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The Daily News Feb 20, 1912

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KM tt ttW^Ufmi
(f  5" if Office.)
*     Da
3   FEB K WW
VOLUME 6, N  <i IER 293.
Prices   Throughout    Britain
Raised in Prospect.
Labor Member Who la Alao Secretary
to Miners Meeta with Owners to
Discuss Situation.
London, Feb. 19.���While all the preparations that have been made in thc
coal lields of the United Kingdom are
for war rather than for peace, there
is just a gleam, of hope that the
threatened strike of nearly a million
men at the end of this month will be
averted. The fact has Just been disclosed that Wililam E. Harvey, the
labor member of parliament for Northeast Derby, who is secretary of the
Miners' Federation, accompanied by
flve representatives of the English
miners, ls holding meetings privately
with flve mineowners ln the hope of
preparing a basis for peace. Besides
this, the conciliation board of the
Englluli Federated Area Is also meet-
in; today.
Should progress be made in the
effort to reach a settlement ln ling-
land. South Wales and Scotland will
remain the chief obstacle to an agreement.
The authorities look on Wales as
the great danger spot and having regard to disturbances which occurred
there last year, the chief constable of
Glamorganshire has suggested to th?
magistrates that an application should
be made for the drafting of a hody of
1500 infantry and 110(1 cavalry into
���the affected areas.
In view of the approaching strike of
miners throughout Great Britain, coal
prices today were raised $1 per ton.
and rtffl further advances are expected.
President   of   Board   of   Tratlo   Want*
Everyone with City's  Interests at
Heart to Join.
A "Very Prosperous" Report Submitted by Electric Light Department
���Some   Figures.
A "very prosperous report" was submitted by the electric light department of the city to last night's council meeting. Nineteen eleven was a
year of great expansion, and 200 new
roles were erected ln the city.
Street lights equal to 200 arc lamps
were in service, and 3000 consumera
aud the same number of meters were
on the books.
Great satisfaction was expressed
with the lighting of Columbia street.
The cost of lighting K7 of tlie total of
109 ornamental standards, those (iT
alone having run ior a complete year,
was $745.50, and the cost of lighting
the whole system worked out at $2.58
per night, lt is considered that this
is about "the cheapest service tUat
could te rendered with efficiency.''
The department is employing fourteen
men in all, but four of these are temporary extras.
Several  suggestions are also made
in the report,   lt ts stated that to cope
with the steadily increasing business
one of two alternative  developments
will have to be carried out this summer.   The former of these is the addition of from $8000 to $10,000 worth of
copier to the system, and the second
the change of   the   primary   current
from 1000 to 2000 volts.    This would
mean, it is said, removing $2763.50 of
old transformers that will not change
over to 2000  volts, but  at the same j
time it would give the present wiring
a carrying capacity of four times tho
present volume.    Other requirements
are some form of speedy conveyance !
for the department, better   headquar- I
ters and the expenditure of $3000 on |
two new circuits for the purpose    of |
supplying light to the exhibition.
School  Board Has Right to
Build Says Solicitor.
Front Street Improvement*    Advance
Another    Step���Special     Meeting
to Discuss Agnes Street Plana.
Serious   Revolt   Possible   in
Flre in Grocery Store    Involves   Property Loss of Fifteen Thousand
Dollars���Partly Insured.
Certain Chinese Boys Divulge
Hiding Place.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen Waits Reply to
vltation to Go to Nanking-
Yuan Takes Time.
Peking, Feb. 19.���Yuan Shi Kai, at
last firmly established as president of
the ne*r Chinese republic, toaay is
facing a serious revolt in Manchuria.
Viceroy Chao Ehl Hsun, who recently ordered the massacres at Mukden, announces that he will never
submit to the republican rule, and ia
preparing to maintain the sovereignty
of the Manchus with every sword and
gun at his command.
Yuan, on receipt of the viceroy's
practical defiance, declared that peace
would first be sought through negotiations, but failing that, the army would
be used to thoroughly uphold the
ascendancy of the republic.
Nanking, Feb. 19.���Or. Sun Yat Sen
and members of the republican government, as well as the national assembly still are waiting for the official
reply of Yuan Shi Kai to their request
that he come to Nanking, lf the ex-
premier should refuse to come- the
situation wil) be complicated.
The observance of the Chinese New
Year on Sunday passed off without
disturbances. This is the last occasion on which the new year will be
celebrated according to the old calendar, because the calendar is to be
brought into accord with the Occidental system.
Money Was Not Found in Tipperary.
But Police are Uncommunicative
About Location.
South Vancouver, Feb. 19.���Early
Sunday morning the grocery store of
S. J. 'Miller at the corner of Forty-
eighth avenue and Inverness 'street,
was destroyed by flre, involving a loss
of $1500, of which $1000 is covered by
'Theie were unusual features In connection with the flre which it ij !of Montreal have been recovered dur.-,
thought will lead to an investigation. |jn* the ,last /f? days by the police
The depa. tment answered a call t J frojn certain Chinese boya in thia city
the premises at 1:30, and discovered a I Thls brlngB the toUU of ** recovered
KmaJ blase, which was extinguished I������? S * afb��ut *33'7���� ofwhictl
it had done damage amounting !B��zak- ��? A"!V".ian'
men found $24,380 under the sidewalk
,ot Fourth street.
Exact information about the latest
after it had done damage amounting j ^*"*' ,luc VT.'^H'   Zf?   f.?Und
to   perhaps   $25.   Again   at 3:30, the   pO88essi0n of *4130' whUe ^ wort
alarm sounded and again the firemen
made a run to the store.    This time,
however, the  building, which  was of i,    ,      ,
wood,  was  enveloped  in   flames  and ! ��* , <    tT??*' *"" "J" by^��
despite the efforts  made  to save lt, i fean8 cer'a^ c^t it catoe from Tip-
was totally destroyed, 'iperary park.    Several   Chinese    boys
ln a room adjoining the store, the 1j
proprietor  and  a number  of  friends
were  holding  a  party,   which   laste.l
into the early hours of the morning
The first blaze i-3 said to have been
started by one of the party who had
gone into the store to secure somu
nuts. A cigarette was left in the
vicinity of a kerosene tank and the
fire started as a consequence.
After  the  first    conflagration    had
been extinguished and the men warn-  8teadiIy on,tbe whole affair The hoys,
Egansvllle, Ont., Feb. 10.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier, for the flrst time since
Uie general elections, tUflavv.. .tl
weight of hi�� personal Influence into
the by-eiectlpn campaign tc.Uuy in support of Hon. Georne Grj-.tiauie. He addressed two meetings which were attended by over ten thousand persons
Activity, and a wider range of dis-
cuuton and inquiry, will, it seems, be
the Outstanding features ot this year's;
board of trade, l-'rcsident .). It. DOn-
can i.ulied u meeting of the council oi
the board yesterday ulteinoon, and
the < ualrmen of all committees were
assod If they had made up their committees yet. In most caseB an answer
in tne affirmative was given, and
everything was brought In line for
eneigetic work in the future.
Ksieclal attention was paid to the
agricultural committee, of which Mr.
Traves is the new chairman. Mr.
Tra i eu stated Ills firm intention to
take up tbe work of the committee,
which is said to have been neglected
in the past, Very energetically, nnd,
in fact, he said that alieady he wat.
in touch with five different communities, and many persons from whom
he was obtaining definite data and
statistics on the agricultural development of the Fraser valley. He means
to work (laid at theso figures, and at
the next meeting of -the board will
submit a report for the committee o;
last vear, which neglected to do so,
and will thus bring- the Information
of the board up-to-date und give tt a
sure basis on which to start this
year's work.
Several persons who feel that they
would like to Join the board ot trade
aro hesitating because they are not
business men ln the strict sense of
the word. "Have you the interosts of
this community ut heart T" Is the test
question thut President Duncan asks
such waverers. -'Yes." "Well, then,
join at once. There Is nothing in the
constitution to keep you out. Business men, mechanics, everybody with
tho city's Interest at heart are eligible.
They are the men we want."
The new president looks on the
work of the board as of great importance, and he wishes the organization
to enter every f.eld ln which material
interests aro affected. Every such
question, he feels, should be discussed
freely, but strictly from a business
point of view, without any suspicion
of political bias. "Only by taking up
the questions which touch the heart
and life of the community, can," he
says, "the board Itself be a live institution." i
Except for a tentative draft of
the proposed amendment to the flre
limits by-law attecting the alteration
or improvement of building within
the llie limits, only one subject raised
any discussion at yesterday s meeting
of the city couucil, and that was a
recommendation of the parks committee concerning the bulluing of a High
school on Tipj.erary. The city solicitor
had advised the committee that ln his
opinion the school trustees had the
power to erect a school building on
that portion set aside for school purposes whenever they chose to do so.
The committee accordingly recom
mended that ln view of the fact that
a majority of votes had twice expressed their disapproval of such action, the council should call the attention of the trustees to this fact, and
suggest that the council was ready to
co-operate with them to secure a site
at Eighth avenue an.l Sixth street
Alderman Curtis was very much
afraid of appearing to dictate to the
school board, as he thought the board
had every right to do as they pleased
in the matter without any questioning
of their authority by the council. He
vvas not, however, averse to co-operating with the board, and after it had
been pointed out to the alderman that
the recommendation did not attempt
any dictation the recommendation was
adopted as it stood. The remaining
recommendation of the parks committee was that the city engineer he Instructed to f::rnisli tlie necessary data
to determine the cost and feasibility
of the tentative plans, that had boen
drawn up for the permanent laying
out'of the north and south portions o:
Queens park, the descent and Toronto Plnre.    This  v.as also adopted.
Front Street Improvements. I**��� ilbotlt 10rt-'-   After the oetjWtony
Front aM-eet ihw.i'oSwea.BnMBi*.^!^ VioL* *&i	
oU>er atep  toward,  being  ��irrte.\ ���ut. \Vict6rU. to t"le uSTboat" to aonSvaV^A * VJorte. WVa^Vna <*!��*..
when the council adopted    the    cress \ prom   there   tliey   -wOY   continue  their' D��v��lo>sm��nt lmj��nd��.
sections prevared hy tha city .engineer \honeymoon    t0    Southern    CaUtornU.t
and Eoye .instructions on  the rewiv > rM wm be awny aUoK^.er aWt two \    " 	
mendation of the board of works tha<. < j^onths. ���- i     ^^^ .     _ .    0.     _.   , ,    ,        .
,tenders for the work be called tor Im-*^ wedding   the   bride   looked   a^ef 0'f a^'fe^SV'tm ��Z\
'' '��� "'���'"' ������ ��� \ charming in a dirts of copper colored   centrai park line of the B. C. E. R. ]
' charmeuse satin, with handmade ^m have three tracks, waa brought
tilmhiings and lace, whil3 her sister, |out al lasl nighi's hoard of works
Miss Norma Hoy, who acted as biides- j meetins- The Burnaby council had
maid, wore a gown of deep ivory sat.n | made a re(iuest to the company for
Four thousand more dollar* of tha
sum of $^i 1,000 stolen from the Bank
perary park. Several Chinese
are mixed up in the affair, and these
when first approached by the police
strenuously denied knowing anything
of the matter. Careful and persistent
questioning, however, at last led ar
little lad of under seven yeara of age
to disclose the whereabouts of the
money. This, it may be said, was not
in Tlpperary, but the exact location
of the cache has not been divulged
by   the   police,    who   are   forking.
e:l to he more careful, one of their
number again entered the store with a
cigarette and repeated the former
performance. This time the flames
immediately got beyond control and
the structure and its contents were
completely wiped out.
A very pretty wedding took place |
at 3 o clock yesterday afternoon, w.ien
Rev. J. S. Henderson married Edwin
Henry Johnston and Miss Aiina Hoy at
the holne of the bride's father, Mr" H.
Hoy, ex-mayor of this city. Only immediate relatives and very intimate
friends were piesent, but these num-
According to Gearing of Statements at
however, claim that they themselves
found it in the park, and moved it to-
the place where the police ultimately
recovered the money.   The sum found
amounts to $1000,    of which    nearly
$500 are in gold.   There ls no doubt
i that all the money found belongs to
:the haul made from the Bank of Mont-
', real. ���
That this is not the   last   of   the
; money secreted in Westminster ls the
' opinion of some of the best informed,
| who are in   close   touch   with    the
search, and  developments may occur
at.  any time, although the investiga-
ion    is being    conducted    with    the
greatest   secrecy.     Various   theories
the money coming   to   light   in this,
city, one of which is   that   a second*
evidence to contkrm Mat %m i
a�� yet.
Flag of the  United Chinese  Republic
Raised Over Legations of Empire
Agnes Street Improvements,
Concerning Agnes street improvements the finance committee recommended that a bi ecial meeting of the
council be called to consider these
and that a committee of the Hate-
payers' association be asked to attend. Also, it was made clear that
under the Municipal Clauses act the
council could not give more than $15,-
000 towards the scheme. The committee thought that the part of the petl-
London, Feb. 19.���The republican
flat of the United Chinese republic today was raised over Chinese legations
in Europe, the old flag, emblematic of
the Manchu dynasty being hauled
All Chinese diplomats today have
discarded their- queues ln accordance
with orders issued by President Yuan
Shi Kai, and hpreafter will appear at
official functions in Occidental evening attire.
Sales Manager for Armour   Company
Begins His Fourth Day on the
Witness 8tand.
trimmed with lace. The bride carried permission to build a sidewalk on
a bouquet of white roses and lilies of their property between Patterson
the valley, and the bridesmaid one oi' BtaUon and jubilee .station. The re-
red roses. Mr. H. Hoy, her father, I que8t ���,U8 denied, on the ground that
gav e her away, while Mr. Alf John- j it woujd endanger pedestrians and
ston acted as groomsman. The grooms that the jgnd WOuld be in use in the
mother was dressed in brocaded satin near future,
with a corsage bouquet of violets, and |     Th�� puMic works    department     11'
Mayor Lee Commends Canadian
dustrisl Peace Association to
City and Provhicei.
- , - -        -     -    ^ - ...v���   ��   .......a?..   *,.**.*t*.a.a   ara    nwv.u,   ...... t R&    DUiMlC     WOlX*        aOUariUIKll L        Ol   i
tion concerning the double tracking of   the bride's mother in an embroidered   victoria requested permission to con-       Mayor Lee waa visited yeeterday by
th�� B. C. K. h. be   referred   to   the   gown of black satin     The present of  >tpuct a spur Hne   from    Royal   Oak 'two representatives ef the Canadian
the groom to the bri.te was a pendant 18tation, on the Central Park line,   to (p        a8SOC|aH0n  who are canvassing
of aqua marines   and   pearls   eet   ln , the prl8on fann near Deer lake, the   Peaco a88OC,aU0n' wno are canvassing
platinum with ear-rings to match, and   B   c; g. R. to operate the line.   Tho   this city for support'for tnelr society.,
that to the bridesmaid a cameo pend- Jn,'atter was referred to the engineer.   The objects of the association are to-
ant and chain.    The groomsman    re-j    Acting Reeve  MacGresor was    ap-1 prevent the occurrence of strikes as
ceived a club   bag.   The   house   was   ported representative of Burnaby at,        h      ^088lble by the settlement ot
very prettily decorated    with   spring ! a meetintr of the Greater   Vancouver |muc        ^ossioie oy me ����"��   ��
flowers,  and  over  the  heads of  the   �����A^ aSeS to to held ?n Van-   dlsPutes between W��*** f*��f
couver on Wednesday afternoon. ployed in the    early stages of   their
A bunker site was favorably report- growth by means of consultation and
ed by the board of works. The pro- J arbitration. It is the belief of the
terty, which Is situated near Highland I members of.the association that the
park on the north arm of the Fraser, | terrible waste and suffering incidental
ls owned by iMiss Johnson, who asks ] to a strike can generally to avoided.
$22150 for it, by a bualness arrangement near the
On recommendation of the engineer I start,    before    passions   have   been
an Austin No, 12 rock   crusher   was
ordered to Le purchased at a co��t of
electric railway committee to take up
with the company and report, Their
opinion on the best method of obtaining the seven feet from the property owners was that expropriation
proceedings be taken, und the land
paid for under the local Improvements
scheme. All these recommendations
were adopted by the council.
Remission of Taxation.
couple, as they were married, swung
a   basket   of   tulips,   yellow   spring
Other Important matters dealt with I flowers and smllax.
ln the same report were   the   orphan
age s request tor remission oi the
taxes iu uriears on its pro pony, una
also the request of the Y. M. C. A. for
exemption from taxation aud light and
water dues.
\vlth regard to the flrst more time
was asked for, while on the second
question the clerk waa asked to
notify tiie association that the council
had no power to grant such exemption. According to information secured by the city solicitor in an interview
with members of the cabinet the mutter would have to be taken up as nn
amendment at Victoria and introduced
us a private bill. On the other hand,
tho committee thought that they
might grant the Y. M. C. A. a discount
ou light and -water taxes as long as
payment was made on or   before   a
There was a big attendance at the
regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Aii\lllary of the Royal Columbian hospital yesterday afternoon,
hnd much business was got through
Mlss Wright, president, took the
chair, and correspondence and accounts were dealt with. The lady
superintendent made a big demand for
sheet? nnd linen, which the purchasing committee was Instructed to procure. Mra. Lever ftnd Mrs. Ferguson
were appointed visiting committee for
next month.
Chicago, Feh. 19���The United States
government continued''its' Inquiry into I dil'�� *'��� eci^f-     ,
6 .��� .   .  _        .   ������ I    llie question of accounts came up
the selling system of Armour A Co.  for a Inoment on t���e 8UggestIon   of
when th�� packers' trial was resumed | the mayor,  and  lt was decided    to
today.   H. A. Russell, beef sales man-, make some arrangement whereby the
ager for Armour & Co., who has been
on the atand four days, was recalled.
Government Attorney Sheehan asked the witness what was meant by a
telegram sent by Mr. T. G. Lee, of
Armour & Co., to the Boston manager,
stating that the prices in that mar.
ket were away out of line?
"It meant that the Boston prices
did not compare favorably with the
figures from other cities, I suppose,"
replied Russell.
different committees and their chairmen could go through the accounts of
their departments and check them
over before recommending their payment to the council. With this end in
view it was decided that all accounts
should be in by the tenth of each
month, and passed on the Monday preceding the twentieth. In the Interval
the committees will be expected to
examine them carefully.
Alderman Gray sel/.ed this occasion
"Would he know any   moro   about | to state that he intended to propose
the market in Boston than the branch
house manager T"
"No, I don't suppose he would."
Government Attorney Sheehan then
took up the subjoct of test cost and
"Did you ever see a summary sheet
with two different test costs on the
same lot of cattle ?"
Kussell said the "memorandum
cost" used by the sales department
and branch houses was simply "a
price mark to shoot at."
In the estimates the appointment of a
purchasing agent by the council, an
officer whom he thought necessary tq
the olty. ��
Trackage Problems.
Opposition to tho construction of an
interchange at the foot of Begbte
sireet nt the west end of the O. N. R.
tracks was raised In a letter received
from W. F. Butcher, local agent of
that railway compnny. In hie letter
he stited that he had ingtrnctlons rot
to allow such an interchange to be
Imado   without   authority   from   the
Old Timer Leaves the Coast.
Another old timer and one of many
stirring memories, who -is to leave
British Columbia, Is Mr. E. S. Busby,
inspector of customs from the Great
Lakes to the Yukon. He has heen
promoted to go to Ottawa as superintendent of inspectors for the Dominion. Mr. Busby was closely connected with the flght for law and order
and respect for the British flag in
the wild days of the Yukon gold rush,
and haa spent much of hls fifteen
years in British Columbia at Skagway
and Dawson. All his old friends will
be sorry to see him leave his office
in Vancouver, where he will bo replaced by itor. T. R. Boyce, of Port
���������'-- ��� >       ���  .-n
superintendent's office. Until he received such authority he must see
that tbe interchange was not placed.
The B. C. Brass Co.. Ltd., notified
council that it had purchased most of
the eastern quarter of trackage lotn
6 and 7 fronting on the C. P. R. and
extending south to the Brunette river.
The company was ready to donate 38
feet from its property if the council
would build a 66-foot road connecting
with Brunette street. Mr. T. 8. Annandale, the letter stated, had consented to do the same on lot 8 under
these circumstancei.
The finance committee was asked to
report on a suggestion received from
Mary Agnes Vlvenen of tbe little Indian reserve on the North Arm, that
she should be given $21:00 to quit that
property, as she had failed to secure
a crown grant to lt.
Only one tender was received for
towing garbage scows out to sea. That
one was from And. Alcroft, of the SS.
Stranger, at $60 a trip. The health
committee will report on this.
Aldermen Kellington and Hold gave
notice that they intended to bring in
a street hv.law and a plumbing regulation by-law.
Vancouver, Feb. 19.���Mr. Gavin D.
CrosB, who resides at 1094 Denmau
street, sustained a broken leg and
plainful body bruises through beln^
jammed between a southbound Grand-
view car and an nutomoblie at the
corner of Granville and Davie streets.
Mr. B. F. Smith, the owner of the
automobile, who resides at 2494
Seventh avenue west, was speeding
along Granville street at night when
he noticed'a man just ahead starting
to cross the street. Tooting a blast
of warning Mr. Smith reduced his
speed and gave his car a sudden twist
into Davie street; the machine skidded, however, and carrying the pedestrian with it, crashed Into the Grand-
view car which appeared at the
psychological moment Mr. Cross, the
victim of the accident, was pinned between the auto and the car tor some
few moments, his right leg being
crushed in such a manner tbat at first
amputation was thought necessary by
the physicians at the general hospital,
where he was taken in an ambulance.
In an automobile accident near the
same corner a day or two ago, a lamp
post which carries three cluster lights
was broken down, rendering the corner a dark one. His escape with his
life was providential.
Mr. Cross is a master mariner, an
Allan line man well known on the
Fraser river and on the coast. He
waa running a steamer on the Delta
until a few days ago.
He is brother-in-law to Mr. Cock-
aura  of tbe Daily Newa staff.
Resolutions have   been   passed   by
the Vancouver, New Weatmlnster and
Victoria boards of trade and by tho
Master Printers   and   Decorators   of
Vancouver endorsing the   objects   ot
the association, and Mayor Findlay, of
Vancouver, has also written a letter-
to this effect.   To this list Mayor Lee
added his name this morning by writing the following letter:
"P. H. Scullin, Esq.,   secretary    and'
manager Industrial Peace association of B. C. '
"Dear Sir,���I have very great pleasure   ln commending   the     Industrial!
Peace association to the people ot thin
city and province.     It seems   to me
that tbe structure of bar civic and.
national life should hare for��� its foundation   absolute  confidence   between
the industrial worker* aad the trustees.
of capital.
Your association hai for ita object
the bringing together of thes* two
most important features fn oar national life, and judging from the objects
of the society, I believe If properly
managed it will become a very Important factor and one that will servo
the whole people moct advantageously.
I wish your society every success In
its organization and development, ami
can heartily commend It to our entire'
"Yours truly,
"JOHN A.JLBB, Major.""
 " .T^wj-Try'i..* -
Burned B. C. E. R. Shack.
The man Ross who waa charge!'
with burning a B. C B. R. shack near-
Milner, and had elected to to tried'
by judce and jury, reconsidered hi<��
decision, und yesterday e'evted for
speedy trial. At the tumo tJ*ie he
pleaded guilty, and wan remanded tu,
a future date for sentences
m ���*     PAGE TWO
V'iste Paper or Rags.
StE? fi tarteE0rvVlmCraa-  *** 475 and we will collect, free of
dock, British-Canadian Home Builders, Ltd., 626 Columbia stieet.
BmaU family. 230 Third street.
Phone L436.
for ready-to-wear department; must
have experience; no other need apply.   The T. H. Smith Co. Ltd.
Land to clear or grade. Contracts taken; estimates given
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant on cellars or foundations,
in the city and will deliver either
pasteurised milk or cream to any
part of the city or district.    Milk,
S quarts for    $1.00;    cream, 30c a'phone 1074. 214 Fifth Ave.
pint.    Phone your    order to R 873 |	
Dairy, Queens-
or write Glen Tana
boro. Lulu Island.
ble Range; Canada's Pride; on
easy terms. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
Health    Department.
in large or small  quantities  at $33 : 8
per ton, or $1.75 per sack; guaraii-!
tee every potato sound;   free deliv- j
ery within city;  terms cash.    Hatt
Cook, 527 Front street, New Westminster.   Phone 550.
for   the    Collection
The Corporation lias installed a
Garbage Plant and expect to collect
from the Householders one can of garbage per week. ri he size of the can is
iven below.
also set
per cent, butter fat; pastuerized.
from herd of purebred cows; all recently passed government tuberculosis test. Handled in most sanitary manner. This is worth looking into. Mothers who recognize
the value of pure fresh mill; for
their children should apply to H. T.
Hardwlck.   Phone L552.
ed house with all modern convenl
ences.   Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
keeping rooms.   224 Seventh street.
unfurnished,   housekeeping     apart
ments; steam
water.   Apply roqpi
corner Agnes and Eighth streets.
The rates of charges are
out in the Schedule.
The Corporation does not bind itself to coiled at any specified time,
but collections will be made weeklv
or thereabouts.
Metallic tags will be used as payment for the collection of garbage.
These tags must be purchased from
the Tax Collector'3 Depai tment, City
Hall, only, and will not be sold in less
than one dollar quantities.
Tags cannot be purchased from the
Collectors and they are forbidden to
sell or attempt to sell to any perso.i
same under the penalty of instant
Every person must deliver to the
garbage Collector a tag or tags in
payment for the collection, at the
time of collection, in accordance with
the before mentioned schedule of
The Corporation will not be respou-
sihle for non-collection of garbage
should a collector be unable   to gain
Development Work Going   Forward���
Expert   Brings   Enthusiatic  Reports.
Some idea of th�� wonderful development that is taking place in our
new north empire, Graham Island,
which area embraces at the same
tim�� unlimited resources and valuable opportunities for the miner, farmer, lumberman and fisherman, is
given by the various prospectors who
have s;ient considerable time in the
north country and who return bubbling over with enthusiasm as to the
wonderful wealth of Graham Island,
which occupies the greater portion
of th�� Queen Charlotte group, an(i iA
situated from the mainland of British
Columbia, a distance of about 04
Masset Inlet, the great natural harbor, is situated about 74 miles, and
Skidegate Inlet, about 82 miles from
Prince Ruiert city, and Prince Rupert city is to be the railway commercial centre of the northern empire.
Princ�� Rupert will receive and discharge thousands of tons of freight
each month, which freight will represent the product., of the broad open
prairies east of the mountains as far
as Winnipeg, and freight in the form
of raw material and manufactured
goods from the Orient, and millions
of tons of wheat, for which it is the
only outlet to the Orient. The enormity of the commerce of this port
will be greatly advanced by the development of all the contiguous territory, which territory embraces Graham Island, and iirominently situated
on Graham Island is Skidegate Inlet,
now so well and favorably known in
conjunction with the British Pacific
Coal Company's huge development
weeks time. The property will then be
one of the largest and wealthiest anthracite coal properties in North
! America and can vie with the famous
Pennsylvania coal flelds which havo
made millions of dollars for many
men in the past decade.
"No man need be afraid of his holding in this company. No man need
worry about its future. There is
enough coal exposed now after the
development and permanent wont
that has been done to satisfy any individual that the stock is worth at
least par, at the capitalization of the
company today, \\neh the mine is
ready for shipment the stock readily
sell for $10 per share.
"I feel that it is a great help to
the western country that they hav.)
this large body of anthracite coal,
which will find a continuous increase
in value in the market.
"They should feel grateful that this
company can ship at such an early
date.    .
Unlimited Possibilities.
"I would emphasize the fact that
the experienced coal man will be more
than, surprised at what he will flnd
in this tunnel, and what h�� wlll see
should he visit the property. Those
who have visited the propeity feel
satisfied with the wonderful wealth
of coal, and with the unlimited possibilities of this mine. It is the experienced coal man that I shall be
most pleased to take over the property since the more he knows about
coal, the more enthusiastic will he
leave the property."
Mr, Reid is not a man who would
be classed as an optimist. He is not
the bubbling, windy kind that ono
would expect to find in a field in
which there has been a rich atrike.
His cool, candid manner of describing the property is convincing, and
is a most substantial endorsement of
what lie has to show the visitor to
the pioperty of the British Pacific
Coal Company, Ltd.
Continuing, Mr. Reid said: "Certainly this pioperty has been worked
with a good deal of perseverance and
persistence. When work was started nine months ago we did not promise  to produce   coal   in   commercial
On the Princess Beatrice, whicli ar .
rived  in Vancouver Monday, Feb.  5,  quantities in a few week, but, there
Andrew  Reid. fuperlntendent of the >��   ?.ver>\ inU c"lon .thal ���!��   a �����*
work of the British Pacific Coal Com-! 'nonths  Ume this m>n* wil1  b* shiP"
pany, Ltd., arrived in Vaneouver, after an absence of nine months. Mr.
Held is widely known as a careful
coal miner, a man who has had 30
years experience in practical work, in
conjunction with some of the greatest eaal mines in Scotland. He is
reliable, careful and candid. Then
too,  his  wide experience serves him
ping a substantial tonnage of coal
daily." It is the one mining company
that today is prospecting and putting
in development work.
A company that is doin- things in
a quiet way; which puts such men
as Andrew Reid in charge of development work, and who, ln a persistent  manner is  opening   up a prop-
housekeeping apart assist tlle Health Department in this "'" Z"{*T'coei\ Comoanvs pronertv
i heated; hot and coid' .-,���_ *.. f,,-.,.,, ���������, in .��������, nlaces "Bn ^dclIlc (-oal Lomp-"- s p�����P��w
, room 9  K. of P. hall, ���*�� 5 i t?,vlniTt      ^ P'        , and  has  been the   means   of saving
front room on first floor. 703
Agnes street, opposite library.
near Columbian College. 112 Fourth
access to the garbage can.
It is expected that the   public will I ^ E'toiStor^'wwi on 'the Brt-  f,rtJ' alonB vneticaX and well proven
'    ���''���'���  "       ���     '��� lines, proves the company's desire to
practice economy.
Mr. Reid stated that the Paciflc
Coast had a right to be proud of this
property and that the fires that wlll
be fed from the coal o�� the mines of
the British Paciflc Coal Company,
Ltd., will be the brightest, warmest
and cleanest fires on the Paciflc
Coast, whether they be in the house,
the furnace, on the boat or elsewhere,
since the British Paciflc   coal   being
finder will be rewarded. Pleaso
take them to the Market Square,
"Westminster, and put them into the
pen. M. O'Malley, Cosmopolitan
as can be easily got at.
Any complaints as to the incivility
or non-attention of the Collector; or
the non-collection of garbage, must
be mad�� immediately to the Health
.'inspector, giving full particulars of
| the complaint, together with the complainant's name and address.
Special collections can be  arranged
hy giving reasonable   notification   to I
the Health Inspector at the City Hall.
The following regulations have been
passed by the Co-mcll-. 1
I    1
each house is required by law to pro-
considerable expense. His mechani
cal ingenuity, his under-ground plan
of work, his business acumen, has
been the means of giving a more
prompt and a more profitable return
for the effort and money expended
and the profits of operation should be
double on account of his foresight in
the preliminary work.
New Field  Is Very  Rich.
aujhraclte, carrying (J0 per cent fixed
carbon,    will    give    the
amount of  heat   and   the
amount of ash.
Mr. Reid, -when questioned by a reporter at his hotel in Vancouver as to
the outlook for the British Pacific
Coal   Company,  Ltd.,   said:
The owner, agent or occupant of'    "*'ne l?001*13. ago I���WM ��'ilt'e(1 ta
house is required by law to pro- ch?r*��. of celt'taln  work, ?u ^ P���P-, ���        ,      .      .
vide separate aud proper receptacles W^-"��� a minor capacity. My expe-' Quaint R*Mc of Olden Days In Great
to hold garbage and ashes. Hence  of  uu  years  a* a coal   miner I | Britain.
2. Garbage and ash cans should be ilold me th.en as my constant appli- jpew, indeed, must be the county
of sufficient size to hold not less than!taUon to ,he work has Voven since.' jties and provincial towns of any im-
15 gallons, nor more than 30 gallons !that the P^P^ty was a very valuable prtance in England that have not
and must be circular.   Cans must be jono as  t0 coal   wealth, a s to   coai >}, t a market cross of some kind or
FOUND���AN EINGLISH SETTER placed In a position on the ground' measures' and a8.10 lts economical i ....other. Whether it consists of some
pup about four or flve months old, iloor of the premises, easily accessi- working basis: since the measures j r,itely pile of masonry, adorned with
black and white spotted. Telephone ble to the collector, and when filthy, arf so situated 'hat tunnels may be j s ituary and chased as perfectly as
112. | leaking or in any way defective, must driven t0 admit of working the prop- j tr,a . craftsman's  chisel   can   beautify
' ha  ranairoH  or renewed. erty at the minimum cost.   The work-I -Mnework or of some plain and sim-
3. Put into garbage cans all ani- ins is situated about one mile from ' j,,. cross of stone, just hewn from the
mal and vegetable refuse   from   the  saJ' ,wat^f, and a deeP harbor at that' ro,;k and reared upon a granite base,
and wart3 permanently removed by
Miss E. Short, ot Vancouver. Room
8, Collister block, Wednesdays and
Thursdays.    Phope 978.
Notice! ���
In consequence of the rapidly increasing volume of business, it is or-
���dered by the council that in future no
kitchen, rags, waste paper, old shoes,  wnlel1 wl" enable the corporation to  jt serves a similar purpose.
rubbers, floor sweepings and all mis- BhlP lts coal at first cost in the face      The fact is that, though the greater
cellaneous refuse that can be hauled of the. ken��st competition and trans-  number of these crosses were set up
4. To have a clean can at all times,
ar.d this department suggests that ali
garbage be drained, before putting in
can. It will then neither smell badly
in hot weather, or freeze in cold
5. Send all orders for service and
report all complaints to the Healt.'i
Inspector, Phone 70, City Hall. ; whatsoever, but, speaking as a
fi.    Every person having scavenging | ti('al   miner,  and   for  thc  benefit
portation. | ,n the flrgt inBtahce as' monuments,
I "I have worked ln many coal mines ! the principal part, they play in the
, in my life and I have yet to meet' business life of a town today is tho
i with a proposition whicli as to coal | practical role of a landmark. It ls by
wealth, ease of working and economi- them to a great extent that distances
cal production, can supersede this ! are measured locally; such and suoh
|property.    ::.  is  truly   the   Pcnnsyl-' a spot is said to be exactly half   a
no exception to the rule.
These quaint old  relics of bygone
times must have witnessed   a lot of
history in the making. Many of them
doubtless were well  acquainted with
the types and characters of tae mediaeval  English, so cleverly  described
for us by Geoffrey Chaucer in his legends,  his  knights  and   squires   and
smiling country millers; not a fov* oi
them  might remember the troublous
period that was marked by the Wars
of the Koses; and certainly recall tne
stern  faces of Cromwell's  dragoons,
or the clank of bit aud scabbard as
Prince    Rupert   with    some   railing
Bquadrons  rattled  through the town.
There was a time, during tne seventeenth century,  when  these interesting monuments were in grave danger
of being one and all demolished.  The
wave of Puritanism that passed over
j England hand in hand  with that po-
ilitlcal ferment that was subsequently
I known  as the great rebellion  raid a
i heavy hand   on   more   than   one o:
1 them.
I    An instance of this was a famous
lold cross that stood close to St. Paul's
! cathedral    In    London,    which    was
j known    as    "Paul's    Cross."    It    is
known to have existed as long ago as
1259, and Queen Elizabeth is : aid to
have listened to a sermon preached
from Its base on the occasion of thc
rout of the Spanish  Armada, but   in
1643 lt was demolished by an order
of    parliament,     waltham    Cro.u    in
Essex is still standing and Is a fine
example of Gothic wdTTTffanshlp. Ch'-
I Chester,  Bristol nnd  Winchester    all
| have remarkable  monuments   o'. tic
I kind.    The marked cross of Chlchee-
I ter Is the Only complete one in Sus-
I sex.   It was erected by Bishop Storey
In the reign of Henry VIII., a  clock
having been aided to it by a certain
I Dame Farringdon in  1724.    it is duo
I to additions cf this nature that many
of the crosses have altered bv decrees,
a little here and a little   there very
soon   works  a   considerable  change,
although the groundwork of them la
seldom altered.
Temporary   and Eternal.
A newspaper says there is a temporary egg famine. A temporary e��rg,
it is obvious, Is a fresh egg. The
kind you get out of cold etorage are
not temporary, they are eternal.
It is part of my professional
service to show women how
to correctly wear their corset*
Let me select and fit, in the seclusion of your home, that comfortable, clasiy, perfect garment���
\ Spirella Corset
No other is so
flexible, yet permanently shape-
retaining as
Light, cool, sani-
tary.com fortab le.
Guaranteed for
one year against
rust or breakage.
My personal
services are free.
I guarantee a perfect fitting, modish
Spirella Corstit.
An ��ppoinlm��it with
ae pUcct no cUigtlios
oa you����� arranged to
y-nir convcmcr.ee.
Post earjor phona
calf will bring ma.
'Phone 981
��~J tha tvlnB* >*>********* h U*,!'JU",���
Mrs. L. McLeod
Office  Hcura  1  to 6 p.m.
(i25  Cslumb-a   St.   'lew  Westminster.
D. McAulay
Tel. 7C1. Cor. Gth and Columbia
vania of Canada. mU^, from the market cross.    So it ls
''I have no^interest in tlie property I now> and Bo, no doubt, lt has been for
prac-j centuries.     Right down   through  the
of  ages thes�� city landmarks have over
i Take LAX\TIVR BROMO Qui-'.-A
Tablets. Druggists refund money ii
it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S Big-
nature ls on each box- 25c.
We have no hot air tu peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
.applications, will be considered by the . work done by the city, shall pav to , >'0UI" readers, 1 may say that the ; looked the
Board of Works unless such applica- the city the following fees una 'Property bears out my statement and I folk on a
tions are received seven days before  charges, that is to say:
���the date of meeting on February the
ll'th inst., and on every alternate Monday thereafter.
Kdmonds, U. ��, Tch. 12, 1912,
per cart  load,
and nil
Works Department.   Tenders for Road
The Corporation invite Tenders for
ihe supply of thu following:
Seven dump wagons ttwo-vard ca-
Six dump carts.
Pour wagon |,;oars (Hamilton),
Two read graders ilarge siz^).
Five wheel scrapers.
Kighteen Blip scrapers (large size),
with runners.
Eight No. 1 Oliver Chilled ploughs.
Pour Pick Ploughs.
Further p;irtiou!ars to be had on
personal application to tho Municipal
Tenders for Die supply of any or all
the above, F. O. li. at Bdmonda   Sta-  papers and rubbish must \* placed a:
���tlon, B. C E. R. to b�� delivered to the
undersigned, on   or   beforo   12   noon,
For hauling refuse
Packing out, per load, 50c.
Picking up dogs and cats, 50c
Taking away horses, 15.00.
Tailing away colts, 1 year
der, $2.
Taking away cows, $5.00.
Taking away calves, l yeai
der $2.
Taking away pigs, 75c.
Taking away goats, 75c.
Taking away sheep, 75c.
Taking away flsh, offal, 75c for
half load or less, and over to $1.25.
Taking away slaughter house offal,
75c for one-half load or less, and over
to $1.25.
Emptying dry earth closets. $1.00.
One load ashej or rubbish, per load,
Losb than load, ashes, $1.00.
Ono load of cow manure, $2.00.
Pick up orders, per can for garbage.
25c.    Koch additional can 10c.
Ail of the above prices are governed
by Section 2 of these rules.      Ashes,
thei 2litli day   of   Fob: uary,
Compt roller.
Municipal  Hall, Edmonds, B, C. February, MS, 1012.
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
Tan<��� ten  Ptralghteued out
Curtis Block City Box 482
tho back entrance or curb where
easily accessible, otherwise an additional charge will he added for time
required ln carrying and handling
Scavengers will make daily rounds
through the most thickly populated
parts of tho city; namely, commenc-
in;; at the foot of Tenth street and extending to Royal avenue, thence east
as far as Leopold Place, taking In
Front Etreet, Columbia street, Agn��s
stK'ct. Carnarvon street, Royal avo-
nue; nnd on Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays of each week to every
occupant of any premises within the
city limits.
Health Inspector,
throng  of   busy  country
market   day,   while   tho
heavy  wagons,  laden  high  with produce,  rumbled   past them   over   the
. cobbled street or the flocks and herdB
It i| there that t of the farmers entirely  blocked the
narrow thoroughfare.   From genera-
one i    15D ition to generation, in spite of rough
handling at seasons, they  have been
held in aftectlonate   regard   by   the
townspeople, and in  this  light   it Is
easy to see how they very soon came
to be treated geographically as   tha
axis of the city.
Clearly no single explanation would
over suffice to account for the oiigln
or them all, and probably but. few of
these  crosses  can  trace   their existence to tlie same cause. Often enough
they record the name of some early
of """'saint or local mar"vr, a  bishop or a
I havo , hermit.-, In some '      1 they mark the
. ,.     .   . of ,h- 'halting place of a     -/al  progress in
"���"       '   '"-  Vancouver of mal  from ' the times  when   travel   and  convey-
|" leve the two lem   ances in general were of a most prim-
wlden (mt after|itlve description and the state of tho
Indicate  it   main roads utterly unthinkable from
our modern point of view,  they may
unj | Property bears out my statement and j folk   on   8
I  shall  be  very  glad  indeed  to show
anybody over the same if   they   will
.take the pains to call at my office on
I lhe company's landn
they will find a tunnel 215 feet lon," '
I which  bas an Incline of
un- 'eet.   ,,\t loo feet rrom the mouth its
la coai Beam six feet thick, which coal
lis of the finest quality anthracite and
will run in the neijhborhool of 80
ier cent lixod carbon. | hav,. trace!
this seam of coal over one mil,, on
the property.
This one seam wil] Bhip LOOO tons
a day for hundreds of years. Coin in-
ulng further into the property i have
cut across several seams of anthra.
Cite coal, one of these being two feel
eight inches in thickness, anl
very finest quality anthracite,
brought  .samples  to  the offl ������
all the seams.    I
eight inch seam vvill
working as the  measures
to be a largo body.
"I expect to return north on Saturday and am taking a large number
of miners to complete the develop-
ment work which will take about six
weeks more. At the end or this time
the property will bo in Bhapo to ship
a suhstanial tonnage of coal every
"The next seam of coal In the proven teams measures four feel and In
all probability will widen
memorialize some battlefield ln the
vicinity, or they may havo been the
gi,rt of some ancient burgher to his
native town.
The traveler today quickly discovers th:'t a market, cross does not necessarily imply the presence of a market, in Its immediate neighborhood.
Some    markets    etill    surroun.'     th��
cross, but In mony cases the old mart
lo six  feet   itself has entirely vanished to a more
of   solid   anthracite    con!.     VV
CUI this within thc next 2nd feet.
There Is another seam close to thla
one which Is six feet of solid anthracite coal, making a total of t ot leas
Mian ten feet and ln all probability
twelve feet, of coal. Tills twelve teet
of coal will he cut In thc las' 200 fee)
that we will open In this tunnel: the
total coal pean; measurement will hn
between 18 feet and 20 feet. This
work will be completed in a''o:i! six
remote part of th�� town, and the
croRH Ih not. to be found opposite the
municipal buildings or at the main
crossroads. Sometimes It happ<%is
thai but little remains to signify that
the monument before one was prim-
aril v erected aB a cross, Alterat'ons,
additions and repairs carried out in
vp-vlns Btylei nnd nt different periods, very soon change the anresr.
anc of nnv form of h"iHim\ and ln
this respect  the market Crosses ate
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigsdeep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right proportions to cleanse
easily, vigorously,
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
uLet the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Made by THE  N.   K.
Makers ol FAIR"
SOAP, thc oval cake. . la**** SM
Prospect    of    Peace   With    Germany
Permanently   Brightened���rMists
of Suspicions Dispelled.
Manchester, England, Feb. 19.���
Sir Edward Giey, the Secretary of
State for Foreign Affaire, male an optimistic speech here on the present
relations of Great Britain and Germany. Referring to the visit of Lord
H'aldano to Berlin, Sir Edward said
the reticence In regard to the details
of the statements made by Premier
Asquith in the House of Commons
and Chancellor von Bethmano-Holl-
weg in the Reichstag did not imply
that there was any lack of cordiality.
Something had been achieved which
he (Sir Edward) believed 'had permanently brightened the prospect and
would dispel the mists of suspicion
which had risen from unfounded rumors. Tho interests of both people.
Sir Edward declared, made peace
between the two countries necessary.
He did not believe that there could
be any prmanent estrangement if the
truth were given a fair chance. He
expressed the hope that Premier As-
iiulth, In his statement ln the House
of Commons, had forever disposed of
the great untruth that Great Britain
meditated an attack u?on Germany
lost summer during the tension ever
the lVanco-Gcrman negotiations in
relation to  Morocco.
��� ���������������������������������������*���
��� ���
��� <��
Now is as good a time, as you wiil
ever have to start in the poultry business    telect  Ue   uretu   you  preen
ti.eoe are tne lowls you will succeed
wiin.   ouy iue ceot s.Ooi; or eos.& i***U
your means can anord.     i'u,c   bivu
fowis can   be   uouglit   so  reasonable
that theie is   no excute   U;r   i.eji.ie'
keeping un  assortment of  scruoss and
mongrels that are an e>e-soie io the
owners and nel^hbois.    Take any o.
tne cianuard va.ieties;  they have ail
been uled and au.e t.icir good ijiia.i-
tieb.   il it is the egi', market >oi ax*i
atttr, try  any of   the   Meoitcrranean
class whlcn include the Leghorns, .\ii-
iii,.'cas,   VV hue-raced   Blacrf   Spanish,
Blag Andalaaians and Anconas.    The
Lej.horn  Will  iuy  more  esgs   on   thel
same amount oi food una in the sarnd
si ace of room than auy other breed:
aiio a very popular bird in Uiu l*uo*i
room,    i i.en  there  is the great M--
norca, a strictly business breed as a
layer and table fowl,     ffhey ; re the
Livers of big, white eggs that  weigh
two pounds io the do lu.    As ,. tail I
fowl yo.i v.aut something to eat, got I
hold oi  a   long-bae.iOd    Minor v 3   ......
ami she will wc.itvh fiom six and a
hull to oljclit pounds. '1 he in,- wholesale and retail meat nnd poultry dealers of. tlie eaat say the Minorca, witli
its white BKin, tender, Juicy aad excellently flavored flesh, U nearest IJ
turi.ey, and fur ahead o? av.y other
bleed they handle, lu cate:ing to t.ie
trace of restaurants and hotels tho>
arc ca, able of Judging these things.
r'or broilers, capons and early
roasters, com mond those old fuvo -
iiii the Brahmas and thu Stately
Lan; shann.
The ^ood ail-the-vear-ro'ind Rtiti'l-
bvs are the Hocks, Wyandottes, Orpingtons, and that grand jrood tb.it
has idiiie to stay, tho beiutlmi
llhode Island Ked*. 'Ihey excel all
others as winter layers; there very
cobir cries out. lay or bust! They n-e
���[ilnndld foragere. good mothers and
an a tahle fowl hard to surpass.
No single bree:! haa a corner on
other bradt In the poultry world.
Stay hy your choice. It lsn'l a matter of what hiced you h inrile. lift
good mann;,omcnt and prompt attention.
���Surrey Centre.
It It Liable te Plav Pranks With the
Wash In Yellowstone Park.
Nntiire'H gifts are widely and variously distributed, lu one place tbe
elements of things ure given, to be
made avallahle hy labor; elsewhere
sbe provides things ready for man's
use To gain our bread the seed must
be llrst sown and months afterward
the grain harvested, thrashed and
ground. But the native of the Pacific
Isles plucks bis bread from the breadfruit tree. Perhaps nature foresaw
the overworked nud not overstrong
housewife to whom "washing day" is
a dread and burden wben she established bere and tbere natural wash-
tubs and washing machines nnd in
some places even provided ready made
in tbe Yellowstone National park
tbe family washing Is easily disposed
ot The soiled bedding nnd clothing
are put into a stout bag. wbicb ls
hung in one of tbe boiling springs and
left tbere while tbe party wanders
about sightseeing. When taken out
the clothes are xo clean and white
tbat no rinsing la necessary.
On one occasion a party hung their
bag of clothes In tbe basin of the geyser called "Old Giant" nnd. wandering
off. were absent longer than tbey Intended to be: While they were away
the "Giant" spouted, and the garments
were thrown high In the sir, torn into
shreds and scattered.���Exchange.
A Bad Habit.
Mrs. Brown���"Mrs. Jones I'M t^fl
worst habit!" Mr. Brown���"Whst It
it. dear?" Mrs. Brown���"Sh" tur-is
around and loo'is bnrlt every lime wa
puss on the Btreet?" Mr. Brown���
"l'ow do you know sho does?"���
He'll Have a Fit.
A building In Gait that used to d 1
senlee as an armory hns been turned
Into a church. lust, wait till Sam
Hitches gets wind of this.���Guolp1!
SinM Taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets"
.Has. J. Merkhuger, Waterloo, Ont.,
enthusiastically recom mends Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tublcts. Iter experience with
tbem, as she outlines it, explains why.
"I waa greatly troubled with uiy
stomach", she writes. "I had taken so
much medicine that I might ray to take
any more would only tie making it
worse. My stonmch just felt row. I
read of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tabids,
and a lady friend told me they were
very easy to take, so I thought I would
give them a trial and rt ally they workrd
wonders. Anyone having anything
wrong witli his .stomach should give
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets a trial,
they will do the rest. My stomach is
fine now and I can ent any food."
One of tlie many good features of
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets is that
they arc so pleasant and easy to take.
The relief tliey give from heartburn,
flatulence, biliousness and dyspepsia is
prompt and permanent. Try one after j
each meal���-they'll make yon feel like
a new person.
50c. s box at your druggist's compounded by the National Drug aud
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. )49
"Rubbings"   on   Paper   From   Ancient
Tablots and Monuments.
Chinese men of letters are exceedingly fo|*d of ancient records In the
shape of long scrolls of paper "rubbings" from famous stone tablets and
monuments. The Mu I.I Chaug stationers of i'eklng are extensive traders
In these. They send special agents on
long trips to shrines or arrange with
tiie local people nt the place of a
noted monument to tnke paper nib-
hings from It. The usual rubbing in a
Beld of black where tbe face has been
Inked, the lettering cut into the mar
hie remululng white on tbe paper rub
To the foreigner ln China riihhlnc*
from the tablets the one left by the
Nestorlmi Christians at Slonfn. Id
Shensi. about (100 A. D. and the M<v
btimmedap tablet lire especially Inter
Those from the tablets at the tem
pie of Confucius nt bin burial place.
C'hefoo. In Khan til tiff, are ainous fhe
collection* Of the Chinese mini of edu
cation. So ninny rubbings Inive been
taken from several Of tlie Inblets
which t>e:ir line iMivtrnlts of Confucius
that the lines and the letters on the
stone bnve become so fnlnt Unit the
governmenl tias prohibited further
robbings being taken.-New York Sun
Man  Mora Liquid  Thon Solid.
Kvery litter nml .very t-vll thnt eater*
toto th��- fonnntli'ii of n   living body  \r
��� ��ii lied   In   i:io|��i in-,.,   by   which   im-nii"
alone these ultlinme elements nre kepi
alive nntl nre eimlili-d ttt curry out then
duties     Even tbe bones, which n|i|ient
tO be tbe uimt solid of all. owe more
than half their weight lo the presence
of  fluid     That  our  txidles contain  a
large amount of fluid  Is proved   In a
striking manner by the blisters wbicb
rise   after   the   Indletioo   of   a   bum
Water. In fact, plays a very Important
part lo fhe human anatomy,  for If  la
tbrough Its agency flmt the vital proe
esses of digestion, abmrprloo  mid  tbe
excretion   of  waste  products  are  ear
Hed twit.    To reduce the whole tnntfer
to flirures and tuklitK IM fioiind* to be
the  tola I   weight  of  au  average   full
arrown man. It la snld that wafer alone
accounts for 1U* |k>uiiU�� of the ubole
This  Reptile,  ths   Most   Venomous  ef
Snakes. Is Death Itself.
Tbe most venomous of snukes Is mid
to be the Echls carina tn of India, it
is about eighteen inches long aud of a
gray color. The creature is death itself nnd enrries in Its bead tbe secret
of destroying life wltb the concentrated agony of all the poisons.
The Echls carlnatti ls tolerably common In India, being found ln neurly
every part of tbe peninsula.
Fortunately, however, for man, it ls
not. like thu cobrn, n bouse frequenting snake, for its aggressive habits
would make It Infinitely more fatal to
life than its dreaded relative.
This king of tbe asps does not turn
to escape from mnn. as the cobra will.
or flush into concealment, like the ko-
rint. but keeps the puth against its
human assailant und, pitting Its own
eighteen inches of length against its
enemy's bulk, challenges and provokes
A stroke with a whip will ent lt In
two or a clod of earth disable it But
such Is Its malignity that lt will in- ���
vite attack by every device at its command, staking Its own life on the
mere chnnce of Its adversary coming
within the little circle of Its power.
At most tbe radius of this circle is
twelve Inches. Within it at any point
lies certain death, and on tbe bare
hope of hand or foot trespassing within its reach' the Echls carlnata throws
Its body into a figure of eight coll. j
Then it attructs attention by rubbing
Its loops together, which, from the
roughness of the scales, make a rustling, hissing sound, erects Its bead ln
tbe center and awaits attack.
It is said that no one, having once
encountered this terrible  reptile, can I
ever forget Its horrifying aspect when
thus   aroused,   lis  eagerly   aggressive
air,  Its  restless colls,  which,  in con- 1
stunt motion one over the otber and
rustling    oninotisly    nil    tbe   while,
stealthily   but surely   bring it nenrer
and nearer pj the object of its fury.��� I
Great Manufacturers'
Por One Month
The Scheme That Won Them and the
Way It Was Worksd.
A man who used to be In politics and
was a constant borrower found himself in need of u new hat Imt he
couldn't find uuybody who would lend
bim u cent.
Finally he went to nn acquaintance
and Kaid:
"I want to borrow J.10 for flve miu-
"You can hnve !t If you will put up
a couple of lingers for security."
"Nix. Now. I've got a scheme. You
lend me the (Iffy and you needn't let
me get out of your sight If you do
it I'll stake you to a new hat"
Mystified, but curious, the acquaintance agreed to this, nnd (lis two repaired to u iirominuut hat store.
"Watt a minute." Raid the adventurer nnd left Ills backer dolus sentry
duty on the sidewalk.
(Picking out tbe most Important looking personnite In tbe More, tba politician went up to him nnd said:
"1 am So-and-so of the   district
I bnve come tn pay for two hats for
wbich 1 hnve given orders on you to
two of my constituents."
Wltb that be flashed a flfty dollar
There was a scurrying around, a
search ot books and a reply tbat uo
audi orders hnd been presented.
"Just look oat for tbem. will you?"
���aid the district leader, waving tbe big
bill, wbicb wan hypnotic ln Its way,
for ibe clerk bowed low and said.
Half an hoot later two orders wers
presented and two bate left tbe store.
���Chicago 1'ost
20 to 30 % Discount Off Regular Prices
We are very much pleased indeed to say that we we are now
permanently located in Westminster. We have a' very heavy
stock of Pianos; more In fact than we have room for, and to
clear them all out in a hurry we have decided to almost give
away. No reasonable offer refused. We claim to have the most
beautiful, best selected stock of pianos ever seen. A visit of in-
Inspection will prove to you that what we say is absolutely cor-
rest.    Every Piano Is  marked in plain figures.
Prices range from $275 up.
Player Pianos from $550 up.
And just think of Twenty to Thirty per cent discount. PIANO
CERTIFICATES ISSUED and ALL PIANO CERTIFICATES HONORED, no matter by whom issued, same to apply at full face
value on the purchase price of any new Fiano or Player Piano in
our store. Special full scale, beautiful little Piano made in New
York was rented a few monts, is as good as new. It's yours
for $185; and another, a little better grade, was $500, will be
sold for $350.
Office and Stores for the present, Travers' Real Estate Office,
421 Columbia street, New Westminster.
Tortoia. Shell.
Tbe finest of tortolxe abell hi eald to
be tbat tvhlcb eomea from tbe Indian
��� rrhlpelnuo. a It hough much of that
���tit a I ned on the Florida coast In of lb?
very tiest quality, nays the Scientific
American. There are three row* of
plates oti the luiek of tbe animal called
"bludea" hy the fishermen. In ihe
eetittiil row are live plates and In eacb
of the others four plate*, tbe latter
containing the hetit material. Besides
these, there are twenty-live small
plate* around the edges of the shell.
known as "feet" or "tnww." The iilg-
gem turtle doe* not furnish more iban
sixteen |��iuniis of shell. Formerly ilw
niulersiieii mus discarded s* worthless,
tun now It Is much esteeimtl tor It*
delicacy of eolnrtna. Sometimes mil
'atlon of tortoise shell Is made of thst
boroH or cowa.
A Pollosman's Duty.
Some of the answer* given by phb-
dldufes for the Chtcijgn police force at
a recent examination were:
"The duties of n policeman ai> to
guard the pence nnd limb of the city."
"If I found a mun on my bent snf-
fertnc wltb a broken leg I would ask
hlm bl* name, tiddres*. age. occupation, married or single, and wonld tben
see If he would rather go bome or to
a hospltnl."
"Burglary Is ��� crime where you
crawl In o man's bouse.with the inten-
ilon of intimidating to steal."���Chicago Tribune.
Auction  Sale   of   Lois
Under Instruction* from the Surrey
Municipal Council I will offer for sale i
at Publlc Auction on
Tuesday, February 27
at 1:30 p.m., at the Clarington Hotel,
South Westminster, 29 lots In resu'u-
division of Lot 23, of subdivision of
Section 16, B. 5 N., R. 2 W.
The lots will be offered for sale
singly, and have an Indefeasible
Terms of sale, casb. ,
C. M. C.
Tho History ef "Stepmother."
���"Stepmother" 1* a word tvllh a com-
mon I.v unsuspected history. I'rotmhly
inoKt people lf called upon to explain
lt would say tbat lt meant a woman
wbo had atepped into tbe place of tbe
trne mother. Or. Johnson, at any rate,
believed that thl* was tbe suggestion
of tbe word to most mind*. Itenlly.
"step" 1m tbe Anglo Saxon "steop," the
original meaning of which appear* to
have heen "orphaned." Stepchild, step-
bairn, stepson and stepdaughter came
first, nud then by gradual fading of
the etymological meaning of "step"
stepfather nnd steijmother came into
being ���l-ondou Chronicle.
Hls Systsm.
"Do you eount your chickens before
ihey nre hatched?" asked tbe visitor.
"You bet I dol" any* (be denier in
mining stocko and promoter of town
rttes. "I not only count 'em before
they are bntrhed. but sell 'em before
the eggs ure lnld."-Judgo's Library.
a want of sympathy leads to thd
greatest Ignorance in th* intellect u
well ������ in tbi b��trt.    K. ��� ..^	
Japanese Landowners.
A landowner tn Japan owns the surface and products ��f the laud only.
All mineral* under ttoe surface appertain not to hlm. but to tbe Japanese
govern input. Moreover, should tbe
government or It* nominee wish to
extract the mineral* lying under a
landowner'* property the latter, though
he would, of course, receive cumpen-
sudoii for loss, cannot object on legal
ground to the development of tbv*
minerals.-Itrltish Consular Report.
His Motion.
"De meetln* bad to disband very sudden."
"Did you make tbe motion to adjourn?"
���I did."
"!K,w did yon do Itr
"I made n mot imi like f wn* nwchin'
fob a nusor/'-I'lttshnrgh I'reas.
Properly Placed.
"John." exclaimed tbe inebriatw!
printer's wife, "when you come horn*
In that condition at tbls unseemly hoar
I hardly know what to call youi"
" 'At'* awrtght. m'denr," cajoled thi
printer. ".Tbs' put me tn the too late
to classify* department.H-tJudge's Ll-
l,r"7- . %... ...
Connecting wVtU 8.8. "Prtnc* 3otm"
tor   Port   Simpson,   Port   Nelsou,
Stewart, Massett, Skidegate, Pacofl,
Lockport, Jedway,   etc.,   also   tor
a*   ���   un .    .   �������' M        points on the Grand Trunk Paciflc
S. S. "Prince Rupert       Railway.
3500 Tons;   7000   horse   power.     ���_,__,,,   _. _,,__ . .,    -
From Johnson's Wharf. EVERY  SATURDAY    for
North; Saturdays South. VICTORIA and SEATTLE
Through Tickets to Eastern Destinations  via  Chicago.    Your choice
of Routes.
City Offices 527 Granville Street.
Telephones:    Passenger Seymour 7100, Fright Seymour 3060.
Express Seymour 7988. Vaneouver, B. C.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611   Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally News.)
He the North Easterly half of Lot
2, Block 13, in the City of New Westminster.
Whereaa proof of the loss of Certlflcate of title number 1132F, issued lu
the name ot the Westminster Masonic Temple Company, Ltd., has been
bled at this ofllce.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published !b
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certlflcate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Offlee, New  Westminster, B. C, Jan. 27, 1912.
Ke lots 43. tli, 47, 48, i>7, tS and 61,
62, 63, 64, 65 of lots 8 and 11 Suburban Block 13, ln the City of New
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 1455F, issued ln
the name of Sarah Ann Douglas, has
been flled In this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Ibsuo a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
. be made to me in writing.
W. 8. KBBTH,
i District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westmlnater, B. C. Feb. 16. ini 2.
The Golden Cow is the trade mark of the St. Charles Condensing Company.
This nign on a can of Evaporated Cream stands for purity and quality.
There is no other cream just like St. Charles Cream. It combines at a
low price the highest quality and the greatest purity, the finest flavor and
the greatest power of nutrition. For infants and growing children, for
nursing mothers and invalids it is a necessity. Por the strong and well it
is a luxury. It is equal to the best of ordinary cream for all purposes. For
many purposes it is infinitely superior. In using St. Charles Cream, whether
for mfants, for invalids, or in ordinary cookery, you toi* no chances.
lUndwnc booklet of valuable information to nwtlwra ind nimms tmal fi st upon application.
Sold by "Bott Grocers E*oeryt*hcrtt ���
ST. CHARLES CONDENSING COMPANY      H       it     InttetttM. Ont.
������;.:.. PAflR Fomt
The Daily News
Published by tbs Dally Newt Publlsb-
4*9 Company, Limited, at their offlces,
of McKooKle asd Victoria
<L Lockle Brown Manager
TUE80AY, FEBRUARY 20, 1912.
'it*    .   ". m       ������      '   '       ��� m
The debate ln the House of Com-
mon�� makes it clear once more how
dWfeH>1,^ Js to.take the tariff out of
politics. Jn qict, it Hems to be quite
Impossible, says the Ottawa Free
The Minister ot Finance and the
Premier each i>ut forward good argumentsta taibt of tbe creation of the
proposed tariff commission as an advisory board. They each admitted
that ft'was tW intention to appoint
the members of the commission from
the standpoint of the party now in
power, that is the party which Is Inclined to fl��6r a higher, rather than
a lower tariff. That was their right.
but they dM not seem to realize the
circumstance that they were offering
the Liberals it tehance for retaliation
when their tiihe comes once again.
It is quite evident that the Tariff
Commission, as designed by Mr. Borden atflT"Wf.~ White, ls to be a commission which shall go thoroughly into thet whole subject   It is apparent
of Albany, only Bon of tbe youngest
of Edward Vll's biothers, and   who,
educated ���.at  Kton,  has  now  become |
,mor�� of Teuton than any native-born. !
The Duke of Connaught is a godson
of the great Duke of Wellington, tbe
victor of Waterloo, and lurnishes the
only instance, at any rate In modern
times, of scion of English royalty being sponsored at his   christening   by
any one member of one of the reigning houses of Europe.   The old Duke
of Wellington,  who was   devoted   to
Queen Victoria, whom he had known
since    her    earliest   childhood,  was
much interested In the birth   of the
Duke   of ~<Obnnaught,   and when   at
Buckingham   Palace    he  asked    tho
nurse, in his brusque, curt way, immediately after the happy event had
taken   v'ace, whether   the new-born
child   was   a girl or   a boy, she answered him, in a manner that Thackeray records as follows in   homely
Then MrsnUlly, the nuss,
Toward them steps with joy.
Says the brave old Duke:
Is Is a gal or a boy?"
Says Mrs. L. to the Duke:
"Your Grace, it Is a Prince.'
And at that nurse's bold rebuke
He did both laugh and wince.
Perhaps it  was  because   the   Iron-
Duke was his godfather, and became,
in a measure,  responsible for hlru- -
at any rate for his spiritual welfare���
that    he piesout go.ernor-general oi
Canada is by taste and profession a
soKlier.    Until he threw up his office
of  inspector-general   of   tho   British
forces   in   the   Mediterranean   three
years ago, as a costly and useless sinecure, In bitter disgust with the present administration of the war department by Lord Haldane his whole life
from early  boyhood  was devoted to
In All Arms of Service.
He has been attached in turn to
every arm of the British military service, and in the invasion of Egypt of
1870, old Emperor William bestowed
Alexandria,  and culminating   in   the
that ttief dbpilre to start upon a cer-  British military occupation of Egypt,
tain b��fl6 <&&tmess. but it is also j wWch has continued ever   since   he
1 commanded the brigade of guards at
apparent that-It 18 to be a commis-, the baU,e of Tel.el.Keblri where he
sion with leanings towards a high s0 distinguished himself by personal
tariff rather than to a low tarlo. gallantry, that on the strength of the I
And" we, theretore. while in entire, reports   of the   German   military at-1
* Ji aa.CH. \i        i     i��.i�� ������.   taches with the expedition, all veter-
favor of thacteaUon of a tariff com-l^   of the    Fran^German war of
mission, have come to the conclusion ' lg70p 0;d Emperor William be stowed
that the" proposal of Hon. Mr. White j up0n him tihe Prussian Order Pour
is not sufficient to meet the demands ; le Merit*, founded, by Frederick the
of the people.' What the people ask I ?reat; anKd *he military cross of which
, r   r��� jg on]v b��Btow��d for som�� r.^eciall>
is a  commission which   shall   throw {remarkable fcat of gafiantry ana aar- j
light upon all the operations   of the , ing. I
tariff, boti as concerns producer and      Afterwards   the Duke   cemmandei! !
consumer;.; mM the government pro- for flve years the British and native j
', d'Si;.      . ...        . troops  of  the   Indian   presidency  ofi
posee is a secret inquisition, the de- J HomybaV(  and  during h{a ���tay  there I
tails   of yhose work   shall   only be: i,e anu^.he   Duchess endeared   them-
available for the Minister of Finance '. selves to all, white and dusky people j
and his colleagues j alike, by their unaffected   kindliness, |
That will not   satisfy the   people. 'bhy . their    simplicity   of manner,  by |
' ,      "     i their solicitude for every kind of suf-1
The only excuse for the creation of a.
lering, and   by  tiie  tact  with  which !
the Duke  restricted  his role to that '���
of the mere soldier, without allowing
his royal status as a   prince   of the j
. . biood to in any way impair the posi-
before the House falls in that regard,; tlon and prestige ot thv governor of
And it will not meet the demands of J Boinbav,  and   of   the   viceroy  ot  In- *
dia. j
Perhaps the best work that the ���
Duke ever did, as a military man,*
-was while president of the so-called I
board of selection, that in say, the i
board  organized  lor  the  puTpese   Ol |
tariff commission is to secure a body
which will throw the limelight of publicity upon tho tariff.    The bill now j
the public untfl more publicity is secured.
Take tor Instance, any ot the combinations in restraint of trade with
���which this country is now "blessed.
What satisfaction will it be to   users  choosing the men, irrespective ot sen
iority, tor promotion to the more or j
less  important  commands.      Util  he ',
became    president,    rank   favoritism ;
and   petticoat   influence, not   merely
influenced, but actually controlled, all
advancement in the army.
The DuKeput an end to this. Ho
was insensible, of course, to any sucn
thing as social Influence, and that
petticoat persuasiveness had no
weight with him whatever is perhaps
best shown by his singularly happy
���home life. I
Duke   Is  Rich.
The Duke, whose  eldest  daughter;
ls Crown Princess of Sweden, is   ex-1
tremely  well  off.    He receives,  first,!
and foremost, an annuity of $125,000 j .
, a year from the British treasury, out I ,
of the civil list, which is accorded to
��� l the crown in  return for the latter'B
CROWN. | relinquishment  to the nation   of the,
*}, enormously valuable crown lauds that
Royal Heir Tumi pack on Hereditary i >leld toda>' a revenue far larger than
Privilege. j l^e ��'v'' Hit, so thut the nation ls a ,
The   Duke   of   Connaught, who   is ' ��ai,neru by, Ul���  ,bal'feain-      Then   Uw '
now filing the office of governor-gen-  U,Ue h,f     s "a,ary ot $r'0'0uli a>'edl'';
eral of Canada, enjoys the distinction,; p'UfL allowances  as  govamor-geaeral i
shared of course, by the Duchess, of   ��f  Cana?a;   . Moreover^   he    war
hailng refused a tfcrone, and the same ��� Queen���N lclor,la 8   fllYOrlle   cn*ld
thing  may  be saM of  his   daughter, !one "ho nad D(ever fa"Mgjfcer   a:ly
who in point of looks and of char* of I '"W""-^ principal  begtgtiarfl unmanned Is regarded as the most fascinating member of the dynasty exer-
of canned goods or of cement or of
lumber, or of any other half a dozen
items ot daily us�� to be told that the
combination will-have the chance to
go before the commission and state
its caae?      Even supposing that the
consumers also have the chance   to
state their case, what good will it uo
if the procc adinga are held in secret.
What the people of Canada want is a
���commission to investigate the tariff,
iwhich shall be as open to the geuerul i
public as id iue Railway Commission,
a body wheie th<6 common consumer
i* heai'J a& readily as the producer.
The governmeijrt bill fails iu t.iis regard, and in this regard it will not receive the support of the people.
'isin^' sovereign sway over the Brit- j
isii    Empire.    Kor    1'rincess Patricia
is known to have rejected tho   hand
of Alfonso XIII.
The throne that the Duke o.' Con-1
naught and his wife refused, largely,'
it is said,  at   the   instance   of  their
three children, was that of the sov-1
erelgn   Duchies  of   Sa\e-Coburg
Gotha, in Germany.      These had be-
der her will, aud her fot^tine   was a
'very  large one, the real   cs'.iite   embracing a considerable portion of the
| Metropolitan   district of  South   Kensington.
j    Finally, the Duchess of Connaught
[is very rich In her own right.-    She;
inherited    large  fortunes  irom    her
mother,   and    especially   from     her
father, the late  field marshal  Prince
..Frederick   Charles,  in   bis   day   th��
'""' I wealthiest scion of the 'house of Hoh
enzollern, and the caj tur of the great
Queen Victoria's husband, the Prince!
Consort. When Duke Ernest died
without leaving any legitimate issue,
his throne should- have gone to his
dead brother's eldest son, then Pi ince
of Wales. The latter, however,
waived his rights, and those of his
son  George,  in  favor of  his   second
longed  to  Ernost,   elder   brother   of   , , ,   ,.
French  stronghold  of   Metz,   with  its
garrison of near 200,000 men, in   the
| war of 1870.    The Duchess is thus a
1 soldier's   daughter,    and    a    soldier's
| wife,    and    is colonel  of one of the
regiments  of  Prussian  infantry,   for-
mefly commanded by her father, who
! was celebrated   as   tlie  Ked   Prince,
and sailor brother, Alfred,    Duke   of
Duke Alfred's only son predeceased
him, and then on his demise the
crown of the twe- duchies went by
right of succession to the Duke of
Connaught. Tho Duke of Connaught,
however, came to'the conclusion that
the life of a prince of the blood of
England, holding Uie highest offices
in the army, was preferable to that of
.a petty German sovereign, in theory
an ally, ln reality a vassal, to his autocratic nephew, Emperor William.
So he refused the.thrones of K-ixe-
butis. Gotha, his only son, Prince
Arthur, following suit, and thus it
was that the sovereignty of Sa.ve-Co-
burg and Gotha passed to the Duke of
Connaught's  nephew,   Leopold,   Duke
owing to his scarlet Hussar uniform,
and to ltls somewhat brick-red complexion, and who was renowned by
military experts as the most capable
cavalry commander of his day.���
New  York  Sun.
Were Not Detained.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 19��� The Persian authorities at Ensel! have failed
to detain F. B. Cairns and the other
Americans who formerly composed
tlie staff cf w. Moryan Shuster, the
ex-Treasurer-General of Persia. According to a st. Petersburg dispatch
of February l.'l, the Persian Government telegraphed orders to the municipal authorities at Ensell and
Resht instructing them to detain the
Things Are Going To Move Here
I tell you there is going to be a big demand for city real estate this summer
And the man who buys today will sell
again at a big profit in a few months.' .
You know just as well as I do that this
town is bound to go ahead���that nothing
can stop its advance^-that the wave of
prosperity is going tc)'hit us, and hit us
hard. 1
You want some of these good things.
Bestir yourself and get in now���ahead of
the other fellow, he'll have to buy from
Take one of these lots. Make your idle
dollars work overtime for the next few
months. You'll never get rich hoarding.
You got to invest, and^invest right.
Now, Then, Which of These Do You Want ?
This is Really Too Cheap
Lot on Fourth Street, between Fi'fth Avenue and
Sixth Avenue;size 51^x148^ feet. Two blocks to
car, excellent residential site. Price only $1350;
terms one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Here's a Big Lot
Hamilton street lot, near Sixth street; size 50x150
feet, partly cleared, h gh and dry. Price 11156'
terms,   one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months'.
itl the West End
Lot on NatiSibio street. %ear Fourteenth street;
cleared and facing south; size 66x132 feet; magnificent view and close to cut-off. Price $1,175;
terms   one-third cash, balance G, 12 and 18 months.
Business Property
Fine lot on Sixth Street, near Agnes; size 66x13?
lane at rear. Price $21,000; terms to arrange. This
is a dandy site for a store.
Swell Apartment House Site
Two fine lets, all cleared, 132 feet square, facing
on Hoyal avenue, Dufferin street and Alice street;
.fronting on city carline. Price only $10,000, one-
quarter   cash, balance easy.
Right Close In
Large lot on Carnarvon street, all cleared, with
3P.-foot street at rear. Ready for building, Price
$��000;   t,,...tnce to arrange.
Here are Some Snaps
in Houses
Five-roomed house on Seventh street, near Queen's
Avenue. A snap at $2625; terms $500 cash, bai-
ance easy.
Eight-roomed house on Third Street, between
Queen's and Third Avenue; cornering on lane, garage, etc. A snap ixt $4000; terms one-fourth cash,
balance easy. ,
Seven-room house on Fourth Street, between
Third and Fourth avenues: modern, large lot ln
lawn, line at rear. Price $4000; terms $1200 cash,
balance over four years, 7 per cent.
New Nine-roompd house on Fourth Avenue, near
Eighth Street: lot 66xlf>\ fn-'n- ro't��tf: floudid
view, bath, two tollctfs,. i-ot vpter hp^'Inr. large
open flre-place, cement hn***met*t cement laundry
tub*, etc. Price $6500- terns e-s'-. na owner Is
leaving for the East. Flrsr payment very reasonable.
PHONES   170-173
614 Columbia Street New Westminster
at the
Pythian Roller Rink, Feb. 23rd
Good Prizes Good Prizes
Admission 10c.       Skates 25c
Brunette Sav/ Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B.C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build fer sale or rent while prices are low
Here Is Your Chance to Buy
at Your Own Terms
The lots are all cleared and In grass; water, Il^ht ��nd telephone
right there; the size is 50x100, with lane; the terms are $75.00 cash
and tho balance $76.00 every six months[
Let us give you further particulars about these lots as you do
not get the chance to buy lots on such easy terms every day.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.      Vice-President.
Sec. and Treai.
Manufacturers  and   Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phonea No, 7 and 877,   Shingles,  Sash,  Doors,   Mouldings, Etc.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway Depot.
Phone  1105.
SAPPERTON���Eight roomed house on Columbia street for $3500:
$2000 cash, balance to arrange.
LANGLEY PRAIRIE���Close to B. C. E. station, within flfty minutes'
ride of city���FORTY ACRIOS; thirty ready for plow, six slashed,
four standing alder; fenced. $275 per acre; onethlrd cash, balance to arrange.
Exclusive Sales TUE8DAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1912.
Hockey Enthusiasts Look Forward to
Great Game at Vancouver This'
Westminster will send over a bunch
��of enthusiastic rooters to watch
Jimmy Gardner's men clash with
Frank Patrick's septette at the Arena
���i-ink tonight, in what promises to be
tine of the most fiercely contested
hockey games of the season. Vanoouver needs to win this game in order
to have anything like a fair chance of
coming out on top at the end of tbe
season and qualifying for the trip east
after the Stanley cup. Westminster,
on the otber hand, will secure euch a
lead by a victory this evening that\he
championship will be more than half
way to this city.
With both teams dead eager for a
victory that means so mucb, a sterling brand of hockey Is assured. Both
teams will be out at full strength, and
��very man will play for all be is
worth. . ��.
Ernie Johnson, the big coverpolnt
upon whom tbe Royalists depend to
auch a great extent, has now completely recovered from his recent accident ln Victoria, and will again be
a stonewall all by himself. With the
Moose ln flghting trim, the wise one3
.cannot see anything hut another victory for Captain Gardner and his
As usual arrangements have been
made for special cars, running direct
from this city to the link. On these
free transportation wlll be given to
all holders of dollar seat tickets.
Theses cars are chartered by the
Weatmlnster Hockey club and only
holders of tickets are entitled tQ
travel on them.
Two hundred tickets have been
placed on sale ln this city, and It Is
expected that these will all be disposed of. Mr. P. VV. Luce, the secretary of the local club, makes a request
to all intending to see the match to
purchase their tickets early, so that
additional cars may be chartered if
.necessary. This forethought on the
part of lovers of hockey would prevent overcrowding and permit of tbe
trip being made >Q more comfort
than was the case ten days ago when
a number of passengers were compelled to stand on the car.
L. B. Lusby, one of the members
of the executive of the Westminster
club, has been spending a few days
in Seattle, partly on private business,
but also looking into the scheme for
the establishing of a rink In that city.
Mr. Lusby will return today in time
io attend tbe match.
the novelist has not kept his own mo-
tor car, but, in the eame letter, be
expressed his intention of having a
powerful one shortly. Bennett's
friend ppines that the novelist probably will choose a seaside residence ln
England, and that he wlll do a good
deal of entertaining.
.Tonight in the billiard league
���co.untiwijs will play Burnaby,
*>''' Wen by "tf la Wit T'
On one occasion a dress rehearsal at
His Majesty's theater was prolonged
till tbe small hours of the morning.
The company grew very weary, pag;
Ocularly a gentleman wlio had been
���with Sir Herbert Tree In a. good many
fS-oilucfloni tuH wlic? bad never attained to more tban a very tiny pari
When the time came to rehearse his
few lines be was so Ured that his voice
was anything bnt distinct
"What's the matter, Mr. Z.T asked Sir Herbert ln hls most sarcastic
tones. "Are yon earing your voice fot
the rehearsal V
"No, Sir Herbert," wss tbe retortj
"Pre never been able to save anything
under your management"
Sir Herbert, an exceedingly witty
man himself, was so pleased with the
retort that tbe salary of tbe small part
man was raised.���London M. A. P.
CrtfopoieVaT Night. "
A gentleman visitor to London wai��,
during the night,, awakened by weird
?lr>LiP.3.of ghostly music. He sat up
in bra'and listened, not displeased,
despite the interruption of his slumbers. The music was low, lifting,
and full of charm. Presently it ceased and the listener slept. Next morning he mentioned the experience to
the friend with whom he was Staying.
"Oh." paid the friend, "that was Mr.
Pelissier. He lives just a little lower
down the road. We often hear him at
nights. If an idea enters his head
while he is in bed, he jumps out and
makes straight for the piano and tries
it over."
Dread* Friday. a.
Jiipe. Clara Butt confesses to being
father superstitious, especially about
Fridays. She says: "I suppose it is
foolish, but I am afraid of leaving
town on Friday to take a long journey. I avgid it if I can. When I
sailed fof Australia from Tilbury on
a Friday I made our whole party go
down the day before and go on the
boat. We remained all night at the
hotel, ab that I could feel we left
London on the Thursday. People chaffed me, but I felt happier about it."
Tall Peeresses.
Lady Galway and the Marchioness
of Itipon share the distinction of being the tallest peeresses. The occult
fascinates Lady Galway, who is able
to tell some "creepy" tides of which
she herself is the heroine. She hai"
wri.tten prose, poetry, and plays, and
is also an excellent platform speaker.
Tha Imperial Cup.
Manaser Grant, of the Rovera, baa
secured the Imper. '1 cup to be shown
in New Westminster for a few days,
befoie It finally comes to rest here
for th�� remainder of the year. It is,
aure, some cup, and the Rovers will
certainly play hard to bring the hand-
.some piece of silverware to the Royal
City. Messrs. Watson and Clcgg, of
the Imperial hotel, Vancouver, are
the donors ot this splendid prize for
the soccer clubs of Vancouver and district.
Tbe Rovers and Thistles will play
off the final to determine Its possession on March 2, at Recreation park,
Vancouver. That game should be well
worth watching, as Thistles are playing a great game, at present, and the
Rovers have never been in better
form. Arrangements will probably be
made for a special car to take over a
crow.1 of Westminster supporters on
the day of the match to cheer the
local team on to victory. The cup It-
.self will be on exhibition today at the
pool room.
All the   members   of the   Rovers'
team are asked to turn out at 7 o'clock
tonight for training at Queens park.
It is important that everybody ahould
be there, as the match against the
Celtics on  Saturday  will  be a hard
��ne.   This match ls for the first round
of   the   National   cup.   Celtics   and
Rovers have already met four times,
and each team has two wins to    Its
credit.    Rivalry  between  the two Is,
therefore, keen.   The last match they
played was   a hard   one,   when   the
Rovers \.on out.   It ls hoved that next
Saturday they will be aWe to repeat
their victory.    Another piece   of   Ill-
luck,   however,    has    befallen   them,
Eraser, the smart Inside left, having
left      two      for      Clinton,      B.    C.
Fraser has a relation who runs    the
general  store ln that,
work there.
Always Kept Fit.
It is a curious fact that Sir Charles
Lawes-Wittewronge, who died recently, and who was one of the finest all-
round athletes of his time, had no
great belief in training. "Il you keep
yourself always 'fit.' " he onoe remarked, "why should training be
The Flavor of Tea.
Tse flavor of tea ls contained in an
essential oil. With age the oil decays
and the agreeable aroma and flavor
of flne tea Is now destroyed. Tea
keeps better In sealed lead packets
than lt does in open chests or can-
nlsters, but It deteriorates more or
less under any circumstances. Presn
tea is aa necessary to a successful tea
trade as fresh butter is to a successful
butter trade. No wholesaler or re-
taller should keep a pound of tea in
his stock for more than four months,
yet, with some, the fashion ls to keep
lt for years, during every day vof
which lt is deteriorating. In Ceylon���
that land of eternal summer���every
bush ln a tea garden ls picked over
every week in the year, and you always get it fresh and fragrant ln the
"SALADA" packages. "SALADA"
does not show the dealer ns large
profit as other teas, but It gives him
through his customers, more satisfac
A Simple Treatment That
will Make Hair Grow
Now Sold in Canada
Every up-to-date woman Bhould
have radiant hair.
There are thousands of women with
harsh, faded, characterless half, who
do not try to Improve it.
In England-and Pails women tak
pride ln having beautiful ha'r. Every
little town on | Canadian   woman   can have lustrou
Cariboo  trail, and  has  gone    to j and i,ixuilant hair by using SAL  IA,
He will be badly missed, | the Great American Sage Hair T nic.
Local Broker   Has Ambitious   Project
Under Way.
A chain of real estate offices that
will stretch from Montreal to Vancouver is to be established by hxe
flrm of W. J. Kerr, Ltd., making thia
one of the largest businesses of Its!
kind on the continent.
The flrst of these branch offices
will be started in Montreal and Toronto. The Montreal office will be
under toe management of Mr. W. I.
Goodwin, until recently at the head of
the Vancouver branch of the firm."
Mr. Goodwin ls already ln the east
making the. preliminary arrangements for a" location, and^ will be
ready to commence active'operations by the end of this week. W^,.
J. Leetscb, for the past year manager of the Farm Lands Department,
leaves today for Toronto, where he
is to take charge of the branch office in that city. Mr. Leetsch is taking with him four salesmen who have
for the past two weeks been familiarizing themselves with the land of
In the Fraser (.'alley, a big campaign
in Toronto being projected, In order
to meet the growing demand for
Brltieh Columbia agricultural land.
The decision to open branch offices In Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,
Regina and Calgary, was reached as
a lesult of the success which has attained the sale Of live-acre fruit
tracts by mall. The presumption is
that with men who thoroughly understand tne Eraser Valley located at
these points, the flrm will be able to
do a much larger business than has
been the case when all negotiations
had to be carried on by correspondence. The salesmen who accompany
the managers of the branch offices are
are all men who are familiar with the
district, and this, it ls expected, will
give them considerable assistance, In
asmuch ae they will be able to compare conditions in the farming districts of Ontario with conditions on
the coast.
An attempt will be made to interest a number of farmers in a certain
district, and it will be arranged that
one of the number will be selected to
come to the Fraser Valley an.l see
what he and his associates are buying. This system will be more satisfactory to the sellers and purchasers,
and ls sure to be of considerable assistance in closing sales.
The men who are managing the
branch onices in Winnipeg, Calgary
and Regina, have not been selected,
and it is not likely that these offices
will be opened until May or even
June, much depending u*,on the success which attends the o. ening of the
branch onices ln Montreal and Toronto.
.The opening of eastern offices by a
British Columbia iirm 1, soinetning
of an Innovation and wih be watched
with much interest by a.l interested
ln real estate.
The flrst property to be placed on
the market in these eastern offices is
a  tract   of  one   thousand    acres   in
Langley,   which has   been   purchased
by this flrm.   The vendors were Rob^
ert Livingstone,- John L,lving��V3��e, Simon     Monahan,    Raymond    Williams, ..
Charles    Jack    and    Roderick    Cum- 11
mlnga, every one of whom received a ll
large cash payment for his property. 11
Five ot the vendors   held   a   crown I
grant for this property. |
The Yale Road and the Livingstone Road run throu&h this land, and
the Great Northern Railway also
crosses it. The property,is close to
Murray's Corners high school, one of
the best scholastic establishments in
rural British Columbia, there being
at the present time over one hundred
and fifty pupils studying at the school.
There are three saw mills within a
1 short distance of the1 property, owned
by William McDonald, John Murray
and F. Johnston, and a shingle mill.
the property of Robert Clarke. As
soon as the necessary plana and maps
can be drawn up this land will be
placed on the market at a figure that
should make lt a quick-eeller, more
especially as the terms will extend
over eight years.
AL. W. GILLIS manager.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
Senaational  Illusionists
Sister of Mabel Gilman, wife of
Corey, the Steel King
The Two Neweiee in their own
littlte novelty.
3 "Never Seen tiitiHtf* ''&% 1
PHOTO PLAV8.     <3
-  tt ���_i '
Three  Shows  Dally.
Ideal Factory Ste
Twenty-three acres within the city limits, admirably situated   for
manufacturing sites.   Trackage available   from   four   railway lines, '
river frontage.   Several factory sites already selected'InTffie^e?g��bbr-
I ;;
For price and all other particulars apply to
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Don't ��0 on paying housq rent. You
can't afford to cripple your future independence. Investigate today what
is really being offered by the-unique
home purchasing plan, introduced
here  by
626 Columbia St.
Office  Open   Evening   From  8:15   to
9:15 p. m.
Wanted in New Westminster, B. C,
to sell Western Canada townsite lots.
Man who has had experience ln selling insurance, books, or real estate
preferred, but experience Is not so essential as strong personality and willingness to work.
We are the authorized selling agent
of the Grand Trunk Paciflc Railway
for one of its main line divisional
point towns and the owners of two
other townsites.
A good man can earn from $50 to
$300 weekly. Let us tell you how. Address
Grand Pacific Land Co. Limited
243 Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg, Man.
Do Not Waste Money
��� ���.-',
Save a little systematically, (or it Is the stuff that the foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to spend for what is
needed now and to Invest for wbat ahall be needed in the future.   Money cannot be invested until ft Is flrat saved.
The. Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
fi i
Sovereign Brand.
15c Per Tin, 2 for 25c
Is a hair tonic In great    demand
Paris.   Buy a bottle at
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
il  iilpiyiftUji
Change of Program Each Night.
. *.   I
The  Clever  Exponent  of   hypnotism.
;      n't ���i,ir~i*t*
:'i!i';;.i-.fi| .������������
~~U)-,i mi
���*".      '*r.\lli:   I      ''I
A wonderful and amusing entertain
ment.    Prices 15c, 'ihe. ��� 80c I land
t.i   O'l!    IIO. 11'
Phone 900 for teats.      ,.
Jbut there are two good available men,
ono of whom will take his place next
Bennett to Make a Splash.
Arnold Bennett, who has applied to
such good purpose his own precept of
living 24 hours a day, is contemplating a "splash." Up to now the author
of "Clayhanger," who   has   a French
wife, has contented  himself with   a
modest house at Fountainebleau, and
a   flat in Paris,    but now that   his i
pockets  are bulging   with  American j
dollars he is going   to   cut a wider
Bennett spent only a day or two in [
London after getting buck recently, ;
and since then has been ln Paris,
where he ls at work on a scrips of
magazine articles commissioned ln
America. A London friend of the
novelist, however, got a. letter from
him the-other day, in which he saM
that he had decided to huy i country house In England, and also to invest in a rather largo pleasure yacht,
probably   motor-driven.      Heretofore,
Every reader of The News can hav
an attractive bead of hair in a few-
weeks by using SALVIA.
Ryall sells a ia< ee bottle for 5'
cents, and guarantees tt to banish
Dandruff, stop falling hnir rnd I ch-
ing scalp In ten days, or me ney bac .
SALVIA   is  a  beauliful,  pleasant,
non-sticky Hair Tonic.
Programme for Monday and Tuesday
Selig���Special Sea Picture, "The Maid
at the Helm."   A true-to-ltfe tale of
the seething gale  and    the briny
Edison���The Battle   of   Trafalgar,' a
British war picture.
American    (Kalem)     Beauties���"Too
Much Realism," an lncllent of picture  making.    A  Western comely
that will make you all scream.
Pathe's Weekly, No. 5, 1912~-Specdal
features    for    the    ladies;   Paris,
.  France, advance    models   in I late
winter and early Spring millinery.
Wednesday and Thursday Only.'
Startling Wild West Picture, ahow-
lng the second annual noith west frontier round-up.
Both teams will be out in full strength, arid a
swift game is assured.
Special Cars, for Ticket Holders
Only, Leave at 7 p. m.
,11 T
A Mew Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Moulding:*;   ' s*hs
and   Shingles
Turn Out and Root for, The Royals
Seats on sale at Ryall's Drug Store and the Hub
Cigar Store.   All seats $1.00.-
V        :������:���
���     .11. 'V
iVJ   H
li-.i;      !
:,,-        '   :
ut,. ������
���*.   -..,., ���...
roa oil i
PHONG- 904. (Old  GlARr-    ��� iiki>  Fact ry.
WISSSSSSSSSfSS n   mimim! mm   titm ii'ii "iwiiisini
I | " jn,,''i"
11:11 ��� ��� '��� -,: m I
TUE8DAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1912..
A Simple Remedy Gives Color,
Strength  and  Beauty
to the Hair,
You don'l have to have gray hair or
faded hair if you don't want to. Why
look old or unattractive? If yotir hair
Ss gray or faded, you can change it
easily, quickly and effectively by using
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair
Remedy. Apply a little tonight, and in
the morning you will be agreeably surprised at the results from a single
application. The gray hairs will be less
conspicuous, and alter a few more
applications will be restored to natural
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur also quickly removes dandruff, leaves the scalp
clean and healthy, and promotes the
growth of the hair. It is a clean
wholesome dressing which may be used
at any time with perfect safety.
Get a fifty cent bottle from your druggist today, and see how quickly it will
restore the youthful color and beauty of
your hr.ir nnd forever end the nasty
dandruff. Hot, icchy rcalp and falling
hair. All druggists sell it under guarantee that the money will lio refunded
if you are not satisfied after fcir trial.
B.C. Milk
limber and Trading  Co.
PHfipfM,(^Manufacturers and Dealers la Ail Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone  12 New Westminster Box
theirwprks she flyq
^know them"
On the merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
Coax Me, Coax Mc!
So the colonel wlll spend another
four >ears in the White House provided the people pick him up bodily
and Ihiow him In at the front door.
But tho people must be really fussy
about it and wear the air of a mob
lynching lta victim.���Kansas City
Their efficie
Worth While.
Cliinese Emperor, for abdicating, is
to be allowed to live ln Peking and to j
get $4,000,000 a year, t'nder the clr-
cun'stinces Pn-Yi should grow un to
be a very ardent Republican.��� .Montreal Herald.
good time keepers an
nscquently comfortable watcl
is assured by a guarantee which enables
any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.   They
prades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
e owner to
are not mac
i^����iu^i��.'fiww!^��w7.w^,j,|;��<i^ *m.n,'. uxjawm
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
��x3? v^ci^ JmmA
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process,  they   are   unequaled  tor   delicacy   of
ftavor and tood value.
The New   Mills at Montreal  are novr in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we bave established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
Learn the Difference ^SSiMm
Try Mooney's Biscuits
See how much more flavory.
Their superiority is due to our painstaking
methods���our modern facilities and using the costliest materials. We get the finest cream and butter
from the famous Western Ontario farms because
we pay top prices.   Our flour is a special blend.
Yet they cost no more than common kinds.
<&*���:<��� ��� ��� WlM
^is ��� ������ ���'.������������.���.-'���-..
..;*3L ������&������*:������>&
���.���,���/������..������ ��� ���:������$&.���**��'��   '<:-:-.v"- ' r.V\
/$&?:' '.'.':���':'��� C-'''r*}-'.'&\:<i$**&k
, ���W:y'y,--''i\'.:7- �����..' ^.^'I'l^"*"^   ��� ''.&*        '  ,-V \%��$
MooneyS^liMliffiOream Sodas
'.���'.' .;.������.w'.v    V.        "   .'      ���  '.W     /���>���'   .'���/^���. (%���'*���<���/>*.,���������;.} :(t'7iii      ��i'" i-i'**'  "sta*- .���'������ "'..���''���"
.' W.**A'v*.\'^^7.iik:-''':- .'���'''$&
^   ��aNi'   ' ; ���������**���'������$��
*<&$&_,   >m-&&*** ::-ymw
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas are made in our large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splendid building with its hundreds of skilled employees���each an
expert in his line���we create this delicious and nourishing biscuit.
&&l^-::--^,':&��K:*ih After these biscuits leave the ovens and while thev are
VaJ'.  ���:'��� ������'</?- fJO*::**.**' '..-:������     -rt -
W"'fi'}��!-' ;*��j>y/*y:   ^-%      stl1* PiPing hot, with all their oven aroma, they are packed
^i^->'#4     in dust and damp-proof packages.   We even ship them in
our own private cars.   No other biscuit manufacturer
does this.
-^���iljksft' ���'.���������''      '*';'.
'x, ; $ 3
^v-:i-i "%-r ':        ':&  Try them today,
-'���^Si-, '/W*��P'   V *���.-������������*��������������������� --���
So they reach your table���whole, flaky, and
���  ������-.���,,..���'���*.
At your grocer's. (J4)
The Mooney Biscuit & Candy Co., Ltd.,       '***4 l^sr*
Is a necessary attribute to
the most successful kind of
advertising. The effect of
an advertisement is sustained by one following it.
Can never be overdone as
long as you can deliver the
goods, and it means as
much to your business as
fire iii a locomotive. Steam
will generate so long as the
fire is stoked and water
kept in the boiler.
The Daily News
Is a proven medium that
will bring your advertisements in it the most satis-
satisfactory results.
The Readers of The Daily
News are a class worthy of
your most persistent efforts
to secure and retain their
patronage and esteem,
*.?zzsam~r~ zsxawmmaamm mn-sia'amMn^mirii**^^ ���B"i
���Conservative   and   Liberal   Have
ferent Meaning In North.
Dr. Alfred Thompson, the newly,
elected member of the House of Commons for tbe district of Yukon, was
born at Nine-Mile River, Hants County, Nova Scotia, forty-two years ago.
Both liis parents were Canadian born.
Dr. Thompson took his degree in
medicine at Dalhousie University.
Soon afterwards he went West, and
presently found himself in Dawson
City. There he served a term as member of the Yukon Council, a body
advisory to the governor. Mr. Fred.
Congdon, who became governor about
that time, opposed Dr. Thompson in
the recent bye-election. These two nro
old opponents. In 1904 they fought
jeach other for the Yukon seat, and
'Thompson, running as an Independent Conservative, was elected by a
majority of 018. In 1908 the doctor
was not a candjdnte, and Mr. Congdon, the Liberal, was elected. In
th'.- recent contest Dr. Thompson ran
its a straight Conservative.
When Dr. Thompson attended Parliament, from 1904 to 1908, he took no
part, in partisan politics, although
nominally n Conservative. Yukon has
problems all its own, and to the people of the land of the midnight sun
the terms "Liberal" and "Conservative" have by no means the significance they have here. This was the
chief reason why Dr. Thompson formerly played an independent role,
thinking thut he might, us un out-and-
out Conservative, prejudice the inter,
-ests of his constituents. It is admitted.
however, that these interests were well
looked after by the Laurier Government, irrespective of the political
leanings of Yukon's representative,
whatever tliey were. Both Dr. Thompson and Mr. Congdon were able to se.
��� cure an excellent mining code, aid in
road-making, und other helpful Federal legislation.
As Yukon navigation hns now closed
until spring, and as the river is not
yet frozen, the new member of Parliament will be unable to leave for Ottawa for another month, and will probably misa mott of the ensuing session
The Feg In the Puget Sound Country
Was Rather Dense.
THIS story of a Puget sound fog Is.
from Carrie Adell Struborn's
"Fifteen Thousand Miles by
Stage:" "Well, friends. 1 bad a little
experience of my own once that Just
knocks tbe color off these salmon of
today. I went up Uood't) caunl to visit
an old friend. He hud often told me
of tbe splendid ilshlug there, uud I
was anxious to try It. lt was Inte in
the evening wIipii 1 got there, and I
retired early, tut an to be ready for the
fun next day.
"I asked bow fnr It wns to tbe creek,
and tbey told me It was only a few
hundred yards, Just beyond the fence.
Before light next morning I was up.
and, securing a good tackle and n little bait, started off toward the creek.
The fog woh heavy, for It was woods
burning time, aod I could not see any
distance ahead of me. so groped my
way as best I could across tbe little
"Reaching the fence, I climbed over
and picked my way carefully, for 1
did not wunt to fall ln the creek. 1
proceeded slowly down the slope untll
I thought I must be near tbe water's
edge. Batting my hook. I threw lt forward, and Just about time enough for
lt to strlktt the water I felt a pull, and.
with a Jerk, I brought lu a fine fellow.
For ten minutes 1 stood there and pulled them ln. nnd then, fcuring thut I
would spoil the day's sport, I regretfully returned and by accident reached
tbe bouse through the fog.
"After breakfast tbe fog lifted, and
we got ready for it day's enjoyment
You may Imagine my surprise wben,
on going to the place where I had
caught ao many (lsh early ln the morning. I found tbnt it was a full hundred
yafils from tbe bank of the creek. The
truth ls I hnd not touched the water.
bu* Just stood thero and caugbt tbem
out of the fog."
Alive  to  Tell   It.
Ther? i? ono man in Canada who
was actually run over by n riilroad
train snd not killed. Indeed, his injuries were so alight that he remarked, almost cheerfullyi
"My arm hurts me the worst, but
it will bj better, I ho;>e, in a few
Thei experience of Robert  Hineins.
tli-1 bridge constructor of  the  Grand
["Trunk, who. in a moment of carelessness,   was  knocked  down   by   a loeo-
^Bir.tive    at    Sarnia,    reads    like   the
yellowest of romantic fiction.
���Almost  a   whole  train   passed  over
lntdy.    He livsd to tell  the tale,
a vivid story it is:
felt the  engine erawiinu  up on'
��nd I could do nothing. I thought
ah  box   would  catch   m-��   and
It caught in my coat, and
oved along on the track. My
|being ground in the cinders.
poW&lfSS.    I WSJ dragged
ft,   when    my  bead    dropped
Jto a hollow and tho cont gav,;
(leasing me from thc ash box.
was  safe from  that danger for
le moment, but  I feared  the brake
pbeams.    They    are   fns'.ened    in   the
centre  with  steel  rods,  and  I  knew
that if I were caught by tha ends oj
the l>olts I would be killed.    I edged
&   the   Side   of   the  track   to  escape
-tht-m,    I t*\t the wheels of   the ten-
.d^r  and  curs  scraping my   arms.    I
crouched down a* close to the ground
Bf I could to BUftPe thorn.   When the
firv  trucks   passed  over   then   was
some   enaco   before   th?    re.ar   ones
cume.   Then I yelVd.   Thre* ears had
passed over- me  befon  the  engineer
heard mal    He stooped when part of
ihe   fifth   had   gone  by.   nnd   I   was
found  under  thenars     My  <?���f���*
ion* rushed up, expecting to find m
ground  to   nieces.    Howcv.t,
..only bruised."   '
���^V...    Is Coming Here.
England's only woman tax collector
Ewellncnr   Dover.   Eng..   has   been
nwish clerk and assistant overseer for
t sevni yews.   Now her daughter, set-
Kd In Northwest Canada, has cal ed
Kor  her,  so  she   is  to  travel   to the
IDominion forthwith ,��,'_���,.
THer husband used to hold the position, and she assists him.   WhenJM
tiled  she wns responsible for the up-
of   ten  children  on  a very
so she applied for the
Poor Lo Can't Win.
The Int* Green McCurtaln. chief of
the Choctaws, hud u bljrh opinion of
the business astuteness of white men.
"No Indian can get the better of a
paleface." Chief McCurtnin snld to a
Guthrie reporter during the recent Oklahoma investigation, "and wben two
palefaces get bargaining together then
It ls Just like cutting diamonds with
"Two Oklahoma palefaces once hunted in my cstfip They spent the evening with me. ano over the flre and the
firewater they begun to barter and
traffic nnd to mak�� deals and dickers.
Finally Bill said:
" 'Sam, let's trade horses���my bay for
your roan.'
" "It's a go.' Sana agreed. 'The trade's
a go.   Shake on It. partner.'
"Tbey shook hands. Tben Bill aaid.
witb a loud laugh:
" 'Sam,   I've  bested   you   this   time.
My hoss ls dead.    Died yesterday."
" '8o'�� mine dead.' enld Bam.    "Died . drawn   strongly    and
thla moi-nln*.    And.  what'* more.  I've   there is yet lime
took hla shoes off.' " ��� New York Trtb- |
Real Mission o' the British Expedition
Is to Determine the Economic
Value of Little Known Territory,
Establish r Geographical . Survey
an J Determine the Indian Frontier
���Abors Arj  Almost  Unknown.
About this time the first advance
into the Abor country is well in progress. The immediate, and. to many,
the most directly interesting aspect
of the expedition led by Gen. Bower
is the fact that a wholly unknown���
perhaps the last wholly unknown-
country In the world will be t'lms
opened up. The geographical interest
is unquestionable. Apart from the fail*
of the Brahmaputra, of which the
very existence remains still a matter
of mnch, and even of hot dispute the
gorge through which the Dihong river
sinks 9,000 feet and more from Tibet"
to the plains of Assam should be full
of beauty, of interest from a scientific
and sporting point of view, and perhaps even of great industrial opportunity. Moreover, the Abors, and their
even less-known neighbors to the
northeast and northwest of the great
river, remain almost as unfamiliar us
they have been since the days when
Dalton, Mackenzie, and Maxwell severally raised for a few moments the
curtain that hides them from the
So much of real interest would attach to this mission were it merely
an isolated attempt to compel a better understandinz between ourselves
and the people of this unknown corner
of the world thnt there is some chance
that its much deeper importance may
for the time be missed at home, says
a writer in India. This importance
lies in the fact that the Abor expedition is not a nn re punitive or ex-
j^atratory  mission.
It it a well-conceived operation thnt
falls into its true place only when we
remember that other missions are also
being despatched to this neglected
frontier, a'nd that its primary and
temporary work is being done. Gen.
eral Bower's column will be engaged
Upon its share of an enterprise whicb
is likely to absorb public attention itl
India for some years to come. The
plain fact is that the nebulous character of our Northeast Indian frontier
has long been the cause of some anxiety, and that recent events have
transformed that anxiety into apprehension.
There has been for four years a
growing pressure upon our Northern
and Eastern Himalayan territories.
Nepal can look after itself. For Sik-
kim we have long been responsible.
Bhutan we have taken under our care
during the last two years. But our
vigilance is useless unless it is complete. Our as yet unmarked frontiers
through the unknown parts of Asia
between Indian and China must be
finally,    whila
Arrival: Closing
18:10��� United States via C. P. R.
(daily axcept Bunday).23:00
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(daily except Sunday).11:if.
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Snnday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. Ji. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
16:16���United States vta Q. N. R.
(dally except 8tmday>~16:00
11:40���AH points east and Europe   tdally)   8:16
22:4?���Alt points east and Europe Idaily)   13:15
11:40���Sapperton   and    Fraser
Mills      (dally     except
Sunday)       8:30
IS: 10���9*ppert ob   and   Fraaer
mills      (daily     except
.    Sunday)      14:00
ll:40*-Coqiultlam      (dally    except  Sunday)    8:30
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Kifmonds (dally exeept
Sunday)       1116
14:0O���East Buranby (daily except Sunttay   14:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    ..13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesdhy, Thursday and
Saturday, ami leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday   14:60
.10:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Wand, Burr
Villa  W:30
10:00���Anaievilla and  Sunhury
(daily   except  Snnday) .13:30
10:00���Wbodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday    aad    Satur-
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of thii lodge
are beld In Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Elgbtb streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, NG.; W.
C. Coatbam, P. Q. recording aecretary;  R. Purdy, financial secretary
Varden No. 19, Sons ot Norway,
meet in Eagles ball the first and
third Wednesdays of eacb month a*
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are eordtaliy
Invited to attend.
J. J. AUIfE,
FInaoclsf Secretary.
MI8S M. BROTEN, publlc stenographer; specifications, business let
ters, etc.; cfereutsnr work- taken
Pbone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
lng     via
I   wa.��
-Canadian Courier.
No Ui* Expecting It.
Of course woman mastn't expect full equality with tbe ruder
sex untll sbe cun attend a convention and not have berelotben
described.-Wnnhlngton Star.
������������ ��>�����������
It Depended.
.small income,
Sbh. husband had filfrd and got it
'verv soon the local authorities had
reason   to  compliment  her..tot her
book? were in splendid order always
Sd  there wer"  never nny  arrears of
e ,1  taxes.    Ask-d for  tbc   secret of
the taxpayers  want md
"I   hiv
said,   "thst   the   taxpayers
n"e of theit money al[long ns poW lie.
Po I never worried them tui tb   1"��
ten  davs,  when   the money   Blttst h<
' 'V!.\.'.. ,,,���   Ti,ny appreciated this,
In the lurch."
Ludy���Well, wbut do you want?
Tramp-Wot Uuve yer got?-New
York Mall.
��r.d never left nie
An Anclont Swindle.
letter  from   a former
lnnker,  noAv   in. Jai!
fraud   in
To  receive  a
fit    Petersburg
���iSdUns&i in Spain ,,Sffil
ne for aid, and in return for which
fnofttf fortune is offered, was he
.xneHenoe of  a prominent Kingston
prisoner  fraud  is  still  hilt  ano
The  man  in  the' case,
>.:.,..,-   hi*   nnme   Sadrowsky,   is
'signs   his
Sh*��   money   to Jfray   .11   th^ ��
plUX^Ar th, King-
fled from
������"���'���nSinSJ'dS^ over five
If at Firat
An Irishman mimed Mlrhnel Doch
ertv.hiivlUKbeeu dl��covered after sol
emnlzlng nuptials wltb four wives,
was brought up liefore the Dublin assises charged with bigamy. The Judge
lu passing sememe expressed Ills wonder that the prisoner should be such
rt hardened villain as lo delude so
many women, whereupon Mike snld
������Sure, vour honor. I was only tryln
to get a good oue. an' It's not alsy!"-
A Hard Problem.
Little Elizabeth und her mother were
having luncheon together, und tbe
mother, wbo always tried to Impress
facts upon her young daughter, aald:
������These little sardines, Elisabeth,jire
sometimes eaten by the Isrger flsh."
Elizabeth gazed ut tbe sardines in
wonder and tben asked:
"But. mother, how do the Inrge Osb
get the cans open V-Llpplncott's.
millions o
Dot's Guard Alms  Boxes.
Became altjii boxes in Westminjier
Cathedra   Iti Lahdon were oiten rob-
bed a   nUt bulldogs are now placed
on guard in the church after dark.
As Wealth Is Msssursd.
"Is he rich7"
"Only   moderately.   Ho   habitually
runs his nuto beyond the speed limit,
but he could bnrdly commit n murder
land got away wltb lt"-Chtca��o Inter (tribal
Ther* i��  yet  time to do  it  ���  but
1 there is only just time.   O! course, as.
every  English  official  and  every  na-
tive chief now knows, this China diffi.
culty  which   is  already  much   larger
than  a mere "man's hand  upon the
horir.on." has been caused by one act
of almost criminal foolishness on our
own part.   When the fruits of the Tibetan    expedition    was   gratuitously
thrown away by the English Government, it became merely  a  matter of
time for China to re-establish herself
in Tibet, no longer as suzerain, but
as sovereign.
The knowledge that we had broken
the military strength and. wrecked the
national ambitions of the Tibetans-
might, perhaps, have made us pause
before we surrendered her defenceless
to her old maater. But if no sense of
fair play in thet respect should haw?
weighed with us���and there may be
something aaiU against encouraging-
an Englishman's over-re".J ness to
champion the cause of aspiring peoples���it would still have been wiser-to*
Listen to those who drew attention to.
the losa of an invaluable Buffer State.
Buffer States are often of doubtful' adl
Perhaps, in Europe and elsewhere ihi
the world of civilisation, they are a
source of instability, sometimes even-a.
positive challenge to the earth-hunger
of b neighbor. But Tibet's great valise
as a Buffer 8tate lay in her almost
impassable deserts, not in her political complexion or military strength.
snd at least British politicians sho*ld
have had the foresight to realize- the
danger of having a Chinese arim of
occupation on the Indian side ot those
wastes. To-day that army is knocking at Hie very doors of Hindustan.
Peihaps it was thought that the
Chinese would show somp arati1ud��
to those who thus cleared the path-
for her. If so, our statesmen lived in
a fool's paradise, indeed, for the only
return so far has been a curt demand1
from Pekiu that Nepali.. Sikkiw.
and Bhutan shall return to their Chinese allegiance ! We have brewed the
broth, and we must drink it.
But where the frontier is exactly
delimited ther.e is less trouble. The
danger lies to the east. Here there
has never bee-n a defined frontier, with
the exception ol some sixty miles
between M.*nil-Crai on the Zyul or
Lohit river and a point fifty or sixty
miles to the northeast in about fc.
long. 97 degrees 38 minutes and N,
lat. 28 degrees ^ minutes.
There is indeed a general acceptance ot a vague line running more or
less N.E. from the south-eastern corner of Bhutan - iteelf sn entirely
vague locality, and trending'through
Miri Daphla, Abor, and Mishmi country to Menil-Crai, and then from the
point above defined geographically in
a southeasterly direction to the water-
shed of the Salwin river, until the
furthest delimited point of the Burma
lrontier is reached in lat 25 degree*.
35   minutes.
So far nothing can be said against
the wisdom of the Indian Government.
But it will be clear from a moment s
thought that the difficulties are enor.,
uiou*. The country is entirely uti-
surveyod, and we know none of the
tribal limits with any certainty.
G.     N.     R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2tf
15:5t)i-ClDveiraale and1 Port Kells
via G. N. R. (daily except; Sunday)' I4":00
11:20���Cliiytoe (Tuesdhy, Thursday. Friday and Sut-
day        14:00
11: 2��K-Tynehiead   ( Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dMIy except Sunday   16:(M
lSiHV-AbbotePird'. Upper Swraaa,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (tdally except Sunday)   23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Roe* aad
Blaine     (dally    except
Sunday)   9c46
16:16���Hall's- Prairie, Fern- Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:46
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
Lehmaai Aldergraw%0*-
ter: Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Munwyvllle;
Stnaw&erry HM, Sooth
Wiitiwtnstar. Glover
Valley, CosMua flwr- I
dia, Sperling Station- \
BVadhMr; BeMeroae, via
B: C E. R\ ����jfly except Sunday)   9-.O0
11-. W���Rand; Majutt* Wt\ vta
B: C. E. R'. (Monday
Wedfeeeday aaid Friday        9--00
20! 30���Chilliwack via Bt C. E. IL
MARTIN���Barrlesera and Solicitous
Westminster offlces, Rooma 7 and I
Gulchon block, corner Columbia aw)
McKenzie street*; Vanoouver of
Beea, Williams building, 41 Grs��
vllle street. F. C. Wade, K. C:
A. Whealler. W. O. McQuarrie: Gi 9
Mtartin; Geo:. Cawadfc'..
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Ream.
Trapp block.
ters and Solicitors, WesttninBter
Trust block, Columbia aSreot, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable adtiteas
"Whiteside;." Western Unibia P:4��
Drawer 200. Teilspllone' 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. E. Edmomlte
Toronto' Express leaves at 8:6a
����� t .j. ���.
Chicago Express leaves at ... .13:50
Imperial Limited Leaves at ....19:40
Threugb   Pullman     Tourist     and
Dlnera.   For Reservations md rotes
apply 8e
Nerw Westminster
fflrffi W. Broditev. G.P.A., Vneeurver
SH to 26 H. P.
I and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westm tor Inn Wirks
Phone  6S.
Tenth  St.,  New  Westminster.
V /
J. NewMH&e & Sons
Painters, Papei hangers
} and1 Decorators
Hatimatea Ulven.
214- Sixth Avenue. Phone 667
solicitor and notary, 010 Colum',**
stiraet.   Oven G. P. R. Telegraph.
STILWELL GAUTE, barristers
law, solicitor,, etc; corner Columbia
an* M .--Kenzle streets. New Was*-
minster, B. C. P. O. Box lie. TMk-
phone 710.
BasTlsfaers-attLaw, Solicitors, Ste
Adam S. Johnston. Frank A. Iturist
ean. Offices: Vancouver, Room 406
Winch Building; New Westminster,
Huron, 6,. Ellfc Block, Columbia stracfc
1 Telephones: Van con-rer,- Setmour
.21-63;  New Westminster, 10TO.
'������Haw ll ii*."- -t*.t_ss\
Choice Beef, Muttoar
tanitlt Pork and M
Central Meat Market
Corner ElohSh St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
.C. Coast Service
PfflOM VANCOU vet*
For* VUatari*
10:00 Av.lf; Dalftr accept Tuesday
1:00 P:.Mi Dail*
12:00 Midnight-. Saturday  Only
Far- Nfcmalmo.
S p.m rmtty cxi����l 8un4��y
(daily except Snndny)'.lT:30
ll:2&t-A'bbotsft>rd\    Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R.  (daily
except Sunday) 17:30
161 BO���Clovendale   via    B.C.E.R
(daily except Sunday). 17:30
,12:00���-Fraeer Arm   23:00
j,    minster Beard of Tame mee*����tu ta��
fi   board rooea. City Hall, aa loliowe
1   Third Ttasrsday    al   each   moasn
quarterly    meeting;    on  tna   inira
Thursday of Febr��pry. Ma* August
and Noeemtoer. a* a p.m.     Annual
meeting* on the Alrd Thsreday ot
February.     New   member* may   be
proposed sad elected at any month
ly or    quarterly   meeQaa.     C. tt
Stnart-Wade. secretary
Gardiner & Mercer
Ml *. *K
Phone- SWi ���"��� Tn
new weavwiM*TE��. ��. C
Transfer Co.
Offliw Phonts tSSr.     Bans Ptioaa 13?
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered! Promptly to
any part ot the elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
fteyaf Bank of Canada
Tke Beak haa ower 200
branches, extending la Canada
trom tbe Atlantic te tbe Pacuic.
in Cuba throughout the leland;
also in Porto Rteo, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York aad Lendoa,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cltlee to tbe wertd. These en-
celent connections afford eveir
banklnc facility.
New Weatiwftsater Branch,
Lawford   Rlehartteon,   Mgr.
io-.oo ta..**.*.  r>��u*
1V.OQ Vf.. M. ���������
Peer ���rlnc* BMpcrb w* Ataafc*
; p.M.   .....Jan. nth, 87th
For  MardK Ba*
8.30 A.. M Thursday
Foir Upper  Fraaer  Mvec Polnta.
Steoaner Beaver.
Leavea New Westminster, 8:00 a.nk,
Monday, Wednesday aad Friday.
Leaves   Chilliwack,   7:00  a.m.,   Tuaa-
day, Thursday and Saturday.
For Qa*tf Imlmam PehMa.
7:0B A. M. Friday far Victoria, call-
ins at Gailesjo, Maya* I*., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr, Guich-
M Cove, Beaver folaa. Fulftwd and
Sidney fch    .
Acaat, New Weatmlnster.
O. P  A.. Vaneouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mfoerai Waters,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
Telephone R 11S Ofllce: Princeaa Bt
���.IN ���
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Paid-Up)   .. $13,413,000.00
RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Branches througnout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
Send, New /ork, Chicago and Spokane,
'J.8.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Lat
ters of Credit leaned, available with
sorrespoDdente In   all    parts ot   the
*orld. _      ,i
Savings Bank Dtpartment���Deposits
ecelved In sums of fl aad upward,
Mid interest allowel at S per cent, par
tnnum  (present rate).
Total katata over ���18��.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Phono 108.    P. O. Baa 848.
Office, Front St, Foot of Sixth.
Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
The Continuous
Growth of a Sank
Bank of Toronto
CAPITAL I.   .*   .... .84,800,000
REST ....   ...v $8,600,000
I', l.
Tree Pruners
an A Tree
Spray sold by
G34 Columbia St.     Phone 22-23
ik.ii     li.;.'
YOU   OUGHT  'to   insure   be
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westminster.
City News
Howard, who ls held under h
charge of writing threatening letters
to Mr. Bone, was remanded yesterday
morning until Wednesday.
Eighth street Bakery,
ets daily.   A. Hardman,
Ice cream   on
next tram office.
fresh crump
Phone Llu'J,
Barnum at Opera House.
To say, as Barnum docs, that a
thousand laughs in a hundred minutes
describes the show which he is putting on at the opera house this week,
is not to state the case fully. It is
a river of laughter    from   start    to
finish.   Nearly so, at all events.
'The other variants    of   the   usual
hypnotic entertainment,    tho   serious
stunt in wliich the hypnotic suhject,
reduced to complete rigidity, hears
hand Ira A. Reid, astonlshindy ,he:.vy weights without
Plione Uiu.       *���      n;vparft#j^��i*idonifort,      were     also
brought.iOtt'.vfery cleverly   last night.
Barnum will hpld the floor all of this
it' n1,���l '
Mr. F. Bonnie, who has been very
ill at the Royal Columblah hospital
for somo time, is no��v reported to be
making satisfactory progress.
Mrs. B. C. Moore, of 121 Durham
stieet, left lor Regina on Saturday
with her family. She goes to rejoin
her husband, who Is in business in
that city.
Fresh cut daffodil, violets rnd carnations. Tidy, the tlo.ist. Phone numbers L 184 and 1037. ���    ������
Another batch of twenty-five prisoners was sent from the provincial Jail
yesterday morning to Nanaimo. Constable Taylor was in charge as far ad
Vancouver, whence the men wlll be
shipped direct to Nanaimo,
Dr. II. Hope, eye specialist, can
be consulted dally from !l:3(l a.m. to E
p.m., at 657 Columbia street,, over
Curtis' Drug Store, or b.v Pho^e -95:. *
Mr. Ed. Sterling's appointment to he
divisional superintendent of district
lines of the B. C. E. R��� in no way affects the position of Mr. G. H. Franklin, who as acting general superintendent holds a higher office than that of
divisional superintendent.
G. H. Broughton, of Penticton, who
lias been visiting this city during the
last few days, left for home yesterday.
While he was here Mr. Broughton
went all over Port .Mann, an I made a
careful investigation into local conditions.
Tlie Young People's association of
the Sixth avenue Methodist church
will debate with the Royal Templars
on Wednesday night. The resolution
to be discussed is "That Canada
should contribute directly to the Imperial navy."
.Mrs. N. H. McQuarrie will receive
for tne first time since moving Into
her new home. 17 Albeit Orescent;
tomorrow afternoon i Wednes'.ay i,
and on the third Wednesday of every
month  thereafter.
An entertainment, th.e mean feature
of which will be a playlet entitled
"The Lodge of Kyetyes," will be given
in St. Patrick's hall this evening under t;ie auspices of St. Louis college.
The program will he started at hair
past eight, o'clock, and will be brought
to a close with a dance.
Slop That Itch!
I Stop that Itch In Two
Seconds with  D.D.D.
No remedy that 1 have ever sold for
Eczema., Psoriasis, and all other diseases of the skin has given more thorough satisfaction than the
D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema.
F. J. MacKenzie, Drussist. (16 66
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
of Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, j
Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,'
Counterpoint    and    Musical
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westmlnater.   Phon�� I.rf38.
I Ja*f i Mi'rm&zl
The Local Counctl ot Women wilt
hold :\n executive meeting at the resilience of the president, Mrs. S. a.
Fletcher, 117 T'.ilrd avenue, Tuesday
Feb. 20. at 7:36 p. m. All members
ol the executive are requested to be
l resent, as business cf Importance is
to be brought  before the meeting.
J. W. MacDonald, who has resigned
his position as manager of the North
������      Pacific Lumber company at Barnet, is
senate or Lead���and anything <��*ving for the cast with his wife on
a holiday.    At the completion of   his
trip Mr. MacDonald    will    return    to
Westminster.    H|s  piace af  the
l.een taken by H. Rayfield.
Good lot on Fifth Street
near Seventh Avenue
$1050. Good terms.
A Special Showing
^Arranged For Today
^Illustrating All The
Advance Style Innovations.
The new styles are quite different and show many Interesting style changes, such as pronounced side effects, short coats
and novelty suggestions in trimmings.
Today's display ts complete, and the beauty and exclusive-
ness of the garments shown will not be exceeded In any future offering.
Charming- two-toned effects will bo shown in many sm?.rt
models. In popular tan and grey materials and homespun'effects; large ravers and long roll collars; Inlaid with silk and
contrasting colors, afford novel style features. Roth in coit
nnd skirt ls shown the new side effect. Moderately priced,
each $25.00
$6.00. $7.00 and $8,00
Sulphur, Blue Stone, Lye, Ar-
eke in this line. Any Quantity
mill lia
London Street near Tenth
Street; good lot on north
side $850. Good terms.
Major & Savage
Tan and grey diagonal tweed e'fects and Imported Horr.es. made with new raised waist Jlne effect and handsomely trimmed with buttons; exceptionally gooJ values.
With nil the new style touches;   blae!; only; neatly trimmed witli buttons, braid and silk.
Prices from $9.50 to $16.00 Each
B. & M.
Curtis Drug Store
: i/ r
Phone 43: L. D. 71:
New    Wettmintter.
Phone F
Ilton St.
F. H. Bucklin, of the flrm
Small & Bucklin, has been ill in
Seattle for some time with typhoid
le\er. He is now back at New Westminster, convalescent, but it will take
him some time to get strong again.
A few of the young friends of Miss
Kathleen Bourke were entertained at
the latter's home vesterdav evening
A very pleasant time was spent play-
lng euchre, seven tables bein:; in use
during the earlier part of t:ie evening
and later the company was entertain- <
ed with a band, sonys and refresh- i
Fresh Herring, 4 lbs..for  25c
or   Fresh  Cod   (half or whole), lb 8c
B. and M. Brand Kippers, lb 10c
Smoked   Halibut,   lb '15c
Finnan, Haddle. 2 lbs.  for 25c
D. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
537 FrohfSt   -   Phone 301
Bought and Sold.
Highest Pilce Given. !
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Seely's Perfumes
We have them
25c. and 50c. lines
A big stock in all odorr
Dispensing Ctiemlsts, Etc.
Deane Block.   44i Columbia At,
New Wmmrtfnster. B C
The Royal.
Everything on the bill of fare from
soup to nuts Is what  Manager Gillis,
of the   Hoyal,    is dishing    up to his
patrons this week.    The real big feature  of the program  is  The Jesters
& Co., who do   a   lot   of mystifying
stunts, such as putting a voung lady
in  a cabinet ttuit is on pedstais  (in
the centre of the stage) and without
a moment's warning tire otl a revolver
and  the curtains drop but no young
lady is in sight.    Ihey then open    a
trunk and there she is inside smiling
sweetly as ever.    This is only one of
their many tricks.   Pearl Oilman, sis-
ter of Mabel Ullman  (wife of Corey
the steel  king)   was    booked    in    to
open Thursday, but through a mistake
in  the booKing office she arrived to-
day,  so  tho  management  decided  lo
PUt her on for the irrst    three   days
MISS Oilman  renders  three numbers,
all of which she sings beautifully. Her
biggest hit  last    night    was    "Silver
Threads Amon;, the   Gold."   An   act
that is not to be overlooked on    this
program is 'The Two Newsies" who
present  a  "slang"  skit   with  singing
and  dancing  rni.\ed    in.    Putting    it
mildly, thlg turn  was a scream "last
night. Louis Byrd singe a recent lllus-
trate I gong which was well received.
The pictures are of a tliHHine kind
with one comedy to close thc program.
For Builders and Investors
Indications point to increased activity in building in New Westminster this year. Not only vvill there be more dwelling houses
erected, hut new business blocks, apartment houses, hotels and some
important manufacturing plants will be constructed this year
this will help increase the value of New Westminster propert v.
time to buy is now.
(900) Fourth Street���50 fool
lot with lane at rear, $700.
Terms to be arrnged.
(801)  Thirteenth   Street���Lot
with double frontage, $800.
Terms to be arranged.
(1004) Eighth Avenue���Two
lots overlooking Moodv Park
lane at rear, $1000 each. - EaBy
Fifth    Avenue_.\ear   Second
street, two cleared lots, $1500
each. Small cash payment to
suit. Good opportunity for
(748) Princess Street���Lot BO
by 132, near Sixth street ear
line; price $1000. Terms to arrange;
(1043)    Seventh
Sixth Btreet    car
One-third cash.
line,    $1050.
Sixth Avenue and Ash Street
���GO foot lot, $4000, Buy befoi 3
Sixth avenue car line is built.
(757) Arbustus Street���Near
Queens Park, lane at rear,
$1250.   Terms to arrange.
(1005) Fifth Avenue���Near
Sixth street, lot 86x182, cleared,
$2500.   Terms to arrange.
(1040) Burnaby Lots Cheap���
On Second and Third avenue,
near Sixth atreet car: partly
cleared, 50x150, $650 each.
Terms $50 cash, balance $20
per month.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur     Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
JOHNST0N���HOY���FEB.    19,    1912
at    the    residence    of    the    bride"!
father, 67 Klllott street, New Westminster, Fdwln K. Johnston to Mi  i '
��� -aiinar-H.  Ho-. ������-"���
New Westminster
Head Office. New Westmlnater.      branches at Vancouver     Vloterl��
Chi Hi wack and A'derprove. B.C..
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. B. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00,, .6:46 and
<i:4,r> a.m.-��W-e;venr:l&..minutes
thereaftet^M^feVm. After 10:00*pM!'harrhburly service untll midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:80 a.m-.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:2Q, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45. 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter iintll 10 p.'m.'arid late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu     Island     Branch (To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
ING 456
Chamberlin     ,*������,
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.C. R'y
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. a E. OILLEY, Phone 291.
Phonss, Office 16 and II,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In Coal


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