City of New Westminster: *
WHEREAS under the provisions ol
Subsection 176 of Section 53 of thi.
"Municipal Act" it is provided that ln
every Municipality the Couucil may
make by-laws for establishing, open
ing, making, preserving, Improving
repairing, widening, altering, diVert
ing or stopping up streets, squares,
alleys, lanes, bridges or other public
thoroughfares and for entering upon
expropriating, breaking up, taking or
using any real property in any way
necessary or convenient for the Bald
purposes without tbe consent of tht
owners of the real property subject
'o the restrictions contained in part
XV. of the said Act
AND. WHEREAS. It Is provided by
Subsection 193 of said Section 53 ol
he n��ld Act that the Council of everj
Municipality may make bylaws foi
disposing of a public street or highway or any portion thereof whenever
deemed necessary in exchange for aq
jacent or contiguous lands expropriated for the purpose of Improving.
-videnin>r. straightening or diverting
any public Btreet or highway, and to
execute deeds for property so ex
AND. WHEREAS. It Is deemed de
slrable and advisable to widen Ceme
tery Street to a uniform width of
forty (40) feet extending from Cum
berland to Alberta Streets In the City
of New Westminster, and to Btop up
and close that part of the said Street
as now established as particularly
hereinafter described and to dispose
of tbe said land.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council o' the Corporation of the Citv
of New Westminster enacts aa follows:
. li   A highway, Btreet, public thoroughfare or road is hereby established
and opened over the lands and prem
lses described as follows:    Commencing at the North East angle of Subdivision  Lot One (1)  of Lot Nineteen
(19) Suburban Block Three (3) in thc
City of New Westminster; thence on
a  course  North  Eighty-nine  de��reea,|
and one minute West (N. 89 degrees,
1 minute West) a distance of Seven
(7)   feet  thence  on  a  course  South
Fifty-nine minutes West  (S. 59 min.
West)  a distance of Seven hundred
and sixty-six and fifty-three one hundredths feet  (766.53);   thence   on   a
course South Eighty-nine degrees and
one minute East (S 83 degrees 1 minute    East)    a   distance   of   twenty-
seven     (27)     feet;     thence    on    e,
course North Fifty-nine minutes East
IN. 59 minutea East)   a  distance   of
thenco   on a   course
We Must Have More
Room to Display Our
Mammoth Stock of
Holiday Merchandise.
Any $50.00 Coat or Suit now $37.50
Any  $40.00 Coat or Bolt, now $30.00
Any  (35.00 Coat or Suit, now $26.75
Any  VS0.00 Coat or Suit, now $22.50
Any $25.00 Coat, or Suit, now $19.75
Any $20jOO Coat or Suit, now $15.00
Any  $16.50 Coat or Suit, now  $12.38
and   graceful   draperies   tbat   are  sc
charming for Indoor wear.
As pictured It Is made of gray creps
4U chine with touches of old blue aud
South Eighty-nine degrees and one
minute East (S. 89 degrees, one minute E.I a distance of Thirteen (13)
feet; thence on a course North Fifty-
nine minutes East (N. 59 minutes E.1
i distance ot seven hundred and alx-
ty-two and f'ftv-three one-hundredth?
(762.531 feet more or less to the South
limit of AVberta Street;  thence on
Have You Seen Our Mammoth Stock of Toys ?
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
post planted at the North West cor-,
ner of Subdivision Thirteen (13), Lot !
course Nortli Elghtvfltn'e degrees and ] Four (4), Suburban Blocs Three (3);
one minute West  (N 89 deg. 1  mln. I thence South Eighty-nine degrees and
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL    ���
one minute East (S. 8!) deg. 1 min.E.)
a distance of Thirteen (13) feet;
thence South Fifty-nine minutes West
(S. 69 min. W.) a distance of Onj bun-
W.)  a distance   or Thirty-three
feet to the nlace of beginning.
2.    The Corporation of the City of
New Westminster for the purpose   of
establishing the said street or public! dred   and    sixty-seven    (167)     feet;
"���orn-ighfore expropriates and   takes   thence Nortli Eishtv-nme degrees and ]
those parcels or tracts of land situate one minute West  (N. 69 deg. 1 mln.
<n the City of New Westminster and   W.) a distance of Thirteen (13) feet; jj
Province    cf    British    Columbia    de-1 thence -Nortb Fifty-nine minuteB Easl j
P.   O.  BOX  442
bb -eamr (OHsea mi chink
sUrsr eaabroldecy and a wide, draped
saahaf add'blue dllk.
The sratteau panel at tbe back If
knotted below tlie Wpa. the ends falllua
In aaeh oflect over Um train.
Make Vour Own Tarragon Vinegar.
Now la itbe time do make tarragon
'loegar. Strip three <ounces of leaves
from ta* -branches -of tarragou. pul
them tarts a quart fcult jar and Hll
with peat vinegar. Close and let
stxnd for about twenty days, then
strain and bottle tar use. The best
vinegar te use for Bids purpose Is
white wine vinegar, fast' elder vinegar
wlll answer. The amount of tarragon
used costs 13 centa and tbe white wina
vinegar IO osfitH |ier qaart Vou will
have an Miwaslve vluncar at a small
cost snd free from adulteration. Ury
stems flavor neup.
Tbls vinegar ta uaed tar salads am'
tnappy sauces.
Heaeeheld Hiirte.
Tb* war to launder a nn��nd centerpiece and keep It int:
Wash It wltb whlto sdsp In the usual
way, wring out the centerpiece, bav��
a piece of whlto muslin or a abeet
spread upon the carpet tben take tht
centerpiece and spread It on th* sheet
or muslin, which ahonld ba larger than
tbe centerpiece, trin the centerpiece all
around tbe edges and at* that It li
smooth. After lt la pinned out put a
cover over It to keep It clean while II
Is drying. This is an easier and bettei
way than Ironing. Be sure that thl
centerpiece la dry beforo taking It up.
scribed as rollows:
FIRSTLY���Parts of !.ots Seventeen
(17) and Nineteen (19) and part of
Subdivision Lot One (1) of lot Nine
���een (19) Suburban Block Three (31
ln saiu Cltv of New Westminster
which may lie more partlculerly d"-
��er'bed as follows, that ls to say:
CornmenclnK at the South Fast angle
of tho North half of Lot Seventeen
(17), Buhurban Block Three (3), as j
-how" on the nfflc'al plan of the Citv
of New Westminster aforesa'd;
thence on a course North Fifty-nine
degrees East (N. 59 deg. E.) a d's
tance of Seven hundred and slxty-Blx
������"d fifty-three one hundredths (766.-
r.3) feet to the Southerly limit of Al
berta Btreet; thence on a course
N^rtji Ei��htv-nlne degrees and one
mlmrte "West (N. 89 deg., 1 mln. W.)
a distance of Seven (7) feet; thence
<*n a course South Fifty-nine degrees
West (S. 59 deg. W.) a distance of
Seven "Hundred and alxty-slx and fifty-three one hundredths (766.53) feel
to the Bouth boundary of the sa'd
Noth half of sa'd Lot Seventeen (17)
Suhnriian Block Three (3); thence or
a course South Etghty-nlne degrees
and one minute East (S. $9 deg. 1
rain. E.) a distance of Seven feet (7) \
to the place of beginning.
SECONDLY���Part of SuhdVvlslon
Nhnteun (19) I-ot Five (6) Suburban
Block, Three (3) in the sald'Clty tU
New Westminster, which may be more
pnrttetflmHy described as follows, that
la to nay: Commencing at a poat plaat
ed at the South West corner of Sub
llvlsion Nineteen (19) Lot Five (6)
Suburban Block Three (t); thenee
Nortli Fifty-nine degrees East (N. 6t>
dog. C) tor a distance of Ono htm-
dred and three and sixty- one-hen
dredfha (103.60) faet; thente aoutl.
Blghty-ntae degrees and one stonutt
���nat t*9 deg. 1 min. B.) for T dia
tance of Twenty-one (21) feet; thenoe
Booth rtttynlne degrees West (S. $9
deg. W.) for a distance of One hundred aaS three and sixty one-hun
dredths (103.60) feet; theitco North
Eighty-nine degrees and one minute
West (N. 89 deg. 1 min. W.) for a distance of Twenty-one feet to the point
ot commencement.
THIRDLY^-Part of Lot Five (6).
Suburban Blcick Three (3) ln tho said
City of New We*t��nludter, which may
be more particularly described as fol
Iowa, that la tp �������: commencing at
a poat planted at the South West
angle of Lot' Five (6). Suburban
Block Three (3); thence North Fifty-
nine minutes Boat (N. 69 mln. B.) a
distance of One hundred and ninety-
eight and fifty-three one hundredths
(198.53) feet; tbence South Eighty-
nine degrees ani one minute Baat
(8. 89 deg. 1 mln. E.) a distance ot
fifteen (15) foot; thence Soutb Fifty-
nine minutea Wait'(8. 69 mln. W.) a
distance of One hundred and ninety-
eight and fifty-three one-hundredths
(198.53) feet; thenoe North Eighty-
nine degrees ani one minute Weat
(N. 89 deg. 1 mln; W.) a distance of
fifteen (16) feet to the place of beginning.
rODRTHLY-Commenolng    at   *
(N. 59 mln. E.) a distance of One bun
dred and alxty-seven (167) feet to tbe
place of beginning.
FIFTHLY ��� Part of subdivision
Twelve ll2), Lot Four (4), Suburban
Block Three (3), In the said City of
New Westminster, which may be
more particularly 'described as follows, tbat is to say: Commencing at
a poat planted at tbe Soutb West corner of Subdivision Twelve (12) Lot
Four ��4) Suburban Block Three (3);
thence North Fifty-nine minutes East
(N. 5$ mln. E.) for a distance of One
hundred and thirty-two (132) feet;
thence South Eighty-nine degrees
and one minute East (3. 89 deg. 1
mln. E.) for a distance of Tblrteen
(13) feet; thence Soutb Fifty-nine
minutes West (S. 69 mln. W.) for a
distance ot One hundred and thirty-
two (132) feet; thence North Eighty-
nine degrees and one minute West
(X. 89 deg. 1 mln. W.) for a distance
of Thirteen (13) feet to the point of
3. The Corporation of the City of
Kew Westminster for fhe purpose of
establishing the aald road or public
thoroughfare wlll enter upon, take
possession of. break, take and use the
lands hereinbefore mentioned for the
aald purposes without the consent ot
tbe owners' of the Teal property but
subject to the restrictions contained
In Part XV, of the "Municipal Act."
4. The Corporation cf the City of
New Westminster hereby closes and
declares closed and stopped up that
part of Cemetery Street as now ea-
tabliahed described as follows: Commencing at the North Weat angle of
Subdivision Lot Seventeen (17) of
Lot alx (6), Suburban Block Three
(8); thence on a course North Eighty-
nine decrees and one minute Weat
(N. 89 deg. 1 min. W.) a distance ot
Four and seven-tenths (4.71 feet:
thence on a course Bouth Fifty-nine
minutes West (S. 69 mln. W.) a dls
tance of One hundred (100) reet;
thence on a course Bouth Eighty-
nine degrees and ime minute Eaat
(S. 89 deg 1 mlc. B.) a distance of
Tour and seven-tenths (4.7) feet more
or less to the South West angle of
said Lot Seventeen (17); thence on a
course North Fiftv.nine minutes East
(N. 69 mln. B.) a distance of One hun
dred feet (100 ft.) to the place ot be-
6. The lands In the preceding section described shall be sold and disponed ot or exchanged for other lands
in thla by-iaw described and the proceeds applied for tbe purchase of land,
aforesaid and a deed of the land ln
the preceding section described may
be executed under the corporate seal
by the Mayor and City Clerk.
t. Thla By-law may bo cited as
BY-LAW 1911."
DONE AND PASSED ln Open Council thli tSth day of November, 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally passed thla 2nd day of December, 1912.
''    W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
JOHN A. LEE, Mayor.
W. R. OILLEY. Phons 122. a E. QILLEY, Phons 2��1
Phones, Office 16 and 10.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 mlnstaa thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnlgbL
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 6:45, ��45 and S
a.m., with hourly aervlce until 10 pm.
and late car at 11:30 p.ss. Sundaya���
Flrat car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm aad Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundaya���First car at 8 a.m.. regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way polnta at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way polnta 4:06 put.
Reduced rates are offered
���vor tho Fraaer Valley Un*
for woek end tripi covering
all polnta on tbo division.
Tickets for theae special ex-
cantons are on sale Saturday aad Sunday,, good to r��-
t��r�� on Monday.
Si Ah*   YOCIt   PLANS   TO
_ from Portland. Halifax.
 Dec.   7       Dec.   8
 Dec. 14       Dec. 15
 p Dec. 21       Deo. 22
New 8,8. Megantic and Laurentic, 15.M0 taaa, largest from Canada.
Al\ classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, itt foot M.000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
514 teet, 10.000 tons. Carry only aacond aad third claaa. Baggage
eheoked through to steamer In bond.  No hotel or transfer expenaea.
New 8.S. Laurentic
S.8. Teutonic	
S.S. Canada	
New York���Qusanstown���Liver-
' pool.
8.S. Celtic, Dee. 5.
8.0. Cedrlc Deo. 12.
8.8. Baltic, Dec. 19.
Company's Office, 011 Oecond Avenue Seattle three doors from
Cherry Streot, or E. A. Oouiot, Agent Canadian Paciflc Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, Anont O. N. Ry., Now War'
"ow Vork���Plymouth���Chop-
benrg   Southampton.
�����-��. St Lonic Nov. 30.
8.S. Now Voek, Dec 7.
L& St Paul, Dec. 14.
' ���)���<���;
�����Hi��H��*'s       . ���-.'�� ���
every   morning   eaeept
by The National Printing and
Co., Ltd., at their office,
McKenzie  Street.   New   Westmin
* Bl c
Office  899
Office  991
tty carrier $4 pur year, $1 for three
or 40c per month.
By mall $3 per   year,   or   25c   por
No letters will be published 'In the
except over tbe writer's slgna
The editor reserves the right
refuse t'ie publication of any letter.
FRIDAY,  DECEMBER  6,  1912.
i , .i        ii ���
Had the Kraser ceased to flow the
surprise occasioned thereby could not
bave been exceeded by that caused
yesterday when, like a bolt trom the
-blac. a notification was received from
tbe provincial government stating thai
a plebiscite upon the proposed lease
-of tbe arena must be taken at the
���-ooiainj; civic elections so that the
Irishes of the people may be ascertain
ed forsoothl
When    the    Westminster     arena
scheme was  first  mooted  there  was
eiot tie slightest idea entertained  In
the mind cf any thinking citizen thai
so pretentious a building was  to  be
utilized merely once in the year and-]
ror about a week only at that.   Rather
it was understood that the place was
to be used for entertainments, sportu j
aad the like, in brief to fiH a real, all- j
���fee-year-round need tn the life of the j
Vy these means it was understood !
that   instead   of  having    a     building :
whicb had cost them some $.10,000 ami j
���was bringing in no income, used for '
3* few days in tlie year for horse show
purposes, the  ratepayers  would have j
some entertainment provided for thein .
jn a place worthy of their city, and. al j
the same time, would have tho picas- ]
ure of knowing that the proceeds tr,
the  cily   for   the   rent   of   the   arena
would  be  contributing  to  the  repayment of the outlay.
Consequently when the eity was ap
proai.hi d by a company of Westminster men who wished to lease the
building for ice rink purposes thoy
were assured of the councils' acquiescence, provided the city's interetSS
were satisfactorily safeguarded.
We believe that in point of trust
worthiness and Intelligence the present mayor and council will compare
'favorably with any public body on
.the mainland or thc island, and tlia'
therefore the arrangements made with
this company are satisfactory lo
������Westminster. The city is not able to
.undertake a scheme of this nature It
-self aad it is only natural that a com-
fmny which is investing some $30,000
io the undertaking should require a
leaae for a term of years.
The building as it stands, today belongs to Westminster and Its cost is j
briur, met by Westminster people.    It i
ia sot being paid for by the govern j
meat, neither does it belong to them '
Ffcs location  upon  land  held  in trust j
by  the  city  is  the  sole  cause  thai
. the gnvernment's assent has now been .
sought.    Surely   we  have  a   right  U.
��Jo as we  will  with our own  and  a
right to expect that  the government ;
milt  not   put  obstacles   la   our   path. !
especially after the professions of sup '���
port cm the part of members of th3
, provincial executive.
Tbe public knows how delegation ar I
ter delegation hns gone to Victoria
and has been assured hy ministers
and premier alike of support. Now.
when everything Is ready to oe j
brought to a successful fruition, there
comes the mandate (>f delay.
The people want the rink, the coun
��-.il and company are agreed, everything was going well, Why this
change of front? ls tliere a nigger
in the woodpile'? lr so. let hint ooni
Apart ircm prol - lonal iii okay, the
rink has man) advantages, it will
provide om young pi pie with an out
irt for legitimate pleasure and there
toy keep than) oul ol mischief   it wil|
brieg and keep a certain amount of
trade In the city, il will further cs
tahliah un on thfl map, and above all
the  income  derived  from   the  torn
months In the year during which the
company  will uie It, will pay off th
interval on the loan raised lor its ere::
tion, thus saving the ratepayers' poe
What is to he done?
If the present di iti rminatlon of the
.government cannot be changed |i
means thai all these advantages win
be deferred and thai i: ere will be no
liockey season In Wi tminster thl.-
.jear. No efforts should bo spi red ti
induce the government to reconsldei
its s'and, and, instead of laking Hi ���
gilcbisclte if plebiscite tin re must bs
- din...- the second wi i k in January,
Set It be  taken at   once,
Then- is no question a.   to what th.1
people u iii say.
Addams, Dr. Lena Sadler, and other
prominent Chicago women. Their
protest is against reckless and meaningless extravagance in the distribution of costly gifts. They would have
Christmas not so much an occasion
for the exchange of expensive gifts as
an opportunity to communicate expressions of personal esteem and
friendship,     i
To children, to the poor and needy,
aud within reasonable limits, to relatives and friends, the giving of pres
ents Is a kindly and worthy custom.
But when Christmas means physical
suffering from overwork to procure
money for the purchase of presents;
when it means shattered nerves from
worry over inability to buy expensive
articles; when tt means plunging into
useless debt���there is both sense and
reason in a protest against such, a perversion of the Christmas spirit
The ethics of present-giving are not
under discussion. It Is the' distortion
of the dseire to spread joy and gladness in honor of Christ's,nativity Into the dross of pure commercialism
that attracts criticism. Something
like a standard of present-giving at
Christmas is established in every circle, and copformity to it often calls
for individual sacrifice not at all in
keeping with the true spirit of tit*
What ls given as tho exptossion of
affection, or esteem, or in token of
fellowship, Is well given. When they
carry no sense of obligation and entail no undue embarrassment to de
stroy the free-will valu of the offering, Judicious gifts a. e a source of
ioy to both the ona who receives and
the one who gives.
The crusade for a "Sane Christmas" is a crusade against the pro
nounced tendency to compute our en
joyment o Christmas upon the basip
of dollars and cent*-a tendency
which too often reducer c;,ristipas to
a question of keeping up appeal
ances.���Toronto Maii and Empire.
perton. The sidewalk along Brunette
street-is- finished and a much-needed
Improvement effected satisfactorily.
The laying ot sidewalks, on Major
street. Wilson street, Garrett and Fader streets, are Improvements on
hand, which will undoubtedly be highly appreciated.
Where Woman Are Found to Work For
Half a Cent an Hour.
Ther^ are women in London, declares W. B. Northrop, author pi
Wealth tnd Want, who work for a
farthing (half a cent) an hour. A Gov-
ernment report mentions the case of
one Woman who abandoned her work.
She found it easier to starve. ' The
tragedy of poverty in London is of
the grny, somber, unrelieved kind
that, onoe seen, drives the iron of
pity through the very soul, leaving the
memory seared forever.
"In the neighborhood of Fenisn
Barracks���one of the most appallingly
dismal districts nf the - London Kast
End,'- says Mr. Northrop, "there sre
children assisting their parents so incessantly that their young lives aro
literally being crushed out bj toil.
One brave little boy, aged U. rises
every morning at 4 and, after delivering a "milk round." starts out with a
round of papers. His earnings on hoth
rjund- bring him just a quarter,
nnd nfter five hours' work in the
cheerless dawn hc begins study at the
school nt 9. Another boy o[ ti rouses
15 workmen at 3 o'clock. For this task
the  boy  gets  one  cent  per man.   16
Important  Spsech   by   Premier   Polncare���Difficulty to Forecast European Trend of Events.
Paris, Dec. 5.���That France in tho
present European crisis is working
side by side with her ally, Russia,
and her friend, Kngland, stands out
clearly in the important address mad ���
today by Premier Polncare to the
committee on foreign affairs of the
chamber of deputies.
The French premier spoke plainly
on the European situation when he
said to the committee;
"We stand by our allies and our
M. Polncare wns applauded enthusiastically by his hearers for having
This waa due, he said, to the fact
that all the railroads leading to Paris
would be used for the mobilisation of
troops and no merchandise or food
could be  brought  to the metropolis.
Real    Estate    Moving ��� Two    Large
Buildings Going  Up���Many Improvements  Evident.
Real estate Is active iin Sapperton.
Messrs. McQuarrie Brothers, through
their branch office there, disposed of
10 lota within the last few days, chiefly on Columbia street east, Fader
street and Kelly street.
Building is going on steadily, and
the rapid settlement In this part of
the city has resulted in two buildings,
now in course of construction and in
constantly labored for the "moral pa-1 tended for gtoreg< ������,, *t^ming apart.
trimony of France      	
In reference to the future, the premier was not quite clear and It Is believed this was intentional, although
in one place he said evidences pointed
to a settlement of the pending diffi-
On Columbia street, east of the Sapperton tram terminus, Mr. Leburn
Colfax, ls erecting a large grocery
store, with rooms and offices.     An-
Mr. ,J Luckle Wilson has suggested, and Dr. J. L, Hughes hdo.suii.oit-
ed, the idea of having vacant lots lithe city placed at the disposal of tiio
schools and other authorities for the
planting of flcvers. Fifteen or Iwen
ty years ago there was a movement
in the United States to devot.j ��acaat
lots to the raising of potatoes for tke
poorer classes.
Toronto tried It and within certain
limits it was very successful, 'i',***
civic potato patch became tno rage.
But times were good, and .t seometl
easier to the wage-earner to buy potatoes than to sweat ovei ili> brown
earth where they grew.
��� "ut flowers are different. The
children love to have flower pitches
and they love flowers. Wor 's tin
city the worse for having str 'e'ees ol
bsautiful bloom instead of dancUte
wastes or weeds. The citizens could
almost have forgiven tlie rainv-uyi hnd
;they planted the waterfront with
; bright blossoms for the iftttt sevai
: years, instead of leaving l's burnt
i nver ruins to shock the visito-
Owners of vacant lots.shouid hSsten
'to adopt Mr. Wilson's sugges":ni and
i put their ground at the disposal   o!
cents being the total earnings for his j "it is difficult to speak of the future
day's  work.    This   lad  is  envied  by [and'it would be foolhardy to indulge
his   less  fortunate   competitors,   nny i in prophesies."
of  whom  would  be   glad  to  get  the | Paris Would Go Hunory.
work nway from him. It mny be snid. | Paris. Dec. 5.- -M. Galll, president
without fear of contradiction, that the cf the city council, called today on
children of the poor in London feel ' M. Millerand, minister of war, and
the trials and responsibilities of their j urged that the government take step?
parents quite as keenly as thc grown to insure the eff cleftcy of the law of
folks, as witness only recently the j 1912, providing for the proper pro
suicide of a 15-year-old hoy owing to ! visloning of Paris with wheat in case
the distress of his  father. of war.
"Outside   the   London   dock   gates |    M. Galll  ainrniod that if war wa?
each morning one may witness, some  declared   tomorrow.   Paris   would, be
culties and at another point declared  other'double-story building on Colum
bia street east, immediately to the
west of Braid street, is being erected
for Mr. Kurstens, Millside, v^lio Intends leasing it for stores and rooming purposes. At the corners of Braid
and Kelly street, Mr. Simon Olsen
purposes tbe establishment of a bakery.
Mr. White is building a nice seven-
roomed house on Garfield street.
Messrs. Tiger and Collins are erecting two flve-roomed cottages on Major and Wilson streets.
Mr.  Fleger has   Just . completed   a
the    school
- Toronto ] port.
     "How n man with a wife nnd font
children,"    remarks     Mr.     Northrup,
Alexandra's  Royal   Relatives. j "can subsist on $2 a week���paying :\
Probably no royal lady of any time j dollar room r^nt���is one of those mys,
has heen so intimately related to such | teries only the reople themselves can
a lnrge number of kings ami queens j solve.   One  docker's  family  whom   I
as Queen Alexandra,   Her father snd j know   consists  of  five   children���tw
.titer were King and Queen of Den- j girls, aged 3 and 7,  and three  hoy?
mark, her husband was King Edward
| ber mother-in-law was the lato Queen
! Victoria, her son is now King of
j Great Britain, her dau;jlit,'r is Queen
of Norway, a sister wns for snme yettrs
Czarina of Russia nnd is now Dowager
Empress, one brother was the late
King of Dennmrk, another brother it
King of the Hellene^, one of her ne-
phews is Czar of Russia, another nephew is now Kin? of Denmark, another nephew, who is also her son-in-
law, ll King of Norway, whi'.e a iourtli
Is destined to be King of the Hellenes.
Wife, "on Visiting Tsrms."
"We love each other dearly, but we
��� ant to be divorced." Such was the
fervent wish expressed in the Circuit
Court at Montreal by Mr. and Mrs.
Michael Malouf, a Syrian couple.
With his wife hanging affectionately
in his s^tn, Malouf declared that they
sere happily married in Syria nineteen yesrs ago, but that they had no
ihildren. His wife wanted him t��
siarry another woman, and she would
ihen he satisfied tn rcmsin on visiting
terms. Thc judge advised the couple
to apply to the Senate.
A Butterfly Farm.
An Englishman operating a butter-
ly farm is said to sell.to museums snd
���ollectors upward of 50,000 specimens
,-ear'.y. H' obtains as lii��h ns $50 for
exceptionally, flne ones, and his net
ncome is said to be fully $2,500.
all over 9. Every morning nt 3 o'clock
the eldest sirl and the oldest hoy walk
from Newton's Rents, near White-
"hnpel, to a bakery nenr the Strand
for the purpose of obtaining scraps ot
bread, given out by a humane baker.
The two children visit also, beiore returning, a couple of cook shops, where
they nre now and again given pieces,,
consisting at left-over bits of meat ati-1
���*ids and ends of food from the meals
of tho*e pntrons of th* shop wr,i, have
not'cleaned   up  iheir  plates.
"Snme days the children of the
dock laborer alluded tn get no pieces
of bread whatever. Thoir three-mile
walk on empty stomachs in ths early
hours of the mornin? goes unrewarded. If the dorknr himself has been
unsuccessful in his application���and
upward of a thousand men are turned
sway ��ach morning from the L'a'.es-
th��n it mesns practical starvstion for
the entire family until sueii time ss
the bakery or the cook shop hands
out another  supply."
First Thermometer.
The first thermometer was mnde in
1621 its k Dutch physicist named
Cornelius Van Drelilvell and consisted
nf a tube filled with air, closed nt Its
upjier end and clipping nt its other |
extremity, which wns onen, in a lint.
tl�� of nitric neid diluted with wnter.
As the teniwra'tirr ros�� or (ell the
nir in the fubs increased or crew les*
in volume asd consequently the liquid
descended or ro-". This Instrument
is now known as nn air th. rmomet-r.
but ss its mriiMir.-nients wire based
on  no flx-d principle it wns of little
harrowing Sights.  In the darkness bew  without bread in three or four days I seven-roomed house on Fader street.
fore dawn hundreds of men crowd to- ,.       , .
gether  in  the   little  courts  nnd   pns- J
sages nearby, waiting for the gates to
"As  the    hour   draws    nenr,   huge
chains are stret?hed  across the dock
entrance,   to   prevent   the   men   from'
'rushing' the srprrnclies.    It is  dur-f
iijg. the brief wait just before the open,
ins   that   the   struggle   for   life   takes
place.   Serving men who hnve waited
all   night���sleeping  on   the   pavement
without any cover save what might be
afforded   by   n   p.'oce   of   newspaper���
will hnttie with each other fnr n place
in the line.    It is here one witnesses
the  lit ral   application, of the adage :
that 'the weake.-t  go tn the wall.'
"Nit infrtfque-ntly the walls them--
se'.v.-s nn- b'v,:"<t'creil by the blond
of the ti iIo���-���--., who r>ft.-ii Indulge in
fierce encounters for the sake of picking up a couple of hours' uncertain
employment. Men will mantieuver all
night for a place in the line near Ihe
gates, and finally resort to the arbitrament of the fist fnr the sake of the
mere chine: to obtain a quarter or
less. Pot many of the men whn work
at   the   (looks   have   families   to   sup-
Raisins.   No.   1   Bon   Ton.  2  pkgs for 25c., 9 for $1.00
Not-aSeed, per pkg 10c, 11 for   1.00
Tropic Seeded. 4 pkgs for     .25
Cjltanas. 2 lbs. for 25
Nabob   Brand  Vostizza  Currants, 2 pkgs. for  25c
Clear Bulk Currants, per Ib 10c. 11   lbs. for      1.00
Mixed Candled Peel, per Ib     .20
Dates, per Ib , 10
Sealshlps Oysters, per pint 80
When ordering Oysters ask for gcalshlpt Oyster Recipe Book,
100 ways of serving.
Iloont your business by advert Islng. Even though you
haw; been In business ln N'ew
Westminster for years you
need It. The population of
the city Is constantly crowing
and wlll grow more rapidly In
the years to come than tt has
in the past. Tho newcomers
will require merchandise of all
kinds, and though you may
have a,Btock that will meet all
their requirements yet If you
do not advertise, they will not
be aware of your existence and
tbey will go to the wideawake
inerchaut who invites their
trade, The newcomer almost
Invariably reads The News for
Information about Ihe city and
Its stores und you stand a
good chance of being  left  nut
of his calculations if im doosnlt
si io your ml.
Putting Out a Fire.
When trying to pit tint a lire re
member that ore gallon nf water at
lhe bottom of the Mine will do mors
to put fl out than ten gallons nt the
top. "Flay low" is the motto t" follow
while litthting fire. A few gallons st
the bottom of the flames will rise in
clouds of stenm when the fire is rising
nu.l qrench it. A big blase on the lee-
wnrl side looks fearful, lut play low
with the wnter nn the bott-.m of the
fire on the win.lword side and you
hav- the speediest way to quench the
tl.'iines a.ud will not require a river.
to b.
It ia Impossible not to sympathise
v��\rti the "Sane Christmas" crusade
���mhscls has been started hy Mlss lane
The metalling of Columbia street
Kast towards the North Hoad, wlll
be ' completed* In a couple of days,
after which ihe finishing of Eighth
avenue will be undertaken,
A gang of city work men is at pros-
inl engaged In opening and grading
K. lly street, east of Wraid street, Sap-
Leather Goods.
I/cnlher goods-, if their ippesrimee is
preserved, should nut he kept
n places that are too dry, ns the heat
rill cause the leather lo crack, n..i'
in dnrn;> places that will mnku it
moldy. To freshen leather chair seats,
traveling bags, hook cover.-, etc, thnt
have li.ee iinc .-liahh,- or ^mtted rull
them with the well beaten white ol un
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
���Market Day. Come along to
641 Front Street and see what we
have to offer.   It will pay you.
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boota.   Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren'a School Shoss.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
British Canadian Lumber Corporation. Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and  Crescent Valley,  B. G.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting wltb G. T. P. Railway  for polnta East;  also with  3.3.
"I'rince John" for Stewart, Granby .Hay. Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT"  for Prince Rupert and way   porta,   3rd,
13th and 2.1rd bf each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
H. O. SMITH, C   P. * T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     627 Granville Street
CONTRACTORS cor prices on :~
Lumber Lath and Shingles
The Bank of Vancouver
A general kanklag business transacted, drafts aad totters wf credit
sold nrable la all parte of ths world. Sartoga baak departasoat at
all brasohss.
New Westminster Braacb, Cor. 8tk and Colombia Streets
a. d. wilson, --y1^^^^^**^^***********************
Regulated  Bakers.
Regulations  in  regard  tn bakers in i
France are very strict.   For irntatice, [
in , fortified towns they are Compelled I
lo ��tocl<  a certain  quantity ol bread j
in ca.ic of war.   Further, they have to
deposit a sum of money in the hsiidn
ot tho local authorities as a guarantee
ot good  conduct, and  t! t  municipal |
council regulates thc price 0/ bread.
A Solid Quartered Oak Table. 5
leg. iniumlve and good looking, 50
Inches wide, 8 ft. extension	
Massive Pedestal Quartered Oak
Table, plain and pretty in design,
a table easily worth $85.011	
A nice 6 ft. Brtsnston Table, t;
leg, In Oolden Oak finish. Well
worth   .12	
hlnlng ('hairs, Breal valtto, Kull
sot of five straight chairs and one
The Big Furniture Store	
Cor. 6th'and Carnarvon Sts. Phone ?88
No. 488���Eight roomed house, modern, on First street, close to
Itoyal avonue and Queens psrk; slse of lot MxlSt. Price
$7000.00; one-third cash, balance t, 1*. 118 and 14 months.
No. 485���New six roomed house on Oak street, modem. Prlee $1400;
$275 casb, balance $46 per month, Including Interest on loan.
No. 484���New five roomod bungalow on Sixth street, between Hlghth
and Tenth avenues; size of lot 60x160; all cleared. Cherry
trees.    I'rice $3300;  S700 cash, balance over 80 months,
Three roomed house cn Dublin street; large lot, all cleared,
and all kinds of small fruits, chicken house and rard. Prlee
$1850;  one-quarter cash, balance I, 12 end 18 months.
N'o. 472���Six roomod house on Hamilton street, elose to Sixth etreet
cur line; large lot.   Price $2860; $260 oaab, balance by the
month. / '
No. 470 Now bIx roomod house; flre place, furnace; lot Is all cleared; cement floor In basement; close to ear. Price $3700;
$1000 cash, balance to arrange,
451 Columbia Street
Puckehasers   Begin   Residence   Here
Monday���"Big Moose" Johnson Promises Revelations.
Seven of the eight hockey players
who will defend the Paterson cup this
season against Vancouver and Victoria blew into the city yesterday afternoon following a strenuous practice on the Vancouver arena and will
move their traps on Monday to quarters in the city.
Hugh Lehman was the only player
missing and the crack goal tender will
be along with his bride tomorrow
morning, thus giving him two days
on the ice before the opening game:
A bunch of railbirds were out
���watching the two teams in action yesterday afternoon and wero treated to
a real display of stick handling. "Big
Moose" Johnson was the surprise of
the afternoon.
Ernie developed an awful speed
considering that he has only been on
the Ice twice this season and with
regular practices untll Monday afternoon, the lloyal septette should be in
thp best of shape to give Frank Patrick's bunch a hard tussle.
Charlie Tobln and Oatman are fast
tumbling to the team work of tho
forward division and are taking every
bit of dope handed out by Jimmy
Gardner who is right on the Job
every minute.
Several interurban cars are being
chartered to take the Westminster
fans over to see the game and the
aame arrangements that were in
vogue last winter, that of combined
car and admission to thc game ticket,
applies for this winter also.
Mr. Herb Ryall received a big stock
of uasteboards yesterday afte ���. toon together with a plan of the arena and
same will go on sale this morning.
Two sections, close to the dressing
room of Ihe Royals have been rcBerv
���ed for tho New Westminster crowd
and these should be filled If thetr i
ti am  ls to be accorded any support.
In the House League last evening
Capt I<ane's team won tbe odd game
from Frank AyerBt's quartette.) The
���core: ���    't*
Lane - 12       3     Ttl.
Brussett       98   108   147��� 353
Wintemute     94   108   131��� 333
Yeomans    131   161   146���433
Hayden    151   142   140-438
Lane    126   173   126���424
COO   692   ��8��
12       8
Minnehan    164 127 143���424
Harris     142 143 102���387
McLeod    129 148 104���381
Sullivan      89 124 99��� 812
.118   129   131-
632   671   679���1882
Tonight Royals vs.  Pickup;  Newspapermen ve. Royal pool room.
By taking three out ot five games
from Ye Olde Billiard Parlor team of
Vancouver,   the  Hubs \rf  this  city I
Jumped Into the lead of \h* Intercity;
billiard league last evening, playing *,
on local tables.
The feature of the evening was t$e ?
way Scotty Grant beet out bis man.
who Is considered the ore** on the ,
Vanoouver aggregation.    The follow-,
tng scores telt the tale:
Vancouver We��tmlnster
Parks !K0  Cold'cutt  ....182
Bandy    158  ne'i   ...
Payne  260 Pye ....
Tierce 149  Grant  ..
Patterson   ....209  Douglas
high brepks-ReW, 87, 2��, 88. 82;.
Payne, 84, 48; Grant, 24, 86, 87, 88.
The Bankers are taking no chances
of losing their game against the Cltv
eleven on Saturday afternoon, at
Moody Square and will field one of
the atroneest teama of the sesson.
The kick-off wlll start at 2:30 o'clock
with Mr. W. Newsoms handling the
whistle. ���   .
The following wlll line un far J*'
financial boys: Marcon. goal; Shildrick. Stacev. backa: Wood, Scott,
- Hamilton, halves; Pltcalrn. Sellery.
Durnford. Adams, ThenSsen, forwards;
spares, Dawe and Mcllvor.
Receiving a rush telegram from
Sheriff Lemloux of Montreal yesterday. Mr. Arthur Bills, bantman. who
has been spending sdjse little tlnw
in the city, left on the evening train
for Montreal so as to be ��n_time for
throe hangings which eife to follow 0}ne
another at short Intervals, The first
takes place in Montreal on Dec.."���
UnlcK ������ i "lay of e*6'. ���tlon '*��*�����?
In fhe hinglne ot rtlfcj*;J��P
Smith, who was sentenced to Main
bv Mr. Justice Murphyat ���� ��*?"*
criminal assises, and whoss execution
is set for January 8, the sonorities
may be hard nresied to find a MMt-
man It Mr. Bills ll net $*������ w"��
his work in Montreal. ��e hje wso
one case on the prairies to Attend to.
Quebec, Deo. 6.-A. JohMtoBJ ��ep
utv minister of marine and ����*"������'
announced this morning ttat It is tne
intention of the Ceeadlan Government to have one of the ��overnment
uteemers make a number of tries
down the St. Lawrence
to the ocean during the winter to demonstrate the feasibility of all-year-
round navigation of the St. Lawrence
route, concerning which he and the
minister of marine are both  agreed.
Ths Dlscovsry In East Anglla Arousss
Qrtst Interest.
In the recently published proceedings of the Prehistoric Society of East
Anglia some interesting details sre
given of tho human skeleton whicii
has been (ound in a glacial deposit at
Ipswich. Careful examination made
before disinterment showed clearly
tliat there were no signs of previous
digging, the clay above the bones appearing to be in every way the same
as that which extended for pome distance on either side. There was not
the slightest mixing ot the soils, nor
was any grave furniture discovered.
Immediately underneath the bones ��
pronounced calcareous band was present, and this undoubtedly would
have been dissolved, it a grave had
been dug through the clay, by th-:
rain water percolating through thi!
loose material.
The remarkable cranial cast, formed
of the sandy loam in which the bones
rested, was so perfect that the part
of Uie frontal lobe ol the brain connected with speecli was clearly
marked on it, and this points to the
fact that the material composing it
must have been introduced while in
a semi-fluid state. The antiquity of
the skeleton must, therefore, be very
great, for it is, indeed, difficult to
imagine that clay and sand have been
in such a condition since the time
when a grave would liave heen dug.
Speaking before the society some
time ago, Mr. .1. Reid Moir said:
"Let us1 supjiose that this man.
whose remains we'have found, wa*
wandering over this sandy land surface, and was overcome with the cold.
If this were the case ho would lie
down, curl himscll up ior warmth,
and eventually get covered by th"
Band as it was blown hy the wind.
This supposition is borne out by the
fact of the contracted position in
whicli the body was found, and also.
as the climate was fast degenerating
into glacial cond.tions, it is certain
very low temperatures were present.
Perhaps the most surprising thing
connected with tlie Ipswich discover.,
is the fact that this mau, who is ap
parently so much more ancient than
the Neanderthal men, should bo ol
modern type, while the latter are very
primitive. Undoubtedly East Anglian skeleton at least sliows that modern
juan ha�� existed since <* much esr'.is'
epoch than hud been previously imagined. During one ol the warm inter
ludes of tlie Great Ice Period he had
alresdy been evolved. Corroborative
evidence of the gre^ ayo of them
bones has still more recently been
provided by the discovery nl a tusk
and other remains of an elephant st a
spot some 11 miles away. The beast
was probably a contemporary of the
man, and its resting place was als.
on the surface nf the sand, which now
lies 11 feet below tbe ground level. .
i    ���
A Musical Love Story.
Of all the romantic proposals which
have led to marriage between celebri
ties of the day, surely that of Mr
Keniierley-Kumford to. Mme. Clara
Butt, whom he married in 1900, is ope
of the most striking. In the days
when "Miss" prefixed the name ol
Clara Butt, these two singers were appearing at Queen's Hall, London, in
an old English duet called "The Keys
of Heaven," wherein a devout lover'
offers the lady of his heart the keys'
ef heaven if she will but walk and
talk with him. The damsel is obdurate, so a cti*fb and six is offered.
Uftn a black silk gown, which only
moves her to derision. Then:
lf I give you the heart of my heart.
And we are married till death do us
Madame, will you walk and talk with
"Kenncr\ey-Rumford." ssys Mr.
Harry Burgess in "My Musical Pilgrimage," "had asked the most momentous question of his life, to wbich
an answer had not been given. As
tbey stood beiore the audience, Clara
Butt put sucb emphasis into her reply
of Ves, 1 will walk aud talk with
you,' thst there oould be do mistaking
har meaning; snd it is doubtful If
Kenner.ey-Kiimlord knows whether be
walked ofl the platform or was carried
ofl by invisible angels."
Ate 888.000 Tee Much.
The  sdviee   which   Sydney   Smith
5sve to Lord Murray on the subject ol
let was probably sound. "If you
wish for' anything like hsppiness in
the fifth set of life," he wrote, "eat
and drink one-hall of what yon could
eat and,.#lnk. Did I ever tell you
my oslculations .shout esting and
drinking? ' Having sscerteined the
weight of whet 1 could live upon V.
as to preserve health and strength,
and what I did live upon, I. found
that between ten and seventy yesrs
ot age I bad eaten and drunk forty
(our horse-wagon loads ot meat and
drink more than would have preserved
me in life and health; The value ol
this mass of nourishment I consider
to be worth 886,000 sterling, lt oc
curred to me that I must, by my vora
city, have starved to death lullr 100
persons. This is a frightful calculation, but irtsslstibly true."
A Msn of Many Tenguss.
Abbas Hilma. the Khedive of Egypt,
owes much of his success as a ruler
tb his linguistic attainments, whicli
are remarkable even for a monarch.
During the course of an''audience
day" it frequently happens that his
highness discussss ottestions of stale
with tbe British diplomatic agenU in
faultless En��lish, with the From* representative in equally perfect French
and with the Ottman ta Oinatt. bt��
he *UI eondiict ell affairs ��Wt ��*
sullan'8 repneseumuve in i urKisn
then preside over a dfcuncil of his
ministry, where all tlie details of pol-
icy are discussed in Arabic. And at
night he wiil be at the theatre listen,
ing to opera in Italian.
What   Is  Your  Vocabulary?
Shakespeare produced all his playe
with about 15,000 different words; Milton's range comprised about 8,000;
sud the old Testament's limit is 5.642.
A person of good education seldom
exceeds 4,000, while muny people are
limited to about 300.
declared be had not definitely mad?
up his mind.
Mr. Bryson has served previously
on the council, his last term being in
1910. He unsuccessfully opposed
Mayor Lee in the last mayoralty campaign.
All present Indications are that all
but three members of the present
council wlll stand for re-election. Aldermen Curtis and White will posi
tlvely step down, while Mayor Lee
announced bis retirement some time
Maltsse Cats.
The Maltese cat does not exist le
Malta.   At least not one hss been seen
tbere of tbe color called Maltese In tbe
United States.
Births In Holland,
In some parts or Holland s birth Is
innounred by fsttenlug s silk pin-
-���ushlon on tbe doorknob. If the pin-
million Is red tbe bsby Is s boy snd
f white s girl.
Prices In Seville.
Roses sre 18 cents a dozen In midwinter In Seville. Tbe cost of theater
tickets Is oot usually more tbs if 42
���ents. Rut rsilway trsvel for short
llstauces costs nearly * cents a mile.
8nake Bite.
Snaks bite as a cure for consump-
joo ts mentioned tn Sanskrit writings
is having been practiced for Ove or six
housand years.
Danish Postage Stamps.
Denmark bas used postage stamps
for sixty years. Early alterations
were caused by changes of currency.
It was not till 1004 that tbe portrait
of the Danish king was Introduced.
The coming municipal elections will
probably see ex-Alderman J. S. Bry
son in the field again as an alder
manic candidate. Mr. Bryson has
been approaches by a number of citizens to stand for honors and he Is at
present giving the matter his deep
est consideration.
Interviewed yesterday he intimated
that he probably would run though be
Keep Your Eye on
Fine 50 foot orchard lot, $850,
$250 cosh, balance 6, 12 and 18
Improved 1-4 acre lot, with
4 room house. $900. Easy terms
but must be sold quick if at this
High 50 foot lot 10th Ave,
$800, $10 caah and $10 monthly.
33 foot cleared lot, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     East Burnaby.
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
Royal Road
Show, No. 1
FIIQNKHFn HflllCF ��n Columbia Street near Post
lUlffflMU nUlftl Office. Seven large rooms and
bathroom, all modem conveniences.' Rent $50 per
month.   Will lease.
CTAQF on Begbie Street, near Columbia Street, size
JIUIIL 20 ft by 66 ft   Possession about December
lst    Will lease.       For full particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Hsad Office: 28 Lorna Street, New Weetmlneter.
Friday and Saturday
See This Home
Six roomed Cottage on Lot 66 x 132 feet to
lane. Good garden and lawn, very convenient location. The price is right and the
terms will interest you. Call and see me
about this.
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot,
New Weatmlnster B. C.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.       Vice-President. Bee. a.td Trees.
3 Never Seen Before r\ ���       ___ __       - M     _, ���
-PHOTO - PLAYS-j I    F��r�� Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
Practical/Useful Holiday Gifts are in Profusion
All Through Our Store.   A Few Suggestions:
For Father:���
Christmas Special Suit $25.00
House Coate$450 up to $15.00
Knitted Vestfe $3.75 up to $6.00
Umbrellas $1.50 up to $5.00
Gloves 75c up to $250
Mufflers, silk or wool, 50c to $2.50
For Mother, Wife or Sister:
Fancy Bath Robes $6.50 up
Coat Sweaters, long, $5 and $6
; Silk Knit Mufflers 50c up
��� Burberry Coats $30
Jaeger Blouses $4.50
For Husband or Brother:���
���  ���    i  ��� * ' '*'      . , ' *  1.
Dressing Robes and House Coats $4.50 up to $35
Silk Knit Mufflers $1.00 up to $10
Gloves $1.25 up to $3        a
Coat Sweaters $3.50 up to $7
Collar Bags $1.00 to $2.00
Tiaand Sox to match $1.50 and $2.00
Pyjamas $2.00 up to $7.00
\ .        ��� ��� * ' i. .
Come in arid Look Over Our Display of Christmas Gifts. It WilllBe
a Real Pleasure For Us to Show You the Many Beautiful Things,
Whether You Buy or Not. <
1 Smart Apparel
\kfor the Younger Men 16 lo 60.
v-*. (""WS""    PAGE SIX    T^PT~" 1
r ���
I   ,
How can you help your husband to save more money
than he is now able to do?
Sit down at your desk and figure it out. How long
have you been paying rent ? How long do you expect to pay rent ?
Suppose you have been paying rent for 5 years���
$25 monthly, $300 a year or $1500 in 5 years.   Do
you know that we will build you a home for that
amount and let you pay for it with what you are
now paying out as rent.    What have you to show
for last year's rent ?   Can you say that you are
$300 nearer owning your own home ?   If not, make
a start towards that end today.   Come to the office
and talk it over; tell us the size of a house you
need. Let us show you the 4, 5 and 6 roomed houses
we have already built for people in just your circumstances; people who cannot make big cash payments
on a house, and have been paying rent.
Tell us just how you would like to have your house
built and we will start to build it, and all you have
to pay is $25. Come to the office at once and let
us help you to get ahead of the game.
Every lot is high and dry 40 x 157 feet to lane.
Streets graded and sidewalks laid, electric light, city
water and telephone service. Right on the 12th
Street car line and only two blocks above the Orphanage. All lots are cleared and graded. Twelve
houses are already built and eight more are started.
If you do not select your lot at once the better lots
will be all gone. Remember you can secure a house
and lot with just what you are now paying as rent.
Come to the office today and talk it over. We are
open till 9 o'clock.
For those who are unable to see these houses on week days we
might say that agents will be on the subdivision, corner of 12th
Street and 12th Avenue (2 blocks above Orphanage) on Sunday
afternoon. 2 to 5 p*. m.
Royai City Realty Co.
Phone 433 750 Columbia Street
Royal Cily Realty Co.
750 Columbia Street.
Canadian Club Affair In  London  Remarkable for speeches Which
Left Out Naval Question.
London, Dec. 5.���At the banquet ol
the Canadian Club tonight the
speeches were, ln a sense, remarkable for what the speakers did not Bay;
there waB not a single direct or open
reference made to the naval question
although the subject waa doubtles*
uppermost In the minds of moBt ot
those present. Mr. McLean Brown
presided, and his Immediate con
freres were Rt. Hon. W. H. Long. Sir
Robert Perks, Hoik Dr. Payne, Hon
H. MacKenzie, Hon. A. I,. Sifton, Barl
Stanhope. Sir J. P. Whitney, Sir T. P.
Whittaker and Mr. Hamar Greenwood.
Hearty cheers rewarded Mr. Mc
lean's endeavor to get away from the
stereotyped Btyle In proposing the
toast of the Dominion. Premier Whit
ney, ln responding, eulogized the Dukt
of Connaught's tenure of office, and
said the dominating hope In the Cana
dian mind was that His Rcyal High
ness would be Induced to prolong lib
stay in Canada. He also said that Sli
John Macdonald's prediction that the
Dominions would become the outlying
���nixll'ary forces for the protection ol
the ritlsh BCrown wns being fulfilled
There wns nothing of the Jingo splrll
In Canada, but the people were confident in their own country.
Hon. A. L. Sifton declared he found
the feeling formerly apparent in Brit
ain, In that Canada would separatp
from the Empire, now entirely dlsap
Rt. Hon. Walter Ix>ng mado no aliti
sion to the political bearing of his re
cent journev to the Dominion, but ex
nressed   profound   gratitude   for   the
Javlsh   hosnitalitv  shown   him.      Thr
! Canadian, he said, were   Imperialist'
i In the tnip sense, and determined tr
j take their full sham of the EnplreV
, burden and make certain that the his
��� tory of the British Eninire was even
J more glorious in the future.
Tying Up Ihe Dog.
Having bought a dog tbat he admiral, a maa of obstinate will undertook to buy a dog collar. Tbe dog Iind
a neck nearly as big as his hend, and
the denier advised the mnu to buy two
"What for?" said the mnn. "lie's
got only one neck, so I guess he enn get
along with only one collar, cnu't he?"
"Maybe so." said the denier. So the
mnn went nway leading the dog by bis
new collar nnd chain.
In less tuan a week be brought tbe
dog back,
"I'm afraid I can't keep him," he
*nlil. "He's too obstropuloua. I enn't
keep him tied up. His neck Is the
biggest part of bim. and he Is as
strong ns nn ox. Therefore It Is a
olnrh fur hlm to slip his collar off."
"That wns why I wanted you to tnke
two collars." snld the denier. "Put
both on nnd fasten the chain to tlie
hnek collar, nnd he can tug all nicht
without getting loose, ne mny commit suicide, hot he won't get loose."���
New York Times.
Where ths Fish Bite.
A traveling salesman while In Chicago wns Invited to n party given b.v a
friend. During supper stories were
called for. nml he told the following:
Two Irishmen were fishing one dny tn
a Inke. After nearly all day one of
them threw Ills line fnr out nnd. pulling In, he got n strike. After Ashing
awhile he anally Innded a fine flsh.
"Ob." snld he. "Mike, this is the only
place In the Inke to flsh: we will Just
mark IL" And lie cut n notch In the
side of tbe boat.
They all laughed, and the story telling wns resumed
There was one Englishman who kept
laughing nil the lime duiing the rest of
the evening until time to go home,
when he came lip tn the trnvellng snles-
mnn nnd snld: "I witn Just thinking of
the story yon told It wns such a
funny story. I don't believe 1 ever
heard such a funny story before. Just
think. If they hud got the wrong liont
they would lmve never known wbere
to flsh."���Machinists' Monthly.
Would You  Pay $110
Per    Thii    Creation t
Tbe Indulgent husband has some reason for being dlscuuraged at the steqd-
lly lncrcnslng prices of feminine headgear. Most men who have means will
glndly pny flfty or a hundred dollars
for a stunning hat for their wives, a
creation loaded perhaps witb ostrich
feathers, reul incn bows and the like,
but when It comes to a three flgure
price for n simple little rainy day sailor,
unde of a handful of silk, a yard of
ribbon nnd fancv  feather, things are
"|ts Qelicious Qrawing Qualities"
Are manifested In millions of Teapots dally
BLACK. MIXED or 6REEW-S��aUd p.oifts Only
: * flSlSSi "SALADA," Teroot*
tail tamala Mailed on Inquiry
Tba hot pictured la a Parts creation
and ls made of dark bloa satin over
a sailor frame. Blue and wblte ribbons and a wired wblte foi brush trim
tbe bat In a smart and simple style.    '
Hew the Business Women May Pit Up
a Den.
Bine Is alwaya lovely for a girl's
room and combined with cheesecloth
ia pretty and clean looking. Stencil
materials are reasonable, wblle tbe
work amounts to almost nothing;.
If blue and wblte bave been cbosen
for tbe color acheme buy soma Japanese toweling, cut It Into lengths, hem It
and use it for a few psnela sgalnst tbe
walls. Its bliieblrdy and flowers against
the white background wlll be attractive wltb tbe curtains. It can be purchased for a few cents a yard.
If one has a couch Instead of a bed
there ls tbe Japanese crape tbat could
be used as a covering for it and a few
eitra pillows, wblcb would go well
wltb the rest of tbe room.
Of course If a girl enjoys sewing and
It rests her. as it does some persons,
sbe can make a great many attractive
things for ber room besides tbe sewing
for herself which must Iw done. But
for many It Is hard sfter tbe day's
work to accomplish anything beyond
the mending snd dnrnlng nhil renovating which are necessary If one la to remain trim and nent. Yet the time and
thought would lie well spent for it
gives n very real sense of Independence
and happiness to have an attractive
room of ber own.
A Delightfully Chic Suit.
No matter wbnt the current style, a
certain Parisian dressmaker manages
to introduce Into It ber fnvorlte pointed
motif. Tbe suit Illustrated for fall
wear ls msde of brown broudclotb, and
model or eaowa bboudclotm.
tbe coat, fltted by two curious curved
Hot aenms under tbe arms, Uinta at a
slight outline of tbe figure.
The akirt baa a alight pannier drapery, and the coat. In cutaway effect,
follows tbe line of thla drapery gracefully. The louee sleeve of tbe root demands a long glove. Tbe braiding on
tba ault la done wltb aatln tubing.
In ��1Z
Mra. Snbbtibe-Whlch la tba prop*'
way to aay. "lf tba coat or living war*
lower," or "If tba ��oat of living a is
Mr. Siibbuhs-WIII tha coat of living
���ver ba lowort-Brooklro Ufa.
Atk vour dmmrirt (br
It. It ha cannot (apply
tti*  HARVKU secapt BO
oihor, bot land sump fbr Was- .
tratod book--Muled. 7t Rlraa Ml
particulars and directlonalnvalaable
to l��ai��i.WINI>HOItHljri'I.VCO..��Vlii<��aor.O��l
Qanatal As*.** tow ClanMla.
vho do noi receive   The Newa before
k a.m. should
and muse complaint, only ln tbla way
rsy ��" efficient    deliver?    !������.'    main-
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work stiljtly confidential. M. Broten. Room ��, Merchant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715
| ���	
L. O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
llrst, second and third Wednesdays
ln each month In K. of P. hall at
8 P.m. H. J. Leamy, dlotator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
I. O. O. F AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27.1. O. O. F., la held every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
5fii">, �����r*��t. VIsHlng brethern
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N..
O.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording aecretary;
H. W. Sangster. financial aecretary.
CENTER & HANNA, l.TD.-Kuneral
directors and embalmers. I'arlore
405 Columbia atreet, New Westminster.    Phone 993.
at-I.uw. Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. T<*d-
phone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE. barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, ate; corner Columbia,
and MoKantle etreeta. New Waat-
mlnster, U. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
solicitor and notary, tin Columbl*
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Oulchon block, New Westminster. Oeerge E. Martin, W. (!.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters nnd Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.Oi
Drawer 200. Telephone IB, W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tal.
Trapp block.
R 128     Room,
minster Board of Trade met* in the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of aacb moun, quarterly meeting on lbe IJIrd Friday of
February, May, August and Novom-
ber at 8 p.m. Annual me��tlnnu on
tba third Friday ot February. Kc<v
members' may ba proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, xccre-
i*y B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 1*
a. m., I p. m. and 11:41.
Leaves Vanoouver for Beattie lt
a. m. aas 11 P. as.
Leavea Vanoouver for Nanaimo 3
:t:..:   ,tr,
Vancouver every Wednesday 10 p.m.,
also Dec. 14, 18, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m   Tuesday.
Thuraday and Saturday.
Agent, Naw Weatmlna.tr.
G. P   A.. Vancouver
TWEED, IRI8H SERGE, etc., Just
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman-
ahtip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street FRIDAY,  DECEMBER 6, 1912.
i mi mm mum
]'��� Its Ending and the Event :
That Led Up to It.
Once every two months-now s day
er two earlier and now a dsy or two
Uter-Inspector Cranforth bad entered
tbe different postofflces on bis route
and cbecked up aud straightened out
affairs. Tbere were postmasters who
bad seen blm grow old and gray sines
tils appointment Tbey bsd always
found blm a pleasant spoken aud a just
msn. but all stood in swe of him. In
sio department of tbe publlc service Is
Cncle Sam more particular tban lu the
postal. The cash must bslance to a
cent wltb the poxtmnsters, and sny
man or woman wbo attempts to plsy
tricks with his letters are certain to be
pursued wltb relentless energy.
Inspector Cranforth was generally re
Carded as a flint hearted man. It was
understood tbat be was ao old bachelor
end bad never known what love was
He accepted no excuses from postmasters and indulged In no flirtations while
raveling. At fifty years of sge he bad
got to be pnrt of the route, and no one
^fcDcw him for Just what he was. Out-
ikle of his officialism he bsd a heart as
arm as any man's, and one reasou-
nd perhaps tbe main one���wby he bad
ot married wns the fact that he had
Iways maintained a home for a moth
ir and a crippled sister. His salary
lould do no more. One day a windfall
ame lo the shape of a legacy, and If
he Inspector bad dreams of matrimony
nd a fireside all bis own no one could
Hume him.
Tbose who looked upon the man as
Hint hearted did not know tbe Ins snd
���outs of the esse at tbe Dover post
-offlce.   An old soldier bsd been postmaster there for years.   When he died
4ils widow took his place.    When she
died   her  daughter,   Mary,   who   had
known the Inspector since >her baby
d.  was left  motherless,  fatherless
ed almost penniless.    It was tbe In
pector who paid a part of the under
aker's bill; It was tbe Inspector wbo
ad   Dncle   Hilly   Smltb  appointed:   It
was the Inspector wbo got llary Williams a clerkship thst practically made
ber postmistress and financially  lode
Even the girl did not know the extent of his kindness. When he found
tilmself asking why he did It be found
���himself replying thnt In two or three
years more be hoped to be lu a posi
tion to marry. At present his feelings
toward the girl were merely paternal
Wbat they might be In the future be
Wouldn't discuss wltb himself.
It was said tbnt Inspector Cranforth
took more time for Inspection at tbs
Dover postuttice than un.vwhere else.
Some of the village gossips said It was
' fceoause of Mary Williams, who regard
���ed him as a friend snd wns always
'��lad to see him come, and others said
tie bad his eye on Tlllle Laugtoti, the
���daughter of the village lunkeeiwr. It
evas the talk that the two girls were
rivals, and tbe Innkeeper's daughter at
least eame to believe It and to feel bitter toward tbe girl In the postofflre
The situation of affairs was just right
-when there came an official complaint
against tbe Dover postofflce.
William Penfield. eon ef Deacon Pen
fleld. was In the hsliit of sending hi*
���old father money from lews every
month or two.
William waa of an economical turn
and did not want to pay a registry fee
or the premium exacted for a money
���order. The bill was simply Inclosed In
a letter. Tbe fstber wus Inclined to be
garrulous snd to look upon It as a
erasrt trick to get ahead of Uncle Sam
and so fn time every one In snd around
Dover csme to know whst would bare
lieen more prudent to he kept secret.
A money letter wns missing. Uld Mr
I'enfleld haunted the imsiolllre for s
���week and theu wrote l�� WlUlsm. Wll
Ham made affidavit that li* wrote Hnd
inclosed s ten dollar bill on s certain
���Silts. It wns tlie business of Cncle
Sam to aend out s tracer snd for one
of bis lusertors to follow It up. lu
eiMKtor Craufortb too* bb> Mme ebout
It but be finally traced tne letter Into
tbe Dover iswtofflce By that time
there whs grent ado la the town. Old
Mr Penfield bndn't hesitated to ex
press his opinions that "some one'
eight In the bome imatoMce hsd crlbhed
tils letter and slsrtmrted tbe money,
end of course he referred to Mary.
She claimed to I* Innocent, but there
were those wbo beld to tbe contrary,
end when lns|ieotor Crseforth arrived
to carry his Investigation further there
eras great excitement. Te the Intense
Indignation of hundreds of clttxens the
Investigation wss beld within closed
doors-that Is, Mery wss questioned
only In tbs presence ot a Justice of the
lience. She was nervosa snd excited
nnd shaken. Rbe sdmltted her bellel
tbnt such s letter hsd arrived st about
such s dale, but what Int* lieeome of
It. If not delivered, she could uot say.
The establishment wss a ctinililna
tion grocery and iwetofflce A person
could have anenked tttto the postolllce
pnrt from the gns-ery. hut he would
bnve had to look over ell the geneml
delivery mull to get the I'enfleld letter
He would hnve also bad to hit ths
exact date uf Its arrival.        i
Kvery Incident of the dsy was recalled, but suspicion could not be directed ngnlnet nnybody. The letter hn*
nrrlved. but what hsd become of It
whs s puxsls. Two honrsr tslk wss
leaving the Investigation Just where it
hnd begun when the outstdscs domsnd-
sd that ths girl's trunk at bar boarding
place be searched. Bhe went psle ln sn
Instant, aud aa tbs inspector noticed It
a suspicion lodged In bis heart Wben
asked lf sbe were willing she hesitated
snd finally declined. Even tbe good old
Justice, who was her friend, looked at
ber with pity in his face. The Inspector
stared Into vacancy a moment and
then hla mind waa made up.
"Mary, bave you a ten dollar bill In
your trunk?" be asked.
"I���I"��� she stammered.
"Hsve you or have you not?"
"Yes. but-butH-
"Tbon you took tbe letterr
"Oh, I couldn't have done It���I never
did ttl" sbe walled.
"Then where did the bill come fromr
"I can't tell you. Please don't ask me
anything more I didn't take tbe Pen-
field letter, but I-I can't tell you!"
"Poor girl!" sighed tbe justice ss bs
walked serosa to the hotel wltb tbe Inspector.
"I've got s duty to do," was tbe reply.
When tbe Inspector bad reached Ills
room be sat down and wrote out his
resignation, to tuke Immediate effect
Some one else would bave to srrest
Mary Williams. It was the hardest
blow of his life. He had been thinking
of her for s month pust us his wife.
It seemed Impossible thst she could be
guilty, and yet the lns|iector sent on
to tuke hls place must arrest her on
ber owu showing. The mnn wns feeling more sore at heart than ever before
In hts life when he beard two female
voices In tbe next room. Tbere was a
vacant stovepipe bole Just above his
head that let every word flout through.
The women were the Innkeeper's wife
and hls daughter.'and he heard tbe
mother sny:
"Tlllle. where did you get that ten
dollar hill changed?"
"At thc butcher's." was the reply.
"And whnt did you do with the letter?"
"Burned It up. Don't you go to fretting over things. They sny that Mary
will lose ber place. Imt nothing else
will happen. 1 wnnt to get Mr. Cranforth In the parlor tonight end sing and
play for him."
Ten minutes later the Inspector wss
at tbe butcher's, asking questions. He
weut from there to the postofflce for a
few minutes' talk wltb the accused
girl. When he hud asked a question
or two she remembered that on a certain date when she hnd hnlf n dozen
letters ln her hand sbe I id lieen culled
into the grocery part In a hurry and
had Ivft the letters on the counter for
a . moment beside the Innkeeper's
daughter. I.
"And now about searching your
trunk?" asked the Inspector.
KV handed him the key In a shunie-
fiu-ed way und snld:
"I don't wnnt yyu to. but If yon must
then yon will find the bill In a letter.
Read the letter."
Tbe justice wns taken along. The
letter and money were found, and hoth
read the letter and replaced It and
went out of the room almost on Uptoe.
The Inspector had never heard that
Mary even had a bean. The letter
proved thst she was engaged to a
young man In n neighboring town and
he had sent ber the money to save up
with more against their wedding.
"Why didn't yon tell nie this before?" Hsked the Inspector of tbe girl
that evening.
"I-1 dMu't want to hurt you." abe
""Hurt me-how?r
"I knew yon were falling la love
with me. and you are ao old. yon know,
and I'd have fo say no. you see"���
"I understand." be finished, with a
sigh. and. going Into Ills own ro����n. he
tore up bis resignation snd sat d��wu
and figured it all out and said to himself:
���The girl la right Tbe man of fifty
wbo has a romance Is an old fool!"
He wss not entertained ln the Inn
parlor that evening. He never ships
there now. The thing was somehow
fixed up between the landlord and old
Penfield and the government, hut It Is
whls|>erod around that It cost Ihe for
mer a thousand dollars and tint Tlllle
Is likely to dlr uu old maid.      *
Cemorrlst Becomes Insane.
Plst, Dec. 5.���Qulseppe de Marlnls,
one of the members of the Camorra,
who waa convicted at Vlterbo of being Implicated In the murder of CFuc-
colo, and sentenced to 30 years Imprisonment, has become insane.
The Sensation Was Different From
What Hs Expected.
A curious story of a Lieutenant
Harford of tbe Ninety-ninth regiment
wbo served In a Zulu campaign, la told
by Colonel Hamilton Browne In "A
Lost Legionary In South Africa."
"He was a charming companion, ons
of the very beat, but be was a crazy
motbu nd beetle hunter and would run
about on tbe hottest days wltb a landing net to catcb batterflles and otber
Insects. - He. moreover, collected and
treasured snakes, scorpions snd loathsome beasts of all aorta. He bad never
been under flre before and bad on two
or three occasions talked to me about a
man's feelings wblle undergoing hla
baptism of fire
"Well, we were In rather a hot corner, and be was staodlug to my right
rear wben I heard an exclamation,
and. turning round, saw him lying on
tbe ground, baring dropped bis sword
snd revolver.
"'Good heavens, Harford,' 1 said,
'you are bit!'
" 'No, sir,' be replied, 'not bit but 1
have caught sucb a beauty!'
"And tbere tbe lunatic, ln bis first
action and under a heavy Ore, bis
qualms of nervousness all forgotten,
bad captured some microbe or otber
and was blowing Its wings out as
unconscious of tbe bullets striking tbe
rocks sli round blm as lf he bad been
in bis garden at bome!"
Humor and
rpilE man who thinks that be Is It
���*���    Who's sure that he's a brand new hit
With people great and people small.
Who's oertaln that he knows lt allies, all there Is and maybe morels truly a tremendous bore.
He i* a man, I say, whom you'll
Avoid aa you'd a tricky mule.
He's alwaya round with hls advice
And certain he Is cutting Ice.
He puts lt out In easy reach
And says that It Is sure a peach
And bound to help you while you wstt,
As certain and as sure as fate.
Just ask him.   Ha wlll do the rest
Or bust the buttons off his vest
He's krlmmlng full of arguments      .
That look to you like thirty cento,    '
But he la aura tbat they ars right
And bands them out In sheer delight  \
It's bound to be lust what you need.
This bloomin' bunk thst Is his screel.
He showers lt round as thick aa hall
Cornea riding on an August gals.
When he la ready to begin
We ought to take the fellow In.
Tie to his bead a silken bag.
So when hie tongue begins to wag
The heated air will soon or late
The pretty little bag Inflate,
And then the trusty silk balloon
WiU bear him upward to the moon.
Stern Necessity Again.
Hew  an   Eloquent   Kentucky   Lawyer
Freed a Guilty Man.
John   J.   Crittenden,   the   eloquent
Kentucky lawyer of a past generation,
was once defending a murderer.   Every one knew the man was guilty, but
tbe eloquence of Crittenden saved blm.
"Gentlemen," said Crittenden at tbe
end of his great pies, "' to err Is human, to  forgive divine.'    Wben God
conceived the thought of man's creation be called to blm three ministering
virtues, who wslt constantly upon tbe
throne���Justice, truth and mercy���and
thua addressed tbem:
"'Shall we make tbls man?"
"'0 God, make him not' ssld Justice sternly, 'for he wtll surely trample upon thy laws.'
"'And Trutb. wbat eayest tbouT
" *0 God, make blm not for none but
Ood la perfect, and be will surely sin
aga.&st thee.'
"'And Mercy, wbat sayest thou?
"Tben   Mercy,   dropping   upon   ber
knees   and   looking   up. tbrougb   ber
j tears, exclaimed:
;     "O God. make hlml    I wlll watcb
i ever blm wtth my care through all tbe
j dark patba be may have to tread.'
I    'Then, brothers. God made man and
! eald to bim: 'O man. tbou art tbe child
of   Mercy.    Go  and   deal   mercifully
wltb all thy brother*.' "-Denver Republican.
Substitute Silver.
When the silver wns rounded np nt
tbe end of the day's work the mnster
of Ihe pantry sorted out eleven spoons
engraved with tbe mimes of other restaurants nnd hotels.
"And tbat la getting oil pretty well."
said he. "These were lift liy customers who swl|ied some of our own silver.
Walters have become so expert at
counting at just one glnnce tbe piece*
of stiver tbey remove from a tahle thst
tbe average pilferer Is ashamed to secrete a fork or spoon unless he hns
something to replsce It with. Eyes
sbsrp enough to take In the number of
pieces cannot rend names and monograms at arm's length, so the substitute I* pretty sure to prevent detection. Souvenir fiends who go to big
restaursnts with the Intention of csrt-
Ing off a part of the sliver have gut
amnrt enough to leave otber spoons
tbat tbey hare got tired of In Its place
to fool the wsiter."-New Turk Prase
Olsss Bottomed Beat
A glass Isittouied bunt now building
at Camden, X. J., for use In scientific
expeditions Ib a distinct novelty. It
Is sixty feet long and has a bottom,
from stem to stern, of plate ghtss fully
an Inch thick. A submarine radio light
will Illuminate tlie ocean depths lie-
nenth. and In addition tliere are to be
Incandescent lamps whicli cnu tie lowered for more particular observations.
It Is expected thnt the craft will be
rscfnl In examining wrecks. Meanwhile It Is.to be used this winter for
marine exploration In tbe gulf of Max.
Ico snd about the Bahama Mauds. It
maj point ths wsy fot further development of submarine vessels, making
tbem ussful ta peaes as well es war.
The Carpet Cur*,
Matrimony reduced the Smltb household until there waa nothing left of
It but the old couple, neither of whom
looks old enough to be lo tbe father
and mother In law claaa.   Wbeu Bessie
got married Papa Smith took posoes-
sl-.in of her room, and It haa beea his
study,   library,   smoking   room   aud
growlery slsc* then, and Its condition
made tbe life of his otherwise happy
wife  s  burden.    "8lnce   be   bss   his
room." she complained, "John haa developed a passion for disorder which
would break a  housekeeper's  heart"
"la there a carpet on the floor?" ahe
waa asked.   "No."   "la .there a rug?"
"No: be wouldn't have one."   "Well,
surprise him and have a carpet put
down." waa her friend's advice, and
It waa followed.   "He waa a little sur
prised to Bnd It" Bald  tbe woman,
"but from tbat day tbe floor has not
been  littered, there's more order' en
the de*k sad the place looks tidy.
John doesn't know tt but be could
serve ss a living specimen of tbe cer
pet cure."���New Tork Tribune.
Birds Big Esters.
Baby roblne have been observed to
est bslf their own weight of beef
scrsiM. digest all this within three
hours and tbeu be ready for another
A pnlr of red eyed vlreos were noted
hy * naturalist to feed tbeir offspring
uver s hundred times In ten hours.
Grosbeaks, sworn enemies of the Colorado potato beetle, lune l��-en seeu to
assimilate almost e hundred caterpillars or larvae an hour, over S.WK1
apblds have iierished by the hills of tbs
insert luring yellow throats In the
nnme iwrlud af time. - Kuliurbun Lire
Magazine. ^	
Ne Chesterfield.
"Muggins has msds a pile of money,
tnd now he'a trying to get Into society.
but the question of manners comes up
Haa be got epJ'K queried Bolivar.
"Muggins? Manners? Well 1 should
say uot" retorted Slithers. "Why. that
man wouldn't give up bl* seat lu a
deutlst'u cbslr to s lady."-Harper's.
"He haa s tat of ui��ki idea*, or course,
bill tben some or theui are utterly impractical."
"Por Instance?"
"Well, one of his schemes Is to reform politics sn tbnt tbose wbo bold
public offlces wlll bave to work."-De-
trolt Erse Press.
You can rent .that room through the medium of
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
Daily News at the small cost of one cent a word.
Leek Beyond tha Frames.
We should laugh If a man ssld he
went to an art inillerv tn **���*��� th* plctuie frames. Yet tbst to bow msny
go through life sod It to little wonder
ttat they ars soon tired.
Time appeers long oniy to
ton t know hew to uss It
"She's one of our most popular girls."
"But she Isn't pretty."
"Not a bit"
"How do you account for ber popularity?"
���she's so poor tbat sbe bas to please
every one or abe wouldu't get Invited
out at alL"
Quick Action
on a Cold
*m ETt
One of the most important points
In treating a cold is to act quickly,
at the first sign of trouble, before tbe cold
has a chance to get "settled" .__
The other point of vital importance Is to tak*
g m
Syrup of Unseed,
Licorice and Chlorodyne
This safe and reliable household remedy acts very
quickly. It relieves the irritation and "stuffed up"
feeling in the sir passages, loosens the phlegm,
promotes expectoration, soothes the tickling which
makes you cough, and drives out the cold before it
gets troublesome.
the cough or cold has become deep-
istent, Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Liaseed,
But even if the cough or cold has become d<
ted and persistent, Na-Dru-Co Syrup
Licorice and Chlorodyne will break it up.
seated and ���
In ssc- and 30c. bottles, at your druggist's.
Another Way to Put It
"Aftor all," said tbe moralist, "the
nimlgh'y dollar ta man's greatest enemy.  It"-
"lf that's so." Interrupted old Rox-
ley, "I guess that young wife of mins
merely loves me for tbe enemies I've
isde."���Phllidelpbla Ledger.
to: 60���Vancouver via
An Immediacy,
"He's afraid be wou't be able to pay
hla debts/'
"Some fool, isn't he?"
"Tblnk sor
"The tblng to worry ebout Is whether
you wlll be able to accumulate auy
"I wonder wby tbey do It?"
"Who do whnt?"
"Men learn to awear after tbey are
"Did yon ever notice what poor cooks
brides are?"
G.  N.  R.
11:46���Burnaby Lake   and   Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:46���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .14:20
f:40���Vanoouver vta B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:16
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally exeept Sunday).16:00
*8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).ttr.SO
10:00���Port Mann (daily except
Sunday) 9:45
f: 40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday 1.11.16
"0:30���barnston  Islands  arrives
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday,   and   leavea
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday 13:15
10:60���Victoria via Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
18:00���Edmonds     and     Central
Park (dally except Sunday) 16:90
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Fridav)  H:oe
18:10���Abbotaiord. Upper Sumas,
Mataqul, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)    7:15
His Way.
"Soon tt will be time to swing in the
hsmmock.   Can you beat It?"
"I usually do."
"How's thut?"
"When tbe moaqultoes serenade the
16:16���Creeoent, White Rook aad
Blaine tdally except
Sunday)  t
16:16���United States via G. N. R.
(dally exoent 8unday)..16
U: 16���Hall's Pralrle. Fern Ridge
and   Hazlemere   (dally
except Sunday) 9
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     dally     except
Sunday.)   7:
11:50���All points east aad Europe (daily) 7:
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)  13:
9:26���All points east and Europe (daily)   *.|13:
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)   7
12:00���Central Park, MeKay aad
Edmonda (dally except
Sunday)       n.
0:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham   Island, Barr
Villa  13:
13:00���East Uurnaby (dally except Sunday)   13:
10:90���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday!   11:
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill vta
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wedneaday and Friday      9
20���Chilliwack,    Milner,    Mt
Lehsua. Aldergrove, Otter,   Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster,      Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   Sardis,   Sperling   Station,
Dennlaon Station, Bradner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally exeept
10:00���AMteviU*  end  SWjMT ��-;'
(daily exoept 8un*y>.U:��
16: it-Vaneouver.  Piper's    BU-
lng    via    O.    N.    M.
(dally exoept Sunday) ..16*SS
7: SO���United flutes via O. N. R.
((tally exoept Sunto).. 9.4d
80:40���Chilliwack Tto B. O. B. R.
(daily exeept Sender).17:lt
11:20���Clayton (Tueeday, Thursday, Friday and Bat-
day      ...U:SS
tl:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N.  R.   (dally except Sunday) lt:SS
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
excent Sunder) 17:M
19:40���Cloverdal*   via   B.C.B.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:��
2:09���Fraser   Ann    sad    Alts
��� Vista and Oakalla ....21:9*
COAL MINING rl; Ms of the Domin-
loa la Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
Northwest Territories and ln a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term ef twenty-one years at an annual rental ef
$1 an acre. Not more than IJSM acres
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a leaae muet ba
made by the applicant in person to
tho Agent or Sub-Agent et the district
ln which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the lead must
be described by sections, er legal subdivisions of sections, an'd In unaurvey-
ed territory the tract applied ter shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will bo
refunded lf the rights applied for ara -
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paM on the merchantable output ef the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting fer the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated sucb returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal milking rights only, but the leasee wtll be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rlghta may be considered
necessary tor the working of the mine
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application
ahould be made to the Secretary ot
the Department ot the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Domini ��n Lands.
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of
thia advertisement * 111 not be paid
S: 001 for.
"Wouid yon accept uie if I were '
propose to you?"
"Desr me!"
"Come now.   Would you?"
""Tou might try me and see."
All That's Nsessary.
"Fie busu't much of uu Income."
���tvh. but that doesu't matter."
'Lei'iiuse be Isn't much of a man."
���    Geed Suggestion.
"I sm tbe black sbeep of tbe family.*
"Wby don't you try peroxide?"
Bound to Csme.
The sulfrigeite Is waiting yet
To land the ballot dear.
She'll do or die lust now and ti
The game nn.111 next year.
Deatli appears to be tbe only ante
thiug wllb wlik-h some of tbe sporty
oues dou't want to tuke e chance.
Sometimes a man feels so bed tbst
there Is only uue thing on earth tbat
hu wants to do and that Is to go bome
and blame Ids wife.
There sre men who sre ao peculiar
that they rau't go to prayer meeting
without having an sir of conspiracy
about them.
It la sometimes hard to forgive a
person we don't like, no matter bow
blameless bis conduct msy be.
If yon want to get e man's Interest
in excv.ent way Is to hold bis mort-
���ige nnd send a reliable collector round
. -culurly.
It Isn't considered "good form In our
inst families In Invito the guests yon
'md nt your wedding to tbe divorce
other people's trials sren't so hsd at
mtiK im they don't tell IIS about tbem.
No girl whose mother doesn't know
how to Iron Is likely to have the hammock luibit 10 au alarming extent
Itelni! n.good listener ass brought
many s man to tbe verge of Insanity
���mm tf
The msn wbo lend* s forlorn bops,
sbould be In tlie cheer np business.
* Empress Here Friday. 6
Vanoouver. Deo, 5.���Bringing 17 oat*
loads of silk ln addition to a large
cargo of general meecbandliSt the
steamship Empress ot Japan is expected to arrive here shortly after
midday on Friday.
"Count Your Blessings*
Would you be willing- to go back to the standards
of living that prevailed in 1812 ?
In spite of all the praise of "the good old days,"
would you be content to give up the many conveniences
we have gained in the past century?
Former generations knew nothing of the luxuries
of modern travel with its observation cars, individual
lights in Pullman berths, phonograph recitals, rich appointments, home-like comforts, and special safety devices with which the modern railway system surrounds
its passengers. \..
The rural telephone now places the
termer ln Instant communication, with
tbe source of the latest 'market reports, and saves him many hours Qt
precious time ln the event of sickness
or sccident
The Introduction of the typewriter
and adding machine has lightened the
load and lengthened the day of the
business of floe.
It wns Advertising that first proclaimed the usefulness of these devices, that created an Immediate and,
universal demand for them, that established   a world-wide   distribution
which made them, readily accessible
to us all.
McCormick invented the reaper and
thereby made filmself an everlasting
benefactor of the farmer' But it waa
Advertising that carried the wonderful news with its far-reaching slgnttt-
eenee to "the man with the hoe."
You know what house work used to
be. Realise what it is now, since the
advent of sanitary plumbing fixtures,
hot water heating, vacuum cleaners,
and electt ic household appliances.
Advertising haa brought theee thinga
into your bome. lt haa eliminated
Advertising is service. Science, invention, commerce, are all indebted to its aid. It has raised the
standard of living, elevated business ethics, and put us
within reach of more real comforts, more real blessings than^we ever enjoyed before.
Advice regarding your advertising problems Is svsllsbls through any
recognised Canadian advertising sgsney, or the Secretory of the Can-
adlen Press Association, Room 803 Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry Involves ne obligation ea your pert���so writs, If Intsrestsd.
���rte pro-
*��* susmiJ us
*mm*p**asasm PAGE EIQHJ   w I I 'I
Have you ever realized that
we lead in all lines and that we
really awakened the grocers in
this city to the delicatessen
needs of their customers?
We will sell for today only, Bon
Ton Sultana Raisins. 16 oz.
size for  10c. each.
Codfish, Acadia, in 2 lb boxes,
regular 35c Todsy SOc,
r Green Cabbage, per crate. .75c.
German Mustard, ln steins, per
etein    30c.
Sliced Ox Tongue, per lb.. .60c.
Heinz Mince Meat, per lb..25c
2 lbs ..35s.
Hunt's    Peaches,    per    3    Ib.
can  35c.
��� Salmon,   in   1   lb.   tins,   today,
2   for    25c.
Do not omit to get a lb. of our
Fresh    Ground    Coffee    at
per lb 30c.
Van Camp's Hominy, in 3    lb.
cans, each  20c.
Herring in Tomato    Sause,    3
cans   25c.
Green Tomatoes per crate..25c.
Fresh Sausage dally per lb.25c.
Come in and see our line of
Christmas Stockings, Crackers
and Chocolates. All new and
clean.    Special  prices.
Public Supply Stores
,V L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
relative or your
friend, and the affairs of your estate
will be a side issue
with him.
Appoint this Com-
pany and the proper
management of the
estate becomes a
part of its most important business, the
business for which it
was specially organized.
Consult car7��fll-
cers beMe <*$fiplet-
ing your Wl
Visitor Tells of Enormous Amount of
Publicity   Secured���Costly   to
i        Local Bank.
"Perhaps a big bank robbery is not
the best kind of an advertisement for
any city but during my travels
tbrough the United States and Canada
since the robbery of the Bank ot
Montreal in thia city in September,
1911, I can tell you tbat it has shown
thousands of people Just where th?
location of the ctty is," stated Mr. H.
A. Noyes of Minneapolis, who for
tbe past two days has been staying
at the Russell.
Mr. Noyes is the representative of
Lhe American Bank Protective Company, and he Installed the burglar
alarm In the local Bank of Montreal
last July. His work takes him across
the continent and back several times
every year and since the yeggmen
got away with $271,000 from this city,
he. has been asked scores of questions
about the city and tbc -location of
the bank Itself.
Mr. Noyes has Just closed a deal
with the. Westminster Trust Company
and also the Dominion Bank, which Is
shortly to open here, whereby the two
places will be equipped with burglar
alarms, similar to that in use ln tbe
Bank of Montreal.
Mr. W. J. Manson, M.P. for Dewd
ney, was a visitor iu the city today.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's, 026 Columbia St.       (215)
The case of Cunningham vs. the
City of New Westminster is expect
ed to come up for trial on Monday.
Christmas Cakes. See our window.
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
2S1. (203)
Mr. Will Anderson, secretary of the
Y.M.C.A., has resumed his duties after an 'extended vacation for tlie
benefit of his health.
Ladles' Trimmed Hats half price.
Chlldreri*s Hats, 95 cents. Mrs. Agret,
59 Sixth  St. (223)
The ladles of St. Stephen's church,
will hold an afternoon tea ln thc
church parlors this afternoon whicii
will be followed by a musical pro
gram later iu the evening.
One first class delivery horse for
sale at the Eighth St. Bakery. Telephone 281. (226'
Rusbton'p Orchestra will furniBh
the music at the formal opening of W
E. Sinclair's shoe store in the West
minster Trust block tonight from f
until 10.   The public is invited. (222:
W. E. Fales, Agnes and   MoKenzli'
streets, has just received ten of thc
moBt   up-to-date   patterns    in    Bras.
Beds.      Our    prices    defy    competi
tlon. (216)
Mr. E. N. Carncross, munic'pa
clerk, Surrey, has received a sudd",
call to California where one of hli
sons is severely ill. He left last
night for the South.
Why does John Rindal, the tailor
sell a first class $40.00 suit for $30.00"
Because the location of his business it
out of the high rent district. John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (204;
Mr. J. Bonson, Provincial Govern
ment bridge foreman, has a gang ol,
men strengthening the lower Pitl'
river bridge, Coquitlam, and making
it fit for the heavy traffic proceedin,
between New Westminster and Co
The Westminster housewives should
be out early this morning if thej
wish to enjoy the many good bai
gains that will be offered in the mar
ket. Last night the Braver arrivec
from up river points with a full car
go of marketable produce and all in
dicatiens are that the stalls will tv
replete with good things, especiall-
fruit today,
The formal opening of W. E. Sin
clair's new shoe store in the Westminster  Trust  block  will   take   place
I this evening when Rushton's Orchea
lira will be in attendance from 8 untli
10. (222,
It is evident that the work cf die
I city publicity bureau is very widt
j spread as within the last week or tw.
representatives have  limited the oi
fiee  from   Denmark,    Germany    an
Switzerland.     By   the   last   mail   eu
quiries were received from Gateshead
Eng.,   Rochdale,   Aberdeen,   Scotland
Peterborough, Ont., Idaho and Toronti
and Chicago.
lrtnvaHfu ��",ey��by b"yinB, y��U!' hS!'' I P*'-fe>"M red headed otlice bora to anv
day gilt3 at Morey s, Columbia St., ., ,, . , . , ��� , ��� ,
next the big Westminster Tnil ""'w kind, ns he tad found thein to
block. They have a profusion of toys l,e "annually sagacious and alert, but
dolls,  fancy    goods,    books,    Bibles,   ,,e discovered  recently  tbut some  of
(fancy china, crockery, glassware, etc.,   "l(-'m sro too much so.    One dny, re-
rather Beck Succeeds Father Roche
In Westminster and District.
The Rev Father Beck of Greenwood
B.C., has taken up the duties of mis
sion priest In New Westminster dls
Irict in succession to Rev. Father
Roche, who returned home to Bre
lagne, France to recruit his health
early last spring.
Unhappily the visit does not seem
���o have had the desired effect despite
several operations. The latest new.-
of the popular priest is such as to
cause his friends here the graves'
Father Beck will have Langley, Pori
Moody and Coquitlam in his immedi
���te charge, besides aiding in parish
work in  New Westminster.
The latest bulletin regarding Fathe;
TF.ovle is that he is recuperating
well but still very weak. It is prob
ible that his cheery reverence will
convalesce in Texas or California foi
i lime, after he quits St. Mi ry's hos
Goea   to   Ottawa   to   Arrange   About
Land���Timber Leases May Be
Settled   Now.
Mr. F. J. MacKenzie, M.P.P. for the
Delta constituency, has Just ueft for Ottawa in an endeavor to induce the
Dominion government to make a grant
of a large' section of Crown land
bordering on thc Yale road to the
municipality for park purposes. He
will take the matter up with the
department of the interior which exercises supreme control over all government lands.
The tract of land to be specifically
requested' by Mr. MacKenzie is approximately a mile square and divided
Into two parts bv the Yale-Cariboo
road. The property lies nbout three
and a half miles south of Westmlnstei;
and Is practically wild land grown
over with heavy timber. Its value
for park purposes ls greatly enhanced on account of the fact that a number of beautiful small creeks deviate
here and there through it.
The property is at present out on
timber lease but as thiB expires short
ly it was thought a good time to approach the government with a view
to having It reserved for scenic park
purposes, For some three years past
the residents throughout the district
have been agitating for more reserve places as there has been very
little provision mado ln this regard
so far. It is not expected that Mr.
MacKenzie will meet with much opposition In his request, as the government officials when interviewed on
the matter previously gave intimation
that the land would probably be reserved if the timber leases could h<*
settled satisfactorily. It is the member's intention to take uo several
other matters pertaining to the district while at Ottawa.
Rev W. S. A. Crux delighted a largi
audience last night in Sixth Avenu."
Methodist church with a highly Inter
isttng lecture on a "Trip to London.'
Starting from Westminster his hearers were transported to England
where Folkestone and Canterbury
were visited, the speaker going on tr
describe- the tower and other famou;
lights ;:i Lor.d;n,
The lecture was given under the
���nspicE3 of the Young Men's Blbli
llass. A shrrt program of song and
"ecitatlon preceded the lecture, thc
lontrlbutors brine Mr. E. Gadd, Mr
Cameron, Mr, Blrehfleld and the mal'
S.oir.   Mr. B. M. Copeland presided.
.Bazaar Great Success.
The Women's Auxiliary of the Holy
Trinity Cathedral are rejoicing this
morning over the result) ol thel:
Christmas bazaar held yesterday in
St. George's hall. Although r.-.turns
have not been received from all quar
ters, it seertis certain that the amount
realized will greatly exceed that of
last year. The elaborately decorated
hall was crowded all day with buyers and by eight o'clock the various
stalls were practically sold out. The
sale was followed by a concert after
which the younger people participated
In a dance which continued until ..
late hour.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, wlll be '
2lven on all orders.    This discount Is
for tep days on|y.
Rent makes the biggest hole in your month's salary. What have
you to show for the money spent-for Rent last year ? Absolutely
nothing. Come to our office and let us show you how your rent
applies on the price of the house and in a couple of years the
house is yours. In other words your Rent money is yours. Our
houses are right on the city car line and have all modern conveniences. $25 Monthly Buya You a "Home cf Your Own." Come to
the office at once and talk it over.
One five roomed House with bathroom, modern; plastered and
well finished; basement and cement walk. Ready to move into,
$50 cash, $30 monthly including interest.
750 Columbia St. Phone 433.       Open Evenings Till 9
tesigned to Take Effect Yesterday.
A Kansas City man said he always
Room. 6
Collister Block
and everybody says they have by fai
the best showing of Christmas cards
In   the   city.     So,   Ho!    for   Morey's
The Westminster branch of the Po
lltical Equality League will hold a
public meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10
at 8 p, m,i la the Conservative club
66m. Gentlemen and ladies welcome
The speakers on behalf of the leagu
will answer questions as to thr
league's aim and work. Chairman
Uev. Mr. Melvln; speakers, Aldermar
Walter Dodd, Miss Gutteridge ami
Aif?,.y ,      -��ly yesterday mom
M ;     t'.UItll ..nno      Imilalnti      V/\tt3    Ol
Mr.   Rob
..anna Appleton,
���*t\ Applc'on, passed away
Mr?- ^Slileton was 30 years of ag>.-
arM fca.d only lived a short time Is
*M*\ district The funeral will takt
#J.'ace" on Saturday afternoon at 2
o'clock from Center & Ilanna's par
lors ho the Church of Sngland ceme
DO.   IT   NOW.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
This ts the best ready made Cough
Syrup on the market. We back up
this statement with our guarantee to
refund the money in any case when
not satisfactory.
If you want to treat yourself to u
genuine bargain that will please yuL
during 11)13 and for all years to come
send a dollar to The Family lleralr.
and Weekly Star of Montreal, for a
year's subscription to that great pa
per, and you will also receive a copy
cf their new picture entitled
"Mother's Treasures," size ��3 by -:>
Inches, all ready for framing. It is
I the best dollar's worth to be had.
I The picture, "Mother's Treasures.'
I will be a surprise lo you. it Is worthy
1 a place In the best homes. The Fani
I Ij . eVald and Weekly Star ls knowi
j to everyone as the greatest n'ewspa
' per on the Continent One dollar can
I uot be better spent. Try it aad bi
i convinced.
turning from n short out of town trip
he went to his office and mentioned in.
terrognlively thnt Dlysses, his promising (i?slKtnnt. was nowhere In sight,
nftd the atenngrnpher replied that be
had not shown up
Lifting up the Inst mail on his desk
he found a note addressed to blm in a
very" f&mlltar, broad, vertical handwriting.
"Dear M* CrtWH," hft read, "please
accept my resignation to take effect
yesterday. I got a better place with
less wbrt and more pay. -Respectively,
Ulysses S. U. I'arUer."���Kansas City
Two Joket From Italy.
A l"dy testifying In court, when
aeked her age. replied. "Oh, between
thlrty-flve and  fifty."
"There's some difference." ��nld the
president Ironically. "Don't you know
your own age?"
"Excellency," replied the witness.
"I count exactly m.v money, my wash
list ond my clothes because aotue one
might rob me of them. Hut an no one
can steal from me a yenr or even u
duy I do not bother to reckon them."
A doctor, amnied to flnd n patient ia
n cold bath, began to scold him.
"Wbut's this'/" he said. "Did 1 or
der you to tnke a bath?"
"Sure! Vou told me to take theso
pills In water."���Condeused l-'rom Milan
Domenica del Corrlere.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzie St.
weeks, light delivery horse. Apply
to 513 Eighth Street. (221)
Must understand cooking.   Apply 48
Hoyal Avenue. (220)
ed with city for messenger services,
good pay and good opportunity to
learn telegraphy. Apply Great
Northwestern   Telegraph  Company.
AT Half Price
The White House
Our lines comprise Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen UtenslU ln
iron, tin and enamel ware. Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings.
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture.
We will sell you for cash or will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of 12th  Street and Sixth Avenue
Curtis Drug Store t
and SEEDS.
.one 43:  L. D. 71;  Rss. 72.
ew   Westmlnater,   B. C.
Shopping days arc 'passing
fast and Christmas will soon
bo here. Don't delay too long
with your buying for the holiday. Visit the New Westminster stores while the weather
is fine and select your gifts.
The dealers will lay them
aside for you till you are ready
for them, but It is better to get.
your purchases home early and
avoid the usual lant minute
rush. The 'stores have stocks
that will surprise you if you
have not visited tliem lately.
Head Tho NewB ads. and profit by tliem.
Artificial Haloi or "Sun Dogs."
All experiment which illustrates in a
very curious manner tlie actual philosophy of the formation of bales or "sun
dot:*" Is performed as follows: Take il
solution of ilium and spread a few
drujw or it over ii pane of glass. It
will n-iiillly erystalltee in small, flat
iictoheilrons. scarcely visible to the eye.
When this pntie of prepared glass is
held lift ween Ihe observer and the sun
or even n candle (with eyes very close
to the smooth side of the ;;hiss> there
will he seen Ihiee different but ilistlDi't
nnd beautiful Imlos, eiirli ut n different
dlstiiure troll).tlle luminous body.
Chesapeake Bay.
Few people fully appreciate the grent
size of the Chesapeake bay. It is the
largest indentation on the Atlantic
const, nnd It has often been called tlie
Mediterranean of America. On Its lit*
om the Uavles of the world could easily
Host, lt Is sill miles long, and in some
phices It is forty miles broad, it has
nil area of over 2,(100 square miles, and
It shoots off Into great rivers with uu
Hgsrer.ite length of thonsnuds of milea.
-llullluiore American.
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to select from by visiting us.
AU kinds of lino Talcum Powders here   too���Let
us supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist and Optician
701   Columbia   Street Phone 67
Are You Interested
in Gasoline Engines?
If so have a talk with SCHAAKE. He will tell you how to save
money in buying and operating one. He can furnish you with any
horse power required)!, that will run on "CHEAP FUKU"
A good strong common sense machine, absolutely reliable and
fool proof. Buy a "YALE." Made in NEW WESTMINSTER. Adapl
ed tor commercial work, euch as. Fishing Boats, Tug Boats, Cannery
Tenders and all classes of Heavy Duty work. No danger to OPERATOR.   A credit to tbe OWNER. I
The Schaake Machine Works
Hassam Paving Co.j of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
These are all In good  locations and   are   good   investments   at  the   prices
they can bo bounht for now.
1359���FIFTH   8TREET     near   Slgrith
avenne; 50x112 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE   near  4t:-i
streot; two lots; upper sids; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1270
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $40011
on easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; just off
Columbia streot; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; some nre cleared; street is
graded; price $.1000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Wo writ* Fire, Life, Accident. Employys'  Liability, Automobile    and
Marine IsRurance.
Residential Site
$2000 Each      $200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long terms.
No. 162.
628 and 74�� Columbia Street, Phone 85., New Waatmlnater, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Streel
IbiJI   i


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