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Westminster Daily News May 17, 1912

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 VOLUME 7, NU       Jit (12
i I ,        sss
New Westminster Board of Trade Steam Down the River
in Samson to Inspect-Work Well Under Way���Five Miles
of Jetty Contemplated
The looked for excursion to the
Sandheads came off with great success yesterday, everyone of the sixty
or bo who took part in lt coming back
with a hetter realization of those
possibilities whieh lie before West-
mlntter as a great port. Of the realization of those possibilities the party
saw the beginning in the line of jetty
whloh is gradually being pushed out
from ihe land to the sand flats.
The following   gentlemen   accepted
the invltaiion  of the hoard  of  trade
and made the trip:  Mayor Lee, Aldi'r-
men    Dodd,    Gray,    Kellington    and
White,    Reeve  Weart,    of    Burnaby;
Reeve  Bridge, of Richmond;   Mr.  J,
D.   Taylor,  M.P.;   Mr. T. (liffoid,  M.
P.P.:   Mr.   F.   .1.   MacKenzie.   M.P.P.;
Councillor E. S. Morgan,   of   Coqult-
latn:   Captain    C.  Gardner    Johnson.
Lloyd'a  agent  and  secretary of    the
Vancouver pilotage hoard: Air. J.  C.
Armstrong) Captain Mayers, Mr. .1. B.
Kennedy, Captain it. Carter, Captain
Ro��crs, Chief of Police A. E. Nee ves
of Richmond;   Mr. C. C. Worsfold, P.
w.n.;  Captain E. T. McLennan, and
Messrs,  H.  K.  Brooks, II. J.  Mackin
W.  S.  Rovers. Dr. F. P. Smith, .1. .1.
Johnston,"J. D. Sherriff, T. 11. Smith.
Maishall Sinclair, John II. Duncan, J.
Crean, C.  U. Sword. W. II. Gilley, S.
M. / ndrew, K. Goulet. J. Oracey, H. B
Davidson,  R.  D.  Hendry, H. A.  Ea.-t
liiimi, L. II.  Richardson, H. P. Vidal
J. A. Motherwell, B. w. shilBs, j. c
Robson and C. II. Stuart Wade.
The Samson was commanded ��� by
('a; mln Voung and Chief Officer
Boyle, All piesent had the highest
1 ra'ss for the admirable manlier in
which the arrangements were carrier
ot:t, t!:o wor1: of the navigation com-
rnitirc of the hoaid of trade, of which
Mr. I', r. Vidal is chai: man, leaving
nothing to be cU'licl.
The Departure.
Toon after '.' o'clock the Samson
blew her siren [or t!><> last time, eny
ofi from the governmenl wharf am"
was feet! slipping u'o vn cast the new
mil] or the British Canadian Lumbei
e.3^i"Ui\   ?"' ,".'. ."/.':.' '���'? c-",n-
Taints oTThe SOi.'.h Ar:':,"To8f��vfe8loji
whicb won reached In ntoaut in hoa-
ntul n   hair.    Vere the tiar at Insre-
tion began In good eafaert. The tide
wa3 nearly at low waier ar.' v,i h the
aid ef ��'r, C. '-.'. V'orsfoM, of **ho pub-
ne T?6.Vs derartr-.f it, it was patenl
t** al] juEt how the land or rather
sand flats lay. anl what t'ie scheme
In br.nd would eTffct.
Work at Point Garry.
Quite e'ose to '*'���<��� ,tston, where the
Kraser joins the sea. the nose of land
Is known as Point Garry, and It inhere th^t work was found tn he go!ni:
along wilh a good swing. Looking oat
westwaid there stretches away In
front a rerles of sand hanks through
which are now four main channels.
Tbe Fraser anl the tides are continually oiera'lng upon these banks
and conse.iuent'y, if left to their will,
tbe channel by which shipping might
ascend the river would be of a ve-v
Fhiftv and danrcrous nature. Up till
now the task of keeping clear the one
main channel used hy ships has devolved upon the dredge Fruhling. At
last a beginning has heen made upon
a scheme which is to confine the rive-
to one channel so that the silt may be
carried out to sea. and not spread out
as heretofore right at the mouth of
the rlver.-
Jetty Flve Wltt Long.
This will be b-ought about hy th'-
builiins of a huae 'etty which when
comrilec'etl will pio'abl-- measure near
ly five miles. Already work has begun iron this Immense undc"'akln����
Tho contract has 'een riven for thr
construction of 8100 feet of sineie
bulkhead and 8800 fret of. double bulkhead, or a total of B90Q feet, roughly.
a sha^fi over a mile and a third. Be
yond thl-3 It Is pro- osed to erect e
jetty of 7100 feet In lenvth, and be
yond this a fain there will hn .i further clcr.sion.
A'l thp work will be across the
sand t.ats; Its alignment is not
Straight, bi'f bends to the south snd
then west again. Neither does Its fol
low ci.ctly the course of lhe northern
Jetty shown by the Ho Barron scheme
but t*nds further south almost to
the WWthern lettv procosed under
the sance scheme. For the sandheads
have .hap-"'' i-lnce then, and today
the channels through them are like
the four fingcrB of a left hand. Tbe
p.ercn'l flnrer rej re-ents an entirely
new channel of which a survey has
onlv inst been completed while between It and the third finger will run
the proposed Jetty. To complete th"
llliisfrntion, t''e llitlp flnger ls the
channel at present used by vesse's
and  off lt Is stationed  the ll?htshiv��.
It is thought that the building of
this tctty on the norlh side will stiffi'v
to dee-en the chancel without t'10
���cjonstrict'on of n southern Jetty ns fa*
Oit as the northen one. M j>ret��i1
fhe rims show o i rnnosed douh'e
bnlVhead otoeI n Steveston which
will be Sinn feet In len-th.
Work at Stevuston.
To return tn StS'-eston. Tlte wn**
ccrcss the bnd t'-nre ls n sln-rlo bu"'-
head. ?ll>*\ feet long. The nftrty Inspected this on Vn* retn'n trln. Mr.
Temrle K. Sinclair has 50 men wo-'f-
inc th��re, and altopp:he" han Hi 'on-
tilbi'ting to the Jo'-, some cuttlWR
brush ud stream. Piles are ('riven
Into the soft giound and between
them brush Is laid longitudinally  and
sloping up on each side to -this structure Is more brush topped with rock.
This latter Is called the apron. Sixteen hundred feet, of this Je ty Is al-
leacly built, that Is from the slough
to the sho e end, und It will be all
brushed and locked by tbe end of the
The double bulkhead is mide In a
similar manner. Its top will be 40
feet wide and Ihe apipn, 0/ foot, will
he 190 feet wide.
Inspect the Dreclqc.
The Samson touched at Steveston
to take on more passengers an.l then
stood out alon? the channel, which Is
marked with red buoys. The depth
of wuter at low tide at Steveston is
between 40 and 50 feet, and then II
shallows down to 16 and 18, deepening again to 20 and 4(1 feet before the
lightship li reached. It is here that
the Fruhling ls working. The Samson thicshed her way right down this
devious water lane, turned round, and
moored alongside the dredge.
The party made a minute inspection
of this craft, and as she was loaded
down ready to dump her load, everyone went out to watch the process.
lust I.e.-ond the lightship there is a
big drop or I alley in the bed of the
sea. and over this thc- Fruhling spread
her cargo of sand. This boat has
dona an enormous amount of valuable
work at the mouth of the rive*-, as
well as cutting off Ihe point at Woodward's slough, a little way up inland,
where she moved lOO.OCO cubic yards.
Fruhlina's Work.
She is a suction dredge, and p;:rnps
ua from the bottom    sanl,    mingled
Floated Largest Issue in April of Any
City in Canada���Richmond
New Westminster made the largest
bond salt's of any city in Canadi dur-
lng the month of Marcli, accoidlng lo
the statistics compiled by the Monetary Times. Five provinces were represented ln the market, but the majority of sales was small.
The following are the particulars
hy  provinces:
British Columbia $044,000
Ontailo     71,887
Saskatchewan    164,475
Alherta      33,79s
Quebec   ' ;...    23.00(1
With regard to the detailed municipal Issues Westminster contributes
to British Columbia's total two Items
of $305,000 and $12P.000, and Richmond municipality one of $150,000,
After New Westminster and Rich
mond, Canoia floated the blgge3t issue, being one ot $51,500.
Governor Foss Finds That He
Was Sane at Time of
Came of a Family cf Unsound Mind���
Was Himself Cranky Neurasthenic
Say Alienists.
Court Plunged in Tangle    of   Sordid
Detail���Strange Secret Societies
Crop Up.
mm pension
Gold  Pieces Fell Out of PocKets
He Bumped���Three Clerks Locked
in   Vault.
Glass Valley, Cal., May
wi'.h  water,  depositing  the  whole  in 1 who did not know    how
her hopre-s amidships. Tlie sand
sinks to the bottom of ihe beat anj
corces the watT to overflow ba?k Into
the sea. Then v. hen leaded With ISSOU
.JJS���which takes tome 5'i minute*-
sho gce3 o-t to dee.) .vate . glides ar-
���ek-ascd and the sand drops through.
She is *������'��� [resent ma' tij "re 'rl1 -
per day.
J}n* '������^..aiu.i ,��.ty t.i-u. a vr-
...,X��i.'cHvo tlmo on l,oa.f.l .the F:u)vJ.
Una watCStlaa 't.i-.s> niiiJio of tvee. 0.0-d-
���\zM>, and ��crti7ttti:i:i!< rto.vn Into Ui?
cnp'.nc room. The craft ls of Germp.n
make and is a mar,e!loii3 complication of smoothly running machinery.
It may he of Inteiest to noe'e that on
lhe Merse- h.ar at Liverpool two
Clyde built dredfiSs of this type are
a; era ting, ere arable of pumpin
10.000 tons cf tnnd rer hour.
Ity this time hin:h had been eaten,
and the sightseers returned to the
Camson, and headed back lo Steves-
'on calling there to Inspect the work
now in progress on the jetty. After
this the boat proceeded up stream
taking soundings at. the foot of Woodward's slough where 68 and 72 feet of
water were found. All arrived back
tust af:er 5 p.m. delighted with the
duy's outing.
16.���A man
to 1 Ide    a
_ Boston. Ma;; 16.���Rev. Clarence V.
T, Rlcheson'a last hope of escaping
death next weei for the murder of
Avis Llnnell. of Hyannls, exrlred tonight when Governor Foss announzed
he would not reiar Richeson's petl
tion for commutation of sentence te
the executive council.
The statement followed closelv tb'
filing, of the special insanity committee repoit which declared the man
sane, although subject to fits of hysterical Insanity. The committee
fo.md that Rlcheson was sane at the
time of the murder, an 1 that he now
ls sane.
The prisoner ha3 home himself
calmly since lie yas transferred from
tl|2 Chai les stieet jail Tuesday. It
was apparent he still bojed (Jlemancv
would be extended and it may be thi?
a|one w^s leeping ua his spirits. The
statement by Gove.nor Foss shows
that alienists found that Richeson's
family was afflicted very geneially
with insanity and that the condemned
man himself is a neurotic, a somnambulist and a neurasthenic an.l subject
to hysterical insanity. The statement
iii part follows:
Si      Governor's Statement.
"Executive cler.icncy will not be
extended in the case of Clarence V.
T. Richeson. The pilsoner was sentenced uj on his own confession and
wjthout t:iai for a ciirae which it appears im;0:Si!.:e that nny norma! man
;o'.i!'I commit.
"The evidence shows that Rlche-
sop's family is heavily a'liicted with
i'PSS':.: tnjf-ffff is S '''.'l'. '������*> '"."" "::"'*. cn- I
*s hsJiYftial <iLUu.H..:,ce.-i. r.::ir.'.td by Jcf-tofl
4 n-eciory. vliieh. two aiiviilsts had d'a-S- I
noseA     &v     tovatftvlcal    .Vn*a.-iUy.    oac\������
FhyBtclUn add\��E the alternative terml^*'  '
Scheme of Almanac Reform Approved
���Telegram from Sir Sandford
Fleming Received.
The Royal Society at Ottnwa has
endorsed Moses U. Cotsworth's almanac refoim scheme. Mr. Cotsworth
j received the following telegram from
Sir Sandford Fleming last nlgbt:
I "The Royal Society at Its general
I meeting today resolved to support
your almanac reform movement."
. Sir Sandford Fleming, K.C.M.G., ia
the originator of standard time for
the world by fixing tbe exact hours
from the meridian of Ureenwdch at
every flfteen degrees all round the
world. Sir Sandford is also famous
as the flrst C. P^ R. engineer to locate
the line to this coast. He, however,
was always an advocate of the Yellowhead Pass route which was not
followed by the company. He is now
a director of the great railroad.
Mr. Cotsworth's reform scheme
which has Just received this Important support, arranges for a year of
thirteen months of four weeks apiece.
rock is placed between the caps. Then  tion.
Vancouver and Weatmlnster Both
Oppose It���No Reason for Change.
Captain C. Gardner Johnson, secre-
tar.v of the Vancouver pilotage board,
yesterday expressed his astonishment
when told that Westminster was
strongly onposed to the removal of
the lightship fiom its present position at the Sandheads, and that representations ctn that effect had boen
made to Ottawa,
He stated that the Vancouver board
also was onposed to the removal of
the lightship. This body would apparently be ready to back up the case
for Westmlns'er if needed. The only
supposition that can be ofTered as ta
the reason for the proposed removal
or tbe ship Is that vessels plying between Seattle and X'ahcbuver" would
appreciate Its occupying another po*i-
hors.i came in:o town on one today.
lObbed  the  Nevada County  ban!;    of
JB040 In bese gold, locked th;ee bank
emi loyees in the vault and get a ��� p; .
clinging to the pommel of his E2d.H0
At the cd^e of the town his cap blew I
off an 1   soon after    l.e    dismounted    insanit-, that he hlmctif is a ne arctic
:."M the horse Iccse and went Into   d somnambulist  an.l a  neurasthenic;
hiding'.   ���' v i~; f'i'i there and a, ;9ss
U after wm.   his t:all. as 4a*.��s
%S^*ar��7*'���*- ->��arkail,.. .kau - ao''1
VMoh  i.oiiivooa  oat   ot  bis  voc*��tn as
tV t.o.*��t trotted.
The man had neen seen aboit town
for Uo days. Today he ambled down
the street, leered into one bank, rode
around the corner end entered an
other, asked for greenbacks in exchange for pio.'fered silver dollars
As :.ianager W. D. Harris turned to
get the hl'.lg the robber sprang over
tiie iron lattks work, pointed two
re\oners and diove Harris, Cashier
H. A. Maer ai.d Mlss Alta Clyme, a
stenographer, into the bank vault. He
locked the door, scooped up all the
gold ln sight and rode away.
Ae he passed a school house at the
edge of the town the children yelled
at him, his horse started to canter
and he nearly fell oft.
The trio in the vault were released
through the offices of passersby who
heard them pounding on the door.
A beginning was made yesterday on
the McWuter's case that has attracted
so much attention. The llrit thing
done wag to discharge the partial
panel secured yesterday ow'/.g to
representations by counsel foe ihe
crown tliat they were prejudiced. In
securing the new panel the utmos:
care was taken, esjejially by Mr.
Bole, in the selection, and the list
waa gone over three times before the
] full number was ner .red.
Mr. Gamon. of the provincial police,
was then called to tlie witness box
and testified that he had been unable
to serve a summons on Mr. Frederic
Townsend as he was now in N'ew
Zealand. Cross examined he Eaid he
did not know personally whether he
was in New Zealand or net.
Mr. XV. G. McQuarrie. crown counsel, no v outlined the case to tbe Jury.
Ke raid that it was a most unusual
case and that a year ago the prisoner.
U. .T. P. McWaters, was in a different
position, bein;; then the principal witness of the crewn and his wife was
the defendant. She was charged with
sending threatening letters to her
husband. Against ber will the counsel appearing for her pleaded tsuilt;
to the chaige and she was let out on
suspended sentence, which meant that
she might be brought in and sentenced. The lawyer took it into his
own hands.
The man and his wife had been
married about five years, and about
January, 1911, she left him and refused to return. The crown suggests
that it was to force her to return that
thp letters were sent b.v the accused
and also to punish her for not doing
ro. The man ma 'e charges to the
police about hi3 wife and when they
failed to act, then the threatening
ietiers began to arrive.
The Durnahy chief o." police now
tco'.c the stand, and saij that he had
become familiar v.ith the parties f.'st
in April. 1011, when the accused emit-
to the station in Burnaby and alleg.-d I
���i" '":'; r,2'J i;-r-:o"a| conduct ou thej
Uri    Ui    lli'i    ���> :lt-'. ,!
f*.   \aVaH"   tUut   \va.a   ma.rl.ed   e
Ten Thousand Called Out in
Sixties���Twenty Thousand  Apply.
Hundred Dollars a Year Look Good t��
All Old Men���Puzzle in Maritime
Ottawa. May IG.���Tha heroes tit
the Fenian raid are dally increasing
in numbers. The department A
militia has ahout reached the conclu
sion that every male Inhabitant of
Canada of the sixties must bave bens
at the front with his musket to que'l
the raid. Ten thousand men were
called out and double tbat number
have already applied for the hundrett
dollars pension despite the fact tha:
a large percentage of the ten thouo
and must in the natural course ot
events be dead. The department is
in a quandary over the applications
which are coining in trom Nova.
Scotia and New Brunswick. A proclamation was issued In the maritime-
pi ovinces, but there ls no record of
any regiments having been mustered,
and the department has no way oi
ascertaining the genuineness of applications. There are also applications for pensions from membeis of a
volunteer regiment organized in Manitoba, of which the department has no-
offitial record.
Indii.i Found Dead on C. P. R. Tracks
���Eoth  Feet Torn 0.7 Apparently
by the Trsi.i.
of hysterical delirium and the m
jo: Ity opinion indicating that these attacks are hysterical marked by emotional disturbances of b; ief duration,
with less of memory duriny the attack
and for a varying pei ioi following.
"The evidence, however, while
clearly revealing these attacks, indicates that his crime was not committed by him during such an attack
Therefore while there is divergence of
opinion among the a!ienia:s as to whether the facts indicate actual insanity
there ia sufficlfcfat?��iound for the conclusion that he la accountable for his
crime and that the exercise of executive clemency in this Instance would
be contrary to tbe public good."
The half-yearly elections of the
Granite lodge of the Knights Of
Pythias, were held last night. The
following were appointed officers:
Chancellor commander, J. Riddle-
vice-chancellor, D. Craig: prelate, J.
McClughan; master of work, N. D.
Hepburn: master at arms, R. Jameson; keeper of R. and S., A. McDonald; master of finance, J. McDonald;
master of exchequer, F. P. Maxwell:
inside guard, E. G. Glenvllle; outside
guard, W. H. Spurrier.
Nevt to seeing people or places 'n
reality, the moving p'eture provides
an excellent substitution. Nevertheless, although the gieat names of Re-
Jane and Bernhardt were upon the
opera bouse hill last night the audience was, or was not. as opinion may
be, what lt would have been had Ihey
boen '.:ere In the flesh.
The plctutes might have been a
little clearer, especially In the reading 1 arts, but this was amply atoned
for by the sight of the "Divine Sarah"
ind her incomparable portra-al of the
love of Camille. Her scarcely less
famous follower, Madame Rejane, was
seen In coniunction with the great
Napoleon. Tlie plavg lu which these
great actresses took part were Intensely interesting from start to
London, May lfi.���At tha grand matinee for the benefit of the Titanic
suffeiors, at Covent Garden this afternoon, which was amended by King
Georre and Queen Mary, Sarah Bernhardt was greeted with an extra��nll-
nary outburst of cheering,
The anpla-'se was due to her wonderful art and also to the fact that ln
order to appear fo- the sufferers she
left Paris at f, o'clock this morning
In an nutomoblle. The slept ln the car
all the wav to Pouloitne. tben made a
dash for London, where sbe arrived
on tim<��. (.
At the conclusion of the performance she again entered her a'ltotno-
bl'e in order to be back ln Paris this
c-aa date! April 11, wil.    It waa
hlblt I
i oue\ '
\\ ith both hla teet torn oit,  apparently by a C. P. R. train, an Indian's*
frcm thp accused    to    the    chief    of \ body waa found on the C. P. It. track.*
lo'.ice and told of t'.ie neglect of his  about lf�� o'clock last night.   The spot.
,ca   vhe'e  the  accident    happened    was,
'  the  Fraser
less  man's
Be Conservative Candidate
Dominion House���Mayor Annalilj
Nelson, May 16.���By carrying the
convention at the first ballot Robert
F. Green, of Victoria, this afternoon,
was nominated Conservative candidate for the Kootenay by-eiectlon. He
was opposed by Dr. Bonnel', of
Fernie. and C. R. Hamilton, K.C.
Mayor Annabie, of Nelson, withdrew at the last moment and thiew
his support to Hamilton, but Bonnell
took the second place in the balloting.
Green ls an old timer and heavily interested In the Kootenay. For many
years he was provincial member for
Kaslo, and at one time held tbe portfolio of lands and works.
coet  was  found 65 yards  away  from.
his body.
The man was quite dead when IMr;_
\V;.ll;er,    one    of    the    penitentiary
guards, found him as he was returning from the city.   The name of   the*
Indian is unknown. Sergeant Stanton,
of the city police force, was notifieil.
and he went to the srot and took ithe
matter    in    hand.    The    body    was
brousdit  back  to Murcbie's undertaking rooms.    It Is  presumed that the
Indian, who was seen by several persons   shortly   before   his   death,   waa
walking east along tbe tracks when.
he was struck by the !):36 train.
Seaforth Highlanders Perform Tonight���Good Concert Expected.
"The next attraction after the 72nd
Seaforth Highland band, which puts
On a concert at the 01 era house this
evening, wlll be OUle Mack, the o'd
favorite of Murray and Mack, ln
"Casey Jones" on Monday evening.
The seat sale tor this show will open
at Tld--, the florist's, new store, 739
Columbia street, today at noon. This
production Is a little out of the odin-
ary, beinsr a mixture between musical
and straight comedy, and there Is no
doubt, about it but that there will be
a full house to areet Mr. Mack on
his reappearance, here.
Toronto, Moy 16.���An announcement of the transfer of the Winnipeg
llei'irlc Street railway to the Reese
svnt'lca.te is e-pecte.' shortly after
Sir William Mhcken7le's return to
Toronto. All the prlnclnal official* of
the Reese syndicate are here and
I negotiations are practically completed.
hll 1 by his wife and al?o of conduc
of his wife' with  a man who worked   afc0Jl  10�� yards  west of  I
for the   B.C.E.R.    Next   came   a   bridge.    One  of  ahe  luck
threatening letter, in  printed characters which called McWaters    a    liar,
thief und tyrant, oppressor of Widows
and   orphans,   and   warned  him   that
his life    was    in danger.    The    man
brought the letter to the station are
seemed to be in fear of his life, eaid
the witness, which was, hove.er, his
usual manner.
There followed several other letters of the same character, and of n
most strange wording.   Some of them
stated that the   writer   belonged    to
three societies���the Bond cMala. the
K. K. K.   and   the   Camorra,   others
were full of threats and strafe words
such aB mort, Inferno, etc.   Mrs. Rose-
berry's name was everywhere.
Later the mysterious writers were
apparently closing in on their victim
for soon after  the  above letter was
received, that is on July 2, 1911, the
accused came to the station and saitl
that some men had tried to get him
to take carbolic  acid.    The  witness,
Chief  Parkinson,   said  that  he  went
over to the house with him.   His face
was  burned  with  the acid,  but    ht
thought there was, no signs   in   his
mouth or throat of the stuff.   He also
saw a pile of ashe3 on the floor and
asking the man what they meant was
told  that he guessed  that they  had
tried to burn him out.   He later found
that  the ashes  were cold,  the   floor
was not marked, and there was an oil-
soaked coat hanging over the ashes
He found that the bottle from which
the acid came had a skull and bones
drawn on it.   This bottle became exhibit 15 in. the case.   The man was
tal   a  to the station and    then    the
chief sent him to see Dr. Hall. Meanwhile he, the chief, and Mr. Wllkie,
at that time'head of the provincial
rollce in Westminster, went over to
the house.    The accused came back
about 11 a.m.
About this time there was a warrant Issued for the woman and   (be
witness said that he and the chief
were during   the   evening   of July 4
watching tbe house of Mrs. Roseberry.
He came home late, and noticed about
midnight thnt there was a light In
the man's room.   He went over   and
found him very    much   excited.   I'e
said he had been looking for him for
two hours   and   that   while   coming
hom�� along Humphrey avenue a man
had atfsjked him, hitting him   wltb
something.   He arranged to go down
with him   In   the   morning.    When
morning    came    the    accused came
round early, before he. tbe witness.
trot up. and said that he had left   a
note with a Mr. Hornby.   He got up.
cot tbe note, and went down the'e.
He found a hand'erchief as the note
said he would, ant] at once noticed an
enveloe.   Thl? he   found   was   addressed to a Madame Blsset. of Fouth
Hilt, South    Vancouver.   The   lec'ter
purrortcd to lie a notice of a mcet'.nf
o' the K. K. K. at Mrs. Riseberry's.
ThiB woman Is 8"'ipcsed to ha-e bce>-
a woman engaged in crimlnnlpi sctlce
The letter was staned   Sophy   Matia
McW.   The witness said he was v*ry
auspicious of the letter, because ofj]
Its position, aud because the accused I veloped.
Is Mr. McQuarrie's Charge���Mr. Bote!*
Resents Accusation.
When court opened yesterday morn- -
ing Mr. McQuarrie created somewhat
ot a sensation by rising in bis place -
as soon as his lordship took his seat
and declaring that he had received Information that   the   jury   had   been
tampered with.    He especially named'
Albert W., E. C. and A. L. EiqkhofT.
One of them he understood to Jiave
said that lf he bad got on tbe Jury-
he would have found a prisoner not-
guilty because he had been ln prison-
long enough.   He also declared that
the counsel for the accused had made ���
Insulting remarks for the purpose of
Influencing the Jury.
This brought Mr. Bole to his feet ���*
and he    demanded    an   explanation,.
which Mr. McQuarrie gave, although
his lordship proposed to end the matter by dismissing the Jury.   Mr. McQuarrie declared that the case was
a very serious one; that Mr. Bole had
called the Burnaby Chief of police a
bloodhound, and said that he couldi
manufacture letters and he could not'
tell the difference between -them. Mfr._
McQuarrie continued that his learnedt
friend was guilty ot actions that werer
reprehensible in a member of the bar-
He also said that he had been associating too freely with the members;
of the Jury and that after the George-
Billy case, Albert Elckhoff had shaken
hands with Mr. Bole and said that he '
had done all he could tor him, and'
that as recently as that morning Mr.
Bole had beeu talking with them.
Mr. Bole said that lf It were not
so vindictive it would be childish. His .
lordsbli here cut ln and aeked If the**
accusations were true and Ml*. Bole-
partly admitted them. The jUBticff-
sald that It was a serious charge an*
directed that he would bear the men
charged this rooming at 11 o'clock.
The Jury was dismissed and a new
one empanelled.
asked  pointed questions to flnd'onr*.
If anything had been found.
There were many other tetter? '*"�����.
similar nature, presenting    some   of
the strangest stuff ever   heard   in a.
c;oiirt rcom.
ln the cros* wamihatten ot-ibe-wit-
ofajr arent interest dev
���-^ *AQ��.TWO
FRIDAY,  MAY 17, 1912.
Classified Advertising
One cent per word for day.
Pour cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
tor less than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices 50c per insertion.
of good address, about 18 years   of
. age, for financial institution. Apply
in own handwriting to Post Office
Box C.
and cooking. Apply 40!) Queens
City Laundry.
house, modern, on large lot, near
cnrline. Owners only apply to J. W.
McCallum, 13 Westminster Trust
Block,   l'hone 484.
oughly experienced, wants position.
i Highest references. Address Box (19,
News office.
plumbing, steamfitting or tinsmith-
ing.   Apply James & McClughan,
Apply owner, 4fi4 Dixon street, off
Harvey,  Sapperton.
house.    AddresB Box 765 City.
sired.    1020 Third avenue.
��� ********     ii m ���*   ���        '���!' ���    -��� ***M **ima*f i   ���    i    i���       i ���  ���������
islied housekeeping rooni3 on lhe
coiner of Agnes and Dufferin. Tele
phone LG38.
street, opposite Dominion Trust
block.    Apply H. P. Vidal & Co.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
Sixth street, 182 feet frontage:
good business property; all cleared.
This pro] eny Is 10:.' feet deep, to
lane. Price ?!ir>00; one-third cash,
balance *}, 12 and 18 months. No.
CITY     OF     NEW
Improvement   Notice
Street Sewer Area.
$4.-~> for eight hours.     Call at 71(1
Fifth stieet.
union scale. Call at Hub Cigar
ers.   30 Hastings street.
diately. Apply Diamond and Corbould, room 1. Lavery block.
privilege of practising on the piano
one hour evenings, by plain work-
tngman. Please state terms. Address Box 77, Daily News office.
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. R-
the car line;
Craig street, close to liurnaby Lake
line.    Mostly  cleared.    Prices  reasonable.     Call  569  Columhla  street
alter 6 p.m., or phone 1^ MR.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnes
Btreet, city.
ranges on easy terms: $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
pood lots facing or
11    oleaied   and   in
glass.    These are a snap at $3600;
one-quarter cash, balance <i, 12 and
IS  months.    No.  199.
A BURNABY CORNER���At the corner of Sixth avenue and Fourth
street. Price $1400; one-quarter
cash, balance 0, 12 and IS months.
No. 42.
Size 50x132; Price $900: one-third
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months
No. 133.
Size 52x122 (o lane; all cleared.
Price $1100: one-third cash, balance
6, 12 and 18 months.    No. 231. '
AVENUE���Size of lol 49x110 feet.
Price $28011; one-third cash, balance
fi, 12 and 18 months.    No. 256.
���In the west end, corner of Edinburgh and Tenth streets. Ask us
the price of this.   No. 399.
3'i ACRES IN BURNABY���Corner of
lluller and Keith's roads. This is
a snap at $1400 per acre. The
terms ure one-quarter casli, balance
C, 12, 18 and 'l\ months. This property -would ma'-.e a dandy subdivision.    No. 2.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster having by resrf
lution determined and specified that
it Is desirable to carry out the following works of laying Main Storm sewers and works contingent thereto on
the following streets:
Sixth street from Clarkscn to Sixth
Sixth avenue from Sixth street to
Third street.
Fourth street from Sixth avenue to
Fifth avenue.
Regina street from Third stieet to
Fourth street.
Fifth aVenue from Firth street tc
Sixth street.
Lane 118 feet north of Fourth avenue between Fifth and   Sixth   street.
Blackford street from Sixth street
to Fifth streets.
Thiid avenue from Sixth street to
Fourth stieet.
Lancaster street from Sixth street
to Fourth street.
St. George street from Sixth street
to Fourth street.
Liverpool street fiom Sixth street
to Fourth street.
Queens avenue from Sixtli street to
Fourth street.
Cunningham street from Sixth
street to Fourth stieet.
Agnes street from Sixth street to
Fouith sireet.
Victoria street from Sixth street to
Fourth sireet,
Carnarvon street from Sixlh street
to Fourth street.
Clarkson street from Sixth stieet
to Church street.
And that said works be carried out
in accordance w'ith the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor liaving reported to tlle Council in accordance with the provlBlone
of the said bylaw upon the aai.l
works giving statements showing ihe
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
porperty to be benefited by the said
works anil other partltulars and the
said reiorts of the said City Engi-
neer and City Assessor having been
adopted by the Council.
Notice   Is   hereby   given   that   the
said reports are open for inspectlot
at    the   office of    the   City  Assesor,
City    Hall,    Columbia    street,    New
Westminster, B. C, and that unless a
petition against   the   proposed  works
above   mentioned   signed by   a   majority of the owner3 of the   land   or
real    property    to    be    assessed    or
charged in respect of such works rep-
tesenting at  least  one  half in  value
thereof  is piesented   to the   Council
within  fifteen days  from the date of
the   first   publication   of  this    notice
the Council will proceed with the proposed     improvements      under     such
terms and  conditions  as  to the  payment  of the cost   of such   improvements as the Council  may  by  bylaw
in that behalf regulate and determine
and  also  to   make  the   sail   assessment.
Dated  tills   15th   day **t Many. 1012.
W.   A.  DUNCAN,
City  Clerk.
Date of flrst publication 16th May,
Local     Improvement     Notice ��� First
and   Second  Streets  Storm   Sewer
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster, having by resolution, determined and specified that lt
is desirable to carry out the following works of laying Main Storm Sewers and works contingent thereto on
the following streets:
Second street fiom Royal avenue
to Elgin street.
.   First street  from  Royal avenue to
St. Patrick street.
. St.  Patrick   fiom   First   to   Third
Fourth avenue from First to Second streets.
Arbutus stieet.
Emory street.
Third avenue from First to Second
Oueens avenue from First to Third
Manitoba street.
Peele street.
Honson street.
Park Row.
Vancouver street.
Granville street.
Royal avenue from Third street to
McBride Boulevard.
Leopold  Place.
An.i that said works be carried oul
in acordance with the provisions of
the "Local improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Fngineer and City As
srssor having re|oited to the Council in accordance with the provision?
of the said bylaw upon the said
works giving statements showing th��
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the vai ious portions of real
pioperty to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars ani the
said reports of the said City Engineer and City Assessor having been
adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the *aitl
reports arc o; en for Inspection at thi
office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the pro] osed works above
mentioned signed by a majority oi
the owners of Ihe land or real pro])
erty to be assessed or charged in ie
spect of such works representing a'
least one half in value thereof is pre
sented to the Council within fifteen
days from the dale of the first publl
cation of tills notive the Council wil
proceed with the proposed improve
ments under such terma and condi
tions as to the payment of the costs
of such improvements as Cie Councl
may may by bylaw in that behalf reg
abate and dele: mine and also tc
make the said assessment.
Dated this 15th dav of Mav, 1912
City Clerk
Date of first publication lfith May
terrier. Return to S. C. Charles,
Ftase.r Mills.    Reward.
Wantel���Teacher for singing in th
"New Westm!-u-ler schools, duties to
��ommence Septeruber 1. Application-;
elating qua'.(3cations and salary required to reach tlie secretary's office
not later than noon of .lune 30.
Secretary  Board of School Trustee?,,
New Weatmlnster, B.C.
Wanted. Teachers for all grades in
I*uhlic schools, including Principals,
Applicants arc requested to write stating qualifications and salary required
and must be prepared to undergo an
���examination by the School Medic il
Officer if re iuired. Applications to
reach 1he Secretary's ollice by noon
���of Thursday, May 2l!rd.
Secretary,  Board  of School  Trustees.
New Westminster, B. C.
Tenders for Storm Sewers.
The Corporation Invites tenders for
;,o:u. Sewers to be constructed under four (I) dilferent contracts, in
the following areas:
Area  1���First and  Second  Streets.
Area 2���-Fourth Street.
Area 3���Fifth Street.
*rea 4���Sixth Street.
Plans, specifications and further
Information can be obtained ln the
iffic.e of the City Engineer.
Tenders to be delivered to the un-
f'ersi^'.eil not later than 5 o'clock on
tn* 'Icth tiAy of May, 1912, accom
panied by a che;-k for 5 per cent, of
the amount of tender.
Tht lowest tender not necessarily
ac fptod.
City Clerk.
City Tall, May lfi, 1912,
Phone 863.
Room 4, Trapp Block.
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address:
Phone 255 Office, Curtis Block
TO RENT���Two good houoes, one on
101,; u street, six rooms', possession .lune 1, $25 por months; ono
house on Fifth avenue, seven
rooms, modern: Immediate possession; $110 per month.
HERE'S A  NIFTY BUY���Comfortable
little home on Tenth avenue, lol
B0xl32, lane at rear. All beaullfull:
oleared; planted out In tall bearing
strawberries and other small fruits
House will ient for ju a month
Three minutes (rom car, Price
12000; $r.fio dish, balance fi, 12 and
in montha,   No, 40,
HOUSE AND LOT for $3000, five
rooms modern except furnace;
third cash; fi, 12 and IN months for
balanoe,   No, 84.
On Dublin slice:; well located;
third  cash;   6,  12  month?.    No.  IS.
SEVENTH AVENUE ��� Lot between
Second and Fou rib Btreets on south
side: $1500, third casli; terms.
No. 32,
ON EIGHTH AVENUE���Large building lot, lane at rear, $fil5; terms.
No. G.
lots 50x119, for $525 each. These
uro worth looking into.    No. S.
Patrick's and Second street, $5000;
size 1.'12x120.    No. 44.
,    Accident,
Auto, Plate
Phone 295
Employees' Liability.
Class Insurance.
Office, Curtis Block
Local     Improvement    Notice���Fourth
Street Storm  Sewer Area.
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster having by ies-
olulion determined an.1 specified thai
it is desirable 10 carry out the following works nr i.i ina; Main Sturm Sewers and works contingent thereto on
the followinc; streets:
Fourth street from Clarkson street
to Fifth avenue.
Fifth avenue fiom Third to Fourth
Fourth avenue from Second to
Fourth Btreets.
Oak street from Fou-lh to Fifth
Third avenue from Second to
Fourth streets.
Pine street from Third to Fourth
Pearson stieet and rii;ht-of-way.
Queens    avenue    from    Third
Fourth streets.
Royal avenue from Third street
Wise ravine.
Cunningham street from Merivale
street to Fourth street.
Agnes street from Meiivaie stieet
to Fourth street.
Dickenson street from Merivale
street to Hlack wood street.
Blackwood Klreet from Dickenson
street to Carnarvon street.
Carnarvon stieet from Merivale to
Fourth streets.
And that slid works be carried out
In accordance with the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the Clly Engineer and City
Assessor having repotted to the
Couucil in accordance with the pro-
visions of the said bylaw upon thl
suid woiks giving s'atements show-
lng the ainounta estimated to be
ohargeable against the various por-
H ms of ie;il properly to ho benefited
by the eald works and other particu
lars nnd tbs said reports of the suid
Citj Engineer and City Assessor liming hern adopted by tho Council.
Notice Is hereby given that the Bald
reports  aio   o;cn   for Inspection   al
the  office of tlie  City Assessor,  City
Hall, Columbia street, N'ew Westminster, Ii. Ci and that unless a petition
against   the   proposed   works   above)
mentioned  signed   by  a   majority  of
the owners of land or real   propert)
to be assessed or charged In  respect
of  such   works  lepresentlng   nt   leas
one half ln value thereof Is  present
ed to the Council within fifteen days
from the date of tiio first publication
of this noilre the Council will proceed
with the proposed improvements un
der such terms and conditions as to
tho 1 a mont of the cost of such lm-
movements   as the   Council   may by
bylaw in that behalf regulate nnd determinate and alao to make the said
Dated this  15th   day of May, 1912.
City Clerk
n,ite of flrst publication lfith May,
Local Improvement Notice ��� Fifth
Street Sewer Arei.
The Municipal Council of the Citj
ot Sew Westminster having by reso
lution deteriniued and a^eclHed thai
it is (leelrab'e to carry out the follow-
lng works 1 t laying Main Storm sew
ers and worW contingent thereto on
the follov in:; streets:
Fifth street from Third to Sixtli
Fifth avenue f.om Fourth to Fiftk
Fourth avenue fiom Fourth to Fifth
Third avenue from Fourth to Fifth
And that said works be carded out
In accordance wilh the provisions of
"The Local Improvement General Bylaw   1912."
Antl the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council in accordance with the provisions
of the said bylaw upon *the eald
works giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other partictlars and the
snld reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted hy the Council,
Notice Is hereby given that Ihe said
r<*rorts are open for Inspection at the
offlet�� or tho City Assessor, Clty Hall.
Columbia street, n,-* Weatmlnster,
B. C, and that unless a petltloi
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by u majority of
the owners of the laud or real property to l.e assessed or charged In respect of such works representing ut
least ene half in value thereof is presented to the Council within llfi<-��-n
days from the date of the first publication of this notice the Council wlll
proceed with the proposed Improve
ments under sueh terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost
of such Improvements as the Council
may by by-law in thai behalf regulati
nini determine and also to make Unsaid assessment.
Dated this 15th day of Muv, 1912
City Clerk.
Date of first publl&atlon lfith May,
Re the south half of the Northwest
quarter of Bectlon 5, Township 15 (except one-half nc.ro thereof) ln the district of New Westminster,
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title no. 430F, issued In the
name of Catherine Oliver, has been
filed in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at. the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of tho said certificate, unless
In Ihe meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
District Registrar or Titles.
t ,n��4 Pej-Jrtry ofice. New Westminster, 1). Ci, April 22, 1912.
The following letter from the famine distiict in China glveB a vivid picture of tlie need and the difficulties
in the way of the work of relief.
"I think that In all of Anbwel. Ko-
yang has suffered most by the revolution. During an entire montli the
city waa occupied by flve or six hundred brigands under the leadership of
a man by the name of Wang Che
Hsui. They pillaged and burned like
regular savages. The town was be-
selgod for 17 days by from three to
four thousand Imperial troops who
are really as much robbers as the brl
i'ands themselves* The town is absolutely ruined, the Mandailn has nr,
authority whatever. Two days ngo
he was fired at twice. The gentry
are tei rifle 1. The most Intelligent of
their number have been condemned
to death. They are absolutely ruined
an I are hiding no one knows where.
The public granaries are almost
empty. In the country many of the
villages bave been burned. There ls
no security to life. In many places
they have pillaged, burned and stolen
solely for the sake of vengeance, as
in France in 1791.
Calm is gradually being restored,
but in the north eastern section there
are stlil brigands. Two hundred soldiers attacked tbem yesterday, bul.
these soldieis treat the honest people
almost as badly as tlie brigands
themselves. To be brief, it woull be
better to be a dog in America today
than a land owner in Koyang. I
speak of this spirit of vengeance simply to show you the real conditions.
Personally, I have suffered nothing at
the   hands   of Republicans, imperial
ists,  or brigands.      The latter have
protected me.
But in truth In Koyang they have
been conducting themselves like savages for the laEt two months. The
people who are alieady famished do
not content themselves simply with
stealing and eating the grain of others, but they stupidly burn down the
houses and grain which they cannot
carry away. One cannot but think
that they are a troop of wolves who
will not be satisfied until they have'
eaten one another up.
As to the sending of grain or silver
to Kayang, it. will be necessary first
to make navigation safe on the Ko
river. All such navigation has been
absolutely impossible. Yesteiday I
sent to Father David at HwaJyuan.
He stated that tit Fochow there are between two and three thousand boats
whose proprietors are dying of starvation and uncertainty, and who do not
dare descend the Ko for fear of rob-
Gates Makes   Purchases.
Minneapolis,     Minn.,     May      IG,	
Charles G. Gates, son of the iate Joha
W. Gates, of New York, ha�� purchased two blocks of property at
Twenty-Fifth and Twenty-Sixth
streets on the shores of I^ake or the
Isles for $15,000, and will build a
home and art museum to coBt over
$100,000. Mr. Gates, who married
Florence Hoy wood, of Minneapolis,
will make his permanent home here
and bring the $2,000,000 ��� private art
collection that belonged to his father-
to be housed ln his private art museum. The collection now occupies
an entire floor at the Plaza hotel In
New York.
GOLD  DUST  will
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a ereasv
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigsdeep aftergernis
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro-       \ I /
portions to cleanse    \^\1 JIf/tA
easily, vigorously, "       ^
and without harm to
fabric,   utensil   or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
The Hand
That Cooks
The Dinner
is the Land thnt rules tho world.
u     In cr-ite of what they say tibout
cradles", the Hbv* it the all-imixirt-
ant factor in "home-rule."   A
is the best piarantce that the "hand" will l.cto vour hnr��� m    ��� .���.
right direction of economy and health. * ��R1C movln* xn the
Please call and see our line of GURNEY-OVirn-.'n i-rr**.a*r*c .
RANGES that are built and sold on honor The (ffilnrl?JF* Bjfl
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford eSmiomSm C tet "VT""
show you how this marvellous device saves tTZ^ndf.,, iK d> let u?
of the lever; how it hold* flre, and dta��$��#ft\n���Klt ,ouch
fine ^i^^^^KJ^^gZ^^ ths'ovsn-a
These^ithothe,��., fcatufe. ,���ake mSSttS S#S G^&ffi
      hne.  DwOT-finlsh-workmanship-an    esedetsII.
we want to demonstrate to your KSffiBS
1 . '���.!������
FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1912.
Piquant Ctorier; About the Lnte Queen
Victoih at Homj.
Gracious though tiie latu Direii Victoria could be at times, she would
brook no interference wit'i her personal wishes. Furthermore, she wtt*
quite convinced in her ear'.y days nf
tlie infallibility of kings and queens,
and strongly refuted anyiliinz whicli,
in her opinion, would lower her royal
dignity, Tiiis is made piiiin by Mr-.
Jerrold in her stories of the court in
the 'forties, contained in her book,
"Tlie Early Court of Queen Victoria.''
Qu'jen Victoria's childho. 1 was exceedingly dreury, and it wns, perhaps, scarcely surprising, when she
became Queen of England, that sho
Used her power and great position in
very littlo ways. Her tirst request to
her mother on her accession was that
Tho Buccaneers.
Originally tiuei auei-rs were peaceful
EngtUh, i-'rem-h and lum-n settlers in
tbe tiputlish UVsi Indies; nnu ihey re-
reived lliell IWIIlie on iiticilllll ot tlieir
c-iisiom ot dolus tlieir menl. in the Indian fashion, on il liuiviiti. or liunlle
Tbe Spaniards nventetj strongly the
intrusiun ot these torei^iu'is nnd made
many ultenipts to oust tliem. inn |bs
bueciineers were a h.-irdy sel of men
and crack shots with the musket, so
they successfully resisted nil the Spaniards' attacks mid obstinately remained
In the Islands. What it wus thut (-unwed tbe huceaneers to abandon their
comparatively peaceful mode ot living
und take to piracy It is hard to say.
Possibly tlie constant hurrying to
which tbey were subjected by tho
Spoulards prompted tliem to retaliate;
but. whatever the reason, (heir depre-
she   should   he   "left   alone   for   two j dations soon  rendered .he passage of
hours,     a   privilege   she   had   never i   .";   ... t__Ls_.__.7L     *
eujoved, while, when the Duchess of | tbe Caribbean sen an undertaking of
Kent begged her august daughter not extreme danger to merchantmen, and
to overtire herself by the excitement ! the word buccaneer has eome down U9
of attending in person to prorftghe I a synonym for robbery, msrder and all
Parliament, the girl of eighteen uu-! the vices,
"That is a word I do not like to
hear; all these ceremonies Interest
and please me, but have no sueh cf-
fec* on rny mind as that wllich I
understand  by  excitement."
Not  even   Lord   Melbourne  -us  allowed  to give  her any  slight enrrec- i
tion.    At her first council  the young
Queen  began reading:
"This art intituled"���which is tha '
le    I way of spelling "entitled."
" 'Entitled,' your Majesty, 'entitl- '
ed,' " hastily corrected Li rd Mel- j
bourne, in a loud aside.
The young Queen  slowly drew her-
Coetha's Birthday.
In August. IMS. <;<ieihe went to
Carlsbad for the cure and placed himself under the cure of Pr. Itehbeiu.
One morning when be rose be requested Charles, bis domestic, to place a
bottle of red wine nnd a pluss In each
of the two windows In the room.
Tben the poet walked round and
round tbe apartment stopping at each
window to drink a glass of wine.
Wben lie had nearly emptied tbe bottles the doctor arrived. "All." said
self up'and Baid, quietly and firmly, ! Goethe, "you ure come. Po you know
"i  hove said it." j It is my  birthday?"    "No." snld  the
Then, after a pause, once more the i doctor,  "It Is  uot your birthday.    It
beautiful childish voice rang out:���    I falls tomorrow.''
"This net intituled " 0n)v |he production of the ulmannc
We get another striking illustration
cf Qu"en Victoria's independence ol
character in connection w,ui what hm
been facetiously termed "the Great
Bedchamber Plot." Ladies ol the Had-
chamber nre appointed by the (imr-
ernment, und a change in the administration usirilly means a change
in the appointments. In 1331), however, Queen Victoria refused to part
with tne Ladies oi her Bedchamber
on the occasion o�� a change i f Gov*
ernment,   end   the   consequenci   wad
could convince (loethe thut be wns n
dny out in his reckoning. When lie
discovered hls mistake be gave vent
to n strong expression flnd. nfter a
long piiu-e. turning to the doctor, suid,
"Then I have got.drunk for nothing."
Bewaro of Cousins.
Cousins  arc  not  as simple ns  they
seem    The very fact of beinu' u cousin
or having n cousin Is complicated.   I lie
tl'isf SirRobi rl Pe il deeJinsd th f- * m i l��l��$w fulre or eouMlnxblp Is both ehid-
a Ministry, Lord Melbourne rctarniu*: "'�� '"ll1 deludluu   Cousins will hr.ous-
to tM -
"They wwb to tr at me li'.' a '.-irl."
Her Majesty sai!. regarding this (rouble.
t'.-J.-on Fjr Apprcn.iccs.
! i ���. I. iti I iners know that there ex-
i, ��� a spe ��� ���,-.' ii ice of cot I'm menl i'i
\ hi !> t lie City C lamberlain has pmr*
er ti ' liimit 'li ol edieut ap;irenli e������
1 a Bi ! -.,'* il I'' -: Ital, ch ��� to fTm t
gtr , t. iin , howev r, ,-i f w cells \> hi h
. i pra ticail) I ' -��� >" I ';| una i r
ti. 11 i bui din? thai I i li llie ���'*' ���
ol a uue-tiine r j al  pahp e at Bia k-
flilirs.      i iLi .111 l*.'.c:: nil . \yj.>   giv.cu
ins even if you did not choose theta.
Tbey cun borrow money from you,
visit you without being usked. tell people Ihey belong to your family, contest
your will, even fail in love with you,
and a cousin once removed In twice ii-J
apt to. Never complete!/ trust a
cousin: never depend on bis uoi tLniiu
nny of llit-se things; never tnke liiiu
for granted. Tbe ������cousinly kiss" may
or mny not me:in what it menus, and
'������ "''ns uitYiiyH do klsa It's part ot
being fousln.3,
Not   Hint   POUsiUS   need   ue essiirl'y
piove perilous.    n:;c iu a bill? lliooa i
London, May IG.���The problem or
taking simultaneous cinematograph
films and phonograph records appears
to have been successfully, solved at
laEt. At the Koyal Institute yesterday, i'rof. William Stalling gave a
demonstration of his ne.v "chrono-
phone" before n distinguished gathering of scientists an I public men, and
the results weie ;oniar'Aable. Thr
first test showed Ian Colquhoun reciting "The ClampferhoWtt." M. Galllpauy
acted a comic monologue, a Hon
tamer was seen cowing bis obstrep-
orous charges and then a banjo play:
er appeared. In every ease the
sound of -voice was e: act with the actions shown on lhe screen and the result, was as lifeline as couid bo Imagine! The prelude to entertainment
was'a living picture of nu immense
rooster which was shown In every
tint, of his natural colors and crowing with all his might as he flapped
his wings. Prof. Cterllng stated thai
the invention, which Is due largely to
the ingenuity of Leon Gacmont, who
has collaborated in the woHt. comprises two electric motors of Identical
pattern which drive the cinematograph an 1 photograph In perfect
unison. Two years ago the first
"cbronophone" was exhibited, but It
was not perfect.
Record   fcr   Fires.
Winnipeg, May lfi.���A record was
broken j esterday in the annals of the
Winnipeg fire dej at tment when 21
alarms were turned in, in   24  hours.
Previous to >eite:day 18 was the
record for 24 hours made a littie over
two weeks ago and the large number
of ill es was attributed to the high
wind which was blowing during the
The majority of the fires yesterday
were small ones, the most destructive
blaze occuning at 73 Alexander avenue east, where a stable filled with
hay was completely gutted. The
biiilc'ing was the propeity of tbe
Guest Fish company and the damage
dune was estimated at about (600.
Of the 21 alarms sent in yesterday
10 were fires in buildings; nine were
burning chimneys and two were false
alarms. Tbe majority of those flies
aie put down as being of incendiary
origin; although some of them we ���
caused by carelessness.
i iLi.^.l>l l-Ic, <lil , Wil.-.    glV.VIl :������!���������
Kdwarti VI. lo Urn l.-rd Viivr Ior i\ ���*]  >t��-y fovtt* Jroti �������� Kurope or leftv* tats *
a*   i*   ivi.tkhonru   I- r   tlm   t'"<r����������"!   i'l''-. '   luuiu-y.  Ixit  Uuil   niu.u.1  luWe��  uu   uuut
nn.i Wc hooidtnl.  whlL-li  r ���-ulU *L  Ir.,o. '   ur untie. ���AlluutU.-.
this gift, is .-till governed by the nl 1- , 	
11 c s i ei!- ur i occasionally i ocu] i  1
for luii-: periods by refra t r\ nppreii.|
tices, wlio are brought before tlie ( ity ,
i' amb i i.i.ii In hi   i uurt at Uuildhall, j
iip.l.   il   lie  Iin 1-  that   they   aie  ii.cr-
r!jr!ble, hc commits them to Bridewell:
Wear Slippers In the House.
In Lngl.ind it is ibe custom not onlv
for grown persons, but ulwi tor children, to wear slippers in the bouse.
Kiifilish children as well as grownups
wear shoes us we iu America wear
fir ;i week, "���. in exceptional cus.s.i rubbers, only out of doors. This Is nut
a fortnight i.-r twenty-one days, tho [only �� more comfortable custom with
lads ' ir- CM-upim the hud Influences ,-esi,rd to footwear than ours, but it
ol an ordinary prson. ^ I ,��� ,,!������ more healthful.   The streets
_ "  ���      D. , i und sidewalks uud even tbe yards nre
Fcr Two  Bisnoos. I   , ,_. ,     ...... ,.
i dusty.    Tbls dust, full of germs n-�� it
Tir  wt ran   cricketer,   Dr.   \Y.  O. I
Qrace, hus probably been photographed und hns given his inftoprapb m
ninny tim-^s as most celihriti'-s. At
a meet the ether dny u wee maid n
approach d liim with notebook anl
pencil for his autograph, which wns
gracefully accorded with the cherry
unil'- nnd good-natured manner for
which th������ g'ninl old chnmpion is so
well known. .On iinother occiision a
fortnight Inter, much to his surprise,
tlii- same little lady shyly sidled up
to him with the n'ceasury document*
and the reque-t for Irs autograph.
"But I guve ii to you only n few dsys
ago," liuighin'-'ly suit! the veternn.
"Oh,"  earn' th~ nnswe
Is. should uot be tracked all over the
bouse. We would do well In the Interests of preventive medicine to provide slippers for our children nnd lo
Insist upon tbe wearlug of tbem in
tbe bouse. It ts less trouble tn change
from shoes to slippers, even three or
four times n dny. tban It Is to cure an
Illness the germ of which may have
been brought Into tbe nursery on Ihe
soles of the children's shoes -Hume
thut one for two bishops."
A Ojecr Hermit.
The Herb of Fereeity.
if you huve auy reason to suspect
'1 oh tinged J that you ure too mild maanered, too
gentle for I his strenuous uge. ent catmint. Miss V, A. Bardswell In her
book "Tbe Herb Garden' says eat-
mint, one of the ten varieties of mint.
Is known na the berb of ferocity bemuse of tbe ferocious disposition It
Imparts. "The herb when chewed."
���ays Mlss Bnrdswell. 'Is said to make
Isaac flieuta. who has ju t <!io 1
in tne wuiknouse at the s^re ul .-ev. n-
tyeirht, lived the life i f a lieini.t w r
nearly forty yi'.-irs at Newport, Isle of
\. igi.t. He iccu,.ied a mul hut wbicli
he erecte I on u piece of waste land .,
in tne village of Chale.  but tlie hut   the m.��.t genlle person lierce and quar-
became so dilapidated that the rural
distr.it council ordered its destruction, fcheath was greatly exasperate 1
by tne council's interference, and >e-
fora he ielt for the workhouse he burned the hut to the ground. Mice and
birds bad grown su accustomed to the
ild man and his lonely ways that1
ihey used to come and lecd from lus
The Brown Cia..
Ever since 1769 there has existed
a charitable society in Gla.-gow known
as the Browns Buciety. The number
on the roll at the present nu meut is
800, ir only two-hftha of the strength
of the Brown clan as recorded in the
Jcity directory. Thin number is proli.
ably not more than a tenth of the
actual Brown "rosidenters," a dreadful word, ��.s Prof. Masson used to say.
The society is not restricted to Browns
omy; husbands, wives, or descendants
of Browns are eligible for thaniber-
ehip. Of the twelve members C( inpr.s-
, ing the directorate ten are lirovms.
Our   Knowledge  of   Napoleon.
Occasionally, "Knowledge" dei!s
with archaeological and historical sub-
Jects, and in this month's issue Mr.
A. M. iiroadiey, tno well-known authority on Napoleon, clears up all the
doubtful points with rr~nrd to th<?
posthumous portraits and death masks
;>f Napoleon the Groat. He publishes,
too, for the tirst time the statement
sf accounts which was made between
Assistant  Commissary   lb'>et*on   and       No rood Is too long to tbe mnn who
Nano'eo Fs   Iaatb Week"   Mtel   "d���"��� deliberately and without un-
1 due uuste.-Bruyere.   . ,.*   *.   .
relsome. A legend Is extant of n certain oxecutlnuer who conld never muster up his courage to the point ot buug-
Ing till be bad partaken ot II."
Cmshatl Again,
"If I have a fuult," eald Mr. Hen-
peck. "II Is tbat"���
"ir yon Iihtm -a' faultr Mr*. Hen-
peck broke In. "Mil. ha! Kxeuse me
fur laiightiig'. If I have n fault It Is
Ibat I sometimes permit my sense ol
humor to get the better of me."-CUI-
cagO Itecord Herald.
A Sticker.
Howell-Roweil is a man nf tenacity.
Powell-Yes. If be were a dojt and got
a grip nn yonr trousers you would be
perfectly safe In ordering a new pair.���
New York Preaa.
Plates and Pistes.
Cook-Tbey aay that tbe plates on ���
battleship are nearly a foot thick.
Kitchen Maid-Merry! Kaney huving
to wash them three times a day I-Boa-
tun Transcript
For tnapiratlen.
"Now, I want something In yonr happiest rein," aald the editor.
"Better pay me In advance, then."
declared the poet-Washington Bar
I.o.v many arc there who know
anything of the MInoan empire that
flourished ?ome 1500 years before
!hs Christian eia? Those who do, i:
'.,;er.: shotill know thai tho women of* Crete, subjects of t'ie Mlnoar
���., I '     rare extremely up-to-date.
. Bankle is quoto-l in the .\'< :
Vorii 'Iin!M as charging these r.ncient
women with wearing elaborate an'
��� '��� '���.���������'.t ting bo ii. cs. cut e\ci- jl.'el
i''i'V In tbe nu'''. and *\Uh so verj <n
tesuatcd waists tliat the/e can be M
ti   .:....     io   iln ir  ti .-'it   lacin:;.   They
worr.    U        IM-I ��-��vvm.    e.i\\ .':i> v-.-.V
wliicli loo, - trom the belt-, were
flounced the whole lengt'i ot the
slur*, and sometimes were handsomely embroidered. Tha sili'ts sometime j
bore a checkered pattern resembling
taitan. Worse yet, on a fresco which
has been uncovered Is depicttd a cull-
Qua and elaborate dress, apparent!}
consisting of "��ide trousers of blie
(lotte.l with r:d c:ofses on a lipht
ground and moat wonderful'}- filled
The balrdresslng indulged in by these
women was nicit wonderful. Crown
ing the erection of curls an.l ringlets
were hats very motifrn in their as-
ieet, and. one imagines, as large as
those of today. Mr. Balkie saw a seal
from .Mycenae rep:eventing three women adorned with accordion-plaited
skirts, showing that heels of a fair
height were sometimes worn on the
shces. Necklaces, bracelets and other articles of adornment were lu general use, and the workmanship of
some of the surviving specimens Is
astonishingly fine.
Remains of the houses In which
these women lived were as interesting as their headgear and their costumes and aa several of the houses
have beeu excavated in gool condition, the picture ls made rather complete. "The houses which were occupied by these modern-looking ladles
and their mates," says Mr. Balkie,
"were unexpectedly unlike anything
In the house-building of tbe classical
period. There is little of .the uniformity of style and anangement
which characterizes the ordinary
Greek house. The MInoan burgher
built his home as the requirements of
his site and of hls household suggested, and was not the slave of any
flxe.l convention in the matter of
plan. The houses at Gournla, Palalka-
stro and Zakro, which may be taken
aa typical specimens of ordinary
iMInoun domestic architecture, must
have been much more like modern
houses than anything we know of in
Greek towns of the classical period;
and the elevations of MInoan villas
preserved in the faience plaques from
tbe chest at Knossos suggest the,
frontages of a suburban avenue. Some
of the Knosslan plaques show houses
of three and four stories, with- windows filled in with a red material,
which, as Dr. Evans suggests, may
have been oiled an.1 tinted parchment.    ..
"Within doors an:l walls were finished with smooth plaster, and probably decorated with painting, though,
of course, on a humbler scale than ln
the palaces. The floors ware ot
flagstones and cement, even tn thc
upper stories, and. ln some cases, of
cobbles or of earth rammed hard.
The furniture of the rooms haa perished, excopt In the case of such articles as were of stone and plaster;
but the evidence we possess of the
comfort and even the luvury of the
life of these times iu other reapects
suggests that the townfolk of Gour-
rla and the other Cretan towns were
not lacking ln any of the esentlals ot
a comfortable ��� home life. . . In
their own fashion the MInoan houses
woe doubtless quite adequately appointed, and the great va'lety of domestic utensils which has survived
shows that life In the bronze age
homes of Crete wa* by no means a-
thing   of   primitive   and   rough-and-.
We can meet every individual requirement in Men's
Summer Underwear���and requirements greatly differ. We have every good sort of underwear for
every purpose.
Medium Weights
in Natural Wool, Merino or fine Cashmere in Penman's or Jaeger's pure wools.
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00 a Garment
Lighter Weights
For warm weather we have Lisle, Balbriggan, Silk
SOc, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 up to $3.00 a garment
Then there is the popular Athletic Underwear, of
Nainsook, Linen, and Lisle, short sleeves and short
drawers.    SOc and 75c a Garment.
We Fit the Short Man, the Tall Man or the Extra Large Man
as easily as we Fit the man of normal boi!(L
The Store of Satisfaction.
601  Columbia Street.
Clothiers, Hatters and Haberdashers
ready   Simplicity, but  was well
carefully organii.ej in its details.
"It lias been remarked that 'coo::-
in>t In Homer is monotonous, because
no one ea:s anything but lonst meat':
bnt the accusation could not be
brought against thc Minoans, who
had evidently attains 1 to a considerable skill and variety in the way in
which they prepared their viands for
the table." The three-legged copier
pot which wa^ the most common vessel (or cooking purposes was supplanted by slewpans with condensing
lids, and a variety of other forms of
saucepan, while the number of different types of verforated vessels for
straining and other purposes shows
the art of cooking was attended to.
Probably the MInoan kitchen, though
we are still much in the dark as to
Its form, was almost as well equipped
for its special functions as the kitchen of the present day."
Not only were their clothing and
the arrangement and ornamentation
of their houses highly suggestive of
modern times, but these people of
3500 years apo had advanced ideas���
or perhaps it would be safe to say
had at least some advanced Ideas���
as to sanitation, for it appears that
in the great palace of Knossos a sur-
piisingly flne s; stem of drainage was
The Ladies of New Westminster May Now Have Beautiful Hair. Ryall the Drug-
gist has the Article and Guarantees it to Grow Hair, or
Refund Your Money.
Ryall, the druggist, backed up by
tbe manufacturers of SALVIA, the
Great Hair Grower, guarantees it to
grow hair.
SALVIA destroys Dandruff ln ten
The roots of the hair are so nourished and fed that a new crop of hair
springs up, to the amazement and delight of tbe user. The hair ls mado
soft and fluffy. Like all American
preparations 8ALVIA la daintily perfumed. It Is hard to flnd an actress
who does not use SALVIA continually.
Ladles of society and Influence use
no other.
SALVIA Is a non-sticky preparation, and ls the ladles' favorite. A
large, generous bottle, 50c. The
Scobell Drug Co.. St. Catharines.
Canadian distributors.
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Wirelesr  and  Deep Sea Signalling Apparatus.
The largest and finest s-sn.-ners  from  Canada.
New S.S. ftiegantic   New S.S. Laurentic
15,000 Tons Each.
Electric Elevators, Skilled Orchestra, Electric Heaters, Etc.
Sails June 8, July 6, Ang. 3. May 25, June 15, July 13
First Class $92.50, Second Class   $53.75, Third Class, $32.50.
Twin Screw S.S. "TEUTONIC."
582 feet long, 18,000 horsepower.
Sail* June 15th, July 13th, Aug.
10th; $55.00 and up; Third
Class $32.50.
Twin Screw S.S. "CANADA."
514 feet long.    Sails June 1st,
June 29th, July 27th. $50.00 and
up;  Third Class $31.25.
All steamers sail from Montreal, calling at Quebec.   Embark nlgbt be
fore sailing.    No hotel expenses,    no transfer charges.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street, Seattle.
With the advent of warmer weather the B. C. E. R. Company
offers to residents of Ne.v Westminster an oppoitunity for an enjoyable day's outing at low cost through the special rates which are
iiven over its Fraser Valley line.
To accommodate the parties
who are lovers of "speckled
beauties" a special car will be
operated on Sunday, May 19,
between New Westminster and
Stops wlll be made at all stations affording anglers a chance
to select their routes along
any of tbe well known fishing'
streams on the route.
Cars leave New Westminster
at 8 a.m., noon, 2:30 and 6 p.m.
Returning leaves Sperling at
9:10 a.m., 1:10, 3:40 and 0:10
On Saturday and Sunday'
tickets povering the round trip
from New Westminster to all
points on the line will be offered at a fare and a third. Thla
makes the round trip rate to
Chilliwack only $2.45.
Trains leave B. C. E. R. Co.
depot at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and
6:10 p.m. Return tralna are go
timed that the tiip max b0
made in a day with a attsfKwer
of several hours at Chilliwack.
Applications for the posi:Ion of
assistant to the Honorary Secretary
of the Ne��v Westminster Progressive
Association. Applications stating
qualifications and salary required to
reach the un lersigned at CIS Columbia street not later than noo'n of
Tuesday, the 21st of May. Publicity,
man prefened.
Honorary Secretary.
FRIDAY,  MAY 17, 1912.
,-��Wll1i     ...
Published   every   morning   except
48'^iday by .*i;htf'National Printing and
ravishing  Co*,MB., at their office,
%S McKenulo Street,  New  Westmln-1
��ter, B. C.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Wuslness Office  L ����00
-"Editorial  Office;   II SW
By carrier $4 per your, $1 for three
���months, or 40c per month.
By mail $3 per year, or Joe per
Weatmlnster Weekly Newp $1 per
ysar.     * | j
FRIDAY,   MAY   17,  1912.
"New Westminster has taken the
lead in organizing the flrst National
Reserve in Canada. . . In Canada
*.here are thousands of these men
<old service men) spread over the
country who havo dropped completely
���out of sight, as far as their old affiliations go, merely because no one has
taken the trouble to organize some
nucleus on which they can rely.
... If such organizations (as the
National Reserve) can be formed in
various districts throughout the Dominion they will be the means of
bringing thes�� veterans together and
also i>iove an efficient method of
raising a large and highly trained
tiody of men at the very shortest notice. Canada, can not afford to miss
such an opportunity. Xew Westminster has given the lead and tliere
should be no difficulty for Vancouver,
acting, possibly though the United
Service Club, to follow."
Tho above is an extract from the
editorial columns of the Vancouver
Province. This Is a proof that tlie
good seed sown in this city by Die
organizers of the National Reserve is
bearing fruit. Vancouver has seen
the advantages of such a movement.
Let us hope that they will put it into
praatice there and that from that
city it will spread still further, east
to the Atlantic coast and west to the
island, the white man's outpost towards the yellow Orient.
In Westminster   names   are   heing
enrolled every day and the muster Is
rapidly growing.     As yet though   the
field has hardly been scratched and it
is believed that very shortly the number will i each tlie hundreds.      It is
sincerely  to be  hoped that this  will
*>e the ease-br the time the minister
*ot mllltla.  Col. Sam  Hughes,  urrives
on  the coast.      That la likely to  he
��hoiUy and every  man alrea&y registered is urged to Inform his friends ol
the movement and  see that they  also send In their names   to the City
tiie rest, and their good ladies constitute the "party," and a great time
they have in the capital. They call
themselves the United Social Club,
and such ls the extent of their organization that the officers and committee alone run to twenty-four mem-
beis. There is tho chairman, Councillor Watmough; Mr. Cope, the secretary; iMr. Wilson, his assistant; Mr.
Duffy, treasurer; anl a committee of
twenty men and women, who work
Ior months beforehand planning the
many details of so mighty an exodus.
Between eit-ht and eleven last night
i lie 500 mustered at the United Hotel,
Ashton New-road, and at 11:OB the
speflal tramway cars carred them off
to town. At 11:40 their "piivate special express" steamed out.of the Central Station, but minutes beforo this
the traveleis had been comfortably
settled. Playing curds had been produced���150 packs at least���and three
refreshment bats were in various
stages of opening, one at each ond of
Ihe corridor train and one in the mid-
die. Already large urns were beginning to steam, with lea, coffee and so
on, and busy men In white sleeves
(members of the committee) were
ranging bottles in stately, array in
the bars to be ready when the men
folk should feel thii sty. Free refreshment of all kinds is the rule, and yel
it is claimed that not once in the ten
years of the "party's" existence has
there been a case of excess. It ls a
fine record.
Four-forty a. m. King's Cross!
Wake up everybody; for coaches with
dappled grev horses await the train's
arrival. Again the words "Mr. Duffy's
Party" figure on their sides. An hour
and a half seeing the sights of I.on-
rion, including Coven* Garden Market
then breakfast in the Strand at Slater's. Then behind the dappled greys
again, and a comprehensive tour of
sights is made. The party have soe-
cial permit to see thi ough the Mint
and to drive through Hyde Park���
quite privileged folk are "Mr. Duffy's
Party" on Cup Day. Then dinner in
the Strand at noon, and after that the
Cup, and later tea and all the joys
of London till midnight. Home is
reached at ,r>:30- Sunday morning.
And all this is done for a humble
22s. per member, which can be paid
week by week, a shilling at a time! A
100-page program gratis, too! it Is
a giant pound's worth to he sure. The
United Social Club seem to have reduced plcnicing to a fine ait;
Something   About   "Parker's  Continuous Process" for Manufacturing
Today, May 17, Norwegians celebrate their Independence. This is
their tirst of July, uud all Canadians
will join in .wishing this section oi
the Canadian people peace and good
government for their old country, and
prosperity fo^ .themselves in their
adopted land.
The Norwegians are a typo of settler that Is well a lapted to Canadn
They .-.re a fine. free, hard-working
sind robust inre. that traces it.-; history hack to the eld Vikings, probably the flrst discoverer.-; of the North
Ame i an continent, Newfoundland
was almost CO tainly known to them
as Vincjafid. .siwl' they are believed
to havo 9��iqjj&&od small settlements
on the Atlantic coast many hundied-;
of years befo.e Columbus ever sailed
into what had once again become the
unknown. It 13 the sons of'these
hardy adventurers, themselves little
less hardy, that are among us today.
They celebrate the independence of
their native land. Such celebrations
���will strike a chord of sympathy in the
Jioart. of every true Canadian who
Klories in ljis'personal liberty under
British laws,'the free government of
liis dominion within the flritish Empire, and the independence cf that
same empire before the whole world.
By Scout -Master R. P. Day, commanding First. New Westminster
Troop lladen-Fowell Boy Scouts:
N'ew Westminster.
May 15, 1912.
ThYough the kindness of Captain
Markham of the 72nd Highlanders of
Canada, the troop will paiade at the
Drill Hall on Friday next, May 17, at
7:45 p. m. piompt, to attend tho Military Concert to be held in the Opera
House. Dress, "Drill Order," without
Driii as usual next Wednesday,
May 22, at 7:30 p. m. Dress, "Drill
Order." Orde.ly Bugler, Bugler Gordon Rowley.
Patrol Leader Frank Douglas having -won six proficiency bartges. tia��
heen awarded the "All Round Cords,"
thereby earning the distinction of heing the first scout ln the district to
earn same.
Corporal Bugler Don Tiapp, having
won the "Carpenter Badge," is entitle! to wear  same from    this date
Scouts    Cuthbert,    John    Worsfold
and  Joseph  Daley,  having joine'., arc
taken on the strength from this date.
Bv Order,
"Parker's Continuous Process" for
tlie making of matches, is a new in-
vention. li is an Invention that affects
the whole wo. Id, because every man,
woman and child in the universe uses
It Is an invention wbich Will soon
startle the public, make it sit up and
tuke notke and then marvel that such
a thing had not been produced befoie.
This invention will revolutionize
the match-making industry of the
It will eventually supplant a!l other
systems just as day follows night, just
as the trolley superseded the cable
and horse cars, just as the luxurious
limited train took the place of the old
slow-moving coaches, just as the
ocean liner replaced the sailing vessel.
If only for your own education, you
siiould know about this new system
or method for making matches which
is bound to be a wonderful success.
eliminates the handling of matches liy
hand, and reduces the cost of manufacture over GO per cent.
Just as water seeks Its level, so
does every labor and thought-savins
Invention replace a slower, more
'.���ostly and less effectual system.
In tiiis a';e of progress no man can
consistently doubt what the future
holds forth in the wo: Id of invention.
When one stands oft nnd takes a
perspective view he fees what a
mighty influence inventions have had
in this wonderful development. The
old methods aie superseded by
quicker and more efficient systems.
Parker's Continuous Piocens for
making matches will gradually super
socle the other methods of match making, and the pe.son who has the foresight to see into its future and invests in the stock of the Dominion |
Match Co., Ltd., of B.C., will be the
one that will share In the great reward by the increased valuation of
their stock and the dividends tbat are
bound to come,
an imaginary line, drawn from east
to west about 20 miles north of the
city of Calgary to enter, and the cup,
which is of the value of $40, will be
a trophy worthy of keen competition.
Potato growers In the section described are requested to write J. W.
"McN'ieol, chairman of Exposition
Committee, Lethbildge, for premium
list and any further information they
may desire. He hopes to havo a-big
showing of potatoes, in view or the
ine:eased demands for spuds and the
larger number of farmers who are
engaging in raising tbem.
By kind permission of Lieutenant
Colonel R. Ci. Edwards I.enkie and
Grand Military
By the famous band or the
72nd. Seaforth Highlanders
at the
Westminster Opera House
FRI., MAY 17, at 8,30 p. ID.
Cnder the direction cf Mr. Hour.
Skitter (late of Grenadier Guard.
band, England), assisted by the Regimental Pipers under the direction of
Pipe Major Gillis (late of the Scots
Guards); Mrs. Eddy, soprano; Mr. K.
Reynolds, baritone; Miss Jeanette
Peele, accompanist Tickets on salo
at Montelius llano  Moure.
Silver Trophy Cup for  Best  Peck   in
Southern   Section.   -
Lethbridge, Alberta, May lfi.���
Chairman J. W. McNlco] of the Exposition Committee of the International Dry Farmed Products Exposition to be held here Oct. 21-26, announces the donation of a silver
trophy cup by R. A. Darker of Calgary, manager for Southern Alberta
of tlie Canadian Life. Assurance company, for the best peck of potatoes
grown In 1012 by dry farming moth*
ads, open only to Southern Albert*
south o�� Township 26.
This  permits   all  farmers  Booth  o
See Our Window Display.
Davis' Pharmacy
. 32
Phone 40.
CUff Block.
'       WHO    IS    MR.   DUFFY?
Wonderful Sporting Pi'trimage to See
Cup    Fin  Is.
Mystflriods large white boxes were
"trundliii!; on lurries into the Central
Station,    Manrhi ster,    England,    and
uli ihat curious onlookers could gather us to tluir natuie and contents
was to be gleaned iroin the big white
labels on ilulr sides bearing the
-word.-", "Air. Party's Party."
A string of large electric tramway
���cars specially chai tered  followed  not
very lar behind, and on the windows
' of theee crowded cus were again the
mystic words "Mr. Duffy's Party."
Both the big white Imes I which
you may as well know at once contained all manner of refreshments)
-and the tramwuy passengers were
bound for one of the Great Northern
-railway's most ������ "comfy" corridor expresses standing on No. I) platform,
ancl into It, one and all, the boxes
were bundled. After tbem went "the
I'arty" 500 strons bound for London
Town "to see the final."
And who I*. Mr- Duffy?      He Is a
senial soul, with a gonial Irish bro?ue,
-wbo officially,   manages   the    United
Hotel,    Ilradford,     Manchester,     but
���whose serious business in life is the,
annual  shepherding    of "Mr. Duffy's
Party" to London.   Eor ten years now
this   paity   has  made  the  excursion,!
and  its numbers have    grown till it
seems   as   though   half   Claylon   and
Bradford weie migrating on the eve
��of Cnp day.      Shopkeepers    and  me-
��:hanL'3, councillors and  miners, and
He wrote a playlet in one scene,
And said it was a nectarine.
I'e grew exceedingly elate
When a producer set a date.
The leading lady was a peach
And    all    her    lines    went   with   a
Cut     gloomy     thoughts     succeeded
The.leading man was   such a prune.
He felt forebodings 6f despair,
So ill assorted was the pair.
The     rising     catcalls     made      him
Particularly yells of "quince."
Producer swore he'd bought a lemon.
And changed   from   "angel" into demon.
The ciltics pave the p1��>' a dig
And said it wasn't worth a fig.
Succeeding houses followed suit
Ar:'.  killed    the show  with    chicken
���Maurice Monis.
For the Tourist.
Vour baggage is "luggage" in England.
Your trunk Is your "bo::," you will
You'll  avoid  ipiite a  bit of confusion
By bearing thuse changes in mind.
Locomotives draw "coaches" in England,
Not conductor Int "guard" Is the
A train Isn't switched, It is '���shunted,"
The street cars are "Lams," as you've
A cop Is a "bobby" in England,
���\ cane Is a "stick" don't you know !
You   must    call     It. a "jug,"  not    a
Don't say:  "Have a drink"���"Have a
Overshoes are "goloshes" in England.
Not  fauret  hut "tap" you must SSy;
If you're cooking and say:  "Fetch a
They'll    shrink    from    you    startled
They don't mail their letters In England.
But always they "post" them im;tn;id:
Molasses they  speak of as "treacle,"
And Z isn't yen, it is "zed."
���The Boston Transciipt.
Possessing exquisite freshness and a
fullness of flavor not found in other teas
CEYLON TEA-"Pure and Clean to a Leaf"
BLACK, MIXED OR I Sealed Packets Only
NATURAL    GREEN J  Beware of Imitations       ��
YOU   may be  next.    Insure   AT ONCE in good
strong, old companies, such as:
Motherwell & Darling
Phone 591 744 Columbia Street
The Man Who Saves You Money
Out Of The High Rental District
Las Just received throe carloads of blgb class furniture irom tho
Bast, and owing (o the limited ffle.ee of store room, the whole will
be sold at exceptionally lo.v pi i. es.
We give yon special bargain:, for Friday and Saturday in Soli.1
Oo!; Dining Tallies und Chairs, iluffcts, Sideboards, Mahogany Parlor
Sets, et<:., etc.
Just Walk a Block and Save Dollars
Sunset Blue Print Co., !M-
Rooms 24 and 25 Wectmhster Trust  B^ock.    Phone 711.
Blue and White Printing, Drafting
Double Weekly Service
to Prince Rupert Mondays,
midnight, connecting for Granby
Bay and Stewart.
to Prince vRujert ThursJaya,
midnight, connecting for Quean
Charlotte Island points.
TO VICTORIA and SEATTLE, Saturdays and Tuesdays at midnight.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT to Prince Rupert and principal way ports.
Sailings 3rd, 13th and 23rd monthly.
Grand Trunk Paciflc Railway connects at Prince  Rupert for East
with above boats.
Rail Tickets to All Points.   General Agency Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines.
H. O. SMITH. C.'P.  AS-  T. A. W. K. DUPEROW, O. A. P.  1).
Phon*   Seymour  7100.       VANCOUVER, B.C.       527   Granville Street.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr. Vlce-Presiaett Sec. Lnd Treaa.
=====   LUMBER CO., LTD.   =====
Manufacturers  and   Wholeasla Dealera In
Plr, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phonea No. 7 and 877.   Shingles,  Sash,  Doors,   Mouldings, Etc.
New 6 Roomed Modern House
Situated close to Moody Park, east side; full
concrete basement, cement floor, laundry
tubs, fireplace, etc. This is a good buy.
Price $4,000, small cash payment, balance
arranged. Ref. 512
Columbia Street New Westminster
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
INew Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds anefgrades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now ia the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
���.*,*rn a.'VT.rTMviw ..'Mr*.*. ..,.,L^,.Ir.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
a���a��� ���>S���a���M
mrTi-).,i;'ji;f.'.v,'l'.l    .1. .yiuur*ma
Brs.iMMi FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1S12.
Sapperton Has Short End of 6-5 Score
���Burnaby's Long Passing Game
Tl'e second game in the Intermediate lacrosse league was pulled off
last, evening at Queens park,- the Sap-
pertonlans being defeated by the
Blast Burnaby aggregation to the tune
of six to flve. On points of play, the
suburbanites deserve! their victory
and with a lltila^inoro practice should
be strong contenders for the leadership of the league. Their long passing tame, while not very effective at
the critical moment, worked to pood
effect in their movements toward
their opponents' goal, and with a
little more steadiness this style of
play will he a dangerous one to the
other teams.
Walter Dawe opened the seoMng for
East Buinaby and was followed by
Ferguson, Towards the end of the
lirst quarter Johnston, for Sapperton,
put one through. The second quarter
ppened with a rush, Follis scoring
two Iii quick succession, putting the
Snpjertona ahead. Not to be denied,
however. Kast Burnaby came hack,
Dawe sco:lng three more. lie, ln
com'iany with Midget Feedham, form
a dangerous combination, the latter
working the hall close in and with
faultless pass work, Dawe did the
needful nearly every time. Sapperton
fought desperately during the closing
mlniltes of play and scored two from
the sticks of Johnston and Sclater,
but were unable to overcome the
lead. Archibald, the home player'for
Rast Buinaby, had a tendency to mix
things, and watched the game from
the side lines at different times.
present rate of 30,000 a year there
must havo boen about (i,00ti,000
quakes since the Chilstlan era began.
It hus been possible, however, to
make a seismic record covering the
Christian era of some scientific value
by eliminating the minor earth disturbances. Even the results of this
limited compilation are very imperfect. His records begin at 7 A. D.
and extend to 1899, a period of 1S!I3
years. The Include only what he calls
destructive earthquakes, that Is,
"those causing some marked Injury
to i ror. erty." Ills II3J.3 contain but
4151 such quakes, whereas at the pre-1
sent rate of sixty a year, there should !
have been something over 110,000. He j
could Hnd reliable recor.'s and de-1
tails of but 4 per cent of the pioha-i
ble total. The most disastrous and j
fatal quake of which he bIvch de-1
tails was that of 1660, In China, when ]
the loss of life was estimated at 830,-!
000. . I
. 500
Manager C'r.n Jones Is trying to se-
*(ii;<> possession cf the lcorc of the
['.io? '.ton Point grounds with a view
of staging the championship lacrosse
james tliere. The present lease,
which has some eighteen y^ars more
.to run. is held by the Brocton Point
���association, which is desirous to subletting to the Vancouver magnate.
Some opposition has already appeared to this move and present indications point to the request bein? turned down by the Vancouver City Council. Jones has arranged to erect a
new grand stand on the oval if the
plans go through, his present lease of
Recreation Park expiring at the end
of tills season's  playing schedule.
���.,��� ������������������������������������������
��� BASEBALL. ���
z *
Northwestern League.
Won. Lost
Vk tcrla   1 'j
Tai oma   *��
Vancouver  '(1
Po Hand  '���>
Sei.ttle     13
.Spokane  12
Yesterday's Games.
At  Victoria-- K '}��� E'
Vancouver    IJ) *''   1
Victoria ;��������,!   2
Batteries: Smith. Gervais, Be.ford
:'nd Lewis; Narvison, Coneannon and
At Tacoma���
Battel his:    Brldger   and
Hunt and Crlttendon.
At Poi Hand-
Seattle     r
Portland ������;_*. ,��
Batteries: Fullerton and Whaling;
Eastly and Harris.
Manager Gray, of the Salmon
Bellies, announced the appointment
yesterday of Mr. W. E. Maiden as
press agent for the team. His work
will take him outside the city a good
deal, advertising the world's cham-
pionsldp sanies between the Minto
cup holders and the ex-champions,
and most probably between the latter
and the pick of the East.
Tho curtain rang down on the Indoor baseball league at the Y. M. C.
A. last evening. In the Hlirh school
sei ies. tho team captained by Dawe
defeated Vert's aggregation to the
tune of 5-3,
The Senior Amateur lacrosse team
will hold a practice on Moody square
this evening. Coffee and sandwiches
wlll be served ns usual.
The Division of Entomology of the
Expeiimental Farms Branch of the
Dominion Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, has recently Issued a bulletin by Dr. C. Gordon Hewitt, Dominion Entomologist, on "The Control of
Insect Pests in Canada."
An account is given of the history
of the war against Insect pests In
Canada and of the manner in which
insect ports have invade.1 the country as It has been gradually opened
up and cultivated. The manner In
whioh thc Dominion and Proyincial
governments are endeavoring by legislation and othe. means to prevent
tho introduction of insect pests into
Canada and the increase and spread
of those pesis already here is describe!. An interesting summary of
the rarlous lines, of work undertaken
and carried on hy the Division of Entomology at Ottawa Is given, and the
geneial public will no doubt be surprised at the many problems which
come within the scope of the entomologists who aie called upon to deal
with Insects in their lelations to all
the varied activities of man; insects
affecting farm crops, fruit growing,
forest, and shade trees: insects attacking man's possessions tnd Infesting houses, attacking domestic animals an.l finally affecting the health
of man. All Insects, however, are not
injurious and ftie work or the entom-
o'o^i^t includes bees and beekeeping
and the study of parisltlc an t other
eneml*?8 which mav bo of assistance
ln obtaining control of insect pests.
Copies of this publication, Bulletin
N'o. 9 (Second Series) Expe:imental
Farms, may he obtained f-om the
Publications Branch, Department
Afilrculture, Ottawa.
Better Stock for Less Money
Ask the Sales  Department to have our representative call
explain what makes this possible.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,Ud.
J. J. JONES, Wlgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Eastern demand for this produci
steadily is increasing and tbe season's output of mild cuied salmon
will be a record-breaker.
Two floating canneiies will be stationed at Near Bay and Indications
now show well for a big season for
salmon Qsbormen and packers. The
weather has been favorable for conducting all necessary work and an
early season now is expected.
Post Trader Washburn is erecting
a new hotel which will cost about
$8000. The Importance the fishing
and canning industries are assuming
has made necessary this addition to
the hotel accoinmcdi'.ions at Near
Bay, and the summer population or
the port wiil reach a considerable
It. H. B.
4    7    4
8    7    3
U. F. E.
The Balmorals commence training
this evening on the Queens park oval,
'flio managers of the other teams
have about completed their round-up
and baseball will be In full s*lng
next week.
Commissioner In Birmingham Can
Speak Well Only of Ou- Cheese.
Quite a batch of inquiries have
been received at this office during
tba laut few days lor bacon, ham. batter, cheese and eua. Oofnmenta were
solicited by your TMimmissioiier, with
a yiew to ascertaining the opinions
of leading importers regarding quality, methods of packing, etc. Some
ol these comments should be of service to Canadian houses. A Wolverhampton firm writes:
"We hive purchased a larce quantity of Canadian cheese during 1911,
which has been highly satisfactory.
We have not imported any Canadian
butter, bacon or eggs during 1911,
for  the  following  reasons:���
(a) The last shipment of Canadian
butter we received was very badly
packed, the kegs were not over clean,
and the color of the wood was ol a
dark character which gave a bad appearance to the butter. We would
suggest to you that if it were possible
for the Canadian packers to procure
a : inillar wood to that used by the
Danish, Swedish and Finnish dairies,
it would be a vast improvement on
the Canadian methods, and we have
no doubt,, considerably stimulate increased business relationship between
the Dominion and the Mother Country
in this commodity. Such a high grade
of quality, an J so consistently good
has the Danish butter been kept, Ihat
the British public have learned to
look to that butter as being perfection
in quality, and consequently their
method of packing, namely, in cwt. |
casks, has coi-i to be recognized by
the continental packers as being the
ideal method for high-class dairies of
butter; therefore, we would suggest
that the Canadian dairies might, with
benefit to themselves, copy the continental packing for butter, bi.tli as regards size, shape, and color of wood.
(b) We have imported no Canadian
bacon during 1911 on account of the
extreme cheapness of Chicago products, which have invariably been
three or four shillings per cwt. cheaper than t..e Canadian meats (we refer
now to the highest grade of'quality
in both cases.)
(c) As regards eggs, we have not received any shipments, nor did we, until we received your communication,
know that Canada was prepared to
ship eggs to England, and we shall he
pleased to receive quotations.���Report
of Canadian Trade Commissioner at
Wonderful    Gem    Is    Among
Jewels of England.
Every schoolboy knows that the
celebrate I diamond known as the
Koh-l-Xoor (Mountain of IJght) has
formed part of the British Kegalia
since 1850, says the London Mall, but
fhe general public has been unaware
that the pem known in the days of
the Morml Fmpire as the Khiraj-i-
Alam (Tribute of the World) and to
European experts as the Timur Ruby
i has been included among the Cro.vn
Jewels of Kngland for nearly as many-
years. Some cxpe.'ts. lnieed, have
supposed that it had been lost. It is
the largest spinel ruby known, welshing Just, over 351' carats, uncut but
polished, and was probably discovered
in one of the old ruby mines of Bad-1
The romantic history ot the Jewel
has    been    recently  Invrrffgated    In
connection with the Im;:-e -af tour in
India.    Ttie earliest historic?.! records i
show  thnt   ft  was seized ^fong  with J
many  other   precfhflS  stones   by   the:
Ameer Timur,  commonly called Tam-Jl
ertane by Eunroean historians, when I
he  plundered   Delhi    In   t39R.      Thej.
(lia for little over a year and returned to Samarkand, taking all hla booty
with bim. On his death tbo ruby descended to hla son, Mi Shah Itukb,
and ln due time to his son and successor, Mtrza Ulugh Beg. By this
time the Tartar Umpire was on the
wane, and la the general dislocation
during one of the wars between the
Tartars and Persians the ruby came
into the possession of the Kings o'.
Iran. Shah Abbas I., the .gteate3t o;
the Safavi Khu;s of Persia, who in
conjunction with the British tones
took the island of Ormuz from the
Portuguese ia 1022, was a constant
friend and ally of tbe Mogul Emperor
.leljangir, and presentei the ruby to
him iu 1012. At that time the gem
was inscribed with the names of Ti-
mur's son and prandson and of Shah
Abbas himself. These Inscriptions no
longer exist, and it. is uncertain
Whether they have been obliterated
In the course of time or wore actually removed by the order of Jchangir
himself. At any rate, that emperor
at once had tlie names of himself an J
his father, Akbar the Great, engraved
upon it.
Everybody need* at least ONE
variety, price* from 20c to 75c.
good    Whisk.     Here    are a great
with solid ebony handles. .
with braided straw handles.
with wire wound handle*.
with nickel silver handles.
OVAII   I      DRUGGIST  and
���^ ��� ^LL   OPTICIAN
Builders and Contractors
We have purchased the stock of the CM>wn Timber and Trading
Company and win continue the f/uslne.-s with a larger ami more
complete stock of lumbar.    A trial solicited.
Mills al Vancouver,
Nev/ Westminster  and
Crescent  Valley,  B.  C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Another Big
great Tartar conqueror stayed In In- ll
The modern seismographs scattered about the world record about 82
earthquakes a day. or appnwlmatei:
30,600 each year, says the New York
Evening Post. 'Most of them. 99.8 I cr
cent, to be exact, are such slight
trembles as to be of no importance
This leaves some sixty a year worth
recording Feve:al elaborate antl
painstaking efforts have heen made
to compile comple'e records of the
world's o liases since very ���oarlv
timeB. The late Robert Mallet and
his son made such a list, �����"���tendln*
hack 1(100 B. C or thereabouts, and
the Count de Montossus do tfellore
of Chili. Ins collected records of 140,-
000 earthquakes. The futility of tho
dttempt at, completeness ls obvious
when lt is  remembered that at the
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
t i
Monday, May 20
Look Who Is
Coming !
With OUie Mack in
the leading role.
Hear the old time songs auch
"Casey Jones," etc.
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
new store, 739 Columbia street. Prices
$1.00, 75c, 50c and 25c.
Hazel Bidette
Fagg & White
in a Bit of "Afrlcanology"
This Show Guaranteed to be one of
the best ever seen
at this Theatre.
WHITE ROCK sug-Ptvtaow
We are pincian a limited number of choice acre blocks on the
market at White Rock. Get In an.4 secure one now. Why 1 Because tt ts the finest bathing beach In B. C... and le only about one
hour's run from Vancouver by G. N. R. In the near future you will
not be able to touch this at the prices we are offering it for now, as
there are great developments going on.
New Westminster, B.C. Phone 680
12th Street and 6th Avenue
3 and 4 Room Suits Reasonable Rents
 ~ : 7" .,
Phone 595 675 Columbia Street
Port Townsend, May 16.���By a
month from today Near Bay will be
the center of a vast amount of. salmon Ashing and canning. The Gorman Fishing Company of Seattle is
rushing the c<rtwtr��ctlon on its wharf
and cannery and this wlll be In operation In less than six weeks' tl>ie.
The plant, a one-line cannerv, ia being pi*; ared for a busy season. The
wharr work is .progress'ng rapidly
nnd water i i cs .carylng ficeh water
from a sfeam to the dock end have
been installed for punplylng the can-
new end i iv cv boats.
D;;r'"'r thp!salmon reason Near
Hnv will be t'-o fcoal marto-g for the
ti.p-hSiLT, fieri anl thlr. will n'im'oer
nn-ro-intaic!;. seventy-five iihtt power I
roino boats. Three hundred Iro'leru
will enjsano in band fshlni; m-l th ea
rr.lli cirln-v tUntfi vl!: o.-c:;���'(.'. Tv.o
$100 In Gold For a Name $100
Names Arc Pouring in- Get in Your Guess
We need a name for our sup ertr new subdivision at Highland Park. As soon as a name ts secured sixteen acres of choicest land, subdivided Into attractive lots,-will be offered at atti active prictin jand easy terms.   We must have a good name.
Yfiur best plah is to 869k InSpli'ation by visiting the spot Tal<�� the car to Highland Park. Then take tlie sidewalk eastward and t^jee
minutes' walk will take you to the Paciflc highway, running between Vanoouver and New Westminster. The property lies immediately h^yond
Mr. Hatt-Cook's triangular piece of land, and is bordered, by Murchie and Dalhousie roads.   It is handy to water mains and electric light.
Select the most beautiful, Striking, or suggestive name that comes to your mind, write it clearly on a piece of paper, sign your name and
address, address it to the investor's investment Co., Box 777, New Westminster, and mark "Highland Park Contest" ln one corner. Ohfy one
guess will be allowed you, and you send no money. Your namos will be kept secret eaeept to the one In charge of the contest-r-and tfpx| Saturday night a selection will be made by a reputable committee ot citizens, who will not know the name of the winner till after the aeleptina
has been mado.   Contest clones at Jlfcon on Saturday, May IS, so get busy and think.
Investors* Investment Co.
���m.EP^0*^2te. *     PAGE 8IX.
PRIDAY,  MAY  17, 1912.
��������� ai xm**Kam2smauxw*a*Ba***w
At the Corner of Sixth and Columbia Streets. People are coming in droves every day enthsiastic about the
Sale and Bargains, except our so-called imitating competitors who are trying to stem the tide of people coming
here by crying "no fire."   See below with your own eyes the actual scene taken from this great disaster
Read On, Read On.   See What You Will Save Here
Men's and Young
Men's Fine Suits
Smoked and tome damaged
Suits that sell Up lo t'ih; lhe
Bi'.e price
.Made hy the world's foremost
re a 'y-to-wcar manufacturers;
suits that sold u;> lo $40; ilre
ta e.I liu)
Odd Vests
Fiom high class suits, the pants
i rd coats having beea destroyed;  pick 'em out; now
Odd Pants
That sold to $7: damaged, Ihat
will be suitable for worl;: ,"...���
sale price
Odd Coats
From high plass suits thai s i! f
' to y;:.": j ants an I vests dest t
ed by tfie Bre deinptj; pick 'em
oat;  tiro sa.'e
Men's Finest
Dress Pants
Thai sold from $5 to ���"-'.  guarantee I  perfect;   Bre sal
I'enaational Shoe Bargains
Men's work and   dresa   shoes,
woith $3.0Q, now
All styles and leathers, ln
black or tan shoes: worth to
$ii.00; sale price
Mens Fine Hats
Worth to ?4.00, including Stetson make, now
Men's Fine
All styles and legnths, in
medium, heavy and light
weights; overcoats that sold to
$36.00; flre sale pike
Men's Work
and Dress Sox
Worth 15c to 25c; now
Men's Shirts
Worth to $1,00; now
Silk Ties
All |tj lea, Worth to 75c; oo ������
Men's Hats
Won to   to  f 9*0*9*   no nr
Men's Fine Hats
All    styles   in   soft   or   stiff;
worth  to $3.00;  no,v
Westminster's Gre
Worth 15c to 25c;  now
Cor. 6th. and Columbia.   The Big Fire Sale.   The Only Big Clothing Sale.   Cor. 6th. and Columbia
WARNING���Do not confound this sale with other so-called sales or signs.   Be sure you find the right place,
Corner Sixth and Columbia Street, Opposite Post Office.
.1.��   '���*. Jl',- ������*.! **)*.*'-'.    ���tf,.'.-.-..f. -
'fX$iW^.W&tim''Mi   *������'���.
Winnipeg's  Best Corners.
Of the central corners of Winnipeg
none at the present day retain more
of its pristine appearance than the
northeast corner of Portage avenue
and Main stieet. Hemmed in on
every side by giant skyscrapers and
palatial structures that are among
tlie most netewoithy in the city, lt
still tetains its humble appearance of
but one story, the only coronel to
which is a great electric sign that
blazes forth when thc dusk ci evening falls.
Purchased forty-one years ago for
the trivial sum of $1200, this corner
is at tlie present day worth more
than three times that sum for each
foot. There is no doubt but that it
soon will follow in tho wake of it?
neighbors and become the site of a
vast new modern structure to comitate the central siuate of the citv.
It was fn 1871 that Dr. O'Donnell,
who Is still in rrictire in the city,
toolf over this corner for the sum
above mentioned of $1200. A small
building had stoo.' there rome time
previouBly, but It had been h-rnei
dov.n and only tho stone Tonnda-t'on
w��s lemntnipp-. TMs, vi ith the Ued
River Hall, a*-building whir-h eonihin-
tA several stores and aparitnWti
was the onI> pt' itl,re a* (Kit j"'n'
cu tie east tiie or Mela st.ect.   Tur
Red River Hall covered the grounl
from the potent tlte of the Hank of
Ottawa to the Merchants' Bank.
ln 1872 Dr. O'Donnell built himself
a dwelling house on the corner, and
in the jear following he solil n piece
or the lot to the rear for |1000. The
purchaser built a small wooden shack
which is to he seen to thiB day on
the little lane that runs off Portage
avenue east to the north.
The year following in 1873, Dr
O'Donnell built another little bout)
behind his own and sold It for th��
sum or $2!>00. This houre may a's
be seen standing to thlr- diy though
not \isiblc from the street, as it fs
hid'cn behind the various offl(e buildings which front the sidewalk.
On tbis corner site Dr. O'Donnell
lived until 1X75 or 187<". when he sold
house and pro-erty and birlt a new-
house on the corner of Albert Stroet
and Notre Dame avenue, a structure
which was Otlly demolished a few-
weeks ago to make room fo; a modern office bni'ding to be erected by
the Winnipeg Electric Street Railway
Since Dr. O'Donnell parted with th?
corner of Portage and Main, ihe pioperty ha�� frequently change:! hands
and is now the property of James
Scott, real estate dealer, who Occupies one of the o.Tice?, for some time.
Mr. Scott was unwilling lo discuss
the present value of the .site, being
mereh contenl to say thai this year
the assessment on the property had
been raized $75,CO0.
Show Cards
and Signs
'PHONE 1123
BROWN . Trapp Efcck
Phone RG72.
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeplnn,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools.   Septic Tanks.
He Lot 4 or Ixit ft, Plo-k 3fi, in the
City of New Westminste-:
Whereas j roof of the loss of Certificate  of Title  Numher   10432A,  Issued    fn  tho    name    of (.'hilstm her
Brown, has been fllsd In this orrlce
.     Notice Is heieby given that I Piall
I at the expiration of one month :rom
Ithe dnte or the first publication l ere-
| of. In a dally newsrmer pubttshe I in
J the city of New Westminster, iss ie a
' ''uplicate of Ihe sild Certlflcate   unless in the meantime valid ohjc tion
l,e mud6 to me l:i writing.
H. 8. KEIT T.
District Revhtrur of T ilea,
I nnd   Registry Office. Nrw   Vest-
[ minster, IJ. C,  May 11, 1012.
^^^^^^^^^    A. L. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
Re Lot 65, Grouo Two (2), New Westminster District.
A certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the abo\e pioperty will be Issued    to
Alexander Cruickshank   on the   20th
day of June. 1912, unless ln the meantime a  valid    objection    thereto    be
made to me in writing by a person oi
persons claimlm: an estate or Interest
therein, or In any part thereof.
D'.ftrict registrar of Titles
Land HeglPt'y Office. New Westmln
ster, II. C.. May 13, 1012.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, ror It is tbe stuff that the foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be uaed ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   le
needed now aud to Invest, for what shall be needed ln the fu
ture.   Money cannot be Invested until It la flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. uEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
The rerson or i crsons hnvlm In
their etlitodv or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the said
property ttrtt rc<ueste:1 to deliver the
came to tb<> undersigned.
Dee'd, rtrted. yHi July, 1P01. f-nm
the T'rltlsh Columbia Con'oritlon.
Hm'toi. (KVrn'n', to AleNanrtsr
'���vi;:,.'.c!'-irniri o' tot Ofi Gritip Two
I"), New Westminster Dllttlot.
V.T''"""'D!C r- PDMONDS,
Solictors  tor  Applicant.
W. R. QILLEY, Phone 122.
G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 11,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale rnd Retail Dealers In Coal
Gives Color, Lustre to Faded
and Gray Hair���Dandruff
Quickly Removed,
For generations Sage and Sulphur
have been uaed for hair and scalp
troublen. Almost everyone knows tho
value of such a combination for keeping
the hair n good even color, for curing
dandruff, itching Bcalp and falling hair,
and for promoting the growth of the
hair. Years afjo the only way to get
a Hair Tonic of this kind was to make
it in the home, which was troublesome
ancl not always satisfactory. Nowadays, almost any up-to-date druggist
can supply his patrons with a ready-to-
use product, skillfully prepared in perfectly equipped laboratories.
An ideal preparation of this sort
is Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair
Remedy, in which Sage and Sulphur
are combined with other valuablu remedies for scalp troubles and thin, weak
hnir that is losing its color or coming
out After using this remedy for a
few days, you will notice the color
gradually coming back, your scalp will
fee! better, the dandruff will soon be
gone, anil in less than a month's time
there will bo a wonderful difference in
'your hair. G
Don't neglect your hair if it is full
of dandruff, losing its color or coming out. Get n fifty cent bottle of
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur from your
druggist, and see what a few days'
treatment will do for you. All druggists Bell it, under guarantee that
tho money will he refunded if the
remedy is not exactly as represented.
Bpeclal Agents, D, 3. Curtis and H.
Arrival: Closing
10:50���Vancouver  via  G.   N.  R.
7:40���Vancouver via 11. C. K. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except 8unday) .16:00
ii:00��� Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
7:40���Victoria via  B. C. E.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
15:15���United States via G. N. R.
idaily exceut Sunday) ..16: Ot
ill:40���All points east   and    Kurope    (dally)     8:15
82:43���All points east and Europe (daily)    13:15
'XI. 40- -Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mill* (dully        ei.uipt
^^^B        Simdny)       8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and     Fraaer
mills       idaily      except
Sunday)     ��� 14:00
11:40���Coiiultlam      (dally    except   Sunday)     8:15
12:00���Central I'ark, McKay and
Kdmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
14:00��� East Uurnaby (dally except  Sunday    14:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston lalanda arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leavea
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
JO: 00���Ladner. Port Oulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   :.14:30
10:00���Annieville  and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday) .14:30
t0:00���Woodwarda (Taesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    14:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. It.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:it
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Ke!ls
via G. N. R. (dally except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs-
u.'.y. Friday and Unlaw       14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake  (dally except Suuday   16:0i
IK: 00���Edmonds    (dally    except
Sunday)   16:00
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumaa,
Mats<iul, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Hlaine (dally except
Sunday)  9:46
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday   9:46
11:20��� Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehman, Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Bellerose, via B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
:il;20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday  9:00
1'0:40���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:SO
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday) 17:30
'-!(>: 40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
2:00���Fiaser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista    23:00
Interesting Winter Military Expnt.
ment Made In Eastern Ontario.
Twj part ies nf ( mm .linn military rl.
fleers eiieni/ed in a novel tactirsl
exercue between Ottawa and I'rtrcott
on March 9 arid 10. 'Ire parlies were
commanded respectively by I.I.-Col,
Morrison, D.S.O.. of Ottawa, and Lt..
Col. Uuell, of Brockville. The idea
was to test the possibility <f ll'ltlg
��now��hoers as a "cavalry ��creen" tor
forces operatin" in winter.
The manoeuvre area wn* 52 miles
in lencth, and varied from Inur to
eight miles in ";h. IJaeh party nf
seven hauled it* hlanl(c'.��, cooking
utensils, and two days' ralictis nn a
toboggan. The advance was made at
8 a.m. nn March 9. [.larks were
awarded fnr thoroughness ff scouting
pn mute, keeping up lateral communication, comfort in liivouacinir, urpiit-
est penetration nf area Irom starting
point, and driving in enemy's
"screen "
The Ottawa party made 22 miles ths
first day, and Livruaeed at. 0 p.m.
under cover in dense underbrush.
Tho Brockville party advanced to
Spencerville. about 17 miles. Both
parties moved out two hours before
sunrise, and canio in contact at 8
o'clock on the morning of March 10,
with th} result thit tbe Brockville
team was defeated with tho loss of
their transport and five scouts who
were ambushed at different points on
the line, which at that portion of the
area was four and one half miles
wids. Tho Ottawa party lojt one man,
and were declared the winners.
Though the temperature was only
four below zero, tlie ride oil clogged
the mechanism of the carbines so
that in a number nf cases the weapons could neither be loaded nor fired owing to the cold. It was estimated that tlie Ottawa soldiers, who
penetrated furthest into the "enemy's" area, traveled about 40 miles
in 24 hours.
_As a Horrible Example.
Advocates both for and n2ain��t
Home Rule ior Ireland u-��e Canada
to Illustrate and support their arguments. Time and acain the great
British public is assured that fir. As-
quith's bill will place Ireland ii .is
same legislative position as Ontario
or any of the other Provinces rf the
Dominion. Rqually strong a-'-'uranroj
are given by the other side that complete autonomy such as Canada enjoys is contemplated by the Ministerialists.
Sir W. Max Aitken toll his enn-ti-
tuents the other day that tlie Government were going to base their claim
for Home Rule very largely on their
version of the experiment In Canada.
Even on this ground be predicted dis-
arder. Provincial Home Rule in the
Dominion, he said, had caused dilli-
culties and disagreements from one
end of Canada to the other by reason
ol the authority the provinces exercised from Ume to tins in opposition
! to the Federal  Government.
Of course, he finds confirmation ef
thii argument in the cases which,
niter going through th* Canadian law
court*, come beiore the Privy Council and are entered on the Cause List
as "The Attorney-General of Ontario
(or some other province) v. the At-
torney-Oeneral for Canada." But.
after all, this is a peaceful nethnd
of settling squabbles, and the ammunition of wis; and gown and calf-
bound volume Lears no relation to the
ibrapnel-swept battlefields which are
promised if an Irish Parliament ia
established  at Collage Greeu.
Canri.i's Leper:.
Sins Foo, a bright little Chines" lad
is in the Torontu General Hospital,
suffering from au advanced stage ol
leprosy, and bis case has caused
wide comment.
This is not the first ner enly e-se
in Canada. Until four years ago the
Dominion Government supported a
hospital for It perl on D'Arcy Island.
just off Hie Rncitio da-t. At one
lime there were a numbei cf cases
uf this disease iu British (xlnmbia,
and feariisc that it would spread, the
Dominion Government isolated tike
patients on D'Arcy Island. l-'our
years ajjo the disease had carried off
all itH prey excepting a few Chinese
and tbey were shipped 11 Canton,
where tliey are still suppoiled by the
.".minium Government.
There is still another (hospital foi
these iiniurtunate*. lt is at 1 raeadie.
New Brunswick. Tbis 1 lipitaj was
started about Qttesil years aj. > when
leprosy broke <ut in that province.
Mosl of '.he patients were Norwegians
who were rescued from a shipwreck
a hundred mile- or so lr. m 111, ��� cmiat
lbe Work mnongdt these pet pie is
parried ou by the "'Jrey ,Nuiis," Imt
lhe Government supplies the fund'
for its support.
Mixed Marriages.
How nuruerm.s aro mixed marriage*
in the Province ol Ontario is shown
:nnclu4ively by the official report of
the Deputy Registrar General iVkCui-
lough, which has just been made
puhl.c. There were CG3 men and 844
women of the Roman Catholic faith
who married others than members of
their own church.
Roman Catholic men ta the nuui-
oer of 173 married as many Anglican
women: I'M Roman Catholic grooms
tuuk Presbyterian brides; 157 Catholics took Methodists, 08 Baptists, 10
Uuugregationalists,  88   Lutherans.
On the other hand. 209 Roman
Catholic brides married Anglican
grooms; 164 married Presbyterians;
203 took Methodists; (2 too'; Baptists;
11 took Coiigrogationalists; 79 married
Lutherans; 3 married Jews.
The city of Windsor continues to
lu the Gretna Green of Ontario. In
1000 there wero 1.193 weddimi* Lt tliat
place, aud in IU III no less than 2,203.
There were 24.U'I0 marriages registered for the year 1910. Thia is an
Increase cl 1.070 lor the year.   '
There weTe 56.S71 births, males 28,-
BG4. females 22,1:07. Deaths totalled
Rice "Book."
1 Alcoholic beverages are manufactur*
ed from rico by tbe Chinese and Japanese.
Ho- lhe Llttl* t**>1\ !��--���.-,������,! IS*
H.r3e .-in-I OM lh* '"triver.
IToi-o M' and li- r.-*-i 1'm'i. Io mi**
tlm'. linked mi-ernlitv sickly nod
hnrspj thai *p'-t>i?d hi" irr" t v h"*!-
Ih.v. h-irae* (I nt hr l?�� n I���' an I h rjes
that sliming nn the ir y PSVPin*!*!
wp:o rood T"d writ Mm In th* ir owners, to lhe lune il UU wr ��� -'nt and
destroyed hv Ihe -Jnciilv for thf Prevention n| Cruelly to Animals in
Montreal  ln-t year.
In tlipse days of entorri'bile-, tvhen
(rasoline is Hip motive p' wer ' f fifty
per cent, of (he (rflffportflfl^n Infill-
ties of the ptreet when animiU are
looked upon as being a t��pep*��arv evil,
when the snow is off Ihe itreet* anl
the asphalt is hnrprj ni llm slipper*
coat nf snow thnt han pnvpreil it all
winter, the snund of tb"1 Isshine whip
striking the flanks of iri'>r'"nsive ani-
maU is all ton nften heard.
Orffsplrecj somo f->rt y-H-mn vi>ir��
ago nnd ever sinep tint tfm�� having
provided effective means lor Ihe prevention of rrueltv to animaU. not.
only in the City of Montreal but all
through the Province <d Quebec the
Societv for Prevention nf Cruelty to
Animals, has banNied from the street
comers and frnm the lonelv mute��
the disgusting spectacle pf dumb
animals whipped tn the I.led for refusing tn draw loads far too lmavv for
the emaciated condition to which ill-
treatment and lack of fc d had reduced them.
Ribs that stood nut prominent up-
nn the flanks of the beasts, while
others spurted a glossy coat, of fat.
were noticeable upon tlie horses that
thc society put out of misery.
Instruments nf torture, whips whieh
would have relegated the cat-o-nine-
tails into the background, were confiscated from cruel drivers aud form
a collection of weapons in the offices
of the C.S.P.C.A.
About three months a^o, at the
corner of Bleury and St. Catherine
street, a very thin horse pulling a
very rusty wagon, whicli bore no li-
cense -number and which was ti"t
adorned by any name of company wa-
stalled and the whip of the driver, a
foreigner who seemed absolutely
ignorant of the capacity of the beast
plied often and hard upon the ribs of
tils animal.
A crowd had gathered and the man
swearing gracefully in a language
known to himself alone, finally
brr-ight 'he blofr- to th" Hanks of the
dilapidated animal. Despite straining every nerve the horse cculd not
budge the load away from the crossing. All the while. tli3 whip wa-
plied furiou<!y. A mild looking individual trotted out of tbe r*- \v 1. tap-
icd tbe horse gently over Ih'j "nape"
and presented him with i lump of
sugar. The animal devour? I it. while
the driver stood dumbfoui led at the
audacity of the little man who would
interfere with his right ol bca tin J hi^
Another lump of sagnr was held
about three feet frcm Hi- animal's
mouth in the bind of his benefactor
and what the whip had failed tb ac
conipli'h the sifld ui the Miliar did
and th* hnt-ne dragged thp heavy toa-t
away, grabbed the 1 :mp of tiL'nr troni
the band of the B.P.C.A. man and
kept right nn down  Bleury stieet.
"1 thank you." beamed the driver,
wbo weighed some 200 pound i�� upon
Ihe man in the street, who could not
boa��t of more than 130.
"Come ofl your seat," wr.> the reply.
"I wish to speak to you." Smiling
benignly the man descended ami wn-
told in terse words to get ready fcr
a fight.
As a straight right landed cn./hp
man's jaw the "sugar man" was heart)
to deliver himself of the following
oration: "Any man who will beat a
horse the way you beat your*, ia a
ecwerd and will not flght. Yop are
no food." Another punch landed
sqtHmly aaM the man  went .down.
"I will ha*e you arrested." walled
tha brtit-al Oolossus to the little nun.
Tbe man who a few minu.) previously bad cruelly beaten a defenceless
horse tewvred before another who
*oi��ld not cope with him iu iite.
weight and strength.
A Double Loss.
Out in the Township of Znrra, Ont .
net (ar Irom hlmbro, live two Scots of
tne true type, rtow fast disappearing,
bachelors past middle age, canny and
close grained, they Ior many year*
chummed together, argued and disputed, ivid fully enjoyed life until an
unfortunate incidencever:d tlieir-relations and left them, both miserable.
Bandy Mathleson and Donald Gunn
were their names and their last trip
together was to Stratford, where tbey
put in a big day and started home
with a generous allowance ut Heather
Dew under each belt. On the way an
argument arose which became so heated that Donald declined to sit any
longer with Sandy, who was driving.
lie got back into the long Vleigli.
pulled out the tailboard, and putting
it across the box, glowered at Sandy's back in solitary state. Sandy,
of course, would not deign to look
behind, and thereby failed to notice
that a severe jolt, coupled probably
w!-i a slight unsteadiness on Donald's part, caused the latter to pitch
out into the snow. Neither would
Donald demean himself to draw 'attention to his mishap, so thnt Sandy
in due time arrived honu alone. '
"Say, Sandy, you've lost your tailboard," said a neighbor, as he turned
into his gate.
"Yass," said Sandy, as he turned
and for tlie find, time realized that
be was alone. "Yass, au' 1 loss Tonal
A Canadian Cheese.
Specially mnde in Canada ar.d taken
to London, the largest cheese in the
world ia now Mng exhibited in a
large store at Balham. The cheese,
Which slands 5 feel big's und is over
20 feet in circumference, weighs 3 toas
tt cwt., or 7,392 pounds.
81*1/ New Tow \
The Canadian Northern announce^
that during the summer sixty new
towns would be open:d up on Its
branch lines through Manitoba, Alberta aud Saskutcliewiu.
There is no connection whatever
between the City Dye WorltB and the
Hoyal City Cleaners and Dyers.
(Sgd.)     C.  F.  BALDWIN,
343  Columbia Street.
meets in Eagle's Hall, Columbia
street, second and fourth Wedues
days, at eight o'clock. Visiting
P. A. P. S. welcome. F. C. Cook,
Dictator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dictator; H. L. Christie, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. P. O. V��� ls held e\ery Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon anl
Eighth street. Visiting brothers
cordially invited. H. w. Harrison,
N. C; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P, O., recording seere
tary; K. U. Purdy, financial seere
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
who do not receive The Newa before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only in this way
may an efficient delivery he maintained.
Spring lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner   Eighth  St. and Fifth Avanua
PHONE  370.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barrister*
at-Iaw, so.icitois, etc. Offices, Room*
(i and 7 Ellla block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack."' Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 1070
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
Special low rates to all Eastern
points will be on sale commencing
May 2; good to return up to October
31. These rates can be used for passengers going to the Old Country.
For particulars and reservations
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank baa over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic
ln Cuba throughout the island;'
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad!
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Rranches throughout Canada Mid-
Newfoundland, ano In London, England, New York, Cbkago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
basking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available wlii!
correspondents In all parte of the
Savings Bank Dirartment���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward,
aid Interest allowel at 8 per cent, per
annum  (prese'it rate).
Total  Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
New Westminste:
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A.,  Vancouve>
ters and Solicitors, Westminste:
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster. B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barri-Jter-.it
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C
Workshop 611   Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally  News.)
B. C. Coast Service
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.    Over C. P. H. Tele^i ai>U.	
MARTIN���Barristers and Sollcltora
Westminster offices, Rooma 7 and I
Gulchon block, corner Columbia am
McKenzie Btreets; Vancouver ot
fices, Williams building, 41 Gran
rllle street F. C. Wade, K. C,
A. Whealler. W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
Martin. Geo. Cassady.
minster Board of Trade meets In the
board room. City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; quar
terly meeting on the third Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, aecro
Leaves    Vancouver    10    a.m.    for
Seattle,   via   Victoria,    daily    except
Leaves    Vancouver    11    p.m.    for
Seattle direct daily.
Leaves Vancouver 2 p.m. and 11:46
p.m. dally for  Victoria.
L��avea    Vancouver      2    p.m.      toi
Nanaimo dally except Sunday.  .
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Vancouver
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Phone 318.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Weatmlnster.
D. McAulay
Tel. 781. Cor. (ith and Columbia
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that
It is desirable to carry out the following works, that Is to say: - To
seed, cover with mould and plant
shade trees on the boulevard on Third
Street from Royal Avenue to Sixth
And that said works be carried out
ln accordance with the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw, 1912."
And the City Engineer and tbe City
Assessor having reported to the
Council ln accordance witb tbe provisions of the said by-law upon the
said works giving statements showing the amounts estimated to bo
chargeable against the various portions of real property to be benefited
by the said works and other particulars and the said reports ot the paid
City Engineer and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice ls hereby given that the said
reports are open for insrection at the
oiTieo of the City Assessor. City Hall,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B.C., and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned" Blsrnod by a majority of
the owners of the land or re:il property to be assessed as charged tn
respect of such works representing at
least one half in value thereof ls presented to the Council within flfteen
days from the date of the first publication of this notice the Council wlll
l rocecd with tho proposed Improve-
meat* under such terras and conditions as to the pavment of the cost
of such improvements as the Council hiny by by-law ln that behalf
regulale and determine and also 'to
maVe tho said esfessment
Dated this Eighth day of May, 1912.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Dato of f:rst :ubllcatioa May 9. 1912.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waterr,   A crated, Wateri
Manufactured by
raleDhona R 113   Office:  Prlncaaa 8t
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
FWeet fit and workmanship guaranty d.
Westminster Junk Company
Will gi'e you a square   deal   on all
��� j ink, and highest price.
207 and 208 Front Street.
Phone R619.
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St., City.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Eatlmataa Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 56��
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
CAPITAL 14,800,000
RE8T $5,600,000
Egg Beaters
Pie Holders
Bottle Carriers
���SOLD  BY���
Anderson & Lusby
* m    ���
B.&. HI.  FISH
Red Spring Salmon  ...." lbs. for 25c
Fresh Ha'lbm    :'. lbs. for 25c
Fresh Cod ihalf pr whole), per Ib. 28c
Fresh Herring'  3 lbs. for 26c
Koval KtJigeon,, ior lb 15c
Sal- Halibut, nr lb 16c
Dill lickies, piih.dDJ-.en   25c
537 front St   -   Phone 301
City News
Mr. A. G. Hazzard, who Is connected with the Financial Post, Toronto,
was a business visitor in town yester
The Chocolate company's wharf iv.
now under way. Mr. W. A. Cil'.ey hm
statted work dii.lng the piles .'or thu
Mr. Herb Ryai! h
dition to his fami'.;
to him Wednesday
13 received an ec
A son was bo-n
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of the  Incorporated  Society.
of Musicians  (England).
I Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)   j
Teacher bf Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply   51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone R411. ,
.- ,..��./" '������-'< ���ij
FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1912.
Weatmlnster   trap   scooters    will
journey over to Vancouver en Saturday to conrete for special pi izes
against the members of the Terminal
City club. The tram leaves the Gran-
\ille street depot ut 10:3d o'clock In
the mornin;.
Owing to the fire at the Royal City
Mills 1 must cancel all orders taken
by me for wood.   Wilbur Smith. ���*
Mr. Chester L. Kenyon of thc en.si-
nceilng department of the B, C, E. R-,
leaves this morning lo,- New York,
his former home. Mr. Kenyon will
slop off at places oi Interest on hli
way across the con>ient, arid ex-
jects to be back In the city sometime
during the summer.
The general committee, who had
Charge of the recent May Day festival, will hold a meeting next Wednesday evening for the purpose o'.
dosing all unfinished business, set-
tling all unpaid accounts and will perhaps discuss a few of the plans tor
next year's festival. Persons holding accounts against the committee
should forward same before Wednesday evening.
Expert repairing of Amsrican, EnQlish
and Swiss
All  Work  Guaranteed.
541 Front Street.     Near City Market.
How abo.it your garden ? Ring ii]
phone L184 antl ge: Tidv. tho florist
to quote you prices on the heat stoc
Alfred Wo Mcleod,
that is grown In the country. They
make a specialty of hanging baskets
and window bo.-;cs. **
The regular monthly meeting ofthe
Woman's Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian Hospital, will be beld in the
Hoard or Trade rooms on Monday a ft -
e; nocn at 3 'clock. It is imperative
that every member l e present, as
eleition or officers for ths coming
year and other important business Is
to be transacted.
The    local   amateurs   aie   getting
t'.on-.; fine in their wor: of petting uv
the musical comedy "I-fopp, Sklpp and
.lump," whicli they will imt on at tbe
oi era iioiiiO on Tues lay and Wednes
day of nc"t week.    Tbo leading parts
aie    ��radically    word    perfect,    the
chorus hav<, completed (heir trainlns
ind a:c nil waitint for th'1 big niPbt
There will be a f'.'.U der- rrliearF.il a'
tlie orori house on Sat'irdav evening,
ani ct this thi*. flnishins touches will
be put on hy Air. Evans, tlie produce:-
" Take ycu your instruments, play you the whiles"
Lessons    on    the    BANJO,    ZITHER
'M'G. Lawrence
For lermrf, Apply at Tcd:"s or Major's
Music  Houses.
(Basque:ade   as circuses    simply because the exhibition    is given under
canvas.     The   canopy-covered   seat.;
are so arranged as to seat 10,000 people and from each seat an unciistiuct
ed view may lie had at all times. Tbe
seats  are provided  with    backs an!
foot rests, and the old uncomfortable
circus  planks have  been eliminate;).
The show carries  iis o.vn  plant  fo;
lighting up the arena    and tents at
night, so perfect that night is really
turned  into day.      Not  only   Is   this
true of the tents  and grounds    bit
the streets loading to lh? grounds a,-
well.    Fifty Uniformed ushers aie ir.
attendance at  all  times  to   care  foi
the -aliens an:l all a:e under st lol
crdor  to  answer all  pertinent  Questions politely.
The show wlll  arriv*    on  its o.vn
| two trains of double length cars Hnit
j bring  with It in  the neighborhood of
j cne  thousand  people    and  the  finest
tbls    country.
udied   !>";.>'.  m il
Phrinc   62
G57 Columbia St.,
New   Westminster.
Our stock of HAND
BAGS is too big. We
must reduce it. As an
inducement we have cut
the prices
25 Per Cent.
You can buy a dollar
and a half bag for $1.15,
two dollar for $1.50, so
on up. The stock is new
and well assorted.
Th9 101 Ranch Heal Will West]
Show will be here May 28. Two performances will be given by this ag-
' i alion and these will be preceded j
by a street parade on tho morning of
the day of exhibition, The street
ra*ade will leave the show grounds
about 10 o'clock. Tlie afternoon re -
fcrmance wlll I'- given at t .vo o'clo^k
:md the evering i erforrnanee at
eight o'ciock. The drors to the Indian village anl promenade concert
will o- en an hour in advance of each
This gigantic amusement enterprise is said to be one of the most
terfectly organized wild west shows
now touring the country, and comes
here highly recommended by patrons
In every city where it has been seen.
It is purely western in every department. There is nothine that in the
least characterizes it with the circus
nor with the vaudeville   shows that
Etab.'e   of  homes    In
The.e  are over  live b.u.... ,.
horBes  In   Uie  l��Mo.     Tills  Bliow   also   |
carries   the  only   her:l  ot  lon o-hoi ned I
steers   on   exhibition   as   well   as   the \\
lamest herd of buffalo.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. O. 71;
New    Weetmlneter,
-���'" ���
Soft Iron Horseshoes.
In Spain very lew horseshoers hav��
forges in their shops. They maki
their shoes without the aid of a fire, 1
possibility largely due to the pure
soft, ductile iron primarily manufac
tured with wood and charcoal.
Sleep Spectacles.
Spectacles with a white spot in thi
centre of a black disk on each lens
the invention of an English doctor
are said to induce drowsiness in ���
wearer, curing insomnia.
ing. at 0.14 Third avenue, the wife
of Robert Kennedy, of a son.
Cj e
Merit  Made  Them
Famous.  See Our
DispensiiUJ Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.    441 Columbia St.
New WrfHfmlDBier, B C.
Well loc.'ted Hnrnaby acreage is getting scarce and li'-ce most good
things is in pretty strong demand. It won't be long before almost
every acre oetween Westminster and Vancouver will have been subdivided into lots and then the fortunate owner of a few broad acres
will be able to gel a!mo"t any rrice he may care to ae'.:.
Five Acres
Overlooking Burnaby Lake
between flastlngs read and the Burnaby Lake tram line, I3 ahout the
last piece cf acrence left at a icascnablo price. Buinaby Lake pro-
I erty ls sclliiii: at frcm $3000 per a?re and up. We can ((iiotc a pike
away below that, r.nd We can give good terms.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,   Autjmpbl'e
and  Marine Insurance.
Savings in Wash Goods
For a Friday Rush
Prints and Ginghams, 10c Yard
Included in this greai offering arc best gra'de English Prints, Scotch Ginghams and Zephyrs; embracing
almost every wanted shade or de-ign; wi;llh3 2<" to 31 Inches; all are regularly 12Vfcc and 15c values.
On sale ono day only. Friday Bargain, per yard       10c
Friday's Suit Bargains Mean
Much to Those Who Buy
We ��u�� going to havo cne gieat day of Suit Selling
grade suit at less than cost of produclion. There
tntH'i   worth your attention Friday morning.
Suits of Tweeds, Serges, Panamas and Fancy Mixtures;   ln   shades of brown, green, grey, navy and
MaCU;  sizes 34 to 38 bust
iPririay   Bargai n      	
An unusual opportunity to buy a medium or hlgh-
.;re two lines included   in   Friday's   offering,  both
values regular to $20.00.
Scire cf our high class models. To reduce stock
the?e go on sale at half price in some caseB: developed In fine English Serges, Worsteds, Homespuns an.l Fancy Weaves: showing a good choice
of shades; all new styles; sizes 34 to 40; values to
$35.00.    Friday Bargain, each  $17.50
An Extra Special Offering
In Summer Dress Fabrics
i    Such o rare value has proMhly never boen offered a: this se-.ifon.    when   these   foods   arc   so
much in demand.    Don't fall to pel here ca.iy Friday nnd secui e one or more dress length.
AT 45c���A showing or beautiful ne.v MarqiflssfttDs end Voile- with self strl;e, or sprig patterns;
shown in shades of tan, grey, aavy, s>y, saye, hello, champagne and black; width 38 to 40 Inches;
\ allies   regular  to  !Uio.    FrtQay Bar-rain, rer yqrd         43-;
AT IZic���Are eight di.Te en; dtsijina and colorin;:s. in flguied gift mull, self shades of champagne,
fawn, saye, hello, tan, gre; ;.-n:l cream: width 24 Inches; value regular worth .Vc. Fritlay Bargain
fer yard   '...      25c
Summer Skirts Marked
Extra Low, $1*T5
Women's White Dross SMits; 'hi whtti llr.cr, crash,
driil and renp; shoeing many ue.v styles .touches;
some a.e a little countur bsBTb:!; values tegular ci
$.4.00.     For   quick seiliiig, Friday Bargiiia. ea. 8-1.7*
.For the hundreds of v,'cid����r whose limit for a hat
is under the ten-dollar iv.-juk, wo promise some
-exceptional Opportunities Friday. Those are
models ranging f.om $8.60 to $16.00;all:goofl styles
and prettily  nimmed.    Filday Bargain, each, $a.75
'Tbe extraordinary values theB�� <eoats represent
;should cause some rush selling; made of extra
quality satin drill; in shales of sky nnd navy:
tiimmings of white phiue on cellars, cuffs iBXtB bu:-
rtoas; sizes fitting 6 to 12 yea-rs; values regular to
$2.60,    F.ida.v Bargain, each $1:00
House Dresses in a vaiiety of pretty wash
shown in shades of ptak, sky., grey, et".:
made with    low Dutch    necl. and   ehort
Values $2.75.    Friday Bargain .each, %Z7.j
APRONS, 40:.
"Women's  White Muslin Aprons; *ith Mb: *mbro:d-
Wy :trimmed: full length; value* to 75e. Friday Bsir-
fatlki           45c
CORSETS, $1.00.
A 'fcw.ed! lines in 1). and A. and Itoynl Woroester
irttideis: male of lino grade white toulllle: assort-
SMKt'Of styles, low or medium bust and long skirt;
MWwilO to 25lvalues regular to $2.25. Friday Bar-
jiAi*., tper pair       ��1:00
WAISTS, $1.45.
We ��iv showing a really fine ran'e of these liar-
gain Waists; made of muslin, vestings and linen;
in tailored and fancier effects; some embroidered;
sizes U! to 40; values regular to $2.50. Fri lay Bar-
gain, ��ach         $1v43
An unueual   opportunity to buy Underskirts at half
price; made of good quality   white   cambric;   with
lawn-flounce: Uf-e nni  embroidery   trimmed;    values to $1.50.   Friday Bargain, each   75c
Women's Black Mutlln Shirtwaists;  lace trimmed:
sizes  34 to   4 0;   values  regular to $1.50.      Fiiday
Bargain,   each      95c
2 PAIRS 45c.
Women's Fl��eBlack  Cotton   Hose;   with   cashmere
feet; In shades of tans, browns and black: also
lace ankles: in shades of hello, sky, giey, etc.;
sizes 8% to 10;   values  regular  85c.    Friday   Bar.
fain, 2 pairs for      43c
Sanitary Hair Pads; ln light, medium and dark
shades; full shape; value regular 45c, Friday Bargain, each  ...      25c
HAT PIN8, 12 FOR 5c.
Steel Hat Pins wlfh bead heads; ln black anl white
Dutch Lace Collars; many pietty effects In cream
and while; vales to 7f>c. Friday Bargain, ea. 50c
Jabo's. in the side effect, cf pleated lawn; laco
trimmed;    values  regular    35c.      Friday  Bargain.
each        25c
Fancy Chiffcn Collars; with side pleat; nice selection;  values regular $1.00. Friday Bargain, each 65c
Black velvet   and leather Bags;  German silver, gilt
and silver mountings; leather and silk lined; some
with cord han lies;   vnlues   to  $3.00.     Friday  Bargain, each         $1.75
Embroldeied Linen Cellars In 2, 2V, and 2% IneheB
deep; size* 12Vs to 11; values regular 25c. Friday
Bargain,  each      15c
Prices Prove Smith's the
Best Place to Buy Staples
Sheets cf   heavj   grade cotton;  hemstitched;  size 2
by  2��,4   yards;   tegular  $2.25.    Friday   Bargain,   |.<
���    pair   $1.93
Pillow Cases: hemstitched; of extra quality co;ton;
sizes 40, 42 inches.    Friday Bargain, per pair ..35c
Sfi-inch White Longcloth: absolutely pare finlih
and  fine weave;   value 12%C    Friday  Bargain, per
yard      .x 10c
Towels: white baii; size 27x50 inches; gcod weight
and extra size.    Friday Bargain, per pair  65c
Thiss Cloths; size 24x34 inches; all linen; hemmed
ready tor use;  values 15c. Friday Bargain, ec. 12'/ac
70-inch Sheeting; Horrock's; fine bleachel; no filling and even weave; value 45c. Friday Bargain,
per yard 35-
Dress Muslins and Dtmltys: ln white and fancy
colored effects; width 27 Inches; value 15c. Friday
Bargain   12!/2c
Huckaback Towels; size 18x30 Inches; linen finish;
hemmed; values regular 35c. Friday Bargain, per
ralr 25c
Bed SpTeads; In sky and white shades; heavy
honeycomb; large size; values regular $2.00. Friday Bargain,   each     $1.50
White Curtain Muslin; 3fi Inches wide; In fancy
spiig- and dot effects; values 30c. Friday Bargain,
per yard   23c
18-Inch Crash Towe'ing; extra weight and all linen;
value 20c.   Friday Bargain, per yard   12'/zc
Sfi-inch Apron Cloth: in self shades of fawn, blue,
navy and white: with colored border; ttxta a quality;
values leguiar 15c.   Friday Bargain, per yard ..10c
Summer Wash Fabrics; ln voiles; shown in plain
and fanry stripes; goo.l selection of shades and
colorings;   values 35c.    Friday Bargain, yard 27!/2c
27-inch Striped Flannelette; in shades of pink, skv,
fawn and g;ey; pure finish. Friday Bargain, six
yard* for  50c
Pillow Cotton; circular; in widths 44 and 40 Inches;
In fine quality coi ton; value regular 30c. Friday
Bargain,   per yard 20c
CR-lnch White Mercerized Table Damns*: neat pattern and satin finish;' value leguiar 75c. Pridny
Bargain, per  yard  60c
Table Napkins; good linen finish; size 19x19
Inches; hemmed; values $1.50. Friday Bargain, per
dozcu   1 $1 -25
3fi-lnch White Dress Linen; fine weave and extra
weight; value regular 35c. Friday Bargain, per
yard ���. 25c
3G-inch Apron Dowlas; 3-4 bleached; extra strong
grade; value 20c.   Friday Bargain, per yard 15c
Dress Drills, Ducks and Zephyrs; In plain and
striro effects; showing a big range of shades nnd
designs; values regular 20c. Friday Bargain, per
yard   15c
2fi-lnch Pongee Silk: eood weight and even weave;
value regular 40c. Friday Bargain, per yard  ...25c
33-incb Coating Pongee: extra weight; oil pure silk;
value regular $1.50.   Friday Bargain, per yard $1.15
Women's  Lisle Gloves; with two buttons; ln champagne, grey and natural;  sizes Cto7V4; values 35c.
Friday  Bargain, per pair  25c
Women's two-button Lisle Glove; In black, white
and  tan;   sizesG to 7Vs-   Friday Bargain, palr..15e
.gnu ,.��.ihji *'i.*il:..


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