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Westminster Daily News Oct 3, 1912

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���*���*������-���*. u
i 1<*V
VOLUME 7, NUMB"-^*    .,��^
Ladies of City Have Especial Welcome For H. R. H. Duchess   and Princess   Patricia  of Connaught���Picturesque
Lines of Fishing Craft Welcome Royal Yacht-Recep
tion by City and R. A. & I. Society.
Today New Westminster will again the direction of the navigation when
become host to the Governor Genera1,the channel Is entered,
of Canada, whose charming ^]^*T*VSSffi^'$8
allty has already captured the hearts' 2:45 this afternoon, and will steam
of the citizens. This time an extra ��� through the double line of fishing
source of gratification will    be    sup- j boats to the C. P. R. wharf, reaching
plied for His Royal Highness will be
accompanied by his consort, the
Duchess of Connaught, and his daughter, Princess Patricia. A welcome
none the less enthusiastic but perhaps
a little more striking than the pre
vious one Is assured the royal party
on arrival within the precincts of the
city this afternoon.
All arrangements for the day from
the unique demonstration to be given
in honor of the royal party by the
fishing folk of the Fraser wbeu ti^
Princess Alice enters the hamor to
the departure of the visitors ou theii
return journey to the East have been
completed, and the signal only is
awaited to set the cogs of the reception machinery ln motion. The ladie,-
of tbe city wlll take a foremost position in today's affairs. It will be thev
who wlll present Her Royal Highness
the Duchess with a purse in ad of
the Victorian Order of Nurses1 and
wbo wlll entertain the royal visitors
to tea at Queens park.
Oran^ Array of Boats.
It ii expected thnt-in the neighborhood (f 5n> boats from the dmlu.it vt
punt to tbe pretentious motor tlshlnv
boats all gaily decorated and ln thetr
best atUre. will takajjart yj the
water demonstration tri b- aeccrde 1
the roval visitor*. The Knits wll!
form up In a doubie line from a point
near Annac's Inland to the C. P. It.
v.harf. nnd between the two lines th*
royal yacht will' pass.
Arran��*roeuts here been made with
the de?artmen! of publ'ii work3 to
locate l>-oys on both sides of the
channel la wh'ch the smpll boats will
be moored In l-'iie. Each boat^besldes
its ov. n sbec'al gala attire, will be pro
vlded with a special*flag showing the
Westminster'ctlors. Mr. M. Monk, of
Trout street, will be act'ng commodore or the flotilla, assisted bv sev
eral prom'nent gentlemen connected
with the fishing industry hereabouts
Pilot S'.eamcr.
For t!ie purjjoEe of providing a P^lot
steamer for the royal yacht, Mr. Cun
nlngham.  of   the   Dominion   lishere.-
department, will send down the Res'
less,  under Captain Charles    Moore
this mcmlng to meat the 'Alice at tb"
mouth ot the Fraser.,and she. will pre-
cede her by about $0 minutes Up the
river.    Tbe gasoline boats belonging
to the department satl in front of th*
Restless and' clear the main channel
cf the river of all th# fishing craft
which are not taking part In the reception.
Mr. Gilchrist, one of the most experienced Fraser pilots, wlll be on
board tbe royal steamer to assist ln \
that point at 3 o'clock prompt. After
she is berthed Their Royal Highnesses
and retinue wlll disembark upon the
specially prepared landing stage
where Ills worship the Mayor" and
Mrs. Lee, tho aldermen, members ol
the provincial parliament and theli
ladles will be waiting tp receive them
Proceed to Park.
The mayor will be introduced and
will formally welcome the visitors tt
the city, after whicb the entire part.,
will mount autos awaiting tn the eu
closed space between the C. P. R
wharf and tbe customs building and
will parade along Columbia under th>
lumber and fisheries arch at the cor
ner of Fourth street, via -Leopold
Clinton [lace and Path row to Queen
park. The mot6rs will enter the par;
by tbe upper gate and proceed to th-
pavilion erected in front of th
women's' building facing the oval.
On    arrival at the royal atand Mr
T. J. Trapp, president at the    Roya
Agricultural   and   Industrial   society
will be introduced by Mayor Lee. Vol
lowing this Her Royal Highness th
Duchess will'be   presented    with   ;
bouquet  of flowers  by  Mlss Doroth-.
I.oc-. daughter oT the mayor, and Prln
("ss  Patrick  will  receive a  bou$��c-.
rem the    M->y   Oueef,    Miss   Annii
Staton.     ^he  crowning  rseremony   of
the day wlll then be i-erformed     Mr.
T. J. Trapp will    Invito    His    Royal
Highness the Duke to officially open
the exhibition.
Tb;:�� done tbe Indies will take hold
ot ar. ilia for a while.  ,
ladles Greet' Duchess.
After having heen duly Invited the
Duchess will receive a delegation
headed by Mrs. Fletcher, president of
the Women's Connell. who will pre
w>i Mer Hoyal Highness with a
baV-et of fruit selected from local
rrchurds. Mrs. Armstrong will thef.
come forward and on'behdlf of the
Indies of the city-will present the
Duchess with the purse containing
erntribut'ons in aid of the Victorian
Order of Nurses.
The members of the executive coun
o'l of the P. A. **\ I. socletv. and a
limited number of ladles will ne-t b"
vr��.scnted to the Governor Genera'
after which the stock parade wlll b'
witnessed bv the royhl visitors.
Will Plant Trees,
To corrneniCrate the occasion Theli
Hoyal Highnesses, will each plant u
maple tree h��.the g'rpund* of Queen'
park on a prominent location, after
which Muyor l.ee and the president
of the U. A. & 1. society will escort
His Koyal Highness and suite through
the various exhibition buildings which
<Contin'i��i o��> far* ro��ht.>
The DuKr and
'���Duohew of
Queens Park bright with Pipers and
Dancers���Bigger Crowds Than
A direct contrast to thc leather c
the opening day was that of yestei
day, Scottish Day, at the e.hlb.tior
and the directors were more thai
pleased with the results of the
labors. Early yesterday morning th
crowds beg:;n to uer.d their way ��� t
the park, by attest car, outomob!,!
and afoot.
The real rush, however, bega
about 1 o'clock, and thousand-) Wer
present ln tlie afternoon watching th<
many attractions out cn the oval be
sides taking in the myrlad3 of ex
'libits that-till the buildings to ove.
lowing. It was a real Scotch crowl
it the fair yesterday, all eager to tak
p.tS the Scottish spcrtd and the D. C
Tuesday's at'endarce was given ou
is  8198,  which  constitutes a record
for the opening day of any former ex
Colony   Farm  Stock  Take*
Blue Ribbon Wherever
Bigger Crowds Thapfiyplr Particularly
Pleased with Jumping Events���
The annual horse show at the
Westminster provincial exhibition Is-
here,to stay. This fact was demonstrated last evening when a. larger
crowd with unlfhilledv enthusiasm
graced the immense building and
watched with interest and many time*
with glee the events of the eve/ling's
entertainment. And it was an entertainment to please even the most
pessimistic of the onlookers for too
horses, tbe turnouts and the award*
hlbition wbich'bas" taken "place in tho! could not have been bettered.    Th��
Her Royal Highness the Duchess ol
Connaught was Princess Louise Margaret Alexandra Victoria ��� Agnes
daughter of Prince Frederick Charle
tit Prussia, the great Red Prince o'.
the Franco-German war of 1870. H��
| it was who surrounded Marsha'
Ilayaine with 200,000 men at Metz and
induced his surrender, thus    practlc
Royal City ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Yesterday's crcwd, however, was
greater than ever and If tbe weathe:
man only keeps in good humor for
the rest of the week lt ls a safe guess
that the total attendance for the week
will have all others beaten to a
The piping and dancing competitions, while not drawing out a large
list ot entries, were exceptionally
good yesterday atterncon and the different competitors wtll merited the
applause  they  received  for  the    e:c-
!:45���Arrival of SS. "Princess Alice"
with Royal party from Victoria. Fraser river fishermen invited to form
a double tine from the C. P. R.
wharf   along   the   channel  -through
which the  Royal yacht will   steam, i maucea iiis surrenaer, mus    pracuc 1 hihiti����~thev'd*a"laved f*ra�� atoclt, were
Alt owner* of boats, launches, etfc., lally paralyzing French rerfatance andj    The winners'In the ' basnlne    oom-  evening, the laj
invited to take part In the reception Striking  a  blow   from  which France   , J^-Twera   as toPo-�� ���      I.   John   in which they
and decorate their eraft. I never could recover. I   ?~*.  J  astA-vot- 3   McMillan the bulk ot tlje
J:00���Landing at Wis C. P. R. wharl j    The Duchesa waa born on July 25 1* fltiatkaoMa/and' reela���1. ' Mclvor.   couver
carpeted, decorated   and roped    ofl 11860.     The   marriage  took   place   m�� 1 .,   jSIJiJS,-  *   Montmmerv t^^^
for gueats Invited ss representative j March 18, 1879. and the three children I    ptbrrohs���1   Johnston-    2, Mclvor; ���
of the city. Ladles cf mayor, alder   are Duchess of Skane, born Januarj j ' '
men   and   members   cf   parliament I lf>, 18S2, and married June 15. 1905, tc |
. opening night's program was considered exceptionally good considering thr
fact that this is the first year when
the show has been .held Indoors, but
last night's event wa* far ahead of
the first
It did not matt** Just what a per-   ,
son's particular fancy was in the way
ot breeds and classes, for the   program was a mixed cue, {from the clea'-
cut figures of the huSLtfrs and hack--
neys down  to the IfciwirwetBhts.  Kdmonton,  Vancouver,"'*!!.!  New  'Westminster, which In&udfc* the    Colony
;estanta last
1. although
:nt to Van-
e are    Jnet
fact that in
trodu _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Mayer. Autcs pirked in enclosed
spacs between C. P. R. and Customs
3:IS���Start for Queen's Park via Columbia, Leopold, Clinton Place and
Park   Row.    Enter   by   uppsr   gate
was born March 1/. 1886, and
has come to visit Westminster
her parents. '
The Duchess fs said to be one cf
the shyest wemen in the world and
her  daughter.   Princess   Patricia, has
and proceed to the platform erected j told how,   on    one   of their   foreign
at Women's Building. I toura, she almost   bad   to    push ber
30���On arrival at the   Royal   Stand j mother iuto the room for the recep
the president of R. K. A I. Associa
tion will be Introduce by His Worship the Mayer. M. R. H. the
DuchSes will be presented with a
bcu'quet by Mlas Lee. H. R. H.
Princess Patricia, will be presented
with a bouquet by the May Queen.
The president of the R. A. & I. As-,
sociation will invite H. R. H, ths
Duke of Connaught to open the exhibition. H. R. H. the Duchess will
be invited, by the mayor to-receive a
delegation of ladies headed by Mra
Fletohrr/(President of the Women's
Council) who will present His Roval
Highness with a basket of fruit.
H. R. H. the.Duchess of Connai'^it
will be preaented bv Mrs. Ar-n-
strong with a purse in, aid cf the
Victorian Order of Ndr'ses. Introduction of the Council of R. A.. & I.
and a limited number of ladies.
4:00���Their Royal Highnesses will
each plant a maple tree In the
grounds Of Queen's Park as a memorial of their visit.
4:15���The mayor and president of the
R. A. A I. Association will escort
H..R. H. and suite /ound the buildings.. The Royal party will be attended by the aldermen, Council of
the Exhibition and Reception Committee. Tha buildlnps wlll be closed
to the public at 3,: 15 and none��per-
. .mitted to' enter  (axcept those con-
'nected with the exhibits) untll ten
minutes after the Royal party has
entered each building.
V.00���The Royal, party will ba Invited
to partake of afternodn tea.
5:15��� Departure of Hla Royal Highness. The return route will be as
follows: Past ths grandstand, leav
ing Quean's Park by tha lower gate
thenco via Queeifs. Third strest.
Royal avenue and Sixth1 street to
Columbia and the C. P. R. depot,
where tha Royal train will await
Their Highnesses' pleasure.
.     '     ���     '        ,      , ImA.'if     ...'���
Paris Wlntl-Swept.
Paris. Oct. 2.���A violent windstorm
njurcd over a score Pt Paris"ans early
esteMay   moriilng  and .(Swept  over
the city, doing damagA-to ��everol districts.   A. number, of buildings under
construction' wer* M��iWnVd��>wn& trees
were up rooted and chimneys hurled
from the roofs of many df tli* older
'rouses Into the streets..
ay-p* .** p ������������������������*���>������
tlons. Her recent illness prevents
her takfng part in many At the public
ceremonies in connectiA - with th1;
visit. 5
There Is no shyness about Princesj
Patricia. A more charming girl 1'
would be hard to find anywhere. She
Is the lucky possessor of a .sunny dls
position' and alwavs become? immensely pormlar wherever she goes
She ���is fond of all ontd.-er anius(
ments, rides well, atd plays a firji
class game of golf. She is quite t
clever water coloe art!st and. cl
course, a line linguist. She has travel
ed nearly all over tbe world, and be
lng quick to imb'be new Ideas, is un
usually broadmlnded,
H. R.
Nothing to Prevent Critiah Columbia
Craft from Fishing in American
Waters. *
Port Townsend, Wash., Oct. 2.���The
(our Canadian fishing boats whic'
were seized by the American revenue
cutter Areata off Point Roberts abou
six weeks ago, have been released b.
order of the customs department a
Washington.* ���������*
The captain of the cutter charged
the owners! Of the boats with fls'-iln*
inside the three mfle limit, but as the
case was not very clear, their vessel-
were released, after they had agreed
to waive all rlghta for damages and
also to pay the costs Incurred lu keep-
Irif the boats.
It developed during tha heartn?
that tbere Is no law or treaty which
prevents British Columbia boats from
fishing in American waters.
Bew  Weat mini
Montgomery.        - i beginning to 'renltfe
The well^ known New Weatmlnster [ jjtie Colouy Farm they have the flnest
e Btock
on    th����
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|��ere they
one second. I have been exhibited the horses or tbe
j     Highland tt'.ns���l, McKay; 2, Ross, |government farm bave taken tbe blue
I), Downes. (ribbon in the majority ct events, and
Swcft-d      danre ��� I.   . JfcFCay;      2. j t;,e cthvrs who graced the arena bad
Downes; 3, Ross. /a  splendid  opportuafty Of seeing ror
Sailor's    hornpipe���1,    McKay;     2, {themselves  the equines  which  swept
Rosa. / the Toronto National exhibition clear
Irish Jig���1. Dowres:  2   McKar.       \ot Fr|MS.
Seanu Trulbha*��� 1. McKay: 2. Roaa.1    That Dr.  Dohcrtyl the superintencf-
Constderable interest was | ken in le-** 0f the Institution, ukes a pride In
Jie juvenile events, these perhaps be-1 belon��,'-\q- lo New Westminster,    was
ing better than e*er before.   The win-1 B}*0.xn ia3[ evening when   the   state-
ners were:      , I ment'of Rfngmastcr ( ienients. in an-
Highlaad   Fllnp���1.   Marv  Shearer, J nounclns the winners    of    the    high
2, Anna McRae; 3, }.. McRae.
Sword Dance���i Mary Shearer;
Anna McRae.
Seann Trulbhas���1 Anna McRae;
Mary Shearer.
om  .Alt.  Coqult-
tal.en  up  and
��� <  AU citizens    wbo so k'ndly
��� placed their automobiles at the
��� disposal   of H. R. H.'s   recep-
��� tion committee are   requested
��� to aend.their cars to the City
��� Pall not   later   than 2 o'clock
��� JOHN A. LEE.
t> Mayor.
steppers as copiin^:
lam   nas  finmediaJt ^^^^^^^^^^^
rec'fled to that of New Westminster.
Api.lai^e  Allowed  the csrrectlon.
I.it:rc3lln7  IT.ancs.
Tl:e n 'dience did not wait long to
h' - J "p, for the first event wa*
Tor the beet .four borse team, the blue
ribben going to a Westham Islan.f
farm'''-. Tbe Gray^and Kellington cup
for the best team in the city was
awarded to Wilbul- Smith.
The. Jumping event was perhaps the
feature ot tbe evening, the audience
taking peculiar delight in seeing the
equines fake' the hurdles on the gallop. One after "another the steeds
(Continued on Page Five.)
ysiconver. Oojt. J.���OIitvor
F'rd^.v hns issued the follow.
Ing anno'inr.'ment: "In accordance with the usual custom. I
her,efcy <te��'��ro Thursday after-
nt*j��; ebtober VmV ft half
hol'dav, that the citizens of
Vsr^onver <vav attend the nro-
vinclaleThtbltloniait New Westminster." *
B. C. Conservative Convention.
Revelstoke, OoL 2.���In a few weekj
Revelstoke citizens will have the
honor of welcoming ln their midst the
greatest convention ever held tn the
Interior of British Columbia when the
B. C. Provincial Conservative Associa
tlons meet bere on October 24. Al
ready various committees Have been
struck off and arrangements for the
welcoming and catering to the need
of the guests are maWng -mp'i \brb-
ureas.   It ls e-.pected tbat at Imt SCO
delegates will
this occasion.
be in  attendant  on
��� ���������������������������������������������a
��� ���
��� Do   yon   kno<7   vour   own' #
��� town \    8ee* the   Knowledge   ���
��� Competition on pages 6 and 7
��� Forty dollars in prises.
Who will welcome the royal party ein bcbclf cf t��j,��:ty. PAOU TWO
I Classified Advertising
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per, word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 26c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices SOc per Insertion.
on Eighth street, not far from Tenth
avenue. A snap for quick sale.
Write Box X News office.
store not completed; also real
estate business. Phone, water, etc.,
In house. Frice. cash $850. Owner
going to England on business, reason for selling at price. AddreB3
Box 117 News office.
The T. I
for alteration department.
H. Smith Co., Ltd.
ried woman. Mrs. Russell, Queensborough P. O.
counter at fair grounds; wages $2.75
a day; Apply Tom Mastin, fair
house work. Apply 325 Agnes street.
suite, with modern conveniences.
Apply giving full particulars and
terms to Box 11C News office.
hanging; reasonable price; work
guaranteed first-class. Box 114,
Daily News.
modern six roomed cottage situated
on Fifth street; cement basement,
modern plumbing, furnace heat,
electric ligjits; lot 51x150; fruit
treeB, large chicken house, etc. 1
will sell this home away below
value, and on easy terms, as I am
leaving city. Apply 527 Fifth street.
Phone L841.
large lot, has seven rooms, panelled
dining room with fireplace, cabinet
and beamed ceilings; basement with
cement floor, laundry tubs and
furnace; bath and toilet separate.
This is a good home and owner will
sell cheap, as he is leaving city.
Also one lot on First street near
Seventh avenue, for $750. Apply 722
Seventh avenue.
"flat top desk. Room 16 Collister
Plione P 1140.
ct   a
ished rooms; would prefer a small
furnished house. Address Box 101
News office.
WANTED���MARRIED COUPLE Require two comfortable furnished
rooms: old country family preferred. Apply room 2, B. C. E. R.
depot.   Phone 401.
WANTED���AN     lltONElt.
City steam laundry.
ers.   3fi Hastings street.
up waterproof coat with pair of
gloves in pocket kindly leave at th i
Westminster Woodworking company
and get reward.
l*k acres with 686 foot road front
age, splendid location, close to noy
school and tram. Owner, P. O
Box 977,  New Westminster.
teen fruit trees full bearing, 75
chicks, coups; lot 50x138 to 20 foot
lane; water and light; $1450. Small
payment, balance monthly. Also one
lot with 20 trees and some chickens.
Apply Owner, on lot 28 Eighth
avenue, East Burnaby, between
Second and Fourth street, one and
one-half blocks from car.
most new.    408 Fifth stieet.
coop and chickens, 21 fiuit trees
full bearing; lot 5, 50x132 leet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Burnaiiy, hetween Second and
Fourth streets. Price $1350: very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
black purse. Finder rewarded on
returning same to 106 Queens
lar with name W. Andrews engraved on it.   Owner can have same by
oal'ins at 422 Agnes street and pay
ing for this advertisement.
ate sale, six roomed house, block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
ranges on easy terms;. $1.00 down,
$1.00 per w��ek. Canada Range Co.,
.Market Square.
not claimed within ten days will be
sold to cover expenses. Apply Wilson, care Municipal hall, Edmonds.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
SEVENTH AVENUE���Cottage, five
rooms, modern; very nicely furnished. Price $2800. Caah $1000, Terms
for balance.   No. 1,
"KENNEDY STREET ��� All modern
storey and half residence; six
rooms and. den. Bargan at $1000.
Terms.    No. 4.
TENTH AVENUE ��� Four roomed
house, good garden; lot 50x132.
$2000.   Cash $500.   No. 28.
ern. large lot 66x165; few minutes'
walk from Edmonds Station. $1625,
cash $375, two years for balance.
No. 66.
for light housekeeping; also single
rooms. 627 Carnarvon street. Phone
1131 R.
house, all modern conveniences.
Rent $40 per month. Close ln, on
car line. Apply McLeod's Insurance
office, city.
large double bedroom' suitable for
two gentlemen or ladies, and one
smaller room; home comfut'is. 321
Tenth street.
house close to Central school. Apply to 224 Seventh street.
It costs little to insure and a lot to
rebuild and refurnish.
Call on us for rates. We r?present
only the strongest Britisli Board companies, and pay all losses promptly.
Firs, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
board.    815 Agnes street;''
rooms.   Apply 437 Eighth atreet.
Romantic   and   Triple   H' lory
Famtus   Instllcilion.
No athiT liai.king institution Ins fn
romantic a huto.y at tti-* pertaining
to  the   Bank   nl   ICnglqndi   "tho   Old
Lady  of Threadneedle street."
Tlie founder (if the bank was WIU
lia tti Paterson, an adventurous Scotchman Who, it is said, at one time of his
life hsd controlled everv privateer
Ihat sailed the Spanish \iain. Pater-
fon laid the foundation of his fortune
in the buyirnr and selling ol slaves
and the clearinj: iif $5C3 0^0 as liis
share of the gold lound on a sunken
Spanish galleon.
It seems to be agreed thnt it was
With these finds snd those derived
lrom his buccaneering; expedition that
Paterson. wlio had been banished to
Holland by .lames II.. financed, in
part, the expedition ol the Prince of
Orange across tlie  Boyne.
With the advent of William III. to
tlie English throne came the first
plans for the establishment of a national bnnk. Those writers who treat
nf the "inside history" of the times
tntertain no doubt that, while Willie i 111. was indeed the moving spirit
of the scheme. I'stersnn wss, neVer-
the less, the indispensable one in tlie
realization thereof. He was the official mouthpiece at the weekly meeting of the famous (.'roup of linnnciers
known as "the Wednesday Cluh."
��� The .Inooliites unavailinuly denounced tiie bank as a revolutionary
institution whereby the King would
-nther unto liiinso.'f all llie wealth of
'lie nation. About tho only concession
'he Tory malcontents n| the day were
able to extract from the Government
vas a law, remaining; in loree to this
day, tliat the bank might not lend
money to tlie King or to tiio Government, except by the consent of both
Mouses of  Parliament.
One of the bloody episodes in the
history of tlie bank is thnt embraced
in the st.iry of f.'liar!es Walter Godfrey, the partner if Paterson. It ap-
lears that Godfrey", while crossing the
channel in the midst of a terrific
-torm nnd laden witli CO.000 in drafts
for llie a..I nf King William, who was
iust then besiegim: Namur against
���'** force* of L>uis XIV. in*i*ted up
on his right tn deliver the warrant
for the money hit i tlie hands of the
Ping, ilien in Ibe trenches, under hot
f'r.'. As h' linid'd tbc documents f��>
'...e Kin;:, sayinr. in response to Wll
i.-ini's pmwl of rr in inst ranee. 'Am I,
���-".iln, in.re tx;>>.-ed to danger than
your majesty!-' i cannon hall swrpt
away his head.
.Wt si very manv years nm there
-to-.d over t!,e massive tl replace in the
d.r ct r-' room nf ihe bank Ihr. e rustj
spec.mens ol llie old "hrown Bess,.'
together with a number nl roughly
shaped bullets, lu t'lese rp.ic�� was
embodied h picture of the November
l.illht in 17*1 when the nn li nl (iordon
rioters marched d iwn Ir. in Newgate,
setting Hre to every Catliolio rim pel
nil the wav. nnd advancing with a
force  of 5.(100 upon  the  hank   :t-elf.
T'ie clerks, armed with muskets'.
were un; rovided with -h. t hefore
���hem lay rows of lesden ink-tandi,
-u.'gesting the possibilities ol a n^ti-
use. Quickly the inkstands were melt-
��d �����:.! turned into bullets. Tie muskets were loac!?d. At every window of
the bank stood two marksmen, their
guns trained on the mob Mow. Yet
tlie rioters csme on until tbey wer*-
within 10 yards of the bank gates.
Then sharp and clear above the
frightful din rose the order t > fire,
snd from the windows pour*4 a d?adiy
volley. When the smoke finally cleared awny 230 lay dead or dying in tin*
open space *ow covered by the esplanade of the Royal Exchange. The st-
tackii.; army wavered, stopped, broke
llm, and Hed, and the Gordon riots
were at an end.
rooms ia Hardman block, overtasking the Fraser river, suitable for
light housekeeping, offices er w-jrk
rooms. Apply Westminster Dally
rooms, 407 Royal avenue.
eight roomed modern house. Will
give lease. Apply 415 Twelfth
street between 1 and 3 p.m.
-A   SUITE   OF   N1CEL7
housekeeping   rooms,   3'.
Enlivening ths Law Courts.
A recent reference in The Glasgow
Hrrnld to the judicial oath reminds
s corr-spond.-nt of that paper tlin' h-'
once heard the Inte Sheriff Hamilton
administering th�� oath in Edinburgh
Sheriff Small Debt Court to n witness
who wag dull { liearine. "I sw��nr
by Almighty God." said the "lierift.
The witness put his hollowed hand U.
his ear and askel: "Wha da* ye
ratter by��" The same witness wa*
asked by an agent: "What do��s your
wift do?" to whicb he replird: "She
keeps a sweetie shop." adding as an
afterthought, "bit she's delrt." In
thone days there was an Edinburgh
Baillie who always began the oath.
"'I swear by Almighty Hods"���probably a result of slipsbodness rntln-r
thnn pantheistic belief. Many court
rrporleis have beiird a witness swear
to tell "the tr ith. the whole truth,
and anything but the truth."
Agnes street,  phone L688,
Exclusive sale of 9 lots, 52x164,
with 20 foot lane in the rear, on
Newcome Road and Thirteenth Ave.,
TSast Burnaby. Price $550; $50 down
balance $15 per month.
Four and a half acre3 In Surrey,
10 miles from New Westminster and
i mile from Sullivan station, B.C.E.R.
Price $900; $100 down and balance i
���$10 per month. I
Cnld'o'jtt Block. Fourth Avenue
Phone T 19. East Burnaby, B.C.
mnd Sixth Street. i
Rooma.  828  Poval   Avenue.
lighted room. 30x30 feet, in Hard-
man block, suitable for office or
vorkroom or may easily be divided
to make a two or three room apart-
'ment suite. For terms apply Westminster Daily News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9i Knights of Pythlai-
ball, corner Eighth street and Agnes
bedroom, furnished. Terms reason
able.    730 Agnes afreet.
house.    Adrtresh Box 7S6 City.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Sei end
���HOMP30N'a \*
a  ���:������' 1    3>aii
i:nix\.   125    '
Leigh Hunt's Daughter.
The fact that a child of Leigh
Hunt's is st:ll in the land of tli-
livii.g will come hs ii surprise lo most
peo| le.
Lcicri Hunt whs born on October
III, ll^A. and it was as long ago a*
1812 tliat he wns lined $'2,500 nnd senl
to pri-on for two yenrs by Lor I
Kllenlioroii'-'h for describing llie It--
gent as a "corpulent Adnlils nf 50."
EJa was ii friend nl Kent-. Clinrl"-
Liimli nod T"in Moore nnd wit- pr-.--
eni nl tlie stnui'-.'" scene when hyron
cremated Shnll. y's body.
Hi- onl.v surviving daughter, whose
hll-linlld. Chillies Smith CheltllHIl;.
di-d n few weeks ago. i* now lying
dang roiisly ill and i< in very reduced
circu"ist:irice--. A public uppenl L-
now being mnde in order thst Leiuh
ilimf's daughter may not know th-
shame that attach"* to the poor lious.-.
When   Hanfe'i? W-s Common,
lt  is   almost   impossible  to   hang   n
ivoinaii  in  tnU  country, but in  old
tim*  Kngland  this was  not tl.e CHse
King   (leorge   III.   onoe   offered    .34
women   offenders   an    alternative    t.>
hanging..     Thiy   might,  should  the)
choose,  le transported  Instead      Six
nf   tbem   v ted   for   hanging.    Many
women were then harped lor Inr l��.--
cr me*      than     smashing     window-
George I*aston. for instance, note- tin
fal>! of a woniHri left I Mishandles!* I��\
the press gsn^: "Rendered desperate
<]\e  <������ tered   a   simp   an.    lis k   np
p eee nl      en, bu! laid it <twn sgaiii
Ft this sbe wis condemn d t��>   'en'
an    wh- li   rig'd. we nre (Old, with he-
iit.'a.it Ht U r breast*"
Arc you or.e of those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Ml help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and wlll
soon restore it to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. SOc. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. '     iso
TENDERS addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa and marked on th>
envelope "Tender for the purchase o
the 'C. O. S.' Georgia" wlll be re
ceived up until noon of the TWEN
tor the purchase of the Canadian Gov
ernment Steam "Georgia" now mooi
ed at the Government wharf at Sap
perton, B. C.
The leading dimensions of thi
steamer are as follows:'
length of keel   60 ft.
Breadth outside   11 ft.
Depth moulded       6 ft.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a charters.'
Canadian Bank equal to ten per cent
of the total amount of dr: tender
whicii cheque will be forfeited should
the successful tenderer decline to pur
chase the steamer at his tender price.
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful
tender will be returned.
All tenders must be made with the
distinct understanding that the successful tenderer will pay for thf
steamer in cash when he is notified
that his tender has been accepted.
All tenders muat be for the steamer
as she now stands and no apparel o:
equipment will he furnished by the
Department with thc exception o.'
what now is on board.
The highest or any tender not nee
essarily accepted.
Deputy   Minister   Marine   and   Fish
Department of Marine and  Fisheries
-28529.    Ottawa, September 10, 1912
Re the North half of Subdtvlstor
10 of Lot 93: Group 1, in the Distric
of New  Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss ef Titl-
Number 84'SA, Issued ln the name o
''atherine Frances Wise has been fil
ed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of ene month froir
the date of fhe first publication here
of, ln a daily newspaper published h
the cltr of New Westminster, issue i
duplicate of the said certificate, un
less In the meantime valld objection
be made to me tn writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westminster, B. C, September 9th, 1912.
Male help skilled or otherwise supplied free of charge. Apply Secretary.
S13 Columbia St. Phene 231.
Lulu  Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
ahone 8~>K.
Room 4 Tram Blocl-
Sole agent for
Hre's Root  Reer
Mineral Water,    A�� ited Wuter*
Manufactured by
Telephone H   US   OW��-e:   PHnrvia  ��-
TWEED,    IRISH    SSjBfiB. StBw   Just
Arrived.     Perfsct   Fit  and Workman
shiip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Be Sure and Call
in the Industrial Section ol
and get Information as to
New Westminster's   Latest
Great Industrial Undertaking
Provincial Exhibition
New Westminster
OCTOBER 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4 th and Sth, 1912.
Special Excursion Rates
From Chilliwack and all points on the Fraser
Valley Branch to New Westminster. In addition to rfegular service SPECIAL TRAIN
will leave Chilliwack daily during Exhibition Week at 8 a.m. (or
New Westminster, stopping at the following stations only: Sardis,
Huntingdon, Abbotsford, Cia) b irn, Mt. Lehman, Jackman, Jardine,
1 augley Prairie, Cloverdale. McLellan. Kennedy, South Westminster.
On return trip will leave New Westminster at 10 p.m., making stops
at all stations, arriving at Chilliwack 12:30 p.m.
W. R. GILLEY, Phon* 122.
Q. E. QILLEY, Phon* 29\
Phonos, Offlco 18 and 1*.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Prot. and GonL Mgr.      Vlco-ProaldonL
W. f. H. BUCKUN,
Boc knd Trots
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and prrades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now is the time to build for saie or rent while prices are low
Double Weekly Service
to Primes Report and Stewart,
Mondays   nidalght,   connecting
for MssBstt.
Grand 8 days' cruise, f48.00,
Including' meals and berth.	
to Prince Rupert,    Thursdays,
midnight, connecting tor Granby   Bay and    Queen  Charlotte
Island [ioints.
To VICTORIA and SEATTLE.  Saturdays and Tuesdays, midnight,
S.S. Prince Albert" leaves 3rd, 13th   and 2<!rd   of   each   month   for
''��� .'��� Prince Rupert and way ports.	
Grand  i'ruuk Pacific trains   connect   with   above   steamers   for
Sealy Crossing, thence stage one mile to Ha?eltcn,	
Special round trip excursion fares  tp  the  Kast  vl-   Orand  Trunk
system, variable and optional routes via the Great Lakes and Niagara
 Genfal   Agch.y  TransstUn'.i; S'.ear.-shlp Lines.	
H. G   r��VIITU. Ti   I',  i,    I.  A. W. K UUl'KKOW. G. A. P. U.
Phone   S��vn.��i,r  ''160.       VANCOUVER. B.C.      S27 Oranvlll* Street THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1912.
It Is the intention of the Harbour City
Electric Company, Limited, after one
month from the 26th Inst, to make application to the Registrar of Joint
Stodk Companies for his approval of
tbe change of the Company's name
from the Harbour City Electric Company, Limited, to The Harbor City
Electric Company, Limited.
Dated the 20th day of September,
A. I)., 1912.
Director, E. J. C. SHAW,
Solicitor for the Company.
Ue  Lot 5, City   Block   13, City et
New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title ts
4the-above property will be Issued to
Edward B. Weteskall, on the l��th day
pf October, 1912, unless la tbe meantime   a   valid   objection   thereto    be
made to me ta writiag by a person er
persons claiming an estate or Interest therein, er la any part thereof.
m C. S. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Offioe, New Westminster,  B.   C, 12th   September, 1912.
The person or persons having ln
their custody or possesion the following Title Deeds relating te tbe said
property are requested to dellvsr th'
same to the undersigned.
See list annexed.
District Registrar.
New Westminster, B. C.
1. 27th July, 1860, the Crown to
William Drlscoll Gossett, Grant in fee
of Lot 5.
2. lst March, 1S78, William Drlscoll Gossett to Ella Lowe, Conveyance
in fee ef said Lot.
3. 2nd August, 1882, Ella Lowe, by
her Attorney-ln-tapt, William Moresby
to John Hendry and David McNair.
Conveyance in fee of said Lot
4. lst November, 1887, John Hendry and David McNalr to Ezra Rankin, Conveyance in fee of said l.ot.
6. 14th September, 1888. Frask L
kin to Frank L, Rankin, Conveyance
In fee, (Inter alia), of said l.ot.
6. Hth September, 188. Frank L.
Rankin, by his Attorney-in-fact. Ezra
Rankin, to Edwin Band. Conveyance
In fee (Inter alia), of said Lot.
7. 23rd October. 1888, Edwin Rand
to Wesley Peck, Conveyance ln fe*e of
Southwest half of satd Lot.
8. 27th October. 188, Wesley Peck
to William Kent, mortgage ln fee of I
Southwest half of said Lot. '
9. llth March. 1896. Wesley Peck |
to Ezra Rankin, Conveyance in tee of t
said Southwest half of said Lot.
10. . 15th April. 1896. Ezra Rankin '
Frank L. Rankin, Conveyance In fee
of sald Southwest half of said Lot,
mibject to Mortgage registered In
Charge Book. Vol. 8, Fol. 518. No.
11. 27th May. 1R93, William Kent
to Frank L. Kankin. conveyance Inte-"
ment and transfer of Mortgage debt
and premises secured.
H. K.iii April. 1 viti. Frank I/. Rankin, by his Attorney-in-fact Ezra kankin. to Noah E. Rankin. Cnnveyancu
In fee cr said Southwest'half of said
18. ��4th December, 1S96, Noah E.
kankin.to Martha Elizabeth Turnbull,
Conveyance In fee of said Southwest
half or said Lot.
14. 29th October. 188S. Edwin
Rand to William C. Coatham. Conveyance In fee of the Easterly quarter df
Kaid  Lot.
10 4th June, 1S8<��. William C.
.Coatliam to Thomas Crosbv, Conveyance fn fee of said Easterly quarter
of said Lot.
16. 29th May. 1891. Thomas Crosby, by h's Attorney-in-fact, Alexander
Peers, to Arthur E. Rand, Conveyance in fee cf said Easterly quarter
of said l.��.t.
17. 12th February, 1892. Arthur E
Rand to John Andrew Forin.and Aulay MorrlBon, Conveyance In fee of
said Easterly quarter of said l.ot.
18. 21��t March. 189'. *nlav Mon"
son to John Andrew Forin, after reciting as therein recited, grant and
release in fee of an undivided one-
half of Bald Easterly quarter of said
19. 26th August, 1895, John Andrew Forin to Fred W. Howay and
Robie L: Roid, Conveyance In fee of
said Easterlv quarter of said Ix)t.
20. 31st July, 1904, Fred W. Hows-
and Robie L. Reid to Joseph Hether
ington Bowes, Conveyance In fee of
said Easterly quarter of said Lot.
Medical Men Who Have Cled In Bt.
hail of Selene;.
Aimnfrft physicist* of to-day there
is n h r'. < f superstition thnt a 111 ill
who specialize* in any particular di*-
e- ': will become its victim, sooner or
later. This superstition has certainly
not arisen withoul much cause, for
medical history of the lsst few yean
teems with ir.etsnoes of men whe.
flghting against disease in the cause
of humanity, have succumbed to it
Take, for instance, tive case of Dr.
Arthur Sharp at Nottingham, whose
death last year illustrates the dawrer��
.associated with surgical work. This
doctor conducted a post-mortem
on the bodv of a child who died from
a virulent form of blood-poisoning. An
abrasion of the skin oh one of his
hands resulted in he himself contracting bloodipoisoning, ami in spite
of-.all scientific skill could suggest,
he succumbed after s painful illness.
About the same tiros deatli put sa
end to the suffering of Mr. Harry W.
Cox, the X-ray martyr, who contracted the dreaded malady known as
X-ray dermatitis, tbrough accidentally putting a tube of tL. apparatus
ne.r his lace. It might be mentioned
that the agony caused by this disease
is so excruciating as to resist even
the power of opiates. Mr. Cox. however, is by no, means the only pioneer
of X-ray surgery who hai thus suffered.
Many readers will doubtless remember the case of Dr. Hall EdwardsgllM
X-ray specialist, who hos Imd'lwfc
hands destroyed by thc Rontpen ray4'
Then thtfre was the well-known
French doctor, M. Radicuet. who for
two yean devoted himself to the study
of the X-rays as curative apent*. He
repeatedly subjected himself to their
influence, and in the end he contract,
ed X-ray dermatitis, dying after
months of agony in 1005.
Ths death of Dr. Allen MacFayden
in London four years apo wa* due to
a combination of two diseases which
he contracted in the course oi his
search for a preventive of disease. He
ttm* conducting a series of experiments with tie bacteria of typhoid
and malaria fever, with a view to discovering a vaccine to prevent these
diseases. Ry an accident he contracted
both, and his name was added to the
roll of martrys in the laboratory.
It   is   pleasant  to turn   from   such
pathetic instance* to the triumphant
and successful e��r��eT ot Major Ross,
who wa* awarded the Nobel prize for
medicine  in   1902.  for  his invaluable
work in verifying the mosquito origin
of  malaria  fever.    Major  Ross,  who
spent  eighteen   years   in   the   Indian
Medical Service, commenced a special
study of malaria in 1892. and his researches took  him  into the deadliest
districts   of   West   Africa,   where   for
months he risked his life every hour,
night and day. for the cause of ntedi-
Thursday, October 3���Vancouver and
American   Day.
7:30 A. M.���Grounds  and   buildings
open to public,
10:00 A. }1.���Band concert on Colum
bia street.
10:00 A. M.���Apple packing competition In Agricultural Building.
1:30 P. M.���Free attractions in front
of Grandstand. >
2:30 P. M.���Band concert at end of
oval by 72nd Seaforth Highlanders
band, by kind permission of Lleut.-
Col. R. G. Edwards Leckle and officers.
3:00 P. M.���Dairy demonstration ln
Dairy Building by Miss Girard.
3:30 P. M.���Official and formal opening of exhibition by H. R. H. The
Duke of Connaught, Gpvernor-Gen-
eral of Canada.
3:45 P. M��� Baseball on oval. West
minster vs. Bellingham Elks.
3.45 P. M.���Stock narade and review
from royal stand by H. R. H. The
Duke of Connaught, the Duchess or
Connaught, the Princess Patricia
and party. \
4:30 P. ai.���Inspection and tour of
exhibition .buildings by royal party.
7:00 P. M.���Grand electrical display.
Free shows on Sockeye Run.
7:30 P. M.���Band concerts tn Industrial and Agricultural buildings by
Rushton's city band and 72nd Seaforth Highlanders' band.
8:00 P. M.���Horse   show   ln   Horse
Show Building.   See program.
10:00    P.    M.���Exhibition    buildings
Okanagan Apple Show.
Vernon, Oct. 2.���The first Okanagan Valley Apple Show will be beld at
Vernon on Oct. 23 and 24. It ls not
the flrst apple show to be held In tbe
Okanagan Valley, however. Several
have been beld at different points, but
none of these has been a valley show
taking In the whole district
Montenegro Mobilizes.
Cettlnje, Montenegro, Oct. 2.���King
Nicholas has ordered a general mobilization of the army. It ls officially announced that the mobilization is for
the purpose of demonstrating Montenegro's solidarity with Servla and Bulgaria and to protect threatened interests in Montenegro.
Ef 017 Woman
. U Interested and should know
I about tbe wonderfol
Whirling tytaf
"Wo Furnish Your Home Complete."
Now is the Time to Buy a
Two new
cars to us
last week
makes our
Ask yonr dragCM
ca" science ami  humanity.
NOTICE Is hereby given that pur
suant to Section 113 or the Land R��6
Istry . .t, I lnte��d at the expiration
of 30 days from fbe d��te herecf to
canoel the registration of a certa n
Agreement of Sale dated Nov. 29th
1610, made between William F. Mon-
crleff (wbose name Is sometimes:
spelled "Mpncrelft") as Vendor, and
Mrs. Jane A.. Vater (wits of Alber
Vater) as Vendee, and on Novembei
2��th, 1610. a certainAgreement o'
Bale made betweeri the aforesaid
Jane A. Vater. asVekdor and Tboma-
Davis Morgah as Veiidee. In whW
said Agreement the said Vendor
agreed to sell to the said Vendee Lot
flri (E) In subdivision of District Loi
Three Hundred and flftyelfhi ,(368)
Nesv Westminster D strict. Aooordlnr
to a plan ot same deposited ln th<,
Lead Registry Offlee at the. City of
New Weatmlnster, B. C. which appli
cation was made by John Buchanan
whose address was 3M Hastings .8t
Vancou***. B. ���&.'** agent for stWt
Vendor and Vendee. .
AND I do order publication of thlt :
Notice tor one month  In   ths  dally
newspaper published  at NeV West
mlhstor. B. C��� ��������1�� ** *<** *ttd ma'
flclent sorvice.
(his twenty-third day *>f Beptember,
3912.        "���
.    O. 8. KEITH,
'*������'���'"'���$,     District Registrar.
Better Than Men?
Whether women are m<>rnl!y bp(f<-r
Omn    nien   if   n   very   oM   question
nhioh i�� not lik ly   to   he   awwerSd
���atlsfsctoriiy   by  ftatirt'-r^. tint   so-ne
proret in the reports of the r eently
taken  fir tish censu�� sre   Interesting
ss bearing on th�� subject;
\ There   nte  in   Britiuh   pri-ons    1.(100
ni>'-i   to   130  wnntrn;    in    Otftiflfd   re-
(���rmrit'irv    indii*tr:a!    school*.    1.000
ni��n    le   273   worn n:   in   work'iouse
��� ftshlithmfnf*.  1.000 men   to fUA women.      The    workhouM*.    vt   course.
���n ."ii*  :��iv rty, hut   that  may   coin**
fr'cn    ni'nil   A getiericy   or   lack   of
������������<>r ���!   liher.    These   figure*   mike h
<howins i.i fnvor ef women  which  :-
i-'erin��'��rl by ronsid-ration of the fn^t
���^sf  the e iiMiK shows 1.340.000 more
wo:��i'Ti than men   Ln   the   kingdom's
l>������"ulitlp-i of 45.305,000.
It cun he argued, of cource. thst
moSI wom-n nnd girls are shelter ;i
lit home*, nnd hsve fewer opportunity ���f committing offenses upHitirt
lh1 Ihw; ihat often thtty sre not pros'-
ruled for sets thst men. wmtH l>��
t.r<'��Tut'-d for doing, and thst timidity
mth-r thsn renl goodness CHii<e�� very
mm.y women to r'frsin from crime.
But the figure-* alone sre sironcly
sur��|Hirt:ve ol the populsr impr?*sifcD
thut women*are'l��ett;r thsn mem
cannot lupplj
mo  imnVbU accept na
oihw. bat ����nd ���Um�� for lilt
traud book���tnlcd. It (rt����
MrttcaUn and direction! tnTalwbl.
S���I Accut* lor tSSpssS*
A Lucky Racing Man.  "
J. D. Joel, the owner of White Stsj,
the'celebrated   Kngiish   ra?e1inrs��. -i*
���. ������> of the turn:liar figures in >portiiui
\ro\et in Britain.    He ha* now been
r. in: f-a something like twelye year*.
ir.d durti.g tlist rtr'.oA hns enjoyed ��
;���. ..larkah'.e run of #ucce.*��es.   Th�� total t*t his- winnings'does not fall lar
.hart ol $500,000, and he lis* esiried
.iff mo.*t of Uie big eventt.   In WW lie
asily headed the lint of winniiw; own-
. ra with the nice round sum ot *lo0,-
000 to his credit.
Mr. Joel, who i* fifty years of a-.'e. ia
a member of the firm of Hartiato Hro-
���her*, and derives his wealth from the
South Africsn goldfleld*. He had a
��� mewhat adventurous youth, and had
to fight his way to the Itont. but now
he is possessed oi very great w��Mlh.
a..d is in a position to satisfy svsry
^������ ��mmmmmmmm
Wsalth fff Orsst Brltsln.
Within ths IssLtwntev years ove.
ISO miilionslre* biSVe died iti the United Kingdom. Bstw*tn tliem they hsve
���e!t over il.lSflf.OW.OW. or an sverags
of  nesr'.v |10.(KX).<IW *ach.
Inhabitants of fhe Brit sh Isks sre
making about $10,000,000,000 a year,
��ud tW ,nstio:��al capital- cottm to
near'y I60.000.GOO.000. Britain is Jost
six times richer than she was a een-
tury ago. ���
Between 1I.0C) and 13,006 people ars
in enjoyment of incomes of over WO,-
���O0 a year, and some 1.800.000 ars in
receipt of incomes pr salaries ot over
6800 annually. C"."
 11  i i i
Brttsin's Tobieco BUI.
The consumption of tobacco,is slsad-
dy lacrsasing in tha United Kingdom, and the figures for 1611 aro thf
highest ever reached in this kinad^n;
04.698.T60 pdaads *t iohaee<t psfe tm-
eumed, and the7 total amount of the
tobacco bill reached tho snormous sum
of ��20,161,967. With a populsion of
dS^H.078 tbi* Klv��s us a little mora
lhan two pounds of tobacco a head,
at A oost of 13s. 10 l-2d. each. The
fcst works out at ��8 Its. Ild. a Um-
or Is. 1 WM. s week.    ��� -
ana- �� ������k^��
lly, or Is.
���*\***mmrm' '1
pUCStiapt to Section 150 of the Land
Registry  Act   I  intend  at the expiration   of  Thirty   (30)   days   from   tbe
Jate hereof to cancel the registration
>:' a certain agreement dated the 28th
lay   of   November.   1910,   made     between Harry J. Morrison, of Vancouver. B. C, as Vendor and William F.
Moucrieff as   Vendee,  In which  said
agreement the said Vendor agreed to
sell tb the said Vendee Lot Five (5)
in  the Subdivision of    District    Lot
Three  hundred  aud  fifty-eight  (368),
New  Westminster District, according
to a plan deposited in the Land Registry Office at New Westminster, B,
And I do order that publication of
this notice as number 1729, for one
month In the dally news-paper published In New Westminster shall bs
good and sufficient service.
Dated at New  Westminster, B. C,
this 7th day of September, A. D. 1912.
. DlBtrict Registrar.
���  ����� ��� ��� ���   ii     i   ���      ���������im I ���������mn ii ���..���������mi iii hum i ii ii , ill        i   ni.ii     in i   	
Send Us Your Telephone and Mail Orders
Board of Health Department.
The   Citizens  of New  Westminster
are hereby notified that on and after
the lst day of October, 1912, all garbage and ashes will be removed free
of  charge   from   private    residences.
The    Department    respectfully   asks
that all those who have garbage to remote  will   provide   themselves   with
two garbage cans���one to be used for
ashes, and   the    other    for   garbage;
Householders will  please place   cans
in the most accessible position possible, whicli will be cf material assist*
ance to the collectors wht-n they ca.!
to remove the same.    This does not i
apply to business bouses.   The  satiref
rates as are now in effect will st'll be j
charged them .or the removal of garbage, ashes, etc.
Health Inspector.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited^
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a por
tlon of the province ot British Columbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
dade by tbe applicant in'person ts,
the Agent or Sub-Agent of .tbe .district
!n which the rights applied tor are
ln surveyed territory thc land must
be described by sections, or legal sub-
Jlvlslons of sections, aad in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by tke applicant himself.
Bach application must /be . accom-
,>anisd by a fee ot $6 which will bt
efnnded If tbs right's arflled for are
-tot svallsble, but not otherwise. A
royalty shsll be paid en the merchant
able output of ttt* _<|lli��' at the rate
jafjjflvs cests per thtk.
? Ths sersoa eperatleg the mine shal!
furalskflhe Ageat with sworn retura>
406eoat!sJt; thr t\\. full ��an*|tt*' ���'
ftiero.bantilHe coat mined itfi.ptv.thr
royalty tfcereen. If the coal raining
rights sitfnot being operand fu^ returns should be toraishod* at least
rpnee a year.
. TJ��* lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surf see rights msy be considered
necessary' for the working ot the mlas
at the rate of $16 an acre.
- For full information application
should be made to the Secretary el
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
w. w: coftY.-
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N. B��� Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
46  Lorne  Street,   Nsw  Wsstmlnstsr.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, Engliat
and Swiss
Atl Work Guaranteed.
641 Front Street
-�� City Market
Second Hand Store
4. a SMITH.
Buy and sell nsw and   second   haa*
goode ef all kinds.  Tools especially.
66 Memoes Street. Vhoaa ISSP
Meat jHarket
Large Front Room in Hard-
man Block, 30x30 feet; is
well lighted.
Suitable for office, workroom
or Hying rooms.
.' tmPa.1 ttAti-i*- ���
-Tt~*mr ' 'ffl'll*
��� ��� n iiiiiiii i.- 'ii'SiiH m*a*%a*��awmms*m**t^*mmthi*ia
Wtam..   **m**\i ,  ,
mm& m us '
Published i $4$ tanning except
A<indaV by Tbe National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their office,
63 McKenzie 'Stteet, New Westmlnater, B. C. '       '   "J" '
ROBEKT^Hi BEST, Manager.
Business Office   999
Editorial Office   991
By carrier it per year, Jl tor three
sjjouths, orvflaBpiymOTfU1-
By mail �� J p|il l��*   or   25c   per
month.       iKltlfl!!:
���urnnwuifrtffljflffi I?1*
- .V
Today th* Mf1!^' ext^nd3 th��
heartiest OfgA��H|pw H.-R. H. the
Governor General and T. R. H. the
Duchess afepJ��lfiicA�� Patricia of Connaught. lfc-��a#- ^generally regretted
that the royal *fo4'_es were not able
to visit Westminster when the Duke
came among us last Saturday week,
but we are sur(L-that the warmth of
Today is the tag day of the
local branch of the Anti-Tuberculosis society and contributions will be sought from tha
public in a:d of the Tranquille
sanitarium at Kamloops,' B. C.
Ladies who Intend taking collections will rtceive boxes,
tags and' badges at the Annandale Supply Co.'s store at
.the corner of McKenzie" and
Columblu 'streets. In the hiorn-
ing. or at the, Women's'Council
rest room In the women's
building at the exhibition
grounds during the   afternoon.
Unique  Gift of  R.  A. &  I.  Soilety���
Speeches Will Be Erief���History
of the Fair.
Accprding. to I resident T. J. Trapjj,
of the R. A. & I. society, there w.ii
Ije very little speechmaking done this
afternoon, as it is the dejire of tiie
j officials to ta..e up as little as pos
m j si ble of the short space of time  in
m ��   whicli the. rpyal party ���yvlll be in the
rlWe. he would discover* there that '������ foMowln* the .induction,,,^hjb.i,
wha is liw in one plaee.may not be dent Trapp will present to tne Gover.
law ln another, or k. otlier v-nH that nor General a sql.d gold key which
law la'the'official op! .on ot the m- ��'�� r��p1r*?,ent the /ormal opening ol
iority of anv free people and that ttie exhibition. This key ts of unlqu��
some majorities In sSm�� places some-, design and Is about six nchea long.
times think differently from some ma- On the bowl Is Inscribed Key oftBt-
jorltles in some other places. ! h bitten Build ngs. New Westminster
The same lawyer, if he were in | B.C.; while on the shank ls engraved
Canada would d'senver thst the law "Presented, toi His Royal Highness
hore regarding lockouts and strikes the Duke of Connaught, K.O.. Gover-
dlffers from the law In New York or nor Oeneral of Canada, October 3.
New Zealand.   In New York, any cm-  1913.
ployer can lockout his men at a min I    Attached to the key will be a small
ute's notice if he likes, and his men |
our welcome today will  be ail    th9
more by reason of our hopes having  can 8tr|ke on the same conditions. In
| Nev Zpaland,  no employer can lockout his men at all. r.or can his men
i^allv   str'ke    under ''any   circumstances. Arbitration is compulsory. In
been deferred.oiwp),
On   the, wcasiptn .Qf   the   Duko'3
former visit we had    to   show   him
what Westminster stood for as West,
minster   he saw our Institutions, our  in private business can do as they like
���    . .  j.,.f,i��^ �����*���< hv   he was able'at anv  time;   but   in   public   service
Siant taduatAjj ngh  by, he was .Wt y ^ g^, g
at   Albert   Crescent"      ���������������>-��
but elaborate card giving a history o*
the exhibition in the RojilI City.
Prior to 1889 the fair was run alternately with Victoria, one city taking it every second year, wh'le Chilli-
���vvae'.i  had the  honor of  holding the
to understand
something of tlie-march of progress
which has tsftrtfA"place on the banks
of the Fraser, and to meet representatives cf the Xais.teA peoples who afe
here working out tiieii* destiny. Today thc whole Ofthe royal party will
have an opportunity of gaining further insight into the trades which,
centering in iMa city, have ta da mors
closely with t^jfc*: They will steam
up our inag^Bc3i|it; .river from th.'
snlf, and will befcsralded at the city's
water gate by hundreds of thesa who
make their living upon the waters.
But uppermost' in  our minds,  and
indeed the reason..for this adi'.tionai
mark of royal fnvcr, is the great ex
liibition w1h��4i pie Governor Genera";
will officially open.    Here are to bs
seen evidences of the solid wealth cf
the whole of the province.    All    th^
cities, all the tiny farming sstt'.ements
unite to make New Westminster    exhibition reprt_'.>t'j^.iitivo    In    the    best
ceiiBe of the word.   His Royal High
ness has always evidenced his deep
interest in matters agricultural,  "hij
advice, to Uio.ieMU'rs of the prairies
to go in  for mixed farming ar.d not
have all  their eggs    in    the    wheal
basket will be readily recalled. Among
ns he will see that Hritish Columbia
is capable ef producing everything in
this line,  while his own  interest    in
horse flesh rap.; \Tel{.as that of    the
royal ladies, siiould make the inspec
tion of the.sintohfess stock to be seen
��.1 the fair of additional interest.
We trust that the sun god may not
forget us, and that the citizens will
not refrain from welcoming our royal
guests In an audible manner.
Canada  either employers or emploved  provincial  exhibition    ono    year.    In
tho vpar 1S89 New Westminster decided to make It an annual evnt anJ
it has been so ever since.   It may be
period of negotiation.
Now, when the public is chieflv
afraid of is rot the or-.irrence of
either loc\-rnts cr strikes. If Strikes
ard locked could he guaranteed to
cev'r without viclerce, tbe Oubllc
Would not worry nuiosi. even though
at t'mes the Inconvenience In publii'
Trv;c�� might.be mest grive. What
the publ'o wcrr'ps ahout and what oc
'-.laions legislation, is the fa"', that
������'dence cftrn. a":l bloodshed somo-
���.:...���., ���.,r, p��-'hit-r".iimenu of Ihdus-
'r'n' disr'l''e- "--������- ���--��� *���-* ���*���,.*.-.
-r rl'tcn h" " " "���" '* "f es''**-**j^���n\cv-
---��� cr eirinloypd. hft "-- '���-������(lit'on   !a
'.nm     T,'l    '-!    the    -'''"r   Teal**'*    \V"l^th��"
-**r)lr**-'l-   rt   fll"   ������'1)1'"   n'  "���>     nnnrnvv
fit legiflat'cn ***���'*** i����nlt8 the free-j
v-> r? .������-i}-i-,tv'"i bitVe,
Bnt if lhe rnrkers -f a-'v f-ee cou-1.-;
trv *<-r."t to P"t <*' *" re-""' 9,1V old |
'���'cd of It-. pJI the- V>a"c to d-> !s a? .
Mr.   Crotheri    1hn   OomfnloTi   M'n'stor |
"f Lsbo'" **���*-'-<** to "Pt i"b'" nn'n-j
lop h'h'.nd them.���Ottawa Evenin"!
Journal. I
of Interest to state il.at the flrst fair
in the Royal Citv was held in tho immigration    building    which    formerly
Siock   Parade   Before* Governor  General Oiiould Be Record Event
of Its Kindt
Perhaps the stellar event of today's
fair will be the stock parade which
takes place at 3:45 this afternoon.
Practically ajl the winners of stock
exhibits of the fair will pass the
royal box, .location ^jh'e.^apt gld�� 6*
trie women's building.
. jrae Duke's fondnerse Wn live- stock
ji& ifie.l known tlirougihout tho 'Dominion, and he'expressed great pleasure
at.the showing made In Victoria at
the latter end ot last week. In the
words of Ringmaster Clements, of the
horse show, who'announced theorem
to the spectators at the arena last
evening, "It ls up to the Royal City
to show the royal party that we lead
In events of thjs kind, and the citl
zens will no doubt do their part in
the affair."
His remarks were well received t��
those present, and thousands are sure
to attend this afternoon and evening
The feature cf the horse show this
evening will be the ladles' hunters.
This was scheduled tor last evening
but owing to the fact that severa
owners were unable to compete; ti
was thought advisable to hold it ovei
unt I tonight.
The Jumpers of last night wen
about th,e best that have t>een seen In
this section cf the country and th.
show is beginning to be on a par wltl
that of-the annual event in Vancou
ver. Among the entries are owner-,
stcod   where   the   present   rarne<?'i9 ! from Edmonton, Victoria and Vancou
1 brary now is. Very few exhib'ta
wpre shown and those were moitly
roctfi and floiyers with very few live
This is the song of the Fraser
From  tbe ir.c.nta'ns down   to
I am the King cf the rivers.
The hope cf the world to be.
The Clyde, the Mersey, the Lawrence
Are rivers of the royal blood.
But tbe trend of empires progres.3
lias to follow my singing fl.iod.
I am the Ko" ul the ri
to   the
��m rule umy
obor Party Shows Signs of S:cessior
���Manchester Guardian Counsels
The London Daily Express says that
the new British battleships Devonport
and Portsmouth, which will be laid
���down beforq ptif-istmas, will be fitted
for the excflfstVtf use nf oil as fuel.
This depvHUrtMn. naval construction
bas been fbreatia&ftved for some years
by the success of the in'reduction of
London, Oct. 2.���There is a- possibility of the rift between the government and the labor party widening.
Ramsay MacDonald has made the
pledge that the labor members would
vot^ against tbe government unless
votes were granted to women, but it
la doubtful if he could carry the party
with him.
On Thursday the motion for allocation of time for passing the Home
Rule bill will be considered. Thi
Westminster Oa ette parliamentary
correspondent today says it is the intention of the government to pass this
bill through the House of Comme ns
before Christmas and that there ls
no disposition on the Liberal side to
criticize the drastic measures of closure necessary for cutting the debate
on the bill.
On the other hand it Is sleilficant
oil as fuel ^V)thf merchant marine
The British nav^ cannot claim to bpjthaf lii a "speech "at'Manchester last
jiight.C. P. R. Scott, proprietor of the,
Manchester, Guardian, perhaps the
most powerful fotce among British
Liberal newspapers, ancl himself an
ardent Home Ruler, made an earnest
plea that the government should grant
the fullest discussion of the bill and
be ready to offer any reasonable compromise.
They were threatened, he said, with
resistance Amounting to civ'! war. it
was belter that the bill be dronrrd altogether, if ihe government did nol
mean to enforce it when It became a
'the first Ip. ,th<�� Adoption of the new
system, how��^>eft as the Uniwd States
naval authorities have found oil so
satisfactory-rj4* fuej in battleships
wbere '.. has been tried in conjunction with tip* fusiial - coal equipment
: that they intnW to equip the Nevada
and Oklahoma with oil-burners exclusively. 'Hicj (g&rmao navy has also
used oil as an auxiliary to coal.
it Ib no secret that a few years ago
:i prominent British firm of battleship
designers submitted to the Admiralty
plaus and specifications for a smokeless. SteamlesB battleship, -.No action
was liken pending further developments In the use of oil for propelling
large vessels But the promptness
with wliich Winston Churchill, First
Sea lord, inspected the Selandia, the
Danish vessel that made 11 knots
with Diessel engines, showed that
keen watc'.i ..was ,being kepi cn progress ajong these lines.
Wh'le tjitv or<il>lj'!n of propelling 4 >,-
T)00-ton batfleshin3 by \-t..*--ti.**-*'*
bustipn engiiuui ha,s by no ������"*���'������-, hee*
mastered, there is tag doubt tbi' fn-
'Steam-makine. o'l l'a3 rn*nv gre.a; ad
vantages /dyjft- c^-il. The es-e ant*
quickness'cf filling b"n,rRrs, the ah
���sence of sHK*ij��,it'ie ^bclit'on cf stok
ing. the Ski 't^urt fires must net al
v. avs he kept up, the oconotnv of
weight ^vttAi^ti^re. ���'ip'o such cons:d��ra
tlons that, though they may nlacn
them*' 've^-ljv-tbti h'aw of the Stnnd
nrd 01. thi*'tAnei Of the world are
1 IMv to re**.r to a <renenl use of oil.
���Toronto Mail and Empire.
From the
Pride of the West, hope of the East
And gem In the crown of the  free.
From  Fovt George down  to  Ladner,
From Steveston up t") the hills.
The land of the Great Creator,
My bountiful basket fills.
jock'���e ard strelhead n-^d st-rg'-rn
Giant   limber   from   forests   deep
Are but a tlthfc of merchandise
That   will   ride   wh*re    my   water,
And   my first-born   shall  be   fambutl
Where    majestic    my   keel3    shall
And praise of the Royal City
Shall echo from every throat.
Westminster's name shall link with
Through the countless ages to be,
For I am the King of Rivers���
Only follow my course and see.
And she shall be Queen of Cities
lv i*.e wonderful days to come,
When the notes of my water chanting
Are lost In the factories' hum.
When the griin from the spilling o'er
Will be laid on my bosom wide.
And the breid   of countless   m'll'ono
Rest sound on my wonderful tide.
For I am. the King of Rivers,
From the mountains   down   to the
Frem golden ifawn to setting sun
AH eyes will be t-rnert to m<\
ver, and there Is sure to be somi
rivalry between the fair sev as they
lake the hurdles on the gallop.
The seating accommodation la3
evening was completed, and for tbe
first time the boxes were occupied by
several well known New Westminste-
families together v, ith a few from
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.;  A. R. C. M.
Teacher   cf   Pianoforte,   Violin,   Sing
lng,  Theory,   Harmony,   Counterpoint
and  Musical  Form.
51   Dufferin   Street Phone   R4V
An Honest Machine.
When the Woodbine race track a'
Toronto opened for the fMl meet o-
Saturday the sum of $2.21(1 was found
In one of rbe pari-mutuel macules
left from Isst season. It developed
that when the collections were ma;l.;
fnm last spring this machine was
overlooked. It seems a strong argu
merit In favor Of the "iron men."
There are few book-makers who g've
back anv of your money after they
mice get it.
7^c Per Sack, 100 Ite.
Delivered Free in Burnaby, City or Sapperton
327  Front  Street Phone
Save Your Money 'StOVC-Wood
Do you want absolute security for] 'PhoflC R1 14��
your monthly savings,   with   guarau-1 %ik/    Dlr-M   ,
teed   return   several   times   greater I W* KICrl                   *
than ordinary Interest, without risks'' Teaming and Gensral Draylng Con-
and worry of real estate ?   Write to- trading, Furniture Moving,
day, Box 502, New Westminster.        I Excsvating. -'
Three acres within three minutes o
B. C. E. R. interurban line. Clearei
and on open road. $7550, cash $2500
Balance to arrange.
Five acres in Delta. Close to G. N.
R. $160 per acre. $809 cash. Balance two years.
Room $. Trapp dUJefc''1 (    Phofie 7W
Nine roomed bouse on two lots, 50:
150 each; all under cultivation; 150
feet from car.
$5000; Easy Terms
A N< w York jurist solemnly an-
rounces that all workers have a legal
right to strike, and all employers a
l"gal right to lock out worker.). This
li very kird of lb- lawyer, and no
tlcubt he interprets New York law
correctly, If he were in New Zealand, however, and locked out hh
clerks, tw v.jkM Kot into Jail���that ls,
Sf law dfWwsowe und'fr thc terms 1
Five  lots
ng car llm
urder cultivation  adjoin
60j 130,
Only $800
' PHONE 1024.
Coldicott Blk.   East Burnaby
mt*, T. J. TRAPP
President cf tlie F.cyal Agricultural     ,.. mU
'-*   ".,*-.-,*���������    a* a**
V ATI RfrO .1 if f
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
Sold payable In all parts of the world. $aviugs bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
Let us figure with you on
your lumber requirements. We
carry a complete stock of 1.Imber, and lumber products at our
Sapperton yard.
"    TELEPHONE 904.
Hills at Vancouver, New Westminster  and   Crescent  Valley,   B.  C.
"Tke Best In Tke West"
New Westminster,' B. C��
OCT. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1912
Largest and Best Agricultural, Horticultural and
Floricultural Exhibition in Western Canada.
Dox 311  New Westminster, B. C.
Oot our prlcos on,wood: four foot slabs, dry or green; 16 lack mill-
wood and dry planer ends.
���.���lilts   thWTit   '        '">������{.  run   -v.i"  .'���"���   -:-. ������'" '	
Frassr Milb, B. C
Telephone 890
17 Large Lets; 62 % 132; Edmonds District;
over-looking Burnaby Lake; high and,dry;
Price '$550, $75 Cash, Balance $15 *% month.
Come in and let us show you this property.
t .    -
451 Columbia Street
FcHewed by Star Basebsll Game Between Westminster and Belling-
'���'       hsm Elks.
Two high claas sporting events art
scheduled tor this afternoon at
Queens park. The llrst, which starts
at 2 o'clock, Is a lacrosse battle between the Sapperton Juniors, who
are undoubtedly the champion team
of their class in the province, vs. the
West Ends of this city.
Ever since their triumphant tour ol
the upper country the Sappertons
have been aching Ao take a whack at
some team ln the city which has
some standing and, following the announcement by Joe Lally that each
player on the winning team would
receive a special prize In the shapj
of a Lally lacrosse stick, Tim
Mahoney has had the matter in
charge for the past week, and the olj
veteran of sporting circles in the city
promises the fans a little treat. '
The next event Is scheduled for
3:45, when the Westminster baseball
team will cross bata with the Belllfig
I'.ani Elks. Today Is Vancouver and
American Day at the fair, and the
boys from the domains of Uncle Sam
are ccming here with the intention of
upholding the proud name of the U.
ii. republic as a home of good sports.
Manager McDonald, of the Royals, has
oma^aed a bunch of stars which be believes will wipe the turf of any amateur team operating on this side of
the Rockies, and this afternoon's
battle should be a worthy test.
New faces will be seen on th"
team in the persons of Campbell and
Smith. the Westminster battery.
Oanuibpll has been operating In tho
Twilight league at Saskatoon this
summer and comes here with a good
reoorA. Smith is also well known In
the baseball fraternity.
Kc- the opposing battery the name3
ol Hall and Hurley sre mentioned.
Here is the probable line-up of tne
local a: Chaput, 2b; Jameson, ss;
Williams, cf; Silver, rf: Curran.
spare; Campbell, p; Smith, c;. Weln-
gamer, ib; ChurtleR. If; Glass, lb.
Umpire. Kills Turner.
Victoria  Not so; Fully  Represented���
Cameron Bests Gillis at Putting
ths Shot.
B. Davison, V. A. C.    Time 9 4-5.
101) yards Junior���1, C. Newby, Col-1
umblati College; 2, C. H. Rogers, V. A.
C;-; 3i H. K. Salloway, Vancouver X.
M. C.A.- Time 18 3-6.
��� Putting- 161b. -nliot.���John Cameron,
.Pi M. BtA.; 2, MeDianpld; V. A. C;
���l.'-O. GITHS, V. A. C. Distance-44 feel
4 inches, , .���...., ,
iOue mile.���1, A. Copping, Y. M. C.
At Vancouver; 2, JMin Hoult, Columbian College; 3, J. S. Bannerman.
Cumberland.   Time 4.44 3-5.
229 yards senior.���1, N. Leggatt, V
A. C; 2, H. Beasley, J. Ei. A. A., Vic
toria; 3, A. J. Blackwell, .V A. C.
Time 23 4-5.
Throwing 561b. weight.���1, A. McDiarmid, V. A. C; 2, D. OIUIs, V. A.
C; 3, John Cameron, P. M. B. A. Dis
lance 36 feet, one-half Inch.  '
220 yards junior.���1, C. H. Rogers
V. A. C; 2, A. H. Martinson, V. A
C.i 3, H. E, 8elloway, Y. M. C. A.
Vancouver.    Time 23 3-o.
120 yards hurdles.���1, G. C. Heath'
V. A. C; 2, V. B. Mitchell, V. A. C
Time 17 1-5.   Only two entries.
Five miles.���1, W. R. Chandler, V.
A. C; 2, L. S. Manning, Y. M. C�� A.
Vancouver.   Time 27. 19 3-5.
Throwing lC-lb. Jiammer.���1, D.
Gillis, V. A. C; 2, John Cameron, P
M. B. A.; 3, A. McDinrmid. V. A. C
Distance, 152 feet 3 Inches.
Running broad Jump, Renter.���1, N
Dillabough, V. A. C; 2, O. C. Heath
V. A. C.i 3, A. McDlarmid^V. A. C.
Distance, 21 feet 6!i Inches.
-Throwing discus.���1, D. Gillis, V. A
C.i 2, John Cameron, P. M. B. A.; 3
A. McDiarmid. V. k. C. Distance, 121!
feet, 11 inches. ,
Running broad jump, Junior.���1, C
H. Rcdsers, V. A. C; 2. H. Godfrey, Y
M. C. A., Vancouver; 3, .1. Farmer, Y
M. C. A.. Vancouver. Distance, 1'
feet, 2 inches.
440 vard.���1, N. Dillabough, V. A
('.; 2. B Davison, V. A. Ci 3. T. Car
penter, Y. M. C. A., Vancouver. Time.
53 3-5.
Running high jump.  juntor.-~l, C
Stewart. V.  A. C;   2.  \V.  Pr'.ngle. Y.
M. C. A..   Vancouver.    Height, 4 feat
11 Inches.
Running high Jump, sealer.���1. A.
Sullivan, V. A. C; 2. F. T. Gallagher
J. B. A. A., Victoria. Height, 5 teet
10 inches.
8H0 varda.��� 1. A. OiPP'nS Y. M. C
A., Vanoouver; 2, John Hoult, Cclum
blau college.   Time, 2.5 1-5.
Pole vp'>lt.--l. Charles Durand. V
A. C; 2, W. Pringle. Y. M. C. A., Van
couver.    1'eight. 10 feet.
Peiay race-M, V. A. C.i 2. 72nd
"Ihlard-rs: 3. Y. M. C. A., Vancouver
Time. 3.39 2-5.
The Gig of war between the Cnqtilt
1a"i dam team and the Moose Athletic
club fl'd not materialize owing to th?
refusal of the former to ab'de bv thc
rules of. the committee. Much dlsap
ii ointment was expressed bv the
crowd, but the officials were obduratr
and called off the event rather than
submit to the demands of the Coquitlam boys.
<Continued from rage one)    -
were brought ont and the time taken j
by the judges in awarding the prizes
Indicated  the  sterling  entry  list  for
this event.
A dark chestnut, "Rcb Roy," owned
by Mr. John M. McMillan, took the
blue ribbon oniy after the leaning
horses had been called back ln the
ring for the final elimination. "Lady
Galore" and 'Pepper Pot," owned'by
Dr. Doherty^ cf this city, kit,-up.
their, record , ln winning from such
teams as those of Mr. Robert Kelly
and Mr. W. 9. Holland, both of Vancouver. r.iit,'',',i,:.
'*      I  ;'.'y. Lis* df.Winners.".   ���. ...'.lit;
Best four horofe team**!,-.John- Sav-:
age, westham Island; 2, Bert Henry,
New Westminster; 3, Wilbur Smith,
Neiw Westminster. r The latter team
also won the Gray ^ad Kellington
General city delivery (pair), not
less than 15-hands���1, Brackman-Ker
ft Co.; 2, H. T, Kirk; 3, C. A. Welsh.
Saddle horses, under 15.2 hands���1.
"Hcatherblue," owned by D. Galvln.
Vancouver; i, "Goldflnder," H. Williamson, Vancouver; 3, "Red Rose,"
Councillor D. C. McGregor, Burnaby.
"Betsy," owned by L. Williams, Sap
perton,- while having the better in
noints. was disqualified owing to being over height.   ��� ���
Roadster���1, Dr. C. M. Henderson
Vancouver; 2, Dr. L. D. Swlnerton
Vancouver; 3, J. F. R. Balloch, New
General city delivery (single), un
der 1300 pounds��� 1, P. Burns & Co.;
2, P. Burns & Co.; 3, Matheson &
Jacobson. Model grocery.
Jumpers���1, "Rob Itoy,1, John M
McMillan, Vancouver; 2, Goldencrest,"
J. A. Russell, Vancouver; 3, "Schwit
zer," H. Williamson, Vancouver'.
Carriage lioraea (single), 15.2 hand^
or over���1, "Harry    Lauder," W. S
"elland. Vancouver;  2, "Tilly," H. S
Cunningham, Vancouver.
Heavy/ draught, horses (pair).- ovei
1600 lbs. each���1, Colony far^n; 2
John Savage. Westham Island; 3
Gilley Bros., New Westminster.
Pacers, three years and under���1
"Babe Adams," A. C. ftummer, Chilli
Pair high steppers, 15 hands ami
over���1, Dr. Doherty. New Westmln
ster; 2. W.-S.Holland. Vancouver; 3
Robert Kelly, Vancouver.
The Scots held forth in song and
dance In the opera house last night
on the occasion of the grand annual
concert--of the Caledonian societies
of the city. The affair was a thorough success and the entertainment
could hardly have been excelled, but
the attendance war not up to expectations. What the crowd lacked in numbers, however. It made up for In en
thusiasm. and there was hardly a dull
moment during tbe evening.
The Highland dancing was withonf
a doubt the feature Of the" coticert
and Invoked a great deal of applause
from th'e audience. In this Miss' K
tfrqlihart and the winner of the Ju ven
ile championship at the fair dunn;;
the afternoon excelled. Their exhibi
tlons were superb. Mr. W. McKay-
danced a really excellent Sailor'*
Hornpipe and an Irish Jig.
Miss 'Ella Walker, the well known
Vancouver singer, sang several of th?
old songs to the delight of every per
son present "The Wee Cooper of
Fife," bj> a male quartette consisting
of Wiir-am McC. Robb, Mr. Ward-
laugh. W. McKay and one other, and
Bob Rob in the "'Tenoecked Husband," provided the laughable end of
the program. The rendering of the
"Blue Bells of Scotland" by Miss
McCormack was rare as was also her
"Caller Herrin." The Clan McLean
pipe band of Vancouver was present
seven strong and thrilled the audiencs
with "The Cock o' the North" and
other selections.
To Close An Ei
We are instructed to receive offers Jor that splendidly situatedproperty on the southwest corner of Queens Avenue and Seventh Sfrpet,
214 feet by 132 feet. There are four houses on the property, all
rented and In good repair. '      m q i -, -���   '
This is an ideal site for an apartment house, ts close in and has
a big future.   For full particulars apply to .....
J. J. JONES, Managing Director. ..    ' .
. ���   Head Office: 28 Lorne Street, New Westmlnfter/tV
The Popular Shoe Sire
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock
641 Front Sireet
POPULAR SHOE STORE.        , ���'
400 Prs. of Duchess $5.00 Shoes, $1.85
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckie's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
A  $20,000  Stock to Select From
Some high class track events were
hi'ld yesterdsy afternoon at the park,
the annual B. C, Track and Field
Championships drawiug out a fairly
long list of entries. A little disappointment was caused by the non-appearance of Frank McConnell, the V.
A. C. crack sprinter who was to havi
met his old rival, Hal Beasley, of Vic
toria, and was entered in several
The Vancouver Athletic Club practically made, a clean sweep of the
events, taking sixteen firsts, sis seconds and six thirds. Last year the
James Bay A. A. of Victoria had mere
of a turnout and this no doubt ao
counts for the remarkable showing
made by the Terminal Cltv this year.
This was   no   doubt   pleasing   to
Mayor Findlay, who was a cansplcu-
*oub figure among the Judges.
Beasley repe&ted his success cf last
year in wlnflIng the 100 yards dash,
secotld and third going to Leggatt and
Dav.d ion of the V. A. C. The time,
however, 9 .2-5, as given ont by tlvs
t'mekeopcrs, appeared to be a little
shy cf the mark considering tho grass
track and also the former time mad?
bv Beasley on specially preparrd
I �����"kB.
, A provincial championship was
1 nng up by John Cnniernti. of thefP.
M. H. A.. Vancouver, who made 41
f let, 4 Inches In putting tli i IS pound
Hhot. Cameron for the past three
years hns boen a member of the Edmonton A. A. aud hls feat of beating
out Dune Qtllla, of Vancouver, goes
to Hho'v that Dominion athletes >*lll
have something to stack up against
�� I'h such u team as Cameron and
W. Chandler, of the V. A. C. won
tie 5 mile race comfortably, although
Manning, of the Vancouver Y. M. C.
/.. save him a good race. The time,
27 .19 3-5 was slow but,the fact that
< 'ilv three men entered, Manders
ilroon'ng out In the first mile, probably had some thing to do with the
Jack Honlt, the speedy Columbian
Cr"<sge boy, ran-a good race ln the'
nil" event but was headed In the last
1 p bv Alf Copping of the Vancouver
V. M. C. A., the latter Winning by two
In the hundred yards Junior. C.
I e** bv. et Columbian College, led the
f'r'i and broke tbe tape with a good
Tho following Is the list/of events
with winners and time made:
100 yards���1. H. Beasley. J. B. A, A.,
Victoria; 2, N. Leggatt, V. A. C; 3,
Much Interest In Final Disposition of
i Prizes.
Interest as to who the prize winner*
wlll be in the Civilian Rifle associa
tlon's competition is increasing as th-
season draws to an snd. Several valu
able prizes were donated at the be
g nnlng of the season for different
competitions.' Perhaps Utfe most covet
ed prize is that donated by Mrs. V
H. C. .Abbott for the highest scor*
made on the short ranges.
At the present time Mr. Georg��
Burr holds the highest score with t8
and from the records made at th
lait few meetings it looks very im
probable that Mr. Burr will bo dis
placed from the top of the sheet. Mr
H. Lindahl held high score with 9��
until the end Qf May. when Mr. W. J
Sloan came through with 97. Thii
was beaten by F. J. Simpson with *
better average, but this marksma-
only held It for a few weeks, giving
it to George Burr.    v-*--
Captain J. 11. Vldal's prize for th'
best aggregate In seven scores ove
the short ranges Is also being mad
Interesting, Mr. Qeorge Burr agai"
lead ng tlte bunch with 6��9. Th
others ln the race are F. J. Simpson
663; W. J. Sloan, 658; ar.d H. Lindahl
The beginner's prlte for the bee
flve scores, donated bv Mr. V. II. C
Abbott, is likely to fall to C. Crooh
with 455.
The sfeason Is now drawing to   i
close and a full mgt+er '�� now   th-
riite every Saturday on the Browns,
vllle ranges.
British LscrosS* Tes-n Coming. -
Ottawa; Oct. 2.���Mr. Einmanuel
Tasse, honorary president cf the Capitol Lacrosse Club. J���� reoelved a letter from Harry Alllnfham. of London,
England, conflrmtair previous Announcements as to the coming of &
British lacrosse team (next summer
They wlll rd to Austral'i In th?
spring and play a series of game* o��
their return In'Aniruit'St New West-
minster, Wlnnlp*g,' Cajgwv. Toronto,
Ottawa, Montreal mod ?Qu��jMe. Per '
mission for the todr has b*��ft granted
by the British Lacrosse Association.
CpstIV franchises.
Baseball' franchisee lh - the . big
leagues are^ somewhat costly articles
to de��l in. The New York OI��nt*
franchise conld hardly be ouWbaeed
for43,000,000, ard some.of the othew>.
Mich as the^PHlladttphla Atblet'qs,
run to nearly the ��sm�� figures. Th*
Toronto club Is estimated to be worth
$150,000. Thr Giants In one season
some times make as much as 1*50.000,
which would pay JO per cent Interest
on ��,50<},00p.
As there appears to be an impression in some quarters that Joe Lall>
had a hand in the Axing of tbe Mani
cup dates, the genial manager of the
Cornwalls states that the matter wa..
handled by the trustees in Winnipeg
and by them alone. Mr. Lally was I
on the coast at the time and wouiil |
certainly not have acquiesced ln ar
arrangement by which the V. A. C
and St. Catherines meet on tha sam*
date as a Minto cup match....    < .
���*We shall make a better showln;
on Saturday," he said regarding hi:
team, "or we will return east and tei
them that we cannot play lacrosse."
The final round of the Minto cui
should be a lidmir.er.
F. L. KERR. Manaaer.
It may seem hard traveling, but it is
the safest
A mastery dramatization cf one of the
world's sweetest song-poems.
Lindsay Bottling Works
D. BRAT, Manager.
Special Feature
.V two-reel Reliance Drama from poem
by Oliver James Curwood.
Nestor���Western Comedy.
Pathe Educational
Coming Friday   ud   Saturday���THE
Manufacturers   of CIDERS, MINERAL    WATER,    Etc   Special
Sole Agents for Westminster    Territory    of    GfcAPINE,    *The
Health Drink.
fiynu   mi
������������Al   ������-:���   .
'!,,.' ���   tO   '
The man that wants clothing:tljat
will wear will find full wear y^ahi^
in the clothes we sell.
AL. W. OILLIt*  nmnsxer
ChasJ. Colby
and his two Blookheads
"TOMMY"    and    "SAMMY"
plsa itls live colored assistant -WILLIE"
11* A
Presenting �� pleasing   Singing *ad Musical Act
i Hew Photo Plays
'It":  isl'tji ,.. ul (1*611  !,.���,������,   .,
���   I   i ��� :
4 ' .
.'ij jl
i. *   t
y\''   :'
nt liiril if.,'
.tjBriJ  b::.;   *
n mtrrt ni
HAlb'JB ,i*
'line, tiobn
;mt lislJltt'
v   .diuoffu
The man who wail3
clothing that halite
out will be pl&i&d
with the way ;Jour
clothes stand up and
look good until wepi
I'S  ll;i  1
���I   1?>V.-M      ;
��� jiha V
'���'lie,; ' I
��!ll;IOt| . t
tinl ���;!-���:
.' lilUJS i
, '.'i     ��
I 'T     ,a\ ,r.
n|   |     .
Thfe value in \te&*
and the looks :m��r
bined with the unusually low prices at which(%e
iell our clothes, gives such fcow-
iblete satisfaction that we'Are
assured a permanent customer
and that is what we want. - ��� r
������'lfl   'EIBAI,
'���it; i,'iai
fcwlfi   .���lAlt'r-
���i   tlltO] ol   !���
"    (y   ,- i
fr.l.,1,,1       ,
���      IW .      ,
-,'', :!��� ���    if*,
���""'"' r"��"'
;.y .yi'iUj^il.,. ii.uwn : >i^�� iprnmaptptq-airm
m^mm rOHrv -p*-****-*-*"������
*M��PI ��J��'��   H*P>si|lM> 1��.  '*��"l'   I*'   ���*     ����^���Sf^tJSh i^H^iiWWHi'lHWiM IW
Following will be found a number of brief paragraphs,' each one
brining out a few of the distinctive .features or characteristics of
this city's business Institutions or
professional men. There Is a
query or two In each paragraph.
To the party who first answers
them correctly tn detail will be
given choice of the prizes noted
above. The next nearest correct
wiil be given choice of the remaining prizes, and so on until
prizes are exhausted.
Names must not be abbreviated
but given in the usual style of the
Arm's advertising;'atreet numbers
must be given correctly and all answers must be neat and legible.
There Is no guessing about tljeee.
There ie a clew in every one by
which the identity may be confirmed.
Answers may be sent by mail or
brought to the office of ths Westminster Dally News any time before next Tuesday evening. On
Thursday of next week this feature will be re-published, with the
correct answers under cach paragraph. At that time the prize winners will be announced and they
are then entitled to call and get
them. .
The competition is open to every
one who reads this, except employees of the paper and their
Address all answers to:
Care The News.
One Month's Tuition, Westminster Modern School of Business $12.00
One Dozen Large Photos Ritchie Studio $10.00
One Gent's Gold Watch, American Movement,  U Jeweled, Gold Filled Case,
Chamberlin'* Jewelry Store $10.00
One Thanksgiving Cake, Grant Bakery   $10.00
the best chef In The city.   Everything been serving a discriminating public Reynier Kid Gloves, the Kayser SUR
you get here Is  nicely prepared  and  five years.   What ls the name and ad-
nlcely served.   The new cafe Is close  dress?
to the depots, light and well ventilat
ed. It is open day and night. OIi,
that tea and coffee they serve here���
'twill almost raise the dead, so delicious. You ought to get in and see
this new cafe. What ts tts name and
address?       /
NUMBER 7.���Do you read? Of
course you do, and no doubt have par
chased many a book or magazine from
this well-known book and stationery
store. They are known all over fhe
main land in British Columbia. They
carry a stock that embraces every-
thine; In school and off'ce supplies, all
the latest books and periodicals, blank
books, loose leaf systems, legal forms
���almost everything made out of paper���and tben some. You will not
embarrass them by calling for anything In their Hne, no matter how
technical. The Westminster store Is
a credit to the city ln every way.
What Is tbe name and addrefs?
NUMBER   8.���What   Is   tlie   nnme
NUMBER 14.���Here Is a program
that distinguishes this well-known
drug store: "Drugs, spectacles, seed ;
and photo goods." It ls a drug store
that has been a factor In the commerce of New Westminster   for   the 	
last 80 years They have everything the"TateVt"bo"oks'and periodicals"? The
for the health and bod:ly comfort and > game flrm ^j.,*^ a blg llne of fanoy
comeliness. It Is not the drug store f goodS) chlnai ^a, d0���B art good3
that  boasts cf a  l.nlment so strong  and n0velties.   lt is one of the store.!
Gloves and scores of superior lines of
good merchandise you will have the
right answer to thla number. Giy.}
the name of thisVflrm t
NUMBER 21���Where in Westminster is tbe one besi place to get
everything In' stationery, school supplies, office supplies, blank books and
that when applied to the lacerated extremity of a dog's tail will cause it to
grow out again, and then applied to
the stub end of the tall, picked up
from the dust of the street, would
cause a new dog to grow out���but
(hey do keep the very best standard
remedies and sundries. They are
special agents for Eastman Kodaks
and supplies. Give the name and address.
NUMBER 15.���This number Introduces a watchmaker and jeweler who
has been associated with the people
cf  New- Westminster   more   than   a
NUMBER 1.���There are just twi
classes of grocers. One wants to get
lien utile*���he sills the cheap brands
11 goods; tbe otlier is not in such a
hurry���he sells the beat brands ol
b-jirus and leaves tlie question cl
prolit to the volume of sales. Here is
; .;'<:frv house that belongs strictly
to the latter class. Kor over a quarter of a century it has been a prominent factor In the commerce of the
city. Here ls always found the best
brands of pure food products, fancy
and staple groceries and table delicacies. The trade of this house is so
large that it carries a young army cf
elerKS and salesmen on lta pay roll���
the best young men to be found lr.
town. This store is on a corner���thii
Htore that has that excellent brand of
tea, and that delicious swoct butter
put out under Us own name. What Is
ths name and address?
-      .._... _.      ....��� .    ...     ...w           vl    rtt3W.    nrauuiuBicr    muic    luati    u
/and where Is located the shoe store quarter ot a century. Theie success
where thev sell Dr. Reed s Cushion fuI years ^3 an a88et worth much to
Shoes for both men and women   Thev  thfi purchaser of a class of merchan-
have  an  endless  vanetv  of shoes of  -..���- ��. ���� th* value and eannlnenegs . _��� -. -
all makes and styles, for men. worn-  t"Sl7h,���Tde^ndXSly on 'ln the rear'   For "dam^bad" weather
en and   children.     Every member of *Je**JSl ��'^efiT   He handle" ! ** ha8 t.he."Dlck Waterproof Boots
that has been dealing wltb the people
many years and their trade justifies
the s in carrying a large stock. It Is
a very busy place, and lt Is one of the
most interesting places in town to
"come just to look." It Is within the
shadow of a new sky-scraper. What
is the name and address of the firm?
NUMBER 22.���Here Is a name that
ought to be familiar to every one who
does not go barefooted. Ail you have
to do is to take your feet to this store
and he will shoe them for you in the
best footwear that is produced. It is
a store that has been selling shoes
for a half dozen years. He has boots
and shoes for the whole family, and
he has a first-class repair department
Equitable-Alliance and the Equitable
Flre and Marine, the Continental of
N'ew York, and other good companies.
There are two live wires In this
flrm, and they have an office op Columbia street���on the ground floor.
Both names ln the flrm begin with tho
same letter. Give the name and address?
tbe familv can find lust what is wanted in footwear at this store. It fs a
store that has been making its history for a period of 20 years. A man
Is known by the company he fceeps���
no less a store hy the customers it'
keeps, the patrons of years ago/arc
still buying their footwear here. It Is
i name of eight letters and two svlla-
bles, and you will see It in meial let
ters as you cross the threshold.
id amendi, watches, clocks, silverware, cut glass, and novelties of various kinds in the jewelry line. He is
famous for that "special watch" which
bears his name, and which sells under a guarantee as a timekeeper. He
is an optician   of note.      There   are
You ought to get next to these lf you
want to keep your feet dry when the
rainy season comes on In earnest.
What is the name and location?
NUMBER 23.���Who   is the druggist
and optician who makes   good  every
seven  letters  in   his   name,  one   of'. day in the year-    Hls n<��ne Is tn th
thera repeated.    Give the name   and , f*���*"1..*1 the entrance���an entrance
NUMBER 29.���Who are the exclusive and up-to-date undertakers and
funeral directors? This efcborate Institution Is fitted eypressly for the
purpose. It affords a commodious
chapel and every facility for taking
care of the departed in a decorous
manner. Carries a full line of funeral
supplies of aU kinds. They devote
their whole time to this business snd
after many years of experience feel
fully qualified to offer their services
ln every emergency, relieving those
who mourn of every neoeBsary care.
Give name and address of the flrm.
Westminster branch established oids
year ago. - J *
NUMBER. 30.���Some ladles buv
their corsets out of stock, any old
place. But those better posted go tn
the corsetlere. where they mnke n
specialty of fitting to the flgure. There
ls In New Westminster a corset shoii
kept by a lady who has had technical
Instruction and ample experience, and
can fit and demonstrate to your satisfaction. Her corsets bear a name that
Insures that they are modeled after
the very latest fashion requirements
producing the long, slender, sweeping
lines to the flgure���recommended by
both physician and dressmaker. This
is the exclusive corset shop���exclusive corsetlere for the world-fame I
"Spirella" Corset. Give the name and
NUMBER 31 You are to give the
name and studio address of the well-
known Instructor ln banjo, mandolin
and guitar in this city. If you "wan*,
to be In the land of harmony" his stu
dio Is a remarkably apt place to visit
���the oftener the better. He Is so
well known that we are sure you wlll
recognize him without further delineation. His terms are very reasonable
and his Instruction is known far and
wide as being of the higher type. You
will find his studio In the heart of the
shopping district.
lie well tried, ln mentioning Westminster Institutions and their qualities fair, this one, In tts class, takes a
front chair. It increases enrollment
each year of Its existence, whloh, you
may know. Is a result, of honest labor
and persiatenca. He who enrolls wtth
this school Is considered wise, and to
tell tho uame and location may assist in winning a handsome prize.
NUMBER 36.���It is not necessary
to climb the hill very far to get what
you want In automobile supplies. ThU
number represents a new place where
they sell supplies, but not automobiles. Anything you want to know
about automobile supplies, he is authority tn that line. If you want the
best tires���those best adapted for
your purposes, drop In���he will post
you. He has made It a study. There
Is always something new coming out
In motor circles���something that will
bring economy as well as comfort���
he wlll tell you all about It. This M
n new Store. It ts started for tho con
venlence of the motoring population.
Give the name and address. \
NUMBTR   9.���Where   do   vou   flnd'i
NUMBER 10.���Where do tliose poo-
he expert In the shoe repairing lineir,!B who ���*��'& appreciate fine work In
In Westminster? It's the soles of the Photography sit for their photo-
people he keeps in view, for ho is tho graphs? To whom do they go when
doctor of boot and shoe, and he th^ w,sh- not Jusl a KOod Photograph.
wrves the. living   and not   the dead, P���*  J1**  ,M'e���r   Quality   of   work
with  the best   of   leather   wa--   nafli 1 which  Is turned out  from  the studio . wdIlts   aml   wanes   receive   ina   most
wun int. oesi   ot   learner, wa. . nans | ��� , 41l,   m , ..,_,,,, ,u��� . careful and considerate attention.   He
that iB on a very public corner. He is j
a splendid druggist and chemist, and
he is just as good an optician. Ho
can flt your eyes with glasses scientifically, and guarantee satisfaction.
He has an optical parlor ln the rear.
In the line of drugs and chemicals his
stock   is    very   complete    and   your
���*t a real artist? Tbe character of th"
work here is in a class by itself and
!s appreciated   bv   all   discriminating
1 NUMBER 2.���What Is the name of1, M? thread. He can Be\v on a sole, or
the bank doing business ln New West- na* it fast, and do a good job and
minster whose capital  stock is $16,-1 make It last. _ There ls nothU'.^ snid������
000.000 aud '    * 	
$16,000,000?     Tneir    nail   year   siaxe-1 ���   ���   ������������;-  e *>.*......   " j ���.���,_��� ���,__-���] nirpiv  emilnnert  mrvmn '
ment issued April 20. showed depos-  *rRat many patients come to his door l^PS|"Sfloor      thKSl
���f ...        ._.    I worn out und run down, besides feel-i0.'1 ���,c secona jioor.    u nas neen un-1
make3 a special point to fill all physician's prescriptions with absolute accuracy.    What is the   name   and ad-
,    t, ,   ,.        "���~"�� '." V".  about wl>nt he n-i An   Anui\i net mv I people.   The stud.o ls located neit in    '       .
00<>.000 aud which haa a Rest fund of  aucul wnat ne can ao���doubt not mi y    *" Ei,nnnin~ Siititrt   ���n .dress?      :    ,
Their   half   vear   state-   statement for work proves it true.  A   In��� newt of the shopping d.strut, oc- | r. 	
Atiri    10   showed  deoos-   BreiU many patients come to h1�� dnflr    cuplng Bcveral nicely equipped rooms       .���,������_���    ���,     ""�� ..       ,
its atCTezatlDE 1206 98MMM The worn out und run down, besides feel- on the second Iloor. It has heen un-1 NUMBER 24.-Who is tho insur-
food mSsfentfol'thUbank lain lng sore; though he doesn't tise poul- <'^ ^e present very en'icient manage-, ance expert of New Westminster?
l&XtmmmSMtaSiaS'lS tice' P|aster or P111' I" cures all sick ���ent four years. Carbon and , lat!-11 hisi agency has been a fixture here
dfawfns th��^ banking'patronage from 8"oes' "" �����" bop ill. It is the K"? Portraits, interior and commer-, fcr 3 years-growing and spreading
drawing tlie uanKing panonage rrom   Rhnn th^ ^^ ^ r,nnHvoQr tt,a,t .���..!cial  work, developing   and   finishing   continually.    Represents a large mini
mally of the larger Institutions and u
large number of the prosperous, but
modest business houses of this valley.
The same business courtesyjia Esjcjepd-
ed to all. and every proper Hauktng
accommodation is given to each Patron, regardless of the:vohlpife df hiB
business. On April 30. the price of
the stock in this bank stood at 255
per cent.
NUMBER 3���The vendor of flowers and plants must be an artist to be
successful. Here is a florist whose
very name is indicative of superior
talehl-and the name he has estab
lished In all this section of the Dom
inion a3 a florist is certajnlv .ver'-
complimentary. He has everywhere
attracted tl>e attention of all wh<
have artistic eyes in the line of beautiful effects with flowers. He makes
a specialty of inter'or decorating for
teas, card parties, luncheons, dinners,
birthdays and weddings.    Always has 	
ti big variety of cut flowers and NUMBER 11.���"Woman's crowning
plants. Haa fifteen graenhouses and glory is her hair."���very emphatically
a central downtown store. Has been so In ihese latter days. Its care and
nerving the public In this capacity for, treatment are subjects upon which all
fifteen years. GIte the name and women are critical." Who fs authority
downtown location. Iln thai  line in this   city?     She   has)
  | been  conducting   toilet   parlors   here
NUMBER  4.���In   this   number   we   for about four year.   Her facilities for
shop that uses the Goodyear welt sys
tem. the modem machinery run by
electricity.   Give name  and  address.
NUMBER 10.���In this number wi
want to put you wise to one of Ne\f
Westminster's fine meat markets. It
was established six years ago. and lta
trade is far-reaching. It is a market
that looks so neat and clean that a
look inside is an a'd lo tlie appetite.
The only thing that is lac'.iin;? here is
the old-time "meat market smell."
The best fat stock thnt is raised in
British Columbia Is butchered b.v thr
big company hack of this market, ami
a gcod portion of it finds its way t:
this splend'd market which servos the
New Westminster people. Their
"family -trade specialties" aro Known
from tht Fraser river to Prince Ru
nprt���rn account of their excellence
What is the name and address of thif
introduce a real estate company that
bears a Blngle Individual name. It is
one of the most active real estate
com pan'es in the city. It waa established eight years ago. The main 6f-
IIcp '<������* In this cltv. and It has branches
in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and
London. Tliey make a specialty of
fruit landa in the Kraser Valley. They
ere active in ih�� Langley and Surrey
rt'stricti -beautiful five and ten-acre
tracts. And, "f course, fhey are active   in Coquitlam   properties.     They
have il    much   for   the   promotion
and development cf this sect'on by
their liberal n'l"ertislt'^ and correspondence methods, it Ih a short
name. What Is the name and address?
NUMBER 5.���Mere Is a store that
wears a name that has stood for 25
years very close to the heart of every
man or boy whom Ihe cycle of time
brings around to fhe "mile atone"
where a new se't cf clothes Is necessary, or a new hat, a becoming necktie or shirt, or anything in wearing
apparel. It Ih a big 3tore. big enough
to afford a mont excellent choice to a
wide variety of human tastes, tine.
thing abou' this store Is that every
mun kno^s when he buys hero he
gets lull .value for hts money. It Is
the Htore where they have lhe Twentieth Century flne tailored clothes, the
Hawes Von Gal hats at $3.50, the famous C'hrlstv hats, Penman's hosiery,
Tooke'a shirts, and the very best
things all along the line. What Is the
name and address?
hair dress:ng, manicuring, facial massage, sculp treatment and tine hair
work are very complete, and she caters to the higher class of patrons.
Here are (ound all the esmitlal requisites and the most advanced skill
In the giving of treatments.
the second fleer overlooking Columbia street. In a building that may be
entered without cllmbfng a long staii
way.    Give tbe name nnd addresA
work, developing  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
A   name  that   Is composed   of seven | ber of the best companies doing bus
letters.   Give name and address.
NUMBER 17.���What   is   the   nam"?
and address of this modern   clothing
ness in the Dominion, such as the
Stuyveaant, Canada Life, Railway
Passengers, National General, Pacific
Underwriters,     the     Anglo-American
ind forai^nc'goods SfcVe whereTheT-1 a"d, otl>ers.    He makes the  business
Have the sale  of .the   Fashion   Craf11���� ft?"*1"_�� Bj!#x_fi* ,������ JR!3?2?
Clothes-depot for Dr. Jaeger's   purt,: to handle your risk with intelligence.
1 It Is better to be safe than sorry. Ho
attends to no other business���Just insurance,   that's   all.     Flre,   liability.
woolen goods.    These gocd3 are th>i j
best in the American market.    They |
will   interest you    greatly  when you
think of your winter underwear.   This
is the store that has "Smart apparel
tor the younger men���16 to 60."   It Is
i store that came into existence only ,
18 months back, but it lias made good. '
They have a very complimentary pat-
���oraKC growing larger  all  the time, i
'^ave everything   in  mens   wear, of
'he very best' values.      Their street I
number does   rot mount so high  as
NUMBER 32.���Here is a firm that
for a number of year^ has been supplying a iot of people with reliable
footwear. They carry a large stock
for the people to select from, or mak->
them to order���as may be desired
They have a Iot of customers that
send in their orders by mall regularly
���old f ' nds who know what they can
depend on getting I":.ore they send.
As a man is known by the company
he keeps, bo Is a store known by the
customers It keeps. To spell t\i
name* In this firm vou don't have to
, get very far away from the top of
| the alphabet to begin. The store is on
Columbia street. Give the name at:J
' address cf this firm.
'     NUMBER 33.���This firm   has   been
fumed  for  15  yesrs   for   saving   the
lives of people  by  selling   tli^m   tho
, very choicest groceries, fish, ffuit and
| produce.    It  has not  been  a  fifm all
] that time, but the first name In   th"
, firm  has been active  for this  length
of time.    It Is the store where the b's
I marble  lish counter Is so prominent
| in Ihe front, dispensing the best Fra-
. ser river fish and ocean "swimmers''
jas well.    They  are  headquarters  for
oysters.   Thelr wagon is kept on the
go all the time and your order will always receive the most   speedy attention.   What is the name and address?
NUMBER 39.���When you are read.'
to get thst "buss wagon" here Is a
flrm that will Interest you very greatly. They have been selling cws here
for two years past, and they can point
to a satisfied customer wherever they
have sold. They hove a garagp���thn
only one on their street, and they
carry a full line of automobile supplies and do first-class repairing. They
are sales agents for the l'nited State*
motor trucks and Ihe Cole automobiles���a brace of cars built in many-
styles to meet the purposes of every
one. They wlll be happy to demon-
j strate their superiority for you any
j time you feel Interested. What Is
I the name and address of this Institution?
NUMBER 40.���Who Ib the man In
New Westminster who mends everything but broken hearts and "th*
break of day?" He repairs bicycles,
guns, locks, typewriters and light machine work of every description. Ho
can fix anything that needs fixing.
After you have exhausted your patience and "bent" the fourth commandment take It to hlm; he'll fix lt
right. He also carries a full line of
guns, ammunition. Ashing tackle and
all kinds of sporting goods. He sells
the English bicycles. He has r.ot been
In business more than a hundred
years, but he Ib making good. Vou
will flnd him on a street that runs
down toward the river. Give his name
and address.
live ston';. accident,' life, automobile,
boat���insures against loss cf every
description. At this agency you can
always count on getting the very b'st
Insurance at the very lowest cost. Office very central, second floor. Give
nan.e and address.
NUMBER  25���Where Is  the   most
po'iular store tn New Westminster  to
0tli'rrs'toreiTof its" character" but'it "is   Pn��hMe  fancy  goods,  ladles'  under-
excelled ln no other detail. t v'ear   Mouses, skirts,  wrappers. ch!l-
__-���_ ; drop's and  infants' wear,  needle sup-
uiiiifra ���    rS*r      j    ..     . _i    nlies and fancv work?   Thisstoreh03
NUMBER If���Where do the fami-   ^ prominent factor in' the com-
Iles In this valley trade who are tired , , lmportance of ft|i clty for u
&nrt5 t1eotherff��'10* 8 ,Kro(rcer/i^   years.    No  cne  can   anticipate    the
MD?   Jb's Is one of the lively groc-   > U)e ��� "       ���
ery and delicatessen stores which was   T, ,  ��� headquarter| for
organised within the present year.  It  |h|     , f merc,,Rndlge, 'and ,t ,��� ���,.
j     NUMBER 34.���What is the name of
I this paving company that hai   mad?
| about  three  miles.of New   Westmln-
I liter's streets a Joy tp the   people win
I travel on them?' Thev began business
here In Hio9, and have been busy ever
I since.    They  have  become  a permanent   Industry,   scattering   money   to
their employees and putting lt in active circulation  in all business channels.     Their pavement ls known   for
Its inflexible durability, for all klnd.i
of traffic.    The wagons with thc big
wheels, the big motor trucks that are
peculiar   to   Westminster   commerce,
none of thorn are a severe test for th<;
paving put down by this company.
NUMBER 41.���What millinery store
13 truly on the highest plane?    It was
I established four years ago and Is attracting lots of attention among the
frugal buyers and lovers of the beautiful new fashions.      Exclusive   styles
I and novelties will be found here. It
is. worth your effort to get up to the
level where this new millinery stor.^
Is located. Thero is no elevator but
the stairway la easy to climb Vou
will be well repaid for your exertion.
It ls the place to (lid the mosl fash
lonable millinery without tbose fancy
prices.    Give nan.e  and  address,
NUMBER. 42.���i'heje are many
things to distinguish this leweify
store, lt has been a fixture in this
city for 15 years, It Is the ah re that
sells the Howard nnd the Ball
watches- the leading tlmekeepi rs of
the century. It is the store th * si Ha
the Pickard hand-decorated china, ths
Libby cut glass, and many otlier superior lines of merchandise It is th>.
store with the large slock, the horse-
Shoe cases full cf beautiful novelties
of all kinds. At this establishment
tho most skilled repair work In : n
Watcb and jewelry repairing keeps
them busy. Official time Inspi ctors
for the C. f. R. and B. C. E. railroads,
When your watch goes wron? this Is
the place you should leave lt. What
is the name and address?
is a store whore    money  talks  In a
loud lone.   They make no bad debts,
ways the scene of feminine activity.
They have  uonfe  beautiful  goods for
What   is   the
henco have ro   increased   profits   to   tbls Bf,a90n'g   ,rade
-nake up off the people who pay. They   ^ address?
ire dividing   up   their   prof ii   with | 	
their patrons. The name of the store
s one that Indicates It will have some
'.ranches some time. It Is growing
t Is on very rapidly. It has young blood
"���nursing through Its veins, something
thnt Is   the   progenitor   of enterprls.
NUMBER C���By all means get
posted. Have you heard about this
new place, to eat? It has opened but
two or three weeks ago. New china-
ware, new silverware, bountiful white
linen, plentv of tubles-te sit dow0 and
oat leisurely, a lunch, counter, about.
half a mile lour   for quick    service.
NUMBER 12.���Where to got thf
best to eat Is a problem that Is e<-er
present with the ordinary mortal
The writer made (he discovery the
'Other day to his own satisfaction, and
he does not mind giving you a
"hunch." It Is not on the ground
floor, unless you enter from Clarkson street, but ft is worth tho rr.rr-
tinn of mounting the stalrwav for thc
difference. It fs conducted bv ladle?
who know well how to conduct such j
nlaco, and It has a very Ilberar patronage. Thev serve full ootirso dinners here a [a carte. And ft fs so
nicely served. They employ nothing
but white help here. If you Have not
been np to this charm'ng cafe yon are
wasting your time. Give the namwt
and address.
NUMBER 2G "ere   is  n    clothing
nnd furnishing goods Htore that Is
conduced bv voting wen. it t.ikeg i*
young mnn to know what IhA youn^
tn,..i ���n"t���and whal the elder ones
should  have.    U  Is the   store  where
tnd onergv.    It Is not on- Columbia fti��i".We those One   It   huts-hard
itnief.      Give the name and address' I
NUMBER 13.���Who are thes* manners for men In Westminster? Here
is tho handbox from whence the men
folk  get   their   smart   togs.      NolWiv \
The. place where they have the Feath
nrllght Baking Powder and the Mapl>>
Leaf Creamery Butter,
NUMBER 19.���What Is the name
ind address ot the oldest hardware
house on fhe Mainland? It has been
doing business here for over half a
lenfury. All we have to do Is to mention "hardware," and In your mlndV
>ye vou will po right down the street
to this one b'g store, which has It;
numerous warehouses for reserve
ifork. It is ivhere they have every-
th'ng  In   hardware,   stoves,   tinware.
I psfnts, oils, bar and sheet Iron, wire
fencing,    plumber's    goods.   Hportlng
j goods, etc.���where they sell Buck's
Ranges, Queen Malleable Ranges, A.
'I. C. Bar Steel. Magnolia Babbit.
Prumb's Tools and many other superior fines that could be mentioned.
What fs the name and address?
Nl/MBER  20.���Here   is   Introditcid
a large dry goodi  store.     Thire nro
show      cases,     handsome     fTxtnr��H[larger stores In British Columbia bu*
throughout���with goods to match. The, none more modern and complete   in
place for the young men to "ger
ahead," likewise the pTace for the eM-
er ones to "come bark."' EVerytfrFrrg
the very latest In moh's wenr.    ft fw
Aetu'l. ll Is the store where the nicer
goods are found, and where there ar��
tr rear* or more of pn'nstaklng. plens-
iirtf,  courteous and   k'ndlv-mannore I
the home of" that brun J or fitie till-' title* people, to wait on the crowd of
ored clothing that Is known from tlv* people that aro continually surging
Atlantic to the Paciflc as the highest ffirmigh the doors. It Is tho store
class product���Hart. Schaffner & wher*** thev specialize In Serges, rung
Marx. If Ib the store that his tlr.i Ing from FO cents to H �� ysrd. It Is
Knox  and   iftallory   Cra'-enefe.  hnt<   tho trtrrrt Tor Women's Vonr.    When
��nd Heft. It Ih the store whore thev
i ba''" thole *1r, suits that satisfy, it
Is tho store that Ih In the lowest alti-
tittle. yet has tlte name that means
"highest point." nccordlng to Noah
Webster, lt la the store ihat has
evervthine that men wear���that ha.i
tho Fit-Reform Clothes, the verjf. best
product of the tailor's art. You must
know about th's store; If you don't
vou should. Give Its name and location?
NUMBER 27.���Horseshoeing ��� nothing but horseshoeing, that Is the ch'ef
aim In life of these ekpert fail-lers
who have been holding forth down
the line for over 89 years. They
have the only erciuslve horseshoeing
shop In the city, and they are real experts. They make a specialty of high-
class work for the best horses that
ever trotted a mile. They can right
any wron�� that troubles your horjes'
feet. Want "robber shoes?���they have
them���or any other k'nd you want.
(I've the name and address of this
NUMBER 28.���He��. we Introduce s
real estate flrm which has been active (n Westminster circles for the
Issf IS months. They make a spe-
c's'tv of city property. If you wan*
to buy fnr i home, for nn In'-estmon*,
o*- f��r b,��'Jdli'v ourposes. Hi's Is one
of (he best realty fl-nis ln the city to
consult. Thev have a fong list of
cltv pror>rrf'/"i for sale at proper vai-
/lso   headquarters   for   Or.   .fneget's   'ou (Trd whn Bel's the V   R. Corsets.' nes.   Thoy afio make loans aiid write
civil  and attentive attendants,   and  Woelen Goods..- It la **. atttm fta fcu* m*   tfcttaric*   Paper   Patterns,- the Insurance;   They are agents for the
| NUMBER 35.���Here Is one real estate man in New Westtnlnster who attend) strictly to the real estate business,    lie pays no attention to Insur
i mice. He bus been busy for elch:
yearM nnd In that time has acquired a
knowledge of the city, the surrounding country, Its resources and adanta-
D'l'tv, nnd Its relative values, that
make hlm a valuable man for any oni
contemplating Investments, to counsel
with. He has au ofllce on the ground
floor, fronting toward the river. He
Is n notary public and attends to conveyancing of all kinds. The name,
with the addition of one letter, was
one thut was made famous by Harriet Beecher Stowe, In "Uncle Tom's
Cabin." What is the name and address?
NUMBER 30.���To whom do you go
for cleaning and dyeing when you
have some delicate fabric which you
are not willing to entrust to the ordinary establishment? This Is the
largest works In the city���they have a
strictly modern -plant. The dry, or
Krench, cleaning process is one of the
Important textile discoveries of recent
years, but the process Is somewhat
complicated and difficult. It needs expert knowledge and proper machinery.
This Is whore this'concern has the
advantage, both In experience and facilities. They have been serving the
Westminster people seven years,
They not only clean garments���the/
clean curtains, draperies, blankets,
rugs, carpets, furs, etc. One of their
two wagons wlll call any time you
ring the phone. Give the name and
address. ��� 1
NUMBER 37.���What Is the name of
this Institution of earnest endeavor,
where young people In all business
methods are mnde clover? Having
finished in the laboratory of business
perplexities made plain, the offlci
man Is very anxloos their services to
obtain. Its thoroughness In training
Is known fnr and wide through the
proficiency of Its students, by, the pub-
NUMBER.   43.���The    concentrated
smoke  that has gone out  from   this
well-known cigar and tobacco   store
the past 18 months, If explode I all nt
one time, would   make Mount   Vesuvius look sick.   The secret of Its buc-
cess Is in handling the best  smokes.
The same standard   of quality   holds
I good  througout the line of smoking
I and chewing tobaccos,   lt Is the place
where they have such   a flne line   of
1 pipes and smokers' articles���the pl:ice
| where  the boys all  come  when  they
I want a good qmoke���the place where
gentlemen   congregate  nnd   coin   tho
I Idle hours  Into  busy  minutes at  the
j billiard and pool table*.    Here will btf
found  two billiard  taoles   and   three
| pool  tables.    What  Is-the name and
! NUMBER 44.���One of the 'most
prominent trust companies is put bo-
fore you for idtentiflcatlon In this
paragraph. It has nn authorized capital of $5,000,000.00, with one-half of
same subscribed nnd $1,630,000 paid
:ln. HoHldoH this they have a reserve
fJnd of $560,000.00. They perform
every obligation for voluntary clients
that Is In the nature of a trust. They
stand In your place whether you
leave the earth permanently or withdraw from your usual walks temporarily. This company also makes Investments, or advises with reference
to them. They deal ln stocks, bonds,
timber lands, farm lands, city property. They write Insurance, representing a number of good companies,
such as the Scottish Union National
and others that will be seen to b<i
enumerated on their front windows
on Columbia street. What Is the
name and address of this trust company?
NUMBER 45.���If you have an old
piano that goes "plnky-panky-pum,"
don't split lt up for kindling wood because It's on the bum. Here Is a
music house that wlll allow you for
same on the purchase of a new one.
They have the sale of the Dominion
pianos and organs, also Doherty. tho
Gerhard Heintzman and others. They
are also sole agents here for the sale
of the beautiful Gibson mandolins and
the ('u in mayor zither banjos. They
are beauties In both tone and appearance. This music house has been do-
Ing business here for 20 yeara   Car-
(Continued on Page Seven.)
��� THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1912.
ries a full stock of musical merchan
dtse, sheet music and music books.
Agents for Singer and New Home
sewing machines, Victor Talking machines and records. What is the
name and address?
NUMBER Sr���What bank is tins
that has a paid-up capital of $2,207.-
500 and reserve funds of $500,000.00.
It is not so old as some other banks
In Canada, but it has made, and is
Still making, very satisfactory pno-
feress. The branch in New Westminster is very popular with the people.
The total deposits of this bank have
already past tlie aggregate of $14,-
���000,000.00. and they are growing very
rapidly. The total assets of the bank
hav^ reached $1!)/)59,G72.01. The head-'
quarters of this bank are ln Winnipeg. It ljas both savings and commercial departments and Is very enterals ng toward meeting every demand for proper facilities ln banking
for the people. i
NUMBER 47���Here   Is a live   real
estate firm that has just made   some
.changes In the firm   name   and will
soon be moving Into a new suite of of-
Hces in the sky-scraper.    You are to
give the new flrm name and the new
location.   It is a name that has an official sound, and unless you spell  It
Tight you will be liable to arrest. This
firm has handled a lot of lands   and
I olty property since lt has been doing
| "business, and is getting to do a still
tlarger volume of business.   They also
l-write fire, life, accident and all kinds
Iof insurance.   Careful,   conscientious
|work   is a   distinguishing   feature of
this office.
NUMBER 48.���Here we put befors
you a hotel of 68 rooms. It Ib on thn
{European plan���a good dining room
connection, serving at popular
Irices. The rooms at this hotel are
irly all outside rooms, light, well
ent:l.:t."l and scrupulously clean.
lft, downy beds greet the tired
JivfUr, with pillows of real feathers,
lis a very comfortable place to stop.
|ey make rates to people by the
ek. Have nice baths and hot and
li v. ater in every room. It is new
il up-to-date, steam heat and telephones. It ls handy to the cars and
to the business center. Guests, always receive the very best attention
here. What Is the name and address
rf thU hotel���a name that is prominent tn Vancouver hotel circles.
NUMBER 49 Here ls a djug store
that hss been noted for 23 years for
Its faithful aud accurate filling ot
physician's prescriptions. They carry
.a large stock of pure drugs and chemicals and are always ready with the
very thing that ts most desirable for
the purpose to which you may wish to
dedicate it. There are larger drug
stores in the Dominion but none more
prompt and sure In Itl service. Everything wlll be found here for the health
end bodily comfort. There is a vacant lot on one side of the store that
nears enttattt-. or a conflagration. The
nam* is short,, beginning with a letter in the middle of the alphabet.
Give the name and address.
NUMBER 54.���Who is the up-to-
date merchant tailor "to men who
knew ?" Hls reputation as a tailor
to men of tiiste stands very high. The
quoted phrase above will be found
right on his window. He h's a large
and varied assortment of the latest
fabrics from which to make choice of
that new suit, and a standing invitation to every one to have a look.
Cleaning, pressing and repairing are
features here���features that are given
the most careful professional attention. It Is only one block from Columbia street. Give the name and address.   .
NUMBER 55.���it is a fact that ycu
can tell a good liveryman the flrst
time you drive out ln one of his rlg^.
There is always something to give the
"slip-shod" man away before you have
gone a city block. Who are the liverymen ln this city who make .good?
They have good rigs and they have
the kind of horses that are "safe and,
sane," and still they go along without
that vexatious pushing on the lines.
They know the livery business thoroughly and they keep everything up
iu good shape. They do a big feed
and boarding business. Give the
Marne and location.
NUMBER 5C���Who are the people
who sell "Canada's Pride," "Canada's
Ideal" and "Kitchen Pride" ranges.
The Best Malleable Steel Ranges that
are made In Canada. They burn coal,
wood and gas. "Guaranteed to bake
and not to break." .They are selling
them In this valley at the rate of 10
or 12 a week. Cash or $1.00 a week.
Tbey are made of blue polished steel
and malleable iron, with every modern Improvement and convenience.
Every housewife should know theie
people. What Is the name and address? They would like to know
NUMBER 60.���What is the name
and address of this big steam laundry
that gives employment to 30 or more
people and keeps two wagons and
<ne auto rolling around on the street3
all the time bring'ng in and carrying
out tbe "product." It Is the laundry
\v|th the new and modern machinery
that protects your clothes from wear.
The laundry that uses tfce green wrapping paper, which you wlll see being
curried into the homes of so many of
the best families. It wears a very
familiar name In the "laundry world."
All you have to do Is to put your dud*
tn their suds and they come out clean.
Have your money ready In about
three days and the transaction ls
closed.   Give the name and address.
NUMBER 57.���In this number ls
chronicled the legend of a store that
was established four and one-half
years ago. Crockery, glassware,
lamps, holiday goods, house furnishing goods, toys, brass goods, plated
ware, cut glass, cutlery, stationery,
graphophones and records, and so on
down the line. When you wonder
who keeps lt this is the store that will
come into mind. It Is the one plac?
ln the city where you cafl bunch all
those little notions and buy them fpr
a price that will leave more money ln
your purse than if yon had gone the
rounds. "Get the habit." It is the
store that wears a familiar n��me ot
two words. Give the name and loca
t'on���a name that will stir the Paciflc Coast in 1915. '
NUMBER 53.���A prominent hardware store claims the attention in this
number���a hardware store that has
a branch In one of our prosperous suburbs. It Is a store that carries a
very complete line and gives employment to 15 people. This store hfts
been active for 17 years. lt ls the
store where they have McClarey'a
Kootenay ranges, the best baking
steel range and the best value, the
Sherwin- Williams paints that "Cover
the earth," and many other exclusive
Tnes. It is the store where they employ a prsctloil furnace man. and
wherever they install a f-irnace they
guarantee absolute sat'sfaction. It is
the store tbat is noted for prompt service. They do not disappoint jtou.
What is the name and address���a
name that begins and enAa with the
same letter?
plies. They wfll interest afty one who
is iu the market for a camera. It is
on the highest ground of any drug
store in the business section. Give
tbe name and address.
NUMBER 63���Wben you want
sporting goods lt Is pretty good policy to go to the specialist ln this line.
There ls one Jn New Westminster,
and he has been specializing thus falsi-.; years. It takes a "sport" to handle sporting goods successfully, ne
has been over the ground and knows
how to advise. Guns and ammunit:on
are here to be had ln variety, fishing
tarkfe,   bicycles,   etc.       He    ls   {his
yer. This number stands for a live only four letters. During the next
auctioneer whose services have been j three months this store will be very
in demand here for many year*. He i Interesting���through the holiday sea-
never lacks for the last word to be ' son���both as to the holiday display,
said In boosting the price. Just now j the quality ^nd price value. Give tne
he is engaged in saving the lives of; t.aine. and address.
the people by selling them   potatoes.! 	
He is great on "spuds." They are,' NUMBER 80.���Some people attrl-
only 75 cents for a sack of lOtt j bute the high cost of living to high
pounds with him���and they are flne J rents. Here is a shoe store that has
potatoes. The way po banish thej solved the problem for all those who
high cost of living ls to buy potatoes J choose to take advantage cf Its en-
of him.    Give the name and address, j terprlse.    Here will  be found a  full
stock of shoes both for men, wome.i
and the whole family. All at uniform
low prices. When you have located
this store you will understand why
its rents are low���because  Its  posi-
NUMBER 72.���Here is an institution that Is very popular with the
farmers and poultry raisers, and with1
genius   who   "knows   how"  when   it j every one who buys feed, flour   and
comeB to making repairs. He Ib thor- j cereals-. They manufacture cereals j tion is low. See. You are entitled to
oughly equipped with tools for repair- \ and chicken foods in great quantity��� your share of this saving. Don't for-
ing guns, sewing machines, typewrit- \ the very be3t���and sell them undei i get this when you buy the next pair
ers, phonographs and all kinds of au-; their initials as a distinctive brand.) of shoes. Give the name and address
tomatlc machines. His name occupies i They are sole agents here for Swift's of this store. Down one short flight
only a little space. Give the name Special Beef Scrap, Lee's Lice Killer
and new address. and  Egg  Maker,   Lee's    Germozolne
NUMBER CL���There ls nothing
that adds to the pleasure and comfort
of a good house more than good
plumbing. Tbe old-time plumbing of
our fathers will no longer answer the
purpose. Here Is a flrm that is stret-
ly up-to-date. They bought Into the
present business two years ago. and
have been busy leaving their mark.,
all around the c'ty. The Y. M. C. A.,
the British Columbia Electric, the
Kelley-Douglas buildings, all are evidence of their competency. They are
also experts at steam and hot water
heating, and they are manufacturers
of galvanized iron cornice, roofing,
arid all sheet metal products. There
are always a good many things doing
around their shop, which is only one
block removed from Columbia street
What Is the name and address of this
NUMBER 65.���Here we Introduce a
well-known painter and paperhanger,
who has put in 20 years ln the business in this city. Ten years ago he
started a full-fledged paint store and
has been busy ever since supplying
paints and painters' supplies, with a
complete line of wall paper and decorative supplies of all kinds. The man
who has the agency for "Hall's Distemper.", Ke is credited with superior skill as a painter and decorator.
Those who employ him once will be
sure to get him when the time rolls
around for more work to be done. He
will always do a good job if lt take3
two coats���and a pair of pants. What
is his name and street number?
���fete; Lee's "Mandy Lee" Incubators
and brooders. They are wholesale
and retail dealers ln flour and feed
Whether you want a sack or a whole
carload they can supply you verv
promptly. What Is the name and address?
NUMBER 73.���This -"mber Introduces a watchmaker and Jeweler who
began the present business only one
year ago, but he has been a Jeweler
In B. C. 20 years. He has a new
stock of watches, jewelry, silverware
and cut glass, manv very attractive
novelties. He also lays stress on hi?
repair department. American, English and Swiss watches���none are
puzzles to him. The worst of them
yield permanently to his sMHful
treatment. He Is one of the best men
In town to buy your watch from. He
enjoys a lower altitude, a lower plane
of landlord tax, and possibly a lower
plane of prices for bis patrons. It
takes seven letters to spell his name.
Give name and address.
a very easy runway,
where they have the
The    place
famous  "K"
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  mid up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
Tbe Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic te the Paciac.
lu^uba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tke principal towns and
cities in the world. These ez-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
Now Westminster Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strhtly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.   Phone 716.
864���Mews in K. of P. Hall, Eightb
and Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair'* Shoe
Store, Columbia street. Visiting P
A. P.'s welcome. J. J. Randolph, Dictator; E. A. Bremm, Vice-Dictator;
J. H. Price, Secretary.
NUMBER 63.���Give milady a gown
that ls stylishly made and. she is
queenly in mansion or flat; but she
never looks regal when out of the
house unless ln a perfect hat. Here
���ve have a millinery store that ls
known both Inside and outs'de the
o'ty Tmits for supplying tl-.e styles
that make so many tf the Indies of | ,,,,,!<���
this city look so pretty "and hand-
somelv dressed. I'ere are always assembled the latest, creations of the
millinery world. Ladies who desire to
keep thoroughly up-to-date in the m 1-
linery line have learned to watch the
course of events at this store. It
fronts west. The firm name la dis-
plaved on a glass sign that sit.s in-
s'iIp the window. Give the name and
address. ���
NUMBER 74.-Here is where th��
motion pictures are found in such
perfection. Every evening over an
hour'B magnificent program for only
ten cents. Possibly you have not ac
quired the habit of going to the pic
ture show. If not you should get
the habit for It is oue of the most
enchanting propositions for youraeli
and family. It is no longer neces3
ary to take a trip around the world
The world and its scenery, its peopl'
In action, are brought right to poui
door. It is both educating and entertaining. It ts the place where thej
have the splendid orchestra music
and the high class vocal solos. A
name that is authority in moving pic
tures.    Give  the name.
Tk�� regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F., ls beld every.Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eightb street Visiting brethem
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
G.; R. A. Merritbew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
NUMBER 69.���In this number we
present a tea snd lunch room that ts
conducted by two young ladles whom
every one says know just how to conduct such a place. It Is a most delightful   place   to   patronlre.     They
NUMBER 67.���"Where was, Moses
vtben the light failed?" ls a question
that haB come down through the ages,
ir he ha'd only known of this Dopular
electrical Institut'on ho would never
have met with that misfortune. Here
tbey manufacture electric fixtures to
order, and all kinds of electrical contract work. Here are lanterns aglow
with warm gleams for the hall, here
are clusters for den and for stairs;
here are opal-bued domes, here aro
brackets for  walls, bere   are   prism
NUMBER 75.���lf you want to have
a happy home lcok out for the plumb
ing. Poor plumbing is the cause, oi
discord and divorce than any
thing else. Here is a plumber whe
has been many years on the Job, and
he can be relied upon. Steam and
hot water fitting are two things thai
come easily within the scope ot hU
skill. He Is master of the most ap
proved methods. If you don't be
lleve it have a look at the Mande
vllle or Bradley apartment nouses
He occupies a large build'ng whic*
is approachable from two doors. I<
takes eight letters to spell the name
Give name and address.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1079. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
Bpk of Montrea!
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada ana
Newfoundland, aad In London, England. Imw York, CUcsge aad Spokane
O.8.A.. and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Lot
ters of Credit Issued, available wltb
correspondents la ail parts of the
Savings Baak Dscsrtmeat���Deposits
received In sums of fl sad upward,
sad Interest allowot at I par cent, por
tnnum  (preseat tats).
Total  Assets over  I1M.600J900.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Jost legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl;
- and McKenzie streets. New Wost
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbii
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
tl I Sixth Avenue. Phono 667
serve from 7:30 to 11���from 12   to 2
���and from 5; SO to 7. They bare 14' rayed lamps, here ate candles for all
tables and they are generally all in I the effects that ' are charming and
use during most of these hoars. They j rare      Anything yoa want to .know
NUMBER 51.���Here Is a millinery
store that stands at the top alphabetically, altltudtnally and artistically. It
Is an exclusive millinery store���a
place where the whole aim Is to
please the people who are hard to
please, or rather those who are particular as to what fclnd of head-gear
they make their appearance tn pub-
re. It Is a store tbat has not been tn
existence more than one or two seasons, but these have been sufficient
to g've lt a place with discriminating
reople. This store ls not on Columbia
street. It will be necessary to look
higher up the hill. It will pay erery
l-dv to visit this store this season.
They will flnd something nice her*.
Give the name snd address.
NUMBER  92 What  Is  the  name
md address of the bake-y whore they
Ink" "Mother's Bread"���Just like
nothrr used to bnke when she had
good luck. This bakery hns spent
i any years getting organised for
thplr present fine product and bis
Itade. Thev hsve the best goods In
nil I'-ics. One of their specialties Is
v pdrtlng cakes. Their pastry through-
< ut Is of a very high class. It takes
i ->rr virons srd one auto to cover
thp'r daily dellver'es to the people,
a-iA tf you will take the trouble to
vstc* where thev stop yon wlll find
rut where the best peorle live. There
in nr* foftnon whv ynu shouldn't have
"Moth-r's bread"���they go right pasr
your door every day. 8'tp#ose you
ting them up and.get on the list.
NUMBER 63.���Tis here Ml string
nv tuneful lyre, snd twang my merry
lite, nnd draw sweet strains of vibrant Jov from vlqlln aid flute. This
Is t^e store that hath charms to
mrthe the savage bresst* "Everv-
thl"* 'n music" Is the rnotto here. It
i" the store where ther have tin
i'p'rt.*��nar'n pianos���n piano thst Is
i'i a -Snta hv itself for tone md fli-
<��h. -'�����y nho ha** the Rechsteln
rnd -*hrr m��ke^. Thev will sell you!
r rla-n here on wv easv t��rras���so
iv-t vm c-i pav tor It while vou ar*
rs'nr It. They have a bl* stoolj <^t
tihe.e' T"islo. Thoy ore headquarters
f r Hater talking maeb'nes and t��*
r-*rri*s. what Is the n��me and address?
serve tbe very choicest of dainty
dishes here, so nicely prepared. The
name that belongs .to this popular
place Is fairly descriptive of its character. You are to give tbe name and
location. * *
NUMBER 60.���Here Is a name that
Is very prominent In the grocery
trade. It represents three stores, all
flourishing and doing a good business.
It is a name thst has been associated
with the grocery business in this city
for about 20 years. Everything tbat
Is good In the line of table supplies
wlll be found 'at either of tbe stores.
All that Is necessary ls to ring the
phone and give the order and you csn
rely on getting the best the msrket affords, at the right prioe. Deliveries
are prompt to all parts of tbe city. He
likes to please people. We are refer-
ing to that groceryman who puts out
good groceries���not cheat) groceries,
'n ensiling the name you will go to
the bottom of the alphabet but in
-.very way It Is a name that stands
st the top. Olve name and address of
his three stores.
NUMBER 61.���Here Is a big store
that has 30.OU0 square feet or surface,
flve floors, employs 56 people, has two
big warehouses for reserve stock, seldom lets an Issue of the paper go by
without giving the people some trnd?
nows that will profit them, lit Is a
store thr.t has built up a lasting reputation for good goods and low prices
The sales people here.are well posted.
Intelligent, kindly-mannered, courteous, attentive and uniformly good-
looking. It is one of the most pleasant places ln British Columbia to
trade, and the people all np and down
the Eraser Valley know and appreciate lt. No doubt yon have dropped
onto the Identity before now. but
when we say that they sell everything In dry goods and furniture you
will know them beyond cavil. What
Is the nsme and address?
NUMBER 6?.���The one pf?domln-
tit lng feature at this drug store that
everybody wll! recognlre ts Its repu-
tatlon for the osreful tilling of physl
Clan's prescriptions. It Is not a dhig
ttore thHt can polht w'th pride to
many yesrs of hapless existence, bu'
the Vir.e that has been allotted to It
have been right to the point. A drug
gist .of e "xerVnce- nnd attainment Is
at the head ot the "tore, >uid the very
best attention Is <flvon to every de
partment,   It Is the store where thev
about electric fixtures or electric
work of any kind this ls one ot the
best places in town to learn It. Give
name and address.
NUMBER 68.���There are older
hardware booses In Westminster, but
none more enterprising. They carry
s very large line of shelf and builders'
hardware, flne cutlery and sporting
goods, stoves, tinware, paints and oils.
They are exclusive - agents for the
"Minerva" brand of prepared paints���
something that ts unexcelled on this
continent. This house makes a specialty of mantels, grates and tiles. It
Is here vou will find Eorgan's Son's
*olf goods. Many things might be
mentioned that would make' tbls hard
ware house seem d'fferent. They
r've good values In all lines. One letter might be omitted from the spell
lnp of thf narne and lt would only
make it-a Uttlo daVker. Olve name
and address.
NUMBER Mt���What Is the nsmo
and the office location of this Trust
Company which pays 4 p��"- cent, ln-
Urnst on time deposits srd hns a real
estate department that is very active
'n Canadian Investments, loans and
flre Insurance. It will please them
'roatlv to havo yon ask them about
Oreenbank, one of the moat Inviting
*tr>rosH1ons for settlers. It Is rltcht
Mose to markets, In the 1 anglev district. The lands are bein-; sold In
four, five and nine-acre tracts, easy
terms. Rich soil, right near the elec-
���rlc oars. They have many bargains
ln other properties. And ther will
take pleasure In receiving your account at the bank. What is the name
and address ot the company In New
Westminster T
NUMBER 70.���Wlll It be difficult
for you to locate the leading vaude
vllle and picture theatre?* This institution can "point wtth pride" *o Its
present standing as a resort for
amusement goers. Vaudeville stars
of the Pantages and Sullivan & Con-
sldlne circuits, core twice a week.
The plotures are also changed twice
weekly and the whole program makes
a show that attracts a big crowd
every night. No town ln the prov-
'noe has superior theatrical advantages.   Give name ot this theatre.
NUMBER 71���When you have anything to sell at publlo sale a good
auctioneer is a Jewel. A poor auctioneer Is ait expensive luxury���fully
hare tho"Cyko paper" and photo sup- as mucb.or more to, than a poor law
NUMBER 76.���The concentrated
smoke that bas been rolled np In c>
gars at this big cigar factory, would
make Mount Vesuvius look sick. I
ls a cigar factory that has been :
prosperous Institution in this city foi
a period of fifteen- years. It giver
employment to 20 or more people and
has travelling men on tbe road can-}'
lng tbe name and superior quality ot
their cigars to tbe remote corners ot
the province, incldently String th*
Royal City a good advertisement
Here are some of tbe fine 10c cigar-
they product?: "B._C��" "Old Sports-
"Brillantes" "Autos". They use oni'
Imported tobaccos la these cigars an<?
they are strictly high grade Havanas
What is the name .and location of thl;'
factory, and the name of the flrm.
NUMBER 77.���The largest garsgr
and automobile repository ia New
Westminster Is before yoa. Tliey havr
not been located here mate-than p
hundred years bnt ther hate mad'
good. They represent the people ths'
have made a world-wide repntatlon on
vehicles, long before automob'le*
were known���the Studebakers. They
sell the E. M. P. 30 and the Flanders
20. They alao sell the Stoddard-Day-
ton cars. It wonld he difficult to find
better automobiles than these. They
also do automobile repair work and
carry a full line of supplies aad ac
c;ssories. The garage ia on the firs*
floor, the repair shop below. They
are authority here on everything per
taining to automobiles. Give thc
name and address.
NUMBER 78.���Who is the man who
covers more territory than anyon;
else ln the mercantile line���has fou
stores. No one on the Fraser river
handles as much furniture as he does
Fe buys in large quantlt'es and out
Its the home from kitchen,to parlor
He engaged la business for himself
three years ago. At one store h
carries dry-goods, draperies, etc. if
you have used furniture he (Ives yoi>
a trade on It If you wish IL If you
wont a bargain he has It���It yon hare
a bargain he wants IL Or he will take
your furniture and sell It at auction
Any Way to keep things moving
Nothing stands still around hla place-,
of business. People whb want V
save money In the purchaae of house
hold furhlshlngs always hunt him up.
Give hla name aad the sddieas ol his
three stores In thla city.      ,
NUMBER Tf.���When yon walk Into
this enterprising Jewelry atom yon
have the diamond parlor on the tight
and (he repair bench en the lett
They are both very prominent tea
tures of this store. They carry r
good stock of watches, cloehs end
Jewelry ahd command a trade that
ts highly complimentary. Ii lea store
that has t?sn a prominent factor In
the commerc'al circlet or tho Roys
City for 8 yefrs. The proprietor 1*
one cf the -best qualified men hi thel
Jewelry and optical line tn tha whole!
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New Westminster. George E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady
ters snd Solicitors, Westminste
Trust block, Columbia street, Ne*
Westminster, B.C. Cable addrest
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 206. Telephone 69. W. J
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
eouataat P. O. Box 784. Phone 1066.
Accountant Tel. B 128. Room
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets tn tb*
board room. City Hall, as follows
Third Friday ot eacb month; quar
terly meeting on the tUlrd Friday or
February. May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
tbe third Friday ot February. New
members may he proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterlv
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, secretary. '
Gardiner & Mercer
M.S. A.
Phone 681.
Box 772.
D. McAulay
Tel. Vl-
Cor. 6th and Columbl.
Three Through
Trains Daily
With Tourist, Pulman. Dining and
Observation Cars.
Toronto Express  8.28 a.m.
Imperial Limited 6.10 p.m.
Soo Express 2.45 p.m.
Or H. W.
New Westminster
Brodie, O.P.A.. Vancouver
B. C Co��sl Service
Vaacoever fer
2 p.m. aed'U:l��.
Victoria. 16
fer Seattle   16
Loaves Vancouver
m. and 11 p. aa
Loaves Vancouver (or Naeaimo
a. ak and 6:16 p. ns.
Loaves Vancouver, (or Prince Rupert aad Northern Folate 16 p. ni
Offtct Wii*a H����
Bam Phene
Delivered Promptly to
aay tart ot fhe dty.
(if bt aid Heavy HaaBnf
. oppics���tpam oa��ov
All work guaranteed.   Estimatea
furnished tree.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednee-
day at 10 p.m.
GhUliWack Service
Leaves Westminster 8
Wednesday aad Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7
Thursday aad Satarday.
W<       "
o. p
���IS HomMtea M
d. Mcelroy
Eevstrsegh Cleaning.
Setter Qatattaottap,
riiMiili, So��5�� Tanks, Etc
province.   Ee spells hla
wMk mt OabMa Strasiu
H. G068E, Manager.
Traft�� Block
Phone m- BROWN
1 .-,..���������
.7.��.,���..a,flti!i0 MS**   SK*
"    FAOB
I r
inster Modern
Business School
Teke the Direct Route to
ThfPtt" tarn -many routes by which
young men And young women may go,
but tell d�� riot lead to the desired
place.^^-* *--��� ���
P^3E5!i::forget about our Night
Mofffeisifless School
Principal and Manager.
610 Columbia St Phone 853
Fraser Hotel
Meals at ail hours. We serve
thelibefr tlte market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
sm   i I r
n t-*^.*j���
Thc most comfortable rooms in the
c'ty;  hot aiui cold water and atearr
radiator in each.
Finest wines arid spirits dispensed
at the bar, aad Qrst class cafe run in
p.      Phone   186.
Corner Front and Begbie Streets.
-This New Residential Hotel
Heated by steam throughout. Uoi
and cold water, and Telephone In
evp��> tp��|ifi,
Cate and dining room In connection
second to none In the city.
The   best  accommodation   in   New
Everything Modern and l'p-To-Bate
-  .,     ',OR MONTH.     ���
8th Sfrept N��w Westminster
One minute from B.C.E.  and  C.P.R.
12 .'���      Stations.
rt That
��� ������. at it
��� ���mn  it
������ ���;
���i..    .out
' >'.E.
���f, it:."'
ii '
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
The telephone! of ths Westminster
Dally News now are:
Editorial Office 991
Business Office   999
Mr. C. H. Stuart Wade will be
master of ceremonies in today's reception to the Duke of Connaught and
party. He wlll be assisted by Mr. J.
W. B. Blackman.
Mr. E. Cairns has returned from
Victoria after visiting other points on
the Island and reports business in
general very brisk. He will leave today for Prince Rupert and other
points on the mainland on business.
According to the arrangements
none of the military or seml-milltary
bodies will take part in the reception
��o the Governor General and party today. The school children and stu
dents of the various educational institutions nl90 will not take part.
Until further aotlce we cannot receive orders for soal.���Gilley Bros. **
' Rev, M. L. Rugg, D.D., former pastor
of the Olivet Baptist church, but now
residing in the United States, was in
the city yesterday renewing old acquaintances. He is ou a visit to a
daughter residing in Vancouver.
The pavilion at Queens park on
which the chief ceremonies of the
royal visit will take place has been
erected in front of the wonven'j
building with lots of room in fron*
for the crowds. It will be decorated
and carpeted for the royal visitors to
day. On Friday and the days follow
Ing the pavilion will be transfarme-J
into a band stand.
The following is a list of the name?
of gentlemen who have donated stive
cups to be presented to the hors
show winners: Hen. Pnce Ellison
Thomas Gifford, M.P.P.; Kelly, Doug
las & Co., New Westminster; T. .!
Trapp & Co., P. Burns &. Co.. Ken
nedy Bros.. Horse Show Committee
Aldermen Gray and Kellington, fo:
the best four horse team cwnei'
A chance for you to win a pri?/
worth while by a few minutes work
See the Knowledge Competition or
pages 6 and 7. **
Rye bread���like your mother us-. ���
to make. Eighth Street dSakery, Tele
phone R 281. �����
His honor Jr.d^e Howay in thc
county court yesterday morning as
icssed Mr. \V. S. Northcote-Johnson
if this city, $200 ln a suit for wage-
brought against lrm by G. W. Hall
At the hearing of the case Mr. North
"tp-.tohnson denied a!! liability or
the grounds that the plaintiff was no-
hired by hlm. The couit found thai
Hnll waa pntitled to four months
ivaares -it SOO a month. Hi!! asked fi'
$990 dollars at the rate of $3,25 a dav
but his honor thought this too much
The arch being erected at the cor
tor ot Fourth and Columbia streets
in honor cf the Governor General if
being rushed in order tc, have it com
pleted this afternoon. The decoration
of the upper section has been finished
and the salmon tin boxes have bee.i
ranged around the outer supports. A.=
the latter will b^ draped with fishing
nets studded with Fraser valley salmon it was deemed advisable to Ieav��
this part.of the work over until today [
It is expected that the whole will b"
completed at least half an hour befors
the royal party arrives.
M'ss Minerva A. Smith. Graduate
if Music, has opened her studio at
loth avenue and 6th street, Telephone R 735. ���*
Twenty-seven prisoners, in charge
of Deputy Warden Haslam, aud several assistants, were transferred from
the local provincial jail to the prison
farm at Burnaby by a special B. C.
Electric car yesterday. The men will
be set to work clearing land in preparation for the Bowing and planting
season of the spring next year.
���       '      ���
After a strenuous time spent in
touring around the upper country.
Bishop de Pencier has returned to
his home well satisfied with his trip
Canon Perkins, secretary of the H
C. Church Aid In London, England
accompanied the Bishop on his trip
and thoroughly enjoyed bts outing
Leaving here early in September tba
Bishop has been away practically a
month. During that time he visited
Nelson, Kaslo, the Arrow Lakes ami
toured around throughout the East
Kootenay .district finding everything
connected with church work ln good
In several of the towns visited tli >
Bishop held confirmation services and
on Sunday Inst he officiated at the ordination ot Deacon Pentreath at Nelson. He also opened a new church
in Balfour, Kootenay district, and Inspected the mission flelds. Canon Perkins returned to this ety with him
but left last night for Victoria, wher-s
he has some duties to sttend to.
Last night the Bishop attended ���
meeting of the board of governors of
the Anglican church in British Columbia, held ln St. Paul's church hall.
Vancouver. Bishop Du Vernet, of
Prince Itupert, and Bishop Koper, of
Victoria, v-pre in attendance, as also
were fhe Bishops of other dioceses m
the province. General business in
connection with the church was
transacted at tbe meeting.
A quiet wedding took place Tuesday '
evening when Miss Edna Curran,
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. S.
Cyrran, 512 Fourth street, was united
ln marriage to Mr. Ralph Quinn, of
Vancouver. Rev. Dr. Perry, of Van
couver, conducted the ceremony.
wm open exhibition;
(Continued from page one)
will be specially prepared for the,
occasion. The reception committee,
aldermen and members of the R. A.
& I. .executive wiil accompany on the
iour'of Inspection. In order to ensure
un I'nbampered view of the exhibit*
the buildings wlll be closed to the
nubile from 3 o'clock until the part.��
A Royal Terminus.
The tour completed, the royal part'
will be asked to partake of afternoon
tea prepared ay the ladies ln th.
women's building. Following thlr
they will bid farewell to the fair and
depart on their way to the C. P. R
station at 5:05.
The royal train will be waiting and
after goodbyes are said to the clt*
officials Their Itoyai Highnesses wll'
embark on their cars, thus bringing
to a conclusion their epoch making
tour to the coast and conferring slgna
honors on Westminster by making I
a royal terminal point.
Bucking    Mule    and    Elephant    that
Fancies Ice Cream Provide
Great Fun.
Have you $100 or $1000 you would
like to invest absolutely safely, witli
guarantee of several times ordinary
interest ? Address today, Box 602
New Westminster.
\[< * '>
New Westminster, B.C.
Cutes all stomach
r** ���
troubles, headaches,
sleeplessness, etc.
Try a glass free of charge at
Four floors Kast of Bank ot
New Westminster, B. C.
To celebrate their diamond jubil |
'���n their native town. Mr. and Mrs. B
I?. Casselman, of this city, will leav<-
for Finch, near Cornwall. Ont., today
On November 9 the elderly coupl"
will have been married sixty years
and will observe that date by a tlttinp
ceremony and ln company with all ot
fhetr ten ^'lildren and some other re
latives. During their tr,p cast. Mr
and Mrs. Casselman will tour from
one end of Canada to tlie other, visit
lng 'Winnipeg. Toronto,. Kingston,
Montreal ar.d otlier j laces.
Do not delay. Send in your answers
nt once In the Knowledge   Compel:
���'0".    Vou mpv learn all about It   on
pages 6 and 7. ���*
Tbe C. P. R. whnrT eti v,-,i, The'r
Royal Highnesses the Duke and
Duchess of Connaught ami I'rinces;.
Patricia will disembark this afternoon
's bein'; resplendently garb'-d ii
honor of the occasion. The Heigh1
sheds through which the city's rova
guests wlll pass have taken cn quiti
t. pretenfoiiB appearance under the
lavish use of decorations. A specia1
gangway from the landing stage to
the street ts being prepared and carpeted, while the depot and other of
the company's buildings are being
decked In gala attlrfe.'
Contractors, cnrp��ttera .and' - aTl
home builders and home' makers flnd
the exhibit of the Walsh Sash and
Door Company one of the most Interesting In the manufacturers' building.
lie sure you see It *���
There was a total of 750, patients
under   treatment  In   the   public  hos
pital  for the Insane at the   end   of
September, according to a report    lasued by   Dr. (X- J. Doherty,   medical
superintendent    cf    the      Institution
Tht3 compares with the total of . 755
patients in the Institution at the beginning    of the   month.    Twenty-six
patients were    admitted    during   the
month, six discharged Wkhout  profrs
tlon, ten discharged on probation ancl
one discharged at the expiry of pro- \
bation.    Eleven patients died    during
September', nine of whom were male:?
and  two  females.    One  man  was  re-
captured from escape.    A total of S88
patients in all received treatment during the month. Of this. (i'JT wurt male*
and 251 females-
"Thfe best attractions ever seen. In
the lair grounds." 'this and man:
other complimentary remarks weri
passed by visitors at the exhibition
^esterday after they had witnessed
the free show which takes place twice
daily in front of the main grandstand
The program Is a varied one, from
the acrobats, Japanese artists, to the
immense elephants.
The bucking mule was another fea I
ture and roars of laughter greeted the
four individuals who tried to mount
he back of the kicking and strug
gllng burro. A large colored individual
perhaps was the greatest luncialier,
( ind his antics were even faster than
the movements of Jack Johnson" when
in the prize ring.
An amusing incident took place
while the elephant act was waiting
to take its place on the platform.
Two women were buBy talking to each
other, perhaps about the latest fashions, when Tony, one of the elephants,
calmly lifted its trunk towards them,
a little girl in a baby carriage at th?
same time dropping an i2e cream
cone on the ground. Tony got tin
cone, but the two women certainly
got a fright
But just the same the ac.3 were the
best ever and well deserved the ap
plause from the crowds which gathered in the grandstand and In front ot
the platform. Some complaint was
made at the exorbitant charge for ad
mittance Into the grandstand, an>l
ihis nrobnhlv acevntert for the small
crowd which watched the proceedings
from It. i
Thia, according to the ofT'clals, was
m oversfeiit and the charge for today and Fr'dav will he reduced to
25 cents^-. Saturday is, of course, ln-
crosi���� d*v. "-hen a little e: tra will
be added to the fee.
"Dick" j. Lawrence
Banio, Mandolin and Guitar
319 Columbia Street
Telephone E1169.
The Daily Use of our
���no other habit will render
the skin so smooth, allay Irritation, remove blackheads, pimples, freckles and sunburn at
quickly. It is purely made and
possesses wonderful medicinal
properties. Use it dally, It's a
good habit.
Price 25c and 50c.
Druggist and Optician ^
Westminster Trust Block
donce lots in good locations, and
good investments at the prices they
can be bought for how. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
NO. 900���FOURTH STREET, 50x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
NQ. 1327��� SEVENTH AVENUE, 50x
120 to lane; cleared and fenced,
f 1,060; one-third cash.     ���
lota, 50x132 each to lane. Price
$1050 each; one-third cash.    .
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; ono-
thlrd cash.
near Fourth Street, two choice lots,
cleared; $1,275.00 each; one-third
Twelfth street, on upper side; good
view lot; cleared; 50x120 to lane.
Price $1550.; one-third cash.
Sixth avenue, 50x132; cleared and
graded;'$2,900; one-third cash.
street, 50x111; cheapest good lots is
the,city. Price $500 each; one-fifth
I'Jdinburg street; cleared and ready
. to build on. Price $3200; one-third
NO. 957���DOUBLE     CORNER      ON
Fourtli avenue, street oa three sides.
$5,300; one-third cash.
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and
ln orchard. Price for a few days
ouly, $1,100; onethlrd cash.
F. 1. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, employers" Liability,   Automobile
attst Marine Insurant*.
Threadneedle House, London, E.C.
Henry J. Humm, Esq. (Chairman)
Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, Bart.
Henry  Pearce,  Esq.
THE above Corporation, owning
the bulk of ANNACIS ISLAND,
is prepared to assist with finance any
sound commercial industries requiring waterfrontage on the harbor or
main channel of the Fraser river.
Communicate with:
Pearce, Carlin ft Co.. 509 Sayvard Building, VlttJih, B.C.
R. J. EYVELL, Secretary.
Modern  Saw  Mill  Machinery
Johnson   Shingle   Machines
and Lath Mill Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pjggg
P. O.  BOX 442
Prices 50c to $1.75 at
Offfclal Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Houses To Rent
SIXTH ROOM COTTAGE on Hartco Street,    Modern   convenience!.
$25.00 per month.
FOUR  ROOM COTTAGE, 3rd. avenue,  Burnaby,  Modern conveniences.   $20.00 per month.
EIGHT ROOM HOUSE on Hamilton    stroet,    Modern   conveniences.
$30.00 per month. ���
FIVE ROOM HOUBE on Tenth avenue.   $18.00 per month.
THREE ROdl^'HOUSE on 13th. street.    $10.00 psr month.
628 and 745 Columbia Street, Phone 85., New Westminster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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