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The Daily News Jan 6, 1912

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between two railroads, with Fraaer
Mills line running through the property. Terms fer . genuine Industrial proposals.
new-ear line,, en *gm rtreet
lng the city en   VA*  ' *m\*
iy terma.   See
Southern Pacific Oregon Express Held Up.
Two Unmasked Men Bound and Gagged Three Clerks in Car-
Rifled Mall
Redding, Cal., Jan.  6.���-The northbound Oregon express of the Southern
Pacific, wbich left San Francisco at
8:20 last night, was robbed of a large
quantity of registered mail by    two
unmasked men early today. Entrance
to tbe mall car was forced when the
train stopped at Red Bluff, 36 miles
from this city. The three clerks wero
bound and gagged and six    pouches
of registered mall were rifled.   When
the train drew into the station here
at 6:40, the robbers dropped oft and
escaped.   A good description of tbem
was obtained, however, and the officials think they will soon be captured.
Mall sacks had been exchanged at
Red bluff and one of the clerks was
about to leave tbe car to wait for a
train   that   was   following   when   the
two bandits entered the mail car and
[closed the door.
"What's up T" exclaimed Charles J.
[Ryan, one ef the clerks.
"This is a holdup," coolly respond-
lied one of the men, drawing a revolver and covering the startled clerks.
lyan aad Robert B. Wai ner, both of
vhom reside   ln Berkley,   and   their
assistant, were bound by the second
bandit    with    cords from    the   mall
sacks.    AH were then    gagged    with   	
handkerchiefs  and    thrown   flat    on I should  not  draw  apart as  they
their backs. The robbers then proceeded IciKiirely    to    loot    the   mail
sack"!.   At Cottonwood, 17 miles north
r-=gsteaaew'��i a
Minthorne, Peebles, Travers, Burnett
and Hardman Spoke at Alderman
Bryson's Meeting.
Five of the aldermanic candidates
made flve minute speeches last night
at Alderman bryson s meeting. Mr.
Minthorne was given the flrst spell,
and he was followed by Peter heebies,
Joseph 1 ravers, I), li. Burnett and
A. Hardman.
Mr. Minthorne thought the people
should be taken Into the contllencn
of tbe mayor on all occasions. With
regard to the harbor scheme be was
only ln favor of it as far as it benefited the city within its own boundaries. Another plank in his platform
was the saie of the -thirty acres tho
city owned in the north part of its
limits, and with the $150,000 or so
thus obtained the erection of a new
hall over Lytton square. The old bah
should be turned into stores below,
and used for library purposes above,
ln the new building tbere could be
about ten stores on Columbia street,
apd the market, as now, on Front
street, while the municipal buildings
could be above. Tbls would not cost
the city a dollar, and would give them
a revenue that would pay for all the
sidewalks for ever. He considered
Tlpperary was tbe proper site for the
High school, and $77,000 was far too
large a sum to pay for a site. One
hundred thousand dollars was also
too much for a High school building.
Mr. Peebles spoke quietly, and re-
fen ed his audience to the Dally Ne*s
and the Columbian for his platform,
he advocated the maintenance of a
spirit of friendly partnersnip between
the mayor and aldermen and the
citizens, and    thought    these parties
1 done in the past. He did not believe
it was always good policy to spend
money    where    it   was    raised,   but
be bandits,    without   aiotising    the
us; it-km of the station agent, acted
clerks, exchanging mall. At Ander-
flve miles farther on, a similar
|chanr��>  was made  without  attract
Vhta the train stopped at Redding
f6:40, George Westlake, the clerk,
waiting  to receive the  Reddlns
III.    The. bandits  threw open    th<
am oti each  side of the car    and
talked off    In    opposite    directions.
Westlake  thought  they  were  regular
���Bail clerks and for the moment paid
jfcVaio head to 'them.    He threw ��� a eack
Jato.MM ear ahd waa surprised that
am* reaelvie* it.    A moment later.
heaa*ja tatue ery
piiett at abe ��
it would do most good, on the main
aiteries and trade-getting streets tunning to the boundaries of neighboring
municipalities. Returning to the
"quarrelsome nature of city politics,"
he suggested that something might be
done to do-away with this, if the
newspapers and the citizens* would
talk more of the mayor and council
having done no end so instead of the
mayor alone.
M"r. leavers said this city had a
great I'm uie, and this future lay in
the west end.   lf elected he promised
���^��� .I      ���������^.n��
Candidate For Mayoralty Makes   Telling Speech in St
Barnabas Hall���Expounds and Elucidates His Charges of
Czarocratic Conduct by Mayor Lee���Harbor Improve-
ment Scheme Foreshadowed.
Alderman Bryson was in good form about 3Vs more than Stimson, but slat St. Barnabas ball last pight, and
made a damaging attack on Mayor
Lee's rollcy and actions of the past
year, before a good audience. Tbe
speaker went over most of the well
known points, but with greater force
than usual, and especially explained
at length his vet sion of the selling ot
the city bonds by tbe mayor. The
B. C. E. R. franchise, the Coquitlam
dam, the board of works, and auto
cratic methods all came In for critic
ism, and al-o the secret harbor improvement plans, which, said the
weaker, the mayor was keeping up
his sleeve.
Some glimmer of what this plan
may be was also thrown out in passing,    'the a I-erman    spo..e    oi    tue
engineers calculations as to how
much would be lequiied to raise Lulu
island ten feet, while he also mentioned the extension of Columbia aud
front stieets to Lulu island, with
overhead railways running/abou', and
.Mr. uar.'.man mentioneu a railway
trestle running fourteen feet above
Front street to the island. Hints were
also thrown down the river, lather
than New Westminster itself. "I am
in favor of a harbor scheme," said
the  mayoral candidate, "but one for
though that flrm Aid not raise its
price ln the night this time, it got
tbe bonds all the same. For thess
bonds the city got 93.10. At the same
time Burnaby obtained 96. The coun
ell endorse 1 this action of tbe mayor,
wbo explained that Stimson already
bad half of the city's issue, and if
they had the rest tbey could put them
on the market in London, and at the
next aale New Westminster would accordingly get a better price. He himself, however, voted against the resolution. "Vou might Just as well have
taken the amount of money represented by the difference in the tenders ln
finest golJ and thrown lt into the
fORWARO POLICY >_     ���--.   J
 ��� (Chinese   Rebels   Ready   to-
March on Cap'tal.
,^/.''fA\\V.V' ���'��� ���
If Elected Mr. A. E. Kellington Wilt
Consider Citizens' Comfort���
Cemeteries and Police.
A progressive policy carefully considerate of the general body of the
citizens, was outlined by Mr. A. B.
kellington, candidate for the council,
to a representative of the Dally News
yesterday afternoon. To begin with,
Mr. Kellington stated tbat if elected
he would do everything In bis power
to forward tbe harbor development
scheme now being prepared.
"No one," he said, "who has the
interests of the town at heart, or
who owns property ln tbe neighborhood, could fall to Live thla matter
every support New Westminster bas
great potentialities, and is today ou
the threshhold of great developments,
If only sbe Is guided aright."
A matter Mr. Kellington takes particularly to heart Is the present condition of the cemeteries. "These are
disgracefully kept at present," said
tbe prospective alderman, "and the
only way to remedy this Is for the
city to take over tbe management ot
tbem itself. The walks and everything about them have been sadly
neglected." Mr. Kellington also feels
that the new   cemetery   which   the
Opposing ImpeHat Force Said to   I
Much Wsake*u-BrH)sh and Oor.
man Trees* at Lanehow.
Other examples of the mayor's al ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
leged autocratic behavior came up ln ' city ls planning to purchase ls too
connection with the   city's    lawsuit! small,  and  believes that the  future
about ita land at Coquitlam lake, and
the appointment of a.lawyer to represent New Westminster, and take evidence for   them   ln Vancouver.   The
Nanking, Jaa. 6���lUpUbltcan troop*
began touay ferrying a large quantity of rolling stood across the rivet
to Ppkow, where tka advance northward la expected to begin tomorrow.
when tbe armistice terminates, th**
soldiers are being equipped In preparation for their march on Peking,
shipments of winter clothing having
A reinforcement ot ��M0 men arrived today from Gsatoa, with tboat
30,000 new magaaine rifles, considerably more than S9.M0 men, wltn
many batteriea Of modern fleld gun*
and plenty of ammunition, are assembled in the republican camp.
General Chang. the imperial cons,
msnder in tk�� vicinity, has a mud*,
smaller force, although many of bia
men are soldlera trained on the
European system. There are many
untrained mea ia bia tanks, however.
General Chang, it ia said, command*
the entire northern section of the
Tien Tsin-Peklng railway and occupies several towns on each side. The
mayor wished, said Mr. Bryson,    to
appoint Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hot the suggestion of Alderman G.ay, crossings, sidewalks, etc. Mr. Kell-
who was with himself and Mayo.- tngton has noticed that the street
Lee on the committee, they said they crossings and stopping places for tae
would postpone their decision UU street cars, particularly away from
next day.    Nothing more was heard I the centi e of the   city,   are   inches
1 deep In mud
needs of this town should be borne
ln mind when matters like this are
taken ln band.
A small matter, but one of Intimate  _.������i,lM^,���,,���,.  ^_ i^a   _��..       ..    ..
importance to every resident ln the    e��L    1^'"^,   m,, ""S*
city, ls the careful tending of    the ��� tow tue- MBtft"11 *ct,0B oI the �������-
way and have the advantage of possessing the sympathy of the population in the Yangtse valley.
To Patrol Railway.
London, Jan.  5.���British and Ger-
New  U'estminster "and' not "for 'south ' of the matter for about three" months", ' deep in mud.   "This condition is very | JJ*" tr?����*   *****    *"T    despatched
Vancouver    or   Richmond,''    and   he | *ben in answer to a question Mayor   unpleasant  for  women  and  children, 1   .*..    i^u-f,J'J'''���0*'
claimed that the mayor had told the   Lee told him that Tupper had been f and men too, and if elected 1 will do |"";,,��' ,��� -^J,~   ^  .,������  ,
councll  tJat he -was  waiting till old ; appointed.    He asked  by whom.    By | a" In my power to *zee that this mat- ""'" ""
country speculators who had bought ��� Mr. McQuarrie, the city solicitor, said ter lB properly-looked after, and tho
Annacis island could come out to tbe mayor, ke went and asked Mr. ' sidewalks also kci t clear ot mud
see what part they woul.l take In the [McQuarrie who had told him to ap-   snd water."
scheme.     Also,    he    said    that   the ' point Sir Hibbert Tupper.   "Why, tho |    Finally, Mr. Kellington touched on
mayor," said Mr. McQuarrie. A little the police department. He began by
bit later Mr. Davis, the Vancouver ��� Paying a trioute to the good worn
lawyer, sent in a bill for $100 as j done by Chief Eradshaw and many
retaining fee in this case. The mayor of Ms men under adverse conditions
said that Mr. Davis had been appoint-   in  the  past.    "I feel,  however,"    he
mayor had stated that he had been
in consultation with Sir William Mackenzie twelve times in reference to
this matter, and not one of the alder
men had known anything about It
Mr. J. H. Darke, who
was in .the if d by the committee, but he himself I went on,    "that    more    and    bt
to    order fAinledthis  and  weal over lo   Van- igSWfpment    ls    needed    properly
waa    very I couver  to  ask   Davis   who  had    ap-^oflce'tllftrlarge dtotrtcfc    The I
Peking to Mnkden, according to an
agency despatch, imperial troopa a
few days ago declared in favor of a
republic at Lan chow, elected Wang.
Wie lie their leadt., and annouaced
that they v * 3 about tn .-narch on
Peking, lt was reported Thursday
that they had burped the residences,
of the wealthy citizens of Lancbow���
seized the railway at Shan Hai Kwan.
and wero holding up tbe traffic.
chair,  called  the meeting
about S.oO, when the ball     ^	
nearly  full,    and    Alderman    Bryson ' pointed him.   Mr. McQuarrie, said Mr.
rose to speak.    After going into the I Davis, last March. j
work pt the    water    committee,    of-1    Alderman    Bryson    then    took    up
I which   he   la   chairman,   Mr.   Bryso* \ Mayor Lee's  criticism  of  him,  that
] terrible condition, and the city coun-'
give the warning. Btrt^n ov��r ttie"'eir had spent tbe money Just around
flo:r were the wraoplngs of hundreds I where the councillors lived them
of regh*et��H   -mall packages.    Every   selves.
sac'{ having, been opened aud the 1 Mr. Burnett found flve minutes very
re; l.��terad mall -cut into. j abort.    His    policy    was    a dollar's
Patrolman James  Trainer's    atten- J worth or improvements for a dollar,
- ��� and he claimed that thousands of dollars had been buried in the streeta
Three thousand had been thrown
away In  the Twelfth    street   ravine
to look after the west end in particu.
lar.    Eaehjtart of the elty, he said, . ._    , _..   _.,       .   ���.   _        ���.������
���*�������*'ireertVe  the  Same  percentage \ alluded to the secrecy    with    which  he was a kicker, and not progressive.
��'   ^KLJiH tt 2S2&*?!!*   *���  "" *??"". 1*?J'a"-****** ���� ����� har- 1A�� ** example ot his klchtnThT it
mtamm^rm.      wittss.    -*���    ���-1'- ,develwpme��t   sch�����:     "ae   is. stanee* the matter ot  the ii. C   B     ��� *,.*, ...* .
hoiS^ta e^i? XTi^^T ele,���Pta1*/m Wgh wires across the bridge. Hc might be in Vancouver almost, and
hour, he exclaaued and this was not was the first man to raise his Voice through no fault 0/ the police. Mm*
.���,���* .*. ... U'*-*jHc' M,or;eover' be Ion this mutter, and although no one mounted men also should / think be
r^^iL^f* J&h_�� ^^IZm �� ��? !��<* ^ ��S 'or 11 employed for the outakini of tie ci��
the    mayor   and / U we are to do what is right for tho
elty ��� treasury.
Twelfth   street
.were-two. roaaa TT5"!
g*r co,
should  certainly, in my opinion,    be j
given a patrol wagon, and an alarm
system.    At piesent lf a burglary or
any such thing occurs near the city
limits, by the. time a telephone call,
has been eent in and a* officer haa
been able to get out there the robber
um m\tm
tion tree edited by Westlake to one
of the disappearing robbers. The
fugitive hafl ,-a ,-good start though and
dodged around (the long train and
[fair    to
argued tl      __  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
suoh    on   Important maUer   Tn   the l long time, ait last*   _     _
Hands  of  one  man,   who   would   be /council and others took the"q"uestion / people "living 7ut "there
^wtt^^ST^ "-"[.   4 KelilnW/uT great
Mr. Stuart Wad. Received Cottrttmy
and Conpratulations from Companies' Reprcsm'.atives.  -
thousand dollars had been  voted  by
tbe ratepayers, and $12,000 bad been
 ^__ , spent, but they did not'know where
alone. He had had ten years of ex-. it .had gone. "Mayor Lee thinks be
perlence in municipal affairs in Sur-]Is the only man wjth a head big
rey, and tbere tbey were always down enough. to hold sueh a monstrous
on grafters. "No one can show one Han, and be Is waiting to get lt into
Instance where I went back on   tho   sueh shape thaf you and I can grasp
public."   He   finished- up by   saying
that be would go ln for a good harbor
scheme and good reads.  ,_	
Mr. Hardman claimed to have had a
^l^I^r-W* "��t BryJon had   deretop    the    splendV nTtural
'aerved hia day and generation.   Well. -
he might have served his day, but not
.,,8tl,*r*tlon' ������* woul�� "ot bave
until be was dead. "And all I want
on my tombstone is, Bryson was an
honest man, and tried to do what he
it, if.'* so big." Mr. Bryson then said
that it would need 12,000,000 to start
tbe    work   contemplated,     but     he
thought that'railways   should    have
sources of the Fraser river, the
fresh water harbor that lie right at
her doors.
Royal CKy Bcens df Important Gather
ing NaaS Mteek��� Institute SOO
The teachers nf British Columbia,
fZ\��Jlr?f? &   AV'    H.f   httd \-**��* * do with "contributing The"
seen the great barbor plan rolled up.   money,    life did not want it to   be
to I another case Uke that of the C. P. R.,
his policy, if elected, would be ..
assess each and every lot at a minimum rate tor both water and light, so
that the consumer would get these
commodities cheaper anl the city lose
no revenue. He would do bis best
to clean out tbe red light district, and
in such a way that be would trans-
flve hundred strong, will meet in this i form its unhappy inhabitants Into an
city on Monday and Tuesday next, ornament Instead of a disgrace to tke
January 8 and 9, in their annual can- ' city. He was emphatically agalnat
vention. Tbe general sessions will be ' all star chamber government and as-
held ln the L O. O. P. .hall, Carnarvon j serted tbat in the past tbe board of
street.   In aB Iw .sessions wlll   be  works had been "manipulated to suit
forenoon  the heads of tbe city hall."
held, commencing .Monday
at 10 o'clock. ^^^^^^^^
No p.atas bare Jmen spared to
make.tbis ono of tbc moat successful
convections ever keid, And tbe sev.
antl addressee^ pajjers and. discussions are In tka hands of sorhe of
tba- ablest member* mt tit* profession.
Teachers are expected Xrem Vanoouver Island, tbe lower mainland and
mot a few from Inferior paints. . Ra*
duced rates have bean secured on
tbe steamers and raltaar Mam.
It has bean learned with much re-
gsjst tbat the trustees af Victoria and
of Soutli Vancouver, hare prevented
tbeir several staffs frail gclag present, and had tbla not baa* dona fully
one Bundred and flfty otters would
hare steaded.
Most of tha .'Inspectors aad ttie
superintendent of education. Dr.
Alex. Robinson, are expected to ba
present throughout tbe sessions.
On Monday evening a reeeptlo* wilt
be tendered to the visiting teachers
and officers of the department by t&e
city staffs, and an address will    be
A Nleht wi' Burnt.
Arrangements are already wall uader way for th*. celebration la   tba
Koyal city of tba amUvereary af th*
birth of th* poat Bums.   A conoert
will be given la tha opera house on
th* evening of Friday. 'January 26,
under tbe   auspice*   of Lord   of the
Isles lodge, No. Wl, Bans   of Boot-
land.   Tbe management of tbe lodge
have secured the services of a number of artists, whose attainments   In
music, and, particularly, in Scottish
i song, are well known ln British Co-
1 lumbia, and, la more Instances than
one, throughout  the Dominion.    At
this conceit Miss Ella Walker, whose
recent absence in the Bast was   a
distinct loss to music circles en   tbe
coast, will make her llrst appearance
since   her   return.   Mr.   Herbert J
Cave, eweetest of lyric tenors, will
also be of the company.   Miss Elvlna
Munn, whose gifts and graces   as- a
singer are cordially appreciated    at
home and farther afield, aad Mr. Mor-
tbe tint
which hi
whirl. 1.. 5if ,tbt. B**1^   directors.
r���^2L?e.'S**** *** Wn by'
The company'a
���Uon from the hall  brought   In New Westmlnste? Mr  Brv^Tff i ed  for ali
given on the same evening by his I rison, of Victoria, wlll. maintain   the
honor, Judge Howay, on the history
of British Columbia sum) tba   nomenclature ot tbe rtast.        ""
On Tuesday morning tbe institute
high standard-which tt la apparent
the management of tihe Lord of tbe
isles lodge have set for tbla cele-
. ��.r   bration of tbe birth ot the poet   of
resolve Itself into sections to humanity. Charlie Good, comedian
oi actus suhjecta specially {adapted to will lend tbe necessary lighter touch
f!.oir dcpait^prts. These separate to the proceedings, and Highland
sections will be the High school sec-  hearts will dlrMo the elclrl   of   t'ei-wu
of skillful flancers PM
for which line the city paid $100,000
tb come into New Westminster,   and
then when they would not give tbem
the watertrxmt, Van Home said that
he would "make the grass grow. on
Columhla' street.    And    we   had   a
pretty hard  scratch to prevent it,"
said the speaker.    No.    It was    for
the provincial and Dominion governments .to help ln the financing.   The
harbor would not only benefit New
Westminster, but all    Canada.   The
whole country was Interested in the
opening up of tbe Fraser river.
A question from
up the *t
I'm elected *" asked the alderman. "I
will call for tenders and live them
to the highest bidder, if it is a good
and reliable 6jm able to handle   the
business." He then gave' his account
of-how Mayer Lee haft aald tbe famous* boade to fittawon A Co.   At that
time, he said,. Alderman Johnston,
chairman of tbe flaanoe committee,
bad brought Wood. Condyle representative .in to see him. That man told
them that he had aeen fitimson's
agent in Vancouver, wbo had told
him that It waa no use his aaing over
to Westminster tor the.bond*, as he
himself had got, thes in Ma pocket
Wood, Oundy's agent, however, went
to the mayor, and asked' blm about
lt. Mayor Lee said that he had received one bid.   The agent suggested  *..** -. .,./�� m��i
tbat the. mayor write- the price al->discrimination ln favor of his sup-
ready bid on one sheet of paper, and 'porters and agalnat his enemies, and
he woalJ write hie on another, and 'the people were warned not to run
they would both turn tt****** ....   .~_:in*�� > ��������*������ ��� ���������   -
gether,.and lf his was
He thought, too, that hla work on
the waterworks, which he had
changed into * revenue producing department, was a better kind ot pri
the board ef works. The mayor had
openly stated that that boart had not
mlMpent a dollar during the past
year- "Before you elect thaTmafto
J* "*"���'��� *>r goodness sake get bis
head examined." w
**for kee'a alleged change of at-     	
chto JSTS2" ^e ?���. C E- R *"*��� I Arr����eme*�� 'or the Native Sons'
H��r*!!LJr c<xi��ltlam dam was annual dance on January 29 are pro-
thT,i^ ��.?���". Pr����'<�����* occasions.! ��*dlng ��P*��. and everything points
been ^��m !T- ^&lnln�� th,t he ��������� to one "��<����� petition of the splendid
rnaJL*?.!0? good "thority that the successes which bave beta ab many
"teyw^ad been advised by tattar of 1 n>��e��tonea   In   tbe   history  of   tbis
Third Time Is Lucky���Arrangements
for Native Sens' "Hop" in Hande
���y    '   -
of Capable Committees.
society during the past   two   years.
Over 600 guests will be present, and
franchise! ample accommodation will be provld-
th* skating rink, aad. supper
_ , the courts aay ' will be served In the uept .-.floor of
more tlpn had been Point Cray's, aa! the E. of P. building, where everyone
one or two men interested in tbe com-1 fill be able to alt down, fair refresh-
pany had voted in the council to give' ment* at once. No efforts .are being
there   th*   petcetuai   m^ki���    if'spared to ensure   a/moet       '
perpetual   fraachls*.
elected he himself would do all
Cooreration and asaiaUcoe of the-
railway  companies  with the  Brltlsa .
Columbia    publicity    commissioner* -
was an outstanding feature   in   thfe
now famous trip of Mr. Stuart Wado
to tbe agricultural exhibition* *t New
Vork, Chicago aad  BL PauL    Ihat-.
the agents of the**   same   reflwagr*
companies were impressed with the -
I British     Columbian     campaign     la
1 shown   by letters   received   oy Mr. .
Wade   congratulating   him   oa   tho
success of hia expedition and  also -
by letters fram thf   Great   Northern
and othera asking for details aa   to -
the provincial resources, whloh then
wish to submit to those who hav* -
come to tbem.tor information about
this province.
Especially   was     thla     assistance
noticeable at Chicago aad SL Phil.
At tbe former place the B. C. atand
appears to bave beea moat advantageously situated, and right opposite P.
was   the G. N. R. diaplay,   a   moeL
elaborate affair, which attracted bug*'
erowds.    "Mr. Leedy, the industrial-
agent of tbe compaay at SL Paul. and.
Mr. Graham, ageat at Beattie, extended aw th* greatest ooortesy aad assistance." saM mc, Wade, "aad they
referred May nails over to ua ter
literature aad laOtamtien about our
Paciflc coast ptovinoe." ^^^H
"Tbo depaaad   flat-, literature
M���U       -��� i*~*'    TallV ���^��aa^a    VV    ���!���  ���     JIM      *****���}    ��W
to ^h.^w*^pw ���' "�� rtttiena.  the man.
to change tho franchise ao th*t%J  nut into
__?*__ 'tsspvMsm.'��
laent, aad ^^^^^^^^
of affaire has beea
U pamphlets aad other
Um* for aU who wiU be present, aad
tb* manageatet of affaire has beea   , _ �����---. am* o^r ����-
asfSSSsssfiBS?? s~^*s��-3&3re ���__*__��&__*��
streeU aa otber
The fair f 1
port, and tW
qutttem dun to th. ��urreundtoj **m* |,f- H. B^*^"F^.��7ifii^MiN*ai^a;
Frank of the
Tidy'" ^^
heB'e~hei��~m��ZZ'**r'Z'"um*' ^���aaap��.f-t��Tirm**>.- a. a. mcc'011, v. Blckhoff.
aaoref** .�� fSSf". "en,V- *m doar^eommHtee, aPH McColl (chair-
S^ te^^urT^^��: F ��' '���*��� *=""��-����� ^
SLNtrickalL.��f*a�����w��dhy . la tt*pp; itapper committee.   H.
heH?2ii att���at???!B***.c��*V* <rt*UnaiarA, g. McColl, V. Ble
should get the bonds. The mayor refused, but said he could submit a
tender If he liked. After some heat
tatlon, apparently, the agent did thla,
although on a previous occasion whei).
he had bid higher tban Stimson. tho!
$S2i��.15_������J|to - Kffr'ue'a
ih. a    *��� -���**���*���**    ithibbvu    iivt    to    run
jOtm up   to-jjnto a position la which they might
the highest bo -have to sell some of their watortroit
. their waterfront;
for he knew tbere tmp* several railways ready to pay, h* believed, 'tb-
006,000 or ���1,000,000 cash for this
land. In closing-, Mr. -Bryaon stated
that he wdultl never se*K
term bf office.   Mr vor 1 r.-
a   third
had snid
4 Continue* rn sfg* four)
SV^^^J"^!? ����� ����"jf j �����.��������� Nt apparently hc t��iug�� jHe& .jfcgV  1
had raised
I (chair
maa), J. P, M. Bole, O. L. Cassady.
D. Digby   and   D. Munn;   reception
committee. S. P. H. Bole (chairman),
A. M. Johnston, W. Turnbull. B. P.
Keary. A. ti. McColl, W. F. Bdmonda.
D. b. LeBoardaif, A. 8. McColl, B. I
Bastmaa aad 8. E. Fletcher; mtudc
oommittee,   A. H. Johnston    (chairman),   Flraak   Major. W, Wtott.   I-
^Vlntemute:    patronesse"   Mistresses
Wfiiam Allleoa,, ��� if. v. vidaeh.   c.
Afitle, H. A. Bourne, W. !��. Claj*e
,������-*, k. r,it*itt, jKdge]
\m. ^��a��-3Kars^BS^ p^r l??S ^tooKS?SLir��
Idli bid again,   however,   and    h}d*^Serifore entitled to rt&^J^^^
all the rest
^���VHimmf&K-** *���****
Much ssstaaMM* waa also received
from the Oread Treak offVials, tm*
those of tha C. M. It, whtte Mr. WMtst.
the goveremsnt rejreesntaUve, did
everything ia hto .arnr to help not.
the man tem BrWah Ortumbia.
'.ml        11     1 a-**   .11.1 III'    II,',
Mr. J.> JanHne Will Bun.
1 Mr. Jeha �� ft Jardtoa   haa
made up hia' aM ta rua Jot
maa.   A day >r tw* ago the Psiyr
News aunosMMd that he waa ahaaat.
certala t* late this stop, which hssv.
added lm aaetfeai te the .gmdusOr^-
$*$&��� k*
f   1
.���'iH *
servant, family ot two. Apply 328'
Third street, In mornings.
tor financial Institution. Apply In
own band writing to P. 0. Drawer
apply mornings.   318 first street.
. keeping.   Apply L. T., Dally New
office.       "'      ���*������ ___
plain sewing, by the day. Apply
MIsb Co win, 309 Keary street, Sap
perton.  ^^
elass salesmen; also one stocn
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley In-
W9 vestment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia,
New Westminster,    ^^^^^^H
a^Stesi Brown s
.   _.���...v,o.   continues    to     Mr"* ..      . _..-..��   t*a I
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
ln the city and wlll deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
* quarts tor $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.   ^^^^^^^H
drive suitable for 12 year old boy.
j   F' R   Balloch, 222 Third street
vnn    SALE���HALF    ACRE    BUSI-
^s ptofertyat Edmonds Station^
$500 dollars   under   value.    Apply
626 Columbia Street.
�� house with all modern convenl
ences.   Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
money, will sell flve acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an a^re. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
etreet, Sapperton.
$1 down and *i a week; no Interest; four styles; old stoves taken In
exchange. Canada Malleable Ran^e
Co.    Phone 996, Market  Square
Tbe   weather   continue*    to     be
against a good market, but notwlth
standing^ this    business was   fairly
good  yesterday    morning.    Supplies,
however, were short, as farmers cannot get their produce to town easily,
the roads up country being almost Impassable, and transportation on   tbe
river being stopped by the Ice.   The
result of this comparative    shortage
was that prices were very flrm, and
showed an advance in some quarters.
Potatoes  were particularly  strong,
and rose about $3 on the ton. Farmers are unwilling to take these roots
out at present, as they do not know
from day to day whether the weather
Is going- to be cold or not, and the
result ls that there were not many
ln the market.    The same remarks
apply to all roots, and the abundance
so evident in the rast few weeks was
no longer ln evidence.
Poultry also was not so plentiful
as it has been recently, and chickens
I accordingly rose   ln price.    Dressed |
i fowl sold at retail was also more expensive, and good birds were fetching 30 cents a pound.   Dressed geese
were off the wholesale market. Eggs,
however, showed no change, and   lt
does not look as tf this staple will go
any  lower   now,  and  though  prices j
may be stationary for   a time,   tho
next move Is expected ln an upward
There was a good show of pork on
the market, ana prices ruled steady.
Other meats were not plentiful, and
veal strengthened a little.
In the flsh market price changes
did not occur, and there was nothing
particular to notice ln this section of
the market.
Following are the quotations:
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack    $1.00
Carrots, per sack    75c
Parsnips, per sack  $1.00
Turnips,  per  sack    6flc
Potatoes, per ton   $27 to $30
Onions, per sack    $1.50
Vegetables, Retail.
Beets, per bunch  5?
Onions, per lb 8c
Potatoes, per sack   $1.35 to $1.40
Carrots, per bunch  Be
Cabbage, per lb 3c
Turnips, each    Bo
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, retail, per dozen   SOc
Eggs, wholesale, per dozen    40c
Butter, retail,  per lb    35c to 40c
Honey, per comb   26c
(Changes tor tbls column must   be
left at, or telephoned to, tbla offlce by ,
9 a.m. on Fridays.   The omission   ol
any church notice trom this column
Indicates that no details have been!
supplied.) _ j
OLIVET    BAPTIST ��� Rev. A. F. I
Baker, pastor.    Services 11 a.m. and
7 p.m.; Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
���Rev. J. 8. Henderson, pastor. Services 11 a.m. aad 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
sehool and Bible class   at   2:30 p.m.
E. D. Braden, pastor. Services at
11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Class meeting at
19 a.m.; Sunday school and Bible
class at 2:80 p.m.; Epworth League
on Monday at 2:30 p.m. The pastor
will preach at both morning and even-1
Just think what this MEANS TO YOU in a SELECT STOCK sudh
as we carry. This is the FIRST CLEARANCE in FOUR YEARS,
and it may be four years before you get another. Our Mr. Brown
is away and we are just stealing a march on him, so come along
and get supplied.
i ���
ing room, $12 per month. Apply
623  Hamilton street.
modern house of six rooms in central location and on large lot. Rent
$20. per month. Would lease for
one year, or for sale, price $3,000,
easy terms. Sheriff, Rose & Co.,
648 Columbia street, New Westmlnater.   Phone 832.
housekeeping.   727   Twelfth   street
and Eighth avenue.
TO RKNT ��� ACCOMMODATION Wi;,'""' '������*-   	
uVce <\u\��i tonus.    Term. -����ry tm��-\S""*- ����* qwrur
onaWe.    Gentlemen   only   need   ap-\ ,?.?* lMrt>   ISc
ply.    513  Agnes street. 1 Mutton   .,10C
keeping suite.    224 Seventh street.
Royal avenue, between 1. O. O. F.
hall and tesldence, Beulah Rebecca
No. 5 pin.   Apply 821 Royal avenue.
service. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
CHURCH OF ST. MARY"THII VIRGIN^Sapperton-2:SO Sunday���*��**.
7 p.m.. evensong and sermon Itev.
C W Houghton, late rector of Bt.
Barnabas, will officiate.
Tenth street-Rev. E. R- ��rw��*
MA   rector. Matins, holy communion
Und sermon, 11 a.m.; Sunday .chool
"SO pm.; evensong and sermon 7
n'm Monday. Men's club in hall at
7-30 t.m.;  Tuesday, Young   Peoples
iiodeS in rectory 8 p.m Sunday
school children ln hall at 7 P-m-. Fridav, litany and sermon at 7 30 p.m..
choir practice 8 p.m.; confirmation
class in rectory 4 p.m.
and Royal avenue. The.Low Church/'
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Sundav school at 2:30 p.m. Morning subjects for January, "Israel as a Type
of the Church." Sunday, "In Egypt.
Why"" Evening discourses for
Jan'uarv. -Prophesy, Past and Future." Choir practice Friday evenings
at 7:30.
Rev. Okell, pastor. Services will be
held in the basement of tbe new
church In the morning at 11 o'clock;
iSunday school at 2:30 p.m.; evening
service at 7 o'clock.
b^b^bb    r������. CHCRCH���Corner Eighth atreet and
Blue cod   i>er lb    10c  Third avenue, Burnaby.    Rev. W. L.
Halibut   p�� lb  10.' Frank,  pastor.    Service,  at 11  a.m.
bfi choice      I:.:..21bs.  for Mc  and 7  p.m.;    Sunday whool at^2:30
Steelhead, per lb ljj��  p.m.   The pastor will preachjnoreta-*
Smelts,   per  lb 1���� \ und evening.    Morning aubject,   The
Herring    4 lbs. 25c l Secret of Strength"
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts  15c to l��c
Beef, loin    15c to 20c
Beef, round steak 18*
Boiling beef     10c to 14��
Veal    15c to  20��
Pork   15c to 20c
Sugar cured baeon    20c te 25s
Mutton    12c to 20e
Dressed chicken, ^er lb. .. .25c to 30c
Whelesa'e Meats.
Veal, large   9c to 10��
 �� v�� -ie*
.\vo t�� \*sa
.12c to  IS*
Mutton   We to lie
Pork 12}4c to 13s
Geese,  live, each    $160
Hens, small, doten $6 to 17.60
Hens, small, retail  $7 to $��
Wm,,, larr". retail 512
Broilers, dozen        $5 to M
Chickens, dozen  $7 to $0
Chicken, dressed per lb... .25c to SOc
Ducks, desen  $12 to $1$
Apples, per box $1.25 to $171
That shabby old coat wilt be
easily replaced when we aell
new ones at
25 PER m. Off
The heat and largest assortment in the'eity, all at a discount of
Perfect tailoring, good patterns and swagger styles, all reduced. Pit guaranteed with
every aale. Suite from |12 up.
Will be glad to show you our
goods and prices.
Boys'Waterproof Coats
Regular $9.00 for
Standard makes which assure you s good fit. Regular
$1.60, ���1.75, $2.00, all
$1.00 EACH
Soft Hats, sli colors, worth
$2.00 and $2.50, for $1.00. $3.00
and $3.50 lines for
Lg    BUVJOV^i        * **���**
evening subject,
and warts permanently removed by
Mlss E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
8, Collister block, Wednesday and
Thursdays.    Phone 978.
Take   LAXATIVE   BROMO    QultviK
Tablets.    Druggists refund money lf
lt fails to cure.   E. W. GROVE'S signature ls on each box. 25c.
What Is a Christian V
corner of Fourth Ave. and Seventh St.
Rev. M. G. Melvln, B. A., minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
The pastor will preach In the morning on "The Simple Life," and in tho
evening on 'The Modern sinners."
At the morning service a short ad
dress will be made to the children.
KNOX     VRMBYTKMAN���**�����   *
-wormbVp mt. ll   ���im.  u< 1   p.m.;   Btbta
cVua n4 BaW)ith school ��t 2 '��� 30 p.m.
Hospital street���O. B. Anderson, pastor. Morning service 11 a.m.; Suaday
school and Bible elass 12 to 1 p.m.;
evening eervtre 7 *.**.'. people's meeting Thursday at 7:45 p.m.; B. T. P. U.
Monday at 8 p.m.
corner Fourteenth atreet and Seventh
avenue���Rev. R. Wallace Collins, B.A,
pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m,
every Sunday at 3 p.m. ln St. Paul's
Reformed Episcopal ehureh. Sunday
sofceol following the servlee. O
paster, resldeaoe 1854 ���-���-
nne eaat, Vancouver.
Arrow Cellars from
now on 2 for 25c
i ��� ***
The Opportunity of a Lifetime���Something Doing
Every Minute at
*?L E.Brown
 -. Berge.
Eleventh  ave-
Public Meeting.
A public meeting will be held at
St. Patrick's hall on Monday, the 8th
inst.. at 8 p.m., to hear reports from
members of the council, and to give
candidates at the coming elections an
���opportunity to express their views.
JOHN A. LEE, Mayor
Mayor's Office, January, 1912.
Titles    Examined.   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
���Curtis Block Clty Box 482
Bank of Montreal
We Carry a
^^^^^^^i Full Line of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 29 New Westminster, B. C.
Brauche* througnou' Canada an
Newfoundland, am. Id London. En*
taad,'N����- Vork Cb ago and Bpokan
U.S.A., ara Mer'< Citj A gpner
y,*a*,*- ...   ,..-ort      \
ter. of Credit Issued available wltb
���correspondent. In ail parts of ths
Savings Bank Dspsnmeat���Deposits
���received In sums of $1 and upward,
and Interest allows! at t per cent, per
emnum (present rate).
Total  Assets over  1186.000,000.00
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.    I
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns3& Co., Limited.   Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
��� a
ever had.
And keep New Westminster on the road to greater
Vote For Lee
Who stands for the preservation of the water supply as he did two years ago, and who has consistently endeavored to preserve the city's right.
Meeting in Sapperton, Johnston's Hall, Tuesday
night, the 9th. Opera House, Wednesday, the
10th, 8 p. m. Alderman Bryson cordially invited
to both of these meetings.
Vote For
And a comprehensive harbor scheme which will
place New Westminster in a comparatively commanding position on the Pacific Coast.
Public discussion of all civic legislation in open
Progressive and vigorous programme of public
Reasonable and fair support to all public officials
who are conscientious in the discharge of their
duties. i
1 I
The Store   of
and  Low   Prices
. ��f> 4*��-.
# �����
We are making a big effort to reduce our stock during the present month and have marked goods
down to the lowest possible price. This will give you an opportunity to purchase Quality Furniture for less than the price of the ordinary kind. This is very important to those who are building
new homes and will need Furnishings. Call and inspect our goods and if the prices are not the
LOWEST you have ever seen ON THIS CLASS OF GOODS, then we miss our guess.
Dining Room    Bedroom Tables
Bedroom Furniture'
na . *
We have a large and varied assortment of Bedroom pieces in quartered oak, mahogany, white enamel and surface oak finishes. We
quote a tew prices below: i   ,   .   i   ��� ���   ��� i   ..
SURPACe OAK DREaaER AND ��TAND���-OolAen Bnt*. made trom
trom Eastern taardwoo*, .(not nrr.  18**2 tnch caae wtth 8 long deep
tLraiaraajm*, lSx��t t��#i ******** bevel ptat�� mirror; lar** tub aland to
match.   January sale W1��e, the #arl        * $11-W
The same style cas�� as the above with  oval  mirror 15x26 lncbea
la else.   January Sale Price, "Dresser and Stand  -,     $13.60
SURFACE OAK DRESSER���18x36 Inch case, 3 Iona; drawers,
brass handles. 16x20 Inch square bevel plate mirror. January Sale
Price;   Dresser only      ,9,35
In Quarter-Cut Golden Oat
Consisting of lar&e Buffet,
Evtension Table (extends
to 6 feet), China Cabinet,
Set ot 6 Diners, with leather pad Seat, 5We Table Z��*i.
In golden oak and mahogany finish,
v.ith larte drawer. January Sale
Price       *5-25
In all  finishes and  styles.    January
Sale Prices, $1.50 to $25.00
Golden Rocker (like cut) solid
oak,    cobbler    seat    January    Sale
PMce ........  a**i*.i-mm***
LARGE DRESSER���Golden linish, 18x36 Inch caae, 3 long drawers, 20x24 inch bevel plate mirror? a very neat design. January
Sale Ptloe;  dresser only....m.,********.*.��..�����..���������	
Rockers fn all styles and finishes. January Sale Prices $3.00, $3.50,
$4.00, $4.25  up to  $12.50
QUARTERED OAK DRE68ER���Golden finish, very large case, 4
drawers, oval British bevel plate mirror. January Sale Price;
dresser only	
Hall Racks
In new designs   and   in Golden   or
FJarly English finish.   January    Sale
���"   Prices, $13.26,   $16.76,  $1745,   $21.88
and $2340. .
2 yards wide; sq. yard ��� ��� ��� ���*�����
2 yards wide;   sj. yard   22'/|C
22tf and 27Jnches wide, from,
rer yard  ...80c
at January Prices.
Our Prices on Carpet Squares will interest you. Our designs are
new and neat, the quality Is of the best���we bay direct and save you
To Be
Away Free
A ticket with every $1.00
cash purchase during this
month only. Drawing
takes place Jan. 31, 1912.
BUFFETS���in all finishes and net* designs. January Sals Prices,
$29.75, $34.85, $36.70, $37.20, $8.90, $4030 snd $44.70. These ara all
new goods from the factories cf The Geo. McLagan Furniture Co.,
Stratford, Ont.
��� * j���; j :    ���, ���";" ��� -���-
DINING  CHAIRS���All  finishes and designs.   Prices  range  from
$13.00 up to $40.00 per est of six.
EXTENSION  TABLES-Golden, Early English and fumed oak finishes In plain oak, quarter cut oak, surface oaks,$10.00, $12.50,$1SJM,
$18.00, $21.10, $22.10, $23.40 and $28.36. '
��� . 'i ' ������
New Wood Beds ln mahogany, white enamel and golden finish-
Twin Wood Beds, 3 feet wire square posts; a very neat design, in
golden and mahogany finish.   January Sale Price, eacb   $17.65
White Enamel Beds, In full sl e         $16.50
Mahogany finish Beds, in full size        $15.75
BRA88 BEDS���Satin or bright linish, full size beds, well lacquered and neat styles:
' ���    .      *"''
Continuous 2-inch post Brass Bed,   heavy   fillers.     January     Sale
Price   $2550
Brass Bed, full size.   January Sale Price        $19.00
Brass Bed, full size.   January Sale Price $24.00
IRON BEDS���All sizes. January Sale Prices, $20.00, $11.90,
$11.60, $9.76, $7.50, $4.76 and $3.15.
at January
' l il in a
Parlor and Den Chairs
Our stock ls very complete ln these goods snd yoa will find the
price the loweet yon ever heard of���ball and see. Library Tables
la fumed, golden and Early English fines.   ASK TO SEfetttEM.
Country Orders Receive Prompt Atten-
tentiori and are
PackH FREfi
401-403 Columbia Sta    QUALITY FURNITURE
-.. ITilHPIWr -4ppiiK*
Tt   i
���ep *���*:*
D    J
V -Vl^n be te tke dtr^
���ATUROAY, JANUARY ��, 4��11
-ftss ft^UT. UnJKd.^ *etr����ces,
Sw   o��   McKeiSe 'and   Victoria
*^_ tackle Brown. '..>.: Manager
tor Mayor
���onUnulng at tbe beat*. o< Its
pal *Malrs or >. nun w|k>
bae* on his pledges snd princl
Mayor Lee   has, nnd *bo has
hie determination to arbitrarily
tbe council and ita committees,
To the Ratepayers and Householders I when specially appointed tor the pttr-
of New Westminster Ctty. I pose, in all m*ters of 4atitatlv�� and
. ,.    .* . ��v��- ^*r* . i negotiation,    thereby    Insuring   that
Ladle, and Gentlemen:  For over a j ^ ^'^ ^ ^^ ^ .^^
week ttoe announcement of my>-^ ntu the c,ty mlgW be prtcUwkWy
didature In opposition J�� M��y��r ^' committed to. perhaps, objectionable
tor the mayoralty for 1912 �����">*����� I details of some scheme otherwise de-
betore  you  In  the publlc  press, to-    .   M
... .     ...rar^lrar    *aait   I ."HUMS.
I gether with my reasons therefor and
outline %t my platform over my
I own signature.    1 deemed   that   the
(ratepayers were entitled to a respon-
slble, dignified statement of the sort
1    My  reasons    for    opposing  Mayor
I Lee's  reflection at this  Ume have
AirMdY A*��*ry.��Siini ot Ctnada .been clearly* and distinctly set forth.
*"r?:-.._  .-  *~a   leat   their 'Briefly reviewing, they are: His maln-
mn betMNU-^ Wfto   "��l   "���     tenance and development ot the star
party  In M��a~V��tt��d Kingdom may   chamberi centralisation of power In
upon Canadn to make good her the   mayor policy,   which   he had so
ImperiallBJKffV* the vlc"  strongly condemned in his predeces-
iW^fflSl Herald Is  sor.    His failure    to    safeguard tho
Time*.  OTie ��wne a jntere8tB  la ltB  relatlons with
have Seen to enter a pro-j,^ n c
J.   8.   BRYSON.
New Westminster, B.C., January 5,
tb* Brat we
tart, but the gtoep pnpera In the Do;
��l��lon wilt iidt;be"tong' In tollowlng
Tbe He��UJ**: !
-It Is said that ��pt��w prominent
._ IttiterMMtt,fcotodlng Bonar
Lord   MU����; ��W dthers, pro-
to launch a campaign to Imper-
this Dotniaoa.' Bnteouraged by
���he remit of the Deilnton elections
Ihey probably MIW�� tWtt a campaign
of education  ��vil| solidify  into conform"'^   impWiiWatic   senti-
st on whirh thfi result of the elec-
wes largely based.
"With all due respect to the lnten-
tiorn of thess'sentMisen it would bo
tetter  if  they   would  leave  Canada
atone.   We do not want to be imper-
JaHzed by British"fOllUclahs.   We can
' *So our own impeilaliztog and attend
te it at the proper tine.   Canada is
ananimlml  sensitive about interfering
���wtth  Britlah->pWHaal ganhlems and
la at least eqnallrneneltive about be-
Jsg interfered with by British political leaders. Instead of endeavoring to
tttmat* Canada te,a Jilgber imperial-
haa than lt now. vS^sem, the gentle-
Men  mention* JJWT   better devote
tkcfr attention toJmpertalizing Great
Britain   to a degree which will   be
equal to the ImiWtariim oI Canada"
We have alw��ys�� jnajntalned   that
the  "Imperialist!'- ory * of   Canadian
Ttory papers tras a Hollow mockery,
the B. C. Electric Railway, particularly ln the vital matter ot the city's
water supply at Coquitlam Lake. The
conduct of'the Board of Works and
City Engineer's -.department, which
Mayor Lee has undertaken to defend
throughout. Unfair and unbusinesslike methods in the sale of city bonds,
with consequent loss and discredit to
the city. Laxity In the enforcement
of the law against disorderly houses
and the unlicensed sale of liquor
Such in brief Is my indictment of
Mayor Lee on his record as completed
wtth the year 1911, though he started
very differently and maintained an
appearance of consistency on most of
these questions for some time. This
indictment, wllich I submit ia a serious one, has been before the ratepayers in both local newspapers for
over a week, and Mayor Lee has
made no attempt to answer through
tlie press.
At ray meeting nt Sapperton, Wednesday night, the mayor, at his first
I public appearance in this campaign,
j gave an exhibition of fancy skating on
j very thin ice and falling In two or
three times, but that was all.
Mayor Lee has not only avoided
any responsible and self-respecting
statement ovei* bis own signature
through tbe public press, but has announced ho public meetings but one,
on the eve of election day, when he
hopes, evidently, by a lot of glittering generalities and vague, high-
sounding promises, at the last mo-
infest, when the truth of his statements cannot be investigated, to
make the electors forget all matters
(Wbich should be kept for. reference)
New Westminster, B.'C.. ,:i
Jan. 2, 1912.
To the Citizens ot tbe City of New
Westminster: !���
Having been asked by a large number of citizens to present myself as a
candidate at the' coming Municipal
Elections, I beg to state tbat I am in
favor of Municpal Ownership of Public Utilities owned by the city; ot a
barbor and dock system; of permanent improvements of streets; df reduction in the cost of lights; a proper sewerafee system; to encourage
new industries, of a better'street car
service and a belt line to serve
the middle and north parts bf the city
and also of any other reforms that
may be asked for from time to time
and considered in the interests A
the city as a whole.
Should you favor me with your
vote on Election Day, I moreover
pledge myself to abide by my platform and serve the citizens to tbe
best of my ability, having always in
mind that my policy is equity for all.
I remain your obedient servant,
421 Columbia street,  city.
Reeve Weart wilt hold a meeting In
St. George's Hall, New Westminster,
on Tuesday, the 9th inst., at 8 p.m..
All electors and residents are respectfully Invited.
Now Is the Time to Prepare
Yourself for a Better Position
Is tbe place where Business Training {, ma(le , Specialty
were only convinced of how they could help yoU| no time wosd/S
lost on your part ln enrolling. e wou,<1 ����
BUT LOOK l-You enroll ond you will anon be convinced ot the
beneflt> pf a business training as given -at Use
Modern Business School
610 Columbia St.
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
Phone 853.
we foretold tbat ae soon as Can- [ of record and cast their votes under
Ithe carefully fostered delusion    that
I "big talk" for the future will atone
for all sorts Of broken promises and
. bad practices in the past.
i    I submit that    Mayor- Lee, on bis
record, should not again receive the
endorsation  of  the    ratepayers  and
householders of New Westminster if
they have any regard for their interests in the many   important matters
that affect  the welfare  of the city,
and that they should net allow dust
to be thrown in their   eyes by    the
ridiculously  Inflated    self-assumption
of tho mayor that his continuance in
office, notwithstanding   his   past '���&& '���
ord, ls necessary    tb    the continued
progress  of  the city  in matters  already inaugurated by the vote of the
council and. Uu��..ra**��&y��r��. or whiafe
ii����y   *���   v��oi����m   l��v   tte*   oAty-��   lm-
\Unu>   ttttln   tti a   yarn,..
\     tm  tart, \  -w\l\   bo  furtYMT. ant
) that the  greater the Interests
"lealt  with, the greater danger there
should be called on by the
tariff reformecss et ArUaia to make
SDOd. the Tori<�� ftbffld M tie flrst to
protest The next*ory will be "Canada for Canadians;'' and the Tories
wfll be the first to throw their "Brit-
. Jab-born" demagogues down.
Ctoventioo Of
Coast Teachers
(Continued ljhm*ag��i,'oi
tton, the senior, intermediate, Juhior
manual trainl^ g$_��ti<��fti
t%a* uioeram to* tte* aMvmttoo v��
10 A. W.
1. President's address.
2. Enrollment of members.
3. Address  of  Welcome	
 His  Worsh
4. Literature���' Tbi
LAke."   J.
2 !
1. History  in,.
--��� K* ���^f'*'^ .->
Dl sc ussion ��� A t*K.
F. O. Canflel^ ��j
2. Solo Miss   J...vA
3. Loyalty and Pi
-,. Miasm
4. Presentation of
h.   Nominations.
8 P- JR.
.' -
rhlate    ,
���    Va-YI
Vo be' 1
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist, begs to announce |
that he has taken over the Netv.
Westminster    branch ��� of    the'
Vancouver Institute of Optome*-
try, for which untll now he has I
been  the local specialist    and ]
Dr. Hop*
trusts that
the many appreciative patients I
of New Westminster   and   dim
trlct  who    bo kindly    asslste1!-,
him ln establishing his presenl]
practice, will continue to show"
their good will, by recommend-"
lng  him   to their  friends,  and.
he can assure anyone who may
wish     to     consult     him     of
atraightfordward     advice     and
conscientious  services.
Dr. Hope's Consulting Rooms are at
657  Columbia  Street,  Upstairs,
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-totton Blk.
Phono 8eymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
Jv , Naw Westminster.
We have a party who has two houses on Third avenue, which he
wlll exchange for vacant property and some cash.
LOT ON SIXTH AVENUE, between  Tenth  and  Eleventh  streets
11675, third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
LOT ON ROYAL.AVENUE, close to Sixth street. Price $5100,
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Thla is good for a few
days only.
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Price   |1900, one-third
Phone 1004.
Room 6, Bank ef Commerce Building.
3500  Tone���7000  Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
Queen Charlotte Islands and East on G. T. P. Railway.
Through tickets to Eastern Destinations via the Grand Trunk
Double Track Route���Standard and Tourist Sletpeis. Meals a la
H. G. SMITH. C. P. and T. A. Telephone Seymour 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A. Telephone Seymour 3060
CITV OFFICES'. 527 Granville Street.
Oy��r CufMti ,Or����a <
>uri: Dotty ������.SO n.m. Xm S p.r
mi.   \st\mr  toy   af>f>olntm*nt*.
\ Going to Clear
If"""*:-*^*"* ���- *
*M P*
tfcn; b. a.
tirade'  *
:. JPollock
it '**
��� ifc-M. A.
Columbia       ... ���v. -yr
Hie  Honor Judge' fc
2.    Musical   proj
tlon  to  visiting
iMew     Westmi:
Iff   British
������. ..*.,...
; Howay.
jf the
���     Section   Work-Tutftfttf  1*n*  �����
. j  io a. i��;-T"^
1.   Ijingifage in the Jusior Grade
,(      ...... ^1. j|j. .MiSB  J.   A.   {lendersuii
2.   Primapy reading .....*.	
.      -...S-...3P. MISa   M.   Winter
Intermediate Grade Section.
1. Composition       ....lj�� v	
 Mlss ttrtfr; McKenzie
2. Muscular system  of nenimtn-
ahip  Misa M. Clements
Senior Grade Section.
1. The study of a cv����tinent	
 ;.;, ..^Anstey, B. A.
2. Penmanship. .J. A. Spratt, B. A.
3. Weather observation andjec-
��rds J. A,; i.v*tti77B. A.
Manual   Tni.-*in^i��H^i��k
Several paper \!mvfe*eid.
High School 8eCHIon.
J.   History in the, High   School
 J- t-Tft��nnia|,;M. A.
X   Oxford and tb* WNwIesI:..'���.-..
Scholar E.   A.   Monroe   M.   A.
General session to be helft Jn the
Odd Fellows' Hall ���  "7^
2 p. M..-'C;':���-���,..
L   High School entrance reiulre-
ments  tt P. Dole.' B. A
"2.   Solo Mrs. A. C. JSddy
3.   Election of Officers.
-    4.   Resolutions. \\  ���
Trealdent W. C. Coatham
t*t Vice-President.T. A. Brough, B. A
-2nd Vice-President  	
 Miss A. S. Clarke B. A
Treaaurer H.   B.  King,  B. A.
Recording Secretary 	
Oorreeponding Secretary   	
 Mlas   M.   MacKenzie
X T. Dunning, B. A.;  R. Straight
A�� �����. *>* CUkM, J. Marti*. Kiss
���   , ��� ���    ?*flSS*ff;J   .
Respectfully Solicited for
Alderman J. S. Bryson
will hold the concluding meeting of
his campaign in St. Patrick's Hall
8 O'clock p. m.
Everybody Welcome.   Reserved
Seats for Ladies.
��. r rui0 store of winter
*;   wearables no matter
what it costs in lost
v.    dollars.
i t
Come While The Choosing Is At Its Best
We Will Sell Any
$22.50 SUIT or
<i ���
$1 5.00
Regular price $2.50 to <M CA
$3.50.   Sale price - - ��pl*OU
Reid Sl McDonald
The Store of Satisfaction.
601 Columbia Street Clothiers, Hatters and Haberdashers
*��� I
���     .      ���   .   i >      "
I m*mmm*-Baamms*--***mm
slow about the remainder of the Patrick combination. .-*.
������ Tbe teams last night were: ,     pi
Westminster *- Goal, Lehman;'
point, McLean; covey, Johnson;
rover, Hyland; centre, Mallen; right
wing, Macdonald; left Wing, Gardner
Vancouver���Goal, Parr;  point, Pat
rick;   cover, Qrlflls;  rover, Lalonde
centre, Nicholls; right wing, Phillips;
left wing. Harris. ^^Bi
Terminal City Team Beat New Westminster Seven by Familiar
Score of 8-3.     ^|
'The Westminster hockey team
failed to live up to. the expectations
of its supporters ln Its first encounter
with the Vancouver players at the
Arena rink yesterday evening, permitting Prank Patrick's stalwarts to
emerge victors with an eight to three
score���the same score as waa recorded in the opening game at Victoria on Tuesday, wben the Westminsters were the victors.
Nearly one hundred Westminster
men made the trip to Vancouver . to
see the match, many of the supporters
of the Koyaliats seeing Ice hockey for
the llrst time. Although completely
overshadowed by the Vancouver supporters, who numbered over three
thousand, the Westminster rooters attended to the vocal end ot the business in great style. The members of
executive of the locals turned out ln
force to watch the game.
Vancouver won the victory mainly
because ot the splendid combination
and aggressive tactics ot the forward
line. The Westminster defence was
not In anything like the form shown
' ******************
Last night St. George's hall was
the venue ot.*(ti***r of the most de
Ughtful gatherings ever held ln the
Koyal City, when Mr. H. Neville
Smith, C.E., B.C.L.8., waa the host
of hla staff and fleld force.-. In addition, one or two guests to whom .invitations to such gathering* are a
graceful acknowledgment on the part
of the host of the relationship which
he sustains to the public at large,
were present. A.
Tbe character ot the gathering was
proclaimed in the decorations, and
peeped out from the design. of tbe
tasteful program and Invitation card
the increase in Canada for a naa^mVajk   Tbe death rate la Canada tor
ot.years.   The minimum rate of JJf'lb period 1900-1909 was 3.82.
waa reached  in  1897.    In 190?;*fh*'.'^frlth the exception of the Klmber-
rate was 4.21.   During the same fea lap diamond mines and the Transvaal,
there has been a steady decrees latere native and Chinese labor are
all the leading European countries, employed,   the   fatality rate   during
It would, of course, be.narwaAaa- IM*  period   (1900-1909)   waa  consld-
able to expect that the '"ss   id^MM   aaa i Ij   lower elsewhere than in Can-
and property could be entirely ;��oae ada.   lt requires so discussion to em-,
away with, but experience haa *****  phaalze the Importance of an Inquiry U
that careful Investigation ot the oon-  Into the whole subject of fatal acci-1
dltlons .will   pclat .the way  t�� the denta ln the mtoee ot Canada,
remedying ot many abuses.   That ���*�� ������'_,_     - ^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^*************
danger Inherent ln coal mtalng can 7" =��===.  .. .    .
be largely eliminated ls shown hy the J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"
low, constant death rates In Belgium
and Great Britain. Coal mine explosions are much more frequent ln Canada and the United Statea than in
any of the European countries. The
following example ly exceedingly significant. In 1850 th^fat&M^r rate ln
(he Belgian coal mines was as high
hatha present Canadian death rate,
while at the present time lt averaged
the lowest 1 nthe world. This decline in the death rate was due to the
combined efforts of the mine owners,
the workmen and the Administration
of Mines; to the diffusion of technical and. professional knowledge and
Large  Modern House tffl;
tnl.1 ,\  .:
fa uSftftJIolJt    '
wOi 8
taste ^^^^^_^^^^^__
With Mr. Wilson, one of the staff,
aa toastmaster, a lengthy list of
toasts was submitted and duly honored. The boat proposed "The King,"
which was received with the enthusiasm it commands wherever
Britons gather. Mr. Ottaway Wilkie
proposed "Surveyors," and acknowledgment was made by Messrs. Cotton, Walter Wilkie, Neville Smith,
Bouchaud and Parnell. "Engineers"
was proposed by Charlie Leamy and
replied to by Messrs. Bryce, Spencer.
Eddie and another; the "Home Department" by Mr. Mumford and replied to by Messrs. Parnell and
in the game   at   Victoria,   Johnson j Faulkner, and    "The   Fleld   Depart
These were works of art, conceived  to the administrative organization fo.-
and executed in tbe   best   of good  the scientific study of accidents.
alone standing out. His big bulk and
dogged pluck stopped many a brilliant rush. Harry Hyland, the diminutive rover, was somewhat off color,
but showed snatches of form that
augur well for the success of the
Westminster team throughout the
season. Ken Mallen, who made the
quick trip across the continent ln
order to be there for the opening
game of the season, was in tbe same
class as Hyland, brilliant at times.
Macdonald, the Winnipeg boy, displayed gocd form and is sure of a
steady place on the team. In the
opinion of some of the most compet
ent critics, Macdonald ls to.be the
flnd* of the hockey season.
Por tbe Vancouver team Prank Patrick and Newsy Lalonde showed up
brilliantly. Lalonde scored a couple
of spectacular goals and shot in a
third in a businesslike manner.
Newsy has a knack of getting past
Johnson In a way that was quite disconcerting to the Westminster fans.
Por boys who are supposed to have
seen their best days on tbe Ice.
Nicholls and Phillips ace still wonders on skates.    There   is    nothing
ment" by Mr. Wilson, with replies by
Messrs. Murray, Kirkland and Fraser.
Otber toasts were: "The Cl'.lzens,"
"Cruisers," "Our Cooks," "The
Press," "Our Host," "Sweethearts anil
Wives." !  '
Songs added to the enjoyment - of
the gathering, which came to an end
with "God Save the King."
Although the death rate ln metalliferous mines in Canada is lower than
in the coal mines, lt is much higher
than ln sny of the European   coun-
FOR 1912
A. Hardman
Statistics recently compiled by the
Commission of Conservation show
that the death rate in Canadian coal
mines is much higher than ln any-
other civilized country. In 1902, tbe
year of the Fernie dlssster, the death
rate per 100 men employed (above
and below ground), rezched tbe maximum rate of V.i.25. The average rate
for the ten years preceding 1910, however, was .4.79. The United States
comes next with an average rate for
the same period of 3.43. Perhaps the
worst aspect of the situation Is the
fact that the death rate from coal
mine accidents has been steadily on
Sixth Avnue, $30 per iiSS��^	
lhe Westminsterlrasland Sifefie|loi��p.,Ud.
1.1. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.    ,o
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
I   hull  '���
il ha:
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B.C
Are well stocked up with all kinidjsil^h^^des of
- A specially large stock of Latl��l$fu^e$,and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
minium1! ii ii i..
Now ia the time to build for sale or rent whikprkea At* low
****mm******m****m*m******mm ***m****m*mm*1SSSS*)S*i***l***mm*mmmm*mm*m
A New Lumber Yard
 .i iiiik-v -.iirri.,,.
'   ""'���*-   -niT rt.���.
beasd  ������'*:*
COME TO US FOR   ,,^^^^^^^_
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
*���i|7i��- w, OUR 8TOCK IS LARGE AND 60slfiii!/#rB.'> '
iM.Tll.lll'.'. j ill!'1 -.
(Old Qlass Worta-Factoi*'1""     SAPPERTON.
PHONE 904.
��� i.nil   /.rt iti; n   Ij
. . !>bne ki hwwtn!
Do Not Waste Money
Savs a Uttla ayatemaOcally, tor It Is. this .stuff.that ths foun-
daUons of wealth and happiness art hv&IL of. '
Money may bs used ln two waya; to   sfttnd   Mf  what  la
nssdsd now and to Invest tor what ahato be-needsd ln ths future.   Money cannot be Invested until It Is first tavad.
The Bank of
,iu_ jh>i 1 *-;r>   t**'i
Authorised Capital, 82,000,000.    Columbia* corner,Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR. General Manager O. R. DONLEY, l*cal Manassr.
,.,'i!   wr/ili) ul   I--
"' ''  J '' '���
E I must reduce our stock of Winterf |Goods before stocktaking,
February 1?.   When we say wemii$t reduce it* we mean we
offeHt at prices that will move ii ^pjNoteh of stylerin Ready-
To^Wear Clothing, Every pattern of clotl|;b|d; ctothe&new. We have
no old stock, as we have been in business ^nly. a
ISO Lonely Suits
Scotch Tweeds,  English Worsteds and Serges- at   the
following reduced  prices:
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'i'l    '      11'   i  ' 'ii
���t '-s^H^^bbVS
100 Lonely Overcoats   .
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' Latest Tweeds,   Meltons add Cheviots to move at   the
following prices:
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i   i    i
Sweater Coats
A large and varied stock to select from.
$6.00 Sweater Vests for ���*�����
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AU Winter'Weight Underwear reduced 26 per cent oil
regular prices,-   See a few samples to our windows.
Every garment guaranteed to give satisfaction or mo^y rtfundied. fhe
abov^3 prices ^e strictly cash, and we can1 save you m^iey if you a^kvl
need of a Suit, Overcoat, Sweater Coat or Undeh^eaii^ Come early !I��
yoftx^n't come early, come any way.        VI   |if;,..,        ^
517 Columbia St,
i i i
\y0,\ BJBJJ
crrr or nsw wnsmufsrwi
Byl*w 1SU.**
Bf .law Xo.
on the day of        A. D. Ill
Reconsidered and finally passed ln
Open Council the d��7 ��*
A. D. Ill
A By-law to enable the Council ot
Tfce Corporation ot the City ot New
Westminster to raise by loan the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand Dol
City Clerk.
Take notice that the alwve ls a true
lars (8*7,000.03) for the purchaae I ^py of ^ proposed by-law upon
of a site and the erection of a I which the vote of the electora will be
Public School In the West End of taken on the Hth day of January,
the city at a cost of SUty-��lx Thou-I 1912_ between the hours ot nine
sand Dollars ($66,0*0.00) and for I o*^0^ a m. and seven o'clock-p. m. at
payment of the -balance for the I t^e (on0wins places:
Bite" ��f the Sixth Avenue School st. George's Hall, corner of Clartaon
Twelve Thousand Two Hundred I nd church streets,
and Twenty    Dollars    ($12,220.00)        No   4 ptre ll3\h saipperton
and for payment of the balance of
the   cost    of     the     Queensborough
School Two Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Dollars ($2380.00)
and for the completion of the Sap- l
perton    School    Sixteen    Thousand
Four Hundred Dollars ($16,400.00).   !
Whereas it ls necessary to provide
a site and erect a Public School thereon In the West End of the "city and to
pay the balance due for the site of the
Sixth  Avenue School and  balance of
the cost of the Queenaboroug-h School
and to complete the Sapperton School,
ami lt will be necessary to raise    the
sum of .Ninety-seven Thousand DollarB
($��7,O*O.00)   for  the .purposes aforesaid.
And whereas It appears that if the
���aid sum of $97,000,010 bo appropriated
from the general revenue of the city
for the ourrent year the rate of taxation will ibe excessive, and it Is expedient that auch excessive taxation
ahould ibe avoided and the said sum
should 'be raised on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
should -be Issued for that amount.
And nvhercas for tne payment or
Interest on the debentures proposed to
be Issue! under this by-law and for
creating a .jinking fund for the payment of the said debentures when due
It will be necessary to raise by special
rate In addition to all other rates each
year during the currency of the said
debentures the sum of Five Thousand
and Twenty-four and 95-100 Dollars
And whereas In order to raise the
said yearly sum of $6224.95 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the city of New Westmlnater.
And .whereas the whole rateable
property of the said city according to
the last revised assessment roll thereof Is Nine Million Five Hundred and
Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred
Two Hundred and Twenty-four and
95-100  Dollars  ($5224.05).
And whereas the total amount .of the
existing debenture debt of the said
city is Two Million (me Hundred and
Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) Irrespective of the
sum of Four Hundred and Forty-two
Thousand Dollars ($442,000.00) proposed to ibe raised under this by-law
and the "Loan Hy-Laiw 1911," "High
School Site By-Law 1911," and "High
School Building By-Law 1911," of
which none of the principal or Interest
is in arrears.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of thc Corporation of the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:���
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of loan
from ar>y person or persons; body or
bodies corporate who may 'be Willing
to advance the same on tho credit of
the debentures hereinafter mentioned \
uny sum or aums of money not ex.
���cfettAYne Vn Xtnaa who\, tiW* aum of **\t����>.
��.v-��m.v��>.v  nf^,n...na    a-���..**.**,   a%*���* .****���**���
����,    ��.*.��.   *..   ^*aaa*n   *JT**   **tmam   \o  -tow   v^.A
Initi \t**i Trciwuny of t>ie aaYfl- ��tty  tor
the purposes mentioned herein.
2. It shall be lawful for, the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made not exceeding in the whole
the aum of $97,000.00 for such sums
of money as may be required not less
than $100.00 onch or an equivalent expressed In pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at a value of 4.866 to the pound
sterling; and all such debentures shall
be sealed with the seal of thelOorpora-
tlon. signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, or
liy such other .person or persons as
may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
3. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January,
1962, at such .place or places as the
Council of the eald Corporation may
from   tlmo  to   time  appoint   with   the
. approval of l'he holders thereof .and
shall bear interest at the rate of four
and oni.-hall' per centum por annum
payable half yearly on the flrut day of
January and tho first day of July In
each and every year and the debentures shall have attached to tbem coupons for tho payment of Interest,
which a.ild coupons shall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4. A Kpin-ii.il rate on the dollar shall
be levied and raised In each year In
addition to all other rates on all the
rateable property of the city .sufficient
to pay the interest upon the debentures
and to create s sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, mibjeet to an.y Act or enactment
resjjfcKing the same.
5. Subject -mt aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
said debentures the sum of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Slxty-fiv.s
Dollars ($i4365.O0) for the payment of
interest thereon and the sum of EiR-ht
Hundred and Fifty-nine and 9S-100
Dollars ($8-59.95) to provid-e for the
repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as follows and not otherwise: Towards paying th6 cost of the pacing of this bylaw and -the issue and sa-Ie of the debentures therein referred to and all
expenses Conner ted with the issuance
of the said loa' and the bai ince shall
\>e .pail over irom time to time as required by the dty Treasurer to the
several persons to w.hom moneys are
payable. '
7. This by-law shall take effect
on the final passing thereof.
8. Thii? By-law before the final
p-ts.-in? thereof shall receive thp as-
r nt of the electors of the said city
in the- manner required by law.
i This By-l:i-'- may be cited ns the
'Tnbllc Schools By-law 1811."
ICecelved  the assent of the electors
No. 5 Fire Hali, Thirteenth Street.
Clly Clerk.
City Hall, Dec. 29, 1911.
Mlss B. Morrison is leaving shortly
tor Fernie, where she will enjoy a
month's holiday.
���   ���   ���
Mr. and Mrs. L. Buker and Mr. Har-
Mrs. E. R. Bartlett, St. Barnabas
Rectory, will not receive again until
Fridav, Jan. li), and afterwards, cn
the third Friday of each month.
���   ��   ���
Mr. and  Mrs. J.  K. Brown  left on
Thursday for Los Angeles, where they
| Intend to spend the remainder of the
tally  decoratsl befitting ths Christ 'of blue and white silk with lace trlM-1 .      _. ~v ,   ,      ,_
mas aeason.^nd .^"^tri cu^flowm | mlnn ^snd �� Iff Mack and white | TO   th�� EUctOTS of the City
of Now Westminster
Ladles and Gentlemen,���As thero
may be little opportunity of publicly
placing my views before you, previous
"Loan By-Law 1911."
(By-Law No. )
wars   in   profusion  -throughout   ths j hat    Ths spactoua rooma aad hall
rooms, ln tbe afternoon many friends' were ftllsd with pink roses and en-
of tho host and hostess    called    to   chantreas  carnations.      On  the  tea
tender   their   congratulations.    Mra   tables waa a large bowl of pink roses
Peebles was handsomely gowned  In ' surrounded by ami lax.   For the first
k   w(ti. one of the new soft   tones   of coral, hour Mra. A. Charleson and Mra. U.
, ���. ,.,���.������  ��,���   .,- .oend-1satin,   shadowed   with   hand-painted   b. Corbould poured the tea and cof- ,. ��� ..... -..-._.-, -_.
old Green, �� J'iraen. ������������� ��r�� *~ ninon. the bodice being adorned wltb ff��^ and were later relieved by Mrs. to election day, I herewith submit to
lng the holidays in tne c">. ���u �� bands of Bliver ^broidery. Ths tea | c. V. Rand (Vancouver), and Mrs. I you my opinions on the most fmpoit-
the guests oi mts; i; n. uiw . laMe had M lu centrepiece a canoe-   T. j.   ArmittShg.  The ices we:e cut  ant^sues to us as citizens, at   this
shaped cut glaBS bowl of pink carna- served In the library and were cut period in the history of our city. In
tions and smllax resting on an ex- by Mis. H. V. Ardagh and Miss E. asking your support on election day,
quisite cloth of lUrdanger embnfld- \y. Sutherland. Assisting in the tea- January 11, 1912, I will support und
ery, and pink sha led silver    candle-   room  were   Mlss   Brown,   Miss  Ger-   advocate  the  following  measures,  lf
I sticks lent a pretty glow, while from I trude   Brown,   Mlss   DeWolf   Smith,  you honor me by election:
the electrolier while satin ribbon and   Mlas Marlon Martin, Mlss Annandale,',    ,      ~��� ���   Hi.e,.��.io��   ��r  ��,,-  ,.it�����
silver   strands  dropped   to   the  tour - Mtsa Josephine Martin, Mlss Eleanor'   ,l\ J*en  dl��cu88lon  ot  our  c^8
corners df the table.   Mrs. Peter Blr- ? Martin. Miss Lorna Fraser (Vancou-.DU8lneM'
rei and Mrs. Thomas Gilford wars In, vsr), Miss Rickman, Mlss Nora Arm-' 2. Even administration of our city
charge  of  the  tea and  coffee  urn*  strong,  Miss  Nan  Phillips.      Anions  by-laws.
while the ices were served by Mrs. J. those noticed were Mrs. A. Charle-1 3 The placing in flrst class <��ndl-
T. Chawner Williams, of Vancouver, son, Mrs. Collins (Vancouver), Mrs. tlon of our streets and highways lead-
Helping to look after the wants of ( j. fy Grant, Mts. D. G. Macgowan, ing to and from the suriounding
the guests weie Mlss Butters, Mlss Mrs. W. G. Mdcquarrle, Mrs. J. Bai- municipalities, and co-operating with
Gladys Butters. Mlss Elsie Matheson loch. Mrs'. Keary, Miss Keary Mrs. J. them to this end. This Includes the
and the Misses    Peebles.    Attending   H. Jones, Mrs. Cornwall, Mrs. Turner  Fraser river  our greatest highway.
A By-Law to enable the Council of
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise the sum of One
Hundred and Sixty-five Thousand
Dollars ($165,000.00) for the
purpose   of  paying   the   over-draift
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Martin
went down to Victoria, and weie
guests at the Empress hotel until Friday, when they returned to this city.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Johnson have
returned from California, and will
take up their residence on Leopold
Place until their new home on
Queen's avenue is completed.
���   ���   ���
Mrs. J. J. Jones underwent an operation at the Royal Columbian hos-
cverlng   .1   number  of   years  and |   Iul    on    Wedne8<jay,     Her    many
counts of the ; ,.���,,���  _j,.  K.  _._a ,���  y.an- ,u���. ,h��.
novf existing l^i the acco
Whereas It Is nocensary to raise the
sum of $165,000,00 for the purpose of
paying the over-draft covering a number of years and now existing in the
accounts of the city.
And whereas it appears that if the
said sum of $165,000.00 be appropriated from the general revenue of the
city for the current year the rate of
taxation will be excessive, and It ls
expedient that such excessive taxation should lie avoided, and the said
sum should lie raised on the credit
of thc Corporation and that debentures should 'be Issued for that
And whereas for tho -payment of
Interest on the debentures proposed
to be issued under this by-law and
for creating a sinking fund for the
payment of the said debentures when
due it will be necessary to raise by
special rate in addition to all
rates ea.h year during the currency
of the said debentures the aum of
Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and
Eighty-seven and 80-100 Dollars ($8,-
And whereas In order to raise the
said yearly sum of $8887.80 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New
And whereas the whole rateable
property of the said City according
to the last revised assessment roll
thereof is Nine Million Five Hundred
and Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-two Dollars ($9,592,-
And whereas the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city is Two Million dne Hundred
and Flft-en Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) irrespective of the sum of Four Hundred and
Forty-two   Thousand   Dollars   ($442,-
I friends will be glad to hear that she
��� is progressing favorably.
Mrs. William Johnston, Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Collister, Miss E. Warwick and Mr. A. H. Johnston leave
shortly for California, where they
i will make an extensive automobile
The Educational club will meet on
Thursday evening, January 11, at S
o'clock, at the home of Mrs. T. H.
Smith, First street. Mrs. Hooson
and Mrs. Smith wlll give a talk on
the development of music in Canada.
���   ���   ���
On Tuesday evening Mrs. F. A.
Macrae entertained at a very Jolly
sleighing party. After driving to
Central Park they returned to the
home of Mrs. G. D. Brymner. where
a very enjoyable supper was served,
other Those present at the patty were Mr.
and Mrs. A. H. Marion, Miss Josephine Martin, Miss DeWolf Smith,
Miss Shildrick, Miss Nora Armstrong,
Miss   Marion   Martin,   Mlss    Bryant
the door were Mlss Millie Rodgera (Vancouver). Mra. Morrow. Miss Moran a Miss Brownie I'debles, hof.h look-
Ing dainty in their pretty frocks. In
the evening a large number of
friends who had attended Mr. and
Mrs. Peebles' wedding 25 yeara ago,
and a large    gathdiing of    relations
4. The adoption of a harbor scheme
adequate to our importance aa the
only fresh water harbor in the province.
6. Efficient service ln our city de
��.    The Increase of the    mounted
Mlss  Phillips,  Mrs.  Talt,   Mrs.
Matheson. Mlss Kennedy, Mrs. F. J.
Couthard,  Mrs.  Arthur  Mallns,  Mrs.
J.  E.  Allen,  Mra.  Lusby,  Mrs.   Bob
Lennle    (Vancouver),    Mrs.   Fraser!
(Vancouver), Mlas Armstrong. Mrs.
were entertained most enjoyably. The | j. Brymner, Mrs. Beatty, Mrs. W. |
high esteem in which the worthy Johnston, Mrs. W. 8. Collister, Mrs. police service In Sapperton and tho
couple ls held was shown by the many Blevewrlght, Mrs. J. C. Brown, Mrs. upper parts of the city, and the in-
beautiful gifts which came to them Hugh Gordon, Mlss Homer, Miss stallatlon of a system of communlca-
from friends In London, Eng., Edln- Ethel Homer, Mlss Wright, Mis. A. tlon to the head police office, from
burgh and Stirling, Honolulu, Sheboy-   Cunningham. Mlss Peeje, Mrs. Munn,  these parts.
gan. Wis.. Boston and Montreal, aa Miss Munn, Mra. J. W. Harvey, Mrs. 7. Municipal ownership and Im-
well as from many friends in British Donald Rash lelgh (Vancouver), Mrs. mediate Installation of a flrst class
Columbia.    Many letters of congratu    Davidson,  Mlss  Davidson   (Victoria), gas plant. *
Iation were also received, chief Mlss Bryant (Vancouver). Mrs. Gra-1 g Generous encouragement to all
among them being a letter from   the  cey, Miss Corbould, Mrs. G. A. Allen.' industries,    employing    white    labor
Hon. .Klchard   McBride,
British Columbia.
premier    ot
Miss Helen Rand, one of this season's most charming debutantes, was
the hostess at a very large reception
on Thursday afternoon. Bhe was
weaiing a very dainty gown of white
satin with overdress- of ntnon. which
was   finished   with   small   ping  rose-
Mlss Fraser, Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs.
W. Allison.
We wish to draw the attention of
the voters of the city to the fact that
Mrs. G. B. Cross and Mrs. J, R. Gilley j {^ establish yards of their own,
9. Encouragement of a spirit of
friendship between the city council
and the citizens.
I think the time has arrive.! when
the C. P. R., the G. N. R. and the B.
C. E. R. should secure sufficient land
nre the nominees of the Local Coun
cil of Women for    the    position    of
wearing a very handsome black satin gown with tunic of black Jet and
(Vancouver), Mr. Harrison, Mr. Iiell.ia large black velvet hat with white
Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Major, Mr. D. Shild- jr.lumes. Mrs. Corbould's costume waa
rick,   Mr.   Harry   Greame    and    Mr.  mmm_____mm���mmmmmi^
Piatt. '         ~~   ��� ���
���   ��   .-,
Mrs. Gracey entertained a number
of her friends at bridge on Wednesday afternoon in honor of her aunt
Mra Charles. Mrs. C. B. McAllister
won the first prize, and Mrs. T. J.
Armstrong received the consolation. Among those present wrre Mrs.
C. B. McAllister, Mrs. G. D. Brymner.
Mrs. J. Brymner, Mrs. F. J. Coulthaid,
Mrs. J. Balloch, Mrs. J. Stilwell Clute,
Mrs. H. V. Ardagh, Mrs. Drummond.
Mrs. Rlchardscn, Madame Gauvreau,
Mrs. F. J. Armstrong and Mlss Davij-
son (Victoria). Those coming in at
the tea hour weie Mrs. A. Charleson,
Mrs. G. K. Corbould, Mrs. Creighton,
buds and bugle trimming. In her school trustees for tht- coming year
arms she carried a sheaf of pins I The Trades and Labor council bave
rosebuds. Her aunt. Mrs. Carroll, of endorsed the candidates nominated by
Vancouver, and Mrs. G. Bruce Cor- us, and we hope that every voter lu
bould, assisted Mlss Rand in receive the city wlll assist in the election of
lng  her  guests.      Mlss  Carroll  was  these ladles.
Con. Pres. Board L. C. W.
Sec. L. C. W.
stead of using our publlc streets for
that purpose, as they do now.
I will support the reduction of
water and electric light rates to the
consumer? of the same.   I wlll at alt
' times safeguard the    city's    Interest
' against any corporation.
I    I will be pleased to place my views
more  fully  before you.  If the oppor-
, tunlty offers, before election day.
000.00)  proposed  to  be  raised  under i Mrs.   Davidson,  Mrs.  Beatty,  Mrs. G.
this   by-law   an-.l   the      'High   School   B. Corbould and Miss Armstrong. As-:
Site By-Law    1911,"    "High    School   j sisting in the tea room were MIsb Mj-!
Building   By-Law   1911,"     and      the   Hon   Martin,   Miss   Bryant   (Vancou-
"Public   Schools   By-Law   1911."     of   ver), and  Miss Nora Armstrong.
whloh none of the principal or Inter- *    ��    ��
est Is in arrears. I     Oa   Tuesday   afternoon   Mra.  3. W.
Naw.      ttmretore.      �������      M��������el����\    \ H��rv��y   *�����   �����  ho��l��i>   at   ths   Brat
r���un..l     ot     ��.*..     e.urci.t.Uon     ot     v*\�� , t��i��   ol   lt.�� .N��v   V��t   atvan   Itl   honor ,
C21..V    .���*    Y4..W    w..tm-^....r    ��..iv.--*j��    MS     ot    li.r      Vwo   , OauHbter��,    Mrs.      gtaott \
loiwwr.��� \ Brown,   ot   H��,attle,   and   Mra.   Donall .
1.  It shall be lawful tor tbe Mayor , Rashlelgh,   of   BoutH   Vancouver.  Thei
of   the  said  city  to  raise  by  way  of   rooms   were   prettily   decorated   with I
loan  from  any  person     or    persons,   ivy and of bright red  ribbons,  while
body or bodies corporate who may be j on  the tea  tables  was  a  large bowl
willing  to  advance  the same  on  the| of   pink   and   white   chrpsanthemuma
'.redit  of   the  debentures  hereinafter   and   brass candlesticks.    Mrs.   W.  G.
mentioned any sum or sums of money | MacQuarrles   and   Mrs.   J.   P.   Hamp-
not exceeding in the whole the sum
of $165,000.00 and to cause the same
to be paid Into the treasury of the
said city for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be ilawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding ln the
whole the sum of $165,000.00 for
such sums of money as may be required not lesg than $100.00 each or
an equivalent expressed in pounds
sterling of the L'nited Kingdom of
Creat llritaln and Ireland at a value
Of 4.860 to the pound sterling; and
all such debentures shall be sealed
with  the Seal    of    the Corporation,
signed by the Mayor and countersigned by thc Treasurer thereof, or
by such other person or persons as
may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
.1. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January,
1962 at such plaos or places as the
Council of the said Corporation may
from time to time appoint with the
approval of the holden thereof and
shall boar interest at the rate of
four amd one-half per oenrum per
annum payable half-yearly on the
first diy of January and the first day
of July In each and every .year, and
the debentures shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of Interest, which said coupons shall be
signed  by the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
Bhall <be levied and raised In each
year ln addition to all other rates
on all the rateable property of the
City sufficient to pay the interest
upon the debentures and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
principal thereof when due, subject
to any act or enactment respecting
the same,
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
said debeutures the sum of Seven
Thousand Knur Hundred and Twenty-
five Dollars ($742-5.-09) for the payment of interest thereon and the sum
of One  Thousani  Four  Hundred and
ton   Bole  poured  tea  and   coffee  for
thefirst hour and were relieved later j
by Mrs. F. N. Sinclair and Mrs. Sey- i
mour.      The  ices  were  cut  by  Mrs.
W. Allison.    Assisting    in    the   tea!
room   were   Miss   Josephine   Martin,,
Miss Annandale, Miss    Brown,    Mlss I
Gertrude    Brown,    Miss  Nora    Arm-
strong    and     Mlss    DeWolf    Smith, j
Among those  noticed   were   Mrs.  J.:
C.   Brown,   Mrs.   Charleson,   Mrs.   A.
V.  De  Pencier,  Mrs.  Corrigan,  Mlss
Corrigan,   Mrs.   Glover   (Vancouver),
rs. G. E. Corbould, Mrs. J. R. Grant,
Miss   Corbould,   Mrs.   A.   F.   Cotton,
Miss Cotton, rs. Lynch, Mrs. Hende,r j
son,   Mrs.   Eeastman,   Miss   Eastman, j
Mrs.   Dickinson,     Mrs.     T.   J.   Arm- I
6trong,  Mr6.  J.   Balloch,   Mrs.   D.  G.!
j Macgowan,     Miss    Pope    (Charlotte- I
j town),  Miss  Wright,  Mrs.   H.  V.  A.--'
; dagh.   rs.   J.   Brymner,   MrB.   Beatty.
I Mrs.  G.   Bruce  Corbould,  Mrs.  S.  B,
I ai tin and Mlss Phillips.
I ���   ���
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Peter   Peebles  cele
I brated  their  silver  wedding on    the
27th of December, and entertained u
large number of friends in  honor of
the    anniversary.    The    house    was
urer to  the several persons to  whom
moneys aTe payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect
on the final passing theTeof.
8. This By-law before the final passing thereof shall receive the assent of
the electors of the said city ln , the
manner required by law.
9. This By-law may be cited as
"Loan Bv-Law 1911."
Received the assent of the electors
on the day of A.D.. 191
Reconsidered and finally passed in
open  Council  the day of
A. D. 191
City Clerk.
Take   notice  that
the  above   ls
Sixty-two   Dollars   end   Eighty  Cents ' tn,e   copy   of   lhe   ProP����^    by-law
($1462.80)   to  provide  for  the  repayment of the prin-lpal.
6. The proceeds of the sa/e of tha
��nid debentures shal] be applied as
follows and not otherwise: Towards
paying Ihe cost of the passing of thl'
ly law .ind the Issue and sale of the
ri..- e^turrs tb. rein referred io nn-'
a" exnensiis connected with t'ie Uwu-
���ni". of the said loan, and t'-.o. hal-
ance shall be paid over from time to
time  as  required   by  the  Cl'.y  Treos-
upon which the vote of the ele tors
will be taken on the 11th day of
January, 1912, between the hours nf
nine o'olock a. m. and seven o'clock
p. m. at  the following places:
St George's Hall, corner of ClarK-
so-i  ana  Cliurorf  Streets.
No.  -I   Flre Hill, 33/pperton, und
No.   ��� R*lre Ha'i. Thirteenth Street.
\v. a. nrxcAN,
City Clerk.
City Hall, Dec. 29, 1911.
We are displaying in   our   window
an elegant line of Overcoats, made
in the Two-way collar, and well
tailored. These coats sold for $16
to $20.   Saturday
Boys' Warm
Just what he wants for
the cold weather. Regular
$1.25 to $1.50, Sale price
Sec Our Window
671 Columbia Street
New Westminster
.- "ramttam (SATURDAY, JANUARY I, 1112.
Law No*...
Xo authorise tha Corp��f��
District   of  Burnaby to
ad execute aa agreement
rrard Inlet Tunnel and
apany for the purchase of
'the capital stock   of eald
_Jclpal Council of the Cor
pbf the District ot Burnaby
I follows:
hority is hereby given to the
Serk of this* Corporation
toll of the Corporation
'.al with the corporate seal
htuie of agreement between
ard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
of the one part and the Cor-
of  tbe  other   part Jn  the
' the Schedule appended   to
law, and authority   is hereby
-A the Corporation to enter In-
[agree to all the provisions of
I eement.
.Js By-law may be cited as
urrard Inlet Tunnel and Biidge
jTy Aid By-law. 1911."
Fhis By-law shall come Into
on on the date ot Its recelv-
J assent of the Lleutenaat-Oov-
l-Council by order In council
[the Eighteenth day of Decern
IVED the assent of the elec-
the day  of ������
. day of ��� ���
���J)ENTURE dated this ���day
I In the year of our Lord, one
nd nine hundred and ���.
porated as a Railway Com-
by a charter of the Parlla-
of Canada, hereinafter   re-
to as the "Company'
of the ONE PART.
er referred to as the "Cor-
tlon" j.
of the OTHER PART,
BAS the Company has been
_ inter alia for the purpose
gking the erection ot a Joint
railway bridge across the
���arrows   of   Burrard   Inlet
lot in the Municipality of
\& Hastings Townsite to a
District of North Van-
ithe construction of suit-
works to give connection
systems on the   South
i the opening up and de-
the North Shore of Bur-
JIREAS   the   whole   of
.ire bo situated as to be
ue to the Municipality ofj
the   Corporation   has'
the said   Company by |
[for   five   hundred   (500)
one    hundred    dollars I
ch ln the capital stock of'
^-ny-       ' I
.ITHKREAS the prlc* rr value
shares Is flfty thousand OoV
.^60,000.00). therefore the Com-
hereby agrees to sell to the
���atlon and the Corporation
mma**���* to purchase of and from tho
Company five hundred (500) shares
ot one hundreed dollars ($100.00) each
of the capital stock of the Company
at and for tbe said prlc of flfty
thousand dollar* (f6O.OOO.0O) .ubject
Always to the term* of the Act af Incorporation of tbo Company and to
tba following conditions, namely:
1. The Said price shall be due and
payable to tbe Company within two
(2) months from the date ot the assent ot the Ueutenant-Governor-ln-
Councll lo .the By-law authoring
the execution of this agreement and.
upon payment of the Mid prica and
ln exchange therefor tiie Company
ahall Issue and make delivery to tiie
Corporation of tha share certificates
for said shares la the capital stook
in valid form. ,
2. In respect of the said Corpora-,
tion holding the said shares in tbe,
capital stock of the Company and
while the same ara ao held the Reeve
of tbe Corporation ahall be and act
as one ot the directors ot tha Company.
3. The Company agrees .within
ten (10) months of the data of tbe
assent ot the Ueutenant-Qovernor-
in-Councll as aforesaid to commence
and proceed with the work of the
construction of the said bridge and
to have duly completed and ready for
traffic the said bridge nnd at least
four (4) miles of connecting railways
before the lapse of three (3) years
from the data ot tha said assent of
the   Lieutenant-Qovarnopln-Councll.
4. As regards the1 Corporation this
agreement ts provisional on the .ascent being had of the electors of the
District and the paesing ot the Lofiij
By-law to provide the funds and also
on thia agreement receiving the assent of the Ueutanant-Oovernor-in-
CouncB and falling any of these
events then this agreement shall be
Ipso facto null and void.
pany   and   th*   Corporation,   bave
caused    their    respective   corporate
seals to be hereunto affixed.
Tha corporate eaal ot, the
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and (SEAL)
Bridge Company waa hereto affixed ln tbapreeenceot ���
The corporate senl of the
Corporation of th* District
ot Burnaby waa Jwrete at- (SEAL)
fixed In the presence of:
Tako Notice tbat the above la '*
true oopy ot tbe proposed By-lsw up-
dn which the vote of the Municipality
���will be taken on Saturday, the 13th
day of January. 1912. bevwean 9
o'clock a. ra. until ? o'clock p. m��� at
tha polling places:
Municipal Hall,
Agricultural H��ft��� Central P*rk
' Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burqult-
Dundenald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet ���* m
Mr. Jas. HrtTs Office, Nortb Burn,
Mr. Mohr's Store. Burnaby Lake.
' Lakemere School, Duthie.
Publlc NoUce Is hereby aiveb that
the vote ot the Electors of tbe District of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
above-mentioned By-law at the time
knd place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to Uke the vote of
such electors with the usual powers
in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
i ia- ,   W. GRIFFITHS, clerk.
Edmoaaa, B. C. Dec. 20, 1911.
', ���   j  ,i ssss=sssssssa
By-Law No**..
Done and PASSED ln Open Council,
the Eighteenth day of December, A.
D. 1911.
RECEIVED the aatent ot the Siao-
ton at an Election for tbe purpose on
tbe   day   of   ��������������� A. D
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted by the Council, signed by the
Reeve and Clerk and Sealel with the
Corporate Seal on   the ���- day  of
 1 . A. D..191���.
C.M.C. Reeve.
Take Notice tftfet the above   la a
A By-law to enable tbe Corporation
of tbe District of Burnaby to raise
by way of loan tbe sum of -Fifty
Thousand Dollars    ($50,000.00)    to
purchase stock ln the Burrard Inlet "
Tunnel and Bridge Company.
WHEREAS a petition dated as to
each signature and signed by tbe owners of more thanone-half of the real
property in tbe District of Burnaby
as shown by the last revised assessment roll has been presented to the
Council of the said District requesting them to introduce and pass a bylaw to authorise them to borrow tbe
sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,-
000.00)  to be expended ln the purchase ot stock or shares ln Tbe Burrard Inlet Tunnel and  Bridge Company incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada
AND WHEREAS lt is necessary to
raise the money required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
tbe sum of Five Hundred and Twenty-six dollars and Seventeen cents
($526.17) principal and the sum ot
Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty dollars ($2,250.00) Interest making together a total amount annually
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Seventy-six dollars and Seventeen cents ($2,776.17) for the term
of forty years for the re-payment of
the said loan and interest thereon as
hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHBREA8 the net value of
the whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last revised assessment roll amounts to Eighteen Millions, Five Hundred and
Twenty Thousand. Four Hundred and
Fourteen  ($18,620,414) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand, Five Hundred dollars,
($1,208,500) exclusive of local improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments of which none
of the principal or interest ls ln arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of interest and the creation
of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said principal sum of $50,000.00
it will be necessary to levy a special
annual rate sufficient to raise the sum
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Sewenty-slx dollars and- Seven
teen cents (��2,77S.17> tbe amount to
ba calculated annually oa tka wbols
of the rateable land coatprlseA within tke Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of tha Corporation at the
District of Burnaby enacts aa folio wa:
1. It ahall be lawful for tba Reeve
and Clark ot the Counell fer tke purposes aforesaid ta borrow er ralae by
war of loan from any person or body
or bodies cerperate wbo may be willing to advance tba same upon the
credit Of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $60,-
000.00 and ta causa tba same to be
placed in tha Royal Bank ot Canada
at tba City ot New Westminster, British Columbia, te tba credit af tba
said Cerperatlen for. the purposes aad
with the objects above sat forth and
to issue aay number of debentures of
tha aald Corporation to th* sum of
$50,000.00 la tbe whole in accordance
with tka "Munioipal Clauses Act"
AND the aald debentures shall be issued ta consist ot 102 debentures, each
of tbe denomination ot one hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture ot the amount ot ��73-19-6d.
being the Sterling equivalent of $50,-
000.00 at tha rate of $4.86% to the
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to ba payable
in Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and suoh debentures ahall
have annexed thereto coupons expressed both ln Sterling and Currency
for the Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4%) per een-1
turn per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th day ot June and the 3lst.
day of December tn each year. AND
sucb Sterling debenutres snail be der
llvered to the purchasers of tbe said
debentures, and both as to principal
and interest ahall bo payable at the
office ot the Bank of Montreal In
London, England, or ln Toronto, Montreal or In Vancouver. Canada, or In
Naw York, at holder's option. AND
the principal ot the aald debentures
shall be payable on the Thirty-first
day of December, A. D. 1961.
2. There shall ba raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor on all rateable land within
tha Limits of th* snld Municipality
the aum of Five Hundred and Twenty-
six dollars and Seventeen centa
($626.17) for tha purpose <pf forming
a sinking fund for the payment ot tha
said doMnturee and tbe sum of Two
Thousand. Two Hundred and Fifty
dollars ($2,250.00) tor the payment of
the lriterest at the rate aforesaid, the
said special rate to be ln addition to
all other ratea io be levied and collected in the sa<d Municipality during
the currency of the said debentures
or any ot tnert,
true copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the Municipality
wlll be taken on Saturday the 13th
day of January, 1912,. between 9
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p. m.
at the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall, Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam.
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jaa. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice la hereby given tbat
th* vote af tba Elector* of the Dia
trict.of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
abovO-mentloned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to1 take the vote ot
such electors, with tba usual powers
In that behalf. *���
J. W. WEART, ��eeve._
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Cletk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20. 1911.
of farming a sinking fund {la hereby raqv
payment of the said  deben-i govern himself
tana and tha sum of Two Tbouaaad,
Two Hundred and Fifty dollars ($2,-
ttt.00) for the payment of tbe inter-
not at the rate aforesaid, tba aald spe-
��UJ rate to ba In addition to all otber
Iktea to be levied and collected In
the said Municipality during the currency of th* eald debentures or any
ot them.
3. Tbls By-law shall tak* effect on
and after the Egbteenth day of January A. D. 1912.
4. Tbls By-law may be cited for all
purpose* aa   tha   "BURNABY   SIDEj Deoember,
DONE    AND    PA8SEl5**ln   Open
i Council the Eleventh day  of December A. D. 1911.
RECEIVED tha assent ot tbe Elec- *
"In every M
any. person betas a householder ln
tho School District, aii being a British subject of th* Ml age of twenty-one years and atberwUe qualified
by the PubUc Sehools Act, 1906. and
amending Acts to vote at an election
of School Trustee ln tbe aald School
district, shalF be eligible to be elected or to serve aa a School Trustee
in such Municipal District"
Given under my head at the City
ot New Westmlnater, the 30th "day of
1911. '*   ���'���
Returning Officer.
N**t#|   Sou   ot
meet ln Eagle* hall   fee   Srst
"*��� ^W^o* A .1}. 1912. g pm. vuitlng brethren ar* cordially
Invited to attend.
By-Law No...,
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt-
ed by tbe Cinncll, Signed by the
Reeve and Clerk and Sealed with tbe
Corporate Seal all on the ��� day of
 , A. D. *1912.
C.M.C., Reeve.
Take Notie* tbat tbe Ibove Is a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon which the vote of tb* Municipality
will ba taken on Saturday, the 13th
day .of January 1912, between" .9
o'clock a. m. untll 7 o'clock p. m. aa
the polling place*:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall, Central  Park.
Mr. Topplng'a Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice la hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
above-mentioned  by-law at the time
J. 3. AUNE,
Financial Secretary.
and place above mentioned, and that
A By-law to enable tbe Corporation a. G. Moore haa been appointed Re-
ot the District of 'Burnaby to raise | turning Officer to take the vote of
by way of loan the sum of $50,000,- such electors, with the usual powers
00 for tbe purpose of providing and ��� in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20, 1911.
Public Notice
Re Lot 2$, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 ef Lot 95, Group.*, New Westminster District
Whereas proof of tb* loss of Certificate ot Title Number 1971F, Issued
In the name ot The Corporation of
the Dlatrict of Burnaby, haa been
filed it this office.
Notice Is hereby given that-1 ahall,
at th* exptratian ot on* month trom
the dat* of tb* flrst publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In tb* meantime valld objection
be made to me in writing.
-     C. 8. KEITH.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, Dec. 21. 1911.
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying I* MARVELLOUS.
W* can reclaim many    garment* yau might decide to eaat
building additional sidewalks within the Limits of the Municipality.
WHEREAS lt ls necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Fifty Thousand ($50,-
000.00) dollars to provide for the construction ot additional sidewalks within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS lt is necessary to
raise the moneys -required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS lt will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars and
Five cents ($2,497.06) principal and
the sum of Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty-($2,250.00) dollars Interest making together a total amount
annually of Four Thousand, Seven
Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and
Five cents ($4,747.05) for the term
of fifteen years for the repayment of
the said loan and interest thereon
as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of
the wLole rateable land In the Municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to Eighteen
Million, Five Hundred and Twenty
Thousand. Four Hundred and Fourteen ($18,520,414.00) dollars.
AND WHEREAS tba total existing
dsbeatar* ��*M al tip* MmtfoteeMtr i*
One MUlMm, Xwe nm******
Tkouaaad ilv* Haa**** ll
00)   dollars. eatfasMe   at loseI   improvement  .
rates or assessments ot wbicb none jy.
of the principal ar Interest is la ar-     ������..... Tbe persons qualified, to be '
rears. nominated tor and elected aa Mayor I
Public Notice is he.eby given to
the Electors of the Munic'.pa'ity tf th.
City of New Westminster, that I require the prseence of the said Electors at the Councll Chamber, City
Mall, Columbia Street, New Westminster, on the 8th day of January, 1912,
at 12 o'clock noon, for' the purpose
of electing persons to represent them
in the Municipal Council as Mayor
and Aldermen.
The mode of Nomination ot Candidates shall be as follows: The Candidates shall be nominated in writing; the writing shall be subscribed
by two voters ot the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and sball be!
delivered to the Returning Officer at ���
any time between the date of the notice and 2 00 p.m. of day of the nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be opened on tbe 11th day of January. 1912,
at St. George's Hall, corner Clarkson
and Church streets; No. 4 Flre Hall,
-v m*,. a "     ~ ~
M . . . .to 7:ne;*3ai-i*ai...
i�� -at ln���1 1��� i.iiasu li tisriliT t��ht*Ii
iwrad  kr ��P��e����M tic* and govern    himself according
Re Lot 12, in subdivision 2 ot Lot
30, Group 1, Map 478, New Westminster District.
Whereaa proof ot the loss of certificate bt title number 15308A, issued
In the name ot Olive Bell has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date ot the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published
in the City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certlfl'
cate, unless ln the meantime valid
objection be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, December 6. 1911.
Reyal Bank of Canada
Capital  paid up $6400,000
Reserve  7.200,000
Tbe Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canida
from the Atlantic to tbe PacUic,
in Cuba throughout the island;
alsa in Port* Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Draft*  Issued  without  delay
Naw Weatminater Branc
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Phon* R27S for th* Best Work.
Gent's Sails Pressed   -   75c
Gent'i Safe Cleaned $1.50 np
Cleaner & Dyers
$45 Columbia Street
         \       \
I* to U H. P.
I and 4 Cycle.
LoaM Ag*"**
Westminster Iron Works
Phon* 6$.
T*nth  SL,  Nsw Westminster.
Vi ,   - ���/
3. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Qlvsn.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phon* 567
Choice Beef, Mutton,
lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Market
Cornsr Eighth St. and Fifth Avanu*.
PHONE 870.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of Uterest aad th* creation
of a sinking fund for tka payment of
tba aald principal sum of 160,000.00 It
will be neeeaaary ta levy a special annual rat* sufficient to raise the sum
of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Forty-eeven dollars and Fiv*
cents ($4,747.06) tb* amount to 6* calculated annually ob th* whole of th*
rateable land oomprUed within th*
NOW THEREFORE th* Municipal
Council *t th* Cerperatlen af the District of Burnaby enacts  aa  follows:
1. It Bhall ba lawful tor th* Reeve
and Clerk af the Council for the purposes aforesaid te borrow ar Mia* by
way of loan from aay person or body
or bodies corporal* who may be willing to advance th* sam* upon the
credit of the d*b*ntur*a h*r*tnaft*r
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,-
000.00 and to cause the same to be
placed ln the Royal Bank ot Canada
at the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, to tho credit of the said
Corporation for the purpose* and with
the objects above aet forth and to ls
sue any: number of debenture* of the
said corporation to the sum of $50,-
000,000 in the whole lh accordance
with the "Munlclral Clauses Act." And
the aaid Debentures, ahall be issued
to consist of 102 debentures each of
the denomination ot One Hundred
Pounds Sterling (��100) and on* debenture of tbe amount of ��73-19-6d.
being the Stirling equivalent ot $50.-
000.00 at tho rate ot $4.86% to the
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable
ln Canadian currency computed at
such rat* and such debentures ahall
have annexed thereto coupon* expressed both tn Sterling and Currency
for the Interest thereon at th* rat*
of four and one-bait (4%) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th day of June and th* Slst
day of December in each year. And
such Sterling debentures ahall ba do
llvered to th* purchasers of tha said
debentures, and both a* to principal
and interest shall be payabl* at th*
Office of tb* Bank of Montreal In
London, England, or In Toronto, Montreal or In Vancouver, Canada, or in
New York at holder's option. And
tho principal ot the satd debentures
shall be payable on the Thlrty-flrat
day of December. A.D. 1920.
2. There sball be raised and lev-
led annually by a special rate *uffl-
Tbls by-law ahall take effect on, clent therefor on all rateable land
and after tb* Eighteenth day ot Jan- within the limit* of the said Munlcl-
uary, A. D. 1918. , pallty the aum ot Two   Thousand,
4.   Thla by-law may be cited for Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dot street;   from 9 o'c'ock    am.    to 7
aU... purposes   a*   "THE  BURRARD lars and Five cent* ($2497.05) for the o'clock p.m., of which every peraon
''���-'.. > 'V/'^'
*** sball   be   such persons   a*   ar*
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one year*, aad are not dia
qualified   under  any  law,  and   havo
been for the six months next preceding
the day of nomination tbe registered
owner, in tbo   Land Registry   Office,
of land or real property In the City
of the assessed value on the last Municipal   -Assessment    Roll, of    One
Thousand Dollars or more, over and
above any    registered    Judgment or
charge, and who aro otherwise duly
qualified aa municipal voters."
***** Tbe persons qualified to be
nominated for and elected as Aldermen *** shall be such persons as are
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one years, and are not disqualified under any law, and to iave
been tor tho alx months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner, ln the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property ln the
city of the assessed value, on the laat
Mhnlclpal Assessment Roll, of flve
Hundred Dollars or more, over and
above any registered Judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise qualified as municipal voters."
Given under my hand at the Ctty
of New Westminster, the 30th day of
December, 1911.
Returning Officer.
O.C. Coast Service
Election for School Trustees.
Public Notice is hereby given to
th* elector* ot the City of New Westminster that I require the presence
of the said Electors at the Council
Chamber, City Hall, Columbia atreet,
on the 8th day of January, 1912, at
12 o'clock noon, for tba purpose ot
electing persons to represent them aa
Bchool Trustee*.
The mode ot nomination of Candi*
date* shall bs ns follow*: Tka oan'
dldataa shall be nominated in writ-
ins; th* writing shall he subscribed
by two voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and ���hall be
delivered to th* Returning Officer at
any time between tb* dat* of the notice and tb* hour ot 2 p.m. ot tb*
day qf nomination; and in the event
of a poll being necessary, such poll
will be opened oh th* 11th day of
January, 1912, at St, George's Hall
(corner of clarkson and Church
streets); Ns. 4 Fir* Hall, K��ary
street; No. 6 Flre   Hall, Thirteenth
For  Victoria.
10:00 A'.M Dally *xoept Tuesday
1:00 P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For 8*attl*.
10:00 A. M Dally
ll:M P. M   Dally
Fer Prlne* Rupert and Alaaka
7 P.M Jan. 13th, 27th
For Hardy Bsy.
8.30 A. M Thursday
Fsr Gulf Islands Pslnfts.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayna, Id., Hop* Bay,
Port Washington, Gangs* Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beavar Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P  A.. Vancouver
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank Account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong bank*
ing organization.
Interest it paid ea Strings
Btltncet htlf-yetrly.
Basinets JAccomb   opened
oa favorable terms.   ::   ::
ASSETS $48,000,000
S1S Columbia Strsat
a. g
W. R. QILLEY, Phon* 128.
O. E. QILLEY, Phons Sti.
Phonss, Oinc* IS and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Whotesoto and Retail D��al��rs bi Coal
BC. Mills
limber and Trading
Msnafaotarsrs ani DMtar* la All KM* ��*
Royai City Planing Milts Branch
TsUDhon* 1* Nsw W*stmln*t*r So>
t.y-r-H.4.', I  ' a *W * -iL   H
:mrni*   ~^*tiun ^*m^^
10 % Off Ml
Heating Stoves
Fire Baskets
and V
Spark Guards
Mr. Stuart Wade, secretary of the
board ot trade, was present nt a
banquet at Chilliwack last night
Mayor Lee w$a also invited.
Shades "Vi   Carlyle V   A   barber's
shop  with  Bartorial  blessings !    Our
[ evening  contemporary  is almost    as
up-to-date as its tonsorial advertiser
Hat*  Off, Latitat
Petaluma, Cal., Jan. 6.���Petaltutvs
feminine   contingent   probably   will
abow some ot the  dander  Kipling
meant In hls '-'more deadly than tbe
male" quotation at the next meeting
ot the' olty - council, when an ordinance  compelling  the female  of  the
species to remove their' hats ln theatres will  be presented- for passage.
The women are up in arms against
the.proposition.   The, papal ty for violation of the suggested law is to be
*500 and' !26 days, ia jail.
634 Columbia .St-^   Phene 32-23
Aa one of the facts that can't be
gainsaid���that Inaurance    Is
Send to mankind. It meant absolute
protection against' al|%#^^ldents
ill* that fleshes ^to."'"An In-
policy means an Insurance
for your family against poverty. Eyer
think of It ?
Alfred W.
..mi --n'"
Phone  62,
6S7 Columbia St.,
New; Westminster.
We have Imported from Eng'and an
immense stock of Stone Watc
Bottles, which we are silling cheaply.
Miss A. Stewart has been appointed
by the Suney school board to
Brownsville school, South Westminster. Miss Stewart holds a first class
certificate, and has bten teaching for.
two yeais in this province. Before
that she. had experience in Prince
Edward Island, ani comes to the
board with excellent references.
ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Phone 310.   I. A. Reid.   ��
The Excelsior, a thoroughly up-to-
date barber shop, was opened in tbe
Tidy block, Eighth' street, just above
Columbia, on Thursday, by *lr. David
Boyle (late with C. H. Diamond), who
is supported by two thoroughly experienced barbers. Mr. Boyle solicits
tbe patronage of his numerous acquaintances. **
Alderman J.' J. Johnston will leave
New Westminster today for California. He will Uke his automobile
with him and will tour for about a
month through the southern states
and Mexico. Mr. Johnston still retains
his Interest ln the municipal elections, however, and he has male special arrangements to have the results
sent through to him, so tbat he will
know thera on the morning of January 12. Mrs. Johnston will be unable
to accompany her husband on his
holiday trip.
Mayor I^e's Committee Rooms
are opened in the rear of the office
of Mr. Joseph Travers, 421 Columbia
street, near Fourth, Burr block, ani
he will be glad to receive the help
and assistance of all interested ln
the welfare of our city. *���
The amateurs who presented
"Dandy Dick" so successfully in the
opera house on Wednesday night
have been asked to repeat their performance in St. Barnabas hall, and
have consented to do so. The play
will be presented some time next
week or the week after, the actors
desiring a little respite between th��
'.:;o performances, livery one will bo
pla:l to heaj that the previous presentation was a complete financial
success, and it Is understood that a
profit of about $250 was made,
Esmonds, lot 65x112, corner, with
building restrictions, walks, light,
phone. $1150, $450 cash. Double
corner with two lots, each 33x120,
walks, Ught and water. $900, $100
cash, $20 per menth. Reid, Curtis &
Dorgan. **
Headaches caused from defective
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have you,-
glasses   made     to     suit,   eatisfactlsn
euarvnVsed.      W.   Qlfford   Option*   V��r-
,\a����. in *r.  outav&'a  l��.w��tvy  .Um
lt   is   understood   tnat   Mr.   McCWlt,
who has been often mentioned as a
possible candidate for aldermanic
honors, will not stand next Thursday.
Mr. McGill has -given the matte,
careful consideration, and has decided
to keep out of the flght for this year
at least.
Take the steamer Transfer for
round,���trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Blacknjan-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock: V
Miss Cave-Browne-Cav*
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musicians (England).
. (Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
Prepares candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas, Licentiate and Local examinations of the Associated Board ofthe
Royal Academy of Music and RoyBl
College of Music. Has had numerous
successes In past years.
For terms,, etc., apply 87 *OT��* &L,
New Westminster.   Phone LC3ft
Look !
, .      ..* ,���
���* '
Seven    roomed,    fully    modern,
house, near car line.
$500 cash, balance $25 per month.
London     street,     near     Tenth
street, good lot, north side.
Easy terms.
Major & Savage
n I J
B. & M. .
Phon* 3��1
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Wonderful Values.
There are several colors included in this lot of kl-
omna cloths; patterns are all good and quality of
the finest grade velour; the colors are green, red,
mauve and f��wn; with fancy pattern effects;
widths about.30 inches; regular values 35c. Saturday
-bargain, each 20c
28-inch  heavy fleeced cotton eiderdown;   in  shndes
~tft s*y; regular value $6c. Saturday bargain, yard26c
Women's heavy knitted wool gloves; in fancy and
plain   colcrj;  all sizes; regular values to 50c.
Saturday 8 for 10c.
With fancy metal and stone heads;
values 10c.
Fancy bared and plain shell Barrettes; all shades;
regular valuesto 50c. Saturday bargain, each- ..25c
32-!nch Fancy Brocaded Sellcla; In shades of pink
and  reseda;   regular 35c. Saturday bargain, yard 15c
Here are Pillow Cases worthy of special note:
made of special grade cotton; with deep hem; size
40 and 42 Inches; worth 35c. Saturday bargain, per
pair       25c
*mm*m*m*��*mmm**^****wa A���iwlrilfc.w^ ^y���********
For Friday 25c Pair.
Brown Turkish ToweU; size 18x40 inches; good
weight; regular values 35c. Saturday bargain, per
pair ..   ..   .., ��� 25c!
11.4 size, White Grecian Bedspreads; extra weight;
finished at ends  with  hem;   regular  values    *** ?E.
Saturday bargain, each .11.25
10|4 size, White Grecian Bedspread; hemmed ends:
regular $1.25.   Saturday bargain, each  $1.00
Seven only Colored Quilts; heavy honeycomb with
fringed ends; In shades of pink and yellow; largo
size 72x48 inches; extra heavy sxade; regular $1.75.
Saturday bar; ain, each $1.35
48-inch Curtain Bungalow Nets; In Bhades of cream
and ecru:   -retty  designs;   regular values 45c and
50c.   Saturday bargain, per yard    35c
40-inch   Circular Pillow Cotton; flne English weave:
regular 25c. Saturday bargain, :er yard    17'/2c
,'18-lnoh White Victoria Lawn; nice grade; regu'xr
12V*jC.    Saturdr.y bargain, per yard   10c
Four Lengths fer 10c.    All  Colors.
We have also Rubber Bottles
from $1.50 up to $3.00. We
guarantee all our bottles to
be satisfactory.
i. i  ���
Curtis Drug Store
Mayoralty Election Notice.
In the interests of the mayoralty
candidature of J. S. Bryson the electors of the city of New Westminster
are notilled that permanent committee rooms have been engaged in the
old Knights of Pythias hall directly
above Curtis' drug store, Columbia
street. These rooms wltl be open
day and evening until after the election and everyone is cordially invited to visit these rooms at anytime, and any assistance rendered
the ro:r.mltte? will be greatlv appreciated, ������-      ---
Por   ,
4,1   i. liay
Phone 43: L. D. Ti\ 'Rss.-;7Sfc
New   Westminster/' B   C.
Mr. G. H. Franklin. "Interurban
manager of the B. C. E. It., went up
the line to Chilliwack on Thursday
evening. He found a heavy snowfall
up the valley, the depth in places
amounting to ten Inches or more
The track, however, was kept clear,
and all the trains got through successfully and were very nearly on
time. Across Sumas Prairie very
dirty conditions prevailed, but did
not occasion any delay.
Fresb Salmon  (halt or wtoole, tW..llo
Fresh Cod  (half or whole), lb 8c
Halibut (half or whole), per lb. ...8c
Fresh Smelts, per lb 10c
Fresh Rock Cod  3 lbs. for 25o
B. & M. Brand Cooked Salmon, lb. 15c
Smoked Halibut, per lb. ..., 15c
B. & to. Brand Kippers, per lb. .. 10c
Prime  Rabbits, each    35c
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front 8L
Bought axd  Bold,
llltbamt  Prto* Utven.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
��� 421 Columbia St.
i "      ) i.   '
Chest Protectors, Chamois Skins,
Electric Insoles, Etc.
t -
:      .-   \     X
Phene R672.
��� " \* -A   li
<e.   *
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping, 	
Eavetrough Cleaning,"" "
Sewer Connecting,   ..._��� ""
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R.
���nd   B.C.E. R'y
that will be sold below value.
0     I
We  have succestfu'ly    filled
80,000 prescriptions since com*
ing to fehis city, beside* 'sOt, ���tfi*''
repeats.    This naturally 'means
experience.    Bring    ypur ���  yres
scviptlons to us.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc. '���
See Oor Window.
'      [\
l>��ane BlncU     t*l Co'
Horn WentKiliinter
Vancouver. Jan. 6.���While coasting
down Granville street about midnight
last night, Mr. J. W. Anderson, wha
lives on Shaughnessy HetghtB, lost
control of his bobsleigh and crashed
into a post. The injuries he received
in the accident may prove fatal, as he
was severely hurt about the head
and also sustained a broken leg.
Dr. MeTaggart's Wbacco remedy removes all desire for the weed In a
few days. A vegetable medicine, and
only requires touching ths tongue
with  it   occasionally.    Price  $2.00.
Marvellous results frnm taking his
remedy for tbe liquor habit. Safe an 1
Inexpensive homo treatment: no hypodermic Injections no bbWlcity no
loss of (lire fi-cm bUdincga, un-i
c;Te guaranteed.
,'��� 'd:ess or mr.��n''* Pr, M ���""'.. i.
75 Tonga Street, To;pnt2, Canada.
We have Just had listed for sale a new modern bungalow
The owner is ln need of money ani
bas put the price low ln order to make a sale.
This dwelling has seven rooms, haa basement and Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the houso the best of material hns been used.
Price $2,750
The location is pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
tp local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be paid monthly if desired.
Eatablished   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
FI Hart X Co, Ltd.
Prss. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers and Wholssals Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonss Ns. 7 and 877. Shingles, Sash, Dears, Mouldings, Etc.
iXs&w Wesimirtyfcer
Head Office. New Westmlf^'...'   .   (tranches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'derprove. H.C.
Wsstmlnstsr branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 6, 6:46
a.m. and every 16 minutea
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
ear 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 mm. and every 16 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch.���Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 1 a.m. to 11 p.m. connsc.fr
lng at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby Ifiie.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 1
-tm. to 10 p.m.
Praser Valley line. *- Cars
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m.,   1.20   and
6J0' p.m. , i
Huntingdon and way   points,
leaves at 4.05 p.m,
The B. C. E. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets will bs on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
mr*. ��-
���    . ��� . ���
i     1    1   I?
j   a       -*a     ���*!*'��� 1
m m **.


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