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Westminster Daily News Jul 2, 1912

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 urge Government to
preparefor panama
Important Resolutions Passed By Representatives of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia at Calgary Conven,
tion���Westminster, the Only Pacific Port tq Make Ready*
Gets Wide Publicity.
Royal City Welcomes Sixty
Two of Britain's Captains
of Industry.
Short Notice Prevents Trip Down the
Fraser���Coming by Auto from
Miss Harriet   Quimbly and
Aviator Meet Manager
Fell Thousand Feet.
That Westminster received full recognition, in keeping with her position
as the first Pacific port to take actuai
steps of preparation ln anticipation ol
the added commerce attendant upon
the opening ot tne Panama canal, at
the recent Panama convention at Calgary, is the statement of Mr. Kenneth
Myeis, secretary of the Progresshe
association, who with Mayor Lee represented this city at the convention.
Mr. Myers returfted to the city yesterday morning, laden with ample evidences of the result of his mission in
the shape of various issues of the two
leading newspapers in Calgaiy which
contained very flattering references
of New Westminster, an J interviews
with Mayor Lee an.i himself regarding the future and prospects of the
city. In one of these ai tides fhe
News-Telegram" of Calgary, devoted
practically the entire front page to a
cut of New Westminster's proposed
. harbor, together with a comprehensive
description attached.
ThiB publicity accruing to Westminster, Mr. Myers pointed out, would
have a very far-reaching effect in
bringing before the people of the middle Canadian west, as well as those
of British Columbia, the advantages of
this city as an industrial an.1 commercial centie aad a shlpring po.t.
Trinity of Co-Operation. j con vent ion "that the time has now ar-
Two things very evident at the con-, rived when a substantial ieduction"1n
vention were the anxiety and willing-1 rates should be effected which will not
ness of the three provinces of Alber-!oniy be of greatest imiortance and
ta, Saskacbewan and British Columbia | benefit to tlie producers and consum-
to get together and take advantage ofi era 0f these ;rovinces but to the rail-
rce of the Panama, and the' wa>- companies as well.
help conditions provlling the facilities
are foithcomlng, and,
"Whereas, lt is essential that terminal facilities should he erected at
once if full advantage is to be taken
of these routes, therefore, *
"This conference of the Boards   of
Trade, municipal organizations,    and
farmers of Saskatchewan, Alberta and
British Columbia do strongly urge upon the Dominion government and upon the Board of Grain Commissioners
for Canada the necessity of at once
securing a site and proceeding   with
the erection of an up-to-date terminal
elevator with sacking and hospital facilities attached, which will be operated in the interests of the people as a
p.iblic utility and that the governments
of the thre provinces be asked to assist In presenting this matter to the
Dominion government so that speedy
action can be taken thereon, and be it
"Kesolved that this convention, composed of Boards of Tiade,vmuniqipal
organizations  and  farmers of    West
Saskatchewan, Alberta   and    British,
expresses Its deep conviction that excessive freight rates between Saskatchewan and Alberta on the one hand
and British Columbia on   the   other,
are seriously hindering and diminishing the interchange of products under
the present conditions and retarding
''eve'opment in the   three   provinces.
! and it is further tbe conviction of this
Machine    Thrown    Perpendicular   by
Gusts���Occupants  Dashed Into
Shallow Sea.
export of grain an! pioducil, StHlW
inn mm It did th�� only solution of the
present blockade question. Thlg being
the case Alberta and Saskatchewan
stood leady and willing to aid tbe Pacific ports In a development which
would be of \ital Interest to themselves.
Mayor Lee in one of his tvplcaily
enthusiast!o sreeches before the convention on Fiiday afternoon" said Mr
Myeis, "-I'ealt with the question of
grain exportation advantages possessed by the Kraser river, laying emphasis upon the fact that Westminster
was at tbe present the only Canadian
Pacific rort which had taken steps to
place herself In a position to compete
for a large portion of the Panama canal traffic."
The World and Westminster.
In tfae hall where the convention
was held two maps were displayed upon the wall. One of these was of the
world while the other was of New
Westminster harbor scheme, and In
this way as well as in eveiy other
throughout the duration of the convention New Westminster received
more prominence than either Prince
Rupert or' Vancouver.
At the close of the convention May
or Lee put up a gallant fight to get
the Panama delegates to meet next
year ln this city anl a motion to thi;
effect was seconded by Mr. R. B. Atkins, representative from Revelstoke.
The motion however was lost when
an amendment wns put which left the
matter to the executive to deal with.
Speaking of the results of the con-
venion Mr. Myers said that with the
co-operation of the trinity of provinces
to the ultimate pieparedness of ports
for shipping on the western coast,
would come the aid of the Dominion
Government who were far more like
ly to listen to the representations of
three provinces than one. To further
the purpose of the convention a regular association had been formed in
order that tbe oblective aimed at
might not be lost sight of. Mr. L. P.
Strong, president of the allied Boards
of Trade of Western Canada, had h/sen
chosen to head this organization. One
vice-president was appointed fiom
each province interested. Mr. E. H.
Heaps being the representative from
British Columbia, while Mayor Lee of
this city was a member of the executive or governing body.
Resolutions Favor City.
A number of the Important .resolutions passed at the convention which
affect and favor New Westminster
were as follows:
"Whereas steps have been taken by
the various interests to inaugurate the
system of western shipping of grain
"Whereas, lt ts recognised that with
the rapid development of the west the
present channe's for marketing grain
will soon be completely blocked, a conservative estimate giving tbe wheat
crop of western Canada alone at 250,-
000,000, and,
"Whereas, the development of the
Pacific coast ports and nil other western routes would tend to relieve the
congestion in Alberta and West Sas
katchewan by providing facilities that
would be available the whole year
round, and,
"Whereas the grain export, business
by the Pacific routes will materially
iu view of tbe export trade
Panama rum'u ui
congestion of the eastern route re-
��� Bttlngr In heavy loss to tbe farmers
and to the whole population of Canada, the Dominion government be urged to give Its best attention to anv
plans approved by its engineers and
endorsed by the municipalities im-
meliately interested that will tend to
relieve the above situation.."
Westminster Prepared.
Speaking in referenece to the last
named resolution Mr. Myers pointed
out that as Westminster was at the
present time the only Pacific port that
had actually piepared plans of this nature lt practically meant that the entire convention went on record as
asking the Dominion government to
give its best attention to the harbor
plans of- Westminster.
in concluding the interview Mr. Myers stated that he hnd been particularly impressed with the importance
of this city being represented on al
occasions of this nature because on1
of the results of the convention had
been to give Westminster a greater
amount of desirable publicity than she
could have achieved ln any other way.
About half past eight last night
telegrams were received in Westmln- j
ster by the publicity commissioner
and the secretary of the Progressive
association, bearing the newa that the
sixty-two members of the delegation
of British manufacturers who are now
touring Canada had de-cided to include
New V\ estminster in their itinera] y.
The wiie was sent by Mr. Leonard
Palmer, of the Financial News, of
London, from Glacier, and stated that
the manufacturers would be delighted
to accept the invitation tendered them
by the city, and to fall in with the
plan i>: oposed to them at Calgary,
namely, that they should embark on
a steamer at Mission Junction, an'd
lunching on her, proceed down the
Praser to the Royal City.
At once all wires in town that lead
to boats here, or even In Vancouver,
were busy, but despite the best efforts
of the two lecipients of the telegrams
nothing in this line could be arranged
at Euch short notice, and on the
night of a publlc holiday. Therefore
an alternative plan was finally decided upon.
Tlie train bearing this important
party will be met at Mission by Mr.
C. H. Stuart Wade ani Mr. Kenneth
Myers, who will travel with the pacty
to Westminster Junction. Here u
fleet of automobiles will be in readiness and in this manner the visitors
will pass CO'iuitlam, the Fraser Mills
and other industries, and on to the
city, thus being enabled to ge>t a com
'���reheiisive vie.v of the activities on
the Eraser's banks, and the sights of
will lunch informally
Terrible Disaster Befe.ll Saskatchewan City on Sunday-
Houses and Buildings Wrecked���Many Persons Still
Missing���Martial Law Proclaimed���Relief for Sufferers
Organized���Worst Now Known.
This.party of lisltors is by far the
most influential that has ever visited
thia country. It includes what may
well be termed all the leading "captains of industry" in the. old land.   II
tfbston, Mass., July 1.���Mlss Harriet
Qufmby.'of New Yoik, the first woman
to win an abator's license in a mei :**,
and th�� flr8t woman to cioss *lv2 b.ug-
Hah channel in an aeroplano, wus Instantly kilb'.l this evening witn V.i-r
passenger, W. A. Willard, mauni; r oi
the Boston aviation meet at Mluniie,
whtn her Bleriot monopiar.-j rell into
Dorchester huy from a hei jb* of a
thousand feet.
The accident happened wiiVi Miss
Qulmby anl Willard were re'urit'.r.p.
from a trip over Boston harbor to
Boston Light, a distance of twenty
miles in all. The flight was raids 'n
twenty minutes. Thc Bleriot, one of
the latest models of military mono-
plans, circled the aviation field and
soared out over the Savin Hill Yacht
club*, just outside the aviation
Thrown Out.
Heading back Into the eight mile
?usty wind. Miss Quimby started to
volplane. The angle was too sharp
and one of the gusts caught the tail
of the monoplane, throwing the machine up perpendicular. For an Instant
It poised there. Then sharply outlined
against the setting sun, WillarJ wa3
thi own clear of the chassis, followed
almost immediately by Miss Qulmby.
HurtMnj over and over, the two
figures shot downward, striking the
water twenty feet from shore.
Tbey splashed out of sight a secend
before the monoplane plunged down
flfteen feet away.
It was low tide and the water was
only five feet deep.
Men from the yacht club, in motor
boats, were on the spot quickly and
, leaping overboil-A '.Irfcgged the bodice
��SSiH?l��i!?*V """S.tnu> whlt*i they haa \
stantaneous. ,
Both bodies   were   badly   crushed IT
Several of Miss Quimby's bones were]
broken   nnd   the.-e   were  manv  large/
Regina, July 2.���On Sunday afternoon at 4:15 a tornado struck this city
wrecking houses, mercantile buildings
and government office alike and
spreading death and disaster In Its
wake. The property loss Is as yet un-
calcuiatetl, but is somewhere In the
neighborhood of ten millions, everyone for the piesent confining their
energies to the work of rescue.
The tornado came from the south,
shook the new parliament bull ang and
I assed northward, mowing a swath six
blocks wide through the most fashionable residence district.   Houses went
down like packs of cards, and grain
elevators at the C. P. R. topplej over.
Help was rushed here lrom Winnipeg and the 150 men of the R. N. W.
M. P., together with all available cltl-  Ua^_^, "g~roce~r7"corner
zens are engaged on rescue work. To  Btree\     d K0UBrteen h avenue.
date 26 pei sons have been fount dead,
but  the coroner estimates  the  total
loss of life at 70.    Mai tial  law  has
been proclaimed, and the rescue work
goes oh.    All the houses in the city
liave thrown oi en their doors to the
sufferers, and the city has organized
relief in money and food, while campa
for refugees are being organized also.
Several persons are known to have
been on Wascana lake, five are known
at present    to have    been    drowned
there, the tornado cairying small craft
bodily in the air when it struck there.
Twenty-six Dead.
Regina, Sask., July 1.���From   all reports received, Uie worst now seems
to be known, tbe   total    number   of
casualties, the finding of Scoutmaster
Appleby between Seventh and Kighth
avenues on Cornwall street, bringing
the total up to 2V>.
hl3   wife,.
Frank    Blonkhorn    and
Bertha, born in England.
Arthur Donaldson, contractor.
Mlaa Ella Guthrie, seamstress, Barrie'* Ltd.. lived at 2134 Lorne street.
Mra. F. W. Harris, 2134 Lome
atreet, yrife of F. W. Harris, accountant Reeves & Co.
Ltturan.e R. Ho.isman, son of Jams*
R. Hodsman. 1047 Smith street.
Fred Hlndson, medical student, son
of James Hlndson, merchant, 2220
Lorne street.
Child ot Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
! Logie.
Mrs. W. T. McDonald.
Mra. Isabella McKay, resided at the
Hodsman house, 1947  Smith    stieet,.
Charles D. McKay, age 3, son of Mrs.
Isabella McKay.
Mre. Paul McElmoyle, wife of Paul
bruises.    Willard,    who
I     Both a**. \\w .MA��ra\ and C-rey Nun's
\ Ho��itUals all ��KiM��Me wpacw to, tatn
requistloned to accommodate the   in
ured. ^^^_
As stories  are" told of the coming
of the storm, the heart strings    are
James Scott. 	
Mrs. Mary Shaw, wife of Samuel D.
Shaw, 2320 Twelfth avenue, aged 50_
hon at Elgin, Ontario.
Philip Arthur Richard Steele. 1015
Rae street, aged li. father'a carpenter,
John Richard Steele.
Vincent H. Smith, real'cjstate agent,
Balgonie, found dead.
Ve Wing.
Andrew Boyd, retired farmer, formerly of Sharwood, died this morning in
Two unidentified Chinamen.
John FergiiBon, butcher, reported
dead. Is alive and being: cared for la
friend's house.
The MIMtns.
The following is a list of the m.'sslng
compiled to date:
William Bradshaw, C. P. R. checker,.
last aeen near C. P. R.
Misa Davidson, Trlnce Alber:, 2275
���������ram. . ^ftwU^. W^Uffis "*>.' '
Democratic Convention Adjourns Until
Tueaday Noon���Bryan Annoyed   f
at Clark Banner.
Baltimore, July 1.���With forty-two
ballots cast nnd Governor Wilson ln
the lead, the Democratic national con-
\ ent lon at 9 o'clock this evening took
a racess until tomorrow npon.
Some stir was occasioned in tbe
afternoon by William Jennings Bryan,
who gave voice to an indignant protest
against the action of the Missouri
delegation In planting a Clark bnnn*<
in front of hls seat.
The forty-second ballot ga.-e Cii'it
424, Wilson 409%, and Underwood lfi.
The party of G4 British
manufacturers is due to arrive In New Westminster this
morning. It will te necessary
to meet them at 11 a m. at
Westminster Junction wi'h at
least fifteen antomobllss. All
owners of cars are asked to
put them at the disposal of the
city and Progressive association for this purpose. Wltl
those able to make the trip
communicate aB early as possible with Mr. T. D. Sherriff,
phone 832. The automobiles
will have to leave here about
10 a.m.
:iuns oi   luuunirs     iu  me uiu iauu.    *��� i .      _:���    .-   -���      ���-- .      -*r-~
has   beeu  said  that  the  party  repre- j Pounds,  ht  the  water face  flj
sents a quarter of a billion dollais for/'6? sustained several fracture
sents a q ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
investment in Canada. This Is mis-
eading, but the induenrs of men such
as the member of the great shipbuilding firm of Vickers Sons & Maxim, thc
representatives; of the Birmingham
Small Arms. Burroughs & Watts, etc..
is piactically incalculable affecting as
it may, not a quarter of a billion dollais. hut many millions of pounds.
Following is the list ot the firms
represented, ai list which speaks for
Itself, many of the names being of
world-wide renown ln their different
birnrhfs of manufacture:
/ Vickers Ltd. (Sheffield, Barrow-ln-
'Fuiness and London), shipbuilders,
irmnments and munitions, explosives;
capital $40,000,000.
Wolseley Tool & Motor Co., Ltd.
fBirmingham), motor car manufacturers.
Fleet ic ft. Ordnance Accessories,
Ltd. (Birmingham).
Birmingham Small Arms Ltd. (Birmingham), small arms, cycle flttines,
igrlcnltural machinery.
Doimler Motor Co. (Coventry), motor cats.
Cammell, Laird & Co., Ltd. (Sheffield and Birkenhead), shipbuilders,
William Headmore & Co., Ltd. (Glasgow), shipbuilders, armaments.
General Electric Co.. Ltd. London
Birmingham and Manchester), electrical.
Obi am Lanu-s. Ltd. (London), electrical lamps (metal filament).
Robertson Electric Lamps, Ltd.
(London), electric lfin)pB (carbon,/Va1
ment). '^'"' *   tf
P��el-^onner Telephone Works, Ltd.
(Manchester), telephones.
Aron Electricity Meter, Ltd. (London), electricity meters.
Steel Conduits, Ltd.   (Blrmlneham).
Mather & Piatt. Ltd. (Salfod. Manchester), engineers, fire hydraulic and
mechanical. ,.
In^in Rubber. Gutta Perchn & Telegraph Works Co., Ltd. (SHveiton, London).
Blmidell Spence & Co., Ltd. (Hull),
paint, color, varnish, oil.
British Mannesmnnn Tube Co.. Ltd.
(London. S. Wales), welders' tube.
Burroughs & Watts, Ltd. (London),
billiard tables.
Peek, Frean & Co., Ltd. (London).
biscuit makers.
James Kelller & Son. Ltd, (Dundee
and London i. maimatade. chocolate,
preserved fruits.
A. . Caley & Son, Ltd. (Norwich and
Txwdon). mineral waters, chocolates
and craeVers, elder.
John Brlnsmead & Son, Ltd. (London), r'anofotte.
O. B. Kent * Sons. Lt 1 (London),
brush mnnnfactirer's.
Howell ft Co., Ltd. (Sheffield), tube
Dr.rlin'? ft Sellan, Ltd. (Keighley).
Broughton Copper Co.. Ltd.    Man-
Chester), copper smeit��rs and   manu-
John Robson (Shipley, yorks), gas,
.;  (.Continued on page tourl
. Another Aviator.
At tlje time the accident took place
another woman aviator. Miss Scott,
was flying at a height of 500 feet. She
witnessed tie catastrophe and losing
'her nerve, twice started to descend,
but could not perform the evolution
until  the second time.
Just as the aeioplane reached the
ground she cbllapsed, but was unhurt
beyond the shock.
Mis3 Qulmby was associate e.'itor
of Leslie's Weekly.
weighed   190, (ore and flTCnched by tales of suffer-
flrEt an<j   Ins revealed.
s   an1' The Dead.
Regina, July 1.���The following is
the official list of the dead compiled
up to fi o'clock this evening:
J. J. Bryan, 2155 Albert street, aged
51, manager of Tudhope-Anderson.
Scoutmaster Appleby.
George B. Craven, aged 35, born   in.
New Zealand, dairy instructor.
Discourtesy of Hindu Meets Retribution.
The boldness oi some of the Hindus
who have taken up their residence in
this province, was pictured vividly last
evening on a B. C. E. R. car between
Vancouver and this city. While a
lady passenger wag reaching for a
parcel, which was on the rack overhead, one of the Hindus stole Inio her
seat. A .white man saw the deed and
promptly asked ^he swarthy featured
Individual to vacate, which request being refused, the English' method of
fighting was resorted to. The struggle
ended with two Hindus retiring into
tlie smoking compartment, much battered up ln aprearance.
City Gay with   FlagL   and   Bunting���
Crowds Enjoyed Outing at White
.   Rock.
Fluttering flogs from the summits
of public buildings, gorgeously displayed buntlni'S, flaunted from windows and verandas, and patriotic emblems and devices displayed in the
store windows, proclaimed to all good
and loyal citizens of New Westminster yesterday morning, the advent of
Canada's forty-fifth national birthday,
and although no large public demonstration marked the anniversary its.
general observance by them was a
.Striking example that ln the mldat of
her proB'erlty and the b'istle of the
commercial present Canadians in this
c'ty have hoi forgotten tlie snlt it of
patriotism, or the duty which they
owe their country.
White Rock wsis the objective of
over a thousand holiday seekers, no
less thin elpht capacious cars drawn
by a big G. N. R. engine being utilized
,ln the special train which conveyed
I the picnickers to   their   destination
Mlaa   N.  Grief,' nurse.   Creelman.
Sask.. last heard of on Lorne street.
S. P. Jones. lOCT'Retallack street.
Robert Black,  wife and child, 125*
Hamilton street.
Saunders child.
Miss Alice Hautherly.
William Bullock.
Dummy Lobsineer, last seen at lake.
W. McDotiaall, of Lome street noi th,
and flve children.
Mra. McDougall and three children
In Grey Nun's hospital.
Mr. Havers, of city clerk's department
school boys and school girls, children
In arms, business men and merchants,
rich and poor, alike took advantage of
the cheap rates and Journeyed out in
the morning to the "Rock" which is
rapidly becoming more and more popular aa a health resort.
Last night their friends and relations waited for them at the G. N. R.
depot���the platform was crow led
even before the train came In. It was
a long wait: No, 52, the regular train
which cari ied part of the picnic party
was very late, and this kept back the
special. Some of the waiters grumbled,
some talked of the new station that
was to be, when, on occasions of this
nature, shelter would be available
from the elements. Presently, however, the lonely eye of Fifty-two's
headlight was seen piercing the murk
oi. the other side ofthe bridge. Glad
Miouts went up ag the train pulled ln.
nnd deposited about 150 tired and
happy souls���not too tired though to
sing and recount excitedly the events
of their Jay of pleasure.
Scarce before the platform had
cleared, the special with eight brilliantly lii'hted coaches pulled In nnd
the balance of the horde ot bedraggled, babbling, beaming, picnickers
foamed forth from the platform ln
rills, and waves, and regiments and
battalions. Cheers and songs rent the
echoes', night's gloom was dispelled,
and with empty baskets, but ''th
bearta full to overflowing the crowds
went along their devious ways, and
souirht their homes where stood Morpheus with his famous vial of undiluted nepenthe. Dominion Day was hat
a pleasurable memory.
Runaway   Seattle   Car   Overturns   at
Junction���Dead Man Endeavored
to Jump.
Seattle, July 1.���Motorman Geerga
C. Shinolt, aged 32, was killed and six
persons we:e Injured late today when
a street car on the Broadway line got
beyond control on tiie gra.'e near the
Junction with the East Lake line and
turned ovei' when it hit the switch at,
the Junction.
None of the Injured was dangerously
hurt. Shinolt was Instantly killed wh:
hurt. Shinolt wus Instantly killed
when the car turned over. He tried
to jump, but his body was caught in
the folding gate and the car crushed
him against the pavement.
For* Building Permits Reach $96,350���
Land  Office  $2,378.18.
The total building permits Issued
for the six months en.llng June 30
amounted to $785,028. while totals for
June alone show an amount ot $9G,350.
July is expected to be a record
month as fur as building' permits are
concerned. The $78,000 permit for the
election of the Tipperary rark high
school will be filed this month, while
permits for other schools and several
large buildings for which tenders hsve
already teen ealle:l, will roll up a total it is expected larger than that of
Contract Let. by Canadian  Lock and*
Novelty Company���Employ
' Twenty Hands.
The contract for putting up their
new factory building on 8lxth street,.
Eaat Burnaby, adjoining the Western..
Canadian Can company,  will  be let
within the next two or thiee days *5>~
the Canadian Lock and Novelty Co;.
The new industry will employ about":
fifteen or twenty men to start with,,
gradually Increasing their staff as the-
demand for their goods grows lat ger.
Itl is understood that the new bulld-
any month yet thU ;ea{j
The receipts of the Dominion Land ling will he rushed to completion ae the-
Offlce for June amount to $2,378.18. an | Comnany ia anxious to'begin   mann-
.      Increase of nearly 100 per cent, over tactuilng the new locks upant which.
OU men aud young men, wives, clevks, ^ the aame period laet year. they hold patents.
wWU��aillil p 11 nl.0AMuum �� im 'UJ/m.*, rAon two
Classified Advertising
��� ��� ���
One cent per word for day.
Four   cents   per   word   per
Xo   advertisement
for less than 25c.
Birth,  death  and   marriage
notices 50c per insertion.
��� ���������
��� ,
��� I
��� I
dav for house cleanins. Apply to
P. A. Jackson, Ellis Block, opposite
Post Office, City.
Suitable for city t'entleman, with
first class boar.l. Apply, Mrs. R. F\
Turney, 703 Third avenue,   corner
7th street.
South Westminster, near town,;
house, ham, etc., good- Weill of
spring water; considerable amount
of land in crop, large quantity of
hay. Investors' Investment Co.,
657 Columbia street.
The  Tragic Gtory  cl the  Penal Col-
onio-. ol Austral noil.
The position  whicli  the  Australian
colonies   are   painiiiK   in   the   world,
particularly since their federation on
Marvelou:   Trco   cf   Jamaica   Whose
Bark  Is  Used  ror Grrments.
Many instances r," the marvelous in
r<>tiire arc supplied by the vegetable
frittgdom.    Tlionirli  our knowledge o|
the Canadian  plan  has attracted tho j tha mysteries of plant life aie limited.
TWO Yol'N'O LADLES DESIRE Positions as (bookkeepers on fruit
farm during July and August. Address G07 Seventh etreet, West Calgary.
overlooking Fiaser river, suitable
for offices or for living rooms. Apply Daily News office.
attention of the world to them and I
recalled the singular and striking fact]
tliat great penal colonies, where at
one time disorder and crime prevailed, I
have become orderly and strictly self-]
governing communities.
The story of the penal settlements '
of Australia and Tasmania and the j
carnival of cruelty and ol crime that!
attended the convict system  is most
we have abundant evidence tlia( iiiaiiy
plants are as wonderful in their way
as certain members of the animal
kingdom. Take, for instance, that
specimen of a Ittle known tree whose
inner bark is a very perfect example
of fine lace, which seems to be valued
hy native races ori the island of
Jamaica where it grows. Nowhere else
on earth has this singular tree been
remarkable in the light of subsequent j found, and even in ,lama:ca its growth
pers. Call at 701 Columbia street,
room 12, between 3 and 3 this afternoon.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 0, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
bedroom, furnished. Terms reasonable.    720 Agnes street.
as circulation clerk. Go d position
for summer vacation. Aril: Daily
News office, between 9 and U a.m.
events.    The   crimes   for  which   con
victs were sent from England to Botany Bay and Van Dieniens Lund were
in great part abominable, and the expiation was certainly terrible.
The convicts were put at work in
the   broiling   Australian   sun.    Often | was brought to the
they worked in chains, and the chains j Kngland   by   Rear
were not counted as diminishing their-j Bligh,   but   it  did
is confined to a small part of the is-
land.   It was discovered and permanently introduced to the botanical gardens of England and Kurnpj as early
as i84J.   In fact, a half centurv earlier,  in Mm,  a young lace-hark  tree
Kew  Gardens of
Admiral   William
not   live   long   in
Fresh from the Gardens
of the   finest  Tea-producing country  in
the   world.
Ceylon Tea.     Sealed Lead Packets Only.    m
Try it���it's delicious. BLACK, MIXED or QUEEN.
house.    Address Bot 705 City.
quire two comfortable furnished
rooms; old country family preferred. Apply room 2, B. C E. It.
depot.   Phone 401.
City steam laundry.
man or woman, on ladies' and
gents' clothing. Pioneer Dye
works, 55 McKenzie street.
ers.    36 Hastings street.
diately.    Apply  Diamond  and  Cor-
'���   bould, room 1. Lavery block.	
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. R-
street, opjosite Dominion Trus!
block.   Apply II. P. Vidal &. Co.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
st '-eet.
lish setter missing on Friday morning last. Answers to name of .lack.
(Finder rewarded. Action will be
taken against any person holding
doe, after this no:icc. \V. Townsend.
312 Fifth street.
capacity   for   hard   labor,     liven  the j its new home
best conducted of them were let out to | The inner bark of this singular tre<s
farmers and the proprietors of sheep | consists of reticulated fibc in layers,
ranges. If these farmers happened to i ono for each year of its life, and when
be humane, the convict iniglit be rea- | properly prepared this material exaet-
sonably happy. But in many cases j lv resembles well made lace. The lathe farmer regarded his convict help- | dies., of Jamaica are extennely dexterous in linking caps, ruflles, nets,
bonnets, veils an.l complete suits of
lace with it. It bears washing extremely well, with common soap, and
acquires a degree of whiteness equal
to that bf the best manufactured lace.
The wild negroes have made apparel
and on  the  settlers  committing  rob- | with it of a very durable nature, but
the common use to whicli it is applied
is rojie making. The Spaniards are
ravages wera-jsiaid to have worked it into very strong
ropes, and the Indians c03ploy it in
a variety of different fabrics.
The trees grow to a heght of 23 to .in
feci and present a beartiful sight
when in blossom. The flowers closely
resemble those ^f the lily-of-the-valley,
while the leaves are of good size and
glossy, forming a good setting for the
pure white blossoms which grow in
eais, wealing a 6 studded collar.
Owner may have same by calling at
412 Sixth street.   Phone L639.
���For Cement Blocks, Brick Chimneys. Laundry Tubs. Basements and
Sanitary Plastic Flooring, see J. W.
McCallum, Westminster Trust Blk.,'
New Westminster.
Offers the following to the
Homeseeker and Investor:
er as a slave, as, indeed, he was. and
a beast of burden, to be used as cruel- ,
iy as possible.
The result was that as many nf the
convicts as could do so escaped to the
woods and became "bushrangers" or |
bandits.   They  preyed on the natives j
s-o-r sftXJ&���t*kw Trivia room, mo
&��rti   bxmgalow.   t\i\V  *V>��L��e.m��tlt.      c��
m��n\ to����&aklmwA TVoox T��\3^**,^S��
t*K,'~-��Sw l^a^nVvTO* DWYl��m   ��UM1.
���$2fiOO, small payment down, rest like
rent. See owner, 11!) St. Patrick
street, phone 356.
avenue, ail In fruit, half a block
from Sixth street carline; 50x120;
price $750 each, one-quarter cash, 6,
12  and  18  montha.
MOUSE.     WITH     r\VE.     ��OOM��.    J-OT
SSsJSVsil iAT-^s .vss. -gtssi'-S.,
caviVTxe-.     ptlo��     *-lRf>0,     one-quarter
cash, fi, 12 and IS months.
Subdivision E. Section Twenty,
Block Five, South Westmlns'er. $350
Cash. Owner, R. Alexander, 2555
Prior St., Victoria.
coop and chickens, 21 fiuit trees
full bearing; lot 5. 50::132 feet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Burnaby, between Second and
Fourth streets. Pi ice $1350; very
easy terms.   Apply on premises.
Premier typewriters, in first class
shape.   A snap.   News office.
ate sale, six roomed house, block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
uiost new.
408 Fifth street.
der, a four burner gas plate, witb j
oven complete.   Apply   210   Agnes I
street, city.
ranges on easy terms: $1.00 down,
$1.00 per w��ek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
Male teachers wanted for the New
Westminster schools. Applications,
stating qualifications and salary must
reach tho Secretary's office by noon
of Tuesday, July 9th.
Secietary  Board  of  School  Trustees,
New Westminster.
Public Notice.
All persons- contemplating the eiec-
1ion, alteration or addition of any
building in the City, must, in all cases,
fiist obtain a permit from the Build-
ing Ins-.ector.
City Clerk.
City Hall, June 19, 1912.
and two 50x150 foot lots, all cleared
and fenced, one block from the car,
city water and electric light and
sidewalks for $1800, one-<|uarter
down, 6, 12 and 18 months for balance.
50x115 to a 20-foot lane uncleared,
one block and a half from Sixth
street carline. water, light and sidewalks, $600, any reasonable   terms.
nue and Second street, 50x140, $850,
one-third, 12 and 18 months.
on the car'ipe $1250 per acre; good
for subdivision; any reasonable
LOT 33x145 TO A LANE, $450, $50
down, $10 per month on the balance
on Third avenue; water, light, etc.
f:om the Sixth street carline; $575,
$50 down and the balance $10 per
.  All cf  the  above properties are  in
East  Burnaby.
66x165, all cleared and close to Edmonds station, $120n, one-quarter
down end fi, 12 and IS months on
the balance.
BLOCK 22. SUB. E'/i SEC. 36, TOWN-
ship 8, in Surrey, five and one-half
acres. I'rice $800, any icasonable
LOT 14, SEC. 27, B5, RANGE 1 WEST
Surrey. 10 a-res, $750 per aero, one-
third, balance to arrange.
beries that were not infrequently attended with murder.
In Tasmania such
particularly alarming. The malefactors were under tlie leadership of one
Mike Howe, a highwayman who had
been sent from England to the colony
on a long sentence aad had escaped to
tiie bush.
They became such a terror to the
peaceful settlers that when Mike Howe
proposed a peace, in which he was to
be "treated as a gentleman," they
were very glad to make the arrangement. But the Governor-General oi
Sydney refused to give his sanction
to the pact, and Howe took to the
bush again. He was pursued by
troops, and in a dreadful hand-to-
hand conflict, was overcome and beheaded by a gigantic soldier known as
"Big Bill."
Howe's followers continued the war
relentlessly, but at last there came a
change. The convicts tired of bush-
ranging, and little by little settled
down to good conduct. The system of
penal settlements was abolished. No
more convicts came out from England,
and the people of the colonies agreed
to forget tho origin of those who were
already there.
Some of the convicts became the
most industrious farmers and the
most thrifty and law-abiding merchant* in the country. Their children
ve  the  lie  to  the  law  ol  heredity
oecomiiiR      vatrit&ble      ee"ttem��!t.
..\��.���%,<�����      ^.^r,ar,..^.a      "-.   ���������*.
uf    gr.c.    a-nd    conttu��nc��
decreeing  the   destruction   of   all
records   of   convict   banishment   and
\ l>y       tarn*
rter    .iirmp
Where  Peter Work-d.
On the wall of a barn in the Foreign
, Cattle   Market   at,   Deptford   on   the
Thames  is   a   tablet  in   Russian   and
I English  to  the  memory of  Peter  the
[Great of Russia, put up by  the Russian   agriculturists   on   their   visit   to
j Great  Britain.    The  original  shed   in
which he worked  has lone since disappeared, with its rough tablet recording that:
As a Ship Carpenter
Czar of all the Russias
���.. Afterward*
lowr itm
*mi '��� -
period spent in acquiring prac
tical knowledge in a foreign country
is indicative of the energy and determination which iilayed bo ur~-* a intrt
Tjunctton "with  fta  aettiiTg.    Wild  and
undisciplined as a boy, nni with the
These Humble lurrswsrs Ars Great
| Aids to th* Farmer.
The humble earthworm ls one of
man's best friends. The farmer and
tbe gardener could not spare him. Dr.
J. Newton Friend tells about blm in
Science Progress. From Dr. Friend's
observations lt appears tliat worms
aerate tbe soil ln a variety of ways.
In burrowing through tbe soil tbe
worms render lt more porous and permeable to gases; not merely by virtue
of tbe air spaces formed, but by reason ot the fnct that the soil is thus
continually kept ln gentle motion.
Again, the soil passing through the
bodies of worms ls excreted ln a finer
condition, being ground by attrition
through the Intestines. Darwin estimated that no fewer than fifteen tons
of soil annually pass through the bodies of worms for every acre.
Further, worms breathe In oxygen
and exbale carbon dioxide, and the latter gas, as ls well known, readily dissolves in water, forming an acid solution wbich will render alkaline earths
and metallic oxides���Iron-soluble.
Worms materially aid in producing
soluble salts of iron in the soil wben
otber agencies���ft g��� dilute mineral
acids-fail. The Iron ls eventually given back to tbe soil ln a more soluble
condition nnd presumably ln one wbicb
can be directly absorbed by plant
savagery nf a race then �� full century
the sentences and orders applying   behind its time, he yet ha I the breadth
to the members of the convict com-
munity. The descendants of the convicts are now merged and lost in the
Australian population.
The   British   "Nut."
The newly developed British dandy
is called a "nut" and Ins taken tha
place of the "behoy." He is a cockney and if found in Ireland is an es-
trayed sne-oinien. Tbe "nut" is the
ultima Thule of the blase in life. He
is worn out with pleasure. Tlie business of the "nut" is with externals.
He has no secret doubts as to liis own
|>erfeetions and is never trouble! by
the sense of humor that helps ohe to
see his own absurdity. The "nut" is
lonelier than a hernWt In his eell.
Even when two "nuts" saily forth together they are both alone. London
Opinion notes that the "nut"��� recoj.
nized only ns the third person, singular pronoun of the neuter gender-
lias a nice sense in handkerchiefs,
socks, ties, pins, waistcoat<. canes snd
gold cigarette holders. \ "nut" only
ceases to be a "nut" when it sees
itseli as ethers see it. It then takes
a less solemn view of life and in many
cases finds relaxation in wi r!t.
of concept and the far-seeing determination  to  lift his country  out of its
(roz:n s!ce.p and set it on the road to
civilization.     Although   his   methods
'were sometimes   drastic,   savoring   of
'that    very    absence    of    civilization
| which he desired to r:m?<ly, he achieved  his purpose.
An Ivory Mat
Many people bare never even beard
ot sucb a tblng, nud It Is not to be
wondered st. for these mats are exceedingly rare, and It Is said by those
wbo know that only three of these
beautiful curiosities exist in tbe whole
world. Tbe one we now write nbout ls
tbe largest one made. It measures 8
By 4 feet and, tbougb made in a small
bill state In tbe nortb of India, bas an
almost Gr^l^d��l��n>fo^U._bo^d��r.iJU
n."-" .'*.:".ri."-*>"��   V/i'. "ic  co  afgn   Important
documents. The original cost of tbe
mat ls fabulous, for 0,400 pounds of
Ivory were used In Its manufacture.
Tbe finest strips of Ivory must bave
been taken off tbe tusks, as the mat Is
as flexible as a woven stuff and beau
tifully fine.���London Graphic
10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  14:30
13:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .14; "0
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    14:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 14:20
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G. N. R. (dally except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs-
iiav. Friday and Hut-
day       14:00
7:30���United States via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).. 9.45
11:20���Chilliwack, _ Milner, Mt.
Ulimu, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
Centre.CIoyerdale, Langley Prairie. Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. II. (dally
except Sunday)   17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday). 17:30''
2:00���Fiaser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista    23:00
'8  W  'asojeijafl    'jau
C. E. R.  (daily except
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuha Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
A  Durinr  Dramv
curious   example   of   the
Seri us Shocks.
A comparison ol the recorded dates
of earthquakes seems to show that
they have occurred most frequently
��� in the winter half of the year. Three-
fifths of those chronicle 1 in France
t"ok place during the winter months,
and the proportion seems more
marked in Switzerland, whih the
sums law has been observed with regard to earthquakes in Britain. The
most severe of the 200 earthquakes
recorded in England were those at
Lincoln in 1142, at Glastonbury in
1274, when the original abbey was destroyed; and the shocks of 1530.
whieh damaged Old St. Caul's and
tin Temple Church, and ol 17,t0, whicli
frightened to death the poetaster,
Aaron Hill. Of recent years tho most
���eriouj English earthquake was that
Iof 1984, whicli did considerable dam-
' age throughout Kast Essex, but luck-
lly caused no luss o' life.
Lulu Is'and
Noith tange
SECTION   14.  BLK.  4,
5 west, $250 per acre.
Mr. O. H. Rathbum Is not employed
by the Underwriters Dominion Match
Co., Ltd., or the Dominion Match Co.,
Ltd, The public will Kindly take due
notice of Hie above.
Underwriters Dominion Match Co. Ltd
Dominion  Match  Co.,  Ltd.
At 358 Hospital Street, near car line,
lor laborers while clearing lots in the
���"���  or contract.    Apply
sibove address.
ticn 111, blk. 5 north range, ' west.
$:i.')0 per acre, one-third balance to
tion 32, blk. 5 noith range 4 west,
$260 per acre; one-thitd, balance to
for one year of $8000 on property
worth $25,000; will pay 12 per cent.
light, etc.; three blocks fiom car;
$050. $50 down, the balance $15 per
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Ave. and Sixth
St., East, Burnaby B.C.
Telephone 719.
I ram i- ;
list's enterprise comes Irnju Southerg
India  in  the  shape  of  a  play   about |
the  Durbar.    It  is described   in  the j
Introduction,   so   we  learn   from the I
"Times ul   India,"  as  "the lii-t attempt by a purely orthodox Pundit tti |
dramatize   in   Sanskrit"   tha Durbar
which here, hs in many other [ndian
writings,  is  wrongly described  Bs  a
coronation,    The subject is admitte I
ti be "too grand to form the plot ol
���i small drama  like this."   The list
������f dramatis  persomie is  very  suggestive.    It include.;, for instance, "tw-:
postmen, a hard, liis pupil, bishops,
English and Indian heralds." The order in  which these dignitaries are arranged is not qui^-- according to Government House rules.
Second Hand Store
McDonald a smith.
Buy and sell new and
goods of all kinds. Toi
00 .Mrluiie.-. Street.
locond    hand
l'hone 1000.
Loved Her Pipe.
Aii elderly woman was entering a
compartment of a train at .lohnston
(Pembrokeshire) when one nf a number of men in the compartment Baid:
"This is a 'smoker'." The old wo.
man, however, took her seat, saying:
"I am a smoker myself." She explained that she had smoked for 15
years, and acquired the habit when
she was in a hospital, a doctor having advised her that tin only cure for
her complaint was to smoke. "I
would rather go to bed without my
supper than without my smoke," she
added. As soon ss the train had left
the station she look nut pipe and
tobacco and smoked with evident enjoyment.
Exports Pebbles.
Newfoundlai d furnished the world
with nearly 4,000 tons of pebbles ai
a cost of $23,3(12, iu 1<J10. These wera
ground up into cemeut. Some one in
tnis country could get busy ami luru-
1=1. nil tbo ccuient material needed.
Nile Sudd  as a Fuel.
One oi the most curious phenomena
f   the   Nile   is   the   dense   flouting
i masses of vegetation  known as sudd.
Iln   certain   parts  ol   the river  it  ac-
I cumulates In blnck so den.j and ela��-
! tie  that  steamers   cannot  loree   their
way thriii h   t. nd dense eimuKh t,i
.uppor'.   uiltle.     To   effert   a   passage
fi r a ves.-el t ,e <u Id must be cut Up,
aid lloH'.e,! down ,the river.   Sir Samuel linker, in l-cn, had to cut through
50 miles of sudd  mi  his way to (Jon-
dokoro.    It has  imw  been found that
the    sudd    can    he    converted   into  a
useful fuel, and a concession lies beeu
granted for w< rkiiig it on the lirst UJ
miles of the  Bahr el Jebel.
The Sparling Spirit.
An adverse criticism of the Rugby
(nothall team Ol the Aberystwyth College of Wales in a local paper brought
severe punishment upon the head of
the writer, says a London pa[>er. At
the close of lectures the students seized him and marched him to tlie castle
ruiiiH, where he was hound, and upon
his head was poured the contents of
a can of syrup, liags of c>nfetti were
Hung nt him Irom all sides until he
appeared like a human kuleidoscopc.
Tlience he was borne on a truck
through the streets of the town, wliich
were filled witli people.
Noah's  Ark   Dinner.
An amusing freak dinner has just
been given In London hy the Irish
Literary Cluh and Association. TIm
guests, forty in numher, were all
dressed to represent animals ��� lions
tigers, birds, and dogs being among
the number. Tho dining-room wus
designed to represent a stable, and
tho meal took place by candle light.
The waiters were dressed as cats.
Coaling the 8un. "���"������'- tf
' Coaling tbe sun Is an expression used
by physicists to Indicate tbe necessity
of renewing tbe stock of motive power,
exactly analogous to coaling a vessel
for ao ocean Journey. Many maintain
tbat tbls Is done by tbe Incessant showers of meteorites which rain Id upon It
from celestial space. Thus It Is tbat
the sun's energy Is continually kept up
���nd Its flres are fed. Atom after atom
ta the contfiineus eiWelws of matter
ts changed Into Tsjwr and adds lw
uuota ��r energy te ttie ftMt central
storehouse-ln fleet, "ooals the she."���
10:50���Vancouver  via  0.
N.  R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake an.l Vancouver via B. C. B. H... 7:46
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11 :ll
11:00���Vancouver via. B. C R. B.
(dally except Sunday) .16:0<
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:3<
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,       Wednesday
and   Friday    14:0(
7:40���Victoria  via B.  C.  E.  R.
(dally  except  Sunday). 11.If
10:50���Victoria  via  O.  N.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:1.'
11:20���Tyneheud   (Tuesday   and
KYIriavi  14:0"
18:00���Kdmonds    (dally    except
Sunday)   J fi; Of
Abbotsford Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
Crescent, White Itock and
Hl-ilne     (dally    except
Sunday)    9:4'
5:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern llldge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  9:41
16:16���United States via G. N. R.
(dally excent Snnday)..18:0'
9:2(1���All   points east and   Eu-
rope   (dally)    7:4F
,22:10���All points east and Europe  (daily)    14:15
9:2fi���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    7:45
19:30���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (dally except
Sunday)    14:16
9:2(i���Coquitlam  (dally    except
Sunday) ������ 7:46
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
F.dmdnds (dally except
Ladies   of Culture and Re
fine ment   Use   Salvia   Hair
T.nle.      I*    MlmUmm     lhe     Hmxir
At l����t a T.mmitY h���� b��on dlroover-
���d   that   will   | osltlvely   destroy   this
That Dandruff is caused by germs
ls accepted by eery sensible person.
Dandruff is the root of all hair
SALVIA wlll kill the dandruff
germs and remove Dandruff in teu
days, or money back.
Ryall guarantees it. It will grow
balr, stop itching scalp, falling hair,
and make the hair thick and abundant. It prevents hair from turning
gray, and adds life and lustre.
SALVIA ls a hslr dressing that hat
become tbe favorite with women of
taete and culture, who know tho
social value of beautiful balr. A
larsn, aienerous bottle costs only 50.',
at leading druggists everywhere, ant
tn New Westminster by Ryall. Th��
word "SALVIA" (Latin for sage) ls
oo every bottle.
Lopez .Island. Double boat servloe
dally; school, church, etc. Between
three and four acres all fenced;
small house: land has all been under cultivation: near Port Stanley.
This is one of the choicest spots ln
the flulf of Georgia und Is being
sacrificed by the owner for |750
cash.   Clear title to property.
We have two choice houses to offer,
some lots and uoteage. Come and
choice acres ln Suney, several
acres cleared, balance light clear-
Ing. Fl e roomed house: barn
12x20: chicken house 12x48, 1000
chickens, 50 ducks, 40 hens. Good
running well at the door: poose-
lierries, cun ants. 2000 strawberry
plants. 14 mixed fruit trees; $100
"orth of wire fencing. Price $3500.
Easy terms. Let us show you this
property.   No. C.
FICE���Turn over $700 to $1100 per
month. Fine growing district. Store
well stocked, scales, horse, wagon
and full equipment. Attractive price
and easy terms. This is a money
maker.   No. 9.
FIVE LOTS FOR $300O-These are on
now cut-off near Gilley station. Will
sell lots separately. These arc well
worth youi attention.
short distance from car line and
store. $1600; small cash payment.
Easy terms for bulance.   No. il.
See U�� About Highland Home.
Real Estate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curt.. Block, WW W��tmlMU��v M.
Telephone 295.        P* ?* B0* 77T'
������vm** TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1912.
Above the street a myriad ivires
stretch, forming a linear cobweb cf delicate half tone across the brighter
sky. Inconse,|iuntai���almost superfluous���they would seem, were it not
that, we live in the extravagant modern
ity of the present day and know their
UFe und the subtle foice they carry,
which projects from place to place the
knowledge of the things that are-
live issues of the moment���exacting
speed, und forging through the resistless ether a link of communication between kindred spirits, ln commercial,
social, domestic and any other of the
commonplace spheres about which revolve the units of mankind.
Following the trend of the aerial
network���If you follow in the rigHt direction and reach Clarkson street near
McKenzie, you will Bee the wires
where they are welded into a thick
lead-bound cable that disappears within
an unpretentious brick building where
all "phone calls" must primarily go���
the temple of the twentieth century
space annilator ��� where clattering
voices and mystic number signals
find coherence under the supervision
of dainty little damsels, known to us
only in a shadowy way as "central."
lt is the telephone exchange.
Take a peep be'.nnd the red brick
wiilis into the switchboard room where
seated before a thirty five foot pianolike instrument, a dozen or more
"hello" girls with funny head pieces
clamped about their earschatter hieroglyphics and familiar phrases such as
"line's busy" "waiting", etc., into
transmitters attached to plates suspended fiom the neck. Back, and a
little to one side, there stands a desk
with a young lady who is "trouble"
'���'Inquiry" and the chief operator rolled Into one. She Is seated, gravely
surveying ths babel which reigns a
few feet away.
Lights behind o16tr.lv glass discs
that look H';e mother of pearl twinkle
and scintillate down the entire loncth
.of the board, little black shutters fall
and reveal inch lii'li numbers painted
white, and seated in her chair the on-
erator automatically and with the machine-like I reclslon of the board Itself
plugs in wlt'i a conper-tinpe.' co-d
which conceals a wire and forms a circuit.     -
"Hello", "number please?" are the
worriB you hear rere-ited. and when
the number Is seemed the operator
picks up another cord sticks it In another small oriflA? in the honey-combed switch board front and r!ns;s with
corns in  fo." a large number of messages.
v.ith the,great, ]c:hn;s greater
marvel of tlie wireless telegraph (not
as yet 1 racticable for all uses), the
wonder of tho telephone has not ce-js-
ed to draw admiration l:om the world
Inventions, though ever so practical
and useful, can never become whollj
mechanical���there must he a directing
and thinking force. All of us a:e human;  hence our kicks.
CM*1    Lieutenants    Have    Al!    Been
Mentioned  to  Succeed   Him.
Three men havo been mentioned as
successors   of   tho   late   Chirles  T.I.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Hays as pre.-i.lent of tlie Grand Trunk
  i anj Grand Tr.'.nk  Pacific Railways���
_. j Mr.  K.  H.  FitzHugh,  first  vice-presi-
The Horns of lhe  P.ecioui Slones Is j dent of tlie/G.T.R.; Mr. E. .1. Chnin-
a Grey Rock Called "Blm Ground," | herlin.    Vice-president    and    general
i      the   Ori~in   of   Which   remains   a '-manager of tlie Grand Trunk Pacific.
Mystery - Kifir "Bcvs" Dig Out I nml   Mr.   F.   H.   McGuigan    formerly
... .  __       '  ��� one of Mr.  Havs   nglit-liand men on
the   Lumps  -nd  Get  a  Percentage   jufl  qj jj
on their Finds. Earl  Fo pkina  Fitzhugh. who stood
,.,-.,,       ,���        ��� , . .    i next to Mr.  Havs  hikI  who  had  fol-
j   At Kimberley.,Cape Colorjv Is proh.  lowed ,lis ehief'throu2h most of his
| ably the biggest Imle m tlie world- ; career, was btXti in Missouri in 1853,
I the old "Central" Mine���with a spuce [started out as u banker, and then en-
niea.-surement  at  the    surface,   of   11 ��� tered   the   service   of  the   St.   Louis,;
acres, and a depth of some 100 feet, j Kansas  City,  and  Northern  Railway |
Tliere   are,   ill   addition   to   several
For the Children
Mr. Opossum, Who Is a
Noted    Chicken    Thief.
Na Military Needed.
Thomas McKenn. chief Justice ot
Pennsylvania, was a man of glgnutlc
atatnre and a fiery temper.
A mob In Philadelphia defied tbe efforts of tbe sheriff to disperse It H's
ao reported to Justice McKean, then
slttlns In full court
"Have you read the riot act?"
"Yes, your honor.   It bad no effect*
McKean'a eyes flashed dangerously.
"Hare yon ordered out tbe military?''
"Tea.   Shall 1 Ore on tbemV"
"No; I'll disperse them."
McKean rose and rushed out of the
court lo bis wig and gown, his face
flushed with passion, Into tbe midst ol
tbe riotous mob.
"I am Thomas McKean. chlpf Justice, and 1 command you to disperse!"
So saying, he seized two of the rlne*
leaders, literally tucked them under
his arms nnd returned to tbe court,
wblle tbp crowd crept bome. silent ai
frightened sheep.-Green Bag.
Dickens' List of Names.
It la not really surprising tbat tin
names of Dickens' characters, odd ut
tbey are. should be found ln real life,
for it was from life (bat muny of them
were taken. Some, aa we kuow. wer*
copied from the names over shop doors,
etc. But this was not the novelist!
only source of selection. Among till
papers John Korster found pare ft) lly
drawn up lists of names, with tiie
sources from whicb be obtained '.hem,
and the longest lists were those drawn
from tbe "Privy Council Education
Lists." Some of tbe names thus noted
are too extravagant for anything bul
real'ty-Jolly Stick. Bill Marigold,
(ieorge Muzzle. William Why, Hobert
(Jospel. Itobln Scrubbnm. Mural) Uold-
sacks, Cutberlne Two, Sophia IJ< om*-
day, Rosettu Dust, Sally iJiunWet���
London Chronicle.
! as a clerk. When that road was ab- |
sorbed by the Wabash he made the
acquaintance of Mr. Hays, and when
Hays went to the Grand Trunk he
soon sent for Mr. Fitzhugh. The latter came to Toronto as superintendent  of  the   middle   division   of  the
smaller ones, four otlier enormous
eranvation*, nil witnessing to tho
tireless energy of men in a hurry to
be rich.
The diamonds arc found in a grey-
rock called "b ue L'round," which tills ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a "pipe" it natural shaft of unknown I G.T.R., and won rapid promotion.
depth, widening towards the surface | He was one of tlie men brought in
i. Vo funnel shape. Below the few feet , by Mr. Hays to galvanize the old road
of red sand on the surfnc3 comes the | into action, and  he  helped  a whole
"yellow   ground," ��� lime ��� for  fifty
or sixty feet.
Underneath     tliat     is     the   "blue
When Mr. Hays left the G.T.R. to
become president of the Souf.iern Pa-
1,"  which,  although   the  "ye!- jcific he t'>ok Fitzhujh with liim, and
a pressure of a hand Ul on a lever in
the dEs'.:-li::e ledge  upon which    she .  .���. ^
rests  her  arms. I A Business Victim.
The switchboai 1 in use at  the el    "Does you 'member dot dawg I used
change oi Clarltson atreet is operated ' ,   u      r     ^, M    ErngtU4 rtnklry.
central office and at the BubsiVilwTs'    "lr- .-s    r���...	
e"<l of ���.*����� !'.n��. The rul, rss^LIn,
conncftior. t i'rna th.e handle of the
hand generator of his "phone" and the
magnets therein eoni[lete the circuit
with the motor pene-ator nt central,
operating a shutter corresponding to
the number of the phono on the switchboard.
The ringing and answering cords
are placed In double ro vs upon the
operator's desk: when a cord comes
In the hue'; cord is used to answer
with, while tlie front cord is put in
the hole wll-li corresponds with the
number called for. ltinvinr. the "party" is done as before described.
"Hello" yo i sometimes roar Into
your office phone. "What the dickens" "Where's central?" and m.iltltii-
dioiiB other exclamations Intended to
convey yonr displeasure because yo'i
are unable to get your numlier immediately. You blame the girl, perhaps
IT you a'e of a vindictive temperament
you will e'-en call the chief operator
and recite woes which are pretty cer
low ground" is not without diamonds,
i< tlie true diamond-bearing rock.
Scientists believe that these "pipes"
are tlie craters oi extinct volcanoes,
Hiid that at some time when the surrounding country was under water,
this diarimndiierous rock was forced
up in the form of volcanic mud. How
nud when and where the diamonds
were formed remains a mystery, but
they are undoubtedly of earlier date
than the rock which encloses them.
The first mining operations were
restricted to digging and scooping out
the earth. But. by degrees, as the
hole got wider and deeper, troubles
CttlUQ in tlie shape ol accumulation
iof witter hihI falls oi "reef." In
[gold-mining V.:e "reef" is the gold-
Lcurins n>cl<; but the "reef" of the
diamond mines is the surface shale
and basnlt surrounding tlie "pipes."
This was the cause <t grett tribu-'
Iation to tim early miners, as it caved
in ayiiin and again, and overwhelmed
t'ie working below. After various experiments had been tried without per-,
nianeut success, it became impossible
ti Work .he mine any topper in the
ol.; way. and many thought the industry was absolutely ruined.
Ilcic was the opening fo: tbe capitalist, v.hu soon superseded tba "dig-,
Tlie l-.rgcr cl.iim holdcri bunded together, and sank shafts outside the
area nlicndy operated up. with galleries running towards tiie centre, until the, "blue" was tapped. In 1:483
Messrs. Rhodes, Barnato, and Beit,
having bought out the smaller linld-
er-*, (onrid the De Beers Consolidated Mines. Limited, that great corpor-
us evei since controlled
**mm   VWmNHHmkKNI
wbat J calls a black au'-tao dale ter1
rter. Well, suh, dot dawg ain' bronchi
me nuffln' but bnd luck. I sold Mm te
a man fob two dol labs, an' de two dol-
tab* be slipped me were counterfeit"
"VTbut you glnetcr de?"
" Whut (tin I do? If I sbowa Tm any
way to prove de transaction was unle-
gal he's glnetei make mt- take de dawg
buck."��� Washington Star.
brought him back when he returned
to the G.T.R. in February. 1902. In
1901 Mr. Fitzhugh became third vice-
president of the G.T.R., and in 1910,
first vice-president.
Mr. Edson J. Chamberlin, who succeeded Mr. Frank W. Morse as vice-
pi%sident and general manager of the
Grand Trunk Pacific three years ago, j
is somewhat older than Mr. Fitzhugh. He is a native of New Hampshire, and was general manager of
the Canada Atlantic when that road
passed into the hands of the Grand
Trunk. He has lived in Canada since
18dG, and is an able, all-round railway   man.
Mr. McGuigan, jrhose name has
been mentioned in connection with
the big appointment, is better known
to the public than either Mr. Fitzhugh
or Mr. Chamberlin, because of his
n.ther picturesque qualities. He came
np Irom the ranks, and he is the sort
of man about whom manv stories are
told. It is said he called J. J. Hill
a liar on the occasion oi his Tupture
with that magnate when he left the
Great Northern, after a very brief
stay in St. Paul, after he severed his
connection with the G.T.R. It is
also said that he applied tbe same
epithet personally to an Ontario Cabinet Minister in connection with the
construction of the Hydro-Electric
Iir.e, whicli he recently built.
Mr. McGu g3n's success and the faH
that he is looked upon as big enough
to fill Mr. Hays' position may be
traced to his persistence when young
of always fitting himself fcr a belt..'
job than he held. One day when he
was a boy carrying water on the Gr?at
. V'^tt'S d""."n near ��L Thomas there
V"rw 4-"������_���' ~*   a   strike.     All   engineer
Doubtless roost young people wbo
Ive In tbe country ara familiar with
ibe opossum, but city folk rurely see
them except lu captivity, lt belongs
lo the family of marsupials and carries Its young lu a poticb at the
breast It Is about the size of a common cat and bus n hairless prehensile
tail about tifteeu inches long. By prehensile It Is meant thut it can grasp
things with Its tall, which greatly aids
Ibe animal lu climbing trees, in summer be lives In the woods, robbing
birds' nests and gathering fruits aud
berries. Iu the wluter. wbeu hla
food supply Is short be visits tbe
farmer's hencoops nnd helps himself
to u fnt chicken whenever be can do
in. When captured be pretends death.
The mother opossum carries her dozen
>r more children in ber pouch until
tbey are large enough to follow her oa
The flies that are now in your
kitchen and dining-room were probably feasting on some indescribable
nastiness less than an hour ago, and
as a single fly often carries many
thousands of disease germs attached
to its hairy body, it is the duty of
every housekeeper to assist in exterminating this worst enemy of the
human race.
kill flies in such immense quantities
as cannot be approached by any other
fly killer.
vcufr. go ovit."
,at:on which h^^^^^^^^^^���
\U-.o  vltur.i-nd   mining   iuau*lij,-.' . .._-,.-.���-   ���   --_ ;-��.-.*_
gliHV   !  by   menus  ,-t   fcvrral cilleries, I ,���,.-  ��.. ��H^^H^
IE'* di-t".'";J from shaft to "pipe" be-
ii.g I.I.M f.ck
Armed with the neeesairy permit,
obtained at the De Beers offices, we
make for the "Central," and seek
courteous manager, who shows us
Good Place to Step.
"Tee. before papa would consent to
my marrying George be Insisted oo
looking up bis past life."
"Mercy, tbat was risky!"
"But be didn't go very far. Be stop*
pad |ust as be found that George wai
the ouly nephew ot three rich uncles."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Beggar-Kind geutleman, I beg yent
tain to pet the switchboard sprite In-[pardon-   Gent (promptly)���Granted. 1
to trouble.    You���Mr. Man with   the tflougbt yju was begging for money.���
grouch, can't see the Interior of thatgt. Loula Globe Oniocrat
big room���the noise and    pandemon
ium of It all. the girls working at top
speed that they may draw a pittance
from their employers
^^^^^^ Much Easier.    ^^^^^^
It Is mucb easier to agree to what
You cin't see the hurried scramble T"U kuow Isn't so tban to argue wltl
nmong the meshes of cords, the un- lhe man  who doesn't know anything
erring connection and the rarer   dis- ibout tt���Puck,
cord of a klcKlng subscriber who has [
got the wrong  number ond straight-
Wealth   mny   seek   us.   but   wisdom
way proceeds to confuse several more B aougbl.-Ldward Youag.
calls by "calling down" the cause.   If. * ��������� '��J����'
you could  see  It   perhaps you  might
be a little more considerate sometimes
^^^^^     Not All.       ^^^^
Thornae," aald tbe mother severely.
when actunlly you may not be In as ..��������_ _   ' ,      , ,
big a hurry as vou    think  von    are. I   "m* ���ne, !����� ,akeD H  b'R P<��'��> ��'
Don't fly off the handle so often when Powbreaa out of tbe pantry."
that  maddening "UneB busy" Boprano I    Tommy blushed guiltily.
comes flontlng to your ears   out   of     "Ob,  Thomas,"  she  exclaimed.   "1
nothing, when vou particularly wanted -didn't tblnk lt was In you."
to apeak to Bill Smith about teal ea-     "It ain't nil." replied Tommy    "Part
tate, or to the Westminster Dnlly New of lf�� ta Elsle.'-ISutlonul MonthU
about the result of the lacrosse match. ^^^^^^^^"'
Central la generally   doing her   best
and sometimes when you get thc pert
signal that your number Is- 23 perhaps
lt la perfectly Justifiable.
The overage Hello girl suys "hello"
about 500 tlmeg during her eight-hour
shift, the "lines busy" signal and
"watting" come In for a repetition of
about two hundred each, and various
other phrases and repeated numbers
which comprise her dav's vocabulsrly
make an agpresrate total of nhout
8000 words which lf set In type would
make eight columns of newa matter.
Bach local operator handles an average of about 210 calls during her eltht
hour shift, ahO't two thirds of which
nre In the afternoon and eerly evening hours, this allows Bllnditly more
than two minutes for the connection o"
each call should the" come In at stated intervals. The rush hour business
averages about one call ^cr girl p*1,
twenty-flve seconds. Daily local cn'ls
going throut'h t'ie Wcs'm'nster centra!
number about 2f>00 which ore divided
among twelve  local operators.
Four long distance operators preside et the ClarkBon atteet central
during the daytime hours, while one
does the trick at night, About one
hundred and fifty lontt distance go
through the local office each day to
Vancouver alone, while the Delta and
municipalities of the Fraser    Valley
Now Finds tt a Pleasure to Enjoy deals
Here is a case which seemed aa bad
aad as hopeless as yours can possibly be.
This is the experience of .Mr. II. J. Brown,
J84 Bathuist St, Toronto, in his own
"Gentlemen���I have much pleasure tu
mentioning to you the benefits received
from your Na-Dru-Co Dyapcpaia Tablets
aad eaa cheerfully recommend tbem. I
simply had confirmed dyspepsia with all
its wretched symptoms, and tried about
all Um adveitueti cures wiih po succeaa.
You have in Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets the beet curative agent I could
find. It is now such a pleasure to enjoy
meals with their con-equent nourishment thnt I want to mention this for the
bene��t of others."
The fnct thnt a lot of prescriptions or
so-oalled "cures" have failed to help you
is ao uign tliat you hove got to go on
suffering. Try Nn-Dru-Co Dyspersia
TuMotHnndsce how quickly this sterling
remedy will give you relu-f and start your
stomach working properly. If it doesn't
help you, you get your money back. jec
a box at your druggist's. C ompcunded j
bv the Nntionul Drug and Cl emlcal Co.
of Canada, Limited,' Montreal. Ml
li.to   a   sort   of   dressing-room.    Here,
ive  stiip   ,and  re-clothe  rur.-elves  in
a special suit in wbicli we may more
suitably faei the heat and dirt of thc
The fiutfit includes flannel shirt.
and coat and trousers of "duck." or
Some such material, the articles being
decidedly the worse for wear. Instead
of braces or belt, a looped leather
I' ''np do*�� duty. An ancient sou'-
wcstT with ear-flaps, anu tied under
tlie chin, a pair of socks that have
��ccn service, and rubber Wellington
boots   complete   the  costume.
Accompanied by the manager, we
get iuto the cage at the top of the
shaft, nnd after a few seconds of swif^
motion, stop out at the 1,000 foot level.
Each supplied with a composite candle���but no csndI"stock���we proceed
to explore the workings on that level.
We pnes stalwart natives at work,
with here and there a white overseer.
Beme drill holes in the rock ready for
blasting; others gather up the fragments into small steel trucks, which
are pushed along on rails to the
"shoot" which conveys the "hlue"
down  to  the  1.200-foot  level.
These "boys" handle many a lump
with 11 fortune hidden in it. Sometimes their quick eyes detect the
''stone." and not being without the
desire for pelf, they covet, like Achan,
and. like Achan, take���if thev can do
so unnoticed. They will make an incision in their fle&h as a secure hiding-place for their "flnd," and even
swallow stones. To encourage the
"boys" to give up what tbey find,
thry nre allowed a percentile on:
the vhlue of the diamonds.
We descend the remaining 200 feet
In sUires of twenty feet by means of
perpcnd.'tular ladders. The utter
black new into which one steps is.
friendly to the nervous man who
shudder* whenever he lool 3 ut masons
and cm i>enters at vork on scaffolding*.
Nevertheless the ladders have to be
negotiated Wii�� care for uie rungs
are slimy, and the candle has to be
carried, while the approach of your
friend above you is heralded by lumps
of inu.l dropping from hie feet to your
gou'-u��*tcr. Water also occasionally
falls from the roof. But wo emerge*
sn' -ly at'the 1.200-Ioot level into coin-
pnrnliv�� light, greater dampness, a
coote ��� atmosphere, and deafening din.
llie r.oiae is caused by the constant
running of two seta rf steel truck*���
the one carrying the "ground ' from
tlie bottom of the "shoot" to the tout
ol tho shaft, the other returnign empty��� end the mechanical emptying of
t'l p full truck* Into the "��kip" (or
co,1 "csr.ee to the surface.
Uri'mcly enough, after an hour and
a half underground, we re-enter the
" a;:e '
On, I puess not," said young Me
Guigan, "probably I'll get your job."
"What do you mean?" asked the
"\Vhy. I'll drive your engine," was
Uie reply.
"What do you know about the en-
gir.eT'' said the driver, "go ahead
and show me."
Vi hereupon McGuigan, the water
boy, took hold and ran the locomotive! He had kept his eyes open and
found out all about it.
A Trick In Addition.
This trick ln addition is very simple
when you ouce kuow the secret, but
until tben tt seems an astonishing mystery.
First ask some one to write a row
ef figures. There may be any number
ef figures desired. Tben say, "Before
another flgure i.s written I can tell
you the sum of live rows of figures���
tbe one tbat you bare written with
four otber rows." Turn the paper over
and write tbe answer on tbe back of It.
Then usk tbe otber person to write
mother row of figures under tbe first
row. The next ro-.r, of figures mus{
Le wrl{teu by yourself A.sk (lie other
.lerson (0 write the fourth row of figures and write tbe last row yourself.
Iben add up the Ova rows, turn tbe
paper over  and  tbo  answer  will  ba
mm. H  u,��� \w*il*��,�� oa. **�� hactu
* UV V5*. WW******** \a ��rt�� wnrim
By Scoutmaster R. P. Day, commanding 1st New Westminster troop
B. P. Boy Scouts.
The  troop   will   parade  ln  the  armouries at 7.30 p. m. Wednesday next, '
July 3rd, in full marching order. Coats
rolled 11! in. long and billies in    the
The Lood will proceed to camp at.
Blackie Spit on July 17th. All Scouts
who wish to attend must give in their
name3 and subscriptions by July 3rd,
so that arrangements can be made
i'or accommodation.
The camp will be for 12 days, the-
troop returning on July 29th.
White Kit bags can be obtained at
Lees, Ltd.
All Scouts going to camp must attend drill so that they can obtain full
Information about It. Remember that
there are only two more drills before
The Scoutmasters hope that every
help will be given the boys to attend
camp by the parents and they rely on
their Support for the success of tha
first annual camp. Parents are assured that every care will be taken
for the safety and welfare of the boys.
Acting Adjt.
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
Xew Westminster having b.v resolution determintd and specified that It
is desirable to carry out the tollowing
works, that is to say.
To grade, iave,   lay   cement   sidewalks, curbs,  storm sewers,  gutters.
..       ��� 3~���-. iMwm,"��i��t uaVM    ��i\t   ��nv    other
fasWSIT as sooh an th* flrst row ot l work contingent thereto bn the follow-
figures bas been wittten subtract two    ing st:eets:
from the last figure and then write the I    First Street from Koyal Avenue to
lame figures In the answer, placing the | Sixth Avenue,
two In front of the flrst flgure.    Tbe I    Sec0D* street tTOm Fark Row    t0
A  Studholme  Stoiy.
Mr. ALan Studholme, M.P.P., the
only Labor member in Ontario's Legislature, is a much better speaker tban
he was when he first entered tho
House. He used to play the very
dickens with the Enslish language.
The Labor member from Hamilton
simply couldn't be kept from a front
bench, which he now occupies. In
his early, extra-ungrammatical days
in the liuuse, he was a back-bencher,
but it was his habit as he warmed up
in a speech to emphasiie each good
point he made by a step forward,
landing finally nt an empty front
bench, from which he ftnish.-d his ora
tion. One day he had accomplished
this advance movement, and was eln-
answer Is Just like tbe flrst roir of
figures except tbat tbe end flgure is
two less and {he two Is in front of the
flrst figure. To make It come oue tbls
way you must, when it is your turn to
write the figures, be sure each flgure
tbnt yon write with tbe figure above
It adds up to nine. Tbe same thing
must be done when you write tbe second row of figures.       ... 1
quentiy   holding  forth   at   some   one j ill kuow. and It muat be aung alowly
else's   wat,   at   the   front.     Likewise
he  was smashing the  rules of gram
mar and pronuncia'tion recklessly.
Hon. Richard Harcourt, as et-Min-
ister of Education, was one of those
most aflected by Mr. Btudholme's lan
guage. At last he signalled a page,
and the latter soon returned with an
enormous book���the biggest dictionary
in Uie Legislatire Library���which he
slammed down on the desk in front
of'Mr. Siudholme. The latter glanot'd
at the volume, and instantly note:;
the significance of its arrival. But
he was not upset. With the good-
natured complacence wliich. among
other qualities, has endeared him to
the tress gallery, he merely remarked: "My language may be none of
the be.tt, but���," and continued with
his speech.
Dearth of  Siala.
A despatch from St. John's, Nfld.,
by wireless t' Montreal, states that
the sealing fleet off the east coast ot
Newfound.and reports the worst season in the history ot the sealing industry. The total catch so far is only
00,000 seals, which ia leas than one
boat secured in 1010.
The fleet sailed in March 14, and
comprised 2.000 men and many vessels. On March 20 U.ey struck an ice
"pan," with 30,000 seals which they
speedily slaughtered. Then followed
a hunt by the steamers, plowing
through the ice for the main herd,
which usually float* down on ioe
Irom the Polar regions
Numerical Bangs.
To make even tbe sobersides of tb*
���ompauy about wltb laughter try numerical songs. Tbla la wbere all the
company are gathered In a circle or
n two rows and where aome familiar
long I* sung, eacb phrase of whicb la
punctuated with numbers, wbicb ara
lung also, as If they belonged to the
;ext A certain number nf words
nny he agreed upon aa the apace to
m> punctuated thus, aay four or five
A-ords, and this division used instead
tf dividing the verses Into phraees.
Some song must tie aelected which
ind solemnly, like a dirge.   Thus:
lohn Rrown's body (One) Ilea a-moldtrina'
(Two�� In the arave (Thr��*l;
HI* aoul (Knur) koc* marchlna on (Five).
One player may stag a verse en a
tolo. ur two or more may sing It la
miaou, wblle all Join ia tbe rborua.
The search  was kept up fer hun
 dreds  of  miles through  the  ice  in
nd speedily measure the 1.2.KI 'every direction, but without, success,
feet Ui the surlnce. Resigning, with- The fleet is now sailing south, and
out a <i.<h, our be-��ludge.l disguise, hopes to find the main herd. The
�����* er.Joy lhe tliouglttlully-provid.'d average catch is 300,000 skins, repre-
bfti',i, ao'u return to llie iu Uie *uu- senting a million dollars. With the
. ...ao. -. best luck it is not expected to exceed
���    one-third  thia year.
A School Land Ship.
One of tbe features of tbeir public
lebool training which the boya of Berlin. Germany, enjoy mont Is the "land
ihlp."   ou   wbich   young   sailors   go
ibrougb a regular dally training1.  Tbe
litis 1�� tbe name of the land ship whicb
bas been built and whicb bas a crew
)f 120 boya.   The larger boya act as
Jfflcera.    When they are at work on
lbe land ship the boya dress In mMdy
blouse, and caps.   There la sun practice on the land ship every day and
�� naval drill, eod all the usual work
if a ship Is done by the boya.   Tbey
bave the great** fun In climbing tbe
qiars and bolattnjt the salln. and life
on tbe litis Is so popular tbat tbere
ire alwaya more applicants for tba
new tban tbere are places to be filled.
Sixth Avenue.       ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Fourth Street from Royal Avenue to
Sixth Avenue.
Sixth Avenue from First Street to
Fourth Street.
Fifth Avenue from First Street to
Fourth Street.
Fourth Avenue from First Street to
Fourth Street.
Third Avenue from First Street to
Fourth Street.
And that said worka be carried out
In accordance with the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw, 1312."
And the City Engineer and City
Assessor having reported to tbe Council ln accordance with the provisions
of the said by-law upon the aald works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of tbe City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Council.
Notice Is hereby given thnt the said
reroits are oren for inspection at the
office of the City Assessor, City Half,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. O, and tbat unless a petition-
against the proposed works above-
mentioned, signed by a majority of the-
owners of the land or real property to-
be assessed as charged In respect of
such works representing at least one-
halt In value thereof is presented to
the Council within flfteen days from
the date of tbe first publication of
this notice the Council will proceed
with the proposed Improvements under such terms and conditions as to
the payment of the coat of such Improvements aa the Council may by bylaw iu that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assess,
Dated this Twenty-fourth day ot
June, A.D. 1912.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerlt,
Date of flrst publication. June 25, 1912,
Sun Spate,
lh* stood befer* the looking class.
I winsome, da Int v lass.
And cased with puckered brnw upon
The iwsetMt face that sun shon* on.
'Oh. rtritr." she murmur**, with a sigh,
*l csn never fmng-lnc why
These nasty freckles always come!
They're really ver}' troublesome!"
The sun peeped through the window pane
And beamed upon her once attain.
Mb. ah." he. rhucklln*. made reply,
'I think 1 know the reason why)
The freckle* on your pretty face
n edmlratlon there 1 place.
(nil every one la only this)
The spot where t imprint a klsa."
._     .���       -Pb^Uetphla UUst.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Weatminater, B. C
Workshop 611  Victoria Street
(Over Dally Newa.i
Meat Market
FAQ�� fpDB.
Westminster daily news
Published "weTy   morning   except
rSunday by Th^ Rational Printing and';
Publishing  CoirLtd., at their ofllce,
<3   McKenzie street,  New   Westmlnater. B. C.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Business Office  LS99
Editorial  Office    R999
By carrier- $4 per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
By mail $3 per year, or 25c per
month.       *������ ]
Westminster Weekly News $1 per
-year.    ' '   ""'
TU|8^Y,.JULY 2, 1912.
_.. . "'i      ' ')i i' '     '
$hltj|tiftoG RESULTS.
The im^rt;;.;ee of the passim; of
the S^OCii&Oifcbylaw on Wednesday laat
will he iiiwter-gauged a year hence,
when its results will be palpably ;vl-
ident to anyone who passes along tho
transformed'Front street. We caniiot
see the cents cf the day in their true
prospective at the time they thrust
themselves red hot upon us.
But Ihij.ytpch is abundantly clear,
namely, .thri^Uthe result of the confidence of the people of this city in
themselves, their representatives and
the future of their city as a great port,
is already bearlAg fruit. An aocount
of the i rocedings at the Panama convention a| Calgary will be found elsewhere in this isaue. Here we would
stale that at this cpnference one of the
most striking Of its many features was
that the a^ttyude, of the prairie delegates is nd'ventirely in favor of shipping grain by the western route. Perhaps these farmers of the prairies
realise even more tban the delegates
from B, C, vihat prorcr provision on
the coast for the handling of grain
means to them.
They lost thousands of dollars last
year thr^u^tf, $i��  railways  being unable to take away their grain over the
���eastward running lines;   they realise
that a roai t-p-the, Hudson Bay is for
the immed^t^ jpresent of no use   to
them, and    accordingly    they   Joined
heartily with the men from B. C. ln |
petitioning1 the'government to take Immediate st��t3$ to, provide the necessary
-equipment at ffla coast for the efficient handling-'o'f grain.
To Westminster, one of the most important resolutions passed at the -convention  Is  Xhat  calling   upon  tlie  goi-v-
I have heard that the boys of the
104th are having a very good time at
Macauley Point and that none of them
are iooklng forward to their return to
civilian life. The regiment is expected
back about 8 p. nr. on Tuesday. There
is no doubt that we shall see a great
improvement on their retuin, but 12
days is altogether inadequate and a
man cannot be taught much more than
recruit drill in that time-.
I hope that the affairs- of the local
regiment will be well probed now that
the season's training   Is    completed.
One thing is very certain, and that Is
that, as mattci s stand  at present we
have no reason o be proud of our miff-
tia'ltt the Royal Cl1t/��!id"tKls, In spite
of the fact that at one time we^were
able to hold up our heads and say that
our gun crews were without equal in
the Dominion of Canada; coming to a
later date, A and B companies of the
6th regiment, when they,were the unit
of this city, were certalniyv;the equal
in numbers, physique and general efficiency, of any of   the   headquarter
companies, and the drums and bugles,
though fewer in number, weVe vastly
superior to those of headquaiteis. Now
we have nothing at all, or worse than
that, to compare with the-regiments
of Vancouver.   I am perfectly certain
that New Westminster can produce a
regiment the equal of any in the whole
of Canada, if fairly treated.   Most   oi
the old hands are still here, and there
are hundreds of new ones.    If conditions were altered, and    the    militia
were made popular, I believe^an 8-com
pany rsgimtnt could be   raised   and
kept at full strength without, the slight
est difficulty.    Our population is noi
so transient as that of Vancouver and
consequently the r^rsonnel would not
suffer such  fiequent  changes, which
constitute the chief difficulty   of   the
unlls there.
What must come first of course, is
a rigid and searching enquiry into the
matter and a consequent weeding out
of the evils which are preventing the
growth of the regiment at piesent.
The conditions of service must be al-
tred and made to suit the convenience
of the rank and file, who after all,
have the making or marring of the
whole thing in their hands. If these
conditions be such that it is impossible for a man to fulfil them without
doing himself injury as far as concerns his dally bread, then they must
be modified accordingly or else some
system of compulsion will be necessary. )
My own opinion is that the greatest evil is the fact that the 104th have
been raised as rural militia whereas
the (ith regiment companies here were
trained as a city unit.   There   is   no
doubt that this constitutes the worst
difficulty    against    which    hose    responsible for the welfare of the regiment have to contend.    The clothing
is not uniform and theYe is almost a
complete absence of equipment of any
kind.   That is another factor.   A third
is that the officers lack In Interest,
that is to say/some of them. . A very
smail minority are all that could   be
desired, but the larger proportion take
no interest in the corps whatsoever.
Apart from the regimental staff there
should always be at least two officers
per company on parade,   which   is a
thing I have never seen in the drill
hall here.    What generally seems to
happen js that no officers fall In at
all, but'stand at the mess door and
watch one of the numerous sergeants-
major drilling the combined compan
ies���a most pernicious habit, became
the company comman-'er is first, last
and always, the instructor of tbe company, or should be. as It is to him the
men will look fcr their orders when
cn service and If he is not accustomed
to handling them, and they aie    not
used to his ways, woe betide   everybody concerned.
Of coiH89 the parades have been
very small and with two officers present ier company there is every probability that they would outnumber
the lank and file; but if the companies are going to te .built up In the
right way it is necessary to commence
to do things properly frcm the start,
tliat is to say, even if the parade
should only consist of three men (as
has been the case ere now, I believe)
it should be carried out in just as formal a manner as though there were a
full battalicn present, then as the companies grow the rifilit spirit of discipline will grow with them. Many desirable changes are appa:ent to all of
us, pne might almost say many neces
sary changes, whether or no they are
to be made remains a problem which
the future will solve. Meanwhile the
fact remains, something must be done
and that soon, or the militia of New
Westminster will become a thing of
the past.
minster District, and empties into the
North Arm of Burrard Inlet, near Rain
ey Bay. The water will be diverted
a mile upstream from mouth, and will
be used for Industrial and power purposes at the land described as 2130,
New Westminster District.
The same company will also apply
for a licence to store or pen back 120-
acre-feet of water on the same stream
at a point about two miles above Its
Now Undergoes Repairs���No Word
Concerning Oil Burners'.
The suction dredge Fruhling is now
docke.l at the government wharf where
she is undergoing^ her annual repairs
and overhauling. "Up to the present
tlme nothing has beh heard fr6hV Ottawa regarding the 'frdtkH/ot thePi'o-
gres'sive'ASsoclatlbh' and the Board' of
Trade as to postponing the Installation
of oil burners until later In the season
and it is thought that the boat will be
taken either to Vlctoila or Vancouver
some time within the next two weeks
unless the Ottawa authorities take action. The contract has not yet been
awarded for the work of conversion.
(Continued from page onO
oil and spirit eneine makers
Annandale   &   Son,   Ltd.
Scotland), paper mak��ra.
 1      Ttie Drejwry   Car  Co..  lAd.
��mm��m tA'VtW lta beat attention^ u>\r,o-Tren<���>. r��nw�� c��irt������
^f^, vvu. ��av��'��i> v>�� TOgineon ""Miurora and cnelneern.
-wao��M by Municipalities Immediate- J    Han Acc,im���iators
ly interested that wdll tend to relieve,-   Georg{, Jenain,,B< ud.  ,,.0iidon and
the situation.   Westminster is the on-'
ly city on Ute Canadian coast that Js
in any fullt ra����S��re ready for harbor
development pi* for the location of industries or grain shipping conveniences uron a satisfactory basis.   Hence
Wl> feci fairly confident that    Mayor
Iree, hacked up, first, by the city, and
secondly, by'the ppwer of this great
���convention,  will  be in a very happy
position when h- next interviews the
authoiities at Ottawa, who have   already promised their aid toward the
perfecting of Westminster's legitimate
We would here compliment that enthusiastic hand of citizens who are en-
.rolied in the Progressive association
for their ttrJfcjpliflH in sending a representative to this Importani gathering.
This gentleman was able, before the
arrival of "Mayor Lee, to correct a
statement made by a prairie delegate
that none W'the Pacific mast cities
had made any provision for the development of their harbors in rea li ness
for tbe wheat of the north west.
News trayejs but slowly, and wilh
Westminster's communications td the
outside handled ln. the main from Vancouver, she fias to dale got but a scanty meed of publicity. That the pretence of .Mayor Lee and the secietary
of the Progressive association at Cal
gary, arii.'d with maps and "lanfl, and
ready and able to speak Intelligently
upon them, ��*y* Westminster the
grcatci;'. advertisement li has ever re-
elved to date, ls a fact which needs
no disputing;
port mann requires
n v
A de-n;ir:Ucr��,fc;om the n< -vl- formed
Port Mann Uoard of Trade hud ,-i conference 7.1th City i;ni hiccr Blackmail
and Mayo.- Lee, >;-si previous to lib
departure, to ns.-eitaln what arrangements ccjuld be made with regard to
water supply" for the ombyro railway
Tho rlrleeates from Port .Mann were
Informed hy jiir. worship that if satisfactory tering cctild he mulally agreed
upon, thc Royal City waterworks
would be flblfe to supply them wilh
about a million gallons of water a day
for a limited period. Within a few
years it Is expected thai Port Mann
will have i pe-manPnt supply of her
own, and if Westminster grows at tho
present ra'c, the million pa lions will
be reqhlrM here at the end of that
period anyway.
The oir-ii'eiiiu: tdd<' of the question
has nol a.- y, | I een gone Into, but llu-
construction of a viaduci across the
river is understood to be proposed as
si means ot getting tho supply into
Ahe district hi which lt la required.
(Dorset), sanitary and  hydraulic engineers.
Thomas Piggott & Co., Ltd. (Birmingham), iron founders > and engineers.
Yorkshire Railway Wagon Co., Ltd.
(Doncaster),   railway financiers.
Duff us Bros. & Klein (London), art
Oeorge Beeson I London I, merchant.
Reeves &. Sons, Ltd. (London), artists' colors.
F<irdons' Vinegar Co., Ltd. Birmingham), malt vinegar brewers, sauce
E. &. W. Lucas. Ltd. I Sheffield),
spades and Implements,
Blackburn and District Cnaniber of
G. W. Goodchild & Co. (London),
edge tools, etc.
Armstrong Stevens & Sons, Ltd.
(Birmingham), bolts, nuts, screws,
Joseph Rank, Ltd. (llndon, etc.),
The Kings Norton Metal Co., Ltd.
.1. Player & Son (Coventry), watches
and chronometers.
Redman Pros., Ltd. (Leeds), manufacturing stationers, fine art publishers, clothing manufacturers,
Leicester Chamber of Commerce.
C. is. Stanton (Leicester), merchant,
A   R, Cl irke of Orient    Co.,    Ltd.
(1 ondon).
Loderi & Lucollne, Ltd. (London).
Major Leather, ^presenting Premier
Reflninv <'o., Ltd,;  P;oierty Ins. Co.,
Ltd.  i I.oim! hi |,
','a'lowa..',. u.i. (Manchester), en-
c. i.eonuri Agnow (fllancbester),
stool; bro!; cr.
K.  !���'.  Broad man  fX.oTwlcb), architect, ex-mayor of Norwich,
���  National nas Engine Co., Ltd, i Vsh-
'on-iinilei-Lyrici, gas  and  oil  engine
mn' "is
London Chambe; of Commerce,
'li'ee memhers.
Brown. Hopwood   *   riiibcr,.   Ltd,
(Birmingham),  wnolMale    provision
1-' ,T. Davis, .1 '���'. (oiliery proprietor.
Warwick & Hall.
Vi'IlIIamscn & Son. etc.
Whan a Child Has a Convulsion.
Wbeu a child Is suddenly seized with
a convulsion proceed as follows: First
Loosen tbe clothing, but tnke off only
tbe shoes and stockings. Second.--
Place tbe child upon a bed or tabled
irltb his legs hanjrlns over tbe edge
/rom tb0 jjnees down. Third.���Put his
feet and lower legs in a nail of bot water to which has been added dne table-
spoonful of powdered miutnrd. If jou
bave no oiuntard ****** \*9* wnter aluu*.
toe very rnrefut tt In not.bot eD.ouuh to
burn. Fourth.���Put nn'lce cap to tbe
| bead. Lacking an ice cup, use plenty
I of cracked   lee  done   up  ln  a  towel.
Fifth.���Give ao enema ot warm soapsuds. Repeat It if it Is not retained.
Sixth.���As soon as tbe child Is able to
swallow give a large dose of castor oil.
���Dr. R. H. Dennett in WomnnVHome
Polls and Barbers' Poles.
The barber ts the only professional
man wbose emblem ls a pole. The emblem is a pun. A poll is a head. Tbe
verb "poll" menus io lop off u head.
The earliest barbers were removers of
beards. "Barba" ls Latin for beard.
The French called a man wbo shears
off beards a barbier. But the barbler
also removed balr from tbe ape* and
adjoining regions of tbe head. With
tbe modesty characteristic of many
professional men he magnified bis
function and adopted for his emblem
a device wbich taken In its fullest significance would Indicate tbat be removed the entire bead. Because "poll"
is pronounced tbe same us "pole" be
conceived that a pole would be tbe appropriate emblem of bis profession-
New Vork Sun.
for your purchases is an important
factor but
iB what concerns you most In the
practice of true economy.
is Just when you should remember
this, b ecause you consume groceries
every day In the year. Yo.i must
get quality and quantity for your
money, and that's Just what our large
purchasing facilities and wjde experience ln the grocery business place--
us In ;. position to give.
V-r��    lr\*>     TT   Mm**Em��\\*JM. a
Thr* People's Grocer
Columbia St.  .Sapperton.    West  En J.
His Hand Bath.
Arguing forcibly. If not convincingly,
against the custom of taking a bath,
still happily prevalent lu certain quarters, an Kugllsh writer relates the
savory story of a Kentish fi.rn) worker whose horny hand he grasped.
"Cood Kent dirt." said tlie mini, catching a critical , lance. "Haven't hnd
time to wash ycur hands before icaV"
wns Hie quer-lion. "Wiiih m.v 'audsl"
exclaimed the mnn. then Explanatorily:
"I never washes m.v 'und*. When tliey
gels 'urd 1 lies ein."
The Hindu In Our Midst.
With two R-'tinrefaccB of spirits Juiil-
per*la divided In quarts In his hip
t pockets and several ounces of the
:-:ino ilould In hll Interior, a Hindu
attempted to ston backward from a
Swiftly moviir; dty car ;lt the coiner
of MoI'criMc and Columbia streets last
cvenln'-, with the usual result.
Ak h/ era .she I to the Hassam fl
(inkling musical Bound wjjs heard and
Hie pungent odor of ab-ohoi unadulterated, arose, and sli^l'tiy stunned ho
|.:y Iii a widening pool���of gin, One
of the crowds that usually collect at I
such times gathered and hei;cd him
up whil ��� a fellow countryman assisted
to i'0-.vlii l his t in bnn ��111 li hud " ome
down." After u while with the assistance Of a eon;.tui,le he vvi:s able to em-
barv. upon a hillside car, quite whole,
ln body, but minus his cin.
Fatal Admission.
Merchant���What other i|iinllflcntIonJ
bave you for the plaee? Applicant���
Well, my friends tell me I have a contented disposition nud- Merchant���
J'ou won't do. Wc mint a man with a
discontented disposition, one that will
bustle.���ririladelphla I'ress
Amusing Is a favorite threat of the
famous Dr. Keate. who used to say:
"Remember, boys, you are to be pure
In heart or, I'll (log you till you are."���
London Answers.
Musical Name.
Mrs. Towne���So Illrniu Sharp's girl
Eflie   has   become  a   music   teacherT
Hepslbah���Vos: wo call her Eff Sharp.
���Bostou Transcript.
East Burnaby
Mara road, four roomed house well
furnished, $1700. $500 cash, balam*
$25 monthly    Lot 34x168.
Burgess road, four rooms, very com
fortkble house; chicken houses; fruit
trees.    Cultivated.    Lot 60x180. $2000.
Seventh avenue, two loomed hous*
and three lots, one block from th<
car; $1800; one-third cash, balance
over two years.
PHONE 1024.
Coldicott Blk.   East Burnaby
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, Engllsh
and Swiss
All   Wer*   Cuaran'.eed.
441  Froi t Strett       N-   * City  Market.
Kelvin Cafe
where bo'.h  PLATE   and
Corner Lorne and  Columbia  Streets
Want   Water  License.
In the curt���nt Issue of the B, C,
Gazette, notice i.s given that the Scott
Qoldie Quarrle Co., Ltd., 22, falrfleld
Building, Vancouver, will apply for a
licence to take and use lo cubic feet
of water per second out of an unnamed creek which flows ln an eaaterly
diieetion tin ough lot 1417 New West-
The  latest   styles,  first  class    workmanship,  and  entire  satisfaction  by
46   Lorno   Street,   New   Westminster.
TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1912.
Splendid Factory
* i    ���
Factory Sites in the West End
are in demand now.
Here Is one of the best of them: Lot 2, corner of Royal avenue and
Eleventh stieet In Block 8. Th��re is over 150 loot trackage on this
property along the B.C.E.R. tracks.    Close to waterfront.
Price $30,000
The Peoples Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street
We are making some special prices good for 30 days to Builders
and Contractors In New Westminster. If you have not received our
list write or phone and we will see that you get one. it will be to
your advantage.
W. R, QILLEY, Phone 122. q. e, q|LLEY, p���0ne 291
Phonea, Office 15 and 1��. ,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
WholesaU Slid Retail   Doalors   In   Coal
cement, lime, sewer  PIPE, DRAIN     TILE,    CRUSHED     ROCK
WASHED GRAVEL AND CLEAN    IAND,    PRUMa    mrnta*.    f.a*mi'
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.        Vice-President.
Bee. Ltd Treas.
Manufacturers  and   Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phones Na   ' and 877.   8hlngles, 8ash,  Doors.   Moulding*  Etc.
     GO TO -
Brunette 'Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
������i '������ i���
Now is the time to build for aale or rent while prices are (ow
Highland Home
lhe Newest and Best Subdivision
Telcphcno 215, New Westminster. P. O. Sox 777. TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1912.
PAGE nvt
Boys From Fraser
Swamp Vancouver
Salmon Bellies Win Fourth Victory In Succession In Most
Memorable Gams for Years-Teams Tied and In Extra
TimeC. Spring Notches Decisive Tally.
��� An��i$gt.the:seeae of the-wildest excitement that has ever infected a lacrosse field, no matter whether tn the
$ast or the west, the fajnoua Salmon,
Hellies triumphed;'over I the prblid
Kreen shirts yesterday afternoon to
the tune of 4-3. It was a game that
will f-o down Into history, a game that
befitted the great festival which thousands of Canadians celebrated yesterday, and lt embedded Into the minds
of some 13,000 fans that the national
pastime, handed down from father to
son, from geneiatlons ago when the
Indians would amuse the settleiB with
their exhibitions of "crosse" was still
a feature of more than passing account
in this fair Dominion of Canada.
The old time funs were there, and
while waiting for the fray to start,
many were the tales that brought to
mind the sanguinary battles of former
years. After the 02 minutes of play,-
after Doughey Spiing had put the
game in camphor, they went away
satisfied that tlie boys of today could
still play the game. Never before has
such a celebration been^seen at Recreation Park as that when the red
shirts wended their way back to club
house, tired out but wearing a smile
that showed entire satisfaction over
such an ending. Headgear, cushions,
anything handy, was thrown Into the
air, and it was with some difficulty
that the players from the Fraser river
resisted efforts to shoulder them on
the waiting conveyance back to the
It was expected that something
would happen when the line-up of the
Vancouver team became known. Newsy Lalonde was back in the game assisted by Nick Carter and Harry God-
^ frey. and what defense, asked the fan,
could keep this formidable array in
check. They were answered, and all
must doff the hat to Messrs. Howard,
the Ciffords and Co. for the brilliant
defense these boys displayed.
Cameron   (von.i
(West.),    5
Goal Summary.
First   Quarter���U.   Spiing
Se.-ond Quarter���Carter (Van.), 2.56.
Third Quarter���Wintemute (West.),
7.0G:  T. Rennle  (West.), 2.11;  Carter
Fourth Quarter���Carter (Van.). 3.25.
ICxtra Time���C. Spring- (West.). 18.
First Quarter���None.
^J����cond   Quarter���Cmrter    (Van.),   5
iWet��t.V. S mln
Third    Quarter���Clark
Fourth Quarter���W. Turnbull (W.).
It min.
The Garre Beqins.
Westminster pot the ball at the outset, bul soon lost It, nnd Codfiey tried
a lone shot which Clarhe saved easllv
On the replay, Tom Itennie and Hill
Turnbull  each  tried a  shot,  followed
by  Len  Turnbull. who hit  the  pos!a"
Vancouver came back nnd looked dangerous until Hughie Clifford Intercepted.    Hughie took the    ball down    to
Cruinny Spring who doged his check ]
and slammed the rubber past Hess for |
the tirst tally.
A  Tew  seconds  Inter.  Tom   Uenni
tried to go through and end to   end |
play followed.   C. Siring again started
the excitement  by  boring in, getting
elasied in the face while doine so.
The pong-went with Westminster In
posesf lon. Not a penalty was inflletpd
;n the first quarter and play was clean
Second  Quarter.
We'll inster iiecame dangerous
irom tbe fnce-off, and on a pass from
Wintemute, G. Spring shot wide. The
rubber was taken to the other end and
In n K-immage, Carter equalized. Len
Ti.rnhull sl>.zled the air with a low
on", and there followed a Vancouver
rush, which was repulsed. Tommy
Ollord got a hnd smash across the
fie irom Cnrter, knocking out sev-
<Mnl ueth. The proceedings were halted   while Tommy wng being patched
ICn I to end play followed, both
tennis heing content to bombard at
lon- range. A little mix-up b.v Carter
nud Gifford received the attention of
tha referee and eieh got a five minute
'liti**. Mayor Findlay, of Vancouver,
attempted to exeiclso hls magisterial
nfil �� nnd made a move towards hav-
Lis tb* local player pinched, but, per-
hn;i hearing the boos of the crowd,
hs r cntod and wended his way hack
I.i He stHnds.
Tommy Gifford appeared to be a
nin\ for the greenslilrls, and wns
Orftln laid out, this time by lalonde,
mho pot n ten minute iest. Westmln-
eter nere linving tho better of play,
una f'cs? wnB continually being called
upon to save.
Third Quarter.
Knd to end pluy started the half
time ko'Ipb. hoth teams exhibiting a
Hood brand of combination work. In
one nttaok, the local defence secured
possession, and, In the run up. Punk
Wintemute pulled o!T one of his spe-.
claltles by nvndlne his man and crashing the ball past Hess. Snurred on hy
their Kticcrss, the Westminster home
enelnreri'd another prettv rush, and
Tom Rennle. who was plavlng a great
frame, ���nthe-od the ball and for a third
tlinn t'>e/stilngs Jumped behind Hess.
Vim', ouyer were now getting desperate "nd Newsy Lalonde seemed al-
rr.TPt certain to score when Howard
save-', cia'ii pulled off n beauty a
Be-Ptid ln��er and by so doing showed
t'vit ha \i tbe one conlkeeper on thiB
(oi.tlncit. Frnie Murrnv took the
pin''" of Cummins, who had hurt his
M">lhor   rush   by   Vnncouver,   and
Clai't- received five minutes for hard
ciincVlntr of Lalonde, while the latlp
wns wit'.iin tho crease.   C. Spvln
In between the posts, but was beaten
by Carter, who then scored Vancouver's second goal. Carter was the
leading Ht orr\h&'-Vancouver homej.
The gong went with the green shirts
Fourth Quarter.
The crowd naturally expected things
to happen in the last stanza of ihe
battle, and, egged on by the chee'M of
the Vancouver concourse, Carter
notched his third tally for the :i*'ernoon, tlelng the score.
Fiist one team then the other got
the ball, defence of both teams being
kept at It for all they were worth rebelling the attacks. Clark was lead-
'ng a wonderful life ln goal, and stopped shot after shot. Carter had an
oien goal beiore him, but before he
cuull shoot Bill Turnbull tripped him
in the melee and was awarded flve
minutes for the o.Tence. The (rong
went with the teams on equal footing
f-i.ii an extra twenty minutes was ar-
lunged between the respective managers.
Extra Time.
Excitement was at fever heat and
ihe crowd held its applause, watching
tbe play closely, and with Intense
on^erneBS. Both homes were buzzing
a round, taking long shots. Len Turn-
bull made a gieat attempt to score
while on the ground. The local defence formed themselves into a stone
vail and watched steadfastly everv
loophole. On one attack, H. GlfTord
(���layed rings around Allen, and beat
I  in up the fleld.
Vancouver came back and Tommy
Gifford pulled off a fine piece of work
by beating hoth Lalonde and Carter.
1 he pace could never last, nnd with
f> "now or never" spirit, the boys from
the Fraser went up the field. A pass
to Doey Spring and all was over. It
��as the finest game every played in
\ ancouver and even the rock ribbed
fans of the green shirts gave vent to
tnelr feelings. True It is, Con .Jones
(West.) .juiTered a hard blow, but to give them
'heir due his stars played a great
uame. which would have won agnlnst
any other team but the Salmon Bellies.
The  Teams.
Westminster. Vancouver.
Clark Hess
1.  Gifford    Griffith
\..~_���,. CovamSjsJttj
Kelly, Westminster, 30 seconds.
Third Quarter.
Fairfield, Fairviews, 10 minutes.
Swanson, Westminster, 8 mln., 30 sec.
Fourth | Quarter.
Sclater, Westminster, 5 mln.,. 30 sec.
Gregory,, Westminster, 2 mln-. 30 sec.
Sangster, Westminster, 2 minutea.
Wilson, Fairview, 7 minutes.
The Y. M. C. A. officials have been
Ministers' Wives at Ottawa Have a
Hard Task to Fulfil.
In Ottawa the queens of society
reign not, , as in some cities, by virtue of the:possession of great wealth,
but by right of political leadership
of their husbands or fathers; ana
perhaps this acts to some extent as a
check upon the inclinatio i (so gen-
granted permission by the city coun-' erally  prevalent)  toward display in
��   \
Splendid large store and basement on Begbie street, Just off Columbia street. All modern conveniences and ready for immediate
occupation.   Rent $65 per month.   Will lease.
Two modern suites of apartments on Begbie street, near Colum--
bia street and the Russeii hotel, three rooms and bath room AH
modern conveniences.    Rent $30.00 and $35.00 per month
cil to hold a track meet on the Queens
park oval on July 29 and 31. and August 2.   Entries are coming in fast for
dress, household management and
the exercise ot hospitality, lf ambitious,  either  for  herself or for her
the events, the prize for which    will I husband, the Ottawa woman has oth
be the shield given by Mr, W. J. Kerr.
�� ���
��� BASEBALL. ���
�� ���
��� ��������������������������������������������
Tigers Defeated.
The baseball team of the People'*
Trust company defeated the Tigers, of
Vancouver, yesterday morning at
Queens park, 6-3.
This makes the second defeat the
Terminal City team has suffered at
the hands of these youthful artists
within the past two weeks.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.     L.
Westminster 5     1
Vancouver 1     5
F.     A.
31      22
22     31
I. Gifford
O. Kennle
V *i m .     t)��,t,.V<-
i H
. Cummins, 'Murray
Second  Defence,
Third Defence.
Gifford    ion
Centre.   .
Rpiinle Ma: heson
Third  Home.
Turnbull  McGregor
Second Home.
C. Spiing Allen
First  Home.
Wintemute ".Carter
���   Outside Home.     - -
L. rurnbull Lalonde
.Inside Home. .
0. Soring Godfrey
Referee���Alex. Turnbu'l.
.'udge of Play���H. Latham.
Qualities In the Game That Endear It
to ths Public.
There must be special qualities In a
game that can take and keep sucb a
bold on millions of bard beaded,
healthy Americans from boys to earnest old men. Wbat are these qualities? Here ls an attempt to define
First���Efficiency. No otber spectacle shows tbe human being to sucb
advantage on tbe side of efficiency. It
polo be mentioned to controvert tbls it
certainly cannot compare in tbe next
three advantages to be mentioned, and
tbe Inferiority of tbe circus tbe ustute
reader can flgure ont also from wbul
Second.���Visibility. A person who
understands tbe game sees almost ev-
perfectly. O,. ******* the dellv
'fc�� D<-*v��rkMon ma**
���_r.  Vta��   \ma\\   a����\,\tv
O'sh, grasp an* recovery
Victoria T ,ms V. A .C���Westminster,
Suoplementcd by Intermediates,
Defeats Fairview, 8-3.
Tvo . eul surprises occuried in the
Senior AiniUeur league games on Saturday ufternoon, the V. A. C. losing
out In a close fought battle to Victor-
la, while the locals, with a reo ganixed
'.earn, lecruited from the ranks of the
intermediates, trimmed the Fairviews
to the tune of 8-3.
The game at Queens park was wit
nested by a mere handful    of    funs
which Is accountable for, wben no no
tice whatever was given out  that    r
'ontesl was on the saids.   Several o
'.he regulars through sicknssB or oth
rwiso, stepio.d down which meant thr
inclusion of Intermediate boys.   That
they pel formed well is shown hy the
icore board, and lt Is probable   that
Manager Gilmston will rely on them
if siln for another game.
Hughie Stoddard and Louis Sunpste-
vere the shining lights on the local
'Ine-up. The former went In between
ihe posts and at times was stopplnr
'hem ut all angles. Sansster made
one of the hest runs of the season
coring ln the attempt.
The locals had the pame stitched 'ur
'n the first quatter end but for their
continued bunching when within ai-or-
ng distance the isoore would have
'>ecn much greater.
The teams were ns follows:
Westminster��� Stoddard, Turnbull.
"otton, Coorer, Gregory, Battson,
^tinsBler, Sclater, Kelly, Hume, Smith
Fairview���McDonald, Ritchie, Mason
"amtbell. . Painter, Rogers, Doldge,
-Wilson, Radelet, Fairfield, Godfrey,
Heferees���J. I. Keary and Clifford
First Quarter.
B. Cameron. Fairview, 18 seconds
Hume, Westminster, 18 minutes.
Second Quarter
Cooper, Westminster, 14 minutes,
won!. Smith, Westminster, 5 mlnutos.
tbe lnflelder. tbe race of tbe runner
down the line, the catch of tbe lm.se-
man and is ready to dispute wltb tbs
umpire whether tbe ball arrived a
tentb ot a second before or a tenth of
a second after.tbe runner.
Third.���Sustained suspense. An English student ot American affairs, endeavoring to make bis countrymen understand tbe bold of tbe game, stated
tbat If they would imagine tbe mosl
Intense moment ln tbe fifth set of a
tennis match being played for tba
championship of tbe world they mlgbt
get an Idea of tbe Intensity of Interest
tbat pertains to a ball game at almost
any time In any on* of tbe nine Innings.
Fourth.���Tbe democratic background.
Tbo interest of watching the experts is
Inseparable from tba fact tbat almost
every boy ln tbe United States la
brought up to play tbe game Itself.
One sometimes bears It aald tbal,
watching tbe game la leaa desirable
than playing It, which la creating an
absurd dilemma, aa the cleric ln a greal
town, wbo may be able to spend two
hours of healthy Interest In tbe bass*
ball park, could not possibly be Indulging In tbe game himself and also because watching tbe game makes one
all tbe more eager to play it if be bas
tbe cbance. Just as playing It makes
him all tbe more eager to see bow It Is
played by tbe greatest experts ln tbe
world.���Norman Ilapgood In Metropolitan. 	
Methods ef Stage Drivers In ths Mountains ef Mexico.
The drivers wbo pilot tbe stagecoaches through tbe mountains In Mexico
have a way of their own of coaxing
their mules along the rough roads.
The method Is described by Wallace
Olllpntrick in bis book. "The Man Who
Likes Mexico:"
"If you bave never ridden on a Mexican coach you have atitl a new sensation In store. Tbe Chapala coach
bas a cushion on top. and If you are
fortunate ln sharing this seat you mny
ride muy a gusto, seeing the country
and the manner of manipulating an
eight mute team at tbe aame time.
"There are two abott tha alza of rabbits in tbe lead, a atrlng of four ln tho
middle and two larger ones on tha
wheel. The driver bus a whip wltb a
losh long enough to reach tbe leaders.
Ills assistant bas another shorter one,
but hla chief persuaders nre rocks.
"The assistant earns 50 cents a day
nnd free Insurance against dyspepsia.
He alights nt tbe foot ot erery bill and
fills his sombrero with rocks on the
way up. Ho then shies several bowlders big enough to dislocnte n hip at
the leaders, and when tbe whole team
Is In a gallop he swings himself ou to
tbe box ln some miraculous way. I
1 tblnk be stands on tbe bub. He could
1 never do It tt he wore shoo."
tmtleta for ber anersy than mere
efforts to outshine her neighbors in
the gorgeousness of her apparel or tbe
splendor of her entertainments; and
behind the gaieties- whicb keep society at the capital in a whirl for
the first few months of each year
there is often mucb of a serious purpose. It is the nature of women,
even in this age when in unprecedented numbers they are engaging
in independent enterprises, to be intensely interested in the interests of
those dear to them', and in political
circles the- women most arerse to entering what Ihey regard as the "province of man" cannot hold entirely
aloof from the keen and exciting1 and
unceasing contest of politics. It is
impossible that they should not take
sides, but, if it is done tactfully and
without bitterness, even an opponent
likes, I believe; to see' a wife standing staunchly by her husband, unceasingly caring for the interests he
has at heart, and helping him, in
ways old or new, asa' woman can.
Whatever idea one may hold on the
question of "woman's sphere'*' in general, one is bound from' the' nature of
the case to take what may be called
an old-fashioned view of the leading
women at Ottawa1. To the outside-
world they are, first and foremost,
the wives or daughters' of the- Honorable Minister of this or that Department; and as their parts are largely
played within the sanctity of home
it is less easy to write of them than it
would be of their husbands���public
men whose public work is not in the
least injured by the utmost possible-
amount of limelight.
Even  a glimpse  into the  lives  led1
by  the  Government ladies whilst at
Ottawa suggests that for psrt,. it not
all,  of the year  they  must he  very
busy women.    For instance, take the
matter   of   receptions   alone.    During
the season  the  wives of the Cabinet
��� Minister*   receive    on  Mondny  . lifter- .
,*it \ ti)lM��)> v  and  ttaim' irambet  ol llveit cai\- 1
����\��r*'  moonu    l*t    into    tft��   YtundredW.
V>t 1 W IS  not   OT>utt*U>ry to   tetvmv Uie*��-
calls,  but I  was told that this year
they  had  resolved  to do so.    When, I
however, one lady had nine- Hundred /
callers  and  another  sixteen, hundred />j
(witb   several  reception  days  still   to* ll
come) it became manifest that tn ra- /1
turn in person the visits of all.' these- rj
wai    impossible.     And,    of    courts;, j'"
there  are  in  addition  a  multiplicity f
X J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office:  28 LOrtie Street,  New Westipin#t*\      "
HARRY   TIDY,   Manager.
Six Big Reels of
THE RHLimmi Of A
tftllWS WMlAM
Program Changes Monday, Wednesday and Fri-oay.
of other social functions, such as dinners and luncheons, at-homes and
bridges, to take the time and strength
of the social leaders,, whether as-
guests  or  hostesses.
Many of the ladies belong by. birth
and education to the two- old' provinces which were the ,1b*,*!. ijear
the name of Canada."^tMtmo ia
represented by Mrs. Sprouie; the.wife
of the Speaker of the House' of Commons, at whose table (it is of real
interest to know) wine never appears,
and also by half a dozen ol the Ministers' wives.���Emily P. Weaver in |
Tbe  Saturday  Globe.
Tricks Thes* ��lum*y Cr���taw��� Ma*
Ba Taught to Pwrfoem.
Of all living creatures, suys a writer
in tbe Strand Magazine-, tbe turtle la
undoubtedly tba slowest ta Its movement and probably possesses the least
brain. Vet a well known American
naturalist ba�� succeeded ln training
three ot these creatures to do a number of little tricks. He places tbem,
one above tbc ether, on apoola, and it
a piece of cabbage or other green stuff
is held out in front of tbem tbey will
make a complete circuit, alt moving in
unison, keeping tbeir balance and not
tumbling off.
Tbe bigger turtle will also ring a
bell. This it grasps in one of its forefeet, Jerks it off tbe ground and then
gives lt a sbake. It ia quite amusing
to watch tbe slow, deliberate manner
in which tola ia done. Tbe turtles
have always lived in tbeir owner's
bouae. spending their time ln the kitchen hunting down tbe vermin.
One of tbe turtles draws a little cart
about tbe garden, n task wbicb be apparently 'does not resent in tbe least
Of course be Is never kept harnessed
for any length or time. He ia quite
tame, follows tbe children about tba
garden and will even eat from tbeir
Old folks who need something
of thn kind, find
most effective without atiy discomfort.
Increased doses not nesded. 25c. a boa
at your druggist's.
KillMil IIiiii ind Chtmlul ft, ot C.niii, tWM.
iw m
Best and Most Comfortable
Theatre in tbe City���Airy and
Beginning at 7:30.
'.   ��
Admission 10c.
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
Special Holiday Prooram
That Breezy Duo
of Comedy Musi-*.
cians   /..
The Peg-Legged
The Man who can
maHe'em all laugh
���""**"'        i      i   i ��������� ���       _***������*
A Lad and Lassis
who Sing and
 '���      ..   (.Jl'* l,.   .".'-
i* ��� ;tviqa ia   "
4���NE\N  PHOTO PV.AV8���A
15,000 Tona Each.
tails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. July 6, Aug. 3, Aug. 31.
C82 feet long, 18,000 horsepower. 10,000 tons, 514 feet long.
Sella July 13, Aug. 10, 8ept. 7.        Sails June 29, July 27, Aug. 24.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street, Seattle.
I    Compart
unm i ������!
to Prince Rupert Mondays,
midnight, connecting for Granby
Bay and Stewart.
to Prince Rttpert Thursdays,
midnight, connecting for Queen
Charlotte Island points.
TO VICTOHIA and SEATTLE. Seturaays and Tuesdays at midnight.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBEF.-T" leaves 3rd, 13th and 23 of each month   for
Prince Rupert and Way Ports.
Grand Trunk Pacific trains connect at Prince Rupert for East
with above sttamcrw. Ask for 1 lustratad literature re agricultural
lar.da lr. B. C. an'd Western   Canda. '	
���Sl?��cl%!-fllxeul'?-ion tarts vla Chicago    dui'hg summer months.
llall Tickets to All foluts.
ship Llneg.
General At.ency Trana-Atlantic Steam-
H. O. SMITH, C. P. K*. Tr
Phone Seymour 7100.
A. W. E. DUPEROW, Q. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER. B.C.     5Kf uranvme Street.
TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1912.
Pacific Coast Metropolis Has No Time
For Problem*.
The lions in their mantles c* snow
look stolidly down from the north on
a busy  summer scene in  Vancouver
these days. These twin peaks, strance-
ly formed like the recumbent king nnd
;queen of beasts, always challenge the
attention  oi   the   stranger,  although
the eager populace seem  busily  unconscious   of   the    impressive,   silent
sentinels.    It was  (nee  intended  to
locate   this   great  hive   cf  commerce
and industry  at Port Mocdy, on the
extreme reach of Burrard Inlet, says
8. T. Wood, the well-known writer in
a recent article.   The men who preempted the room and helped to draw
upon and form the prospective community for its use were sadly disappointed when the Canadian Pacific de-
cided to locate the metropolis at Vancouver.    The  city's  foreshores,   with
the  exception   of  a  few  street ends,
are owned by the railway company,
but that docs not make Vancouver an
inland city.   There ate foreshores owned  by  that  peculiar  institution,  the
Government,    and    people    actually
build houses tliere and live in them.
To some there seems something innately  wicked   in  presuming  to   live
while neither owning nor paying rent
ior  land,   but  the   Vancouver  squatters   are   not   sensitive.    The   vandal
outrage    that   razed    the    timber   of
Dead Man's  Island has been  followed by the  location  of a shack  town
on ite shores. Although the city could
not defend   itself  against  the  timber
vai.dals,   who   have  mnde  the   island
an unsightly blot, it has not only defended    itself     against    ths     shack-
builders, but hns successfully carried
the   war   into   their   territory.    They
���were  technically    sustained    by    the
same Governmental  authority as the
triumphant    timber   vandals,    which
goes  to  show   that  officialia  is  much
the sam-!  here  as elsewhere.
The city is too busy for problems.
The  thousand   turbaned  Sikhs  would
have  been  a  problem  elsewhere,  but
they do not seem to strain the city's
capacity for absorption.   In the mills,
on   tliH   railways,   in  gardens,   in   orchards, and on [arms they nre gradually acnuirhis western speed and losing    their    dependent   and    childish
���ways.   Like all Orientals, they make
but   small   contributions   to   the   unearned increment.   For this and other
reasons they  are  locally  regarded as
undesirable.     The   Chinaman   is   exemplifying the economic law through
which   the   ultimate   consumer   pays
the duty.   He shifts the $50ff tax by
asking $40 a montli for domestic ser-
|vice.     The   Japanese   exemplify   the
more   ageressive    Oriental     attitude.
Welcomed gladly by the salmon canneries   because    they    are    cheaper
than  white  fishermen, they soon got
the fishing into their own hands.   In
spite  of  theories   about  the  superior
courage   and    determination    of   the
���white   races   its   representatives   here
are reluctant toward going out on the
���water   at  night   where   the  Japanese
��n   ft��H\:i=.      IV,   '.��   not   hinted   ttvat
the JaJVa"h6se -would cut a net ot ime, I
ot do anything which other fishermen 1
would not do. But fishermen are I
fishermen, and the thousand eye3 ol 1
night are not always  open.
The Japanese will not always remain rowers of boats and haulers ot
nets. The wheel ot chance set in
motion by the employment of them
by the canners has not exhausted its
momentum, and they may displace
tlie white fishermen. They have
shown their capacity this spring by
organizing a codfish trust, and they
control tiie local market by keeping
thoir lish alive in the tank compartments of a vessel. They have determined tliere shall be no more bargain dnys in codfish. The-mental
subtlety of the Oriental is levying its
toll, but it is an excellent corrective
of the complacent vanity of the west.
Speciticalions, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc;" clrculai
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room .'., Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone U5.
Canadian PACificSubscribers
Class Distinction.
,    "Did ye see as Jim got ten years'
penal for stealing tbat 'oss?"
"Serve *im right too. Why didn't
'e buy tbe 'oss and not pay for 'Im like
any other gentleman."���London Sketch.
The Best Way.
Choose alwaya tbe way tbat seems
tbe best, however  rough lt may be.
Custom will sooii render lt easy and
The Mental Railroad.
Patient���I cannot concentrate, doctor.   My train of thought keeps Jumping tbe track.   Doctor���Ah, a nervous
wreck I���Puck.
Tbe abaentare like children��� helple
to defend themselves.���Reade.
Every Woman
��� '.�� Interested and rhoold know
about tbe wonderful
Ask your drngKlst for   .
It.  Ir he eanuot supply
the  If ARVKL, accept DO
other, but send stntnp for Illustrated book���sealed.  It gives full
particulars and directions inv-luablo
fo Indies. WINDSOl! Sl'PI'I.Y CO..Windsor, Ont
General Akvuu for Canada.
854���Meets in K. of P. Hall, Eight!:
and Agnes streets, second and
fourtb Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoi
Store* Columbia street. Visiting P
A. P.'s welcome. K. C. Cook, Die
tator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dicta
tor;  H. L. Christie, secretary.
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. F., is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethem
cordially invited. H. W. Harrison
N. O.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; Jamet
Ferguson, P. G., recording seere
tary; R. B. Purdy, financial seere
JOHN GRAHAM, AUDITOR AND Accountant. P. O. Box 781. Phone 1068.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Room:-
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code;
Western Union. Telephone, 1070
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cer. 6th and Columbl;.
minster Board of Trade meets ln the
board room. City Hall, as follows'
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the tJlrd Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members muy be proposed and
elected at any monthly or ouarterlv
meeung.    ri. H. Stuart Wade, eecru-
I. STILWELL CLUTE, barristeT-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl;
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and li
Gulchon block, corner Columbia am1
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Acs, Williams building. 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler. W. O. McQuarrie. G. E
Martin. Geo. Cassady.
Dominion Day
Round trip tickets for one and one-
third tare on sale June 28th to July
lst, good to retain until July 4.
On sale every Fiiday, Saturday    and
Sunday.    Single  tare for  the  round
New Westniinsle.
Or H,  W.  Ilrodle, G.P.A..  Vancouver
who do not receive   The News before |
8 a.m. should
nnd make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient ^delivery be maintained.
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
BX Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:40.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10
a. m. and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10
a., m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leavea Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. tn.
Leaves    Vancouver    every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P   A..  Vancouver
c��3sand Signs
'PHONE 1123
BROWN Trapp Elock
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up (6,200,000
Reserve    7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacnic,
tn Cuba throughout the Island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New  Vork and  London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities In the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklnc facility.
.New Westminster Branch,
Lawford   Richardson,  Mgr.
Davies' Cafe
Serve the best co.Tce and new laid
eggs for breakfast. Lunches put up
Corner  Columbia  and  Eighth  Street.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200.    Telephone G9.    W. J.
WlxRealdo. H. U. Edmonds.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  861. Box 772
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Paid-Up)   . . .$15,4U,000.0O
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00'
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, anc In London, England, New York, Cb'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., sod Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit lssusrt available wltb
correspondents In all parts ot the
Savings Bunk Djrsnmeat���Deposit*
eclveil in sums ot fl and upward,
iiid Interest allows 1 nt 3 par cent, par
Minimi   iprese'it  r��t��).
Total   Assets  over  1186.000,000.00
O   D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit t,nd  workmanship guaranteed.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
From the HENRY W. SAVAGE production
All  work  guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished  free.
H. GQSSE, Manager.
903   Dublin   Stieet. Phone   984.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Pcperhangers
and Dec c ral o's
Estimate! Ulvtn.
21��  8lxth  Avenue. Phone  567
Three lit ��� tie  win-some  maid - ens   we. Jiac
And   yon may take your chance with youtl% Let
Tho'   but ber  hum-bla   ser-vanta  "***�� Ey
ser-rants  "we.
ot   tbo  sun-shine   sa   -
no - bod -  y    seo,
o -  rv  worn - an   Leeds
     .  *
Allegretto Vivace.
rf\~*fF ���f=**if~**tsm ����^g
And as sung at the Lyric Theatre, New York
^^^^^^^^^^^s*********W ���
., �����C~* J-���������
i^s* *******
ros - es, see
best not try,
from   ber   rest,
^^^^m h    m*****^
Bean    -    ty, youth   and   mod - est - y, How1 wonld yon like       to
Ev - on   tbo'   no  -  bod - y is   nigh,      Or      mod   -    est - y       will
of     us a    wei - come guest. We   are     the friends she
33 J.^-^-if e ��� j=#
kiss    all     three?
sure - ly     fly.,
lovee   the   best
Kiss - es go by fa
Sweetest of tho tri
Ev  -  'tj    worn - an
1. Born    of      a    snn
2. Beant - y   was made
8. Threo  lit - tie   fool
���   beams   pu   -   ri -  ty	
to   be  kissed     for   -   sooth,
ish    fair   ���  ies    see	
Bean  ���
Beau ���
ty, youth,   and   mod - est - y,
a    well       es - Ub - lisbed truth,
ty, youth,   and   mod - est - y,
Copyright, MCMXI, by T. B. HARMS 4 FRANCIS, DAY A HUNTER, New York
' All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured
Public performance of the whole or any part of the work strictly forhidden.    Application for the right of performance
must be made to Mr. Henry W. Savage, 108 West Forty-fifth Street, N��w York City
Used hy permission, MURRAY MUSIC Co., New Yoik No. %92.
EverywOmau. TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1912.
The Men Who Fou?ht In Them Wers
Evidently Cmill Men.
���In an exhibiting df armor a visitor
is apt to be interested at first less
in the art of the armorer than in ih**.
practical question of how armor could
ever have been worn. It was certainly heavy. A suit Weighed fifty pounds
or more; somo tinjes the headpiece
alone, in the caae of a helm for tilting, illicit weigli thirty pounds. And
it was evidently uncomfortable���"a
rich armor worn in heat of -day that
scalds with safety," wrote Shakespeare, who probably knew his theme
at lirst hand.
In fact, a complete harness must
have been stuffy enough on a summer's day, but we can safely say it
was not, as hot as one imagines, for
the polished surface reflected the
hent, just as a bright andiron remains cool in front of a fire. Doubtless, tod, it was cold Ln winter, but
tne metal surfaces were not in contact with the wearer; heavy buff leather or padded garment! stood between, these mainly, though, for the
purpnsu (,f deadening tlie actual shock
Of afrits.
A surprising thihg is tliat tlie men
who wore armor were generally not
of heroic but of small alee. This, I
think, is admitted, though not without an occasional protest. Thus, Lord
Dillon, curator of the Tower armories, notes that parts of the armor can
be lengthened or shortened, depending upon how tbey are mounted, so
that a suit apparently for a short man
may have served for a man of average size.
In rny own ex|x>rience I must nevertheless conclude the average size
of harnesses is small, even when their
Adjustability is taken into account.
Of twenty odd suits I have in mind
oni/ one is large enough to have fitted a man of five feet ten who weighed 21,0 pounds. Especially small were
the beads. There are, for example,
in my collection six casques dating
from tlie fifth century. Tliey are so
little that they will hardly'go over
a  head   of   average   size.
Their wearers must, therefore, have
had singularly small crania, for between casque and head heavy padding
was worn as a protection from shock.
"It is difficult to believe that these six
casques are exceptions in size, and
they could hardly have been prepared
for children, for such juvenile pieces
are excessively rare, so large a numher���hall a dozen���occurring only in
a few  national collections.
Silent  John   Burns.
John Burns is going down to Lancashire, where he will shake off "the
cold chain of silence that has hung
o'er him long." Kngiish gossips, who
will insist on putting two and two
together so as to make five, assert that
his silence arises from the fact that
there is no love lost between him and
Mr. I.loyd-George. who was not sulli-
-ulantly careful to ���x-ctulr, John'*
-Views about old  mltm ftvinlonn,  t,t,��JK��>t*.
and insurance schemes. ".J.T5.', at*
ti.- **rm***jtms*M name-* himself, therefore
held his peace on all those legislative
efforts. For a strange compound is
John. As the first workingmau to attain to Cabinet rank, he reflects unbounded credit t-> 'he c'ass from which
hj sprang, and the credit is not lessened by the fact that lie is entirely
n self-made man; hut it is equally
undoub'ed that Heaven has given him
a good conceit' of himself. The late
King Edward, who dearly loved his
little joke, was wont���so cynical people said*���to point out with bited
breath to visitors to Windsor Castle
tlie cnair on wliich John Hums once
.sat, and the bedroom in which John
Burns once slept; and there were
other evil-tongued people who told
that when Sir Henry Campbell-Ban-
Herman offered him a seat in the
Cabinet, the imperturbable elect of
Battersea replied: "The most popular
thing you have done yet." But when
all is said, the fact remains that he
is one of the most remarkable men of
our time. He has about him all the
charm oi a strong, self-reliant manhood, and hia dark, soft, gleaming
eyes invite thst confidence wllich men
of all shades of political thought ha.e
not been slow to repose in him.
Lighting   London   In   1715.
Tlie question of the lighting of L':n-
don was settled in simple fashion in
1715. The common council "repealed,
annulled and made void all the former acts concerning the lighting of
London" as a preliminary measure
and then proceeded to enact that "all
housekeepers whose house, door nr
gateway fronts or Hei next to any
strei t, lane or public passage or plao
of the said city shall in every dark
night���that is, every night between
the second night after each full moon
and the seventh night after each full
moon���set or bang out one or more
liphta with sufficient cotton wbks tint
shal! continue to burn lrom ('��� o'clock
Ht night till 11 o'clock of the same
night on penalty of a shilling."
| Pigtal's In Ensland.
I    It   is   not   so  very   long  since   thc
ugtail  disappeared  not merely from
lie  army   and  navy,  but even  from
very   day   civ* an   life   in   Kngland.
���Va.st loiig pigtails were the fashion-
ible wear In England about 1740, and
>: hm-   that   the   hag   wig   had   been
, limed with a pigtail looped up in a
ilaclt silken bag.    As late as 1353.un
Id gentleman was seen in Cheapside
nth  hia gray  hair  tied  behind .in  n
hurt cue and' even to-day we can find
ii   r. I.c  of the  pigtail,  for the three
pieces  of  black  velvet  on  the dress
tunics of officers in the Hnyal Welsh
I' iiailien are the remains ol the rib-
hon with  which the cue was tied.-
London   Chronicle.
Speaks Twsnty-Three Languages.
sir Charles Eliot, vice-chancellor if
f- .i.'.lfield University, a post which lie
1ms held since King Edward opened
Ihnt seat of'learning six yeara ago,
bus nccepted the appointment of prin-
eip.il of the Hong Kong University,
vhich corresponds to an Kngiish vi'e-
' .iicellorship, and will necessitate
Irs resignation oi the 81 effleld post.
Sir Chin-lei speaks 23 languages.
If They Are Ink Splashed They Won't
Do to Put on Letters.
"Flow dirty can ii postage stamp become and stlli retuin Its usefulness ln
tbe eyes of the government?" wus a
question propounded to muddle the already overworked bruin of u busy man.
Happening to meel u post am 0 who wus
collecting mull, the mun handed bim a
stamped letter.
"That wou't go," said the postman.
"Stump's dirty."
As was his wont ou special occasions
the busy mun resorted to sarcasm.
"Since when," be demanded, "did the
Oulted States government become' so
immaculate that It requires none but
unsullied stumps stuck ou Its letters'/"
"Well, they've always been pretty
particular." returned the unperturbed
postman, "but there are some kluds of
dirt thut count for more tbnn others.
Thut stump's got Ink on It. Inky
stumps don't go because un Ink spot
could be used to disguise a canceled
"Tben I suppose every stamp I happen to drop u speck of Ink on Is wasted?"
"Oh, no. Turn It In to the offlce
where you bongbt it, und after a certain period you will get your mouey
"How long will that take?" tbe man
"Ahout three months."
"I'm nfraid I can't wait." snld Ihe
man. und over Hie discredited stump be
stuck a spotless stump.���New York
They Come From Cuts That Go Down
to the True Skin.
There nre people who tell you thnt
everything In the body is changed every seven years and that there Is do
part of It which was there seven years
ago. This does not mean that we
slough the whole thing off at once, as
n snake does Its skin or a deer Its antlers, but simply that tbe Innumerable
and tiny atoms wbicb are used up b.v
the daily wear and tear are replaced
by fresh atoms supplied by our food
and drink, which keeps tbe body golpg.
just as coal nnd water keep the steam
engine at work.
But these changes are so minute nnd
gradual tbut tbe form of the body remains the same, although sucb things
as scars take u long time to disappear,
nud sometimes tbey remain for life, although they always lose a great deal of
their promloenee.
You bave noticed tbat If you cut .vour
finger slightly it will soon beal up and
the scar will soon disappear. Just as lhe
marks of n superficial burn will grad-
uull.v ko away,  but If tbe cut  Is deep
"'��� ����-��������� .-.omln.. Thin In l-o.i���... |t
��'���">   down   to   whnt   1��   rallM   Ito  tm.
skin. Any cuts or burns on tbe outer
skin are gradually pushed up nnd worn
or washed orr. Just as the balr on the
hack of your bead wears off without
your cutting It aud grows again, bui
anything that goes dowu to tbe true
sltln, like tattoo marks, always remains.-New York Sun.
Curious Ceremonial of Taking a Child
Into a Shawnee Tribe,
The adoption dance Is one of tbe
ceremonlul dance* of tbe Shnwnees.
This Is quite different from uny one
of the festive dances. Tbey come
many miles around aud camp. Their
faces are painted and their persons
decorated wltb beads.
They dance all day and night without eating. A bonHre Is built In (he
center of tbe camp, and they dance
around this. Tbe flre l>i kept burning
about the same all the time. Tbis
serves also as their light.
The adoption dance Is rather quiet,
more so than the otber dunces. The
women do most of tbe singing, says
a writer In the Hod Man, and slug
very low. Tbey dance around tbe circle In twos. The men dance together
In front and the women togetber in
tbe rear.
The two lenders In front are usually
the ones wbo nre adopting the child.
They carry tin palls. In these are
rubber balls, which bounce and keep
time wltb the drummer. Tbls Is all
the music tliey have to dance b.v. If
h large crowd Is assembled they may
have two or three drums.
At these dances good order Is kept.
No drunkenness Is allowed. The dance
is lu a grove, nnd if any one does not
hebnve decently tbey tie him to a tree
tor tbe rest of the dance. After the
dance tliey bave a great feast, wbleh
lasts all day. nnd visitors and all others who attend the dance nre Invited
to partake of tbe feast.
Empire and
Smith Premier
Typewriters FOR SALE at
a Sacrifice. Enquire at the
Westminster Daily News.
\Hassam Paving Co., of B. C., Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
A London Sirn That Seemt Quner. tf.it
I.. Entirely Correct.
The stranger lu any city balf a hundred yenrs old. If be knew nothing of
the city's history, would learn from
many of the business signs that the
second and third generations had succeeded lo the business of father and
A Londoner who hnd strolled about
the streets of (loiliam wltb a New
Yorker, who called bis attention to
Rome of the signs of sons, agreed that
In this respect New York was very like
London, bnt iu neither city wus there
any sucb sign as be saw in one of the
old Kngiish towns a few hours' run
from the British capital. The sign
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address :
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured  by
Telephone R  113   Office:   Princess Si
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving: a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
I your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
i soap, to which is added other purifying materials
| in just the right proportions to cleanse
i easily, vigorously,
j and without harm to
| fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."  .
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Punishing Bachelors.
Tbls punishment of tbe bachelor bn*
been common lu many aires and countries and extended dowu to the early
days of our <>wu history, lo Con
nectlcut In ltBti a law wus passed
whicb would not "allow any young
on married man tn keep bouse," and
Hartford taxed "lone men 20 shillings
a week" for tbe "selfish luxury of solitary llvlnjf." lu IHS3 a special town
order gave permission for two bacbe
lors to keep house together, "so tbey
carry themselves solierly and do not '
entertain Idle persons to tbe evil ex
pensp of time by day or night." wblle
ns late as tbe eighteenth century a
general statute of Connecticut forbade
uny householder under penalty of a
flue to "give entertainment or habitation to single persons without special
allowance of the selectmeu."���Forum.
First Come, First Served.
A woiuiiu was lu a .New Tork elevator whicb also bud some men pus-
"Ninth," snld one of the uieu ufter
the cur wus fuirly started.
"Sixth,'' said the wuiiiuu.
The car sped ny the sixth floor and
was halted ut tbe ninth.
On the way baek the womuo asked;
"Why didn't Jou stop ut ihe sixth
floor? The sixth flour ls lower than
the ninth."
"1 know thut." snld the elevatnrthoy
"But the man suid ninth tlrst."���Ladles'
Home .louruul.
Cure For His Dyspepsy.
Hogan-Pbwnt mukes ye swully all
your dinner In two in I nines, tirugan)
Are yez min' ou u bet if
(Jrogan-lt's for the good uv me dys
pepsy, Molke. Sure the doether toiild
me to rlst un bout nfter ntlu', und how
else nm Ol gulp' to git lbe hour or rlst
lu unless Ul ute loike the mischief.���
Breaking a Will.
"So yon were successful In yonr efforts to break your uncle's will in
Which be left you only S'JtUMKV;"
"Yes. I  won out easily."
"And bow iniiili did yon Anally
"After pitying lhe lawyers I took
down $tl..-iiMi,"-Detroit Free Press.
Not So Bad.
"Did yon tell the luudlurd what an
atvfnl lenk there wag In tbe roof?"
"\es. I told hlm."
"Whnt did he suy?"
"Ue Hiild He'd fix the roof as soon ns
yon pay the rent you owe."
"Did he'f I itHpsa It nln't mucb of a
leuk.'-Cleveland 1'lulu Dealer.
According to tbe Londoner, the flrst
t.ltUejotui   mul   Little   were   partner*.
���!����������   t*.Ti**.r   u.v.   Ut*   Br��t  KM   tll�� (inrt-
�����������'>��� f��tri��tt��o mnu.     I.mwioln.-. awe.
ond son was named for bis mdtber's
family. Doollttle. Tbe three sons succeeded to their father's business; hence
the sign Is entirely correct, nnd tbe
Londoner was right In saying tbat rbe
successors bad no Intention of being
"fuutiy" when tbey bad tbeir sign writ-
teu as It appears.���New York Press.
Napoleon's Carriage.
The carriage in which Napoleon I.
made his famous retreat from Moscow
aud In which he as emperor general set
out from Paris in the campaign which
closed at Waterlools preserved In London by tbe trustees of tbe Wellington
estate, tbe relic having formerly been
the property of tbe "Iron Duke." It ls
a two seated conveyance, witb tbe top
and sides lined wltb iron. Tbere is also
a front "curtain" of iron tbat can be
raised and lowered at will. Tbe wheels
are large aud heavy, and tbe steps are
finished la curious battle designs doue
in silver. The emperor used the back
sent and kept bis pillows aud blanket
under it. The back of the front sest
wns used as a cupboard and was provided with all sorts of culinary articles
aud a small spirit or oil stove.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure tood laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mecftiartka\
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Milk at Montreal are now' in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Milk at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Try The
Planst Peculiarities.
Tbe Irregularities of tbe great group
nf minor planets forming a ring between Mars and Jupiter are sensational. Several hundred of tbem are now
I: uo wn to follow their normal orbits
betweeu the- two great planets. But
in ISB8 one of tbem���now culled Eros
- was found to cross tbe orbit of Mars.
conilug uearer to the earth's orbit
than uny other body except the-moou.
In I0IK1 one of the planets was dls-
��� overed going beyond the orbit of Ju-
pl;er. and now four wltb thla pecu-
'larlt.v are known and have been
���'.lined Achilles. Hector, Patroclaa aud
Good Grounds.
"XVhy do you wish to be divorced
rrom your husband. liuiduiuV"
"Well, for one thing, he conie* home
nearly every day of bis life smelling
of llbiburger cheese."
"And you don't like the odorT"
"It Isn't that. He never brings any
of the cheese home."���Chicago Tribune.
Worthy Its Name.
Mr. Bacon-Something wrong wltb
this hash this morning, dear.
Mrs. Bucon-Why?
"I don't know.   It needs something."
"I can't tblnk What It can be. I put
In everything I could and."-Yonkers
Fitness ef Things.
"Tea, sir: I run marry you nnd the
girl, all right, but 1 nm not a regular
pastor.   I'm a traveling preacher."
"Suits me all the better. I'm a trar-
eliug uiau."-ihlcugo Tribune.
Taste Test
Try Mooney Biscuits with any others. Let the taste of each be
the judge and decide which yo't like the best. Mooney Biscuits have
the largest sale in Canada. Their incomparable flavor alone would
command it. Their appetizing crispness and inviting deliciousness is
simply irresistible.
Here in our famous sunlit sanitary factory, with its hundreds of skilled
employes���its 640 windows���its 3 miles of floor space, we create this
perfect soda cracker.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
.aim*]--*. .< .-'.���'���;.'
In six short years Mooney Biscuits have jumped into popular     W^::7;������&*
favor throughout the entire Dominion.   You will understand why when   v
you eat them for the first time.
You can get Mooney Biscuits at your grocer'?, fresh   and flaky..<;';..
in damp-proof wax paper lined packages. **?^���'!&&<
Try .some today���their taste will please you.
The Mooney Biscuit & Candy Co., Ltd., Stratford, Canada
Occasions dn not make > man either
strong or weak, but they show wbat
he Is.-Thomas a Kernels. TAOS EIGHT
TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1912.
'    t
$2.50 to $6.00
Wire Hammocks at
--SOLD  BY���
Andei-son & Lusby
B.&. M. FISH
Fiesh Spring Salmon... .2 lbs. for 25c
Fi*sh Halibut (half or whole), lh. ..ic
Fresh Cod (half or whole), rer lb.. .8c
Fresh Hei ring  < lb* for U5c
Vresh Smelts  3 lbs. for 2hc
resh Sturgeon, per lb l*c
537 Front St.   -   Phone 301
protect -Yourself against
MEreA W. McLeod
w*:��v\ ve fvtH *_��v
657 Columbia St.,
Phone   62. New  Westminste
Start That
The telephones of the Weatmlnster
Daily News now are:
Editorial Office "1
Business Office   9"
For .-.II calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
Mrs. A. .1. Hill of 4SS Fourth streel
will not receive again until ihe aut
The Free Methodist Sunday School
held a picric .���.esterday at Queens park
beginning at 9 a.m.
The work of cutting the grass and
weeds on several of the roads In the
city was started on Saturday last by
civic employees.
Rye bread���like your mother us*!
to make. Eighth Street Bakery, Telephone R 281.
Mrs W S. Wooster, m'e Alvia Anderson, will receive with her mother
Mrs. James Anderson, at 381 Second
stieet, Wednesday afternoon and evening.
The contract for 25 arc ]l%*'.\ wltl-
in the municipality of Ct* ���'i'iitifl h'8
heen awarded to the Westftpi Minima
Power Co. Eleven o' tli j light! will
be located in the Mihsld? dlslilcl
The Columbia Piano and Music
House, 522 Columbia street, is head-
quarters fo:' Victor Gramaphones and
A s-eoial meeting of the L.O.O.M.
a ill be held in the K. of P. hall on
Wednesday, the 3rd. inst.. at 8 p.m.
Importance business. A fuii attendance is earnestly soli:ited. J- H-
Pike, secietary.
The patients now undergoing treat
mont at the Royal Columbian hospital
only number sixty, which Is Just about
the minimum for the year. Only aboul
two weeks ago there were ove;- eighty
patients in the vai ious wards.
High grade, medium price and all
grades of i ianos and player p.lanos,
low prices, easy payments at the Columbia Piano and Music House, 522
Columbia street.
Jack Mcintosh secured the certificate of honor at the examinations yust
r-'osed at the boys' Central school. He
obtained the highest number of mar'is
in his cTass,:;il, also having the hest
average of marks for the term just
Mr. H. H. MacKenzie, who recently
resigned his position as principal of
the Sapperton school to take a government ap; ointment, was presented -.vi n
a handsome gold watch last ITfldsy r,t-
ternoon. the gifi of the faculty and
pupils attending the schoo
iT-wo Indians trom Vhe Poplar Inland
e��ervat\ott apveaveA lii tha v~*'
vo .i.part, -wYvUfls tYie ott\��r r.malnB
the cells until he or some of his tribe
can rroJuce the five spot that wus
the pi ice of his full.
MONEY TO LOAN on Residential
properly; lowest Current rate. National Finance Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street, **
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
1 L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated  Society
of Muslclnns  iKngland).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply   51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Pncne H4H
Take yoa your instruments, play you the whiles"
Lessons    on    the    BANJO,    ZITHER
"Dick" J. Lawrence
For terms, Apply at Todd's or Major's
Music Houses.
On Exceptionally Easy Terms.     Ideal   Location.     High,
Dry, Fine View Lots.
66 ft.
175 ft.
In ictiirn for your money when ���
\o i buy Rubber Goods from our
si oie, as we never handle    in-
fc-ilor pri.'es 1
Lot Water liottles, Syringes,
Ice Bags, Gloves. Sheeting,
Bam'ages or anything else sold
in Rubbed means first quality at
talr i rices al
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
INSIDE LOTS--66 ft.-ONLY $600.   $ I OO Cash
Balance In ten quarterly payments of $50
j Phone 1005
714 Columbia St.
We Have
Bathing Caps
from 25c to $1.50 each.
In anticipation of the holiday there
was a birf r.m ui on ths Finings depait-
inents of the lot-al financial institutions on Saturday evening. So great
In tact was it th.it Uo oi the banks
ran right out of silver, a most unusu.il
occurrence. Doulitless loday will set
matters rieht again.
The death    occur.cd   on    Sunday
motnluE at Hueonsboro ol  Erwln, the
..wvA   ROn   ot   Mr.   mTIA    Mrt.
'.nm.       Th.    t*����x����ttl    -will
Lviiii......    ..��     *'���'. *.'.:,,    r **....*
Wrmcnt heln? tn Mountain Vie.v cemete.y, Vancouver, a:
-J-.-.it p\in.0'<?nfer & Har.na have charge
of the arrangements.
Water Wings
at 35 cents each.
Milk and Roses
for Sunburn.
(Via Central Pork) at 5 and 5:-45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until it p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���a. ii, 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:110
a.m., regular service thereafter.
Tleduced rates are o'ered
over the Fiaser Valley line
for week'end trips covering
(Via Hnrnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8       all points on    the    division.
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p.m.'1-" 1 tckets for these special ex-
���and late car at 11:.JO p.m.   Suudays���
Fits: car at 8 n.m.
! for tree spray,   in any
(Via North Arm and Kburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Fiist car at 8 a.m., reguh.r
service thereafter.
For  Chilliwack ;uid  way  poiuts  a:
9:30  a.m..   1:20 and  H:10  p.m.    For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
emsions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
New Westminster, B.C.
Bathing Caps,
and all Seaside
Requisites at
Four duota East of Hank of
New'VWeilmlnsttr, B. C.
A n w three-store ��� bui'dlivj is I > uc
erected at. the corner .'.'   l.o-r.��   ��� ? il
i Carnarvon streets 1> ��� :. Li .v >���'> nla'l
Of East Kurnahv. Tn'; '���'lil'lirc; 's ,o
h** of hrie'e and will cove- a lot 66*
132 feet, Tenders have been called
for and  work  will  be started within
j tbe next few weeks.
At the annual meeting of the stock-
hrldeis in the Westminster Trust Co.
beld on Thursday night the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
year: President, Mr. T. .1. Trapp:
vice-president, Or. A. .1. Holmes: second vice-president. IMr. W. J. Mather;
I Managing  Director,   Mr.  .T.  J,  .Tones;
' secretaiy-treasurer, Mr. James A. Iten-
, nie.
The   Parks   committee,  of  thp  city
[council are preparing plans for the im-
, mediate Improvement of the city parks
fcr which *2.",U(10 was voted last We 1-
| Ilesdav. These will he presented to
tha council at its meeting Wednesday,
and  if passed  upon,    work    will    be
j started i robably this week. The Crescent and Queens perk will ha the
first to receive attention.
Not (row cheap, bul how good. Hear
the great Chickerlng Hros.' player
pianos, at tlie Columbia Piano House
opposite City Hall. Made and guaranteed by the only living Chlckeiinge
making i lanos, m:ly the wonder ot
the age. We have other piano players
as low as $460 in price. ��� **
Quits a larro number of automobilists from Seattle motored through this
city vesterdav on their way to see the
lacrosse match at Vancouver or kin-
died attractions of Dominion Day. In
a good many cases the cars were prettily decorated with buntings the Canadian national flags and the "stars and
bars'' being the dominent features.
MONEY TO LOAN on Residential
property: lowest current rate. National Finance Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street. **
In spite of the Clouds which threatened at any. time to deluge the plc-
nitois wilh "a/|tia dlstillatae", nearly
a thousand former residents of New
Brunswick met at Stanley park. Vancouver, yesterday afternoon and indulged in an al fresco banquet at Second
Beach. Good will and hospitality was
the keyno'e of the gathering and many
an o!d acquaintance fo;med in th?j
land of the herring, was renewed Iih-
neath the stately forest giants of Stan-1
ey nark.
B. CE,
Special Accomodation in regard to
service on the various lines of the I!.
(.'. Elccrl:. Kaiivvay Company weie
made .vstcday for the huge crowds
of holiday seekers who visited tiie lacrosse match at, Vancouver or other
ioints of Mterest.
On tl-e Eraser Vallc
ey Hne the mo:n-
ing train Vfap .in t., o sections and additional coV.:t.c^ were attached to all
iralns thro'iahoi't the :'ay.
On the Central Park line the usual
15 miniie service was supplemented
by si ecial cars which we. e held In
readldjeas to mn as occasion warranted, while on the Burnaby Laks line
two-car trains ran on the hourly schedule,
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43: L. O, 71:
New     Westmlnater.
Res. 72.
B    C
We run a general store and sell at city prices.   A new four-story
hotel Just completed.
LOTS from $350 up, $50 CASH, $50 every 6 months
Or smaller terms to those building this season.   Our Mr. Sands has a:i
office on the property,
'ri.\.*i.i *-: >ir<r ���
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It la the stuff tbat tha foun
dat Ions of wealth and happiness ara built of.
.Money may be used ln two ways; to spend for what Is
needed now aud to Invest for wbat sball ba neadad In tha future.   Money cannot ba Invested until It Is flrst savad.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth straat.
A. L. uEWAR, Gansral Manager D. R. DONLEY, Loeal Manager.
Cation     d'Easum,   rector    of   the
j Cathedral, who hai; heen in St. Mary's
hospital  for some weeks, has so iur
! recovered  that   he is  again a:  home.
but li will he soir.e weeks yet befo'.e
he win be able to bu alscut much.
Mayor Lee says: "Queer.sboroush and Lulu Island will benefit
g-eat'y, for the foundation i.-Jid today will, I have good reason to believe, mean that Lulu Island will become the national port of the
The section of Lulu slar.d -within the City Limits affords the best
field f^r investment offered to the -public to day. It is impossible to
realize the great development that will .take place In thto sevtion
of the city.
Prices .prevailing today are only a fraction of whnt they will he
We have Exclusive LEstings of some
of the best properties in tills section
...   SEE   -   -   -
Fa J. HART & CO., LTD.
W�� writ? Firs, Life, Accident, Employer*' Liability,    Automobile
and Marine Insurance.
Before deciding on that WEDDING GIFT inspect
our stock of Cut Glass. Articles ranging in price
from $1.00 to $65.00
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
l.et us figure with you on
your lumber requirements. Wo
carry a complete Block of lumber, und lumber products at our
t:a, [ erton yard.
Mil's at Vancouver, New Westminster  and  Crescent  Valley,  B.  C.
. ��� ���,


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