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Westminster Daily News Oct 24, 1912

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vol ��
PR1CB HVK Ctr.H'l't.
Bulgarians Close in on Turkish Garrisson -Fiercs Fighting
and Heavy Sacrifices Mark   Continued Success of Allied |
Armies���Greeks Capture Servia���Wounded Arriving in
Belgrade. Kirk Kilisseh Is Holding out
London, Oct. 23.���The news from
the seat ot war tonight tells of the
continued successes of the allies. The
Servians have captured Novlpazar and
are virtual masters of Kumanova. The
victories, however, have been purchased at heavy aacrlllces.
The situation ln Thrace ia becoming clearer. A great battle ls being
fought over a wide semi-circular front
before Adrlanople, upon which the
Bulgarians gradually are closing lu.
On the east, they have occupied Vasi-
lika and Tlemovo and are continuing
their advance southward.
Desperate Encounters.
On the west the Bulgarians, according to official Soflca accounts have
reached the Arda river, close to
Adrlanople, which is being bombarded vigorously. Already the two outer
forts have fallen. Some positions
north of Adrlanople are said to bave
been taken, after flghting of the
Beverest character.
Ot the army in the centre, operating
in the direction of Klrk-Killsseh,
there was no news today and evidently that fortress ls holding out
It Is slgnilicant that tonight's Constantinople despatches which say a
dire result Is expected tomorrow,
have a less confident tone than previous despatches from the capital.
They admit a heavy struggle Is ln
prospect, in which both sides are
showing the utmost bravery.
Information concerning the Montenegrin progress    Is meagre,    but    tbe
Turkish snUlpjfttles claim that Scutari
has been reinforced and ls safe.
' Albanian Autonomy.
A Salonikl despatch suys the Malls-
seri tribes are offended because the
Montenegrin somtfiantfers are proclaiming the sovereignty of King
Nicholas lu the captured Albanian
towns. They demand that King
Nicholas give n guarantee that he w!H |
evacuate Albanian territory and sc
cure autonomy for Albania. So far
they have received no satisfactory re
ply, aud It Is reported that they ar;
refusing to hght further for the Mon
tenegrins, whose advance has been
therobv checked.
The next news of the Greek campaign Bhould be an Important batt)��
around tho town of Servia. whither
the Turks have retreated from Ela*
Bona. The Turks bave been relnforce.l
trom the north.
Servians Take Norloszsr.
Belgrade. Servla, Oct. 23.���It ls officially announced  that the third    Servian army today captured the town of |
Novlpazar  after  fierce  lighting
Athens, Oct. 24.-1:45 a.m.���The
Creeks have occupied the town cf
Servia and hnve also captured the
bridge over the river Aliakmon (Indje
Karasa), thereby cutting off the retreat of tbe Turks.
The government has dispatched the
king's congratulations to the commands and troops.
Heavy  Fighting General.
Constantinople, Oct. 2.3.���Heavy
lighting continued all day along the
line from Adrlanople to Klrk-Killsseh.
but a decisive result is not expected
until tomorrow evening. Both sides
are displaying the utmost bravery
and determination.
The press correspondents lett her��
today by special train and are proceeding to the frontier. The foreign
military attaches will leave for the
front on Friday.
Advance  of Bulgarians.
Sofia, Oct. 23.���-Another Bulgarian
army has invaded Turkey, this time
along the shores of the Black sea.
After occupying the coast town of
Vasllkem they captured Tirnovo nnd
are now advancing southward upon
the Important town ot Visa.
The prisoners taken by the Bulgarians say the vigorous offensive movement of the Invaders took the Turk3
by surprise. The Turks are demoralized, Ill-fed and badly disciplined.
In the Raslog district also the Bulgarian troops are marching southwards. Tbe Turks have burned several targe villages on the banks or
the River "Struma.
Greeka Occupy Lemnoa.
London, Oct. 23.���The occupation
of the Turkish Island of Lemnos ov
the Greeks troops Is eon'flete. so
���'-rdlnir ��t�� advice* raaPm.jp toy tbe
""lreei< legation here. SUaieglsts Fe-
���rnrd thr Island aa'a" valuaole base for
Counsel Completes Summing
up���Jury's Deliberations
now Begin.
"The   Brains Behind the   Gunmen"���
Three Underworld Witnesses
Will Not Go Free.
Candidature for Mayoralty ofj
Alderman Gray Receives
Fight    Against     Consumption��� Lano
Registry Conditions���Colored
Death Penalty Waits Rebel Leaders and one in tea of Sol-
diers-Less Than 100 Killed and Wounded-Combatants
Hopelessly Muddled���Three Rebellions Still Flourish in
Mexlcd-Orozco's End Imminent
New York, Oct. 23.���The fate of
Police Lieutenant Charles Becker,
charged with the murder of the gambler, Herman Rosenthal, wlll rest witb
the jury tomorrow. Counsel for both
.lides completed today their summing
up, and all that remains to close the
case is Justice Golf's charge to the
Becker heard himself characterized
by John F. Mclntyre, his chief coun
sel, as the victim of a conspiracy
plotted by Jack Rose, "the hell of th.'
assassins," ahd by Assistant District
Attorney Moss, as "the brains behind
the gunmen, with a tremendous mo
tive for murder."
Crooks  and   Murderers.
The defence centred its attack on
the state's case almost wholly oc
Rose's testimony whicb Mr. Mclntyre
denounced as "unworthy of belief be
cause Jack Rose testified to save himself from the electric chair. He characterized the corroborated witnesses
as "crocks and murderers"; the
state's case he summed up with a
declaration that District Attorney
Whitman, "actuated by ambition,"
had fathered a prosecution framed up
by crooks.
Assistant Distiict Attorney Moss ri-
sented the implication that Mr. Whitman bad any other motive than duty
for seeking tbe conviction ot Becke.
and denounced "the vilification of
counsel for the defence" as reveallnr
the "desperate straits to which he had
Attorney Gets Angry-
Mr. Moss accuaed Mr. Mclntyre of
misrepresenting tha evtdencejto   ,Ut*J
Alderman Gray's candidature for
the mayoralty for 1913 was endorsed
by the Trades and Labor council at
Ip. meeting last night by an almost
unanimous vote. Resolution to this
effect was made on a motion by Dele
gate A. Hogg, who thought tbat the
laboring men should thus show thei:
appreciation of the services rendered
them by Alderman Gray.
Delegate Grant thought the inot'oi.
should be deferred for about a month,
but Delegate Dodd said it was tim
for the Labor Council to show itself
adding that the chief object of the
resolution was to discourage others
whose names had been mentioned as
-probable candidates for the mayoralt-
and whose election, be believed
would be nothing short of a calair.it.
for the city.
A Memorable Day.
An endeavor will be made to make
the coming Sunday a day to be long
remembered in labor circles, on ac
count of its affiliation with the fight
against the ravages of the great whit<
Arrangements are being made to
have the labor men meet at the
Temple at 7 o'clock on Sunday evening with their wives and families and
march thence to St. Andrew's churcb
where Rev. J. S. Henderson wlll.
preach a special sermon on the sub J
Ject.    No effort   will    be    spared    to |
Vera Crag,   Mexico.   Oct M.-Thtt
revolt of General Felix Dia* nephew
& the���evUed   Preside.!,   has   been
short lived.   The town at Vera Crua
���.���,_,. .     . which  he  occupied  with  aboat 200!)
Westminster for taring purposes was  adheres far several davsTwas can
laid at tire corner of Fifth avenue and  tured by the - - ���    -  * Mp
The first wood bleck ever used    in
Fourth street yesterday morning on
the section cf Fifth avenue wbich is
being paved. The contractors who
were responsible for tbe interesting
event were Messrs. T. R. Nickson &
Co., who will proceed to pave the rest
of the road ln the same manner.
Other pavement and etreet improvement jobs throughout the city are
moving ahead gradually. On Twelfth
street tbe sidewalks on both sides of
the street have been laid while the
paving of a considerable section of
the highway has been completed.
When Banquet ta Given in Honor of
Dr. Chown, Who Take* Charge
of Churches.
federal   forces   today.
The casualties were few.
The federal columns, commanded'
by Cclouel Jiminez Castro and Oeneral Joacjuiu beltran,. entered Vera.
Cruz from the north and, south. Tliere
was slight opposition to tbeir advance!
Colonel Castro; with less than 50 men,
captured General Diaz, whose 300-
men at police headquarters refuse.1t
to fire at his command.
Weak Kneed Rebela.
The revolutionists in the barrack*
have not yet surrendered. They say
they will hold out until the last man.'
is killed. However, the weaker spirit
seem to be trying to escape.
Tbe killed and wounded number
less than 100. No foreigner waa hurt.
Desultory firing continued after the
federals entered the town. Instead
of a great battle everything waa ln a
muddle. Rebel and federal encountered each other in the etreets without
i one knowing which side the other
was affiliated with, as anifonaz of alt
I were alike.
CoteneL Wounded.
Colonel Jiminez Castro wna Shot Ip
the leg during tbe fttat Bring. Colonel
Ordaz, of the 21st Infantry, who Joined General Dia* wtth hie tsoopo   to
May  Have  Died of Wound���Reticent
Wife Watches Fruitless Police
make the gathering one of the most I u waa decided at a meeting yester l'he revolution, has disappeared, hot
memorable ever held ln the history ot ^ ^tternoon heW ^ the Columbian 1���� W-lve searcb foe MM ts heing
local laboring men. college^hat a banquet be tendered Ui l made.
InCapable Hands. I Rev. Dr. F. Dwight Chown. who    Is!    The rebel officers   have   disarmed
The council strongly endorsed Ok*sLcomln�� from Uw> East to reside per Va^d many bave heen made prisoners.
Mf��WSKW��!Wr>S?,.��KLJ"���_, IV-J^.s^Tt ls thoUghrpt��t>aM�� thoy wm    be
hy    summary    court
announced the soldiers
�� ���. ,    That Cy McLaughlin, the triple mur
and | df rer of the Nicomen Island district
may possibly have died of the wound
great SUMOM   ^ ^ Kuma. j ^i^Tf��� the rifle    of    McNeill.
The Turks _. ^^^
nova, but the town is still in their
hands. Ihe Servians have surrounded it, although tbe Turks hold an Important position dominating the town.
The second contingent of wounded,
numbering 180, arrived here this afternoon.    Big crowds   cheered   as   the
transport   wagons   passed.     AU
schools arc filled up as hospitals.
Greeks Meet Stubborn Reslatance.
Vienna, Oct. 23.���The Czar of Bul-
who  was  one  of  the  three  persona
killed, was the opinion expressed by
Senior   Constable   Gamon,   who   returned from the man hunt yesterday
morning where he had charge of the
different posses.
��...      Although  no  trace of   McLaughlin
the! has been found, the provincial police
wlll  keep up the search and every
possible exit ls being closely guarded.
A  peoular feature of the affair Is
extreme reticence maintained by
to turn over the command to a
ordinate officer.
VlUIillU,    Ulil.     mm.        m ....     ........      ..     .
garia while riding at the front of his*he - 	
force, fell from his horse and broke the wife ot the murderer, she appar-
his arm. according to despatches re- ��� ently being well pleased at the fruit-
ceived here today. j'es3 efforts of the   police   to   locate
Reports   from Athens   say a Turk- their quarry,
ish force ls stubbornly resisting the      Pressure of business at the provln-
advance of Greek troops. claj office and the close proximity of
The  four torpedo  boat destroyers the fall assizes compelled Mr. Gamon
purchased  ln  England,  have  arrived
and   will start  Immediately    for  Py-
raeus to join Admiral Countourlotls'
fleet in thc Aegean Sea. j
Russian  Reservists Called Out.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 23.���In spite of
official denials, the Russian reserves
in the northern Caucasus, Including
Cossacks, and in Trans-Caucasia, hav,-
been called out for service.
Thousand Killed.
London, Oct. 23.���Contradictory reports continued to pour in bere today regarding the situation at Adrlanople, where Bulgarian and Turkish
troops are locked ln a terrible battle.
Thousands ot men. latest reports say,
have been killed and wounded on bot'.i
It is regarded as almost certain
here that tbe Bulgarian advance has
been checked, although advices from
Sofia declare the Bulgarians are
again advancing. Reports trom Constantinople on the contrary, say the
Bulgarian forces are disorganized
and indicate that the Invaders at
tempted a flanking movement east of
Kirk KHlsseh. and fell Into a trap.
Still In Progress,
ered an indignant denial
"If Becker did not have a motive
'or the murder, why did he want to
���ef an affidavit from Rose two days
ifter Rosenthal was dead ?" Mr. Moss
isked. "The truth is Becker did not
���snow bow things would go. He got
in affidavit from Ross to silence bim.
'e got Ross to swear his own life
iway, so he couldn't testify    against
Schepps an Accessory.
Sam   Schepps,  Mr.   Moss  conceded,
vas an accessory after the fact, but
id  come forward    to    testify    that
Reciter had thrown "his pal, Rose, to
he dogs."
Answering Mr. Mclntyre's declare-
���ion that tbe four gunmen, yet to be
i ied, might go free, even If Becker
vere convicted, Mr. Ross said:
"Have no fear that you will ever
meet tbose .four men on Broadway.
Mr. Mess denied that Rose, Vallen
ind Webber had been given iinmun
ty. "Their stipulations do not pro
'eet them from prosecution If thev
fired a shot," he said. "To say Ciat
these men are testifying to save theli-
lives ls lo befog the issue."
in a position to appoint a delegate
to act with a deputation to wait upon
the attorney general. Secretary Grant
was instructed to write Mr. K. Myers
secretary of the association, stating
that the Trades and Labor council
felt sure that the matter was in
capable hands.
The committee on political matters
proposed Ryerson college
be affiliated with the provincial university at Point Grey. November 14
was tbe date set for the banquet
which will be held in the gymnasium
of Columbian college, commencing at
7 o'clock.
Representatives from nearly every
church ln the New Westminster and
Vancouver districts
yesterday's meeting,
Pathfinder Reviata Clt^-Plctures Developed Here Wlll Be Exhibited
Mr. Thomas Wilby, pathfinder and
pioneer transcontinental motor tourist, was back in the city yesterday
settling up some matters   with   the
���nnadian Highway association, under
whose auspices the long Journey was
-lade.   The intrepid autoist was look
ng trim and iH after hts strenuous
ime of the last few weeks.
Whfle hfere he supplied Mr. P. AV,
Luce, secretary of the Highway aasp
"tattling Program of Sport and Sons
la Enjoyed by Many at the
The    United    States   cruiser    Des
Moines   sent   Lieutenant   Burns   and
Assistant Surgeon Colin ashore to attend to the wounded.
Will Pay Penalty.
Mexico City. Oct 23.���General Felix
Diaz, Colonel Joae Dtas Ordax end- all
the officers  of tbe  rebellions  troops
were present at I and marines win tte haled immediate
as also was tbe I ly before a court martial and doubtless wfll  suffer    the death    penalty.
   jnrincipa! I Orders have been Issued for the con-
to request City Clerk Duncan to keep|Bpea^er at the banquet and it is ex-fvening of the court, which    will    b*
his office open on Saturday night    of|Decte(j tIiat j,j8 j^mai-kg wm    be    of (presided over by General Beltran.
this week and  Thursday and Friday  the utraost importance to the Method-      General Diaz, although not now a
of next week between the hours    otllBt churches in this district and that I member or the army, la amenable In
7 and fl, for the convenience of work- j lie wiH j,ave aomethIhg to say regard-1 such  a  court  under  the  law  wbich
Ing the plans for   the    new   college j provides for sueh n trial of any civil-
bu'ldlnR.    Invitations are  being sent I ian under like circumstances.
was Instructed to advertise by means _
of dodger and theatre sign the quail- j Rye'rson 'college board.
fications  necessary   for  a  voter  and |    Dr  chown will    be   the
��   i-   *CrW���ronfllctIng reports i elation, who has Just returned from
Parl8^Lth'wetXy concerning the   convontton   at   Winnipeg,   wltb
^.i^WS K^W^tweeS  ����e very Interesting statistics    re
*.he *i!^.J!^Sr!Li ���rl;"  forces.   Itlgardlng the tour. In the "ffborhood
of 250 photographs were taken   alto-
the Turkish and Bulgarian forces
is the belief of diplomats here that
the battle Is still ln progress. The
Kirk Kllllsseh clash is considered as
the biggest battle since the .Russo-
Japanese war. | .
Closing In on S;u*arl.
Budapest, Ont. 28.���Montenegrin
trooos are closing ln on Scutari, according to despatches received   hen
���   ...a.   1 1���^   ,���
gether on the Journey, which occupied
'*��, all torty-nlne days. Eight days of
the time was spent resting or mnklnr
repairs, the net time occupied being
forty-one days.
A distance of 3900 miles was traversed at the averfge rate ot "96.13
miles per day.   Fourteen miles was
Si!55"- m '^-�����
The fund for the relief of Mrs.
Joynson, widow of the guard who met
lis death while preventing, the escape
if two desperate convicts at the pro-
nclal penitentiary two* weeks ago,
vas Increased by the aum of $50 aa
i result ot the excellent entertain-
nent given last evening hy the 104th
regiment at the armoury on Sixth
street. Every number on the lengthy
program was well carried out, and the
i'alr sized crowd which attended were
glad to contribute to the fund. A
feature of the evening waa the clown
work of Tommy Lutle, regimental
lugior, who filled iu every gap, and
nanaged to keep eVeryone in good
mmor at all times with his amusing
Only two athletic events were on
ho program,, and both were of a
Mgh order. The wrestling match bo-
tween "Snowball' O'Connor and
Via thews; both of the 104th, proved
One of the stellar events of the even
'ng. Ma-thews, unknown to most of
those present, proved a surprise, as
he obtained tbe flrst fall ln three
minutes, using a halt nelson. Snow-.
'ml! vas known, snd was expected to
Hnve little trouble. The second fall
went to O'Connor tn 3:35 as a result
^f a crotch and arm hold which,:
Mathews was unable to wriggle away
fwri. TbrVe minutes ot fruitless en-
deavor failed to result In the deciding
tall and the match was called a draw
by the referee, Captain Cunningham.
Both men showed lots ot speed an J
(Continued on Pan Bight.*
Ing men who wish to register.
Labor Day Convention.
An effort will be made to get the B.
C. Federation of Labor to hold its
next Labor Day celebration and con
ventlon in this citv, and a committee
was appointed to induce all the local
unions to affiliate with the Federa
bome reference waa made to the alleged inadequacy of the B. C. E. R.
tram service In the city during rush
hours, and the secretary was Instructed to write the company requesting
that better accommodation be provided for people coming to and from
Object to Maltese.
A -protest was registered asaina*
the Intention of the provincial govern
ment to assist in bringing Maltese
laborers cut to this country, and a
resolution will be forwarded to the
government voicing disapproval a��
the importation of colored labor or
any nationality.
Emphatic protest was also made a*
the alleged action of the government
in discriminating against the miners
of Vsn'couver Island as the result of
which they were now on strike. A
Copy of the latter will be sent to tho
premier requesting sn Investigation
Into the miners' complaints and conditions.
Ornanlae Worker*.
For the purpose of organising all
unorganized workers it wan decided
to bold a mass meeting tn the ''.abor
Temple on Tuesday, October 29. Arrangements for the gathering wero
left In the hands ot the organization
The entertainment committee reported tbat it was making arrangements for the holding of a dance and
��nok,er dnring the early part of De-
oember. Preoeretlons will aNo bf
made tor the holding of a benefit con
curt tor a con* of destitution cited by
Delegate Dodd.   '   't,
ont to eveTi .minister In the district
and New Westminster wlll be Invaded
on tbat day by one of the largest
gatherings of churchmen that has
ever been brought together in this
section of the country in connection
with the Methodist church.
The ministers of the city together
with Messrs. D. S. Curtis, Reid and
C. G, Major were appointed a committee to perfect the arrangements
-egarding tl.e banquet.
Nearly $300,000 Garnered   to   Date���
$53,987 Due Beforo December���
Treasurer's Report.
TorOtito. Oct. 23.���Announcement ls
Tinde here today that Sir William
Ralnh Meredith will reeeive the appointment as chief justice of Ontario
to succeed the late Sir Charles Moss.
Sir William, who is at present fa
Europe gathering data oh workmen's
compensation, la not expected to return to Canada before Nov. 15. His
appointment may not be announced
until his return.
He is 72 years ot age and is regarded as a Judge who has no superiors in Canada. ^^
The city treasury has been enrich
ed to the extent of over a quarter of
a million dollara this year aa the result of collections made on property
and local Improvement taxes.
The total sum ot $293,378 has been
garnered to date, wblle there is st'll
some $15,000 expected to come in before the year is ushered out. As far
as volume Is concerned the property
Collections were naturally the largest,
the total being $266,100. Ot this
$11,800 was for former years, while
$34,000 ts still outstanding for 1914.
and $10,957 tor former years, making
a total ot $44,957 still due.
The local Improvement tax collected amounts to $S7,I7(, ot which $35,-
786 was for thta year, and $1460 for
former yeara. A total sum of $9030
still remains unpaid, $6988 being tor
thla year and $204$ for former years.
In both property aad local Improvement taxes the total sum of $53,987
remains unpaid.
The collections under the local UB*
provement tax and the aum* still Outstanding are divided into the following classification*: Sewer, collected
$22,500, outstanding $8069; cement
walks, collected $8063, outstanding
$1439; road pawroent, collected
outstanding $1183; totatVi and
oollected $4$07, outst��a��nt '<;'#��*
The figures were compute*?:W CHi
Treasurer J, J. McKay Ik ����e WW*
to the finance' oommlUee of the tow-
^^^^^^^^   nte Troeps.   ^^^^^
Tlie soWer-< of the rebellions troop3
will be decl'-mted���one in ten bein-T
executed. They will be chosen by lot
to pay tbe nenalty for alL
This irfc���nation was Imparted officially tonight.
Washington Astounded.
Washington. "Oct. 23.���News of the
recapture of Vera Cruz by Mexican
federal forces and the aurrender of1'
General Felix Dies and hia staff with'
praoticilv no show of resistance was
reoeiveil with f itonishment in official'
circles here. It is generally believed'
this event marks the complete suppression ct what bad been looked
upon as the beginning of a genera! i
rebellion Investigating entirely new
Zspata Dangerous.
The downfall of the Diss movement
leaves three rebellions hi operation in
Mexico, headed respectively by Za-
'iata. ArguIlar and Grorco. It ls presumed the government forces employed against Dnu wm be concentrated
-ipon Agilar, wbo la likely to be
driven back Into the mountains, that
the pursuit of the amall bands Into
which Orozco's force baa brokan up
will be resumed and dat tke only
reallv serious undertaking confronting
the federal army wtQ be te connection
with the Zapata rebellion.
*.' '"��� '���     .. i
Danish Women te Veto.
Copenhagen, Oct 23.���Premier Wer-
ntzen Introduced a franchise reform
bill today whereby wonea wtll ba
allowed to vote and will H eligible
for seats In the Folketlng
thc news OM��
otfif onen OuijS^^^^^^^^^_
papers.-  Tbe nova tttas ptptir   *y
morning late  i* Hwfl' ot'<>
Sdrefis of matT* m aooipa- >
s ln time tsr teens te read
IU news  aad - amMMHMata
before tepriag   ter verb, aad
wlwn tMMf* ^"-'������-   ���-
���������>'���-��� ��������������������������� or-
. W; --f T/'i: "jtBwPt?
������  ���
i-jim. nun two
Classified���One cent per \/ord per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks SOc per
Jennie found a diamond pin
While walking out one day.
A little found ad in The News
The owner brought next day.
glazing shop. Apply Walsh Sash &
Door Factory.
elevator, in first claas condition;
capacity one ton. H. P. Vidal &
for general house work. Small
family. Good wages. Mrs. Cronin.
1778 Fourteenth avenue east, Vancouver.
some Port Mann property. What
have you to offer. No agents. Box
124 Daily News.
off Craig street, end of car, east
half lot 3, block 11. Price $450.
$150 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
months. Owner, W. Shepherd, Y.
M. C. A., Victoria, B.C.
end, new fully modern six roomed
house, extra well built. Price moderate. Terms to arrange. Apply
Wm. C. Lewis, 930 Tenth street.
Btreet. Edmonds, lot 53, block 3,
66x120. Price $675. $375 cash and
assign, or price $750. $200 caah,
balance $25 per month. Owner, W.
Shepherd, Y. M. C. .A., Victoria, B.C.
roomed house ou Eighth- avenue,
full basement, open flre place, beamed ceilings, $3600. Small cash payment, balance to arrange. G. P.
Mitchell, Box 876, City.
In Chicago Hs Made Rapid Progress
In Becoming an Expert.
Tbe llrst day he Is occupied mainly
in learning bow tu run his elevator.
The second day be ls so delighted
wltb bia posltlou that be makes every
effort to give all tbe Information asked
of blm.
The third dny be gets bis uniform
and begins accustoming himself to
telling the passengers to step lively.
The fourth duy be learns bow to
advise anxious Inquirers to look at the
bulletin board or ask tbe starter.
The Uftb duy be Is so thoroughly
versed In the duties of bis posltlou
tbat be cun run tbe car past people
who are yelling "Down!" or "Up!" nnd
three floors uway from tbem waft
back tbe gentle admonition to punch
tbe button. Also, he Is now able to
carry the nervous passengers two
floors too far and tben refuse to go
Tbe sixth day he Is sn adept and
demonstrates It by slidlug tbe door
quickly ln the face of tbe man wbo la
a second late, also by stopping the car
and dropping a couple of floors to take
on the stenographers with huge blond
Sometime*   It   May   Be   Just   Walking
i Into a Trsp.
"While walking through one of tbe
; prominent streets the otber day," said
j an iniiui-ent looking individual, "1 es-
, pled an important looking piece of pa-
; per on the sidewalk and. picking It up.
| found it to be u pawn ticket for a dia-
I mond scurfpin wblcb some cureless
, person hud apparently dropped.
''According to the ticket, the pin had
, been pledged several weeks before for
! $13, 'How nm I to flnd ibe owner?'
i thought I. 'Shall I take it to the pawn-
I broker? Perbups If 1 do the owner will
I uever see It anyway. Tbe pin must
! surely be a good one and doubtless
; wortb three times the amount for wbicb
��� it was pledged. Why not appropriate
: it to my own use?'
|     "Tbe name on tbe ticket wiis Brown.
I and my conscience was relieved when
, 1 found several hundred of that name
j In tbe directory.   I soon made up my
mind and started for the broker's offlce.  I asked to see tbe pin before redeeming it, stilting thst I hsd bought
the ticket, and upon the payment of 25
cents was allowed to examine it
It looked all right to me. although I
rats, who haughtily omit pressing tbe   im not a qualified Judge of diamonds.
button- so 1 paid the principal of $15 and the
ese woman, housework or washing
by day or hour. Apply P. O. Box
424, or phone 868, city.
Phone P 1140.
seller snd buyer together.
of purchase���Comfortable house In
good central locality. Apply to R.
S., News office.
board without room. 815 Agnes
WANTED���BOARDERS,   527 Carnarvon  street.
five and ten dollar bills, betweei
Columbia and Eighth streets, or or
Sixth street car. ��� Finder please re
turn to Daily News office and re
ceive liberal reward.
up waterproof coat with pair o
gloves in pocket kindly leave at th
Westminster Woodworking compan.
and get reward.
WHAT    HAVE    YOU    FOUND?    A
News classified will find the owner
and housekeeping flats, thoroughly
modern. Cheapest rent in the city.
A dining room iii connection unde>-
the management of the house.
Sterling hotel, corner Royal avenue
and Tenth street.   Phone 499.
He Is now s real elevator boy and
wonders wbnt right the public thinks
It has, anyway.���Chicago Post
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
store, on corner of Fifth avenue
and Twelfth street. Apply 1316
Cariboo street.
club rooms or light manufacturing.
2520 square feet of floor space. Apply to manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
by certified lady teacher. Proficiency guaranteed. Terms moderate.    Box 122 News oltlce.
The night schools will open at the
John Robson school. Sixth street, on
Wednesday, October 23, the hours being from 7:30 to 9:30 every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. They will be
���continued during the winter month3
as long as the attendance warrants.
Secretary  Board of  School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Fifty acres all cleared but 1%
acres, and all under cultivation, three
acre orchard; 21 acres of hay. Ten
Toomed house, stone foundation and
cellar; barn 40x60 with lean-to; hog
pen 28x36; large fowl house. Perpetually flowing creek along back end
of property; considerable standing
timber; perfect drainage. Price
$21,000; one-quarter cash; terms.
Would consider trade for revenue
producing city property.
This can be leased. Three year term
If required for $25 an acre. Some machinery goes with the farm.
Insures Sleep
You may wake up tomorrow night
and find your home filled with smoke,
and you do not carry a dollar's worth
of insurance. A fire policy costs but
Does It pay you to take chances?
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
NOTICK is hereby glvm) that pur
want to Section 115 of the Land Reg
stry . ,t, I inter.d at the expiration
if 30 days from the date hereof to
cancel the registration of a certain
Agreement of Sale ditcd Nov. 29th
1910, made between WilMam F. Mon-
crieil (whose name is sometimes
apelled "Moncrelft'') as Vendor, and
Mrs. Jane A. Vater (wife of Albert
Vater) as Vendee, and on November
29th, 1910, a certain Agreement of
Sale made between the aforesaid
Jane A. Va,ter, as Vendor and Thomas
Davis Morgan as Vendee, in which
said Agreement the said Vendor
agreed to sell to the said Vendee Lot
flve (5) in subdivision of District Lot
Three Hundred and fifty-eight (358).
New Westminster District, according
to a plun of same deposited ln th?
Land Registry Office at the City o!
New Westminster. B. C. which appli
cation was made bv Juhn Buchanan
whose addre3s was Rl" Hastings St.
Vancouver. B. C as agent for said
Vendor and Veudee.
AND 1 do order publication of this
Notice for one month In the daily
newspaper published at New Westminster, B. C, shall be good and suf
flcle.nt service.
this twenty-third day of September
I i a 19.
The Pioneer In Good Conducting and
the Boy Jeaohim.
The art of good conducting began
with Mendelssohn. The Leipzig Ge-
wandhaua owes tbe greatness of Its or.
chestra to blm. He was a bard taskmaster, bnt, according to tbe words of
Joachim, be earned the good will and
respect of bis men by his thorough
knowledge, says the Music Magazine.
He was sane aud rational, preferring
a cheerful mood to gloom. Johann
Kruse, formerly second violinist of the
Joachim quartet, once told a little story of Mendelssohn's conducting In London, where he was always a favorite.
"Mendelssohn was to brltiK out tbe
boy Jourbliu, then about twelve or
fourteen years of age." he suid. "At
that time Joucliim played Buch and
Heetboven like u muster. He began to
rehearse the Mendelssohn concert wltb
the orchestra when suddenly wltb boyish Impetuosity he turned to tlie conductor and suid, "Herr Mendelssohn, I
um sure there is a mistake in tbe orchestration here.'
"The cheerful and sunny Mendelssohn replied, 'Well, this Is u good time
to correct It, m.v boy.' and the error
waa found and corrected."
interest of $1.80 and tbe pin became
"Tbe next dny I showed It to nn expert, who declared it to be worth far
less tbnn tbe amount I bnd pnld for It.
"'It Is a trick of some people,' he
said, to defraud unwary persons like
yourself. The scheme consists of Issuing tickets for spurious pieces of Jewelry for amounts many times In excess
of tbeir vnlue and dropping them on
the sidewalk in different pnrts of town
where unsuspecting persons might find
them and redeem tbem. ns yon did.
thus yielding n handsome profit to th*
perpetrators.' "���Philadelphia Record.
Three lots close to tbe Court House,
$il50 for the three. Small cash payment.    Balance easy.
Modern five roomed bungalow on
Eleventh avenue, $2250. Electric light
and city water on premises.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
District Registrar.
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46   Lorne  Street,  New   Westminster,
Two Curious Knives.
When Sbellleld tlrst became famous
for Its cutlery u peculiarly shaped
ktilfe. designed for n variety ot uses,
was made with ureat cure und seut to
the agent of the Cutlers' company in
London. On one of the blades- wus engraved the following challenge:
London, tor thy life.
Show ma such another knife.
The London cutlers, to sbow that
they were equal to their Sheffield
brothers, made n knife with a single
well tempered blade, the blade bavlng
u cavity containing a rye straw two
��� nd a half inches In length, wholly sur
rounded by the steel: yet. notwlth
st.iudlng tbe fnct thnt the blnde was
well tempered, tlie straw wus not
burned, singed or charred in the lenst'
It is needless to add tbat the Sheffield
cutlers acknowledged themselves out-
dune lu Ingenuity.
Byles on Bills.
Among tbe humorous memories connected with Kngiish Judges Is one of
Justice Byles uud hls borse. Tbls eminent Jurist was well known in his pro
fetision for bis work on "Bills." nnd hs
this gave n line opportunity for nlliter
atlon bts. associates were accustomed
to bestow the nnme on the horse, whicb
was but a sorry steed. "There goes
Byles on Bills." they took pleasure in
ssy lng. and tis the Judge rode out every
afternoon they indulged dully in their
little Joke. But tbe truth was that the
borse hud another name, known only
to the muster and bis man. sud wben a
too curious client Inquired ns to tbe
Indie's whereuhoiita he whs told hy
the servant, with a clear conscience,
that "master was out on Business "
I Vou   Would   Hardly   Think   It   Meant
; Traveling 85.253 Miles.
Hnve you ever thought of the dls
tnncp  you   travel   when   you   nre  out
on   nu   hour's   stroll?     Possibly   y��ii
wnlk three miles within the hour, hut
that does not b.v any menus represent
the  distance  you   travel    The earth
turns on   Its  axis  every  twenty-four
; hours.   For the sake of round figures,
we will call tbe earth's circumference
24,000 miles,  nnd so yon  must  have
j traveled during the hour's stroll l.otxi
| miles In tbe nxlnl turn of the earth.
But this Is not nil.   The earth makes
a Journey around the sun every ycur.
and n long lint rapid trip It Is.   The
j distance of our planet  from  the sun
j we wlll put nt OaoOO.OOO miles.    This
I Is the radius of the earth's orbit���hair
the diameter of the circle, as we cull
it.    The  whole  diameter  Is  therefore
1 tR4.00O.onO   miles,   snd   the  ctrciimfer
ence, belns the diameter multiplied h^
3.14111. Is nlioiit r.TS.000.000
j    This amazing dlstniice the earth trnv
j els In Its yearly Journey, nud dividing
| It hy 3115 we finii the dally speed uliout
I L'kSn.OOO.    Then   we Ket  the distance
. you rode uroiind the sun during yonr
I hour's wnlk. divide ngnln b.v twenty
four, nnd  the   result  Is  nbout  IMMWO
miles.   But this is not the end of your
hour's trip     The sun. wltb Its entire
brmid of pin nets.  Is niovlnu In space
st the rnte of HiO.ono.000 miles ln  ii
yenr.   Thnt Is nt the rnte of s little
more thnn 438.000 miles n day, or IS.
2."0 miles an hour
So. adding your three miles of tec
travel to the hour's nxlnl movement of
tbe enrth. this to the enrth's orbital
Journey nnd thnt ngaln to the enrth's
excursion with the min. nnd ynn find
you bave traveled In tlie hour 8Ti.!!.Vt
Humor and
rfHERE are only seven Jokes In tbe
world, but tbey  bave been  made
over so many times tbat their own
mother wouldn't know 'em.
Every dog has bis day, but tbe nlgbta
belong to tbe cuts.
A man never believes in luck unless
It goes against blm.
Some women are born wltb happy
Impositions; othera marry good na lurid men.
No woman thinks much of a social
runction to which ahe isn't Invited.
Tbe man wbo Is unoppmscbable after a good dinner has either a bud disposition or dyspepslH.
Wben n man doesn't feel sleepy In
i-burcb these hot dnys he begins to
worry over the state of hls health.
Women seldom agree over the neighbor's baby, the state of the schools and-
tbe new minister.
Never nsk a favor of a man when
his favorite bull ten in Is glued to the
hottom of the column.
When the Joke Is on ns Jokers seem
itie most foolish. Inconsequential and
most easily io he dis|ieiised wltb folk
In the world
Are you one of those to whom
every meal ls another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. SOc. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. im
Eccentric Tides.
Owing fo the effects of shore line*
snd otlier Influences wblcb are more m
less olmeitre It Is very difficult to nc
count tor the peculiarities eiblblted by
tidal waves tn various parts of the
Interfering waves cause once a day
tides at Tshltl snd In some other
places, while on the other band In the
harbors back of the Isle of Wight nml
In the Tay In Scotland there are three
tides In a dny. The bitter have lieen
ascribed to overtldes. produced by the
modification of tidal wares running
nshiire nnd resembling the overtones of
musical sounds���Xew York Sun.
"Tou say that your husband grants
yonr slightest wish and yet you are
"Yes. It ls only the unimportant
things that he does for me."-Buffaio
Lawyer���In suing for divorce I presume ypu want alimony?
Clleut-Yes. at least $1,000 a month
Hnd ulso the custody of Kldo.���Philadelphia Telegraph.
! Tho French Imperial Guard.
I     The  Imperial  tJnurd  of  l-'riiine  wn��
crested by Napoleon I. when he he
i inine emperor In 1S04. It Viis formed
tty h merger of the "guards." the "con
ventlon." the "directory" and ihe "con
��u'iiite " It consisted nt first of O.TVfi
men. hut was afterward considerably
enlarged. In the year 1800 It was by
lbe emperor's order divided Into the
uld uud young guards ln ,Iumiiiry.
1814. lt numbered 102.700. it was dis-
solved b.v the Bourbon Louis Will. In
181."i. revived by Napoleon 111. sbrren
dered with Metz to the Germans mid
whs abolished by tbe government soon
Although It n*vcr felt a blow.
The window haa a pnne.
And no one ever aoenie to know
What ui.-ikas the weather vane.
-Milwaukee SantlnsL
Sbe���We women suffer In silence.
Ile- I suppose thut's why you never
Hermit It to ctlst where you ure.���Boa-
mi Tm:nrrt;iL
Mado tha Saa Run.
"Ah re**:- iiiiii-iuiiriHl Miss Screech
er HlW lhe lirst selection nt the mil
shiile. "I luivo tnul some escltlng el
perlenees ��� 'ninliitf over here from
I/iiiiIoii n terrible storm arose, nnd I
bnd io slue to unlet the Immigrants.
Yon should hnve seen tbe heavy sea
And the lilg. rude mnn In the pink
necktie gazed ont of the window.
"I don't Illume the sen." he muttered.
Robert Browning.
Of Robert Browning toward tlie
close of his life Frederic Harrison in
bis memoirs hus tbls to say: "He was
all things to all men and all women,
always at bis best, always bringing
liglit. happiness, generosity und sense
Into every society he entered. I think
him the happiest social spirit whom it
haa ever been uiy fortune to meet"
His Retirement.
Friend���I haven't seen you for some
time. Poet���No. Fact is 1 buve become
s good deal of a recluse lately.  Friend
���I feared so. How much do you owe)
He���What a ulimi and dlsmnl wife
yon sre! I don't liellve you could be
lively or pleasant to sure ynur life.
She-1 may be n dull wife, lint Ju��t
clre ine a chance and see what s
merry widow I would muke.���London
Strny Morie*
Ths Only (fear.
New Merchant-How big an ni.
would you ndvlse? Advertising Msn-
Thnt depends on how mnny tons of customers yonr store floor wlll sustnln.
You wouldn't want 'em to break
through Into tbe cellar, of course.���
He that speaks of things that do not
| soncern him Shall heai* df things that
will not plesse blm.���Arabian Proverb.
Beastly Woathor.
Wlckler-Besstly weather, Isn't tt?
Stickler���Why wtll you nse those Idiot-
Ic expressions? How can the weather
be beastlyT Wteklei���Well, it's rain,
tag cats and doga.-Philadelphia Press.
lf life were h l ways springtime
Ami II wer* always Mav.
Thai young ami lenilci wajtsott.
Mow could We harvest "layT
We need July, my hroiher.
Aliil August has ita use
As Well as luie September
To inal a tha world produce
lf It were always springtime
We I'ouliln'l  raise a crop.
And those who live liy ruling
I fesl   would huve to slop.
We  neeil   lhe  other geusoll*
To ins He the pumpkin* thrive
Without llie pies and so forth
tluw  mold  we Keep uliva.'
The seasons are nol only
Kor us to sli and say
"My goodness," lo each other.
"Hut It's a lovely day'"
*We have lo use Ihe weather
For maklnn corn and wheat.
Potatoes, peas and onions
And other things In eat.
Of course It's mighty pleasant
To watch Ihe buds of spring
In all iheii grace and grandeur
Their  vernal offerings bring,
I'm It Is quite us pteusuut /'
To walk across the tied]
'  And see Ihem in the twirvest,
A ful. substantial yield.
Longed For a 8anaation.
"1 thought you sulil you intended to
"I did and I do"
"Why don't yon. then?"
"Can't find the right sort of girl."
"None good enough. I snp|��ose."
"You needn't sneer.    It Isn't thnt."
"Whal then?'
"I wanl to find one capable of driving me to drink "
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tha
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the province or British Columbia, may be leased for a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental ot
$lan acre. Not more than 2,5(0 acrea
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person te
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurrey-
ed territory the tract applied tor ahall
be siu.u d out by the applicant himself.
Kach application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which wlll be
refunded If the rights applied tor are
not available, but not otherwiae. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output or the mine at the rate
of five cents  per  ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
rf"->itv thereo-i. lf the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at leaat
once a year.
The lease wlll Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working ot the mine
at the rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application
should be mado to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion  lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement v 111 not be paid
Might Bs Looking at It.
"Are you tlie uuiii  who advertised a
doc for sale?"
"Can I see the creature?"
"Sure: nny time."
"Pnrdon me. nre yon the dog?"
ft     ft
Some Advantage.
"He cnnie to
this town a
"Aud how did
you come?"
"I was born
"Then he hnd
the nd vantage of
yuu tbut he did
bring sum*
clothes along."
Re Lot 18, Block 1, Northwest quarter of Section 51, Hastings Townsite,
Suburban Lands.
Whereas proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 41343K. Issued In the
name of John Travers, covering the
above property, has boen flled in thla
ett'ee, notice Is hereby given that 1
ahall at the expiration of one month
from date of the flrst nubl'oation hereof Issue a duplicate of said Certificate
������-'e-�� in ***** meantime valid objection be made to me In writing.
Dated at the Land   Regiatry   Office.
Vancouver, thla lat day of October,
Dlatrict Registrar.
The Bookkeeper.
���Does your husband get enough ex-
eii Ise?"
"Oh. yes!"
-How does he tnke ItY"
���Well. I heard.blm talking sbont
runnlug up columns all dn}."
His Rosssn.
"Come go on n fishing trip wtth os"
"Thank you; no."
"Why not'f
"I can do myself op cheaper and
bars mors fun at IL"
The Universal Teel.
"Bow aro you going to repair that
beat? We came awa/ ud forgot to
bring tbo tool bot."
"Never mind. Mr wife has a hair
The till Collector.
"Money Is bard to get these days."
"Yes, and I notice by observing some
tt yon tightwads tbat It ts bard to lot
to ot too."      	
Net Per Modems.
The ptes that mother need to make
Ware all right in thoir way.
Bnt thoy would give tbe stomach aabe
Te wsskllngs of todsy.
Office Phone 185.     Bern Phone IW
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone 661. Box 772.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. 6th and Columbia
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
���nd Swiss
i  f- immsmm
All Work Guaranteed. 1
\mr-.   . * ���.
B41 Front Street.    N'-e city Market
* ���v- ���*    am
���mwirmirwi ������ ,    ..    ,
Lord    Roberts    Saya    Teutons    Will
Strike When  Ready and Not Before.
London,   Oct.   23.���"Germany   will
. make war," was   the title of an   Impressive  speech  made  by  Lord  Roberts last night.   He said i
"Now, just as in 1866 and in 1870,
war "will take place the Instant tho
German forces by land and sea are by
tbeir superiority at every point as
certain of victory as anything in
human calculation can be made certain.
"Germany strikes when Germany's
hour has struck, that ls tbe time honored pollcy of her foreign ofTice. It is
her policy at the present hour, lt Is,
or should be the policy of every nation prepared to play a great part ln
"Under that policy Germany has
within the last ten years sprung as at
one bound from the weakest naval
power to that of the greatest naval
power, save one, upon the globe. Today every British warship and British merchant vessel thrills In all her
Iron nerves to that mighty presence.
"The fact Is we bave lost command
of every sea but one���the North Sea
���and our supremacy over that sea Is
now a matter of doubt. In otber
words whereas your forefathers traded as their right on every sea. you |
now only trade by the suffrance of
otber powers.
"We may stand still. Germany al-
wovs advances, and the line alcn?
which she ls .moving is now most
manifest. It in towards complete supremacy by land and sea.
"Contrasted with oor own anathv or
puerile apasmodic efforts tmpre-slv
ls this magnificent unresting energy-
It has the-mark of true greitne"-". It
extorts admiration even from thos.'
aga'nst whom It Is directed.
"We have a fleet, but that fle->t is
rapldlv becoming unequal to the fleets
by which we mnv be onpn����<1 anl bv
the Inadequacy of our land forces lt li
maimed and hampered ln tts very na
ture as a fleet."
bed down at the chapel, wih bed
clothes complete, and we shall give
pract sti demonstrations of haw a
comfortable bed may bo made.
"Cad bed-making, like bad cookery
is st tbc root of much djme3tic A.*-
Different in Walla Walla.
Walla Walla, Wash., OcL 23.���
"Kissing cops" have been appointed
to guard the Central Christian church
bere. They will be stationed In thc
dark and quiet vestbules of thc
church to discourage love-making by
young couples during services.
The trustees of the church decided
that the vestibule was not a proper
place for members of the congregation to demonstrate that thev were
following tbe exhortations of the pas
tor to "love one another."
Expects   to   Be   Back   in   Campaign
Within  Few  Daya���Unattended  for
First   Time.
Will   Teach   Art   of   Bedmakinn   and
Provide  Facilities for Court-
l-ondon. Oct. 23.���Instruction In the
art of b.-dmaitliiR, facilities for courting, and free IckuI advice are amon.;
the attractions which the Rev. Georg-
Hooper, of Leeds, proposes tj olfe-
as Inducements to the ma ,scs to attend his chapel.
Mr. Hooper explained that he did
not at uli object to young men and
girls courting In his chapel. "On the
other hand." lip Baid, "I a-n d'aposad
to encourage them. I would far rjfier
have them making love to etch other
in the 0h��peJ than tn the streeta oi
places even Iohh dnnlruble.
After till, thero is nothing verv
strange In the desire to encourage
love-mak'n-; under the best cond-
tlons." Mr. I'ooper stated th it t'ne-
establlshiiij of a league for lovers in
Conner liou with the mission, ond the
women helpers wlll net as e'laperons.
Ile also wants a sol'cltor who Is willing to devote two evenings a week t->
nilvlsln," members of the congresa-
llon as to iheir worldlv affairs.
Mr.  Hooper   said    be Intended    t
make n   specialty of the teaching of
"A  nootl  niiniy  vomen." he ennt'n-
ued. "bine no more Idea of maklig tn j
a bed rreeerlv thnn thev have of flv-'
Ing.    Mv little Hiinnlel makes his b*d
a great dei I    n^ore sensibly than   d-i
manv en-railed housewives.
"Nine times out of ten, jmon- t'ie
poorer classes, ynu flnd that the flock?
In tho mattrcuses have been  slink""1 j
into a lump.    I am going   to have a
Oyster Bay, N. Y., Oct. 23.���The
quiet rountlne of life at Sagamore
Hill was resumed today by Colonel
Roosevelt and his family as though it
had not been Interrupted by the attempt to assassinate the farmer president.
For the first time since he was
wounded eight days ago. Colonel
Roosevelt was unattended tonight by
a physician. There was no one in the
house except members of the family
and servants, and the colonel spoke
hopefully of being able after one day-
more of rest, gradually to resume his
Four phvslcians were with thS col- j
onel  on  his arrival  today  and  after
they had dressed his wound they told
him that the one essential thing wai<
complete rest.    If their directions are
observed, it is believed complete re-j
covery is probable.
Dr. Alexander Lambert and Dr.',
Scurry L. Terrell, who a"comt anied
Colonel Roosevelt from Chicago, wer>
ioined in New York by Dr. JoBeph A.
Blake and Dr. George E. Brewer. Af:-
er examination they said the wound
was still wide open. They spoke of
the possibility of infection, and added
that thev were unable to say whether
It would be possible for him t:> resume campaign work.
Although his physicians would
moke no promises. Colonel Roosevelt
vas confident that he would soon be
back In tlte campaign. He expressed
hla Intention or going to Madison
1 Square Garden, New York, to speak
' on Oct. 30, even if he had strength
��� o say only a few sentences.
United Canadian  Oil  Company  Share-'
holders to Fight Suit.
[     Winnipeg.   Oct. 23.���A   meeting   of
the stockholders of the United Cana-
I dian   (ul   Company    was    called    Uui
I n.glit in the Labor Tsjnple to discuss
I tlie proposition to contribute one cent
ter siiart- towards the a3cpent.es of ths ,:
law suit new being beard in  Los An-|
geles. (ali., in  which    the sharehi Id-
era,  through  S.  W.  lieatty. of W:n:n-
pea. hope to recover the money the/ '
bave pui imo the company.
Tiie defendant In the Los Ange'.ei
case is William Moore president and
manager cf the company. Tbe chairman reviewed the h.story cf the concern, and said that suspic on was tin-.
aroused wben a circular was received
by tbe Winnipeg shareholders asking
for their proxies tbat he might gai
control in California and said that
when Mr. Beatty went to Cal fornia, j
.Moore fought his' efforts to hold th?
control, declaring that Moore finally
offered to drop out If Beatty would
take over the management wlthoutr
lt was alleged that tbe stock,
though non-assessable, unpareuUv became assessable under the Calfomia
law until it had reached par value.
The meeting wa�� unanimously in
favor of contributing the one cent p?r
share to fight the ctue in the California courts and most of those present
paid up in cash.
Will Bs Minister of Works Until Successor la  Named  for  Hon.
F.  0.  Monk.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 23.���The Hon. F.
D. Monk is no longer minister of pub
lie works. The Prime Minister today
at noon drove out to Government
House and placed tbe minister's res g
nation in tbe bands of His Royal
Highness. The resignation was duly
Mr. George H. Perley, minister with
out portfolio, who was so successful
and efficient In tbe summer as ac.ing
prime minister, will administer the
department of public worka until Mr.
Monk's successor ls appointed.
Mr. Perley ls not altogether new to
tbe department, as he has repeatly ad
ministered it during Mr. Monk's absence. Towards the end of last session Mr. Perley found himself acting
minister, with the Usk of putting the
supplementary estimates of tbe department through council. He mastered the details so as to be able to
explain them to his colleagues with a
rapidity that astonished the officers
cf the department. The department
wlll shortly have a new French-Canadian minister as Its bead.
Mr. Monk spent the earlier portion
of tbe day in the finishing up of his
desk, then bidding good-bye to the officers of hiB department. He left for
Montreal Uy.tl^e afternoon train, and
will go to Atlantic city for a reit.
Before leaving he made the follow-
ng statement:
"I wss absolutely pledged that nothing of such a character as was contemplated with regard to the naval
question would be done without consulting the people, so that even lf it
bad been somewhat more urgent, still
we would hsve had to claim for the
people the right to express their opinion. I do not think that the government would have had to der-.lare itself on the problem and then throw
the responsibility upon the people, bat
it seems to me that the pr'me minister, wth the information obtained in
England, could lav the proposals before parliament, then have adjourned
for five weeks and permit the people
to pronounce cn such a serious matter.
"I felt 1 had no other course ^>pen.
and to waive my right   to keep   my
promise   to the    people would    have
been a betrayal of their   trust In me.
In every part ot the country we abide
by tbe judgment   of the   majoritv of
the people.   We now, therefore, plac-T
t��io solui'on   of the   problem   In   the
hands of the eight   other   provinces
but I believe, for my part, that if the
matter had been carefully expounded
<n Ou��-ber dat the verd'"t would no'
i have differed materially from that oT
ithe other provinces.
As far as belni; of ossistance to the
I Mother Country, such a verdict rendered without an election would bave
' been of far more weight and influ
ence than the decision of the government a^d the rartv in parliament. My
own belief is that when such a problem Is set before the people and not
trammelled by political considerations
their Judgment is invariably right.'"
Cabinet Candidate.
1 Ottawa. Oct. 23.���The naine of
Touis Coderre. Conservative member
for Hochelaga. is beim? mentioned In
connection with Cabinet vacancy. He
Is a lawyer of considerable abllltv and
ponular with the rank and file of t^p
rartv. It Is believed that he would
have no difficulty In carrying the constituency.
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r on<1on. Oct, 23.���The quest'on of
peculiar anomalies of the notpral'za
lion lavs was ��-tised in the Hn,ise of
Commons tonight, when Sir Edward
flrey declared that persons natural
ised In Canada d'd not th"q b^cimn
Pr't'sh sub'ects In tbe strict sen," of
the term: thev were ocl,r n-^-rallzed
as within the limits of the Dominion.
Replying to a further question, Sir
^Jdwprd sa'd P*.?* ���hot<e ineo"alltiea
i-i* vipnn rr*-.n?T��i-rri. pnd a measure'
will be Introduced during ��he present
session which will seek to make a
uniform law for the whole empire,
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Westminster DaHy News ********
.���   -. .  .
E-   lfi
Published every morning except
Sunday by Tke National Printing and
Publishing Co. Ltd., at their office,
%Z McKenzie Street. New Westmlnater, B C.
Bualneas Office  999
editorial Office   991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month.
By mall $3 per year, or 25c per
Announcements of forthcoming development are matters that we ln
Westminster hare grown accustomed
to, and, looking back upon the record
of fulfilment it will be noted that very
few of them have felled to materialize. The liat of now industries which
have begun operations ln this city and
district during the present year Is an
important one, while the roll ot those
who are making preparations for so
doing is even longer.
noisy approval by audiences whicb
the Indiana executive addressed in
San Francisco just prevous to his departure for Oregon; where he U
scheduled to speak tomorrow.
"I am unalterably opposed," said
Governor Marshall, "to the granting
of citizenship to any race of aliens
which by habit and by nature is abso
lutely unfitted to amalgamate with
the American people. I believe ln encouraging Immigration to this country
of those peoples who will not alone
understand and appreciate our Institutions, but, who.more tjjian that, are
eager to adopt these Institutions as
their own. For such people we bave
room for opportunities. ' But for thu
people who never cau mingle In political affairs, business or in a Boclal way
with Americans, 1 say, 'Don't grant
them citizenship.'
"The time has arrived In some
parts of our country- when thla Issue
is as great as any other one that I
can name to you tonight. The Paciflc
Coast particularly Is concerned witb
It and In the East at Lawrence, Mass.,
recently, we have had au example of
what a certain class of -immlgranta
can come to under certain conditions.
We must take steps to stop that sort
of thing and stop It at once."
Meeting    Called to  Form    Dominion
Medical Council.
Ottawa, Oct. 23.���The flrst meeting
to organize the new Dbttilnlon Medical Council was summoned today by
It has been known for some time  Dr. Roche, the seoretary.iof -state. The
thatW Port Mann the C. N. R. would   summons, which  is issued under the
ereci%r  shops in  duo  course,   but  Canada Medical Act. calls, for gather
J W... .    , r.r.tra^r.1   in? ��f delegates   at   Ottawa on   the
the delfcite announcement of Colonel  morning cf Thursday,..Noy. 7.
DavidsoiQtbeforc leaving for the East, |    Tile meeting is to comnrls" reoro-
that this wofk is very shortly to   be  sentatives of several provincial medl-
taken In hand is welcome news both  cal   councils, representatives   of unl-
���   .  .��' j .     i,r   .   imr..ra,.   versifies, re presen ta ti ves   cf   homeo-
Tor Port Mann and for Westmlnstei.   *lo phyB,clanB> and three member3
The output of ten 9ars a day which ls  yet t0 bG appointed by order-ln-coun-
mentioned will give employment for cil.
ft large number of skilled artisans and      The' Canada Medical Act was pass
(Continued from rase ono)
the highest. Ten miles were rAuds
on the average to cne gallon of gaso
From here Mr. Wilby will proceed
to Winnipeg, where he will deliv?i'
tbe first oi a course of lectures on ht*
trip. The pictures, which were developed by the official photographei
of the Highway association in this
city, will be posted along the walls o;
his lecture room and in addition soinr.
lantern slides will be made from
them. As the headquarters of thi
Canadian Highway association,' the
pictures of the tour made ln Westmln
ster will be given a conspicuous
position and a great-deal of publicity
should thus accrue to this city/
After leaving the prairie centre Mr.
Wilby will go to Ottawa where ho
will meet the premier and urge the
establishment of a Dominion publicity
bureau. From that point he will make
a tour of a number of the eastern
cities delivering lectures. Later hc
will Invade the United States, Subse
quently he will pursue the same mis
non In the old country and othei
European countries. It ls expected
that his werk may be rewarded bj
the Roya! Geographical society.
During the course of his comin
travels, the autoist, who is a literarj
man bv profession, will complete j
book he Is writing on his experience?
during the cross-Canada trip. Mr
W'lby has already completed twi
volumes on trips he made ln the
United Slates, both cf which are be
innr widely read.
During yesterday's visit the autoist
traced the route of his transcontinental journey on the wall map of tha
Canadian Highway association offices
The Rco auto bas been shipped bac'
to Halifax, while the drivers, Haney
and Wise, have al30 left for the Sua!
Large Number of Burnaby   Residents
Attend   Meeting���Officers  Elected
���Plans Underway.
ed in 3902. after years of effort by Dr.
Roddick, formerly M. P. for one of
the divisions of Montreal. It could
not go into effect until all provincial
lt would be a good thing if some  legislatures had approved of it. This
has taken ten years. Now the way lie-,
open to the formation of the Dominion Connc'l for forr,iul?.t:n? of r/.l-^s,
etc., rcrard'nj examinations, etc. The
act commits vorls of organization to
the Minister of Vprlculture but Mr
Brrrell has asked Dr. Kcche t? ta':e i'
ever, he hsu'in"! been ove el tbe cbim-
there can be no doubt that from the
establishment of this important industry Westminster will gain much
lt would be a good thing if soi
means were adopted for showing the
people of this city the great heritage
they possess in the Fraser river.
Some day pleasure steamers will run
clear to Hope, but to anyone with the
slightest imagination the sight of the
great expanse of   water   above    the   pj0ns cf the act when It waa befjr-
bridge cannot fail to bring visions of  the house.
illimitable development.
And this is but one of many similar
stretches of deep water which will
bear sea going ships. Development
above and below Westminster steadily
proceeds, while   iu    the    city    itself
The representatives of Brit'sh Oni
nmbia are Drs. R. J3. M" Keci'-nie
Vancouver, r.r.J P.. E. Walker, Ne*v
while no tangible sign has yet been   Bulgarian  King Sends  Sjltan Bag of
made, work upon the harbor scheme
is making headway.
"The   6,000,000   working   women  in .
the wage-earning class are better pro- lnf; ,^7f^lr
tected today in male suffrage than in
equal suffrage states.    No equal  suf- you
Pepper   Before   War.
London. Oct. 2:',.���The correspond-
er.t in Paris of the Daily Telegraph
3ends the following story.
"When the Sultan or Turkey gave
orders for the mobilization of his
troops he send to the K;ng of Bulgaria a sack of millet with the follow-
Ferdinand     Effendi���Mobilize    If
like,  but be assured  that  there
frage state has won the   temperance  f.re as    man>.' solfdien?. tin T��rkeya f
flght,   and   in   these   states   lies   the   there are grains of mllet in this sack.
stronghold    of   Mormonism.      These  N���� " >'��H w f'1' d���<;clare *ar'
facts   invalidate   the   argument    that        King   Ferdinands   reply
where women   vote   temperance   aud
purity will inevitably prevail."
Ferdinand's reply was in
kind. He send a very much smaller
sack, filled with tiny grains of the
most virulent red pevper of the country. With it went the following declaration:
Heir to Russian Throne Under Medl
cal  Care���Silence as to Cause.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 23.���The condi
tion of the Russian crown prince Is
causing the greatest anvety at t'ie
imperial court and anions the genera'
public. Although Information is pub
lished in bulletins, the strictest sli
ence is preserved in regard to the nature of the accident met with by th-?
Grand Duke Alexis.
That it was a serious on? Is indl
cated by the telegraphic sammon.-
sent to Dr. Rauchfuss, the cour
physician, who attends llie imperia'
children, to proceed at once to Spain
in Russian Poland, where he arrive
Rossini's Memory.
Itossini's memory was lacking in
retentiveneas, especially in respect to!
the names ol persons who had been
introduced to him. This fcrgelfuln-.ss
was frequently a cause of amusement
whenever Rossini was among company. One day he met Bishop, tha
English compotver. RosMni knew the
face well enough and at once greeted
him. "Ah, my dear Mr.���" but the
name escaped his memory, and to
convince him that he had not forgot*
ten him Rossini began whistling
Bishop's glee, "When the Wind
Blows," a compliment which "the
English Mozat," as Bishop had been
dubbed, recognized quite as readily as
if his ecclesiastical surname had been
Edmonds, Oct. 23.���The Burnaby
Flower Carnival association was form
ally launched this evening when a
joodly number of citizens gathered in
the municipal hall and elected officers
for the year. Mr. B. G. Walker wa*
in the chair and outlined the schemt
which he hoped would place Burnaby
cn the map as au horticultural dis
There were many features connect
ed with flower shows, he stated, bu
perhaps the greatest of all was the
spirit which was thereby Imparted to
people and especially the children t<
go more and more Into this Interest
lng and inspiring work.
The attendance was very gratifying
for the second meeting and the selec
tlon of officers could not have been
bettered. Tbe following were elected
Honorary president, Sir Richard Mc
flrlde; honorary vice-presidents. Reev
T. W. Weart, Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.I'
New Westminster, Mr. II. H. Stevens
M.P., Vancouver, Mr. Carter Cotton
M.P.P., Richmond constituency, Mr
\V. E. Scott, deputy minister of agri
r.ilturo; president. Mr. W. S. Rose
'.-ice-prcs'dents, II. Sworder, H. W
Mansfield; secretary-treasurer, W. S
\'ivlan; directors, A. McPhee, D. C
Patterson. E. B. Stride, W. A. Dash
wood-Jones, C. P. I.egge; executlv
committee A. Puttlck, A. Scott, C. P
I.egge. E. 13. Stride and W, A. Da3h
It was decided that a membership
fee cf $1 be charged, whicii will b
open to all.
The executive committee will dr.v
ip plans, Set the date of the fiowe
mrnival. which is to he held som
time next summer, and arrange ot!n
details. Another meeting will be call
ed in the near future when the fl'ffei
ent committees will set out and pre
pare for one of the fine.it hortkuf
tural shows that has ever been stage
in this section of Western Canada.
Our new warehouse quarter? In the Kelly, Douglas building, being
full to overflowing, we have again rented our old place on the Market Square, and we are now prepared to take care of any quantity of
spuds, or other commodity, which require dry and frost-proof housing.
HERBERT P. VIDAL & CO. Phone 475
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
Q. E. OILLEY, Phene 291.
Phones, Office 16 and 1*.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In Coal
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
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Layers cf Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
flaafly for choice
Where the  King Sat.
English vergers no longpr turn an
Dear Mr. Sultan���The Bulgarians honest shilling by admitting spectators to see royalty at church. But
some years ago one in a certain country church thought of something cvpn
better. King Edward had been occupying one of the pews, and afte|
seeing His Majesty depart the clcrgy-
man return to find a brisk business
going on. The verger had seen a way
to assist the church restoration fund
by charging loyal parishioners a fcvr
pence each for the privilege of sitting
for a moment in the place still warmed with the royal presence, and he
was astonished when the vicar summarily stopped the traffic.
are not numerous it is true, but be as
sured that to stick your nose into
their affairs is like sticking it int"
our national condiment. Trv it and
see. They will st'n* vou so sharply
that the whole of Asia will not be
able to save you.' "
The above iB quoted from an illuminative letter written to the New York
Sun by Grace Duffield. Goodwin, president of tbe District of Columbia Auxiliary to the National Association, opposed to woman suffrage. |
Mrs. Goodwin points out that women should bold a higher position than
that merely of man's political and industrial equal;  that she must   be   a
privileged worker under laws made to I        *
favor her physical weakness, so that  COTTERILL EXPECTS
nothing may interfere with   her   flt- MAJORITY OF 4000
ness for the duties of motherhood. Al- ���__��.
ways, she argues, sex in industrial Portland, Ore., Oct. 23.���W. C. T. U.
and political life is woman's handl- workers here today are discussing
caP- I the   salient   points   of   the   stirring
The influence of woman would be Speech made before" their national
less potent says Mre. Goodwin, wera body by Mayor Cotterill, of Seattle,
her actions liable to the reproach of  Cotterill  told of the efforts that are
partlzan feeling.    Were women allied  being made all  throughout the stata       .���.,   ,   ,.     ���,,,   ,, ,    ,
to a party, by Tirtue  of their  voting of Washington to heighten the moral   ��? ^ ,*2SfiL*S e���?x"$  "cflU
strength, they could not be considered  atmosphere.    He  referred  to the  re-   .utl��� of a l���*"������ ��� cas*. off clothes
as disinterested workers for the com- cau petition    that is being    directed
mon   good.     Those   qualities  which  against him    in Seattle, stating   that
make woman mistress of the  home,  the voters would this time sweep htm
which purify her influence and whicn  int0 office with a rpajoritv of 4000 In-
sustain her as an acknowledged pow-  stead  of 40o.  his  marginal  figure  in
or in ber  allotted   sphere, would, in   the lagt election.    He stated that the
the opinion of this   woman,  be   dis-  work bPjng done i,ythe W. C. T. U. 13
torted  and nullified   if  given   cheap  stmnar |��� a good many wavs to th��
publicity in political life, and if band-  Go0(1  Templar  plan  founded  by  him-
led about tbe political  arena  in  the  seif
form of party arguments      Woman'a  :	
Antique Styles.
Masculine   fashions   are   often
present work is sacred, she is given
the headwaters of the nation in trust,
and. in venturing into political life she
is "but   sailing   paper  ships  on   the 	
great  seas   of  man's   legitimate   en- '     Berlin,   Oct.   23.���There   ia   either
deavor," contends Mrs. Goodwin. I something wrong With    the    laws In
After reading the calm logic of Mrs. Germany or there are too many of
Goodwin's argument against woman them. Statistics just published re-
suffrage, one is inclined to think that veal that Ormany is not the a'lto-
snch a woman might well be given cratically self-disciplined nation it has
the right to vote. that, she might make been reputtd to be, for one person out
better use of the privilege than is of every twelve has been convicted
made by men. But Mrs. Goodwin rec- in the course of the past year of some
ORiilzes that there are manv men who transgression or other,
do not exercise Intelligently and hon-' There are so many signs of "Verbo-
estly the privilege of the ballot. She ten," which means "prohibited,"
points out thaL under general woman   everywhere    one    looks,    that   there
by his servants. A powdered footman of to-day wears the costume of a
George II. dandy, and tiu present
lord mayor's coachman i.s dress d exactly like a nobleman of the time of
George III. A pasre boy. with his
three rows of buttons, wears what
was known in th�� early years of the
nineteenth century as the Dutch
skeleton suit, the fashionable west
for b ye of the upper classes.���London Standard.
One To a Million.
A sitvgle province of India has 22,.
000,000 of inhabitants, for whom there
are twenty-one foreign missionaries,
or one missionary to each million ol
suffrage,  the danger from  this class
of voters would be doubled, especially
in the case of Ignorant and indifferent foreign immigrants   in   the coun-!
try.���Ottawa Evening Journal.
should be fewer infractions of the law
In the empire than elsewhere. Yet
there are more.
One girl .out of every 213, on<>
boy out of every 23, one women out
of very 25, and one man out of every
six have had trouble with the law and
have been punished accordingly.
She Snubbed Napoleon.
( Mme. de Cbevreuse, a representative
of   one   of   tbe   noblest   families   In
i France, declined the bonor which Napoleon wished to confer on her, tbat ot
being maid of honor to his sister-in-
law, the queen of Spain. Tbe nfter-
ward became Josephine's dame du pn-
lals, but always affected to look down
on the Imperial court One day sbe
went to a reception at tbe Tullerles
blazing with diamonds. "What splendid Jewels!" remarked Napoleon. "Are
tbey all real?" "Mon Dieu. sire, I really don't know, but at any rate tbey are
quite good enough to wear berel"
The Genuine Article,
"I   understand   tbat   Mr.   Grabwell
started in life by borrowing $60.   You
F. L.  KERR, Manager.
Wednesday and Thursc ay
Governor   Marshall   Advocates    More
Stringent   Naturalization   Laws.
San   Francisco,   Oct. 23.���Governor
Thomas C. Marshall, of Indiana, Democratic    vtee-ornsidentlal     candidate,1    W>   of  Portland,   Eng.,   Oct.   23.���
wound np a flying two-day campaign  Great Britain's third battleship squad
in California  by  advocating   tonight ron Is preparing today to sail for the   must admire a man with courage like
the exclusion from the United States Mediterranean to keep in touch with   that"
of all aliens who are not of a charac- the Balkan war situation |    ..N    , donV      .^ Mr Gr(mcber>
ter to amalgamate with the American      The British admiralty still fears the   .���The ,   d   ,    ,   ^ b   h d
Bliss, Oklahoma, In
4,000 FEET
Of the Most Beautiful, Realistic
and Instructive Motion Picture
Film    Ever    Shown  in  Canada
Showing Scenes of the Largest
Ranch Farm in the World.
Tbe Grea* Annual
Buffalo Chase. Branding and
Dehorning S'cers. Riding Bucking Dronehos and Wild Steen
by the Cowboys. Five Thousand
Head of Cattle in One Big Herd.
Fight Between Man and Bull,
a Hand-to-Horn Combat. Positively a Truo Story.
An Indian
Buffalo Hunt
(Not a White Man Shown In
This Picture.) Five Hundred
Real American Indiana In a
Realistic Buffalo Hunt.
See William Pickett
THE DUSKY DEMON Throwing Wild Steers with His Teeth.
Lot us figure wltb you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock of lumber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster aad  Crescent  Valley,  B.  C.
A 5-room New Bungalow. All
nicely finished w'th panelled walls
and Electric fixtures. Built in
Buffet. Fireplace in Dining-room.
Beam Ceiling. Fixed in Wash tubs.,
Nice Lawn and Fenced in lot. The
Price is right. $300 cash payment
and balance as rent.   The Owner is
leaving town. This is a chance to
secure a pretty homesite on easy
451 Columbia Street
At ^.-
��� *w^.���.. .*���*)******/,**,
-**s*<i*M' ' lywy*-*
AL. W. GILLIS, manager
Manager Frank    Patrick Wlll    Order
Machinery for Ice Making Plant
���Provisional Officers.
Definite word was given out last
evening by ono of the oltlcera con
nected with the Westminster hocke,-
team that flve of laat year's players
have already beon signed up and thai
Lester Patrick, who ia now returning
here, lg angling for three more.
A glance at the following list, and
any fan who takes an interest In th<-
Canadian winter game wlll realize
that the Royals will star.d a mighty
good chance of duplicating their fea:
of last season when they nosed out
alu-ad of the Vancouver and Victoria
BeptHtes In the last lap and gained
possession of the Patorson cup,
emblematic of the Paciflc coast
hockey championship.
'"Big Moose" Ernie Johnson, Harry
Hyland, Ken Mailen, Kan McDonald
and Jimmy Gardner have been signed
Sue McLean and Hugh Lehmann
have yet to name their club, but the
next f��w days will decide whether
they '*fll again be wearing New Westminster uniforms this coming season.
Manager Frank Patrick was yesterday in thc city, on his return from
San Francisco, and he was Instructed
tc go ahead and order the necessary
machinery for the Ice-making plant.
The tenders for the building which Is
t.i b" erected alongside the horse
shov; building at the park are being
caned fcr. and contracts will be let
within the next few days. The building will be 5'lxSO feet and the tenders
are alternative, either concrete or
The [!ans for the opening gam:;
have yet to be set, but within the
i.vi two Weeks the officers of the
Westminster Arena will be In a posi
i ��� a v. giw ottl the probable date.
It la possible that the local rink
Wtll not be finished In time for the
opening of th'e hockey srason, buf.
arrangi ments have b����en made with
Frank Patrick for the Royals to
practice on the Vancouver Arena In
the meantime, All the players signed
ud lv the rriarnates will hare nturn-
. ���! tc lhe coast early in November and
rfal training will Immediately be be-
Provisional officers of the Westmin
ste.r Arena Co., Ltd.. were elected al
a meeting held on TowkUt evening.
Tliuiw were: Pres'<!��nt. Charles A.
Welsh: vice-president. L. .A. I.ewU,
secretary-treasurer. C. A. Bourne.
Directors, Messrs. L. hi. Richard SO n
K. H. Savage, Nels Nelson and Frank
Patrick, Tbeee are only provisional
Officers Another meeting wlll be held
before the season Is opened when
permanent officers will be elected.
Several other well known business
men are interested in the project and
they are doing their utmost to provide the citizens of New Westminster
and district with all the exhilaration
of the winter skating, not forgetting .
the flnest hockey games to be seen)
in any part of the Dominion.
who has found It Impossible to turn
out every Saturday, while Mr. H. Savage was elected to the position of
vlce-captaln. I
An additional office Was created in
the shape of a team secretary whoso
duties will be to arrange the details
of gathering a team, together and also to arrange for practice dates. Mr.
V. E. Andrew was elected to this position.
No game ia sceduled for Saturday
afternoon on acount of tbe Vancou
ver-Calgary contest which will b*
played on the Brockton Point grounds
Many of the Westminster players, am.'
supporters have signified their Inten
tion of making the trip.
Practice  wlll   be  held  early    nex'
week lor the game to be played  a
Queens park on Saturday, Novemb.
Defeat   Reliance   Bowling   Team
Vancouver by Big Margin.
New Westminster bowlers made a
���clean sweep of the Intercity series
Against the Reliance septette of Vancouver on the Front street alleys,
taking the three games with good
While three ot the Royals topped
the 500 mark, none of their scores
uere exceptionally brilliant, although
the); opponents, with; the exception
���cf Boy land, could not compare even
".'th these. Boy land with 589 had
high aggregate, tying with "Sloan for
high score with 193.
Charlie Steel rolled a steady game
all 11> rough and was htgh man for tbe
Royal; with 534 to his credit. The
'clicking scores tell the tale:
Royals. -^^^^^^^*
Steci .180
Pierre  150
Mcnill   ..' 137
Mills'   182
Sloan    178
The following tables   are  compiled
carefully and are up to date, Ipclud-
lng mid-week games:
First   Division.
Teams���              P. W. L. O. P.
Aston  Villa    10 6 1 8 16
Blackburn   R 10 5 1 4 14
Bolton W 9 6 3 p 12
Newcastle U 9 4 2 3 11
Oldham Athletic .. 9 3 1 5 11
Manchester C 8 4 2 2 10
W. Bromwich A. ..  8 4 S 2 10
Derby County  .... 8 4 2 2 lfl
Everton     9 4 4 1 J
Manchester  U.   ... 8 3 2 3 fl
Bradford C 7 3 2 2 i
Liverpool     10 4 6 0 8
Chelsea     9 3 5 1 t
Mlddleboro'    8 2 3 3 7
Sunderland     9 2 5 2 6
Sheffield U 8 2 4 2 6
Woolwich  A 9 1 5 3 3
Tottenham  H 7 0 5 2 2
Notts  County   .... 7 0 6 1 1
Second   Division.
Teams��� P.   w.   L.
Clapton 0 8
Hull  City     9
Notts  Forest    9
Birmingham     8
Wolverton W 9
Preston  N. E 9
Burnley       10
Bristol City    8
Barnsley         8
Lincoln  City    8
Leeds City   7
Fulham        9
Grimsby T. .'...... 9
Huddcrsfleld T. ... 9
Blackpool     9
Bury     8
Bradford       8
Stockport  C 8
Leicester F 8
Glossop      7
"The   Chocolate   Soldier," still   the ���
conquering hero in the vast army of
light operas that assail the American ,
and European theatres, will be the attraction at the Opera House this evening,    lt is no idle boast to   predict
that   the   throng    of   admirers   wbo
come to greet him will   be  fully as j
great as ln other cities, for tbe charm-
ing warrior never wears out his Welcome.
The superb operatic mixture of Viennese melodies and Celtic wit and satire, with Bulgarian scenes, manners
and customs forming a splendid background of romance ls tbe work of Oscar Straus, the composer of Vienna,
and Bernard Shaw, the Irish wit and
playwright, from wbose romantic satire. "Arms and the Man." the libretto of "The Chocolate Soldier" Is derived. It is chiefly the music whloh
has given the opera Its remarkable
reputation. Such melodies as "My
Hero," the waltz refrain which ls the
dominant theme of the entrancing
score, "The Let'er Song," "That
Would Be Lovely," and "The Choco
late Soldier" are still monopolizing
the memories of thousands.        f
Wild West Life.
Pictures that have been attracting
a great deal of attention tbls week
on accounl of their genuine character
are those being shown at the Ed'sor
theatre depleting scenes on the fani
ous 101 Ranch.
The Alms ere amongst the most
unique ever put on here and Inclt'd'
views taken of a round up of 15,000
cattle, brandlntr operations and ar
exciting buffalo hunt from real life.
At the opening the Industrial life
around the ranch is shown, a hay
making scene proving full of interest
An encampment of Redskins with
squaws executing a dance is one ol
the most sirUing feature. The resi
dence of the Miller brothers, owner?
of the ranch, ia shown and an In
sight into home life there Is given.
Let It be said that the Royal man
agement ls not afraid to spend the b;R
part of its takings fn artists' salaries
Besides having the highest priced act
on the bill that has ever appeared It:
this city there will also be shown
two of the best features in the novelty
line that ever graced a a+age. These
new turns open this afternoon and ap
pear the rest of the week on thf
same program with Arnold's wild an'.
mal novelty.
6 10
Wade ..
Mo��3 ...
827 806 864 249S
....  184 193 182 560
.... 143 12a 154 42?
  144 144 115 403
  179 159 168 506
  137 143 145 425
787   764   774 2425
More Rugby Pia vers Rolling Up���New
Despite the reverses the club has
sustained so far this season, ttie West-
m'nster rugger players are by no
means a disheartened lot aud this
wa* demonstrated last evening at a
meeting held In the United Service
Club rooms. Several new play ern
v-ere mentioned as having signified
their Intention of trying >out for th?,,
team ��ind ths present members wllj
t*t*.h*b\Tto*-** to show np In the best'
cf form If they wish to make th�� fifteen.
A change was made in the officers
l����t evening. Mr. A. B. Lloyd was
elected captain, vice Mr. A. Marcon,
London, O'-t. 2*.���Neither s'd<-
iiored In the football natch betw^e:
the English, and Irish  leagues today
Stanford Defeated.
Stsnford University, Oct. 23.���The
Stanford rugby team, considered thf
strongest In years, was defeated here
todav 15 to 10 by Santa Clara University. Stanford's annual fame with
the university of California Is only
two weeks away.
Chicago, III., Get. 23.���Tho testl
mony of Lucile Cameron, the white
*irl; whose association with Jack
Johnson, the negro pu^llirt. caused an
investigation by tbe United States authorities.to ascertain it the, Mann act
had been violated, is said to have been
the most direct the federal grand Jury
bas been able to obtain. It Is said
that the girl, who has turned against
the negro, made highly damaging
At the close of her hearing the girl
became hysterical. She will appear
before tbe htry aealn tomorrow. Thl"
afternoon she yielded to the pleadlnv
of her mother, Mra. Catreron Fai
conet. of Minneapolis, and cons?ntei'
to return to her home, renounc'ng thr
The norn'n*.    session of P1*   J"*'
was occnn'fd with stories of Mrs. P.*
vnnron    Falconet. J*o*t    Curler, tie'*'
Tirotnoter:    Hank   K��nnv.   Johnson*
Wwc sparrlni    partner   nnd F, E-
Danielson, a white saloon-keeper.'
It Wes Changeable.
One of the hirire Kansas City stores
owes K.s success in it great measure fn
Ita policy of exchanging goods If re
turned In a salable condition.   An ex
ceptlon Is made when drew materials
have lieen cut from the holt.   One day
recently   a   customer   pun-baaed   ten
yards of n two toned silk, which the
clerk nssttred her was tbe most fash
ktmtble fabric of the season.    When
she reached home with her purchase
she1 decided, on reflection, that'a woolen material wonld be more serviceable.
Accordingly she returned to the. store
the next day and requested tlie ex-
< hnnge.   The clerk explained that it
was an tmtiosslblllty, as the goods had
been cut
"Why. I bought thta with the distinct understanding," remonstrated tbe
woman, "that I could return it Did
you not tell ma It vm s changeable
.   The  exchange  waa  made-Kansas
City Star. ^^^^^^^m
A very clever eight year old character change artist, who opens at the
Royal theatre today for a three days'
That Dashing 8
yearold Child
Singer, Dancer
and Change Artist
STORE and' basement on Begbie street, just off Coltypbia street,
size 30 feet by 66 feet.   Immediate possession. .'"'
FOUR STORE3 ln the new building on Columbia street, at the
corner of Brunette street, Sapperton. This block has Just been completed and la thoroughly up-to-date in every way.
Full particulars on applicat'on to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lome Street,   New Westminster.
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Fraier Mills, B. C Telephone 890
and Mountain
and Get Choice Accommodation
"The Juggling Jester"
lowest rates obtainable.
 l :	
A small deposit secures best accommodation available.
H. G. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. K. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U.
Phone  Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
New Photo Plays
D. BRAY.  Manager.       I
Program for Wednesday and Thursday
Special British Picture
Rex Drama.
Sales Co.. Topical.
,     Imp Comedy Drama.
Keator Comedy.
Only Four Days at Sea.
New S.S. M sgantic. Sat, Oct. 26.
Nov. 23.
S.S. Teutonic, Sat., Nov. 2.
New SS. Laurentic, Sat.. Nov. 9.
SS. Canada, Sat., Nov. 16.
-    Portland, Maine���Halifax-
From  " T?6m
Portland. Halifax.
New S.S. Laurentic, Dee: 7, .
Dec. 8.
S.S. Canada, Dec. fl, Dec. 22.
SS. Teutonic, Dec. 14, Dec. 15.
Mix Wilh the Bunch
New S.S. Laurentic and Megantic, 15.000 tona, largest from Canada.
AU classes carried. S.S. Teutonic. SSS teet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
614 feet. 10,000 tons. Carry o&ly second and third c/ass. -Baggage
checked through to steamer in bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three* doore from
Cherry Street, or H. E. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, G.  N.  Ry., New  Westminster.
Advance report* on Babe henhart
are far better than on any act that
haB been booked to appear ih the
Royal theatre up to the present time.
She is the highest priced Juvenile
artist In the world and that is saying
a lot. She draws down $100. every
week tbat she works. Babe Uenhart
holds tbe distinction ot being the only
vaudeville artist that works one week
and then rests one week. When booking this act Mr. Fisher, the booking
agent, had to sign contracts to this
effect. Many managers have been
made more flattering terms for a
3econd week's engagement, but have
found out to their sorrow that thla
la one act in a thousand that they
'lannot engage a second week. Babe
' enhart has her own maid and make.i
Ml changes of wardrobe in tuJI view
of the audience.
Hessle, the whirlwind comedy
juggler, will be the other act to complete the program. Hessie is tho
man who catches apples, potatoes,
etc., on a fork. First these artlolea
are distributed ln the audience 'and
then thrown at him. He never makes
a mlaa no matter with how much
speed thoy come. New pictures will
complete the program.
Mabel Hite Dead.
New York, Oct 23��� Mabel Hite,
actress, ln private life Mrs. Michael
J. Donlln, wttb of the baseball player,
died today In her home ln this city.
Last June she underwent an operation tor cancer.     She was   28 years
i    *         ,
Record Divorce Appeals.
Ottawa, Oct. S3.���There wai no lesa
than tour applications tor divorce
made to parliament last week. This
ts believed to be the largest number
Qf divorce applications ever made in
a single week and brings the total for
the year up to 37. which is a Canadian
Finest Pool Tables in tke City
All the latest news ln the sport line.
English football resulta and league
John   Hotchkles
King's Hotel. Columbia Street.
Tea, swat tSa By. but don't forget
When yoa are waging strife
To ewat the garbage and tba filth
That ste* the critter Ufa.
���Cincinnati Enquirer.
He���I understand tbat Mrs. Lux gets
$25,000 a year In pin money. She-
Mercy! Wbat Is ber husband's business} He���Her husband Is dead. He
lett a pin factory.���Boston Transcript.
Mlss Ooodley-Mlss Bloomer seems to
keep her youth still.
Miss Cbellos-Well, she keeps her sge
quiet���Catholic Standard and Times.
"Wby don't you rub your furniture
with a little crude oil r
"Laws! Maria wouldn't let me nse
anything tbat wnsn't strictly refined."
���Baltimore American.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
P. JO, BOX 442 TELEPHONE   324
She-Do yoa suppose those big hoop-
skirts wtll eter come In againT
He-Well, not In this flat tbey won't
dear.���Yonkers Statesman.
Mew cheers arise from an the clan
For leaders In each race,
The candidate, likewise the man
Whe slides to eeooad base.
���Washington Star.
Louise���Is sbe Impressed with ber
own Importance?
Julia���Tea. She even believes she'd
have New Tork men call on ber tf sbe
lived ln tbe suburbs.���Ufa.
Tbere Is frequently something about
s girl tbnt draws her cloaeBto a man���
unless .she asks bin to ejnoTe tt���
First Time Here of the Original and
Only Company  Presenting
Music by Arthur Straus.
Presented With the   Full   Strength
ot the
Production ef Scenic Splendor.
Prices:    $2.00 to 50c'   Seats on Sale
. at Tidy, the Florists.
'Phone R1140
I Teaming fend Qeneral Oraylng Contracting, Furniture Moving*    .
Excavating. ~'       j
Fifty toot flne orchard' lot,
blgb grotiDd Md low priqe, $550.
Good terms.   1;
Fifty foot lot on Sixth street,
near city, only��*$860.
Three lots, 41x177 teet eacb.
on Sixth strt** car line. Quick
���ale at flBMf for tbe three.
Waw, RilgS & ft.
CeMleutt Bib.
��� _i^r ���'.
���i   .*..,*.*
mrt        i��i    *s    -.*-
*m .-���-*-��*
f TAUM,    Sthm
By-Law No. 120A
the vote ot the Electors ot the District of Burnaby will be taken on the
above mentioned by-law at the time
  and place above mentioned, and that.
A. G. Moore has been appointed Re-
A By-law to Enable the Corporation' turning officer to    Uke the vote of
of the District of Burnaby to Raise  I such electors with the usual powers
by Way of Loan the Sum of
$250,000.00 for Street Purposes.
WHEREAS it ie necessary and expedient that the Council ot the said
Corporation be authorised to borrow
the sum ot Two Hundred ar.d Fifty
Thouaand Dollars ($250,000.00) to
provide for Improving certain roads
within the limits ot the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS It ls necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upou the credit ot the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will ltd necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty dollars and Blghty-
sevon cents ($2,630.87) principal and
the sum of Eleven Thousand, Two
Hundred and Fifty (411.250.00) dollars Interest making together a total
amount annually of Thirteen Thousand. Eight Hundred and Eighty Dollars and Eighty-seven cents ($13,880.-
87) for the term of forty years for the
repayment of the said loan and inter
est thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS tbe net value of
the whole rateable land in the Municipality according to the last re
vised assessment roll arooupts to
Twenty Million, Five, Hundrod end
Seventy-six Thousand Two Hundred
and Fire Dollars ($20,570,205.00) d3l
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debts of tbe M n cipal y is
In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct 19, 1912.
By-Law No. 121 A.
A By-law to enable the Corporation
of the District ot Burnaby to raise by
way ot loan the sum of $50,000.00 for
the purpose of providing and building
additional sidewalks within the Limits
ot the Municipality:
WHEREAS, It ls necessary and expedient that the Council of the said
Corporation be authorized to borrow
the sum of Fifty Thousand ($50,-
000.00) dollars to provide for the construction of additional sidewalks within the limits of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
he sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars ad Five
cents ($2,497.05) principal and the
sum of Two Thousand, Two Hundred
and Fifty ($2,250.00) dollars interest
making together a total amount annually of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and Five
cents ($4,747,06)  for the   term of flf-
Mr. Coldicutt's Office, Bast Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, Burquitlam.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Ceperley's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the Dis
trict of Burnaby will be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed Ro
turning Officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
in that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Edmonds, B. C, Oct. 19th, 1912.
Household Voters.
Applications to be placed   on   the
Household Voters' List will be received up to November 1, 1912.
The qualification is being a British
subject'of full age and a resident,
householder for six months Immedi
ately preceding the date of application, and as such householder having
paid a rental value of not less than
One Hundred Dollara a year.
City Clerk
City Hall. October 10. 1912.
Miller's Ghost!;
:: A Stofy of Garibaldi and tbe::
One Thousand
By F. A. MITCHEL   ::
533.500.00) dollars e.'.clusiv* of Local
Improvement debt secured by special
rates or asspssrpeits of whic'i none o*
the principal or interest Ib I'i arrears.
AND WHEREAS to prcVdr for th-
paymetit rf Interest and lhe area t for-
rf a S'nkiqft '''und for thc payment o;
t'.e tta'A principal ast.i **t *;si.��wi.A
it w'll he. necessary to lew a '--rec'a'
(rni'?l rate gi'flPetejit M raise the sun
of Th'rteen Thousand B'ght Hundred
snd R'tIHv dillarii "nd ffljshty*Bt?Brt
cents ($13.S80.S7) the amount to be
calculated annually cn the whole of
the rateable land comprised within
the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Counc'l of the Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any peraon or body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance tbe same upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $250
���^vl  ,  .      .       teen years for the repayment of tho
OnT MiYlionr Five Hundred and Thirl said loan, and  interest   thereon    as
ty-three Thousand, Five Hundred ($1,-  hereinafter mentioned.
- ��� - ��� ��� AND> WHEREAS, the net value of
the whole rateable land in the Munici
pality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to Twenty
Million, Five Hundred and Seventy-
six Thousand, Two Hundred and Fiva
dollars ($20,576,205.00).
AND, WHEREAS, the total existins
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Five Hundred and Thirty-three Thousand Five Hundred ($1,-
>33,500.00) dollars, exclusive of local
improvement debts secured by special rates or aBBsessments of which
none of the principal or Interest is In
AND, WHEREAS, to provide for
the payment of interest and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment of the said principal sum of
$50,000.00 it will be necessary to levy
i special annual rate sufficient to
raiBe the sum of Four Thousand.
Seven Hundred and Forty-seven dol
'.ars and Five cents (S4.747.05> the
amount to be calculated annually oe
the whole of the rateable land   com-
it is the intention of the Harbour Cit;
Electric Company. Limited, after ene
month from the 25th inst te make ap
plication to tbe Registrar of Join)
Stock Companies for his approval oi
the change of tbe Company's namt
from the Harbour City Electric Com
pany. Limited, to The Harbor Cit}
Electric Company, Limited.
Dated the 20th day of September
A. D., 1912.
Director, E. J. C. SHAW,
Solicitor for the Company.
Specifications, agreements of gale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly con-
fidentlal. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715
000.00 and to cause tlte same to be I prised within the Municipality,
placed in tho Koyal Bank of Canada NOW, THEREFORE, tbe Municipal
nt the City of New Westminster, Brit-1 Council of the Corporation of the Dis
ish Columbia, to the credit of the said 1 trict of Uurnaby enacts as follows:
Corporation, for the purposes and wltb \    1.    It shall be lawful for the Reeve
tbe objects above set forth and to is
sue any number ef debentures ot th
eaid Corporation to the   sum'of Two
Hundred  and   Fiftv   Thousand   ($2:>0
000.00) dollars in thn whole in accordance    with   the   "Municipal     Act.'
And    the     said      debentures      shall
be issued to consist cf 513 debenture.*
each    of the    denomination    of One
Hundred    Pounds    Sterling    (��100)
and ono debenture of the amount of
���rnd Clerk of the Council for the pur
posBS aforesaid to borrow or ra\3e by
way of loan from any peiHon or bodv
or bodies corporate who may be will-
ins to advance the same upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding ?50.
000.00. and to cause the same to h*
olaccd in Ihe Royal Bank of Canadi a
the Citv of New Westminster, British
Columbia,  to  tbe  credit cf  the   said
854���Meets ln K. of P. Hall, Eighth
and Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia stieet. Visiting 1'
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Die
tator; E. A. Bremm, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
��69 17s 3d being the Sterling equiva- Corporation for the purposes and with
lent of $250,000.00 at the rate of $4.86 the objects above set forth and to Is
2-3 to the ot-e pound Sterling, each de-   -nie any number of debentures of the
benture being also    expressed to b
payable  in Canadian    Currency com
putod at such   rnte,  and  sueii  debentures shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed both in Sterling and
Currency for the  interest thereon at
the rate of four and    one-half (4Va i
tier centum  per annum  payable half
yearly on  tho 30th   day of .Tune and
the    31st day ct  December fn    each
year.    And  SUCO   Sterling debentures
shall  be delivered  to the purchasers
of tho said debentures.    And both as
to princ'pal and interest shall be payable at the Office of the Bank of Montreal in  London. England, or in Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver, Canada.
cr in New York, at   holder's option.
And Uie principal    of the said deben
tures shall be payable on the Thirty-
first dav or December A. D. 10fi2.
2.    There sha'.l be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sun e'ern
therefor on  all  rateable   land  within
the limits of the sad Municipality thp
cum of Two Thousand.  Six  Hundred
and Thirty Dollars ard Eighty-seven
cents  ($2,630.ST I   for the    purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the pavment of the said debenture.?, and tho
sum of Eleven  Thousand.  Two  Hundred nnd Ffty ($11,250.00) dollars fir
the payment of the    Interest at the
r:itc aforesaid, the sa!d special rate
to be in addition to all other rates to
be levied nnd    collected In tlie   said
Municipality   during  the  currency   o!
the aald debentures or any ot them
3,   Thla Ili-la^ sliall take effect on
and after the fci.ncbnth  day or Nov
ember A. D, 1012,
L Tiiis By-law irav ba cited for
ail purposes as the "Uurnaby Road
Improvement      Debenture       By-law
ConncM this Nineteenth dav
toher, A. IV 1012.
RECEIVED tl"- aaacnt of the Electors a1 an Election for the purpose
rn the day of '      \D
UNCONSIDERED and dually ndoot
cd   by the   Count; l, Blgned   by tiie
Reeve and Clerk and Scaled with tbe
Corporate Seal al! on the
day of a. D. 1912.
C.M.C. Reeve.
Take notice that the above ls j
true copy cf the proposed by-law up
on which the vote or the Municipality
will be taken on Saturday the 2nd
dsy of Kovemher, 1912, hetween 9
o'clock a. ui. until 7 o'clock p. m. at
the polling places:
Municipal  Hall,  IMnionds.
Agricultural  Hall. Central Park.
Mr. Coldicutt's j Office, East    Burnaby.  .   .*.   s*   ,<;'.������ ���
* Hani'Ifon Vo"A".School. Burquitlam
Mr. Jas. Herd** Office, North Burn
of Oc-
said corporation   to the sum  of  $50
000.00 in the whole in acordanee with
the     "Municipal      Act."     And      the
said  Debentures  Bhall    be  Issued   tc
consist of 102 debentures each of the
denomination of One Hundred pound <
Sterling I ��100) and one debenture of
the  amount   of   ��73-l!)-6d.   bein?   tin
Sterling   equivalent   of   (60,000.00   a'
��v.e -j,te of S4.86 2-2 to the one round
Sterling, each   debenture  being  also
expressed to be payable in Canadian
currency computed at such rate and
such debentures shall have   annexed
thereto   coupons   expressed   both   in
Sterling and Currency for the int-res'
thereon at the rate,of four and  eir
half (4%) per centum per annum pay
ible half-yearly on  the  "0th   day  of
June and the 31st day of December Ip
each year.   And such Sterling deben
.ures shall  be  delivered   to the  pur
chasers of the sa'd    debenture!, and
both as to principal and interest, shal!
be payable at the Office of the Bank
if Montreal in London, England, or in
Toronto,   Montreal or  In  Vancouver
Canada, or in New York at   holder'"
option.    And the principal of the said
debentures    Khali be payable on    th(
fhlrty-llrst   diy  of  December.   A.  D,
1, There etiall be raised and lev
led annually by a special rate antl"
olont therefor on all rateable land
within the limits of the sa'd  Monlc'
��� ality llie num of Two Thousand Vou
''undred aid Ninety-seven diHirHatt''
Five Cents ($2,497.05) for thc purpose of forming a sinking fund for the
payment of tbe sa'd debentures and
the Biun of Two Thousand. Two Hun
lred and Fifty dollars ($2,250.00) fir
the payment of the interest at the rnte
forsesaiil, the said aneclal rat'; to be
In addition to all other rates to be
levied and'Collected In the said Mu
nicipality during the currency of thr
jaid debentures or any of them.
2. This Bylaw ahull take effect on
���nd atler the Sixteenth day or Novum
bor, A. D., 1912.
4. This By-law n.av be cited tqv al
nurposes as ttie "wtiinuiy f.thf.
DONE AND PASSED In Open Council the Nineteenth day of October,
A. D., 1912.
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec
tors at an election for the purpose on
the ��� dav of A. D., 1012.
RECONSIDERED and dually adopted by the Counc'l, Signed bv thfl
Reeve and Clerk and Sealed with the
Corporate Seal all on the -- day   of
 ��� , A. D. 1912.
C. M. C, I^uve.
Take Notice that the above-Is a
true copy of the proposed by-law un
on which the vote of the Municipality
will be taken on Salnrdav, tbo Snd
dav i r November, 1��12. between 3
o'clock a, m. until 7 o'cloc't p. ra. at
I. O. O. t" AMITY LODGE NO. 17-
'Ihe regular meeting of Araity loilgi
No. 27, I. O. O. F.. is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon anc
Eighth    street.      Visiting    bretherr
cordially invited.    C. B. Bryson, N
G.;  R. A.  Merrithew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatbam, P.G., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable addresu "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
aby. ,.,���. 	
Mr. Ceperley's Store, Burnaby Lake., the polling places
Lakemeffl'School.'LakemetC J    Mnniclnal Hall. Edmonds.
Public Notice la hereby given that     Agricultural Hall, Central Paric.
J. STILWELL CLUTE. barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbii
aud McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
solicitor and notary.  SI') Colnmh
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph
Barristers am Solicitors. Rooms '.
and 8, Qulcbo block, New West
minster. George E. Martin, W. 0
McQuarrie a'.d George L.  Cassady
ters ��nd Solicitors, Westm.uate
Trust block, Coh:nihia street, Nev
Westminster. B.C table addres
"Whiteside,' Western Union. P.C
Drawer 200 Telephone >���!>. W, I
Whiteside. H.   .. Edmonds.
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets in tbe
board room, City Hall, as follows'
Third Priday of each month; quarterly meeting on the Ciird Friday o
February, May, August and Novetn
her at 8 p.m. Annual meetings oi
the third Priday of February. New
members may be proposed am
elected at any monthly or quarter!'
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seere
who do not receive   The News before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In this "A;
may an evident   delivery   be   maintained. . uLiflUW
The union or the Italian state* tbst
occurred during tbe middle of the last
century was accomplished by the united efforts ot three different lenders
wbo. strange to say, were not at all In
accord, and in the case of two uf tbem
there was great antagonism. These
three . men were Victor Emmsnuel.
king of Sardinia; Count Cnvotir. hla
prime minister, snd Genersl Garibaldi.
The king acted as a rallying head for
the Italian people, favour's splendid
diplomacy prevented the Interference
of foreign |k��wera. and Garibaldi struck
the blow.
When Garibaldi, st the bead of 1.000
volunteers, landed on the Sicilian shore
to support tbe revolution ln tbat Island
and advanced eastward be fought s
battle In wblcb be was victorious, snd
the Riip|M>rter�� or hls enemy, the king
of Naples, copimonly called Itombn. retreated to Palermo, where the king's
iniiln army was located, protected by
a tleet or war vessel* in the harbor.
During tbla tight, when Garibaldi
was advancing, sn Italian soldier. Glu-
seppe Gnardet. wns raptured by Rom-
Pa's troops Tbis Guurdet was aa much
or a genius In a small strategic way
aa was bis general In lending armies
Gunrdet was seut forward with other
prisoners In the direction or Palermo
that tbey might uot tie retaken by
their advancing comrades. Rut In any
event woldiera In retreat do not make
the best or guards, aod Gnardet. who
had been wounded, pretending that
lie could not keep up with his captors,
lagged behind and when be aaw thnt
lie wus unobserved hy tbose hurrying
on ahead of him sank down behind
some bushes.
If the prisoner had been In the rear
Instead of lu advance of tbe retreating army lie would have needed only
to watt for Garlhnldi to come up Aa
it was. he must Conceal himself till
the main body nud rear guard of tbe
royal troops had passed on. Aa soon
ua be ceased to heur tlie confused
��-ounds of tbe guard ahead of bim he
sprung up, notwithstanding his wound.
wlticb was not In u vital part, nnd ran
as fast ns liis legs could curry blm Into
ii wood beside tlie road on wliich be
bad been marching Sicily Is a moun
tilinous country, mid tie was on ����� slope
ut lbe foot of mountains, it stream ruu
nlng tbrough It down to the plains be
low.    Following tbls stream  be eame
to a water mill.
Gunrdet found the mill deserted ei
cept for a donkey bitched to a post, oil
whose bark were several bags or Hour
evidently lutended ror delivery. In
���tide grain aud (lour were In bags nnd
in heaps.
The fugitive, seeing thai he hnd
round a good biding place, threw lilm
-ielf down on the bags of flour to reat
and. being exhausted, rell asleep. He
wns soon awakened by voices aod,
starting, ran up n pair or stairs to the
upper part of tiie mill, wbere he found
n large heap of Hour. The voices eame
nearer till he could hear tbem directly
below. Gnardet harrowed Into the
Hour, leaving only a breathing space
tor Ills nose at llie back part of the
pile, where It would not likely tie
noticed The comers were chattering
below, und the hlder soon learned that
tbey were Neapolitan soldiers He had
been missed almost as soon na be had
dropped behind, ami these men bad
lieen sent back for him Noticing that
the mill wns a good hiding place, ihey
���lurched It When they cnme np the
stairs Gunrdet withdrew even his nose
miller tbe Hour nud beld bis lirentli
Tbey did not thlpk of looking for s
uiau In such a pice, aud Gnardet hnd
the an lis faction of bearing them go
As soon as he wits free to come out
from his hiding place he did so. white
us tlie dour that had shielded hlm
Going Into a little room where tbe
uilllei kept tils accounts, be found a
fragment of looking glass fastened to
ttie wall mul b.v It saw that bis face
wus like that of a corpse Wiping
the Hour from lus forehead with bl*
Hand, which wns covered with blood
from bis wound, he left a smudge of
IiUnK) coagulated with flour Then tbe
Idea of playing the pnrt of a ghost, if
necessary to effect Ills escape, occurred
to lilm. nud he dabbed himself here
nnd there with blood, and with some
ink he found beside the miller's nc-
count hooks blackened the sockets of
hla eyes.
Surveying hls linage In the mirror,
he lost all fear of capture, for. know
ing well the superstition of Italians, he
telt sure he could easily put lo flight a
whole army ol tbem.
The auu was now low behind the
mountains, and Gunrdet concluded to
sully forth with a view io working hla
way backward lo rejoin hla comrades.
Leaving lhe mill, he aaw the donkey
still patiently standing tied lo the post.
nnd It occurred lo hlm that there was
no need tor hlm tq walk when he could
na well ride To heighten the ghostly
effect he emptied the baga or flour ovet
his steed, with the exception or one
ling, which he left In Its place for a
saddle Then, mounting, be guided the
little benst down to the road.
There he hesitated. It he nale to
ward Garibaldi's army and railed
to frighten lhe coming Neapolitans it
would be all up with him.   lt might be
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve   $12,500,000
The Bank has 250 branches,
extending In Canada from tin
Atlantic to the Pacific, in Cuba
throughout the island; also lu
New Poundland, Porto Rico, Ba:
hamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trlb
ld&d, Dominican Republic, Ne.v
York and London, En?.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These es-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montrea!
Branchee throughout Canada
Newfoundland, sac In Leadon, Bag
IsuBd, New Terk. Cb'tage and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico Ctty. A genera*
basking business transeoted. Lot
ters et Credit Issuwi. available wttlr
correspondents la all parts of tk��
Savings Bank Dspartment���Depoeit*
reool-od In sums of $1 and upward.
and Interest allows 1 at ��� por cent por
annua (preseit r��to>.
Total Assets over $1S��.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
2:1  Sixth  Avenue.
Phons 58?
better In the end to go the other way
llelng of a vein tiresome disposition, the
latter course pleased  bim  tlie  better.
aua be decided to go wltb tbe cuyreut
Instead of against tt.
He had not proceeded far before he I
heard the Jabber of voices, the rattle of |
aide  arms  agalnat  canteens   and   tin i
cups,  denoting  tbat some soldiers ot
the  retreating   army   ware   ahead  of:
bim.   Thinking they would afford hlm
a good opportunity to make bb experl- j
ment of playing ghost, be urged bia
charger on till he cume In sight of four
men. whom he suspected to be those
who had been sent back to Qnd him.
Hearing the putter of the donkey's little hoofs on the road, tbey turned.        ;
Por a moment tbey stood paralysed.
"Santa Maria!" whispered one to tbe
otber.   "It's the miller.   He must have
been murdered."
"Go back." cried out Gunrdet "and
bury me!   King Bomba's men bare left
my body In a thicket nesr my mill.   I
wlll baunt you till you place it under
ground and pnt a cross over tt"
As be spoke be kept on at the same
pace.    The   soldiers   recoiled   before
blm to the side of tbe road and as
soon as he had passed began to consult as to wbat they should do.   Not
one of tbem dared to stand sgalnst the
threat he bad mnde  In  tbe miller's
name. and.  trembling, tbey  retraced
their steps snd apent hours to a fruitless searcb for his body.
Meanwhile Gnardet. encouraged at
hl-s success, rode on, keeping at a safe
distance behind the advance ot tbe retreating army, till be came to tbe top
of a declivity from which be could look
down on Palermo. He saw King Bomba's flag flying over tbe palace, the
Neapolitan ships of war In tbe barbor,
besides several war vessels flying tbe
British flag. He noticed tbe enemy's
camps aud, considering tbeir extent
coujd not conceive bow bis general
could prevail agalnat tbem. He observed their positions and saw that
tbey were on tbe farther side of tbe
city, while tbe declivity on whicb be
stood led down lo the narrow streets
on the hither side that bad been left
without protection All this be considered, and lt occurred to blm that lt
would be well for hla general to kuow
what was before him.
By this time darkness had come on,
and he determined to take advantage
of it to tide back to Inform Garibaldi
of wbat be hnd Keen.
There wns another road leading to- \
ward the revolutionists  which Joined '!
tbe one on Wblcb they were advancing j
Gunrdet made for this road.    Just as    f    M^VMrartwi^  Xr  CAn>
be was about to ride Into It looking   ���*���   lieWSOIIie  Ot  00115
over an open apace, he saw tbe dark
forms of men marching westward.
"Aba!"   exclaimed   Gnardet   to   hlm
self.    "A force la moving by this road
either   to   strike   the   general   on   lhe
Hank  or cut  blm off.     We sball  aee
about thla."
For some distance the rond on which
these  troops  were marching  lay over
partly o|ien ground, mul Gnardet bov
ered ou tbeir think,    lie appeared now
nud again to the soldiers its a  wblte
mass moving lu tbe snme direction aa
themselves,    lle waa minded tn block
tbe road before tbem to delay or turn
them  back,  but  he remembered  that
their  leader  would  be  at  their  head
aud, being of superior Intelligence, waa
not likely to tie frightened by an ap
paritlon.    So be fell back to the rear
wltb a view to detaching some portion
of  the force.     When   the dawu  waa
far enough advanced to enable the
troopa to see blm be put filmself on the
road between tbe main body and a
compnny marching a short distance In j
the rear. A bomb dropping among
them could not have more effectually
scattered tbem.
Without waiting for them to tnvestl
gate blm Gunrdet. who every moment
���'as becoming more convinced or Ibe
liii|Mirtnnie or beating the Information
be possessed to hls general, crossed
from the road on whicb Ihe Neu|ioli-
tantt were mure hing to Ibe one on
which Garibaldi waa advancing and
during the morning took |K)hIUou ut a
point where the general must puns. He
bud imt waited long when the bead
of Hie revolutionary column came lu
sight Cuurdet rode to meet I hem.
nud the skirmish line melted away
like ice under the rny a or a hot auu.
Gunrdet kept on causing a commotion
In the little army till be approached
the general and hla stuff.
"Whin's this?" the general demand,
ed "Who are you who have rigged
yourself like n phantom?"
"I it in Private Giuseppe Gunrdet.
taken In yesterday's tight by King
Komba'a men. 1 escaped and bid in a
mill. That's what gives me a ghostly
ftppenrnnce. I have beeu to the crest
of the hill overlooking Palermo nud
have noted several feat urea tbut It
limy be well ror you to know."
"Whal nre tliey?"
"There must be 20.000 troopa In Pn
lermo, but tbey are all near tbe pnlnce
at Ihe otlier end or the ctty.   There is
a fleet of war vessels tn the harbor,
aome  of   them   bearing   tbe   English
"Ves. general."
"tio on."
"The pnrt of the town nearest the
foot   ot   the   declivity   la   unguarded
Von mny flnd an entrance on that aide."
"Anything else?"
"A force haa been aent out to Intercept you. It Is marching by number
"They have gone on a fool's errand
Thank you. Private Gunrdet Vou
cut a ridiculous figure, but you have
brought me valuable information."
The genernl rode on. nnd Gunrdet
tool; position beside the road. Aa the
soldiers passed, now knowing that be
was harmless, lie wus greeted wttb
shouts of laughter.
History tells how Garibaldi after ��
long fight on the streets of Palermo
finally forced the evacuation of King
Romba'a army, thua striking tbe flrst
and the main blow for Italian unity.
Por this occasion tickets will be on
sale October 25th to J8th, at one and
one-third farea for the round 'rip.
Good to return up to October 30th.
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves  Vancouver   tor  Victoria
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Ltaves Vanoouver    for  Seattle
a. in. antl 11 p, m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 'i-
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. nu
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wedneev
day at 10 p.m.
Cliilliwack Service
Leaves Westmlnater 8 a.m. Monday..
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,.
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, Now Westminster.
O. P., A.. Vancouver
All work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
003 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge. Apply Secretary.
��1J Columbia St. Phone 251. -J���' ��� " -w
The Corporation of the
City of New Westminster
By-law to grant to Heaps Engineer- on the plan hereto annexed.
.      _ , .   ,.   ,   , ... |    Secondly:    Commencing at a point
ing Company, Limited, lease with  on the Northerly boundary of Ewen
' Avenue, situated 660 feet Easterly
from the intersection of the said
Northerly boundary of Ewen Avenue
with the Easterly boundary of Furness Street; thence North 27 degrees
36 minutes EaBt a distance of 140
leet more or less to the High Water
Line of the North Arm of the Fraser
River; thence Easterly along the said
iiigh Water Line a distance cf 58 feet
more or less, thence South 5 degrees
32 minutes Weat a distance of 33 feet
I more or less to a point on the North-
Westminster,    and    application    has erly boundary of Ewen Avenue, thence
option to purchase certain lands
belonging to the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster
situate on Lulu Island.
WHEREAS the Corporation ot thi
���City of New Westminster is the owner
cf certain lands on Lulu Island within the limits ef the   City   of   New
been made by tbe Heaps Engineering
-Company, Limited, for lease with option to purchase of the said lands for
tbe purpose of establishing thereon
tbe Industry known as the "Schaake
Machine Works," and to enlarge Its
AND the Corporation of the City ot
New Westminster has agreed te -grant
the said lease ln terms of the Indenture made'a schedule to this By-law
aaA Incorporated herein.      1
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
ot New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. There shall be granted to Heaps
Engineering Company, Limited, lease
with option to purchase cf the lands
described in the Indenture of Lease
in the Schedule to this By-law In
terms of' aald Indenture which is
hereby incorporated with and made
part .f this By-law.
2. The Seal of the Corporation of
the City of New Westminster shall be
affixed under the hands of the Mayor
and City Clerk to the said indenture
of lease on the final passage of this
3. This By-law shall take effect on
the lat day of November, 1912. and
may be cited as the "HeapB Engineering Company, Limited, Lease By-law,
*\. This Bylaw before the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent ot the electors of the said City
in the manner required by law.
DONE AND PASSED ln open Coun-
day ot
oil the
RECEIVED the assent of the electors the          day of , A.D. 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally paBs-
<.d the           day of , A.D. 1912.
City Clerk. Mayor.
SCHEDULE referred to In tin
"Heaps Engineering Company, Limited. Lease Bylaw, 1912."
THIS INDENTURE made in-dupll-
���cate    the
day   of
Thousand Nine Hundred and Twelve.
After called the "Lessor," of the first
part;  and
IJMITED. a body corporate having its
registered office at the City of Vanoouver, tn ths Province of British
Columbia, hereinafter called the
���lessee," ot the second part.
WHEREAS the Lessee ls the owner
ot the business now and lately carried
on at the City of New Westminster
under the name of tbe "Schaake
Machine Works, Limited," and bave
applied te tbe   Lessor   to leass   the
South 57 degrees 36 minutes West
along the Northerly boundary of Ewen
Avenue, a distance of 13T.7 feet to
the point of commencement and containing an area of 0.13 acres be the
same more or less, as shown marked
"B" on the plan hereto annexed.
TOGETHER WITH the rights ot the
Lessor to the foreshore of the said
Fraser River adjoining tbe aaid lands
and all riparian rights knd other appurtenances, rights'and privileges to
the said land appertaining; the
Leesee to contorm to the harbor line
on any extension of wharf cr structure over the waters ct the Fraaer
Lessor right to make 'and maintain
a drainage ditch or lay a pipe tor
conveyance ot sewerage or dratnage
through the Bald lands ln or along a
strip of land five (5) feet in width
on each side of tbe line marked
"Dyke" on the plan hereto annexed.
the Lessor the right to lay and maintain a water main through the sa'd
lands In or along a strip of land two
and one-halt feet in width on each
side of the line marked "Water Main"
on the said plan hereto annexed.
PROVIDED ALWAYS that such reservation shall not Interfere with the
right of the Lessee, subject to the
approval of the Clty Engineer first
obtained, to erect buildings on such
strip and to place foundations therein so long as drainage as aforesaid
is not interfered with.
said demised premises unto the
Lessee for the term of twenty (20)
years to be computed from the first
day of September One Thousand Nine
.Hundred-and Twelve���SUBJECT to
the reservations as regard Parcel
"D" as hereinafter mentioned.
FORE yearly
the said term unto the Lessor
sum of One Thousand Seven Hundred
ard Sixty-two and 50-100 Dollar?
($1762.50) to be paid quarterly and in
advance cn the first dav of September.
December, March and June In eac'i
year, the rent to start from the first
payment to be made on the flrat diy
of December. Ono Thousand Nine
Hundred and Twelve.
The Lessee COVENANTS with the
Lessor to pay ront;
The Lessee COVENANTS with tho
Lessor to pay, taxes on the value of
the land, as assessed frcm time to
time, but no assessment shall be
made at a higher rate than the assessment of adjacent land similarly
AND IT IS AGREED between the
parties hereto that all Improvements
I on  the said landa.  shall  be  exempt
from  Municipal Tares for the spac��
5t Twenty (20)  years from tbe dite
| herecf.
I The Lessee COVENANTS with
the Lessor that the Lessee shall not
assign or sub-let without leave, save
premises hereinafter mentioned for.jB oaM ot re-organlaatioa or re-con
the purpose of removing thereto the ] Btructl0I1 0[ *^9 lessee, and such
plant of the said Schaake Machine lwe ihaI1 onlr ^ .ignMed *,j Reso
Works, Limited, wblcb the Lessee in- iut|on of the clty council,
tends to enlarge and Improve and | The j^g,, COVENANTS wltb the
bave and erect a plant on tbe said LeMor tj,ftt the Lessee will forthwith
lands of the value, with stock in trade, commeIICe the erection on sa'd land*
ot approximately ef tbe sum ef One ot tte pjMt 8rore��ald. and have with
Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ,n 0M year therecn a plant to the
(1150,000.00), and employ there con- Talu(l    wlth   stcek-in-trade.   of   One
Thousand   Dol
tinuously white labor except   as hereafter provided.
AND the Lessor has agreed to lease |
-to tbe Lessee the said lands tor   the
purpose ot establishing   thereon   the
Industrial   Enterprise     aforesaid   ln
terms beraof.
NOW THI8 INDENTURE WITNESSETH tbat In consideration of
the rents, covenants, and agrcementa
hcre'nafter reserved and contained ou
<h* part of the Lessee to be paid, ob-
���served and performed the lessor
unto the I/esaee for nse and occupation as an Industrial plant tor the
manufacture and sale ot machinery,
���ongines, boilers, tools and other
articles and merchandise���ALL AND
SINGULAR those certain premises situate on Lulu Island In the
o'ty of New Westminster and Province of British Columbia, and described as follows:
Firstly: Commencing at a point
���**he~e the Northerly boundary of
Ewen Avenue Intersects the Easterly
boundary of Furness Street and running North 32 degrees 24 minutes
Weat and following along tbe said
Easterly boundary ot Furness Btreet
a distance ot MA feet: thenee South
*4 degrees 2S minutes Bast a distance
of 10.7 feet; thence North I degrees
22 minutes Bast s distance ot 911
teet, more or less, to the High Water
. r.ine ol the North Arm of the Fraser
Tllver: thence Bssterly and tollowlng along the said High Water Line,
a distance of 647 feet more or less:
thenee Bouth 27 degrees 26 minutea
Weat a distance ot 140 feet, more or
' less to a point on the Northerly boun-
Atfv of Ewen Avenue; thence South
67 degrees ft minutes West along
the Northerly boundary ot Ewen
Avenue a distance of 660 feet to the
point of commencement and containing an area of 4.9 acres be the same
anotre or lost, as shown marked "A"
Lease   become   the   property of   the
Any building or structure on the
aald lands after the expiration of
ninety (90) days from the expiration
or determination ot thiB Lease shall
be and become the property of the
The Lessee COVENANTS with the
Leasor that the Lessee will pay the
coat of moving the Bridge-keeper's
dwelling now erected on the said
premises to adjoining landa and
leave the same in good condition and
repair. , AND WILL PAY the cost incidental to this Lease and submitting
Uie same to the ratepayers of the
Lessor tor approval up to One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) PROVISO for
re-entry by "the Lessor on non-payment of rent or non-performance of
covenants or seizure or forfeiture of
the said term for auy of tbe cause*;
The lessor COVENANT3 with th;
Lessee for quiet enjoyment.
TION aforesaid the Lessor, after tbe
Lessee Bhall have established on aaid
lands a plant to the value, with stock
in-trade, of not lesa than One Hun
dred and Fifty Thousand Dollars
($150,000.00) DOTH HEREBY GIVE
*ND GRANT unto the Lessee the
right br option to purchase the lands
and premises hereinbefore described
as Parcels "A" and "B" at any time
within five (5) years from the date
hereof for the sum of Seventy Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($70,-
>ND the further right to purchav,
the said lands after five (5) years
from the date hereof and at any time
within seven and one-halt years (7%;
from the date hereof at the price of
One Hundred and FWe Thousand
Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollara
AND the further right to purchase
the said lands at any time after seven
aud one-half (7%) yeara from the
date thereof and within ten (10)
yeara from the date hereof at ths
price of sum of One Hundred and
Forty-one Thousand Dollars ($141,
AND the further right after ten
(10) years from the date hereof and
prior to the expiration of the term
hereby granted to purchase the said
lands at a price to be agreed upon, or
If an agreement cannot be made aB to
price the price shall be fixed by arbi
tration under the "Arbitration Act."
One-third of the purchase price
shall be paid in cash and the balance
in three equal instalments at the expiration of One (1) Two (2) and
Three (0) years from the exercise b>
the Lessee ot the option of purchase.
Interest at the rate of five per een
turn per annum shall be paid on deter
red payments.
Time is the essence of this agree
that in the   event of the   Lease and
term  hereby  granted  being forfeited
or determined by reason of non-pay
ment of rent   or non-perf.irmance o*
aii^ e'verV'year during  covenants  that the    option  to    pur
the  chase    herein    contained   sball    lm
mediately    cease and determine, an���"
the Lessee's  right of purchaae  Shal
be immediately  forfeited   and    void
The Lessee sball   have   no right   to
assign this option of purchase with
out the assent of the Lessor slgnifler"
by Resolution of the Citv Council.
Upon the exercise by the Lessee ot
the right cf purchase aforesaid, and
en pavment of tbe caah paymer.t o*
the purchase price of the aald land-
by   the   Leases   to the   Lessor   thi.-
lease     shall     be     void     and     thr
Leasee      relieved      from      all      thp
covenants and conditions herein con
tained on the part of the Lessee. The
conveyance rrom    the Lessor to th"
Lessee or the said lands shall reserve
the easement cr right to the Lesso
to   maintain   the Waterway or drain
agewav        hereinbefore       describee*
through  the said  lands.      AND s��'d
conveyance  shall  also    reserve    tht
easement or right    to the Lessor f
maintain tbe water   main   hereinbe
rore    referred    to through the    said
PROVIDED,    HOWEVER,    and    It
is     hereby     further     agreed     tha*
should the land hereinbefore descrlb
ed aa parcel "B" be required for tbe
purpose of establishing a street tbere
on, the Lessor may at any time with
In five years from the date hereof o*
ninety (90) days notice to the I.*ase��
cancel this Lease so far as It relater
to said Parcel "B" and the rentat re
aerved bereby sball thereupon be r*
duced bv tbe sum   of One Hvndred
and Forty-flvs   Dollars   ($145.00) pe*
annum, and the option of purchaae of
said oarcel shall    thereupon be can
celled and void; mil should the satd
Lessee exercise his right of purehase
prior to sucb revocation the Lesso-,
may st any time wlth'n    five year
from tbe date hereof re-ourchase said
parcel "B" wtth all riparian and othsr
rights from the Leasee Its successor*
and asslens   at   the   pr'ce   of Five
Thousand Bight Hundred Dollars ($5.
ROn.00) and   Interest   at five (5 p.c>
per centum per annum   on that suir
from the date of payment to the Lessor of the Purchnse monev therefor
and the conveyance from the Lessor
to the Lessee of said Parcel "B" shal'
reserve that right of repurchase within five (5) years from   the   date   of
these present;
AND ln the event ' ot thr
said street being established within
five (6) years the Lessee shall hav
or make no claim for damage to nd
Joining lands or otherwise or receive
any compensation or payment whatever evcept the rebate of rent or thr
payment bf purchase money aforesaid for said Parcel "B."
SHOULD the Lessor not ope��
and establish a highway on sail
Parcel "B" after resumption, or
having resumed, shall census to
���ise the said Parcel "B" for
a highway, or shall allow the use
���hereof for any purpose inconsistent
with Its use as a highway, then and
In any such case the r'tht of the Les-
aee tn said Parcel "B" shall be renewed, and tbe same shall be subject
to the terms ot th's Lease as lt no resumption had been made hy the Lessor.
The Lessor may at any t'me release to tbe l��ssoa this reserve u regards Parcel "B."
ties hereto har* caused their corpor
ate seals to be hereto affixed under
the hand of its proper officers respectively.
in the presence of:
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken on the 30th day of
October, 1912, between the hours of
Nine o'clock A. M. and Seven o'clock
P. M. at the following places, viz:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fire Hall, Sapperton.
No. 5 Fire Hall, 13th Street, City.
Crane's Building, Queensborough.
City Clerk.
City Hall,   New Westminster,   B. C,
October 17, 1912.
ml vai: Closing.
10:60���Vancouver  via  Q. N. R.
tl:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C  ***. H. . 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday), 14:20
': 40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Snnday). 11:16
(2:00���Vancouver, vta. B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
it:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .'2m: 30
10:09���Port Mann  idaily except
Sunday)  9:45
0:31)���tsarnaton lalands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday. Wednesday
and  Friday    ....14:00
1:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily oxcept Sunday). 11.15
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)    16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
Fridav)        i4;oii
It: 16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine tdally except
Sunday)  9:4f
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  23:00
t6:16���Hall's Prairie. Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 9:45
16:16���United States via Q. N. R.
(daily  exceot  Sunday)..lfi:0i
9:26���Sapperton     and    Fraser
Mills      dally      except
Sunday) 7:46
9:26���All points east and Europe  (daily)   7
19:30���Sapperton and Fraaer
Mills (daily except
Sunday) 14:16
��2:10���All   polnta   east and Europe (dally) ..........14:16
9:26���Coquitlam  (dally   except
Sunday) 7:45
i2:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.16
iO: 00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa      14:30
13:00��� East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)  13:00
0:0O~-Timberiand (Tueaday and
Friday)    ..13:30
10:00��� Annieville  and  Sunbury
(daily except Sunday).14:30
16: *6��� Vancouver, Piper's Siding via 0. N. R.
��� dally exeept Sunday)   14:2(
il: 20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N. R. (dally except  Sunday) 14:0C
7: SO���United States via Q. N. R.
(dally exceot Sunday)     9.4S
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday         6:00
11:20���Clayton (ToOedsy^ Thursday. Friday aad Bat-
day        14:01
10:40--Chilliwack via B. C. B. R.
'dally exeept Sunday) .17: SO
i].20-Chllllwack, Milner. ML
Lehaaa, Aldergrove, Otter. Stoortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. M array vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellerose, via B.
C. B. R. (dally except
11:20���Abbotsford.   Huntingdon.
via B. C. B. R.  (dally
exceot Sundav) 17:3o
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla 23:00
Keep tneir temper uae a graven image
and bang the. office bell and yell
"Front!" with the tone and jar oi a
steam calliope. Hotel clerks were
originally counts with nothing to
count. The hotel's entire responsibility rests on thetr fashionably garbed
shoulders, while the landlord sits in
the back office, and they can say
"Four-flfty, please," for two meala and
a room as if it were a nickel.
They survey the arriving guest as a
hawk would a left alone chicken,
gauge how high priced a room he will
stand for with the accuracy of tested
acale8, and when it comes to the size
of hia wad there ia only one case on
record where a skilled clerk ever had
to-^gaess" again."
Their nerve is chilled steel, poise
that oi Gibraltar, endurance like the
rock of ages. Thoy can give cards and
spades to a drummer on the fine art
of polite prevarication and beat him
to a frazzle; can preach a sermon,
lead in prayer, time a horse race and
umpire a ball game.
It has been aaid that no human
being can do two things at once, but
this is a rank blunder, for a skilled
hotel clerk' can do five���viz, answer
two questions, size up an arrival, hand
out stationery and yell "Front!" all
in one breath; also Tepeat the performance ten times a minute. Their
two most valuable assets are fluency
ol smiles and ability to Tecall the
name of every "once was" guest.
' Hotel clerks catch all the latest
jokes and, stories on- the fly. Their
fund of good humor is exhaustleas.
Their faces must reflect morni.ig sunshine persistently and continuously te
hold their jobs down, even in spite of
kicks thicker snd more exasperating
than "skeetera." And how many ana
what fool ones moat of these are none
hut those doomed to yell "Front!"
every flve minutes and keep smiling
will oyer know..
There are a few public servants who
in due time earn a halo. And of
these the always patient hotel clerk
is one.     ' :   .
As Hs Is Viewed From the Commercial Traveler's Standpoint. \
Hotel clerks are a suave, polite,
hard pressed, veTy busy class, wearing
fine Taiment, diamond studs and occasionally the smile that won't come
off; likewise the air of a millionaire
I minus the cash.
1    They can answer more questions in
I flve  minutes  than an occult lawyer
I can in two hours and have, to; can   ldeaR
What Beat Sandy.
A native ef a town on the coast ot
Scotland, when the contract for lighting the first three steamers fitted with
electric light at the lecal shipyard
waa completed, formed one oi. a social
party gathered to entertain the electricians. In a burst oi. candor and
comradeship he was overheard saying
to one of the wiremen-.
"Mon, Peter, efter workin' wi' you
on they boats I believe 1 could put
in the electric licht masel', but there's
only one thing that���that���bates me."
., "Aye. and what ia tl at, Sandy?"
aaid his ihterested companion, willing
to help him if it lay in his power.
"Woll, mon," said Sandy, "it's just
thia���I dinna ken hoo ye got the il��
tae   rin   along   *v-   -;-.-���>   t ....ir...
the   wires.'���London
Hundred   and   Fifty
lars ($150,000.00).
The Lessee COVENANTS with tha
Lessor tbat the Lessee during the
term nf thla Lease shall employ no
Asiatics except by consent of the Lessor to be signified by Resolution of
Cltv Council.
The lessee COVENANTS with the
Lessor that In case the Lessee shall
become    Insolvent    and    make    at*
tlgnment for the benefit of lta ered
Itors or   In   case   the   company  be
wound   rp   as   Insolvent   under   the
"Companies   Act"   or   "Winding   Up
Act" or In caae the Lessee   removes
the    plant   or fails within    six (6)
montha to commence the re-erectlon
of buildings In case of deaructton  by
lire or abandons the premises or removes tbe plant or In case the premises are used by the Lessee   or any
other person or corporation for any
purpose other tban as  an Industrial
site without the consent ef the Lessor, this lease shall at the option of
tbe Lessor  cease  and   be void, and
the term hereby created exptre  and
be at an eud. and the then  current
quarter's rent sball thereupon Immediately become due and parable, and
the Lessor may re-enter and take possession   of  the   said   premises   aa
though the Lessee or lta servants or
otber occupant of the said premises
was holding after the expiration of
the said term; and the said term shall
be forfeited and void.
THE Lessee shall within ninety
(90) days after the expiration or determination of this Lease and the
term bereby granted have the right
to remove the buildings, plant and
fixtures erected by It thereon PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Lessee
shall not have the right to remove
any wharf or dock erected on the
foreshore of the Fraser Fiver, but
such wharf or dock shall on the expiration   or   determination    of   the
and the New World
WHAT populated America and made its growth
one of the wonders of the world's history ?
Advertising. PeDple heard of the opportunities in the
new land, and, believing their material welfare would
be bettered here, came.
What populated the farms of the West and made
their rapid development the wonder of the century ?
The government and the railways were not content
to wait until the farmers came one by one and discovered these fertile lands fpr themselves.
They advertised���and accomplished in a few years
what in former days would have taken several generations to discover.
What bas made cities grow ln t-��n
years as they have never grown be-
. (ore 7   Advertising and Its results.
What has made it possible to b illd
up big businesses In a few yeara
where it used to take a generation
of' steady effort ���?    .'. dve; tla ng.
What has made It poss'ble tor i
manufacturer to Introduce ne"- goodi
In every corner of the co-tlneit ln a
few weeks' time, where It formerly
required years ot, hard work 7 Advertising.
. Advertising han changed the face pf
the map. Advertising has revolutionized the methods of doing business. Advertising haa magnified the
possibilities of business far bevond
jvnvthlng our most optimistic forefathers ever dreamed of.
Advertising has brought to the,
humblest horae comforts and conveniences that were unknown to kings
hi former generations.
Advertising hu raised the standard
of living, simplified the manner of
I \ ing, reduced tbe cost and time and
trouble of supplying our da'.ly needs.
Advertising has made a new world,
(t has been the greatest civilizing
force ln the world's history.
Advertising bas brought the mnn
In the backwoods In touch with tbo
centres of art and literature and business and made him feel at home wltl!
the world.
Advertising brlngj the world's markets to the very hearth of every homo
and brings tbose who have needs to
where their needs can be beat sup-
Advertising Is today a dominant
factor ln every home, Iti every factory, in every business office, Llka
electricity, we have always bad It In
the world, but only lately bave pa
found out what-a tremendous power
It Is. Little by little H ��s being applied here and there. taffcU manner ot
ways to help the civilized bonaa
Money Spent in Advertising in tte WESTMINSTER
DAILY NEWS Will Prove a Paying Inveatiaent
** ��� ,. *.
-i}f ^m^fW^MH^- :ig* ���T
Wiaminster Modern
Business School
The young men anil'young women
who have the complete > mastery   of
' _ mu
shorthand, bookkeeping, and the coxn-
meMpR branches have no difficulty
whatever in securing good positions,
and the   opportunities
ment are unlimited.
Modern Business Scbool
Principal and Manager.
���10 Columbl*. St. '   Phone 853
Fraser HotelX^|[
Meals at all hours. We serve
the best tlie market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
The flrst social gathering of the
season of the Holy Trinity A. Y. P. A.
was held last night in St. George'a
The first regular monthly meeting
of the United Service club will be
held in the new quarters, room 20 B.
C. E. R\ building, at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening.
The moat comfortable rooms in tht-
city;   hot and cold water aud steam
radiator in each.
Finest wi'ies and spirits dispensed
at the bar, aud first elasj cafe run lr
Phone   136.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
This New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hot
and cold water and Telephone iu
every  room.
Cafe and dining room in connection
second to none in the city.
The best accommodation ln New
Everything Modern and lp-To-Bate
th Street New Westminster.
)ne  rainut*    from   ll.C.E.  and   C.P.It.
Start That
Edmonds ' wood    and    coal
Phone R 1111, W. A. McDonald.
In addition to the other evening
educational classes being held at the
Y. M. C. A. lt has been decided to
start one in shorthand. The services
of a thoroughly competent teacher
have been secured and the tuition will
begin this evening at V o'clock.
Edmonds���50x120 foot lot one lot off
Vancouver road, $600. Terms arranged. Curtis & Dorgan, 706 Columbia
street, New Westminster. ���*
Snocial patriotic services wlll be
held In the Sixth Avenue Methodist
church    on    Sunday    morning    and
verting. Rev. W. S. A. Crux, paator
of the church, has prepared a special
program of music and in the evening
vil] have as hia theme, "Canada, as
an Interpreter of British History." ������
The development edition of the Saturday Sunset just to hand contains an
illuminative and concise article upon
N'ew Westminster and the Fraser valley by Mr. Kenneth Myers. If reliable
facts and figures presented ln a
pleasing manner count for anything
New Westminster ahould be considerably profited by this excellent article.
The Educational club will hold a
Tieeting in the acience hall of the
Royal Columbian college thia evening
at 8 o'clock. The feature of the oc
ts'en will be an illustrated lecture
by Profeasor A. E. Hetherington, prin
cipal of the college. All those who
are interested are requested to at
tend. A silver collection will b;
A. Hardmas, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth atreet Bakery
Telephone  2S1. **
The city health department ia now
in possession of a tank pump which
was ordered some time ap;o for the
purpose of cleaniHg cut septic tanks
and cesspools throughout the city.
The apparatus, which is constructed
'.long hygenie lines, was manufactured
by un American firm and purchased
through T. J. Trapp, of this city. It
will be put in use ns soon a3 tho
component parts are placed together.
Miss Minerva A. Smith. Graduate
of Music, has opened her studio at
13th avenue aud Cth street. Tel��
phone  It 735. �����
Miss Arde Mackenzie Will speak on
the Victorian Older of Nurses in the
banquet room of the Y. M. C. A. o:i
Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock, under the auspices of the Local Council
of Women. For some time a movement haa been on foot to establish a
branch in Westminster, and lt Is
honed that ladies and all intereste'l
wlll attend nnd greet the secretary
of the order in Canada.
Do not fail to attend    thc   annual
Thanksgiving supper ut Knox Presbyterian church on  Friday evening.    A
hot supper will be served from 5:30 f
to 8.    Concert  following  with West- j
minster  and   Vancouver talent    contributing.   Miss Cave-Brown-Cave will |
be among those taking   part In   thc
as ln the first case with regard for
getting ihe roof on in time for the
exhlhit'on, the linirhing work is being executed in a moBt thorough and
excellent manner and the building,
when finally out of the contractors
hands, wlfli rttnk of one of the finest
west of Winnipeg. Experienced men
who have viewed the structure give
unstinted prai6e to its architecture
and workmanship.
BY entertainment!
i. o.
O. F.
(Continued from rage one)
each was successful in getting out
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   holda which looked to tho crowd
The interior fittings have certainly , be good,
taken on an Improved appearance
compared with what they were at th<>
time of the fair and the seating sections hav<s been made as comfortable
and easy;ot access as possible. One
of the Btriking1 features of the structure, ie'the bbi arrangement. Theso
have been given most desirable loca
tions and have been splendidly fitted
up. Outside, the building has a very
imposing and at the aame neat and
symmetrical appearance, reflecting
great credit on Its architect and ths
I ara directed hy the Acting Noble
��� Grand to request the attendance    of
.  the  members  of    Royal  Ctty Ledge
! No. 3, I. O. O. F., at the Oddfellows':
Hall at 11.30 a. in., Thuraday, the 2it'.i'
������    ., , .     , .   . . Inst.,   for   the   purpose  of   attending
The (hree round boxing go between [-.. *
the funeral of our late Brother, Joseph A. Bennett. Members of Amity
Lodge. No. 27, and sojourning breth
ern kindly accept this intimation.
H. PRICE, Rec. Sec.    |
Messrs. Horn and Mitcnell, also members of the company, was a fast
event in which no decision was rendered. Both men got in some good
work, and it would be difficult to state
which had the better of the argument.
Johnny i-Lees, a former aspirant for
the lightweight belt, was the third
man in the ring.
The first event of the evening waa
a basketball game between thc 104th
Hustlers and the 104th Rustlers, the
latter organization  being
��������� I of a close corporation,   lt Is made up
Together with the weather the j 0f flve Sangster brothers. The family
rainfall has been most remarkable i party suffered defeat last night by
during the last week or eight days \\*e ciose score of 7 to 6. The game
From October 15 to noon yesterday wae a good one and the crowd had
the city hall Instruments registered' plenty of chance to cheer for Iti
the most unusual total of 3.71 Inches, t favorite.
I am directed by the Acting Noblu
Grand to request the attendance of
the members of Royal Citv Lodge,
No. 3, I. O. O. F., at the Oddfellows
Hall, at 1:15 p.m., Thuraday, the 24th
Inst., for the purpose of attending ths
something I funeral of our late Brother, Lawrence
' Mack, of Selkirk Lodge No. 12, Revelstoke, B.C. Members of Amity Lodgo
No. 27, and sojourning brethren kindly accept this intimation.
H. PRICE, Rec. Sec.
which compares with 1.83 inches for
Ihe whole of October last year. The
figures for the month to date are 4.6i.
while only 1.72 fell In September.
The heaviest fall wbb recorded for
the 24 hours ending laat Saturday
noon when .98 of an inch waa registered. At the present rate tbis month
promises to eclipse the total rainfall
for August, wliich was nearly six
inches, and  to create    a new    hlgn
Contributors to tho musical end of
the program were: Messrs. Harrison,
Jameson, Lawrence, Sergeant Major
Wheeler. Mrs. Terry and Mr. Soeedv.
Colonel W. A. Johnson had charge
of the events, assisted by the other
officers of the regiment. The pro
gram was arranged by the officers
and men, all of whom donated their
services. That they were able to
add so substantially to the fund    Is
flgure for October several years back j greatly to their credit.
 . _____ |    W)th   the   ccntribution of $50 from
Edmond*. Oct. 23.���A horse which
strayed along the highway and also
damaged the boulevard waa responsible for the charges brought in this
morning before Magistrate Walker,
flnps being handed out ln each caae.
Mrs. K. Fitzpatrick was mulcted $10
������nl mats In the first Instance, while
Mr. Percy Fitzpatrick was fined $11
and costs toeetber with $6 damage
for the second offence.
This it believed to be the first cas:
of its kind in Burnaby where a person was fintd for damaging a boulevard.
the 104th regli.iont concert and a few
smaller contributions the JoynBon
fund ha3 now bounded past the $901
mark, and hm started on it8 way to
the $1000, which it is hoped will be
attained In a short time. A Dart from
the concert subscriptions $18 came in
from four different, sources, showing
thnt the needy widow and her family-
are not forgotten.
Edmonds, Oct. 23.���Although cer
���ain portions of Burnaby are well
known to have greater and longer
periods of real wintry weather than
���'ithe'- Mew Westminster and Vancouver, the snow flurry tliat accompanied
the electrical stcrm last even'ne was
���* poser to manv peonle residing in
the vicinity of Edmonds.
Ha'l stones followed hv -now    ap l
peared on the ground.   It d'd not last
very long, however, and preparations
Already acknowledged
104th regiment concert
A  Friend   	
E. M. B. Bole  	
A Friend 	
A Friend 	
Total    $904.55
Guaranteed against adulteration.
Sage, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Allspice) Mustard, Ginger, Pepper,
Cloves and Mace. Try our
Vanilla for flavoring ��� you'll
like it
Druggist and Optician
Westmlnstei- Trust ���lock
carnival went on apace this evening.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 23.���Kaid Belton, famous for his war exploits in
Morocco and for the past year at
tached to the permanent militia forcc
In Canada, has resigned his position
with a view of taking up a business
appointment In the United States.
Lieutenant Belton was appointed
by the Minister of Militia and Defence last year to h��ln in th��s organization of the cadet force in which he
took a great interest.
I    BRADBURY���News    has   reached
' the  city of  the  death  of  Mra.   Mary
j Bradbury at  Cedar Ccttago who wa.'
well known in tiiis locality ard Van
i eoiiver.     She   leaves   to   mourn   her
i loss  two   sons   and  three   daughters
i r.ne cf the eons. Mr. \V. rt. Bradbury,
[heing the    proprietor    of    the    Tena
dairy at Queensborough,    Mrs.    Bradbury was a native of Blackpool, Eng
land, and had lived in Cedar Cottage
for six years.    The funeral  u ill ta'.re
p]ae'> on Fridav from the family hoin ���
to Mountain View cemetery.
New Westminster, B.C.
Syrup of White
has made a name for itself.
Never falling'to give quick relief when the throat and lungs
are troubled.
Recommended, guaranteed and
sold by
Four doors Bast of Bank of
.   , ��� .ai.*, V_ :. it r -j-.l-v   '
New Westminster, B. C.
Mr. 3. W. Jellett, manager of tho
Dominion Bank of Vancouver, was in
the city yesterday making arrangements With regard to the opening of
the bank branch here. The fittings
for the interior of the new office,
plans for which have been prepare 1
by Mesars. Gardner & Mercer, architects, will he equal to any in the city.
Accommodation will be made for
eight men and a branch manager.
Under the auspice* of the New
Weatminater Croquet and Bowling
Club, a card party will he given at
St. George's hall on the evening ot
Friday, the 2iith. nt 8 p. m. Tables
will be arranged fer bridge and progressive eiiehre. Tickets, price 50c
mav be had from members of the
club. ������
The new High BChcpl huilding i^
now beg'nnlng to loom up on the
horizon and take more tangible form
The outside walls of the lirst floor of
the. structure have beeu praQtlctlllj
oompl'ated and it win only be a mal
ter of a few davs before the second
floor Is starli d. The corner stone laid
by the Duke of Connaught when he
visited tho city on September 21 look-*
���erv well, now tbal the surrounding
brick work has been erected.
Hon. VV, Norman Bole, K.C. Messrs
Georgo Cunningham', sr., Qeorge
Blakeley, \V. A. Anderson. I'etei
i'eflblea, D. E. MacKenzie, M. J.
Knight, F. J. I.vnch and J. Stilwell
Clute, the delegates fron the loea1
Cotitrcrvatlvo association, have gone
to Revelstoke to attend the convention of the partv in thla province.
wliich starts today and comes to a
close tomorrow. President H, L. Ed
monds, of the local association, an:l
Mr. F. J. MacKenzie. M.P.P.. have already gone up country, while Mayor
T.eo. who la at present In Revelstoke
attending the Union of 11. C. Municipalities, wlll remain over for the Con
servative gathering. Tho party will
be back on Saturday.
Mackenzie Bowell Hurt,
Toronto, Oct. 23.-While deSCatftUnjt
the stairs of the Albany Club ^ester
dav, Sir MacKenzie Bowell, former
nri.,.f, minister cf Canadi. trlpned
and fell twelve steps to the landiny
below. He suffered an abrasion o'
the nose and superficial Injuries on
the chest. He Is enroute tr, Toronfe
from the weat. Ilia accident is no'
PRivDDlcr��� Th�� death oncurred in
the city on Monday of John James
Preddice, aged 34 years, and a nat've
ol E"g'p"d. Tl.e rriialns are at Cei
ter & Hanna'a parlors, but will b-'
shipped to Vancouver thia morniiu
where the funeral will be held under
tho auspices of the Acacia Lodge, A.
F. & A. M. The final arrangement;"
have not heen made, but it is etpect
led ibat burial will take place tomor
, row.
Phone R872.
619 Hamilton 8��
Chimney  Sweeping,
Esvetrough  Cleaning,
6ewer Connecting,
Cesspools.  Beetle Tanks,  Etc.
The Horse Show building or Arena
at Queens park la now in the last
stages of completion. A gang of 38
men is nt present engaged in putting
the finishing touches to the Interior
of the structure but It Ih expected j
that they will be through for good In \
a few days.
As there was no necessity for rush
These Are AH in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
1339���FIFTH STREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lane; a good buy
at 11,000; one-third caah.
1195��� SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper aide; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���6*5 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
(3 foot lot In good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 os
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
each; some are cleared; street ls
graded; price $3000 on good terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write  Flre, Life, Acoident,  Employen' Liability,    Automobile
R. J. ETVHLL, Secretary.
Modern Saw  Mill  Machinery
Johnson  Shingle   Machines
and Lath Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
British Co'umbh Electric Railway Company
For the holiday, special reduced rates of a fare and one-third are
offered to all points on the Fraser Valley Branch.
To allow sportsmen to spend a few daya shooting and fiahln? at
the different points, reduced rate fares will be on enle from Priday,
October 25th, until Monday, Oc.ober 2Stb*. Good for return paaaig.)
until Tuesday, October 29th. ��� J
Trains leave depot, Columb'a and Kighth atreeta, at 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m., 6:10 p.m., and Huntingdon local at 4:05 p.m.
���nd Marine Inaurance,
Pres and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. aid Treas.
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Bracelet \Vatches
Special Gold Filled Bracelet Watch $9.00
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. snd B. C. Electric Railway.
Houses To Rent
SIXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Hartco  Street,    Modern    conveniences.
(25.00 per month.
FOUR  ROOM COTTAGE, 3rd. avenue,   Burnaby,  Modern conveniences.    $20.00 per month.
EIGHT ROOM HOU8E on Hamlltsn    street,    Modern    conveniences.
(30.00 per month.
FIVE ROOM HOU8E en Tenth avenue.    (18.00 per month.
THREE  ROOM HOU8E en 13th. street.    (10.0�� per month.
628 and 74S Columbia Street, Phene 85., New Westminster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 6S6 ���>3 Sixth Street


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