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Westminster Daily News Nov 14, 1912

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Unionists Refuse lo Permit Liberal Proposal to Rescind Banbury Amendment���Speaker Forced to Adjourn House
when Free Fight Threatens--Asquith Struck with Papers-
Churchill gets Big Volume Square in Chest
London, Nov. 13.���The House of
Commons, the popular house of tho
Mother of Parliaments, was the scene
tonight of a riot over Premier As-
quith'B proposal to rescind the action
of Monday, when the Unionists carried
by a majority of 22 Sir Frederick
Banbury's amendment defeating thi
most Important financial feature of the
Home Rule bill.
The Unionists refused to permit tho
debate and the Speaker was forced to
adjourn the session on account of the
disorder. This is an extremely raro
necessity and the situation is consid
ered a critical one.
The Unionists almost unanimously
threaten that they wlll continue to
make business ln the House Impossible until the Prime Minister accepts
the amendment in the House or drops
the Home Rule "TJTII. They declare
tbat his action is unprecedented and
wlll be obstructed by unprecedented
Unequalled Since G. O. M.
The uproar far exceeded that whicli
stifled Premier Asqulth's speech when
he Introduced the Home Rule bill and
has not been equalled since the free
flght over Gladstone's first Home Rule
The ministers were taunted with epithets like "apes" and "traitors."
Sir William Hull. Unionist for Ham
mersmith, was ordered from the floor
for repeatedly calling Mr. Asqultli "a
A yell of victory burst from the
Unionists. The members of the cabl-
riet clustered on their side of the
clerk's table. No one moved to leave
the House.
Struck Prime Minister.
On the Unionist side was a seething
mob. An arm was raised and a document Hew across the floor. It struck
the Prime Minister on the shoulder.
A shower of other papers fell among
the group of ministers.
Mr. Asrjuith, white und indignant,
faced the attack with folded arms.
The air was thick with papers and
hats. At length tbe Prime Minister
walked to the door, greeted with yells
of defiance and approval. Suddenly n
Unionist member, Ronald McNeill,
rushed to the clerk's table and seized *
heavy volume. He hurled lt at the
First Lord of the Admiralty, Mr.
Churchill, whom it struck on the
chest. There Was an ugly rush from
the Liberal benches, but cooler heads
held back their colleagues.
Government Unmoved.
For a moment a battle of lists
seemed imminent. The peace-making
vvolce of Will Crooks was raised In
song, "Should Auld Acquaintance Be
Forgot?" Others took up the refrain
and gradually floated Into the lobbies.
At a cabinet meeting later, It was
determined to adhere to the programme.
Of Councillors and School Board
pare for Royal Commission���
Suffrage Debate.
Several Important matters in connection with labor men were debated
at the spinl-monthly meeting of thc
Trades and Labor Council last evening
and a committee was named to drat
questions for presentation to the. Royal Commission on Labor to be ap
pointed within the next few days by tli:'
provincial government. Another committee will discuss the approaching
civic election campaign with the probability of placing candidates in tbe
fleld both for aldermanic and school
trustee honors.
Delegate Knudson appeared to disfavor approaching this Royal Commission, as he stated their deliberations
would be pigeon-holed just as those
of other commissions had been. Dele
gate Dodd was of the same mind as
far aa results went, but favored com
missions, as their deliberations were
given much publicity by th^ press
and so were read by thousands of peo
pie. It would.show the people of the
province that the labor men were not
A committee composed of Messrs.
D. S. Cameron, W. Dodd, A. Hogg
Whltelaw and McLaren will prepare
matter for the labor commission.
The civic election committee com
posed of Delegates Hogg, Chockley.
Dodd, Cameron and Maiden, wlll make
arrangements for   the   calling   of   a
Edmonds, Nov. 13.���The second
'. vife-beating case within a week was
\ d'spesed of by Magistrate Walker thl3
| mcrnlng, when E. A. Welds, a resi-
I dent of Vancouver Heights, was sen-
I tenced lo two months' imprisonment
j and bound ever to keep the peace for
j the nevt twelve months.
Welds arrived at his home on Tuesday night under the Influence of liquor
and commenced to raise a rough-house
wiih his better half. Complaint was
i made to the police, with fhe result
that he was arrested and sentenced as
| above.
Contradictory Evid ince Regarding Chiirs Made in
Goven ment's Time.
Pile-ramming at Fraser Mills���Boyd's
Seamanship Questioned, But Testimonials Given Him.
The defence In connection1 with thc
enquiry being pursued by Commissioner Hon. W. Norman Bole, K. C,
with regard .to conditions on board the
snagboat Samson, had their day at the
session yesterday morning and afternoon. Several witnesses, for the most
part persons connected with the crew
of the Samson, gave testimony.
One of them named McLeod, who
was carpenter of the boat when Boyd
was mate, and is at present acting
mate, stated that he had performed
work for Boyd during government
time. He had, at Boyd's request maA?
two swing chairs, one of them from
the best wood on the ship.
In rebuttal Boyd produced one of
the chairs, which- showed evidence
Ihat it had been made from cannery
supplies, and promised to produce ths
other at today's session. Regarding a
tub which McLeod stated he had made
for him, Boyd claimed that this wa3
made from a whiskey keg fished out
of the river.
Gave Boyd Testimonial.
Captain Carter, river pilot, and at
present In command of the Samson,
was called by Mr. J. D. Taylor, who
asked him whether Boyd had ever told
him he had been blacklisted' by shlD-
owners at Belfast, Ireland. Carter admitted that while Boyd was mate ol
the tug Earl, he (Boyd) had told him
of legal troubles with his former masters and because he won ouL he had
had difficulty In securing anothe;
He, however, admittpd that he hai
given Boyd a.testimonial when len vln.;
the Earl to assume duties on the Samson.
Contradictory evidence was Iidduced
(Continued on page eight.)
i mm ,.m m m m
Coroner's Jury Asks Civic In-1
vestigation   of   Chinese
Treatment of  Patients   Subjected
Much Question at Inquest on
Young Joy. i
Vancouver  Business  Men  Address
Large and Enthusiastic Gathering
���Executive Officers Elected.
The New Westminster Retail Mer
chants Association, fully constituted,
and executive officers all elected, was
launched at an enthusiastic gathering
ot tbe retail business men of the city
in the Conservative Club rooms laat
night The objects of the association
which were fully described in thesi-
columns a week ago, are chiefly for
encouraging co-operation among the
retailers in order io avoid contracting
bad debts.
The meeting was featured by the
presence of several prominent Vancouver business men who spoke of the
great benefits the organization would
be for the retailers of the city. Mr.
Welsh, ot Vancouver, president of thi
meeting In the near future to which. u   _ ��� _     ���   ������._,.���-,.   ,        . ..
all  organised and  unorganized  ^ iCAl'Ml(^
wlll be Invited and speakers will ad-'and t0 wl,om much credlt lB due *��r
dress tho gathering advocating that a
larger representation b,e elected on
both the city councll and the school
Delegate Hogg drew attention to thc
fact that whereas T. R. Nlckson &
Company, doing contracting work in
the city, had promised to remedy matters ln connection with paying their
workmen cheques on a bank not located in the city, he knew that the
company was not living up to their
He cited an Instance where an Italian received a cheque fpr BO cents.
and, unable to speak English, he had
perforce to journey to Vancouver to
get it cashed, thus losing 50 centa on
the deal.
A letter will be sent to the ctty
eounell and also to the Progressive
Association asking their support In
having the matter remedied.
All the unions In the olty not affiliated with thfe B.C. Fifderatlot) pf Labor, wil) be asked to join tho Trade*
and Iiabor Counctl, so that a strong
delegation will be able to attend the
annual convention to be held in Victoria In January, 1913. All are asked
to work tor the Federation support of
the project of holding a monster Labor Day celebration ln the Royal City
in 1913, and also to try and capture
the. convention of 1914.
A matter, which looked small when
first broached, assumed larger dimensions later in tbe discussion, and was
brought up by Delegate Chockley over
an lleged discrimination of one of the
(Continued on Page Four.)
. From the evidence adduced at an in
quest upon the death of Young Joy, a
Chinaman, by Coroner McQuarrie last
night lt would appear that a state oi
affairs exists in what is known as thc
Chinese Hospital, in the heart of Chi
natown, scarcely conducive to the
health of the city, while the procedure
of the Chinese regarding their sick
may at any time result in the spread
of dangerous maladies.
The coroner's Jury pronounced a
verdict of "death from natural causes '
but, based ou the testimony of th?
witnesses, especially in reference to
the treatment given the deceased, they
added a rider suggesting that the civic
authorities investigate the system of
the Chinese Hospital.
Got Chinese Medicine.
It seems that Young Joy fell 111 and
following the usual custom among hl-
fellow-countrymen tn Westminster, he
was taken to the Chinese Hospital,
which, it is understood, is supported
by subscriptions of the Chinese and
subsidized bv the Chinese government.
Here, lt is alleged, he received no
medicine, at least not what would be
recognized as medicine in the eyes of
a fully qualified physician, but was fed
regularly on rice and other foods of
the varieties peculiar only to the Chinese.
This course of treatment was subject to much question by the coroner
and jury, and accordingly the rider
calling for an investigation by the civ
Delay of Powers and Inability to Agree upon Mediation
Proposal Causes Porte's Action-Diplomatic Situation Easier but French Premier Delivers Pregnant Sptech���Mobili-
zation Continues in Russia and Austria
London, Nov. 13.���The Porte, on the
advice of Russia, Las Instructed Naz
im Pasha, the Turkish commander-in
chief, to apply to the Bulgarian com.
mander for an eight days' armistice
wltb a view to opening direct negotid
tlons for peace.
This decision seems to show that
Turkey has little hope of being ahl ���
to hold the Tchatalja lines against ths
Bulgarian advance. Tbere is no news
however, as to how the Bulgariai
commander met the Turkish request.
Bulgarians Creep Close.
The situation at the front ts confus
lng owing to the paucity of the news
allowed to filter through from eithei
side. Clearly there has been heavj
fighting, as on November 12, Constan
tinople reported that numerous
wounded men were arriving from the
front and the almost invariably coi
reet Vienna Riechspost corresponded
has reported the capture of a position
by Bulgarians in the neighborhood ot
the Tchatalja lines.
The same correspondent says now
the   main attack   on   Tchatalja   has
been delayed two days by rain.
Powers Not Needed.
The powers at last have arrived at
Bome kind of agreement with respect
to mediation. It ls assumed, however,
that now the Porte has opened negotiations with Bulging, TYropean Intervention will not be needed.
The diplomatic situation is easier
j but the French premier, M. Poincaire
I In a speech in Paris tonight did no'
speak  too hopefully,  and proof  that
Representative Gathering of Method
Ista of City and Valley at Bait-"
quet Tonight.
This evening at 7.30 o'clock Method-
;sm in Westminster and the Fraser
Valley, represented by clergymen and
laymen, will tender a complimentary
banquet to Rev. 6. B. Chown, D. D.,
general superintendent of the Methodist Church Jn Canada. The function,
which will be in the nature of a greeting to the reverend gentleman, on the
occasion of his coming West to take
up his duties as principal of the Ryerson College, will take place ln the
Columbian College gymnasium.
An elaborate programme b��s been
arranged for the evening, and everv
effort will be made to make tbe af
fair one of the moat potable ever held
hv the church in Westminster. Alderman D. 8. Curtis w'll preside, and a
committee comprised of several of tho
clergy and prominent church workers
v.lll be In charge of the arrangements.
One of the outstanding features of
the evening will be the flrst public ap-
learance of the choir, composed of college students.
��� .. ,.��� ��� (tlLti.    C^Jt',     stTJ.   -   a*.      t  Trimm n      iuv     iiuutu.in,     auu     v* wi.     wane
ic authorities was   attached   to   the ���   ��� danger ,g �� pagt ,, gee"n ,n omln.
veraict. ous reports from Austria and Russia
Disease Concealed. '
Commenting on the case last night,
of unusual troop movements and mob 1
the most frightful that ever laid Europe low. ,'
The report that the Servians hav��
reached Durazzo Is not confirmed, ami
no news has been received from other
Serious Internal difficulties are developing In Constantinople, and    the
guard has taken strong action ln arresting the young Turk leaders.
Nazim Sends Envoy.
Constantinople, Nov. 13 (Midnight).
���That the Porte has entered into direct negotiations with Bulgaria for an
armistice is confirmed.
Nazlm Pasha, the Turkish commander-in-chief, has received instructions
to open communication witb the Bulgarian generals, and he has sent aa
envoy to Bulgarian headquarters.
The Porte appears resolved on this
course, owing, cn the one hand to the
delay of the powers lu handling the
mediation proposal, and on the other-
hand, to the divergence of views the
proposals have occasioned among tho
powers. Tbe Porte, according to official circles, ls unwilling to add to tha
existing embarrassments of the powers.
Was Only Course.
It ls understood here that only foui-
of the powers agreed to submit the
mediation proposal,  while   two,   presumably Austria   and   Germany,   abstained    from   participating.     Under
these circumstances, the Porte elected'
to apply to the principal belligerent,
Bulgaria;  and there is reason to believe the same course will be adopted'
in the negotiations for terms of peace.
Turks Lost Heavily.
Athens, Nov. 13.���It   is   announced
Dr. McQuarrie stated that the system
in vogue in the hospital was in his
opinion very crude. Any patients
whatever, fio matter wbat waa tho
matter wltta tliem. -wore accepted
without even a doctor's certlflcate as
to the nature of the sickness.
The patients were treiked after Chinese methods, some of which he
thought were questionable.
"It is a bad thing in my opinion."
stated the doctor. "They may hav��
any disease there���leprosy, smallpox,
and no outsiders hear anything about,
them until some patient dies. Then
th<?y come to me for a death certificate." ^^^^
ilization in Russia's western provinces \ that 35,000 Turks were engaged In tho
Hands Off, Europe! j battle against the Greeks at Yenldje.-
M. Poincaire declared it essentia! I They had 42 heavy guns. Tho TurK-
Uiat Europe advance no intensions \ l*h \om��ea numbered J.000 kilted. BOt��-
lim ttie fruit* ot the atUea" -rtctortea.\made vriBonera and twenty-two g��s��
and he expressed the fervent bellet 1 captured. The Greek loBses were BO
that It would be Impossible that the'.killed aud wounded, including 15 of-
Balkan difficulties could lead to war��� | fleers.
Judge and Jury Pay Visit to Scene of
Killing���Medical Testimony.
The first day of the trial of Convict
John Smith for the murder of Guard
Joynson was taken up with the evi-
_,    >      ��� .   ,.       .  .   . tm^. ,, dence of Warden J. C. Brown as to the
The coroner also statedthat^one of | pr,son disclpllne an(] regulations and
the reasons why the inquest into thc
death of Young Joy was called was to
throw some light on the system of
treatment In the hospital.
Change from Usual Venue at Victoria
���Will Occupy Two Daya at End
of January.
the forming of tbe association, spoke
of New Westmlnater being the third
largest olty of British Columbia, and
without, an organization of this kind,
while other towns of any consequence
had already formed one.
The name of 'INew Westminster Re-
tall Merchants Association" was adopted after considerable discussion, several other names having been suggested. A representative of a Vancouver
mercantile agency recommended tbat.
Westminster joiu with his association,
but the meeting did not favor his proposal.
The officers elected were as follows:
President, Mr. El. C. Traves, manager
of P. Burns &Co.; vice-president, Mr.
C. A. Welsh; acting secretary-treas
urer, Mr. T. F. .Phillips; directors,
Messrs. A. P. MacDonald, Oeo. Blakeley, Stanley Ross, A. MacDonald and
Emerson Gilley. Mr. W. H. Walsh.
Vancouver, president of the B. C. Retail Grocers Association, was also
present, and delivered an interesting
talk.   Mr. IS. C. Traves presided.
Bowser Leaves Tonight
Ottawa, Nov. 18.���Attorney-General
Bowser of British Columbia returned
today to Ottawa and at once resumed his negotlons with the Dominion government ln regard to better
claims, Indian lands,' fisheries regulations and other matters of Interest
to the coast province. He Bays that
satisfactory progress is being mad1?.
Mr. Bowser leaves for Victoria on
Thursday night. Hon. Robert Rogers
returned today from a short trip to
New York.
an inspection by the court of the ac
tunl scene of the crime at the penitentiary.
ajoun resuming the case In the afternoon med'oal testimony upon the manner in which Joynson was shot was adduced.,and im-ch questionlrg aroso
thereon by Mr. W. F. Hansford, the j Mayflower,
defending advocate, and Mr. J. R.
Grant, crown prosecutor.
It is expected that the evidence of
the warders will begin today.
Mayflower  Leaves  Barry's  Bay, Renfrew County, on Last Trip���Foundered In Mada'.vaska.
General superintendent of the Meth
od<8t Church in Canada and principal
of Ryerson College, who will be tendered a complimentary banquet this
evening in the gymnasium of tho Columbian College by the Methodists of
| Westminster city and district
The next annual convention of the
B. C. Dairymen's Association will be
held in this city on January 30 and 31.
Heretofore the gatherings have been
regularly held in the department of
agriculture building ln Victoria, but at
a meeting of the executive In the exhibition building during tbe Fair week,
Mr. D, R. MacKenzie pointed out several advantageous reasons tor holding
the next convention in Westminster.
and it waa accordingly decided to do
The chief arguments given ln favor
of this were that' Westminster waa
much more centrally located for men
actually located hi the dairy industry,
the Fraser Valley being considered thc
biggest district in tbe province where
the business waa carried on.
It has been customary in the past to
'iold tbe convention for one day only,
but this time owing to the proximity
ot the Fraser Valley district to Westminster the gathering will extend
through two days.
One of the most Important features
ot the convention will be a public
demonstration of automatic milkers In
the market building. Other demonstrations of a like nature will alao be
held, together with a discussion on the
existing systems of handling milk nnd
cream, in whloh It is expected both
producers' and consumers will take
Tbe secretary of the association
Mr. Henry Rive, wbo ls also provincial
government dairy Instructor, with hla
headquarters at Victoria, Is exercising
every endeavor to make this a most
Interesting and successful convention.
"It provides a great Incentive to th?
dairy business of this district to have
the (convention here," stated Mr. D. E
MacKenzie. who Is handling the local
arrangements for the gathering. "I
think that special Interest on the part
of the dairymen and* a large attend
ance at the convention wll) demonstrate that New Weatmlnster la actually the centre ot the dairying Industry ln this province."
Asks Aid of B. C. Government In Securing Tract Near Westminster
from Dominion Gov't.
Out., Nov. 13.-
Victoria, Nov. 13.���Mr. Frank MacKenzie, M. P. P. for Delta riding, ar
rived in the city yesterday to Interview the government with regard to u
park reservation in the Delta, about
three odd miles from New Westmln'.
ster. The property in question Is
owned by the Dominion government
and Is representative of the best park
land to be found In the province.
Tbe only possible objection to the
plans the Dominion government Is said
to have, is the timber leases oa the
property, and these wlll have to be arranged through the'government tf the
deal goes through.
Mr. MacKenzie has come over to the
capital to enlist the sympathy of the
provincial government for the project
The exact Ideation of the property ls
soutb ot New Westminster, three and
a half milea on the Yale-Cariboo road
It Is also Intersected by the projected
Paciflc highway.
Mr. MacKenzie stated today- ln auI
Interview that the Dominion government had expressed lta willingness to
make-a grant of the land to the people, If the timber lease question can
be dealt with.
The park will be tor the whole of
the lower mainland, stated Mr. Mac
Kenzle, and It is not In any way a
community affair.
The member for tbe Delta has one
other matter ln connection with hls
visit and that is the situation In regard to the disposition ot certain Indian lands tn the riding. This matter
is being taken up by the Premier. Sir
Richard McBride, now in the Kast.
and the New Westmlnater resident expressed the hope yesterday that the
Premier would be able to bring back
a gratifying settlement to the question.
The steamer
^^^^^^^^^^^ left Barry's Bay,
Renfrc.v County, between 6 and I
o'clock last night for Combermere, sixteen miles distant on the Madawaska
river, wbere she was due three hour*
later, foundered or was wrecked lit
the river three miles from Barry*��
Bay, with 11 persons on board, including a crew of two and a dead body
being shipped for interment at Combermere. .   . ,**.*'
All   are   supposed   to   have   been
drowned.    The body of the  captaliv
was washed ashore today in the uar��-
rows.   The names of those on board
J. Hopper, Ottawa, traveller for tbe
Consolidated Rubber Company.
M.  Peverly,  Ottawa,  traveller for-
Ccfrticelll Silk Company.
George Both well, traveller. Ottawa;
for .]. J. Castle Company, wholesale
J. Fimlach, Ottawa, traveller, General Supply Company of Canada.
W. M. Murphy, Rockingham, Ont
Mr. Delaney, Barry's Bar.
Mrs. McArthur, Mc Arthur's Millai.
near Combermere, aged 80 years.
Mr. O'Brien, proprietor of the O'Brien House, Combermere.   .
Boebeme, Combermere.
Captain Partcher, of the Mayflower;
Barry's Bay.
James Hudson, owner ot lhe Mar-
flower, Barry's Bay.
Corpse of a man named Brown.
De'V^ot the accident are lacktec
as yet'
Ottawa Federal District.
Ottawa, Nov. 13.���Premier Bor
today Informed a otvie delegation
which waited upon, bim that a committee of the privy council la to ke appointed at an early date to consider ^
the advisability of tbe creation of a
federal district to Include Ottawa and
some of the Adjacent territory.
���    , ���
Ottawa, Nov. 18.���Mll'tta orders today announced tbe d'e-
bandment of the Civil Rifle Association at Carlyle, Bask.,
Brandon, Man., and Armstrong;
B. C. An Increase of one oompany to the 104th Regiment
with headquarters at Chilliwack, B. C, ls authorised.
��� ���������������������*������������ ������"<����� PAGE TWO
Classified Advertising
Classified���One cent per yord per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks SOc per
requires permanent position; excellent references. Apply Box 76 News
al housework. Apply to Mrs. Burton
Smith, 605 Third avenue. (79)
ant.   Apply 318 First street.       (60)
housekeeping rooms. Address Box
62 News office.
day.   309 Keary Street, Sapperton.
anese women; no experience. Apply Japanese Mission, Sapperton.
dark bay trotting mare. American
and Canadian papers. Five years
old, fast, show horse, absolutely
sound. Will give reference. Owner
will sacrifice to obtain cash. Also
have show harness and buggy. If
interested write P. O. Box 40, Ham
mond, B.C. (45)
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down.
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.
Market Square. 4
seller and buyer together.
Curtis Block, New Westminster.  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Four-roomed cottage, must be Bold
quickly at snap price and easy
Two lots on Alberta Street, each 33 >.
lid.    The pair for $1,275;  $409 cash,
and terms to suit.
We represent only strong British
Board Companies. Keep your money
in your own land.
British Crown Fire Association Corporation.
Northwest Fire, guaranteed by tbo
Union Assurance Company, of London,
General Fire Assurance Corporation,
of Perth, Scotland.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa, and endorsed on tho
envelope "Tender for Gasolene
Launches" will be received up to noon
of the
for the construction of two Oasolena
launches for the Fishery Patrol Sorvice, In the Province of Brltsh Columbia, of the following leading dimensions, namely: ���
fljcngth overall 45 feet.
Beam  10 feet.
iDrsitt   4 feet.
Each boat to he equipped with a
four cylnder four cycle 6 ln. by 8 In.
standard engine.
Plans and specifications can be procured upon application from the Chief
Inspector of Fisheries at New Westminster, Inspector of Fisheries at
Nanaimo, E. B. Schook, Vancouver,
and from the Agent of this Department at Victoria, B.C.
Each tender must be accompanied
ty an accepted cheque on a chartered
Canadian Bank equal to ten per cent.
<10 p.c.) of the whole amount of the
tender, which cheque will be forfeited
if the successful tenderer declines to
enter Into a contract or falls to com
plete the boats in accordance with the
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful
tenders will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender and
reserves the right to accept a tender
for either one or two boats.
Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from this Department will not be paid for same.
Deputy Minister of Marine and
Department nf Marine and Fisheries,
OttP��-a, October 21, 1912.
���30213. (30)
room, close to Sixth Street car line.
;    Apply 619 Hamilton Street.    Phone
i    R524. (72)
Labor Government Wants Mansion for
Museum and Lord Denman Moves
to Melbourne.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
kitchen and bedroom; every convenience; $18 per month. Apply to
Box 41, this office. (41) j
Press office, 609 Victoria street.
Suitable for office or dressmaking.
Also large front furnished bedroom.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (6)
Notice is horeby given that a Court
of. Revision on the Householder Voters
List will be held on Friday, the loth
day of November, 1912, at 10 o'clock
n the forenoon in the Council Chamber, City Hall, New Westminster.
Dated this Sth day of November,
(53) City Clerk.
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St.
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
Sydney, N. S. W., Nov. 13��� Chased
out of his residence and thrown upon
the cruel world with no place in this
state to lay his official head, is the
fate of the representative of the King
in Australia.
Lord Denman, governor-general of
the commonwealth, who recently received notice from the state. government to quit has now packed up and
gone to his residence in Melbourne,
the temporary capital of the great island continent.
'lhe reasons for his going seem paltry enough. The labor government
now declares that It wants the building for a museum and the groundB for
an extension of the botanical gardens.
Also the government grudges the $15,-
000 which has to be contributed yearly to keep up the establishment.
Sydney society is shocked beyond
measure at these outrageous proceedings and had evolved all kinds of
schemes to keep the residence of the
governor-general intact. Nevertheless
the labor administration has shown itself adamant.
Three public-spirited men actually
offered to pay the $15,000, but were
turned down by the state parliament.
The commonwealth government offered to pay the state authorities 3V2
per cent, on the capital value of the
estate and was likewise snubbed. Lord
Denman himself protested- mildly but
without avail.
If the governor-general wishes to
visit Sydney now he will have to be
the guest of the state governor.
Considering the fact that the residence was in the first place a gift to
the state of New South Wales from
the Imperial authorities, the government's attitude Is more than outrageous and likely to have some effect at
the next election.
The Municipal Council of the City of New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it is desirable to carry out the following works, that is to say: To lay Outfall and Trunk Sewers and works contingent thereto in Section 2, of the fcapperton Sewerage Scheme, to which
the following area is tributary:
District A.���
Columbia Street from Cumberland Street to Braid Street.
Keary Street from Columbia Street to Brunette Street.
Nelson Street. All.
Spruce Street, All.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Major Street from Columb'a Street to !rader Street. /
Braid Str:et from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Fader Street from Sherbrooke Street to Braid Street.
Kelly Street from Sherbrooke street to Braid Street.
Brunette Street from Columbia Street to Keary Street.
District B.���
DeBeck Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia Street.
Strand Street from Cemetery Street io Columbia Street.
Alberta Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Simpson  Street from  Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Keary Stieet from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Hospital Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to 470 feet West.
Knox Street, All.
Cedar Street, All.
Buchanan Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street.
Blair Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street.
District C���
Eighth Avenue from Richmond Street to 400 feet North of Wlnthrop Street
Richmond Street from Eighth Avenue to Lee Street. *
Winthrop Street from Richmond Streel to Eighth Avenue.
Elmer Street, All.
Burnaby Street, All.
Surrey Street. All,
Ladner Street. All.
Kent Street, Ml.
Lee Street, All.
Carnegie Stieet from Matsqui to 300 f��et North.
Digby Street from Matsqui to 300 feet North.
Coutts Street from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
Macdougal Street from Matsqui Street to 30(1 feet North.
Tenth Avenue from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
District D.���
Eighth Avenue from William S'.reet ti Richmond Sireet.
Carnegie Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Digby Street from Scott St-eet to MitHfiul Street.
Coutts Street from 300 feet ..outh of Chilliwack Street to
Mahoney Street, All.
McDougal Street from Mah'ney Street to Matsqui Street.
Tenth Avenue from 300 .'e*t South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street.
Matsqui Street from Eightii Avenue t" Tenth Avenue.
Water Street from William Strret to Scott Street.
Langley Street from William Street to Scott Street.
Chilliwack Street from William   "tre��t to Scott Street.
Scott Street, All.
William Street, All.
District E���
Richmond Sireet 150 feet Soi Lh   it Alberta Street to Eighth Avenue.
Archer Street All. ' "
Devoy sti i ah. ; ������
Munday Street All.
Alherta Street from Richmond Street, 700 feet Westward.
Shiles Street from McKay Street to Richmond Street.
School Street. All.
Sherbrooke Street from Eighth Avenue to Richmond Street.
McKay Street All.
Matsqui   Street.
District F.���
Richmond Street from Cumberland Street to 150 feet South of Alberta St
Carroll Street, All.
"arvey Street, All.
Dixon Street, All.
Fisher StrSeet, All.     ���
Cumberland Street from Harvey Stroet to Columbia Street.
And tliat the sold works be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the "Local Improvement Seneral Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council In accordance with the provisions of the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the amounts estimated to be chargeable against
the various portions of real property to be benefited by the said works and
other particulars and the said reports of the City Engineer and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said reports are open for inspection at
the offices of the City Assessor, City Hall, Columbia Street, New Westminster, II. C. and that unless a petition against the proposed works above mentioned signed by a majority of the owners of the land or real property to be
assessed as charged In respect of such works representing at least one-half
In value thereof Is presented to the council within fifteen days from tho
date of the lirst publication of this notice the Council will proceed with the
proposed Improvements under such terms and conditions as to tha payment
of the cost of such improvements as the Council may by By-law in that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this Twelfth day of November, 1912.
City Clerk.
Date of flrat publication, November 13b, 1912. (70)
���ii"   ir' '
Qlnslng Worth $500 Pillaged at Oka !
The caterpillar pest has ruined the j
apple crop in the Two Mountain dis- j
trict save in the TrappisU irchards. j
In St. Joseph's und other surrounding |
villages" the apple trees have suffered i
immensely from tlie deadly  slug.
The Trappist Monks, through the j
work of one of their memhers, Rev. |
Father Leopold, the horticulturist, i
and one of the youngest aiul most dia- |
tinguished Fathers of that austere or- j
der after visiting many of the leading |
orchards in Europe last year discover- |
ed a remedy for the many deadly en- j
rmies whicii have been playing grest
havoc among the various class of fruit j
trees of late years.
"It was a hard fight to keep ahead j
ol the enemy this year," said mie of
the veteran monks who has spent
nearly forty years in the cloister,
speaking to a Montreal Standard representative, "but we had to woik
hard and we have succeeded in saving
our fruit trees. While the crop will
not be cs large as last year, still it
will be an average one."
The vegetable crops will be in the
same  proportion.
The ginsing plant of a famous medicinal plant prized by the Chinese as
such is beirg cultivated by the monks.
At present ther.> are several acres under cultivation, the value ol whicii is
$10,000. It sold in China for $15, $2ft
and $30 a pound while a rare aptcies
of the plar.t is sold for lrom $450 to
$600 a pound.
The plar.t takes seven years for full
maturity, though nfter four ye*rs
portions of it like the seeds, which
grow on the top, may be used lor different purposes. There are only three
places in Canada where thc plant is
cultivated, th.e Trappists having tlie
largest supply. The Chinese keep the
gre. t ni'dicir.al value of this plant a
pr..found Secret.
Recently-, rluriiig a severe storm,
robbers entered the ginsing garden.
situated in tho woods some distance
fr>.in the in mastery, and stole "*'Jiti
worth of rou.', be.-ldes destroying the
lattice work ajul dojng other damage.
At present a vieiius dog guards the
plaie b <th dny and night while a lew
yards lrom tha garden an old log cabin ca.lel "Soli'-uie de Marie," stand*
whsrj a monk sl"��ps with a loaded
gun hanging on the wall.
When the rep rt. r visited the place
things looked as ii tbe marauders were
making a second attempt on the pie-
mists, as the brother must have heard
some noise in tiie night for the gun
w<:s taken down and was resting on a
Stool near the window from which a
good view of any persons entering the
domhki ct.ul.i be seen. Last year lhe
monks sold nearly $2,000 worth of th ���
plant to a New York firm, hut Brother
Stanislaus, who las charge of the
place informed tho reporter thut this
year there will he no sale, as no.it
year n large portion of the batch will
have reached its full maturity, and
will find a ready market.
The  poultry  departm >nt under the
direction  of  Brother Wil.'reJ  is probably the large.t of the many progressive   works   seen   around   the   farm.
There  are   at   pr-��ent   two   thousand t
chickens, five hundred hems, six hun- ,
ilred ducks a lar(,e nutnbtT '���[ pigeons i
and prize roosters.   Several prize birds '
are now on exhibition st the QueU.c
Pair.   The Trappists have the diatitic- I
tion of making a feat financial sue- I
cess of tlieir |>oultry department and
ol   raising   some   of   the   finest   birds
found in any poultry yard in Canada.
An   up-to-date    pinery    is    now   iu
course   <f   construction,   and   will .accommodate  about  six  hundred   pork-
The cold storage plar)t inaugurated
last year by the monks was very successful.
The bee hive industry is another of
the  progressive  works  and   last year
6 Roomed House on Hamilton St.
below value. Can be handled for
$400 Cash, balance as rent
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Chinaman Keeps Six Half Dollars for
Companion Since 1853.
San Francisco, Nov. 13.���Chang
Fook, 84 years old, who will sail for
China tomorrow, gave to Attorney J.
C. ratlin today, six worn half-dollars,
wrapped lu a piece of faded China
silk, wllich he has held in trust for 54
years. Catlin Is commissioned to find
Chin Foo and return to hlm the money
which he gave Chang on the
Boston in 1853.
sessor having reported to the Council
in accordance with the provisions of
the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Councll.
Notice Is hereby given that the said
reports are open for Inspection at ths
OfTice of the City Assessor, City Hall,
.        .Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster,
rrtgate   B   c    and   that    un|e9g ��� a    pet|t!oa
| against   the   proposed    works   abovo
mentioned signed by a majority of the
Chang said he and Chin were cabin ....
boys on the Boston, then commanded t ?wnbr8 of.t.he_lan^��r r.e^ ProPerty to
by Commodore Perry.   While the ves
sel lay at anchor in Boston Harbor,
Chang had shore leave and was given
the money by Chin to bay opium.
When he returned, Chin had been
transferred to another vessel, and
Chang never saw him again.
"1 can't go back to China with this
debt unpaid," said the aged Chinese to
Catlin. "You must find Chin and give
him the money."
be assessed as charged In respect of
j such works representing at least one-
Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster tiuving by resolution determined and specified that It is
desirable to carry out the following
works, that is to say: To lay Main
Sewers. Laterals and Connections und
works contingent thereto in Section 2,
B. District of the Sapperton Sewerage
Scheme, to wliich the following area;3
DeBeck  street  from  Cemetery  street
to Columbia street.
Strand street from Cemetery Btreet to
Columbia street.
Alberta street from   Richmond   street
to Columbia street.
Simpson street from Richmond street
to Columbia street.
Keary sireet from Richmond street to
Columbia street.
Hospital     street   from     Richmond
street to Columbia street.
Sherbrooke     street     from    Columbia
street to 47ft feet west.
Knox street, All.
Cedar street, All.
Buchanan avenue from Hospital street
��� o Sherbrooke street.
Blair avenue from Hospital street   to
Sherbrooke street.
And that said works be carried out
\ in accordance with  the provisions of
i the "Ixical  Improvement Oeneral  Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City As-
; sessor having reported to the Council
; in accordance with the provisions of
I the said  Bylaw  upon the said works
; giving      statements      showing      the
| amounts  estimated  to   be chargeable
I against  the  various  portions   of  real
property  to be benefited  by  the said
works and other  particulars and  the
said reports of the City Engineer and
half ln value thereof is presented to
the Council within flfteen days from
the date of the first publication of thlg
notice the Councll wlll proceed with
the proposed improvements under
such terms and conditions as to tha
payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Councll may by By-law
in that behalf regulate and determine
end also to make the eaid assessment.
Paled  this  12th day of November,
A. I)., 1912.
City Clerk.
Hate of first publication November 13,
1918, (69i
! Must sell half an acre a few yardi
: from Sixth Street csr line, East Bur
i naby. for $1500; $500 cash, balance 6,
' 12 and 18 months.
Modern  five roomed bungalow   ea
| Eleventh avenue, $2250. Electric light
and city water on premises.	
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenui
Phone 719. East Burnsby, B.C.
Under instructions from the owner 1
will offer for sale by
at Moreton Hall, Edmonds, on Saturday. Nov. 16th, at 2 p. m.. sixteen full-
sized lots in this favorite locality, situate on Richmond Btreet and Mary
avenue, and being lots 14, 11, M. JL
26. 27, 28, 29. 60, 61, 62, 63, 64. 65, 66.
67, in Blocks 3 to 19, 36 to 63, 68 to
75, in District lot 30, group 1.
On lot 28 there is ereoted a good,
modern bouse. ^^
..���--,        )*}..*���        .,* i ���,- i "������� lepui-w ui win ^uy mngitieer and!     T,1Pfle lots are close to ��ar, school,
the monks sold offl their entire stock | nty A8SegS0r having been adopted by i "hurchea and stores, and are wry ��#���
MJJ?5eJr- . .    |th- Council. I sirable for residences. i.
Notice Is hereby given that the said      Terms: One-third cash, balance *,*.
reports are open for Inspection at th��   12' and  lc months, with 1
Office of the City Assessor, City Hall l lDteroet.
Columbia   street,    New   Westminster '     Particulars can
B.   C,   and    that unless    a    petltiou Ithe Auctioneer,
against   the    proposed   works   abovo
Thirty years a;o when four monks
sntered this place to start their work
in Canada after copiing from France
it was a howling wilderness, to-day
flfteen hundred acres of the two thousand which the monks pQMM* are un-
per cent
obtained from
der cultivation, being fruitful iu every I mentioned signed by a majority of thi
respect. In that "valley of peace '; owners of the land or real property to
where eighty monks now toil as strict , be assessed as charged ln respect of
vegetarians living on only one meal j such workB representing at least one-
per day  for eight inomthe out of the t half In value thereof Is presented to
the Council within fifteen days from
the date of the flrst publication of this
. notice the Councll wlll proceed with
j the proposed Improvements under
auch terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may by By-law
In that behalf regulate and determine
New Westminster.
twelve, proclaiming to the ouUide
world the fruits oi tlieir patience, perseverance and industry, ae the m</tV>
says, "Labor omriw vineit.'
A Tal. cf Kltchtnar.
Always a lpnely figure ttt society functions, L'ri K.U\ie,.er was the gue.,t ol
a prominent London hostess recently,
looking a veritube wallflower. Although he is really the kiiul-st of
men, people seemed to "fi^ht shy" ol
h ni, or perhaps were i erVoUS at in -
truding uu his n���l,.u..l reserve ��� his
atern Coui.t ���nance ,s not inviting.
How. ver, an ur.o ir.enlioiial Canadian
spJ:roi;hed iuni with:
"Look here, I'm a Canadian. I don't
want a formal introduction, hut I
wouiil feel proud tn shake the hand
of K tch.'iier, of whom we iu Canada
feel so pruuil." Kitchener's both hands
seizixl [llm Immediately, "Toot's just
what'l like, r.o formality," lie said,
and straightway he entered into a
1.tart-to-heart tin about Canadian cooperation in naval mutters, praising
Mr Berl-n for nit piit.loiic speeches
on tiiis subject.��� Toronto Star Weekly.
He Won't Go Fishing.
Hon. Wilnani Harty, of Kingston,
who has lived through a stormy political career and amassed a fortune in
business, has a side to his nature
which his closer trends may guesp at
but can never entirely fathom. This
is manifested chiefly in a hatred of
physical cruelty.' He is a hard fighter
in a political campaign, but the infliction of suffering in any form, whether it affects man or animal, is his
most bitter abhorrence, and he will go
far toTprevemt it. This humane tendency is carried even to the extent of
refusing to go fishing, entailing as it
Would the sacrifice of living creatures
for the sake ol sport. Buch a strange
characteristic iB not the result of any
lad or some personal code, but is s
natural outcome of a high sensitiveness to pain.
Notice to Holders of �������letered Aarta*
ments at Bale.
Holders of Registered Agtssmssts,
who have not transferred their Interest, are requested to make ths Statutory Declaration, ln ordar that thw
names may be Inserted ln the Annual
..  .������ _..��� ���CTO ���  Voters'     Lists.     Such     DeolarattoW
and also to make the said assessment   should be in the hands of tha Clark
Dated  this    "         *"���"""
A. D.. 1912.
12th day of November,
Date   of
City Clerk,
first   publication,   Nov.   13,
not later than the 30th day of November Instant. The necessary forms
may be obtained on application at tha
Municipal Hall.
Edmonds, B.C., November 6, 1913.
Local  Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
Sew Westminster haying by resolution determined and specified that It
a de.=ilrable to carry out the following
works, that Is to say: To lay Main
���Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
worka contingent thereto In Section 2,
K. District, of the Sapperton Sewer-
ige Scheme, to which tbe following
xrea iB tributary:
Columbia street, Cumberland street to
Braid Btreet.
Keary street, Columbia street to Brunette st i'eet.
Nelson street All.
Spruce Btreet All.
Sherbrooke street, Columbia street to
Fader street.
Major street, Columbia street to Fader
Braid street, Columbia street to Fader
Fader street,   Sherbrooke   street   to
Braid street.
Kelly   street,   Sherbrooke   street  to
Braid Btreet.
Brunette street,   Columbia   street  to
Keary Btreet.
And that the said works be carried
out In accordance with the provisions
of the "Local Improvement General
Bylaw, 1912,"
And tbe City Engineer and City As-
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, EnglMl
and Swiss
All Work Guaranteed.
841 Front Street.     IM"-�� City Market
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46 Lorn* Street, Nam Westminster.
���4* I mmmmmmmmm*
.' *�� in **
��� >ii��inrt  ..���
Santa Claus says he prefers to buy
his Toys at Lees Limited.
November Home Furnishin
We are Selling a World of Beds and Bedding.   Dozens of Spare
Rooms are Being Furnished at Great Savings by Buying Now
of the better sort to be had at Lees
Santa buys his here.
*r         J
This Bed $2.85
Spring   $1.9>
Mattress $2.95
This handsome   brass   trimmed   Bed
at $5 50
Spring, extra heavy $2.75
Mattress, wool, sanitary top and bottom, at $4.25
Special Attractions in
our Ladies' Suit Section
Tailor Made Navy Blue Serge Suits
Sllk-Ilued, excellently finished, splendid material, rare value; $20
and $25 qualities, at $15.60
Fancy Tweed Suits
In the latest creation of fashion; strictly tailor-made and finished.
Women who want a suit will tind lt to their advantage to visit our
fully equipped, up-to-date department.   $20.00 values at $15.03
Wool Dresses
We have Just unpacked several boxes of Ladies' Wool Dresses;
chic stylos, elegantly finished, superb clotlis. Special prices at Hi.O'l
to   .' $20.0)
Evening Gowns
To suit the most refined; in chiffon, silk and lace; beautifully
trimmed.   From $15, $20, $25, $30 to $50.
Waists, Tailor Made
lu Wool, Messaline, Poplin and Madras. Regular from $1.50 to $6.00;
cut to   $1.25 and $4.50
Bed  $3.50
Spring $2.23
Mattress   $2.95
Bed  $4.25
Spring        $2.53
Mattress  $4.03
Bed  $3.95
Spring' .....' $2.75
Mattress  54.00
Hcusehold Kitchen Necessities
2-6 x 4 Kitchen Tables $2.03
Kitchen Queens, 2 drawers, 2 bins $4.00
Kitchen Chairs   55s
Dresser3 with  14  x  24  mirror  tPawam* *7-7*
Ef t^W o
Golden   Chiffoniers,   similar
to out   , $10.*0
Very Special Values in
Union Suits for Women
In this line we are especially strong, showing large assortments
ranging at, per suit, 75c, 85c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.53.
We also show full range of qualities of
Already this department has made a reputation for general excellence.
We show large assortments ln the most desirable styles and qualities
for women, men and children. We especially recommend our qualities at  25:, 35c and 50c
Make your headquarters at this store. We have aU the conveniences tor your comfort and we Invito yoa to tte at bome here,
whether you buy or not.
Our First Floor shows Stoves, Ranges and Heaters. Electrical
goodt), Toys, Trunks, China and Glastwafe and all Kitchen Utensils.
Our Main Floor shows !.adii s' Heady-lo-Wear Domestics on tho
mezzanine rear; Dress Gocd i. Silks, Notions, Ladies' Hosiery.
Glovc-3, Tics and Men's Furnishings.
Our Third Floor shows Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums. Parlor .Furniture and Drawing Room S tltes, Window Shades and Draperies.
Our Fourth Floor shows Beds aud Bedding, Couches, Art Gallery Frames and Mouldings, Baby Cabs and Carts, and Madame
Taylor's Dressmaking rooma and Rest Rooms.
Our Fifth Floor shows our entire lines of Furniture, Dining
Room Suites. Bed Room Suites, China Closets, Office Furniture,
Desk Mies and Typewriters.
Take the elevator and look around. You will be surprised and
delighted with the great varieties of up-to-date merchandise we
Our Dressmaking Department, under the charge of Mlss Taylor,
is on the Fourth Floor.   Take the elevator.
Carpet Bargain Extraordinary-
Carpets, per yard	
-300 yards of $1.50 high-grade Brussels
Dresser Commode $5.75
Our Stove Department offers
unusual values, chief of which
ls our great St. Clair Malleable.
Two Hostile Camps Lining Up as Result of Royal Commission Report
'/ . on Big Question.
London, Nor. 1$.���England Ib dividing Into two bitterly hostile camps
over the report of tha Royal Divorce
Commission. The supporters of the
minority report hold that the eaaler
and cheaper divorce recommended by
tbe majority wlll have a demoralizing
effect upon the homes and the morals
of the country. The supporters of the
minority approve the majority provision, that both sexes shall be on equal
footing as regards divorce, but they
insist that otherwise the grounds for
divorce be not extended and they object to the recommendation that oases
be heard In camera and the details
be not printed until the trials are
ended. Many leaders, however, declare the majority report to< be n
triumph of common sense. Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle s.iys:
"The report brings hope to many
who bave long lost tt. H adopted, it
will maha marriage purer and holler
tbaa ever.   The minority restates ths
old ecclesiastical position which
would have forbidden divorce utterly:
only the crying needs of humanity
were too strong for it."
Lord Robert Cecil, speaking for the
advocates of the minority report Says
the proposal of the majority to extend
the- causes for divorce, would, lf accepted, reduce the marriage law s,nd
the country to chaos. He declares
further that no alteration ln the marriage laws should be made untll women bave the vote.
The Liberal newspapers, representing the non-conformist thought, as a
rule, favor the report while the Unionist organs, voicing the opinions of tho i
Established Church, support the minority, holding generally that the acceptance of the majority recommendation would transform England Into a
national Reno and sap the foundations of society.
Earl Russell, who was the central
flgure in a sensational dlvorco ease,
says ln the Da<1v News:
"The majority report. If accepted
wlll do much to make divorce equal to
the pocr, and to abolish Enoch Ardeu
sir ftporge: Lewis, savs the recommendations of the majority report are
excellent bnt do not go far enough,
vi agree," he says, "with the proposal to make flve fresh grounds for
divorce and still more wtth the suggestion to reduce the period fnr desertion necessary for obtaining dl-
vorce from three to two years. Qne,
question should h%ve been dealt with
ln a different way,   I think it neither
moral nor in the Interests of husband,
wife or children, or tbe state, that
married persons, both guilty cf misconduct, should continue to live together."
British    Naval   and   Immigration Organisation Wants Men From British Army and Navy.
Ottawa, Nov. 13.���Suggesting that
the government should make a grant
ot $60,000, a delegation of the Naval
and Immigration League of Toronto,
headed by E. G. Scammell. had an interview with Hon. Dr. Roche today.
They also brought up a number of matters In connection with the work of
the organisation.
The object of tbe league is to bring
to Canada soldiers and sailors wbo
have served .full terms In Uie British
army and navy. Tho co-operation of
the Ironrltrratlon department/was aak-
ed tor 'n connection with the work.
, Dr. Roche gave them a sympathetic
hearing. lie said that while he oould
make ho promises, he would take the
matter  before Premier  Borden,  and
his colleagues.
Dr. Roche was also waited upon by
a delegation representing the St. John
Ambulance Association, consisting of
Dr. F. Montizambert, director-general
of public health and president of the
association; Sir Louis H. Davles,
chairman of the committee; Dr. C. F.
Podgetts. J. M. Courtney, Col. D. T.
Irwin, Fred Cook, honorary secretary,
and Major R. J. Blrdwhlstle.
They laid before the minister the
matter of having the various survey
parties connected with his defettrt-
ment properly supplied wtth appli
ancea for the rendering ot first aid lu
cases of accident and sudden illness.
and also asking that every auch party
going out on work of this kind should
have one or more men with a practical
knowledge of how to help hla fellow-
men When far from medical assistance.
. Numerous cases were cited In sup-
! port of the contention of the deputation. In almost every party accidents
have occurred which have resulted
seriously, throneh the lack of such
knowledge, or life bas been saved by
the application of the knowledge acquired in the flrst *td classes.
In nddit'on to the minister and deputation there were present R. H.
Campbell, director of forestry; Dr. W.
F. Klnsr. chief astronomer; Dr. De-
vllle. director of Dominion lan�� .survey*, and R. W. Brook, director of thft
geological surver. All these gentlemen expressed themselves as heartily
ln favor of the pfbposftlon aha' corroborated the statements ot the depu
tation, tn which were cited cases of
serious accidents occurring ln connection with such work.
The minister expressed hls appreciation of tbe value of the work and
promised to bring beforo the various
branches ot his department the necessity for action along the lines suggested.
Paeenger Train Runs Into Freight and
Flrat Car la Telescoped���Fifteen Injured.
Indianapolis. Nov. 13.���Sixteen persona were killed and fifteen others
seriously injured today when an inbound Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton passenger train ran Int6 an open
switch and crashed into a freight train
at Arlington avenue, In Irvington, a
��"bnrb. The train was coming fr^m
Cincinnati and was running forty
miles an hour.
The wreckage caught fire, but tin
"<��i"es ��oon were extinguished. Most
of the dead were found in the wreck*
age ot the flrit car which telescoped
baggage car./ The engineer ot the
passenger train was killed in His cab,
but the engineer of the freight train
escaped by jumping.
Firemen and police worked at tha
wreck two hours before the first body
was found. Holes were chopped in
the tops of the cara- and the injared
supplied with water for which they
cried pitifully.
The passenger train wr>~ -*���*"* to
have had a clear track, but the brake-
man on the freight train, it ia said,
failed to close the switch when him
train cleared the main track for tha
passenger. Carl Cross, head brake-
man on tbe freight, said the switch.
bad been left open by one ot hla men.
The two engines were almost completely telescoped. They reared ap
when tbey came together and ware ao
wrecked that lt waa houn before tha
body of tbe engineer on the pasanger
traln waa found ln the cab.
The baggage car waS badly splintered, but tbe two passenger coaches
Just behind looked more like a pile
of kindling wood.   .
New York. Nov. 13.���Record prioe*
were realized for seta of rare old volumes at the continuation today' ot thiy
sale ot the library ot the lato Robert
Hoe. This waa the second day of tho
fourth psrt of tbe eale. The throe
parts sold have brought a total of XI.-
069,185. A flv��volume set ot the Decameron, Cutterson collection, printed tn Paris between 176? and 17��C
\ was sold for $1400.
ft*} * PAGE FOUR
Published every morning exoept
Sunday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd.. at iheir ofllce,
���%S McKenri* Street, New Westminster, B. C.
Business Office   999
JBditorlal Office   991
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
mouths, or 40c per month.
By mail.'-fi, per year, or 25o per
No letters will,be published In the
Mam exoept, over the writer's signature. ��.&&,, pjlltor reserves the right
to refuse the publication of any letter.
We are pleased to notice  that the
elty council   is   taking   seriously the
I suggestion  Of the   publicity  commis-
it    \ sloner that New Westminster   estab
lish a market for the fruit of the interior,   poiibtless It will not be easy
.to accomplish anything in this Une as
; there are"s*veral elementary  difficulties to be overcome such as   freight
rates, byt we do not.think a success-
.ful outcome by any means impossible.
Therq is, however, one side of tft'9
���proposition which has   not   yet beeu
��� commented on.    This is the possibility of securing the oversea  transportation'of-this fruit for the   port   of
New Westiftftlster.
One of the most importan t factors
ln building np the trade of any port is
the possession pf cold storage warehouses where the produce of the interior can be held awaiting shipment.
Already a large quantity of Okanagan
apples are shipped to Australia and
New Zealand and there is every prospect of this traffic growing. A r*
' turn trade in fruits is also springing
up at a different time of the year.
Now  if  Now  Westminster was th.3
port on this coast that possessed the
-only up-to-date facilities for  handling
this special business, this trade wouli
rapidly become hers, especially when
the unexampled  distribution  facilities
-existing on-the Kraser river are taken
Into consideration.     The builders   of
every successful port have had   one
guiding' principle  to prepare  for   ex-
_ pected trade before it comes, for then
it will come for sure, and the  harbor
���fcuililesa. af .thia rity must   follow the
same maxim. /
With these facts in mind, it will be
lo the interest of every merchant and
especially the grocers of tlie *���"������ to
render every assistance In their power to market Hritish Columbia fruit in
New Westminster. Thus they will
not be only building up their own business, but'jtfso that of the interior a3
well. And the development of that
interior should be the object of every
earnest-minded man in British Columbia today.
grove might be made to sit and gaze
contemplatively on the shack-town
that has superseded the trees. The
venoor of disqualified fruit would bo
made to bull the market by consuming
It himself, and the canners who combined might be assigned to cramped
quarters within the soldered cans.
Our visitor forgot about Ontario, but
in large conceptions of destiny trifling
omissions must be expected. Perhaps
this province Is to be left wandering
about like a comet among the heavenly bodies. It may flnd no rest for the
sole of its foot. Ontario Is a fact, and
facts are stubborn things. But thla
provinde does not feel slighted. If forgotten by destiny today she will be
picked up tombrrow. It is impossible
to escape the burden. On destiny's
head destinies accumulate.���Toronto
��� ���
��� FROM   THE   SEVEN   SEAS.    ���
��� ���
The latest official figures place the
population of the Commonwealth at 4,-
644,000. Tbls represents an Increase
of 200,000 since the census.
Messrs. Johnston Brothers (Limited), boring contractors, have received
a telegram that ln the Coonee Creek
bore, near the New South Wales border, a flow of one and a quarter millions gallons of good water per day
has been obtained at a depth of 1325
feet. The same firm report that they
have got the Patchawarra bore, which
is out past Innamlncka, to a depth of
r>000 feet, making It -th^ deepest in
South Australia. They hope to strike
the artesian supply any day no^y.
It is suggested In Sydney that Australia should send a champion association football team to England, Canada
and the United Statea. leading
sportsmen who have traveled declar--'
that the venture would not only be a
splendid advertisement for Australia
but would abo be a good financial sue
The Governor of Queensland, havin.;
approved of a by-law made by thy
Brisbane City Council, the wearing ol
dangerous hatpins is now an offencp
in law in both city and council areas.
the South Brisbane Council having already passed such a. provision. A fin^
"n to ��10 Is provided fcr each offence.
Regarding the Western  Australian
Government's retail butcher shop, Mr.
| >\ngwin   (Honorary   Minister!   staten
i that it has made a profit, and that tho,
, Government has received  several offers to supply bullocks by rail, which
; would enable it to maintain the sup-
' riv even if it conld not get cattle from
, Kimberley.   He acknowledged that th?
government had purchased b��ef from
Kiwberlpv cattle firms at 3Vid a lb..
and could sell it at a profit.
I    The   government   is   trying   to    ar-
range a visit by the Governor-Genera'
j to   Kalgoorlie,   in   January   next,   to
i turn the first sod at this   end   of the
tranaaustrallan line.
I    Sir Thomas  linbirson's  defence  of
��� the arrangements made to safeguard
I women immigrants to Queensland, be
I fore the Empire Trade Commission, is
heartily endorsed here.    The   accusa
tions made ln various   quarters with
regard   to   Inadequate   protection    at
Queensland ports are regarded as unprovable assertions.
Tasmania has always been famed
for Its prize sheep. A flock of 500
rams has just been shipped from
Launccston to Sydney.
the city health officers today and
there are now 21 cases In the new
smallpox hospital. Dr. J. E. Laberto
said today that while be did not think
that the outbreak would spread to the
serlouB proportions of the epidemic of
1S85, the citizens should realize that
the situation was a critical one, and
every possible means to offset the outbreak should be taken.
Of the seven new cases reported today four have been traced to Infection
from old cases. Three of the men removed to the hospital were longshoremen engaged on the wharves. None of
the new patients had been vacc'.nated,
and in fact, of the twenty-one patients
In the hospital none had beon vaccinated. One case is of the malignant
type and fears are felt for the recovery of the victim.
Ur. Laberto states that, while there
is room lu the hospital for 35 patients
the authorities are handicapped by an
Insufficient staff and are endeavorlns
to secure nurses.
(Continued trom rage one)
barber shops in the city by the barb
ers' union. The delegate from this
union explained that a man has to
serve three years at the work beforn
being allowed a card, even though the
man in question might be as good, lf
not a better workman than many of
those following the trade.
The point raised drifted to lady
barbers. The delegate from the union
stated they would not allow any to
join the union as It might lead to a
reduction in wages.
Delegate Hogg Btated that any organization keeping out the weaker sex
was not ..showing the right colors towards unionism, which was followed
with a retort from the barbers' union
asking Delegate Hogg how he woul.l
like to work alongside a lady carpenter.
One cf the delegates present
thought the women should be left to
look after the home. This brought
out a storm of protest from the suffragette sympathizers. However, the
matter was left In abeyance for th'.*
barbers themselves to deal with.
A delegate from the carpenters
nsked Delegate Dodd how it was tha
firemen of No. 1 hall were allowed to
lay a floor when carpenters were looking for work. The labor member of
the city council replied that aa tho
firemen had little to do between fires
the chairman of the flre committer
thought it advisable that they should
be allowed to do the work.
Report from unions denoted a healthy state of activity in industrial lines
in the city, although the wet weather
had retarded outside worK'to some extent.
Over the Taxation  Methods of Lloyd
George ��� Government's Prestige
Shaken by Recent Defeat.
Canada has still another destiny;
nay, many of them. A destiny is a
heavy burden for a young and struggling nation to carry. It is even more
burdensome than a past. For a past,
in spile of tlie fact that few things
���change more rapidly than ancient history, has. a certain element of stability
about it. But a destiny changes with
every wind that blows, hence the more
wind the more destiny. A Canadian
eah scarcely pick up a morning paper
without misgivings as to what the destiny ,o{ .tjie Dominion will be for the
day.' ���  -,.
Odr'litest destiny, or combination
���of destinies, has been designed for us
by a distinguished visitor from old
France (Henri Bertilland) whose Integrity no one will question and whosa
earnestness all will respect. He sees
��jn tlie banks of the St. Lawrence a
French Republic with a bull moose, an
elephant and a tiger struggling for tin
presiilencv under the shadow of the
BOOT fle lis. There may be some botanical and zoological difficulties about
this vision, but ah a destiny it is young
yet, and allowances must be made.
-Canada's Middle West is to creep
tmtVr tlie Bhadow of the eagle's wing
aii'J wonder what, its member is doing
awav off at Washington, or if his
moral standards there are as lr-
"trfcpmaobaljle as at home. The people
of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are tn bave their elevator policies
declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of tbe Republic, and the
duty on tlieir sugar will be determined by the Czar of the Hawaiian
British Columbia is accorded tho
most fantastic destiny of all. There
the Mikado will wave his regal plumd
while' the, lord high executioner designs'ft punishment to lit every crime,
wndL-lhe three little maids from school
��� VUl-r.adlate the fascinating witchery
*ol their fans. Premier McBride is already familiarizing the people of the
coast with the supervision of a Poo-
ttdi-' iW'hO' manages and directs all
things arm holds all offices. This may
liave determined the codrse ot the
new destiny.
Fancy pictures the lord high oxecu-
���tioner making Sir Thomas carry two
boxer, of fruit on a pole over the Kick
ing Horse Pass without remuneration,
if C. P. R. charges should become'ex-
'teBBtv*.'- The landboomer might be
made to spend his years Hying kites
��nd Inflating toy balloons, while the
iriestrOyer of the   Dead   Man's   Island
New   Zealand.      ,
The Hon. James Allen, Minister of
Finance, will pay a visit to London in
January on a financial .mission. He
will afterwards study educational
methods and defence on the contin
A regrettable scene has occurred in
the House of Representatives. Sir
Joseph Ward accused the Chairman of
Committee of impertinence, and refused to withdraw the , remark when
the speaker requested him to do so.
The house subsequently passed a resolution of regret.
' South    Africa.
The governmen t intends to construct a large graving dock at one of
the ports of the Union, but It has not
yet been decided whether Capetown or
Durban Ib to be the site. There Is already a graving dock at Capetown, and
a floating dock capable of lifting vessels up to 8000 tons at Durban.
Six fishermen have been dirownel
at Port Elizabeth.
The Archbishop cf Capetown denounces the extreme ease with which
divorces can be obtained In the
Union, on the ground of desertion.
The establishment of bacon-cur.nv
In Rhodesia has been decided upon
and It may be said that there Is every
chance for this Industry being conducted with great profit. At presort
the imports of pig products into Soutb
Africa amount to about ��400,000 per
A daring fraud practiced' on a
wealthy Brahmin of Idar by a low-
caBte woman and flve brother Brahmins ts reported from Bhavnagar. It
appears that the conspirators, after
dressing the woman as a respectable
Brahmin woman, took her to Idar and
put her on the marriage market. The
victim eventually gave ��140 for her,
and married her. Three months later,
during her husband's absence, she possessed herself of jewels to the valu*
of ��20 belonging to her husband, and
absconded. When the husband returned and discovered what had happened he Informed the police, who arrested the woman and her five accomplices.���Standard of Empire.
i An Important meeting at which
Mayor Lee will preside Is to be hell
this evening in the council chamber
-f the citv hall, its object being to Initiate in Westminster a branch of thfl
Victorian Order of Nurses.
Burnaby has already organized a
branch of this most helpful society,
and Vancouver has long been able to
reach the poorer classes and to alleviate their sufferings or give timely advice by reason of having a number of
Victorian nurses.
The nurses supplement the work of
the established general hospitals, and.
as the movement has the support of
the public bodies in the city. It is ex-
oected that a representative gathering
to whieh the general public ia invited,
will be on hand at 8 o'clock.
London. Nov. 13.���Ministerialists admit that the government defeat ln the j
House of CommoiiB Is most embarras-1
slug.    It destroys the    closure   tlmfl j
table upen which the early passage of ���
the Home Rule Bill depends,   lt also
deals a shrewd blow   at the   government's prestige with the country constituencies where the unpopularity of |
Lloyd George's Insurance Act   Ib  already causing a heavy loss of votea
at the various by-elections.
T. L. Garvin, editor of the Pall Mall
Gazette, declared tn his   paper   last i
night that the   Home   Rule Bill    la
doomed.   This ia palpably an exagger-1
atlon for the government can and wlll
recover itself.     It means   only that
there will be a delay.     If the  bill is
finally lost lt will be because some of
Its features���notably the powers given ,
the Irish parliament In financial  and i
customs   matters���depart  from   free
trade principles.     This   arouses   su-'
preme distrust with some eighty ministerialist members.
Whatever Unionists may pretend to
the contraiy, It was a snap division,
cleverly and secretly devised by three
men, Lord Balcarres, the Unionist
whip; Mitchell Thompson, a young
Unionist of Intimate Canadian and
West Indian associations, and Sir
Frederick Banbury, a financial magnate, who shares with Mr. Arthur Balfour representation in the Ctty of London. Mr. Bonar Law and the other
Unionist leaders were as surprised as
everyone else. Sir Frederick Banbury kept his amendment off the order paper and carefully secreted in
his pocket until the auspicious moment arrived.
In the meantime his confederates
sent batches of confidential telegram,
to three hundred Unionists to attend
| instanter. The telegrams were sent tn
j bundles from telegraph offices outside
! the parliament buildings lest the min-
! isterial whips learn of the manoeuvre.
The government will easily recom
mlt the financial clauses and reverse
the hostile decision. There is no
question of the ministers' immediate
resignation, especially during the pres
ent European crisis, when all sections
of English opinion stand soltdlv behind
Premier Asqulth's statesmanlike declaration of foreign policy on Saturday
If the resignation cornea It will be
later as a consequence of dissensions
In the cabinet and in the ranks of tha,
party, more probably over the taxa-'
tion methods of the chancellor of the
exchequer. There is no question but
that this dissension ls developing.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WIL80N, Manager.
Ottawa Authorities Afraid That Epidemic of 1885 Will Be Repeated.
Montreal, Que., Nov. 12.���Since th>^
smallpox scourge of 1885 in Montreal
the present outbreak ls the most serious that has confronted the civic and
provincial health officials.
Seven new cases  were  reported to
Russell Greenwood Goes to His Deatn
While Conducting Children to
Royal Oak, Burnaby, Nov. 13.���The
inquest upon the ' body of Russell
Ireenwood, the fourteen-year-old son
if Mr. and Mrs. George Greenwood, of
\lti Vista, will be held In the Murchhi
tndertaklng parlors on Thursday
morning at 11 o'clock.
Greenwood was killed last evening
by stepping on a live electric light
���vlre, which had been blown down by
'he windstorm.
He had guided one party and was
conducting another party of youn.<
people to the opening concert of St.
Patrick's Church mission and had
warned them of the danger of the fall
en wires, but apparently stepped upon
one of them himself.
His father Is a boilerma'er bv tradi;
and works In Vancouver. Coroner McQuarrie was out to the scene of the accident this morning, and will conduct
the enquiry ln New Westminster.
London, Ont., Nov. 13.���Follow'na
the objections of certain London
clergvmen to Sunday band concerts
the. first of which for the winter season was given here Sunday evening In
'be Majestic Theatre, members of the
Musicians' Union assert that If the
Snnday entertainments are prevented
they will withdraw from Sunday
school and church orchestras.
The Sunday concert attracted about
2000 peonle to the thpatre, where snored music was rendered, a'ld Rev.
Canon Tucker, rector of St. Paul'a
Anglican Cathedral, led ln praver.
Many ministers of different denominations have taken strong excention.
however, and call upon the notice to
prevent the carrying out of the plan?
of the committee In charge, which is
headed by Mrs. Dr. H. A. Kingsmlll
and many prominent women.
Are you one of those to whom
every meal Is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyapepsia Tablet*
vill help ycur disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and vill
soon restore it to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. no
This New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Hoi
and cold water and Telephone In
every room.
Cafe ond dining room in connection
second to n6ne tn the city.
The best accommodation ln New
Everything Modern and Up-To-Date
Eighth  Street. New Westminster.
me  mlnut>   from   B.C.E.  and  C.P.R.
East Bcirnaby
Dcautfi 1 view corner, cleared, 1
block from Sixth street, only
$900.   Extra good terms.
8 acres, all tn garden or orchard, an Ideal subdivision, oiw
block from King's Highway,
P 18.000.
Orchard lot. 45 x 100 feet, two
blocks from car. $750; $3o
caah, $15 per month.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East  Burruby.
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster and Crescent Valley,  B. C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
(Via Centra) Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until !) p.m., with balf hourly aervlce
until 11 p.m., laet car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 1 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m., wltb hourly service until 10 p m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
Flrat car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne.) at 7
a.m., with hourly aervlce until 11 p.m.
Sundaya���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 pin. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are ottered
o-er the Fraaer Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points on the division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
BOILERS   Riveted Sreet Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL     	
P.  O.  BOX  442
2 Room House and Lot 52 x 109 in
splendid location. Price only $950
One-third cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
451 Columbia Street
��� ��� . mmsa WW
Support of Game Growing ��� Two Mllltla Teams Play at Armories
���'.���<.*.-    ' '	
It will be a battle royal at the Armories on Friday evening when the two
basketball teams of the 104th Regiment wlll mix matters In the ctty
league. So far the Hustlers, wholly
composed of players of the Sangster
family, have won their initial game,
while the 104th quintette lost to the
Y. M. C. A.
The question of both teams playing
on thetr own court will no doubt have
some bearing on the struggle and In
terest Is at fever heat among the enthusiasts as to who will be the victor.
The showing of the league fives ho
tar this season Ib of a high standard,
nnd the support is fast growing in dl
ceptlble. The army and navy of the
Empire today, he said, consisted not
merely of British soldiers and British
Bailors, but soldiers and sailors representative of the*British Empire, and it
was the Empire's army and navy. The
Dominions had not done all they
should have done in the past in the
matter of defence, but they had always been represented and relied on
that army and navy, and out of this
respect and reliance had grown the
1 policy which today enabled them to re-
' alize tbe spectacle of ships of the
Overseas Dominions floating side by
side with British ships in Britisn
waters. As the years passed, still
more Dominion ships would be floac-
I ing side by side with British ships in
breath held fast bis   loyalty to   bis
Heavenly    King,  and  when    on    St.
Bartholomew's night of terror he fell, I
struck by the murderer's steel, he won J
respect even from bis persecutors for j
the brave way in which be brought |
his life to a close, a victim of hls faith, j
On that night, which will ever remain |
a blot on Christianity, Collgny was a
martyr just as, at a later  time,   hls.
son-in-law, the great Orange   leader, j
my ancestor, was true even unto death -
to the loyalty which all warriors are j
called upon to practice. j
Year o'f ter year I come here to Wll- j
helmshaven to keep before the eyes of.
the recruits the truth that loyalty to'
the king can flourish only on the soil |
where faith and the joyous exaltation
8eattle. Wash.. Nov. 13.���Approximately 100,000,000 feet of lumber has
been purchased from Oregon and
Washington mills by three carbuild-
ing companies during the last ten
days, according to information given
out by lumber agencies bere today.
The orders which are to be delivered In large lots during the winter,
were given by the following companies: Canadian Car & Foundry
Company, Toronto, 20.000,000 feet;
American Car & Foundry Company,
St. Louis, 40,000,000; Pullman Company, Chicago, 40,000,000.
Lumbermen ln tbe Grays harbor
district, it is said, obtained the largest share of the contracts. This is
one of the largeBt lumber deals In the
history of the Industry in the Pacific
I British waters until the Empire had i of faith ln the person of our Lord
no longer a British, but an Imperial holds sway. We soldiers (Krleg-
navy.    So far from the Empire dlsln- sleute) then, my comrades of the navy,
Following   la   the    House    League
schedule to Dec. 19.   No games will be
rolled during the holidays; the second
round commencing after  New Years:
Nov. 14.���Ayerst vs. McDonald.
Nov. 18.���Peterson vs. Ayerst.
Nov. 19.���Knight vs. McDonald.
Nov. 21.���Lane vs. Ayerst.
Nov. 25.���Peterson vs. Knight.
Nov. 26.���Lane vs.McDonald.
Nov. 28.���Peterson vb. Lane.
Nov.   2.���Knight vs. Ayerst.
Nov.   3.���Knight vs. McDonald.
Nov.   5.���Ayerst vs. Lane.
Nov.   ii.���McDonald vs. K��lght.
INov. 10.���Ayerst vs. Peterson.
Nov. 12.���Knight vs. Lane,
Nov. 16.���McDonald vs. AyerBt.
Nov. 17.���Knight vs. Peterson.
Nov. 19.���McDonald vs. Lane.
Visiting Rancher Urges Need of Better
Drainage and Seed���Example at
tegrating, It had grown .closer together and today there was not a
statesman In the whole Empire wbo
would dare repeat the "cutting the
painter" prophecies of long ago.
Another bond of union betwen the
Motherland and the Overseas Dominions was that represented by the King
and constitution. These were not
only Britain's possessions; they were
the Empire's, and Britain held that
constitution lu trust for the Overseas
Dominions no less than for the Motherland. The Empire today needed an
Imperial consciousness. One way of
securing that was by mesne of an
Imperlal organization. He did not believe we could perfect that organization until we obtained some deliberative and directive bodies, which represented nil parts of the Empire.
That lt would come was certain.
Earl Grey said that the membership
of tbe Institute now numbered 7036.
"The questions of instructing the
farmers of this province as to the
proper method of tlle drainage, and
also of instituting a market for the
distribution of guaranteed seed, are i��
my opinion, just as important as that
of assisting settlers with stumping
powder."      ���  - '��� -
This Is the view of Mr. G. G. Dickson, a prominent rancher of Lumly, B.
C, who for the past two days has
been staying at the Russell Hotel, and
who attended the stock sale at Mount
Coquitlam oa Tuesday afternoon.
"There are thousands of acres," continued Mr. Dickson, "which would double, their yield lf only farmers would
pay attention to the proper seed and
proper drainage.
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.   P.,   Goes   East
Shortly���Will  Introduce Important
Measure for Westminster.
will take Coligny as ah example.
Wherever we are, whatever- our position or our age, temptation assails us.
If in that hour we have the courage to
do as Collgny did when he wrote "Re-
gem habemus" we sball be able lo
I hope tben that this statue may
give each of you who passes by,
young and old, strength and vigor on
his path through life, and that each of
you may be minded to remain loyal
body and soul to his king, and may remember that he will be ready to do
that only If he remains loyal to his
heavenlv king.
His Majesty then returned to the
Neues Palais at Potsdam.���The Times.
^^^^^^^^^^^^   SeCUJ?ITYv
It Will Pay You To Get Our Rates
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne Street,   New Westminster.
D. BRAY, Manager.
Program for Wednesday and
Drama, "101' Bison, two-reel feature.
Eclair Comedy-Drama.
I hare a few lots In the Subdivision of Block li, Jl L. 93, facing
on Kingsway, one block from Highland Park station, oa the B. C.
Electric Tram line.   Lots 66 x 141.25 feet to lane.
Prices from $600 up.
Terms, V* cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months at 7 per cent Interest.
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
One of the most vital things concerning Westminster that Mr. J. D.
Toylor, M. P., will take up when he
goes down to Ottawa to attend the
coming session of the Federal House
will be the Introduction of tbe bill to
authorize a harbor commission for the
port of Westminster.
The bill has already been drawn up
by the civic authorities and presented
If It is passed by tho
^^^^^ to the member      ���^^^^_^^^^_
r    The fertility of the house���and  in all  probability  it will
government farm at Mount Coquitlam do bo���the harbor commission will be
Ib a striking instance of this. A fe* formed as early as possible. The ma-
years ago, from what 1 have been told, jority of the members of this body will
Of-all the bloomers that have  been
foisted   upon   the   Canadian    boxing
public   Barrieau looks to be about as
Rood a frost as any.   Heralded far and
wido as the coming Canadian   champion and rushed forward at a clip that
astounded the old atagers.   Barrieau's
ring aspirations received a death blow
at the hands of Kid Scaler at Edmonton.   The latter had little difficulty in
winning    from    thc    Terminal    City
youth, beating his man to a pulp and
forcing Barrieau's   Beconds   to   heave
thp towel into the ring in the sixth. It
was a thorough trouncing and leaves
no doubt as to who Is the better man.
Perhaps   the    defeat   wlll   serve   to
"wise" some of the Vancouver sportsmen as to the relative scrapping ability of Joe Bayley ond Barrieau.   Bay-
ley has shown that he has the "kick"
pnd abilltv  to take punishment.    He
lias met all who challenged him, and
Manager Condon has refused to allow
Ills protege to be bullied Into a flght.
Barrieau. ln Saturday night's flght at
Edmonton, claims to have been trained too line.    Well, If Vancouver   papers are to be believed, he was In thp
pink of condition when    he climbed
through the ropes.   That's a poor excuse at beet for an   aspiring   lightweight, and from thia distance It looks
aB it Barrieau is little better than a
(rood amateur, who will never advance
Into the championship  class.     Chet
Mclntyre has not handled   his    man
properly and Insisted on going after
the big game from the start, when he
had but a pop gun with which to combat the real class.���Victoria Times.
Portland, Or., Nov. 13.���That moving pictures even under the present
restrictions, and detective atorle* are
responsible for the greater part of
modern crime was the opinion expressed by A. W. Plnkerton, head of
the Plnkerton Detective Agen'cy, who
is a visitor in Portland today.
He cites tbe case of a prominent
���Chlcagoan, who although well Hxed
was tempted to steal a great sum as
a result ot his mind being Influenced
presumably by "movies" and detec
tive stories of low and high degree.
Plnkerton .asks for further strictures on thd- moving picture playhouses, and tho elimination as far as
possible ot the low grade, and tn some
cases the alleged high-grade detective
���   1        K  ' ���.-     i    ,      J     '     . IHI ������
Ottawa. Nov. 13.*--Prof.' H.fl".  Barnes, McGill University, who Has perfected a mlcrothermometer tor detecting ice and land trom on board ship
has communicated with the marine department and also sent a tracing ot
records taken on, the Empress of Brl-
twin In the St. Lhwrenoe s day or two
' before the Royal George was wrecked.
The report touches upon the  accident to the Royal George,   and  thi
trace rolnts out the rise of temper*
ture through the traverse dne to the
nasage of the ship into the fresh and
warmer water of the river.   Professor Barnes concludes:
"Tf   we oould study  the   r'ver and
the land out there was not worth a
cent as regards funning, but, with
onreful culture, the yield has reached
four tons of hay to the acre, simply
frcm choosing the proper and best
seed and having up-to-date drainage.
"This drainage scheme should apply
more to the low lands of the Fraser
Vulley than to the highlands, and if
more attention is paid to dyking and
draining, 1 feel Bure thnt the output
would bp nearly doubled."
Mr. Dickson spoke highly of thc
government stock sale h^ld on Tuesday, and belipvos il wlll be productlvs
of much good to the farmers who desire to improve their live stock. Me
had plans for purchasing several cattle, but the scarcity of Jersey klne
prevented him from making a deal.
He Is the owner of one of the largest ranches, aggregating about 400
acres. In the vicinity of Lumly. He
has been a visitor in New Westminster on several occasions for tbe past
seven years, and his most recent trip
haB Impressed upon him that the city
is improving in both appearance and
business growth.
"There is one thing I would mention," he said ln conclusion, "and that
lt, the government ought to have advertised the stock sale more thoroughly throughout the province so that the
farmers would have had a better opportunity of waking arrangements for
their attendance! I may be criticized
for this statement; but* I'do hope that
next year they will publish It throughout tbe province, and I venture to aay
that the bidding will be even better
tban that of Tuesday last."
be appointed by the   Ottawa  author!
ties and the balance by the municipal-J
ity or municipalities affected.
In addition to the application from
Westminster, the municipalities of
Burnaby, Point Grey, South Vancouver and Richmond have also asked for
a commission to have full jurisdiction
over the water of the North Arm. The
city council has already cited objection to this on the ground that It is
believed that one commission would
be sufficient for the needs ot Uie entire river. The government has been
notified of New Wfeatmlnster's objection and It remains to be seen what
will be done.
Mr. Taylor eyrects to go east during
the latter part of this month. Thc
session of parliament starts on Nov.
21, but the member Is not certain
whether he will be there during th?
opening days or not
Minneapolis Ml""... Nov. 13.���Kid
der countv authr-itles cannot find a
place to bvry the. body of the lynched
murdered. George Bake-.
There is ro potter-i fleld "id n>-
cemetery In th* coi"-try will allow thc
br-'r to be b'iriert *p It.
The 'nattr-T will be taken up by the
.inur*" co"m'**'oners In the morning.
Tb" brother cf the dead man has for-
warde" t*>* r-oney to pay the expenses
of the fi'-eral. It is decided If it In
Impossible to get a burial ground ln
Kidder county, the body wlll be burled ln Burleigh county potters fleld.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 13.���The reported escape from a Mexican prison
of General Felix Diaz, nephew of Por-
flrlo Diaz, and the leader of the latest
rebellion against the Madero administration, is told in a letter received
here today by R. G. Kirwan from E. H.
Dickerson, a copper magnate, at
Oaxaca, Mex.
Diaz was captured at the surrender
of Vera Cruz, and was sentenced to
death by a court martial. He escaped,
���he letter said, on Nov. 3. It is supposed that he bribed his prison sentries.
At  Unveiling of Collgny   Memorial���
���Loyalty Dependent Upon Re-
llgloua Faith.
Review   of   Empire   at . Banquet
.  Whitehall Rooms at Which He Is
Chief Speaker. '
-gylf temperature I am  confident  w��
emild supply.-C-- ������<
V'loh accW6nts
lure   x   nu*    *.m..	
ly the means   to  prevent
as happened   to the
'Royal dew**.'
London, Nov. 13.���The Royal Colonial Institute opened lu winter osskm
this evening wtth Xdijyier and meeting at the Whitehall Rooms,,! Barl
Orey preMded and the Hon. G. B. Foster was the prlndnal speaker. Other
notable atttendamFwere:
n��Vi, v T,. Sifton, Hon. Malcolm
MacKenzie, Lord Plunkett; Hoh- Sir
Arthur Lawlev, Sir jH. Rider Haggard
Messrs. W. K. Oeorge, K. G. Colmer
and Norton Griffiths.
Virtn, George E. Foster, ln the course
of his Introductory address, reviewed
the various Iffluenoe for the unification of the Kmpire wrought bv literature, science and art. There were
other influence* Which wera mora pe)r-
The Emperor William recently traveled to Wllhelmshaven and was present at the unveiling of tbo Collgny
memorial which has been erected ln
front of the headquarters of the North
Sea station ot the German navy.
Speaking of Admiral de Collgny as
"his ancestor, the great Huguenot
leader," the Emperor William made a
remarkable speech to the effect that
loyalty  Is dependent upon  religious
He reminded his hearers how Collgny when challenged to. surrender
St Quentin'to the Spaniards throw
bank the challenge with th? words
"Regem.habemus," and tken successfully repulsed the Spanish attack.
The empefot continued
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
.. .*1.2*
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckle's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
$20,000  Stock to Select from
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Fraaer Mills, B. C Telephone 890
Thursday, Nov. 14
ft JO p* m*
Romance of
The Great International
Double Track Route
nilvtli V
H. O. SMITH. C  P. * T. A. W. E. DOPBROW, O.. *. P D.
Phone Sevmour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.    SET GrmVllte Street
Students. Members of BtaeaUmal
Societies, Half Rata.
Seat Sale at TM* ths WlorisVa titer
Pros ud OraL Mgr.
*4. r..*MC|ftUIK.
���to. pirn Trass*
.Wbat shall be the significance* of
that tor us bere ln Wllhelmshaven? tt
means two things. In the first place,
Collgny was a brave herod wax, as
t|iis Incident shows. Ha kept the oath
of loyalty sworn to his master and
saved the town and fortress lot hlmi
He was a model bt thn manliness and
courage ot a warrior. Bnt he waa
more than Mint. He va��.not only a
horo of war; he was a hero of the
, As leader ot tha Huguenots, who,
even In those days, had much to suffer
for their faith. Colignr u��UI hla Ust
Fir, Cedar and Spfipe
Mil With the Bunch
 rTm   ' r.   r'rr* r-^���^mm*^���^������~
^^^^^^^^^^^^���. **��� KINO'S HOTEL HAS THt
UNDE* TH* DUNSMUlRlFtaest M TifcS 10 tlffi GtJ
AU the latest news In the sport Una.
BitgUah football results   and   le*g*��
1   John  Hotchkles
Phenes ttp. 7 sap tm. -!?{';.
 ������      ,     .       ���    ���"���><! if*. MP-
'" VltVw ������**������      - ||    ||   |
Now Open For Business
Tl��e most
���Itr. het aad eo
���������� Hotel : OMuafcUt Street.
enter and steam
��� ��� ���.. aH
���pirtts dispensed
at tke bar.* aad Brat claaa onto run ip
ooaneetiba. ���-*;<jn.
.    Tl   H. WITNYMAft, Prop.
tst^atmittTBSttmii** njwmwui PAGE   SIX
Wiltons, Axminsters and Tapestrys, all Standard Makes
I have still $3000 of the $6000 worth of the above that I brought into New Westminster last Saturday.   I am selling them at
45c on the Dollar THAT 45c MEANS 45c
No prospective buyer leaves this store without a purchase once they see what I am
offering for the money.   I leave this town Saturday night.
Great Opportunity for HOTELS and ROOMING HOUSES
OPEN 10 A. M. TILL 10 P. M.
E. JAS. PARISH, Sales Manager
Fighting Desperately   in   Last   Stand,
They Are No Match for Victorious   Bulgarians.
lAindon, Nov. 13.���While a Dally
Telegraph report from Sofia last night
says the BulgariaQB'have captured th;;
Catalja lines, and decupled Chrek-
medje, on the Sea of Marmora, th"
fact probably Is that in jthe. tremendous batlle which has wis going on
eince Saturday the Turks have been
fighting with desperation, slowly
yielding inch by Inch to the victorious
Bulgarians, the losses on both sides
being tremendous, aiid practically all
male Bulgarians above the age of sixteen are now In the lighting lines.
there is probably truth in the Vienna
report thai the Turkish Government,
having sued for peace to King Ferdinand anil the other Balkan rulers, tha
Bulgarian monarch, realizing that hu
country now has its tlnal reserves engaged, will throw bis Influence in favor of mediation, and an armistice- will
soon be arranged.
The war correspondent of the Vienna Relchswehr wltb the Bulgarian
army, in a despatch published here by
the Dally Telegraph, says:
"The final buttle for the possession
of the Catalja lines is now on. The
Bulgarian troops have captured several Important advanced Turkish positions at t**e point of the bayonet. General Savoff Is holdtog as many troops
as possibly '-r Adrianople,, where sanguinary contacts are continuously taking place.
"The Bulgarians are attacking with
splendid heroism, and the Turks are
displaying great baryery in the defence. The Bulgarians have had \
tremendous task al Adrinoplo, as
their siege artillery, although excellent, is not sufficiently numerous,
whereas the Turkish works possess
guns of much greater strength. The
Bulgarians are making up for the Insufficient gyns by heroic and terribly
costly storming attacks b.v Infantry.
Of Sao battalions scarcely two companies returned after one of these furious assaults.
"Since last Thursday Servian
troops have been reinforcing the be-
selglng army, and the decisive Issue
should come at Catalja and Adrianople soon, and at about the sam^
While this terrific Btruggle Is goin.;
cn before Adrianople and Catalja lines
J>r. Dlllen, the Dally Telegraph's spe
cial correspondent at Bucharest, reports that scenes at Constantinople
rival Dante's Inferno. He says hunger, typhus and cholera will kill a
quarter of a million persons, despite
the most prompt and efficacious aid.
"The greatest disorganization reigns
at the war office. Every day some
new general is reported abont to take
command. Nazim Pasha is. being bitterly assailed, as it is charged he deliberately altered the campaign
scheme drawn up by Field Marshal
Von Der Goltz, despite the protest of
the German officers retained as hia expert advisers. The expedient of gel
ting the Ulemas to stir up religious
fanaticism is a failure. Cholera and
hunger are rife among both troops
and the civil population."
"Diplomatic" Answers.
Vienna, Nov. 13.���The Hungarian
newspaper Azeist has published an
interesting Interview with Dr. Daneff.
envoy cf King Ferdinand of Bulgaria,
who left Budapest for Stara Zegora
last night.   Dr. Daneff said:
"It was the Servian claim to an Albanian port taht brought me to Budapest. Bulgaria is fully determined
smoothly and without conflict to remove the existence of that question."
Asked if it were true that Bulgaria
wanted to make Constantlnpole her
capital, Dr. Daneff replied:
"That is a question of the distant
future.    Constantinople   may   remain
| the metropolis of a happy dreaming
world, but that would uot suit a youn?
.serious state with a flourishing future.
"Possibly, nay, probably,   the   Bul-
' ganan arms will   triumphantly   enter
I Constantinople, but we know well this
I question is closely connected with the
; interests of  the great power.* which
' we shall take in to account."
|     ^sked  whether the alliance of th".
' Balkan states was to last for many
years to come or to expire after thc
wer   M. Daneff replied:
"We are all closely allied for the
present.    The dissolution of the alli-
I ance cannot be spoken of."
Fearful   Atrocities.
Arta, Nov. 13.���The borderland is today  the scene of tho blackest Turkish atrocities of the war.
Five more villages wero pillaged
and then burned this morninf. Eleven
others were partially destroyed by
fire and almost depopulated by thi
ln one village twenty-nine men of
official rank and two priests were
slain. The work was done with diabolic deliberation. The details are not
to be told.
| In another village eleven young
girls, after the gravest Indignities,
were slain, their dead forms impaled
upon pikcB and shown to the awe-
stricken populace.
In the cases of wealthy prisoners
seized by the Turks heavy ransoms
are being demanded and paid into the
pockets of the Turkish officers. Sixty
women aud children are hiding in the
hills of Janina, famishing. They are
living on roots aud leaves. Hundred.*
die each day.
The atrocities in this territory are
perpetrated by a mixed force of
Turks���300 regulars of the army, 150
gendarmes and 300 Albanian volunteers. They are doing their fearful
work under the direction of the commandant of the gendarmes at Janina.
The flecks of sheep and cattle���the
only food resources���have heen stolen
and driven to the Albanian villages.
Austria and Italy Told   by   Germany
That War Can Be Averted���Are
Mobilizing Fleets, However.
London, Nov. 13.���The Influence of
Kaiser Wilhelm, the "war lord" of
Oermany, today Is admitted by officials here to be almost the only remaining bar to a general European
CA)iir!ict, which Impends owing to Servia's determination to have a port ou
the Adriatic Sea, and the equally determined declaration of Austria and
Italy that she shall not.
lt is understood that the kaiser has
Indicated to his two allies that he believes Austrian Interests on the Adriatic can be safeguarded without war
If the situation is carefully handled.
But while he is moving for peace Austria and Italy have mobilized their
fleets off the Adriatic coast and the
reported occupation of Durazzo, the
port in dispute, by a Servian force
may at any hour precipitate the conflict predicted in Europe for decades.
Adding to her naval preparations,
Austria is mobilizing her land forces,
and reserves are hurrying to her col-
who do not receive   The News before I
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only ln this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
ors from distant countries. Germany
also is secretly mobilizing her armle.i
in perparatlon for whatever may
On the other side of the probable
war lineup, Russia, as principal back
er of the Balkan allies, has massed
great forces on the Austrian and
German frontiers, and Is reported aa
ready to strike the moment Austrian
or Italian warships open on the Servians at Durazzo or when the Servians cross the line into Albania.
Whn* France will do If the confl'C
comes is not clear. There Is an yei
little iviHtnry activity or public knowledge In the republic but little doubt ls
felt here that If the occai'ott arises
France wlll sustain her ally, Russia,
In any conflict.
Oreat Britain's position is also unstated. It Is kuown, however, that
her fleets, both n the channel and the
Mediterranean, are ready, and a great
mobilization of her division at Aider-
shot yesterday is believed to have giving practical notice to Europe that her
land forces will be ready to move on
short notice lf the crash of war should
Servia   Defies   Austria.
Belgrade, Nov. 13.���Unofficial reports received here today state that
General Yankovltch's Servian troops
have occupied Durazza, In open defiance of Austria's warning.
Salves Can't Cure Eczema
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Meat Market
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Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,500,000
Reserve   $12,500,000
The Dank has 350 branches,
extending In Canada from tha
Atlantic to the Pacific, in Cuba
throughout the Island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Itico, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
idrid, Dominican Republic, New
York and London, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
Naw Weatminater Branch,
 Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
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Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (PaId-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE     $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada an*
Newfoundland, anc In London, England, ti*a Tork, ChUsgo and Spokane,
D.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted, letters of Credit issued, available wltb
correspondents In ail parts of tke
Bavlnga Bank Dipjtrtment��� Deposit*
reoel-ed In sums tit fl and upward,
and Interest allowel at I par eent. par
snnnm (present rat*).
Total  Assets over 1186.000,000.00
Q. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
In regard to skin diseases, medical
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Winter Schedule
7: SB for Toronto, and Nicola branch.
14:00 for SL Paul   and   Kootenay
18:20 for Agassis Local.
11:65 for Imperial   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particulars apply to
New Westminster
OjRW. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
<*.* ��� '  ���'  a** **,.
Specifications, agreements ot sale,
���deeds, business letters, etc; circular
-work specialist. All work strbtly confidential. M. Broten, Room 0, Merchant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715.
L. O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednesdays
In each month in K. of P. hall at
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., is beld every Monday night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fellows ball, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting bretbern
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrithew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording aecretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "John-
stop." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
���T������������"���- ���������������������
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Oulchon block. New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
MWjuarrle and George L. Cassady.
Just Like Tou Scratch My Bsok and
I'll Scratch Yours."
One of the humorous sights of India,
says a contributor to the Wide World
Magazine, is tbe daily bottling purnde
iu h native prison. In tbe one we witnessed were youthful habltunl criminals, varying In nge from nine to fifteen years, taking their dully dip at
Agra Jull. While tbe governor watches
proceedings from tbe shade of a tree
tbe prisoners, eacb mnn fettered and
carrying a bowl of beaten brass or
steel, are led out In double file to a
stone pavement, on each side of wblcb
runs a shallow trough of water.
At tbe command of a native warder
bowls are filled and wu 1st clot bs are
washed. At n second order the prisoners scoop water over tbemselved and
then sink smartly to their haunches,
one behind another, In purallel lines.
Again comes a snappy order from tbe
warder, and eacb man begins vigorously to rub tbe back of tbe fellow In
front of blm. Wben tbe warder Judges
tbe "assuage" Is complete his voice
brings tbe two lines to a smart right
about fsre. still on their haunches, and
tbe rigorous rubbing begins again, eacb
man doing for his fellow whst bis fellow did for him.
The procexs. while comical. Is a geno-
lue illustration of tbe saying. "Yoa
scratch my back and I'll scratch
yours," exeept, of course, to the prisoners whose fate brings tbem to tho
head or tall of the line, wbere they receive only balf the "treatment" of their
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets In the
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of eacb month; quarterly meeting on the Otrd Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members   may    be   proposed   and
���elected at say monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, seere
the southwest quarter of Section
33, Township 10. in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the lean of Cert'fl
cate of Title Number 7338F, Issued ln
the name of George Seeley, has been
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published In
the City ot New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 30.1912.       (1)
They Cost $300 Apises In ths Days ef
Queen Elizabeth.
Starch wns never beard of ln ling-
land uutil after Queen Elizabeth eame
to llie throne. This statement may
sound a little startling, but It Is quite
true nevertheless. Elizabeth's father,
bluff King Unl. was tbe flrst English
monarch to wear any sort ot neckband. Thnt was very plain, about an
incb In depth, and made of lace. Yet
only fifty years later un author of the
times, Heury Peaebam. writes:
"Be is not a gentleman nor In the
fashion wbose band of Italian work
standeth blm not at least three to
four pounds. Yes, a seamstress In
Holborn told me that tbere are some
of threescore pound price apiece!"
Fancy paying sucb a sum as $3,t!00 a
dozen for pne's collars:
The original of the present starched
collar was the ruff. Iu tbe year llkM
Queen Elizabeth flrst used a conch.
Her coachman came frum Holland.
He was a man named Roenen. and his
wife brought with her from thnt country tbe art of cleun starching.
Soon afterward a certain Mme. Ding-
hen eame from the Netherlands snd
started s laundry wltb clear starching In Loudon. A very good thing
sbe made of It, for the daughters of
worthy citizens crowded to her to
learu tbe nrt. snd sbe churned them
��ft spleee. five pounds was a lot of
money In those days���equal to ut least
Sim) of modern mouey.- London Answers.
The Despair of ths Citizen Who Wss
Inebriated, but Not Chssred.
A MAN   wbo  makes  moving  sidewalks tells tbe following story
about "the Zenith City ot tbe
Uns,;Ited Seas."
"Dulutb." says he. "Is about twenty
miles loug. two miles wide and three
| miles high. Wben you stand dowu on
Superior street you have to craue your
neck to look up Into the residence section.
"One nlgbt I was walking along Superior street near the St. Louis hotel
when I met a man walking with an
uncertain gait He had lieen drinking. The man stopped right lu front
of me and gazed up Into the sky and
"Tbere Is no hope,' he moaned.
"I asked him If I could help blm, but
tbe poor fellow shook bis head.
" 'No Indeed, nobody can help me.
Here I am, drunk, and I want to go
bome before 1 get auy drunker, and I
can't get home because It is Impossible
to get boftie, absolutely impossible, it's
Impossible, understand nie? It hi Impossible for uie to get bome.'
" 'Wby can't you get home?" I asked
blm.   'Where do yoo live?*
"'You see tliat there red, round,
circular old moon up yonder?" he asked. 'I mean tbut little old. round, red
moon between yonder bluffs. You see
that moony
���"Yes. I see the moon.'
" 'And yon see tbat there twinkling,
pretty, diamond star, sparkling in tbe
beauteous sky over tbe little, old,
round, red moon?   See ItV
" 'Yes, I see tbe star."
"���Well, that ain't nc star. That's
the light In my kitchen window.'"���
Chicago Tribune.
. Arrival:
Writing to a friend, tbe author ot
"European Years" Includes what be
terms "a couple of bubbles" In one
letter. One. be says, be found ln tbe
Ixindon Telegraph; the otber he does
not account tor.
Well, this Is the bubble: Tbe new
bishop of New Zealand. In a farewell and pathetic interview wltb bis
mother after bis appointment, was
tbus addressed by ber in sucb sequence as sobs and tears would permit: "I suppose tbey wlll eat you, my
dear. I try to thiuk otherwise, but I
suppose they will. Well, we must
leave It In tbe hands of Providence.
Rut If they do, mind, my dear, and dls
agree wtth them."
Another bubble, snd a very tiny one:
Foster arrived Inte for bis dinner and
apologized for being late, explaining
tbnt he had heen detained by having
to stand godfather to one of Charles
Dickens' children. "I do hope." said
Douglas Jerrold. 'that lf yon gave the
child a mug It wasn't your own."���
Youth's Companion.
via O. N. R.
^^^^^^^     28:00
11:45���Burnaby Lake  and   Vancouver via B. C. E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   vta   O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 14:20
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:16
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 10:00
i8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally exeept Sunday).2v:80
10:00���Port Mann (daily exeept
Sunday) 9:45
10:30���Barnston Islands arrlvea
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wedneaday
and Friday 13:15
f: 40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11.16
10:60���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (daily except Suaday)  10:00
.6:16���Crescent, Whits Reck and
Blaine    tdally    except
-   Sunday) 9:46
11:20���Tynehead (Tueaday   and
Friday)        14:00
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily exoept Sunday)    7:1*
16:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 9:46
16:16���United Statea via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..16:0*
11:50���Sapperton     and     Fraser
Mills      dally      exoept
Sunday)   7:15 J
11:50���All points east and Europe (daily) 7:15
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All   points east and   Eu-
| rope (dally)    |13:13
11:50*���Coquitlam   (daily   except
Sunday) ��� 7:15
12:00���Central Park, MeKay and
Edmonds tdally except
Sunday)       11.16
0:00���Ladner,     Port    Oulchon,
Westham   Island, Bun
Villa 13:1
13:00���East Burnaby    (daily except Sunday)   13:00
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday)   18:3C
10:00��� Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .13:15
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   HBI   vta
B.   C.   E.   R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Friday       S.M
16:46���Vancouver,  Piper's    Sid- I royalty thereon.    If the" coal mining
lng    via    O.    N.    R. | rights are not being operated such re
gally except Sunday)..14:20 i turns should be furnished    at    least
7:30��� United States via O. N. R. once a W***       ,    ,
(dally axcept Sunday).. 9.4fti. Thf 'e.a8e will Include, the coal min-
' -20-Cloverdal* and Port Kells T1?6 right8 only' but the ****** wiU be
.so-cioveraaie and Port Kens , j^^ to purchaBe whatever avail
able surface rights may be consider^
necessary for the working of the mine
at the rate of {10 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement  v, ill not  be paid
via 0. N. R. (daily except Sunday) 14:00
tl :2�����Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Letuua, Aldergrove, Otter, Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle, Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00,
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day       14:00
20:40���Chilliwaclt via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:80
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
vta B. C. B. R. (dally
except Sundav) 17:80
20:40���Cloverdale   vta   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17.30
1:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oaka'.ie  ....23:00
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone 661.
Box 772.
AU work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. G088E, Manager.
903 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
D. McAulay
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tke
Northwest Territories and In a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twen- j
ty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accom-1'
panied by a fee ot 85 which wlll bei
refunded lf tbe rights applied tor are!
not available, but not otherwise. Al
royalty shall be paid on the merchant-
able output ef the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns j
accounting  fer the full  quantity    ot'
merchantable coal mined and pay the
Tel. 761.
Cor. 6th and Colnmbia
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
SO Mclnnes Street. Pbone 1PSS
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 186.     Barn Phone 187
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly tn
any part ot the dty.
light and Heavy Hauling
Canadian pacific
B.C. foul Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria  10
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:46.
Leavea Vaneouver   for Seattle   1��
^ m. ana 11 p. m
Leavea Vanoouver tor Nanaimo   8
P Leaves Vancouver'for Prince Rupert and Northern Polnta 10 p. m.
^^^^       RUPERT.
Leavea   Vancouver  nvdry W��4n��s
day at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster S am. Ussiss,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 1 S*��* Tuesday.
Thursday and Batofdny.
Agent, Nsw WPStsstSLttss.
0. P   a.. Vancouver
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer|
Mfccrsl Watm,   Aeistcd Wtfen
Manufactured Sf
Vegetable Gluttons.
Sundews, common lu English marshes, are sufficiently knowing to dlstln-
Kulsb between various substances presented to them. Offer them a nice
wrap of tender beef, nnd in a couple
or hours tbey will bnve concealed it
from sight Try them with a piece of
chalk or a tiny pebble, sud tbey remain stolidly Immovable. Wet tbe
chalk nnd offer It atmlu. and tbe plant
apparently mistakes it for mest. tbe
bristles gradually eloulng round It:
tbeu. discovering Ihe deception, tbey
grsduslly relss snd return the chalk
without thanks. These vexetsble glnt-
tons wlll nlworh morsels of poached
eggs snd mutton chops, but cheese
turns the leaves quite black and Dually kills tbem.
His Prescription.
Boerhasve. the Krentest doctor of bis
rime, wus anxlou* tbst It should go
forth I hat even the most eminent doctor bi somewhat of a "humbug." lie
carefully bntided the key of n small
diary to his executor, bade lilm open It
Immediately after hi* iloreune and let
the content* go forth to Hie world st
large. When the iiolelnH>k was aliened
all it* pages but tbe laat were blank,
and .ui thai tlnal one tuere wun written
In large lotter* "Direction" to Patients:
Keep Nour feet warm and your bead
cool ii nd trust fur tbe rest to Provl-
Did Shef
"IV> you know anything about hyp-
notlNiur naked the fluffy hatred girt of
her friend In the pink gown.
"Well." replied tbe fluffy haired one
as she held up her left baud to display
a stHirkltug solitaire tit better advantage, "you can Judge for yourself."���
It Dossn't Get Yeu Anything.
KemlodtDR your bona ot mistakes he ban mnde ts just about
mr sensible as It Is for a bull
player to stiss tbe umpire.���Chicago  Itecord-Ilemld.
Why She Called-
Wsntsd.a Lower Key.
Spntts-My love. 1 wish you would
alter tbe key of yonr voice. Mrs.
Spatts- What's the mutter With ItT
Hpatts-Ob. notblng; only from the expression of KHxa .tune's tore after our
recent argument I'm certain tt flu ev
ery keyhole lu tbe bouse.
An Apt Illustration.
Ts, what's sn inscrutable smlier
"It's tbe kind, my snn,*your mother
bsd on her face this morning wben I
told ber business might keep me ont
into tonight."-Baltimore American.
Making the Laws.
"Don't you tblnk we have lavs
enongb already, senntorT'
"Oh. yes, bnt tf I don't let 'em know
what I'm here for I'll never get bere
Maid���Did you cell me, ms'amf
Mme.  Parvenu��� Tos. I Just wanted
to tell you tbst I didn't need yon Just
at present- Kllegende Blatter.
As He Read It
A Philadelphia lawyer aud consols-
seur was describing some of bis experiences In seaevb of curios.
I once entered a Wardonr street shop
In London," he said, ���wiling, "aud tbe
salesman pointed vol te me a dilapidated chair.
" Thut tbere chair, sir.' be said lm-
premdvely. 'belonged to l<ouls Crosseye,
king of France,'
"���Louis Orosseyer said l. 'Why.
there's no mieh |ierson.'
"���Ub. yea, there Is. sir!* said the
salesman, and be showed me a ticket
marked 'Louis XI.'"-St. Louis Dispatch.
Taking Care ef Herself.
Mrs. Klppef-Ab. I've got tbe 'esd-
acbe suttblag orftii. Ver quite right,
Mrs. Smith. I mus' begin ter take mora
care o' tneselt. * * * I'll go bark 'ome.
I got a nlee Mt o' cold pork la tbe cub-
bard an' eome pickles, an' I'll 'ave a
nice cup of tea an' then go straight to
bed wltb a gltsa uv 'ot gtn.-8ketcb.
"Yon are toudemued to tbe ducking
���tool." said the ancient magistrate.
"1 don't care." replied tbe woman
charged with goestplnV "I'll wenr a
bathing ault that will make those catty
rivals of mine green wltb envy."���
Waablngton Star.
When a Man Marries
When a man marries he quickly discovers
his need of innumerable things he had
never thought of before.
And the butcher, the baker and the cabinet maker have a new home to supply.
The new husband and wife must buy
things to which they had previously given
little thought.
A thousand marriages mean a thousand
new homes.
Right here is a fact overlooked by many
They aay, "Bow oould it pay ua to
keep on repeating the story of our
goods or aervlce."?
If they oould reach every possible
customer wtth one advertisement���
and tf people didn't forget���thero
might be no object In keeping everlastingly at IL
But becauae every possible customer does not read every advertisement,
you must repeat
And because these thousands of new
homes are every day coming Into existence, continuous advertising brings
Increased resulta.
Perhaps aome people knew your
goods or your store five or ten yeara
ago. Since then new generations have
eome into existence.
The boy of today ls the man who
will sign the cheques tomorrow. Today
your advertisements are of small Interest to him. Tomorrow he is your
customer, If you solicit his trade
through advertising.
Every day thousands of people discover for the first time their need of
your kind of goods.
Will you be there every day with
your bid for their business?  ���
Oir will you leave the field to your
HEW WESTMINSTER,'������* C J-I agiut*-AUs'uttt Constitution.
The Way.
"I should think they could easily ma
a funny department In tbt Congressional Record."
"How would tbey do Itr
"Wby, look at sit the Jokers they
havs in the bills."-Baltimore Amerl-
Advertising is the key that opens the
door of these new homes to your goods.
Is Advertising on your key-rijg?
You cannot find a better medium th#n
The News if you want to reach the buying
Telephone R 11* OIBes:
/ l\
No. 1 Jonathan Apples���Nice,
ripe, palatable fruit, per box,.
$1.35; -Ayeihave only a few
of these, about 300. and they
will he tl.au on Monday. Don't
. i      -*t'
Cooking Apples���Good   quality,
, per box V,... $1.00
For that mincemeat, Hodgson's
Suet, in cans; special refined
beef Suet, good weight and
cheap at, per tin 35c
Heinz excellent Mince Meat. We
wish to impress upon you the
excellent quality of this line;
try a pound at 20s
Green Tomatoes, for pickling, 5c
per lb.; 6 lbs. for 25:
Raisins���Seeded, In 16 oz. packages,. 3 for......' 25;
Seeded, In 16 oz. packages, better quali l> , each 10c
Sultanas, 16 oz. packages,
each .)...��� 10:
Mtved Peel���Kxtra special, per
lb. ;...; i   20c
Figs���In 5 and tOc packages.
Extra large Dills, per doz., 30;;
2 dozen , 55;
Sauer Kraut, Heinz, per lb., 10;
-' '
Roquefort Cheese, ner lb^.'...60;
Cadbury's' Vi Ih- boxes   Chocolates; regular, i'5c, today, 20;
Half-pound boxes  40:
Public Supply Stores
V L. AOAMS       8. IC. BRIGG6
1. It does not die.
2. It does not become ill or take
3. It Aoan not take part in family disputes.
4. It has a' Bond with the Government for the faithful performance, of its duties.
5. Its large capital and surplus
of $2,5��O;0OO.OO is a further
guarantee of reliability.
6. The handling of estates is its
business, not a side Issue as
with the private executor.
7. An estate in the hands of
this company has the best
judgment and experience of
many successful men (directors and officers).
8. Its capital is often used to aid
an eBtate over times of difficulty when otherwise much
of the estate's assets might
have to be sacrificed.
9. Tiio company's business is
th- handling of estates, and
goes to the work In a practical manner, and does not
waste lime and money learn-
n r. what to do.
10. The company understands
Interastibsarlng securities���it
l..uiiilos tliem daily.
11. The company Is at any tlma
able to supply clear under-
staBdable statements of the
condition of affairs,
We would he Rlad to discuss
mailers further with you as regards your particular estate.
Our officers will bn Bind to meot
you at any time.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00    |
Victoria, Nov. 13.���The weather
forecast for the next twenty-four
hours is as follows: Lower mainland
light to moderate winds, generally
fair; stationary or lower temperature.
By Strike of Seattle Crews for More
Pay���Roman In From Tempestuous Voyage.
The shorthand classes at the Y. M.
C. A. will be inaugurated next Monday
evening at 7.30 o'clock. Mr. Harry
Langley will be in charge.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. E'ghth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (9)
Mr. J. J. Walsh, of Toronto, Canadian manager of the Standard of Empire, of London, England, was in the
city yesterday and interviewed the
city publicity commissioner on matters concerning his paper.
Why does John Rlndal, the tailor,
sell a first class $40.00 Bult for $30.00'
Because the location of his business ts
out of the high vent district. John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (65)
The Queen's Meat Market, which
Mr. Ayerst formerly conducted on Columbia street, has been re-opened with
a full line of fresh and salt meats, In
one of the new stores ii the Mandevllle Block.
Small lot and house for sale, Douglas Road; nice location, only $950.
Peoples Trust Co.,  Ltd.,  Phone  669.
Workmen on the T. J. Trapp block
���which is being raised to six stories
in height���are making fast time on ths
work. The reinforced concrete pillar.*
have been raised to the fifth storey
and the stone facing on Columbia St.
was begun yesterday.
Lots in Burnaby, Douglas Road,.$50
cash, balance $10 per month. Peoples
Trust Co., Phone 669- (71)
Auto No. 1875 came to grief last
evening while making the turn at the
corner of Columbia and McKenzie
streets. From appearances, the corner was made too sharp, the steering
gear being damaged to such an extent
as' to require assistance from several
Madam Lester will organize her
dancing class in St. George's Hall tonight at 8 o'clock. (75)
The executive of the Union of B. C.
Municipalities, of which Mayor Lee is
president, met the provincial municipal commission in Vancouver yesterday and suggested several clauses that
might be included in the new Munici-
oal Act. which the commission has
been delegated to draw up. The mosl
notable suggestions made concernci.l
local improvement and subdivisions.
. Mr. G. A. Hankey, of Vernon, own-
\er of the Kubb&U Hotel, ia a visitor
tn the ctty, staytng at the KuaseU. Mr.
Haney makes periodical visits to New
Westminster, and is interested just
now in the completion of the new
apartment house wliich lie is building
on Begbie street, on the site adjoining the Hotel Russell. The work is
now well under way, and the girder3
of the first floor are In place.
P. B. Brown, the Burnaby auctioneer, is offering for sale by public auction at Moreton Hall, Edmonds, on
Saturday, Nov. 16, at 2 p. m., 16 valuable building lots at Edmonds, on one
of which is erected a good, modern
house. His office is in the Merchants
Bank Building, New Westminster, and
he will be pleased to give particulars
to intending purchasers. (56)
Buffeted by heavy seas from the time
she pulled out from this city twelve
days ago, tbe halibut steamer Roman,
which arrived back from the bank.3
yesterday morning, brought one of the
lightest catches on record.
When seen last evening one of the
officials connected with the Columbia
Cold Storage Company, stated that so
far as they were concerned, there wa3
little prospect of the halibut fishermen
going on strike from the boats operating out of New .Westminster, and they
had heard no rumors of the men even
considering the move.
They are paid a certain percentage
of the amount received for the fish
and while the catches during the past
two months had been small, he did not
think they were in accord with the
Seattle crewrf, who had gone on strike
for more pay.
The Seattle men are demanding an
additional one-half cent per pound ot
fish caught, which concession the own
ers declare would render the operation
of the boats practically unprofitable.
"The men," stated this official.
"have made good during the spring
and summer, and 1 believe they are
well satisfied with present conditions
Each firm is for Itself, and there ls
no kind of a trust between the own
common practice for the Samson to |
buck snags and piling ln the river, and
if the boat was not capable of this
work, then It ought to be taken oft
the job.. He admitted to Mr. Taylo-
that he knew the hull of the boat was
not In good shape, but it was liable to
be stove in by any snag in the river
and the work of ramming piles; was
ln his opinion, no detriment to ths
Mr. Angus McDonald, one of tin
crew of the Samson, was called to tlw
stand, but had little to say In evldenc*
and was soon excused.
Mr. H. A. Wilson, accountant in the
I'ubllc Works department, was the last
"fitness, but apart from explaining how
the accounts of the Samson were
checked his evidence brought little
light to the enquiry. Mr. Wilson will
he culled upon later and wlll be que3
tloned regarding the investigation h3
made of the stores of the Samson dur
ing the sflmmer, hls report whitewashing the captain of the boat.
The enquiry will be continued this
morning at 11 o'clock.
The Queen's Meat Market
Formerly on Columbia Street, has been
Re-Opened in the Mandeville Block
With a full line of
All Kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats
Our driver will call for your order.
1113 Sixth Avenue. (78) Phone R509
BOLE-On Nov. 13th, to the wife of
J. P. Hampton Bole, a daughter. (80)
Madame Beauchamp
Pictures From Life on Samson
I Continued from page one)
All kinds of plain and fancy sewing.
Room 6 Collister Block
- .   even . , v* ������ *���
Meals aliSl hours. We serve
the best tlie market supplies
Will Rebuild Mill.
The Campbell River Lumber Company, whose mill in Surrey was recently destroyed by fire, plan to erect a
much larger plant in the near future.
The plans and. specifications for the
new mill are at present being prepared, and as soon as they are com
pleted and a location Becured a star;
will be made on the construction. The
new plant, it is expected, will have a
capacity for cutting at least 50,000 feet
of lumber per day.
Forman -The funeral of the lat<?
Mlsa jTprman will take place from the
Hardman home, 508 Kighth sireet, this
afternoon at 2.20 o'clock. Revs. W, W.
Abbott and .1. S. Henderson will offi
elate. Interment will be made in tin
Oddfellows' cemetery.
when Captain Young asked Captain
Carter whether he was on board the
Sunison one day when Boyd made two
attempts to hitch a line to a' spar buoy
and failed In both attempts, after
which Young went out in the smalt
boat and did the work himself.
Captain Carter stated he remembered the day in question and also the
trouble in tying the Samson fast.
Tying Up Incident.
In defence of this evidence Mate
B yd, on the stand, stated that wliile
he was in the boat at that time, one
of the crew tried to make fast. Had
he attempted the task his experience
was too good to let a small thing like
that get by him. At that time, tliey
were blowing up a snag in the river
and had the boat not been made fast,
there would have been a danger of
blowing up the Samson and all her
crew if it had come in contact with
tli? dynamite.
During his fourteen months on th3
Samson he could not recall ever allowing a rope hitch to break loose.
The testimony then turned to
charges preferred hy Boyd that Cap-
lain Young in February of this year,
used the Samson as a battering ram
when removing boom piles at the Fraser Mills.
Lash Down Pots.
Boyd stated: "Captain Young, on the
morning in question made several attempts to remove the piling with
blocks and hawser, but finding it slow
work instructed the steward to lasl'
his pots and pans and commenced
ramming the piles and dolphins. Om
dolphin was a hard one to break down
and after making four attempts, which
shivered the boat from stem to stern
she went over it."
As a result, one large pile came
through the outside rim of the paddb
box and the fantail wheels. It was
quite a job to get clear, a saw having
to he used to get rid of the pile. Several of thp paddle blades, or floats,'
continued' Boyd, "were smashed, but
the Kraser Mills Company supplied al'
the new lumber to replace the brokeu
"At that time it was generally
known that the hull of the Samson
was not in the best of condition and
the ramming episode did not improve
Buck or "Bust."
Captain Young stated that lt was
TV.       SUITS
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75c
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27S
���OF OUR���
Chocolates and Bon Bons
Today ? As a toothsome confection there's nothing sweeter
or purer.
They are always fresh, beautifully boxed and come tn half
and one pound boxes.
Try them today.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
The many sides of the Balkan situ
ation were vividly tiepicted in the reg
ular weekly gathering of the Y. M. C.
A. debating club on the question cf
whether the gret.t powers were juati
fled in Intervening to prevent the Balkan Allies from reaping the benefit.:
of their victories in the Balkan-Turk
ish war.
After a heated discussion the nega-
tiev debate won a resolution stating
that the intervention of the power*
was not justified was drawn up and
passed..-The personnel of the winning
side waa: Messrs. G. G. Whittaker, j.
S. Smithers. Dr. McCallum, J. Bell, M.
I.angley aud Maxwell.
11 BEGBIE Street
The Union Bank of Canada has secured premises and made other arrangements for the establishment of a
branch bank ln this city. A deal has
just been negotiated with Mr. W. E
Sinclair, whereby the bank will tnke
over his premises on Columbia street
at present used as a shoe store, for
the balance of the lease, amounting to
ten months.
With the establishment of the Dominion Bank In the old Bank of Com
merce premises at the corner of Sixth
and Columbia streets In a few weeks'
time, this will make the n'tith bink
with an office in New Westminster,
ev'dmoe in Itself tint tbe Amine!:!'
men of the country recognize the fu
ture that ls ahead of Uie Royal City.
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
1359���FIFTH BTREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x132 to lano; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 50x130
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���05 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avemu) and Ash Btreet; price $4000
on cany terms.
CO foot lot ln good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x153
each; some are cleared; atreet ts
graded; price $3000 on food terms.
Fa J. HART & CO., LTD.
W�� write Fire, Life, Accident, Employ sis' Liability,   Automobile
and Marine Insurance.
NEXT YEAR���1913
The best way to be prepared for the large catch, Is by installing
a "YALE" Gasoline Engine in your fishing boat. This Engine has
proved to be the best Engine on the Pacific const for the fishing trade
Ask any one of the many owners of a "YALE" his opinion of the
We build these Engines In two different styles, the Medium and
Heavy Duty sizes. ,
The Medium Duty Engines are built ln four sizes from 5 hn to
20 h.p.
The Heavy Duty Engines are built from 20 h.p. up.
Get your orders in early.   Write for Catalogue.
The Schaake Machine Works
Your Credit
is Good
Your Credit
is Good
A small payment down and balance paid monthly   wlll   furnish i
your house complete from top to bottom.
Rooming houses, boarding houses and restaurants.   We can save
you money.   Let us show you.
Everything wanted ln the home is carried here.
Corner of  12th  Street and  Sixth  Avenue
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
N�� StISfifrimon Boards and Dimensions. *
tsml     i.i i-i ��� ���������������I������    I |    ���������   ������     i   ������. ��� a mi  ���!!      in
Now U the tittle to build for aale or rent while prices are low
"ll. '!���
W. R. OILLEY, Phene 122. 0. E. GILLEY, Phons 291.
Phones, Office IS and if.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Modern 6-Room House on Hamilton Street!
Modern Conveniences.
628 and 74S Columbia Btreet, Phone 85., New Westminster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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