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The Daily News Mar 26, 1912

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 TAK    5 418 TIP.
Buy West En ' jpeny on the 8. C.
tleetric Cut A? Woi k has started.
Lots from t   ,J up.
"" SHILES &. CO.
VOLUME 7, N ��?  IER 18.
Vancouver Scene of Desperate Fusillade-Ditorderly Drunk
Shoots P.C. Byers Through the Heart-Shack Is Riddled
With Shots-Murderer Dies Pierced With Seven Bullets.
A pitched battle in which one con- brother accordingly rang up the police
stable and one drunk Swede lost their an<l Byers went down to arrest him.
lives was fought ln Vancouver yester-   tf B00u as he aPI)eare(i Larsen snot
day evening. Over a hundred shots gfJkfti *?" W,i? a '32 revolver'
��,���.. �� a . .,. ,. . a. e Ule" at ouce- Pour more con-
were fired by the police and the des- stables weie immediately sent for and
perato murderer, the man's shack wa-i their arrival was the prelude of a
liddlcd   with   bullets  and   he  lilmsel.' stiff light. They surrounded the shack
Pass Motion to Allow Smoking���Little
of Interest in  Last Night's
finally fell mortally wounded with
���seven holes in his body. Five weie
inflicted by his own hand and two
were the result of tho fierce fusiiia.le.
Oscar Emil Lai sen ls the dead murderer. Louis Byers, P. C., is the constable that was killed in tlie discharge
of his duty.
At 4 o'clock in the ufternoon Lirscn
became drunk and disorderly. U*s
started making a rough house down
at his brother's shack at the foot of
Hawkes avenue, near the harbor.   His
and poured a hail of bullets into    It,
riddling  it    from    every    side.    The
Last night's meeting of the city
council was productive oi noining oi
gieat moment, ine most ImjXuuni
uiuiter dlbcueseu being tne- material
to be used, for street paving which, as
tiie ci.au man of tne ooaru of works
said, was tne chief question tne council tad to deal wltn at present. M
ihe invitation of Mr. N. C. Olson, wbo
came beioic uie council repieseuttnij
tbe ttairen Bros, company tor bitu-
iithie pavement, it was moved to ap-
Burnaby Council Comes to a
Leakage Allsged in Water.iipe Tenier
���Proposed Rosurvey May Lea:!
to Trouble.
drunk and desperate criminal  within j POUK a committee of three member*
replied as long as he was able. Then! U>  usu cities as far south as Port-
there came a lull and the four policemen rushed the building. They burst
through the door. Larsen was lying
dying on the floor. He h:id a mortal
woun.1 through his neck and six
others in his body. Five had beeu
tired from his own weapon which lay
beside him on the floor. He die.l almost immediately afterwards.
Mr. Thomas Gifford Appeals on Recor;
of McBride Government���Mr.
Kennedy's Creech.
The rivals met on the Sapperton
pluttorm last night when Mr. George
Kennedy accepted thu invitation to
be pietent at Mr. Thomas Gifiord't
meeting In the Johnston lull. Sandy
Uur.tu was In tne chair aud Mestrs.
K. Mil.land and J. Whltely came over
from Vancouver tu support Mr. Gifford.
ti:. Maitland opened the meeting
wltn a sno. t speech in which he
pointed out a dmeieace between tue
ltocnt leaerul election ana tbe piesent provincial one. Th.it dmeience,
he fcalu, lay in tlm fact that In tao
lormer tne government was beaten
ana in tne latter it wns not gclhg to
when they awake and find themselves
ticaidea in tneir o.vu nen.
Any hopes of tne loroato team
making goou tneir inreai oi loicuig
Muring, lurnbu.i ana Maishall to
*i~niu oy tneir contract nun mat ag-
ct-Satun aiKappeuita lino Uiui a.r
.vesterday tolio.vlng a statement by
���mi. Hairy 'irut.., of .i.ou.rtai, who is
eonsiuered oue o, me ben pdsjed iaiv-
.>tis lii uie uoinin.o.1 on aujtn.ng pertaining to spous. iie��e is wnat Ar.
macy told the Montreal Stai :
"Without desiroig to put myself on
reco. d as giving *Ji opiiuou in a matter as important, aa tu.s, 1 tnmii mat
iiic uecision'ij.eu by Juage Urunaau
in the 1'iire case, and aneiwuidj revised by tne Courtof King's Bench,
.epresentei by Sir Louis jcue, cover
tne situatlcn very we.i.
"At iue same time 1 want to say
that speaking Jutt from a sporting
man's pent of v.ew." and afier all Mr.
Trlhey was 6ne ot anj pernaps oue
of the meat famous of that celeorated
Shamrock hocliey team wuien virtually revolutionized hockey, 'law does
not enter very gieat.y In an arrangement of this sort.,
"Vou can ioicc a player to keep tal*
contract, but what Ib tlie tood of
making bin, do tbat, wben he does
not desire to play with a certain team.
land, ure., to inspect dlilerent kinds
or paving in use. Tnere was niucn
discussion as to who the committee's
members should be and who could go,
the nct.ng ma>or remarking' that be
was prepared to appoint tne whoie
council. Alderman Kellington agreed
that the whole council should see the
dnteient ravings lor themselves.
A popular motion brought forward
in an interlude oi the reading of the
by-laws, which wes unanimously passed and instantaneously acted upon,
was that smoking be allowed. Frag-
iant clou.is thereon mated througn
the council chamber; a sight almost
unprecedented in the municipal annals of Westminster.
Communications were read relative
to the dredging of tho N'orth Arm of
the Fraser from the minister of public
works and from J. L. Taylor, M. P. at
Ottawa, stating thai the matter had
been strongly urged upon the government.
Alderman Kellington asked concerning the tetition for the paving of
Twelfth street, whether the board of
works were to act on the leipiest of
the petitioners for a special kind of
paving. The alderman said thai the
general public ought to be considered
in the matter, and that they were go-
lilE to put the city out of business If
they were not careful. Ii would be
better fnr horsus if on steep grades
the city stuck to macadam.
Edmonds, March 25.���Tho appointment ot a const, melon engint^r tor
the Uurnaby municipality was settiea
in a way last eveum* ut tue council
meeting, bub wuetiier tne matter u
nnaiiy uiu at r^-bl lemalns to be seen.
ii. Ui. i noinpsou, ior me pant tour
*'*ais consuming engineer for tbe city
(ft Vancouver, vn.a cliosen out oi
Witty-two applications, hts appoint-
ment being recommended by Mr. L.
a. Cleveland, of the firm of Cleve.anu
and (.ameion, consulting engineers oi
Burnaby, in whose charge tbe matter
was left.
Tlie question was brought ut at the
boaid of works later in the evening
as to what status the new appoinieo
would have in ielation to the present
engineer, Mr. MacPnersdn, wno it appears is only getting ^^uO a month,
whilo Mr. Thompsons contract calls
for $250 a month.
Several of the councillors expressed giave doubts as to the Wisdom of
paying such a large salaiy, while the
municipal engineer was receiving less,
and forecasted tiouble until a definite
line was drawn us to the duties of the
two men.
At int council meeting tho resignation of Assistant Engineer Harvey
was accepted, to take eifect March 3u
Mr. Harvey goes to tue Vancouver
a letter was read from the deputy
minister   of   public    works,    W.    W.
Foster,  regaining  the  proposed  paving    of    the    Westminster-Vancouver j
load.    Ii  state:!  that me departmenl I
Councillors of Wards  Four and  Five
Go on rtecord Against Proposed
Edmonds, March 25.���That the Bur
naby council do hot consider the proposed secession of wards four anu
live worth very serious consideration
was shown in an interview this evening with Reeve Weart and Council
lors Fau Vel and McDonald, the latter two representing tlie two wards
involved in the dis,cuts:on.
"Bankum, no.hi.ig io it," was all the
reeve hai to say.
Councillor Fau Vel. In whose hands
the matter ha3 been .e;t by tae Laxe-
nicre Katepayers' a^sjwatiou, ivas
uot very enthusiastic on the scheme.
North Buinaby bas not been leceu-
Ing the attention it snoulj have tn��
past lew years in the mutier oi ioa;i
improvement. Yhls year touiet",iins
like tluu.ouu wiil be spent on thia
work alone in this section, 'jf ccuise,
he continued, "the matter of transportation ts a burning issue in our section, nut with the advent of the Vancou ver-Mission line 1 firmiy believ-j
the people should wait a few more
years any way before taking such a
drastic step.".
When asked his opinion on the matter. Councillor McDonald, of ward
five, said he concurred with his near
neighbor, Mr. Fau Vel.
"if those interested and bac'.i of the
scheme woul! stop to realize the expense of fitting up a municipal hall,
engaging staff and purchasing road
equipment, 1 believe that any movement of secession would be dropped
like a bomb." South (Vancouver and
Point Grey have been fighting the
past two years on the division of the
Seymour creek water rights. Something Similar would undoubtedly happen between the proposed ne.v muni
cipality and Burnaby should it be
realized.     ''No,   you   can   quote    me
Three Million  Idle ��� Settle
ment Remote as Ever.
Owners and    Men Would    Make    Nt*
Concessions���Parties Never
Came Together.
London, March 25���The twgpty-Qfti*
day of the uatnnal coai strue end*
With nearly three million workers
idle, many thousands dependent upoa
charity to keep them from starving,
every manufacturing industry in th*
land unuergoing a throttling and a
settlement apparently as remote as.
The sanguine expectations at   the-
beginning of the day were that   the-
jolnt confeience of coal owners and!
miners,   dramatically   summoned   by
the premier, would    reach an   agreement that wouid end the struggle, but.
these were replaced by the gloomiest'
forebodings wben it was learned that
no joint confeience  had been    held.
For two and a half hours the   prime
minister and his    colleague   labored
with the committee representing   the
coal owners nnd for four hours and a-
��hlf Vth the mil'ers' executives, bnt
they fa ie* so -omplet,��ly to secure
concession* irom either which would
afford a basis for agreement that it
was found Inadvisable to bring the
disputants together again.
As in previous crises in the situation the government resorts to secrecy, the only Information vouchsafed
in the official statement Issued this
evening being:
"The conference adjourned until tomorrow."
be.    Mr.  Kennedy  jo.ned  issue  with   M>' own experience   ls   that   players
the speaker here and he devoted part
of b.b nan hour to showing that tue
Laur.er'fcovemment went to tho people cn a real issue, whl.e tli? McBride
government was appealing on u false
one. He aleo rallied the meeting,
wiikh numbered about thirty, of
Whom several were Westminster people, wiih belug a surprise party foe
the people of Sai.peiton. Going further hc pointed out the dangers ot
nl.n.l ite power and illustrated the
vsluo of an opposition by tno torclng
of lecipiocity before the country in
the mtc federal parliament. His challenge Ui know wl\y the government
had brought on an election after first
passing the railway bills was taken '
up by Mi*. Whitely, the next speaker.
Mr. Whltely asserted tbat Premie--
JdULide had given as his reason for
passing the railway bills the near ap-
moach of the opening of the Panama
canal which made lt necessary to
hurry forward this work. Further, he
etated that the government was always anxious to feel that it had the
people behind it. He then dealt with
Ralph Smith at some length an:l said
that the people of Vancouver knew
Mr, Smith's record and would vote
accordingly. On tho railway policy-
he expanded somewhat and laid om-
jdi.iHH on the great nee! of the proposed lines and the vast developments
that would follow their budding.
Mr Glffor:! only reserved for hitm
self n short five minutes at the close.
He appealed to the electors on the
record of the McBride rovernment
and urge I hls hearers not to think
ih.'t it wns going to he too easy a
walk-over for the Conservatives, but
to turn out and vote In full strength.
will exert tnemselves for a certain
amount of money, but thst it is not
money alone even with piofesslonals
that makes them play as well as they
"There is always a certain amount
of esprIt-:le-corps which I* a great
f-ictor; a certain personal, element,
nnd unless the manager of a team hus
the good wlll of his players, all the
money ln the world would not be able
to make them play a winning game."
Stole Automobile, Stormed Bank and
Made   8?nsaMOnal    Escape���
Critical Chief of Police.
All Is Not Going Smoothly for the
Big Four.
All Is not gold tbat glitters. Probably by tills time, Messrs. it. J. Fleming and Kennedy regret their action
in fot clng a war between the Dominion Laciosse league and tho N. L. U.
and Slid the B. C. L. A.
At a meeting of the old N. L. U.
beld on Saturday evening It was determined to make a light to the HiiIh.i
agnlnst any inroads on the players by
tbe Dominion magnates. A spirit of
optimism prevailed at the gathering,
and statements from the different
managers of the teams were given
out amidst applause that. Instead of
the N. L. U. players wanting to join
the new organization many of the
stars nf the latter are waiting for a
chance lo Jump their contracts.
Another thorn In the flesh of , Mr.
Fleming hns uppenrod In the departure of .Ilmmy Hewitt, a Vancouver
sporting scribe, for the East. He has
left to sign np' a competent referee
for the fames on the coast and also
to distribute contracts to be signed
by several Eastern players lo play on
Con Jones' aggregation
Federal  Rout  Reported at Jimenez���
Fierce Fighting���Two Generals
Mexico City, Marcli 25.���Apparently
redablo messages received by El
lmparclal report a federal rout ��t
Jimenez. General Salas, federal
commander, ls reported to have committed suicide. Both Generals Bian-
quet au.l Teiiez are reported wounded: other officers were killed and 50
officers were taken prisoners to Chihuahua together with many privates.
General Orozco Is reported moving toward Toireon. All federal troops are
said to have retreated to that point. ���
Jimenez, Mexico, March 25.���At 'i
o'clock this afternoon the buttle of
CorralltoB, begun yesterday, continued
furiously, in the rebel camp thd federal dead were estimated at 400 and
the rebel mortality at 100. The estimate of the government losses is
based by General Campa on inter
views with prisoners taken. Probably
they are exaggerated to an e.\tent.
Paris, March 25.���The most recent
exploit of the band of road pirates
who have put rural France in a state
of terror by the swiftness and relent-
leBsness of Its operations has created
a tremendous Impression upon Parisians. Apparently the police are
powerless against this organization,
an.1 a ccitaln section of the press is
beginning to cnticue Louis Leplne,
the prefect of polite, who is charged
with allowing his .administration to
get out of date.
The feature of today's series 01
crimes was the rapidity with which
they were committed. An automobile
was stolen by the bandits as it was
passing through the historlcuT forest
of Senart, about 25 miles from Parts,
at a quarter past 8 o'clock. From
that plaoe it was traced to Paris and
Chantilly, where It arrived at half
past ten. Its occupants had stormed
tbe Bunk of Chantilly, 23 miles northeast of Paris, returned to the suburb
of Asnleres with the spoils and made
good their escape at half past eleven,
after which uil "trace ot them was
had the matter in hand and  that a.
soon  a3  the  report  of  the  engineer. I against any sur-ii  movement on
who is at present  working over    the | grounds  of  lt   being  ten  years
highway, is received, a  meeting will j mature."
be (yl.'cd at wllich delegate:; from the
different  municipalities   interested  in ��� ~
Kusui   tuBi*��cta   on   lhe   VoVc   Uik��\"\WV    ftU\IH\Q.    CAW'
and  Julmaum  roail   wer* let. lo C.  M  \      *t%V   V��l%VJlV\Jo    MIKVI.
Koblnson, whose Hinder -w��a %\\Sa \
while Hall und Bowjer weie success \
ful ln their blJ ot $5300 for road iin
provements oa Delta .avenue. ' Botn
of these contracts aie lu ward fou-:
Councillor Fun Vel brought up the
question ot having a re-survey mado
of liurnaby, and moved that the provincial government ba askei permission to go ahead witu the proposition
under the Survey Act of 1912. Startling developments are expected when
this culminates as it is said that certain roada are on privata property.
while several houses, under the existing survey, are situated on public
The    Uurnaby   Lake   improvement
scheme was brought up a&ain by   a
the i
Local Clergy Discovered    Him    Some
MontWa .Vgfr-Mtkw. Na WUnV.on
ot Po��yoai��K.
I .
Quietly dressed like t mm ��!����.���.
town In blue serge suit and blacvt
Christie hat, the apost'.e ot Moruiou-
Hard and ism now at work in Westminster
would arouse no suspicions that he
was one of the Utah band.
He was flrst observed by the local
clergy some months ago on their par-
I ish rounds, when it was noticed that
ia stranger was making similar visits..
Grace Aylesworth tried her hardest   This man had a plausible story to telt
to play well to a poor boase at the J of a new gospel which be coramum-
theatre  last  night    but   the audience j catea- Uk women only.    A "new gospel
was difficult.    Miss Aylesworth Is an   story" is, of course part of the Mor-
Miss Aylesworth Worked
Well Before Poor Auditrice
Interesting  Sl'.etch.
actress  or  considerable  abi.ity    and   mon propaganda and tbe missionary
her reading of "Pat" in "The Chorus   'eaves behind bim    a   tract   entitled
recommendation that an engineer he I Lady" was a striking one. *?* ^Jfn ��* salvation.
' tl Is difficult to see why this play 'He literature does not express alT
is called a comedy. Tragedy seema Ijtat many understand by Mormonlsm.
to be tne underlying note of the whole | b�� only shadows it forth. Nothing te
piece tbe tragedy of innocent girls ' said about polygamy, the purpose ot
IlghtlV  ruined by  men more brutally   "��� ^J^.^^^'lL^'LX
Ottawa, Ont., March 25.���In response to the united demands of Dr.
Alfre.1 Thompson, member for Yukon,
and H. Clements, member for Comox-
Atlln, B. C, the government has decided to inaugurate a hlght lettergram or deferred message servlco
over all government-owned telegraph
lines in the Dominion. The charge
for flfty words will be the same as
the regular day rate for ten words
with a minimum charge of 25 cents
and a corresponding reduction for additional words. All connecting telegraph lines have agreed to Interchange messages with the government-owned lines at these rates to
all points in Canada and the United
States.   Tbe establishment of n night
rate service will be a great boon tn
tTlmmy knows the lacrosse situation I many outlying districts* more particu-
from A to Z and It Is a safe be�� that larly the Yukon, the day rate from
there will be a wailing and knashing- Ashcroft, B. C. to Dawson city and in-
of teeth among the D. L. U. officials tormcdi&te points being very high.
Edmonds. Mur.-h 25.���Tho local
police received word of a fatal accident which befell a teamster named
McLean, on the Biuffet. load, at two
o'clock this alternoon. McLean was
In the employ of the contractors engaged on the municipal waterworks
system. A steam roller frightened
his team, an.1 ln the mixup he is said
to have been crushed by the iron pipe
falling from the wagon. The body
waB taken to Vancouver late tbls
Picked Up Dummy.
A second exhaustive trial was given
the new car fender invented by a
Westminster man, last Saturday afternoon on the-Fourth avenue tracks.
While the fender had been in use on
the B. C. E. R. cars for several days
last week, the question of It belni;
able to pick tip nny person who might
happen to get in front of a moving
car had not been tried. A dummy
flgure .was used In the tilals, the special trip from the motorman's end
working to perfection, tho dummy being safely deposited in the net every
A crowd of about 200 persons were.
Interested spectators at the trials
The officials of'the company have the
matter In hsnd and, while they have
given out no statement an to usinit
the new fender thoy admit that the
one now in use on the cars stands
'for much improvement.
appointed to report an estimate as to
tbc cost. It is probable that Mr.
Walter Brlce. of Weatmlnster, will re-
ceive the post, ns he ls well acquainted with conditions, having been at
work on the scheme lfi the' interests
of the principal' property owners Involved.
At a meeting of thp water committee bids were considered for lion
pipe lor the present system. During the discussion It was alleged that
a leakaee of the price of the bidders
uad occurred. A Seattle Ilrm had
tendered on tho pipe two weeks ago,
but last week lt was decided to give
Evans. Colnmnn and Einns. of Vancouver, a chance to bid. Water En-
xlneer McDonald stated that as the
latter flrm knew the pilce nf the
American firm's bid he would rccor.:
mend that the latter be n .vaidi d thc
contra.ct, even though It was $300
The committee concurred. Councillors 'Mclioniil.l and Madill voting <d
tbe negaUve.
Unions of Bituminous Coal Fid Js Will
Adhere Rigidly to Original
Cleveland, Ohio, March 25.���Consideration by union officials of a possible compromise in tbe wage demands of the miners In the bituminous coal flelds of WeBtern Pennsylvania. Ohio, Indiana and Illinois resulted today tn a decision that wben
tho conference with the operators I"
resume:! tomorrow the miners wlll adhere to their original demand for �����
10 per cent, Increase and shorter
hours. John P. White, president of
thetlnlted Mine Workers of America,
after an all day conference with the
union executive board, decided that
lf there Is to be any compromise the
'Proposal must come from the operators. Already the ooerators sre on
record as heing willtrt? to mm nothing moro than an extension of the
I resent wcce agreement.
thoughtless almost than criminally dn-
scrupulous.   This sad. old theme "the
woman pays," Is given the setting ot
the chorus, of "behind    the   scenes.'
The dangers of stage life are made
apparent.    Certain  characters,  those
whom  Pat would call  "ninnies" like
her good little sister Nora, go wrong
easily,    it was all  right  for Pat, of
course.   "I'm different; I'm wise," she
says, and therein lies the whole of
one side of life, it appears.
The comedy Is supplied in the dressing room of the theatre, but tt is   a
bitter comedy, dust at the core like a
dead gea apple.   The po^r outlook of
the Slrugg'!!-Jg chorus girl tluf-M'  jn the chalr
pends on her face and her flgure for
a living ls a sa;l subject for jest unless tbe sordid background is kept om
of the picture altogether. And ty
this "comedy" it is uot. The pslnful
bickerings and Jealousies, the necessity of "working" rich men for their
money aro made too cruelly evident
to allow of a hearty lau:;h. No, tho
play certainly Is tragedy.
With tbe excsptlon of Miss Aylesworth tbe caste was not brilliant.
Several of the performers, however,
were goad enough to carry the, piay
along. Mlss Aylesworth herself as
Pat was distinctly good. Her powerful slang and confident attitu.'e towards tbe world made her a. robust
personage well able to look after herself, and the play too. And tbls sho
did. cairylng the whole burden on
her broad shoulders and strong voice.
bring people into Utah from outside
to raise up as large a population as
possible, and thus offset the Gentile,
who is gettiiii tbe political control.la
Interesting  Paper.
The regular meeting of the W. C. .
T. U. was held yesterday afternoon,
tbe meeting being a very successful
one. About thirty-five ladies wens
present and much Interest was shown.
in a paper road by Mrs. Maxwell on
"What the Women of Coiorailo Had
Done." Miss Slater also gave a recitation.    Mrs. Barnard, president, won
Captain Jimmy Gardner Says, Thank
You���Had a Royal Time.    ,
Dangerous Orange Peel.
A correspondent writes about the
dangerous practise of throwing manse
and other peels on the sidewalks. He
states that a day or two ago he had
the misfortune to step on suc'i a rlsK*
of peel and that it he bad had happened to b�� an old pr even a heavy
man he would have'been badly hurt
Happily he Is still active und of a
Ught snare figure tbat enable} him in
endure the mishap without actual injury. The correspondent was further
inspired to wrlto by seeing yeaterdav"
another man fall heavily owl"? ti the
same cause. Fruit-esters, therefor",
rlesae take notice and .d-> rot leave
peelings on the slJcwalk for othe"
men to slip ur<*."**������  fm
?���  ,'*^Wi
The following letter was received
yesterday morning by the secretary ot
the local club from tbe captain ot tho
Westminster Hockey team:
"My Dear Mr. Luce���"On behalf ol
tbe boys of the team, and the other
guests present at the banquet you so-
kindly tendered us on Friday evening, I wish to express my hearty appreciation to Mr. Kecr, Dr. Dohdrty,.
yourself, and the other gentlemen responsible for the good1 time yob gave?
us. We were discussing the function
on our way back to Vancouver, Saturday morning, and we aU were of the
opinion that never had we enjoyed
ourselves so much. This is no smaltt
praise, let me assure you, for tta��
members of the Westmlnstei- teann
have been feted' In all the big eltle-s
of the East at different times; sqomj
ot us have been banqueted as Stanley Cup champions on various occasions, but never were we more rtfr***
ly treatel than on Friday evening.
"I can assure you that we all fee*'
It a great honor and pleasure to represent you* city on one of the ploiwer-
hockey teams of the Paciflc >Coaut,.
and that we all look with a pleaauw
to bo here next year.
"Yours very truR;
"J. H. GAHnrNRR.
"P.  S.���Don't    forget thbse   renrt-"-
ants, and msny thunKe f6r th*��e handsome locSets. J. ir.:&.~' PAQRTWO
TUE66AV, MARCH 26,'1912.
ant for millinery work room. Miss
Davey'a Millinery Parlors, 204 Agnes
tor housework. Apply Mrs. F. C
Cook 725 Sceond Street.
WANTED���IN SAPPERTON District, house on full-sized lot; deed
to good North Vancouver property
offered as part payment. Give full
particulars in first letter. Don't reply unless you have something
cheap to - offer. Apply M. F., 1024
llarwood street, Vancouver.
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. R
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
H. P.
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.   Phone 600.
a full sized lot two blocks from
Twelfth street car line Price $75o.
V. B. Ennls, 8 Begbie street.
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Colum
bia invite competitive plans for the
general scheme and design for the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed plans for the buildings to be erected flrst at an estimated cost of $1,600,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition   and
'plan of site may be obtained on request from the undersigned.
,.,,. 1    The designs to be sent in by July 31,
4-R00M  HOUSE   ON   LOT   SS*t22, L^ addre8Bed t0
near Royal Oak station; $��50, terms  THE .MiNjSTER 0F EDUCATION,
|25 cash and $25 monthly. Parliament  Buildings.
Z~~   ,���   ro iki- I Victoria, British Columbia.
*-ROOM   HOUSE   ON  LOT   58x161,	
near Edmonds station; $300; terms [r. 	
$25 cash and $25 monthly.    Ready
lo move into today.
Burnaby Homes for Sale:
class; on Armstrong road, near
Xew   Westminster,   5    cent    fare
Applications will be received bv tha
undersigned up till noon on Saturday.
the 6th day of April, 11112, for the po-
J2500; $250 cash and $30 monthly. I sition of LIBRARIAN  at  the  Public
  I Library in this city.
T-IJOOM MODERN HOME, NEAR | Applicants must state qualifications
Westminster, $3000; $300 cash and salary required, and give good refer
|35 monthly; will exchange for Bur- 'ences.
naby acreage.
���Make   appointment over long   dls- city  Hall,
4ance telephone, Sey. 8365. Open 9
CO.. 1108 Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver, B. C.
City Clerk.
New  Westminster,  March
12, 1912.
The -Municipal Council of the Corporation of tlie City of New Westminster having by Resolution detei mined
and specified tbat it is desirable to
a]i Studio, 610 Columbia street, city,  carry out the folowing works, that is
to say:
(aj   To pave    Front    street    from
furnished.      224    Seventh  Eighth stieet to tlie northerly en.1 ol
(the  Schaake   Machine   Works   for   a
��������� vwidth  of 19  feet;   lay  water  mains,
TOH RENT���THE   RINK   PORTION gutters, instal electiic street lighting
ot the K. ot P. Building is for rent: 'system, and  any other work's contin-
Icaee   if   desired.      Reid, Curtis li.  gent thereto.
Dorgan, 106  Columbia Btreet,  Ne��|     lb)    To   conatruct     sanitary     and
\V estminster.
Coastwise Trade Should Be Free, Say
Members of Transportation
Messages urging the necessity o(
allowing Ameiican vessels engaged In
coastwise traffic to use the Panama
Canal, when completed, without the
payment of tolls, recently were sent
oy the transportation uuieau of tno
New Seattle Chamber of Commerce to
members of the House of Repiesenta-
tives' committees on Interstate and
oceanic commerce and to Washington's representatives and senators at
the national capital, says the Seattle
Times. The messages were sent oy
W. A. Meats, manager of the transportation bureau, following a meeting
of the members, who declared that the
subject of free tolls is one on which
rests the future of Pacific Coast shipping.
Members of the bureau and Mr.
Mears, its manager, take the standpoint that the advantages of the canal
alone for defensive purposes In time
of war justify its construction; that
free tolls are required to build up a
waning merchant marine, and tnat
to tax American ships engage! in
coastwise trade would be to Impose
upon the present generation the task
of paying tne entire cost of the great
Everyone remembers the necessity
of calling the Oregon from this coast
to Cuba at the outbreak of tlie Spanish-American war," says Mr. Mears,
"the sensational run she accomplished
through the Straits of Magellan, and
the feeling of relief that came over
every patriotic American when that
tremendous voyage was completed
and the Oregon arrived at her destia
Our  Eyes Opened.
"Had we been at war with any firs:.-
class power, our unprotected Paciflc
Coast would have been attacked and
our west coast cities destroyed before
I assistance could have been rendered.
This opened our eyes to the situation.
j I have no hesitancy in stating   that
' this largely influenced our action ln
j taking the great l,enterprise-'in hand.
Therefore, if my reasoning is correct,
the greatest  end  to be    obtained ln
building this canal was self-protection
���the    ability   to    defend    ourselves
from all quarters at the same time.
"What wus the next great end io be
obtained? Manifestly to stimulate and
greatly increase our  interstate   commerce by water;  to allow (he manufactures and producers of one section
of the country to freely, speedily anil
cheaply ship their products to another
section by water; to open a route by
wliich the cities bordering' on the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the.
Pacific coast, and even the cities   on
the    Mississippi,  Missouri    an*    Ohio
rivers  could   exchinge  tbelr    laufac-
tures and their products with .*.$ little
storm  uewers fiom Lot  1  to  Lot  15,
City Block seven  I")
I    And  that  thc  said works  shall  be | e*I>ense impossible
leaned   ou\   in   acocrdance     wuh   tbe
provisions of the "Local Improvement
General  By-law 100'j."
And the City Engineer and the City
LOST ��� A    DIAMOND    RING     BE
tween  Columbia  stieet  and  Clark
too ou McKenzie street, between i Assessor having leported to the Coun-
J:;t0 and .'1 p. in. Monday, March 18.; cil in acordance with the provisions
Reward given by returning same to ��f 'he said by-law upon the said
RflyaJ Pool Rooms. {works,   giving    statements,  showin
The End Sought
"These were the two great ends
sought. There were many ott.e ends,
such as the promotion of trade between the potts of the United States
and the ports on both sides of South
America, and. of more particular importance, perhaps, the opening up to
the amounts to be chargeable against I -Vew Vork and other Atlantic   Coast
the various poi tions of real propeity  Forts of a shorter loute to the ports
to   be   benefited   by   the   said   works
iand  other  particulars,  and   the  said
NOTICE is hereby given  that  the  reports of the said City Engineer and
trst meeting of the Court of Revision
mt lhe Assessment Roll of the City >f
Sew Westminster will be held in the
L'Uy llatl. New Westminster, on WeJ-
���eadajr, A] rll 24, 1912, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment mutt ie in writing, and delivered lo the Assessor at least ten daya
City   Assessor   having   been   adopted
by  the  Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
re; orts are open for inspection lo tho
office of the City Assessor, Citv Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against   the   proposed   work's   above
previous to the sitting of tho Court of  nientioned   signed   by  a  majority   of
Uevision. , the owners of the land or real prop-
Dated at New Westminster, B.  C,  erty to be assessed or charged in re-
this 12lh day of March, 1912. | spect of such works representing at
W. A.  DUNCAN,     | least one-half in value thereof ls pre-
Clty Clerk,  sented  to  the  Council  within  fifteen
  m I days from the date of the first pub-
__.._     ��� "  licatlon   of   this   notice,  the   Council
TfcNDERS FOR SEVENTH AVENUE! will   proceed   with   the   proposed   im-
SCHOOL. | provements   under   such   terms   and
j conditions as to payment of the cost
.Scaled  tenders, superscribed  "Ten-  0f such Improvements as the Council
der for .Seventh  Avenue School" und | mav   bv   By-law   In   that  behalf  regu-
���sddretesd to L. Avory    White, Esq., j lato and determine and a'so to make
SecraUry, New    Westminster School I the said assessment.
Hoard, wljl be received up to B p.m. |     Dated this twentieth dav of March
rd Monday, gth oi April, 1912, for the, a. jy 1912.
erection and completion   of   a three-1 \\'| A. DT'N'CAN.
uory school to be erected on Seventh j City clerk.
avenue, New Westminster. Date of first publication twenty-first
Separate   tenders   will   be   received   day of  March   A.  D.  1912.
'or .   . Concrete, brick and carpenter !
writ, etc., 2, Plumber and   Tinner r
Kiirk. ::,  Painter work,    4,    Blectrlc  CORPORATION  of BURNABY���EN-
Plant and specifications cun bo ob-1 	
tained   on   application   to    the   under- j To Clcarina Contrac'.ors.
Signed on receipt of a deposit of $1". 	
whicli will be refunded on the return : Tenders are Invited and will be roof plans. Each tender must be ac- celevd b.v the undersigned up till 5 u
tonpanled by nn accepted bank ��� m<i Thursday, 28th March, 1812,
duqee or certificate of deposit cn a Seventh Avenue South, Hartford
chartered bank in Cnnada, made pay- Road to Brltton road, approximately '.t
able to the Secretary of the New Wat-  chains.
minster Scliool Board, for a sum equal ' Boundary Road, Government fitreef
to five (!".) per cent of his tender, to Barnet Road, approximately 200
fhtch shall be forfeited If the party '<>hans.
tendering decline to enter into con-! Johnstone Road, D. I,. 137441 to
Hart when called upon to do so. The North Itoad, approximately 178 cliain3.
cheques or certificates of deposit ofj Northern Avenue, MacDonald Ave-
ansticccssful tenderers will bn re- nue to Queen's Avenue, approximately
turned lo them upon the signing of the -IT chains.
���rwrtract. '!    Rumble  Road,  Royal Oak  Road  to
Tlie lowest or any tender not neces.  Power House Road, approximately 57
fatily accepted. chains. |
GARDINER & MERCER, !     Second street, llth Avenue to B. C.
architects  to  the   School    Trustees.   E. Rly, Burnaby Lake, approximately
Kew Westminster, B. C.
49 chains.
Curtis Road, Cliff Avenue to D. L.
Ill, approximately 78 chains.
Specifications may be obtained at
the Engineer's Office, Municipal Hull,
Edmonds, B. C,   on   depositing $2.00
Board of Health Department.
Xutice ia hereby nivcn that the tags which wll be returned tn'all bona fide
in connection  with tbe Garbage Sys- tenderers.
lem are now  on  sale at  the Collec- enders will not be considered unless
IW��  office   in   the  City   Hall,    This submitted   on   official   forms   and
liTttetti will be put in operation on or companied   by  certified  cheque  for  5 .'should be $2 a ton?    How Can he"'aip
latent the 1st of April. per cent of amount of tender.                 vocate any charge"
S1.3. PEARCE. WILLIAM GRIFFITHS,        '    "Why should not New Vork be us
Sanitary   Inspector. Comptroller.      anxious as Boston, Philadelphia, lliltl-
of Australia. New Zealand, China.
Japan,'India, the Straits Settlements
and all other Oiiental countries. It ls
therefore aetonisiilng that writers'on
the Atlantic Coast snould support the
idea, as they have done, that the commerce of the various states of the
Union should be hampered by a canal
toll of $2 a ton, simply with the avowed purpose of preventing a diminution of the revenue of transcontinental railroads.
"The United States spends million.-,
of dollars annually Improving our
river and harbors. It is a thing that
should be dune. But what would the
citizens of any community say; what
would they do if the United Statea
should say: 'We will improve your
rivers and harbors, but thc people
who are most interested���those living
in the territory immediately affected
���must pay the bill?'
Some Deadly Parallels.
"What would New York say If all
the money spent by the government
in improving its channels to tbe open
sea should be repaid to the government by a direct charge on the tonnage passing through those channels?
Does anyone Imagine that if the government   entered  into  the   project of
developing the Mississippi river channel so that the commerce of Chicago,
.St. Louis and the Mississippi Valley
should float down that stream to the
lea, thai those cities and the contiguous territory should pay the' bill?
"What about tolls through the St.
Mary's Fulls Cun.'il, commonly known
86 the Soo Canal? The slate of Michigan built it. The government too!. It
over and enlarged It, e.xepending largi.
sums of money on It. In 1886 an act
was passed b.v congress abolishing all
tolls on government-owned canals and
thirty years after that date lhe government took this canal over from
the stale of Michigan and spent itl
money oil it.
"Why did the government pass that
legislation? What would a New Vork
shipper think about imposing tolls on
his traffic through it? What would
he, or anyone else In the United
States, have said should even the Idea
of taxing Interstate commerce by an
imposition of tolls been broached?
Tliere are no lolls charged on either
the Erie canal or the Welland canal
Why  the  Charge?
"Uow, then, can any man, us did
Roger W. Babson, in an article In the
New York Times, September 17, 1911,
entitled 'Tho Panama Canal's Effect
on Transcontinental Railroads,' advocate (hat the charge through the Bullae- , ama canal   for our coastwise    traffic
more, Savannah, Charleston, Mobile,
New Orleans or Galveston and the
cities of the Pacific Coast to prevent
auy trammels, any exactions, any tolls
to be placed on our interstate commerce?
���The one reason, and the only
reason that seems to be advanced Is
that unless a toll is Imposed perhapu
the transcontinental railroads miglit
be injured, lt is by belief thut tliat
possibility will work out as it has lu
Germany, where the government owns
bosh railroads and canals. There it is
fully understood that the canal routes
are meant for the transportation ot
sugar, salt, iron and commodities that,
do not require haste in their transportation, an;! are not 'seasonable
goods.' Rail tariffs, therefore, are
fixed with po idea of competing for
such traffic, tbe roads Increasing the
traffic on those commodies that must
be handled by the swifter Eervice.
Canal Is to Assist.
"lt is not tlie province of our government to protect the railroads Irom
the advantages to be derived by our
own people by the building of our own
canal, and thus to defeat one of the
prime objects of its construction. We
are constructing the canal to assist
our people in Intercommunication; let
no one say that It shall be so operated
���is to defeat that one of the aims for
which it is bebig constructed.
"Let us not, moreover, be In such a
hurry to lay the tax for all this on the
present generation. Let ua give ourselves a show���the very- tcoplo now
living, who conceived and warranted
the execution of this great task. It
makes no difference whether the canal pays its cost of operation or not.
We have constructed our naval defense in time of war. We shall no
longer be forced to senl our Dreadnoughts around Cape Horn In time ol
"This alone ls worth what it cost;
to operate the canal, whether we
charge anybody any toll or not. It is
certainly worth enough to U3 livin,
Americans, so that we may allow ourselves the privilege of utilizing in our
own ships and under our own flag, our
own property free of charge to the
Americans who use it."
a new evacuant pleasant to take, mild and painle
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National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited
An English Chemist Has
Discovered Hew to
Grow Hair
In England the ladies have entirely
abandoned wear.ng rats, which la
due entirely to this new discovery.
It has been proven that Henna
leaves contain tbe ingredients thut
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this lonjlookei-for a:tide Is
proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
the market a preparation conta'n'ng
the extract from Henna leaves, which
Is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparatlcn is called SALVIA j
and  is  being sold  with  a guarantee'
to cure Dandruff and to grow hair In'
abundance.    Being dalnt ly cerfumed,
SALVIA makes a moBt pleasant hair
dressing.    Ryall, your druggist. Is th?
first to Import this preparation into
New Westminster, and a large, ren-i -
ous bottle can be purchased for 50n.
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Board of Health Department.
The Hoard of Health Depaitment Is
about to start a campaign for the
cleaning up of all back yards and vacant lots in the city, and the hearty
co-operation of the citizens in general
Is asked in this regard.
A clean city Is one of the best ads.
we can  have, and we feel sure that
the citizens appreciate this to the fullest extent.      The binning up    of all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning nway
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8.  .  PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
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The Man Whe Saves "Vou Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1912.
-:   HOiat
How to Complete
Municipal System
tempt to imitate the institutions ot
the Mother Country has been considered derogatory to our spirit of independence with the result that we luve
turned our eyes more in the dii ection
of the Influential country to the soutn
of the International Boundary lather
than to the country of the mother of
parliaments. Such a conception, wo
are happy to think, is almost a thing
,1 of the past.   Our broader views which
To those who are   conversant with , C. C. after his name, and Is ftgarded j SuiTuS"fc'2?jSj^KwSS
local toveinment In Its most approved   as an honor to be eagerly sought for
that   county
Pi evince or in
form. It Is obvious that there is some-   and to be almost equally esteemed as
thing  wanting to complete our pres- J being a member Of parliament, foment  Bystem.    While our  various city i ing to Canada,  we  und
and  urban  councils are energetically I councils exist in the
carrying out that phase of the work j tarlo. 'these are of a E-omewhat difte:-
which fulls within tlieir sphere or Jur-'
isdictlon, It becomes necessary to inquire whether we possess; at present,
all  tha necessary machinery for glv-    , ^��� ���.�� ~Ya,p**i* uye��u"����  ' uei couver
ing full value and effect to tbeir op-. reevgs pr mayors an.l dsputy reeves'
us to adopt such institutions
most fittingly meet the needs of t.io
country we are privileged to ca:l oar
���   We, therefore,  without any hesitu
        tlon A��*tre to place ourselves on lee
ent nature to those In Great Britain. I ��!���.���a,LfavoJing at tlie present    tin
I . ���    ������    ,,.,,.,      tll    kjimcll     iiiiiiiiii     ' OVC.lt Inn r  ~~v        iu.i^
especially in the matter otrjprtaenta-1,'..7"? ,, ?L? coatfty council system
having jurisdiction
eratlons. ���" "   ''
Naturally, the operations of a city
or district council are conflne.l to a
given   area.     There are, however, a 1 ***v
large number of phases of their work   and
which Involve negotiations with neighboring municipalities.    We may take,
for Instance such questions as sewer-
' age and water arrangements.    These,
in   many instances, involve   co-operation    between two governing   bodies.
Quite recently, we    have had an instance of an attempt on the part of
Vancouver city  and  the surrounding
municipal    districts,  to  comblnle    to
gether ln  arrangin
chise to
tlon.   In Ontario, many aiijoiiiing mu- j IV^ ",^J"nB,ulc"on over tho wh"'e of
nlcipalitles are couplet together. Ti.e I e���?,ve?-   **Ul��� "��w kou5*e'd by Van-
on  the west r.ad  \c./
a  uniform  fran-
ahd deputy' mayors form the counc
itself. 'the piesident is known a.
the "Warden." The council jessesso:
the power of making an assessment
of levying taxation over ti-e whole
of its teriiio'-". Tliey are also authorized j open, or to alter loads, to !
close ronds, 'o clear away trees fiom
the neighborhood of roadways and to
bequire each municipality to open up
necessary roads contributory to those
of an lnterraunicipal nature. In consideration of the taxation, they aro
empowered to levy, they have lal 1 upon them the buraen or providing
school houses, couit houses, jail, etc.
blaster on the eatt
Such   a   un?fn!L?'  f,eCtrlc  Rallw*y. j We may say of this ejstem as we savour   a   uniformity is very essential.   ��f the British s
but the probability of carrying It ont,
by entirely voluntary methods Is open
to doubt. Then there is the question,
a most important one��� of lntermunici-
pal roads. At tbo present time in
passing along our highways from city
to city, several municipal districts
need to be traversed. Each one of
there has its own particular system of
constructing roads. The result Is that
for a stretch of four or flve miles, the
roads may be good while in tho succeeding part of the journey, they may
be bad. Every main highway Is a connecting' link between the city districts
and "��� ""
ystem that lt goes fur-
than what is contemplated for
British Columbia. We do not think
that, at the piesent stage, our county
councils should be vested with the
power of assessment and taxation, lt
would appear to be quite feasible for
the expenses of a British Columbian
county council to be met by a revenue
derived fiom the three following
1. By a government grant made direct to the council instead of the numerous grants now obtained
members of constituencies
building    and  maintenance
y    and   February    Exertional
Months���83,000 Tons float:��J in
River Clycls.
by   tbe
tor the
of roa.il-
ii,ir.i:ii,i,-.; ..vtmuoa between the W��-VB- Thls "'ould obviate the neces-
producer and the market in which ho I sfty of members of the Legislature
places his goods. Under our present I anxiously straining to obtain the ui-
system each municipal authority Is re- J termost farthing for tie use of mil-
spousible only for tbat portion of the "'^ councils, thereby reJievin.
highway   that   <����*  "���'"���'-   ""'~ ���������"--	
���.. .����� the
members  themselves   of an   unpleasant duty and of placing ihe municipal
bodies in a more digiuiied   and Independent position.
"    By  a  per   capita    contribution
each city or district mu
comprised     within     th,>
from    the
falls  within  their  municipal boundary and the cities served
by such toad ways  are uot privileged
to contribute in Any way to the maintenance o;' these means of communl-1
cation.    Tben again as to the nature
of tho highway, it ought to be possible
for a competent body, having extended  Jurisdiction   to   maintain    such   a
staff of engineers and  road foremen
as wo ild  insure the whole course of ,
our IntermuniCIpal  roads  being kept
in a good state of repair.    In a siml- j
lar way, it is highly essential that municipalities should  be linked together J
ln ijiit.di.ons ol' water service, police ,
service,    lighting    system   and   other '
matters.    There ls only one piece of
machinery  that can  fulfill   the   functions herein indicated, and  that is a
county council.
lt is a matter of urgent necessity
tbat the electorate should give careful consldfrratlon to the efforts whicU
are being made to establish county
councils on the peninsular occupied
by the cities of New Westminster and
Vancouver and the municipal districts of Point Grey, South Vancouver an 1 Barnaby, in recommendln i
tho Institution of such councils, wo
are aware th-it the majurity of districts comprised within our vast province aie not rite lor the praclical application of the movement we are advocating. The most urgent cull, however, csists at tho present time on
thl3 1 eninsular, and the opportunity
should be taken for securing fom th->
legislature the passage 01 such an
act -s would enabiu the establishment
of countv councils where, in the opinion or ' the lleutenant-govern-ir lo
council, such a holy Is callei for.
Now a fe* ���*.tMtO what VO near 1)erfecticn ng mie rou,,,
meiw  by  the term    county   council.     1        . j   b(J  remembered
Most of us are aware that such bod len     ^      j h Btt3,ned  lg
exist    In the Old Country, and    that   ���t- ��*��� gos �� f experlence
they possess far-reaching rowers    To   O* Kt|MlyTprpddc   of evolution.
Glasgow, March 25.���The Clyde
shipyaids continue busy, and were il
not lor the industrial troubles and
working coniltluns prospects for the
year would have been exceptionally
The tonnage launched on thn river
during the two months Just closed���
over 83,000 tons���was considerably
larger than that of January and Feh.
ruary of last year. It 13 Indeed th?
largest on record. It is approached
only by the output for the first two
months of 1007. wben vessels of <��.-
409 tons were floated.
After these figures those of 1901���
73,020 tons��� were the highest, while
among otlw years from 50.000 to 60.-
000 tons for the two months might be
taken as a fair average, so that this
year there is a gain of over 20,000
The number of contracts reporte.l
during February was not large, hir.
the tonnage on hand in the yat :1s If
much higher than that of norma'
times. ?nd there Is no indication Of
anv slackening in
And no Coubt
you are quite concerned about the proper wearing
     he demand for ne .
.   ..���,,    , .     ,/���    Tr"."-'"."""" I shins, or of any falling off in thp em-
!m��i&   S ,1   yi        m     ' ','!:'    P'oymeni   for vessels to all parts of
nicipality     comprised      within      th,>,   .     u.ftPi,i
countv worm.
"  ^,; .        ,     . ,,    , It 1.^ true, no doubt, as shipbii!ld*"=
3.    By an adequate tax payable b.v , thciugeh...g   Btate    that   manv  of  thp
lh1' dhUJc. C aU,O1U0Mie fflUUj1I.vards are stl'l working of contract,
rv, 1* .ti". i k. 1 ��� 11 ,. ��� 1 ' booked fit tinremuneratlve prices, but
> oni what has been said, it is ��ri-   with   industrial   peace   this  phase   of
dent that a properly constituted cou.i-1 ,.     .,  _ ���,,��� ���������    ������,���,.'
iy council  having   defined   statqtary | **�� Slta&tton will pass away.
powers and composed of the leading '
public   men    of  the    entile    distiict 	
would  be 11  body competent to cam .     -     . -  .- &* -i-i'
oui   large   undertakings; to  negotiate | 1hft    GBt the Habit of BrwkinB With-
terms  with  railway,  telephone,  liglit- '
ing and  other  companies;  to   sec 111;
the  best con.litions    and
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ligbtB and pcivilegea; to make ktuiwu
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tho advantages of an entire sitci.n 01
��� .1 ii.... Mi iiiii.i.. 1 iai or ..mi. umi
purposes, and to efTect Joint sewerage
tcaemss and uniformity of by-laws.
In a word it would constitute the top
aione oi our cniiie munlripal system.
A ,Utle thought combined with a moi-
oagh knowledge of our geographical
losltion, would, wo feel sure, convert
the most sceptic.il into the moit ai-
dent supporter of the project. U'e
aie not admitting by any means thai
our piesent municipal system is. no<
open to gieat improvement. InJeed,
in British Columbia, we are only In
ihe infancy of our evpeilence in mat-
teis of local government. We have
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Ue part (10 acres) of lot 38, Group ..
I, formerly ln Yale Division of Yaiel
District, in the Distiict of New West-)
minster. ;
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title No. 10955F. issued in
the name of Francis \V. Fcrd, has
been filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the dale of the first publication hereof, ln a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a ,
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Title:
Land Registry office.  New  Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
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TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1912.
���j: a
The ---Daily News
roftllshed By Tbe Dally Newa Publlsh-
���*mg Oon��pa*Ki.J^��ited, at their offices,
of McKenzie and Victoria
TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1912.
We prJirt.,in'Al8 morning's issue a
wcry interesting and well thought out
���contribution from Mr. B. G. Walker,
police mafem^6 0l" Burnaby, in
which h^AftftWftmenids that our pres-
-��u 8jistem..oL��itJv.and rouniclpai.fiPy-.
��rnment should be further developed
.fey the creation of a coumy council.
He draws hW"' illustrations and ' examples from''feystems in vogue in Ontario arid 'England and makes it clear
ihai the ilfle has come when somo
more cothprih&isive authority than
ihe present municipal and city councils is needed to cope with large district affairs. '"���'���
The histbi^1 of the past few years.
ahe condition^ prevailing at the present time k'ria'the questions now vexing the corporations of the Lower
Mainland all point to the institution
of some central body that can speak
with equal'volte for all, for Burnaby
and South Whcbuver, for Westminster
and Vancouver. The question of inter-
jnuniclpal roads, trunk roads, is ever
.before us. two municipalities may
be ready Jo .{pp. ovo a through road; I ^cidat
..       i'-L.'.a;.��j  i,u    iha    nlchwnv   reauaeu
'charges"   without   supporting _such
with particulars of time and placfe.
This startling incident resulted
from a tew remarks made by me at
the close of the meeting ot the Central Ratepayers1. Association. 1 reminded the members that their work
of co-operation with the governing
bodies' should extend to and include
matters     ln     connection   with     the
schools. For Instance, I had received
information from two or three persons, whose names I had not the permission to use, thut the spirit of patriotism to the British flag was not i
sufflcently inculcated ln our schools.
I did not say our Burnaby schools in
particular and I suggested tnat the
delegates present who had children
attending the schools should endeavor
to ascertain whether it was a fact
that the march tunes were American,
and further to ascertain whether
there was';fthy truth in a statement
that had. hMMBMla to me that school
children..;we_rfl_.eJspeeted, in. .the-course
of their exercises, to salute the American flag as well as the British emblem. If, upon inquiry, they met with
any confirmation of these assertions.
It would prove useful if they would,
at a subsequent meeting, bring forward any evidence bearing upon the
matter so that the members of the
school board might have the data
placed before them. I distinctly said
land this can be borne out by any
delegate that was present), tbat 1
made no charges but sought information of particular Interest to every
British parent and that I cdnsidered
that, as such statements had reached
me, wo ought to be placed in a position from our personal investigation
of giving a flat denial to the insinuation. With this end in view 1 besought the co-operation of every
member of the association.
This, then, is the molehill, the
World must be responsible for the
mountain. 1 have no excuse or apology to offer for having sought for the
elucidation of complaints that had
me.     I  certainly cannot as-
Um mud traversed by   the   Highway
may not 'lifts way clear to ao the I sun... :;,<.<   n,, ���l.,y  , ���   in,  ,���������
same and the' work is checaed. Al-
reauy joint waterworks, joint sewerage scuemes are on foot, but the ina-
4Cbinery for handling these affairs, of
great magnitude and immense import
ance as they are, is woefully inadequate. TWo other most important inter-municipal  questions    immediately
will occur to,everybody's mind. Tne
first, is that of franchises, and the B.
C E. ii. ttytnifhlse in particular; tbe
second the dredging   of   the    North
The people of this   peninsula    are
sorely feeluig--the ueed of some body-
capable   of dealiug   comprehensively
with al! these questions.   They are already conscious of liaving out-grown
their   present   institutions   and   are I
casting vaguely about for a way out
of their diffic.uH.v.   Premier McBride's
approaibhjfejourney .to London in the
matter of tM B. C. E.  R. franchise
is a confession   of   this   need.   i.Mr.
Walker  comes, forward   with  a  concrete prOposltibh that has the   great
advantage of not being purely experimental, but of having been tried out
in Eastern Canada and in that bome
of   successful "political    institutions,
Oreat BritBKM.I'-'1 ��.'
Tnere  are  many   questions  arising
out of  this  proposal to  constitute  a
counts '.JPV'&IV    Chief   among  these
arc  the  qualifications    and    appointments wrUsrtftTOmbers; its exact juris-
<lictioaj(jita-.Woney-ralsing and money-
spending powers.    All these must ba
carefully   considered.     To   attain   a
ihoroughly efliclent county council it
tSM, ftft riqpffisarv before hand to re-
ilsc somewhat the constitution of our
prestht -city "and  municipal councils,
>'or the moment it may be sufficient
Xo say- |liaft; ft seems that it will    be
.advisable;jfr define- tne powers of the
���county ..fcoanciii exactly, and to leave
*he vague undetiue.i territory of  un-
���'fcuowi: questions in the jurisuieiion of.
the !���< al councils.   This is a reversal
��f the principle adopted in the Fed-
������eial  cnnstttlniou  according  to whicli
it is the powers of lhe provincial parliaments .which aro exactly    defined.
'Hut the cases are not the same.    Experience  teaches   that   local   government,   decentralization,   is to   be encouraged wherever it does not inter-
Tere with the harmony and efficiency
of the. w4aole.,^A county council would
���onsure t��s hirraony.   In addition   it
���would Strengthen    and   enlarge    the
���powers for common action of the local
'"-.-onncils it. would represent.
structions of the press. Judging
however, from Ihe fact that at a mass
meeting of Burnaby school children
beld on the day of the Sacring of His
Majesty King George the Fifth, at
which I was present, several children
conspicuously waved L'nited States
flags. I felt justified in asking
whether delegates could throw any
light upon the position t.iken by the
scliool authorities in this respect.
So far a3 my position Is concerned
I claim to be one of the builders of
the prosperity of our municipality
and every department of local government has received and will continue
to receive my unstinted support. In my
opinion, the efforts of the Ratepayers'
Association should be in a positive direction and not a negative one. It
should support whatever ls for our
good as a community without hamper
ing or heckling the local authority
At the same time, it is equally true
that if there are impediments to our
patriotic or communal interests they
should be removed.
Still, I must add. however, that the
wisdom of communicating to the public and to oilr boys and girls beforehand th<5 determination-,��!.fcije writers
to demand an apology is open to h
very grave question.
1 am, Sir, your ohefllent servant
ment, take the opponents of the Government in the country at a great disadvantage, and so wrest, if possible,
fraudulently and by violence, as it
were, another lease of absolute power
from the people.
We Invite your atention to the fact
that the Government, having put no
true issue before you In this election,
and having grossly abused its almoBt
absolute power as above recited, and
in other ways, such as Its prodigal
alienation of the public lands ami otner great natural resources, having forfeited your confidence, it becomes
your serious duty and interest to fix
the Issue yourselves, and to take advantage of this unjustifiable and ill-
conceived and devised general election to protect your own and the
country's interests for the future by j
insuring at the least that an effective
Opposition shnll be returned to the
legislature which you are now about
to elect, as some curb and chftcfc, upon unlimited) pretentions and encroachments hy the Government. Wo
enjoin you that it Is at your peril, al
the peril of the country, that you fail
to do so.
We also present for your consideration, as the platform upon which the
Liberal candidates stand ia this election, the comprehensive and progressive political program adopted by the
Provincial Liberal Convention recently held at Vancouver, and including
such essential features as: Free public lands for settlers���no more public
lands for speculators, advances to
settlers on easy terms to assist in
clearing, dyking, etc.; a progressive
and well balanced railway pollcyV-in-
cluding immediate construction fl ,-i
railway to Peace River; conserving,
surveying and selling only by public
competition to actual users such timber lands as have not been alienated
to speculators by the present Government; public protection In respect to
the price charged for coal, by government operation of coal mines so as
to regulate prices; needed practical
reforms in our educational and taxation systems; redistribution and fair
voters' lists, and woman suffrage:
workmen's compensation without litigation, a Provincial department of labor, and a system of industrial insurance; exclusion of Orientals and strict
sanitary regulation of tho3e In the
country; extension of municipal powers; public ownership of utilities; lo-
oal control of the liquor traffic, anl
the placing of a local optio:i law on
the statute books, thus enabling anv
municipality that might desire to take
a vote of its ratepayers on the question; uuuuiug oi tne public accounts
by an auditor independent ot the Government; immediate steps to restore
tlie Ashing industry to white nsner-
men; adoption of tne 'ionens system
ot registration, etc.
The Government's attitude toward
these retorms has been uippantiy and
contemptuously epltomizeu by Fre-
ni.ei- incHriae as "a joae," by Attorney General Bowser as "a crazy
mult patchwork."
As the Liberal candidate in this
city, 1 ask your suffrages in this election, not as a .favor to me personally,
but on the grounds above lecited. i
asic you to carefully consider and
weigh those giounas: On tne one
hand, the criilcisms of the Government and tne reasons advanced wliy
at least an enective Opposition should
be returned to the house as a check
und curb upon tbe Government; on
tne other bund, the well considered
planks Of the Liberal platform, which
a responsible party���one of the two
great political parties of the country
���has made itself responsible for, and
upon your attitude toward and action
upon which, In this election, your sincerity as electors, as citizens, as pto-
lessed advocates ef these reforms,
will be Judged, by the political parties
aud by the people.
It will be hardly necessary for mo
to add that I am politically opposed to
the present Government, and I think
I have given sufficient reasons tor
that position. At the same time, I
entertain no perEonal animus to��vard
any of Its members, and am. us is
known, a personal friend of Premier
McBride. Should 1, if elected, flnd
myself, as is probable, a member of
an Opposition party, 1 would deem It
my duty, consistently with that position, to give the Government credit
and independent support for all measures and acts in the Interests of this
constituency aud the public Interests.
Having well weighed the reasons
and arguments which have been pui
before you, through the public press,
by means of public meetings, and in
other wayB, I ask you to exerclso
your franchise Intelligently and conscientiously as you shall julge to ie
in the true and lasting interests of the
country���not to lay lt away 1u a.napkin, but exercise it on one side or the
other, as the great privilege and prerogative, the supreme act of sovereignty, of a free man and one of the
potential real rulers of the country.
Yours truly,
City Property
Lot Just oft   Second   street, $500, $100 cash, balance $15 per month.
Lot on Sixth avenue, $1150, third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Lot on Dublin street close to Twelfth Btreet, looking south;   all
cleared, $1200, $350 cash, balance 6> 12 and 18 months.
Lot on London street near Twelfth  street,  $1100,  one-third  pash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Two lots-on Eighth avenue near Tenth    street, $2300, $400    cash
will handle the two.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phone 1004.
From $325 to $475 Each.   Very
Easy Terms of Payment.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway  Depot.
Phone 1105.
Lumber.   Mouldings.   Laths    and    Shingles
PHONE   904.
Never   put   off until   tomorrow   what you should investigate  today.   This  applies   particularly to  real
estate propositions���W. J. KERR.
The Real Rulers
* Correspondence *
(The Dully News is not responsible
for the opidldns expi eased by Its correspondents.)
of thc   2
Hli  Inst.
Sir ��� Your it-sue
tuniunicd-u-letter Blgned hy our ta-
spected chairman ot hcIiooi trustees,
Ali. T. VV. .Miiyi.c, und two of t.ie principals of tho Buinaby schools. it
complained o:' an article which appeared in the World, it appears, on
Marcli 18th with tne alarming title
���"Forced to^lute Stars und btripes."
:1 have not seen tlio paragraph in
���qneatJon, us I do not Include the Vancouver World in lhe list oi papers io
Which I subscribe.
Fiom the Juhstance of your coires-
jjondent's conimunicauon, 1 am able
to gather something of the nature as
well as the -spirit of what was contained in the article objected to. May
I. with the deepest respect, point out
to your correspondents that the usual
course for lodging a complaint against
juiy particular individual for what
appears in the public press, is to forward him a copy of the matter objected to, and, llrst of all, ascertain
whether it is a correct account of
���what he said. Had this course been
jiursucd in the present Instance, the
���chairman and his colleagues would
liave been provided with an up-to-date
illustration of the mountain and tlu
It Is cerdalnly not a compliment
either to my sagacity or to my judicial qualification to suppose that 1 attended tt  public  meeting and   made
To the Electors of New Westminste:
City Electoral uistiict:
Gentlemen���Unuei-  our  system   ot
'responsible,    representative     government,   bequeathed    to  us    afur  centuries of struggle and bloodshed, the
people in theo.y are the it��i ruler.
auu may be, in tact, if tuey will uku
liti uoubie   to iiitei.igeutiy and   con- !
buieniiou.ty   e.veroise    tnur   deany-
bought franchise at the ballot box.
Once more, you are called upon, on
Thursday- next, the 28th of Murcn, to
perform your one supreme act of sovereignty in the government of the
country���tne se.ection pi those men
who thereafter, until the next app.-r.l
to the peopie, will have your destinies, in a very important sense���the
destinies of the province, legislatively
and administratively���completely under their control.
The Government of today���the Provincial Government at Victoria���
known popularly from lis two uoinin-
ant members as the McBrlde-Bowser
Government, has brought tnis election
upon you, dissolved the House in the
middle of a legislative teim and appealed to Ihe people, as the Government declares, to obtain the verdict
of the electors on the recently enacted, signed, sealed und (irmly contracted railway policy ot the Governineii!.
We, tho Liberal party Of the pio\-
lnce, challenge tiii�� as a false, spurious, entirely non-esisient issue, Bince
tho Government through its aneoiute
contmi ui rue Legislature, heoJiessly
conferred upon it by the people at the
general election ot a Utile "over two
yeais u^,o, first look ihe precaution oi
executing all the contracts embodied
in the six railway bills constituting
the railway policy, anl forcing thase
In a few days titrough all tue stages
in the House to enactment m laws oi
lhe lund, thus insuiing that these railway measures must be carried oui
whether the people approve or not.
Finding that the Issue put forward
by the Government as the excuse foi
precipitating the present unnecessary,
undesirable and expensive general
election, is not and cannot be an issue, and also that there are many
positive and vital reasons���such as
the deferring of over-due redistribution and much needed revision of tho
voters' lists���why'a general election
should not have been sprung at this
time, we are forced to the conclusion
that the very reasons why the election should not have been brought ou
are among lhe real reasons why the
Government determined to precipitate
tho election���other apparent reasons
being to foreshorten the lute session, I
and thus choke off discussion and j
criticism of the railway policy and
other Government acts, forestall, perhaps, Impending developments anl
disclosures prejudicial to the Govern-
Just What You Want
One thousand cash will' take
this  new    seven-roomed    modern   house,   wjth cement    basement     floor,    cement    launAry
tans,   etc.,   piped   Tor   furnace.
Fino  view   of   Vorth   Arm   aad
Delta.   This house *t&nds ,��h'a
large  lot   and   has   the   advantage   of    two     streets.     Price
$4��00;    $1000     cash,     balance
Must Sell This Week.
Seven-roomed mo .lei h house;
full sized cement block basement cement floor, etc.; rents
for $25 per month; lot fi(TxlH2
feet, facing on Fourth avenue
and on A ;i,1-fcot street at
rear. This is near Third street.
Adjoining lot alone held' at
$3500. Price only $4000; terms
$2000 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
"Sometime" won't do at all
Owner Easily Satisfied.
This five-room modern house
stands on a lot 50x140 feet,
running back to a lane. Tho
house is niceiy built; has a
fine open fireplace, panelled
strips and plate rack. Owner
will take $2100 and Is satisfied
with one-fourth cash and the
balance over two years.
Rents  For $25.
Here is a house that routs
for $25 a month. It is a six-
roomed house, fully modern,
with basement, etc. IMro Is
$2(iO(); with a quarter of the
payment now and the balance
by   1U14.
Below Market.
Fine six-roomed house, thoroughly modern. Rents for $25
ler month. Sliuatc.l in the
heart of the city on corner lot.
I'i Ice $2625; terms 1800 cash,
balance over  two   years.
Investigate-then Invest    j
Residential    District.
Fine      cheery       fiv". roomed
house,, newly built' an 1 thor-
oughly modern; bath rnd toilet!
separate; furnace, cement base!
ment. cement walks, etc.;  nice
lawn;   lot  all   fenced;   iltuated
on Second street, between Fifth
und    sixth avehu.es;  close    it
school,   etc.      Price    for   shor
time    only, 12900;  terms $100'
cash,  balance  over  two  yean
Take   a   walk   today and'liav<
a look at this place, 523 Secon-
Make Up Your Mind
You who have -been reiiina rr y ads for the past four weeks���you
know that some of these houses and lots have applied very strongly to
you. You have 'liked it over with the wife and said "I think I will go
in and see K*rr about this." But you don't come; you put It off anH
the loss is yours.   Now listen:
It may be that you don't know my business methods; you may have
an idea that the minute you step Into my office and talk to me about a
house or lot, I will be c��inj after; you strong and try to sell you something. You may think I won't give you a minute's peace until you havo
bought. Well, now, just forget that. It is wrong. You come if here
and tell me you would like to s:e this house at $4000, and I will show
it to you; take you there in my automobile; tell you all about It.
But if you don't want it���if it is too big or too small, or doesn't
suit you for some reason, there t* an end to it. I am satisfied if you
are satisfied. I know It is a cood buy for somebody, and I'd sooner
make a friend by not sclli:-^ him something than annoy a client by insisting to ckse a deal with him.
Nov;���this Is personal to you���I want you to come In an:! till me In
what piece of property you are interested. Don't keep away thinking
that tomorrow will do. Tomorrow is a money losing proposition when
Westminster real estate is concerned. Come Tn rh'ht away; in five minutes you will know whether you want that property or not, an:! that wlll
be the end of the business.    Doesn't this coun:! fair?
Just Built.
New six-roomed modern house
near Second street and Fifth
avenue; full sized cement basement, cement floor, furnace, otc.
panelled dining room and den;
line large hall with winding
stairway; large lot 52x12(1 feet,
to lane. Price $4000; terms
$12(iu cash, balance C, 12, IS
and 21 months.
For a Few Days.
Fine large lot on north side
of Nanaimo Btreet, between Sixteenth and Eighteenth streets,
hair a block to U. C. B. it. cutoff; fine view of north arm of
Fraser river, Lulu Island, etc.
For a few day-H only this bur-
gain can be got for $1150, one-
third cash, balance in six,
twelve   and   eighteen   months.
On Easy Terms.
Here Is a nice lot for building a cozy home; 132xl48'4
feet, on Hamilton street, near
Fourteenth street. Th�� price
of this In only $2400 and teims
-.. j   1-6. .
; For a. beautiful home location this lot on.Princess near
Second, will take some beating.
It's only half a block from tha
new school and close to car.
Price is $840; only a quarter
cash.' '
Take This, It's Good.
Faces south on London street
near Fourteenth. Dandy view.
$850 and terms are easy.    -
If It's here It's good
Here's a Good One.
' Lot on Seventh avenue, between Fourteenth and Sixteenth streets, facing south;
magnificent view; -sice 38x
148% feet; partly cleared.
Price $760. Terms ' over two
Everything Right.
You can't do better than take
these two lots at $425 each.
Terms are easy; one-third cash.
The location is light uuu Uev/
just   dandy.
Ottawa Street���$850.
Lot on Ottawa street near
Eighteenth street; cleared; size
60x132 lo lane. Price $C50.
TermB: One-third cash, balance
In 6, 12 and 18 months.
Come in anyway, talk it over
In the West End.
Lot cn north side of Hamilton
street; partly cleared; magnl-
flclent view of Fraser river, etc.
Price $1)45; terms one-third
cash and the balance In C, 12
and 18 months.
Cleared and Good.
Between Sixteenth and Eighteenth street, partly cleared.
$825,  with  good  terms.
Very Easy Terma.
Fine cleared lot on Fifth
street between Fifth and Sixth-
avenues; sizp 33x140.5 feet.
Prce $1400; terms very easy.
mnnn Phones 1090-1091 ���*mm*mmti*.*m<*ay^m,,*Wi -m .j,^^,^ ���+.
TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1912.
Great    Britain    Maintains    Position-
Steady Progress Wade With Dom-
inions' Naval Units.
A general   survey of warship   construction at home and abroad duiing
Baseball Pans Will Arrange Plans for
Season  Next Week.
Drastic changes in the manner in
which amateur baseball wiil be earned on ln this city are propound aa
a tesult of the Informal meeting of a
numoer of fans at the V. M. (J. A. last
nignt.   One proposal which met with,, ,
senerai furor-waa that the standard   ] 1)U *h0W8 thit althou&h <������t   Brlt-
'am has not Improved us position relatively to the uejt strongest powers
lt ls very far at present nom navlng
been overtaken ln any department oi
material naval stiength, gays the London Times.
The faiitfst and simplest criterion
if naval power in its material aspect
at any given date ls to be found in
armoured displacement, and this has
always been used in these articles for
purposes of comparison with foreign
The effective armoured displacement of the thiee strongest powei s at
the end of lyio and the close of last
year was:
'   1910. 1911.
Great   Britain    1,219,035   l,3ut>,885
United States    599,00u      636,3*1
Germany     ....    426.139      613,639
Since the war in the Far East, after
which the navy of the United States
of amateurism  wouid  be strictly ad'
hered to and that there would be no
Sun .lay games..,. .
|      As  lar as tlfe  city  league  is con-
ij cejued, * there"haT�� been no Sunday
%fflfi&i!?T4te��R9ftk>ut it i&jW. secret
hat players fiom the different teama
�����*��*$ <JOuffiey#d-��:Hf*W6tne "tfH Suma-i
��� and taken part in diamond exercise j
! on the SfUjbath."   No mcfre of this in
'      A meeting will be held In the Y. M.
C. A. next .Monday at 7:30 p.m., when
��� a new constitution   will    be drafted,
��� and officers elected.   No names wero
suggested yesterday erening, but it
was the general opinion that some
of the executive of 1911, who have
been mere flgureheads, would not
again be elected to office.
The Balmorals will again he in the
league; the Alerts will also come out
once more, though probably under an
$i52��Suits satisfy
Itch!   Itehj   Itch!
What long nerve-racking days of | D. D. D. has been known for years
constant tprtijre���what sleepless "s the. only absolutely reliable eczema
nights of terrible, agony���itch���Itch��� I remeiY> ^J..'t', washes a*��y.,tbe Quitch,  constant  itch,   until It  seemed icase sermi and leayfes the skill as
other ���.���;.   Tte. I.. ho..v���, ��,���.  giff.K^'SSHS!"^ !��"?*
<)uestlon as   to whether    the    Mapie
Leafs will be revived.
Basketball Champions.
Storme's team won the intermediate
basketball championship at the Y. M.
V. A* last night in the best and most
closely contested game in the series.
Extra time had to be pldye.I before
the winners got hold of the long end
of a 13-11 score from Pentland's team.
The following were the teams:
Storme's team, Staton, Sangster,
Kogers, Lewis and Storme. Pentland's
luum, Pentland, Kelly, McLean, McAllister and Oxenbury.
��� ���
*> BOWLING. ���
*,-* *
The Rubes captured three straiflit
from tne Angels in the House Leaguo
last night, 'tommy Williams, who tian
passed iulo   tne pro.' tanks,   pullod
' uown both high single and hi^li aver-
' afaf.    'the score:
*a Angels.
12       3     Ttl.
J.  C. Chamberlin.. N7    129   178���481
P.  Roy    146    162    1*9���M
a. li. ChaJibeilin. .116    160    170���440
A. .N.  Other  ...... 12*   HU)    122���370
563    581 501) 1763
12 3     Ttl.
I    i* 144    1.8 140���471
Ajerst    124    130 122���376
���Williams   155    161 224���543
5 .tt iliette 188    164 168���520
^ .... Oil* 636 PCS Wio
T; Toul��1it the Wanderer* and piukel-
i,m\ oilers meet.
British preponderance over the two
next strongest powers had been a declining one. From the end of 1006
to the end of 1911. 472,733 tons of armoured vessels became effective for
Germany and the United States, as
compared with 414,790 tons for Great
Britain, and this, coupled with the
fact that our loss from ships becoming obsolescent was much greater,
has reduced our relative superiority
to its present equivalent of 13 per
cent. in completed Ijreadii3ugnt3
only, our preponderance over the two
powers amounts to 41^ per cent.
It was pointed out tu the Times of
Marcli 2, 1911, that "The piesent
state of things can  continue only  iff wage.   His sympathizers have grossi>
early and adequate measures are tak
en for making good the waste, which
must be relatively larger than in th.il
of other nations. The force of this
statement will be realized by an examination of the prospective position
in Marcli 1915, which Is the date
borne In mind In Axing the extent of
the new program for 1912-13.
To the armoured displacement she
already possesses, Germany will add
by that date the twelve ships now
I building, aggregating 301,067 tons:
and, assuming only two ships are laid
down this year the total additional
j tonnage wlll be 354,067 tons. The
I live kaiser battleships and two armoured cruisers will, no doubt, have
been struck off the list by that time,
reducing the total by 71,646 tons. Her
aggregate effective armoured displacement In 1915 should, therefore, be
796,060 tonB. The United States, assuming the Navy Department to lie
successful In its demand for two
battleships  this  yea/r,  will add  eight
that I must tear off my very akin���
Instant relief���niy skin cooled,
soothed and healed !
The very lirst drops of D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema stopped that
awful Itch instahtiy; yes the very
moment D. D, D. touched the burning
skln the torture ceased.
clear and he'althy as'.thgt of a child.
If you will come to our store, wo
have had the agency for this remedy
for so many years that we can tell
you all about D. D. O. Prescription
and how It cures eczema.
Or you ��an get a free trial bottle
by writing D. D. D. Laboratories. 49
Colborne St.. Toronto: F. J. MacKenzie, Druggist.
seek employment. But. equally, no
government can compel capital to
work at a loss. Not merely Is this
unconstitutional under our own laws,
but It involves an economic absurdity.
Capital will seek the best return irrespective of publlc sentiment, or even
of public needs.
In Great Britain the basis of tho
strike is the demand of the men to fix
the terms of their employment, par-
ticulaily in respect to a minimum
wage scale; or. in other words that
where their product is not of a given
value tne emp.oyers snail present
them with something more to make
up what  the    miner ccn.siUers a lair
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
Program for Three Days Starting Monday, March 25.
understated his wages, us tiie ioiiow-
Ing extract from the London Economist clearly shows:
"The colliers Job is not an Ideal
one. But his hours are short, and
when he combines strength anu bki.i
with reasonable luck he has probably
a better chance than, any otner manual laborer to make a small pile. Earnings of ��5 or ��6 per week are noi
unknown, but many miners when
they have earned ��3 or ��4 in in,
many days take the rest of the week
as a holiday. Hence, in KOOd colliei-
les average earnings of ��2 a week
realiy underestimate the case."���Economist, March 2.
The British miner, in fact. Is no
torlous for his love of sport. He is
the great patron of the popular English form of football; anl lt Is common to see the miners of a whole district quit work on the occasion of an
important match. A gathering of 6o,-
I 000 people, largely miners, is no un-
I common   sight in  Cardiff,  or  in   the
voBsalu  ot  214 000  tons  l*t*��;n -now |.��g.���� extern ot the north ot England
and   March.   1915,   iid   will   lose   lour
A London    cable   ��.o    the    Seattle
Times, says':      The records, elf quick
-profits made In the rubber boom have
been beaten by those established during the rise in tin share., which lias
been going on quietly the past year.
Only uow is the public, outside of tho
stock    exchange, beginning   to   tal>��j
notice of the tin boqra, which is still
Tar from attracting as much gener-al
attention as did its predecessor,, tho
rubber boom, ln    which all    London
seemed to bave Uken a hand.
Last  year Anglo-Continentals were
ttesplsed and rejected, and stood at 7
Ajilllintfs 111.76). Now they are bid for
jreedtly up to $35.     Thua the luck?
person who had a thousand shares at
��� 7 shillings, costing him $1780, would,
, if he held thera untll today, have been
' able to sell for $36,000.     This, ls a
stupendous profit and beats anything
the rubber boom gave us, at any rato
as far as the speed of making is con-
Edmund Davis, the min at the back
of the tin boom, is one of the  most
picturesque figures ln the city.     He
has been associated with West African properties for many years; he ls
a director lrt over   forty   companies;
likes to be called a "Napoleon of Finance,'' and rather dresses the   part.
He also ll'kes to be thought   a greal
connoisseur of art.     At one timo ho
rented the Plnzzp Desdemona in Venice, and perhapB still retains it. Ho
Is almost W well known on the con- j buyers to meet them
obsolete  battleships and  two armoured cruisers.
Experts In the human hair trade
In Hongkong say that If buyers of human hair ln tbe United States expect
a great oversuppjy-as a result of
queue cutting in China they are likely
io be disappointed. Instead c." u.i
ovcrsupply the changes now going on
are c.utilng off the chief sources, of
supply in China, and there Is likely
soon to be a decided falling away.
Contrary to the general Impression
in the United States and Europe, thu
queues when cut are not sold. This
is an absolute rule, so far as south
China ls concerned, say Consular and
Trade Reports, and it is the custom
all over those portions of China from
which the writer has been able to secure tellable data on this subject. Ths
queues, when cut, are preserved, according to general statement, for burial with the owner.
The chief supply has come from
Chinese barber shops, where, in tbe
course of shaving portions of tho
heads of customers, considerable long
hair ls accidentally removed. Now
that queues are cut, however, Chinese
barbers have no more long hair to dispense of than harbors ln the United
States. A contraction of the Bupplv ln
Hongkong already ls apparent, and
but for the hesitancy of American and
other foreign buyers to meet the market here the pi ices for supplies locally would have gone up. As lt Is, prices
here are remaining flrm In spite of an
Indisposition on the    part of foi eign
tlnent as In London, and he Is supposed to be the smartest market manipulator the city has ever seen.
Creator of Present Boom.
He wss the creator of the present
boon, nnd he is now careerln7 around
the continent carrying the glnd new*
that Anglo-Continental 10-shilllng
shares are cheap at $35 to all tho
greedy people In Paris, Berlin anl
When he Is in Berlin he wears tho
Order of the Red Eagle, which he received from tbe kaiser, uccordlng to
The London Evening News, from
which these details are taken, "ostensibly because he disagrees with the
uhtl-Germnn feellns; In England, but
Ihe probsbllity Is that he put the Emperor William into some 'good things'
nt thq bottom, for even the emperor Is
not avese to buying Bhares nt 7 shillings and selling: them nt $35. We
hope thia remark will not bo taken to
mean that th�� German enreror Is at
the bick of thf> Nlrertan tin bom.
"Numberles* tm��l\ poop'e hive fol
Jowed Davln M-i tin   b'>t the curio��������
thin? is that nlthiM"h the" were "III-
tig enough tn coll. tlicl" ihnr"" when
the  mai ket  fl-st rose  t1"��v Mil. Pon'
i"<i b""lvr b-i*lr t'"> ''of"n'"- \vbl'-*i
tbov filn-ospd rt r<,vn'> months *""i.
Therefore, rt thi moment no Inrro
foituncR "hn-r> boen nrtuallv m��f1e ml
cf I'*** "n boonv, Thoy aro all rarer
1 rents."
Tlio miner makes good wages, and
does tJot mind'laying oft for u few
days, while he and hts leaders are
virtually Indifferent to the dlBtrese
they thereby cause.
A lady and a gentleman who offer a refined black face singing,
dancing and talking act.
The Race Track Touts
Meivin & O'Neill
Presenting fin act out of the
Louise Byrd
Lyric Soprano.
B. C. E. Ry. CUT-OFF   |
.' :*. M       ' *
Now under   construction will   Open '''
up a very desirable section   for residential purposes.
We have a double corner within   a " ^
block of the new line at a price whiciv
will net the purchaser a nice profit by-	
the time the tram   cars are speeding       ,   .
by, and that time won't be long.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
|   28 Lorne Street New Westminster
4     1(��IS���ADMI8SION~20e. ,
The declared value of exports of human hair from Hongkong to the United States In 1011 was $2,921,768, as
compared with $669,137 In 1910, $327,-
669 ln 1090, and $92,209 In 1908. Shipments from the Hongkong market ln
1911 to all countries were much larger
In volume than the year before, aggregating 1.769,833 pounds in cont-rst
to about 1,200,000 pounds In 1910.
A great proportion of the shipments, however, was of low grado
hair, used for various purposes other
than for false hair���for example, a
now haircloth, mattress filling and the
like. It Is doubtful if tbe total value
of the season's shipments will exceed
$900,000 gold, as compared with an
aggregate of $1,600,000 a year sgo.
There is every indication, however,
that prices wll range much higher fot
1912.---Calgary Alberta.
Whnt   Two   P'"-nclal   P.'-ers Think
of tho  Miners'  Position.
No  I'over^riciit   short of nn absolute drsro'l'm   cm  compel  men  to
work lr thm- r!-�� riot chooae to do so.
writes th* W""1 Btrij^l Jou'nal.  pnly
the pressure of necrr.ltv c.n di Hit
;,,.,] for nil th? cnmiu'Rln-' lhe IVItlsh
government    enn  exert  the    miners
could c.omnrl  a vlrlun' dAsIn^ ilown
of tho coal In1.",'t.-y i*nMl IV p-inf). of
hunger forccl  thin ���.:':;::���- himself to
la   Shakespeare   Decent?
A No iv ioi'k cable to the Calgary
AiiKiian tells the lollowlug taie:
Flushing nas risen ugu.nat uuliain
Shakespeare, a poet aud uruuiati^t
now ueaa, und ce. tain ot nis trriiinita.
'ine gooa taste of certain expressions
in tne shaaeapeaie pia/s nas been
questioned seriously in the classroom
and in tlie home, and now the sanctum typewuter oi I'lusmns a iuo��i
newspaper Ib thundering out denunciations of some of the things Air.
Shakespeare wrote, in his cruue way,
with a quill pen.
For it has been learned that school
pupils' are being forced to read aloud
words ttley would never, never bear
at home, no matter how hard papa ha
his nnger with the hammer.
lt remained for chldren themselves
to start the action which has resolved
itself into a faculty "investigation oi
Shakespeare." Tbe eigiuh grade in
Pubdc School No. 20 in Flushing, has
been occupied with "The Merchant ot
Venice." One day an 11-year-old girl
waB called upon to read before a class
a bit from tbe casket scene. Tho
pupils are called upon te recite in
strictly alphabetical order, so It came
ubout that the girt was slated for the
Prince of Morocco's lines, while a
blase little boy read those Intended to
be spoken by Portia.
The prince In skirts was horror-
struck.   She made no sound.
"Pretend to open thn casket, dear,"
said the teacher, sweetly. "Then read
us whnt you find ln lt."
The little girl tried to catch tho
teacher's eye. but tbat organ was directed austerely at the chuckling
"Oh, oh, oh. O hell! what have we
here," stammered the pi ince, tears
streaming down her cheeks flushed
with shame. "A-a carrion death withlu
whose empty eye there is a written
scroll.    I'll read the���the���writing."
Unfeeling boys were convulsed with
laughter; little gir's sobbed In sympathy with their unfortunate sister.
Every little girl informed her parents. Someone who signed himself
simply "A Father" invoked the pqwer
of the Flushing press by a letter of
Special Program for Monday and Tuesday.
-   Edison Special
"The Black Arrow"
A photo play of stupendous proportions; over 300 people appear in    the
The Golden Supper, a classic drama.
The Qlrl He Left Behind; a picture of
IntenBe heart Interest.
Testing His Courage; there is nerve,
tissue and red blood In' this, picture
that gives it a stir and whirr of delightful thrill and continuity of interest.   Don't fail to see lt.
Dad's Watch;   a   comedy   that   wlll
please all who see it.
By Mrs, Clark entitled "Always Home
on Sunday."
FIFTH AVENUE ��� Neiy;, car line:
eight rooms, bath, toilet upstairs
and in basement;. .hot, w/ater. hefting; modern everyway,,J^rice,$50pO;
$1600 cash, balance qne.,, and twe
years.   No. 164.        ,...n ,] .
. bet ���
BELMONT STREET���Near.,car line;
eight roomed house; stone foundation: modern; hot air heating. Price
$4000; $1000 cash, bafanoe over
three years.   No. 163.,
DUBLIN STREET ��� ^even. roomed
bouse; furnace, laundry, tubd, bath,
separate toilet; chicken, house and
runs; lot 50x132 to .lane. Price
$4000; good terms.   No, ,1,7. [ '
SEVENTH AVENUE���Near ' T.welfth
stieet car line; modern in every
way; cement walks; beautiful view
from balconies; both 'back and
front. Price $3700; goodterms.   19.
Head Office New Westmlnstsr.
Peoples TrusiCo.
Phones 646 and 669.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for lt la the stuff that ^foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be uaed ln two ways; to spend for what ls
needed now aud to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.   Money cannot be Invested until It la flrst saved..  .^.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, *2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth* street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
���    '
It you do���Look into these proROsitlons.    They ere  worth  the home,
builder's attention. ...
$4000 buys handsome seven roomed house on Cornwall, street. One-
half cash.   Terms for balance. ;   ,,->���;
$3650 buys large lot, 50x132, all modern flve roomed bunjjalow, on
Dublin street -I-..
$1800 buys large lot, all cleared, 50x132, on Dublin stWiM; three
roomed house. .':.'.'"''''
We Have a Big Snap in Waterfrontage.       j|ir
P. O. BOX 777.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
TELEPhbNE 295.
W. R. GILLEY, Phona 122. G. E. GILLEYpfHiiJrte Ml
Phones, Office 16 and 1$.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Having Just received a fresh supply
of Cameras, Films, Papers and all
accessories, wc are In a pcsitlon to
supply all your needs in this line with
the best goods obtainable.
Also, If you need a little advice via
.are   sufficiently    familiar    with    all
It falls to cure.   p. W. GROVE'S alg-  >0 Intelligently advise,
nature Is on each *>px.   25c.
$100 Down and $10
ll O!     I
most new, safety brakes, $20. Paid
$40 and only' ridden twice. Apply
613 Llvorpoorstreet.   Rhone 764.
Wl'son   sew.l!g.-\machine,     sevon i
drawers,   $3g.,o0fet $70.   Anply 513
Liverpool street.   Phone 751.
Davies' Pharmacy
Buys a full sized Lot, two blocks
from Twelfth street car line. PHce
is $750.   Apply to
8 BEGBIE ST., New Westminster
Phene 40.
C'iff Block.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily Newa
*>.��. r    PAGE SIX.
ititm U.A\L\ NfcW5.
TUESDAY, MArCh 26, 1912".
0$0$0 ?0$'0$'0��'00*0 ��>o-*o$o-5>o#��
Will  Not   Bear   Transplanting
The nineteenth century mnde stune
wonderful ibanj:es in personal responsibility. During lhe early part uf ii.
whether or not there was more inherent honor among men. It wns necessary
to leave a greul deal to tbe honor of individuals. Au exercise of Bliyflltug
keeps it alive. When it is dormant it
is liable to retrograde. It wus not till
]8I!0 or thereabouts, that the punch
system for fare <-ollectors ou railroad*
und sireet ear lines wus introduced,
nud lhe coiii|iauii-i mude the public
tlieir Hgenls. inftpinilns them of the
conductor's diiiies. It wus one or Hies*
, notices pitied in :i street car that
gave rise lit Mail; Twain's celebrated
A ]iliik trip fll|. fn- in right cent ftire.
A tlur tiip Slip '"' *i *������* t*al ture.
A t na rr nil' Blip fur -i live cent fure.
Punclir.i In iiieiiiHs.-nce "i lbe pawieniwre.
Punch, brothers, rnm-li: punvn with cure;
Puncli in ihi' pii-.-t-ii'-B ot Uie passengere!
Then. tep. the uieri-banl of the early
part .tf th'e iiinelet-ntli century considered il n dlscrii'-e lo fail in business.
He had Inherited from his ancestors
the tradition that in monetary trans-
m-tious he could only maintain a respected iiosition among his fellow men
by paying dollar lor dollar. Many a
man of thnt lime died of a broken
heart not entirely because of lhe loss
of his wealth, but the loan of his lienor.
These illuslrations could be add.-d ad
libitum, but the two mentioned will
suGlce lo give the younger members of
the com in u n ity today an idea of those
times when tliere were no patent devices for insuring honesty.
When the war between the states
broke out Ned Carleton, n hoy of fifteen, enlisted, though he wus three
years under the required ege. nnd
marched south with his regiment. After Ihe battle of Sbiloh he was reported
missing and was dropped from the regimental roster. His family mouruei!
him ,-is dead.
In  the year  lOnn n   roun  giving his
name    ns    .luds/ih    Macltityre    called
upon un oculist to save (lie sight of ont
of his eyes,    'fhe Oi-llllSt after n number of v Isi is on ihe part of the patient
discovered Unit he was differing from
a  depression nt u certain  point  in hi.-
skull, c.-insfiig a pressure mi  (lie iipti.-
nerve,   and   reconiuieiided   trepamiii;).'
the    part.      Maclntyre    was    operate!
on  \iy   n  swrneofi  uud  ihe   moment  lie
\}��-��mv ronwvUni!. ufter  vite  pt&ttlnix  *.l
tbe effect nf Uie uime��ttieilc i-i-ji-ii uiu. I
T\wl��K tn n idtHniS jioKtxm"-. \
"Ntand f��Kt. liuys'.  We're dr\vln"em." '
"Don'l excite yourwelf." said the sur
peon  gently  fnr.linj the pntltuit down
on Ids Imek.
"till.   1   see."  saitl   Maclntyre,  luuk>
inn IllMlUt hlm. "I've Heen  liil.     1 in   in
hospital, l suppose,"
"The operation   has  been successful
Vou'll lie all righl  very soon."
"I )id we lick   t"in'.-"
"Lick  whyin'r"
"The Confederate.*"
Those about lbe pnllenl looked ni
one another us inili-h as io say, "He't
out of Ills head. '
"You must keep quiet. Mr Mucin
tyre."  said  the clirgeoil.
���'Maelntyie! Win. are .vim tnlktni!
to? My name's nm M.-icliiivri1: l tii
Ned Cnrleliin of ihe Indiana volun
And so b��i was. Fnr forty years a
pressure on hls brain. .������ca.'..iieil by a
wound in the head, had may him oblivious I., his existence for tbe Hrst
fifteen years of his life. Uow he Iind
come in assume another name he
didn't Millie remember, but during four
decades he had lived under Hint mime,
Bill he had not lived in America. His
earliest remembrance was of Australia,
though how be g..t there be didn't
know. lie had been n sailor a part of
the time since be began hls second
existence, while the rest had been spent
ns n sheep herder,
Ami now Carleton, flfty flre yearn old,
having recovered from ibe operation,
was obliged to no out into the world
and earn a living, lie had been well
educated for n boy of Ufteeu nud wrote
nn excellent tin tui. Ile went about applying for a clerkship. Everywhere
lie applied he was received with surprise.
"We don't hire nny one of your sge
for n clerk." lie was lold. "V\e prefer very young men."
"I'm u good penman.   Can't yon give
me some mpylng to do'.'"
"Typewriting!   WhntV. that';"
"That young lady will explain It to
you." pointing io u girl clicking u machine.
The poor fellow. Inking up us lie did
the ibread of life from tho nge of sixteen, did not apply for n man's work.
line day C/irletou. helm; kindly received by u benevolent looking gentle-
mnn, told tlie man bis story, eliciting
a great deal of Interest.
"I will do what I can Tor you," said
the gentleman. "We need n collector.
How would you like Hint position?"
"Clad lo (.et anything," said Carleton. "and I'm sure .vou wlll find me
honest    in not pocket my collections."
Tlie gentleman did not seem Impressed with that phase of fhe case, but he
gave Carleton the position, naming
his salary at siu a week. Carleton
wns surprised.
"I'.i y.iu mean. Mr. Gregory," he
Slaked.   "lU-it   1   at*.*   to  hfl   trusted   In
t��i'w*lt twarts for yon ami be pnld only
$lti ifwwkV lt seems tn me that you
wed * trustworthy person for that
swviw. and a trustworthy person
sttould command more iiimiey."
1 -(.in, we don't take uny account of
honesty. 'I here tire Insurance companies who atletid to that."
"And if I appropriate ihe funds I collect?'
"I'liey will secure your arrest nnd
pui you In lull.'
��  Cut let.in   iunki'd  nt the   man In ns-
tonishtiif nl.
������Hi. .\.m ihink. Mr. iliciory. that lo
deny a man v.tut cniitidence Is conducive tn hnni'sly'f'
"To speas trtmkly. I do not."
"Then why do you refuse to trust
Itecaiise   It   is   the   system    under
Text. "Ho hlesselh the habitation ot thl
Jusi."���Prov. 111. 33
Back from Juno honeymoon? Ab,
dear heart, you'll never have sucb
days H��uln. To begin, "What is so
rare ns a day in .lune?" Uomembei
the odor of lb? honeysuckle ulong thai
hedge where you took the wnlk thai
night, fur from home und  friends, so
which all  men  work      We .aim..I dn { happy lu en. h oilier7  Life never seem
i iiinlll inm
ofiVr   over
business    under    different
lrom oilier concerns."
"May    I   consider   your
���Yes. If you like." with sunn' surprise.
Cnrlefon had liecn horn of Christian
parents, who had tauuhl him in hd
scrupulous In the matter of "mine an.l
thine." never tn tell a lie and lu (.insider himself required to deal honor-
ably by all nien. This offer ��f ll |msi-
tioil wilh un insurance policy on Ills
nmi.ir was u bitter pill for llllll iu
swallow, but he musl make n living,
nml the next morning lie went lo Mr.
Cregofy and told him that he wa��
ready lo go to work.
"Very well; go upstairs and have
your photograph taken."
"I'hotogruph:    \\ hat's that for?"
"A cusl.iin of these times. All our
employees are photographed. If they
run away Wltb our funds nnd we have
a likeness thelr capture Is easier."
"llo you mean. Mr. Gregory. Unit you
keep n rogues' gallery of your clerks?''
"Not at all. We keep the gallery,
and it is for tlie ii.dividual Io make d
rogue of himself."
Carleton stood looking at the gentleman with eyes wide open. Finally lie
"I was drought up by n father and a i
mother who would have considered it |
dangerous in me not t.> give ine I heir !
implicit coutidence.    Vou nre treating
your   fellow   men   as   ihey   dared   nut
treat  me. and by doing so If ymi ure
uot  encouraging   dishonesty   you   are
surely paving llie way for It.    lfl acceded in your feruis I should consider
that so far as you are com-crn-il I had
a right to bent you -if I could    ThU
would lie the lirst step to my own degradation,    The next  would  be lo fii'llt
Ihe rest nf Hie world If  I  could dn sj
Withoul   risk   to   myself      I   am   mm !i
obliued for your offer.' but I riiiiuut a.*-
cepl it.    I  was bm-ii nt a lime w ben till
men   were Irnsleil  (III flier   proved  un-
ivm-ili.v.    I-muir in my ymilb hi n lima
when m.v enill'lfri IliPli WCIV in-tiny up >U
ihe highest  principle nf hminr hi j:;v-
Hig   'I'.'li'   |lv��-��   (nr   ll.clr   fellow   hh.ii.
Suppose  Uttit   vit-t   ncinv   w'i.i  Ulel  i  i
the   TiiiltletwUl    und    In    'In-    li.i-\iliti��
t nli��>ul.\ vise from ll.clr i-i'-.vin mul emi'
I fr.tnl ynu.    Would tliey mu  i'.itiilltev 'it
I Ule   stni'.iV.inl   uf   honor   whi   b   bis   v-
placed lhe nrie under wlm-h  lliey g.iyil
lip   lllcil    I i\ (���-'.���"
Mr (iregury INlcnPiJ tn tlte��u�� <������...tl*,
spoken by mi" w |pi had reiilh hill iu-t
renewed bis existence from il'.il period
when lhe youth nf lhe i-ninili'.v hml
llvpd under n lilgher Htaiidiinl nl limutr,
a stand.ud .if truest maiilmnil. Iind
when In- had finished said:
"'llie years, the centuries, are rolling
on Tht* NiHJiilurd of one nge is not Hit;
KtiiU'liinl ..r .-in.idler Bill while wc
must prcscive otic indiviilual Ihiii-h mt
must submit to Ihat which exists about
"Vnn have passed with but n ��|iurls
step over forty years. Vnu Umi ttint
(lie sywiem. nr. ralber. lbe lack nf ��is-
lem. .if Ihat time has been replaced hv
lltiollier. The ymilb nl '111 u mil 1
have scorned tn accept a piwlllnn
wherein priivisi.un were Inkim lOAtulil
less   by   Iheir d!shniies|y   ami   In   flti'lll
tate iheir cn pin re If they Iwtrayeil i
trust We bave imt now the loillli of
'ill. We Irive lhe youth nf the twentieth century. Nevertheless Uev aie
the same lielngH, and lhe lilflei' may
maintain their self respect as -,\,'!i .is
the former, for, afler all, it is In iue
man nml nol (hesystem."
"linulilless y.iu are right, Mr. Ul'i'g.
ory.'' after siinm thought, "but io
transpliint the yoitlb "f i;i Into nml
is a Inliure. \mi might us well try
to grow oranges In I ho nnrtlieni stales,
i  thank yon  for Ibe posi Mnn offered
uie. but I shall decline It. nni lli.il 1
would demean myself by accepting It.
for ynu have fhown me thai alter all
It Is the man rather than lbe system,
but ihat I onnnut hem- trnnnplanilng
fmm the soil of 'ill to that of .'Hll."
That niirht. Ciiiletnn Slept' un a
bench In a park. or. rather, be Iny
awake, thinking of I hose wlm hnd been
lighting with hlm lu the "hornets nest"
nf shiliih. Who nf ihe company luni
fallen? Who had lived nnd grown in
uld age with lhe unexpired portion nf
ihe century? Doubtless those who
were now alone bad ceased tn be a
part of Ihe systems In vuguu during
Ibelr youth and had glided lilieuu-
wioUBly Into the systems of tlieir old
One rooming a body was found float-
ng In a river und dragged ashore,
The clothing was shabby, the only
idornment being an nnuy budge made
)f gun metal. It was the corpse nf
[toward Carleton. He had spoken
irnly when he said that be would not
Denr transplanting from the middle nr
:lie nineteenth century m um begin-
ilng of the twentieth, lie bad tried
leveral Jobs, but Hie Reuse Hint he was
lot trusted so worked upon Ills tcel-
Intrs thnt he nt Inst goT9 up every one
it them. Having been taken from an
itmosphpre where he breathed freely,
ne decided to gu where breathing wus
���������' ii��'.-.vjr�� ip existence.
-   -���-*'���
ed  wi   ' nmplete.     Surely   God   smiles
i na the ground where true love walks.
I Now you nre home���your home���be il
j two vnnms. ;i cottage or a palace.   It's
j the first time In your life you've had a
I place of your owu.   May Cod bless yout
! going out and your coming lu  from
henceforth and oven foreverniore!  Vou
look over the wedding presents.   Bless
their hearts, they meant well, but how
silly some nre.    The "showers" were
move   sensible,    The   linen   und   the
kitchen showers were mighty  appropriate.   When .lack counted how mucb
uud how quickly money slipped away
on Unit trip he said. "Oh, well, sweetheart, we won't have to buy so many
things."    Flossie  Davis,  who thought
it such u joke on hm- folks and friend?
to ruu nwuy to get married, missed uli
the  blessing  rnd  good   cheer  of   the
"shower's.'    Now she and her husband
are mad and < utting all their friends,
and tliey are . utting tlieia.    But that's
part of tlie price.
In Marriage a  Lottery?
Mrs.  Bill  Markham, Uie grass wid
r,^v.   suit!   yesterday.   "My   dears,   mar
Huge Is such a It.;.ery!"    Is i;?    Ves, ll
Is lf ynu mean the uncertainty of how
life's partners will turn out.    In  the
grand drawing are pi Izes and blanks
wilh  this tlir.Vroncc:  In cash  lotteries
there are many blanks, few prizes    in
marriage-don't   sneer,   ye   cynics���the
order is reversed.   The marriage game
would be less a gamble if there were
more honesty before marriage.    Each
sees Hie other only occasionally.    Each
Im d-vssed at lest, aels at  best,    Each
puts "best  font forward"    Then the
j illusion of love draws a veil nr heroism
I about ihe man and nf oilier world!inees
j about lhe girl.    Tlie ui.in has all the
j strong, masterfulness of manhood: lhe
' woman has the lure of a  pretty face.
oq   enticing  form  and  all   the  artful
possibilities  of   modern  dress.     When
he stands before tlie altar and repeats.
"I,  .lohn  Sweet briar,   lake thee.   Mary
Ldvitigtnngle,  to he m.v  wedded  wife,
to have ami lo hold from this day forward ft,-:- better, for worse, for richer,
for poorer, in richness and In  health,
lo |..ve tur.l lo cliciish UU  dealli  ub flo
part." lie la vivn'-nlfclnp: to n lielnn whom
he   Bc-.ircel;,-   knows   except   n*   tihe   liar*
t-.i-.ule  herself   mighty   attractive   fnr  n
couple brum" each week.    And she. repenting lhe sar.-e vow, reaches Into the
same  grab  bag.  Imping as  she  lakes
blm  by  faith lo draw a capital prize
Either may tind a bee that will gfilhel
hO'Jty   or   a   wnfp   with   a   merciless
sting.   It's a lottery sure enough, more's
Ito pityl
At ths Setting of tha Honeymoon.
Woman Is always nn Idealist, Her
lover was her ideal. After marriage
she finds him just nn ordinary fellow.
lie comes tn the fable without coat,
eats breakfast with the newspaper
propped up against milk pitcher, kisses
her with his bat on. Many n June
bride has heartache and nearly cries
her eyes out before Sept. 1. There
are husbands and husbands. One
laughs good naturedly nt "wifey's"
mistakes. May bis tribe Increase: The
other��� brute-says, "Mother used tn
do It this way." Well, what if she
did? Mother may hnve put her bucket
upside down or stood Hie plates mi
end. but wlfoy puts bucket upside up
and lays dishes flat in cnpbonrtl
That's wifey's business. Six months
ago he never walked lu front nf In-,
always opened the floor for her. placed
her chair and. oh. say, brother, llo on
courting���you're breaking her woman's
heart. But wifey isn't the beuuliful
dream she was either. That array of
"nils" and puffs and paraphernalia
prj Ihe bureau sort of rubbed the bloom
nff the peach for hubby. She dresses
In a sloppy kimono now, and such pel
tiness and Irritability and Jealousy
and "nerves." Whewl If he'd known
ihai! Say. slsler. Just you lake a
brace ton. Man's n ipieer animal Ills
love has lo be fed. Don't fall down
lu appearance. Dress limply, sweet,
clean and you have him.
Tho Hanging of the Crane.
Are you so unfortunate as (a be in n
boarding house, hotel or with "his" or
"her" folks? Well, try tn get out as
soon as you can. At Ihe hotel or
boarding house gossip has full sway
"Who  are   tbey?"     "Where  are   they
from?*'   "What does he earn? I'h'.y
have had words!" Vou ruu the gantlet each day. And If you're Jealous .u-
suspicious! Social dangers for wife
nnd coquettish spiders lu search nf
unwary flies lhe danger for husband.
At your mother-in-law's? No house Is
big enough for two families. Have
vmir own place Hmugh It be n aback.
There every trinket and bit of furnl
lure, thank Ood, la yours. I've three
mottoes for your new home. Motto
(Uo llrst. "Not my will, nor thy will.
i ul our will be dune." f'un't M'tarrei
OTer that. Mntln tlle second. "I.ove
frows by loving; It musl lie fed." Motto lhe thirl hang It on llm wall, you'll
buy a pr,tiled copy ot the live cent
store. "Christ Is the head of fills house,
I'M SflSOUIl guflot at every meal. Hie
silent listener to every conversation"
Vrrlval: Closing
10:50���Vancouver, via  G.  N.  R.
.... 23:00
t;40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
2:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via-B.'C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11:lf
': 30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
5:15���United States via G. N. R.
idally exceDt Sunday)..16:0i-
11:40���All points east   and   Eu-
' rope    (daily)     8:15
J2:43���All points east and Europe (daily)    13:15
11:40- -Sapperton    and    Fraser
nuis       idaily      except
Suuday)     8:15
IS: 10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      tuuiiy      except
Sunday)  14:0t
11:40���Coquitlam       (dally    except  Sunday)     S:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       . ..' 11.15
11:00���East Burnaby (daily except Sunday    14:30
0:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
0:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
u:on���Ladner. Port Guichon,
Westham Island. Bun
Villa   13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily   except   Sunday).13:
:): 00���Wood wa ids (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:
IG: 4j��� Vancouver, Piper's Sid-
lut via i��. N. K.
idaily excent Sunday) ..14:
15:50���Clovei dale and Fort Kells
via   U.   N.   It,   tdally   except  Sunday) 14:
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs-
uay. Kr.day and Sal-
day        14
11:20���Tynehead ( Tuesday and
Friday)         14
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Suiiuuy    16
18:10���Abbotsford Upror Sumas.
Matsqui. Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sundaj)   23:
5:15���Crescent, White b'ock and
Blaine idallj except
Sunday)    9:
I. O. O. F. AMITV LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F��� is held every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon anJ
Eighth street. Visiting brcthern
cordially invited. H. W. Harrison.
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; Jame.;
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; H. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
TISS M. BROTEr;, public stenogra
pher; specifications, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken
Phone 415. Rear of Major aut'
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-law, Eo:icito.s, etc. Offices, Rooms'
G and 7 E.lis block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephon:', 107o.
Adam Smith Johnston anJ Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia Btreet, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside,'' Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 89. W, J.
Whiteside, II. L. Edmonds.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacnic.
in Cuba throughout the island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster*, Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster otHces, Rooms 7 and i
Guichon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
!!<-. h, Williams bulldlnu. 41 Qran
^ilie street. F. C. Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler. W. O. McQuarrie, G. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,000.00.
RE8ERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada nnd.
Newfoundland, and ln London, Eng- -
'.snd, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters ot Credit issued, available wltb,
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dip art ment���Deposits,
received ln sums of $1 and upward,
aud interest allowel at 3 per cent, per
annum  (preseut rate).
Total  Assets over $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
00 '
: 15���Hall's Prairie, Fern lildge
and Hazlemere i Tuesday, Thursday and Satin day     f. ..   0:41
:20���Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
l *lim��x, i lder;;rove, Otter.    Shortreed,   Surrey
ley Prairie. Muir.iyville,
Strawberry  Hill. South
">"inlu?in. Clnvor
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis. sperlimt station,
Bradner,  Bellerose, via
B. C. E, If. (daily except Sunday)    n
J. STILWELL CLUTE, bairisler-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
minster Board of Tra:le meets in the
board loom, t Ity Hall, as follows-
Third Friday of ea:-h mont'i; quar
terly meeting on the third Friday of
February. .May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be propose:! and
elected al any monthly cr quarterlv
meeUng. s. H. Stuart Wade, secretary,
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters'
Manufactured by
Tslsohone R  113   Ofiice:  Prlncsss St.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
A.   L.   MERCER
:20���Rand. Maluba Hill via
B. C. E. R. i Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
: 30��� Chilliwack via P. C. E. R.
(daily except. Sunday) .17:30
20���Ahbotsford. Huntingdon,
via 11. C. E. H. (daily
except Sunday)   17:30
50���Cloverdale    via    B.C.E.R.
idaily except Sunday) .17:3(1
00���Fraser Arra    2:5:00
Gardiner & Mercer
M.  S.  A.
Phone   661. Box  772
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front 8t., Foot of Blxth.
Round trip tckets for one fare and
one-third will be on sale April 4th to
Sth.   Good to return up to April 10th,
Week-end tckets, sold on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to local
[mints at single fare for round trip.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth  Avenue. Phone 567
New Westmlnstei
Or II.  W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
Transfer Co.
Office   Phone   185.       Barn   Phone   137
Begbie Street.
Ilaggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
3%  to 26  H. P.
2 and 4 Cyole.
Local  Agente
Westminster Iron Works
Phona  S3.
Tenth   St.,   New  Westminster.
B.C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00  P.  M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For  8eattle.
10:00  A.  M .- Dally
11:00  P.  M Dally
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska
11 P.M March 9th, tilth, and 2!)th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11 P.M March 2nd. lfith and 30th
For  Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For   Upper   Fraser   River   Points.
Stc.imer  Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves   Chilliwack,   7:00  a.m.,   Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at C-nliano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
I'ort Washington, Ganges Hr.. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney id.
Agent, New Westminster.
v     O. P, A.. Vancouver
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
REST  ...
. $5,600,000
3   Tlir   Ai -aSAm
JXLSs are whnt rou MU ������
gentians?   questioned she half Incredulously.   "Are yon sure?"
"'-'���m very sure. Miss Morton." Tbe
�� ! L%?} they're 80 bomel'> *�� "nUnlshed
o j looking,   and   I   I bought-well,   never
g A Flower That Played a Part g
In a Love Episode.
�� J mind.   Arrange them (herein that vase,
* 'if you will.    My lawyer, a young fel-
lew In whom I've taken it great Inler-
est. Is coming up lo Wjncbell today,
and Ihey are his f.ivorlfe flower."
Miss Cray lost (he lust nf tbe sentence. From the sliver faucet In Miss
Morton's marble bathtub she wus
drawing wnter for the cut glass she
beld. Besides. Miss Morton nud spoken more (bun half tn herself.
Tne scriuiis business of settling up
her brother's esinle was about finished.
Mlss Morton len ned wearily bud; in ber
Invalid's ch:ilr nnd sighed. After all.
she was sorry. IioiiIjIIcns It would
mean a cessmlon of her lawyer's fre-
epient nnd periodic vl.-i|ts, nnd-well, be . ���   ���.....,=
hnd been something new under ber sun.    bnd a liking for her. Ibis girl wltb Ihe
"I leave for Bur Harbor tomorrow, lo    tired, psle face nnd (be sweet, sudden
be gone n week. On my return I'll send    smile, ever slmv  (he dny  wben  she
It bnd been only (hreednys now tbst
MIhb Cray bad been with her in tbe
capacity of companion, ami already
MIbs Morton found Herself exchanging
tbnt young person's status from companion to conlidiinte.   She hnd always
you a telegram nnd arrange for our
final Interview." Howell Orchard's
crisp, staccato sentences punctured ber
reverie. He wns picking up bis gloves.
A high cun hnd Just driven under the
porie cochere, and Mlss Morion's liveried groom wns busy quieting the antics of a pnlr of brown cobs.
Miss Morion groped for a pretext to
spin out the call of ber lawyer. If only
for five minutes. It was stupid of Peter to have driven up no early, and so
bourgeois! Her eye. fell on tbe uearest
���object, a bowl of orchids.
"Exquisite, nre ihey not?" she said,
witb a slight Indicating motion of her
patrician, blue veined lia ml. orchard's
keen glance noted them, at lhe same
time ranging the extravagant refinement of the room.
"In keeping with their surroundings.
.Miss Morton." be rejoined, pulling on
his left hand glove; "artistically correct."
She made no fun ber pretext. It was
fatuous, but It answered ber purpose.
"What Is your favorite flower?" she
It was nu Inane question, nnd she bit
her lip: but. lo her relieved surprise.
Orchard gave her Inquiry bis consideration.
p     "The closed gentian."
slight pause.
he said after a
Wynchell, Mlss Morton's country
home, with Its ancestral acres, was
about far enough from Jersey Clly to
leave time on the suburban train (or a
comfortable perusal of the paper nnd
a yawn or (wo besides. Orchard spread
out bis sheet mechanically. Hut even
the stock market news didn't seem to
Interest bim. and he looked far beyond
his paper. Tbat was only natural. He
was looking back I hrough several seasons of lilossoms and snow, this mnn.
who. young ns lie was. Iind nlreudy lie-
gun to lie i-alled a wouian hater. The
'Whining lelegmph wires nnd poles
passed un��een. 'l'he noise or ibe engine, ihe rumble of the wheels, dwindled into silence. In their stead eame
lbe low. exquisite mice nf a girl:
"It's sllrh II lieaulifll! little flower Inside. Howell"���
Tiie day had Ix-en full of Inte Pep-
lember elixir. Hien as now. The iread
|��if loveliness had tieen on the flelds of
grass and fodder rllienetl hy August
suns find tanned hy early frosts io nu
autumnal bronze Somewhere from
among the hedges of sumac had come
the call of n quail. Then presenl ly (he
Ctrl hud slopped neer n silvery stream
and plucked a plain enough looking
dark blue (lower nnd pinned It ou n'.s
"It's a closed gent Inn, yon know,
���dear," she had explained, while Ihe
soft tendrils nl her hair hnd unconsciously brushed bis stmug chin. "You
see." she went on. stooping to pluck
another, "they're nni s<�� very handsome
outside, but Inside��� look!" Hellcntely
as a spring sephyr she had pricked
the portals open. "II puts the flaming
poldenrod nnd all the smrlug |Mirple
-daisies here io hluime. doesn I ll?" She
lifted her fnce lu hlni-lhe face nf a
girl not partli-ularlv beautiful, bul glorified hy a dazzling smile.
He bad IcM ber nl Hie gale of her
little western home mid, leaning over
the rustic fence hi the privacy or lhe
broad onk. hail bid ber good by, fnr he
was going to ihe lilg eastern inetropin
lis for n year or two to win fume and
fortune for them bulb. He went away
with ihe sweetness of her kiss upon
*ils lips, her tear upon hls check. Her
(lower In his coal.
Later there had come n misunderstanding, or Hie slight. Iiislgulflcant
sort lliat most young lovers have; but.
alas, iu ihls case before the gentle,
healing wind of lhe real truth had
blown tragedy bad visited lhe girl's
home, nml when the man sought her
she was not to be round. <mi lu her
little western village people tnld a tale
of her lather's long Illness nml deatli-
iiow she hail nursed him nlghl nml day
with untiring tenderness; how. Iheir
slight Income being exhausted, she had
taken up water color work nml tilled
-orders ror dinner curds und little pictures: how llmillv. upon his death, she
bad gone lo New York clly to earn ber
living In such fashion as she could.
That was nil Orchard hud been able
to learn, md that had been two years
ago. To tind a glri who dis-s water color work or dinner cards lu New tork
elty Is not an easy mm ter. My ihe
time hls train had reached Ihe smoke
or the tunnel the man with ihe unread
paper was thoroughly out of conceit
wilh lOinlly: hv ihe (line Hie I cm boat
had bumped Into Hie sip on the New
lurk side lie yvas (boroiiubly out of
eotieelt with himself;
���       ���       ���       ���       e   '   '���       ���
Mlss Morion brought her lorgnon ta
bent' upon the flowers Mlss Urny bad
lilS! brutiulit In
had come  personally  to explain  thnt
there had lain some little mlstnke in
tbe ordered tHnner card* and to mike
ber apologies,   it appears the hnd given tbe dinner Indies powdered silver
hslr Instead  nf daz.z.ling gold.    Tbat
bad been nt the beginning of hist season.    During the present summer (he
little sketches ftmt sbe had been able
to sell hadn't proved, sufficient for ber
to eke out  even  n   modest existence
wltb.   Mlss Morton wns looking for a
companion,  and   she  bad offered  ber
services.   Tbat Is tbe way lt bad aii
come about.
Tbere wns the rhythmic (hnd. thud,
of horses' hoofs on inacndam.nnil Mlss
Morton's brown cobs Whirled through
an Iron gate Into n modest drive and
came to an abrupt halt under her
porte cochere. A gray driz.z.le had set
In. but what did that matter to Howard Orchard? The Hue dmp* of rain
driven against hls ince hy (he pace of
the colm hud been Hli exhilarating delight to him, and ns Miss Morton was
wheeled Into (lie library (o greet him
he was positively cordlnl.
Miss Morton hud forgotten her lorgnon. Heing verv shortsighted, she
wns nf a loss lo know exacllv where
her companion had pia I the gentians. And. nlsiv,. nil thing*, should
the sight of Ihe (lowers bring un np-
[ preclnble fraction of pleasure into t)r-
chard's immobile ture she didn't want
to lose (he sight.   She rang lor n uiaiu.
"Ask   Mlss   Urny    to   feteh" me   uiy
lorgnon." said she.
"So vou remembered."' The exclamation came from Orchard; and Miss Mor-
ton lost the sight she had wished for,
alter all. lie had crossed :o uu ebony
eu bluet on lop ot which siood Hie cut
glass vase. "Awkward tilings to arrange In vases, though." he ��� ouimciited
laconically, aa If regrel Hug his burst of
"Jtattt, that's whnt my companion until.
She went out willingly enough In all
Ibis drizzle IO pluck them, but she
sided at arranging ihem in u vase. She
assures me they belong to tbe lields,
and" ���
Hut Orchard veered quickly nround.
In the mirror back uf the ebony cabinet he'd caught Hie reflection of n girl's
face. Hefoie lie had si-en ber face,
though, he hnd rei ngnlzed her. Tbere
was uu other woman he kuew who
beld ber head so proudly and ul the
same time h.id Hint wavering little
walk so nt variance with ibe queeuiy
cnrrluge of her head.
"Kmlly!" he cried.   "Y'ou:"
Tbe girl's hnml which Held the lor-
Kuou clutched ll tightly nnd weul up lo
ber breast. Tbe other Ipilf groped toward blm. ns wllb :'i ilidf Incredulous
cry sbe repealed lhe one word. "You!"
���        ������������������
"Too bad. loo bad." murmured kind
hearted Miss Morion Indulgently 10
herself that evening, laying down her
tioeibe unread, llie day had cleiired
beautifully. The last scrap of esinie
settling business had Im-cii ntleiided lo,
uud now her lawyer nud her compan-
Inn were enjoying :i bll of the im Mow
harvest moon UUI on Hie back veniuda.
���Too bad'. I was Jiist beginning to
congratulate myself on what u iicirure
Miss tiray would be lu my declining
veins, and now-lhe end of Ihe beglu-
nlng or lbe beginning ol Hie end. Marie."   she  said,   liiinlug   hi   lbe   maid,
"take those I icly blue flowers iiuuy.
Take Ihem up In Mlss Ont.v's room."
Marquis Komun'i House.
The late Marquis Koinurii wns famous for Ills bollelniilli bll bits, He hud
little thought for his personul comfort.
Nol till the conclusion of Hie Auglo-
.lapanese alliance did he possess ti residence of Ills own. Hut when he wus
given a large sum of money b.v the emperor nflvr lbe i ousiiinmalloii of ihe
alliance he had a new residence iiullt
ut Haramacbl. Never once during the
building of Hie house uoi lor n long
time nfiei It wus built did lie visit Ins
new property. He lived exclusively in
the official residence, going In the Imperial hotel loi his meals. One evening, honevei. he mok n long walk, In
the course ul Which he fancied be
would make u visit to hls new residence. He walked n limit Hhiiiuiiichi
hi quest uf bis new house, but could
not flnd It milII he inquired ut u polk'*
box.-Yokohama Herald.
8lsm's Plowing Festival.
The plowing ceieiiiouv oi Mam IS t
very Jin|Hismg public ttinctlnn. 'l'he
king ot Slum Is iciii't-sciiicd by the
minister ol ugrieiiiliiie. who, escorted
Wltb lilltlVe music mid lllllcll beating
ill drums, proceeds io Hie plowing
Held, ubcle silcn-il scriptures are
chanted and mystic riles arc performed 'lhe oxi��i. rti-coraiiHl with gnr-
Ir.uds, ure .hiked to the plow. Ihe (list
furrow Is opened, and rice Is sown,
Modern uiuws are Just being luiro-
���i s     ���'   t-m-^
Restore Faded and Gray Hair
to Natural Color-Dandruff
Quickly Removed,
TRY Tm     .      TRY
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Tliere is nothing new about the idea of I Goods lust   arrived
using Sage for restoring the color of the
hair. Our grandmothers kept their hair
dark, glossy and abundant by the use of
a simplo "Sago Tea." Whenovcr their
hair fell out or took on a dull, faded or
streaked appearance, they made a brew
of Sage leaves, and applied it to their
hair with wonderfully beneficial effect.
Nowadays we don't have to resort to
the old-time tiresome method of gathering tho herbs and making the tea. This
is done by skillful chemists better than
wo could do it ourselves; and all wo
have to do it to call for the ready-made
product, Wveth's Sage and Sulphur
Hnir Remedy,  containing Sage in tne
Eroper strength, with the addition of
ulphur, nnother old-timo scalp remedy.
This preparation gives youthful color
ancl beauty to the nair, and is one of
tho best remedies you can use for dandruff, dry, feverish, itching scalp, and
falling hair. Get a fifty cent Dottle
from your druggist todav, and you will
be surprised at the quick results. All
druggists sell it, under guarantee that
the money will be refunded if the
remedy is not exactly us represented.
Special .yents, P. S. Curtis. _
Novel Card Parties.
A womnii whose parties nre sure to
be n success makes up for her Inck of
money by originality. Her prir.es for
a enrd party enn never be costly, so
sbe mnkes them unusual
At one affair the winner at ench of
tbe six tables wus presented with a
wicker bnsket of openwork design.
This wns lined with white tissue paper, tied with guy ribbon, which, opened, revealed flve glasses of homemade
orange marmalade.
Another time, nt a spring party, each
winner received n small Japanned rimmed trny on which were set half a
dozen tiny pots of well grown cuttings
from' n rare old rosebush.
Again, there were sets of homemade
plnce enrds. palmed on wnter color
paper nnd folded over to stnnd. The
edges were gilt Mini each card had il
lumlnnteil upon It an appropriate verse
Koine or these sets were humorous,
others quotations.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St., City.
many things in cookery, St Charles Cream
essential. It is as good as the best milk
earn for any purpose. For many purposes
it ts much better. It gives to coffee,
for instance, a flavor which even the
best of ordinary creiim cannot approach, and it aids in bringing out
the delicate srrana of chocolate and
cocoa. For confection and ice cream
it is unexcelled. For invalids and
infants it is indispensable. It never
curdles. _ It strengthens the strong.
 > pure water is added it will agree with
most delicate stomach. *
by best grocers everywhere. 7
CONDENSING CO.. Ingersoll. Ont
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
 1 ��� g ���....     ,     y
The absolute purity'and healthfulnesSuOf  i
are guaranteed under the pure food laws
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect	
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value. UmmWm^d^U
The New Milb at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of tht f
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
��� *�� . 11
See Our Stock of
City News'
George the Fifth. Incidentally a good
cut of Columbian street appears in the
article and also one of the familiar
face of P. \V. Luce himself.
and $Mj*�� Tools
Mrs. T. II. Barbaree will not receive
again until further notice.
Mr W F Dawe and son returned
from' St. Louis, Mo., arter a toiit
months' trip.
All Siz^and Prices
$5.00>t<> $18.59
Every One
;"    .Guaranteed
WITH     oyB
Alfred Wa McLeod |
Ice cream   on
next tram ofiice.
hand    Ira A.
Phono 310.
Mrs. E. J. Fa.lcr.nnd Miss
have returned t\om Beattie,
they have been visiting friend?.
other tea
Crowded houses at the Royal last
night at both performances certainly
enjoyed the program that is offered
for the first three days uf this week.
Morris and SbeenvooM, a lady ami
gentleman, who present -.blackface
singing, , dancinj: arid tatS";
were u 'riot.
success lies most-
person who buys any
always hores it wiil bo "as good^aa
The Burnaby Young Men's nssocin-
tion will ho'd a debate this evH.nig.n
the old municipal hall o.i    VotdS w
Don't fail to spc the VitaRraph
"Testing His Course, a *���������*">
interesting picture shown ut tue Bai
son theatre' today.
Mrs James Cunningham wan out
for the first time yesterday since her
-iccident. She attended a meeting o.
the W  C T. U. in tbe afternoon.
new Hy in.at����lng with the character   g��g
1 represent.    A fei'eat many acts often
und is
Hope, D. O. Eye BfmMM*
oom - i "''
Dr. H. K
has his offices now at
ter block (entrance McKenzie Street)
hours:'9:30to5, or later by appointment.    Phone 11-1.
The Hill-Tout Bhlngle mill at Abbotsford lake was completely burned
down last week. The loss was _}��h ;>
covered by insurance *ad the ml was
in  operation at  the  time of the dr.,
being under lease to an outside pauy.
Miss Grace Co:hJu.-l is begtaninft
classes in physical culture at th
gymnasium of. the Columbian college.
The classes will be. hel.l on ruesdajs
and Thursdays at -I P-��i. and aro
open to all residents In the city wno
wkh to take advantage of them.
character, but
,   nnot .he. said of  mis  <nevo'"
For a change Miss Byr.l has given up
the soup, slides for a few day-
tinging' "The  Garden  of   My
with a spot-light.   U   is   a   beautiful
number and It was sung well.    "The
race track touts," Meivin and O'Neill,
present their own little slung sketch
which made a tremendous  hit.    The
female member of this duo has a fine
voice and puts over    a "coon"    son��
nicely.    Their    closing    number    is
I unique, it consisting of a number   of
i late songs' arranged so as ttt tell   a
story.   The big- feature of Photo-play
| is an Edison entitled "Indian Blool"
! it is' undoubtedly the greatest Indian
I film ever produced   by    this   stellar
I company.   The comedy la a "Lubin''
' and is a funny one, the story belnc,
I about a leap year proposal. The Royal
i orchestra ls growing popular and it 13
j not an uncommon thing for them to
j receive big applause on every number.
Spread for Your Approval
The whole fabric of our business rests upon your satisfaction. Henge our constant effort to offer you exceptional values and best service possible. Give us
the opportunity to please you.
Stirring Values in Every Section of the Store
You owe it to yourself to take
vantage of the present opportunity
niaiuug money in Port -Maun, bee
British Canadian Securities. Ltd.,
lots in the official townsite. Remember this is backed up by the Canadian
.Northern Railway company.
The members of Camp No. 13602,
Modern Woodmen of America, will
give'S social evening in the Knights
of Pythias ball this evening. Arrangements have been made tor a ffhilt
drive, a musical program Will be
given and refreshments will be Berved.
Woodmen arc requested lo bring
their families and friends.
Money to icin 6:i residential property, either monthly plan with easy repayment privilege, or straight loan,
repayable In ttviee or tl\e years.
National Vluan.ce Co., L.ld., 521 Colam-
-,-la pt.��et, PVicne 515. **���
Some Unusual Attractive
Values in Women's Suits
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Special $18.50
Hlack Face Act at Royal Theatre.
The Race Track. Touts at tho Key.'.1
! Theatre
Women's Suits made from splendid imported
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tailored seams; lined throughout with silk or satin;
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effects; in colors of greys, light tans, blues an.l
iss Cave-Browne-Cave. |     Suits
55? Columbl* St., 1
Phone ' 02. New   Westminster.
L, R. A. M.        A. R. C, M,
Member   ot  tne   lncorpbralfeA   Boclety
ot   MwHjm   (Rutland).
(Successor to'Mrs.  Reginald Docld.*)
Special Offering $25.00
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Charming Now Cotton Voiles and Marquisettes,
displaying all that is new; beautiful in bordered
und all-over pattern effects; wl Iths from 2i to 42
Prices, Per Yard. 35c, 50c, 75c
Scotch Ginghams in the newest patterns ami
colors: in checks, stripes nnd plain effects; over
one hundred distinct patterns to choose fram:
v.; Itlis  28  inches.   Our
Special 15c Per Yard
See Window Display of New Prints
and Ginghams
We Give You
Money To Build
Your Own Home
B. &.
ll/P   supply   the   money
** a-*   your own  home,  meet
pay off mortgages or buy pro-
pay back in monthly instalments of less than $10
on a $1000 loan at a coot to you of
only 2l/2 percent, on a 5 per cent,
S?liator A. A. McDonald; v/boss
demti w��3 announced Ih these
rolumns on the 22nd inat., wus buried
in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, yesterday.    He w.:s u i rominct.i
man in the Kast and bad been in pub-1
lie life since he was l'I, having been I
lor five  years  liem> nunt governor of I
Prince Edward Is! unl.   Mr. i'. A. Mc-1
Donald is a second son of the   late
Senator, and Mrs. D. II. McDonald Is
3 sit lei-in-law, -
Tho W.fv.a V.iiicli attcndel the
.lYst Block Parliament held In the V.
M. C. A. lust week, has induced Secretary Anderson to make arrangements for a retention of the entertainment with a different representation tor both government and opposi- j
tlon. This second session will be held i
in three or four weeks' time.
The first box to he sold for the All-   m ���  r> o
Star hockey mutch of April 2 was ise-|5��J7  r.lfont St.
cured  yesterday   morning by   George-
McCarthy, of this elty. Mr. McCarthy,
who Is connected with the llun of W.
.1.  Kerr,  Ltd., is a close    friend    or
Skene Ronan, nnd In purchasing   the
box be made the stipulation that   it
must  be near  the  penalty  bench  "su ,
thnt he could talk to Bkene several ,
times duiing the game."    Tickets Tor
the match will be placed o:i aale here
on Friday morning.
Teacher of Piancfote, Violin,
Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,!
'. Counterpoint    and    Musical
i Form.
For terms, etc., apply   51    Duffcrir.
Street, New Westminster, phen? It-ill.
j Fresh Soles, per lb 10c
Fresh Oolichans   3 lbs. for 2oC
Hed Spring Salmon, per lb 20j
I Fresh Cod (half or whole), per lb...8c
I Fresh Halibut, per lb 10c
| Prime Rabbits, each   36c
Also a large variety of Smoked Fish.
Phone 301
llought and Soul.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
[Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Kstate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Head Office in the
Phone No. 655.    New Westminster.
We  Have  Everything In
Shavifcg Necessities
BniEl&.VRazors, i-,tro|:.<, After-
shave  Ci cams, i owders, eet,
9def$jir ^window display.
DispensinQ Chcmltts, Etc.
Deane Hlock.   441 Columbia st
New Waetmlnater  re
A Correction.
It Is not Rev. P. It. Hrown. but Rev.
P, II. Donnelly, Oblate father Ot London, Fng., who is conducting the mission tiiis week ni st. Peter's church.
This mistake was ma'.'o In Uippo columns yeeterday morning In announcing the mission.
Closing the Campaign,
Electors should no' mlss the great
closing meeting of the campaign in
the Opera House tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at K o'clock, J. S. Hryson In the chair. Liberal speakers:
George Kennedy, John Oliver and
Ralph Smith. Thomas Qlfford allotted
half an hour, with permission for another Conservative speaker, From
scatg for Indies. �����
Machinery for Industries.
A consignment of material for tho
British Canadian Lunihcr Company
on l.ulu Island, wa* received here by
tbe H. C, 10. R. on Blturd&y morning.
This consisted of a carload of cement
and a carload of machinery,
Tho Dominion Match Factory is nl-
fo rocclvins; consignment! of poo Is
by tho 1). C, Electric, Rnd It is understood lo he getting in readiness to tv-
gin work,
"The King's Highway."
The energetic secretary of tho Canadian  Highway Association  has nn
Inicresting article lu Opportunities o(
this month. Mr. Luce writes on tit��
"Finn's Highway," which Is to be
bulll from Vnncouver t-i Westminster
as the far western section of the Cn-
nadlan Highway. This Important
niece of roa-.! wnr'-. li Is honed, win
be    oponed    by  Hia    M.\|   ;y,    K'.ng
Sixth  Avenue
(1090) Seven-room modern two-story house, well built on stone foundation. Price 13500. Terms $700 cash, balance to be arranged.
Sixth avenue Ib one of the most promising streets In New Westminster. It is looked upon ns a future up-town business street. A car-
line hag already been promised for this street. With the cars will
come permanent pavement, it is the first uptown street having direct connection with the east end of the city (Sapperton). Westward lt
extends to Eburne. Few streeta tap as lari;e an area, city and suburban, 'li! :   ���   i     i   r
Buy on Sixth avenue for sate ln\estmcnt.   Property well bought l��
half sold.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
KmTOBM iahuI
F J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.      Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'derprove. B.C.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   ^Vin<^ow Display
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C.
Electric Railway.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur     Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
���PHONE 67
Pres. and Cenl. Mgr.
Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers  and  Wholesale Dealers In
fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonee Na. 7 and 877,   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
Westminster Branch. _ Cars
leave B. C. E. It. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00, 6:45 and
6:46 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly ser-
vlco until midnight.
8unday Service.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver nt. 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular, week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20' and
Burnaby Branch���Cars lenve
B .C. E. II. Co. station for Vancouver at 6:46, 6:46 end 8:00 ,
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Kegular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch*��� (To
Vancouver via Eburno^��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m, and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at R:00 a.m. Kegular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and' way points
'nt 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and fi.PO. For
Huntingdon and wry points at
4:05 p.m.


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