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The Daily News Jan 8, 1912

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"������8T acres
mmit** ***** ts^MTIE
party.   Terms fsr - genuine   -fndus-
DID LOTS one Mack
line, en span street,
city sn   ths   west'
terms.   Saa
i ii i smsss
Bitter  in  East and Middle
/ West.
.*>* ������-���
Msn Diss In Montreal; Eleven Dls Ih
New York; Severe   Cold   in
Montreal, Jan. 7.���With one man
dead and scores of frost bites treated
at the ctty hospital to mark its advent, a bitter cold wave, which hurled
the temperature down 20 to 25 points
within a few hours, swept in from
the EaaL .Temperatures far below
the zero mark, ranging to minus 15
and 20, abow the intensity ot winter's
initial cold effort.
An unidentified man, 60 years old,
was found huddled up and frozen
stiff ln the doorway of St. Jean Baptists market.
Winnipeg, Jan. 7.���Cold which
touched 60 below zero at White
River, Ont., and equally severe weather all along the north shore played
havoc with wires on Saturday night
and early this morning. Winnipeg
was completely cut off from communication with the East. It was 34 bo-
low zero here yesterday.
Toronto, Jan. 7.���The weather man
reported Satunhlk night that Saturday had been a cVlder day than any
last winter. His lowest official record is 10 below. Thermometers at
exposed points registered at 16 below. Snow Is impending, but there Is
no Indication that the Intense cold
will relax within the next two or
three days.
The coldest record..for the province
ls at Cochrane, whether lt was 48 be.
low on Saturday rawTrinjj. All Ontario experienced very, low temperatures. Ottawa wns 22 below, Kingston 20.
New York, Jan. 7.���A total of 11
deaths from tlie extreme cold wag
the record In this city for the winter's coldest day here. Although the
thermometer had sunk to eit'ht de-
g:ees at about 10 o'clock Saturday
night from a maximum of 15 ln mlii-
nfternoon, the suffering was not so
"iuttrr^e because of a raarkfed let uy
in tb* i'Matl���'�� |ale. Lower tempera-
tu���j> J^SJ'M'w** predated.
Preparations    Completed    for   Early
Opening of What Promises to
Be Short Session.
Victoria, Jan. 7.���Preparations are
completed for tbe formal opening on
Thursday next of the 1912 session of
the provincial house. The session will
only occupy from six to eight weeks,
but will be of very great Importance
in its relationship to the development
of the province.
An outstanding feature will be tbe
consideration and endorsement of the
recently completed revision and consolidation of the provincial statutes
in wbich numerous amendments have
been made by the commissioners,
Messrs. Charles Wilson and A. P.
Considerable time will also be devoted to tbe proposed radical changes
ln the Vancouver city charter, while
acts ln amendment of the Land act
and for tbe systematized protection
and conservation of the provincial
forest resources will be offered by
Hon. W. R. Ross.
Canton, Jan. 7���Sixty fanatical high school boys, fired with
enthusiasm for the republican
cause, have left this town for
Lun Chau and ultimately Peking. They boys are traveling
to tbe former place, wbere
fighting Is now going on, by
sea, and they are witling to
sacrifice their Uvea for the
cause. Nothing; they say, will
stop them from entering the
capital of China except death.
In Vigorous Speech at Qusensborough Explains Sale of
City Bonds Claiming He Acted Throughout in Public's
Interest-It Is "Damnable" He Says, 'To Malign a Man
Without Proof���Harbor Improvements.
Mayor Lee put up a strong defence
on Saturday night to Aideiman Bryson's attack of the evening before.
He spoke at Crane's hall, Queensborough, to a crowded house, Joining
Issue squarely with his opponent on
almost every point, and giving a detailed explanation of the whole bond
transaction. Alderman Bryson entered tbe hall Just after the mayor had
begun to speak, but the latter immediately gave way to his rival.     "
Earlier still ln the evening Aldermen Lynch and Gray made short
speeches, the former advocating the
creation of a recreation park iu
Queensborough and the latter giving
an account ol his work on the l.giiting
committee, and also making some lm
portant statements on the harbor
scheme and the mayor's actions with
regard to IL
Alderman Gray foreshadowed a decrease in the electric light rates as
soon aa the B. C. E. R. franchise ex-
tired next year.    He  then went ou
^ to characterize the harbor scheme aa
"the best ever evolved." Premature
announcements, however, woul.l upset
tbe whole plan, which would have to
be submitted to the    Dominion   and
from the public, he explained, was
because if they were announced the
real estate sharks would option and
buy the property concerned and raise
the prices of land' to a prohibitive
point. All the engineer's reports and
maps had been shown to the council.
Tbey were kept in a room, of which
the door was always open to members of tbe councll. Other members
had Inspected them occasionally and
kept in touch with the work, "but I
am not aware," he finished up, "that
Alderman Bryson has ever taken
enough interest to do the same, lf
he doesn't know ail about lt, it must
be because he does not want to
'Tbey say the B. C. E. R. bas fixed
me, too. 'lhe sa^ie old thing," complained the speaker. "In spite of ail
that Alderman Bryscn says, Mr. F.ee-
man can't be Influenced by all the
directors of the B. C. E. R. nor by ail
the money In British Columbia. And
it ls his plan, not mine, that ls being
carried out." With theee words he
rebutted the charge that he had
switched on the Coquitlam dam question, and he was ret dy to pledge hls
life that wben the d�� ra was built the
Thieves Were Busy in    Neiahborinu
City on Ssturdsy Evening-
Numerous Thefts.
Vancouver, Jan. 7.���Hold-ups wero
numerous here on Saturday night.
Shortly after 8 o'clock two robbers
entered Kelly's grocery store at the
corner of Westminster road and
Fifteenth avenue, held up the man
ln charge and robbed tbe till of $25.
Just ten minutes before the men entered the store the owner had emptied tbe till df $110.
Two men, one with a revolver, entered an east end establishment,
pointed the weapon nt the proprietor
and his assistant and rifled the till
of some $76. When they left the
victim followed them for a short dis
tance. Tbe men turned and fired
two shots at him, one of the bullets
passing through his hat and another
through his coat.
Charles Cadwell, one of the drivers
for the L X. L. Bakery company, was
Some Candidates in Paddock
���Form Discussed.
Nominations Will Bv Mads
Pour cf Last Ysai*s Entries
Run Again.
Today is nomination day, when tt
will be seen how many of tbe announced candidates aire prepared us
face the polls on Thursday. In order
to enlighten the electors on ths different personalities and tbeir histories.
a' brief who's who aud all about then*
follows. _
To take tbe old councillors flrst:
Alderman A. W. Gray nas served five,
yeara ln the council, and haa held,
the chairmanship of the light committee during the whole of that
 . . ..   period. He waa born in New West-
proceeding along Salsbury drive, ho* minster, and haa spent moat ef bis
tween Hastings and Pender streets. Illf* In thl�� cltY. bavlng worked 14.
at about 7:30 p.m., when he waa held year" in the B- C. Mills Timber and
up by two men and made to pass over i Trading company.   One of Mr. Gray's
��� ���������������������'���������������������f|iUia*Ulh* maps illustrating it
Tn   the    brief   time    allotted
provincial governments before the j water would come through absolute.y
public were admitted into tbe details. | Pure- He maintained, however, that
These were not, however, being kept <in stating that he himself had told
secret by the mayor, who bad shown ;Wm tiMt the city held the key to the
them, to all the aldermen ln council. jCouuitlam dam question, Alderman
The latter had seen the whole report I Bryson had violated his confidence,
"   ��� _     , that remark having been made ln   a
him  private conversation   in the   ccuncil ���
$61.50 in cash snd a cheque for $7
Mr. Ralph Heskin, of Vernon drive,
was held up in tbe 900 block. Union
street, at about 8 o'clock, when when
only 10 cents was found ln his
pockets the leader of the three gravely handed back tbe money. A maa
giving bis name as Goval Sawulf,
who lives ln the 300 block, Alexander
street, reported that his trousers,
containing $80 in cash, were stolen on
Saturday morning. Mr. Louis Endri
reported that when he entered an uptown hotel three men held him up,
cne with a revolver, and took $15.
best achievements was the designing, in conjunction with the electrician, of the Columbia street Ug*#-
Ing scheme, which is recognized as
being one of the very beat on the
coast. Mr. Gray says he stands for
what he has always stood for, namely, progress and a fair deal far ail
sections of the city.
Alderman Henley has been in business in British Columbia for 35 yearn.
26 of whicb were passed ln New
Westminster. During the past seven
years he has sat ln the council six
times, having missed 1910 owing to
TJ���� Cnglish Diiectors.
Tbe famous visit   of   the   English
directors came in for  similar treatment at the major's hands. He stuck
he   had. not
_                   i iuv��l  vaunts w.m.n  jua��-<  mm 1 mayor's explanation  of  the tr'an'sac- ] council, and they hrJ d��clined
...��� sadden cold aaap has    diIven , A*" ��������'���   vouna  wtn��n   jUMises fit*\%iium. 	
ao many- tbouaenda ot dOatltnte and
noSMtae* to seek skelter In tne muni
oipsu loOaioa .stmt****,-* tn* eo*��r��d
l>l��M ul H�� Um, n��|iH. that the
loaders a* <fcw *a*t*ot*t alasleo ap-
ledled' to *W* ibssWiaS to open' their
doors toithe homeless.  .
Chicago, Jan. T.^-Uhile Chleap-a
as well as ths rest of the MKdie
West, continued to feel the sold, aad
while *$��'_ and suffering con united
to be reported, charity In .Ue city
wart far to relieve the,homeless.
Oue death waa reported tn tbe city.
At 8:30 p.m. the Chicago weather
bureau report indicated a temperature of seven degrees "below sero.
Tacoma, Ja*. 7.���wYlh a fall of 7.5
inches of snow Ib 24 hours, as registered at the United States weather
bureau at 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Tacoma is having Its flrst test
of winter. The temperature, however,
did not drop below 30 during the day.
Scow at South Tacoma waa reported
tp b�� several Inches mora than the
figare of the weather bureau.
Him Vthan H*fjfiyg��l**-o
OartOrUt 'IWrSStfc ,
r_i_    .  jt?*
Alderman  Bryson reiterated his   attacks on the mayor, aad took up tha
different questions of autocratic rule,
the Coquitlam dam, the   bond   aale,
and reticence in the matter of   the
harbor scheme.   He told how hs had ] to his statement, that
resisted from the finance committee
, nr.*a$i the sale of the bonds, although   t�� see him- They ha4 been Introduced
i Alderman   J. J. Johnston Jtad ,con-1 by a Mr. Conway, ahd he had vas^ed
fessed    himself   a4tl*4fci   wtth   the]��neai if they    wanted   to   ses.  the
 ' The
oc uutta save ����       ��tog tvee?un*.
.' Unown that the i.rectovs were coming
Executions at Tabrlr Carried Out
Barbarous Fashion���Victims
��"-*��� ���>--"������������** --*���*'
! omitting to hand in his nomination.
J papers in time. --In. lftOft Mr. Healey
I was chairman of the board of works,
and he claims to have been the first,
after the new charter allowing the
city to borrow money bad been granted, to introduce the Hassam pavement Into New Westminster. It ftr.
his ambition to be chairman of the
board ot works this yeeyr, and he believes that he should have been given
that rosition last year,        w.
Alderman Dodd haB Just finished:
his first year on the connell, to wbicb-
be was elected on ths Labor ticket-
He wM anointed ofcaifSu****. Uu��
Health committee, afltf \��tfir tfcpart-
'ment haa developed considerably
' N  r-.,
��,rfor wttk
.�������: '.f-l'htr^'^T:!��' SWi��*
l��d to seize the handbag of Misa May
O'Ronrke, lit years old. near her
bome on -North Kaclne avenue oa
Saturday, night. Whon he escape!
from Ver he was minus bis hat, coat,
a neokscarf, shirt and ono shoe.
She Is athletic. The robber slipped
snd fell to tbe icy walk and MIbs
O'Rourke jumped on him shouting for
When he finally wriggled from the
coat to whicb she was clinging he
left with it a neckscarf and the loose
collarless coat shirt which she had
pulled over his head. His bat lay on
the walk and as he started to run
away one dt his low shoes tell off.
inson^ tell tbe people in UUgmed?" tbey ask-
he   had   been    soled.   "That we gave you three lines,
Tbe   history    of ! and got Jolly well nothing ?"   "Well,
that sale    bejaa In    1910,   he 'said, ji B������ y����'J1 ha e to," replied    the
B. C. K. R
when Alderman Bryson was not even 'mayor,
on the finance committee St all.    In i    Speaking of ths
Manager Gillis, of the Royal
theatre, has certainly secured a star
turn this week in the Passion Play
pictures, which he la showing for the
next three daya. Beautifully colored,
this film portrays with perfect dignity
and reverence the wonderful story ot
the new testament. Almost every
scene ln the life of the Saviour ls
depicted amidst most realistic and
beautiful surroundings. The flight
into Egypt is one of ttie flrst pictures
and tbe parents and tbe Child are
seen fleeing from the cruel Heiod
with nothing but their ass accom
panying them. And tben acene fol-
Toronto, Jan. 7.���The wholesale lows scene In marvellous succss-
scctlon of the city waa again threat-j sion; the baptism .over, Christ enters
Wholesale    District    Threatened    by
Saturday   Night   Blaze   Which
Csussd Hssvy Damage
ened with destruction Saturday night
by a flre which broke out In the premises of Messrs. Boyd, Brummel ft
Co., wholesale fancy goods, Wellington street west. The entire building
waa gutted, involving $125,000 loss.
The adjoining premises of Messrs.
Robinson and the Dale, Fowke Singer
comr any, as well aa the head office
of the Merchants bank were damaged
to-the extent of $20,000 additional.
R. C. Hospital Was Recipient of Many
Gifts at Chrlstmaa Time.
The Royal Columbian Hospital has
much pleasure in acknowledging with
grateful thanks the donations, gifts
and favors received from the following sources at the Christmas season:
City Council, J. B. Kennedy, T. H.
Smith, W. S. Collister, Mrs. A. J.
Lirtch, F. J. MacKensie, D. S. Cut-tie,
S. H. Thompson, P. Burns ft Co.,
Johnston Shoe Store, Windsor Electric Co., Mrs. J. J. Johnston, Mrs. A.
.1. Hill, Mrs. S. J. Pearce, Mrs. A. H.
Ferguson, Miss F. Armstrong, Mrs.
P. Birro'l, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Kerr.
Mr and Mrs. V. H. C. Abbott, Mr. ahd
Mrs. Rldgeway^Smlth, M. X. Phillips,
Women's Own Bible Class and several nameless friends.
on his mission, Healings are performed, ths blind are made to aee, the
lame walk and tbe dead are raised.
Everywhere flock the softly colored
crowds ln the flowing raiments ot ths
eaat amldat the wonderful architecture of Palestine, and dignified and
gracious the central figure moves
among them. Now he walks miraculously on the face of the waters, and
now the nets of the fishermen, who
had fished ao long In vain, are suddenly laden to* breaking point And
so tho Sim goss on, creeping through
all its 3000 feet or mbre, until ihe
final stages are reached, Calvary ts
climbed, and the body lowered from
tbe cross and laid to rest ln the rock
tomb. Soldiers guard the place, bat
angels descend while they sleep, and
lift off the heavy stone, so that the
Lord may rise again from the dead.
The last picture, shows the ascension
Into the heaven wtth the group ot
the faithful adoring below.       *
Great crowds are expected to ftbek
'to see this film. One session, however, Manager GUUs means to re
serve for ths children of the orphanage, whom he will Invite to come
and stp the picture*: Such Illustrations to thei; "IMe studies' should
prove very welcome to the children.
1 and  go  far to make  the
that year a by-law was submitted for
$160,000 for street, bridge, flre ball
and other purposes. As soon as the
by-law was passed tenders were called for and about flve bids for the
bonds received. Among these was one
from Wood, Gundy A Co. Next morning, however, a wire was received
from Stimson ft Co. making a better
offer. This he showed to Alderman
Johnston and the rest of thi finance
committee, and they decided to accept It. A little later he himself
went east to Toronto, and when he
waa there Mr. Bruce, of tbe successful company, told him that the bylaw had been Improperly drawn. Next
year, accordingly, it had to be resubmitted and $275,000, including $150,-
000 for atreet purposes, added to It.
When this matter had been settled
Stimson ft Co. had to get the bonds,
as all but $70,000 or $80,000 belonged
to the old by-law, and were incorporated with it when resubmitted. "We .
Could sell to no-one else," said the
speaker flatly, stimson was anxious
to go to the London market with
these bonds,   continued   the   mayor,
chise  the mayor Stated    his
that tber�� were good hopes of the
I city of Naw Westminster obtaining
I some alteration ef the blanket, charter
now ln force. He had Interviewed
| legal celebrities on the question and
' he believed that they would be able
to change it so ' t the city would
get some return .rom the company
for allowing them to run their cars
over the streets. But the point must
be'approached from another direction
than formerly. How thla must be
done exactly, lt would be foolish for
him to tell them. If he did ao he
would be in the position of a card
player who laid his band on the cloth,
and then played against the other
three players at the table.
In drawing his speech to a close,
Mayor Lee alluded to an Indefinite
charge made by ��� an unnamed man
agalnat him. "It has been charged,"
he said, "that a certain man aaw a
cheque that I received from a certain
corporation laat year to pay my campaign expenses; I will give at any
time my cheque   for   $1000   to   the
placed around tbe necks of the con-  tb���lr <��r?hops tor sawn years.    h��*
demned men and jutlled sharply. Tho i wa" P����Wfiit of his union tor   two.
victims were slowly strangled. Some, >���������� ��nd is still secretary    For one��
of them lived 16 mlni'tes.    No band-   ye? ,beJr��" ������������� ��* the Trade*
, ages covered the eye*, and In some  ?��d Labor Council, and he has also
/ran.l^^.- tb9 >rms anj jegB  were    un., been secretary   of   the   co-operative
. . ,, -    ���  Royal Columbian hospital tf that   or
and he could not do so unless he also any other man can prove that I   re-
got the $70,000 or $80,000 as well, for I ceived a cheque from that cornoratlou
the London market will take nothing
less tban $500,000. lt waa after this
that Wood. Gundy's representative
called, and wanted thla smaller Issue.
But, said the mayor, "I told him, 'It 1
divide the Issue, neither your irnrnor
the Stimson firm can go on the tendon market and thia will reault in
great Injury to tbe interests of New
Westminster V "
As for the slip of paper business
Mayor Lee maintained that that
would not "have been fair, lt wouldn't
have been businesslike."
Before leaving thla question. Mr.
Lee entered a strong protest against
the Imputation of unworthy motives
to any man, and the blackening of
hla character without exact evidence.
"When a nun gets on a public platform or at a street corner, and makes
charges of other Influences than the
good of the public being at work, he
la unworthy of any consideration
from ms, and I challenge Mr. Bryson
and Mr. Johnston and all other people to prove that I have at any time
bean influenced by any corpoi stiun of
by any consideration other than the
publlc good. Let them keep their
handa off my reputation, for I won't
, atand for it. It is a damnable thing
to malign a man without proof."
Tba Harbor Scheme.   ,,
From   these   matters   tbe   mayor
ceived a cheque from tbat corporation
or any other corporation, or any otber
'interest' except irom the people of
New Westminster."
ithe Bible live for tbem.
s.ory  of
boun(J /store.   ^lr. Dodd is 3tandlng on tha.
The' Russians have begun destroy- "lhar *lcI:e�� **��*�� *"�� F����r-
ing the walls of the citadel, which I Alderman Lynch has passed! the-.
ia several centuries old. Shua-Ed. ��� last fourteen years of hia life in New
Dowleh, ths new governor, thus far j Westminster, and has been in business on his own for eight of those
years. Born in Peterborough, Ontario, he is one   of the   many   Eastern ���
has not been recognized by tbe con
suts, with the exception of the Russian consul, whom be visited yesterday in state.
Ex-P/-esident     Roosevelt     Cultivates
Restraint While. Making   the
Wood-chips Fly.
Canadians wbo have made their bome
in thla province.   Mr. Lynoh has been
identified with    lacroase   practically
ever since he hit this town, awR lr?
was a member of the team, a*   1900. t,
jHe remained an active member until
! ��05, and In 1908-9 be was presided*:
of the team.   Since then he has bee��.
Identified with the management, and/
is secretary of the B.C.L.A. Last year
was Mr. Lynch's first year   in    tho
council and he was given the chairmanship of the Parks   and   Library
committee.   He claimed that for the
amount ot money at its disposal this
committee did very    well.    Through 1
his efforts a grant of $600, he says;
wis obtained for the library for the
first time in three years, and the con-
of   books   havo
Oyster Bay. N. Y��� Jan. 7.���Colonel . ,
Roosevelt and half a dozen other men j K""* ,p.urclla"e,L , ��� A
chopped down trees Saturday in tho' SS^M 0.i*vtVhe.'t^?ttrd ��i th<*
woods surrounding tbe ex-praaldent's,f8?1 �����*��� "hrariea in this province
home at Sagamore Hill. When * v�� ��1Iw*5r�� b.?e,nJn '��vorV wound
Colonel Roosevelt was not wielding ! ^���Ml; J*���*- "ot the progressive, po-
an axe he was giving directions.   To \ "<* ,?f ,Mt J���"* ��*"*&> ��* am ����
all Inquirers tbe colonel sent word i ��� ���'   _ .���   _..       . ���.
1    Mr. Peter Peebles stands
that hs would say nothing.
After more than a year of comparative obscurity, Oyster Bay la again
achieving prominence.
Wben     hla     unsuccessful     foui
for   tho-
rid! this year Sts the first time.,
believes that   bts   qualifications
will be of senlce to the city, and la ���
��� ,.,.���..., prepared, It elected, to sacrifice   air*
thr'o^h" New York state to'lSWta '��!..t,B,eM ?~S!!2L10. J*!J?S '*��
r i
behalf ot Henry L. Stimson, Republl-
Iness.    Mr. Peebles arrived:on tbla.
Demand Throughout Provlncs Greatly
Excaeda Supply   Searching the
Vancouver, Jaa. 7.���At; tbs piesent
time thera Is a great demand for
teachers for city schools. Men and
women who.have tba required certificates and qualifications are, It ia said,
able .to find employment any time.
The school law very clearly defines
what the qualifications most be add
unless these are satisfied In all respects th�� candidates for the portions are not accepted.
Teachers are being drawn from
every part of the, Dominion tor the
reasoh tbat thefts ate ait enough  in
turned to,the harbor scheme. This; tbe province of British Colombia to
he aald, was being very carefully ' take the positions. At the present
drafted, but It was not a harbor, tl��w the shortage ls vary acute as tht
scheme ior South Vancouver or Rich- major portion of the teachers of Uu
mond. but for New Wprtmlnstv.Tbe oonntry are already engaged b;
reason why tbe details bid beei'ltfot scbocls e!
can candidate   tor governor.   ��Mb$1.Er��*Ma ��*�����. . nM-m��.nc
Colonel Roosevelt went Into   retire- ^d~Y*   ���** b^Zi���.JTET?i2i
ment. but sa a result of recent poll* ;-5��K,!*.5S! MSS*^ ����
cal developments Sagamore Hill once
more ls In a state of siege.
December's report fiom tbe public
hospital for the insane shows an in-
ereaaa In tha number of Inmates in
tbe bome end of. patients under U*sA
ment At the beginning of tbe montli
thera wets Ml psreona la the hospital, ot wben W ��en males, while
at the end of the year tbere were, altogether, tm, 600 of these being
males aad 190 females. Wltb tba addition of 21 out ea probation, a total
of 7lt patients was reached.
Daring tha month U persona were
admitted and als: ware discharged oh
probation and nine without probation,
while. 41 were finally discharged at
tbe expiry of tlieir rrobatlon period,
only one woman having to be taken
���>ack to the hospital. T^ere w��r* ao
escapes during the month, bet t\,-* o.
*!h* patients died.
Since that date he claftna   to   have-
identified himself with every   movement furthering the city's prosperity
From 19^4 to 1909  be   sat   on   tho
school board, and be Is new; a mean*
ber of tba Royal Columbian Hospital'
Board.   He ls an active member of
tbe board pt trade, and manager, of'
St Andrew's   chureb.   #���   beUaren
tbat Hv* Wsstminstee today bi ittttfr -
lag at the parting ot the ways, iritis
unequalled opportunlttes ahead of t*r���
Bv* If these Sre net bandied ta a tatfgn
minded manner, he aays.lt win be
disastrous te tbe ctty.
h  Mh A. E. Kellington was bora ^W-
Listowel, Ontario, and completed MhM
education at Ottawa.   Aft*-thli   b*>
taught school for a number otyaanu -
and spent some time on the praWn..
During the three   years   before   bat*
came to New Westminster; Mr. Kat
Itngtoa ww <?t��t'lct 8--.;v;t>r for th����-
Stta Life Insvrsnre ��>mpany ttt Manitoba,  dfobe Angus' 'U��� .,'howavisr, #s
baa Identified himself ant bH butfe?
(Osettws* sth Pasa^PbNMu
V ���"""   PAOtTWO
wes iy \utmm
WANTED���AT     OtfCE,
servant, family of two.
Third street, in mornings
GENERAL) Rough Estimate of Immense Wealth
Apply 328
of Famous Family of Financiers
Smoke   Dozen   st   Ones   and   Better
Than Tobacco Lover Could.
for financial institution.    Apply iu
own hand writing to P. O. Drawer
apply mornings.   318 First street.
keeplng. Apply L. T., Daily New
plain sewing, by the day. Apply
Mlss Cowln, 309 Keary street, Sapperton.
class salesmen; also one stocs
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia,
New Westminster.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
in the city and wlll deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
S quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.
drive, suitable for 12 year old boy.
J. F. R.  Balloch, 322 Third street.
FOR SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
$500 dollars under value. Apply
626 Columbia Street.
ed house with all modern convent
ences.    Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
money, wlll sell flve acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an aire. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
street, Sapperton.
$1 down and ji a week; no interest; four styles: old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone 996, Market Square.
ing room, $12 per month. Apply
623 Hamilton street.
Paris, Jan. 7.���Ever since the battle
of Waterloo, when a Rothschild wms
the  first  ln  England  to obtain  the
news and profit by it on the stock exchange, the name of Rothschild has
been synonymous with that of untold
wealth.   The recent death ln PariB of
Baron Gustave has again drawn momentary attention to the fortune of
the great house, whose extent it is by
no means easy to calculate.    Everybody    knows  that the brothers are
partners, and that the bank has establishments ln London, Paris, Berlin,   Frankfort,   and   Vienna.     The
French branch was founded by Baron
James, whose son Edmond alone outlived him.   When the Uaron Solomon,
the first of his four sons, died in 1864
he   left   a   widow and   a   daughter
At the marriage of Mile Helen with
Baron von Zuylen de Nyevelt, the
flrst Idea was gained of the wealth
of each, as ber share of her father's
inheritance which she brought with
her as dowry amounted to $70,004,-
000. Consequently, Baron Solomon's
foi tune was double this, and his three
brothers and his sister, who married
Baron Nationlel, of London, having
an equal sum, the total of the five
was nearly $800,000,000 at that date.
As there are four branches almo it
equally rich, the whole family must
have been Inpossesslon of nearly $3,-
200,000,000. No one member, however, is probably as rich as Mr. Biet,
or even Sir J. B. Robinson, both of
whom aie credited with over $400,-
France, which ls certaintly one of
the   richest    countries in the   world,
has few extremely rich men, according to modern estimates.   In his curious book, "The Rich Men of the Last
Seven  Hundred    Years,"    M. Avenel
states he  has not been able to flnd
any fortune  before the French revolution bringing in a revenue of $600,-
000 a year.    At present there are at
least fifty in this class, and 120 men
who can spend between $200,000 and
$��00.000 per annum.    Before the beginning   of   the    nineteenth    century
there were only about fifteen capitalists of over $6,000,000.    These calculations,  of  course,   exclude   ancient
times,  for nobody has  yet equalled
the wealth of Croesus.
private boarding house; all home-
cooking; use of telephone and bath,
nice quiet home. Terms very reasonable. Gentlemen only need apply. 51S Acnes street.
_i_... __. ; ,.a
Yon probably knew all
hew it goes. Just as yoa do
tickling starts ia yeur threat
mg suite.    224  Seventh  street.
Royal avenue, between I. O. O. F.
hall and residence, Beulah Rebecca
No. 5 pin.   Apply 821 Royal avenue.
too well
t off, tbe
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Aeestle
ceurk. mtxll ail���p. A hwder ���ugh,
\t**m amastaam. ***** lUag ymm. J
roa'ra -maaSma*****., mama*mB**i yam
A few aigkta of that Md you're ao
worn est aad waafceaed tbst the ssagb
takes a tight grip sa rea.
But why satl ure it I
Me-Dru-Ce Syttip *l Ii���id, Licorice aad CMassiyjBQ will soothe that
naapsrstiag tickbsg, lasssn ths sfclagxs
 11 iirstksislssismliiMsf Sis swans
tarmbraae.   It set eai j
and warts permanently removed by
Miss B. Short, of Vancouver. Room
S, Collister b'ock, Wednesday sad
Thursdays.    Phone 978.
Furnished for attractive eaterpriese
an all substantial lines st busies**.
Railroads, Tractions, Water nad
"lectrio Powers, Irrigations, Tiaiber,
Mining, Agricultural aad IadustrUri.
Bond, Debenture aud Sieok Issues
"Underwritten, Purchased or Sold.
Properties purchased for Bar
-exploitation and Investment.
Financial Undertakings ot ail
Miscellaneous commissions __
orders of all characters acoeptod for
execution in any European country
Correspondence enclosing full details at flrst writing invited.
The International Bankers Alllaiee
14-16-18 Bloomsbury St., London, Eng.
quickly, sllawisg yea is gst ssasd, se-
wsabiai ******* ******* g#ae te **e ssst af
ths JnnVlT wail tnivm nit She seid S���
j.   CWie��� wtfhasjy ***** Mb.
is ayrsg ef Lisansd, Manias ssi
"-ngj'irt bas il tr saa psf m^jg*
yea sm age. aad p*. tertflas.   ne
nUMjr.   Chil!
Dru-Ce 9frag ef
it tor
Labor Meetiafs
Titles   Examined,   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
Bank of Montreal
���CAPITAL   (Psid-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Branchss tbrougnout Canada aad
Newfoundland, and ln London, Bag
lend, Nsw York. Chicago and Senhsse,
C.S.A., snd Msxlco Ctty. A gnnersl
tasking buslnsss transacted. Lst
ters of Credit Issued, available wttk
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspartmeat���Deposits
Tecelved in sums of $1 and upward,
nud interest allowel at 3 per cent, par
nnnum  (pressnt rats).
Total  Assets over $186,000,000.0$
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Following is a list at Labor Meetings te be hold during ths Clvle Campaign:
Monday, January 8, at Johnston
Hall,  Sappertea.
Tueaday, January 8, at Bt. Barnabas Hall, West End.
Your vote and Influence Is respectfully solicited for the following candidates:
For School Trustees:
For Aldermen:
On behalf of the Labor   Campaign
"There used to a time," sighed the
cigar store man, "when 1 made a substantial addition to my income coloring mber��$haum "pipes for folk who
were too lazy or ignorant of how to
do it for themselves, but as ln the
case of many other industries manual
labor, if you can call smoking manual labor, has had to give way before the march of machinery.
Where I used to get all the way
from $5 up for coloring a pipe, one
can now have It done for about $2.
I can smoke only one pipe at a time,
but the machines puff half a dozen
at once, and in truth they do it better and without the risk of spoiling
the pipe that I used to run.
'TTwenty-flve years ago a meerschaum pipe was an unusual possession, and those who had them were
looked on as specially favored. Today you can buy meerschaums for
75 cents, but though their vogue hi*s
increased no one wants to pay for
having a cheap pipe colored.
"The secret of coloring a meerschaum pipe is in not allowing the
bowl to get too hot. All meerschaum
pipes are boiled in wax, which penetrates the clay���for that's all meerschaum is���and which carried the tobacco oil to all parts of the surface,
preventing its exuding. The nature
of heat generated will drive any liquid away, and if the pipe is smoked
too fast the heat geneiated will drive
the wax to the extremes. That is why
most meerschaums show color first
in those places. Just as soon as the
wax is all driven out there is an end
to the hope of coloring the pipe unless it is rebolled.
"To prevent this burning, smoke
slowly, with long, steady puffs. lf
the.bowl gets hot lay the pipe aside
at once. Also let tue pipe be thoroughly cold before refilling it after
smoking. Nothing will ruin your pipe
sooner than keeping it steadily in
"Meerschaum is one of the most
delicate of clays, and is most sensitive to changes of temperature.
Hence it ls unwise to smoke it outdoors in winter or leave it in a draft.
A sudden change in temperature may
cause it to snap in pieces or crack.
Do not handle the bowl or even toucn
It, especially when it is warm, as jft
will cause the bowl to become mottled and dirty. At the same time, do
not cover it with chamois, which skin
will absorb the wax and leave the
bowl spotted.
"If after a time the top of the
bowl gets blackened or scratched,
cover it with melted beeswax. Then
the scratches will disappear and the
blackness will spread itself over the
surface evenly, becoming a dara
"Professional  pipe   colorers, so   to
speak, now use a machine to which
uny number ot pipes may  be attach-
led.      All are connected by  tubes  to
ItUe  bellows,  wbich  draws  the  smoke
���tesdlly und  very slowly, just eaouMb
to keep   the  tobacco  lighted.       Alter
one set of pipes ls smoked   out,   they
are laid away to cool and another set
is attached.    In  this  way  the pipes
may be colored, ln a few days without the slightest risk.
"Meerschaum formerly was popularly supposed to be petrified sea-
foam, an Idea not dispelled by tne
fact tbat in German, 'meer' aeons the
ocean, and 'acbauiu' denotes scum or
foam, lt ls probabls that the word is
derived from the Tartaric word myr-
sen, meaning clay. Meerschaum is a
hydrous silicate or magnesia, and is
round only in Asia Minor ln quantities large enough to warrant search
tor lt. Many Inhabitants or the country make their living digging up tbe
clay, much ot which ls sent to Vienna, Berlin, er Hamburg, while some
cosies hero ln the raw state to be
served into pipes. Ia this breach of
ths Industry skilled men make very
high wages, for they must be real art-
large and modern cure establishment
at St. Joachlmstal ls expected to
make tbla old town a "cure resort" of
the flrst order, the next step will
probably be the building of up-to-date
hotels ln the village. Eminent authorities agree that the radioactivity ofthe St. Joachlmstal waters is
tar greater than that of any other
mineral spring, so lt ls not improbable that St. Joachlmstal may become
a notable addition to the already long
list of celebrated  Bohemian spas.
Scarcely touched by the human
hand in the whole course of its
preparation so cleanly is the process
WAY" !
Mr. Sanford Dodge has -purchased
the touring rights <rt-"The Right of
Way," the great sensational success
of the metropolitan theatres, dramatised by Eugene Presbrey from Sir
Gilbert Parker's wonderful story and
produced by Klaw A Erlanger ln New
Y6rk City.
Some of the features are a company ot fourteen people, a complete
new scenic environment. The first
act showing Charley Steele's den; the
second, the interior of the Cote Dar-
lon, with the St. Lawrence river in
the perspective; the third, Joe Portugal' cabin near Vadrome Mountain,
and tbe fourth the vicinity of Cooling Springs and the parish church,
all especially designed and executed
Tor Mr. Dodge by Mr. Gibson of the
Twin City Scenic Studio, of St. Paul
and Minneapolis. This splendid
piece will be produced at the Opera
house next Thursday night.
The play is one continuation of
beautiful and effective scenes, brilliant dialogue, vivid character portrayals, dramatic surprises and thrilling climaxes. A stupendous production in every sense of the word. In
spite of the tremendous expense of
this production, the prices wlll be
made to suit everybody's purse, so
that no one need stay away who ls inclined to go. Don't forget the dato
nor mlss seeing the play.
CEYLON TEA*. "Uged in Million, of Tea PoU Daily
Black, Mixed or Green���Sealed Packets Only
FREESnmplemailedooenquiry���Address: 'SALADA',Toronto
We wish to draw the attention of
the voters of the city to the fact that
Mrs. G. B Cross and Mrs. J. R. Gilley
are the nominees of the Local Council of Wonwfli ror the position or
school trustees ror the coming veir.
The Trades and Labor council have
endorsed the candidates nominated by
us, and we hope that every voter In
the city will assist in the election or
these ladles.
Con. Pres. Beard L. C. W.
Sec. L. C. W.
The School Trustees will hold a
public meeting ln the Council Chamber, City Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 9, at
8 p. m.
All candidates Tor School Trustees
are invited to speak.
Secretary or   the   Board   or   School
All new pupils entering the City
Public Schools must first receive a
permit rrom the School Health Inspector.
The office of the Board of School
Trustees on Sixth street will be open
Austrian   ���evernment   Builde   "Cure
Heuee" at the   Mines.
The chler use of radium Is for medicinal purposes, and, recognizing
this, the Austrian government several years ago Installed a provisional
bathhouse near the mines or St. Jov
chimstal. It was then demonstrated
that the results of the radium treatment were most satisfactory In case-'i
of gout, rheumatism of the joints, neuralgia and similar dlneasea.
Under Ihe direction of the Austrian
Ministry of Public W'orkB, the building of a modern "cure house" (bath
establishment) was begun at the
mines In tho summer of 1910, ami
this structure was formally opened
on October 82, 1911, ln the presence
or various high government officials.
The building Is equipped with tho
latest and most practical devices for
the application or radium therapeutics.
Although certain solutions of salts
of radium are Injected under the
skin of patients, tbe principal method
or application of the radium treatment Is by the use of "emanations"
from the element. The "radioactivity," both of water and of air, ls utilized ln these cures. The new bath j
establishment bas nnmerouu bathrooms where warmed radloative
water from the uranium mines is
available in tubs, the exact degree of
radioactivity necessary for every case
being carefully regulated. Resides
the emanation from the water
through the skin provision has been
made for drinking the radioactive air.
The very latest scientific inventions
are used to preserve the radioactivity
of the waters.    The medical director
Public Meeting.
A public meeting will be held at
St. Patrick's hall on Monday, the 8th
inst., at 8 p.m., to hear reports rrom
members of the council, and to give
candidates at the coming elections an
opportunity to express their views.
JOHN A. LEE, Mayor.
Mayor's Office, January. 1912.
Scene from "The Rlgbt or Way," at the Opera House next Thursday night.
Vote For Lee
And keep New Westminster on the road to greater
Vote For Lee
Who stands for the preservation of the water supply as he did two years ago, and who has consistently endeavored to preserve the city's right.
Meeting in Sapperton, Johnston's Hall, Tuesday
night, the 9th. Opera House, Wednesday, the
10th, 8 p. m. Alderman Bryson cordially invited
to both of these meetings.
Vote For Lee
And a comprehensive harbor scheme which will
place New Westminster in a comparatively commanding position on the Pacific Coast.
from 9:30 a. m. until 4 p. m. on Wed-, 	
nesday, Jan.  10,  for the purpose   or  of the bathhouse has Invented a llasic
examining pupils. | by  means or which the St. Joachlm-
L. AVORY WHITE,      stal   waters  can  be  shipped   with   a
Secretary  or   the   Board   or   School   minimum loss of their radioactivity.
Trustees. Inasmuch   as tho  building   of the
Public discussion of all civic legislation in
Progressive and vigorous programme of public
works. '
Reasonable and fair support to all public officials
who ara conscientious in the discharge of their
���jp* MONDAY, JANUARY S, it',2.
T. lh. Hector, of th. City aN|H HU1DER IN
of New Westminster.
(Which Bhould he kept for reference).
New Westminster, B. C, 	
Jan. 2, 1912. Ladles   and Gentlemen,���As   there
To the Citizens el' the tlty ot New   raay **��� llttIe ?I>Portuntty of publicly
Westminster    ���       . placing my ile-.va bei'ore you, previous,
Having been asked by a large num- to electlon day, I herewith submit to
ber of citizens to present myself as a you my ��Plnlons cn the most import-
candidate at the coming Municipal'ant ls8ue* to us as citizens, at this
Elections, I beg to state that I am in ' Period W the history of our city. In
favor of Munlcpal Ownership of Pub- a8l[lnK >'��ur support oi�� election day,
!ic Utilities owned by the city of a ' January lh 1��*. I will support and
harbor and dock system; of perma- advocate the following measures, if
nent improvements of streeta; of re-i you honor m* by ejection:
ductlon in the cost of lights; a prop-1 1. Open discussion of our cltys
er   sewerage ��� systenj; /to   encourage' business. .-*���������'
new industries; of a better street car
service and a belt line to serve
the middle and north parts of the city
and also of any other reforms that
may be asked-for from time to time
and considered in .the interests mt
the city as a whole.
Should you favor me with 'your ! tbem to this end. This Includes the
rote on Election Day, I moreover ��� Fraser river, our greatest highway,
pledge myself to abide by my plat- j 4. The adoption of a harbor scherao
form and serve the citizens to the adequate to ou\ Importance as the
best of my ability, having always In only fresh waWr harbor in the prov-
mlnd that my policy ls equity for all.  ince.
2. Even administration of our city
3. The placing in flrst class condition ol our streeta and highways leading to anl trom the surroundiag
municipalities, and co-operating with
Feud    Starts    Over
of   Girl���Father
I remain your obedient servant.
421 Columbia street, city.
Public Notice
Public Notice ie heeby given to
the Electors of the Munic'.r.a'lty cf th
City of New Westminster, that I require the praeence of the said Electors at the Council Chamber, City
Hall, Columbia Street. New Westminster, on the 8th day of January, 1912,
at 12 o'clock noon, tor tbe purpose
of electing persons to represent them
in the Municipal Council as Mayor
and Aldermen.
The mode of Nomination of Candidates shall be as follows: The Candidates ehall be nominated ln writing, the writing shall be subscribed
by two voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and shall be
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time between the date of the notice and 2:00 p.m. of day of the nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be onen-
ei on ths llth day of January, 1912,
Ht St. George's Hall, corner Clarkson
and Church streets; No. 4 Fir�� Hall,
Keary street; "No. 5 Flre Hall, Thirteenth street, from 9:00 o'clock a.m.
to 7:00 o'clock p. m., of which every
person Is hereby required to take no-
tice and govern himself accordingly.
"***** The persons qualified to be
nominated for and elected as Mayor
������", shall- be such persons ��g . are
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one years, and ��re not disqualified tinder any law, and have
bein for the six moniha next precedlng
the day of nomination the registered
owner. In the Land Registry. Office,'
of land or real property in the City
of the assessed value on the last Municipal Assessment Roll, of One
Thousand Dollars, or more, over and
above anv registered Judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qualifiod as municipal voters."       -���
"*"" The persons qualified to be
5.   Efficient service In our city
j partments.
C.    The increase of the   mounted
1 ��� police service in Sapperton and the
j upper parts of the city, and the   installation of a system qf communica-
I tlon to the bead police office, from
these parts.
7. Municipal ownership and Immediate Installation of a flrst class
gas plant.      -
8.. Generous encouragement to all
Industries, employing white labor
9. Encouragement of a spirit of
friendship. between the city council
and the citizens.
I think the time bas arrived when
the C. P. R., the G. N. R. and the B.
C. E. R. should secure sufficient land
to establish yards of their own, instead of using our public streets for
that purpose, as they do now.
I will support the reduction of
water and electilc light rates to the
consumers of the same. I wlll at all
times safeguard the city's interest
against any rorroratlon.
I will be pleased to place my views
mere  fuily  before you,  if the opportunity offers,  before election day.
Milan, Jan. 7.���One of the grimmest murder stories of modern tjme3
enters into the life history of Antonia Tozzi, a butcher from the Abruzzl Mountains, to whom tbe kine cf
Italy has Just granted a free pardon
for good conduct after spending over
20 years in the galleys.
Antonio, in partnership with his
father, owned the principal meat depot at Monterotondo, where bis pretty sister, Carolinia, was being courted by a nlneteen-year-oid swain, Do-
menico Poggi. Between the two families interested ln the courtship a feud
arose and waxed so fierce that Tozzi
and his son planned to revenge themselves with diabolical cunning.
On a May evening in 1885 young
Poggi entered Tozzi's shop at sunset
to plead earnestly for a reconciliation. Tozzi and son appeared to be
in a better humor than usual, and
while the father busied himself closing tbe shutters of the shop, Antonia, lighting a lantern, Invited the
young Poggi to accompany him below
into a subterranean slaughterhouse
on the pretext of showing him some
flne animals freshly killed. On hearing his father's footsteps In the rear,
fob ier mum
3 A
Mission Worker Marries the tyan 8he
Saved from Destruction���Six
Months She Watched Him.
New York, Jan. 7.���A romance of
the Bowery which all the broken men
who made the Hadley Rescue Hall
their headquarters have been watching with great interest for weeks
reached a happy stage last night
when Miss Anna Butler, who left her
fine bome at Pittsfleld, Mass., to woi k
in the slums among the men struggling to regain their feet, gave herself
in marriage .to Charles H. Kronen-
berg, the flrst of her converts.
There weren't any fancy music or
fancy clothes at this wedding; but a
hundred men in whose wrecked lives
the  bridegroom  had  played   a   pan
| and ln whose upward struggle the lit-
! tie bride had lent a helping hand were
' the  witnesses.    The tears ran down
'the cheeks of many of them wben
Rev. Dr. Frank Mason North said the
words  which   made  these  comrades
man and wife.
It was Just six months ago that
Miss Butler appeared at the Rescue
Hall, No. 293 Bower, and told John
Callahan, the superintendent, that sh"
felt there must be some patt of his
difficult work that a woman could
help him ln. Mlss Butler had left a
home where every luxury that money
could buy was hers for tbe asking.
Mr. Callahan, when he saw how serious sbe was, welcomed her aid, and
she became a regular worker at tbe
hall,   living   meanwhile   at   No.   155
s^r^rtTorbe^d.^alttr'l �� Twenty=nd"^t
terrific blow on the back of the head
with a huge hammer used for felling
bullocks. Poggi dropped unconscious
and Antonio dragged the victim by
the hair to a block, whereon he severed tbe head, the father holding thc
body downwards by the waist until
every drop of blood had been drained
into  the palls.    The murderers then   years, who had run the gamut of tho
Ladies asd Gentlemenr-At tho request of a large number of E.ectors j
I-have concluded to-place myself in
the hands of my fellow citizens as a
candidate for yoty sufferages as Alderman for the coming; Municipal
ejection. I am a thorough b llever in
the Democratic principle of Government of the leople by the people ami
for the i,eO[.le. Like Abraham Lin-
coin I endorse his maxim, "No plan is
tood enough to govern another without his consent." I tiiink the peop.e
s-hcHld'be- thoroughly-conversant with
what ls being done.   I am a thorough
proceeded to mutilate the corpse.
Carrjing away \ottions of the victim in a basliet and burying the same
at nightfall on the hillside proved
their undoing, for shepherd's dogs unearthed the shocking evidences of the
tragedy. The father died befoie tho
trial was finished, but Antonio, who
had stoutly protested his innocence,
made a clean breast of the crime
after he had been condemned to lifelong  impiUonment.
Encouraging   Worda  for All.
Mlss Butler, an usually pretty girl,
had no difficulty in making friends
with the men. None was so slow,
none was so much of a backslider but
that she had encouraging words for j
him. And so she came to know Kroa-
enberg, a great, burly fellow   of   1$ i
'    i
nominated for and .elected  as. Alder-1 believer ln  M.umk;rp*l oyrnarattn mnd
���urn *������ ���hall t*m aiwh ��.,.�������� .. .r. I bollcva   tba truscMM  ownad "by
A Savage Civil War Has Continued
for a Year in Paraguay. ..
New York, Jan. ".���Interesting details of the revolution in Paraguay,
which have never reached thc outside
world, were related here today by a
New York lawyer, who has lust le-
turned ufter five months in Paraguay
and  Uruguay.
life which, men  fall  into  along  the
Bowery. >���
Miss Butler made Kionenberg's re-1
form her special work.    She labored
with  him  incessantly.    She got  him
work as a guard in the Hudson tun- ,
nels, and she made him stick to the
Job.    For  weeks  she  rarely  ldt him
out of her sight during his hours of
idleness, and gradually her influence
worked   on  the   man   until   about   a J
month ago it was clear to Mr, Callahan and all the other workers In th^ '
mission    that   "Sunny   Jim" Kronen-
berg, a name his unfailing   good na- |
ture won for him, was really a perma- |
nently reformed man.
A   Bowery   Romance.
About this time the Bowery began
to suspect the romance. It was whls-
pered that Kronenbei g had Joined tie
Washington Square Methodist church
to which Miss Butler belongs, an.l
that he took the little mission worker to  and   from   services   regularly.
will hold a meeting in
New Westminster
���at 8 p. m.
All Electors and Residents are Respectfully Invited.
���fA tn tn*
board   of
*on **�� ���hall be such porions aa ara 'believe  the  _ ... -
5-**'*-* Britte* subject* of the full avelPaople ehould be wtoljtfttjt*.
iwenty-one years, and mra not dia-1 Intereata  Ot UM   peofeM.'      I
qualified under nny law, nnd to Have   moneya   expended   W   �������* ,.   ,
been-tor t*e aU month a next, prece* wortos rt*J^,Sy^iS^,*^!?i,JStty-
lap the day -of nomine tlon > tS# ratf* land every tibcilfe shdal* 1* entitled to
Urd owner; In the Land Retrlstry ; an expenditure"In proportion to the
Offi< e, of land or real property ln the
AceouUutt ��� to tbe first hand infor- i Then the two began to go to the Res
nation, wllich he received ln tha Vet** Hall together and go away to-
oourae ot hla trip tbe etrtte baa, been \ vetbae.    A.nd all tbe ���*�����   "
much   mora   bluer     an*     marbed   " 	
much greater hlattdabed tbaja te i_
VO***    *����*����  .��"�����*   *����reet _bi*;^g*
olty of the assessed value, on t'ie last
Municipal Assessment Roll, of, five
Hundred Dollars or more, over and
above any registered Judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise qualified na municipal voters."
Given under my hand at the City
of N'ew Westminster, the 30th day of
December, 1911.
Returning  Officer.
Election for School Trustssa.
Public Notice is hereby given to
the e.ectors of the City of New West-
minuter that I require tho presence
of the said Electors at the Council
Chamber, City Hall, Columbia street,
on the Sth day of January, 1912, at
12 o'clock noon, for the pur, ose of
electing persons to represent them as
8chool Trustee*.
The mode of nomination of Candidates shall be as follows: The candidates shall be nominated ln writing; the writing shall be subscribed
by two voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder,' and shall be
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time between the date of the notice and the hour of 2 p.m. of the
day of nomination; and in the event
of a poll being necessary, such poll
will be opened en the llth day of
January, 1912, at St. Qedrge's Hall
(corner of Clarkson and Church
streets); Ne. 4 Ftre Hall, Keary
street; .Vo. 6 Fir* Hall, Thirteenth
street; from 9 o'clock a.m. to 7
o'clock P.m., ��f whic* every person
Is hereby required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly.
"In every Municipal Sohool District
any person being a householder in
the School District, and being a Britisli subject of the full age of twen-
ty-or.o years and otherwise qualified
by the Public Sobools Act, 1906, and
amending Acta to vote at an election
of School Trusted In the said School
district, shall be eligible to be elected or to .serve as a School Trustee
in suoh Municipal District."
Given under my hand at the City
of New Westminster, the 10th day of
December, 1911.
Returning Officer.
,   Love  and   Marrlace.  ,
King Firefly < with much feeling)
I ence loved a woman���but, alas, she, uence, I shall endetvnr to
married.    Baron Rubberneck (sympa-  ro'""���"rii yonr 'ai/i'ieclariu.'.-
thetlcally)���Whom  did   she   mairy? r: roval.     T hav.    '.\o   iiouoi **
King Firefly (In a deep tone of manly   l,adi<"�� *nd Oentleanii,   -
grief)���She  married  me,���Hartman'*'        Your most obedient servant.
Uttle Red Riding Koo.i. M. W. MINTHORNE.
taxes paid by that locality. Well
paved streets, nice lawns, and attractive rarks are the very best advertisement a city can have.
I would advocate a more general
supervision by our efficient building
Inspector and give bim power so unsightly shacks and buildings should
be eliminated. No matter bow humble a bome a person builds it should
not be an eyesore to the community.
Think steps should be taken to get
a new cotract for light or make arrangements for - generating our own
power, so New Westminster can say
no city ln the Dominion ean do better
than we are doing for our citizens in
this line.
Would urge the acquisition of a city
Owned gas plant Any harbor scheme
that Is ln the Interest of the whole
community I would endorse. Not a
scheme that is going to further the
interests of any private company.
Think the citizens should be taken
Into) the confidence of the council at
Its very inception. Anything; that
will make a great city, a clean city, a
beautiful city, make it prosperous and
the. citizens happy and contented
would bave my endorsement and earnest effort. The congestion of Columbia atreet could be relieved by
removing the flre hall further up the
city, say to the corner of Eighth
street and Royal avenue, converting
those premises Into stores and rent
Ing them. The upper part should be
utilized as * Mechanics Institute with
library and rooms for mechanics end
workmen ee reeding rooms end other
purposes. Lytton square I would
build over, preserving that pert facing on Front street for the market,
nnd having stores on Columbia street
with the Municipal offices up ths
flrst story: I would recommend the
disposal of the square on Eighth
street and Royal avenue now the
home for dump carts, also lease to
parties who would construct stores,
after plan* had'been ��j approved by
the council. The * piece of land
on Columbia etreet, east m of
Gilleys and butting"cm Custom House
square, I would not be In favor ef
private parties; using any streets.
They are for the people. The 30 acres
owned by the city running from
Eighth to Tenth Avenues, east ot
Eighth street, I would enfleayor to
get permission to sell. This if properly handled, should almost construct th* I^vttnn Srtnitre buildings.
This briefly Is the line of acting I
would u-jre and should you deem It
proper to htfSor nJe'wTtS your c***f-
������ *���?
��"���!  ap-
jSeAts added to lh* situation tn Paraguay by the letent warning given h*
both Argentine and Brazil that, they
would not i><-. t-.it tbe bombardment
of  the capital city, Asuncion.
Large Intereata wllich the lawyer
quoted have ln South American countries caused bim to withhold his n.me
but lie talked freely concerning conditions   there.     He   said: '
"The news of the civil war which
began   in  J^^thatJiM Jf^hed J ceremony" musTTe" performed���where
" "      ' ~        the romance began.   Mlss Butler was
tiling;. . and    Kronenberg    said   'he
e lady," as they called ber.
Last week the news of the engagement got out. Mr. and Mrs. Callahan
told all of their parishonors about it
and held it up as an example of
what a man, no matter how low he
had fallen could aocomplish lf he only
When   it  was   whispered  that  tho
m^themmmesorti and isamtary
(wedding was soon to take place tbe
men of tbe mission insisted that the
tbe world has fallen far short of showing the real nature of the revolution.
In a battle in March near the city
of Asuncion tbere were nine hundred
dead and no wounded. It la stated as
a fact that after this battle the victorious army went through the ranks
of the vanquished, bayonetting and
cutting the tbroata of the wounded."
A struggle of five factions for control of the government is responsible for the present situation, according to the American, and at preaent
there is no indication of what the outcome will be. Martial law has prevailed for many months In the capital. Even the churches are used for
barracks. Business has been brought
to a standstill.
Every man ls liable for service in
the army and few-trouble to take up
regular occupations. Everywhere, according to the American, women do
the hard ; work. They 'inan" tbe
shops, the farms and even the slaughter houses.
The "?6 years since Paraguay
rebelled agalnat Spanish rule and declared ite Independence have been
stormy ones. Its government never
haa been stable, one rebellion succeeding another. The country has an
area of about 98,000 square miles���
about the same as Wyoming���end a
population of about 660,000, moat   of
didn't care where he was carried so
long as somebody tied the knot good
and hard for him.
Tour druggiat will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in �� to 14 days.   SOc.
Fish   Culture In   Canada.
Hatching  flsh  by  artificial  means
to stock the waters of Canada is engaged ln on a large scale by the Dominion Government. In 1909, the Dominion flsh hatcheries planted no
fewer than 1,024,282,000 fry In various waters throughout the country.
In 1900, only 271,996,000 fry were
planted by the Government flsh hatcheries, so that the plant of young flsh
has increased by nearly 277 per cent
ln tbe past ten years and the number of hatcheries has increased from
12 to 37, or 208 per cent Of the 37
hatcheries now ln operation, British
Columbia and Quebec have eight
each, Nov* Scotia, New Brunswick
and Ontario, flve each,'and Manitoba
and Prince Edward Island each have
three.   The amount voted by the Do
minion Parliament for flsh culture
the people being a mixture of flften- purposes In 1900 was $322,300, and of
lsh, negro and Indian. The govern- this $108,346, or approximately 66 per
ment is modeled after that of the cent waa expended. The importance
United States, but most of Its presl- of carrying on this work can not be
dents have been dictators, the first, emphasized too much ln a growing
,Dr. Jose Francia, holding the govern- country like Canada, where the ln-
ment from 1816 to 1840. For a time creasing population is making greater
the country was governed by two con- and greater demands on the flsh supply.
are new end entirely Afferent from ordinsry prepeisBeas.   Thejr atfoou.
^^T^,w^J!2!!rb**>, J"*'8* *��� ,J*Wn' *****&[******
ideal laxative fer to mmta* motor, as toy do ndtaffeot to cWld.
Compoundedjto sli NA-tWU-OD preparations, by expert dMAibtt.
uMatls(Mtoryws11r>llyr.turny*B��sSey. , *T
Shakes.   K your drugflsthss net yet steoktd torn, send 26o. and we
wiU mail torn. ,   ,       .. ������ ���      ���       24
I' ��� | ���mum ���
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans and
I sterilizes.
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy-
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigsdeep alter germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's;
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ofthe
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ j /
portions to cleanse ~^^W//fc
eaaily, vigorously, JSj n ' '
and without harm to ��� ~~
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, tbe oval cake.   ~
We Carry a.
Full Line of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
. ��. Trapp &
Phone 29 New W,
mm.   m     ������nil ill I Mi *
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily Newa.
v ��� i, .��������.-.. * ���<,���-��� *��� ���>
* *. *   n a* ' ������   ass ������*'**
**m \mt
ffH*ift��ILY N��W*
The-BaHy Hewn!
I cuplas a pegs in ��** wpotft.ol.the !���������������������������������������
'-irrrt ���~ *��**�� b. s. amis to*:��� FrqMMt ��i but* ��i :
Paao may be blaioned ln lirtatnni* +)__.***__*         mm ���
wwmmauhjn.wn"Mttl*2 WBU,ry uk,tr^LSrati* Akteman, 191211 Tnfetor AMermao, 1912 ���
pany. u����w"�� ����� ^^.i.*...*. 11*1U1 "*" ""��� ��� ���
���I   McKensle   and   VksUm\tloM iatl��>F��clflc
wltb the open-
,1 this coaling
��� v-_^  w I *
ing of the Panama cana' <-hlB coming )���������������������%��������������������� ������������������������������ ���"��� �����������������
Button between the PMUpplnes and '      **^^^^^^^H
Panama may become , a great stralT. 8. Annandale. Esq., nnd others.
taglc point. .^...iM    .. I    Gentlemen,���In reply to your num-      Gentlemen,--In   response   to your
,uTroundmg*theymWb^!beenunder *���>*7 ��*PM* and representative requisition desiring me to beedms .a
the control of the United States for  requisition asking me to   allow   my   candidate.,for alderman tor the cur-
1 eleven years. name to be submitted tor tbe honor- ��*ist year, l"**wls*t-, to   express   my
ln 1900 Uncle Bam assumed con-  abte potion of alderman, I feel tbat thanks for the honor you have done
������^        i*-   OAnA   native
"" '-    ' -***.*    i���ni*1,irl* \ mm -, ,
I       ln   13UU    uuvn   a****-    	
Urol of Tutuila. with    Its 8000 native
Inhabitants and some twenty  white
i men, most of whom had married na-
I tive women.    *'
Not an Easy Task. 8
the naVal station, ceded control of tbe
Islands to the United States, and
courts were Immediately established,
and the process of causing the natives to assimilate civilisation bas
been ln progress ever since. But it
bas not been an easy task by   any
One or the chief difficulties which
bave confronted the American au
thorltles haa been tbe tenacity "with
which the old Samoan customs exist.
In the matter qf marriage, fer exam<
pie, the faa-Samoa   wedding
Aecogttftto.J/,*ront   Page   w���|    ^, na7veThiers,'arter considera-
-ntory In Saturday's   Dally   Province   b,   cBort on ^ part ^ comnaande*
the Woffieffr^buhcll  of Vancouver  B. R.Tilley, the first commandant of
to    pUnnlni   V  pass a reaolutlon -- ~���*-' "��**���
against th^ admbulon Into Canada o'
Um wiv��\t jtipMlndus and Sikhs,.
wbo are resident ln this country. The
story waa repeated   In   the   Sunday
;��nper, 4ad,,tlJw��can be no doubt of
its trti*hr^fmo'.\le*i�� may exist as
to whether it is necessary, tn the Interest* of ^ White Canada, to adept
the cruelly harsh policy of excluding
the wives of a large section of   the
community, &$4L oi putting off several
thousand men from all' family life;
**. jiibtewRtt*^1!1unlte ltt PJ��Mlln��
with the women of Vancouver   and
British fo��lt��Ma'tO keep their handa
bee from 'trt&bsaibly necessary, but
nevertheless cruel, policy.
' Probably all British Columbians desire the excjpflton of   Asiatics   from
the province.'' Two different civilizations eixstlng   side   by   side ln   the
same ���country- ere  almost  bound  to
produce jfrpMema akin to that ot the
negro in, th<| United Statea;  but In
���nr opposition to this condition    of
-affairs it1 is'will to remember that
ese are, supposedly   civilized.   That
women should enter the   arena   expressly   to   demand   the    enforced
separation of wife from husband haa
Jiitherte Mj setbeard of.   It may be,
sa    Aldfr^fei Stevens, M.P.,   says,
that this campaign of the Hindus Is
only part of �� scheme to acquire full
citizenship.    The argument he    has
chosen, howdver, to throw  discredit
oa  theli1 tfAlvtiy? namely, that two
previously   bitter   opponents     havs
Joined forces ltd lead .their    country!
men on this issue, would hardly seem ������
I cannot at tbls Important Juncture
In the city's destiny refuse to meet
the wishes of so many of my fellow
nitlsens. ��� ^ therefore comply wtth
your request '"and hope, if elected, I
shall in no way betray the expressed
confidence you have.la my Judgment
and ability to serve the best interests
of our adopted city.
To. Mr. D. S. Curtis:
me. b^|^_
1 am willing to accept nomination
tor this very Important office, and, lf
elected, will do all ln my power to
'secure for our fair city competent,
economical and progressive admlnU
tratlon in all of ita departments.
Yours faithfully,
To. Mr. A. E. Whits:
The   undersigned   citizens,   being
vitally Interested in the   continuous
vitally interested in   the   continuous
progress of the city of New Westmin
The    undersigned   citizens,   being  progress of the city of New Westmin
.   . .. * .* 1    . .   .���!.�����.   that   tha   clvlf
bo   ster, are most anlxous that the civic
pro,     IU.     .*m* ~	
deep-rooted that it bide fair never to
be eradicated. "Paa-Somoan" marriage (which means, in the Hamoan
fashion) countenances the agreement
of a young man and woman to live together for a week or a month or perhaps a longer period, and lt, at the
end' of that time, either wishes to
separate each returns to his or her
home, and there ls no disgrace attached to either.
From the standpoint of material
welfare the most vicious of the Samoan customs is that known as tha
"malaga," where a whole village, pr
great numbers of villages, will go on
a visit and remain 'for days, weeks
and months, and eat their frineds
out. Another custom which involves
financial embarrassment is the giving of costly mats at weddings and
But perhaps the hardest social problem of all ls that which relates to
the polygamy ot the native chiefs.
A custom which has existed for generations warrants a oblef, who has no
children by his legal wife, in living
with some other woman. If there are
children by the second union the offspring are received and treated kindly by the first wife.
Large familes are usual, for there
ls no expense attached to rearing
children. Food is abundant, and the
climate is so mild that the problem
of the cost of living ls nil. It is esti
wwy,   uu   hub   ioouv,    nv, ..... ^...    	
-������,.i������Mi,-i'tk*t.i^i���.     .._t.iJ.~_j I ��f the cost or living is nu. �� ����� nu-
��onvincfl|Oy|J>aiigent,   unbiased, m|lted that ,ne hoiu,. work a day ,.
opinion.    But be this as it may, let I ample to provide the native with the
unpleasantness'. be  left to  the men. | necessities   of   life.     The   establish
The women,'at least,    should   stand ' ment of an ******
aside.    In the name of all that    is
tender and feminine, they should not
harden their hearts and publicly advocate that wife be forbidden to join
husbahttihlhdtteH she  ba black   or
white, dusky or yellow, whether she
bait trom India or trom tbe old coun-
ment of an experiment station with
men tsained along the lines of modern agriculture would aid materially
In its intrcduction and also would
demonstrate tbe advantages of more
diversified agriculture.
And it the attention of congress Is
arrested for    a    sufficient length' of
time, that body will see in Pagd Pago
tbe finest harbor In tbe Southern Pa-
t\*rboi*   which   caii   aocommo-
*   Miv��    fleet,   a   har*>or
'.tbe nneat naxc
I cine, *. hathw
I Aa.te a aratLt
Walled In by
' antnnn.   ara   aa
'*"'-*' -~*   ^��� ' i -wKiivu  &u  oy  nisb motmU\n��, and lta
BORDEN BETTER THAN   ROGERS.' entrance bo narrow that only two vea-
i vels can enter it at once.   At a small
Apart from politics altogether, says | expense this harbor could be made
the Torqirtp- Stat,  Mr. Botden  must i impregnable.   It has been aptly call-
be prerefiWtd Mr. Rogers as Prime ' ed "The Gibraltar or the Pacific."
Minister ofj Canada.    It would be a
curious chapter ot accidents, indeed,:
whicb would_ substitute   Mr. Rogers i
tor Sir Wilfrid-Lautier in presiding
over the affairs, cr the nation.
Mr. RortfiSh ,-jeflJoys to a marked degree the. reject vpl Liberals through-1
rout Canade.    lie has been a reasonable, restrained,  and   moderate   man
in politics.1'; Stuce the unexpected victory of September he has been, to a
large   extent,' a   victim   of   circum-
: Btanoes.    lie was forced in choosing
-a Cabinet, to give eight portfolios out
of sixteen to men he did not want.
He has been* besieged by importun-
:-ate office seekers.    Mr.  E.  B. Osier
tn a speech in Toronto told how he
blushed for his  kind when he  went
to Ottawa and   found   nearly  every
Conservative  member  of  Parliament
'demanding of Mr. Borden a place 'n
���the Cabinet.   But those who clamored
for this recognition were few tn num-
.ber compared with the great swarm
of applicants for other rewards.  AU
this mu^t .be  very  trying  to a  man
like Mr. .Borden, try as he will to ac-
- quite the point of view of some of his
��� colleagues.
It is to be hoped that Mr. Borden
will persevere. If he can null through
until spring, his associates will prob-
. ably have dismissed every Liberal of-
���fflce-holder in Canada who ls sub]ect
ito dismissal, and then ho will be free
'to bring in such a measure as will
delight' hlm���a ' bill making every
xnan ln the public service quite safe
Sgainst partlzan dismissal.
'Page-Pago ' Harbor Forgotten
, .'''Away Tutuila.
in  Far
gan Francisco, Jan. 7.���More than
2000 roVm from anywhere, ln tho
jieart of the., Southern Pacific, lies
Cncle Bath's"' possession of Tutuila
-wtth Page****' Bpl'or, oue of the
finest natnial P?ft|..on l!le face of the
srktbe.     " JHkl.
Uncle Ssm rlorgets^that he owns
-Tatnlla. the "Pacific Paradise," until
���Itf'tnceives'"like annual -report from
X> eommandwM; W charge of the nay
2^UbT*l*&o Pa*o, and eren thi.
Sipcrt ser^-enly to r��niad hlm o
STsovcreisntycnly because it o.
1   ���/'."-'
Its advantages as a naval base in
connection with the Panama Canal
and the Philippines" are evident from
the fact that this naval station lies
about midway between the canal and
Manila, on the South Pacific route,
'lhis route is more than 200 miles
shorter than the northern route to
Manila via Honolulu.
Pago Pago harbor as a naval base
possesses a great strategic value. It
supplements Pearl Harbor as an outpost of the United States, which
must be first considered by a possible
enemy contemplating operations on
the Paciflc coast of America.
It is In easy .striking distance of
German, French, Spanish and English
possessions in the South Paciflc, and
ia event or difficulties between any
or those powers the United States
would have a convenient base trom
I which to observe events and protect
its Interests.
Aside rujm the political and military value or Tutuila ls the moral
obligation imposed on the United
States toward Its native population,
numbering some 8000 souls, who, lining under the American flag, have no
immediate connection with the United States, and contrast their opportunities for commerce with those
brought about by the activity displayed on the part of other great nations in developing their colonial
Indeed, the natives of this American possession are totally at the
mercy of foreign traders, and instead ot their products reaching the
United States, and the value thereof
being returned to them in American
merchandise, they must buy and sell
under an alien flag.
The Japanese are manifesting considerable activity in the South Pacific islands. We have an instance in
th Hawaiian group, where they outnumber all other races. They are. now
getting a foothold In the Society
group. Some 300 have located there,
with more to follow in the near future, and lt ls reported that a subsidy
is to be granted by the Japanese government to a' fine of steamers to
trade in the South Paciflc. This
means the beginning of Japanese
trade conquest.
The development and fortification
of Tutuila would Increase the value
of the Society Islands as a Japanese
naval base:
council for 1912 shall be both repre
sentative and progressive, and we
therefore most earnestly ask you to
consent to your name being placed
in nomination for alderman. We
hereby promlae you our hearty aup-
T. S. Annandale
J. J. Jones
W. J. Mathers
D. H. Macgowan
C. C. Traves
R. E. Monteith
F. A. Rose ,
Thomas Rutledge
P. C. Lashmar
J. C. Blair
R. K. Chapman
���e. Brine i
H. Ryall
T. J. Trapp "
F. O. Cantield
Geo. Blakeley <
F. Trapp ' ���*  '���   ' t  ���
G. Bruce Corbould
Thomas D. Sherriff
H. A. Eastman
David Adams ,
E. P. Bartlett
T. H. Smith i
W. C. Chamberlin
A. Sinclair
W. E. Sinclair
Ed. Goulet ���'  i
W. H. Nesbitt i-,t    i
J. A. Montgomery
W.  H.  Madill
J. H. Dowd ,        '   !
Haywood Farmer
H. M. O'Connor
S. F. Mark
W. A. Pride
A.  R.  Daniels
Ch.is J. Loat
H. G. Kirk ...       ,   .   ���:
L. B. Lusby ,
James P. Price
N. McQuarrie
F. 1. MacKenzie
Thomas R.  Pearson
' W. I>. Held
J. W. Irwin , i
W. T. Reid *
A- M. Reid
(Per his attorney, W. T. Reid.)
S. E. Reid (per W. D. Reid)
C. G.  Major
H. C. Major
E. H. Savage
C. Grindlay i    j  , ",
F. J. Coulthard
W. M. Russell
Walter Wllkie
Gordon E. Corbould
J. R. Agar I
L. Claude Hill j   .
Frank Major                             .   I   '
George T.  Wilson
A. Harold Gordon
R.  Eden  Walker
C. D. Peele                  >
J. D. Taylor
H. Hoy
John R. Duncan
J.  A.  Motherwell i
G. A. Allen
J. H. Diamond
F. N. Sinclair
John S. Clute i
A. E. Rand     !
F. P. Smith
Now is the Time to Prepare
Yourself for d Better Position
"Ike Modern Business School
Is the place iflfera Business Training u made a Speclslty.   If you
were only-eonvlnced ef how they could help you, no Np woul* ^BV-
loat-fffi your part ln ^rollinjv"J**"s
BUT LOOK I���You snroll and you wftfloon Jbe convinced of the
benefit of a business training as given at tbe   W
Modern Business School
Phone 851. ��10 Columbia BL
A. L. BOUCK. Principal
I \
ater, are most anlxous that the civic
council for 1912 shall be both representative and progressive, and we
therefore most earnestly ask you to
consent to your name being placed
In nomination for alderman. We hereby promise you our hearty'support.
F. J. Coulthard
W. N. Russell
Walter Wilkie
Gordon E. Corbould
J. R. Agar
L. Claude Hill
Frank Major
George T. Wilson
A. Harold Gordon
R. Eden Walker
C. D. Peele
J. D. Taylor
H. Hoy
John R. Duncan
J. A. Motherwell
G. A. Allen
J. H. Diamond
J. 8. Ciute
F. ti. Sinclair
A. E. Rand
T. R. Smith
R. J. Rickman
T. S. Annandale
J. J. Jones
W. J. Mathers
D. H. Macgowan
C. C. Traves
R. E. Monteith
P. O. Bllodeau
T. A. Rose
Thomas Rutledge
P. C. Lashmar
J. C. Blair
G. Bruce Corbould
Thomas D. Sherriff
H. A. Eastman
R. K. Chapman
G. Brine
H. Ryall i
F. O. Canfield i
T. J. Trapp
George Blakely ,
F. Trapp j
W. (afford
David Adams
Walter Pellew I
E. P.  Bartlett i
T.   H.   Smith
W.  C.  Chamberlin
A. Sinclair
W.  E.  Sinclair
Ed.. Goulet
W. N. Nesbitt
J. A. Montgomery
F. B. Ennes
���   W. H. Madill
J. H. Dowd
S. Haywood Farmer
H. M. O'Connor
S. F. Mark
W. A. Pride
A. R. Daniels
Chris. J. Loot
H. T. Kirk
L. B. Lusby
James P. Price
N. H. McQuarrie
F. J. MacKenzie
W. D. Held ,
Thomas R. Pearson
J. W. Irwin
W. T. Reid
A. M. Reid (per hls attorney, W. T.
S. E. Reid (per W- D. Reid)
C. G. Major
H. C. Major        /
E. H. Savage
C. Grindlay.
Webster, Mass., Jan. 7.���A locomotive "joy-ride" is declared by railroad
officials to have been the cause of a
head-on collision here last night between a iassenger and a wild engine.
Eleven passengers were injured. Tho
police are today holding Ralph I. Jardine, a Worcester cigarmaker, who '.>
said to have been at the throttle of
the runaway locomotive.
While the engine was standing
without an occupant in the railroad
yard at Worcester, Jardine is said to
have climbed aboard and to have run
it seventeen miles In a wild flight tn
this city, where he collided with thn
passenger train. Flying coals set fire
to an express car and the flre department spent an hour extinguishing tho
Your drncgist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, VMIn1, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days. 50c.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist, begs to announce
that he has taken over the Ne��v
Westminster branch of tha
Vancouver Institute of Optometry, for which until now he has
been the local specialist and
Dr. Hope
trusts that
the many appreciative patients
of New Westminster and district who so kindly assisted
him in establishing his present
practice, will continue to show
their good will, by recommending him to their friends, anl
he can assure anyone who may
wish to consult him of
stralghtfordward advice and
conscientious services.
Dr. Hope's Consulting Rooms are at
667 Columbia  Street,   Upstairs,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Daily 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and  later by appointments.
Phone 295.
We have a party who has two bouses on Third avenue, which hs
will exchange for raaant property and some casb.
LOT ON SIXTH AVENUE, between   Tenth  and  Eleventh   streets,
11675, third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
LOT ON ROYAL AVENUE, close  to   Slith   street.    Price   $5500,
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 montba.     Tbls Is good for a few
days only.
LOT ON ST. ANDREW STREET���66x132.    Price    $1900,   one-third
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Phone 1004.
3500   Tons���7000   Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
Queen  Charlotte  Islands snd  East on G. T. P. Railway.
Through  tlcksts  to   Eastsrn Destinations vis the Grsad   Trunk
Double Trsck  Route���Stsndsrd and   Tourist   Sleepers.    Meals   s   Is
H. G. SMITH. C. P. and T. A. Telephone Seymonr 7100
L. V. DRUCE, C. A. Telephone Seymour 3060
CITY OFFICES: 527 Granville Street.
Alderman J. S. Bryson
will hold the concluding meeting of
his campaign in St. Patrick's Hall
8 O'clock p, m.
Everybody Welcome.   Reserved
Seats for Ladies.
Respectfully Solicited for
A. I Kellington
ss .1
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. BurnaJ[& Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
. Arrangements for the billiard
handicap to be played at Fletcher's
pool room, are being completed: AU
���teams' which have, entered are ,re-
4uested to send ln the names of their
eii members before Jan. 11, ao that
the rules of ths competition can be
drawv up! .flay wlll start en Jan. 15.
A n��w honorary secretary ha* been
elected by the   Senior Amateurs   to  . .
take the place of Mr. Beaton, who has    ",?���'
left this city for the east.   In future'
Mr. McLaren, one of the old ,st#n I-
1911 wm Sam Walter Foes, whose,
gentle rhymes brought consolation to
many perturbed'spirits. That consummate mistress ot the short story,
Elisabeth Stuart Phelps, who has
known as Mra. Ward o.f If te .also died
ln the ripeness ot years and fame.
Her "Madonna of the Tuba" haa been
called by some critics tbe best short
story every written In this country,
leaving Ppe's masterpiece out of ths
comparison. We hope ev%ry person
i Whose eye lights upon these words
wilt look up that marvelous piece of
writing and read lt again to the delight of his heart and the comfoit of
loaa was that of David Oraham Phil-
bys of the cfob, will bold the pS��Wo��tI!^' Z^i W��!l! have .,.,   ,
*La TJS. aasmJstu  i.. **-~* lh��� I Proachable   eminence   as a   satirical
and look after the
interests  of tbe
I The South Vancouver citizens band
tave New Westminster a taste ot that
luniclpallty's buoyant optimism at
the end of last week, when it played
tnrough the streets of this town.
Owing to the inclement weather all
the members were not .present, but
the sturdy crowd, pf musicians who
turned out' under Manager Tom
Prentice, was sufficient to make
everybody within possible earshot ot
But our   most   regretable   literary
Javld Oraham Phillips, who would have risen to unap-
the business centre of New Westmin- .Grand Admiral Saya Britain Jealously
iter aware of its presence.
The band played ln front of the
Daily News office, and then paraded
along Columbia street, and the other
principal thoroughfares of tbe town
with a large crowd following them.
Finally tbe hungry players betook
themselves to the Royal cafe, where
they met with a much appreciated
welcome, and finished with good
refreshments an .evening already well
novettet if he had lived. If the reader
will open his "Light-Fingered Gentry" and run..through once mc*e the
description of-tthe Insurance thieves
and their ways-and study the deft ex-
pertness with wliich tbe novelist depicts the Invasion of social life by financial dishonesty, he will gain a
new sense of the power of this great
genius. Why ls it that we cannot
keep a promising novelist alive?
Frank Norris died just as be was beginning his best work.���Portland Ore-
of chance���and his cloudless &*rt at
the racetrack or commingling wlbi
cronies at halfway bouses, while tbo
chauffeur waita. Badger, wa estimate, Is about alz years old.
Then there ls Bralntree. who managed to get through college Withott
aerious mishap, and wbose father left
him enough money to become a faddist In motor cars, chorus girls and
other necessities.
Bralntree we estimate roughly to
be about 23���that ls to aay, he waa
21 when he Hjft ��ollege,*knd daring
the last two decades he has grown *
couple of yeara moie.
But the ladles? Well, so far aa
they are .concerned, there might   be
Aid. Bryson
for Mayor
Te the Ratepayers and Householders
'    ef New Westminster City.
Ladles and Gentlemen: For over a
week tbe announcement of my candidature ln opposition to Mayor Lee
for the mayoralty for 1912 tigs beea
before you ln the pabMc $ssmH��-
���etber with my reasOfm therefor anl
alf aatllne dS my pMuorm over my
ewn signature.   I deemed   that   the
some obJertfcu'fo'ttiflPlogfcal methol ! r*teP*ye��"�� were entitled to a respon
Shrah   Bernhardt,   according.-^   Mr.  *>b>*' dl8nlH��l etatement of the sort.
Edison, must be fully 200 yeara old.
My reasons    for    opposing  Mayor
Lee's  re-election at this time  bave
been clearly and distinctly set forth.
THIS   EGG  TRAVELED Btfefly reviewing, they are: His maln-
FOR  TWO LONG YEARS  MfM and development of the star
  I chambers Centralization Of power ln
Troy.  Kan., Jan.  7.���Twenty-seven ' the   mayor pellcy,   which   he had so
���trongly condemned in his predecessor.   His failure .40   safeguard tbe
When Great Onea Fall Others Step in
to Catch Up Mantle.
A competent chronicler enumerates
some   317   persons   of   distinguished ! case not of misunderstanding, but of
Watches Navsl Expansion. %
Berlin, Jan. 7.���The president bf
the German Navy League, Grand'Admiral von Kooster, spoke at a meeting of the league which was held at
Frankfurt, and advocated an In"
crease of the navy. The events of
laat aummer had, he said, shown that
the demands formulated at Danzig Id -
1908 were in the new circumstances gln for-tying the martial knot,
not nearly atrong enough. They were Iter wrlte and ascertain
suitable at the time both with reference to Germany's financial position
and to the bright outlook which then
prevailed of a better understanding
between England and Germany. But
these hopes had been disappointed.
Germany now knew that it was "a
months ago Waltdr B. Montgomery,
of this city, a newspaperman, was ln
Lyle, Minn., and stopped off in tbe
genersl merchandise store of Wilcox
ft Long. Three very attractive young
women were ln the rear of the atore
pecking fresh eggs for shipment
In jollying with the young women.
Mr. Montgomery suggested that all
four write their names and addresses
upon different eggs and see what sort
of answers they would receive from
the parties getting the hen fruit. They
did so. ' I
After scribbling, hts name and ad-
dress upon an egg he added the following:
*'l* .vwijwv:
UM ;.-;M     rn    >,
ul *r*t*
. Large Modem House onr
Sixth Arnue, $30 per month.  .
l'A'hfi    i,n r
- t*>$5 '
 *-~- - * -m ~wmw w m **-, m***^0. * * *********
The Wcstinster*ust and Safe Deposit Co^Hd.
J.I.JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lome Street New Westminster
"The young lady who receives tbi?  Mayer Lee on his record as completed
'tr    Brill    rata^txm**    welt*    *u_    .._ j i * ��� .. ���     ..        .'* ~
egg will please write the undersigned, and lf he is not already spoken
for at that time, negotiations may be-
eminence wbo passed away ln the
course of the year 1911. Allowing for
possible omissions, this ls at the rate
of one a day, or something like it. To
picture what is going on, therefore,
we must Imagine one great man or
woman   departing   from   this   world
disfavor." Although England owned
already one-fifth of the world's surface, she watched the increasing importance   of    German    trade    with
Just twenty-seven months after his
visit to Lyle he received a letter from
a young woman in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
who requested him to furnish her
with the actual date that the egg was
packed. He did so. The young woman is a bookkeeper for a large corporation there, who own fouiteen stores.
Her reply to his note on the egg
'rrhe egg was handed to me by one
of the clerks, of the firm.   Believing
Such in brief is my indictment of
i<uho.i,d    *n     ucriuau     iraae     wun * ..  \���  ���sr   ��� ���a**    **.....*..u^
gathering jealousy.    This attitude on ithat  yo"  we^   Jollying   when   yoa
the part of England, together with the
lessons of Tripoli and China, should
every day ln the year and. some new, teach Germany that the maintenance
candidate for fame taking the vacant  of her position depended on nothing
place ln tbe tanks.   For it Is not by  but the strength of her armaments,
any   means   true   that   death   often Want Fast Cruisers,
leaves gaps ln tbe workshop of the It was' an inevitable conclusion
world. There are usually eager bands j that the navy must be strengthened,
ready to take up the tools which the i and particularly ln the direction of
traveler bas dropped to begin his long fast cruisers. Germany must bave an
Journey. Edwin Abbey may dl?. but | unattached squadron of fast cruisers
art will go on just the same. David , ot various types, that must be always
Graham. Phillips may fall by the as- ready and able to defend Germany's
sassin's bullet, but novels wlll still be | Imperial Interests. The necessity of
written and literature will advance ' this had been indicated six years ago
to new achievements. In an amendment of the navy   law,
It is natural for those who hold the but no steps had been taken. The
reins of the world today and guide . large cruisers provided by the present
the course of human affairs to believe i program would be required to assist
tbat when they are Anally called away   the high see fleet ln the defence of
tbere wlll be confusion and dire derangement. Tbere will, of course, be
a sense of loss and mourning for one
Who hes 'ge��� -away never to return,
but there will be no derangement.
The world goes on just tbe same, no
matter who dies. However great the
place any man may fill there are always successors who can fill lt just
all well, or passably at any rate, as if
the miller of old were still watching
at the hopper. Sometimes the generation which Is passing becomes painfully conscious Of tbe upward pressure of ancient mill goes on grinding -
as   lf  the  newcomers.      The  them*��l,w
"    ' r,��
wrote the, note, I am not suggesting
mattimony, for I do not believe my
mother woul I permit me to marry at
this time. I shall be greatly obliged
lf you will furnish me with the date
and i lace tbe egg was packed and
shipped from."
American Motor Cars in Brazil.
C. A. Lull, representative of tbe
Metzer Motor Car Company in -Brazil,
thc Argentine and the Latin-American countries of the south, sives Considerable Interesting info, matton as
to trade conditions in tbose countries
and shows that a splendid export
field is awaiting development by the
American manufacturers.
"Until recently," says Mr. Lull, "almost the entire business was controlled by Europeans. The Germans
and French have practically monopolized thn field, although as yet they
firm conviction orairtl* tnembers off have been unable to produce arfythins
the committee of the league. lot  moderate price to compare   with
The "Black-Blue" Btoe. Jthe average American 91600 car. This
It    becomes dally    more    apparent 1 taet ls recognized even abroad, for In
that a combined onslaught ot all the
Liberal and Radical Interests of  the
empire upon the "Black-Blue Bloc" Is
the North sea coast,
velopment must be
ships  must  be  built.
If Imperial de-
secured more
Tbls  was tho
of Ibsen's great play. "Tbe Master
Builder," Is tbe haunting dread ln a
successful architect's mind of that
"younger generation" wbich la pushing forward and will inevitably replace the old. Earth always has
plenty of human material on hand to
take up the work of life and do it just
as well that a time ahould come soon-
��r or later for the seasoned rulers to
take their leave of us, for the ways ot
life alter with the advancing years
and old age sometimes incapacitates
a man to adapt himself to new needs.
Well 8trleken in Yeara
It is interesting to notice that
many of the distinguished persons
who left as during 1911 were well
stricken ln years. Fogazxaro, the Italian man of letters, was 69 when he
died, a ripe age, but many of hla companions upon the long journey were
older. Our own Thomas Wentwortn
Hlggiason died at;*7, and Justice Harlan at 78. But that is nothing. Good
old John Btgelow reached the age ot
IM before he saw hia final farewell of
this world. It Is an Interesting subject for discussion whether exceptional ability makes a man live longer
to be the distinguishing feature of
the strategy of the present political
campaign. Both the National Liberal and tbe Progressive parties, In
their "platforms," published this
week, declare relentless war upon
be     Conservative-Cent;*     coalition.
Both put the chief blame for Germany's navy woes, economic and
political, at tbe doors, of this combination and indicate that the first
duty of the hour is to break its
power.        ,.
South Americans are keen Beckers
for the lowest markets, and tbe medium priced American motor car ls,
therefore In splendid demand."���San
Francisco Bulletin.
WRy the Train Stopped.
Htfry Lander, the well-known
Scottish comedian, tells this story of
his touring days. Lauder wss in an
out-of-the-way hamlet in Banffshire.
He wanted to get on .the main line.
The progressive platform affirms J The "local express" took the better
that "a great empire, growing at the P��** of two hours to cover the twelve
rate of nearly a million a year, can ! cr fifteen miles.
I       ' "���* I      "at   \**t *���   ��..
no longer be governed by the mem'
bers of a small reactionary cast.''
The National Liberal platform, lt Is
true, declares that the battle must
be waged "against two fronts," the
Bloc and the Social Democracy, and
fulminates heavily against "the destructive agitation of the Socialists,'
but its attack on the Bloc parties is
oven sharper. Both parties, while
maintaining complete independence
and separation as regards fundamental principles, formally acknowledge
that they will work in accord for immediate practical ends.
Wanted Union.
Meanwhile the strong Progressive
press openly preaches a union of all
the factions of the Left.. Socialists
Included, against the common enemy
At last," he writes, "I ssked
ft How-traveler if the train in whioh
w�� were seated wu booked to catch
tin.   connection I wanted.
'Oh, aye." he replied, in the broad
northern Doric, solemnly removing.his
clay pipe before speaking, "she's
book it richt eneuch, but she vera
seldom does'!!'
"By and by the train stopped with
a sort of sleepy jerk lets than a mile
from the junction. I got up asd
opened the window. The signals were
down and there was no sign of any
block ahead. I opened the carriage
door, jumped on to the line,, and walk..
ed forward ti) the engine. The driver
and the fireman were seated on the
footboard, one enjoying a smoke.
They expressed no surprise st my appearance;  indeed, the engine driver
with the year 1911, though he started
very differently and maintained an
appearance of consistency on most of
these questions for some time. This
indictment, which I submit ls a serious one, has been before the ratepayers in both local newspapers for
over a week, and Mayor Lee has
made no attempt to answer through
the press.
At my meeting at Sapperton, Wednesday night, the mayor, at his first
public appearance in this campaign,
gave an exhibition of fancy skating on
very thin ice and falling in two or
three times, but that woe all.
Mayor Lee has not only avoided
any responsible and self-respecting
statement over his own signature
through the public press, but bas announced no publlc meetings but one,
on the eve of election day, when he
hopes, evidently, by a lot of glittering generalities and vague, high-
sounding promises, at the last mo-
meat, when the truth of his statements cannot be investigated, to
make the electors forget all matters
of record and cast their votes under
the carefully fostered delusion tbat
"big talk" for the future will atone
for all sorts of broken promises and
bad practices ln the past.
I submit that Mayor Lee, on his
record, should not again receive the
endorsatlon ef the ratepayers and
householders of New Westminster if
they have any regard for their interests in the many important matters
that affect the welfare of the city,
and that they should net allow'dust
to .be thrown In their eyes by the
ridiculously Inflated selt-aasutnpttoa
of the mayor that his coxUnnane* In
or*, ts necessary to V��S5
progress of tbe ctty I* .matters already inaugurated by tbe vote ot the
councll and the ratepayers,* or which
may be promoted in the city's interests during the year.
In fact, I will go further, and say
tbat the greater the interests to be
dealt with, the greater danger there
will be to the city's Interests In the
continuing at the head of its municipal affairs of a man who haa gone
back on his pledges and principles aa
Mayor Lee has, and who has shown
his determination to arbitrarily ignore
(he council and ita committees, even
When specially appointed for the purpose, in all matters of Initiative and
negotiation, thereby insuring that
there shall be no check upon.himself
until the city might be practically
committed to, perhaps, objectionable
details of some scheme otherwise desirable.
J.   8.   BRYSON
New Westminster, B.C., January 5
1912 ,
city's interests in fts relations with
tke B. C. Electric Raintay, particularly in the vital matter Of the city's
water supply at CoqultlanrLeke. The
conduct of the Board of Wtoks and
City Engineer's departmentAwhlch
Mayor Lee has undertaken to defend
throughout Unfair and unbusinesslike methods in the sale ot city bonds,
with consequent loss and discredit te
the city. Laxity in the enforcement!
of tbe law against disorderly houses
and the unlicensed sale of liquor
Brunette Saw Milk Comfriiy, lid.
New Westminster, B.C."
Are well stocked up with all kinds and fcradtW
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for tale or rent while prices are low
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Lath*   and   Shingles
PHONE  904.
(OM Olaas Works Factory.
Do Not Waste Money
Bare a little eyatematlcally, for tt le the etna that tba foua
datlona of wealth and happiness art built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to spend fer what ia
���ceded aow aad to Invest for what shall be seeded la thf fa
ture.   Money cannot be forested until lt is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, 92,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street,
A. L. OEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
'���it-.t't  odi  ol
^uVftSf��T*   i       ���1I!.'S  ������Vc��. aotwtthstandtaa; �����   WNH �������-
spite ot the political Jealousy  which \mA   {, skmuti    to    tk* mtltwd
exists more or less against the United States ln the southern countries
than his follow or not.   There may be, Ag a matter of pr!llci^ie> the Sociai.   was pohte enough to remsrk to me
some bodily organization going with  lgU  of courge ortefl|!Wf feline   to ��� tv" "' ���"'- K"'" ��������"������ "
genius   which   is   usually robust   ���<>  foiegather with any of   the   "Buriter-i
some bodily organization going with  ,       of c0 ostenslbly decline   to  ��"jt it was 'a braw niornin
"""���      rof   the   "Buriter-|        Yes. replied I. 'the morning * all
llche" parties, but that, when called !*����� *��JJ��* J*?* 'bou' ^VfKT'
upon to make a choice, they will give ^""L ^��t has she stopped tort
that it stands the wear and tear of
life better than the machinery which
nature bestows upon most of us. At
any rate great men as a rule live to
be old men unless the assassin's
weapon cuts them oft before their
time. This is true of statesmen, philosophers and scientists, but not of
poets or novelists. The latter notoriously, close up their earthly accounts
��arly In the day. Dickens, Thackeray,
Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, none
of them reached old age as lt Is
-counted now. Howells bids to round
oul a century, we must confess, but
there ia a soothing quality In his
books which has no doubt operated
to stay tbe hand of the Destroyer.
As for poets they cannot  expect
S,"^ X!J,T���*!lt0t tha  lSS?d. seriously. Ih. engine's g.ne .8
Bloc may be taken for granted.
The   Question   of   Age.
Mr. Edison recently declared he
was 110 years old, on the basis of tho
amount of work he had dose, calculating it at 18'hours a day.'.
This is, in reality, tba. only proper
manner in which to estimate one's
age. Sovie people who are over 80
years old have not lived so long as
the bile I'"
Antslopss snd Sleeping.
Some interesting investigations on
sleeping sickness are recorded by
.Messrs. Bruce, Haroerton, and Bale-
man in the Proceedings of the Royal
Society. They find tbat the following
Antelopes, the water-buck, the bush-
buck, and the reed b|t��ck. can be read
ily inlected with Uie human strain of
those of 40. Life is made up of emo-; ftc sleeping sickness parasite (Try-
tions, of action.   It Is also made up of panosoma Gsmbiensis) by the bite of
t ,      contemplations,   of   that   necessary the fly Glossins palpalis. But. strange
from the experience of the past, tot leisure wbich precedes the best and; to say, careful and continued szsn^n-
11 ve long If they dp not starve In imost effective action. Mr. Edison has iation of the blood et these antelopes,
eariy youth they are pretty sure to  been a large dealer  in all  ot these tailed'to icTeal any. of the parasites.
  ' commodities.   It seems to use that he Equally remarkable is the fact that
is even older��� on this basis���than he ! suoh infected antelopes csn transmit
asserts. If we could apply a simply the infection to clean laboratory-bred
test like this to all men, and   rate flies.      ; :"��� '
them accordingly, how Interesting the I <BTen tightr-one days after the last
findings might be. feed of ths Infected fly on suoh an efil-
We fancy we see In our mind old ���*,*��� ***** ">" ^ ^.i^u?;
Mend Badger (we have purposely tection and pass it on. llMrttM
mis-stated his name), who, at 50 ot P*�� f "��e ��l"�� ^ A.f'S^SSS
thereabouts, haa reached the purple ���� mA.^S?ni n ?�����?3^fohabU-
flush that come, after a life of mora- Si^tt. #^f,1 XntiS"JSStn
lng cocktails and afternoon highballs, ���**�� &.%!Ua!?__1?2 AiS
and who spend, hi. time at the club .&J&* **��&>��"C bS5
consulting the ticker-between game. {^ niturattr injected.     ._       .
For Civic States
(Continue trom pag* on*)
ess with New yestmmster, haa made
���hls home in tbe city, and, generally,
taken an active Interest in civic affairs. This is the first occasion on
which he has sought the suffrages ot
bis feilow-cltlzene. and ke thinks that
ids business experience, and knowledge of executive and committee
work justify his.standing."
There still remains to be mentioned Messrs. D. D. Burnette, A, Hard-
man, M. W. Minthorne, Joseph Travels., Joseph Cameron, Aitchlson. A. E.
White and D. S. Curtia and attention
will be paid to them in tomorrow's
I have just received a shipment of
A. Hardman
Davies' Pharmacy
Is the place to buy
Hot Water Bottles
Juat legitimate talloriag.
SS Begbie Street
die in their prime from the fervor of
their emotions. We do not' think
such poets aa Kipling and Alfred Austin are in any particular danger from
this cause, but there are exceptions
to all rules. Keats, Burns, Byron,
Poe, all perished with only half their
lives lived out. To be sure, Longfellow lasted longer,^but. like Howells,
he mny have been preserved by the
perene quality of hls passionless productions. It is their furious frezies
that kill off the roets. The only poet
of any r.cto whom America  lost  in
All kind, ef Watehe. Repaired. Wane
Fully guaignteed.
Cough Syfups
The effective kind.
Dermol Cream
Tbe beet application tor winter chap..
Ml front St.
C. Se Davies
the *arfceM ^ w_ c,^ Blwsk.
wymsiwwsmw.m-- ��mhmw pAan&m
"Public Sotiooia By-I*w IM I.*
By-law No.
on the day of ��� ��� ��� A. I), ml
Keconaldered and finally  i>us��twl ln
< )<pon Council the day of
A. r>. 191
Oily OU-rk.
Tike notice thnt the above 1�� a true
I copy of the    ptopoaad    by-law  |pon
��hu-h the vote of ihe electors will he
taken en the    llth    day oi January.
1918.  between    the    hours    of    nine
A   By-tjaw  to enable the Council  of
IThe Corporation' i*t t^t** Olt�� o! New
Wevtmliater to raise by.loan/  the
sum of NInety-aeven Thoumnd DoI��
lars it9',ooo.00)  for the pnrohnaa
of  a  site  and   the   sCMtloa     of  a
Puhiv- Bohooi* In the Weat End of
the city at a cost of ntty-atx Thousand   Hollars   vtsa.OOOuoi   anj  ror
l>*yment  of  the    lv��lan e    for the
Bite n*t the Sixth    Avenue    School
Twelve   Thousand     Tao     Hundred
end Twenty    Dollars    v$l8.8JO.O0��
and for payjneju of the V-.iUrwc of i
��he eoist    t*t    ihe    Que��irfbor\'>iurtt |
School Two Thousand Three  Hundred and Eighty IV.Urs vtliSe.OOi !
and for the compietwa <��f the &*p~ ���
perton    School    Sn:een    Thousand j
KoMrOtuadred Djiiars , i'.-f ��:��������**> j
. Wtufbis it ts,-aect��5*ry to^provjd*;
a site aad erect * Public Sch.v>". there- !
on in the West Etui of the vl ty aad :���> j
pA>- the bjila^re .iue for t^jj *:te ed tA* ;
���Sixth  Avenae School and  ba'ance  off A By-Uaw  le  eaeblt   the Council'of
TU* teachora o; urlti.Oi Columhla.
ino hundred atrona, will meet in Him
city on Mondav an I Tueeday.
January S and :'. in their annual err.
vention. Tho general sessions will be
oYUvk a m. an.i .even o'clock p. m. at I ��*�� in tho 1. O. O. F hall. JBstttk
���he>f ill>wina i>'a M' street-    In all  t\e sessions will    be
'  BLOeem^aHait m�� oH3artwH��*ft comnwn-ri*  Monday    lorenoon
and Chan* Mt��e��a       - 'a' ������**.��
N     4 Fire Hi... S.v;h<�� rton.    ani
Xo  5 Pire UalL T.i.rtee^th Btrqrt
City C ark
City Ha?. Dec   19. IV. l.
��� Uvbx. Hr^M  Itl!.*"
<K<-lda  Xo.���)
the cost of the Queettsbor >ush School
and tn complete the Sapperton School,
and it will be necessary to raise Oie
sum of Ninety-sevtn Thousand Dollar*
lt97.O00.00) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas It appears that if the
/���aid sum Of f97.00fl.O0 be appropriated
. from the general revenue of the city
for the current year the rate of taxation will ibe excessive, and it is expedient that &uch excessive taxation
should 'be avoided ;u;ii the sail sum
should be raised on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
'. should be issued,for that amount,
i And''whereas for the payment of
interest on the debentures proposed to
be issued under this t>y-law and for
creating a sinking fund for the payment of. ttie said debentures when due
It will be necessary to raise by special
rate In addition to all other rates each
year during- the "currency of the said
debentures the sum of Five Thousand
and T.��onty-four and 95-100 Dollars
And whereas in order to raise the
said yearly sum of $5224.95 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the city of New Westminster.
And   whereas   the     whole   rateable
Tie Corporation of the City of New
tVestmiBfler to raise tiie sum of One
Hundred aad Sixty-five Thousand
Do.lars ifl��S.Ov0.OO) for the
purpose of paying the over-draft
covering a number of years and
now existing tn the accounts of the
Whereas It is necessary to raise the
sum of $165,000,00 for the purpose of
paying the over-draft covering a number of years and now existing in the
accounts of the city.
And whereas it appears that if the
said sirm of $165,000.00 be appropriate^ from the general reyenue of the
city for the current year the rate of
taxation will be excessive, and it is
expedient that such excessive taxation should b* avoided, and the said
sum should be raised on the credit
of the Corporation and that debentures should 'be Issued for that
And whereas for the payment of
Interest on the debentures proposed
to be issued under this by-law and
for creating a sinking fund for the
payment of the said debentures when
due it will be nei-essary to raise by
special rate In addition to all other
rates aflJch year during the currency
of the sakl debentures rhe sum of
Fight  Thousand   Fight  Hundred  and
The rra$T*m f:r the con ven tion :s
as folio* t:
General    Sesttone���Monday,   Jan-   s-
M A. M.
1_   Presidents addross.
J.   Enrollment ol memt>erK.
J.   Address   ol   "Welcome	
 His  W c rshif. the   M ayor
4.    Literature���The Lady of tbe
Lake."  J. D. Buchanan. B. A.
* P. M.
1. History in the Senior Grade
 J. R. Pollock
Discussion���Alex. Graham.
P. O. Canfield, A. .Martin.
2. Solo Miss   J.   A.   Henderson
3. Loyalty and Progress 	
 Mlss M. K. Strong, M. A.
4. Presentation of Constitution.
6.   Nominations.
8 P. M.
1. Address���History   of    British
His  Honor Judge F.  W. Howay.
2. Musical program and reception to visiting teachers by the
New    Westminster    City    Staff.
property of the said city according to    Eighty-seven and 80-100 Dollars ($8,-
the last revised ajw^sjment roll there-I ;!8"-8��)
And whereas in order to raise the
said yearly sum of $.'<S87..S0 an equal
.special rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of tbe City of New
And whereas the whole rateable
property of the said City according
to the Jast revised assessment Toll
thereof Is Nine Million Five Hundred
and Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred,and Thirty-two Dollars ($9,51)2,-
of is Nine Million Five Hundred and
Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred
T\vo Hundred and Twenty-four and
9*-100 Dollars  ($5224.95).
And whereas the total amount of the
existing   debenture   debt   of   the  said
city Is Two Million One Hundred and
Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) irrespective of the
sum  of Four Hundred and Forty-two
Thousand   Dollars   ($44.2,000.00)   proposed 4o Ibo raised under this by-law
and   the  "Loan   Uy-Lajw 1911,"  "High
School Site By-Law 1911," and  "High
School   BuHding     By-Law   1911,"     of
which none of the principal or interest
is in arrears.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation  of the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:-���
llj;   U sha lil, be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of loan
from  any  person  ot .persons,   body or, . , ,.    , ,,,,.,
| bodies corporate  who may 'be .wllllns    P^'A1."8 -S.y'I^'w J J "'       ,a"d,
feiSswwiABsse1 '"    '
���.ceefltng In -tYfi* wYiole tfhc sum ot t*lnt-
Sectlon   Work���Tuesday,   Jan.   6.
10 A. M.
1. Language in tbe Junior Grade
 Miss  J.   A.   Henderson
2. Primary reading  	
 Miss   M.   Winter
Intermediate Grade Section.
1. Composition      	
 Miss   M.   M.   McKenzie
2. Muscular  system  of penmanship   Miss M. Clements
Senior Grade Section.
1. The study of a continent	
 A. Anstey,  B. A.
2. Penmanship. .J. A. Sprott, B. A.
3. Weather observation and records J. A. Jewett, B, A.
Manual   Trnir.inu   S?ction.
Several paper trill be read.
High School Section.
1. History in  the   High   School
 T. T. Dunning, M. A.
2. Oxford and the Rhodes	
Scholar E.   A.   Monroe   M.   A.
General  session  to  be held  in the
Odd Fellows' Hall
2  P.  M.
1. High School entrance retirements H.  P.   Oole    B.  A
2. Solo Mrs.   A.   C.   Eddy
3. Election of Officers.
4. Resolutions.
PresHent W.   C.   Coatham
And   whereas   the   total   amount   of.,
the   existing   debenture   debt   of   the ' '���-Vice-President. T. A. Brough, B. A
said city is Two Mellon One Hundred I 2nd   V Jce-Presldent   	
and   Fifteen  Thousand     Three  Hun-'      Mlss A. S. Clarke.B. A.
drod Dollars  ($2,115,300.00)  irrespec- 'Treasurer H.   B.   King,  B.  A.
tive of the sum of Four Hundred and   Recording Secretary  	
Forty-two  Thousand   Dollars   ($442,- j Corresponding  Secretary   	
000.00)   proposed  to  be  raised   under)       Miss   M.   Mackenzie
tilt's   by-liw   an-1   the"    "High   School |
i site  By-Law    1911,"    "High    School   I     J
the   B. A.:  F. O. Canfield, J. Martin, Mis3
it*   urtu.nn,    fc*...   -..��._   .a..   **.���   .... .rat.    .'r\      *���  ***���***-     ��**: nil**,*      liy-,.*tw      an a a. tat \ S^^tta,	
******* �������' ���"�����'������ \ J.piUM   Cram   Th.lr   Mind*. "
Now.      iu,rKtc,T<..      tho      -Municipal    \      Tho     Unlvervlty     ot    ToMo    *.*      fie
Council    or    the    corporation    or    tbe \ principal   Institution  ot  talgtaer  ��duc&-
City   of  New   Westminster  enacts  as ' tion   in   Japan;   its   pioper   existence
follows:��� I may be said to have begun in  1886
T.  Dunning,  B.  A.:   R.  Straight.
ity-seven  Thousand   Dollars   ($97,000.-
00) and to cause the same to be paid
into the Treasury of the said city for
jthe purposes mentioned herein.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause ahy number of debentures to
be made not exceeding In the whole
the ��um of $97,000,90 for such sums
of money an may be required not less
than $100,00 each or an equivalent expressed in pounds sterling ot fhe United Kingdom of Groat Britain and Ireland at a value of 4.366 to the pound
aterllng; and all such debentures shall
be scaled with the seal of the ICVrpora- J a
ti���ri. sfgherl \>y Qie Mayor and cMln-
tersigned t>y the Treasurer thereof, or
t>j t?l,<,h. J.tber ^icrjon gj persons as
may be ttn>reunto lawfully authorized.
.8, Tha said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January,
1162, at such iplaco or places as the
Council of the said lOorpuration may
from time to time appoint with the
approval of tiie .holders thereof and
Shall bear interest at the rate of four
and one-half per centum per annum
payable half yearly on the first day of
Jahuary and tho first day of July in
each and every year and tha debentures shall have attached to them coupons fsr tho payment of interest,
which Baid coupons Bhall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar shall
be levied and rai��ed 1n each year in
addition to all other rates on all the
rateable property of the city sufficient
to pay the interest upon the debentures
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor | in the union of two colleges of muc.i
of the said city to raise by way of; earlier foundation, which included
loan from any person or persons, departments of law, science, medi-
body or bodies corporate who may be 'cine and literature; it has added de-
willing to advance the same on the : partments of engineering and agricu.-
redlt of the debentures hereinafter ture, both on a large scale; it has an
mentioned any sum or sums of money j astronomical observatory, a marine
not exceeding in the whole the sura ; biological laboratory, botanical ga.-
of $165,003.00 -and to cause the same . dens, and seismometers; its buildings
to bs paid into the treasury of the nun,ber more than flfty, and it has
said city for the purposes mentioned augmented the rank�� of ita students
horeln- * and professors till it has become one
�� ohail be (lawful for the Mayor i 0f tne great universities of the world
to cause any number of debentures g0 Wrltes in the Hindustan Review
to be made not exceeding ln the Dr Charles F. Thwing, president of
whole the-sum of $165,000.00 foT Western Reserve University,
such sums of money as rosy be re- Doctor Thwing cites the opinions
quired not less than $100.00 each or of Japanese scholars themselves that
and to creajto a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof wlfoi
due, subject to any Act or enactmem
respecting the same.
5. Sirbject >;m aforesaid theTe shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
eald debentures the sum of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty-fly*
Dollars ($14 3*5.00) for the payment of
Interest thereon and the sum of Klglit
Hundred and Fifty-nine and 95-100
Dollars ($8Ji9.95) to provide for the
repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as fol.
lo<vs and not otherwise: Towards paying tht cost of the passing of this bylaw and the issue and sale of the debentures therein referred to and all
expenses connected with the issuance
of the said loan, and the balance shall
be ipa'.l- over from lime to time as required by the City Treasurer to tho
several persons to whom moneys are
7. This by-laiw shall take effect
on the final passing thereof.
, 8. ThiK By-law before the final
pas.-':'* thereof shall receive the as-
inm *ri. r ��� it'f ���-������"���? of the said city
iii t-f rtl-ai.rur required by law.
S. i his By-law may be cited as the
vpiiblic Schools By-Uuv 1911."
Beoe4ved the n*Smk of *he electors
in' equivalent expressed in pounds
sterling, of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland at a value
of 4.866 to the pound sterling; and
all such debentures shall be sealed
with the Seal of the Corporation,
siffnod by the Mayor and countersigned hy the Treasurer thereof, or
by such other person or persons as
may.be thereunto lawfully authorized.
3. The said debentures shall be
payahle on the first day of January,
1962 at such place or places as the
Council   of  the  said   Corporation   may
the Japanese mind ls "rather a know
ing than a thinking mind."   It is not,
accurate in its working.    This defect
may be the result of the lecture system of  conveying Instruction and of
the desire of the Japanese student to
take too many courses at one time.
Some   students,    indeed,   attend    so
many lectures that "they have little
| time  left for reading, and   less time
I for   reflection."     Where  an  ordinary
| American student will take twelve or
| fifteen lectures a week, the Japanese
will take twenty-flve or more, and Dr.
'���!Z \[Til\timLiV,Tltr^f   th^i Thwing knew some Japanese who at-
apWPVBJ   Of  the   holders  thereof  and | ^J* Iectureg  f<Jr g,x  nQurB ft day
! Well  might he say:    "Such a metli-
| od is intellectual gorging, stuffing."���
American Review of Reviews.
four and one-half per centum per
annum payable half-yearly on the
first day of January and the first day
of July In each and every year, and
the debentures shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of In-
terost, whlrh said coupons shall be
signed by the wild Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall l>e levied and raised in each
year in addition to all other rates
on all the rateable property of the
City sufficient to pay the Interest
upon the debentures and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
principal  thereof  when  due,  subject
urer to the several persons to Whom
moneys are payable.
7. This By-4aw shall take effect
on the final passing thereof.
8. This By-law before the final passing thereof shall receive the assent of
the electors of the eald city ln the
manner required by law.
9. This By-iaw may be cited aa
"Loan  Bv-Law 1S11."
Received the assent of the electors
to  any  a-ct  or  enactment  respecting   on the da* of       .        A'D" 19}.
the same. |     Reconsidered and finally passed In
5.    Subject as aforesaid there Bhall ! ��Pen Council  the day of
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
Mtld debentures the su:n of Seven
Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty-
five Dollar* ($741'fi.00 ) for the payment of Interest ther*" n nnd the sum
:f One Thousand Fot* ��� Hundred and
Sixty-two Dollars nnd Eighty Cents
($1463.80) to provide for the repayment of the prin-lpal.
6. The proceeds of the sole of the
���aid debentures shadl be applied as
Tollcws and not otherwise:' T.iwarrts
���aying the cost of the passing of tbls
'���y-Iaw and the issue and sale of the
lehehtures therein referred to and
a." expenses connected with the Issuance of the said loan, and the bal-
���nc shaL! be paid over from time to
'.ime  as required   by the City Treas-
A. Di 191
City Clerk.
Tak? notice that tho above J is a
truo copy of the proposed. by-law
upon which the vote of tho electors
wlll be taken on the llth day of
January, 1912, "between the hours of
nine o'clock a. m. and seven o'clock
p. m. at the following places:
St. George's Hall, corner of Clarkson  and  Church Streets.
No. 4  Flre Hall, Sapperton, and
No.  6  Firo Hall, Thirteenth Streel.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Dec. 29. 1911.
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is a continuous one, that is if he
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>a.*t**-4*sf ~tmmmth*m*i.    ��� m
tfHE DAILY tffcWa
ly-Law No..*.
A By-law to authorize tne Corpora-
}��� tion of the District of Burnaby to
��nter Into and execution agreement
with the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company for the purchase of
.shares ln the capital stock of said
The Municipal Council of the *>r
poratlon of tbe DlBtrict of Burnby
���enacts as follows:
1. Authority tb hereby given to the
Reeve and Clerk of tbe Corporation
to sign on behalf of the Corporation
and to seal with tbe corporate seal
an indenture of agreement totjreen
the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company of tbe one part and the Co*
poratlon of the other part in the
terms of the Schedule appended to
this By-law, and authority ls hereby
given to tbe Corporation to enter Into and agree to all the provisions of
said agreement.
2. This By-law may be cited as
"Tbe Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company Aid  By-law, 1911."
3. This By-law shall come into
operation on tbe date of Its receiving tbe assent of the Lieutenant-Cov-
ernor-ln-Council by order' ln councll
to that effect.
DONE    AND    PASSED    ln    Open'
Council the Eighteenth day of Decern
ber, 1911.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors on the   day  of  ,
passed the   day of  ,
Mr. Topping's Of Ice. Eaat Burnaby.
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burqult-
,.    ..      ,. ��� u    , -*v_ P��** *** PAS8ED ln Open Council
Dundonald School, Frassr Ann.   '    the Eighteenth day of December  a.
Barnet Halt, Barnet. D. 1911 ^eeemoer. a.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-     RECEIVED the assent of th* Blee-
rti    *m .._.   a.       ��� iion ���* ����� Etoetlon for the purpose on
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.    I the   day   of a    n
Lakemere School, Duthie. 191���. ' ******
Public Notice Is hereby given that     RECONSIDERED and Anally adopt-
^'.^"l^Elf,0^8..^^6.^3:!^^ ���� .Council, signed    by   the
trlct of Burnaby will be taken on the, Reeve and Clerk and Sealei with the
abovamentloned By-law at the time, Corporate Seal,/on   the   dav   of
and place above mentioned, and that | -��� ^ p. i91_
A. O. Moore has been appointed Re-
purpose of terming a .inking  fund     Varden No. 19,   Sen.   ot   Norway, I
fer the payment of the said   deben- m**t '�� Eagles hall    the   flrst   and  .
tures and the sum of Two Thousand, I third Wednesdays ef each month at '
Two Hundred aad Fifty dollars (12,- 8 ��-m- /biting brethren are cordially I
  Invited'to attend.
turning Officer to Uke the vote of
such electors with the usual powers
ln tbat behalf.
J. W? WE4RT, Reeve.    ~��'7
W. GRIFFlf HS^erk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 20, 1911.
By-Law No....
A By-law to enable tbe Corporation
of the District ot Burnaby to raise
by way of loan the sum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars    if 50,000.00)    to
purchase stock In ths Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Company.
WHEREAS a petition dated as to
each signature and signed by the owners of more thanone-half of the real
property In tbe District of Burnaby
ae shown by the last revised assessment roll has been presented to the
Councll of the satd District requesting them to introduce and pass a bylaw to authorise them to borrow the
sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,-
000.00)   to, be expended  In the  purchase of stock or shares in Th& Burrard  Inlet Tunnel  and  Bridge  Company incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada.
AND WHEREAS lt is necessary to
raise the money required to defray"
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Five Hundied and Twenty-six dollars and Seventeen cents
($526.17) principal and tha sum ot
Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty dollars ($2,250.00) interest making together a total amount annually
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Seventy-six dollars and Seventeen cents ($2,776.17) for tbe term
of forty years for the re-payment ot
the said loan and Interest thereon a)
,,.,,,, . hereinafter mentioned.
WIIh.Rfc.AS the Company has been      AND WHEREAS the net value of
Icorpated Inter alia for the purpose   the  whole rateable land  in the  Mu
CMC. Reeve.
Take  Notice that  the above   is  a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon,..,......, .,���.���, ,0,w, ��,-
which the vote of the Municipality"- DONE AND PAqSFn
will be taken on Saturday the 13th UONfc ANU PASSED
day   of   January,   1912
259.00) for the payment ot the Inter
eat, at the rate aforesaid, the Mild .pedal rate to be ln addition to all otber
ratea to be levied and collected in
the said Municipality during the currency of tbe said debentures or any
of them. j
3. This By-law shall take effect on
and after the Eghteentb day ot January A. D. 1912.
4. Tbls By-law may be cited for all
purposes as the "BURNABY SIDE
J. J. A UNE,
Financial Secretary.
������ ��� ������
THIS INDENTURE dated this ���day
of , ln the year of our Lord, one
thousand nine hundred and ���.
incorporated as a Railway Com-
I uny by a charter of the Parliament of Canada, hereinafter referred to as the "Company'
of the ONE PART,
DISTRICI' OF BURNABY, hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation''
hfitWMti     9
o'clock a. m.  until  7 o'clock p.  m.
at the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
f���Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Park.
Mr. Top: fig's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road* 8'dhool, Burquitlam.     . ***�����.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet..
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby. *,
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Publlc Notice is hereby given that
the vote ef the Electors ot the District of Burnaby wltl be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and tbat
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
In that behalf.
J.   W.   WEART,  Reeve.
,W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20. 1911.
in   Open
Council the Eleventh day  of December A. D. 1911. ���
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors at an election for the purpose on
the ��� day of ������ A .D. 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt
ed by the Councll, Signed by the
Reeve and Clerk and Sealed with the
Corporate Seal all on the ��� dey of
 <���, A. D. 1912.
C.M.C, Reeve.
Take Notice that tbe above is a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon which the vote of the Municipality
wllfbe taken on Saturday, the 13th
day fit January 1912, between 9
o'clock a. m. until 7 o'clock p, m. at
the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds."
Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Office. East Burhaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam. %
Dundonald School, Fraaor Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet."
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice is bereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law at the time'
.   .,   ,      . *,.*.��� ,      an<1 PIace above mentioned, and that
!,! n,0,??6 Corporation A. G. Moore has been appointed Re-
of the District of Burnaby to raise | turning Officer to take the vote of
by way of loan the sum of $50,000,- 'such electors, with the usual powers
By-Law No....
Re Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 ef Lot 95, Group 1, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss bf Certificate of Title Number 1971F. issued
In the name of The Corporatioa 0?
the District of Burnaby, has been
filed In thl. office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of tbe flrst publication hew
?l' HL* dalljr new8P��I>er published iu
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certlflcate un>
less in the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
,     ,   J***** Registrar of Tltlee.
Land Registry Office. New West
minster, B. C, Dec. 21, 1911.
.undertaking the erection of a Joint
Tic and railway bridge across the
feond   Narrows   of    Burrard    Inlet
a point in  the  Municipality of
laby and Hastings Townsite to a
in  the  District of  North  Van-
ir and the construction of suit-
ilway works to give connection
railway  systems on  the   Soutb
and for the opening up and derm of the North Shore of Bur-
[WHEREAS the whole of
rks are so situated as to be
value to tlie Municipality of
Sy and the Corporation has
to aid the said Company by
fiblng for five hundred (500)
of one hundred dollars
($190.00) each in the capital stock of
���Bid Company.
AND WHEREAS the price *r value
���of said share* le flfty thousand dollars <$f)0,0S0.00). therefore the Company hereby agrees to sell to the
Corporation end the Corporation
agrees to .urchaa* of aad from the
Company ilv* hundred (500) skarss
of one bundreed dollars ($100.00) cash
-of tbe capital stock of the Compear
at and for tbo sold price of flfty
thousand dollara ($90,009.09) subject
always to the terase of tbe Act et la
corporation ot the Compaay and to
tbe following conditions, namely:
1. The eald price ahall be due aad
payable to tbe Company within two
(3) months frees the data et tbe aa
sent of tbe Lieuteaaat-Geveraor-la
Council to .the By-law authorising
abe execution ef tbi. agrsssaw* aad
upon paymeat of the aald pstce aad
la exchange therefor tho Ceagaay
���tell issue and .sake delivery to SA*
Corporatioa ef tbe ebere csrttScaUe
for said share* sa the cental eloeb
in valid tona.
3.   In reepeot ef tb. aaid Corpora
nicipality according to the last revised assessment roll amounts to Eighteen Millions, Five Hundred and
Twenty Thousand. Four Hundred and
Fourteen  ($18,520,414)  dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand, Five Hundred dollars,
($1,208,500) exclusive of local improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments of which none
of tbe principal or interest is ln arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of interest and the creation
of a sinking fund for the payment
ot the said principal sum ot $50,000.00
it will be necessary to levy a special
annual rate sufficient to raise the sum
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Sovoaty-elx dollara an4- Seven
teen cent* ($2,776.17) tho amount to
be calculated annually oa the whole
of tbe rateable laad comprised within tho Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation ef the
District of Burnaby eaaets ae follows:
1. It ahall be lawful for tbo Reeve
and Clerk ef the Couaetl for the purpose, afereaald to borrow er ralae by
war of lean from any person er body
or bodies corporate who aaay ho willing te advance the same upea the
credit ef the debenture* hereinafter
mentieaed a cum aet exeeeeiag $50,-
009.09 aad to souse the earn, to be
plased ia the Royal Hank ef Canad".
at the City of Now Wcf I spier British Celusabla. te the credit ��t the
seid CorpceaUaa tor. abe .urneaas aad
wltb tbo ohjasss above sot forth ead
te issue aay aumker af dsbaatarae ef
the eald CerpereUoB to the sum ef
$99,909.99 km the whoie la aceejrtosee
with  the   "Municipal   Clauses   Act''
00 for the purpose of providing and
building additional sidewalks within the Limits of the Municipality
WHEREAS it is necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the aum of Fifty Thousand ($50,-
000.00) dollars to provide for the construction of additional sidewalks within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it ls necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars and
Five cents ($2,497.05) principal and
the sum of Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty ($2,250.00) dollars Interest making togather a total amount
annually of Four Thousand, Seven
Hundned and Forty-seven dollars and
Five cents ($4,747.05) for the term
of fifteen years for the repayment of
the said loan and interest thereon
as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of
the whole rateable land in tbe Municipality according to the last revised
Sssissment roll amounts to Eighteen
Million, Five Hundred aad Twenty
Thousand, Four Hu.dree aad Fourteen ($l��.��2M14-09) AoUara.
AND WHBltBAS tbo total oztsUns
debenture debt ot the Municipality ls 1
In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 20. 1911.
The O. E. S., Royal City Chapte-,
No. 7. will after this meet in the K.
of P. Hall, corner of Eighth and Agnes streets, on the second and Fourth
Monday of each month at 8 p.m.
By order of
Worthy Matron.
Re Lot 12, in subdivision 2 of Lot
30. Group l, Map 478, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title number 16308A, issued
in the name of Olive Bell has been
.filed In this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the^xpir^ion of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published
in the City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certlfl
cate, unless in the meantime valid
objection be made to me in wriUng.
C. 8. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B. C, December 6, 1911.
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Painters, Paperhangers
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Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
tin  holding tbo aotd sharae  in the, AND tbo said debeatures shall be la
' sued te constat ef 102 debeature., eacb
of the deaemlaeUea ol oae hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) aad one da
benture ef the amount ot S78-1��-Sd.
bolag tbe Sterling equivalent of |I9,-
000.99 at tbe rate ot 14.89% to tbe
ono pound Sterling, eacb debeature
being alM expressed to be payable
ln Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and suoh debentures sball
have annexed thereto coupons expressed both ln Sterling aad Currency
for the interest thereon at tbe rate
of four and one-half (4%) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on
tbe 30th day ot June and the 31st.
day of December ln each year. AND
eucb Sterling debenutres shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said
debentures, and both as to principal
and interest ahall te payable at the
office of the' Bank of Montreal in
London, England, or ln Toronto, Montreal or in Vancouver, Canada, or In
New York, at holder's option. AND
the principal of the said debentures
shall be payable on the Thirty-first
day of December, A. D. 1961.
2. There shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor en all rateable land within
tbe Limits of.the snld Municipality
tho cum of Five Hundred and Tweaty-
slx dollar* and Seventeen cents
(1626.17) for the purpose of forming
a sinking fund for the payment of tbe
eald debenture, and the aum of Two
Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty
dollar. ($2,260.00) for the payment of
the Interest at thp rate aforesaid, the
said special rate to be ln addition to
all other rates to be levied and co!-
oapita! stock of the Com
while the aaase ere aa baid Ue Reeve
ot the Corporatioa shall bo Md aet
as one of the directors of tbe Company.
3. The Compaay agrees within
ten (10) months of tbe date et the
assent ot tbe Lleulooant-Governor-
In-Council as aforesaid to commence
nnd proceed with the work ot the
construction of tbe said bridge and
to have duly completed and ready for
traffic the said bridge and at least
lour (4) mile, of connecting railways
before the lapse of three (3) years
from the data of the uld aasent of
the   Lieutenant-Governor-ln-CounclI.
4. Ae regard, the Corporation this
agreement i. provisional on the assent being had of the electors of the
District and the passing of the Loan
By-law to provide the funds and also
on this agreement receiving the assent of the Lieutenant-Governor-in-
Councll and falling any of these
events then this agreement shall be
Ipso facto null aad void.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF tbe Company    and    tbe    Corporation    have
caused   their   respective    corporate
seals to be hereunto affixed.
The corporate seat of tbe
Burrard  Inlet  Tunnel  and (SEAL)
Bridge Compaay was hereto affixed la the preoence of
The corporate seal of the
Corporation Of the District
ot Burnaby was hereto at- (SEAL)
fixed Jn  the   presence  of:
Take Notice that the  abpve   Is a
true copy of tbo proposed By-law up- lected In the said Municipality during
on which the vote of the Municipality  the currency of the said debentures
wlll be taken on Saturday, the  13th or any 0f them,
day   ci   January.   1912.   between    9
o'clock a. ra. ufltil 7 o'clock p. m., at
the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Park.
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand Five Hundred ($1,208,500.-j
00) dollars, exclusive of local improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments ot which none
of the principal er interest Is ln arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment ot Interest aad tbe creation
of a sinking fund for tke payment ef
tbe aald principal aum ef I6I.W8.IO it
wlll be necessary te levy a spools! annual rate suffisleat to raise the suss
ot Four Thousand, Seven - Hundred
and Ftrty-seven dollars aad Five
senta ($4,747.91) the amount to be calculated annually on tbe whole of tbe
rateable land eesspatsed within the
NOW TH1BMFOBE tbe Municipal
Ceuaell af tbe Cerpoaatlea ef the Dia
trict of Burnaby asset,  as  talis ws:
1. It shall be lawful ter tke Reeve
aad Clerk ef tke Council ter the purpose, aforesaid te borrow er raise by
way of lawa from aay person or body
or bodice corporals wbo may bs 'willing to advance tbe same upon tbe
credit of tbe debeatures hereinafter
mentioned a aum not exceeding $58,-
900.90 aad te cause the same to be
placed in the Hoyal Bank of Canada
at tho City ot New Westminster, British Columbia to the credit of the eald
Corporation for the purposes and with
the objects above aet forth and to ls
sue any number ot debentures of the
said corporation to tbe sum of $50.-
000,000 ln the whole In accordance
with tbe "Municipal Clauses Act." And
the said Debentures shall bo issued
to consist of 102 debentures each of
the denomination ot One Hundred
Pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture of the amount of. ��73-19-6d.
being the Sterling equivalent of $50,-
000.00 at the rate ot $4.86% to thc
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable'
ln Canadian : currency . computed at
���uch rate arid <��uch debentures M^l
have, annexed thereto coupons" expressed both In Sterling and Currency
for the Interest thereon at tbc rate
of four and one-bait H%) per centum per annum payable half-yearly en
tbe 39th day of June and the SIM
day of December In eeofc year. And
sucb Sterling debenture, shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said
debentures, and both as to principal
and interest .hall be payable at tbe
Office of the Bonk of Montreal in
London, England, or ib Toronto, Montreal or ln Vancouver, Canada, or In
New York at holder's Cfction. And
thf principal bf the said .debeatures,
dull be payable on. the Thirty-first
day ot December. A.D. 1626. v  .    .
2. Tbere shall be raised and lev-
led annually by a special rate auffi-
3. This by-law shall take effect on.' cient therefor on all rateable land
and after the Eighteenth day of Jan- within the Halt, of the Mid Munici-
uary. A. D. 1612. pallty  the .um Of Two   Thousand.
4. This by-law mav bo cited for Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dot
all   purposes   as  ' THE   BURRARD. lan and Five cents ($2 497.06) for the
nm mm
Toronto Express leaves at  8:60
Chicago Express leaves at   13:60
Imperial Limited Leaves at ...19:40
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Diners. For Reservations and rates
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New Westminster
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Reserve  7.200,000
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branches, extending ln Canada
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MONDAY, JANUARY S, 1ttt      (
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Knowledge or its particular requirements, its refcidents. accordingly, are
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All    accounts   owing   *to   Kenny's
calc must be raid on or .'���*fore Satur-
January  13, 1912. an�� also, as*
���.6'"0*��Q  ��f   r---.?i '^Toprletor-
IshiP WUfit be render 1 on or before
said date,..-*Vl>. "i\unn, vrorrietOf. M
ing   mountain   ridges, each ot which
disclosed new beauties.
"On our return we took the train at
the end of the steel, then mile 99.
We are glad of this opportunity to
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thoughtfulneaa and courtesy ot all the
Grand Trunk Pacific officials on the
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"The trip ^aa undertaken on   the
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wbo   bad   i^vtemiy-SUidet",   .some'
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there is no suitable place, available
in the city. In tiie premises it now
occupies a. real estate office will be
1 oyeued.    Mr,  C.  U.  Nuun,    who    haa
A ti��.n HM* ��.���<��>**�����*���� f��r 41,* PM.%. *.*��<*
\\>��,M��. \*nJ6i.��K. ur ���*****. *.-***. urlnceltnLl
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house, near car line.
$500 Cash, balance $26 per month.
London     street, '  near     Tenth
street, good lot, north side.
Easy terms.
Major & Savage
price    $1.25
Woman's Sweaters regular $5.50, Sale
price  .$3.25
Boys' Clothing
35% to 50% discount.   Don't miss this
75c Children's Vest and Drawers.
B. & M.
8pecial      terms
ordering  suits now
to     customers
for spring  de-
No need to wait.    Come in and
talk it over with us now.
46 Lorne f*tr-)��t, New Westminster.
Mayoralty Election Notics.
In tlie interests of the mayoralty
-nndldatiu'e' of J. r Bryson the electors of the city of ,t�� Westminster
are notified that permanent commit-
lee looms have been engaged in the
oiii Knights of Pythias hall directly
above Curtis' drug store, Columbia
rtre'et. These rooms will be open
day nnd evening until after the election and everyone Is cordially in-
vited to visit these rooms at any
time, and any assistance rendered
the committee will be greatly appreciated.
Take the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afte'noon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o'clock. ���*
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb.'.lie
Fresh Cod (half or-whole), lb....8c
Halibut (half or whole), per lb. ,..8c
Fresh Smelts, per lb 10c
Fresh Rock Cod 3 lbs. for 25c
B. & Mi Brand Cooked Salmon, lb. 15c
Smoked Halibut, per lb 15:
B. & M. Brand Kippers, per lb. ..10c.
Prime  Rabbits, each    35c
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Oppoalte Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front 8t.
Clearing at from 35% to 50% discount
Women's Coats
Regular Values to 128.50, Stocktaking
Sale price $10.50
Hosiery Bargains
Women's Cashmere Hose, 35c values,
Sale price 2 pairs for 45c
Men's Socks, cashmere, 35c values, Sale
price 2 pairs for 45c
Neckwear and Gloves
Wonderful Bargains
65c Women's Cashmere Gloves, pr. 35c
$1.50 and $2.00 Cape and Mocha Gloves
pair 90c
50c to 75c Lace Collars, each 35c
$1.00 to $1.50 Fancy Stock Collars, each
Dress Goods
Values to $1.00, Stocktaking Sale price,
per yard 30c
Staple Goods
Bargains that will surprise you.
this section.
Women's Suits
That   were $30.00, Stocktaking  -Sale
price $12.50
FURNITURE) reasonable goods
Bonicht and  Bold.
UlKhent   Price  Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Chest Protectors, Chamois Skins,
Electric Insoles, Etc.
Phone R6/2.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Esvetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
We   Have   Successfully
Filled 80,000
since coming to this city, besides all the repeats. This naturally  means' experience.
Bring your  Prescriptions    to
ne H
Deane Blgcfc.
hs mists, Et?.
441   Columbia Bt.
Americans Visited Maligie Lake and
Jasper Park at End of G. T. P.
Pleasure seekers and tourists are
Impatient for the opening of travel
to JaBper Park, British Columbia.
During the past summer a number
of parties traveled io the end of steel
and then trailed away Into thla new
ly discovered wonderland of the
West. They all came out with enthusiastic reports of the grandeur 0/
the scenery along the Grand Trunk
Mr. Frank B. Klrkbridge, of 55 Wall
street, New York, has Just written to
the Grand Trunk telling of a trip he
had taken ln the Athabaska country
last fall. Mr. Kirkbrldge says in
"The party met the outfit at mile
C2 (Hinton), and from there rode to
mile 110, stopping two nights on the
way. The horses swam the Atha-
buska at mile 110, and the Journey
across Shovel Pass to Lake Mallgno
was made over the excellent trail
which had been built by tbe Otto
brothers for the park authoiities in
V    spring.
"From the time of leaving Hinton
the  scenery   grew  steadily   more  interesting and beautiful, Mallgne lake
being th3 climax of the trip,    lt    is
unique in the succession of constantly
changing views���a new peak, glaciers |
and  wooden  foreground���which open j
up as one rounds one promontory after another through the lcnpth o'r ito
18 miles.    The party  spent ten daya !
r-.:r^!ng at three different joint' on |
thc lake, exploring valleys anJ clim>
(099) We have Just had listed for sale a new modern bungalow
that will be sold below value. The owner is ln need of money and
baa put tbe price low In order to make a sale.
This dwelling has aeven rooms, has basement and Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the house the best of material has been used
Price $2,750
The location is pleasant, having a splendid view and being handy
to local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be pail monthly if desired.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.C R*y
Pres. and Geni.
Bee. and Treat.
,      ������   LUMBER CO, LTD.   ====
Manufacturers snd Wholesale Dealera Ni
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonee Na. 7 and 177. Shingles, Sash, Doers, Mouldings, Ste.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster      branches at "ancouver
Chliiiwack tntt A'derurove. B.C.
Westminster branch. ��� Cart
leave for Vancouver at.6, 6:46
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every IB minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ���Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connect
ing at Ebnrne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour frbm 1
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser   Valley   line. ��� Cars
eave   for   Chilliwack  and way
points nt 9.30 a.m., -1.20   and
6.10 r*m
Huntingdon and way   points,
The B. C. E. R. Co. off era reduced ratea of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on Its Fraser vaney
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good' for
return until Monday.
leaves nt 4.05 p.rii.
..���;��{* F-.lOKi
..      ii     ..


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