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The Daily News Mar 27, 1912

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Buy West End property on the B. C.
Electric Cut-Off. V/i .'-as started.
Lots from $450 up.      ��J
WHITE, SH     ,��. & CO.
... a
o ~
In  D
new Cut-Off T
VOLUME 7, NUMB'    $ i.
To   Rush   Devil's   Hole   At
Long Chase Is Nearing End���Bandits
Have Little Food    or   Am- .
lilllsvllle, Va., Marcil 20���The posse
bunting  me Alien  gang believe that
tliey have their ijuarry cornered. They |
anuouuted tonignt tnat ai uayurea*
they e.\pected to atMck the bandits in
Many   Licenses  Taken  Out  In   Westminster This Year���Number Advances 33  Per Cent.
If automobiles are any evidence of
prosperity Westminster is a prosperous town. Everybody has noticed
durlnj; the last week or two how the
number of autos has increased on tha
streets of this city. And this Is fully
borne out by the official figures. Since
January 1, 24 new licenses have been
issued at the local provincial police
office. This brings the total number
of cars in town up to approximately
100. That is to say that in the flrst
three months of the year the number
*,.    . ,        ,,,     f_j__.inait..Ol automobi.es  ln  this  city  has    In-
the  uevns  Ho.e,  where they  te..,^^ ^ abQut 33 ^ ^ & ^
There were 2375 automobiles license:! In British Columbia on October 31 of last year. At the present
time it Is estimated that there are
fully 3000 in the province.
that iiity nou them surrounded. i   . ,
Tue ^evi. g Hole is situated almost I V*^���aZ\j?v**?*
on tne houndary between North Carolina anu Virginia. Never since tbe
huut ue&an until today has the posse
been nu.e to surround the lugUives.,
But alter a stern day's chase they
beneve that they have them finally
cornered ln this wild spot in the
mountains. The Aliens can have
hardly tasted food since the hunt began an.l it is bellevej they have had
no chance to renew their stock of
ammunition. Under these circumstances the posse believes that it will
either he able to starve out the men
or else storm their position. The
criminals, however, are desperate aud
there ls no doubt that they will flssnt
to their last breath and "their last j
bullet. Under these circumstances it
may he decided to adopt starvation
methods, but if present intentions
hold koo! till morning, daylight will
see an attempt made to rush the
Leaves Excsutive In Crown and Privy
Council���Scotland to Control
Finance* Except Customs.
Tales of War  Fall from  Lips of Old
Sergeant Major, Now De?ot
London,  March  2��.���Home rule for
Scotlan.! ts the object of a bill Introduced  today  by   Dr.  Chappie,  Liberal
member for Stirlingshire,   who
posed to vest the executive power in
the crown, the administration being
curried ou by a committee of tho
Scott:Mi privy council responsible to
the Scottish parliament to Impose
ta-e�� ether than customs ani excise.
A. iur.foments are pi o\ Ided by the
hill for the a ljustment of financial
arrangements between the Scottish
parliament and imperial parliament.
The supreme power and control of Imperial parliament is expressly ���
Berycd. ,
"That's a pure Zulu," remarked
. i|.ui .waster jnn ltouinson, of the
ir.lush Loiumbia hieciric Railway
.v esterday evening, us a hlack man in
iis sn.rt sleevts carying a newspaper
paicel in euch nana, inquired for the
i^uume car "He came out here on a
ui,ai irom Durban auu is Oools tu
rue, tne barne;."
' line fellows, the Zulus," continued
the depot master    reiiecuvely,    "bat
tney couut not btund up beiore us a'
Llundl when    tr.e lith Lancers    got
amongst taem.__l was there on that
day witn   the old i)4tn   regiment   oi
loot under Lord Cheimeford, now the
anu Conaauunt  ltangeis.    The    Zu.u
ImpU und��r C��tovi��>o. th�� areat Zul��
chief, came down on ua like the ������>,-
but the 17th  led by    Colonel     Drury
j Lowe passed  over them like a Uurrl-
,ra. i cane.    That wiped out the defeat ot
.','! i lsandhvaua,  where the horns of  the
*      ��� ���      _.._.!    i���    ,...,1    , irnm iil��'
Total One Hundred and Sixty-Nine Million.
Small     Highway     and     Agricultural
Grant���Public Buildings Improvement in Westminster. .
Ottawa, March 26.���Supplementary
estimates to the extent of over $19.-
100,000 were tabled in the House of
Commons tonight. These, adJed to
the previous $140,000,000. wil! bring
the grand total to nearly $109,000,000,
but this figure does not Include the
sums voted by resolution.
A sum of $i,0oo,000 is to be divided
between the various provinces tor
highway expenses. Of tnis total British Columbia will receive only $5*,-
tiCll.52. Of the agricultural vote British Columbia will get $27,334.56.
A considerable sum was also estimated for expenditure on public buildings. Westminster's Ehaie ot this
will be $15,000 for additions to public
buildings and $10,000 for warehouse
impiovtments. Vancouver will get
$25,000 for buildin,, post offices and
$50,000 for a drill hall. Other Items
are $13,u00 for additions to public
buildings, $1000 for a sidewalk In
front of the post ollice, and $2500 for
other purposes. Other sums were for
wharf, river and harbor improvement
A peculiar accident happened in a
local noiel late ou Mouaay e\enlng
which for a time bore every indication of a mystery. According to the
local police, who have investigated
the affair. It appears that a man
named Hugh Patterson, of Burnaby,
while lighting his pipe ignited a dynamite detonator which he had pulle!
out ol his coat pocket. The explosion
badly shattereo his left hand. When
the accident occurred, Patterson was'
standing behind one Alexander Rowan,
whose   shoulder   w*��   Injured  by   .the
flying splinters, necessitating him *>e-\
tne  removed .to  tbe  Columbian  boa-1
pital. '
Patterson, for some unknown reason, made a quick departure from thc
scene,   having   his    wounds    dressel
Minimum Wage  Dill  Passes
Third  Reading.
Labor Party and    Forty-five    Liberals
Vote Against and Unionists with
London, March 26.���The minimum
wage bul passeu the third reading thia
evening hy a vote of iti to 48. The
amenjinent of Yviuiam Brace, miners
repiesentative, for a $1.25 minimum
wage for men and 50 cents for boys
was defeated amidst much excitement
by 320 to 83. torty-five Liberals vote!
against the government witn i it-
Labor party. The Unionists voted
with the government aud the Nation-
a.ists abstained.
The premier was loudly cheered by
his followers after the passing of ths
bill. '
Later the Lords assembled to receive the bill. On the motion of Lord
Herschel it was read a first time.
It is rumored that many Liberals
believe that the fixed minimum wage
should have be6n included in the bid.
Without this they think that a settlement of the strike Is impossible.
Strike Not Settled.
The strike is not yet settled.
Premier Asquith appears crushed by
his failure to bring the parties to an
It is believed that the miners will
not resume work until they secure
something more definite than they
have obtained at present. Some of
the extremists are talking of a sympathetic strike of the railway and
transportation workers, but little
credence is fjiven to such reports for
the moment.
The mine owners are reported to be
ready to accept the conditions of t'ie
new hill an 1 loyally to Btand by the
minimum wage decided on by-
local hoards.
President of Board of Trade Returns
from Victoria���Co-operation in
Water Connection.
Very much Impressed with the ex-
ceiituc   worn   being  accoiujmsueu   oy
the Island Development   league   and
the Victoria boara of trade, ulr. Duncan, president of the local board, has
i etui ued irom his trip to the capital
more convincej tuan ever ol the need
of "boosting"  Westminster along tne
lines of a sane puoiicity ana tne at-
traction   ol   uiuustnes.     Mr.   Daiicau j
spent a good  li^ai of  time with  Mr.
McUaftney, secittary of the Develop- '
ment league, :>nd with Messrs. Wilson '
and  Uilswortuy, piesident and  seere- |
tary of the board of trade.    He found
all  these  men  very anxious  to  work I
in with Westminster as much as pos- I
sible.   They fully recognized that this '
is a rapidly growing city and    were ,
eager for the two   ports   to act    together tor their mutual advantage.
Among other subjects discussed *as
that of iue boats running between
here and Victoria. Recently the local
boaid of trade was instrumental in
starting the Alaskan on the Westminster, Victoria and Seattle run. Almost
immediately afterwards Victoria merchants assisted the Burin to run between Victoria and this port. This
apparent competition aroused some
resentment on the Fraser, but Mr.
Duncan Btates that the Victorians
gave a full explanation of their action.
Their assistance, it appears, had
practically been promised before they
knew of the Alaskan anl in any case
it only extended over a three months
trial. In Victoria, too, the merchants
feel that thoy want a more frequent
service than the Alaskan can give
them, but they are ready to work in
with Westminster in every way possible for the establishment of good
water connection between the two
cities. On the island, says Mr. Duncan, they feel that a food deal could
be done towards making: the kervics
pay both ways by providing reason
able passenger accommodation on a
boat plying between the two ports.
Cid  Federals or Insurrectos
Win Battle.
President Madero Will Pay $1,250,000
for Damages Done During Hia
Jimenez, March 26.���There Is not *
federal in the town and it ls ueiieved
that the federal victory which waa announced can not be as pronounced as.
it was wished to make it appear, ln
fact wild rumors are abroad of '&.
drawn battle or even of a great federal defeat.
Maltreat Foreigners.
El Paso, March 26.���From all sides,
come reports of foreigners being held
up, robbed and maltreated by the insurrectos. The rebels are refusing t����
give receipts for goods confiscated
and the country is in a terrible condition.
President Madero announced today
that he was    prepared   to pay   over
$1,250,000 In compensation for ravages
committed and goods confiscated during his rebellion.
Unrest is general and owing to the
contradictory reports received from
the seat of war the people do not
know what to think. Whether federals or insurrectos have been victorious
it will be long before peace and order-
are established.
Believes the British    Consul at    Los.
Angeles���Arrived In Time to
Prevent His Release.
Seat I:
Trade  with  B. C. and Other
Ports Booming.
Seattle,  March  20.���With all
>n��  -
over   before,   and   an   eier-lncreaslnn
traffic with all the principal points ot
British Columbia to and from Seattle,
the Rreatest business It ever enjoyed
Is  predicted   tor  Seattle during
coming season.
The dnlt began to set    in
ahle Zulu war of "!), besides the
hons of the last Boer war, and splendidly do their greens, reds, blues and
orange set off his dark blue uniform.
He has seen ten years military service
In three continents, but is very
uodegt regarding ills deeds. He
jolr.el the B4th In"1S77 "as fclvaU
.fames Robinson nud Bot his baptism
of fire at the storming of Secucunes
stronghold under Sir Garnet, now
Lord Wolseley. He next went tbrougn
the Boer campaign of *81 under General Bellair, which terminated in tho
disastrous capitulation of Majuba. and
fought in the battles of Elandsfontaln
and  Zwaartkop  and  at  the  siege c
Pretoria. ,        .. ���
On returning home   to    his native
Emerald Isle, Jim Robinson Joined thj
injuries were caused by a firearm. It
is understood that both men are well
on the road to recovery.
eattie, March an.���wun u.i ��mi�� j ************ '"'~'"7" .:;,,, Snshmwa and
ving. Seattle carrying rtcord-breaK- j Second Koyal Dub In *^sile^rs ana
��� tTriioes impoiis Heavier than i served In the East'Indian csroimii, ���
1  t'rb0e8'       �� -   ��� I>t Foona   Neemuch and Nusserabad.
under the command of the Duke ��J
Connaught. now governor general ot
Canada. He went back to Soutn
Africa ln 1895 and on the outbreak ot
the war on October 11, 1890, volun-
strong   leered for service with the Natal In-
ran �����= jjt��r*jaas ss sr
men say, leading to a demand upon the   a leaner.
federal  treasury  department by
local   customs   office   that   the
Transferring thence,
the   seeing some service, to the imperial
ap-  Light infantry ns sergeant and mus
pVaisers' store here be furnished with   ketry .instructoi^^JJggJ ���i
yesterday word  W^n����t$*B8& tnd
"   Ladysmith.
additional assistants;
was received from Washington, D.C,
thnt two additional emergency men
might be employed for a period of at
least ninety days, but the statement
was ma le last nluht by Deputy Collec- ]
tor of Customs Hoss E. Chestnut that
if the unusual volume of business continues the two places would have to
be nia-te permanent and the staff further increased to Insure the expeditious handling of the department's,
"There has been euch a large Increase In our trafflce with all the principal points of British Columbia," said
Mr. Chestnut, "that our present staff
of customs officers will have to be Increased by the appointment of at
least ten more men to enable us to
adtniintely take care of JUBt the summer business we nre expecting, based
on eKtlmates of what we are and h.avn
been doing during tho last several
A Joint Conference.
The proposed Delta-Westminster
tram line vas privately discussed a*
a meeting of the Joint committee of
Westminster and Delta with Mr. G. It.
0, Conwnv, chief engineer of the B
B. C. E. R. which wa* held yesterday
aftc-noon. The following were present
nt (he discussion: From the Delta.
Kcevn Oliver. Mr. Kittson, president
of thn board of trade nnd Councillor
Brown: frorn Westminster. Mr. .T. B
Duncan, president of the board of
t'-nde, Aldermnn A. E. Whlto and Mr,
T. S. Annandale.
was In at the relief   of
which took out of the Boers all heart
for further serious flghting.
When the Baden-Powell pollce was
formed Sergeant Robinson   went   to
Pretoria and enlisted.   When the pay
of that corps was reduced he bough,
his discharge and Joined the Prince of
Wales Light Horse at Cape Town  In
which he was promoted to sergeant
major, the corps doing good work under the command of Brigadier General Beaton in scouring the Transvaal
and Cape Colony, and clearing them
of the enemy.   M the end of the war
the ex-sergeant major,    having    survived the storm ot shot and shell, returned once again to his native Porta-
riown, ln the province of Aragh. anu
thence emigrated to British ColumhU,
where In  1907  he Joined the Roclty
Mountain  Rangers at Nelson, acting
as drill Instructor to that corps.
The denot master has held his present position since last August, excepting a hreak of six weeks, and
among the most highly prized of his
treasures todav are the three Boutn
African medals with their eight
Fourteen 'thousand Acres of Fraser
Valley Land Involved.
A gigantic reclamation scheme, involving some 14,000 acres ln tbe
Kraser valley has recently been arranged, Messrs. F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.",
of this city handling the financial arrangements. Tbe land in question is
known as tbe N'icomekl and Serpentine valleys, the productive capacity
of which has been retarded owing to
Lick of drainage caused by the backing up of the Nlcomekl anJ Serpentine rivers by the tide water near
Boundary Bay. The scheme calls for
a dam to be constructed near the
mouth of the Serpentine, while to
overcome the difficulty of tide water
and also to provide for proper drainage floodgates will be placed at intervals up the river.
The matter has been held up for
some months o��vlng to soma difficulty
in financing the deal. Messis. F. J.
hart & Co., who are also interested
in the Burnaby Lake' improvement
scheme, have now undertaken to
handle the necessary debentures,
which total $136,000, through the London market.
Actual work has been started, Mr.
M. P. Cotton, of Vancouver, securing
the contract. The work Is in charge
of Mr. H. C. Brice, civil engineers, of
this city.
Is Leaving  Stage    at    Portland���Wlll
Do Battle After Short Retirement.
Portland, March 20.���Ad Wolgast
announced tonight that he would
shortly leave the stage and go Into
retirement tor a few weess. Alter
that, said Ad, he would be quite ready
to take on Packy McFarland.
If Wolgast sticks to what be sal 1
today the flght is now a sure thing.
.ucfiiriand is expected to agree to
the conditions and the long looked for
.ight between the~e two should be
staged very shortly.
- #
Los Angeles,    March 26.���Affidavits-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      bearing on the alleged guilt of Charles-
  j Deau,   accused   ot complicity in   the
Washington, March 2S��� William J.   Bank of Montreal    robbery, Westmin-
Slryun, tn the uptnlou ot leading Usmj-   Bter, areVued h��T�� \jo4ay.    "the Utttistk.
crats  tn  congieiss,  has disclosed    the   consul, c. VJ. Mortltaer. d*e\o.xed    oi��
name ot his choice tor the Democratic,   reading tbem over    that    ttoey     s����
domination  tor preeident.    This    dta-   sutsiclent to *ec\����'the extwHaMAOa ��*
closure has not been    made    publicly,   Dewa.
but Is believed to have been comnv.ral- \     On Friday  ttean   11Iff j^pisgT���     |   lor
cated  privately   at  Mr. Bryan's  coni- \ hearing     again   beret*     the   TlnitBd
versary dinuer at Lincoln last week.     1 States commissioner.   It is generally
Theie has been more or less mystery   believed that this will be the last ocas to tlie name   of Bryan's    favorite ] casion and that'there will be.��o fwr-
leader for 1912.
ther remands or adjournments.
But the veil has lifted. To the
minds of Democratic leaders in congress, William J. Bryan's choice for
president is William J. Bryan, fow
out of flve leading Democrats at the
capital have come to lbe conclusion,
reluctantly, but ' Irresistibly, that
Bryan ia playing for the nomination.
The Sons of Scotland held a pleas	
ant social evening in the Odd Fellows ! act       __  	
building last night.   Progressive whist ,Iore United States District Judge Car
Chicago, March 26.���"Not guilty '
was the verdict which the Jury returned today in the trial of tbe. ten
Chicago packers accused by the government of violation of the criminal
sections of the Sherman Anti-Trust
The verdict was    returned    be-
was Indulged in, the prize winners being Mrs. W. Baker, Miss Wilson, and
Messrs. W. Ferguson and W. Sutherland. The attendance was not as
large as could have been wished, but
those present all enjoyed a merry
time. Dancing was ln order following
light refreshments.
penter, after the Jury had deliberated
more than 19 hours.
Three ballots were taken today cn
the question of guilty or not guiltv.
The first ballot resulted eight for ac
qulttal and four for conviction. Th<5
second ballot snowed eleven for acquittal and one for conviction. The
third ballot was unanimous for acquittal. *
The only ballot taken last night Was
on the question whether lf one was
guilty,  all  were  guilty.    This  ballot
Successful Whist Drive.
A most successful whist drive was
held In the K. of P. hall last evening
by the local lodge of Modern Woodmen. Later in the evening, the com-1 stoo(i ten to two in favor of the pro-
pany was entertained by a Hindu position. The verdict was handed to
magician, Nanak Singh. His bewilder- the clerk 0{ the com-t by Juror j E,
lng mystics and sleight of hand tricks ; Harvey, who was selected foreman,
were worthy of the applause he ,re-' ft read:
Ottawa. March ati.���The Manitoh-
Boundarv hill passed the House ol
Commons thl- afternoon. Th* ain"��"i
ment. concerning the Keewatln ais-
1 trlct snd the representation of the,
minority was defeated.
Mr. J. Taylor, of White Horse, was
a visitor at the Russell yesterday. Mr.
Taylor reports that while things are
prosperous in the far north, and more
gold Is being mined than ever before,
the use of large and more up-to-date
machinery has not Increase! the
labor market. Wages are still good,
but at the present time he would advise ng man to go north as the large
companies engage their men by yearly contracts. Mr. Taylor expressed
surprise at the msny changes that
| have taken place in the building sec
tion of this city since.his last visit
three years ago.
Olympia "Boosting."
Olympia, March 2fi.���La��t night the
local chamber of commerce gave a
booster smoker In the Elks' club.
Thomas M. Vance was tonstmaster and
there wns a large list of speakers.
This smoke* marks the achievements
of tho chamber during the last year
and inaugurates a better end mo'e ex-
penrlve period In 1012. The matter of
"cniMns. better rsl'rond connections'
for Olympia was taken up and discussed.
ceived.   Refreshments were served by
the committee in charge ot the affair.
Statement In Commons.
London, March 26.���the statement
published ln New York, March 16,
quoting Whltelaw Hell, American ambassador to Great Britain, as comparing the present conditions of this
country with those ot France before
the Revolution, was dragged Into the
limelight ln the House ot Commons
today by Sir Henry James Daliiel, Liberal member for Kirkcaldy. Sir Henry.
was curious as to the accuracy of the
statement and wanted Sir Edward
Grey' to catechize tbe American ambassador on the subject.
Edwin Samuel Montague, parliamentary under secretary for the state
for India, on behalf ot Sir Edward
Grey, foreign secretary, said the latter
was sure the'statement was not true.
He had not hrar-l of It until Sir
Henry Dal/.lel sent a copy of lt to him.
Sir Henry Dalziel Bald he would
again refer to tho matter at the first
We, the Jury, flnd the defendants
not guilty."
United States District Attorney
James H. Wllkerson Jumped to bis
feet as the words sounded througn ,
the court room and tears filled his
eyes. "I have nothing to say," waa
his only comment as he walked from
the court room. Tbe Instructions o*
Judge Carpenter i.ild stress on the
question of reasonable doubt and th*
Jurors were Instructed that lt thev
had such a doubt, of the guilt ot the
defendants aa would Justify them to
pause in any Important affair, they
conld not roturn s verdict of guilty.
Two minutes after reading the verdict the lury was discharged hv Judge ' added
Carpenter. The court session occu- -*"���'*
pled less than ten, minutes. After receiving the congratulations or the
packers and their counsel the Jurors
hurried to the clerk's office and
New York and Indiana States Swina.
in Favor   of   Preaent
New York, March 26.���Indications���,
from New York state and also from
Indiana show that Taft Is gaining over
Roosevelt. It appears that the regular Republican machine ls landing
delegates for Taft and his supporters
are accordingly Joyful.
Roosevelt on the other hand seems
to be losing ground steadily and proportionate consternation reigns in the
ex-president's camp.
Belllngham, March 26.���Her ODly-
regret apparently being that her plot
to aid George Kidd and Paul WebBter,.
alleged opium smugglers, to escape;
had been foiled, Georgia Allen, .��
young woman of 20 years, waa sentenced yesterday to serve one year or
more in Walla Walla for attempting
a Jail delivery.
The girl appeared at the county
prison laat Saturday and asked to
see the prisoners, saying that the-
younger man was her'brother. Searched by the pollce matron, a leaded*
automatic revolver, fifty shells, twelve-
steel sawa and a bottle ot oil were-
found on her person.
On the stand yesterday she waa d��*
flant and assure! the court that th*
smugglers had friends who would aee>
to It that they never went to prison.
"I will not be in long, either," she-.
iflved the vouchers for the fees due
Illustrated Lecture.
A very Interesting and entertMnln*
lecture was given by Rev. Principal
MacKay last nleht to n good audience
in St. Stephen's church, Rev. Mr.
MacKav spoke on his recent visit ">
Honolulu and Illustrated his remarks
Big Explosion.
Welch, Vs.. March 26.���An exrloslom
In the mine or the Jed Coal & Cok".
company at .Ted tod?v imprisoned   TO
men. of whom ten have been taken
out nllve and one dead.   Thero   arej m<w <��ii> *.*v**,.mm .���- -. �����,. ���-. .. -,	
hopes thst the remaining 68 may   bet process and some wonderful views ot It was not forthcoming ho"cvep.
tnunA niivp . this lovely place were obtained. U Is doubtful ff IV wtH 'bb ftfmrd
John Chew. Chinaman, Reacfiid West*
minster Minus $451
John Chew, a resident of Westminster's Chinatown,    was    very    tnncl��'
perturbed last night.   He came over
from Vancouver on the 11 o'clock car ���
and on (he way, he asserts, be loaf
$45.    This la n big sum even to    ik-
Chinaman and his Oriental tmpertirrb-
abllity was   not   proof   agalnat   tbo-'
test.   In tact It was a very   excite*,
gesticulating Celestial that descended'
at th4 denot. demanding his v��inf������e��T'
found alive.
with   some   really   beautiful .-^b^.^.^.^.^���,.
These were colored hv a natnn! cp'o- money with pafiifhV. garrnlom anrletr
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ��� and
 ��� umwu MOB. TWO
- -��t.
- .  i
finisher* on Sixth avenue school.
Inion men only.
ant for millinery work room. Mlss
Davey'a Millinery Parlors, 204 Agnes
WANTED���IN SAPPERTON District, house on tull-atzed lot; deed
to H~A North Vancouver property
offered aa part payment. Give full
particulars in flrat letter. Don't reply unless you have something
cheap to offer. Apply M. P��� 1024
Harwood street, Vancouver.
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. it-
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.   Phone COO.
TOR 8AL.K ��� TENT 12x14, FLY,
cooking utensils, atove, saw, axes,
hammers, etc., nearly new, lor $l*>
inquire Scandia store.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Colum
bia invite competitive plans for the
general scheme and design for tho
proposed new University, together
with more detailed plans for the buildings to be erected first at an estimated cost of $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted.
TOR SALE OR TRADE FOU COT- Particulars of the competition and
tage in New Westminster���Ten plan of site may be obtained on re-
acres choice land, easy to clear, ad-1 quest from the undersigned.
joining High school and Municipal | The designs to be sent In by July 31,
hall at Murrayville, between Chilli-; 1012, addressed to
wack tram   and    Great    Northern. | THE  MINISTER OF EDUCATION.
High school, church and stores in
immediate vicinity. Price $200 per
acre.   Apply Box 21 Daily News.
Parliament   Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
a full sized lot two blocks from
Twelfth street car line Price $150.
V. B. Ennis. 8 Begbie street.
most new, safety brakes, $20. Paid
$40 and only ridden twice. Apply
513 Liverpool street.   Phone 754.
Wilson sewing machine, seven
drawers. $30, cost $70. Apply 513
Liverpool street.   Phone 754.
Burnaby Homes for Sale :
near Royal Oak station; 5(150, terms
$25 cash and $25 monthly.
near Edmonds station; $000; terms
$25 cash and $25 monthly. Ready
to move into today.
class;    on   Armstrong   road,   neai-j
New   Weatminater,   5    cent    fare;
$2500;  $250 cash snd $30 monthly
The  Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster having by Resolution determined
iand specified  that it is  desirable  to
carry out the folowing works, that is
to say:
(a) To pave Front street from
| Eighth street to tlie northerly end ol
,the Schaake Machine Works for a
width of li) feet; lay water mains,
gutters, instal electric street lighting
system, and any other works contingent thereto.
lb) To construct sanitary and
Btorm sewers from Lot 1 to Lot 15,
City Block seven 17)
And that the said works shall be
caried out in acocrdance with the
provisions of the "Local Improvement
General  By-law 1909."
And the City Engineer and the City
Assessor having leported to the Council  in acordance  with  the provisions
of   the   said   by-law     upon   the   said
. works,   giving    statements ,   showing
'the amounts to be chargeable against!
j the various portions of real property )
| to   be   benefited   by   the   said   works j
an.i   other  particulars,   and   the  said j
reports of the said City Engineer and
City" Assessor   having   been   adopted
by  the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
Tales    of    Fiobbery    and    Hardship
Cofoee^.From Traveler In Land of
i Revolution.
Douglas, Arlz.,"tyarch 26.���A story
of robbery, insult and hardshln-etf the
hands of a roving band of Mexicans
was brought here today by Mr. and
Mrs. D. L. Bagby, who, with their little daughter, tied from a mining camp
rttteen mhes east of Bailehaute, Slna-
loa, and forty-five miles from the
nearost settlement where there were
other Americans.
"When we received word from tho
American consul at Culiacan that he
could not protect us, I and my Tamily,
aecompan.ed by Cass Stevens, another
American, started for Culiacana," said
Bagby. "We had gone only a few
miles when we were halted by a rebel
command under Antonio Franca. He
took everything we had, Including
two horses, two mules, four saddles,
four rifles and $700. I asked him for
a receipt, so that we might put in a
claim against the Mexican Government, but he laughed and said that he
did not do business that way with
Gringoes any more.
"lt took us three terrible days ami
i nights to walk to Culiacan. The governor there treated us civilly but advised us to get out of the country, a*
he salu anti-American feeling was
i unniiig high. Leaving him to go to
our hotel, we experienced an illustration of this statement. Stevens and
I were joined on the street by Jack
Kelton, an American. A Mexican
threw a stone and hit Kelton in tha
leg. He started toward his assailant,
but so many of the latter's friends
came out of the shadows, jostling an i
i insulting us, that we were glad to escape to the hotel.   Such Incidents are
I common    at   Culiacan,   from   where
i nearly all foreigners have fled save a
dozen who have mobilized at the
Shipley ranch.
i "Franca sent a demand to the ranch
to deliver up all arms and amunl-
tion. In reply, he was invited to conic
: and tako tnem if he couid. Up to
the time I left, the invitation had noi
betu accepted.
"All aqng the read to the border I
heard tales of violence to Amei leans.
At Hermosillo a woman and seven
children  boarded  the train.    I  didn't
, learn her name, but she said that her
i husband had been killed and that she
and her children had walked to Her-
I niosillo.    They  were destitute  and  ���������
; subscription was raised to fot them
to tho L'nited States."
Westminster, $3000; $300 cash and
$35 monthly; will exchange for Burnaby acreage ireportB are open for Inspection to tho
  fSi5L8L?l&��$ ^?f*"v&��tmymrf-l'   money-   He had  t0 be there with  a
Columbia   street,   New   Westminster,   mUe \Mtitm   g    ��� he.
B.  C,    and    that    unless a petition
Not Fast Horses.
"My dear old father came to visit
me last week," says a friend whose
name we omit. "He's one great old
scout, my dad, but of course he'a a
villager, and he can't see this easy-
come-easy-go method of getting rid of
Make appointment over long distance telephone, Sey. 83G5. Open ��
CO.. 1108 Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver, B. C.
ai Studio, 610 Columbia street, city.
of the K. of P. Building is for rent:
lease if desired. Reid, Curtis &
Dorgan, 70S Columbia street, Nev
LOST ��� A    DIAMOND    RING    BE-'
tween Columbia  street  and  CUrk-
ton  on   McKenzie  street, between j
2:30 aad 3p. m Monday, March 18.
Reward given by returning same to
Koyal Pool Rooma.
against the proposed ^vorke above
mentioned signed by a majority of
ithe owners of the land or real propeity to be assessed or charged in respect of. such works representing at
I least one-half in value thereof Is pre-
' sented to the Council within fifteen
days from the elate of the first publication of this notice, the Council
will procee:! with the proposed improvements under such terms and
conditions as to payment of the cost
of such improvements as the Council
may by By-law In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make
the  said  assessment.
DatpH  this twentieth day of March I
A. D. 1912.
'   Wi A. DUNCAN.
Cltv Clerk.
'Son,   I  hear   you've  been   losing
a lot of money on fast horses.'
" 'Father," I caine back, 'that just
shows how news will get twisted by
the time it arrives at the old town.
It is true that I have risked some
coin at the track, but it wasn't on
fast horses. What lost nie my nmn.
ey was quite the opposite, dad���quite
the opposite.' "
Deadly Germs, Net Bullets, May Decide Future Contests.
The warfare of the future may be a
war between chemists. The nation
with the most ingenious chemists wilt
tie the nation to conquer. Bullets,
-hells and explosives will be replaced
by a series *.l the most death-dealing
germs and poisons known to scieupe,
says Pearson's Weekly.
First of all, a shell will be filled
with germs of cholera, typhoid, or
smallpox. Fired into a besieged town,
these dreadful shells will do their
ieadly work far mure effectively than
any melanite, lyddite, or other explosive ever invented.
The thickest armor plate or the
heaviest guns in the world will be
useless against, them. In a week the
besieged city would be a mere pesti-
tence-laden graveyard Which even tbe
enemy would think twice about entering.
Germ warfare is only a part of the
new system of warfare t1 at tha British admiralty is now considering. An-
ather idea of the inventor is a shell
filled with a material that will literally set the atmosphere on lire.
When this shell bursts over a town or
lamp tbe air will be filled with biasing red-hot specks ^hat will settle
down and burn everything within
reach. The atmosphere itsel: will become lo heated that no living being
would exi- in its for more than a few
The fog shell -has long been the
iream oi the war offices of various
nations. Such a shell is now actually
under coi.sideration.
Whsn the fog shell explodes the air
ior hundreds oi yards around the spot
will be filled with a thick, dense fog
worse than any "London particular."
The biggest dreadnought in the
world would be rendered useless in a
few minutes with one of these shells,
snd '.hat without injuring her in any
way! Sh:: would simply be shut in Dy
the fog, ft fog so thick that no searchlight can penetrate it. A few torpedo
boats, once the fog shell had been
Sired, could sink tl eir huge enemy
with practically no danger whatever
io themselves.
Perhaps the most horrible part ul
the new invention is "Blindite." As
its name implies, it is a ghastly substance, which blinds anyone within
reach. Enough "Blindite" ean be ) ut
in an ordinary rifle bullet to blind a
dozen people.
A shell filled with "Blindite" would
blind everyone within 100 yards' radius. Such a shell, exploding over a
ivarship, would leave it as helpless
is a mouse in a cat's home. The inventor himself discovered thia chemical quite accidentally, an'i "as nearly blinded at the time.
Now that such ideas .ar.1 actually
oeing seriously considered it is tn be
^oped that they will lis carried
(hrough and approved ot. The very
possibilities of the horrors that war
will bring in its .ra.l thtii will keep
nations at peace.
Th;  Gender of Stamps.
Never had there been such a commotion in the little flat. And the
most excited-person present was the.
sister ot a younn mother who hud just
presented her hushnnd with twins.
Auntie was wildly delighted at being
auntie in a double sense, and off sho
ru he:', to the postoffic1 for stamps to
spread the great tidings.   .
"Stamps!" she jerked ua she reached tho counter and flung down her
"How many, miss:-" politely inquired the clerk.
"Two I" she cried joyously.
"What kind?"
"A boy -nd a girl," she returned
rapturously as she bade him hurry.
Fortune Spent on Buttons.
Forty thousand pounds was paid by
Louis XIV. for one aet of buttons for
| a waistcoat. This monarch had a
l positive passion for buttons, and in
| the year 1685 he spent a very large
' amount on this hobby. Among the
| items ot his expenditure two are
j worthy of note���August. 1685, two dia-
! mond buttons, 67,866 francs; seventy
Date of first publication twenty-first j five  diamond   button,  586,703   francs.
day of March A. D. 1012.
I It ia estimated that during his lifetime he spent $5,000,000 on buttons
alone, and that  at a time when the
I empire of  France  was in a state nl
I bankruptcy.
To Clearing Contractors.
Scaled tenders, superscribed "Ten-
<Jor for Seventh Avenue School" and
addrcsesd to L. Avory White, Esq.,
Secretary. New Westminster School
Hoard, will be received up to 5 p.m.
of Monday, Sth of April, 181.2, for the
erection and connection of a three-
story school to be oroctca on Seventh
avenue. New Westminster.
Separate  tenders will   be   received
for , 1, Concrete, brick and carjienter
work,  etc..  2.  Plumber  ami
worh, 3, Painter  work,    4,
l.i',hi, etc.
Plaus and specifications can
talned on application to the
signed on receipt of a deposit
which will be refunded on tli<
of plana.    Each tender  must
Nothing To Do But Live.
���     .��� ,    .,   ,       .     .,, , '<    Tiie Friendly  Islands of the south
Tenders are invited and will be re-. BeM   are    described    as    an   earthly
celevd by the undersigned up till 5 p,   Eden.  The natives have nothing to do
m��� Thursday, 28th March, 1912. | bqj catch ftgh. gather fnA  sjllg gon({jJ
and grow  fat.    The women are very
Seventh Avenue Smith, Hartford
Road to Brit ton road, approximately 9
Boundary Road, Government street
to Bai net Road, approximately 200
Johnstone Road, D. L. 137-141 to
North Hoad, approximately ITS chains.
Northern   Avenue,   MacDonald   Ave-
l'inncr  ",1(-" ,() Queen's Avenue, approximately : ported
beautiful, but a trifle heavy, weighing
between 250 and 400 pounds. When
a white man goes there to live he
has to deposit $50 with the Government. If he lives a decent life this
money is returned to him at the end
of two years. If he makes trouble the
money  is confiscated  and  he  ia  d��.
be ob-
of $10,
bo accompanied by an accepted bank
cheque or certificate of deposit on a
chartered bank in Canada, made payable to the Secretary of the New Westminster School Board, for a sum equal
to five (5) por cept of his tender,
which shall be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to enter Into contract when called upon to do so. Tho
cheques or certificates of deposit of
msiicceasful tenderers will be returned to them upon the signing of the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Architects to  the   School    Trustees.
New Westminster, B. C.
���I" cliains
Rumble Road, Royal Oak Road to
Power House Road, approximately 57
Second stroet. llth Avenue lo B. C
EC, It ly. Burnaby Lake, approximately
���111 cliains.
Curtis  Road, Cliff Avenue to  D.  L.
ill. approximately 78 chains.
Specifications mav be obtained at
the Engineer's Office, Municipal Hall,
Edmonde, B. c. on depositing $2.oo
which wll be returned to all bona fide
omlers will not be considered unless
submitted ��� Oil official forms and accompanied by certified cheque for fi
per cent of amount of tender.
How   It   Happened.
Aunt Maria���Don't deny it, Martha.
,1 saw you.   Your lips anil his met as
I  came into the room.
Martha���Yes, auntie, but it whs all
I an accident. I started to whisper
something into Charley's ear at tbe
I same moment that he tried to whis-
I per'something into my ear, and that,
is how it happened. Charley felt m
I bjid about it as 1 did, I'm sure.
Working an Adage.
'Doctor," said the medical student,
"is a blind man apt to be au idiotf"
"Why lio! What makes you ask
"The adage says, 'Out of sight, out.
of mind'."
there Is Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Board of Health Department.
Notice is hereby riven tbat the tar:s
in connection with llie Garbage System arc now on ml" at thi! Col ec-
lor'u office In tfu? City Hill. This
systetB will bo put in operation on of
before llu? 1 tt of April. ,
8. .1. PEARCE.
(Unitary  Inspector.
Always remember the full name,
for this signaturo on every bon.
Where Lati.i Is Slill Spoken.
In the central part of the Balkans,
fur up in the mountains between Bulgaria, Servia and Turkey, there ia- a
community of mountaineers BlOtlli'4
whom strangers seldom go. During
the ascendancy of the Roman empin
a Roman colony vas founded here
and then forgotten on account of its
remoteness. For the reason Ihat the
descendants of those ancient colonists have never mixed with the people about them they retain tlieir
original characteristics, even to the
language. In several villages tho
Latin that the peasants speak is so
plain that students ol classic authors
;an understand  tbem.
"A TRIUMPH" w in quauty
BLACKi    MIXED     OH   Free Samples mailed on enquiry.
NATURAL GREEN/ ******* "sauvda," Tor*.**
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
- -   ������������ ��� -��� i
Now is the time to build for'sale or rent while prices are low
Do Not Waste Money
Savs a little systematically, for lt ls the stuS that the tout
datlons ot wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   wbat   i.
needed now aud to Invest tor what shall be needed In tbe t>
ture.   Money cannot be Invested untll lt ls flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. L. DEWAR, Gensral Manager D. R. OONLEY, Local Man��g��>
"���-L'-jS '
The Race Track Touts   at the Royal Theatre.
Cannot go on forever. This sale may be declared off any day.
Make your selections n w while the opportunity is afforded. Next
week may be too late.
Gordon's 'i*>v r.atin  IIiiIhIi    Cotton    Bedford    Cords,
plain solid colors.    Per yard   18c
Gordon's 25c small chocU Ginghams; lino quality,
'i'l Inches  wide.   Per yard  14c
Gordon's 'I'm whlto dotted Muslins; small woven
white dots.    Per yard  18c
Gordon's 2()c   Galatea Cloths.   Per yard   15c
Gordon's 2,r>(; White Dimities; very fine and sheve
easily worth    Gordon's price.   Kale price, yarc} ..15c
Gordon's 25c Colored Dimities; come in assorted
colors  ln  the much deBlred  shadow    stripe effects.
Per yard ! 17c
Gordon's 25c Cotton Voiles; In neat even stripes,
assorted colors. Just tho thing for cool house
gowns for the coming warm season.    Yard  . ...Hfl
Gordon's 25c Crash Suitings; a splendid tub fab:i.^
linen finish; colors blue, green and grey. Por
yard    15c
Gordon's 25c Crepe Suitings; plain white nnd white
grounds, wltl.  hair line stripe.    Per yard   15-:
Gordon's 35c Cotton Voiles; both light and black
grounds, some in neat stripes, whilo others arc In
neat small  figures.   Per yard  15c
Gordon's 12V��c Ginghams, Checks and Plaids; n
big range of patterns; fast colors.   Per yard ���9c
Gordon's 12'/sc English Prints; an endless variety
of patterns lo choose among.   Per yard  9c
The Man Who Saves You Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1912.
<��� ��� --i'-, , i.
His Invention to Do Away With
The New Fuel, Which Was Designed to
Run Factories at 75 Cents a Day,
Wrecks the Kitchen Range and the
Inventor's Hopes of Fortune.
ICopyrtetat. Uli,  by  Associated Literary
IT was 7 o'clock the other evening
when a boy left aweary sack of
something nt the basement door
of the Bowser mansion, and Mr.
bowser lost no time ln conveying specimens of lt up to the sitting room for
Mrs. Bowser's Inspection. Tbey looked
like chunks of asphalt dug up from an
old pave ment. and she turned from
them wltb tbe remark:
"1 suppose somebody bas been after
you again with a patent of some sort
or other."
"Have you tbe slightest Idea wbat
Ihnt something or other IsV" asked Mr.
Bowser wltb a complacent smile.
"Perhaps It's cement to fix the boles
In the cellar?"
Hs Is Statistical.
"My dear woman, I nm not In tbe
rnneiit husiness this evening. It Is not
cement, uor Is it compressed food for
tbe cut. It Is not u microbe killer nor
o modi destroyer. Wlll you kindly listen to me for'a moment while I give
you some facts and figures?"
"Go on."
' "To bent tbls house and do tbe cooking we consume twenty tons of coal
per year. The conl man may cheat us
out of tit least four tous. The coal must
be dug from the bowels of tho earth,
rnlsed to the surface, londed on the
cars, transported, unloaded tigalu, ioad-
"iltUdOKS, MBS. UOWSEIt, mii.monh!"
ed into carls nnd delivered, nnd even
than   must   be  handled  aguin, to say
nothing or the ashes.   Can't you see
why it rants so much?"
������Of course."
-We nre only one of 5.000.000 fnmi-
lies anion coul. nud there nre all tbe
���hope nnd factories besides. Suppose
tvp hud ii substitute for coal, something which needed scarcely any hnn-
dlinj;. irnve nut Ove times the bent und
lefl UO nshes behind. Whnt would
thai substitute be worth to America ���
lo tbe world nt large? No dust, no
���alien, no giving 1.700 pounds for a tou.
no clinkers and no waste."
"I thought you had been taken in
again." leplled Mrs. Bowser, wltb a
Tho Discovery.
"Oh. yon did? Very tind of yon, In
deed: Well, my friend, I'm going to
disappoint you this time. I'm going"
to revolutionize tbe fuel of the world.
I'm ttolng to knock out conl untll It
wont be worth 60 cents n ton. Right
here before your eyes Is something
which Is going to bring me In millions
of dollars In the next few years nnd
make the mime of Bowser a household
word nil over tbe civilized world. Millions. Mrs. Bowser, millions!"
And he thrust his thumbs Into the
trmholm of hls vest and walked up
aud down before her, and the cat came
out from under the piano nnd walked
after dim.
������Well?" she said to break the long
"Well." he replied. "I will simply
���ay lo you this evening that 1 will
beet our house from now ou for 10
cents per week, nnd I will run n steam-
boul from New York to London for
$2.1. I nni now going down to (be
kitchen to experiment n little wltb
the range. Seeing Is believing, and 1
limy cull ynu In nbnut half nn hour. I
think I'll be side to prove to you Ihnt
1 haven't been wasting m.v money on
a spring tonic or n lightning rod.
You've somehow got the lden thut I
don't know enough to buy turnips nt
30 ccnM n bushel, but 1 rather think
I'll astonish you."
The Experiment.
Mrs. Bowser realized thnt the experiment would be curried to some sort
of finish,, no mnl'er whnt she snld,.
snd she therefore held her pence, nnd
Mr. Bowser gathered up HI* specimen*
snd descended to tbe basement.
"And. tinw Is It auoiher fooiln'
sround with ihe hot wuter pipes tu the
gnu meter'.'" nuked the cook, who knew
ninieitilim of his experimental nniure.
"M.v dciir woinuii. I nm going to us-
tofitsb vo:i ns well ns benefit you.'' re-
tilled Mr. Bowser as he approached
the mm;!'.
"You've astonished me before. ��lr.
���nd 1 wuiit oo more of It:   ls it tbe
conl gas you nre goin' to try nnd bottls
np aud make a cure for the wboopln'
"Be calm and frnr nol.  Tou see this
stuff? It Is n new 'nel to take tbe plain
of coal.   It gives out live limes Ihe heat
und leaves nh nshes-no more lugging
up coal, no more nshes (o bother wltb. j
lt  will   be  a   snap   to-work  In  this I
kitchen after this,  .lust ruke out what |
little (Ire there ts. will you, so tbat 1
can start afresh?"
"There'll be u bobbery of some sort.
You know there ullus Is."
"Never you mind about bobberies.
I've got n dead sure thing In this, and
there's barrels ot money In lt. You
came from Ireland, 1 believe?"
"I did. sir."
"Well, within two weeks all Ireland
wlll be talking about Bowser's new
fuel, nnd It will probably be mentioned
In tbe papers that you were the first
cook (o use It."
"It's more likely tbey wlll be sayin'
I've left my place, bin git along with
yon and.have It over* with."
Tho Explosion.
Mr. Bowser put In paper and kindlings, added a liberal quantity of his
uew fuel nnd then stood buck. Things
went off with a rush, nnd ho stood
back nnd rubbed his hands and whispered:
"Only one pound of my patent fuel ln
there, und Just feel the bent! The fuel
question Is solved. You could put n
ronst of beef In Ihnt oven and have It
fit for the table In an hour. My dear
woman. I'll lie running cotton factories for 75 cenls a dny und driving
locomollves 1.000 miles for u dollar!
Do you observe? Do you feel? Do
you realize a h"ndred(h part of what
tbls means to the civilized world?"
The cook had opened her mouth to
sny that sbe thought her wages ought
to be rnlsed $2 n montli when there
wns a low rumbling, a trembling ot
the whole range, nnd the next instant
the covers (lew up to the ceiling, the
doors banged open and n burst of dame
filled the kitchen. Mr��. Bowser, from
the room nlinve. beard a howl from
the cut. n scronni from the cook and a
yell from Mr. Bowser, and she knew
what had happened. She couldn't gc
down for Uie smoke, but us she opened
the fronl dour the trio came flying out
of (he basement to roll on the snow in
the back yard.
The Fire.
It wasn't much of n lire. The seven
or eight pedestrians who rushed in and
upset everything and Hooded water all
over the floors soon had It out. and In
the course of a quarter of nn hour tbe
open doors nud windows had freed
the house of smoke. Mr. Bowser sat ���
on the lounge, with red eyes and singed
hair, and Mrs. Bowser finally faced
him and asked:
"Well. sir. any further experiments
(his evening, nr will you wait until tomorrow night?"
"Wo-wonuin." he gasped ns he lifted his bands and bulged bis eyes, "lt
was���wns you!" I
"Why. whht did 1 do?" '       M
"You didn't want me to make millions of dollars."
"Nonsense'. You went down to experiment, and"���
"Go nt once nnd telephone your lawyer. The alimony shall be all thst yon
run ask for. bin this Is Ibe end-positively tbe end!"
Brutal Conduct.
"But why are you determined to gel
a divorce from your husband?"
"Because lie Is uu absolute brute."
"You ain.'./.e ine. Y'ou used to say
that be was us gentle ns a cblld."
"Yes. that's whnt I used to say. But
yon ought to see bim uow. Listen
Since the baby began teething nothing
would quiet (he little darling but being
allowed to pull his papa's whiskers.
And when he found that out what do
you think he did? He went down und
bad bis beard shaved off. that's what.
Do you think I'd live with a man that
has (hat sort of disposition?"���Cleve- ,
land Plain Dealer.
i.i th: migmty die?.
Strange Fishes Thit Cirry Th-ir Own
Electric  Lighting  Flantj.
Ptrai ge indeed are scin-, nay mo*!,
of the fishes tbat inhabit th* miffhly
deep. This much litu boen! amply
proved by the Jew specimens which
nave been-secured at varying depths
by scientific expedition*. Anion- all
these the self-luminant fishes play an
important part, it is -well knowi
that under the most favorable eir-
cuiii-tnnces, say in mid-sea nt tropi-
cal high noon, the sun's light cannot
penetrate before a hundre 1 fathom.-,
a iqere surface lnyer where depths
run irto fo-r or five thotnand fsth-
oms. What light could there be, then,
in those abysmal depths which can
not Le illuminated by the sun's rays?
This question puzzled scientists 'lor
many years. They knew that in varying degrees of intensity t i eurfaca
of the sea became luminous, so much
so, in fact, tli: t sometimes on a
moonless night iU effu^-i.c3 pales the
stars, makes thi heavens appear coal
black and causes every wave that
breaks to appear as a shower of light.
But how far down did this light extend?
With the advent of improved meth-
ods oi deep gea soundings tlle qne.-tion
was partly settled by the capture of
self-luminant fishes. These denizens
of tliose vast depths, it was discovered, carry about their ov 1 electric
light installation, so to speak, being
able to render themselves luminous
or the reverse at will. To what extent
tiiis faculty prevails is unknown, because our knowledge of li.'e in those
awful depths is very limited; but it
may be noted that the majority of
tho e abssal lidi have no means of
lighting themselves up, as it were.
The extraordinary lish that do have
this faculty contain a system of animal lighting which i.s, without exaggeration, more akin to an electrical In.
stallation than anything else. One of
the-e queer little fish was caught not
far from the coast of the United
States in a depth of nearly 1S.00O,
feet, or more than three miles below
the surface of the ocean. It has enormous eves in proportion to its sizo
and on the under side of its body it
is provided with a number oi tiny
lamps, little globular points arransed
in a sequence of longitrdinal lines
from gills to tail, with short spurs
running up the sides. Many specimens of similar fi-li have b;en se urrd
and all are different, so that it would
he useless to attempt their description
in full. The great question of it
all is, were these lowly creatures provided wit.i such lights because lhe
sun licht could not penetrate to their
great depths?   Who can say?
These few specimens out ol a creat
number will serve to give an idea rtf
the  extraordinary  system  of self-illumination existing among the inhabitants of the ocean's profound depths).
But   this   is   not   all.    Comparatively
few of the denizens of the mighty ce p
pu about with lights.   By far the greater  number pass on  their slimy ways
in appalling darkness. Wonderful ami
beautiful as are the  light systems nf
the   few   in   comparison   to   what   in
in ist caf.ea is the bideuusness of the.
creatures   bearing   tliem.   it  in   imp..*- \
Rible   to   think   ot   Ihesa   wlttaiut   Uie \'
mlrd dwelling for a time upon the in- 1
visrib'.e gliding .forms that, unlit, prowl I
thoB��   mighty  depths   unseen.    \  lew 1
ul   these   have   been   brought   to   the'
light of dny  and given  names in  accordance, but it must be plain t > any
thoughtful reader hew few snd leeH'.e
ar?   the   specimens   captured   wh��'i
compared  to  those   monstrous  fnrm<
I whicli no trawl, however strongly eon-
1 structed,   could   imprison   and   bring
to the surface for man's inspection
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Accounted Fer.
"Were you seasick crossing tbeoeenn.
"Oi waa-.turrlble sick comin' over,
but nlvver a qualm did Ol bov goin'
"Really? Uow do you account for
"Sure and Ol nlvver went back,
yure honor."���Harper's Weekly.
Ths Customary Use.
"lly future tiioiher-ln-lnw Is really n
bit too careful. So that my tlunt-ee shnll
know whnt to buy ufter we are married she take* us both with ber to Ihe
market eu'17 morning."
"Well, but what use sre your*
"Oh, 1 pay."-l*liegende Blatter.
[������IM Minn ���H"W-M-��W-HHh^
Fie, Cynieus
The more money a man Is willing to spend un a girl hefore bo
ls married lo her the more he
tries not to afterward. - Xew
York Press.
��l-M"H-M"H-l"M' 11 Ml IM-M-W
. Ths Suprema Test.
"Job w'tts supposed to lie a mont patient man." remarked the observer of
events and things, "but we never
heard ot uny.one seeing him trying lo
get a lively eel olT a tishing book."���
Yonkers statesman.
A Seriou�� Item.
"What's the heaviest expense about
"Paying freight e^nrges to hnve the
machines shipped around the country,"
replied the expert.-Washington Slur.
Tbe Liberal One-Charity begins at
I   The Tight One.-Te*. but there's 00
telling where tt may end.-Puck.
I Sea   Serpents.
1 Sea serpents date back to the days
of Aristotle, who wrote: "Tha serpents of libya are of enormous sine.
Navigators along (he coast report having seen a great quantity of hones
of oxen, which they believe without
doubt to have been devoured by the
serpents. These serpents pursued them
(the seamen) when they left the shore ,
nnd upset one of their triremes."
Olaus Magnus wrote in the middle
ages of a sea serpent 200 feet long
and 20 feet thick which haunted rocks
and cave3 nesr the seacoast. tho old
writer adding. "And he puts up bM
lead on high like a pillar and catch-
tth away men, and he devours them."
Why He Knocks:'.
Small Welsh station:
Porter���Yes, you see, sir, it's no
good tapping at the office window.
It will not open until ten minutes
before the train- starts whatever you
do.    ,
Benighted Traveler (who wishes to
reach LlanfairpwHgwyn?yllS'Wb'>nl-
lysiliogoBol���Ten minutes? Good gracious! Why. it'll take mo a quarter
of an hour to tell 'em where I waul-
to go.���London Mail.
Happiness   Impossible.
"Mr. and Mrs. Wicherly seem to
be such a happy couple."
"I think tliey pnerely pretend to be
"Why do you ssy that? Hsve ynu
nny reason for believing tliey don t
get along well together?"
"Oh. they may get alon? all rtaht
together, but tbey certainly can't he
happy. She's getting stout, and he's
beginning to lose his hair."
From His Own Experience.
A west end schoolteacher was attempting to dri'.l the class in the use
of the word "felt." She expected
some of the children to say "The ice
felt cold" or "The ttove felt hot." or
something of\ that sort. She wss much
discouraged when one Utile al:en who
had raissd his hand to volunteer a
sentence said, "I felt down stairs."
Profane Philosophy.      ,
Tcrwllliijer���Dp you   think  it  does
p.ny   good  tt swear   at  your  toothache?
Jeroloman���Well, it's a little relief.
It puts a part ot the misery on my
A Flnsnclaj Caurtrhlp.
".Veil, George, dear, did you see father?" asked Mabel.
"Yes." sighed George, "He wont
hoar oj a merger. He says we aro
b "1 too young."
land registry Act. ,
He part (10 acres) nt lot 38. Group
1, formerly In Y��le Division ot Yale
DlBtrict, In the Distiict ot New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the Iobs  ot  cer-
! tiflcate of title No. 1C955F, issued In
the    name   of Francis W. Fcrd.'has
been filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published in | 1
the City of New Westminster, issue a 1
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
In the meantime valid objection be j
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry oTlce,  New  Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
Hee Chung
Merchant Taijbr
has moved to
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suit-
Prices low, flt guaranteed.
D. McAulay
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Central Meat Market
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian  Serrice
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Portland, Me.-Halifax (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through to steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers fron Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic     New Twin-Screw S.S. Megantic
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���Turbine and Reciprocating Engines.
Last word ln shipbuilding.   Electric elevators, electric beaters, skilled orchestra, wireless and deep sea signaling apparalaa
First-c.ass, $92.50; teco.id-class, $53.75;    third-claw^   (closed   toons),
Comfort at moderate rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
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582 feet long. 614 feet ttmg.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I oasrtaaa f*t} ��M��
Best accommodation given J50.G0 up, third-claw (cfoee* rcessu). $31 SS.
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second aatf Cherry ftc,
8eattle-, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and W. F. Butcher, CL ft IL
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth
PHONE 370.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611  Victoria Street.
(Over Dally News.)
Phone R672. S19 Hamilton 8t.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
3500 Tons, 7000 Horsepower.
foot of Main Street.
At TweWe o'Clock
Prince Rupert
Connecting rortafebUjr wttk
S.S. "Prince Joha" tor Port
Simpson. Port Nolato. Stewart.
Maasett, Skidegate, PiscoS.
LockporL Jedwajr. ate.
Grand Trunk Paciflc passenger trains leave
days and Saturdays
Rupert Wcdaes-
for polnta
Through Tickets Issued to Eastern Destinations Via
City Offices: 527 Granville street, Vancouver, u. c Telephones:
Passenger, ��ey. T100; Freight, Sey, 3060; Expreaa. Bay. 7MC. Hairy
G. Smith, City Pasenger and Ticket AgenL 8toa��NBr from Prioe.
Rupert arlves Vancouver Saturdays at 7:00 p.nt. tariaad of ��:30 p.m.
1 iiiiim��-��   >mnin m . PAGE FOUR
WEDNE8DAY, MARCH 27, 1912.
Ihe DaHy News
. 'i
Published by Tha Dally Newa Publish-
'tag Company, Limited, at their offices,
ami    ot    McKenzie   and   Victoria
The shooting of Police Constable
Byers In Vancouver on Monday by a
drink-crazed Swede brings home to
��a once more the .dangers that our
policemen run t.ip..the everyday discharge of tlieir.^ity!- There is little
xlamor about a constable's life. His
death may sometimes be sensational,
but it is seldom romantic.
These factB sKpuld cause the public
to look with respect on the guardians
���at their peaoe.^tt ls -too often a fact
that the ordinary individual looks upon the police force as a body of men
waiting to run htnWin If he becomes
a little indiscreet, tte seldom, lf ever,
thinks of .them as the men that make
it safe for   him   to walk   about   at
I Correspondence X
***^*S****i*********** ******
(The Dally News is not responsible
tor the, opinions expressed by Its correspondents.)
Editor Daily News.
Sir,���In perusing the pages of your
valuable paper l notice m tlie last .
two issues an article ahout Mormon
elders working bere in this city, which
is very true. But the author of the
article is trying to dis.ibuse the minds
of the people, where he says they try
not to aiouse the suspicions oj the
people that they are not from Utah.
The tract he makes mention of, denies this fact, for on the front cover
is printed a taclsmlle of the great
Mormon temple of Salt Lake City,
also the words Temple block, Salt
Lake City, are there, while on the
back cover Is a faclsmlle of the Book
of Mormon and these words are in
large letters, Book of Mormon. The
gentleman is also mistaken when ho
states that our communications are
to the women only. We are pleased
to deliver these tracts to all men,
women or children who wiU accepi
them for the purpose of reading them
for the information there is in them
We are not ashamed of the fact that
we are a Mormon Klder as we are
called, and the new gospel that la
spoken of in the article is none other
night, that by   tbeir   very   presence
prevent his houaetXrom being robbed,' than that which was preached by the
Ills goods from being stolen,   if there  Saviour and his apostles
is  trouble or tfBjn'ger anywhere they
send for the polfcfe.   If the officer hap
pens to be shot or hurt In some way
they may exclaim hysterically that
the brave man died doing his duty.
But. that is not what the policeman
himself wants. He does not indulge
in heroics, but lie does like to be
considered as a huipan being. To feel
always that he is a man respected by
the whole community, as indeed he
is by the best part of lt, would be a
much greater recompense for the difficulties of his life than a public funeral
after his death.
There ls, however, a more tangible
way  of  showing  public  appreciation
of our police foroes throughout   this
province.    That is to grant them    a
pension.    During the last session of
parliament a movement was set   on
foot by the Chief Constables' Association of British Columbia to ask   the
government  to  provide  pensions  for
the  force.    No steps,  however, have
.apparently jpegf 'taken.    In  common
Justice this reform should be pushed
through.    But it sliotild not be left to
-the police themselves to iln tbe work.
The  whole publie -should  demand  it-
A policeman while alive does not receive a rate of pay in proportion  *">
the danger and risk of bis calling. Hia
���.salary can hanUy.iba sai d even Lo be
proportionate to his    hours    of duty .
��� certainly  not to    his    responsibility.
And today he bas not even tbe com
fort  of   thinking   that  bia  wife   and
children���P. C. Byers leaves a newly
married wife���will be provided for if
toy chance he meet with an accident.
This   is   not  glirlng  the  men  a  fair
deal.    They**rcHirthe highest sense
public  servants,  and  the  public  can
well affor.l, it i^ot to be generous, at
least to be juSt.*"'
These remarks do not apply to the
jiolice of thesiitononly. They apply
.to t.nise oi t-.Ki .municipalities an.i
.province too. As the rate of pay for
the latter u lower than lu the cities
so is a peiutyn* pe;haps even more
urgent in thAirJfcase. But in every
case the public -should see that justice
ia done. Representatives in the
Mouse at Victoria, in the city and
. municipal councils should be ap-
, preached and every candidate for the
people's franchise should be made to
declare himself" on this question. The
reform should ,bp. demanded urgently
and put Into operation at once.
and the oh;
ject of the visit from house to house
I Ib for the purpose of placing in    th3
I hands of every person the true plat
of salvation, and  If the people  with
! whom these elders come in contact in
I their visits  from  time to time  wish
I to know  something about Utah ano
its people they will gladly give the in
i formation free.    The writer would be
pleased to meet his frien.l and    exchange ideas on religion.
1400 Fifth avenue
Xew Westminster, March A, 11)12-
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the safe side when buying
baking powder, examine the label and
take only a brand shown to be made
from Cream of Tartar.
City Property
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Lot on London Btreet near Twelfth street,  $1100,  one-thh^l pash,
balance G, 12 and 18 months.
Two lots on Eighth avenue near Tenth
will handle the two.
street,  $2300, $400    cash
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
drunkards or notorious spendthrifts, dians aro greater under the new codo
may not be married unless their guar- in Switzerland, probably, than in any
dians' consent Is obtained. Tho Othor country. Should parents fall In (
grounds for divorce are the same for | their duty to their children the guardians may remove them from parental  control,   and   while  compelling
From $325 to $475 Each.   Very
Easy Terms of Payment.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway  Depot.
Phone 1105.
.  '
both sexes, and include Insanity if
has continued for three years and is
certified to be Incurable.   In divorces
granted through adultery the parties j 'be parents to support them, may
reet their education  as they see  fit
That headacne cures should no
longer be put up. In the form of lozenges or chocolates, I3 the opinion of
Air. A. McGill, chief analyst of tho
department of inland tevenue, in ;i
bulletin which lie has just issued on
the s.ibject, suys the Ottawa K.ee
PreBB. He points out that drugs with
a potent eftect'as a heart dejjiessaut
are used in these headache cu.es.
"I'lify should not be disguised in
lozenge form," he declares. "They
are sufficiently dangerous to warrant
every precaution, against excesH use."
Over ;'.00 eamplps of headache pow-
tijlera were    examined, uud in    many
<,awes  it   was   found   that   the   Patent
Medicine Act was not complied with.
fn    fifteen cases it was found    that
.there was un oxcobj of certain potent
��� drugs, without any declaration on the
label   and   without   being     Ntamped,
These  would   come    under the  penal
.���sections of the act.
Another statement, Mr. McGill
makes is that claims of "sure, certain,
or instantaneous" cure are unwarranted, and misleading. This misdescription or misbranding should be made
punishable under the act. Another
<:hangc he advocates ls that the commonly accepted . names of the drugs
should be placed on the outside of
tbe package, instead of the technical
names which make it impossible Tor
Jthe public to know exactly what Is
contained in the drugs.
In 11 number of samples also there
was found to he aspirin, a drug which
la not scheduled under the l*atent
Medicine Act, and, therefore, illegally
New Code of Civil Law Came in With
Ou the first of the year a new cede
of civil law came   into  operation   in
Switzerland.   In many respects it embodies a radical change from laws pre-
wously existing, and especially so in
regard to the legal status of women.
Whether   in    Switzerland   there   has
been going on a suffragette agitation !
is not recorded;  it may be that the
consciences of    the Swiss    husbandi j
and fathers required no such spuirlng
as they have received in England, and
that they  were  ready to deal  justly 1
by their   women    folks without   the j
brickbat argument.      Under the new
code the women of Switzerland have
not the right to vote, but they  have
all   other  lights    of  any  importance
that the men enjoy.   The unwisdom of
granting    the    franchise    to   women
would be more marked In Switzerland
probably  than   in   many  other  countries, -since  every  male    Citizen is 'fr
EOldler, and the:e would be strong objections to enfranchising   a majority
of the population  unable   bear arms.
The Marriao^ Systems.
Hithcvto the Swiss woman has been
regarded as a minor, but henceforth
lf she is married her earnings will bs
her own.    If she Is a widow she can
claim the sole legal r.uardlanshio ol
her children.   She can dispose of her
\ propeity by will without the consen-.
of her husband or children,    subject
only to the same restrictions that apply to men;  ani she can choose under which of three different systems
of  mirrlge  settlement  she  will  live
with her husband.   The three syitems
aro    based respectively cn umou   ol
goods, community of goods, or, as in
ilngiand   and   Canada,   separation  of
goods.   Should she choose the second
or third system it must be specified in
the  marriage    contract, otherwise it
will be assumed that the   prevailing
system   of union of goods   governs.
'I his means that the wife is to be the
legal  owner of  anything she  has at
the time of marriage and of any inheritance    she may  afterwards recelvs.
The    husband has the   management
and enjoyment of such property wltii
certain  restrictions.    He may  inves'. 1
the wife's money and receive the in- 1
come, but on demand he must render j
an  accounting   of    his   stewardship, j
Should  his   management   be unsatis- 1
factory he can be forced to turn over
tbe property to his wife, who there-1
upon   becomes  partly  responsible for I
debts.    When  soods are thus  separated the husband Is compelled to give |
his wife, in addition io her own prjp-
erty, one-third 01  his property In excess of what he possessed at the lime
of the marriage.
Community  and   Separation  of  Goods I
lhe second system of marriage settlement, namely, community of giods.
moans tho forfeiture of all Individual
tlgty to any tart of the joint estate.
should    tlie   husband  become    bank- 1
nipt,  however,  the  contract i.s  automatically dissolve 1. and the wife has'
the same lights    as In the union ot |
goods.   That is to say, the wife may
claim  that,    half  her pioperty  be re- '
stored to her, and as regards the oth- j
er half, sl]e takes her place as an ordinary creditor,    The system of sep-
arallon  of goods makes the  wife en- 1
tirely   free  and   responsible   for  a-li I
her actions and debts, but    her   husband may demand a contribution from
her own   personal  income or  means
to any jointly  Incurred expense such
as   housekeeping.       Snould   the   husband  become  bankrupt, the wife en-
Joys no privileged position.    It ought
to be remarked   that, the  wlfe'B general freedom is limited to prevent her
from encaging ln uny business or profession   without  the    consent of  her
Marriage  an^   Divorce.
The new code raises the marriageable age from Hi to 18 in the case o(
women and from IS to tt) in the caws
of men; but for all persons under th��
ago of 21 tho consent of parents or
guardians is required before a marriage call'be performed. Even cer-
tuitt  persons  over that age,  such as
1 may be forbidden to marry for thre��
years, and the court may in its dis-
' cretion refuse the custody of the
children to either father or mother.
Separations are also granted as under
Britisli law, and the wife can secure
a separation if she show that to continue living with her husband endangers her health or her good name. In
such a case she can claim maintenance.
Authority of Guar::;ans.
Powers  bestowed    on public guar-
If the father is a drunkard, all control over his children may be takea
away from him, and deposited in tha
mother alone. Other laws tend to
ameliorate the position of unmarried
mothers. Fathers of Illegitimate
children are obliged to contribute to
their support according to their own
social position, and to continue the
support until the child has reached
the age of 18.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and    Shingles
PHONE   904.
Dandy Home.
Large seven roomed modern
house on Agnes street, near
Third street; flve minutes' wSli .
from business ��� centre. ������ This
property 18 on the market at'a
aacrliice as the Owner has J4st
jne South. Below market prtfce
gone South. Below market
price. $5800; terms $1600 caafci,
balance one, two an.l thrte
In Residential Section.
New six roomed house near
Sixth stieet car line, on large
iot, in t.eared end graded.
This houss "ij thoroughly modern, has a basement, piped for
furnace; well finished; opeja
flre place. Price $3350; on
terms of $850 cash and the balance very easy* Indeed.
Owner Easily Satisfied..
This five-room moiern house
stands on a lot 50x140 feet,
running back to a lane. 'live
houBe is nicely built; has a
fine open fireplace, panelled
strips and plate rack. Owner
wih take $2100 and is satisfied
with one-fourth cash and the
balance over two years.
Rents For $25.
Here Is a house that rents
for $25 a month, it Is a six-
roomed house, fully modern,
with basement, etc. Pi ice is
$2600; with a quarter of the
payment now and the balanci)
by   1914.
Get away from the idea that you can afford to wait.
You can't.   Waiting i$*a waste of time in Westminster
or $25
Below Market,
Fine six-roomed house
ougbly modern. Rents f
per month. Sit uate 1 in the
heart of the elty on corner lot.
Price $-6^5; terma 1800 cash,
balance  over  two  years.
Residential District.
Fine cheery flve-roomed
house,, newly built nn 1 thoroughly modern; bath end toilet
separate; furnace, cement basement, cement walks, etc.; nicj
lawn; lot all fenced; situated
on Second street, between Fifth
and Sixth avenues; close to
school, etc. Pi ice for short
time only, $2900; terms $1000
cash, balance over two years)
Talce a walk today and have
a look at this place, 523 Second
I told you yesterday that you could
depend on not being pestered by solicitors if you called in to see me concerning the properties I advertise on
this page. I gi\e you every opportunity to look into these good buys
and to take one if you want to. If
you don't, you're the loser. Somebody else will get it. And remember:
Every day you put off coming into see me
you are letting your chances slip.
Putting it off is pfeor business with such gilt-
edged investments as I place before you right
here. It's almost criminal to postpone investigation. Remember, if you don't like the
house or the lot, I don't insist on showing you
something else. Your decision is final with me
Make an appointment by telephoning me
right now.
Just Built.
New slx-rcomod modem house
ntur Second street and Fifth
avenue; full Blzed cement basement, cement f.oor, furnace, etc,
panelled dining room and den;
fine laree hall with winding
stairway; large lot 52x126 foet,
to lane. Price $4000; terms
H-iiio cash, balance fi, 12, 18
and 24 months.
For a Few Days.
Fine lurge lot on north side
of Nanaimo Btreet, between Sixteenth and Eighteenth streets,
half a block to U. C. K. ll. cutoff; flne view of north arm of
Fraser river, Lulu Island, etc.
For a few dayB only this bargain can be got for $1150, one-
third caBh, balance lu six,
twelve   and   eighteen   months.
On Easy Terms.
Here Is a nice lot for building a, cozy home; 132x148*2
feet, on Hamilton street, near
Fouiteenth street. The price
of this 1�� only $'-M0O and terms
Close to Car.
For a beautiful home location this lot on Princess near
Second, will take some beating.
It's only half a block from tha
new school and close to car.
Price is $840; only a quarter
Take This, It's Good.
Faces south cn London street
near Fourteenth. Dandy view.
$850 and terms are eaBy.
Here's a Good On*.
Lot on Seventh avenue, between Fourteenth and Sixteenth streets, facing south;
magnificent view; size 33 x
148% feet; partly cleared.
Price $750. Terms over two
Everything Right,
You can't do better than take
these two lots at $425 each.
Terms arc easy; one-third cash.
The location is llfcbt anj view
just   dandy.
Ottawa Street���$650.
Lot on Ottawa street near
Kighteeutli street; cleared; size
50x132 to lane. Price $HG0.
Terms: One-third cash, balance
in fi, 12 and 18 months.
In the West End.
Lot ou north side of Hamilton
street; partly cleared; magnl-
Uclent view of Fraser river, etc.
Price $1)45; terms one-third
cash and the balance iu 0, 12
and 18 months.
Cleared and Good.
Hetween Sixteenth and Elsh-
teenth street, partly cleared.
$826,   with  good  terms.
Very Easy Terms.
Fine cleared lot on Fifth
streel between Fifth and Sixth
avenues; size 33x140.5 feet.
Pice $M()0; terms very easy.
Phones 1090-1091 WEDNE8DAV, MARCH 27, 1912,
.....  page tvns
Montroal, March 20.���The N. H. A.
players have left for the Paciflc
Coast and all-star games.
The ten players represent three
\ teams In the big hockey association.
Fiom Quebec comes Moran, Malone
and Macdonald. From Ottawa, Ro-
nau, Darragh and Shore will accompany the local delegation with
Sprague, Odle, Cleghorn and Fred
Taylor headed by the Wanderers'
captain and promoter of the trip, Art
Koss, aaml'
The Ottawa men including Taylo",
;' were not with'the'""party''when th6y
left, but they will jolp them at the
��� capital.
On paper the players opposing each
other ln these contests are the fourteen best men In the Dominion. Other things being equal the matches
should be rattling good ones. Not
only are the All-Stars going west with
the full consent of N. H. A., but Art
Hoss has been l.nlormally commissioned to bring about an understanding with the British Columbia league
wuicn win be better for tne game in
general as well as for the two controlling bodies ln the winter pastime.
Next Saturday the Vancouver Y. M.
C. A. will pay a visit to the local institution ln order to take part ln a
joint paper chase.
Another good game was played in
the semi-final of the senior basketball
league at the Y. M. C. A. last night,
in wliich Kvans' team beat Whue'a
rather easily by 22 points to 10. This
puts the winners ln the final where
they will have to meet either Dough-
-erty's or Fader's team. Tnese two
will play off on Thursday evening.
Yesteiday evening Kvans' team consisted of Blrchfleid, Oreyell, Smith,
Dawe and Kvans. White's team was
Porter, Smithers, Henderson, McDonald and White.
Investigating the baseball trust
would be as profitable, one critic says
���at least nearly as profitable���as cutting into the head of a drum to find
out what makes the noise.
Talking about getting close to Hw
people, the following telegram appearing in the latest Australian papers, from Longreaoh, Queensland, ls
At a boxing tournament In aid of
the hospital, which a number of ladles
attended, the contestants in the bantamweight      division     were     Sandy-
Thompson  and  Jack   Miles.    At  the
er.d of four rounds the Judges dlsa-
- freed,  and  the teferec,  Uev.  Hulton
Sams, who Is well-known in Noithern
<$ueensland  ag  the   'flghting  parson"
��nve the decision aa a draw.
k^. A good deal pt boo booing followed.
^Rev. Mr. Sams In vited anyone wha
disagreed with the verdict to step -Into  the ring with  hltu.    Thlg  quieted
the audience. j
Rev. Hulton Sams waR referee for |
the amateur boxing tournament recently, and official positions were held by
two other clerics. Rev. Father Lane
was timekeeper and Itev. C. Hicks,
head of the Bush Brotherhool, was
ten seconds check. The reverend gentlemen proved efficient ringside officials, and carried out their duties tn
the satisfaction of the contestants and
the crowd.
Even the most nearly perfect of human machines may get out of order,
and champion sculler Richard Arnst
recently had to go to Sydney hospital
for two weeks. The nurse to minister to his wants was Miss Amy Williams, and she ls now Mrs. Richard
Mme. Du Qast to Go on a Mission for
Francs Among Fierce Tribesmen.
Mme. Crespin Du Gast, that dainty
ind daring Frenchwoman who ha.'
distinguished herself in such hazardous exploits as motor boat and automobile racing, trick riding on horde-
bac!: and on the bicycle. I illooninj,
fencing, skillful use of firearms arid
exploring wild countries, i^ about to
Lit! for happiness and fame in a new
way. At the request of the Minister
of Public Instruction of France aha
will go on an official mission ns head
of an expedition to southern Morocco
for the purpose ol studying the social
condition and handicrait of the natives. Since many of theso tribes are
avowedly hostile to France tlie mission is regarded as being dangerous
in the extreme, but the intrepid Mme.
Pu Gast eagerly accepted the opportunity offered her to again brsve clanger. It will be her third visit to the
Moors and she expects to po among
the nomad tribes to tell them that
France is their friend, incidentally
obtaining authoritative information
concerning their customs and their
feelings   toward  h��r country.
Tho whole world knows of Mme.
Dut Gast as a sportswoman. Her exploits ara thrilling ancl they are indulged in from pure love cf excitement, for she is wealthy. Aside from
her love of adventure, Mme. Du Gssl
is not the least bit manish. On the
contrary she is divinely feminine.
There is no finer figure in all Paris
and when she appears in evening
dress in the salons she is the most
neatly admired of women. For years
she has been a popular idol on the
boulevards, whether afoot, ou horseback, or in her favorite motor car.
The only ill-natured comments come
Irom envious  rivals in society.
As a sample of her daring it Is related that several years t" i sli wished to enter a motor car race from
Paris to Madrid, but the authorities
refused. Balked in her desire to see
how close she could come to a terrible death and yet escape, she took
to traveling among the clouds. Taking lessons Worn Santos Dumont, she
made several flights over Paris with
tliat distinguished Brazilian, lt failed to satisfy her because they remained too close to the housetops ol the
City. Nothing but the clouds would
suit her purpose, so she had a balloon
made to or.ler, with a spacious wicker-
work car in whicli she could read,
lunch on chicken and champagne,
and perhaps fare death.
Gradually this balloon became a
tiresome thing, its only redeeming
feature being tba possibility of an
accident, which would compel her to
take to the parachute. Ah. that was
a happy thought I She would not wait
for an accident. She would know the
sensations of descent by parachute
without having to wait for so troublesome thing as the happening of some
accident. One might know her French
origin just by this.
Se .ted in the car of her balloon on��
day, at a height oi a mile and a hall
above the green fields to the north of
Paris, Mine. Du Gest testjd every part
Of  the   apparatus,  secured   hurself  to
tho ropes leading down fr in the closed  parachute, pulled  the  vulva  rppa
t ��� let out the air, so that tlib balloon
would follow her descent,'and Calmly
cut loose.   She fell like a shot, thouvn
it seemed td her that the ' alloon wa*
shooting  upward, instead,   Then  the
ribs of the parachute suddenly spread,
the ilium"  of silk caught tbc air and
she knew that she was floating earthward as easily and softly  .s a bit rij
thistle down.   There had been thrills,
certainly, at the start; after that there
was simply the delight of a new sensation.
buch is Mme. Du Gast. Fifteen
yeais ago this rich, plerture-loving.
notoriety-seeking Parisian figured only
as the unknown widow of a man who
made a fortune by selling furnishing
poods on the installment plan ancl
letting out clothes for hire. It has
required fifteen yeBM of sensational
recklessness to force her way from
obscurity to recognition as the most
daring sportswoman in the world.
Such a woman will make good cm her
present mission ii any one could, that
is certain.
^BM|^    u
^    ,   -'0.1 U
WW jAijli. *��'
IWW'^wSkf': ��� **���"'
���_m. '��*���""   "9%
^*W****a --m
'.  ^m-*-:.r-t>
Black Face Act at Royal Theatre.
"Germany must make strenuous efforts to increase her
exports to Canada, to achieve
the conquest of the Canadian
market. It would pay to send
agents and commercial travel-
ers to Canada to study the
Bpecia] trade conditions of
that country and ascertain
the needs of thn population.
A regular, frequent steamship
f?rv:ce from Hamburg and
Bremen to the Canadian ports
ii also essential."���General
NO SLUMP���Just in a
Hurry to Sell
The modern home we advertised for sale a fewvflaya. ago at $5250
is uow further reduced to $5000.
Al locality, and on car line. Attractive-looking . .house, seven
rooms, furnace, hardwood floors, etc.
All you need Is $1800 cash, and $25 per month afterwards. Must
be sold within a week. '" *
The Westminster Trust and S^fe Deposit Co.,Ltd.
J.J.JONES. Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Baseball Expensive.
The statement of a Chicago baao-
ball writer, in the curtent issue of an
eastern magazine, that a major league
< lub can be operated during a championship season for $169,uu0 ls disputed by Barney Dreyfuss, president
of the Pittsburg club. Mr. D.-eyfusB
declares the writer In u.uestion falls
fully $C0,00i) short of the amount necessary to the conduct of the Buccaneer outfit during a single season.
In the article referred to, the Item
of salaries ls given as $69,000. The
Pittsburg club's salary list (which Is
probably the highest of all), Is pliced
by Mr. Dreyfuss at over $100,000. Said
the Pli ate owner:
"While 1 never allow myself to dis-j
<iUbs expenses, etc., 1 will go on record ���
as Baying that the Chicago writer you
quote from could not havo taken the
Pittsburg club as a guide in writing
bis article. Our expenditures durina
a single season will total over $60.-
000 wore than the amount mentioned
**^_ Discovered Ho
An English Chemist Has J;
Grow Hair
In England the ladles have entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which ls
���due entirely to this new discovery.
It has been proven that Henna
leaves contain the ingredients (hat
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long-looked-for article is
proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
the market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna leaves, which
is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparatlcn ls called SALVIA,
and is being sold with a guiranteo
to cure Dandruff nnd to grow hair In
abundance. Being daintily perfumed,
SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair
dresslng.' Ryall, your druggist, Ib tho
flrgt to Import this preparation into
New Westminster, ancl a large, generous l.ottlo can be purchased for 60c.
Hard te  Believe.
''Think of it. my dear." remarked
Mrs. Emily Street, looking up lrom
the morning paper she had cabbaged
at the breakfast table, "just think ol
it! This paper says that there sre
three thousand millions oi dollars in
circulation  in this country!"
"Is that so?" responded Mr.
Streat.'as cheerfully as possible under tbe circumstances. "Well, well!
Judgi��g from the di.Ticulty I always
experience in getting you to give ms
10 centa more tban carfare every
illuming, I, thought there couldn't be
mere than $3.50 in the whole world."
Conversation lai.guished a good bit
after that.
Ths Number Forty In the Bible.
The rain that produced tl.Q Pood fell
Ior forty days and forty night, and
after it ceased it was forty days before Noah opened tl.e ark. Moses was
forty days on the mountain fasting,
and the spies spent forty days inves-
tigatingv matters in Canaan before
making, their report. Elijah fasted
forty days in the wilderness, and Jonah gave the people of Ninevah forty
days in which to repent. The forty
Aay*' fast ot Jesus is known to all
reuders of the New Testament.
Program for Wednesday and Thursday
Special colored film by Pathe Frere?
Siege of Calais
In two reels. With halters around
their necks and the key* o{ the city
in their hands. Actual scone - trom
play. Two thous&hd men and horses
in great battle scenes.
The Fatal Chocolate
Farce Comedy.
'Got a Watch ?"
Farce Comedy.
A day   at the West    Point    Military
Academy, New Vork.
By John Bunny.
"Chumps" produce the laughs in
chumps, in fits and starts, an.l Jumps.
It fairly beams with hilarious screams,
covering tho earth with irresistible
T     Vagabonds
A dramatic subject of superior quality.
Illustrated  >ong by tors. Clark.
Vocal special by Mr. T. B. Currle.
Having just received a fresh supply
of Cameras, Films, Papers and all
accessories, we arc In a position to
supply all your needs in this line with
the   best  goods obtainable.
Also, if you ne.ed a little advice we
are sufficiently familiar with all
branches of the Amateur Photography
to intelligently advise.
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. O. E. QILLEY, Phona 291.
Phones, Office 18 and 1C.
f rii'j-i -���**��� ��� '���
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Splendid site for stores and apartment  house;   corner lot,  66  by
132; three minutes' walk from post office.
Only $6,500
Speak Quick for This Will Go Quick.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777. TELEPHONE 295.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build (or sale or rent while prices are low
ll        PAY 04SH,IT WILL PAY YQU
Spring Cleaning Sale
���*P������ ���������������Si���������
������������i^������ Ti i i Ii  iiiiii'   i !".        "
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
Program frr Three Days Starting Monday, March 25.
^^^^^^   Consolation.
"So you are the father of twins?"
"Yes.   They look just like me too."
"Oh, well, I wouldn't worry.   Bome
shildren when  they get   older   don't
look at all the way  they did when
they were babies."
Speaking of Actualities.
Shoe Clerk���What size would you
like, inaclnm?
Miss Larjun���I'd like a No. 2, but
it's no use talk in1,' about that. You
may us well show ine your No. 6's.
Either Way.
The Optimist���After all, msrriago is
Uu tiling. It you marry the ri^'ht woman there is nothing like it.
Tho Pessimist���And if you marry
'.he wronK 'woman there is nothing like
it.���London Opinion.
A lady and a gentleman who offer a refined black face singing,
dancing and talking act.
Tha Race Track Touts
Meivin & O'Neill
Presenting an act out of tho
Louise Byrd
Lyric Soprano.
All Package Soaps, 7 Cakes for
Sunlight Soap, 6 Cakes for
All Soap Powders, per package
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 packages for
Lux, 3 packages for - - -
Fels Naptha Soap, per package
Amonia, per bottle      *>    - -
Blueing - - -
Reckitt's Blueing, 7 for
Scrub Brushes, bass or fibre, each
Mops," self wringing, each
Mop Cloths, 2 for
Clothes Lines, 2 for
Clothes Pins, 4 dozen for
Wash Boards, glass, each
Brooms, each - - -
Mack's No-Rub, the only thing for Laundry
���ij)  ol ,altot ������
^OC-  .
&- ...
-       15c
- 15c
":40c <
- 26c
-    10c
use   -   5c
i ��� tn in
��� wiiJaJ ��� ���
The Public Supply Stores
10c���AO Ml SSI ON���SOc.
[cash grocers
33 8th Street      "THE WHITE TOT
W. jf SMITH.
Phone 2 I tit* U*i\kL\   iNLW
WEDNESDAY, MARCH  27,  1912.
O.TY OF NEV/ WESTMINSTER,     j ity wi
Loan    By-La*
A Bv,aw !o'Lrabie�� tbe   Municipal I    No. 5 ��*����, IM Street
Council of metorpo. ation of tne!    And   Cianes
iv/  w.il be taken on the 10th day of sent of the Electors ot tne s;
Autt'1912, between the hours ot Nine l& ibe manner required by law.
o'clock a. m. and Seve-. odock p.m., RECEIVED the assent oi the Eloc
at the tollowlng places, viz.: tora on tbe ��� d-iy-ot ������ ,1913
The Council Chamber, City Hall
No. 4 Fiiehall, Sapperton
. .*.     om ritv   followa and not otherwise:    Towards  bentures shall have attached to them
ot the said Citj    oi ows N��an of thla  coupona ,or the payment ot interest,
Bulldln;.. Queensbor-
f tors on ���-      ���. , , /._.,.
UOMi AND f4S}.aKD ^ open Coun
cil tbe ��� day of ��� "- *91-
RtCCONSluEKED and finally ? passed the -day of - . W*^
pa>ing the cost of the passing
By-law and tne issue ftnd M^e Of tte
atibeutu.es   luerwn   reierrtu   ao   auu
all expenses connected with the tssu.
once of the said loan, and the balance
City of New Westminster to raise |
by Loan the aam of Twenty Thousand Dollars  i��20,000.0u)  for the
purpose of etxending and improving    the Exhibition Buildings    ut
Queen's Park In tho City of New
WHEREAS it is   necessary' to   extern!   nnd    improve    the    Exhibition j
Buildings at Queens Park in the City
of New Westminster, and tne cast of
���such    extensioj    aud    iinpio/ementi
will    be   Twenty  Thousand    Dollars
AND \vi.EttEAS It appears tbat if
the said sum of $26,1)00.00 be appro-
from the general revenue of
��Ugh- W. A. DUNCAN,
City C.erk.
City  Hall, New  Westminster,  Ma.rcu
' 2<th, 1012.
Cily Clerk.
A By-law
City o:
Debciituri    By-la..,    191
By-law i>"J.������
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
True Copy of tue propose1 Bj-law up-
..on which the Vo.e oi the Municipality
~ 1 wiil be taken on the 1. t.i day of April,
I'.iiii,' betwfetn    tne    houis    bf  Nine
o Clock a, tn. and Seven o'clock p. ra
which saiu coupona shall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4.   A special    rate on  the    dollar
., T shall be    levied and raised    ln each
sball be paid over from time to time jyear, in auuiilbn to all otner rates, on
���a** rpnuired by the City Treasurer to  all the rateable pioperty of the City,
to  create  u
aw biiuu ******3 a.���.***.. ��� i �������� T--   ��� .   _ "
thp 1st day of May, l'.il^, and may be jP'inc^al thereof wneu uue, subject
cited as the "CEMETERf PUK-ito any Act or enactment respecting
CHASE     DEBENTURE       BY-LAW, \ the same.
aB required by
the several
are payabie.
I-���* lursons to wnom moneys  sufficient   lo   pay
the several persons to wnuiu ^  ^ aebentures aud
^^^^^^^^^^^^ on tne   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
this By-law shall take effect on  sinking fund Wr/he payment^of^the
lo    t
Ol    '1
bv Loan a.e
tabl^ mi WJnlcliW
,e coipJ.��tlou oi liio
We*tn��Asvcr io raise
f. im ol o... Taousand
.it the following places.
the City for tho current year the rate .
of taxation will be excessive, and il j
Is expedient that such excessive taxa- I
lion shoul.1 be avoided, and the said ^^^^^
sum  be  raised  on  the  credit of ,yjjJbunkeis  lor tho
Corporation     and     that     debentures
should be issued for that amount.
AND  WHEREAS for the payment
or interest    on  the debentures    pro-
1 osed to be issued "under this By-law.
and  ior creating a sinking  fund  for
tho  payment  o.   the  said   .'ebeumre-i
when uue u wiil be ntoessa,y to rais?
1 y special late in addition to a.l oth-
ir rates   each yeai  during ihe
rency of tne sa.u debentures the sum I
of   Sixteen   Hi.nurc-u    lift   ro.a,*L*j,.ii \
s-.nl 32-100 Do.la. s (11644.32).
AM) WH UREAS' in or.er to raisu |
tlie Laid yearly sum of $1644.82 an
equ.:. special lato on tne dollar wl.l
be requued to be levied on thewholu
lateable pioperty of tlie City of New
A:,u WHEREAS the whole rateable
property of the said City according to
ine last reviseJ Assessment Roll
t.iereol is M.ie Million Five ttundiel
and .\inety-twd Thousand Nine Hun-
tl.c.i and Tlurty-tivo Do.lars ($9,592,-
A.\D WHEREAS the total amount
of tlje existing debenture debt of the
said City is Two Million Four Hundred and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($:!,45i:,900.00. irrespective of th<> sums proposed to be
raised unJer this by-law and tlie
"Street Improvement Debenture Bylaw 191:2" Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1912," "Water Extension Debenture By-Law 1912,"
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-Law
1912," "Cemetery Purchase Deben-
tuie By-law 1912," "Fire Appartus
Purchase Debenture By-law 1912" and
the "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1912,'
of wliich none of the principal or in-
tarost is in arrears.
SOW, TilEUEFORE, the Municipal
Councll of The Corporation of the City
of New Westminster enacts aa follows:
1.   It shall be lawful for the Mayo:-!
of the said City to   j-alse by way of i
lo.n r.oni any person or persons, body I
'i..  ..aiaiies corporate who may be will-
In ^^^^^^
Dohais i5.odu.uwi to e.ect tMnKtr. i
lor the  btorabe of Ouo.-a
!-,und   ana  o.uer   mate.....*>
City of New westin|nster;
WhEitEAo it is ueee^
The Council chamber, City Ha.l.
j,o   4 Flrehall, Sapperton.
No' C Fireball, IStii Street.
|    And   Crane's   Building. Queensbor-
|oag1'' \V   A. DUNCAN,
City Clerk
8_  This    Bv-law before    the    final
nasBlng thereof shall receive the as-
laaat of the Electors of the said City
in the manner ltqulre.l by law.
...,  to erect
of ciushe.l
rock, Band and other materials in tne
City  of  New    Westminster, aud  the
��� ���i    i,.. <= v thmi-
C'ty    ttal'-i New Westminster, 'March
'2Tlh, 1912.
uiTi' Or
be s.x thou-
Purchase    Debenture   By-
Law ia12."
cost ot such bunkers wil
sand dollars  ($6900.00).
AND whereas it appears that tt
tho said  sum  of  }600u.uU   be  appio-
jiiate.l from the general  revenue u
,10 Olty lor the current >eur the 1 ut 5
j. 'taxation will be excess!��� e, una .t
t.ir-1 .s expedient that such exfcesalva taxa-
ion ehould be avoided, and llie sai 1
..Ji.i  should  be  raised  on  the  crsdll
if ihe Lorporation and tbat debenture*
iiouid be issued tor that anio.uu.
AND WHEREAS loi the payment of
;,,eiest on the debentuies   pioposel
J0 be issued  under this  By-law. and
or creating  a  sinking  fund  for tlie
payment of the said debentures when
due it will be  luce-ss. ry   10  ia.st   *j-
special   rate  in  addition  to  all  othe."
aies each year du.ing the currency
of the said liel.ntures the s.im of Four
Hundred and Ninety-throe an uo-iuo
Jomis  ($493.30).
AND WHEKEAS in order to raise
the said yearly sum of $493.30
aqual special rate 0:1 ihe doiiar
ae required to be levied on the whole
.ateaLle property 01 ihe City of New
AND   WHEREAS  the  whole rateable property of the said City accord-
I ing  to   the  last    revise.l  Assessment
.to.l  thereof is    Nine    Million    Five
nundred    and    Ninety-two Thousand
.vine Hundred and Thirty-two Doli.rj
AND WHEREAS the total amount
:of the existing debenture debt of the
said  City  is '1 wo  Million  Four Hun-
Jred    nnd  Fifty-twp Thousand    Nine
I nundred    Dollars   ($2,452.900.Oo)  irre-
jspective of the sums proposed to be
laired     under   this   By-law   and     the
'Street   Improvement   Debenture   By-
llaw 1912," "E.ectric Light   Extension
I Debenture   By-law   1912,"  "Water  Extension     Debenture     By-law     1912,"
K.rKs Purcnase    Dfbeiitu,e    B..-ia��v
1,912," "Cemateiy Purchase Debenture
cly-.aw    1912."  the  "Fire    Apparatus
191-"' an.l,
UKCEIVED the assent of uie Electors on ��� dav of . 1912.
DONE    AND    PASSED    in    open
Council the ��� day of , 1912;
RECONSIDERED and   finally   passed the ���  'ay of ,019
City  Clerk.
By-la* No. ���.
A By-law to enable the Municipal
council of Tne Corporation of ihi
citj Of .~>ew \\estminster to raise
by Loan tne sum 01 Nineteen Thou-
s-.,nj LiO.ia.-s 1*19,bub.uo) to purchase Site for a Cemetery within
tue City of i\et/ Westminster, and
to Clear, Grade, Improve and Survey tho same:
WhEREAS It is desirable to pur-
chose Site for a Lemetery within the
City of New Westminster and to
clear, grade, improve and survey the
same, ..nd the cost of such S1k and
improvements will be the sum of $19,-
AND WHEREAS It appears that if
the sail sum of |19,000.00 be appro-
1 Hate J Irom the general revenue of
the City lor the current year the rate
Of taxation will be excessive, and it
is expeuient that such excessive taxation should hi avoided and the said
sum shou.d be raised on ihe cieui'
01 the Corporation and that deben
tares    should    be    issued    for    that
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of interest on tlle debentures proposed to be issuad under this By-law,
und for creating a sinking fund for
Uie payment of the said debentures
when due it will be necessary to raise
by special rate in addition to all other
rates each vear during tlie curency ot
the said debentures the sum of Four
Thousand lour Hundred and Thirty-
three and 66-lu0 Do.lars ($4438.66')
AND WHEREAS ln order to raise
the said yearly sum of $4133.Ga an
equal special late on the dollar will
be required to be
TAKE NOTICE ihat the above Is a
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day of Anril
1912. between the hours of Nine
o'Clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p. m.
at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fireha'l, Sapperton.
No. 5 Fireball. 13th Street.
Ciane's Building, QueensPorough.
City Clerk.
Cltv Hall. New    Westmlnater, March
27th, 1912.
���Water Extens.\,n  De'jentircrf dy-La
iy li;.'
Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by" special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
aald debntures the aum of llsoo.uo
for the payment of Interest thereoti,
and the sum of $354.02 to provide for
the repayment of the principal.
6.   Tho proceeds of the sale of tho
said  debentures  shall  be  applied ub
follows and not otherwise:    Towards
paying the cost ot the passing of this
By-law aud the issue and sale of tbe
debentures   there'll!   referred   to   and
all  expenses  connected  wltb  the  issuance of the said loan, and.the balance shall be paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to the several persons to whom
moneys are payable. t
1.   This By-law ahall take effect on
the firat day of May, 1912, and may
be cited    as the "WATE't    EXTENSION   DEBENTURE   BY-LAW   1912."
K.   Thla  By-law  before    the    final
passing   thereof  shall   reclve  the  assent of the ElectorB of the s^ld City
I ln the manner required  by  law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on ��� day of , 1912.
DONE AND PASSED ln open Coun-
cil the ��� day of 1912.
RECONSIDERED an:l  finally  pass-
the ��� day of , 1912.
City Clerk. Mayor
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
in Cuba throughout the island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
eelent connections afford every
bankine facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,OOO.OT
Branches througnoui Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, Naw York, Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
balking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents tn all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspartment���Deposit*
received In sums of $1 and upward,
and Interest allowed at 8 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total  Assets over 1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
NOTICE! ^^^^^^
TAKE NOTICE that the above ls a
true copy of the proposed By-law up
on whicli the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th dav
City of .New Westminster to raise | April. -1912, between the houra
by "lo.hi the sum of forty Thousanu j
Do.lars ($4u,ouu.0O) lor the purpose
extending   the    Wnter   Works |
By-law No. ������
A By-'.aw to    enub.e    tht
Council of The Corporation 01  the j
Llty of New  West
of    ^^^^^
System in    the    ^^^^^^^^^^
WHEREAS applications are macu>
from tune to time to lhe Corporation
of the City of New Westminster for
the extension of the Water Works
S.vstem in the City and the laying 01 |
new water maius along streets where j
residents aie being erected, and it is I
impossible to pay the cost of such ex-1
tension out of the general revenue or
the City for the current year, and It 1
is expedient to rslie by loan ihe sum .
of Forty Thousand Dollara (140,000.- I
00) for tbe cxtensicn cf lbe Eftld j
Water" Works System.
AND WHEREAS it appears that it
the said sum of $40,000.00  be appro- j
priated  from the general  revenue of
Nine o'Clock ft, m. and Seven o'Clock
p. m. at the following phces viz.:
The Council Chamber. Cltv Hal!.
No.  4   Flrehall,  Sapperton.
No. 6 Fireha'l, 13th Street.
Crane's   Building,  Qucensborougli.
City  Cle'k
City  Hall. New   Westminster, March
27th, 1912.
evied on the whole jthe City for the current year the rate
rateable property of the City of New  of taxation will be excessive   am   it
!��        .   '.   * lu ....��� ,.,1. m timi Kuch oxcessive taxa-
ta advance tuff same on the credit ' -^rcliase Debenture By-la
i..  ...e    debentures    hereinafter men- j   Exhibition    B:i:Uing    Loan    By-Jaw
CcneJ,  anv  sum  or  sums    of  money l -'-! ��� ���'   of  which nor.c of ttie ;;rU^al
tot e5.cee.dlne In the whola ths w ot \or "\\������� *�� Ijarrears.
��1��<MUJ   Thousand   DbUara   ��20.O0.00) 1     *->w- THERBFORK, the Municipal
ond to cause tho same- to be paid ln- ,
to the Treasury  ot the said City  for   ����   f ^
tbe purposes mentioned herein.
-1.    It Bhall be lawful tor the Mayor , _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
tc   causo   any  ��~~����*   ����   *��*,,,,,���,�����;, I at  the  said  City  to  ralee  by  way
ANu   WHEREAS   the whole   rate-j
abie iropeity of the said City accord- !
ins to the lact   revised Acressiucn, |
Roll thereof is Nine Million Five Hu 1
dred  and  Nlfeety-twp Thousr.nl  Nini
Hundred ?nd Thirty- two Do'.'.ara tt'J,-
AND   WHEREAS   the  total   amount
������^���ii ������ irv,�� 1 ra ���r,,...,i������ ���t ,.,.("ii��� ' ot the  existing  debenture debt  of  the
ouncllot The Co.poratlon ot tne Ctty Uaid  cfty   lf.   Two   MnUou  Foni.   Hmv
iiired   and     Fifty-two   Thousand   Nln6
lows: "^ (Hundred   Dollars   ($2,15'2,1)00.C0).   irre
Bpeotlve of the cume proposed  to be
raided   v.n'.'.cr     this   by-law   and     tht
rovement    Debeni ure By-
... expedient that such
tion Ehould bo avoided, rnd the said
sum  should  be  raise! on  the  credit j
of tho Cor:?raii;n  :::d  that  debeatures    sl.o:.ld    hz    Issued    tor    that |
amount. ;���
AND   WHEREAS   for   tbe   payKMSnl   ;
and i
No person may make connection
with tne new West End sewer With"
out first obtaining a permit from tn��3
ouice of the City Engineer, an J the
work to be carried oat under tiie inspection and sanction ot the Biuinb
ing inspector.
Any person making such connection
without Hist having the work a,.-
provoj by the Plunming inspector is
liable io a line under the FKiuioin,
Plumbing inspector.
City Hall, New Westminster, Maun
21,,  1912.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mint ral Water;,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Prlncsas St,
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, Nsw Westminster.
of Interest  on  the debentures  propes
ed to beUsued under this By-law
Westminster   enacts   aa   toi-
U shal be lawful tov the Mayor
causo   any   number   ol   aebentures \-"���  v"?  >il"u  v-*t-"   lu  ******* ������*���;   ~   .raised   un.'.ci
to be made not exceeding ln the whole   ��*�� {Jom an* PerBon ��r PejwonB, body
the   sum   ot  *20,000:00  for   such  sum \w bodleb corporate who may be Will-'
- ' mgto advance tue same on the credit
ot money ns may be required, not
les.; than $100.00 ''each or an eflulva"
lent exprezed In pounds Sterling of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, at a value of 4.8!>t> to the
pound Sterling; and all such debentures shall be sealed with the Seal
or the Corporation, signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by the
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
person or persons as may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
a. The said debentures shall b��
payable on the first day of May, 1H3J
at such place or places as the Council
of the said Corporation may from
time to time appoint with the approv- [
al  of  the  holders  thereof,  and  shall
u�� the debntures heieinufter mentioned, any sum or sums of money not exceeding in tlie whole the sum of six
j thousani Dollars UtiOUU.iO.i and i >
| cause the same to be paid into the
' Jjr.as���.:]���}���_ol' t!:e said C'ty for the pur-
I" :jc; mentioned he:ein.
| 2. It shall be lawful for the Mayo: '
o cause any number of debentuies to
03 made not exceeding in the whoie
fhe sum or' Jfiuoo.OU for such sum of
money as may be required, not lesa
ihi.n jlOU.UO cach or an eciuiva.ent expressed in pounds Stoning of the
Ui.I.ed Kingdom of Great Britain and
frelnnd, at a value of I.Sdii io the
pound  Sterling;   an.l  all  such  dooen
he Coi [oration, signed by the Mayor
tnd  countersigned  by  the  T.easurer
bear' interest *t the rat�� *of four'and \ ;,ure?,.s.halL^.!eal,ed "l".*1 th.e S.e-al ��
oae-half per centum peo annum, pay-
ablo half-yearly on the flrst day of
January and the first day of July in
each and every year, and the debentuies shall have atached to them coupons for the payment of interest,
which said coupons shall be signed by
tue said Mayor
law 1912," "Electric Eight Extension
Debenture By-taw 1912," "Water Extension Debenture By-law 1912,"
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-law
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Dehenture By-law 1912," "Bunkers Debenture By-law lllli." ancl "Exhibition
Building Loun By-law 1912," of which
..oae of the principal or interest is in
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of tbe Corporation of the
City of New Westminster enacts tt-
1. It shall be lawful for tie Mayor
of the said City to lalse by way of
ioan from any person or persons,
>ody o.' bodies corporate who may be
willing to advance the same on the
credit of the debentures hereinafte-
mentioned, Jny Eiim or sums of money
tor  cret".ra��  a   s'nking   fund   tor   the ���
payment ot the sild debentures when'
due. It  will  be  necessary  to ilase by
special   rate  In   addition   to  all  other
rates  each  year  during  the  currency
of  lhe   ta.d   debenture!;   tbo     sum   Ot
Two   Thousand   0::e    Hundred    ani
Fifty-for," ani 62-100 ($2154.62).
AND  WHEREAS  in  order to raise
persons as may be thereunto lawfully
Ii.   The   said  debentures    shall  be
.jayable on the first day of May. 1032,
at  such place or places as the Coun-
4.    A   special   rate   on     the   dollar I"" of th<�� said Corporation may from
shall  be levied  and  raised    in  each \'n,*��� t0. "����� ��P��*��l ^th the <UWroval
yoai  in addition to all other rates on j0","^ holders thereof, and shall bear
I not exceeding in liie whole the sum oi
thereof, or by  such other person  pr I Nineteen  Thousand  Dollars   (119,000.-
all the rateable property, of the City
sufficient to pay the Interest upon the
debentures and to create a sinking
luud for the payment of the. principal
thereof when due, subject to any Act
or enactment respecting the same.
5.    Subject us aforesaid, there snail
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the j
said debentuies the sui.; of $1100.00 for
inteiest at the rate of four and one-
ha'.f :>er centum per annum, payable
hall-yearly on  the  lirst  day  of January- and the first day of July In each
and every  year,  and  the  debentures
sha 1 have attached tn them coupons
I for   the   payment   of  Interest,   whicii
jsai-.l coupons  shall  be  Eigncd  by  the
I said  Mayor.
4.    A   special   rate   on     the   dollar
the payment of interest thereon, and |3ln" ,bo 1��v.1<-(1 and raif <* '�� eactl
the sum of $744.32 to provide Ior th* yf,ar Jn addlt "tt ,0 a" other rate�� oa
repavme* of the principal. !UJh,e rateable i;��n>erty of the (dty
u. TheT proceeds of the sale of the ' ��aJ"clent l0 lJa>' the Interest upon the
said debntures sliall lie applied as fol- j ,leb?n.tur*' anJ ,0 crea,<!, a BlnklnB
lows an.l not otherwise: Towards ! f'md f��r l,he Payment of the principal
paving tbe cost ef the passing ef this I "lt,eof ,when dut'- B,)hJect '�� an>' Act
Bv-law and the Issue and sale of the or enactment respecting the same.
debentures therein referred to and all, 5- Subject us aforesaid, there shall
expenses connected with the Issuance bf raised annually by special rate as
of the said loan, and the balance shall -'forsesaid during the currency of tho
be paid over from time to time as re- ','"a, debentures the sum of Two Hun-
quired by the City Treasurer to the 1'<(1 ��nd Seventy Dollais ($2,0.00) for
sev cal persons to whom moneys aro lbe Payment of nterest thereon, an J
payable '    e s,u" ��     w0 l,undrecl and Twenty-
,.    This By-law shall take effect on ! [hY��� and ;il)-lu0 ($223.30) to provide
Ihe first dav of May, L912, and may be I'01" "'�� repayment, of the principal,
cited ns the EXHIBITION BUILDINO       ''���,   /,he P'oceods of the sale of the
I OAN  BY-LAW 1912" :"' ' ''''bentures shal be applied as fol-
S ' This "bv-Ijiw "before 'the 'final I ��"'s and not otherwise: Towards pay-
passing thereof shall reclve the assent | ;n- tlu' C0Ht ��f ,hft Passing of this By-
ol the Electors of the said City in tbo ' 'aw !,"d *��� l�����e and sale of the de
manner iec|i.lred by  law. | bentures  the, tin   referred   to  and  all
DONE AND PASSED ln open Coun- expenses connected with the Issuance
c|i the���day of 1912 d lnan' "n(i "ie balance shall
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec-'',e Iaid over from lime to Ume as re-
tor-, on the��� day of , 1912,   .Wired  by the City Treasurer to the
RECONSIDERED  and   finally pass-  several persons to whom moneys are
cil  lh
day of
City Clerk.
TATE NOTICE that the above Is a
True Copy of the proposed Bv-law up-
��jn   Which tha  Vote of the  Muaicipal-
ipavable,  _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
7.    This   By-law   shall   take   effect
-n tbe 1st dav of May, 1912, an! may
hP rite-i as th�� "B'INKErtS DEBEN
TTIRR   BY-LAW.   1912."
'     Tbi��     B--'    b^'i-o   the    final
p^siinj;  thereof shall receive the as-
uO) and to cause the; same to be paid
into the Treasury of the said Cily lor
the purposes  mentioned  herein.
'��. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debntures to
be made not exceeding in the whole
the sum of Nineteen Thousand Dollars ($19,000.00) for such nuns of
money as may be required, not less
than $100.00 each or an equivalent expressed in pounds sterling of .flu
i'nitetl. Kingdom of Great Britain and
lieland, at a vgltie of 4.W. to the
pound Sterling and all such dehentures shdll be sealed with the Seal of
Corporation, signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, or by Buch other person or personi
as may thereunto lawfully authoilzed.
Z. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of May, 1917
at such place or places as the Council
of the said Corporation may fr^m
time to time appoint with the approval of the holders thereof and shall
bear Interest at the rate of four nnd
one-half per centum per annum payahle half-yearly on the first day of January nnd the first day of July In eacn
and every year and the debentures
Bhall have attached to them coupons
for the payment of Interest which
Bald coupona shall be signed by the
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied ond raised in euch
year in addition to all other rates on
all the rateable properly of tho City
sufficient to pay the interest upon the
debentures and lo create a. sinking
fund for tho payment of the principal
thereof when due. subject to any Act
or enactment respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid thorp shall
be raised annually by special rate on
aforesaid durlntr thp enrrenev of 'be
3alrl debentures tho sum of $865.00 for
the payment of Interest thereon, and
the sum of $3">7S.fi!i to provide lor the
repayment of the principal.
I'..    The proceed!) of the rnlr ri th"
the said yearly   sum of f21u4.il-
equal special rate cn the dollar
be required to he levied on the whole
rateable "prope:ty of the City of New
U esiminstcr.
AND WHEREAS tlie whole rateable property of the said City according to the last revise.l Assessmenl
Roll thereof. Is Nine Million Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thlry-two Dollars
AND WHEREAS Ihe total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
said City Is Two Million Four Hun
dred an I Fifty-two Thouaand Nine
Hundred Dollars I$2,4.12.900.00) Irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raised under this By-law and tua
"Streel Improvement Debenture Bylaw 1912," "Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1912," "Parks Pur-
ohase Debenture By-!nw 1912," "Cemetery Purchase Debenture By-la\v
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Debenture By-law 1912," "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1912," and "Ex'-
hibition Building Loan By-law 1912.'
of which none of the principal or Interest Is In arrears.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the
Cltv of New Westminster enacts n*
1. it shall be lawful for tbe Mayo'"
of the Eaid city to raise by way o'
loan from any person or persons bodv
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned   any   sum  or  sums  of  monev
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of $40,000.00 and to cause the same
to be paid Into the Tresury of thp
sid City for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayo-
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding in the whole
the sum of $40,000.00 for such sums
of money as may be required, not
less than $100.00 each or an equivalent expressed in pounls Sterling of
the l'nited Kingdom of Great IP itain
and Ireland at a value of 4.Slid to
the pound sterling; and all such debentures shall be sealed wl'h the Sea
of thc Corporation signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by thp
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
persons as may he thereunto lawfullv
8. The said debentures bIi: 11 le
payable on the flrit day of May, 19(1'!
at such place or places as the Coun
ell of Hip said Corporation may from
(Imp to time appoint with tVe approv
al of the holders thereof, nnd shal'
bpiir Interest at tho rale of four anil
one-half ier centum rer annum, payable half-yearly on  thp  first day of
For a Licence to Take and* Use Water.
Notice  ls  hereby   Riven  that   W.  H.
K;i:,iinaii. ot Now vv estminster, *m
apply for a licence to take and use
two cubic feet per second of vvate.
out of an unnamed creek, whicli llo as
in a southwesterly dii ection tlirougr.
D. L. S, ti, 4, 14, Burnaby, and empties
into  Brunette    river,    near    Cariboo
"I ! road.    The water will be diverted at
T [Block 11, D. L. (i, Burnaby, and will
be used for log    pond    and _ lumbei
Hume purposes on the lanj describee
as District Lots 6 and 4, Burnaby.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 2iith day of March,
1912. The application will be filed In
the office of the Water Recorder at
N'ew Westminster.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Purlia
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
NOTICE ls hereby given that the
first meeting of the Court of Revision
of the Assessment Roll of the City of
N'ew Westminster will be held In the
City Hall, New Westminster, on Wed
nesday, April 24, 1912, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment must be in writing, and deliver
ed to the Assessor at least ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court gi
Dated at New Westminster, B. C.
this 12th day of March,  1912.
City Clerk.
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department li
about to start a campaign for th*
cleaning up of all back yards and va
cant lots in the city, and the heart)
co-operation of the citizens ln genera:
Is asked in this regard.
A clean city is one of the best ads
wo can  have, and we feel sure that
the citizens appreciate this to the full
est extent.     The burning up   of all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning awav
of ashes and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning np wlll go a long waj
toward? giving us a city beautiful.
8.  .  PEARCE.
Health Inspector
Applications will be received bv tho
undersigned up till noon on Suturday
tho t'.th day of April, 1912, for the po
sit lon of LIBRARIAN at the Publii
Library in this city.
Applicants must state qualifications
salary required, and give good refer
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M City Clerk
January and the fitPt dnv of July In [City  Hall,  New  Westminster,  Marcl
said  debentures  shall  bo nprlled  a-, each  ar.d   every  year,  and    tho' de-      12, 1912.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth  Avenue. Phone 567
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
Bank of Toronto
CAPITAL $4,800,000
RE8T $5,600,000
Arrival: Closing:
10:50���Vancouver via G.  N.  R.
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:IB
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver ida B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. It..
(daily except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
15:15���United States via G. N. It.
idaily exceut Sunday)..16:00
11:40��� All points east and Europe    (daily)    8:16
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally)   13:15
11:40- -Sapperton   and   Fraser
Mills      (daily     except
Suuday)   8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    FraSer
mills      idaily     except
' Sunday)     ��� 14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except  Sunday)     8:16
12:00���Central"fark, MeKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.16
14:00��� East Burnaby (dally except Sunday    14:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)        13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
(10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally   except  Sunday) .13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. II.
(dally except Sunday) .14:2(
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
vta G.   N.   It.   (daily  except   Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs-
uay, Friday and Sat-
day        14:00
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���liurnaby Lake (daily except Sunday   16:00
18:10���Abbotsford, Uppor Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Hock and
Hlaine (dally except
Sunday) 9:46
16:16���Hall's Prairie. Fern Itldge
and   Hazlemere   (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-        ��
urday    9:��
11-20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, Soutb
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. It. (dally except Sunday)   9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Priday        9:00
20 30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)    17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via    B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm    23:00
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
NO. 27,1. O. O. F., Is held every Mon
da'y night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. VisltljH^ brethern
cordially Invited. H. *(V. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; U. JL* Purdy, financial secretary.
1ISS M. BROTEN, publlc stenogra
pher; specifications, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, ..barristers
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Koom.-
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address-    "Stonack."   Code:
Western   Union.   Telephone,   1070.
Adam Smith   Johnston   and   Frank
Alexander Jackson.
I ���������
ters and Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 09. W. J.
Whiteside. IL L. Edmonds.
solicitor and notary, 01 u Columbia
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Soilcltois
Westminster offlces, Itooms 7 and ���
Gulchon block, corner Columbia an.
McKenzie streets; Vancouver oi
flees, Williams building. 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie. G. F
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
J.    STILWELL CLl'TE,    barrister-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl
and   McKenzie  streets,   New   West
minster, B. C.   P. O. Box 112.   Tel.
phone 710.
minster Hoard of Trade meet3 in thi
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; iiuar
terly meeting on ihe third Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8" p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. Nov
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quart erlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
ar?d tb&��
*.**���- . ���     ,    m
There aire Others
on the
King's Highway
'   !l!.p(!
1912 McLaughlin
The   Illustration   below   represents
our  popular  Flve-passcnger  Touring
Car, priced at $1,300, f.o.b. Oshavron.
Top and Windshield $75 extra.
Tills machine has 102-Inch wheel-
base J 32 i 3'/i inch tires; drop
trame; selective transmission ;
three speeds, forward and reverse;
concealed change speed levers Inside
The advertisement* tollowlng will
Illustrate onr new 30-h.p. Touring
Car. A nnlqne Two-passenger Gentleman's Roadster���something distinctly new : and our luxurious 40-
h.p. Electrlc-Ughted Touring Car.
Watch for these advertisements and
send yonr name In for descriptive circular.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.
Gardiner & Mercer I
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
'-���$ /
lin.Motor Car Comynmy, \lvmV&>$
%   \
*       * -��� jim'i'   I j     '���!
j      "*,    \       -
Round trip tckets for one fare and
one-third will be on sale April 4th to
8th.   Good to return up to Aprll 10th.
Week-end tckets, sold on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to local
points at single fare for round trip.
Transfer Co,
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Street. -
Ilaggape Delivered Promptly to
any part ot the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
B.C. Coast Service
Advertising Quebec.
Advices from London state that the
visit there of Hon. Charles R. Devlin, the Minister of Colonization of
the sister province, is resulting in a
distinct boom for Quebec interests.
He has made it clear that the Quebec Government has no intention of
minimizing the work done by the
Federal Government in advertising
Canada as a whole, but he lays stress
upon the desire of his colleagues to
create a home in London for visitors
from Quebec and to interest British
investors in the opportunities which
Quebec offers to them!
The Quebec Government is not looking with as much earnestness for settlers as are some of the other provinces, but it is quite evidently awake
to the advantages of publicity as regard." the industrial openings and the
sporting attractions which the province has, and the new Agent-General.
Dr. Pelletier, will have in his new
offlce a continuous up-to-date exhibit
of all that Quebec has to offer to the
capitalist, the tourist and sportsman.
Mr. Devlin, who enjoys the distinction of being the only Minister of the
crown in Canada who has had seat*
in three Parliaments in the Kmpire,
has been areatly (eted by his old
friends at Westminster .and especially
by the Irish party, of which he was
oiice so valuable a member-Ottawa
Free I'rejs.
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
8ft  to 25 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phons  BS.
Tenth   St.,   New  Westminster.
For   Victoria.
A .M Dally except Tuesday
P. M Dally
Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Daily except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00  P.  M ". ': Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11 P.M March 9th, 19th, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
U p.M March 2nd. 10th and 30th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For  Upper  Fraser  River  Points.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster. 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves  Chilliwack,  7: on  a.m.,  Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday.
For Ouir Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano. Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Pott Washington. OangesJIr.. Gulch-
con Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westmlnater.
Q. P   A.. Vancouver
"For twenty years, I have boen
troubled wilh Ku'-ncy and Bladder
Trouble, and have be. n treated ' - many
doctors but found ��� Kill-v relic
riven up all hone of r citing ou
I tried Gin Pills. Now, 1
a happy heart, that T e
using lour boxes of ("��� i"! *t
DAM.   .
Just thi >: of it I   I'.
Pills ci-.r t!  V.V.   V:".*-.
suffered i* ��� tv.-crty >v,
been treaUd by do-to:-:-., >���
such   cases  ks  hia, v7.7
power of   Cin 1Mb to ���
and Bladder Trouble, );.
Supprc.-sicj or  Ir.contliie'
Urine, BaCharhc, Kbeir.v,..
and Lunibs;;o.    Try Gin i.
positive guarantee of a nr.:
money back,   50c. a box, 6
Sample free if yo* Write Nai i-
& Chemical Co. of Cancdu,
Dept HO Toronto.
f h.-.a
> in
1 ust
��� I ���* ;i
������ . '.IT
'���;* , 1.
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods just arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St.. City.
For many things in cookery, St. Charles Cream
is an essential. It is as good as the best milk
for ally purpose. For many purposes
it is much better. It gives to coffee,
for instance, a flavor wliich even the
best of ordinary cream cannot approach, and it aids-, in .bringing out
tbe delicate aroma of chocolate and
cocoa. For confection und ice cream
it is unexcelled. For' Invalids and
infants it is iudispensable. It never
curdle*.   It strengthens the strong.
pure water is added it will agree witn
elicate stomach.
y best grocers everywhere. *" ,
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
��� Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the j
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, M6NTREAL
-^m'a-TartmoaiLjiatta-ir^itt.,   mmm ���
See Our Stock of
City News]
and Ga:
MM  .
len lools
D: S. Curtis will not receive
Ice cream   on
next train ofllce.
hand     Ira A.
Phone 310.
All Sizes and Prices
$5.00 to $18.50
Every Ori'
. Guaranteed
Kighth street Bakery, fresh crumpets daily.   A. Haidman, Phone L15D.
The iiul'fb.ut i(��MBor Hom.-.n left for
the tlshliiV grounds yesterday' on her
;-rcond trip ci the season,
Mr. \v. k BM^bS rsturnsj y*��tiy
day from Montreal, Where he uttetiu- .
ed the funeral of his father,
J*dge Role -nd wife returned yes- j
M-day from Los Angeles wnere tney j
4'h'ave been spondiug the winter.
Mr. T. H. Padmore, who has been
staying at the    Russell   hotel   since
November  37,
ductlon, this ancient ceremony of the
Dunmow nitch haa been subject to
many vicissitudes. About the end of
, the eighteenth century lt disappeared
altogether, until revived by Mr. Harrison Alnsworth, the novelist, who
was at that time living in Essex.
Ainsworth on more than one Occasion made a present of the flttcn td
The jury consists of six maids anJ
six bachelors, who have to be convinced that neither pui'Uos have a\0t
said one cross word to each other or
r^-dhtetl themselves of their bargain.
The trial is ccnducte.l with some keen
cross-e.Miminatlon, and la naturally
v<;.y amusing."	
L M^> TJSjOL rr mr-a
left   for  Kngland  last
The Ladles of the Maccabees will
hold their annual rally this ufternoon
at 3. o'clock tn the Odd Fellows' hall.
All members are revested to atlend.
Frank H. Ennls has opened a real
estale olTiee at 8 Begbie street. Mt'.
Knnls will make a Specialty of business chances.
The Fraser River Pile Driving com-
I any's outfit leaves this morning for
a point near Kburne, where a whart
wiil be constructed on the North Arm
for Robert Nisbet, of Vancouver,
Repairs on the government dredgo
Fruhling have about been completed.
She will leave for the Saiulheads on
Thursday noon, after the crew havo
had a chance to record their vote.
Money to loan on residential property, either monthly plan with easy repayment privilege, or straight loan,
repavable in thiee or five years.
National Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia street, Phone 515. **-
Preparation for much construction
work on the Fraser this spring is being ma-le. The government pile driving crew are at work up the river
near Port Mann.
Dr. H. K. Hope, IX O, Eye Specialist, ]
has his offices now at room 2 Collis-1
ter block (entrance McKenzie street).
Hours:  9:30 to 5. or later by appointment.    Phone 1121. **
Tho  Amiable  Man. ,
I've never found that speech profane
has won a filen.l for me,
I've never found it paid me much tj
And while 1 know a lot of words of
sheer profanity
I've never found they've helped me
In a muss. j
And so it is no mortal lives who's ever |
heard me swear,
Not    even  such a  little  word    as'
Wben things go wrong and seem to
be completely past repair
I simply bang   my focmau   on the
I've never forthd it paid to meet my
trouble With a frown-
It   doesn't pay to corrugate   one's
Frowns only serve to drag a fellow's
troubled spirit down,
And fill    hls    mind    with    notions
mean and base.
And hence It Is my pallid   brow   of
wrinkles all is free,
Noi  gives an outward   sign of Inward oares,
When someone domes along by day or
night to pester me
I simply smile and kick him down
the stairs.
Spread For Your
tsssmmssmsssm wsssmsssstss ���������    ����� ���������   I   i
"""'"���������l ' ���������������J���m���������������w   iut-mamamaa*-*-aam*mmmsmas3aaam-mLmmmmm-m
The whole fabric of our business rests upon your satisfaction. Hence our constant effort to offer you exceptional values and best service possible. Give us
the opportunity to please you.
Stirring Values in Every Section of the Store
I don't   believe it ever pays to
one's temper o'er
The little slings and arrows of this
I don't believe an angry shout or loud
and blatant roar
Will ever ease a fellow of his strife
It's better far to go   your Way with
fresh and happy mien.
As   though you dwelled   lencath   a
flag of truce.
And when the hosts of Trouble shall
appear upon the scene
Take oft your coat and   thrash 'em
like tho deuce!
Your. druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Hies rn fi to 14 days. 50.-.
Alfred Vf. McLeod
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
607 Columbia St.,
Phone   62.
|      TWO
Alderman Curtis, Alderman White
and .Mr. Blackman. city engineer, will
leave on Thursday for Se.ittle anl
Portland, being a special committer
of the city council appointed to In
vestige to and report on differem
makes of street, paving.
L.  B. A. M.        A.  R. C. ft.
The Ne Temere decree, which    has . Member  of  tbe   Incorporated   Society
arouse.I    the    Interest   ofthe    whole 1 ot Mnstctans  iRngland).
world, win be .the subject of a    dia- \   (Successor to Mra. Reginald Dodd)
course by.   "Father    Donnelly.   Oblate. *    '     r r%*        c xr*  �����'
\Father, of London. Eng.. In St. Vetera ^ Teacher OT rianotofte, VlOUD,
\ church  tonight.    Tbe  tathf  Is  es-o-
Nev��  Yfestmtnetec, 1 clollv anxious that    oeo-'le    of    every
1 denomination  should  attend.
Some Unusual Attractive
Values in Women's Suits
Captivating models whieh have that smart Individuality, styles that are most correct no* and
will also be shown later on. Two special prlee3
will be featured today.
$18.50 and $25.00
Stylish new models made of pretty tweed mixtures; in close weaves. The coats silk lined, some
have long rever collars: skirt panel back an.1
medium high waist line, colors are daintily designed tweeds In tan, brown and greys.   Very
Special $18.50
Women's Suits made from splendid Imported
tweeds and worsteds: have coats with strictly
tailored seams: lined throughout with silk or satin;
plainly notched or long revers collar; or one side
levers eftect; skirts are the newest cut, with or
without high waist line: panel pored or tunic
effects; in colors of greys, light tans, blues an.l
Special Offering $25.00
Suits from thc Most Exclusive to the
Very Moderate
The latest Wash Goods Novelties you'll Iind here.
Fabrics and shadings to please every fancy; right
now Is the best tlmo to chooEe your spring and
summer wash goods.
A large consignment of Kngiish Prints in tho
lighter shades just opened yesterday, containing
many new patterns and shadings, distinct from the
set print effects; widths 31 inches; no better grade
at i
15c Per Yard
Charming New Cotton Voiles and Marquisettes,
displaying all that is new; beautiful i:i bordered
and all-over pattern effects; wt.lths from 1!S to 12
Prices, Per Yard. 35c, 50c, 75c
Scotch Ginghams in the newest patterns and
colors; in cheeks, stripes and plain effects; over
one hundred distinct patterns to choose from;
wi.lthB  28   Inches.    Our
Special 15c Per Yard
See Window Display of New Prints
and Ginghams
Photo Supplies
Toronto Parks
The Best
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. D. 71S  Res. 72.
Nsw    Weatminater.    B    C.
Tou owe it to yourself to take ad-
vantage of the present o'M'ortunlty of
making monfey in Port Mann. See th,?
Rritis'.i Canadian Securities, Ltd.. for
lots in the official townsite. Remem-
ber this is booked up by the Canadian
Northern Hallway company.
ClOEinn the Camppi^p.
Electors should no* miss the rre.it
closlne meetinc of the campaign in
tbe Opera House tonight (Wednes
dav) evening at 8 o'clock, J. S. Br.y-
poT\ in the chair. Libera' speakers:
George Kennedv. John Oliver and
n'>'nh Smith. Thom:"> Olfforfl allotted
h->if an hour with permission for another Conservative speaker. Front
seats for ladies. ������
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply   51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R4tl.
Fresh Soles, per lb 10c
Fresh Oolichans   3 lbs. for 2Dc
Ited Spring Salmon, per lb 202
Fresh Cod (half or whole), per lb.. .8c
Fresh Halibut, per lb 10c
Prime Rabbits, each   35c
Also a large variety of Smoke J Fis'u.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Bought and Soid.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
|Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window Display
Official Time inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Drawing-Room Pigs.
When   the   magistrate   at Woolto.i
police court, near Liverpool, made orders for the abitement of a nuisance
on Miss Annie Gough and Mlss Mar '
garet Gough, tenants of Vinery House, '
Vale    Hoad,    A lei ton,   and    Charles I
Gough,   their  brother,  who    manageJ
the place, lt was stated that when the
Inspector    of  nuisances  waited    the
plaoe  aiiout  twenty  pigs  weie  being
kept In the drawing-room ani Jinin;;
Dr, C. S. Petbiek. the medical officer of health, said that when he visited lhe place a pig escorted htm during his examination. There were pigs
in the drawing-room, dining-iooin, vineries, and dog kennel, and rabbits an-i
pigeons In the bedrooms.
We  Have Everything In
Shaving Necessities
Brushes, Razors, Strops, Aftershave  Ci^aihs, powders, eet.
'See our-w-lnilow display.
irs mm store
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Peaue Hloek     441 Columbia St
New vv net.mlonfAr, I? c,
The teacher asked: "When did
Moses live?"
Alter the silence had become painful sue ordered: "Open your Old
Testaments. What does lt tay
A boy answered:    "Moses, 4000."
"Now," said the teacher, "Why
din't you know when Moses lived'.'"
"Well," leplied the boy, '1 thought
't was his telephone number."���aau-
urban Life.
Revive Dunmow Flitch.
After un interval of six years, Dunmow has decided to revive the ancient
custom of awarding a flitch ol uacon
to the couple who can make good
tneir claim to a year of umlisturbe.l
l.aiital happiness, ami to hold an his-
toiieal jajieant of the "trials" of the
claims since their Introduction by the
monks of Dunmow Priory in the iclgu
of King John. The Karl of Warwick,
lord lieutenant of Kssex, bas been np-
fointed president of the pageant.
There are three competitors for the
much coveted prize��� a clergyman ana ,
his wile from the Midlands a coupie.
from St, Leonards, and a I) .nm >w
couple. "The trial" \f fixed f.,r tho
Aj^usi ban!; ho i ay.   Since IU ini..o-
Sixth  Avenue
(109G) Seven-room modern two-story house, well built on stone foundation. Price $3,100. TermB $700 cash, balance to be arranged.
Sixth avenue Is one of the most promising streets ln New Westminster, lt is looked upon as a future up-town business Btreet. A car-
line lias already been promised for this street. With the cars will
come permanent pavement. It ls the first uptown street having direct connection with the east end of the city (Sapperton). Westward lt
extends to Eburne. Few streets tap as large an area, city and suburban, i
Buy on Sixth avenue for sate Investment.   Property well bought I3
half Eold.
���PHONE 67
Manufacturers  and  Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar and   Spruce Lumber
Phones Na. 7 and 877,   Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster       Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A<derprovs. B.C.
Weatmlnster Branch. ��� cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00, 6:45 and
6:46 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter untll 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Can leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:46, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. B. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter,
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at. 10:00.
Praser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. B. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:06 p.m.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
Pres. and Oenl. Mgr.        Vice-President. Sec. and Treae.
=====   LUMBER CO., LTD. a


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