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Westminster Daily News Sep 3, 1912

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VOLUME 7, NUM ��  R 62.
 -' MB 1% S
/ ���������������������
Vancouver Beaten on Labor Day for Second Time In Three
Days���Premier Facet Off Bali-Poor Crowd Owing to the
Weather and Bad Sportmanship���Fairly Clean Game.
In   the
Spring  made  another  notch
score board with a beauty.
Third   Quarter.
West  secured  the  draw  and  In  a
pass trom  McGregor, his pal on Mie
Tecumsehs, scored the third tolly for
Vancouver.    Hyland   almost    scored
The queatlon Is asked "Is Vancouver going to win a game?'' Twice
during the past three days have the
Salmon Bellies made the green shirts
bite the dimt and ln either game the
Royals  showed  the  cornfed  athletes
the way the game should be played.     _ 	
It muat be growing dreadfully mono- and-Hess a second" fater'had to "throw
tenons for the people who do not at-���Rway from Winemute. Back cam*
tend the games or have not the the ball and G. Spring gave Winte
chance to, to read of the continued mute a chance to forge ahead. Punk
sucoeases  of the  Westminster team,   took one of the prettiest passes seer
When It comes down to hard tacka 0n the field this season and had it
the Vancouver team hae not really , raat Hess like a flash,
won a game, this season. One went j Two minutes later Bones Allen waa
to them through default, another again In the limelight by scoring the
went to tliem through tho generosity ' fourth and last goal for the green
of a Vancouver referee, and the f^rst i shirts.
matoh of the season In Vancouver I This tally did not remain unanswer
found the Salmon Bellies so demor-1 ed verv long for Hyland went through
allzed a bunch that it was Just a ; with the bunch and beat Hess once
matter of how many goals the home i niore.
team      would      score.        Yesterday, j Fourth  Quarter,
through the continued unsportsman-1 McCarty got the draw and the Ro-
Ulke actions of Manager Jones, aided i yai home kept Hess a busy man for
by {be Vaucouver press, what Bhould
have been a record crowd dwindled
dtjwu to a mere handful. It must
not be forgotten that Mr. Weather
Man had something to do with the
small attendance, but the action of
Mr. Con Jones In leaving out Lalonde
and Ion and advertising the same,
left a rankling In the breasts of the
local fans.
Jones has just about shot his bolt
as far as lacrosse ls concerned and
the sooner he cashes In his checks,
the better It will be for lacrosse not
only In British Columbia but through
the whole of the Dominion.
Tbe country has not yet entertain- j
ed the Idea of allowing the American ,
Trust rule to be operated In Canada ���
and this applies to lacrosse toe.
But to come back to the game, taken ln all, the spectators were well
rewarded. The garhe was a clean
one v/ith the exception of the nasty
crack that Crumpy Spring received
from the stick of Cameron. The latter, together with West, were out to
rough lt and the latter came und<r
the '
official _ saatimil   "it   tbla  l��  �� ���Uuihts*	
hoyae?' ������    ���    ��� -      I asserting   that   lt  was  caused   to    a
Manager Gray made a change    in   c.,rtaln  extent  g,  ^^        ita,    and
his  line-up,   Pat   Feeney   being  back | lab()r  lnfll,n each    other,8
In  llie  game,   in   place  of   Len  Turn-   rjgilts ^^^H
several minutes.    Play  was fast and
(Continued rt Pace Five.)
Many    Preachers    Refer    to    Labor,
Others to  Life of Salvationist
In many of the city churches on
Sunday last the subject of labor and
Its place in the present day world received special attention. Preaching
ut St. Peter's church, Rev. i'athei
O'Boyle, In defining the attitude of
Uie Catholic church, referred to the
.     ��� union principle as good in upholding
ruling  of   Kavanaugh   when   the   ^  rights of  labor,  but hu dedorudl
, the. K��n��ra! unreal tn ttie labor world.
bull.    The  latter,   with  brother  Bill,
watched   tbe   game   from   the    side-!
lines.    Bill wrenched his ankle In the
last fiame in the city and Len got a
crack  across the shins in  the game -
In  Vancouver on Saturday.    Lalonde
and  len were missing from the Van- j
couver team.
Promptly at three o'clock Sir Rich-
ard   McBride.    premier      of    British i
The employer should not retain so
great a proportion of the profit of
production as to prevent a working
man from supporting a family in pro.
per fashion. Labor should recognize
property rights and realize that in
vented  capital  is productive.
Father O'Boyle said that one oT
the principal causes of unrest was in
diligence in vice.   Instead of earning!!
few  words of advice  to the players.
He  told  them  It was s credit    to
both  New  Westminster and  Vancou
Columbia,   walked   out   o.i  'the   i.ciu ��� _ .-    . .   it ......
with  Referee Kavanaugh Mid Mr. T. j foing t�����">�� "��J ""PPO" oflfamilies,
Gifford,   M.  P.   P..   and   im^-ted    a !ln many caseB ll *M aquandered In
-^^���^^^^^^^^���^^^������^��        one excess or another.
He referred tot Socialism (as it is
oui  INew   Westminster ano   v��..CUu- recognized today) as being a menace
er  that  they should   keep  up    the I *�� **��&*  labor'  *��?. **��  wor,d"
national game with only a two team |��*fc welfare/  because  ft  Is opposed
l��V��e and  not only  that they  had  J,0 the, principles of faith, virtue and
the Minto Cun out here honesty.    To be right man must   be
Ve hearty  cheer,   greeted    Sir ! ��"*����.  f om e.tic:.nd  honest
Richard and the rubber waa in play .1, J^eB "^"L^L^V; aihZ
I derson was on poverty.    He did nol
Goal  Summary. ^ directly refer to labor, but he coun
Glrst quarter-Feeney (VV.), 1.30; gollcd that though a man m,ght be
McDougall (V.), 12.30.        .*-  , p0or  ag  far  as  worldly  goods were
Second quarter���Hyland (W.), 2; concerned, he might be rich spiritual-
Allen (V.). 6.30; Feeney (W.), 3.30; ,y intellectually and mentally, where
C. Spring (VV.), CO sees. a8 the man who was rich might lack
Third  Quarter���McDougall  (V.), 40  alI of tne8e virtues and qualities,
-sees.;  Wintemute    (W.),    14;    Allen.     Rev   w   g   A   Crux    took   a8   hu
(V.), 2;  Hyland (W.), 1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Fourth quarter-���No score.
First quarter���Hess (V-)._ 5 m'n.:
theme "The Carpenter and the Bible,'
in which he brought  o light the won
derful  example set by  Jesus Christ
! as a worklngman and how His teach-
McCarty (W.), 6 mln.; Griffith (V.), lings helped to aolve labor problems.
I Jesus first    became   accustomed    to
& min.
Second quarter���Cameron (V.), 5
Third quarter���None.
Fourth quarter���Hyland (W.), 5
mln.; Cameron (V.). 6 mln.
Total renalt'es���Vancouver 20 minutes;  Westminster, 10 minutes.
t   Tha  Game   Begins.
Vandlnver got the draw but Howard biitted In a"d following some
pretty stick handling, Hess was tested with a hot one.
The Royals would not be kept out
and Pat Feeney sent tbrough the
first tallv in 1.30. Hess and McCarty got a f've minute rest for a scrimmage ln front of the Vancouver goal.
Bnd to end play followed and Griffith had no sooner relinquished his
position as goal tender than he waa
sent to the bench for a number 6.
Hyland shot wide and on the run
down McDougall evened up the score
Second Quarter.
Clarke saved a certain goal right
from the face-off. West got lectured
by Kavanaugh for rough work and
McCarty made a good attempt to go
tbrough. Cliff Spring and Wintemute
followed with shots until the Vancouver defence relieved.
JTben came a pretty plav bv Hyland. Evading Griffith (parry shot at
the net. Hess Rtopped lt with hts
chest but tlyland was on htm ln a
trice and sent It through.   ,
The Vancouver goal went through
narrow squeaks, the ball finally being sent to the other end. Allen
waited hls chance and beat Clarke
with a close In shot.
Hyland got the ball from two men
and from a pass   to   Grumpvi Soring
His tools and then became accustomed to the Old Testament and Improved on it so that it gave tbe basis
for present civilization.
Christ let the strength out through
His hands, but at the same time Hi
kept HU mind trained auiU^alert. s>
that whoa the problems of life had
to be faced Hc was able to provide
solutions which astonished even the
wjsegt men of ages.
These solutions were applicable
to present /day life. Sometimes labor
men showfed a tendency to go back
4000 years to the old doctrine, ol eye
for eye or tooth for tooth, but that
was contrary to Christ's precept
/ Special services were held to tbe
memory of the late General Blpoth
bv the soldiers of the local branch
of the Salvation Army ln the Queens
Avenue Methodist chiirch on Sunday
evening. Rev. W. W. Abbott, the
new pastor of the church, who participated ln the services, made touching references to the work ot the
aged leader of the Army.
Rev. C. E. Wincott, tbe new pastor
of St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church, paid a glowing tribute to the
general In whloh he said in part:
"We make a great mlsttake when we
think or act as if we thought that the
Gospel if this lord Jesus Christ was
rot perfectly fitted for the worst and
lowest of men.
"Perhaps Uie one great leeson to
be drawn from the life of that great
Christian hero and aor.hU reformer.
William Booth, and of the movement
that be founded is that we seem to
need a new movement In every generation to teach our stiff anrl stereotyped churches that nowhere haa the
Serious Shortage cf    Hay    Feared���
Agriculturalists in Fraser Valley
Have Bad  Luck.
According to reports that have
reached the city there wlll be a scarcity of potatoes approaching a famine this year on account of a blight
that la devastating whole flelds of
the plants ln the Fraser Valley dis
trlct and In other parts of the pVo--
The situation Is one of the most
serious that has ever been faced by
the district farmers, a number Of j
.vhom have become alarmed and are
.inearthing their crops and sending
them to the various markets for feai
their plants will become affected' by
the disease. This accounts for tht
glut of potatoes on the local markel
last week, and the situation is said
to be the same In other market
���owns. 1
The blight, lt appears, affects flrst
the  vine of the  Infected  plant and
gradually     follows    Into   the   tuber,
making  the  spuds   useless  for  food
even for animals.
Reports that there will be scarcity
of hay this year on account of the
great destruction worked on the crop
by the unusual heavy rainfall this
month are also circulating through
the valley, and stock breeders and
:attle people are afraid that the situation will become critical.
So alarming an aspect has the hay
situation assumed to some or the
large keepers of dairy cows, who
mainly depend on hay as the staple
food for their stock, that they are
talking of selling out for the winter.
One farmer of the valley has already
-old 50 of his cows en bloc and others are preparing to follow suit.
That the situation Is unprecedent
ed in the history of the valley is the
opinion of one farmer, who expects
that prices for hay will be higher
this year than they have been for
I same time. This same man claims
[^nat the damage done the hay ha*
been greatly underestimated ln th(
newspaper reports.
- Taking tno season all round it bar
bufcii tomwluil o( > dia��ypoiutuiun<
to the majority of agriculturists. The
aarly prospects were that the crop*
'n all lines would be bumper ones
bit later a defect was found in the
maturing fruit crop, then came the
destructive rains and spoiled what
promised to be a record hay crop
and last of all comes the blight prevalent on the potato fields.
Rarely have local farmers had to
face so many adverse circumstances
at  one  time   and   they  have   every
easoii to feel discouraged.
Striking Article on Reasons
American Offenses Have
Been Passed Over.
Britain Would Starve, America Wsuld
Be  Embarrassed Only,  If War
London, Sept. 2.���Norman Angeli
(Ralph Norman Angell Lane), tht
author and newspaper correspondent
who has been the general manager ol
the Daily Mail in Paris since 1905
contributes to that paper a striking
article on the Panama canal law en
titled "Why not flght ?"
He starts out by suggesting hypo
thetically a series of offences committed by Germany against England
which he says would give an Anglo-
German war Infinitely greater justifl
cation than most cf the wars of liis
tory and would Indeed make war in
American Parallels.
These ofTences are intended as ey
act parallels of what the English re
card as American offences against
England in the post ten years and
whose logical method,cf settlement
would be by war.
Not Thinking of It.
"But," says Mr. Lane, "we have
not gone to war. We shall not go to
war. We are not even thinking ot
war." This, he argues, is not because blood ls thicker than water, for,
"when the Americans were really of
English blood, which they are not
now, .we went to war with them
twice, so it Is not for that reason
that we must submit to the affects of
the Americans. The reason is because war would be Ineffective.
"We could not Interpose* our will
by war. America is not only Impregnable, but is quite obviously impregnable. We could, it is true, destroy her navy; bombard her ports
blockade her coasts, but we should
thereby create a position far more
serious for ourselves than .for her.
She would be embarrassed; we would
starve." ��
lActlve Interests Are at Work to Pre
vent Boat Returning to Former
It is learned that certain of th*
shipping companies and mariners op
erating on the coast of B. C. art
again taking up the matter of chang
Ing the location of the Sandhead
lightship with the Ottawa authorities.
A similar move was made several
months ago, but the quick action of
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M. P., acting on be
half of the shipping that uses the Fra
ser rlter, prevented the scheme from
being   culminated.
It Is understood the govercmen
will be asked to move the light-
ihip from the mouth of the river t
a point off Roberts Pank. lt is pre
sumed that the rew move is being
taken now that tha lightship is' at
present on the ways at Esquimalt being overhauled and otherwise fitted
for her position at her usual station.
That the removal of the ship from
the mouth of the river would be
fraught with much danger to tht
shipping using New Westminster as
& port is well known In this city, and
:t is thought that once this matter
?ets to the knowledge of influential
bodies In the city, steos will at once
be taken to ensure the replacing of
the lightship in its former position.
Returning    Sportsmen    and    Women
with Their Spoil Make Picturesque Scene in City.
Salmon Bellies, Old and Young, Are
Dined by Mr. O. 8. Cralg���
Speeches Oalore.
Messrs.    Manson   and    Carter-Cotton
Invited to Officiate at Burquitlam September 18.
At a meeting of the building committee of tbe Burquitlam Agricultural
society on Saturday evening,. It was
resolved to formally open the new
agricultural hall on the 18th inst. It
was further decided to Invite Mr. W.
J. Manson, M.P.P. for the Coquitlam
3ide of the district, and Mr. F. C.
Carter-Cotton, M.P.P. for the Burnaby diviaion, to perform the opening
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., the reeve
and councillors of Coquitlam add tbe
reeve and councillors of Burnaby wlll
also be Invited to attend.
A concert and dance will wind up
tbe proceedings. It was remitted to
the ladles of the district to make the
necessary arrangements for the latter functions.
toFeenev. saw the latter place his Gospel found a heartier reception
team further ahead. The Royals than amongst the lowest and poorest
pressed and 50 seconds later Doughy and neediest."
Plans for Double Traok Structure Mr
C. P. A. Go to Ottawa.
Mr. C. C. Worsfold, resident engineer for the Dominion, has submitted to the' public works departmeht,
plana presented by tbe C. P. R. for
a new double-track bridge across the
Pitt river to replace the single track
structure at present in Use. 'The
new bridge is in line wltb the policy
of the company to double track ita
Une between' Vancouver and Port
Hammond to cope with the ever
growing traffic between those two
It ls stated that the Western Canada Power company approached tbe < son
C. P. R. for the use of thejjew bridge'"
for the proposed electric pbwer line
between Vancouver SnA Mission City
The proposal, it Is stated, was turned down by the C. P. t>t, because It
was believed that the bridge world
be no more than, sufflc'ont. for tli%
needs iof the steam traffic.
The cost of the general traffic
hridge which tbe Western Canada
Power company is now advocating
that the government erect, Is estimated at $500,000. Work on the triple
track bridge aoross the Coquitlam
river, which was started a short tine
back, ls nov/ progressing steadily.
The Minto:  cup���atmosphere   pervaded the Hotel Russell last eveuii;^
when the  Salmon Bellies, past    anu
present,  together with the executive
and friends of the club, sat down to a
flne repast provided by a warm la^|
crosse ton, Mr. D. S. Cfalg, of Sapperton.   This was the.first spread of
ts  kind  since the famous pieee    of
silverware bas been won back from
the city on Burrard inlet, but from
the remarks passed at the gathering
there are more to come.
Still, tbe credit is due to Mr. Cralg
for heading tha procession, and the
kind remarks be received at the
hands of the galaxy of speechmakers.
wbo held' sway at the festive -board,
were of such strength and meaning
that befbre he left a sihile qt satisfaction could be seen playing upon
his countenance' which bespoke that
bis labors and generosity bad not
been mis-spent
Old friends are true, Is an ancient
saying, but it held good last evening. I
Herb Ryall, without a doubt one of
the best lacrosse players tbat ever
handled a stick for the' Salmon
Bellies, at present a member of the
executive, was there with hi* winning way, as was Tim Mahoney, another old player and still connected
witb the club tn the capacity ot a
trainer. Then there was Charlie
VJ%lsh, tbe former manager, wbo
steered the vlctorions team of. 1909
to Montreal and took the vice-regal
silverware from the hands of tbe
Tbey were all there, and all had
a good word, to say ot the doings
that hare gone forth throughout the
length and breadth of the Dominion
that the Royal City Is the home of
western lacrosse .just aa Cornwall is
In the east
Wben the dishes bad been cleared
away, Charlie Welsh assumed tbe
place aa toastmaster, and In happy ���
fashion touched on tbe past history!
of the club and of tbe present aaa-
  He related how. on saying .goodbye to the Minto eup last year bo
had Informed the manager of tbe
Vancouver club that they only bad a
voar'�� lease on the trophYi when it
would again be taken up by the
W.ovsIb. He felt .proud ot the boyi,
be felt especially proud of the new
nton on tha team, mentioning Hyland
glark and McCarthy, who he said had
tilled together with the homebrews
as 1f tbey had been born and ra'sed
among the junior and Intermediate
teams of the city.
Tom Rennie, ln proponing the toast
to the host of the evening, Mr. Cralg,
(Continued on Page Five.)
The B. C. Electric depot was the
scene of life and animation the like
of which it has not seen for some
time when the 9 o'clock tram arrived last night, and everywhere
there was an open demonstration of
the fact that the open season tor
geese, ducks and snipe on tbe main
land of the province was In full
Immediately on the arrival ot the
electric train there swarmed from
the many portals ol the cars men,
youths and boys dressed in the variegated styles that all go to the make
up of a sportsman and carrying riflee
revolvers anil shotguns and other lm
plements for warfare on the innd-
cent  but toothsome fowl.
Some of the hunters veritably appeared to be swamped with bulging
packages, containing blankets, cooking utensils, firearms and last but
not least the proceeds of the chase
Others had nothing or practically
nothing to show for their day's out
lng, but all wore a-Happy smile and
the majority a three days' growth of j
whiskers, as though they had thoroughly enjoyed tlxi.r b;\of respite
with nature.
Asked as to how the shooting was,
one demon like follower of Diana
Wbo was weighed dowa almost to
the pilmscl line with multitudinous
bundles, shotguns, bulging pockets of
spoils as he staggered from off the
train. "Ob, It was fair," grouched a
voice that suggested a' three days'
camp in heavy grass among pouring
rain, from behind a verifiable atubble
of red whiskers, "I only got thirteen
ducks and about twice that number
of anjpe,���but then there were so
many people out there that the poor
fowl were scared out of slgh't."
However, the gentleman did not
seem to feel ln the least downcast
with tbe Tesults of ode day's work���
for the shooting was only scheduled
to commence after 1 o'clock yesterday morning. He stated confidently
that be expected to have better luck
nert time.        js*
On the whole most ot the sportsmen and women���tqr a tew of the
gentler sex were ln tbe crowd���ap-'
peared to be thoroughly satisfied with
the results of the chase.
The followers ot the rod and reel.
however, did not 'are *�� we" on *c"
count of the heavy rain of yeeterday
and 8cnday. providing more' tban
sufficient natural tood tor the susceptible finny tribe. One man. who
spent in the neighborhood ot twelve
hour* on the banks of the Nlcomekl
river was rewarded munlficlently with
ono bite and an equal number ap flab
for hts labors. Other fishermen tired
better, but the majority meandered
home empty banded.
August Eclipses All Previous
Records With $432,000
Building Permits.
New Hospital and School Big Factors
But Enterprise Generally Was
The abounding prosperity of the
city of New Westminster Is reflected
ln the building returns for August.
.'. Inch completely shattered all previous records by a margin well over-
$100,000. The total value cf the permits Issued last month was {432.000,
showing the enormous increase of approximately 300 per cent, over the
corresponding month of last year,
and the remarkable advance of $336,-
000 ou the month ot July.
Outdistances All.
The record breaking month ot May
last year when the big Westminster
Trust bloe'.s permit for $150,000 taken
was beaten by the month of August
by a sum almost equal to the value
of that block.
The $180,000 permit for the new
Royal Columbian hospital building
was the principal tiling that was responsible tor last month's record.'but
leaving both It and the permit ot the
High school ot $95,000, out of consideration, the total for the month.
waB exceptionally good all round.
IOne ot tbe permits that helped to
swell the total was the $65,000 one
for the six storey block on Begbie
street to be erected tor G. A. Hankey,
Several other large permits were
taken out. but the - Begbie street
block had them topped by several
thousand dollars as far as value was
Crown Timber Office.
The returns of the   crown    t'mber-
oftice for August also show advanc��-3
over the corresponding period of last
year.    The receipts for    Ia3t    month
were $3235.69, a^ ftgsipst $2052.80 for
August,  1911,   and   -compared    with
$1182.73 for the same per'cd in 1910.
For   the  flve  months   enA'.nt;   August
31. the total receipts were $33,344.68,
ian advance ot about    $100    on    the
corresponding period last year.
I At Land Offlee.
The Dominion lands ofli.es return*
for August show a great falling ofT
from the corresponding period of Ust
year. The total receipts were $126.95.
as compared with $425.25 for August
last year.
Nine Mcro Days Before Famous Competition  Close*���Has  Aroused
World-Wide   Interest.
From almost every city, town ami
hamlet in Canada, and from a good
many places Id the United Statea and
the Old Country contributions of slogans are being received at the offices
of the Progressive association in the
ctty from aspirants for tbe $100 and
$50 prizes offered -for tbe slogan tbat
can beat be adapted to the city of
boundless  opportunities and    advantages, New Westminster.   As the day
on which the last anawer to the comr-
petition is only nine days off, Sept
IS, keen interest is being centered
around the affair by both the competitors and tbe public in general and
spect'lailcn is rife as to who will win
the valuable prizes.
Contributions have been received
trim all classes and sects of people
and slogan experts from the Atlantic to the Pacific bave been working
overtime to get thetr contributions
in time for tbe Judging.
One little fellow writes from a hospital tor incurable*; hia boyish let- ���
ter Inclosed in aii envelope addressed In tha strong hand of a living
parent and his fetitrtbutton Is sal*
to be ot real merit
More and more possible solution*
are arriving every day and lt look*
as If the competition Judges will ha
up against a momentous task when
they commence to select a winner
trom the excellent efforts that have
been submitted.
Last Salmon Report Issued.
The sockeye fetiaaon is fa*t dwindling%nd the fortieth .report of the
B. C. Canners* aseoefctton wl�� be
ths last one Issued untll next season.
Several email catche* of cohoes are
being brought iu and the 'season Is
being kept open to Jake care of these
lesser valuable species, qf the Mil-
men tribe.
The tollowlng are the return* on
Saturday1 last, after which no newa
will, be ' obtainable regarding .the
catches made at the different canneries: Bellingham. did not l'ft;
Anncortes. SOO
Colony Farm Successes.
Toronto, Sept. il.���Tbe grand championship gold medal tor Kolsteta
stock at the-Canadian National exhibition was won by Moroona Vale, a
three year old bull owned by tba
Colony Farm at Mount Coquitlam,
B.C. - Th* senior ohamplonshlp -tor
females was alao won by the Colony.
Farm, as was also a first prize for
aged herds, bull and four ccv.-a.
So-Jth Westminster Merry. -
A most successful dance was held
bat night   In Blggar'*   bStt.   Soutb
onhn,��i"""T��^ii" Mn�� I Westminster, under the avspices of
c?h��^' -T^.^lttK, RambUra' SNootbMl,p\nb. :Tbom
340  sockeyea and 400 echoes;    St
Mungo, 750 cohoes; Brunswick,   150
sockeyes and 200  cohoes;   Imperial,
200 sockfives and 250 cohoes;    Scottish Canadian, 100 sockeyes and   300
lwere over 60 couple* In the hall arid
dancing waa (toftdnctod In *elavs. Ths
music' was furnished bv Messrs. Dlgby and Nelson, New Westminster. An
  KvoPAiMngiv pleasant nlgbt was pasa-
^^���i^^^^^V >""*-ed and dancing only closed at dam.
* J
:*&'.   MHtwr'
ilMihtfflfi-unMf)'��� il'"'   _  ���*������*��� ������-���*2m.. .mmiffi..i..-.. ���:*. PAGB TWO
��� ���
��� RATE8. ���
���   ���
������      One ce^t per word for day,     ���
��� Four   oents   per   word   per   ���
��� week. ���
-��� No advertisement accepted ���
-#   (or loss than 25c. ���
Birth,   death   and   marriage   ���
notices 50c per Insertion. ���
maker apply 1039 Kourth avenue.
principal business street, New
Westminster. Particulars at once
to 310  Richards struet, Vancouver.
vate family; good wages. Apply 515
Fifth avenue.
qutre two comfortable furnished
rooms', old country family preferred. Apply room 2, B. C. E. R.
depot.   Phone 401.
City steam laundry.
��� "     ���mmm.������������������������"
ers.   ihi Hastings street.
'Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. H
CLUB will give you full informa-
.tion regarding developments now
Koing on at Fort Fraser, B. C. Opportunities for young men of limited means. Saw mill, stores, government building, bank building
large hotel, now built or In cours?
of construction. Rallrond grade
row cleared through the town.
There will be no more Fort Erasers
to pour out Its virgin wealth
to the newcomers. See W. A. Matheson. secretary, Vancouver office
102 Winch Building.
cement    block's,    chimney*,     brick
laundry tubs, drain file and fireproof, germproof, waterproof, sanitary plastic flooring, see J. W. McCallum, Westminster Trust block.
Phones: Office 434; house L 885.
noon. between the court house and
Knights hardware store on Sixth
street, a brown paper parcel containing a lady's blouse. The finder will be rewarded by leaving
same at this office.
LOST���A small leather wallet containing railway transportation and
membership cards made out to G.
S. Whitaker, Calgary; also small
silver card case and me.no pocket
book, believed to be lost between
Westminster and Port Mann. Finder
will be liberally rewarded by leaving at Motherwell A Darling's office
New Westminster.
acres, all under cultivation. Between
Calgary and Edmonton, near station. Ninety-six acres in Timothy
bay;   barn  and  stable on the  pro-
s perty. Price $45 an acre, will
trade for Burnaby acreage.
119.75 for $2600; third cash; terms
6, 12 and IS months. This is a
ACREAGE SNAP���200 acres choice
land, on Chilliwack car line, not far
from Sardis. Small house, large
barn. High and dry, no dyking
tax. Price $175 per acre. Terms
to arrange.
all planted and under Irrigation at
$500 an acre. Choice district. Will
consider good proposition to tr.ido.
Fully equipped. Excellent turnover.    Sna;) price $500.
partly cleared; $7*0; one-half cash
ialance 6, 12 and 18 months.
HERE'S ANOTHER Sapperton Bar-
pain���Lot size 34x120; near school;
5575; one-third cash.
THOUS" BARGAIN .it Sapper'������Flv
rooms, lot 9!ljt71; for $2750; one-
tbird ca3li, balance 6, 12 and 18
chwioe building lo: rn Sixth avenue.
flaring on    two streets.51x140.   Fine
^proposition tor two houses.   Can be
���bought at snap price.   Call and see
fee 'U�� A'-iOut Highland Home.
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes street, phone L888.
bedroom, near Library. Apply Arrow Pross, 609 Victoria stroet.
FOR RENT���.New small blight store
near corner or Sixtli and Carnarvon streets. Low rent. Premises
heated. Apply Alfred W. McLeod,
657 Columbia street.
FURNISHED ROOMS by day or week
over Roynl Bunk of Canada. 654
Columbia street.
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street
lighted room, 20x30 feet, in Hard-
man block, suitable for office or
workroom or may easily be divided
to make a two or three room apartment suite. For terms apply Westminster Daily News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, coiner Eighth sireet and Agues
bedroom, furnished. Terms reaaou-
alde.    720 Agnes street.
house.    Address Box 765 Clty.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
FOR SALE���Eight roomed modern
house, cement block foundation, ful,
basement, furnace, separate bath
and toilet, splendid view, one bloc
from car line, clc39 to Sixtli ava
nue. Price risht, gcod terma. Own
er leaving town. AdJrei3 owner
P.O.  box  375, City.
estate���One team bay horses, six
years old, weight about 1100 each;
together with one set of hand-mafle
bras3 mounted harness, all in first-
class cotid;tiun. Horses are city
broke. Address box 109, Daily
News office.
toes, 100 lb3 for 75c. The finest of
red beets, 100 lb3 for $1.0;). Good
carrots per sack, $1. Fr��e deliv
ery daily. Apply Hatt-Cook. potato
merchant. 527 Front stieet, 'phone j
Rooms.  828  Royal  Avenue.
teen fruit trees full bearing, 75
chicks, coups; lot 50x138 to 20 foot
lane; water and light; $1450. Small
payment, balance monthly. Also one
lot with 20 trees and some chickens.
Apply Owner, on lot 28 Highth
avenue, East Burnaby, between
Second and Fourth street, one and
one-half blocks from car.
most new.   408 Fifth street.
der, a four burner gas plato. wltb
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnes
street, city.
coop and chickens, 21 fruit trees
full bearing; lot 5. 50x132 feet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Uurnaby, between Second and
Fourth streets. Price $1350: very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
ate sale, six roomed house, block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per w��ek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Statutory Meeting of the Board of
Licensed Commissioners will be held
at the Municipal Hall. Wednesday.
September llth, inst., at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon.
(Signed)  ARTHUR O,  MOORE.
Clerk to the Commissioners
Edmonds,*B.C., August 29th, 1912.
The flies that are now in your
kitchen and dining-room were probably feasting on some indescribable
mistiness less than an hour ago, and
as a single fly often carries many
thousands of disease germs attached
to its hairy body, it is the duty of
every housekeeper to assist in exterminating this worst enemy of the
human race.
kill flies in such immense quantities
as cannot be approached by any other
fly killer.
The plight of lhe High Scliool
cadets of Vancouver, who are report- I
ed to be stranded in Australia re-
fleets no credit upon those who Inl-1
tiated :ind carried into effect the pro-j
posal to take them abroad on an j
educative" tour of the world. Stimulated as the promoters no doub,
wore by tlie example of the Austral
ian cadets who visited Canada last
spring, tho scheme seems to have
>een undertaken without a full sense
-.1 the responsibility for such an enterprise by either the management or
the parents who permitted the boys
o go. Tl.e Initial blunder seems to
'iave been in accepting a promise
from the provincial government that
$r000 would be given to finance the
itinerary, a sum which, on actual
payment was cut down to $2000. H��d
the full amount been given which the
promoters allowed themselves to be
lieve would be granted there would
have been no iii?cd fot the present
��� iMipai.
There has rot been the sam" com-
letency exhibited in either planning
.r carrying o"t the enterprise as was
exhibited in tho excellent race set b)
the  Australian   cousins   who   toured
Canada and went round the world a
vear  ago.      These   up   till   the   time
they    reached   Victoria    had    netted
$1600 by giving entertainments at the
places   visited,  and   th'i   without   In
any way   trespassing   the   hospitality
of the cities entertaining them.
Ambitious   Vancouverities   have   of
late  been   doing  Beveral   odd   things,
whether fired   by the militant   spirit
of Col.  Sam   Hughes  or not.      They
purchased the Egeria    for    use as a;
training ship and are now appealing |
for money to ta!:e care   of the few j
cadets   who  have  VcYuite&od   for   &\
life  on  the  ocean  wave.    Vancouver I
is a big city with big    ideaB, but in
some  of  these  enterprises   4t   might |
not be a bad principle to follow the '
example of  the  more slow-going and
sedate   Capital    city.    Whether    the
cadets will have to be recalled after
completing   half    their    journey   remains to be seen.    It is not Improbable that the next time it is proposed
to take    a corps    of cadets    abroad
some  provision  will  be  made in  advance which will   anticipate   another
such humiliation.���Victoria Times.
Helping a Friend, He Unearthed a Fortune For  Himself.
Perhaps tl.we Is UO more curious
chapter In the history of the chancery
courts than Hint of two Pittsburgh
men. Tbe first hud a eliilm to a small
estate abroad, but he did not have the
money to pay the claim agency to
make a search, so be got a friend to
back him.
This friend's name was I'etermiin.
and Ihe money he ndvnnced was like a
grub stake-he was (rambling ou his
friend's claim proving up.
One day when I'etermnn wns nt the
claim ugetii'.v Office be came upon this
advertisement In the agency files: 'To
termnn lAlliertusi. musician, born ln
Amsterdam In 1820, son of Charles
Frederick nnd Henrietta Suziinnn tins-
man. Left for Liverpool In l.Sftil He
Is sought for Inheritance by M. Con-
tot, nvocnt, 21 Boulevard St. Germain.
That wns the Inception of thp famous "Kinsey docks" ense, the nnme
ciiiiilng from the fact that the original
Peteruinn wns Inst seen nt Kinsey
docks, In Liverpool. The clnlm agency
took the mntter In band, traced Peter.-
mnn's lineage hack nnd enahled lilm
to establish n good claim to nn tuber-
Itntice of Sl'OO.OIMI
That was a ease ot fortune being
thrust upon n man. - Lewis Edwin
Thelss In Ilnrper's Weekly.
Swiss  Method of  Solving the Problem
of the Unemployed.
In Switzerland the people aet upon
tbe theory that n mun who Im unem 1
ployed Is, If left to himself, liable to
become a waste by bPing a subject of
Charity unci ii tax upon the community. I
Therefore the problem Is considered as
an economic question.
The purpose Is to assist the unfortunate unemployed to secure work, not
only for the sake of his family, but In
lhe Interests of the state. There Is no
toleration for the loafer Begging Is
prohibited by the law. and vagrancy ia .
i-lilsstHed ns a crime
If  uu   unemployed   person  does   not j
make a serious effort lo find work the
authorities  will  find  ll   for  him,  nnd .
he Is coni|ielled to perform It     If be j
refuses be Is placed in the workhouse, i
where  strict  discipline  Is   maintained
nud every Inmate is reipilred to work
to his full capacity, receiving therefor (
his liotird and lodging and  from 5 to I
10 cents a day In wages. '
Tliere are nlso Institutions where I
temporary employment Is furnished to ]
persons out of work, through no fault |
of iheir own. nnd comfortable uccom I
luodatlons and some money cnmpeuxn |
tlon given until they cau find more re
niunerailre wages.-Chicago Tribune.
Experimenters Have Produced Aitlfl.
cial Variety From "tarrh.
It does not seem possible tln.t "lit
of the same material whicii is used
to stiffen a man's collar until it lie-
comes a hick saw on liis neck tlta secret has been discovered ot makim;
rubber���as soft and yielding a�� a pretty girl's waist at moon time. It is
called syntheti- rubber, which is only
a scientific way of saying it is nrtill-
cial���constructed by man nut of things
not at all like rubber, lt is a process
that chemists hnve been seeking for a
long time anil the announcement nf
its perfection is of keen interest to
t'e scientific world, though nn netmi!
test of operation nn a commercial
sca'e is necessnrv before the res! va'no
of the experiment can be accurately
The basis for the new product is
starch, which by a process of fermentation is converted into one-third nee-
tone and two-thirds butyl alcohol.
These are treated chemically ��� 'id
turned into nrtiflc'iil rubber rnpnhl>
oi vulcanisation. It is declared to be
every bll ns good ns the natural product, which costs neiirly three timet
as much.
A pressing need for the en'srircnvn'
of the rilbh��r inmnly hns been evident
for yenrs. The ri*ntand for automobile
purposes has increased its price so
that older uses have b-^en driven 10
the supply of in'erior rubber'. \ '..(oh
furnish shortlived overshoes snd wat.
erirnofs nr else vitally enhance their
rust. Ther" are manv ether IH s
whose commercial possllillltf"* polt'tji
he widely evmmled if the eo-t nf the
material were red'.'.cd even ore-half.
It tlie svnthetfc materia! can accomplish this it wil! be of iminen.-e vaine
to the world,
Two lea''1"" causes, hf.veVrr. ' ften
Interfere with t'i" scientific caleula-
tlons. One is that the Invention wllich
prows Intra general o*e creates sreh a
demand fur the raw material ns to
crent'y in 'fats* 'ts price: hut a*
starch is furnished in ureater or less
quantity by ali cereals, tubers and Ihe
i rent bulk i>f vegetation, there ii litlie
darner of that  in this case.
The other cause is the euestlnn nl
durability nnd serviceability. 8o:n���������
times the-e Inventions produce a superior product ; si'llieHttl** it proves
inferior i>>r nn reason that science is
aiiio  tn explain.    HI c��*urse,  if the
synthetic   rubber   should   in.-t   half a*
long   ih   the   natural    rubber  nud be
auld at lia f tl e price there wciild be
id pain cxeejt from the increase of
Every Woman
i Is Interested and ahould kaow
i about tbe wonderful
Whirling Sprat
Aikvonr drngjrist
IL If be oinnot supply
tbe MARVEL, eccept no
otber, but eend stamp Ibr Mos-
trtted book�����ealed. It str*1 ttl
pertlealan end directions invaluable
to ladtauWINDSOn SUPPLY CO..WlndM>r. Ont
General Acniu for Canada.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, Englisl
and Swiss
All   Work   Guaranteed,
641 Front Street      N"' Clly Market
Real   Estate and   Insurance.
'Ntrta-r/ Public.
Curtis tvtoik.   (���'tis Wc*triir"!,er.   P C.
.T*lvh<Mie-2ai P. O. Box 777.
Exclusive sale cf 9 lota, 52x164.
with 20 foot lane in the rear, on
Newcome Poad rrd Thirteenth Ave..
East Bnrnaby. Price $C50; J30 down
balance $15 per month.
Four and a half acre? in 3;:i'rev
10 milea from Kew Westminster nnd
1 mile from S��� llivan station. n.C.D.n
Price $900; MOil down and balance
$10 rer mcnt'.i.
Coldlf.u'.t Block,  Fourth /ivsnue
^hunc 7'i0. East Burnaby, S.C.
a:\il Z..i'.n  Street.
Pursuant    to    the    Creditors    Trust
Deeds   Act   and   Amending   Acts.
NOTICE la hereby given thai
STARKS LIMITED, carrying on busi
ness as Dealers in Boots, Shoes, etc.
at No. 823 Granville'Street and No
156 Cordova Street West. Vancouver
B. C, and at No. 445 Columbia Street
Vew Westminster. B. C. has by deec
dated 20th July, 1912, asalRned all Its
estate, rea] and personal credits nnr
effects to P.M.Pli CLARK, of Vancou
ver, B. C, Salesman for the purposi
if satisfying rateably and proport'on
itely and without preference or pr
oritv all its creditors.
that a meeting of the erodltora of tin
'aid Starks Limited will be held a'
'he office of Ames Holden McCroad}
Umlted. at No. 403 Cr.rdova Street
Weat. Vancouver, B. C, on the 3rd
day cf Auguat, 1012. at the hour of *1<
o'clock in  the forenon.
that all persons, firms and corpora
tions having claims against the sale'
Starks Limited are required to forward particulars of the same duly ver
ilied by statutory declaration to the
said Ralph Clark addressed to him at
No. 403 Cordova Street West. Vancou
ver, 3. C, on nr before the 3rd day of
Se^'.-.mber. 1012, and that all persons
Indebted to the aaid Starks Limited
arc required to pay the amount due
by them to the said Ralph Clark
ihat arter the said 3rd day of September. 1912, the assignee w'll proceed to
distribute the assets of tho estate
among the parties entitled thereto
having regard only to the claims duly
verlfed of which he ahall. then have
received notice, and wlll not be re-
��pon��lble fcr the assets or any pari
��� hereof ao distributed to any peraon
er neraons of whose debt or claim he
sh-ill not then have received notice by
d.'lv verified claim.
DATED th<s 22nd JnW, H'12.
II.<rt"is    BOM)    HANVIN'GTON    &
BcKctitoia for the assignee.
Motherly Advice.
"My   denr,  you   iiiuntu t   tw  so  abiirii i
wiiii  itliiince young   men.    Yon  tnii*
yuu  may  give tbeui a  wrong  luipres   I
sitiii ������
"What's the mntter now, iDnlherT'
"You scarcely si*ike u  word to tbnt
young   man   you   were   introduced   to
last evening."
"I didn't like bis wny. mother."
"Hid you know blm?"
"No; I'd never met blm before."
"Do you know anything about hlm?"'
������Nothing, except that he aeemed to
me to be very impertinent."
������Still, you shouldn't have anuhbed
him, at leant until yon hnd learned
more about hlra Once I snubbed a
young man thnt way without knowing
who he was, and I regretted It ever
after, becnuse I found out later thnt
he wns very rich. I might hnve mnr
ried him If I bnd been more careful.'
-Detroit Free I'ress.
Why Bruists Became Black and Blue
The eolor of blood In due i-blefly to
iron In tbe little blood rell* When
the Iron la kept In theie little blood
i-ellx. which are living nnd traveling
around In the blood vewnel*. the coloi
la red Hit the nktn hnrd enough tn
break ��onie of the little blood venxels
tienealh tbe anrfnee nnd the little red
cells escape from the Injured blood
rexsi-la. wander nlioui for awhile In
the llsxuen and die. When they die
tbe iron thnt made them red before
then changes to black and blue color
Ing After awhile this Iron In taken up
by the glands rn I led the lymphntlci.
mid made over again into nice red i-ella
The Iron la taken Up very milch more
.|iilrkiy hi Hi.. lynipllHtlea If the black
and lillie ��|iol la rublieri nnd miiHMiigwl
M     Nil I...I.I-.
Hn Panful Debut.
"1 sliall i "i i-.i..ii> turret ii,y debut.'
Sir I'hnrlea Wyiidbain Kaid iid one oc
��� ii-Hiin "We u|ieiie<l at Wnnhlngtori
and I appeared a.-��,.n rharacler wh"
Mad to declare, 'I am drunk with love
nnd eiitliuxiasm. Having uttered the
tlrxl three words I wax seized with
xinire friL'lit and xilld no more. Thla
is wliat I rend in a .New Vork pa|ier
ihe next iiidmlngi 'A Mr. Wyndham
represented h ronilg mnn from South
America lie hud better go tbere blm
self.' "
Riches and Contentment.
"Couteiitmei-.i Ix better tlinn riches.'
xnld ibe ready mnde philosopher
"True." replied Mr Huxtln Stax. "but
my olixervatlon ix that a man who la
rti-h tin* a better cham-e of becoming
i-ouleiii tban a mnn who la contented
lin�� of becoming rich."��� Washington
Alike. Yet Different
Mrx  Vounghrlde-My huxbnnd la very
deter mined     He never gives up     Mrs
KJoxerlst ixndlyi-Nell her dix-a mine-
Hoxton Globe.
You enn do In a xix-ond whnt It takei.
yenrx in get over regretting.-Ni-w
lurk I'ivms.
The Cld Jipnn��^e Mail.
In the ilnyj I efnre the \hitU el
.lapnn wen- n^eiied to foreiunert, lie-
fore telegraph*, railroada ami electric
Ity bad found their wny into the inland empire, the infrequent mail-
were carried by p0-"1 runner!", who
wore the merest apology of a loin
c'oth Htid blue and white ruga ar"iin.|
their heads. They wore for the te.jl
part an elaborate Sllile of tattoo, v.i'L
a ri*l Mar on each *houldftI< tbe mar'.'
'if iiK-'.r cl'Una.   '''h'' lett r* were in
caned    tn    *    ,. ntvi *,r<���,1    pat-kni;*    no.I
secure 1 t" the end ol a bamboo pol,-.
With this over bia shoulder and t
pair of fragile eanda's on hi* !t{\
the rimer st.irt-d r.'n his Iona j nr
rev. miking from 75 to KX) mile.' \>ei
day. Tiie distance they covered see--
ir.credih'e, but the men were train'-'l
to speed aud had remarkable en.lot
Thi  Sea Otter.
Tho sea otter is nearly twice the
**iie of the common river otter, and
the fur, without finishing or prepara
tii n of any kind, ia more beaiititin
as it is stripfed from the animal than
tlo rie hi >t sealskin, whic'i baa to t>*
scraped, plucked of the lon^ upier
hairs and then dyed liefore it cu'd
be recognized as the lieautifni ol��|eot
which the finished fur undoubtedly i-4-
In the sea otter's fur the soil undercoat, the true fur, ia aa thick as that
of the seal and nearly twice r l"iig.
while the long outer haira are bs soft
a.i a sable's tail and often a pale itray.
which gives to the whole cent an appearance as of dark fur slightly frost
ed over.
The   Voracious   Cormorant.
The voracity of the cormorant has
often been emphasized, and the evi
dence collected hy the ilver Tweed
commissioners, who p>iy a Burin bir
each of the apecies shot, adds lurthe,
testimony on that point. Une hird
when opened was found to contain ��
trout half a pound in weight; another
had swallowed, among other lish. two
trout weighing a quarter of a pound
each. It ia estimated the, the life 'it
a cormorant is ten years and that dur
ing that time it consumes about li.ty
tona of fish.���London Standard.
Trade Secrets.
The Bnnk of England bn.�� a trade
secret In the form of the puper whereon it prints its bank notes. All that
ia known about the composition of
thia paper is that charred busks and
RhepUn vines are among the inure
dients going to make up its manufacture. Another trade secret in th"
paper industry is tbe manufacture of
the extremely thin ��aper whereon tin-
Oxford Bibles are printed.
Curly Hair.
Curly hair is a constitutional, here
ditary ph#��omenon. The curly hair
curls becauae it is flat. Straight hair
is cylindrical. Being flat, tbe hair ha��
a natural tendency to assume a spiral shape. Cutting has no effect, aa
the cause nf tie flatnese lie* in the
shape of Ihe follicle. Hair issuing
from a slanting, crooked follicle ii
bound to be flattened and twisted.
Thai's Why.
"You say you conceal nothing from
your wife?"
"Absolutely nothing."
"And why do you not?"
"It is evident that you do not know
my  wife."
Robin Redbreast.
Four totally different birds in at
many ci nutrias are known by tile
name uf 'Vub.. red bread. '
And the Peculiar Coincidence by
Whloh  It Waa Solved.
Pome years ago a publlattBg bonne
was prepnrlug to laaue a new eulilon
of the writings uf Thorenu. write*
Cbarlvs S. Olcott In Art and I'rogreaa
'lhe head of the huuxe and a m< mbei
of Ills staff were In consultation about
the method of llluatrutlou. It wus
ugreed tJat tiie pictures muat be true
to nature, but how to get tbem was
(be problem. Artists who do book II-
luxtrutltig could uut be expected to go
Into the woods nnd mnke plcturee
which would In any xvny assist the
texi to reveal nature 01 Thorenu saw
It. I'liotoginpha would be admirable,
but where wax the professional photographer to be found, who wonld undertake to go Into Thoreou's country In
auiixhiiie nnd iiiiii. In summer and winter, to eiinb nil ibe phases of nnturo
wbicb Tboienu recorded Id bis "Jour-
Wblle the two men pondered a caller
anl lu the outer oltlce with n large portfolio under lilx iirtit l-'tve years before
be had rend Tlioreau's ���Mouriiiil" and
laid inkeii up nix residence lu Concord
Hint tie might visit the scenes tbere
described hi all xensonx and uli kinds
ot weather he bnd wnnderod Ihrougb
the woods und over the fields with
tils cHinern. Passionately fond of nature, lie wax uu iexs devoted lo art
'lo hlm photography wns n paxtlmo,
It was nut bis profession. Kor the
pure love of nature and of art and
with no thought ol pecuniary gnln he
Iind aocniiiptixhtHl ihe very fent which
the iwo business men bnd thought so
dltttcuu. nnd b.v a curious coincidence
he appeared ai lhe oltlce fo exhibit
lbe rexult of hlx work at ihe precise
moment when Its desirability was being disc ii veil.
Horrible Custom of Japaneee Prior to
Year 646 A. D.
Prior to Hie year mil a. IV the .inria-
ne. e hnd one of ihe most horrible bur-
Inl customs that cau be Imaglned-thiit
of burying all the Immediate friends
and reinniera of a prlm-e or other per
son of note In a standing |Mi��|t|on
ii ion nd the |H>leiiinte's grave uud len v.
ing l lli-in In the en rib up tn their necks
to iiertsh of tlilrxi uud hunger.
The custom cannot be said to bnve
been general ax lute us ihe date given,
for tbe JupHiiexe records prove that Id
the time of Hie Ktnneror Suinln dt7-3i)
li Cl the billlnI riles of roynl personages were so modified as to pnrtlally
abolish former cruelties. Speaking of
a young brother of Suinln. who died
nnd had Ida retinue burled standing
around Ilia grave, the old nx-nrd saya*.
"l-'or tiiitny days they died not, but
ivept and cried aloud. At inal liiejr"
died Hogs nnd crowa assembled and
ate off tlieir bends, Tbe emperor;*
compassion was aroused, "and he de
Hir.-��1 to i-hiiiiKe lh* ni.niii'i of iiuiinl.
When Hi,- empress dli-d. soon slier, the
link.nl" inquired ol Ills officers II minis-
,' '"g Hi ;Ui \\"i) nl a change could
nol la suggexied. and doe proposed to
make duy  figures of un-n  and bury
Ihem ax xiibxllliiles "
Tbut litis did noi entirely do away
with lhe former custom is proved by
su edict issued III the year li-iu A I),
ihe date given tirst above, wiildi for-
hade Ibe burial ot living persona and
provided h |>eiiaHy tor rurih.-i adder
ence to {.He awful rlla-St Louis Ke-
Old Time Personally Conducted Tour.
The campanile looked down upon the
tirst agencies for conducted tours of
winch we have record. Five hundred
years ago \ eulce controlled the pilgrim
truffle io (be Holy Ijind. and quite a
number uf Drum made a good thing of
it They bad their office* in ttt Mark's
square; with all tbo apparatus of ad-
veriixemeut lionidlngs, flags aud commissionaire* Tbe contract stipulated
now mucb space aboard a ship aud
whnt food eacb pilgrim waa to get,
and the agents undertook not merely
io carry tbe pilgrim across tbe sea. hut
io conduct blm persoually to Jerusalem
nml to take over all negotiations with
the ottlciuia. Kor the whole Journey
ibe charge wns 2ft to :��0 ducat*, a third
io lie paid before sinning, a third in
Palestine uud u third after returning
huine. -Manchester Cuardlau.
Written In Slang.
Maiihen Henry's commentary on ths
Itliiie was written for the common people nnd lu lbe slung of tbe duy la
omuieuilug on Judges Ix he saya;
"We are Here told by what acts Alilnn*
ie.li gol Into the saddle. Ue tilled fol
irs service all the scum and sciiiiiilrei*
ot the country. Jotbam wus really a
Hue gei.tlemun. The Sechemlles were
the first lo kick blm off. Ihey suid
ail the III tbey conld of blm In their table talk    Tbey drunk beultb to file vott-
A Bold, Bad Man.
l'he phrase "A bold, bad mail." now
worn threadbare uud comic, belongs 14
Speusel. who applied It to the Archl-
uiugo of "The l-'nerle (Jueene" ll. I. HTi;
A  ooxl.  bad  man  that dared  to rail  *y
Greet   ilonton.   prtnee   et   darkness   an*
dead night
M supiMise your rbief creditor Is very
rich" (
"Well. I should say so But even ar
thui he acts as though I were living
above Dls means "���Fllegende Blatter.
A Safe Lover.
Perkins-Hoes lie young mun wim
Is courting your daughter leave hi a
reasonable liourlf I'utes-Yes; I n-:v��
Uu reason to kick.-Boston Transcript.
To see good In a heart that seems
��v|| is to beget good there. Wllnaut
Benry I'belpls.
���'  ,���'   '"���   :
. '��� '     ."  ���
��� g^MMHPUHl    MtHHHBji	
~     lllP(gf|B|B|H^*piPWPPBX^
���* " .     '        III ""|" *'l   '���   ""���"    '   ]        I     nm -���'�����-��.     in ii	
A certaiu a.uouiU of dii.eall/ i*
apparently belug e..^ei'<enced in Vancouver in raiding the necessary fui.Jj
to provide the wherewithal for the
cadctj to continue moir tour. JlAs*
ing trcin the v.ay ln whicii oontrlb.t-
t o&B ard coming in at prtaent it
looks rather aa though a repetition
cl tlo inglorious McManus Uuglt
Band affair in In store for the Terminal City, Such an ending is only to
be e.'.pected. The whole Idea was u
farce ftom thp commencement, and
it |<j only meet that Its term.nation
ahe uld ha farcical. The unfortunate
part ls thai an extremely unsavoury
impression wlll be made In our sis
ter Dominion of thingd Canadian.
S'tch enterprises should be undertaken solely under government control, and military or semi-military
bodies visiting other countries should
never be allowed to do ho under the
direction of private individuals. No
doubt "Captain" Davy, and those citl-
ssena of Vancouver, responsible for
the present holocaust, acted with the
permission of the Dominion authorities and with the best of intentions,
' bat the fact Is self-evident that tlie
boys were allowed to start out on
their tour witli their finances Improperly organized, Incomplete, and quite
probably, Imperfectly controlled.
Should the contingent have to be
helped back with their tails between
their legs, at seems altogether likely,
discredit will rest, not only on Its
commander and the organizers of the
tour, but on the whole of Canada, as
the boys arc bound to be accepted as
representative of the Dominion by our
brothers lu Australia, and the fact ol
their self-appointment may not be
generally known. That being the
cane, the Dominion Government
should take the matter up somewhat
strenuously with Mr. Davy and his
flnanc'al backers, the gentlemen of
half measures, upon the return of tht
company to Canadian soil.
As  regards  the   money  that  ls  to
bri>R tliem  back,  1  should   think  it
should be the affair of the boys' par
ents. tbey are moB'.ly well-to-do, and
probably  will  not  relish tha Idea c
tlieir   sons   being   stranded    severa
thousands of miles away and  bein
dependent on. public charity for the.
return home.
The  Imperial   authorities are  con
templating a return to the old shako
oh   the   review   order  head-dress   fo
Infantry, lu liou cf the Mm helnu
at  M-eient In  ure.     I  hardly   thla'
that either can  be called a thin,; c
beauty  and   a Joy  forever, they an
eqnali at  regards  ticl'nesi  and   the
helmet lias a Utile the be3t cf li Ir.
point cf usefulness, as it gives a c��r
ta'n  amount  cf  protection   from  the j
sun. wh'cfl the chako does net.   Two I
thru, sard  of tliem   have   been   issued
as an experiment and it is to hoped
that the reports will be unfavo.able.
mlt tililfc tiiey rapose puac^fjly upon
lhe walls of the officers' mess and
t.e oi,ly removed therefrom for tlie
purpose cf ceremony when tliey are
federally carried by tlie two senior
second lieutenants with an escort of
four ecler sei'tcaiUs. ln the case ot
:t gUBJ d cf iiono;, hither one or the
Other Is taken, according to the sta
tus of the personage to be received.
n tins case, ci coarse, It would bs
the King's Color, since the Duke ot
Ccniiaas'ut Is a member of the Royal
amity,  but now I come  to think  ot
t, this is all Irrelevant, as I under-
Hand the 104th have not yet had time
o   get   their   colors, and,  therefore,
a:inot have either. J ho guard is
J'awn up In line, i.e., two ranks
and with bayonets fixed, facing the
point of arrival of the personage for
whom it ls mounted, the captain being three paces In front of the second
file from the right, or In confined
space when the arrival must necessarily be from the left flank he will
���.uke a similar position on the left
<o as to be nearest. The officer carrying the color (supposing there to
>e one)  will be three paces in front
f the centre, and the remaining sub-
tltern. three paces in front of the
.econd file cf the outer flank. The
band being iu rear of the centre. On
ipproach of the party arms will be
irouBht to the "slope," officers'
iwords at the "carry" and when near
mough  the command "Royal salute,
resent arms" is given when the
nen  will  present arms, officers  sal-
te. the color ls lowered, and the
iand plays the first six bars of the
<"atioral Anthem, after which the
>rder to "slope arms" is given. When
he guard ls inspected,   the   captain L
ccompanies the personage for whom
: is mounted, and walks next to him
ound the ranks.
The Royal Standard Ib flown only
i the presence cf the king or queen,
r a    member of the Royal    family
hen representing the sovereign.
Governcr General Advices Port Ar':hur
and  Fort  William  to  Bury
Industrial S;hool for Girls.
SKA I.ED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Industrial School for
Oirls," will be received by the Hen.
the Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Monday, 9th day of
September, 1912, for the erection'and
completion of an industrial school for
Plans,  specifications, contract,  and
Amcrg the recent cVan^es which
hnve ceiVe into effect cn the staff ofj
the uiil'tia will be found the retire-]
mer l of Colonel Widroora and the j
appointment Of I.ieut.-Col. A. Roy j
as d'str'el of:'cer commanding Military District No. 11.
With everyone anticipating the vis-1
it  cf  His  Royal   Highness  tbe  Gov-1
ernor-Cenentl,  and   all   the   various
bodies   snd   organisations,    mtlitarv
and   otherwi��ei   preraring   to   accord
the direct representative of our sov-,
ere'sn.   a hearty   wesl eome,   perhaps
an r-tlre of the  form  thai welcome
shouid take frcm a military point cf
View, would not be out of place.
A rj'.ard cf Hocor in this caie,
shoi.i1 oonaisl. of one hundred rank
ar.d file, under the command of a
capta'ti ��"d two subalterns, one. of
whom carries the King's Color. All
resrimenta cf infantry (rifles excepted) own two colors, on which are
embla^med tho honors won by that
regiment. They are called the
Knights color and the regimental
colcr. The former ls tho Union flag
on n'i'ch are embroidered various
devices of heraldic Import and
scrolls M battle- honors, the latter
var'es in colcr according to the rtgl-
ment. and Is also heavily embroidered. Thefce colors are very jealous'v
guarded and iu the old days, forme 1
the ra'Mi'p: point of th<> corps to
which they belonged.     At the   pres-
Re;Imcntal order No. 30, bv Lieut.-
cl. VV. H. Johnson, O. C. 104th Regl-
>ent,    headquarters   New   Westmin-
r>". An?. 89, 1'J12:
Parades���ft is notified for informs-
on  that the parades called for   on
'nesday and Thursday    evening are
ot being attended an they should be
1 members cf A and IJ Companies.
fvery membe- of A and B Company
-, hereby notified to attend, as such
trad**  ore  in  connection  witb    the
rol^C'ed visit cf Ills Roval Highness
he Duke of Connaiiclit. to New West-
���linBter. Sept. 21. 11)12. N. C. O.'s and
���*ei who are not In possession of unl-
orms can obtain their clothing   and
equipment   at    company   stores   any
Tuesday and Thursday evening, and
hev  will  be   hold   responsible   that
rrlothinR   and  equipment   is  kept    in
?cod erudition.
Qualifying Courses���The following
UXtract from District Order No. ir>2,
is hereby promulgated for the information of all concerned:
O. C. commanding active militia
units will forward to this office, so
as to be received not later than Tues-
1n,v the 1 'th Sopt. J-12, the application of Off'ce'-s and N. C. O's who
-ish to attend the Third Series of
Courses. Cavnirv and Infantry, which
sotnmenoea on Monday the 17th Oct.
ne-t. at Winnipeg and Esquimalt re-
Biectiveiv, The application of N. C.
O.'s will be made on Militia Worm B.
?6\ co-iles of which ore being distributed. Attention is Invited to Militia Orders 4S2. 4S3, 527. 1911.
Regiment Rifle Association Shoot
-The regiment Rifle Association
et>Aot w'll take place on the ransre on
I abor Dav, Sept. 2. commencing at
9 s. m. O. Cs of "C" and "D" Co's
"���'II arran?e to bring their Co's to
New Westminster by first tram on
Mondav morning.
The 200. BOO and 600 yard ranges
i7<ll be shot over, seven shots with
o: e Richtlng shot at each range, per
Members vill provide themselves
��':th lunch and arrangements will be
r-'de for hot tea and coffee. Range
off;-?r of the day, Capt. Cunningham,
A Co.
Bv Order.
P. II. SM'TH. Capt.
Acting Adjutant.
Pert William, Cnt��� Sept. 2.���Not
only were the event? of the vls't oi
their Rcyal Highnesses, thc Duke
and Duchess of Connaught, and Princess Patricia here-today to the Twin for,"s of tender may be seen at the of-
Cities at the head of the lakes of no- flces of t,le Government Agents, Van-
table variety and interest, but the couver and New Westminster, and thc
Duke, in making his reply to thc Department of Public Works. Victoria,
civic address of welcome,' departed Intending tenderers can, by apply-
very notably from the mere formal- '"s t0 thc undersigned, obtain a set of
Ity of utterance. "��� drawings and speclticat'ons for the
Indeed, he made a departure of Bum of twenty-five (25) dollars,
that sort at Port Arthur this morn- Each Proposal must be accompanied
Ing by expressing his belief that the by an acc��Pted bank cheque or certifl
two cities would better serve their !la,e ��* d��P��8lt on a chartered bank o<"
ultimate destiny as a national port Canada, made payable to the Hon. the
If they were one. There was no ref- Mlnlster of Public Works, for a sum
erence, it may be noted, in the a(j. equivalent to 10 per cent, of the
dress read by the mayor of Port Ar- Rmount of the tender, which shall be
thur. to the project of ending the rlv-l f?,rfelted lf thc Party tendering de-
airy for the two cities by the consol- cllne t0 enter ln,�� contract when call-
In hls speech here this afternoon,
the duke dwelt earnestly upon the
basic problem of Canada's future,
arising out of the recollections of the
east snd west. Said his Royal Highness:
"Your worship and gentlemen:
Please accept my heartfelt thanks, as
well as those of the Duchess and my
daughter, for your address of welcome.
"Fort William and the city which
competes ln friendly rivalry with it.
occupy, as you have Indicated ln the
last sentence of your address, a position of vital importance in the autonomy of the Dominion, for you link
together the east and west.
Not only are the east and west
separated geographically by the
sparsely settled area which lies along
the north of Lake Superior, but there
Is, for the present, a difference of In-
terests on esch side of you. To the
east the manufacturing interests predominate, while to the west the agricultural Interests are paramount.
"The reconciliation of such interests has been one of tbe problems or
statesmen in everey country in tbe
world, bttt In Canada the problem is
even more difficult of solution than
elsewhere on account of the geogra-
ohica! separation cf these interests.
It Is true that the situation ls from
day to day Improving with the hum
ol manufacturers to the east of 113
and of agriculture to the west, but
in the meantime, it Is the duty of
every one to contribute in every possible way in the consolidation of the
Dominion and lo make, if necessary
cenceetvons to tl.at end.
"Aesop's fables tell us with r
homely directness the result of d;ffer
ences between various organization?
of the human body: the Scriptures
tell  us that a  house   divided   against
llB.-ll     fill!.-til.
"And that Is why���standing on the
threshold of the east and west, and
speaking to both east and west���
I urge both sides of this great contin
ent to do their best to help in ever>
way that work of consolidation whicii
alone can insure for Canada her position among the nations of the world
"To this work Fort William can
and does contribute by the transpor
tatlon of Canadian produce ove:
Canadian soil and the more fae'litie0
you can produce for this purpose thf
more you will be contributing to thi
realization of the motto���'Union It
strength.' "
It was shortly after three o'clocl
this afternoon when the vice-rega!
party, after having spent the earlier
nortlon of the day in and .about Port
Arthur, arrived here.
ed upon to do so, or If he fail to com
plete -the work contracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to 'them upon the execution of the
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature ofthe
tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department   of   Publlc   WorkB, Victoria, B. C, 15th August, 1912.
Slaci Taking Na-Dra-Co Dyspepsia Tablets"
Mrs. J. Merkhtiger, Waterloo, Ont.,
enthusiastically recommends Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets. Her experience with
tbem, as she outlines it, explains wby.
"I was greatly troubled with my
stomach", she writes. "I bad taken so i
much medicine that I might say to take
any more would only be making it
worse. My stomach just felt raw. I
read of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
and a lady friend told me they were
very easy to tuke, so I thought I would
give tkem a trial and re.ally they worked
wonders. Anyone having anything
wrong witli hit stomach siiould give
Na-Dru Co Dyspepsia Tablets a trial,
they will do the rest. My stomach is
��� fine now and I can eat any food."
One of tbe many gpoA features of
Na-Dra-Co Dyspepsia Tablets is that
tliey are so pleasant and easy, to take.
The relief they give from heartburn,
flatulence, biliousness and dyspepsia is
prompt and permanent, Try one after
etfb meal���they'll .make you feel like
a new person.
Soc. a box at your druggist's compounded by the National Drag and
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. 143
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor I
has received a despatch from the Mil-1
itary Secretary to His Royal Highness I
the Duke of Connaught, Governor-1
General of Canada, setting forth the
program of the tour of Hia Royal
Highness in British Columbia during
September and October next The
following places will be visited:
Kamloops���3 p. m. to 6:15 p. m. on
the 17th September.
Vancouver��� 3 p. m. on tho 18th
September to evening of 20th.
New Westminster���On 21st September.
Prince Rupert���11 a. m. on 23rd
September to evening of 25th (including a possible visit to Hazelton).
Nanaimo���11 a. m. to 1 p. m., on the
27th September.
Victoria���Evening of 27th September to 3rd October.
Vernon���Morning ot 4th October to
11 a. m. on same day.
Penticton���4 p. m. on 4th October
to 5 p. m. on 5th.
Robson via Arrowhead���7 p. m. to
9 p. m. on 6th October.
Nelson���Morning cf 7th October til!
noon on same day.
Kootenay Landing���6 p. m. on 7th,
leaving early next day.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Victoria.
Sth July, 1912.
Re a part (100 feet by IM feet) of t
portion (six acres more or less) of the
fractional southwest quarter of Sec
tion 29. Township 20 In the district.
Whereas proof of tbe loss cf certlfl
cato of Title Number 15442A, Issued
In the name of John Barker, has been
flled In this office.
Title Number 15442A, issued In tbe
name of John Barker, has been flled in
this office.
Notice is bereby given that J shall
at tbe expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication bere
of, in a daily newspaper published fn
the City of New Westminster. Issue s
duplicate of the said certificate, un
less tn the meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C. Aug. 15, 1912.
Better Dinners
" Is dinner ready, Mary ?"
"Yes,  Madam���it is ready, and, I think, a great
u Your cooking is improving.'*
"Well perhaps it is, and I hope to, but really, Mr*,
Housewife, I think our new Gurney-Oxford it partly
responsible for the success I have had lately. I was
never able to cook roasts and fowl so well on cur old
stove, and as for bread and biscuits, I used to tremble
when I went to take them from the oven���they were
'so often soggy and heavy. Now they'are always
light and beautifully brown, and, if I do say it myself,
something to be proud of."
"That's true, Mary, my husband has said almost the
same thing.   I'm awfully glad you approve of my
choice of a Gurney-Oxford.    He approves because of
the saving in coal since we got it, also because of the
better meals he is getting."
" Indeed he's right, Madam���and it requires so little
" That's fine, Mary.   Will you serve dinner in a few
minutes please."
Brunette Saw Milk Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with ail kinds and grades cf
A sp ziatty large stock of Laths, Shingles and
 N->. 2 Coir*r oi Hoarjf and Dimension.
Naw is the time to build for sals or rent while prices are low
Meat Market
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented!
Lar^e Front Room in Hard-
man Block, 30 x 30 feet? is
well lighted.
Suitable for ofiice, workroom
or living rooms.
Dale and Dale, who made a big hit U the Royal theatre last night.
Westminster Daily News
I* ���
^^^Mawf' mm
M#mm*m*a, .-
Published   evetfy   morning   except
Snnday by Tbe National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd.  at their office,
tt   McKenzie Street,  New  Westminister, B. C.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Bualness Office   999
Editorial Office  991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
Wionths. or 40c jWrimonth.
By mall $3 pe.*--^���a*/ or 26c per
month. ���'*. 4 I & \
. '-* ���>*���:.*: i*.; i.;      ,
Perhaps nojbinjei^ sign of the preponderating influence of American
ldea.s and customs- having usurped
the old Bclid British ideas of life In
British Columbia^ai any rate on the
coast���could be found than In the
'evidence given JjufaPp the municipal
commission last week in Westminster, t*
We do not.infer for one moment
that there is not a .great deal in American life and Influepoa which with
advantage may'be"grafted into Can
ad lan life, but the trouble is that
with the wheat--we"appear to have
taken in a superabundant measure" of
the tares ateov��*'Canada need3 the
teat of any gocd points that may be
.gleaned from othfejr countries, and for
that reason 'vpeVJMty, almost hoped
that the scope'pT'tlip municipal commission might ife'textended to Include
the leading countries of the old
world, with possibly a look in at the
way in which Australian, New Zealand, South African, Indian cities
govern themselves, where British institutions, handed down from the
days of the Witenagemot, and transplanted to land$ uncontaminated by
proximity to a great country where
municipal and civic misgovernment Ie
all too common, have struck root
firmly, are flourishing, are efficient
and are sufficing.
The    movement:-stewards   government by commission or by board of
control   had   its    beginning    in    the
United ' States,   where   some   means
wa3  necessary  to  provide a substitute   for    the    c!as3   of  "governors"
.   who  in  the British, Isles  seek  office
from a sense of du^y, for the social
standing attained  thereby,  from  the
sense  of  "noblesse   oblige."      They
-are jinpaid, .aaiaijuley are above, suspicion, are men.pf means and standing.    The  British  Isles   is   fortunate
in  the    possession  cf   thouBand3  ' of
dians well educated? To answer this
question  we have  to consider   their I
requirements.   For it is absurd to ex-1
pect a pioneer in a new country to I
waste his time over the classics. His
work, in the first place, Is to wrest j
from the bounties of nature, not to j
deal In the grandiose thoughts of phi-1
losophy, or the   intricate   puzzles   of i
historical research. But having stated
this much, it is necessary to add a
qualification.    Education is necessary
for two purposes, even to the worker
In the fields,   ln the first place ignorance is the cause of loss and deterioration.   It ls being found even in
bountiful    Canada that owing to    a
want of a system of rotation of crops
the soil is being Impoverished.    The
farmer must not only be industrious, I
he must understand the farmer's bus-!
iness and   must   be  educated   up   to
the necessary level.
Beyond this a;aln, education is
necessary, for having learned how to
manipulate his own business most
profitably, the individual' has to decide how b��8t to manage the nation's
affairs. The better his education is.
the wider will be hla outlook, the
more comprehensive his mental
grasp of national and imperial questions. In this age of quick transport
Interchange of IdeaB Is necessary
Decisions have to be made concerning
more than our own immediate affa'rs
and a right understanding can only
be fostered by means of education.
Moreover, an age of machinery and
mechanical devices calls mcrfe and
mere for brains and less for brawn.
Brawn is requisite in opening up new
uncultivated districts but towns
spr'HE up so qtiio' ly Into municipal
areas that the needs of education out-
"ii adequate means of supply, and
tho opinion of the worker in the field
ie continually being sought in political qce3tions. So that even his education is a necessary accompaniment
of the country's progress.
Looked ?t from the standpoint of
the necessity of the case, are Canadians well educated as a whole'-
From all accounts, probably no.
There are many illiterate children
throughout the oonntry. and the standard of education is not high among
meny others. It is. cf. course, very
difficult to control the education of
sparsely populated districts and of a
stream of immigration. But this is a
nuestion ' which requires more
thought than has been given to it.
The future depends upon tho deeds
rf todav. Let nt see to it that our
dr><?eendanls vil! not reproach us
with the fact that, while developing
the country, we overlooked the ade-
o"Htc development of the brain to enable them to grasn the problems
which it will assuredly be their lot
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City���605 Columbia street. \ Sapperton���317 Columbia street.
West End���Corner Twelfth street and Sixth avenue.
Nice new five room Bungalow, with all modern conveniences, full
sized oemeht basement, piped tor furnace. This house ls beautifully
situated in the West End and close to the car.
PRICE $2800; y3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Particulars   Apply to
Wm. IVlcAdam
fioom 1 Westminster Trust Block.
P. O. Box 874. /Phone 493.
The demand cf the Medical Health
Officer for three incinerators to help
in the disposal of Toronto's refuse
shows that sn opening exists for inventive genius In <hi3 necessity of
every great pity. The pclijt;on ol
lakss. rivers and streams is the first
evil    effect  cf  th.e  assembling    cf  a
The drawing of the municipalities together for concerted action to Improve the river courses would lead
to very desirable results, and should
open the way for some centralized
aotion supplementing their work. The
project is complex and involves many
considerations, but there does not
seem to be anything inherently Impossible about it. The evils attendant on present neglect and lack of
municipal co-oporation indicates the
need of some progressive step. A
few more experiences of disastrous
spring freshets such as Ontario had
this year will drive this matter heme
with renewed force.���Toronto Mall
and Empire.
I Correspondence
The Westminster Daily News does
not hold itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
Tremendous    Activity     in     Railroad
Construction  and   Development
In   interior.
"Everywhere it is life, bustle and
astivity, development and progress
and over all pervades a sentiment of
optimism." enthusiastically sa'd Mr.
V. VV. McLeod. who is back in the
city from a week's vacation and pleasure trip through the mountains to
""anff. All along the line of the C.
P. R., Mr. McLecd found things in a
prosperous ard booming condition,
and he state3 that some parts of the
mountains are literally alive with
jonstruction gangs.
The C. P. R. are making e tensive
alterations to the mountain re3orts
tt Banff Springs, ia e Louise and
���icld In preparation for the great
tourist traffic that is expected
hrough the mountains during 1915
*s year cf the   Panama   Exposition.
August 31, 1912.
Editor Westminster Daily News:        ���
Dear Sir���In your report of the
proceedings before the Municipal
Commission in this' morning's paper,
I find the following:
"The futility of the bylaw system,'
said Mr. Cclsworth, "was exemplified
by the sudden end of the Wooden
Fraser Bridge By-law, passed by the
| people here. That bridge, if it had
been built, would not have lasted
more than three or four years at the
most. The then City Clerk refused
to sign the bonds, knowing the fultil-
'ty of the move, and a sudden death
"as put to the by-law."
"If this ridiculous statement, having apparently the imprimatur cf a
man so well known a3 Mr. Cotswcith
's allowedtogouncontradicted.it may
be accepted by some as authentic
history. A proposal to build a wood
en bridge acros3 the Fraser was
made some twenty edd years ago
and even got as far as a vote In the
council, but failed to pass that body.
No such by-law was ever submitted
or voted upon; nor. had it been passed by the people, could the city
Clerk's veto have stopped it.
J. C. B.
large concourse of population.     The
purifying capacity of the soil ardIthe mountain  resorts  are  ipcreas
water ia overtaxed   and the result IS popularity   far    beyonB    the
the   propagation    ct   various   disease 4t*          $"the   n'anagem0nt ��f   tht.:
ge.rma. Some day the purifying  power d                         th    demanfl
lot   fire tfrtl   be^enlisted   ����   ����*����| ,OP hotel    accommodation    up  ther,
1 this besetting danger, but the change���
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
R. A. M.;  A. R. C. M.
such,  and ct'throi  and  in  this  governing class'-msiy -be-placed the 8UO-j^aJjgt'waU on  the"inventor who will
ccssful tailor ot the.   small    country   devise a plan.    The process of burn
town at one end of the Scale leading! ing all city garbage_ and_ other com
up to the. much maligned House   of
Lords itself at the other.
Among Ms tl>6-' rten who have
grown rich Jn)(tlie country appear to
have little sense of the duty they owe
to the upbuilding of the land of their
birth or of their adoption in taking
an active part .ini'i&'IgOverance.
As loug aa municipal, civic or provincial politicians are drattrn from
the ranks of those" who cannot be expected to perform their arduous duties for ndiinSg, "abt who are even
now Insufficiently reimbursed for the
amount of time ...they, devote to those
duties, so bU f iillSwe be. following
in the footsteps cf our American
Under eiiatinfc.jconditions in British Columbia thq findings of the municipal comfHtSWOB' oannot but prove
to be of very great value in solving
the many prqblepaf ,��hieh now confront organizjw -opminuiiiticB. But
the reason that many of those problems have presented themselves goes
deep down I tto the, rpots of our corporate belngS Perchance by seeking
.there the reihedy rflay be found also.
In vhat does the greatness rf a nation consist? Is it in the greatness
of its individual members? No. Are
Individual Frenchmen, Englishmen,
Americans or Canadians great? No.
Are the French, gnglish, American
and Canadian nations great? Yes. If
then individuals can not. with ner
haps one or two exceptions, lay claim
to the title, how is ft that a nation as
a whole can do so?,
Fcr a nation is preat. quite apart
Trom its numerical]Btrength and the
reason Is not far to seek. Individual
faults exist In the iminority of a nation, but because [the majority are
free from those faults, the nation
must be considered! free from it too.
For example, art any individuals
given to excesslvd drinking? Yes.
Are nations as a ilhole given to excessive drinking? { No. Why? Because, though a certain percentage of
them are unfortunately given to ex-
ceaBivo drinking, bo mnch the greater
part of the nation is free from the
vice that If one is asked to express
In one word the answer to the question, "Are the members of such and
���such a nation drunkards?" lt can
only be "N&." For thiB reason it is
possible Intyhe cage of a large collection of people*.to deny the existence
nl viceB. It is the sum total arrived
at In this way that constitutes the
greatness of a nation.
J'rom    this   standpoint   are  Cana-
b'lstible refuse is simple ard even
crude, but lt helps to avert the necessity of polluting water or creating
dangerous areas on land but inven
tion has not gone farther in this regard than the devising ot simple incinerators that are merely gigantic
The need of today is a system that
will carry every city's sewage to the
fire instead of to the water. Every
household is now helping to pollute
the water ad.lfic.-yt t~ tbe olty. Water
is the greatest purifer available, but
fire is a still more effective purifier.
A fortune awaits the inventor who
will make it as readily available as
water. The possibilities of electric
transmission are being exploited, so
far as light, heat, and power are
concerned. Inventors should turn
their attention toward this new servant of Man so as to exploit its capacity for the chemical decomposition or incineration of city refuse. It
does net seem impossible to substitute fire for water, and to avert all
danger of pollution through the
growth of urban municipalities. Here
is an opening for an Edison. Invention seems to advance In cycles, and
eatablished methods, though defee
tive. are often left for years undis
turbed. Perhaps the next big ad
vance will be the substitution of fire
for water In the purifying of city ref
use and sewage.- -Toronto Globe.
The deputation from the Grand
River Improvement League tliat In
tervlened members from the Ontario
Government on the matter of a com
mission to investigate conditions
along the Grand River, tho conserva
tion of water and prevention of damage from spring floods, is leading
in a good movement. The general
question of river control in Ontario
will be brought into the prominence
it should have only hy such genuine
public activity on the part of those
directly affected. It is quite true, as
Sir James Whitney said, that the
difficulties from which the Grand
River municipalities would escape
apply with equal force and ln similar measure to many other parts of
Ontario. The scheme of the deputation is as large as the province, lt
Is manifestly patent that any Investigation as to river overflows, the
compilation of data regarding conservation and other necessary
concerning the larger rivers would
be work of considerable magnitude.
The labor Involved would be quite
comparable to that of the Commission of Conservation engineers In the
preparation of the report on Canadian water-powers.
The Idea of vesting the control of
large rivers along their main courses
In the hands of commissions seems
essentially wound and good, If municipal  co-operation can    be    secured.
that it Is next to impossible for trav-
elers   to   secure  even   a   small   room
now    unless    ordered    several    dayt j
ahead of arrival. I
While"Mr. Mci.eod was up in thr-1
mountains the cloudburst that caused
the big slide at Rogers Pass occur
red. The Kicking Horse river was
swelled away beyond its highes-
point by the same occurrence and
the roads Into the Yoho Valley were
almost completely washed out. Snow
fell all through the mountains and
reached Its lowest point so far this
As for the railroad development
the C. N. R. are pushing their line
through the Fraser and North
Thompson canyons. The bed of the
track has already been prepared and
satisfactory progress ls being made
on the work all round. To construct
their roadbeds the C. N. R. contrac
tors found It necessary to throw several suspension bridges across the
river from the C. P. R. side and these
are proving of great interests to tne
Mr. McLecd brings back word ttyu
���vhile he was up-country the old Cariboo road bridge known as the Spuzzum suspension bridge dropped Into
the river, the ropes on which lt wa.v
suspended giving way. The bridge
has been closed by the government
for some time on account of Its un
stable condition, so that nobedy wai
hurt when It careened into the c.hlll>
waters of the Fraser. The Cariboi.
iioad just there Is not coming In foi
much use now, except aa a roadbed
{or the C. N. R.. line, though th<
splendid condition In which' It is a
��� resent preserved says much for it
The Hope. Mountain district is thi
T.enfl of the greatest railroad devel
opment in the province at the pres
ent time, lt seems as thoilgh all thi
big rival companies arc trywg t<
beat each other into this sectloi-
which Is fast becoming entangled it
a mesh of steel.
The Princeton Kettle Valley line of
the C. P. R., Is being connected uj
rapidly with the Spences Bridge
branch of the road into Nicola. The
line Is being constructed along the
Coquahala river and over the Hope
mountains to Hope. The Great Northern has got a line through the bound
ary country well under way, and also
heading for the Hope mountains.
Tenders for the main portion of the
construction are at present being
called for.
AS a result of all this railroad de
velopment mining    In the district lr
details | booming up again, and the scenes of
the old  days are   commencing   once
more to present themselves.    Placer
gold and  ore are the  principal minerals that are being searched for at
the present time.   This is the vlcln-
Ity In wliich the 11. C. diamond cr re- j
cent  fame  was  found,  and  a  miner |
has got Beveral   hundred   pounds   of
nimilar stones in the, rough gathered.
Their worth Is uncertain, though the'
first cut which will toon be mr.de will.
determine tho value cf the stones.
Tgacher of Pianoforte, Violin, Sin"
loij. Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint
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Business Education Is The
Surest Path To Success
Why You Should Learn Bookkeeping.
Lack of a thorough knowledge 0/ bookkeeping and accounting
is the cause of many young people not being advanced to better
positions. The bookkeeper ln any business stands in the same
position as the engineer on a locomotive���one controls the pen and
keeps records���the other controls the throttle and makes records.
Our aim is to give the students a clear undersianding-of the principles of bookkeeping and all business transactions. We lay the
foundation so essential for a successful business career.
Why Ycu Should Learn Shorthand.
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heads of business firms. The opportunities for advancement are
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COLUMBIAN COLLEGE���m f auso they get better results and come
ln contact with many wide-av.ake-young-worklng-people.
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page nn
BLAINE'S MANAGER     | no match for boys
GETS IN GREAT HIT     �������pKS
Show Your Colors
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 ^ '���
"Absorbo" Dust Cloths
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(Gaptlnuea irom ran* Qjfcu
\V2it~,i.i��ter  Went  Down    by    Very
Narrow Margin���Play Return
This Week End.
Elaine, Sept. 2.���In the seventh Inning, with the score one to nothing
against them, the bases full and no
men out, Manager Jones, of the
Blaise baseball team, won tho game
on Sunday from the Westminsters,
when ,he cleared the sacks with a
pretty two-base hit. It was the only
mistake Horn made during the game,
when he gave "Jonesy" a. ball over
the plate. Horn pitched gilt edged
ball, and with two exceptions was
given great support. Marmont on
first base and Hudson on the third
station were out of form. To cap
the climax, Marmont went to sleep
between second and third In the
ninth innings with two men down
*nd forgot to bring in the tally which
wouid have tied up the game. The
\V��'ntminster'B came across with one
tally in the eighth, and Marmont
Bhould have scored right behind Silver iu the ninth had he been awake.
The boys played a fine game and
were anxious to go back and get revenge yesterday, but the grounds
v��*e tco muddy from the all night
A game haa Ceen arranged for next
Sunday however and an effort will
be made to have the Blaine boys up
.here next Saturday. The game Sunday showed conclusively that Wein-
gartner and Christienson, the two
locals who play regularly with Blaine
are thc mainstays of the team.
II. Fclrnan caught a wonderful
gamo, and had the White Sox hugging the bags all afternoon, after he
had aipped a couple early In the season for taking a ten foot lead. The
game ended 4-3 in favor of Blaine.
both toiuns were extending themselves. Hyland got penalized for a
miner offense but did not deter his
partners from buzzing round tire opposition net.
Throughout the  quarter  the    Vancouver and Westminster defence improved In their play, and try as they
, would, the forward division could not
��� penetrate.
I    In one attack Cameron got Orum-
| py  Spring  with a heavy  wallop,  the
| former   warming   the   bench.     With
oue man  shy,  the  green   shirts  displayed    a  virulent    species    of    rag
which kept up until a minute to play
Not a goal  was scored in the last
The Teams.
Westminster. Vancouver.
Clark   Hess
Howard Griffith
Cover Point.
T.  Gifford    Cameron
First Defence.
TJtennie  Pickering
Second Defence.
G. Rennie    Cummins
Third Defence.
H. Gifford      Godfrey
McCarty       West
Third Home.
Feeney    Murray
Second Home. '
C. Spring   Allen
First Home.
Wintemute       Phelan
Outside Home.
G. Spring    McGregor
Inside  Home.
Hyland   McDougall
Referee���Jim Kavanaugh.
Goal  umpires���Roy Pearson,  Westminster;  h. Patrick, Vancouver.
Penalty     timekeepers���H.     Major,
Westminster;  S. Nicholls. Vancouver.
Timekeepers���Dr.  Smith,  Westmln-
Her;  C. Young, Vancouver.
Individual  Scoring  Record.
Games Goals
IVI. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
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Those requiring offices in this building should make application
at the Company's offices, 28 Lome street, without delay, as the
best roopis are being rapidly taken  up.
Two elevator services, steam heating, running water in every
office, vacuum cleaning system
Rentals   include   Caretakkig,  light and  Heating.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne 8treet, New Westmlnater.
thrown in their lot with the Royals.
There had been trials and troubles
for tbe executive of the club this season, but he felt sure they would
weather whatever storms there were
to corne; they would have the same
team next year as this, aud ended
with that old saying. "What we have
we'll hold."
Herb Ryall felt tickled to death
that such a gathering was being held
to celebrate the victory. "Lacrosse
is rightly the national game," he said.
"It has made a name for the little
fishing village on the banks of the
Eraser and the New Westminster of
'.oday can show the rest of the world
hat lacrosse is still alive In the
Mr. Nels Nelson, a former president of the B. C. L, A., said the result was nothing less than he expected, the boys had played a great
game and well deserved what was
coming to them.
Others who spoke were Messrs. F.
A. Wilson, Harry Burke, C. D. Peele,
G. Rennie, H. Hyland, Bun Clara, u
and W. Turnbull, H. and T. Gifford,
I. Wintemute, E. McCarthy, Tom
Donald, .lack Fraser, Tim Mahoney,
Cliff Spring. J. McDonald. W. Galbraith. J. Bryson, A. Levy, W, Maiden
and V. E. Andrew. Mr. Matt Knight
rendered several vocal selections.
As guests of Mr. Craig, the following were present with the dates they
were connected with the team: L.
''urnbull. 1905-12; I. Wintemute. 1905-
12; Harry Hyland, 1912; Clifford
Spring, 1905-12; F. C. Kelly, 1898-09;
J. C. McDonald, 1898-02; W. Turnbull.
1906-12; H. C. Major. 1895-98; J. J.
Jackson, 1903; M. J. Knight. 1896-98;
I, Fraser, trainer. 1911-12; G. Rennie.
1901-12; Tom Rennie, 1901-12; T.
liftord, 1898-12; A. W. Gray, manager.
'897-15; J. Feeney, 190.1-12- C. A
Welsh, 1898-11; H. Ryall. ls^fi-12: A.
Clark, 1912; Tim Mahoney, ie'��o-i2; E.
McCarthy, 1912; Barlow Galbralth.
1898-06; tfarry Burr. F. A. Wilson, R.
Wintemute and J5. W. Gilchrist.
liards. the Minister of Agriculture is
a "friend of golf." Ever since the
links have been open this year, whatever the weather, no matter whether
it has rained or whether the sun has
l>een shining, Martin Burrell has been
"on the job." He defeated Mr. Borden, wiped the green with Hon. W. T.
White and Hon. G. H. Perley. and he
is now waiting for new heroes of the
links to conquer.
Afternoon after afternoon finds Martin Burrell out at the Ottawa links.
So enthusiastic has he become that he
plays until the caddie cannot see the
ball, and until his good wife is afraid
that the soup will be cold before Martin gets home. Nothing can stop him,
not even the Lord's Day Act, for when
Sunday comes he is on the links by
ten o'clock and he stays there all day.
But then the Ottawa golf links are
located in Quebec and the laws o(
Quebec do not prohibit Sunday golf
An Internal combustion engine la an
engine wbere combustion occurs with*
In tbe cylinder, in gas. An external
combustion engine Is where coal or
gas ls consumed outside, as under a
, The Word "Ciper."
The word cigar ocrunt In a German
dictionary for ibe ttmt time tn INI3
and In tbe Dlctlonnulre of tbe French
Acudenue lu l��tt. Kant uaed tbe word
"ziggaro" lu 179H. In Spain at tbe
present day tbe word "rlgarro" means
��� cigarette, for wbicb tbey likewise
have tbe word "pitlilos." Their nam*
tor a cigar la "un puro."
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters ot credit
sold payable in all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Weatminater Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Lalc-i-ie  Resumes  Rough  House Tae-
ti.s���Vancouver Soundly Beaten
On Saturday.
laving thoir opponents headed at
every stage cf the game, tho Royals
a?ain defeated the Vancouvers on
Saturday afterncon, to the tune of
four goals to one. Of these Harry
Hyland landed a couple, while the
Spring boys added the other two.
F* land's work shone out promts
nently and bis second goal waa one
of the-prettiest seen this year. Harry
had a hard man to evade In the way
cf Griffith but the way he crept
around the big fellow and flipped the
rubber past Heaa was well deaenrlng
the credit he received arter tM
Lalonde, of course, could not allow
cne game to go by w'thout atartlng a
rouph-houae, and seeing hew the tide
of battle waa heading, made another
attack on H. Gifford. while llie latter
made no move to retaliate.
The French-Canadian got several
hard knocks on the head before the
melee waa quelled, and Kavanaugh,
apparently not aeelng the upset of
the whole trouble handed out ten-
mini'te checks to both Lalonde and
H. Clifford. The former waa later
eent off for another ten-minute period
for taking a wallop at Tom Rennle,
pa-nlng In all 30 minutea on the penalty beiich.
T. Gilford, who played the best
jraire for many a year, picking off almost certain goals from the front of
th" net. was unfortunate to receive
a ten-minute penalty with only a few
minutea to play. One of hla teammates was guilty of the offense, but
Kavanaugh ruled otherwise.
Bun Clark played hla usual game
while the rest of the team, conslder-
l-.tr. tho-state of Mw grounds, came
through with flying colora. McCarty
,-i-i Hvland were Included In place of
Pat Feeney and Bill Turnbull, Mc-
(artv was I" every way as good as
his cheok, Billy West, and showed up
well in securing the draw.
MctseMee*���Soccer Men Gather to
Arranns Schedule.
A meeting of the athletic commit-.
t<-o cf the Moose lodge la called tot
this evening *nt 8 o'clock. ^Several
Important connected with the coming
t*ei.m of winter snorts are scheduled to be debated upon and s full at-
terflanoe' Is desired.
The second meeting of the cltr
soccer league is called for thla evening at!the office of H. Ryall, druggist.
The managers of the Sapperton,
Citv, Moose teams are asked to attend as alao an enthusiast from East
Burnaby and South Westminster.
The time is getting short and If an
early start Is to be made, the management of the teams should get
busy and arrange s schedule. ,
1.  Spring.  West  13
"arter.   Van    ,... 10
'..  Turnbull.   West  12
I Wintemute, West  13
' alonde.  Van  9
ft  Spring,   West  18
j McOregcr.   Van  12
W.   Turnbull,   West  ft
lyland.   West k. 4
~i. Rennle. West  13
''helan.   Van  6
Murray,   Van  10
I Godfrey, Van  11
| Feeney,   West  5
I Matheson,   Van  11
McDougal,  Van .'. 7
Mien,   Van  3
ntemute and J). W
Finale  in T^inis
On Saturday in tbe men's open
singles Napier Smith ran out winner
by beating J. A. Motherwell. He
challenged L..A. Lever for the Diamond challenge cup and defeated
him also. The Rand challenge cup
for the ladles open event was won
by Mlmn Peele. who defeated Mlas
A Monster Iceberg.
Explorer Peary found an Iceberg
pounded In Baffin bay. twenty miles
front land, wbich waa 4.IHD yards long,
J.S����) yards wide nnd 51 raids high.
It weighed 1.HK2.3U7.073 tona1
Victoria Players Fails Foul of Lalonde
aa Referee���V. A. C. Win
Score 8,2. .
Vancouver, Sept. J.���Whether play
ing ln the game or officiating, the
troublea of Lalonde are never at an
end. This afternoon while In chargi
of the Mann cup championship gaint
between the V. A. C. team aud Vic
toria the French-Canadian was aa
saulted by one of the latter's playora
who, together with hts team-mates
were highly Incensed with a declsioi
which he gave in favor of Vancouver
McGregor was the player in que*,
tlon and tn a forceful manner toli
Lalonde what he thought of the de
clslon. A regular mlxup occurred lr
inld-fleld and at one period the Vic
toria fielders threatened to leave
the fleld.
The V. A. C. won the game elgh
goals,40 two.
Only a few hundred spectators sav
the game. This about cinched thi
championship for the Vancouvei
team, and they will probably mee*
the C. N. R. team from Winnipeg
aome time thla month in Vancouver
���    ' *    * **
(Continued from page one)
said it showed they had friends ln
the olty who were with them through
thick or thin. He was a Sapperton
resident, and aa Tom stated, that
place waa the home of sport. Musical
honors prooeeded the speech of Mr.
T. Jaqkaom who apoke for hla friend
Mr. Cralg.
Acting Mayor Gray, speaking aa
president and manager bf the team,
waa in good humor and told his
hearers how In the last spring ofHhls
year, when the Patterson trophy,
emblematic ot the Pacific coast
hockey championship, was brought to
Mew Westminster, he told the banqueters at that time that before
many meona.had past, the Minto cup
would be here to keep It company.
The team had pulled together and
;ave credit to the strangers who had
Rovers  Real'/ for Opening Contest���
Defeated  Sapperton.
The Rovers, as was expected,
triumphed over the Sapperton Soccer team on Saturday afternoon to
the tune of four goals to nil. The
game was In the nature of a practice
for both teams and several of the
new men who have signed with the
Rovers, showed up prominently.
The goai-tending of Feild, who was
���"leased to Sapperton by Manager
""���rant, was a feAture, he bavlng tbe
.irarks pf another Bun Clarke, of
.. rosse fame.
The Rovers will , pen thetr regular
season nert Saturday on Moody
Square, when they met the Celtics
of Vancouver, In a charity game.
AL. W. Q1LU8 manager.
3���DAYS    ONLY���3       (
Starting  Monday,    Sept.    2.
Italian   Singers  and   Instrumentalists.
Lindsay Bottling Works
Manufacturers  of CIDERS, MINERAL    WATER,    Etc   Special
Sole Agents for Westminster    Territory    of    GRAP1NE,    "The
Health Drink.
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 6:46
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight
Sundays���ast 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular em-vice thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p.m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundaya���
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way polnta at
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:06 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
over the Fraser Valley, line
for week, end trip* covering
all polate oa   the   division.
Tickets for these special excursions are am aale Saturday and Suaday, good to return on Monday.
Harry Ding    I j]     British Columbia electric railway company.
>�����      rhlaaaA      B*��u      a^mt + Sm.      Ik.      ^^  '    ��� _ _^_ i	
Hs Learned ths Gains $* Will That
Hs Can Beat ths Frsmlsr.
When < Id "Abo T .i.coln" Br'-der we��
turned down hy Premier Burden as.
Milliliter of Agriculture in favor of
Martin RnrroJI. tlie tinrlUhman. hy
way of Niigara -nd the Hritish Columbia fruit belt, peiple iu Ottawa wondered why it v *t. But now the aeeret
ii* out.
Ls*t year, when the Conservative*
were holding; up supply in view.of opposing the reciprocity agreement, Mr.
Horden, then plain Robert Laird Borden, took Martin Burrell out tn the
Ottawa golf links and initiated him
into the mysteries nf tho ancient ami
roval tame, or whatever it may be
that the golfites call it. Rut it make*
no difference as to what tlie name
may be. The fact remains that when
Mr. Burrell had heen given a trial
course over the Ottawa golf links he
turned to Mr. Borden and said: "Wait
until we get Into power, and (lien
I'll show you how to play iro.f.   '
That was months before Mr. Burrell, rusticating on his fruit farm, was
called,   like   Cincinnatus   from   hia
Slow ..to take a part in ths atymiiii*-
-ation of the affairs of his adopted
But no sooner had Mr. Burrell heen
sworh in as Minister of Agriculture
in October last thsn he made up his
mind to prove that hit challenge io
his .chief was no vain boast.
He could noti.play golf in wiqtef,
though ho became S member of the
Ottawa Qoll Club Just as soon as he
couu, after he was sworn of tlie Privy
Coimcil. and he tried his 'prentice
hand for a while even while the frost
was reddening up the pumpkin. But
if he could not play golf he determined to do something else which would
distinguish him ss a member of the
Rideau Cluh, and he had not been a
member thereof mors than three
weeks before he won the amateur billiard championship of the club, snd
so he remains to this dsy, despite
many challenges.
Rut, cood though ha may be at bil-
That Chinese Boy with the
wonderful sweet voice.
Dale and Dale
Comedians   and   Originators
ef the Tangle-Poet Dance.
l] ���!
,������   NtW PHOTO-PLAYS.
The Royal Theatre Company. Limited, operating the
Ttoyal Theatre, Colnmbia
street, beg to announce to '
-the publlc that owing to the ,
increased oost of service
and operation Incidental to
the production of ��� High-
Class Show, It haa heen
found imperative to advance
the general admittance
prlee at the evening performance to 16c and Ke.
The prices at the matinees
remain at 10c and 20o. This
change wlll take effect n
Monday, Sept. Snd. It wttf
be the endeavor of the n. m-
agement to show' *>nlv *�����
"best and highest priced aets
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipe*      TANKS
|��� ���  .   BURN OIL '	
������     .u.i      iii a ii i     ��� !     ��� m"    i-    '- ll  HriT
Male help skilled or
pMed. free of charge. Appiy
���19 <?elumWa tt
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phens Wi. Room 4 try* Math
[i ���[.'���'   ;
i    ���'���
(pi') -.
i .       ���
��,���    . Ci
' .,', .
'*i noi] ��� ���
i/islv ci ...
.tr.i   ������ -
���it-.l   0i    ���
- .. *f
"���    W'!'!V    '
I,   hi:    -.-,
���'sn .-ir.:
>iU lit H.-0
-ammpmaam ,^. I ''r*'i:H MBH
���jai'^^.'f^V'lfFr-y^   ijhi    Plntflt^liWi.WMW^'*.,,.!!! .    ^r.
r      f>AGS. BIX
^     I-
A   Man   Lived   For
Years Alone on
an island
|mH-H���H-H i .!.���!���.������!��� ��� -V* ���!��� ��� ���!������!��� ������}���
I needed the money.    Since no one had
| ever  done   this   In-fore   Ltna   was  delighted.    Wlien her father eame home
she lo!d hltu n itrent deal nbout her lib
erul   customer   und   the   intereat   she
took lu the business nnd Hie family.
! only oinlltiiiK  10 repent  the questions
! Mie  lndy   luis  asked   nbout   Merovich
���}���  I himself, for l.isn knew thut her father
I ln Cusoo bay, on the const of Maine,
there are several hundred islands. Tbe
principal business of tbe natives of the
Islands Is tlshing.
1 Uue day some thirty years ago a
couple of fishermen setting their nets
jfor mackerel saw a ship bearing a flag
itbey did not recognize cast anchor near
one uf (be smaller islands. Presently
B boat wns lowered over tbe side and
pulled lo the shore. Tbere were three
liwn in the bunt, two pulling the oars
Bud one alttliiR In the stem. Lauding.
Bll three went Into a wood growing
near the shore, where they remained
only a few minute*. Tben two ot, them
returned, pol Into the bout nml rowed
Link to llie ship Tlie uiichor was pulled up. mid she sailed iiwh,v.
Curtou* to know something more of
the niiitler. the llsherineu when they
had finished setting their nel stopped
at the island nnd looked mImuii till
they cnme upon a man silting on lbe
ground, leaning up against u tree. Reside hlm were n bottle ot water and
some ship's biscuit. He seemed lo be
Bhont rtfty years of age, his hnir being partly gray. It wns evident that
lie had been marooned on tlie Island
lhe tlwlierUiaii usked lilm whnt he
was lining I here, but he evidently did
lmI iiiiili'isiaiiil tin- Kngiish language.
tin he shook Ills head and replied In
|1 imt her tongue I'hej pointed lo lhe
him iiiiii ml iiiiii iiskeil hlm if In- did lint
wish lo go with itieiu. but to tills he
(llso shook his head II was some time
before ihey could muke up tbeir minds
lo leave hlm there, and before they did
gave hlm some mutches and a flsb. also
lorne old hinukets tbey bud stored In
their boat.
Tbls Incident occurred, as I hsve
inld. about thirty yenrs ago. The marooned mun built himself a but on the
Island,  lu   which  he  lived   from  that
I wus Very   reticent nbout  himself und
i hnd often  cautioned  her  not  to tulk
ulHiiit him or what he did or how he
I spent his time, lo others.    She would
��� not have given any one else the tutor
1 nintion  she  hnd  Imparted.     Her customer was ro kindly, so sympathetic.
] that   she could   uot  refrain   from  do-
. lng so.
When Lisa told her father that Mine.
i Burundi was Intimate with the family of lienorul SchoiolT she noticed a
i changed expression cauieover his fnce.
: But lie snid nothing and she weut on
talking about her lovely visitor. Mer
father appeared desirous to learn all
nbout what had pusscd between the
two women, but being himself a dose
mouthed man. lie spoke no more than
wns necessary. So long as she was
willing lo talk he was rendy to listen.
I After that Mme Hurovlcb cume of-
ten to the shop, always buying flowers
nnd always paying more than the price
asked for them line day when she
cnme Lisa had gone out tor nomethlng
nnd on her return found the lady In
the living rooms back of the shop.
She told l.isn thnt she preferred to make
herself conifortnble while she waited.
When Lisa mentioned .this to ber father he was displeased and told Lisa
not to go out any more without locking
the shop door.
Mme.   Hurovlcb spoke often of the
family of Cenerni Scholoff. to wbum
* she seemed   much  attached.     Indeed.
i she   sometimes   told   Lisa   when   she
j bought flowers thnt they were Intended
1 for Mme. Scholoff or some other mem-
be'- of the family Lisa told all these
things to her father, who seemed much
Interested In the matter, fhough he
never commented on it. But one day-
he surprised l.isn hy proposing that she
take a handsome bunch of flowers to
I Mme Scholoff. T.lsn wns delighted at
the Idea since It would enable her to
| show   Indirectly   her   appreciation   of
j Mme Hurovlch's kindness. She would
say   nothing  to  her  friend   about  tlie
I mutter, fenrtng thnt she would noi per
I mlt her to give uwny her Mowers     In
j this  tier  father  henrtlly   agreed   with
; her
Maa  wished  to put this scheme in
I operation nt once, but her father told
her to wnlt rind he would secure some
��� choice flowers that were very rare nt
l thut season. So Lisa wnlted. and one
' dny   her  father  brought   her  an  enor
I moils bouquet, which he suggested he
' placed in Ihe renter of the floral offer
j lug      Lisa   chipped   her   bands   in   de
j light,    fler father placed the flowers In
1 position Just  before  Lisa started to go
to  the  house of the  general  and  told
her that if Mme   SWiolnfT was not at
home she  Md   better  leave  It  for her
I iu  lier hoMmiuVs far*.
i     While   l.tsR   carried   the   flower*   on
' the street she rtetei-ted n singtitiir odor
jus   oT   something   burning,   but   It   did
tint   occur   to   tuT   ihat   It   i-nnie   from
| the   Is.liquet.      When   she   reached   the
general's   house   she   asked   lor   Sine
Scholoff. but wns toid she was not at
home.     Then   stie  nslied   If   she   might
leave n  gift  for  her  with the .general
The servant went in to re|lnrt fhe mat
ter nnd returned tn tell Lisa lo go Into
the general s ofllce.
tleneral Scholoff Indited nt Lisa sn*
plcionsly She was telling him what
she had tfl say when he began to *nlfl
the nir. then snnlobed the bouquet und
held If under his nose Tearing the hou
quel spurt, he seized �� string, on the
end of whi'h was a spark Squeezing
the spark lielwi-eii his thumb nud hn
gers till he .lad extinguished if. h��
took from wlihln the iMMiquei a glas-
globe about the size of u walnut Tills
he put in a glass of water, then culled
au attendant, felling tiiit) fo seize Lisa
Among tliose who uuswered s linstj
summons wns Mine. Hurovirli the
snid uo word to Lisa, full was Imuie
dliilely closeted with tlie general A
police for��e was dispatched to file
flower shop, with orders to arrest
I'aul Melnrli-h. but Ue was not Itn-re.
I.jsu    wa*    beld   n    prisoner,    ilimigb
Mme   Kurmlili  Wit* sure she hud  Man
Silverware Nowadays Cleaned by
an Electrical Device.
Walls Duated With Comfort and Ease
by Using the Nsw Lamb's Wool Rolls.
Tho Sanitary Measuring Cup and Up
to Data Preserve Jar Opener.
One of tbe greatest labor savlug aids
for the housewife Is a metal pau charged witb electricity which when partly
tilled  wttb bot  wuter elfins nil kinds
of silver articles by merely Immersing
I tliem   In   lhe  bath   and  rinsing  after
I ward In hot wafer.    The pun Is titled
| wilh nn Inside strainer like a flsh ket-
I tie.  nud   upon  this  the articles  to  lie
cleaned are laid    A tiihlespnouful each
of com mon suit  and   baking soda  are
til.Saai*.   i.U.'lll.
time tu this, liut lie never mid how he
fame In be lefl there or wheie be (mil-
ed from lie did nol even give bis
lm iue indeed, his lips were seuled ns
tu everything coucernilig Ills previous
tilHot) Me wu.-, known as the mn
funned uiiiu of itagged island Ue
I. .���.;��� a bout fur hlinnelf out of pieces
Cl *'mining uud planks tbut drifted uu
to I l,e i*iuiid uud earned a living by
Catt mug lubsier> iiiid selling tto-iu
Mi..m.v    |,e   died,   and   s   ������!������   perituiis
��eui u\et  from ine fiiuiiilunti to bury
l,u,      I iie>   tastsS  in*  Barrel    <>i   ibe I uoflilnil to do  with tin- attempted as
i event* pertaining 10 It, !<����� having ! aswUnatlOO *te*\i\ a* her fntller* tool
I m .i Sua* lirl:,g it,�� iji-t few Hero un wu* under su��pnloii of being
v...-..- t ��� .. ure �� i.i :, i.,- fid Ihai lua s revoiinioiiisi. and Lisa's friemln ru��
c   > *   ��< rs   i.iiti.i,-r.-d      PtBIS  Uli*   rw   | lomer  was a   police spy  who bad  beel
.������ sterj thai ������-,.   te him u naruoa
% .   at      ��� istrwfrti
tla* >1 *)  a  PA)   r'**,\*.n  latO a  little
��     ;���   * i ������*���   r.   sacs   '������ - "���   - ��'d   III   st
I'l   ���������    .;   \'<1   Butted   fof   ���   i.'ie   ro-e*
A  >*.<u <g girl riirA trfddud Hie counter
tno broufttii pai ttiv Bowers   The |ady
v.i une of the frlendl) kind nud talk
��-d kindly with the Utile flower girl, asking   iii-r  r,,.f  hiiiuc and  If sbe had any
father or mother, and sn on.   Tlie girl
told ni-i  uame. whieh wa* Lisa���thai
itier nmther  was d-ud and Ihat her fa
, 1 ln-r owned the shop, tun she attended
|tu (he business, alnre  In-r father  wn*
>el(|oin   there,      llie   ludv   u<ked   some
question* nbout  ibe  father���I'uol  Me
rovlch   was his  inline-it   he  hud  any
Oilier   business und   what   took   him  so
much awa) from home, Lisa could noi
an-wei this last question, nor did she
know whei her her father engaged In
any oitici husiness.
The nidy appeared so friendly thai
l.i-.i tuld her nil about herself and the
ttov\er business. No such kindly person hnd ever before come lu the shop.
Sud l.lsa was anxious lo know who she
was lhe customer hesitated for a
liioinoiii. then guve Der nnme a* Mine
Jiurovlch and volunteered the luformn
tlo it Hint she wns on Intimate terms
with iiniiiy of Ihe noble fnuillles of tbe
cnpliai, .-specially of General Scholoff.
ii pioiuii i uflhliil of the government
.Mine    Uurovlch   insisted   upon   pay-
In i- more lor llie flowers U|iin Lisa ask-
u* u icu.oii thuTtlu
*a u* mn u* u
tv pour yirl
liepllled io dl-i'over the truth of I 111*
mallei and trap linn If possible I lo
'rap wn* sprung, cm llu- otlier side. In
\li-iovn b imt wa* nipped tu lhe bin'
uy hls Intended rlel I in.
The govi'iiuiietii guve oni that Ll*��
na* to be sent to Siberln Tins lirouKU'
the t ulilliiil rv HIITeUder Ol Merovich
I.ish. 'ihoiigli liniment, begged lo he m
iiivved io Miffer in hi* stead Chi* wh-
.il iiiurse. not glaufi*l. tail great *ym
(tnrli>   was  fell   by   Mine   SiliolofT, mu.
especially by Lisa's suujhihhI vustoDfi
Ki��J Hie government at Uie time had
i m >i 11 ti -nl reasons for not sending I'iiii.
vleiovhli to Siberia oi e tec tit lug him
Merovich proposed that if they would
.-.-live ills daugtiier nii|uirn��hed Ihey
could do what In.-r liked wiili hlm
lle would agree. i| ihey banished him
nevei  io return lo Itussla
II was finally Stipulated that he was
to he sent lo a desert Island. So long
as he never appeared anywhere else
nls daughter should go unpunished. If
lb' lefl Ills Island she would be sent to
sttieria. which her father knew was I
worse fate lhan death
A sidp bound for North America snll
ed soon after this, and the would be ns
snusln was placed upon her with order*
to tbs cnptnin to ninroun him on iui
isliind ou the Atlnnllc coast. He wns
left on Hugged Isimnd. and there be
lived, dead to the world, that the
daughter he bad Implicated and whom
de nevertheless dearly loved might escape the horrors ol the Siberian uilues.
~.   i
mixed wltb n quart of boiling water
nml poured over tbe sliver. In te-uu
��� nit-  io  Ove   mtuuies.  depending   upon
llie etinillttnu wt tli�� olivet, the artlele*
become ns bright ns uew. Thus all the
iiilsir uf rubbing pastes, ponders, etc.,
nnd the polishing sre doue nway with,
aim this with ii saviug to ihe wear of
tlie silver and the cleaner's strength
lbe priees begin Mt il3 and go up to
��i ."*). according to the size it i*
claimed the pan wlll Inst a* lung as an
ordinary dislipan
The quite long handled wtre slnt
broom is an Improvement over Ihe
short wooden handle, but une pays nu
more for the newer broom
The lamb* wool rolls for dusting
walls are mucb nicer (bun tbe uld
method uf using cut ton There is tin
'tut to stick to the p.iper, and when
'lie roll Is Hulled it run be put through
soapsuds snd cume ont h* while a*
ever ngnlii. Kor preserving good wail
pa|ier there Is nothing ulcei than these
wool  rolls
A sniiiiary measuring cup nmuiul now
oe lu every kllcheii since graduated
cup* In gluss cost only f> cenl* up to
l."> cents, according to size (ilii-i* Is so
oiiich more attra. tive lu (he kin lien
lhan tbe uld iln cup.
.Now thut preserving lime is here
cook* will appreciate a new jni opener I'hl* handy implement doe* till
trick n* easily a* a beer bui tie openei
whisk* off a liietul top. In fact, tibial opener Is really nu euorinuii* rep
ilcii of lhe Isiitle opener wiih a strong
qil'lng handle at the bark
Ventilation an  Important   part  of  tho
Kven the most perfectly appointed
buthrouin, ciinnot be kept Imiiuiciihite
unless the different members of tlie
fiimily co-opeiale In keeping it In order Of cuiirse where there nre il innn
ber of servants this rule does uot up
ply, but tbe average tumlly usually has
only one nm Id, who cannot follow each
person utter the bath tu attend tu the
The least each person cun do Is to
leave It In perfect order for the nestt
une���tbe wet towels placed lu the receptacles Intended for their temporury
disposal, the others neatly fulded. the
basin ami tub wnsned and wiped nud
tlie window opened. Auy member of
the filthily who leaves tliem otherwise,
either In the morning ur during tbe
duy, should be sent buck tu "muke
guud" ur made to pay a heavy flue lutu
the family treasury.
It Im the housewife's duty to pee thnt
u small licit ti brush, aome cloths and
strong soup are kept III a small closet
in tlle huthriHiiu lor cleaning off the
basin and (lib nud wiping up tlie flour.
so ihai her besl '.owels wlll not be used
for Hint purpose and that tliere Is n
u-uipuriiiy receptacle fur wet tuwels
��u thut they wlll uot be put Intu the
hamper wet. Tbe nickel holders serve
Ihnt purpose beautifully.
Opening Ihe window la a very essen
tin I duly, uli hough many never think
nf that detail, especially In the winter
One should no more think uf asking
another lo I ml he in the air lu which a
until has been taken tbnn In the same
wnter It Is heavily laden wltb un
Kor Hie dully cleaning une needs the
inevitable scrubbing brush, with uue
ut the sand soaps, tor lhe.floor If It Is
tiled I-or the polished tiles of the
wall mul porcelain of tub and basin
Ihe rough sand soap must be replaced
by n smooth soap or cleaning powder
There ure numberless soup powders on
lhe market thut serve the purpose
without scutching Hie sot face. There
Is also u spcclni denning powder man
llfaeliired fol the purpose. Vellow
���tains mny mean unit there ts iron in
the wnler Tliey mny come truni rust
iu the iron pipes If tliey du oxalic
acid iu the cleaning witter wlll remove
\\ tilling   mixed   with   aicohm   win
keep Ihe nickel  in perl eet coiulitluii lt
It Is used frequently.
Way*   ot   Cooking   tho   Season'*   Mosl
Oelicaou* Vegetable.
Asparagus i.out -Cui lop crust from
M   tout   ot  stale tin   bread  und   remove
tbe crumbs, leuving only tbe side nml
bottom   ��� iu-ts   ot   ine   lout      Sel   (his
hollowed  mat  In  the oven  until  quite
dry      I ul  stewed asparagus  Into Inch
lengths,   sea-mi   lo  luste.   mix   with   a
ii.hmI   wltliv  Ktiuev und  Oil  lbe  hollowed
li.iil    wltlt   llie   iiu-.l n:-t��.       Heplio e   tttv-
lop crust and set lu the oven mull hot
Kuwknota    U'lin    Asparagus   ��� (nt
Hdn   puff  paste  lido  butt   im-h  strips
Shape it on a baking pun Into tlle form
of double bowlmois.    When baked put
I'ooUcii u spa raglin tip* on eiH-h mop ot
tiie liow sprinkle a little Clear melted
butter over and serve Immediately
Asparagus Salad -Steam Ihe aspitrn
gus until tender ilien cut off lhe Up*
witli a piece ot the eatable white Inte
inch lengths, and when cold pui these
over leave* of leltiiee In a glass or
chloii Isiwl. Sprinkle with three well
mixed tablespoonrul* of olive u|| In one
of lemon Juice, Mill and pepper to taste
and a siispieion of sugar nnd liny fleck
of made ii'iisiard Lastly, sprinkle
over n  "nine graied tongue.
Asparagus Wiih Frozen t'reain.-
Slealii some nspiiragll* until lelidel
When cold lay the munches in u dish
Sprinkle iIii-iii llghtlf with -nit null
peplici Serve lliein Willi frozeu cream
a* u sum e
Housewife Hints.
A little white sugar In hot water-
iwo lumps to a basltittil-l* sullu lent
dltTeinng for dellcute laces
Starched clothes, ahlrt*. collar*, cuff*
etc.. If dried before h bright ttie after
ironing become beautifully stiff.
A few capers chopped Hue and sent
tered over the egg salad contribute
zest lo a salad Ihat U otherwise api
iu lie Insipid.
Add a handful of chopped parsley or
onion in the veul when cooking It
improves It as mucb as mini adds to
ihe In nib.
Tbe hot plate of tbe kitchen stove
may be cracked wbeu hot by cold water being unset on It when a benvy boiling pun Is being placed on the stove.
Olngerbrend Is made doubly good by
the addition of u few spoonfuls uf
grated chocolate before baking. Tbls
make* it richer and does not affect tbe
Stnins on flannels mny be removed
by applying equal qunntltlen of yolk of
egg nnd glycerin and allowing It to
soak for half an bour before tbe garment Is vvii.-dif'd.
To drive away red ants gcour the
���iipbonrds or their hnunts out. thorough
i.v with hot waier nnd amtnuiiln nnd
place upon the shelves or near the spot
frequented by nuts a few sprit* of
.'round Ivy. A little wormwood wlll
���leiieruiiv score nwnv black snts: tha
uiuiumdu ta muie effective tut UM red.
A Taft Breakfast Dish.
On the White House hreakfii*t tnhh
fried houilnt cooked n delicious goidei
colnr nml served wiih maple sirup of
ten form* it part of the flrst menl ol
Ihe dm. Although not n White lions,
delicacy, the following recipe lor cam
mei charlotte will be found very g<H><|
Llhe a charlotte mold wilh strips ul
chocolate ui fudge cake, say* the llo*
Ion Cook llm Si IiimiI Magazine Tht
strips of eake should nut be more thai
one fourth   inch   thick,   au   Inch   ��ub
and of n length to come Jusi to the top
uf tlie mold. Soften one fourth puck
age of gelntln in one fuurth cupful ��t
cold wuter. Cook two thirds cupful ol
augur to caramel, ndd two thirds cupfin
of bulling wuter nnd let simmer until
tbe caramel is dissolved, then pour
over the gelntln. Set the dish In crush
ed Ice und wuter hiiiI stir until Ihe mix
ture begins to thicken, then fold In umi
cupful and n huir uf cream beaten ver>
llghL One cupful of henvy crenin nml
hnlf n cupful of cream from the top ul
a bottle ut fresh milk wlll answer
Turn into the lined mold. Wben un
molded the dlsb may be garnished witu
cherries or blancbed almonds shredded
or chopped and browned la the oven.
Speciticutiona, agreement* of. sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; clrculai
work specialist. All work strljtly confidential. M. Broten, lioon, 8, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
854���Meets in K. of P. Hall, Eighth
and Agn��s streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia street. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. P. C. Cook, Dictator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dictator;  H. L. Christie, Secietary.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., is held e-ery Mou
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fol
lows hall, corner Carnarvon ani"
Eighth street. Visiting brether'
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
Q.; R. At Merrithew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at Law, Solicitor, Etc. bH2 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms ti and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, ate; corner Columbii
and McKsnzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pnone 7it).
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbit
street.   Over C. P. It. Tilegrapb.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon block, New Westminster. George E. Martin. W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westminste:
Trust block. Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable addrest
"Whiteside,'' Western Union. P.C
Drawer 200. Telephone (i'J. W. J
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
countant. P. O. Box 784. Phone 1006.
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room
Trapp block.
minster Hoard of 'trade meets in tbt
board room, i liy Hall, as foiluws
Third Friday of each month: (Joar
tcriy meeting nn Ihfl ll,ird Friday oi
February. May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual moetinaa on
tUO third fl-lday ot February. "New
memliers may be proposed and
elected Bt any monthly or quarterly
meeiiiiK. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
All   work  guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished (rue.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
903  Dublin  Street. Phone 984
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor   tith and Columbia
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  031. Box  772.
who do not receive   The Newa before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only in'thls wa\
may an efficient delivery hc main
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
10 Mclmes Street. Phone 1009
TWEED,   IRISH    EERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect  Fit snd Workman-
shllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to tne Paciiic,
ln Cuba throughout tbc Isiand;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad.
New York and London,, Ens.
Drafts   Issued   without   delay
on all the principal towns and .
cities ln the world.    These ei-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
Nsw Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)
RESERVE   ...*....
Brancbaa throughout Canada ��n��
Newfoundland, anc In London, England, Lsw Tork. Ch<tago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit lasaeit. available wltb
correspondents In sli parts of tke
Savings Bank Dirsrtnieni��� Deposit*
ecelved In sums of fl snd upward,
md Interest allows 1 at S par cent, par
annum  (prese-it rate).
Total  Assets  over 1186.000.000 00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We bave no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie StreeL
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Ulven.
til  Sixth  Avsnus. Phons  507
Labor Day
Round Trip tickets at a single faro
and one-third on Sale Aug. 30 io Sept
Stampede at Calgary
Tickets on sale Aug. 2G to Sept. 4,
flood to return up to Sept. ��, at single fare for the round  trip.
New Westminster
Or H.  W.  Brodie, O.P.A..  Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Leave* Vancouver for Victoria 10��
a. m��� 2 p. m. and 11AZ.
Ltavcs Vancouver for Seuitle 10
a. m. anil 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10-
a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points lo p. m.
Loaves Vancouver every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday und Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westmlnater.
0. P   A.. Vancouver
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
Chimney  Sweeping,
Esvatrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tsnks, Etc.
ca?��aBd Signs
'PHONE 1123
BROWN . Trapp Block ���^
As sung in Charles Frohman's production of
"Our Miss Gibbs"
Words by
M. E. Rourke
H    Moderate. *
^    Knickerbocker Theatre, New York
alf     in-clined   to      say   "How   - do,"   To   the    ver - y   first   girl    tou
see     that  yon     in     Tax - km
go,     To jour   sev - er - id     dear 31am ��� mas.
Music by
Jerome D. Kern
 m* te. ^a m _..*,	
One,     two,   three,  four,    five,     six,     sev - cn,  eig'it     lit   -   tie     girls        how     d'y      do!
1. When there's noth - ing    to       do       at       all,     And     no -   bo   -   dy        a - bout,
2. Have    you       un - y - thing   ou       to - night,   Now   dear - ies     don t     he    eoy,
-JS| M
���.�� ^
We're    ver   - *j    well     But      sad      to       tell    We're   feel - ing      a      tri  -   fie      bine;
And   wher - ,ev -  er    you   mrfke    a      call     Find   ev   -   'ry      bod     -      y       out Yonr
Soy      tho      timo   I'll '   be    tliere    sl - right    Come cheer    a        lone     -      ly      boy. If
. u Girls.
fin.          a.	
,__>      > ^Zl
���=1 q
four,   five,
 ^w _ ,	
sev - en,   eight
in -
' ' a
Ihat       is
���a gU-
truo,   Just
1   -a-
o  -0-
. , -a.-
 IK 'rn. .
lfi                          ^
eg** j -
4�� - -
spir -   its      fall     till   you   feel   quite   blue,     And        life   seems   far   from sweet,   Till you're
jou   should take   but     a   walk   with    nie,      I'd        thank   my    lnck - y    stars,     And   Iii
*   *"
Copyright, XC1IX, by T. B. Harmi ft Francis, Day ft Hunter, If. Y.
AU rlshu irnrnd    Intaf national Copyright SMurad
U��d b> p��rmi��iion. MURRAY MUSIC CO., New York
���s    ��� ���>.
���fr1 m'   s* H
Ut -
tlo     boy
 ��� '
.  V
ut ���
tie    girls
��     *~* 11
for    eight
gg:-: 1
_P-.,,                   -
m' S ���������%-*-
k '      io
-J*  - -1 J
 *    *1 ���Ok���2?���
������'--���-'- ���**- '������'���'
I     ,y i     -    ,   ,^p   iii.ia.iilM
Eight Little Girlt.
Humor and
YK8, Btsepl* Jack can have bis Jobs
I don't for bis position sob
Or after It on* moment ehaaa,
Though It Is an ualttd place,
And no ono cornea to bother him
Or tell him how th* Was to trim.
I>*t hlra wsv* gently to and fro:
I'l stay down oo the etreet below.
I'd rather Isy a stroet with brick,
I'd r*th*r thorny apple* pick, ;
I'd rather scanty wages draw
In teaching mul** to ge* and haw,
I'd rath*r carry heavy bags,
Much rather would 1 sort eld ran
I'd rather blow up auto tiros
Than earn my living painting spina
I know It's work tbst most b* don*
But I'm th* mil* modest on*
Who'd sm ihem ruin and decoy
And In th* w**ih*r fad* sway
Before I'd rl��k my Hmb* and n*ok
To bo tho little human *p*ck
Who climb* *loft withoul complaint
And puts oo several coats of paint
I'd rather ride a blllygoat
Id rather brunh a treveler'* eoat,
I'd rather go and eell blue sky
Than decorate It ther* on ht��h.
Id rather paddle peeniit *hucka.
IM rather load * pair of truck*
Thsn iry my living thus lo gsln.
1 think I've m��de that pretty plala.
Distressingly Hsslthy.
in a pine forest7
That a short circuit on s wire creates more commotion than s sbort circuit on a theatrical route?
Tbat s mun wltb one eye can see $2
ss easily aa a man wltb two eyes can
see one?
Tbut boys begin to tike dolls Just st
tbe see wben girls are putting tbem
Chip ef Old Bleck.
Wh*n father learn* that Willi* *mok*a
H* w**r* a heavy frown
And lay* aald* all quip* and Joke*
And oslla poor Willie down.
But when he drink* with *th*r man
II* *pln* a merry yarn
About th* day* of childhood wh*o
U* *mok*d behind she barn.
-Mllwauk** Sentinel
What Jane Sald.
"Did you bear tbe satirical reply
Jane Sharp made to Tommy Gliderr
"No; wbat waa Itr
"Be aald. 'It wouldn't be my money
yon would marry me for, would Itr "
"And wbat aid Jane sayT
"She said. 'What awfnl concettr"-
Clevelsnd Plain Dealer.
Rlobba-Why de yoo strike Hsr*
oppe for a.loan every time yoo meet
hlmT Ten know be never baa any
money. Blobbe - Merely In self defense, my boy. If I didn't atrike blm
he'd strike m�����Philadelphia Record.
I Tba highest Mmpact w* can make
wltb oor fellow la, Lst tbetw ba truth
between aa
A Jury trial In a ws4ern town bsd
gone along for mors than aa boor
wben tbe trial Judge discovered that
tb* panel wa* shy s juror.    *
"What do** this meuur be roared.
"There ara only eleven Jnrora In th*
box.   Wbera ia the twelfth?"
"Please, your honor." answered one
of the eleven, "he bs* gone sway from
har* on aome otber business, but he
baa left Hla verdict wltb iue."-Lln.
plncott'a Magaalue.
A Point af Law.
Th* best bagan to roll snd pilch.
Th* |udg* clung to the rell
H* didn't Ilk* th* bounding Wsvosj
HI* solemn face grew pal*.
But happily arleser thought
Cam* to his l*g*l brnln.
B* overruled th* motion
And f*lt sli right again.
"Johnny, ar* yon baTlng a good time
-tbls spring?"
"I should aay not"
I "What la the matter
"1 bave bad the measles, the mumps.
the whooping cough and everything.
.There ain't notblng left for ma to bare
'no I can stuy out of school."
Isnt It ���trans*���
That a two faced man la not a two
beaded wonder*
Tbat S long boy ahonld long for long
'trousera long Uefor* bis mother sees
their need? M      ,���*     ,
Tbat we aeldom pin* for pineapples
*WIII   th*   ladles   move   up   front,
pleaser aald the conductor op a car
crowded wltb matinee girls.
; Tbere   waa   little  response,  ao  b*
spolt* again.
"Move forward. plea��e. Indies; th*
motorman la a great ileal better looking man than I am"
Smiling, the ladlea moved op.-Hun-
ton Transcript
Daisy's Dlaj.no*!*.
"Would you think m* tou auld If I th*��w
you a klsa?" ,
aald smart AI*o to perl Hill* twlov
tMi. not not a bit or Itl" m��uni*r��d thr
"Just simply and alnfiilly lasy "
* -C.n��dl*n C*urt��r,
v n  m
Caus* Por Profanity.
"Your husband
seemed out of
sorts tbla morning."
"Yes. be was
swearing ahoot
the lawn mower."
"tY b a t  about
"He couldn't
flnd It"
"Huh! My hua
hind swear* tie-
cause ha can't
Sts* oura."   .
4    ��
A woman lately wrote an editor nf
tbe personal wlnmn* ami said:
I   "I have lost thrw liiislmnds and now
have an offer of a fourth.   Shall I afr
rent hlm If"
The reply on mei "If .roil have Inat
thre* husbands I should suy you sr*
too csreUwa io he trusted wltb a
fourth."���Harper's Mngazln'*,
"Bome of the problem* of human er-
latence are becoming mora and mor*
"Ve*." replied the admiring parent
"1 can hardly wait for my daughters
graduation essay to lal us know whst
to do about them."-Washington Star.
1 hen There lent Anything Fer Them
to Do but Heat
Th* ent made by tbe surgeon should
always be kept absolutely fra* from
gonna. If infection occur* w* know
tkat aome on* baa blundered. Accidental cnta, on tbe other hand, ar* almost
Invariably Infected.
Tbe germs of dlseaae are everywhere. No matter bow amall tb* cat
may ba or how brief Ita exposure to
tb* air, germ* aw almost certain to
enter. If an accidental cat la to heal
quickly and wall all germa moat b*
carefully removed nt tba flrat dreee-
When w* consider bow many, ore
tb* waya tn wbicb a cat may become
Infected we can underetand wby euch
precaution* ara nsceoaary. Infection
la often introduced by tba vary implement that makes tb* wound. Only
surgeons ose sterilised Instruments.
A Hnlf* or a pair of scissors or a pise*
���f glass *r crockety ta almont certain
tn plant germs in tb* farrow It plown.
Germs msy also enter from tha clothing, from the hands of whoever rusboa
to belp. from tb* flrat place of cloth or
handkerchief need to stanch the flow
of blood or from tb* water used tor
tbe flrst washing.
Since th* avenuoe ot dangar pro ao
numerous. It In aafeat to assume tbat
Infection haa occurred. It follows tbat
every family ahould understand soma
of tbe simplest methods of atarlHm-
tlon. Beat la tb* almpleat of alt
Tbe mother of a family ahonld keep
n aupply of eoft llnno faga that bave
heen thoroughly boiled. Rhe should
'keep tbem not on an open sbelf with
| towels or otber cloths, bat tona np In
'a carefnlly clone* oiled pap��r bag or
���protected from tbp air in some other
I equally effactir* way. For washing
1 the wound ab* ahould oaa only water
'thnt haa been boiled. Wbeb the doc-
tor eom*e he w|l�� add aom* kin* of
rhemleal antlaepsla. and It Wfll bt
'proved once more tbat a elaan cut can
do notblng brt heal^-Youth** Companion.
via  0.  K.  R.
1:46���Burnaby Lake  and   Vancouver via B. C. E. R.-. 7:4fc
16:46���Vancouver   via   Q. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .14:80
:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:U
1:00��� Vanoouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday)16:W
%:00��� Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).tv:*
10:00���Port Mann (daily except
Sunday) 9:46
0.10��� oarnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, aad l*avee
Monday.      Wadnaaday
.  aad Priday   ..14:00
1:40���Victoria via B. C. B.  R.
idaily ovcent Sunday* ..1MB
0:60���Victoria  via O   S   R
(dally axcept Sunday).20:30
1:��0���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
rridsvt 14:00
16:00���Edmonds    and    Central
Park (dally except Bun- 1
day)   U:9��t
S:16���Craaoent, WhKa Rotk aad
Blaine 'dally except
Bunday)  *��'
���a-io���a**"����,��'',1. n"'*' So^sa.
Mataqul, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily axcept Baaday)  �����������������
4:16���Hall's Pralrla. ��arn RM��*
and Harlemere (dally
except Sunday) *:46
g: 16���United States via 0. N. R.
irtni'v e-*r*,o* Bunday)..!*:!^
9:J�����AH   points east and  En-   .
rope (dally)   1*.*f
:2:10~All polnta east and Europe (dally)  14:16
9 ;tfl���Sapperton and. Praa*r
Mills daily ��c*pt
Bunday)  ......   "*�����
19:30���Sapperton and Fraaer
Mille (dally except
Bunday) 14:16
,. .... 7:46
1:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thuraday. Friday aad Bat-
day       14:09
il-.2t>-Chllliwack, Milner, Mt
T ihmaa. Aldorgnva, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Weatminater, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Bellerose, via B.
C E. R. (dafly except
Sunday)    9:00
U: 30���Abbotaford,    Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except 8undny) 17:to
tO: 40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Baaday).17:30
3:00���Praser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:00
tl:t*���Raad.   Majuba   mil   Wa
B. C.  E.  R.   (Monday
Wednesday    aad    Friday      ������ ��;W
M: 40--Chilliwack vta B. C. E. R.
(dally *xoept Sunday). 17:30
Among the Higher Una.      '*
Our d��m**tlc w*a nallml Mary Ana.
Bh* e*m* from th* County Csvsa.
To leeaen her toll
Rhe lit tir** wilh otl \
Now a*, miss her snd iM the can.
���low Progress,
pnron-It look my wife three hour*
to pass a ceri��ln>olnt
Kgliert-Ob, was she In tho suffrsg*
"No, Pbe was (elllns a fanny ���tory.'*
-Yonkers Ststesuinn.
srs beat for nursing
mothers beesus* lh*y da
not affect the rest ol tha
system. Mlldbutsure. 2Sc.
s boit at your drugiist'e.
9:26���Coquitlam (dally
Sunday) ....
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
die following property
in bulk:
Subdiruions 89 ami 90, Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly. ^Address:
Sole Agent for
Hire's Root Beer
IfetralWatm,   Aerate J Witort
it!00-C*ntral Part, WoKny nad
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)      V....;......U.M
��:Q*���tndner. port Oplehoa,
Wesths*. island. Ban
Villa ......  .....M:��
It:00���Boat Burnaby   (tally-.on*
cept Bunday) .... ....11:00
0:00���Tbnbanand (Tueeday and
trlday)   ..lt:U
���0:P0���Analerlll* and  Banbury
(dally axeOpt Suaday).14:t0
<��:*6���Vancouver, Piper's   Bid-
tag    via    0.    N.    R.
(dally axoept Sunday)..14:te
11:80���Cloverdal* aad Port Kail*    ;\
via O. N. R. (dally ra-
' oept Bnnday) 14:8b
T:80���Uattad State* Tla O. H. R.       ,
(dally ����*pt Sunday).. 8.tt
y*hpmnn a lit ot8��a- ��-"��r.,; ������
Transfer Co.
Offlee ***** m.    tara Pheht W
Beeble Street.
Pesseca Dell*ei��A Promptly to
fay part of the elty.
��� ���"' :. ' ��� i
$&.<��$&''��� -VrWV"
It i�� tleliable, Superior
in ues^n  and  Work-
#ric?e $4.50
an^|^(Juaranteed for 5
���inl years.,
Anderson & Lusby
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46   Lorne \ Street,   New  Westminster.
Mfreti W. McLeod
657 Columbia 8t., M^
Phone  62. New  Westmlnater,
Start That
(.01. f";'
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
The telephones of the Westminster
Daily News now arc: -   n,
Editorial Office ....  991
Business Office  999
MIss Kenny, of Victoria, Is the
guest of Mrs. C. J. LoaL Fourtli
New Fall Millinery at Mrs. Agret.'s,
59 Sixth atreet. **
Messrs. Dalrymple Brothers, con-
tractors, are building two flne villas
on Alberta street, Sapperton.
The concrete steps leading to the
Fraser bridge from Columbia street
will be completed in a few days.
Rye bread���like your mother us*-'
to make. Eighth Street Bakery, Telephone R 2S1. *',
Mrs. Bryant, of Nanaimo, and
family, are spending the week with
Mr. and Mrs. Coles, the vicarage, Sapperton.
The band concert whicli was scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Queen's
Park, had to be postponed on account
of the Inclement weather.
Miss L. Hoe resumes her music
-.lasses September 3rd, 712 Royal
avenue. **
A visitor at the lacrosse game yesterday was H. C. Burton, general
agent of the Great Northern Express
Company, with headquarters at Sea
The Columbia Piano and Music-
HouBe, 522 Columbia street. Is head-
(tiarters for Victor GramaphoneB aad
Records. **
Mr. C. Holland, of Braid street.
Sapperton, has completed extensive
alterations on his pretty bungalow
and has issued invitations for a con
Captain Eltom. of No. 1 Firehall, ls
seriously ill with pleurisy. Reports
irom the physician attending him
yesterday show the patient on tht
road to recovery.
Excavations for the four-story
stores and apartment block to be
flrected on the corner of Lorne and
Carnarvon street, are now practically
completed and a start will be made
an the concrete basework soon.
High grade, medium price and all
grades of pianos and player pianos,
low prices, easy payments at the Columbia Piano and Music House, 5^:
Columhla street. *���
The "sinkhole" at Ardley, Burnaby. \
i continues to give trouble to the G. N. I
St. company. On Sunday it flopped I
down another flve or Bb: feet despite
tiie continuous dumping of cdr loads ���
of rock and gravel into ita maw.
On Saturday night a B. C. E. 1L car
left the rails at Leopold Place. City
passengers were little Inconvenienced
ae It simply meant a transference at
that point, but Fraser Mills travelers
were necessarily delayed somewhat.
Mias Rosamond Temple, of Santa
Rosa, California, who has just return
ed from a year's tour of tlie British
Isles and Europe, is spending a
month'with her-sister Mrs. A. W.
McLeod, before going south.
First papers as an American subject apparently are not sufficient
passport for a person entering the
domains of King tieorge. Yesterday
several of these would-be Canadians
were stopped at White Rock and
ordered to embark on a train bound
Sor  the south.
For Sale���Going at les3 than half
price, a lot of new high class furniture, consisting of quartered oak,
Bird's eye maple and mahogany parlor and bedroom articles, several
beautiful art squares, also a new
Gourlay piano. Must be sold as the
owner Is leaving city. Call 527 Fifth
street, phone L841. ������
- The many friends of Mrs. F. Crake !
of Third avenue, in the eity, will be I
pleased to lenrn that the doctor" i
have pronounced her ont of danger'
ind that she is now doing nicely. Mrs '
A meeting of the W. C. T. U. will
bo held In the home of MrB. James
Cunningham, Third avenue, this evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Mr. Lorne McCutcheon, chief clerk,
traffic department, B. C. E. R., has
left for a holiday trip to the coast
A   mass   meeting  cf   the   graduate
nurses or the province  will  be held
: in  Christ Church  school  room,  Van-
couver, Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 8 p. m.
The object ot this meeting is to form
I a British Columbian Graduate Nurses
��� Association,  tor  the  purpose  of  obtaining registration for the nurses of
the province.    It Is ' hoped all    who
can attend will be present.
The Rev. and Mrs. Lewis Hooper,
vicar of All Saints, Vancouver, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
B. Hutchinson at Burnslde Ranch,
Milner, B. C, last Thursday. The
Rev. Hooper was formerly vicar of
Langley and much regret was felt
when he left to take up hla present
position as vicar of All Saints, Vancouver.
Bishop De Pencier, who has just
returned from a trip to Prince Rupert where he visited Bishop Du
Vernet ef the diocese ot Cafedonla,
left yesterday for Chilliwack and
other Fraser Valley points. He was
accompanied by Canon Perkins, English secretary of the B. C. Church
Aid, who also made the northern
Ished rooms; would prefer a Bmall
house. Address Box 101 News
L. O. O. M.
Captain Gosse, of tho Fruhling, left
last week for Newfoundland on a furlough trip. Captain Embry has taken
over the command during Captain
Gosse's absence. The Fruhling will
return today to Woodward's slough
and resume work.
The King Edward has returned
from .Victoria to Sapperton government wharf after her annual overhauling.
The Sinclair Construction company's tug Natfve sprung a leak on
FraBer river, just below Ewen's cannery, on Friday. She had to be
towed by the Stranger up to the
market wharf where she was repaired on Saturday. The leak was In the
region ot the discharge pipe from
I the condenser and ls supposed to
have been caused by the bumping ot
attached  scows.
A special meeting of Lodge 854 will
be held ln K. of P. Hall at 8 p. m. on
Sept. 4, 1912. K
J.  H.  PRICE.
The local Orange lodges, 1150 and
1593, left by special car last night
for Vancouver with the cup awarded
to the Ontario lodge, Vancouver, for
bein? the best dressed lodge at the
JubMee celebration last 12th July.
Thc new fife and drum band accompanied the members. ' '
Successful Garden Party.
Nearly $200 was cleared at the garden party of St. Alban's church. East
Burnabv. wbVi was held on the
grounds of Mr. and Mrs. Mawhlnney,
Douglas road, on Saturday last. The
neavy showers of th.e morning kept
many away who would have otherwise attended, but the promoters of
the affair, together with the efficient
committees, Were more than satisfied
with the results. The proceeds will
go towards the rectory fund.
Particulars of New Bylaw Passed by
City   Council.
The sanitary bylaw governing the
location of cow and horse stables in
the city which was passed on Friday
evening last by the city council provides that no cow or horse shall be
kept in any stable, nen, byre, yard or
enclosure situated at less than 25 feet
from the nearest residence.
When more than two animals are
kept the shed, stable or byre ahall
not be situated at a less distance
than 75 feet from the adjacent dwellings. W'.iere one animal ls kept the
manure must be removed once a
week and where two or more animals
are kept tiie man. i.- must be removed at least every three daya, and in
all cases the manure must be enclosed in a covered receptacle.
The bylaw also provides that no
man shall erect a stable nearer another person's house than his own.
on the Banjo, Zither  Banjo,
Mandolin, Mandola,  Mando-
Cello and Guitar.
"Dick" J. Lawrence
Leave Instruments for tuning or repairing at J. H. Todd's Music House,
419 Columbia Street.   Tel. 694.
The Daily Use of our
���no other habit will render
the skin so smooth, allay irritation; remove blackheads, pimples, freckles and sunburn at
quickly. It ls purely made and
possesses wonderful medicinal
properties. Use lt dally, it's a
good habit
Price 25c and SOc.
Druggist and Optician
Weatmlnster Trust Block
Rates fcr Exhibitors.
Special rates on exhibits to the
Provincial E.';hiblt!onto be held here
on Oct. 1 to 5 have been arranged foi
by the exhibition management from
all parts of the Dominion and in thr
State of Washington. Arrangement*
hare been made with tho various
railroad and steamboat companie-
whereby exhibitors may pay the ftll
rate, shipping their exhibits or stofck
to the fair, and it will be returned
free providing It Umi not changed
hands. Special rates will be given
also py the Dominion ExpresB Co.,
iwhlphwlll have an office on the
[ grounds during the fair and for several days before lt opens.
; -���
*�� If BOXES
I     Mew Westminster, B.C
Holidiy Complexion
j      USE
Seely's Invisable
Peroxide Cream
Four doom Fa fit of Bank of
New Westminster^ B. (*.
ROLPU���The funeral of the late Linden A. Rolph took place on Saturday afternoon from the Holy Trinity Cathedral to the Church of England cemeterv. The pallbearers
were: Mr. W. J. Sharpe. Mr. H.
B. Sharpe, Mr. W. K. Graveny, Mr.
S. E. Crooks, Mr. Shaake. Jr., Mr.
Fader, jr. There was a large attendance and manv floral contributions were received. Canon d'Easum officiated.
Long evenings are coming on, In
consequence you wlll spend mere
time reading. Let us help you enjoy
your reading by fitting ycu up with
glasses. We can supply the very best
lenses made at half the price that
some others charge. Whatever you
do don't buy from any but reputable
dealers. Beware of the transient���he
will do you sure. We guarantee every
I sale we make to your satisfaction.
50 cents up.
WHITEKNOX���The death occurred
. at the Scottish-Canadian cannery,
f', i loft Steveston, on Saturday, of an
��jtd Indian woman named White-
kno*. Her remains are at Murchie
and Son's parlors. Westminster,
and she will be buried here tomorrow.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. O. 71;  Res   72.
New    Weatminater.    B    C
Mra. Crake underwent an operation
for appendicitis at the West End
prlvato hospital, Vancouver, about
two weeks ago.
Not how eheap. hut how p6od. Hear
the great I'hlckerlng Ures.' player-
pianos at Hie Columbia Piano House,
opposite City Hall. Mnde and giiar-
mteed hy the only living Cliickeilatis
making j lanos, truly the wonder of
the age. W'e have other piano players
aB low as I45(i in price. *���
The total cost of making tbe spec'al survey of the city of New Westminster was $9960, of which $7,621.78
is to be taxed against lhe property
owners and $2,3.1H.22 is to be paid by
the city. All complaints against the
special survey are dismissed. This
information Ib contained in a recent
Issue of the B. C. Gazette.
! Trains on' the Great Northern were
delayed somewhat yesterday morning and afternoon by reason of a
slide which oecured near White Rock
Several big trees toppled over tbe
bluff, completely blocking the line
until a wrecking crew appeared on
the scene. The kings of the forest
weri- removed alter a delay of one
or two hours.
The construction work p" the now
Royal City Laundry bulldln? oh i
Moody Btreet Is progressing Bteadfly.
The first floor of the structure is1 now
practically finished and It is evnecterf !
that the building will be completed
throughout and ready fer the inStflllir*
tion of the machinery in ahout two
weeks time.
dence lots ln good locations, and
good Investments at the prices they
ean be bought for now. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
to lane. Price 1775.00; one-guarter
NO. 1327���SEVENTH AVENUE, 50x
.120 to lane; cleared and fenced.
fl,0B0; one-third cash.
'lots, 60x132 each to lane. Price
IZ050 each; one-third cash.
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; one-
third cash.
near Fourth Street, two choice lots,
cleared;   $1,275.00   each;   one-tblrd
Twelfth street, on upper side; good
view lot; cleared: 50x120 to lane.
Pried $1500.; one-third cash.
Sixth avenue, 00x132; cleared and
graded; $2,000; one-third cash.
NO.   959���5   LOTS   ON   TURNBULL
street, W.illO; cheapest good lots in
the city. Price $500 each; one-fifth
Edlnburg street; cleared aud ready
to build on. Price $3200; one-third
NO. 957���DOU3LE      CORNER      ON
Fourth avenue, street on three sides.
$5,300; nne-third cash.
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and
In orchard. Price for a few days
only, $1,100; one-third caah.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write  Fire, Life, Accident, Employers.' Liability.    Automobile
aivi Marine tnturance.
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
Modern  Saw  Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
Pres and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
Phones No. 7 and E77.
Victoria and Return $2.70
to Prince Rupert and  Stewart,
Mondays   midnight,  connecting
for M&ssett.
Grand 0 dayB' cruise, $48.00,
including meals and berth.
to  Prince   Rupert,    Thursdays,
midnight, connecting for Granby   Bay and    Queen  Charlotte
Island points.      ���
"To VICTORIA and SEATTLE,  Saturdays and Tuesdays  midnight.
mm    "li" ii ill ������   M����^���imi        ���������in ���  ������        mil.. i    . im ���������
S.S. Prince Albert" leaves 3rd, 13th   and 23rd   of   each   month   for
y Prince Rupert and way porta.
Grapd Trunk Paciflc trains   connect   with   above   steamers   for
Skeena Crossing, thence steamer to Hazelton.
Special round trip excursion fares  to  the  East via Grand  Trunk
system, variable and optional routes via the Great Lakes and Niagara
Falls. '_	
 General   Agency  Transatlantic Steamship Lines.
H. G. SMITH. C. P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. U.
Phone  Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street^
W'e run a general store and sell af city prices.   A new four-story
hotel Just completed.
LOTS from (350 up, $50 CASH, $50 every 6 months
Or smaller terms to those building tbls season.   Our Mr. Sanda bai an
ofllce on the property.
t ��� ���'      ��� ' t'      ���
We have now ih stock the largest assortment of Watch Fobs ever exhibited in New
Westminster.   Examination invited.
Official Time Ineportor for C. P. R. and B. C. Eleetrle Rallwtfy.
Irons, Cookers
and Heaters
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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