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Westminster Daily News May 1, 1912

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Splendid Spirit
At Club's Birth
Progressive Association Heralded By Eloquent Prophecy
of Mayor Lee���Westminster a World's Port-Working
Committees Formed to Aid Developments.
The  Progress  club    has    emerged  gratulatel the embryo club upon it
from out the brains of a f?w cnthusi- services In^conntcioa with the pies
aslic dreamers Into the full glare of
an active and energetic being. Ti ue,
its official title is to be the ;'Ncw
Westminster Progressive Associa-
tion. but "what's in a mme?" The
Piogress club it U. That it is dast nsd
ing of the recent by-laws, ani ap
realed to ail to show the faith that
was in them.
Alderman Gray said that during the
next 30 or 40 days the cauncil woul J
ask for the necessary funds to carry
to  be a powerful  factor in  shaping  out the scheme which the board    of
the destinies of this city was p ovei
by the large and Influential gaherlng
of WiE'.m'nster's citizens In the city
hall laEt n'g'.it. Young and o'd, from
the desk, from the shop and the fac
woks had in hind. Fo:- tils $250,000
was needed. For park improvement
$50,000 wouid be asked, an I in add-
tion by-laws for $150,000 for a gas
plant, and $100,0(>0 for t'e R yal Co
tory, the room quickly fill:d with en-jlumbian hospital would be pi c:d be-
thusiastic level headed men who aftar
listening to the intensely lntares ing
speeches of the mayor and itldermen,
proceedtd to fashion the working machinery of Ihe revly born club in a
businesslike way.
Were it not that, the f c pf the
club assuming veiitable fo m is t'ie
chief matter to recorl, the matters
of deep Interest which were touc'aed
upon by the civic speakers would in
themsslvrs con.tUute a most memorable occurrence. Culled frcm these
Creeches may he here set down the
gradual realization of Westminster*
opportunity of being the great port o"
the Pacific, the development of t^e
great railroads which shall ut'l'z?
that port, and the growth of that
spirit of loyalty tt this el'y whljh 4?
pt this present time morj It evidenca
than of yore amcn?st iur people. Upon t'Ksa themes M-yor Lee loee tc
heights of elotucr.ee.
All this has to be paid for, ami
Alderman Gray gave an lulling ol
the first Instalment on acicunt wtien
he outlined t'ie mxl hatc'i cf by-1 w.
whic'i nre lo ccm? he'cic t'"e (1 et#r-
ata, totalling som; $550,000 la Uiojc
BpeciSCsNy mentioned.
Objec s Outlined.
,Tl.c;e were some sixty p?rEons
pics n', which ln vie v of tre counter
attractions in thc city may be In I -
se'.f taken aB of moie than passing
moment. Mr. J. H. Ouncin flrst t��'-
11 led tho objects of tie dub. I'e -aid
fant a number of enthurae s h d go
toRCthcr to work jr.- Nev V'e-.'m'n-
s'er al'mg V:e linrs cf piomo ins tfcc
lnte-etts of the cltv all thi time.
There were many th'ngs (hi Cltfb
could work for. thc harbor sc'eras
thn comin? of th? C. N. P.. the cl ?i
relations wilh the Western C n d
Prwcr company anl the II. C. E. H.
"'T'e .d " of tbj f*'"b !������ ti nut In'r
organized for"1, at
fee   he ^t"''ib
Wker In    the   city."    Men y
wrntrd for advcrtis'ng purposes :'..'.
tht    creat    obiect wrs  to work  fo;
b-irp_iag development, m nufac'u-ers
anl reaple to Westm'net^r.
Mayor Lee referring to the pros-
re'ts of growth In the near future,
sail first Ihnt to him this meeting of
so mpnv young snd old men represented a spirit that a few yeirs ago
would havp bren an Impossibility in
Westm'nster. He spoke of his vl 1"
east where this cltv from being "a
place in the vkliitv of Var.c?u er"
had come to be looked upon rs a
great point of deV<bpment. the coming port of the Pcclflc. coast, anl f
much sought for field for flmnci I It-
vestment. Ottawa was fist rea'lzln^
that thc Pacific co-b w��3 de3tine1 to
become the commercial centre of t'ie
���T cm tell you," Ball his worship,
"fiat the Fraser r.vir wil not reeelv
the least attention of the ports ot the
He told of lhe wsndir of the grja'-
est American harbor engineer at
l.a'-n'ng of th? posslb'lltlfs of d:-
\d.apment which the Frssar offetel,
anl eald that he erpec'ed fiat the
harbor plan would be befo e t:>e government in the Tall. It wua Ineumbtn
upen us to Impress thc rowe.s that
be with the necessity of establishing
here a great port. The Eraser was
a liver whicli belonged net only to
Wes mlnrter, to the province and t
Canada, but ta the Brf's1* empire. It
should be tm avenue f~r t'ads to the
Far East. He appealed for a wide
>iaw of the question, ani In this
work tlie Progress club would flnd an
outlet for Its energies.
"Do not think that the harbor
scheme Is coming In a year. It will
tuke a year to start lt, and years to
complete," the sild.
The lack of f.icilltle; for the   en
couragement of railways to cnt-r th��
cl y next engaged Mayor Lee.   Sac 1-
flcea would be necessary, but.lt was
for us to ehow the railways it waa to
their Interest to come here anl utilize
our port,   lt might not suit everyone
wben   the   council     presented     It*
schemes affecting streets or river, bu
at least the people ..might bo nsro-ed
that the council had don^ Its best fo
the greataat good    of   the   gre t��-s��
n-imber.   The people   mun   look   a
things ln the broadest light.
Support Home enterprises.
There was sllll some of   the spirit
of no faith ln our citv abroad, sal)
Mayor I-ee.   Fe   made   a plea   for
loyalty to the city, for keep'ng Westminster monejrln Westmi st?r. Then
its project! woti'd grdvi of their own
it coord.
Home rrMe in  the city  waa    an-
'��� other of Mayor Lee'o them-ss. . Everyone  could  help to  make  the  nKce
more  beautiful  by  bome cultivation
of (tents and flowers, Finally he eon-
fore the nubile. They had got to
have this money and tiere would bi
more needed. The list batch of by-
laws was perhaps the first which the
people rightly undeib osd, rnd fo
help in this connection he thanked
the press.
Sinews of War.
Alderman Kell'ngton sail that in
Portland the Commercial club had
1700 memte-s, paid a salary of $8000
for advertising ;.early, and 1st year
donated for that pu posa $200,000
Optimism m"st be hacked up by
money iu order to lit the warlj
know the indus:t-iei for whic'i Westminster had openiags. He spoke of
t'io program, of the board of work"
ln open'n'; up the main r.rteries of
trade lea'lng into the city, anl announced that more work had already
been done this jear than was done
duiing the who'e of last year.
A derman Lynch also s oke, camplt-
nrn'lng the city upon having a clul
ef ihi3 nature, and Mr. Ceoge Kennedy made  =o:re s"j~gfst ens
The meeting then, ou the motto;:
of lhe major, scended by Mr. J. J.
Johnston, resolved i self h > tic
New Westmlns.e- Prog 't sshv rssa-
ciatlrn. Mayor Lc? was elected honour* piesi'cnt; Dr. Fianc P. Sm ti,
president; Mr. J. J. John3t"n, vlc?-
pretldcni; Mr. L. M. Rlohadscn
honorary treasure", ard Mr. T. D
Gfca:tUr;4aj3��erafr/'r��ert*ary.   -
It was rceplvfd that the e-ccutiv-
:.vt;. m't'.ee slo:'d roneist of t.es'
af'cc-s and the chai men cf U13 following committees which were ap-
pointed. Publicity, M-'ss s. j. R.
Duncan, J. W. Cunnin';'iar.i anl K.
.M-c:s; enteitainnunt, Messrs. J. C.
ri.ir. W. E. Slncl ir ard W. J. Kerr:
minhlral, Rev, J. S. Her.de: son, I, M
Rlcr.ar.lson und C. B. Eean: ra mb:v
ship, Me?s: s. P. W. Luce, D, M- T '.
and McCloy^ fln nc\
f. Coigan, G. Kennely aad
tt. "W. Minthorne campaign anl
.tatlfticaj. Messrs. C. A. Sutherland,
N. H. McQuarrie and E. H. Sav g-.
The fee3 and framing of the constitution were left to the executive-
cam mittee to report upon. The various committees wlll appoint tiiti
chairmen, the executive will m et and
a jeneral meeting will then be held
at the call of the chairman.
Before clos'ng, hls worship moved
that a vote of thanks be rcord3d
Messrs. J. R. Duncan and T. B. Sher
rlT for tlieir yeoman service In tic
formation of the club. The meeting
throughout was of the most enthusii s-
tic nature, cheers and applause punctuating the proceedings.
Increase of 50 Per Cent, for April���
Prospects of Reco'd May
The story of the advancement of
tl e city may wed tear watching
through its monthly building re.uins.
Here is what the past month has to
tell. Number of permits istu.d, 78-
amount of money represented, $154,-
360. Comparing these figu es with
ihore for tha corresponding month o'
Inat year, It will be seen that tli?
year thowB an advance of over 50 pe
cent. In this respect.
Last April's figures were 53 permit-
issued of the value of $100,950. It 1?
of interest also :o note that the totals
for the first four months of the present jear aie 156 p rmlts is. ud, o
the value of $519,448. As the records
of the builJlng inspector's depart*
nfent only go back to some time in
February of last year, it is not possible to make a comparison for thc-
period of four months. May was tha
blgeest month during? the past twelve
months with its total of 62 permits
Issued of the valuj of $290,255, and
It may be confidently exre:ted tiat
the reaord for the month no.v opening
will be far la excess of this excellent total.
Gugjes'.s Reforms   as ths^   Result of
Di as'.er���Colonel Grac'12 Says
Women Drowned.
Washington, April 30.���Mr. I3raay
was recalled before the commission
thi; evening, and Senator Bourn a in
iiuireJ into the history of the White
Star line. Mr. Ismay discussed th
Q.fki'l la'it \'e given to cap'a'ns ancl
tald they virtually Wtr3 unhampered.
T-k*y were not com^eih ei to kae^j t��
the established Pnes, he said, when
Ihey felt that safety damanded their
deviation; they were not Instructed
as to the speed to be ma'ntained, r.nd
no specified time was filed for thtlr
ar ival.in port. Hve.ytiing was lef.
ta their disc.elion.
Home Rule  Suited   two   of
World's Most Powerful
Question Moderated Since Gladstone's
Time���Walter Long Moved the
Rejection of Bill.
London, April 30.���WIn3ton Spsrcir
Churchill began the debate t.diy at
the Eecond reading of the Home Rub
bill in the House of Commcn-.
Mr. Churchill said he r.ga.ded ths
Home Rule tjuestion with a s'.iictiy
mo'ern eye. The whole charecttr ot
the movement had moderated, he sali,
since the Cladstonlan psriod. Tne
question now was not comparable in
importance to the problem of the
growing disccn ent among the l_bor-
ing clatsas in England, nar to t e
neceFslty for guarding Biitish possts
Two of the most powei ful empires
in the worl J���Germany ani America
���Itr. Churchill pel ated #ut, were carried cn by a gig&n ia system of federated states an.i he thought federation of which Home Rule was tha flrai
Ete;i would help to consolidate'fuit:-.e.
ihe United Kingdom.
Wai e: Long, a former Un'oaiat
chief gecre'ary for Ireland, moved ths
rejection cf tha bl'.l.
Trial of Scv:n I. W. W.'a���Five Sentenced to Prison���Two Not
, H-tird-*-        and      MC^lo"
t a nominal entrenc-1 -- ;   js , ���
of every <n'hiaiaFtC'��'��83s.   ���    Lo.gan,
Unseating of J. A. Cardln for Rlche-
lieu County Leavea Four Vacant
Ottawa. Api 11 30.���There aie now
four vacant seats In the Home oi
Commons, following the action tf ins
trial Jtdges today in -declaring; ih
election in the Richtl'eu county nu 1
and void. Th'a aeat was repwaented
by J. A. Canlln. a Libeial. The o he
three sea'a vacant are Kootenay, B
C, throush the appointment of A. 8.
Goodeve to the railway commission;
McDonald, Man., tht ough the appointment of W. H. Staple a to the gialn
commission, and South Simcoe,
through tbe elevation of Mr. Hough
ton Lennox to the bench.
Orczco's Fo-ces    Expected   to    Clash
with Federals at Torreon���
On the March.
At Rebel Front,   E;calon,   Mexico,
Apiil  30.���The sou hern advanca  by
the ie';el army ls under way ani th;
indicr.tions are that wi'hin th-es o
four days Orozco's foic:s w.ll be wl'.a.
in striking  distance  of the federals
'n    the    neighborhood    of    Torreon
Scouts report that Huerta's m?n ap-
jear to be rrepaiin? only for defence,
What TmpreVsion  has  b:en  made I although the iossibii:ty of a canflict
on roi ?s a "e-'ilt   of the   dis->st��r,' | ^ith a government forca on ths road
'.em ains.
The advanca movem;nt to the
southward, for which the reb?ls had
planned assiduously since the d?feat
of the federal forces at Parral, began
Sunday morning. N'ot only bas the advance from the north begun, but it is
said that Tomon is being menaced
from the south and west by 3000
ie'el8 from the Laguna di trict. Rtba:
lea.'ers are confident of the outcome.
They waited until they were ready,
they say, and believe that the capltu-
iatlon of Torreon and ita occupation
by the liberal forces ls only a question of days. They hope to destroy
utterly the federal army under General Huerta. The entire rebel force
Is well supplied with ammunition for
both rifles and big guns and has
ample food and forage for men and
Acting on advices that a column of
tome 200 fe'erals was moving toward
tha state of Chihuahua from Sonora
by way of Sahuaripa, orders were Issued today for the despatch of a
column of similar strength to meet
the lebel force.
As far south as Yermo, on the Una
of the Mexican Cent-al, tbe terrl'ory
is dominated by the liberals and their
forces extend far to the left and
sited s'.nutoi  iScurte, "as ti tha r:-
.orms ln life saving apparatus ?"
"Well," t*e v It ness said with de
i��ber?tiOi\ "I 1. Have there should bo
higher bul'*!:e ids, double liu.ls or an
extension of tlie double bottom and
ife rafts ihat will be easy to launch
or which might float from the ship
when lt went down."
The witness said that inspec ion
of the merchant ships by the Biitish
and American naval authorities would
not be cf any assistance or safeguard
In their consti ucticn.
Mr. Ismay was excused. He ] ledge 1
himself to return   to testify   futher
whenever the commission mi���ht wan
him.   He left for New York at 5 p.m
"I plan to sail for England on
Thursday," said Mr. Umay.
Asked about subpoenas In damage
suitB, he said he would be in this
country again In a few weeks and
tbat his at'orney8 woull keer in
touch with all local affairs growing
out of the catastrophe.
Colonel Archibald Gracla told cf
'he crash and of th* efforts to Induce
Mr. and Mrs. Isldor Straus to get Into
1 lifeboat. Mrs. ftraus iefuse;l to
leave her husband.
The Wltaasa told of asst't'ns Mrs.
John Jaoob Astor into a lifeboat anl
of Colonel Astor's re��u:st that he be
allowed to accompany he-.
"Why did Colonel Astor make the
request t" Inquired Sena'or Sm'th.
"1 think because of the condition
of Mrs. Astor."
Colonel Grade said that when he
r��treat��d toward tlie siern because of
the axlVancJn*; water be was met by
a "mitt lfi humanij" swarming up
from the lower deckB. "Among them
were many women." the w'tne3s said,
"although we be leved all woman
were taken off."
Judge Mabee Ooea Well.
Toronto, Aprll 30.���Judge M bae,
chairman of the Domln'on railway
board, who suffered an attack of ap-
iHiidldtlB ^After the session of the
heard hef-e yesterday, was operated
upon ln SL Michael's hospital this
morning. He Is progresses veiy
favorably and hla ultimate recovery
Is expected.
��� * * *************
Engineers' 8trlke Off.
New York. ASpril 30.���The
threatened strike of engln?er3
ot the fifty railroad 1 east of
Chlcigo wns averted lonlaht
by the signing of an agreement between the two committers representing the railroads
and engineers.
Mr. L.
Mrs. Lusby and their Ben. Er.'c, wtl
leave tomorrow fcr a vla't to Eng
lswl.   While ln Lo:d-n   Mr.   Lusby,
with Mr. T. S. Annand?l3, wll' rep-c
eent tha Wfs'mlnster boai*d of trad"1
at the congress of the chambers of
oomme-ce   of  the   empi e <o he hei I
there ln June.   Mr. Lusby will com
bi'ie business with plessu e.   He wil
ilslt the great manufacturing centrea
nnd wlll also take a trip on the continent.
Mounted Constable Wlll Lead on May
Day���Aut��s Figure Prominently
In Recommendation.
After a lengthy tearing which last-
e.I practically all day two of the seven
members of the I. W. W. who were recently  brought  down  from  Spuzzum
were fuund not guilty and dtschaig d
while the remainder wete found guilty,
three being sentsneed to three monttib
imprisonment and two ta one mant 1.
The caae e:cited a good ''eai cf attention and ma;  be thus brief iy told
On Apiil 15 a tody    ol    some   200
strikers left Spuzzum anl attempted
ta cross from the C. P. It. side of th?
tlver to tbat cf t. e C. N. R.    Taey
were stopped by the provincial pollca,
but two boat loads containing 14 man
got   across,  and   two   cr   three  man
swung themselves hand    over   han.!
across  the ironwore   whlc'a  supports
the  old Cariboa bridge.    Landed on
the C. N,  R. side it    apteara    t':at
theee men or a poi ton of them   including the sevcu who we: e tried yesterday,  proceeded to No.  5 camp" o��
Gtorc;a   Che*s.    Fee   they  induced
the cook against Ids will to go and
ret his time, and evidence was produced to show that he was threat:nei
and followed, molested and harrased
with the object of making him liave
his Job. This coak, by name Hermann
Bellwebber, hai a shoit    time    previous y had to c.utt v.o it, but had a
few  days  before    started    ta    work
again.    He testified that he ha.l no
Intention  of  leaving  his  work  unii
molested by thesa men. and this waE
supported by the    evidence   of    fae
timekeeper,   Mr.  W.  P.   MacPherson
He identified all ths    prisoners   but
one, and stated that   one   of   them
named Otegson, hai said referring to
the  po l:e, "There'll  be no gun work
until   the  'bulls'  start   work.    Whan
ttey get two rr three of us, we'll ge
'li 1 ea   or four    of    them."    Gregsan
strenuously denied this allegation.
It was sho.vn th^t same of the m?n
had cat ried ctubs, and that the cook
had  been  intimidat?d  by the  u?e of
the wo:d "scab" and threats concerning his  futme.    Constable David  Ex-
ley   tesfj��cd  to  tte   [art   the   police
playenl in the cents of tS'e day    in
:iue3ti:n and which culminated in ihi
rrcrt of the men,
Tl e case for the crown was conducted by Mr. J. R. Grant, the charge
belns alterel from that upon  whic'i
tb\e   prisoners   appeared   before   His
Honor Judge Howay last week to on-
of four counts, amounting to intlm;
da*icn.    The priscr.e s elect d ta be
heard  ee;a ately aud  thus the c s
was long" drawn out, eich one g:ing
*o the witness box and telling his o vn
version of the affair.
His honor fount Bert Donnelly and
Allan Htinson not gu 1 :\ giving them
tbe benefit of the doubt. Ernest
Gre^son, Petar BolEtead and Joe
Lyman were sentenced to pay tha
maximum penalty of three months.
Jack Thompson anl Eric Smith who
hls honor thought were more slnnad
against than sinning were sentenced
to one month, the terms In their cases
only to date from the time of their
reception in Westminster Jail.
Addressing the men, his honor
stated that this was a country which
welcomed people and was doing all in
Its power to bring them here. The
only thing as'ed was that they shoul 1
obey the law. Every man had a
right to work or not to work as ha
pleased No min might force them
to work and they had no right to
dial others from work. "This country Is free," he said, '"and every man
has a right to do oa he will with hi3
bfe iudependent of any other people." In the literature found upon
there men, hla honor b':11 that he saw
some anarchistic doctrines. If they
were not ea'lsfied with a fair day'B
pay for a fair day'a work, the soonar
they moved out of the country the
better. He closed with the words,
"We are a free and law-abiding people, and above all we wlll not tolerate
the red flag of anarchy." . '
Plans for Horse Show Building Making Good Progress
Amusement Committee Pull of NovwE
Ideas���Athletic Championship*
to Be Decided. |
The executive -of the R. A. & H
society held a meeting on Monday
afUrnaon and arrangements concerning ttie exhibition buiMInga were thea
thoioujthly discussed: At tha meeting tbe mayor expl.inod t'aat he batt
in course of preparat on tentative
plans for an exhlbi lon bu ling which,
would serve the purpose of a horse
siow as well as for Btock judging antf
many tther uses. The idea would tttr*
to make as much use of the present
st.ucture in connection w.'th the new
ore as is practicable, as it is not proposed to lose any of the outlay already expended in bui'dipg\
When these rlanB and tha estimate*
cost are completed, the whole will b��
submitted to the council, an.l alBO t��
the executive of the R. A. & I. society.,
so that some specific arrangement
can be decided upon and tenders called In order that there may be no delay in electing the building. The
horse show committee 8Te making,
very elaborate preparations for a first-
class event, and it appears certain
that the new building will be ccm-
pleted in readiness for the great ���*
event3 of October 1 to 6.
The preparations which far eohist
lime paEt have baen !n tae hands of
the various cammi tees connected
.with the fair ara now assuming a
tangible shape. There sems to by
no doubt that prospects for t':e g eat-
est exhibition wh'ch. has yet taken.
I laca in the Royal Ci y are of the
b ightest.
The prize cafalog'ua is now in   the?
printer's hands,  end  very  saon  now
10,000    copies    w.'ll     be    cireuUtecf
throughout the lanjfc.. Xl��e cataogue .
comprises' many new featu es in re- ~
spect not only to an Increase in   the-
mini lie r of regular prizes offetel, but-
also  with  legtrd  to  the many  new
sp'clal prizes   wbich   wi 1   be given.
This latter departure should    create-
widespread interest   among   competitors.
This year the executive has lit
view the idea of featuring attraction*
to a much larger extent, an 1 an at-
trac ion committee, which is composed
of Messrs. T. J. Armstiong, W. A..
Gilley and Alderman Kell ngton, is a'-
ready working on soma very Interesting eren's fcr the fair. Thesa ��en'I-:-
men have had a huudrej and one dff^
ferent Innovations suggestad fo thenr ,
and there a-oears to be no doubt that
the visitors to this year's fair will not.
hck for amusement.
This year the athlet'c champion*
ships of B. C. will be dsefded during:
the fair, on Wednesday, Ootober 3��
find the Scottish sporta and championship even's will take ptace on the
same day. Rev. A. E. Vert, who beads;
the commi'tee In charge of these matters, has the work well ln hand.
Children's day will bs a great feature this year, and tee work in tnla-
cennee lon ls being unde-tak6n by a.
commtt'ee headel by Mr. J5. R. McMillan, ot the High school.
The entries ln the cammercial ckus*
liave been considerably Increased.
A provisional order for the May
n t ..w ,����m���.t.^ w *��Jr ,j>roo��aflon has been drawn up
�� ^b^.,!��C^P^,d Jr   by the carfmlttee which has that mat
ter ia charge. This will be submitted
to tRe general committee at the meet-
tag to be held tonight ln the board
of trade rooms.
This Is the procession as   suggested:
Mounted Constable.
Shetland Pontes.
Fire Chief and Chief of Pcltce.
Fraser Val'.e'y and City Bohool GI ls
ln Pours.
Boys' Brigade   Guard   of   Honor   ln
May Oueen'B Car.ligo.
Boy Scouts in Fou. a.
dirt Scouts.
Fraaer Valley and City School Boys.
���        St Louis College.
Mayor and Aldermen in Amos.
May Dny Committee's Auto.
New Wes'.mtniter Choral and Orchestral Soc'ety Received Fine
The police statistics for the pa��t
month record a total number ot OT
cases in which action waa taken.
They are aa fellows: Assault, common, 2; assault, aggravatsd, 1; breach
of the following acts. Lord's Day act,.
1; liquor act, 1; motor vehicle act, *;:
breaches of the following by-laws^
sanitary by-law, 1; pool room by-law..
1; building by-law, 1; carrying concealed weapons, 1; drunk, 53; drank
and disorderly. 11; disorderly, 1; laminate of opium Jolpt 2; Intlecant act,
1; theft, 1; and vagrancy, 6. Theso
are the figures compiled by Ctlef aC,
Police G. T. Bradshaw.
��� ������������������������������������������*��
��� ' ;.  ���"
PROM B. C. E. R. CO.   ������
Chilliwack, B.C.. April #0��� Another
pioneer haa hern railed to hla last
rest ln the peraon of Robert Garner,
who died here yesterday, at ithe' home
of his daughter, Mrs. S. Cromarty.
Der easel, who was 80 years old, cam a
ta tbe Fraaer river ln 1868 .and was
a well known figure tlgrQUfhiQWt Carl-
bwv Chilliwack and t>ewdtter. Tha
funeral wrangements are yet to be
Columbian College.
Vancouver and Other Scouts.
May Pole Danoars' Auto.
Children in Autra.
B, C. E. R- Cara with Children,
The New Westminster Choral and
Orchestral Society score! a huge success laat evening in St Patrick's hall,
one of the best musical treat3 of the
season being given to a large and appreciative audience. Under tbe leadership of Mr. H. D. Mackness, the
ninety artists representing the cream
cl the musical talent of this city wen'
through a lengthy urogram In a manner thaf would hsve done c-edlt ti
many a ptofesslonal aggregation.
Mra. Byron Renshaw, wbo together
wtth Mr. Mat Knight, taok tha sol
parts, was in fine votce. Her rendering of "The Last Rosa of Summer" a-
sn enoore was even better than he-
ftBt item on the program, the audience anpBiently enjoying an 0 d Eng-
Ihh melody moe than on1 ln another
tongue. Mr. Knight pos asfra dsep
baas voice especially suttabb to his
iConttoued m Fata El&UH
Vanoouver, Aprll 30.���Mr. J. <
A. Roosevelt manager of trans- <
portatlon of tho B. C. E. R.. <
haa leslgned his posit loa with <
the company. H is believed <
that Mr. Prenter will succeed
Mr.   Roosevelt    Joined   tba
company less than a year ago
and his arrival was followed at
Intervals by several changes of
the staff.   Since then ttte-e has
been a certain amount of f lotion In certain   quarters   and
the company   haa   had' some
Bll*ht trouble recently with Ua
employees. Tho officials of the
company are very reticent concerning this resignation, but It'
is   said   that   Mr. Rooarv?!'^
contract expired and   that t he
and the   directors - conld   not
come to ternnron-a-new restrict.
***** ��t>te��iT��n��"�������'-�������
.. .,. *"     PAQB.TWO
WEDNE&DAV, MAV 1, \iii.
j Classified Advertising
��� ���
"��� RATES. ���
* ���
One cent per word for day.
Fbur cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices SOc per insertion.
liien s in Queens Cou t. Apply S.
Scotch gin wit hea a position to assist with house work, prefer sleeping at home. Address Hox 74, News
privilege of practising on the piano
one hour evenings, by plain work-
ingman. Please state terms. Ad-
diess Box 77, Daily News office.
housework, no upstairs; family of
three.    Mrs. W. Orr, 74 First St.
and   boarders,  715   Fifth
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. it
4-room modern cottage, new y fur-
nisned. $1,75(1, on terms. Apply to
owner, Box No. 75, and act quick y.
gentlemen or ladies. Every convenience.    Phone 1129.
12x20 feet, in Dupont block; 23
chairs, gas, etc. For particulars
apply T. A. Barnard, 1118 Hamilton
street, city.
keeplng rooms; $18 per month. 1020
Third avenue.
furnished.   417 Second street.
ished housekeeping rooms, also one
furnished hedroom. Apply corner
of Agnes an:l Dufferln streets,
Phono L 1138.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
Apply Box 101 News.
avenue.   Kellington & Hendry.
Many Oriental V/eavers In Constant
Dread of the "Evil Eye."
The little cottage oriental rugs t f-
teu made hy girls who sre shortly to
be married in Turkey, Persia, on tlie
Armenian plateau and in Afghanistan
carry with thoui  all  the poetry  nnd
Building Record Does Not Last Long
- These Days.
A bui ding record lasts cnly a very
few month's nowadays, and the Singer
bull ting in New York Is abaut to drop
Into second piace. The Woolwoith
building will te llfty-flve stories high,
mysticism nf the oriental girl's mind |and  will  te  by far ths tallest office
building in the woi id. lt will cost $7,-
800,000 of which aboul 113,0110,000 has
been spent in the faiindition. lf tha
foundation is right the building will
be right. It it is defective no aruoun:
of care or honest workmanship on
the supei'EttUOtuio   wlll    make good
a< she is just budding into womanhood.
She weaves into the rugs almost
her very thought-!���so much is rug
weaving n part of the oriental life and
so little is it a purely commercial
pursuit.   Time is not counted of value
in the cast when rugs ore made. Con- what was lost unde g.ound. Tne
sequently Anglo-Saxons have found it {whole pioblem of building skyrcrap-
impnssible to compete with the mien- ers, acccr ing to Fleg.;, tlie arc l:tct
tals in the manufacture of these.prac- of the Singer building, is to say.
tieally everlasting products. tor a building i,O00 feet higii tha b..s>
In some parts of the oriental rug should bo 100 feet. Mr. Flagg says
countries it is considered wrong tei; that he is prepared to put up a build-
have the rugs seen in the making by j ing 2,000 feet high If anyone is p e-
Chiislians. if such iin iiceideiif occurs) pared to pay ior it. Ile does, uot
and one from the western world views [recognize a limit as far as height is
one of the rugs the workman offsets  concerned.
the suspected injury by weaving a If progress is continuej at the rata
small white spot m the rug, to keep 10f the i ast  fifteen or twenty  years.
there will te buildings twice as high
as the Woolwonh bulldln; in mother
twenty years, und passengers will ba
asking the elevator man to stop at
the 125th stoiey. Twenty-two years
ago the tallest comme.ci 1 bul ding
was the Tower building of eleven
statejs. and fifteen years ago the Gil
away  the "evil eye.
Sometimes, when the rug is nol
made for sale, but as tha dowry of
some girl at the time of her marriage,
and when something inauspicious has
happened, a little break is left in the
harder of the rug, by which it is hop-
ed Mint the devil may escnpe from the
ous the orientals believe that the devil
would run around and around the rug
nnd never leave the house.���Suburban
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnes
etreet, city.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 tlown,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
.Market Sejug.ro.
Parties   intending   building   in   Alta
Vista   or   Burnaby   and   vicinity,   get
iny   estimates,;   plans   and   specifications furnished.    T. M. Moorhouse,
Alta Vista  P. O.
ahout two months old, white. Reward offered to anyone bringing
same to 316 Third street.
Local Improvement Notice.
Twelfth Street Improvements.
The Municipal Council of the City of
.Kew Westminster having by Resolution determined and specified that it
i.s desirable to carry out the following
���works, that is to say:
To construct cement sidewalks,
storm sewers, paved roadway, grad-
iug and works contingent thereto, on
Twelfth street Horn Fifth avenue to
the city limits on Tenth avenue, aud
that said works be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the
-Local Improvement General by-law,
And the City Engineer and City
Assessor liaving reported to the
Council in acocrdance with the provisions of the said bylaw upon the said
works giving statements showing tlie
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions ot real
property to be benefited by the said
���works and other particulars ancl the
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City AsBCEor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereny given that the said
reportB are oj en for inspection at the
office or the City Assesor, City Hall,
Columbia street , New Westminster,
II. C, and that unless a petition
against tho proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of
thc owners of the land or real property to he assessed or charged in respect of such works representing at
���least one half in value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
��Iays from the date of the first publication of this notice the Council
will proceed with the proposed improvements under such terms and
���conditions as to the payment of Ihe
���cost of such improvements as the
Council may hy by-law ln that hehalf
regulate: anl determine and also to
make the  said assesment.
Dated this 17lh day or April. A. D.
City   Clerk.
Date of first publication April ISth.
OWNP]R will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address :
There is  no  connection    whatever
hetween the City Dye Works and the
Hoyal City Cleaners and Dyers.
{Sgd 1     Q.   !���".   BALDWIN,
o!j Columbia Street.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
$600 BUYS���Ottawa street, 50x132
feet; price $600; one-quarter casli,
balance (>, 1- and IS. Oil high side
of the s:ieet.    No. 166.
51250 HANDLES���At Tenth and Cornwall streets, six roomed house, modern. Lot 66x13?, on corner. Price
$3200; $1250 cash, balance to suit
No. 170.
$300 HANDLES���On Lew:lly;n street
Trice $900; one-third cash, balance
t>, 13 and 18.   No. 17."..
CHEAP LOT���On Tenth avenue, nsai
Henley stieet, 50x132. Price $850;
cne-ihiul cash, balance 6 an.l 12.
No. 175.
7*St i ',e b(7',lk\r��,nVn4;| lender building of twenty storeys was
the wonder of New Yoik ("tr. Tli.
CHllender brl ding was turu down lasl
year to make way for the Bankers'
Trust huilding. ��o its life was just
fifteen years. Oddly enough t!ie II m
that put lt 'tin made a ne��v rec tri
for speed in tearing- It down, and the
granite in the building was sold ap-
iiitnds nn Answers' scribe that the propriutely to a Brooklyn ceineteiy.
list of similar extraordinary organiza-;The- Hankers' Trust huilt-lng that rations ts a Ious one. - placed j- has forty-one Etoreys, and
Of course, one nf the oldest purely climbs 5-10 feet into the air. There
social clubs was the Everlasting Club. Lre four storevs underground. and cn
limited in membership to a hundred top of the building is a pjratoid 05
people, who divided the day aiftong feet high. It is said (o bs an imi a-
them in such a way that some of them | yon 0r the :omh of Halle irnasnu.
would not bring you a more delicious cup of tea
than you may have at your own table by using
It  is  the world's choicest tea, at ita best���the
finest hill-grown Ceylon���in sealed lead packets.
Quaint Clubs.
Mention   of   the   fnct   thnt   a   snuff'
Club  has  been  started  in  Leeds, re- '���
thnt   the '
were always on the premises, Solely
for the purpose of keeping in t'-a (ire
from which members lighted tlieir
pipes, nn old woman wns kept, and
during the fifty years of existence
the club members smoked fifty tons
of tobacco.
No euie who had not killed an op-
ponent in a duel was allowed to he n
m-mber of ths Mankilling Clu\ where
the conversation wns confined tu
wounds, bullets, nnd slaughter. Curiously enmnh. most of the member*
were executed !
Very tlifferent in character was the |
Six   o'Clock   Club,   whose   msmiwr*.,   ,��� .,     s,
numbering six only  met at six in the     .��� ���    17,(,00,ooo comn um
evening anil separated at six  in  tlr1
T'e Siii.se.- building lias f< rty-nln?
BtOKfys. and about 10,000 Bquare feo'
of flour space. Tbe Woolworfh building wiil have twice as much room,
for it will not be a mere tower for
teveral storeys, as Is the Singer build-
in','. The Singer bui.ding ha3 13fi
miles of metal piping, 3.500 nrles of
whe far el ct ic 1 r-rlunees, 65$ vacuum cleaner fiCachinents, 15,000 in
candescent lanins and encugh mo o,-��
and engines and pumps to run a good
sized town. The exact figures fo:- the
Woodworih building are not ascertainable, but it is known taut they
r:corl. There
blcks in
the walls of the new btiild:n?, end the
Were received at the News Office
yesterday in reply to an advertisement which appeared in the NEWS
first time on that day.*
This is further proof that the general public read the WANT ADDS.
Try one. It will not cost you very
much and the results may prove a
pleasant surprise to you.
than later on, for t:;e u.en take mer?
chanc3s. foi gelt ng that a 40-foot f 1
is about as deadly as ona twice as
in  the cvonius,  mil
tower will be surmounted by a c'.itste
of e'ectric 11 hts that w-Ml be seen for
Meeting early
sitting smoking until midnight, the
curious people forming tin Hiiin-druni   .   ., ,. , , ,.   , ,
Club observed the strictest silencel      , building has    searchl ghts    t  rectal
But  perhaps tho most curious dub ' a*8,n8' ,hc lowel" at ni*h ' mlk ns '
Sa't Lake Clt*, Utah, Ajrll 30.���
Warden Pratt of the state penitentiary
gave the "honor system" a trial yeslerday when he bought a railway
ticket and started Sam R. Doeman, a
convict, to attend ungiarded the funeral of his father. Dreman travelel
forty mlle3 antl was back at (i o'clock
in   the  evening.    i!o  has  served  six
fifty nvles away nt night. The Singer; years of a fifteen year sentence
CORNER Twelfth and Fourth avenue,
132x100, all cleared. Price $7000;
one-third cash, balance 6, lil and 18.
N'o.  197.
$400 SECURES���50x150 feet on Fourth
street. Price 51200; one-third cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.    No. 205.
oi all was the No-Nose Cub. whicli
was founded by an unwilling follower
of thc Egyptian fashion of flat faces.
street, 50x133. Price $1200; cn*
third cash, balance fi, 12 and 18.
No. 207.
near Sixth st e.t cur line. Ptice
$1*00: one-rpuirter cash, balance fi,
12 and 18.   No. 70.
SEVENTH AVENUE ��� 52x122, all
clear. Price $1100; one-third cash,
balance fi, 12 and 18.    No. 231.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
Why He Asked.
They were on their wedding tour
Bitd imagined that every civility given
them related to their new Condition of
Having stopped off at a wny stntion.
tbe   bridegroom   wa*   approached   hy
the station agent, who asked :
���,,,,,.. ,        "Are  you   going   to   take   the   next
BUY���Edinburgh   train?"
visible for twenty miles away. The
Metropolitan huildin? devised a clu--
ter of electiic lights, and tbe Wool-
i worth will follow suit, for it ought
Ito be unde s'ood that the chief function of a skyscraper is lo be seen.
It has been said that when thn
Woolwort'.i budding is complete!, ; n 1
the flagpole run up. there will be a
race amon? t'ie woi Ume n fir thp tip.
The odds are ten to one that an Mailman will be first up, for it is a cur-
, ious tact that most of the st uc u al
tteel wor'ers are of liish bloo.l. 1 ti
f.)Ct.  tbe   Irish   tind   Swedes,  as   they
Twenty convicts, some long term
men, have been building roa Is in tha
southern part of the state with but
one or two attendants who art as over
peers rather than guards.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we wlll collect, free of
Rutter Heels
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
The News before
; nel make complaint. Only in this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
It's none of your business." retort-! are  called,   have  almost   a   monopo'y
Tbere will be an important sp-ciil
meeting of the Native Sons of B. C.
Post No. 4, at Johnston's Shoe Sore
on Wednesday, May lst, at 7 p. m. A I
members are re iriested to a tend.
Chief Factir.
Rec. Sccfy.
Board of Health Department.
The l.oard of Health Department It
about to start a campaign for tlie
cleaning up of all hack yards and va
cam lots in the city, and the heart)
co-operation of tlie citizens in genera;
Is asked in tbls regard.
A clean city is one of the best ads
we can  have, and we  feel sure that
tbe citizens appreciate this to the full
ent extent.     The burning up   of all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away
of ashes and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning up wlll go a long way
tp ward 3 ghing us a city beautiful.
S.   .   PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at tbe expiration of thirty days from
the dute of the first publication hereof cancel from the books of the Land
Registry Office, New Westminster,
B.C., a certain agreement for sale,
dated the 25th day of February, 101U
o.\isting between Charles S. Hrown, as
vendor, of Vancouver, B. C, and Moulton Shank as purchaser, formerly of
Vancouver, B. C; said agreement for
stile covering the east half of lot 8,
nnd the west half of lot 0, block 1, being a subdivision of east half of lot
158, group 1, New Westminster district
Ci S. RfllTil,
District Regltliar,
New Westminster, B. 0.
Dated fit the Land Registry Offlee,
New Westminster, B.C., this 12th day
of April, 1012,
ed the bridegroom indignantly as he
guided the bride up the platform,
where they condoled with each other
over tho impertinence of some c,[ thj
Onward came lhe train, its vani r
curling from sfpr. It was the lat to
their destination that day���an ex;jres'.
Nearer nnd nearer it cum������ nt full
speed; then in a moment it whizzed
past uriJ was cone.
"Why in thundefr dkln't that train
stop?" yelled the brijegroom.
" 'Cog you said 'twar'n none of my
bizness. I has to signal if that train's
to stop."
New Year's Gilts.
The custom of making Kew  Yenrs
presents is derived from a remote hu
tiquity.    There was a grove in  Roma'Iman   who
dedicated to the goddc c Stretti-i
whom tho Romans regarded as llie
patroness of gifts, and from that grove
it was customary to get fresli twin's
to give as presents to mends a-:d relatives on New Year's day. During tin
sway of the enipercrs the people made
New Year's gifts to their sovereign.
The custom of making New Year's
gifts was continued after Kurope hnd
become Christian. For a time present
making was transferred to Easter, but
later on it atznin became associated
wit'.i the lirst day ol January,
cf  this  dangerous trade.
Sometimes    these    st uctural   ironworks s  lose  tie!    n^rve.        Wby   it
happens, or how, thev do not know;
|but   sometimes   a   sudden   panic   will
| overwhelm a man.   Then, if he knows
,his  husiness   he  will  shout  for   help,
for he rannot help himself.    Now anl
then a man gets a m:id desire to Ini'l
himse'f   from   the  roof,  and   if  he  ls
I not restrained he will ; i as su-ely as
thoueh a prrat. magnet  were drawing
hlm down to the eaith. Oddly enough,
I one   terrible   fright   rarelv   causes   a
man to give up the business. He g^ts
back his nerve in a few diys and b--
comes as dating as ever.    It ts said
tliat  sn   iron-worker  who  goes   to  a
new job  when a  budding Is already
hit-h in the air hts not the nerve of a
has  been  on  the  building
from tbe ground tip. Arcidents ar*
more likely to occur while the fli st
few  storeys  are under    c_n?t uction
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little Byatematlcnily, for It ia tha stuff that tha foun
datlons of wealth and happiness art built of.
Money may be used in two w%r��; to   spend   for   what   ia
needed now and to Invest for what shall ba needed In tha future.   Money cannot be Invested uatll It la flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, W.OOO.OOO.     Columbia, corner Eighth straat
A. L. OEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
An Inquisitive Jury.
It is told of one jury that after liaving been in the jury room for half an
hour following the close i ' tlte (rial
the jury returned to the courtroom tu
ask the judge a question, When hs
announced his readiness t > yivs tlu
jury nny needed Information bearing
on the case, the foreman sni.l:
"What we want to know, your honor, is if you think that th ��� prisoner
is guilty  or not guilty."
White   African;.
Tint raee in northern Africa known
as the Berbers is white, nud it they
dressed like our own people uud hail
the habiti of Americans or Europeans
they could easily p.nss for Slicll, The
Berbers are believed to be descendants cd the white inhabitants of hii-
eient Europe. They ant Mohammedans. Blue eyes, fair hair and rosy
cheeks are ejuite c.million among them,
and many of t' o women are striking-
ly handsome.
Wash  Dress Fabrics
Today We Specialize Tub Suitings
Seizing (he Occasion.
Dugalcj (in response to friendly invitation)���Weel, WOO, I never touch
whusky noo unless I'm at the heiclit
o' hilarity or tiie depth o' depression,
but I daur say I'm st present just in
the state o' mind that wa '. justitle a
bit taste.���London Opinion.
A Limited Diet.
poor people  of Barbados sub-
Plain, (Striped .Martiulsett.es, plain and satin striped
(iitomans, plain Cotton Taffetas; in shades of blue,
cream, mauve, browns, old rose, etc. These are extremely pretty and this season's latest creations.
Pef yard    25c
Thirty-one  Inches wide in    all    the    most   wanted
colors.    A special bargain at, per yard 12/2c
Thirty-two  lnc'tcs wide;  a very soft   fine   quality;
superior for c.iildren's wear.    Per yard  12!/2e
Extra fine eniality; full 30 inches wide;    comes    In
blues,  linen  color and white.   Yard  19c
Full width;  rich pongee    finish;    serviceable   and
popular;   shades of the much wanted   blues, only.
Per yard 30c
In a wide range of patterns and colorings much In
demand just a thla season.   Per yard  12'/2c
pe .
sist principally ou sugar cane, feweel
potatoes and flying fish.  _^%*'ZJ '*_?& W/^&&��t. :1il
The Man Whe Saves Vou Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia '    '."��       <i
Get In On This Mo
A few days ago I asked those who wanted to take a chance of making big money
to write mfe at"
I received a number of replies and am in correspondence with scores of good people
who have a chance of a good thing. But I am not satisfied. I want others to get in
on this, feeling thq,t it will be a good chance for all, and numbers also will help me.
Because I do not give my whole plan away in my advertisement it has been said that
this is a lottery. It is not true. It will not cost you a cent to investigate my proposition and if you do not like to try it you are only out a two cent stamp. If you know
a good thing when you see it invest two cents in a letter to me and I will show
you my proposition.
mi honors Fen m mi
Ho:.yoi:e, Mass, U.S.A
"Having taken two boxes of your
excellent GIN PILLS, they relieved ne
10 much that I am quite satisfied wi'l'u
Hie results. I grive an order to my
"druggist abort tl.rce weeks a;;o to
Rend me some more. Nothing has come
yet and I had to borrow a box from a
lady friend who is also using CIN
1'ILl.S. I have i:o:ic left and an
���seiic'.i:ig you $1.5** for three boxes
���which I WOttkl ask jou to send at one?
am I ara not q :ite so well when I aia
without GIN 1'IIXS".
'Gin Pills must be good when people
Tn Massachusetts send all the way to
Toronto to get them. There is nothing
Ti'.aC Gin Tills���nothing just t'ie 6ame
or JH-t ca cood. DonV accept cubsti-
itutcri it yon value your health and want
ito be Cured of Kidney aud Bladder
Trouble, or Rheumatism. Insist on
liaving Gin Pills. 50c.,a bore, 6 for
Jj.50. Sample frc�� If yo:i"write l.atioral
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada,
limited, Dept 11 \j Toronto.
Dates From 1852���Famous Bridges���
The G. T. P.
The s:ory of the growth of a great
railway system always makes interest ng reading, and the short synoptical history of the Grand Trunk aya-
tem ln ' aiiiula and tbe States across
���the bqrder, ns told by Mr. R. 8. Logan
fa . iiamphlet Issued by the railway,
ia no' exception. In this little sketch
thr progress of on�� of tha three great
��aa**tao railway systems from its
tm;. i^rtanlngs ln 1852, when tha
comrany '"as formed to build a railway from ilMere du Loup, Quebec,
ta Barilla, Ontario, on the waterway
connecting Lake Huron with Lake
Bite, <t�� itftie present day, ls told. Bx-
etaslve of the Grand Trunk Pacific
*5��tom, the mileage lh operation now
exceeds 5300, of which 1040 mile* *:o
doible trashed.
Tbe eldaat portion of the Grand
Trtmk system ls the line between Le-
Prattte and ��5t. John's, Quebec, 17H
mile* ln length, built by the Cham-
plain and St. Lawrence Railway In
18S2. It waa not absorbed bv the
Grand Trunk until forty years later:
the first section actually fcuilt bv the
letter company being the-ltai betweei
Riviere du Loup and f-arnla, wbHli
was cimileted In 1858. One of the
outstanding events in the ��"""lv history of the company was the eomple-
t!��i of ths famous Victoria Brl 'ge
across the St. Lawrence River nv Moi-
trfst. This bridge, nearly two miles
Jong, was designed by Robert Stevenson, and orertel by Kins- Kdwa'^d
VII., as Prince of Wales, In 1860. Thli
1= not tie onlv notable bridge on 4ha
G.T. system. The Suspension bridges'
Niagara Gorge, built In 1853, has now
bion replaced wtth a stronger gtruc-
biidge across tha Niagara River between Buffalo and Fort Kii?, origins lv
tomi letcd in 1873, was rebuilt in 1901
L"n;il 1882 the Grand Trank Railway
suffeiei considerably through the
competition of the Great West jit.
Hallway of Canada, which contio lee'
lines tapiing tlie same territory along
a U^ge section of tbe Grand Trunk
routs, ln that year the two companies amalgamated into th ��� present
Grand Trunk Western system, which
also includes lne line bctwee. Chicago anl Port Huron, Michigan, ..nd
a number of other Impoitant lines in
the aame State.
In the East the company adde.l to
'ta network by acquiring the Cen-
ti��l Vermont Railway, with 513 miles
of line In New Kngland. By mer-
retual lease from the Atlantic and
St. Lawrence Railroad the Grani
Trunk acquired a route to the busy
harbour of Portland, Maine.
An important engineering feat was
the construction of the Lake St. Clair
tunnel between Sarnia and Port
Huron, taking the place of the car
fwrv rreviously ln use. This tunnel,
more tban two miles long, was completed ln 1891, and con e t:d to
electrical working ln 1908. Apart from
tha Hne throuch thi* tunnel, the
Grand Trunk main Hne is now dou!>le-
rackwd from Ste. Rosalie, thirty-eight
mlle3 east of Montreal, to Chicago,
and the lilies from Niagara Falls ti
Hamilton and Glencoe to Wlnlsor are
alro duplicated. The lin9 between 8te.
Rosalie and Chicago, over 900 mile?
in length, Is one of the longest
stretches of double-track railway under one management In operation anywhere rn the world.
Great as Is the Grand Trunk sys-
ftem, tt ts destine! to be eclipsed ln
I magnitude by the vast mileage of it?
subsidiary, the Grand  Trunk  Pacific
which Is now    completing its transcontinental main line from Monc'on.
iN. fe., to Prince Rubert, on the Paciflc
Coast. The projected main snd branc'i
line mileage of thla "subsidiary" sys-
.tenhs nearly 10,000 miles, and aread*
\ahctot 2 ROO miles of track have been.
,lald, while nea-rty 2,000 more ar�� under construction.     The canitallsation
of the Grand Trunk, Including all It��
aflflliatel  lines, now stands at  close
on  �� 119,900,000.
cannot induce her to aprroach her repasts with the reverent and critical
appreciation characteristic of the
trouse:eJ. Save in rare inUanrep, she
does not dins; she eats. And when
bent on leal scdid well-being, you annex the accustomed chair of the master, not the mistress, of the house. .
. . Woman, it is true, has. at the
dictation of her master, appliel the
domestic are more or less badly, more
or le:s unwillingly; but man it is who
has inspirod them, man it is who,
from the beginning of time, has grasped their dignity-and posBibiltles. We
who are women owe him many a
grudge; but against his sins let us
Eet tbis gieat eood deed���that he
taught us tbe meaning of com.'o. t!
10:50���Vancouver via G.  N
Mlas Cicely Hamilton Wil'lng tt Give
Him His Due.
"Let'tis give man hie due." writes
Mlss Cloel;: Hamilton, ln "The English Review. One real, stupendous
benefit the male hall of hnm-ftlty has
of its own initiative, conferred upon
a suffering world! The benefit of com
fort���phvsicsl comfort c< the easy
chair and good dinner order. Woman
left to herself and without "bis guiding hand, would have bren but a
comfortless creature; a creature eon-
tent to put up with shortcomings fo
'the matter of food and surrounding**,
c-tatent to ta!"e ber meals anyhow
end gnywhere anl made of anything
I that fift.."��ned to be handy. As a
class, and with few exceptions, you
f:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. H.
(daily except Sunday).11:11
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 16:0i
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:3t
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11.16
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11 :U
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
16:15���United States via G. N. R.
tdally except Sunday)..16:(K
11:40���All points eaat and Europe    (dally)    8:16
22:43���AU points east and Europe (dally) 13:16
11:40���Sapperton   and   Praser
Mills     (dally     except
Suuday) ..., 8:16
18:10���Sar^'ton   ���**"'   jv��������
mllla     (dally     except
Sunday)    �� 14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally   ex*
cept Sunday) ������������������. 8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay aad
Edmonds (daily exeept
Bnnday)      1141
14:00���Beat Burnaby {daily except Sunday   14:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00J
0:00���Ladner,     Port     Gulchon,
���      Westham   Island, Bun
Villa 13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily  except  Sunday). 13:30
.0:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thuraday and Saturday) 13:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 14:2<
15:60���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via Q. N. R. (dally except  Sunday) ...14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Sunday  16:01
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)   23:00
6:16���Crescent, White Rock aad
Blaine (dally except
Sunday) 9:46
6:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday 9:41
17:20��� Chilliwack, Milner, ML
Lehmaa, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
fi. C. E. R. (daily except Sunday)   .. 9:00
11:20���Rand, -Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday      -,.-. 9:00
30:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily exoept Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sunday) .......17:80
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista ....    83:00
Lumber.   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C. .
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the tim a to build forjsale or rati wliile prices are low
W. R. QILLEY, Phono 122.
GL. E. OILLEY, Phona 2��t.
Phones, Office 16 and IC
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
there Is Only One
"Bromo Quinine7"
Thai ie
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always remember the full name    Look
for I liis slgaatu.-o on ovory box. * S6t.,
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 6:46 and
6:45 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight
Sunday Service.���Cara leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancou-
ver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. B. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:09
a.m��� with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leavea at 8:00 a.m. Regular
weak day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westmlnater for Vancouver at
a: 20.
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Can
leave & & R It Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Suaday Service.���First car
leavea at 8:00 a.m. Regntar
week day aervlce thereafter.
Freight Bervlce.���Leave New
Weatminater for Van. at 10:0*.
Fraser Valley Branch��� cars
leave B. C. R. R. Ce. statin*
for Ckflliwack and way points
at ��:30 ajn., 1:80 and 6:10. Par
Huntingdon and way point* al
4:86 p.m.
_L TAMfcitnL   ^snsw.
WESTMINSTER daily news
"^eMtahwd evimy morning except
Soaday by The National Printing and
Pafclishlng -Co., Ltd., at their office.
��S McKenzie Street, New Westminster, a. c.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
.Business Office  L 01*0
Kdiiorinl   Office   .>,... H !)!>!>
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for thre*
���souths, or 10c per montli.
By mall JS per .year,   or   25c   per
Westminster Weekly  News  $1  per
WEDNESDAY,  MAY 1, 1912.
��WJ H~ l��^^i! ���^U
��� It Is a matter for congra'.ulat'.cn to
t��ott�� Burnaby and Wes.m'.iiEtT fiat
tho former council has seen lis way
to alow the Street Railway Company
to proceed witli i'S work on the Highland Park cutoff. . Westminster h-.s
been waiting a long time for this improvement in her connection with
Vancouver and Intermediate points,
and It is sincerely to be hoped that
from now on the jjue will be carried
to completion withoul any fuither
Not only docs sTjty demand a better ��rado for heavy trains operating
-out of Westminster on this lne
.than that, on Twelfth street, but speed
antl feneral convenience mnke the
building cf the llig'il in l Park cu'-off
imperative. When that line is c:m-
plete the time taken between t'ie two
.cities will be reduced by ten mlnutei
or more and with a double track t.li
tha way the company will be in ;i
position to put.cn a ten m'.ijuta or
even mire fnjtiUfnl service at eny
time. r.rsiJcs (liis thos* exasperating waits on tbe switches will be done
away wiili.
Lively   Interlude  st Burniby    Council
Meeting���Dis:riminat!cn Against
Outlying Ward Charged.
E.'nicnds, April 30.���Some lively
inter.udes were heard at tbe board of
works meeting j esterday evening between Chairman MacDonald and
Councillor Fau Yel aglnst the other
While taking tip the numerous re-
po: ts from the engineer relating \->
roa) and sidewalk improvements, th?
Cluilrniiin voiced a protest stating tha;
Wards thtee and six had up to the
present tine, received more .Inn on.-"
half of the esilmntcs for new work
pti.-sed so far this year. Councillor
Mayne of Central Park anl Councillor Mcdill crealed the breeze by repudiating the chairman'sr em'irks that
some cf the work wa; unneoessarj
in their districts nnd for a time words
tlew thick and fast, Councillor Fau
Vel upholding the chnirninn. "The
councillors that, represent tbe more
settled districts," said Mr. Fan Ve1,
"appear to imagine tliat Uurnaby is
located outside of North Burnaiiy.
Time and again 1 have nitlcrd those
appropriations being passed for work
in wards tine? and six, but apart from
nodding to Co ineillor MacDonald,
have done little about It." Reeve
Weart Interjected his Hide say in the
mailer which was quietly sirmothed
over without much hard feeling.
We have nointed out before why
Westminster is bound to ba a great
wheat export harbor as soon as ih'
Panama canal is bpen to the ships of
the world, tiitflertorc, it is with great
pleasure that we notice that t're city
council has taken up the question of
���clevatois and. mien's to put hefore
tha Dominiengovernmen* the claims
of Westminster for the building of a
government elevator.
Victoria is wording h:;rd to make it-
ixll Into   a wheaf   pot.   While   we
wish that city every lurk in her    attempt, we  feel boun.l  io admit that
the   Eraser   river    nnd Westminster
present much greater natural advent,
ages for such  a business.    But  competition is a wholcssma incantlva to
endeavor  and  tlie  fact that Vlctoili
.it working for.-ttMs.eud should inspire
every citizen of We3tmln3ter and tha
members of EEN Piogriss club in particular with tir'resolve  to spare    no
effort    to    establish     tlie     Fras.e 'a
superior c'aims.
San FrancifCa, Ap.il 30.���Ru'es and
regulations for the guidance of foreign und doniest'c participants In tlie
Puntima-Paciflc International Exposition, have been prepared b.v Director
in-Chief Frederick .1. V. Skiff ani ar:
now being distributed b.v the Exposition. These rues specify that t'ie Exposition is to open on Feb:uary 20th.
1915, anl close on December 4th, 1915
They als-j specify that (125 ncres will
be tljvctd to the Exposition and Unit will havo ki frontage upon the
Bay at the Golden Gate of 15.0CO f.e'.
The mail exhibition pelaoes will be
open to visiters at nine o'clock each
dny and will be closed at the bour of
sunset, except the Ait Pr.l_c\ wh'c'i
may te o; e:i after sunset at stated
time?. All application for si rs of
build'ngs and for outdoor exhibit!
must be filed cn or before June lst,
C. N. R.
V.'innipeg, April 30.���M, II. Maelecd
general   manager   of   the   Canadian
Northern railway, announces that the
following   contracts    have  been   let;
from  tiie present end  of the  line,  a
distance of one hundred and
10 Munson. Contractors ure th
em  Construction    company, for    the I
grading only.
From Canora, northerly, an e-. tan
ston cf the Thunder Hill b.anoh,  a
dis'.ai ee   of  twenty-one   miles,   let  to
tiie W. J. Cowan    construction company.
Tc:   complete   the   Prince-Albert   T)
Battleford line,   a   distance   of   flfty
Arrcn.eT.cn s for tha agricul ural
convention io lie held in this city
some time in May. are gradually heing
compi.Icd. I'^la his b:en c 1'eJ by
the Boa.d o.r Trade ml should p ovi
���tire of thejgost use f il actions taken
Itoy that body. Tlis'obJ.ct of the convention is to -prqrnote the growing of
produce in tlje 'Jfrcsar valley to take
llie place or tna'h'ige volume of stuff
'Jmpoit.d f$cjp the American side.
miles, to the W
tion Company.
Other   contracts   are   rending
v.-iil he announced in a few d.iys
J, Cowan Construe-
Sr George Doughty's Fleet Will Sail
In Two Months.
Vic.oria, Apiil 30.���Within two
months the B.' C. i Fisheries company
inaugurated some time ago by Sir
George Doughty, a prominent English
IKiiliamentarian add financier, as well
as hca-.l of one of the fereat Ashing
���concerns at Uiflti-sf).-:, will start active
operations. Tbe linai arrangements are
being put to the cannery plant now,
�� number of boats have already been
purchased and others are being negotiated for, and within the time specifier!
the (list consignment to be handled
by the new concern will pass through
to Victoria and Vancouver on its wa>
to  thc;  markets  of  the  worl 1.
The above statement is made on the
authority oil Mr. Wilfred Doughty, so i
of the distinguished baronet, who is
in charge of the company's affairs on
.the Paciflc. He airived in the city
yesterday, and in a few days will
leave for Aiforfl Bay, skidegate Inlet,
cn the Queen Charlotte group, where
ho i roposcs to' sii erintend the final
arrangemnts"ror tlie opening up of
the c-a/inery,at piesent under construe
Kim Francisco, April 30.���In tow o"
j> tug that was sent to the rescue,
the Norwe-ian steamer Admiralen
which flashei "S. O. 8." last nlgh
from her position 26 miles northwest
���of Eureka, now is on her way to this
Wliile buffeted in the gale that blow
along Ihe coast lust night, the Admiralen lost her rudder and v.,is drift ini:
belplessly .when tlie dislress signal
���waa sent out by wireh ss. Several vessels receiving (he message stood by
-the Norwegian until the tug arrived
.and put a line aboard.
Drinks And a  Lcndcn Bobby���A
Hook and I leant over the Embankment'well and cursed the early closing Set, writes Biltin Beliasis in t'^e
Tcronto Globe. Water r^n luke-warm
from the tap. Our landlady wa3 horror-stricken ut the light way in-which
we talked of such a rare and sacred
commodity as ice, and at 2 in the
morning we knew of no place in the
whole of Lon lon where we couhl
obtain the wherewithal to cool ou.
moistureless  tongu.s.
"Say," said Hook, reflectively, "this
is some heat. it's a pity London
dee n't see more of it, for then there'd
be a chance of their liaving a refrigerator to every million people or bj.
and an electric fan in each of the p'in-
e-ipal suburbs. Ixmdon's a line city,
but when it comes to keeping cool,
well, To: onto "
"Evenlu", tents!" The soft, rub-
her-muffle.1 footsteps hid made ��� no
sound. But we did not start giiltily.
for the voice of City Constable xuTi
was tinned with tke filendly remembrance of half a crown from a previous een-ersation.
"Even 'oticr then what it 'as been,"
continued our o licial friend when (lit
greetings bad been exchange;'..
"Thought |t was 'ot before tbe Coronation���which I 'ope you gents enjoyed more'n I Uli���but tlys lay.-
over anything I've ever come across
Something new to you gents, too
ain't it? Reckon you wouldn't mine'
seein' the inside of your ico palace
for a bit! It's funny now, ain't it, Cia'
you Canadians should come 'ere tc
tho car Ital of the Emilie, ns you
may say, and find it 'otter than any-
thin' you prob'ly 'ave ever dreamer
nf, while I suppose feller subji't'
from Injia an' Australia ls shivetin'
an' findin' It too cold."
I could feel Hook trembling witb
eagerness to enlighten this solid Briton on" matters connected *;'.:"i th'
'"anadian climate. Although Hook
Is a Rhodes scholar and has spen'
two years at Oxfoid, he still talk
like a cross between a national guardian angel and a hgliy-oiid em'gra-
tion agent whenever Canada crops u-
in his conversations with English
men. I kicked his shins, for I though'
It a pity to destroy the illusions of ir
city constable. Hook nearly burs!
with suppressed information, wliile I
agreed with X071 on the peculiarity
olif so many cl mates and peoples being included within the boundaries of
the Empire.
"You  gents  ouyht  to  he   thankful
you ain't been through what 1 'ave.
. cronation day I was thirty-six hours
on dcoty, an' what with that, an' the
cat, an' answerin' questions from
.'Oiiners an' country people what can't
understand English no better than
.vhat 'Incloos can, an' with the 'eat an'
all, I'm fair worn to a shadder."
Hi3 face was round and red, and
idsli u;'e blue shoulders loomed beslJt-
is as sq rare and solid as tiie Tower
of London. We murmured Sympathetically, and X071 removed his *.el
met, wiped his forehead at some
length and blew prodigiously.
"Fair worn   to a   shadder, I   am
B'lieve me, guv'ner, this 'eat 'as pr.ttj
near done me in. Why, I can't, 'ardly
eat anythlnk when I goe3 off duty oi
i  mornin,'  no    matter    'o,v  tasty  a
breakfast    the  missus    gets  for mo.
Vustlddy she 'ad a nice litt'e bit o
boilel   beef   ready   for    me,     a dish
which I'm paitictilarly partial to, but
I couldn't  do more than  'ardly  peck
it It.    An' this morion' 1 kno .v she's
got   a   bit   of   pickled   pork   Just   to
temrt   me,    but    I  won't  be    a  bit
'ungry  for lt.    Thirst,  now,  that's n
different "
I thought this a fitting opportunity
to Interpose an inquiry as to the ltke-
I lihood    of being   able to   eiueach    a
en ml'es I thirst in  London at that hour In the
ie Norm-1 uiornlng.     My   friend   an.'.   I,   I   explained,   wanted   something  cold,  ice
coid.    X071 cogitated for a w.ii'.e before replying.
"There ceitainly ain't no.vbere
round 'ere. gents. Cp west, now, 1
ain't savin' but what jou might *
bul I reely-don't know as there's any
:.iace you could go to 'cept the caw-
.'ce stalls. Some of them 'ave ginger-
beer, but I reckon it 'ud 1 e l rctty
warm, what with the 'eit from the
uawfee engine an' the lamps. Then
dee's Pearc3 k Plenty's up by
71eet street, 'co Ve an all-night license 'count of the 1 rlnters. They'd
'ave tain'prcnce dii:i':s 'an >oi rou'ei
vet a nice cun of lea or cawfee "
Wo both interrupted vigorously.
the mere mention of coffee-stall
'cawfy" on an ight like this * ��� *
\nd we had sampled the tepid li-
luids���flavo:ed apparently with hair
oil���whicli were consumed b.v the
temperate night workers of Flee'
street. Since lt was not within
XoTl's power to help us to sorite
���hing of Canadian frigidity, we would
have to grin an.l tear o^r thirsts un
til tha morning.
"What you gents really want." con
linued X071, lefiectively, and with a
reminiscent moistening of thjs lips,
���is one of these 'ere American
drinks. You'd wonder 'ow they'd have
thought of them, comin' from a cold
cilmate like that. P'raps you gents
-already knows them, since you come-
from Canada, but I'd never 'ad one
till the other night, an' I tell you it
came cs a surprise to me. I was off
duty an' was walkin' with a pal���an-
utlier officer���through Paul's Church-
vard when 'e says to me, Ever 'nvc
one of these American diinks, Bill?'
No,' I sa.-.s, 'In ever 'ave' and with
that 'e 'auls me Into that American
���iweet-stuff shop. Fullers, tin' we Bit!
down al one of a let of little tables
wbere ladies was sltt'n1 eatin' ies
and 'avln' aftemoon tea."
X071 was given to illustrating bl
conversation with graphic- pantomime
so we wer ah'e to form an accurst'
mental plcturee of blm and his friend, j
in plain clothes, sitting gingerly or.
the edtes of tlieir chairs amidsl Ful
Iers' dainty decorations and aristccra
tic clientele. His Jovial representa
tion of his "off duty" manner cause'
a tattered derelict drift in;, b.v to
pause petrified in open-mouthed
astonishment at the spectacle of r
policeman unbent to such a degree
X071 resumed his official manner til
.this unseemly exhibtor of c rios'.t'
had " 'Opped it sharp:" as com
manded, and then resumed bis narr:
'"We'll 'ave what tbey eill .*���
"Etraw-dilnk," say.-> my ral, as we s'ts
down an' when the g'rl earner un '���
orders two strawberry ice'-srdv
creams, or some such name. Well
the girl goes away and btings Inek j
two long sort of glasses with little
sliver 'undies on them, full of i Ink-
stuff and all frothv-like on ton liite
beer with a gcol 'ead, ard with IWj
straws and a long-'and-led spoon
stittkin' out of ihe froth. 'What's the
straws for?' I says to tlte girl. My
pal was klckin' me under the table
bo's I wouldn't expose my ignorance,
but I was that astonished I spoke be-
fcre   I   thought.     'The  st.aws   is   to
drink  with,'  says  (he  girl,   lauglvn,'
an' Ithought she was laughin' at nie
for heln' such a foci es to think that
'ud   be   true.    Well,  tir,  you   mayn't
believe    me,  but    that's    what    the
str^Wd WAS for.   B li 'e s leks 'ii in
is motith 'an sucks aivay at them, 'an
I   fullers   'is  example   lis  well   as   1
could an' pnl's away like a good 'un.
!3ur. loi' bless yer I couldn't seem to
ur.l.e no  'eadway.    There  waen't no
satisfaction  in  it.    Just  got a  little
stiuirt of sweet stuff that you couldn't
'ardly   taste.     I   didn't   take   moren
three or four :ulls when 1 chucks the
straws away au' ketches the gliS3 by
the 'andle an'  takes a proper d:in?t
Then  there  was  a  'ow-d'y-do,   I  can
tell yer. I  took a good mouthful an'
jumped up an' kicked my chatr over
.in' started bj itt.'n' and swcartn' f on'
of all  them  Indies.    You  see,  there
was a big lump cf ice cream in tbe
drink  an'   I'd  got  the   'olo   of  it   in
me, mouth and  'alf down  me  throa'
before I ound lt. out.   Rcg'lar ch led
me iifsides, it did, besides glvin' me
the tcoUiac'ie mojt shockin" * * * *
"Now what d'yer think of a thing
like that?      To go an' put a lot ot
sloppy icec ream In somctblnk what
you'ie    suppored    to drink ��� ��� ��� ��
And straws.    'Oo could get any satisfaction t rcu^h a st:aw?   I lik> ro
eel it ftoin' down, not to 'ava it ell b
blin' into my mouth through a straw
Messin'. I calls it.     Now, s'pose you
ad a kind an' you found 'lm mestl-i'
ibout  and   stickln'    stiaws    into  'If
dr'nk and vlttles, what 'ul you do?
Vru wouldn't le'l 'lm that 'e was rUht
an' that li was mu:h mo-e rcfrcs'.iin'
when   took   fhat   way.    Na-ow,  you'd
bloom'in  well   take the straws  away
fiom    'im.  tell    'im to    stop    p'ayin'
about with  'is  vlttles,  and  'it   'im a
good clump on the side of the 'ead.
now worl'n't you?"   X��71 p usd to
let the centainptuous CUTl ef his lip:
-ubside, and to glance at his watch.
"Xo, when I wants a drink give me
a cool pint tankard. An' talkln' of
'rinks, 'ave you ever n ticed that
there's notivin' makes ens so dry us
talk We'l, thank you. si", I'm very
much obliied. I'll drink both you:
'ealths when I go off duty. Goodnight, gents."
X071���the Law one more���mov d
silenily and majestically down thc
broad, (lagged path, and bench by
bench the tatterad dingy bundles o'
rags yawned ancl stretched inio hu
man shape at bis approach and shuffled,, snuffling, towards the City.
10   Inch   Double-Faced.
When I Was Twenty-cue and You
Were Sweet S x e n   -   -   -    Macdcnougli   and   Quartet
If rll Mv Drennis W. re Made of Gold,
I'd Buy t e World for Ycu
Ye Wko H ve Ye ame I   Ah.ns
1 Know a Lovely Ga:<len
Mocnllg.it   Duice        ....
Naughty  Mailetta  Selection ���   -
Gee! But. 1 Like Mui.'c With My Meals
Take a Little Tip Frc*i FUhcr
Orpheui Quartet
Elsie  B'ker
Elsie  Baccr
Billy Mm ray
Billy   Murr-v
8834!)���Tlie Swal.ows       ... . . Lulsa     Tetr:
87101-Elegie        -       -       -       -        .        Alma Qluck-Soprano
Violin  Obllgato by EJjem Zimballst
88357���Hark, Hark, the Lark        -        -        - Sclmbrri-Liszt
Don't Miss the Wonderful Victor Puzzle record
121000���Six Selections on one disc  $1.00
Hear These Records Today at Your Dealers.
Berliner Gram-o-phone Co., Limited, Montreal
All These Goods Can Be
Purchased At
419 Columbia St.     New Westminster
The Seminary Property
���3.876 ft.
43.875 ft.
���   '
C 1
16 ft.
f - I
The above six lots in the choicest residential portion
of the city, are now offered for sale. Lots 2 and 3
subject to a short lease. Terms: One-fourth cash,
balance 6, 12,18 and 24 months, 7 per cent. For further particulars apply to
PHONE 919 ���WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1812.
iwge mr*
Karry Hyland, the former Shamrock
player will leave Montreal for this
city on the fifth of May. It ls also
stated that one of best known players
of the Shamrocks may go with him,
this  being  Jack   Bairy.
Tbe diamond, which, the local baseball association wlll use this summer,
has been laid out on Moody Square.
Practice will begin ln^arnest the first
of next week.
The Westminster Cricket club will
hol.l a meeting tomorrow evening at
the office of Sherriff, Hore & Co. It
is requested that uli interested ln
lhe ?an.e shoul-.1 attend tha meeting
ns matters ol ifnjiprtance will be
iicken up such aB laying a cement
pitch on Moody S'tuarc and the question of practice nights. With four
club�� in the league this year, the
prospects of the local association
making a good showing this coming
summer look bright indeed.
The Senior Amateur lacrosse tDam
will hoid a practice on Moody square
this evening at 0 o'clock. All players
Intend'ng to make the tsam need
have no fears of getting no supper a?
tbe committee in charge has made
arrangements to provide coffee and
���sandwiches in the dressing room. Fob
lowing tho workout, a captain will be
selected to lead the team in the
least e this coming season. The
amateurs Intend to make things Interesting for the V. A. C. team, present holders of the Mann cup.
������������������������������������������ '������
��� ���
ay                      BASEBALL.                     ���
��� *
Northwestern League.
Victoria    s
Portland    ' 8
Spokane     6
Vancouver    7
Tacoma   ., 8
Seattle   5
Yesterday's  GameB.
At Vancouver���Por.Lnd 'J, Vancouver 0.
.   At  Victoria���Seattle 8. Vioiorla 10.
At Tacoma���Tacoma 3, Spokane 1.
American League.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Boston      8
���Chicago    9
Philadelphia   8
Washington    7
Cleveland    7
Detroit    7
St    Louis      5
New York 2
Yesterday's Games.
At Boston���Boston 6, Ph la 'elpbh 1
At  Detroit���Detroit 4, Ch'cago 3.
At     Clcvclind���Clevel nd     8, .  St.
Louis 3.
Washington-New Y'ork game    postponed: rain.
National  League.
Won. Lost. Pet,
Play     D:ssrved     Be.ter    Audiencs-
Knoblauch's Satrlcal. Comedy
Full of Witty Saylngt.
. 583
Cincinnati  10
York     8
Pitt-burg   r>
Philadelphia    4
("mc ago   5
St. Louis 5
Brooklyn   4
Yesterday's Games.
At Chicago���CMc po F, Cinclnmil
All ether game3 prs poned;  rain.
. 385
J.ic'< Johnson Not Fightinj Langford
for $30,000.
Mi.vaukee, Wis., April 30���Jack
Johnson has refused an offer of $30,-
000 by Hugh Mclnlosh t> meet Sam
Li.ngfard in a boxing contest ln Australia, according to the announcement made today by T. S. Andrews,
of Milwaukee, American representative fcr Mcintosh.
Andrews got Into touch with the.
champion cn receipt of a ciblvgrnra
and was given the answer "nothing
Those who omitted to visit
opera house last night made an error
which they wiil fln.l it hard to rectify,
lor they missed witnessing one of tit
cleverest and most amusing plays
wliich tbe Westminster opera house
has had the opportunity of providing.
It was particulaily regretted that
more persons haa not seen thoir way
to attend, as Manager T.'dy had gone
lo great t.oubh to s.cure Mr. Fuver-
sham and his success was worthy of
much better support from the citizens
than they accorded him last n'ght.
"The Faun," by Edward Knoblauch,
is a play which, although at times���
and those times occuired very frequently���rocking the house with
ldurhter, also causes one to pause a
moment and think how t.uly attiflcal
a great ��-art of our modern so-sailed
civilization is, or as it Is very tersely-
put by Mr. Knoblauch In one ef h's
witty sayings from the mouth of the
Faun, "Fol'owlng society ? Why, w;
used to call that following the herd."
The plot Is a very novel one; n
Faun, the Incarnation cf tha foices
ornntme, appears in Lord Stcn3-
bury's library Just as he is about to
take his life on account of hi* iec:u!
losses at horse racing and makes i:
compact with him that, If he will sho,\
hlm this modern society of his, he,
lhe Faun, will recoup for him his Ioji
foi tune. The pact is sealed and from
that moment, aml.'st some veiy amua
ing situations, lbe Faun staits o..
bis mission of making a complete
metamorphosis in the hearts of all he
meets. He shows them the artificiality of mcde:n soclity ini ideas and
of the curbing of natural Instincts
and feelings and bring3 this mission
to such complete success that every-
body concerned finds out, to their
great astonishment, who their naturai
affinity reiil.y Is.
Mr. Faversham, as the Faun, llvei
up to his reputation for versatility,
both his comic anl emotional pat-
being very convincing. Miss Julie
Opp in the pari of Mrs. Hope-Cl.uk
the society matron, wes in her happiest mood. In fac. tl 9 whole com
pany deserves the higi-.est praise, but
the laurels must be given to the cu
thor, some of whose witty saylngt
should become classical.
The audience, although not verv
large, was very app.eciative", tor they
all lelt that they weie leceiving of
the very best.
zines7 and It surely has the appearance of being the world's f;reute3t
Products of the Soil' Exposition. I
Intend to be there, not only with potatoes and a general collection, but
will enter ln every class for which
there is a prize offered for grains
and grasses, nnd my Alberta Mend3,
as well as those across the Una, will
havo to go some to get ahead of me."
Prisoner Killed.
Miles City, Mont, April 30.���A prisoner in the jail at Torry, whose name
Is unknown, was accidentally killed
yesterday when a revolver belonging
to an officer fell to the floor and was
discharged. The prlsone- was a suspect held for comili.ity in a bur-
���;!:i'-y here.
On Smuggling Charn?.
Eoattle, Anil 30.���Char'ei Cunningham, a Salt Lake character who
was arrested yesterday by cnitoiW of
fleers on a charge of smuggling opium
Into this country from Vancouver, B
C, was bound over to tlte grand Jury
today by U. S. Commissionsr W. D.
Tctten. In default of $1,000 bond he
v-ls remanded to Jail.
Will Lay Corner St?nc.
Winipsi,, April 30.���Mayo- Waueh,
yeste: day morning, received a let er
from Colonel Lowtber, Military Sec-
retary of II. R. H. The Duke of Connaught. in which be sta'ed that the
Duke had consented to lay the corner
stone of the monument to Lord Selkirk, when visiting this city in July.
Nine and one-half acres in Coquitlam, near the   North    Road (the
Burnaby Boundary), and the Golf Links.
The property has a road cn two sides, is easily cleared, and has
a beautiful southern slope.
The price is right at J900 per acre.    Terms,    one-fourth    cash,
balance 6, 12 and IS months.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Sireet New Westminster
For  Liberty���Some   Recaptured
������Two Escape.
Kingston, Ont., April 30.���The  Me-
cum  BrctherB and Arthur Brown and
Honn.tr.   the   desjerartocs   brought   tt
the penitentiary here o.i Maicii 12.
ond who made a desperate attempt
to esca;e from their keepers, at the
Union statian, Toronto, that day,
made their escape from the provincial
penitentiary at 11 o'ilo?k yestsrduy
morning, ln comjany with a Woodstock eoiivlct. The four were captured shortly afterwards but the t.vc
Merums. otherwise known as Jones
and Kelly, have eo far eluded pursuit.
Cue report Is that after over-powering
'Dr. Phe'an and attendants, Matten an!
Davis, the:- tied them up, donned their
rloUilne and got away, two miles from
the big prleon. Some of the attendants were badly used up.
Munich, April 30.���Cr. Kail Francke
the eminent surgeon, who recently de
claret! that he wearing of tight skirts-
by women would spoil their figures
and make Miem all knock-kneed, har
been aroused by attacks made on him
Fight Is Legal. for  his  statements and  is  now out
Jefferson City, Mo., April 30.���Gov- with some statistics going to show
���er.-.or Hadley was given assurance to- j that the tendency toward knock-knees
night by j. H. Mason, p.os.cuting at- i.; common.
torney of Green county, that the box-1 Three-fourths of the children when
it*-- exhibition between Carl Morris | they are three years old. he sys, are
and Luther McCaity, scheduled to be knock-kneed, but while this disapjears
held at Springfield Friday night, is in 90 rer cent, of the boys, owlns- t-^
In s:rict compliance with the law. the free use of their legs, it persists
Only members of the Springfield ln 82 per cent, of the women, largely
Athletic   club   will   attend,   according because    their    skirts    prevent them
to the governor's information.
Manager Harry Tidy tins b.oksd
Ste t on's "Uncle Tom's Cabin," and
this popular company will open hero
,on Saturday for a on? n'g it stand.
"Thle should be a welcome announcement to patrons of that popular playhouse as well as to ihe general public thnt lovc3 this charm'ng old drama.
It iti a woll known fa-.t t'itt the Stetson comtany Is one of the best that
has ever presented this great play,
and this eeason will but add to its
popularity with young -and old, for lt
is even better than what lt haB been,
ir such a thing could be possible to sa
gocd a company. New featu es have
been aded and old ones given a better Interpretation. The musical part
of the program has been greatly Increased.
from sketching their lags vigorously
Two specialists. Dr. Strazman and
Dr. Immol.mann, oppose thc views o'
I'rancke. . Dr. Immelmann aster's t'fat
light s'ilrts aro a blessing In disguise
because they reveal the knock-kneed
nes��, these hitting a women's pride
and compelling hrr to take the necce
sary exercise.
The universal criticism of dressmakers Is, thst Dr. Francke's Idea I?
nonsense. ' They ridicule Ihe statements that tight skirts spoil tho figures of women. Thev have no fear
that the doctor's criticism will have
any efect oq the present fashion of
tight dresses.
Lieutenant Simpson Will Exhibit 100
Varieties of Potatoes.
Lethbrld-e, Alb;rta, April 30.���Lieutenant WHUam SlmpBcn. of Larch-
mount farm, Glenbryan, Is the first Individual farmer of the Province of
Saskatchewan to make an entr" for
thr�� Dry-Farming Products Expos!'lon
to be held here, October 21-20. Lieutenant Simpson Is an enthusiastic dry-
Premature Jubnaney.
Willy���I found mother tlie other
dav cryin; over your buok of poem-*.
Uu Sister's Fiance (delighted)-Oli,
is that so? (Aside) Ah, wbat glory 1
What fame awaits me! Fer a man to
bring tears to the eye3 o( such a Hint
hearted woman as that is certainly a
great achievement. (To Willy) islie
was really weening, Willy?       ���
Willy���Ye*; she said it nearly broke
her heart to think that a daughter ol
hers was going to marry an idiot who
could write such rot as tliat���London
A  Future  FinancLr.
A very nice young man was calling
on bis sister. To make things easy,
he gave him a beautiful new penny,
saying, "Save eacli penny and soon
you will have a dollar."
"I'll soon havo a dollar! replied
tha  boy,  with  great eagerness.
The young man smiled good natur-
edly. dug into bis pocket, saying:
"Woll, just how much more do you
"Only 00 cents." J
Hd soon had a dollar.
_ .��� ���������     * -'
Useless Rifles.
In tlie French arsenals there are
1,825,000 old service rirles and carbines which arj of not the slightest
use in case of a mobilization, as tue
cartridges required for them are no
longer made. They are weapons of the
1874 to 1820 patterns and have a call,
bre of eleven millimeters. Most of
them are reported to be in "fair condition, but more than half a million
are admittedly quite useless.
The Tl Tree.
An Australian tree called ti contains a substance from whicb, if ita
chemical composition could be altered
a fraction, it would be possible to extract Vanillin, the flavoring used iu 1
vanilla ice cream and chocolates.
A Modern Girl. .
"Why did you torn him down?"
"He began to yap about two living
ts cheaply as one.   When I got married  I  expect to  make  the money
Today's Program
King Pharaoh
The Most Wonderful
Horse in the World.
He Reads and Writes,
Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies, Spells, Dances.
He does these things
not only for his Trainer, but also for the
Other Good Acts
Everybody needs at least ONE
variety, prices from 20c to 75c.
good   Whisk.     Here   art a great
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles,
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
PVAI   i      DRUGGIST  and
���PHONE 67
Nine acres, two '
cleared, dwelling
house,   poultry
house, G00 chickens, 40 hens, 50
ducks, et-.    $"500;
$2CO0 cash.   Term 3
for balance.
On Coghlan road,
one acre of land,
post   office,   Etock,
scales, horse End
wagon and necessaries.     Turn   over
$700 to J1100 per
month.    $8000.
One-ejuarler mile
from  Armstrong,
eight acit's all
cleared;   flne   fruit
trees, water and
light.    $7000.    Half
cash, and $500 a
year for balance.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Big   Double  Spectacular
The  Barnum of Them All.
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Wireless and Deep Sea Signalling Apparatus.
New S.S. Megantic   New S.S. laurentic
15,000 Tons Each.
Electric Elevators, Skilled Orchestra, Electric Heaters, Etc
Sails May 11, June 8, July 6. May 25, June 15, July 13
First Class $92.50, Second Class   $53.75, Third Class, $32.50.
Twiti Screw S.S. "TEUTONIC." Twin Screw 8.8. "CANADA"
582 feet long, 18,000 horsepower. 514 fMf ,.������  U.^'V��L   i       ��-*
Sails May 18lh, June 15th, July "' fWt l0nB- May 4th' June 1rt-
13th. $55.00 and up; Third Class June 29th>   ���50-00 and UP> ThIrd
$32.50. Class $31.25.
All steamers sail from Montreal, calling at Quebec   Embark night be
fore sailing.    No hotel expenses,    no transfer charges.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street, Seattle.
Special Children's Mallcee Satu-
day afternoon children under 12 year.,
of age a ImittfcJ for ten cents.
Seats on Sale at Tidy tie florist*:-
Thursday.   Prices 75c ti 25c.
Imperial Ocean Fleet.
If the Ocean Fleet comes into being
the Empire will be relieved of a
nightmare���of the apprehension of a
day when tbe defence of Its outer
marches might demand the presence
of a naval force which could not bf
sfared from the narrow, seas.   On tha:
A Lost City.
The old city of Sze Chow lies at the
bottom of wbat-is now a lake. In lovi
water, portions of the old wall can b" >
seen, lt is said that many hundreds
of years ago, before the water began contingency rested the hopes of the
to back up from the Hung Tse Lake German Chauvinists, lt Is enshrined
the city stOod in the midst of a beau- '
'Ifnl, fertile plain, but lt was gradually submerged until the people had
to flee from it. More than two hun
dred ycrrs ago the clly was moved
to where it no.v stands. Its present
ilte Is easily flooded by the summer
rains and the back water of the lake.
Fcr flve successive years the Sze
7how district has been flooded, last
year belnt; worse thrn tb* previous
ones. The local rentry estimate that
three hundrel thousand people are
suffering hera from famine.
Tho work that lhe Con ral China
Famln.i Relief Committee Is doing Is
'he relief of the sufferings of ths peo-
i'e. and the pushing o* work of reclamation. ThiB may In Oras. if thr
Government can also be Interested,
succeed In saving not only the people
but the old cltv as well. The relle.
work immediately r.e ded ls the deep
eWg of the Shim river to tie North
of the city.
You can help by sending your contribution to the Red Cross Society.
ln the preamble to the Navy Act On
that contingency rested also, If we
mistake not, the aspirations of the
"smiling heir" to the mastery of the
Paciflc. The fear departs with the
creation of an Ocean Fleet, if the
provision to be made by tlte Dominions is anything like adequate. And
why should they not be ? If the Canadian ships are ordered mt once, by
1915 there will be available four Dominion ships, and if Sooth Africa falls
Into line, and Australia, aa she can
do, accelerates the construction of
the second of the four battle cruisers
proposed under the Henderson programme, these, with two ships f'orc
the Mother Navy, wlll form a comrle'c
squadror. of eight. By 1C?0 the number could be doubled. Weie India
then to hire a squadron of battle3hips
from the mother country, sccordlngto
captain Macaulay's scheme, tbe defence of the Empire wou'd be practically complete.���The Obeerrer.
Jap Chargsd With Deliberate Shopt
Ing cf Countryman.
Kamloops, April 30.���A Jap named j farmer, and he announces that he will-
Takahashi, lies ln the ��� JaH here ^ume upon exhlbilkn the bast collcc-
charted with the murder of his coun- tlon lot of dry-farmed protNufit* ihat
try man, Omerl, at Turrl siding seven ltlarosslble to obtain upon any farm,
miles east of Kamloops on 8atUTday|n j,is noinlon. inr'nd'np 100 varieties
night. They were both working on the. 0f potatoes rnd h<* Invites the com-
C. P. R, extra gang engage 1 In repair- retI>.Ion of t*�� werH.
ing the track. They had a violentI pile sen, WlHe. 11 yea'ts old, is alao
oiiarrcl but this apparently cea3ed anl P0lng" tn make rn e-hlbitbn of pro-
Ihe went to bed. Later Takahashi ducts of a bo.'s dry-f|irm.
deliberately shot Amort whSla lying [ Ueu'ennn.t. B'mifflon. In his pp^l'c,-
in his bunk, death fdlnwln. q l'kly. t|-,n for reservation of spacs, writes:
The ussasln was arretted at midnight, ."Th* Dry-Farmed Prodnc'la Ex^oslti0-'
and nvide no aliempt to occape. Both |g creating great Interest  the *ortd
Spring Jewelry
We have Opened Up Our New Stoeb of Spring
Jewelry.   Inspection Invited.
ir.e:i woro drunk.
.over as I note by the 1^83 and maga-
Offlclal Time Inapoctor for C. P.
R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
======3   GOTO
i  l   i
Grand Trunk System--"S.S. PRINCE GEORGE"
and QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS. ��� \ 12 Midnight.
S��. "PRINCE RUPERT" to PRINCE RUPERT and Way Ports. .
For sailing dates and Information, apply Company's Office.
T-ANO TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY���Leavea    Prince   Rupert   for
Caat Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, 1:00 p.m.
Ask for ILLUSTRATED LITERATURE giving particulars of agricultural tasd oa GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY;*! BRTTISH
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & Tf
Phone Seymour 7100.
A. "     W. E. DUPEROW, CL A. P. D.
VANCOUVER, B.C.     527 Granville Street.
Pres. aad GcnL Mgr.
W^IV m/*ucklin;
lM. Treea.
Msnufactursrs  and   Wholesale Daalera la
fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea No. 7 and S77.   8hlngles, 8ash, Doors, Mouldings, etc.
Adventures of the Demurs Stenographer.
How Old Jason Welcomed His Long
Lost Niece to His Office and How He
and the Elevator Eoy Protected Her
From Troublesome Admiration.
[Copyright.   1911,   by   Associated   Literary
I'ress. 1
THERE has heen nn awful row
nt our skyscraper, and the demure  stenographer,  who  wlll
from this on be referred to aa
D. S. to save space, fs to blame for It.
She came, she saw. nnd she scooted.
Seven tenants tnoveJ out in a day,
nnd fourteen others punched one another's heads instead of moving���that
is, they only moved while they were
Miss  D.  S.  brought  her  bine eyes,
flaxen   hair nml   sylphlike  form  inte
our skyscraper throe months ago, nnd
her nge wns sweet nineteen. She
came iu answer to on ad. inserted in
the papers by old Mr. .lason. the Nevada borax ngent. He wauled a sle-
liognipher. He didn't exactly any In
Ilia fid. that she must be young and
beautiful, but jt read that way be- :
tvoon I ho lines.
ue diiiu i suj that  lie  wns it  widower sixty-live years old, with u heart
That vent out to O.'.'iuure stenographers '
seeking to earn their own llftngi but
.vu\i s-��t this part of it when you look- i
ed into hls benign counltnuuoe.    lie
carried  a  gentle ami  lender expres- i
sion.  ana  lie wan-anted his bonis  ta
have the same.
Shy Young Thing!
Miss D. S. selected my CPge lo rlile
up lu nt her first call to see nbout the
place. Sho fluttered. She trembled, j
She kept her eyes on her toes. 1 tried
to flirt with her ns we ascended to
tbe sixteenth floor, but the poor Innocent thing put up her lip like n frightened bnby. I nm fl hardened elevqfor
boy. nnd I number my mashes by the
autumn leaves skating around, but In
tlii-s ense my conscience pricked me.
I guided her to Mr. Jason's door nnd
told ber tlrot If nny son of n gun
nrouud tbnt coop dn red look cross eyed
at her he would hnve to light me to a
finish, .lust one grateful glance from
tlnne eyes nnd she wns gone.
Did old Mr. .lason employ Miss D.
8.? Why. he rose up nnd fell over his
feet ns soon as she poked her h��ad Into
1he room. He hustled up three chairs
for her use, handed her a fan nnd teen
Kept swallowing nt the lump lu his
throat for five minutes before be could
apeak., JStnploy her? Why, bo ��?��� Jier
>r.!."n-y lit $1C per week lis sooa an fhtf
said thnt she was un orphan. nu<1 as
soon as she mentioned that she hoped
be would he n "-^Tidlnn as well us employer lje raised it io $20.
I Am Put Wis*.
���Two hours after Miss Demure had
I'.arted In to take down borax dictation old Mr. Jason rode up and down
in my cage to get u chance to say:
"Sammls, here's a dollur for you."
"Thanks, sir."
"A wonderful coincidence has occurred."
"They nre always occurring around
a skyscraper."
"I!ut this Is something sltogether tin-
lonkrd for. You saw ihe youug lady
that came to my olliceV"
"Sure. It wns one of my personally
conducted tours."
"Did It strike you. Sammls, that there
<wns n strong family resemblance between us?"
"Not a strike, sir."
"Here's another dollnr, Sammls.
Think ngsln."
"Why. now Ihnt I come to think of
it I believe there Is a resemblance, a
most striking resemblance. Ves. I remember of wondering lf she could be
your niece."
"That's right, Sammls, cultivate
memory nnd It wlll put many a dollar
In your pocket. Yes, I have found out
that Miss Holllday Is my niece. I don't
think there enn be any mlstuUe."
"The strawberry mark ought to
show," I said.
"It has faded somewhat, but It I��
there.   Sflcb a curious coincidence!"
"Yes, sir."
Wonderful Coincidence.
"1 ndvertlsc for n stenographer, and
m.v own niece, whom 1 bave not seen
mice she left tbe cradle, applies for
xhe position!"
"Very curious, sir.    It's so curious
I Hint a lot ot these old gny�� around I
! here won't >��ilove It."
'     "I know It. Sammls. I know it. sunt |
Hint's why I nm here to tulk lo yon. t
Tliey must be niitde to believe U.    Ue- i
latlonsblp ia it sacred thing uud  must [
not  be scoffed at.    I   find  I   bave  'At ',
. cents here In change."
"Thanks, sir.   Every fifty helps me-
i out ou thnt mortgage.    I think 1  bet- ;
ter tell everybody around the building -
tbat your niece Is with you."
"It might be well. Sammls."
"And that there are to be no intrw-
"Not a one."
i    "And no bouquets or luncbesP
"Sammls, you grow better nnd better."
"But should I myself wish to present a bouquet or invite Miss Niece to-
"I wouldn't If I were you. Sammls.
You   are   young   and   Impressionable,
and It might do yon an Injury for life.
; If 1 were you I'd keep right on smok- |
ing cignrettes and playing the pouies
��ind let the trifles of life alone."
Indignation Grows.
In two days it became known from j
the ground Iloor to tbe garret tbnt old i
Mr. .Inson bad an hourl of a stenogm- ���
pher, and  twenty old geezers waited
to ride up nnd down with her.   Tbey ;
came to me with their bouquets audi
dollars, but I wns loyal.   They smug- ;
gled notes under the door,  but tbey ,
were not answered.    1 told nil inquir- j
ers that D. S. was surely Mr. Jason's
niece,   but  nobody   wonld  believe   It. j
They simply laughed and winked.    It
was Mr. Harker, fhe sarsaparilla tonic man, who came to me and said:
"Sammis, we are thinking some of
calling an indignation meeting to denounce thnt old reprobate of a Jason."
"What's he done?"
"We don't   believe  that  girl  is  his
"Must be. Strawberry mark on her
left elbow."
"Then the old hog painted it tbere
with n brush!"
"Dut what's your particular kick?"
"Yesterday  I  sent in a bouquet of
twelve  American   Beauty   roses; cost
?1 nplece.   I went dead broke."
"I saw them down in the court an
hour later."
"Yes: the old villain threw them
there and then sent me a note sr.ying
that for n innn eighty yenrs o!d I
ought to be ashamed of myself. Sum- ;
nils, do I look to be eighty yenrs old?" ;
"Not a dny over forty," I says as he
slips me $1.
"And lie snys I'm eighty! Why, I'll
break hls o'd ne-U!"
A::d ot!:;.
The Crash Corner I
r i^cu 'ume for n talk, and ,
ifier awlule everybody tvrta ng'iu ev-
erybocij   else  nud   the   whole  i-rowtl I
(.'own o;i old Jason.   The I). S. t-omea
to me lu her quid, shy wiiy nod sti.'.c;
me for a  Qve spot    It  wns piy  dny. I
.���nil   I   fj'nd   |{      It's  |n nlve to !, V-'.P.li'?
i.. .i I-,.,.* i,���������., ... I. in*] la .i bull xiui.'
nud wants lo go to llio U'nldorf    Ile.-.J .
bowed nml eyes on ber ti.es. she nsU--
l::e. nml 1 COUghs lip.    Then sho softly
slips ill here uud tlit rt- about lhe build- |
lltl! to borrow fives nml len* Slid \**en- ]
ties  for n   few   minutes,  nnd  ibe  leu-
.-���ills siui!e nn  her nnd any:
���Certainly, my denr���gllld lo oblige I
What ilny will It be convenient for j
you in go out to lunili with me?"
None of ihem ever got out with ber
or nny where near It, and one dny there
wns n move on .Inson's otlice, The
movers wanted lo call blm names and
Ket their burrowed money buck, lie
met them und defied them, nnd there
wns n row. Mlss I). S. wasn't there
to see it. She'd borrowed $.">0 of bim
und skipped. Oh. thnt row! Kvery
elevator was run up nnd held up while
it lasted. Those old cbnps��� not one
under sixty���mauled nnd pounded nnd
bit and kicked and swatted each other
until the police came, nud lhe fragments were nnkle deep on lhe floor
Next dny seven of lhe  worst  Injii'ed
He the south half of the Northwest
quarter of Section 5, Townsliip 15 (except one-half acre thereof) in the district ot ��\ew Westminster.
Whereaa j>roof of the loss of certlfl
cate ot title no. 4:iOF, Issued in thi
name of Catherine Oliver, has beer
tiled in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of one month   f.om,
the date of the first publication here
of, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the sail certificate, ur.l0,rs
n  the  meantime valid    objection  be
moved'out."" Tliey "could not "ainnd"the !raa(le t0 me ln wriUnJJ-
simple it fo,   Mr, Jason remains, bul he
isn't  saving  snyUiIng  exempt   i'bout
pntural Unit SAMMIS,
The Elevulor Oy.
District Registrar or Titles
���    Land Registry ol'.ce, V"w Westmln.
'-ter, B. C, Aprll 22. 1012.
^%*%%%-%%%*%*%%a\%%%*ti>**b* ,
1 Th�� WIS* Man's Choice.
j Better n bird In ihe hush t'.mu
y two lints ln your belfry.���Clihn-  f
A go News.                                             <\
Not Disposed to Argue.
Teacher���You ��ny the earth is sriinii
miles in <ircumfi-��eni-e Will you step
up to the blackboard ��nd demonstrate
that proposition?
Shaggy Haired I'nnll-Whuts the
use. nin'nin? I'm willing to ndmlt it
and let It go nt tbnt.���Chicago irliv
Mr��.  nighupp-llow  was lh* ehar
Ity ball?
Mrs. Blase-All right, bnt H's n won
der they mnde anything when yon roo
slder the small amount tbey spent on
It. Tbeir expenses were nttnalty less
than their receipts.���Tuck.
A Parallel Cat:
"Here's nn ncconnt of a fellow wbo
took two yenrs to make a toothpick."
"Somo overdrawn, eb?"
"Oh. I don't know. 1 know of *
mother who took flve yenrs to make a
match."���Louisville Courier-Journal.
A Certainty.
Knlckor���Do you think women wonld
vote for the best mnn?
Bocker���Certainly. The bridegroom
wouldn't be noticed ut ��1I.-Jndge'�� Library.
Special low rates to all Eastern
jiolnts will be on sa!e commencing
May 2; pood to ret-.irn up to O tober
il. These rates can be used for paj-
iengers going to the Old Country.
For particulars and reservations
Or 11. W.  Ilrodle,
GOI'LKT. Ag. nt
New  Westmlnstei
G p.a��� Vancouver
t-K/\l CMNAL.
1. O. O. F. AMITY LOIJGK Nu. 17���
lhe regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. 0. 0-. F.. is he.d e>ery Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon un.l
Eighth street. Visiting brtthcrn
cordially invited. H. W. Hainson,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; Jame^
Ferguson, P, G., recording secretary; R, H. Turdy, financial seere
Accountant.      Tel.    R 128.    Room.
Trapp block.
��� ��� ���II     I      il    -     ~    ~��� ' ���"** ������^���^�����
Specifications,  agreements  of  sale,
deeds,  business  letters, ets;   circular
work specialist.   All work stiictly cor.
lidentlal.      M.  Broten,  Room 8, Mer
Chant  Hank Bldg.    Phone 715.
at-luw, soiclto s, etc. Office.!, Roomt
ti and 7 Kills block, Columbia street
Cable AdJress- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 107u
Adam Smith Johnston unl Fra.il
Alexander Jackson.
ters nnd Soilcltois, Westmlnstei
Truet block, Columbia street. New
Westminster B C. Cable uddrcsi
"Whiteside," Western Union. I'.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J'
Whiteside, II. L. Kdmonds.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Sollcltora
Westminster offices. Rooms 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columbia ani
McKenzie streets; Vancouver ot
ficps, Williams butldfne 41 Or*"
rllle street. F. C Wade. K. O.
i, Whealler W. O McQuarrie. Q. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping, i  ��� i
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C
Workshop 611   Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally   News.)
"Are (bey friends?"
"Well, ene ot them len*�� tP�� olnw I
cioney.   but   Tm  not   sure wiiichi is- v'a
v, W*V""-Detrett Vttta Vi-ia*
Spring lamb, Beef,
Poik Mutton, and Veil
Central Meat Markel
Eighth  St.  ait* FMtth. Avhim
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-ui
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl
and McKenzie streets, New Wesi
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tel.
phone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hull, as follows
Third Friday of each month; nuur
terly meeting on the third Friday of
February, May, August and Novem
ber nt 8 p.m. Annual Meetings ni.
the third Friday of February, New
memhers may he proposed and
elected ot nny monthly or iiuarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stnurt Wade, sect'"-
tin v,
[D. McAulay
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Beqble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
OFFICft��� TI��AM DfeCOi
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water,   Aei*Ud.Wate��
' Manufactured by
Telephone R 118  Office: Prlneass �����
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
Tel.. IS*.
701 Front Street
Perfect fit and workmanship guar-
Cor. Ktlv oue�� Ootambb. amtecd.
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver 10 a.m. for
Seatile, via Victoria, dally except.
Leaves Vancouver 11 p.m. for
Seattle direct daily.
Leaves Vancouver 2 p.m. nnd 11:45
p.m. daily  for Victoria.
Leaves    Vancouver     'I    p.m.      for
Nanaimo daily except Sunday.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Ohllliwaek 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P  A.. Vancouver
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Ordcr at reasonable prices. Spilns;
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnla St.. City.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 77*
Weatminater Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on all
Junk, and highest price.
XT and 208 Front Street.
ffhona. R.6.19I WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1912.
Buy Your Goods
You can purchase all the necessities and luxuries of the present
day right here in New Westmin-
as cheap, and in many cases cheaper than in other cities in the Paciflc North West.
This fact has been thoroughly investigated and proven, and is significant enough to demand your attention and careful consideration.
The merchants of New Westminster are telling you this story day
by day through their advertisements. They are showing you how
to save money and are appealing
to your intelligence on a practical
basis and in a way that you cannot afford to disregard.
New Westminster stores and business houses are stocked with just
as complete and up-to-date a line
of merchandise as is to be found
The progressive men behind these
mercantile enterprises are staking
their business integrity and reputation on their goods and prices���
and are making good.
thoughtful people in this city and
district are patronizing them liberally and are the gainers thereby.
You cannot afford to pass this up.
Read the adds-these daily, straight-
from-the-shoulder, plain-statements
of facts and
Buy In Westminster
Take a look at the May Day
Windows this week and SEE
1? arm arid
Com* of the Esssntial Things to 6s
Considered Before Making Purchase.
In up-article of advice on nepurntors
A. W. lliidnlcli. assistant in dairying
111 the Kansas State Agriculture college, suys:
In buying n separator the most es-
Keutlal points to Ite considered ure:
(li The amount ot milb to he separated, ch the etlii-ieiiey of the machine.
Oi the life or durability of the im-
chine, (ti the ease of cleaning the parts
cotnlhg in coiituet with the mill;, (5)
the simple construction of nnd rlgld-
ucss of the gears and pinions, (<!i tbe
oiling device, (7i the construction of
.���using or frame.
Tbe efficiency of tbe mncblne is a
very essential point Tbis does uot refer nlone ns to whether tbe machine
If You Don't Keep Records. How D.
You Know the State ot Your Affaire?
It tbere Is any business In tbe world
heed ina a set of hooks it is id.- farm.
A fairly accurate bookkeeping plan
wiil cause tbe farm to mnke more
inouey. because it will show up the
unprofitable undertakings, and tbls
showing will naturally cnuse the farmer to give bis attention tn those things
whicb are revealed us profitable. On
tbls matter of bookkeeping Andrew
Boss of Minnesota says In the Kaunas
"Furming Is now considered ns a
business. To lie successful as a business man tbe farmer must adopt business principles. He should know the
cost of production of tbe various farm
products and which products can be
grown and sold at tbe greatest uet
profit and witb the least draft on tbe
resources of bis farm. He should
know what he has Invested In his
business nnd tbe rate of Interest his
Investment Is paying; also whether be
himself ls earning anything or whether bis Income Is enrned nltogether by
his money. If tbe latter, he mny as
well Invest bis money in 0 per cent
mortgages and take It easy himself.
"The ouly way to learn these facts
Is to take un inventory of tbe farm
nnd equipment. Start a simple accounting system, carrying It tbrough
the year, nnd taking a balnnee nt the
close of tbe year. The accounting
system need not lie complex nor the
labor exacting. .Inn. 1 to April 1 Is a
good time to tnke nn Inventory, ns the
stock Is nt Its lowest usually during
that senson. Tbere are many simple
forms of accounting suitable to the
farmer's uceds. nny one of which
forms may lie used.
"The whiter season offers many
spare moments for studying these systems nnd putting one of them Into use.
Why not utilize the moments nnd do
something that will be useful nnd at
the same time add to the knowledge
of the farm business? Often a grown
son or daughter may he induced to lie-
come the account keeper, thus getting
s good business training nnd Improving tbe mind nt the snme time. And
(t Is surprising how much use will he
mnde of the facts recorded when once
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc
in Cuba throughout the island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,-
New York rnd London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
On all the principal towns and
cities In the world. TheBe ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches tbrougnout Canada and
Newfoundland, ano In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dirsrtmeat���Deposits
-ecplved ln sums of $1 and upward,
tnd interest allowei at 3 par cent, par
mnum  (present rut*).
Total  Assets  over $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
will skim clean when skimming a 23
|ier cent or :w per cent cream, but if
one must furnish n 40 per cent or 47��
per cent cream will this machine skim
cleaner than nny other providing other
requirements ure equal? The separator, with cure in keeping the temperature of the milk between SH) to 100 degrees l-\. having Ihe tnncbine on a solid
foundation, the howl running true and
turuing tbe crank at the required
s|ieed. should not lmve more thnu iive-
bundredlhs per cent of butter fnt In
the skimmilk when skimming a 30 per
cent cream. ���
A good separator with reasonable
cure and attention should last from ten
to fifteen yenrs, wltb few or no repairs.
When we say tbat the pnrts of the
sepnrntor whicb come ln contact with
the milk should be so constructed as
to be easily cleaned we do uot refer to
the number of parts to be cleaned, but
to the construction ot these pnrts. Can
every piece of the bowl be taken apart
ro tbnt we hnve no cracks or shoulders
to cleanV If lt Is a disk machine, will
all of tbe disks come apart so that we
enn wash them Individually, or, lf
there Is any other device, can It be
taken apart so tbnt all of tbe surface
wlll be exposed nnd be easily washed?
Rome machines may be so constructed
that there are only a few parts, and
yet these few be more difficult to wash
and keep clean than a machine wilh a
great number.
Tbe parts coining In fvntaet wltb
tbe milk should be bear lly finned, as
this makes wwh'ng paster and pre
Veots the parts from rusting, lf thc
pnrts start rusting It Is very tedious
work to keep tbe machine clean. Uow
ever, no separator Is so constructed
that It can be kept clean and sanitary
without taking It apart after each sep
aration. In order to get tbe best results from your machine wash and
scald all tbe parts coming In-contact
with tbc milk after eacb separation.
Most of tbe standard machines bave
vertical and horizontal gears, wltb
each end of tbe pinion In a bearing,
thus reducing thy chance of tbe gears
moving ont of place to a minimum, and
this kind of gearing will run for years
FARMER'S   BEST   PLAN.       |
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
It Is snld thnt the best assurance for peace is for n nation to
be prepared for war. Be that as
lt may. the surest plan for the
farmer Is to save tbe moisture he
already bas io the soil. This tuny
be done by plowing und harrowing. "Pray, but keep the powder dry." was the admeuitlon of
a warrior.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Simple Device Found Practical and
Convenient In Handling Fowls.
Here is a device whicb poultry men
of Boston bave found very convenient
in holding fowls during tbe killing
Nothing conld be simpler or mor* effective It consists of a string and a
thin disk of wood hung from n nail,
as shown at a in tbe drawing herewith. Wben to be used the fowl's
legs are brought together in a horizon-
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� Butter
Wrapper! a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
8ft to SB H. P.
I and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone 63.
Tenth  St., New Westmlnater.
CFrom the American Agriculturist.]
tal position, as shown at b. and tbe
disk passed around them ns indicated
by tbe heavy dotted line.
The disk Is then plsced beside the
legs, but beyond the vertical part of
the string. Now the fowl is lowered
and allowed to bang bend downward,
as Indicated at c. If applied in tbis
way tliere ls no danger of the fowl
working loose. To release the bird
the position Is reversed and the disk
J. Newsome & Sons
Painten, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates ai van.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 867
slipped  to one side.���American  Agrl
min   KIUU   V.   |W.ub    ���*.*.!   *****   IVI   JVBli  i li.        (   *
without any repair or adjustment if l ru'turlst
tbe machine can be easily oiled.   Tbe
oil nnd dirt should be wiped off occa-
���donnlly and the bearings flashed with
coal oil. Tbe oiling of a separator
should be as automatic aa possible
The splosh system that ts used on some
of the separators makes tbe oiling automatic, requiring attention about once
n week, and wilh an oil cup for the
neck bearing we have the danger of
the bot hearing reduced to a minimum.
Although a aeries of oil cups with the
snap lever proves very satisfactory,
oil must be furnished the neck bearing
either by means of a cup or a benvy
ell pad, because the bowl travels at a
tremendous speed und ueeds a constant
bath of oil to prevent beating. The
lower bearing of tbe spindle must also
be so arranged ns to be oiled constantly while the machine la In use. Tbe
other bearings must be provided for tn
eome wny or other and, na previously
stated, ns nearly automatic ������ possible.
While tbe construction of tbe casing
or frame of the mncblne may look like
a secondary problem. It really ts very
essential for two reasons: Pint does
It protect tbe operator from gettlnp-
caught ln tbe gears and chains? Second, la it so arranged tbat you can
get at the gears and bearings easily to
clean them occasionally, ami tnke out
tb* old oil or. In case ot overflow, milk?
Law Peints For the Farmer.
The district court of Weld county,
c.iio. bus decided thst reservoirs located on government or railroad land
citpnot lie held; by mere entry nnd
used without tilings or condemnation
Iteservnir owners will be obliged to
buy their present sites outright or con
deinn ihem.
The time to read -contracts for dear
life Is before yon sign them. If folks
took half the pains to keep out of
trouble that tbey do to get out after
tbey a.-e lu knee deep they would be a
lot happier, richer and wiser. It la a
good plan never to sign papers tbat
are brought along by strangers.
The degree of cara required of roll
road companies toward their passengers, according to a recent Arkansas
decision. Is the highest degree of care
wbich a pmdent and cautions man
would exercise and whloh Is reason
ably consistent with their mode of conveyance and the practical operation of
their roads, and ihey are not bound
to exercise tbe utmost diligence, human skill and foresight consistent with
the mode of conveyance or liable for
the slight eet omission In this respect.
-8t Louie, etc,, R. Co. versus Purifoy
138 a- W-, 631.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
CAPITAL $4,600,000
PEST :.   .....$5,600,000
WE0NE8DAY, MAY 1, 1911
+���    '
everything""^ wire goods
���SOLD BY���
Anderson & Lusby
B. &.M- FISH
Srr.o'.:ed Sprin| 'feaimcn, ier lb. ..20c
Emoted HfJlhut, i.er lh 1":
B:&M. Kiprerel Sa m n 2 ;hf. for 25-
B. * tti. BrafflT Klrpors, rer lh ...10c
nioateis   8 lbs. for 25e
Loggiea Finnan Fad die, 2 Ihs. for "r.c
A'so a  large��� Variety of  Fresh  Fish.
537 frort.St  -   Phone 301
I Shall I
I Get!
BHRDLOPLte and tiieman and&d
Alfred W. McLeod
667 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New   Westminster,
Moth Bags
Moth Balls
Lawn Grass Seed
Blue Stone
Liquid Veneer
Household Ammonia
Silver Polish
Curtis Brag Store
Piw* 4*: L. D. 71: Rea. 72.
New    Weatminater.    B    C
City News
For Sore Throat and
See Our Window.
Km* V
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane" Bfoelr.'  WrdolumWa 8t
-N��**'V."ittHH��w��r. re.
The local Moose lod.c.9 Wfll Initiate
a large number of candidates iomo.--
row e.'tning at St. Patrick's hall.
Eighth street Bakery, fresh crumpets dally.   A. Hardman, Phone L159.
,lndi;e Koway will del', ver an a<i-
dr��8B before tie members of tte Educational club tomorrow evcn'ng al th}
home of Mrs. J. IL CU'ey.
V.'e are headquai ters for bedding
plants, Davles, the florist, coiner
Agnes and Sixth Etreets. Phone 897. *
Mr. D. B. Steet. Inspector for tiie
Rimouski Fire Insurance company of
Toronto, was tn Ihe city on a business
trip from the east.
Tonight the ladiss of St. Peter's
church are In charge of t.ie arranift-
ments for a dance W hieh will Uke
place in St. Pat.ick's hall, in i.i 1 ol
St. Mary's hospital.
Thc Woman's Missionary Soc'e.j
of Queens Avenue meihodiet cl u c;:
will hold their regular mon'.hly meet-
Inn this afternocn at Iho home of
Mrs. \V. I. Goodwin, 51 JI B'.ackfnrd
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, can be consulted dally Irom 9:30
to 12 and 1 to 6 (or later by oppoint-
ment), at room 2, Collister Block.
Phone 1121. **
The Synod of British Columbia wll
hold tlieir first session in ft. And
rew's Presbyterian ehurc'i this evening. Special music will he rendered
by t"1e choir. The public are co.dlally
Home on Alherta st-ee', Bapperton;
100 feet from Columbia, six rooms,
bath and toilet: lot 40x100, pxrd woo'
slKd, fenced, etc;. $2(>'00: $500 cash,
balance mont'ilv. Cn"iis & Dorgan,
TOO Columbia st:e t. **
An unusual musical attraction It
scheduled to lie given at tbe Queen-
Avenue Mothodis chinc'i this evening, when Mr. Alturt Jordm and Mr.
W. Franc's Firth, both of Lcndoi,
Ont., wi.l give a recital.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wclsli anl son
Ernest left for Seattla yesterday
morning, where they will tiks a
sre. lal train for Los Angeles, Cal. Mr
Welsh i* a delegate from tin Gizao
Temple, of Victoria, to th3 Shriners'
gatl e ing in Ihe Californlan city.
To; ight is tha dance given by the
?t. Mary's society for tlie benefit of
St. Mary's hospital. The bill wil ba
:ed ii St. Patrick's hall aud Rush-
tens o chestra will lis in nUendanc?.
lt is hor.ed that as many as poss'b'e
a ill a tend to help this  good cause.
The dati for !he playing of "Facin?
lbe Music" at Ola oi era house har
Jicen flj-ed for May 0. Tli-. )s ai
��� mitcir traduction a;d i-, undertaken
oi behalf of the Loy Scouls. AU
monies ma.'e will li > I'evot.d to send
!n-r the loial contingent o camp sonc
t'rte during t'ie summer.
Caitiln L:und2r, ef lhe S.S. Mack-
a;.--Dennett ths cal I i tlrp chartered
i.v the \\ hi e Star Sicam ihip Co. to
r.eo.er the bedics from tl.e wreck of
ii-e Titanic, h s a b:other in this city,
Mr. It J. Lainder, a draughtsman at
the Shaake niacins works. Captain
Lainder visited t.:.:s city two years
A sample of the biicks. fnanufacf.iir-
ed under the Taints of fee German
Scientific Machinery Co., has ht-rn ���;���.
ceived nt the office of the puollclty
commissioner and ls Iherp for public
inspection. It will be recalled that Mr.
Peters, managing director of this firm,
waB recently ln the city, and explained
his project with regard to establishing a factory in the vicinity of Westminster.
The death occurred yester lay of
Eliza, wife of H. J. Marsha 1. of Van-
coj\e\ at tho a^e of 61. Decease
was a native cf Scotland nni came
to tiiis country :i<; years ago, r: si cl i n p
In Vancouver for the last 15 years
Thc body was taken yesterday to th'
undertaking parlors of Certar a
Iianni, Mount Pleasant Inanch, Vancouver. Funeral airan��.ern:itts to b1
announced later.
Tl-.c silver cup offeied by th; West
minster Daily >e.\s for the lest
dic-ssed window typical of May Day
will be on show I:i ('hambc.lln^
window this af'.crnocn. The cup is ;
challenge cup and has to he win
three times in bucc sslcn to become
a lernuinent possession. This year
Mr. Traves lias offered a Fr*l 1 medil
to go with the cup. This medil will
become the propeity of tha vic'o ioos
win 'ow dresser.
No Inquest was foond necessary hy
Coroner McQuarrie over thc rcmifn'
of Mr. Elgin Cook, who met with e
���frl/htful blasting accident on Sun
day aftornoon on Barnston Isl mi
The br.dy was brought to the Murchl<
undertaking pailors y< eterh'y tm'<
from the t) v.I 1 le taken to Ladmr
his morning. Deceased w;i�� 29 yearF
o'rl and ls survived by a mother, ttwo
s'sters and a brother, all of whom reside in Ontario, Tbe funeral wll b*
h-ld in Ladner this mo. ning it 11
Where the horae differs from other
animal acta ia this; anyone can put
him through his performance without
his trainer saying a word. He actually
adds and subtracts. One gentleman
wrote tbe followlni: figures on tha
black-board and King gave the co-rec
total, 03452.and 24120 nnd the horse
gave 87,578 ts the amount. He aUo
picked ��� out the best lookins
man, and tho one that he thought
was not the best looking, which
caused lots of laughtor. He also tell3
colors and picks out tho diffo ent
(lags as called for fiom the audience,
and mind you his trainer does not utter a ��(ord. Manager Gillis tried to
induce Dr. Boyd the owner ot thia
beautiful horse to hold him over tho
:cet of the wee''-, but booking arrangements have been made for (he naxt
six weeks ei> he will only show heri
for three days. Another act on the
same bill .thii would ordinarily be tha
featira Is boniest te Cervo, "the wiz-
arl of the acro'deon," who plays
on a speclaily built instrument that
cost over $1,000. He played two class
ical selections and a meMay consisting of "Oh, you beautiful doll," "the
rag-time viclln," "Barn Dance" and
several others. For his closing seise
tion he has ch03en one of hl3 native
land, Italy. Harry Young Is undoubtedly the best eccentric dancer that
has ever appeared at tie Royal anl
that Is saying a lot as there have been
numerous dancing acts In this house.
He sings a courle of songs and tells
i few gags but his turn consists mostly of dancing. The motion piciures
were excellent.
A movement Is on foct among the
shop assistants of the city to work
for a half holiday some afternoon during each wesk. The (lerfcs of the
grocery and clothings stores point to
the fact that the hardware stores
have agreed to close on Satu day af
frernoons throughout the summer and
while that day may not be satis!ac- i
tory to the proprietors, still tie/
think their demands reascnable for a
half day's res.!, say on Wednes'lay o.'f
Thursday aftornoon.
Those who have ths movenrn' in
hand point to the fact that in all th:
cities in Great Bri'ain the s ores'.
close iu the afternoons of one of the
two days and they believe that lf the
proper stoi s are taken Iheir wishes
will be granted. The movem'nt is
'ust in Its inception, but further developments aie expee'ed within th:
next few days.
Gives each day a list of items which, either becaus3 of lowered prices or unusual (jua.'1'y, Bhow values
above the o.di^a.'y. But qulto aside from these thcrs ere hosts of articles for every purpose, which offer
the advantages of wl.'e ce'.eciin and unlimited supply, things you noed every day and perhaps flnd difficulty In getting.
The Smith Store is Complete in Its Stock, and Every
Price is Reasonable
German    Intends   to    Start   Plan*,   in
Very   soon    Westminster    wiil    b
manufacturing her own razors if th.
plans of Herr E. Schmidt, a G.rm n
come to pass.    S:hmWlt has been i.
thia city since September anl he  if
oing to etarii na small  way  manu
tac'.urlng rrzois, pocket knives, seis-
-;o;b and ai' other cutting implem nt;,
as soon as he can install bis pluut.
He  then  hopes   to  sec  his   business
ttrov   uuiii    it will    supply not only
Westmiustcr,    but    Hn.ish Co nniii-.j
with tha whe-rwithal io shave Itself,
years  experience  Intl.c  cillery  busi-
to  import the  raw   mate.i.i  for  hi ���
manufactures from   Germany as   the
duty on this is very much less than
it is on th" fin.shed product,   ln this
way he hopes to pro luce all cu ting
Instruments  for   ubout   two-th!rd3   ol
���ho present ccst.    Crlnding  ; n 1  finishing will also be done.    Hardware
stores, barber shops and private people will nil v.*. aurjJii'd as socn as tt^e
plant is in shape.
Sale of Women's Coats, $8.50
A wonderful collection of Samrle Coats, d ivelnpi.l
in c a i gs, t.veeds. serges, broadaioths, etc.; In
shades of fun, grey, navy, green and back; fb.33
'.'A to 40; ill well tailored: some novelty trlmmad;
v.lue3 roguiar ta $20.00.   Cn s_lj todiy, each $8.50
Spring Drapery and Curtains
Now that house-cleaning Is in full swing and many
ne.v utTit.es such rs curtains, drapes and poles are
requ'red to bighten up the appearance or complets
tie deccr tim cf raoms, rainy specials are offered
ii Smi:L'3 Cutain EC;a tment.
Scrim Special
Fancy Col.in'a' enl Art Scrim-:, in many p-ctfy d:-
Biitnfl and coinings; widlh 3fi 'o 40 ine es; v. In 's
legul r 30j ta 4l'c  Special Wcd-aesiay, per yard 25;
Fifty-four to s'xty inch Cream Madias; heavy flTU     D-' __ J Clm*U Cm.*.*. VlA PI.���*..
pattern   effect; new mvely dssig.is; ms ly with     DOyS   alia UlnS   LaDC IVlQ blOV���S
sc lop^l ctl^o:   values to G5c.    Wcdnjfdy's prc\
ie   ;a:d 45o     Ii t n. with cne   spring   fpste.er;    extra    strone;
ilzcs 4 to 6. Special, per pair $1 00
May Day Apparel For The
Young Folks
To thos> who have Children's Drcs39s ta buy th sa
three spe lal lots should claim their a.t ntion. Th 1
v lu.a ate exceptional and ln mtny cases much re-
ducad unler r.guiar p-.lc.s.
Lot 1 will shaw a. big range of little dresses in Ring-
hi ms, percales i.nd lawns; in white and f ney
colors; showing a wide choice of styles and trimmings; siz. s ft ing ages frcm 3 to 10 veas; values
ta $1.50.    Special, each  $1.25
Lit 2���A large-rang? of prelty Utile di-cssei In
French anl Mother Hubbard styles; deve'op2d li
ijwn', gingham, chambry, ducks, etc.; s'z3s 4 to 11
yeirs; values to $2.25.   Special offer, each  $1.75
Lot 3���Stylish littie d:esses of line lawns, organdiaB,
d ill j, mus'ins. etc.; In many choica novel y iff e s
in style aad v.immlng3; shown In blues pinks, pan-
gac, whi'e, ec; sizes 4 to 12 years; van s regul ir
to $3 25.    Sp.cial, e: ch $2.5)
Children's Gloves
Children's Neckwear
I.is'e GIavs  in shades'of trn, g ey and w'.T e;    a'.l      Elton.  Dutch ard Cott Cellars; in lrce, liwn   ml
eize;.    Sj.'clal  it, per pair  23c and 23s      li.ien;  bg is ortment of styles, eech 25s to 75:
*\���iaya. g��imi. jxtsaa
David Shavy OUj^ahi was yeBlerJt.
Iliiorninf. convlc'.el of th:ft. and sentenced ts 12 r.iunths impijor.u.en'
by W�� Htnor Judge Howay. From
the evidence given by Messrs. J. H.
Lsmpar, C. P. R. constable at Mission
John Ford, acoalp aseer, anH \ViI:lim
fames, af Tultg rov.er, a!?o of Ml-s-
slo, iu was shown that the accused
was found inpossession of a Kit big
le'onging to P Cuttle who had Uf'
it on the station platfrom at Mission.
Mr. C. A. Christie, Canadian Immi-
crr.tion olftcer nt Mission also pave
evidence. Oliphant has lost his righ
arm, and had ta'ten ''link Pt th?
time. Mr. W. G. McQuarrie conduct.J
the case for the c. own.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave,
L. It. A. M.        A.  it. C. M. !
Member  of  the   Incor; orated  Society!
of  Musicians   1 Kngland).
(Success.01  ro Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher cf P!an-r->rtc, Violir,
Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,!
Counterpo:n(    aiirj    Musical j
Form. !
For terms, etc., apply   61    Dufferln |
JJreet, yew Wertmjnstef, l'hone U4H. i
IContlnuea irom page unci
King   Pharoih   Astanishes   Big   Audiences���Other Good Numbers.
With a new bill of deeiledly nffvel
features the Ito; al program was tha
bipk<33t bit of any e-er shown fn this
city.    Xot a dull  moment durin-; tlte
hour  und  half  rnterlainmen��.    Long
before1 tle llrst lerfrrmance was on"-
thlrd  over the  tiduwulk   was crowded with 1 earle wai.in? to get In for
thfe   fe-ond   r<n'formane(>.    Of  counja
j tho re.il  drawing eari Is King Phar-
roh  tbe educated horse, bht there are
fo-tft'ie- turns on the W.* fHat doi*>.
tavc to til:s their hats o.T fa attyort)..
select'on "Land of Hope and Clory"
and well deserve! tl 0 en-orc 1 e received. In several of the scloe i. wa'
noticeable that the orchestra were
perhaps a little too load tat the votes
spoiling its of 11; is when in the high
kej s.
Tlie rendering of Klgar's "The Banner of St. Georgo" did Jis:ice to that
celebrate! compote:. Tie well bai
anced chorus handled this in
shape, the weird music in the
scene where the kingd-im of Sylene i
desolated by the dragon changing to
;i more cheerful tone In tin secon I
where St George an Ives ti f ght the
dragon. The audience during the tea-
dcrlu-r of the socend part of the program could depict the scenei en ctad
In these mythical days by the dlf.e-
c-nt tones, rising from one of mouiu-
fulness to one of triumph, when tb
dragon is slain. The final scene is
when the patron sa'nt of Fnglani
mounta hla aieed, bids farewell to tha
princess, and dei;aits to (igiit cther
ba' ties.
Mr. Mackness was th? rscij lant of
much applause throughout the evening, Rni ho thoroughly dese-ved I .
To him must be given the c edit of
gathering nt many cf thn local artlsti
together on such an rccis'on, and
thoso who were present last evening
will no doubt regret that such occasions as tM; happen so seidam.
Hought and Sold.
Highest  Pi ice Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and  Ileal  Kstate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
New 6 Roomed Urn House
Situated close to Moody Park, east side; full
concrete basement, cement floor, laundry
tubs, fireplace, etc. This is a good buy.
Price $4,000, small cash payment, balance
arranged, Ref. 512
Columbia Street New Westminster
A Blq Price.
Winnipeg, April 80.���LOfs 1  anil 2,
Ft   Vital, facing the uev  \gilcillura]
College, sold fcxlay for J150/OC. '
woula still be alive
if I had known tkat
a complete line ox
Dog Medicines was
kept at
Davies' Pharmacy
Phon* 40. Cliff Block.
all cleared and some in bearing orchard;
city water, electric light, telephone, gocd
roads, sidewalks, good car service and low
fares. Every convenience for a comfortable suburban home in a select residential
district. Terms 1-4 Cash, balance 1, 2 and
3 years.
For descriptive matter and prices, see
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
W�� write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers''Liability,   Automobire.-
and Marine Insurance. '
Burnaby Lake
We have just placed on the market; a splendid Subdivision overlooking Burnaby Lake..


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