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Westminster Daily News Oct 16, 1912

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=7  is   p,f
Nt/ ^ ��, (89
4*     *~
Twenty Thousand Applications Behind-Under Present Conditions WiU Take From Six to Ten Years to Bring Work
to Date--Cramped Quarters���Inadequate Salaries.
One of the most important of all the eral, tiie public service commission,
comprehensive reports which have tbe local IS. P. P.'s, the board of
been complied by the Progressive aa- j trade, tbe Conservative association
sociation ls that whicb was presented' and the Barristers' association, asking
last evening at the executive meeting i the latter bodies to co-operate by ap-
by a committee appointed to Inquire pointing delegate* to act with the
Into conditions at the land registry Progressive association's delegates ln
ofllce ln response to numerous appli-1 approaching tbe government upon the
cations   and   complaints   concerning' subject.
that institution. ^^^^^^^^^
The committee was composed of
Messrs!! J. C. Blair, W. G. McQuarrie
and J. R. Agar, and the executive
after thanking It tor Its work, adopted
measures ln Une with Its recommends
tions:- The report is as follows:
20,000 Applications Behind.
"We flnd that the land registry
office at New Westminster ls abou'
20,000 applications behind, which
means that there are some 20,000 set:
of papers whloh have not yet been
examined by the officials of the registry office. We also Iind that this con
dition ot affairs prevents the registration of titles for from one to two
years after applications are made for
"We also tind that great confusion
exists asd that It la almost Impossible
for any oae to pus any title with the
assurance tbat the same Is absolutely
in order. Tbls, of course, means great
embarrassment to persona doing business with the land registry office and
Is a great hardship to all concerned
In Other Provinces.
"So far as we can item a similar
condition of affairs does not exist In
any other country where there is a
land registry office system. In the
other provinces of the Dominion there
la no place so far as we have been
able to ascertain wbere it takes more
than a week at the very outside to
register a conveyance unless lt Is an
exceptional case.
"In this respect we ate not refertfhz
particularly to the land registry offici
in this city aa the same remarks apply to other cities in the province. Vv-
have, of course, endeavored to ascer
tain thu reason wUy the lano registry
offices In British Columbia should bt
so behind with their work and so tar
as we have beeu able to discover and
so far as tbe Westminster office Is
concerned there are several things
whicb contribute to tbe present con
dition of affairs, namely, the tnadt
quacy cf the present office space, thu
lack of a sufficiently large staff ol
competent clerks and the present sys
Plans to Enlarge.
"We understand that arrangement.!
are being made by the government
to extend the present premises and
to construct another building of sufficient capacity to give all the space re
quired. There seems to be nothing
definite as to when this building will
be commenced and It ls imperative
that there would be no further delay.
We would suggest that this association take every means in Its power to
see that the construction of this build
ing is rushed.
"As to the insufficiency of the present staff we find that the present scale
of wages is to a very large extent responsible for the registrar's Inability
to keep good men after they have
learned the land registry office business sufficiently well to he able to do
the work. We would refer to aeveral
specific cases where men who hav*
made llrst class clerks have tog hf
cause they could not get auirtoient
wages to live on. A. we U����ar.tand
It a vouna map who come* Into the
omoeywUhoI.t hny expenence f t. the
���ame rato* of wages as a man Wbo
b^s been in the office for some year.
Zd underttande the husiness. This
Zes not *eein *�� "�� 'l��ht and   cer-
staff to do their wont
Port Moody Tram*.
The desire for an extension of car
service to Port Moody, evidenced last
week by a petition from North road
residents, was further exemplified by
a petition received from Port Moody
to tbe same effect. This bore tbe
signature* of .185 persons and eight
Regarding the Pitt river canal
scheme it was felt that some data as
to the probable effect upon the Fraser
below that river would be desirable,
and the shipping committee was asked to collect same and report.
Vernon  Conference.
Colonel Davidson wrote regretting
his Inability to speak at the next
luncheon, but he hoped to do so at a
future Sate. Invitations were received to the Burnaby flower show meet-
ng on October 23, and regarding the
representation of the association at
the Vernon conference of public
bodies it will be ascertained how
many of tbe members are desirous of
going. Aa strong a representation as
possible wa* advocated.
Supreme Court  Face* Knotty  Point
Concerning Interpretation of
Custom* Act.
Ottawa, Oct. 16.���In the ��uprem��
court thl* morning argument wa.
concluded and Judgment reserved lo
the important case of the Foss Lumber company, of Winnipeg, versus thej
orown and the British Columbia Lumber and Shingle manufacturers.
The point at Issue Is whether duty
ta collectable on sized lumber sawn
on three side* and planed on one
side. Eugene Lafleur, K.C, on behalf
of the British Columbia lumbermen,
enlarged upon hi* contention of yesterday that the lumber on which duty,
was collected, ln order to constitute ���
test caae had gone through more than
bue. process of manufacture, and tbere
fore is not entitled to^free entry Into
Mat.y questions were asked by - Sir
Charles Fitzpatrlck, chief Justice, and
otber Judges, and it was apparent that
the court regards the matter of the
interpretation of clause 604 of the
customs act as a legal probtem of con
siderable difficulty.
Judge Duff said it would be deslr
able to know when representations
had been made to the government in
regard to those importations and
what decisions the customs board had
given on that point.
Mr. I.afleur said that no evidence
had been submitted in the excheque,
as to that.
Country Club I* Clearing Ground* and
Will Erect House Chortly at
Doctor*   Pleased   at   Condition���Not
Necessary to Operate to Remove
New  Directors  of  People's
Trust Company Predict
Realty Movement
Verdict of Murder Again* McLaughlin���Wife Reticent at inquest
���Lived H*r* "
Mr. E. H. Mansfield and Mr. R. D.
fdward*, Lat* of Victoria, Appointed to Management
Sklnly there ��eems lo be no encourage
' W"m* ,r ..._..���� *m An tlieir worK
ment for
Adjust Wkge Seal*.  -
"We would strongly urge that   th*
association take the matter up with
Ithe proper authorities and endeavor
to have the scale ot wages so adjust
Id that tbe registrar will be able   tc
,eep hts men.   We think tbe salaries
present are altogether Inadequate.
will also require a great many more
en ln the office before the work can
brought up to date, but lt will b*.*.
itlcult to accommodate any larger
���aft until the building ls enlarged.
r"We understand that an effort   ly
ling made to bring the work up to
ate by having the staff work over-
Sine for which ihey receive quite a
beral allowance, but, oven allowing
for this overtime work, according to
gibe present rate ot progress it would
[take from six to ten years to get the
work up to date.
| "We understand tbat there Is to be
a meeting of the public Bervlce commission in Victoria some time next
week and we think that any recommendations from ' the association
should be aent in as soon as possible.''1
To Form Delegation.
A resolution was then passed statute   association   takes' a
Burnaby Lake, Oct.,15.���Preparations are moving apace'towards the
building ot the Uurnaby Country club
on the shores of Buruaby lake. This
neighborhood Is coming more and
more Into the limelight in the matter
ot expensive houses and bungalows,
and especially has this been evident
during the past summer.
The $50,000 house of Mr. F. J. Hart
is about completed and he is expecting to move in within a week's time.
Others who are building are Mr. R.
F. Anderson, of Vancouver, Mr. D.
Gavin. Vancouver, Mr. H. Shearer, t>
olvll engineer, recently out from England, while six smaller 'bouses aria
going up in the vicinity ot Ray side.
The grounds of the Country club,
which cover several acres, are being
cleared and with the addition ot a
few more members, the officers believe the time wtll be ripe towards
making a beginning on the building.
A slight hitch in the arrangements
for having a crossing over the Burnaby branch of the B. C. E. R. has ap-
neared. but. according to Messrs. F.
J. Hart and C. F. Sprott, they have
the assurance from the company tnat
t new station will be built near the
-ilub house and therefore little dlffl-
aultv I* expected In securing a grade
-rowing. Tht* matter I* bein* Uken
tip with the B. C IB. U. and will after-
war i go before th* Dominion rail'
way commissioner*., under whoa* control the line wa* built.
Chicago. Oct 15.���Colonel Roose
velt, shot last night by a crank ln
Milwaukee, was resting easily tonlghl
and his physicians said, after a day
ot nerviHM-Mratn. Ub*t ''iM��>$Hfre;1
pleaded by his condition.
Dr. John B. Murphy, who is in
charge of the case, left the hospital
before 10 o'clock for the night
"Colonel Roosevelt is resting quiet
ly," be said. "He had a small dinner
There was less distress In his breath
ing. His general coondition is exceptionally good, and he should have
a good night."
The patient's temperature was ma
terially reduced after his dose and a
sponge bath which was given him a1 I hotel
10:30 p.m.   His pulse then registered)
two  counts  higher,  but  thla la  u<r
consider?''   an especially   significant
symptom in a man ot hts sanguine
temperament   His temperature came
down trom 99.2 to 98.8. twotenths of
a degree above normal.
Unofficially it was made known to
day that the physicians do not con
slder it necessary to probe for    or
operate to remove the bullet,   lt l'es
as shown by the X-ray photographs
not far from the breast bone, on tho
right side, and probably flve Inches
below the collar bone.    The missll?
did not   get   Inside   the   ribs,   but
ploughed upward and inward for flvo
inches.    The flesh along the course
of the bullet showed no discoloration
today and   there   appeared   *-   ��K-
That a realty movement ia bound
fa *trlke New Westminster was tbe
statement given out by Mr. E. H.
MwMfield yesterday. Mr. Mansfield
together with Mr. R. D. Edwards, have
bees appointed managing director* ol
the People'* Trust company of thit
city ��t an election held during tht
latter part of last week. Both gentl ���
men are from Victoria and are well
known in financial circles not only lu
British Columbia, but throughout the
Dominion and also In London, England.
For the past two years they have
been associated with some very larg��!
financial undertakings tn Victoria and
Vanoouver, and the sequence of events
ln New Westminster which during
the fui*t few month* has attracted the
attention of the outside world, waa
the means of securing the support of
theee two gentlemen to the local
Financial Experience.
Mr. Mansfield ia one of tSe officers
of the Fifth regiment of Victoria, and
previous to coming out to British
Columbia was for many years connected wl"h the Indian office of the British government so that his experience
In financial undertakings dates back
tor many years.
While no alterations and improvement* are contemplated In the near
future to the People'* Trust company,
Mr. Mansfield stated that the concern,
a* he found It, was on a flrm financial
basis and that with the near approach
of the return of a heavy real estate
movement throughout Western Canada, he felt sure that New Westminster would participate in a goodly sum
of the amount to be Invested.
Monetary Outlook.
"The crop reports trom the prairie
provinces were never more optimistic
aiuV. UL itiatfiiWtfcs.t thirty daj,-��," h��
said, "I expect to bear of much capital heading this Way. As to the London money market, the Balkan trouble
la really the -cause ot the *lump,
which 1 believe is only a temporary
"Already securities are showing a
better tone and unless the great powers become entangled In the trouble
the situation wlll be materially cleared within the next few months."
Messrs. Mansfield and Edwards are
at present staying at    the    Russell
Mission City, Oct 16.���A verdict of
murder against Cy McLaughlin, for
'the killing of Mrs. Sophie Jasper, Wm I
Jasper and Qeorge McNeill, rliich '
took place on Sunday afternoon on
Nicomen Island, waa brought in by u
coroner'* jury this morning at Deroch.
The proceedings were In charge ot
Coroner Stewart or Mission City and
few witnesses v. ere cal ltd, the w.fe
of McLaughlin, who was an eye-wit
ness of the affair, being the principal one. Mrs. McLaughl.n reta'ned n
reticent air regarding the murder and
refused to be questioned by any except the coroner.
The search for the slayer ls being
kept up night and day and every loop
hole of escape ls now thought to be
guarded. Another police party left
Vancouver for the scene and in charge
of Senior Constable Gammon cf New
Westminster, they expect to run
across McLaughlin before another
day haa passed. They figure that thr.
wound MfcLaughUn received from the
revolver ^bot of-McNeill, who was
afterward* klHwjbu-tttill either make
him surrender or else cause his death
within a short time.
He Is wounded ln the breast and
after the shooting had taken place,
he compelled his young wife to remain by the roadside and try and locate the bullet ln his body. This, according to her story, ahe was unable
to do on account of the large flow ot
blood from the wound. The posse in
pursuit is fully armed as McLaughlin
is known hereabouts as a sure shot
and thl* was demonstrated by the fact
that but three shot* were necessary
for him to kill his three victims.
McLaughlin is well known In pollce
circles, having served a term ln the
New Westminster Jail tor a stabbing
affray he was mixed up ln at Harrison.
This was two years ago and Constable
Lister, who arrested him at that time
was threatened with bis life when
once McLaughlin got out Constable
Lister is now on his trail.
Mra McLaughlin, the wife of the
murderer, lived In New Westminster,
In a small house ln the rear of the
Salvation Army building about three
yeara *��o,. During her residence a
man nam�� Smith kitted a wbsu* J
living there and then committed sui
Turkey Accedes to Italy's Demands After Months of
to Ham Fri* to Attend to Balkans���
War Lasted Just Over On*
Ouehy, Switzerland, Oct IS.���After
oath* at diplomatic strife for better
terms, Turkey surrendered thi* evening aud tte Ottoman and Italian plenipotentiaries aigned the protocol of a
peace treaty which puts an end u>
tte war hetween Italy and Turkey
and Incidentally relieve* the Ottoman
empire of a crushing handicap in th��
forthcoming struggle in the Balkan*.
The precise term* wtll Hot be avallahle until a definite treaty is signed
at tte end of'lhe week, probably at
Lausanne. Their tenor, ho sever, to
well known. The treaty Win provide
tor absolute sovereignty of Italy in
Lybia, with free exercise of religious
authority by tte Khalif; Turkey will
withdraw her regular troops from
Lybia; Italy pay an indemnity equivalent to Lybia'* contributions to tbe Ottoman treasury; .restitution ot the cap-
tn.-ed islands to Turkey with guarantees for tte Christian peoples; no Indemnity payable hy either side toward
the east of the war, and re-establishment ef former diplomatic relations.
Three Day* Grace.
During tte past week there has
beea doubt as to whether the war,
which has lasted for more than a
year, would be brought to a peaceable
close. Italy's time limit fbr the conclusion expired October 12, but on
that day She granted three days,
grace to Turkey to decide Whether it
should he peace or a continuance ot
the war. A definite understanding
was reached yesterday, when, on tha
arrival ot a special message from Constantinople, a conference between the
delegates representing the two countries wns MM, the conferees' later
showing every evidence of having.
reached a settlement
Italy declared war agalnat Turkey
September Wl, I8M. *W *r<B��*ti* 18-
vaded Tripoli. A blockade oY the
const of Tripoli and Cyrenaica was
began hy tte ItaHan fleet. Various
coast towns were bombarded and in a
naval battle many of the Turkish
ships were crippled. Severe engagements have occurred between tbe
Italian troops snd the Turks and their
Arab allies with heavy losses on both
The ooast ts npw   held   by   Italy.
while the Turks and Arabs  occupy
the interior.
Wolf   Faces   Murder
Charge���Shot at Gallclan and
S.nall Boy  Alio.
to   the
Two Passenger*   Shot   by   Gang   of
Three Desperadoes Who Then
Portland, Ore., Oct. IS.���Three robbers beld up a crowded electric
itreet car on First Btreet, between
Arthur and Carruthers streets, here
shortly after 8 o'clock tonight, shooting and slightly injuring two passengers when a show ot resistance was
made. The noise ot the shots attracted people ln the street and the robbers were .frightened away, escaping
wUh practically no loot
The trio boarded the oar at the
intersection ot First and Arthur
streets. One Jumped on the front and
the otber two on the rear. While one
kept the motorman under cover a sec
ond stood guard over the passengers
while the third started to rob the
One of the passengers made a move
hs it to draw a weapon at which the
ing  that    tne    aaiggiuiuu     .�����<*    -,���;, .i  ,., .......
serious view of the congested condi- robber flred twice.' One bullet strtto!;
tlon ot the land registry office, and tj,e passenger who had mado the
urges on the government that lm- movei the second shot striking tho
mediate steps be taken to remedy it., m,M next to him ln the arm.- TMe
Copies of the report and resolution robbers, who escaped, are believed to
will be forwarded to the attorney geh- have been foreigners.
}hr*tolans no cause ror <m
AH Of Colopel Roosevelt'* speakta <r
date* w��r* cancelled today. *ave en-
tomorrow night at Loal**vlll*. T��
the Kentucky cltv. former Senttter
Beveridge of Indiana wa* aent after
����� conference todav with tbe colons'
with a message the colonel Insisted
be read there. /
No announcement regarding tutor?
plan* of Roosevelt wa* made, all *ueh
���oflon depending upon the length of
time demanded of him by thr
-Trial *t Assailant.
Milwaukee. Wis.,   Oct. IS.���Stat*'*
Attorney Winfred C. Zabel, of Milwaukee count* definitely announced late
today   that   John   Schrank.   Colonel
Roosevelt's assailant, would not    be
brought to trial until after the nat'on
al election. November 6.   He sa'd th?
trial wonld be begun some   time   be
tween the llth and 15th ot November.
Wilson Cancel* Inoaoements.  ,
Princeton. N. J., Oct. 15.���-Governor
Woodrow   Wilson   late   tonight   announced  that he would cancel    his
speaking engagements, with the   exception of those arranged tor Thnrs
day and   Friday of this week,   until
Colonel Roosevelt 1* able tn take *k
active nart   in   the campa'*!".   Th��
covernor   will   aoe**x   In   Deliw�������
West V'ratnln ahd Pen��s*tv<n''�� tU
we***, concluding h's    campaign    In
PUUbute Friday nlgM.
Frequent In U. S A.
Vancouver BarrsoVs, Wa��h.. Oft. 16.
���"I was shocked and grieved to lento
\i*l th's attae* on Colonel Roosevelt"
tat'A Mnior   Qenernl   Leonard Wood
chief of staff of the   United   Stati
nrmtt. Ml* v.   "This class Of attac!
Upon prominent men is becoming *'
creditably frequent   in   thl*  eon
snd Indicates a dangerous spirit
.lawlessness.   They are a menace *
I society aad good government"   ' ~
All   Record*   Broken   at Winnipeg���
Handle* Nearly as Much as Thr**
American Centres.
Winnipeg. Oct li���With 1342 car*
Inspected yeeterday and on the,mar
ket today   "   ""^ ZB-
tor the great _ ,__,_._.
be enalyaiied and olSMHM sod night
nnd tt-tr.tba.aork sc** on. vv
In the yarifo of th* ��r**t tranapa***
tatton companies- the Mm* o***el*a*
nativity prevails. Unceasingly the
great oonsolldated locomotives start
out wltb thetr lone trains of heavily
loaded oars, rushing onward to' tht
head of navigation. At the asms time'
the never-ending strings eome In from
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and far Alberta.
Winnipeg is substantiating Its
claim as the greatest grain centre in
America and really the greatest ln
the world. Comparing today's inspection with the leading American centres receipts at Chicago were 266
cars; at Minneapolis 462 cara; at
Duluth 792. oars. That Is, Winnipeg
comes near handling as much as the
three of them.
The quality ot the grain, too, is
remarkable. Of the 1101 ears or
wheat inspected, and on the market
today, S51 cars were of contract gradt.
the famous hard wheat of the Canadian west. Of 145 cars ot oats. 82
cars were of contract grade.
A reduotlon of 3d cents, per barrel
for top grades snd ot 50 cents per
barrel on tho lower grades ts now
general throughout the west snd flour
trices mav be considered sn steady
for some time.
At Hnd ef Lakes,
FoH William, Ont. Oct 15.���Seven
hundred and twenty-four cars of grain
Calgary, Oct. 15.���Jim Ham, an In
dlnn whose tribal name is Mike Run
nlng Wolf, was placed on trial in the
criminal court here, today charged
with murdering R. N. W. M. P. Constable Francis W. Davis, near Bassano, in June, 1912. The Indian plead
ed not guilty.
Running Wolf ran amuck near Bassano .while under the Influence of
liquor. Ife attempted to rob a Gatciaa
and sftorwanfc fired upon him wlllh a
rUfo, '.*' tWo. ���'������* tha bullets passing
.   .-_ _w.k -���.;*����_    shortly
New Pregrrsclve Association to Hold
Bi�� ft^oker Next Week.
Wert Burnnby, Oct 15.���The newly
organised Ward Six Progressive  association to starting the winter social
season gpirg with a grand opening,
concert which wlll he held tn McKay
han tm Tswaday evening, October 22.
Reeve J. W. Weart, honorary president of the association, has consent*!1
to hold Sown the chair snd he wil��
have a great galaxy of stars in thn
vocal and Instrumental  line  to  call
the   entertainment   i*
���belt and Wile*. Runnins WaS e��j
hfbtted his VtoBm** certrtii** belt et I
tte reservation the night Of the mnrf
der. He #as overpowered by peso*-'
fully Inclined Indian* ttat night and
turned over to the authorities the following dav.   I  ;.
Edmonds, Oct. 15���Preparations sre
being msde for the holding of the first
smoker under tbe auspices of the Edmonds branch of the Sons of England.
This will take place In Moreton hall
Thursday evening of this week.
on    __,
commencing at 8 o'clock.
A varied program has been mapped
out and together with refreshments.
the members of the organisation and
their friends hope  'to nytke   out   a
merry evening.
I, '   ii ',
Two Men Burned.
Toronto. Oct. 16.���Accidental ignition by a lighted match of benzine gas
In a drum of skins at the plant oT fhe
National Leather company, 1186 Bath-
urat street, thla afternoon caused an
explosion which resulted ln plalnfnl
injuries to Ernest Broughtoq, aged IR.
and Arthur Grant aged 40 years.
They were badly burned ahout the
(see aud hands.  Both will recovw.
tars Dm
at ta* evening wJII ho
smatoer taipp*!&;.'&. K* :���
OBamvsrr   J��   char��e
 .  r*al*teraST
ttl*   hel��g   tho   olnlmumv.
Alton secured only fknir dot-
(ho'letters which he stota.
To Beautify -CnlflSiy.     ,
Cnlyarv. Oct. 16 ���Thomas H. Maw-
were inspected at the bead of   the|Wn. the 1 on don etolo ***<*? "^w
take* vesterday   this being S record wtll probsblv b- c"--'*'i hv tittup,
forWwinia'm snd   Fori   Arthur. I city of Calvary to draft % Calwrv cltv j ���
.Ste has been a Blight Increase   in i beautiful nl��n, ��*rtndh>tt a civ'.c een- +
SWes for Buffalo cargoes snd the tre to cost li   th*   neighborhood   of*
Amerlosn   frelghtora   Sts   nowjm.000.000,   Mtiw^n's fee tor tte nre*\p
IJliftvthelr share bt thi yesf*h��mtnarv wcr't will be to ���� ��wi*h-|*
hant .hlpment*. jborhood ot $M,000.
The toad to aid of Mrs. Joynson and
her Ore* little   children   ts steadily
  higher.   Yesterday the tot**
wn* advanced above the 9700 mark by
the addition of 965.25 received fron*
a number of contributors. The manager aad staff of the Oss Works snd
two sympathisers srrt tn $12.25. while"
Dr. A. J. Holmes subscribed $25.
Contrtbetleno may be sent to Rev
E. G. Thompson, 407 Columbia street.,
may he paid in to any of the city
bank*, er will be received at tho
offices ef the Westminster Dstly Now*
sr the British Columblsn.
��� Hns* Barr      6.00
��� A Friend      6.00
��� Mary      5.00
��� Dr. Holmes ^mmmBm-M-M
Already acknowledged .$638.30   ���-
Hugh Burr
A Friend ,n^a
Dr. Holmes 	
Marsgrr and staff of
Bas Works and two
Mr. Morev 	
Mrs. Apderson  	
Mrs. Aitchlson 	
Mr. Blair 	
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
' f
�����i��T''��l"to^-> I >�����***�����*��� iisi *������������* an.   i VP081
Cfassified Advertising
I, t,�� Pfi��e1*
# RATE8. ��
p��** %+ �������������������������� eg,
Cldfcfiecft--One cent  per wiord   per
jlaiplc per word per week; 15c per
t..000 words, to he used as re-
within one year trom  date ot
(tract, $25.00
t m**su*aaitalkOVSm
^nAWAtf ielT  Ctonterlamt
Road; full babement, pressed brick
fireplace,   beamed    ceiling;    $3600.
halt cash, bslance over ftve years.!*
G. P. Mitchell. Bo* 816, city.
Gso-'I* A-
' Roy*
G. A. K��*
the  Royal V��
7 ronto. h���� Ju  _
���fpml ot the new^
which will commenoe oj5
ber 1.   He will be assist
able body of teachers, amonjl
are some ot the most celmf"
era of the Dominion.   Thei
IwlU occupy a portion ot lne
^Ht*a \ Hoi
��� Vd�� I dr3
al Dlgnitarlss Sp*nd  Osar Nicholas Is
ptldays. | cal Mans
Hong   vacation   which'    It is often sa:
vith the advent o!   Russia is the lai
Cleveland, Cv Oot IB.-MSharles
Brown, a Roosevelt supported, was
Bhot today by a fanatic who, was apparently celebrating the shodtlng ct
Colonel Boo*ovett.
Ithe  residence  ot   the   late  Gold
tract, 5-a.rn). ��,�����.���__   K(v���   -cfvij   o��t a*   Bro*    qTovtr.    worml Smith, until such time  as the hew
trth   or   Marriage   Notees   50c. FOR   8ALE-VOR    STOVE    *OODl completed.   The   college
ith Notice BOo or with Funeral No-      Phone P 114b. ... v. *    .    ..   ��      .   . ������,, m���������i-
th NoUce BOo or
pee $1.00.   Chrd ot Thanks  50c  per
\    seller and buyer together.
���   house, five or at* rooms, bath; etc..
for winter months, turn middle of
.  November.   Gov.d tenants.   Box 123
News office. -	
.1 will be under the control and management oi the council, which will be
appointed by the Art Museum, tl.e Ontario Society of Artists, the Canadian
Art Club, the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, the Trades and Labor
Council, the Senate of the University
of Toronto, the Queen City Council;
TO RKNT���BOOMS SUITABLE FOR ��� the Canadian National Exhibition, the
work by day or hour. Apply 20*
Royal avenue. ,
club rooms or light manufacturing.
2520 square feet of floor space.   Ap-
. ply to manager the News.
day or week, over Royal Bank of
Canada. SM Columbia street.
V07SK��^^?^0^��� ^NT-ROOM AND BOARD, A
good central locality.   Apply to R.
S., News office.
few minutes walk from post office.
608 Victoria street.
board   without
room.   815   Agnes
house dose to Caitial school. Apply to 224 Seventh street.
"WANTED - BY    FIRST    CLASS  T0 ������, M(1 foH water
dressmaker, work by    day.    Appiy1 ._..,..
:room   15    Edmonds     Development
block after 7 p.m.
'WANTED���BOARDERS,  527  Carnarvon street.
small family; good wages for suitable girl; muat have references. Apply to Mrs. Hawkshaw, 309 Pine
open. Big pay. You'll have to hurry
to get It.   701 Columbia, Room 12.
Apply room 9. Knights ot Pythla*
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
by certified lady teacher. Proiicl
ency guaranteed. Terms moderate.
Box 1-2 News office.
Vehicular Traffic���Doug'*8  Road.
In consequence et the erection of a
new   Bridge over   Still   Creek,  this
Road w*ll be closed for through Traffic until further ssSice.
Municipal Engineer.
Mun'clpat Hall,   Edmonds. B. C, October 5. 1912.
Teacher wanted for the Night
Schools. Applicants .ire requested to
write stating qualifications and salary required, aid must, hold B. C.
certificates. The schools will open
on threu .li-.hts per week.
Applications to roach the secretary
LOST���BAY HORSE,   BRAND    "K."  by noon on Thnredav, October 17.
sever, years old, black hair on neck.1 L. AVORY WHlTiV
Finder return to Bharat Trading
Co., 883 Columbia street, New
Westminster.   Reward.
Secretary of Board  cf  School  Trustees, New Westminster, B. C.
five and ten dollar bills, between
���Columbia and Eighth streets, or on
Sixth street car. Kinder please return to Daily News office* and receive liberal reward. I
j    It 53 reqtjcrttd that, all rersons desiring  to  attend  th<>  Nltrtjt   Schools
which   will shortly  hs  opened,  send
, Iheir nai^'-i asd addresses to the sec
' retary's office r.ot later than noon on
' I Thursday, October 17.    lf  sufficient
I.OST���JWH-L P^RTY WH(�� PICKRD   ny^es. are net, enrolled.  th/B schools
up waterproof coat   with!   pair   fof] Wilitot be started until th�� required
gloves tn pocket kindly leave at th,i  number is obtained.
Westminster Woodworking compan
ar.d get reward. i
Secretary, Board ol Scliool Trustees,
New Westminster, B. C.
October 2nd., Mi2.
All persons having claims    against
Messrs. Poiricr & Paquette on account | 	
of Crystal Dairy and Stable Buildings j    The Corporation tsntfteu Tenders for
nre requested to have some sent in to ! the construction of alwut 7% miles of
Mr. C. H. Clow, architect. P. O. Box I combined sewera for Districts A. B.
105, rot later than the 21st inst. and outfall in Section  No. 2 of Sap-
CRYSTAL DAIRY CO.. LTD.        1 perton   System.     Laying   Reinforced
New Westminster, B.C. j Concrete Vlfti. S9 to 51 inched in di
October 15, 1912. ameter, or construction of Monolithic
I Reinforced  Concrete  Sewera,  provid
 ing and laying Vitrified P':r>es nn to IS
INVESTORS*  INVESTMENT  CO.' l���J����n a^�����aa.    Twin    **'inc'a
Curtis Block, Newi Westminster, B.C J    Further  Information,  Specifications
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.    i andT,ra?B m*lah*'***i���A J?0-  J3
,v/s^^/vwvyww^w^vvw^>^' B. Blackman M. Can. Soc. C. E., City
���   Engineer.
CHILLIWACK FARM FOR SALE    I    Tenders to be deirrerwd to the undersigned, accompanied: by a marked
Fifty   acres   all   cleared   but   VA   cheque of 5 per cent, am the amount
acres, and all under cultivation, three  0f the Tender, on or before Oct. 24.
acre orchard;  21 acres of hay.   Ten   1912.   The lowest or any Tender not
roomed house, stone foundation   and  necessarily accepted.
cellar;  barn 40x(i0 with  lean-to;   hog,    Plans and Specifications can be ��b-
pen 28x36;    large   fowl   house.   Per-   talned by depositing f 25.00 with  the
petually flowing creek along back end , City Treasurer.
of   property;    considerable   standing |        (Signed). W. A. DUNCAN,
-timber;     perfect    drainage.     Price i City CTerk.
$81,000;     one-quarter   cash;     terms. I  ���������-
Would consider   trade   for    revenuo! CITY OF NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
producing city property. 	
This can be leased. Three year term      The Corporation inrftes Tend^frs-for
if required for %'1't an acre.   Somo ma-   the supply of about 10.400 feet of refn
chin cry gcea with the farm.
Insures Sleep
You nay wake up tomorrow night
and find your homo filled with smoke,
and you do not carry a dollar's worth
of inturance. A fire policy casta but
Does it pay you to take chances?
Fire, Accident Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Graphic Arts Society, the Toronto Society of Art Architects an'. the Ontario
Association of Architects. The training ot students will consist of the
study ef the fine arts and preliminary
drawing, painting desigr, modelling
and working in all branches of the
applied arte
The new principal has been for flve
years president oi the Royal Canadian
Academy nf Arts, which ia the highest
honor a Canadian artist can receive,
and he is admittedly one ol the very
foremost of Canadian painters. He
wae born at Wingham, Ont., in 1800,
and has devoted his life to the study
of art, having studied under the lead,
ir.g masters in ihe United States,
France, Spain and Italy. He is best
known to the public by his famous
paintings "Mortgaging the Kum��
stead," "Foreclosing the Mortgage,*'
and "The Arrival of Champlain at
Quebec." He carried off a medal at
the Columbian Exhibition in Chicago
in 1893 and won medals at a number of
other leading exhibitions. In 1839 h4
also took the Julian prize at the Academy, Paris, and he was one nf the
jurors of award at tho fine arts exhibition in connection with t i Pan-American at Buffalo in 1901. He excels . s
a figure painter and several of his
canvases are in the national irnllery
at Ottawa. His supremacy in techni-
<ju \ color composition and striking
individuality of atmosphere is unquestioned among Canadian mi.ntrs.
A Joks on Dr. Vog'.
Dr. Ai S. Voat, dire?tor of T.n-nntn's
Mendelssohn Choir, has a persona!
reticence in keeping with his musical
distinction. Or.e day tha late Dr.
J. D. Thorburn. a neighbor of Dr.
Vo;,'t, saw a small discordant German
band playing some diat&nce along
Bloor street, and knowing the Men*
delssohn director's horror nl such affairs, determined to play a practical
joke. Approaching the b.uidma-itcr he
made a contract that for the reward
"f or.e dollar he should move along Ut
the pavement directly in front of Dr.
Vcgft's residence and continue to play
his entire repertoire for a full half
"Uf course," explained Dr. Thorburn
blandly, "ynu may hsve a little dilli-
culty with one of the ir.matcs, a short
bald mon who detests music *��ii<4 lias
no appreciation for German ideas. But
pay no attention to him and keep
playing for the full half hour."
The bandmaster solemnly promised
ar.d set off for Dr. Vogt's. where presently a (uli bombardment was in progress. Meanwhile, Dr. Tliobuni had
telephoned all his musical friends inviting them up "to hear Dr. Vngt'*
new orchestra." Very soon Frank
Blaohford, Frank Welsman, Dr. Ain-
i;er. Dr. Broome, a- d a group of others
came hastening to the ��"ei.e only t.
find Dr. Voit expostulating angrily
with the stubborn musicians and beg-
:.'irg them to leave the neighborhood.
Many of the neighbors sent notes over
begging the Mendelssohn director 11
postpone his concerts until a more
seasonable time, and his telephone
rang Incessantly with the pleadings of
his Mends "to keep his German
friends in bis cellar or his sVi"d."���
Star Weokly.
A Big Citch.
Here is a new tish story concerning
three Canadian authors and one of the
most, noted tishiv.g grounds in Cinada.
Atbur McFarlan*, Archie McKish-
nie, and Arthur Stringer were sharing
the same camp in Algonquin Park.
None cf them had made sn exception-
al record as an angler, but what each
does not know���or thinks he knows���
about flsh is Hot worth mentioning.
One night as the nini rod* sat Hlxiut
their camp fire.  MeFarlane declared
Unit ht had that day witnessed a sai
ett Theatrf-
lT|he'C*ar of
���  -     ._-���.,. ���.eatrical man-
judge* of jttie Superior   ager in the world.   He owta a num-, "*"������' T"I .      .> . *
,ri with *;��Vge propor.  ber of theatres, arid tn every lo��e hsi.   Browtt had purchwed a paper from
ibors of the Montreal  has a box.   The Imperial Family are  �� newsboy who cried oot the news of
ting  in the  country,' the theatres' best patrons.r Actors are  the shooting, jvhen a n&n standing a
. . _   . ...Jrned rest and fittjng   trained at their expense, and enjoy a   tew feet dlstaht drew a revolver, and
3*.ves mixfe  arduous  woft of -. pension when it Is ttn�� for them to   ���houHa*. "Hurrah"?   flred   two   shots,
all and **.&& Uixna. * '   leave the boards.' W1{*. sn "artist  ottft'ot whloh strdbk Brown.    BrOwj.
Many  of  tbe judges have summer   ol the Imperial theatres^ means not   collapsed and   the   shooter  escaped,
homes in the' country, and lt ia there ' only honor but provision fw old age.   His wound ls not serious.
that most prefer to stay for the long   The performances are not coffined to I  ���"'    ,'
summer holiday.  One judge, however, | Rnssian.   The Ctar haa a Apupe of   STAGGERS THROUGH
his to sit'in chamber each week, and | French  actors  at his  own ixpense, TRANSOM; THREE YEA&3
a vacation schedule is drawn up by
the Chief Justice, which has to be
rigorously observed.   In the unavoid
besides paying the  Gterman troupes
from time to time.  The reoeipts of the     I Prince    Rupert,   Oct,    15.���Ernest
theatres never oover the expenses, so   Brown was sentenced to serve threa
able absence of any judge during the! that the Czar spends several millions   years yesterday by Judge Young.
week he ia scheduled to forsake the   yearly on his acton, and the royal
attractions of the   country
provide a substitute.
With a few of the other judges,
however, it is the old story of the
busy man's holiday, and in at least
a couple of cases the call of the Palais
de Justice tukes precedence over the
call of the wilds. In this connection
one of the elevator men in the court
houae is enjoying a holiday also. He
^had announced his intention ot going
away. Each morning, however, sees
him either in the court house hall or
just outside its portals, smoking a tat
cigar and watching his confrere of the
other elevator at work.
Mr. Justice Tellier is one of the oldest judges on the bench, and there are
few days he does not appear in his
chamber. His lordship owns a farm
at fete! Uyaui.the, where he lives all
the year, coming into town daily. Early to !��<! aad early to rise is hie motto, and he, in spite ol his daily journey, is one of the first to make his
appearance. At present he is devoting his spajo time to motoring in the
Eastern Townships in tiie vicinity of
he  must  dancers are the most famous in the
This ia the Russian idea of one of
the many things a Csar ought to do.
His theatres are comfortable and
roomy.    The   stage   effects  comprise
his home.
Mr. Justice GTeenshiolds, whose
judgment in the famous Chinlquy
slander action will be remembered, is
an enthusiastic golier, and is practicing his favorite game at Little Metis.
His    lordship    tells    a    good    story
Brown was accused of breaking Into Frlzzers meat market and stealing
He pleaded not guilty to the charge
of stealing, but admitted entering the
market. He was drunk, he said, and
didn't know what ho was doing.   He
some  of  the  best   furniture ,in  the  had staggered through,
world,   chairs   and   cabinets   whl��bn    ��f A$n*t Bee how you 00uld tftagg��ir
would be in rfuseums in any other   though a transom 10 feet above the
country;  old  brocaded  coats  which   sidewalk," commented Judge Touba
have   been  worn   by  emperors,   and
bronzes which make collectors' mouths
water.   The acting is excellent, too.
When the Csar goes to Peterhof or
one ot his summer residences a troupe
of actors followed him. He chooses
the repertory, and makes his own suggestions, aided by the Empress. Everything is perfection in the little summer theatres, though the building is
often of wood only, and sometimes the
spectacle takes place in the open sir.
The prettiest open-air theatre is in
the summer palace of the Dazienki, in
Poland. The stage is built on an island in the lake. The spectators' seatk
are nn the mainland. The scenery is
real trees and flowers, while the water, with the swans i-nd lights reflect-
... Thlwma Useful to Know.
The scientific fact of expansion by
heat and contraction by cold can be
brought to bear on tumblers or dishes
that have become stuck together. If
cold water Is' placed tn the lhald4
tumbler while the outer one la held
tn warm water, they will separate
To remove the odor from a frying-
pan after onions have Men cooked in
it, wash it with soda and water, place
it On the stove, shake a little oatmeal
into the pan and leave lt to brown.;
Then wipe out clean. '
!    When starch sticks to the smooth-
1 ing-iron, while using it on articles. It
ed. forms one of the  most beautiful ! can be removed by sprinkling salt on
foregrounds imaginable. !\pifce of br0.wn paper and  robblnS
lt is very difficult to gain  admit-   th�� 'ron ov,er lt-
tance to one <f the Czar's summer!    �����; wool or cotton used for darning
theatres, especially when he is to be   stockings should be shrunk by being
present.   The rule is that only mem- i wet and dried before being used. Oth-
bers of bis household and officers and   erwlse, when the   mended   stock'.ngi
against himself as regards his golfing ; their families stationed in the neigh-   0re '"""bed. the darning shrinks  and
capabilities.   Prior to the examination j borhood are admitted; but it is some-   ls aPl to Pul1 away Irom tbe surround-
ot a youthful witness in his court, he   times  possible  to  get in  through  a   ing Part enlarging the hole.
say��, he put the usual question as to ' friend in the Imperial household, and       Apples   can be pared more   easily
wlietlu-r  the   witness   understood tive   then you can see the Czar of all the   and thinly by first pouring   scalding
nature  of au  oath.   The  witness re- i Itussias,  with  his   wife by  his  side,   water   over thera    ad   letting   them
plied that he did very well, as he had ; laughing heartily at all tha jokes and   stand a minute or so.
i        i-   , ���,...:.      :.. , ,-. ... ..... i ;. .,    *...,,. .,    . .      :.-.        Roro- a<V1ed to the starch fpr thin
been his lordship's caddie at the Lit- ' in the intervals between tie acts enti
tle Metis links.
Mr. Justice P.obidoux was one of tbe
passenger' on the Empress of Britain
when she rammed and sunk the collier Helvetia. Mr. Justice Dunlop is
in Scotland. These are the only two
judges that tha Old Country has attracted.
Mr. Justice Campbell Lane, the r.ew-
ly appointed judge, who replaced
Judge Davidson on his appointment
as chief justice, is at Keniiehunkport,
M.iiii:\ Judge de Lorimer is at Ste.
Hilair.'. Judge lieaudin at Points
Clair", and Judje Archer at St.\ Anne
de Bellevue.
cizing the performance.
materials helps to hold the stiffness.
Half a teasnoon of borax to a tablespoon of   the dry starch is sufficient.
Tearing Cards.
To tear a pack of cards in two is
regarded by some as a marvelous feat
of strength, and yet the trick is pos- j
sible  to  any  one   with  fairlv   strong
fingers.    The secret of the trick lies       NOTICE IS HEREBY  GIVEN   that
in the fact that the entire pack is not | It is the intention of the Harbour City
Georje  Ham's Laundry.
A story is t >ld of a party of eastern
mar.u.'acturors   who   were   making   a
trip through the Canadian northwest.
The  train   was   running   about three j cards  are  restored   to  their   original,
hours  late and  it  was essential tliat ! form before being given out for exam-
torn at once, but in pretending to get
a grip on the pack the strong man
so manipulates the cards that they
overlap. In this way but a single card
is torn at a time, and once the surface is torn the rest is easy. To any
one who can hold a pack of cards firmly the trick is fairly easy, and, while
in olden times a single pack of cards
was considered to be the limit of
strength, many of our strong men tear
three and four pack* at a time.   The
they reach  a certain  point A mi
time to make truin connections without delay. As they proceeded, however, the train lost more time and the
ea-trners began to get nervous. They
hunted up tlia conductor and had him
interview the crew, but there was n i
gain in speed. At a stopping point
they interviewed the crew personally
and threatened to ttlevrnph Sir Thoni-
a* Shaughnessy, but this bad no
ination, and so the trick escapes detection.
Electric Company. Limited, after ona
month from tbe &5th Inst, to make application to the Registrar ct Joint
Stock Companies for his approval of
the change of tbe Company's name
from the Harbour City Electric Company. Limited, to The Harbor City
Electric Company, Limited.
Dated the 20th   day of September,
A D.. 1*11,
Director, E. T. c. shaw,
Solicitor for the Company.
Windmills on Houses.
Wind engines are tor the most part
variations of the  familiar   windmill.
Household Voters.
Applications to be placed   on   the
Household Voters' List wlll be recelv-
With a surface   sufficiently   exposed   ed up to November 1, 1912.
-'������������ Tho qualification is being a British
subject of full age and a resident
householder for six months immediately preceding the date of application, and as such householder bavlng
paid a rental value of not less than
great power is obtainable for opcraU
ing a dynamo.. One cannot help marveling, lf a singL' horsepower 'wind
engine were affixed to the roof of
every London house, think ol the
Finally a happy tbe>uglit struck one \ enormous saving (o   ihi*   bands,  the
if the Montreal travelers. He knew
that Geotge Ham was traveling in th<*
west with an English party. He also
kr.ew that t'et/r.c Ham always sent
his laundry to Montreal and it was
forwarded to him wherever he bap-
i.er.d to be. He told his confreres,
and hunting up the conductor had
him send a note to the engine driver
that Mr. Ham's laundry was on board
and tliat tbe train must reach him at
A on time to deliver it to him. Tiie
hint of George Ham's laundry being
on board was sufficient. The tra'.r.
be^an to gain time and that aitern./on
they  steamed  into  A  three  min-
utos ahead of time.
forced Concrctp Pipe cf the lock or
continuous Jointed Ivpe, In size* ft-om pick a butterfly off the twig of a tree
20 to 1,4 Inches, for Districts A. D and "Quite powibO, screed Btnivger
outfall of Section No. 2 of Shpp��ten "\have trsquontly seen sa.inon trntll
System. i 'clip  haif-way   up  a  twenty-foot  fa.I
Further Information, Spocitvcotfon-
and Plans mav be olna'ned from J". Vv*.
II. lilac-man M. Can. Sec. C. El, City
Tenders to be drlivprrd to the un
derslgned, accompanied by a marked
choline of 5 per cent on tho amount of
tlm Tender, on or Iwfore Oct. 24, 1912.
The lowest or any Tender not nece3-
sarUv accepted.
Plans and Specifications can be ob
'alned by depositing 525-00 with the
City Treasurer.
tSigned). W. A. DTTNCAN.
Ctty Clerk.
O'lv** - ���"
m ��� Wt
T.'��;;   1
1: ��� ���
Exclusive sale of 9 lots, 52x164
with 20 foot lane in tbe reur, on
Newconie Road and Thirteenth Ave.
Kast Uurnaby. i'rice |5o0; J50 down
^alance $15 per month.
Four  and  a half  acres  in  Surrey,
' ^milos from New Westminster and
fie. iron Sullivan station. B.C.E.R
*'"���'���   *m\u  (\0Wn   and   balance
per month.
llltt Block, Fourth Avenue
East Burnaby, B.C
An Ahls Lawyer.
Thomas Graves Meredith, K.C, who
has been chosen corporation counsel
of Toronto at a salary of $15,000 'i
year, is a son of the lat'! Mr. VV, C.
Meredith, a member of the Irish Bar.
ii trout iea'i ten feet in the air and    who came to Canada from Dublin  in
IH32, and he.d a Dunn court position
i"r a liKiilwr of years.
Mr. Meredith was horn n 1><M aj
L'u.don, Om. He was educated ai
Hoiinuth College, He entered Tofertiti
I,': i\i :.,.;'��� In 1378 nnd graduated n.
in* i.i \-,*J. He was appointed 'i':
jolicll r for London in l*'.)4. He r-*-
(���ivei ti.e appolntfoect o! Kin?'*
counsel from tin' Ontarffi Government
in  1002.
He is a brother of Chief ,lu:tie-.' Sir
William Meredith; Hon. R. M. Muni'.
of the chancery division and cha.ict!
l<;r oi the Western University.
The Corporation invites Tenders for
the supply ot about XSS0 feet ef 4"-
Inch Steel Pipe, Bendfc and Specials
for outfall and Syphon of Section No.
2 of Sapperton System.
Further Information. Specification!?
and Plans may be obtained from J. W.
11. Blackman M. Cin. Soc. C. E��� City
Tenders are to be delivered to tho
undesigned, accompanied by a marked cheque of S per cent, on tho
amount of the Tender, on or beforo
Oct. 24, 191J. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.
Plans and specifications can be obtained by depositing $25.00 with the
City Treasurer.
(Signed). W. A. DUNCAN,
Ctty Clerk.
hold themselves midway, by twite
strange power, nnd mak,' tbe remain
in-; distune.' at a single leap."
"And ii ynu notice," said McKisJi-
nie, "tr nt usually, in fact always,
jump against tha wind, just as a wiid
duel; HgbU against it. They rlo it to
keep the'r scales frm.) becoming ruf-
(kd. Last su'.niupr I saw a man rtand
on a narrow strip of land between tvv>
of these lakes and catch fifty salmon
trout, and he had nothing but an .(Ordinary landing-net. He caught the
lish in it as they leaped from ijtfe
lake to another. It they hadn't started jumping in pairs and carried away
bis landing-net, he'd have caught a
thousand."���-Toronto Star.
Stamps In Rolls.
Rolls of postaae stamps that will be
much easier to handle in large quantities than the flat sheets now in nse
will be issued about September 1 iby
the Dominion postofflce. This invention comes as a result of frequent requests made by the Manufacturers'
Historic House for Museum. '
Kingston Historical Society purchased an old building on Queen street
which was used for tbe first Parliament in Canada, and will turn it into
a museum. In 1792 thia building was
the home of Lieutenant-Governor and
Lady Simcoe.
legs and the backs of half a million
housewives and domestic servants!
Every family could then keep its
hors" or at least its horsepower, every
liouseholder could afford a motor,
and, from an artistic standpoint, what
a great cain to the eye it would be
to see London a city of windmills-
London Strand Magazine.
The Bark of ths Dog.
Wild dogi do not bark. They whine.
growl, howl, but th�� true bark is never
heard among them. The explosive
noise familiar to us all in tbe bark of
the domesticated dog is undoubtedly
an acquired faculty. In a word, the
harking of the domesticated dog is an
effort on the animal's part to speak,
which he derives from his association
with msn. The dog's bark is, of
course, varied in its expression. Any-
Wly csn tell the difference between
the bark of welcome thst the dog
civos his master and tbc bark of defiance that he offers lo the stranger
who falls under his suspicion.
One Hundred Dollars a year.
City Clerk.
City Hall. October 10. 1912.
Surprised Hlmsslf.
A man ot the nai��e of McDonnell
was being take* heme hy a friend,
Pattneon, , in a wheellmrrnw one
night, and as tVy were trUdging nlong
Patterson tried to offer his friend this
good advice: "There is no use in
your trying to drink up all the whisky
In the world." McDonnell said nothing, but reflected some time, und
finally, noticing, that they were passing a' well lighted distillery, he ani I,
"Well, Patterson, I never thoug'it 1
would start thens working nights."
In the Promisad Land.
Having   harvested   their crops   ami
finished the great bulk of .their wik
for this year, American farmers from
the  western   states   are .beginning   t
swann up in the Canadian west again. |
to seo this country with its wea'tb ol l th*tf
wheat and grains standing, and in thel Old Blunt���By all means
stook. They say tbey want to see for
themselves tlie much-vaunted grain
fields of the Canadian west, and see
for themselves wherein lies the superiority of the Canadian wheat belt ove;
that of tbe American states, from
which they come.
Piling  It On.
Dedudft���That   man   called   me   a
liar, a cad, a scoundrel and a puppy.,
Would your advise  me  to   flght for
inotiving nobler "ia this, world, young
nan, than flghting fer the truth.
Women Suffrage In the West.
Our Canadian women will get th��
franchise, at least in the West, in mj
opinion, in a very few years, and I
firmly believe tbat female suffrage will
elevate our politics and the adminis
Absolutely  Past Hope.
"She is the most i seen si ste at we-
aum I e��er.)h��ew."
i*tfeTer does what she ought te er
what you expeai, tht"
"That is juet it. Sometimes slit
does. Bhe is inconsistently incon-
Silence Is Oolden.
"Of course," said the beginner, "to
tration of public affairs to a level nev   be successful   in politics   one must
er yet realised until the tfsnehise in  know how to ejeak."
extended to women ���Vancouver Sat |    "Better still,   replied the old hand,
urdav Sun��> | '.'ha must know how not to aneak."
*2 ' 1;
��� ���' ��� il
NOTICE Is hereby given that pur-
tuant to Section 116 of the Land Reg-
'stry .' tt, I Intend at the  explratto
jf 30 days from tbe date  herecf
aanoet the registration   of a   certati
Agreement of Sale dated   Nov. 29tl
1110. made between William F. Mon
rrleff   (whose   name   ls   sometimes
spelled "Moncrelff") as Vendor, and
Mrs. Jane A. Vater (wife  of  Albert ,
Vater) as Vendee, and on  November
29th, 1910, a   certain   Agreement   of
Sale  made   between    the    aforesaid
lane A. Vater, as Vendor and Thomas
Davis Morgan as   Vendee, ln   which
said   Agreement   the    said   Vendor
agreed to sell to the said Vendee Lot
live (5) In subdivision of District Lot
Threfe Hundred and fifty-eight   (35S),
N'ew Westminster  District, according
o a plan of same  deposited   In  thi
and Registry Office at the   City of
Sew Westminster, B. C, whic'i application was made by John Buchanan,
vhose address, was 319 Hastings St.,
Vancouver, B. C. as agent   fcr said
Vender and Vendee.
AND I do order publication of thli
Notice for one month in the daily
newspaper published at New Westminster, B. C��� shall be good and sufficient service.
this twenty-third day  of  September,
C. 8. KEITH,
District Reglstrsr
���     .       i   . i     .     i, i        'inn
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
49 Lorn* 8tr��et, New Westminster. PAOCSt
t'l Xm tt
         j      '*	
Irish Statesman Who Coined  Orang*   English Visitor Would Introduce All-
Phrase   Worked  for   Horn*   Rule
At Time.
Round  Home  Rule Into Brit-
Ish    Isles.
Dublin, Oct. 15.���Dismay has been! London, Oct. lD.-^The Rt. Hon.
caused In the camp of the Orarigc I Munro Kcrsuson, who has recently re-
rebels by the discovery of the fact ] turntd frou taaada, has been advo-
that the author of their  slogan,    Ul- ��� ...       . ��� .     ,      4fcl
���Mr Wlll Fight snd Ulster Will Bei4*11"* ���"'������"�� hcnie ��u��e 'or the
Right," was a fell traitor to the cause [British Isles as the only means of re-
after all. Mr.Wilfrid Scaweh Blunt,''dilcliig the parliamentary sessions tQ
digging   Into   the  records  of  secretI reasonable liuilta.   HV'suegeated'that
SSST^Mrt!  the���G,a^)"-  those   who   are   dufalou*   about'the
ian period, up to the formation 6T the    ,    ,.       ,.,,.,       u    **   * ,'. .*.
present ministry, has proved conclu-  WeslUm ot devolution should visit the
sivcly tbat Lord   Randolph   Churchill; Dominion, and ua;B:        �� '
was actively working for Home Rule | "There Is tbe best federal system
while be was Chancellor of the Ex-' ,n the worla wlth , 8lron do^k,,,
chequer in the Tory administration of.,     . , .
the Marquis of Salisbury. Legislature  and  equally  strong  Pro-
In the fall of 1885 he wrote  many  v,,"*Jl. lecture*.     No    Canad.an
letters' and' gave   numerous   confer!would   ook at b proposition   for_con-
ences   to   Irish    members, ln all of, ceotratiug the whole cf Canadmu af.
IN BURNING MINE I     >��Rniture
which he assured Parnell he was for
Home Rule, a parliament at Dublin
and ail, and that he was educating his
��� party to this point of view. Six
months later Gladstone's conversion
to Irish self-government was announced. , Lord Randolph Churchill
switched around and became the. most,
virulent foe of the Irish party.   This
fairs in one House uf Parliament,
white Under the Canad.an sy3ttm the
d.tf cullieB of race questions do not
exist. In my opinion, nations like Canada would not take a real and sustained Interest in our sea power unless
they built and maimed their owu
Not since the time of the South Af
raking of coals over the grave of , ncan war. says a \voolwlch correspon
dead man has shocked a great many, dent has there been such exceptional
people, both In England and here. ���,"c{,'!t* in.^e "oyal *r.Be"al lD.tht
where, altogether, apart from party , department for the mai^facture of ex-
opinion, the famous father of Winston |PK��l*e��. In the gun tactorV. which
Churchill Is held In the highest rft. provides the heavy guns for the army
spect. This fact alone and the indiS-1 th,e l���**"* }*. particularly noticeable
nation of hts lordship's  widow. Mrs.   ��� In Practically all branches of arsenal
George Cornwallls-West, saved the Ul
ster Unionists from-a complete death
blow to their cause, through the barbed points of Mr. Blunt's   revelations.
work, the existing staff of ever 800"
men Is being called upon to put ln extra time. It is worthy of note, addi
the corrSUpondem, tbat tbe h'fh pres
He also drags the late Queen Victoria  p,,rP. js t0 be    found    ln    tJ,e   naTa!
into the Issue.    He cites   that   K'n^.vorkl	
Edward   and   his   mother   quarrelled | * ~
over her attitude of hatred toward the |
Ir'3h. It was when the Inte K'ng Ed- i
ward was Prince of Wales when he
Bent for Parnell. says the author of
this astounding probe Into the pas'.'
The two talked secretly for several
hours, In the course of which the future king placed both hands on the
broad shoulders of the chief of Irish
leaders and said: "Parnell, your work
is noble and great. It is one of the
sorriest things I know this hostility to
your splendid people. It maddens me.
tbe more so because If I dared to Interfere I would only hurt Instead of
belp the Horne Rule movement. I
bave told both my mother and Sal's-
bury what I think of the'.r miserable
conduct. Thev don't, know the Irish,
but 1 de. and their whole tribe, but I'd
rather have the good will of your fellow courtryn'en tban anvthln? elsf I
know. Co ahead, Parnell; keep afier
them, and be sure yon are going to
win. If it ever comes within my power lo heln 1 shall not fail you." i
Noblv K'ns Fdward kept the promise irnde by Edward. Prince of Wales, j
Parnell was in bis grave when the opportunity f"r redemption came. lt
was Kine Edward who mnde it possible fcr Mr. John Redmond to force the I
Heme Rule 'ssi'c to tbe fore and keen
it there. Iti his fondness for Ireland
he bequenthed to his son and heir.
George v.. a legaov which he nsked
bis Ron to make the bas's of everlasting peace In his realm. j
Collision     with      Mine-lavlni     Craft
Would Have Had Terrible Results.
New York, Oct. 15.���Only lightning
like thought and action by the helms
rr^an of the Dolphin saved tbe life of
United States Secietary of the Navy
Meyer and hundreds of others today
when the San Francisco, loaded with
SiO.OiiO pounds of tbe most powerful
explosives, swung a'.ross the yacht's
Tbe bflm was put hard o-cr. and
the two boats cleared each ether by a
few feet, ard an ace'dent was avoided
which would have thrown a pall of
scrrow over tbe bi&sest mobilization
of warships ever made in this bai bor.
The Dolphin bad just started up
stream for Secretary Meyers' rev'ov
of the fleet, v*\hpr\ the San l"ranc'.3co
whose cargo Included 140 mines and
matpr'Rl for 160 more, laid a course
across ber bowe.
No Hope for Remainder of Imprisoned
Worker*��� Ksartrandlng Scenes
at Taamanlan Disaster.
Hobart, Tasmania, Oct. 15.���Forty
out of 8o miners entombed In the one
thousand-toot level cf the North
Mount Lyell mine are known to bJ
st.ll alive today. Tbe flre wbich mads j
tbem prisoners broae out on Saturday
and bas not'yet been extinguished.      i
Food and drink aud eveu candles
have been lowered to the meu wbo
are all In good spirits.
Rescuers, In smoke helmets, forwarded by the Hobart fire brigade at
tbe flrst news of the lire, are busily
engaged In repairing tbe shaft, and it
Is expected that In a few hours, the
Imprisoned men will be brought to
tbe surface.
No hope Is held out for those who
remain at the seven hundred-foot
level as they were assembled at t
"dead end," where It, was impoasibld
to pump air.
Heartrending scenes were witnessed at the mouth of tbe shaft
where relatives and friends of the entombed men are assembled waiting
anxiously for new*, good or bad.
"We  Furnish Your Horn. Complete."
Chtistchurch, N. Z., Oct. 15.���Thc
government of New Zealand is nbout
to Introduce legislation to empower
the County Couucil to borrow money
sufficient to supply tbe need of good
homes for laborers In rural districts,
the farmers tit the Dominion having
of recent years found themselves |
faced with the difficult problem of obtaining labor when It ls most urgently needed.
The government Itself contemplates
steps to obtain homes for laborers accustomed to farm work wbo desire to
live in tbe country rather than ln the
town. If a local body can present a ]
reasonable guarantee that In any
neighborhood such homes wdll be occupied by respectable persons, n.9
government will proceed to erec-
The ureas cf ground around the
houses would vary from 1 to 11 acre*.
By this scheme tho New Zealand Oov
erntbl nt hopes to provide mift'.cleiui
comfortable houses In open srrrottnd
lnga to Induce men to lenve the town
and assist tba farmers In oultlvat nt
their laud. The ur.niiHl r<>"t w'.U bi
worked out In tbo form cf *u per pent
Interest Oil thfl money epended by
the government. In building, while ��
sinking f'rl will prov'ds fc tbe pa;.
lng off of the cnpltal In 25 yt-ara.
An  Old  Friend.
Luther Munday, In "A Chronicle oi
Friendship." tells some good stcrieso!
;i , ioi inr'n i;tp in Ceylon.
"There was once a sort of improv
isid levi-e. and 1 bcaire popular in a
day, by means of a frock coat, which 1
had brought out from bome. lt was :i
huge success, I changed behind a
s'-rrer.. and so. in turn. dTd eirteen
t-Ianttrs. who wall:fd fwst the chair
ln my coat, and bowed to the gover-
"It waa also worn by frur bride
greo-ns, and paraded movrnfu'.lv at
two funerals. In tbe bevdav of Its
charm, it buttoned over the chest of
thlr. men, and was worn open bv tat
men. and lt suited any pattern of trousers. 1 mourned for lt as for an old
During his recent visit  to London
the Hon. J. D. Hazen, Canadian Minister of Marine, held several consulta-
tlcns with the board of trade officials
iu regard to the recognition  of shipping regulations made by tbc Domin-;
ion Government.   At the present time j
a Canadian  certificate   of  a vessel's j
ica-going qualities  is not recognized.
in  the  United Kingdom, though  the I
board cf trade rules are accepted ou
this side.   It is, therefore, desired to I
removed the anomaly.   The new reg- j
ulations which are to be promulgated
by the authorities in Whitehall   Gardens as a result of the Titanic disaster, will It Is said, be adapted by Canada only aa regards ocean-going passenger vessels.   Shipping on the Great
Lakes and  other    inland   waters   Is (
wholly a matter of Canadian Jurisdiction, and,  while  the rules governing
it may be strengthened, the   British
regulations will not necessarily be fol
lowed.    Nothing  will  be  done,  however, until Mr. Sydney Buxton and his
".dvioer8 have fully decided upon their
policy ln this connection.
WE BELIEVE with all confidence that we can show you *
larger stock of up-to-date RUGS, and at lower price* than
you can find elsewhere.
The summer sales held by us were so successful that at
this date we are showing entirely new line*. We shorn a
wide range of 9x12 Wilton Rugs at $40.00, and have . ht
stock all other leading sizes. We ��how large varieties of
Axmlnater Rug* in all qualities of leading number* in 9x9,
at 927.50; 9x10 6, at S 33.60; qualities that are dependable,
9x12 Witton Velvet*, at $35.00; Brussell* Rug* In every size
standard, 9x12, at 922.60.
Everything in Linoleumn* and Oilcloth* that the market
offers, and every grade of Cork Carpeting. We bay in
quantities lame enough to allow of thorough seasoning before being laid."   Remnants of Linoleum at HALF PRICE.
Standard Oil  Company to  De Barred
In Germany by New Bill.
Berlin, Oct. 16.���a government bill-
aimed at the Standard Oil Compan>
Is announced ln the official Nord
deutscbe Allegemeine Zeitung today.
The provisions of the bill are Intended to bar that company from thc
wholesale business In Illuminating
oils in Germany, which Is to be entrusted to a national stock company
operating under government supervision. This form has been chosen by
the government as being superior to
that of a state monopoly.
The new company Is to be empowered to acquire the existing wholesale
oil plants and stocks by expropriation
If necessary.
The capital of the new oompany ts
to be furnished partly by the big German banks and partly by open subscriptions. The banks are to be given
registered shares and an increased
voting power in order to prevent any
attempt that may be made to obtain
foreign control. The life of the corporation is fixed at thirty year*.
herein splendid assortments.
Four great floors devoted to
this department. We show
the cheaper lines as well, in
every grade. We can fit out
rooms from $17.50 each to as
high as your inclination goes.
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.. Oct. 15.���
Killing his wife accidentally in the
bush yesterday while hunting partridges, Thomas Lelshman, farmer.
some 60 years old, residing near Iron
Hridge, committed suicide. The bodiei
of both were found Jn the woods by
thse who, becoming alarmed by their
absence, made a search. Tlie body ol
Lelshman wn* found lying across that
of his wife. Lelshman had placed the
muzzle of the shotgun to hls breast
evidently and discharged the gun by
plunging the ramrod against the trigger.
Lelshman and his wife left horn-1
Saturday afternoon and went to the
bush. Mr3. Lelshman carried a shotgun and her husband a rifle. The
woman had been shot by the rifle. A
dead partridge was found near by
showing that her husband bad shot It
and apparently the same bullet bad
killed his wife.
Coroner Spenco viewed the remains
and decided that death of Mrs. Lelshman was accidental, end'the husban'i
committed suicide. The couple had
lived back of Iron Bridge fcr nxany
Calgary, Oct. 15.���It is stated here  .
that the  Western Dominion Railway!
Company, said to be a subsidiary con ,'
cern of the Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul, has acquired the rights   of
the proposed Alberta Paciflc Railway,
the suggested route ot which is from
Whisky Gap, a point near the international   boundary   line,  between Alberta and Montana, to Calgary.
The mileage of the proposed road is
subsidized by the government. Thi
Milwaukee is closely allied with the
Standard Oil CSfflWmy, sr.A t*e re
port here la that the read v--m be er
tended Into the asphalt and oil coun
try north of Edmonton.
    GO TO -
Pram, and GaaL Mgr.       Vle*-PrMld��t See. Kid Traaa.
Phone* No." 7 and 077.
W. R. OILLEY, PIMM lit. O. B. QILLEY. Phon* Ml.
I Pfuw^Offlc* is an^ it. <*. ���+,*-.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers fn Coal
���i t���imsr
Layers of
Co., of 3. C.y Limited
i Compressed Concrete (Patented)
��� 11   ���      ..'.".M.   I -'..
J..J,    ..1.1-JL. .1   '���,.. J.J .tU..I_.   	
A pair of English artist* wbo made s terrific .bit at the Royal theatre yosteday,
pearance tn this olty.
Today will be their laat sp-
Brunette Saw Mills Company,
New Westmlnater, B. C.
: Are well stocked up with all kinds and gr
A specially large stock of Laths, Shy
No. 2 Common Boards and Dii
Now it the tow* ts Imld for'siJs or rent i '}
i   ma
StllDg '
McKenzie Street,  New  Westsaln-I
ater. R  C.
Business Office  SSS
Editorial Office .... <�� V��\
By carrier $4 per year, $1 tor three
eaonths. or 40c per month.
By m?u. %'i per   year,   or  tte   par
A little knowledge is said to he a
dangerous thing, but the danger la not
In the knowledge, but In the littleness
thereof, fri pursuance of the government's plan for providing instruction
to those who may desire to improve
their present knowledge, the Westminster school board has announced
that nifcUt clasaes will be begun in the
It Is "KeitSStxty that these classes
ahould contain at least twenty pupils,
but although the period during which
entries ior the same may be made e.a
pires tomorrow, to date only half a
dozen young people in the whole o*
the city hare signified their intention
of attending them.
This is a striking incident indeed,
and is all the more remarkablo wb.in
it is considered that in Vancouver
similar elapses are being attended by
over a tliqijsand young p��opi��. In
South VatiKoflver also the system
works excellently following the etirt
made along those lines l#> years
ago.   mamma* -    ���
While thc scope of tne Vancouver
classes is far broader than that of th<:
NO, leas than a thousand cars, full
up with wheat, wlll be sent away
every day by each company. Assuming that Commissioner J. Bruce Walker ls correct in this statement, the
analysis of its details is so interesting to tne popular imagination that it
grips it at once. The one thousand
cars filled with wheat at Winnipeg
are divided into 20 trains, of 50 card
eacli... The standard wheat railway
ca*JS'tfl fee_t/10*ttirhes iif, ^pth��i��-
sidi whi&h allovffife' two:Ti*t for.tlu'
buffers, conies to 39 feet over all. Tlie
length of the train plus the engine
and brakevan, is therefore, about 2,-
020 feet, 1. e. 637 yards. Adong train
when one thinks of the distance.
Take then, 20 of these wheat trains,
and the length of them if placed on
end is 7 2-3 miles. How muoh wheat
is carried in this combined daily train
22% miles long? The maximum load
per railway wheat car ls 33 tons, and
knowing the cry of oar shortage at
present In the West, it may be assumed that each car Ib packed up to its
fullest capacity.   Thus 1000 cars when
Australian   Governor-General   Compliments Boys in Message to Duke
of Connaught.
Sydney. N. S. W��� Oct 16. ��� Tho
Vaucouver High School cadets were
revlwed today by Lord Denman, the
Governor-tienerai-vnf ��� ,tli<v��onwiou-
wealth, in the jrtotmds of Otlier nth est
House, Melbourne.
I^ord Denman said that the boys reflected the greatest credit on the Dominion ot Canada, and he hoped thai
the visit would not be the last. Tha
more Canada and Australia visited
each other, the better the two countries would help the British Empire,
After a royal salute had been fired,
the boya were entertained at lunch at
Government House. The cadets left
for Tasmania during the afternoon.
'S.^onvtitced   that'
..,.* a. el ,n future wiu be oil
nstead of coal, tl.e British admiralty
la getting ready for the change.
Rosyth, the big naval base now
building on the east coast of Scotland, la to be the principal oil depository���and Incidentally a great aviation depot. The principal Scottish refiners have been given contracts for
fuel oil agregating 200,000 tons, at
4% cents a gallon.
Measures are al30 being taken to
protect oil storage stations from airmen, one of whom succeeded in dropping a dummy-bomb into a tank Only
?0 feetasquiwe.f��m WOO fpet aloffi
WBDNBStffcV, OCTOBER 16, 1912.
Nice new five room Bungalow, with all modern conveniences, full
slsed cement basement;"plped for furnace. This house ls beautifully
situated in the West End and olose to the car.
PRICE $2800; l/3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Particulars   Apply tp
P. O. Box 874.   Phone 498. , Room 1 Westminster Trust Bleek.
Mn   -'\
Governors Exchange Messages.
....  r ,.,,,,. ���    , Indian Head,  Saak.,  Oct.  16.���The
filled carry 33,000 tons.   Such a total Duke ot connaught received today the
ptovea   an    extraordinary   ability to following cable message   from   Lord
handle and arrange on the part of tha  Denn>an.    Governor-General    of    the
railway employees at Wlnnipog, and
good administration in -Its prompt
daily despatch.
A train of 50 cars will thus carry 1,-
650 tons of wheat and Including the
dead weight of car9  and  locomotive
reach   nearly 2300   tons gross..    Yet
western railway- engineers' assure   iis
that a speed of 25 miles per hour can
be maintained on easy Hne stretches.
What number  of  bushels   does  this
dailv quantity of 33,000 tons contain?
At 2000 pounds   to the   ton, and   60
oounds to the bushel; th,e answer ls 1,-
100,000 busheU.   It Is conjectured that
the total output of wheat from   this
vnar'q harvest wdll be   close on 200.-
000.000 bushels.     Hence, assuming it
possible to keep no the regular rotation of cars, a thing  barely cred'ble,
182 working days, or just half a year.
wtll be needed to transport the wheat
a!o"e. Wvine the other grain   crops
still in the farmer3' bands.   Commencing tr>dav thla rier'od   extendi tn thp
middle of April   --er.t.      Tf   nil whet*
Commonwealth of Australia: "Mel
bourne, Oct. 14.���"I have today inspected the Canadian cadets who are
visiting Australia, and I congratulate
Canada on her young soldiers. Such
Interchange of vlBlts seems to me
most valuable and I hope they may be
In reply, His Royal Highness ssnt
the following: "Delighted to boar
good impression made by the Cana
dian cadets and very glad to have
seen such a good body of Australian
cadets In Toronto.
"(Signed). CONNAUGHT.':
*~ San Francisco, Oct. 15.���With their
ere s and hundreds of cannery hands
aboard nearly at the point of starvation, two belated salmon vessels, the
barque Olympia and the ship McLau-
rln, were towed Into port from Santa
Cruz, whither they had drifted after a
ten days' effort to beat into port from
tbe Farallones. The vessels were 40
days out from Alaskan cannery ports,
and rough weather kept the passengers below decks most of the time.
A steady diet of "mush, mush,
mush," according to the crew, for 20
davs after other provisions were exhausted, was responsible for several
of the crew being carried ashore ln
apparently tbe flrst stages of beriberi. Captain Henry Meyer of the Mc-
Lanrln, died of heart failure at Santa
-classes which it is proposed to holdItm,n; t!,',s f^'"^  *���J   w,nnI
... n0-" n"rlng tb*t T"""'r,o "'T" '<
in Westminster, it was not always so
end *t*r*y
-ould el-"*-
Native Bone Start  Movement to Pre
serve Relics of Community.
Nanaimo, Oct. 15.���A highly  enjoyable evening was spent last night at
the Baslon,  when the    Native    Bona
held   a social   session, songs,   recita
tlons and music  enlivening  the com
pany until late into the night.
tn'ied on J    It Is stated that the membership is.
a t*\cv tv>e Hne 'growing apace, some one hundred now-
Time He Left.
Calgary, Oct. 15.���After Rose Gilt
fiths, his wife, had been sentenced to
two years' imprisonment for slashing
William Norman In the face with a
razor, Walter Griffiths, btamlng the
nolice. threatened to kill several of
the officers, and was given two hours
to leave town.
Only Four Days at Sea.
New S.S. Megantic, Sat., Oct. 28,
Nov. 23.
8.8. Teutonic, Sat, Nov. 2.
New 8.8. Laurentic, Sat., Nov. 9.
S.8. Canada, Sat., Nov. 16.
And there is bo' doubt tbat, if a si* d for <H0 r*i'lf>*���rvr>**n. that <""stern c'tv I being enrolled.   The renovations wen
beginning could be made in this city neirh- to Luke S-mertor.   It 's easy to   much admired, and so comfortable an
the curriculunr, would be extended ao ta,k '" million*, hut a problem work-   the  quarters   that   the   Native   Sons
ine cirgcuiiw. would be extended so fa ^|w a mtlp cononn.  purpose hoidlng their social evenings
that ve*jy material advantage* would tTon    of   the    marvellous   enterprise   In future at shorter intervals.
accrue to thqae cf our young people   wb'oh those wtfn fleil *-* *"ch figure3
who have the initiative to grasp so   undertake.���Montreal Witness,
���eixcllwrt-^n-^pportunity of improving
themselves. v
That so few of them In Westmlnstei
appear to be anxious of so going is a
matter for regret.
^oing is
In i> '���arer read b^f^rp the Senate
Cotnmi'tee on Asrlciltnrd and Fore-try. Mr. John Ftr.ter, Firm Superintendent at Macdonald Coll '-;e, Quebec,
takes the ground that dnirvmen and
hset producers find that, when roots
are fed. animals keep In better condi-
Thislstiot an opportune season in   ,. , ,,    ,.. .,,       , ,,
whichWimpound such a theory, but ^,SAJlXSLm,f^t SfL^iE?
in   The   British   Columbia   Magazine,
duction cf flesh Increase with lessen-
A scheme is on foot to start a mu
seuin,  for which   already  there   is 3
very  fair   selection    of curio.;    suv.
a3 old guns and Indian stone3, etc.
Calvary, Oct. 15.���Distinguished
men from all over Alberta will mee
ln Red Deer al a biuquet tomorrow
night iu honor of the achievement:-
c I a Jersey cow, 'Rosalind of Old
Basing."    Among those who  will  at
Mr. M.   B, Cotsworth, F.   G. S.,   con ,.   ,    .
tends Uk the climate of Canadi. and   raiser3  And  that  wben   there   Is   no
cd  cost.     Poultry keepers   and   hog   tend  will  be  Hon.  Duncan ^Marshall
especially cf the Paciflc coast prov-1
ince. is g; owing warmer every year.
He  points  out   that  the   glaciers  of
British Columbia and Alaska   are re-
grass, roots form, the b"st and cheap-
! est substitute.    There is notliin,? fed
to animals tbat is mere relished.
Roots appear to ast as a tonic and
ceding at the rate   of half a mile  a  5le,pr,l(\n",kela" drv, f��d   palatable,
and that thousands of acres  of  Mr- F\^r rniv'tat ort    that the aver-
a?e yield   of rootg   o-er   ra^adi   is
Alaskan  territory have of late yeara
been Tilonsrd from the ice grip. I
He backs these assertions with sta-'
tistics f.-om Canadian and United |
States fioTPniment reports, and erm-l
reet? tbe presence of icebergs In Nortli I
Atlantic with corresponding disturbances cf the Greenland glaciers. The
theory may seem bizarre, but t*e
���writpivnrgvies that the periodical shift
ing of thi Greenland or polar Ice cap *"'��. '"r.m "" '"'" "!���'
Is and always has been a governing J**W0�� P'T^ '
i^fi.���.,.������    7.-   .,,��� ���n ��� ,���    ���, ���_>.���  r"ent   of   Ar-lci'Uure.
infliH-rice on the climate of every
country in the world. According to
him the changing pressure of the polar Ice bas caused such tlltlngs of thn
earth'T'WWit as to account for many-
curious developments in hlBtory.
Two or throe   thousand years   agar
the filiores of the Mediterranean weri
peopled by tbe  most vigorous races.
Today    inlghty    Assyria.   Phoenicia,
Greece and Rome have given place to
feebler races.    Mr.  Cotsworth  boldly,
asserts that climate has been raspon
���Ible largely for this change.   The cli- j
matf? along the Mediterranean   used to
be colder and more stimulating than
H Is today.   The position of Southern
Europe with regard to the North Pob
sli'tf'd, ensler temperatures prevailed
nnd the Inhabitants declined in  virility ard powpr.   On the other hand the
Japanese   and   Cbipose,  who   live   In
corresponding latitudes on the "other
side of tbo world, bav<! Increased   in
vtor hi Vliadr cliicato bas >;rpwn cooler. * (
Ta qpote Mr. Cotsworth, "lhe.
��>artV'- rr;:st is now b"!nt? verv ilow-
ly tilted southwards bv tho wei tht of
ttie cuntlnentsl Ico on Greenland; and
the. frlsrb rs of Kurope ard No'-t'i Arn-
<!rif:i aro steadily   receding,  ll('ca,ls���-���
the Bllab.tly Winner Cllmat" <-'"rv
yeai reduces thoir proportions." Thn
wriior iiiRists that Alaska and Northern Ci.'mda aTP gradually lcsinK much
<tf thpir Ico burden���that tho earth's
c.ruirt In Ibis part of the world is wbift-
iiiK southwards and that hence Canadians irny look for a less severe climate for several generations U come.
Jli" liritisb Columbia sclentiB^thlnks
gnough cf bis arguments to Biibmlt
I*!"! to the Geographical Congress,
they make curious reading after
a-ltin-A cold summer through which
ti"'- just passed, and which fol-
^the severest winter In half a
Toronto News.
402 36 busbels rer acre and tbat the
yield secured at the Macdonald College farm vas more than lftOO bushels
per acrp. He bops or. to describe how
lan��p yield' t"ay he Fecirpd in eve��-v
province of 'be ^"v-iinion nnd telU
how to successfr.lly harvest and store
the crop.
Tills paper, whicli is Issued in pamphlet form tor free d'strbutior hv the
cf 'ho Depart
Ottawa, concludes by saving tbat the greatest success fn gro"inp roots will be obtained
when the following are observed: A
systematic rotation pf crops, roots to
follow a fresh clover sod: manure
��MW fn fhe rotation; thorough cultivation in preparation for the crop and
after tfre roots are sown.
minister of agriculture; J. S. Dennis
head of the department of natura'
resources of the Canadian Pacific W
J. Tregillus, president of the 'Uniter;
Farmers of Alberta.
The cow is said to have tbe recoH
of her kind, having produced in oni-
year 15.70H pounds of milk, the aver
age test of whicii was 5.15, and .thro^
calves for whicli tbe owner had re
fused $3000. m
Moose Jaw, Sask., Oct. 15.���Oferdon
Moyse, sen of Jack Moyse, a Winni
peg livery man, is under arrest her
facing two serious charges, and.lt It
arrested tbat a number of others wll
be laid. Moyse left Winnipeg I las
spring and Immediately became ac
quainted with members of the 8. X
W. M. P. and started to represen'
himself as a plan clothes man of thai
force, thus obtaining the confidence
of many people in town. ,.
He wlll appear here in police 'row
tomorrow     morning,     having    been
FACTS     ABOUT     TUBERCULOSIS,   brought in   from    Milestone   tonight
_____ [where he was    arrested,    He    states
It la, n extraordinary fact   that   o,hnt '"" wl". "Iead *u,,ty' electll>& tor
cow may present a perfectly healthy I summary trial. <
appearance, thrive well upon her feed ~ ~~~ '""       ~
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
English Opera Company
All star double cast ln  Verdi's
beautiful cpera
60���Trained Chcrus Voices���03.
20-Special Grand Opera Orchestra-20.
-   Portland, Maine���Halifax-
From   . From
Portland. Halifax.
New 8.S. Laurentic, Dec. 7,
Dec. 8.
8.S. Canada, Dec. 21, Dec. 22.
S.S. Teutonic, Dec. 14, Dec. 15.
New 8.S. Laurentic and Megantic, 15,003 tons, largest from Canada.
All classoB carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
514 feet, 10,000 tons. Carry only second and third class. Baggage
checked tbrough to steamer In bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doors from
Cherry S'.reet, or H. E. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, G.  N.  Ry., Neve  Westminster.
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 6:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes theieaiter
until :i p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���ait S, 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p in.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays-
First car at 8 a.m,
(Via North Arra and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Hist car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. Pur
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m
Reduced rates are offered
oer the Fraser Valley line
for week end trlpg covering
all polntg on the division.
Tickets for these special exclusions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
Seat Sale at Tidy, the Florist's.
Prices: Box seats $2.50, $2.00, $1.50
$1.00 and 50c.
Miss Cave-Rrowne-Cave
L. R. A. M.;  A. R. C. M.
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, Sine
lng, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint
and  Musical  Form.
J1  Dufferin  Street Phone  R 411
and give a good flow of milk, and yei
be in a. foully diseased state with tuberculosis. This is very clear!/
brought out tn a pamphlet prepared
by the IntuniaUonal (,'ommlKaion uu
the Control of ilovine Tuberculosis.
Photographs are shown of One look-
ins animals that are known to huvn
been diseased for yesti without cough
au��! otherwise apparently heulibb', and..
yet constantly pawing tuberculosis
germs that when consumed by bogs
produced the disease, Such animals
are a conutant menace, nut only ta
tbe bealtlli ct the herds to which tliey
belong, bnt alao   to the   people who
Ottawa, Oct. 15.���Establishment oi
B daily paper to advocate the cfalni*
of separate schools and lloman Ofttbo
Ifcs resident In Ontario generally, b
the latest project of those beb'n:l tb
movement against tlW1 iv** Ij'-IInpr--a
reguI.Ttfons of the Ontario (Toven.
mrnt. t
ise  tbeir  milk, or are otherwise   aa- animals
Tips From Animals.
You can pick up a lot of useful tip*
when in the country by watching thi
|d in a message on Satur-
T^lnnlpeg that 735 cars
|en loaded by the Can-
lllway  there   on  the
^despatched  to the
observed  Commis-
\er to the report-
jvative est in i,ite
l^ut  week on-
W despatched
Boci^'ed with tbem. Apart from trie
health Standpoint, the disease causes,
the loll of millions of d'ldliirs annually In cattfie and bops besides materially decreasing tbe food supply of the
country, 'l'he disease is commoner in
Home regions than in others, in some
districts it being no uncommon thing
to find as many as 70 to KO }ier cent,
of the cows In a herd diseased.
ln order to lay these and many
other bmportant facta regurding ths
disease before cattle raisers and others Interested in live stock, a large
issue of the pamphlet known as the
Tub��reulosi8 Primer was printed by
direction of the Honorable, the Minister of Agriculture. Tbose who have
not already received a copy may do so
by applying to tbe Publications
Branch of the Department of Agricul
tare nt Ottawa.
Coal Famine Threatens.
Calgary, Oct. 16.���On account of the
car shortage In the Crow's Nost Pass
country many of the coal mines are
closing down and unless there Is some
relief there may be a coal famine ln
Alberta towns this winter.
Por   instance,   four  bo vn   once    ro
caught in a bij; mountain   atortn oi
the Cumberland   fells,     Thev   wen
nome swollen "becks," whicii they had
to cros:i, and it seemed as If they
could not K��'t over them, for they wer';
onl.v lads about twelve; but they b-.iw
some sbeep running hard for shelter
from the storm, and, in spite of the
blinding rain and wind, they went
straight for the places where it vvas
easiest to get safely across.
Then, haven't you often thought,
when you are walking through the
flelds at night, how stupid It Is of the
cattle and sheep to stand on the path?
They do not do It on purpose to get in
your way. but because they know
(what most of you do not) that at,
night it Is several degrees colder on
the grass than it ia on the bare
Also, you do not often see them at
night in hollows and dips, because
they know that it is colder and damper than on the higher ground, as a
Wo shall bo Interested to hear from
our readers any other Interesting
"tips" that they have picked up from
watching animals.
Nine roomed house on two lots, 60.\
150 each; all under cultivation; lo''
teet from car.
$5000; Easy Terms
Five \oit urler cultivation adjoin
and Get Choice Accommodation
A small deposit secures best accommodation available.
H. Q. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
ng car unc
Only $800
PHONE   1024.
Co'r icolt Elk.   Fast Burnaby
The "plums" of life are for the people who know how to pick
them aM where to plcl: tbem. You havo heard of i'enticton. Rloh-
ard Mcllilde knows It, and this Is wliat bu says of It: "Penticton evor
to the fore."    Where do the "plums" come In?
Penticton In tbo literal sense cannot help growing tbem becausn
of its sunny dry clime and fertile soil. It Is rich In Its orchards and
richer In Kb posnlb'lities. Probably you were at the Exhibition last
week and saw exactly what can bo grown In this Penticton. Such apples. Have a look In tbe wind-jw of the Peoples Trust. Oo. and soe
the display. It will tell you at a glance bstter than we can In writing. But it is to the possibilities of the town we want to.draw your
attention. It is the centre of the Okanagon fruit growing dlBtrict. It
ls prosperous even now with ths water transportation on Lake Okanagon but with the railway now being built the city will grow by leaps
and bounds.
Your plums can be picked now by securing some of thc cheap
buys In city lots which are to be had today. Prices are low today.
Isn't this the time to buy. City lots right in the heart of it are to be
had today from $200 to $500 per lot.   Terms easy.
451 Columbia Street
New Westminster WeON��SDAV, 0^>-
*****.'asa ***a*tamp.0l>-*''
ta ie.
A. C. Boxer* Put Up Good Show���
Snowball O'Connor Beat* Coquitlam Wrestler.
A rattling good program was that
provided by the Moose Athletic Club
at Ita flrat amoker of the aeaaou at
St. Ueorge'a hall laat evening. Ihe
neating capacity was taxed and many
were standing to wntch the curse
of events, which for New Westiniu&te/
were above the ordinary.
Perhaps the feature event was a
three round bout hetween Frank
Barrieau and Jack Smith, both of the
V. A. C, ln the 145 pound class. Smith
was tbe most aggressive In the firs-
two rounds;, but Barrieau came back
in the third and mixed things In
Aa this was an exhibition affair no
decisions were given with the exeep
tlon of the wrestling bout between
"Snowball" O'Connor, of New Westminster, and McCullough, of Coquitlam. O'Connor won the flrst round
by aggressiveness, getting the second
with a pin hold. Chief Watson
refereed the bout, while the boxing
events were In charge of J. Horne, of
the 104th regiment.
The boxing bout between C. Patten
V. A. C., Canadian champion, and
Clements. V. A. C. In the 125 pound
class, was rather tame, neither of the
bovs showing much of an attempt to
extend themselves.
The battle between Art Fox, V. A.
C. (125 pounds I. and J. Porter. Moose
A, A., was a little more exhilarating,
the local boy giving the Vancouver
artist a good run.
The icran between Art Label ani
Eddie Murphy, both of Coquitlam.
brought the proceeding to a fitting
close. Both bovs were In flne condition and made things hum while they
graced the ring.
During the Intervals, the Moose or
chestra discoursed musical selection.!
wh'eh were appreciated.
Mr. .1. Leamy held down the position of announcer in good style, and
mentiored  the  fact    that    a  smo!;er
��� -clubs haveitom reversals, but the rebound ls always violent. Tomorrow
will tell another atory lor the lied
The attendance at today's game
was 32,694, while tbe receipt* amount
ed to $57,196. Of thla aum each club
receives $25,578.20 while the National
Commission's share la $5,719.60.
New YorK,
H    H   PO   A    E
Devore, rf   2     1     4     l     o
Doyle,  2b     3     3     2     3     2
SnodgruBH, cf   1     2      1      i,     o
Murray, If  0     0     1     o     0
Merkle, lb   1     2   10     0     1
Herzog, 3b    2     1     0     2     0
Meyera, o   1     o     6     0     0
Fletcher, aa     1     1     2     4     0
Tesreau, p   o     2     0     6     i>
Wilson, c  0     1     2     0     li
iety ofU.ehno,t?iILU drawn V* ll?e fact  tb&l we h*ve  the  lar��est variety ot Bhootlng accessories ln the olty.
WCSSf JS^^r"-*" ��** ch.
Parker Shotgun*,  each       	
Pump Gun*, ell  makes, each.,....'...	
.. .$35.00
.. $32.50
.. $60.00
.. .$28.00
Pr^'^'0?' aV*HC' a1d WINCHBSTER Loaded Shells la all loads
from 75c to $1.25 per box.
COME UP 8ixth Street and see our display.    It will   Interest you.
IVI. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 287.
Near Leopold place,
lot 53x132 leet wltb
a splendid 9-roomed
house In good repair. Thl* la future
business property
and wlll rapidly increase ln value.
( WatsrfrvKtage
We can deliver 10V4
acres wltb S50 teet
of waterfrontage on
the Nortb Arm, Just
opposite city limit*
on ' main road connecting wltb Ewen
160 acre
a 7-roomed
fully1 fnrnl��hed,
complete equipn
of farm implement.]
goes wltb the property.
For further particular* apply to
raira mi, wed
J. J. JONES, Managing Director. ;,
   Head Office: 28 Lorne 8treet,  New Weatmlnster.
while be asserts that the governor has
been known to hare the mouth* of
those suspected of Liberal principles,
sewn up.
Totala n
Hooper, rf  0
Yerkes, 2b     0
Speaker, cf   1
Lewis, lf   1
Gardner, 3b    1
Stahl, lb   0
Wagner,  ss     0
Cady, c  l
Wood, p  o
Hall, p   0
18   27   16
Revelstoke, Oct. 15.���Dominion Government surveyor* reached Revel-
���toke on Friday with lnatructlona to
commence Immediately the survey of
the Columbia river grain route, with a
view of determining the feasibility ofj
opening up a new waterway for despatching of the wheat of the pralrie-i
of Canada to the Paciflc Coaat via
Revelstoke and Arrow Lakes to Portland,   Oregon.   It ls stated that  the
Totals 4      9    27    16      2
Score by innings:
New York  61000210 1���11
Boston   0100002 1���4
Summary���Innings pitched by Wood
1, by Hall 8, by Tesreau 9. Hits cfi
Wood 7, off Hall 9, off Tesreau 9. Two
base hits, Snodgrass, Hall, Lewis
Home'runs, Gardner, Doyle. Sacrlflc
hits, Murray. Sacrifice fly, Hooper
Stolen bases, Devore (2), Doyle. Wild
pitches, Tesreau (2). Double play
Devore to Meyers; Speaker unassisted. Base on balls, off Tesreau 5. off
Hall a. Hit by pitcher, Gardner.
Struck out, by Tesreau 6, by Hall 1.
Time of game, 2:22.
Umpires���Evans behind the bat.
Klem on bases, O'LaughLn in left, Rig
Ier in right.
Cautioned ��� Moose
Ruled Out.
At a meeting of   the   City   Soccer
league held last evening tbe case   of
Chlel, a' Sapperton   player  who 'was
, ,  , ,,,���.., .       ruled off the field during Saturday's
Mould ba pulled off at the nrmonrlei   ganie wlth the bankera   w��� disci/ss.
night,   the    proceed., of   ed<    The fac, thal ^    wag ^ flrs,
on    Friday
which  were going
to    the
ruling made by a referee this season
had somewhat to do with the light
handling of the matter, Chiel receiving a caution, while a warning was
Issued to all players that roughness
will not be countenanced.
Tbe Moose protested the game won
by the City team on the same day.
basing their stand that the lone goal
scored was not, legitimate. The protest was ruled out
"Smoky  Joe"  Wood Has  Bad   Day-
New York Scores Sh:  Runs In
First Inning. '���*
Brstcn, Oct. 16.���The New York i
Nationals administered today a crushing defeat to the Boston Americans
and won the seventh game of the
world's aeries, 11 to 4. Tonight finds
the Giants aod the Red Sox waiting
to engage In the final combat bere tomorrow that will determine which
team shall be the world's champions
of 1912.
The series now stands: Boston
three games won; New York three
games won and one contest a tie.
"Smoky Joe" Wood, tbe Red Sox
star twirler. who had beaten the
GianU twice In the series, was sent
out to pitch his team Into the world s
championship. His end was to �����*
den that the thirty thousand spectator* sat in silence as they saw his
delivery batted to all PVt* of the
, eld and sir. Giant players were over
the bowe plate before the last New
Yorker wos put out In the first inning.
The Red 8ox never recovered from
that first Inning, and though they peppered   away   fitfully   at
hall,  they
Y. M. C. A. Basketball.
Basketball players of the Y. M. C.
A. wtll assemble this evening In the
gymnasium for tbe purpose of organizing for the winter. The meeting ls
called for 6:30 o'clock.
Manager Gillis, of the Royal theatre,
will not have to worry any more
about acts not being here on time
unless something unforeseen happens.
The Pvoyal Theatre Co., Ltd., have
made exclusive arrangements with
the new Grand theatre that opened in
Dell'ngham last Monday night, and
:he consequences are that each house
i to use tbe other's entire program
every change. . lt ls said that the
ihow which opened the ne-.v house in
Bellingham is a most remarkable one.
The entire program will be seen here
at the Royal on Thursday.
The Oliva Trio who are the supreme
feature are a distinct novelty in the
singing line. As the name denotes
thev are from the sunny lands of
Italy. Singing to them Is a second
nature. There are two men and a
woman, all of whom have been com
mented on very highly.
Happy Sam Rowley is the funny little man who bills himself as "The
little man with the big voice and the
funny whistle." He Is a scream from
start to linish and tells his jokes in an
inimitable way.
The big silent novelty on the pro
gram will be the Kartello brothers
who offer a juggling and hoop rolling
sensation. They are experts In thelt
There will be the usual three reels
of motion pictures to complete the
When the Sheehan English Opera
company sings Verdi's everlasting
opera, "II Trovatore," at the New
Westminster Opera House on Friday
Oct. 18, the public will have the privl-
Ke of enjoying the real treat of th*
theatrical season. |
han fofnd .r��t,��giH^r?^d' M^,SI'e��" survey will be continued without any
dan found It true that the real festas 'intermission until eomnlet��d
and gala days of Europe as well as the
continent were when the great halls
were opened and operaa were announced. The opera was the very soul of
every man, woman and child, and waa
looked forward to from day to day as
'he real and only artistic musical
Mr. Sheehan was so Impressed with
the brilliancy of the opera in the foreign tongue that he renewed his de-
t3rmination that all English-speaking
countries too, should share in this
glory, and to this end he has striven
with gratifying resulta. '
^~"-^���^-���" "^m**a��**ss*****s***maaaa*M��m*saaa^***m*s*****M**a*s**m
Get our price* an wood: four foot slabs, try or green; 1�� Inch mill-
wood aad dry planer ends.
Fraser Milk, B. C
Telephone 890
F. L. KERR, Manager.
Program for Wednesday and Thursday
Beaming and brilliant, a young girl
proves faithful to her trust, and puts
to shame her revilers; a night of terror in a lighthouse; wreckers of sea
and life vanquished.
The baleful result cf ostentation and
D. BRAY, Manager.
Program for Today.
Colored Film by Pathe Freres
ln Three Reels.
"A Court Intrigue")
Three Other Items on Program.
Three acres within three minutes of
B. C. E. R. Interurban line. Cleared
and on open road. $76��0, cash $2500.
Balance to arrange.
Five acres in Delta. Close to O. N.
R. $160 per acre, $200 cash. Balance two years. ....,.,
I Room 6, Trapp Block   ... . Phone 702
UPPER FLAT iii Hardman
Block, well lighted, suitable
for club rooms, light manufacturing or living rooms.
Victoria, Oct. 15.���Hon. Price Ellison, minister of finance, today received a cheque tor $27,000 and some
odd cents, being the amount appro-
j prlated for B. C. under the federal leg
Islatlon of last season, providing for
co-operation with the provinces lc
��td to agriculture. The greater part of
never came  within
molBt  ball, tney   ����>��.   ��-�����-   "��������
threatening distance of the Giants.
box down off third'base, d<r*ct��rd tne
ffSrtJPfc Vrtched. and  with
!w exceptions, all the nine men who
bitted In the first Inning rapped the
first hall sent up. . .
This shower of hits, combined with
p do.'ble steal, paved the way to New
York's six runs, 'fterrtter WJ
wasi a hroken reed, and Charlie Han,
Boston's relief Pitcher, was sent   to
He gave orders to
Harry Hyland Visiting East.
Harry Hyland, a member of the Salmon Bellies, and alao ot the Westminster hockey team, lett for Montreal yesterday morning to visit his
mother. Harry wtll be back in the
city towards the end ot November
ready to start training for the hookey
season, lie expects to come back the s��m7$11.00o7 will V devoted tc
along with Jimmy Gardner, Brnle i the )mprovement of pdre-bred live
Johnson Bnd Hugh Lehmann, also of|stfl(,v but $10,000 of it will be alio-,
the Westminster team. | ^ed for general farm Improvement
  >ork. Including lessons In the .rota-
White Sox at Last Win * Game.      j tlon of crops, care of poultry and farm
West End Park, Chicago. Oct. 16.��� | animals generally and development of
A batting rally in the eleventh Inning
gave the Chicago Americana their flrs:
victory In the series for the cham
pionship ot Chicago with the local
team of the National league. Tin-
Nationals 4   8   :
Americana 0 31   i
Batteriea:   Lavender   a::d   Archer
Walsh and Schnlk.
.,._       FOR~NHXT   S^CON. . .
Coquitlam Laerojse Club May Ente
Westminster Intermediate League.
After enjoying cue cf the most siu
ccsaful seasons in the history of tli
club, tho Coauitlam Lacrosse tenm i
nov seriously considering the adv'ar.
bllltv of enterlnc the Intermediate La
crosse League cf this cltv.
This team has met and defeated th*-
best In its class In this section ofthe
lower mainland ar.d should admission
-the mound.       ��� players Beemed i �� the realms of Intermediate lacrosse
AktwShJ broken underIia New Westminster be sought, lt I.
to think tnat_^ouu_ii_ natltlar ffflTnM. |������r,n|n th** tts Mture   victories  will
!? ���th,?���i��,n'f :hto "two "earlier games. J certain that Its Mture
^ I .rt" h^ll bad mile break to It  110t be easy picking by any means
' " -       - �����'-- ���- '���"-      Several months must elapse befce
the leani'e meets again, but the off'
eers of this organization will no doub'
give the matter a little thought In th;
The A. A. U. of C. Again.
The Canadlau Wheelman's Association and the C. A. A. U. have dee'ded
to have a little scrap over the ques-
VHo  r**rve   nan   enn   ���'���i"1   "'V,     ...
and the Giants had no trouble ln hit-
to *> oh the firing lta��tor.������ ^
in*, -tame tomorrow, with WoodI rfr*
raled to go *�� hi* assistance, while
the Giants will depend on Matheweon,
with Marauard In reserve.
WTesreauqheld the whip hand through
r***t trflav's game.    Tils   moist   ban   ���.	
lUi/e Bharnlv over the plate and tho. tlon of. who ls to control cycling af-
Red Sox ^ere unable to fathom his ' tairs jn Cariada. CMslde of the wheet-
rid'verv when hll* would have meant: men and the offlc'als of the C. A. A.
"r.. Twelve red-lagged players were tj., nobody will take anv Interest in
left anchored on the base*. I the affair but It seems that the C. A.
Mai'-wr McGraw tonight aiid.: "The a. U. Interfered in a race at Toronto
Pert Sox havo broken and are on the and-refused to lat a  certain   cyclist
:un�� '.nMft'J����i*r,ns that he WRg a v���-
lie added that with the same ag- ImMbm hack at some of the men who
gresslve attack tomorrow the Giants have held C. A. A. U. oard*  one   la
wr��'d be carried to victory. tempted to ask the C. A. A. U. deflnl-
���Manager   Stahl   remarked:     "All tl����**f*o.���Ottawa Journal.
the work ot tbe farmers' Institute*. J
The *um of $4000 I* set us'de for the)
securing of e>hlblt* for the demonstration train of B. C. products, which
i* to tour Canada next spring, whilst
$1000 will be distributed to the Improvement of the condition of the wo-
iicn on the farms. It Is understood
that the agreement between the two
-flivernnients provides that the allocation of the grant may be altered each
year If; the provincial government sn
leslres, but.that anv change mvst be
nrroved bf tht( teflerai mlniater of
agriculture before lt Is put into effect. 	
I endon, Oct. 15.���Dreadtnl tales of'
rerdlsh cruelty are told of the governor of Tabriz by Edward Granville
Grown, professor of Arabic at Cambridge University, who. through the
redlum of the press,-exhorts the Brit-,
'sh Government to Interfere with a
nan whose sole delight is to torturb
^nd kill those ot his snbleots who profess an opposite political opinion to
his own. , ,     7..
Tuo'dentallv It may be said that the
Liberals of Tabriz are the suffirers.
Shujand Dewla. governor of TabHs,
writes the professor. '* a monster
rather than a human belnn. taking a
-^old-blooded delight In hang!** stabbing and even cutting men ln two llKe
*heen. If helwl'e^d them to be unsatisfied with his rrle.
It Is a common rjiurrenne. writes
tho professor, to see men Iv'ng In a
dvlng c-cidltlcn In tl'e streets of Tabriz, wltb tongues cut tmti eves gouged from their srisets ard horseshoes
iiai'ie.A ��o their hare feet.
Concluding, Professor Rrown declare* that nothing Is thought too
fiendish by the governor of the province, and deaths through the plentiful
application of the whip are common,
i.\ 'SR.
Cievsr Detectivfc Work by a University Professor.
jjatat *w "�� o*T*~r**l>*&*!> f
Hm Wra ttaady fat* tha Bond Sales*
/ man From the Metropolis.
������npHK farmer ls the oue who 1�� mak-
J    Iiik the protean."  recently  reminded   a   Uind   salt-Muau   for
one of the bis hoiiaes. Just iu lrom the
 ��� ro��d.    "I've got them to let me try
TUC IfCCN  CYP"ft AC  ^PIPNPF    eastern   Kansas . thla  trip-new  terrl-
_  'of the soil down there wore nil buy-
There lug automobiles and things, nud that
they were a progressive loL 1 found
them that, und then bouis. Here's
wliat happened lo me In a little town
up near the northeast corner of tbe
"One morning I drove about four
miles out Into the country to try to
sell some bonds to nn old farmer
named Pratt who was retried to hare
a liot of money. The old uihu seemed
to be thoroughly |s��st��l on the bond
market-knew till about the latest offering*, eii'. 11�� seemed lo like my
tssue. but said lie was 'hung up' wltb
ten Wabash fours, and thnt untll he
got rid or tliem he couldn't buy anything else. We were doing quite a little iu WiiIihsIi fours st the time, und 1
offered to take them off Ills hands at
(Ml���just before leaving the hotel I had
had n wire stating thut they were <J8'/4
bid on the exchange.
The old man hesitated, but finally
>BER  18,  tatSX.
They   Detected   Blood   Where
Were Ne Apparent Traces ef It and
Found  Telltale   Finger  Marks   That
Pointed Direct to the Criminal.
Mine. Gulun was the wealthy widow
Of Jean Howard Uuian, former president of the  Knnk of  Prance,    sluie.
ulun was seventy years old. One
night sbe took a train at Fontaine-
bleat! for Purls. Sbe bad to herself a
Unit class compartment When the
train arrived In I'aris the porters found
her compartment unoccupied. Tbe door
bad been balf torn from lu binges,
tbere r was a great |��i��l of blood on
the floor, and the police picked tip from
floor a bandful of woman's hair, a torn
piece of skirt nnd a lirst class railroad
ticket from Foiitiiliielileun to Purls.
A search aloint the railroad trucks resulted In the Hulling nf Mine. iSubiu's
body beside lh<* mils Just milNlile l-'on
tiilneblesu. It wax irrwilly mangled. A
little further on wiu found llie Mitcliel
phe had rnrrleil There were mi rlnir��
on  Her  fingers anil no nmnev   in Iter
Mine." liutiin's relatives took the
ground Ibat she  had  been seized With
a hemorrhage, lo wliich she whs subject, hud tried to o|h>ii the door of her
rompiirtiiieui to sum mon nl'tf or to get
nir: Unit she hud In her paroxysm
vr��Mu-heil tbe dour open nnd had fallen
Oil the I in Mi kllltltU herself The |Hi
ll.-e.w^re mu -cm-lli'il Jfjm |Ii|m ex-
|lltllull)ol|, |mill.-llljtriv Hfter Professor
ItelSN Mie f��nniii> l.iilH.iniit- university
fi'liiiiiiinin.'1-l. Mad 1'iiintcil on! thnt Ihe
cut mi ili>* wfi|ii��ii"j Hiitehei hud lieen
lo.-idi- io ii Knife nml not b.v u sliin-p
ttiiihe us hud hei-ii thought. This, how
*��ei. wus vei.v Utile evidence, and Professor Helss turned his attention lo the
compartment whlrh Mme. linliin bad
occupied. After he hnd finished his In
TestlgHtlon he weut to M. Lepine, pre
feet or Purls, nud snld to hlm:
"1   mu  sure  thin   Mine,  (tiiinn   wns
murdered, and I nm equally imre thnt
ber murderer wns n soldier   In tbe train I
Co ni| hi rt ment there were n towel mid . responded
a stationary  wnshstHlld.    There  were   ed iiround
Ho stiiius upon the towel visible 10 the
nuked eye.    Nevertheless ire-sulijwreil
eveV.v squttre Inch to one of the most
dellcute tests  for  blood.    We nt  lust
discovered un nren wbleh guve us tbe
positive react Ion for human bloo-.t
"Upon this towel the murderer of
Jlme. Ilulnn wiped his bloody bunds.
He knew that this would be evidence
tliat the old womnn did not meet her
deuth by accident us he wished it believed, and sp he washed tlie towel
thoroughly, us he thought, and bung
It up to dry.
Tbe detection tben nf this microscopic quantity of blood, which oun be
removed from a fabric only by acids,
revenled to us tbat Mnie. Ciilun met
deatb by thu bands of a murderer.
"But  1  found  another piece of evidence.    There wns. If you remember,
a   railroad   ticket   picked   up   ou   tbe I
floor.   On Its back wus tlie Imprint of j
la thumb.    1 compared It wdth thut or
Mme. (iuluu; it wus not bers.    1 threw
Its Image up enormously on n lantern I
Screen.    1 was tben struck tiy the pe-
agreed to muke the exchange. Ue was
lo take seven of my bonds nt a little
iess than pur snd I wns to take hla ten
Wnbush fours nt (Mtfc, I fancied I saw
ii twtnkle in his eye as I wrote down
the figures.
"The <le*M closed, he offered to show
me the house.' We went upstairs nnd,
in what he called Ids ���offlee,' whut wns
my amazement to find a stock ticker
buzzing busily away. I walked over
to the machine nnd pulled some of tbe
tape out of (lie Musket. A string of
quotations eu light uiy eye. II read
something like lids; WhImisIi fours.
1(1 nt U", li nt UU. Ki nt IM&. 50 ut i!2."���
On*  Wss  Answertd   Bsfors , %nd  the
Other After Mar nags.
A silvery Milliliter Uiouu sboue sweetly on the likewise silvery snuils.
The summer nweetheiirt* snt In Kl-
leuee.   She wus gn/.lng Up ttt the dim
bine vault over tbem. where the little
stars twinkled in a million tiny points
ot Bame.    He wns gazlug at her us If
he'd like to eat ber.
I    "Dearie, what makes the stars shine
io dimly tonight?" she gurgled.
!    "They are outshone .by the glorious
light of yonr eyes,  my darling."  Ue I
' whispered foolishly, "and so tbey pale
In their splendor and���er���and"��� I
1    He didn't know how to go on. so he
kissed ber Instead.   And she was quite
satisfied, perfectly content and glad.
And n solemn silence enwrapped tbe
summer night
��       ���        ��� .     ���       ���        ���        ���
Same moon. Aame sands, aame people���only tbey nre married now.
1 "1 wonder bow many telegrnph
poles." sbe murmured thoughtfully. "It
would tuke to reach from here to tbe
lie looked at her as If be'd like to
Wte her.
"One. If It was long enough." he
snapped. "Don't nsk sued silly questions!"
And a solemn silence enwrapped the
summer night���London Answers.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, busiaess letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strhtly confidential. M. Broten, Room 8, Merchant Bank Bldg.   Pbone US.
Re Ixit 18, Block 1, Northwest quar-1
ter of Section 61, Hastings TownBlte.
Suburban Lauds.
Vhereas proof of loss of Certificate
Title  No.   4134UE,   issued   in   the
covering the
854���Meets In K. of P. HalL Eighth
and Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms ever Sinclair's- Sboe
Store, Columbia street. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Dictator; fc. A. Bremm, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
name of John Travtrs,
above property, has been Bled in this
office, notice ls hereby  given that 1
shall at the expiration ot one month
from date of tbe first publication hereof issue a duplicate of said Certificate
unless tn the meantime valid objec
tlon be made to nie in writing.
Dated at the Land   Registry   Office, |
Vancouver, this lst day of October, j
1912. !
District Registrar I
hulred   little
mnn   wns
The   snndy
quite u Joker.
lie snid to the hoys In tbe lobby the
nther night: "I've got the hest story
you ever lienrd on the male suffragette
It's n scream."
������<!o nheiid nn' tell It Plnkey." said
one of tbe listeners.
"All   right."  fhe sandy   haired   mnn
then he chuckled nnd look-
"Muylie I'd better nsk lirst
If there's any mule suffragette In the
A big mnn with thick shoulders, n
heavy lower Jnw nnd lnrge. knotted
blinds crowded a little closer.
"I'm one of 'em." be suid. "Let's
hear tbe story."
Hut just nt thut moment I'inky fancied he saw n friend over near tbe big
doors and hurried nway.
And tbe soreum remains untold.���
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Story That Illustrates Their Wen*
derful Intelligence.
Dogs on the trail often display Intelligence that seems nlniost humnn. On
one occasion I remember I was driving
o team of dogs down the Yukon river
mid hail oue dog in the team called
Tommy, who was a good dog In bis
wny, but wbo showed n strong dislike
to being harnessed���to such nn extent
Hint ln the morning, when nil the other
dogs were hitched lo the sleigh. Tommy
Would hide himself under a t-ubln or
bnry himself In Ihe snow.
This continued for several mornings,
and heating lilm seemed to have no effect One morning, howerer. the team
had been . ^milling In tbe cold walling
for Master Tommy, 1 finully discovered him hiding under the roots of ��
tree, nnd ns soon ns I cnme in sight,
drugging Ihe dog. the cut're tenm. lunr
ed by n common Impulse, bounded to
witrd me 'und nt once administered u
terrible thrashing lo Tommy,
I finally rescued hlm from his angry
companions, ond after that Tommy
wus always the tirst to put his head
In the collar in answer to my whistle
��� Wide World Mnguzine.
L 0. 0. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���
Th�� regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27.1. O. 0. F., ls held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ia Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon ani
Eightb street. Visiting brethers
cordially Invite*. C. B. Bryson, N.
G.; R. A. Merritbew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatbam, P.G.. recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000.
Reserve    $12,600,000
The Bank has 8i0 branches,
extending In Canada trom thi
Atlantic lo tbe Pacific, In Cuba
throughout the Uland; also In
New Foundland, l'orto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trln
ldad, Dominican Republic, Net/
York and lxmdon, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westmlnater Branch,
Lawford Richardson, My.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1079. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
solicitor and notary, 61') Columbii
street   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon block, New Westminster. George E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
The Eternal  Feminine. v
J      Yon enn spend SL'.OM on clothes X
���p  for n girl nnd she will lie dressed ���{���
T   like a  princess.    But Invest $15 S
?   In clothing for a boy nnd he wlll j*
X  still lonk like n young ninniul.��� X
4* Cini-iniiutl Enquirer. t
* !f
A Soft Answer.
John   I*    liiMi   spoke   in
nguinst    wniiMtl   sutTnige.
tine   night
cullnr Indentation of tbe little ridges ] "ft'-r a meeting in Siu-nimentu u mill-
on the Inner Bide of the murk. Cnre- ' tMll sulnigetie mme up to him nml
ful   nnnlysls  of   these   market!   ridges , as*** l" stern, eruel tones:
The Ink Bag Squid.
When the squid Is ulnrmed the Ink
hag that connects wilh the siphon
opens its vnlve aud n cloud of hlack
fluid Is ejected Info Hie wnter, where
It becomes quickly diffused, forming
nn effectual Imr to pursuit. The squids
also have a faculty of changing their
color with grent rapidity, nnd when
lulMiring under grent excitement waves
of color seem to puss over them In
quick succession. Their motions are
extremely rapid, darting alone witli
tbe velocity of light, now rushing Into
ii school of smnll fry tn il tirst. tiirniug
quickly to seize n victim and press It
agnlnst tlle Idrdlike beak. Wtigrdl by
making triuugulur nips, the vertebrae
Is generally Instantly severed. It 1*
Interesting to note (hut the bite is always In Ihe sunie place���the neck.���
Cburles Frederick Holder.
ters ��nd Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 2U0. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel.
Trapp block.
R 128.     Room
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, Engllsi
and Swiss
All  Work  Guaranteed.
Sank of Montrea!
..$16.000 300.00
541 Front Street      N'-�� City Market I
'Phone Rl 140
Teaming and General Draylng Con-
traoting, Furniture Moving,
���. Excavating.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.        (
Branches througnout Canada ana
Newfoundland, anc In London. Eng
and, l.aa Tork. Ch'eago and Spokane,
U.S.A.. asd Meilio City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters ef Credit Issued, available wltb
.'orrespesdeats In all parts of tke
Savings Baak Dsjartmeit���Deposit*
-ecel-ed la snms of $1 and upward.
and Interest sllewel st I par cent, par
innum   (present  r��tel.
Total   Assets over  $186,000,007.00
O. D. BRTMNER. Manr.gs.-.
Phone  661.
Box  772.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. nth and Columbia
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
Wn have no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie StreeL
Chimney Sweeping,
Esvetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Seotlc Tanks. Etc.
minster Bourd ot 'trade meets in thi
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of eacli month; quar
terly meetiui; on ihe IJird Friday o'
februarv, May, August and November ai . pm. Annual meetings ot.
tbe third Fiiday of February. New
memhers may be proposed and
elee'ed at any monthly or ouarterlv
meeting. S. II. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Second Hand Store
Br.y and sell new and    second    hand
goods ol all kinds.   Tuols especially,
no Mcln ne* Street. Ptiouc 1000
���botved ine that this was the thumb
of a mnn wbo was actually servlnu as
a soldier. The Ireipirnt drills with
gnus result In the pressure upon tbe
rhinos or the Inner side ot the iliuuih
Tbla causes a peculiar flattehlfijc, which
is visible under u microscope when en
Ini'Ked und Is true of no other occupa
tlon ejeepf that of a mildler.
"As I reconstruct tbls crime tills sol.
dler n!Himj;ed fo gs*t Into .Mine. iltlljlO'*
eontfitirinivm fitter llie train bud  left
T'oritiilfiWili'ini.   Ue Knew (but sbe nsn
ally 'eiXMeA n  number or Jewels unit
a   Inrjre sum or  imniey.    He  tried  to
roll the old woman, nud. meeting with
unexpected reslstmice. fought with her j
In   the   compartment,   killing   her   hy ]
lieiillim   her  head   .���r.'.dnst  the  register j
and then snipped ihe body or its Jew  I
els.    lie thoii'rhtlessly  wiped ids hnnd !
upon   the  lowel.     lle  liiiew  thnt   this j
Wonld  he evidence of ihe presence Of I
(HHUP one else In  the coiiipiiilinciit. so
he   washes  the  towel   wllb  simp  and
-Wilier, but does out know thui  we can I
cllsi-mer blood even  when It Is only to
the nmount of une one thousui^ltb mil
"Ile then wrenches the i-ompnrtmenl
door open and throws out tbe body,
lle Is pressed ror lime, rips open Ihe
satchel with his knife. Then, taking
iiilviintJiue of the slowing down of (he
trnln between Foiitnitielileiiu arid l'urls,
lumps from  It and  makes his es
suit or I'rorossor Itelss' nnnly-
- found Hun tno soldiers. Ufa-
Mli-hel.   hud   followed   Mme
Ibe t rn In on lbe nlKht of her 1
k'l'hcy had bidden In her com-
nd   when   the   trnln   bod
.murdered ber, as Profess-
".lobll l'. Irish, you're a lowdoWn
llnr'.   The truth isn't 111 you'.'
"Mnillllll." Irish rejoined. "Is It so bnd
as thiltV Wouldn't you believe nny-
thiiiK I sny?"
".Not a Ihiiij:. I wouldn't lielleve a
word you utter. Vou cilu't lell Ibe
trui h!"
"In (lint case." replied Irish, "permit
me (o sii.v. miidiim. ihui .vou nre u per
feet l.-id.v."���Suiui-ifii.i Evening Post
Dollars Versus Hairs.
Eton and Harrow,
Oui> of the Eton uud tlaiTO'V schoo.
cricket mutches recalls mt itmtttdnK iu
cldeiiu Eton bud a liiiiiiolouous *e
rie-; of wins for some .vein's, uud nif*
day the Harrow captain received llu
O ye boya ot Harrow M-honl
Or cricket ye have no Hhtiw\e6it*l
It Is not crlckrl. Iiut tr>r fool
You play aguinst Rion college
The Harrow scliool poet wus hunted
out und commanded to send u It(.tlltJ)
reply. Thla clever response mnde 111u?
fu mutts;
Jf. ns you nay. we ptay the fool.
No wonder we were benien.
Fur ut that Ki.me no other school
Could e'er compete with Klon.
.lllllll 11
iMbbs- NllllKHIlse! Why, Itoi-kete
hits ii dollnr tut every hnir on y
liiblis-Well. I'll bet  I've ti ilullni
a   iiiui-h   us
Aliens In Old London.
Here Is u curious report or the .���illeii-
tti bunion In (lie yenr ffiil"! "Tln*i>
being a grent Increase of furelguers ia
the city, her majesty ordered lbe lord
ftm.vor to take the name, ipinlltv mul
pi-nCeshloii of nil Htmnuels residing
within the elty of London'1 Tin- li>:
was bended liy the Item, "Scots, bi
Other nations were represented b.\
"French. 4'JH: Spaniards uud I'urtn
l-'uese. i:>: Hit Iln tl*, 110: Dutch. '.'.iDi:
Bnrgundlanu. 41: Dunes,2; I.legeolu, i ���
hnir on  his  bum!.- I'liiinUclpliiu
iidicated.   The rest of
pn  wns proved at the
len. They both con-
id and sentenced
Blinnl tbat
Big  League Itepartee.
Tbe   buselinll   llill.UltU.HI   inspected
ypplicillil lor ll Job
"Well, young mail," he nsked. "whal
enn yon do?"
"I can do something no otlier pllebet
run I'm n vetitriiotiuUt. 1 cun throw
toy  voice."
"NothiiiR doing, my son. Tbe umpire would <'iill u buwl on you every
Her Coatume.
"Mni1e." nsked lhe stnr of her mnld
gn/.lim perplexedly nt her reHeetlmt In
the mirror, "wbnt wns I nbout lo do
step  Into  the   bath tub  en-  go  on   I lie
singe y
Mnrie shrugged ber shoulders "Don
can I tell? Mademoiselle Is dressed
'or either."���Judge.
Making Good.
Tbe finest-When I asked yon If you
hnd clven me u unlet room you snld
thnt after 9 o'clock I could hear a pin
drop, and now I tind It's right over u
iHiwlimr ulley. The- Night Clerk-
Well, can't yon heur 'etu drop?- lit-
A�� Far as Ha Had Traced It
"Can you tell me where Ibis rond
lends to7" nsked Ibe mnn In the automobile.
"Xo." replied the farmer. "1 understand you enn reach Chlcngo by foller-
ln' It. but I couldn't tell you whei*''It
goes to ufter thnt."���Chicago ltecord-
Paw Knew.
Wlllle-Paw,  what Is n telling situ
atlon?    l'aw���Any occasion when twe
or moro women meet���Cincinnati Iin-
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and
���Ubertu, the Yukon Territory, the
North-weft Territories and in a per
tlon of the province or British Columbia, may be leased tor a term ot twen
fy-one years at an annual rental cl
.1 an acre. Not mure than 2.500 acre:,
will be leased to one applicant.
Application lor a lease must be
made by tbe applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the distric;
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tracf applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant hi in-
Bach application must be oceom
panted by a fee of %7> which will be
refund!d if tbe rights applied for arc
not available, but not Otherwise, /*
royalty shall be na!d on the merchantable output of the mine at tbe rati
of five  cents  per ton.
The persoi) operating th<j tnlue shall
furnish lhe Agent with sworn' return-
accounting for rile <nll 'quantity, c'
Merchantable coal tn'lned and p.ty tin
-oyalty thereon. If the co'il mining
rlxlit.i aie not being operated Buch re
turns should be l'uniiiibed at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the cnal m:n
:t !���; rights only, but tbe leasee v/111 b.
Ki'nitlrd (o purchase whatever avail
���ble Bur tace rights may be cdnSldored
necessary fer tie working of tho lnine
U the rate of $10 un acre.
For full I--formation application
should be mnde to thn Secretary of
'.he Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion  1 ands.
Depii'v Mlo'ster of tbe Interior
N.  II. ��� Ht.ai thor!. e.d   publication  Oi
thli  advertisement  v 111  not  be  paid
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
or*ics��� i �����*�������� o m*"*
leat Jarket
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
2M   Sixth  Avenue. Phone 517
Three Through
Trains Daily
With  TourlBt.  Pulman,  Dir.lng and
Observation Cars.
Toronto Express 8.J2 a.m.
Imperial Limited 8.10 p.m.
Soo Cxpress 2.45 p.m.
New  Weatmlnster
Or H.  W.  Urodle, O.P.A.,  Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Lulu Isfand
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 858.
Room 4 Traoo Block
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
The News before
Labor to keep alive In your brenM
thnt little spark of celentlnl tire called
couscieuce.���Ueorge Washington.
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Sole agrent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral W;ter.",    Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
Telephone R 111   Ofllce:  Princess 8t
TWEED, IRISH 8ERQE, etc., Just
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seut!e 10
a.  in. ana  11  p.  m
Leaves Vancouver for N'aualmo I
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and ��� Northern Putuu in i>. -ni.
Leaves    Vnncouver   every Wednesday ut 10 p.m.
Cliilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Cliilliwack 7 a.m. Tueaday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster,
O. P. A.. Vancouver
AU   work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
903  Dublin  Street. Pbone 984.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge. Apply Secretary,
61S Columbia 8t. Phone 251,
sf Wednesday, October it, 1912.
For the Children
iasket  Ball  player
Trying For a Goal.
From Which Some Modern Morals
May Be Drawn.
Photo br American Press Association.
The vacation season Is one of Joy
nnd activity for most young people-
Tbe school grind being over snd the
thought of . study banished for 'tbe
time permit the pursuit of health and
pleasure in Held, forest, mountain and
by tbe seaside. Games and sports of
course occupy tbe youthful mind for
tbe most part and each Individual
bas ample time to Indulge in his or ber
favorite pastime. Baseball, swimming
and fishing usually are fun enough
for any boy, while girls, although fond
of tbe water, nre not so partial to
baseball. Basketball, however, remains
s popular gnme with tbe girls and ls a
flue outdoor exercise. The snapshot ot
a girl trying for a goal was taken in a
New York park.
Bunch of Ivy.
This game i.s phiyed by an odd number and Is more fun if a good many
play, say thirteen or fifteen.    Choose
partners and let there be one odd one.
(Tbe (.'iris kneel, and each one's partner, presumably a boy, takes ber band
Iind to tbe tune of some familiar, lively
Isoug circles round ber as in a dance.
One of the girls (tbe leaden suddenly
says. "Wbat time does the king cume
rbome?"   The circling continues, while
itbe odd player suys, "At I o'clock." ��r,
"At 2 o'clock," or any hour she chooses.
Tbe   girl   leader   then   says.   "What
does he bring with blm'/"    Tbe extra
player answers. "A bird." or. "A dower." or. "A diamond." or anything else
she may  think of. but  when be sny*
thnt the king brings home "A hunch or
ivy" all the boys musl start off und ruu
around the outside of the ring as many
times as the girl leader has said bnurs
of the clock���once If 1 o'clock, twice If
2 o'clock, aud so on. and buck each to
Ills imrtner.   The one getting lank to
Ids partner last loses bis place, and tbe
extra boy takes It, tbe loser becoming
the odd one.
Gams ef Initials.
A leader Is llrst chosen who begins
tbe piine by addressing to any player a
remark whose words begin wltb the Initials of that player's mime In their
proper order or some epithet beginning witli those Initials. The othera,
one hy one, address ihe same player io
like manner. Whenever ihe player
wbo Is addressed cau answer one of
the others wilh a sentence or epithet
beginning wltb the hitler's Initials I ***���
fore the next player speaks, then all
lhe players muat address tbe one so
answered, nnd ao the game goes on
Kor instance, if a player's Initials
are A. E. R. he may be addressiil as
"an exquisite lienuty," "an early bird."
"apple iiitlng brother." etc.
As all may uot lie familiar with every ones Initials. It would facilitate
tbe game If each one hud his or her Initials plainly written and pinned on bis
shoulder in open   'uht.
A similar game ,< Unown In tier-
many, wbere It Is called r*NoniHtwt��l��l'*
(uame piuyi
which >
A List of Nevers.
tbillk of distant objects when
to some one.
attempt to tell^ti story wltb
liu arejuot well acquainted
copy tbe manners of III bred
whisper  when  out   lu  combe aggreaslv* tn conversation,
slight an older person.
show   off   your  accomplish-
mnke boast of clothes.
use profane language,
barm any of Ood's creatures,
quarrel with your famllv.
qtiufrtl with nnybody.-Pbll*
The Ssnslttve Plant
Oh, ths aenalllv* plant
I* awfully qOMrt
If you lust lightly toufh B
It ihrlnMa up with f**t.
lt reams to trow timid
Kmm living *ach Ast
ny th�� big tiger i��y.
So (tenia anil ��i> gay.
su*** you'd ba trlghtmad-
I would, don't you ***.
It a big yellow tiger
Lived nest door to me!
���Hit. Nleholi
Mew the threwd Peasant Saved HI
Cow's Skin���Ths Lamb Pose a Paver
For  the   Pox   and   Oaat���Tha  Wise
King and ths Stssp Hill.
[Copyright.  1(12.  by  Associated  Literary
ONE day the peasant found bis
cow dead in tbe fleld. and bia
lamentations soou brought tbe
lion, tbe bear, tbe wolf, tbe
byena and the Jackal around blm to
offer consolation. Each one of tbem
bad observed that It wns too. too bad,
and tbat he stood ready to render suy
assistance In bis power; when Ibe peasant ceased Ma walling and remarked:
"Although my < ow Is dead and lbe
loss Is great, I must bestir me to save
ber hide. By selling tliat I cau somewhat reduce my loss."
Tbe various animals licked tbeir
chops and agreed with him, and be
looked around and continued:
"1 shall have to gu fo my hut for my
knife, and meanwhile wblcb of you
sbnll 1 leu re In clflirge of Ibe carcass?"
Tbe Hon at ouce culled attention to
bis well known record of honesty and
rouiiD ms cow dead im thr field.
good faith, and he was followed by
all lhe others In turn, and when (he
last bad spoken the peasantjsaid:
"Since you are all so honest It would
lie Invidious to select a single oue over
Ihe othera. I will therefore leave the
whole lot of you In charge."
This he did. and upon bis return
found things as lie hnd left Ihem. Every beast cried mil Its faithfulness and
demanded its recognition. Inn as the
peasant flourished his knife and made
rendy for work he aald:
"Had there lieen one of you the cur
cuss would have heen e.-Hcn and the
hide rendered worthless hefore my return, ll was In watching each other
that you were compelled to lie honest.
mul therefore none deserves reward."
Moral.���The peasant might have lei
them quarrel over lhe tall and the
horns, but It's a sure thing that tbe
man who Is watched most closely la
the most honest.
The Fox and the Goat.
It happened tbat the I'm and tbe
Coat met behind the stables oue day.
and, wltb an anxious look on bis face,
the (lout observed:
"My dear Fox, 'yon came Just In
time I am suspicious tbat there are
Wolves about"
"Iki?" queried the Fox, "And In
wbat way run I iw of aervtcr to yon?"
"If you will only cross the Held to
those bushes you will s��y trucks In the
snow. Aa near as I can make out, they
are the trucks of WoIvcm."
"I haven't n tloub! of It"
"But why not go and see and make
"Hecnuse I have no desire lo lie ent
en b.v lbe Wolves May I suggest thai
you take a walk yourseir and carefully
i xauiine the truck*?"
"I-I would rnilier be excused My
father waa eaten liy Wolves, yon know
nml I hare no doubt that II hurt tils
feelings "
"Then It looks fo me ns If nothing
could be done." iwltt the Pus after
"No, I don't sei' that we can do any
thing." mused the Honl.
"littles* we called upon the l.iiinti"
"Ah. Ihat migbt dol Ves. I thlnklhe
Lamb would be willing to oblige us."
The l.nml��. having been called up
from Ihe Held and the cniiie staled to
hint, nl once niitioiiiiccd Ills willing
ness to Investigate the tracks nml H-'t
off rit i>u����. He iqiecdlly found and
'followed litem Into Ihe Hushes, and ��
minute inter his bleats or distress
proved Hint the Coat's suspicions had
been correct
"Wi'dl. tliey must hnve lieen Woir
track*," said Hie Fox.
"For sure." replied the (lost.-
And then they winked nt each other,
nnd Iheir fai-es look on a look or
peaceful contentment, J
Mornl.-Wlieii you are In doubt let
the other fellow burn bis Angers.
Inhabitant* of rbe rfflngw of crow Vot* j
ners. The mate Inhabitant)) number i
flfty. and every one lias slgiwd n.�� , ;J
"Vo tliey want tbeir tuxes renilttedr
"Nu.r. your highness. Thel* trtlU^p,
as perhaps yon may recall. I* ajttinirt
on the hither aide of l^lug hill? Owing
to the sleepneas of this hill ibe tMs��*r*
cau only (tut balf a load on their asses /
wbeu coming lo market. Tbey eoni-
plulu that this Is u great hardship to
tbem. and we muat see that It Is so."
"Y*s, lf�� ea��y to see ihat. uiiil rou
go  out  tbere  this  afternoon  and 'sea
wbat can be done about It. - 1 want m, 1
people tu uiidersland  tbnt  tbey  lmve
only to'appeal to me to bave anything
righted.   Spread It on as tblck us you
can about my being a fatherly sort of
a cbap and looking upon them us my
Murphy rode out to tbe Tillage and
bad an audience wltb the people, and
upon bis return be reported to tbe king:
"Tbe state of affairs Is as described
In tbe petition, O highness! Tbe bill la
a mlle long and a balf mile bigh and
tbe stoutest of nsses can hardly carry
a pack of flfty pounds."
"Well, wbat are you going lo do about
"The only thing tbat can be done Is
to grade tbe bill down to (be level of
tbe highway." j
.  "And the coat?"
"Something like a million sequins."    j
���'.leruslia!   Wbat did you promise the
, villagers':" t
"That I would report to you. and tliat *
In your love and wladom yon would du;
the right thing.    I don't see how you j
are going lo do It. tbougb.    We can't
spare a tentli part of Ibat money."
"Murphy," said the king after looking at bim for a long miuuie. "you are
an Irishman, aren't yon'/"
"The same.4) king."
"And you.csme right from Cork to
take this Joii?"
"I did."    |
"Well, you have Ibe thickest bead ot
any Irishman I ever met up witb. 1
often wonder why 1 pay you HftOQ
scudi a year."
"You don't. O ruler. You simply
agreed to pay me that sum."
"It amounts to tbo same thing In tbe
king business. If 1 was to pay you
every month 1 should Isirrow your salary, nud yon would lie uo better off.
As to tbis bill question, however, it's'
a wouder to me (hat you couldn't see
tbe proper and only thing to do."
"But 1 thought 1 did. your highness."
"Shucks: Here nre nbout MO villagers living on (he farther side of a
long, steep hill. Tbat hill Is a uulsance
and a detriment to them."
"And must lie graded down, yonr
"There's your thick skull again. It's
a wonder to me how you ever found
your way around your native town. I
want you to go back to Crow Corners
tomorrow nnd hum every houae to the
"Yonr majesfv!"
"And. when the Inst one hns lieen
constimiil tell the |>eople to found a
new village on this side of the hill.
That does nwny wdth lhe hill, ns far
as they nre concerned, nud we don't
have to pay n cent for grading. Sec?
Co soak your head, old man, nnd take
n few lessons In running the king's
Mor.il.-When you wnnt to get some
thing for nothing send in n petition.
a f��tri
ym bswa played Hamletr
lowlongr "Well, I've play-
ong as an hoar and a half
��."���Washington Herald.
Jcian-Wbat la the next
bring before the American
Tb* Voter���Ther hare had
enough. What they waat la
I 22
10:60���Vancouver vU Q.
i-l hope my call haa nol
Miss Keen���Oh, no.   I in-
ally  strong  constito-
t Transcript.
Mlss Pert, too
looking for a husband, and bera I've
8h��fHeve you?    Well, now you're
turned down.���Baltimore American.
���what Is a vacation T
Delight's annual goal-
Time's most fleeting portion
Marked down by a relL
���Cleveland Plata Dealest
"Why don't you take s part In pofr
"I never take a part In anything,1*
replied Mr. Dustln Stai. "My ml* li
all or nothing"���Washington Star.
Missionary-Why do yon look nt flM
ao Intently?
Cannlbal-I am tb* food Inspector/-!
, la tatenewd sad * hosM kaow
i about the woaderful
tSahUat Utta
Ask roar
It Itbe
tbe MA
RVtL, accept no
otber, but eend sumo for Hli
trsted book-eesled. It gives
PwttcnUn zttit directions I mmi
General Asante for fsasSa
N.  R.
11:46���Burnaby Lake  and   Vancouver via B. C. B. K... 7:4b
16:46���Vancouver   via   0. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).14:20
".to���Vancouver via B. C  E. K.
(daily except Sunday;. 11.-If
(2:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally exeept Sunday).16.W
i��:0O���Vnncouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).2v:��*i
10-.oa���Port liana  tdally except
Sunday) 9.45
O-.SO���uarnaton Inlands arrives
Tueaday, Thuraday an*
Saturday,   and   leavea
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday   14:00
I   1:40���Victoria rlsB.CE.  R.
I (daily except Sunday). 11.16
10:60���Victoria vta O. N. R.
1 (daily except Sunday).20:30
118:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily exeept Sunday)  16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
rrtdsr)        14:0C
il: 16���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine (dally except
Sunday)  |:M
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,   -
Matsqui,      Huntingdon,
���tc.   (daily except Sunday)  22:00
16:16���Hall's Pralrle, Wtum Ridge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) .. .... 9:46
t6:16���United SUte* via O. N. R.
(dally exceot Sunday)..16:0'
9:26���All   points east and   Europe  (daily)        .. 7:45
9:26���Sapperton and FTaser
Mills      dally      except
Sunday)    7:40
19:30���Sapperton     and     Fraaer
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)    14:16
10���All   points  oast and Et    .
rope (dally) -4\
9:26���Coquitlam (dally except
12:00���Central Park, MeKay and
Edmonds (daily escep*
Sunday)  11.16
10:00��� L*dner,    port ' Oulchon,
Westham Ialand, Bori
VlUa   14:W
13:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday* ..3. ,,..12:00
IS:S0���Tlmberland (Tuesday add
JYlday)   18:80
10:00���Annieville  and  Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .14:30
l��:��k~-Vancouver, Piper's gld-
*�������  *a    o.    M.    R.
b. c. E. r. (Mender
Wednesday    and    Friday  9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tueeday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day      14:00
20:40���Chilliwack Ida B. C. E. R.
(dally exeept Snnday). 17:80
ll:2fr-Chllltwack, Milner. Mt.
f slHWi Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle. Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, Booth
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station.
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (daily except
Sunday)'...  9-:00
11:20���Abbotaford,   Huntingdon.
via B. C. E. R. (daily
exceot Sundav) 17:20
20:40���Cloverdale   vta   B.C.E.R.
(dally except .Snnday).17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla .... 23:00
Important to Grocers and Consumers ,y
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
Not Likely.
OiMiir Cudrrwnod'fella of a colored
Buhl-art proprietor down lu Alabama
whi* wns iwlttiil about the habit bl."
howl* had uf letting Its tongue hans
out ���*
���That's nit right" anlil the colored
man "lie IuiI'k Ida tonirne thnt away
t�� l����*|> hlm from utiimUlln'."      /
"Ke��*|i blm frum utinnbliiiB?" repeat-'
<*d the white folk* nmckliiirly. "tlow'x
tbnt iroliiB to prevent stumbling?"
"Wby." aald the nxhman. ������mln't y'all
wm* ��>f that hiaw was to atimihle lir'd
lilt* lib) tongue off. i-ahhyln' tt tbe way
be do. An' yo' know th' ain't nu Inm*
gittn* f dellber'tly bite his tongue off."
-Philadelphia Public U-dier.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and fot the convenience of tht
Canadian trade we have established Distributing {Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver    (
Canadian Milk at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Learn the Difference
���tiiiiiiun 111 niiiiMif
Tbs Cynical Philosopher.
It la bant for a man tn he an <
habitual optimist without crest- ;
lug Ibe Ittlpiwwlitii that*be la not ���
very Mmnuigiiiy Informed.- ',
Washington War.
1 I I ���!��� I I N I II I l>H'l 11 H I 1114
Counsel Per \ha Oat*nt*. .
At ii little gathering of illHllligulshH1
men of letters at ibe Comim* Hub re
eently ne|irenmuatlvo Slayden ot Hat
Attionio. Tex. ��\m called ell tA give a
cliori mik. lie was wholly bli|iie|iared
and mild au. of riiiirMK, ua nmxl iniblli
n|ieiikiia du "ilenllenieii." began llir
'IVxiix I'oiigrenaiuiin. "I hardly know
where to begin, ami If I knew what I
Intruded In wiy when I elrtered tlili>
room I reruilnly have forgotten it now
"Oh. give ua something In defense ol'
nrt." whispered a friend near by.
-All right." auld Hhiydeu.   "What's
lhe liidlniueiiiY"-Purls.
Try Mooney's Biscuits with all the rest.
See how much more flavory .crisper Mooney's are.
Their superiority is due to our painstaking
methods���our modern facilities ahd using the cost
Hest materials.   We get the finest cream and butter
from the famous Western  Ontario farms because
we pay top prices.   Our flour Is a special blend.
Yet they cost no more than common kinds.
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas
Canada's?$Und.Vrd Soda Crackers
Speaking to the King.
On n certain ini'iisloii the king's royal aevretar.v ������nteriNl lib* master'* presence with n paper In Ills hand, and bis
idlw looked up fnmi the novel he was
reading mill <|uetied:
-Wed. Wbat la It this timer '
"A petition, your majeatj. from tbs
The Hurry Call.
The Lieutenant ~Uet Into the WSgoB
quick, you lellows*. This la a hurry
up rail, probably a daylight mbttery.
And tbey wero greeted live minutes
later with tbla:
Mra. Alluerve'-I'm so glad you rtiroe,
offlcer. I've Just flfteen minutea to
cnlcb a train, ami I bad to have aome
one to hook tue np In the back.
New te th* Svaln***.
"The conductor must lie a new *n4
lne\|ierleiiiieil man" , ..      ��
"Why dojrou think *oT" -fi
"Ile  announce* the name* W tht
atreeta an dlxtlnctly that I ran udder
���Hatid Mm every Um*."-Cblcaf 111**
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodes are made in our large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splendid building with its hundreds of skilled employees���each an
expert in his line���we createthis delicious and nourishing biscuit
After these biscuits leave the ovens and while they are
still piping hot, with all their oven'aroma, they are packed
in dust and damp-proof packages.   We even ship them in
our own private cars.   No other biscuit manufacturer
does this. ,
So they reach your table���whole, flaky, and
Try them today.   At yoqr grocer's.
The Mooney Biscuit* Candy Co., Ltd.,
 ' ' ���**������ 'V|    ���'" '���   ������ ..if*^**
��� ��� ��� *'jW', "OIM *\ W.i^y**
lies have
ft women
at'Present Attend the City
lng of a short but stirring address on
the battle of Trafalgar and Its hero.
The committee ln charge of the arrangements ls as follow*: .President
r'B. *i. Walker, Messrs. 3. A. Oadds, F.
and C. furvis, C. Hanson, James H
j)uucan/ secretary
nd R3��fW of the
krpttt��>iB~~f at the meeting .tp assure
t 0�� orfanlsers of the concert of   the
i sappcrr* of their lodge*-
ment are unlimited.
Grand Trafalgar Day concert ln the
.St. Patricks hall on Monday evening I ��� _
securing good positions, \ at 8 o'clock.   Tickets 2B centB.     ������    \ T
, _.   . .     . , 1.' More than two thousand boys   and
advance-1    A Thanksgiving supper and cpncetU girls will be attending the Weitmln
wlll be held ln the Knox Presbyterian  eter  schools dally   before  Chrlkmab
(church, Sapperton, on Priday evening, (time, according to a prediction mado
opportunities   tor
the supper to start-at 5:30, and close
��� j at 8 o'clock, the concert to follow.
Modern Business School
Principal and Manager.
610 Columbia St.
Phone 853
Tlleiv;  rr.
Fraser Hotel
Meal* at all hours.  We serve
the best tlie market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
Edmonds* wood
Phone R Wll, W. A.
and   coal
The most comfortable rooms in the
c'ty;   hot ami cold  water and steam
radiator In eacn.
Finest wlftes amd spirits dispensed
at the bar. a^l llrst class cafe run in
Phone   186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
This New Residential Hotel
and cold'
by steam throughout.   Hot
���water* and    Telephone   ln
every room,
Cafe and^iiOfig room in connection
second to'hdliein the city.
The best accommodation in New
Everything Modern and Up-To-Date
SPR&OLfe BROS., Props.
8th Street New Westminster.
from  B.C.E.
,,"    Stations.
and C.P.R.
It Will
Pay You
to trade With us, when you remember
that we fix u.i   to    your    satisfaction
every reasonable complaint. Anything
you get from us not as represented or
as it 6hould'be we are only too pleased to make it right.    For example, we
replace    any     unsatisfactory     Tooth
Brush for nothing, and  this rule applies to every article in the store. Our
stock is tfie fargest In the city���well
kept arnG'i/rf.to/ date In every particu
lar. '*, Tfryrrpmrtor    Drugs,    Spectacles,
Photo iB<&B*( Seeds,    Safety    Razor*,
$1.00 to"""JTZ'SDr suhdrie*.
Mr, Itankln Scott, of tbls city. Is
suffering from a severe gash lo the-
palm of his band,,due to bis axe sllp-
jlng Vhlle he was purveying near Port
Moody. While the wound la painful,
It is not expected to be serious.
/-Until further notice we caanot   re"-'
celve orders fer ooal.���Gilley Bros. ���*
One of his fingers was nearly severed when a pupil in the manual training school yesterday morning acci-
dently ran a knife between two fingers of Vernon Insley's hand. He was
removed to the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Insley.
Don't forget tbe opening of the Nut
Shell tea rooms this afternoon. All
are welcome. ���* ���
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Easton and Mr.
J. A. Dadds will leave this morning
to attend the Lethbridge Dry Fanning
convention. The gentlemen will represent the Progressive association'.' II
Is understood that Mr. Stuart Wade is
also going from this city.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
?ood bread. Eighth street Bakery
Telephone 281. ���*
Six drunks were scheduled to appear before Magistrate Edmonds in
police court yesterday morning, but
only four put in an appearance, two
of those arrested forfeiting $5 bail.
Two others were fined $2.50 and
costs, one was ordered to leave town,
and the sixth man was released with
a slight reprimand.
John Connor, erstwhile referred tc
as "CofTee Jack," who Is scheduled to
appear at the coming assizes on u
charge of wounding Charles Gibb with
intent to disable on September 27.
was admitted to bail on his own
recognizance of $4000 and two securities cf $2000 each, yesterday afternoon
by Registrar J. J. Cambridge.
Trafalgar Day concert under auspices of Overseas club and other local
organizations, Monday evening. Octo
ber 21. * ������
The Harvest festival supper and
concert held in St. Barnabas Anglican
church last nisht was a most enjoyable affair. There was a Rood crowd
iu attendance despite the inclement
weather. The tables were very pretty
and the auditorium was tastefully
der-crated. After the supper a dance
was held by the young people of the
A number of the tenants of the big
Westminster Trust block are moving
into their new quarters, though ths
building is not quite completed as
yet. Among those who shifted yesterday were Metisrs. Sherriff & Co.,
"���ealtv brokers, and the Westminster
Progressive association. The former
business will in future be designated
T. D. Sherriff, rooms 405 and 406.
The Leaders Corps of the Young
Men's Chtistan Association held theii
annual meeting last night. The fol
lowing were elected as officers for the
ensuing year: President, It. V.
Walker; vice-president, D. J. C. Mc
Donald; secretary-treasurer, G. Whittaker; representative, J. L. Horn. It
was decided to hold a gymnasium ex-
hi b I tlon some night during the latter
part of November.
Forty members of tbe local branch
of the Knights of Columbus will jour
ney over to  Vancouver on a specia)
B. C. E. R. car on Friday evening.at
7 o'clock,  to assist    tlie    Vancouver
members of the lodge   In    receiving
Suprene Knight of the Order James
A. Flaherty, of Sew Haven, Conn. Mr
Flaherty is making an official visit to
the Canadian councils ;uid  is scheduled to arrive in the Terminal   City
on Friday.
yesterday by Mr. L. Avory Whltn, sec l
retarget the school board. Mr. White I
bases his forecast on the most    remarkable growth that has occurred in
the school population since the opening of the fall term.
According to the figures the highest
attendance during September was
1DHD pupils, as compared with 1823
for the corresponding period of last
year. ThU shows an increase of
160 pupils, or 8.75 per cent., wblcb Is
'much beyond even the most sanguin-i
expectations of the scbool board secretary. An even more remarkable ad
vance is siiown when the figures for
September are compared with those
for June this year before the summer
vacation. The daily attendance during June was 1705, or 284 students
less than during last month. At the
opening of the fall term 260 more
children attended than previous to
the vacation, the balance being made
up during the month.
To the great regret of the school
trustees thi employed young men and
ladies of. the city are treating with J
whieh It is proposed
ahort time. Only six applications for
membership ot the classes have been
received eo far and if an additional
fourteen are not in before Thursday
the date of the closing of the applications, the night school idea will be
thrown up entirely.
With a program  ot  speech,  recitation and song   the   teachers   of   the
city's schools and the school trustees
Joined hands last night ln a "get ac-
i quainted" Bocial.    From beginning to
I end the function, which was held ln I
the kindergarten room of the Central |
school, was replete    with   fun   and
pleasure and every person in attend
ance appeared to enjoy to the utmost
ihe proceedings of Uie evening.   The
room  was .Very  tastefully  decorated
for tbe occasion and a special orchestra provided the necessary harmony.
Mr. F. O. Canfield, master ot ceremonies, started the ball rolling with
a short speech ln which he defined the
object of  the  gathering.    Mr.  T.  J.
Trapp. chairman of the school board,
iand Mr. A. Sullivan, Inspector of the
MrC t''
'       '       * ttS^'-a ��.'
O. A. Aljei
-t*mt**s-*umm':*i' ���
��� . ���  ��   ��,.
C.-Brown will"fcqtfl'recelvs
on Thursday. T'
��� ���   ��� ,, J
Mrs. Cheever, Queens Court, will receive on the third Thursday of each
month, starting In November.
* *    *
A jolly surprise party took place at
the home of Mrs. W. J. Scott, 423
Twelfth street, Monday evening.
About twenty young folk were there
and an enjoyable evening was spent
In music and games, Before the
guests departed a flashlight photo was
taken of tbe group.
schools, also delivered addresses, but
as the meeting waa not for that purpose the speeches were of short duration.
Every song and recitation rendered
during the evening was par excellence and the contributors to the program were encored repeatedly. A
stirring solo was given by Mr. R. Cullen and two recitations by Mr. W. H.
Gray were greatly appreciated, as
was also one by Mlss Peebles.
The evening was brought to a close
I antipathy .the night schools L^ ^ Berrl      0, refreshments
It ls proposed to start   In   tfl        **%* 3
Three Hindoos Charged With Assault Muat Face Higher Court.
As a result of the battle royal
among several Hindus employed in
the Small & Buckl'n Mill last Saturday night, three of the turT>aned gentlemen were committed for trial by
Magistrate Edmonds in the police
court yesterday morning. A feature
of the case appeared when the Magistrate ordered the complaining witness to leave the courtroom and
clean up. He appeared with a band
age around his head, and the same
blood-stained shirt he had on when he
rceived the wound in his head.
Hari Singh, Lal Singh and Ganesha
Singh are the three Hindus who are
"harmed with assault occasioning
bodily harm, and four witnesses are
held in default of $1000 bonds to appear against them. The preliminary
'���earing yesterday brought out conflicting stories, both from the polio"
and from the Hindus who testified
bt't Magistrate Kdmonds decided
there was sufficient evidence to warrant investfeation bv a higher court.
Mr. C. L. Fillman, of Vancouver, represented Hari Singh, and the other
two had for counsel Mr. J. P. Hampton Bole, of this city. B. L. Verma,
of Vancouver, acted as interpreter.
Cebolla, Colo., Oct. 15.���The body
of Howard Carpenter, Colonel Roose-
j velt's guide to the Gunnison country
I a few years ago. was reported today
I found at the bead waters of Elk creek,
I 70 miles west of Gunnison, after a
I sen reli for him of two weeks.
The flesh   virtually   was   stripped
| from t^e bones.   It is believed he had
been attacked by a wounded bear and
dragged into the thicket in which his
body was found.
Overseas Club Will Hold Grand Con
cert in St. Patrick's Hall.     n
Plans for a grand patriotic concert
on  Monday  nev.t,  Trafalgar Day,    to
celebrate the victory of Admiral Nelson,   were  formulated   last night  by
the Overseas club.   The affair will be
held in St. Patrick's hall, which will
be fittingly decorated for the occasion.
A special program    is    being    prepared and to make success doubly cer-
u n an effort is being made to secure
the co-operation of the Son3 of Scotland and the Native Sons. The Son.-
of England aud the  United    Servlc ���
lub have already offered their support. Prominent gentlemen or oratorical repute will be askpd to g've thc
feature event-of tbe evening���deliver
Westminster Trust Company
Notice is hereby given that a
dividend at the rate of 10 per cent,
per annum has been declared upon
the paid up Capital Stock of the Company, for the five months ending Sep
tember 30th. 1912. payable cn October
15th, 1912, to shareholders of record
of September 30th, 1912.
Owing to the changing of the dat'
for the closing of the company's financial year from April 30th fo    Marcli
31st,  the current financial jear will i
have been eleven calendar months.
By order of the Board,
New Westminster, B.C., September
30th, 1912.
Mlss Minerva A. Smith, Graduate
ot Music, has epeaed her studio at
13th avenue aad (th street. Telephone R 735. ������ \
���no other habit wlll render
the skin so smooth, allay Irritation, remove blackheads, pimples, freckles and sunburn 83
quickly. It is purely made and
possesses wonderful medicinal
properties. Use It daily, it's a
good habit.     _
Price 25c and 50c.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Bloek
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
Modern Saw Mill  Machinery
...���,..,    JOhnson Shingle   Machines
and Lath Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable In all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Many Good Positions
are open to young men and young
ladies in the Held of "Wireless" or
Commercial telegraphy. The passage
of a federal law effective October 1,
compelling all sea going vessels to be
equipped with wireless instruments,
and manned by two competent operators, has created a great demand for
young men in the wireless service.
The Morse Telegraph Company, of
Seattle, Wash., operates under direct
supervision of wireless officials and
places all graduates in positions. Il
will pay you to write for full particulars.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 442
Let us flgure with you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock of lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster sad
Crescent Valley,  B.  C.
��< rjrr
// }*>or
Curtis Drug Store
43;  L. D. 71;
Res   72
B    C.
IH     '
Syrup of White
JPine  With  Tar
made   a   name   for   itself,
failing to give quick re-
ilien the throat and lungs
(iiMidcd, guaranteed and
Until such time ns the health of
Secretary Anderson will permit him
to resume his duties. Mr. H. II. Hod
son will act as secretary of the locai
Y. M. C. A. The appointment wa*
made pt a meeting of the board of directors. Mr. Anderson haB been suf
fering from a nervous breakdown, due
to overwork. He will be away from
the city for several weeks. Mr. Hod-
sen will be in the office every afternoon.
A local automobile owner had a
rather amusing but unfortunate experience on Monday night while driv
Ing his car along tlie Vancouver road
In an effort to overtake tho auto cf a
friend. It appears that In his haatr-
be drove h's machine right up against
Uie rear wheel of the other auto and
before he had time to recover hiniBelf
he waa precipitated through Iii3 own
windshield. He secured minor In
juries to hla hand, but was otherwise
none tln> worse for hin unexpected
flight. Some slight damage was done
to the automobile.
It of Bank of
B. C.
Has Not Been Notified.
Mr. F. J. MacKenzie, M.P.P. for the
Delta district, is at a loss to understand the report which appeared   In
both the city papers this week stating
that a delegation which included himself, waH going to Victoria in the Interests of the Inter-Publicity Bureau, I
Mr. MacKenzie   stated   last   evening I
that wliile he had the Interests of the !
association  at heart,  no  person hid ;
approached him In regard to the V;c-'
toria trip as yet and  the report occasioned blm no little surprise.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can he Bought for Now
Bracelet W^atckes
^ ��� ��� '��� ���
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C.
we f
Electric Railway.
1353���FIFTH STREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1193���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
Btreet; two lots; upper side; 50x13a
all cleared and graded; price J1275
1397���53 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
C6 foot lot In gocd location; Just of
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms.
Houses To Rent
- _. t.
8IXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Hartco Street,    Modern   conveniences.
$23.00 per month.
FOUR ROOM COTTAGE, jfrd. avenue, Burnaby,  Modern conveniences.   $20.00 per month.
EIGHT ROOM HOUSE on Hamilton    street,    Modern   conveniences.
130 00 per month.
FIVE ROOM HOUSE on Tenth avenue.   $18X0 per month,
THREE ROOM  HOUSE on  13th. street.    $10.00 per month.
628 and 740 Columbie Stroet, Phone 86., New Westminster, B. C.
F. I. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,
and Marine Insurance.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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