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The Daily News Apr 17, 1912

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Titanic Carried Twenty Boats���More Than  Regulations
Require���Hay's Fate Still Uncertain���Carpathia Has
Not Reached New York and List of Survivors
is Still Incomplete���No Details Yet.
Halifax, N. S., April 16.���ln
reply to a despatch sent by the
Halifax manager of the Allan
line, Captain Haines, of the
steamer Parisian, sent the following by wireless:
"1 have no survivors of the
Titanic on board, and no ofti-
ti.'l information as to the fate
of the Bhip. Expect to reach
Halifax early tomorrow morning."
Cape Race, Aprll 16.���A wireless message tonight from Captain Haddock, of the steamship
Olympic, relayed by the Celtic,
leads as follows:
"Please allay rumor that Virginian has any of the Tltanlc's
1 jssengers. Neither has the
Tunisian. I believe that the
only survivors are on the Car-
puihla. The second, third,
fourth and fifth officers and the
second Marconi operator are
the only officers reported
Thornton Davidson; Mr. J. Hugo Roes,
*] formerly of Toronto    and Winnipeg;
Mr. Thompson Beattie, Winnipeg;~ Dr.
Alfred Pain. Hamilton; Mr. Mark Fortune, Winnipeg; Mr. Thomas McCaffrey, manager Union bank, Winnipeg;
Mr. H. Marland Molson. of the Mol-
son'fi bank directorate, Montreal; Mr.
W. H. Parr, Montreal; Mr. and Mrs.
Allison, MIbs Allison and Master Allison, Montreal.
** * * *
Queen Alexandra and  Duke cf
naught Detply Touched���Cot
municate with Owners.
Despatched Revenue Cutters,
Washington,     April
and aft
decided to despatch two
revenue cutters from New York to
Hook to meet the Carpathia
ib an escort into the harbor.
Landing Survivors.
New York, Apiil If,. - Whether
Charles M. Hays, president of the
Hi and Trunk Railway company, was
saved was not Unown tonight. His
name wai not among those repor.ed
rescued uy tbe Carpathia. A Canadian despatch earlier ln the day stated
that Mr. Hays- wns etwed. His wife
nnd daughter were rescued.
The treasury department through
the customs officers has given orders
to expedite the landing of the survivors of the Titanic and to aid them
in every way possible upon arrival of
the Carpathia. Customs regulations
have I ten suspended and the customs
Oftiolr.ls will ail tho survivors in
finding relatives and friends. Vice-
president Franklin said late this evening that his lUt of survivors showed
that 203 out of 325 llrst cabin passengers ani 111 out of 285 second cahin
passengers had been accounted for.
t'hailes B. Sumner, general agent of
tho Cunard line ln this country, said
tonight Ihat he believed the Carpathia was within GO or 70 miles of
the Titanic when the big liner struck
the Iceberg. Mr. Sumner, who had
tried vainly to reach the Carpathia b.v
wireless during the afternoon, said he
had no way of telling where the Carpathia was at this time, but thought
she was steaming for New York. She
might he within the New York wireless telegraph zone and able to send
meFsa^g late tonight or tomorrow
morning, be said, hut added that ho
merely advanced this ns a supposition.
It was estimated that hoth the scout
cruiser Chester and her sister ship,
the Salem, would bo in touch with the
Boston wireless stntion hefore midnight The cruisers are expected to
communicate anv Information they
may acquire to Washington.
List  Incomplete 6till���The Names of
the Survivors and of Those
Probably   Dead.
Toronto, Aprll 16.���There were sev
eral Canadians listed on the Titanic
The lists are tick now led godly Incomplete, but ag far as can be ascertained
the following were saved: Major
Arthur G. Peuchen, general manager
of the Standard Chemical compauy,
Toronto; Mis. John C. Ilogeboom,
Toronto; Mrs. C. M. Hays and Mlss
HayB, Montreal; Mrs. Thornton Davidson (daughter of Mr. C. M. Hays),
Montreal; th�� Misses Fortune (three),
Winnipeg; Mrs. James Baxter, Montreal, and Mrs. F. C. Douglas, wife of
Dr. F. C. Douglns, Montreal.
The fate of Mr. Charles M. HayB Is
still  uncertain,    nnd    yarding    Mr.
George E. Graham, buyer for Eaton's ]
chlnawnrc department. Winnipeg, it 13 !
probable that he ls the Mr. Graham
who Is saved.
All of these naBsentcrs were In the
first class cabin, aq were thn following whom ll. mn-- be presumed went
down witb the shin. They are Mr. J.
J. Borcbank, well known in real e3tate
circles lu Toronto snd Winnipeg: Mr.
Incomplete and Inaccurate Names Received by Wireless.
Cape  Race,    Nfld.,    April 16.���The
steamer Carpathia, which is believed
��� | to have on board all the survivors of
��� . the Titanic disaster, Btarted early to-
^jday to send by wireless to this station
I tiio list ot the Tltanlc's survivors. At
! a late hour last nignt no better list of
I names had been received from the
\ Carpathia.
Uieat difficulty was experienced in
getting  many of the names correctly
i und more than a score of names, as
made out here, did not appear at all
on the fl'ltanic's    original    passenger
list, but lt is believed many of these
! were  passengeis  who  had booked at
' the last moment.    The receipt of the
list of lirst cabin    survivors   required
more than six houis work.   So far us
the natneg check up correctly the following    saloon    passengers     of    the
Titanic  ate  sale  on  board  the    Carpathia :
Abbott, iMrs. Rose  (probably meaning Mis. N. Aubert.
Andrews,  Miss  K.  T. T.   (probably
Cornelia J.).
Anderson, Harry.
Allen, Mlss E. W.
Appleton; Mrs. E.
Aster, Mrs. John Jacob and Maid
Ariamc. Richard N.  (probably P. M.
\dntns, Jr.)
Barkworth, A. S.
lia.ter, Mrs. James.
Brayton, George A.
Backwlth, Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
Behr, Carl H.
Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. B. H.
Blank, Henry.
Bonne]], Mlss Caroline
Bowen, Miss G. C.
Bowerman, Mlss A.
Brown, Mrs. J. M.
Brown, Mrs. J. J. ��� .     | If I
Calderbead, E. P.
Cai dell, Mlss Churchill.
Caideza, Mrs. J. W.
Cardeza, Thomas
Carter, Miss Lucille _*fc-
Carter, Mrs. William E.
Carter, Master William ;_ '
Case, Howard B.
Cavendish,   Mrs.    Lucille   W.   and
maid *M,*>
chafee, Mrs. H. F.
Chambers, Mrs. and Mr. N. C.
Cherry, Mlss Gladys
Chibinace or Chibalt,   Mrs.   B.   or
N. B. ���
Chevro, Paul i     j-;
Crosby, Mlss
Clark, Mrs. Walter
Cummings, MrB. Joha B.
Connell, Mrs. Robeit (probably Mrs.
R. G. Cornell). .     j
Daniel, W. ,' .,., '
Davidson, Mrs. Thornton.
Develliers, Mrs.
Dick, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
Dodge,   Mr.  and   Mrs.   Washington
and son. ,    , j
Douglas, Mrs. Fred
Do is 'as, Robert D.
Douglas, Mr. and    Mrs.    W. O. (or
Mrs. F. C.)
Douglas, Mrs. Walter
Ellis, Mlss (may be Mlss Eusta)
Earnshaw. Mrs. Bolton
Endres, Mrs. Caroline
Flynn, J. F.
j    Fortune, Mis. Mark,    Miss   Lucille
'and Miss Alice
���    Frauenthal, Dr. Harry and Mrs.
'    Fraunenthal. Mrs. and Mrs.   T.   G.
Frolicher, Mlsa Margaret
Farrelle, MrB, Jacques
Gibson, Mrs. Leonard
Gibson, Miss Dorothy
Goldenberg, Mra. Samuel
Goldenberg, Miss Ella.
Gordon, Sir and Lady Cosmo Duff
Gracele, Colonel Archibald
Graham, Mr.
Graham, Mrs. William
Graham, Mlss Margaret E.
Greenfield, Mrs. Lee D.
Greenfield, Mr. William B.
Haraner, Henry
Harder, Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Harper. Henry S. nnd man servant.
Harper, Mrs. Henry 8.
Hawk8ford, Henrv
Havs, Mrs. Charles M. and daughter
Harris, Mrs. Henry B.
Hlppendach. Mlss Jean
Hlopach, Ml��s Ida S.
Hogebonm. Mrs. .T. C.
Hoyt. Mr. r*nt\ Mrs. Fred M.
'���up', J. Bruce
KencMn, Mlss Emile (possibly Mrs
"���'.   1, T-'env(Hi\
T*ll��iVpvl<"-    ��'-.  rivrt   Mrp, TT). f).   (rOS-
���Ihlv '.tr. pnrt Mrs. K N. KlmbalD
London, Aprll lfl.���King George has
sent the following message to' the
White otar Line company:
'The queen and 1 are honlfled at
the appalling disaster which has happened to the Titanic and at Hie terrible loss of life. We deeply sympathize with the bereaved rcla'lvcs and
feel for them in their jreict sorrow
with all our hearts.
The Queen-mother Alexandra has
sent a message of sympathy to the
company in which she Bays;
"It is with feelings of deepest sorrow that 1 hear of tho ten ible dlsas
ter of the Titanic and of the awfal
loss of life. My heart is full of grief
and sympathy for the bereaved families of those who have perished."
Duke of Connaught Sympathizes.
Ottawa, April 16.���Tho following
message was sent this afternoon ou
behalf of His Royal Highness the
Duke of Connaught to the owners of
the Titanic:
"I am designated by His Royal
Highness, the Governor General of
Canada, to send you the following: T
desire to express through the owners
of the Titanic my very deep and heartfelt sympathy with the relatives and
friends of all those wiho lost their
lives in this terrible catastrophe.'
"Military Secretary."
South Vancouver and Burnaby Councils Confer
Joint Committee Appointed to Ascertain Government's Views Regarding Trunk Roads.
A committee of Burnaby and   South
Vancouver councils will  be appointed
to interview the provincial government
by  special  appointment  In older    to
I ascertain the governments view, and
I wbat lt is prepaied to do towards the
I paving of both Westminster road and
:tue River load.
This was tne outcome of a confer-
I ence held last night at Burnaby be-
i tween the two councils affected. Reeve
Mr. M. B. Jenkins Met Hla Death by
Accident���Swerved in Front of
Automobile and Was Killed.   ^ ,
Mr. F. B. Jones, of Portland. OT"-
who Was driving the automobile that
ran over Mr. M. B. Jenkins, the assistant wiring Inspector of Point Grey, ou
the Vancouver road on Monday afternoon, was exonerated by the coroner's
Jury yesterday, that body bringing; Hi
a verdict, "that deceased met ms I
death through being tin own from a
motor cycle ln Burnaby on Monda>
afternoon, that the Jury regard this as-
accidental death, exonerating the
driver of the car from any responsibility."
Coroner Dr. A. L. McQuarrie convened the Jury, the inquest being held
in the court house. Mr. Jones was
represented by Mr. It. L. Reid, of Vancouver, the Interests of Buinaby bein;,
Weart presided over the meeting, und |]0Ol{ed after bv Mr. W. G. iMcQuairie.
was supported by Councillors Mayne, iT!le evidence given depended mostlj
Madill, mitton and Fau Vel, white'(,��� tlie 3[:eeii the driver of the auto
South Vancouver was represented by | wag making at the time of the acci-
Reeve Kerr and    Councillors   Elliott, ' dent.
Campbell and Third. Engineers Cle- | After Dr. W. S. Baer, of East Col
ment and McPherson, Comptroller Hngwood. had stated the iujuifes the
Griffiths and Municipal Clerk Moore deceased had received, Mr. Frank Mc-
were also present. I Broom, of East Burnaby, who was an
The deputation  to the government  eye witness of the sad affair, gave his
will consist of the reeve, one councillor and the engineer of the two municipalities, each council to decide itself
as to the election of the councillor.
Hon. Mr. Ross will be written to and
asked to grant an interview, and in I
all probability this will take place on '
Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. '
The meeting was primarily called
to discuss the project of paving Westminster road, it being understood that
the government was waiting for the |
two municipalities to get together, decide upon some mutual course of action, and then confer with it. The
feeling of the meeting as expressed by
Reeve Weart was that the Westrain-
cter road was a road which stood in
I a class by itself, a road which served
Large Field of Ice Dotted with Large j half   the  population   of   the  province
and formed a link in a thousand mile
Small   Icebergs Covers
Titanic's Grave.
highway to Mexico. Tha municipalities |
aiccteu were quite willing to put the
road in a good sha^e, and were anxious when so doing to make ttie woik
permanent, and to beautity the thoroughfare iu every way tint was pos-
version. He stated that the auto was
making about twenty miles an hour,
that the motor cyclist overtook the
auto and swerved in front of the
heavier machine, so that the latter
crashed Into the cycle and ran ovei
the deceased, in his opinion, the
driver did all in his power to avert
a collision when the danger first
arose. This was substantiated by the
postmistress of  McKay.
Mr. John Thompson and his wife,
who weie driving in a buggy along the
road, said the automobile when it
passed them, prior to the accident,
was making no less than flfty miles
an hour, in cross-examination, Mr.
Thompson admitted he had had little
experience with motor vehicles, which
appeared materially to reduce the
strength of his statements.
Frank Blair Jones, the driver of the
Ne.v York, April 16.���The steamship
iTealjent uncuin, of- the   toainouiVjalbleL    The road  was 14  miles long
..a,........!! une, vvnlch   arriv tu   toaay j nn(i nf thjs SoutI, Vancouver took   in
three and a quarter miles.
..o.ii i.atiiuurg, reported taat on April
ii she entered ix large held of ice,
uoUeu lu all dliectious with lar^e ana
oAiail ice Derfes. captain .vlasiu aaiti
il .vas el��y to imaj-in? that the ship
��� as ia the midst of a polar country
covered with not ling
.iiioi". rather tu_.i ou
iue centre of the f.eld. Captain
Magin said, was in latitude 41.ua north
and   longitude  tiu.14   west,   which    In
ice    and
Reeve Weart estimated that this
worn ln'.gnt be djnc for say SllO.uoo
per mile, aud it was troposcd to ask
the government to contribute halt towards this cost. Regarding the cost
| Engineer Clement suggested that $';o,-
000 would cover the maximum outlay
for a good class of road.
Reeve Kerr said that there were
several streets in South Vancouver
which needed attention and if tney
close to the ;ioint where the Titanic. I were neglected the ratepayers would
struck an iceberg two days later.-The not be satisfied. At the Bame time he
Tltanlc's graveyard is in latitude 4l.lt   would like to see the work carried oui
automobile, stated thet he had driven
most of the way from Portland, Ore.,
to the scene of the accident. The de
ceased on his motor cycle, nassed him
near McKay and for some unknown
reason swerved in front of him, slowing the machine at the same time. He
himself put on the brakes, and shut
off the engine, but was unable to prevent the Impact. His friends in the
car, Messrs. B. J. Bush, of Vancouver,
and P. C. Lavy and V. O. Montney, of
Portland, eave similar evidence, and
the Jury returned the above verdict
of accidental death.
First Reading  In   House of
Commons Over.
T. P. O'Connor and Tim    Heal/   Address the House���Empire Not
London, Aprll 10.���In course of th��
debate on the Home Rule bill, whicb
passed its llrst reading by a majority
of 94, T. P. O'Connor said they never
heard of the danger of persecuting
South and West Ireland where tno
Protestants couldn't trust for the-
Catholics were disposed to persecute
the Protestants.
What was the fact was that all this
charge of religious persecution wav.
one of the emptiest, meanest and must
lying calumnies ever head. (.Ministerial and Nationalist cheers.) The.
main case was the Ulster caae, that
Protestants couldn't he trusted for the
protection of their liberties to tbe government which was In the majority.
The Ulster Unionists being supporter*
of a rebel government being set up in
Ireland, he should have expected a.
little more tenderness for other rebels,
from the honorable gentlemen (laughter), because they had been going
about saying that soldiers would be
called upon to disobey their officers
if they were asked to put down the
disorder If the Ulster Conservative
party were flghting.
Against the world as well aa their
oWn  countrymen they   were  flghting,
and  also against  the  Empire.    Wa��
there a single main in'the whole British Empire who would (justify the position of the opposition ?
!    Supposing he had asked parliament
lf Canada, Australln and New Zealand
had  passed resolutions  in  favor    of
tariff reform and colonial preference
wouldn't the roof of the House have
heen   broken   by   enthusiastic shouts
of the honorable gentlemen, begging
: tbe government to. obey the voice ot
the Empire. (Laughter and ministerial
cheers.) At the meetings he addressed
. in the colonies he might   allay    thc-
fears of the honorable gentlemen by-
stating that "God Save the King" waa.
sung by his Irish audience with great
Tina Healy, wbo followed, describe*
north aud longitude 50.11 west.
Flags  Fly at  Half-mast When    John
McKenzie Laid to Rest.
The funeral of Mr. John McKenzie
took   place  yesterday   afternoon,   the
in a uniform manner.
The position in which the two councils stood was brought out in the discussions. South Vancouver had car
tracks upon a portion qfjhe road, and
it was expected that these would be
extended. There was also talk of
widening the street, in fact an associa-
representatives of public government j tion existed with that object in view
who were present, together with the I Burnaby on the other hand did not
flags flying at halt-mast over the city,  contemplate  widening, neither did It
anticipate that the car traclra would
being a mute testimony to the respect
in which he was held.
Rev. G. Meivin, of St. Stephen's
church, conducted the services, and
was assisted by Rev. Alex. Dunn. The
Twenty-third Psalm was Bung. Following the funeral at the home of the
deceased, 227 St. Patrick street, the
interment took place in the Odd Fel*
lows' cemetery. The pall bearers were
as follows: Mr. Arthur E. B. Hill, of
Vancouver; Mr. James Cunningham,
Mr. G. B. Cross, Mr. J. Carter Smith,
Mr. E. Walmsley and Mr. Richard
Rees. A large number of old residents of the city were included in the
That City Believes   It   Wlll
Wheat   Prices���Pacific   Coast
O'Connor as a splendid example of the-
tuft-pumper orator.    He    was   disaj>-
pointed with the bill.    The sovereignity of the Irish' parliament, he   said,
waa as dead as    Julius Caesar.    Pitt,
would have been prepared to    grant
Ireland such a measure.   Tho bill did'
not make Ireland a   nation.   As   tor
i Ulstennen declaring opposition to tlii&
I bill, he aske.1 them to condescend   to-
particulars.   (Ministerial cheers.) The -
union was not being repealed; it -was-
I being  made  a  problem.    It was Hot
against the wish of the   Irish people,
,but with their assent.    This bill was
j five millions worse for Ireland tha*
jthe bill   of 1886.    Since the   careful
i fingers of Gladstone had been removed :
Regu/ute  from (j,e national purse, national   expenditure had been extravagant
continue  through   Its  territory  along
Calgary, April 16.���With the establishment of grain storage facilities at
the Paciflc coaBt Calgary will become
Mooae   Expect   Big   Membership���To
Organize Athletic Teame.
The Loyal Order of Moose will   tonight hold an initiation ln St. Patrick's.
the road.   Rather it stood for beautify- >one of the worid's greatest grain een- j **����� ���*} **>" *fa i^.Toth^o
ing  the  street,  planting  shade trees   tres> according to H.  S. Paterson Of *���� �������^*A*!3&J��
the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, who Ior<"
passed through Calgary today en routa
��� back to Winnipeg, after bavins paid a
I visit to the Pacific coast cities on the
{Canadian side of the line to stimuate
the movement for government-owned
and boulevards, and for moving the
present telephone poles which, said
Reeve Weart, would cost $10,000 or
$12,000, but which the company was
willing to do.
Questions of financing the municipalities' share of the cost of the work
were discussed, together with the arrangements which might be made for
regarding water and sewers so that
the road once down might not be torn
up for pipe laying. The different kinds
of paving which might be used were
also considered, but the outcome of
the proceedings was that both parties I
Mr. W. E. Duperow Comes to Vancouver to New G. T. P. Railway.
As Indicating the growth and the
Importance that the Grand Trunk Pacific railway attaches to the passenger
traffic originating ln Vancouver and
the British Columbia territory the
railway company haa created the office of general agent of the passenger
department with Jurisdiction from
Rivers Inlet south to the International
line, with headquarters In Vancouver.
Mr. W. E. Duperow, who hns been
city passenger and ticket agent at
Victoria, has been appointed to the position and arrived ln Vancouver on
Monday to assume hts new duties.
Mr. Duperow has been with the passenger department of the Grand Trunk
since 1893. He was born in Stratford,
Ont. His position in Vlctorli will be
assumed bv Mr. Charles F. Earle. !Mr.
Durevow la a man of large experience in the rallwnv passenger business and very popular.
agreed that the work should be done,
and done well, and to thla end the aid
ot the government will be invoked.
terminals there. Mr. Paterson's mis- j
sion was undertaken with a view to I
encouraging the shipment of western ���
grain via the Paciflc in anticipation
of the enormous development of Pa-.
clflc markets and the opening of the ;
Panama canal as he described It to i
the Herald. I
With terminals ln  Vancouver and t
with the enormous  increase  in  the |
shipment of grain via that route of j
export, Calgary would be tn a posi-1
tion to regulate Vancouver prices and
her Influence would be a potent factor ln all the big grain markets of
the world, according   to   Mr. Paterson.   t ���'*������ . ��� ���   '
"There 18 nothing the government
could do that would benefit Calgary
and thla part of the west than to establish terminal elevators at Vancouver, Victoria or one of the western
I ports," he declared,
not get the car forward, applied   the j Mutt Develop Trade,
brakes, but they refused to act. and "What we should do is develoo our
tho car slid baokwards, gathering ! grain trade alont; lines that will en-
momentttm as it crossed Columbia 8ure its exportation through Canadian
street. When the car was Just I portB that we may derive all the
about to crash Into one of the orna-1 benefit possible from it," he said,
mental light standards, the brakes i "The American Interests are doing all
acted, rnd the machine was brought to !they can to gain control of the exnor-
a standstill, thue avert!""' "hat might 'ation of grain from Canada.     Hill is
The steep ascent on Sixth street
past the post office building proved
too much ior the power of an automobile which was essaying the grade
about 4 o'clock yeBterday afternoon.
A lady waa ln the car besides the
driver.    The latter, finding he conld
Moosedom. A full demonstration of the ritualistic work of
the order will be given by tbe degree
team of the Vancouver lodge.
At this function the officers elected
at the meeting held on March will he
installed by Mr. H. L. Repogle, organizer for Canada. Up to the present
over 300 applications for membership
have been received and about half'
have already been initiated. Organization commenced two months ago, and.
lt ia expected that tbe total member*
ship in Westminster will run to six
or seven hundred.
Plans are under way to secure club
rooma for the new order, and arrangements are being tnade to form both a
lacrosse and a baseball team. Already
the fraternity numbers Include several athletes who are taking part te
this work. Schedules wlll be arranged*
at an early date. The social committee ia preparing a varied program j
(Continued on page four)
Edmonds Growing.
Edmonds. Arrll ir..���Keeping Fteo
with the rarld development of this
rct'on of the rn'mlcl^nll'v. tenders
"111 ehortly be asked for the erection
of ? lar"e end cimmodlotiB dancing
'Mill. 'Mt.honpliv then nr*> (vn h^l's
"fiw h*l*vt used In,tbe dlstrlr-t to ac-
^n��"*Pf��date pncjp.1i Hid dlint^", \\*o
Matted pnpep h"<> Veen n drawback to
I thc number invited to the occasions.
have been a serious accident.
Ordered to Quit.
Building Inspector Turnbull and
Health Inspector Pearce took a Joint
tour of inspection yesterday afternoon.
The auto refused to act for tbe nonce
so the Journev was performed on foot.
Their lnveetlsratlOns were carried on
In the west end of the city, having as
the oblect ln view the clearlnc; out of
all unsanitary buildings. These are
in the main occupied by Chinese and
Hindus, and several were ordered to
bulldln a: several bnnch lines northward Into Canada from his American
rrtttt. rrtil ty*e-e l<* rn rtn-M it is t'.;e
Canadian grpin he Is after."
"We should prepare now for this
ypyr'p bnrve*t. The eovernment
<.hn-<H b"!'-' tei""!?)0' e'evator�� nt the
Paciflc coast and encourage the shipment of grain bv that route, for thnt
is going to be the moat beneficial to
Western Canada."
Coast Wide-awake.
While at the coast In the interests
(Continued oa Pagt  tfyitt.i     '
On Frilay of this week all lovers ot
music will go to the Sixth Avenmr
Methodist church to hear the Welsh
choir of Vancouver. This well known
choir is giving a concert in the church
and a splendid evening's music l��
promised. The Welsh are famous for
their singing all the world over unit
the air of British Columbia has not
robbed the Immigrants from the principality of their tuneful voices.
Dr. Dodge Safe.
San Francisco, Apr!) 16.���The famffir
of Dr. Washington Dodge, city tax a��>-
'sessor and a widely quoted anthorftv-
on taxation, who was a passenger fit*-
tbe lost   steamer   Titanic,   recefv��wf*'
word tonight from the N'ew York ome*
of the White Star line thst the if"'*
tor h?d heen savM  The n*"**0"** ii��"W
* th-otclin bad Veen rP��"ed '*> -*���** *���'"'
the ftfetcftis with rcEcreti'wonrre'uwSC
children. i
I Classified Advertising
IMIJIll   IIIJIJ.IJIim^Mllllll      lllll���   I HIIMI    I     III  ���!,   un
��� �������������������������������������������������
��� ���
-*                          RATES. ���
���   *
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices SOc per insertion.
grocery wagon. Apply A. C. Guhr &
Co.. Sapperton.
near Edmonds. Owners only. Apply
Box 377, New Westminster, B.C.
who will take charge of kitchen and
, dining room in a private family.
Call at 407 Agnes street Thursday
woman, the care of house ln absence
of lamlly.   Apply Box 9, this office
City Cigar Factory, K. of P. building.
*���" "     '     '"     ��'������"��� i " ip     i    ii-1       i in
ed modern house near car line, anywhere between New Westminster
and Central Park. Apply Box 100
Daily News.
rooms, furnished or unfurnished.
Phone 1127.
kitchen of .the Stirling rooms, corner
Royal avenue and Seventh street;
small rent, first month free. Apply
on premises.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
Ground floor, front, view; phone connection, bath and all modern conveniences and comforts.
Columbia street and Clarkson, on
McKenzie, between 2:30 and 3 p.m.
Monday, March IS. Reward given on
returning same to Royal pool room3.
McKenzie street, near Dally News
office. Owner may secure same by
proving possession and pay for this
advertisement.    Call News office.
City Steam Laundry, 814 Royal avenue.
residential property; 8 per cent. Interest payable in five years, with
privilege of repayment in three.
National Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
cloth cover. Phone 366. Miss Askew,
511 Summer street, off Sixth avenue.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
two gentlemen in private family. SH
Third avenue.
cafe,   opposite C. P. H
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
H.  P. VIOAL & CO.
Paving of Alexander Street.
Schedule showing the real propeity
Immediately benefited and the proportion in which the assessment is made
on per foot frontage:
Bk. Lot Assessed Owner.   Feet.   Amt.
G.|   1 |Edmonds, Wm.  ,| 65.921? 61.81)
|   2 jovens, 'ihomas ,j 32.96]   3u.9a
|   3 | Cunningham,        j j
| | Geo. and Thos.| 32.961
| 4 ICunningliam, Jas.j 32.9 (|
I 5 jcunpingham, Jas.j 32.971
| 6 |Peters, A.G. & H.| 65.921
12|W%| I I
;ofl-^Cunnlngham, .las; 65.93|
| 3 |Majoiibank, C. . .| 65.921
j 4 IHankey, G. A. ..| 65.92|
|    5 IHankey, G. A.  . .1 65.92|
I        I I  i	
|        | |527.39|f495.1u
Notice is hereby given that the Cor-
poi atlon of the City of New Westminster intends to pass a Local Improvement Assessment By-law assessing
the f roperties In the schedule ubo\ e
mentioned the sums of money annually for thirty years set opposite
each lot, aud a Court of Revision for
the trial of complaints and appeals
against the assessment so proposed to
ho made will be held on Tueaday, the
ith day of May, 1912, commencing at
L0 o'clock in the forenoon, at the
Council Chamber in the City Hall,
New Westminster, British Columbia,
and any notice of appeal from such
intended assessment must he served
ui on the Clerk of the Municipal
?o-;ncil at leapt eirht days prior to
such Court of Revision.
City Clerk.
Dated this 13th day of April, 1912.
She  Binds J.  P.  Morgan's    Rare    Edition*.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply uio Agnes
street, city.
newly furnished rooms occupied;
revenue $170; rent $60; lease 18
months. Will sell for price of furniture if sold quick; $1000 cash; $1200
tiiius. 1 have to leave Vancouver celling
through    sickness.     11X2    Hastings  tween
Here is a house that combines all
| the essentials ol a beautiful home,
and at the same Urns a splendid investment, lt is situated on Seventh
stieet, between Fourth and Fifth avenues, and has a wonderful view of the
Fraser river and the Delta country
beyond. Listen to the description of
this house: Nine rooms, full sized
cement basement, cement floor, furnace, cement laundry tubs and toilet
in tlie basement. Consider what a
cosy house is and then know ihat
this house has everything that contributes to this end
in  the   dining-room,
;  doors  be-   o�� Plans-,
  parlor, and   companied
eaat, Vancouver.   Phone Sey. 4S10L.   large spacious hall.   There are six ex- -ch
plate  rail,  folding
dininjj-ioom   and
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender for Seventh Avenue Scboul" and
addressed to L. Avory White, Emi..
Secretary New Westminster School
Hoard, will be received up to 5 p.m.
of Monday, 8th of April, 1912, for tne
erection and completion of a three
Storey school to be erected on Seventh
avenue. New Westminster.
Separate tenders will be received
for, 1, Concrete, Brick and Carpenter
work, etc.; 2, Plumber and Tinnei
work; 3, Painter work; 4, Electric
Light, etc.
Plans and specifications can be ob
tained on application    to    the und?r
mosaic fireplace I sifne,d ��n receipt of a deposit of $10.
panelled-beamed I wlllcl1 wl" be refunded on the re;ur.i
Miss Marguerite l.nhey is oue of tbe
few women wbo have successfully mustered the art of bookbinding ln Its high
est and hest expression. For ten years
Miss Lfl bey lias devoted on nu average
seven hours a day to her profession,
doing all the work herself on u volume
from start to linish. uot even scorning
to apply the edge gliding, really n sep
urate trade, but which Mlss l.aliey
thinks I.s so poorly dune In this country
She has studied binding, cover designing, tooling nnd edging abroad under the best masters in each branch of
the work, and In (he libraries of some
of the most fu moils book collectors of
America nre. to be found occupying
places of honor on the shelves exquisite
examples of this youug woman's book
Tor .1 rierrent Morgan, that prince
nmoug bibliographers, she has bound
both modern books nud incunabula.
Among the latter nre books printed by
Richard I'inson. Lichtenberg nnd William Cuxton. Last year Mlss La hoy
had lhe pleasure nf binding for Mr.
Morgan Cnxloh's "Siege of Troy," 1472.
the lirst book printed In English and
the only perfect copy In existence. II
is valued dl the modest sum of $48,000
tX)d   SALE ��� BV    OWNER,
targe sized lots    just    off    Twelfth
stieet car, near Orphanage.    P. O
Hox 815.
Each   tender  must  be  no
by    an    accepted    bank
eque or certificate of deposit on    a
,      ��� ,    , ,,.   ,���        '"," 7'. i chartered bank in Canada, made pay-
,ra  large bedrooms w.harge^ closet Secretary of    the New
TWO j and linen press.    The bath and toilet i ���,_.._, ._    ���     ,   ~f     .
.stairs are separate
the upstairs hall  is
are aUo two larj,e
Leading from
Westminster   School   Bca:d,     for    a
... ore "P��������.    '*���"'''"l'"'"!eum ����'uai t0 flvp '5> Percent,   of his
tpstalrs  ha 1  is a  larpe   baloonj < tem]er   whW| gha��� b<j forfc,t^ ,f th
de for a sleeping porch    There,        . tP,rf   ,      dec���      t ,
Uo two larf,e rooms in the attic |'__,   _,      _,,   .
contract when called upon to do so.
trom    thoroughbred    Pekin   'ducks. (The   kitchen   has   a   pood   pantry   at- '3^ ''!'"'',eB ��r. frt!flcates of deposit
ill) Sixth avenue. I'^hed anil ironing board built in the  ?'  unJu<*eB8ftll tenderers will be re-
^^^^      1 wall with electric plug.     The pantry i;,lnK'"!�� ,hcm ul)Cn the   signing   of
FOR SALE-FINE MODERN BK- j* J"���l"h*d ^ cupboards. Electric
room house, close to corner of Sixth!";'1'1 ,!x,"res throughout are all corn-
ami Second avenue, Bast Burnaby, IP,lcte;    Thc above :"'e but  a few of
The best
^^^^^^^^^^^^^    figure at
iwhich   it can   he   purchased.     The
ono-quarter cash, balls months. ���
avenue,  East  Burnaby
aud fruit trees; sacrifice sa
$4600.   Also line lot on Firs
aad  se.oud  avenue,   East  Burnaby,
4300.     Fraser   Valley    Investment
(company Ltd.. 020 Columbia street.
Uurnaby,", ; ���"" ��"�������= ��'^ ���""
le- price! "eatureB ��' this house.
st'street of,.n,i' however, is the low
price Is  14800,
auce 6, 13 and
ranges on e.ny terms; $1.00 down, i
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co,, ���
Market Square.
cafe business doing first class trade,
in good locality. Apply II. Sworder,
Janitor wanted for the Central
School. Applications must reach the ,
Secretary's office by noon of the liuiid j
inst., stating salary required and ex-!
perience. All applicants must have a ]
special heating engineer's or Blmllar
j;rai!e certificate.
Secretary Board of Scliool Trustees.   |
the contract.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
The lowest or any tender not n*C3i
sarlly accepted.
Architects to the School Trustees.
\'ew Westminster, B. C.
Extension   of Time.
The above time mentioned for   receiving; tenders has been extended to
12 noon of Friday, the 12th inst.
I The People's Trust Co., Ltd. |
451 Columbia Street.
Janitor wanted for Lord Kelvin
Scliool. Applications much reach the
Secretary's ofiice by noon of the 22nd
inst. .stating salary required and experience. All applicants must have
a special heating engineer's or similar
grade certificate.
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
Public Library.
All  persons  having  books  on  loan !
from   the  library  are hereby   respect-j
fully requested to return same before !
May I.
Hooks will he received ut tho library
on wool; days only between thc hours
of 2 p.m. and I p.m.
W. A, DUNCAN, City Clerk
I tho partnership  heretofore   subsisting
I between the undersigned as the "NEW
I WESTMINSTER      GARAGE      COMPANY," Carnarvon Street, in the City
of   New   Westminster,   Province   ot
British   Columbia,  haa  this  day  been
dissolved    by   mutual    con.-ent.     All
_.   '    Rfiq i debts owing to the  said  partnership
Knone ooj.   ^   ^   |)g  pflld   tQ  jQlln    Dobgon at
Carnarvon Street, New Westminster,
Biitish Columbia, aforesaid, and ail
claims against the said partnership
are to he ) resented to the suid John
Dobson by whom the same will bo Settled.
Dated nt the City of New Westmin
| filer. B. C. this 21st dav o! March.
.A.  I). 1912.
i The People's Trust Co. Ltd.   G. W. N.
Boulton, Secretary-Treasurer. Frank
C. Cook. Genera] Manager.    L, S.
j Notice  to        ^^^^^^^^^^^
I No!ire is hereby given that no person or persons Is authorized by the
council in any way to supply garbage
���^���j   i    Full particulars of the requirements
West End Sewer. I of the  Board of  Health may be   oh-
llouse connections can now be made  talned from the Chief Inspector, City
tr> tbe main  sewers on the following I Hall.    Telephone No. 254.
streets: i W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
The Wedding Ring Finger.
The third linger uf the left hand tin*
from  long usage  been  consecrated   to
(be wedding ring.    This usage romps
from an ancient belief tbat from this
linger a nerve went direct to thp heart
So completely wns tbis fanciful piece
of physiology confided ln by tbe Greeks
and Romans that this was termed, even
b.v (heir physicians, "the healing tin
Her."    It was used to stir their mix
tures from a notion tbat nothing poisonous or harmful could communicate
with It Without Its giving imnifdinte
warning by a palpitation of the heart.
Buys the Indianapolis Newa.    This su-
perstltlen yet prevails to a consider
able extent among tbe country people
of western Europe. Together with thi9
Is the lielief even more widely current
that the wedding ring will promptly
remove warts and other excrescences lf
they arc rubbed with It.
As a gift of love or sign of betrothal
rings were In use In ancient Egypt
artd in Assyria. The .Tews from a re
mote nge have made tbe ring h moat
Important feature of betrothal and ln
llie marriage ceremony. According tu
tbe .Jewish law, It wns necessary that
this ring should be of value.
it is therefore examined and certified by tbe officiating rabbi nnd chief
ofllcers of the synagogue when it ls
received from the bridegroom, whose
absolute properly It must be and not
obtalued on credit or by gift There
wns then, as now, an exchange of
rings lietwecn Jewish contracting parties. Shiikex|H'iire recalls this custom
most sympathetically when Shylock.
informed that bis daughter Jessica has
given a ring for u monkey, exclaims
witli an outburst of grief and nnger:
"It wns my turquoise! 1 bad It of my
I.enb when u bachelor. 1 would uot
have giveu It for u wilderness of mon
Only Women In This Orchestra.
A    Woman's   orchestra,    named   the
Orchestra  I'einliiii. with  Mr. Siegfried
Werthelm as conductor. Is the  latest
London   novelty.    Sir.   Werthelni   has
been working for n long time gathering
i tils forces together, for lie decided thui
i it should he uu nil British Institution,
und now lie nppeflri to have succeeded
t lio has gut together forty women, ev-
| ery one of whom is rnpalilP of playing
nolo pnrts.  Mr. Werthelni contend* that
1 Ju the course ol hi* Sl'UrcIl lie Huh t'OIUP
, across woe it>ni "discoveries."
11 It hem. .-) tiip rum; of such Instrn
on a sealed lead package of Ceylon Tea, is your
safeguard and guarantee.
"SALADA" means freshness, purity, exquisite
aroma, delightful flavor.
"SALADA" means purity, healthfulness, satisfaction.
Removal Notice!
The Man Who Saves You Money,
has remo\ed from the old Bank of
Commerce building to
535 FRONT Street
Call in and take a look at some of
the Bargains in our new store
act as solicitor for good proposition. Salary and commission.
Apply in person at Westminster
Daily News Office between 1 and
2 p. m.
For a Licens- to Take and Usi Water.
Notice is hereby given tltdi  W   It.
isastman, of N'ew   Westminster,  win
applj   for a licence to tike and  ue   ments as the uline. bassoon, trombone
Uvo  cubic  feet  ier  second  of  ft'ate. I nnd   the   heiivlor   tvlnd   Inxlrument
out of au unnamed creek, which Hows
in a southwesterly diiectlon througn
D. h. 8, ti, 4, ll, Burnaby, and empties
Into Hruneite river. Wear Cariboo
road, The water will he diverted at
Block ll, I). L, t>, Burnaby, nnd will
he used for log    pond    and    lumber
Thirteenth Stroet from Fourth Ave-' a
nue to Sixth Avenue. i
Fourth     Avenue    from     River   to
Twelfth Street.
Kamloops Lane,
Cameron Street. H	
Cariboo l.anc. <i fnllnwfno"   WTL-nnrUr I    This notice    wus    posted    on    the
'   Firth Avenue from Thirteenth Stieet' Lilt    lOilOWlilg    JJIOperty  ground on the- 26th   day   0f   Marcli.
fo Twelfth Street. ;���     U^llr. 1912.   The application will he filed in
iMcMarlin Street. j,1J  tJUiix. ,tlle nffic,, of tno water Recorder   at
Sixth Aveane, from Thirteenth Street e  ,  ,. . .       Q_       , _rt    .       New Westminster.
to Eleventh Street. 3UDdlVI��10n�� OV and Vv,   Lot     Objections may be filed   with   tho
Twelfth Street from'Fourth Avenue        3   Suburban Block 14. snld Water   Recorder   or   with   the
I OWNER will consider      ^��������--	
'T-i;-r>iAcf  Pn<3Vi   O^Ppv fftr I flui���� P^rP��t8��8 on the land des^rlbod
jillgncSl   Uclbll   Ulici   ��01 jas District Lots <! and 4. nurnahy.
the following property
the heavlor wind
there have lieen no women exponents
of very high rank. Mr. Werllieliu lm*
discovered Kngiish players of such In-
Minnicnis who nre gold medalists ol
Loudon, I'liri.-i nud Brussels.
The imly f��iiture about thp perform
once of the Orchestra Fenilnn Unit will
���lot he nil Hritish will ht�� lhe music
Mr. Wert helm shrugs his shoulders nt
Iliiit Idea. Ills Is in be a high class orchestra, iinrt sn he must rely on foreign
produce fnt his programs, though pop
ular music ol Kngiish mnke wlll not be
to Fifth Avenue.
1 the
Permits way h��s obtained fro
office of the City Knglneer.
City Engine*
April 11, 1912.
Act Quickly.   Address : i
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament  Buildings. Victoria.  B.C.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
j. /i.
Zona Gal�� a Suffragette. j
Zona ihile. the distinguished author.':
ll among  Hip active  workers  In  th<>]
woman   snrrnice   campaign   uow   lal
irogrrs.s lu Wisconsin.
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
vSoap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- yi j
portions to cleanse ^^^j////^-
easily, vigorously, n
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1912.
Facts About City's
Great Development
Below ls produced an article written ] The total cost of the new main was
;; i u.OUO.
New Sewerage  System.
Hygiene has duiing the last few
years been a constant and caretul
study���with the object of safe-guarding the health of the citizens���and lo*
day no city on the continent has a
more carefully considered network
up-to-date cowers than New Westmin-'
by C. H. Stuart-Wade, Publicity Commissioner of the city, giving an idea
of the development and progress of
Westminster. So many enquiries have
been received from Great Britain and
eastern Canada' and tho United State3
that it has been found advisable to
prepare and distribute such articles
from time to time. It is proposed to
issue many thousands of copies of the
accompanying article and distribute
them where they may do good in giving correct information regarding this
city und in attracting settlers and
possible industries.
"This city is one of particularly interesting features apart from its his-
to;y, for, within the last four years it
has developed in an extraordinary degree, as is evidenced by the fact that
its population of 6H78 In 1881, only
increased to 12,198 lu the following
seventeen jears (1908), whereas tho
end of 1911 (three years) saw It at
about 15,000, wliich the steady influx
of newcomers promises to double, at
least, within a/.ery few years.
Its Financial  Standing.
The general balance stieet to Dec.
31, lulu, Bhowed a capital surplus of
over 1682,QoO, with assets amounting
to J2,85l',014.B0. The balance sheet
for 1911, which will shortly be printed, will show an even better financial
position, notwithstanding the fact that
during the last year Improvements
were exempted and land only subjected to taxation���a form of single tax
which has again been adopted for
'1 tie assessment value for taxation
purposes���lend only���this yetrr is $7,-
436,400 ((.'loss assessment $11,738,000),
and Is exclusive oi the income to be
derived fiom taxes estimated to yield  street are already irepared, and the
$190,575;    also   that   earned   by    tie  bylaws lor $2oO,0OO having been adopt-
cape from 'Americanization' In a recent vote on recipioclty. The dangers of the 'Aineiicanlzation' of Canada do not lie so much in a freer
trude between north and south of tne.
American continent as ln the matter
of who owns Canada. The peril does
not lie in trade, but in ownership, for
you may rest assured that the people
who own a country will rule it.
"The Yankee is not    the only one
I who has discovered British Columbia,
but Great  Britain  Is about tho  only
'country which has not. Alas! even
the Asiatic has found  us out.     And
\ this means that v.e are face to lace
with a new peril of no uncertain magnitude,    The  viial  world-Issue of to-
iday, nov/ especially on the Paciflc, is
ot|the Japanese program of Asi.-tic im
"We Furnish Your Home Complete.'
.perialism���Asia   and    the   American
'���"���'������ "'  "������"���'  il"",'i' ;'    ,(:   "      ^hemisphere and the Pacific o,ea��� for
j the Japanese.
'It is our profound and sincere de-
to detail, and within the next twelve
mouths every section of the city will
have its system complete. The steady
progress made is shown by the following figures: In 1909 the system was
only 9.35 miles in length; in 1910 it
was 15.85 miles, and In December.
1911, it grew to 4ti.71 miles, with 59
miles proposed Increase for 1912.
Street Improvements.
During 1910 the old 'wooden slde-
waiKs gave way to cement, and so.iie
23,19;: uneal leet weie laid; the sum
ot ��i04,Uou being ailotteu to tiie main
business thorou^iiiare sidewalks auu
roadway, wliich was ir.U with the durable hassam pavement. Otner saeet^
benefitted to tne extent of some $133,-
850. The total contracts entered into
duiing lulu amounted to $129,269, oi
whlcn sum $120,501 was expended in
that year, in 1910 the total of cement sidewalks increased to a lengtn
of 13.90 miles; for 49.K18 lineal teet
weie laid in various parts of the city,
ln addition to opening up new streets,
and laying upward of ten miles or
wooden parement. In addition to tnia
a further sum of $70,000 was expended on the permanent improvements
of the business thoroughtaie (Columbia Btreet) and $190,000 in other parts
of the city. Then will be during Hil_
a further sum in addition to tne improvement bylaws recently passeu,
wliich will in all probability exceed a
quarter of a million. Plans for the
lurther  improvement  of  Hi   miles  of
civic water und electric light department which at a conservative estimate should jroduce upwards of $171,-
000. The total estimated value of as
sets on an earning income is ahout
Electric    lighting.
New   Westminster   is   the
ed by lar^e majorities, the >\o.k will
be commenced without delay.
The total value of civic improvements made duiing 1911 amounted to
the respectable total of $(i30,72G.
The recent i asEing by the vote of
the  citizens   of  bylaws   (for   special
pioneer !W0I':<)  an-.ountinc, to $409,000 permits
item, a new exhibition hall for Lie Pro
vincial Annual Exhibition < Oct. l to
5 inclusive), a   nev   cemetery,   civic
[bunkers lor stoiare of metal for road-
making, further lire apparatus ta nice,
the re.ii,i:cmenis of sle:;l and concrete
du  i.i ii. u- sueei lighting;, and tu {*����� teu?W;ilIate Pu��*ase of two new
main  thowaghlare is tno delight of.! .lkVe:at"nB1.on .of ^e lighting Sys-
visitors iioui ail pans of tne conti.
nent,  ior  iron  ornamental  s,anUa:cs,
car.ylng    h\c  opalescent    {.iootis  on
eacb, are ciectea every (Pi leet apart,
uiul iioui diiSA io midnight  make t.ie
st.ctt one blaze of  brigiitnc.s.i  whicli
is tetlected b.. the contreto pavement
and   < omenta Eidewulko,  making   the
busiiicis   tection    one   great   ''White
Way."      The  e;ectnc   light   Increase
was .it; i er cant over that oi ths preri-
��� ..    year.
Water   System.
The Royal City 13 Justly proud also
���f tl.e purity of . its water supply,
which Is broight fiom tie g!ac;er-:ed
Bake (0|itltlam. Hi miles distant.
D;:iing 1911 the growth cf the ety
re:|iiiie.l water e>tensions amounting
(o a total of over seven miles, and
service  lircs to 410 houses, the sup-
sire in British Columbia to live in
peace and concord with our neighbors
across the Pacific; but my contention
is that this result most surely may
be brought about if we refrain from
any attempt to colonize Japan and if
Japan refrains from any further e/..
croachment on the American hemisphere.
"Every self-governing state entertains the ieasonable desire that its
immigrants should be euch as can be
welded into a homogeneous political
and economic and, above all, social
unit. It has the right to deny access
to an alien and unassimiiab'.e race. So
long as Asiatic immigration was confined to a few individuals, who scattered themselves over a large area,
there waa no particular problem. But
when these feople settled down in
solid phalanxes of 10,000 or more at a
time and place and became undigested and indigestible lumps in the po- j
litical ventricle the case called for
scientific diagnosis. This thins is '
happening, and all at once, in many :
quarters of the empire.
"It    is plain, too, that one   of the
numbers in the new Japanese world
program is the occupation of British I
Columbia.    According  to a report of ;
the assessment commissioner   several
jears ago  (I have no    later figures), !
nearly an eighth of the population of i
Vancouver was Oriental, with that o,'
the New  Westminster district larger. ;
But the Orientals are practically ali
male adults.    If they had their families with  them  tlieir numbers would I
have been  about live times as gieat.
and  this would have given over halt
the population of Vancouver as Crien- ,
tal,  while  giving one    Oriental male
adult   to    e.ery   three   and    a   half
whites of the male adult population
of the  province.    Ten  jears ago the
fisheries of British Columbia were in
the hands of ahout 10,000 native Canadians  of   British  Columbia.      Now
there are 10,500 Japanece and ha.uiy
a while man in the trade.
"Ja;an   la  working    feverishly   to
wards a policy of Pan-Asiatic Imper
���BSS s.VT*V7armnc��rr-/n*-\ -seai, ���
Our New Suits, Wraps and Silk Dresses certainly appeal to the
particular people, as is evidenced by the splendid business we have
had in this department this Spring.
New arrivals this week again puts our stock Into the first rank of
up-to-date assortments.
Splendid Wool Suits excellently well made in Navys, Tans, Greyg
and Blacks at $15.00
Novelty Suits In all the fancy weaves.    Blues, Greys and
. .$25.00
Twenty-five New White Serge Suits Just in, represent the very latest Ideas of Eastern fashion centres. White is to bo the color thia
season.    Let us fit you out before the sizes get broken.
blocks of eij.ht stories and upwards, i ir-!ism antl exclusion while she i3 lay
further water extensions, and  exten-
si'e street lm;rovement  projects, the
ling claim    to equal    rights with iha
I White  man  in  his own   white world.
plans of which have already been pre-tshe  lias decided that  white competi
The exceedingly large majorities obtained show that tho citizens ar�� of
one mind in the desire and Intention
ta make New Westminster known
throughout the Dominion of Canada as
a city of progress; a city of health
and beauty; and a city which realizes
its many wonderful advantages; also,
the sreat opportunities which exist
within its boundaries for eve:.vone
who Is energetic and willing to assist
ply being 1,659.0m gallons daily.   To in the establishing, onVflrm 'huiaTai
meet the rapid expansion of the city-
it has become necessary to lay a new
2'-Inch steel pipe line from the source
tion  shall  be driven out of Asia and
otl   tiie   Pacific,   but   Ehe   has  alieady
driven     the  yellow   wedfeo   in     many
places  Into tne American  hemisphere '
lioni Alaska to Cape Horn.    She de- '
ules all  foreigners tne lights of land ;
tenure In J:,an, and yet she demands
the right of tae Japanese to own laud i
on the Western Hemisphere, and they
do own  already  large  tracts  of  the
best land on t e Noith American con- j
tiner.t.    While    Japan    is    crowding
every white man, as far as possible,
High Class furniture
Unloading for us gives our customers
the opportunity to secure the choicest
selections in Mahogany, Circassian
Walnut, Bird's Eye Maple, Fumed
Oak, Golden Oak or Early English.
of luprly to the city reservoirs; ant
the citizens have now at their command ahout 11,250.000 gallons from
(his sourrc, In addition to that supplied  by the old  14-inch water niuin.
i great  maritime manufacturing and   2n(I eve,'-v whi.e interest off the con-
Industrlal city upon the banks of the !t!nent of *^e'**t and the islands of her
beautiful  Eraser river;  one which in |6"51 *''*���   sl,e    unreasonably   proposes,
tho  near  future,  will   be  known   the Iwllether we wl" or not- t0 ,ake the I which
world     over  as    the   great    Pacific I ground we walk on, the fields we ill!  I Great
Fresh   Wnter"  port   of New   West    llle *'n,ers we fish, the mines we dig,
the    forests  we  cut,  and
Liverpool   of   Western
Editor of B. C. Magazine Delivers Re
rr.arkatle Address to Royal Colonial   Institute.
sues if we will, Juggle with ugly facts
ai.u stine ineiiuiy warnings, una mis-
n.nnr ounnru��ruI"'���ttl'ea ttua ie""stt>��t fac p.oiruuvs
r\. r . S i KrMA .Y thioash iiu ��"r "hams, 'mo problem
j .uu ii�� mi iiLiiirtbi w lue ue%v era l8 lne piomem w, uie
.\ew Pacldc and .New Asia, and uie
problem of the New Pacific aud New
Asia ls that of the struggle of tlie
white and yellow peoples lor world su-
befoie discussing the Yellow Peril
fully, Dr. Vrooman snowed how the
opening of tbe Panama Canal would
Increase enormously the value of our
heritage    In    British    Columbia���the
"I bring joj tidings from the watch
towcio u. ju*.*' ....,.-.��". UUtyOSw uu
lue ..ti.i.i i-ci.... Tueie a.e led
li0iub on tne sea -wheie tue tun sets.
tjO lar as tne empty and unueveiop-
*n i caches ot our euii-ire are concerned, tne u.va.vening ot Asia ls huppen-
iUo a little too soon. 1 wonder if we
are wa.ung too late?   .   .   .
,o pa.apbrase a well-known and,
pernups, well-worn aphorism: The
twentieth century is the Pacific
o.cn h century."
iu those pregnant phrases Dr. K. B.
Viooman, in tne course ot a most important and eloquent addi ess on "Brit-
her  Imperial out
race we are making a mortal mistake
of which not only we in Br.'tlali Columbia must fay the price, but all
these others cs v\ell whose names are
still hidden within the scrolls of future time.
-Let  us  make no  mistake  on this
point.   Theie is oniy one thing in the
world today which ii keeping Canada
fiom being overrun by Asiatics;  that
is the prestige of Great Britain. There
ls only one thing in the world today
is holding  up the prestige ot
Britain;   that is  tue    British
navy.     Are some of our 'Little Eng-
the  very   land'  friend*    talking of a ratio    of
heritage  we may lose   if we   do not
awaaen  to the dangers that Uneaten j some  notice  to two  great principles
it in time.
"The mines of British Columbia,"
he said, "which have already pibduc-
ed over ��70,000,000, will leap foi ward
with renewed prosperity. Her fisheries, which have produced 4121,000,-
000, will be more extensively developed, and, let us hope, bo made again a
Bi ltish asset, since they are wholly
in tne hands of the Japanese. The
cosi deposits of the province, which
promise to be the most extensive ln
the world, will, with Immense depos-
bo opened to the world's
It Is said that the coalfields
earth in which we bury our dead. I three to two? We shall do mighty
"If Japan wants something on the well, with all we have In hand, if we
American continent, Canada and the ' get on with leBs than three to one.
I nited States must give it. If Can-1 "The time has come for Canada to
ada and the United States want some- shoulder her burdens and assume the
thing in Japan, Korea, or Manchuria, tasks of world empire or do less talk-
It Is inimical to the interests of Jap- lng about being a nation. Where out-
an, and they cannot have it. side the British Empire ls a nation of
"Lo, and behold, peoples of tho the world defended by another na-
Britlsh stock, to Japan belong the ex- tlon's navy? And where even within
elusive policy of exclusion! Seriously, that empire Is there another nation
is it not time we stopped this non- willing to have lt so?
sense? Let the Anglo-Saxon peoples "The situation today is not hopeful,
adopt the whole Japanese policy of I know, of course, whst are the com-
excluslon. Let Canada and Austral-1 pelllng causes of our humiliation on
asla and the United States, as regards ! the Paciflc where we have been seethe disabilities of foreigners, re-enact rlflced to the menace of the North
the laws of Japan. I sea.   We do not blame you; but what-
At this point we must give at least  ever causes, tbe results are the same
Schedule showing the Real Pi-ope; ty Immediately benefited by the
po;tiou in which tne assessment is made oa per loot frontage.
4 I
6 I
1 & 2
2 W. hi
2 M. 24
2 E. 20
3 W. M
3 E. tt
4 W. pt.
4 E. pt.
S & 7
Assessed Owner.
Frontage Amounti
| B. C. Electric Itailway     I 132.0
l Peck and Preston j' 6B.0
I Keary, W. H   j 60.0
I Swanson, A j 66.0
I Swanson, A j 22.0
I Trapp, T. J | 24..0
I Waghorne, J. W., and Martin, H j 29.0
| Waghorne, J. VV., and Martin, H. j 33.0
j Lee'g Limited | 33.0
| Lee's Limited  | 11.0
| Trapp, T. J. & Co | 56.0
I Edwards, C.W., Blatchley, A. and Becyon, E. j 66.0
| Myers, T. C, R. H. & Ethel B. Daniels t.. | 88.0
| Oxley, Jamea W | 66.0
i Hamley, F. T | 66.0
j Cunningham. James | 66.0
j Pearson's Limited | 66.0
| McBain, Wililam  | 66.0
I Trutch, Sir Joseph W | 66.0
| Laiterty, A. N j 66.0
I Holland, C. A., and Wolfenden, A. R j 66.0
Lytton Square | City of New Westminster j 132.0
which, It time permitted, I should discuss more fully.
"We must Hll up the empty areas
of Anglo-Saxon pie-emptlon.
"We must command ones more the
Paciflc Ocean- That means we muBt
have once more a world navy.
"It seems imperative that theso two
measures be adopted at once as nonpartisan, patriotic measures of Imperial politics. Filling an empire as well
as defending an empire is the dut;,
and should hc the policy, of empire.
"An Imreiial pollcy migration is one
of the next duties of Westminster because It is one of the most urgent
needs of the British race. The hit or
tiilcs methods we have been pursuing
are wholly inadequate to meet the
crisis at  hand.     An Imperial policy
ish Columbia and
look,'  at a meeting of the Koyal Colo-   Its of iron
mal institute at the Whitehall Rooms, | markets.   1
summed up the situation on our North of one small district in the Kootenay
Pacific frontier, reports the Standard  are capable of yielding 10.000.000 tons
ot  empire.     There was a large at-  of coal a year for over 7000 years, and
tendance, and In the absence of Lord  a  new  district bas  been discovered
Charles Beresford, who was to have  within    a twelvemonth where    there
pieslded, Sir Godfrey Lagden took tho  are known to be looo square miles of J must recognize the obvious solution
Cl,ajri the best of,anthracite and which ia j of two    great problems, the   one at
"I am about to consider British probably the richest known anthra- home and the other abroad, by rellev-
Columbla," said Dr. Vrooman, "not as cite district in the NewWorld west of lng the congestion of humanity here
the remotest province of a far-uway . Pennsylvania. to occupy and utilize the wasting op-
domlnlon, but as the British Empire i    "The country Is menaced in two di-  portunity yonder,
on the North Pacific. i rections.   We Anglo-Saxons have been     "We ln British Columbia   have de-
"Meagre still Is the comparative ro- too comfortably esconced in the l'<s- termlned that, so far as we can accord of great achievement connected urles of the status quo. British Col-Icompllsh lt, the Paciflc ocean must be
with that weary waste of 70,000,000 umhia is threatened by United States'a white man's ocesn. The Western
sijuure miles of water known ns the ownership and Asiatic overflow. Just | Hemisphere must be a white man's
Paciflc ocean, and thought of as a here It is not amiss for me to say a hemisphere. Let Asia have Asia���
peaceful and friendly sen. But it Is word ahout the Imperial aspect of indeed, Asia has Asia���but we pro-
likely that the future epic of the British Investments. pose to keep Australasia'and the Am-
I l.anet will be written on somo unpad-! "British Columbia Is a vast neglect- ericas white from Vancouver to Mel-
flc coast and of some un?aciflc nere- ed opportunity. You have no Idea of bourne, from the Horn to the Arctic
after, for all signs point to Armaged-  the wealth which Is being alienated to ! Archlrelago.
don. nloat, or ashore, ln any event the more alert and appreciative Yah-] "I have said we must command
identified with this last and largest ,kee. If It does not interest you that once more the Paciflc seas, and if we
of the world's Mediterraneans���scene so many United States citizens are do this we must have once more a
of tho final struggle between the instl- 'doubling their money IA a year���two Paciflc nnvy. If Westminster declines
tutlrns and Ideals of the Eiist -and the yenrs���In British Columhla, there Is a to rehabilitate our nnval bases on the
Ideals and Institutions of the West,    i political aspect of this matter which Pacific ocean���and    at least one   of
"The   problem of the   New Pacific  some day will Interest you. the��e must ho ln British Columb'a���  ,
outlook Is race conflict.   Disguise lt.'    "You, no doubt, have been congratu- and if we leave the police patrol of on Saturday, February 20, 1915. and
how we may, conceal the fateful ls- latlng yourselves npoa a narrow   es-  Pacific waters to the navy of an alien ol��w on Saturday, December 4,1915.
���and as disastrous.
"There ls raised here no word of
blame, lt is not. ln the spirit of a,
captious critic, but ln that of a
mournful historian, that I tell you
that you have dismantled our land defences and failed to give us new ones.
You have abandoned one of the best
harbor defences in the empire at Esquimalt, and you have withdrawn
your fleet from our hemisphere. You
have left us to the tender mercies ot
your altruistic ally, your little brown
brother, who has already learned to
crowd British citizens off our own
sidewalks with Impunity into British
mud. Should you get into trouble
over here, and lf Japan becomes aggressive over there, there is but one
recourse; for British Columbia to look
to Wall street for protection (I have
not forgotten that Washington was
once the capital of the United States),
and sometimes we may have to say to
the great United States syndicate,
"Come over Into Macedonia and help
us." But Wall street operates behind
the door, and never yet took something for nothing or ���j.tve anything tor
anything. It has rather too strong a
grip on British Columbia now.
"There can be no doubt that with
this unformed Oriental rejuvenft-
ucence a new migratory Instinct Is being born, and a new blind migration Is
likely to begin which may combine the
irrational natives of the Crusades with
the Irresistible ferocity of Genghis
to 15
City of New Westminster |   66.0
| Countryman, John E j   66.0
| McBaln, William  |   66.0
| V., V. & E. Railway |   66.0
j McBain, William  j   66.0
| Brlnton, Caleb  I   66.0
j Johnston, W., Estate I   66.0
! Annandale. T. S      66.0
I McBaln, William   | 462.0
Exposition's Slogan.
San   Francisco, April   lft���"Winter
to winter" Is the slogan of the Panama-Pacific   International   Exposition.
Tho Universal' Exposition is to open
Notice ls hereby given that the C orporatlon of the City of New Westminster intends to pass a Local Impr ovement Assessment By-law assessing;
the properties ln the schedule above mentioned the sums of money annually
for thirty years set opposite esch lot and a Court of Revision for the trial1
of complaints an.! appeals sgalnst the asrassmept so proposed to bo mack*
will be held on Friday, the 3rd dn�� of May;'1912, commencing at 10 o'clock,
ln tbe forenoon, at the Oouncll Cham ber. In the City Hall, New Westminster, British Columbia, and nny notice of appeal from such Intended assessment must be served imon the Clerk of tbe Municipal Cpuncll at least eight
days prior to such Court of Revision.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk-      ;
Dated this llth day of April, 1912:
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
yo. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build forgtale or rent while price* arc low
  i'i        '���"��     n   ii       '        i
W!WWM-��U ll1
Tne unify News
JPKbllahed by Tbe Dally News Puhilsb
����* Company, Limited, at their omce-v
*ara��r   of    McKenzie    and    Vlctori
(Continueu irom paj;e oue>
Just at tbe moment when man
seemed to bave finally overcome the
terrors of tbe sea. the world is staggered by tke greatest shipping disaster of history. With tlie disappearance of the Titanic there1 must have
vanished also much of the shipbuilder's confidence lb Ms mastery of the
Tbls awful tragedy has struck to
���the heart four capitals of tbe world's
.greatest nations,,.U>ndon, and Paris,
.New York and Ottawa witb many another great and fair city are plunged
in grief hy the awful news.' But it Is
not only in the big cities that sorrow
Js rampant. Tlie 75.Q steerage passengers have probably left dear ones to
jaiourn them among the hills of Scotland, and in the ba,mlets of the English shires. In the wtids of Carpathia
and on tbe sunny slopes of Italy many
a poor family is weeping in an uncertainty that is only too certain of the ��� son and
tate of son and brother, husband or ���
lover. Their's is, perhaps, the saddest
lot of all. The rich'l'.iiow that every
effort is being made to bring news of
<heir relations to their ears, but the
cables will not throb with tho names
���ot Giuscppi and Billy Brown, untll the
Jinal official statement is completed
by the White Star ofiicials. Until tneu
ihey must suffer even greater agony
of suspense than those more favored
Jn tbis world. And yet tbe death of
their relations may mean really more |it all dei ended
to them than to the others. The
.journey to the American continent
may have been the desperate bid for
.fortune by a family that had staked
iheir all to escape from failure and
misery in their old home. The man
that is drowned may be the only
breadwinner on whose life depended
not only the happiness but even the couver,
lives of others. I      i j
While we all grieve with the
Astorr, and the Guggenheims, we may j
perhaps grieve a little deeper with the -
thousands of unknown whose poverty i
is no protection from distress. Their's
Is a dumb sorrow, and so much the !
more pitiful.
ol westward shipment of grain from
the piairies Our. i'at��raon lound tne
gium met ami people mare quite Wide
j,wai��e to tue -/.eat athantages tnat
must accure from tne west .vard snip-
uieiu of gi ain troin the prtliies,
"lhere is a ahisiou ot opinion in
regard to who should build elevator
btoiage plants," be said; "but they al.
agree that, storage facilities shou.d bu
Discussing tbe advantages for terminals of.cied at ilfcc teveial coast
ports, Mr. t-a'tersou admitted that
Vancouver must always be the business centie of tbe grain trade on tlie
coast, but that Victoria afforded splendid opportunities for storage of grain
notwithstanding the necessity of
handling it twice before It could be
placed in storage there.
B. C. Corn Exchange.
A grain ��xchsnge, with headquarters in Vancouver, and to be known
as the B. C. Corn Exchange, was form
ed by Mr. Paterson while at the
coast. The membership is to be fifty
and L. P. Strong, of the Alberta Pacific Elevator company, was there to
apply for membership of the following Calgary men: L. P. Strong, of
the Alberta Pacific Elevator company;
John McFarland, of the Alberta Grain
company; George Hill, grain inspector; P. B. Morgan, of W.S . McLaughlin and company; J. R. Murray, of the
Grain Growers' Grain compny; R. A.
Pike, of Royal Grain company; Willard Cummings, of the James Richard-
Sons, limited; Edward G.
Isaac, of VV. J. Bettlngen and company; J. K. Cummings, of tho Cummings Grain company; F. A. Dowler,
of the Alberta Pacific Elevator company; Arthur Pierson, of Brackman-
Ker Milling company.
The first fifty seats on the new exchange are to be sold at $26.
Depend on  Facilities.
Speaking  of  the  prospects  for   exportation of western train via the PO-
clflo thla year, Mr. Peterson said that
upon the    establishment of grain storage facilities there.
"The C. P. K. have gi\en us a nice
rale of 20c per hundred pounds on export grain from Calgary to Vancouver, an.l now all wc need is the terminals," he said.
Speaking ol" the advantages of a
government-owned terminal at Van-
Mr. Paterson said that there
being no vested interests in the terminal business at the coast, the government need not fear that the establishment of a government storage i��8��.'
there would Interfere with private
bhould Make Experiment.
"It would  bo a  splendid  place for
-"*,.���', :���-.'    l-*>.**'     ,    *..*     :��� ,    ���   $M
Sixty Years
Standard for purity,
strength and healthfulness.
Made from pure,
grape cream of tartar,
5 from alum
iiniiimiiBBii iiiiisb  iii ������������ laamtrmr-v���aa
We have for exclusive sale a very pretty five roomed cottage on
Blair avenue on lot 3.1x115 and overlooking the Fraser river. Besides
the five rooms which arc all well finished, there are bath, toilet and
pantry and all electric fixtures. There Is also a basement excavated
The price of this modern little home la only $2100, with a first payment of $700 and the balance as rent or arranged any way to suit.
This price is only for a few days, so ring us up and we will take you
out and see lt.
Phone 1004. Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
(Continued from page one)
Grief and horror are the feelings up-  th
per most in every mind at the moment, j
Later   will   come  enquiry.    Are  mod- ]
��rn    vessels   too   large ?     Did   the
Titanic carry sufficient boats and life
rafts  to accommodate  the whole of
tier   vast   human   papulation ?    What
timber  provisions  for  safety  can  be
made  even   for ships  considered  by
their builders fo be unsinkable ?   The i
to  make an expert-
ment," he suid.
There is one great danger which
must be guarded against, according to
Mr. Paterson, and that is the exportation of Canadian grain via San Francisco, Portland or Seal tie.' Tlle prospect is that San Krancifco is to become the great grain port of the l'nited States on the Pacific whpn the
Panama canal is open, and if Canada
/utility  of  man   when   pitted  against
the element a is proverbial.   For years ,does not take immediate steps to es-
IVatnre   may  be  fettle  with   us,  but j tablish her own Pacific const porta a3
���suddenly  in   the  height  of our    self-   ber grain exportation route, San Fran-
Kenniman, F. A.  (possibly Mr.   or
Mrs. Kenyon)
Lindstrum, Sigrid (probably Mrs. J.
Leader, Mrs. F. A.
Lavery, Miss Bertha
Lines, Mrs. Owen
Lives, Miss Marie
Lesseur, Gustave J.
Longley, Miss
Madill, Miss Georgetta A.
Marschall, Pierce
Marvin, Mrs. D. W.
Mile I probably Frank D. Mille)
Minnehan, Mrs. W. K.
Minnehan,  Miss  Daisy
Mamy, Miss Roberta
Melicard, Madame
Newell, Miss Marjorie
Newell, Miss Madeline
Newsou, Miss Helen
Osteby, B. C.
Osteby, Miss Helen
Omend, Mr. Arnold
Panhart, Miss Anette
Puechin, Major Arthur
'   Potter, Mrs. Thomas J.
-   Rheims, Mrs. George
Hobert, Mrs. Edwards
Renago, Mrs. Mamnmn J.
Rolmano, O. E.
Renault, Miss A. 10.
Rosenbiinm, Miss Edith
Rothschild, Mrs. Martin
Rothes, Countess of
Rogerson. (Mrs. J. X., Mrs.  Arthur,
Lumber.   Moulding?.   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE   904.
confidence she arises and overwhelms
us. Since tbe recent stranding of the
1H-Ihi, shipping disasters have followed eacb other swiftly, but few took
heed, The sinking of tbe Titanic is a
warning  that no one can neglect.
cisco or Portland will steal her grain
trude Just as Seattle stole all the
Alaska trade.
Toronto, Aprll lii.���Eight persons
morrow ly escaped with their lives iu a
Mre which broke out in the rear part
sot the premises of tbe grocery store
-at. 12 ttayier street, occupied by Car-
vollo :.mUion, ac ;ii), .'6a ny nour tins
mornlug. 'j he d&iaage tlono to the
building was In tue neighborhood of i later
$��000, ;:nd :��i>uo to the contents.
Tbe blaze started from an overheated Etove ln tho kitchen and gain-
,��.1 considerable headway before it
was noticed. Salvateli, who was sleeping on the second floor Immediately
above the kitchen, was awakened by
>hc smoke, and be imtheditely alarm-
. **it the other occupants who rushed everything was
from tbe building' In their night! turned the tap
The smoke spread Jnto the house
at ill Ila'yter stretit, occupied hy llyman Hosenteln, and aroused the In-
nintos., who rushed Into the street.
The latter premises wero not. touched
��� by  tire.
Toronto, April IH.���The number o��
deaths fiom gas suffocation in Toronto since the beginning of the year
was brought up to sixteen yesterday,
when Petio Rossi and Naislso Rossi,
lather and son, were found dead In
bed at a looming bouse at ISO York
Street with the gus turned full on. Rossi Glovani, a relation of the deau
men, was found in another bed ln the
same loom unconscious, but revived
In  Bt.   Michael's   Hospital,   ami
Ital.an   Meets    Death    From    Unusual
V/eapon���Murderer Escape:.
Toronto, April ji;,- Joseph Boilna,
37 Walton street au Italian, who wjs
iiit over the head with a billiurd cue,
died In St. Michael's Hospital ut bIx
o'clock lasi night.
Sulina, who for the past two years
hud ln'un employed as a bootblack
it Calllcotl and Finnlg&n'l
room, "ill Vonge street, was
Ing out the promises shortly
midnlghl when he noticed a young
man still Staying' In the room, al-
t.himi.h it was after thn closing hour.
Uk bold him he must leave. This put
tlte man in a rage and picking up a
RbilH&rd cue he struck Bolina a terrific
was able to leave later in the duy.
'lhe three men came here from Milton, wbere tliey had been working in
a stone * quarry, on    Saturday nigbt.
When they retired for the night Gio-
vani,  who sajs bo  has never before
bad an    experience with    gas, turned
out the   light.   To make sure   that
sale,   he     says,   he
on  and    off  several
times before finally petting into bod.
Windows Tightiy Closed.
The discovery  that  something  wns
wrong wan made by David Scott, who
had  u   room  on   the opposite  tlle  of
. the hull, ubout one o'clock on Sunday
morning.   Noticing a smell of gas ho
IInvestigate.) and, when the door of ths
[Italians' room was forced open, they
' were    found Ij ing   apparently d< it
'Che transom and windows were ��� N^lit-
ly  ClO81 d.
P, ('.  Dickenson was called In ami
he waa fortunate enough to catch Dr.
l��� .1. SolW&y, of 30 St. Patrick street.
who was passing and the latter, after
| pronouncing  life to  be extinct   ia  tli"
father and sou, had the other man removed io the   hospital, where he ro
billiard I gained consciousness  within an bour.
sweep- '    The return halves of railway ti :ket��
before   from  Milton  were  found  ln  the dead
I men's clot lies. '
Mow over the back of the head
tn.in then  rushed out,
The Italian was taken to the office
���or Dr. O'Rlelly, 52 College street, and
from there removed to the hospital.
lie wns completely knocked out by the
blow and was unable to speak aflor-
���vrards. He died from a fracture of tho
A  number of peopli   claim to have
Eburne a City.
A growing element among Eburne
business men and property owners is
seriously    considering    steps    lowar.l
Tho jthe Incorporation of Eburne as a city.
j Tbo proposed city, as now contemplated, would have as boundaries,
Bridge street on tbo east, rnd Arbu-
Iiiii stroet on the west, the two boundaries running northward to tho Vancouver city limits and Including
Shaughnessy Heights. It I" pointed
out by those advocating secession
from Point Grey and formation of i
new city, that, such a step would
the interests of the
TMOgnized  Hie    man  who Btruck the !
blow.   They state that he was not a'greatly advance
Tomivner   as   had   previously   been I Eburne district,
mtatud.     lie   is a fair-haired   clean- 	
.shaven man about five feel and a half j     PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS.
��� all nnd thirty years of age.   There Is |    Ynur druagigt will refund money if
a fioOT CU' across hU loft cheek.   De-   PAZO OINTMENT falls to CUi'e any
Strome is now trying to locate
case  of  itching.  Ullnd.  Bleeding    or
Protruding riles In �� to 14 days.   tiOc.
Mrs. Emily B., Mlss Susan P., Master
Watson, and maid, of Philadelphia. It
is practically certain this is the Ryer-
son family.
Saalfela, Adolphe
Salaman, Abraham
Schabert, Mrs. Paul
Seward, Frederick
SllYerthorne, R. Spencer (Some
doubt aa to identity)
Simonius, Colonel Alfonso
Steeper, William T.
Snyder, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. J.
Spencer, Mrs. W. E. and maid
Stepelin, Dr. Max
Stengel, Mr. and Mrs. C.  E. B.
Stone, Mrs. George M.
Swift, Mrs. Frederick J.
Sreprea, Miss Augusta.
Steffanson, H. B.
Segesser, Miss Kmma
Smith, Mrs. P. P.
SJSyton, Miss Hilda
Shadell, Robert Doublas
Smith, Mrs. Lucien P.
Shutter, Miss B. (probablv Miss E.
W. Schutes)
Spcdtlcn, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Speddcn. Mrs. Frederick O
Thor, Miss Ella
Taussig, Miss Ruth
Thayer, Mr. nnd  Mrs. J.  R.
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. B. Z.
Tucker, Mrs. and maid
Tucker, Gilbert M.
Ward, Mrs. Kmma
Warren. Mrs. F. M.
White. Mrs. J. Stewart
Wick, Miss Mary
Widener, Mrs. C,eovgP n. ?nd maid
Willard, Miss Constance
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for lt is tbe stuff that the foun
datlons of wealth and happtness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to spend for what la
needed now aud to invest for wbat shall be needed ln tbe future.   Money cannot be Invested until lt ls first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. uEWAR, Gentral Managsr D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291
Phones, Office 15 and it.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wiro'esale and Retail Dealers in Coal
It Has a Better Future
Than Any of Them
There is certainly a big future ahead for Westminster. Everybody living
there now and having ambition enough to get hold of a little property is
going to profit by it.
Now is the Time lo Buy
Property hers is cheaper NOW than it ever will be again. And take it
from me, it ii rising in value all the time. (This is no visionary statement)
We all know that Westmintter is the one sure place in the west that has got
to grow. You positively can't go wrong by investing here. The Wise Man
invested in Vancouver when it was new, look at him today. Westminster
is new.
I   an Recommend These Because I Know They Are Cheap
I am offering you on this page the cream of ci'y property. Read it over carefully, select just what suits you
and ACT IMMEDIATELY. They are likely to be sold if you put it off. Call at my office and I will take
you out in one of my autos and show you the properly you desire.
Apartment bouse site, GO by
182, on northeast comer of
Koyal avenue and M cin nee
street; 33 loot street al rear.
Apartment bouse on adj lining
lot, another one opposite i'rice,
for siile, now, sin,.inn; one- ;uar-
tor cash, balance 6, lil and 18
$1000 CASH.
Pine cheery live roomed
house, newly bulll un.l thoroughly modern; bath and toilet,
separate; furnace, cement base*
ment, cement walks, etc.; ulco
lawn; lol all fenced; situated on
Becond street, between I'li'tli
und Sixth avenues; close to
school, etc. Price for short timo
only J2900; terms $1000 cnsh,
balance over two years,
Fine six roomed bouse, thoroughly moilern. Rents lor $25
mt month, Situated ln tbe
heart of the olty on corner lot.
Price $2026; term* $800 cash,
bul.nice over two years.
'I hla live loomed Iiuuhd stands
oil n lot 60x140 teet, running
back to lane. The bouse In
nicely built; hai Dne open tire
place' panelled strips and plate
ruck; full size eem int basement
with laundry tubs, etc, Owner
wlll take |3160; one-quarter
cash and ibo balance over two
New five roouie i house near
Sixth street car line, on large
lot, all clt ared and traded, Tbla
house la thoroughly modern',
has a basement; piped tor iur-.
unco; well finished; open firo
place i'rice |3200; on terms
ot $750 cash and the balance
very easy indeed.
Here Ib a house thnt rents for
$300 a year. It Ih a six-roomed
house, fully modern, with base-
mont, etc. Price Ih (2000; with
ii quarter of the payment now
nml lbe balance by 1014,
I have a couple of lots facing
on Fifth stieet right nour sixth
avenue.   This In swell property;
aii cleared ami ready to build
on. I'rice || $111111 for an Inside
lot, or $1660 tor a corner; lane
at lids nnd rear.    Terms:   One-
quarter oath,   balance easy.
A now flve roomed limine
thoroughly modern;   piped   for
furnace;   open   lire  place;     full
size cement basement; situated
in the Wo-it Und, close to Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street, This
lol faces soutb nml has a good
view of the river. Price $3500;
terms 1800 cash, balance ovor
tlnce years.
Large Beven roomed   modern
house   on   Agnes street,   near
Thirl street; five minutes'
walk from business centre, lie-
low market price, jr.SOO: terms,
$kioo cash, balance one, two
and throe years.
New six r.ioni il modern house
near Second street and Fifth
n.enue; full sized cement basement, cement Iloor furnace, etc.,
panelled ilinlu", room and den;
line larec hall wltb winding
stairway; largo lot 61x126 feet,
lo lane. Price $40(10; terms,
flL'OU cash, balance 6, 12, 18 aud
HI mont Its.
Fine seven roomed house,
thoroughly modern, with cement basement floor, hest of
plumbing, laundry tubs, etc.;
piped for furnace; deep celling;
panelled walls; leaded glass
windows; magnltlcent vlow of
the Kraser river. Lulu Island
and Delta; lot 40x140 feet, with
street at rear. This is near
Fifth avenue and Twelfth street.
Price $4��00; terms, $1000 cash,
balance over three years.
4��Sm   c^kft    �����   11   ����� 1
614 Columbia Street
Phones 1090-1091
New Westminster
;.; ���:���.' %mM: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1912.
t-SE^aW 1"
.Local Soccer Enthusiasts Not Pleased
with Vancouver Executive���Must
Forfeit Two Points.
Tfee Senior Amateur soccer team received another raw Jolt at the hands
ol tlie Vancouver so-called sports last
evening, when the claim of the St. Andrew's team for two points In connection with the game on Saturday last
(a pme which never took place) was
allowed. Mr. �����.. G. Beaton was present at the meeting and voiced his protest against such a deal going through,
but was overwhelmed In point of
numbers, the other members of the
executive apparently making it a point
to soak Westminster to the limit.
The constitution of the league reads
"that the home secretary notify tbe
opposing team three full days ln advance of the game." Herb Ryall received a phone message on Friday
morning notifying the Senior Ama-
leurs to place a team In the field on
the following day in Vancouver.
Another deal which the Vancouver
aggregation passed through at the
previous meeting was that the amount
IKistt'd by the locals, seven dollars and
a half, was extended over to next season. In event of this city withdrawing from the league, the amount wlll
he lost
onlv thl ,^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_
draw from the league altogether and
form a strong city league, the rules of
which will be governed by local men.
The sentiment of the local soccer
players after thi3 -���*-' decision Is
awaited with interest.
an observant and trained eye for likely men, and is giving valuable advice
to the athletes and those concerned
in the local organizations of the training. There Is to be a great gathering
in London in May of the selected candidates from the different centres,
who will lie submitted to a series of
tests. Altogether, while it will be impossible Cer us to send out all our ab-
soluetly best men, it is already felt'
that the Old Country will be by no
means unWorthlly represented. We
can have but little bore of success in
what are denominated "field events"
���discus and hammer throwing, putting the , weights, the jumps, etc.���
which have not been very highly cultivated over here in ecent yeas, but a
little more attention has been given
recently to these events, thanks largely to the work of a special association
formed for the purpose, and we shall,
at all events, show some improvements.
The annual meeting for the election
of officers and preparing for the coming season was held last night by the
I Westminster Cricket club 	
iof Messrs. Sheriff, Hose & Co. Ar-
' rangements have been made for the
laying out of a pitch on Moody square,
and the club proposes to give a dance
ln the uear future. Matches wlll be
played with all the local clubs, from
Chilliwack to Vancouver.
The following are the officers for
the vear: President, G. D. Brymner;
vice-presidents, T. S. Annandale, R. J.
Dunkelman, in a lonely spot near the
city hydro-electric transformer station. The two ' left their homes to
keep an appointment with an unknown man to buy scrap iron, but
nothing further o'f their movements
that night can be learned, as the police can iind no one who saw either
the victims or any suspicious sti angers near the scene of tne crime. Dun
kelman, whose skull i3 fractured
ed untll next September at least.
This vvas because of the scarcity of
labor for railv/ay building and the Immense amount "of construction work
planned for this year all Over Canada. ,.      -,    **.* -t'tv *y
Early-   Break-up.
Nome, Alaska, April 16.���The ice in
the roadstead is breaking   up.    Many
leads of open  water   haye  appeared
iB ' and, it Is probable (hat   the   Bering
too critically ill to be questioned by  sea wln be ��Pen t0 navigation soon,
the police, but he raves about being  ���s  is the earliest break-up In the
attacked by three men.   The murder-, history of Nome.      ,
ers secured only about $60. ���' ' ' ������
Lured to a lonely spot In rear of \
the hydro-electric transformer station,
near the foot of Strachan avenue, on
the pretext of the sale of a carload of
inThe offices I scral) iron' JoseI)l1 Rosenthal, 133 York
1 street, was murdered, and Eli Dunkelman, 181 West Richmond street,
was so beaten that he is In the General Hospital with a severe fracture
of the skull and may die. The clews
In the hands of the police are meagre.
The most definite is the description of
a tall, fair young man who called at
Dunkelman's house to tell the old man
to go to 205 Strachan avenue at 1
o'clock on Friday night, taking with
According to Mr. Beaton the I 'llckm"" f"d  �� M.*"n?;  ��ailta'n' ^'him enough  money Io purchase  the
ng left to this city is to with-   *VOry White; vice-eaptnin. F A. Hose; , b ���
W.rangled for Three Hours and Then
Agreed���Neither Team  Fears
Attack of Big Four.
secretary-treasurer, Rev. Ray. The
committee vvill consist of the captain,
vice-captain and secretary-treasurer.
G. Simpson will act as scorer for the
team, and L. Avory white will be the
delegate- to the B. C. Cricket association at Victoria. .
to  Ad-
Tired of the Incessant vvranglings
which have taken place from time to
nine during the last two years, tbe
delegates at the meeting of the B. c.
L. A. held in Vancouver last evening,
decided upon.the commission laea,
giving power to three men, to tie
named, to govern the game from start
to linish, doling out penalties t" the
players and managers if necessary.
While practically all (he delegates
present at the meeting were iinniil-
liiois In Agreeing that the time had
arrived when something hud to he
done to make a cleaner game ot la-
croaie In this province, it took three
lull hours of discussion, and at times
of .squabbling, befoie tho proposition I
was put to a vote.
Mr. J. R. Agar, vfrs-prcsident of the
association, was In (he chair, ln   ths j
temporary absence of President Harry
Cowan, who came in late.   The latter
I aged to get ln his little say in the j
matter, taking a firm stand to elevate !
the position from which lacrosse   has I
dropped    from    the fan's standpoint, j
Harry did not mince matters, showing l
partiality to neither team, but stating
that if the managers of the two teams -
i ould not agree in the   referee   solu- j
Hon, he, In his   official   position   as I
head of the  association, would have
to step In the bread), a thing which he
tinted to do.   Manager Gray and Con
Jones agreed to Cowan's suggestion
and  things  went along merrily until
the powers of the commission were
discussed.    The Westminster delega- '
tion. while not the flrst to suggest the
appointment of a commission,   were
- olid   for   the ventuie, realizing that
the public were demanding that the '
game be clean and square, and that
the appointment of a referee when the j
teams had taken tho field, as happened
mi on occasion last season, was   Inviting disaster. On a motion by Alderman Kellington, the proposal was carried by 7 to 1, two of the Vancouver
delegate! not being present.   Another
motion, appointing a   committee    to
draft an amendment to the   constltu- '
tion retarding the formation of a com- '
mission, waB carried by the same vote.
lulling the discussion, It developed
ihat    ii far ub the coast league   was
concerned, (he prospects of the Big
1 mir making any raids ou their players wero very   slim   Indee.l.   Before
adjournment  the schedule drawn  up
by  Managers Gray and Jones, which
iiixiurd in these columns a week ago,
was adopted.
Director of Lands Appointed
minster Territory.
Australia is at last beginning earnestly to deal with the "tremendous
problem" of her empty tropical north,
saj s the Standard of Empire. A director of lands has been appointed iu
the person of Mr. Neilsen (formerly
minister for lands in New South
Wales), and a diieetor of agriculture ,
(Mr. W. H. Clarke, who is no��v in the !
territory establishing experimental '
farms).   In
Lying upon his face with a ten-
I pound cake of concrete resting at the
I base of the battered  skull,  the  dead
body of Joseph Rosenthal was found
'at 7:15 next morning by John Blythe,
iH. Hcwett an.l Patrick Hayden, three
j employees of the hydro-electric com-
I mission.    Nearby was a pool of blood
which they took to indicate that the
! body  bad  been  dragged    by  a  rope
which hung about the neck of the
I body. This latter proved to be the
I spot where Dunkelman had lain in a
semiconscious state through the
jnlpht     The people were notified
the body lemoved to the morgue.
At Davles' Pharmacy.
MAY'S SUDS, absolutely fresh.
Disinfecting Fluids; Chloride of
Lime, Izal, Sulphur and Formaldehyde
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
eral members   of   pailiament, accom-1 cratlon    ha
No  Need to Wait for ".'or!-.���"/omen
as   Domestics.
Montreal, April IC.���Whit promises
April a large party of fed-1t0 h�� another record year for immi-
accom-1 crstlon    has just    nicely begun, and
^.^p^j,) I there never  was    a  time  when    the
1 le-bodied Immigrant, friendless  and
almost moneyless, but v.ill n<; to work,
was more welcome in Canada tban be
is today.
"It is not the way it v as in other
yearB. Immigrants who stop here
don't    have  to wait for the ice    to
panied   by   tbe   minister   for e
affairs    (the   Hon.   J.    Thomas),   iu ',
whose department the administration
Of the territory lies, will visit that re- |
glon ami see it for themselves. Some- i
thing must be done, and shortly, and
it Is much that Australian public opin- i
ion everywhere roilizes this today as
it never lias before.     /
break up and navigation to open bc-
GILLIS, manager.
Week of April 15
Thanh* problem' Is'not Impossible '��ro \h9>' <*n "������ ������nployment," said
Mr. Jonn  Hoolahan, Dominion immi
Great Britain bus been slower ln
nun lng at tbe outset ln making Its
i reparations for the coming Olympic
(lames at Stockholm next June than
other countries, says the Standard of
lOmpire. Those preparations are-well
on tho way now, and a great deal of
keenness ls being shown, both by oT-
fidals and uthletea. There ls no gov-
ernment grant, as ln some other countries, to aid the men ln their training
operations and to cover the expense
ot sending out tho best possible team,
md thc available funds ln tbe British
4.Olympic Association are a long way
short of what other nations would
deem adequate, but so far as means
will permit all possible steps are helm,' taken to encourage candidates for
placer, In tbe team In their preliminary training and to ceek out the best
obtainable material. Theso preliminary nrrnngoments nro in the efficient
I"mis of Mr. K. W. Parker, secretary
ni I i'i' London Athletic Club, who ls
vlItlnc the cblef athlotlc centres with
of solution is' clefU'ly shown by the reports of Mr. \V. S. Campbell (ex-director of agriculture foY 'New*"South
Wales), who vvas sent to report on
the suitability of the Northern Territory for agriculture and the establishment of experiemental farms, and has
Just completed that duty. What Mr.
Campbell says is really only a repetition of former reports, with whicb
nothing" was ever done.   He states:
"Tliere Is no portion of Australia
where experiemerttal work in rural Industries is more urgently needed
than In the northern portion of tho
Northern Territory, and 1 have every
reason to believe that, as soon as;
some Important problems have been
solved ln connection with a peculiar
climate, but wonderfully regular seasons, and an assured good rainfall,
with abundance of water for all requirements (if a certain amount ofl
care be taken); when land for settlement be made available on easy
terms; and when some little encouragement is given to settlers, rural Industries will Increase more and more,
and this practically uninhabited coun-,
try will certainly become well occupied by a thriving and contented population.
"In concluding this report, I beg respectfully to add that 1 have every
reason to believe that, of the various
rural industries that may, in course of
time, be found suitable for climate
and conditions of the territory (that I
Is, for the northern portion of lt),
those which may be taken in hand Im- I
medlntely with every prospect of success, provided outlets or markets for
pioducts are available, and the work
of production be conducted intelligently, are stock raising, particularly
pigs, maize-growing, chiefly ln connection with pig-ruining, sorghum and
millet growing lucerne growing, the
breeding of mules, tobacco growing,
nnd, to some extent, dairying, to meet
present local requirements,"
The minister for external affairs,
according to the latest mailed despatches from Melbourne, has determined on certuln main principles of
the Federal Government's land policy,
which ls to be Eet ln operation at once.
The minister says that only leasehold
titles will be granted, and all the land
wlll be divided Into three classes���
"pastoral," "agricultural and farming,"
and "city" lands. These divisions fn
turn wlll be sub-classified In three
grades, according to quality and situation. The minister said that the leases
would be tor a long period, and thero
would be a reappralsement of rent
values at stated periods. He would
not Indicate the precise particulars,
but It is believed that the lenses will
be practically perpetual, with reap-
pralsements every twenty years.
gratlon agent, this morning. "There
is a great deal of building and con
'struction work of different kinds going on ln the city, an I there Is a seur-
city of labor.
I    "The  three  big  railways  are  also
I looking tor men.     They come down
I here almost every day to see lf we.
1 have any men here. '   - ���>
"1 should say that 4000 or 5000 im
migrants passed through the city on
their way west last week. They are
mostly British, with some Italians
and others, and they are a pretty
good class of people. The fact that
the clasB of immigrants has Improved
ln the last year or two is shown bv
the fact that the homes for such peo
pie are now practically empty."
Mr. Hoolahan added that the worn
en immigrants who came to bis office were all sent up to the home kepi
by the Women's National Immigra-
j tion Society. The latter found no
trouble in placing domestics, >b there
is still a scarcity in this country.
From now until the middle of May
the Immigration rush wouid go on increasing, he said, and would equal, lf
not exceed, the big total of over 300,-
000 last year.
Mr. John H. Clnrke. United States
Commissioner of Immigration for
Eastern Canada, said he had just received a letter this morning stating
tbnt the Canadian Immigration regulation, requiring all foreigners to come
strnlEht through from their country 0'
origin, had been temporarily suspend-
page mra
Rates Reasonable.   No Delays.   Bring us '
your Agreements and get our best figures '
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J.J.JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 LornegStreet New Westminster
On Lulu Island,
will go quickly.
$500 cash, 5 to 10 years for balance.    These
,  1 ' l     ��� .IT.
P. O. BOX 777.
Office Over Curtis* Drug Store.
\vSiite   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montrcal-Cuebcc-Liv.rpool (Summer).
Portland, Me.-H~llfax (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through to Steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic.     New Twin-Screw S.S.  Megantic.
14.S92 gro3s tons. 14,788 gross tons.
���Turbine and  Reciprocating Engines.
Last word in shipbuilding.    E.ectric elevators, electric heaters, skilled orchestra, wireless and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $32.60; second-class, $53.75;    third-class,    (closed   rooms),
$32.50. '   '
Comfort at moderate rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw *TEUTONIC, 3.8. Twin-Screw CANADA,
582 feet long. 514 feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I. one-class (II) cab'n
Hest accommodation given t^n.'Otip, third-class (closed rooms), $31.25.
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and Cherry $ts.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and  W. F. Butcher, G. N. R.
������-"���     ' -     GOTO
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
See. aid Treat.
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealera In
gfcHr, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Na. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc
Only Four Days More
v.: -
Toronto, April 10.���Tho oollco are
still completely nt sen In their oforts
to solve the mysterious murder of J.
ltosehthal, a junk dealer, nnd (he attempted murder of his companion, Ell
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Lulu Glaser
As tho Bonnie Scotch La:sl�� In
"Miss Dudelsack"
A Highland Romance Set to Viennese Music. .
Hear: "Oh You Darling" "Pluck
Not the Rose" "Sandy" "Dudelsack"
"It's Raining"
First visit for Miss Glaser.
Company of 60. Special Orchestra.
Exquisite Scenic Production.
Next attraction: William Faversham
In "The Faun."
Seats on sale at Tidy, the florist's, ���
47 Sixth street, 't'hono Lli4, stating j
Monday morning.
Ends On Saturday Evening
In a Few'Days we will Have Something to Say About
' ���- __	
  - ���.. ''.'.' '        '
TThe Man Whe Saves >ou Money
Sixth Street near Columbia
v_ Page six.
The Last
A Sailer's Yam
���BS���Bl ^..rr-ccrv-gigigtEaa
A 12th Street gentleman lost a watch recently and
advertised his loss in the News classified columns. A
News reader found it next day and returned it to the
Another man advertised the loss of a diamond ring
in the News, and a Victoria lady visiting in the city
found and returned the same.
A lady's gold watch was returned to the loser
through the medium of our classified advertising columns
��Tu^��-x��w.'.i. BBBBBI BB
Advertise in the NEV/S WANT AD Columns���
there's money in it for you.    Thane your wants
to 999 and the NEWS will do the rest.
��� O$o0o0o4o*0't*o$o0o0ooo$,o^
"Yes, siree." ejaculated Ananias Sllne
us he hitched Dis chair ti little nearer
tbe redbot stove In .labez Honey's
store, "1 could toll you tbe strangest
story you ever listened lo in ul! your
life it 1 didn't have tu go to supper
now. That's tbe trouble with hotels
and bourdlug bouses. If you ain't
around at meal times you don't get
enough to eat. It's poor enough ns 'tis
without being scrimped on It."
.labez Honey looked both anxious
and apprehensive. He wanted lo bear
the story tbat Ananias would tell so
convincingly that one could almost believe it. even A nil n las himself. Tbeu,
again, ihe price of the f tory would be u
supper served to Auunlas from tbe
shelves of tbe grocery store. If .labez
did not fall to tbe bait of tbe hinted
story, wby, Ananias would simply carry his talettcross the street to Drake's,
where tbe clerks would be glad enough
to hand out anything Ananias usked
for rather than to miss one of bis stories.
It was a stormy winter evening. It
bad been snowing for an bour. nnd
now. at supper time, tbe flakes were
burling themselves against tbe store
windows wltb little bisslng spats tbat
boded a loug storm. It was lonely lu
.labez Honey's store. Tbe loungers
were more likely to frequent Drake's
larger store.
"As 1 was snyiiig. if I had time I
could tell you  the queerest story you
�������� r'*"i ��� ��� 1 BB��� I BB��� ���M��a��a���aaB*'jiUMi��3an:,a
rtant to Grocers and Consumers!
l��   ( &*x>i
'3~    -
e.--'-j��. i ��� si mi iiiwniiMWSill
The absolute purity and  healthfulness of
O A VUtif
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New  Mills at Montreal are now in operation ��r>cl for thc convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000  ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
"Bjjktheirworks shall ye
v     ^ know them
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing lo have them judged. Simplicity of
consiruction, combined wilh a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
good time keepers and
W/i_W    consequently comfortable watches to carry.    c^���'
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
lhe owner to liave any constructional defect remedied free o?
charge by the nearer agent in any part of the world.   They
are not made in grades which cannot lx fully guaranteed. ���
,33Sg3ZXy��lgfl^^ Tag .ZCTBglKa 73SK5
Special low rates to all Eistern
points will be on sale commencing
May 2, good to return up to October
31. These rates enn he used for pa3-
stBRfra golag to the Old Country.
Foi- rartieulars and reservations
New Westmlnste
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A.. Vancouvi)
D.V. Lewthwaite
New Wcst-ninster. D. C
Workshop  611   Victoria   Street.
tO ver Dally Xews.)
<��>     T��>   a.   ��   C.   ���^5-^,
ever bi'iird." repented Ananias, rising
to liis reel nnd buttoning bis oven-out.
"Ho, bum!" be yawned. "Cut's* I'll
Hiop in Drake's a minute. Cood uljjbt.
"Wbat's tbe use of going?" asked .lubes', weakly. "Oau't .von pick up n
supper here? I'll trout so long nn
you're golug to entertain uie wltb n
"I don't mind lf I do." snld Ananias
wltb alacrity, und be whipped out of
bis overcout. tosspd 11 on a convenient
barrel aud rulibeil Lis bands expectantJabez got up und moved toward tbe
cheese case. "Wbufll you bavc-V" be
asked, "Crackers uud cheese and u
glunu of Kwcet elder?"
"Uum:" grumbled Ananias, frown-
Ins. "I've kinder cut oul cheese and
truckers. Jabez. Tbey seem to Kive
ine Indigestion.
"Well." begun Ananias between huge
bites of a corned beef sandwich, "it
was wben 1 was sailing pant Ihe Weary islands down In the soutli Pncille
Mint this adventure happened to me
We was bound home from Calculi a.
und the ship was the old Indus. Captain Barnabas Flsh commanding, but
if you expect Cnptnin 1'lsh to sub
<lantinte tbls story you'll be disappointed, becnuse he was always a .tenhms
man and calculated to discount ntiy-
llilng I might tell. Some captains are
Ihat JedlOO* nf their first males
"As I was saying, we sailed past Ihe
Weary Islands and wns leaving em
far astern wben Cnptaln Flsh took n
notion that Ihe wuter we'd taken on
at Calcutta was bud tasting, and tut
we put back to the Wearys for a supply of fresh water. You can't bent
ihem tropical Islands for cold, sparkling springs of pure water.
"The outermost one of the Weary
Islands Is n tiny little one thnt is separated from the others by forty miles
or so. We wns nearest that island,
which wasn't murh more thnn a coral
reef covered with sand nnd wltb trees
crowing on It and springs of wnter
from somewhere down below. Cnptaln
I'lsli said It wns nn old island and
had been mucb bigger, only an earthquake had Rwnllowed most of It Into
the wnter. nnd whnt wns left of It
wasn't enough to support human existence, all of which 1 didn't believe a
mite of,
"'Ananias.' says the enptnln to me.
'you go ushore nnd get the water.'
nnd he gnvp me a couple of men and
tnnie kegs to (ill the big butts which
he had emptied us soon ns be entered
Ibe little harbor.
"As soon as we got ashore I set out
lo look for n spring, and I found It not
far from the white beach. I set the
men to filling tbe butts while 1 looked
around for more springs nnd alao to
see lf there was any fruit on tbe Island.   I'm kinder partial to coeoanuts.
"While I was looking 1 pushed further Into tbe Jungly growth until I
dually came out on tbc other side of
tbe Island, and there above me was s.
tall cocoanut palm. Ou It I could see
just one cocoanut Dark brown It
was nnd peeping dawn nt me through
tbe pnlin brunches klud of saucy and
"'Oh, ho, Mr. Cocoanut,' 1 suys. '1
gUBSH I'll get ymi!'
"So I picked up a big Rtone from
the beach nnd hove lt ut the brown cocoanut. Well, sir. 1 hit itl Aud it
como down, and behind lt. was n big
bnlry body nnd two unus and two legs,
and the whole combination came at me
iu great long leaps.
"1 ruu fast. Jabez Honey, but that
tbere monkey man could run faster,
sir, nnd it wasn't long before be caught
up with me. und Instead of Jumping on
me and tearing out my eyes and balr
by bnudfuls. ns I've heard tell they
did. be doubled up a great bnlry tint
nud struck me between the eyes. I
didn't see him for awhile after that
because my beud ached and I was lying down on the sand uud it waa very
"Wben I opened my eyes this monkey man sat beside me, watching me
with a sly grin uu his homely face.
" 'Well, matey, I guess you'll look
twice before you heave another stouo
at nie.' he muttered In Kngiish.
" '1 thought it was u cocoanut." I explained.
" That's n poor excuse for attacking
nn Innocent man. lie snld, with an ugly
look coming into liis little eyes.
" 'A man?' l naked.
"���Why not':' Ue growled, doubllnj
bis Ust again,
" 'Excuse me. mister, but I guess
you'll have to tell me about It.' 1 suid
ns humble as 1 could muster, for 1
could see he wus easily riled, and I
wanted to hear the story.
"'Got auy buccy, mate?' he usked
������'Yes, and a pipe." I says, and gave
him all I 1iad. As soon as be waa
smoking a more peaceful look came
into liis face, and be seemed almost
" 'I'm the last Inhabitant,' he said at
" 'Last one of where?' I asked.
"'This bere Island. 1 was born ami
raised here, and twenty yenrs ago an
earthquake came, and most of the island was dumped Into the sen. and 1
wns tiio only human being saved. I'vo
lived hero, nil alone ever since, and 1
expect to die right here.' lie put his
bead dowu ou his knees and wept
real tears.
" 'My friend.' saya I. for t wn*
moved by his emotion, 'why spend (he
rest of your days in this forelorn island In the se��? Why can't you leavo
It aud go Into the world'/'
" -My yacht is out of commission,'
he says, very *n remit le like.
'��� 'Thore's other vessels.' I hinted.
���"Hut they don't put In here, be
"���What's the natter with the one
tt'.at's lu here now':' I asked, nnd at
that he jumped up and gave me a
queer look.
"���In here? Oh. Lord" ho yelled,
nnd begun to leap toward that cocoa-
nut palm. He was up it like a streak,
and once more 1 saw his hrowu face
looking like a ripe cocoanut as he
peered out. But Ihe Indus was lying
behind him. and he didn't see ber ut
first.       y ���
"When he did lie gave vent to ono
whoop and came down the tree and
mnde for tbe Indus, where the men
were going back and forth carry ing
water on board without so much as
looking lo see what had become of
me. 1 expect any one of 'em would
have been glad if I'd never gone back,
for some one wonld have liked my
"Well. sir. Hint man-monkey went
down to Hie boat nud persuaded the
sailors to take him out to the Indus,
and Jnliez. would yon believe it when
1 tell you that Captain Barnabas I'lsh
look that heathen snvnge monkey
man ou board the Indus and put him
In the crew and made a man of bimV
Now. IT It hadn't lieen for my adventurous spirit that heathen monkey
man would never have been civilized.
Whnt do you think of that, eb?"
Ananias Sline brushed tbe crumbs
of tbe last doughnut from his coat
nnd reached for his overcoat. Jabez
Honey had listened to the Rtory with
growing skepticism showing In his
fnce. fle had witnessed the disappearance of fiO cents' worth of food,
nnd be appeared dissatisfied with the
returns. ,     i     ���/        >  ���
"What do I think of It?" he asked
unpleasantly. "Maybe I'd bave en-
Joyed It lietter. Ananias. If Onptnln
I'lsh hadn't told thst same story bere
Inst nlgbt. setting in tbat very chair,
only the story was different lu some
"How was It different?" Ananina
was evidently taken aback, for his
face reddened even to tbe lids of hla
bulging light blue eyes.
"Cnptnin Flsb ho said h? stopped
for wnter nt the Weary Islands nnd
that he Rent hla first mate ihe didn't
mention no nnmosi aRhore with some
men after fresh wnter. The mato
wns missed nfter awhile, nnd ihey
found him, Annnlns-they found him
drinking mm wltb a shipwrecked
Portuguese sailor he'd found on tbo
Island, nnd Captain Flsh took I bo foreigner ubonrd lhe Indus and let blm
work his passage borne.'*
Jnbez Honey smiled quizzically at
Ihe abashed story teller.       ��
"That wns a good Rtory, Ananias."
he snld ns he removed the debris of
Mr. Sllne's feast, "most aa good as
I'nptnln Fish's story."
But Ananias had vanished Into the
Knowstorm. and if be beard tbe last
remark he made uo answer.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacnic.
In Cuba throughout the Island;
aleo In Porto Klco, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New Y'ork and London,, Kng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities In the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,000.0^
RESERVE    $15,000,000.0').
Branches throughout Canada end".
Newfoundland, and In London, F.ng-
land, New Tork, Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general'
hukiiiiii. business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available wltb
noi respondents tn all parts of tee
Savings Bank Dirartment���Deposits,
recolvert In sums of $1 end upward,
*nd Interest allow* 1 ��t 3 per cent, per
annum   i present rate).
Total   Assets  over  1186,000.000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Sole agent for]
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R  113   Office:  Princess St.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market  Square,  New Weatmlnster.
We  have no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth  Avenue. Phone 567
The lentous
Growth of a Bank
Bank of Toronto
REST  ....
r'      PiofiS UtiVfto.
No tuorc ncrvctasness���no mere wca'.c
'us���r.o more I teadaclics or Uaekaciiea
-Inoiu-'Tc Kilticy or Bladder Trimbli ���
for ;!:e wosicn  who tsko Ci:i Pills.
.....'.... c:n l'llls cure���aclual'y e::.\
c0.���������.}��� tcly cure���ever/ trace of tlia.0
1 r >r.t DrwEftnr, N.G.
��� '1 v.rcs troublv J wi.h L.-'ncy Ei. c-.ce
for several yc ;rs. Xy back waa weak.
1 l.'d Urr.ble heai'.sr.Iica, r.r.d v.T. i eo
restless thet I co-.'.'-l r.ot sleep at fci~Ut.
At last a friend tal-} mo about Cin IY1.-,.
I at once, (;ot a box ond after taking
theffl, I fclt bettor-after taking three
boxes,  I was cured.
ltiii.l b.vt.co::?.::,
Don't take substitute:',, if yotir lie I;r
won't supply you, send ui the rc--ul:ir
retail price���50c. a box, or 6.for ��.3.."jo
���and we will forward Gin l'i'.ls by
return mail. Money refunded if Ci 1
pills fail to give satisfaction. Sam; Is
free if you write National Dru? fi
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Dept. HO   Toronto. 96
|o be Eold^ by the dato or the
  friends of the vaganl If they can get
San    Francisco,    April    1,"..���Fifty   hold of them first.
} ^���anutS ,t0'' tt /^dlum-sized woman, j Women Are watchdogs.
1UU for a choice large one, payable one ] ���,....
cocoanut when she ia born and tne ; The houses all are btt.e huts built
remainder in occasional Instalments la tl10 tleea or M'^il on Bliita' wh<5ie
until she is reidy for delivery, ls a l"tne va&��ni can uot creep under them
market quotation brought, from the in- und Jme h's spear through the floor
^^^^^^ ' until he Midi a sleeping body.     The
women sleep neaiest the door, so that
If a vacant s.:cceed3 in climbing up into the tree 10 the door he- will have
to climb over them lo get to the man,
which  he  BelJom  succeeds  in  doing
I    The financial arrangement and the | without waning them and raising the
1 commodity  mentlaned   is  an   indica- j alarm,
tlon    of the  unclvlllzatlon    of Moro I    "When ono tribe goes to w.-.r with
province,   to   which   Lieutenant   (ji��. .another, which lt dees every day the
moie attached himself when he was : sun  shines,  thc men  are  killed  and
ordered two j eats ago, by Maj. H. Gil- Itliclr  wives antl    daughters    carried
^^^ away to be sla\es, who, ai.ved by wives
of their owners, do all tba work that
ls done���Such as cleaning out tbe huts
building the homes up in the trees ;-nd
preparing the food. If one of them
becomes distasteful to her lord she
either Is sold or killed, according to
the temper of her owner.
terior of Moro province, in the Philippine Islands, by Lieut. Hobert A. Giil-
linore, U. S. A., who i3 in San Francisco on furlough earned by two years
of hobnobbing with tho headhunted
ln the Philippine jungles.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned (together with samples of
cloth 1 up to Monday, the 22nd inst.,
at 6 p.m., for the supply of uniforms
to the City Police and Firemen for the
current year.
Specifications may be seen sit the
Police Station and No. 1 Fire Hall.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
Front Street Sewer.
soheuser, governor of the province, to
go with a detachment of scouts into
the lund of the. headhunted to Introduce, if pOBsihle, a less radical pastime than that of seeing how many
murders could be crowded into each
single night in the tribal villages.
That the officer achieved some measure of success ln teaching the wildest people ln tho world   other things
j than    systematic     assassination     ls
I shown by the fear and respect with
which   tho   fiii,ono   headBincn   In   the
I Moro tribes call him the "father of
the people," and hold his every order
as a command that must be obeyed in
every tribal village in the Jungle.
San Franclaco Capital.
A half million dollars of San Francisco capital is Invested ln the Moro
province in the great hemp plana-
tlons which border the coast and
stretch toward the interior. Until
the advent of the constabulary this
capital was not safe because of the
fear of raids from the interior by the
headhunters. He has taken his furlough, says tbe lieutenant, because he
knows the tribes have leat ned at least
a part of the lessen of civilization, and
that the villages will bo safe from
cach other, and no menace to the cities on the coast while he is away.
Until   the   scouts    penetrated    tho
Moro   interior   almost   nothing   was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1 known or the fifty or more tribes who
.edule showing the Beal Property ]lve (n the Jungles. Thev were known
immediately benefited and tne propor-Jto be "killers" and cannibals, but
tion in which the assessment is made j no attempt  to  curb  them  had  been
on pi r foot fiontage:
fc. -'
x o
03 J
Assessed Owner.
i S
3 2
s 5
a rs
1 (City of New West.
2 Countryman, J. E..
2 l.McBain, William .
���i IV., V. & B, Ry. ...
i> |McBaln, William .
ti* JBrinton, Caleb ...
7 |Johnston, W., Est.
8 lAnnandale, T. S. .
j-ir.|McBain, William
- a
tv o
m u
,| 66.0|
,| 66.0]
.1 66.0|
.1 66.0|
.j 66.0,
. I made.   The tiihes themselves had only
_ a   heard of white men, but    had never
seen them.    Lieutenant Glllmore was
sent into the Interior with a company
of seventeen    scouts  to    pacify  the
fi   , Mauguanguns, Bilans, Madaguans and
.7,,*. ��� Davavoans,    whose    principal    tribal
12.60 j
Rubber Heels
Ship Stood Still Amidst Uncanny Raya
of Light.
The    Imperlal    Merchant    Service
Guild ha>e received from their member,   captain   ti.   Bradley,   commanding   the   Wilson  Liner   Arioato,   ine
following  account of  hia curious experience ln the Indian ocean on February IT  last.    This information has
also been furnished to the Indian Government Observatory at Bombay, 'i he I
account reads as follows:
"At  7:3U  p.  m.  on  the   17th February, 1912, In lat. 23 degrees 'ii feet
N. long. 67 degrees 20 feot ES., 1 mile
off the nearest point of land 011 the
Kutch coast, also 12/ miles N. W. of
the town of Dwatka, on the Kathlwar
coast, the weather at the time being
very lino with a clear and cloudless
sky,  full  of stars, sea smooth, wind
moderate, breeze from N. W., the S.S.
Aridsto steaming I1V2  knots and perfectly  steady.    We steamed  Into the
most cuiious and weird atmospheric
phenomena it has been my lot to see
in all  my 10 years' experience of 11
sea life.   As we approached it, it had
the appearance ol breakers on a low
beach,   but   when  we  got  into  it at
first it   looked  like  flashes  of  light,
(not  bright), coming from  all directions in quick time.   After some few
minutes of this, the flashes assumed
���.,���...   .   . ., ,.-.   .    - .a lengthened shape, following quickly
characteristic was the practice of I one af,ei- the other from the North
lr,,���, .'"'��n eachothar H> n'Bht to and these continued some minutes,
! .e petrate grewsome murders which steadily veering east and south an.l
I had    no otner motive than lust   for j a. w. inta N. w.    All the time this
Notice ia hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of thirty days from
the date of the first publication hereof cancel from the books of the Land
Registry Office,^ New Westminster,
B.C., a certain agreement for ttnle,
dated the 2ath day of February, 19HV
existing between Charles S. Brown, an
vendor, of Vancouver, B. C, and Moulton Shank as purchaser, formerly ol
Vancouver, B. C; said agreement for
sale covering the east halt of lot 8,
and the west half of lot 9, block 1, being a subdivision of east half of lot
158. group 1, New Westminster district.
C. S. Klfill'll.
District Reglstiai,
New Westmlnater, B. ('���
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Mew Westminster, B.C., this 12th day
of April, 1912.
trrlval: *
10:50���Vancouver  via
blood.    The tribesmen ure cannibals. | was going on, the surface Oi tne sea
12 60   hui only  rarely  Practice  the custom, ; appealed to  be violently  agitated, at
88 20 i'ancl tlie:1 oulj  in a lnodified wa>'- j times very high seas, as if tney would
I    "They  are a  lovable ;eopie," said  completely  euguif  the  ship;   the  iui-
the officer yesterday, "when you take 19.ined  waves always   going   in   the
Notice ls heieby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westmln-  u's."L,'
ster intends to pass a Local Improve-      *e to
ment Assessment By-law assessing the
properties in the schedule above mentioned the sums of money annually for
twenty years set
a Court of  Ue
them as children who have to be
watched every minute of the day and
night and spanked regularly. You
spank them on every occasion,
for their only idea of authority ls
that which is regularly exercised and
tame direction as the wavcj of light
auu at the lime the waves of light
same time there appeared a most curious feeling, tne ship being perfectly
still, ana expecting ner to i...ch uud
roil every instant,   it turnt.i me dizzy
it opposite each lot and   J""'0 and Punishment the only things
vilon  for  tlie  trial  of   they can  undcrslai>d  in    the  way of
omplaints  and  appeals  against    tl.e   "*"�����?*���  ���??, miyhtinshake hla  "f
ssessment so proposed  to be  made  ft Jtam  1and  they   will   grasp  their
ill be held on Fridav.   the 3rd    day   W��8  tighter;   but if you  slap  tbem
f May, 1912, commencing at 10 o'clock ' when they need it they will kiss the
In the forenoon at the Council Cham-  l>^d that strines, knowing that it is
ber in  the City Hall,  New  Westmin-  �� and power.
ster, British Columbia, and any notice   .    ���e only term that can be applied
of appeal from such intended assess-  '��.*���� ����   ?'ld ���e"-    When I first
men    must be served upon the Clerk   ^".n,   ��/i       ' * nnT W0U d
of the Municipal Council at least eight  W" a"d Jump ol   a cliff to certain
davs , rior to such Court of Revision.     . 1���. ���  *lJust a���g^fe    �� , n,���e-a
m  A  DUNCAN 1 white    man.     1 think 1   could   have
Cltv Clerk   wa"*ed among them and exterminat-
Dated this llth day of April, 1912.    '  e9 th��m',    We captured    a few and
showed  them we were not &oing to
"*"*  harm them, and then the word went
CITY OF NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.   through the bushes that we were not
, (going to eat them all un and the buI-
cldes ceased.
the instincts of their blood lust make | watching the moving flashes of llgnt
so that 1 had to close my eyes lrom
time to tiu.e. We were steaming iu
this  to/  ao minutes and then passed
NOTICE ts hereby given that the
lirs-t meeting of the Court of Revision
of the Assessment Roll ot the City of
New Westminster will be held In tho
City Hull, New Westminster, on Wednesday, April 24, 1912, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against tbe Assessment must be in writing, and dellver-
c I lo the Assessor at least ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court of
Hated at New Westminster, B. C,
this  12th day of March. 1912.
City Clerk.
Women as Capital.
"We established our compound in
the midst of a Jungle In which every
sort of vegetation imaginable was tangled together, and I began to learn
their ways and their dialects. I
found they were split into numerous
tribes, each with a different dialect,
and ench intent upon exterminating all
the rest and appropriating their women.
"All the tribal customs, the power of
the datos and the wealth of the clans
centered about the one pivot���women. He was the richest and most
powerful who had the largest retinue
of wives and slaves���for his ability to
buy so many women signified his
wealth, and his prowess in Keeping
them by preventing his own murder
at the hands of rival tribesmen indicated his power.
"At tiie nead of each tribe is a dato
who rules by his si.ear, seltiliiy evory
argument among his people by spearing the one he decides against. In
addition to the dato each tribe numbers Innumerable 'vaganls,' or 'killers, wbo, ln aspiring to the title start
out to kill twenty-flve members of
their tribe. When he litjs accomplished this task he becomes a vaganl and
Is much feared and respected by a
clan, or clique, of personal followers
who are immune from the spear. Each
tribe will be made up of these cliques,
each supporting a vaganl in his efforts to kill all the rest Of "the tribe.
Only the dato ds safe from all of
them. Thero seems to be no reason
for this murder practice except the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ desire to take life. When the vagini
it's a fancy costume." I makes a killing the women    ln the
Well, if I were you, I would stick household he has robbed of its lord
little closer to fact."���Judge.
out of it, the same appearance 0:1
leavin.. it ag we saw approaching it,
as 01 uieiiners on a low beach, and
for 20 minutes everything around assumed its normal condition, a beautiful line, clear und cloudless night. Al
the end of this time we again saw the
same thing ahead of the ship and in
a tew minutes were fairly amongst It
again, but if anytnlng slightly worse,
the waves of light acting in precisely
a similar manner, this second lot lasting about 15 minutes, when we again
steamed out of lt and saw nothing
any more all tbe night until our arrival off Karachi at 2:80 a. m. on the
18th. When the flashes passed over
the sea appeared Just for that Instant
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster having by Resolution determined
and specified that it (s desirable to
carry out the folowlng works, that is
to say:
(a) To pave Front street from
Kighth street to the northerly end ol
thc Schaake Machine Works for a
width of 19 feet; lay water mains,
gutters, instal electric street lighting
system, and any other works contingent thereto.
(b) To construct sanitary and
storm sewers from Lot 1 to Lot 15,
City Block seven (7)
And that the said works Bhall be
caried out iu acocrdance with the
provisions of thc "Local Improvement
General By-law 1909."
And the City Engineer and the City
Assessor having reported to the Coun-
cit in acordance with the provisions
of the said by-law upon the said
works, giving statements , showing
the amounts to be chargeable against
the various portions of real property
to be benefited by the said works
aud other particulars, and the said
reports of the said City Engineer and
City   Assessor   having   been   adopted
by  the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection to tbo
office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia streot, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
agaiust the proposed "works above
mentioned signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged in respect of such works representing at
least one-half in value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
davs from the date of the first publication of this notice, the Councll
will proceed with the proposed Improvements under such terms and
conditions as to payment of the cost
of sueh improvements as the Council
may by By-law in that behalf regulate and determine and also to make
the  eald assessment.
Dated this twentieth day ot March
V. D. 1912.
City Clerk.
Date nf first publication twenty-first
day of March A. D. 1012.
      N.  R.
f:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Suuday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver vig B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday),. 9.45
16:15���United States via G. N. R.
(daily exeeot SundayJ..16:OP
11:40���All points east and Europe    (dally)     8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally)   13:15
11:40���Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mills      (dally     except
8uuday)   8:15
18:10���8apperton    aud    Fraser
mills      (dally      except
Sunday)     , 14:00
11:44���Coquitlam      (daily    except Sunday)     8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
14:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday    14:30
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrlvea
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner,     Port     Guichon,
Westham   Island,  Bun    1
Villa  13:30
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of 4mlty lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., Is held every Monday night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel-
lcws hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethern
cordially invited. H. W. "Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V.'G.; Jamei
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; R. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
'ISS M. BROTEK, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's office. Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers-
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Rooms
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address' "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, 'B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
Board of Health Department
The Board of Health Department is
fl'"it to start a campaign for the
cleaning up of all back yards nnd va-
'.iiit lots in the city, and the hoarty
("ireiation of the citizens ln general
Is asked In this regard.
A clean city Is one of the best ad3.
We can  have, and we feel sure that
lhe citizens appreciate this to the full-
<  ���  extent,     The burning up    of all
'���   paper, etc., the cleaning away
"   ishe.q and other reluse, and a thor-
c'i-h cleaning up wlll go a long way
1   ��� ir.li c'vlnc ns a city beautiful.
Health Inspector.
Grand Trunk System
LUC       OVU       ll|'|)C.UL.l      JIC'l Hll L>*UI~      ������������<*,��.-     .
of time to be full of Jelly flsh, bu; I 8-s- "Prince George" leaves Vancouver
do not think there were any about. I at 12 midnight every Monday for
have seen the white water many times j Prince Rupert, connecting with BS.
in this Arabian sea, but this did not | "Prince John" for Port Simpson, Port
appear like that in any way. It gave Nelson, Granby Bay (Goose Bay).
one the   Idea  of the   cinematograph  Stewart, Naden Harbor, Massett and
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily  except   Sunday) .13:30
.0:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
16:46���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via U. N. R,
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2(
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.   K.   (dally  except Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday,   Friday   and   Sut-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dally except Summy    16:01
18:10���AbbotEford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui,      Huntingdon,
-    etc.   (daily except Sunday!  23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine     (daily    except
Suntlay)   9:4f
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday   9:ib
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehmaa. Aldergrora, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis. Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. K. (daily except Sunday 1    9 -. 00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:80���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exeept Sunday).17:30
11:20���Abbotsford,    Huntingdon,
via B. C.  E. R.  (daily
except Sunday)   17:30
15:50���Cloverdale    via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm  ^ 23:00
without   the   brightness,   the   flashes
being so quick In their movements.
The Imperial Merchant Service
Guild have addressed communication containing the report to the hy-
drographlc department of the admiralty. ���
other    polnta
on   Queen    Charlotte
Vivid   imagination.
��� rent Scott, Maria, that's a daring
|and master become   slaves   In   the
there im Only Ono I
''Bromo Quinine
That la
Laxative Bromo Quinine
A statistical abstract for the British Empire Just published gives the
figures of the population of each jart
of the British Empire, according to
thc census taken ln each of the years
1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911. In regard
to the United Kingdom lt ls shown
that the population last year totalled
45,216,685, equal to a population of
373.4 per square mile, compared <vith
^4,884,848 in 1881.
The growth of various parts of the
empire from 18S1 to 1911 is shown by
the following figures:
India, from 253,516,470 to 314,966,-
Australia, from 2,2j0,194 to 4,456.-
New Zealand, from 4S9.933 to 1,-
Canada, from 4,324,810 to 7,081,-
Natal, from 402,087 to 1,191,968.
Cape Colony, from 720,984 to 2,567,-
Orange State, from 387,315 to 526,-
Transvaal, from 1,269,951 to 1,675,-
The total area qf the British Empire ls placed at .11,306,000 square
miles, the population of which in 1881
was 303,694,000. This had Increased
in 1911 to 416,318,000, being a population of 36.8 to the square mile.
3.8. "Prince George" leavea Vancouver
at 12 midnight every Saturday for
Victoria and Seattle.
S.S. "Prince Albert" will leave Vancouver April 22nd and the 3rd, 13th
and 23rd of each month thereafter for
Hardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Namu, Ocean
Falls, Bella Bella, Swanson Bay, lxiwe
Inlet, Claxton, Prince Rupert and
Skenna River Canneries.
Grand Trunk passenger trains leave
Prince Rupert at 1:00 p. m. Mondays,
Wednesdays and Saturdays for points
Through Tickets to Eastern destinations, Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Meals a la carte. Special rates in
May, June, July, August and September.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Sollcltora.
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulcbon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie. streets; Vancouver offlces, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C.;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. El
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
niinster Board of Trade meets in the
board room, City Hall, as follows-
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the third Friday ot
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Bex 77S
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit and
rorkmanship guar-
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.      Barn Phone 137
Beqble Street.
Bsrgave Pelivercd Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
��lP�� iCB���TFAI*  ObPO>
When you go to the   Old Country let
us   make   reservations   for   you���all
Transatlantic   lines   represented.   It	
you have friends or relatives to brlns I C(TY 0F New WESTMINSTER. B.C
out, give us their names and addresses ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and we will do the rest
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesapoola, Septic Tanks, Etc
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on alt
Junk, and highest price.
207 and 208 Front Street.
Phone R 619.
B.C. Coast Service
New additional steamer to Prince
Rupert, Goose Bay and other polrits
leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p.m.   Additional April 8 and IS.
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Daily except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Dially
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For Seattle;
10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Daily.
Chilliwack from Westminster 8 a.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Always remember tho full nnmo.
f"i- this signature on every box
The  Result.
MARY had an Easter hat,
Thp best you ever saw.
(Eighteen dollars is the price
For roughly bral.led s^raw).
'Twas a sweet creation, of
So exquisite a grace.
That the people looked at IT
And never saw her face
���Toronto Dally News.
Exchange Your Travel Troubles   with
Us for Comfort and Pleasure.
H. O. SMITH, C. P. R. ft T. A.
527 Granville St.     Tel. Seymour 7100.
Vancouver, B.C.
Spring lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Veal
Central Meat Martel
Corner Eightb St.  snd r'lfth Avenue
I PHONE 370.     t
D. McAulay
Tel. 701. Cor. 6th and Columbia
su to se h. p.
t and 4 Cycle.
Local Agsnta
Westminster Iron Works
Phons  63.
Tenth  St.,   New  Westmlnater.
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spitmg
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnla JSt., City. PAGE EIGHT
Brushes and
Sold antl Guaranteed by
B.&.M.  FISH
Red Spring Snlnyja, per lb 15c
White Spi ing Salmon, per lh 10c
Fresh Halibut"('half or whole), lb...8c
Fresh Cod (half or whole), per lb.. .Sc
Royal Sturgeon; per lb 15c
Fiesh Mackerel ..,, - lbs. for 35c
Smoked Sprin��;\,8ajij]on, per lb 20c
537 Front Sfc   -   Phone 301
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone   62. New   Westminster.
��������� ������Mi���
Moth Bags
Moth Balls
Lawn Grass Seed
Blue Stone
Liquid Veneer
Household Ammonia
Silver Polish
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43: L. D. 71;  Res  72.
New    Weetmlneter,    B    C.
We  Have  Everything In
Shaving Necessitiss
Brushes, Razors, Strops, After-
Ehave  Ci earns,  powders, eet.
See our window display.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.   ��4'Columbia St.
NJew Westminster, C.C.
Until the newly appointed librarian.
Miss O'Meara, arrives here from the
east, the duty of attending to the Carnegie library has been delegated to
Mr, Edward Hoult.
Eighth street Bakery, fresh crump
ets daily.   A. Hardman, l'hone L159.
The Girl's Club of St. Alban'3
church, Burnaby, v. ill hold another of
their enjoyable dances in the Moreton
hall. Kdmonds, on Thursday evening
of this wee!;.
The Welsh concert to he given in
Sixth Avenue Methodist church on
Friday, April 19, will be the best ever
heard in this city. **
Up-to-date millinery at moderate
prices at Miss Lavey's, 2u4 Agnes
street. **
An English watchmaker has arrived in the city and intends to go
into business here. He Is at present
locating a suitable store.
Mr. W. A. Scott has joined the staff
of the B. C. Brass comvany :s accountant, coming here from Vancouver. He has taken up residence at the
Y. M. C. A. building.
Great   Orchid   (lowered Sweat Pea
I seed for sale at Davies' llorist store,
corner Agnes and Sixth streets.     **
A special meeting of the city council will be held this morning to discuss the proposed widening and paving of Agnes street from Lome to
Fourth streets.
A large oil tank is at present under
construction at the Vulcan Iron
Works, which when completed will he
shipped to the new cannery being
erected on Sea island.
May Day floral decoration orders
taken at reasonable rates. Apply by
letter, Mrs. Cave, care Westminster
Garage, or 'phone Vancouver Seymour
4937 L. **
The May Queen-elect, Miss Annie
Staton, announced her selection ot
her maids of honor yesterday. Miss
Alice Bradshaw and Miss Doreen
Thomas were the lucky ones chosen.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, can be consulted daily fram 9:30
to 12 and 1 to (i (or later by oppolnt-
ment), at room 2, Collister i) n,,k
Phone 1121. **
The Richmond council will double
the turnouts on the No. 6 road following the request of (he Cambie Kate-'
payers' association. Increasing traffic
hf-twa-n Ladner and South Vanoouver
necessitates this sten.
The absolute    purity    and delicious
flavor, the refreshing and invigorating
qualities    of    "SALADA"    Tea.    have ]
made it the daily beverage of millions ;
of satisfie.l users.
.ii  the newest  in ladies' and children's summer shades at .Miss Davey "6
millinery parlors. 204    A;-ncs    street I
near St. Mary'a hospital.   Call and inspect. **
Alderman Curtis was the reader of
the report nn thc trip which he and
Alderman White recently took, and
not Alderman White as was stated
erroneously in yesterday's report of
the council meeting.
Among yesterday's building permits
granted was one for the construction
oi a frame building on Ewen avenue,
Lulu island, which will be used for
dairy purposes. The new building will
cost $-100.
Another bank is to have a branch at
Sapperton. The Bank of .Montreal will
shortly open up ln this thriving section of the city, recent developments
liaving convinced them of the prospects which Sapperton possesses as an
Industrial centre.
Tl.e drawing of the jurors who will
serve on the grand and petit juries at
tlie Westminster spring assizes will
take place in the registrar's office tomorrow mornin-; at 10:30, The function, as usual, will he performed by
tho registrar, sheriff and two justices
of the peace.
Beulah Rebecca lodge, No. 5, 1. O
O. P., will hold their annual sale or
work and serve afternoon tea on
Thursday, April IS, In the 1. O. O. K.
hall, Whist drive in the evening.
Members and friends cordially invited.
Already the advertisement setting
foi tli the advantages of Westminster
wliich appeared in the Western Canada edition of the Toronto Globe, is,
bearing fruit. Mr. Stuart Wade states
that four Inquiries have now reached
hlm from persons and interests desirous of locating beie.
Mr. William Forrester lg the   successful   bidder    lor   the contract   of
Ibuilding the  Seventh  avenue  school.
j The school trustees, at a special ses-
j sion held on Monday evening, awarded
| Ii Ith the contract lor the sum of $:i-V
150.    Mr. James  McMurphy received
the plumbing contract  while the electrical work will be done by the Parker
Chase company.   Tenders will be call
ed for the new High school, the plans
of which have been passed upon  by
the boaid.
continually   meeting   people   at   the
point of starvation masing their way
southward.      They had given  up all
nope in their northern homes, thinking    tneir only chance    ot escaping
aeath to be in going south.      Consequently it was   a frequent   Bigot   to I
meet aged women hobbling along witn
a staff in one hand.   Othei s had given ���
up and ha.l lain down by the roadside, !
wnlie the nune lortunat'e weie being;
wheeled along by son or husband. Not
ouly were the ageu men and women :
thus  trudging along,  but  little girls
! and boys, piteous to behold were try- ,
ling to keep up to fatner   or motuer |
i Knowing that  when  they  arrived  at i
1 tho first town they weie to be sou to i
jthe highest bidder.    A little girl will
I be said for 70 or 8u cents, and a prom- j
ising hoy rhight bring two dollars.
j    To travel all day meeting only this |
] class of peasants   causes   a   strange
I feeling about one's heart.      But the
I people are Aery pationt anl oul;  the
more hold and hardened beggar and
robber will   think   of  molesting   the
traveler even in these unsettled times.
Of the latter class we had but one or
two unpleasant experiences.     A man
came up to our pony almost void of
clothipg.   He caught hold of the reins
then'threw himself on the ground in
front.,of .the animal.   Had it not been
for  tlie assistance of some   soldiers
armed  with    rifles    our  experiences
might have  been more interesting.
We personally examined a number
of the most extreme cases. I say extreme cases, because whenever we
saw a donkey, pig, cow, pony, dog, or
even chicken or any sign Of grain,
straw, wool, or trees about the place,
we passed them by as not being in
immodlate distress. So the places
we did examine were desolation indeed.
People were actually endeaverint; to
live on ground up bark, mixed with
potato leaves and weeds. This was
made into a kind of fruit cake and
then eaten. Little children and even
babies were trying to eat this cake.
Others were picking the substance
out of some flower seeds. We were
glad indeed to learn that all were not
yet reduced to this extreme condition. We learned that about one hundred and twenty thousand people
were directly ahected by the famine.
Of this number at least ten per cent
will most likely starve to death before another month. By the end of
two months we believe an additional
twenty per cent will lie down and die
unless relief Is given.
Everything is Now Complete
urtam Materials
For Spring Decorations
Have you been in this section and
apprised its really wonderful values ? If not, now is the time you
should become acquainted with
this magnificent display of Curtain
Goods. A wealth of distinctly new
patterns are shown in Scrims, Nets
and Madras.
62-irich Cream Madras,  tape edge, scalloped effeqt;      4C-inch Cream Madras, heavy    pattern    elTect,   and
rich designs.   A beauty at, per yard  60;     good finish.   Excellent value at, per yard  .25c
The funeral of the late Mrs. Donald
Garvin will' take place at 12 noon
from the chapel of Center & Hanna.
The body wdll be interred in the Odd
Fellows' cemetery.
Mr. Charles Grabbe, line-man killed
on Sunday on the North road, Will
take place on Thursday. It will leave
by special car for Vancouver that
morning and the services will be held
in the afternoon at the chane! of
Center & Hanna, Vancou*'��r. The interment will ta'.;e place ln the cemetery.
46-inch Drawn Scrim in fancy check and stripe
effects; in shades of cream and ecru. Special, per
yard   35c
3S-incb Curtain Muslin, pure white, in fancy stripes,
dots and Shamrock designs. Extra specials, per
yard  25?
New Colonial Draperies
These Draperies adapt themselves to Innumerable
us���3. The soft harmonious colors or the rich striking effects gl\e an added claim to most any room
where the color scheme has been carefully worke:l
out. Showing in a wide cholco of colorings; width
uo Inches.   Price, per yard ��� ��� ��� 25c, 30c, 35;
50-ir,eh Cream Madras with scalloped edge and bordered patterns; extra heavy designs. Extra goo I
value at, per yard 50c
50-inch Appli (ued Madras, two tone effect; In shade
of cream;  scalloped horder.   Price, per yard  75c
Special Curtain Sale
35c Per Yard.
Inclu led in this great offering are curtain materials
Bold at 75c. To cause some quick selling we put on
Bale the lot at .'15c. Showing in this range are
Scrims, Bungalow Nets, Muslins, Madrasses, etc. lf
curtain goods are ot interest you should surely soo
this display,
Se3 Window Today.    Special 35c Curtaining Sale
three years old, front tnoth broken
off. Return same to or communicate
with  A.  Hartman,  of Fifth  avenue
I    and Eighth street.   Phone 281.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of  the  Incorporated  Society
of Musicians  (England),
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
'Street, New Westminster. Phone Rill.
fprwjnmijv .c-B*anm~mxRnrvr.*ii n%s*'nsi*grrrrrr>*itr*t.-i
Bought and Sold.
Highest Fiice Given.
Auction SaSes
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Heal Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Good Building Property
264 feet cn Ei;:hth avenue, cleared, with sever laid on lane at rear,
cement sidewalks; dose to Twelfth street car; $500 cash will,handle
this; balance builder's teims.
Spring Jewelry
We have Opened Up Our New Stock of Spring
Jewelry.   Inspection Invited.
CHAMBERLIN  ,_����**
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Near Tram Line
(1125) There are few finer 40 acre blocks In the whole Fraser
Valley than this very ono. Kvery square foot is under cultivation and
Is almost as level aa a floor with sufficient fall for drainage. The soil
Is a rich black loam with a silty clay s;.b-soll. By putting five acres
ln potatoes and devoting the ba:nnco to hay or grain $1000 cnsh he
taken off this year. This pace Is all ready for a good start. The
price will surprise you and Is goo.1 only for thirty days. Only $3000
cash is required to secure tbis.
Terrible Distress Prevalent���future
of Journey Through District.
Shanghai. April Hi.���A relief mli>
flo'.inry writes of his Travels through
lhe famine area as follows: i
"All day as wc traveled on we were
.. Ltd.
Everybody needs at least ONE   good    Whisk.    Here    ars a great
variety, prices from 20c to 75c.
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles,
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
��V A I   I       DRUGGIST   and
���% ��� /ALL   OPTICIAN
Westminster Branch. _ Cars
leave B. C. E. It. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:46 and
6:45 a.m. and every 15 minatea
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. At-
ter 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.  .
Sunday Service.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 0:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Kegular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. lies;ular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu      Island     Branch (To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. It. i'i>. station nt
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch��� Cars
lenve B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
Bt 0:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
���' ..


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