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The New Westminster News Dec 14, 1912

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New Westminster Hi; J  ires.
Lumber , a   r"   1)0,00"
Metals f       100,000
Packed Meat   , c- C  400,000
Milk, Flsh, Cars, etc.   ��  -f  ,850,000
chance   isi
VOLUME 7, NUMBfcn 239.
  -JL-  tssasss
Both Parties Are Unyielding���Turkish War Party Gain*
Strength in Constantinople-Each Side Claims Ability to
Resume Hostilities-Peace Plenipotentiaries Arrive
London-Greece Will Fall Into Line with Allies.
London, Dec. 13.���All the plenipotentiaries to the peace conference
which will convene here next week
for the purpose of ending the war in
Southeastern Europe are now in Lon
Unless the continuance of hostllltlcf
betwern the Turka and Greeks proves
a hindrance, there seema nothing in
sight to prevent the conference getting down to business immediately.
With regard ta a report from Constantinople that the Turks would refuse to meet the Greek plenipotentiaries In London unless Greece slgne.l
tbe armistice to which the other Balkan states have subscribed, the counsellor of the Turkish embassy here
said that he knew nothing of any such
instructions and did not believe the
Creeks would bave come to London
unless their country was prepared to
fall In line with the other Balkan
states as to the terms on which the.:
should meet.
Keen Struggle.
The newspaper Interviews given by
the Turkish and Bulgarian delegates
on their journey toward London Indicate tbat a keen struggle will tako
place ln the peace conference over
tbe possession of Adrlanople.
Both sides present an unyielding at
titude on this point, basing their
claims on tbe fact that tbeir armies
are In excellent condition to resume
hostilities. The Turks say they have
170,000 practically fresh troops behind
the Tchatalja lines, while despatches
from Constantinople Indicate that the
war party in the Turkish capital is
gaining Influence. No apprehension is
felt ta diplomatic circles bere, how
ever, that the plenipotentiaries will
separate without concluding peace.
Roumanian Question.
The present question has arisen
whether Roumania should Join the
ambassadorial conference, which will
convene simultaneously with the peaci
conference to discuss pending Euro
peau questions. It is said that Oer
many, Austria and Italy all favo*
Roumanla's participation. A difference
of opinion exists as to whether this
conference should discuss the q-estlon
cf a Servian port on the Adriatic.
-ft Is becoming increasingly probable
that a plenary conference of the
powers will assemble later tn Paris tc
complete the work of the ambassadorial conference, ratify Its See'sloni
and con.clnde a treaty settling the
near-eastern problem.
At  Fraser  Mills���Assailant of Greek
Is Fined Ten Dollars by Stipendiary Magistrate.
A loug drawn out case was heard
before Stipendiary Magistrate J. Stilwell Clute yeslerday morning and
afternoon when Louis Paraski, uf
Fraser Mills, was charged with as
mult upon a Greek named John
Stainalacles. Mr. J. P. Hampton Bolt-
prosecuted, while Mr. George Cassadj
appeared for tbe defendant.
lt developod In the argument that
the Greek owned two hou.-.eu at Mill
aide, and going there on Sunday afternoon, was set upon by I'araski, who
Ib said to have thrown some hot coffee
iuto the plaintiff's face.
Blows were exchanged on both
sides, hot coffee and a heavy slab of
wood being the Ingredients used
the ensuing melee.
Magistrate Clute Imposed a line
$10 and costs.
One Million Dollars Expenditure Represented in  New Lumber Mill
on Lulu Island.
Think   Many  Residents   of
Burquitlam and Milliard-
Cut Over of Telephone   System   Advanced to Sunday Week���Extensive Appropriations.
Tbe actual cut-over of the new
_tfilepbope syjtetn JlJU.not occur on
December 15, but on the 22nd, nc
cording to a statement made yester
day by Mr. F. 3. MacGowan. commer
cial superintendent of the B. C. Tele
pboue Company. The system wlll be
in partial rtiadlness by tbe promised
date, but on account of the delay lu
the arrival of material it will not be
completely so until Sunday, the 22nd.
So far tbe Installation of the system
Including material has cost $74,uOe
but it is not expected that tbe ex
penditure will go much bevond thih
when everything Is in working order.
Uf the total cost 121,000 was necessary for the underground conduit
Though thc cut-over will take place
before the end of the year It wID be
probably two months before all the
new telephones wlll be Installed tn
the subscribers homes and business
premises. An appropriation ot $18,000
has been made for this alone and it
will take two months before the work
is completed. Thirty-Are operators
will be employed on the new board as
compared with thirty-three at the
Ia view of the rapid growth of the
city the company has made provision
for the future expansion of tbeir system throughout the city. Approximately S30.000 bas been appropriated
and will be used for erecting aerial
cables and kindred (acuities.
Te Visit New York.
London, Dee. II.���Mlss Violet As-
<iulfh, the elder daughter of the Prime
Minister of Oreat Britain, le to accompany the Countess ot Aberdeen,
wife tit the Lord Lieutenant ot Ireland, after Christmas on a short visit
Washington, where  they will   be
Following the complaint made by j
Captain Pederson, of the tug Brunette, |
let Vancouver, concerning tbe lights on i
I the North Arm of the FraBer the an- I
nnunoement comes from .Victoria that'
the marine and fisheries departments
are arranging for a change of th������
guides on both the main channel ot
the Praser and thc North Arm.
The v.-hlte lights on the south
curves will be changed to a steady
red. hoglnnlng with January 10. This
win make thorn much more distinctive
than at present.
January 1, 1913, while making the
end of one of the most prosperous
years the city of New Westminster
has experienced, will chronicle thc
completion of the plant of one of thi
Hoyal City's leading industries. This1
ls the British Canadian Lumber Company's plant cn Lulu Island ln the
construction ot which well in the
neighborhood Of $1,000,000 will have
been expended by that time.
Yesterday Mr. McDonald, tbe manager, stated: "With the completion
of our planing mills, lumber sheds and
Proposed Division   of   Coquitlam���In
corporation Committee and
Baals of Settlement.
It ls probable when the division of
Coquitlam, as laid out. Is completed
that tbe centre ef ita rural administration wlll be tbe Austin road, where
the Burquitlam agricultural hall adjourns present municipal property,
about half a mile from the Westminster city limits.
Already there aro   significant   conversations about the ultimate absorption of Burquitlam and Mllllardvllle
(Frenchtown) with New Westminster.
Ultimate Destiny.
While still early to prophesy on the
subject many residents in those districts bave already decided that Is
their ultimate destiny. The bugbear
of taxes Is more ghostly la Its terror
than real.
The committee appointed to look
after the incorporation of the district round Westminster Junction Into a city, and to adjust the financial
interests ot the urban and rural diversions of the dismembered municipality, ipet yesterday and adopted
recommendations which will be embodied in a report
Basis of Settlement.
The basis ot sottlesnent recommended ts that the new eity will take over
the road making plant, rock crusher,
steam    roller   and   machinery   and
Requests that Inquest Be Reopened���
Coroner Did Not Elicit All
the Facts.
"We have been discharging on an
average of 200 patients a year ou pro
bation for the last ten years, and wltb
one exception we have never had an
accident like this." Such was the
statement made by Dr. Doherty, super
lntendent of the hospital for the insane, when questioned yesterday regarding the inquest that was held In
Vancouver oh Thursday upon the
body of Mrs. Janet Hood.
The facts of tbe case are that Mrs.
Hood was released on probation from
tbe asylum on Tuesday In the custody
of and at the special request of her
daughter, Mrs. James Pope, who promised to take ber to her home at Port
Hammond. Instead, however, it appears tbat the two women went to
Vancouver and Mrs. Pope lodged ber
mother in the Salvation Army barracks. Eleven hours after being released from the hospital Mrs. Hood
was found dead in her room with a
bottle of carbolic acid. An inquest
was beld lu Vancouver, Coroner Jeffs
Following testimony of Mrs. James
Pope to the effect that the hospital
authorities had repeatedly requested
her to take MrB. Hood away and thai
she bad finally consented, the Jury
passed a verdict of suicide.
In addition they brought in the fol
lowing rider: "And that we, the Jury,
do hereby pass a rote ot censure on
the authorities at New Westminster
asylum for allowing a person to leave
that Institution in the state of mind
and health the  deceaeed must have
Revolver*   and     Razor
Action Among Foreign
Vale Police Capture One Assailant-
Anothcr Man Supposed to Have
Jumped Train.
Special Provision for
of Sapperton and Lobs
Twenty-one    Miles   of    Maine���Kane~.
Holders and Generator Ready
Next Year
One   of   the   most   up-to-date gaa-
plant* on this side of the contineut is-
being planned by the gas committee
of the city council, who are expected
home from Seattle this morning.
The present plans call for tbe creation of a generator capable of making;
200.000 feet cf gas daily, white Uk*
holder will have a capacity of ISBjW-j
Emergency Provision.
A feature of tbe plant will be   am ���
auxiliary generator ln the shave   or
[oil burners so tbat In event of labor
horses at a'cost lesa 20, 10 and 6 per j been In at that time."
(Special to the News.)
Yale, B.C., Dec. IJ.���Witb his face
and throat badly gashed an Austrian
laborer lies In the hospital here, while
another man nurses a wounded arm
as the result of a pitched battle In
the streets here tonight.
Large numbers of men from the construction gangs on the C. N. R, are
iu town and from some as yet unascertained cause trouble started between two factions and a free for all
Is Badly Clashed. B
The   AuBtrian   was   badly slashed I troubles at the mines or a
with a razor while In the accompany- j crude oil which will   be
iiiK gun play a combatant received a
bullet in the arm.
The police were soon on the scene
and arrested the man operating the
razor, although the person manlpulat-
ing the small cannon has escaped
some say by the railway.
Seriously Hurt.
The Austrian injured by the razor
Is reported to be In a critical condition. A description has been Bent
broadcast for the arrest of the assailant who escaped.
The Slfatr caused a sensation in the
i littlo town, which did not die down
I untli a late hour this evening.
cent, for depreciation; also pay $6000
to the rural portion of Coquitlam for
the realty property In the incorporated area, and permit tbe unincorporated area to retain the two acres on
Austin road, pun lis snd this year by
tbe municipality,
ln the event of Port Coquitlam's Incorporation charter being granted the
In speaking of the case tbe coronet
is reported to have stated: "The
medical superintendent is supposed tc
be an expert ln these cases, yet Mrs
Hood waa dismissed as a perfectly
sane woman, from the facts that we
have at hand." ^^
'Statements   were   made   by   the
coroner to which 1 take strong    ex
business office which are present in j Indebtedness of tho new city to   the j ception," said Dr. ^het^_W��t ntght.
emergencies can be made use of.
The contracts will call for fhe '
ing of twenty-one miles of mains i
arrangements have been made
special facilities for supplying
lower flats f l.ulu Island, most p.
ably by an additional holder on
island. SiiT,''-; provision ia alao <
lined for Jt ��� erton.
Begin irs Spring.
It is expected tbat work on the
plant will start Just as noon ns na
weather appears, and according
, of the gas committee, they
I have it  in actuaf operation
\ the end of 1913.
I    With a generating capae'.ty
I noo feet the gas committee .^_
I this being capable   of   supplying
i the needs of the city for many
\ to come, while the additional
meters at Sapperton and Lola
would more than supply thi
lng districts which   at   tbe
time' show signs ot   becoming
populated than ever before.
to _
guasts  of  British
Mrs. Bryce.
Ambassador   and.
Convict Smith's Counsel Alleges Mis
direction of Jury in Murder
Mr. W. F. Hansford was granted a
motion by Mr. Justice Murphy ln tbc
Supreme Court yesterday to appeal
the case of Convict Joseph Smith, now
in the penitentiary under sentence of
Tbe grounds pn which the solicitor
made hla request as contended by blm
were that bis lordship misdirected tht
jury acting on tbe trial M Smith foi
the murder ot Guard Joynson.
The appeal wlll be brought before
the Court of Appeals which meets In
Victoria during January, and lf granted, a new trial will take place.
The convict Ib sentenced to be
hanged on January 31. If the appeal
carries hc may possibly escape death.
Edmonds, Dec. 13.���A   flue   of $20
and coats   was   meted   out to John
Smltb. of Vancouver, for cruelty    to]
animals, when his case was tried   In
pellet court this morning. ,
Cblef ot Police Park'nson, whn
prosecuted, stated it was tbe worst
ease hn had had occasion to bring to
the notice of the magistrate. Accused
was riding the horse from Vaneouver
.to New Westminster -when arrested.
[Magistrate Walker hcartl the' case.
the course of construction our plant
will be completed throughout. In all
It haB cost the firm In the neighborhood of $1,000,000 to reach this stage
snd we feel that now we bave one of
the finest plants ln the province. Tfv
Jjuslncss If*r us nnd in plenty exists
oWnie blinks of the "Praser bm been
most strikingly demonstrated since
lhe plant started cutting during thr
middle of tbe summer.
"With the exception of a few slop
iages fnr the provincial inspection
and slight repairs the plant haB been
running without Intermission. Of
course a great deal of the lumber cut
wa3 for the purpose of further extend
Ing the plant, but we have handle)*
many orders also. When our planing
mill is In operation and our storage
shed completed at tho end of th��
montk we will be free to manufacture
on orders only."
The planing mill building was completed a few days ago and the machinery is now belne Installed. This
latter Item Itself will cost approxl
���natelv 150,000. - The foundations of
he sheds were driven nbout the snmi��
time as those of the planing mill snd
the gangs are   concentrated   on   *>><���
iperstructure of tbe *bert�� "M,�� off'c*
structure Is nearly finished. The
nalnters are already at work and the
binding will be ready for occupation
In a few days.
rural municipality shall he paid" with-1 "and 1 would like to draw' attention 1 Pelletier days Proposed Contribution 1
^^^^^^^^^���to the fact that   we   %er��'   not sub 1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
noenaed to  attend and we certainly'
in three months,
is the proposal   out-
Two Candidates fcr Coquitlam Honors
Retire from Race���-Naturalisation Neglected.
Langan and Marmont   Cr
Again���Reeve Mans Writes
from HospitaL
Edmonds, Dee. 13.-The address
made by Mr. B. 0. Walker before the
Ratepayers' Asspelstton ot Ward SU
at McKay hall on Wednesday evening
last has evidently tali* the Ire ol
Heeve Weart. __.       ..
When i��en yest*rd�� morning ����*
reeve was very wnphatlo 4n hll dls
approval of the remarks made by Mr.
Walker when the latter �����'>����"��'':
stated: "Reeve Wenrt *t*m�� xo lose
his head when near ���te����� tlJ��f',, "
seems strange to beat ot Mm ****$
over the reeveship to Councillor Mo
Grecor We don't want any   aa
stgnmenU of this kind. fcC<mn��tll��r
McGregor has stated that he will run
regardless of what ���n**��t,?n *e
might receive from the Central Bate-
payefs' Association." .
This Is whsT BMW dearth*, to
say on the matter, and wb ch he
diotated to a News representative yesterday, morning:    ' ��� .
"I am surprised that an officerof
the crotfn, pollce mafUtrate of Burn*
by, and a man who knows or ough*
to know me, should make arty add
childish and, foolish statements, lt is
so foolish that It Is hardly worth re
plying to and I oan only account tor
suoh s statement aa coming from a
desperate man who ls trying to make
favor wtth the electorate, through
what I may say Is a false innuendo.
"However, since the question hi\s
been raised, I have no hesitation in
stating I had no intention ot taking
part In the campaign, believing that
Councillor McGregor, wbo has servod
four years faithfully on the-'cWncll
board, Is today eminently fitted for the
position of reeve. In fact superior
for tbat position to any candidate
whose name has to date been beforo
the people, and, if neoessary, I will
Uke the platform for him."
In contradistinction to the state:
ment given to the -News on Wednesday, Mr. Walker stated yesterday that
be bad not yet definitely decided to allow himself to ve nominated for tbe
It has now transpired that two of
the candidates for municipal honors
In Coquitlam, are debarred from election by their falling to qualify aa British citizens.
Mr. Peter Barth, MiUslde. and Mr.
T. Jago, Coquitlam, are the names
Mr. Berth's Ineligibility Is much regretted and ls entirely due to an
oversight, as he has all the qualifications, aud is extremely popular with
all sections of the municipality.
Unfortunately time will not permit
him to formally qualify as a Hritish
subject for the present election, although he will, no doubt, 'see that Is
made right when the now elections
come on in the spring,'with the division bf Coquitlam into urban and
rural municipalities.
As Mr. ..Barth satd at his meeting In
Vanoouver last Saturday' "Although 1
waa born In Germany I am a Britisher."
Mr. R. C. Galer and Mr. A. R. Millard are the only definitely announced
candidates In the field to fill up the
vacancies caused hy Councillor R.
Hawthorne's resignation and Councillor L. BTMarmont's decision to stand
for the reeveship at the coming election.
The only other candidate Mentioned, who has signified his willingness
to stand, ls Mr, W. Whiting. Rochester Road, Burquitlam. Mr. Whiting Is
i well-known horttculturUt and mainly responsible for the securing of
fourth honors for the Burquitlam Agricultural Society, at lhe New Westminster Exhibition ot 1011 and 1912,
.     ���)
One of tbe most largely attended
meetings of the ratepayers of Coquit
lam was held last night In the agricultural hall, Weatminater Junction,
wben a general discussion of municipal affairs, as a preliminary skirmish to the civic elections, next month,
took place.
in the absence of Reeve Mars
through illness, whose lendshlp of tbt
municipal administration is being chai
lenged by Councillor Marmont, there
was a distinct resemblance to the play
of Hamlet without tbe Prince of Denmark. Despite thia tbe general antagonism of Councillor Marmont to
the policy of the other members of
the council was exemplified In a brier
exchange of acrid retorts with Councillor Langan.
Councillor \Manaont referred tr
Councillor l.angan's description ot hin
as being the most useless man he had
ever known on a municipal board, at
the Millside meeting on Wednesday
evening and published la the New*
of Thursday.
Councillor Langan���1 eaid It and believe lt.
Councillor     Marmont���Because     I
stood In your way.   Yoa are the Judgn
whether I was useless to   you,   the
ratepayers are the judges ot whethe
1 was useless to tbem.
A letter from Reeve Mars, from St
Paul's hospital, Vancouver, giving
carte blanche to CeuneiUoc Marmont
to criticise bts policy aat action waa
not takeh advhntage ot kf that gentle
man, who deferred tba outlining ot
his plattorm untll a later dato.
Councillor Langaa gave a lengthy
sp'-ech contrasting vividly the flnan
cial condition of Coquitlam two years
ago and now,
Councillor Morgan dwelt specific
ally upon the proposed canal between
the Pitt river and Port Moody, tbe
water question, and general economt
oal administration tit the present
council In roadmaklng and Improve
ments. '
Councillors Atkins and Hawthorne
were brief and general in their
Connoflfors'- Marmont Morgan and
Langan duplicated tbeir addresses
and Mr. R. C. Welsh criticized, spe
daily the actions at Messra. Langan
and Morgan vtam>��My pat adversely.
Another simitar   meeting   will   be
did not know where tbe plaoe of in
quest was. I would remind the coroneT
that It he fulfills his duties in s
Judicial and proper manner It ls his
duty to elicit all the faefli and tbat-
could not be done without this in
stitution being represented.
"To sbow thnt Mrs. Janet Pope    Is
entirely at fault iu ber statements   I
have  forwarded  the  following  nroba
���    _i  i "on l��rro to the attorney general with
swords | m. request that the inquest be    reopened :
" 'Mrs. Pope, being the. daughter of
Mrs. Janet Hood, requests the medical
superintendent to allow her to return
'o my home on probation and I under
take on my part to keep an oversight
over the said Mrs. Janet Hood white
sbe remains at my bome for
period of six months from the day of
"nmmencement of such term of probation.' K
"Mrs. Pope also agreed to send
regular accounts of Mrs. Hood's con
dition to the hosnltal authorities."
Dr. Doherty and his assistants are
all skilled alienists and consider Dr
JofTs statements aa reflection on their
la Only Preliminary���Liberals
Plan Campaign.
raws mm of
it Ottawa, Xleq. 12.���Auothur rather ex
citing day was anticipated In the Com
i'mons ana the galleries tilled up early j
ln anticipation of a sharp day of de j
bate on  the  Laurier amendment    to [
the   governments   naval   resolution, j
The proceedings were not  nearly so '
Interesting aa expected.    Hon.  L. P.
Pelletier,    postmaster   general,    wbo
moved the adjourumejtjast night, re- j    A <;ScisIon of great fi
sumed tbe discussion shortly after   3  tbe province was banded dowa Sa ttm
o'clock and did not conclude until half .privy Council on Thursday ia "
*���*$ five. wbicb dismissed  the appeal
There werp a few Interesting Inter *  ���  ��� '
Af.cr Twelve Years  Legal FlgM Or.
J. K. Wilson Must Pay Ta
Sergeant Buzfuz.
(Ilo changes during tbe earlier part of
Mr. Pelletier's speech, but toward tbe
end he was engaged in putting a
number -of documents on record and
the interest lagged a bit. Tbe postmaster general in the course bf    his
remarks, said that tbe proposed gift _	
was only a preliminary and It woold I j^v~e been declared worthies*,
be.followed by   a   permanent   naval ,    The case began ln July, 1WX
policy, accompanied by an agreement I the municipality brought suit
giving Canada a real voice In    the i Dr  wason to collect payment at
councils of the Empire. ' specific dyking taxes according to
The Liberals had- proposed to put j by-law.
London Times  Says American  Government Thinks Panama Question
Will   Not   Bs   Pressed.
London, Dec. 13.���The Tba**, In an
editorial this morning, regrets that a
misconception seems to prevail in the
United States that the British Panama protest has not been made in
earnest and will not be pruned. It
"While the British nation is sorry
that the protest became necessary
they would have judged the government guilty of a grave dereltetton of
duty had they neglected to present It
and they wlll expect that It be main
talned with that firmness which con
fldeaoe In their right* and knowledge
of their Interests justify.
"Our Interest* are too great Ip fc:
left In uncertainty. We want to knov
wbat the Hay-Pauncefote treaty
near.s. If the American* cannol
with us on Rs meaning we' ask
tlon tnd sball abide by Ita
loyally as we know the
,tes would do should the
ln our favor.'
held next Thursday night
A motion to got published, authoritatively, the legal qasllflcatlont of
those entitled to voto at tbe coming
election, moved by Rev. H. F. Edge,
was carried maalmoaely.
Mr. J. R. MacKenzie was elected
by Dr. 3. K. Wilson agai
cipality of Delta as to the
a dyking by-law passed by tbe
of Delta more than twelve
The suit baa been in the
the  past  eleven  yeara and
case been sustained bonds
tures, worth more tban $70,000
up Dr. Michael Clark, of Red Deer, but
when they learned that Mf\ Foster
was not to speak they changed their
plant and Mr. Lafortune, of Montcalm,
followed the postmaster general wltb
a long speech In French.
He said he was prepared to sleep
In his Beat many nights rather than
allow the resolution to pass. Mr.
lafortune contended that It was unfair to Canadian workmen to spend
the money It was proposed to vote In
At 10:20, 3. A. M. Aikens, Brandon
moved the adojurnment of tbe debate.
It Is understood that the Liberals
would not reach a definite decision as
to how long tbey will continue their
opnoMtlrn to the resolution. A caucus
will be held In Ottawa after thc boll-
days, at which a definite plan -of notion probably will be arrived at. It Is
funderatood tbat In addition to th"
members It will hn attended by other
emmtnent men of the country.
The local opposition organ, the Free
Press, In a long editorial todav ad
vises the opposition to obstruct ll
snd force a general election.
The flrst hearing was brougSt
New Westminster before Mr.
Martin and both the claim aad
the counter claim tor damages
Dr. Wilton will also he compelled'
to pay delinquent taxes and ;
fpr twelve   years,   which hav*
held pending the final decia
The case Itself ls of
ance to other sections of tbe i
where by-laws similar to
measure are in force. ���
A great legal array was 1
on the case, one of Rs number, MEr. H_.
S. Bompas, grandson or Sfergemit I
pas, who Is said to be   tbe
"Butfnx" of Dickon's Pickwick
appearing for the Delta cor
Civil Assizes Clovet.
The civil assises closed
with a judgment by Mr.
Murphy In favor of Mra. Wall
a suit against C. O. Major.'
mlnlstrator. Mrs. Walmsley
half an estate and her claim
held by the court
Roosevelt Still "Bully."
New York, Dee. IJ.���Col. Roosevelt
returned to New York from tbe Progressive meeting in Chicago declaring he felt "buUy" but had nothfctg to
tay. Ha went at once to bia. edi
to rial office*.
Whitblaw REID ill.
United .tup** Ambtttador to St.
James Suffering From Asthma.
London. Dee,'��.���Whltelaw Beld.
dor to Great
He 1* rafter-
hi* condition
worse duf
United Statea ml
Britain. Is sarkmrty
lng from aaf^'"'"'
ha* beoome _
Mg the |a*t week;
are In attendance.
The ambassador
he'returned from I
He suffered a relapi
hla speech at the
the Unlvetslty of
wtth. on Oct. 81, which
strength.   He has been
hla room nt Dorchester House
elnce then.
More grist is coming ln daily   tr i
the   Progressive   Association's   mill
every day now.   The hotel team made
Ita first entry into the lists yesterday
and put in a good afternoon's work.
Mr. Henry Schdake and the Seere
tary launched forth and found the
botelmen willing givers. All together
they signed up nearly $500 and lf the
���ther teams nave cleared up those
whom tt remains for them to visit
the $6000 mutt be now tubtcrlbod.
Besides the hotelkeepers the can
iers called on the Chinese mer-
ts and found them most enthual-
ln support ot everything ' that
ills progress for the eltv. Ylng Tal
Co. bad already contributed $50 to
fund, and Kwong On Wo gave an-
$60. while Bun Kon Wo gave $2S
and   Sing   Kee   Ib also la Uae CM- at.
donation as toon as his oomgatrlef
have explained the proposition to bite-
Efforts to wind up tbe campaign �����>
be made and It is hoped to be tHito
declare the final result at   aat   aastpr
date.   It only remain* for tba Btmmm
to go qver their Hit*   and   atas*  aa*
those who have aaked   then*   to ��*di
again for this to be done
are not many among tlm
and manufacturer* wbo 1
The business men are _
time to the business and
are called upon will help i
the secretary, if   they
their fnlnds made up and
ners consulted whn tba
uall on them. PAGE TWO
] Classified Advertising
Classified���One cent per word per
Aay; 4c per word per week; 16c per
anon'th; 6,000 worda. to be used as required within one year from date of
���contract,  $25.��0.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00.   Card of Thanks   00c   per
needs work. Elevator, porter, restaurant, expert office cleaning; anything appreciated. Stanley, 1708
Naplc St., Vancouver. (272)
dai, 612 Carnarvon SL
BOOKKEKl'KR THOROUGHLY Experienced and at present engaged,
wants position. Would also travel
liaving had experience on the road.
Apply to Hox No. 255, this office.
Hint at  light housework.    Apply in
afternoons at 57 Elliot St       (259)
.Tirol class security. Principals only.
Box 250 News. (250)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (283)
Sunbury, for $10 per month. Apply,
liox  304,  New   Westmlnater,   P   c
near library, Blngle or double. 70.1
Agnes street. (262)
housekeeping rooms. Also one furnished. (260,
day or week, 654 Columbia St., over
Royal Bank. (241)
small rooms over the News oftiee
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for twr
or three year term, singly or en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
kieplnti rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythiai
hall, corner Eighth Btreet and Agnet
street. (202)
Must understand cooking. Apply 48
Royal Avenue. (220)
between Eighth and Tenth avenues,
new, fully modern six roomed
bouse, full cement basement, furnace, electric fixtures, hre place, dining room panelled; on lot 44x138,
lane corner. Price $3600; $400 cash,
balance $35 per month. Owners,
Box 567 City. (276)
ton, corner Major and Wilson, two
new modern flve roomed houses,
large basement, bath room, electric
fixtures; on lota 45x113 feet to lane.
Price, corner $'2000, inside $1900
each; $200 cash, balance $25
monthly; or will rent for $20 per
month. Short lease. Owners, Box
567 City. (276)
city for $650. Why pay rent ? $150
cash; balance $18 month; size of lot
50x150, cleared and seeded. Apply
Jonathan Bone, Colonial Tool Room.
City. (279)
ranges on easy terms;   $1.00 down.
$1.00 per week.   Canada Bang* Co
Market Square. (201)
hours work mailing circulars and
taking orders for Out-Rate Gro
ceries. Redpath's granulated sugar
A cents pound. Outfit free. Representatives wanted everywhere. Position permanent Consumers' Asso
ciation. Windsor, Ont. (239)
Tenders    wanted     for     supplying
'School Desks (single). A sample must
be left at the Secretary's office. Tenders must he at tho Secretary's office
liy noon of Friday. December 27.
Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
fill) New Westminster, B.C.
school books. Owner can have Bame
by   paying  expenses,   News  Office
City of New Westminster.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the wishes of the provin
cial government, a plebiscite of the
electors qualified to vote for mayoi
and aldermen will be taken on Tues
day, the 17th day of December, 1912
between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7
p.m., on the question of leasing tke
"Arena" at Queens Park to the West
minster Arena Company for a term oi
twenty years, during the months o!
December, January, February anc
March, at the following rental, viz.
Seven hundred and fifty dollar.
($750.00) per annum for the first flvi
yeara; one thousand dollars ($1000.00)
per annum for the second five years,
twelve hundred and fifty dollar
($1250.00) per annum for the thlr-4
five years; and lifteen hundred dollar
($1500.00) per annum for thr fourtl
five years; and such other condition-
as may lie agreed upon, satisfactory t'
the City Council.
The votes of the elector* will bt
taken at the following places, vlfc,
The Council Chamber. Citv Hall; No
4 Flre Hall. Sanperton. and No. 5 FITS
Hall, Thirteenth street.
Returning Officer.
Dated thia 10th day of December, 1912
Some Curious Associations That
Were Born In London.
Two large lota. North Vancouver $503
I jj-ge lot , Point Grey.
Kdmonds lota. Wise Road, $400.00
1S50 ft. waterfront. Joins city New
Westminster, witt Z9 acres all under
120 acres, 2 miles from White Rock
-.station. $100 per acre.
"&   acre 'lilocks
easy terma.
near  car  and   city
T?   rood   honaee   in  city,   Email   payment,   balance   as   rent.
Hotel. South Westminster. IS rooms
furnished, $3200.
30   acres   residents!   property   half
mile from proposed docks.
Bzccllenl dairy farm $203 per acre.
For    full     particulars   ol   tills  and
��th<. property apply
F 507 Sou'.h Westminster.
5 rhe ittrrthweat quarter ef Section
*., Township 13. iu the District of
Now Westmlnater.
Whereas proof tA the lotis of Ci rtlfl
of Title Number 10154F,  Issuo.l
the name nf Juhu Smith, has bee;,
in tbis off ice.
"J*otice l�� hereby given that 1 shall
\ tts* expiration of one month from
��� date of the first publication hereof,
I a> daily newspaper published in the
rat New Westminster, lssm* a dun
i of the said Certificate, unless in
Dtimc valid objection he made
��� in writing.
C. 3. KKITH.
District Registrar ol Titles.
Registry Office,
Westminster, JBXX. A'oi'etnber
The Abduction Club Was Formed For
ths Purpose of Carrying Off Hsiresias
by Fores and the Surly Club to Pro
mots the Use of Abusive Language.
One of the most extraordinary clubs
I.on,Ion bus ever knowu. says tbe
Standard, was the Sighing club, the
members of wblcb were supposed to be
wholly nbsorbed In thinking of tbeir
sweethearts. Kneli would hold In bis
band n bit of ribbon, n luck of hair, a
purse or some other article belonging
tn tlie object if Ills nflections, nud from
time tu time lie would address tbls nr
Hole In terms of endearment, no otber
speaking being allowed. On Initiation
tbe member bnd to coui|ioso and recite
u.pticiii ln honor of tils lndy, nud at tbe
meetings ti tine was imposed upon Ihe
member wlio did tiut sigh tive times
within a i)iiarler of sn hour.
Again, tliere wns the Abduction club.
organized lu lTilti by some well ruu
netted Irish youths, who banded Ihem
selves together to iibduct heiresses nnd
good looking young women of gentle
birth. As tbere was a large member
ship, mnny forced marriages took place
In consequence of their exploits. Tbe
evil beeiime eventually so serious that
a special net of parliament was pnsaed
making abduction u capital offense.
The members assisted each otber by
providing relays of horses and carriages whenever necessary. Tbe wealth
of the two sisters Kennedy, daughters
of Iticburi] Kennedy of Rntbmendcn
manor, Waterford, caused the attention
of the members to be drawn to them
Gerald Byrne, grandson of Sir Gregory
lly rue. and .lames Strange Villard were
drawn lu tbe lottery, nud the abduc
lion took place on April 14. 1779.
The principals were arrested, tried
and condemned and tbey were execut
ed In the following May, notwlthstand
lng the fact thnt ministers ef tbe
court of Vienna, grandees of Spain snd
French nobles Implored their pardou
The club wns Introduced into Kngland
In 1770, but disbanded In 1802, wben
twenty nine memliers remained.
The No Nose club wns founded by n
gentleman who wns an unwilling follower of the Egyptian fashion of flat
faces. When Ihe memliers dined to
gether and a young pig. the favorite
dish, was the principal Item on the
menu the snout was always cut off.
The Club of L'gly Faces wan also
founded by a gentleman wbo boasted
nn enormously large nose. Another
member had a ebln of the size and
shape of a shoe born, another n huge
mouth and a fourth very large, protruding eyes. No one was eligible for
membership who hnd not some facial
malformation, and nil memliers on Inl
llation had to make a speech In praise
of Aesop, whose portrait buug over tbe
mantelpiece of the clqbroom.
The Surly club had its meeting
place nenr Billingsgate lish market,
and the membership was limited to
cabmen, carmen and watermen, who
used to meet once a week to exercise
Ibe art of abusive language In order
that tbey might not lose the reputation
they had gained. Any member found
guilty of courtesy or politeness was
promptly flned.
The Split Farthing elub was limited
la membership to men who agreed to
���tint themselves to the ntmost Is order
to Increase their possession* One
member Is reported to bare hsd hla
rsrmests se darned thnt there was
aot eaongh ef the original material
left te show the texture. The mem
bers presented ao starved an sppesr
anee that it ws* said there was not
ta ennre of fat among the lot
The Everlasting club was limited In
membership   to   a   hundred,   and   the
members divided the day among them
���elves in inch a wny that there were
always eome present upon the prem
tses.   The great flre of London pnt an
end to thta Institution, as the premise-
were bnrned down, and the only mem
ber on the premises was nearly burned
to death  because he refused to leave
nntll De bad emptied all the bettie* on
tbe  table.    The  Hre  for   lighting  tlle
members' pipes aus never allowed to
go ouf, an old woman heing kept solelj
for tbe purpose of intruding to It   Hur
| Ing tbe fifty years of Its existence tin-
: members smoked fifty Ions nf tobacco
! drank 3O.0OU butts ur nie. UMKJ pipes nt
port and '200 barrels ot brandy In udd!
, tlon to othet liquors.
j    'l'he Man Killing club was limited In
metnlieri-hlp tu men wbo nnd killed up
Ipona/tti is duels, ibe conversation at
the gathering! wns routined to ballets,
wounds 'imi slaughter, The president
��j< snld to hare killed half s dozen
men In single combat, and Ihe seen- nt
i dinner were arranged according to the
| number* the members hnd slain At
Liii'i'iets a side table wn* provided for
ri-itors wbo bad only drawn blond
'J'he club mid not a length J eilsteni'f
��� * nearly all the members were ele
Suicide*' elubs hare been Iona In ev
Isteiice. and one existed recently In
Kursk. The club hnd for Its mot to
"Dentb I* the cure for all Ills;" bnt. as
Het forth In Its book of rules, candi
dates fur membership lmd tirst nf nil to
Hm**   lb.it  I hev  bail n Milistn.llbi! ren
 HHBBBBMBBHS      ,,,,,   f,,r   wwillng   lu die      A   would   be
'T*    |"\    /"""/"Vl   r\I/^I ITT   candidate who pwetited tilm��elt wtlli
1 .   U.   \mrKjlm.Ul\m\J  1    1   , the weight ol  IHI   il  more j ell rs ol un
ti -rj J     TT j bnppy  llllirrled    Ife  was received  with
rOlir    rVOOmeCl     rlOUSe   opwi arms.    Loss of fortune. Incurable
and Large Cleared LotdtaWM Bnd u """""J *""' ",rk were
also excellent qualifications for mem
.iem hip.
of many congressmen here today who
conferred with the president-elect recently at Bermuda.
Wllaon ls known to esteem Col.
Goethels very highly, having declared
that he considered him one of the
ablest men tn the country.
Ismail Pasha's Whim Was a Costly and
Short Lived Ons.
Ismail Pasha, former viceroy nnd khe-
dlve of EgypL lu spite of bis Kurn|iean
education nnd association, maintained
throughout bis life an oriental love of
lavlsbiiess and display.
; Wblle traveling In France he was
entertained at Bellenu, the country es
tate of his friend ltrnvals. Tbe host
had made bis entire fortune from
Egyptian concessions and consequently exerted himself to his utmost to
make his noble visitor's stay a pleasant one. Brnvals succeeded s little
better tban be liked, for the khedlve.
after admiring the estate, offered to
buy It Tbe proposition cnme oa a
shock to Bravals, who did not wish to
offend bl* patron nnd yet had no Idea
of parting wltb his beloved estate.
"But, sir," be suid. "Belleau Is not
for aale."
"Tet I wish to buy It," replied Ismail,
unperturbed.   "Ilow much'/"
Brnvnl*. believing to put an end to
sn embarrassing situation by naming
an Impossible price. Bald Jokingly.
"Ah, If your highness were to offer
me 2.000.000 francs"���
"They are yours." Interrupted tbe
Tlcproy, "nnd Bellenu Is mine."
Istnnll Pasha extended his visit nnd
during the next week continued to express his admiration of tho place, although he did not nllude to the previous conversation Brnvuls begun to
hope thnt be hnd forgotten IL
On the dny of hi* departure Ismoll
was about to step Into his carriage
when he turnpil to his bosL
"My denr Bravals," he said. "I never
break my wnrd Ilere Is a check for
two mtHlons. As for Helleau. I give
It to you."-Artbur Meyer In "What i
Can Tell." '
Curtis Block,  New  Westminster,  B.C
Telephone 29P. P. O. Box 777.
Snap For a few Days
The best SO acre farm ia Chilliwack
all under cultlvatioa but 1 1! aere-
which is covered with 3MM .'eet a'
standing timber. Large tea roomer
house, large stables, haras, ehleker
houses, heg peas; $lS,$8t, $MtA eaeh
Terms for balsnce. Property Is uaen
cumbered snd a large loan eaa bf
raised on the property.
Are you Insured 7 It costs but little
and makes you feel safeT. Insuraaer
Insures sleep.
We represent enly strong Brltlsl
Board Companies, and ahall be pleaaec'
to tell you what It will cost yei;
whether you Insure or not.
Flre, Accident, Plate Class, Automobile. Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Kor  Excellence  in   Shaving.   Halreut
ting and Shampooing give the
35 Eighth St. David Boyle, Prop.
���\ trial. Four skilled workmen. Oui
lystem of treating the scalp for din
draff and falling hslr cannot be In
proved upon. Try It.
Face Massaging a specialty.
Its Success Might Hsvs Mads Him
Master ef Paris.
A bold scheme ws* that engineered
by Malet. a l''rencbman. Malet bud
been a republican general, was ruined
by the rise of Napoleon, betook himself
to plotting, was arrested and finally
During the emperor's absence In Bus-
sla In 1S12 Malet escaped one nlgbt
from bis prison, obtained a general*
nnlform and wltb an accomplice
dressed ns.nn aid de-ramp made his
wny to tbe prison of La i'orce, where
the unsuspecting governor released on
his commnnd two other es-republlc-
ans. Generals Lnliorle and (luldnl. prisoner* on a like charge to his own.
Together tbey proceeded lo a neigh
boring barracks, announced lo the
commandant that Napoleon was dead
and tbnt tbey were acting by the decree of the senate, ordered the troops
to lie paraded and dispatched bodies
of men upon various duties Some arrested Savery, tbe minister of police:
others tbe police prefect Another battalion seized Ibe Hotel de Vllle.
Everybody obeyed Unlet Implicitly.
even tbe prefect of the Seine, and he
would undoubtedly have gained pos-
sesslon of Parts hnd he ant hees recognized hy Laborde. cblef ef the military pollce. ae aa escaped prisoner,
Re was arrested after a scuffle, the
plot waa unraveled, aad la dne course
Malet with twenty-three ef his abetters, waa shot
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bide
of all klsds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guarauteer:
51 McKenzie  St.
D. McAulay
Tel.  7S1.
Cor   etti an,- Collimht-
A Potato Cellsstien.
Pets toes are ised fer other than
feeding purposes. A writer In .Note*
snd Queries reeeatly recorded Ihe
ense of a man who has llled a cabinet
"with a aeries ef small wrinkled ab
)ects wblcb loek sad feel like large
pebble*." They are aet pebbles, however, but potatoes, which have became
petrlUed by being carried s long time
In the pocket. Kach potato Is marked
wllh a small label hearing an ln��Tlp
tlon sucb ns "Carried from Nov. 12.
1SS8. lo .May |��, 1NDO. Very elHcarleiin."
The collector ela lni* that Ihe potato
carried In ihe Inumem pocket ha*
proved lu be Ihe best of the mnny
remedies he hns ii-ipiI for rheumatism.
He carries * polflto until the retnrn
of lhe twuiRes seems to testify to the
decline of lis curative properties. Then
he lakes n new potato and lock* the
old one up In Ills cabinet -London
Unfortunate Omtmon.
One ol Uie must singular instances of
piiiiKlimenl fnr nn oversight ivus Ihnt
ihowti by lbe commitment of an alma
nue milker lo tbe lla-tllle In 1717 It
was mnde oui bj urdei ot the (Hike of
Orleans, regeni durum the minority of
Louis V cl liaiice lllld read us follows: "Laurence d Henry, for clisre-
Kpect lo King lieoige I in not mention
lug him in hls iiiuianuc n�� king of
(ireut Britain " flow long this uu
lucky almanac maker remained In prls
un is unknown lbe reul-lei uf the
Bll sl Hie, examined ill the nine of the
reVolulinii. fulled to throw nn.i light on
the siib|ect.
He Died Anyhow.
Thl* wns Ibe way u unlive plivsli-lan
In  Inilln  tilled out n ilealb cerlcmnte:
"I  am of n  iiuilil Ihai  lie died ior lost
his llfl'j for vmiiiI nl foodlUir* in on in
c-c.ont  cit  starvation     Maibe  mism  fui
Jtlll'l   tllilUIH ol   eiiiictortllli cs. llllll  Itiosl
probably be died by drowning "
phg Market;1
Though no change in price took
place, eggs on the city market yesterday showed a marked tendency to
weaken. The supplies were very good
bdt the demand was slow at the quoted prices. Consequently it ls expected that this will bring about a decline
ln the very near future.
The market on the whole was about
the average, though tlie very lncle
ment weather at the outset had a bad
effect on the attendance.
The Btocks of meat, particularllv
pork, were slightly larger than usual
and though this resulted in a weakening of the demand the price, with the
exception of large hogs, remained Bta
Vegetable receipts were again on
the heavy side with the purchaslnc;
limited within narrow bounds. The
prices were not affected, however.
Thore was a fair arrival of apples
and pears with a corresponding In
With the advent of Christmas the
poultry department Is becoming the
center of Interest. Yesterday there
was a good supply of all kinds of
fowls and traders reported a. brisk
iradin<r. Although It is a little soon
for Christmas fo" R a few I've Mr
Weyi and geese found a ready mar
ket. The turkevs sold from 31c to
:t.1c live, and 37c to 40c n pound dresi
ed. The regular Christmas mirket
will be not Fridav when from all In-
Ileal les there will be a record arrival of seasonable poultry.
*prles, per box  75c to $1.00
Pears, per box  7Sc
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Reels, per sack $1 00
Carrots, per sack   75r
Turnips, per sack 80c
Potatoes, per ton  $13 to $14
Vegetables, Retail.
Herts, per bunch 5*
~>nions, per lb te
fota'oea, per sack, new 731
Carrots, per b inch  5c
Cabbago, per lb 3c
Turnips, each 5c
Egos and Butter.
���^ggs. wholesale, per dozen,45c to 50��
Eggs, retail, per dozen ....55c to 10c
Butter, retail, per lb 40c to 45c
intter, wholesale, per lb 3����
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15*
White Spring Salmon, per Ib Sc
flounders, per lb 19c
3turgeon, per lb loc
Halibut, per lb. 18c
Steelhead, per lb lie
Smelts, per lb He
Retail  Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 18c
Beef, loin IKe to 22n
Beef, round steak  20c
Boiling beef 10c to 14c
Veal   15c to 25c
Pork ISc to 20c
Sugar cured bacon  25c
Mutton 12c to 20c
Dressed Chicken, per b 25c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large  9c to 10c
Veal, small   14c to 14 iito
Beef, front quarter 9^c to Mc
llerf, hind quarter lie to 12c
Spring lamb  16c
Mutton   10c to 12'4c
Pork     13c to 13if,:
fTens, small, per doz $6 to \*
Hens, large, per doz $S to $1')
Chickens, per doz $4 to $5,50
f'.roilers, per doz $3 to \t
Hens, live, per lb 17c to 19c
("Ihc-kens, live, per lb He to 21c
riucks,  ner doz $7 to IS
Ducks, live, per lb 18c to 20c
Turkeys, live, per lb 31c to 33c
Turkeys, dressed, per lb.  ,.3'Jc to 40c
10 acres on Main road, all cleared, planted  In assorted  fruits
$9500-y3 Cash, baltncein 1, 2, 3 years
British (inadJaFseoiriiies, Ltd.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Umited
Layers of Hauam Compressed Concrete (Patented*
Ferry, Fraser River.
In accordance with chapter 85, R. 3
B. C, 1911, "Ferries Act." the Govern
ment ef British Columbia Invite applications for a charter tor a ferry tc
ply on the Praser lllver between New
Westminster, Port Mass, Annacis Is
land, and Coquitlam.
Applications will be received by the
Hon. Minister cf Public Works up tc
12 o'clock aoon ot Monday, the 9tb
Oecember, U12.
The charter will cover a period ex
pirinj on 31st March. 1914.
Applicants sliall give a descriptor
>f the vessel it is proposed to use, ths
siethod of operation, and the vessel
must conform In all respects to the requirements of the "Caaada Shipping
Aet" aad amending Act.
Applicants Bhall state the toils they
propose to aak for���
Foot passengers (adults), each.
Pool passengers, children under
iklrteea years.
Passenger with saddle-horse.
Passeager with horse and buggy.
Driver with two horses and wagon
loaded er unloaded.
Driver with four horses and wagon
lasted er unloaded.
Cattle and horses, per bead.
Sheep, per head.
Megs, per bead.
!    Calves and colls under one year old
per head
Freight, perishable, per 100 Ib.
Freight, imperishable, per 100 lb.
Tke GoverninoBt of British Colum
: bia le not secessaritf bound to accept
any application submitted.
Public Works Knglneer
i :i��lji ir ��� * ��� of Publie Works,
Vlotoria, I! <;��� 21st November, 1912
ao3 8.
Germany's   Airship   Budget.
London,    Dec.    13���A    Berlin     despatch to the Daily  Kipress says the
military estimates In January call for
$5,000,600 for airships.
The time for receiving applications
for charter for a ferry to ply on the
Fraaer Hirer between New Westminster. Port U inn. Annacis Island and
Coeultlam, is extended up to 12
o'clock of Saturday, the 21st day of
| D����emker. 1912.
The charter wlll eover a period of
five yesrs. explriag ea Slot March.
Public Works ���aftaeer.
Departmeat    ef   Pabllo  Werka.   Tl*
,    toria,   B. C,   3rd   December,   Itlt.
NOTICE T* eONTRACTORS.        I WAI, WMIki*  da��ta of the PttmH
.   ���  ! I"  ia  MBalteba. tMtsBmaStewaa    tat
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.I
OF   WILSON'S   cabin:
Washington, Dec. 18. Ii t Col. 0,
W. Goetl)Al8, chief engln, er of tho
piinii'mi Canal, mav be secretary of
war ln Wilson's cabinet, ls tho belief
His Bid.
llrst Ouver-What did he wnnt for
thnt stun"? Second Ditto-Thirty shillings, llrst Knver-Whiil did you bid
hi iti Y Second Ditto���Good uinrulng.-
I.oudoii Answers.
Nothing to Brag About.
"I never bear you bragging shout
your ancestors."
"No. They all had lo work for a
living too."-Detroit Free Press.
Wraistr   tcheel.
Sealed teadece, seperserikrd "Tea
<er fer Rrsiser Scbccl," will be r*
eelved by the Heserable the Mislstcr
of Public Works up to sees of Wea
aesday, tke l'tb day ef December,
1912, for the erection sad onmpletios
of a large one room school kouse at
Bradaer, la the Delta Electoral nia
iriet, for the Provincial Governmenl
Plans, apeelficaCens, contract, an!
formB of tender may ke seen on nn-1
nfter the 4th day of necetnker, lOU
(t the ofTice of S. A. Fletcher, Govern
ment Agent, New Westminister; Mr
Wm. Merryfield, Secretary Schorl
Hoard. Mount Lehman, R.C.; und til*
PnbHe Worka Department, Parllumen:
Snlldlngs, Victoria. B.C.
Bach proposal must be aecompiiniecl
by sn accepted bank cheque or certlfl
crate of deposit on a chartered Inn*
1 Canada, made payable to the
'lonorable the Minister ef Publi"
Worka. for a sum equal to 10 per
lent, of the tender, which shall hr
forfelted if the party tendering dcclln-
���o enter Into contract when railed
ipon to de bo, er tf he fnll to com
ilete fhe work contracted for. The
cheques er certificates of deposit of
insueeeaaful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution
���f the contract.
Tenders will net he considered un
le��a mnde O'lt cn  the forms supplied
1'gned   wPh   the   flutuftt   signature   o'
ie tenderei, nnd rciclosed In   the cn
, I- ;c | fur;.'"bed.
T'ie lowest, nr any tender not neces
isrlly accepted.
.7. K OTt'FPITH,
Public Works Engineer.
Public Worka Department,
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December, 1912
(200) de5.
*��orta. Mm
���ertkwoot taupaastam aat la a peo-
Sta at tl*. ********* at KM* Oatttm
Ma. m; be leaped ior a tona of two*
t-cm r*s**m at aa sas*** reatal of
ti oa aat.. Not mere tkaa MIS aaree
will kc loosed le maa a***S*B*n.
AppMoatioa Im- a leaae matl be
�����de by the tagatpat Bt penoa l*
Iks Aaaat or Sub-Aspat at ��o ��istricl
la wliich (ho rights applied for are
le surveyed territory the land most
ke doeerlbed ky sections, er legal sub
dlvhdean of seeltoae, and la onsarvey-
'* tnrritory the tract applied for ihaXl
be staked eitt by the applicant him
self. 7
Rach application must be aecem-
meif d ky a fee ef $1 which will be
rnfnscled If the rights applied for are
not smflnMe. bnt net otherwise. A
royalty shnll be paid 0* the merohant-
ible output of the mine at the rate
if  five  cents  per  tea.
The person operating the tola* shall
rnrnisk the Agent with sworn returns
lceonntlsg f��r the foil quantity of
merchantable crml mined and pay the
royalty fherren. If the coal mining
rlghta are not heing operated inch ro-
turns should be furnished at least
once s year.
The. lease will lactude tbe coal min
\ ing rights only, but the leasee will be
I permitted *n purchase whatever avail-
| ible surface rights mtcy be coneldered
-lece-ssary fnr the working of ttie mine
it the rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application
hnrld he mile to lhe Secretary ol
he tepaument ef fhe Interior, Otta
ia. or to i\ny Agonl or BiA-Agent Of
Dominion   Lands.
riepuiv MinlBter of the Interior.
N. n.���nnauthorlied publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
�����  Lorn.  Street,  ���.w  w,.tmlnrt.r.
B. C. Geast Service
Leaves  Vancouver for Victoria  1*
. m., $ p. m. aid llitt.
Loaves Vaaoouvor    (ar Seattle   Ik
a. m. ami 11 p. aa.
I-eaves Vancouver for Nanaimo   >
Vaucouver every Wedneaday 10 p.m..
also Dec. 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 26.'
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster t a.m  Monday,
Wednesday aad Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack T a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday aad Saturday.
a BD. 09ULBT,
Ag cot, Now Weatmlnster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all klnda.   Tools especially.
W Ifolaoes Street Phone IMS
Phona RM4
���II Hamilton St.
SMmney Swooplafc
tovetroMSti Claonln*
������war Connectta*
CiaajMH. ��e*tle Tanks. Etc
ssmttmr-ttm and Pool
Wcfcet aad b**A Ilao
eigars     Ud     Smokies
Wholoaale aad retail.
J. L. Duncan. Ltd.
tW Columbia St.
of   Pipes,
Eighty Room* Now and Modern.
The mast comfortable rooms ln the
eity. Hat and oold water and ateam
radiator la each. Bar and lirst class
cafe run la connection.
Cor. Front aad Begblo St.   Phone 18S
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
828 Clarkson Street. Phone 490.
King's Hotel Pool Room
nest Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, proprietor.'
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R IIS. OWee: Prlneacs St
Transfer Co.
Office Phono 1S6.     ������nt Phona W
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the elty.
Ughft and Heavy Hauling
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Werkman-
thllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Frant Street
��� ' i''%
l ������I
���W'WJMi'h." uk ir.i'H; <Kii��<nniii��snamaii    u.i  i. m��n    ni   ,   ,    ���, m.v *, .a9*atSpii*St***a***a***
Specifications, igreements ot sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
���work specialist. All work strlstly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant Uunk Bldg.   Phone 716.
L. O. 0. M., NO. 854���MEET8 ON
flrat, becond and third Wednesday*
in each month in K. ot P.- hall ai
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H
Price, secretary.
I. 0. O. F AMITY LODGE NO. 17-
Tbe regular meeting of Amity lodgi
No. 27, I. O. O. F., Is held every Mou
day night at 8 o'clock In Odd Pel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon am
Eighth itreet. Visiting bretheri
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson. N
Q.; R, A Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER & HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia street, New Westminster.    Phone 993.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director and Embalmer, 612-618 Agnes
Btreet, opposite Carnegla Library.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 562 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Tele
phone 1070. Cable address "John
ston." Code, Western Union. Offices
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWKLL CLUTE, barrister-ai
law, solicitor, ate; corner Columbl
and McKenala streets. Naw Wast
minster. B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tale
phone 710.
solicitor and notary. 810 Columbii
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 1
and 8, Gulchon block, New West
minster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G
McQuarrie and George L. Casaaay
tara and Sollcltora, Weatialaate:
Trust block, Columbia street, Ne*
Westminster, B.C. Cable addreai
"Whltenide," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 188. Room
Trapp block.
minster Hoard ot Trade meeU ln th
bounl   room, City   Hall, as follow*
Traffic Which Will Be Stopped by the      Mr3 George Adama wIH not receWe
Franch  In Morocco Is One of the  next Monday, nor sgaln until the third
Last Relics   of   Barbarism   Which  Monday ln January.
the Powers Havs Not Succeeded In      ,,      ,   _    ���������      ... .     ������, . .,
_ ,��.,.��,      Mrs. J.  Dorgan will be "at home
Supprassing-Auctlon    Is    Opened on the 8econd Thursday of the month,
1 instead of tbc second Friday aa form-
! erly.
Home Massage,
Probably tliere ure mure queries ns
to tbe uae of massage ut home and
what It can do than any otlier process
in  connection  wltb  the  care  of  tlie  don Daily Mirror, regarding the slave      MlH
luce, so that a few words ou the sub-   trade in Morocco, says: I street
With Prayer.
8. L, r?n��u��nn writing to The Lon-
t T\_I1_   .,:           ��._-   ,.   .      .
M.    M.    English.    Blackford
. ,       - .,,..,,,    entertained    a    few   of   her
Jeet may uot be out of place. As sopn  *���* the tricolor is hoisted  frten(j8 at a work tea��yesterday after-
In the flmt pluce, It is difficult to set   permanently    over    Marakesh.    the  noon
s limit as to the powers of face mas-   *<J��*ni'rn capital of the Moorish Em- ...
sage when employed by skilled und f,"' "1C AK.. w.u pVl an ond, 7 i The many friends of Mrs. Phillips
properly tralued people. One hears of Whvhll 4��5!.0!l i *��� m.a,r- '' who underwent an oueratlon on Mon
really remarkable achievement. tt| ^^a,ton fedtor *?ntorl�� toton** at 8L "V* "MJ>,tal-' *'�� ,b*
muscle building snd facul restoration ca��� &%!^t?m%i�� g"J&*tf *" *** " Pr0Ere"mg
by IU means, and sees the reanlts. ton.   l.uctoo  and  Iho  Imnk-i of  the  Niger  ",vorau'��' ...
while as uu ordinary means uf toning ncross the Sahara desert. These car-j Rt Rev Charles Scaddlng, D D
up tbe akin aud Improving the surruce "vans used In leave Marokrsli and go Bi���hoD 0�� Oregon, arrived In the city
circulation Its benellu are uninvested |''r �� consideruh o journey through 0��� Mondav and waa the guest of ht*
dully. lL���nl.iT��ra.lLB.'r],1CT|Wherii,hereB^ic<>usIn,   Mrs.   G.  E.   Corbould,   until
Uome itiassnge d<H>s not always meet  ?,i, ,   ,      po,  ,'   There Uie camels  Wednesday morning when he return-
with success.   Caution Is most neces-  L^LlS --.Wtf "J '' "]*'  nn<1     ie  ed  to  his  home In  Portland, accom
Caution is ,uu��t neces-   ,������ wonM ,)0 teiam(,tl KCTOii lhe
sury. It Is ouly too easy to do con-; f|.���m t��� ximlmiloo and the le.ser
slderahle harm to thv skin by the ��� towns nlonj the Niger, where there is
Cnsitul riihliing It about, which Is as a ; an ennrnmiu demand Ior salt. It was
rule the |irw-t>s* uutrnlued bauds per-j pni 1 for in gold dii-t. o-lrieli feathers,
form, for wrinkles sre dellberutely In.I "nl slaves, and these unfortunate
duced hy thin treatment, und other' human being*, mnny nf tli?m of ten-
blemishes,   too.     Therefore   tbe   best   "���'*" ''('ar:'' w,'r'' eurried hack on camels
advice Ih as u rule to leave massage
alone altogether, snve In specitlc cases,
for wtilcb pruiier lustructluus can be
Kut mere are a few ends wblcb can
safely ih- attained by faithful per-
slst��tui* st home, and for these a few
scroiS Die Sahara under condition*
that frequently resulted in the death
of 31) nr 40 per cent.
Since the trench occupied Timhuc-
tnn tho value nl the sian traffic hus i      ,, ,,       ,. ,,,..   ��.,.;���
dwindled    very  considerably,   but   to > f1*11* we^: ,JS*t'S^SM &�� Pm!'
thi, day a few   enravnns   msna -e   tn ����*. Mrs. Smith. Mrs  Hall, Mrs. Pros
Struggle throop),.    In tlie great south-  B". M'89 Wr��ley'QM���', U-r.den'_M.lrs
1 Macpherson, Mrs. Schlll,
panlcd by his mother, Mr3. H. S.
Scaddlng, who has been the guest of
Mrs. Corbould for a couple of months.
The I.adleB' Aid Society of the Alta
Vista Haptist church held a very sue
ceasful sale of work on Wednesday
afternoon and evening of this week.
This v.as the flrat event of Ub kind in
the district and the willing workers
feel well pleased with their efforts
Among   those   who   assisted   at the
Miction* may be useful.   To begin I cm csjiitnl there ire nun / Kaid.i who I ��"��>"�����;����� iKiBB����?UW
v.itli. much .'an  be done to maintain! nwn " u'c��l """''��' "' ^"t* and sell   Mrs. Cowhead and Mis. H.ghtns.
tlmse lliey dn not wanl; nnd I  heard I
when  I was in  M ii rn L,-- h some yenrs i
tlie contour of tbe face, and this Is
|,erlia|,s one of tbe most tmportaut
things, for It Is the slmost lui|ierce|>t-
11.le change ln this which marks tb*
tuiKxagr or years most distinctly.
littery one wbo has uuy cure uses
luce cream or skin food for cleansing; croup
and oourlsnlng ber skin, uud tbls can ���>'? ��W' i the Osves either from
tse so upplled tbat the desirable end l���' ""���""* "S flwjMha m��t#M of
2 encompassed When once estreme| ^^���f���� %**$$��� $>> "J
ywiih is passed, slight sngglug of the | .nm(, .,���,,.,,, ie{,{]-nei ]iml |,H,ori, *hv
la.-e comiiieiicee. and to gnuril against * ,M|,,4 tl���,y nr,. dre-sed '. i bright nnd
this ts easy enongb In the mu Jority ttt
MisB Scott, Superintendent of the
n��j that oho nr two men run inititu-1 R��>al Columbian Hospital, was "ai
Cnn�� on lhe line- nf mid furm- Bnd;home" on Monday afternoon for the
U'el   to   reir   cliild   slovei   lor   the
The liti>lnes< I* in the hands nt a
of    nuclinn-'efs   cull il   di'.als.
uttriclive    garments,     generally    of
firBt time this season. Mlss Scott
wearing a handsome black satin gown
reclved her callers in the pretty
rooms of the Nurses' Home, and was
assisted by Miss (iray, who wore a
gown of mauve satin. Ihe pretty
tea table which reminded one ol
ChrlBtmaa, was decorated with red
chiffon and smllax, ln the midst or
wliich was a large bowl of beautiful
red rosea.   Streamers of red satin rib-
rilicn. which   f.rc   only worn during)bon entwined with smllax hung from
tli   sale, nml mn-t lie returned to the! tbe   chandelier   and   were   tied   jusi
Beauty Tips,
riesh color is the best powder Mat',
for most complexions. A plnlli rice!
I jiirwder can be bought for *i'i cents a
i tios. It ia generally pure und sticks tu !
j (he skin better than ordinary tah-vni
I ix: wder.
Miniature stlk roses, perfumed ��Mh .
! any desired sachet powder, cotne all
i wndy to sew In tlie top of the curset,
; within the top of a sleeve or auysrferre
I where n bit of perfume may be vm*
I i-ealed to lend Its sweetness to the ees
| mme These little sachet roses <<eme
' iu while and in pink, nnd a set at theu
1 make a rlinrmlng gift for a dainty girl
Peroxide of hydrogen, combined with
' salt. W a powerful blench, but shenW
"  ,e d��ed onlv  in extreme nines     Wet
imrHotieeri by the purchaser*
*She Charm of fine m��s
and draperies
Is greatly enhanced by suitable Furniture. In our
great stock you will find the best specimens of the
most noted Canadian makers. We count it a privilege
to show you through our store rooms. Five Immense
Floors covered with the best the market affords,
marked at the fairest prices and always in plain
Ib on first up from the main. Here we have assembled a magnificent assortment of Solid Leather
Chairs, Settees, Parlor Suites, Occasional Chairs, Centre Tables, Card Tables, Leather Chairs, Divana.
CellaretteB, Dook Racks, Mirrors, Ladies' Writing Desks, Secretaries, Drawing   Room   Kteraiture   In solid
mahogany, also Parlor Cabinets.   A splendid array, and most suitable tor  Christinas GIB*.
for easy selection, and deliveries made as per your instruction.
AU arranged
  above the table In a large bow.    For
When 1 wn- in Marakesh about ten .the first hour Mrs. Hill and Mrs. J. C.
<*r twelve nf thear- men were ergaeed Brown prevded. Mrs. Corbould and
in fh* -nl,- nl -laves, and eneh liad Mrs. R. E. Walker taking charge
Il1l nwn cnelo.nr' is which the slnveil&om five to six.   They were assisted I
ll.' proposed I !.l wire herded.   The  by her staff. Miss Turnbull, M^ss Fcr-
mirli' t* are held two or three times guson and Mlfcs Sinclair and by sev-1
i w��V. ; eral of the under graduates.   Mrs. A
llclnre the sale the uuctinneers ; r,. Eddy and Mrs. G. B. Corbould cut
m'ngWI theni-elv ���* in Tne. and on ' tne ices at a small table prettily dec
behalf ol all nf tliem t|ip seninr niic.:oratcd with yellow chrysanthemums
linnecr offered up a prayer aloud. He ', aI1a streamers of yellow ribbon and
railed upon the patron saint of the i smilax. ln spite of the heavy fog
city to bless lhn-n who bought nnd quite a number called during the aft-
I'oose who sold the slaves. nn<l his ernoon.
ii'ieranecs.  which did not err nn the I ...
���(���li! ol brevity, were met with a lre-| The cornerstone of the new Royal
���iii-nt response, not only from his j Columbian l'OBpital was laid on Wed
brother    auctioneers    but    from   t''<? 1 nesday afternoon by the  Hon. Henry
Shop early If possible.   Vou -vill fiijd It far more satisfactory and comfortable.   See Santa Claus
Toy Department today.   He has a messatje tor every child In New Westminster.
-��nililed  buyers.    As   soon
raver wus i ht inch auctione
I tn his pen. -orled nut hi*
the i
Young,   Provincial   Secretary
Minister   of   Education.  ���  After I
refreshments   were i
rses'  residence   by
Superintendent, who
er staff and several |
rses.     Mrs.   Rothwell j
members may be proposed and
elected at any montbly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seere
7:55 far Toronto and Nicola branch
14:00 (ar St. Paul    aod   Kootesa;
18:26 tor Agassiz Local.
ID:65 tor imperial   Limited,   Moat
real and Okanagan points.
One and one-third tare for the round
- Tickets on aale Dec. 21 to Jan. 1.
Good to return up to Jan. 6.
For reservation and other   particu
lars apply to
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brn4*a, O.P.A, Vancouvei
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up��....$16,000.000.��
RESERVE    116,000,000.00
Branches thrMfStM Canada ur
Newfoundland, ue la London. Kne
toad, U*w Tork, OS**apa apt Bpeku<
D.8.A.,- ud Meiloo City. A ����n#r��
basking business transacted. Le
ten of Crtrtlt Itaaed. available wit'
correspondents in all parts of tk
Saving! Huk Dipanmut���Deposit
reeel-ed la sums of II Ud upwah)
���ad lnterset allowel at I par out pa
annum  (present rata).
Total Aaseta ovar ll��6,oaO,000.60
O. D. BHTMNBR. Manager
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up.
The Bank has ISO branches,
extending In Canada from tbe
Atlantic to tha Paolflo, In Cuba
throughout tba lslaad; also in
New Poundland. Parto Bloo, Bahamas, Bdrbadoa, Jaiaalca. Trtn
Idad, Dominican Republic, New
Vork and London, Bnf.
Drafts laiaad wlthuot delay
on all tba principal towu ud
cities ln tltt worid. ^Tfcaaa ai-
celent coaftaoMdne afford erary
banking faoUltr.
New Waatmlnatar Sraaeh,
Lawford Rlehardaon, Mgr.
Co TTI p
The Small Waist T1"' :������?����� '""'""j "ccptinn lilpek.
rnnsiml aud constant presmireo* tbe   ".'7" ��l "" ?*''* "nd '"-^"l"1;-,  ,r"m
.  , ; .    .    . ',        _   , .    nl.l men nni women whn coiill com-
���tomnch Is cerUin to bring on danger I     ?nd iin|y (|   |(i      ^-^    (|iiwn   M
ous attacks of Indlgcstloh by crow��ug   |iltk>  (fflildreh.   Who  were  MmwHmes
the Knees np into tbe lungs.
All of these Ilia are so many eneartrs
to s clenr skin, bright eyes ami rl
rill-ions manner. The chronic sufferer
from Indigestion is often dull In wtind
and body. Blek beadnchea n��t�� ttse
cheeks of tbeir natural color and a.m
terla draws deep lines into tbe pliable
muscles ot the fere.
Fortunately tbe day Is past ��'l��r��
my lady beautiful boasts of a waist
no tamer than the bands ran s|����i..
Ahnipt corvee of the hips hsvr given
place to tbe straight lined fleure
wblrti. emrtrary to former belief. glv��
a much more slender effect than the
wasp wstst Moreover tbey are more
youthful. '
Preventing 8unburn.
The best way ro protect tbe tse.
from tan and sunburn Is through np
piyint miM cpenm. over wMch Is put
a getiriwii" cmrtbat of powder. If one
l�� careful to wipe off the excess cream
and tn rub the powder Into the skin
smoothly It will owt sbow. Always do
tbis l��f��re golna ant Into tbe sun and
wind sud en|ieclnlty If going to a trip
on the water. Remember thst It Is
nutrti en��ler to |ieerent tan and sun
burn than It Is to get rid uf them
after they are once ���eqiilrvd.
Liquid Pawdsr.
While the effect ur the constant use
of  liquid  powder  Is aften  extremely
iipleiHunt It may he ased at Intervals
wltl t fear of Injury tu tbe skin. On*
of the bi-t |>ean white liquid* Is made
hy combining I'A ounces of bismuth
siihciirlHiuat* with enough wster to
make six ounce* In all. Itain water
should l>e uwd if ponsible. Thr bot lis
ninnf always tie shaken well before *i��-
plyiiiK the powder. Be careful not to
apply It tin, ceuerously or It will give
tbe effect uf facial enamel.
Shaping a Nese.
Massage will help very largely ta Improve the shape of tbe nose. Thl* le
done with tbe thumb nnd foreflncer
applied to ench side of the nose. IWgla
at the bridge and work down to tbt
end of tbe nose with gentle pressure
snd n rotary motion. Let the flnger
work cnrefully Into the seams formed
where the nos* Joins the face. In this
way the wings ot the nose ean he
nha'ped by the Angers sod wonderfully
narrowed ir persisted In every day for
sum* mouths.
Injured Will Recover.
Midland, Dec. 18.���Engineer Her
bert Elliott and Fireman Hanley With-,
erup, who were injured in the wreck
on the Q. T. P. here yesterday, in
which Flreman-< Rtdpath was killed,
will recover. It was at first thought
, theli; JiiJwlM ware���tat��l���. .
orfir.'i1 with Iheir mother", but enld
In* separated if Aeci*sssry, Thi-*
������epur-ition led from time t-i time lo
Sritiut    too    painful   fur   d.'-cripiion
Whf��n n purchus,,r hutl selected the
stave likelv to suit llis r.'quiivtiieiiN
there Wotlld lie snme exuniiniit.nn.
eonsistin1-' orenerully of feeling the
roo^��lo�� snd exumining the teeth, for
the Moor-" uttuch urent impirtsnce to
lh*' condition ol n sluve's teclh. and
one whose mnutli Is in u hod plielit
tin find no purchuser save at u very
lo.v furore.
Tlv middle rgod nnd the younu
wo��ild prnbulily be purchased for work
tn the field", while Ihe young t>ir|s
were boilglii fn the linr.'in. and Ihe
lioys were clt.-n liouuhl to be Com-
psn'mns tn Ih- -ons of t'ie buyer, it
Wtni: the eu'tnm in Morocco to give
s Ind a fluvc-cnmpaninn of mIioiii Ins
ow i nue whn grows up villi him und
liMurilPS hi.-. cnnfH'nliul servant, often
reiehiig n position of importance in
tb - household.
When n buyer hud selected his slave
) would mnke an off-r for him. und
Jh.i dilsl w<inld then reMime hi<
tru > round lh.' marketplace, lead-
imr lh>t ��lnvj or slaves sel cted nnd
nami i; ths pr>ce Ihat hnd been oiler-
id. II ii'tcr twn or three promenades
nohody l>eltered this price the wile
wiiiid li.1 concluded.
The lnhnvior ol the slaves varied
very considerably. The old people (or
th: most ;iarl wte   nnt   goiun   into
��� luvory for tl.e first lime, snd were
pnti.*<jucni'y Indifferent, Snm" of
llu younger ones were nhvion-ly
keenlv intcre'ted. doiihlless won.ler-
ing whellie- late would send Ihem ii
good or ii bad mmter. The children
nere clearly Irightened, some ot tliem
clinging pa'siniiutcly to their motber-
aiM n-eding loro hefore tliey could
|,p sepnriileil, whi'e > few who were
su-'pected jf having tin utitrsctsble
d'lposltiiin were led through the market with Iheir ii'tiis tied behind tlieir
harks. Pom-times two unruly rlsvet
nr-' tied Innetlier.
Thu ttroug .,en and the sttrnctive
women and girls nre slws ' sold lirst.
snd the prices in some ease* ri-e (fi
hii.idrrri' ,| dollnrs, thoiiuli I invcr
i" - more than the equivalent nl ClID
in F.nqlish, "loney psld for anybody,
and thii wns exceptional.
"aluting a Qhost.
A famous Scotch dean used to tell
* irhc-l story the clew fo which is in
the question, "Wed, Minster (ihaist,
Is thii a gen.ml riling or Hre ye Just
tskiuc a daunder free yer grave bj
Buy Farm Land.
Saskatoon, Sask., Dae. 18.���W. B.
H. Carter and two associates of Toronto,, have purohased 6080 acrea Ot
farm land three miles north of KHkle
for 1130,000. The block consists of
iip^^pd,^ haJCuactions.  ,
and Miss Wright presided at the tea | a suite formerly occupied by the late
table, and the Ices were cut by Miss | uaron Mrashall von B.eberstein dur-
Corbould.    Rushton's  orchestra  play- service as German ani
ed   several   pretty  selections   dunng      s
the afternoon     Among those noticed   bassador here.
in the tea rcoms were: Mayor and At Claridge's Hotel twenty-five
Mrs. J. A. Lee, Alderman and Mra. rooms have been reserved for tbe
Henley, Mr. T. Gifford. M. p- p-_*���' Greek delegates and eight rooms foi
tT rPofhwe^Knd S^r U. Servians. The Montenegrin, are
j Trapp. Dr. and Mrs. Drew. Dr. and in luxurious quarters at the Hyde
Mrs. R.E. Walker, Dr. and Mrs. park Hotel ���
Green,  Mr. and  Mrs.  J. J- Johnson,      The actual t|me Bt which   Sir Ed
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Reeve Merryfield of-Matsqui. Mr. and
Mrs. C. G. Major, Mr. and Mra. Dun
can. Mr. and Mra Lusby. Alderman
Curtis. Mrs. A. J. HiH, Mr. P. Hill. Mr.
and Mrs. George Small. Rev. and Mrs.
E. G. Thompson, Mr.- and Mrs. J. A.
Montgomery. Mrs. E. J. Fader. Mr.
and Mrs. William Reid. Dr. and Mrs.
Manchester, Dr. Ella Scirlett Synge
Mr Pearce, ot Victoria; Mr. and Mrs
DHL Vancouver; Mr. J. Stilwell Clute
Sr Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Hender��on
Dr. McEwen. Dr. Wilson. Mrs. Withers, Mlss Withers. Miss Ftlmore. Mlsa
Wright. Mlss Corbould. Mlss Dawe.
Mlss Tidy and Mlss N. Hoy.
Representatives of Victorious Balkan
States Arrive In London for
Conferences Monday.
London, Dec. 13.���The Greeka, Servian and Montenegrin peace delegates, who arrived hero were received with a heart-warming welcome
from hundreds ,of their fellow qountry-
inen who gathered at Charing Crow
station to nioef.thorn, aa representing
the Balkan Alllauoe came here prepared to ratify the Treaty of London,
whloh Is expettfed to'end forever ihe
misrule of the turk la the Near Eaat.
Just before 11 o'clock the boat
train drew In at the etatlon and there
was a rush for the pullmans, at the
windows oi which could be seen the
tired but smiling faces of the dele
gates from tue battlefields of the
Hoarse voices la languages rarely
heard here oalled tor cheers, ud
thera was a roar of welcome and a
great waving of hgts as the Greeks.
Servian and Montenegrin representatives, with^London policeman Clearing a path Mr them, made their way
to automowjee waiting to take them
to thel* howls.
Residents of London at the station
gates on hearing the cheers lifted
their Jsajsaflfce man representing the
brave soldiers who have fought and
won thalKWWi were whirled into the
crowded Siatt-i Ud to the hotels.
The Bulgarian representatives have
sutj^ea; Is^^Jfti U-Carlton, occupjtat
ward Grey will receive the delegates
at the Foreign Office will not be set
until after tbe arrival of tbe Turkish
representatives, but it is possible thc
foreign secretary will welcome the
peaoe-makerB In a body this afternoon.
The late arrival of some of the delegates makes lt Impossible for tha
conference at St. James Palace to be
opened before Monday. All the state
rooms at the palace will be at the disposal of the delegates and the picture
gallery will be the conference  room.
The general hospitality which ths
government will extend to the delegates Includes provision tor a luncheon at the palace of the lord mayor.
It was intimated today to Sir Edward Grey that citizens of London
wished to welcome and entertain the
delegates during their stay here and
there probably will be a great banquet at the Guildhall when the sessions ot the conference end.
None of the delegates would talk
last night about the conference but
all were in a decidedly optimistic
M. Venizelos, the Greek premier,
on the trip from Folkestone to this
city last evening, ln an interview with
Dr. E. J. Dillon, after denouncing aa a
ruel canard the charge that Roumanians had been massacred hy
Greeks, delivered a staggering blosr
at Turkish Intrigue by entering an
emphatic dental of tho stories that tho
Balkan Alliance have split their coalition and are breaking up.
M. Venlxelos, who was the father of
the alliance and realties better than
anyone In the  Near Bast, that tho
Balkan states united wlll win ud
divided are certain to lose, aald:
"The coalition is u firm today as
when the armies of tha alllta ��� advanced like one, entirely moved by a
single will. .. _.
"It will not vanish two or three
days after, as lt hae accomplished
only part of Its work���a brilliant part,
no doubt, and a heroic part and much
has been aobteved.
"I trust and believe, nay, feel confident, that we shall keep the treaty,
tor lt It to the Interest ot each Ud all.
Coincident with tha arrival ot the
delegates here came the unounce-
ment trom Vienna that the vanarkble
Hhnperor Pranolt Joaaph waa receiving the retiring Servian minister to
A.uttrla ln farewell audlanoa yeaterday morning.
After conferring anon him the
grand croes of the Order of ftt. l��<>;
pold tbe Bmperor declared impret-
slvely thtt he had the greatest COB:
fldenee that the peace of Europe
would he preserved,
Connecting wltb G. T. P. Railway for potato Eaat; alao with SS.
"Prince- John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Maasett aad Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Hupert and way   porta,   3rd,
ISth and 23rd ef each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
H. G. SMITH, C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Stroet.
THE wonderful
success of Fit-
Reform is due tot
the fact that it enables
thousands of men, in
every part of Canada, tat*
wear garments designed
and tailored by masters,
of the craft.
Whether you select tbe
lowest or tbe highest
priced garments, you wfll'
find the same attention
has been given to every
An inspection of our
Wardrobes will show yon
better than words what
Fit-Reform offers you.
C M. GREEN, Managpc. +A13B-Ptttitt
8ATUR0AY, DECEMBER 14, 1912.
every   morning   except
by The National Printing and
Co., Ltd., at their office.
��3  MeKenste  Street,   New   Westmin
atar. B  C.
���Titorlal Office   991
By carrier $4 par year, fl for three
aom'fir   or toe per month.
By mail $3 per   year,   or   25c   per
Mo letters will be published in th>
o.ccpt over the writer's slgna
Tbe editor reserves the righ'
tefnse the publication of any letter.
Atlantic trip. This makes the Canadian route just tbat much safer, than
the more southerly one, for since tbe
Titanic's sinking it ls generally acknowledged that icebergs an* ice
floes form the greatest danger that
exists in ocean travel.
Prof. Barnes' discoveries have done
much to make ocean travel safe. His
explanation of the superiority of tho
Canadian route ls another service b��
has rendered Canada, and his explanation of the facts cannot be too widely
known.���Ottawa Free Press.
In tbc consideration of naval de
*enr* eeben-ej and the comparison ol
tftosr put forward for adoption by
$fr���Bi with tfro policies already bo
lag jcretxd by tbe other overseas
4tonun��rc.5 ic ts as well to rrmembei
���tkat tiw pwptes of those dominions
ens PBm *K��i from us in many re
Wero Ra pontic of Canada made
ngi a*m*p& <n ..-*���-���-* :'* tbose of Britis'i
kktfc cr ���nS: i ���'.-����� ai :ire the people3
*ot Wm tap* t.i' dasfas dominions,
asf Inti in' kaaa wt ... the same
i*m riwiprnnitMaM-'' and politically
i tfh.-w* ii.iii.:i i:- i. Jiere can be little
���Sun; ms r ��� I tt bring thc last
tt 3jnn <}iii!'i h:h.�� 'o ... ne into line
���w.iu mitmv ;r sirs cr men in the
mam* tuttmmt ..' ;he empire, Canada
w'iiiki   tun*  Jias:<d  New  Zealand  for
Or ���se tvote nearer home, the nver-
3tp* Vftfr'-Edlander looks upon the
as a.-n* stips from a very different
s.Ts-sljcir.t to that taken by the habi
Cast of Quebec cr by the foreign born
hoTciii id' r upon tho prairie. Herein
lies the difficulty before Canadian
statesmen of either party in framing
a trnly national and imperial policy.
st difficulty also, whicli. from present
inilicnlw.ns. will be duplicated in
South Africa.
Herein also the present war of
partn .. ever the subject is the more
to br iJeplored than a similar strife In
the Southern Pacific lirilains.
Wc must learn to walk before we
cu run. Our sister dominions have
for a long period of years recognized
the debt they owed to the Imperial
navy which has guarded their very
fiei,ig  and    thi ir    gn wing    M nbor/t ;
Tho ideal democratic state wa3 one
In whicli every elector had equal political rights, in which every elector
could voie for the candidate whom he
preferred without throwing away hli
lt was only where every elector had
unrestricted freedom of choice in the
exercise of his vote that they could
hope to secure that vigilant interest In
public affairs by the greatest possible
number of citizens which every philosopher from Aristotle downwards
had declared to be the distinguishing
mark of an Ideal state.
The Ideal state, further, was one In
which  men of character,  ideals   and
I convictions���or, in other words, every
j man who wished to serve the state���
could find an entrance to the repre-
i sentatlve assembly if he could secure
: the support of a sufficient number of
electors to entitle him to a seat. The
ideal state was one in which the mem-
, hers of  the   representative  assembly
took a long view of the national requirements;  in  which they fearlessly
I gave utterance to their honest opinions:  In wllich they discussed public
ntiestions from the  standpoint  of national, not of party Interest;  and in
' which they came to conclusions  only
; after full deliberation and discussion.
The Ideal state, in addition, waB one
! in   which   independence   of   thought,
j spontaneous   opinion,   initiative   'and
| self-confidence were encouraged, ��n.l
in which moral courage was the prevailing note of the whole  community.
If we could prove to their satisfaction that   the   present   representative
system  tended to hinder the realization of every one of those ideals and
that the system of proportional representation   tended  to secure   their attainment, he would   confidently claim
their sunport as membei-3 of the proportional       representation       society,
which was now embarking on a cam-
naign for the recovery of those   lost
ideals on the realization of which the
greatness a"d  thn   prosperity  of our
eirntrv and rf the emo're de-iend.���
Earl Grey, in Glassow City Hall.
. I I
I Australia's Experts Are Experts
Their Work Is Marvellous.
In a country sr, dependent
bones as Australia it is inevitable
that the figure of tlle horse breaker
��hnuld loom lart'e and Bhould com-
rniinil specia) attention in tlie bush,
where he plies his arduous und somewhat dangerous trade in full view of
a community in whicli every num is
inrire or less a horseman,
The Australian horse bn-aker, says
W. H. Ogilvie, writing in Haily's Magazine, travels fr..>m stutien to station
on horseback, leading a packliorss,
wliich   carries   his   blankets   mil   be-
Purity in food, lower cost of living���
these are the demands of the day.
Pure food is health, and health is economy itself.   We cannot have health without healthful food.
The most healthful foods are the quickly raised flour foods���
* biscuit, Cake, muffins, crusts and other pastry when perfectly
made from wholesome ingredients.
Dr. PRICE'S baking powder makes these foods in specially
attractive, appetizing and wholesome form, and for both
economic and hygienic reasons, such foods should be more
largely substituted for meat in the daily diet.
But bear iii mind that alum, or
unwholesome baking powder, can
J      never make pure, wholesome food.
i il   ��..
hilars SPEECH
Conservative     Publications    Criticize
Policy et Opposition���Liberal Or-
.. gans   Praise.
posal of the Empire in time of trouble��� a Canadian navy paid for and
maintained by this country, manned
by the Canadian and built as tar as
possible in Canadian shipyards."
Dec.   13.���The    Chronicle,
the  Liberal   naval   policy.
Crude.   Tliey have rendered,    during ! IdhgingB and sonic of the smaller ar-
that period, not tribute, bul migrudgeJ   ',**8 of. I,is trade, SUth as mouthing
m . . ..       ,  -   . ,        ��-ts.  patent hea.sta.ls,   lii.-lib.es,  sur-
first in money and then in ship.-1 ein,,u^ or ..l:icku,-. a6 it [a can'ed   U
to the Imperial Government
The Borden policy is not Canada's
permanent policy. That, we have no
��loubt, will come later, just as those
vt the other dominions are even now
���mshx eidived.
By ��eeuring representation upon the
Imperial council of defence and by
contributing three dreadnoughts to
the Imperial fleet It Is open to doubt
whether. Judged from the standard
���et by tbe other dominions, Canada
bas oadc tip for past omissions. But
fco��r=Ter that may be, the present
inlitj meets the present reed, and all
Canadians possessed of any apprecia
tion of their Imperial heritage siiould
svppor' the proposal now before the
Dominion House.
Montreal, Dec. 13.��� The Gazette
this morning comments as follows ou
d.r Wilfrid Launer'p amendment to
Lhe NaSaUglll:
"Sir 'Mlfflfrid -i��t����ler, as the result
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier has struc.lt the
clear note of a proud Canadian nationality and virile Canadian manhood.
"The policy embodied in the amend
ment submitted by Sir Wilfrid Hurler is the logical development of tlw
policy upon which the Laurier government embarked in 191D."
Dec. Im
policy. .
-The   naih-
cial newspaper in Bavaria, says that
strong reasons of state dictate that
the view held everywhere in the land
Bhould prevail and the constitutional
life of Havaria should be given that
vigor which can only be associated
with personal exercise of the sovereignty.
News I
American steamship companies are
endeavoring to convince the public,
���specially since the Titanic disaster,
that   the   American    route   from   New
Tork to Liverpool, and Europe, is the
<inly aate one. and tliat there is danger co the Canad.au route from Ice-
' tiers:i. As a matter of fact as shown
in a most luterestlag lecture here by
Prot Barnes of McGill, the other c\e
rdn^.  the  Canad,an   route   Is  a  safer
enr than ibe American rou\e, More
over, ihe United States companies, in
i ���������imi hi lng that they aro moving thoir
���cross- ocean steamship lanes fifty or
-sixty miles furthei south, are doing
no with tin knowledge thai such u
mow while ..... ilblj ri oi bui ng to th
public, is reassuring travelers upon a
:.Calep premises.
The reason for thia statement Ilea
Ma the Tact that lhe Icebergs coming
dtana the north pasl Hudson's Bay and
into the Atlantic trawl along a well
fine,1 course. They float along
at is pracl cally u river In thi
Al the point the Liverpool
*Xt*** bi-a steamer.) cross tills river of
rgs, lbe icebergs ned floes in
tion are not yel Bpread out. The
ptaasner \t-.imi* ili-ugh them In s!>:
���r Kveii hours travel.
On   lhe  other   Imt..!   d-.wn   nnposlti
, tS*.   VoiV. t::l\\.. ��� t ii  lii:- sieam
���hin imil'' l '.... rpci 1
fc��c uli. .    .   . ihrouch I'u
Hftver of ice!.i i  w'nere il  :
eh   widi"-     'i i it   Is   tli n  lc< bergo
down Davis Strait, nnd from th"
i they enter tin- Atlantic they onen
is a fan-shaped   manner,     The
��� south one goes, that Is so long
ithe icebergs nre sllll In existence,
l wider Is the area across which Ice
i met.
while Canadian boats on the
route pass  through the ice
i hours or thereabouts, the Am-
twelve hours.    That  is Can-
boats are  In   danger   from  ice
little over halt the time   the
toals are during the crosa
I supplied by tlie Btatlon on which he
| works.
Arrived at the station on which he
is to work, he is given help in uiuster-
j lng the three-year-olds out of the
hush padilock, where they probably
have run since they were foals; they
are put in a small horse paddock, from
which they can be conveniently run
into the stockyard in batches of two
or three, as required, and the breaker  is  then   left  tfl  his   own  devices.
i From that hour onward he is an ei;i-
Iperor  in  the amall,  round  yard  in
| which  he spends  his  days.
I A day antl a half or two days ol
handling, mounting   and   driving   in
! reins, then the saddle and the fight for
l master.-. The less confident the rider
the longer the preliminary handling; j
J but as all these professional breakers
are,  with  scarcely  an  exception,  su-
j perh horsemen, they prefer to waste
as   little   time   as   possible   on   the
.ground, trusting to teach their mount
both   mouth   and  manners  after  tliey
j are in the Haii.Ke.
| Considering the speed 'with wliich
t'ie average station horse is broken
in, it is much to tlie credit ..f the
breaker tliat he turns cut as j.leasint
a hack as he does, ami that, gem rally
���peaking, l.e is quiet enough for any
��� uie to ride when the train t give'
him over. As the bre k'r is laid by
the head, he naturally tries to get
through his werit as quiok'.y aa p..s-
bible, hut th? time hc must keep hia
bor���' i in hand (ie;-tiitd8 to a great ex
t ���. t o.l tie horsemanship Oi the n.en
(1/0 the station.
I. thl -e men nr ��� good riders, or
even fair riders, they will take the
.oit-. i .in Inm In a lew days, n at
the latest in a week; but if tliey are
tin.il. or reluctant to risk tlu.r.i.e ks
on an unknown quantity in h rsitle-h,
he may have to ride tlie .-nine  lone
inline.: i. r nearly a month, and, ol
course, really Iind horses always delay
Of the Courage and resi urce ol the
bush horse breaker a volume c. u'.il li ���
[written. His hest work is not always
done, in the glare of publicity. It la
not so hard to ride a buikjumper, (or
Instance, before a clicerin; crowl of
Stockmen, ready to applaud every
clever move of the rider; but it takes
courage ��� cool, confident courage ���
to ride the same horse alone in the
bush, when a fall may iii"an being
dragged in the stirrup or kicked, with
no one at hand t-> assist or to applau I.
Vet rea riv every day the horse
breaker rides a c.,.t out into the bush
a., i.e. trusting to h.s superb horsemanship to pull  him  through,    lie
i .ii ��� home "|l r perhapn a battle
i . :.. wiih li a mount, but no one
guesses the danger that he has laced
One hears sometimes of llie horse
lireaker whom Oo horse lias ever suc-
e't'ilcA in throwing from the saddle.
Sueii tales may be received with caution. The very best rider is Si me-
rtimes canglit napping, ami just as the
! most sure-foot -1 horse mny one day
trip and fall, so the most accomplished of horsemen may be thrown, We
have yet to meet the breaker who has
ii2vcr been caiuht ofl h.3 guari.
of the government's proposals  In  re-1 and   Leader, commenting  lo  Premier
gard   to  the  Imperial   naval   defense | Borden's Naval Bill, says:
found himself in an awkward poaition. |    "The plan for establishing a Cana-
iian fleet unit on each of her ocean
Mr. Borden'b policy has been well received. In Canada it was regarded
as promising soipetliing immediate
ind effective towards strengthening
the chief protective force of Great
Britain and of Great Britain's trade.
"Mr. Hazen was justified in describing Sir Wilfrid Laurler's amend
ment as having been prepared simply
from the Point cf view of party strategy, and as a piece of party strategy.
it Is weak. It sng^flBts a desire to op
pose the government rather than t,
purpose, t��: strengthen the navy,
either now pr In the early future."
Pondered- Lona;   Chose Wrong.
Toronto, ��ec. in.���The Mail and
Empire, commenting on Sir Wilfrid
Ijturier'B eaval tyubeme. says:
"Sir Wifrid hae pondered long and
choacn wrong. The way was made
easy for him to tnke the hetter part
but he deliberately preferred the
worse and sought to make that appear the better. As if fated to continue in the.icourse of blunderlne un
on which to' entered when he loined
'n Ihe Taft' Ifeciproclty pact. Sir W'l-
rrld I nur'ijr.'��� vesterday took up the
weapons of |ar;ty against the IWde"
naw poJ'cV.T 'f* v'ser mrtv i**'*'-**'
'.���ni'lit ��ct'.'li>ve rvi<<" that ni'stake
3!r Wilfred's rerlv vill vearv of Kuch
leadership, tte'hss net hurt the Ror-
ilen scheme, but has damaged hl3��own
coasts, built, malnta'ned and. so far
as possible, manned by Canadians,
and ready to go to the aid of Oreat
Britain In an emergency, deea give
the Dominion what Mr. Borden's
scheme does not���a murltlme force of
Its own. It also avoids the grave objection to which Mr. Borden's proposal is certainly exnosed--that It
weakens. If It does not whollv destroy,
the control of the House of Commons
over onr foreign noliev. Serious tn
itself, such a fundamental change becomes More serious still when c-irrled
out. not as a result of parliamentary
Keep Ycur Eye on
Kine 50 foot orchard lot, |8B0,
$2r,D cash,- balance 6, 11 and 18
Improved 1-4 acre lot. with
4 room house. $900. Kasy terms
but must be sold quick if at thiB
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$800, $10 cash and $lu monthly.
S3 foot cleared lot, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs S Co.
East  Burnaby.
deliberation, but under
tnlralty transaction."
a secret   ad-
A    Divided
Londmt.    Ol.t;,' Dee
Press Says;
"Sir WlHr'dSkf.aurler'B policy declares for a fh et. each beaded by one
DreadnoagSt, *n rach "r Canada's
coasts. Either of theso fleets would
be uiiip.noriaut In any attack which
"Ight bo made by a foreign enemv.
Tnibd tbey might make a atand. Divided they [could not,     a   Japanese
fleet sailing against tiie Panif'C coasl
would rttgiSd one of S'r Wilfrids
fleets aa a plcnio. Inevitably it iimsl
ho accepted: that only a united lmper
la! fleet is of real consequence."
fi.   last-O-oiortunity..
Quebec! pedT 13.-The Chronicle
savs this juerniiig:
"Sir Wilfrid I.auror has lost the
opportunity of his We time to go cn
ecord as a [statesman who could rise
ibovo petty .p'irty politics. He begins
by a statement thai the matter is too
^rent. too sax.red to be the occasion of
making political capital out of it.
Then he straight,avav proceeds to
'.ake the very c.cV.rsp which he affects |
t.o dorlorb;"'
A   Llbenl   View.
St. John. N. II. rice. 13. -Tho  Tele-
! graph todav, i;iys:
"Sir"Wilfrid Uuiricr in the great
speech he delivered yesterday on the
naval uuestlon, went straight to ths
heart of the whole matter and pro-
rosed a policv infinitely more sound
than that of Mr Borden, In ihat it provides for all llm Rsenlialn. That is
to say. Sir W'lfrld proposes that Canada shall give ,*>rfeet ive aid in tho
matter of nSva)' power;   a truly  pa-
i troltic nnd Canadian policy, not merely  sending monev  to  Great   Britain.
| but prepaxirtg and placing at the dls-
.     I
Tire of Being Ruled by Shadow of
Munich, Bavaria, Dec. 13���The demand fnr an actual king instead of
the shadow of a monarch, Ib spreading widely in Bavaria.
The clerical newspapers in cIohs
touch with the Bavarian cabinet, today join the liberal newspapers In
orginc the new prnco regent to assume the crown ef ' '-dwlg III. The
rhan<re    *.-o"1d    involve     comnl'cated
censttPitiona! alterations, hut th.'tnost
deltoate po'nt in conncct'on with the
| iptH'r Is. "ce^rd'ng to acqna'ntanc^s
[of Prince I.rdwlg. the flnd'ng of a
RUltttile form in wWe^ the cemmuni-
"itn  *****  popular wish  to  the  regent
The Nachrichten, Ibe moat tnfluen-
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There never was a sweeter line writen than "What Is home without a mother." But we would like to c I your attention to another
little line that Ib, __^^
"What is Christmas
without a
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I'oinsettas, etc. Also * flna line Of potted plants, auch as Ferns,
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baskets and brass Jtrdlnlers riled with l'crns and Flowering I'lant3.
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your Cistern friends some Holly and Mistletoe.
Edison  Theatre
COMING MON. and TUES., DEC. 16 and 17
: i
Pathe Special in Four Parts
Story of a prodigal eon who, having killed his mother and sister
andmade a street beggar of his aged father by his extravagance and
wild deeds, suffers a career of unbelievable hardships, but finally returns home���a man. Ths prodigal's life dramatically told In wonderful pictures.
"Is that 312" ?
"Yes, 312, Eastman & Wamsley
"What have you  in GOOD
"We have and can deliver
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Eastman & Wamsley
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The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts aad letters of credit
sold payable ln all pnrts ot tiie world.   Sariags baak department at
all brunches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th mmI Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
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Five roomed bungalow, new, Regina street;   full  sized  basement, >
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451 Columbia Street        Phene 669 **�����.
SATURDAV,   DECEMBER   14.   1012.
...   ...       ������ t    g,       g   ������;���  J        _  ���    .   ���
��:cred Four Goals to Six of Islanders
���Lack of Practice���Prodgers
In Form.
Victoria, .Dec. 13.���New Westmln
ster suffered its second defeat of th*
hockey season tbls evening when th<-
Victorlas, playing before 4000 spectators, won out to the score of 6-4.
The game was replete with sensational dashes by either team, although
the shooting of the cupholders via.,
woefully weak at times, and this nc
counted for several sure goals being
Jimmy Gardner's bunch played an
uphill game against a team which had
been practicing Intact for the pas*
three weeks, while the Royals have
not yet got down to combination work.
Lester Patrick, Goldle Prodgers and
Lindsay were the features for the
Capital City outfit, 'Prodgers golns
right tbrough the bunch on ono occasion. Tommy Dunderdale, however,
accounted for the scoring sheet, hla
passing being a feature.
The, crowd was tbe largest thai
has ever attended a Victoria rink and
demonstrates the strong hold that the
winter game, ls gaining on the Island
Fred Taylor and Si Griffls were th��
officials and had very little work to
<lo as the game was remarkably clean.
��� <>���������������������������������.>���
Senior League���
Hovers vs. Westham Island,
Moody Park, 2:30.
Junior Alliance���
R. C. H. 8. vs.   Sixth   Regl-
ment, Moody Park, 1:30.
City League���
Bankers vs. Burnaby, Sapperton Park, 2:30.
Senior Amateur League���
Coquitlam vs. B. C. E. R.,
Firemen, Vaucouver, vs. New
Westminster, Queens Park,
hiblt intermarriage of whites and negroes.
The measure,'a direct result of the
recent marriage of Jack Johnson, the
negro pugilist, with a white girl, did
not get to a vote, but it enlivened a
dull day's proceedings and incidental
ly aiding in a filibuster of Representative Goldfogel, of New Vork, that
seift the Burnett illiteracy test immigration bill over until January.
Mr. Roddenbery prophesied that tbe
legal sanction of mixed marriages ultimately might bring this country to a
conflict. In Cbicago, he said, not oniy
Is the white slave traffic carried on,
"but the white girls of this country
are made tbe slaves of an African
brute, sanctioned by the laws of the
state and solemnized by a form of
the marriage ceremony."
There is nothing more acceptable   for   Christmas   presents   than
handsome, well finished Sheffield Cutlery and Plated Ware.
We show an elegant line of the best manufacturers.
Call early before our assortment is broken.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONf 237.
Chances of Bankers.
Having recovered from the stinging
defeate of last Saturday against the
City, the Bankers will tackle Burnaby
on the Sapperton grounds this afternoon. The chances of the Bankers to
win the championship hinges on the
decision of the league delegates as to
tbe protest of last Saturday, and If
the game Is thrown out, they will still
have a chance with Sapperton. Today's game starts, at i:HI o'clock.
��� .'fti ���'���'    i .
Columbian College Beat Hustlers���Y.
M. C. A. Down Vancouver Champions of B. C.
Two big surprises took place last
evening in basketball circles, the
Hustlers going down to defeat beforo
the Columbian College quintette,
while the Y. M. C. A. five defeated
the 135 pound champions of B. C. tho
Vancouver Y. M. C. A. team.
- The victory of tho Collegians was
a brilliant one and though only one
]u>lnt separated the two teams at halt
time, the college boys pulled away
from the Sangster family to the tune
ct 23-16. Tlm Mahoney handled the
Same In his usual style.
At tbe Y. M. C. A. the champion
Vancouver team received a rude Jolt
at the hands of tbe local Y's, who
piled up some 35 points to the visitors'
25. Gilley was the star for Westminster, netting the sphere on six occasions.
As a preliminary the Vancouver
senior employed defeated the Y'3
secend aggregation 32-15. Mr. G. I.
Sovereign handled both games.
The Y's will visit Vancouver In-a
return game next Monday evening.
Hockey Girls Confident.
The members of the Royal City
High School Hockey club will leave
for Coquitlam on the 9:25 train, where
thev will meet the recently organized
ladles' club of that place. The girls-
of the Royal City are looking for a
pleasant time at the Industrial centre
and feel confident of winning the
The New Westminster Loyal Order
of Moose offer a theatrical event for
��� the citizens of the Royal City that
promises to bo one of the really good
entertainments of the season. "Moose
In Burnt Cork" as presented in the
Imperial theatre In Vancouver on De-
comber 9, 10 and 11. Is to be produced
in the Opera House on Thuraday even
ing next.
The press notices from Vancouver
speak very highly of the production In
that city and local theatregoers can
rest assured of seeing an even better
show, as the local Btage ts larger and
very much better suited for such a
spectactnlar production. The oblect
of the show ls to furnish good cheer
for a number of poor families at the
approaching Christmas time. More
will be said of this later. Seats will
be on sale at Tldv. the florist's, starting Monday morning.
Indoor Baseball at "Y."
The High School    indoor   baseball
team will meet tbe senior Y. M.'C. A
nine this evening at the Y. M. C. A.
-Ice by
Sapperton Included in League
December 28.
Sapperton is to be represented in
the Westminster Amateur Ice Hockey
League. This was decided upon last
evening and It ii probable that Burns
bv wlll also be accepted In tho organ!
President Fred Lynch was In the
ciialr and great headway was made to
ward arrangements bjlng perfected
for the opening of the season. It if
understood that Ice will' be ready *'
the Arena on the afternoon of Decern
ber 28.
All team managers were instructed
to hand in    the   list   of tlurir jigtiedi
players to the secretary on or oefor'
December 20.
Passage and Assent' of New Act
Causes  Exodus of Several.
London, Dec. 13.���What is known as
the White Slave Traffic Bill received
the royal assent yesterday and Immediately became operative. A number
of notorious offenders in consequence
fled from London.
The provisions of the bill empower
a constable to take Iuto custody without a warrant, any person be has
cause to suspect of committing or attempting to commit violations of tbe
law. Such a person may, ln addition
to suffering a term of imprisonment,
be sentenced   to be whipped.     Meu
Another waltz operetta is coming to
town, and will be seen at the Opera
House next Friday. This time John
Cort's production of Helnrlch Berte's
"The Rose of Panama," will be offered local music patrons for the first
time and with none other tban Chap-
Ine, the little Frenchwoman who won
oritlcal New York ln a single night,
In the prima donna role.
Tho action of the opera takes place
In Central America, where the revolu
tlons come from. There Is, of course',
a revolution in good working order in
this new piece. The story has to do
principally with a flirting president
an attractive stenographer, a cowboy
officer, a jealous Spanish girl and
numerous other characters that go to
make uo an entertainment of delightful kind.
It Is In the score, however, that
"The Rose of Panama," holds Its cblef
charm. There are more than twenty
numbers of unusual beauty, including
walt7es and other dance measures attractively Interspersed with ballad"
and ensembles. The original production, with Ita wealth of costume dls-
plav. will be seen Identically ns presented during the .engagement at
Daly's Theatre, New York.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Thursday, Dec 19
Under the auspices of the Local
Order of Moose the Vancouver Moose
Lodge will put on their
"Moose In
As played ln   the   Imperial Theatre,
Vancouver, December 9, 10 and 11.
supported by white slaves are brought
under the Vagrancy Act of 1898, and,
if convicted under that act, are liable
to a flogging..
���        STRIKES  AND
SPARES.        *
The Royal pool roon
bunch final! ���
slipped  one (iver. last
night,  pickle-
the  grocers  for  their
victlms.    Tht
Royal���                  1
8    Ttl
Grant ��� 127
153 . if.
131    37s
Anderberg 122
170    42:
Benedict .....125
102    33C
O'Connor. 173
IBS   53;
744 208:
Grocers���                1
8    Ttl
F. Knight   163
138    432
130    403
rSitberlneham .. . .We
164.    395
Fotherlngham .. . .106
164   396
Sullivan 120
10*    487
���������� ���    , t JUrt
��� ������
654 202f
Rovers Cat Out to Play Bright Fast
Game with Westham Island
This Afternoon.
Bill Introduced In  Conr/ress  to  Prevent  Negroes  Marrying  Whites.
Washington, Dec. 13.���A  denunciation   of   the   legal   procedure under
which   he   termed   a   "brown-hued
This afternoon will demonstrate to black-sk.inned, thick-lipped, brutal
tho Bocer faus ut the lower mainland hearted African can walk Into an of-
whether the Rovers have the ability flee of the law, and-demand an edict
to clinch tho Senior League cham-; guaranteeing him legal wedlock to a
pionship. I white woman," was one of many sen
The Westham Islanders, who will satlonal features of a speech In the
be the visitors at Moody Park, have house today by Representative Rod
earned a reputation ao far this sea- denbery, of Georglaj In favor of s
eon for playing a never-aay-dle apirlt resolution he had introduced to. proof game, and from  all  account*, tt i ____.______^���.
matters not whether the Rovera or
the Thistles win the leadership, they
will play their same hard game.
Manager Grant wlll. be forced to
change his toam around eomewha',
owing to one of hit backs being away
from town, but there*j*W**r** no
dearth of players at his disposal and
the fans may rest assured they will
he treated to a fast game.
One record has already been made
by the Rovers thla season, that of
keeping a clean sheet la th* lo*o column. Such a feat has not beeii duplicated by any Westminster team in
acnlo- soccer, as far at roeordi show,
but the Rovers are by no means satisfied with the play and are out after
the trophies which are lying loose In
The game this afternoon will commence at 2:30 o'clock sharp and the
sidelines should be black with people
lp order to give the Rovers the best
of srii'Tit,
The Bits ef the Bssst ths Most Pleasant Part ef ths Feat
Tbe ramel Is a dniurcroiis unlmal io
ride���a mucb more dangerous animal
than the horse-for the reasou that,
wltb bis serpentine neck, be can reach
rouud wbea annoyed and bite hi*
Camels ar* ant st all th* patient
quiet, kindly creature* they ��r�� painted. Tbey hsve nnsty tempers. A
earavaa crowing tbe desert Is siwsy*
���olsy. Tb* loud and angry maris of
ta* camels mak* tbe wast* place* r*
A c*m*r* bite Is a serlons natter.
Tbo *trong teeth lock In Ibe wound
asd a circular motion la given to tb*
}aw. *r��u*d and tben back, befer* tb*
teeth ar* withdrawn again. Th*
w*iia* U ��� horrible one. Then ar*
few    **bmI   driven    without   eam*l
Seats on Bale at Tidy, the florist's,
Monday, December 16. Prices 60c,
75c. $1.00;   Boxes $1.50.
Vancouver, Deo. 13.���Pat Connolly
lived up to hls reputation this evening when he threw diet Mclntyre,
Leonard Orr and John Bckhart all in
less than an hour. The matoh was a
handicap wreBtllng boot, Connolly
agreeing to throw all three of his opponents within the sixty minutes.
Molntyre held out for thirty of
these, but Orr and Hokhart were
<-asy. the former going down In two
minutes, while Eokhart held out.for
Bve.    *
Dr. Naehtlgal. tbe celebrated Africa*
explorer. *ace mid to * youth who ex-
pressed ��� sentimental desire to crew
tb�� ���ahara *��� **mel back:
"Young man. I'll tell yoo how yoo
ean c*t a partial Idea of what riding a
carnal .In an African desert I* like.
Tak* an offlce stool, screw It np a*
plgb as possible and put It along with
a ssTsg* dog Into a wagon without
any springs. Then sent yourself on lb*
stool and have It driven over uneven
aod rocky ground during the hottest
parts of Joly and August being careful not to eat or drink more than once
everv two day* and letting: thr dog bit*
you every four bonrs. This will glv*
you/H faint Idea of the exquisite poetry
of camel riding tn tbe Sahara."
In aid of the Funds of the Victorian
Order of District Nyjges^-r ,Bur-,
naby   Branch. ',' ,',
Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 1912
St. George's Amateur Dramatic
"Brixton Burglary"
Under ths Direction of B. R. Hill.
A Farcical Comedy in Three Act*    |
By Frederick W. Sidney."
Scene:    Morning Room in Mr. Pon
tlfex's Flat, London.
Septimus  Pontlfex,    W.    Algernon
Fraser Green (hla father-in-law), B.
R.  Hill.
Richard    Dlggle    (his friend),    L
Avory White.
James   (his  manservant),    Charles
Millicent Pontlfex (his wife), Miss
Ruth Petter.       i
"Alicia Green    (his    mother-in-law),
Mrs. J. D. Taylor.
Jessica Oreen    (his    sister-in-law),
Misss Ethel Homer.       <
Petunia   Perkins   (his   housemaid!,
MIbb Grace Pinder. "
Inspector Sharpies (detective), 'Mr.
Frank Hill. ���' I '���"
K 10001 (a policeman), Mlnard Hill.
Reserved Seats 75c. Second Seats 50c
Third Seat* 20c
Tom Kerr
"Tte Street Musician"
���    j
Bostwick and
The Chorus Girl
and the Baggageman'
�� 1
Fred De Sylvia
Prentice & Cornell
,1.   I
************t**m ii ���^��� i ii ��pm ���, ���,
to "Roaa of Panama"   at tha. Opera
Houae Friday, December 10.
Mustard Must Go.
By the sucoesslul experiment* ot
tlie Ontario Government, there is a
probability that tho deadly nuftnr.l
weed which causes so much snxiety
among farmers, will be a thing of the
past within a few years. Prof. T��lil.
provinelsl farm director, has found a
way to kill tho mustard seed. Ls-t
spring he had a 100-scre farm near
Brockville, comprising fields of out*
snd barley, which were llterallv yellow
with the mustard weed, sprayed wiln
a solution, of bluestone or sulphid.-
of copper. This farm ha* irodnerd
very poet crops in the past, but thi*
fall there was an excellent yield a <l
oo trace* of mustard were iuund. Th.-
Bame method of killing the mustirJ
will be tried on the same farm next
spring in an eBort to flnd out whether this solution should be used on
aJiLIairms in th* provlnee.
^ Camphor lor Files.
A piece of camphor burned over a
candle is an Indian method of driving
away winged pests.	
Australian Portrait Gallery-
Sydney, N, 8. W.. Dec. IJ.���It I* announced that tho sum ot $81,500 ta to
be devoted to securing portraits of
tke leaders of tbe Ausraltan Federation tebleh will ba used aa the nucleus
of a national portrait gallery.
MAIN STORE, 1W and 443.
One Thousand Boxes
Of the small, juicy JAP ORANGES
just to hand. These are all selected stock, every orange being paper
wrapped and bought direct from
Japan. We can off er them to you
at 40c per box, or a bundle of 3
boxes for $1.00.
Four roomed flat in the Marjoribanks Building on Gegbie street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $30.00 per month. Poo-
session January 1,
Store on Begbie street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet.
Possession about January 1.  Wlll lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorn* Street,     New Westminster.
House Wanted
I have a cIn.nL who will buy a new modern five or six roomed bungalow, situated west of Eighth streot, that a small cash payment will
liai.dle, and balance arranged on montli,y payments. WHAT HAVE
Phone S27.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
��������'PHONE 890
lUillKAllUltt   fOR PRICES ON :-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Friday Evening, Dec. 20
John Cort Offers Hie Big Musical Success, from Daly's Theatre, New
M eiUpiitQ
PRICES, SOc to $2.00.   Seat* on Sale at Tidy, the Florists', Dec. 1��.
Christmas Specials
Special Values in "Fashion Craft'* and "Society
Brand" Suits. Hand Tailored in American Style
$15, $18, $20 and $22
Striair.' -Appdrrl
*tor the Younger Men 16.-to (id, t-
mi' PAGE   SIX
A Lesson In Giving
ll-M 1 Ml M-I I M I 1 I IHII-M-I-
��� I   A grim smile played around Mr. Kid-
Jj der's lips as a murmur of horror passed
���: like a wave over the room.   He thrust
jj", a hand deep ln his trousers pocket snd
drew therefrom Willie Baxter's knife;
X  with several long strides he bad left
-'! the platform and was placing tbe kulfe
In Willie's shamelessly eager band.
While the congregation looked scornfully upon tbe avaricious Willie Baxter
and bis embarrassed mother, the
preacher went back to the platform
and continued his address:
For twenty minutes by the clock
above the door the cowboy preacher
held his listeners spellbound by the
magic of bis silver tongued eloquence,
Hls views on the subject of missions
were convincingly strong in favor ot
tbe heathen at home In Sinlthvllle
rather than those indefinite but more
picturesque Idolaters ln some foreign,
spice laden land.
"And uow," he ended vigorously,
"show your desire to help along the
great cause, whether at home or
abroad. Demonstrate your willingness
to live up to your protestations of
gratitude to the one who has prospered you. Come and lay your chlefest
treasures In this alms basin. Come!"
Tliere was an uneasy rustling among
the congregation, nnd somebody mov
Salves Can't Cure Eczema
Of course tbe people of Smlthvllle
tind beard of the celebrated "cowboy
preacher," so called because of his regeneration from one of the wildest des-
lieradoes of the west to become a mis-
tiionary among the cattlemen of tbe
great plains. Tbe name of the Hev.
Jackson Kidder often appeared ln
the missionary monthly to which everybody ln Smlthvllle subscribed, and
there had been much discussion concerning the success that had followed
his simple, unaffected appeals to the
souls of the men he sought to save.
Tbe Ladles' Missionary society hnd
taken undoubted pleasure ln packing a
barrel to send to tbe newly ordained j ed toward thc door,
minister when the missionary monthly j    "Stop!" cried the preacher.   And he
dutifully  announced  that  interesting  emphasized the command by produc-
event I Ing two blue muzzled revolvers.  "Dea-
Mrs. Dencon Baxter npnerously con- j con Trlngle, kindly lock the door and
tributed  ber  son   Willie's   Chrlstmaa | lay the key on the table.   Thank youi
(Changes for this column must be
left at, or telephoned to, this offlce by
6 p.m. ou Fridays. Tbe omission or
any church notice from this column
indicates that no details have been
muffler and bis flre blnded knife, and
the packing of the barrel in Mrs. Baxter's kltcben was accompanied by the
subdued roars of little Willie, who
liftgd his voice from the murky depths
"of the kitchen loft ln vain expostulation.
"Trash barrel!" sniffed Mrs. Weeks
contemptuously nfter a scornful examination of the barrel. "You can't
fool the Lord, sisters!" And as evidence ef her conviction on this point
Mrs. Weeks contributed a huge roll
of Shaker flannel and a bolt of chocolate colored calico. "There's one thing
nbout it���tbnt cowboy preacher can
bold a rummage sale after he gets tbls
barrel and maybe get money enough
to buy what be wnnts."
Tbe barrel went on its wny, and In
due time there cnme back a letter
from Jackson Kidder effusively thanking tbe good ladles of Smitbvllle for
thetr generous donation and asking
that he might have tbe pleasure of ad-
���fi$~\i B*xfe~r*
dressing them In the near future, ss
parish business would briug blm to
Ohio within a fortnight
It Is needless to suy that tbe Missionary society wns delighted at the
prospect of beholding this famous
preacher, and there were much excite
ment and speculation before his nr
When the cowboy preacher mounted
the plntform and faced the BOO up
turned fares he met with an npprecln
tive round of applause, wliich he acknowledged wltb a smile nnd many
"Dearly beloved friends, brothers nnd
sisters. I may call you." he begun tin
presslvely In a clear ringing voice that
hnd a compelling quality ln Its deeper
tones, "when I look upon your kindly
faces nnd remember the letters of eu
couragemeot which I have received
from the members of your Missionary
society���when I recall the contents
My hearers, this is merely one of my
peculiar methods of exhortation. Now
I am ready to receive your offerings.
Who will be the flrst one to come forward V
Somebody creaked up the aisle and
gravely deposited a silver coin In tho
alms basin thnt was. placed on the table beside the key. Another followed
and still another, but the amounts
were small and evidently displeasing
to the preacher.
"Now. all the persons ln the front
seats come forward and lay their offerings ln this basket No matter how
humble It Is. it will be appreciated. I
demand that you. ns Christians, divest
yourselves of gold nnd silver jewelry
and of precious stones and place tbem
here for the use of the poor!"
"Come. Brother Pringle; you may
lead the wny with your gold watch,
A silver timepiece will answer your
purposes, nnd maybe some poor slu-
ncr may be clothed nnd fed nnd warmed with the proceeds. Sister Beesley,
your garnet brooch will not como
amiss, and the brother who wears tho
lnrge seal ring must offer that as evidence of his good faith. Those of you
who can may redeem whatever you
please with good money tomorrow
morntng before the church service, but
I require thnt every man and woman
In this room contribute something."
And they did. They cnme forward.
protesting mildly In the fnce of those
blue muzzled revolvers that seemed to
follow cni'li Individual doggedly around
until a contribution of some sort had
been made. There were Indignation,
rage nud despair among the good people of Smlthvllle ns they sullenly divested themselves of jewels In lieu of
Deacon Pringle compromised on a
flfty dollar note Instead of his gold
watch, and those who knew the deacon's nvnrlce smiled even ns they were
called upon to deliver up their portion.
When the meeting was declared rimed and the revolvers were dropped
back hi Mr. Kidder's capacious [wickets Deacon Pringle unlocked the door.
Tliere wns n wild rush for departure,
and not oue friendly band was outstretched to the cowboy prenchur, nor
did one person express nny pleasure or
profit derived from Ills eloquent din-
course. Even the Prlngles depurted
abruptly, and Mr. Storer. who had uttered frightened ejiiculotioas during
tbe sensational discourse of the visiting preacher, stood mutely waiting for
his bother cleric.
Smiling bitterly, the Rev. Jackson
Kidder lifted.,the brimming nlms basin
nud placed It In the bands of ths paator.
"Brother." he said quietly, "tomorrow morning return these ornaments
to the owners. God wnnts nothing glv.
en pnwllllngly or under compulsion.
Tell them to talk less about loving und
giving, impress upon them the necessity for actually doing these things
generously, unostentatiously I regret
that I cannot keep my engagement to
preach to yonr people tomorrow, I
am sure that they wlll not be disappointed."
With n quick shake of the bewildered
nnd  a   murmured
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easum,
If, A., rector; Rev. Ceorge A. Ray, M.
*., assistant curate. 8 a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m., Matins, Holy
Communion, choral and sermon; 2:30
p.m., Sunday school; 7 p.m., Evensong
and sermon.
Tenth street���Rev. E. R. Bartlett,
M.A., rector. Matins and Holy Communion, 11 a.m.; Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Club meets Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
ST. MARY'S CHURCH (Church of
England), Sapperton���Rev. Frank
Plaskett, M.A.. Vicar. Holy communion
8 a.m.; Matins and sermon 11 a.m.
Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sundav
school 2.30 p.m.; Confirmation class
3:40 p.m.
ST. ALBAN'S CHURCH (Anglican),
Bast Burnaby���Rev. David Dunlop
rector. Matins and Holy Eucharist
11 a.m.; Evensong and sermon at 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
Westminster���Rev. C, J. '.o.ma.d
rector. Matins, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday
iehool, 2:30 p.m.; Evensong and ser-
���non, 7 p.m. The church is flve minutes' walk from South Westminster
station, on the B. C. E. ll, Chilliwack
���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
school and Bible class   at   2:30 p.m.
corner of Fourth Ave. and Seventh St
Rev. M. O. Melvln, B. A., minister
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sunday school and Bible clas3, 2:30
p.m.; Guild, Monday, 8 p.m..
ton���Rev. E. G. Thompson, M.A., minister. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class 1:30 p. m.; Sabbath
school at 2:30 p. m.; Y. P. Guild
Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wed
nesday, 7:30 p.m.
corner Fourteenth street and Seventh
avenue���ltev. It. Wallace Collins. BA ,
pastor. Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m..
r'ruild Tuesday 8 p.m. Sunday school j
2:30 r.m.
Moreton Hall.) W. J. Cordon, pastor.)
Services, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.    Mr.
Rev. W, W. Abbott, B.A.. B.D, pastor
Services 11 a.m., and 7 p.m.; Sunday
ichool at 2:30 p. m.; Young People's
meeting, Monday, 8 p. tn.; Prayer
moating, Wednesday, s p.m. Subjects:
11 a.m.. "Systematic Giving"; 7 p.m..
'Sin's Plea:  'Let us Alone.'"
Hev. W. S. A. Crux, B.A., pastor. Ser
viens at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
rehool at 2:30 p.m.; prayer and pralso
vervicfl Wednesday at 8 p.m. Subjects:
11 a.m., "Thou Hast Nothing to Draw
with"; 7 p.m.. "The Wnr of Five
Nations and the Shadow of God."
���*,. D. Braden. pastor. Services at
II a.m. and 7 p.m. The pastor will
preach at both services.
CHURCH���Coraer Eighth street and
Third avenue, Burnaby. Rev. W. C.
Frank, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.; Sunday school and Bible
class at 2:30 p.m.
| In regard to skin diseases, medical
authorities ere now egreed on this;
Don't Imprison the disease germs ln
your skin by the use of greasy salves,
and thus encourage them to multiply.
A true cure of all edematous diseases
can be brought about only by using
the healing agents In the form of a
A simply wash: A compounl of
Oil of Wintergreen, Thymol, and other
ingredients as combined In the D.D.D.
Laboratories. This penetrates to   the
disease germs and destroys them,
then soothes and heals the skin as
notblng else has ever done.
We have made fast friends of more
tban one family by recommending
this D.D.D. Prescription to a skin sufferer here and there, and we want yo>i
to try lt now. We eaa toll you all
about D.D.D. Prescription and how it
cures eczema, or you csn get a free
trial bottlt by writing D.D.D. Prescrip.
tlon, 49 Colborne street, Toronto.
For sale by F. J. McKenzie, Druggist.
NIDAROS     NORWEGIAN    LUTHERAN   CHURCH ��� Divine   service
every    Sunday   at   3:30 p.m. in    St.
Paul's ��� Reformel Episcopal church,
Royal avenue and Seventh street. Sunday school, 2:30 p.m. O. Borge, pastor, residence 1654 Eleventh avenue
east, Vancouver.
Plans   for    Celebration    of   Century
Without Warfare With  U. S.
Kept   Secret.
London, Dec. 13.���Although the,
strictest secrecy is maintained regarding the details of the scheme propounded by the British committee for
the celebration of the Anglo-American peace centenary, It Is certain that
these will be disclosed by Earl Grey
at the inaugural public meeting of the
British committee to be held at the
Mansion House on   Wednesday   next.
The fact that the committee is one
of the most representative ever
known in Great Britain, including as
It does members of the present ministry, the last administration, leaders of
the church, science, art, education
and literature and the confidence ot
political and municipal bodies, is :i
guarantee that the celebration will b^
folly worthy of the occasion. It Is
also understood that an an enormous
sum of money is to be spent in fittingly prepetuating the one hundredth
������nnivel-snry of peace amng the English-speaking peoples.
Confirmation has been received In
London that the Municipality of Ghent
will also enter Into the celebration,
and it is also said that leading member', of th<- neacp committees of England, the United States and Canada
wlll visit Ghent at that "time.
I   pastor's limp band
provided . blessing on lilm and bis Indignant flock,
that   barrel   so   thoughtful
for my needy family by yonr tender I the cowboy preacher passed swiftly
hearted mothers nnd daughters���Wben | from the church and strode toward tbe
I   remember  the  dellnht   of  my   little i railroad station.
fsniily ns they unearthed the various I Hli going wns unattended by nay
contributions to oor pleasure nnd COB curiosity or Interest Few saw hlm
fort. I hiii tilled with emotion and i leave and none cared. Once he paused
gratitude! nud chuckled softly to himself: "If It
���'Need I express the Joy of my little | hadn't been for Willie Baxter's ludlg-
Adolphns  when   I   cave  t.nn  the new i mint  letter which  he slipped Into lhe
jnckLnlfo so generously contributed by
i��iuie small member of your churchy
s.inll I"-
| A Ktitslned sninic arose from the
Utmlrs where Johnny Baxter snt with
jilts mother, but the sound wns Instantly suppressed by Mrs. Baiter's
jstrong right hand.
"My little man, what Is the matter?"
jssfced Mr  Kidder pleasantly,
j   "Wnh-h h n.  ui.li. umph!" wns Johnny's half smothered reply.
There was n subdued rustle and
many heads turned toward the Baxter
"Whnt Is the mailer?" repented Mr.
Kidder suavely.
Willie twitched him��elf nway from
his mother's restraining hold nnd gave
rent to hls Injured feelings
"l-l-wawaut my knife!" be bei
Burglars Make Rich Hajl.
San Francisco. Dec. 13.���S. N. Wod
wealthy San Francisco merchant, re
ported to tbe police today that bur
/.lars entered his home last, night and
mPSl* *:I000 worth of jewelry and %Vir-
in cash.
barrel I should never have come dowu
here. 'You bring back my knlfeT he
commanded. Well. Willie WAS honest
about It anyway." he ended, with s
Before he reached the station pnrW-
Ing footsteps cnme behind Iiiiii. and he
turned to see Willie Baxter, panting
nnd breathless.
"Rny. mister." gasped Billy repeot-
nntly, "I'm sorry nbout. that knife. I
���peaked out of bed and I saw you coming up the street, so I followed you. I
want you to glv�� this knife to your
little 'Dolphus with my regards," ha
ended shamefacedly, for the cowboy
preacher had taken Willie In his anus
ind kissed him tenderly.
"I will." he said solemnly. And ns
| the train bore him awny he smiled
thoughtfully. "Who shall say It hns
been In vain?'' he murmured.
New President of Switzerland.
Berne. Switzerland, Dec. 13.���Edward Miller, al present chief of tho
military department is elected today
president of the Swisss Confederation.
M. Hoffman was elected vice-president
S. McKinley, pastor. Love Treat,
9:45 a.m.; preaching, 11 a.m. and
7:45 p.m.; Sacran.���at, 12 noon; Sunday school, 2:39 p.m.; praise service,
7 p.m.
OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH���Corner of Seventh street and Queens
avenue. Services 11 a.m. and 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m. B.
Y. P. II., Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer meet
lag Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Hospital street���O. B. Anderson, pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.;
Sunday school and Bible class 12 to 1
EDMONDS.���Rev. Held McCullough
B.A., pastor. Survices, 11 a.m., and
7 p.m.; Sunday tobool, 12 noon till 1
p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesday,
7:30 p.m.
��icn will be held al 3 p.m. by Rov
D. i'.. Maodonald, B.A. Sunday schoo'.
*.l 2:30 p.m.
Pastor, Rev. Ueid McCullough, B.A.
Sunday school und Bible class, 3 p.m:
lOrvlaej, -t p.m.; prayer and praise
meeting, Thursday. 8 p.m.
PAL CHURCH, corner of Seventh
Ureet and Royal avenue���Rev. 0, E.
Wincott, rector. "The Low Churci."
Services al 11 n.m. and 7 p.m.
Sunday school and Bible class at 2:30
p.m. Prayer meeting Thursday. 7:3'J
n.m. Subjects, 11 a.m., "Nobody;
Somebody ! Everybody !"; 7 p.m.,
"The Lord, Our Shepherd."
les and Lieutenant Manning���Harve*'
festival at 11 a.m... 3 p.m. and 7:30
p.m., in tha   cltad >l,   Eighth   street
ara held in the hall, corner Fifth
street and Eightb avenuo, at 11 a.m.
every Sunday. Testimony meetings
Wednesday at 8 p.m.
CHURCH OF CHRIST, or Christians���at tent, 215 Durham atreet, between Second and Fourth streets. Ser
vices: Preaching and Communion, 11
a.m.; preaching, 2.30 and 7.30 p.m.
CHURCH, St. Andrews and Eleventh
streets���George N. Anderson, pastor.
Services every Sunday at 7:S0 p.m.
GOSPEL HALIr���Corner of Sixth
arenue and Ninth streeL
The Lutheran Churcn.
Ihe Lutheran Church is filth among
the Protectant Im.lies of Canada. There
are about 500,000 baptized Lutherans
in Canada; about 100.000 are communicant.! ol the church, und Hfl.tilJO are
"onliraicl but n<jt in Lutheran
.tfjirches, tomeipl them Worshipping
'.vith other communions. More than
half of the entro half million an
Y-uhg people.
The gospel is preached in at leas',
twelve diffir.'nt languuciM in the I.n-
heran churches in Canada, hut tiie
yoUng people are learning the English
'aiKtuagc, and ministers are being secured who can preach in IinglUh a<
veil as in some other tongue. ,
There is a theological seminary at
Waterloo, Ont, which b'gan about i
year ajo. ar.d one is bein;; organized
in Saskatchewan. A Lutheran boni*
is planned for Montreal to care for tlie
immigrants, there being thre.: Lutheran churches in that city���one German, one Danish, and one English.
There are about 5,000 Scandinavians
in Montreal, and 1,000 Finns In Toronto, according to a local paper and
all are Lutheran.
13:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)  13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:8t
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday/
Wednesday and Fri-'
day        8:00
1:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
Lehma, Aldergrovo, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle. Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, Sonth
Westminster, Clovor
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Bradner,    Bellerose, via  B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday) .13:15
l��:46���Vanoouver, Piper's Siding via O. N. R.
Idaily exoept Sunday)..14:10
7:30���United States via O. N. R.
idaily axcept Sunday)     9 46
M:40- -Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxoept Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday aad Sat-
day         14:04
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G. N. R. (dally except  Sunday) 14:01
11:20��� Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
exceot Sundav)   17:3<>
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla  ...23:00
Only 8 Days Left
Only eight more days
are left in which to do
YOUR  Christmas  advertising
Those who are using THE
NEWS say their ads. are
drawing business. NEWS
ads. will do as much for
you if you give them the
chance. Call 999 and let
us talk to you about it.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
"���rival: Closing
tt:BO��� Vancouver via O.  N. R.
.... 23:00
U:45���Burnaby I*ke and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:48
16:45���Vancouver   via   Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 14:20
:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday).11:11
'.2:00���Vanoouver via. B. C. E. R.
idaily except Sunday).Id:at
cS: 00��� Vancouver via B. C. K. R.
idaily oxcept Sunday).Jfc��:M
10:00���Port Mann (daily except
Sunday)   9:45
1:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
tdally oxoept Sunday Ml.15
0:30��� barnston Islands arrive*
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, aod leaves
Monday. Wednesday
and Fiiday 13:15
-n. 50��� Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:If
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Suuday)    ...16:00
1:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Frldavi         14:00
jt:10���ADl'Otslord l;pi��r Sumas,
Ma!hi|iiI, Hun iiiKildn,
etc. (.dally except. Sunday)    7:15
5:16���Crpscent, WhlM Hock aad
Blaine idaily except
Sunday)   ��:1B
5:15���United States via O. N. R.
idaily exoem   Sunday)..lft:00
4:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Itlfce
and Hazlemere (dully
except Sundavl S:*&
11:50���Sapperton aad Praser
Mills dally except
Sunday)   7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (dally) 7:15
18:10���Sapperton and Eraser
Mills    (dally     except
Sunday)   13:16
9:28���All points east and Europe (dally)    |13:1��
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)  7:16
12:00���Central Park, MeKay and
Edmonds (dally exeept
Sunday)       11 JU
10:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Island, Burr
Villa 13:15
a IU m ,
Just a
The House at the Top
WE ARE the house on the hilltop of quality���and
whatever is best in fine clothing you will find in
Semi-ready Tailoring.
There is only one maker of Semi-ready���and how good
it is you will know when many men on the street will
eagerly claim their product to be " Semi-ready made,"
or some other play on this good name. Fame attracts
infamy, and prestige causes envy; where the man's character
is weak he just imitates and gibbers.
Whether " Semi-ready" is the house at the top���and we alone
$25'or$Jo. can sell genuine Semi-ready garments���the clothes with
Uiinthe". the price-mark and guarantee label sewn in the pocket���
Pocket. an(j gold everywhere in Canada at the identical values.
Reid & McDonald,
New Westminster, B. C.
Write Ideas Fcr Moving Picture .Plays!
We Will Show You How!
If you have ideas���lf you c: n think���we will show you the secrets of thla fascinating new profession,
Posi    ,:i>  ho experience cr I   erary  excellence  necessary.    No  flowery language" la wauted. z
The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are jlmovlng heaven
nnd eurtu in tuuu' amm),. get enough good plots to supply the ever Increasing demand. They are or
ferrlng $100 and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas,
We have received many le tera from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ESSA-
NAY, 1 1.1 DIN. Sni.AX, IMP HI X, RELIANCE, CHAMPION, COMET, MEUES, ETC., urging us to Bend
photoplays  to  them.    We  war.t moree writers and we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays v rlten by people who "never before wrote a line for publication.
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only ono good Idea every week, and will
write it out aa directed by us, and it sells for only $25, a low figure,
rnrr send your name and address at once for free copy of
Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Write now and learn just whnt this new profession may mean for you
and your future.
1643 Broadway
***** i,��..
��   SliiIMM
Mrs. Rent Payer
What are you doing
to help your husband
"Get Ahead of The
Sit down at your desk
and figure it out.
Would it not be better
for you to have your
rent money apply on
the price of your home.
$25 monthly (including interest) will buy
you a home.
Mn Rent Payer
Rent makes the biggest hole in your salary. What have you
to show for last
year's rent? Nothing. You might be
$300 closer to owning your own home.
Why not make a
start now. Come to
us and let us show
you one of our
''homes" that you
can own with just
what you now pay
out as rent.
ould a Home of Your Own Like This "Look Good To You" ?
Our houses are on 12th St. car
line. All lots are 40x157 feet
to lane and are cleared and
graded. Have electric light and
cisy wstter. 18 houses already
sold. Let us show you your lot
Bring us your own plans and
we will build to suit you. The
terms are $25 monthly. All
houses must be modern. Our
lots are only two blocks above
the Orphanage on 12th Street.
Special Notice
Royal City Realty *>.
7SO Columbia Street Phone 433
We are having an apple sale
today. See our display; it will
pay you.
Jonathons in four tier, extra
fancy box   $1-65
Spys, large, clean apples, per
box   $1-50, $1.35, $1.25
Crimes Golden, per box  ..$1.25
Jap Oranges In large boxes, extra  fancy    50c
Jap Oranges In Bmaller boxes,
paper wrapped   40c
Orapes, mixed green and purple,
per lb 20=
Grape Fruit, per dozen   75:
New Navel Oranges, per dozen
25= to  40c
Lemons, per dozen   25c
Brussels SproutB 2 lbs. 25c
Cabbages In nice condition, per
crate   75c
Crab Apples, per box   $1.00
New Olazed Fruits, per box 25c
New Flgs, per lb 20c
Also in 10c and 20c packages.
New Sausage, per lb 20c
New Headcheese, per bowl 15c
New Mince Meat, per lb. ...20c
New Sauerkrout, per lb. ... 10c
Remember we buy all our
fruit direct from California, i.e.,
Oranges, LemonB, Flgs, Raisins,
Public Supply Stores
In your
will, _we
sEall say, you have
appointed a trusted
friend your Executor.
Should he be taken
in the midst bf administering ycur estate, who will then
complete his work ?
Had you named
this Company as
your Executor you
would have made
sure of faithful, responsible and continuous service until
the completion of
the trust.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltcl.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Harbor Engineer A. O. Powell was
up at Coquitlam yesterday on a busi
IM'Hli   ViSit.
For tiie latest Ideas In gift sugges
tlons see our stock. A. S. Mills & Co..
517 Columbia street. (281)
J. H. Todd's music house is open
every evening until Christmas     (263)
Order your Christmas Show Cards
now.    Brown,  Trapp block.        (253)
Mr. C. C. Worsfold .Dominion Resident Engineer was up at Indian Rivet
yesterday in connection witb his offl
cial duties.
Now line of picture moulding just
ln at D. Murchle's. Get your pictures
In early for framing. (2S5)
Take a look at the Christmas card.-'
and booklets at West End Pharmacy
509 Eighth St. (269)
The Citizens League held one of Its
usual secret sessions last night and
decided to apply to the city council
for a revised copy of the voters' list.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.       (215)
Christmas Cakes. See our window.
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
281. (203)
A meeting between the Clarke &
Lewis Steel Company and the repre
aentatlves of the city has not as ye|
been arranged. Mr. Wade, publicity
commissioner, Ib still conducting the
Hello Klddo ! Telephone giants
Clause what you want for Chrlstmns.
He will be In Lees Limited window
Vou can telephone from a booth in
their Toy Department. (276)
Football at Moody Square Saturday,
Dec, 14th, Rovers vs. Westham Island.
Last league match of season. Kick-
off at 2:30. Come and see the champions.   Admission free. (256)
In order not to conflict with the annual celebration the date set for the
opening of the MaBonlc hall has been
changed from December 27 to January
3. The celebration will be held on
the 27th, St. John's day.
Chrlstmaa Doll and Flower Show ai
Mlss Daveys private millinery parlors
today. All are Invited. Mothers bring
the kiddies. 204 Agnes street, nearly
opposite  St.  Mary's hospital.      (274)
The building permits for the five
days ending yesterday totalled $15,300
as compared with $10,750 for the entire previous week. The total for
the month of December laat year was
We want every little    "Klddo"    to
visit Santa Claus at his   quarters   In
' "Wonderland" today.    From  now    to
Christmas he will have his headquarters  with us.    Lees  Limited.      (278)
and a fine sum was made up which
will be (urned over to the church authorities for Improvements on the new
ediflce wllich the PreBbytcrlans are
building ln this growing settlement.
It ls expected that next year the
cvfrnt will be held In the parlors of
the new church.
Russia Warns   China That  Delay   in
Settlement of Question   May Mean
Break   in   Negotiations.
I   fl  ^
Pekl#ft,,; Dec. 13.���M. Korstovetz,
tho Russian minister, has warned
China that a rupture of their nego
tlaiiona is Imminent unless China
ceases to delay the settlement of the
Mongolian' question.
This. Is considered significant In
view of the Impending arrival at St.
I'eterhbUTg of the Mongolian delegates
who are expected to aak the emperor
to recognize the complete Independ
ence' of Mongolia.
'hie Chinese Government opened
negotiations In November with the
Russian ��� legation In respect to Russia's refceni recognition of the autonomy of Mongolia. The Minister of
Foreign 'Affairs Informed the Russian
minister, that China claimed the right
to cdptrbl Mongolia's foreign relations
and suggested that no foreign power
should aend troops to Mongolia.
According to Peking dispatches,
RUs3la. formulated demands for the
settlement of the Mongolian question
on a basis suitable to Chinese honor,
which Included railway connection
with her Siberian line at Urga and
other centres; the right to station
permanent garrisons ln seven places
and free mining concessions.
Mr. J. A. Deeter, of Sumas, Wash.,
yid Miss Viola May Murray, of Bellingham, were murried In Holy Trinity
catbedral on Thursday afternoon by
Rev. George A. Hay. Mr. and Mrs.
Deeter left on the afternoon car,for
Stimas, where tliey will reside.
Robert Steel, of Calgary, and Mlss
Racbael Araelie Curnett. of Vancouver, were the contracting parties In a
quiet marriage which took place at
123 Agnes street last Thursday night.
Rev. A.'E. Vert officiated. Mr. and
MrB. Steel espect to make their homo
The new offices of,the Westminster
Woodworking Company, on Lulu Ia
land, are being handsomely decorated
and when the final touches are put on
the job by the Royal City Decorating
Company, of 34 llogble street. Mr.
Brooks, proprietor of the plant wlll
have, one of the finest looking establishments in 'New Westmlnater. The
walls and celling are being pannelled
and heavv decorative paper applied.
Charles Mannering add Ed. Allcock
have charge of the work. (273)
Over 300000 Arrive Ih Canada, 108,-
035 Coming From U. 8, A.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.-���During the eight
months, April 1 to Dec. 1 of the current fiscal year, 321,058 immigrants
arrived In Canada. Of this number
213,023 arrived at ocean ports, and
108,035 from the United States.    '
These figures show an Increase of
14 per cent, as compared with the
number of arrivals for the corresponding months of the last fiscal year,
which were 180,206 at ocean ports and
101,686 from the United States, making a total for the eight months, April
1 to Dec. 1, 1911, of 281,892.
During the month ot November this
year there were 20,217 arrivals, 12,-
322 of them having been at oceau
ports and 7895 from the United
States, as agalnat 15,099 for November last year, 7946 of whom were at
ocean ports and 8113 from the United
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock
McDERMOTT���On his eightieth
birthday Patrick McDermott rassetl
away at the family residence, 314 Carnarvon street, last evening. The deceased was a native cf Ontario, and
Ib survived by his wife and one son.
John McDermott. of- this cltv. The
remains are at Center & Manna's parlors. The funeral arrangements will
be made later.
Do You Realize
A discount of 33 1 3 p,;r cent, will be
given on all orders. This discount is
for ten days only.
Tho cribhage tournament at the
] United Service Club ended in a win
for Mr. F. H. Godwin, Messrs. J. John
i Bon nnd C. 0. Wheeler being runner.-
up. The latter is presenting an
oriental tobacco jar as the prize for
a similar competition to start on Wed
nesday night.
Velour, Beaver and Velvet hats,
J2.S5; ladles' trimmed hats half price.
Mrs. Agret, 59, Sixth St. (271!
Brown, "the Show Card Man," for
Christmas  Show Cards. (253)
Football at Moody Square Saturday
Dec. 14th, Rovers vs. Westham Island.
List league match of season. Kick-
off at 2:30. Come and see the cham
olons.    Admission free. (256)
the Ii) ilrograplilo department of the
'Hritish Admiralty, 111 * communication
received by Secretary Kenneth Myers
isterday, offiolnlly acknowledges the
receipt nf correct information concern
ing the Fraser River sent out by the
Progressive Association. IncloBed In
the letter were dry proofs of Admlr
ally Chart No. 1922 and a copy of the
British Columbia Pilot. 1905, togelhei
with the intimation that any addition'
or corrections thereto would be wei
From now until Christmas Clifford's
store will he open evenings.        (245)
If you cannot make up your miinl
whiyt to give him for Christmas conn-
to us and let us help you to choose
the "rlp.ht tiling" foi the "right man.'
A. S. Mills & Co., 517 Columbia street
Football at Moody Square Saturday
Dec. Hth, Rovers vs. Westham Island.
Last league match of season. Kick-
off at 2:30. Come and see the champions..   Admission free. (259)
The old Bank of Commerce prem
s.s at the corner of Sixth and Columbia streets are being set In order for
the Dominion hank, which opens a
branch there In a short time. The
premises lately occupied by Sinclair
tho shoe man, ure being similarity
treated for the Union bank.
Lovely Bended Chiffon Scarfs, three
yards long. Ombre effect; Spanish
Laco Scarfs, Persian Lamb Scarfs
Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth Btreet. (2821
'.Santa Claua," a reul live and loll?
fellow,"    will    demonstrate    In    Lees
Limited Toy Department from now tc
I Christmas.    You can telephone todaj
I from tho Toy Department. (278)
The evening Service at St. Andrew's
Church next Sunday, will he devoted
ito  the  performance   of  A.   It.   Caul's
I Cantata "Israel in the Wilderness," au
I interesting wc-rk of great merit.   The
| choir  will   he  augmented   for  (tin  or-
j casion and programs provided for the
congregation.    Mli:s Alvina Munn, Mr.
John Oraham and Mr. J, A. Ilainm are
responsible for the solo numbers. Mr.
<\  \V. Openshaw, director and organist       Service    commences     at     7:30
Reveals  Cold-Blcoded   Plot  to  Marry
Farmer to Get Hls Money, Then
Murder Him.
Moose Jaw, Sask., Dec. 13.���Cunningly planned and cleverly carried
Into execution was the murder oi
Italph Warwick, on his homestead
near Inverman on the night of Nov.
118. Last night his wife was on th3,
| witness stand at a coroner's Inquest
' and she told the coroner how she and
i Price had planned the details in
l"cold blood."    ���
She is held as accessory to thc
I murder, and William Shortel faces a
j similar charge, but before all Ihe evl-
t dence hus been brought out, it ls
probable thai they wlll be charged
[with murder.
She Is a Newcastle, England, girl,
pretty and barely out of her teens.
I ooklng William Crayson, crown proa
ecutor, squarely In the eyes, she start
ed to tell her story. She told of meet
Ing Stanley Price nearly a year ago.
Then she began to love him. and six
months ago went to live at his homestead as hla housekeeper and com
men-law wife. She had been there,
bit a month when Price proposed
that she should marry Ralph War
wick, and at once get him to turn al'
his belongings over to her and hav.;
hi��� mal.-e a will <n l***r fnvor,
She consented and at ence laid
traps that Warwick might marry her.
It was a long wooing of Borne two
months before Warwick proposed marriage. Then she lived with her hus-
hand until, he was brutally heaten to
death, but kept up her relations with
Price.    I'
How close Christmas is ? Only-
nine more shopping days, and
we are getting busier every day
It will pay you to buy before we
are too busy. We can give you
far better attention. Everything
for Christmas gifts.
Will be ghrwi to every purchaser
of a Stove or Range at our store
on Monday oi Tuesday. Our line
of Stoves and ranges Is complete.
and the prices ire right. Copp's
Malleable C'.eel Cange, Copp and
McClary's Heaters.
We are out of tne high rent dls
trlct and can fill your wants In the
hardware line at prices that will
astonish you. Delivery to all parts
of the city.
646 Columbia  Street
Phone 453
513 Eighth St. Telephone 815.
Room 6
Collister Block
If you read THE NEWS
-you get all the news.
Edmonds, Dee. 111.���The ladles of
the Kdmondi Presbyterian church
turned OUl In full force this afternoon
and evening at the Burnaby public
hall, where the annual sale of work
was held.
They worked with great willingness
Played- '^The  Devil."
The name now bo universally honored In literature is fr fluently tn be
me*, with i.. Dorset, but the novelist's
family le commonly hfeld to belong
to the branch brought into distinction
by Nfclsoh Hardy. That the stock
possessed both mother-wit und pres-
ence oi mind i.s proved by an'anecdote
cnncerniii',' Mr. Hardy's grandfather
told by Mr. Alfr d I'ny. a member of
the iWsct Fjo'd Club, at a recent
mofjiljtlg ot lhe society. As the story
may huve I, en overlooked amid a
mus uf more sensational news In the
daily papers, I will repeat it. About
a century ir-->. Mr. Hardy's grand.
tsthef was crossing a lonely li'iith one
mi.ln.ght In June, when he discovered ho wns bein j followed by two tobt-
pbils. He roll d a lurxe forest on to
the path, sat down on it. look oft his
hat, stuck two fern fronds behind liis
ears to represent horns, ami thsn
prl'l*noid 'lo r.-ail a letter whic'i he
took frum lus ;.oek't by the light of
lhe glow worms he had r,j,-k<.,l up and
placed round th.- hrm of his hat.
The men took fright und bolt d on
seeing him, and a rumor soon got
abroad in the neighborhood thut the
de��fl hnd heen tem at midnight near
UrtieiihiH Pond.���Wilkinson Sh.Treii,
in T. I'.'s Weekly.
We Invite You
���whether you buy much or little,
or don't buy at all--to call in here
and look over our extensive and
varied stock of all that is NEWEST
and BEST in
The Jeweller
608 Colurabia'Streat
Phone 338
1 i  Magistrate For the Rockiti.
To a former journalist, in the person of Mr.  W.   A.  Jowett,  has  been
entrusted the maintenance of law and
order anil the administration ol justice To th'e vast new territory west of
the IlocVy Mountains now heing opened up by the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway. Mr. Jowett lias heen appointed stipendiary magistrate for the
country at the eastern end of present
construction. More than 3,000 laborers
are at work along the company's grade
from the summit westerly, and new
settlers ami prospectors are pouring in
in large numbers, while the development of milling claims promises to
still further increase the population in
this territory. Mr. Jowett, who was
for many years editor of The Nelson
Miner, will establish his headquarters
at Tete Jaime Cache, but his commission is n roving one, and he will hold
court St various points along tho Hue
es necessity may dictate.
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to select from by visiting us.
All Uada el Bus Talcum Powders here   too���Let
us supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist end Optician
701   Columbia  Street Phone 57
These are all In good locations and  are  good   investments  at  the   price*,
they can bt bought for now.
13*�����FIFTH STREET near eighth
avenue; 60ilSI to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash,
1198���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; prioe $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot In good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line;  50x150
each;   soma are  cleared;   street  la\
graded; price $3000 on good tenon
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
641 Front Street
Walkover Shoes; regular $5.60, for : $3.95
Cushion Soles for Men; regular $7.00, for ., $4 95
Slater $6.60 Boot, all kinds | $4.95
Ladles' East India Kid Buskins; regular $1.60, for 95:
Ladles' Dress Boots from $1.95
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leekle's Boots and Ahrsn's School Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
are simple in design, sturdy in
economical and
easy to start.
Built to burn
Get your orders
The Schaake Machine Works
Our lines comprise Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils tn
Iron, tin and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings,
Linoleums, Floor OU, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture.
We will sell you for cash or. will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Street  and  Sixth  Avenue
W. R. OILLEY, Phona 122.
0. E. GILLEY. Phone 291.
Phonee, Office 18 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
(Via Central Park I at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every IS minutes thereafter
until > p.sa., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���M 0: 7, 7:30. 8 and S:*0
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at A:45. 6:45 snd 8
a.m., wllb hourly service until 10 pm,
and lute ear at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
Firsi car at 8 a.m.
I Via North Arm and Eburne I at 7
a.m., with hourly aervlce until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
servloe thereafter. -      -
For Chilliwack and way polnta at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 aad 8:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way polnta 4:u5 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
o��er the Fraser Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points oa the division.
Tickets fof these special excursions ars on sale Saturday aad Sunday, good to return on Monday.
Residential Site
$2000 Each      $200 Cash
will handle either one.   Long terms.
No. 152.
628 and 740 QeWmWa Street, Phone 85., Nsw Westminster, B. C.
���  \ ������*,
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
^   ���������^*aWS*mB*mmJamsssmt*sammms-^a^m^s\mss*WB*m*B*t********Bm*aaa****a
Phone ���*56 63 Sixth Street


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