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Westminster Daily News Aug 30, 1912

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C N. R. Wants 150 Acres In
False Creek Or Will Build
Westmlnater     Is    Alternative���Offer
$1,500,000 Station, Fast Electric
Interurban Servlee.
Vancouver, Aug. 29���"Give us what
we want ln False creek and we will
build a million and a half dollar
station for you lft Vancouver." This
waB the ultimatum presented by
Colonel A. D. Davidson this evening
before the olty council,on behalf of
the Canadian Northern 'Railway company. ,
The plana of the company are that
the city present them with 150 acres
of land ln False creek. Part of this
land tbe city obtained through a bylaw ratllled by the voters a few
weeks ago. - The remainder the c'ty
would have to obtain and In return
the C. N. R. would give a maximum
sum of $COO,000.
That or Westminster.   ��� .
In the event of Vancouver turning
the proposition down, Colonel Davidson stated that the station and terminals would be built in New Westmlnater or some other place cn the mainland.
He desired the city council to treat
the company well. He explained It
was a Canadian line owned by Canadians and running across thc whole
of the Dominion. The company would
build a bulkhead at Main street, and
All in the present tide flats west of
the Main street bridge.
Twenty Minute Service.
It would electrify the system
where It entered the city and would
maintain u good suburban service between Vancouver and New Westminster which would enable the trip to
be made in 20 minutes. Furthermore,
it would allow any competitive compnny to use their tracks to enter
Mr. E. P. Davi3. K.C. was also
present representing the C. N. R.
After little discussion' the mntter was
referred to the" railways and brldjes
commltlee of the council.
By   Japanese   Fisherman���Is Attracting Much Attention In the
Westminster Zoo.
Appointed   for   Local   Exhibl-
���Bigger Cpase Allotted at
One of the largest and finest seals
that have ever oeen seen on the
Fraser river was caught in the net
of a Japanese salmon Usher on Wed
nesday, and was secured and brought
Into the city yesterday morning.
Immediately on Its arrival In Westmlnater a well known local realty
broker purchased the animal from Its
captor and donated it to the city zoo
at Queens park.
The seal ls a splendid specimen of
an animal In the opinion of all those
who have see.t it, and It has got its
brother In Stanley park beat In flfty
different ways. It is of unusual size
ati{l must weign in the neighborhood
of 200 pounds.
The animal was taken out to the
park yesterday afternoon and lodged
in the swan poiyid. It appeared quite
at home in its new quarters and dis
ported Itself in a manner that delighted the hearts of even the caretaker-.
Although It was only Ideated In the
zoo late yesterday a good many people were out to view it and it Is
certain that the animal will be the
leading attraction to all visitors at
lhe park in future.
Had Over $9000 In  Possession When
Arretted  in  Toronto���Cxtradi-
tlon   Proceedings.
The directors of th4 ijuniuittam
Agricultural Society mot uat n'ght
ln the Elue Mountain school house
North Road. Sir. Geor�� ������ AMerson
presided and the others present wore
Messrs E. -Wiltshire. A. J. Holme. W
Whiting, W. Walker. H. II. Buke"
and W. Belcham, seoreta-y.
A letter from Burnaby municipal
council was road inclosing a -heque
for $150 towards the fundi of thc society. A cheque for. a simila.- amount
w,as received from the Agricultural
Department, Victoria, towards tht
pri��e fund. Both were j.-.ilerrd tc te
acknowledged in suitable terms.
Intimation, from the AgiLult-.trai
Department waa received iippfilntin^-j
the following judges at the forthcom-1
lng fair on September 28: Live
Btock, Horatio Webb, Serdts; Fruit
asd vegetables. M. S. Middleton, assistant hortlculturallst; Poultry, H.
E. Upton, poultry Instructor.
On the motion of Mr. Holme it was
resolved to Insure the uew agricul
tural hall at once for $1500.
The chairman reported that he had
Instructed the painter contractor to
paint the new agricultural hall white.
but It appeared that the architect objected to that color. An aesthetic
discussion followed aud the matter
Pan left to tbe secretary to arrange
with the architect.
Mr. Whiting reported progress on
the subject of the district e\ htbtt at
the Provincial Exhibition, New Westmlnater, at which they had taken
fourth place last year.
An arrangement was made with
Mr. Whiting whereby that gentleman
would perform all the work connected with displaying the district exhibit at New Westminster fair, on tho
basis of-60 per cent, if they won a
prise, or $75 for outlays lt unsuccessful. I
The secretary emphasied the fact
that it was only five weeks until the
date ot their own fair day and urged
the appointment of the special prize
collectors Immediately. As a consequence, the president, George Aider-
son, and Messrs Whiting and Baker
were appointed.
The flrst hearing of Walter Walsh
and Alice Walsh, alias Alice Miller,
alias Maud Adams, who were brought
from Toronto on Wednesday evening will come up before Magistrate
Edmonds in police court this morning. Owing to the fact that the
woman had broken down during her
trip acioBS the continent and was in
uo shape to face a preliminary hearing, ihe* prisoners wero not brought,
up yesterday morning.
It is understood that this case and
that against Charles Dean, all of
whom are suspected in connection
with the Bank of Montreal robbery
which took plaee in this city last
September, are entirely  different.
Although thcorovu solicitors have
made no move as yet to show their
hand in regard to the evidence they
have prepared against Walsh and bis
companion, it is understood that a
charge cf having stolen money ln
possession will be preferred asainst
the two.
When arrested In Toronto tbe sum
of $.��020 in Bank of Montreal notes
was found in their possession besides
$7000 of American currency.
The courts In the States usually
open In September following the
summer vacation, and -news is expected any day afterwards in connection
with the movement apalnst Mac-
Namara to have him extradited to
New Westminster and join his alleged accomplice, Charles Dean.
The same applies to the Detroit
case where Martin Powell and a man
named Dalrymple are confined ln jail
awaiting proceedings towards extradition.
Crew of Polaris Co on Spree Ashore
���James Johnson
Starts Level.
Chilliwack Scheme Prevented���Shortage of Flacs���Ladies Volunteer
Definite Information that the arrival of tbe Uuke of Connaught ln
Westminster could not be changed
from 12 o'clock was contained In n
wire received by Acting Mayor Oray
yesterday afternoon. Tne telegram
stated: "The Governor-General wil
reach New Westminster about 12 or
12.30 on Sept. 21, and will leave again
at 5 p. m." Now that the time of
the arrival of His Royal Highness i.-
known arrangements for the reception nf the Royal party will be gono
ahead  with.
A meeting of the Royal committee
which has in hand the matter, wll!
be held in the Board of Trade' rooms
this afternoon at 3 o'clock, when a
program will be drawn up, and committees will be appointed to carry
out whatever plans are decided on.
The matter of preparing a decoration scheme ls progressing satisfactorily.
At a meeting of the Women's Coun
oil and affiliated societies yesterday
afternoon the ladies of the city generously acceded to the request of the
reception committee that they take
in hand the manufacturing of peo-J
nants and flags.
it was found impossible to securs
a Royal Standard to fly above the
pavilion or stand on which His Royal
ilighnesB will stand at Queens park,
either in Vancouver or Westminster
and the services of Miss A. Bland,
an expert needlewoman with Vear*
ot experience both in the Old Country and In the United States, have
been obtained to manufacture the
flag of the British Royalty.
lt was also found impossible to find
anything like the needed supply of
Union Jacks aud other national flags
either In Vancouver or Westminster,
where all the wholesale and retail
houses were visited, so that the.-r-
will have to be manufactured.
As the stay of the Royal party in
the city will be of such short durat-
tlon lt is hardly probable that tb
provincial and civic authorities, will
make the elaborate preparations to:
electrical <llsplay which were undei
tt ts ewpecWd,.- however,., that
every citizen v.'lll taV.e a sl^are In the
decoration scheme by means of flying
bunting and flags as well as festooning flowers from all of the conspicuous points of their houses and gardens. ���**
It is practically certain now that
the proposed trip of His Royal Highness to Chilliwack to open the agri
cultural exhibition there will be cut
out entirely. The city" officials of
that place were notified by phone
yesterday of the telegram that was
received from the Duke's secretary
and it was Intimated that this practically prevents the carrying out the
desire of the public wen of Westmin
ster tn have the Governor-General
visit Chillivack.- .     ,
Three  Our^'ars Visit Cloverdale, But
Get Nothing, Save Possibly
Three    of    San    Francisco's    Flytng
Legion Visit City���Regrets and
>4 ���������,������������������>������������ ���
���     ' ��� '       *
London. Aug. 2��-The Cana-N
dlan premier, Robert L. Borden, wlll leave England tomorrow, bound for home.
The sea still furnishes the world
with lots ot romance. The latest la
from Victoria where the crew of the
windjammer Polaris delayed the departure ot the ship 24 hours just for
tbe sake of a few rounds of drink. It
happened thus:
The word had been passed among
the crew of the schooner that the
James Johnson, the barkentlne which
lett the Fraser Mills on Wednesday
evening, was preparing to race the
Polaris from Cape Flattery to Australia.   Both are loaded with lumber.
With thoughts ot a thrilling race
and also more thoughts of going for
75 days perhaps without setting foot
on terra flrma, which meant ne more
swigs In the pub, the hands started
to celebrate Wednesday evening, with
the result that her captain when
ready to set sail, found no crew
aboard. With the tide fast going out,
and no crew In sight the boat was
forced to waste another 24 hours before the tugs could take her In tow.
This delay allowed the James Johnson to c.rceo up to her rival and both
boats will leave the straits about the
same time.
The captain of the Polaris still
claims that his charge has the edge
on the barkentlne and although she
will have to sail a few hundred miles
further���the distance trom Brisbane
to Sydney���he has made the bet that
hla boat will be the first sighted on
The "Flying'Legion," a party of lt-0
Influential husiness men anj oth-va
of San Praifcisco, which >�� touring
the northwestern states and British
Columbia, kept true to lta uame ;.3
terday when t*ree membars of the
party paid a flying visit to New,
Westminster. >       .
These were Messrs. Charles Stall-
man. A. B. Lacey and John Clover.
Mr. Stallman ls -president and manager of the Faclflc Tool and Supply
company^ ot San Francisco. The appearance of Columbia street Impress
ed the visitors Immensely and all of
them < were struck with the- bustling
tone ot the business streets and the
waterfront .
To a representative of the Westminster Daily News Mr. Stallmar
said the tour, had been one continual
round of surprises. Everywhere they
went the people appeared alive lo Uie
fact that the early opening of the
Panama oanal will mean great things
for the Pacific coast.
All the gentlemen expressed regret
that an arrangement could not have
been made, for the Legion to pay a
��tslt to New Westminster, but what
they had \een during th$ short space
of time they were ini the c'ty,' thev
would certainly pas3 along to their
T1& burgling circuit continues. Yesterday morning the store of H. B.
Parr, Cloverdale, was forced open
from the rear and his safe blown to
pieces with nitro-glycerine or some
other powerful explosive.
There was no money in the safe,
as Mr. Parr ts careful to deposit his
cash dally ln the local bank ano
takes personal possession of what it
gathered In subsequently. Indeed a
previous experience of the yeggmen.
about a year ago, caused Mr. Parr to
paste a typewritten notice on the
safe to "those desirous of Investigating the contents of this safe���it is
unnecessary to blow It open.' The
combination ls there before you."
The noise of the explosion awoke
tl��e whole village. Mr. Parr, who
lives on the other side of the street
saw a light and' three men at the
snore door. He dred three shots
which passed through the store window, but otherwise took no apparent
effect. 1
The robbers returned the fire and
made good their e3cape. It Is said
Mr. Fournier, baker, also fired at
them. It is suspected they had an
auto near by and that they are the
same gang as were concerned in the
Chilliwack outrage  the  night before.
Constable Matheson, immediately
after the alarm, instituted a hunt for
the miscreants and notified the surrounding districts and police, but to
date nothing farther has been learned of the burglars.
Will Tell Alberta Grain  Crowero    of
Fraecr's Advantages as Shipping
Citizens  Will   Vote  ott  Location    of
Heaps   Engineering   Works
Very Shortly.
Canadian Cabinet Will Consider    Information    on
Naval Defence.
Laurier    Not
Invited    to    Confer,
Neither Has VI_Wt of Ministers '
Been Arranged.
Realising the need for Immed'aU
action if Westminster is to become fa
site for grain elevators, the pubLcity
committee cf control adopted tht
suggestion of tbe Progressive assoc.a
tlon and will send Mr. Kenneth
Myers and Mr. W. L. Darling to Alberta to Interest ihe United Farmers
association of that province and lead
Ing gftiln people of the provinces In
the advantages of Westminster as a
grain port. This was do^'del at a
special meeting of the committee
held yesterday morning ut whic!,
every person was iffianlmous in the
opinion that the move was a good
The expenses of the trip, Wbfeh It
is erpected will be in the ne'ghber-
hood of $200, will be borne by the
city, the board cf trade and the Progressive association. The city will
contribute $100 and the balance will
be divided between the other bodies
The decision of the publicity committee of control Is a sequel to    tbe
meeting of the executive of th-i Progressive   association   on  Tuesday   at    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
which  Mr.  James Robb. of the Cal- j importance, not only to Ccnada, but
gary grain exchange, advised the as-]t0 tbe whole empire
sociation that lf the Royal City wish- Naval   Defence,
ed to secure grain elevators the mat- "Among the mos��, Important cbjectj
ter should be taken up Immediately ot our visit was *hetvdeslre to obtajn
with the United Farmers of Alberta | information  respecting conditions  of
London, Aug. 29.~Premler Borden
tonight handed the Canadian Associated Press the following official statement covering his visit: t*
"During our present visit which is
now drawing to a conclusion, matter*
of considerable moment have been
under consideration ai:d opportunities afforded the Canadian ministers
of being present at meetings of tho
imperial defence committee, have
been fruitful in valuable information
upon matters considered aud determined by that 'committee. His��
Majesty's ministers have received us.
most cordially and we bave had thn
advantage of discussing with mutual
frankness  questions., of the greatest
and the leading grain men of    that
Those present at the meeting yesterday morning were: Acting Mayor
Gray. Aldermen Curtis and White.
President J. R. Duncan, of the board
of trade, Secretary Myers, of the Progressive association, ��"d Mr. C. H.
Stuart Wade, citv publicitv comm's-
Rioner. The acting mayor was In
the chair.
���v"*.'ilhlnL.a tew days a by-law will be
submitted to the electorate of New
Westminster which, lt passed, will
mean that the Heaps Manufacturing
company, successors to the Schaake
machine works, would soon start
operations on their building which
they desire to have located on Lulu
A meeting took place yesterday
morning between the finance committee of the city council and Mr. E.
H. Heaps and Mr. H. Schaake, when
the final details of the agreement between the company and the city
were discussed. The company wishes
to lease from the city 697 feet of
.land In Queensborough at a yearly
rental of $1742.25. The company also desires the option of purchasing
the property at the end of live years
for $69,700, or (104,550 if purchased I
within seven years, and if the com- J
pany desires at the end of ten years
they can secure, the property for the
���sum of $139,400. If after that time
they desire to purchase, the whole
matter will be left to arbitration.
Not only has the company agreed
to employ not less than 100 men, bui
none but white labor will be, employed. The finance committee has Instructed the city solicitor to draft a
by-law, and this will be given its
first and second readings at the council meeting to be held this evening.
Little difficulty is expected In passing the by-law, for, according .to ou&
member of the city eounell, the ct��y
not only gets a^good price for the
tease or sale, but. the Industry will
employ none1 but skilled labor who
will spend their money with local
���tradesmen, there are so very few
shops of Its kind on the Paciflc coa.t
at this time that New Westminster
hia one grand offer to take the lend
and secure a manufactory which,
when the west becomes more populated, as it is bound to be. will mos*
undoubtedly be a factor In the inilr.s
trial welfare of ��� the city.
Remarkable    Xaer.es     in     London���
Bramwell  Booth Reads Service���
Tremendous Crowds.
London, Aug. 29.���The body cf the
founder of the Salvation Army, General William Booth, was buried beside that of his wife today in the
old cemetery of Abney Park, in the
heart of the east end of London,
where the great evangelist began the
work that spread over the entire
world. No suoh gathering ' of the
populace on a funeral. occasion has
been witnessed here except upon the
deaths of Queen Victoria aud King
Edward VII. M
-#***&���������    thousand       S.iI.vationIrts-j^f^~ re'opV in the .progress,
naval defence affecting the empire.
The stress of the pnsent session of
parliament now adjoitrijed and other
unavoidable causes prevented us receiving full Information In its final'
form, but'we expect It will reach us
very shortly after our return to Canada and with no unnecessary delay
it will be considered by the Canadian-
cabinet. .
No  Visit Arranged.
"Several unfounded and inaccurate
rumors in regard   to   the   incidents
which have been the outcome of our
present visit have gained currency in
the  British and Canadian  press.    It
would be impossible 'to enumerate alf
of them.    Allusion; jhdwever, may be
made to one: Sir Wilfrid Laurier has
not declined to meet myself !n    conference  with  certain  British    ministers  for  the   very  good   reason  that
he has uot been,#s*od<to do so and
tot: ibp- turtfieFtSS^that no e*����
ot British. ministers to  Canada ba��
yet been ananged.
"1 desire to express my very earnest and grateful appreciation of the-
warm welcome which everywhere
and on all sides has been accorded
us since our arrival In Englanjj. Oiir
reception in France was equally
cordial. Limitations upon my time
have preverted me from extending
my visit to other portions of the British Isles and the continent of Europe,,
but I hope to supply that omission onr.
a future and early occasion. We
shall take back with us to Canada
the happiest memories of the present
visit. Especially have we been Im-
ncsicd b>  the keen interest cf
��� ���������������������������������������������(the Australian shores.
. Tho party left Vancouver last eve*i
lng for Seattle having spe"t the
uroater part o' this v.p��k la Victoria'
Nanaimo and' Vancouver.
Toll of the Rail.
Brockville. Oit., Aug. 29.���-Nathan
Purvis, a  middle aged  farmer, was
struck and killed by a freight, train
'near    Lynn    today.    The   body wM
Municipal Hall Almost   Completed���
Read Building Held Op ior
Lack of Rock.
Cloverdalo, Aug. 29���The municipal
[/hall la nearly finished and wlll shortly be taken over trom the eontrac;
tors, Itesars. Vickers a-Co., Vancouver. * '
The council Is somewhat exasperated by the ^ability of the B. C. E.
R. to provide cars for the transports^
tlon of rook to the bunkers lrom Vedder mountain,' which rtadly hinders
tbe improvement and repair of tho
roads within the municipality.
Tho crops ln the Clove'rdale district    are    exceptionally heavy, this
brought to Brockville where an lift Vear, and a cessation of ra1nyrwe*
quest was opened, but was adjourned; ther and tht advent of good harvest-
to await the testimony of the train ���"���? conditions It devoutly wished
crew. for.
keeping step to .sell unown Salvationist tunes, played by for:y bands,
marched over the five njileB from
the army headquarters to the burial
ground. It was more in tbe nature
of a triumphant procession thau an
occasion of mourning.
In the' same streets only a few
years ago, not a few of those who
marched today had been mobbed and
jeered. No one could estimate the
numbers who had assembled everywhere, gathered to witness the passing of the funeral of the late com-
mjnder-in-chlef\ All streeta and windows along the march were crowded
and even house tops jammed with
silent throngs. Flags along the route
drooped, rain soaked, at halt mast
and   many    business   houses   were
c!r*sdi     '
The multitude ln and about the
cemetery numbered no less than flfty
thousand. Thn new commander,
Bramwell Booth, pronounced a long
eulogy and read the committal service when his father's body was lowered Into tho grave.
The mayor of Sloke-Newington and
the mayor of Hackney in their robes
ot office, were seated on ths platform with the Booth family. Mrs.
Catherine Booth CUbborn, the late
generiir8 eldest daughter., who for
yes rs had been estranged from the
army, with her husband and ber
twelve children, sat among the
Miss tSva Booth, commander ot the
army in tho United States, who arrived, tn London just in time to walk
beblhd her father's coffin, broke
down with grief and fatigue.
Mrs. Booth Hellberg begged the
audience to excuse her sister from
speaking, hut the arm/ was anxious
to hear the American leader, and ahe
'eame forward, Bramwell Booth and
Mrs. Hellberg supporting her.
Won, out hy the march, .many Salvationists were ready to drop when
they reached the cemetery. White
the ceremonies were going ott tainting soldiers fell oh all sides, White
uniformed nurses of the army at-
,tended the sufferers.
Marines Land in .Nicaragua.
San ins** t>s*\ g-ir. Nicaragua, Jims.
29.���The United States cruiser California arrived here today with a de-
veloi-mei; L and influence of the overseas dominions.
Hopeful Outlook.
"Beyond doubt there Is fn    these
Islands   the   earnest   and confident.'
spirit of hope and anticipation  that:
in^tiie  momentous  years  which  are:
already upon us, the complex, and dif- -
ferent  problems that confront    this
vast empire will be   solved    wisely,.,
worthily and In accordance with the-
loftiest traditions of our history,".
Harvest Fields Still Call for Twent*-
flve, Thousand Msn���Need.
More Special Train*.
Winnipeg, Aug. 29.���"We are still
short of 26,000 harvesters to meet
the requirements of the west," said-
Mr. J. Bruce Walker, Dominion cobs--
missloner ot- Immigration, (his mora-i
lng, "and 1 am. extremely anxious that.
every effort should be made to obtain
"I concede that Uie harvesters
specials have been' Ailed to over flow-
ln*,M be Continued,*"with a splendid
class ot workers, but I am afraid
that our friends from Ontario have
tailed to appreciate the urgent needs
of the w< stern farmers for thla
year's crop,
"The estimate *st 50.0W Is not tbe
slightest exaggeration, npt more
than 20;000 fropi Sastern Canada
have reached Winnipeg to date.
"Deputy Minister Harcourt. of M-
tnonton, wires me today: There are*
not enough men for harvest In (Mb*
province as yet. Advisable to get:
railway companies to run mere gpe^-
ol&l trains.'
"Deputy  Minister, Mantel, of Sao*-
kutchewan, wlirps   me:     'Saskatche*
wan has about one-hfHf the iramber
of men required. Strongly advlso np- -
plementary excursions.'
"Western farmers are   paying   |3 *
and 13.50 per day   with   hoard   tor*.
tachment of marines on board wbe good experienced" hands.   This ta tt
are to be used for the protection ot .���> cett inorea<ed**r the wagee of
American life and propertv in Nloara- thhM( year, fc|i> ^ne the harreatdrt*
gua. Kvery thing Is quiet in this port expenses have not increased;" " r���
Classified Advertising
One cent per word for day.
Flour oents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices SOc per insertion.
bedroom, near Library.    Apply Ar-
|    row Press, 609 Victoria street.
FOR RENT���New small bright store
near corner of Sixth and Carnarvon streets. Low rent. Premises
heated. Apply Alfred W. McLeod,
657 Columbia street.
maker applv 1039 Fourth avenue.
TO RENT���Unfurnished housekeeping rooms, also newly furnished
rooms. Apply, 324 Tenth street,
ed tsottage by the first week In
September, by  aged   couple.     Sap-
' perton district preferred. Address
M. A. S��� Sapperton P. O.
FURNISHED ROOMS by day or week
over Royal Bank of Canada. 654
Columbia street.
FOR     RENT���Housekeeping     rooms
and   furniBhed  rooms,  412  Ash St.
WANTED���Earn $20.00 weekly in
spare time mailing circulars and
advertising New Co-operativo mail
order house. Supplies free. Consumers'  Association, Windsor,  Out.
keeping rooms.    224 Seventh street
vate family; good wages. Apply 515
Fifth avenue.
quire two comfortable furnished
.���rooms; old country family pre-
ferred.    Apply room 2, B. C. E. R.
depot.    Phone 401.  I
lighted room, 30x30 feet, in Hard-
man block, suitable for office or
workroom or may easily be divided
to make a two or throe room apartment suite. Kor terms apply Westminster Dally News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room B, Knlnhis of Pythlai
hali. corner Eighth sireet and Agnes
City steam laundry.
bedroom, furnished. Terms reasonable.    720 Agnes street.
3G Hastings stieet.
cafe,   opposite C. P. K.
house.    Adilresa Hox 7tto City.
I    siiltuble for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping.     Apply 213   Seveuth
i    street.
is commanding more attention today than any of Its rivals���and
that is Fort Fraser, B. C. With
its sawmill, stores, branch bank
���(this fall.) post office, telegraph
office i this fall,) 80-roomed hotel
being built and a real live newspaper be ing Issued���Fort /Fraser
is awakening the world to the possibilities of its future. The newspaper���"The Fort Fraser News,"
is a good clean sheet. Send today
to the secretary for a sample copy
and for full information about the
opportunities that await YOU.
Fort Fraser Development Club, W.
A. Matheson, Sec, Vancouver of
/ice,  101  Winch  Bldg.
PRAIRIE    ACREAGE    SNAP  ���  160
acres, all under cultivation. Between
Calgary and Edmonton, near station. Ninety-six acrea in Timothy
tiay; barn and stable on the property. Price $45 an .acre, will
trade for Burnaby acreage.
119.75 for $2600; third cash; terms
6, 12 and 18 months. This is a
-ACREAGE 8NAP���200 acres choice
land, on Chilliwack car line, not far
from Sardis. Small house, large
*arn. rjlgh and ' dry, no dyking
itax. Price $175 per acre. Terms
to arrange.
all planted and under irrigation at
:*500 an acre. Choice district. Will
consider good proposition to trade.
Fully equipped. Excellent turnover.   Snap price $500. j
partly cleared; $750; one-half cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
HERE'S ANOTHER Sapperton Bargain���Lot size 34x120; near school;
��5.71); one-third cash.
HOUSE'BARGAIN at Sapperton���Five
rooms   lot  99x70;   for   $2750;   one-
t third cash,   balance   6, 12   and   18
choice building lot on Sixth avenue,
facing on two streets,50xl40. Fine
proposition for two houses. Can be
bought at snap price. Call and see
See Us About Highland Home.
Real  Estate and  Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block, New Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295,        P. 0, Box 777.
COKNET FOR SALE (with case), silver plated, s^iend'd condition. Cos,
$100; will sol! cheap for quick sale.
W. 2.1. Chapman, care of Lc-.es Ltd.
FOR SAI E���Ei^lit roomed modern
housei cement block foundation, full
basement, furnace, separate bath
and toilet, splendid view, one biocK
J'iom car line, close to Sixth avenue. I'rice right, good terms. Own
er leaving town. Addres3 owr.er,
P.O. box S75, City.
estate���One team bay horses, six
years old, weight about 1100 each;
together with one set of hand-made
brass mounted harness, all in first-
class condition, Horses are city
broke. Address box 109, Daily
.News office.
French Merchants Expected to Bring
About Material Increase In
I Near Future.
Ottawa, Aug. 29.���Following the recent visit of lit. Ron. R. L. Borden,
rion. L. P, Pelletier and other Canadian ministers to Paris, it is expected that an effort will be ffiade by
merchants and commercial organizations in France to bring about a substantial Increase in the trade now being carried on between that country
and   Canada.
Witli this object in view Canada
will likely be visited within the next
fortnight by Mr. P. E. Fletcher, chairman of the Canadian section of the
British Chamber of Commerce in
Mr. Fletcher plans to sail during
the present week for Montreal and
will make an extended tour of both
Canada and the United States, arriving In the latter part of September
in Boston, where he will represent
the Paris Chamber of Commerce at
the International Congress of Chambers cf Commerce, to be held in that
lt is understood that while in Canada Mr. Fletcher will be employed
in encouraging us far as possible the
"���nort of Canadian manufactured
products to France, the trade In certain lines of manufactures being considered capable of great improvement.
Results of Tenth    Month   .tn    International Egg Laying Contest at
Following is the report of the International Egg Laying Contest, held
under the joint, auspices of the Hritish Columbia Poultry Association,
Vancouver Exhibition Hoard, and the
Provincial Government.
Total eggs laid up to end of tent*
month, Aug. 20, 1912:
Pen���Class 1. Eggs Laid.
2, White Leghorns   841
9, White Leghorns   751
14,  White Leghorns   64B
19, White Leghorns   ��4ii
4, White Leghorns   631
10, White Leghorns   625
18, White Leghorns   590
12, Whlto Leghorns   5S2
20, White Leghorns   582
23. White  Leghorns   580
1, White Leghorns   576
5, White Leghorns   573
White Leghorns  653
Buff Leghorns   ,545
White  Leghorns   .536
6, Brown Leghorns  4/9
3, Whlto Leghorns  476
Anconas Leghorns   476
White Leghorns   45-t
White Leghcnis   460
White Leghorns   41)'-
White Leghorns   380
11, White Leghorns
Auckland Has Been Selected as Most
Suitable  Point.
Auckland,    Aug.     29.���Preparations
for   the  establishment   of   a   Pacific
naval base for the China squadron at
Auckland,    are   being   made.      The I
Auckland  Harbor Board have placed!
a largo, shed at  the disposal of the
admiralty for the temporary storage^
of gear.
At a meeting of the harbor  board,
the chairran stated tliat the existing i
agreement between   the   beard   and]
Hie  admiralty  prodded  for tiie  use
of the plant at Calliope dock and the I
idn'iralty   reserved    twb   acred   fori
naval  purpose1*.    The board received i
i subsidy of $30,000 a year from the!
admiralt-.    A   eons'durable  stock   6tj.��ay���.
ical  will  be stored at Auckland and
ilso oil fuel ami petrol.
S"b-ci?��'' for fuel will he es'^hllsh-
ed at Wellington, Lyttleton and Dun-
Pen-Class II.                      Eggs Laid
38,   White   Wyandottes    692
33, Rhode  Island  Reds     6Si
31, Rhode Island Reds   631)
26, Barred Rocks  604
34, White Wyandottes   59L
37  Burred Bocks   580
39���  Bull' Orpingtons    5/4
32, Rhode Island Beds  5i;:>
Barred Rocks    513
Butt Rod I   185
White Wyandottes  442
Buff Orpingtons    43i.
Partridge Wyandottes   427
Silver-Laced Wyandottes   3S0
Columbian Wyandottes  364
Silver-Penciled   Wyandottes. .358
toei?, 100 lbs for 75c, The finest of;
red beets, 11)0 lbs for $1.00. Good
carrots per sack, $1. Free delivery daily. Apply Hatt-Cook, potato
merchant. 527 Front street, 'phone
Woman Threa'ers Tnf*.
Columbus. Olio, Aug. 29.���Caroline
Rrers. aged 41. who said ahe was
from Greenville. Ohio, was arrested
hv p^tt^bnr? ''o'ectives nt the Southern Hotel while waiting for President
"it'l  she was the wife   cf the president.
' j gill   rjuiyi   wuilt-   wailing   lui   nwi
Taft with two long knives found
'scaled in her clothing.     The wo
Rooms.  828  Royal  Avenue.
teen fruit trees full bearing, 75
chicks, coups; lot 50x138 to 20 foot
lape; water and light; $1450. Small
payment, balance monthly. Also one
lot with 20 trees and some chickens.
Apply Owner, on lpt 28 Hlghth
avenue, East Burnaby, between
Second and Fourth street, one aud
one-half blocks from car.
most new.   408 Fifth street.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnes
etreet, city.
���cement blocks, chimneys, brick
ttaandry tubs, drain file and fireproof, gormproof, waterproof, sanitary plastic flooring, see J. W. McCallum, Westminster Trust biock.
jPboncs: Office 434; house L 885.
coop and chickens, 21 frutt trees
full bearing; lot 5. 50x132 feet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Burnaby, hetween Second and
Fourth streets. Price $1350; very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
ate sale, six roomed house, block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
ranges on easy terms: $l.oo down,
$1.00 per w-ek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
John Wanamaker III.
Philadelphia. Aug. 29.���John Wan-
amaker. merchant and former postmaster-general, is reported seriously
ill at his son's home in Atlantic City.
At Mr. Wana-.-aker's store it was
said he had been 111 with a cold for
two weeks and conflred to h's room
but was bett'-. Positive denial was
iiade of a ito-v tbat he had undergone a surgical operation.
Notice is hereby given that the
Statutory Meeting of the Board of
Licensed Commissioners will be held
at the Municipal Hall, Wednesday,
September llth, inst.. at 10 o'clock In
the forenoon.
(Signed)   ARTHUR  G.  MOORE,
Clerk to tht; Commissioners.
Edmonds, B.C.. August 29th, 1912.
;LOST~Jt  small   leather   wallet  containing railway  transportation  and
,membership cards made out to G.
.8.   Whttaker,   Calgary;   also   small I duplicate of the said   certificate, tin's*!! ver (card case and memo pocket'less in the mnnntime valid   objection
Re a part (100 feet by 100 feet) of a
portion (six acres more or less) of the
fractional southwest quarter of Section 29, Township 20 In the district.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 15442A, issued
in tbe name of John Barker, has been-
filed in this office.
Title Number 15442A, issued In the
name of John Barker, has been flled in
this ofTice.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dilly newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
has received a despatch from the Military Secretary to His Royal Highness
the Duke of Connaught,' Governor-
General of Canada, setting forth the
program of the tour of His Royal
Highness in British Columbia during
September and October next. T!ie
following places will be visited:
Kamloops���3 p. m. to 6:15 p. m. on
the 17th September.
Vancouver��� 3 p. m. on the 18th
September to evening of 20th.
New Westminster���Ou 21st Septem
Prince Rupert���11 a. m. on 23rd
Kentember tc evening of 25th (including a possible visit to Hazelton).
Nanaimo���11 a. m. to 1 p. m., on the
.'7 th Septem hrr.
Victoria���Evening of 27th September to 3rd October.
Vernon���Morning of 4th October to
11 a. m. on same day.
Penticton���4 p. m. on 4th October
to 5 p. m. on 5lh.
Robson via Arrowhead���7 p. m. to
1 p. nv cn 6th October.
Average price of eggs, 40c per dozi
en. Pen temperatures, highest 86 de
grees; lowest, 44 degrees; average
mean, 56.6 degrees. (These are shade
temperatures). Rain fell on eleven
very heavily cn the 15th.
Twenty-one days bright, and four
dull days were recorded. A great
variance of temperature was experienced ln the 4th, tho glass rising
from 44 decrees to SO decrees dUElflf
the day.
Fears were erprcsscd that the egg
yield would suffer during the pas;
montb, owing to the Vancouver Exhibition being held on the grounds.
From a perusal of tho records, opposite results were obtained, owing,
no doubt, to the fact that blasting
was discontinued during the exhibition. The egg yield waB higher frcr
Aug. 13, to 20 than during the earlier period of the mouth. During
the first day of the Poultry S^tow.
the birds were" greatly disturbed by
the crowing.
Pen 2 In Class 1 still forge3 ahead
increasing its lead over Pen 9 by 17
eggs during the month. Pen 19 dis
places Pen 4 in fourth place, and
ties Pen 14 fcr third place. Pen lt
creeps up nearer to Pen 4. six eggs
only being the difference this month.
Pen 5 drops from seventh to twelfth
place. Pen 2D Jumps from twelfth tc
sixth, tleing with Pen 12.
Following are highest producers
during month: Pen 7 (109), 2 (107)
10 and 20 (105 each), 18 (103), I
(102), 12 (99), 21 (96), 19 (95), 9
(90). Pen 3 scored 17 eggs, and Pen
17. 24 eggs during the month. The
former pen Ms moulting, and apparently very listless.
In Class 2, Pen 38 increase its lead
by one egg during the month, over
Pon 33. Pen 26 separates from Pen
38 in fourth place, and reduce 31's
lead by 10 eggs during the month.
Pen 32 reduces 37's lead by 20 eggs
this month.
. Top scores for the month: Pen 32
(108). Pen 26 (95), 37 (83), 38 (86).
33. 31. 34, 35  (85 each).
Broodie3���Pen 30 (5), 25, 29, (4
eachl. 35 (3). 27, 34. 36 (2 each), 26
31. 32, 33, 39 (1 each).
It wlll be noticed that ln Class 1,
quite a few pens have ennal records
Pens 14 and 19, 12 and 20. 3 and 21,
are running neck ar.d neck.
As corroborating the oft-repeated
assert'on that strain and stamina is
-iore 1mrv"'*'"U than breed. It, mav
4cntioT>Sd ths* four or five of the
���  (lassi 1 are related,
se  r\),
J.  P..  TERr.Y,  Sec.
les "lihg
-nd are
book.:believed to be lost between
Westminster and Port Mann. Finder
willl be liberally rewarded by leaving at Mn*1��(Mjiw>ll fc Darllns's office
JHovr 1ft'e����iiJin��ier.
be made to n;n in writing
D'strict Registrar of Tltlns.
Land Registry OfTice, New Westminster, B. C, Aug. 15, 1912.
Ccrucr  on   Barley.
Portland.  Ore.  Aug,    29.���One   cf
the largest  ''grain    deals    ever    put
through   in   tho    Pacific    Northwes'
came to Ufcht todAV. Bv the purchase
'     -I;^? ��' ���"��� October ,:,,   ja^JfeSS PC^rMl��
practically scc.-ircd a corner on all
���he brewing barley jrcduced in this
region, grain men admit. Houser Is
credited with making a profit of
$250,000 b ' i" Similar corner last year.
Houser's baric V-as void In the East
last year. This year he will export
It, he annovrced.
noon oh same day!
Kootenay Landing���t p, m. Ob 7th,
leaving early next day.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Victoria,
Cth July, 1912.
Exclusive sale of 9 lots, 52x164,
vlth 20 foot lane in the rear, on
>7ewcome Road and Thirteenth Ave.,
���Hast Burnaby. Price $550; $50 down
balance $15 per mouth.
Four and a half acres in Surrey.
10 miles from New Westminster and
i mile from Sullivan station, B.C.E.R
"rice $900; $100 down and balance
UO per month.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phons 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
and Sixth Street.
Safest Ship Afloat,
London, Aug. 29.���At the launch
'ng of the Canndlan Paciflc steamer
the Empress of Russia, yesterday,
the chairman of the building company Baid that the question of safety
at sea had been much before the public of late. This new vessel Ib so constructed that In the event of anything unforsemi occurring, she would
float with any of her four compart-
metns flooded, instead of two compartments which had been the Board
of Trade standard of safety hitherto,
and as far as he was aware, this was
the flrst merchant ship launched In
this condition.
Rscklsat el Oingsr, ths Gr��> t Qmtrsl
W's Cllsn Wounded.
I.i reply to tlie nuestion in wliat
entratfeiiieiil-. he considered li. useli lo
Iibvb lieen' in the iireatest danger e|
losing his- lite. Napoleon once satd,
"Iti tho eniiiineiicetreiit (.1 my r**n*
paigns." Indeed, il further proof were
demanded tn show that lie did not
spare himself st Toulon it !i only
necessary to add Hint during the en
weeks of its sieue Napoleon, in addi-
lion to a bayonet wound in hu thigh,
had three horses shot under 'lim,
while at th�� siege of Acre, during
tlie expedition to Egypt, he lost no
fewer than four in tlie same manner.
During the last days of hit life,
when captivity, disappointment and
sickness had well nigh completed
tlieir work, it is said that the agony
of his f��taI disease drew from him rn
meny occnsfnri* the pitiful cry ol,
"Why did Hie cannon balls spare
Burins his Inrjj military career
Napoleon fought sixty I'ttles, wliile
Caesar fought but fifty. In the early
part ol his career I e was utterly reckless of dancer wliile on the battle-
Held, snd this spirit <>I fearlessnpss
contributed largely to the love and
esteem in wliich he wss held by hu
arhliet, Tliere wns a curious belief
among tiie English in Nnpoleon'n
time that he had never been wounded,
and indeed the report was current that
ba carefully if not in �� cowardly iiiiiu-
ner refrained  froui exposing himself.
Nothing emil | Uo more contrary to
the truth, fur lie wss in reslity sev.
enl times severely wounded, but in
he w|shad tn impress upon ins trnnpj
,the belief that Briod fortune never deserted hun aid thst, like Achilles, lie
win well iruh invulnerable he always
made a secret of his many danger*.
He therefore enjoined mice inr oil
upon the part uf his Immedlsta stiff
tlie most Hlxuliite silence regarding
all circumstani'ps ,,f thjs nat'ire, f >r
It is almost Impossible tn calculate
the eoiifu-iou h ml disunW which
would ha've resulted ffniii the slhiht.
est report ur llie smallest dutiU rula-
tive to his exi.-tonce.
Upon the siiujle tVread nf 1lii��
mail's life depended not "nlv the late
and government i f n trrPSt empire, In*,
the whole policy and destiny ui Euro;* as well.
Fall Model Designed
For September Bride.
An Honest Sergsant.
A miliuiry ��torv com-s from Ireland. A noncommissioned nfflcr,
I'litcrihu a harrapk p��te in Dnbliti,
was Titstuken liy 'he "fresli one" on
���entry en, who immediately minted
him. Thp noncommissioned oMcnr.
nnnwnr*1 that his colonel wns in-t behind, returned tha salut/1. a tliina not
permissdile under the circifmstnncis.
Arrived st his quarters, he wa�� ��ur-
pri��:d to &ad nn ordpr for him to attend lufore the colonel. On pres"iit-
ing himself he \ym liked ho* ,1m
came lo return the ��niuti'. knowing;
lull wo|l he not entitj'd t<> it. Not
in the least eniliarrHSsed. Ite promptly
aniwpp'd. "Sir. 1 always 'r turn
evcrythina I hmi not pn itled tn." The
colonel, taken nl'sck liy liis ready wit.
laughingly  dismissed   him.
Tbls French costume���nn early fnll
I model dtxlgncd tor il September trou*
i St'lIU is ut nnvy tilue sn tin draped musl
j gracefully In modified pannier style,
j Tbe little yoke ut Hand hemmed tmllste
]   U   lliulllhll.
Budding Genius. *
A newspaper recently offered i.
prize fnr tlie best rtory to be written
by a pupil of tlie public school. Here
sre a few passases from the mntrihu
tions: "Cora Brown was fortunately
the possessor of a birthday, frr 'he
was the daughter ol rich f.Jcnd.*."
"But all this time a cloud was pothering over Mrs. Delafiey. which- *������#
large as years went by. and thst clou I
was lull of gras'hoppers." "My father desired nie to marry a hsr.k preiu
dent, s liitidsnrne. reckless mat), fond
of nauirlit save the gamini! ttble. '
" 'Vat I dell ynu. vat I dell you.'
shouted the Irishman." "A* she en.
tered the room a cold, damp smell
met her sight."
Cey'.nn provides us with the hu'k r,'.
our cinnamon, which is the aromatic
bark ol rertsin trees common tn thst
island. The trees rrt never allowed
to grow higher th��r. ten feet. Durnw
the season of harvet'tinir. of whicii
there are two a year, the branches
uf thrse to five years' growth are cu'
down and the top surface nf the hark
scraped sway. Then the bark is rip
ped up longitudinally into slices,
which when exposed to the sun to dr>
curl up into quills. In the curse o|
drying tlie oil, upon which the aroun
snd flavor depend, is diflu.ieJ
throughout the bark.
She Knew Better.
"But. madam," says the srehi'ect.
"it is utterly impossible to build the
house the wuy you want it planned
The rooms ynu specify will occupy
i.OOO square Let n.ore ol Hoor spnee
tliat'- ia c.'i tair.ed in the total dim-ui
siui;a"r,f tlie lol on which tlie house u
t- 1)3 built."
**lXWlll|ClUft|" *nys the woman. "U.'SV
j< it, then, that my dres:m<iK( r ll sVt
to give ine a twenty-two inch waist
line when 1 reulty measure thirtyr"
Keep the Hair Neat and the Facs
Hygisnically Clean.
One Of tbe duties lu summer Is tn
look cool, aud no woman cun look cool
if ber face ts uflnuie. ber brow sticky
and ber nose peeling. Rowewater und
glycerin nud s bit ot chamois and
powder carried lu tbe nauu hag quickly remove sbhie.
Neat balr Is a harder problem. Tbe
woman wbose locks are Hut and
sticky In not weather Is to lie pitted.
She need uot be a sight If ��he makes
tbe best of the Inevitable. Discard
iw(>lo��s ?v7!l"3 Irjnj nnd ad'^jt another si,��1e of lmiitl.;.;.dog Wash the
hnir once n week to keep it free from
oil, briixt) hnrd to furl ber check oil
and use a net tn prevent struggling
euds. If at night tiie balr Is wet. tied
wltb tlllets and combed up between It
wlll never lie entirely flat.
Summer nerves are ddrd to conquer.
Heat Is enervating. It Is uncomfortable to eserctue, so the Ilver siifTen*.
snd. appetite falling, digestion la deranged.,
One wlll feel much better by taking
a moderate amount of exercise even
nn the hottest days. A wnlk early tn
tlte niornlug or after sunset can lie
taken without fear of prostration. Est
sparingly of nourishing foods snd do
not live no Iced drinks aud sweets.
Excessive perspiration le a sign ot
physical weakness and ehould lw
checked. AD ordinary amount IS not
dangerous, but csn he made endurable
by lbe use of talcum powder snd
sponging with alcohol. I'vwdered
borax will help.
That's What Noah Old.
"What did Noah live on when the
fiund had subsided and his provision-
in the ark were exhaustedV' asked
a Sunday school teacher ol her class
on Sunday.
"I know," squeaked a little airl after all the others had given it up.
"Well, whst?" inquired the tescner.
"Dry land."���London Tit-BiU. "
"Who sre your best patients, doctor?" was ��"ked.
"The people who are always con-
lending that life isn't worth living,"
replied the doctor without the slight-
est hesitation.
"I'll bet little Mrs. (letit was afraid
to ask that grump husband ol hers Ior
a new white willow plume."
"I telt there awhile ago. and I assure you she was showing the wl;ite
Water Far Nervousness.
"If people would only drink more
water tbey wonld not be so nervous."
ssy physicians snd trained uurses.
Nearly sli doctors will recommend
one who Is suffering from nervous
prostration or nervous exhaustion to
drink lots of wster between meals.
Thyse who need not fume under lhe
far*' of a pnyilrtiio would look and
reel better If tbey would drink al least'
a qusrt of wafer during Ibe dsy.
Those wbo know say tbnt wster Is
s nerve food snd that It hns s distinctly soothing effect wben sipped
gradually. Water drunk slowly and
gradually   hns   somewhat   tbe   same
quality as deep breathing.
-   -���   _ ��*�� aee	
Tho Proportion.
Knickcr- Did he speak at a dinner!
Bocker-Nu; he ate at a talk.
About Woman. '���'���'���.
Women, says de Ma nie Is <Jlatler#,
sre nol so frail as people nre pleased
to say. They are frail only when tliey
wish to be. '
It was lu the manufacture of textiles
that woman tlrst appeared tu industry
outside ot tbe borne.
In China women carry their children
from baskets that nnug from a nnr
ibat croHses the mother's shoulder*
Twins are desirable ss preserving the
balance of weight, if not ror other
res sous.
The Busy Bogdm.
The begum of Bhopal, India's famous woman ruler, has just donated
I8A.0OO toward the establishing of si
girls' school at Delhi. In a public ail*
dress not long ago she urged Hie w.��-
raen of India to make the education
and liberation of their sex the chief
objects ot their lives, deeds ring that female education fs the foundation or ell
national success aod progress.
Women Lawyers In Russia.
The (Tnmn ha* adopted a bill permitting weuien to practice law In Itusala. FRIDAY,  AUGUST 30,   1912.
Public Gervlce Commissioner Rca:hcs
Ottawa from Western Tour-
Many  Discrepancies.
Ottawa, Aug. 29���Mr. R. S. Lake,
of tho public service commission, ha3
returned from a tour of the west,
through to the coast, investigating
conditions ln the outBide sorvice.
La3t winter a deputation waited on
commission and asked that they
niako a thorough Inquiry Into the
rcestion of salaries and general conditions of work In the west, and Mr.
Lake's mission has been to carry out
the promise made at that time.
Mr. Lake visited all the principal
cities, through to Victoria and made
a first-hand inquiry as to cost of living, salaries and the general state of
the service, He found that the government and particularly the post office department had serious difficulty
ln keeping their employees, owing to
the low wages.
In one city no less than 70 per
cent, of the men ln the post office
have resigned during the past year.
It Is almost Impossible to secure efficient men and when they are secured, to hold them. Private corporations pay much larger salaries and
openings are numerous all over the
Mr. LaVo also found that theie was
considerable discrepancy in tbe salaries paid between the different departments. Some also make an extra allowance for the cost of living
in the west, while others do not.
Mr. Lake will prepare a report,
wbjch he will present to the government an the subject and will make a
number o" recommendations looking
towards a general reorganization add
Improvement of the Western Civil
service. .
The cabinet at Its meeting today
authcrked the erection of a jfuWt
building IriclnA'/'". post office al Lethbridge, for $226,000.
The government has reappointed
to his old office as Dominion appraiser. Mr. R. W. Breadner, who resigned three years ago.
Hop    Picking    Beelns���Not    Enough
Beer Brewed In British Columbia for Industry.
Sardis, Aug. 29.���Hop-picking opeu
ed today at bard Is and by tbe beg.n-
nlng of September will be in tull
swing. To open the suauon, 200 Indians ure employed and in a fow days
their numbers will have increased t���
1000 men, women and children engaged In stripping the poles of then
trellises cf light-green hops. . .
Hop growing has been practiced ai
Sardis since the early nineties and
although the years have, brought
varying harvests, there, has been no
real failure, and there is the ampler,
evidence of the suitability of the soil
for this branch of agriculture. The
principal grower is the B. C. Hop
Company, which has about 250 acres
in cultivation tli another forty acres
are brought to their present state of
plenty by Mr. Hulbert, who bas been
ln the business here for several
years. A good average crop ls promised this year. Off Mr. Hulbert's
fields a ton an acre Is expected and
his are an early English variety,
with which the picking starts.
Indians are now congregating at
Sardis from many parts of the province. The B. C. B. R. has had to run
special trains to carry them to Sardis.
The hops grown at Sardis go all
ovei1 Canada and occasionally shipments have been sent to England. A
duty of 16 cents a pound effectually
stop's their entry Into the United
States. There is not enough beer
brewed in British Columbia to take
the crop of ten acres and hop growers declare regretfully that less and
leas are hops being used and the
beer so much more impoverished.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete."
Lebanon, Ohio, Wiped Out���Property
Damage Extensive.
Dayton. Ohio, Aug. 29.���Cloudburst
Bnd lightning practically wiped out
the village of Lebanon, Ohio, county
seat of Warren County, at 10 o'clock. ,..,,., , ,
last night, communication by tele- All the bulkheads in the steamer
gratih and telephone has been de-, have been built and the workmen are
strovrd b"t riders have relayed tho ! now engaged in riveting together the
etory of the disaster to nearby vil-' shell plating. All of her frames are
laeen. Sn fnr no lives have been re-' ��n place. She has neat lines and will
ported lost, but the propertv damage no doubt prove a handsome vesBe.1.
will run into thousands of dollars.      I    The new Princess Is being built to
W"p'e block* are under water., hum oil. She will be the largest ves-
Nearlv every house and business ! sel ever ls.mched In British Columbia
Mo**'- lr ��* city is submerged to the *.atirr,. When (!;��> iTInoesn Beatrice
upper stories,
British  Press  Slates  Suffragettes for
Disregarding   Laws   of
London,   Aug.   20.���Scotland   Xard '
detectives have'teen detailed special-,
ly to protect   Premier   Borden   from j
suffragette molestation during the remainder of his stay here.
The newspapers are wholly con- j
gratulatory to Premier Borden on the
manner ln which he handled the suf
fragette deputations. The Pall Mall
Gazette says waylaying the Dominion
Premier here and threatening hlm
with the consequences of withholding
woman suffrage in his own land is a
rather consummate piece of rudeness
but probfblv the suffragettes have
discovered that the laws of hospitality are man-made and accordingly re
quire breaking. Canada will not be
inconsolable for the cIsbs of Immi
grants whom tbe Women's Politics'
Union threaten to send elsewhere.
The Liverpool Post declares thai
the suffragettes met their match and
received a well-deserved snub. The
Post adds that a charitable view of
these childish suggestions fs that an
aggressive campaign has entered on
Its dotage.
Th�� Westminster Gazette describe?
Premier Borden's reply as spirited
and emphatic and says that the meth
od ln which he was approached was
scarcely courteous. Certainly the
foollslr burglars' or highwaymen'?
methods will advance no good to the
cause of women's suffrage.
It Is somewhat noteworthy that.the
Manchester Guardian, which, while
deploring militancy, has championed
the cause of woman suffrage, makes
no comment.
Friday and Saturday will be two big days for those that
want to profit by the big cut of prices in our August
Furniture Sale.    What about extra Beds and Bedding ?
Three Big Specials
New Princess for C. P. R. Is Nearing
Completion at Victoria.
Victoria, Aug. 29.���About the end
of October the new C. P. R. steamer
building at the B. C. Marine Railway
yards will be ready for launching.
The officials of the shipbuilding firm
hope to set her gliding down the
ways within two months and they are
rushing the work with all speed. The
keel of the new Princess, which is
being constructed for the we.H C?Ps
run, was only laid about t>vo months!.. ,��� .        ,  ,,   .  ..       ,.������..,.������
ago and the B. C. Marine Railway Is.Youn*   China   Association   sear.-hmf
making excellent progress
No More Pintails in Cartoons���Deposed Emperor Loses His.
New York. Aug. 29.���The Young
China Association ls overjoyed at the
report just received from Peking
that the imperlal clan has cut the
queue from the head of the deposed
babv emperor of China.
Members bf the association Here
think that this is the most hopeful
sign of the submission of the Manchus to popular rule. The receipt of
the news set thc  members   of   the
I through Chinatown for those who
might still he wearing the queue and
ohasing them Inft barber shops.
In an appeal to the press the association begged the cartoonist?
hereafter to omit the queue In caricatures of the Chinese.
Boatmen succeeded in rescuing a
rnipbe* of persons when th" torrents
At*ii~'**.Hf.\, The body of Mrs. Zep.
Enfield, lying in the casket in the
front room cf the Enfield residence
In the west end of the city, waa
washed out of the house when the
walls were washed away. Once In
the street the casket sunv. Divers
and searchers wltjh grappling hooks
b*vfl been unable to recover the
T''o f]r����s In residences were started
bv UghtnlP'g during th" worst of the
delete. Thev were left to burn out
In tho ter-ent of rain as the village
lire brigade was unable to reach the
scne ef the fires. The damage to
rtrops in the surrounding country will
be very great.
iand Princess Royal were launched at
the B. C. Marine yards several hundreds of spectators gathered to see
the traditional bottles of champagne
smashed over the bows of the vessels *
! The big engines and bo'lers which
! will be Instilled in the vessel, will ar-
I rive here from the old country very
soon. Most of the material to be
used in the construction of the vessel has already been brought here by
Blue Funnel and Maple Leaf liners,
although several small shipments are
still on their way.
lt Is expected that the   new Prln-
Bed, Spring
and Mattress
Bed, Spring
$ 10.50
Bed, Spring
$1.00 I
$2.50.   AUGUST PRICE	
1 at $35.00.   Sale Price   $17.50 1 at $25.00.    Sale Price   $12.50
1  at $28.00.    Sale Price   $14.00 1 at $18.00.    Sale Price   $9.00
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
cess will be ready to relieve the Tees  girls.
Industrial School for Girls.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for' Industrial School for
Girls." will be received by- the Hon
the Minister ol Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Monday, 9th day of
September, 1912, for the erection and
completion of an industrial school for
on the west coast service before the
end of the year. The furn'shlngs for
the steamer are   now being ordered.
Missing  Gunmen  May, Swear  Rosen-
thai Was Killed In Gamblers Fight.
New York. Aug. 29.���It was learned todav tbat lawyers for Police
Lieutenant Becker wlll try at his
trial to show that Herman Rosenthal was killed In a gamblers' row
and that the assassins sought to shift
the responsibility for the killing on
Bec'rer. District Attorney Whitman
has tried to trace informat'on than11'9
the whereabouts' of the much-wanted
gunmen. "lefty louie" Ronenzwelz
and Tarry Horowitz, alias "Gyp the
Blood." was known to certain mem
bes of the police deoartment
Reports had It that these two mon
would be kept in hld'ng un��'l tho
trial vd ���''on would bo brought forward as witnesses tor tho defenc to
swear that Rosenthal was slain h* *
gamble's' f��-d B"d that Rose. Webber and Villon themselves tcokpart
In the k'lllnn.
The grand jurv was rrfWed t*
convene ncr'n todav to hear the evidence cf pollce corruption.
Pope Reported Very III.
Paris. Aug. 29.���Religious papers
bave not told all the truth, according
to the Paris Matin, concerning the
Pope's condition. The facts, says
this-paper, are that he Is growing
weaker daily. No stranger to the
Vatican Is admitted to the Pope's
mass, for the reason that the Pope
often must celebrate the Holy Sacrifice ln a sitting position. His
limbs do not hold hlm despite his energetic efforts to save appearances.
Immediate entourage say the
condition of his sister ls cavslng
rrnve. apprehension to the Pone,
which mental suffering reacts on his
own physical condition.
Believes In Pert Mann.
Vanoouvor. Aua. 29.���Mr. John-F.
Hansen, of Winnipeg, who Is the directing head of prairie Und companies **.t*y o totn! "Sid fn eso'tsl of
$12,000,000, Is at the Hotel Vanon-
ver. He organised a syndicate that
purchased $1,400,000 worth of property at Port Msnn. ,     .
Mr. Hansen stated that after an
Interview with Sir William Mackensie. pre��M��t*t of '**��� C*i"��dian Northern, and Col. A. D. Davidson, ho w
more enthusiastic than ever shout
the future of the mw tem'""' P��'nt
on the Frnser river. Ho has alreadv ropoid over one-tWrd rt hl4 original holdings acquired last sprlne.
Big Industrial development, he sa'd
was aho't tn start at Port Mann e*-
eluslvo of *he la'^e improvements to
be mad�� there bv the railway company. Mr. Hahsen is now conducting negotiations for the organisation
of a eomnany to erect a car works at
Port Mann.
TM visitor la president of the
North Siskatnl\ev/sn land Comoany,
vlce-nresident of the Terminal Cities
T^and Ccnornth \ and managing director of the Kindersley Land Company.
To Visit ChllliwaeK.
Vancouver, Aug. 29.���It Is announced by the Vancouver Progress
Club that it will hold a -business
men's outing to Chilliwack on Sept. 5.
About two hundred and flftv members of the club will leave Vancouver on ihe morning ot that day In a
uncial train provided by the British
Columbia Electric Railway Company,
arriving ln Chilliwack about 1
o'clock. Luncheon wlll be served
about 1:30 p. m. The Cblulwack
Board of Trade and several prominent men of Chilliwack will ^be the
guests of the Progress Club at this
luncheon. The club wlll take �� l"Se
orchestra which will provide music.
and every member Is promlft$*a-*ery
enjoyable ^Ime.
ii      i       iii ���..
More Trouble fer Turkey.
Constantinople, Aug. 88.���A demonstration against the Turkish govern-
���"ent by 60 gendarmes led by two officers took place to^ny In the streets
of the Galata district. The mutinous
men were promptly surrounded by
regular troops, arrested and placed
In confinement. The outbreak Is supposed to have been incited . by the
party of Union ,and Progress, ot
ivhtch the mutineers are believed to
have been members.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen at the of
flees of the Government Agents, Vancouver and New Westminster, and the
Department of Public Works. Victoria
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain a set of
the drawings and specifications for thr
sum of twenty-flve (25) dollars.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certlfl
cate of deposit on a chartered b,\nk of
Canada, made payable to thc Hon. the
Minister of Publlc Works, for a sum
equivalent to 10 per cent, of the
amount ot the tender, which sball be
forfeited If the party tendering decline to enter Into contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the work contracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of the
Tenders wlll not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of the
tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department   of   Public   Works.  Victoria, B. C. 15th August, 1912.
English Rsihw Wrerk.
London. Aug. 29.���Two lives wore
lost and forty persons were seriously
Injured In a collision between a
crowded business men's train and
another light passenger tratn todav
at Vauxhall station. The forC9 of
the Impact was so great that several,
of the cars were telescoped.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, EngtHf
and Swiss
All Work  Guarantssd.
Ml Front Street      N'*�� City Market
Pursuant    to    the    Creditors    Trust
Deeds   Act  and   Amending   Acts.
NOTICE Is hereby given that
STARKS LIMITED, carrying on business as Dealers in Boots. Shoes, etc.,
at No. 823 Granville Street and No.
156 Cordova Street West, Vancouver,
B. C, and at No. 445 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B. C, has by deed
dated 20th July, 1912, assigned all its
estate, real and personal credits and
effects to RALPH CLARK, of Vancouver, B. C, Salesman for the purpose
of satisfying rateably and proportionately and without preference or priority all Its creditors.
that a meeting of the creditors of tht
said Starks Limited will be held ai
ihe office of Ames Holden McCready
Limited, at No. ��0$ Cordova Street
West, Vancouver, B. CL, on the 3rd
day Of August, 1912, at tbe hour of 10
o'clock In the forenon.
that all persons. Arms and corporations having claims against the said
8tarks Limited are required to forward particulars of ttie same duly verified by statutory declaration to the
said Ralph Clark addressed to him at
No. 403 Cordova Street West, Vancou
ver. B. C, on or before the 3rd day of
September, 1912, aod that all persons
Indebted to tbe aaid Starks Limited,
are required to pay the amount due
by tbem to the   said    Ralph Clark"
that after the said 3rd day of September, 191?. the assignee wlll proceed to
distribute the assets of the estate
among the parties entitled thereto
having regard only to the claims duly
verifed of which he shall then have
received notice, and will not be responsible for the assets or any part
thereof so distributed to any person
or persons of whose debt or claim he
shall not then have received notice by
duly verified claim.
DATED tbis 22hd July. 1912.
Sollctltora for the assignee.
Riveted Steel Pipes
P. O. BOX 442
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
- New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A sp dally,large stock of Laths, Shingles and
N j. 2 Com ror Boards and Dimension.
Now �� the time to build for aale or rent while prices are low
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented!;
Meat Market
p. BURNS & CO.
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
J Phons 838. Room 4 Trap? Slock
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied tree ot charge. Apply Secretary,
61S Columbia St. Phene 2S1.
Large Front Room in Hard-
man Block, 30 x 30 feet; is
well lighted.
Suitable for office, workroom
or living rooms.
Westminster Daily News
K*. Fa-   RTSU
FRIDAY,  AUGU8T 30,  1012.
Published every morning except
Sunday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their office,
43 McKenzie Btreet, New Westmlnater, B. C.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
-Business Office   999
.editorial Office   991
Byi carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
mout lis. or 40o ;P��r month.
By mail $3 fyet' ypar,   or   25c   per
FRIDAY," AUOTST 30,  1912.
I'./r^flUIRBSMft'V., . ____^__
adjective "Canadian" has not the
spl ond id connotation of the adjective
"British." What is important is the
direction in which Canada is moving.
Britain's opportunities of service
"for the welfare of humanity, foi^the
advancement of civilization, and for
the peace of the world," as Mr. Borden so well puts it, have been Infinitely greater than Canada's. But
Canada's opportunities are Increasing
daily. Every year we are touching
more closely and at more points the
other nations of the world. Through
our commerce, through our literature
and art, through the thousand and
one mental and spiritual influences
in which Canadian nationality finds
expression and reacts upon other na-
. tions. shall we strive towards the
J dominant moral Qualities, or shall we
be satisfied to see other nations, perhaps less blessed by Providence than
ourselves, surpass us in wort;, and ef
fort "for the welfare of hfirnanity, for
tae advancement of civilization?"
The City Council has at last got
the Duke of Connaught to define ths
hours of his yjgjt very exactly, namely from psott tpt 5 o'clock on the
afternoon of September 21. This result of' many,i telegrams and counter
telegrams is hardly a subject for congratulation. The City Council and
its servants have labored and they
have broughtrtoityi' their mouse. In
tlie futur^.JtLjWjy.jbe.not the talo of
five nights,,bui.ot Ave how's.
The City jfojfip}! made its first
���jnistake when it refused to accept the
date Bet apart for New Westminster
and tried to have it altered so a3 to
allow the Duke to attend the eshibl-
-lion. No doubt this mistake was
made from ignorance rather than as
.a deliberate breach of good taste, but |
if the council had taken advice from
anyone who knew the slightast tiling
about etiquette w^pre royalties concerned, it would ''have known that
royal invitations are in the nature of
commands and- that the itinerary of
a member of a royal house is not
changed to: puWfcdK small western
city any moire .fcttjuv it iH to conform j
with the convenience cf a European
capital, that i3 to <saiy once dates have j
been officially confirmed. New West- I
minster, ho'wVvef, r'v.a3 not content
with disputing the date just once, but
twice cr even thrice we hear it
rumored, and then dapped'it all bi
trying to alter the hour of arrival
even after listing M expressly stated
in answer to'vter6tiier fatuous enquiry.        .   -.    ' . .
In these cases there is only one
course to pursue and that is to accept at once th^,da{e set apart, draw-
up a program and forward it fcr ap
proval. This course has been followed, we believe.'by every other city
in Canada, and New Westminster baa j
Ignorantly mads herself an unpleasant exception. 1
However, tiie mistake has been!
made. The milk js spilt and it now |
only remaiiiS��]&? ��aU the citizens to
do their best to make the Duke of
Connaught's short stay here a pleasant cne. Ihat thef. will do their
best to mak^l^'^t.Efforts of the
council somewnar 'more successful
than their tir3t can, we hope, we
taken for giant^Y
Edmonton's police chief has resigned because of alleged political interference with the police department.
This reminds us that the same
trouble is alleged to be at the bottom of the police scandal in New
A veteran officer of the Ottawa po
lice force, who also knows condition!;
in American cities, says that hi the
United States places on the force arc-
secured through the influence of aldermen. In the same way as the New
Vork police had a regular tariff for
collect.ng tolls from gambling houses
ihe aldermen have, it is alleged, a
regular tariff which they eollec
from those who desire admission to
the force. The process is repeated
when the policeman wants promotion.
This, evil, it is claimed, is at the
root of American police grafting.
The policeman ia unable to pay the
heavy price demanded for a position
on the force. Kis salary is small.
What is he to do? He follows the
alderman's example, and collect:
from those he has at h* mercy.
it is to bo hoped that Canadi wll!
remain free from such conditions it
her cities; ard that the alleged "po
litical Interference" in the Edmonton
case is rnt of *'v b-and found -ir
cit.ie3 cf the Un't'jd States.*- Ottaw..
Lvening Journal.
Today, Tomorrow and Tuesday will be busy days owing to Monday
being a holiday. We have made extra provision for the rush, but
would suggest that you send U3 your week-end and first of the
month  orders early.
PICNIC HAMS 15y2c lb.
These are choice and will mn about 70c each
������      ��.- *amm THR|e BIG sfoRts:1-
City���505 Columbia street. Sapperton���317 Columbia street.
' v   West End���Corner Twelfth street and Sixth ayenue.
famous cpe^a company
to visit w-.:-7MIn:ter
Speaking at Glasgow the other day,
Mr. Borden (irtrW��lj��ti Imperial note
which will Jlndi.'ailwWe and ready response. "I am convinced," he said,
"that British statesmen, and I use
the word 'British.', in its widest sense,
will be equal to th e magnitude of
that task, whatever may be its greatness or development in long years to
come; not so-Wlfeh'-ih the extent of
the territoryp^itflpriitjory for thc Empire is already large enough; not so
much in its'-ieswaroes, because they
are all_any -one ef-us desires, but. in
the '""irnntuihfllMi Umpire for the
' welfare of humanity, for the advancement of civilization, and for the
peace of the�����orW.'.'-    >
These are Me*ln(thrifty words, but
the ideal ttfej MMxtoy is the only
justification for Imperialism. In
speaking thus Mr. Borden has shown
a true apBreciatltoi of the roal
lidrength of^'the I��Jlt)sh Empire, and
���of the deOths igyts foundations.
The Prime^UiniMifs words are refreshing ana^walsuring after the
narrow conceptions of Empire to
which expression i3 all too fra fluently given. 	
To. Canadians P.$i\ Borden's i>crd;i
are pregnant with" meaning. Surely
the time is coming when fewer of
our spokesmen afld apologists will
endeavor to set forfch Canada's greatness in terms of physical geography,
or by tho citation of such things a��s
building returns n^d bank rlr.ara.nces.
As Canon Henson reminded tho Canadian Club of this fcity it was ret we
���who set the snow-fiappod Rockies upon their base or spread a carpet of
rich black loam upon the boundless
prairie. If we ure content to let
these things repn sent our greatness
the adjective "Canadian" will never
be comparable t) or svnomymous
with the adjectivd "British."
For the adjec ive "British"���and
this r.fter all is he greatest thing
about the British Empire���has won
for itself a moral meaning which is
possessed by no [other national adjective In the worW; "Physical or political distinction, commel-oial or social signification, are implied by the
-word "British" to a far less extent
than are such moral attributes as diligence.    th#rot��hB|s,- . freedom,   jus
The following is from tiie Seattle
P.-I, regarding tiie reappearance o
the Pollard 0;.era Company, whtdh It
b '.led to appear in the New Westminster Opera Bouse at an early
date. They opened in Seattle on lion
day evening of this week:
"Tto Toymaker" is a musical com
cry in two acts, which afford? ample
opportunity for specialties in sing
ing, dancing, ond serves to show the
scitlc-scent talent of tho otrnnany eff
to a good advantage. The plot deal.-?
with the flirtatious and matrimenial
substitution of a youn'g woman for a
d0"- ��� �������  --
Teddy   McNamara   is   the   Ifeading
camedian in the role cf the maker of
toys, Into which he infues a burlesque humor founded on the eccentricities of genius. He has Beveral
good song numbers and grotesque
dances. Eva PDollard, as the doll
has an articulated cleverness of
movement and a waxy stare that
make the doll real. She sings well
and ances cleverly. Patsle Hill gives
a good picture of monastic innocence
enmeshed in the toils of a good-looking feminine world, and Queenie
Williams is a sprightly little song
stress as well as a canabl" ac*ress
Nellie McNamara and Phyllis Philip-
son are endowed with exceptionally
good voices, and their duet, "The
Moon has Raised "erN.amp AV>vp.'
was one of the hit3 of the performance.
There is a large cast and some
twenty-seven song numbers. The
stage settings are cleverly designed.
The music and costuming are adequate, and tlje performance as a
whole i3 up to the youthful stand
Saturday, Aug. 31,
AT 7.45 P. M.  ���
A company of some sixty boy and girl students are to take part
in the play. The play is to begin from the birth of the revolution
up to the time of President Yuan Shi Kai cf the new Republic.
In Aid of Chinese Famine Sufferers
TICKETS 50c, 75c and $1.00���Box   Seats  $1.50.
Tickets on sale at Tidy's Fkirist  Store.
Dicappcinted at Delay of Railway,
Settler Attempts Suicide.
Eye Brow, Sask., Aug. 2{>.���A. O.
Braaton, a well known man in this
district, attempted to take his life
at Darmody. a townsite cn the Grand
Trunk Paciflc grad$ eleven miles
southwest of lu'id, by stabbing himself in the peart with a jacitknife.
Mr. Braaton started a small business at Darmody Io.hl. November, expecting to see the rails laid at once
and the failure cf these and poor
business is supposed to have unbalanced his miud.
Prince Rupert Land Saie.
Prince Rupert. Aug. 29.���The total
result of the first day's salo conducted by the British Columbia Govern-'
ment of lots in this city yesterday
amounted to $831,300. The city is full
of buyers from all over Canada and
interest in the sale has been keen.
The prices received are regarded a3
being very sati. factory, as high as
S1160 per front foot being received
for one of the lots in section one.
The sale was held at the Westholnre
Theatre, and will be completed today. The lots offered were in Sections 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
This Year Marks Wonderful Agricultural Progress in District.
Matsqui, Aug. 29.���The Matsqu'
Farmers' Exhibition, which will be
staged in the now exhibition buildings near the B. C. Electric Railway's
depot at Gifford on Sept. 27, will
mark the most' decided advance
which this extensive Fraser Valley
municipality has yet made agriculturally. Aided by a grant of $1200
and a special prize list contributor.
of $250 from the government and s
$500 grant from the Matsqui mur'ol
pality, the residents in the municipality have subscribed the balance up
to $'!"11 necessary to defray the cost
and work hns commenced this week
upon the bullrings of the exh'bitior
iiuildings. The hall will be 75 feet
long bv 30 feet wide, the stock abvAi
b"lng 800 feet long bv 16 feet wide.
The Matsqui Agricultural and Horti-
cultural Association recently purchased four iind a half acres 100
yards from Gifford depot to be permanently set aside for show purposes. Tbe show this year will be
upon an exceptionally large scale,
some of the exhibit.'; being sent from
as far away as Chilliwack. The membership of the association Is 166, as
against 80 last year, and two well-
known farmers residing on the border line between Mt. Lehman and
Matsqui pralrle, Mr. Richard Owen
and Mr. Alec Bates, are the president,
and secretary respectively. All ex-
hlbUs, except live stock and poultry
���which must be In place by 9:30 the
day of the exhibition���must be ln
place by six o'clock on the 26th.
Passed Century Mark.
Los Angele3, ( Jl.. Aug. 29.���Mrs.
Elbabeth Gardner Fooerd, one of the
oldest women in California, is dead
here, ten days after ��� celebrating the
one hundred and second anniversary
of her birth. Mrs. Fooerd, a descendant of Peter Faneuil, was born
in Boston in 1810.
Employment  Agencies  Prohibited.
Everett, Aug. 29.���The ctty council here today placed on first read
ing an ordinance prohibiting private
employment agencies. The measure
will become law within two weeks.
There are several employment agencies here, and the managers say they
will test the ordinance in tba^courts.
The city maintains a free employment bureau. Today's action complies with a mandate ln the city
charter adopted when Everett accepted the commission form of government.
Montreal Chief Comes West.
Edmonton, Alta., Aug. 29.���Chief of
Pollce Carpenter, of Montreal, has accepted the offer of the Edmonton
commissioners of tlie position of chk-f
of police to fill the vacancy caused bv
the resignaticti of Chief A. C. Lancey
IHb salary will ho $4000 a year and
t is expected that he will assume
his n6w office soon as Lancey is do
lirous of being relieved from the of
flcial  duties a3 soon as possible.
Want Men on Prairies.
SfjMMjbiwer, Aug. 29.���Mayor Find
lay today received a telegram from
Mayor Mayberry, of Moo.e JaV asking that between 200 and 300 laborers be sent to that city to take the
place of those who deserted work foi
the harvest fields. In order to obtain*
those least likely to be attracted by
the harvesting and threshing, Mayor
Mayberry asked for foreigners. He
stated in his message to the City
Hall here that the case waa urgent,
and the labor was needed at once.
Mayor Flnlay placed the case before
Mr. A. G. Ferrara, Italian consul.
ember 11, 1862, the dates of the celebration have been fl::ed for nnd-Sep-
tember as the weather at the time is
usually very enjoyable.
ln the fifty years cf it3 life over
12,000 men have passed through the
rank,8 of the regiment and those who
have left are scattered throughoui
Canada and the United States. Col.
Sir J. M. Gibson, lieutenant-governor
of the Province of Ontario, is an ex-
comrnandor of the regiment, and was:
for a number of year3 one of Can
ada's reliable men on the old Wimbledon and Bls'ey teaira. Staff-Sergt. T
H. Hayhurst ia another famous shot
cf the regiment. He holds tht
Queen's prize. The Thirteenth Roya'
was always strong on shooting and
its third commander. Colonel Skiir
ner, was the man who collected the
funds for and organised the flr��;
Wimbledon team.
The executive in charge of the af
fair has to rely on publicity to get in
to touch with ex-members of the regi
ment, all of whom will be personall;
invited to the celebration after the:
register their names and dates of
service at Nordheimer's music store
18 West King street, Hamilton.
Famous German Savant Is Included
in Japanese  Deities.
London. Aug. 29.���The. late Mikado
will no doubt be made a god, in ac
cordance with the customs of the
Japanese religion, which is based on
ancestor worship. It would, however
be a mistake to suppose that only mi-
kados reach that exalted state.
Robert Koch, for instance, the late
German bacteriologist, is a god, too
Visitors to Tokio can see his temple
In the gardens of the Imperial institute for infectious diseases���a pretty
structure of wood, with a portrait of
the savant on the outer wall, and s
copper casket containing a bunch of
his hair fixed in its stone founda
tlons. Hair ia regarded as the most
unchangeable part of "a man's personality, hence it is preserved In all
cases when a person is raised to the
status of a god.
How greatly Koch wa:i admlrpd by
the Japanese, even in his lifetime, is
shown by the following Incident:
While on his visit to Japan Koc*i
was shown in the most celebrated
temple of the old capital. Nara. the
flgure of Yakushl, the God of Medicine, but when he wanted to know
mce shout  't ***���* tir'i����t sa'd:
""o'i ti"0'1 ������"' tin'Mo ph"nt It:
���Vl 1-* I*--* -'���,!-,,. i-i f-r i;,o n!)"t f'om
Tnrl'i: *������*������ '���-���������ver. are tiie Yakushi
of the rrRS'''"
tice and tffrnor
tive thingrfof e
they are alsg        	
national dominance. snsj
Jt la npt,jtfiafifity^t Jiat today the
ese are the nosi-
nce thlnss whic'i
t destroy. And
liings which give
Bishop Stringer III.
Dawson City, Aug. 29.���Bishop
Stringer, returning from the Mackenzie River Valley has lieen taken 111
with anpendicitis on the Yukon b.e-.
low Dawson. Mrs. Stringer went
with a doctor and a clergyman ln a
canoe to meet him. The bishop is
now in a hospital and his condition is
Hamilton Regiment Celebrates Fifty
Years of Belncj.
Hamilton, Ont., Aug. 29.���The famous Thirteenth Royal regiment cf
Hamilton, on Sept. 13, 14 and 15, will
celebrate the semi-centennial anniversary of the date on which It was gazetted and plans arc now going forward for a rn-unicn that promisii tc
make the three dates mentioned
memorable ones. The program will
be a decidedly brill'ant one. While
the reglmetit  was  gazetted  on  Dec-
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L.  R. A.  M.J   A.  R. C. M.
Teacher of Pianof-r'1:. Vic Hn, linr
lng, Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint
and   Musical   Form.
' ���APPLY���
51  Dufferin Street Phone  R411
FIVE ACRES In Section 14, Township 4, Delta, close to Great Northern
railway. $1000. Cash $200, balance
2 years.
Room 6, Trapp Block Phone 702
Nice nqw five room Bungalow, with all modern conveniences, full
sized cement basement, piped for furnace. This house is beautifully
situated in the West End and close tq the car.
PRICE $2800; y3 Cash and the Balance to Arrange
For   Further   Particulars   Apply to
Wm. McAdam
P. O. Box 874.   Phone 498. Room 1 Westminster Trust Blopk.
Lindsay Bottling Works
Manufacturers  of CIDERS, MINERAL    WATER,    Etc.    Special
Brand of GIN3ER   BEER and GINGER  ALE.
Sole Agents for Westminster ' Territory    of    GRAPiNE,    "The
Health   Drink.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable in all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
   ���    ii i
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Let us figure with you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock of lum-
lie-, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster  and   Crescent  Valley,   B.  C.
No.   10���Two large lots on Hamilton Street,  close to Sixth Street
carline, all cleared.   Price $1,150 each, terms arranged.
No. 324���Two Urge lots on Sth Street, Close  to 7th Avenue, 104.6x
148, all cleared.   Price $1,550 each.   One-third 6, 12 and IS months.
No.  239���Burnaby east, on 6th Avenue, one large lot cleared fnd ln
small fruit.    $V75, 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
No. 240���Two lots on 4th Avenue,  between  First and   2nd    street.
Price $650, 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and IS  months.
No.   242���Two lots on Morrison Road, close to Douglas Road, Price
$575 each.    1-4 cash, 6, 12 and IS  months.
451 Cblumbia Street
66 foot lot, cleared, on Kemp street,
near corner of Mary avenue.
50 foot lot on Fifteenth avonue adjoining car line.
PHONE 1024.
Coldicott Blk.   East Burn&b>
Nothing  Doing  Says  Manager ; Gray
When Eastern Referees Are
"New Westminster and the Salmon
Bellies are prepared to defend the
Minto cup against alf comers, Just as
they did during the three previous
years when they had hold of the silverware."
This statement was given out b'
Manager Gray yesterday when the
question of referees was mentioned.
"The referee question siiould not
enter into the deal whatever," he
went on. "When the team went back
east in 1308 no one In the west heard
about any suggestion from the Sham
recks that we bring along a man with
us who would officiate. The Westminster team had to play the cup
games with an eastern olficial in
charge, and its the same today.
"Ws will stand for a suitable
-etene froi., sav Vancouver, Victoria
or 'iii'/where elae in this province,
but yl>pn they mention bringing a
man tilong with them 'notb'ng doing.'
"Mv opinion of Kav.r.itugh as an
offic'al is of the best, bnt he was
brought out from Montreal to referee
the Vancouver-Westminster game?
solely on account of his leing a disinterested oPioial, i.e. not having any
connection with each cf the two
towns where the professional game
is ' 'iy$d In British Columbia.
"There are many good men who
cm rfficlate lacrosse games out here
art! believing In the home ' grown
product, wc are prepared to stand by
our guns."
Flr.als of Open and Handicap Events
Decided Today.
The following are the results of
yesterdav's  matches:
J A. Motherwell beat E. W. Had/
Ingham. 6-0. 6-1. \
Sioier .Smith beat It. S. Hutcheon,
6-2. 6-1,
M's.'E. N. Sutherland beat Mre. A.
H. Marcon. 6-2. 6-3.
Nhp'er Smith beat W. H. O. Phtppa
��-2, 6-2.
The finals of tbe handicap tonrna
nent which remains unplayed fren.
last  week  take place  tcday  at  4:3r
��� BASEBALL. ���
��� i   ���
Northwestern League.
At Vancouver��� R. H. E.
Vancouver    3   8   1
Portland 2   8   1
Batteries: Schmutz and Lewis;
Doty, Girot and Burch.
At Seattle��� R. H. E.
Seattle    11 12   0
Tacoma 0   4   4
Batteries: James and Whaling;
Crittendon, Hunt, Krause and La-
At Spokane��� R. H. E.
Spokane 6 10   2
Victoria   2   4   2
Batteries: Strand and Ostdlek;
Kaufman and Meek.
American  League.
At Boston��� R
Philadelphia 1
Bostcn   8
Batteries:       Plank.      Brown
Thomas;  Collins and Carrigan.
At Washington��� R. H. E
New York 1    6    C
Washington   2
6 3
8 i
Batteries:     Fishe^
Engle and Ainsmith.
and    Sterrett;
National   League.
M  Philadelphia��� R.H.E
Boston    1   6   "
t'hiladelphia    4    9    0
Batteries: Perdue, and Kling:
Rixey and Killifer.
At New York��� P.. ". F
Brooklyn    3    7    1
New York   4 10    2
Batteries: Ragon, Rucker and
Miller;  Tesreau and  Meyers.
At Pittsburg��� R. H. E
Cincinnati    7 10    0
Pittsburg    2    6    2
Batterfes: Suggs and McLean;
O'Toole, Cooper and Simon.
At Chicago��� R. H. E.
St. Louis ��n   i
Chicago    10 12   3
Batteries: Harmon. W.oodbvrn anr1
Wingo, Snyder; Richie, Smith ar.d
Tradlnq P'^yefr
Seattle, Ang. 20.���The Seattle and
Tncmria Raspball clubs t^day negotiated a deal by which P'tchcr Meikle
and Second Baseman Nill come to
Seattle in exchange for Pitcher Con-
cannun p��d lnflelder Chicb. The
Seattle Club also gives $1000 iqr
cash,    m.
Many  Players   Purchssed.
|    Cincinnati,  Aug. 29���The National
Baseball Commission today gave out
the list   of  players   whose   reteases
j have been purchased by major league
���. | clubs from minor   or   major   league
In ��he mh-pd dovbles Mlss J. Peele rleht *Snre Kv*t>. ��<V i"11. ��nd<"-
nnd 3. A. Motherwell play Miss E. .agreements approved by the commls-
I'rner and Canon  d'Easum. : a,on.    ine lisi does noi.include play-
In the men's doubles Napier Smith \t*vi recalled by major l&eue clubs on
and W. H. G. Phipps play E. R. Pelly
ard J. Scott.
In the finals of the open tourna
iner.t J. A. Motherwell plays Napier
S"-''h on onqrt No. 2* at 5:30 p.m.
Mrs. E. N. 8utherlard nlavs Mlss
A. Ccrbonld on court No. 1 at 4 p.m.
Invited to Banquet at Hotel  Russell
on 'Monday���Past and Pressnt
The -flrst celebration over the return *rt Uie world's lacrosse championship to. New Westminster pill be
held on Monday evening next when
the Salmon Bellies and executive will
be the guests cf Mr. T. S. Cralg, of
Sapperton. ,
This invitation extends to all tbe
lacrosse players who went back east
in ISO* and copped the silverware
f.-oni the Shamrocks of Montreal ano
also to those who have taken part In
the gimes since that year to. the
i.icsent day. ,L.
The idea has met with favor with
Manager Gray and all will be at the
Hotel RuBsell next Monday evehluj
with bells. _. '
It Is estimated that some forty
persons will sit down at the table
and all those who have an oratorical
and "songfestial" feeling will please
Imber up for the event. The Labor
Day game is exciting much attention
among the citizens, for although the
Minto cup has been won, the series
!�� hv no means over and there Is
still the Hartney trophy to play for.
At the present time tta,�� Royajs
have the edge on their opponents In
the goal scoring line to the tuna ot
ten ma'-, and ��* the total numbe*
scored during the season counts 1?
the rare. tK8 Westminster home aw
not going to let any more ot the
trophies remain In- Vancouver lf they
mm����"<i4*r. while In Vlctdri.
earlier ln the week, received sum*
nnces from Sir Richard McBride that
he would be present at Queens park
next Monday afternoon and g*
t.>rr..�����, ft,, eeremorv of facing on
the ball. Sir Richard,Is an old Westminster bov. he was brought up here
and although hls official capac'ty a��
prpTi'er nf Che province keeps nlm m
Victoria the greater part of. the year,
Aug. 20, 1912, on the optional agreements. The list given out today follows ln part:
National League -V$v Cincinnat
������-cm St. Lo"l* Americans. FH1I;
Philadelphia NaMenal*. Hnmohrevs.
By St i-iouls from Portland, Spies;
Tacoma (���). Hunt.
By Pittsburg from Portland, Men-
sorTWheeling, Dodd.
By Boston from Seattle. Whaling
and James; Spokane, Noyes (���), Do-
Vogt and (���) Myers; Vancouver (���),
Gervais; Seattle (���). Thom��*on.
American League���By SL Louis
from San Francisco. Tennapt.
By Chicago from Vancouvet Clark.
By Cleveland from Portland (���)..
Kibble and (���) McDowell.
By Detroit from Missoula (���). Zam-
Pv    Philadelphia    from ; Missoula.
bush. ,'������������     .
(���)���Agreements not received, and
therefore unapproved as yet.
Rare Treat Promised st Y. M. C. Aw
Polo Games and Relay
Show Your Colors
Westminster Pennants, splendidly made, SOc, 75c and $1.00 each.
"Absorbo" Dust Cloths
15c and 25c each.
"Absorbo" Dust Mops
50c, 75c and $1.00 each.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
5? 8IXTH 8TREET. - PHONE 237.
Salmonbellies Attention !
Mr. T. S. Craig, of Sapperton, extends a cordial invitation to each and all of the Westminster Lacrosse
Boys who helped to win and defend the Minto Cup
from 1908 to 1912, and also the Executive of the
club, to a* Banquet to be given in the Rutfsell Hotel at
8.30 o'clock on Monday (Labor Day) Evening, Sept 2
Sir Richard McBride will face off the ball at
3 p. m. sharp.   Reserved Seats on sale at
Ryall's Drug Store.   Bleacher Seats at Gray
"& Gilchrist's Real Estate Office, Columbia St
Splendid  new  house on Carnarvon near Sixth  Street.   All modern
convenience. *��� *
':    V'.i'
for good security, lt will pay you <to get our rates. , r<} ���;>
Reasonable Terms���No   Delays.
,,.,        J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head OfTice: 28 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Oet our prices on wood: four toot slabs, dry or green; 16 Inch mill-
wood and dry planer ends.
Fraser Mills, B. C.
Telephone 890
    GOTO -
has m mmm
By Wsstmlnstsr Executive Rsgsrdlng
Proposed Cams to Aid Funds of
Vancouver Cadets.
The program ot the Westalnste-
Y. M. C. A. swlmmlh.? races wh^f
ara to be held In the local lank ts
Saturday evening, September 14 h��
a rare treat In store for the pub'ir
of New Westminster. There wlll b.-
dlvijng stunts, water polo, relay an'**
stralght-away races.
Of ������11 aquatic sports there Is not!'
lng quite so pretty to look on
M a good dive, no pleasure
w keen as to see an athlete tak-
' M a I"8? trom th�� ��Prin* boaid
only, to soar gracefully In the air p:.i.l
como down straight as an arrow. Th*
����at wflTTJe beld u.Hjer t*e ftn-i*Vi��
of the B. C A. A. U. and >e w'.n
-..ra will he ra.edas chataplons of
the provlnde. '
-Rot only Westminster boya hsve
���nterert. b��i those from Vaneouvor
and Victoria as well.   The program
ii��i fir ��� t*n v<*rd dash and 100 yar:l
dash by the Juniors, 50 yard rtaeh hy
>m> upnirir*. K**t>r polo game b't'.vocn
Victoria and Vancouver, and a re av
johveen the thr*j* c'tles.   It will r id
us ���< r.oTnr"��'t'rn for a special cup
It appears.very doubtful that the
Westminster lacrosse executive will
accede to the suggestion of Mayor
James Findlay, of Vancouver, and
Mr. Con Jones, anfl play a charity
game in Vancouver on-Wednesday
afternoon of next week, the proceeds
to be given to aid the Vancouver
cadet corps in completing their tour
of the Australian states.
At tho present time the people of
the ierminal City are kind of worried over the fact that the members
of their pet semi-military contingent,
after matting a great hit in several
cities of the Southern Hemisphere,
are hampered through lack of collateral ln, proceeding with their
When seen last evening Manager
Gray wonld not discuss the proposition on the ground^ that no official
communication had been received
from Vanoouver,
This would mean, lt the game were
to be played, that four games would
have to be played in the next eight
days. -Taking it into consideration
th%t the Minto Cup games with the
eastern teams are fast approaching,
the players themselves would hardly
be in a mood to extend themselves.
f**e matter Is, up to, tbe Westminster club.
Beef Eating Contest.    .
New   York,   Aug.   29���   Notwithstanding the high price  of  meat a
Republican club from the city on an
outing on Long Island 'adulged In the
costly pastime of a beefsteak eating
contest    Alderman Frank J. Dozler,
who tips the scales at 381 pounds,
easily won the event by eating 9 1-2
pounds of porterhouse, nineteen rolls
and eleven cups of coffee.   A close |
second was "Jack" Probs, 49 pounds j
lighter than the   victor,   who   made*
away    with 7 1-2 pounds   of meat, J
eleven rolls and ten cups of coffee.
A Bad Sinkhole.
Burnaby Lake, Aug. 29.--The epgl-
neers of the Great Northern Railway
bave dumped 1000 carloads ot dirt
and rock into the musueg at Ardley,
where their rails nave sunk, mad the J
only effect seems to be that the
weight of the material thrown Into
the sinkhole lowers rather than
raises the grade. Fit., carloads a
day art being emptied Into tha mus
keg, and the work of Um> pngjneen.
will continue until t solid 'oundatlon
is secured. In the neautlme passenger and freight triUnr passing
over the spot ara obliged M etow op
and proceed at a snail's p�� *
Tickets on sale from August 31st to September 2nd, available tor
return passage mail September 3rd. .! /'.^."'l,.
Trains leave depot, Blchth and Colnmbia Streets. At >*:����� t:20,
6:10.    For Huntingdon and way points 4:05. .' ''t. n*.'"7
-.71*1 e! ���������
,   *
W. R. GILLEY, Phons 122. Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 29v
Phonos, Office 18 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
FIREBRICK. .      ���:.'." Z'f. -
British Columbia Electric Railway
Labor Day Excursion
Special Reduced  Rates are offered to ths citizens of Nsw Westminster to ell points on the' Fraser Valley Branch.   ^
Return Fare f o Chilliwack $��45
vcsas/O ;/ .
Do not tail to Uke in this enjoyable trip on this popular, Jlpe.,
East Burnaby Soccer Men/
A meeting of soccer enthusiasts in
Bast Burnaby and Edmonds w|lj be
held at the Edmonds post office this
'fevehing at 8 o'clock. Tlie time Is.
getting short tor train1** a team for
. the city league and nil Interested are
requested to be" on deck.
I*1H   *****v   *���'*    amw   ..m..��� .,.-;' ,
In the matter of sports, still remains.
iTCS "r the6 R��y.l"bltv eVpeclaiiyUnated^by Mr. 1-ong    president   of
tha B. C. A. A. U. of Victoria.
The Westminster Senior Ar��\teur
lacrosse team Iiwvn f��r Vancouver
tWi afternoon, where they wlll meet
the Fairviews.in a lenatne game.
Tlv Royals hare taken the measure ot the tallenders In every game
plaved this season, and expect llttlf
difficulty ln repeating the trick. I
r     PAOE BIX.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 30,  1912.
An:val: CloBing
10:60���Vancouver via  Q.  N. R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. RR... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:11
11:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:0C
lg; no��� Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).2u:3(
10:00���Port Mann  (daily except
Sunday)  9:*5
10:30��� Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
ud  Friday    I*00
���  7:40���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
(daily except Sunday1.11.1F
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).20.30
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   snd
Friday)        14:0'
18-00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Sun-
day)   1600
15-16���Crescent, Whlt�� Rock and
Blaine 'dally except
Sunday)   ��� 9:4'
18-10���Abbotsford Cprer Sumas.
Matsnul, Huntingdon,
etc. Idaily except Sun-
day)  'V8S    .
16:16���Hall's Prairie, ^ern rtldee
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) ��� ��:4��
16:16���United State* vis Q. N. It.
idaily exceni Suuday)-lfi:0'
926���All points east snd Europe   (daily)    7:46
22:10���All   points   east snd Eu-
rope idaily)    H:��
9 -2fi���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)    7:45
111-30���Sapperton iinil Fraser
Mills idaily except
Sunday)    H:*5
9:26���Cof|Uit!am  idaily    except
Sunday)   7: *��
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       U-16
10:00��� Ladner. Port Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   1*:30
13 00��� East Burnaby (daily except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday snd
Friday)    It'.iti
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .14:30
16: *6���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via 0, N. R. idaily except  Sunday)     14:0(
7:80���United .States via (i. N  H.
(daily except Sunday)     6;41
11:20���Clayton   (Tueaday, Thurs- I
uay.    fct'ld&y    uud    pttt,* 1
day       14:0i,l
11.20���Chilliwack,    MllneT,    Mt.
LehasKS, �� Idergrove, Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey
Centre.Cloverdalc, Langley Pralrle. Murray vllle.
Strawberry  HIU.  South
Westminster,        Clover
Valley,    Coglilan,    Sardis.    SperllnR    Station,
!    lxmRijioa StaVibn, Brad-   ,
ner,    Bellerose,  via  G.
C.  E.  R.   I daily except-
j     Sunday)       .'... ��:00
t *'f   L" i
11:20���Abhotsfo��d,    Huntingdon,     -i
via B.  C.   fc.'R.   (dally
j    except Sunday)  ....  ...17;3'
20:40���Cloverdale    via    B.C.E.R.
*.    (dally except Sunday) :i7:3<;
2:00-^-Fraser   Arm     anil     Alta
���     Vista aijd ��� Oajtalla ....23:00
11:20���Rand.   Majuba   Hill    via       '
B.   C.   E.   R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday *    ,  9:00
20:4"- -Chilliwack via B.'C. E. R.
daily except Sunday) .17:30
The      Modish      Summer
Girl   Wears  an   Eyeglass.
Fetching summer out of door ene-
t nines are accompanied by monocles.
which bung ou long Jeweled chains or
rlbhous with Jeweled slides. Tbls costume shows a silk coat woru over n
net frock, and tbe monocle gives a
Annti tit knowing smartness echoed b.v
blgh beeled satin limits witb gluss buttons.
Way*   to   Overcome   Difficulties   Encountered   by   Housekeepers.
Rousting In u gus stove causes uieiit
to dry. as gas causes n very dry hent.
The simplest way to prevent tbls is to
place a common jam imt half tilled
wltb water tu a corner nt the Istttoiu
of the oven, and when tbe water heats
the steam will keep the ulr Inside
guile moist, mid It will lie found when
the meat is done that It will lie quite
A woman who has tried It declares
the liest way to mend ciilna is to up
ply a little carriage varnish riirefilll)
with a camel's hair hrush to the edire
of the broken china, the parts heing
neatly Joined together. The fnictnre
will. Wiled Hiornnytily dry. tie Hardly
perceptible, and the china wlll sliiml
tire and water.
Old kid gloves are excellent for put
thiu In Iron mid kettle Holders ns pud
ding when making them,    witu surb
padding    the    Imt    handles    wlll    imt
scorch the hands
When Ironing circular centerprleces
or tablecloths see that ttie Iron moves
with Ihe Straight grain of the cloth.
Ill tills waj only Is It pnssilile to pre
serve the circular edge In Its true line
Her New Harem Bathing Suit.
. Divtdct! skirts mv naving everything
their  own   wuy   In   liathlng   suits  this
year     Even  the youngest suffragette
OWNER wiil consider
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address:
Sole a?ent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Wa^r,    Aerated Waters
Manufactured toy
Telephone R IIS. Office:  Princess St
'" ���%MMM%%^M$$&}s/'
Olia.'H BATHING sorr.
mis her bifurcated swimming gurment.
An up to the inluuie limiting suit with
knitted Jersey und divided skirt of
liioliulr ts shown Here witb trimmings
nl cUecijed taffeta silk. The cap Is a
Kiillli-u nrtnlr wilh a huge Alsatian
liuw ul the checked silk.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
, Begbie Street.
BsctWRC'Delivered Promptly to
any part or the city.
Lfeht and Heavy Hauling
OWCC���r'AM 0��POT.
Value of s Laugh.
When you go tu visit tbe sick do not
forget that a good laugh ts one of the
best tonics and a bit of humorous gos
sip or piquant saying ls better than
shy drugs. Mske tbe Invalid smile
if you cannot start up a liiugh, bnt
make your visit short Remember
thnt to>i much of a good thing Is as
had us too little.
Mr. Henpeck'j Version.
Mr. Heiipeck���Is your beef tender today?
Hutrher-Yes. sir; It's ss tender ss a
woman's henrt.
Mr iicnpc-ck-Tiien I'll take a pound
vt sausage. .....
Scalloped Linen Needlework the
Fad This Year.
Btwsro of the Summsr Girl Who I*
Constantly In the Social Limelight.
Tho Table Scrap Basket Ono of tho
Latest of Porch Conveniences.
Dear KIkh-AII the "porch sewers"
bere at the shore are busily at work
on a uew fad In embroidery. At ths
side of ihe tenuis court and between
wblle* HI auction bridge these workeis
are lu be seen newmg uu linen cuvers
wiili scuiioped edges sud monogram*
Id   niock   patterns     Pot   the  siuallei
pickup pieces tliey have lUllchcoti
Oolites or due ilHiuask with scallop nml
eyelet iHirdei-K iiuide from material pur-
rhumil h> Hie ynril these, too. have
pretiy m-mioi-eii imrdciw nud mono
gritm* eiuliroitiered on ihem und when
completed conl Imt ii toiillh of WllMl
Ik usketi tor smn tilings when they
���re ordered III llie shop* tbut make a
Spec In llv ot  linen  pliHM'H
lo stamp the sen Hops yourself Is
very eu>>. ns the end of a spool sud
a sharp lend pencil ure the only iuiple-
niems necessary Tills kind of edge
outwears h Hemstitched one. nud It
does not tear In wiishlng If you are
too uc/.y to lie your own sta in per you
run liny senllopeil designs thai conic
on paper lo lie transferred with n hot
Iron um loo dot. However, for that
sprettds tbe lines too wide. I Uiivr
Ixiiiglil stiiiiiiliig transfers for n bureau
Scarl uf pule pink linen which I am
embrulilerlliB in white for the guest
riioiii dressing table You possibly re-
���neinliei Ihat the woodwork nud fur
till lire In tiie room are while, so the
pink set Is going to tie very good look
inu in this apartment.
Al mst I lmve found s way to cleun
m> white kid slipper*, and feeling in
a philanthropic mood I'll pass the
wonderful piece ot fisitwear nev. s
smug to y<m Wash the slippers well
wilh beiizliie. using a /ort brush; rtnse
neli in fresh benzine, nud while tht
slip|iers are wet rub a little i'reticb
riialk thoroughly into the kid. Ibis
win remove the unsightly black marks
the slippers net from constant wear
Then put the slippers to dry, nnd tbey
will look ipille fresli nud clean.
There Is n cbariuiiig woman sthylng
bore at Hns hotel, delight rul In every
res|>ect except tor one fault-she I"
<-i>ii��laiill.v In tlie nigh llgnt. . You
simw what I mean. No mutter who
Is miking or wlmt Is doing she is ai
uiive lu the center of the social-staire
It is such ti pity that there are so
ninny women wbo put themselves in u
hum liglit. A woman ot tills sort Is
like n musician, who is a wreteticu
iciNiiniMldst. liccause he Is iinwtlllui:
In siiUinlinate Ids pluytnc to the voice
Mt eX|H'iielice has been that the Wo
mun who Keeps herself In the high
It-ht Is seldom subtle. She Is so much
on the surface tliat .there Is within;:
left for depth. The woman who renll)
Snows things has reserves mul floes
oi��t feel 11 he necessity of always being
In evidence She Is sure enough ol
herself to wait hi/r turn.
I hurt yon think women of this type
link breeding? Such a poser makes a
miserable hostess nnd a trying guest.
Oei Aiise her one thought Is self, aud she
M'ldoiu keeps her poplllarilj  loug.
IVw ot us nre so humble lliat we
sre content to be Hi ways snorted out
II fol no other reason It makes one
feet stupid ro tie a  per|ierinii  listener
* chronic udmiiei I for one like tn
in.-ike n trvoiit of my own pikes ami
tu cull h little admiration for myself
I think men get hIoiiu better Willi
the hleb light gtrl than girls du llu
mere innn likes to be entertained ruth
rl tbnn to entertain, so |f n girl is prel
t) and stllllsltia he does nut (Dieted hei
motives. Hut even men like tu get n
fliance to do ii little, limelight lug oi<
their own nccount. The girl who ueve1
elxet* H chance, who listens to Iheh
tiites listlessly, who has no use fin
suy une who does not feed her In
mlinhle vnulty, Is tinally fnrsuketi fol
the less brilliant girl with a knack of
making others shine even though hei
)��ii light burns less brightly.
I have just heard ot such il nice
vrapliasket for the porch. It's a table
ternphiisket nud somewhat of n unv
HI.i and n great convenience. This
basket consists of three four foot long
rods of bamboo or some other light
Wood placed ut right angles tii each
otliei nml forming the legs ns well ns
tlie traine for a lower shelf ifet iihoui
four Inches from the floor. Above the
itielf Ht the little distance of a foot Is
plm-cd nn ordinary round hatlsix with
��� Ild thut works ou binges, nnd this
Do*, like the shelf. Is covered with a
fancy cotton material, with coarse
:rnsh or with thin tafiestry, whichever
fou prefer. Of course you can make
lhe basket simple or elaborate, but In
iny guise you wlll flnd It a comfort
mil thank a thousand times this sum
(Uei the Ingenuity of, yours devotedly,
Novel Lingerie Bags That Aro Attioo-
tive and Simple In Design.
Tbe bug at tbe top of the cut Is a
French model of much beauty. It's a
combination of lingerie with silk and
ls embroidered lu ltichelleu aud eye
let holes. Tbe bottom ot the bag li
hexagonal und is covered with tbs
silk. The straight strip which forms
the hag Itself is then whipped to tbls
bexngonal bottom und tben drawn up
at the tup with a tie string.   Thus ths
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strbtly confidential. M. Broten, Room 8, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
silk bag Is complete liefore the lingerie
eight point piece Is lacked to it. says
the Modern I'rlscllla.
Ttie otber lingerie work bug Is really
a new und fresb Idea. Cut strips ot
cnrdltoiird for the shies, ends nud l>ut
toin. nnd cover ench piece on both
sides with muslin sud inessnline silk.
Oversew the edges together, but be
fore sewing the top edges Insert thc
lower edge of the bin; and bundles,
lhe hitter made of inessnline mid Ince,
and oversew all together. The embroidered linen is then mounted ou the
box and the edges finished wltb Ince.
These Are tho Days When Housewivoi
Should Live tho Simple Life.
The se:ison of rehtxatiou |s ut hand
when the hoiisckceiicr begins to plan
the simplest aud least exhausting wn,v��
uf keeping the home lu running ordei
and the food for the family, such n��
wlll tempt the flagging appetite and
yet not overtax the strength of the wu
man who prepares IL
These are the days when the g:l>
hills grow thinner. Imt tlie Ice bills ills
tend, so that there Is still room tm
brain work In planning bow to keep
the high cost of living from tiecniuiuu
Tlie wise Woman does most of hei
codking early tn the day and serves
plentifully of salads, cold meats and
vegetables, which may be prepared In
the morning and merely reheated foi
dinner, and the refrigerator plays an
important part in her household ecmi
Jellied meats prepared In the mum-
lug and placed on ice lire very refreshing for the evening menl uud with thc
many different kinds uf <|Uick gela
tines on the market ure easily made
Desserts uf fruits ur cold puddings,
custards and fruit preparations arc
also excellent as appetizers and also
Kgg dishes are less heavy than meat
nnd still contain the needed elements
for sustenance and should largely sup
plant the use of menu in warm
There Is no doubt tliat the system
ueeds n rest from heavr'foods durtug
tbe summer season, and this fact
should lie recognized by the woman
who has Ht heart the welfare of her
family Ar the same time she may se
cure for herself ami for her maid of
Wulli. If she has une. a similar rest-
8yitom in the Home.
It Is not the work, but the constant
ronfnsion. thut breeds fatigue In many
ionics. It Is system that la the foun
la tlon of comfort. 1'lan your days,
?Imii your work. If necessary plan
tbem out on paper and consult your
���mining schedule every hour to seethe
(inn) time you nre limiting.
You wlll uever accomplish anything
worth while unless you bnve system.
mi otlice force ever accomplished
much unless the ofllce was run on a
���vstem. Kvery housekeeper will he
Aterworked if sbe lacka system.
When You Go Abroad.
"Tlnk. yellow, purple! .My dear l.nn
,-a, what are all these awful colored
pills'? Your medicine chest looks worse
than a colored supplement tu a Sun
day paper"
"That's very true, my dear." plncld
ly replied the Woman who wns pack
lng to go abroad, "but those colors
may save my life when I nm III lu a
strange country I have learned that
even tlie most stupid of foreign maids
usually understand* the words for tbe
colors, and when I am tint miserable
to describe the pill I want In uny other
way I feebly mon ll. 'I'ink pill; pink,
pink.' and I don't get the rheumatism
medicine, because tbnt Is brown. The
only color not on tbls list Is blue, and
that Is reserved for tMiwders, thlve
different shinies for ns ninny different
drugs All white imwders are very
dangerous because tbey nre so easily
confused. The coloring matter Is, of
course, quite harmless."
854���Meets in K. of P. Hall, Eighth
and   Agnes    streets,    second   and
fourth  Wednesdays,  at    8 o'clock. I
Club rooms    over   Sinclair's Shoe;
Store, Columbia stieet.   Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome.    P. C. Cook, Dictator;   J.   J.   Randolph,  Vice-Dictator; H. L. Christie, secretary.
I. O. O. P. AMITV LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. P.. ls beld every Mou
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethcrr
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
Q.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westir luster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii
and McKenzie streets, New Wast
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor snd notary, till Columbia
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New West
minster. George E. Martin, W. G
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady
ters nnd Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block. Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 2(>0. Telephone ��9. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
couQtant. P. 0. Box 784. Phone IOCS
Accountant. Tel. H 128. Room
Trapp block.
minster Hoard of Trade meets In tht
board loom, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each mouth; quar
terly meeting on the tliird Friday ol
February, May, August and Novem
ber at is p.m. Annual meetings on
the third I'i iday of February. Ne*
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuurt Wade, secro
tary. ��
All  work  guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished tree.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
903 Dublin  Street. Phone 984
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. Hth and Colnmbh
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  ��31. Box  772.
How to String Beads.
One Inueiiliins womnn bus found that
dentnl (loss Is the very best medium
for stringing pearl, coral or crystal
bends This floss may lie bought ut
nny lnrge drug store fpr 10 or 12 cents
s spool.
To.fasten the end neatly to the clasp
nm Ihe floss through the end two
beads, then through the ring on the
clnsp and Illicit through tbe end two
bends, knotting between the second
and third heads and then .cutting.
This hides the knots.
Do uot use n needle In stringing. If
tbe end of the floss Is not stllT enough
rub the beeswax. By knotting tbe
floss frequently between the beads only
a few will drop ofT If the chain should
ever break, thus saving the beads and
perhaps avoiding a trying situation.
who do not receive The Newa before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only ln thla way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second    hand
good* of all kinds.   Tools especially.
40 Mcln ion Street. Pbone 1008
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $8,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the. Paciuc.
in Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ei-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
Naw Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Bank hf Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00-
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada sna
Newfoundland, anc In London, Eng-
tend, Law York, Chicago and Spokane.
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Cradit Iaaued. available with'
correspondents In sli parts of ti*'
Savings Bank Dipsmnen���Dapoaitai
ecelved In sums of fl and upward,,
md Interest sllowel at I par cent, par
tnnum  (present r��ta).
Total  Assets over 1186.000,000.001
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager
We have no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie StreeL
J. Newscme & Sons,
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates aivsn.
2*1  Sixth  Avenue. Phone 8*7
Labor Day
R^und Trip tickets at a single fsra-
and one-third on Sule Aug. 30 to Sept
Stampede at Calgary
Tickets on sale Aug. 26 to Sept. 4V
Good to return up to Sept. 9, at sin^
gle fare for the round trip.
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodie, Q.P.A..  Vancouver
B. C. Coast Service
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect  Fit snd Workman-
shlip Gusrantsed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Leaves   Vancouver   for  Victoria   lb
. m��� 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10
a. m. ami 11 p. m,
Leaves Varcouver for Nanaimo 10
a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Ru^
pert and Northern Points 10 p. m.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Priday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Anent, New Westminster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
Phona R872.
619 Hamilton St
Chimney Swesplng,
Eavatrouph Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, 8ept|0 Tanks, Etc
ca?dsand Signs
I 'PHONE 1123
BROWN        ; Trapp Block,
sfc ^^mmmmmmmmm
FRIDAY, AUGUST 30,  1912.
Page seven.
-fc************************* j of character.   Qe ls s diplomat.   He Is
I When the     I
i   Votes Tied I
>* *
i   *
>:The Power That  Held thej
' Deciding Voice. I
It was an off year In polltlcs-tbat
Is. It was a bnd year for tlie politicians. Tbe electors bad taken tbe lilt
In their teeth and run away, nnd tbs
cut nnd dried nominee* bad tailed to
t>e<-��mt< candidates, it was becnuse ot
this Hint Abe Hewsoo bad been elected t<> ibe legislature from one of tbs
mountain districts. Wben bis friends
and neighbors bnd talked of nominating htui be bsd replied:
"ShooI Wby, 1 bum t gat no eddeca
"Don't reckon you need sny to be sn
honest msn."
"But I can't make no speech."
Tbe leaa gab tbe Detter.    Been too j
���touch talk already."
"But them ediiecated critters wlll git
me all tangled up."
"Nobody  can't  tangle  np a   sqnara !
��� mnu."
Ahe    Hewsnn   waa   nominated   and '
elected.    He didn't bave to pay out a I
shilling for campaign eipetises, and be
didn't make any promises.   Tbey knew
lilm throughout hla district aa an hon- |
eat  man.    Tbey aald ot mm aa they I
said ot a January coonakln-tbat was
"prime." (
Ills   wife  was  not  puffed  np  with
pride over his  nomination.    Whe bad
little to aay during the campaign.    It i
wns onl.v wben he cnnie home and told j
her that he waa elected that ahe mo- I
tinned him to alt down and then snld-   !
"Abe llewaon, nobody could dun *sy
that ron wasn't ao honest man wbeu I
married you."
"I wus tryln- to walk straight.
Tilda "
"Kur ten yeara yon waa bnyln' and
���el I In' mewls Abe, did you ever lie
anil client In Hint business?"
"1'rat me. but I whs wi squur tbat I
couldn't make a iti-m  at it!'
"ror sn oi seven venrs yon nav*
ts-en buvln' coon mul skunk and wihmI
chuck skiii.v Hnve you tieen a nur and
a client V"
"No. Tilda. I roilld bave Ited one* I
and mnde $.'1 on a barakin. but I *hel !
Itt|  teeth hard Hgin It"
"\wit kin Morrow, a dollar or moat any
������mnu. eun'i y otl If
"Itecfcon so."
"And when a man baa gol youi word
khe depends on it?"
" 'fears ths I way "
' ""And all thla is why you've been
Reeled Ita cnuse you've got m good
ONmo; If. cmusv iiuilil suuiir uuiii.
Abe. we una is |Hire toiks. We hinn'l
-eddecnted. I'lnners mill silks nuO
ibrondclolhs are not toi aicb aa tm *\*
-��<|uiilted yere twenty venrs ago. hoQ
we'll stay si|iinrted till the end I
���luiiu't uniliin the least complaint ovet
4L I don't believe I'd care tu lie neb
una have grand things I'm sstl.-tled
to gu ngtu along just like this, but
���dou t niiik us uowu. Ahe-Ouut dc
"Wbat d'ye mean. TlldsT" be ssked
���I naln't uiiH-n ot a rvuder. but i can
���make out 'nutt in our weekly pa|ier tu
know tbat henps u', meu are wlllln' to
juirt with tbeir nooesty to get ahead in
lbe world lion t part wltb yours tou
are golu whar you'll be tempted, bul
��� bet vimt teeth agin IL I'm noidin
juy oead high and feeiln' jest as ��i��ki
.a* any une ou tbls bere* motinilug. not
iieknse wave got uiouey. AIM. but uv
Jinse you *s* a squar* man. it roo
*bouifl loa* tbat nam* you'd toe* tae
J'ui lovin you aa mucb as a wife can
rtiui I'm speakln mighty ���freight wbeu
I tell you tnat It so mucb as a whisht
-abonid come back here that you mm
Mint vour sqnar'nesH id walk on ami
���Starve to deatb in the wuode ratliei
lhan live ob wttb you"
"And I wouldn't be nlamln you. Ill
da." quickly replied Abe as ne went
oul to walk about and ibmk
A lie llewsuii went down lo the eapi
lai ol tbe state in teat and trembling
/ile was marked do^u by cerium oieiu
.tier* mid lobby let* as a good thing, but
they  gave nun time to shake niinseii'
.down into bis place   ' There *ere aiee
to gnnu oo ever) baud, hut It waa ihe
.vomi meu wbo hud the largest    l'he)
wanted a charter tor a railroad to ruu
^o    certain    utideveio|ad    mine*      It-
waao'l a line tu build up the country
jtntl   accommodate the  people,   but   to
.tiring mai out to market.   They want-
.ed a grnnt ot state lands to recoup
A (siwerfnl lobby, well supplied wltb
.money and arguments, was en band.
Those ano saw thrungh the achema
and knew that It wss ��� steal also
anew ihat they bsd tbeir bands mil to
fight il
Abe waa moving along alowly and
trying to took ahead lor pitfalls wbeu
the matter of tbe railroad eaata up and
lie found himself in tbe tbk-k ef IL He
fonuo himself In the posltlou et many
a not het .before hi* tlm* l'he elate
rniploy* no lobbyists to promt beraelt
All to* argument aud sophistry and
money are Ib the bands of tbose who
wouid rob ber. The opponents ot tbe
railroad erbeme *t o��jwB wllb Abe
Itewson snd trie- lo make blm under-
smnd Tbey found blm dense, uui real.
tx.il that n�� wanted to be bouesk Tbey
contented thetnseiree by teillug blm
that it wss his duty to vote agalnat the
out H w*a clear enough to Abe thai
day. nni not so clew the neit The
wiiby nad got after blm.
i our congreooionai or leglalatlve lob-
D> i*i m a smart man.   UeMs     "
���leek and allck.    lu this case wbeu It
beeu me apparent tbat the vote would
be close tbe Hon.  Abraham  Hewson
was given especial attention.    Cigars
snd champagne met blm at every turu.
I Men were solicitous about bis health.
j He came  to  know   that shawls  and
| dt-ecM patterns and Jewelry were being
j sent  to  hla mountain   home.    'Tailors
j were ready to measure hlm for new
| aults without cost to hltnselt. and hints
| wer*  thrown  out   that  arter the  ad-
j Joiutniieiit be would be wanted to till
; an Important position dowu lu the low.
; landa
All  tbla  waa very soothing snd  se-
| ductlve to Abe.    He bad always been
used  to  plain  speech.    A  apude   via*
\ elfber a  spade or  out a spade.    The
.sophistry of tbe lobbyists tangled hlm
| up.    He was made to aee that under
j certain circumstances a  long bandied
I shovel became n short handled spade.
He was a man without a grain or natural   vanity,  but   when  gentlemen  ot
wealth and education aaked blm to alt
down and drink and atnoke%1th them
and  deferred  to  bia opinions  It   was
only natural tbat be should feel puffed up.
Tbe day came when s [Kill of the
house showed that tbe vote on the railroad hill would be a tie. Abe Hewson
could not be counted fot certain on
ettbet side Hoth sides claimed blm,
but he oad nmde no direct promise.
The Casting vote would be bia. Some
nt hls mountain constituents nnd como
dowu. but between  the lobbyists  tor
and fhe members a gat list the hill tbey
had soon tieen reduced tu a state ol uncertainty. I'm the tlrst tune In th*
history of the legislature un ignorant
nut honest "coonskin' meiulier neid
the huia tice of power wltb tbe moat Important bill or two decades III tbe tinI-
ijueerly enough, the lobbyists had
not resorted to direct bribery In Abe a
i-nse. They might srgue and cajole and
throw bints ot rewinds, out they teit
nfrulil to go further Huth aides felt
that he was trying to figure things out
tor himself and tbeu cast hia vote aa
���onsclem-e dictated
The day finally came wben the bill
waa  to   be   put  on   ita  ttnai   passage.
Hint It would lie a tie vote every one
wns assured.    Ala? liewson was In nia
seat,  pale,  nervous and hesitating   ts��-
meeii two opinions     He was no nearer a decision in ins own mind lhan a
, week   liefore     Some  preilmiuarv   liusl-
I ness   wna   being   transacted   when   H
i messenger  culled   him  out     Just  out-
��� side tlie disirs he found uis wife.    Mie
I bad   on   ber   |��.ge   Hull net   and   n��n>'v
shoes and calico dress and  had   tieen
I the s|s��rt ol a crowd for the last  ten
minutea,    It was thirty sm miles out
the   rough   mountain   mad   to  tbe   n>g
j cabin   anil she had   walked all  night.
j Sbe bad nevei  tieen in the citj   liefore.
' never  seen sucb crowds, never lieheid
| sucb  buildings,  never  looked so many
men in lhe face
���MiiMKlness,  I'llda. bnt yon vere!"' eg-
' claimed Abe aa he laid a hand on tier
I aboulder.
"Ve*.  Ahe."
"Km what fort  Wbat dun brong vef
That railroad bill.  Atie.    I've -tieen
readln   ot It right along, and I've dun
lieen pntytn'."
"I'raytir tn the l��rd. Ahe-pmvtn'
that be might don clnime light to ��e��
my wav clear and mnke you aee vour*.
The light eotne yesterday. The I/nti
be dun wanta ynu tn vote agin that
railroad and still lie an honest man.
I've walked au nignt to set here and
tell yon. I wa* akeered oy the darkness, and I'm skeered hy tbe iwopieu
Thev nr* laiighiu at me now. Id
never bave como. A he-I'd neror hav*
come In this llvln world tf tb* Lord
hadn't dun eent me "
Half an hour later the Mil was pot
on Ita passage, and one of tbe mew-
sages going over tb* wires to p��wpi*
interested read:
-Itallroad bill knocked into a cocked
bat.    Ab* Hewsoo a wife did It"
This Wonderful Bird Wss Wall Flx*d
With L*g* and Wings.
The atory ot Terry Scott's turkey has
come dowu from Revolutionary days in
Cum Una. Colonel Gordon was accustomed tu tell of the baaty march which
he made la-fore itudulpb'a legion. He
waa Just sitting duwu to dinner when
orders were given to cross tbe Ashley
rher. It was nearly nightfall wben be
bivouacked In a valley In wbicb th*
onvulry under Wayne had Just en-
i-uuiped and. with bis olllcers. began to
sup on dry bread and potulues. Tbe
Infantry wbich he commanded were In
a starving condition, and the commis
tary was without money, but raiding
upon the fanners wus steruly made
punishable by death.
Iteporta of Ibe hungry condition nf
the newcomer* nad circulated among
Wayne's men. Just aa tbe colonel be
gan to eut bia musty bread a private
rrom Wayne's ravalry appeared and
snld respectfully: "Terry Scott had
some money, colonel, aud bought a
turkey. We have unfortunately eateu
all but one leg. I took lbe Utterly of
bringing that to you." The colonel
took the leg gratefully and had scarcely Mulshed It when another of Wayne's
men appeared with (he same atory of
Terry Scott's turkey und another leg
'I he colonel congratulated hilnaelf on
his luck uud. handling the drumstick
over tu a fellow olllcer. went out of the
tent It was grow mg dark. Another
cavalry mnn came up. whispered the
utory or Terry Scott and cautiously
handed over a third leg. Tbe colonel
continued Ills walk through the camp
and before Ills return mid been secretly
ufferei) twenty legs and fourteen wings
of Terry Scott's turkey.
Wayne's men had raided a tmultry
rard the previous night and concocted
the atory ot Terry Scott's purchase to
protect themselves In ense any turkey
bones should be discovered The bun-
get bitten faces ut their new comrades
were more than tbey could near, however, and each man. ut|ktiown to the
ithera. carried hla share tutu (iordon's
rump at the risk of detection and
deatb. It waa not until tbe war was
over and tbe troops disbanded tbat
Colonel Cordon told the story of Terry
Scutt and hla many legged fowl.���Ar-
A Later Development?
Father (to his son whom he has ro-
proved for lying)���I never told a lle
when 1 was smalL
Hans-Well, how old were yon, fa��
ther. wben you began?���Fllegendsi
Worn Out
The "Welcome" on their doormat was 1st
Utters wovsr. stout,
but people came and went so much thay,
wore tbeir welcum* oat.
-Dallas Nsw*.
Fallow Feeling.
"Th* children  need something new
every  week.    You  have no children;
. hence you can't understand"
I    "I understand, old chap.   1 bave an
automobile." ��� Louisville Courier-Jour-
Not What He Expected.
Harold���Suppose you aud I were alt
alcne uo a deserted Island. ICIMe. what
la the first tblng yuu would do?
Elsie���Thank Ihe good Lord that I
knew bow 10 swim.���Town Topics.
Hard Work.
A dollar looks lust like a inks.
It dwpn'l set-m much when your'tuck
Is booming, nut wait till you're broke
And lli��n lust try to rata* one back.
���Cincinnati Enquirer.
What's th*  Differsnce7
Politician - t'ougraluliilions.    Sarah.
I've la>en elected
Surah twlib dcllghti-tliifiestlyl
Politician-What difference does 'hat
makeV-St. lxiuia  runes.
Mental Arithmetic.
Teacher- Why/Wlllle. Ihe��e problems
are all wrong:    Whal is Hip tmiihlp?
Wlllle-I dontio I worked nwfnl
hard before I could eveu get '*m
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigsdeep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ t jj
portions to cleanse m^^)J///fe*
easily, vigorously, J!^> n
and without harm to."
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Ancient HyAtne.
While hyiiuia aa we know them to*
dav ar* a comparatively recent innovation in church aervicea, tbejr are ��
very ancient Institution and ellt<te<1
long before the Christian era, any* tho
Ktude Mauy Iniimrtaut mliei-n��n�� uf
bvnitia date hack to about A<si years
t*r��ireChrist, though, ot iimrae. nviuna
entated long tiefnrv that |iernid. Anion*
I lhe collection* whicb have come down
to on fmtn them are tbe Sanakrlt "Itlaf-
Veda." s Chinese -Book of Odea." t�� *,
Huddhlat Hriium." the Urecian "H-W
merle Hynins��� and the "ihle* of Pli����
dnr" "The l.atiii Hymns" or hymns
or the western church dat* from tho
fnnrth to th* twentieth centuries,
whll* the "Lutheran Chorales" dat*
from the ttsteenth century. The hymns
which piay ao prominent a nan In tbo
��erv|if�� of the modern |*rnteet*nt
churches were not In Wide general ua*
until about lMtMS
Only Becauae of Our Complex
Muscular Mechanism.
We are su accUHiuuied to standing
upright aa a natural attitude tbat few
of iih think wbat a Hpectnl complex
mechanism la required fur I bia purpose. A moment'* consideration will
.how tbat the ordinary explanation of
tbe erect position itbe ceutei ur gravity to tie directly above the feeti ta In
sufficient. When a man la suddenly
uliot. whether from the frunt or behind,
be drop* uu hie fnce. tur the truth la
Ihat there In much more weight In the
front of the spurn I column than tie
bind It.
The fact ta that when we are atand
lng a large nutulier uf powerful tuns
ries iboih front and tmcki are simultaneously at work, ttie effects ot their
���ution being to neutralize each utber
Thus the legs would tall forward were
It not that they are kept vertical oo
the feet by the strong tendon ithe
Achillexi at tlie back ot th* beel
At Ihe name time the muscles ol the
tblgb are tightened nu aa tu prevent us
taking a silting jHisltlon. and tbe mua
cles of lhe hnck are pulled tense eu tbat
ihe trunk doe* ism stoop forward. The
bead Is prevented frutn dropping ou
lhe chest by Iho llgameuta in th* oape
ut the neck.'
That ihe upright la nut IU normal
pusltliui ta easily shown by tbe ran
that a man nuda aa be la railing asleep,
foi aa soon aa th* controlling nervoua
force la dendeaed th* bead drupe ror
ward by Ita own weight, only to ti*
pulled hack Into position again wltb
a |erk wben tb* brain uennnea and
deuly aware of ao uuuauai attitude.
Try the Cream of Dessert Perfection
Surprise your folks today by serving Mooney's Sugar Wafers, instead
of your usual dessert.    This charming dessert confection with its spicy
layers of crisp biscuit crusts, its luscious cream
centers of real fruit flavors is rapidly displacing pastry ahd cake in thousands of Canadian homes.
Taste Mooney's Sugar Wafers just once and
learn how good this dessert really is.
It's Easy to Serve
No longer is it necessary to worry, work and
spend  much  money in  serving desserts.
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are not high priced���have
no work attached to them���and are always good.
Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Asked   lor   Ao,;vm
Doing Wall at th* Illinois Bar.
Judge I'liqii* ot I'eorta waa bn ��hl*
inrtat. but .0* ond eccentric Ideas ot
what "doing well" at th* Illinois oar
meant Whll* visiting Washington tba
ludge wa* saked hy a Moatuu aeorio-
maii aa to th* sweena of a young law*
vet who had "con* mtmf *oui* Bv*
rear* beforo. "He is doing well, sir.*
��aid th* Jiidse. "He HU W��IU I gns
glad to bear it." continued the gentleman "Vou think 0�� bs* a good practice and ts making money. JudgeT "I
lout know anything about hla practice
���it hts tuiaiites*. nut he is doing wolL"
How is that. ludgeT Van soy yoa
(Km t know Huvthing about nia prac tie*
nr hie business, vel yon think he ta
ilotug wea." "| mean jn*t this." ��ald
the lodge -"that any man whn prae-
iieea inw lu Illinois bre tear* and
I weep* out oi the penitentiary ts doing
, w��n, wnef ne�� ne on* iuocB prscoc* or
Rivsrs and a Mountain Rang*.
The range ut tbe Kill* Kldge mona
tains In i'ennaylvnnla la divided bf a
rivet every tweuty seven mllea. aa fol
Iowa: Ktimi (tuaquehanna to ttoe Swa
tarn,   twenty-eeven   oilles;   rrom   tbe
fwutara   to   tb*   Schuylkill,   twenty
seven mllea; from tbe Schuylkill Cu tb*
i.ebtgb. twenty-se��en oilles; rrom tb*
U-higli to lb* Delaware, twenty-seven
mllea   At Ib* oast twenty-seven mil**
is a hollow of New Jersey, in wnicb
uentlea a lake known aa Culvera pond
I    '   	
Mayba It Was Accidental.
I'astoi timidsole bad Jtisi preached a
aermon on "tioestping." li may have
is-eti. therefore, wholly unintentkiuai
that he gave out lhe first stnusa 01 UM
���-losing hymn tu thla wise:
Mow f. th* trumtiet. Blow
'lhe aladly auiema soundl "
Let *u tn* neiitnts rs anuw
lu earth's remotest uouoa   .
fle looked preteruattirally solemn, sua
ther* wasn I tbe slightest dickei ol ao
eyelash.- Chicago Tribuu*.
At luncheon, dinner or tea���with ices, fruits or beverages���
nothing is so good as Mooney's Sugar Wafers.   They are so
very enticing���everyone likes them.   Always have a package
handy���for picnics or the unexpected guest    Put a few in
kthe children's lunch box���their wholesome and appetizing
ktaste will please them.
In 10 and 25 cent dainty, dust and damp-proof
tins.   Ask your grocer for Mooney's today.
Tbe Mooney Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd. ���.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
A ftampl*.
"Wby did yoo raver tbat board wltb
paint and lean It against your gate
poat T
'"Ihat" ropited Mr. Urowcher. -ta a
sample for tb* benefit uf ihe peonle
who won t lielleve ntillit is fresli until
tbey have rubiieo their nugerm across
pi- \\ asiiinguni Wat.
Ten* te tit*
"What ami-ess have um bad with
the |Hirtrail **t vtMir u nil ber In law V
"Irenieiiiloiia It le sucn a 4*a*aklna
Ikeness tliat my hriiib��r wneii jie
���ame to hm* at it, ilistiwtivetv pul
'Its clgnt U-hllid hla twk."- l-'llegende
/ ratting vonrvett on the hack is a dit
bcuii Uak   aeidom dou* gracetuuy.
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy oi
flavor and food value.?
The N��w Milb at Montreal ars now in operation and for.die convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established, Dbtributmg Pomb at
','., Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
News Classified Ads Pay PAOB HOUT
FRIDAY, AUGUCT 30,  1912.
I'   -
It textflejiable, Superior
in ..Design and Work-
Prjbe $4.50
d^Wfeuaranteed for 5
Anderson & Lusby
���"ioi ������!'
Fill Suits
fpr-Ladies and Men
MUMM  Street,   New  Westminster.
���  ���        ���-
ovEii:-' *'"
Alfred W. McLeod
HM*   U'
���57 Columbia St.,
New  Westminster
_ .���'���'..���        '
Long evenings are coming on, in
consequence you will spend more
time reading. Let us help you enjoy
rcadirtfl. by fitting you  up with
'    ���
your rea
glasses.   We^ean supply the very best
lenses  ma
life at
half the  price    that
some, ^jjjitjjrs^jharge.    Whatever  you
do tjon't ijjjjjft'.from any but reputable
dealers.    Beware cf the transient���he
wili do you sijtie.   We guarantee every
sale; v*c *l\ptte   to   your   salisfaction.
��� ���. ���**
50 cents \t$.
Phowo-4��f -L. D. 71:  Res   72.
^iff*' /Westminster     B    C
Holidiy Complexion
k1 *tJSE
Seely's Invisable
Peroxide Cream
m$m sroRf
Four dpors East of Bank of
New Westminster, B. C.
Por all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
The telephones of tha Westminster
Dally News now are:
Editorial Offic* 991
Business Office  999
The Provincial Munieinnl Comml*
slon will hold Its slttiniM In the local courthouse today i.i t S i'.iuaIiv.
The sessions will start at tun o'clock
in the morning.
Rye bread���like your mother us*'
to make. Eighth Street Bakery, Telephone R 281. i -*.'
The general monthly meeting of
the Progressive association which
was to have been held on Friday,
September 6, has been postponed to
Priday of the following week.
The many friends of Miss Schaake
will be pleased to know that she is
now convalescent at the Royal
Columbian hospital, where she underwent a successful operation for appendicitis. -��
The British Canadian Lumb.r Co.
'ias taken out a permit at the ety
building. Inspector's office for sU
new dry klnlns to cost $10,0110. The
kilns wlll measure 126 feet 8 Inches
by 120 feet.
The Columbia    Pian*    nnd    Music
House, B$3 Columbia street,   la head-
���larters for Victor Gramaphones and
Records. ���*
Rev. Father Cholnel, O. M. I., ef
Grand Forks, and Rev. Father O'Neill,
of Fernie, after having spent a week
In the retreat at Mission City, were
the guests of the Oblate Fatherayln
the city yesterday.
Acting Mayor Gray returned tc the
city yesterday mornius from Victoria.
\viiile in the Canltal City ii l too.s
up certain matters in connection u'llr.
the RovbI Columbian smut aid the
visit of the DuKe of Connit'lgtft litre
on September 21.
Hieh grade, medium price ami all
grades of pianos and player platfos,
low prices, easy payments at th# Columhla Piano and Music House, 5?"?
Columbia stieet. **
Mr. T. B. Shoebottom, provincial
jail inspector, was in the city yesterday on a visit. After making a tour
of Inspection among the jails of the
ud country towns he will return to
Westminster to examine the local
court house lockup.
On account of Mondav bointf a noli
day the regular weekly mAotln; of
the council scheduled for -i.ac tin-
will be held this evening. Matters
to be brought before the J'i '\-incUl
Municipal Commisslpn wil be ..'ni-
sfdered at the meetftig. ���
We have just received a shipment
of fall suitings including English
Worsteds, Scotch Tweeds and Irish
Serge. Call an(l see them. Hee
Gluing, merchant tailor, 701 Front
street. ������
Mr. ami Mrs. J. II. Vidil and Jlis3
Naomi Rolph. 121 Third $tre-:t, retarded yesterday from tl-.'? ras:.. 'ill?
party was accompanied :������*��� Mrs. VI-
dal's sister. Mra. A/- M. U'atrs, Ul >1
her daughter, cr St. CatUi ri.tci, Out
Miss Holph has been attending Haver
gal College, Toronto.
Mr. Tv.iss, with samples of the
House of Hobberlin made to measure
clothing, will be at Reid & McDonald's store today and tomorrow. Come
in and leave your measure for one
of these high class tailored suits or
overcoats. Fit and workmanship
guaranteed or your money refunded. **
A new spud anchor for the dredge
King Edward has been received' at
the local government wharf from
Vancouver. The dredge Is at present
at Esquimalt receiving a thorough
overhauling, h^t when she returns
the new anebbr which is a beam 26
inches square by 61 feet in length
will be installed.
The Dominion Pipe company, of
this city, haa recently received a
large order -cf wood pipe from thc-
city of Nanaimo. This shipment will
be used on the new waterworks svstem that the Hub City -is installing.
Tne order is fnr ?niO feet of lS-ir.e'"
pipe which will withstand a pressure
of 160 feet head, and 6300 feet of the
same size pipe whicii will aland a
pressure of 280 feel head.
Not h^w cheap, hut how yowl. Hear
the great Cliickerlng Hies.' player-
pianos at the Columbia Piano House
opposite City Ball, Made and jniar-
anteed by the only living Clilcke: lugs
making pianos, truly the wonder of
the a?e. \Ve have other piano players
is low as $4;"i(l In price. ������
A flre broke out at the recly completed house of Mr. H. K. ilali-cinbo
on Eighth avenue yesterday morning
but was easily extinguish*!] by tlte-
men from halls number two und
three. The blaze started in the 1 ack
verandah of the house nud worked
up the back wall to th? roof -ausmg
hamage to the extent of f.V.D. MVB-
ten- surrounds the came il the fit*
as the house was vacant at tl*-i time
the Incident occurred. One supposition Is that oakum useJ bv The. plumbers became ignited l.irong'.i spcr-
taneous combustion.
Much Regret at Departure from City
of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Webber.
Mr. E. ��� l.. Webber left yesterday
afternoon for Penticton to bo followed today by Mrs. Webber and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Webber have for
rniany years .been residents of the
Royal City and their departure may
be regarded as a distinct loss to the
community. In Baptist church circles
they  will   be  especially  mlased,    as
No one should nuss seeing the
Dancing Maddens, who are iripcarin;.;
at the Royal theatre now. Without a
doubt they are tlie classiest dancing
act that has ever appeared ln thia
city. They certainly made a big
at last night's performances
they had to take repeated encores.
i There are two other good acts on the
���is hit
botp Mr. and Mra, Webber for m*Wr|.wu- and   the  pictures  are  excellent. I
years occupied some of the most im-     , .     ,       ,   Wclh worth seeing,
portant offices in the gift, not only tf
but in the denomination
the church
in the west.
Tbe members of the Olivet Baptist
church, before their departure, assembled together in the lecture room
of the church where a farewell function was greatly enjoyed by all, and
a handsome cabinet of Bilver cutlery
aceompanicd by an appreciative address and a bouquet of flowers was
presented. The address was read by
the, pastor, Rev. A. F. Baker. The
presentation was made by Mrs. J. R.
Coon and the flowers to Mrs. Webber
by Mrs. Silas Fader. A number of
short "addresses were made.
Refreshments were served, and a
most enjoyable time was spent.
Mr. Webber was very we'l known
In business c'rcles ln the city, being
connected vlth the -Arm of F. J. Hart
& Co.
Leaving City
mmmmmm^m*SSH**in***mm*amm^maaBmBmaaaB*    .mat
Ulust sell new Groomed bunpalow
modsrn I.i every respect and nicely
situated;   a  bargain fcr tomecne.
Also some nice new furniture, arl
squares,  crockeryware, etc.
Call at 627 Fifth Street,
or Phone L 841
Cello and Guitar.
liW J. Lawrence
Demand   for   Garbage   Wagon
During   Past  Fortnlnht
The  city  health  denartment.    and .
especially that end of   the   depart; on the Banjo.  Zither  Banio,
ment.that has in hand the collection   a*      i  ��������     as       i   i       a*   "j
of garbage has been experiencing   a | wianaoiin, Mandola,   MantiO-
most unusually busy time during the
last tvo weeks.
Orders for the scavenging wagon
have been coming in from practically
all quarters,   and the    wagons    are
having all they can do    to    handle
work in their usual expeditious man-1    ,,eave )n8trument8 for tunlng or rfr
ne|;- , . .      .       ,.       "   I pairing at J, H. Todd's Music House,
A general house cleaning after the 419 Columbia Street.   Tel. 694.
return  from  camp  and  vacation    ls | .   ��
given as a reason for the   rush   of
orders on the densrtment as the   ma-
from getting a foothold in the
house by putting a good Insect
Powder in places where they're
apt to thrive.   ,
We can, supply you with an
excellent Insect Powder that ia
non-poisonous to you, but deadly to Bugs and Insects ot all
Get your supply today at
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
Joritv of the cnlls for the wagons are
'coming from the residential quarters.
Some despicable blackguard is at
present engaged writing anonymous
letters to little girls in Sappe.ton
asking them to meet him at d'ffcrent
places. One of the little ones showed one of t,he letters to her mother.
Another, Is said to have seen hire,
and -describes him as a short thick
man'with a slouched hat and apparently between 20 and 30 years of age
A number of Sapperton young men
are laying for him.
*        fclANAIMO  NEXT
Foresters* Conclude Session and
Elect Officers.
Tlie convention of the Anient
Order of,Foresters finished its labors
Wednesday evening with the election
of officers. The order conferred upon Mr. J. 3. Randolph, of this cu\,
the highest honor in its power, by
electing h|lm district chief ranger.
The other new district officers were
elected as follows: Junior past "nie'
ranger, W. F. Fullerton, Victoria;
chief ranger, James Tagg, Victoria;
treasurer, "A. Manson. Victoria; rue-
re tary, G. W. Gray, Vancouver. The
newly appointed officers were formally installed bv past incumbents J.
Randall. If. Williams and A. Thompson,    '
An interesting feature of the last
meeting of the order was the presentation of a valuable jewel to Mr. W.
F. Ffftl&rtoil from the district by Mr
A. Mirison. It was decided to hold
the noxt convention at Nanaimo.
Annandale Supply
We have another choice shipment
of Crawford peaches due to arrive
early this morning.
These will be, if anything, even bet
ter quality than the last.
Customers visiting this store will
be at liberty to select any crate they
wish from this stock.
The peaches are priced at the low-
figure of
90c per crate
'"���    ,;;��� OBITUARY.
GRANHOLM���The funeral cf the
lat�� 'Betyha Granholm, infant daughter Of Mr.'and Mrs. C. Granholni, 017
Butti&by street, took place yesterday
afternoon. Rev. Mr. Swanson, of Van-
cbuverj-'* officiating. Wreaths and
floral contributions were received
from thf following: Mr. and Mrs
Aley!.'Johnson-, Mr. and Mrs. A. Swanson,'Mr. nnd Mrs. V. Larson. Mr. and
Mrs: Gill. Mr. and Mrs. G. Malin. Miss
M. Johnson, G. Lundin, Miss Peterson, Mrs. Granholm, Mr. W-. Swanson,!
Mr. A. Halgren a-.id from the Storme j
family." ,
PEDEN���The ��� death occurred In j
the city yesterday of Janet Peden. j
aged ��5, a, native of Scotland, and
wife of Mr.. A. W. Peden. of Vancouver. -The remains are at Center &
Hanna's parlors-and will be 6'hipped
to Vancouver for interment.
ROLPH���The funeral of the late
Ligdet>'"2L Rolph will take place oni
Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'ciock j
froth' the family residence. J21 Third;
street, interment to be made in the j
Church of England cemetery.
We have a large consignment on
hand of choice PearB, suitable alike
for cooking cr canniing.. These are
in perfect, condition and as a leading
line we have decided to let these go
4 lbs. for 25c
PHONES  1   AND 67.
Dr. S. B. Chown, one of the    two
genera!      superintendents     of     thc
Methodist Church of Canada, will be
in   Vancouver  next  Tuesday  to  con-
/sider sevr-al malters concerning the
Kyerson   ..ollege.    A  meeting of the
board of Uie college will bd held   in
[the Sixth  Avenue  Methodist  church,
' Vancouver, on Tuesday at which the
following local members of the board
will be present:    l!ev. A. E.- Hetlier-
ington,^Columbian college, nnd Alderman D. S. Curtis, Mr. T. n. Pearson,
another  local   member,   will   net   be
present at the meeting on account, of
bis absence from the city.
dence lots in good locations, and
good investments at the prices they
can be bought for now. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
NO. 900���FOURTH STREET, 50x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
120 to lane; cleared and fenced.
$1,050; one-third casb.
lota,, 50x132 each to lane. Price
$1050 each; one-third cash.
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; one-
third cash.
NO. 1195 ��� 8EVENTH AVENUE,
near Fourth Street, two choice,lots,
cleared; $1,275.00 each; one-third
Twelfth street, on upper side; good
view lot; cleared; 50x12.1 to lane.
Price $1550.; one-third cash.
Sixth avenue, 50x132; cleared and
graded; $2,000; one-third cash.
Street, 5��)xll0; cheapest good lots In
the city. Price $500 each; one-fifth
Edinburg 3treet; cleared and-ready
to build on. I'rice $3200; one-third
NO. 957���DOUBLE      CORNER      ON
Fourth avenue, street on three sides.
$5,300; one-third cash.
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and
in orchaVd. Price for a few days
ouly, $1,100; one-third cash.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,
and Marine Insurance.
R. J. BYVBLL, Secretary.
Modern  Saw  Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sac. ltd Trees.
Phones No. 7 and 877.
i S^^TtM
Victoria and Return $2.70
to Prince Rupert and Stewart,
Mondays midnight, connecting
for Masset t.
* Grand 5 days' cruise, $43.00,
including meals and berth.
to  Prince  Rupert.    Thursdays,
midnight, connecting for Granby   Bay and    Queen  Charlotte
Island points.
To VICTOniA and SEATTLE.   Saturdays and Tuesdays, midnight.
S.S. Prince Albert" leaves 3rd, 13th   and 23rd   of   each   month
Prince Rupert and way ports.	
Grand 'Irunk Pacific trains   connect   with   above   steamers   for
Skeena Crossing, thence steamer to Hazelton.,	
Special round trip excursion tares  to the East via Grand Trunk
system, variable and optional routes via the Great Lakes and Niagara
palls. *
} General  Agency Transatlantic Steaoishlp Lines. """"
11. G. SMITH. C. P. A T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. U.
Phone Sevmour 7100. .   VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
We run a general store and sell at, pHy prices.
A new four-story-
- 4
hotel just completed.
LOTS frcm {350 up, $50 CASH, $50 every 6 ninths
Dr smaller terms to those building this season.   Our Mr. Sands bas an
office ou the property.
We have now in stock the largest assortment of Watch Fobs ever exhibited in New
Westminster.   Examination invited. ,
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Irons, Cookers
and Heaters
Weber & day
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
.     '*


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