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Westminster Daily News Nov 7, 1912

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 VOLUME 7, NUMB'���?���   >"
_                                        m    V    ��'   ,
 i  ,>     -
mmm legions
Losing Immense Quantities of Men, Guns and Ammunition
Turkish Army, Crushed and Demoralized, Is Pursued by
Victors-Nazim Pasha Reported Killed or Captured���
Balkan Allies Will not Heed Powers Till Adrianople Falls.
Sofia, Nov. 6���The Turkish army
commanded by Nazlm Pasha has been
completely crushed in the great battla
of the last t\yo days on the Seral-
Tchorlu line. According to the semiofficial Mir, the Turks lost ln killed
and wounded more than double the
losses at Lule-Burgas. The Bulgarians
are now pursuing the defeated array.
The sanguinary character of the recent engagements, which lt Is reported, have Involved losses to the Turkish army of 40,000 men, has been due
to the extraordinary energy of the
Bulgarian attack.
Turks Short of Guns.
Tbe view of the Bulgarian staff is
that the Turks are so demoralized
that frontal attacks may be undertaken even against tbe strongest positions without superior forces and the
TurklBh shortage of artillery and am
munition has contributed to the success of these tactics.
lng their march upon the   town   of
Turks In Sorry Plight.
Athens, Nov. 6.���Steamship passengers who arrived today from Calonlkl
described the Turkish troops there as
destitute. They are In rags and are
selling even their arms to obtain
bread. Many of the soldiers have been
shot for insubordination. Mutineers
seized two guns and threatened to tiro
on the regular troops unless the town
surrendered.   They were overpowered.
A decree has been issued calling to
the colors Greek reservists of the
1898 Greek volunteers recently captured the village of Uourli near Met-
bovo, on thc western frontier, after a
stiff engagement and heavy losses.
British Squadron Sails.
"Valetta, Malta, Nov. 6���The British
cruisers, Good Hope and Dartmouth,
left here today for Turkish ports to
embark refugees.
Four battleships of the British Medi-
The Bulgarian vanguard tt is said,  terranean 8quadron passed here   this
is reached Lake Derkas, one detach-  n,nrn,���_ nn ���,������- ���.���v tn th_ i.ovan,
, ployed on the root of one of thn
1 prominent generals were Invited , structures. The switch of the B. C.
give an opinion of the position of jE  R  has been iald right through the
ment passing between the lake and
the sea. Another line of the Bulgarian reserves is reported to be along
thtT fortifications ln front of Tchatalja.
while still another column, whicn
marched down the main road from
Tchorlu to Sillverl is now advancing
to Bohados for the purpose of forcing
a passage along the coast of the sea
of Marmora. These, however, are only
flying columns. The main army ha3
not yet commenced the attack on the
Tchatalja fortifications.
Bulgaria's Policy.
According to the statements mad��
by prominent publlc men lu Sofia, Bulgaria will reject mediation until Tchatalja has been captured and Adrianople has fallen, although It is said
that entry Into Constantinople ls uo
part of theh allies" plan, Bulgaria wlll
not listen to the augge3tton ot peace
negotiations until Turkey gives an understanding to bring no more reinforcements from Asia.
Turks In Council.
Constantinople, Nov. 6.���Tbe council
of ministers sat until 11 o'clock tonight discussing the military situation
and the question of mediation. Several
tho army.
Comprehensive measures have been
adopted for the protection of the city
and the fear of disorders is increasing
particularly since' the foreign warships have arrived.
Nazlm Pasha's Fate.
It Is reported that preparations have
been made for the sultan to proceed
to Brusau, Asia Minor, If the Bulgarians capture the Tchatalja lines.
A persistent rumor ls current that
the Turkish commander, Nazlm Pasha,
is missing and it ls feared that he
has been killed or made prisoner. The
blockade of the Bulgarian coast will
be abandoned, as tbe ships ars needed
for the defence of Constantinople.
Took 37 Batteries.
Sofia, Nov. 6.���The Turkish losses
in killed and wounded during the
flghting in the vicinity of LuIe-BurgaB
and Bunarhissar are estimated at 25,
000 men. The Bulgarian troops captured 37 batteries of quick firing guns
and took two thousand prisoners
They also seized four locomotives and
243 railroad cars.
Regular communication has been restored between Lule Burgas and Kirk
Klllaseh by the railroad.
The Bulgarian armv in Macedonia
is advancing rap'dly down the valley
of the Struma. Tho troops have occu
pled tha Rupel Pass and are contlnu-
mornlng on their way to the Levant,
A flotilla of torpedo boat destroyers
Is coaling here aud all the colliers
have been ordered to the Levant.
In Addition to   Milts   and    Factories
Houses Are Springing Up Near
Car Line.
Death of Mr. W. Humphries Edmonds
Yesterday In Vancouver���Native
Con of Royal City.
Building activity in Queensborough
is becoming more pronounced than
ever and on both sides of the new car
line of tho B. C. IS. R. residences,
rooming housed and factories ar?
springing up.
The plant of the Westminster Woodworking company Is fast rounding into
shape, the carpenters now being em
property of the company, already
facilitating the handling of supplies,
while it will also be an important
factor in shipping out the product of
this plant.
On the southern side of the tracks,
tbe huge mill of the British Canadian
Lumber company looms up and th"
immense stacks ot newly cut timber
are being piled up all over the largo
acreage which the company owns on
the island.
While little building bas as yet been
done at the far end of the car line
near the city limits, several small
houses bave been erected during the
summer witb prospects, according to
the realty Arms handling Island property, of more being built in the near
What with the new car line and bat
ter streets, the citizens In the western
section of the city appear to.be 'well,
satisfied with present conditions.
The many friends of Mr. W. Hum
phrles Edmonds both ln this city and
Kamloops will be grieved to hear ol
his death wllich took place In thi
Vancouver General hospital yesterdaj
at noon. Mr. Edmonds had been 111
and in bed for about a month at his
home In Kamloops and on Tuesday
wus brought down to the coast for
special treatment.
On arrival at Vancouver, however,
Ills condition took a turn for the worse
and he lapsed into an unconsciousness
from which he never recovered. He
succumbed from a complication of
pneumonia, neuritis und severe liver
Mr. Edmonds wns a native of West
minster and was the son of the lafJ
Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Edmonds
who were among the early pioneers
ot the city. The eldest in a family
of five he was educated in New West
minster public schools and Lorne Col
lege. He studied law in the office of
Corbould and McColl of this city, and
Mr. Charles Wilson, K. C, now of
After he was admitted to the bai
he entered into partnership with his
brother Mr. H. L. Edmonds, and prac
tlsed in Westminster. He did not remain long at this however, as fn Nov
ember 1889, he was appointed regis
trar of titles for the Yale District
which position be held at the time o!
his deatb.
He was one of the most popular
men In Kamloops and took an activ?
interest in the affairs of that city. He
had a friend in practically every citizen there and every boy in Kamloops
knew him personally. For six years,
in addition to his regular position, be
was a member of the Kamloop?
scbool board, and early on his arrival
at the up-country town he Instituted
au annual May Day celebration and
acted as master ot ceremonies every
He was married on July 24, 1895
to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jone3 of this city
and had four children, Gifford, Fred
Beatrice and Helen, by name, all of
whom now reside wltn their mother.
Magistrate H. L. Edmonds and Mr
W. F. Edmonds of this city are the
deceased's brothers and his sisters
are Mrs. W. A. Munro, of Magee Road
Point Grey, and Mrs. Clarence M. Marpole, Vancouver. In addition to the
members of his family Mr. Edmonds
has a wide circle of friends not qnly
in Westminster but in Victoria and
Yancouver. In this city he is particularly well known among the older
He was a member of the order of
Foresters, the Canadian order of thc
Woodmen of the World, the Natlv��
Sons of this city and the I. O. O. F.
He was 43 years of age at deatb.
The funeral will take place on Fri
day afternoon from the bome of Mr
H. L. Edmonds, corner of Fifth Ave
and Fifth street, to the Holy Trinlts I
Cathedral and from there to the
Mascnic cemetery where interment
will be made in the family plot
Britain Untrained, Unarmed
and   Unprepared  Amid
Armed Nations.
Germany Admiration   of World���Has
Never Urged Policy of War
Upon Her.
Lcr��on, Nov. ff��� Lord Roberts
breaks the silence he bas maintained
since bis famous Manchester speech
by a vigorous letter in the Manchester
Guardian today. He explains he is so
much accustomed to adverse criticism
in his efforts to arouse the nation to
the sense of its unpreparedness for
war as not to resent in any way tht
attacks of his opponents, but nevertheless he feels bound to answer what
he describes as a complete mlscon
struction by tbe Guardian cf the sail
ent passage in his speech.
Utterly Repugnant.
"It is true," he says, "I pointed out
the striking process from which Germany developed from a loose coterie
of petty federated states to a united
empire which arouses1 the admiration
of the world today. But to suggest 1
am urging upon England that It should
be hfer policy first to arm herself better than Germany and then make war
on Germany with or without just
cause or even quarrel simply because
England thinks herself at that
moment able to win a war is a suggestion so strange and so repugnant tc
my mind that I am utterly at a loss to
understand how it could be attributed
to me or elicited from my speech.
Terrible Danger.
"My whole speech wa3 directed, as
are all my efforts, to Impressing upon
my fellow countrymen    the    terrible
danger involved in the situation    in
which we alone    find    ourselves.    A
nation untrained, unprepared, and un
armed amid a Europe in which every
people, not only   the   great   powers,
like Russia, Germany and France, but
the smaller states,   Bulgaria,   Servla,
Greece, Norway,   Sweden   and   Denmark stand as armed nations providing forces, which, while it strengthens
eacb one ot them physiclally. and in-
dustri*A)p|^na]tes for peace with honor
for trinmplt of right."
Struck  Rock OfT Ialand    of    Orleans
Going Full Speed���Nine Hundred
Passengers Aboard.
Quebec, Nov. C���The Canadian Nor
them royal mail steamship Roya:
George grounded this evening durinj,
a fog on the river one mlle east of
Point St. Laurent, Island of Orleans
The Royal George left Grosse Islam)
quarantine station fur Quebec at 4:1c
p.m. and evidently was going at full
speed when she struck the rocks oi
the north side of the south channel
The amount of damage Is not
known, although It is thought to be
considerable. Besides the general
cargo for Montreal and Quebec the
ship carried 901 passengers. The
wrecking steamer Lord Strathcona
and two wrecking tugs left here this
afternoon to assist the steamer.
Four Doubtful States Expected to Go
Democratic���South  Dakota for
Corner of Agnes and Eighth
Streets Changes Hands
for $45,000.
Lord Islington   Telegraphs   Duke
Connaught���New Zealand Extends
Hearty Welcome.
New York, Nov. 6.���Only the uncertainty of a few close states, whose
electoral vote in no way can affect
the election cf Wilson and Marshall,
speculation over the popular vote ot
the three presidential candidates and
the complexion of legislatures that
will uame United States senators
held interest tonight in the final returns of yesterday's general election.
The total of the Republican electoral column apparently was fixed
with the twelve votes of Idaho, Utan
and Vermont; but the footing of the
Wilson and Roosevelt columns flickered alternately during the day and
night as late returns trom Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota ana
Wyoming gave indications of changing results accepted last nght.
On the basis of the latest returns
early ln the evening, with the vote of
lolwa, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming placed in the
"doubtful" column, President-elect
Wilson had 387 certain votes in the
electoral college, Roosevelt 89 and
Taft 12.
All the doubtful states except South
Dakota gave more or less certain Indications during the night of landing
in the list ot Wilson electoral votes
South Dakota's returns showed a general trend toward Roosevelt-
Bus!naas Needn't Fear.
Princeton, Nt J., Nov.
Westminster Man Puts Through $102^
500 Deal in Coquitlam for English
The K. of P. hall, on Eighth and
Agnes streets, was sold this week for
$45,000. The purohaser is Mr. J. ll.
Wilson, of this city, who speaks in
glowing terms of the future ot Westminster property as an investment.
Mr. Wilson intends to bold 'the
property for investment and at the expiration of tbe present leases will
erect a modern, high grade construction block. At present the property
Is occupied by the Westminster Cooperative association, a cigar factory,
living apartments and a great number
of lodges. Its size is 66x132. The sale
was made by Curtis & Dorgan.
For Industrial Purpose*.
The same purchaser also bought
yesterday property In lot 169 Coquitlam, to the extent of $102,500. This
latter is for English capitalists who
have, through Mr. Wilson, been Investigating investments bf various
natures in this vicinity for somo
The purchaser intimates that large
sums of English and American' capital
are on the way to B. C. for Investment
in promising acreage and waterfrontage in Coquitlam and hereabout for
industrial purposes.
Hope    Entertained    that    Difficulties
Concerning Arena Lease May
Be Removed.
 :;*��� I >;.,',***. *
Fireworks are In order eren as an
aftermath of Guy Fawkes Day or
American election day, and tbe Vaucouver World may therefore be par-
doned by its less lurid contemporaries
for its cockcrowing over the alleged
"backing ott the map" of the other
Vancouver papers with regard to
quickness In announcing news.
Its exceedingly well Informed Westminster representative referring to
the evening of Tueaday last states
that "The local papers made no attempt to furnish returns last night."
It may be pointed out here tbat the
only leased news wire into the olty
broke down during the electrical
storm. A special arrangement was
made by this paper to have the latest
results delivered here from Vancouver, while the Westminster Dally
News telephone was in constant requisition. . ,
By these means hundreds of Westminster residents who preferred to
stay at home rather than hang around
wet streets were kept satisfactorily
Informed of the progress of the presidential race.
We invite a comparison of the local
news contained in our morning issue
with-that which Is regularly copied
in the columns of the Vancouver
World and delivered in Westminster
during the afternoon its "hews:"
Wlfebeatlng Alleged Against Matthew
Tierney���Said tb Be Result of
Edmonds, Nov. 6.���A case of wife-
boating was heard ln the police court
this morning before Magistrate Walker, and, after the evldeuce had been
presented, Matthew Tierney was committed for trial at New Westminster.
Tierney Is a resident of North Burnaby, and Is alleged to have arrived
home early In the morning the worst
for liquor, and to have then commenced to abuse hi* better half, end
Ing up with an assault. The woman
who laid the charge against Tierney.
gave damaging evidence and showed
bruises said to bave been committed
by the accused.
This ls said to be the third case of
tts kind against the accused, the other
two having been brought against him
In Vancouver.
Halberstadt, Germany, Nov. 6.���Two
more German airmen wore killed here
today. Lieutenant Altrlcher was making a' flight in a biplane in which be
carried an engineer named Meyer as
a passenger when the motor suddenly
stopped and the aeroplane plunged to
the ground from a height of 60 feet.
The two airmen were found dead ln
the shattered machine.
German Doctor Inject* Living Bacclli
���Has Already Cured 632 Case*
In  Every Stage.
Berlin, Nov. 6.���At a meeting of thf
Berlin Medical society today Dr.
Frederick Frledmann announced tho
discovery of wbat he believed to be
a practical cure for every form of
He exhibited cured patients and declared that he had treated 682 cases
by his method with almost Invariably
aomplete cures. Prominent physic an-
testlfied to successes by this method
in their own practice.
Dr. Frledmann injects living tuberculosis bacclli which has been rendered benevolent.
Toronto Dispatch Says Rev. Nell Mo-
Nell Will be There at Christmas.
Toronto, Ont, Nov. 6,-^-Most Rev.
Nell McNeil, the Archbishop of Tor-
onto, is expected here about Christmas week from Vancouver. HI* grace
Is awaiting the arrival at the coast of
his successor, Bishop Timothy Casey,
now of St. John, N. B.
Bishop Casey goes west on December 1 to be Installed.
As soon as thc time of his grace's
arrival In Toronto Is decided upon. a
representative committee of clergy
and laity will make arrangements tor
reception and Installation.
Ottawa, Nov. 6.���The following messages today were exchanged between
His Royal Highness the Governo-
Geueral and the Governor of New
"Governor General, Ottawa: It wjll
be gratifying to Your Royal Highness
to know tbat I have today received
Canadian cadets at government houae.
They are being enthusiastically welcomed throughout New Zealand and
are impressing all with their soldierly wishes!"
(Signed)     "ISLINGTON."
"Governor of New Zealand, Wellington:'   Very grateful for kind message
received.    Glad to know that Canadian cadets made good Impression.
(Signed)      "CONNAUGHT."
Revolt In Liberia.
Bellu, Nov. 6,-r-An Insurrection
among tbe Inhabitants of the Liberian
republic is reported here and the government bas ordered the.. German
cruiser Panther to proceed- to Mont-
reva from Duala in the Kameruns for
the protection of the German residents. .
Wlll Build Line from Hudson Bay to
Paciflc Coast Via Peace River
MoitreM, Nov. 6.���The announce
ment Is just made here of the arrangements to construct a railway
from Hudson'* Bay across the Peace
River district and through to the Pacific Coast by the Alberta, Peace Riv
er ft Eastern Railway,
The oompany ha* behind it some ot
the beat names In England, auch aa
Rt Hon. Lord Farrar, Rt. Hon, Lord
Vivian, Rt. Hon. Ouy O. Wilson, Mr
James Mllllngdon and others, besides
Mr. Francis Cochins, of, Amsterdam,
The company will proceed to build
four hundred miles of line Immediate
ly the snow is off the'ground, .the flrs;
portion of the road being In the Ed
monton to Peace1 River country, Mfc J
vt. Williams, the company's engineer
being already out in that section. Thr
oompany has in vie* a coloni$at!or
afeh"rne and Intends eventually to ea
tabl'Rh a line of steamers across thf'
Hudaon Bay to England for takingrtlfiV
whe^t 'Top out at thei end 7>f the sea
eon. The group is practically a '&$'��'
otae in Canada. ' ���'������
���Wilson this afternoon issued the fol
lowing statement: "Th^rd is absolutely nothing for the honest and enlightened business men cf the country to fear from the Democratic administration."
To President Taft, at Washington,
D. C, Mr. Wilson sent the following
"I warmly appreciate your kind
message and wish to express my sincere personal regards."
To Col. Roosevelt at Oyster Bay. N.
Y., he sent the following:
"My slncerest thanks, for your kind
message. Pray accept my cordial good
Things are beginning to move a
little faster, in local hockey circles for
a deputation consisting of Mayor Lee
and the officers of the Westminster
Arena.Com pany leave for Victoria this
evening where they will interview
the government in connection with
the proposed lease of the horse show
building to the Arena company for a
term cf twenty years,   four   montha
. every year.
I Tbis matter was discussed at a
6.-^-Governor j special  meeting of the  city    council
Four Nevy.Suffrage States.
New . Yprk, Nov. 6.���"Votes for
Women'1 won the greatest triumph of
tbe ihovement in the United States
yesterday., Early today it was con-
coded that constitutional amendments
eliminating the word "male" from the
suffrage provisions ln Arizona. Oregon, Kansas and Michigan -had' been
adopted. Only in Wisconsin did the
.movement meet , defeat. New York
suffragists are encouraged by the election of Sulzer as governor, he being a
suffrage advocate.
Wall Street Recover*.
New York, Nov. 6.���Early dealings
in Wall Street seemed to point to the
fact that trader* were in doubt which
way tbe market would go. There
were some slight losses ln tbe morning, but by noon all were recovered,
and price* were steadily upward. Canadian Paciflc, Union Pacific and Missouri Paciflc rose several point*.
Boot sugar, which declined recently,
and whose fortune* are linked up in
the tariff, recovered ten points.
yesterday afternoon when the situation was thoroughly gone into. The
prtvaOing opinion exists that some
misuiiijcrsU.iiding has arisen among
the authorities at Victoria who may
bave got the impression that the company desires to U8e a portion of
Quens park for the manufacture of
Ice for commercial purposes outside
of the needs ot the ice rink.
This has not been proposed at all,
as tbe company has purchased certain property outside Uie park limits
where the refrigerating plant will bo
located and the artificial Ice will he
manufactured for skating purposes
by meana of pipes brought from thia
building into the horse show building.
Several changes of minor character-
were made In the proposed lease between the city and the company, and'
the agreement wlll now be presented. -
to the government Tor approval. The;
city council has gone on yecord   asr
favoring the'leasing of th��t-horse show
building and it is confidently expect-'
nd that all the ministers of the government, after hearing the sitJaation
explained,  will offer little objection
to an order-ln-councll being passed.'
Democrats  283
Republicans ....    115
Progressives  12
Doubtful or unreported... IS
Total        .. 435
The foregoing showed the'
standing at > o'clock Wednesday night of the houae ol, representative* In the? aixty-thlrd
(hew) congress,' The total of
283 gave the Democrat* 66
- mote than the 318 necessary
for s majority, and 63 more
than the Democratic membership in the   sixty-second   con-
l'#"# V* ��� ���.,��������� ���.<��� ��� ���. s p
Clause Providing 42 Irish Members af
Westminster Carried���Ons Amendment Survived Closure.
London, Nov. 6.���There was only
one amendment to clause IS of tha ���
Home.Rule bill, the clause which ��m
Vides that Ireland shall be represented
at Weatminater after the measure he-
comes law by 44 members, that was
discussed, all the other* tWteg Wiled
by the closure process ��t tho Britisn
parliament.       ..���*.,'
There was considerable uproar over
tbls process and many dlssAattng
cries. Felix Caasel proposed Is effect
thatno representation should he given
to Ireland unless she could contribute
to the imperial exchequer or until '
such Ume as loeal parliaments httve
Swats!?1 to ***** *"*��"*
^?iinSSLdnK!nt *"* ***** *��-
.   ���:'���   ���   M ���      |    -..���'���.���.������*   ���
\t^M^K9mmmm^ y��w -��� ��� ��� ��� - - 'p> "np-im PAGE TWO
1 Classified Advertising
���*%stS,^S}..*> fP PPPPPPPP PP
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
Any; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5.000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, (25.00. ,
Birth or Marriage Notices 50e.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
general houseworkl Four in family.
Good wages. Mrs. Albert, 829
Fifth avenue. (31)
fourth class papers. Walsh Sash &
Door Company. (35)
and 107 records; 815 Agnes St. (19)
ranges on easy termB; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. 4
seller and buyer together.
Press office, 609 Victoria street.
Suitable for office or dressmaking.
Also large front furnished bedroom.
desires temporary posltlou at once.
Apply P. O. Box 13 City. (18)
eral housework ln family of flve
(three children). One who ls not
afraid to assume some small respon
slbillty. Apply in person to 630
Tenth SL (20)
Ished housekeeping rooms, furnace
heated. 37 Agnes street. Telephone
L 638. (38)
house at Edmonds; modern conveniences; $15 ner month. Apply Owner,
J. Bone, Colonial pool room, city.
street, 20 x 66. Apply P. O. Box 422.
per month.
Box No. 28 News office.
Notice to Holders of Registered Agreements of Sale.
Holders of Registered Agreements,
���who have not transferred their interest, are requested to make the Statutory Declaration, in order that their
names may be inserted in the Annual
Voters' Lists. Such Declarations
should be In the hands of the Clerk
not later than the 30th day of November instant. The ' necessary forms
may be obtained on application at the
Municipal Hall.
Edmonds, B.C., November 6, 1912.
flees, heated, low rent.
.Celebrated   Scottish   Family   Held   a
Solemn    Ceremony    'Vhen    Their
Chlel, Sir Fitzroy, Enters Upon Ihe
Ownership of Duart Castle, Which
Was Forfeited Three Centures Ago
for Loyalty to tha Stuarts,
j   Wherever there is a MacLean in the
! world, he has reason to hold his head
a bit higher, and feel prouder of the
name he bears  because of an  event
which took place recently in Scotland,
at the old home of the clan, on the
Isle  of Mull.    Saturday,   August  '24.
was  a great dny  for the  MacLcans.
It was the day when Col. Sir Fitzroy
Donald MacLean, Bart., chief of the
clan,  unturled  hia  banner  on Duart
Castle, the ancient stronghold of the
MacLeans of Duart, which, for about
a century and a half, had stood a ruined reminder of past days, and of the
circumstance,    sadder   still,   to   the
hearts of the cinnamon, that it had
been for almost three centuries in the
bands of other than MacLeans.
Sir Fitzroy, the chief and benefactor
of his elan, repurchas:d the castle,
and several hundred acrea o! land
adjacent, which the MacLeans had
lo;', through their devotion to the
6tnnrt cause in the seventeenth een-
tury. lt is his intention, being a
wealthy man, to turn the old castle
into a residence. He has had the
house restored, and on August 24 a
Veteran   Surgeon   Dies   Who   Fsiinrt
Traces  of  the   Explorer,
In his nii.etieth year, there hns just
passed away at Rramley, near Guildford (Eng.), a member ol the search
party who set out in 1850 to discover
thb Franklin expedition.
He was Dr. Charles Ede, a veteran
who joined the navy in lc45, and
served on the Pacifio station until
1849. He was then appointed surgeon
and naturalist on H.M.S. Assistance,
which, Witi, t]ie Resolute, the Intrepid, and the Pioneer, went in search
of Sir John Franklin.
The first traco of Sir John Franklin's
party was found at Cape Riley, where
a boarding-pike was seen having a tin
hand attached pointing in the direction of Beechey Island. Taking that
direction they came across the lirst
winter quarters of Sir John Franklin
at the back of Beechey Island, where
three graves were discovered.
At Griffith Island the search party
were frozen in. Dr. Ede accompanied
the first sledge party to set out to
explore the coast line of Cornwallis
Island, and came acrocs other ships,
including that of Sir James Rose. Sir
James waa then eighty yeara of age
and was unable to leave his ship.
Dr. Ede went with the first sledge
party, and with Captain Ommanney
and LieuU. McClintock, Meechan, and
Hamilton proceeded as far as Cape
walker.    Describing  this  expedition,
6 Roomed House on Hamilton St.
below value. Can be handled for
$400 Cash, balance as rent.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Peebles, 620 Columbia St
Apply   to P. I great gatherum of the clan was held
rooms; every convenience, boarding I
house near.   209 Fourth avenue. (71 !
to celebrate the recovery of the property and his entering into occupation
of it.
MacLeans  were   presei.t   from   all
quarters   of   the   globe.    Some   came
from   Germany   nnd   Holland,   where
TO     RENT���FURNISHED    HOUSE-1 their families hnd lived for six nr sev-
kecping rooms at 224 Seventh street J eM generations.   There were represen-
 "���  tatives from N:w Zealand,  Australia,
TO     RENT���FURNISHED    HOUSE- jth.  United   States  and  Canada,  and
keeping rooms, hot and cold water. I frnn, an part3 ���f  Kngland, Scotland,
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (5)
Re the southwest quarter of Section
33, Township 10, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 7338F, issued in
the name of George Seeley, has been
filed in tbls office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall.
at tbe expiration of one month 'from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, "unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry OfTice, New Westminster, B.C., October 30, 1912.       (1)
Scientific Palmistry
Room S20 Dominion Trust Block.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.    I
Keep your eye on the new cut-off. lt
will soon be in operation and values
will jump.
Irot between Eighteenth and Twentieth streets, size 54x120, on cut-off,
|1500; one-third cash. Terms. No. 49.
House and lot on the cut-off, two
minutes from Edmonds; house flve
rooms; lot 68x248. Price $3200- on
purchaser's terms.   No. 15.
Flre flne lots on the cat-off near
Gilley atation, $600 each. Terms to
Quarter acre near cut-off practically
all clear.   $800.   Terms.
We represent only strong British
Board Companies. Keep your money
Jn your own land.
British Crown Fire Association Cor-
-poratlon. I
Northwest Fire, guaranteed by tho
Union Aaaorance Company, of London,
General Flre Assurance Corporation,
of Perth. Scotland.
Fir*, Accident, Plate Glass, Auto-
i       mobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Inaurance.
All  Work  Guaranteed.
541 Front Street      N'"> City Market
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46   Lorne   Street.   New   Westminster.
619 Hamilton 8t
Phone R672.
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Beetle Tanks.
Must sell half an acre a few yards
from Sixth Street car line, East Burnaby, for $1500; $500 cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
Modem flre roomed bungalow on
Eleventh avenue, $2250. Electric light
iand city water on premises.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661.
Box  772.
work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
Dublin  Street. Phone
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.      Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part ot the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Second Hand Store
J. G. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and   second    hand
goods ot all kinds.   Tools especially.
60 Mclnm-s Street. Phone 1009
D. McAulay
May Be That of Man Who Suicided
Sunday Morning.
Niagara Falls, Ont., Nov. 6.���Floating down the lower Niagara River, ths
body of a man was recovered by four
men who put out from the "Maid of
the Mist" landing with a launch this
It is the body of a man past 40
years of age. The right arm ls missing, the left leg from the knee, and
there Is a hole In the head. It was
well preserved and mav possibly be
the body of Christian Kleden, the Niagara Fa Iln. N. Y., fireman who committed suicide on Sunday morning.
Others think it 'a the body of Captain
F. I. Barker, who committed suicide
several weeks ago.   The only clothing
���IFaL 7��1.
Cor. 6th and Columbia on the body was a grey sock
and   Ireland.    Five  or  ti.  hundred
I members   of  the  elan   were   present.
the steamers not carrying the general
' public to the Isle of Mull at all that
1    f lie clansmen lined up and marched
to tiie  castle,  headed  by  cadets  i.f
! three ol the branch families.   Admit-
iance   wn-*   demanded,   whereon   tlie
{chief cnme  out and welcomed all to
com? within.   Pi|>ers played the Mac-
Leana'  gathering  in  the  easti? yard,
anu a psalm of priise���"I to the hills
will lift mine eyes"���was sung by the
entire assemblage.   A scriptural read-
ir.^ followed, and then the chief unfurled the banner from the top of the
castle keep.
Sir  Fitzroy, the chief of the elan,
is a soldier of distinction.   He was in
Canada with the 13th Hussars in the
years 19GG-69, and is well remembered
in Tbfonto for his services during the
Fenian raid.    He was with   the   nth
Light Dragoon* at Crimea, and was
present nt the battle of Alma and the
Bie^e   of Sebastopol.    He is . now   in
his 79th year.   Another distinguished
soldier present at the  gathering  was
.���'Kaid"  MacLean, aa Gen. Sir Harry
MacLean, K.C.M.Q.. is better known.
IHe, too, wna in Canada at the time "1
t'.ie Fenian raid, starting his military 1
career   at   Montreal   with   11. j    6'Jth |
Regiment, and he ia the possessor it I
I a  medal   aa   a   veteran   of   G6.     For j
many  years he  was chief  instructor I
|to the  Moorish army under the Sultan.   He  was captured  by  Raisuli in
July. 1907. and held prisoner for seven
Confined tn the Island of Mull until
175 years ac;o, the MacLeans were
more or less dispersed after Cullodeii,
a id now their descendants are found
in all parts of the world. There are
hundreds of MacLeans nnd McLeans
In Canada, and in every large city of
America. One family settled in Tennessee just after Culloden, and a descendant, a tall, lank American, waa
present at the Duart celebration, as
muoh interested as any one. Members of the clan from several cities ol
Canada were present. Toronto was
represented by Mr. W. F. Maclean.
MacLean historians trace the origin
of the clan With precision to the year
1103, A.D., and the family is known
to have been in possession of the Isle
of Mull for some centuries before that.
The flrst Mackenzie snd the first Mnc-
J*an are supposed to have been brothers, and the clans have always been
allies. The earliest record of posses,
sion of Duart Castle is of date July
lath, 1390. The charter of the castle
waa confirmed to Hector MacLean.
November lst. 1409. The MacLeans
were always loyal to the Hunrts, nnd
in consequence wero continually at
war with the Duke of Argyll and the
Campbells ultimately losing their
lands to their enemies hy confiscation,
For services in the royalist cause
in the civil wars of Charles 1. tliu
MacLean baronetcy was created. With
this baronetcy went the Island nl An-
tieoeti and part of the coast hi Newfoundland. This land the Marl.emi
baronet still holds by right of title,
though others have enter d inlri possess on as squatters.
The MacLeans, strange to say. never
hnd a feudal system of land tenure.
Each member of the elan owned land
of his own on the tribal system, the
chief having only a larger portion
than had anyone else. Onoe the chief
wna ordered by Argyll tu assemble all
the gentlemen of hia elan, lhe .Vine
Leans accordingly paraded t.ftiKl
strong. Ar^ll remonstrated, 'I told
you to bring the gent'emen of your
c'an." Lut tbe MacLean replied:
"These are all  gentlemen."
On the Island Ol Iona. near the Island of Mul! is to be found prob: bly
the oldest Christian relic in Great Britain. It is a atone cross, finely carved,
standing hy the roadside at the burial
ground of the Macl/tana. It is assigned to the period of St. Colombo (663).
It ie 11 feet high, but only three
inches thick, standing in solid masonry. A monastery waa established on
this island hy St. Colombo, and from
t! .*. Unlit nf learning was shed over the
Highlands while all the rest ol Great
rritain lay yet iu heathen darkness.
Dr. Ede would relate how they took
a westward direction, but found no
further trace of Sir John Franklin.
Fron, Cape Walker, Dr. Ede hod to
return to his ship in charge ol four
men who were frostbitten and two who
were snow btind. All six recovered
although between them they lost teu
It is noteworthy that McClintock
made the longest journey on ice that
had been recorded up to that timo
having traveled 800 miles, and he
brought back all his men in perfect
health. Dr. Ede used to regard that
achievement with considerable satisfaction as he himself picked McClintock s men.
Dr. Ede had many men.entoes of his
Arctic expedition, but the one which
he most prized was an oak cabinet
made from a beam which was taken
out of one ot the ships of the Arctic
search expedition when she was broken up.   This was H.M.S. Resolute.
Making the ArchSishop  Pay.
Some remarkable facts regarding the
fees extracted from church dignitaries
on   their   translation   from,   says,   a
bishopric to an archbishopric are given by 8ir Henry Lucy in a story ho
tells concerning the famous  Dr.  Magee.    It appears tliat the  latter died
shortly after his translation from the
See   of    Peterborough    to    the   Arch- I
bishopric of York, but he lived long j
enough to pay the fees exacted In con- j
nection   with the  event,   and   it  was
the   fact  that these  amounted  to   no
leaa than $35,000.
Sir Henry says that before 1.1 took j
his seat in  the  House  of  I/irds  the j
new archbishop had to pay in fees an J
aggregate  sum  of close  upon  $4.2M).  |
There  was the Crown Ofiice,  whence
issued the papers relating to the new
appointment; the Home Olice, which
received them and charged accordingly; the  Board of Green  Cloth, whicli
.mulcted  the   archbishop  in  "homage
fees"   amounting   to   $150;   the   Lord
[Great   Chamberlain,   whose   emissary
extracted 850 lrom the archbishop on
his   way   to  take   his   seat;   and   the
Dean  and Chapter, who got lees for
everything and then charged  $105 for
the bellrmger and $70 for the choir.
Next came, with outstretched band,
tho vicar of the parish in which is
situated the cathedral where Uu ceremony ol installation took place. Finally, a lump aum of $140 was exacted
on the hapless archbishop taking his
seat in the House of Lords.
Canada and Triumph, of B. C. Fisheries   Fleet,  Arrive   From
Prince Rupert,  Nov. 6.���After sailing over 16,000 miles, or more than
half around the globe, covering a period of nearly four months, and then to
come very close to losing their ship
a few miles of Its destination, was th'i
experience of Skipper Quinn and his
trusty little crew of eight men on the
steam trawler Canada, which tied up
at the cold storage plant one afternoon last week.
The two steam trawlers, Canada
and Triumph, of the British Columbia FUherles Company, of which Sir
George Doughty, of Grimsby, England, Is the head, left the latter port
on July 12 laat for the waters of
Northern British Columbia. After a
comparatively uneventful voyage,
barring the last two or three days'
experiences, the Canada, as stated
above, tied up at the cold storage
plant here, and the Triumph made
her ultimate destination, Skidegate.
The Canada took on a quantity of
coal, over ninety tons, at Union Bay,
on Vancouver Island, and It loaded
her down to the gunwales, causing her
to be almost unnavlgable in the forty
milea of bad weather between Banks
Island and Skidegate. She made two
or three abortive attempta to make
the passage and had a serious time
of It for some hours, finally deciding
to make for Prince Rupert and unload a portion of her cargo of coal
before proceeding on her way to hfer
home port
The skipper and all hts men are
fishermen, first and foremost, having
done practically nothing else all their
lives. They express tbe greatest satisfaction with everything they have
seen and encountered so far ln their
travels, and are unanimous in stating
their desire to make the province
their future home and establish tbem-
Belves ln this wonderful new land,
where the opportunities are bo great.
Some of them are already casting
around for Information as to the boat |
methods of getting their families out,
to join  them. i
The two boats that have Just arrived, the vanguard of the fleet ready
Would   Have   French   Premier   8tart
Negotiations Looking for Cessation of Hostilities.
to follow as soon as actual experience
A Corner In Lifeboats.
There has, so the story is now told,
recently been a corner in ships' lifeboats in England, which seems to have
been very successful. After the di��-
aater to the Titanic, the cry was heard
of "boats for all," and a shrewd
member ol the Baltic, a well known j
ship broker, at once began cornering |
lift-boats. He purchased all the second
hand lileboats he could find, and all 1
tliose which were building. When the I
Atlantic shipping companies were sud- I
den ty laced with the fact that they
wouid have to fit their vessels with
sufficient lifeboats to carry all the passengers and crew, there was a scurry
round to obtain the necessary boats,
and the wily ship broker smiled and
said that he could supply quite a lot
of nicu lileboats at $1,000 apiece
which aame boats had cost him. it is
said $-.Vi ench. As there did not seem
to be any other'source ul supply, the
r 'pre ei dative* 'I the various companies concerned, with many a male-
d etion. had t" agree to the terms of
tl,i "in m who cornered Lit* boats."���
bhipp...g  Illustrated.
Deceiving lh" Evil Spirit.
The Macks in Aii-tralia have a very
cur.ous way ol burying tlieir dead.
The grave is so constructed that the
"evil spirit," coming to claim a body,
shall Blld it without a tenant.
It is dug very wide and deep, and
oue side is excavated *o as to form a
shelf on whicii the corpse repoBea in a
sitting posture with hands clasped
about knees. A boomerang is always
placed within easy reach of the dead
one's hand, and a sheet of bark is always arrang d most carelully between
th�� shell and the gruve. Alter the
grave has been tilled ln a mound of
sticks is raised over it to protect the
body (rom wild animals.
Borrowing In India.
India is a nation of pawnshops, according to an English authority. Tho
people think the cleverest man is he
who devises tlie largest number of
ways by which to borrow money.
They put in pledge their lands, oxen,
jewelry, themselves, their children and
tlieir grandchildren, and oases have
even been known where a father, to
obtain money to defray the expenses
ol his daughter's wedding, has pledget! as collateral the first child to be
born ol the union.
able to do, are strongly built little
vessels of from 100 to 120 feet long,
with first-rate accommodations for ah
hands and are ready to start right in
trawling, possibly a week's time being taken to get the nets In readiness.
Leaving Grimsby on   July   12   last,'
they   have   been   nearly four months !
out.   The skipper, Wililam Quinn,   is
most anxious  to get down to  work
and have the nets out at the earliest
Pilot J. F. Noel, an old-time mariner of thirty years' experience In
these waters, guided the Canada
through the Intricacies of the inside
passage, and after landing her at
Skidegate wlll return to hls home ln
Victoria on the flrst boat going south.
Great Interest will attach to the
receipt of the report of the first haul
made by the trawlers upon putting
their great nets in the water.
New Lighthouse Steamer Estevan for
Pacific Revenue Service Starts on
Long Journey.
1*5 -uSI '**���
Colllngwood, Ont., Nov. 6.���The new
lighthouse steamer Estevan, which tho
Colllngwood Shipbuilding Company
have Just completed to the order ot
the Dominion Government revenua
service, for the Paciflc Coast, left this
morning on a trip of 17.000 miles to
Victoria, B. C, a voyage that Will occupy three months.
The Estevan ts a steel steamer, con-
strncted along lines especially designed for steamers of her class by marine
experts of the government. Her dimensions are: Length, 210 feet;
breadth. 38 feet, and depth, 18 feet.
Before her departure the steamer
was taken to Owen Sound, where he."
speed trials were made over a measured course. The log showed a Bpeed
if 14 knots per hour,.two knots more
than the contract called for.
The shipbuilding company Is under
lontract to deliver the steamer at
Victoria. This necessitates the engagement of two crews, one to taka
her to Quebtc, and another to make
the ocean voyage down the Atlantic
Ocean, around Cape Horn and up the
Pacific Ocean to her destination.
From Colllngwood to Quebec the
steamer wlll be ln charge of Captain
Morrison, an experienced lake captain and nllot. At the ancient capital Captain Morrison will turn his
charge over to Captain Llndgren, of
Victoria. B. C, who in recent years
has taken three C. P. R. steamera,
the Princesses, from England to Victoria.
Paris, Nov. 6.���The Turkish ambassador, Rlfaat Pasha, presented to M.
Polncaire, the premier and foreign
minister, last evening the request of
the Turkish government for mediation aud the foreign office immediately took steps to acquaint the other
powers with the Ottoman proposals.
The Turkish note says;
"The Ottoman government requests
the great powers to undertake collective mediation with a view to the Immediate cessation of the hostilities
and the determination of the conditions of peace."
Before undertaking to act, M. Polncaire emphasized to the Turkish ambassador that It muBt be clearly understood that all Idea of exercising
pressure was excluded and that the
powers could not undertake the task
unless all the belligerents were agreeable.
On    Rlfaat   Pasha   signifying   his
agreement with this view, M.    Polncaire notified   all   the   powers   that
France was ready to Join   with   them i
In the action requested by Turkey.
Success Near  Scutari.
Rleka, Montenegro, Nov. 6. ��� The
Montenegrins occupied the town of
Alessto, to the southeast of Scutari,
and Port San Giovanni dl Medua. The
Servians and Montenegrins have Joined forces at Ipek and are advancing
against Diakova, to the northwest of
Greek Loss is Heavy.
Athens. Nov. 6.���In the lighting at
Yenldje, fourteen miles west of Salonikl, which the Greek forces recently
captured, the GreekB lost six officers and lol men kilted, 33 officers
and 737 men wounded.
Flloht to Asia Minor.
I.rrdon. Nov. fi.���The Times correspondent with the Turks telegraphs
fri��n rtofiosto on the Sea of Marmora,
under date of November 4, saying the
place ie in the last phase of a hurried evacuation. Munitions and food
*-* beAnr* transhipped to Eregli, Asia
Minor. Two Ottoman warships have
arrived, presumably to cover the final
evacuation before the Bulgarian
troops arrive tomorrow.
The Times' Sofia correspondent declares that Bulgaria, remembering her I
experiences after the Treaty of Ber-
Iln was signed. Is Inclined to look cold*
Iy and with deep suspicion on any
scheme for European Intervention.
Russia's Opinion.
London. Nov. 6.���The temporary occupation of Constantinople by Bulgarian troops Is regarded by Russia as
Inevitable, says a despatch from St.
Petersburg to the Dally Mail, and
there Is even fear of permanent occupation.
Provisions Short.
London, Nov. 6.���The Post's correspondent at Mustapha Pasha learns
from a refugee that Adrlanople has
provisions sufficient" to stand a siege
of twenty days. The garrison numbers
sixty thousand regulars and twenty
thousand Irregulars. Disturbances are
occurring within the city between the
soldiers and citizens, who have beea
placed on short rations.
A Buda Pesth dispatch reports that
a Turkish column has occupied Monastic
From Podgorica come* word that
King Nicholas hae sent another de-
rnnnd tn Scutari to surrender within
fortv-elght hours, falling whloh the
bombardment will be renewed.
Public Worka Employees In Philadelphia WHI Have Official "Ctiseer." J
Philadelphia, Nov. 6.���Under the
rules or a general letter issued by
Director Cooke, no employees ln the
department of publlc works may hereafter use profane language to himself,
fellow-employees or an outsider, without first getting a permit.
Director Cooke explained the letter
as a move largely for the benefit of
the employes under him who, from
the nature of their ��� duties, treauently ���
come ln conflict with contractors and
the outside world at large. In wiping
out the "cussing" habit he even sug- ,
gested an official "cusser," who may
do the work systematically for the
whole department.
Director Cooke'e admonition waa
promptly copied In manifold by the
various bureau chief* to whom It wa*
addressed, and * copy wa* handed to^
mmmia    unit    eVBTV   emDlOVeC
each and every employee.
Milwaukee, Wl*., Nov. e.-John
Schrank, who attempted to a**a*ln-
ate Col. Roosevelt, wlll be arraigned
In munlolpal court either Thursday or
Friday, according to an announcement
made at the district attorney'* office.
A* *oon a* hla plea Is entered *
commission of alienists will probablT
make;* formal inquiry Into Schrank*
mental condition. ���Ma
THUR8DAY,   NOVEMBER  7,  1912.
Dry Goods Furniture
Pictorial Review Pattern*
Thirty Days of Cut Prices in Our Great
No one can afford to miss these great money saving bargains.   Every article marked in plain
figures, with former price and the cut price; you can note at a glance the splendid savings.
Tapestry Covered Couches $4.75 and
Leather Covered Couches, $27.50 and
to $00.00.
Bed  *5-85
Sprlno  W.00
Mattress    W-50
This  Bed   '. W.75
Spring $1-95
Mattrese ��.95
This Bed  $7.75
Sprlno   $2-75
Mattress  $425
Our   Own   Qualities   Sanitary   Wool
Filling ...$6.75
90c quality of 36-lnch Ingrain Carpets, per yard    55c
Four yard wide Linoleum, per yard  49c
Two yard wide Oilcloth, per yard 15c
$1.10 Scotch Inlaid Linoleum, per yard   E5s
$1.50 Nairn's Inlaid  Linoleum, per yard  $130
35c and 40c Wall Burlaps In short lengths, to clear at 15s
Scotch Wool Carpets at cut prices, 9x9  '��� ��� $12-75
200 White Flannelette $2.75 Blankets; Sale price  $1.95
250 White  Flannelette $1.75 Blankete;  Sale price   $1.25
Our Immense variety of Quilts and Down Spreads all at cut prices.
Special cut prices In the Domestic Departments on Towels,
Linens, and Cottons. ���  ������
The Cut Prices We Are Making For This NOVEMBER
Will make this sale a record breaker as we have the goods���quantities of them���and
can deliver at prices we name.   We will not sell to dealers at these prices.   Mail or-
iron Heater, .imiuT^t ....$7.75| ders with cash will receive prompt attention.
1 Airtight Hester   $2 50|
Our Dressmaking Department, under
the charge of Mies Taylor, Is on the
Fourth Floor.   Take the elevator.
Velour Morris Chair $8.75 I
Fumed Oak Pantasote   Morris   Chair
for H0J50
Quarter Sawed Oak Leather Cushions
$12.50, $15.50 and $1730
Our Dressmaking Department, under
the charge of Miss Taylor, is on the
Fourth Floor.   Take the elevator.
New Department of Public Service Is
That for  Supervision  of  Insurance Companies.
slrable in the publlc Interest. Col. |
Gunther, since hls Incumbency as superintendent ot insurance, has investigated upwards of a score of-suspicious fires, the knowledge by the pub-
lice tbat a close watch is kept upon
all Area being found an excellent de-
torrent of Incendiarism. I'       ,    _,   _ .  _      . _���.
J England, France and Russia on   One
Victoria, Nov. 6.���A department of
the provincial public service of comparatively recent establishment is tbat
devoted to the supervision of fire insurance, over which Col. E. F. Gunther presides, aud which was brought
Theee Investigations are gradually
Increasing In  number, and the insur- j
ance companies and the public derive I
aumented protection aa   against   unscrupulous and criminal insurers   because of tbe common knowledge tbat
every suggestion of au arson will be
probed to the uttermost
Tbls year, through the .operation of
Side of Sharp Line, and Austria-
Hungary on Other.
London, Nov. 6.���Tbe great powers
of Europe are aligning themselves on
the Insurance Act   and    department, I either side of a very sharp line    re
the province will gain in revenue one
per cent, of the amount of all flre insurance premiums   collected   by   tbe
into existence by the Insurance Act of companies    and    constituting     their
^SmsttSWa       at n nl^/ipn 1%1 A      l��AA��HAB
British Columbia based upon,the extensive Investigations of tlie royal
commission of flre insurance and the
report of that body, whicb was composed of Messrs. R. H. Lennie and A.
B. Erskine, of Vancouver, and Mr. D.
H. MacDowall, of Victoria.
This act, which embodies all the
substantial recommendations of tbe
commission's report became   law   of
very considerable incomes.
Prince  Rupert   Installing   Up-to-Date
Telegraphic System���Ready
In a Week.
Prince Rupert, Nov. 6.���Within   the
next week or so tbe flre fighting sys-
,.,..,,,,     ,. ,     ���        .        .item In Prince Rupert will be consid-
Brltlsh Columbia on the first day of  erabiy strengthened
March  1911, and exactly four months I    The Rlarrn be]', hag arrlved> together
later the organization of the depart- ��� w1th wlre and the boxeg aW|tchboard
ment and Its work was taken in hand
by Col. Gunther, a Toronto insurance
expert of continental repute.
The practical work of the department under his control may primarily
be divided Into two branches, the first
having to do wilh the admission and
regulation of fire Insurance companies
transacting business ln this province,
and the second with the Investigation
of all flres of suspicious character.
Under the act wliich Col. Gunther.
as superintendent pf insurance, administers, every Insurance company
operating In British Columbia is required to (lle with lilm at annual Intervals certified copies of a statement
showing Its balance sheet, which
statement ls duly examined and audited by tho department, the company
being required to show conclusively
tbat It Is In a position to meet Its liabilities to policy holders and tbe puo-
11c. Since the department had been e * tow times
organised there bave been admitted
twenty-eight companies not previously
doing business In this province, making a total of 104 now so authorised
for the transaction of business here,
while flve have bean rejected or refused license, after investigation of
their stability and liquidation, and a
number of others have 'withdrawn
from the provincial fleld.
With respect to the Investigations
of Ares branch, it may be taid that
authority to order Inquiry Into the
origin of susplolous flres haa during
past yeara existed under the Flre Inquiries Act. Thla statute waa. however, moat Infrequently Invoked, and
up to the.establishment of the Insurance department had been virtually a
dead letter.
No provincial officer was under it
and other necessary equipment should
) arrive shortly.   The work of Installation will then commence.
Mr. Frederick Wood, of Seattle, Is
expected to arrive soon, and with
Chief McDonald wlll superintend the
placing of switchboard and bell, as
well as the trying out of the whole
alarm system. The boxes are to be
distributed In such a way that no particular part of the city wtll be neglected. Whenever tt may be necessary to send In an alarm over the telephone, the same can be transmitted to
the bell, thua letting the community
know where the flre ia.
The algnal code la expected thla
week. It will be up-to-date ln every
particular and similar to that tn gen-
ers) ese in nearly all large cities.
Should an alarm come ln from box 12,
there wlll be one peal, a pause, then
l two peals.   The alarm will be repeat-
Private Bills Wlll Not ba Vary Num-
eroua at Coming 8eaalon.
Ottawa, Nov. S.���From the pres-
ent Indications there will not be a
particularly l��eavy Hat of private
bills at the forthcoming session of
Parliament. An exception, however, Is
the divorce cases, which number 39
ao far, and thus exceed all records,
The country la now covered with
blanket railway charters, but while a
large number of the concerns will
aeek time extensions, few lines are
In prospect.
What may be lacking In tbe pri-! Tchorlu,
vate   legislation,   however,   will
ardlng the future of the -Jalltan
States. Public opinion in England.
France and Russia Is that the allies
should have the territory to whicb
they have conquered and Russia, particularly, has warned Turkey that con
dltions could only become worse
should further disaster occur at Tchatalja. On the other side are Austria-
Hungary and Italy.
Austria-Hungary, wbich after all is
the most directly interested, being the
nearest neighbor to the Balkan States.
will not, it is believed, sit quietly by
and see the Balkan league establish
itself across her path to the Aegean
Sea, in which direction her trade is
expanding, while at the same time the
Servians spread to tbe Adriatic sea.
The Austrian government points out
that the Albanians are as much a nation as any of thc allies and that Albania should be reserved for the Albanians.
The flrst sign of dlssens'oi among
the Balkan allies themselves cornea in
a dispatch from Belgrade in which it
ls said the Servians are beginning to
declare that the "autonomous Albania," which was agreed upon before
the war was started, has now faded
away. In the dispatch the Mussulman
Albanians who fought against the Servian troopa are blamed for the change
In the Servian attitude. Instead of the
20-mlle stretch of the Adrlat'c coast,
hitherto claimed by Servla. the aame
dispatch saya that Servia now wants
sixty miles and that in return Montenegro is to get more than her allotment of the district of Noviparzar.
The correspondent adds siglniflcant-
"The Emperor of Russia will be
taken as arbitrator betwen Servla and
Bulgaria In regard .to these conquests, which were not foreseen in the
original agreements between the allies."
In the meantime the Bulgarian troopa
In the vicinity   of   Tohorln are  appearing to resume their advance   on
Tchatalja   After four nights and four
days of   continuous   flghting   around
Lule Burgas, the Bulgarian   soldiers
were given two dava' rest This period ernlred todnv. and the troops bv
, this time probably are again on the
|t"fve.   The   Bulgarian,   army,   near
la   being   re'ttforced   with
of Marmora, to effect a Junction with
the Bulgarian army, commanded by
General Dimitrett, at Tchatalu. To get
on the move quickly, the Bulgarian
troops must have worked hard, as
they have thousands of wounded
Turks and Bulgarians to care for and
have had to burn or bury a large number of killed.
ft is officially stated in a dispatch
from Belgrade that the Servians, having annihilated the Turkish army in
Macedonia, have ben ordered to assist the Bulgarians, Greeks and
Montenegrins. A large force of Servians has already passed through Sofia on tho way to Adrianople, the bombardment of which continues without j the order recently issued in the Hazle-
^NothSwas heard today    of   tho|ton townslte case ���* wflich th6 "Imposition cf the Turks   at   Tchatalja, ication of the G. T. P��� for ajtation at
f Railway Commission  Explains in
Judgment    Why   South    Hazleton
Was Given Station.
South Hazleton site was applied for
and granted. No application for leav<}
to carry traffic on additional mileage
east of this has beeu received by tho
"The whole question Is whether Old
Hazelton is io have on the South Haa-
el ton location traffic facilities tn addition to those afforded by New Hazelton. The board has already decided
"Order approving the South Hazelton location plan as filed should now
Ottawa, Nov.  6.���The   reasons   for      HOME RULE IN BACKGROUND.
but it is thought that part of the
army managed to get beyond the positions there. The Sultan's soldiers
are in bad shape. Besides the host of
wounded, thousands of men dropped
out of the ranks exhausted from want
cf food, and most of these threw awav
their rifles. However, they have had
two days in which to rally and reform, while the Bulgarians' advance
probably will be slower than heretofore, as the roads are ln a terrible
condition from the heavy rains. This
will cause difficulty in bringing up the
lt Is reported today that the Greeks
made a premature attack on Salonikl
and were repulsed, but this lacks confirmation. A combined attack on that
city by Greeks, Servians and Bulgarians is expected shortly. Another
report, which is both unlikely and unconfirmed, cornea from Vienna to the
effect that Great Britain has warned
Bulgaria against entering Constantinople. Great Britain's chief Interest In
that city at present ls to prevent massacres.
Toronto Police Asked to Locate "Rod
Patera"' Family.
Toronto, Nov. 6.���The looal police
have been aaked by the provincial
police of Brltiah Columbia to locats
the relatives of "Red Peters," whose
body was found at Summerland, B. C,
on October 24.
Peters onoe ran a livery stable In
Toronto, and at tbe time of his death
was a teamster ln a railway construction camp.
South Hazleton is   granted   are   set
forth ln a judgment written by Corn-
Interest in Irish   Problem   Overthad-
0v.\.c j/ War Newa of Balkans.
London.    :\'ov. 6.���'"'he   eclipse   of
King Cursor," was the subject in one-
of the morning papers a few days ago.
missioner McLean, made public to-111 showed tue features of the Ulster
day.   Mr. McLean says: [leader becoming obscured by tke sud-
"The reasons for judgment and thfl den appearance of King Nicholas or
draft order in this application   havo  Montenegro.
been allowed to stand for a limited I The cartoon consequently hits off
time because of tbe representations of tne politicak situation. When the
counsel representing oertaln Interesta newspaper bulletins are displaying
around New Hazleton. It was report-1 "desperate flghting before Adrianople"
ed that new and material evidence!or "Turks mown down by the artll-
could be submitted, and a limited time leTy," the parliamentary debates   of
was allowed so that the board might
be satisfied from the statements indicating the nature ot the evidence to
be submitted whether a re-hearing
should be granted.
"There are now before   tbe   board
telegraph staements from the
of Old Hazleton favoring the
the Home Rule,QUI seem   tamu   Indeed.
It is doubtful whether, ln any circumstances, they would have aroused
a very keen interest, for the oppoal-
_   tlon has been putting up a very poor
Board !flsr,lt against the government scheme.
South i They 8eem almost to have recognised
Hazleton  location.    There   are  also \the fa<* that nowadays the English
counter telegrams alleging that only a' Pe��Ple have no serious objections to
bare majority ot those present at tho jIrlsh Home Rule- and are ��ncapable
bosrd of trade meeting passed the re-'0' bftl,,�� worked up to any enl
solution In question.   It ls also stated Against IL
Government Has Been Using Old One
Since Assumption ef George V.
Ottawa, Nov. ��.���The great seal of
Canada for the reign ot George V. bas
Just reached Ottawa.
Up to the present the Dominion has
been getting along with the great seal
rtsde for the reign of King Edward
VII.. and bearing the effigy of the late
monarch. This has been done by thn
sanction   cf   the   Brittah authorities
while a new great seal was being out
be troops taken from the inveatlng forces In the rnyal mint at London.
more than made up by the extensive around /drlnnoplo. whose places in1 The King George great seal ia a du-
provided to Inatltute necesaary tnvea- Hat of the government bills. Tin turn have been taken by Servians. j plicate of the previous one, except
ligations, the act merely empowering Bank Act Is now being finally rivlsed A second Bulgarian army, com- that it carries hla likeness In plaoe of
magistrates or Justices to order public and along with It a bill for. the regii- manded by General Kutchtcheff, la King Edward's. It began operations
inquiry'in flre mattera lf deemed de- Iation of aavlnga banka. marching along the coast of the Sea today.
that a majority ot the members of the
board of trade are opposed to having
two stations and favor a single station at New Hazleton.
" "It la alleged ln the course of these
counter telegrams that the approval
of the South Hazleton location In addi
Uon to New Hazleton wlll tend to
prolong the townsite controversy,
whloh has been a great detriment to
business generally.
"The board is not going to mingle
In townsite mattera It will Intervene
in the matter of station accommodation only where there Is a public need
for a station or where the railway has
entered Into an agreement binding itself to establish a station. Aside from
what is outlined In the preceding section, it Is not concerned with whether
two townsites grow where one grew
There m*y be abuse In the matter
of the location of tbe townsites, -there
may be tod many ot them, some of
them may be simply the capitalization
of an irldlscent optimism. But be this
aa it may, there Is not within the four
corners tof the Hallway Act any statement that the board Is the official
medium of townsites and the Railway
Act nowhere overrules the necessity
of the investors exercising common
Los Angelas Physician   Says   Infants
Ars Bartered Like Puppy Dogs.
Loa Angelea, Cal., Nov. ��.���"Babies
in Los Angeles are being gives away
or bought and sold like so many pappy dogs," declared Dr. L. M. Powers,
city health officer, today, who said
that laws regulating the adoption or
transfer of children vera absolutely
"It would be Impossible to aay how-
many babies vanish each year leaving
no clue to thetr fate.. Many babies
are taken for adoption by people who
don't leave thetr correct addraee and
of whom we can tnd no trace. A few
babies, of course, find good homos,
hut tbere am a great mar- whose
fate is entirely different"
Victoria. Nov, 6.~The non-return to
the city of-Hon. Price Ellison yesterday and delay In tim slaving of tho
respective ordtrs-ln-council prevented
the official announcement last evening
of the personnel of the royal commu-
, alon on labor and onagri.
It Is,-
"It 1. also alleged ln support of the'omtThatWw? ���������� u
application for a ra-hearlng*���that ��� the t R *~ of "oWicimn' has *2T*
O   T. p. I. refusing to haul freight 'opon m th7shZJZo?*p
Sit EMM ��e?MH?1l0n; ���� I "��*��*���!>�� body, iSdSn H a
that need be said on this is tbat the ex-member for Columbia, aa a.
leave to carry traffic, as far Ka the^ember of the wnShmtoST*
miMm ii
li* rtii ,fm** '."Vf".. tiym
.ttmimhmw PAGE FOUR
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Sunday by The National Printing and
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By Forcing Them to Sell  Holdings���
Poles Retaliate by Boycott of
German   Goods.
Posen( Prussian Poland, Nov. fi.���
Prussia has suddenly put into force
the Polish Expropriation Bill, passed
four and a half years ago, which
roused indignation in America as well
Eccentricities ot British Parlinmen.
larians While Speaking.
Chsrlei Diltiut, h lirltflh Parlia-
mTit.iry ertrrejpAndpnt, ha�� 'jeen
givinu The London Daily Mail a s^'ies
j nf sketches ot leading pHrli��,noiitnr-
ians, which show some point* of difference hetween tlie reul man and the
popular impruJsinn.
"Whnt," tuiyi* Mr. Pilnot, "i? the
popular impression ol Premier Asquith
���an impassive, dienified. restrained
statesman, cold to the verjre of ieincss,
a mnn impervious to criticism, and
indifferent to praise?
"The picture is all wron?. Mr. Asquith is one of the mn��t sensitive
men in the House. See him under a
tellinir attack  from  the  front of  the
as Europe. The Polish owners-of tiie I on^TtionTenchrHeldBetar Muih'eTj
at^.xa.    ,u.Mit���.     nt *71^*.��IIfI LrAH.L.��L .   r r m . .....
THURSDAY,   NOVEMBER  7,   1912.
Ix>rd Roberts' speech upon the un-
prcparcdness of his countrymen has
been ^nlsinterprctod in many quarters.
and, recalling the stand usually taken
by thc Manchester Guardian, it is not
surprising that his words should havo
been twisted so as to convey a meaning for which they were never intended.
Lord Roberts points out thai
Britain stands albne in possessing a
people who are untrained to defend
themselves. Until recently his remark
applied to all the Britains, but today
Canada is the only' one of the great
self governing dominions tliat has not
instituted some form of compulsory
military training.
There are many reasons for this,
chief among them being that other
oversea nations under the British flag
are faced by more threatening conditions, and, perhaps, have been more
four estates of Zlotuiki, Kolbl-amb
Dobska, and Liplenkl, amounting to
over four thousand acres, have received orders to immediately hand
over their land to the German Coloni-
:Uion committee which will parcel It
out to German peasants.
Gendarmes have instructions to turn
the owners out by force, if necessary.
It is supposed that the Prussian government counts on the interest in the
Balkan war to enable it to apply the
bill without exciting the world's notice.
The Poles have met the blow with
quiet fortitude and are boycotting
German trade and commerce in return. The news came as a surprise
to them, as Prussian oppression has
been lightened somewhat for the last,
few nionlhs, public meetings and even
the sale of flowers in aid of Polish
charities being allowed.
As soon as the news spread, meetings of Polish capitalists and land
owners were held and resolutions
passed to withdraw all capital from
German enterprises and help every
Polish undertaking.
Bismarck started the colonization
committee 26 years ago. When one
hundred million marks were voted in
the Prussian diet for the work he said
he hoped that every cent would be
spent by the frivolous Poles at Monte
Carlo. But the frivolous Poles stuck
to their land through th;ck and thin
giving it up only when Prussian gendarmes turned them out at the bayonet point.
Meanwhile, another hundred million
marks has been srent in an effort to
Germanize tbe Poles in Prussia.    Bul
ready to appreciate the need of meet-
ing them, and, at the same time,   of I J_'>e_ p_e.r_c2?fai;e_<;f.,a,r^iu Pt^sh ljand
combining for empire defence.
The European situation ia fraught
with world shaking possibilities. The
machinations of Austria may at any
time set the powers at one another's
throats, and should we be involved iu
war, the greater part of Canada's
population would be as powerless to
render aid as would be the people
whom Lord Roberts is even now try-
Jug to' "arouse.
has remained Pbov.t the same. PoIcm
buy land from German colonists whenever they can ard make it a point
of never selling it of free will. The
German press urges the government
to expropriate forty thousand Polish
acres as soon as possible.
he frowns, 9hrutrs hfs shoulders.
"This shrug of the shoulders is a
faithful signal, indicating the Prime
Minister's embarrassment. It is something of a writhe, and something of
s wriggle. Whenever he hns to answer a particularly awkward questios
or. refute nn unusually clever argument. Mr. Asquith's shoulders writhe
and shrug and wriggle, nnd th�� action
announces to nil the House that the
Premier is in difficulties.
"Mr. Bonar Law's temperament is
revealed not hy his shoulders hut hy
his hands. He hegijis by placing
them pnlms down on hi3 dispntch
box. He folds them, only to replace
on the hox. The next moment he is
clutching the Inpels of his coat.
"Mr. Bonar Law's mend is n��ver
reflected in his face. Thnt always
remains ns composed nnd noncommittal as the expression of nn expert
poker player, hut when he is possessed by strong emotion Mr. Bonnr Lnw's
hands seem to contain the nerves of
his entire system.
"Perhaps the most fascinating study
in the House is Mr. Lloyd-George.
Ho is imperious, erratic, impatient,
sometimes sparkling in sunshine,
sometimes sullen in shadow. He haj
the smile of a child, nnd the pugnacity of n prizefighter. When attacked his eyes harden and his mouth
tightens. Tliere is something curiously catlike in his tension. He has
not sne mannerism; he has a hundred. But no one can listen long to I
Mr. Lloyd-George without being con- j
seious of the circle nf irritating
phrases of which tlie Chancellor of
the  Exchequer is n victim.
"Winston    Churchill    is    Ihe   most
nervous mnn on the Trensury  Bench
���p. rhaps  the  mnst   nervous   in   the
House of Commons,   A man of tri��d
courage  nnd   undoubted   resource,  he
nev.rtiieless   possesses    the   nervous
j temperament of  the   highly   imagina-
i tive.    He has u trick of cuvritig his
i mouth with his hnnd when disturbed,
j and during the ordeal ol   an   impor-
| tant spepch he frequently smiles in-
i voluntarily.
"Austin Chamberlfllg is not troubled
wiili nerves. His cool, confident
maimer is mn-t dispone r't'ng to an
opp ment. Nothing (ftlfurbs! him;
nothing can put Hi in out of hi* stride.
11.' is dx onol a- nn iceblrg and about
ns  relentless.    He  has  few  irstur
One cf the most facile arguments
against the idea of Canada contributing to the imperial navy is the statement one frequently hears that Greal
Britain could not use a money contribution if it was made because her
shipbuilding yards are fuil with her
own shipbuilding programme.
How misleading  is   such   a
House'cf Commons Passes Two, One
Providing for Joint Session on
Public Measures.
I    London,  Nov.  6.���-In    the    proceed
I ings in the Jiouse of Commons on the
Home    Rule    bill    on clause   eleven,
state-1 Providing for a joint session of both
 H    " I houses of the Irish parliament in th-��
There Is no limit to the number of event pf a disagreement, an amend
ships that the Admiralty could have I me��t wa�� agreed to. limit'ng the oper-
under construction at one time.   Brit-1 ation of the clause to public bills.
ish shipyards today are building warships for many countries.   Four cniis-
An amendment requiring all public
bills to be sent to the Irish senate at
He is deliberate, logical, and Imper-  cila.
"Mr. McKenna should hnve Ihe
hardest knuckles in thc House. IIh
rarely makes a speech without banging an accompaniment on his dispatch
box. Wliile other Ministers are content to mnrk impnrtunt passages with
emphatic hang-*. Mr. McKenna keeps
up a regular tntton. Also when he is
agitated he stammers.
"When  Mr. Birrell  is senrching fnr
��� ���
��� FROM THE SEVCN SEAS.       ���
��� ���
Public attention in Melbourne is being directed closely to the situation
in the Pacific ocean. The general
view in political circles is that, as the
Commonwealth naval and land defence schemes develop to maturity
;he responsibility for maintaining the
supremacy of the British flag in the
Western Pacific will rest with Australia.
Deep sympathy is expressed
throughout the country with the relatives of the men who have lost their
lives in the North Lyell Mine, In Tasmania. Many deeds of great heroism are recorded on the part or rescuers and of men who might have
saved themselves, but preferred to aid
their injured .comrades.
Three separate contingents of immigrants arrived in Sydney recently
by the steamers Waimana, Beltana
and Orontes, those who came out under the aeglB of the government as
assisted and nominated passengers
totalling 1,294. Besides these, a large
number of ordinary, full-paying people
arivred by the Orontes and Beltana,
the population of the state receiving
an addition ot over 2.000 altogether.
About 1.500 moro government Immigrants will arrive next month.
The old Government House at Sydney, N. S. W., wlll no longer be available for the use of the Governor-General after his present visit. Plana
liave been prepared for incorporating
'he whole of the grounds surrounding
Government House with tho Botanic
Gardens. Certain alterations will also be made to the house itself.
The spring agricultural outlook in
Western Australia is very good, and
many of the crops give promise cf being th�� best harvested for snme years
past. The apple crop in particular appears to have excellent prospects. Immigrants continue to arrive in considerable numbers, and no d;fficulty Is
experienced In providing them With
Queensland sugar crop prospects
are bright, and if the growers are able
to enjoy stable labor cond tions they
should experience a prosperous season.
The various producers' associations
throughout South Australia have  congratulated the Premier, the Fion. A. H.
| Peake. on the restoration of industrial
peace which has followed the coming
I iuto power of hi3 government.    Labor
I conditions are now   much    less    dis-
I turbed than they were a year ago. and
increased prosperity has been experienced in consequence of the freedom
from industrial disputes.
A conference of representatives of
the city council and cf Newtown and
Queenborough municipalities was held
to consider the question of a Greater
Hobart (Tasmania) scheme. A committee was appointed to formulate details and report to its respective coun-
New Zealand.
The latest use to which wireless is
being put is the battle for domestic
ervants. On the Turakina, which ar-
r -ed at Wellington, N. Z., the other
day. there were between twenty and
thirty girls willing to enter domestic
service. Several mistresses were on
thc; scene early with offers of employment,  but the majority  of the  girls
the right word li�� snaps his finirrs, | w,.re hooked long before the Turakina
an.l when Mr. Ramsay MacDotald ii
impatient   he   seems   to   he   playing
very difficult passages from Beethoven
reached  Wellington,  by wireless.
The  motor car traffic  problem   Is
with the fingers ol one hand.
ers built In England have just been | Jeast once a month before the end of
added to the navy of Greece. Thu
same builders are under contract to
supply their duplicates to the Argentine Republic. In 1909 seven warship:;
for foreign navies were launched at
British shipyards. British shipyards
will launch this year more than a
hundred merchant ships  for   foreign
the session, was also agretd to.
A third amendment to exclude from
the operation of the clause any b li
affecting the qualification of the Irish
parliamentary electors or tlie right to
vote at any parliamentary election
was rejected by 260 votes to 120.
Sir Harry Samuel moved an amendment to exempt any bill which affect
countries.    There is no doubt that  tf! *^^m
the Admiralty were authorised to in-1 efl tlle constitution of either house ol
crease the naval programme by ten I the Irish parliament or their relations
or twenty Dreadnoughts thc ships ,0 e&oh other in the constitution
could be begup, an soon as the plans | wllich they are setting up.   The new
were ready. ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
Great -Britain Is spending this year
clpsttt pt $250,000,000 for naval construction ' and maintenance. This^
navy'defends Canada as much as it
does Great Britain. It protects Canadian shipping as well as ships belonging to the British Isles, lf Canada
paid bkt share in proportion to tho
-shipping she owns her navy hill would
be $12,000,900 a year. If she paid in
proportion to her population the annual bill would be three times that
sum. If she paid according to her
sbiiily to pay and to the value of her
domain at stake her share would still
be greater.
Why should Canada ask the question whether Great Britain needs the
money, as if it were prqposed to make
a dole to a pauper. At present Canada li;receiving donations from Great
Britain and the question is. has Great
Britain lo gn on forever paying Canada's share for Imperial defence'.' -
Calgary Herald
Irish constitution should not suffer as
the Imperial parliament was now suffering under a weakened upper chamber, he said.
The amendment  was   defeated
314 to 190.
��� *     p>
! I   }���   :.
Nominations Made.
Braccbridge. Ont., Nov. 6, At the
np.mination meeting today for the by
election to fill the Legislative Assembly vacancy caused by the appointment of A. A. MacHaffee to the position Of district judge for Musknka.
Willtem hope, inspector of the gov-
ofnmient roads of the township of
Ttyde, and S. H. Armstrong, of Brace-
bridge, both Conservatives, were nominated: 'Armstrong is running independently.
Wadena. Sask., Nov. 6. ��� Rev. Mi
Lung, Presbyterian minister here, Is
out on ball in the sum of $4,000, h'ni
self in $1,000 and his sureties $601
each, the resull of alleged shooting of
a hoy.
Wm. Hogge, who was out wifh .'
crowd nf young mon playing pranks In
the early morning hours of Hallowe'en, was shot The case was adjourned until tomorrow.
Innovation in Privy Council..
London, Nov. G.���A peculiar Innovation has just been introduced at the
sittings of the judicial committee of
the Privy Council. An empty chair
used to he at the head of. the table
when their lordships sit, intended to
remind their lordships that the King
formerly presided over the deliberations, but now the Lord Chancellor
haH substituted a horseshoe table and
the awesome red chair has disappeared.
Ap   Elephant's   Bath.
The elephant's hath takes a week
to carry out in every detail. It requires the services of three ir.:n, and
it costs about $50.
This treatment is neee^ary for a
circus elephant, nnd if the animal
is a valuable one the proprietor of
the eireus does not consider the money wasted. The first process consist*
in going over the immense body with
the hest soap procurable; 150 pounds
of soap is used, and the elephant's
ears are especially carefully attended
When the soaping and drying are
completed the elephant is well sandpapered, and after that rublied all
over with the purest Indian oil until
the mouse-grey skin is supple and
glistening. This last finishing touch
is the most expensive part of the
whole hath, as over $30 has to be
spent on the oil alone.
Risky Politeness.
Captain Owen Wheeler relate* a hu
morons story anont tho politeness of
the Burmese. The experience wns thnt
ol a brother otttccr. who, happening
to arrive nt a Manipur village when
a polo game was in progress, aaked
to l>e allowed to take part in it. The
natives were delighted, and the officer
enjoyed himself amazirgly, although
he wa" unused to playing polo on a
bareback pony and had several spills
in consequence. But he was particularly nmused at noting thnt whenever
he fell off all the other players followed suit. He soon discovered that
this remarkable phenomenon was the
becoming serious in Auckland. Apart
from private vehicles, of which there
is a great and always growing number, there are about 100 motor cabs
plying for hire.
Replying to a deputation representative of the poultry industry with reference to the export trade, the Hon.
VV. B". Massey, Prime Minister, said
that the government would do everything lt possibly could to assist, and
he would Instruct the department to
make the necessary inquiries. Ho
agreed that there were possibilities
of trade wltb Vancouver, and the gov-1
ernment might go to the length of J
assisting in a trial shipment. So far
as the stamping of preserved eggs
was concerned, it would be necessary
to pass legislation before that could
be made compulsory. The expenditure '
on poultry farms had been very great;
in fact, it had rather staggered, him.
��� South Africa.
Addressing  a   large   gathering
Heidelberg. Transvaal, in support of
Mr. Bezuidenhout, the Nationalist
candidate, General Botha said that the
I Abor party had lost Its head as a result of a couplo of successes, but the
Nationalist party wns the only one
��� litch oould possibly help the poor
man In South Africa.
Several Dutch students at the Military College   in   Bloemfonteln,   who
were dissatisfied with, their failure to
be selected as officers Iti the defence
force, appealed to the Pretoria auth
oritles. with the result that the exam-
:ner has been ordered to rejoin his
The Cape  Argus   states   that   thc
avowed object of the Hon. J. B. Hert-
Critlcize Canada.
Ixin'don, Nov. 6.���In sending two offenders to undergo the Borstal treatment* th�� chairman of the London sessions yesterday commented on the.
fact, of one having been deported from
Canada Ust year. Englishmen convicted iji Canada were deported, he
said, but when a dweller in the Do-
ininioh' wan convicted here he was allowed to remain. The Dominion want
our best, but we treat all the Kmplra
an ,one snd do not extradite Britlsh-
Ironi prisoners.
Land to Be Ooened.
Victoria, Nov. 0��� The government
is to throw open for pre-emption next
spring 3.960 homesteads of 160 each,
a total or 633.600 acres of land in ��i
strip ier. miles long and six miles
wide, bisected by the Orand Trunk Pane's main line from the Alberta-
i.ritlsh Columbia border westward to
Fort George.
Relief in Chicago.
Chicago,    Nov. 6.���Relief   was   extended to 7r;,(i0fi persona by the United
Charities of Chicago during the year
ended October 1. according to Mr. IS.   ___ __   .
T. ties, superintendent of the organl'i be_tal5��n in apprnacl
result of pure politeness on the part I zog's policy is the reduction of a largo
ot these simple tribesmen.���Tit-BiU.     j section of the English-speaking inhab-
tants cf the union to the status of an
Inferior class.
A farm right to 3.000 morgen (about
6,375 acres) in Matabeleland was sold
by auction for ��R50, after some keen
bidding. This ls a record, the highest
price previously paid for a similar
right bolng ��600.
Interviewed In Durban, Natal, at the
conclusion of the defence conference,
he Hon. J. C. Smuts, Minister of Defence, said that all the details had
been agreed upon with regard to the
illuff  defences,  and   work  would  be
itarted at once. It is understood that
Pietermajltzburg will be made the ar-
lllery centre for the whole union, and
t has also been decided that South
Vfrlcan units shall correspond with
'mperlal units, so that they will be
ible to act more effectively In time of
Burglaries in European houses and
A Forgotten Diamond.
Lord Lawrence, former Governor-
General of India, was so ahsentmind
ed in matters of external display that
when the Kohinoor diamond cnme into his hands for transmission to
Queen Victoria sfter the annexation
of the Punjab in 1849 he kept it (or
six weeks in his waistcoat pocket, having forgotten all about it, and only
discovered it there by accident.���London Globe.
A Lake oi Acid.
In the centre of Sulp'       Islimd, of!
New Zealand, is a lake of sulphuric
acid flfty acres in extent.   The wiit ���
contains   vast   quantities   nl   liydr
chloric acid and sulphuric ��'i Is   hi-
ing and bluhhlitic st h ��� mi" -i n-.-
110 degrees F.. and n- ���i   ���      tni-
,<    I..' llV.il
shops in Calcutta have of late alarmingly increased, and a fueling of Insecurity prevails among the shopkeepers, particularly jewellers. Reports ol
no fewer than three burglaries ln one
night have reached the police.
The government of India's scheme
for the creation of a Women's Medical Service will shortly reach the India Office. The Idea Is to secure fhe
service of 20 or 25 first-class lady doctors in India, and the cost of the
scheme will not exceed ��10,000 a
Guaranteed agalnat adulteration.
Sage, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Allspice, Mustard, Ginger, Pepper,
Clovea and Mace. Try our
Vanilla for flavoring ��� you'll
like it.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
Money Makers
Beautiful corner, all ln bearing
fruit trees, 47% x 110 feet,
one block from car $900
$50 cash and $10 per month.
83 ft. lot on llth Ave.. $300; $25
cash, $10 monthly.
50 ft. corner on Sixth Street.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone' 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East  Burnaby.
This Naw Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold water and Telephone ln
every room.
Cafe and dining room tn connection
second to none in the city.
The best accommodation in New
Everything Modern and Up-To-Date
Eighth Street. New Westmlnater.
;ne mlnuto from B.C.E. and C.P.R.
West End, close to car; levely view;
all in lawn; 5 rooms, thoroughly
modem; superior finish; fire place,
furnace, fixed-in wash tubs, built-in
buffet, electric fixtures. An ideal
cosy home for the coming fall.
$300  Cash handles
balance to arrange.
this, and  the
451 Columbia Street
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock    >     -641 Front Street
Rubbers, Gum Boots, School Shoes, Ranch
Shoes, Men's Prospector and Logging Boots
Everything In Footwear at BARGAIN PRICES
Sole agents for Weatminater for the famouo K Boota.    Depot for
Leckle'a Boota and Ahren'a School Shoes.
A  $20,000 Stock to Select From
Trips to the British Isles
and Scandinavia
Via the Old Reliable
Through tickets at loweat ratea���choice   of   routea  on   land   and
Full information with quotations gladly furnished by
H. 0. SMITH, C  P. & T. A. W. B. DUPEROW. Q. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville StreeV THURSDAY,  NOVEMBER  7,   1912.
Westminster to  Supply One  Team-
Vancouver and Victoria Two
Each���Patrick's Support.
Considerable Interest ls being manifested ln tbe proposal to form an
amateur hockey league which would
take in Vancouver, Victoria and New
Westminster. The scheme ls now under consideration by Lester and Frank
Patrick, and the prospects of the
league being launched ln the near
future are bright.
it Ib planned to have two teams
each trom Vancouver and Victoria,
while the Royal City would supply the
fifth. The league games could be
played on the rinks when the professional teams are away from home.
Amateur hockey ls well entrenched
.in Winnipeg, Toronto and other big
centres and lf such a scheme is carried out on the coast the time Is not
far distant when Allan cup games
will be played on the shores of the
Good Game Should Result at Sapperton���Burnaby's Chances.
Two' games are scheduled in tha
city soccer league for Saturday afternoon. At Sapperton Park tlie Bankers will try conclusions with the Sapperton eleven, last year's champions,
and one of the best games of the season should result.
Three weeks ago the financial boyj
put one over the eastenders by a closa
score, but since then the Sappertonians have been playing great guns, so
that lf the Bankers win out, their victory will be worthy of commendation
and should enhance their chances of
the championship.
The following is the line-up of the
A. H. Marcon, goal; Shildrick and
Stacey, backs; Hamilton, Scott and
Flood, halves; Dawe, Thompson, Murray, Durntord, Pltcairn, forwards. W.
Newsome wlll handle the whistle.
At' Moody Park, Burnaby and the
City will mix matters. On their past
showing Burnaby should annex both
points, but the city boys have
strengthened their eleven to the extent that the question Is yet open. Tim
Mahoney will be in charge.
Frank Patrick Tells "Sue" McLean to
Depart���Time to Call a Halt-
Hockey Prospects.
Contract jumpers, such as the people of Canada witnessed In lacross-J
last Bummer apparently will not b=)
countenanced by Manager Frank Patrick, the hockey magnate, for with :i
-suddenness  Mint  surprised  everyone,
Friday evening will be a red letter
night In the annale of bowling ln the
Royal City, for on that evening the
new alleys of the Y. M. C. A. will be
used for the first time.
Just to give the event a real send
oft Harry Walsh, of the Front street
alleys, will visit Vancouver this morning and arrange for the Greater Vancouver quintette which made a name
for itself , at the Western Bowling
Congress held in Los Angeles in
February, 1912, to roll a series with
tlwj Royal City five.
If Harry is successful the Terminal
City boys will be on deck in their
natty uniforms while the Royals will
also turn out in their glad rags, thu3
lending a little color to the sc��ne.
The festivities will begin at 8
Four lots, D0xl23 feet each, In block 3 district Iot 81, close to Richmond street; $600 each. Terms one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months at 7 per cent, interest.   Exclusively by
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Victoria, Nov. 6.���Orders have been
issued by the Provincial Public Works
department to road superintendents
throughout the province and especially to the permanent maintenance of
way force retained on the Malahat
Drive, to keep the 60-foot right-of-way
on all public highways cleared of all
advertising signs, which go toward the
disfigurement of the beauties of British Columbia's rural road?.
A general clearance of such sign*
Is now in progress throughout the
length and breadth of the Island, and
if other signs are put up they are to
be at once torn down.
Poison Mystery.
Denver, Colo., Nov. 6.���With tht
death of John L. Gowyer, an English
capitalist, at Colorado Springs last
night,, the mystery surrounding the
supposed poisoning cf several persons
at Murray Murphy mine, near Buena
Vista, two weeks ago, has deepened.
Five deaths already have occurred
among persons who ate jn the boarding house on October 21.
George E. Collins, general manager
ot the mine, declared that the investigation made by the physicians of
the food eaten at the boarding house
disclose no traces of ptomaine"poison
Scottish     Leaque    Downs    Ireland���
South Africa Trim* Oxford.
London,*   'Nov."  6.'���^The     Scottish
he yesterday wired Sue McLean, who j league beat the IrUh league by   three
played on the Westminster team last   goals to one tbday.
winter, that all negotiations with Mc-1
Loan could, be considered oil and that
AutoBandit Caotured.
of the automobile bandits who attempted to hold up and rob Rufus
Cook, was captured today. Edward
Meyers was killed early on Sunday
morning by Cook, who shot him dead
when Meyers leaped from an automobile and ordered Cook to give up his
valuables. The young man arrested today, Clifford Fail, remained in the car
and escaped.
GILLIS. manager.
Royal Midgets
3���In Number���3.
Not one
of them
36 inches
Rogers & Walker
De Sylvia
He Carries His Own Skating
Pete Murphy
It Will Pay You  To Get Our Rates
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office:  28 Lorne Street,   New Westminster.
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00
SEE WINDOW      ']*,.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Lotus   flguro   with , you   on
your lumber requirements.   We j
carry a complete *tock ot lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.       i     .*���
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and Crescent Valley,  B. C.
he was a free agent.
McLean got Imbued with the get-
rlch-nutck bug and commenced to
flicker with the N. H. A. moguls with
the result that same reached the ears
of Frank Patrick.
The coming meeting of the N. H. A.
on Saturday evening may probably
mean a big change In the line-ups of
the coast teams, bul the fans mav
rest assured that the Patrick brothers
do not Intend to let the alfalfa interfere with their walking In their efforts to give the best hockey at any
price. The time has come when players In every line of sport must be
made to honor their signatures over
contracts, and as someone has got to
be made the goat, the sooner lt comes
the better.
Johnson, should be still decide to
plav in the East, will probably b^
blacklisted on *the coast* for all tlm��
to come, and Harry Hyland, although
sickness at his home alters his case,
must explain the why and wherefore
hefore he can show his face In the.
sporting world on this side of the
Rockies except as a challenger.
The work of the Patrick boys wlll
be more appreciated In time to corns
for their efforts ln cleaning j up this
sickening work of contract jumping.
The touring South African rugby
team beat Oxford university by six
points to nothing.
��� ��������������������������������������������
���        STRIKES AND SPARES.        ���
The Royals kept up their winnln*
streak on the local alleys last evening taking' two out of the three games
from North Vancouver in the Inter
City league. Practically every one o'
the trundlers was away off form am!
the double century mark wns passed
but twice, Frank Dill taking high
single with 212, while Johnson, of the
Ambitious City, walked awny with
high average of 173, which included
a 208 score.
The scores are as follows:
1       2
Dili '....'..
 144   212
Pike i
 .164   160
 ,.'179   158
 130   126
 166   168
772   824
, North Vancouver. ...
.\   1       2       3
 115   174
Cragg ....
..wi...l44   104
Johnston .
 138   178
Smith ....
.   ......164   161
Johnson .%
........138,   17*,
���     669   781   778 2218
The Royals will meet ihe Oranvllles
on their own alleys next Wednesday
""Tenm's captained by Ayrst .nd
Knight will hold sway on the rileys
this evening In thejecond subset
the. house league The new wgdU
In the art of ten pins are entering the
Fam�� with much enthusiasm and tha
interest In the league Is.Increasing as
the season progresses. ������**'��� .
"be following are the players whn
will compete; ^ver^l��'ht,W^"Brc1^
pw'endrlgh, Hwwmum, Khlahtl Harrls_
Mlnnebah, Goodman, Sullivan and
.AXWt.  .
Owing to the victory of the Argo
nauts over the Ottawa team on Saturday at Ottawa, It will make two
championships that will have to be
decided next Saturday. The winner of
each union will be announced on Sit.
urday night. 'Varsity plays McGill,
and the winner will be the winner oi
***e Intercollegiate Union. The race
this year has been close all the way
through, and a couple of the game*
were decided in the last minute of
Report comes that France will soor
have its first baseball game. A French
baseball union has been formed and a
president has been elected. The idea
of the French people is that In future
years France wlll be a contender in
the world's baseball series. A few
games have been played In France already, and the people have become ardent ball fanB, so with the people
wanting the game, there is not much
to stop many teams being formed, lt
wlll be some time, however, before
they figure ln a world's championship
Sir Thomas Would Foster Internstlon
al Rowing Contests In Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Nov. 6.���Sir Thomas Llpton. the noted English yachtsman
who has been visiting W nnlpeg dur
ing the past few days, could ont leivf
the city without leaving behind him b
mark of his keen Interest ln amateur
���Port- '  .       . ^ .. ,    .,
l.ast ntght at a banquet held In the
vice-regal sul*e "f the Royal Aleandru
Hotel, at wh'ch forty well-known Winnipeg business men were present. Sir
Thomas made the announcement tha'
he would donate a H.000 silver chil
leni?e cup to the Winnipeg Row in?
Club so as to foster International rae
lng. the cup to be competed for be
tween the crews from the United
States and Canad* for either four or
e'eht-oared crew*, which could be decided upon by a board of. trustees
whloh oould be appointed to handle
the affairs ct the trophy.
The only conditions which Sir
Thomas makes In his offer is that the
first race take place bn the Red River
and that the Winnipeg RowWg . club
be the defenders. '     .
Elephants Derail Train.
More than one railway train In
Slam has of late had encou/terB with
elephants. In two oases the.animals
were killed, but In one tbe train was
derailed and several cars were tele-
sceped. Oriental cars have ho "cowcatchers," for old World engineers
generally smile at cow-catchers as devices suitable only for wht they
deem to be American conditions of
traffic. It Is pow* observed, however
that the American device might bo
serviceable In the caae ot stray elephants. Cow-ontcherB hive already
boen introduced on the large locomo-
**ve*. nf tbe line between Damascus
and Mecca,' In anticipation of possible
collisions with camels..
Prehistoric Telephone.
For centuries before Marconi wire-
Ipss toleRranb  was known,  the mystery of swift communication has puzzled many civilized eyplorers of barbarian reeions.    In the heart ot Africa a missionary discovered the meth-1
od ot hollowing a large gourd, which I
was then dried, and round it stretch-1
ed the sly n of a kid, hard and thin as \
parchment.   Beaten   with   a   padded
sound) the noise could be heard eight
miles  away.    And each   village contains the expert who can tap the message and send lt on.
-.i-ii'i-i- -i
"The Missouri Girl," which will be
seen at the Opera House this evening,
is a play that pleases at all times. It
contains all the elements that go to
make up an evening's entertainment,
a good, interesting story, strongly
drawn characters, the funniest kind ot
comedy, red-hot specialties and a
wealth of beautiful scenery and stage
effects. No effort will be spared to
make this the one big comedy of the
In "The Missouri Girl" at the
bouse this evening.
il ill fn
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Announces His Famous Successful Domestic Comedy
Scenically superb I
Dramatically Brilliant I
Musically Great I
New Songs I   New Dancss -
New Music!
Advance sale at Tidy's Florist
store. Prices $1.00, 76c, SOc and
EDISON Theatre
Special Friday and Saturday
Mil With the Bunch
'*Bfa*i)**>*ai****sa***a*t*s***tat*a*,la** tmt*m^ml   i mma***aaaama*s0s***n*
���aa***ma*m.t* *
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters ol credit
sold payable in all parts of the world.   Savings bank department at
all branches.
' .1!   11,1) Mill    11.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Cohttnbi* 3treets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.      .''    """.'Ki,lrr"
��� ��� ��� nam u-nbr.*-
' '-""'"''ft-
Lumber Lath and
\US   ili>:,a
��� 'ii'.iil-ioq.iiu .
Fraser Mills, B. C
Telephone 890
Riveted Steel Pipes      TANKS
Vulcan iron works,
P. O. BOX .442
-��� "1
D. BRAY, Manager.
Procram for Today.
A poem In picture from Robert
Rex Comedy.
American Western Drama.
Finest Pool Tables fil the Cify
All the latest news In the sport line.
English football resulta   and   leagu*
John  Hotchkles
King's Hotel. Columbia Street
The moat comfortable rooms la the
olty; hoi and cold water and steam
radiator In each.
Wneat wines and spirits dispensed
at thr bar, aatt first class cafe run In
.Phone m
Corner Front and BsgWe Streets.
Free, aad GeaL Mgr.
Sec st* Traaa. >
-    '   .u/aili lo ttolf "
Phones No. 7 and 177.   *K
in ibi'jri
Hassam Paving Co., ��(&^ limited
Layers of Hassam Compre����l Cwnrete ^^ted)
������i..-i ���>!
If you reaa THE 1S[EWS yoit get ag %^ tiewsJ
m��sa*>'w PAGE  8IX
Wild West
It Was Different From What
Johnny Bruce Had
I    .".,  .���.!  III"!    iQ
��� ��������������������� a*a^mam
Every community adapts Itself to Its
necessities, in tbe early days In the
wild west, a borse was nbout the most
valuable thing a mun could possess,
consequently borse thieves, wben
caught, were banged by the neck.
Tbe tales picturing tbe conditions existing In that country ln tbose days-
tales usually written by elderly ladles living tn civilized eastern homes-
were fascinating to youth. They made
tbe boys feel that they would like to
live that kind of a life Just as one
readlug an Imaginative description of
a battle would wish lo be In it. The
real western Ule nnd Hie real battle
are entirely different from these fancy
pictures nud altogether unattractive.
But Johnny I!nice, u city hoy, having reud the dime novels uf his day,
when he came of uge, having fallen
heir to a little money, concluded to go
west, have a look ut tbe country and.
if he liked It. would Invest his legacy
In a stock of goods and set himself up
for a merchant. So Johnny took a train
and was pulled as fur on his Journey
as tbere were locomotives to pull him,
then got Into a singe conch und went
Bs fur as lliul mentis of conveyance
lasted. Not finding anything rough
enough to suit hlm he thought be j
would go further  nu  horselimk.     lie
"Bbet up. Mull." suid ibe mother.
"Uorue  thief!"  cried  Johnny,  "who
says I'm a boom thief?"
"Oh. bluff won't do you nny good
young feller," suid one of Ills captors,
"witb the boss you stole tied behind
the bouse."
Several homes had been stolen from
the town where Johnny bud "borrowed" his steed, nud wben Eben
i'urker's black gelding was missed
from tbe stable that morning a posse
wns organized to get after whoever
bud perpetrated this last crime, far
ker led thut pnrt of tbe posse whicb
took the right road to secure Johnny,
aud was so indignant over tbe trouble
to which he bud been put that be wus
In favor of meting out tbe customary
punishment for such on offense by Instant hanging of the thief. Tbougb
tbey discussed the matter before Johnny some time elapsed before be got It
tbrough his thick skull tbnt bis life
was in danger, liis captors wrangled
over the matter, some ot them averring
thm they hud better deluy the bunging
long enough to give Johnny nn opportunity to Implicate those who bud
taken the other horses tbnt bad been
stolen: but tlte.v were overruled nnd
after n lengthy debute tliey led the culprit out tor the purpose of raising
hlm nt tbe end of a rope the other end
of which had been thrown over the
limb of n tree. Johnny, who, by tbls
time hod begun to realize wbut was
taking place, turned white, bis kuees
knocked together, and he bad to be
dragged along.
"Whar's my boss gone to7" exclaimed Ehen i'arker wben tbe party got
outside the bouse.
True enongb, tbe beast hsd disappeared again. Tbe men were dum-
founded. Those wbo bnd urged delay
for tbe purpose of eliciting Information nt once claimed tbnt there wns
an organized gang to run off horses,
aud Parker's allium! bnd been taken
this second time liy a confederate from
right under their noses.    Fresh trscks
had provided himself with wearing np- made b' hn"rs w��"re P1"'"'* v,sl,,le-
burel made for mm after the pictures ��� H,,d le was derided tbnt two of tbe
Of   "Arkausuw    IVte"   or   "Tennessee    meD 8bo,,l(1 f,,l,f>w' vvhl,e the other tw��
Joe,'' published In the dime novels be
bud rend, so be put on lbe garments
and cast about for a borse.
There weren't many horses In tbe
country at the time, and whut tbere
were, were in dally use. Johnny
spent a lot of time trying to hire or
buy an unlma�� aud failed. Then It
occurred to blm that the bero ln one
of tbe novels be had read, when fleeing
for bis life, had borrowed a borse to
speed blm In his flight It seemed to
Johnny that the time had come to
put ln practice some of that daredevil
recklessness for wblcb be bad come
west lie would go to some man's
barn, take a borse aad, when through
With lt. send It hack to Its owner.
Having located a barn during the
dny, at dead of nlgbt he went there,
saddled  a  borse���a  coal  hlack steed,
(Johnny's favorite color for a horse
wus black���and mouutlng cantered
gaily nwny.
remained with the prisoner.
While they were gone Johnny was
locked up In the room he had occupied, one of the men guarding the
stairway, the other watching under
the only window.
Now. there was one thing that none
of the men noticed. Molly Marker hnd
dlsnppeared. Ller mother did not call
their attention to the fact, and as for
the prisoner, he was not In a condition of mind to notice anything except what plainly pertained to his un-
fortunnte position. The men who
went nfter the horse were gone till
late In the evening, when they returned
with the missing borse. on wbich rode
Moll Barker. Tliere wns a fourth per
son ndded to the party, who wns the
sheriff of the county.
Moll, realizing Johnny's danger, hnd
taken the horse to go for the sheriff,
that the culprit might receive the protection oi the law Had she not taken
the horse her effort would have result-
A Pruning Knife That Cut Pretty Deep
Bo4S W*ys.
"It Is this way." suid Mr. Piety Hill.
'W'e buve simply got to cut down expenses. Tbere ure uo two ways about
t. I wus running over my bunk ac-
:ouut last night, and It begins to look
Ike an unexpected event thut forgot to
happen. We have got to cut out n lot
jf monkey business. There nre your
bridge pnrtles, frinstance."
"All right." agreed Mrs. Hill. "I'll
���ut tbem out absolutely. Anything
"Yes; those little pink teas you give
rxery week or so set me' back about
(15 a throw."
"All right No more pink teas. Anything else?"
"Dou't you suppose you can cut down
)n your dressmaker's bills?"
"Yes; I wlll buy a flfteen dollar band-
me-down suit, and I won't bave a dress
made all winter.   Anything else?"
"Your hats"���
"I'll make over my old ones. Is tbat
"All thnt I think of nt present. I am
jlnd to see you nre sensible ubout It."
"Well. then, of course you will cut
silt those two for u quarter cigars of
yours. Ten or twelve of those a day
:ount up."
"I renlly hadn't thought of stopping
"Well. 1 guess you'll hnve ta And
then tliose dollar lunches that you buy
downtown every noon���of conrse you
will atop that nnd come bome to lunch.
We'll hove codfish."
"Oh. really, now. you are a bit unreasonable, my dear."
'You wlll also have to cut out yonr
tailor nnd buy ready mnde clothes.
You wlll ulso hnve to stop having those
cute little poker parties here. Your
friends come and win your money,
imoke your cigars and drink yonr whisky. Thnt must be stopped. It Is too expensive."
"But 1 bnve got to have that relaxation from business enres."
"You enn relax In tbe future by playing dumlnos wltb me. We wlll entertain each other and save a lot of money. Hnd tbat goes too. It's tbe one
best bet"
"Well." snld Mr. Piety Hill, "after
thinking the whole matter over carefully I hnve come to the conclusion
thnt we hnd lietter let things run'
along as they nre for awhile. Perhaps
we can manage It somehow."
"1 thought we could," replied Mrs.
Hill.-Richmond Dispatch.
Johnny pulled up In the morning at | ed \n failure, and had the men known
Is small town and, asking to tie direct- |thnt Btle hn(j taben h|m tbey wonld
jed to a hotel, was bUowo a bouse, tbe  | have Bllrmlsed  she   hnd  gone for ns
(person doing so saying:
"Madge Rarker, she keeps boarders
In that ar bouse; you mouglit git In
tbnr.   There ain't no botel hereabout."
Johnny went to the house and wns
received   by   a   woman   with   tousled
balr   and   garments   decorated    with
grease spots, who welcomed hlm and
j slstance, and they would have hauged
j Johnny   before   that   asslstnnce   could
have urrlved.    As It was, Johnny for
the time being wns saved.
The tenderfoot, hearing a step on
the stairs, his heart stood still. He'
supposed Ihat the men were coming to
  I tnke blm out for the second  time to
prepared a breakfnst for him. He wns hang hlm. The door was thrown open,
waited on during the meal by Madge's ! and the sheriff, who entered, seeing
daughter, who, bad she been better bis agonized appearance, reassured
dressed, might hnve presented a come- blm by telling hlm who he was and
ly appearance. She was Just Johnny's promising him that lie would be safe
age and It was evident from her man- i in his hands and hsve an opportunity
cer that she was  much pleased  with    to prove himself Innocent of the crime
the young man. She had' never���at
least, not In a long while���seen anything so flne. She nsked hlm what
sort of a costume It wns he had un,
Which surprised ''lm, for he had snp-
wlth which he wns charged. He beard
Johnny's story nnd. having become
convinced that a mistake had lieen
made, told his prisoner to go to sleep
where he was nnd the mntter would
posed It was the kind worn ...In thut j be adjusted In time.
country. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Johnny's flrst thought wns to flnd
lotne one to take the borrowed horse
back to his owner, but he, had not
been to lied Ihe night'before and was
very sleepy; so he deferred returning
I Johnny woke up In the morning to
one fact of especial Importance to
| him He wns alive, nnd the reason of
I his being alive was the action of Moll
I Barker. The first thing he did wns to
shudder, the second was to realize tbnt
the nnlinnl till he had had n nap    He  j his hesrt was going out to the shabby
nsked for n room and was shown to
mie. There was a hed In It-that Is.
It was called a hed Ihouch It was really a hunk tml 11 ngnln��t the side nf the
roiim. which wns nut plastered and
bad no celling to rover Its hare nnd
rough hewn rn Tiers. There was neither carpet nor furniture, except a
washstatid wilh n tin Imsln on It
a reaction came over Johnny Somehow there was no dime novel glamour
Otiont the piace. and he was seized
with n sudden lit of homesickness,
However, he laid himself down on the
odorous cotton "comforts"��� the only
bed coverlng-wlth'uit   undressing,  re-
glrl wbo had saved him ne had
found the woolly west something en
tirely different from what It had heen
portrayed In the dime novel Never
theless he und found hts romance���fl
romnnce ns different from what he
had always expected ss wm the wild
The next day the sheriff persuaded
the owner of the stolen horse that
Johnny wns fresh from tbe east nnd
unconscious of committing a crime
5Jo the posse went back with the re
covered nnlmal, lenvlng Johnny U> ful
low his own sweet will In lUill.
Johnny fnlled to see the commonplnce
Fatter Than Sound.
A railroad man was bonsting about
the speed of tbp truins on his line.
"We go so fust." be said, "that bells
and whistles nre no use���the train
keeps ahead of the sound.
"Once four miles nway. on a straight
stretch, nn engineer of ours snw a
wagon. He whistled and rung nnd
yelled, but It was useless. The next instant we were on the wagon���crash.
Imng���n derailment und lhe euglue
| "The engineer, poor fellow, was
' killed. But the ghastly thing nliont the
accident was fills: As the engineer lay
dead on ihe roadside his voice caught
him up Ves. sir. (here he luy. dead
and all around him sounded In chorus
his own yells thin he had used-just
a minute before���to cleur the track."-
Boston Traveler.
His Service.
"I should like very much." snld the
president of the greatest republic on
which the nun ever shone, "to appoint
you to nn ollice of some kind, but you
must realize, of course, thut It la necessary for me to reward our party
workers before I tnke up tbe cuses of
other applicants."
"t'ertululy. I realize that I'm one
of the party workers yon i*eti*r to"
"Oh. are you? Whin buve you done
for tlie ticket?"
"I was one of the people who howl
ed for eighty three minutes when your
nume was presented to the convention."���Chicago Record Herald.
Solving    that    he    had    already    hart   | girl of yesterday    Her net nnd Its lm
enough of the wild and woolly. West
end Instead uf sending im< k the burse
be would tnke It himself and go on
home. Having come to this comforting resolution he fell asleep
He wns awakened during the nfter-
noon hr several men. who crowded
lot" the room.   "Come, we want you."
Hnlf   awake.   Johnny    I.linked    his
I portance to him hnd Invested ber with
n charm not then apparent
"Did yon go for the sheriff," he ask
i ed her. "supposing me to be Innocent?"
"N'o, I thort Jf' took the hoss "
"Then why were you Interested?"
"1 c'on't know "
"IMd you suppose yon wonld get the
sheriff   here   In   time  to   prevent   my
eyes at them, not understanding what  ! hanging?'
K .!"  IT"1    0n* "'  ",P  ""���" tn"*  I    "*"��� I (1ldD'�� *hlnk I would; I conld
Hold of  his nrm and  landed  him on    onlv try"
Ithe floor.   Johnny fell, hut was lifted
iroughly on to his feet
Wbat do you  wnnt  with  me?" he
tasked. Irritated  by  his t rent ment
'You'll  Hnd  tJMt  ont soon  enough,"
jsnld one of the men. nnd. luklng him
"Vnu wouldn't hsve been In time lf
the men hadn't missed the horse yon
had   taken.     And   you   wouldn't   hnve
i heen allowed to go If they  bad seen
| von start." . .
"1 onhltihed the hoss when they wns
||>y the cost collar, pushed him down the    In the house with yon. nnd led blm tnto
[Steep stairway 	
On the ground floor tbere were Madge
knd her daughter, looking surprised.
"Lnws n mercy!" exclaimed the latter "Who'd 'a' thought he was a boss
(thief ?"
The remark was the bnt Intimation
Johnny hud ns to the cause of his treatment.
the hushes; then 1 mounted him and
lit nut"
"Well, little girl." satd .lohnhy In
conclusion. "If It hadn't been for you
I'd lie hanging out there to a tree "
.lohnnv remained some time In the
west, nnd when be wpnt home he took
Moll with blm She picked up an education and Is now uulte a lady.
The Customer���Is that a real ostrich
The Salesman���What, for tenpeuce!
Oh. no. madam: "ostrich" Is merely Its
noin de plume!���London Sketch.
Bnenn~ There's one thlug I can't un
Kgtiert���Toll It to me.
Riicou���When n couple get married
It Is suid they become oue; hut. again,
they say It takes two to make s
quarrel. -Satire.
His Anxiety.
Hhe-Yoii must see pnpa. dear, about
our mnrrlnge. But' don't be anxious
about the outcome.
lie-What I'in anxious about Is the
Twih Misfortunes.
"Here 1 huve un electric runabout on
m.v hands"
"I'll match you I've got rt shocking
run up mud uu my Ouger."���Baltimore
Humor and
ryHEN a boy listens to his fnther's
advice It Is hard to tell whether be
���bows symptoms uf being a captain
sf finance or tbe timidity ot a mollycoddle.
Next to being a millionaire comes the
��� bllity to spend your last nickel like
There's one nice thing about a borrowing neighbor���life seems so sweet
when be moves awuy.
Lots of men are reconciled to middle
age because tbey are not tben expected
tu dance.
Any wav of doing her huir Is becoming In a girl's estimation us long as tt Is
llie style.
Plenty ot men enn coin money, bnt It
requires a reui Humorist to coin words.
Thl�� seems to be tbe open season for
bunting Judges.
Wheoever you nre tempted to be sore
on your Job Just think ot the troubles
ot the gin In tbe telephone otlice.
We shouldn't eu much mind those
people wno tell all tbey know If they
only knew all (hey told.
We worry a lot more nbout the
ypiirs telling on us tbun we du about
whui they tell.
A Stable Institution,
The dortrlne written by Monro*
Is Manning where It stood
When flrsl It saw the light of day
And boldly itwlng wood.
While nullum ol uie world may fret
And say Ihey do not see
The sense or lust ice In lt still
It suits us to a ('.
America was not designed
To be the stamping place
Of monarch* and the ones who would
The pen|ile't rule eraser
When nations ot the ancient world
Desire lo place their mitt
On either or there continents
We tell Ihem simply  "Nltl"
The German emperor msy frown
liecause the tailierlnnd
When on the lookout tui a large
Location lo expand
Is not allowed lo come across
And colonize st will.
We're verv sorry tor you. Dot
We'll nave tu check you. DHL
America does not desire.
Noi does il need, the aid
Ot those who only rule oy might
Anil muke th.il  woik theli  liads.
And so Die ancient doctrine rules
With firm but luunly sway.
And any nation doubting It
Musi lick lhe U. a.  A.
*/ *
Quite Natural.
"That clock 1s
��� hundred yeara
"Does It keep
good time?"
"It runs a little
"Hut tbat
w a s n't such a
rapid nge when
tt whs built
It     ��
Not For Him.
"Do you buve a telephone in your
"It Is a great convenience"
"\es. especially when I tell my wife
1 am do wm on n working in (he uttlce."
Had Found the Way.
"Where have you been these years?"
"Around the world "
"(Jot any money?"
"Sn  hut I am rich In experience."
**(..'WII   VOU  flit   llll   It?"
"Hum. ii I wlll wnsb tbe dishes."
Knows tht Bluff.
"Her hiishuiid is a grent cnptnin of
"Whut of ihnt?"
"Tbe naiioii trembles at tbe sound ot
tils voice."
"Well, sbe doesu't"
They Wero Certain.
"All the neighbors are talking ahoot
iWhat an undesirable family we are."
"How do you know?"
"(loudness! Don t we listen under
their windows and out on tbeir back
Ths Fleecer.
"Nobody really likes to see his ene-
nr prosper."
"Oh. yes!"
"Who doesr
"The fellow wbo Is preparing to sheer
Ths Reason.
"His wife has gone to the country"
'He doesn't   look  as  happy  as tho
song would lend you to suppose.".
"Ub. stie'H coming back tomorrow.''
Of Courts.
"She's nil up in tbe au-."
"Why? 'Cause she's got a new avlntr
log dress."
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deed? ' ���'���uess letters, etc; circular
work b, cia list. All work strlitly con*
rtdeni.ial. M. Broten, Room 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715
L. O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednesdays
In each month in K. of P. ball at
H p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
I. O. O. F AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., ls held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street' Visiting brethem
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrithew, V. 0.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve    $12,500,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending in Canada from thi
Atlantic to tbe Pacific, In Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Rico, Bahamas. Barbados, Jamaica, Triu
ldad, Dominican Republic, Ne,v
York and  London, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ei-
oelent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mar. '
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-lJp)
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Wast
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phona 710.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. K. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
Brancbaa throughout Canada ano
I Newfoundland, anc In London, Eng-
j land, Lew York, Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
i baaklng business transacted. Let
I ters of Credit Issued, available wltb
I correspondents In all parta of tke
Savings Bank Dipartmeat���Deposits
-ecel-ed In sums of $1 and upward,
sud Interest allows 1 at S per cent, per
tnnum  (present rule).
Total   Assets over  1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
We havo no bot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
88 Begbie Street.
Meat Market
minster Board of Trade meets In the
board  room. City  Hall, as follows
Third  Friday of each month;  quar-   i	
terly meeting on the I Jird Friday of I
February, May, August and Novem- j ������
ber at 8 p.m.    Annual meetings on
the third Friday of Fehruary.    New |    p#   BURNS  &   CO.
members   may   be    proposed   and j
elected at any monthly or quarterly I ._._,_. _, __ _ ���.- _ ���-   ,   ___
meeting.   S. H. Stuarf Wade, seere- | TELEPHONE   L 883
Re Lot 18, Block 1, Northwest quarter of Section 51, Hastings Townsite,
Suburban Lands.
Whereas proof of Iobb of Certificate
of Title No. 41343E. Issued in the
name of John Travers, covering the
above property, has been flled in this
office, notice is hereby given that I
shall at the expiration of one month
from date of the first publication hereof Issue a duplicate of said Certlflcate
unless in the meantime valid objection be made to me in writing.
Dated  at the Land   Registry   Office,
Vancouver, this lst day of .October,
District Registrar.
' who do not receive   The News before
8 a.m. ahould
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
. C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10
a. m��� 2 p. m. and 11:4 J.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle 16
a. m. antl 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 2
Leave* Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Polnta 10 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednes
day at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Weatmlnster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P   A.. Vancou var
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waterr,   Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
Talaphona It 113. Office:  Prlnctat Sl
Winter Schedule
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St. Paul    and    Kootenay
18:20 for Agasslx Local.
19:55 for Imperial    Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
For reservation aud otlier   particulars apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouvei
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty (Vy
Phone 868.
Room 4 Trao) Block.
TWEED,   IRISH   8ERQE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect Pit and Workman-
shilp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street *m
fHURSDAY,   NOVEMBER 7,  1912.
Harm Dandruff Doe*.
Dandruff has cume to be rucb a common disease tbat many of us lose sight
of the barm it works until tbe real
harm ls done. It causes tbe balr to
become dry and lusterless and by
clinging to tbe clothing gives tbe appearance of uncleanllness.
One of tbe chief causes of dandruff
ts weakness of tbe scalp, caused by
Infectious diseases. Pressure of heavy
or close bats on tbo beud Is another
common cmmc. while tbe practice ot
matting tbe balr close to the scalp Is
a well known promoter of tbe disease.
Hair oils snd dyes used to excess Invariably cause malignant dandruff.
If yon (Ind your acalp Is becoming
affected make baste to discover lf one
of these prevalent practices Is not
bringing about a condition you will
find great difficulty ln overcoming.
First of all. keep the scalp perfectly
clean. Shampoos containing yolks of
eggs, witb chloroform, borax (with or
without rnmpbor), carbolic add. soda
and chlorate of potash are recommended for dandruff.
Add to tbe yolk of an egg ten drops
of chloroform and beat witb an egg
beater to a stiff froth. Rub tbe size of
a black walnut of this remedy Into the
roots of the balr, tben wasb It well
with a good soap Dry quickly with
a soft towel, and you wlll Und tbe
remedy most efficacious.
A tendency to gray hair Is often he-
red I tary-that Is to sny, tn certain families tbere seems to be a lack of tbe
pigment wblcb gives the buir Its natural color. Tbls deficiency tn such cases
sometimes makes itself apparent lu
early life and cannot be prevented.
Other people notice gray hairs, for the
flrst time after some illness or otber
loss of tbeir normal vitality, and tn
sucb cases there ts rarely any restoration of the natural color.
Sudden or severe mental disturbance
nny sometimes produce grny hair, and
i the mental worry be very quickly
removed nnd the general health has
not suffered there may be s chance of
the balr regaining Its original color.
Chocolate and tht Tetth.
A box of chocolates and a mnttnee
ticket constitute happiness for a grent
many girls ot today. If the play Is
good the matinee ticket Is n real benefit, whicb ts more than can be said for
the chocolate.
There is always a temptation In a
mellifluent layer of rich hrown goodies
holding all manner of delicious surprises lienealh tlieir glossy coats. Ho
strong Is this temptation that the girl
who neglects tier dentist throws discretion to the winds, knowing full well
the price of her Indulgence will be
aching teeth aud a disgruntled digestion.
A fatuous authority who recently declared "chocolate can only do harm. In
common with all good foods, when eaten to excess" seems to Ignore tht view
generally taken liy the dentnl profes
alon that chocolate. Ilka otber sweetmeats, does a vast amount of harm to
the teeth, at least when eaten, even
In small amounts, at tbe wrong time-
that Is. between meals or before going
to bed.
Unfortunately It ls st these times
that chocolate generally Is eaten. If
It were always taken toward tbe end
of a meal, followed by a detergent food
���tuff, such as fresb fruit, wbat Is claim
��d for It would no doubt be trua
Unfortunately we like to nibble on
chocolate over our books and inugn
sloes or In idle moments sucb as com*
to us at odd hours of the day. A thorough cleansing and sterilizing ot lh*
mouth and teeth will do much to coun
teract the harmful affects of chocolate
Ta Cure Brittle Nails.
Brlttleness of the nails is caused by
s weakened physical condition. Then
again If you do your own housework
the strong soap wblcb yuu pmtMhly
nse ror cleaning purposes will mak*
your nails brittle.
Twice s day hold the tip* of yonr
Angers for live tiiluutes tu s vessel
containing enough olive oil to covet
(he nails.. At nlghl U-fure retiring dip
the fingers Into cold creniii sud lei
the tips take up ns much us they will
retain. After this dip thein Into ul
���cum |mwder.
- Never polish the nails too. vigorously.
as this heats tbem and increases their
dryness. -	
Heirful Suggestions.
When your eyes are tired close them
for flre minutea. If ihey ��nart and
tinrn balbe thein In lukewarm water.
A tenspuonful of witch hasel In tbe
water wlll aid tbem In a few moments
When your esr aches get a Utile ab
snrbwit cotton, dip In Jamaica ginger
and pact tight-in your ear.   You will.
rie surprised bow aoon tbe ache wlll
I leave yon.
Cabbage contains a great deal of ant
phur snd for tlrfs reason frequently
causes flatulence. Cauliflower, which
Is of (he same family, Is more easily
Sralp Matisse.
A thorough course ol massage to the
i sculp wiU do njnch towsrd Improving
the hair. The linger tips may he
dipped Into sweet almond oil or a stimulating lotion before massaging Comb-
<ng end torusblug tba hair are otber
tiulnta. '.
Tht Succultnt Tenderloin May Ba Imitated   In   Cheaper   Material.
Wlisl'i Ihsrt lu worry o'erT
L-aiiKli umi iimik uriiin:
\\ hen b**t*tu(tuiK prices soar
Unyrau the butcher stent-
Simply cook brums, and mort,
More and mora benusI
Tbnt suggestion lias un expert opinion hack uf It, for very recently It E.
Duulittle, M. !>., Dr. Wiley's successor
as the "pure food" bead of tbe bureau
of chemistry of the department of
agriculture, sent forth the slogan.
"Henna ns a substitute for beef." Tbey
are, he snys, the very best substitute
fur that expensive luxury.
Itj'nnuut be denied thut there Is a
sort uf prejudice in the popular mind
against beans. , Tbey are accepted
when tbey keep their place us a bum
ble poor relation on the menu. Hut
fancy the emotion* of an epicure If
beans were placed before lilm as the
piece de resistance! And yet why
shouldn't tbey be'/ Wbat Is the reason
of tbe slurs we heur on beans, such us
culling cbeap restaurants "beanerles,"
and Jokes like thut? It must be Just
because tbey don't cost much. Let
some wily trust magnate create a corner In beans and send tbe quotations
on them upward a few dozen poiuts
and women would probably be doing
without hats to buy beans for tbeir
husbauds' dinners. And tben the country would be saying, "Uow Is the poor
man to live wtth beans at the price
they are?"
There are mnny varieties of beans.
AH are nourishing. All legumes, even
In au Immature State, as green beans
snd peas, have more nutritive value
than utber vegetables, and ln the dried
forms they approach beet. According
to a bulletin Issued by the United
States department of agriculture In
11)11, tbe comparative percentage of
protein In lean beef, nnvy beans and
lentils Is, respectively, 21.3, 2.2.5 and
A bean roast might be served as a
change from bean steak. It could be
made tbe suiue way as the steak, shaped like a roast and cooked In tbe oven
Itonst chicken made ot beans ls effective, but tbe shaping ln the form of a
cblckeu ls a bit difficult Tbls can be
made wltb seasoned stuffing, either rolled Inside tbe "chicken" or baked tn
the pan with IL Croquettes made ot
beans nre very nice. And consider the
comparative costl Wby. a porterhouse
steak nowadays for a small family
costs over s dollar. Half a quart of
red kidney beans wonld make a Steak
large enough for a big family.
Bome Things Worth Knowing.
Vacuum Cleaner.���There are moderate priced vacuum cleaners wbich can
be obtained. Once a housewife begins
to use this wooderful Invention sbe will
wonder bow sbe ever got along so
mnny yenrs without one. Tbey nre tbe
most suniury thlug on the market for
sweeping, cleaning walls, bedding,
furniture snd draperies.
Headed Waista-lf the beads have
come off from a blouse one can easily
sew tben on again. Heads come tn every- Imaginable color, so there will be
no trouble In matching your*.
Gathering a Holied Hem.-When
gathering s rolled beui bold the mn-,
terial between the thumb aud first finger of tbe left hnnd and do tbe rolling
with tbe tbumb nnd lirst Unger of the.
right band. Keep the left hand about
nu Inch behind tbe right and near tho
hem, ao tbat wbeo tbe material la rolled ono can keep If taut. After a thin.
even roil ts made ever the desired
length do tbe gathering, (lather as
you work-that Is. sfter about twelve
siltches have been taken gather by pulling tbe thread.
If lace ts to be sewed on a rolled
edge hold Ibe material with the right
stilt toward you. Place tbe lace on
this side and overhand It on. making
each stltcb under Ihe roll snd st tbe as-
trenit edge of tbe luca.
Covered Hoxes.-The tad la on for
covering boxes with cretonne. They
make dainty aod beautiful presents, but
tht work most be done extremely neat
to be successful It may mean rover-,
lng ont or two boxes before one really,
catches on to arranging tht comers
snd using the paste dexterously.
Frltd Shrimps.
Drain ont pit* of wild boiled or can-
ned shrimps, dip each oat flrst in wall
beaten egg. then In sifted breadcrumbs,
and fry lu snioking hut tal uutll dell
catelv browned, says l's hie Talk.
Drain on white |Ni|>er, garulsb wltb
slices or radish ami serve verv hot
with tartare snuce which has been
colored pink witb a little powdered
lobster coral.
Needlework Notes.
Oirls with an appreciation fnr tbe
artistic are outlining tb* design* nt tbe
���nds of pretty clilffuu scarfs wtthjienrt
heads and crystal bangles aud are thus
securing remarkably Hue effect*.
Luncheon ckMUs or between meal
clothe of color are gaining In favor,
and no material Is more popular for
novel ones st present than drees linens.
Thes* are often embroidered In simple
Thel* Is s tittle pincushion just oat
that Is made with a wrist strap to
fasten snugly dn lb* left arm while ont.
ts doing dfewunaklng. IU usefulness lo
evident and It could easily be majjl st
bome bf a bandy woman.   ..........
Fashion Approve* tht
Box     Plaited     Skirt.
A bite of thU and a taste of that, all day
lon~, dulls the appetite and weakens the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal���andout out the "piecing1.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia. 50c. a Bot
at your Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. ef
Canada, Limited.
Crlt citm.
"I am going to put some white In the
yoke." said the young lady, referring
to ber gown.
"Won't thst scrrmble Itr Inquired
the young man.--Chicago Tribune.
Plaits have once more come back to
fashionable favor, and tbey are to be
seen forming the underskirt of many
of tbe best fall 'costumes.
Pictured Is a gown with the new box
plaited skirt which, yon see, adds no
fullness to the width st the bottom. The
plaits are stitched and pressed flat so
tbat tbe slim silhouette Is preserved.
Tbe overdrapery ls somewhat on the
tunic order wttb an odd sash effect.
The collar nnd cuffs of white faille
silk nre edged wltb scantily plaited
lingerie embroidery. This collar, broad
at the back, ends sharply at the shoulder line.
About   Going   to    Housekeeping    and
About Furr.ithinas.
Are yon going to housekeeping?
A sensible girl If ynu do.
Love of home life should tie Instilled
In the early days of marriage tn tbe
hearts of tmth man Snd wife.
The mnn wlll lie much less apt to
wander from his own breslde If he
feels thut be has a personal Interest
In It
The womnn will lie less apt to degenerate Into a gossip If she has the
care of ber home In her keeping.
It Is such a pleasure to beautify
your own home and add a little to
your belongings from month to month
Pay for everything as you get It
Hetter delny your marriage a year
than to begin overburdened with
debts. If funds are low start with the
furnishings nf the kitchen, dining
room, bedroom and living room.
Put only tha absolutely necessary
articles Into these rooms.
Purchase only good, substantial furniture, allowing notblng for show.
These articles wlll last a lifetime and
wtll never look |m<fr, while showy,
tawdry furniture grows shabby ta a
few months' time.
A couple married four years ago
adopted tbe following Ideas wltb great
Tbey bought thetr smalt house he
fore It wns finished and lesa the cost
of papering.
They are buying It through a build
Ing association.
Tbe papering wlll come Inter.
What   little   furniture   Ihey   have
bought bas been paid for and la really
Two beantlful children gladden- the
hearts of their parents, and their trnln
Ing Is Just what you would expect
from such sensible people. This Is one
of the homes where happiness la sure
to reign.
Cops For Milk Bettltt.
Row to keep milk bottles tn tbe
cleanest and most -satisfactory way
concerns all housewives. To aid In ob
taining this cleanliness milk bottle
"caps" are now for sale One kind,
mnde of celluloid, fits Into tbe bottle
snd opens wltb s small aluminium
shutter, so that Ihe milk may he pour
ed out and the bottle closed afterward
These cyst 15,. cents, ear* or^wo tor
���& cents. Another kind Is of celluloid
snd must he taken out of tbe bottle
ench time It la used These latter are.
also made for condensed milk. Tbey
cost 10 cents eacn.
Ineem itttnt
Wt wait two minuter for a ear and want
to ytll and tlfthi
To go out to a eietk and waft two hours
for a bite.
t�� -Dallas Nawa.
irtlval: Closing
10: BO���Vancouver via 0. N. R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:4!-
16:45���Vancouver   via   0. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:20
': 40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Bunday). 11:lf
ti:00��� Vaneouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).2w:30
10:00���Port Mann (dally except
Sunday) 9:45
0:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Mnndsv. Wednesday
and Friday 13:13
1:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11.15
10:60���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)    16:00
.5:15���Crescent, Whits Rock and
Blaine tdally except
Sunday)  9:48
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Fridav)        n:oo
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)    7:13
.5:15���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
16���United States via Q. N. R.
Idaily except Sunday)..16:00
50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills daily except
Sunday)   7:15
50���All points east and Europe (dally)  7:15
10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills (daily except
Sunday)   13:16
26���All points east and Europe (daily)    |13:13
50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday)  7:15
00���Central Park, MtKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.1F
00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
"'��stham Ialand, Burr
Villa 13:15
00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)  ..13:00
00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:31
00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday) .13:15
46���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:2>
SO���United States vta O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N. R. (dally except Sunday)....   ....14:01
20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Munrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sar-
' dls, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Bunday)    9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thursday. Friday aad Sat-
d*y       14:00
20:40- -Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:JO
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
exceot Sundav!   17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla  23:00
*       v       GULATIONS.
COAL MINING rights ot the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and ia a portion ot the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
fl an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
wtll be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land muat
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $6 which will be
refunded lf the rights applied for are
not available, but not othenwise. A
royalty sball be paid on the merchantable output of Uie mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon.. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface lights may be considered
necessary for the working of the mine
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication ot
tbis advertisement villi not be paid
The Wldtntr Memorial.
Mra George l�� Widener. wbo was s
passenger on tbe III fated Titanic, her
husband and son losing their lives on
it will give ri.unu.(WV to Harvard for
s library In memory of her son. Henry
B. Widener. He was graduated from
Harvard in 1907. and bb) collection of
books will be housed within It If will
be erected nest to the present Harvard
library snd will be a work of art, as
mncb pains bss lieen taken ln selecting plans for tbe building.
A Colored Suffragist,
Mlss A. L. V. Wsytes of Boston, who
Is saM te be the only colored woman
In active campaign work for votes for
women, ta doing splendid work among
tbe negroes Is Wisconsin. Bhe hae
been epeeklngJo the ehoccbee and st
We ALL advertise.
A man advertises his character by his
deeds, his wisdom by his words or by his
silence. A merchant's store, stock, and windows speak either well or ill of his business.
So when a man says "No, I do not advertise," he knows not what he says. What
he really means is that he does not publish
printed advertisements.
Some proclaim this aa thongh It
were a virtue���yet spend much effort
aad Invest much money In advertising tbeir buslnesa through mediums
other than the printed word.
They may make their wares fit for
a king���yet hesitate to introduce them
to Brown or-Smith.
This is Inconsistency.
The truth Is, printed advertising ts
s vital force in EVERY business, Just
as Is the; "silent" advertising of a
product's quality or a merchant's service.
When you employ the Printed Word
as your solicitor in the Court ot Pub
lic Opinion, you build good will for
your product or service���a good will
that results ln profit
If unrepresented at this Court, your
Interests are ss unprotected As though
when Involved in a lawsuit, you failed to "enter an appearance" add tbe
oase Is decided against you���by default.
So lt Is clear that yon pay tor advertising���one way or the other, it
you pay lt wages lt will work FOR
If you refuse Its offers of service,
It will work AGAINST you; tn just
the measure of Its employment by
your competitors.
j   . ��� .
So you ARE paying for advertising either
out of your profits or by your losses.
Are you losing by not advertising in Tbe
".'..! iji.,.
i * *'A_
*   *m
Wednesday and Thursday
Crab Apples, No. 1 Hyslops, per
box., $2; per lb 5o
No. 1 cooking Apples, per
box $1-00
Jonathans, last chance to get
these beautiful Apples at, per
botf **"*>. -SU* .v\   $1-65
Grapes, jBJfSrperor, Tokay or Malaga, per basket  60s
Cranberries, long keepers, per
lb. .,..,.,,....,....... I7e
Catsup, pint bottles, equal to
best brands, per bottle 25c
40 tro soil? m!����<)kles, bargain
afeidh " 25c
Salmon, No.-1 pack, lib. tins. 2
for1 >...;���?.. 25c
Strawberry Jam, pure, in 5-lb.
tins, eSoH'... .'������ 80s
Our Cakes, all different makes,
are a real live bargain at per
lb 25s
Smoked Salmon, delicious for
breakfast, per lb 20s
Kippered Herring, per lb���10s
Roquefort Cheese, per lb���60s
Llmberger Cheese, per lb., 35c.
2 lbs 65s
Swiss Cheese, per lb 35s
Don't forget that Clover Creamery Butter at 3 lbs. for. .$1.03
Always remember our goods
are guaranteed, if not satisfactory, your money gladly refunded.
Public Supply Stores
I It Is Your
Duty to Select
Those Who
Will After You
Be The
Financial Advisors Of
Your Wife
And Children
Vour business now runs
smoothly- because you are
directing it, but in case of your
death   would  it  long  continue
Your investments are successful because" of your handling
but would your wife be able to
select advisors best qualified?
By the simple process of making a Will you can save your
wife very much worry, trouble
and probable loss. That is why
it is your duty to attend to it
Thia Company can aid you
with advice, because that is
our business. We have the experience and knowledge necessary, and nur help in deciding
tlieae matters ia at your disposal for lhe asking.
Call or write today.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
Weather Today.
Victoria, Nov. 6.���The weather fore
cast for the lower mainland for the
next twenty-four hours Is as follows:
Wind, mostly easterly and southerly;
unsettled with rain; not much change
In temperature.
The New Westminster Court of Royal Templars of Temperance met last
nlfr'it on the occasion of the annual
See page flve for T. H. McCormick's
ad���greatest bargain In Edmonds
building lots ever offered. (33)
A dance will lie glvei\ In St. Pat
rick's hall on Friday under the auspices of the picnic committee of tha
Royal City High School.
Edmonds    woed    and    coal
Phone R 1111, W. A. McDonald.
Council Debates Danger of Establishing Precedent in Cases.
Consideration of the claims of Mr.
J. J. Jones for damages on account ot
the lowering of the grade in front ot
his property bn Fourth street and :i
similar claim from Mrs. Anderson, corner Second street and Queens avenue, i
at a special meeting of the city coun-1
ell  yesterday  afternoon,  resolved It-
I self into a discussion as to whether
I lt was right to make good any bucIi
j demands, and further, if the requests
were granted would It be establishing
a   dangerous precedent.
There was a diversity ot opinion on
the matter, but it was decided to leavo
It to City Solicitor McQuarrie to take
up the claims with Messrs. Whiteside
& Edmonds, who are acting for the
claimants, and see what could be
During the discussion' Alderman
Kellington stated that Mr. Jones had
made no definite claim and though
the boai'd of works department had
offered to protect his land by building
a wood sustaining wall around lt and
to replace an old fence, the offer had
not been accepted.
Due to the Increased demand for
shipping facilities the Brunette Lum
her Company Is erecting a large shed
on Its property at Sapperton.
Mr. J. E. Rice, manager of the On
tarlo Flre Insurance Company, was In
fhe city yesterday conferring with tho
local agent of the firm, ;,Ir. A. W. Mc
The provincial police force ln   the
New Westminster district   has   been
strengthened by the addition of M
W. R. Stanton, formerly sergeant ot
the city pollce.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (9)
Mr. A. O. Powell, harbor engineer,
returned yesterday from Seattle. During his absence he inspected some ma
thinery that might be suitable for use
in the harbor improvement scheme.
Mr. A. W. Decker, boys' secretary
ot the Young Meu's Christian Association, delivered a lecture to the Y.
vl. C. Club of the Columbian College
yesterday evening. His theme was
"Faith in All Walks of Life."
Mlss. Minerva A. Smith, Graduate
of Music, has opened her studio a'
Thirteenth avenue and Sixth street.
Telephone R 735. (10)
The mayor and aldermen accompanied hv the city electrician will
make a tour of the city this afternoon
to examine the street lighting system
and to find out where additional corner lights are most necessary.
Sheer) stockyards are being built by
the Vancouver Prince Rupert Meat
company adjacent to the abbatoir at
Sapperton and on the south side ol
the railroad track. They will be con
nected by an overhead gangway.
A number of New Westminster dr
'opEitocs trom the city churches, lef!
for Victoria yeeterday for the purpost
of attending the Provincial Sundaj
Sc'iool Convention whicii becan yes
terday and will continue until Friday
Owing to the fact that it would probably hinder the harbor extension
scheme the city has made several objections to a plan before the Delta
municipality for a pole arraugement
on AnnaeiR Island. Mayor Lee is con
ducting the negotiations on the mat
The 11. C. E. R., in a letter to the
i-ity councM last night, agreed to pay
for the damage done to the stree*
flushing wagon in a collision between
it and the Burmftiy Lake car on the
evening of October 6. The company,
however, did not in any way assume
blame for the occurrence.
"One hundred members in a hundred minutes," will be lhe slogan of
an aggressive campaign which is being planned by Mr. A. W. Decker,
boys secretary of the Young Men's
Christian Association with a view to
Increasing the membership roll of the
Boys' Department of the institution.
The co-operation of all the present
boy members of the Y has been secured, and a committee of fifty ha.s
been selected to carry out the work.
Mrs. Dr. McKay will receive this
afternoon and every third Friday during the season.
* ���   *
Mrs. John Lester Duncan, 819
Fourth avenue, will receive this afternoon from 3 to 6 o'clock.
* ��   ���
Mrs. A. McAllister Young (nee
Bowell) will receive for the first time
since her marriage at the residency
of her mother, Mrs. S. Bowell, 224
Third avenue, on Friday afternoon.
IN edmond:
Edmonds, Nov. 6.���Fifty-five names
have been enrolled ln the Edmonds
club and it is expected that this number will reach the century mark before the charter closes on November
i    The officers elected at the meeting
Reeve and Ccunc.;^^ Campa.cn of  J��t^W��^.M��^^
Edmonds, Nov. 6.���The first of tho
public meetings in connection with
the franchise question will bo held In
McKay hall ou Thursday evening,
commencing at S o'clock.
Reeve Weart and many of the
councillors will attend and the tyholfl
of the proceedings dating from the
time when the B. C. E. R. franchise
was first passed by the council in
1909 will be gone over.
It is e*pe<?ted that the speakers
will come in for sortie quizzing by the
ratepayers, many of whom are showing tbe keenest interest in the matter.
For Coming Elections���Voters' Qualifications Mailed Broadcast.
Edmonds, Nov. 6.���Notices havp
been sent out to every Ratepayers'
association throughout the municipality and will also be placed in prominent, places in Burnaby explaining the
qualifications of a ratepayer before he
can cast Ws vote in the approaching
municipal elections.
All registered vendors, who have
not transferred their Interest, are requested to take the statutory declaration in order to have their names inserted in the annual voters' lists. Although the names of registered vendors may be placed thereon, such per
sons will not be entitled to vote unless and until the registered owner in
fee, shall waive in writing, his right
to vcte.
The necessary forms have been prepared at the municipal hall and same
can be mailed to the secretaries of the
associations in Burnaby or to individual applicants.
The time limit expires on November
30 and after that date no ratepayer
will be ajlowcd to register.
Fraser Hotel tAlt
Meals at all hours. We serve
the best t'ie market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
JOHM90N���The death occurred nt
Annieville. South Westminster, yesterday afternoon cf Miss Marcia
Johnson, aged 31 years. Miss John
sou was a native of Norway and came
out to this country five years ago. She
has two brothers, John M. and H.
Johnson, residing in this city. The
funeral will lake place on Friday after
noon to the Odd Fellows' cemetery.
Rev. J. S. Hendfson has thrown
down the gauntlet to Mayor Lee regarding the statements made by th'
���alter in the council ir,?��tiug 0n Mon
day evening, and has expressed his
willingness to go before the polic?
commission and subs'ant'ate the
ohargca ir.?.d�� with regird t0 th>-
men*! condition cf the c:t>
Until such time as the commission
is prepared to meet him Mr. ilender
Ron says he is not prepared to make
any statements for publication.
He intends, however, to trea* with
the subject in his sermon in St And
rews Presbyterian church nexl Sun
day evening.
There are now 64S persons, officials
policemen, inspectors, street cleaners
sewer diggers, etc., In the city em
ploy and this number cashed their bl
monthly pay checks in the city treas
urer's ofTice at the city hall yesterday
The total pay roll amounted to $18,.
111.85 divided as follows: School i
$2X45; flre, $1127.50; police, $705,
officers and officials, $11?2.50; health
$54:1.51: engineers. $1270; light
*JOfl7.70; water, $1687,10; market,
$114.50; parKs, $14*; bridge, $177;
board of works, $8811.35.
Victoria. Nov. 6.���The marriage of
Miss Elsie Norton to Mr. John Hen
di'r.son. of New Westminster, took
place in St. Mark's church, Ganges,
Salt Spring Island, this morning. The
bride was attended, as one of the
hrdesnaids, bv Mls3 Smither, also of
New Westminster. After ''a shor;
wedding tour ill the Sound Cities th"
newly wedded couple will make theii
home in the Royal City.
A special car will leave the electric
depot at 7.30 Thursday evening, to attend a social and entertainment to be
held in the Labor Temple, Vancouver.
Bring your wife or ladv friend.
(26) ,.    P. O. SIMMON3, Sec.
G. Walker; secretary, Jack Brown;
treasurer, T. P. Harrison; executive,
W. S. Rose, II. Disney, E. B. Stride.
W. Griflltlis and W. S. Vivian.
The club quarters in the Edmonds
block have been taken over and are
being well patronized.
Edmonds, Nov. 6���A successful concert was held ln Moreton hall this
evening under the auspices of St. Albans church. Musical talent from
Vancouver and Sapperton assisted the
Buinaby people and the large crowd
showed appreciation by numerous
calls for, encores.
Those contributing to the program
were Mr. and Mrs. Glldersleeve, Ed-
mends, Mrs. Mansfield, Miss Smith,
East Burnaby, Mrs. C. A. Stein, Sap
perton, Dr. Watson, Mr. A. Puttlck,
all of Edmonds; Mr. B. W. Frost, ot
Westminster; Messrs. Cook, Short
Skelton and Klmmer, Vancouver, and
Mr. W. H. Waterman, organist of ths
Ex-U. S. Senator John L. Wilson Succumbs In Washington, D. C, After
Illness of One Hour.
Washington, Nov. 6.���Ex-Senator
John L. Wilson, owner of the Seattle
Post-Intelligencer, died early today at
a hotel here of angina pectorfs, after
an illness of only one hour.
His body will be taken to his birthplace, Crawfordsville, Ind., for burial
tomorrow. He had been in the capital
on business for two days.
Calls Sustained.
Toronto, Nov. 6.���The Pr-3bytery
of Toronto today sustained the calls
extended to Rev. John MacNeill, of
Liverpool, England, by Cookes-Church.
Toronto, and to Rev. Robert Hamilton, -of Scotland, by St Enoch's
"hur^h, Toronto. The latter has accepted. Liverpool Presbytery has now
to deal with the former call. The call
extended by Western Presbyterian
Church to Rev. J. H. Milne, of Globe
Church, Ottawa, was also sustained.
Busy at Port Mann.
Port Mann, Nov. 6.���Loading has
commenced at this point of steel rails
for tho Hope to Kamloops section of
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway. Material trains will steadily
continue the work of transporting t'ar>
ste^l to the rail-head, beyond Hope
and track-laying will commence immediately there is a sufficient quantity of track material on the ground.
That track-laving will also be carried on from Kamloops westward towards Hope at the same time Is also
reported. This would necessitate tn.?
shipment of rails by the C. P. R. to
the Inland City, but whether this has
been decided or not, the officials ar?
not in a position to state.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
1359���FIFTH 8TREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at $1,060; one-third cash.
119S���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x134
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot ln good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x155
each; somo are cleared; street ls
graded; price $3000 on good terms.
Fa J. HART & CO., LTD.
We writ*. Flre, Life, Accident, Employeis' Liability,   Automobile
and Marina Insurance.
at C. N. fdmondson & Co's. furniture Store
Corner 12th St. and 6th Ave., Vancouver Car Line
Full sized Bed Spring and Mattress  '        $7.50
Large Golden Oak DresBer, containing three large drawers     A_ _
and nice bevel plate mirror; bargain at only      $7.50
Golden Oak Couch, upholstered in green or red velour, only     $5.50
Bargain in Ranges for       $37 K(\
Gold lined Dinner Sets, 108 pieces, only         ��Q cq
Gups and Saucers 75c a dozen and up.
Large Hearth Rugs;  your choice for         Jl CQ
The best way to be prepared for the large catch, ls by installing
a "YALE" Gasoline Engine in your fishing boat.    This Engine has
proved to be the best Engine on the Pacific coast for the fishing trade
Ask any one of the many owners of a "YALE" his opinion of the
We build these Engines In two different styles, the Medium and
Heavy Duty sizes.
The Medium Duty Engines are built in four sizes from 5 h.p. to
The Heavy Duty Engines are built from 20 h p up
Get your orders in early.   Write for Catalogue.
The Schaake Machine Works
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for aale or rent while prices are low
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until ll p.m., laet car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���ait 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular Bervlce thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p.m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays-
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service untll 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
o��er the Fraser Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points on the division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
W. R. OILLEY, Phona 122. Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 281.
> Phonee, Office 15 and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
,  Wholesale and Retail Dealer* In Coal
Modern 6-Room House on Hamilton Street;
Modern Conveniences.
628 and 746 Columbia Street, Phone 86., New Weetmlneter, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 &3 Sixth Street


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