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The Daily News Apr 16, 1912

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Titanic Gone to Bottom With Eighteen Hundred Lives���-Ships Hastening
to Rescue Find Nothing But Boats and Wreckage���Women and
Children Saved���California Remains On Scene
Searching For Survivors.
New York, April 15.���The text
of  In tbe offices and planned to make a
the message from the steamer Olym-  n'sht ot it under siege by reporters,
pic reporting tl.e sinking of the Titan-  relatives of passengers and others,
ic and the rescue of    675    survivors Youn9 Vanderbilt Safe,
which reached here late tonight, also ]    New York, April 15.���Mrs. Cornelius
excesses the opinion that 1800 lives ' Vanderbilt received a cablegram late
weie lost.   The dispatch ls as follows:
"The Carpathia   reached the Tltanlc's
position at daybreak and found boats
and wieckage only.   Thc Titanic sank
about  2.30  a. m.  ln    latitude  41,  16
north, longitude 5, 14 west.    All that
her  boats  account for contain about
��75 souls saved, crew and passengers
women  and  children.
today fiom Alfred G. Vanderbilt, her
son, saying he had not sailed on   the '
Titanic and was safe In London. This
announcement WOT made at the Vanderbilt home tonight. :
Reports Ice Field.
Liverpool, April 15.���Tbe Canadian
Paciflc Steamship company's liner Em- j
press of Britain, wliich left St. John
,ii .     i   ���������.   N- "����� A1JI" 5' arrived here today and
��;ll lyall those saved were lrei]0rt8   hav)ng  encountered   J   ice
field a hundred miles ln extent when
-lhe Leyland liner California    remained   on   the  scene,   searching  for
the exact position of the disaster. The
lohs is liueiy to total 1800 bouIb."
. Sank in  Four Hours.
.More than 1S0U peisonB, it is feared,
tana tu ueath eany yesteiday when,
within lour nours alter she crashed
into an Ice berg tue mammoth Wnite
Star steamer 'lltaulc from Liverpool
to New ioik on her maiaen vo>��ige,
went to the bottom off the .Newfoundland banks, of the 2200 persons on
S6ard, some ot them of world wide
prominence, cnly 6<u are known 'to
have uen saved.
The white Star pftices in New
Voi'k, while keeping hope to the last,
freely admitted tuat there had been
"horrible loss of life."
Accepting eaily estimates of the
fatanty list as accurate, the disaster
is tbe gieatest ln marine history. Tbe
neaiest approaching lt in magnitude
were the disasters of the steamer Atlantic ln 1873, When 547 lives were
lost, and of La LojfgOyne In 1808,
wilh a fatality list of 571.
Sfio'uld   k  i it ve  that  othe.-   liners,
three days out from Halifax.
Was Captain of Olympic.
The Titanic, which was on her
maiden trip, was in charge of Captain
Smith, who was on the bridge of the
blf? Olympic when that vessel collided
with tbe British cruiser Hawke last
September. The Titanic was the big-
test boat in the world.
Horrible Loss of Life.
Ne* York, April 15.���Vice-
President Franklin at 8:40
o'clock conceded that there had
been a "horrible losa of life" in
the Titanic disaster. He said
that he had no Information to
disprove the Associated Press
advices from Cape Race to ths
c-ffect that only 675 of the passengers and crew had been
rescued. He said that the
monetary loss could not be estimated tonight, although he intimated that it would run into
the millions.
"We can replace the money,"
he added, "but not the lives."
Many Street Paving Problems
Yet Unsolved.
Mr.  M.  B. Jenkins  Killed at Central
Park���American's Automobile
Collides with Motor-cycle.
Council   Will    Consider  Widening   of
Agnes Street at Special Meeting
The report of Aldermen Curtis and
White upon their recent visit to Portland, Seattle and Victoria, tbe purchase of automojiles for the board of
woi'ks, tbe llgnt and water committees, and discussions upon the widening ot Agnes street and the size of
lots formed the salient points of the
council's deliberations last night.
The report may be thus summarized: "While the trip was Instructive an.l of much value on the question of road making, it was found
that the three cities visited had their
unsolved problems as to the most satis factory material for streets viewed   Beard,   of   Collln-wood
A motor accident which terminated
fatally for Mr. Al. t��. Jenkins occurred
yesterday afternoon at the corner of
Westminster road and Main avenue.
Central Park. Mr. Jenkins, who is
leported to be electric wiring inspector at Point Grey, was riding a motor
bicycle and was struct by a mo.or
car owned by Mr. I\ B. Jones, of
Portland, Oregon, just as be was turning Into Main avenue.
The accident was an unusual one as
both machines were going In the same
direction, towards Vancouver, at the
time of the collision. Mr. Jenkins on
his cycle was ln front, und he turned
to go up Main avenue. Mr. Jones'
car, which waa following behind, overtook bim and the lefthaud lamp struck
the cycle's back wheel. Jenkins was
thrown to the ground and the car
passed over him, killing him practically instaneously.
Doctors Bull, of Central Park, and
East,    were
Annie Staton Wins Highest
Charming Little    Maid   of Thirteen���
Type of Britlah Girlhood���"Didn't
Expect It."
A. S.
from the    standpoint    of    durability, quickly on the scene and Chief of the
economy   and suitability."   Alderman Burnaby    Police    Parkinson    arrived
White, who read the report, said that within twenty minutes of the time of
they had inspected Hassam, bituiitbic, the accident.    He immediately    took
asphalt of   various    makes,    vltrilied charge of the dead body   which   was
brick,  wood blocks,  stone setts, con- transferred   to     Fales'     undertaking
crete and macadam.   "My   own   con- establishment.    Mr. Jones was taken
Naturally in the first excitement of*
the news that she had been elected
May Queen, Mlss Annie Staton co.ua
say little of what she thought of tbe
honor beyond the fact that she had
never expected to be chosen. She is.
a charming little girl with light brown,,
hair tlowing abundantly over her
shoulders, and brownish eyes. Altogether a type which is representative
of English girls who happen to call
British Columbia their home, a type.
which may also be said to stand tor
the girlhood of those otber Britisn
Isles, ot New Zealand.
For Miss Staton is of English
parentage, although strangely enough
born in Minneapolis. Her father ana.
mother left the north of England isi
years ago, and came stralcht out tc.
Westminster. Her brother was bom
here, and then the family moved to
the States, returning here about
twelve months after the May Queen-
French Had Three   Glasses   of   elusion," he continued,   "is   that   no  \n\�� custody pending an investigation  elect was born.   Her father, Mr. Peter-
Beer���Judgment Reserved. ! one    material    i3    suitable    for    all
Some sidelights   on   the   speeding' stieets."
law  were  brought out  ln  the police I     Makers and users had    both   been
Into the circumstances of the unfortunate man's death. The auto was an
��� American one numbered 97.
consulted. Portland uses all the above
varieties, but for steep grades has not
yet found a material satisfactory    to j
teamsters.    He suggested the use   ot i
vitrified brick in the centre with an-
       other material on tbe sides. Any pave-1
warrant was issued for his arrest.      j ment adopted here  would  cost more
The evidence of two policemen and  than in the other cities    visited,    as
a bystander were taken to substantiate I labor and  material cost more.    Port-1
the charge, wbich was denied by   Mr. | land  pays  $2.50 for a ten  hour day,
court yesterday, when tbe case of A.
] S. French, an automobile dealer of
j Vancouver, who is charged with violating the sreed law of the city last
i Thursday, was tried. Mr. French fail-
; ed to appear on Friday and a ..bench
Vice-President Franklin Makes Official
Statement���Some Ships Not Heard
from���Hope Still.
French, through his solicitor, Mr. Rus
sell. One of the bluecoats testified
that the auto was going at the rate of
j about 25 miles an hour, while the
other thought the speed was nearer 2h
and lock costs $1.25 ier square yard,
in Westminster iock costs $1.75, both
j prices being exclusive or handing. He
| waa inr'tessed with vitrified brick in
Seattle, it being the cleanest and most
Tipperary   Will
Trustee Peck-
-School in One Cor-
Staton, was a music teacher, and was-
bandmaster of the Westminster   cltjr
| band.   He died some eleven years ago..
Miss Annie last year received    the
.highest number of votes at the   Lord
j Kelvin school in the May Queen elec-
, tlon, and with Miss Doreen Thomas,
I who came next ta order, was granted.
. the privilege of riding with the maids
of honor at the last celebration.   She-
; is just 13 years of age.    Last night
J the Queen had not chosen her maids
[of honor,  but it Is    almost    certain:
, In his evidence, Mr. French admitted   econcxkal cf all, and would recom-
having bad three glasses of beer, but   'J&iia\ lta    uto on    stests ' such   at
swore be was not under the influence
York, April 15.���Mr. Franklin, of li iiior and that he was driving well
White Star Hue. has made the   under the limit.   Magistrate Kdmonds
li"""-'1"'  'hJ ���/>1'"" "Tr* Pgrisiaafcjjiftijjftiiy.......  statement     "An tar as  we   reserved bisdocision until Wednesday
vtrfa';n!aa] kno.vnTo Tavc Teen In the r-.- -   " lia��� tctn'r.:niofC(!'iri1oni"BalV tncrning.
In the
vicinity of the THr.nlc early yeslerday. j
had picked up otber of her passenger.],
the e.Uent of the calamity    would   be '
greatly   reduced.    This  hope  leaaalnsj
that many of the Titanic passengers Uat""the " Titanic "sanY'at  2:20
weie cu ttes- vessels. | morning.   We have also learned
Ccr.cels SpeJal Tram*.
Vice-President Franklin eJt.l be had
can. i.a-.. arrangements Ior the special I.ama v. men tney had planned lo
.ac , it bas Eec'B rutSSTea ftOTO Half-
.':u that ^brce steamers have passengers on board, namely the Virginian,
,'ij Carjathla and t��iTT2f5i$E n��w
G '..a.'o hu&'il from Captain Haddock
him t.iul the Carpathia had 657 sur-
.1 o:s on board. It ls very difficult to
learn If tbe Virginian and the Parisian
have any    survivors   on    board.   We
Church street or on Sixth as far as
Carnarvon. A "climbing brick" would
be  UEed ln such places.    It wa3 not
fencers aboard these two steamships."   ferlng with the men working at Jor
��enu  io nalnax tn bring tne rescued | *����*��� asl;ed Captain Haddock and   our
iiasoenk��ra io this city  by  raij, as it' agent at Halifax to ascertain if tbere
was ucueved that the boais winch hnd '?rB a"-v passengers  aboard the    two
the   ulanic  passengers aboard  would . -tcamcrs.
���team direct ior New Vork. "w'e ver-v much renr- however, that
'iue message received trom Captain I trt��re "as been a great i08s of life, but
lluuuocu ub made public by Mr. Fran*- i�� '���, Impossible for us to give further
Un readsi . naitleulars untli we have heard from
"At a:20 a.m.. Titanic foundered. ! (h�� Parisian and Virginian. We have
Carpathia proceeded to New \ork ,n�� information that there areany paa
witn i a&sengeis."
There waa reason to believe, however, that the message was considerably longer than the foregoing.
One of Mr. Franklin's assistants in
announcing earlier that the Titanic
had gone down, eald tlie Carpathia
waa proceeding to New York with survivors. So tar as could be ascertained at the White Star office it was not
known whether there wero any passengers aboard the Virginian
Women and Children.
A significant line in the Cape liace
despatch was the announcement tbat
of those saved by the Carpathia, nearly all were women anJ children.
Should it prove that uo other vessel
picked up uny passengers of the sinking liner, this might mean tbat few of
the men had been saved, as tbo proportion of women and children among
the paseengers was large. Thc same
fucta would likewise spell tbe doom or
virtually the entire crew of KOO.    In
Interfered with Camps and Were Run
in���Organizer Finds Himself
in Jail.
North Bend, April 15.���The police
arrested eighteen strikers today between Yale and North Bend for Inter-
to be bulii upon 'tipperary, are nearing completion, and It i3 tue intention
ot the school board to invite tenders
possible to judge of the merits o; the ' for the erection of the building in the
asphalt spiead two or three inches'very near future. Such_ w^s thei
thick over concrete which was used in t statement of Trustee Peck,"who in an I
Victoria as it hai only been laid ' interview yesteiday, gave an account
down some eight months. 'of the Tlpperary situation to a repte-|
COBSiJertng the w^lble of the road-' sentatlve of the Daily News, ' i
making materials the report stated | Mr. Peck stated Uiat Tl^vtrary in
that Hassam was noi3y, dusty, hard the first pliice belonged to the Piovln-
f.nd not suitable for rcsidrn'lal streets, '<^al Government, by whom it was con-
but wa3 good for comparatively level1 veyed to the scliool boaid for lcIiooI
business streets. Eitulithic costs 10 i purposes. It was quite true that ob-
cents per yard more than Haesara and   jectious  to  placing  the  school  there
Beautified, Says   that  she  will  appoint   Misa  Thomas
lone of the two.
j    It is ln the order of things that   *t
Rest Will Be Park. iqueen  should have a guardian, even
be she but a May Queen-elect.   There
  I is a little dog who seems to appreciate
Plans for the high school which ls . the honor which has fallen upon   his
mistress.   He is keeping the door   or
1102 Eighth avenue against all comers.
mm poswmis
m mmmm
Mr. Franklin said there was a sufficient number of life boats to take all
th-s passengers from the Titanic. He
said that be had been confident today
when he made the state that "the
Titanic was unstnkable, that the
steamship was safe and that there
when he made the statement that "the
definite news received came in the
message from Captain Haddock, he
iin* jsald. and was given to the Associated
��� PreBs at once.
News of ihe sinking of the liner and
of the terrible loss of life came early
hiBt evening with uli the greater shock
because hoi c bad heen buoyed up all
day bv reports that tho steamship, although badly damaged, was not slnk-
lujr and that all her passengers had
been taken off snfely.
The messages were mostly unoffl-
the cub'lns were 2110 women and chil-1 cial, however, nnd none came directly
dien, but it Is not known how many from the liner, eo that a fear remain-
there were among the 740 third clnss led of possible bad now�� to come,
passengers. In the tlrst cabin there! Shortly after 7 o'clock last night
wer�� 12S women and 15 children nndl<heie came dashing over the wires
in tie second cabin 79    women
dan & Welch's and George Chew's
camps. One of the organizers named
Collins was also arrested. He was
heard to threaten that if the police
Interferred with him he would shoot
them in their tracks. The prisoner*
were brought to North Bend Jail and
wlll probably be remanded today.
Colin Campbell with about a dozen
police went on to Lytton on train No.
4 today.
Special   Invitation   to   Every   Lower
Mainland Teacher���Prize for the
Prettiest Group.
about the same amount more thnn
asphalt, but Is more suitable for residential streets than Is Hnssam. Asphalt, though making a pretty street,
was condemned as being slippery. In
Portland it costs $1.80 per square
yard, while bltulithic costs $1.85. Slipping applies also to bltulithic, but in
a lesser degree as its surface is
rougher. Wood blocks are too expensive. They make a good street,
but cost double tbe ordinary pavement.
had been made, but the matter appeared to be now settled, the people
having voted the money to the board
in order that it might proceed wltb
its avowed  intention.
The statement   that   the   board in-
tendeJ to place a fence    around the
Reform Scheme of    Engineering
partment Did Not Meet with
Edmonda.   April 15.���Nothing,
done regarding tbe proposed dredging..
of Burnaby lane at the board oi worn*
' Peck. Rather It was the object of the
board to do everything in its power
towards beautifying- the place. The
school would stand at one end of tbe
ground,  while  the  bulk  of the prop-
"I think we can  use to advantage  erty would be laid out on tbe lines of a
Hassam,    bltulithic,    virtrlfled   brick, I park.    Water had to be used ln con-
and perhaps concrete on some steep
streets wheie traffic would be light,
say as a substitute for macadam, or
The water committee recommends
the purchase ot a 30 horse power
Flanders auto  for its own  use,  half
nection with the school, and bo It was
proposed first to ultlllze a portion of
it ln ornamental pools and fountains.
Thus the public instead of having the
grounds in their present unkempt
state, wouid shortly be In possession
of a beauty spot right in the heart of
the cost to be charged to the   11*12  the city, while as for the school, from
estimates and half to the by-law.
Alderman Kellington suggested that
the light and water committees use
one machine between them.   He also
some places It would be Impossible to
see It while one was in the grounds.
Questioned    tegarding   what   provision   had    been    made    for   playing
stated that the board of works needed ! grounds, Mr. Peck eald that as far a3
one for Its own use. That day they he knew, lt would not be feasible to
had been compelled to hire an auto  have a campus on Tipperary, but   he
Notable Persons.
Notable peraonB, travelers on the
Titanic, whose fate was In doubt in
the lack of definite advices as to the
identity of the imrvlvora, were Mr. and
Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Major Archibald Butt, aide to President Taft;
Charles M. Hays, president of the
Grand Trunk railroad, hia wife and
daughter; W. T. Ste.id, Benjamin Guggenheim. F. D. Millett, the artist, and
G. D. Widener, of Philadelphia: Mr.
and Mrs. lsldor Strauss, J. B. Thayer.
Pitiful 8cenes.
Special invitations are   being   aent
out uy the May   Oay    committee   to
every teacher on the lower mainland
and I from Cape Race, within 400 miles ot  to attend the festivities to be held ln
New York, April 15.���News of   the
terrible loss of life In tbe sinking of! These, according to advices, the Car
the Titanic was limited In Its clrcula-  oathla picked up and is now on her
which the liner had struck the Ice Westminster thiB year. A place will
berg, word that at 2:20 o'clock Mon- be reserved for each one with her
dny morning, three hours and 55 min- school children both ln the big parade
utes after receiving her death blow, and also at the ceremonies at Queens
the Titanic   had    sunk.    The   news  park.
came from the steamer Carpathia, re- This parade of district achool chil-
l.iyed by the White Star liner Olympic, dren will be a very special feature
and revealed that by the time the this year. Every school on the lower
Carpathia, outward bound from New mainland wlll be represented and a
York and racing for the Titanic on a special prize will bo offered for the
wireless call, reached the scene, the prettiest appearing district school
doomed vessel had sunk. group.   Competition, for thla will I be
Left on the surface, however, were very keen and teachers everywhere
life boats from the Titanic and In are spending much thought on how
them it appears, according to meaaer to capture the coveted prize on May 3.
reports received at a late hour, were The children are entering no less
rorae 675 survivors ot the disaster. , keenly Into the spirit of the affair and
ln order lo Inspect the streets.
Alderman Curtis mentioned that
"These are swift daya and there ls no
time to poke round with a plug of a
horae." Alderman White thought that
two autos might aerve for the three
committees. Alderman Lynch stated
that he had already ordered two. Finally the matter was ordered to lie on  Bradshaw���Parkes Marriage Was   At
thought that there would be ample
room for the young people to Indulge
in sports elsewhere, as a movement
was on foot to cater for players of
games in a recreation park.
the table pen ling an arrangement between the committees concerned.
The board of works'   recommenda
tion In the early evening, but hv !>
o'clock lt had brought a great crowd
of persons to the White Star line
offices. Women were In tears and'
men wero frantic after their plea for
assuring news wns met with the frank
admission that little was known of
the fate of the pasBencers who were
not In the flrst or second cabin.
All of the White Star officials   and
wav with them to New York
For tbe reBt the scene as the Carpathia came U" was one of (''"^o'at.lon.
All that remained of the $10 000.000
flontlna: ralare nn whl"'i p��arl" ^1400
tippoen^er" hid been vcarlnr luv'irl-
i"R|v ti thl"* s'd�� nf V'n At'anMc,
"���ore hlii of wre'^'���^,",
shin In the world    hnd
piospects  are exceedingly   bright  of
making this year's celebration an un*
exempted success.    As the Invitation
states, "The celebration thle year has
been planned on broad lines and will
mark  the first  lower mainland  May
Day celebration, the bluest thing of
its kind In the Dominion."
Each school will carry   a   banner
Thp bl^wst with the school name imprinted there-
po"e   down, on.   No trouble Is anticipated with the
snuffln" o-it In ber rfovward plunge, dli>"��nt school boards in securing a
subordinates available were on duty lt appeared, hundreds of human Uvea, holiday for that day.
tions were carried. Tbey Included lm- Bradshaw, late of Inverness, Scotland,
provements on 12th street, to the ef- but now of Westminster, was married
feet that the proportion of the coat; to Mlaa Llvle Parkes, of Toronto. The
chargeable to the ctty be agreed   to,' ceremony was i crforme.l at the resl-
iramely $15,000 and charged to the
1912 bylaw. Also that all street improvements to be can led out ln future
should receive a proportionate amount
from the city, the amount to be 15
per cent, of the cost of each improve
ment, providing that the percentage | Miss Helen C. Day, and she waa "very
does not exceed $15,000. A further
recommendation was that Agnes street
from Lorne Street to Fourth street
be paved, but the widening of the
street be referred to the council for
consideration, and that the city engineer prepare a statement of the probable cost of the scheme, and that the
difficulties and expenditure be laid
before the ratepayers affected. Thla
came up under the heading of new
business, and a special committee wil'
go over the ground on Wednesday
morning at 9 a.m. and rerort.
Alderman Dodd did not 4thlnk it
wise to pass subdivision rlan�� containing lots measurln* Sit by 1?4 feet on
Lulu   island.     Alderman   Kellington
grounds was erroneous, went on Mr. .meeting tbls evening.   The commlttee-
of the property owners favoring th��
scheme, together with Engineer Brlce,
of Westminster, were present, but as
this body waa not prepared to furnish,
much additional data at thia time the I
matter was lert over tor further consideration.
A letter was read from the Western i
Canada Power company regarding   a.
road contract ln North Burnaby which.,
calls for much blasting.   The company
stated that the work will need taiefu!.
handling if no damage ls to be done
to their power line and asked  per- -
mission to take over the contract uiuit
do   the   work    themselves.   It   was
A deputation of flfteen from North
Burnaby. beaded by O. Berry, were
present and protested against th*
further employment of District Foreman Haigh, who, they claim, ls incompetent and is laying men off when.
tbe occasion does not demand it. The
report of the engineer, stating that
tbe protest was merely spite work of
those whom Mr. Haigh had seen flt to-
discharge, and that he was valuable'
to the council, was adopted without
Many complaints were heard regarding tbe delay of the B. C. E. K.
In extending their lines to streets,
where people have built their bomea
In Central Park, East Burnaby and'
North Burnaby, residents are aald to*
have been wailing several montha tor
electric light It developed that Barnaby some eight yeara ago granted
the electric company a broad trail*
chise, covering the whole of the municipality giving them power to erect
poles and string wires where they see-
fit and that the present council are
powerless to remedy the causes o��
The municipal engineer and also the-
construction engineer brought fn a report regarding the reorganization or
the outdoor staff of the engineering:
department. As the report was though*
to be too drastic ln some cases and'
the opposite ln others, they were Instructed again to take the matter u;��>
and report at tho next meeting.
tended by Many Friends.
A very pretty wedding took place
last night   when   Mr.   John   James
denco of Mr. H. L. Christie by Rev. J
S. Henderson before a large gathering
of friends,
Miss Parkes, who arrived in the city
on Saturday, was given away by Mr.
H. L. Christie.   Her bridesmaid was
(Continued on Page Five.)
becomingly dressed in pale blue silk
trimmed with pearl trimmings. Mr,
William McLean Day acted as beet
man to the groom.
The married couple wlll stay ln thle
city for a few davs before leaving for
California and Old Merlco. where tbev
will spend their honeymoon. On their
return they will take un their resi
dence ln Buinaby where Mr. Bradnhaw
ls having a home built.
Drowning Fatality.
Edmonds, A "fll 15.���Word w>s received here tblR evening of a drowning fatal!tv which took place near
Barnet tb'�� afternoon, a loreer fall-
im- from a bocrti Into tbe wat��r. Vv, ft*
a late fi*��'r t��-e up'ortu^ste man's
name could not be ascertained.
Weatmlnster Road.
Edmonds. April 16.���An Irtirortanf:
meeMnv will be held tomorrow evening In the mtmicloar hall wbfrn Vie-
councils of Burnaby and'S'rtuth Vat-
couver will discuss tbe pro"o.��>d ��*"���-
lo* of the Westmln8te-.,'"--">-"���-
blfhwav. The meetiftgwiM'lie a.rrti'
rate one.
ms^ssssssm ""   fAOB/rwo
Classified Advertising
��� RATES.
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices 50c per insertion.
��� ���������
*********'>��� *******<>
woman, the care of house in absence
of family.   Apply Hox !), this office
Ctty Cigar Factory, K. of P. build-
01     '" ' ***m I    ���������*���!!   www   ��  Ml
ed modem bouse near car line, anywhere between New Westminster
aad Central Park. Apply Box 100
Daily News.
l>ye Works, 55 McKenzie street.
\veekly salary and commission paid
to good man.    References required.
to assist in housework and to look
after child 10 months old. 629
Twelfth street, coruer Seventh
avenue. ',
suitable for t��vo gentlemen or light
housekeeping.     Apply 213   Seventh
rooms. Phone 1129. 417 Second
keeping iooiua at 224 Seventh* street,
Ground floor, front view; phone con
nection, bath and all modern con
veniences and comforts.
Columbia street and Clarkson, on
McKenzie, between 2:30 and 3 p.m.
Monday, March 18. Rewaid given on
returning same to Royal pool rooms.
Mckenzie street, near Daily News
office. Owner may secure same b.v
proving possession and p:iy for this
advertisement.    Call  News office.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
H. P.
& CO.
Paving of Alexander Street.
Schedule showing the real property
immediately benenied and tlie propor-
.ion in wllich the assessment is made
ju per foot frontage:
Bit. Lot Assessed Owner.   Feet.   Amt.
i}.\   1 |Edmonds,  Wm.  ,| 65.92|? 01.8'j
|    2 |Ovens,  1 nomas  ,| 32.96|    30.95
|    3 ICunningliam,
I        |    Geo. and Thos.j 32.96| '30.95
Cunningham, Jas.i 32.y?| 30.96
Cunningham, Jas.| 32.971 30.95
Peters, A.G. & H.| t>5.92|    61.89
I -1
I 5
I    ���! 	
i2;w%| I       i
,o. i .: Cunningham,  Jas 65.93|
|    3 IMajoiibank, C.  ,.| 65.921
|    4  |Hankey, U. A.   ..j G5.92|
|   5 |Hankey, G. A.  ..1 65.92|
|        | |527.39|$495.15
Notice is hereby given that the Cor-
.oiation of the City of New Westminster intends to pass a Local improve-
I aicnt    Assessment    By-law   assessing
cho properties in the schedule abo>e
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   mentioned the   sums  -of   money   an-
Seaied tenders will be received b.v j uually for thirty   years   set   opposite
City Steam Laundry, 814 Royal ave
residential pioperty; ti per cent, interest payable in live years, with
privilege of repayment in three.
National Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
two gentlemen in private family. 814
Third avenue.
the undersigned for alterations to and
Improvements on a building for Mr.
S. 11. Thompson. Tenders to be in
by noon on Thursday, the 18th April.
Tho successful tender will be required to furnish a bond of 25 per
cent of lhe amount of contract before
proceeding with the work.
Plans and specifications to be obtained at the Ellard Bloc!., corner of
s'ixth street and Columbia.
cafe,   opposite C. P. it-
.TOU   SALE ��� BY   OWNER,     TWO
large sized lots   Just   off   Twelfth,
street, car, near Orphanage.   P.  O
Box 815.
from thoroughbred Pekin ducks.
Davidson, 310 Sixth avenue.
toad. Kdmonds, Burnaby; close in;
$500; J5U0 cash, balance in 16
months.   Address Box 21, City.
room house, close to corner of Sixth
and Second avenue, East Buinaby,
and fruit trees; sacrifice sale; price
I4S00. Alto fine lot on First street
and second avenue, East Burnaby,
i'AUO. I'raspr Valley Investment
company Ltd., 626 Columbia street.
Board of Health Department.
n'he Board of Health Department is
shout to start a campaign ior tut
.leaning up of all back yards and va
cant lots in the city, and the hearty
co-operation of the citizens in genera]
is asked in this regard.
A clean city is one of the best ads.
*'e can have, and we feel sure that
the citizens appreciate this to the fullest extent. The burning up of all
waste paper, etc,
of ashes and other refuse, and a thor-
ough cleaning up will go a long way
toward! giving us a citv beautiful.
S.  .  PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
ach lot, and a Court of Revision for
the 'rial of complaints and appeals
igalnst the assessment so proposed to
ae made will be held on Tuesday, the
,'th day of "lay, 1912, commencing at
Al o'clock in tlie forenoon, at the
Council Chamber In the City Hall,
Xew Westminster, British Columbia,
md any notice of appeal from such
intended assessment must be served
ipon the Clerk of Ihe Municipal
'ouncil at leapt, eisrht days prior to
--���.ich Court of Revision.
City Clerk.
Dated this ISth day of April. 1912.
3eat Woman on Soles of Her Feet���
Rebel   Outrages.
Mexico City, April 15.���Passengers
who were on the train between Siloa
and Marfl, which was attacked by
bandits Thursday, when the conductor,
T. G. Kane, an American, was killed,
report that a Canadian and his wife
wore robbed of 400 pesos.
Tbe woman was beaten on the soles
of the feet to force her to give up
uome jewels that were hidden in her
clothing, lt is reported that she was
badly Injured and is unable to walk.
Conductor Kane was shot through the
head because he declined to produce
the cash.
Thomas Fountain, of Las Cruces, N.
M��� the captain of a gun under Gen.
Villa, who was shot by rebels of Gen.
Salazar's command at Parral, was not
a citizen of the United States, says
El Imparcial. Fountain, the paper
says it has learned on reliable authority, was born in Texas, but somo
years ago at Parral became a naturalized Mexican.
Grand Duke Alexis Will Some Day
Rule Over Two Hundred Million
I The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street.
Phons 669
i&nges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
{1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
cafe business doing lirst class trade,
in good locality. Apply H. Sworder,
Janitor Wanted for Lord Kelvin
School. App.Lations much reach the
Secretary's u.i ice by noon of the 22nd
inst. .stating salary required and experience. All applicants must have
a special heating engineer's or similar
r.mde certificate.
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
West End Sewer.
House connections can now be made
to the main seweis on the following
Thirteenth Street from Fourth Ave-
nue to Sixth Avenue.
Finn lii    Avenue     from     River
Twelfth Street.
\iir.l.i(.[is Lane.
Cameron Stieet.
Cariboo Lane.
fifth Avenue from Thirteenth Btreot
to Twelfth Street.
McMsnta Btreet,
Sixth Avenue from Thirteenth Street
ta Eleventh Street.
Twelfth Sireet lrom Fourth Avenue
to Fifth Avenue.
Permits may be obtained from tbe
���dice of tbe City Engineer,
Cltv Engineer,
Iprfl II, 1912.
Here is a house that combines all
the   essentials ol a beautiful    home,
and at the same time a splendid investment,    lt is situated on Seventh
stieet, between Fourth and Fifth avenues, and has a wonderful view of the
Fraser  river and  the  Delta country
beyond.    Li&ten to the description of
this house:    Nino   rooms,   full sized
cement   basement,   cement   floor, iur-
nace, cement laundry tubs and toilet
in tlie basement.      Consider  what a
cosy house is   and    then  know that
tills  house  has everything  that contributes to this end���mosaic fireplace
in   the   dining-room,   panelled-beamed
celling,   plato  rail,  folding  doors  between   dining-room   and   parlor, and
large spacious hall.   There are six ex-
jtra large  bedrooms  with large clone!
j and linen press.   The bath and toilet
upstairs are Beparate.    Leading  from
the upstairs hall is a   lnr;.o   balcony
suitable  lor a sleeping  porch.    There
are also two largo rooms in the attic
���all plastered and with  lHi-ge closets
i The kitchen  lias a   pood  pantry  atto  Inclu d and ironing board built
I wall with electric plug.     The pantry
[ls furnished with cupboards.   Electric
. light fixtures throughout are all com-
plete.    The  above  a:e   bul   a   few of
the feat ures of this house,    The best
of all,  however,  Is  the  low   figure at
which   It  mn   iif   purchased      The
price Is M800, oneAquartor cash, balance '���, 12 and is months,
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Ton
der for Seventh Avenue Scl.ojl" and
addressed to L. Avory White, Esq..
Secietary New Westminster School
Board, will be received up to 5 pan
of Monday, 8th of April, 1912, for t.ie
erection and completion of a three
the cleaning away Ittoiey school to be erected on Seventh
avenue, New Westminster.
Separate tenders will be receive!
for, 1, Concrete, Brick and Carpenter
work, etc.; 2, Plumber and Tinnei
work; S, Painter work; 4, Electric
Light, etc.
Plans and specifications can ba ob
tained on application to the undar
I signed on receipt of a deposit of Jin
which will be refunded on the retur.i
of plans. Each tender must be ae
jompanled by an accepted bank
cheque or certificate of deposit on ��
chartered bank in Canada, made p.iy
i^ble to the Secretary ot the Nev,
Westminster School Bca d, for 0
sum equal to five (5) per cent, of hi.-;
lender, which shall lie forfeited if thc
party tendei ing decline to enter Into
contract when called upon to do so
The cheques or certificates of deposit
ot unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upen the signing oi
the contract.
The loweft fr any tender not neces
sarily accepted.
Architects to tho Scliool Trustees.
S'ew Westminster, B. C.
Seattle Is Great City, but Vancouver
Will Be Greater.
Seattle, April \ I.���"Seattle is a
great city," said Wesley A. Blair, secretary oi the lioard ot Trade' of Vancouver, H. C, this morning. "But 1
will tell you a secret. Wiihin a lew
vears Vancouver will out-uiip Seattle
in population! Toaay Vancouver lias
16U,0uii people, live or six years
hence it will he a city of half a million."
Mr. Blair is on a vacation, and this
morning called upon the officers of
the New Chamber of commerce asm
!;ient some time in the Alaska bureau.
He is intensely interested in the developments that will lollow the opening oi tlie Panama Canal, and believes
that tbe uev.- tr.i.io route will do even
inure ior Vancouver than it will for
"There is no chance of preferential
treatment for American vessels in re
gard to tolls." remarked Mr. Blair.
"That proposition came Up between
the United Statea and Great Britain
many years ago, when Canada tried to
favor Canadian shipping in 'he lake
cana!:; by a | roceas of rebating. The
Unite! States government comihined
to Great Brit.'in and tho British government told Canada that it must sto;;
the practice. The treaty entered into
undoubtedly covers every phase of
question,  and  preferential  treat-
UjwCAfe'i "* *******         ^k.APBTy5*6a
5HSc\ i~ *��� j^Hlf^B    ^&- i-^KH^RplH
����� KP":    **    jm       j^MwBB^W
WumBVIB      Hi'�� *"   i*mm       ^BkH9h
lfi ���UMI      _^w*tv   a                       "" ..^ii$WfcwHl&eSE ���'
! V K'ffly^^jHHBfe:^' ��� -;
P, ,
w    JittMaj^iSHKii
*) m \*mBLWm%
^^��$SS^SC *'J<
W^llffmr ���
��� ������'��� HaV*? 'Kasfc ��E?f'"v,;i.v
*���*<- *s��<  i jTfpi flit*      **
"���'..   ''"         "'-���Ta'*-                                 I            ','���            .'    ���
��    *
W      '-v,;:
Extension  of  Time.
The above time mentioned for    re.
'���eivin;; tenders has been extended i.r
12 noon of Friday, the 12th Inst.
j the partnership  heretofore  subsisting
between the undersigned as the "NEW
iPANY," Carnarvon Street, in the City
of   New    Westminster,    Province   of
ilritish   Columbia,  lias  tbis  day   been
j dissolved    by   mutual    consent.     All
debts   owing  to  the   said   partnership
are  to   be  paid  to John    Dobson at
Carnarvon  Street, New  Westmlnater,
.   | British   Columbia, aforesaid,   and  all
'" .  '! claims  against  the said  partnership
are to be l resented  to the said John
Dobson by whom the name will be
ment for American vessels passing
through the Panama Canal, no matter
what guise it may take, undoubtedly
woull he contrary to the spiiit of the
international agreement.
Looks  for  Immigrants.
"With the canal opened we shail be
able to get labor and settlers for our
land.    The  trade   will   be   with  the |
Orient   very largely.      Vancouver   is |
destined also to become the greatest |
wheat shipping port in America, and
we shall ship via the canal to Live:-
pool grain grown over the plulns of i
the Northwest as well as in the huge ,
territory in British Columbia, which Is
ju the eve of bolnij opened up by railroad   construction.       The  wheat   will i
roll into Vancouver on the down grado
ancl we shall erect Immense elevators .
and ;' ip to Liverpool as well as to tht
?t*r r.st.
"To give an idea of the growth of
Vm onver, we spent $18,000,000 on
buildings last year, and this year we
shal! expend $20,000,000. Within the
no.vt three years railroad construction
in the Vancouver territory will account for an expenditure of $125,000,-
OuO. Thi3 expenditure en sures a continuous period of high prosperity, and
back of it Is the development of the
country and tho settlement of the
land. This year we shall take 175.000
farmers from the United States, and
[his immigration, together with tbe
high ciade immigrants wn are obtaining fmm Great Britain and Northern
Eurore. Is huilding up tbe future of
the greatest grain growing country
the world hai e*rer seen. Cin��dt.
'ome dn-, will
���he world.
RAND DUKE ALEXIS Is a fortunate boy or be !s doubly unfortuii���
according to the way you look at It. Ho is fortunate In being ibe
adored son of tbe czar of Russia���doubly adored because four sisters
preceded bim as members of the czai's family, and It began to loul
as lf no heir to the throne was to be born. Consequently tbe buy brunch
by the stork Aug. 1'2, 1004, got a welcome that was more than cordial. Whet
he ascends the throne the country over which he wlll rule will probably have
a population of more than 200*000,000. The unfortunate part of the boy's
life lios In the fact Ihat the ruler of Russia dues not lie In a bed of roses.
Some of that country's czars have been assassinated, and the occupant of ths
throne lives ln jonstant dread of the nssassin'S bullet or bomb. No matter
wbat his ability or his intentions, there will be troubles for the little caaro-
vitch when he drops the last two syllables of bis title. Just now he ls not
worrying about the future, but Is enjoying the present The picture above
was made by bis doting father, who is ao enthusiastic and expert umatcur
named Benson. Both concerns were
bitter.y ut.i.0 .need as swindles. Then
tbere l e-iliii to Jipear full-page adver-
ii. cm. ins Horn liuiison In John Bull,
and a handsome apology was printed.
Quite recently lt appeared that the
apolgles were unnecessary, for Benson was sent to the penitentbry for
swindling. On sucb principles John
Bull throve, and may continue to
thrive if the unfortunate failure of
Mr. Bottomley does not deprive 'ha
paper of its guiding spirit.
come near to feeding
^^^^^^^ KCt-
the City of Now Westmln-
this   21st   day  of  .Marcl),
Dated at
iter, li. c.
The People's Trust Co. Ltd.   G. W. N
Boulton, Secretary-treasurer. Frank
C. Cook, General Manager.   L  ;:
('HAS. ii. RODDI8.
Kotice is hereby given that 1 shal!
at the expiration of thirty days from
Uie date of the first publication boreal cancel from the books of tlie Land
IMgistry   Office,   New    Westminster,
SLA... a. certain agreement    for    sale,
���Sated the 25tli day of February, 101 It
��xistln3 between Charles S. Brown, as
icrxJor, of Vancouver, B. ('., and Moulton Shank as purchaser, formerly ol
Taacouver, B. C; said agreement for
���ale covering the oast   half of lot 8
and the west half of lol B, block 1, be- ],"��, Ui-ill-r
��ip a subdivision  of east   half or lot j"1  UIU ft
158. group 1, New  VVeatmlnster dls
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
',the following property
ii. r*. kbitji,
District. Regihtlfli
Wew Westminster, it. fl
rtsfrrf at the Land  Registry Office,
this 12th day
nfnv ��>sfmlnster, B.C.
*r tnKi, rni2.
'to moulton si:a;;
", E'3Q.
"ubdiv'sions 89 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
j Act Quickly.   Address :
NOTICK Is hereby given that the
:ir��t meeting of the Court of Itevlsion
if the ABsefsinpnt Holl of tbe City it
N'e.w Westminster will be held ln the
City Hall, New WeHtminst*r. on Wednesday, April 21, 1012, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against tho Afpshr
ment must he In writing, and deliver
��il li> the ABsci*or nt leapt, t*^ day"
Drevloua to the Bitting of the Court oi
Dated at New West mlnste'. B. C.
'his  12th  day of March.  1112.
W.   A.   DUNCAN.
City Clerk.
His    Papers
of    Race
^^^^^^    and      String]	
^ There is a class oi newspaper iu
England that is almost unknown ln
Canada, and it is tne publication that
thrives on blackmail, says tue Mail
and I'.inpiie. it lg to be said that the
owners Of these Journals ure usually
brilliant and prosperous men; but now
and then one of them Is tripped up,
makes a sorry showing    in tlie
are those that have been used for
court proceedings that rollow. a gift- -vea'g by the Journals previously reed man, lor Instance, is Robert Sle- . ferred to, and the exposure li likely t*
vler.  wnoae career  was  leviewed  In | destroy his Intliuuice for iiootL
In '*"' Mr  Bottomley was the fire-
I pricier of             '���  -    ���
tills coiumn on tho occasion of the
b'rosecntion Instigated by Mr, Joel, a
Rand magnate and racing man, who
alleged that he bad been blackmailed
for .M'in-s��by Slevler. Even more distinguished than .Mr. Slevler || Horatio
Bottomley, m. p., the Independent l-lh-
eral member for Bouth Hackney. Mr.
Bottomley haa several claims to fame.
He is tho nephew of George Jacob
Holyonke tho founder of the modern,
CO-operative movement. He I- thei
owner of tour. Bull, a weekly newspa- '���
per that  hiu-.  boen called
contempt of court. Proved guiltv ol
Uns oubiice, Mr. Bottomley nariuw.
escaped being sent to prison. He w^a
uneu xiiju, auu ms soncitor w..-
mulcted In a similar amount. The
judges who heard the case said tbaL
bad it not been for tbe bankruptcy
proceedings they would have sent Mr.
Bottomley to tbe penitentiary. To
have sentenced him to conflnemetu
would have been a hardship to hls
creditors, in view of the bankruptcy
proceedings. Similarly to have bned
aim heaviiy would nave been to further impoverish nls estate and punian
others. So the court imposed what
was regarded   aa ineielv   a   nominal   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
fine. I 	
It appears that one of Mr. Bottom-' Washington. April 15.���Bottled light
ley's creditors was the Prudential Aa- and heat for use anywhere, in hny cll-
aurance Company, from whom Mr. mate, at a minimum cost ta now pos-
Bottomley had borrowed considerable Bible through a discovery of a method
sums of money.      When   the   gifted     . ,.      . , _, ,     ^    ���, i
member and Journalist became bank   of u<'uef^�� natural *** "��y Dr. Wai-
rupt the company was a large credi-  ker A- Ecel"nK. a government chem-
tor.   Mr. Bottomley made an offer to  1st.
hi9  creditors,  and,   fearing  that  the |    The discovery  pnvea    the way for
ihrelTtPnei. pe.?ie "^i',' not !lke itf H6  the    commercial  ubo of millions    of
inreatened    tbem   with  exposure    ii ., :
they persisted In examining him ln theicublc feet of natural fiM whlch feoes
bankruptcy court.   His solicitor   Wil- ���t0 waBte In the petroleum flelda of the
ler John Wenham, acted as hls'agent  country.
!.oJr,0mmunl,cat.lnB the tl,reats to the |    Dr.  Snelllng  liquefied  several  bun-
company,    instead    of submitting to t ,    A  . .... . _. �� si's
wig  ia.  ated  fRet of the  tag   gtore(j  lt Ja a
thick gluKB bottle and lighted bia office In I'lttsbtirg with lt for several
months, 'lhe cost w:>s less than that
of ordinary  Illuminating gas.
Tho method by which the gas is
condensed Into liquid form Is explained iu apamphlet being distribute i
generally thiougb the petroleum tleluj
by the lederal uureau of mines.
Tlie gas ia forced Into a long coll
of steel pliilng and then to a compressor. In the compressor lt ls suoject
io 700 or mid pon nds to the square
Inch. When the kub is completely
liquefied in the course of several
hours lt ls drawn oS In metal or thicn
glass containers capable of sustaining high internal pressure. in this
condition it can be shipped to any climate. All that ls necessary to obtain
the gas Is to tap the plug of the container.
According to the government experts, the commercial possibilities of
.1 A I   _, ." >.,*^
lhe ultimatum, th^ insurance companv
laid u charge against Mr. Bottomley,
and in tho nearing of this charge
some of Mr. Hottomley's methods became a matter of court record. The
methods employed by Mr. Bottomley
paner culled the Joint
Stock Circular, wi Ich was the father
of John Bull. This paper was used
for a double purpose. It materially
assisted Mr. Bottomley In piomotlng
various companies lu which he wiib interested, particularly Western Australian mining companies, of whicli he
was a pioneer. If also exposed tbe
unsoundness of other companies In
which Mr. Bottomley was not Interested. The Journal usedto publish a
"blSCk list" composed   of   companies
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B.
Workshop  611   Victoria   Street.
(Over Dally News.)
Truth.    He has the reputation of be-; In which ho could not conscientiously
ing thc best  lay-lawyer in    Knsland. I advise ills readers to invest.   An ex-
Many are the suits he has dofen'ed, lamination of the pa]ier shows the re- the discovery are almost'unlimited,
and iiku'IIj- ho has been victorious. \ "'-'"'kablo improvement efTccted by a "Tlle purest form of natural gaa,
Canadians will remember Jehu Boll as number of companies. At first thev idoal for lighting and heat, la passing
'ho paper that made a bitter attack on ' wou!d figure in the black list, and be int0 the air as absolute waste at the
this country more than a year ano, j the subject of attack. Later on they rate of 1,000,000,000 cubic feet a aay
uid goi 11velf mentioned in the parlia-1 would purchase advertising space in ln the various petroleum flelds of the
'" tho paper, and would receive favora-  country," said Dr. I. S. White, state
ble editorial mention. Mr. Bottomley
denied that he attacked companies be-
nause they would not advertise with
him. and loud laughter ln court greeted this sally.
John Hull made a feature of its City
nrtlole. and the solicitor of the Pru-1
mrntarv debates ^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. RoUoniloy Is also a sporting
-niaraoter, the owner of a string of
���are lore . wbleh he piraded through
tho streets nf South Hackney in tho
'ast. election1 Campfllvn. "Vr��*-n "v- nr-
master" wan the legend e'ich horse
wore on hla blanket, and Ihe elector-
f' ni South Harknev showed Itself
Wllllny to tako -x tip from the horses,
'o- Mr. Bottomley was elected. Of
'".te howe'-or. fortune bus not pml'ed
in tin- 'ers-atile Journalist. Ho has
'.ct, u Hiidred n bankrupt, and has
herr, having a hard flglit In court. Out
r*t   ',..,   1   ���,..'-nlr,t^-   -fOCe^Hlpo")   *���r-v   r,
���"i-f BO.loui fiharge, namely tbat of
geollelst of West Virginia. "This
waste Is a national calamity, lt la
brought about by uncontrolled gaB
wells, petroleum- wells, giant flambeaux and ln hundreds of other ways
too numerous to mention.
"When one realizes that the heat-
dentlal Assurance Company was able lnK VilI��e of 1,000,000,000   cubic   feet
in cit" In court, n lon" list of comn-i- of natural gas ls equivalent to near 1,-
tiles tliat ceased  to    be attacked  In 000,000 bushels of coal, the enormltv
Tohn  Bull as soon  ns    they showed of the waste can be understood, And
tbeir soundness bv taklmr some adver- a discovery that will    utilize   unton-
tlilng space.    Araornt th-> companies trolled cas for any sort of comwer-
Ht first bitter!',- attncko' vere the Tn- cial purpose aa the Snelllng dlrciverv
rwintlriml   So"urlMe>  Company;  nnd does, will open a new and profitable
Foltham's Bank, ope "ate 1 by a man Hell Inthe petroleum Industry." ���
TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1912.
Length of Children's Skirts,
Mothers nre often perplexed to know
just how Ions I11 make their young
children's and girl's skirts.
for the lot ot one year thc little
skirt must tie cut to lhe top of the tiny
shoes. Any louger than this would In-
terlero Willi progress wheu the little
one leiirns to walk.
AI eighteen mouths, wben the sturdy
tot is running ubout, let tue hem come
halfway but ween the shoe tops und the
knee. When the third milestone has
been passed let the skirt be shortened
so hm Just lo show the bend of the |
knee uud keep this length until thc j
Utile littty Is mx yeurs old.
The average child between the ages I
of seven ant] twelve years should liave j ,\iep',   J
MADi ma:iy FRIcN-S.
Grcat-Graiidlalbir rf ths Prosent
Sovereie-i Prnnl S-oa Imt In 'he
Dominion Mary Yeits Ago, ond
Was WirLly Populir W!th All
Class**���W .is V"-" Qubt and Re.
served   In   Hli   Manner.
When the rrd.'M'of till dny were
rnlled in the 11 e-e ef Cmumniia dtir-
irU| a recent ^iitinp. the Hun. !���'.
Morrk, Minister if Public Works, rose
anil said:
"Mr. Speaker, hefore the Hr,use pro-
coeds whir the criers of the day. I
wculd like to aiinimnce that Her
Uny-1 Highness, the Prlncssi Louise,
lias been pleased to present to Can-
ct'.t, thronjli IIis Royal Highness, the
fJovernor-Oei.er.al, for our national
gallery, a valuable portra't in oil of
the Duke ol Kent. This paintirg, e.\j-
ciited br Sir William Mecchey. will
form n very acceptable addition to our
national nailers; of art at the Victoria
Memorial   MiiMiim,  wlierj   it is   on
For the Children
A   Happy   Farmsr   Soy
and   His   Pat    Rooster.
By Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Ttblets
���r****t cut long enough lo cover ] m-J a?Rui.wi
lie l.n.e.
I AI lliii'feen mid un inch or two to the
lchglh "I llie dress, and should she
Continue to develop drop lhe sUln
length In a poinl liiill wuy net ween tiie
knee nud imkle.
As she reaches lifteen yenrs let the
Skin be ntiniil two luetics above her
shoe inns. At sixteen n skirt that
cuiiies to tlie lop ol the shoe Is correct.
When nil,, is eighteen she Is a young
huh' nun should he nllowiil to chniwe
the leiigtil ul skirl she likes best, but
If kIIo is ii wisp uirl she will cling to
Itnkle ii I'clh. ui about four iuelies fruin
the giiiiii.d I liese rules, of .course, are
anbh'ci in mmiiitfuti<n��. uecordlng te
the ileveliipiiieiit ul' the girl. Koine girls
are much lamer ur smaller limit others
ul a glriti -nit* und should be dressed in
ket plug wiih {Iii'ii size.
Dm'l ii girl is past Iwentvotin ..he
Rliuuhl mil went very lung skirts. Kven
the dibuiiiiiie mil for her secoiul ur
third wukiiii can wear wilh propriety
A duller truck (lull escapes llie Hour by
three llu has
ft ���.
Ce Careful of Children's Feelinqs.
Iio'w of It'll ilc.es || mother niicon
sci< n#iy v.iimiiii llm feelings uf her
child:   llutt   immi   it'iiuesis the kind ;
I'M    nf    women    refine   their   ll6f.il   f
gills     without     ic.ili/ilig    bow    disilp '
peluicU   llie children   may   be!    Why i
UK'* io accepting
d)ji..#" Uns ttdlijomo gift
li .* asked llis Royal I ighneSf to convey to the dotior, the I'ririees* Louise,
fh' thanks of thc Canadian people for
her  uenernui   remembrance."
Tins gilt recalls many menr ries a��-
sociateil with persons and places that
have contributed to our history. The
Duke of Kent is-best remembered as
the father of Her late Maiesty Queen
Victoria, fle was. therefore, i rn:id-
falhcr of our Governor-General, and
greiit-crainlfathei' of our Kins; and
fo; several yen. i lie was a resident of
tii. i country, lhe gift is (torn I'rincefs
Louise, now lie Duchess of Argyll,
an.I a eramiiliilighter nf the Duke cf
l'c:.t. who lor "ve years was mistress
(I Rideau Hall, when her hu-haud,
then Marquis ol I.orno, wa= Governor.
Ceneral of Canada.
Tiie   picture   chi ries   one   back   in
Canadian history more thin a century,
ito ths ('ays when  Kent House lad u
I royal  inafter.    let   us dance  bnell.,
lover Iho.-e lar away  years.
Kilward   Ihskj hi  K-nt. the fourth
I S'c.i of "ing George III., was i, ru at
I Iliii'kinghaiu Palace on Nov. 'j, 1707���
ju-i  i no liunil.ri'il  years beiore Ciua-
diin Confederatieii,
Whan a ht y be was sent to srlnr.l
sn the continent under llanft \\an-
Lcnlieini. wil.i whom he spent, two
years ��t Geneva, The Dicti narv of
National lllociaphy fay? tbst "Wan-
gi nlieini treated him witU needless
ligor, allowed him only a cuinci a
week poeket-m 'iiey out of an annuity
Cl   f30,0011  prnviileJ   for  his  msiiiten-
Mnst city boys and girls might think
l big. lusty roomer a rather queer
pet. and so perhaps It is. but the boy
In the plot nre. who lives In Indiana,
tins tine times In tbc company ol his
Dlrd companion, lie bus had him ever
ilnce hu was u wee chick, nud they
j now each other very well. Kvery
Hurtling at sunrise Whltey begins to I
:ruw, and us be bus u line, clear voice
tba whole uei'.diliiirbootl hears mm.
His master, however, dues not always
respond immediately to bis Invitation i
to get up. but when he (lues be curries corn and wuter to his early rising
Wc arc continually hearing from
[fruitful people who bave had experiences like tbal of Hiss Alice E. Cooper,
of Niagara Palls, Ont., who writes:
''I wish toiexprcss my gratitude to
you fcr the benefit I n.ceived from your
most wonderful Dyf pepsin Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without
liaving received the slightest relief, I
beard of vour Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets and' thought I would give them
a trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will be only too pleased
to advise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give them a fair trial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets not only
give tbe immediate relief from heartburn, flatulence, acidity of the stomach
and biliousness, which isso mucb needed,
but if taken regularly for a few days or
weeks tbey completely cure the most
aggravated cases of stomach trouble.
When for 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist, why go on suffering?
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal, 144
Front Street Sewer.
Schedule showing the Real Property
Immediately benefited and the nropor-
tion in which the assessment is made
on per foot frontage:
,71 1
*> c
I) o
Assessed Owner,
City of Ne.v W��St..| GU.U,$
I Z o.o..m. jiiiun, J. lfi..
j A [.utnaiu,  \, 11.lain  .
j 4 1 v., v. a. E. ity. ...
I 5 |McBaln, Wiluatn .
i ti ;Brinton, caiej ...
I 7 |johnston, V\., Est.
I 8 ;Anuanaaie, T. S. .
la-la^vicbuln, William
I      I
d titi.Ul
,| t>b.U[
,| Oti.OI
. I titi.Ul
.j 6U.U|
I 1	
a <��
= S
a fe
fl a
Schedule showing the F.eal Prope, ty immediately benefited by the pe��-
portion in which the assessment is iuaue on per loot fi outage.
Blk.        Lot. Assessed Owner. Frontage Amount
4 I    1&2    1B. C. Etectriu Hallway    | 132.0   i* 56.66
U         1 Pecit und i-resto.i  v ...  ] m.q j *>g ^
4 1 Keary, v.. ti '....  | ee.o | 2s!oi
5 I         1          1 Swaiibon, A | ns.0 | 28.0J
"H    2 W. \i   1 b wanton, A j 22.O j 9.3*
" j    2 M. 21   1 Trapp. T. J   I 24.0 | 10.1S
"|   2 E. 20   I Waghorne, J. VV., and .Alai'tiu, il 1 20.O I 8.4*
I 3 W. %   1 Wafjlicrne, J. W., and Martin, V. j 33.0 ; ujo,
" j u E. %    1 Lee s Limited | 33.0 | 14.08
" 4 \V. pt. ] Lee's Limited | 11.0 j 4.CT
"I 4E.pt.   I Trapp, T. J. & Co '   | r>5.0 | 2SJ*
5 j Edwards, C.W., Blatchley, A. and Benyon, E. j C6.0 j 2S.0J
"I 6 & 7     I My eis, T. C, R. H. & Ethel B. Daniels I 88.0 j 37.0*
"I 8         1 Oxley, James W | 66.0 | 28.W
"I 9         j Hamley, p. T | 66.0 ) 28.01
"I 10         I Cunningham. James j 66.0 | 28.0J
"I 11         |Peaison's  Limited    ,...j 66.0 | 28.01
6 j 1         I McBaln, William  j 66.0 | 28.0J
l'| 2        j Trytcli, Sir JJjBeph W | 66.0 | 28.0S
"I 3         ] Lafferty, A, N I G6.0 | 28.W
"I 4         1 Holland, C. A., nnd Weifcnden, A. It | 66.0 j 28.W
Lytton Square | City of New Westminster I 132.0   I   66.��
7 I 1 I City of New Westminster j   66.0   |   28.W
"I 2 I Countryman, John E I   66.0   |   28.01
3         I McBaln, William  I 66.0 | 28.01
"I 4          1 V.. V. & E. Railway  I C6.0 I 28.0*
"I 5         I McBaln, Wl'liam  I 66.0 I 28.0J
"I 6          1 Brinton, Caleb  I 66.0 I 28.01
"I 7         I Johnston, W., Estate  i Hfl.O I 28.W
"I 8         ! Annandale. T. S I 66.0 I 28.0X
"i 9 to 15    I McBaln,  William 1462.0 1 196.M
12332.0   |*99l3t
Notice is hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westminster intends to pass 11 Local Improvement Assessment By-law assessing
the properties ln the schedule above mentioned the sums of money annaatly
for thirty years set opposite each lot and a Court of Revision for the trial
of complaints an:i appeals arainst th�� assessment so proposed to be ma#e
will be beld on Fridav, the 3rd da- of May, 1912, commencing at 10 o'cloet
in the forenoon, at the Council Chamber, in the City Hill, New Westminster, British Columbia, and rny notice of appeal from such Intended assessment must he served n^-on 'he deflt of the Municipal Council at least eljj��
days prior to such Court of Revision.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Dated this llth day cf April, 191i
^s ,   . ���     , .,   .... , snee,    nnd    intercepted    lil*    letisrj
de:iv ymr bnby needlessly .'   'I here lire   1        , ���
so ninny times v. hfti n mother mitMj ���-fn June. I"\ lie can:.. U ins fr m
refii-e a clilld'4 d.n.nnds thai It Seems (icnevo without leave. T..�� Kmij wa=
cruel 10 deny him ul othei times. much   displeasetl   and   cave   him   prr
,i Cruelty Is d"!'"-l ns "auy ie! of a  mi[ tory ml r-: t; t-nibark r-r Uibral-
^^^���   ^^^^^^^ ..-.'."'Li ��� 'i, r*T,,2z.u   .   *.    ...   ..,,1   -..
lid   .. -c   ,.llt  ill  *. .**
Reglineut <f l'oot
Come Queer Fiddles.
Tbere are quite a nuiuiiei of people
.Tho collect musical Instrument*. Metf
iave been Unown to pay ireineiitluus
prices for violins ht rare make, merely
iu place these Instruments in collections they wore making of such th'"C5
One of lhe greatest fiddles that cU'f
Notice Is hereby given that the Cor-
j poratlon of the City of New Westmln^
Ister Intends to pass a Local Improv^
! ment Assessment By-law assessing the
j properties ln tlie schedule above men-'
Honed the sums of money annua.lly for :
twenty years set opposite each lot and
a Court of Revision  for the trial of :
'complaints and  apieals  against    the
; assessment so proposed  to be  made
will be held on Pri lay,   the 3rd   day |
of May, 1912, commencing at 10 o'clock
. in the forenoon at the Council Chamber in the City Ha.l, New Westminster, British Columbia, and any notice
bu Dan b;'lns ttlii.li iuiliils iiuncrp
ry pnln." Cruelty hn.i an ii^ly rlny,
li.isu'l 11'; ltul I here lire hundreds 0!
people who nre lioueslly Uliuwnic o!
th"ir own cruellieM.
t)u you un."'"!'- who d'uy youi ch'.'.-
divn litllij |'lc;lhur08 jn^t bivnu-o It
li'tv be Incouslstciit lor j ou io jjranl
tbem nt tbe lime or asklns���du yoi:
ever think ol lhe "uniieecssury pnln"
yen are InturtliiK on the ciiiid? ThU
niuiniiij;. Mrs Mutlel Mother, ditl It oc
<ui lo jcu thnt It wns indicting "unuec
er.f\ |i.iin" on liiilu Ri.bby when you ro
fuseii to"*lct him sinud uu 11 chulr to set
oui ot the wimlowJ 1'oor little clinji!
he tta>ii"J lull enough to see withoul
a Imost. To be sure, you were writing
letters or dnstiiiK or washing dishes
tind .mmi didn't hnve time lo xtup und
grnnt Ids request. So you told blm It
ty.0U.ld i��|Mill lliechnlr. tlnly one miiiutr
would hnve siiiliced to pull up lhe
known   m   tl
I..'II) ,   l>;ll,  he
Ur;   At Gibfall 1
nm ml  of  the V'.li    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
the   ll'-yal   Ku-nicir.     lu
e wns sent- to Canada."
'llicn opened the cbiptcr cl hia life
tb :t forms part of rut hliluiy.
It was bn August 11, 1701, that lbe
Duke of Kent, with the Royal Fusiliers, arrived a^ Qui bee from Gibraltar
in the wai ships Ulysses and Resistance. (Juebca harbor presented a
Ir.-iio -iplit r.n th.at long ago inilsuut-
nl..' day, fur bi'.-ides the ��lirpa Unit
hli'Ugbl the tluke and bis hiiiiiiers,
thrie were then in pert five ?liip��-cf-
wnr beinnjlng to Commodore Saw-
>ris sf|uii<lrtiii and four transports Bib
rd w.tii British reiiu'.ars for service at
different Canadian posts.
On the following day there was a
levee, uttended by the authorities,
ci il and military, tbe clergy ol the
city, and  all the gentry.
At the levee were men whose names
Wll   ever have a place in the history
arf"?] .fronl. $ucb. intended assess-
v       _ tnent must he served upon the Clerk
was  Unown   wns  lo  be seen  nt   the of the Municipal Council at least eight
F-n"-. courl  10  the time cf Chnries   days prior to such Court of Revision.
IX.   I lu.s K.as a viol 60 lnrge Ihnt ��'����� , cltv Cie,-k
jral boys could bo placed inside lt.
These boys used to sli inside llilsqtieer
instrument mid pIuk the airs Hint the
Dan who handled the how wns pluy-
.ng on tbe viol outside, flic effect Is
said lo have been very beautiful.
Ebnngh it ivou'd reom us if ibe pres-
>nce of tho lads hi it-i Jult>r|'T would
seriously Inlcrfcrc with ti.e tone ot
:lu> "great liddle." ns it wns *a.Vt>1\,_ 11\
Many yenrs nfbc HUnlhcr hupp InstrW
3icnt ot this kimi wns used 11
Dated this llth day of April, 1912.
Re part 110 acres) of lot 3S, Group
1, formerly in Yale Division of Yaie
District, in the Distiict of New West-
' minster.
\y��er<>'AS ,jr00f 0f the ids3 of cer-
���.'fcate of title No.  H955F, issued  ia
the    name   of Francis  W. Fcrd, hag
concerts  been fil6d ln this office
In Boston, ll was <so Inrse Hint to play Notice is hereby given that I shall.
It the (Iddler hnd lo stand on n table at the expiration of one month from
tn use Ids bow nt the proper poinl nu the date of the first publication here
the strings. This instrument was called j of. in a daily ����W'J""1���*"'
���Tbe grandfather of fiddles." ^Z&l^jSTSSA^
  I ln the meantime \ Olid   Objection   be
Slap Jack. i made to me In writing.
This Is a gome ot cards played by ; C. S. KEITH,
not more than ten persons.   The cards District  ;(fegl8trar of T,t'f*'
in put 11 newspaper bll It for tht   Cl   Canada.     Foremost   arinug   them
tiny teet. nml thai minute's time would
bnve saved Ihe poor little bnby heart
oue pniiK. Wouldn't It have been wor:l
���tupping imi
[/" Children't Scrap Books.
Bcrnp iiuiiu I'oileclliu; is n farm nursery dlrersl'in lliat bus fewer adher
enls 1 linn ll once hud. Time was when
tbe yiiuiiKslers devoted uim h lime aci \ 11 mu (jeuera
if course, was tbe Governor-General.
Loi J Dorchester, known a few years
eailicr as Sir Guy Carleton���the man
who, in 1775-76, bad held Quebec
again*) Montgomery and Arnold, and
uli.i bad finally driven from Canada
th-' forces of Congress. Near Dcrches-
[ ier stood a tall, athletic, military
11111111. Sir Altired Clark, wbo. n week
Iter that levee, became Deputy Gov
are dealt one by one nnd placed In ,1
pile before eacb player fnce dowuwnrd.
Tben In turn each one takes a curd
from the top of his pile und without
looking at it plays It in (he center of
tbe table. Wben a jack Is thrown ou
tbo table all tbe 1
and tbe one wbo d
Land  Registry '���^rflce,0 New Westminster, B. C, M8.fi, 9. 1912.
dayers try to slap It       , Thfe Municipal, council of the t
does so flrst ta ke      V Ration of the City **%HffiSd
tbe cards In Ihe middle of V       , ��U Bter having by ResoluUon c -
^e table and specified that it w1 ��
The object carry out the folowlng works, that  ��s
"Unbleached Yet Whit*
The choice of housewives who discrimin- ���
ate  in table delicacies.
For Pies, Cakes a- J(j
Five R^oses
^ * j
te ar^ unbeatable ���
JJr 4*oUed product ���*%
diking day triumph.
/Next time order FIVE
Roses. iaM
nnd adds them lo hls pile,
ls to obtain all the co*
tbuiiithi   in  uniberlnjt   im'terlnl   with  absence iu Kngland. And arnund ^ere.' the game.
Wllll'll  to fill  lbe hnoks/lllld  Who Would    Ul-   jlltltfes,   tllli   fAo'Cul'1"'*   onnnollln,. '!
unci ei'tl In' limbiu the best cnllts'tlon
wus 11 nun ier ul henieii eompeiiilun
It seems 11 plly that this form of cul
lecihm should have dropped Into disfavor, Iur If liitlltly directed It mny i
be lhe incnus nt ilevelupln^ trulls In
tbe child ihnt would otherwise Ile dormant
lu the seli'illon of cllriplnjrs for a
child's scrap bunk 11 large proportion
of spare should be illnttrd to verse.
'I tie tiileiiilrin of the child wlll thus
be tfiveh-il lo lhe many beautiful Itf��w
thnt are cinihed In musical measure,
Mnnln'rs of itmwn folks can say thnt
a"uVfni.";::DorciiMtrt> ! ^����o succeeds in tl-'   j�� and the��� one tow
ij  Hi: jiulges, tlm fAcculive enuncillor?, I
ui'the ��ei(friilM und ibe 1 t'.ier. lia'its D<
Quebec society.
(A'ciy   tourist   visiting   Q'.ebec at- ]
wavs i,'oes out ti tbe Fall'-, cl Motii- j
niorency, about nine miles below the j
nly.  Close tn tbe brink tf the rha*m j
into which   the   Montmorency   Kiver
liurU   il-clf  there   stood   in   I7UI,   aa '
theie stands to-day  witli  some aid'
lious,   a   country   lesidence  of   wr     :"
tno  stireys in  height,  plainly '     ��. ���
and yet not without a certai-      1     ,
beauty and dipnitv.    Its )y     ' u,r ct
Ij frcdetlck  Hnir*'
���j.i. Sit ircdciiek  Half*" ���1"1"l.cr.,
rr: .',r cl Canala  <lurj'    '    ..   'i      V"
yeurs Of the Wai  tf ,>'     le  eM��4
5    ll.iibuil.lim.X ���������      ^WlMHoil.
*���        *     iai To pave   Front   street    from
4'Utte wtouer ot      W   10.|        the northtrlr   end ol
s^_   - -       - fhe   Schaake   Machine   Wor ���   tm  a
-.    e; ' 'width of 19 feet;   lay Water mains.
TJrerv  ^"'������������'HaveTeiMx.rt. letters, instal elottrii;,Street lighting
knowslhr     *>  t**t   ������  ,UM  8b0M system, and any oth' r WOrks contin-
under���   �� ,hp�� ��� ����� ��� *����Ptt*ttr ,eathe^g ent tkeretiK
tho r*      je
ir���'    -me uiee
-    1 shoes.
know that   ������.M.con..��.r..��,.., -j-~ letSa out-  ^"^rtance    wxth the
'grovisionr   ot the "Local lmptovement
To  conitr" ict    sanitary    a jfl
ploe"��Vbwe'����W��,,w",oC|"~h)" fc��TTi,      . .   ,,���.-,.
'ee* / imt there Is none In but- storm sew*rs fr0m L<��t 1 to u>i  is
Probably verv few persons city Block Ber an (7)
ESS comparatively ��*LajJ ��Mtt ���.ne^sald works Bb.all.be
ern td ��� t,,ls _....___
keenli" *v,(i ls not ^or tbe P"*!*"*
step \y the laccR trow hurtll,R Uw ltt'
qij' ' it ts to keep out rain and snow-,
lace /e would be no dbtcomfon If tTm
1... /touched tbe nock; but. no lWMtet
a shoe may be laced up,
V   the Kevolutn
"0    ' TafcTaligbt i�� 2JJS
/^d allow rklu to^cMhe^W
Dollar T[ftM.   I _T
General   Bylfaw "l909."
And lhe city Enuineer 'SSAittw^CW
*b8��' ��or having reportea to tnb ^��UP
W ln8��acordan!e with the provisions
V    the  said  by-law    upon  the   said
.orks! g" lng    statements     showln
Ithe amounts, to be^hargeable^^'
wriiii liimkn been one ol tbo dellglits
ul theli clilliihiniit.
���  ��� <&f ���
it  is   known  to
wing    bas    been
doubling  the  c
but most fortr
built in exiie'
Motherly Admonition.
A New i.H'U woman ol RifHt beauty
culled mil' day upon n' frlenti. brlneloa
wilh Hei hei eleven-year ��vtd daiiRhter.
wliu Rifes promise of 'becoiulus as
great n nen 11 ty as her mot her.   ;
It   "hitneed that   the  ciiUhim   wpre
shown lulu a room where ihe friend
(mil   been   receiving   a   milliner,  and j
there wore several beautiful huts lylnjj I
about,     inirliiu Hie eoiivorsallun thei   ...       ..
Utile tin iiimiMVl herself b.v examining    ��� ��
the milliner's crenflnhs Of the' number Mini Kill' tried on She seemed par-
tlciiinriy pleased wilh a large hlack
affair which s��r off Her ilcht hnir
rhnrmill|ily, Tifrtitug to her mother,
the mile clrl said:
"I   k Just like you now, mother,
don't IV"
"Sli!" cautioned' tbe mother with uplifted linger.   -Don't be vain, dear,"
iy was offered for sale, as the I
ing  adveitisement  reads:  "Vi
the elegant villa of the late '
erick   Haldimand,   K.ll.,   d
situated  near the  Falls <
eucy. witli tbe farm 'horn
Tlie   priperty   passed
session ul the  Duke <
became bis lavoritc ?'
it wis called "Ker
/*   S��l��>
iir Vred"
��� yMwtt'
Take �� medUinv^iwfl7V&** V.i It to
Within an tneh/jf tbe'Wp Wj water
Then place to the W*it��r* ^jllar coin.
Tlwn yoa p' Opo*e *%^tl�� vy jipany itait
the vmy-io can rihWt* Vue coin with-
'Out W^ttliiK  ttie '-tSaWaX 16ns  have It.
1 N��n', wlll try'lt.l*A��V;lntt.'U Imposslbls
tt* do so.   TdlitMive In'your hand a
���tnt-. ^rfc ij,,,,. I little lleopodlWm. which can ht gjit al
A ftW tfnil H I the dniggbki'*, nnd throw fl on the wa-
aiwrn^r'tifsidence ' *"*  ���"*'��m ran draw mpt the colli
1 beauty of
place of
t MtllfSo," 'hnd so I
,n-is <liay.    VA   larga '
��fl(led,  '^racticHlly
ipneify ot the  bouse.
.Wittrly tbe'^iew imrt Is
/iylth'e'sanie~style as'that
(raft; '��o; that Mile  simple
tint* 'building bas not beeu
/ TTtiJd*y ^Kte'iSt 'HiHUe  Is  a
. ipttb'.ie (���nlertainiiieiit.
dike's "\Vini\sr 'reAiUeuce "stood
/ opposite' tbe' Old Quebec Court
/se.'Wiitb was 1 atneTin Ii72,
ter. nnd y��ti can	
without "VPetMnR your hand.
*r A Chinese Class.
'in Ohlna. tnr aeroMi the. S��n, fi
vWh<��i'�� ttiluKH nr* oilrt a<;t��iev can he,
vnu never lieanl inch illil.anil nut/fa
A* In 4he ��rhnnls for IllWf boys.���;,,.
Prnm brlRtilvit pupil itnWn lu nunc*
; They study all nut loti(f!|rt once- '
In fact, ihey fairly ecream antl *nout
<At top ot luns> lh��lr lasauna out.
To do our studlee qiildlT
In school Is best for you and ms.
s>*imiobps'brovi!rtg.        ;....    '
In sennm \a um ,v�� #,.^���_
Rut sometimes when wo bavn to alt
fin very still I thlnu of It-
How it would, help ilk* anythlna
and other particulars,  and the ���*��
%X?sUhteby given that the sal,
reports are open for ��MP~����� "i.^,
B   C     and    that    nnlesa a petition
aiaiiiat  the   proposed  Hrork�� *bove
the owners of the land or real prop
erty to be assessed or charged In re
spect of such works represent n3 ���<
e��t one-haif In value thereof u pre
spnted to the Council within mteer
davs from tlfe date of the, first. P��b
llcktlon  of  this  no ice   the  Counci
will  proceed  with  the proposed im
provements   under  such   terms   and
conditions as to payment of the, cob
of such improvements as the,0��m��
mav by By-law ln thst behalf repi
Ute and determine and also to make
the said BBiiesBment. ������.ii
Dated this twentieth day of March
How .. ���� ,... ..
Tn ease us In our fldtftttttfe
If we could yell a bit. you know.
D" l912" Wl A. DUNCAN
, ...'-; City Clerk.
��� ���_-.- ^- --,- ,���__- I    Date of tlr^t publication twonty-tlrst
*>*^t^s^2Sist~.    day of March A. D. 1912.
In "Mlss
Dudelsack." at tie Opera HM* Thuraday Evenly, April PAGE FOUR
7      CDaY, APRIL 16, 1912.
Trie atajaivy mews
tPabllabed by T*V�� Dally News Publish-
4��* Company, Umited, at their offlces,
earner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1912.
going at the problem with the persistence that is a guarantee of success.
"Roads are coming to Washington.
It may take a bond Issue of $15,000,000
to make a commencement, but everybody who has become familiar with
the problem knows that a wise expenditure will be rewarded manyfold
by the benefits conferred on the entire people."
The   ancient   controversy   of   Tip-
��erary and the High scliool 18 appar-
-ently not dead yet.    The school trus- I
ices are going ahead with the full in-1
tention of building tbe school on this ]
*ite, while   on Une   other   hand   the]
Trades and Labor council is clrculat- J
ing a petition ,against this action. The j
���city council after strongly    opposing
*he school hoard's scheme until they
.found that they had no legal ground
to stand on bas given up the tight.
Throughout the whole    history    of
the Tipperary controversy very little
judgmeni seems to have been   used.
Plebiscites- have been taken, but   In
*uch a way that after the result had
been declared tt was still in dispute,
which side the people favored.    The j
achool trustees seem to many to have
acted rather like children with their.
minds set on  something    that    they |
wanted without knowing why,    while
last year's council apparently did not
take the trouble to find out    exactly ;
���where they stood before opposing tho
building of the  High  school  on this
wliich they wished to-preserve as   a
site wliich they wished to preserve as
jo. park. . ', 1 11
So far the school trustees, having
tlie law on their side, have won out \
all along the line. Considerable dis-[
satisfaction has been expressed in
many quarters at what wns considered
their rather high-handed action in
this matter and they put themselves
in a bad light by refusing to meet
the council at a joint conference on
the grounds that embodied in the request, for a meeting was a misstatement of fact. This view was urged
by certain of the trustees and carried
against the better Judgment of somo
of the less biased members of the
board. t   ���, ���;)
Plans for the school have now been
drawn, but at this late hour the trustees come out    with    a concession���
which for all nnyhouv Knows they had
planned all the time���to the public by
sayin-, that they have no intention to
close    the    Tipperary    grounds,    but
rather are going to improve them and
make them  into a public park.    For
this tliey are to be commended from
���some points of view, tbe only oblec-
tion being that,, we would like to see
the High sehdol surroun.led, not by a
public park, but by  a school  playing
.ground.    Granted,  however,  that  tho
school i.s on Tlpperary, the best thin:;
���that can be done with the rest of the
ground is to make it into a well laid
���out public park.
It is rather lato, perhaps, to discuss
the placing of the High school on this
aite, but the arguments against doing
so still seem very strong. Tipperary
is too close in for a IJIgh school, and
it offers Utile accommodation for
igames. Such a school siiould be set
in the middle of the residential district of thc fjituie. In building in
Westminster ii is necessary to look
ahead anl somewhere between Sixth
and Eighth avenues surely, a more
suitable site could be found, where a
large playground could be laid out for
*lhe school children to exercise their
bodies as they will their minds inside
the building.
"It it were really possible to cure
Englishmen of insularity, a tour of
the North American continent ougbt
to effect that result," says the Seattl*
Times. We wonder what Is the name
of that incurable disease with which
some Americans are affected.
First Landmark of Canadian Highway
Will   Be  Driven by Samuel
* I
I Correspondence \
The Daily News Is not responsible
tor the opinions expressed by its correspondents.
Dear Mr. Editor���I see ln your paper that there ls going to be a change
ln the May Pole Dance this year, and
1 write to tell you bow glad all ua
girls are. Mother told me the other
day that the May Day celebration has
been practically the same for year3,
and she also is glad that there is going to be an improvement and a
change from the old-fashioned way of
merely Jumping round the May Pole.
1 read in books about the old-fashioned May Day dances, and to think that
perhaps, I can take part in one, is almost too good to believe. I am suro
tbat all the girls in our school will
take much more interest in tlie dance
and it is something that we will all
look forward to on May ;t. This year
1 suppose there will only be one of
the May Pole dances, with several
others with ribbons, as used last year.
Next year I hope ttie old style of
Jumping round the pole with ribbons J:V*~V"* J~~t ",*"
will be done away with, and that we '^ngianci, during
will have more of the beautiful May
Pole dances that mother has often
told me about. 1 do not wish to take
up any more, of your time, but I hope
you and
Included among the important men i
to ue piesent at tno ouicial pianuug .
of tbe nrst post of the Canauiau wigu-.
way, on tue west coast oi Vancouver .
Island, on May -i, vvill be Samuel riiil, i
Kon. Uie i-rtslueut of the Washing-!
ton Good Koaos Association, and u.o I
most famous "Good Roads Man" of i
The inteiest which Mr. Hill has always taken ln the improvement of |
hignways In bis own country, and ln
| other parts of the world, is well
known to every good roads enthusiast, |
aud lt was, therefore, a matter of no
surprise to Piesident W. J. Kerr
when Mr. Hill, In reply to an invitation to attend the planting of the
post, sent hlm a letter stating that,
although business called for a trip
east about the beginning of May, he
would postpone this ln order to be
present At what he considered one of
tlie most Important events in the history of Canada's road building. ln
his letter Mr. Hill states that he U
much pleased ani interested to note
the work that is being done in British Columbia, a province which he
points out now leads tbe dominion in
road work, and bids fair to maintain
ita proud position for many years.
It is the intention of the members
of the Canadian Highway Association
to hold an evening meeting in Alberni
or Port Alberni after tbe post has
been planted. This will be an open
discussion affair, and the speakers
will include men of international reputation. Hr. Hill will probably make
a comparison of American and foreign roads and he will also touch upon road building by convict labor, a
phase of the situation with which he i
is familiar.
Last year Mr. Hill spent months in
Which he traveled ;
over English roads In company with i
E. Purnell Hooley, a well-known road
builder who visited Ameiica three,
vears ago. Everywhere he went hei
found  increased enthusiasm   In  road
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
Week of April  15.
Tho Destroyer of Despondency Town.
Musical Novelty.
Singing,  Talking aud  Soft
Shoe Dancing.
"The Waif."
Two Ladles Who Sing.
Comedy  Entertainers.
tell you what they think,
know that we appreciate your efforts.
Yours very truly,
P.S.���1 am only ll years old.
people  of  Klickitat  County   tendered
hin a combined  highway convention
and reception In the form of a barbe-
j cue,  steer  meat  of  the  finest  being
���prepared by an expert form the I'nion
! Stockyards    of    Portland.      The   unavoidable absence of the  "Father of
Good Roads'' from this celebration in
his   honor,  was   of  course,  a   great
handicap to the occasion, out be was
amy  le^ieaenied  oy  tf,  <~.  Lancaster,
the engineer  in charge   of  the construction work, and his nephew. D. B.
Hill.    Mr.  Lancaster,  in  his    speech,
the metnods used in the
work, explaining the building of the
solid dry masonry walls behind wMch
the earth had been puddled and which
run   along   both   sides   of   the  higc-
that other girls will write to yyu ��uu |kuiMlngi and it u the general opinion Itoiichid'on
so you win I that the international congress of
Road Builders, which is to take place
in England next >ear, v^ill be the
most important gathering of its kind
evor held. Although he hesitates to
say that this is tbe case, Mr. Hill believes that English roads are superior to thote of any other country.
not excluding the Routes Nationales
of France, highways the fame of
which is known the world over.
A hobby that lias a lifetime of experience and toil  back of it is  what
Samuel Mill can claim with regard to
Cood roads.    When first he advocated    _
the spending of large sums of money I cojor
on highways,-ail his efforts seemed to f
be wasted.    It  took  many years    of
patient and   continued   education   to
show the public the economic need of j
good roads, but, once Mr. Hill had se- ,
cured  assistance   from   the   counties
and  states   lie   did   not  consider  his
worl;  accomplished.      Cood  roads  to
bim were more lhan a hobby, to him i ..nd is c,,lled thc miCro-spectra method
In Britisli Columbia we do not gen
��� ���uially think of ourselves as people
able to leach an; one much about good
roads. The Seattle Times, however,
ncenis to think that we can, and in
tbe following editoilal it calls upon
Washington io imitate the persistence
(villi which Canadians are tackling
-this problem, it [s tortunate, perhaps,
that the editorial writer of the Times
has not tried to motor from Vancouver to Westminster, However, this is
what he says;
"Since Washington is intensely Interested in roads, with its citizens
.ready to go before the next legislature
with a comprehensive program for
immediate work, m good example can
.be found in work iilonu the same lines
in the Dominion,
"The Canadian Highway Association, with headquarters at Xew Westminster, has attracted the attention
-of children to the subject of good
roads. That organization has invited
assays on the important subject, j
""What Good Roads Mean to Canada." .
"The president of the association,
-Mr. \V. .1. Kerr, haa offered as prizes'
to all competitors whose papers reach
a certain standard of merit medals of
:so!d, silver, gilt, and also souvenir
pins of silver.
"Tho purpose of the Canadian asso-
elation is to build  a transcontinental ���
highway from Alberni,  B. C, to Halifax, N, S., and it hopes through the,
work it Is now doing in arousing gen- !
wral   Interest   to    i;ee  this    highway, !
Which  will  be 4000 miles long, com-
pleted in five years.
"Enthusiasts in good reads in Washington would profit by a study of the
���methods of ihe Canadians.   They aio
Washington, April IB.���What sort of
bread and butter efficiency training
does the educational system of this
country offer tlie youn/ workman who
wants to better himself by going to
an industrial school out of shop hours?
This question Is touched on by
diaries R. Richards, director of Cooper i'nion for the advancement of
science and art, New York City, in a
publication just issued for free distribution by the United States bureau
of education. Mr. Richards finds that
just now evening ecIicoIs have the
most pupils of this sort, but points out
sthe advantages which would accrue if
the example of Germany should be followed in allowing workmen time off by
day without having their wages decked, in order to raise their efficiency
by attending industrial schools.
Dr. Richards says iu part:
"Evening schools lepresent tiie first
form of industrial education in this
country, and fi.ey reach today by far
the largest num\er of Individuals under instruction in .this Held. As a
means of supplemenVry instruction In
mathematics, science, drawing, and
technical subjects they repiesent a
simple and effective* method of industrial education, at least sfor young
men more than say, IS years old.
"Evening continuation schools were
for half a century the backbone of tiie
Genian system    of Industrial    education.   Today that country is coming to
a  realization   that    for students   between  It  and  18 the evening is not
tbe  best time  for instruction, and  is
I bringing    the  work    of  contin iation
: schools  Into  tlie  day  period.    It will
naturally require a considerable time
I lor  this  country   to   reach   the  same
| point   an 1   to   bring   about   a   general
I agreement among manufactureis to allow learners in their establishments to
attend industrial improvement schools
during working hours.
"Tlie positive henellts that result,
wheie such a elan is followed, and the
close coielation that is made between
the work of the shop and that of tho
classroom, have, however, been so
strikingly  shown that this system  of
industrial education deserves to be
studied Increasingly by both employers and school men.
"When the time for attendance upon the school work is granted to ap
Color Photography Perfect.
London,   April  16.���A  new   method
I of  color  photography, embodying  ex-
, Inordinary brilliant results, has Just
I been  demonstrated  before  the Royal
j Photographic  Society.    The  peculiarity of the method is that no special
! color  plates  are   necessary,   ner   i.
there   any   introduction   of   artificial
screens or colored  particles.  A
plain negative as In ordinary photography is taken and a lantern slide is
made from   it aad   by purely optical
means, - using a grating and a pi ism,
tlie picture in natural coiors is faithfully reproduced.
The process    Is the work    of two
brothers, Ernst and Julius Rbeinburg,
it developed into a trust, and as fortune had been kind to him he did not
hesitate at any time to build a load
where he considered it was necessary.
The amount of cash that Mr. Hill has
spent In this way must well exceed
one million tiohais, Most of these
roads being built in t.;c state of Washington, wheie Mr, tilll makes hl3
headquarters. liis home is in the city
of Seattle, and consists of a magnificent million-dollar iesidence, overlooking Lake Union.
An interesting article in a recent
issue of the Western Motor Car thui
describes a stretch of road built by
Samuel Hill:
"More  than   thiee  miles of  model    .,���,
roa.l, built as the Romans of old used j fide
to build, deep and strongly, and wide,
have been finished by Samuel Hill,
called the "Father of Good Roads,"
near his home at Maryhlli, Wash., and
dedicated to public use. When completed the model road will extend for
seven miles along a route of heavy
traffic. i
"In building such short stretches ofl
perfect highway, Mr. Hill's idea is to
show the cbunty commissioners and
taxpayers the value of good roads as
an economic factor by practical demonstration. By dally use of such highway the farmer learns that it is possible to haul twice as much produce to
market as is possible on the ordinary
road be encounters; the merchant
finds that be can profitably, bring city
goods far Into the country, minister-
nr; to the farmer's ever) need, -.ml
siiil clear a margin of profit; town
and country are brought to realize
that 11 they were connected by such
well-paved ways, a Jaunt to each otb-
of color photography by prismatic dispersion. The method necessitates a
special and costly camera, and Is,
therefore, put forward for its scientific interest, and not as commercial
| proposition, lt. turns upon the use of
a grating, or line screen, whicli splits
up into    immense    numbers    of .tiny
[spectra, one hundred to the inch, ar.d
each one complete. The grating is
used in making the negatives and later, when placed    behind    a positive,
I when made from the negative, it enable hlack and white pictures to appear in the exact color of nature.
Tlie   results  of  the    method   were
projected on an aluminum screen, and
were  declared   to  be  unsurpassed  In
Ity    of    color rendering by    any
method in vogue at present. Its ability to tender the texture or distinctive
sheen on such as silk, china, or glass,
is remarkable.
���iwiiMiiwiiMim��� i mi���aiaaaan���!!���������! i ��� iiiiii ������nm i���iaiim������mm
We have for exclusive sale a very pretty five roomed cottage on
Blair avenue on lot 33x115 and overlooking the Fraser river. Besides
the five rooms whicli are all well finished, there are bath, toilet and
pantry and all electric fixtures. There is also a basement excavated
The price of this modern little bome is only ?2100, with a flrst payment of $700 an.l the balance as rent or arranged any way to suit.
This price is only for a few days, so ring us up and we will talte you
ou; and see it.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phone 1004,
Timber & Trading Co'y., Ltd.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and   Shingles
PHONE   904.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for lt la the stuff that the foundations ot wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed now and to invest for what ahall be needed ln the future.   Money cannot be Invested until It la flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, cornar Eighth atreet.
A. L. uEWAR, General Manager O. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Of the Three Bittners, who are preaen ting "The Waif at the Royal theatre.
��� ��� ��������� ii      i   >*mm   m m  i i   ^���TT���������-^**W^*mm>W*>*****^ <���*   >�����  * ���������	
Five Days More
prentices or other   learners   by em- ers Places of inteiest would
plovers and the wages continued during this peiiod, the economic problem
for the boy is solved.
"inasmuch as the public school is
not called upon to supply the costly
equipment for practical work, but
only that Instruction specifically fitted
to the technical needs of the leatners
the administration expense is reduced
to a minimum.
"In its beginning such a plan Is evidently most readily applied in cities
and other localities where the concentration of high grade Industries gives
a large number of apprentices or
learners in a comparatively few
Misrourl Is Ninth.
San Francisco, April IB.���Missouri
Is the ninth state to select, a site for
its state building at tbe Panama-Pacific International Exnosltlon, Tb"s
fur Oregon. Nevada, Montana, Washington, Idaho, I'l ill. South Dakota,
tho Philippine Islands and Missouri
have received deeds to tbeir land and
promise tbe widest, rartlnination at
the IMS Universal Exposition.
In short, Mr.
is so many ob-
| er he a serious matter
; Hill's little roads serve
ject lessons. ^^^^^^^^^
This Maryhll) road is made of the
j highest quality asphaltic macadam. It
'i3 graded to the width of 24 feet and
macadamized to a width of it; feet.
The best quality of lough basaltic or
trap lock is used, four inches of it
crushed Into laige chunks forming
the foundation. The to;> layer ls
made of a much smaller size, heated
and boiled in asphaltic oil. This ls
hauled to the road, spread and rolled
while still hot.
Tiio good roads pioneer Is planning
the construction of several other
toads In tho vicinity,the materials to
be used being procurable nearby. The
region is rich in high quality angular
j rock which makes excellent roadbed*.
[The new highways are to be oiled by
;the penetration method; thnt is, the
oil will he heated and sprinkled over
the surface during tho hottest weather, the sun gradually driving it
through and through the rock layers.
"When the first three mllrs of Mr,
' Hill's Ideal  road was completoil,  the
inkrupt Stock Sale
Make the mest of this opportunity NOW  while it is
afforded.   There still remains a good assortment of
The Man Who Saves You Money
Cliff Block Sixth Stre'et near Columbia TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1911
_��A,G�� FTVf
Springs' and Marshall's Contracts Declared   Worthless���Manager  Gray
Says Boys Are Safe on Coast.
I'Herb" Ilambly, who ls a visitor on
Ulna cotUt in the interest of It. J. Flein-
tContlnued from page one)
said that the council had been passing plans with 4UU0 square leet as the
minimum limit, 'ihe engineer said
that no regulation existed as to the
area of lots. A motion had been passed Eettlng the frontage at not less'
than 33 leet, but nothing was said as
to depth. Alderman CurtiB said that
there should be a reasonable minimum fixed. The old understanding -
when a lot wus sold was that it should -���.
measure till by 132 feet.   The plans ln ,
question' wero passed. ,man i0T the tractor, feeling sure he opening of the Panama Canal.    The
A letter from   the   city   solicitors  w11* win, hands down.   Australia will  Nippon Vusea Kalsha has under con-
stated that lt was their intention   to De represented, and probably Hungary,  struction live new ships lor the lines
bring the action of   Gilley   vs.   New Algiers,   Argentina  and   Russia,   and   to Europe nnd the United States, and
Westminster to  trial  at  the assizes. ! when the judges begin their task they  two are to go, In the next few weeks,
The services of Mr. B. P. Davl3, K.C, lnay   be  confronted  with   many car- into    the   Hongkong-Seattle   service,
were not available.    The    choice   of ,oads of the choicest wheat that ever  They wlll average 400 feet ln length,
ing, the owner of the 'loronto lacrosse I council   was   referred  to the  finance was grown, much of it hand picked, it '    At the Mltsu  Bishl and  Kawasaki
team, is doomed   to   disappointment. ' committee.    The case referred to is is expected.   The conditions are that. yards five large steamships are con-
baiblutili testing the feelings of several   that of alleged blocking of street ends. the wheat must measure and weigh   tracted  lor  completion   in   1913,  the
of the stars which Con Jones has sign-  The solicitor also stated that it was t0 a standard bushel, lt must be hard   year for finishing the Panama Canal,
eu ou tor the coining season, Herb al-   not within  the power of the councll I wheat  and  grown  in  the  season  of  Two of the vessels will be of 15,00(1
xo   received   Instructions   frdm   the  to remit unpaid taxes, but that   tne 1912   under   dry farming   conditions,   tons  each.    The   Japanese  are   also
jorouto magnate to attempt by force   Si3ters of charity ut the orphanage that is' where the annual rainfall is  contracting with  European yards for
ii  necessary    to    bring    the    Spring   be notified that their account be paid, less than 20 '"ches and without irri- big ships for the Panama Canal ser
brotheis and "iluck" Marshall back to   and that tho council take    up    with nation.                                                      . vice.      There is to    be a    Japanese
the climes of Ontario.    When    aeen   them the passing of a grant equal to
last evening. Manager Gray gave out
tuat the local management had con-
biilted a solicitor regarding the worth
the amount of    the   arrears,    which
course is within its power.
The finance committee reported that
ol the alleged contracts signed by the   the solicitors were   drafting   a   new
1 steamship line through  the canal to
Decrease   Shown.
  t    The department of communications
Toronto, April 15.���In   the persons  at Tokyo announces that the govern-
u^-wTSTiv*^^ alwj��rM���- Ue"e Freeman   24 years, and  ment    subsidies    to    existing   ocean
nut worth the paper they were writ-1 deeds for cemetery plots. The parks I M/8' Mary Callagan, 23 years, keepers steamship lines in the next year will
ten on. Furthermore Mr. Humbly or ' regulation by-law and that for boule-! ��f a rooming house at 333 Carlton aggregate $5 451,000. This is a de-
anyone else will have to engage the vard upkeep were finally passed. By.*1"*1' ���ho were arrested in the T. crease of 119,000 from this year, due
aervloes of several teams of horses to the latter an annual charge of flve ! fhat0" ��toreH .��,n Saturday alternoon to a reorganization of the scheme of
force tne local boys ou board a trans-  cents per front foot will be made for  ""J -n��"ce bf ev'e ����?/ haveK two of  pay,   The figures do not include any
continental train for tlie east.
��� *
��� McCarthy Signs. ���
��� McCarthy, who for the   past ���
��� two years has played   a   star ���
��� Mine on the   Shamrock   team, ���
��� has  been secured  by  Manager ���
��� Ciay to assist ln bringing back ���
��� the .Minto cup from Vancouver. ���
��� The local executive regard this ���
��� latest as a good capture,  his ���
��� services having been sought by ���
��� several of the leading clubs of ���
��� tbe D. L.  U. aud also the N. ���
��� L. I'. ���
upkeep by the city.   On the motion of
the   cleverest   shoplifters  who   have
of the subsidies to the new lines. Of
the   subsidies   to   existing   lines the
European service sets $1,598,730, the
North  American   $2,223,643,  and the
partment to enforce the reflations of 14f l*an lwo TIT" iiviug ��n Carlton  South American $364,958.
the by-law.   This vvas in reference to isr       ^ ��t��a^��1from department |    The Japanese  government   is  also
i stores in a wholesale way.    Noticing  arranging for a subsidized line to the
Alderman Dodd it was decided to pub-ie' f operated In the city.
lish tbo statement that no firm in the L.A Jew days , aeo Store    Detective
city had authorit. from the health de-  ?lac* was aPPrised b>'. anonymous let-.
Toronto, April 15.���The line-up anticipated by the Torontos for their
Big Four aggregation looks like the
.strongest team that ever wore the
hlue uniform, and, if Charlie Querrie ' provement scheme on Twelfth street
can lose Green, McGregor and Mc-iUnd several communications, one of
Dougall, and still gather an outfit to them, a request from the B. C. lan 1
beat   the   Toronto's  local   rivals,    he I surveyors In the city to be afforded
the statement that a city firm was
pushing the sale of garbage cans on
that pretence.
The wages of Bridgekeeper F. Furness will lie raised $5 per month, dating from March 1, he having been
overlooked when the salaries were
raised. Arrangements will be made to
have the Lulu Island bridge open both
ways, and pedestrians who get upon
the bridge before lt is in place will
be prosecuted.
It was decided to call for tenders
for uniforms for firemen, and for
policemen. Other business included
the granting of permission to the
Senior Amateur Lacrosse club to use
the Queens park grounds on Monday.
Wednesday and Fridays, the report
of the assessment under the local lm-
two women on Saturday remove a South Seas by way of Hongkong. The
couple of valuable hats and walk sevice is to consist of two steamships,
away without paying for them he each over 20,000 tons grossr with the
caused their arrest. j ports of call and the freight an:l pas-
Taken to headquarters, the women | senger rates to be controlled by the
gave a list of the articles which they . government. The company has been
had taken and described where they i organized in Osaka and Is known as
were hidden. Detectives Taylor and ! the Nanyo Kisen Kisha, or South Sea
Twigg visited the Carlton street house ' Steamship Company. The Japanese
and recoveied property to the value Government has decided. Consul And-
of $2000. It Included jewelry, hand- erson adds, to start a new monthly
painted china clocks, fancy gowns and ' service from Kobe to Hongkong, Slng-
a host of other valuable articles. The apore, Saigon, Java and Sumatra,
price ta> had not been removed from j The Indra Lina, trading between
the majority of the goods. j New York and the Far East, is put-
Mrs. Freeman stated that her hus-. ting on new steamships, like the In-
Rates Reasonable.   No Delays.   Bring us
your Agreements and get our best figures
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 LornefSlreet New Westminster
On Lulu Island.   $500 cash, 5 to 10 years for balance.    These
will go quickly.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777. TELEPHONE 295.
will perform wonders. This ls the
'I oi onto team as calculated on at present.
Coal, Gibbons, from Vancouver;
point, liarsbaw, cover point, Braden
or Tommy Fitzgerald, from St. Catharines, hist tietence. Powers; tecond
defence, manager and captain, Hairy
Pickering from Vancouver; third defence, Marshall, from New Westmiu:
ster; centre, Uandono; third home,
Spring, Horn New Westminster; second home, Tui ahull, from New Westminster; flrst home, W. Fitzgerald,
lrom Vancouver; outside home. Kails;
Inside home, Warwick; spares, War-
len from Woodhridge, and McGlashan
fiom St. Catharines.
The  inclusion   of   Billy
blue pints of the plan of the resurvey
of the city, being referred to the finance committee.
will ho a surprise, but it is said to
havo been brought about by the concurrence of the Toronto management
in hls desire to have brother Tommy
given an opportunity to show whnt he.
tan do In first class company. Powers,
due to co west. Is said to have actually signed his contract at the same
time as Kails, who   also was slated
Miss Glaser's Gowns Magnificent���Has
Special   Dressing   Room.
Mr. Robinson,; business manager of
the Lulu Glaser company, which plays
"Miss Dudelsack" at the operc house
on Thursday evening next, was in the
city yesterday.    Wliile -here he made
arrangements with the Transfer company, which hauls the theatrical scenery, to take care of the two carloads
of scenery that his company will be
bringing with tbem on Thursday. Sev-
Fitzgerald   era] of Westminster's prominent citl-
, hand was in Porcupine, but she had
not heard from him   for some  time.
j Both were held for tomorrow's court,
ball being refused.
Convert  Coal  Into  Power as  It   Lies
in Earth.
Loi#on, April 15.���According to the
opinion of practical and scientitic
men, the miner doeB not seem to be in
much danger fiom Sir Yvu.iam Kam-
say'S scneme lor his abolition. His
suggestion, as already reported, is to
convert coal into power ab it lies iu
tne earth. The idea is to d.ne a bo.��
hole into a stratum of coal, whi^h
would be' set on tiie, and to convert
bas as it Issues into electric power
lor distribution over the country, lt
is stated that Sir Hugh Bell has placed at fair V\ illiam itamsay's disposition a small stiatum in Yorkshire for
the purpose of making an fxperimeut.
Professor Arnold, of Sheffield Uni-
veisity, re^aids the scheme as virtu
draghiri, recently launched at Glasgow, whicli will carry 9000 tons dearl
The Pacific Mail Steamship Com
pany. the American line, is constructing four new vessels, each 080 feet
long and with 17,000-ton freight can-
aclty for the Panama Canal route between New York  and San Francisco.
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montreal-Quebec-Liverpool (Summer).
Portland, Me.-Halifax (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, bagg; ge bonded through to steamer.
Laigest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic.     New Twin-Screw S.S. Megantic.
14,892 gross tons. 14,788 gross tons.
"Turbine and  Reciprocating Engines.
Last word in shipbuilding.    Electric elevators, electric heaters, skilled orchestra, wireless and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, J92.50; second-class, $53.75;    third-class,    tclosed   rooms),
Comfort at moderate rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw ^TEUTONIC, S.S. Twin-Screw CANADA,
582 feet long. 514 feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I one-class (II) cab'.n
Best accommodation given IBO.0D up, third-class (closed rooms), \\1 25.
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and Cherry Ste,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and W. F. Butcher, G. N. R.
zens witnessed this production in the  ally impracticable,    he suys:      "It is
Sound cities during the last fortnight,
and all are loud in their praise of both
Miss Glaser and her,supporting company.
This company is one of, if not, the
largest, playtnj the Pacific coast   this   parjng coal  gas  bv  distillation  in s
season.   Their scenery is all new and 'jetorfwlth the production of course,
kept in first class condition by   two'of gas a^j coke, which would form a
Why Fuel Prices Increase.
Ottawa, April 15.���The advancement of the rates on hard coal from
the Niagara frontier to Canadian
points by the railroads on May 1, is
the latest cause which has developed
for an Increase ln fuel prices. The
railway commission will at its next
local traffic sittings on April 16,
consider the piotest of Canadian le-
tall coal associations and others rela-
lative to the proposed tariff of the
companies embodying advances.
A number of other important matters will be considered at this sitting
of  the board.    Tlie  freight, rates inquiry will resume.
The    Canadian    Northern    express
purposed, I undei stand, to put a bore   companv will   be required to   justify
hole down with tubes and set the coal i the  higher tolls  it  is charging from
on flre.    Assuming this to be possible,   points on  the  Central   Ontario  Rail-
the  first    reaction which would take'
place wouid be similar to that of pre-
for the Pacific coast. Nor ls any doubt I men whom they carry on purpose for  8ort 0f barrier between the air and
_._ -a . ba  1 .      '    *   1. i .-.      ,.-,.1.1-        'I'l, ,.      .,,,......      ..��..,      ...... ���.,!i;  I . .... m
expressed as to the.-comlng east and
early of the New Westminster contingent. Things are warming up now.
and  more sensations are due.
��� ���
��� ���
National League.
At Boston���Boston 3, New York 0.
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati 3,    Pitts
burg 2.
At     Brooklyn ��� Philadelphia     10,
Brooklyn 6.
At St. Louis���Chicago 9, St. Louis 2.
American League.
this work. The gowns are .magnificent,
Miss  Glaser's  alone  costing  a   small
Speaking of Miss   Glaser   and   her
the unattacked coal.
"Even assuming that you get power
from combustion and got rid of coke
as soon as the combustion had gone
way to Canadian and Doininion Express company points than were
formerly charged by the Canadian and
Dominion Express companies between
these points.
gowns, she carries a portable dressing ' on t0 any extent, the roof above tne
room, which is put up on the stage, ' ���rea where the combustion takes
nearest to her entrances, so that she p]aoe would fall ln and shut off the
will not have to drag her dresses over  BUpply of air to the remainder of the
the rough floor of the stage.
.While here, Mr. Robinson also made
arrangements for a suite ot rooma at
the Kussell hotel for Miss Glaser.
Peoria,   III.,   April   15.���Twenty-flve
men and women students of the Bradley Polytechnic Institute were injured I
...   ,, ,    ���  ,    yesterday  when  the second  floor ot'
A    C1J,1rr,prrClh.lCaB^.1,2U V l\^ I'   ^ Woollier    distillery,  which    they
At     Philadelphia���Philadelphia     4,
Boston 1.
At Cleveland���Cleveland 8, St. I.ouls
At New York-
Yorl; 0.
-Washington 1,   New
Owing to" the success of "The
Spring Maid," "The Merry Widow"
and "The Chocolate Soldier," there ls
a scramble among our leading managers for ihe American rights as soon
as anything from a Viennese source Is
produced on the other side. In the
case of "Mlss Dudelsack," which is
the musical sensation of the bis continental cities, her managers were ihe ,
victors ln the race for the prize ln idly ln removing them from the wreck-
whl'ch every American manager ot see. Those most seriously injured
prominence was represented. Hav-1 were placed In rows on the prairie un-
Ing secured the opera, they selected,til the ambulances arrived.
Lulu Glaser as the one best singing
comedienne on  the  American stage.
were inspecting, gave way jjeneath
the weight of seventy-dve memoeis oi
the party.
The aceident occurred while the
young people wero standing around n
big fermenting vat, the workings of
which were being explained by the
superintendent of the plant.
Word waa Immediately sent to the
police department and every ambulance ln the city was hurried to the
scene. It is not believed that fatalities  will result.
Closely grouped about a big vat
stood the seventy-flve persons when
suddenly there, was a crash and a roar
and the whole party was precipitated
to the ground.
Workmen Of tho -plant worked rap-
coal. Suppose, again, that the idea
were possible, the shales which now
constitute the waste heaps would also
be set on fire and the gas obtained
would require washing to remove the
very appreciable quantities of sulphuric acid, hydrogen and the sulphide gases present, and the gas
would be to a very considerable extent contaminated, with the fine dust
from the ash, 'and require special
washing machinery before lt would be
fit for tbe gas engines.
"Then there would be, of curse, always the danger of serious explosions. In short, the scheme ls virtually Impracticable." ,
It has been iiointed out that not
only wlll Sir William Ramsay have to
meet these Insurmountable difficulties
when he comes to put his scheme Into operation, but that he ls also faced
with a patent taken out here ln 1909
by A. A. Betts, of New York, the specification of which reads; "Power gas
la generated from unmlned coal by
starting a fire at the base of one or
more shafts or bore holes supplying
the air and steam through a pipe and
withdrawing the gas through the
same or other shafts or bore."
Drunkenese Increasing.
Toronto, April ***.���Despite the
spread of local option the annual report of the License Department Indicates an increase In drunkenness in
Ontario aa shown ln the number of
commitments. Nearly all cities show
an Increase In arrests.
Skin On Fire ?
.lust the mild, simple wash, the well
known D.D.D. Prescription for Eczema,
and the Itch iB gone.
We have sold other remedies for
akin trouble, but none that we could
personally recommend, as we can the
D. D. D. remedy. F. J. MacKenzie.
World's Best Wheat.
She is said to be Ideally suited to the I Lethbridge, Alberta, April 16.���
part, or the romping fascinating Chairman J. W. McNicol, of the expo-
Scotch Inssle, who Is nicknamed Dudel- sitlon committee of the International
sack (which is the German for bag- Dry Farming Congress, announces
pipe). Miss Glaser's lively disposition that he has received entries for the
and flne voice fits her admirably for grand sweepstake prize of a Rumely
tlie prima donna role. A splendid oil-pull traction engine, valued at
production of the piece and a company $2500. for the best bushel of hard
of twentv prominent llcht opera art- wheat, from all parts of the world
Take   LAXATIVE   BROMO   Quinine
Tablets.   Druggists refund money   lf
it falls to cure.   E. W. GROVE'S signature ls on each box.   25c.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Lulu Glaser
ists, n chorus of forty picked voices
and ft s'-eclal orchestra nre promised.
Mlss Glaser comes to the Orera
Horsp nevt Thursday, in hpr latest
vphlflo, surrounded    hv such    noted
from M3lne to Te-as and from Oklahoma to the furthest point ln the
Peace River reflnn of Northern Alherta on this rnntlnent. One of the
entries    Is a Maine farmer, nnd    he
rinv(>ri as Thomas Richards, George claims be can grow wheat that wlll
Grahai".    David     Torrence.     Arthur mn're the entire world sit un and takR
Vvtht. ^o���*et.t<\ Xler, Berenice Whit- notice.   Another in Oklahoma hai nl-
ticr and others. ready drawn nn order upen t'.io chair-
Dominates Far East More and More���
Panama Canal Line.
Washington, Aprll 15.���Consul An-
d'erson at HongkonK. eenda word that
a Japanese steamship line ls to be established between Yokahama and New
York through the Panama Canal. The
vessels wlll be subsidised by the Japanese Government. The service le
to consist of eleven steamships of 8,-
000 to 10,000 tons each.
Japan, so It Is asserted by Consul
Anderson, Is dominating more and
more the slilrrlne of the Far Enst.
Thn nation Is prenar'np-to take the
Aa the Bonnie Scotch La:sic In
"Miss Dudelsack"
A Highland Romanoe Set to Viennese Music.
Rear; "Oh You Darling" "Pluck'
Not the Rose" "Sandy" "Dudelsack"
"It's Raining"
First visit for Mlss Glaser.
Company of 60. Special Orchestra.
Exquisite Scenic Production.
Next attraction
in "Tho Faun."
William F'.vcrcham
Seats on sale at Tidy, th�� florist's,
47 Sixth street, 'phone L184, sta; tin;?
fullest commercial advantage of the!Monday morning.
E. H. BDCKUN,      V
Prea. and GenL Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealera In
| {Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea Na. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
act as solicitor for good proposition. Salary and commission.
Apply in person at Westminster %
Daily News Office between 1 and
2 p. m.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build forfrale or rent while price* are low PAGE SIX.
TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 191?.
A 12th Street gentleman lost a watch recently and
advertised his loss in the News classified columns. A
News reader found it next day and returned it to the
Another man advertised the loss of a diamond ring
in the News, and a Victoria lady visiting in the city
found and returned the same.
A lady's gold watch was returned to the loser
through the medium of our classified advertising columns
ili-ai-LAmam*. ** .a/'U*'v '*uxm*rL*%.**_aa!*,:.-jua
Advertise in the NEWS WANT AD Columns���
there's money in it for you. ?Phone your wants
to 999 and the NEWS will do the rest   .    .    .    .
mmm man quits
President cf the Union Trust Cl., at
the Age of Seventy, Is Still Active
and Attributes His Health to His
Annual Trips Across tho Atlantic���
Hss Kept Them Up Fcr Forty
Ye^.rs���A Busy  Life.
I.i perUiiOg the proceedings of the
annual Wd'eting of the Union Trust;
C\i Limited, held in Toronto recently., We notice it was stated that the
president of the company, Mr. Charles
Magee, in acknowledging his re-election to the office of president, announced his probable retirement from
the position before ths end of the current year.
Mr. Magee's name has. boon so intimately connected with the financial,
commercial and political affairs cl
Canada for so groat a time that it is
a far cry since the public first heard
of him. Anyone who had business to
do with the Hank of Ottawa for nearly a quarter ol a century previous ta
1902 got to believe that the name o(
the bank and that of Charles Magee
were almost synonymous.
Mr. Magee rs now about seventy
years ol ane, but is still as'young and
Active as many men under sixty and
tie attributes bis good health in a
great measure to liis yearly trips
across the Atlantic, which lie has b ?e��
'taking fnr tbe last forty years.
Away back in 1S63. there was ���organised in the city of Ottawa �� Ifirin
Piquant Stories About the Late Queen
Victoria at Horn.'.
Gracious though the late Queen Victoria   could   he   at   times,   she   would
brook  no interference  with  her  personal   ..ishes.    Furthermore,  she  was
quite convinced in  her early days of
ths infallibility of kings and queens,
and strongly rented anything which,
in her opinion, would lower her royal
dignity.   This is made plain by Mrs.
Jerrold in her stories of thn court Itl
the   'forties,  C-'taflljjd  in  her  book.
"Tlie Early Court oi Quscn Victoria."
Qu?en Victoria's childho,! wos exceedingly   dreary,   and  it  was,   per��
haps,   scarcely  surprising,  when  sha
became  Queen of  England, that sho
used her p:>wer and great position in
j very little ways.    Her (irsl request to
her mother on her accession was tliat
I she   should   be   "left   alone   for   two
i hours,"   a   privilege   she   had   never
I enjoyed, while, when the Duchess of
Kent begged her august daughter not
to overtire herself by the excitement
of  attending   in   person  to  prorogue
Parliament, the girl  of eighteen  aii".
I "That is a word I do not like Yo
hear; all these ceremonies interest
' and please me, hut have nn such effect on my mind as that which I
understand by excitement."
I Nut even Lord Melbourne v^s allowed to give her ajiy slight correction. At lier first council tlie young
Queen  began reading:
"T)iis  act intituled"���which  is tho
Ifc'l-way of selling "entitled."
j    " 'Entitled,'   your   Majesty,   'entitled,' "   hastily    corrected    Lord   Melbourne, in a loud aside.
1    The young Qineen slowly drew her-
I self up an'l said, quietly and firmly,
"1  have said it."
Then, after a pause, once more thu
te'autiful childish voice rang out:���
"This act intituled "
We 'jet another striking illustration
of  Queen  Victoria's   independence  of
character in connection vidti what has
been   facetiously   termed   "the   Great
Bedchamber Plot."   Ladies of the lled-
I chamber  are  appointed by the  Gov-
', eminent,   and   a  change  in   the   ad-
! ministration usually means a change
I in the  appointment's.    In  1JJ0,   how-
i ever, Queen  Victoria (refused to  part
i with  tne  Ladies  of  her  Bedchamber
I on the occasion of a change < f Gov-
j ernment,   and   the   consequence   wa*
[that Sir Robert 1'eel declined to form
a Ministry, Lord Melbourne returning
i to  ofiice.
i "They wish t-o treat trie like a girl."
j Her Majesty said, regarding this trou-
i b>.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up.
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacnic,
in Cuba throughout the island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) .. .$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.0'*
Branches throughout Canada e.ntf.
Newfoundland, and In London, England. New York, Oh'cago and Spokane,.
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspertmemt���Deposits*
received In sums ot $1 and upward,.
and interest allow* 1 at 3 per eent. par-
annum  (preseat rate).
Total  Asiets over  $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
fi 1 m behind it; GOLD PUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ i /
portions to cleanse ^S\\\l///y'.
easily, vigorously,
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let thie GOLD
DUST  Twins   do     ^W    <fe     w
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake
Ottawa, April 14.���The government
in Inviting competitive designs for ;i
monument to be erected to his late
Majesty King Edward VII. It is provided ihnt the new memorial when
completed  must not cost   more than
3?he competition is open to artists
throughout the empire. Tlie monument when completed will be placed
in position on Parliament HilL Tbe
.author of the best design will be
awarrded commission for his work,
and the second beEt will be given a
jirijetif one thousani dollars.
Mother and Child arc equally benefited by   ,-���'*
Pt.   Charles Evaporated  Cream.     It  is   the    iM
world's standard of  purity  nnd, next to a    r*T tg*
healthy mother's own milk, the hc.t obtain-    . I
able food,for infants.    Many doctors insist
not ouly that infants be fc<t on St. Charles
Kvnporated Creuin, but that mothers themselves make it a large part of tlieir diet.   The
UM of tit. Charles  Cream  i.s economical  too.     It teens
forever, nnd  by simply adding pure water in pro-
��^) txirtions,  you  have  pure  milk  and  pure cream,
better than the best you c::n buy and equal lo the
beat the best dairy til the world can produce.    Ia  f/;
5t.  CharJcs Cream, j-i.u lake no chances.     Ity
Sold ty Tiesl Grocery Everywhere.
Handsome h x>klct of vul'inble Inforrmtlon to mothers   1  -
nml uuiim* Kc.it l.ee upon application. *\
��&)'  ���    rvtnl &T C:iAT.ltS C0H��W*S:N3 COMPANY. Ina-eMolI. Ont.
<'!*,...--. mm * mat, -..r.-- mat ~~*-*t*Mum.'ll*mM**tanier*.-. nraan;<
���n I'l-riifn.-iaiaini,!,.
- n
-:. *��� **M
���as ���������*T-��r"v*�� "���**
*fi*- *
Modest   Amanda.
Sr .mndest is Amanda Lee
T.hat she strolls out  o' nights,
.Leal at the butcher's she  might tee
The .sausages In tights.
���Youngstown Telegram.
So nwilest is Aman.la l.ee
In days of blooming youth,
Khe'd blush if in her presence one
Should tell  the naked truth.
���Scranton Tribune-Republican.
So modest is Amanda Lee
Tha' slut pulls down tho blind,
Or goes Into another room,
Thai.she may ��lianj;e her mind.
���New York Telegram.
So modest is Amanda Lee
Slip dwells In grief and pain
Until Ui��> nude, unhlushig tree
Gets something on a; :>in.
���St. Lools Post-Dispatch.
So modeFt Is A man la ljt*e
She'd blush like n rctl rose.
Should any young man Chance to see
Her nifty garden hose.
     ��� Sewttl* VA.
An English Chemist Has
Discovered How to
Grow Hair
In England the ladles have entirely 1
abandoned wearing rats, which is'
duo entirely to this new discovery.
It has been proven that Henna
leaves contain th* Ingredients thut
will positively grow hair- That they
contain this lon.';-JooJted-for article la
proven every day.
Tho Americana ar�� ��otv placing on
the market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna teaves, which
Is hiving a 1 hrnomenal aale.
ThiB preparation is called SALVIA,
and is being sol 1 with a guarantee
to cure Dandruff and to grow hair In
abundance. Being daint.ly perfumed,
'-"W.VIA makes a most pleasant hair
dressing. Ryall, your druggist, is tha
first io imn'ofl this preparation Into
vev/ Weftmln to-, and a large, ien��'���:
Oats Lottie can he purchased for DO:-.
whirl tenterei into the importing dry
goods business under the name of Ma-
���.(���(��� and Ku- rl!. Mr. Magee was tlm
organizer of the business and the'efh*
ioruneru! r ol the firm, lt r< ntinu^d
a verv Buccessfu; career until lt?75.
In .t?7J Mr. Magee became one if
fhp 'Orgatiiivrs <*i th* Bank ol
(.itUMva aim retired from thercaiitiie
bi'.s'iness in 1875, having bei'ii made
viCBrpresidont of the bark two year<
f reviously, and 0:1 the death "f the
1 nt-.-s<ii-nt. the lato Mr. James Ma-
'1 luven, of Buckingham, be wasel��e'ej
pm.-.- deiU, which pi sit ion hc held im-
iil B101, when lie retired to give m-ro
attention t.i liis "wn private Hflair-.
Then' is probably no man in the
cftv of Ottawa who has ix'eii m��.r*
pulilie-spiritcil nr who lias dune nvlfl
'flu' the iiiiproveinent of th ��� city tliii'i
Mm. Magee. He owned lhe Kn-seli
House away back in the early ei'.'h-
tieii and re-bui!t all the BparKS ami
Canal-street fronl.-, and subsequently,
after eouveitiiig the property int<�� a
joitu iltock company,- built the Kus-
seHl Theatre.
T:lie choicest residential district of
that city in a itreat measures owe*
it* present condition ti the good judgment of Mr. Magee and the late Mr.
Jaiiifi- Maclaren, who, together with
the IrftS Mr. Robert Blackburn, in
187G. purchased all the vacant lands
in lhe c ty of O'.tawa south of the
present Laurier avenue and fr"in the
Rideau Tiver on the east to Broii.-on
avenue on the west. Mr. Ma��e mi-
dertook the supervision ami laying
oc; anil sale oi this tract ol land,
aii 1 by 'reason of his foresight it has
now become the choicest residential
dislrnt of the capital.
Tiie cjty of Ottawa and county of
C'ar!r1 >n is indebted to Mr. Magee a��
one oi the organizers of the Cei.tral
Canada Kxhib tion Companv. Ha w,i��
their lirst president, which position
he retal'ned for a number of years. Ill
fact, until the cxliibiton beams finn-
ly e-t i"lsl:e I as 01.e o: t'ie institution!
of the province,
Prison  For  Appren.iccTi.
Few Londoners know that there ex-
i*ts a special place of cbrfinemeut in
which the City Cnanibirlain has power to commit disol edieiit apprentices.
In Bridewell 'Hospital, cl' ���' to f\e<*%
i.Jrcct. aw, hmwcv r, a ten cells wliich
are prartiea ly the sole remains nl
1lie old Imi'tding thirt .-tcN;d oil the sitj
of a one-time niyal palace at Biark-
friars. The Bridewell was given by
lidward \'J. to the Lord M'ayor for u-o
as a workhouse for .the potir and idle,
Horl the hosr.ital, which resulted from
this gill, i* -still gofcrned by tht ald-
The e cells mi occasionally occupied
'or briiM periods Ly rrefrart ry appreii.
tices, who aTe ibrought hefore the City
Cnamlierlain in liis court at Clui'.dli.'ill,
and. il be finds that they are inr< r-
r-giWe, he 'conniitt-e flieni to Bridewell
for a week, ">r. jn exceptional cases,
a fortnight or twTivty-oiie days, the
lads thus escaping the had influences
of an ���ordinary prison.
Sole agent for]
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aeraled Va'.tn
Manufactured by
Telephone R  113   Office:  Princess- 8* ,
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Weatminater.
Fnr Two Bishopo.
Tli- nt ran cricketer. Dr. \Y. (1.
Grace, litis rrrdlin'bly 'been photograph*
ed ami ha* given his auto;:raph as
tnuny lim��s as most cckbritii's. At
a meet the Other day u wee innidi 11
approached Mm with iwtenook and
pencil for his .un'osraph, which was
gracefully accorded with tlie cheery
smile and goofl-ntitured manner for
which the g'nial old champion is so
well known. tSn another -oecasioii a
foijqighl later, .-much to lus surprise,
the same little lady shyly sidled .up
to him wiih tb*> iw'ee.;sary document!
Hnd the Teqwe^ for his autograph.
"But I gave it In yo* only 11 few days
iij;.>," liitjg-hinj*ly said the veteran.
"Oh." came the answer, "I changed
Unit one for lwo bishops."
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Fewsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangert
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 6��r
Suhduor  of   Delhi.
On> of thn few survivors oi th ��� fiqrj
'���! ii' 111, 111 tne person ol Uell. Sir
Alexander Taylor, has passed away
In Ivi:land, at (ha age oi eighly-iev'iU,
He went t'i India in 1844 as a subaltern in the Bengal Engineers, took
part in thc two Sikh wars, and with" moving force of the engineering
operations against Delhi during the
Mutiny of 1W.
Ni^iit after night, wliile the batteries were building before Delhi, Taylor, who was second in command il
the Engineers under Baird. studied
the gryiind and perfected tbe final
jilnna for tbc assault. He virtually
directed the whole of tbe operation.'
in the field, nnd Nicholson, hcarii^
011 his deathbed that the credit w>i-
being bestowed elsewhere, is said t
have exclaimed, "If 1 get through
this i sliall let the world know it was
Alex. Taylor who took Delhi."
Lord Lawrence, who knew more
than anyone of the inner history ol
the camp, wrote in 1S6R to Lord Dal-
housi": "To Nicholson, Alex. Taylor ol
the Engineers, and Neville Chamberlain the rc.il merit of our success is
During the street fighting wllich
followed the assault, Taylor showed
extraordinary resource, and when oui
troops began to display signs of de
moralizatwn it was he who suggested
that tho Engineers should break internal passages from house to house.
The plan succeeded, alid two diiyi
later Delhi was in the hands uf tb<
A Queer Hermit.
Isaac Fheatli, who has ju't (licit
in the worknousc at the nge of seven-
ty-eieht. lived the life of a hermit for
nearly forty years ait Newport, Isle ol
Wfgnt. He occupied a mud but which
lie erected on a piece of waste land
in the village of Chale, hut (lie hut
became so dilapidated that the rural
district council ordered its destine,
tion. Sheath was greatly exasperated
by the council's interference, and hefore he lett for the workhonse he burn-
ed the hut to the ground. Alice and
birds had grown so accustomed to tho
old man nnd his lonely ways that
they used to come and Iced from his
Tha Brown Cia. .
Ever since 1769 there has existed
a charitable society in Glasgow known
hs the Browns Society. The number
on the roll at the p'resent moment is
20:), or only two-iifths of the strength
of the brown clan as recorded in the
city, directory. Thin number is prob-
ably uot more than a tentli of the
actual Hrown "residenters," a dread-
I til word, us Prof, MasSon used to sny.
The society is not restricted to Browns
only ; husbands, wives, or descendants
of Browns are eligible for number-
ship. Of the twelve members ci [uprising the directorate ten are Browns.
Our   Knowledge   of  Napoleon.
Occasionally, "Knowledge" deals
with archaeological and historical suh.
jects, and in tliis month's issue Mr.
A. Al. Broadlcy, tno well-known authority on Napoleon, clears up all the
doubtful points with rr~ard to th"
posthumous portraits nnd death masks
if Napoleon the Great. He publishes,
too, for the llrst lime the statement
uf accounts which whs made between
Assistant Commissary ib'jetson and
Count Bertrand, three wccl.s after
Napoleon'* death
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
REST ....
B. C
TUESDAY, APRIL 1$, 1912.
arm art
[These articles ancl IllliBtratlons rtiust nol
ho reprinted without special permission.]
Have you ever seen n rooster with a
thirty foot tail?
If so you visited Jnpnn. the land of
rooster wizards, for the emperor wlll
not permit birds with snch prodigious
appendages to be exported.
These Long Tail Jnps (Phoenix
Yokohamas) nre bred und fed to produce tremendous tails. While the talis
nre growing they ore put up In papers, like Sally's frizzes, or a reel la
fastened to rooster's back, und around
this the growing tail is wound.
Mr. Booster ls often kept on a high
perch,   his   magnificent   tall   banging
Photo by C. M. Barnltz.
down like a front mass of silken rlb-
bons, and when he Is let down to
.strut a small boy attends, holding up
his trailing tail in the latest King
George coronation style.
Imagine an oriental lawn, backed
with cherry blossoms, magnolias,
palms ami palaces, and over this lovely velvety green this cock of pure
while ll-Strut with his harem!
His silvery plumage glistening In
the sun, bis'proud tigure. from high
head to tall spread, all curves; tils
movements nil false, his wonderful
���.nowy tall ho poised ihnt all is grace
nnd beauty ns lt undulates and breaks
In wares and circles on the green.
The liens nre more modest thuu the
.u.'de, as all females should be, but
nre beautiful In their graceful outlines and sprlglitliness.
The brood has game instincts, and
in iis varieties is bred In single nnd
Thoto by C. M. Barnlta.
pea combs. In white, fawn, pyle.
black, black red. mottled and duck
wing.    ���
'The lions nre fair layers of tinted
or sooty colored eggs. The chicks are
rather tender at time of shooting tbeir
(nils, nnd for table the fowl Is dell-
It- requires eight years for.mules to
prow a perfect I nil. the fowl molting
only once In three years, the Jap. experts pulling out a few 'feathers at u
(line, so that molt ls retarded, und tho
fowl is thus always renewing its
i I'liutiful plumage.
Fine Dairy Herd Has Concr:to Darn
Both Sanitary ar.d Beautiful.
The new live stock burn on 0:d Porge
farm, in eastern Pennsylvania. Is 0
Due example of farm architecture, us
shown by (he accompanying Illustration from the Country Gentleman. It
Includes all modern equipment and
sanitary provisions: This structure in
112 leet ln length. (10 feet wide mid 40
feet to the eaves. It bus a hip roof,
which gives additional mow space und
adds to its appearance, The stable ls
built with wnlls nnd floor of concrete
and Ik entirely given, over to the stables for t he cows. A feeding uisle seven feet wide runs through the (enter,
nnd n row of swinging stunchlans fs
placed on ench side of this. Each stall
is equipped with a feed box and n covered water trough, whieh lias u swinging Ud that the cows have learned to
A Few Applications of a Simple
Remedy Will Bring Back
the Natural Color,
raise -when they need water. VTc.tcr
is forced into each I rough through a
pipe go tbat the supply is always fresh.
There la n wide alley nt the rear of
each row of stiills. with gutters which
may be Hushed when the stable Is
The building la well lighted iind ventilated with sixteen windows on each
side end with venlilntor Hues of wood
opening tit the ridge of tbe roof. As a
consequence- the building Is cool in
summer and wnrm in winter, and the
air is pure at nil times. At the front
end of the bam nre the milk cooling
and separator rooms, which are entirely separate Trom the stable. Two large
silos, ench with a capacity of thirty
tons, stand at lhe end of the stable.
On this f::rm green corn and thc refuse
of the canning factory, which Inrttftiee
pea shells, vines, corn cobs nnd busks,
and so on. nre put up for altare. This
ranges a very mid mixture, but tbe
cows ent It with great relish.
Trainer Tills cf Remarkable Musical
Talent In Animal:.
A cood  many  pet-owners   may   be
startie'd to  learn  that   nniuiGls   can
distinguish   liet'ven   musical   notes,
snys  un  English  trainer in a recent
article, and that tho.-" oE any decree
of   int 'lligenoe    may    bn   trained   us i
musical    performers.     Animals    that '
play musical  in-trnmnnts  nre by  no j
means  uncommon,  und  a  number  of
senls hiiva b.'for.' now Irvn equipped ,
wif'i    drums,    cymbals,    horns,    and
Uell*.  imi]  lmve   mnde   music   when
instructed by their trainer to do so.
If tho  melody  ItHS  net  been  perfect,
it has bsen sufficient to. prove   tlist
the seals hav ��� nt least some music in
tlieir composition.
The majority of wild nnimuls are
influ 'tied hy music, nnd everyone
knows thet bears can be tnught to
dunce on their hind legs while holding u pole to sound of music, even if
that music ii ground out of n common
str"et orrfiin by means of a handle.
Once u ei-ens horse has been taught
to do u trick to n certain tune he will
do it wh never be hears that tune,
nnd, in consequence, he is the cause
of some funny incidents now and
again. Once I took n horse into the
strett for exercise, und as we turned
a corner a burr d-orgnn commenced
to grind out its music. The tunc
was the very one the animal was accustomed to in the circus .ring, and
he conclud'd that I was expecting
him to no through his usual perform- ,
ance. He broke away from me nnd i
pave a free performance in thc middle of tlie road, ami I could only call
him to order by appealing to the '
"musician ' to stop the organ.
When the ordinary dog howls at
music it does not always do so because tho notes get on its "nerves,"
but often beea us? it i- striving to
imitate them as well ns its untrained
vocui  powers will  permit.
I heard a wonderful story of a
singing <i> t th1 other dny. A handsome collie, named Sammy, tbc
property of n Sir. Carlson, is a tenor
soloist. Everj' miming, when a Indl
on a church near his maffr's home
rings, Sammy takes up a position
elf i by and begins an accompaniment, whir", blends remarkably well
with the i" ���"[> rotes of thfi bell. A
musician Ikh declared that the dng
is exactly in tune with the metallic
sounds, that como from the church
belfry. I.nti r in the duy���at noon������
Sammy gn?s off to a lumber plant
operated by his ninstfr. Her- the
animal accompanies the whistle,
achieving perfect harmony, it is suid.
-t might be remembered that some I
years  ago   n   singing    dog  created    ji : -
furore    among, t    scientific    men    in
Purls.    This animal,  wbich belonged
to a Dr. Dennati, could sing the scale
perfectly without any nssi-lunce from }
the human voice or a musical instru-1
ment.    Mor over,  it  eoul.i   imitnt"   a   s g "prince George" leaves Vancouver
n.      tune   with   extraordinary   iiceur-;.n,  19  mtrtnio.ht    ���vprv    Monday    for
10:50���Viamwver ria
PAGE BtiVfih.
"pull o;:t ono gray hair and a dozen
will tako its place" is a:l old saying,
whtah ii, to a great extent, true, if no
steps nro taken to stop tho cause. When
gray hairs appear it te sl sigri that Na-
tura needs assistance. It is Nature's
cull for help. Gray hair, dull, lifeless
h:iir, or hair that is falling out, is not
no:c33ari!y a sign of advancing age, for
t'.urj nro thousands of elderly; people
with perfect heads of hair without a
tingle streak of gray.
When gray hairs come, or when the
hair seems to bo lifeless or dead, some
gaod, reliable hair-restoring treatment
should be resorted to at once. Specialists say that ono of tha best preparation to uso ii tho old-fashioned "sage
toa" which our grandparents used. The
best preparation of this ���kind is Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy, a preparation of domestic sage and sulphur,
scientifically compounded with later discovered hair tonics and stimulants, the
whole mixture being carefully balanced
and tested by experts.
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur is clean and
wholesome and perfectly harmless. It
refreshes dry, parched hair, removes
dandruff and gradually restores faded
or gray hair to its natural color.
Don't delay another minute. Start
using Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur at
once and see what a difference a few
days' treatment will'tnake in your hair.
This preparation is offered to the
public at fifty cents a bottle, and is
recommended nnd sold by all druggists.
Special agents. D. S. I'urtis.
Every man has time enough
to do hii whole duty. When
he leaves a duty undone or
discharges it in the consciousness that it is not as well
done as it should be his lack
of time is never the real reason for his failure or his
Grand jrim Jism
1. O. O. P. AMITY Lt^DGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting oi* Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., Is held every Monday night at 8 o'clock In,Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon aid*
Eighth street. Visiting brethera.
cordially Invited. H. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; K. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
1ISS M. BUOTK.-nt, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. H 128. Room,
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barrister*
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Rooms
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street,. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. U. Telegraph.
City a Spoiler For Country Life.
In one of tbe mnny fresh ulr homes
for the poor children of the great
cities about seventy-five tenement
youngsters are taken every two weeks
during the summer and given un opportunity to recuperate in tbe pure nir
r.nd on the good food furnished t:t the
home. But many ure not nt all satis-
fled. Ilerenily one of the fresh ulr
youngsters wus found crying iu bed.
He was homesick for the city nnd
complained that he hadn't seen a
flght since he had been iu the country. Another homesick city waif
wnlled. becnuse he hadn't seen any
"cops" nnd another becnuse It wns so
qnlet he "couldn't hear nnythlng but
crickets." These children unconsciously expressed the power of social environment nnd the difficulty of breaking its bonds. Many hnve wondered
why thousands of women and girl*
toll nt starvation wages In cities when
���there ls plenty of work and ite good
living for them In tbe country. These
children tell us why.
^^^^ accur
acy   nft
thi'" tini's ^^^^^^^
The philosopher Leibni". declared
that he knew a dog which ���as not
only n remarkably fine singer, but
could actually talk. All the letters
of the alphabet, with the exception
of "tn." "n," und "h." it could arti-
cuhit' puit ��� clearly, and could give
it3 muster, when spoke i to, a suitable
Lions, elephants, and monkeys are \
fond of music. 1 have sten an elephant pluy a whole band of music at
one, using its trunk ani fore feet to ���
play the vurlouj instruments. L.^na
will often forsake their meals to
listen to a ''tne, und this npnlies also
to tigers and others of the iierce cut
t    _��       ,.    ,      j -. -at 12 midnight    every    ���.���������_,    n.
r   hearing   it played   two or j pr,nce   Rupen   connectlng   wlth   s.s
"Prince John" for Port Simpson, Port
Nelson, Ctanby Bay (Goose Bay),
Stewart, Naden Harbor, Maasett and
other po'nts on Queen Charlotte
S.S. "Prince George" leaves Vancouver
at 12 midnight every Saturday for
Victoria and Seattle.
Don't let market ducks swim. If
they swim they get thin.
Don't feed pigeons Just nny way.
System here or fnllure dear.
Don't expect lousy chicks to thrive
No lice, grow nice, big'price.
Don't sell geese before Thanltsjrlv
l��K    Big price then, many ych.'
Don't feed turks corn till they' "shoot
the red."   Corn fed; quick dead.
Don'l make capons exrrclse for feed.
Theynorr- sloth the Oner growth
Don't let young turkeys In the barnyards.   Can't mature on manure.
Don't let Iho eornerlb (tyor open.
Hens with fnt bustles isn't eggs hus-
Don't let thnt word "modern" lend
ion to turn, without experiment to
methods tbnt ure entirely new when
yon are having success with method*
tried uud true.
Historic   Homes.
The Petre family, the head of whieh,
S.S. "Prince Albert" will leave Vancouver April 22nd and the 3rd, 13th
and 23. a of each month thereafter for
iiardy Bay, Rivers Inlet, Namu, Ocean
Falls, Bella Bella, Swanson Bay, Lowe
Inlet, Claxton, Prince Rupert and
Skenna Kiver Canneries.
Grand Trunk  passenger
Prince Rupert at 1:00 p.
trains  leave
m. Mondays,
A Remarkable Hen.
The humble but helpful hen hos
been held up to us of Inte cs the
greatest wealth producer 'of the conn-
try���the automatic provider of health,
support and breakfast. It hn�� remained for New York to present this
simple minded but Industrious friend
of the farmer in the role of a hired
hnnd. Finding her master���we hate
to sny owner���busy building a chicken
coop���presumably for ber occupancy-
Biddy waited about until the man ln
the case dropped a nail. Turning to
pick lt up. he found that Biddy had
already forestalled him und was
standing by the coop with the nnll ln
her bill, held ready for driving.
Thenceforth until tbe homely, necessary task was done man and ben
worked ln profitable and pleasant alliance. This is nil true. too. because lt
was "printed In tbe paper."
Artichokes Per Hoot.
Artichokes and pumpkins are valuable sources of n vegetable feed supply for winter. The former can be.
grown on bills and odd corners, which
wonld not otherwise be utilized, and
In the Inte fall the hogs can be turned
ln to do their oven harvesting until
the. around ls frozen. Pumpkins, are
of ralue In that they may be easily
stored until midwinter nnd fed when
the was ther does not permit ranging
out of doors on the wheat or rye
flelds. _____^.
Gram Ct ii.f Beet For Cows.
The best dairymen nre now feeding
either sllnge or some preen soiling
crops every day In Ihe year, nnd they
flnd this class of feed cheaper and
better than any other kind. Some dry
feed should, of course, go along with
tbo green feed.
. "";"�����"."' *       -   .....*.,_ ,��� T���r,,i,w. iWednealayB and Saturdays for points
Lord Petre, is now staying in London '
with  his   mother  and   sisters,  is  one ,        ��� #	
of the i West in England, and shares
with the Duke of Norfolk the headship , Through  Tickets to Eastern  destina-
of Catholic society. - itions. Standard and Tourist Sleepers.
The real founder of the family was Mtsli a la car*.e. Special rates in
Sir William Petre, one of the princi- i May. June, July, August and Septem-
pal Secretaries of State in the reign j ber.
of Henry VIII., but actually the Pe- -*	
tres  were  people   o!  importance  two   When you go to the   Old Country let
centuriej before his time. |u8   make   reservations   for   you���all
There is romance in plenty of the j Transatlantic lines represented. If
family. Tbe fourth peer died in the . you have friends or relatives to bring
Tower through being implicated in j out^ glve UB thejr names and addresses
the Titus Oates plot, and the seventh lamJ we wlll do the rest.
baron was the Peer of Pope s    Rape i 	
Exchange Your Travel Troubles   with
Ua for Comfort and Pleasure.
      G.   N.  R.
"*��**��� ������������' 23:00
?:40���Vancattvv via B. C. E. R. *
(daffy except Sunday).11:15
12:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally eieept Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver rta B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B.  C. E.  R.
(daily except Sunday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
16:15���United States via G. N. R.
idaily except Sunday)..16:Or
11:40���AU points east   and   Europe    (dally)     8:16
22:43���All points east and Europe (daily)   13:15
ll:4fr--8apperton   and    Fraser
Mills      (dally      except
Suuday)   8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      (dally     except
Sunday)     -. 14.00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except  Sunday)     8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.15
14:00���East Burnaby (daily except Sunday    14:30
10:00���Timberland (Tueaday and
Friday)   13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Porl Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(da!Ty  except   Sunday).13:30
0:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via u. N. tt.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2i
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via   U.   N.   R.   idaily   except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Tliurs-
ua>,    ti iday    uud    <>ui-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead  ( Tuesday   and
Friday i       .' 14:0U
7:40���Burnaby  Lake   (daily ex-
oepi tiunuay    16:0(
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsipii, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
15:16���Crescent, White Kock and
Blaine     idaily     excepl
Sunday)   9:41
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday   9: 4f
11:20���Chilliwack,    Milner,    Mt.
Lehmu, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. R. (daily except Sunday)   9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:30���Chilliwack ria B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
11:20^���Abbotaford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)    17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30 i..T^^^^^^^^^^^a^^^^^^m
12:oo���Fraser arm  23:001 Westminster Junk Company
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Rooma 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets: Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville stieet. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler. W. G McQuarrie, G. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister.at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streeta. New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets in the
board  room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each month;  quarterly meeting on the third Friday of
February. May, August and November at 8 p.m.    Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February.    New
members   may    be   proposed   and
elected at any monthly or quarterW
meeting.   S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Gardiner & Mercer
m. a. a.
Phone  661. Box 772
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning.
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspool*. Septic Tank*, Etc.
baron    .... _ ^^^
of the Lock"; while the two homes
of the family���Ingatestone and Thorn-
don, both close to Chelmsford���have
most interesting associations.
Ingatestone is the Audley Court of
"Lady Audley's Secret," and it has a
curiouB "priest's hole," discovered
nearly sixty years ago. In it was an
old chest, witb curious loc is, that bad
been used for keeping the sacred vessels.
Bc.rrle's  Recipes.
Now that J. M. Barrie has told the
story of "Peter Pan" in book lorm,
writers and readers alike are once
more asking what is his method of
The  noveljsv   himself   has   partly
answered this question in a note ta
a 'magazine  editor  who  wanted
recipe.    "My   readers   wish
how   you    write,"    said
"please tell tliem."
Barrie accordingly formulated his
^cply into a kind of prescription,
which read; "Journalism���two pipei
���one hour; two hours���one idea; on��
idea���three paragraphs; three paragraphs���one leader.
T Fiction���"Eight pipes���one ounce;
seven ounces���one week; two weeks-
one chapter; 20 chapters���one nib;
two nibs���one novel."
to   know
the  editor,
A Famous  Warden.
Lord Brassey, who as Lord Warder
of the Cinque Ports is going to oecupj
Walmer Castle, is perhaps the best-
liked and the most genial individual
who has ever held that ancient office
Lord Rraesey follows many distin
ruished men st Walmer Castle���Lore
Curzon, Lord Salisbury. Lord Dufferin
Mr. W. H. Smith, Lorit Granville
*t;d thc great Duke of Wellington. 1
is doubtful, however, whether nny o
hi- predecessors ever possessed, ai
be docs, a muster's certificate to non
trol u ship, Lord Brassey s home ii
al r.att'e Abbey, which is in the neijh
borltoi d i. f tho ports.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. R. & T. A.
527 Granville St.     Tel. Seymour 7100.
Special low ratea to all Eastern
points will be on sale commencing
May 2; good to return up to October
31. These rates can be used for pav
eeagers going to the Old Country.
Fer particulars and reservations
Or H. W.
New Westmlnste,
Brodie, Q.P.A.. Vancouver
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit and workmanship guaranteed.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 137
Oenble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part ot the city.
Liglit and Heavy Hauling
0"lC��-IF>*M  OBPO��
D. McAulay
Spring lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Veal
Tel. 761.
Cor. 6th and Colombia
Will give you a square   deal   on all
Junk, and highest price.
207 and 208* Front Street   .
Phone R619.
B. C. Coast Service
New additional steamer to Princa
Rupert, Goose Bay and other points
leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p.m.   Additional April 8 and 19.
.    For  Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P. M i Dally
12:00 Midnight .Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dail!T except Sunday
For Seattle.
10 a.m. and 11 p.m. DalVy.
Chilliwack from Westminster 8 a.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
 I   ,TR\   |	
On Chong Co.
. Merchant Tailors
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONC 870.
/���  "        \
ttt to 86 H. P.
1 ud 4 Cyole.
Local Aganta
Westminster Iron Works
Phone 68.
Tenth  8t., New Weetmlneter.
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods just arrived. First-Class Fit.
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
iM Mclnnla St., City.
y ������� - na* mm
TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1912.
Brushes and
City News
Sold awLGuaranteed by
Smoked Spring Salmon, ier 11). ...20c
Klpfere.l Sm gron. ier lb -Oc
Klppeied Salmon, per lb -.13c
B. & M. Smoked Cod, per lb 10c
Kippers and B.oatsra, per lb 10c
Finnan Haddle   2 lbs. for 26;
AIfo a  large, vsrioty  of Fresh  Pish
537 Front St.
Phone 301
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone   62. New   Westminster,
iiny ii
IF you are going
to build, want to
pay off a mortgage, wish to buy
a lot or have payments to meet, see
For Ou
Tt explains ' our methods.
Letter stll, give us a call or
have one of our representatives call on you. Our office
is in the People's Trust
We  Have  Everything In
Shaving Necessitiss
Brushes, Razors, Strops, After.
shave  Creams,  powders, eet.
See our window display.
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Westminster. TC.
���Mr. Charles E. Wade and hls bride
have returned from their honeymoon
spent in Seattle and Tacoma.
Ice cream on hand, Ira A. Reid, next
tram o.tice.   Phone 310. **
Mrs. Dr. H. \V. .lakeman. 330 Pine
street, Will reccl.e for tne tlrst time
since coining to Westminster, on
Thursday next, Al rll IS.
Great Orchid flowered Sweat Pea
seed lor sale at Davles' llorist store,
corner Agnes and Sixth Btreets.     *���
George Elliott, who was charged
with being drunk and disorderly, was
sent to hard labor for one month at
yesterday's police court.
The Welsh choir, of Vancouver, will
give one of their excel .ent concerts
April 10, in the Sixth Avenue Methodist church.   Tickets only 25 cents. **
G. N. R. trains arc despatched by
telephone now from White Hock. The
new system has Just been installed
and was used for the first time yesterday. ,
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, can be consulted dally from 9:30
to 12 and 1 to 6 (or later by oppoint-
ment), at room 2, Collister B'ock.
Phone 1121. **
Magistrate Edmonds yesterdiv ordered the ball of .lim Ules, a Greek,
forfeited. Ules was charged with an
indecency offence, and a bench warrant was issue! for his arrest.
May Day floral decoration orders
taken at Reasonable rates. Apply by
letter, Mis. Lave, care Westminster
Garage, or "phone Vancouver Seymour
���1037 L. **
The frame work of the building going up on the old Kenny restaurant
site is about completed. A fine cement front has been built and the
carpenters are now busy completing
the interior of the new business block.
A most enjoyable time is assured at
the wliist party in St. Patrick's hall
this evening under the auspices ol |
St. Peter's club. Admission charges
Will be 50c for gentlemen, and 25c
for ladies. Rushton's orchestra will I
bc in attendance. **
Work is proceeding satisfactorily
upen the new Sapperton school. Four
rooms are now ready, and it is hoped
that the whole twelve will be completed for use after the holidays.
The Y. M. O. A. book social will be
held on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.
A musical proRTam will be performed
to be followed by a red hot volley ball
game between the cathedral men anJ
the Presl); let Litis. It is expected that
the Baptists wlll challenge the winners on the same nltht. i
The Agent General of British Columbia in London, has acknowledge:!
\\\'x* receipt of a larpe amount of
literature regarding Westminster ancl
the surrounding district from the Publicity Commissioner, and has asked
that more of the same kind be sent
for distribution In the Old Country.
One of the largest booms of the
Btison passed up river from Porl
Townsend yesterday afternoon, bound
for the Fiaser Mills. The tug, Mary
D.'Hume, had the logs in tow assisted
by the sternwheeler Senator Jensen
of thi3 city.
There were two cases before Judge
lloway j esterday morning in the county court. That of Marshall versus the
B. C. E. R. was adjourned for further
hearing, while the case of Sandusky
versus Koblnson, which was an appeal
for wages due, was dismissed on examination of the plaintiff's book3.
Mr. T. D. Shen iff, of thc real estate firm of Sherriff, Rosp & Co.. was
taken ill on Saturday witb an attack
of appendicitis, and ls at his home on
Rejina street, under the care of his
physician. Mrs. Sherriff, who was
recently operated upon, is not yet o.;t
of the hosi ital.
The local firemen yesterday expressed their sympathy for the deplorable accident which befell Fireman
John McKenzie in Vancouver last
week by sending a beautiful wreath in
the shape of a broken auto wheel,
which will lie placed on the bier at
his funeral today.   ,
The Kiver road from Westminster
to Eburne is rapidly being transformed into a splendid thoroughfare. The
whole of the section ln Burnaby ls
now completed with the exception of
a small stretch just outside Westminster, while the South Vancouver authorities have done a gre.it deal of
work recently upon the road.
The social milk train service
which was to have C.one Into effect
.yesterday morning was not put on be
iween Chilliwack and Vancouver. A
rrge amount of correspondence upon the subject, has been received at
the offkes of the tramway company
ind it apjears that many of the farmers of the Fraser valley have voiced
objections to the Innovation. For the
immediate present, therefore, no
chance is being made, the matter being under consideration by the officials of thc company.
Hospital LacMeo Met.
Miss Wright, president, took thc
chair yejterday afternoon at the mont
monthly meeting of the Women's
Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hos
pital. The ordinary routine business
was transacted. Mrs. S. O. Tldv nnd
Mlss Gilley were :>ppolnte.'. on fit
visiting committee for this month. At
'he next meeting r.f t'ie iwIIItv,
n") m-: ..m |,p pomlna'ed for cectlon ���
at tie sibGciucnt annual meeting.
The Sixth Avenue Methodist Epworth League elected its officers for
the next six monthB last night. These
were: President, A. E. Hetherington;
lat vice-president, H. H. Holson; 2nd
vice-president, Miss Lougheed; 3rd.
vice-president, Miss B. Hardman; 4th
vice-president, Mr. Elrchfleld; 5th vice-
president, Miss Annie Loree; secretary, Mlss M. Purdy; tieasurer. Miss
! M. Traves, and pianist, Miss L. Pentland. The representative to the Local
I Union was Mr. H. H. Hotson.
! Wanted ! Librarian.
i The resignation of Miss Gilley from
the Carnegie library takes effect today. Alderman White stated last night
[at the council meeting that an acceptance of the p03t had been received
from Miss O'Mearn, but as she did not
take office until May 1, and   as   the
! present librarian found it impossible
to remain longer in office, it would he
necessary to engage someone to look
I after the library until that date. Steps
to ensure this will therefore be taken
j by the library committee.
La* / /w / t* jgTTH
Everything is Now Complete
Curtain Materials
Edmonds, Aprll 15.���Some   mystery
Is  attached  to  the  disappearance of
i the horse owned  by  Councillor Fau
I Vel this evening, while the councillor
was engaged at the board  of works
ineeting.   The horse, which is valued
'at $500, and holds a mark of 2:18, was
] left ln the stables a ljolning the municipal hall and had evidently been let
loose or stolen   between   8    and   11
o'clock.    Mr. Fan Vel, who was compelled to hike the* distance to North
Burnaby on foot, is vowing vengeance
ou the perpetrators of the deed should
they be found.
A large amount of interest ts being
taken at the present time In Sapperton property, in view of the general
advantages and natural position which
that part of the city possesses. Steady
buying of property is taking place,
and no less than a dozen lots are
known to have changed ban 's yesterday morning. It is whlsiered that another bank is contemplating oneninr a
branch there, and altogether the
future looks rosy for Sapperton.
who will take charge of kitchen and
dining room in a private family.
Call at 407 Agnes street Thursday
cloth cover. Phone 3(iti. Mlsa Askew.
511 Summer street, off Sixth avenue
C, o'clock on Sunday morning, April
14, at 227 St. Patrick's street, New
Westminster, B.C., John McKenzie,
a native of Malagawatch, Inverness
i    county, Nova Scotia.
Funeral at 2:30 o'clock on Tuesday
i afternoon from    lute    residence.    No
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of  the  Incorporated   Society
of Musicians  (Euglandl.
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.l
Teacher of Pianof ot te, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R411.
For Spring Decorations
Have you been in this section and apprised its really
wonderful values? If not, now is the time you
should become acquainted with this magnificent display of Curtain Goods. A wealth of distinctly new
patterns are shown in Scrims, Nets and Madras.
62-tnch Cream Madras, tape edge, scalloped effect;      46-inch Cream Madras, heavy   pattern    effect,   and
rich designs.   A beauty .it, per yard  60c     good finish.   Excellent value at, per yard 25c
���ItS-inch  Drawn Scrim in fancy    check    and    stripe
effects; in shades of cream and ecru.    Special, per     r.O-liich Cream Madras with scalloped edge and bor-
yard 35c     (,ered Patterns; extra heavy    designs.    Extra   good
value at, per yard  50c
31-inch   Curtain Muslin, pure white, in fancv stripes,
. . _-. ,    , _ , , , 5l)-inch   Applhued Madras, two tone effect: in shad's
dots and Shamrock   designs.     Extra   specials,   per ,., ���,._._. ��� ���,i���������,i u������j���,    u.i������ . 7c���
* .  * of cteam; scalloped bordet.   Price, per yard ....'W5
yard 25c
New Colonial Draperies    5��ec,aJ Curtain Sale
luesday and Wednesdav
These Draperies adapt themselves to  innumerable *��*?*******&   ******   ** wmiswommjt
uses.   The soft harmonious colors or the rich strlk- 35c Per Yard"
in, .wo..      i  ���   ..  ���i^���i    i i     . . Inclu led ln ths great offering are curtain materials
lng effects give an added claim to most anv room ��� . ,
sold at 15c.   To cause some quick selling we put on
where the co.or scheme has been caiefully workel     sale tho lot at 35c.     Showing   in   this    range    are
out. Showing in a wide choice of colorings:  width      Scrims, Bunga'ow Nets, -Muslins, Madrnsses, etc.   It
36 inches.   Price, per yard  25c, 30c, 35c     cul'tal�� ��00ds are of interest >'ou 8hou'd sun��>' 808
this display.    I	
See Window Today.   Special 35c Curtaining Sale
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Near Tram Line
(1125) There are few finer 40 acre blocks ln the whole Eraser
Valley than this very one. Every s^.iare foot is under cultivation and
is almost as level as a floor with sufficient fall for drainage. The soli
Is a rich black loam with a silty clay sub-soil. By putting five acres
in potatoes and devoting the balance to hay or grain $1000 cash he
taken off this year. Thin place Is a.l ready for a god start. The
price will surprise yo-.i and ls good only for thirty days. Only $:',000
cash is required to secure thii.
Fe J. Hart & Co., ua.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window Display]
OfTlclal Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Everybody needs at leaat ON E    good    Whisk.     Here   are a flreat
variety, prices from 20c to 75c.
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles,
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
���PHONE 67
E��TA-Li;KEO 1891.
Westminster Branch. ��� cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00, 6:45 and
6:45 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, fl:00 and 0:30 a.m.
Regular week day Bervlce prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Can leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 6:45. 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., wRh hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. va.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���CarB
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter,     v
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at M:00.
Fraaer Valley Branch Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Coi stntlon
for Chilliwack and way points
nt 9:30 a.m.. 1:20 nnd 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.


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