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The Daily News Jan 19, 1912

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between two rsllrosds, with Frsssr
Mills Uns running through ths pro-
party. Terms fer genuine Industrial proposals.
$ i,UME 6, NUMBER 266.
���        .
Board   of  Trade   Discusses
Many Questions.
Tramways to Ladnef Snd Mission Re-
celve Attention���Alaska Makes
First Trlanol* Trip.
Many subjects of varying Import
aiue were discussed at a meeting ot
the rtoai d of Trade last tight. Two
important announcements were m*de
Flist, it wss reaftlimed by Mr. Ooulet,
of the C. P. R, that his road was giving a dail/ rreigbt sen ice to Westminster Junction and lnteimedfata
poiuts, and also to Kraser mills. Sec
ond, It was stated by Mr. J. Duncan,
chairman of the transportation com
mittee, that the steamer Alaskan had
sailed on her flrst triangular trip'between beattie, New Westminster and
Victoria. Tbe boat has left for Seat-
tie, and would make the round trip i
once a week.
Hold ths Delta.
Several committees reported to the
board. The most Important repo.t
was that of the transportation commit
tee on the matter of a tram from Ne*
Westminster to Ladner. 'Mr. Duncan
was of the opinion that this city |
should go after the Deita ti-ade as
keenly as possible. The Vancouver
Hoard of Trade were trying their
hardest to secure it for themselves,
and he advised the New Westminster
board to do its best to interest capital in the building of a tram line tj
their own city. To his mind the fact
that the Western Power Company wai
nofr supplying power simpllited matte: s considerably. I
Mr. Sinclair spoke to the question .
and thought that a line running to j
Join tne Chilli wuck line would open
up more country than one running
acrosu Lulu Island. Mr. Kichuidson,
sp^aKing as an old La lnerlte, thought
tnat fcowethlng might be done, if tne
matter was referred to a special com*
mittee with instructions to visit Tao
people of Laciner and the Delta. A
resolution to tnis ettect was accordingly passed, and Mr. A. H. White, piebl
<lcnt, anointed Messrs. Richardson,
Duncan, 11. Gilley, and the secretary
to act on the committee, wKn powe.
vo add to their number. *
Coquitlam   Line.
Tramlines were again discussed
with leference to the piojfcsej line
fru'u Mission via Co.iuiiUm to Van-
coa.er, and the transportation committee, strengthened by the addition
ut ...easrs. Sheriff and Mothei ,,el.,-
was instructed ta wait upon the WeLt-
��in luiiada Power Company with a
vie.v to protecting New We-lndu-
���tar's inteiests ln this matter.
Mexican   Trade.
Another Important subject raised���
this time by Mr. L. B. Lusby���was
that of the poor service supplied hy
the Canadian-Mexican line .to thii
port. The speaker gave a brief history of the relations between Xhe line
and tbis city, and maintained that .the
hater had been badly used by the
steamship company. Bar a lime the
boats had called here, but they had
given slow delivery and discriminatory rates. Then they had practically
ceased calling here at sU, except lor a
large cargo, with the result .that the
trade from New Westminster .to Mexico and via the Tehuantepec peninsular was sadly injured. The expiration
of their Dominion subsidy, however,
was drawing near, and ihe imoved
that they send to the Dominion government, and ask that a Xunther iBub-
sidy be refused, unless New W.eatmln
ster b�� put on an equal has s w.tu
Vancouver and other ports ns to rates,
and .that lt be made a regular point o.
This resolution was agreed to.
Millside   Line.
Mr. White stated ln answer to a
question that the Millside line was
built as far as the flrst O. N. R. tracks
and thut the work was only suspended, pending the authority fram the
Railway Commission to make the
crossing. The delay in the building
ef the O. N. R. depot was the result
of an unaettled dispute between the
city and the provincial government.
The plans had been prepared, and he
understood that ones this motto- had
been settled the construction would
be begun forthwith. He also took the
opportunity of Informing the heard
that the banquet had not been forgotten. He was ln communication
with a very distinguished person,
whom ihey hoped to secure as their
gnest. Until tliey had received his
answer they could make no deflnit j
River   Traffic.
Better facilities for the river traffic
were also touched on. Mr. Vidal re
ported for the Navigation Committee
that they considered It necessary
steps be taken to light the channel
during the night time, as boats were
frequently beld up at the mouth of
the river, because of the danger ef
na\ Igating It in the dark. The question of equHpln* the Westminster,
Pitt river and other bridges with fog
belts was referred to the same com
Various   Matters.
Mr Stua't Wade, recretnry. brought
��P t.ie   matte-   of   tflegrnphlc  ��im-
mimical ion wltb Ladner. which Is at
(Continued on Page Five.)
Native Sows Elect Officers for Year���
���W. F. Edmonds Becomes
Chief Fartor.
The election of officers for 1912,
and the final arrangements for the
grand ball to beheld on January 29,
occupied the attention of a crowded
meeting of the Native Sons held in
the K. of P. IU11 last night. W. F.
Kdmonds was elected over J. P. II.
Bole to the position of Chief Factor,
And James I. Keary First Vlce-Facu.r
Very satisfactory progress in tbe mai
ter of tbe dance was reported by all
Between 900 and 1000 Invitations, it
wah reported, had been' sent out for
the dance, and a very large number ot
leplles had been received. In fact,
over half the tickets have been so.a
already. Everything points to a record crowd, and while lt was generally
acknowledged that the laat two balls
had been great successes, confidence
was expressed that this one woull
easily <eol!pse them both. The decor
atlng committee reported that an entirely novel scheme of decoration
would be used. Other committees
gave equally satisfactory accounts and
final arrangements were ma 'e to ensure the success of the affair.
The officers elected beside the two
already mentioned, were as follows:
Past chief factor, A. H. Johnston; second vice-president, A. E. McToll; honorary treasurer, J. J. Johns'on; fiian
cial secretary, R. G. Sharpe; record-
Ins secretary. A. L. Johnson; inside
sentinel, A. S. McColl; outside sen
tinel, J. J. L. Sangster; auditor, J. I.
Keary. The committee of manage
ment were Dr. Wilson, 'if. P. Keary
and A. L. McColl.
Security of Life and Property
The land owners at Upper Sumas
are working hard to forward the construction work in connection with the
lake lands. At a recent dyking raee ���
lng held at that place n. petition was
Blgned by everyone present asking thu
Dominion government that tbe lake
lands st acide for dyking purposes be
granted to the commissioners, so that
the company undertaking the constru-
tton Should be able to go cn with the
work with full assurance that tha
lands will go to them in the event of
their fulfilling tbe necessa-y conditions. Once this point Is settled, it 1=
believed the work will be begun almost Immediately.
Conditions in Macedonia Worss Than
Under  Rule of  Deposed Sujr
t tan.
London, Jan. 18��� The reports oi
special conespondents ln Macedonia
and otber parts of Turkey describe ln
the most gloomy strain the conditions
throughout Turkey generally. According to one wi iter the conditions in
Macedonia are even worse than the-'
were under the rule of Sultan Abdul
Hamid. There Is a complete absence
of security for life and property, and
the authorities appear to be unable to
btay the tide of lawlessness.
Another correspondent says similar
conditions exist in Northern Albania
and the flrst outbreak may be expected in that region soon.
The unrest In Turkey Is fully .realized by the European powers,, who
are anxious to bring about a cessation of hostilities between Turkey and
Italy before the season ls sufficiently
advanced for the Macedonians and Albanians to begin their guerilla campaign. Bulgaria and Greece, however,
are maintaining a co reet attitude In
their relations with Turkey.
Chinamen Who Threw Bomb
at Yuan Shi Kai.
instituted With Proper Ceremony and
.Fitting Celebration on Wednesday.
Bcn;vc!cnt Society Hears Satisfactory
Annual   Reoort���Re-elects   Last
Year's   Officers.
That the amount of mchey spe.t by
the Lene.oient bociety and the number of those receiving relief in the
ctty of New Westminster during tne
last year are the .smallest on n-ord
since tbe formation of the society,
was the very satisfactory report made
by Secretary W. A. Duncan at the
annual meeting held yesterday afternoon in the Board of Trade rooms,
i nts means ' that the pi eseut conditions of the city are better from tne
point of view of poverty tnan at aay
time since 1!H.<; During 1911 only
$680 were rece.vid frcm the CjU_c.i,
an.1 only $063 expended In le.ief. A
certain amount of clothing was received from piivate individuals and
distributed by the organization.
The officers for the cui rent year
were also elected and those of 1911
weie reappointed to serve again.
These are: President, Mayor Lee;
vice-president, Mrs. A. J. Hill; treasurer. Mrs. John Foirester, and secretary, Mr. W. A. Dunoon.
Besides the points already mentioned, the secretary's report chronicled eleven meetings held (during the
year. It was also pointed out that all
relief had been given in kind and .not
In money, and had taken the form of
groceries, rent, fuel, clothing, etc. Attention wns called to the unfortunate
absence of the vice-president through
sickness. The office has been held by
Mrs. Hill ever ttoce the formation of
the society, sad ribe has ewer given
most oonsdenUous attention tto her
Only ahout half a dozen ladies were
present, snd some regret waa -express;
ed that the meetings were not tetter
Final Decision on Abdication Will Be
Given Todsy  in  Edict.
of  Empress.
Peking, Jan. 18���The three men
who were arrested after the throw-
lng of a bomb at tbe carriage of Pic-
mler Yuan Sbi Kal were put ���- deatli
today by strangling.
Yuan Sbl Kal today attended the
memorial rites for the captain of hlj
escort who was killed by a splinter
from the bomb. The premier has b.e.i
grunted three days' leave.
Shanghai, Jan. 18.���Final decision
as to whether the Manchu emper.r
will abdicate.his throne and the Manchu princes lay down their power will
come tomorrow at Pekin at a general
meeting of the impel lal clan.
It ls stated by the adherents of ths
dynasty here that the majority of tba
Manchu princes are ln favor of ending the war by a formal withdrawal
from the government, it ls believed
that the dowager-empress will say thj
final word which will mean resumption of fighting or immediate establishment of the proclaimed republic.
Peking, Jan. 18.���The foreign legations were Informed today that Premier Yuan Sbl Kai has refused to visit
the palace tomorrow when the question of abdication wiil again be discussed by the empress-dowager and
the princes of the imperial clan. It ii
stated  authoritatively  that ths dyna-
Crew of Stahmer Winslow, All except
Four,  Perish In  Disaster Near
London, Jan. 18.���Fifty-three mem
bers of the crew ef the steamer Winslow, lt was learned today, perished
when that vessel was battered to
pieces ln a terrific storm off Peterhead rocks, on tbe coast of Scotland. Four sailors clung to a portion
of the wreckage and finally were rescued, more dead tban alive. This Is
the vessel which was sighted In distress off. the coast of Scotland yesterday, hut whose identity at that
time could not be learned.
The vessel was bound for Liverpool
with a cargo of merchandise, but carried no passengers.    All day yester-
Proposal Made to Coquitlai
Vancouver Board of Trade   Appoint*.
Committee to Interviews
was dashed to pieces on the rocks.'
Repeated effoits were made by life-
saving crews to aid the Winslow, but
without avail.
Vancouver, Jan. 18.���The proposal
of the Vancouver Board qf Trade that
an electric tram line should be built
on tho northern bank of the Fraser'
river would appear to be working to
ward fruition, in an Interview on.
Monday with the members of th* ma*
nlclpal council of Coquitlam, Mn Hill
Ham McNeil, assistant general mana
day the steamer, with bunkers flood-1 ger of the Western Cah*��e PowerCo.
ed, battled with the storm, but finally i guggested that a proposed bridge over
the Pitt river should be so eonstruet
ed that lt would be available for
trams as well as for vehicular snd pe-
destilan traffic. Mr. McNeil sought
the backing of the council in an appeal to the Provincial Government for
the construction of such a hridge. The
counctl passed a resolution strongly
supporting the proposals of Mr. Mo-
At the last monthly meeting of the
Vancouver Board of Trade it was
suggested that development of the
northern bank of the Fraser river between Vancouver and Mission City
would be greatly accelerated if trans'
portatlon facilities such.as would be
furnished by an electric tramline
were provided. It wan po'nted out
that the southern bank of 'ho river
between New Westminster and Chilli-
While engaged in p!y, = . t,z U:I ot   Z^& ��g ^3��S��
line.   A delegation from the /Board of
Terrible Injuries Sustained by Miner
Granite   Bsy   F.��su't   in
a box Of fulminate of mtrcu y   cip
' last Sunday morning,  Eug-.n-j Smitii,
| a miner working on   a claim   seven
'miles distant  from  Grant.e  Bay,  in
mite bomb out rage against tie life o.
Yuan Shi Kal seems to have betn ths 'the noithern coast, rtcsived suh te;-
work of a Manchu faction. jrible injuries ih an exp'cs on that h;
A placard posted Mn the streets   of j subse-iuent.y died at  Rock Bay Hoc-
the capital today says that great fres-! P'tal.    Just why  the  caps   exploded
sure is being bioujht to bear on the lwl11 Ilk���,y foreveT remain a myste.r
jthe emperor.    The placard summons as Smith was alone when the accident
i both the Manchus and the Chinese to I happened.      Both   his   hands    were
resist executive I blown off at the wrist and '..** eye-
Peking. Jan. 18.-the United States 'i^JgL^ ����?&
troops from Madia are expected to
arrive on the transport Logan at Chin
Wang Tao tomorrow morning. Captain
J. 11. Reeves, military attache of the
United States legation, has gone to
[Chin Wang Tao to meet them.
Trade wlll   meet   Mr. JtaNiui   nut
ivionaay af tei noon fof the-purpose of
discussing with him the possible con-
Sti i'tlon ot such a line o' lW'rway.
The plans for the hew bulging ta
be erected ofl the corner of    Sixth
ard Carnarvon streets by Denny   &.
ed and  sightless  as he   wa3, Smich' Ross were filed with V^totWY** In-
WILL  800N   BE
Chilllawek. Jan. 18.���Chilliwack Encampment No. 13 of the Oddfellows,
was instituted with   ���reat   ceremony
on Wednesday afternoon and evening.
Owing to the fact that both   E. L.
Webber, Grand  High  Patriarch, and
his .deputy,   D. E. Mackenzie,  Grand
High Priest, were prevented by sickness from undertaking the duties of
instituting officers, the .encampment
was .instituted by the following:    a.
Cleland, G. 8. W., acting special de
puty; T. A. Muir, P. G. P., Grand Senior Warden;  Col. James Mackay, Q.
T., G. H. P.; Col. C. S.; Keith, P. G.
iP., G. S..; Major Qeorge Adams, T C.
P.; G..J. W.; J. Ingolls, T. C. P., G. S.
The,officers of the encampment were:
Chief Pattiarch, J. C. Henderson, who
was llrst Noble Grand   of Excelsior
Lodge No. 7, Chilliwack;   J.  Peers,
High FitMt, who was secretary of the
.same lodge for over twenty years; O.
; A. Weeks,.-Senior Wnrden; J. H. Ash-
, well, sc^he; E. A. Nolens, Financial
'Scribe; R. A. Henderson, treasure.,.
I A. Turvey.aunlor Weatien.
r About twenty Oddfellows from New
IWfesrtmlnsterand Vsncouver were present st the meeting. Af;er the **���-
jcampment mm the others had heen
! instituted at shout 4 p. m., a short ad-
| journment took place ter dinner.   In
the evening the members were put
, through their degrees,, tbe first two
being completed before s 'grand bssr
quet, ant the third atter It
An elaborate tesst 'was served   st
the Empress HoU9.   After the  toast
of the king had been honored In silence, A. Cleland. G. S. W��� end Co?.
James Mackay, G, T., G. H. P- spoke
.to that of the Grand Encampment
[Chief Patriarch J. ti, Henderson, re
.piled for the Chilliwack Encampment,
'while George H. Gran*. T..G.NP.. of
Vancouver, and Major George /dams,
JT. C. P. G. J. W. repl'ed for the,vis- tlm< wl��� 9iBpott ^   operatises
: Mors.   The gathering did not break vp ��� tlw tecentsnee of �� compromise.
till daylight. '
Ballot   Taken   Is   Overwhelmingly
Favor of Fight for Minimum
London, Jan. 18.���Tbe ballot taken
by the coal miners of Great Britain,
the result of which was officially declared this afternoon, was overwhelmingly in favor of a strike for a fixed
minimum wage. The actual figures
were: For, 445,801; against, 115J21.
Notices to quit work doubt ess will
bring about a national stoppage of
coal mining on March 1.
| managed to crawl a' few yard3 from
> the scene of the accident to hia c ibln,
j where  he  was later  found   by  Karl
Wagner, hls partner.
Wagner, seeing that the on'y possible chance of savins Smith's Ufa was
to rush him to a place where he could
secure medical assistance, improvised
a rough sled out of the split trunk
of small trees, and placing, Smit l oi
lt dragged him seven ml es to Granite Bay, and from there be was taken
to Rock bay by boat. Smith was uncon-
conscious throughout the trip to Rock
Bay. He suffered great agony, according to Wagner, who arrived in
Vancouver this morning with the dead
body of his friend. Smith expired
shortly after reaching the bosp.tal.
Smith was a man of about 30 years
of age.' He leaves a mother, who resides at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, anl
so far as known has no relatives in
British Colombia.
srector yesterday.
Some inaccurate statements with
regard to the building to be put np>
by these well known furniture dealers-
have been published and put into circulation. This building will be three
storys in height, and will occupy n
frontage of 52 by 100 feet. The whole
building will be occupied by the furniture store.
"Furniture ls ho side line with U3."~
said one of the firm, "it's our   business."    None of the building, therefore, will be devoted to apartments or
any otber purpose.   As soon sn   tbe -
plans have been passed the work wfB '
go ahead, and should be completed at
an early date.
Tbe ice is gradually clearing out ot
the river. On Wednesday the Beaver
made an attempt to resume her ordinary run, but did not .get above Rn*. ��be   most   popular   exponents
.   . ��t .... ... . I  "fPl..A     TS*A***^    &UMt,M"lH,    **m
"The Private Secretary."
That "The Private Secretary" Improves with age was amply demonstrated by the attraction which it provided at the Westminster Opera
House last night. Every available
seats from the orchestra row to the
roof was filled to greet Mr. C. James
iBancroft and his company on their
visit to this city. n���t. ���
Mr. Bancroft Is undoubtedly one of **r*r.
Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 18.���Chareln?
that the strikers ln the textile mills
ber�� are planning to dynamite the
plans, officials of the corporations today demanded of Governor Fobs that
he send two additional regiments of
militia here, and declare the citv under martial law. The strikers resent
this insinuation, declaring that this ls
merely a plan on the part of the mill
owners to make the situation anpear
more serious than lt really is.
Mayor Scanlon hns agreed with tho
millowners that more troops are necessary to preserve order here, and
has wired the governor urging prompt
Governor Foss was also told
that the strikers were   planning   to
TO   ENt>
nary rim. but ��M nts .get above bus- ���**%* ^.i,^~.��~��,t��"*��s *0Z ��� dyhwnite his residence In Boston,
kin.   She will try again today, and en- lTO�� Pri*��te Becretary  has had dur- ���       T"*
pects to get right through to Chffll- ,** thirty years which this  classic
wack, or very nearly m, this time.    U>�� begn staged.    The nudlence   Is
The other regular boots on ths riven- tbsown from one convulsion of laugh-
hnve been idle for some time.   The **c Snto another st his quaint clerical
mannerisms  and  his  strangely con-
Paystreak has sol trial to get upstream. The Transfer Is being fitted
with new boilers, so tbst sbe wild be
out of the running for another month
or so yet
London, Jsn."18.���There ass so new
Greenville, Tens., Jan. 18.���"As to
my innocence or guilt my friends win
hsve to judge for themselves from
my psst. record," declared Rev. Dr.
W. D. McFarland todsy before tho
, arrival of an officer wbo was tb take
hlm to Pittsburg to answer to a cor
_____ *
Keith Vancouver, Jan. 18.���J. B. Ed-
wardes, who resides with his wife in oner's charge thst he wss responsible
their benee st the coi 	
street and Sutherland avenue, aw��u ,
developments In the tsbor disputes to- m sulette this morning by drinking -, officer from   Pittsburg   todsy,"   he
day.   The sodden appearance of se- i chloroform.   Mrs. Edwardeo declined continued, "I will teU my story to the
���ere wintry   weather   coveting   the to ssy anything about ber hssbsnd or grand jury.   So far as I know, Miss
Berlin, Jan. 18.���A conference of
sugar exporters met yesterday at thei <
offices of the imperlal treasury and*
recommended the rejection of Russia's application to the Brussels
Sugar Convention to be permitted to
increase her export of sugar westward from' 200,000 tons to 500,000
The government probably will follow the experts' advice, which will
mean the dissolution of the Brussels .
convention, and Great Britain has *****
clared her intention of withdrawing ���
from lt unless the Russian quota Is -
On November 21 last Sir Edwardf
Grey, the British foreign minister,, announced in the House of Commons
tbat unless the powers would permit
Russia to export at least 600,000 tona
of sugar westward the British government had decided to declare its intention not to adhere to the convention
beyond September, 1913, the earliest
date st which she oeuld withdraw.
This announcement was. made in eon-
sequence bf the Increase of the prion
of sugar in the British Wea.
. ���*���.��� ' *x' , ��
Dawson, Jan. 18.���With the temperature 60 below sero the stampede t��
the new gold diggings, at Sitxy-ttttn
continues. Prospectors are getting to
work, the low temperature  being t��
country with snow, Is considered a
factor likely to help In the peaceful
settlement of both the cotton and cosi
troubles. Many operatives In Lancashire are already suffering; distress
because bf loss of wsfces, and chsrtt-
ahle institutions are offering rrilet taMng rooma   ot  Barron   Brothers.
The severe weather   will   getlyin- TMs afternoon he held an   inquest
of Kins for the *����tJi of his former secretary i Q*** nWtbthge si the
, commit , Elsie Doods tk*.  "I am expecting an; ****** *ow�� ���** ?****i
1 ���   - easier to gink shafts.     ���
bekg taken to the new camp, madhouses ara being opened every tea nr.
offer say reason for his set   She Is Cos was a good girt.   She was like a
prostrated snd ssked that the affair child to ne.  I loved her ss my daugh-
be kept ss quiet ss possible.
At 5 it. m. Coroner A. B. IMpIock
wss notified of the men's death. He
had the body removed to the under-
Dr. McFarland declined to tay
whether he had been Ip Pittsburg this
month, dedarln gthat it was "nobody's business but my own." Hs said
he knew'' Ronald McCbnneil. said to
crease the suffering, but at the same jo*.   Newoombe, who  answered   the have been mentioned tn Mlss Cos* ����o
time Will dispose the    oneratiVSS    to   wir^*.       tranti*      mMMu'     fnr .  ��   dvlnr atatament ������ anniehnifv miiwiii.   tOOB
England Won Match.
Adelaide.   Jan.   18.���The   M. C. C.
o�� 'eleven defeated Australia ln the tht"d
ot,teet,match by sevgs^ wicketi.   In the
c 1 three patches playjiid to da'e tV E-r-
commutee Was appointed to form-j^tV|1i*i��nwa. have w��'two by decisive ' rersonai sttat
a combined #sn of publicity. 'scores. tror.A order.
Combined Publicity Plan.
Nelson. Jan. 18.���At a meeting
tht- Associated  Boards of Trarfe
Brlttsh Columtli he'd here tola-
wife's frantic snmnwns for a 'dying statement as somebody respon
medical msn told a reporter that j stble tor her condition. McFarland 1*
chloroform had been used. He thought held In jail here, the confinement so-
thst Edwsrdes might  possibly have
beea laboring under mentil depres
sion at the tiire.   Edwardes' oocuna- the minister is nervous and   sleeps
tlon la uncertain, but be Is believed
to be s-wncthing of a carpenter. -. His
rs wer�� cajd to fe i"
tood ordtr.
pears to {have affected him enns'der-
ably, according tb the jailer, who flays
Dr. McFsrland's wife Is in * Ho!*''
her* and r>roSahly will cc;ompanr
htm to Pittsburg.
twenty miles along the read
Dawson sad oae store hns  already
been established at Ledge City.
The gold commissioner has efcaar-
ed tbe nsme of the main south Corie
of SIxty-MUe river, on which (few die-
covenrwss made, to Met** creek,
after John Matson. the discoverer,
who trat prospected the ground torn-
"- - jimm/je*A
is is i_   > * i.,iW I, |,'    ,i , wa,,, | ,u,aam ����� I   '
Mr. O. A. Love, president Vapoam*
ver   Lotui  Lodge   Ttncejph'w!   g>-
ciety. wltt speak on *thf above sn>
Jcet'tirthc. ledge rooft, 8tVt>��Hdfl*
HhMiv H*i# WestuMfwtev :Wed|r i��".*i,
Jan. 24��� 8 >. nt   A��nlttMica f **..
fit***' * SHE DAILY NEWS.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 1��, 1112.
cn.   Address News office.
r A N T ��� D ��� WORK, DAILY OR
otherwise. Mrs. Lowe, Queens-
borough P. O.
plain sewing, by the day. Mlss
Cowtn, 309 Keary street, Sapperton.
ply  Westminster  Private  hospital,
223  Townsend  street,
near  Third
Wasts Paper er tags.
Phene 478 and we wlll collect, free of
H. P.
and warts permanently removed by
Mlss E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
8, Collister block, Wednesday and
Thursdays.    Phone 978.
salesmen; also one stoat
nleman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia,
New Westminster.
kaow that I am now operating the
���air pasteurised bottled milk plant
ta tha city and wlll deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
���art of tbe city or dlatrict Milk,
��� quarts lor 11.00; ��eam. SOcll
���lat Phone ycur order to nuii
or write Glen Tana Dairy. Queens-
Lulu Island.
mont," said Mr. Conaat, "we had few
of the things we have now. There
I were no daily papers and no railroads,
Tfllll BV CAfiF axcept a few short lines, running on
I UUI II   HAUL what were called strap lines.   Straps
Alban Jasper Conant Humorously
dlcstes Changing Follies In His
Ninety Yeara of Active Life.
business lots at a snap, on one of
the principal streets ln city. Apply 8. Fader, 657 Columbia street.
Rs Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 of Lot SS, Group 1, New West-
minster District.
(Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 1971F, Issued
In the name of The Corporatioa of
the District of Burnaby, haa beea
filed ln this office.
Notice ls hereby tiven that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, ln a dally newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Dec. 21. 1911.
to five-cent car; electric light,
water being Installed; easy terms.
Box 60, Dally News offloe.
ranges, *1.00 down, $1.00 per
week.   Apply market square.
*OR SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
S500 dollars under value. Apply
��2�� Columbia Street.
ed house with all modern convent
ences.   Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
money, will sell flve acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre. Ea8y
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
atreet. Sapperton.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
furnished. Apply S. Fader, 657 Columbia street.
ished. hot water all the time. 543
Front street.	
Hastings street, city.
fireplace in one. Apply 205 Carnar-
von street.
Java   Volcano,  in   Eruption,   Dropped
Fine  Powder on  Steamer Paroo.
Vancouver, Jan. 18.���News was
brought by the liner Zealandia of a
unique and weird experience which
befell the steamer Paroo during a
voyage from Singapore to Fremantle.
When off Mount Semeru, east of
Java, 65 miles south by east of Sour-
abaya, on November 15, large volumes
of smoke were noticed issuing from
Its summit, which ls 12,003 feet, and
even to the naked eye it gave evidence that an active volcano was rife.
While the vessel was in Sourabaya
it was reported that the volcano had
been inactive for several weeks, and,
fearing the results of a renewal    of |
residents   had
New York, Jan. 18.���A flt successor
to John Bigelow aa New York's
"Grand Old Man" is Alban Jasper
Conant, flrst man to paint a portrait
of Abraham Lincoln, and friend of
nearly every famous American for
half a century or more, who has Just
celebrated his ninety-first New Year's
Hale and hearty and as flt as a seasoned fiddle la Mr. Conant as was
very apparent to a reporter who was
granted an Interview by the famous
old artist today In hla studio at No.
61 West Tenth street, in which ho
has worked and lived for many years.
The "good old crinoline days" of
the early "40's," when tha beaux and
belles promenaded the vicinity of tho
Astor House, as the most fashionable
neighborhood, and the present moment of the hobble skirt wero literally
and pleasantly linked by Mr. Conant
ln his talk.
"I recall," he said, "that when I
came here flrst in 1840, the Astor
House was tbe most famous hotel ln
America, and was thought to be something very grand Indeed. There was a
park opposite, where spreading elms
provided shade in summer and where
fashionable folk gathered at fashionable hours. There waa a fountain,
too, that sprayed water ln beautiful
I How th�� Dandles Posed.
j "The young New York dandies of
that day and time affected to disport
I themselves in the best hotel, just as
today they do in so many of them. I
remember that some girl friends then
used to crack Jokes among themselves
about certain of the young fellows
who could not afford to eat at the
Astor House, but who were accustomed to going there and showing
themselves on the front portico with
toothpicks in their mouths Just after
meal Ume. They thus made a splurg;
and saved money at the same time.
"And I wouldn't wonder," said the
old artist, with a twinkle in his eyes,
"that some of 'em are up to Just such
tricks today.
��� "The fashions of the ladles ? Oh, I
I can tell you they were Just as anxious
1 to be dressed stylishly then as now.
The fashions all came from Paris. The
hoop skirt was tbe real sensation of
the first years I spent here. Did you
know that' lt was the Empiess
Eugenie that started that ? Well, she
did. It was Just before the time when
the Prince Imperial was born.
"It was  the  rule  for  a long  tim.;
of metal were fastened to wooden
planks, laid lengthwise. When the
trains ran over them theee used to
work loose and boost the planks loose.
The arrival of the weekly paper
from Boston or some other large town
was an event. One of my earliest
recollections of newspaper enterprise
waa the coming of a New York paper
at Christmas time, with pictures in It
"They would be laughed at now,
but they were wonderful tben. They
showed Santa Claus and also some
sacred scenes. I further remember
distinctly that my father decried such
a thing. Christmas, he to.d me, was
a Popish Institution and not to be
tolerated.' Thanksgiving came to be'
tbe great day in New England, but It
remained for broader times to create
the Christmas spirit ln Vermont.
Profligacy Stirs Town.
"They had different ideas of spending money, too. Tbere was a man In
our village who gave an oyster supper to a number of his friends at tbe
hotel���or tavern, as we called IU It
leaked out that that suyper had.cost
the man five dollars, snd tbls fact was
seized upon by the gossips to thoroughly scandalize the neighborhood
Such profligacy was a terrible thing.
I thought of that when I read ln the
papers that New York spent a balf
million or so celebrating its New
Year's Eve.
"The flrst president I can temembo.-
was Andrew Jackson.
"I am one of those who believe that
had Jackson been president instead of
Buchanan, tbere would not have been
any civil war.
'My first presidential vote was cast
for Henry Clay.
"I remember distinctly the William
Henry Harrison campaign���' Tippecanoe and Tyler, too.' All th oush
New England the Whigs sli red tl)i"gi
up lively. Log cabins were carted
about everywhere, and the motto w>s
'The latch string Is always out.' It
was Harrison's boast that this was
true In the ptSce where he was born.
and also that there always was a barrel of elder behind the door."
THE ^w       k "ncrea��"l�� enormously
1 *��� I\ Can we tell you the
DEMAND \ Reason Why?
"A Trial Package will bring Enlightenment"
busi, mvum aa natural aaiaa    	
inuo PAMuaaa only mfum ���uirrmrru   ��
We Carry a
Full Une of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
keeping rooms,
activity,   many   native
fled from the vicinity.
When the Paroo    was    in Madura
I Straits inky darkness    set    in    and
I throughout the night a dense shower
Apply 1316 Cariboo of flne du8t Bettled over the sea, mak-
I ing  it   painful   to   keep  the  lookout.
' Dust continued to fall    in    a steady
"TO    RENT���A    SUITE    OF    TWO  shower, and    soon    the    vessel    was
furnished     housekeeping      rooms, covered with a layer of flne powder.
furnace   heated,   corner   of Agnes j    To add  to the welrdness    of    the
and Dufferin streets.   Tel. L638.      j scene,  tke    sea    became    brilliantly
,___.__________^____��� phosphorlzed, while alarmed seabirds
in large numbers    alighted   on    the
i steamer.     The   officers   are   of     the
ACCOMMODATION IN ."'  large nurabera    alighted    on
private  boarding house;   all   home-
cooking; use of telephone and bath,
nice quiet home.   Terms very reas-
ply.    513  Agnes street.
rooms, furnished   or   unfurnished,
light and bath;   front   view;   also
.single  beds;   rates  to suit,  at  224
! Seventh street.
XOST   ���   COLLIE       PUP,        TWO
. months'   old.      Black     with   tonic
white and tan.    Return 527 Eighth
street.   Reward.
Janitor Wanted  for  Lord   Kelvin
'Amplications must reach the Secretary's office by noon of the 25th inst.,
stating salary required and experience. All applicants must have a special heating engineer's or similar
grade certlflcate.
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
"TRhe inmtral meeting of the members
of tbe Royal Agricultural & Industrial
Society of Hritish Columbia will be
lield in Council Chambers, City Hall,
on Friday, January 19th, 1912, at 8
Business: Reception of reports, election of officers and directors and any
���other business members wish to bring
before the meeting.
:New Westminster,  B.C.,  January  13,
Titles    Examined.    Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
sCurti* Block City Box 482
that any woman whose hips were not
as wide or wider than ber shoulders
must build them out by artificial
"They were certainly wonderfu'
contrivances, but not, as 1 remember,
very practical. They have changed a
lot back and forth since then, and I
suppose they will go right on changing back and forth���and ahead."
Mr. Conant, a true artist and gentleman, refused to criticize adversely
any fashions the fair sex might elect
to affect. He said he Was glad to live
in th�� days of the hobble skirt,
though his eyes were not as keen
for such things as once they had been
and said he "had no idea they were
any worse than the hoops."
Mr. Conant was found seated in an
arm chair reading a newspaper when
the reporter cal ed. His daughter,
Mrs. Carrie Conant-Smith, Is his companion and amanuensis. Together they
are preparing Mr. Conant's reminiscences.
"My publishers will not want me to
talk to you too much of the things
that are to go in my memoirs," said
the old man, as he offered the reporter a chair at his side, "but I will
talk to you of a few of the changes I
have seen during the ninety years I
have lived and answer your questions
If I can."
Looks Like Walt Whitman.
The artist has plentiful snow white
hair and wear a beard. . Me remln is
one somewhat of pictures of Walt
Whitman, who is one of the few
famous Americans Mr. Conant did not
meet in his lifetime. He was an intimate friend, by the way, of John Bige*
Mr. Conant ls a Yankee by birth,
having come from Northern Vermont.
His big frame shows that he was a
real Green Mountain giant in his
youth and early munhood.
His memory as to detail might be
envied by any younger man today.
Having been an Instructor, lecturer,
singing master, archaeologist and
scientist, besides always. an:l llrst. an
artist, his mind is stored \vl!h treasure. He frequently interspersed the
Interview with bits of verse, much of
it of a humorous nature���for the non-
, 'ogenarlan believes first, last   nnd all
Ryall Has a Preparation That the time in looking upon the lighter
side t>f things and attributes his long
opinion that some volcanic disturbance of unusual force had occurred at
Mount Semeru. It was not until after
11 hours of steaming that the atmosphere cleared.
Just the Same.
Several "commercials" were in a
railway carriage, and one of the party
began to extract amusement from an
1 old Irish woman who sat in the corner. She went through it all with imperturbable good nature, and then
when the wag's criticisms showed
signs of flagging, she got her opening.
"Now, sorr," she said, "I've given a
good dale of me history: make I take
the liberty av axln what ye are yer-
"Certainly, ma'am," was the reply,
"I am a traveller ln hard and eoft
"Indade, now," said Biddy, "that's
quare; my old man's a traveller too."
"Indeed!" was the commercial's surprised rejoinder. "What line is he ln,
"Just tho same as yourreif, sorr���
the hard and soft goods loine. He
thravels up a ladder with briclu und
mortar, sorr."
Will Grow Hair
This is an age of new discoveries.
To grow hair after lt has fallen out
today Is a reality.
SALVIA, the Great Hair Tonic and
Dressing, will positively create a new
growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from Dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
SALVIA is guaranteed to stop falling hair and restore the hair to its
natural color. The greatest Hair
Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by expert
Watch your hair if it is falling out.
lf vou don't, you will sooner or later
be bald.
SALVIA prevents baldness by
fastening the hair to the roots.
Ladies will flnd SALVIA just the
hair dressing they are looking for. It
makes the hair poft and fluffy and is
not sticky.   A large bottle, 50c.
life to a rule along that line whicti
he gave the reporter before he laft
and which wilt be given In this
As Mr. Conant talked, his eyes, still
clear behind the steel-rimmed spectacles, rested from time to time on a
few of his paintings. Nearly full sized
figures of Henry Ward .Beecher and \
splendid portrait of the late Bishop
Potter portrait smcnij them.
Painting Utensils at Hand.
The painting of Bishop Potter, Mr.
Conant considers one of hiB best
works. Photographic reproductions of
the famous paintings of Lincoln were
on the bookcases and a replica of hl��
"Major Anderson at Fort Sumter"
hangs In a corner of the big studio.
The favorite brushes and o'her painter's paraphernalia are stl'l at hand,
and wero it not for the presence of
Mr. Conant there it would be easy to
believe that one had just stepped Mo
the studio of one of the busiest artl ,ts
in the city.
"When I was a youngster In    Ver-
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Plies in 6 to 14 days. 50c.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 59 New Westminster, B. C.
Chamberlin     ,��&��*
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
When you read the prices for the following articles of House Furnishings you
ask how can it be done. It's just this:
"Small profit and quick returns." We
have built our business on this method.
It seems to suit all.   Just watch us grow
Linoleum 48c
Four  yards   wide,   floral   dcs'gn,
per square yard 	
Carpet Squares $7.50
British Tapestry of good qual ty,
size 9 ft. by 9 ft, nice floral d>
sign, suitable for parlor and bad-
room.   All sizes in Stock. Pieces      ttf'7 CA
ln proportion
Dining-Room Table $5.25
A nicely polished top
very strong;
Dining Chairs $10.75
Stror*; Eet haidwcod d nine; chairs
with arm ch^ir to match, com
plete fet of six	
Iron Beds $2.75
Strong Iron  bed,  any   size, ornamental with brass vasts. Strong      fcO 'Tft
rail support          ��|Ms.#U
Down Comforts $4,90
Genuine  eiderdown,  size  5  ft.  by
d    ft.      St long    sateen    cover-       QiA   QQ
"������ **~P*^*mm~m
Carpet Sweepers $2.75
Bissel's    Carpet    Sweepers;   none        . ���
better;   keeps   the  dust,   out   of      %0   i*\
your   carpet           *p**a* I *J
Clothes Horse 95c
Just the thing to dy ycur washing during  the  wet  season.    Has
thirteen arms, shuts up to a small Q^itf*
space.   Only   *J*J\*
Bake Boards 50c
White  sprues   Bake   Boards   wilh
sides,   back   and    handlts   com- **XC\r*>
plete        *J\JC
$28.75-"Bedroom Furnished Complete---$28.75
$10.00 deposit, balance as the rent of your room
comes in. Furniture comprises Bed, Spring, Mattress, Dresser, Chair, 9x9 Oil Cloth, Pair Lace Curtains, Window Shade, Curtain Pole, one pair Sheets,
one pair Blankets, one Bedspread, two Feather Pillows, two Pillow Slips, two Towels.
Denny &
**i ��� --��"��� * amatasa.*.
Great Satisfaction In Groat Britain at
Creation of Strong Cabfaet���
London, Jan. 18.���In both official
and unofficial circles here the greatest
satisfaction ls felt that the grave
crisis ln France has brought tbe be3t
Frenchmen to the rescue. The existence of a strong ministry in France
at this Juncture gives a new solidity
to the Anglo-French entente, based as
the entente ls upon a full understanding with Great Britain for mutual
support.   The Times says:
"The new cabinet comprises men
of different antecedents and several
shades of publlc opinion. Without
hesitation, at the call of their country,
they have sacrificed party leanings
and personal ambitions. France has
been left humiliated and Indignant ae
the way M. Calllaux and other ex-
ministers privately trafficked with her
'interests and honor. She resented
their Intrigues. She expected the best
and ablest of her politicians to unite
in a government which she and
Europe could trust
Friends of France must earnestly
desire this combination of unusually
strong men to prove as stable as it Is
powerful I nthls crucial and anxious
. time. It has often happened, however, that ministers of all tbe talents
soon devote their talents to their own
Britain beyond all distinction of
party was never more earnestly Inte: eeted In France's welfare.
Over Half of Direct Foreign Trade Is
Done with British Empire.
In view of current events In China
the observations of a British consul
In China, Mr. F. H. Fox, who is now
in England, are ot interest. Existing
conditions, he told a Morning poet
representative, are naturally somewhat unfavorable to the foreign
trader, though signs aie plentiful that
that wlll pass away. Much of tbe
weakness in trading has been duo in
past years to the lack of Intimate acquaintance wilh China's real needs, a
Condition now being improved by the
application of systematic and far-
reaching methods in bringing the
possibilities of China before the British trader by constant consular re
ports. As an example of lack of knowledge, Mr. Fox cites the case of a
British expoiter of made-up ribbon,
who was under the Impression that
Chinamen required the article for the
purpose of adorning the pigtail.
Tnere are not wanting signs of the
government's disposition to Westernize the whole system of China, and
Mr. Fox attributes tbe large volume
of export trade within recent times
to the improved facilities for transport afforded by tbe railways and to
the efforts made during the past few
years to develop China's national resources and Improve her antiquated
methods of cultivation. In the latest
teport, says the consul, the United
Kingdom and the British dominions
direct foreign trade with China
amounted to nearly 59 millions sterling out of a total of 114 millions, or
approximately, 52 per cent.
Mr. Fox gives sn Instance of Japanese activity in the China trade. In
1906 that country supplied China with
some 733,436 cotton pieces, while, according to the latest schedules, nearly 2,400,000 pieces passed from Japan
to the mainland.' The British authorities are fully alive to Japanese competition ln the piece goods trade, and
are taking steps to develop their own
business along broader lines, though,
says Mr. Fox, the matter of the superiority of the British article has never
yet been questioned. There are now,
be says, some 33 cotton mills operating In China, and the number of spindles has risen from 780,000 ln 1909 to
a million to date. A British Aim of
tobacconists now possess practicallv
the monopoly for the sale   of   cigar
ettes throughout China.. The trade ln
kerosene, divided between the American and British, has, lt ls understood,
developed a rate war. **
In regard to the importation of for
eign clothing, as affording an index ot
tbe westernization of China, Mr. Fox
says tha quantities   Imported   would
seem to indicate the beginnings   of
that    revolution    ln    Chinese    dress
which must follow the    adoption    of
western education and modes of life
in the country-   With the pigtail must
Inevitably go the long gown, becauae
even to Chinese eyes, there 13 something Incongruous in the appearance
of n man ln a flowing robe of silk or
cotton, whose close-cropped bead    is
surmounted by    a   foreign    cap   or
Panama hat, and whose feet are encased ln leather boots.    One   consequence wlll be that ln the near future
there must be a vast   demand    for
articles of dress,  such  as flat cloth
[caps, soft felt and straw hats, s!ng-
: lets, socks and shoes, mostly of   the
| cheapest kind.    Whether the British
I trader will be able to compete   successfully with the Japanese remains.
- however, to be seen.
I    Another Index of the China to coma
is seen, says Mr. Fox, in the fact that
J China has recently Imported foreign
; building materials to   tbe   value   of
j some millions sterling.   In all building
[and     furnishing     materials,   except
: bricks and cement, China should be
an excellent customer for many years
I to come, tbe same remark applying to
British machinery, which is preferred
' to all other 'of foreign make.
3500   Tons���7000   Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
Queen Charlotte  Islands and East on G. T. P. Railway.
Through tickets to Eastern Destinations via the Grand Trunk
Double Track Route���Standard and Tourist Sleepers. Meals a la
II. G. SMITH, C. P. and T. A. Telephone Seymour 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A. Telephone Seymour 3060
CITY OFFICES: 527 Granville Street.
Westminster Branch, ��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:45 and
6:48 a.m. and every 15 minute*
thereafter untll 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:0n,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch,���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sunday    Service.���First    car
leaves    at 8:00    a.m.    Regular
week day service thereafter.
. Freight  Service.���Leave  New
-'Westminster for Vancouver    at
tulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Curs
leave B. C. E. R. Oo. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���Firrt car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Pegular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Imrce New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Fraaer Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST clean* and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep aftergenns
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ot the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a. more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- v
portions to cleanse ^^
easily, vigorously, jjg
and without harm to ""
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.   *���
Baby's First Wardrobe Should Be
Vary Carefully Chosen.
lt ls almost impossible for a young
mother to choose wisely wben selecting
ber first baby's layette. Sbe is told of
so many things she must bave that sbe
finds afterward tbat she rarely uses,
and there are so many more sbe bas to
add later tbat no one thought to mention.
"So lf this delightful task ever falls
to me again." said a young mother recently. "I shall spend less on lace edgings and cobweb Insertions and set
aside the amount saved for extra laundry work. To keep a baby dainty nnd
sweet requires an almost Incredible
amount of washing and ironing. If the
young mother attempts it sbe will havi
little time left for ber baby, herself,
her husband or ber bome.
"In addition to counting on plentiful
laundering. I shall make tbe little garments simpler and put my surplus time
Into preparing more of tbem. A half
dozen each of muslin slips, petticoats
snd flannel underskirts, six dozen diapers, one-half dozen each of cashmere
stockings, shirts and abdominal bandit,
four buth wrappers and 'nightingales'
and one full dor.cn nightgowns are
necessary, but no more. The latter
need as frequent changing as lhe diapers, uui yet very few people provide
more than three or four. This gives
no opportunity for more than n hurried rinsing, whereas this garment
needs careful sterilizing and utrtug
more than nny other.
"I would buy tbe shaped diapers
rather thun the straight goods. Though
more expensive, they wear splendidly
and fit Infinitely better. I would expend nothing o:s costly bath sponges,
wbicb soon become so filthy (despite
the best caret that tbey are a menace
te baby's tender skin. Instead 1 wouid
hem all tbe, old linen and damask
squares I could flnd into wash cloths
of different sizes for tbe face, ears, nostrils, eyes and body, those for the eyes
being kept carefully apart These
cloths ehetrid be boiled for twenty minutes hi a soda or boric solution and
tben eealed up until needed, and tbey
shonld he frequently discarded. It la
well also te keep some very soft bits
of linen to clean tbe baby's mouth with,
using each piece only once. Thrush''
and other infantile throat diseases lurk
ln dirty washcloth*.
"Lastly. I would not save the baby's
'best' slothes with the idea of economizing, for the dear little mites grow
at an unconscionable rate, and many a
real laoe bonnet and filmy slip hart
been labored over to be worn only two
or three tlmee."
for the Nsedlswomaiw
In the dressmaking world handwork
is the height ot modlshness. and tbe
frock that boasts a quantity of thla
stltchery is extremely exclusive nnd
proportionately expensive. But it la
possible Cer the home needlewoman to
turn out exquisite trimmings for ber
frocks at email cost The illustration
shows aa ap to date design for tho
front of a waist carried out ln embroidery, whfch ie further elaborated with
colored heads to represent jewels.
The wstfc to dene oa very coarse
white bnaesss aet art* ��*tte ambroid-
Our Mid-Winter Clearance Sale
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Lace   Trimmed Embroidery Corset Covers 35c, 50c
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Lace and Emaroldery Trimmed   -T5*
Fine Nainsooks, embroidery trimmed  $1.t��
Dainty Eftecuat       ;...$1.25
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Oar Mid-Winter Clearance Sato na Fundtane Is proving a very attractive sale to a great many
buyers as is evidenced by the loads going ast. Att prices marked la plain figures. You can figure oat
to-your own satisfaction the great saving*.
���74-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B. C
istnusD warn* oaooaanoa.
ery silk.  The ground Is given a ***
masrened effect by darning in somewhat Irregularly four strands of the
silk, taking two boles of tbe aet burl-
nontally tn tbe opposite direction, aa
shewn la tbe col Tke large ornaments
are also embroidered in thi silk, taking
a full strand. The longest stitch rarer* eight bolea of tbe net'below ths
center of tbe flower and eight above It,
und thirteen graduated stitches are
worked liekiw tbe crnter and thirteen'
above It. Tbe head* Ste u*vd tur tJlltug
m t he��enters of tto flowem        I
��� -���������- ��� *.-   ������    ��� ���-�����������������-���
���. Tins latest Tumor concerning the
Nationalists is that they will, now.
(h#t t hfty ar* Jn (ower at Ottawa,
bring out a naw Issue of Canadian
postage stamps lettered ln French as
well as Jn English. They are to bo
bilingual stamja. Indicating tha full
official equality ot the two-languages
throughout tha Dominion. Mr. Bour*
asaa aad Mr. Lavergne insist upon
this, and it is aald that Postmaster
General Pelletler hat the matter In
Nothing can be done about tt, we
suppose. It the Nationalists havp **t
their mini* on tt tfcey wlU have to
have it for, as they understand the
matter, tha twentieth oentury baa
changed hands and belongs to them.
But, helpless as Ontario la, tad
submissive at ts the Conservative
party to tba Nationalist ladder, we
would like to warn the Right Hon. R.
L. Borden tbat there Is a limit beyond which hn must not ga ih trying
to pleaia hi* allien, if tha Nationalists should propose to substitute the
portrait of Mr. Bourassa for that of
tho King on the new issue ot poetage
stamps we believe Mr. Borden shonU
say "No," and faca the conaeQueaces.
We believe the Conservatives of Ontario wonld back Mr. Borden in taking
a valiant stand and drawing the Una
light there. We really believe they
would,���Toronto Star,
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for H Is the stuff that tha torn*
datlons ot wealth end hspntnees ara built ot.
Money aay be need tn two waye; to spend (or what tm*
needed bow nnd to Invest for what shall be needed la tha far
tare.  Money eannot be throated until It Is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,00*    Columbia, comer Eighth street
KL*DBWAR,General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Managerv
B.c. imi$
limber and Trading Co.
Uaaatnotarers aad Dealsrs la All Ktaas of
pancv ���lass. -     i ��� :4...;; ~\ .-.,,;.. .
Koyal City Planinq Mill* Branch
Teleohone 11 Wew Wsottnlneter   * s   **    ���������;������ m**:**   ,
saga, ss tmma ������ - ****t***>**
ijji)'; ui.^tgMliigi!^'1^11;1'/���'���', (ftfft'fjtm****imtmn niii ':i,.il ��� KWf�� TOU��
-*$$�� N.W
OMiy News Publtoh-
their offlces,
 JP   Victoria
\ and not of ourselves. Weight doublif I ^t �����������* .*"g2"* * ��*�������
less to have indicated Mr. Begble's The defence expsets U osll- }00 or
error, .ven thOUiTnot oursefres re- more witnesses sad offer a ma*. ��
sponsible for It bf sn inteipolated documentary evidence so that tha
si? or an asteri��d footnote    ��Jlr, j-tri* may .not bs^fjO^ded^Uil next
���no^   "   * ~"        ���"*
������^ &&*���*?$***
ftUARY 16, 1912.
- *Hifil^dt'bc^lh the trial of the tea
��� m*SS*mm*a****mo discloses one of
-the most remarkable combinations
���vudraaged into the light of day,
asjf Vaet^rswftb Globe- the admit-
tlm* on oath IneprMentatives of the
. PMfrers __|___te a serious lndlct-
asent of some of the modern phases
af Industrialism. One of the worst
features of the > case ig the long delay In brlngingnihe action to trial. It
Is over nine years since the suit was
iaa��CiJ<4. > For over nine years the
pnckers have been able to put a stay
oa^qlfproceedings! What a commentary on the condition of society
ia the United States'. Little wonder lf
unrest pervalls among the toiling
masses of the people���that the demand Is heard for the recall in the
of the judiciary.   For law and
Begbie is, curiously enough, not a
Kelt ln sptte o'f being a London journ
alist; but even lf he weie a Kelt
we should not be surprised to see him
falling Into the "Anglo-Saxon" error,
which is fearfully prevalent Ih England, k-
And after all, there Is something to
be said for using terms which* everybody understands even lf their origin
Involves a slight Inaccuracy. The
English language lfl open to rebuke
for applying the word "German" to a
nation and group of races whtbh has
never called Itself German and now
| calls Itself "Deutsch," while we apply
tbe corresponding term "Dutch" to
people who much more accurately
term themselvesJrtoygndftra. A* fact,
the English Iaffg5iage Ms Zkttys exhibited' the flaftW hstf|hty ahd contemptuous disregard for the proper
names of other robes as the people of
England have frequently exhibited for
the claims and peculiarities of those
^raceef The tendency to clash all non
English peoples In one Indiscriminate
group as "frdg-eatefs" was very unscientific, but lt was useful to. tha
growth of English national prille, just
as the tendency to call all foreigners
Barbarians helped the Greeks (we beg
pardon, the Helen es !) to have, a good
conceit of themselves. Any Kelt who
does not like the way in which the
English language treats him Can always revert to Gaelic.���Montreal Her-
August or September. f T	
Distrlcl Attorney Wilkinson today
checked over, the list of government
witnesses wtth1 a yliw to shortening
the hearing.
The plan now Is to limit the ones-
Honing of witnesses to material
points and Introduce nothing but important documentary evidence, in the
hope of concluding the trial in May.
Ashville, N. C. Jan. 18.���When
Robert Smith, an aged resident Of
South Hominy, closed his eyes nad
apparently ceased to breathe, his
friends thought he was dead. They
prepared him for burial!- Several
hours later ' mourners . observed a
movement of Smith's arms. He arose
and exclaimed; ."It's raining, Isn't
it T" Then he sank hack. Despite
these manifestations of life the
shroud waa not removed, and four
bouts later Smith was Again pronounced dead. R
Smith suffered from tuberculosis
for years.   He wss 70 years old
,-we *s*jf*t
"The Mouse of Quality and Low Price*"
; * *��� *���
 Tof "Postofflce Box
247.'*  When the door was styled
��� ��� ..*". **^.i. - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
the Sherman law. He receives a report every morning from the "bailiffs
on the condition of the jurymen, anl
gives instructions in regard to their
The jury has been living at a doWn
town hotel under guard since December 19, and thus far no member has
complained of illness.
Tbe trial may last until May, and
Judge Carpenter Is anxious to. avoid
having the proceedings held un
through illness of any juror. The jury
is taken for a two-mile walk every
morning after breakfast.
Steps were taken today to expedite
the trial of the packers. Taking of
testimony began December 21, and
only nine witnesses have been heard.
In addition to their testimony eighty
voluminous statistical documents
have been offered ln evidence.
At the present rate it is estimate!
that it would take the government
until May 1 to complete its case, as
District Attorney Wilkerson still hts
Joaajn��?tli��- Citaent of well-ordered' JSKJW! aJan^  18-Unltf*   states
LiMa*mmmtiiii ������ i District Judge Carpenter   is   closely
society: | guarding the health of the Jury in the
The eitdenee bf Henry Veeder, the MS* ot the ten Chicago meat packers
aecreW<*:fhe indicted pool, was a I charged  with  criminal   violation    of
dramatic recital of the extraordinary
.steps taken: by the packers to insure
secrecy ln their operations.     When
the  l*x*  was established  in  1893.it
was decided to form a kind of secret
lodge  with secret signs and   codes.
The pool  met every  Tuesday  afternoon *ft a sixth floor room ln Chicago
under  the name
.and yip.brethren assembled they proceeded "to fix the price of fresh beef,
agree on the price to be paid for cattle, and allot among Its members the
amount of imeat to be shipped into
.the different centres of distribution."
They we re-Known to each other by an
.alphabetical code, and the country
was divided into territories known alao by JeiUerB of the alphabet. Nothing regarding-, the existence of this
secret pool wns allowed to leak out.
Even the stationery was stamped simply with the name of tiie secrtta y.
The memhers of this secret beef pojl
are now. on trial, and we shall) not
tseeh to anticipate the result.
What Eeema. beyond (,ueiticn la V.\e
taut that this pool, iu secret conclave,
not' o$ly held up the consumer by
flxingJetwiifafarily the price and supply
of meat, buf also held up the farmers
and brewers by arranging the prices
.to be pail for cattle. Pending the vindication of The Sherman law the public have a remedy. It is in the power
ot the farmers���and the consunun
ln Canada as -ell as in the Unite 1
.'States���to meet i>e packers on the
lines of co-operation and collective
tiarguininjL L'nt 1 lhe f.irm��:s combine tq mwrlast their produce Ihey
.will be at, 1$n ine:cy of the packers.
Anothsj' fdtef��t remedy is the power
. of the Fso^ftf'io prevent Government
contras.taV^ing. to the trusts. The
British ."Government have removed
the names bf the indicted   packers
from the -list of contractors   to the
*_*- - *.*j.-i *
army^and niwy.^ ,.This ls'a heavy blow-
to the packers, Involving a loss of
several millions annually. Significant
of coming events In this action o��
Britain in relation to a matter that
seems to concern only the people of
the United States.
"We are bn the eve of a great international  awakening.    The  linking of
. the democrat-tea of the world to crush
.the powers of evil that war ugainst
.the lives and  bappinesB of lhe com-
mnn people Is no idle dream.    This
action Of tlie  Hritish  Government b
tho exprfcsBlun of the wiil of the it.it
ish people���a slgnflcant step towr.rda
Ahe coming dpy of wcrldw.da federation tafced  on  the highest  ideals it
unlversul brotherhood, peace and justice;...-'
A correspondent writes us a letter
*ot admonition, conceived in vigorous
terms, becituse in the adjacent "Third
Column" we recently strayed into the
���eriQr��ofispealtfng ot "the Anglo-Saxon
.tskS?'-*-fco'eet1'purselves right with
.this correspondent, and at the samo
.time to head off all further rebukes on
Jt.ho gape subject, we hasten to admit
odr ert-ot and to declare our full belief thaLJJja-anly proper and fully de-
acriptive title for the English-speaking
peoples of-the Hritish Isles must be
awmetblng like "Anglo-Saxo-Juto-Keito-
Jforaan" (the order of the terms impossible superiority or dom
and   that a correct racially
ve\ terra   for   the   Bngllsh-
composite in   the   Republic
"Ofllfl"beyond all the resource:!
One~of the two.uses of the expression tor nittfch our correspondent re-
��nkes us.is, we are fain to point out,  I
M*'f*h$W'J<to Mr.  Harold  Begbie 1
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
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"Where   Everybody   Goes."    .
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The Shomers
'An Artistic   Act  of Unexcelled
Lizzie Weller
Child Wizard of the Piano.
The Espanoses
Some  Scenery,   Some  Singing,
Some Dancing,
Illustrated Song.
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Eye Specialist
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Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Dally 9:3) a.m. to 5 p.m.
and  later by appointments.
Phone 295.
For the Week-End Which
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Outside Door Mat*
Are very useful at this time.    We   offer   a   nice
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* -.       '
Tti*"ttAii,��. **Ewat *
,'7iO% SC
. v.
I %
Gardner   Will   May   Same
Team >��� Defeated Victoria���Vancouver Makes Change. .
Can New Westminster beat Vancouver tonight on the Vancouver rink'
'The suppo*fcers ot the1 Ro��als .are
anxiously awaiting the result of tbe
game. It looks to them as lf Jimmy
Gardner's men-have got the measure
of the bunch from the Capital City,
.and If only tbey can go one better
than their .opponents tonight they will
have established a nice   little   lead
: with hopes of keeping in front for the
! last of the season.
. Manager Gardner will take the ice
with the same line-up as that which
defeated Victoria on Tuesday, bui
Frank Patrick ls moving Tommy Phil-
fllps* across from the right to the left
wing, changing him over with Harris.
Tt should be a great game any way,
and if "Ernie" Johnson hits the same
form as he did against Victoria,' and
���the forwards put a little more combination into their play the Royals
should have a real good chance of
Two of the Victoria players, Walter
Smalll and Donald Smith, have been
chosen to be referee and Judge of
play for this match.   ���
Senior Amateurs will play ���'"���lr
game against St. Andrew's on Saturday on Moody Square instead of in
Vancouver. This Is a league championship match, and should prove an
���exciting game. Efforts are being made
by the local club to put as good a
team as possible in the field, anl a
strong aggregation should line up at
,2:30, the hour flxtd for the kick-off.
A I'is crowd is expected at the game.
Mom Meeting
(Continued from page one)
;���;������ I
present non-existent. Mr. qojilft
thought that keeping the telephone otlice open at night would be ver* satisfactory, and  tbe question* wss  re-
Mr. Sinclair, reporting for tMTlsh.  5J��   i went up Hood^chnallo vtalt
AD old (dead, Be had often told me
of tbe splendid Ashing there.' and I
ires anxious to try it It was .late In
toe evening when J got tbere; and I
retired early, to as to be resdy for the
fun next day.
"I asked bow far It was to the creek,
and tbey told me It wss only.a few
hundred jarda, Jest beyond tba fence.
Before light ag�� morning I #as up.
and. securing a good tackle and a little bait started off toward thf eriek.
Tbe fog was heavy, for It wss woods'
burning time, and I could not $ee*M
All kinds of lacrosse dope Ib coming over the wires from the East, but
.. very little of It appears to be of a
' trustworthy nature. One thing, however, seems to be certain, and that
ls, that a lacrosse commission bas
been, organized as a result of Con
Jones' tour round the east. This, it
is said, will consist of three members. Harry Cowan will represent the
B. C. Lacrosse association to look
ufter thc west, and the president of
the Big Pour will rake the east under
his wing. The third member will bo
ch(5wrtFt^*rewie*tVo. ���   ���-*'��
eries Committee, said that tbey con
slier ed    the    fishing    boundary    at'
Mission biidge was a suitable one.
A letter wha. received from tbe Associated Board of Trade-of Western'
Canada, on behalf of tbe Imperial
Home Re-unlon Association of W.nnl-
peg. .The object of the association U
to advance money to married seUieftt
from Europe for the purpose of enabling tbem to bring ont their wives
��hd. (amlliee to thia .country, this
money, to be rettjnia* In .the course of
time and a low rate of interest paid
for it. The letter was referred to the
Transportation Committee for further
consideration. .   ' . ,;
To the Finance Committee fell a request from the Canadian Highway Aa
sociation, that the Board nf Trade
should Join the association at a fee
ot $1 for every member ot the-board.
Mr. W. J. Kerr, president of the association, spoke In favor of thla' step.
but the committee were asked to look
into the question ot ways and means
before the board could come to a decision.
Peace River Road.
After the reading of a letter from
the Port George Board of Tra'e ask
lng for support ln the campaign for a
Peace River railroad. Mr. Kerr repeated what the premier had told the
.Peace River railway delegates from
Vancouver when nhe waa ln Vlctcnrta
The premier had said that this year
some 500 miles of steel would be laid
and completed on Vancouver Island,
and that a similar amount of money
would be spent on the mainland, and
he gave his assurance that the Peace
River Railway would be undei take j
as soon as possible.
The letter was flled.
Invitation were received from the
Coast Poultry Association at Seattle,
aud the Northwest Mining Convention at Spokane. The fliet invitid
exhibits and attendance at the flrst
annual show. Forty cups, It was
stated, would be awarded, chief ot
which would be the Golden Potlach
cup. Ninety per cent of the entry
fees would be devoted to regulai
prizes. The second asked for tho
presence of some of the members at
the mining convention and was accepted.
��� *rti"             *
The Peg In the Puget geund
Wae Rather Dense.
y et�� Pogft gound fog Is
Carrie   Adeil   Arabofn'a
��*n   Tbou-ad   MJh*   by
-Well, frleiid* \Aat\ a little
of my own ince that Just
distance sbead of me. so grog
���ofsd n
way as beat 1 could across tJ�� llttl
clearing .   ,���_.*. J
"Reaching the fence. I climbed over
and picked my a*y. cawttUfc for 1
did not want to fall tn the creek. 1
proceeded slowly down tbe stops unfit
I thought 1 must be near tbe **ater*.
edge. Balling my hook. I threw It forward, and .Juet'about Ome enofcgh,f)sr
It to strike the water I felt a pill, ani,
vltb a Jerk. I brongbt tn a flne;.feilow.
Por ten minutes I stood there and jsatt-
ed Ibeuf In. nnd then, feorlig; that I
would spoil tbe day's sport," 1 regretfully returned end by accident leeched
the house through tbe fog.
"After breakfast tbe fog lifted^ and
we got ready for a day's enjoyment
Yea may imsglne my surprise Wben.
on going t6 Ibe place where 1 bad
caught so many flsb early in the niorn-
iag. I found tbnt It was n full hundred
yards from tbe bank of the creek. The
truth Is I bnd not touched the' water,
but Just stood there nnd caught them
out of the fog/'
5A*asH, rr jHtttAVyou
.+*+***��������*>-*tm***t*il mm ^*H��tJtl-M%��*w^��%/s^^
We want you to visit our Delicate*
sen Department and Inspect our offerings. "       *
Dill Pickles, per doz. , .25c
Hains Bweet Ml ed MaMap. ��er Qt, 3$
Hejl^jlaieet,. Wirt:tPfekiao, .pei;
. katalla **
Heinz Ssuer^Krsut, per qt
i ���        11   11   ' i ���
ic n
Heinz Sauer Kraut,-per pt.
i ii   11 ��� 'ii  i ���
> i >
Roquefort, German Btetfkfast, Oregon
Cream. Llmburger and English Stilton  Cheese  at  reasonable   prices.
Also Headcheese and,Black Pud
ding. C. A B. Stllwel Meat itnd
Flsh Pastes.
i      t\m*r*m***m *       *    i*\
Our 3 .lb, for $1.10. Butter. .Is  Just
lovely?*"''- -: ���'   ���.'.'-
������' ������ ������">.'���   ,.".  ���...   i'     " ' f.	
Fresh Bfcga, per doc.
Caae.^fjfjfc nV-#t'>y.
^ffce White front?
Phone 2 33 8th Street
��� ���
bLeriot-a- souvaNm,
Certificate Presented to    Aviator
British Customs Official.
Paris, Jan.  18.���The newly opened
.    .. * .    ..  j  ��,     .. n . r~    .j   salon of aviation at the Grand Palais
Inebriate  Had  No  Money,  But Could   J" Jogt now the ceQtre of attractlon
Sketch. in parj^( an(i tne n^D whose names
Fargo, N. D., Jana. 18.���A man glv- ure known to every newspaper reader
lng the name of Clarence B. Boyd, ,'n the world are seen by the curious
and claiming to be a brother, of a public dressed as ordinary individuals
former mayor of Seattle, today, satis- a����d strolling quietly on the grounds
fled a fine of $5 in pollce court hero Instead of skimming the air in cos-
by drawing a charcoal sketch of   the . tumes resembling that of a diver
Peer Le Can't Win.
Th* Inte (Jreen McCurtuln. chief of
the Choctaw*, hud a  high opinion of
the business uxtuteness of white men.
���No Indian cau get the better of a
nnlpface." Chief McCurtaln said to s
(Jjitlirle reporter during the recent Oklahoma investigation, "snd when'-two
paleface* get bargaining together then
It lx just like tutting diamonds Wltb
diamonds. '  ��.      ���
'Two Oklahoma palefaces once bunted in my camp. They spent the.evening with me, snd over thp tire itnd the
firewater they began to barter and
traffic and to make deals nnd tjlcker*
Finally Bill said:
" 'Sam. let's trade horses-my fcay for
your roan." I
"'Wa a go.' Ram agreed -Tbeiirgde's
ago.   Shake on it. partner '
"They shook bonds. Then Bill said,
with s loud laugh:
"'Sam, I've-bested yen this llfte.
My boss Is dead.    Pled yesterday.* ,'���
*��� !<j?-y in|n> 3fcs5TJKj3 *uraji "Wed
this 4>oriTlu'._ Aud. .fcba'FJ tii��s.^Cre
toolt bt* dtfoctolr.'fc - Kew Yotf'tlfb
m**..   * - ,���...,.....    ii^.
Is the place to buy
Hot Water Bottles
^E OF ItrfASf'
inside business property in New Westminster Is good buying,
and values are steadily inclosing.    * ~~^y^-^.v.
"We have for sale one of the best business cornirJ^n'tte'rflty. It
fronts on three streets and produces over SH P*f 6ftft~t����9nue.
Price $186,000. .    .     X^jw_
For' terms and other particulars apply to       'J. ^
* -
The Westminster Trust add Safe Dept^A,lH.
28 Lome Street
4.1     Til*'.
*������    *   ,      ji   ��� ���'��� '������    ������' :��v *aio i��vo i r.
At The Arena Kinky Vancouver
Section 4 has been reserved for the supporters off ItestaWeatialnster
team. Tickets on sale at Ryall's Drug Store andatvtaa Hab Cigar
Store. .   ���; ^di io saap.n,
ALL SEATS $1.00 ' b * d *  '"
'���:ii'\ aii lo t*ui.
Fully gua����nteed.
Cough Syrups
The effective kind.
Wrest ling   Match
ASTORIA, WASH. nn"   ,'i   v^v
B08TON, MASS. ': "' "��*tort '���'*
Catch-as-Catch-Can���Beat two out ot threi' fairs.'   '
���*   3Hin    lOaitl    '��(   '.
St. Patrick's Hall, lan. 20.
i * ���     iralS   itu  t>Ti n
Ringside Beats $1.00, other Seats 50c.   Bout commenpas at 8^30 p. m
Dermol Cream
The best application for winter chaps, j
Ce S. Davies
Pt^>ne40. ' Cliff Block.
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122.
Phonee, Office 15 end 1$.
a E. OILLEY, Phene 2��1.
���*.   lei]    ban    !
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
U itlirUfl
i tn r>-,;��'. ^ 0
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
��� ������'j'lhii'x ^rft v-i
, Golden- Oate at San Francisco.
"Guilty," said Boyd in answer to
the charge of intoxication preferred
by-the officers. "I've been this way
for years, and it don't get you anything in the end- I've been fined, but
I haven't any money. I am something
of an artist though."
He then, with the end of a stick
One of the most popular Of these
Is M. Bleriot, wbose Oilskin suit and
goggles always made him easily recognizable tn the early days of flying.
His first great feat of traversing the
channel put him in possession! of a
curious document which ts sure to
figure honorably tn the future museum
of aviation, which there is already
a talk of instituting.   When he landed
sketch of the entrance to San Fran
<-isco nay.
"Better ha?g lt up over the Jail
door," observed the court. "It might
brighten things up a bit, and I gues*
you have paid your flne."
charred, in ;the oil furnace. diw_��y Dover on that inemotable occasion
 .���_ .- .*,- .*_- a coastguard who saw him alight Informed a customs official, who at once
repaired to the spot and put the
newly arrived traveler through the
usual formula, asking him if he had
anything to declare, or if he had any
cases of Infectious disease on board.
M. Blei lot, having answered the. questions satisfactorily, was then given
the following certificate:
"I, the undersigned, declare that I
have examined Louis Bleriot. master
ot_a ship (monoplane), recently touoh-
lng from Calais, and that from the
oral answers of the said master to my
questions it appears that during tha
In spite of earnest disclaimers, we
are afraid tbat tho good city of Indianapolis ls becoming Socialistic.
Mayor Shank Is buying and selling
potatoes, turkeys, etc., to "the mob"
ln order to break the cinch of   the
robber commission men, and lf backed  vhyage there were no cases on
by his council, will extend his plan
from potatoes to other necessities,
possibly to eggs, butter and meats.
One of the peculiarities of this affair is that when Shank gets his
potatoes down from $2 or so to 75
cents per bushel, the commission men
cut below the Shank prices, and still
"the mob" prefers Shank's potatoes.
Of couise, if "the mob" Is going to
stand solidly for   an
of infectious diseases requiring the
detention of the ship, wherefore he Is
free to continue his voyage. (Signed)
X ."
S Dhblln, Jan. *18.���Most of the    ac-
._. , ,��� ������_   tive politicians have returned from a
.,   . ,,     , auminisirayon   bri f   boii^ay and   the    Home Rule
that actually does   reduce   the   high   "�����'���" IT ��J~!~i�����    ������.     ���?���.!!
cost of living, that will settle all rob-  cam'>a,Bn ����� doming   more   acute
i^rWwr��u���h vPr0dU7Ti and���COn; d"Du��ng  the  last few  weeks,    the
fafgterfrff.S 'w,   a2S,y  8t ��ng Unionists have mede much use of the
for Soclallsm.-Seattle Ster. receht papa, decree forbladlng Cath.
ollcs, under pain of excommunication,
Potatoes, All Hot I
to summon ecclesiastics before the lay
tribunals..   Patrick O'Donnell, bishop
The following anecdote relates to of Raphoe,   has   written' Archbishop
the custom ln the old country of dispensing hot potatoes in the. streets
from what Is called a "potato engine," a receptacle with a charcoal
flre and a chimney In which the vegetable is >aked: The Ure brigade had
had a call.   The smoking steeds were
Walsh, of Dublin, expressing the opinion that the Papal decree does sot
apply to Ireland.
John Dillon and John Redmond,
Nationalists, gave out statements today In regard - tb land; pu chases in
Ireland.   John Dlllcn in a letter con-
dashing through the street, making cernlng the tenants ln the county of
the pavements ring; whilst the hot Clare.who have not been abe to pur-
���coals were flying to right and left, as chase their land under the terms of
they hastened on. Following them tho Land Purchase Act of 1903 which
eome distance behind was a man run- empowered the government to lend
nlng for dear life and frantically money to tenants to enable them to
waving h'.s hat ln one hand and ln the purchase their homes, says: ��
other a penny. But the flre engine "If the Lords hold up Homo ^ule,
had vanished, and as the man ap- lt will be necessary to Institute a
proached the crowd, panting for campaign on the question and bring
breath, he threw down his hat ln de- pressure to bear on the landlords of
spair. and shouted With all the breath County Clare to sell their estates On
he had left, "Keep your old potatoes!" reasonable terms."
< A***********************' >
4 ��� He Us* Expecting It   1        < >
Of course'womun mustn't .expect full equality with tbe ruder
sex until she cun attend a <*>n-,
vention and not have her clothes
described.-Washington Star.        ._
It Depended.
Lady- Well, what do;ymj w.iut?  ,
! Tramp ��� Wot have yer gpt? ��� New
York Mall.
If at First
An Irishman tunned Mlrlinel Doch
erty. having iKHiii dlMOov��rwi after sol
emhlzing ntiptlnl* with ftmr wives,
won brought up before the Dublin as-
alxM charged with higntuy. The Judge
In passing sentence expressed Ills wonder that the prisoner should lie such
a hardened villain ns to,.delude so
many women/ whereupon. Mike snld
apologetically; s-r.      <
"Sure, your honor. I wns only tryln'
19 get a good one, an'-It's not alayl''���
��� ���"'��� i'1- i.i'    irt .-ii.
A Hard Problem. \
Little Ellxnbetb and hef mother were'
having   luncheon   together,   nnd   tbe
mother, who always .tried fe Impress
facts upon her young daughter, said:
"These little sardines, Ellis bet b, are
sometimes eaten by the larger flsh."
Elizabeth gazed nt tbe eardinea in
wonder and then asked:
"Hot mother, bow do tbe Urge flsb
get the cans opeq?*���Llpplncotrs.
As Wealth Is Measured.
"ls he rich?"
"Only   taoderately.   He   hsbltnalljr
runs bis ante' beyond the speed limit
hut he conld hardly commit a murder
and get away with tL"���Chicago Inter-
WeVe.got too many suits
going to
is  the
and we
put plainly.
For today and tomoTow
only, we offer the free unstinted' choice of any
$15.00 Suit and
$2.50 Hat for
6tir Suit, select your Hat, pay us
jand the Smt and Hat are joto;
in':\ ��� '- : ���    ,i������ ''-:  ] >' '  ,'-! . i ���       i I    ���'%v,ir7,rt? nit
Today Only, $2.50 Sweaters, $ti��0
uliift mil Itiii.
!OJ   '.lilJ
���a n^ii ' i
RMd & McDonsif
The Store of Satisfaction.
691 Columbia Street.
Qothlws, Hatters and Habe^daihers
l'.��"l'S;,.,'    "���
I   ������    nil'
���">**���*����� ***-**-
FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 1912.      i
^ *'..
. - ��� '
Report of the Proceedings of the
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Tuesday, 9th January, 1912
The Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce was held iy the Banking House on Tuesday, 9tU of
January, 1912, at 12 o'clock.     .
A great many Shareholders and others were present.
The President, glr Edmund Walker, having taken the chair, Mr. A. St.
L. Trlgge was appointed to act as Secretary, and Messrs. Edward Cronyn
and H. L. Watt were appointed Scrutineers.
The President called upon the Secretary to read the Annual Report of
the Directors, as follows:
The Directors beg to present to the Shareholders the Forty-Fifth Annual Report, covering the year ending 30th November, l'Jll, together with
the U3.iul state ment of Assets and Liabilities. The balance at credit of
Profit und 1.038 Account brought forward from last year |4,310,204.0C
>t hc net profits for the year ending 30th November, after    pro-
\ idlng for all bad and doubtful debts, amounted to       2,305,109 42
���Amount rt ceived from over-appropriations in connection with
assets new realized, including Ue $350,000 appearing in the
statement of Xlst May. 1911        500,000 00
Premium on New Stock     1,357,820 00
$4,473,133 48
Thia has been appropriated as follows:
Dividends Nos. 96, 97, 98 and 99, at   10   per   cent.     per
annum   $1,057,218 59
Written off Bank Premises  ;��� '        400,000 00
Transferred to pension Fund (annual contribution)            55,000 00
Transferred to Rest   $1,400,000 00
Transferred to Rest, premium on now stock      1,367,820 00
 2,757,820 00
Balance carried forward          203,394 89
$4,473,433 48
As is customary a careful re-valuation of all the Assets of the Bank has
been made and all bad and doubtful debts have been fully provided for.
As made known to you in May last, your Directors derided to issue, at
a premium of SO per cent., $2,000,000 of the $5,000,000 new stock authorized
in January, 1908. At the ��losin��. of .the books $1,861,68�� of this amount
bad been subscribed and $1,697,275 paid up. When the payments in this
connection have been completed the paid-up capital of the Bank will stanft
at $12,000,000 and the Rest at $10,000,000.
The following branches" have been opened during the year: In Ontario���
Porcupine, South Porcupine, Bloor and Dufferln (Toronto); in the Northwest Territories���The Pas; in Saskatchewan���Bengough, Blggar, Brie'cres ,
Brooking, Cudworth, Edam, Mirror, Nutana, Radvllle, West Side (Saskatoon), Tllley, Willow Bunch; in Alberta���Beaver Lodge. Mount Koyal (Calgary), Grouard; and in British Columbia���Chilliwack, Duncan, Golden, Kelowna, Salmon Arm and Vernon. The branches at Latchford and Porcupine,
Ontario; Durban, Manitoba, and Brooking and Tllley, Saskatchewan, have
been closed. Since the close of the year a branch has been o; ened at
Powell Street, Vancouver, B. C.
The various offices of the Ban^t In Canada, the United States, Greit
Britain and Mexico, and the departments of the Head Office have been
thoroughly inspected as usual during the year.
Your Directors wish again to express their appreciation cf the efficiency and zeal with which the Officers of the Bank cemtinue to perform
their respective duties.
i B. E. WAliftBR,
. President.
Toronto, 9th January, 1912.
30TH NOVEMBER, 1912.
Notes of the Bank In circulation  $ 12,004,649 68
Deposits not  bearing interest       $41,288,032 95
Deposits bearing inteiest, including ii.terest ac-
|     crued to date    104,677,701 Sl 145,96",734 70
Balances due to other Bamks in Canac a         196,618 80
balances due to Agents in the United Kingdom and Banks in
���!    foreign countries         2,273,529 13
I $160,440,532 37
Dividends unpaid  2,021 47
Dividend No. 99, payable 1st December         288,940 00
Capital paid up $11,697,275 00
Rest       9,757,820 00
Balance   of   Profit and Loss Account   carried
forward         203,394 89   21,658,489 89
��� ���   a-
'.-. ��� ���	
$182,389,983 73
Coin and Bullion .......
Dominion Notes  	
Balance due by Agents in the United Kingdom
and Banks In foreign countries  6,982,375 82
Balances due by Banks ln Canada  6,854 59
Notes of and Cheques on other Banks  7,526,242 58
Overdue Debts (loss fully provided for)   .
Real Estate (other than Bank premises
Bank Premises	
Other Assets	
The Process of Their Making Is
a Profound Secret.
I Ce Accurst* Ars Thes* Wonderful
Standards That Twenty or Mors of
Them Rubbed Together Adhere ai
Though Mad* ef On* Pi*e* of M*tal.
In a elosely guarded room of a small
shop In an obscure Swedish village u
man tolls tn secret, says a writer In
Carrier's llsgaziue. Just bow- be ac-
compliance wbat he does no one knows.
not even bis sous wbo work with him.
Johnuuson bas made tbe world beat
a |>ath to hla door, for he has discovered the secret of making a more accurate limit gauge thou any previously
in use. A single set of his gsuges
given a practically unlimited series of
sizes, rising by steps of a ten-thousandth of an inch���much less than the
traditional hair's breadth���to twenty-
clx Inches. It la wild thut 80.000 com
binntious of these gauges are pussl
No dimension within tbeir limits bas
been died tbat they failed to reproduce. Extreme accuracy In building
machinery, particularly that of motor-
cars. Is of tbe greatest Importance, and
tbe flrst step townrd that end Is tbe
perfection of a standard. Making sucb
standards Is a tedious and expensive
process. Bnt Johnnnson has not
found It so. or else he values his secret lightly from the pecuniary point
of view, for be Is able to pay Uncle
Sam it duty of 4.1 per cent and still
offer Ma gauges In tbe American ��nnr
ket for a few hundred dollara. although
they could not be made bere for many
i times their price.
I Wben two of these Swedish gauge?
j are "wiped" together so as to exclude
! tho air from between them they nd
! here with a pressure which expert.
j ment has shown to exceed thirty
j pounds to the square inch. Twenty
; or more pieces may be thus wiped to-
' gether nnd supported horizontally by
! merely holding the last one. which
means thnt the accuracy of their various surfaces Is almost absolute.
Finishing one  surface or  two surfaces to n very close limit by lapping
' ���rubbing together with a fine abrasive
; between���Is   a   comparatively   simple
matter.     But  achieving  such   perfeel
parallelism as Is shown  by these remarkable   gauges   Is   quite   another
. thing, a secret quite well worth know
The peculiarity about this mysterl
' ously   powerful  adhesion  of  the sep
urate  pieces  Is  that  the  feel  of  the
built up gauge thus formed is exactly
the same us thnt of a single piece of
metal, and this holds for any comb!
nation, the number of pieces forming
it  not  affecting tbe sensation in the
slightest.    Any  skilled mechanic  wlll
understand Instinctively  the  meaning
1 of tbls and its testimony to the  ac
curacy of thp gauges.
For Instance, a one Inch gauge may
i be  built  up  of  pieces   representing
j0.r.+0.2+0.05+.150-J-0.l   Inch,  and   thc
resulting piece will lie oue Inch nbso
' lute, or any one of several other com-
'��� blnatlons may be made to represent an
Inch, and blindfolded the most expert
mechanic could not detect tiuy difference between tbe manner ln which this
I composite   Inch   gauge   nnd   the   oue
��� piece Inch gauge fitted In a snap gauge
of tbe same size. It would be an easy
mutter to confuse the two In handling.
Mr. Johnnnson. (he backwoods inventor wbo discovered what thousands
. of tbe most expert mechanics in ma
chine   building   centers   have   vainly
i sought for half a century,  limits bis
��� output to a few hundred sets of gauges
a year whether purely from inclination or because of mechanical difficulties In production ts as much a secret
as tbe process Itself and one that be
! wlll doubtless take with bim when he
.$ 10,736,214 55
... 15,093,480 00 26,829,604 55
14,515472 99
Call and Short Loans in Canada   6,604.716 44
Call and Short Loans in the United States  8,420,602 53
Government Bonds. Municipal and other Securities  11,541,';92 11
Deposit with the Dominion Government for security of Note
circulation    475,000 CO
$ 67,386.578 62
Other Current Loans and Discounts  110,999,611 31
  293.240 08
  347.091 02
  3,142,487 82
  82,913 5T
$182,3^9,983 73
General Manager.
The motion for the adoption of the report was then put and carried. Bylaws Increasing the number of Directors of the Bank, ln the event of the
proposed union with the Eastern Townships Bank being carried out, also increasing the authorized capital stock of the Bank were then passed. Resolutions relative to tlie Pension Fund and providing for an alteration in the
par value of the shares of the capital stock of the Bank were submitted and
passed. The usual resolutions expressing the thanks of the shareholders to
the President, Vice-President and Directors, and also to the General
Manager, Assistant General Manager and other officers of the Bank were
unanimously carried. Upon motion the meeting proceeded to elect Directors for the coming year, and then adjourned.
The scrutineers subsequently reported the following gentlemen ti he
elected as Directors for the ensuing year: Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O.,
LL.D., D.C.L.; Hon. George A. Cox, John Hoskln. K.C, LL.D.. J. W. Flavelle,
LL.D., A. Kingmnn, Hon. Sir Lyman Melvin Jones, Hon. W. C. Edwards!
Z.A Lash, K.C.,L.L.P., E.R. Wood, Sir lotin Morrisnn Gibson. K.C.M.G., K C.
LL.D., William McMaster, Robert Stuart, George F. Gait, Alexander Laird.
At a meeting Of the newly elected Board of Directors, held subsequently. Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O., LL.D.. D.C.L.. was elected President, and
Mr. Z. A. Lash, K.C., LL.D., Vice-President.
'   ,' '   ': '-������
*4Sn* Dog's bay.
They'd been telling dog stories, but
the old man sighed aa each told his
"Ah," he said at last, "but my little?
dog. Jumbo���he waa a dog." .
"And what happened ?" they asked.
"He's gorn," said the old man, sorrowfully. "His death was a most af-
fectin' thing. Times were bad with
me Just tben. Piece by piece tbe furniture went, till at last we'd only tho
bed left. Then came the hardest
knock of all���December 31."
"How was that"?" tfi^ queried.
"Ever 'eard of the Inland revenue?"
said the old man.
"Yes; but what's tbat got to do with
the dog?"
"Everything ! He heard me tell the
missus on the night of the 30th that I
hadn't a ha'p'ny left, and he was that
considerate he went out and died In
the cold."
"Rather than eat���"
"Eat ? No! Rather than live another
day and let me In for a new license.''
Your druggist wlll refund money lf
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cu.e any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles ln C to 14 days.   50c
Burden Bearers In Mexico.
Strong backed laboring men take the
place of moving vans In Mexico. There
are huge flat trucks with four handles
Into wbleh things are piled and lugged
along the city Ntreets. On moving day
the household furniture may be seen
Iki railed In full gaze of the rurious
from streel to streel to the new dest'l
nation These men are called <arg:i-
dores and combine the usefulness of
messenger boy anl the porter of the
old world. Tbe great burdens horm-
thus by tbe streugth of a single carrlei
sre amazing. A piano will lie carried
along by two men ou one uf tbentronfi
A Generous Empress.
Tt Is snld that oi ��� morning nt break
fn��t a grnwul related to the emperor
llie misfortunes of a brother officer
who. "hei-suse he Iind uot 1.1.000 francs.
must be dishonored." While the em
peroe questioned further particulars
Eugenie flew to ber room and. return
lug with ii package of banknotes, said.
���Take them, general, aud never tell rae
his name." And his name tbe gener
ous empress never knew.
Thirteen st Dinner.
Thirteen nt dinner ts an old Norse
myth. It wns deemed unlucky be
ranse Lokl. god of malice, once In
truded. making thirteen guests, nnd
Hiildur. the brilliant god. was slain at
tbe Instigation of l.okt. who prevailed
ii|s>n Ilodur, a strong but blind god.
to throw M Intel, the mistletoe, at Ral
dur. perforating the latter and letting
out Ms divine sonl
Men of culture nre tbe true a poetics
vt euuaiity. - Matthew Arnold.
WINDSOR SALT-outlit to
cost mote ��� to pure, fine, well-
savoured. Goes further, too. But
not a cent dearer.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B.C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the tune to luilJ for tale or rent while prices are low
TVjr The
Taste Test
Try Mooney Biscuits with any others. Let the taste of each be
the judge and decide which you like the best. Mooney Biscuits have
the largest sale in Canada. Their incomparable flavor alone would
command it.   Their appetizing crispness and inviting deliciousness is
simply irresistible.
Here in our famous sunlit sanitary factory, with its hundreds of skilled
employes���its 640 windows���its 3 miles of floor space, we create this
perfect soda cracker.
Mooney's Perfection
k'yp$%m; ,:v|
*******\t<':*.       -.JUSfa
Cream Sodas      w^^ ,
In   six short years Mooney Biscuits have jumped into popular      v^-^dl^C&i-.^-<jri
favor throughout the entire Dominion.    You will understand why when    *c: ������.*'      .'H^C
you cat them for the first time. \V
Yon can get Mooney Biscuits  at your grocer's, fresh and  flaky^-r*;^^^
in damp-proof wax paper lined packages. ^_\*% '^W^^-----.
Try some today���their taste will please you.
The Mooney Biscuit & Candy Co., Ltd., Stratford, Canada
���   -'     ��� -������-���.::��� .���--*. *"J;<!'
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montrea) are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Your Advertisement in the
Daily NeTvs is a Salesman���
Reliable, Indispensible, Elfective ���������*������������
Ne It Certain That He It Near
fOeta Forgiveness From His Wife. Bids
ths Family Cat Qoodby, Trios to Sing
'; a Hymn and Finally Makes a Surprisingly Quick Recovery.
[Copyright uu. by Associated Literary
WHEN Mr. Bowser bad overslept his usual bour by fifteen minutes tbe otber
morning Mrs. Bowser weat
op, to see what was wrong. He was
���Wake, but be had just felt a sblrer
paaa over him. and had tba qullta
drawn up to ble chin. Be had made
fan of tie grip s hundred times over
and had area asserted that only per
abns of weak intellect would giro up
to it. but new be bad a feeling that
bs waa In for tt himself.
Mrs. Bowser scanned bis flushed
face and felt of hie pulse and quietly
"It's a ease of the grip, and you'd
batter stay In bed today. Of course
tba grip doesn't amount to anything,
but you'd batter uke reasonable precautions."
"But lt does amount to something,"
be contended as another shiver struck
him. "1 was reading last night tbat
It carried off over 400 people In tbls
town alone last year. I want a doctor
ht once."
"But It Is a mild attack, and you
know you have often said tbat no peraon with an ounce of brains"���
"It makes no difference what I have
often said.    I am all of a shiver one
doctor calls case ssuiora
minute and burning up tbe next, and
jmy mouth Is as dry as chips. Telephone the doctor at once snd tell him
jnot to be all day getting around bere."
Thought End Was Near.
Tbat was tbe beginning of tbe day.
!jAt a o'clock Mrs. Bowser brought up
some tea and toast, and Mr. Bowser
took a few sips of one snd nibbled at
tbe otber and aald tbat he bad a feel.
lng tbat be was not long for tbla
world. His voice was very plaintive
as he said It
1 At half past 0 he called Mra. Row-
���er up to say tbat be had a headache,
bis feet were cold and tnat be wsuied
a quiet funeral lu case of death. Sbe
. assured him that one day In bed wonld
-probably effect a cure, bnt be signed
.and shook bis bead and hoped tbat be
would have bia senses to the last
At 10 o'clock tbe doctor arrived.
Having beard Mr. Bowser disparage
tbe grip and tbe medical profession
combined, be felt It his duty to assume
a serious look and announce tbat It
was an aggravated rase and might
terminate ln pneumonia.
Tbe patient was to tske three kinds
of medicine, summon up all his wlll
liower und remain In bed for at least
two weeks. Be also Inquired If Mr.
Bowser bad bis life Insured snd his
house In order. In taking bis leave be
observed tbnt nine out of ten cases of
the grip were proving fatal and that
fat men were belug mowed down like
gross. \
Heard Dog's Dismal Howls,
At 10:30 Mr. Bowser felt bot flashes
And cold shivers, and a' dog bowled dl��
innfly in front of tha bouse. He did
not Inquire -ua to tho color of tbc dog,
but he felt mora shivers as be beard
tbe bowls, lie acknowledged that be
-was a crank Hnd a kicker and begged
"Mrs. Houser to turn his pillow over
iind forgive a dying man. He said that
tie didn't want to be burled in Connecticut, but wouldn't raise a fuss
���bout It
At 11 o'clock tbere were more shlv-
��rs, nnd be had a hot water bag at
his feet nnd a cup of bot tea; also beld
Mrs. Bowser's hand and said be was
norry for finding fault with tbe gas
At 12 o'clock noon tbe patient complained of numbness tn bis knees and
* buzzing ln his ears. Had his pillow
turned over and his feet tucked ln.
and Mra. Bowser went down nud chid-
ed the cook for singing, "1 Would Not
Lire Alwsy."
At 1 o'clock Mr. Bowser seemed tn.
be asleep, but ns Mra. Bowser wiped a
tear off bis cheek be opened lil* eyes
ond snld thnt tf he wis to live bin life
'over again bed never buy a lire escape or a new milk cow without her
consent. He would like to live on for
her sake, hut felt thnt be was called
to go.   More toast nnd tea, and be ate
' Heartily ear a dylag aaaa.  Pillow tara*
| ad over and tba eai turned out ot tba
Prepares Fer tka Warat
At I ���'clock the doctor came again.
Ha looked mora serious tbaa before I
and aoundad Mr. Bowser's longa. Seemed to take a secret satisfaction  In
thumping blm well.   Announced tbat
I tbere was no sign of pneumonia vet,
but advised the utmost caution agalnat
I exposure or  excitement    Bald  tbat
i moat of bis pstlents wbo died beard a
' dog bowl a few hours before dlssolu-
i tlon.    It waa Jum possible tbat be
! could pull tbe ca��e through, but���
j   As noon as be bad departed Mr. Bow-
I ser bad four shivers in succession and
gave Mrs. Bowser a Hat of debts to
be paid after be bad become an angel
At S o'clock tbe patient tried to sing
a hymn, but gave It up In tbe middle
of tbe flrat verso and asked Mrs. Bowser If aba could possibly forgive him
tor Jawing around when tbe coal was
out   Sbe wiped the tears from bis
eyea aad kissed blm. and be whispered that he waa sorry for cslllng bis
mother-in-law a human hyena.
His Wife Farglvee Him.
At 4 o'clock the patient fait a crinkling of bis toes, accompanied by a
twitching of tbe ears, aad be declared
hia belief tbat thla wu a sign of dissolution. He recalled tbe fact tbat bo
bad one* came bome and raised a
great row on finding a clothespin tn
tbe front yard, and ba wanted to die
knowing that Mrs. Bowser bad forgiven blm. Forgiveness was extended,
and ba was sssured tbst be had many
years of life still before blm. This
cheered blm for a moment but a new
buzzing ln bis ears admonished blm
tbat bis atay In tbls world might bo
At B o'clock more toast and tea.
While tbe patient ate and drank be
said be was leaving tbe best wife in
all tbe world behind blm and tbat be
deserved booting for tbe way be bad
beld ber responsible for broken windows and frozen water pipes. He
spoke of tbe ent ax If she were a human being and wondered If sbe would
mlss blm. Wondered bow he could
ever bave been so foolish as to try to
ride a bike
Bids Family Cat Qeedby.
At 6 o'clock the patient felt that
pneumonia had adzed him in its deadly clutch and that two hours more
would witness the end. Be beld Mrs.
Bowser's band und begged ber forgiveness for saying tbat itbe bad no system about housekeeping, referred to
hls mother-ln-lnw again and left Jber
several farewell messages.
At 0:30 o'clock the patient weakly
whispered that he wished to bid tbe
family cat good by.    Be hud1 not been
kind  to her and  his  ronsrlewre   was
troubling him.   Ou three occustous be
bad even sought to take her life.   Tbe
cat was brought, and an she seemed to
say "Oh. forget lt!" tears rolled' down
bin cheeks.    Be then closed  bis eyes
and appeared tn be resigned to tbe In- ,
evltable.   Even the cook lu tbe kitchen J
wns weeping, nnd the umbrella menders passing the house were requested
to lower their voices to n whisper.
Mekes Sudden Recovery.
At 7 o'clock, as Mrs Bowser sat
downstairs and her patient was supposed tu he asleep. Mr. Bowser suddenly appeared before ber ln bis dressing
"Good gracious:" abe exclaimed.
"But yoo-yoo"-
"Exactly. madam." be replied as be
looked around for n cigar. "You aud
the doctor bave fondly imagined all
day tbat 1 was booked for Jericho, but
you see me bere before you, nnd now
wby in thunder are you letting that
blamed old cat scratch the cover off
the lounger
"But you sntd-anld"���
"I aald tbe grip didn't amount to
shucks, and here's tbe proof of It lf
you'd had it you would probably bave
died before noon, but it ban only made
me hungry, lf tbere In any cold corned beef tn the house you bave tbe cook
sling It on tbe table. After I've eaten
I'm going oot for �� five mile walk, and
if tbe doctor comes while I'm gone advise bim to drop medicine aud go
to building cement houses. Grip:
no gets dewo to the offlee late
And  tbe.  nrssMgs  la  gat
And makes the proudest ssUess
Tbe preeMeat
Who wears a diamond ta hls shirt
That makes tbe very optics hurt?
Who ajgtaya Is abrupt aod curtT
Tbe general manager.
������-. .. '
Wbo makes you reel like thirty cents
When you would rid. wltheut espenseT
Wbo lies a turndown that's tmnwoie?
The general paasenser agent.
Wbo boree you through with haughty
When you would travel anywhere
Aad grabs the money for your faret
Tbe ticket agent.
Wbo takes your ticket with disdain
And frreaes you with might and main
For daring to aet la hla train? <
Tbe conductor. f
Wbo la tto efcaby eld galoot '" *
Who wears a fourteen dollar suit
And greets you with a kind aalutef
Ob. that's only the old duffer whe
owns tne railroad: that's aUt
-Bellas Tlmco Herald. -
Mere Men's Jekeo en Women.
"Why did yoa select Charles Instead
Of George V asked Maude.
"Well." replied Maymla. "George
aaid 1 bad eyea Itka violets, cbeeka Uke
wild rases, shell like ean and Upa Uko
"Very pretty."
"Yes. But Charles said I had ayes
like diamonds, teeth like paarla and
lips Uke rubles. It seemed to ma tbat
his Ideas wero much moro practical"���
Washington Star.
"My wife has Just got her new fall
bonnet" "Sorry, old mnn. but I can't
spare a penny; I'm broke too."���Houston Post
"Mother." inquired tbe little Boston
boy, "Is it parasol a feminine umbrella?"
"Why. you might call It that Waldo."
"Well, wns the drat parasol made
from nn umbrella rib?"���Philadelphia
A HarvniU professor rises to
remark tbnt "syncopation ln harmonization has no Immoral connotation." whicb. being roughly trnanhttrd Into idiomatic English. .Mtn, "Ragtime Is de purs
good)*."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
In the state- ot Georgia Ures a banker who Is known behind his bnek an
"tke human safety clutch " Be bas
been accused of being nearly everything excepr a spendthrift
Be liven n roMpfrom town on a plantation! One Saaduy he remembered
that he had left mum Important papers on his desk., am* he gnve an aged
negro servitor ob tbe place bin keys
and sent him far ttt*. documents.
It was n bot day. and the road wns
dusty, but in nn hwar the old darky
returned' wltb the paper* Intact. The
owner tell In all bl* pockets.
"Thst'a- too bndi Uncle .llm." be snld
finally: "I thought I* bod a nickel hero
1 was going to give yoa."
"Mn rue-Henry." saHi Uncle Jim. "you
look again. Bf ever you bad,a nickel
you got tt ylt"���Saturday Evening
The Choice.
Arrival: Closing:
18:10���United Btatoo vis C P. R.
(daUy except Sudsy). 88: SO
7:40���Vancouver vln B.4& E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:16
18: OS��� Vancouver vln. B. C B. R.
(dally except Sunday).18:00
It:00���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria vln B. C. E. R.
(dnUy. except Sunday). 11.15
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Suaday).11:15
7:80���United Statea via O. N. R.
~ ' ���. {dally accept Suj^ayK. ��.46
.6:16���United Statoe via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..16:0C
11:40���AU polnta east nad Europe    (daily)   8:16
12:48���All points east aad Europe (daily)  18:15
11:40���Sapperton 'and   Fraaer
MUls     (dally     exoept
Bunday)      6:80
18:10���Sapperton   nad    Fraaer
nulls     tdally     exoept
Sunday)      14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (daily, except Sunday)    8:30
12:00���Central Park, Mclfay aad
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.41
400���East Burnaby   (dally   tt-
Sunday) 18:80
0:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday nnd
' Frtdny)   18:80
10:80���Barnston lalanda arrlvea
Tuesday, Thuraday aad
Saturday, aad leaves
Monday,      Wedneaday
and Friday    14:00
0:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Ban
VUla ...18:80
10:00���Annieville and   Sunbury
(daily except  Sunday). 13:30
0:00���Wood warda        (Tuesday,
Thursday    and    Saturday)    18:80
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 14:8*
IS:SO���Cloverdale and Port Kelts
via G.  N.   R.   (daily except  Sunday) ..14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
11:2th-Tynehead  ( Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Sunday  1��:0<
18riff���Abbotsford. Upper Stoma*,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  2J:(W
.6:15���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine     i dally    except
Sunday)  ��:4f
5:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern RMgn
and Hazlemere (Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday   Sc4t
11:20���ChMllwack, Milner. Mt.
Lehmaa, Aldorgros^OS-
ter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllla.
Strawberry BUI, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,.
Bradner, via B. C. El R.
(daily except Sunday). 9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba HUI vta
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Fit-
day        ��'*0
20:30���Cliilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:80
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)* 17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   fcC.BiR.
(daily except Sunday).IT:30
12:00���Fraser Arm 23:00 |l
kfkrkfi^inirviii>r>ryiiiriini~hrf*han   ��iriiiiinor>ns^Bkj ut.
Tho regular meetings of this lodge
aro held ln Odd FeUows' Mall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
���vary Monday evening nt 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvis. N.G.;  W.
C. Coatham, g. O. /recording secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary
Vardon Na 19/ Sons   of   Norway,
in Eagles hall   the   flrat   and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren nro cordially
Invited to attend.
**********\\M President
Financial Secretary.
1188 M. BROTEN, pubUo otoaogra
poor; specifications, business lot
tern, ate.; circular work
Pbone 416. Hbar of Major
Savage's offlee. Columbia Bt
Aooouataat Tel. R 188. Room
Trapp block.
WHITESIDE A EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Weatmlnster offices. Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streeta; Vancouver ot
flees, Williams building. 41 Gran
vllle street F. C. Wade. K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. MeQnarria. G. E
solicitor nnd notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Tategraph.
railway at,
Toronto Express leaves nt .8:5*
Chicago Express loaves at  13:50
Imperial Limited Leaves at ....1t:4��
Through   Pullman     Tourist     and
Diners.    For Reservations nnd rates
apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodlo, O.P.A., Vancouver
8)4 to 36 B. P.
4 Cyele.
S aad
Local Agents
Westminster Inn Worts
Phone 58.
Tenth Su Now Weetmlneter.
J. Newsome & Sons
Punters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Olvon.
2t4 Stath Avenue. Phone 567
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barristers*
law, solicitor, ate; corne* Columbia
McKenzie streets. Naw West
B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tel*
phono 710.
Ses red Out.
Tbe guides bud n pretty story to tell
as often as tbey were onked why tbe
cliffs gave back uo sound.
A beautiful echo iso the story rant
formerly dwelt In the valley and hnd
great fun mocking people who. chancing tbst way. In nny manner broke the
sylvnn silence.
But once upon n time a party ot
Kinnrt women, prompted by the guides
knew not what caprice, sat down In
tbe immediate neighborhood to enjoy
a game of progressive whist.
"Gee. 1 give lt up!" cried the echo
thereupon and in consternation- fled
the place, nevermore to return.���Puck.
^^^^^^    ����������������������
Modern Irreverence.
Another  thlug - why   doesn't
Father Time improve hls looks
by running his scythe over bis
own      whiskers? ���  Galveston
fNewa. I
Barristen-at-Law, Solictors, Etc
Adam S. Johnaton. Fraak A. Jack
mo. Offices: Vancouver; Boom 405
Winch Building; New Westminster,
Rama 6. Ellis Block, Cohuafcia atreet.
Telephones:     Vancouver,   Say mour
2163;  New Westminster, 1*2*.
Cabte   Address:      "Stonacfc."  Code:
Western  Union.
Gardiner & Mercer
m. a. a.
Phona S*\ Don 778
Tom���Can be nlng nicely?
Dick-Weil, he offered to sing tha
bnby to sleep tbe otber ntgbt. and bin
wife mild. "No: let her keep oo cry
lni!"-New York Mall.
Se to Speak.
"Wasn't your town dry when I wan
here a year ago? Seems like tbe ltd
Is off now, all right"
"Betchn! 9a free an' Independent
voters got busy laat 'lection tin' broke
that Ild Into a million smithereens."
"Ah. I see: converting It luto a sort
of granulated Ild. so to speak !"-Chl-
��� ago Record-Herald.
Transfer Co.
������co 'Pnone ISS.      Sara 'Pnone is
Baggage   aenv��r*o    promptly   w
nny part ot tan elty.
tight and Heavy Hauling
minster Board ot Trade meet* ta tn��
board room. City Bail, aa follows:
Third Thursday of each montn
tuarterly meetlag on tne tmrc
Thuraday of February, May, Augusi
aad Nnvemner, nt ��� p.m. annua
meetings on th. third Tbaroday tn
February. New members may Ih
proposed aad elected at any month
ty or quarterly meetinc. C. ��
Stuart-Wade, secretary
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital pnld up S*JS*000
Reserve 7.280,000
The Bank haa over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Poeliic,
in Cuba throughout the Wand;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica, TriaMad,
Now Tork and London,. Bag.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns nnd
cities In the world. Theee ex-
oelent connections afford every
banking facilitr.
New Weatminater Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
owaicir      ���___________
A Loving Mother.
Stage Manager-Where Is the six-
yen r-oUl child wonder? Tbe audience
Ih getting Impatient.
Doorkeeper���She's gone down to tbe
station. Ber tliinuliler wqs married today, und she want iii tu see her off for
her honeymoon.   Milwaukee Sentinel.
< >
Necessary. -.] J
If tbe economists have their ,,
way the only middleman to re-.; [
main will lie the chap who re- ��� >
lays the Jokes In the minstrel ; \
show.���Denver Republican. < >
i S	
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water*,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
telephone R 11S; '���:tt*r.k: Princeaa *i
Choice Beef, Mutton,
taub, Pwk and Veal
Central Meat MarM
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
Canadian nunc
B.CCoast Servlee
Far Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally axcept Tuesday
1:00 P. K. Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
Far Nanaimo.
2 p.m Daily except Sunday
S**r Seattle.
10:00 A. M Daily
11:00 P. M Daily
For Prlacn Rupert aad Alaaka
7 P.M.   Jan. Wth**tOa
Far Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For Upper Fraser River Polnta.
St���mn   Beaver.
f sawsn �����**** Waatmlaater, 8:00 am.,
Monday, Wsdassday and Friday.
Leavea Chilliwack,  7:00 a.m.,  Tueeday, Thursday and Saturday.
Far Balf lalanda Polnta.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Oaltaao. Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
earn Cava, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney M.
Agent, Now Westminster.
G. P  A.. Vanoouver
v ��� .IN���V.   ,  ju.
His Experience.
"1 hear our dentist Is going Into tbe
real estate business "
"No rensoti why be shouldn't succeed. Be hns had lots of experience
ln dealing with ache-re."���Baltimore
American.        %
Of Real Importance. i
"I suppose now you wish to know |
tf yon are the first girl 1 ever kissed?" !
"No; I nm Interested in knowing it |
1 will be the Insf'-Bouston Post-        !
Ryter-I've half a mind to write a
popular novel.
Crytio���Well, that'a aa much aa yoa
WU). nw4r-Milwaijkee Sentinel.
Phono 10S     ����� O. Box SSS.
OfBcs. Front St.   Foot of Sixth.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)   ...$15,415,000.00
RE8ERVE   815,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, ana In London. England, Nsw York, CUVato a%d Spokane.
O.B.A., nnd Mexico City. -A general
tenking {luatness transacted. Lat
".era of Credit Issued available with
���orreependents In all parte of tka
Savings Bank Department���Dopoolta
���eoetvod In aome of 11 and upward,
utd Interest allowol et ��� per cent pec
tnnum (preaeut rate). I
Total Aeeeta over S18��.��00.000.00
G. 0. BRTMNBR. Manager.
F. O. Box 887.
Fine Of fice Stationery
Job Printing of Everr
Description ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, Naw Weetmlneter.
���4    ACCOUNTS
Many PeopJ&whe have
never before^ ,fceen in. ,a
position tip do sp, may
now be reaay to open a
bank account
* The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong bank-
iii�� organization. ,
Interest is paid ea Sariags
.Btlsnces fckk-yssjrlyj,.-::    ::.
Banwss |Acc��nts   epta��4
ft'ill      'i-*iii   a^il^l
.-?* t*
Njw tffJHfttiNrreft.
OH CcIo*Sla ttraet
B. C
.ll.liillJ11^1,'. PAOB BHHTT
i    in     gs��e
.sd i
Second Street
One-half block from car: live
rooms; modern^ in. every reaped;
full basement-' plpfed for furnace,
LHI6<J 80 |1200   casa,
balaw* n^W*   3��
t% is THE
vou ito 'imi
��� or.tr fn cvt
FOR   YOCjfff''H^NrttY;   AND   BUT A
Alfred W. McLeod
S5? Columbls St.,
Phone  62.
New  Westminster.
Sale Of
We overbought for Christmas
and want to turn the balance
into cash. They are all marked
down while in the window.
Big stock to chose from.
$i.ro JJp To $15
H   -,���'���'���,:,-,���������   ���	
Mr. A. W. MacLeod was up at Chilll-
wack on business yesterday afternoon.
Hon. W. Norman and Mrs. Bols left
for Los Angeles today by the G. N. R.
They wlll spend the winter months ln
"sunny California.
Captain James Garvie. of the SS.
Vedda, and manner of the Chilliwack
Ferry company, bas been paying a
visit to this city. '���   ���
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial society Is ' holding Its annual
meeting; at 8 o'clock Kmlght In the
city hall. Olllcers will be elected for
the year, the,reports for 1911 wi.l b#
submitted, and other Important business done.
Mr. Bryson ls consoling himself
for the loss of the mayoralty campaign by realizing a little money from
real estate. It ls understood that h2
haB Just accepted a deposit on a loc
on A-nes street for 815.000. The property ln question Is believed to be
located below Eighth street.
New members elected to.tha Board
of Tra.!e last night were J. B. Ken
nedy, barrister; C D. Lastem, broker;
R. Davis, manager; George Adams'
grocer; Sidney Malcolmson, accountant; J. G. Robson, lumberman. T. H.
Thrift and \V. Norman Bole lesigned.
The regular monthly meeting ofthe
W. C. T. U. will be held in Queen'J
Avenue Methodist Church next Monday afternoon at 3 p.m. A special
feature of the meeting will be n
"mothers' meeting" under the leader-
shin of y.a. C. W. Brown. Everybody
will be welcome.
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have you,'
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's jewelry store.   ���*
B. C. E. R., Big Christian Endeavor
Rally"; so runs the poster carr.td by
the city stieet cars nowadays. The
local union ls, In fact, holding a big
rally next Monday night at Queen*
Avenue Methodist church. All the Endeavor societies of Ne��v Westm.nsta:-
will be piesent, and the prog.am will
be piovidcd by the Y. M. C. A. Proceedings will start at S p.m.
City workmen were bu?y all ycEtrr-
day lowering the paits or thA cement
culveit which will carry o!T the stream
running through the ravine lot on
wliich the People's Trust building will
sta;i$. The plans for Urn building
hftvp not yet been jjecepted, hut they
wi;| shortly (CwnV up tmi^; thj new
CQ'.;ii'-'jl for ,c^aiij(}f raticjj,
A srenial Calf will fe* r'AB IfWlglit by
the B. C. E. R. for the coftvSnleB6;
of local hockey enthusiasts who wish ���
to go over to Vancouver and see the
local team put it over the Terminal
City. This car will leave the depot
at 7-p.m., and will run right through
to the arena. It will wait there until
the end of the game, and the New
Westminster people will be able to
board lt again at the door of tiie rink,
and be taken back to this city without
a change. The fare for the tound trip
will be DO cents.
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. ���*
Miss CaYC-Browne-Cawfe
!*,$*. *������       A. R.C. M.
Member of tbe Incori      'ed Society
of Musicians (Eu*,i. nd).
(Succeeapr to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teack^of ftanoforte, Violin,
Singing, Jheory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Form.   ^"'.
Prepare* candidates   for Teachera"
i Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board of the
Royal  Academy of Music and  Royal
Sollege pf Music. Has had numerous
uccesses fn past years. Lessons by
correspondence in any of lhe above
subjects.       ''������
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phone L638.
y      You Can Refinish
"5, a Piece of Your
Furniture al Our Expense
We wantto prove to you how easily
you can make an old piece of furniture new.
Here is what we give: A bottle of
Johnson's Electric Solvo to instantly
remove the old finish. A bottle of
Johnson's Wood Dye to beautifully
color the wood. A package of Johnson's Preparec
Wax to impart that rich,
dim lustre���to protect thc
'finish agair.it heel mark*
and scratches.
Wood Dye
it not a mere rtaln���not simpy
a surface dressing. It is a real,
deep-seated dye, that goes to
Ihe very heart of the wood-
end stays there���-fixing a rich
and permanent color.
Johnson's Wood Dye is made
in 14 standard shades, every one
of which you may have in the
free samples.
Let them demonstrate what
Johnson's Materials wiil da in
your home.
Free Sample* and
Literature at ottr Store
Anderson & Lusby
634 Columbia Street
B. & M.
Curtis log Store
PHOT* **pOD8
>v- ���
Phorifc 4ll L. D. 71:  Rea   72.
New Weetmlneter.   B   C.
*ff   ���
Phone USTR*
S19 Hamilton St.
Eavet rough
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
We   Have  Successfully
Filled 80,000
"aince coming to this city, besides all the repeats.   This naturally means experience.
j Bring your  Prescriptions    to
���];<ji;R WINDOW
vtM?Tf5>Cheml,ta' Etc'
IlPKlft Bfo<m*'44l  Columbia 81
537 Front St  -  Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
Halibut (half or whole) per Ib.   8e'
Fresh  Cod  (half or whole), lb 8c
Fresh Herring   4 lbs. for 25c
Fresh Smelts. 8 ^b��. for 25c
Fresh '^hmntw, *.pfer lb 20c
B. &. Ui Kitljpefed' Salmon, per lb., 15c
Fresh (Jrabs;'2'fi<Jr  25c
Smoked Salmon, per pound  20c
Smoked Halibut, per lb loi
Bloaters and Kippers, per lb 10c
Prime  Rabbits, each   '-Vic
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50c
Delivery J0,fl. m. and 4 p. m.
(999) We have Just had listed for sale a new modern bungalow
that will be sold below value. The owner ls In need of money and
has put the price low in order to make a sale.
This dwelling has seven rooms, has baselnent nnd Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the houso the best of material has been used.
The location Is pleasant, having a splendid view and being bandy
to local  and  Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be pall monthly If desired.
i        i y.n  i      i    -
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Flirt & Co., Ltd.
New Westminster
Head Office, Nev�� Westminster       Tranche* at Vancouver     Victor"*
Chilliwack and A'derprove. B.f\ .
Friday's Special List of Bargains consults your needs
and meets them with a storm of special values in the
qualities you are accustomed to buy. Buying now
for the future is a wise proceeding, as these prices are
not likely to be duplicated on such a range of splendid
Hundreds of Remnants of Every Length and Make
of Goods.   Marked for Quick Clearance
Every Woman Will Find Her Size Among
These Corsets
Regular Values to $4.50.   Friday Bargain $1.85 Per Pair
Exceptional values are fuse Corsets on sale Friday. They are balance of odd lines we have decide 1
to make a c earance. Not all sizes In every style, but a style ln every size;made of finest Frenfch and
English coutiile; In white; ex ra grade; rust proof caped steels.   Get here early for proper size
Friday Marks the Lowest Price Ebb in Furs
We mean to make a quick and final clearance of the balance o'. the Fur Stock.    The prices marked
on these goods today is really startling.   A visit tcday should prove of  particular    Interest.    Read    both
these items:
Ermine, Fox and Thibet; in white; a^ortment of
sizes and styles; some satin lined; regular to $6.50.
F. id iy bsrg.-.in, each $3.50
Regular Values to $12.50.   Friday Bargain, $4.C0.
Can you realise a  saving of eight dollars    on one
p'eco of Fur.   That's  what this sale means.    Many
petty effectB in seal, fo:;, sable anad squirrel.   Sell
th3 wond-r ul bargains early.
Women's and Misses' Coats $2.50
Fourteen only Women's and Misses' Coats; in Cravenette, Bjaver anl Coating Cloths; the shades aro
fawns, rtd, grey and navy; the styles ar0 not such as the price wou.d indicate; regular vnlueB to $18.00.
You'll have to ccme bright and early lf you would beneflt by this offering.
Children's Coat Sale
Values Regular to $4.00, Friday Bargain
T!-:c kind of mats the little ones require for present
wear; ma.'e ov' heavy serges and flannel; the shades
are brawn, navy, hello and scarlet; sizes 2 to G
Children's Knitted Wool Sweaters; in a great ranga
of styles; weights and coiois; In pullover and coat;
sizes fitting from 1 to 8 years; regular values to
$1.75.    Friday bargain, each ...75c
Women's Drawers of fine cambric with muslin friil,
cIoeoI or open styles;   regular values 40c. * Friday
bargain, per pair 25c
Women's Corset Covers of fine cambric; trimmed
wilh lace and embroidery; different styles; all
sizes;   r;gular values 40c.   Friday bargain, each 25c
Fine wool gaiters In white; sizes  1, 2 and 3; extra
weight; regu. r values 25c to 35c. Friday "Bargain,
per pair    	
Fine supporters for women; in band and single
strap effects; ln heavy silk elastics; satin and moire
faced bands; shades are black, pink, he lo and red;
values regular to $1.00. Only a limited number.
Friday   bargain, per pair 25c
Children's fino ribbed cashmere hose; In sizes 4 to
6; shades ara tan, cream and black; regular values
2f,c to 35c.   Friday bargain, per pair  .20c
Gilt and oxodlzed belt pins with and without stone
settings;   many novelty efTects;  regular values   to
$1.0S,    Friday bargain, each  3Bc
Hat Pins; fancy effects in jet and Roman gold;
with colored stone settings; assorted sizes; regu'ar
values to 75c.   Friday bargain, each  25e
Dut^U collars; embroidered Stocks and Jabots; lace
t immed; all new styles; being balance on some
lines marked for record selling Friday; regular
values'$1.25 to $1.50. Friday bargain, each ..,.75c
Lot ct Lace Yokes, Dutch and Sailor Collars; ��n
lawns and ducks; all dainty effects; ln cream, ecru,
fancy atrlpea and white; fegular values to $1.00.
Friday ������ bargain, each  20c
The Staple Section
Offers Many Reason for Early Shopping
"* Friday
32-inch Colored Stripe Flannel;tte; extra quill y.
Friday   bargain, per yard 10c
29-lnch White Flannelette. Friday bargain, 12 yd. $1
1G-Inch Crash Toweling; regular value 10c. Friday
bargain, per yard ��� .SV***
28-lnch Fancy Cretonnes; good selection of colors
and patterns; regular values 12%c. Friday bargain,
per yard 10��
Dish Cloths; size 27x30 inches; in natural and white
stripe and all white with red border; all pure linen:
regular values 20c.   Friday bargain, eac'.i  15c
16-inch Brown Turkish Toweling; extra weight:
regular value 20c.   Friday bargain, per yard ���15c
Hemstitched; good grade of English cotton; wantel
elzes.    Friday bargain, per pair  35c
Turkish and Huckaback Towels In white and
brown; good size; regular values 35c. Friday bargain, per pair -25s
1114 Grey and White Flannelette Blankets; soft finish;  regular value    $1.50.      Friday    bargain,    per
18-inch Fancy Huek Toweling; ln pure white; nlca
flne weave; iegular value 20c. Filday bargain, pe-
. .15s
Remarkable  opportunity offered Friday to save on
Wrapperettes.    These are values   worth   26c;   ln
light and medium  shadings.    Friday  bargain,    per
yard *	
There la still lota of cold weather ahead; nlght3
that you would give double this figure to feel cosy
and warm; with a pair of such blankets as these
you don't need to fear the co:d. They are extri
large sixe. 68x86 Inches, and 8-lb. weight; beautiful
soft wool nap; regular values $6.00. Friday bargain,
perpair... T
Don't   Porgct  The REMNANT SALE
���1QZ KK��U.


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