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Westminster Daily News Sep 18, 1912

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 ^^Mtir     ���'-' ''***tWi'rtt
a g
��� 4
Need of  Foghorn   at Sandheads In View of Late-
nets of Season.
Deputy   Mlnl.ter    Scott   to   Address
Progressive Association Banquet
on Friday.
Believing that the lightship recently removed, from the Sandheads of
the Fraser river ought to be returned
to Its old position at once if the In*
terests of the shipping men ot Westminster and the Kraser valley wer*
to be protected, tbe executive committee of the Progressive association
decided last night to approach Mr. J.
D. Taylor, M.P., at present at Ottawa,
to see what could be done in the matter.
Many complaints have been made
by masters and officers of ships plying on the Kraser river at the absence
of tho lightship for about two months
from its position, as it was a great
aid to navigation.
Danger to  Navlcatlon.
During foggy weather the lightship
was of inestimable value to th"
mariners as it Combined a large fog
horn which sounded wben occasion
required It. Its absence from th?
Sandheads wlll leave vessels without
sny guidance, whatever should heav>
weather set In, and things would by
come extremely dangerous for navigators. Tbe question was considered ot
great importance by the members ol
the executive and the shipping committee was Instructed to see what
could be done to have the matter set
The Proarres3 Club of Vancouver Is
calling a convention of all, to be held
in Westminster during fair week, the
publicity organizations throughout th
province, and where tbey do not exist
the municipal councils and the boards
of trade will be invited, together with
the exhibitors of the Westminste-1
fair. Ou tbe request of the Tennina'
Cily Progrets club the executive of
the local association will welcome the
convention to tbe city.
Slogan  Prize Winners.
The winners In the famous slogan
competition were decided last night.
Mr. R. A. McClellan. of this city, secured the $100 prize. His slogan was
"Follow the Kraser." The Becond
prize was awarded Mr. W. A. Wells,
secretary of tbe warden of the penitentiary, his slogan Iieing "Watch
Westminster." Neither of the slogans
were adopted by the association.
In connection with financial campaigns a letter was received from Mr
A. Miller, of the Industrial association, of Calgary, stating that the man
who conducted the $100,000 campaign
in that city received flve per cent, of
the proceeds and the agreement was
that if he did not raise the desired
sum hc would receive but his expenses. ���
Mr. Scott Coming.
The entertainment committee reported that a luncheon would be held
ln the dining room of the new
Premier hotel at 1 o'clock on Fridav
afternoon. -Seating capacity for 125
people would be provided and tickets
for that number will be sold by the
secretary, KenneUi Myers, and mem
bers of the executive. Deputy Mln
Ister of Agriculture Scott wlll be the
chief guest at the function.
The membership committee report
ed that Chamberlin and Edward,-"
were prepared to carry the buttons of
the association'In stock and sell them
to members at prices not exceedng
one dollar apiece for gold and flfty
cents :for silver.
It was decided to appropriate $2^
from the funds of the association fo'
the decoration of the office and build
lng for the visit of the Duke of Con
naught. i
No Further    Particular.    Disclosed���
Mayor May Reach City by
The sale of the city of New Westminster's bonds has been successfully negotiated, according to a wire
reoelved yesterday by Acting Mayor
Gray from Mayor Lee, who was then
at Toronto on hts way back from thc
old country, where he personally
supervised the aale.
No particulars arte contained in the
wire concerning the time of the sale
or the price secured for the bonds
but this Information will probably be
disclosed on the arrival of his worship back tu tbe city.
It was generally expected that he
would be home about tbe middle of
this week, but lt seems that he has
been delayed and cannot be expected
to arrive before Saturday at least.
Endeavor   to    Get Holiday for Lower
Mainland Schools on Children's
Thirteen Killed, Fifty Injured
at Witton Junction���Engine Jumps Track.
Nine Car. Speed on and Cra.h  Into
Station  Platform���One Completely Burned.
Tliose who hesitate to believe the
much abused statement that the 1912
exhibition of the Royal Agricultural
and Industrial society will create a
record should be privileged to attend
one of the weekly committee and
executive meetings held in the board
of trade rooms at the city hall. The
meeting last night was well attended,
and every department of the fair reported excellent progress.
The new arena will be In shape for
the second annual horse show, and
Chairman K. H. Cunningham, of the
horse show committee announced that
there will be some cf the finest
horses in the province entered. Accommodations for the poultry show
have been just doubled, according to
Manager D. E. MacKenzie. Every
irVailalfle foot of space IA*aVTot the
buildings is taken up and already
some people have been unable to secure the space they desired.
Every day will be a big one. On
Tuesday, the first day of the exhibition, will be the Minto cup lacrosse
match, reserved seats for which will
be placed on sale here and In Vancouver in a day or two. Wednesday
will be devoted to the Scottish sports
and the B. C. A. A. V. championships.
Thursday tbe Revelstoke and Sapper
ton intermediate lacrosse teams will
play. The Duke of Connaught will
be here also on that date to officially
open the fair. Friday is children's
day and the executive decided last
night to make an effort to have Friday a school holiday throughout the
Kraser valley and In Vancouver. Saturday will close the exhibition. The
second game of tbe Minto cup series
will be sinned on this date.
There will be band concerts during
��he afternoon nnd evening, and thp
horie show will be an attraction. The
buildings will be open at all times,
and then there is the Sockeye Run
which never falls to be one of the big
Liverpool,  Sept.  17.���Thirteen
sons were killed and fifty injured by
tke  derailment  this  evening of  the
express from Chester to Liverpool at
Witton Junction, about   eight    milej
from Liverpool.    The train had passed over the long'bridge spanning the
Mersey and was running down the Incline leading to the junction when, at
the crossover points, the engine jumped the rails and crashed into the buttress of the bridge spanning tbe line.
Passengers Cremated.
The coupling of tbe car   next   the
engine parted and the train of nine
cars sped on to    the    station.    The
leading  cars crashed  Into the    platform with terrific   force,   and   were
wrecked. One car was overturned and
caugbt'fire.   ln spite ot the efforts of
tbe fire brigade it was soon consumed.    Several bodies In this car were
cremated,   but   some   of the   injured
were rescued from windows.
Driver Killed.
The engine driver was crushed    to
leath   between   the  engine   and   the
tender, and the fireman had both legs
broken.   He was pinned under the lo-
somotlve for two hours.
Hundreds of laborers and railway
employees took part ln the work ol
rescue while tbe waiting rooms were
turned into an emergency hospital.
1 'i';-
Opens  New Hospital-Witnesses Picturesque Pageant of Centennial.
At North Bend for Night���Will Arrive
in Vancouver This Afternoon-
Opening   of    Parliament   by   Queen
Wllhelmina  Mjrrecl���Universal
Suffrage Cauae.
Messrs. George Bury and F. W. Peters
Motored  Here YasttsrAapa-rs.   .
May  Return.
On a flying trip of inspection, Mr.
George Bury, vice-president and general manager of the C. P. R. lines in
the West, and Mr. F. W. Peters, gen-
oral superintendent of the Western
division of the same company, motored into New Westminster yesterday
afternoon, looked around the property
of the company in this city and
speeded back to Vancouver.
The visit was in the nature of a
surprise to the employees of the C.
P. R. here, and in fact Mr. Ed. Goui't,
the local agent, was on Columbia
street at the time and did not get the
chance to meet the visitors. However, they left a note for Mr. Goulet
saying they had little time to devote
here, as important business called
them to the Terminal City. .
It was thought that the two visitors
would be in Victoria at this time in
company with Sir Thomas Shaugh
nessy, who is staying there, and this
flying trip was entirely unexpected.
Mr. Goulet was sorry, indeed, not to
have received word of the.'r intended
trip or else he would have made arrangements for them to have made a
tour of the city.
However, lt ia possible that they
may return before the party leaves
for the East, at which time due
notice is expected as to their plana.
Kamloops, Sept. 17.���Ab the Governor Generals train, flying tiie royal
standard, was leaving Kevelstoke this
morulng for today's run, their Royal
Bighuesses were Interested ln observing among the cheering crowd on the
platform three Hindus, whose turbans
pere red, white aud blue. At Tappeu,
Where a atop of a few minutes was
made, the children, headed by two
boys carrying large Union Jacks, sang
"God Save the King" and the "Maple
Leaf," and presented flowers, melons
and apples grown here to their Royal
Children Remembered.
At Notch Hill, where another briel
stop was made, there    waa    another
presentation of flowers and fruit by
the school children.   When the Duke,
the   Duchess    and Princess Patricia
stepped from the royal train upon ita
arrival here they were greeted with
cheers of welcome by an assemblage
numbering several thousand. No more
picturesque   spectacle    has   -greeted
their view thus tar on their tour than
waa presented by the cheering multitude here  with the mounted escort,
the guard of honor and an array of
Shuswap  Indians in  festal attire  in
the foreground and in the background
the main arch of welcome and    the
gaily decorated buildings ot tbe town.
Golden Key Gift.
A long procession of decorated automobiles escorted Their Royal Highnesses to the new Royal Inland hospital, passing on the way under   flve
arches that spanned the main street,
one of the arches bearing Chinese inscriptions,   erected   by   tbe   Chinese
residents    of    Kamloops.    After the
presentation  of the civic  address of
welcome on a decorated platform    in
front of the hospital, and the Duke's
reply,  tbe ceremony of    the    formal
optmthg ot  the    hospital    was  -pro
ceeded with.    A key of the hospital,
made of British Columbia gold, was
presented to the Duke.
Tbeir Royal Highnesses were thei
driven to Coronation park and witnessed the pageant and historical parade, this being the opening day of
the three day celebration of the centenary of the foundation of the flrst
white settlement. After the pageant
and historical parade which included
a spectacular turnout of the Indians,
had passed before the royal box, the
Duko faced off the ball for a lacrosse
game. On boarding tbe royal train
Their Royal Highnesses said they had
greatly enjoyed thetr three aoura
Royal Weather.
Perfect weather continues to ac
company the royal party. Amid the
Singing of "God Save the King" and
the "Maple Leaf," folowed by cheering renewed again and again, the
train moved slowly out. This even
log's run will be to North Bend, which
Will be reached at midnight. There
their train will remain until tomorrow, when lt will move on ita way to
Vancouver, which will/be, reached at
3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Will Present Duchess   of   Connaught
with Purse for Victorian Order
of Nurses.
A laudable work is being carried
out by the ladles of New Westmlnstei
who are planning to present Her
Royal Highness the Duchess of Connaught when ahe visits this city on
October 3 with a purse of gold towards the Victorian Order of Nurses
During her trip across the contln
ent, tbe Duchess made special men
tlon of the great work which Is bein,,
carried out by this order, and In sev
eral of the cities visited similar presentations have been made to her. The
work in this city bas been undertake.-
by Mrs. C. B. McAllister, assisted by
a strong and influential corps of as
slstants, and, during tbe past few
days no less than sixty names bave
been placed on the subscription list.
The size of the purse, while gratifying to tbe order, does not materially
affect the spirit of the gift, and tho
ladies who have the matter in hand
sincerely hope that every lady In the
olty will donate a little towards the
Mrs. W. J. Armstrong has been
selected to make the presentation,
which will probably be made immediately following the formal opening of
the exhibition by the Governor General.
Princess Patricia will not be forgotten In this ceremony, for Mlss
Dorothy Lee, daughter of tbe mayor
and mayoress, will present a bouquet
of flowers to Her Royal Highness.
Contributions towards the Victorian
Order of Nurses can be made to Mrs.
C. B. McAllister, 303 Third avenue, or
at the Bank of Toronto.
Public Bodies Ull|t�� In Tendering Banquet of Fraser
Valley Produce.
Head, of Transportation    Companler
on Continent and Ocean Are
In Party.
Schaake Machine Worka Repalra Big
Vancouver Mill Breakage In
Record Time.
. i _____
What is regarded aa record time ln
machine clrclea was performed by
the Shaake Machine Works durln*
the past few days. One of the large
engines of a Vaucouver saw mill
broke down on Thursday last and assistance was Immediately requisitioned from the New Westminster Indus
A disc weighing over a ton and fl
half broke ln two and a new one was
patterned out, cast, machined and Installed In the short space of three
days. Ordinarily thl. work would
have taken a week or ten daya to
qom plete and the local works ia receiving tnuoh favorable comment on
their rush order bueiness.
Still another rush order 1. being
oarrted out. A large wheel on the tug
Vulcan, owned by the Brunette Saw
Mills company, broke on Saturday
afternoon and the new one will be
completed and Installed in the boat by
this evening.
The Hague, Netherlands, Sept. 17.���
After holding a demonstration today
in favor or universal suffrage a body
of Socialists came Into conflict witb
the police here and the rioters wero
only dispersed at the point of the
Having been refused permission to
parade In the streets during Queen
Wilhelmina*. progress through the
city to personally open the state,
general parliament, the Socialist, held
a meeting at the race track. After
the queen had returned to the palace
the demonstrators endeavored to
make their way to tho precincts or
parliament around which the pollc"
bad drawn a cordon. The police were
compelled to make several i charges
and the rioters were temporarily
rruted. Reinforcement, have been
called ont as lt Is fearerf" that there
will be further trouble.
1 ast year the queen did not open
parliament personally because of the
Socialists' procession. Today Her
Majesty and Prince Consort Henry
received a royal reeeptlo/i.
Orphane Pienie at Stanley Park.
With the best of weather prevailing
the b<?latcd picnic of the children of
the Providence drchauage. was carried out euccosBfully yesterday. The
parly made the trip, to Stanley park
and return ln forty auto* generously
provided for the occasion by the mem-
I ber a of the Westminster Auto club.
Villainous Countrymen Rob Hi. Store,
Hold Him Up and Ransack
His Home.
The party of United Railway Agents
of Canada and the United States will
be tendered a right royal reception
second only to tbe one to be accorded:
the Duke of Connaught on Saturday,,
when they reach the olty at 10 o'clock
this morning on special car from Vancouver.
On arrival they will be officially
welcomed by Acting Mayor Gray,
President Duncan, of tbe board ot
trade, and Secretary Kenneth Myers,'
of the Progressive association. Next
the party will inspect the city, visiting flrst the Columbia cold storage
plant and then the Scbaake machine
works. After this they will view the
Unique Luncheon.
At 12 noon the crowning feature of
the visit will take place when    tha
some eighty   odd   agents   with their
ladles will sit down ate unique luncheon tendered them by the city council, Progressive association, board of
trade, Trades and Labor councll and
others.   The novelty of the function
will lie In the fact that everything:
on the menu will be grown and produced in the Fraser valley.
After the usual. speeches and responses are made the tatty will leave-
the B. C. Electric depot at 1:30 on a
I trip to the Fraser' mills, thence returning to Vancouver.*" .
Prominent Men.
Some prominent Meb' In railway
circles are among the visitors, perhaps the most notable being Mr. W.
H. Mills, of the New. York Central
railroad, and Mr. Goff. the vice-president of the Missouri Pacific, both of
whom are presidents ot the Railway
Agents' association. Every big city
on the North American continent is
represented in the crowd, as are also
Oie White Star an4llaat8r,Jtean3Shii>
Many Westminster Student. Will Receive  Mu.lcal Award*.
Vancouver and New Westminster
centres in connection with the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of
Music and the Royal College of Music
have combined ln arranging a publlc
presentation of gold medals and certlflcates to successful pupils by His
Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught ln the Labor Temple, Vancouver, at 10:45 on Friday morning.
The following are the names of the
pupils of thi. centre who are going
over to Vancouver to receive their
diplomas: Misses Frances Gulchon,
Josephine Michaud, Gertrude Watson,
Isnbelle Drew Macintosh, Charlotte
Vidal, Margaret Seymour, Gwendolln
Bunting, Elisabeth Seymour, Florence
Johnstone, Helen Agar, Margaret
Johnstone, Rachel Welsh, Gladys
Tioverlng, Alice Coulter and Mr.
George McAllister.
In addition to these there are a
number of pupils who" are out of the
city and will not be able to attend
the presentation.
For Trial by Jury���Case Cornea Up at
Fall Aula...
darles Dean, one of the aMfegad
robbers of the lcoal branch ol the
Rank of Montreal, appeared hefor*
Jt'dge Howay yesterday morning and
after a short hearing elected for Jury
Mr. Adam S. Johnston repreaented
the accused. This will mean that
Dean will have to stand trial at the
fall, assizes.
Teddy   McNamara  .aa, Ko Ko   Convulses Large Audience���Bright
Show Pleaaee All.
Can playgoer, ever get tired of the
Mikado ?
It did not appear ao at the opera
house laat evening when another
bumper house greeted the Pollard
Juvenile Opera company, who gave a
flne presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece. Gilbert wa. one
of the moat aatirlcal and moat remarkable of librettist., but thl. aame
written wit would have fallen far
���hort of tts present eftect had lt not
heen allied with the amazing musical
genlua of the composer, Sullivan.
Aa could he Imagined Teddie McNamara played''itbe stellar role of Ko-
Ko, and thrditg��Mtt the entire even-
In-; this yontBful Australian Dan
Leno,' had hi. audtfflus? oonviils*!
We sISte* Nell'e .hone as Kattsh*
Mlas Patsy H1Has Yum-Yum alsc
blaved her part to perfection, aa In
fac�� dirt tb��i whole company.   . . *-���
The pollards are In a ��'ass by
themselves on the stage, and during
tbe two evenings they have played
here have won for themselves jnany
tilends. ' _,.
8o far thla aeesoij Manager TM/
has cfrtalnlv nyide a success with
his selection.; and If the same s^d-
ard keeps nt�� throughout tho winter,
natronape w|ll not be lacking. The
houses both on' Mondav and last
evening were Indeed gratifying. New
Westminster, could do with a whole
week of th��| Regard company.
Spokane, Wash., Sept. 17.���Nlch
Drelch, a well-to-do Austrian saloonkeeper, has been the victim of a remarkable series of crimes ln the last
48 hours. On Sunday or Monday
morning the safe in Dreich's place of
business was drilled and $50 taken
Joe Kellish, an Austrian, was arrested
in connection with the robbery. Monday night Dreich was held up and rob
bed by two masked men who warned
him at the point of a gun not to press
charges against a countryman.
Early this morning three masked
men entered Dreich's home, threaten
ed *t cut the throat of Mrs. Dreich
ir she made an outcry, a*id strlpoed
the house or valuables before her
The police believe the crimes wer*
committed by an organized band of
Austrian criminals.
Will Present "Banner of St. George"
Flrat and Later "Elijah"���Officers Elected.
A very enthusiastic meeting of the
Westminster Choral and Orchestral
society waa held In St. George's hall
last night on the occasion ot the annus) election of officer..
The new officer, are: Honorary
president, Mr. C. G. Major; president.
Rev. Canon d'Easum; flrat vlce-preal-
dent, Mr. T. B. Pearaoh; secretary-
treaaurer, Mr. H. A. Wllaon. In addition the following were elected a.
members of the working committee:
Mr��. J. R. Paine. Mrs. CS. Keith.
Mrs. T. H. Smith, Merara. F. W. Chil-
ver, M. J. Knight, A. J. Beatty and
Rev. F. W. Houghton. Mr. IJ- M"ck"
ne*. wa. appointed honorary conduc
It was decided to commence thf
season's activities at onoe, and the
"Banner of St. George" will be rendered In a short time. Immediately following this practice wlll be begun on
the "Elijah," which the society Intend, to preeent aoms time later. The
member, of the choir will gather In
St. George", halt on Tueeday next for
���he purpose cf getting Into shape for
the flrst presentation of the seawtn.
���i '   ��� ��� '
Italy Negotiating Turkish LoaH.
Rome. Sept. ll���The official declaration Is made that there ta no founds'
tlon for tbe assertion published in
Tettps; Paris, that the Italian government it negotiating a loan of 600,000,-
000 francs for Turkey.
According to the correspondent of
the herons t*-�� terms for peace be
tween Italv and Turtev have practlc
allv been a*ra*��ged and be added that
Italy waa already negotiating a loan
for Turlrev w'th French, Brltlah and
Belgian financiers.
Loss Set at Forty Thouaand Dollars���
Insurance. Twenty-flve Thousand
���Shed. In Yard Saved.
A flre wbich practically wiped out
he yUui ol the Campbell River Lumber company at Hazelmere occurred
yesteiday afternoon. The saw mill,
shinfcle mill aud dry kilns were reduced to ashes, causing a loss ot
$40,000. Of this $25,000 is covered by-
insurance held In firm, represented!
by Mr. A. W. McLeod In tbls city.
The flre broke out lu the afternoon,
and only by great efforts did the mi'l
flre brigade succeed In saving the
lumber in the yards and sheds.
The fire came at   a most   inopportune time, as the flrm was prospering
under one ot the.busiest seasons It
has experienced.   The employees, of
whom there, were about 100, had been
Working over Ume, and at that vinere.
having difficulty In filling orders. Tbe-
original plant wa. erected a numher ���
ot years ago and additions have been
made almost annually Bince.   Mr. H._
,W Hunt Is the general manager. Hie-
hrother. ln Blaine are associated wttJu
him ln the concern. -v.
Action ha. been taken agalnat the.
B. C. Electric In the supreme court
by Edward Martin for damages for
Parwnal Injuries alleged to hav* been
tnfiloted on the, plaintiff when the
wagon of the Westminster Brewery
company, ot which be was driver, was
struck by a B. C. Electric car and he
was thrown to the Street. Martin
claim, he sustained a apralned ankle
whloh kept him frojtt work tor Some
In another similar caae Messrs. McQuarrie, Martin ft Caesady have filed
a damage suit against the B. C. Timber compaay on behalf of Andrew
Sand. The plaintiff, it ia alleged, had
two fingers out off by an unprotected
rip aaw.     ,
The point ot contention In the latter case ts whether the saw was dangerous enough to necessitate protection. No specific amount la asked fcr
by the plaintiffs in either caae.
,       'i i in"*       '
���'. Exiloaloit Kill. Thr...
, Elgin, ni.. Sopt, 17.���Two men were
hilled and one fatally hurt and a
third sertously hnrt at Coleman sta-
t'en. seven mites- south of Elgin to-
��'ay whpn a boiler at the Wenlg Malt
Drying plant exploded. Robert Payna,
the fireman, and Stephen Wekeck, a
workman, were killed. Joseph Hob Ic a
waa <atall> hurt and Andrew Zlvlca,
the foreman, wa. injured.
mi in .��"���
-���# b: '
m.,mtam,*,marat*��� ,,m,,t,,amiiianpl*t*tm*Wi*^*'***SI*W**u PAOITWO
One cent per word for day.
Four centa per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c. -       ���*
Birth, death and marriage
notice. 50c per insertion.
modern. Price $2600. Will take
lot for part payment. Box 113, this
pher wiBhos good location for public work���barristers or realty of-
fioe.   Box 120, this ottlce. .
apply to Burton Smith, 603 Third
ess for two children. Apply to 48
Royal avenue.
housework. One to go hortie at night
Apply 516 4th Street.
neer Dye Works, Second street.
Phone 430. ���
ished rooms; would prefer a small
furnished house. Address Box 101
News office.
quire two comfortable furnished
rooms: old country family preferred. Apply room 2, B. C. E. R.
depot.   Phone 401.
City steam laundry.
ers.   36 Hastings street.
at Fort Fraser, B. C. A letter tc
the secretary of the Fort Fraser De
velopment. Club will put you ir.
touch with information that wil!
surprise you whether you be an in
vestor or settler���you owe it to
yourself to write today. It will only cost you a red stamp and may
mean a brighter future for you.
Write right now. Ask for sample
copy of Fort fraser News. Fort
Fraser Development Club, W. A
Matheson, Secretary, Vancouver
office, 102 Winch Building.
ern house on Eighth avenue; just
being completed; full basement;
panelled ceilings; pressed brick
fireplace; fine view. $3600; half
cash, balance over five years. G.
P. Mitchell, Box 876, city.
Tenders are required for thc erection and completion cf a seven storey
Reinforced Concrete Warehouse Addition for T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd., on
Columbia and Front streets, New
Westminster. The successful contractor will be required to furnish a bond
to the extent of 25 per cent, on amount
of contract, and also to guarantee to
complete the whole of the work in
a given time as specified under a penalty  clause.
Plans and specifications may be obtained from the undersigned on deposit of $10, which sum wlll be refunded on receipt of safe return of
Sealed tenders will be received by
the architects up to 11 a. m. Saturday,  21st  of  September,  1912.
The proprietor does nol bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender received.
New Westminster.
���city,   size  60x148,  one  block   from
��� -car. Fruit trees and stable. Price
13000 on easy terms.   C
for sale���excellent turnover. Rapidly growing agricultural centre. Including three Main street lots. Store
and dwelling. $4200.00 buys the
property and good will for the bus-
npss. Stock on valuation. This Is
a money makor. Terms to suit purchaser.   Good reason for selling.
OKANAGAN ORCHARD For City property���We have a five-acre orchard
in full bearing, with house and outbuildings. Splendid place for poultry. Owner will either soil or trude
tor city property.   Price $4500.
FOUR CHOICE ACRES on Lopez Island. All fenced with small house.
Finest climate. Double boat service daily between Victoria and Bel-
lingbam.   Price $750.00 cash.
avenue, 65x110. $3500: one-third
cash; 6, 12 and 18 months.
from car. Lot 66x114, partly cleared. Dairy stable for several animals.
Price $1550. Cash $300. Easy terms
for balance.   A.
ln East Burnaby. Large lot planted
in apples, plums and pears. Price
$1350.    $500  cash.    D.
Street, Burnaby, 47x116 to lane
81200.   $"0u cash, $10 per month.   J
Real  Estate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Cu-tis Biock,  New  Wegtminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Bex 777.
you a fine 40 acre farm in B. C.
Only $50 cash, balance $10 to $15
per mouth. Soil two reet deep. Call
or write for our free booklet and
map. National -Finance Co., Ltd.
521 Columbia street.
House; rull cement block basement,
with furnace, laundry tubs and toilet. Bath and toilet separate on second flooor; large airy sleeping
rooms, with large closet; handy to
car and school. Ballt for home,
but owner wishes to leave ctty, so
must sell. Inquire at 1032 Seventh
avenue, Phone R 847.
with eight roomed house on 7th.
avenue! small fruit trees, bearing.
Apply  Box  10S,  this  office.
FOR SALE���ONE LOT, 66x122, ON
new Vancouver-Westminster car-
line, 5c fare. All clpared. Owner
leaving country. Apply to H. C.
Drackman, 658 Granville street,
Suite 10, Vancouver.
1V4 acres with 686 foot road frontage, splendid locat'on, close to new
school and tram. Owner, P. O.
Box 977,  New Westminster.
teen fruit trees full bearing, 75
chicks, coups; lot 50x138 to 20 foot
lane; water and light; $1450. Small
payment, balance monthly, Also one
lot with 20 trees au?. Sdmd chickens*
Apply Owner, cn let 28 Eighth
avenue, East Burnaby, between
Second and Fourth street, one and
oiie-half blocks from car.
���OR   SALE���A    BELL   PIANO,   AL-
most. new.    408 Fifth street.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
c-en complete. Apply 210 Agnes
street, city.
coop and chickens, 21 fiuit trees
full bearing; lot 5 50x112 feet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Hnrnaby, between SQ<'ond nnrl
Fourth streets. Price $1350; very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
ate sale, six roomed house, hlock
trom city car.   A. L. N., News office.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per w��ek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
week over Royal Bank of Canada.
654 Columbia street.
Kentvllls, N.S., I* Watching What
Funds Will Do.
Seldom do we bear ol a thickly-
yooded area being converted wi'.'..in
a year into a practical farm. Generally the transformation extends over
a number of years, often a lifetime.
But that depends entirely upon the
capital of the settler, and in the case
of the Dominion Government the matter of mere money is a trilling consideration. The new Dominion Experimental Farm being established near
Kentville. N.S., is a striking illustration of what can be done in s short
time in the way of changing landscape
from the purely picturesque to the
strongly utilitarian, when the fund*
are available to cover all expense.
A piece of the Annapolis \ alley,
stretching over 3C0 acres, which late-
| ly came into the possession nf the
���Dominion Department of Agriculture;
is rapidly undergoing that c'isngj.
The transformation will not he complete, however, for of thst sres scarcely 200 acres ia arable land, snd the
remainder must serve the aesthetic
more than the useful. A ravine cutting across the newly-made farm,
measured in surface at one hundred
arret*, but in beauty immeasurable,
will He converted hy the Government
Into a pnrk, nnd placed at the HUpn?'!
<>f the citizens of the neighborhood;
Properly speaking, the entire area will
be made useful.
The portion of the farm requiring
clearing is to lie planted in crchanl,
with about fifty nere-" reserved for ile-
raonstratlnns In mixed farming, particularly beef production. The idea ill
procuring tlie land was to establish
a demonstration ground where the
Annapolis fruit-growers might see nn
orchard planted and cared for under
modern methods by a practical horticultural expert. The land was purchased in the summer nf IDIti liy tlie
Nova Scotia Government and later
turned over t'i tlie Department of
Agriculture fit Ottawa. Since then
tha work of clearing hn,s been guinis
on, and this spring twenty acres were
?et out in young apple tie?*. I'r< f.
William Saxliy Blair, fi r a number
of years in r!inrr.e of tin1 Horticultural Department nf Macdonald Col-
'ore. r.t ft, Anr.e's, Qui,, snd one ���;'
...2 fjfcQiofi mon in his lire on tlm
i.-r.ljivj i, I,-.- ii.-Ti elin*��n to I)'
niwrinlemlent ol the row orchard
:.-min. ar.d wi.l ?!n.rt!y enter upon hit
Tlie ei"��rrtins of (he "forest
primeval" (tlie writer may he -ardMii.
( 1 for this quotation since ''���"��� farm
is less than ten miles from tho seein
of Evangeline's home) into a revenue.
producing spot afiirds weei-il ii terest by res ion nf tlie fart ihai lite timber tnl.en from the land is het"g I timed into use right nn the farm. Fifty
acres is row c.eared, and a re:ly �� il
cords of firewood, valued nt '" per
cord, has been piled away, ar I lrom
tli larger pines, spruces, md hem-
lories has heen made sopie 2(fl;030 feet
of lumber which will be employed in
erecting the necessary buildings on
tlie farm. The price paid for the l.ind
wss $12,C00, or forty dollars au acre
The work of clearing it of tim! er nnd
r-'plneir.g fruit trees v ill cost, alter
the value of the products is reel: -������d.
innre than fifty dollars per Bere. Th?
total cost of establishing Kentville
Experimental Farm out of a wilder-
ness wiil, therefore, lie more than
180.000.���Toronto  Globe.
near library.   701 Agnes street.
Central, corner Fife and Gloucester
street, off Roval avenue.
lot and build on it to suit you. You
own your own home and pay fot it
just like rent. All communications
confidential. Apply Box 105, this
rooms, 407 Royal avenue.
eight roomed modern house. Will
give lease. Apply 415 Tweltth
street between 1 and 3 p.m.
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes street, phono L 638.
Rooms. 828 Royal Avenue.
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street
lighted room,'30x30 feet, in Hard-
man block, suitable for office or
workroom or may easily be divided
to make a two or three room apartment suite. For terms apply Westminster Dally News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
bedroom, furnished. Terms reasonable.    720 Agnes stroet.
A Cplendid   Idei.
"Far away on a ;;roup of island* in
the wide waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence live three thousand Dshillg folk,
cut off utterly from tlie world." says
The Little Paper. "They are nio-t.iv
French-Canadians, descended from
men and women wlio settled on the
Magdalen Islands in tiie eighteenth
century. Fnr ajx months in the year
wintry weather'prevents all communication with the islands. If a disaster
occurred to the people, no one would
know it?*nd no one would therefor'
think of sending help.
"Now, however, the Magdalen Islands are to be connected with the
outer world by means of wireless telegraphy. Every week the Canadian
Government will send a letter, by
means of invisible electric wave*,
across the wide wsters of the Gull of
St. Lawrence. The message will lie
sent to all the clergymen in the thirteen islands, snd they will read it tn
the fishing folk st the close of the
Sundsy services.
"Usually the message will consist of
a thousand words in French; for,
though the islanders form part i f the
British EmpiTe, there are only very
few who can understand Kngiish, Be
ing isolated from the world, tliey keep
the laneuauc snd customs o| the
French coloni-ts who were conquered
by   General   Wolle."
house.   Address Box 765 City.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
Tenders for Painting Herse Show
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the painting of exterior of the Horsi
, Show Building with one coat of Prim-
i ing.    Plans can  be soen at office of
City Engineer.
Tenders to be delivered to the undersigned by 5 o'clock on 23rd Inst.
City Clerk.
A  Bu��y  Hammer.
All over Canada the car|>enter's
hammer is l< 1. Every city is \i\a
with   huilding;   houses   and   places  o|
industry going up.
The Contract Record has gathered
some interesting figures whieh tell
something of the story for the' first
six months of 1012. In twenty-seven
Canadian cities so fnr thli year there
has been expended $69,663,0T4, nn
huilding. Last year's record for the
same time was $54,102,092,
Toronto so far leads with s total of
thirteen millions ��� two millions over
Winnipeg, and tive over Vaneouver
and Montreal. Edmonton makes the
most notable single achievement,
spending eight millions, ss compared
with a million and a half last yesr.
Smuggling Opium.
Reports Iieing received showing sn
ever-increasing opium traffic in the
larger cities of the Dominion leads
the customs department officials to
believo that a grest quantity of the
drug is Iieing smuggled Into the country, and a closer watch is to he instituted in the future. Belief that the
drugs heing got past the customs officer.-, by si iin.. device iu home out by
tho statistics of llie department, whicli
shows that tliere was quite a falling
oft in tho import figures fur tlie first
three months of the fiscal year, as
against thc same in mil.
SHOOTS attorney!  heading for coast
Artillery     Lieutenant     la     Mortally
Wounded Attempting to Spoil
Hold Up Train.
San Mateo, Cal., Sept. 17.���Becaus'j
he attempted to wrest a revolve:
from the hands of a youthful bandit,
who was holding up a San Mateo electric car uear here, City Attorney
Charles N. Kirkbrlde of San Mateo
lies here fatally wounded today with
two bullets in his abdomen.
Kirkbride was returning from Sail
Francisco witl�� the members of the
llth Company, coast artillery corps
of state militia, of which he ts a lieut
euant, when the robber, wearing a
handkerchief over his race, ordered
the passengers to line up, at the same
time instructing a woman among
them to pass the bat.
While the bandit was swearing at
the slowness ot the woman Kirkbrlde
suddenly sprang at him and grabbed
his gun arm. With a quick twist tha
robber jammed his revolver agalnsl
the attorney's stomach and P.rcd
The southbound car, In which Kirkbride was travelling, was boarded by
the robber after he hai held up a
northbound car, and threatened to kill
anyone who made outcry.
The police have a good description
of the bandit, who is said to be about
1!) years old.
Kirkbride is not expected to live.
Naval Information Not Yet to Hand-
Important Commission on  Ranching  Appointed.
Chambers Journal Dcs;ribe3 Opera
tion in Sweden.
Clearing Is one of the. most back-
breaking ar.d laborious jebs in connection with settlement in a new
country. When the land is timbered
ihe general procedure ia to drive a
fire through the brush, burning off the
light vegetation and tree branches.
The trees are then fcllad and pulled
ort rf the way: the last operation be-
ir,;; the removal of the stumps, whic'i
is perhaps the most trying task ot all.
As a rule animal power is employed
for tlrs purpose, horses removing the
obstacle by sheer muscular effort. A
Swedish firm, hov. ever, has devised
tnotheT system, in which horses may
be dispensed with, and the apparatus
car. be manipulated by cne or two
mm. This device consists of two
lengths of steel wire rope,' one having
i hook at each end to grip the tree to
be removed, wh'le the other carries
or.ly one hook for attachment to the
mclicr tree, the other end of the rope
>n this instance being fitted with a
friction clutch. The puller proper ls
a bar. several feet In length, notched
on each side for nearly the whole of
'ts length, somewhat after the manner of the tenth of a b'mv. Thla notch
ed bar fits into and slides ln a long
'^and-lever.which ha3 a slot to carrv
the notched member. At each end of
''���n slot la a pawl; one engages with
the teeth on one s'do of the bar
wh'le the second moves e.long the
t��eth of the other ed?c. In the r-'d
die of the space between the two
nawla a looped rod ls fitted, tbis ex
��� endine beyond the length of the
notched bar. and taking up the sec
nnd h^ok of the steel wire cable at
tacTted to the stump to be extracted.
The opposite end of the notched har
engages with the hook of the cable
carried round the stump used as an
anchor, and any slack that may be
present Is taken up by the clutch. In
removing the stump all that Is required after tho plant ia rigged up���
an operation taking only a few mln
itea���is to rock the hand lever tc
and fro. thereby bringing the twr
nawls alternately into action uoor
the teeth of the notched bar. which
's thus moved throceh Its slot In the
hand lever. As the lever Is moved In
this manner the ropes become tight
ened and tremendous pull���uo to ten
tons���is extracted. If the slump le
particularly refractory a heaving rone
and block are used, bit the former device suffices for general purposes.
The total weight of the outfit Is abou'
two and a half hundredweight, and
one man can handle it with ease lf
Waiters May Strike.
N'ew York. Sept. 17.���A general
strike of waiters and cooks that will
paralyze every first class restaurant
and hotel in the city at the opening
of the wlnler season Is the latest plan
of the International llstel Worker*
Union. A statement hy one of tht
local union officials saya: "Unles:
the Indlv'dunl proprietors rench nr
understanding with tho organlzatiot
of hotel workers w'thln the next to*.
week*, Ihy men will "vnlk out on _el
������ctlon nlghl and prevent Uie restaur
���i,.to frum feeding 'he hungry throngs
With llie hone show week and th'
opening of the grand opera season
following closely rn the election th
waiters will have an unusual advan
'age over the proprietors.
Police Chief Injured.
Penticton, B, O., Sep . 17. -Chief of
police Hectic and liis vite and child
.���*'\ a miraculous escape from death
when they were thrown from a rip
drawn hr n pair Of runaway horses
near Affleck's orchard on the bench
es. Chief Roche was pitched Into the
gullv. a depth of forty feet, and wa?
rendered unconscious. Mrs. Roche
escaped with n few bruises and a
twisted arm. while the baby sustained a few slight cuts about the head.
Back to the Farm.
St. Paul. Sept. 17���At the banquet
given In hls honor by the citizens of
St. Paul last evening, Mr. J. J. Hill
spoke of the development of the north
west, agriculturally and commercially
In the last forty years. He criticized
the Minnesota State Agricultural College, applying his criticisms as woll
to other farm schools, and advise!! fathers who Intend to prepare their sons
for the farm to send them directly
to the farm and let them get their
training upon actual experience.
Ottawa, Sept. 17.���During the coming fall it is probable that a number
of Cabinet Ministers will visit the
West. Hon. Dr. Rocher has already
gone, and Hon. Martin Burrell leaves
on Wednesday on a sis week's holiday in British Columbia. Hon. Rob
ert Rogers will leave in October tor
the Pacific Coast. He will also at
tend the Dry Farming Congress ai
Lethbridge on October 21:
Hon. L. P. Pelletler also contemplates a western trip on postal business, and Hon. J. D. Haten and Hon.
W. T. White are also looking forward
to a visit to the pralrle provinces awl
British Columbia. These plans leave
the Idea that parliament will not meet
untll the new year.
Additional information on the naval
question, for which the governmenl
is waiting has not yet arrived.
A commission of importance to the
live stock and ranching industry ol
western Canada has been appointed
by Hon. Robert Rogers. The commis
sion, it is understood, will consist oi
Messrs E. E. Taylor, chief ranch in
apector at Calgary; Geo. H. Pope
Winnipeg, and Clarence P. Orahan
of Winnipeg. They will investigate
the whole question of the grazing
leares ln the west and will establish
what landa can be set aside'ns suit
able only fcr grazing purposes. Mon
permanency will be given to th;
leases. Thc Minister, by the appoint
n-ent of thia commission, hopes to b'
able to assist In reviving the daclii
irg stoc'i Industry of the west On'
of the n-Mn reasons which has beei
assigned for the disappearance In re
cent years of western cattie from thi
market is tho unsatisfactory ennd'
tion of the grazing leases. Rancher
could never tell when they would b
Crowded ont by homesteaders anr'
Eettlcr3, and could net afford to mak>
heavy Investments, As a result the;,
have been gradually selling out.
Negotiations between the Trans
continental Railway Commission anc1
the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway re
latlve to the leasing by the latter o1
the completed section of thc road be
twr.en Transcona and Superior .June
tion have pn-.ressed a little further
The commission it is understood hav
forwarded to the Grand Trunk Pa
clfic officials a communication indicating the terms upon wliich the com
ranv may lease the section. It Is pro
bable that these terms involve a defln-
If   rental  basis.
A cablegram received from the In
ternatlonal Agricultural Institute a'
Pome, by Mr. T. K. Doherty, Cana
d'an Commissioner of the Departmenl
of Agricultcre. gives the wheat pro
ductlon for France, Romania and Ital..
as follows;
Country 1912 1011
France 330,251,000 bu. "20.142.000 b-
Roumania 86.903,000 bu. 95.657.000 b"
Italy        165,523,000 bu.   192,397,000 b'
Every W(
l U ln tarMted sad iboold know
i about th* woodtrfol
Ask your drngirtst fbr
IL If be ennaot sai
tb*  MAKVJCL, accept" a*
oih��r. bat mi flame Sa Ulo*.-,
tratod book-Melad. It gtaat ttU
ertlcnlara aad <li*ctlaa�� IbtMb��M*
Oamaasst Afiatt lar Canada
���^���***m      I
Exclusive sale of 9 lota, 52x164
with 20 foot lane in the rear, or.
Newcome Road and Thirteenth Ave.
East Burnaby. Price $556; $50 dowr
balance $15 per month.
Four end a half acres ln Surrey
10 mllea from New Westmlnater anc
1 mlle from Sullivan station, B.C.B.R
Price ,$900; $100 down and balance
$10 per month.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. Eaat Burnaby, B.C
and Sixth 8treet.
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tbe Yukon . Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion or the province of British Columbia, may be leased ior a term or twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant ln person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
ln which the rights applied tor are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub-
livlslons of sections, and ln unsurvey-
;d territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant him- )
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which wlll be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, bnt not otherwise. A
oyalty shall be paid on the merchant-
ible output of the mine at the rate
if rive cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting tor the full quantity of
nerchantable coal mined and pay the
���oyalty thereon. If the coal mining
���ights are not being operated such re-
urns should be furnished at least
ince a year.
The lease will Include the coal rain-
ng rights only, but the leasee will be
lermitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of the mine
tt tbe rate of $10 aii acre.
For rull information application
���should be made to the Secretary of
he Department of the Interior, Otta-
va. or to any Agent or Sub-Agent cf
dominion Landa.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
X. B,���Unauthorli.e.1 publication of
his advertisement v ill not be paid
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
i.!ie undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-
ler for Interior Kit.lngs for Post Office at Chilliwack, B. C," will be rt-
:olved at this otfice until 4.00 p. m.,
.in Friday. Oct. 4, 1H12, for Ihe worlc
Tenders will not be considered unless made upon forms furnished by
Department, and in accordance with
contained therein.
Plans and specifications to be aeen
on application to Mr. J. G. Robertson,
Clerk of Works, Public Building,
Chilliwack, B. C. Mr. W. Henderson,
Resident Architect, Victoria, B. C,
tnd at the Department of Public
Works, Ottawa.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, pnyaule to the order of the
ronorable, the Minister of Public
Wor'-s, equal to ten per cent. (10 p.
c.) of the amount cf the tender.
By Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,   September  13,   1912.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement If they Insert It
without authority from the Depart-
ment.���27584. ^H
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing ef American, English
and Swiss
All Work Guaranteed.
541 Front Street      N'"- City Market
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46   Lorne   Street,   New  Westmlnater.
Schedule showing the real property Immediately benefited and the proportion in which the assessment is mado on per toot rrontnge:
Re-Sub- Feet Annual
Name of Owner. dlvlsion.Subd.   Lot.     Blk. Front Payment.
A. F. & A. MaBons         N^     NV6    17         2 3 115.98 $20.95
Fisher William  (Est.)             SVa 115.98 ��0,95
The   Lord   Bishop ot  N. ,W.
Church  of  England                       Spt   19 834.58 69.4J
Watson, Robert                        1     19&20 50.00 9.04
Col. Land & Investment Co..                  N.Pt     3 60.70 10.96
Wade, C. H. Stuart                     13         4 63.10 9.59
DeBeck, Clarence H                   12         4 66.00 11.91
Cralg,'Geo       19   8.Pt5 51.80 9.35
Padmore, F. W                   N.Pt   N.Pt.5 168.53 35.81,
Preeby, Amy B                  17        6 500l> 9.04
.     1096.67     $198.06
Notice le hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Weatmlnster Intends to pass a Local Improvement Assessment By-law assessing
the properties ln the schedule above mentioned the sums of money annually
for thirty years aet opposite each lot, and a Court of Revision for the trial of
complaints and appeals against the assessment ao proposed to be made will
be held on Wednesday, the Oth day of Oct., 1912, commencing nt 10 o'clock
In the forenoon, at the Councll Chamber, ln the City Hall, New Westminster, British Columbia, and any notice of appeal from such Intended asaeaament must be aerved upon the Clerk of the Municipal Councll at least
eight days prior to such Court of Revision.
^^H.^>M<P>*^-<--r--<W4l>^  . W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
CuTTlall. SeptyHth, 1��12. ^��� ��� |
Date of first publication September 16th, 1912. \\ttu' '*.   '... \\]..\ -t <��� at*
 ��� tm
Fight in Court. Over Burnaby Franchise���Ratepayer. Did Not Ratify
Vancouver, Sept. 17.���That, If the
BritiKh Columbia Electric Railway
Company Is an English company,
wbich has obtained a license from
the provincial legislature to carry on
business in this province. It, therefore, comes under the Provincial
Companies Act and is by law restrained from operating street railways or
tramways ln any part of, British Columbia, was the striking point raised
by Mr. S. S. Taylor, K.C, in arguing
the caae for Burnaby in the litigation
brought by that municipality against
the ac.E.lt. Company in which it ls
sought to invalidate the company's
frapchlse In tho district.
Mr. Taylor read clauses from the
Companies Act in support of bis contention.
Proceedings from this feature of his
case for the municipality, Mr. Tay
lor then attacked the action of the
municipality tn passing a bylaw conferring a 40-yearg franchlae and tht
right to operate in any streets in the
"In order for their actions to have
been valid the council must have been
acting under the Municipal Clause
Act," contrnded the counsel. "If this
were so, then they had the right to
pass the bylaw, but, before finally
considering It and making It opera
tive, they must have presented It to
the ratepayers, which they did not
Then, counsel continued, special
privileges had been granted the company In the bylaw which were of a
very sweeping nature and should certainly have received the consent of
the ratepayers. There was certainly
no provision in the act, which permitted of thc municipality delegating the
powers of arranging rates of fare to
the company.
Mr. L. G. McPhllllps, K.C, counsel
for the B.C.E.R., commenced his argument yesterday afternoon and wlll
continue this morning.
ln reply to Mr. Taylor's argument
,, as to the powers of tho B.C.E.R. company to operate in British Columbia
under the CompHiiles Act, Mr. McPhillips reviewed the succesive acts
which led to the forming of the Consolidated Railway Company In 189j>.
He showed tliat between 1889 and
1S96 street railway development In
Vancouver. Now Westminster and adjacent districts had been carried on
by different companies, which wer3
empowered to construct and to equip
and operate tram lines. The Consolidated Hallway Companies Act, counsel put forward, gave the debenture
holders of tbe new company formed
In 1886 the rlitht to sell out the stock.
This was acquired by the B.C.E.R.
Companv. who. Mr. McPliillips argued
acquired all the privileges awarded
in tho successive acts passed in connection with the formation of the different   tram   companies.
"Our charter conies from Englan 1
rnd our powers are not limited under
the Consolidated Companies Act"
maintained the company's lawyer,
"while the powers given in the previous acts are retained."
Tlie hearing is being continued.
Warning   of   Dominion    Government
Medical Superintendent���Unparalleled Exodus from Farms.
Stock Has Shot Up Slty Points in
Six Month*.
Toronto. S"ct. 17.���Thc Globe say;
that the real i" -attire of th$. Toronto
stock market >e 'erday was anothei
upward movement lr. British Columbia Packers common slock, whicb
went to the hitherto nnapproached
level of 131 1-2. This makes a tota'
rise of sixty poiuts ln tbe stock in
the last six months, during which
period It has nearly doubled In value.
S'nre the publication of the.annua!
statement, which showed a surplus
on June 30th of $645,000. there has
been a steady demand for the stock
Which has b"en shown to be closely
held, as llrtle has come out as the
price hai advanced. The market ba?
reenrdefl the f$ct that ln the last two
years, which have been quiet, thc
companv has made big profits, while
next year Is tbe year of the big salmon  run.
Large as the earnings are. however
an Increased dividend la not at all
probable before all Its scries "B" preferred stock has been retired. Considerably more than half of this hae
alreadv been redeemed and at present there are 27,000 "B" preferred
shares outstanding. Accordingly It
wlll be seen that the company now
has suffice"' funds to redeen all the
balnnce at 113. It was stated yesterday Ihnt tho company ejected to
have the whole series retired within
a year,
Wlll Erect Centrsl Offlcee" on Site
Bounht In Victoria.
Vlc'orla. Sopt. 17.���Mr. T. G. Holt,
acting for the C N.R. Company, todiy
acquired one of the choicest business
sites ln the city in the area of land
at the center of Fort and Government
etreets, known as the "Five Sisters"
property. The price paid yas $147.-
000. The property has a frontage of
42 feet on Government street and 100
feet on Fort street. Just as soon as
plans can be oropared It Is the Intention of the CN. Pacific company to
proceed with the erection of a fine of
flco building at least eight storlos In
height, and rosslbly ten, Here wll'
be centralized the various offices of
tho 0. N. R. and the Mackensie &
Mann Interests on the Island���fisheries, collieries, whaling, shipping,
telegraph and freight offices. The
balance of tho building will bo devoted to offices which will be leased
to private parties. The vendors, who
only purchased the property some
three months ago. are Messrs Charles
Hayward, .T. A. Mara, L. Plther. F.
I.ansberg, P. Raymond and B. Hels-
Toronto, Sept. 17.���Dr. II. B. Bryce
medical superintendent for the Domlu
ion government, delivering the first
address before the second annual
Congress of the Canadian Public
Health Association, asked tbese ques
"How shall Canada save her people from physical and mental degeneracy, due to Industrial conditions as
seen In the great cities of older epilation?"
"Htow long can a city essentially
of raw material, by virtue of geographical location and extent of territory
still Jargely tyideveloped, continue tt
develop normally, and prosper when
it has shown a displacement oT rural
population during the last ten years
���to an extent never witnessed befor*
In the history of any people, and au
Increase of urban population even be-
vond the palmiest days of the United
Statea Immigration?"
Answering these questions Doctor
Bryce aaid tbe existing conditions de
manded a lessened cost of agrlcultur
al production, careful preparation and
conservation of the farm products
and the cheapening of transportation
between consumer and producer Mor��
mixed and Intensive farming would
have a constant and profitable em
uloyment for the farm laborers. Dr
Bryce condemned the big packers for
eliminating competition in buying by
dividing up the territory amongst
themselves, by freezing out the small
drovers and butchers, and by getting
control of the civic or rival cattle
Dr. J. H. Elliot, of Toronto, dealing
with tuberculosis, said that all large
municipalities should have a sanitarium. The death rate could be mater
'ally lessened If Improved social, hy
pienie and housing conditions could
be secured.
Rubbed   Shoulders   with   New   Ycrk
Police Daily���Twice Went to
Coney Island.
N'ew Vork, Sept. 17.���For six weeks
prior to their arrest. "Gyp the Blood"
and "Lefty Louie" wanted as slayers
jnU minutely deaf] bad ln thousand-,
of circulars sent broadcast throughout the country, walked the streets
tf New York daily. Twice they at-
tended the Madi Gras festivities at
Coney Island and on one occasion
they stood within the shadow of police headquarters as the detectives
supposed to be looking for tbem passed in and out of the building, while
fcr ten minutes ihe gunmen debated
with themselves tho wisdom cf giving  themselves up.
This is the gist of a statement g:v-
en out by ex-Judgo Charles O. F.
Wahle. who is defending all four gun
men under arrest. Their lawyer ds-
lares emphatically that "Gyp the
Blood" and "Lefty" have not been In
hiding. He went over the actions of
the two men for the last six weak*
during which time they were in New
York. Not a minute during the time
he said, could any act cf the two mer
be construed as biding.
Mr. Wahle declared that "Gyp" and
"Lefty" had walked the streets of
New York and Brooklyn dally In plain
sight of hurtdreds of uniformed pa
llcemen who were looking for them
md while at Ccney Island had rubbed
elbows with many of the 800 policemen on" dirty there.
Believe That Japanese Will Send Ar
mv to  Manchuria.
Pekin, Sept. 17.���It is announced
that Lu Cheng Haiang. premier anl
���nlnlster of foreign affaire, will retire
from office on account of 111 health
Chao Ping Chun will remain as act
'ug premier; Liang Men Ting will as
sume the portfolio of minister of foreign affairs, and Lu Cheng Fen will
be appointed mtniser to Russia,
The belief prevails In official eir
cles that now the obsequies of the
Bmperor of Japan have concluded,
ipeedy results of Prince Katsura's
mission to Russia will be seen In the
llspatch of a strong Japanese force
to quell the border disturbances in
German Authority Clalma That Curr
For Cancer Does Not Exist.
Munster, Prussia, Sept. 17.���Pro
feasor Vinrem Cserny, surgeon and
bactprologlst at Heidelberg Untvereltx
and a world famous Investigator of
incjr, has sent a communication t>
the German Medical Congresa dealln:
jvlth the lately reported cancer curea
A specific remedy for cancer hat
not yet been found, he saya, and pos
iiblv never wlll be discovered.
Tho widely heralded chemo-thera
Otitic' treatment by metallic salts, thr
professor continues, only rarely has
-nreA mice and It Is too dangerous
as yet to apply to human beings, .
Record Crop Movement.
Minneapolis. Sept . 17.���Thirteen
*n ill Ion bushels of grain received In
thirteen business days In Minneapolis
have shattered all crop movement re-
oorda. The sustained movement of a
million busbels a day.makes the figures greater than anything ever totalled so soon after the beginning of
the new crop year, which starts on
September 1.
High Financial Authority Sounds Note
of Warning Concerning Present
Vancouver, Sept. 17.���"I am quite
ready to admit that Canada has developed amazingly since rny last visit
In 1878, but as a financial man from
Great Britain, representing large financial interests, I am not satisfied
with the present population. The last
census placed the population at eight
millions. Take from that number the
Indians, the women and others two
young or too old to transact business
or to ake part in the development of
the Dominion, and you ' have about
3,400,000 men left. That ls a-small
number to develop this great country.
"There is too much unjustified optimism ln this country. There will be
no such great Inflow of Immigration
aa predicted. Once the far eastern
question Is settled, the Oriental na
tlons will bave to be considered.
Trade always flows to the place of
cheapest labor. That ls what has
made England the great country lt ls
The speaker was Mr. H. C. M.
Bourke of New Broad Street, London,
who Is staying at the Hotel Vancouver
He ls one of the greatest financial
authorities In England and bas frequently been delegated by the British
Government to make confidential reports on financial propositions.
He sounded a not of warning regarding the wtid-cat propositions ln
England and also as to the discounting of the future Indulged in by real
estate speculators in Vancouver and
throughout western Canada.
"English capital," he continued, "ls
becoming very nervous. It was very
badly bitten at Johnnesburg, for instance, where we invested a lot of
money which went into the pocket?
of German Jews. That Is a city which
is backed by the wealth of the Rand
Mines, but there was a real estate
boom started there a few years ago
and today property can be bought
for sixty per cent, lower than It could
five years ago.
"The same thing may happen in
Vancouver or other western towns
and cities. You have been getting the
surplus capital and population from
the Mother Land and the United
3tates, but once the Unionists get
'nto power there will be a great
change. Th'' capital which is bein?
scared out of the United Kingdom
by the Llovd-George legislation will
remain at home and most of the peo
pie with  it.
"Tale Prince Rtirert, which is a
"inch more paring proposition than
Vancouver. There is a town whic''
dr>es not even own its docks and
which is built cn a rock. It will cost
a lot of money to put In waterworks
ird to b:.'IId Btreets. It has had lo
borrow monev lo develop as far a* it
bag pone. Pfol estate soeculators tip
^ere are askint? exhorbitant prices
md there is no justification for them
�����s yet. 1 would like to point out tbat
h's discounting of the future is
fraught with grave danger.
"The ban''s are an unfailing barometer. Well, money can be borrowed in London for two per cent, wh'l"
'n Vancouver eight per cent is de
manded. Whnt does that mean? Figure it out for yourself. Financial
men have no sentiment. They can-
noi afford to have. Canada is al'
right, but it needs a great deM m"r"
vo"'iatlon and it needs the industries
to back it up.
Svdney, N. S. VV��� Sept. 17.���The
first sod of the National Transcon
tlnental railway was turned at Port
Vpgusta on Friday, and ln connect'or
with this great national event the following cabled message was received
from Hls Majesty, King George: "I
desire on the cccasion of the turning
of the first sod of the Transcontinental Railway to express mv keen
sense of the Importance of this grea*
national enterprise to my people of
the commonwealth of Australia and
my best wishes fcr Its complete sue
"We Furnish Your Home Complete."
Buy your Bunting
and Flag Decorations here; or we
will contract the
job for you, but
;et your order in
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
��� m
Wool Varieties.
There nre a great many varieties ol
wool, due to tbe crossbreeding of ths
sbeep. the climate in which they art
reared ln different parts of the world,
lbe natural surroundings and the soil.
Thus eacb kind of wool bas Its Individual name, wblcb It takes from tbe
breed of sbeep or tbe locality where
tbey are raised.
BOILERS   Rlveterf Sfccf Pipes
P. O. BOX 442
The First Typewriter.
Italians eluim  that   It  wus one of
tbeir countrymen, named llnrlzzii. whe
constructed   tbe  tlrst   typewriter,   ua
long ugo us Itioo.
I ondon, Sept. 17.���Dr. Forbes Ross
a famovB English physician, according to the Dally Mirror, says that owing to the falling off in the numebr
ol children among the better classes
and the tendency among the dissolute
and unintelligent to multiply out of
til proper proportion, the face of the
tverage Englishman finallv will be
that of the typleal criminal, with a
broad, flat noae, canine teeth and a
depraved, gorilla-like countenance.
Wireless Servlee Proposed
London, Sept. 17.���An Interesting
change in connection with the operations of the Pacific Cable Board,
which connects Australia and "Canadi
it Banfleld on Vancouver Island, by
the All-Red cable route, Is now being
tontemplated. The bOard Instead of
lupllcatlng the existing cable, as wa?
mggested, is now considering whether
:>r not It would be more advantag
Touq to Increase Jbe'-effloiency.of th*
��rvice by meana of * wireless telegraph system.
Froat, But Little Damage.
Winnipeg, 8ept. 17.���Frost or near
frost appeared at most points last
night, six degrees being reported at
Coronation, Alta., and Moose Jaw,
Sask. There were heavy frosts over
northern Manitoba, bot none in this
district, and south to tbe boundary
high temperature prevailed. It la tar
too advanced In the seaaomfor froat
to do any real damage and wet wea<
ther would bo much mpre Of a drawback. Fortunately clear and bright
conditions obtain right across the
spring wheat map aud the threshing
will be fairly general today.
Padded Coachmen.
In Russia It is a mark or distinction
for a coiicbnmn to bave ii very rol uud
figure. Tbe drivers of fashionable cur-
rlnges u|i|��*nr nt llrst to Ih? ubuortinilly
stout. As a mutter of facl. this appearance la due to tbe skillful pudding
of tbe couchinun's livery. Tbe padding
Is 'done wltb cotton, snd some remarkable results are obtained.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths. Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.	
|    Now is the time to build for sals or rent while price* are low
Brasll Nuts.
Tbe Brazil nut is a rich food, tt) per
cent of it being otl.
A Hungarian Pire Eater.
A famous Hungarian duelist rele>
brated tn 1880 bia tblrtytlfth encounter. He gave a banquet lo wblcb oniy
tbose were bidden wbo could prove sit
duels. An exception was mnde tu favor of a woman wbo had met aud kill-
ad ber man.
Dogesrts In Belgium.
Dogs have been trained lo Helgttim 1
for centuries to be beasts of burden. ~
Throughout tbe country thousands nf
dogs constantly work, singly or in
teams, before small parts, giving ***rt
feet satisfaction. Hundred* nf small
wagons, as well s* otber ilgM vt<Melee,
are drawn by dogs throughout tha
country.    ���	
First Piano.
ft was a harpsichord maker. Crista-
fori, lu the employ of lbe Duke of Tuscany, wbo lu 1711 made the flrst successful pis no. It waa a crude affair,
but was the parent of the modern instrument.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of .credit
sold payable tn all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
U. O. WILSON, Manager.
W. ft. QILLEY, Phone IU. O. I. QILLEY, Phops Ml.
Phones, Office IB apS ts.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retell Dealers In Coal
Pslry Stories.
Mr. Bacon-Wbeu a woman telle a
fairy atory she alwaya begins like ihla.
"Once upon s time." Mrs. Bacon-
yes, and wlivn s man tells a fairy atory
he always begins Uke this: "There.
now, dear, don't be angry with me.
You see. It was Uke tWs."-Yonkera
Didn't Have te Make Hee.
"Well. I ssw my wife off ror ths West
Indies this morning,"
"No; ahe went of her own accord."���
Princeton Tiger.
Let us flgure wltii you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete atock of lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.       l-
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and Crescent Valley,, p. C.
���m-Gtscm.inii ijnii^iirina^i ���������-  --������
minim i iii   i"iT" "*"*."'"'" '""' "
-itmL-mia..'^.r^.mmmm^Tiiaam^aVi*   '   ���
���-���������� ammmmmmmmmmS
m.'**w'**ii.itV*.'<."i*tm"*'���*���'--���'��� H&A4
Published every. irlc(fhlng. except
(Sunday by Tbe National Printing and
Publishing -��o., Ltd., at their office,
<3 McKenzie Street, New Westmlnater, B. C.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Business Office   999
Editorial Office   991
By cafflfrSWtper year, $1 for three
months,-.0* f)fc 'per month.
By maUIS, jar   year,   or   25c   per
TH^fe��fll*l��L MARKET
No neill ii'feotod'news. Only once
during..*! ��� <wfc* months that have
elapsed since Mayor Lee departed for
England on his mission of selling the
city bonds has any word come of the
ed in Constantinople. Among the
students there trained were a number of Bulgarian youth. .In- xourse
of time, these young men rdMMfcd to
their homes with their natural acumen sharpeued by mental dlstpllne,
and their provincial patriotism botli
stimulated and chastened by a knowledge of British and American constitutional development. They became
the political leaders of the kingdom
established as the result of the Russo-
Turkish war, with Ferdinand on the
As a Christian state, Bulgaria naturally sympathises with the people
cf Macedonia, and desires their liberation from Turkish oppression. A few
hot headed zealots appear ready to
declare war upon Turkey to bring
this about. But all European Turkey
is a tinder box, which might easily
break forth Into flames. Not only
does lt contain a dangerous medley
of diverse races and religions, but the
great European powers ' are deeply
concerned In any changes which local disturbances might Initiate. As
to Macedonia, for instance, Austria
wants a seaport at Salonika, on the
Aegean, and Russia claims a cellg
ious guardianship of all Greek Christ-
progress of, that business. But yesterday the welcome tidings was flashed
across from Toronto that a satisfac- j lans." Meanwhile Great Britain    and
tory sale had'been made. | Germany are rivals for that influence
While no particulars are to hand  at   Constantinople   which    for many
' years after   the   Crimean    war   the
concerning the price    realized    it is former exerclsed aloiie
safe to say that ln the capable hands Apparently   the official   world     at
of Mayor Lee the very best possible Sofia is trying to prevent any overt
terms have been arranged.   Financial act by Bulgaria against Turkey, while
���'"          (UAi   r. ,., a.    , ,������   ���,��,, the jingoes of a secret society among
matters in 4hfc   British   Isles   wera ^  BuBlgar,an people are trylng    t0
never more before the Canadian pub- fort.e an attack. By the latter it seems
lie than af tlie present time, for the to be thought that If a blow ls to be
siniDle reason "that money which last  struck in behalf of the Macedonians,
the best time is when Turkey seem3
year was ���easily obtained   for   enterprises in this country bas been con-
exhausted  in  her contest  with  Italy
over Tripoli.    But it should be borne
A   SEVERE   AR?.AI",N.%n:NT.
siderably harder to get hold of this in mind that Turkey's weakness in
year and if we mistake not, a lower the Tripoli affair wa3 the lack of a
figure must be looked for than would navy, and that on land the Turks are
limine inuoi u*. ��v among the best fighters m the world,
have been .tt)�� dase twelve months as Rusgla t00 we]1 knows. The Bul-
ago. I garlans will be ill-advised if they at-
Many causes have combined to ef- tempt violence at the present time,
feet the brfcmnt unsatisfactory oon-' Thoy will not be ill-advised it they
1 ������ ��� *\     ��� . iiped the voice of Europe.���Hamilton
dition of tha money market in Eng-  Speotatcr
land.   .Uondpn is the    bank   o��   the     '	
whole world, aiid is affected by any ,
adverse happenings in any part of it.,
For instance, the unrest in the Bai-; gjr Wilfrid's observation that, "in
kaus, which may plunge Europe into England you think of armaments anj
war, is responsible for much diSquie-' *"! ����� Canada "-e think ot ca'iaU.
,       , ., .    i.n��� .���  railways and publlc works. .   Wliy.H
lude.  w&lg by  a  present  visitor  to  my h*   ^^ flo?a Cana;H th,n]. Qf
British ColuiriWa we are told that the  r-vfils^nd railways and p- blic works
policies    pursued      by    the    British   ard not of armaments and war? Sim-
eovernment are responsible for what  P?y tor the reason that since Canada
'���   Qilil m .. * ko���, ���,���   a,*n   w    Can?d"    tlie    Mother    Country
money is coming out here now, and   JV ^ ^.^ s��� ^ th,nk!ns, and
that with a return to power of the op- incidentally, all the paying for war
position ,hot\L, ike stream of men and and armaments, wliile Canada has hai
of money now flowing Into Canada to think of nothing but canals, and
and the other oversea dominions will "%&,��$ * TIuHer mention
fall off. I another country under the  sun   that
llaftaabfSgflAlf^nay be, it Is certain   has  been  eo   biased   by  Providence
that   much   of   the trouble may    be   that it  has  been  able  to devOte   its
traced to the dangei- of a conflict be-1 who,e     thought     energies    and    re-
,,, ,.--a *    r. ...   'sources, to canals, ra'lwnvs and pub-
tween Eifgland and Germany. We ,io WOrks, wh'le a i o-.\orMl protector
are not defying Germany, but we without evading or receiving any-
must defend ourselves and our in- thing In return, has spared it the nec-
terests.    War ln  that  quarter  would   essit>' o�� considering ways and means
iof defence''
There never has and never will be
mg io mis country, ana u is ror this  outside the  British   Empire,  a coun-
Some Honors That Have Been Paid
V to  Men by  Friends.
Sir David Wilkie, the great artist,
died at sea. He had set out f r the
East with a view to petting new idea*,
and it was on his return journey that
he died, on the steamship (Xrient, just
after she had left the Rook of Gibraltar. This incident fired the genius
of Turner to such an extent that he
painted a picture which, if all Wil-
kie's own canvases were destroyed,
would keep the name of the great
Scottish artist green. This is the famous canvas, to be seen sny day in the
National Gallery. "Peace: Burial at
*ca of the Body of Sir Dfevid Wilkie. '
.This is undoubtedly the most remarkable tribute ever paid by one cnjat
artist to another and might? *e Ut*
envy of kings.
There are two notable tributes nf a
similar character in the twin realm of
literature. When John Keats was dying at the early age of twenty-flve,
in Rome, he said thnt his epitaph
should be, 'Here lies one whose name
was write in water." That was tha
poet's modesty, for his poetni wiil
keep his name alive as long as tho
language in which they were written
survives. But even if such were tint
the case the poem written by Shelley
as a lament for Rests���"Adnnais"���
would make his nsme immortal. Keats
was little known to the general publii*
at his death, but Shelley knew ati'l
loved him, and took this splendid and
generous means of glorifying his dead
Another case of the same -kind it
the "In Memoriam" of Tennyson, lt
was written to the memory of his
dead friend, Arthur Hallam, a niHH
who did not live long enough to mako
much fame of his own, although ail
his friends prophesied for him a very
distinguished career had ho lived;
and his memory is perpetuated by hu
connection with the great poet laureate and by his greatest masterpiece.
Hallam was engaged to Tennyson's
sister, and thus there was double
cause why the poet should feel deeply the loss of his friend.
Perhaps few visitors to Peets' Corner in Westminster Abbey, when linking at the monument raised to tht)
memory of Oliver Goldsmith, realize
Vint its Latin inscription is a very
aotab'.e one. It. is frum tlie pen ul
Dr. Johnson and contains thu fani".i*
ine: "Ile touched nothing whicii lie
did not cd Tn." a phnse wliich hns
almost passed into a proverb, lt wiu
tlje old page's tribute to his dead
��� ���
��� ���
Canada last year imported over &,'���
000,000 pounds of butter principally
from New Zealand. Is or Is not this
an agricultural country? If so why
should we have to Import agricultural
products from New Zealand or Australia?
Success with their butter ln the
Canadian market is not the only merl-
tprious achievement of the New Zealanders. Their Imperial cadets have
just won every^prlze In sight ip the
military competitions at.,fliie national
e hibitlon, Toronto. New Zealand
may be small but ^he has' tbe^ right
Wa��i��-i-��f .ambition. t> Sasfcstpon
Newspaper men are coming up ln
the world. ,lt was stated the other
day that one of them ln Regina Is a
mlllion'aire. Another has been elected Chancellor of the University of
British Columbia. But the triumphs
of these gentlemen pale beside, that
of the Pittsburg editor who haa been
enrolled In the glorious company of
Lillian Russell's husbands.���Edmonton Journal.
England Is raising money to supply
olaces in Canada with churches and
missionaries, and Canada Is raising
money to aid the heathen of Japan
China and India. Sort of passing tin
work along.
reason that the whole dominion now
awaits with avidity some declaration
���of naval jpli^jr on the part of Premier
For.it ^s,!)i}ly by showing Germany
that the empire is one and indivisible
������ lft T* **��l,\a:,.
in peace or Jn war that the present
tension msy be relieved, and that
Canada ma#-ge on growing aud developing, nurtured by British money
and peopled^ Iff Britishers.
' lj#     ���'..  ���  'f=
try guarded as Canada has been
guarded, a country permitted to de
velop from infancy to nationhood
without so much as a casual concern
for the protection cf her citizens at
home and abroad, or for the protee
tion cf her commerce on the high
sea3."���Winnipeg Telegram
Manchester, like all other British
cities, believes in municipal ownership and operation of publlc services
and utilities. Not only does it conduct its water, street railway, gas,
Invidious comparisons have recent- jfedtttoat and market undertakings,
ly been draym between the rates of  Dut twen*y *����" ������***����� th4e co���'
��� advance'In population made resped-,V*b?. constructing the great ship
lively by Canada and Australia. The <lanal fo?ndJ1 Impossible to cont pue
fact that the Commonwealth, with ^ i the work, tM  city council   obtained
��� area almost W great as the mainland I P*r"��ment power to advance $2o.000,-
of Europe, has a population less than j ��"�� for ita, completion and took over
that included' Jn the County of Lon-jthe contro,,��� , I,��r.n,*ny yeay8 a loa?
don, has prompted some very peBsl- wa3 sustained, but the. canal opened
mistic criticism. But there is another j ��j* a "eJ era of expansion for the
side to thequestion which Dr. James ! city' Today Manchester ranks fourth
Brvce, the'British ambassador to the . as a !h,Ppin* pn0?'.t?" ejPorta ant
United States, referred during his re-  imP��rt8 for mo tota,i"S upwards of
cent visit ,t9 Australia.    Speaking ir.
New Zealand,'-with probably more ' The abstract of the city accounts
freedom than was possible in the for th�� year etiding March 31 last was
North American continent, he laid recently submitted to the council by
stress on  th* advantage  of  what  he   the   ^surer. and  showed  that after
tnrnied "selected" settlers.
Neither the Commonwealth of Australia or the Dominion of New Zealand   ha3  eucouraged   indiscriminate
providing for all liabilities (Including
the loan debt of over $118,000,000)
the surplus assets amounted to upwards of $44,000,000 as against about
immigration.    More' than  that,   they   ���ft^.WO In the corresponding date
Have insisted that thc benefit of the   ''/ W";    A memorandum appended to
the balance sheets states that land
laid to streets, bridges, river improvement, redemption of county liabilities,
street lamps and pillars, discount on
protected duties, imposed for the en-
rouragemeat.tiOf home industries, shall
be shared between employers and employed. They have thus, as a matter .,,,,- .
t.t public Policy, sacrificed a rapid In- ias"eB of ���">��* al'(1 work of sewering
crease In population to the mainten- P��vmg and lagging are net Included
ance of hwLeconomlc standard. And, " ?���*>'����� Another statement shows
in tho npipifcn nf Dr. Brvce. a steady, Jat "\c net payments torn 18*1 to
ir moderate';'Inflow of selected settlers *e datet ot the accounts total oyer
is far ���.dre.��eiirable in the case of a *",000.000 on account of street lm-
young community than tho admission Provemen s All that Is Included,
of all and sundry from countries on however, in tlie balance shee is only
a lower runglof the ladder.   But with "fant and s,lrPlu8 la"d available for
When   Kipling  Was  Hungry.
Had  M>.   Kipling turned  his attention to commerce instead til li'eratura
perhaps he might now be retained by
.une merchant millionaire as a writer
���if advertis ments, at a cnlos-a! .-a;-
at\. After tlie siege oi Kim e ley tie
vas staying  with  Mr.  Kli.-lfs  at a
harming little fruit fnrni tieiir that
'own.    One   ni' ruins   it   occurred   t"
ilr. Kho'les to tnke a stroll round
'he orchards for a little wliie before
,reak:a.->t. As Mr. Kiplinv did not
eel like walking he slaved h'hmd.
Time went on and the idea came tn
tbe author tliat breakfast would be
desirable. Hut there was no si^n of
his host. As a matter of fact, Mr.
Rhodes, as was usual wiih him, had
become so interested in the matter in
hand that he hud quits forgotten tiie
passirg hours, and it was nearly ten
o'clock beiore he remeiliheied his
starving guest, and hurried homewards.
"What's this, sir?" said the manager, suddenly pnuiins before a tree.
Upon it was pinned a sheet of |ih-
*-.er, bearing in large black letter.-;
"Famine!" The next tree wa* ai")
decorated: "We are starving;-bed
US." Nearer the house ihey came up-
un a large sheet with these word* in
huge type: "For the human race.
Breakfast. Purifies the mind; invigorates the system. It has sustained Liou-
sands; it will sustain you. Pee'that
you get it." Finally upon the front
door was an enormous placard: "Why
die When a little breakfast prdong/
Edmonton, Alta., Sept. 16.���Ove;
five hundred teamsters employed bv
the city or private contractors .failed
to return to work after lunch todaj
as the result of a strike call issued
by the officers of the local teamsters
The men are demanding an eight
hour day, a minimum of 75 cents pei
hour and abolition of the piece wor;-
system. A meeting of teamsters will
be held tonight to which the employers are invited.
Army Manoeuvres.
Cambridge, Eng., Sept. 17.���Thc
opening of the army manoeyres was
uneventful except for the brilliant
work of the flying corps, the biplanes
disclosing all the Invaders works and
both aeroplanes and airships scouting
on both sides for hour3. Nearly every
detail that could be desired was conveyed to the headquarters of the riva1
armies. The airship Amma sent information by wireless.
Two aeroplanes wllich were obliged
to descend owing to engine trouble
"ear Newmarket, were captured h'
the enemy's cavalry in concealment.
$500 Cash
Buys a
Seven Room House on
Corner Lot on Edmonds
Road,   Price $3700.
Room 6, Trapp Block Phone 702
Sun and Firs Symbols-
There are.to be found occasionally
upon the walls of old brick houses in
Canada, at about the line oi division
between the fl .st and second storiea.
Hat pieces of iron live or six inches
in length and shaped somewhat like
the letter "fcs." The use of these articles was clearly brought fron England, where it is still continued, and
there are a curious origin and meaning attached to them. The figure ill
question is an early s;mbol of tbe
.-.un. It is still used in Herefordshire
and otlier parts of England. There
one is informed that the reason n r
the particular form of tl ese irons is
that tbey were made thus In order to
protect the house from tiro as well sa
irom collapse.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
l. R. A. M.; A. R. C. M.
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
ing, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint
and  Musical  Form.
51  Dufferin  Street Phone  R 411
diversions  of the  stream of  British
emigration  In greater    measure    to
For the year, the total receipts ex-
ward'a" Au"itni$The' current"decad"e Cf!e(",ed *e total payments by up-
la likely (A yield much more favor- wards of $600,000. a surplus rendered
able flftrVthan those which have POM'ble by the profits of the munici-
occasion^eV deprecatory    COfamaht-- ��.,*SfiK Ml��      Wlth   *
Toronto World.
One would think Bulgaria might be
' <��t    well    enough    alone. J of the community
total turnover of $78,000,000 odd during the year. It is evident that administrative ability of a very high order
is required in'every department, but
Manchester has been able to atocur-.'
that It Is forthcoming ii*?TRe HBrvice
That  experience
From nothing else she has risen to a is common to all Hritish cities, and is
position ot considerable Importance go because as responsibility has In-
��mong Balkan states. Her history | creased, so ha.s the calibre Of tho
���within the pasl thirty years reads like men attracted to public life. Mr.
v rcmrrrncer Whv not enjoy her new-' Chamberlain In a notable speech once
Tound lndependi-iico nnd prosperity? declared that the honor coming to
WHY trftnA* abou!  Macedonia? I men   serving  their  own   communities
T,6'n* ego', tindi r lir Cyrus Hamlin, was in many ways superior to that
and with the nn o.s of wealthv Am- offered In pnrl'anjent, He know, for
erlcans, Robert College was establish-  he had tried both.-Toronto World.
A Poultry Novel,y.
Included among the numerous potib
try txhihits at this year's Koyal Agri-
. ulturul Show at Doncaster, Kiigaud,
is a novel variety of hen���a pure
ivhile bird. Experiments now progressing, it is behe\e.l, are liKe.y to he
.lU.'cessful in changing tbe color of
the e^'g in another breed from white
io brown.
Two Bargains
66 foot lot. cleared, on Kemp street,
near corner of Mary avenue.
50 foot lot on Fifteenth avenue ad
joining car line.
Nice new flvo room Bungalow, with all modern conveniences, full
sized cement basement, piped for furnace. This house ls beautifully
situated in the West Bnd and close to the car.
PRICE $2800; i/3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Partlculara   Apply to
y   Wm. McAdam
^P.O.Box 874.   Phoi^e 498. Room 1 Westmlnater. Truat Block.
' ' ' Wt-
Wireless and Deep Sea Signaling Apparatus.    .
15,000 Tons Each.
Electric Elevators, Skilled Orchestra, Electric Heaters, Etc.
Sail* Sept. 14, Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Oot. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 23
'Flrat Clasa $92.50, Second Class $53.75, Third Class $32.50.
Twin Screw S.S. "TEUTONIC."
582 feet long, 18,000 horsepower.
Sails Oct.' 5th, Nov. 2nd, Nov.
30th. $55.00 and up; Third Class
Twin Screw S.S. "CANADA."
514 feet long. Sept. 21st, Oct.
19th, Nov. 16th. $50-00 and tip.
Third Class $31.25.
All steamers sail from Montreal, calling at Quebec.   Embark night before sailing.   No hotel expenses. No transfer charges.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street, Seattle.
H. E. GOULET, Can. Pac. Agent.    W. F. BUTCHER, Q. N. It. Agent.
New Westminster.
Chilliwack Exhibition
SEPT. 18, 19, 20, 1912.
Special Reduced Rate from New
Westminster ahd Intermediate
Points to Chilliwack
Tickets available for Return passage until September 21st.
Trains leave Depot, Columbia Street, at 9.30,  1.20, 6,10.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
1 " ''  *i.
Cet our prices on wood: four foot slabs, dry or green; 16 Inch mill-
wood.and dry planer ends.
Fraser Mills, B. C
Telephone 890
Red   In Battle.
Red has always been a favorite military color. Its employment dates from
tlie time ol Lycurgus, the ispartau,
who commanded his army to be arrayed in red tunics in order that new recruits might not be dismayed at the
Mght of blood. Its tlrst use in the
Hritish army dates from 1526, wluiri
the yeomen ol the guard were dressed
In red.
Sensible   Advice.
A writer who had made a good bit of
money at a single shake of the hag
went to Charles Reade for advice as
to investments. "Well," said Reade,
"I should say put it in the best gilt-
edged securities. Divide it aninog the j
first class bonds ol the first-class nations. It's better to sleep on 3 per i
cent, than to lie awake or. 0." '
PHONE  1024.
CVdieott Blk.   Fast Burnaby
17 Large Lots; 62 x 132; Edmonds District;
over-looking Burnaby Lake; high and dry;
Price $550, $75 Cash, Balance $15 a month.
Come in and let us show you this property.
451 Columbia Street
.   mm mja,*lmiA**ttm't*-K Mm
pama ��� WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1912.
Ma'-ch  Will  Show Strength of Westminster's   Eleven���Minto  Cu?
Needs Good Company.
The opening game of the Vancouver and Dlatrict League will be staged
on Moody Park Saturday afternoon
when the Thistles of Vancouver will
meet the Rovers of New Westminster. This ahould be the first real
test of the standing of the teams in
the league.
The strength of the Rovers Is being
watched with Interest in Vancouver
and the star players that Manager
Grant has gathered together to represent the Royal City are known already to the Terminal City fans.
While the score In the memorable
game against the Celtics did not indicate much superiority on the Rovers
aide, on points of play, the local boya
should have won by a much larger
score. With the Thistles however it
will be far different. In their forward
line are to be seen several former
international stars of the Old Country, and if the Rovers can Only get
the edge on this team the rest will
be plain sailing. This game will be
,-n added attraction to the visit of
tho Governor General and play will
not comme Se until the reception
prreramme is nearly completed.
The  players on  the  Rovers had  a
t'.ne work-out last evening on the park
grounds and  their  trainer  is  paying
��*;>pc;.al attention to getting the boys
In trim for the approaching battle.
As this Is the only team which la
representing N'ew Westminster In a
Vancouver league with the exception
rf the Royal City High school eleven,
the support to assist the finances of
such an aggregation should be forthcoming from the football fans of the
There are several cups which are
Iving around in Vancouver thla season and It is proposed to annex a taw
so as to keep the Minto Cup company
in the Carnegie library.
The arrangements are net yet completed for the staging of Saturday's
frame, but will be announced later in
the   week.
Srccer is onco more coming irto
its cwn In Vancouver and district thii
season and thero aopears to be no
reason whatever why Westm'nster
should not figure on a few championships  in  this king of winter sports.
'�� ��������� *& ��������������������� ���
BasketballMeague meeting   at''
Y. M. CA- at 8 o'clock.
�� �� #
Ilugby practice at Queens park,
4:30 to 6:30 o'clock.
��� * ���
Bowling: Corbetfs ve. Shamrocks on Front street alleys,
8:16 o'clock j Royals vs. Van
Decars, ln Vancouver, 8:15
Your attention la drawn to the fact that we  have  the largest variety of shooting accessories in the city. '-      jj
Sterllngworth   Dbls.   Bbl.   Hammerless Shotguns, each $85.00
L  C.  Smith   Shotguns,  each 132.50
Parker  Shotguns,  each $50.00
Pump Guns, all makes, each. 128.00
DOMINION, U.M.C. and WINCHESTER Loaded Shells In all loads
from 75c to $1.25 per box.
COME UP Sixth Street and aee our display.    It will  interest you.
IVI. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
President Quinn Rounds Out All Embracing Scheme for Canadian
Montreal, Sept. 17.���It can be announced this afternoon that a real
National Hockey association, stretch
lng from coast to coast, is now a fore
gone conclusion.
President Quinn, of the National
Hockey association, has been working
on tbls plan for tbe last six months
and the final spike has been driven In
it, bo to speak, by the arrival of Rolli.v
Norman from the lower provinces.
A letter similar to the one received
by Mr. Bannerman, and which was
printed in last night's Star, was writ
ten by Mr. Quinn to the Paciflc coast
and Maritime districts, and Mr. Norman came in person to bring the response to tbla, while Bruce Rldpatti
brought word from the Patricks that
they were agreeable to the plan.
A meeting will, therefore, be held
one of these days at which rpresenta
Uvea from all the districts will as
?etnble, and a hockey commission will
then be formed to act as court of
last resort In cases of disputes which
the four district leagues will be unable to settle themselves. Thereby
the game will be put exactly upon the
basis upon which baseball is being
run in the United States.
It will mean that the National
Hockey association will consist of a
Central, Toronto. Montreil, Ottawa
and Quebec district; a Maritime dis
trict; a Soo district, and a Paciflc
coast district.
Will  Play Baseball Tomorrow  Afternoon During Centenary Celebrations���Championship.
Apparently the name of New Westminster aa being the home of a fast
baseball team reached the ears of
the offlciala connected with the Kam-
loopa centenary which le now In progress, for yesterday Manager McDonald reoelved a wire aafclpg,,.A1��.,w.tQ
make arrangements to bring his team
there on Thursday afternoon to oppose the Kamloops nine.   	
Two games were asked for, one xnis
afternoon and the other for Thursday, but time would not permit the
locals making the trip yesterday. Tha*
it will be a boost to the Royal Citj
ard also the exhibition Is unquestton
ed. and the game itself will practlc
nliy be for the championship of Brit
i.h Columbia, as Kamjoopa are tbe
Wadera of the upper cotjntry, while
the Royals have about cleaned up
, verythlng In the amateur ^e a/wad
these parts. The team will.>e�����. ����
the 2:46 o'clock C. P. R. this after
t oon, arriving in Kamloopa at 1 Am.
Thursday morning.
They will return that evening, ar-
f.v ng back ln New Westminster early
Priday morning. The following play
,-s will mal-e the. trip along with
Manager II. D. MacDonald: Horn. p.
I < llman. c; Christianson, lb; Chaput
:b: .Tameson, sa; Welngartner, 3b.
Uotolf, Handy, Curran and Silver, out
''Vith Horn and Fpllman as the bat-
, rv the chances of Kamloops win-
r'ns out look pretty slim and on their
return the Royals. If hey play anything un to form. ahobW be sb\e to
,'aim the championship of the province. ���','������
D. C. A. A. *fc* ftM&Sei  n   a.
The annual meeting of th�� B. c. a.
/   U.. New Westm'nster �����n��k*'"
that several Important mattera are to
come up for dlscuaslon.
Burhaby Hockey PrMtte*.
The BurnatJy Hockey ����"��$��
\-�� "rat practice on the Central PerK
A sricnltuV grounds on Saturday
afternoon, the ���obeAnletortbeae^*
eon will be drawn up'- at *�� '���**
meeting of the Vancouver and District
league. ..  .,. ,*,������.**.*��� ��� *:��� ���
Tbe flrat real Interesting bowling
match of the season took place on the
Front street alleys last eevning when
J. C Chamberlin and A. B. Chamberlin battled with Sloan and Wttlelf It
waa the latter's match all the way
through, their opponents only getting
the edge on the fourth game. Harry
Walsh was ln aome form with thc
ball, notching no .ess than three
double centuries, one of them being
An average of 136 for flve games
so early in the season looks bright
for tbe New Westminster team in
the Inter-city league, and A. B. Chamberlin and Sloan were not far behind
with 184 and 183 respectively. The
following are the scores of the
Sloan  ..   . .'."Slff ISO 105 154 177���916
Walsh 212 254 154 180 202���982
J. Cham'lin
A Cham-lln
422 434 349 314 379 1898
.187 137 181 146 199���809
.223 177 168 179 173���920
390 314 329 324 372 1729
��� ���
Northwestern League.
At Spokane��� R.H.E.
Spokane 4 12   2
Tacoma  3   6   2
Batteries: Cadreau, Gordon and
Ostdlek; Beltord and Crlttendon.
At 8eattle��� R.H.E.
Se&tH* ���;;.. ........... .... 8 10   0
Portland  1   7   2
Batteries: James and Whaling;
Eastley and Burch.
At Victoria���Vancouver won the
game this afternoon against Victoria.
American Learue.
At Cleveland (12 Innings)���R. H, E.
Boston 3 10   6
Cleveland  4 14   1
Batteries: ��� Collins   and Carrlgan;
Gregg and Carlsoh.
. Second game��� R. H. E.
Boston 3   2   0
Cleveland  3   *   1
(Called end of fifth; darkness.)
Batteries: O'Brien and Cady;
Blardlng and O'Neil.
Other games postponed; ralln.
National League.
At Boston��� R. H. E.
St. Louis ...,���..   ,.412   2
Boston   ...*    ..... 5 11   2
lialeriea: PerrltL Stee'e, Ocver
and Breanahan; Perdue and Klin*.
At Brooklyn��� R. H. E.
Pittsburg :���) 3   8   0
Brooklyn  7 14   1
Batteriea:    Hendrlx, Ferry, Adams,
Smith and Simon, Kelly; Rucker and
At New York��� : R. H,E.
Chicaeo 5   8   2
New York 3   $   2
Batteries: Cheney and Archer;
Marquard, Crandall and Meyers, Wilson.
At Philadelphia��� R. H. E.
Cincinnati  1   4   4
Philadelphia 7 11   1
Batteries: Suggs, Harter and Sev-
eroid; Seaton and Dooln.
Connie Mack .manager of the Philadelphia  Athletics,  champions of   the
world,  gives seven  reasons  why  his
team did not win a third consecutive
pennant.   Here they are:
New York
St. Louis
x���With  emphasis.
Heard while sitting In the seat behind a lovey-dovey young couple on
a   Hoston   street  car:
"Do you love me, Willie," she asked
"Certainly I do."
"Do you think of me all tbe time,
night and day?"
"Well, I'll be perfectly honest with
you Ethel. Yesterday for a few minutes I was thinking of the Red Sox
and the world's series."
Hans Wagner bas been voted "the
greatest man in our town." It wasn't
a jury of baseball fans that set the
crown of laurel upon the brow of the
grand old man who plays short for
the I'lrates, but a committee of men
representing the biggest manufacturing and trading interests in the Pitts
burg district, says a Pittsburg exchange.
A great train cf steel cars, everything on board to insure comfort, will
Uart out this week on a trade extension tour that will er-end from tbe
lakes to the gulf, and from Toronto to
Galveston, 'Texas. A moving picture
plant wlll be part of the equipment,
and In each city will be shown moving pictures of Pittsburg industries.
\ll the big business of Pittsburg will
be represented on that train. All the
glories of Pittsburg will be depicted
on the screen throughout many states
and the only Plttsbv.rger whose picture will be flashed on the canva3
!s Hans Wagner.
a trace of their trusty rifles pr even
got a whiff of the meat, land today
the two sadder but wlaerj Unfortunates are vehemently alleging tbat the
friend ln need was a vlllaa Indeed.
Shipping Linee to Join.
London, Sept. 17.���The Liverpool
correspondent of the Telegraph wires
that there is little doubt entertained
in the shipping circles -.hat the reported fusion of the Allan and C. P. R.
steamship lines will shortly be fully
justified. It is understood also that
the Canadian mail contract is now-
safe for the joint concern, which In
its combined form, will enjoy the
closest relations with the Dominion
London, Sept. 16.���The opposition
to the $50,000,000 loan to China, nego
tiations for whicii were held in Lon
don between the Chinese minister
and the representative of a British
bank, has proved successful, according to news received today In London.
The United States and Great Brl
tain co-operated in this position.
"Wby ls It tbat yon Insist on giving
your daughter a college education,
while you are planning to make your
sou go to work aa eoon as be gets
through the high school V
"Well, yon see It's this way: I can't
afford to send tbem both to college,
nnd the boy can get hla training just
as well by joining some athletic club "
-CbU-ago Record-Herald.
His Share.
"Why did yon emit that feeble yawp
wben our candidate's name was mentioned?" asked tbe master of ceremonies. "Wby," replied the conscientious
man, "1 am one of those delcgnres
wltb hnlf a vote. I thought maybe I
waa entitled to only bait a cheer."���
Wash!tieton gta,..
Two Vancouver Sportsmen Meet With
III  Luck���Loae   Game
and Gune.
The trials and tribulations ot tho
followers of Diana are many, at leaat
one might judge ao from the trying
and somewhat costly experiences ot
two Vancouver followers of the gun
during a week-end hunting trip amid
the big timbers of Surrey Municipality.
It seems that the two men. mounted
not on fiery steeds, but sitting gallantly astride common everyday bicycles,
cf the guaranteed non-bucking variety, set out heavily armed on Saturday for the haunts of the wary deer.
'nk'ii!! blankets and the necessary
cooking utensils tor a few davs outing, they camped In the bush near
**>e Yale Poad and spent an uneventful evening with nothing but a sky
full ot stars as a roi.f above their
somnolent  heads.
WUh Sabbath morn the troubles of
the huntsmen began, At first tht-.
pri^snccts for tbem coming triumphantly home with the bacw were exceedingly promising, ns In the early
hours of the chase a mighty buck fell
tn 'be'rifle of one of the keen-eyed
srortsmen. The specimen was a most
magn'tlcent one it Is related and It
*������* found necessarv to b'scct lt tn
order to remove It to camp. One ot
tbe aides of meat was transferred
successfully but when tha sportsmen
returned to the neat of the killing, for
the other, tl remaining portion had
completely d.s'.ppearnd.
Feeling that the woods was now
no place for tbem tbey packed, the
aectlon of deer provldentlv left on to
thetr wheels and aet out for h<*me
The fates were anatnst them however,
for before they had proceeded a dos-
en feet on the return Jbunrev one ol
the machines gave wt under th��
weight of the unuanal burden. A halt
was made for repairs and while these
were In operation a mn with a fcoree
.-nd rig cnme by and generously acceded to the r*wiue*t of the unfortunate hunters that he transport their
garce and rifles to a South Weatmlnster hotel.
With wheels repaired the men rode
on ahead of the rig and awaited It*
arrival at the hotel with expfctant
faces. They lingered In vain however, as to date they have not Men
Entirely New
Program for
Today and
Wc act aa AGENT ONLV for the purctme and ale of
wm Aim      a tm ^   "WlCWIffl'
Far Sale or Exchange:
160, acres near the B. C. Electric In Langley, subdivided into approximately ten acre blocks, some which are wholly or partly cleared: Ttfete are a house and out buildings on the property, which is
well situated and especially aul table for fruit and chicken ranching
The owner will consider a proposition to exchange this' property,
either en bloc or subdivided for good city property. .    S(h%Q  ���������
For full particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office; 28 Lorn* Street, New Westminster.
Lindsay Bottling Works
I   ���    t,    thn.
Manufacturers  of CIDERS, MINERAL    WATER,    Etc'  Special
ni ot GINGER BEER and GINGER ALE. '" ���*
m .  *
*,   i*
Sole Agents for Westminster    Territory    of    GRAPINE,    "The
Health  Drink.
"Tke Best In Tke West"
New Westminster, Be, C
OCT. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1912
Largest and Best Agricultural, Horticultural and
Floricultural Exhibition in Western Canada.
MUSIC.                         ' .ii  vi ���
j. >' i 'i i i	
Box 311 New Weatmlnster. B. C.
The Popular Shoe More
�����     ��� aioo tm
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
, ��� ��� tiTqoq   nt   ���?���.   ���
������    ������ Kj;tl  ,4c
Mi'fif'iq    ..-���.
Everybody doing it.   Doing* what?
Why, getting shod up for the /win-
��� ���!��� in .,������
ter at the Popular Shoe StoM"
8ole agents for Weatminater for the famous K Boots,,. Depot for
Lecklc'a Boots and Ahren'a School Shoes.
A $20,000 Stock to Select
���   'I'll   ll IMi
������i' rm
=====   GOTO
ffttskn* i*
It Pays to Advertise in the liiyNews
���    ���   l<*     .!!,���
-doll >i
��'W!.i. ��','i';HI
HM r     PAQS SIX.
Checkers Finds a Sympatic
It Wins Him �� Good Dinner, but His
Imaginary Antecedents Bar Him
From e Job at Corn Cutting���The
Jealousy of Jim.
[Copyright.  191^   by  Associated  Literary
I HAD been busy dodging tbe
lumps of coal thrown at me by
firemen for a week or so and
concluded to make s change by
[going anioug tbe farmers. It waa
'corn cutting time, aod I felt sure ef
learning a dollar or two to carry me
on. A bobe wbo doeau't know ell
about agriculture hasn't half learned
bis profession. 1 struck out on a
'three mlle walk and brought up wben
I reached a farmer and bia btred maa
at tbe roadside fence.
"No rold Tittles for tramps." saye
tbe farmer.
*Tve bad my banquet for the day."
���ays I. "Besides tbut, I'm no tramp;
I'm a bobo."
"Siime's a punkln'a about tbe name
aa a suunsb."
"bunt bis cokeriint for bim!" advised
tbe hired mnn.
"Looktn' fur work?" asked tbe farmer Instead.
"For a few days."
"Waal, I dnnno. Von don't look very
"But  I run <-nr rom,���  I  answered.
"I don't Hunt ��f> site imthin' tu hurt
yonr feelln a, but vnu look to mr ns if
yon bad liewi n pirate.    If vou  have
you needn't be frald to own up. Nobody Here ls golu" to Rsiy anything
about it Jim. you wont never tell,
���will your
Tho query wns addressed to the
hired man, nnd nfter thinking for a
moment he replied!
"No. 1  won't never tell, but I alius
eald  thnt if  I  ever  met a   iilnite   I'd
give hlm a canl durned good IsnstlnT'
The Story of His Life.
Thus encouraged. I sat down on a
���tump, the farmer nnd bis hired man
ant down ou the log before me. and 1
proceeded to sny tbat at the nee of
twenty-live I went from New Bedford
on a wbnllni: ship. After Iieing ont
a yenr or so nnd inking about n dozen
whales we touched at Valparaiso, and
as I wus a very sick mnn I wns sent
te the liosplini. wliile (be sblp con
tfped her cnilpe.
/'''So ���fou  Melted whnles. ehV" qn��
ried the fnruier, wltb sudden Interest,
"But he don't look like It." acid.-d tbe
hired mnn
"Ten.  I'vp bellied to entch whales."
"Itigger'n this log?"
"Yes. inr linger. As long ns from
here to the fenee nnd three times ns
larpe around ns nn ox."
"By thunder! Then It must he sure
thnt llie wtmle swallowed .loner?'"
"Not n doubt of It. Well, ns I snld.
I wns sent to the hospital, lllld tor N
month I wns n very sick mnn. Then
I began to mend, nnd In a month more
I wns nhle to wnlk slioiit In the hos
I'ltnl grounds. One dny. while I wns
silling on the bench In the sunshine. I
wns accosted hy another convalesreiit.
Up hnd been In tbe hospital to lie
treated for three different wounds.
Fle wns n soft spoken tnnn. ns smooth
ns oil nml nt tlrst I took him for a
chnnli ilenron. After three or four
dnys he grew more ronttduntlnl. and
then he betrayed himself. What do
you think he wns?"
"A llvln' pirate, by thunder!" ex-
rlnlmed lhe fnnner.
"A horse thief, mebhe," added the
hired mnn
Checkers Meets the Pirate.
"Ves, in- was ii pirate. He was
known till along tbe South Anierlrun
coast ns Bloody l*it-k. I suppose be
Inui captured tifty different ships nnd
put a thousand people to death before
I mpt blm. At llrst. wbeu be told me
he wns ti pirate, 1 drew away from
blm, hut the longer be talked tbe
more 1 liked hlm. Ue had been robbed
of his nil when nu orphan, and (lint's
why be bnd turned pirate. He wanted
me to go with hlm. but I refused.
However, tbe next dny after 1 had
refused I got a letter from home that
my sweetheart hnd married another,
my old mother was dead and tbat a
cousin of mine had robbed me of all
my estate. Tbla newa mnde me reckless, nnd I went to tbe pirate and told
lilm I'd go"
"Ity crntkey,  but Uli* ig fflttlu' In-
feresllnT' snld tbe fnnner ss be bitch
ed ubout ou n log.
"Yew. but why dldu't he go clerkln'
tai a grocery Instead of liecomln' a
pirate?" asked tbe hired mnu.
"Well, as soon us we bnd lioth recor
ered we went to sea. Bloody Dick hnd
a brig called the Death Watcb. aud
ihe ran in to Valparaiso and took us off.
She had a crew of eighty men, and of
all tbe villains on earth they were tbe
worst Tbe only mnn In tbe world tbey
feared was Bloody Dick. Ue shot
down two of tbem wttb his own baud
the tlrst duy we were out He made
me his mate and told me to about tbe
first man tbat looked crosseyed at mt,
All of them believed that I bad waded
In blood and was a terrible feller."
His Tale Impresses the farmer.
"Gosh, but tbis Is auntbln' we don't
get every day!" said tbe fanner aa be
poked bis hired man In tbe ribs.
"But I hain't encouragln* piratea myself,'* answered the other in a sulky
"The ahlp we captured," I continued,
"was tbe Bounding Sally of London.
Her captain took ua for a peaceful
trader and let ue come up wltb him,
and be did not suspect ear wicked
purpose until  flfty  of our  men  bad
I gained hls decks.   A terrible ecene of
' slaughter followed.   Sbe had orer 100
passengers and crew, and In tea mln-
'. utea all except flfteen ef tbem were
j lying dead.   The flfteen we eared to
walk the plank and be drowned Id tbe
! ses.   We took out of the vessel about
half a million dollara in eaah and tben
i scuttled her."
|   "And  how   many  persona did yon
, kill?" asked tbe farmer.
"I don't remember exactly, bnt not
over four or live 1 wna new at tbe
business, and tlie algbt of blood af-
i fected me.    For two weeka after thst
| I bad nightmare every nlgbt   Did yuu
ever kill anyone yourself?"
"Lands, no! I've killed hogs nnd
fowls, but never a human being."
"Say, I'm beglnnin' to git goose
flesh!" called the hired man as he stood
. oP-
Wanted Mere Herrore.
You uever mind goose flesh." rhldett
| tbe boss "but alt right down ag'ln and
bear the story out   I've waited thirty
years for a pirate te come alohg. nnd
now  I'm  going to  beer all about  lt.
You didn't stop witb one sblp, did you.
*C|fi. no! We robbed, bun.
tied nnd murdered right aloi
next two yenrs. I think we took almut
fifty ships nnd murdervimat least 5,0110
people. Did you ever read of how we
', took the Winsome Maiden of New
I York?"
"No, .1 never did. I never got hold
I of n real pirate liook, though I've niius
I wnnteil to."
"She wns taking a  bundre?) school
j tnn'nina, ti ft y orphan girls nnd seventy
widows (IronIld  Cnpe  Morn on nn ct
rtirslon when we overhauled her.    W'e
signaled  flint   U'P  were  short  of  inns
lard   tit   mnke   sandwiches   with,   and
she  fny to  until  we cnme up     Tbeu
sixty nf ub tionrded Oer nuii lieirnu llie
work of slaughter.    Did you ever kill
nn orphan girl':"
"Thunder, no! Didn't I sny I had
never killed nnvliody?"
"Hear how calmly the villain talks
of murder:" muttered the hired innn.
Tough Widows and Orphans.
"Well, you have uo idea how tough
some of them are. It takes more to
kill them than It would nn ox. School
ma'uins die pretty ensy, hut widows
snd orphans wnnt a lot of hacking
It took us nearly half a day to finish
thnt crowd."
"Hut why are yon here on the
"One of the schoolmn'ams told tne
before I killed her thnt she had n
mother lu this state, nnd she asked
as a special favor thnt ,1 would hunt
the old lndy up sud give her the par
ticulnrs. I'm uot tramping, but look
"Oh,  I  see.    Jim, yon  go to  work
nnd. stranger, you come along to the
house with me."
On our wny he added:
"I'm  goin'   to  give  you   n   feed   nil
yon enn  hold-nnd  then  you'd  better
move on.    1  think  n  pirate who has
reformed Is Jest ns good ns anybody.
btll  that pesky .llm  Is jealous of yon.
nud if he sees the constable he'll give
vou  nwn.v  for  spite.    Better tell  the
"III woman. If she nsks yon nnvlhlng.
tbnt  you   wi-re   In   the   milk   hth��lhoss
nnd  mnde a   fnllure of It  because we
had so many thunderstorms."
riM>(L scut-
ug*Wir the
Despite the (Dangers of Hie Life Saving
Rubber Suit.
A NOTH Kit one of the stnrle* whloh
Frank Jones used to tell on himself Is repeated hy Al (.'aiiipU-ll.
who knew thu deiitt dramshop keeper
rery well.
"Jones was born In Wales." said
Campbell, "but when a young mun
lived In BiicyriiM. O. Tbey hnd a volunteer fire department tbere. aud Joues
was made cblef.
"The citizens took sucb an Interest
In us.' said Jones In telling the story,
'tbnt tbey chipped In and bought us
flre laddies new suits. Across the
breast of eacb salt was the motto.
"We Mre to Save." and on mine atuve
Ibe motto was the word "Cblef tn very
largo letters, reaching nearly the width
of tbe motto.
" 'One day,' Jones went on ln bis
usanl droll way, 'tbe hotel caught lire.
Now, when "tbe" hotel catches flre In
a amall town It means something.
This hotel waa three aterlea blgb, and
we believed ll tbe largest In the known
world, having seen none any larger.
"'Wben the flre bell rang all of na
ran home to gel our new suits on before attempting tu fight auch a flre.
Wben We reassembled, one by oue,
thnt hotel waa c-ertaluly going aome.
In n thin] atory window wua a man
who. ao I learned later, traveled for a
wholesale robber bouae He said something alsiut how be would like te be
saved, but we could nol understaud
" This fellow got real mad and, going back In his room, pat on some kind
of a rubber suit,  wblcb be blew up.
'Then he leaped from that awful tall
building, three stories high,   lle struck
the ground aud bounced buck as bltfh
aa the lop of tbe hotel.'
j    "'Wiih   he  aaved?'   generally  asked
tbe   bystanders   for   whom   tbe  atory
I wns Intended.
|    " 'Finally,' aald Jones, 'but I had lo
empty a six shooter Into that denied
Inflated  snlt  la-fore   1   eventually  got
! bim   dowu   to  earth.' "���Kansas   City
-��� i
Education a Failure.
Senator Kobert I. Oweu of Oklahn
nia. whose mother waa a Cherokee
Indian, stirred Ap some excitement
down Oklahoma ��fly In one of the brat
lawsuits he ever tried.
'l'he opimi*^ counsel snw flt te call
Oweu n llnr.
j    (Iwen got up nt:d addressed himself
W the court In about this language:
"lausinurb  as  the  court   bus  done
| nothing   to   maintain   Its  own   dignity
und as 1 am amply able to take care ot
myself, 1 ahull take this flllair iuto my
own hands."
Then he turned to the lawyer across
! the table uud  remarked  to titm  In  a
I loud voice that hc wns both a Ilar und
lfl   blackguard   nud   that,   tiiritiernuire.
I he could just take that, and that, and
| lliat.'   Whereupou the opposing counsel
fell to the floor as one mun.   Onen hud
used  only  bia Hat.   but  everybody   in
the courtroom Unl. not knowing when
bullets uilght be In the air.
After the uffalr wus over the lawyer
who bad culled Owen a llnr stood on
jthe front steps of the courthouse ami
observed lo a couple of frieuds:
j    "I  was never much iu favor of edu-
j eating these Cherokee hpys. unyUow!"
Washington Herald.
Re Lot  5, City   Block   13, City of
New Westminster.
|    A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued to
Edward B. Wetenhall, on the 16th day
of October, 1912, unless ln tbe meantime   a   valid   objection   thereto    be
��� made to me in writing by a person or
1 persons claiming an  estate or interest therein, or iu any part thereof.
j DlBtrict Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, D.   C, 12th   September, 1912.
*'  **Liy*\.sl) 1'*.l*m'tn*-mals*1.a1a*1*a1ar*~y,.1~*..1*m1*a1.a'tam,.*>lmmf-t.
���h Comparisons.                       y
X After a girl  has gazed nt the   X
T diamond in her tirst engagement   T
"r %*
-j. ring everything else looks small   J.
T and Insignificant  to her.-t'hica-   V
���j- go Itecord I Iei aid.                                -!���
The person or persons   having   In
their custody or possesion the follow-
, lng Title Deeds relating to the said
property are requested to dellvsr tha
same to the undersigned.
See list annexed.
District Registrar.
New Westminster, B. C.
1. 27th July, 1860, the Crown to
William Driscoll Gossett, Grant in fee
of Lot a.
2. 1st March, 1*7?, William Drlscoll Gossett to Ella Lowe, Conveyance
in fee of said Lot.
3. 2nd August, 1832, Ella Lowe, T>y
her Attorney-in-fact William Moresby
to John Hendry and David McNalr.
Conveyance ln fee of said Lot.
4. lst November, 1887, John Hendry and David McNalr to Ezra Rankin, Conveyance in fee of said Lot.
C. 14th September. 1888, Frank L.
kin to Frank L. Rankin, Conveyance
ln fee, (Inter alia), of said Lot.
6. 14th September, 188. Frank L.
Rankin, by hts Attorney-in-fact, Ezra
Rankin, to Edwin Rand, Conveyance
in fee (inter alia), of said l.ot.
7. 23rd October, 1888, Edwin Rand
to Wresley Peck, Conveyance in fee of
Southwest half of said Lot.
8. 27th October, 188, Wesley Peck
to William Kent, mortgage In fee of
Southwest half of said Lot.
9. llth March. 1895. Wesley Peck
to Ezra Rankin, Conveyance In fee of
said Southwest half of said Lot.
10. 15th April, 1896, Ezra Rankin
Frank L. Rankin, Conveyance in fee
of said Southwest half of said Lot.
subject to Mortgage registered In
Charge Book, Vol. 8, Fol. 518, No.
11. 27th May, 1S93, William Kent
to Frank L. Rankin, conveyance In toe
ment and transfer of Mortgage debt
and premises secured.
12. 15th April, 1896, Frank L. Rankin, by bis Attorney-in-fact Ezra Rankin, to Noah E. Rankin, Conveyance
in fee of said Southwest half of said
13. 24th December, 1S9G, Noah E.
Rankin to Martha Elizabeth Turnbull,
Conveyance in fee of said Southwest
balf cf said Lot.
14. 2!lth October, 1888, Edwin
Rand to William C. Coatham. Conveyance in fee cf the Easterly quarter of
said Lot.
15. ith June, 1889, William C.
Coatham to Thomas Crosby, Conveyance in fee cf said Easterly quarter
of said Lot.
10. 29th May, 1891, Thomas Crosby, by h-s Attorney-in-fact, Alexander
Peers, to Arthur E. Rand, Convey-
anc tn fee of said Easterly quarter
of said Let.
17. 12th February. JKD2. Arthur E.
Rand to John Andrew Forin ar.d Aulay Morrison, Conveyance in fee cf
said Easterly quarter of said Lot.
IS. 21st Marcli. 1SE12. Aulay Morri
son to John Andrew Forin, after re-
clting as therein recited, grant and
release in fee of an undivided one-
half of said Easterly quarter of said
19. 26th August 1895, John Andrew Forin to Fred W. Howay and
Rcbie L. P.eid, Conveyance in fee of
said  Easterly quarter of said Lot.
20. 31st July, 1904, Fred W. Howay
and Rcbie L. Reid to Joseph Hether-
| ington  Bowes, Conveyance   In fee   of
, said Easterly quarter of said Lot.
Reasonatle Assumption.
An Abundant Supply-
One reason why It Is so easy
lo give good advice Is thut so
much of It nlreiiily exists Ibat
there Is no need of Irving to lie
original.-Washington .stnr. 4-
Too Often the Case.
"I.ook nt thnt twenty story building.
When I cnme lo this town I could have
hong lit that cornel for IF7.V'
"Why didn't you do UV"
"Well, lhe mun who owned It would
oot accept ii cnsh payment ot 30 cents."
-Chicago lieccnd Herald.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light md Heavy Hauling
OFHGJf���!�����*����   !)���***'
a     Only One Thing to Learn.
"Did you succeed In getting that
manager to engage you?"
"Ves. He ls going to let me play the
pari of n walking gentleman."
"Well, you con wnlk, all right, so
you'll merely buve to learn the otber
part."���Judge's Library.
tt'ifi^ .lohn. dear, please nevei lell
anybody (Imt I walk lu my sleep
11 it-l >tt nel ��� \\ ti.vV
Wife They might think we (invent
uny motor.- Satire.
Johnny Rab's Consolation.
I.'n.-irtermaslei iJcucral Kdwln A.
Taylor of the Tailed Sons of Confrd
������inte Veterans (old ut u Memorial day
iHimpict In .Memphis (Ids story:
"A southerner." he said, "sat In the
lobby of a New ^ork hotel discussing
certain campaigns with a northerner.
"'Well,' Ihe uorlhi'iuer ended, with
a laugh-'well, we licked you, anyhow.'
"���Vea, yon did,' the southerner nil-
milted, 'but It's plain from tbe si/.e of
your iienalon list thnt before we gave
in we crippled every blessed one of
you!'"��� Washington Star.
So)e agrent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water?,    Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
���"���������phona   R   113   Oflce:   Princess  8
Meat Market
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strlHly confidential. M. Broten, Koom 6, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715.
Hsr Dilemma.
Mr. Asklt���And bow do you like
keeping n diary?
Misa Uabbclgh���Ob, It keeps me ao
busy writing nbout whnt I hnve been
doing thnt I do not hnve any time to
do anything to write about.��� Baltiuwrg
Short and to the Point.
A Kansas City young lady of few
words weut to n dentist to bnve a
tooth extracted.
'Toll It!" sbe said to the dentist
"All right," replied the dentist. Ho'
applied tbe cocaine, adjusted bia for- j
ceps nnd out cnme the tooth. j
"Want It?" he asked tbe young lady. I
holding the tooth before her. '
"Want It!" she exclaimed. "Wnnt
It! What for? Ho you think I'm ao
Elk?"���Saturday P.veiling Post,
864���Meets ln K. of P. Hail.. Eightb
and Agnes streets, vecond and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia stteet. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Dictator; E. A. Breinui,'' Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
L O. 0. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17-
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., is beld every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
Iowa ball, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth, atreet Visiting brether*'
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; |L A. Merrlthew, V. O.J W, C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
atreet, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columoli
and McKenzie streeta, New Weet
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbir
atreet.   Over C. P. K. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guicbon block, New Westminster. George E. Martin. W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady
ters and Sollcltora, Westinlnate'
Trust block, Columbia street, tie*
Westminster, B.C. Cable addres.
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J
Whiteside, H. L. Kdmonds.
countant. P. O. Uox 784. Phone lOilti
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room
TratiD block.
minster Board of Trade meeta in th.
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the Ijtrd Friday 0;
February. May, August and N'ovem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
tbe third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarter!?
meeting. S. II. Stuart Wade, accro
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  6S1. Eox  772.
D. McAulay
Vel. 761.          Cor. 6th and Columbia
Second Hand Store
i     J. Q. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
50 Mcliiicg Street Phone 1000
All  work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished Iree.
H. GOS8E, Manager.
903 Dublin  Street. Phone 984.
who do not receive   The Newa before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In thla way
may an elTlcient delivery he main
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 868. Room 4 Trapi Block
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect  Fit and Workman-
ehlip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  paid up W.200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Paciuc.
In Cuba throughout tbe Island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbadoa, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafta iaaued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. Theee ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westmlnater Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL (PaM-Up) ....$16,000.000.0��
RESERVE $16,000,000.0��
Branehee througnout Canada ano
Newfoundland, anc In London, England, Lew Tork, Chicago and Spokane,
C.S.A.. and Mexico City. A general
flanking bualneas tranaacted. Let.
(era ef Credit iaaued, available wttb
���orrespondeeta In all parte of tha
Savinge Baak Dspartment��� Deposit!
ecel-ed ln enme of 11 and upward,
.ud Intereet allowel at t par cent, per
tonum  (preaeat rate).
Total Aaeeta over 1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Eetlmates Qlven,
211 Sixth Avenue. Phone SS7
Stampede at Calgary
Only a few more dates in September to make your visit eaat at a reduced faro.
Three trains daily, Tourist, Dining
Toronto Express
Imperial Limited
Soo Express ....
8.22 a.m.
is. 10 p.m,
2.45 p.m.
New Wetitmlnster
Or H. W.  Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
Leaves Vaneouver for Victoria 1S-
a. m��� 2 p. in. and 11:48,
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle 10
a. m. antl 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nar.almo 10
a. m. and 6:30 p. in.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Polnta 10 p. m.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wedneaday at 10 p.m.
Cliilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leavea Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, Naw Weatminater.
tt. W. BRODIE,
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Phone R872.
���10 Hamilton St
Chimney Sweeping^
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septle Tanks, Etc.
'PHONE 1123
BROWN Trapp Block '
I    '' ���!��    I   ���
���   ,,.      -1   .   ���*���.**.*,-
*      * ���
"* ii immaamamata am asm
Processes  by  Whieh  It  le Converted
Inte Refined Oil.
2CORN   !   'n Its original stale petroleum to ota
"'   murky green color.    It Is distilled ia
jpana wltb great furnaces blazing be-
j oeatb tbem. and as tbe vapors arise
from tbe boiling liquid tbey are cou-
Parnell and His Heiress Wsre a Sub-   veyed  Into pipes mirrounded  by cold
ject cf Gossip Some Years Ago and   water In which they are coudeused.
Everybody Has Heard of How Lady |   'ibe flr8t ����IK>rs couden��e Iuto naph-
f lorenc. Paget Jilted Hsnry Chap-   tha   aud   tho"e  vmAm-eA   ����7   '����t������r
li���_Dlck.n. Was Rejected by the   *���** *** *e Ti'"5 ��   V"?
'   . .    , _        . _     ' _        *   .    , small percentage of the crude /oil put
Original Dora ef David Copperfleld. j ,nta the ,,������,, w ���,���, nmB* ,D ttm
���Oh,  why   did   I not  marry  dear |torm of *", wblcb hT enother process
Charley?  How happy we should have  M converted Into paraffin and coke.
been!" After distillation the relined oil to no      --.- ,   .
In   this   burst  of  confidence   to   a , longer green, bui Is as transparent as   necessary   is   a   pocketful   of   bank
friend a beautiful heiress regretted her i spring   water  aad   beautifully   tinged   no|*��-     Houlelfo.   faro,   hazard,   and
j.lting.years a?o of Charles Stewart, ���,* purple, and Mat*.   It to not J* . ^Sn'��"Jnl'Sj. hi. chocol.te in
ready for use. however since t must the morninf ^ vdM Tmn>* h��� m
be "waebed." The fluid le emptied Into beginning. A half dnseo peddters of
a large circular tank tn which It la , krttery ticks*, interrupt the HtMt*.
treated with acids, these being poured , The lottery ia Cuba to rea by the
lo aod mixed wltb It by mean, of pow* j Government fir enormous pricee. The
erful pressure from beneiitb. j first prise is flOO.QpO.
Whoa it has been well shaken It to j The tickets .re hawked
allowed' to settle, and the acids then
separate from It and sink- to tbe bottom of tbe tank, laking wltb tbem
some of tbe tar tbat remained In tbe
The acids are tben removed and tbe
oil to wnsbed wltb salt water, finally
It Is bleached, aud It ls then ready fer
tbe maAeu-Harper'a Weekly.
Havana Seems te Quality Fer Unenviable Reputation.
Several cities have been called the
wickedest city ���- Reno, Nev.. Port
Said, and Irkutsk. Siberia, ior Instance. They are wicked cities, hot
their wickedneoe ispf a sosdn" variety.   Havana is wKked aad gay.
In Paris the "night life," gey re��-
taurants and dances sre for the English and American tourists.   In Havana the "gay life" is for the f stives.
. Ite wickedness ie pjrt of its life.
I    Everything in Havana is wide open.
Am!  of its   fifty-seven   varieties   of
wickedness the   mildest  i�� gambling.
Gambling houses in Havana are open
to both men and women.   All that to
is   a
PAGE WTBW.     -
Parnell; but there are not wanting
admirers of the great Irish leader who
aflirm that the. jilting was the be*t
thing that could liave-happened t.i
him. A happy married life would
probably have prevented him entering
the political arena altogether.
As a young man���liis brother, Mr.
John H. Parnell, tells us. in T. P.'*
Magazine���the Irish politician fell in
hive with a pretty Wicklow girl of
gocd lamiy. with whom he bunted a
great deal; but the affair came to no.
thing. Hnd Parnell remained heart-free
until lie visited Paris in 1*70, and
there met a young heiress, to whom
lie became engaged.
They parted for a time, she lo po
to Rome and he tp return to Ireland,
nnd ultimately the girl wrote saying
she was returning home, without men-
tinning anything about an engagement. Parnell followed her, snd the
���engagement   seemed   to   be   renewed,
when Miss W  suddenly told him
she was not g'.ing tu marry him.
"making the excuse that he was only
nn Irish gentleman, without*euflicient
means to marry, with no name in
public, and that she could not marry
anyone without n great public name."
This dumbfounded "Charley," who,
aiter trying his best to persuade her <
to marry him. pave up the heartbreak.:
iiijf job. To distract liis thoughts I'ar-
nell plunged inti. politics, with wliat
lesult tlie world knows. He never met
the lady Bgsin, but, according to the
iiuth'irity mentioned, another heiress
in liiter years proposed to "Charley,"
who left I'aris to escape her.
This romantic episode oj political
l.fe culls to mind the jilting of tho
well-known Ulllotlflt politician. Mr.
yenry Chaplin, who years ago was
engaged to l.mly Florence Paget, one
of the loveliest women in Kngiish society, iu fact, she was known as thd
"Pocket Venus."
The engagement had heen publicly
unced and the day of the msr-
1 lixed, when the startling news
leaked out that I.ady Paget had eloped with the Inte Marquess of Hasting',
one of the most during turf-plungers
the racing worl 1 has ever km wn. Dn- !
der Uie pretext ol shopping a', a certain well-known emporium in tli?
West-end, Lady Paget walked In ��t
one door nnd out ul another, where i
eke met the marquess, with whom sho
immediately drove sway. They weie
at, once  married.
Ouly^a year or two later late gave
Mr. Chaplin his tevenje. His horse.
Hermit, won the Derlur at enormous
odds���something like BO to I ��� snd
Lord Hastings was ruined. He die I
<jnly four years after his romantic
nmrriage, uud his widow, who afterwards married Sir George C'hetwyud,
slso died a few yearn ago. It was
something like twelve years l>elore
Mr. Chaplin recovered lrom the blow,
ami then he married I.ady Florence
Leveson-Gower, sister uf the present
I Hike of Sutherland.
The story of how Charles Dickens
wns jilted Is particularly inlcrei-ting.
When he ws* eighteen Mr kens be-
csme acquainted with the throe
'laughters nf George Its.daell. a I."in
hard strut bantter. With one of tliem.
Ma;ia (Tnu nffeiunl of Dora in llavul
Copperfleld), who was a ye*f liis senior, he immediately fell in love, and
Maria flirted with him very desper-
��!<vy. Out the love-waking of the
future uovelut was not treated very
.seriously, for he wa* not considered
by any mean, an eligible party, ami
wen Maria herself adopted an atti*
tude nl amused tolerance.
For three ye.r. the affair went on.
and then Dickens realised that his
���use wss hopeless. He pleaded in
vain with the girl whose caprice*
maddened and gladdened him alternately; (or, a. a matter of (act. Maris
1-Vndnell wm a wilful coquette. Tha
������i.d of it all was a reply that held out
no hope, and so the parting came. Fit
twenty years they saw no more of
one another. Ultimately Maris Head-
in I! wss married to Hehry Louis Winter, and when Dickens met her again
tune had wrought sad havoc ou hi*
youthful ideal
A curious fact regarding the jibing
<>[ famous men is that through pique
they have occasionally been.-.led int'
iiiarnsges which have resulted In the
utmost misery for both husband and
wile. There wa* .lohn Ruskin. for
HiHtaiice. who (ell isi love as a In/V
wltb the besutiltfl fee de fa Trrtiche.
whom he wooed witkVieia*, romances
��� ud drain**, and mute worship, re-
<eiviug nothing in return but chilly
indifference and lively ridicule. The
result was that, st the age ��l twenty-
nine, he married a lady pi great beauty, Miss Grey, ot a fsniily lot��K i��ti-
mute with the Ruskin.. Tbe marriage, we are told, wa. a somewhat
hurried act. and brought no ha Mines* to either, and .1* jraar. after-
wards it wa. dissolved,
then there I. tbe case of Lord By
Malay Houses, Frail and Flimsy,
Sometimes Perch In Tre. Tope.
Tbe ordinary Malay bouse Is built on
posts from flve lo seven feet high, but
one wblcb 1 cume across was perched
blgb up In a tree. It wns tbe bome of
a man. bis wife und family, uud they
Informed me tbst It was placed In tbls
unusual situation so as to be out of the ,
way of the numerous tigers wblcb then I
���  ��� -   jbout the
.treet* and sold.at every corner .tore.
But the fact that 'the Government
conlucts it dees not guarantee ite
"being on the level." At a recent
drawing the first prise was not swarded for the reason that that psrtk-ular
ticket hsd not been soKI. Th. publio
didn't like it. bnt they kept on buying
tickets, for it is their instinct to
"take a chance."
If one sits around a cafe sny length
of time���nnd a large part of every
day is spent in this way���one r eer-
tsin to be invited to witness a cock
light. Cock-lighting is one (f the
commonest spcrts in Oubi, snd while
it is against the law, it is rarely inter-
'ered with. Large sums change hands
on  these  bloody  exhibitions.
The cafes are crowded, there is a
constant stream of automobile* aud
carriages up and down the boulevards. The sidewalk* are filled with
people hurrying tn the theatres. They
ara  pearly  all  dressed  in the height
Infested tbe neighborhood. j ���f   fashion.     Havana   is   cne   of   the
As tigers bave been known lo Jump richest cities in the world. It's styles
eighteen feet ln vertical height some- j come direct from Paris. The only
where about twenty feet is considered cheap things arc tohacce and
to be the limit of safety.   The Malayan ' matches.
house Is n frull und flimsy structure of |    M - "'clock performances begin in
sticks tied together wltb ruttun tbatch-
s dozen theatres. In the moving pictures and variety theatres one finds
real wickedness. The "prir.r.ly hear."
"the bunny hug" nre modest com psr.
ed with tlie dince* shown rii the
stages nf the variety theatre-, where
the puhlii? is admitted Ior '2�� snd 60
cents. The li.t'ie plays are bey it id
description, and the actres.-e. wear
verv scanty attire.
At. midnight Central Parii. wliich i��
in the heart of the city, i- i�� crnvl-
ed and filled with li'j as lit* Strand
and Piccadilly before the theatre-
sw .How up th? cr��wiN. llie cafes
are tilloii with people wh" ea' ice
cream and sip soft drinks There is
very little ('ri king of alcoholic If.
qnors   iu   Havana.
01 ci-nrse. ail Havana Hoes net go
to the theatre. Manv of the '--l��i 'n
able set se;k the club", some ��eefc the
gambling palaces and others atw-o,!
nivque balls, whi-li are given uights
Wl degree,   ws*   made  nnd   lbe  open- ! J*     The  gsvest  affair* are given  .n
mm or the cage cio*ely Stopped  wiih ! P��'1,lj!1v ���**-����� Bt *�� T'Xl hi ??A
,���.. ,;. k^L**. i Hi.   They begin shout mi.lnl.iht sod
ed wltb palm leaves aud walled with
plaited bamboo or, as iu this case, witb
ibe burk of trees.
It to therefore nn easy matter for a
tiger with ll* great strength to lireiik
Into u house and attack the Inbnbltuiits.
llauy Instances of UU* hnve lieen recorded in Malaya: In one well known
case a whole family were killed except
one man. wbo. climbing up Into llu
roof uud thus escaping the notice of
ibe tiger, wa* u liorrllled oliservei uf
the cruel mauling and nltlinuie *luugti-
ler and devouring of his relatives.���
Loudon Strand .Magaziiic.
pursuant to Section 150 of tbe Land
Registry Act I Intend at the expiration of Thirty (30) daya from tbe
date hereof to cancel the registration
of a certain agreement dated the 28th
day of November, 1910, made between Harry J. Morrison, of Vancouver, B. C, as Vendor and William F.
Moncrieff as Vendee, in which eald
agreement the said Vendor agreed to
sell to the said Vendee Lot Five (S)
in the Subdivision of District Lot
Three hundred and fifty-eight (358),
New Westminster District, according
to a plan deposited in the Land Registry Office at New Westminster, B.
And I do order that publication of
'his notice as number 1729, for one
month In the dally news-paper published In New Westmlnater shall be
good and sufficient service.
Dated at New  Westminster, B. C.
this 7th day of September, A. D. 1912.
C. 8.  KEITH,
District Registrar.
Re tbe North half of subdivision
10 of Lot 93, Group 1, in the District
of New Westminster.
Whereaa proof of the loss of Title
Number 8458A, issued ln tbe name of
Catherine Frances Wise haa been filed In this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
lie date of the first publication here
of, in a dally newspaper published iu
the city of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of tbe said certificate, unless in the meantime valld objection
be made to me ln writing. i:'
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, September 9th, 1912.
10:60���Vancouver via O.
Life Without  Microbe*.
.Microbes ure not iiiillspeiis.ilile in all
life If  Ihey ure liidl*peiisahle lo uny.
The  question   ha*   lieen   dedllltelj   *el-
tled.    A  i-Hge completely   sterilized at
cotton uud protected frum tbe outwlde
I liy a hermetically closed metallic chain-
��� Imt.   Sucb manipulation* hs were ne*)*
i wwiry lu 0|>eh!ug the cage were mudd
' by bunds guarded  hy  aseptic  runner
cloth    Into such u sterilized cage llirre
he.'l*'   eggs   were  placed   ufter   having
heeti  externally  sterilized     Tbe rime
was   fitted   with  a   glas*   pavilion   or
chicken run. where the chicken* i-umd
develop during tbeir six week*' sojourn
In tbe cage,  lu tbe ciige were sterilized
ulr.  pure  wuter.   sterilized   *und  und
slnKjilxed fe��>d.  The experiment showed
thut  life doe*  not  dejieud   ii|M>n   microbes, but tbnt ibe vital work of tbe
organism  Is  easy   and  mini nil   wbei
everything la sterilized -Harper'a.
Relle. ef Pillories.
Though Ibe pillory bu* (men abnlUh-
ed. tbere are Ht III tu tie found lu various parte uf rural fcjugimid relic* uf
tbla old time method *A punishment.
One of tbe me*t cdtuplete example,
may be seen wit hinds few mile* uf tbe
metropolitan border In the picturesque village of Itoydou. K**ex. not
only are tbe old stock* and whipping
post still preserved, but <lo*e lte��ule
la��t until 8 and 9 o'clock on Monday
The  New  Mirsniar is the Mecca "f
tourist'.    If one i�� well drps*el and
looks   prosper' us   lie   U   asked   il
wishes to plsy.
|        .     ma.,,     I-. - -     , .t��i     mm.     ..        ,.*.*,    iu) aa-rataatit
tbem atand* ulno the wooden  "rage" i WM n���t yet.
lu which the roysterer of bygone days'    "What's poi
wa*   Incarcerated.     1.   there   n not bee [ guest who hat
suth IntereMtlug trio of punitive reiiee      -��������*- ���-
to be found elsewhere In  England)���
llndon (irtip.hlc.
A  Ray ol  Light.
The strnigliiest thin; in nature er
art is * ray f liu'ht when ; using
throueh a medi uu of unif' rm flen*
ity, Henoe the ��ye is eiii.bled to if-t
th. straightness nf an e.lgs nr kilts' Uv
holding it ns nearly B#���possible coincident with.a r <>f IJaht. sucb
parts as depart froni *;r��i-l:tiiH...
then intercepting a ray etui eei'��i:tg
a shade t> be cest up.u i ther | *r'..*>
It is not known *t what earlr pert <1
in the history bf mankind tint dim
eovery wss in.de thst stv��!t>l<:*ie��e
could be thus determined. It is cer
tain On* thousands af ipeehenles n��*
tiie method without being .UU to
give a rational explanation fnr it.
Th. Mettve.
It ws* an evening party.   A wine
man with a tall collar and p*!e li.ir
was reciting s poem.   Ue had gr. oii'l
nut fortv-seven stanzas, sad  the end
r.a on?" whispered the
_..  had just come in
"Rhymer is lotting <>��t hV latest
poem." answered the |KM.ini(otic person.
"What's the subject- the utotivef"
queried  the   ��te <-oinei.
*'l have 'orgoUon 'tbe *ul>!*ct."' rs-
plied the P. I*., "but I siMp-W lne
motive must be reveiur��.   V.  .��*.<
     N.  R.
-1:45���Burnaby Lake  and   Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
���:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. K.
(dally except Sunday).ll:lf
2:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .lfi:0<
.8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).2^:3*
10:00���Port Mann  (daily except
Sunday)   9:45
'J: 30��� uarnston Islands arrives
Tueeday, Thnraday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wedneeday
and  Friday    14:01
1:40���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
(daily except Sunday). 11.lf
:0:50���Victoria via 0. N.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
Friday)            14:0'
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sunday)    UPO
6:15���Crescent, Whit* Rot k and
Blaine tdally except
Snnday) 9:4'
18:10���Abbotaford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Sunday)  24:00
6:16���Hall's Prairie, ren Rldre
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
5:15���United States via O. N. R.
(daily exeaxn Sunday) .16 0<
9:26���All points east and Europe  (dally)    7:46
M.10���All points eaat and Europe (dally)  14:1<
9 :S<���Sapperton    and    Fraeer
19:2t��~ Sapperton and Fraaer
Mills    (daily      except
Sunday)    14:16
9:26���Coquitlam (daily    except
Bunday) 7:45
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
10:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Ialand, Bun
Villa  14:30
12:00���Eaat Burnaby (daily except Sunday)  13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:10
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday).14:30
16; 45���Vancouver, Piper's siding via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
tl:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N. R.  (daily except Sunday) 14:01
7:80���United Statea via O. N. R.
(dally axcept Sunday) . 9.46
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. B. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        t:9S
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).17:30
ll:30-Chllllwack. Milner, Mt.
Lahaaa, Aldergrova. Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayvllia,
Strawberry Hill, South
Weatminater, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad,
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day       14:01
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla 23:00
Hia Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
has received a despatch from the Military Secretary to His Royal Highness
the Duke of Connaught, Governor-
General of Canada, setting forth the
program of the tour of His Royal
Highness ln British Columbia during
September and October next The
following places fill be visited:
Kamloops���I p. m. to 6:15 p. m. on
the 17th September.
Vancouver��� 3 p. m. on the 18th
September to evening of 20th.
New Westminster���On 21st September.
Prince Rupert���11 a. m. on 23rd
September to evening of 25th (including a possible visit to Hazelton).
Nanaimo���11 a. m. to 1 p. ml, on the
27th September.
Victoria���Evening of 27th September to 3rd October.
Vernon���Morning qf 4th October to
11 a. m. on same day.
Penticton���4 p. m. on 4th October
tp 6 p. m. on 6th.
Robson via Arrowhead���7 p. m. to
9 p. m. on Cth October.
Nelson���Morning of 7th October till
noon on same day.
Kootenay Landing���6 p. m. on 7th,
leaving early next day.
Provincial Secretary's Ollice, Victoria,
Sth July, 1912.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge.-Apply Secretary,
613 Columbia St.  ��� Phone 231.
Mills      dally
Large Front Room in Hard-
man Block, 30 x 30 feet; is
well lighted.
Suitable for office, workroom
or  living rooms.
Westminster Daily News
Cu*. end Effect.
'l.ook lieuh, diM-inh; I've taken ynunh
advice and tried a cantab wouud tne   m���tive ���,������ M revemr*    %* ,r.m ���
purk before brwikfHMt, but It doexu't de   <.,���! tee tny ���t)wr reus��n U.r it."���
my llv.h a bit ef good." , Und'.ti Tit-f)iU.
^*************************************^aamma.. -��������i ���*��,.,. nf ' __-_____���_____
A We.d.r.
"I understand that yair friend
Hunter." aaid J oak ley. "I. wurkmg
tut a big money, makiug ttbeme to
r*Minive weed.."
"The idea!" acclaimed Conkiey. "I
didn't know he took any interest In
He doesn't.    He ie merely Wju.g
'Uht I'm afraid the good effect* of
the o.ntw before breakfirft sre, counteracted by the bird effn-is of tbe decanter ufter dlnner."-Loudon TaUer.
An Cy�� Fer sn Aye.
"Mr. H|<enker." snld ibe coftgiwwunan.
"I have tried vainly n* ������at<h your eye
mtiS*   rf��������P   ,ta���,.rtm*.m*    ,l.m    - -   !        "H6    flOSSn t. '     He    a*    lUOnMV    l"J ��������
i have tried vainly to retell your "ays' j ,ireMy widow."
��  IIWII      btlVIV     IB     ��MW    BfBBtBm    *B*      arw-r-a*      ����� ,
r ii. who wa. led into hi. unhappy
ii'iilrimonial alliance with Miff Mil-
lanks. only daughter and heirew <>f,
���Sir Ralph Mllbaiike. through being
ivjectfd by another lady. He had i��r>
l-'fil to tha latter, and, ����� ha Mid |
'������.er letter t.i refloat In hi* band, be
-Hid tu a friend! "It stems that,HI*
,!��� lm Mi** Milbanke, after all. He
.1 down and wrote the fatal letter.
i-wiilim. it to his friend for perui����i.
"���\ /.ry p.-atty letter." his friand �����-.
' isrked, i.l'.-r reading It; "it l* a P'ty
��� imi it should not go," "And it shall
*."!���' exclaimed Byron, and tb��* open-
��� I une nf tbe mint tragic chapter* 4.1
��� ���������' chequered  life story.
several rtuiee when It was nkeded "���
I'bllNdHpbla Udffttr.
ti   laeemlderate.
"If ye#Woa't stop nagging me, Km-
,iy. I siall\a|w��k%iyMir thla very mln-
ete" ^M
~T��k. aUt^s Ju�� like yon, wben yoa  ����n has had aiWther 'attark el Mart
u.w��hew ntPtas* I am when 1 Mar  t"��ub.a or Mra. ftobaou has a uew
--   --��� . hat.
Cause and Effect.
Mrs. Dobson��� Bridget toid m- ths
taw Mr. and Mrs. H**��oii going t<>
church this morning. I wender ��bat's
the matter!1
Mr. Uot>M��-Why.' either Mr. Hn��
ton ha. had atKlt^er attack 'ot Mart
aiiewMww nervna*
a ab**,">-tM*'htn Tlt-Hlta.
A Life Pe.ltlon.
Annttt^-Kthrt I. about to areept a
lifetime inh at twenty four hours a
dny PloreiM'*-Indeed! Anneito-Tes.
sue is going to mnrry a man ta reform
niiu -Chicago Newa.
i;rowtb la better than permanence,
nnd rerwianeht growth ta better tbaa
Unrolling Of.locr - What It yoolr
Recrtiit-Oweii E*pf Oassf.
Enrolling Officer (with evident trrt-
tationl-Shoot a few ol (hot* ii;"al*l
O. N, S. P. K. C. wbatf
Tht Wheie Thing.
'How's everything at your h��M*f"
. "Slia'a dl right, thank fats."
Service Men Attention I
All men in the city and district who
' have, served in any capacity in any
of His Majesty's forces, are invited
by the Royal Reception Committee
to parade and welcome H. R. H. the
Dlike of Cdnnaught.
���-   fa
: 7 .
Saturday, Sept. 21st, at 10 a.m.
.'' "' * }
n I
1 ;
Westminster Modern
Business Scbool
^M^K        T*'e       WPMBBBBBBM
Moderir Business School
''*~jCL bouck
PHndpal and Manager.
610 Columbia St. Phone 85S
i i  '������i-rrnr | ���
Meals at all hours. We serve
the best the market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
OVER Wl-fyl ME.
Alfred W. McLeod
Phone   62.'
657 Columbia 8t.,
t*ts*M   Westminste
Long evenings are coming on, in
consequence you will spend more
time reading. Let us help you enjoy
your reading by fitting you up with
glasses. We can supply the very best
lensea made it half the price that
aome othera charge. Whatever you
do dcn't buy from any but reputable
dealers. Beware of the transient���he
will Ao you sure. We guarantee every
sale we make to your satisfaction.
50 cents Op.   .
Curtis Drug Store
Phone ��:  L.. D. 71;
New 'Westminster.
Ree   72.
B   C.
Holidiy Complexion
Seely's Invisable
Peroxide Cream
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
The telephones of the'Weetttilnster
Dally News now are:
Editorial Office 991
Business Office   999
Mr. Ralph Wilson, of Victoria, le in
the city visiting friends aud relatives
He is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. R.
L. Dickinson, of Carnarvon street.
Mr. D. D. Bourke, of Cariboo street
ls confined to his bed owing to
severe hemorrhages, but expects to
be around In a few days.
Cement work.has been started on
Sixth street, between Columbia street
and Front street, and the stone setts
wlll be laid during the next two
Rye bread���like your mother us*.'
to make. Eighth Street Bakery. Tele-
phone R 281. *"
Mr. Barclay Martin, who sufTered
serious Injuries to his arm by the
falling of an axe at Port Moody last
week, has recovered the use or the
Freddie, the Infant eon of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Cairns, of 324 Tenth street,
vho was severely scalded the other
lay, is now fast on the road to re-
iovery and doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.
Miss   Minerva  A.   Smith, Graduate
af  Music,  has opened her studio at
13th avenue and    6th    street,
phone R735. H	
The new machinery \Vhich was ro
eently purchased at the cost of $10,000
for the new Columbia bithulithic
plant to be erected at the foot of
Tenth street, has arrived in the city
and a start has been made upon placing it In position.
The regular monthly meeting of
the directors of the Royal Columbian
hospital board will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the hospital.
The building committee of the board
will meet in the board of trade rooms
tomorrow at the same hour.
H. P. Vidal & Co. have moved their
jfflcea to No. 7 Sixth Btreet, and
varehouse to 10th street, In the Kellv
Oouglas building. **
The Burnaby board of trad? wil1
'iold its monthly meeting this even
ng, It is probable that the old municipal hall at Edmonds will again b.
ised feir the sessions of this body now
hat the work of enlarging and im
>rovlng the building is practlcall;
Mr. T. S. Craig and wife, of Sapper
.oi:,    are    visiting    several    Eastern
points and will be    away    for   about
'hree months.    Mrs.  Craig    has    no'
heen  tin  the best of health for soot1
little time and the eastern trip. It    Is
thought,  will do much  to  bring    her
bac': to good health.
The carpentry work connected wltb
A>e construction of the pavilion at tha
wr'asco-t on which the civic authorities will officially welcome His Royal
"Ugliness the Governor General, has
heen completed and a start will bo
made upon the decoration of the structure in a few days.
.Tmt arrived, a large consignment
of ladies and children's hats in all
'.he most approved styles for fall and
winter, including beaver, valeura and
the very latest in large velvet shape.
Our stock of ribbons, featherrnount,
etc.. car.not be excelled. Prices right
at Miss Davies private millinery parlor, 204 Agnes atreet, near St. Mary'o
hospital. **
Mr. M. W. Minthorne appeared in
the police court yesterday morning
charged with contravention of the
sanitary by-law by neglecting to connect the sewer of his house on
Seventeenth street. The case wa3 adjourned until today. Mr. S. J. Pearce.
health inspector, Is conducting the
Alderman Dodd is wearing the
-smile that won't come off these days
and is being deluged with congratulations from his colleagues and many
friends on account of an addition to
his family which came on Sunday
night. The new arrival is a virile ���
baby boy and both it and Hts. Dod.l
are doing excellently.
The Burquitlam agricultural hall
will be opened this evening b.v Mr. W.
J, Manson. M. L, A. for Dewdney, who
has cordially conceded to the request
ot the Agricultural society tliat he
perforin tha ceremony. The members
- f the Co(|iiitIam and Burnaby council
will also be present on the occasion
as the guests of the society.
The lumber and fishing people of
���he city have definitely decided ��o
build an arcii for the Duke of Con-
naueht's visit on Snturdav. The work
on the structure which will he erected
somewhere on Columbia street, will
be begun at once under the superintendence of Messrs. C. D. Peele and
M. Monk, of the royal reception com
some measure    responsible   for    hia
He had been ill off and on ever
since the War ended, and oame tc
Westminster with Mrs. Jones and
family from hU home in Ontario
about five months ago for the beneflt
of bis health. He took up his real
dence with his brother at whose
home he died. He is survived by his
wife and family. A number of h's old
comrades in arms residing In Westminster will attend the funeral.
The machinery Is rapidly being Installed In the newly erected premises
of the< Crystal Dairy Company, Limited, at 655 Sixth street, and It ls expected that within the next few days
the work wlll be completed. At full
capacity it Is calculated that the plant
will handle at least 300 gallons of
milk a day. The main building ls
60x40 feet vOn the main floor the
churning, bottling and Ice-cream making plant will be placed. Electric pow
er will be used throughout with the
exception of the ice making plant for
which a 35 horse power "Corliss" engine wlll be used to handle the distilled and condensed water. The Ice
manufactory will be what ls generally known aa a 16 ton plant, having
a refrigerator capacity of 16 tons and
an ice making capacity of 7% tons.
Leading off the main floor are the
business offices and two refrigerating
rooms. A "Shark" freezer Ib also to
be found on this floor which has a
temperaturie of ten below zero and Ib
used for handling ice cream. On the
basement floor are the Ice plant and
the boilers. When milk is brought
In, the B. C B. R. Ry. spur on to the
oroperty enables the cars to be run
alongside the elevator and the milk
is taken on the elevator platform up
to the third floor where lt is emptied
into the receiving tank. From this it
runs through the clarifier and the
���asteuriser and over the brine cooler
into the bottle filler. The bottles are
then placed In the cold store where
the milk is thoroughly cooled off be
fore delivery. On the top floor a
room is being fitted up as a testing
room and chemical laboratory. The
ice cream freezer, manufactured by
the Creamery Package Manufacturing
Company of Chicago, which has been
installed, has a continuous capacity
of 50 gallons an hour. In connection
with the brine used in the dairy it
may be mentioned that calcium Is
used instead of salt, developing as it
does 10 or 20 degrees more cold. A
stable 56x28 with feed barns above
'>as been erected some little distance
from the main building. The manage
ment is in tbe hands of Mr. George
E. Kaight, who organized the company.
The steamer Trader was In port
yesterday from Victoria loaded with
800 barrels of plaster for Uilley Bros.
The ocean going tug Diana, owned
by Macdonald and Marpole, of Vancouver, came up stream yesterday
towing two scows which are being
loaded with lumber at the Brunette
This morning in the police court,
Walter Davis and his alleged wife
will come up again in connection
wtth the robbery of the Bank of
Montreal. It la understood that a
definite .date will be set for their flrst
hearing which will take place soim
day next week.
At the present time two Toronto
detectives are speeding across the
continent to be present at the trial
and present evidence as to the clr
cumstances of Davis and his wlfe'a
arrest in the Queen City.
A violation of the Liquor act was
adjourned yesterday morntng and wlll
be threshed out this morning.
Several other cases regarding violation of city by-laws will also be heard.
Westminster, on 16th inst., to Mr
and Mrs. R. L. Cliff a son.
The most comfortable rooms ln the
city; hot and cold water and steam
radiator In each.
' Finest wines and spirits dispensed
at the bar, and first class cafe run ln
Phone  186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
on the Banjo, Zither Banjo,
Mandolin, Mandqla, Mando-
Cello and Guitar.
Dick" j. Lawrence
Leave instruments fer tuning or repairing at J. H. Todd'a Music House,
419 Columbia StreeL   Tel. 694.
[The Daily Use of oufj
���no other habit wlll render
the skin bo smooth, allay irritation, remove blackheads, pimples, freckles and sunburn as
quickly. It ia purely made and
possesses wonderful medicinal
properties. Use it dally, It's a
good habit.
Price 25c and SOc.
Druggist and Optician
Weatminater Truet Bleck
Lodge Roae of Columbia No. 115,
S. O. E., B. S.
Brethren are requested to assemble
at 2 p.m., Wednesday, September IS
at 113 Eighth avenue, to attend the
funeral of the late Brother Noble J
Jones, of Lodge Mistletoe, Owei:
Two Convicted Women frcm Vancouver Disappear Mysteriously.
Mystery surrounds the whereabout?
of Maud James and 'Billie" Howard
two  women  of the  urderworld  whe
were sentenced   two   weeks ago    to
serve twelve    months    in   prison by
Magistrate   South   at   Vancouver.  According  to  a  report   published   In     a
Vancouver evening patter tho convicted women were brought over to    the
provincial jail In this city by a Van
couver constable.    The authorities of
the Jail. It Ib alleged, refused to    accept  the  prisoners,   and as  the  duty
of the Vancouver    policeman    ceased
when  he had  handed  over the  committment paper aud the convicts he :
The women are not in the provin- ���
cial jail it wa3 asserted and an    in-1
"uirv at that institution   la��t    nig'it
elicited   the   Information   that   the j
names of tho women in question were
not registered on the books.
Thn   mystery   is   where .are   they
This New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold, water and Telephone in
every room.
Cafe and dining room In connection
second to none in the city.
The best accommodation ln New
Everything Modern and Up-Tu-Date
8th Street New Westminster.
One minute  from  B.C.E.  and  C.P.R.
 [175c Per Sack, 100 lbs.
The Vancouver paper ends its repor'! DplivPTPfl  FrPA   in    Rnv
with the following statement: v        /v7 n
'Tt is reported from New Westmln- ��� flaby,   City Or Sapperton
er that the Jailer nt the provincial i * rr
cert, the women b'-!
ster ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
jail would not accept the women because Jio had been Instructed bv the
warden not to accept aoy of th"
Alexander street women committed
from Vancouver."
Front  Street
Four doors Eaat of Bank of
"������    Montreal.
fc^Hkfatmlnfter, S. (.
JONES���The funeral of the lat*?
Noble Johnston Jones, who Aiei on
Sunday, September 15, will take place
I at 2 o'clock this afternoon from th"
' home of his brother, Mr. T. A. Jones
11" Eighth avenue, under the auspice1.;
of the Sons of England soe'efy, et
which the deceased was a member.
Mr. Jones waa 42 years of age, audi
a native of Ottawa, latterly living- at
Owen Sound. He was'-a/vett-ran of
the South African war, being a member of C company of the Royal Canadian regiment, the first contingent of
Canadians whicii left this country for
the scene Of the lighting. He wstlt
through   ns   engagements,   b'ir   ao:i
little.  Including  I'nardi h��r.a:.  with  his I
regiment, and it in wild that the effect
of  the  hardships of  tl>*  war v;*a la
dence lots In good locations, and
good investments at the prices they
can be bought for now, Suitable
terma can be arranged.
NO. 900���FOURTH STREET, 50x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
NO. 1327���SEVENTH AVENUE. 50x
120 to lane; cleared and fenced.
$1,060; one-third caBh.
lots, 60x132 each to lane. Price
31050 each; one-third cash.
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; one-
third cash.
near Fourth Street, two choice lots,
cleared; $1,275.00 each; one-third
Twelfth street, on upper side; good
view lot; cleared; 60x120 to lane.
Price $1560.; one-third cash.
Sixth avenue, 50x132; cleared and
graded; $2,000; one-third cash.
street, 50x110; cheapest good lots in
the city. Price $500 each; one-fifth
Edlnburg street; cleared and ready |
to build on.   Price $3200; one-third
NO. 957��� DOUBLE     CORNER      ON
Kourth avenue, Btreet on three sides.
$6,300; one-third caBh.
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and
In orchard. Price for a few days
only, $1,100; one-third cash.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write  Flre, Life, Accident,  Employers' Liability,
and Marine Insurance,
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
Modern Saw  Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
Prea. and Geni. Mgr.
See. Lid Treaa.
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
'    *TE*
There are Several Reasons
Improved tourist cars In service between Chicago, Montreal, Boston
and Chicago, Niagara Palls, Buffalo. They are upholstered ln
Hlack Leather, with comfortable cushions. Small detachable tables
for writing and luncheons. Isles thickly carpeted. Electric lighted and
electric fans. Enclosed smoking room for gentlemen *.:iA two separate
rooms for ladies, all having wash basins, plate glass mirrors, Iced
drinking water, soap, towels, combs, brushes, eu. 'lhe bedding consists of linen, blankets, pillows and hair mattresses. These cars are
thoroughly cleaned hy compressed air.
Through tickets supplied with choice of mutes and liberal stop-
overB. will be glad to call at your house or < ?f!ce and arrange
All Trans-Atlantic Line* Represented.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T.
Phone Seymour 7100.
W. E. DUPEROW. Q. A. P. D.
R. B.C.     127 Granville Street.
Houses To Rent
SIXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Harteo Street,    Mtdern   conveniences
$25.00 per month.
FOUR ROOM COTTAGE, 3rd. avenue, Burnaby, Modern conveniences.   $20.00 per month. ''���
EIGHT ROOM HOUSE on Hamllt*tt.; Street, 'Mo 'urn   conveniences
$30 00 per month.
FIVE ROOM HOUSE on Tenth averitie.   $18.00 per month.
THREE ROOM  HOUSE on 13th. atreet.   $10.00 per month.
628 and 743 Columbia Street, Phone 85., New' Weatminater, B. C.
We have now in stock the largest assortment of Watch Fobs ever exhibited in New
Westminster.   Examination invited.
Official Vn*. Iiwpeetor for C. P. It. snd B. C.
Electric Railway.
Irons, Cookers
and Heaters
Phone 656 63 Sixth Sireet
*a*******aa *���!*'
**.',. tppa ai


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