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Westminster Daily News May 21, 1912

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i. ���
B. C. E. R. Have Been Steadily at Work Grading Right-
of Way.
Canadian Highway Officers Wlll   Ad-
drew Meeting In CoUlngMrowod
Scliool���Progress  Made.
Will Operate Millside Extension Juno
i���Plana for Qfieeasbnrongh
Branch the flame.
in     anticipation       ot     the
Eburne   branch   of the    li.   ('.
E. R.  becoming   the   main artery   tor   freight     traffic      between Vancouver and this city
nnd  ii ko  to  ;i: commodate   the
rati  ly   increasing   traffic    on
the  Praser 'Valley  branch,   the
official*   of   the  company  have
the plana all ready ifor doruble-
t rack Lng     thc      line     (between
Wixtmi  ster    and    Vaneouver.
The work  hot* been  going   on
for the past few months, grading    th,-   company**   i-ixht-of-
way a' 'ig-.'de the present line
and' with  steel  on  the  ground,
all  that Is ne?ded   now is the
order from   the  Railway  OtMn-
miaslon,    allowing   the   B. C.
.Electric      to      cross        public
etreets    with      an     adil'It ii il
t.'aick.    The line is really owned    by the C.  I'.  IV, who    ot>.
talned a charter from the government and they Iti turn le's-
cd   the   track     and     adjoining
pnner'y   t>   the  electric    traction  company.
The Westminster Roads .improve
ment association lies invited W. J.
Kerr and P. W. Luce, president an^
secretary of the Cnnadiun Highwa'-
association, to address a meeting to Ik
held in the Colllngwood scliool at t
o'clock tomorrow evening, when thl
question ot the widening of the Van
couver-Westminster road ls to be
thoroughly discussed.
In   the letter extending  tho invitation   to   the  officers  of  tne  Canadian
Highway    association,     Mr.  Glanvlll'-
states that the signatures of about 8^
per cent, of the property owners hav
been secured to a document agreeing
to  give  seven  feet  of  frontage     lam1
lor the purpose of widening the road
Onlv a few persons are opposing th'
scheme.    It is with a view to convert
ing these to a realization of the bene
fits to be derived by the Improvement
of this section of the Canadian highway that the meeting has been called
This is the first of a series of meet
lngs   ti>   be  addressed   by   the  officer*
of  the Canadian Highway association,
this summer.    As soon as lhe Westminster-Vancouver road improvement
scheme Is completed, attention will be
turned  to    the improvement    of    the
Valii -roan, which Is nlw in a deplorable condition in several places In th��-'
municipalities of Surrey and Langlev
Burnaby Council Severs Connection With IU Fiscal
Charges Made Against itoad Superintendent Jtumbic���Bnnaaby i^jkc
Improvement Scheme.
Although th:- new cut-uff from
Highland P.irk io this city, will elim-
irate the steep grade un the Twelve
.Street line, It Is thought that the
company will have their lundo fuli
to 00-pe wll i i'.-issenger traffic between the two cities, without cutis: ;-
ering  f.-e ght oi     the Central    Park
Ibranch, with the except.on of local
traffic between stations. The grade
on the Eburne iiran-.-h is praeticai'.y
nil and wilh lhe r*w curves existing
tf��HK *p��o<l -emilrt he -obtained lie,- troth
Varauinger ii.r.*l   freight   trains.
11 is undermtood that permission
from Ottawa !�� e.-cpecttd within a
very short time, when construction
frames will be pl'-iceU on thc Work,
avlth a view of completing Bhe double
track whic the good weather lasts.
The work on the Hlgiland Park
cut-off, now that the cause of contention between the Burnetoy council
and the B. C. K. R. 13 about to be
amicably st:l<d, Is Ibelng rushed with
all possible t';ucd. The lanse steam
Shovel whic 1 Is now on the ground at
the western section of the line, is being keipt fcUty, scooping1 the earth
'.vhere cutis have to be made and a
freight engine and dump ears are
continually (busy, iflllng In the hollow
places so that the tracks can be laid
os   the   work   progreses. The   local
car shops of the company are full up
with orders, resulting from the Increased deonand for more cars, and
the rolling stock ordered from an
American firm a few weeks a*o
should be on hand In time to use
when the new line Is completed. This
ls about the busiest year the construction offlcirC-t of the company
have experlcn ed for a long time, the
Millside and Queensilioro extensions,
the Highland Park cut-off, Improvements on the Burnaby I^ak e branch,
ar.d also perminent work on the Chilliwack line, keeping all crws working full time.
Operate June 1.
'The second crossing over the Great
Northern tracks on the Millside line,
���was coimpleted yoterday, which will
allow the work trains to use the
tracks past t'ie distillery' In Sapperton. Although no offleiial date lhas
been announced tor the opening of
this branch of t'he system, It Is understood that the first day of June Is
Hieing considered for the first passenger traffic. The mme date lfl also
being considered for the Qupenstboro
extension, although considerable ballasting remains to be drne before tho
line  is in working order.
the   re-
suii  Diego Citizens Quietly organir.*'
.Muss Meeting���Case Against
Km Diego, Cal., May 20.���'Plans
for a gl,antic demonstration of ffcul-
ii'S aga.nst the Industrial Wor a era of
lhe World and any 'ttsmsonn oosus*tx-t-
ed with Uium were made ouletly to-
Jny   hy   many   citizen,*  <J* *B*xn   IneKo.
' Be at tho court house at �� o'clock
Wednesday morning and wear an
American flag," was the word quietly
passed about from man to man and It
w'as said tbat a crowd 01
thouaand prdfcahly would b6
The time chosen was that set t iday
Dry Judge Guy of the superior 'Oun,
for J. M. Porter, realty operators
and alleged vigilante leader to appear and show cause why he should
not 'be aJjudged guilty of contempt,
on the cnarge made by Attorney
Fred H. Moore that Porte.- had interfered with Moore's defensie of a
client implicated In I. W. W. troubles. Porter agreed to go u> court
without the Issuance of a citation.
Shortly after the court -proceedings
the plan tor the demonstration, at
the c )Urt house was set afont. It was
sa d that many leading citizens
would  respond.
Porter, while denying that he had
been guilty of contempt In any way,
admitted today that he talked to
Moore about defending Attorney E.
E. Kirk, arrested on the change of
having vitiated the street speaking
ordinance an'd whose trial on a
charee of .perjury with alleged false
reglstrat un was begun today. "I
told Moore," Porter said, "that he
ought to get a hun:h to himself from
the treatment given Dr. Benjam'n
Reitman, mar.agtr fnr Emma Goldman. I was careful not to commit
conteempt    of court.
"We ire fighting for our homes,
we don't care albout Welnetock or
overnor Johnson. Only troops can
stop  us."
Boston Mass., May 20.���"I have
made my peace with God; I am re-"
signed to my fate. I wish to go to
nny death ai soon as possible���thu
quicker the letter,"
These words, spoken today Iby Clarence V. T. Rlcheson, former Baptist
minister and con'essed slayer of Avis
ILlnnell, to the Rev. Herbert Si Johnson, hls spiritual adviser, indicated
the mental , condition of the con-
demvneia mun, whose tenure of life
now is measured  only by  hours.
There is reason to believe that ho
will go to his death In the electric
chair shortly after midnight Monday.
^dining on a cot Ir. the death cell
Hloheson talked long und earnestly
with Mr. John.'on and the prison
chaplain, the Rev. Herbert W. Steto-
"I do r.ot want to sleep. I haive bo
little time to live and so much I
want to say that I must talik," he
Very little business was 'done at
the me^t.n-g of Surrey Municipal
council or. Saturday. The most important l*cm transacted was the allotting of J500 to the Sandell road, ln
Ward Two. Accounts to the.amount
of $68.f2 were passed.- '
A request from the Empire Stevedoring Company. Ltd., for pay for repair done to the Surrey road was
turned down, ar; the eouwll had not
authorleud the wortt. Moreover the
road ln question will -cease to exist
when the land Is sub-divided.
Other minor matters were 'disposed
of before the council adjourned to
next Saturday.
OTT    OU)    MASSEriT
Victoria, May 20.���The steamer
Prince John of the Grand Trunk Pacific, struck heavily at Old Ma��Bett
hanbor at the north of Queen Charlotte Is'ands on Sunday, and was aer-
lnualy damasod.    The vessel Is leaik-
| ln�� badly and her engine room ls full
of water. A wireless message from
the steamer says that all the punrwa
are working and are gaining bn  the
> water. It ls anticipated that the
Prince John wlll he foeaehe'd at Ma��-
|sott foT temporary repairs.
The l'Jl2 .bond Issue, the Burnab-
lake improvement scheme and wholesale charges against Road Superintendent lUiuible and vice vers*
against the road foremen, were th>
salient features Of the liurnaby muni
cipal council last evening. Salient I*
a mild word Ior the many attractions
of this weekly confab and it may b*
mentioned that ne'er a week passe-
without some new feature of subur
ban municipal work being brough'
before  the  footlights.
The  financial  situation  ln  Uurnab���
bas   reached  sucb  an   acute   positio*
that two weeks aga the finance com
mittee   notified   the- fiscal   agents   o'
the      municipality,       Messrs.    Wood
Gundy & Co., tha: unless they  wer<-
prepared  to  make  a  better  offer  fo-
tbe iasu., which amounts to $fi25,00fl
the  council  would  be compelled     t'
advertlso the issue and throw lt ope
to outside competition.    The time at
lowance expired last evening, and failing  to  receive  n    .satisfactory    Vplv
from the fnlancial concern, on a motion  by  Reeve    Weart,     the    preser*
agreement     between     Uurnaby     and
M-ssrs.  Wood,    Gundy    &    Co.    W3'
severed.     Chairman   MacGregor  stated that a company in Vancouver wa-
prepared  to  make a private  bid  fo-
the entire issue and a meeting will b-~
held  tbls  noon to consider the same
In   the   event  of  negotiations   fallin"
through, tender- will be advertised If
Western  and  Toronto journals,  to '*���'
opened on May 21).
While   few   of  the  employees  hav
been laid off on account of the stringency  of available  funds,   the    motif-
available from last year's appropriations   with  the  exception   of  contrac
wora,  is nearly finished, und  to  prevent any tuucdabipa    us     the..   seiiie< -
swiiN   ore   employed   on      road     wor*' .
throughout   lite   district.     ttita     l��tc��*
step  uf   iidvertlnlnB     or     sellttiK     th-'
bonds by   private sale,  was the    oni-
resort  lefl  for the councillors.
Burnaiiy   l^ike  Improvements.
Construction   Engineer     Thornpso>-
broughl In his report on the Burnaby
Lake improvement scheme.    His estimate  of the  total  value  of the land-
to be benefited by the scheme, tallied
somewhat with that of the committee
of   property   owners   who   are  at   tb-
he-id  of  the  matter,  something    like
tl.000,000  being the assessable valu<-
affected.     The  work  of  making  pre
llmlnary survey of the work Involved.
Is estimated to cost about $7500. PW
per cent,  of  the total   value  Involve''
is the amount allowed under the ac'
which  totals $10,000, so that in vie"-
of this, Mr. Thompson was instructed
to go ahead with the work.    Of    th'
$7500  to  be spent, $1000  of this Wl"
be invested In Instruments, etc., which
will  be available  for  other  use afte-
the work is completed.
Attack Road Superintendent.
Words flew thick and  fast regard
ing   the   charge   made   against   Roa^
Superintendent Rumble by several t**
the road foremen.    It  was only 1>*
week that Foreman Yates was    sus
pended  pending an  Investigation  inl"-
his conduct townrds the superintend
ent.    Before   the committee was prepared  to  make    their    report,    tw
othor charges were laid against hin-
by    different    foremen.      Counclllor-
MacDonnld and  Madill    formed    th-
commltte?   to  investigate  the    Yate-
charges, but lt was thought advlsabl-
last evening to add another member
Councillor Brltton, who took hia see*
again   after   several   weeks   enforce''
absence, being the third member.    >
special meeting hns been called    fo-
Wednesday evening, when  the whol-
situation will bo aired out.    The gl'"
of the whole matter appears to    b��
the question what heads wlll ue de
capitated. Rumble's or the road foremen's. In the opinion of the majoritv
of the councillors,  this  meeting wit'
serve once and fnr all, to be a lessor
for the parties    at fault,    and    complaints in the future will be made tc
tho  nnderheuds instead  of before tb-
Hrondvlew Wants Roads.
A deputation from    Broadvlsw,    ��
newly fettled  district near the Van
couver limits,  appeared  with    a request that some scheme be formulated
whereby the roads In that section o'
the municipality will be placed In    ��
passable condition.   As has heen to)
to    various other delegations of   th"-
same order, reeve Weart    told    th?r"
that their situation    was    no    wors<-
than other districts,    the    municlpa'
councll was unable to meet the    de
mends of all newly settled sections ��*���
one time,  owing to the funds havln>��
been allocated  to tho various ward-
early in the year. Alta Vista, said th<-
reeve, ln June, nf 1911. did not hav
a single house, while today there ar<-
somo   three   hundred   families  llvin��
there.    In  order to  provide  for al'
somo clipping has to  be  done froi*-
E/acuate  Etcalon to Swoop
Down on Advancing Federals.
Dynamite Cars Block  Uuiluov���Dim
iiilili-v of Transporting Guns
Across Desert.
10 dots mm
At tiie Rebel Front. Near
Me* .co, May '20.���Escalon,
week ago the headquarters
era!    Orozco,    finally   wis
oniy     a
of   Gen-
today by the rebel advance guard.
The iroops marched 10 Sin Ar.toniu,
a town a/bout six mllw east of the
rairoad line, and are expected to
swoop down upon advancing n'ederais
after the main engagement is begun
at Rellano, eleven miles no:th o.
Before leaving, a second train off
cars with heavy charges of dynamite
so arianged &.1 to explode on impact,
wa3 sent over the downgrade in the
direction of the federal trains. The
cars crashed into tne wretwage caused by a similar performance earlier
in the day. The debris will effectually block the line f.ir soane time, it te
believed the federals iyi!l n��t attempt
to use troop trains north of scalon
in the face of the advancing 'proce.-.-
sion of the rebel fightii-.-j line at As-
Rebels* Sn-ong Position.
Should  they attempt to  go  through
the robel  lines by rail  they  will  run
the risi<  of  being derailed  and  flanked  on  both  sides.  If they  detrain    at
Escalon,  using that station as a b-a.-e.
they   will   be   forced     to   haul    their
heavy  artilb ry   over  a ��reat    stretch
of   sandy   des-rrt    and   face    a   robel
front   extending   over    several    miles
Which   defenders   have   occupied     for
many   weeks   and   In   which   they   are
thorough'}'  entrenched   and    fortified.
At   Reliano   the  main   body  of   the
rebel   army   under   General     Salazar
Supported iby   the   heavy  artillery  at
the  re..els is  er.trenehed   for   a   final
<;.illam Officers Killed.
At ��on*r.v\ OroKo'8 il<*ulciUA.rterK,
X<��ut ' Jl'menct, Way 20.-���io>Von*lp,
Caesar Carmtea *nd A>l>eta.r<Jfo Am��ya,
two -ot the most valiaivt officers In
the rebel army, were kiUea ln tbe
fighting at Pedricen?. fiftiy miles
southwest of To-re< n a few days ago
according to official reports tJ headquarters  tonight.
Cana'.ts and hi3 merf were sent
southwestward to flank the federals
when the battle of Conejos was
fougrht a week ago. and It ls ibelieved
their retreat was cut off by federal
columns. Advancing southward, Ca-
nalf* continued, however, to harrass
the federa's, his ortiject being to reach
the rear of the federal government
for.es and  then  threaten Torreon.        |
Convention to Be Called |��� Westmin
ster Axotihoa Interest Through.
out Fraaer Valley,
A great deal of interest is bein'
evinced by the different boards o'
trade and progressive association-
who ha\e been Invited to send dele
gates to the agricultural conventio'-
to bo held in Westminster.
Invitations have been sent out t'
Mission. Coquitlam, Eelta, Port Hammond, Sardis, Matsqui, Sumas, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley and Chilliwaei*
and nearly all have been heard from.
The convention, which ls under th-
ausplces ol the Westminster board o*
trade, will probably be held on lb"
30th instant, preceding tne meeting
of the board of trade, but uefinite announcement  as  to   the  dates  of  oof-
Vitrified Brick for Hill Street*
Between Front and Columbia.
Question of Double Tracking Ttvclftlj
Street���Motion of Sympathy with
Mrs. Keefer.
O        South Vancouver,  May 20.���
O    Mr.    Spencer     Robinson,     in
O    company  with  Chief of Police
O    Jacksui,   of  South   Vatx-oave.-,
O    is' on  bis i\-i;y  north    to Van-
O    couver.       Wcrd   was    received
O    yesterday   from  Chief Jackson
O    briefly   telling     of    a   meeting
O    with  Robinson     in  San   Pran-
O    cis;o,  ar.d   their  dtiparture for
O    Vancouver.     They  are  exipect-
O    ed  to airlve  here  on  Wednes-
O    day   afternoon.
O        Xeiw  developments'   are said
O    to  have accurred ��:nce a gov-
O    ernment  auditor  was appoint-
O    ed  to examine  into the school
O    boards     books.     Mr.     Cocroft,
O    who   flr.vt give evidence against
O    Robinson   before     the    school
O    board has made another state-
O    ment, slowing    an   additional
O    defali alien of $1501. His writ-
O    ten s a'.tment covering the en-
CD    tire  case   is  reported   to cover
O    eleven   fOolBOrfp   papers.     Ac-
O    cording     to     remarks      made
O    this  evening    by iperson-? well
O    informed ln the case, the work
O    at  Cocroft    ln   producing     all
O    the   evidence,   will    practically    O
O   clear   himself   of  any   charges    O
O    wbich  are  apt    to  arise,  and    O
O    'wll  funher.  give  no  loophole,    O
O    a.s that of  turrftg  King's evi-    O
O    <-en. u.     tur, UtiUuiOu to     v\l,.'U     Q
Last night the mayor and counc'1 .'*
passed a resolution  tendering a  vot'i-
of thanks to the owners of the Senator  Jansen  for  their good  will    towards the city, and also tendering thc -
same  to  the captain and    crew,    t"
whom will be donated a aum of ?10'"i
In recognition of their services at tb��-.
Royal City mills fire.   Tha fire chietr.
and   his  men   were  also  commende'.'
for their promptness in responding fettle call, und  their general    management    in    the   control   of   the   ftr��>, -
Thanks   were  also  accorded  to     th��y--
general   public  who rendered assist-,
In connection with the services oT'
the boat  his worship said that    th<*
value of a flreboat on the Fraser ha<%'
been  widely  discussed since the    recent fire, and    be    thought    that    <*,'
might be possible to secure the services   of   the   Senator  Jansen,   If   tho-
owners  were approached.    The hon*r
did not now go up the river and fo���
a subsidy it might    be arranged    tn-
have her respond to a Bre eall wheiv-
ever needed.    The water and financ��r
committees were entrusted with thla-
Pave Hill Streets:
Among the  new resolutions it was*
decided  to pave and grade McKenzie
street and  also    Sixth    street    from
Front street to Columbia street, wlt*r
hill  climbing citrlfled bricks,  to  la'-
cement sidewalks on Sixth street an��Y
do all work contingent to these    improvements.    ThJs is the first    time-
that this  brick  will have been uscl'
in the city, and is an outcome of the-
obServations   of   the  civic  committee-.
which recently toured down south inspecting    various    roadmaklng    nia-
The     AeaVAv     ot    Mr. Xin����r caU��4 .
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo\Iamv tfee ttfiio-wtUB reaoiwtvcm
Safcs  Mr.  Justice  Clement���Evidcno-
Concluded���Jurors Will Decide
C'onr<>ss��l Poisoner of Former Swcof-
lieai't Is No More���Composed
to Knd.
Boston, May 20.���Clarence V. T.
Rlcheson waa electrocuted at 12:17
eastern time, ith'is morninlgi Tihe
current was turned or. at 12:10:02
and the prisoner -was declared dead
at  12.17.
The former Haptist clergyman,
confesed poisoner of Avis Dlnneil of
Hyannls, his one-tin c sweeiliea'i.
was outwardly calm1 whe- ho cn.vitd
the death chamber and lie retained
his composure while the straps .>"d
electrolds were being adjusted Bs he
satin  ths electric  chair.
(Continued 011 Page Four.)
Preparations have been made nn<"
the necessary apparatus has airesd'-
been sent for, ln order to carry ou*
the suggestions of the new librarian
Mlss O'Meara, regarding the reclassi
flcatlon and recatalogulng of th'-
books In the library. In future reports upon the Institution will le-
furnished monthly together with th��-
analysis of the books used, and othe*
useful and Instructive data affecting
tho work carried on'at the institution
Two   Dnborors   Drowned.
Spokane, Wash.. May 20.���Two laborers employed In the construction
of a bridge across the Spokane river
near here. Ralph E. Bo^rs of Bolso.
Idaho, and a man named Pittman.
were dnwn^d lodnv when the -boat
In which they were crosijinjg the
stream overturned. Two others In the
boat at the time saved themselves.
Nominations for Reeve.
Ladner, May 20.���Nominations fo*
reeve In the Delta municipality, du*
to the resignation of Mr. John Oliver,
wlll be received thli afternoon. Voting wlll take place on Saturday.
"As  malignant  a  piece  of busines*
as a man can  think  of,"  Mr. Justic-
Clement   called   the   McWaters'   dae"
1 which lasted throughout the day yesterday.     Once   or   twice   his   lordship
interfered with the intention of hurrying the  case  ulong.  and     when     tb��-
handwriting   expert   for   the   defenc*
appeared,   Mr.   R.  J.   Sprott,   he   tol<"
the counsel for the crown he did no'
see any use in going any further wltb
the case    because    the    accused ha^
already    been    tried    and    acquitted
once by a Jury, for    practically    tb��-
same  offence.     He  pointed  out  tha*
be was being tried this time for writing another of the same scries of letters.    To the remark of the prosecuting attorney that it was a very serious offence the    justice    said It wa"
that "It was as malignant u piece    o'
business os a man can think of���trying to put  his wife Into Jail."    Afte*
this the case continued.
Magistrate B. O. Walker, of th*
Burnaby pollce court, took the stnm'
early In the afternoon and told of
the early history of the case whe��*
Mrs. McWaters was charged wlt��*
writing the letters. He told of th*-
employlng of the Thlel' agency to investigate the case, and that the-
thought that the woman was th��-.
guilty person. This witness was th*
last for the prosecution.
For the defence, Mr. Sprott testified
that,there was not enough to go o��-
ln drawing a conclusion as to whe
wrote the various documents put l'as exhibits. Mr. J. J. Cambridge, tb'
court registrar, was called to th--
etand to certify that the accused ha''
been acquitted before on a simile*"
charge. And the only other witnes*
for the defence, Dr. Rothwel), testified that the woman had appeared before hlm and sought treatment reinjuries that she said she had received from her husband. The doctr^
said he found nothing serious. Afte*
the summing up by the lawyers hi*-
lordship adjourned court until tomorrow at If o'clock, and after h<
has charged the jurors the case wli'
be left with them.
Ra'sc   ? 10.000.
Wlin trie*-, Man., May 20.���Forty
thousand Jollars wa�� raised In the
course of a few minutes toward the
fund for the purchase of
home for the Adanuc Club.
Resolution ot KjfmjmUtty.
That whereaa OeatU haa removed
from amongst us our greatly esteemed and much appreciated fellow citizen,  G. A.  Keefer, and whereas th<*
late Mr.  Keefer as resident engineer
for  the   Dominion  government    displayed the keenest interest in the dt��-
velopment of the FYaser river,  usin��r
his  best  ability  and  long experience
for   the   advancement of   the publlT
welfare, and  whereaa we aa a community feel that we have sustained �����>
great loss in tne removal by death c*.
so capable a friend and fellow citizen-..
be lt resolved that this connell representing the people of the city of   Ne"- -
Westminster   extend   to   Mra.   Keefe" -
our deepest sympathy ia her sad bereavement and expreaa to the government of the Dominion of Canada ou*"
great appreciation of tbe services rer'- -
dered    to    the    KTasei; river   and the '
province of British Columbia by thei'' ���
late resident engineer.*'
In  connection  with  the  west   en* '
sewer local improvement    debenture- i
assessment by-law. 1912. It was    resolved   that  the  bond* Issued   unde- -
authority of that by-law be hypothecated or pledged with the''Bank    <>' '
Montreal as security for a temporary
loan from that bank to the corporation pending the disposition of    salcU
bonds. ^
Deputations to Coancfl.
Two deputations waited upon th'
councll. The first was a committee
of Twelfth street residents far whoo-
Messrs. Duncan, Minthorne and D>~.
Wilson spoke. It appeared that thes"
gentlemen only signed the petition fo-
the paving of Twelfth street on condition that It was double tracked.
They understood that the 11. C. E. P.
had decided to go no further wlDr
the double track than Sixth avenue,
and asked the council to press for its
extension before paving waa laid dowr-
at least to Tenth avenue. Tha railway committee and the board <*r*
works will take up the matter with
the tramway company.
Replying to Dr. Wilson's query e��*
to whether gas mains were to be lai**
along Twelfth street, the mayor said.
that he hoped before long that a bylaw would be before the people fo���
the Installation of a municipal gs-
The Agnes street ratepayers, o~
rather a section of them, had a conference with the council at the conclusion of the meeting; bat no definite-
plan was offered by these presen*
upon which the council could takes,
Oppose ImproveaMats,
The sisters of Providence orphanage wrote opposing the proposed Improvements on Twelfth street betwee'-
Kighlh and Tenth avenues for whlc>~
they are  assessed  $1073.    They ow- ���
all the property on one side of tb-
etreet between  those points and ar* ���
the largest property owners concerned.    They will he notified thet    th*
tlme    for    placing    protests la 1 now-
passed, but they may state their /case
(CoftUaued ea page tear). PAGE* TWO
TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1012.
Classified Advertising
��� ��� ���������������������������
������ RATES.
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less than 25c.
Birth, death) and marriage
notices 50c per Insertion.
��� ���������
teamster. Walsh Sash and Door
room house. Address Box (17, DaHj
News office.
ot good address, uiu.in 18 years ol
age, for financial Institution. Apply
-In own handwriting to
Box ('.
i'ost Office
antl cooking. Apply 409 Queens
City Laundry.
h "i.-ekeeping rooms, modern. Apply 3'24 Tenth street.
Apply owner, 4(14 Dixon street, off
Harvey.  Sapperton.
house.    Address Box 705 City.
shed.   1020 Third avenue.
stieet, opposite Dominion Trus;
block.    Apply II. P. Vidal &. Co.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 21l> Seventh
sli eet.
house, modern, on large lot, near
carline. Owners only apply to .1. W.
McCallum, 13 Westminster Trust
Block.   Plione 434.
$4.25 for eight hours. Call at 716
Fifth  sti eel.
union   scale.
Call at Hub   Cigar
ors.    3fl Hastings stieet.
dlately. Apply Diamond tinil Corbould, room l. Lavery block.
Wanted ��� a room with the
privilege of practising on the piano
one hour evenings, by plain work-
ingman. Please Btate terms. Address  Box 77, Dally Xews office.
cafe,   opposite C. P. R-
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
r nuns; cement abasement; cement
floor; furnace; fireplace, toilet and
bath u;isiair.-; a splendid location
With front view w.hich .cannot be
i.i.:ri,e.ed. Price $4200; ?700
cash  WiU   handle  this.
ONLY      $700      CASH���OX      KP.1N-
burgh  street,   a  six-room   nroderr,
house,     beamed'     celliivs,      panelled
dinins-room; ohina caiblnet built
ill wail and fireplace. This hou e
is piped  tor e furnace.    The price
la  .-JIUjO;   JTuO.    Xo.   Wl.
i di m buns ilow; vi ry cosy little
home. This piii.ee was buh| ly the
owner for hia own home, :but andei- pr sent circumstances he mue!
Bell,    i'r.ve $4000; one 13160; $700.
Wet Weather Send s People Flocking
*j Inspector's   Office���seventh
Avenue   School.
The wet weather had at least ono
(?ood result In that several found ail
opportunity to visit the building in-
ipi ,'tor's office. Consequently yesterday's returns constitute a sum whkh
has not been approached for a very
lon.it time. Five permits were issued
of the  total  value of $45,800.
The item iwllteh is mainly responsible for this .lump is in the permit
taken out by tbo school trustees for
the $35,000 'Seventh Avenue school. In
adilltion to this a $7000 brick laundry building is to be built Cor Mr.
Abrams Byard, on Blackie and Moody
street-. -Mr. W. M. Minthorne litis
t.iker. out a permit for a HOxtiO two-
story jrarage on HWMarttn street, coating $2500. Alter itions to Mr. AV. (!.
AleOnar. ie's house on Allien '��� re .-eat
Of the value of $800, and Mr, J. W.
Aatle'a house on Fifth street of J'jOO,
make  up  the  Hit.
seriously injured. The record of works and ether particulars and tlie
fatal aeeidents was favorable, there said rejorts of the said City Engi-
belng 2S fewer fatalities recorded neer and City Assessor having been
than In March and 106 more than In
April, 1911, The number of nonfatal aeeidents, however, wns t,i u,o ���
than ln March and 106 mire than in
April, 1911. The only disa.stc.-r of tho
month involving the deatn ot more
than one workman oecured on construction work at Cal len der, Ont., on
tho line of tho Canadian Northern
railway, where two men Ware Wlfd
by flying rock during bloating operations.
Proved of Great Value io \if
Expect   Light  Vote.
CoVumbus, O., M ty 20.���lAll the
presidential candidates now in Ohi-o
rested today and the campaign linin-
a tis bi '.::! a Rn '1 efl'n t to In ?tl UiCt
the voters h ������*': properly to 111:1!;;
their ballots  Co ��� today's v' ii-1?-
On the He.-iii." li'.-an ballot there will
be three sets 01 candidateo for delegates named in eac'h of the Lwahty*
one districts, ipledged r >;>< .-lively to
!':��� ��� denl ': aft, Et 1 loveK and Oana-
tor bi Fol ett 1. '1 he sis del at'-s-
at-large wll) be named by th ��� . .:������
convention  In June.
U .-,   the   i e'mo'cratic  v  u r   \vttl
ha'e   a   s;:i Cl .'   : '' '1 it,   on   wh.'. h   11)
names of Gov. '1 irmon an
son  Wiil  a, ' ' ' '     Ious c '.id;
d ; ���  will   11 ime  the  six 'dele  at s-a>t
There is only one explanation fcr the
numbers of enthusiastic letters that wo
receive pralfing Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and that i.i tliat these tablets
certainly do cure any hind cf stomach
litre is a typical letter frcm JMi83
Eliza Armaworthy, Canso, X.S.:
"Jt is with pleasure I write to inform
you that your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets have proved of great value to
me. I tried remedy after remedy hut
without any lasting eocd. Having heard
of vour tablets cufinjj such cases as
mine I decided to give them n fair trial.
adopted b.v tbe. Council.
Notice is hereby given that the
said leports are open for inspection
at the office of the City Assesor,
City I lull. Columbia street, New
Westminster, B. C, and that unless a
petition against the proposed works
above mentioned signed by a majority of the Qwhers of the land or
real property to be assessed or
charged in respect cf such works rep-
108 fill ting at least cue half in value
thereof is presented to the Council
v.dtliin fifieeti daya from the date of
the flrat publication of this notice
tho Council will proceed with the pro-
Posed improvements under such
terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost of such improvements as the Council may by bylaw
in that behalf regulate ami determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this
Ihey provec
olnctory in my cr
The rentalkable success 1 f Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is such a success as
can only come to an honest remedy,
compounded according lo an exceptionally good formula, from pure ingredients, by c-pcrt chemists, if you are
troubled with your stomach j-.ist r-sk
your Druggist about Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, compounded by the
National Drug ar.d Chemical Co. < f
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
thc Dominion at .ioc. a Lox. 142
3th   dav of Mav. 5H12.
City (jlerl;
first publication  ICth May,
CITY     OF    NEW
;6 ��� First
Lo;al    Improvement    Net
and   Second   Streets  G'orm   Scwcr
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster, having by reso-
1 ;.���;.-., ,!(-.e mined and bi eeiflH ��� ' ' i.
is desirable to carry out tha follow-
in;; works ot laying Main Storm Sewers ".'id works contingent thereto on
the following stree'.s:
Second streel fiom Royal avenue
in Elgin Etreet.
First sire"! from Koyal avenue to
St. Patrick etreet.
St, Patrick from First to Thin]
fiom  First to Sec-
Fourth avenue from Fourth to Fiftbj
Third avenue from Fourth to Fifth
And 'that snid works bo carried out
in accordance with the provisions of
"The Local improvement General 13y-
law  1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor liaving reported to the Council in accordance with the provisions
of the said bylaw upon the Eald
works giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the,
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the salt
reports are open for inspection at the
o.Tice of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street. New Westminster,
B. Ci and that unless a perltioa
agaittst th.e proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of
the ownei'B of the land or real proj*.
erty to be assessed or charged in respect of such works representing at
least one haif in value thereof is presented to tho Council within lifteen
days from the date of the first publication of tiiis notice the Council will
I roi ced with thc proposed improvements under such terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost
01 such improvements as the Council
may by by-law in that behalf regulate
an 1 determine and also to make the
iaid assessment.
Dated this ISth day of Ma". 1912.
Cily Clerk.
Date of f.rst publication   10th May,
wh  h the ; x*% ������.,���,.a _.
ig v. wil-iCar��s
l B if i\ * !*^
Trapp BEocfi
IONS   1
-:AV  Phone H673.
619 Hamilton ll
room   house;   two  large   lotei   lOSx   '
148;   eighteen  fruit   trees;   ehlckiSn
house   for   300   hens;   good   staldi
Price  $4500;  ons-thlrJ  cash
Otti "i,     May     i '.
.���    1   c   :.:!;'' li  i
\-*\- 1   expe Ution i   to
y  and   t'*.- ���   '������   - '   itj
i !
��� ':������',���      ion
:' - ���  " sending
Hud   m
at   '���" 1 r t    '' ��� ��� r
i   1    i- ��� . *i [,
,-,,.-.    . ...   .,   ,. .
Craig street, close to Burnaby Lake
line. Mostly cleared. Prices rea-
Frmable. Call BC9 Columbia streel
af;or '! p.m., or phone LS-13.
der, a tour burner gaB plate, with
oven complete. Apply 210 Agnes
street, city.
nnth   avenue   facing   the
yu'<:-. unobotrutted vii >y; full size'd
basement and everj'thin1^ ������;!-;���-
date. I'rice J-1200, Terms to .'.."-
ra ::.v e.
The People's Trust Co.. Lfd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.
tnd   :'.'��� I  Ni 11011.    T'i" sl  ".iii ���. 1 '
ret c a- ti   Min! > are now  1 aing tili- j
j e 1  with   :n st   up-t i-date    equ pi    :���'
>\   SEV- rand   will  sail   durr.g  the    ',::
���*��� ver  and i In June.
"hironcy   Sweeping,
Eavstrough  CUanlng,
Sevier Conne'-.tina,
Cesspools, E'j'tic Tanks, Co.
ranges on easy terms: Jl.no down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square,
Westminster or on car. Finder
please communicate with Maude
M, Fe.-ter. 614 Pender street west,
or phone Seymour 7992, and receive  reward.
Wanted���Teacher for singing in the
Kew Wesl minster schools, duties to
���commence September 1. Applications
stating qualifications nnd salary re-
���-'.piiied to reach the secretary's office
Jiot later than noon of .lune 30.
Secretary Board of School  Trustees,
Xew Westminster, D.C.
T.   V-'ii. :c   Tt   May   r .-.   ern���-Ta'-.e
��� :     wife,  Annie   Sti phen-
-   ..ft my lie 1  and rioard,  1
-   Hi;-; ''o r.r..T:>. n -ihle fcr ai'.v debts
y  her  fror.i  the  date  hereof.
Jul! X    ('HAR. L'rv"    ST I"!? lIB^eX.
Straw' erry -Illll,  P.O.
'. ated April  30, 19! 2.
Pc I^t 4 e" I ot n, Rlock 20. in the
City of Xew Westminster:
Wbeteai "'���oof of the \or-~ pf Ce--
tiflcate of Title Number 10432A, issued i:i the name of Ch'Istoeher
Crown,  has  been  filed In  this  oTIee.
Xolice is hereby riven that, I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date cf thc first publication hereof, in a dally nev-sr are- published in
the City of Xew Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the metyitjme -��� aIid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Reii-trar of Titles.
Land Resist ry Office, Xe-v Westminster,  Ji.  (.'..   May  11,  1012,
Th? almost unprecedentedly rapid
li* in prices which has ibesn In pro-
| sre a ,'lnee at/Out .Tn'/ Ii-_;, joored
|iu:.ithrr 1 o'nt in adifance last rn.inth.
\r.-'conllr--' t> t'ie |sti6."t oatiinatea of
the Department if Lobar. This v,-is
Ifirgrtty du" d tbe effect upon the
ger.e a! loyal of tie faenstttenlng in
tha price cf cattle and ho;vs and
their pro'1U"ts which toott ���n'.ar-c* \,*
April, (";r.-i:is aloj were upward,
whi'e .some of the metals, nritruly
I'opper, tu, and r;)elter, davelcped
great s'.re..: :h. rin.v cotton, ra;.w
rnl'btr, C08l, ar,' co"-"* ern amon"?
the ln"por'.a-.t^ articles r.'- .v m v'n: !
upward. Op the ntbt r hand, dairy I
prid icts vor* generally weaker,
f om i.ea 0 al emjes The final ette I i' s''r--,nl ni In thfl stitemer.t 1
ihat the d""> rtment's Index num.'berl
moved u i du in? the i> \~t manth 1
from 134.2 tn 135.-1. T.:'<t year at
this time it s'oo'd at. 126.4. These
numibers, it i* in be under.-ftood, are
percentages of the ge-eral level <���'
prlc?a throughout the last deoidS of
the   la'it   certury,   the   [irrl i.i   selected
by th" department as the standard
fcr <��� imi-arison In Its measurement
of price  f'uctuatlona.
v_. *  .*  ' *..-- ^. i       ?��.-.,      ItiWl   l-r~r*i
M. 8. A.
Pbone   661.
Cnx   771
B. C,
Tendc-3 for St^rrn Oavipr*.
The CojTporatlon iiriie:-. tender" tor
Sionii  Sewers  >o be constructed  *:n
der   four   i:i   different contracts, ir
the following areas:
Area  I���First nnd Second Streets
Area 2���Fourth street.'
Area 3���Fifth Street.
Area 4���Sixth ftjeet.
Flan3,   s: edifications   and   furthei
: information  can  be  obtained in  the
! office of the (ity En?.lreer.
Tenders to he delivered to th�� t:n-
("erst^'nel not later tiian 5 o'clock tn
the 1:1 th tlay of May. 1912. aecom
panied by a rheclt for 3 jer ce;it. o!
the amount of tender,
The lowest tender not necessarily
City Clerk.
City Hall, Mav 16, 1912.
Fourth avenue
ond streets.
irtiuti.. :���' ' it.
Emi   .        eet.
Thl ., n en .0 ircv.-i First lo Sec tni
- ��� ' .
(���;'��� <r,: avenue ''��� pn   First to Thiid
it- IS.
"������,-: reet.
��� . ���   ���:������**���.
��� ���
'   irl.   '.'ir
C-:an- ille Htreet.
fJoyel .��� '���::��������� frcm Ti:i:d streel t ,
irld ���   ': "i >vaid.
Leo  -'I   ' !'i-e. /
An: that said works I a carried oui
In acordance with the pro It Ions ol
rhe "Local lmpiovometit Geuciai 1: -
la �� 1912."
And tl e City Engineer and City Assessor having rejorted to the Coun-
il in accordance with ths provisions
of the   r.ald   bylaw  upon   lhe   said
works firing statements sho-vin^' tin
imounts estimated to he  chais'eable
,.ainn (l,o - a Ions   ��� crtions  of real
.ojtit;.' to hn benefited by the Bald
vorks and other particulars anl tiie
said  reports of  ll'e  aald   City  Knglneer and City Assessor having  been
torm gew-
thereto on
Improvement    Notice���Fourth
Street Storm Sewer Area.
Tho Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster having by res-
olution determined and Bpeclflod that
!j is desirable to cany oat the follow
i lg wo;'its of lay lng M
ers and works c mtlngent
th-- following streets:
Fourth streel !.o.:i Clarison street
;o    i.i b a1 e-.-.ue.
Fifth avenue fiom Third to Fourth
streets. .'
Fourth   aveflne   from    Second    10
Fourth streets.
Oak street  trom Fourth   t.i   Fifth
Third    avenue   from    Second    to
Fein :h KtieetH.
Pine slice:   from Third   to   Fourth
I avenues.
Peai ���'.���hi streel and rl rht-of*'
Queens    avenue   ^ro:.i    Third    to
1 Fourth streets. *
!!o>a! avenue from Tfclrd stieet to
1 V.'lse ravine,
Cunningham   stre-;   frofi:  Merivale
' street ti Fourth street.
Af.nea  street  from  Meilv
to ""ourth stieet.
Dickenson    street    from
street to Blackwood street.
Blackwood   street   from
a'.o street
ale   te
adopted by the Council. ' 6treet ,0 Carn;ircon street.
Notice 13 heieby given that the said 1    Carnarvon street from Merl
reports are c.en for !n3;c?t!on at the  Fourth streets
office or the city Assessor, Ctty Hail, 1    And t'hat Eald W01.ks be cnrried out
in  acortlnnco  with  the provision's of
���Re Lot 65, Groin Two (2), New Westminster District.
A certlflcate of indefeasible Title to
the above property will be Issued   lo
Alexander Cruickshank   cn the   20th
day of June. 1912, unless in the meantime a  valid   objection    thereto    be
made to me In writing by a person or
persons claiming an estate or Inti re .
therein, or m any pan thereof.
District 'legl itrar of Titles,
Lan I Registry Off!   t, N'ew Westmlnater, il. ('.. May 13, 1912.
improvement   Notice ��� Sixth
Street Sewer Area.
The Municipal Council of tho   City
of New Westminster having by reio
Iation determined and  specified   trur
It i3 desirable to carry out the follow-
Phone 2:3 Office, Curtis ��\oc'.'
I     Eoatt'e,  May 20,���-With     the   death
j y Bterday   m >rnii j   In     ti-.;   city   of
Capt.   James   Cirroll,   thero     paraed
away not  only ��� ne of the ol lesi ond , .
1 -"I  kroown ship masters on the  Pa-   lng W0I'KS of l0;,in" Mu,n Gtorm Ee'v'-
[ ci ft c  coast,   but  a  man,   who,  aa  the ' er8 in-1 works contingent the.eto on
the following streets:
Columhla stroet, Xew Westmin��
H. c... and tbat unlr-s3 a petition
asainst the proposed works above
mentioned Blgned by a majority of
the owners cf the land or real ;"ro;>-
erty to be assessed or charged in inspect of such works representing at
least one half in value thereof is presented to the Council within :ifleen
davs ftom the date of the first publication of this notice the Council will
proceed with the pt oposed Improvements under sueh terms and conditions as to the pavment'of tbo costs
of such improvements as the Council
may may by hWaw in tliat hehalf regulate and detoimlne and' also to
make the said assessment.
Dated this lMh   dav of Mav, 1912.
Cfty Clerk
Pate of f.rst publication   l,;th May
'lir.-u delegate to conaress fr m Alaska, " a :   ���  plonei r In dire ting atter,-
I lien  11  the  re ������>; :  m    if  the  N" irth*
TO RENT���Two good houses, one on ' I  ml   by  an   offer  he   made    -  in
London   stieei    :-i\   rooms,   possos-jsome years tt: ��� 10 priroha 0 that torsion June 1,  :-"". per months;  oneiritcrj   f r JH.000, 1,
ho so    on     Fifth    a enue,    seven      c..nt   Carroll was In t'hc employ of
ro m . mo l< rn: imme y.;*:*. \ osdi s-. the Pa di
The  11    on 1 ��� 1 ersons ha -lng   In
���<h< I" '��� :-��:;]     ���," 1 "...      " tl'e follow-
ic   '. itie : "������"     r. In Ing  to  tl 0 said
fro; on'  u: ��� 1 ��� 1 to Cell /er 1 he
same 1 1 the andr. ?I ;ni I.
'i . . '���;:���' '!- .TiiJj i"". fi'or.i
Tio? nrltlf.li 1 < ' , "id ��� ' nr ":���;'' Ion,
'Clnrr:' !.     ; ���":IT  '��� ill,      to       ' I   KM ler
'Ci'ii'.i-'-si' i" . of Lol '���"'���   Group   Two
t>2), >'������������*��� Westmi   ite: ���    I i'i.
WHJT^MDF ������  KDMON )3,
fo'h iio.-.-, for A pplicnnt,
OWNER will consider
Highest Gash Offer for
tho fallowing property
in bulk:
Su'v/iiivVons S3 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.      |
Act Quickly. Address :;
i)UA   k'jv, J.'iili  il^YlO uilkU-   Phene 233
i on; ���. 10 ; * r month,
HERE'S <\ NIFTY BUY���Comfcrtabln
1 i'���������    oi ������   cn   '1 enth    ���  * I   e,   lol
������'������ '   '   :.,������:������: ar     ,11 hea itif illy
re J; plan   do     In full !    irlnj
���  ���   ���   i und o  oall ���. '���'���������
will    <   ;  ioi   |14 u  tnonih,
TVnl :      I iii     I :������ .      Pilce
.    '     ���"���' i Ovtas     ���;,.' a C, 12 an.l
1    mon I i.    . o, I i,
HOUSE   AND   LOT   tor   $3003,   five
; rn    e   ei I     I tirnace,
' cash; >', '.: an ! IS montha fo.
I    li ,;��� ".    Ni!,  :' '*.
ALL MODERN r.'JNGALOV.'. r.1000.
i .'i Di blin Btreoi; vi ll locatod;
tili;',! (a.-h;   C,  12 montha.    No. IX.
SEVENTH   AVENUE ��� Lot between
- ..! and Fourth Btrqets on south
��� [<Ii ���    ��� LB00,    iiii:d    cash;    ti i ms.
Ko, i.'_*.
'.���: EIGHTH AVSNUE-i-targe build-
Ing lot, lane at rear, $613;  terms.
No. ���:.
i : ������:������.���' '.i, for ?52B each,
are worth looking Into.   No. K.
CHOICE BUH-DtNG LOT, cor:��r ?t.
i' tvialt's and Second street, $5(Jut>!
;:      132x120.    Xo. 44,
Coast sie i m.-:ii]> i :on p n ������
:   r no i  I]   n  qu irti r rf a contur;    I!.
ii ������ ���   '.       ���    .  : c    -   ���', ,.   on her
'  " '" '} '   '    .'     - I.    .        ! ���  ,;"-
ni,indi r   of   tho   Qui ��� 'h'i        ftr
i ���  ��� I      ��� iii  ���  .-.:i   ' -.  be
i ��� ' i    ' i   ��� ic ,���    -..  ,. -.        ,:i    .'.   ,    :        u ���:..
thi   :."     .
sixth street fiom ( larkaon to Sixth
' avenue.
;-'i\th avenue from Sixth   Street   tu
Thlra Btreet.
Fourtii streel from Sixth avenue to
i ii'h aven ie,
Regina Hti eet from Third sl ee) tt
Fourth street.
; if ih av( nue trom  i '111 ii   stn  I   :���
Sixtli stieet.
Lane LIS feel north or Ft un:.  ivi
M! >::   I;!:-
Ire,   Occident,   Praployees' Liability,
Auto,  Plate Glass Insurance,
Ofi ite, Cu: tig Clock
Six Thousand  Flmliloycci   AITei'teil  In
Api il���fndusti iai Accident ���.
.'.. la ui ua'l al thin pi rli d ��� .' the
'���. the aumbi r oi lab ir ilispnt< *���
In e.vlnti n< - ba i recently Iner iasi d,
In c".in i : [on ivlth t '������ :���������: i lemont of
wage schi dules for the comin; seaa "���
of  actli Ity,     There     v. re     nini teen
��� Ikos rei orted lb the department '7f
li bor I.i April, being flvo im-.-o than
in .March, un i five more than |n April,
1911, About 50 I'.rais und C000 employees '.'.er- involved, the loss of
time being estimated at In tho neigh
borhood ui' i50.o��o working days. The
only     Irnj oi tanl     new     iii- turbance,
however, was that    nt rallwaj n-
struction hands In British Columbia.
On the whole, the situation from th��
standpoinl of working tlmo lost haa
boon more favorable than -last year,
i "ily eleven disputes wire reported
un ��� tiled .'!  ihe and of lhe month,
There was a larger return of Industrial accidents to the di pai tment of
labor during April than In the pre-
c ling month or In the same month
of the price,nue veer.   Altogether on
1,-rmrovemr.nt    Notice ��� Fifth
Street Sewer Arei.
Th" V'inicipal Council of the City
of Nov.' Westminster havin?!; by resolution determined and specified that
it is desirable to carry out the follow-
in'.; worl;g of laying Mniu Storm sewers and v or'is contingent thereto oi.
the following streets;
'���'"t'i street from Third to Sixth
fifth avenue fiom Fourth to Fifth
��� i |	
the "Local  Improvement  Geuciai  Bylaw 1<I1^."
And thc City EnrJneer and City
Assessor having rei orted to the
Council in accordance with the pro-_.
visions of the said bylaw ui.cn the
said woiks giving statements sliov
lng the amounts estimated to
chargeable against the various pfl
tlons of real property to be benefit
by the said works and other parties
lars and the said reports of the said
City Engineer and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice Is hereby piven that, the said
ro; orts aie o^en tor inspeetion at
the office of the City Assessor, City
Hall, Columbia stieet, New Westminster, B. C, end that unless a petition
against the proposed worka above
mentioned siened by a majority of
thc owners of land or real property
to be assessed or charged in respect
of such works iepre3entlnT at least,
one half in value thereof Is rresent-
ed to the flounril within fifteen days
fiom the date of the first publication
or this notice the Council will proceed
with the proposed Injnrovemonts under sueh 'terms and bonditions as to
tho pa.ment. of the cost of sueh Improvements os the Council mav by
b.ilaw in that behalf rfegulBta an.l determinate and also to make thc Eaid
Dated this   l.Mh  day of Mav, 1P12.
"'. A. P"NC VN,
CUv Clerk.
Date of first publication ICt'.i May,
:.-.   i
11    I   :
31; '.;
;1 h
' i-i'h
. Ixlh
::i". h
1 eet,
reel   ti
i  : ee
nue fcotwoon Fifth
ilac'kf'.ld   sire: I
to ; itth'stVi Bis.
''"lllld   a   i	
i'O' ith slt< ���   .
Lnhaasler ttroot l
to   Foul III   ill' I I.
tt..  Ci ii ;      :':..'
to Fourth str   ���
I ivei! oal  : i.<  ���  f.om
to I'bm i h stri et,
Queens ;.��� < quo from Sixth street tc
Fourth street.
Cunnin ham Etre; i from Sixth
street to Fo    li   iroc-t,
,\i ins sir "���:  from  Sl; Hi street to
Foii: til slice!.
Victoria b '<! [torn Sixth p.licct to
Fourth street,
Carnarvon siren from Sixth streel
t.i Fourth strei i.
Clarkson streel from Sixth sheet
to Church stieet.
And that said worka be carried out
in accordance with the provisions of
the "Local improvement General Bylaw til2."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the roun
ci; in accordance wtth the provisions
of the said n; law upon the said
works giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
alnst the  vai Ious   portions   of rei
Hacsam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
, _ ,���__ ,��� __���,, f,
nn w** ir\
r>KKI #
Man Who Saves Ycu Money
Out Of The Hicrh  R^iitAl  District
front    the
whole will
'- nca lc*t lh dr Uvea and 227 were   jorperty to  be benefited  by the said
Ha.s just received threo carloads of high cl.'ss fiiiniture
East, and owing to the l!mlied space of btore room, the
bo sold at eyooptioually low prices.
We give you special bargains for Friday and Saturday in Solid
Ook Dining Tables and Chairs, lluficta, Sideboards, Mahogany Parlor
Bets, etc., etc.
Jusi Walk a Block and Save Dollars
B3BxBCMag���i km��� "������ MgaasBB��� BBgx���aaaca���h TUESDAY, MAY 31, 1012.
 via  C.  I   It.
7:40��� Vancouver via II. C. B. R,
(dally except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vaneouver via. B. C. E. R. I
(dally except Suuday) .1(1:00 I
18:00���Vancouver via B, C. E. B.
(daily except Sunday) .20:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursduy and
Sat urday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and   Friday    '..14:00
7:40���Victoria  via B. C. E. It.
(daily  except Sunday) .11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R,
idaily except Sunday).11:15
7:S0���United States via G. N. R.   I
idaily except Sunday).. 9.45
15:15���United Statea via d. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..16:00
11:40���Ail points east   and   Europe    (daily)     8:16
22:43���All points   east   and Eu
The An'-if-'t of the Cjlliery Knc��/i
His   Own   Mind.
He is a bi':, burly man with stern
eyea and a firm chin.   He ran knock-
i ut the cleverest boxer in the district.
Ho does not talk much, and what he
j says is  . hvnys 11 the point.
He lm- tvorkel many men of dif-
fer;Mit colors and creeds in different
parts.uf the world, from the low-
caste coolie oi tne Iudiai
m mm bay
_  exile knows how
__i colliery tc j
tlie  dour  Sei.tc!i  minor  und   the
citnble Vi elshitjaii, an "
to rule tliem. ^^^^^^^^^^_
H> Iia3 a keen appreciation fjr thi
skilled miner, hut does not hesitate to
tell you that lie is glad wherever possible lo use ti.e mechanical coal cultur
in liis place.
"Thc coal cutter,'
not talk!"
Trail   and   Langley   Makii
Hope to Be Beauty Spot-
I'l.in ���������
-\. K,
he says, "does
ll:40--Sapperton    and
Mills       (daily
18:10���Sapperton    and
i.nils      (dally
11:40���Coquitlam '     (dally
cept   Sunday)       S:15
12:00��� Cenl ral Park, McKay and
Kdmonds   ulally except
Sunday)        11.15
10:00���Ladner,     Port     Oulchon,
Westham   Island,  Bun
Villa   14:30
14:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday    14:30
10:00���Timliortund (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday).14:30
10:00���Wnnflwnrds (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    14:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Sld-
inu via G. N. II.
(dally except Sunday) ..14:20
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Ke'.Is
via  fl.   N.   R.   tdally  except   Sunday) 14:0(,
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Bbl-
day       ...' 14:00
11:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday   and
* Friday)         14:00
7:40���Burnaby   Lake   (daily  ex-
c-jii  SumloY    18:01
18:00��� Edmonds    (daily   exeept
Bunday)  16:00
Km pre  I'ay wil!  be ccli-'rii:  !  With
all   the  old-time enthu iaarri  ...   itiani
ipolnta throughout the   fr'ras r  Valley.
The  Board  of Trade  of Trail   will
hold a big celebration  when the  new
bridge,  built by  the Provincial   Gov-
! ei nniei't,  is  prpei ed.
The Langley Board of Trade have
I ls-ue'd inv.tations to a mo:.ster p| -
i nlo to be hell at For! L-in'.!oy on
Priday, and the Yorkshire Society of
I Vai.couvi r. have made arrangements
ti vlilt this historic a-pot ar.j together
jwith the citizens of that point, will
jnipke merry on that day. Chl'.divn
'and grownups will participate In
ipttrt* during the afternoon, an.l a
, dance will be held In the evening.
The rising new city of Hope Is also   planning  on   .:ome   kind   of  a  do-
j IngB,     Mr.   Frank   L.   MacKenzie,   M.
; P.  P.,  returned  from  that  point  yes-
i terday,  and statea    that    everything
   'points to mailing Hope a pleasure re-
yj}: l sort  for  the  people  of  the  mainland. I
If ho leaves Colliery Row, even for IThe  vete-an old  hunter, Sam   Rider, j
a  week-end,   I o   inufct  ro  somewhere
He is tiie liesd manager at the colliery, and with him is th i last word
in all the thousand-and-one problems
which arise from time t'i tim* in the
practical   working   bl   the   pit.     lie
  works harder than any other man in
rope (dally)   .....:. ..".13:15 ICoHiery, Row , ��� ,*
' If he is cot underground in^pectim;
some prrti'in <>f the workings lie is in
his ofiice at the pit-head busy with
plans for future development. Mi-
i.taff of assistant-managers is large
and competent, but he ha.s Constantly
to receive from them tlu-ir report-.
Tho outsider, seeing his life, wonders who.i lie finds time to feed uud
mm~mt*maaimi tamamimmi*sBBmBamB3Bam*Kaammm*amammt 'xzrmrmT^mmrrrT
wliere he can b; reached by telephone
if necessary  by  liis head assistant.
His business in life is to pet as
many tons of coal as is possible out
of the pit every day, and to keep tiie
pit working, and it involves, amongst
other heavy responsibilities, that of
the safety hs well as that of the iubii-
sgement of hundreds of men and boys.
If disaster comes and men are entombed in the pit, it is he who heads
the rescue party and directs their
operations underground.   In
came   into  Hope   on     Saturday  laden j
���with tvo tine bear pe'.U, on? a black ,
run!  the other B pr'z'.ly.    8am passed j
the tvo on the Princeton trail, where ���
it I.: sai-1 wild game is very plentiful.
According  to   the   member  for  the
D��ita,   the   little   lake   near   the  town
of Hope bids fa'r ti outrival many i :'
! the  'beauty   spot!    in   thii?    province.
[The tcwerlng mour.tiins, capped with
IEnow  overlooking  tbe  water,  make it
jan   ideal   feint   for   people   t'>     mend!
| iheir summer vsteatlon in. All ls now
eumst��nmM   i,���   i,���.   i i ~U        ,     excitement  wiUh  the  coming   of  the
cuuisiances   lie   has   been   known   to !
work   for   an   incredible   number   of
faced a mob before, and he
will do it ai'ain. He is a stranger to
And he will beer no ill-will to the
miners when it is all over or.<] hs gets
the pit working again, even though
lie will realize tn re justly than any
'���ther man all that the ftrike has cost.
  .. J He knows  that the  mh.ers  liave  no
-Crescent, White Itoek and persons! grudge against him, and that
p.biirie     |doily    except | many of them respect him.   It is ��<
Sundav)   9:46 I the chief representative ia their midst
1B:15-Hnli'a Prairie. Fern Kldge j uiJhe}l ?1 ���'."''' "' ��� and ,: \.6*  h["'
and   Hazlemere   (Tue* f��lf- .";lt   l ;'1   m���r*   anatbemause
dav. Thursday and Sat- I h��� d��r'J -  ' >��� Btnfce-
,,,-riay     9:46 LHe KS  tne  stron3
-Abhotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsiiui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily evcept. Sunday)   23:00
hours in his skull cap and pit "du Is."
hardly stopping for food and rarely
coming to bank,
He has no illusions about the outlook. He knows that whi Is the strike
lasts, he wiil be the most unpopular
man in Colliery Low, and that it il
just as likely a? not, if bad blood is
kindled, that his windows will be
stoned and he will have to iaXT a riotous mob.
He has
C. N. It. The tracks have been lrid
into the town, ari',1 a great i ele'ira-
tlon la belig 'planned for the day,
when the fim passenger train steams i
into the rising town.
11:20��� Chilliwack, Milner. Mt.
I ��bmta, i Ulergrova, Otter. Htiurtreed, Surrey
Cent re.C'loverilule.Long-
ley Prairie. Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Cotchlan. Sardis. Sperltne Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Bcllerosc, via B.
C. V. R. (daily exeept
11:20���Band. Matuba Hill via
B. C. E, It, (Monday
Wednesday and Friday      ..'.  9:00
20:40���Chilliwack via B. C. F. B.
(dally except. Sunday).17:30
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   17:3n
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista    23:00
Wanted. Teachers for all grades in
Public schools, including Principals.
Applicants aie requested to write bating qualifications and salary required
and must be prepared to undergo an
examination by the School Medical
Officer if ie iuired. Applications to
reach the Secretary's office by noon
of Thursday, May 23rd.
Secretary, Board ef School Trustees.
New Westminster, B. C.
��� i
Re the south half of the Northwest
quarter of Section 5. Township 15 (except one-half acre thereof) In the district of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title no. 430F, Issued in the
name of Catherine Oliver, has, been
flled tn this ofiice.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, ln a dally newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valld objection be
made to me ln writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry office. New Westminster, B. ft. Aprll 22, 1912.
Phone 868. Room 4, Trapp Block.
V/liere  Wilt*  Ar. "Kept  tn  Safety.
Your alter  voir esses���oiten  resulting in much litigation���occur of missing wills, the documents either being
mislaid  or  les'   through  carelessness,
nr innybe stolen  by someone  .having
sn interest in the.r possession.   And
yet it is euit? a simple matter .'or a |
teitater to have his or her wiil safe- J
guarded  against such  niishnps. quite I
apart from  leaving it in the custody i
til a solicitor or  banker.
At Somerset House. London, there
is a deposit' ry for the sa'e custody i f
the wills of living persons. But tiiis j
(act seems so littie known that scanse-
ly more than a il'.zen people a year
take advantage of this depositary;
and yet it is quite an easy matter to
place one's will in the depository at
Somerset House for a few shillings
and  thus safeguard  against  loss.
Perhaps there are some people who
sre under tiie belief that a will de-
[osited at Somerset House restricts
them in the mstter of making any
aiterBtion afterwards. As a matter of
fjet. a will once deposited at SomM-
Fet House is not delivered up, but the
tsstator is free either to have it destroyed in the presence of an official
or ta alter it by codicil. K> may even
revoke it by another wiil which is not
deposited. The freedom of the tssta-
Lr to change his mind is, ipdeed,,absolutely untouched.
Benefits of Manitoba Forest Reserves
to  Surrounding   Country.
The water supply o'f a district Is always cotWlderalDly influenced by trie
forests at or near the headwaters of
its streams, 'LnUi is one if the rti-
sons why laige districts have '..ecu
sel a-iiie iby the srovernmett of tbe
Dominion of Canada ani many other
governments, to be kept permanent!}
as forests.
The soil T.'i.hln the forest, largely
< eiTi'pose'.l as it Is of decaying and de-
cayed leaves, twigs an.1 other vegetal le matter, arts much li..e a spcir.ge
ii uoakitg up the moisture Lhit falls.
On tha other hand, the s/bsence of
i'.::'.\ winds within th. forest Jusi
ni rob tq prevent or lessan evafpora,- J
tlon. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The   nifiln-a   Mountain     and   Turtle j ���.     i  ���.
lm are gonfl examples of ttilj fott. \"cl'11 ttT""1 "*�� ����t. vrtwiit natural,
In the Hiding Mountain reserve nre \Th'-a 8hw lust,y claim* to toe a tok
the     hea'dwatt-rs     ot   tbe     Mlnnedosa \
(Littie      Easfc'ttfhewe.n      o-.-    Rap-a
Two boxes of Smith's Sodas, reg. 25c, today 2 for 45c
Fine rolls of No. 1 Toilet Paper, reg. 3 for 25c, today
5 for - - - 25c
Scotch Granulated Sugar, No. 1 goods, 100 lbs. $6.50
No. 1 Bacon, sides or half sides, regular 25c per lb.,
today, per lb. - - ISc
Heintz's Pork and Beans, you all know their quality
regular 2 for 25c, today, each - 10c
. We have five different brands of Flypapers and Catchers in stock
Now is the time to buy. All kinds of Summer Drinks from Ginger Ale to Grape Juice, now in stock at lowest prices.
All Dutch, German and French Cheeses reduced today.
Heinz's Dill Pickles, per doz,       - - >        25c
Heinz's Sweet Mixed Pickles, per quart      -       35c
S3 8th Sireet      "THE WHITE FRONT"
'.^ a ���wim.i.b.1 m-a.a. fa i. -ni. ,-s iit.fr:ijn.r/;w3?ar
Kins George at Home.
When King George entered liis private room on his return from Iuk Indian visit he fount! a mass of corrt--
spondence arronged for his examination that made him smile. "Enough
work here for a montli, I suppose,"
he remarked to Lord Stainfordliam. H
was plain that he was only too anxious to get to work. His quick, alert
manner of moving about, glancinii
wit.i pleasure at various objects in
his apartments, pausing every now
and then to make some hrief reference *to matters that immediately interested him, was gratifying io behold, since it indicated better than
anything else could have done the
downright joy that he felt at beitnf
back in his London "home," while it
equally conclusively demonstrated
that his health had not been impaired
hy the fatigues of the last few
river),  ore  erf  tlie    mo=t    Important
Ui'i'uu'aries ol the    Aaslhtfaolne    from
wbich,  ly the way, the town of Mln-
! iicdosa  Is  now  derlvin I  power.      'On
| the   other  Elde   of  the  reserve     Issue
many   rivers,  among   whloh     are  the
Vermilion,   Valley   and   Ochre     rivers
���>.nd Eliwirds Creek.    The last named
ii<  a  source  of  water  supply   for  tho
;own of Dauphin.
lu the Turtle Mountain forest reserve ort to be found the sourje* of
the Pembina and Whltemud rivers,
as well aa of many smaller s-treams,
Bi'mc of which loee themselves in the
I raiile.
Cuitlng away lhe fc rest "from the
headwaters of the streams would
mean that In the spring: the melted
Know would rush down these watercourses tn a torrent and be wo-ted.
niit to ppeak of d'oln1? conr.'.<lerK)'.)le
���'a.mage In Its .course, while in summer the stream beds would be al-
mo:t diied u;i.
Thus not only would the streams be
'deprived of any possible value in producing- power, but their value to the
s il�� of the farming- districts in keeping up a steady supply of moisture
iwould be much lessened, If not al
together   destroyed.
em show of ttie west and tl-.e tlalm
has been sinljSUintiatecl yearly. It
'ays no claim ti any circus acU tjut
tlie reputation that has prece'ded it
here ma!;e.j evident the fa?t that
n-j matter what the claims may tie
they have been lived up to in the
towra where the show has been i?een.
The graphic depletions of the west
as it was and as it >ls nre all said to
be  not  only marvelous but truthful.
Golf Balls.
The manufacture of golf balls wns
at one time, the end of the sixteenth
and lieginning of the seventeenth centuries, in tho hands of the Dutch,
and a heavy tax was pl.ced upon
sueh as were imported into Great
Britain in order to give ths more expensive British laborer a chance.
James VI. of Scotland going so far as
to give one maker a monopoly of tht
Thirty  Gallons of Water  a  Day.
London consumed the enormous to
tal of 223,530,884 gallons ol wate<
every day last year. This means thai
each of the seven million odd persom
in the metropolis used 31.57 gallons t
day, and that at each house 204.9<
gallon* were disposed of in the ������>'
period. ^ \
Of the miny tented aggregations
that are touring the country this
year there ts not one that has
lirr.usrht Into prominence truthful
western depictions as hai the 101
Ranch Real Wild West Shciw which
is to be here on May 28. - There Is
that something about this show that
is aibsent In all others and It (Ills a
r.lchfe in the amusement world' that
was Vive-ant up to the time ot the or-
gan'.atslon of the 101 Ranch Show.
Thero have iba��n many so-cilted wild
west showa sent out on the road during the past / -few years but when
cornpired to the exnfbltlon coming
here they are not wild west shows ir.
any one iway. Shows whose owners
rf eet the long hair and whose performance -cona'nts of, pistol shots and
a series of yells do not make up a
rral wild west show. The 101 Ranch
show Is of pure'y western origin ar.d
carries with It an unmlstatolble wm-
tern atmofphe-o. It comes dlroct
fr im thu famous Miller Brothers'
101 Ranch at Rllss, Oklahoma, and
there Is not the flr.-��t thing albout It
that ca'i be credited to the east.
When the .rhow was first org-inl^d
thc policy then was ta eliminate all
that had anything1 ot an ea��tern
aroma about lt ancl this policy has
r!nce "been sacredly adhered to,
Every man, woman and child that
takes part In the great peirfo'rmam-e
Is of western nativity. Many of the
Indians ond pioneers wiho participate
in the battle depletions are'but fighting over again the original battles In
which they were prnOples during the
eirly struggle of progress westward.
Jt Is a complete aibsence Ott the artl-
rost-iij, .May 20. ��� Confronting
death wilh as mu;-h fortitude a-s his
noted predecessor, word ha.s been received in this city that Rrothcr Ira
Out'on, of the IVrniinican order, a
former Xew England man, has (been
stricken with leprosy on the island of
Molokai.  in  the Hawaiian group.
He is the last of the pioneer nurses
who first took care of the UEtTortu-
na'es on the island in the North Paciflc.
Brother Dutton succeeded Father
nam len; iwho made a name for himself by his segregation and care of
the  lepers  In  the  Sandwich  islands.
Fa'he- Da mien cortractey lep:-.o*w
and d'ed, but tfrom the time he was
s'riciken until h<�� parsed away h��
never complained of his fate, which
he knew that he could not.avoid.
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SALVIA is a hair dressing that has
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at leading druggists everywhere, nnd
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Charlotte Island points.
TO VICTORIA and SEATTLE, Saturdays and Tuesdays at midnight
Victoria Day Excursion
Steamer Leaves Vancouver, 12:10 a.m., May 22.
Tickets Good for Return until  MFay 27.
Rail Tickets to All Points.   General Agency Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines. ,
H. G. SMITH. C. P. * T. A. W. E. DUPEROW,'G. A. P. V.
Phone Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER, B.C.     527 Granville Street
many things in cookery, St Charles Cream
essential.   It is as good as tbe best milk
cam for any purpose.   Por many purposes
it is much better.   It gives to coffee,
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_��� pure water is added it will agree wltn
most delicate stomach.
by best grocers everywhere.
CHARLES CONDENSING CO., Ingersoll. Ont tags rom.
TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1��12.      ~]
Published   every    morning   except
'-Sunday by The National Printing and
Publishing Co., Ltd., at their office,
' <3   McKenzie  Street,   New   Westmin-
��� ��t*r. B. C.
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
1 Business^Office  L M9
^Editorial Office It Die*
By carrier $4 per year, $1 for three
months, or 40c per month
By mail $3 per   year,   or   -5c
Westminster .Weekly  News $1 per
ahd Begbie streets. The light anc1.
telephone committees will report o**.
this matter.
The 'parks committee have in liaii''
the application of Mr. Joseph Traverrs
the application ol" Mr. Joseph Travers
in Queens park. j
The greatest necessity of a nev-
���country ts the settlement of the land.
That should l��e the first care of th<r
government and the lot of the land-
seeker .should be made as light an<*
Jas easy as plsslblc. Kven at that it
will never bo too easy.
Attention lias been drawn ln Vancouver to the difficulty which th<*
immigrant to this province meets
when he starts looking lor a pre-emption. Official information is lacking
sinil It may bb added unofficial and expensive information from real estate
.igenls is only too common. Tae Immigrant after being tossed to and fro
among the government offices is no
wiser at the end of these bewildering
.experiences than he was at the beginning. All he has learned is that he
must go and see for himself, Wiu"-
-'going and seeing" entails an expens'
.,,f .several hundred dollar:-, perhaps,
tl.is is nol a very desirable outcome n
his  energies.
And then suppose that  tli"  would-
be settler who ls looking for govern
ment land  does decide  to go and  se'
for himself.    Perhaps he "ill trek u-
to  Port Ueorgc.    Will he be    muc��>
nearer  knowing  what   lie     wants     t-
know, namely  what  Laid  he van  tak'
up V    Probably not.    Surveys and records  are  often years   behind   hand
Local  land agents confess that the"
��� asa.il give no reluiNo information as to
whether land has already hem staked
jfor purchase or is still  available  fo*
the  pre-emptor.    And  so  the  settler
who has not enough  money  to  pa*
4he exhorWlant prices generally ask!
���od  by the land companies generali*'
falls back on day labor  for  his sup
port.    Hut that is not what the province wants.    Hritish Colnmbia want*
amali farmers.
A    wist    land    settlement     polli
would go further than the  mere sui
Iri*li    'Bulls"    mul    Odd    Situation
Amuse Audience.
"Casey Jones" was the name or
the attraction at the opera hous<
last night, and it was quite nmusln*.
By the play on words and situation'
it, evoked continual laughter. Fron-
beginning to end misuse of words and
odd situations kepi the audience always on the alert. The scone, wa-.
I laid in a place called most appropriately Jayville. The characters weri
all Irish, which explains tho reason
for the word play, or "bulls."
"Casey Jones" is a railroad enginev
who is visiting his old chum Dudley
O'Brien, lie is an unsophisticated oM
chap with a penchant for making love
at every opportunity. He makes lOVi
to all the ladles in the play, but mos*,
seriously to an old maid, Ambrose
Merrifield, the servant. Mistress Merrifield is crazy for a man, and in ��
song "If the Wind Had Only Blow*
tin- "ther Way" tells of some of lie-
misfortunes In trying to get one
These two plan to elope and are prevented by a hll of horse play in which
another plans to set even. Towardi
the end Of th.- play Casey Jones get*
Into trouble With his host through a��-
attempt  to  make  love     to     his     wife
Probably   tin-   most   understandabl"
player was the unfortunate old maid
You Can't
Go Wro
On Thes
plying ot official up-to-date  informa-    ne^owef|
tlon.    to ,otl*r countries,  it  deep H ft^r   ullmowd  ,,.,.  ,,u. toth;18|aim  o
The fine art feature oi the Windsor
Magazine ronsisls of a survey of the
career and work of Dante Gabriel !: is-
sctti. In the course of the article the
writer says: "Dante Gabriel Uos-
settl was born in London in 1828., and,
when eight years old, entered as a
pupil ai Kin l's ( ollege School. Prom
, est chil hoo I ha was quick to
, r,,;;1 !,. ii:,, cultivated and artistic
Influences of the life which centred
around his parents and tlieir home.
In lsis, impressed Ly the brilliancy
i.r ihe work of Ford Madox Hrown, to
Whom Le was a sl.ani.t .', he wrote
a iking 1 emission to I I come his p ipil
���a privilege which waa gratuitously
accorded him. in friendly Instruction;
and he worked under this maste. for
some nionlhs. Whilst a; the Academy
SollOOlS   la-   had   a;i'eau.'.   mei   Holm .a
Hunt. Millais, and Thomas SVoolnor,
umi bated on klndn d. ii pol ld< i tl ia!
id, als, wa- the orm ition of the Pr
Raphaelite Brotherhood, of which thi
original members weie :;orst ttl ��� .,>,
his brother, Willii m Michael Roi i I
who wa.- tie one solelj li war li em
her of this artisl band, Mi'.aia, i: I-
man Hunt, Thomas We dm r, bi il toi
and poet. Frederic!; George Sti pi ei -
and .lames Colllnson. Tha title "Pre
Raphaelite" was adopted In all peri-
outness only after it had aires ly been
in  banter   by Ifon etft] 0 B
further. In New Zealand for example tho settler is financed by lh-
government on very    long    and    eas'-
terms. This enables the man wit*
4itt\e but hla will and ability to work
*o become
But it docs more than that. To
3?reat extent lt keeps all the land in
the country mortgaged to the state
"This has the effect of placing the land
"doubly in ttoe hands of the people. A*
.-an Individual he owns his farm subject only to that mortgage to th*
. state. As a unit in the state, he ha��
ss. voice In the control of that mortgage and of every other mortgage li
the country. The dreams of Socially*
and Individualist seem to be happll"
combined. British Columbia Is not
too old to learn and here is a lesson
.worthy of bar attention.
this group of young artists for tin
frescoes in the Campo Santo at Pisa.
of which (hoy had come aeioss a set
of aagravlnga. Hot man Uimi ha* ra-
i corded how. In their heyday of revolt
Double corner cornering on
Eighth avenue and Sixteenth
street, practically cleared, with
lane at the rear; close to B. 'C.
Electric cutoff. Magnificent
view. Price $2000. Terms $100
cash, balance In 6, 13, and 18
Fine double corner 100 by 132
feet. Pacing on Tenth street,
near Eighth nvrnue. Easily
eleared.    Price J3000.    Terms to
flood three roomed shack'en
lot 50 by 136 foet. Lot ia cleared with lane at the rear. One
block to Sixth atreet car lire,
situated on Eighth avenue, Burnaby. Price complete $1000.
Terms $200 cash, balance only
$2!"> a month.
Two flne residential lots facing on Fifth and Sixth avenues.
Size (16 by 140 1-4 feet. Thoroughly cleared, cornering on
lane, also lane at rear. Only one
idoek from car. These lots are
situated in the heart of the rrsi-
rient.al section part of the city
and are cheap at $2950. With
terms of one-quarter cash and
the balance in 6, 12 and IS
rixE business lot.
Good lot on Sixth rt.reet. between Sixth and Fifth avenues,
.-';ze 33 by 90 feet with lan'e at
rear. Thoroughly cleared and
level. Price $2000. Terms one-
third cash, balance in 8, 12 and
1S months.
O-.ice more I offer you the best of Mew Westminster property. Something that i9 good, cheap, and safe investment ln every way. Something
that you can't fall to double your money on  within a very short time.
People   who  are   looking  for  better   buy.-i  or  real   estate   eakpt   In     this
feroinlafing little city are ttill_looking,   l handle nothing imt what Is good,
1 refuse to Ust but what I know to be the heft, reasonable In price and In
choicest 1 H [tlons available.
Come and see uu- today and let me ."how you where i i pia ������ your
money to produce big Increase. Let me take you out in one of c or autos
and show you the property you desire, if you tire n it satisfied with i'l after
seeing it, that Is all right with me. I will let the matter stand .lu;; at thai
point. I won't bore you to death trying to talk yon Into it bei bus ��� i fl n't
believe >n i:.   That Isn't my method of dolus busincsa
Petter see me today, anyhow.
Large Fight [Wkjoned Tljoroughly Modern Honsc, -.vim nre place,
furnace. 11 sized basement, laundry tubs, iloor in basement, etc, Lol 6fl
by II- feet. Cleared and facing on Hoyal avenue and Allcec Street, class
to Leopold place. Lot alone without house is worth $nr,oo. The ro >ms in
the' hoaPfl are all large, and there is a magnificent view from tne upstairs,
F.ne largo verandah at side of house. Huilding could not un aullt I 'or less
than I3C-00 at the very least today. Faclpg on the ear line anil onl.v a
block from Columbia street. This house will readily rent for $.".��.00 per
nvmth, and for immediate sale we are in a position to deliver thin fine
property, complete with garage, summer house, etc., for $35ou, With terms
Of $1200 cash and the balance easy.
614 Columbia Street       New Westminster
Pine seven roomed hou.se,
thoroughly modern with full
Sized eement basement, cement
ll ior. laundry tubs, lire piace,
furnace, etc., etc. Koom.-' all
finished With the very beet of
materials. Leatherette panei-
IIng in dining r torn, leaded glass
windows, beamed celling,
i: 10ms ail largo, Magnificent
view. Lot io by mo feet taitm,-
en two streets close to car lint.
:'���: .��� $460-0. Terms $1<000 cash,
tlie balance In over thr, e years.
New thoroughly modern
hohse, six rooms, with furnace,
ba ement, panelled wall.--, den,
<���:���., etc. Situated on Retfina,
near Second '".reet. Lot 52 by
i'i-' feet, With lane !n the rear.
Price $1000.    Terms $101)0' cash,
and the balance v. ry easy.
Cood live roomed house, modern, close in, near Third avenue
and Tenth strei t.    Lot '-1 by ku
leet.      (J,ind   VleW.       I'r.oe   $1000.
$200  cash, and  the balance very
e isy.
Pine lot on Dublin etreet near
Tenth atreet. Size 50 by 122
feet. Lane at r.ar. facing sauth.
Price $1��:'.0. Terms $250 cash,
balance in over two years.
Fine lot on Nanalm > street,
near Kighteenth street. Close to
i:. Ci Brleetrlc cut-oft. Magnin-
nent view. Price $1150. Terms
Independent farmer. 1 {rom lh(, htoehOUOd contentions ol
thc pseudo-classic art uf their lime.
they found In the work of the artists
who preceded Raphael "Ihut freedom
from c.ornp,tlon, pride, un.l disease
for which we sought. llei��j there was
at least no trace of decline, r.o con-
Mi:iion. no arrogance,    Whatever no
Imperfection, the v bole spirit of tin
art was simile Hnd sincere���was, af
Ruskin afterwards said, eternally ani
unalterably true And s > thev d
elded to emnnclp.ite thf-msolves from
academic conventions, to substitute
spontaneity of gesture and eniotloi.-
for 8teieot,v|��d eommoii|ilaces of expression, uud above all, to return to
Nature herself, and dei let faithfully
only whut they actually observed as
essential. 'The flrst works 'to give
the world assurance' of lhe new Pie
Raphaelite Brotherhood were thou
three remarkablo pictures, llolman
Hunt's    "I'.ienzl    swearing    Revgngt
over thu Body of his Brother," ,\u
lais'B "Lorenio   and   Itabella," and
Rotsettl't "l'he    Qlrlbood    of  Mars
Acquirft a Love for Work.
Mosl of the benefits derivable from
physical culture Ite ready to our hand
in the opi ori unities nf iisllv labor
but the i rain ami enjoyment to be
found therein nre only for bim who
regards the principle lal I down by
the wlte man: "Whatsoever thy
hand flndeth to do, do it with tb)
might," iv.-eies, ix.. iii. iii that precept lies the teorel of a Ule worth
Living. The man who talis to OC'lUlu
a love for ��o k becomes unrrogres
sh-e, ttereotyred, with n more and
morn limited sphere of aci ion.
.'V     "'I ��� ������.-^MM
The  following recommendations o
fhe board ef works were adopted las
xiight.    Alderman   Lynch   voted   na;
ito  the recommendation that the
^ vices of the concrete Inspector bt
.tained.    Alderman    Curtis    was
present at  the council   meeting
That lloway street bv cleared;
.Eighth street from Carnarvon  streel'
4o Queens avenue, be repaired.
That a gasoline pump be Installs''
-on Eulu island and that the chairman
��� of the boards of works and engines1
��� be given power to act.
That the services of Mr. Townsend
^concrete Inspector, be retained unde--
Xhe supervision of the city englnsor
That tho 15. C E. R. company - b-
paid loir halilmg and deposltlnK grave'
- on Rrunette street, whieh is require''
for the fill. Also that permission l.-
granted to them to lay a siding o>-
������Colujnbia..strect. near Braid street,
That concrete pipes bo used for the
construction of the proposed slo'rrr
-sewors, for the large siz, s d iwn !���
32-inch and that they be purchase1
from th* Dominion (Razed Cement
.Pipe company, Vancouver, aa there I"
no tjiher firm lu the business in tb*
il'hat a special meeting of the coun-
��'.^il lift called in committee nexl Thurs-
. Jay al 2 .o'ciock. for the    purpose of
discussing plans   for    the    propose-1
The committee beg to report ths*
'.ihe new Street Gustier has arrived an'1
Js  working satisfactorily.
That aj 6-luch    main    be    laid    o**\
"Twelfth street, from Eighth  to Tenth
,avenues with necessary hydrants, etc ���
and that a 14-inch main be laid    or
-Sixth avenue a distance of 70 teet.
That   the application   of   Mr.   K.   N-
Eden for extension of  main or HouTt
etreet be granted.
That the application of Mr. F
���Crook for extension of main on Devov
atreet, north of Shiles sireet, le-
gran led.
Thai a temporary water supply b*
sglven from the lt-incii steel main ai-
jready on Scott stroet
The Great Northwest Teh-graph
���company desires permission to make
a contract for the erection of thn���������
adilltlona' poles on Clarkson street |��
order to reach with Its cable lhe new
rfjffioo., npfr, the  corner   of   Columbl'-
no RlteraUonB can be made to the
sanitary by-'iiw to allow Mr. SLxo*-
to erect his liable, but a by-law wain preparation for the building n*
stables   under  proper  provisions.
"il was oliced ln the Eulu is!an<*
ditches without the sanction of th"
committee nnd further time was asked for to report.
It is m>; within the power of th*
council io K.-.mt money to defray th*
expense of a representative at tlr-
Olymplo trials, insurance of $300"
has been placed upon the garbagi
h harf and hoppers.
Tne school board asked for grad*
and llnet on Sixth street. The forme-
wlll be supplied by the city engineer
a IL C, land surveyor must be ap-
proaohed for the other. The board
also wrote thanking the council felts CO-operation In the matter of th*
���chool buildings, and pointing out
that the suggestions would entail additional expense which the board ha*
m> doubt the council would aid It \*-
providing for. The council decline''
to aooept any financial responsiblllt-
In the matter.
(Continued irom page one*
the allowance  made  in  other ward"
and he assured them their case won!'' ,
meet with tho best possible means at
their disposal.
B. C. E. II. Matters.
A letter trom Mr. Sperling, of th*
B. C E. R., was read regarding th*
proposed moving of the pole line o**
the Pole Line road In North Burnaby.
It appears that the traction company originally owned the road an*
in 1904 turned lt over to the municipality, retaining at the time the right
to use the road for a power line an'1
also for a street railway. In view o'
this, the B. C. E. R. felt that th-
munlclpality should pay the cost o'
removing the seven or eight poles i*
dispute and also protect the compan-
from dangerous blasting operation*
which are. alleged to be going on I"
that dlstr<ct. The matter was lal*
over for one week.
(Continued froni page one)
at  the court of revision  on  th
The   rules  being      Waived      lbe
estate tax by-law was read threi
and   passed.
In   reference  to   Mr.   IC.   J.   Fader1"
application for approval of plans for
a new wharf, nnd also to the applies
tlons to transfer water lot  s7 from J
Bradon  to Vulcan   iron works,  the*
of the Pacific Chocolate company for
addition to Its factory, the harbor
committee's report was adopted. This
Was to the eftect that although plan-
are now completed for the Improve
ment of ths entire waterfront, it will
be some time before the lots In 'iue��
tlon are reached, and so porirtitaio''
asked for it granted, but without pre
judlce t
ter "f the rest:
and without Increasing the City'
liability for "compensation, shouh
iuch 'lability be ii.-ov -d beyond ths
which now exists, or which trfn.v lv
accorded to any othe.- holder of
.\ -,t:  r lol low I,
011 iii Rin-hos,
T'.ie health coininlttei r p i.ii i iji
Ice to the city's rlglRs in the ma'
of  the respective  lease),  involved
Tl���l��-|TITHTIIIMMI | <nMMr-... ��� ��� m-..*.
Can she draw a check ?
The modern housewife has a bank
account. It means money saved
and a correct accounting for
money expended. No guessing
how much the household expenses are when you have a cheque
book to refer to.
The People's Trust Company will
be glad to have your wife's account
and will take pains to show her
how to cenduct her banking.
She can opan an account with as
low as S1.00.
12th Street and 6th Avenue
3 and 4 Room Suits Reasonable Rents
Phone 595
675 Columbia Street
Builders and Contractors
Wo have purchased the Btoelt of the Crown Timber and Trailing
Company and will continue tbe business with a larger and more
complete stock of lumber.    A trial solicited.
Mills at Vancouver, New Westminster  und   Crescent  Valley,   B.  C.
Westminster Branch. ��� cars
leave H. C. B. H. to. station for
Vancouver at 5:no, 6:46 and
6:45 a.m. and every 16 minutes)
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly servica until midnight.
Sunday Sei \ ice.���Cara leavo
for Vancouver at B:00, 7:00,
8:0Q, 8:30, 0:00 and H:.10 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:UO and
Burnaby Branch.���car* leave
B ,C, B. It. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:.r>. il:45 nnd R:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until lfi j,. m. and late car
at Lli30 p. ra.
sfter and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves   at 8:00   a.m.    Kegular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Weatmlnster for Vancouver at
Lulu      Island     Branch (To
Vancouver via Eburne i���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly the,eafter
imt!! ll-.oo p.m.
8unday Service.���Kirst car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���I^eave  New*
Westminster for Van. at  10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch Cars
leave B. C. 15. R. Co. stutlon
for Chilliwack nnd way point!
at !):10 a.m., 1:20 and fi'10. For
Huntingdon find way points at
4:05 p.m.
Detroit Team Back at Work for SnU*>
of President Xuvin���Cobb
 1 i i   ,'  i^r-1
Philadelphia, JPa., May 20.���Becauae they did not want to see Frank
Nuvin, prtHldent or the olub, suffer
for any action of their part, the iplay-
���ers of the Detroit American league
ihasdhall elu!h, called off thoir strike
today and agreed to play the regular
schedule game In Washington tomorrow without tho services of Tyrus
Oobb. Thus ends one of the most extraordinary situations that has'ever
heen brought about in organized
In announcing thilr detelslon to return, the players said they -want it
distin tly understood they still will
light for the principle involved and
for which they struck.
In returning to the dull) the players received no concessions from Ban
Johnson, who had Indefinitely bus-
|ii-:h1i-.1 Tyrus Odbb for attacking a
spectator In a game in New York
last  week.
Mr. Xuvin, however, promlse'd the
ir.t-n that If they returned he 'would
do his utmost to have Cobb reinstated as (|uldkiy an poalble; that ho
will du all he can as a clu1_> owner to
have thc American league give better protection to the players oa the.
field .against unsportsmanlike conduct
���hy ppeetators and that ho will see
thnt mine nf the players will suffer
���any financial loss by reason of any
fines that may be- Imposed' upon
The special meeting of thc American league will be held tomorrow at
11 a. in. at which the cluh nwiitrn
wl'l decide what punishment, If any.
Bha'l   be  Inflicted   upon   the  strikers.
Thp question of a fine aigainst the
c:u'>, lt is expected Will alW be taken
up by th�� league.
When Mr. Johnson was told that
some of the players had Intimated
tha.1 '.'!'' b might be reln-stited Wed-
no ,-iy or Thursday hc said they had
���"anrther guess." Mr. JobCaon woul.l
not talk a,b0Ut the action < f the men
ir determining to return to the fleld.
these events will  be  madi!  lat:r.
ages average the tame. Match arrangements can be made wdth Mr.
W. S. Brown, 1101 Hamilton street,
telephone L 1138. The games are-
amateur, the Trust team being memhers of the British Columbia Amateur
Athletic Union. Saturday was the first
occasion when the Trust team appeared and their natty blue and white
uniforms gave rise to much favorable
A handsome trophy ls heing put up
by the People's Trust Co., Ltd., for
competition as well as gold medals.
The medals are to be given annually
while the cup: is for competition for
two years. A committee from the B.
C. A. A. U. will arrange the basis on
which the cup and medals will be
given. In the meantime the Trust
team Is open for challenge. June 8
the team will play the Tlgera of Vancouver in Vancouver.
Mr. Herb Ilyall umpired Saturday's
game and the teams lined up as follows:
People's Trust���Feeney, 2b; Lewis,
ss; Pentland, lb; Carncross, lf; Watson, rf; Feedham, p; Allison, 3b;
Lougheed, cf; McKay, c; Arthur Roy,
High school���Haverstock, c; F.
Cunningham, 2b; Corbett, rf; McPhail, p; Trapp, lb; Sangster, lf;
Dawe, cf; H. Cunningham, .'lb; Traves,
The particular feature of the game
wan the splendid team work of the
financiers. They caught their opponents napping on several "big league
 Westminster Opera House
Tke NATIVE SONS of B.C. Present
The Westminster Gun club has received an invitation from the Nanaimo Gun club to participate In a trau
shout on the island grounds on Friday morning, Km pire Lay. It is understood that several local sports*
have accepted the same and will lr"
conclusions with the Ambitious CltT
across the sound. The prize list indicates that much interest is being
taken In the coming event and sey?i*"
al valuable prizes are being put up
by thc .Nanaimo  tradesmen.
Reserve your seats at Tidy the Florist's r.ew
store, 739 Columbia Street.
Prices $1.00 to 25c.
;. 5X0
������ ���
��� BASEBALL. ���
��� *
��� ���������������������������������������������
American I.onjrue.
Won.  Lost
Chicago      23     7
Boston       17
Cleveland     13
Washington    11
Detroit    M
Philadelphia       11
New   York         1
���St.   Louis         T
Yesterday's Games.
At Washington��� R H 15
St.  Louis      413    3
Washington      6    ?    1
Uulteries: C. Hrown, K. Brown
and Stephens; Walker .and Henry.
Umpires:    Connolly and Hart.
At  Boston��� RHE
Chicago     0    5    i
Boston    '      2    6    3
Batteries: Walsh and Kuhn. Sulli- |
van; Wood and Nunamaker. Umpires: j
���O'Loughlin and Westervelt.
At New York��� R H B
Cleveland      ��� I8    J
New York     3 10    *
Batteries: Blandlng and Easterly;
Vaughn, Caldwell and Sweeney. Umpires; Kgan and Evans.
The game scheduled between tb��-
Senior Amateur lacrosse team an^
the West Ends last evening was called off on account of wet grounds. The
two teams will clash this evening ofthe Moody square grounds.
Amateurs Plan Success.
If the interest being taken in the
coming play to be held under th<~
auspices of the Native Sons is any
criterion, the local opera house will I
huh! a large audience this evening I
and also Wednesday. Under the personal ^direction of Mr. James W.
Kvans, the composer, the amateur
cast has been putting in a lot of time
at the rehearsals and feels fully competent to place before the theatre-
loving public of the city and district
one of lhe best performances sec
under such conditions for a lomr
Ume. Tl�� schemer, bank clerk, messenger and reporter are all injected
Into what will be a merry musical
play. Tho time, 8:15 o'clock, and th-
place,   Westminster   opera   house.
National League. ,
Won. Lost.-Pet.
New   York    20
Cincinnati 22
���Chicago 13
Pittsburg      11
et.  Louis      13
Philadelphia      9
Hoston       1��
Brooklyn         9
Yesterday's Games.
At St.  Louis���    ��� RHE
Philadelphia T     ��    6    ��
��t.  Louis      3    8    0
Batteries: Seaton, Schultz and
Hooln; Sallee and Wingo. Umpires:
���Johnstone and Eason.
At Cincinnati��� RHE'
New, York     3 10    X
Cincinnati     ?   6    o
Batteriea: Marciuurd nnd Meyers;
From ine, Smith and McLean. Umpires:   Klein and Bush.
At Pittsburg��� RHE
Boston        4  11    i
Pittsburg ,13 18    0-
Batteries: Hess, Qriffiri, McTIghe.
Tyler and Kling, Rurldan; Hendrlx
and Kelly. Umpires: Brennan and
The following lyric or pean of defiance was found pinned to the grandstand in Queen's Park. As an ebullition of spring -poetry it may be said
ta stand in a clas* of Its own. Its
tuthorship is a matter of speculation,
but eminent authorities upon English literature, to Whom the poem
haa been submitted, are agreed that
despite the signature, it was one of
the gentler sex who penned the Inspiring lines.
We w.U .beat the  green shirt team
Of Con  Jones.
Wa will shatter the pipe dream
Of Cun Jones.
Oil  the Twenty-fourth of May
Salmi n   Bellies  will   be  gay,
But the.e'll be old NIck to pay
For Coi: Jonc-s.
We will take tve pride and pet
Of Con  Jones,
And maka-ljlm a s^rry Vet
For  Con   Jines.
Johrny Howard will ma>ke him.
As a star, ��h!na very dim,
Consolation  will be s" m
For   Con   Jones.
We are bound to .-vln that gime
From Cm  J ne-���
We will to dly mu s the fame
Of  Con  Jones.
W�� will bet a pot'Cne1'  nn->
We wll do the Gren BMvta up
And reca'n the Minto Cup
From  Con  Jon-s
bout with Kline get a knockout punch
the first blow, Kline letting the punch j
go almost at shake hands, and Allen
would stick for eight rounds, getting
knocked   down   for  the  count  eleven
times, and making the greatest exhi- I
bition of gameness that has ever been
seen   in   the  East.     1   have  seen .him
box  Abe   Attel   ten   round.-:   and   win
the   newspaper   decision   and    1   was
present    when     he    beat     Knockout
Hrown twice.    I know his ability bet- '
ter than any other n.an in the world, !
and when he is right, there Is nobJbdj'
has anything on hin."
Bayley, on trie other hand, ls training at the Road ho Use, i:i Victoria.
He has taken on si- era) of the local
boxers tn that city lo train him and
from a letter received recently. Bay-
ley will be in bette.- shape when Ke
im-els Allen than at any other contest
iti which he'has engaged. He will
iiring a trainer with him to Alb&rt*
an 1 will be here early enough to become acclimatized.
Allen  will   bring the   "l-.iruigan  belt I
with him. and the winner of Oi_ uon- \
ton   university,   in   the   individual  all-
around   national    championshiip.      His
real  forte Is the 'de.athlon,  :n     which i
he   wl'l   make  his   trials  Friday    attd j
.Saturday of tnis week. .
The   trick     today  was    fllbw    and'
heavy from morning showers.    Dono-���
hue  had  no competition  for  place on
ithe team, but members of the Olympic  C ub  and  of  the     University     of
OallSorna end (rank team made pace,
for him  to draw out his best.
In the Decathlon. It is believed, I
DonO-hue will do even better than he
tlid luday :n the pentathlon. Eic.i;
of the ttr. event- are to his liking
He wi 1 be weak in the dl.'cus and
t'-e 1500 meters as he was tid-ay. The
Decathlon Is composed of tii loo
meter-;. 12) running bread jump, (3)
16-p.und shot put. (4) rur.nir.g higrh
jump, 05) 400 meters, (6) 110 meters
hurdles, (7) discus. (8) pole vault
(9) Javelin,  (10;  1S00 meters.
test will claim the same even lf    the
give It.
Hospital \V. A. Mooting.
A well attended meeting of tb'
Women's Auxiliary ot the Koyal O
lumblan  Hospital  waa held  yesterda
Club  of Toronto  refuses to ' afternoon ln the board ot trade rooms
\Mlss Wright, president, being in    the
chair.    Mrs. Scoular and Mrs. Hough
ton  were nominated as visiting com
mittee, and nominations for the hos
pital  board vacancies were mad?.
Beats Eastern Murks !n Tlireo   Pent*
���   atiilon   Events.
Berae'.ey, Cal.. May S3.���James J.
Dor.onue -or the Los Alleles Athletic
Club, in his pentathlon triala today
for a place on the American Olympic
team, beUered three of the marks
sot last Saturday in t;.e eastern
liialB at Celtc Park. New York, iby
Thorpe, the Carlisle li.'dlan. Dono-
hue's  performances  fallow:
Lroad Jump, 21 feet 11 Inches.
Thorpe did  21   feet  2  3-3  inches.
Javelin throw, 137 feet 1 inch.
Thorpe did   126 feet  7  1-2  inches.
200 mete.s, 23 1-5 ieconds. Thorpe
did 23 3-6 seconds.
Dls?us throw, 115 feet 4 1-2 inches.
1500 meters, 5 minutes flat.
Donohue 'Was second laat year at
Chicago to F. C. Thompson, also of
Los' Angeles, but competing for Prlne-
-About 7 o'clock last evening a man
whose   last  name  may    possibly    b'
Salach was taken to the Royal Colum ���
bian  hospital,  the  victim  of yet an
other  blasting accident.
It   Is  impossible  to  state  anything
else  regarding the  man  or  the    ex
tent of hlo Injuries as further particulars   were   withheld  by   the   hosplW
last night.
Nelson, May 2-1. Desj>:nJent
through sickness a 20-year-old Pou-'
hobor woman who arrived on Friday
from Saskatchewan with her husiband
amd a flve months' oid balhy. oommit-
ed suicide *by jumping Into t^e Kootenay river near Thrums. The polliee
are searching Cor the body.
Near Hatzic, on the line ot the proposed Western Power Company
Electric Kailway, with a large house fully furnished' with private
water system and all conveniences.
25 Acres Cleared and in Crop
Good outbuildings, farm Implements, wagon, buggy, democrat and'
harness complete.
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,Ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Better Stock for Less Money
Ask the Sales Department to have our representative call
explain what makes this possible.
We are placing a limited number of choice acre blocks on the
market at White Rock. Get in and secure one now. Why ' Because it is the finest bathing beach in B. C., and is onlv about one
hour's run from Vancouver by G. N. R. In the near future vou will
not be able to touch this at the prices we are offering it for now as
theie aie ^ieat deployments going on.
New Westminster, B.C. Phone 680
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Wirelesr and Deep Sea Signalling Apparatus.
T.';e largest and finest s'.ea,Ti��i>��  from  Canada.
Kew S.S. Megantic   Neiv S.S. lai/renfic
15,000 Tons Each.
Electric Elevators, Skilled Orchestra, Electric Heaters  Etc
��53.75, Third CU.b, *32.60,
P\t%\ Cla���� %92.50, Second Clans
32-1" 8.C:ew S.!-n25UTOK"CU T*,n Screw *S,%AN*DA>
582 feet long, 18,000 horsepower. 514 u . . - Tf
Sail. June 15th, July 13th, Aug. ,        ��...    .^   ���,      . **
10th;    $55.00   and   up;   Third June 29th, July 27th. $50.00 and
Class $32.50. up; Third Class $31.25.
All steamers sail from Montreal, calling at Quebec.   Embark night be
fore sailing.    No hotel expenses,    no transfer charges.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street. Seattle.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
S*c. a.td Traas.
;.,   -ut.
======   LUMBER CO, LTP..':-^lr^	
Manufacturers and  Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones No. 7- and 877.   8hlnglM, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc
GILLIS, manager.
A remarkable (fame of baseball,
considering the ages of the players,
took plnco at Queens park Saturday
afternoon when the People's Trust
team took the High echool baspball
team into camp to the tune of 22 to 1.
Tho Trust team played an absolutely
errorless game���not even ono passed
l,ftll ��� while 16 year old Feedham
twirled a game that ran the soholas-
ilos out In one, two, three order. In
justice to the High school team . It
must be stated that under the able
management of W. S. Brown, the Peo-
plo'K Trust team has been drilling
assiduously  of  late.
Thn average age of the People'*
Trust team, selected from local school
boy?, Is 17 yeiiri and they , are noi"
open for engagements with any team
ln New Westminster, Vancouver,
South   Vancouver  or  district,  whose
AL1.KN IS somi: CLASS.
One or GamoHt Boys In Kast���Bayley
Training Hnrtl.
BasBano, May 20.���Jack Feeney.
welierwelght champion of Central
New York, who ha* Just won a sensational contest before the Syracuse National Sporting club with Johnnie
Glover. Boston, wlll accompany Bill'-
Allen to Bassano early n��\t month,
and will train Alion while in the
West for hla bout on June 29 with
Joe Bayley.
According to C. E. Huek, Allen's
manager, Allen was never in better
shape thnn he Is now. lTor some time
Huek was very much worried over
the trouble that Allen was having
with his eyes, which was directly due
to slight kidney trouble, but he I*
coming along fine now. and Huek says
the people of Alberta wlll sea one of
the fastest bouts', when he meets Bay-
ley, that has ever taken place in Canada.
"Allen has met the best boys in t'.ie
country since I have had him," quoted
Huclt, "and he Is not only the cleverest little gentleman, ln the world, but
the gamest boy as well. His bo?,*ig
has met with tho most favorable
comment from the best sporting authorities in V*e United States, and If
Bayley, whom I understand Is a good
boy, beats him, it will be tt hard contest, unl ona which should bring fans
from every part of the eountry to
see.   I have seen Allen In his eeoond
Thrc�� Days Starting Monday
Feature Supreme
Introducing Adelbert Miller,
the world's most wonderful
one-armed musician.
The man who can converse
with birds in their language.
Hand-to-hand balancing and
special  posing.
The Seminary Property
43.875 ft.
43,875 tt.
��� ."''Pi-*-
16 ft
- ���             .������ ...I .>
12S'. 625
���'     '   I        '���
ni   nl t��ol  "rii
Nine of these lots must be sold at once. No reasonable offer refused. Terms, One*quarter cash, balance
6, 12,18 and 24 months at 7 per cent.
TUESDAY, MAY   2��, 11)12.
Great-Grandfather    cf     the    Presenl
Sovereign Sn��nt S-.n��, . ime In Hie
Dominion   Many   Years   Aee,   and
.     Was    Wirlhl/     Populir    With    All
Classes���Was  Ver/  Quiet  and  Re-j Montreal  ls��t"year
served   In  His  Manner.
When the orders of tin dav were
cahed in the Hnu=e of CVinnnn* during a recent hitting, the Hon. K.
Monk. Minister of Public Worhs, rose
and said:
'Mr. Spe_aker. before the Hrttse proceeds with the orders of the dny. 1
wculd tike to announce tliat Her
Roy-I Highness, tlie l'rince��s Louise.
haa been pleased to present, to Can-
oca, thro null His Hoyal Hidiness. tbs
Governnr-(. e; oral, for our national
gallery, a valuable pnrtra'f. in oil nf
tbe Duke of Kent. Thi* paintirg, executed bv Sir William Repeliey. will
form a very acceptable addi'tion to cur
iVatinnnl itsllerv nf int. nt tlie Victoria
Meinnri-d .Mii'eiun, where it is on
view. The (iovernment, in accepting
and acknowledging this welcome jri ft
has asked Hi* Royal .' cdine** t > mil-
Vey to the il��ti��r, lbe Prince-- Louise,
Dm* thanks lt| the CaiiHiliHii people for
her   generous   roniernhranee."
This gift .recalls many memories ij-
Fociatt-ii with t'or*-.ii* and p'.-ices that
have contributed In our histriry. The
Duke ni Kent is hest remembered as
tbe father of Her late Majesty Queen
Victoria. Up was, therefore. ��� rand-
father of our Governor-General, and
great-grandfather of our King; and
fof several yea':j he \vn* a re��idenl of
tin; country. The cift is itoni I nnoesj
Louise, now the Duchess of Artrv11.
and a granddaughter hf lhe Duke cf
Ket.t, who lor "ve year-1 whs nnstr?ss
of Rideau Hall, when her husband,
then Marquis uf Lorne, was Governor.
General of Canada.
Tlie   picture   carries   one   buck   in
Canadian history tin rp lh in a eentuty.
Hdv the Little Man PersoVed Ihs
Horse and Beat the Drivpr.
Horses lat and horses ihin, hor?o*
MiaS looked miserably sickly and
lnrsp= that seemed apparently healthy, horses Ihat broke a lei; and horses
that slipping on the icy pavement
were rend��red worthies? fo their owners, to the tune of 149 wer? shot and
destroyed hy the Society fnr the Prevention   of   Cruelty   to   Animals   in
to the c!��
Kent  House I.ad  a
royal  master.    Let  us  u la nee  bttell.,
over tliose far away years.
Edward D-jI.j nf K.nt. tlie fourth
ton of :'ing George 111., was boru nt
Buckingham Palace on Nov. 2, 17(17���
just one hundred years before Canadian Confederation.
When a boy he was sent to school
on the continent under Huron Who-
genheiin. wilh whom he spent two
years Ht Geneva. The Dicti .11hrv ol
National Biography says that "Wan-
genheim treated him witli needless
rigor, allowed iiiiii only a guinea a
week pocket-money out of an Annuity
tl $30,00!) provided for his maintenance., and intercepted his la(,Ur*
���  "Jn June, 17V, he came homo fr:m
Geneva wil.'rwit leave.   I e i\:11y v".*
much displeased atjd gsvS him |. r
emptor? fid. ts L embark for (Jibriil-
tar.   At Gibraltor he was put in emil.
mand  cf the   7th   Kegiment  of   I-'oot.
known   as   the   Royal   I'usiliers.     In
May, 1701. lie was sent to Canada."    "
Then opened tbe chapter ol  hia lite
that forma part ol our history.
It was on August ll. 17111, tbnt, th'e
Duke ol  Kent,  with  tlie  Koyal  fusiliers, arrive-.! al Quebec lrom Gibralla't
on the  win ships   Ulysses  and  llesist-
anco.       Quebec   harbor   presented   a
brare sight <>i\ tliat long a'.o inid.-um
nii_r  day,  lor   besides  the  ships  Ihnt
brought  the  duke  and   bis   I'usiliers.
there were then iu port i'.ve slnps-ot-
war  belonging   to   Qonithodore  lawyers squadron and four transports lill-
Ed with British regulars ior service at
different Canadian posts.
On the following day tliere was a
levee, attended by tlie authorities.
civil and military, the clergy ol the
city,  and  all  lhe gentry.
At the levee weie men whose names
���fill ever have a place in the history
of Canada. Foremost among then
rif course, wis tlie Governor 'General.
Lord Dorchester, known a few years
earlier as Sir Guy Carleton���the man
who, in 177f>-7G. bad hetd Quebec
against Montgomery and Arnold, and
wlio had finally driven from Canada
the forces ol Congress. Near. Dorchester stood a tail, athletic, military
man, Sir A lured Clark, wh >, .-. wsek
alter that levee, became De-'ily Governor-General during Dorchester'*
absence iu Kngland. And at uud were
lhe judges, the executive councillors,
thc seignors and the oilier lights ol
yuebec society".
Every tourist visiting Quelne always goes out to the Kallr ci Mont.
umrency, about, nine miles belt,., llie
city. Close to the brink < f the eh**m
into wliich the Monfhiorency Kiver
hurls itself there stood in 1701. as
theie stands to-day with so ne additions, a country residence ul wood,
two storeys in height, plainly built.
and yet not without a oertai . air ot
beauty and dignitv. It* bu.uler was
Gen. Sir Frederick Halditnaud, Gov-
'ernor of Canada during the closing
years of tbe War ol tbe Kevolution.
To this building, Haldiiusnd gave the
name of "Mansion House," and here
he resided during a number of years.
ln December, 1701���thut is. about
three months after the arrival at Quebec oi the Duke of Kent���the (riper-
ty was offered ior sale, as the following advertisement reads: "1-Y- .-ale,
the elegant villa of the late r;ir Frederick Huldimaud. K.B., delightfully
situated near thu Falls ol Montmorency, with the tarm bouse."
The property pasted in'1 the pos-
session of the Duke of Kent, and it
became his favorite summer residence
' lt was called "Kent House," and so
it. is known to tins day. A large
wing bus been added, practically
doubling tbe capacity of the house,
but most fortunately the new part is
built in exactly the same style as that
of the old part, so that the simple
beauty of the building has not been
destroyed. To-day Kent House is a
place of public entertainment.
The duke's winter residence stood
nearly opposite the old Quebec Court
(House, whicli was turned ia Wi.
I Kamloops Growing. -
���    Kamloops   this   year   rank3   third
.among tbe citias of British Columbia
in proportional gtuwth.
In these days of automobiles, when
gasoline is the motive power of fifty
per cent, nf the transportation facilities of fhe street when animals are
looked upon as beine a nece*sary evil.
when thc snow is off the streets and
the asohalt is bared of (he slipperv
coat of unow that has covered it nil
winter, the sound of the Inshiriir whip
striking thp flanks nf inoffensive animals is all too often heard.
Orcanhjed some f^rtv-tbrse yesr*
nan and ever since Giit lime having
provided effective means for the prevention of criiellv to anim��l��. not.
only in the City nf Montreal hut all
thrnuch the Province of Quebec; the
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals. ha�� l.ani-h��d from the street
liorner-i and from the lonelv route*
lbe disgusting spectacle of dumb
animal* whipped to the bled for re-
fin"-' to dr��v\;. loads far too ln>avv fori
,! e emaciated condition to which ill-
tpspfvppfit nnd lack of fnd had reduced  them
Riln tbnt stood out prominent up-
-���' the Hanks of the beasts, while
o'.bers snorted ft glossy coat nf fat.
were noticeable upon the horses that
th" foeiply put out nf misery.
Instruments of torture, whips which'
would have relegated the cnt-n-nine-
tui!- into the background, were confiscated from cruel drivers and form
a c':,'c'i"n of weapons in the offlces
of the C.S.PiC.A,
.About throe month' ago. at th"
corner of Bleury nnd St. Catherine
street, a very thin horse pulling a
very rusty WBgon, which bore no license number and which was ii"t
Hilorned hv any name of company wa-
stilled and the whip of the driver, a
fuTaiirner who seemed ali*o!ute!v
it'iiorn't of the capacity of the beast
plied i.lien nnd hard upon the ribs of
hi'  animal.
A crowd had gathered and the man
swearing gracefully in a language
known to him-elf alone, finally
brcip'il 'ho bloo-' to ih? flank- of tin-
dilapidated animal. Despite straining every nerve the, hor-e ecu'd not
budge the load away froni the cross-
irg. All' the while, lh: whip was
[died fiirimi-1 v. A mild looking individual trotted out of tlie crow I, tap
I :d the horse gently over the "nupe"
and presented bun with n lump of
sugar. The animal devoured it. whi.e
the driver stood dumbfounded at ih"
audacity of the little man who wonjd
interfere K'ith !|i- right of beating his
A., titer lump of t-tgar ua.; held
about three leet frcm tbe animal"
mouth in tbe hind <f his benefactor
a.-i i what the whip had failed In accomplish tbe sight of the riigar did
aud the horse dragged t.ha heavy load
away, grubbed the v. imp ol t-u_-nr Iron,
Ihe ham! ol the S.P.C.A. mnn mul
kept right on down  Bleury sireet.
"I thank you." beamed the driver,
wl ip weighed some 200 pounds upon
the man in tlie street, wbo could not
boast of more Uihii 130.
"Come off your seat." ivm the reply.
"I wish to speak to you." Smiling
benignly tlie man descended and wh*
tedd in terse words to get ready f-ji
a light.
As a straight right landed on. the
man's jaw tbe "sugar man" was heard
to deliver himself of the following
oration: "Any man who will beat a
horse the way you beat yours, is a
ccward and will not light. Vou are
no good." Another punch Ni tided
squarely  and  the  man  went dowu.
"I will have you arrested," waited
the brutal Colossus to the little man.
The r|iau who a tew minu.M previous
ly had cruelly beaten u defenceless
horse cowered before another who
could not cope with him in sine,
weight and strength.
Hunters E'-v Y��*r Vmlore Forth on
Din<-fr*tic Hivpr.
The l"|seiiiM��|.-i|| r I b-in'iin.'- inn-t *p
verv great when ll will br ' ni"ii o'nt
onto (ho \i-uar-i V.'.rer i.n tbJ winter
to   an   h!io  -i   certain   d "tHi   trap.     It
saems tba' |br> duck hunting i- espe* ]
chilly   good   bid   espec' -l)v  daiigerciH j
about, a mile above "if IhIU.   Every I
winter adventurous dmk  hiiute/s riot]
out in small  boats anl dodge thfl i"u I
cakes  while  thev   hurt   their  lavonto j
game.    As   a   rule,   however,   most  iif
the   hunters   perch   themselves   upon ;
a ledge of ice and hunt lrom it. Thev |
take   a   terrible   risk,   even   by   tbis |
method,  for  lhe ice  jam  that  is con- ;
stantlv   moving   down   stream   is   at,
any time liable to dislodge the hunt.
er's perch and down he goss a victim
to lhe merciless cataract.
Not many years ago two men were
observed in a duck boat trying desperately to tow out of a running ice
jam wliich had carried them down th��
C -ladiau channel Iran far up the
river. Their terrified efforts were
closely followed by a man with a spy
glass, who bad discovered them from
the windows if one of the largo shore
factorif~ rn tin; American side. The
unfortun'ato iiiotl had already drifted
too near the lir.-t roaring cataract, to
admit of nuv possible rescue, so the
watcher-eotil I only helplessly wait for
their pitiful death.
In d.iV-cribiirg th: incident, afterward, heVaid: "God. what could ji.l
do to help tliem���wbat could any ma��i
do?   The .Almighty   nioue
������peined to
hold them in His power, ('no man
scemed'to be wrenching his slu.uldpr*
from their sock. t= with the oars; Uie
ot'....- stood nt the stern, desperately
plyi: r a pike prl.\. An oar broke, end
was replaced by a third. Tin man didn't lo-o ii second in its replacement.
Then, in u migh . stroke. \ht other oar
went, and he le'l sprawling back in
the boat. Hc stood up, pulled tlie
p-wil oar irom it- pin. and began paddling insanely lrom the side.
"Tbey made little progress. Slowly
the great t'eld of ice swept them
down, down toward those snarling,
angry cataracts below. I writhed In
agony before the hopeless vision. Into the rapids swept the fore part of
t. j ice jam Then the lirst grPHt wave
seemed to rise up unJ hover hungrily
over the little boat. Hoth man saw
it and rushed t iward each other.
Locked in each other's arm; they dis-
appeated into the curling swell. Tha'
was the last 1 saw of them."
Niagara also plays the death tr.ao
to hunted as well as hunters. Hundreds of wild fowl'are swept each year
over the tail-. During densely foggy
nights strange ducks (Hen stop to
ro' t in tbe upper waters of the river.
Drifting unconsciously toward the
brink, ihey are suddenly hurled dowu
into the abyss of plunging water. T io
terrified to take wing nnd quickly engulfed by the spray, 1'iey plunge nib
the gorge, and are either killed outright- pr jtujined, to receivs wounds
lil at "keep litem helplessly in the
waters below for days and week-.
After the formation nf the ice bridge
n. -ny of these unfortunate birds arc
washed up oiK.t'.e ice. where tbey ate
quickly natlieroJ up Uy vha Utile gr..uo
ot    souvenir    sellers   ami  saloon   men
wbo erect  shacks on  the  path   iicru^.-
tbe  river.   These men  string  lines  of
s-.cb   ducks   lu   front   of   their   ramshackle  stores  and   over  the  liars  of
tbeir saloons,    it proves both  an  attractive     advertisement    and     ad I-
slightly to their source of Income', a-
they  dispose ui the ducks whenever
The 101 Ranch R-eal Wib' JS'eat
Ghow will be here May 28. T vo ]��:-.
formancea will Le {iven by this as-
Bie��tiibi;i and these wll] be preceded
by a etreet parade cn the morning o.r
tho cia; of exhibition. Tbo sit eet
parae'e will leme the ehoiv grounds
about 10 o'clock. The afternoon tc-
fcrmaiKe'v.id lc given fit tvo 6'ciodt
and ',".-���*' e enlng rerformance at
eight o'cldck. The dpors to thp Indian village an.l promenade concert
win o;on au hour in advance of each
Thia glgantio nmiisement enterprise i;*l6;iui to ho one ot the most
Perfectly orgnnhei wild west*shows
now touting ths coiiutiy, nnd cornea
h<z~c highlv recommended by patrons
In every city v.lero if has heen seen.
lt is puiely westera'lp every (k'.p.i-t-
ment, Thero la notnlmr thi'!' In tho
least characterizes it with the circus
nor \.ith tue vaudeville showg lhal
masqrciade ,-s circusoa simply | -
cause the exhibition is given under
canvas. Tho cano;i;--cov��irp(i tsentx
are so arranged a3 In'seat lti.ftOO people and fiom-each reat an imohatruct-
ed view may be had at all times. Tbc
seats are provided with backs a��J
foot, rests, and the old uncomfortable
circus plunks have been eliminated.
The show carries Its own plant for
lighting up the a-ena nnd tents at
night, sn perfect that "ight is really
turned Into day. Not only ts this
true of the tents and grounds but
the stieets leading to the grounds as
well. Fifty uniformed ushers arc iu
attendance at all times to care Tor
the patrons anl all are under st'ict i
order to answer all pertinent questions politely.
The show will arrive on Its own |
two tra'ns of double length cars and
���brin'-: with it in the neighborhood of
one thousand reople and the finest
ctab!e of horses in this country.
The e are over five hundied head of
horses in the stable. This show also
carries the onlv herd of long-horned
steers on exhibition as well as the
larcest herd of buffalo.
Salves Can't Gere Eczma
In regar.l to s':iu diseases, medical
authorities aie now agited'on this:
Don't Imi rison the disease germs i.i
your skin by the use of greasy salves,
and thus encourage them to multiply,
A true cjre c-f ail ecuematous diseases
can bo brought about only by using
thc healing agents in the form ol a
A simnly wash: A compound of
OH of Wlntcrgreen, Thymol, and other
ingredients as combined in the D.D.D.
Laboratories. This penetrates to   tiie
disease    genn3  and    destroys t'.iem,.
| then soothes :>nd  heals  the' skin  as
nothing else has ever dono.
!     We have ma:le lust friend.! of more
! than    one    family  py recomraen lin��
this D.D.D. Proscription to a skin sufferer here and there, and we want vou
to try it now.      We cm (ell ^r.'a'all
.about, d.d.d. Prescription and how it
i cures eOKema,  or you c?n get a free
trial bottlt by writing D.D.D. Prescription, 49 Colborne street, Toror.t-v
For sale by F. J. McKenzie   DrUS-
Bnmette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New .Wesl mt sts ter, E?. C.
Are well stocked ud with all kinds and prades of
A specially large stock of Laths. Shingles and
No. 2 Ccmmon Hoards nnd Dimension.
Now 13 (he time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
W. R. GILLEY. Phon. 122. G. (r. GILLEY. Phone 291
Pbonei, Office 15 and It.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers i:i Coal
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
-tm-mmmam^sss^tanmaa*m^n***ma^^j*i n iimiw���j�����_!���������e�����������^������������.... ������.���. ������������__ im rnr  n mumi wiim ������������mi him i
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor  and  food  value.
A D-jitble Loss.
Out in tlie Township of Z<>rra, Out.,
not tar lrom l-lmbro. live two Soots (,f
the true type, now last disappearing.
Bachelor* past miil.ile age. canny and
crosa jfrained, tliey lor many yeara
.'hummed together, argued and disputed, and fully enjoyed life until an
unfortunate incident severed Iheir re-
latiou* and lett thein both Ulisersble,
Sandy Mathleson anil Donald Uunn
wer.- their names and tiieir last t^ip
together was u< Stratlurij, where they
put In a big day and started hotlll
Aith a generous allowance of Heather
Dew under each be.t. On the way an
argument arise which became m heat-
Kl tiiat Donald declined to sit any
.linger with Sandy, who was driving.
He got back itilo the loin,' sleigh,
pulled oul thu tailboard, and pu tit liu
.t across the box. glowered at ban
ly's back in solitary state, bandy.
j! course, would not deign to look
behiOu, and thereby failed to notice
thut a severe jolt, coupled probably
*'... a f.liijht uiii-tcadiness on Donald's part, causeil thu latter to pilch
nut itito tho aiiow. Neither would
Donald demean himself to draw at-
toiitiun to liis mishap, so that, bandy
in due time arrived  In in ��� alone.
"Say, Sandy, you've lost ..our tail-
hoaid," said a neighbor, as lie turoad
into his gate.
"Ya.ss." aaid Sandy, as he turned
and lor the tlrst time realized that
he was alone. "Yass, an' 1 loss Tonal
Dance It Hours Withcut Food.
The adoption dance is one of the
ceremonial dances of tlie Shawnees.
Tins is quite different from any one
of the festive dances. They cmue
many miles around nnd camp; their
faces nre painted and their bodies <le-
corated with beads.
They dance all dny nnd niaht without eating. A bonfire is hu'i.t in lhe
centre of the camp and thev dance
around this. The lire is kept buttling about the snine all the tune.
This serves also as their light.
The adoption dance is rather quiet,
more so than the other dance.-. Tlie
women do most of the siiiitum nnd
sing very low. 'ihey dance around
the circle in twos. The men dunce
together in front, and llie women to-
gether m tlie rear.
T4ie two leaders in front are ih-
ually the ones who are adopting lne
child. They carry till pails; ill thes*'
are rubber halls, which bounce and
keep timi with the drummer. Ihi*
is al! the music they have to dance
by. It u large crowd is assembled
Ihey may liave two or three drum*.
At the!-e dances good order is kept.
No   drunkenness   is   allowed. I he
dance i* in a grove, and if any mie
Iocs not behave, decently thev tie IllllJ
to a tiee for ttie rest ol the diii'^e
Alter llie dance they have a creit
teast which la^ls all day, aud visitor-,
and ail others who attend the dance,
are invited to purtake ol Uie Itftut.���
Toronto Li lobe,
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
A  Canadian Cheese.
Specially made in Canada ar.d taken
to London, the largest cheese in the
world is now being exhibited in n
large store at Ilalham. Tlie cheese,
wliich elands 5 leet hig'i und is over
HO feet in circumference, weighs J tori*
ti cwt., or 1,'SJrl pounds.
Sixty New Tow-:.
The Cnnadian Northern announces
that during the summer sixty new
towns would be opened up on its
branch lines through Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Shot Five Beaia.
There il a good l>ear <tory told by
Geneial Agent l.ee (I the Jemiskain-
ing aud Northern Ontario Kailway, a
man wli. knows eveiy inch nl i.ie
North Country and can supply everything fro..i a gix)d fishing spot U) an
Indian guide. He and a tenderloot
doctor were out bear shooting. After
a while, they took aeparat routei and
in a lew minutes Leo heard six shot*
in rapid succession. Running to timi
thi doctor, ho was discovered leaning
exhausted against a tree and a big
black bear laying dead on a hillock
along a narrow path, tehind the animal w.:j lour good-sized cubs, also
dead, and, making h:s escape, was
lather bear. The doctor had shot live
out of six, but, in tlie excitement of
Ins maiden shooting expedition,
thought hu had shot only oue, (or as
fast as they came up the hillock Hie
medico blazed away with eyes half
shut. Lee guarantees this story, uud
w . wiil let it go at that.
Try Mooney Biscuits with any others. Let the taste of each be
the judge and decide which you like the best. Mooney Biscuits have
the largest sale in Canada. Their incomparable flavor alone would
command it. Their appetizing crispness and inviting deliciousness is
simply irresistible.
Here in our famous suntft sanitary factory, with its hundreds of skilled
employes���its 640 windows���its 3 miles of floor space, we create thii
perfect soda cracker.
Mooney's Perfection
ammmmti. .- ii - i-^--n��r..~���^mim^���~       11 at i i bi���������������i~in���r���^wny      ,     ^....
mm���'������~mmm-~mm &��'���?���*���'���*, Si
Cream Sodas      w*$$*k
*. i     w^ra^'^A^'is/^k
In   six short years Mooney Biscuits have jumped into popular      U ���;��� **���;-i.W&fytft,"M*
favor throughout the entire Dominion.   You will understand why when    %' ��^7::$);i'
you eat them for the first time.
You can get Mooney Biscuits  at your grocer's, fresh   and | flaky^-f ;��
in damp-proof wax paper lined packages. \j0^u\ .'wW:..*-y
r*iw7-a. jiiitKRf.-Jw^rJiiPsfet.".       ' ���
Try some today���their taste will please you.
The Mooney Biscuit & Candy Co., Ltd., Stratford, Canada
^*;::i;<fe!1i�� ITvJmmil   ,.**.
Canadian  Wcrda.
Twenty-six  nutlva species of  wood
ar-> cut   in Canada, spru;j   yielding
one ii.uith ut the totul. TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1012.
Trainer Tells of  Remarkable Musical
Talent In Animals.
A sood many pet-owners may be
startled, to learn that animals can
distinguish between musical notes,
says an English trainer in a recent
article, and that those of any degree
of int 'lligen.-e may be trained as
inu.-dcnl performers. Animais that
play musical instruments am hy no
meana uncommon, and a number of
seals have before now been equipped
with drums, cymbals, horns, and
bell-;, and have made music when
instructed by their trainer to do so.
If the 'melody has not been perfect,
it hus been sufficient to prove that
the seals have at least some music in
their composition.
The majority of wild animals are
influenced by music, and everyone
knows that bears can be taught to
dance on tlieir hind legs while hold-
inu' a pole to soynd of music, oven if
that music is ground out of a common
street organ by means of a handle.
Once a circus horse has been taught
to do a trick to a certain lune lie will
do it wh never hc hours that tune,
and, in consequence, be is the cause
of some funny incidents now and
again, Ones*.] took u horse into tlie
strei t for exercise, and as we turned
a oorner a barrel-organ commenced
to grind out its music. The tuno
was the very one tlie animal was accustomed to in the circus ring, nnd
lie concluded that I was expecting
him to l'o through his usual performance, fie broke away from me and
gave a free performance to the middle of the road, and I could only call
him to oi-ii'T by appealing to the
"musician" to stop the organ.
Whi n the ordinary dog howls at
mu-ic it does not always do so be-
cause the notes get on its "nerves,"
but often because it i- striving to
imitate them as well as its untrained
Vi sal  powers w-ill  permit.
I  heard    a   wonderful    story   of   a,
singing dog the ether day.    A hand-
collie,    named    Sammy,    the
paoperty of o Mr. (.'arisen, is a tenor
s >!'--.    Every morning, when a bell
oh a 'lunch near his master's honie
rn:---. Sammy   takes   up   a   position
cli       by and begins   an accompaniment,  whic'i blends remarkably well
��� ' ��� p notes of the belL    A
has  declari d  that  the  dog
is i in tune  with the metallic
ii that come   from  th -   eliur.h
belfry.    Later  in  the day���at  noon���
��� :.    to a  lumber   plant
I   hy I.i- musttr.    Her��   th^
'tipa'lies      the    whistle,
I    arm my, -it is suid.
t b������ i   n imber) d that some
. ��� '���.in*.   d"S crcati cl   a
fur- r     .���" i  ��� scientific    m -n    in
l' -       Tl mul, which  h longed
lo i Dr. !' nnati, could sing the .-ral ���
i ��� limit any as untune ��� from
tli ���    , v ic ��� or a 11;i���-'-������) 1 instru-
nn :.'     M ���    v. r,  it  c ul 1  imitat ���  a
i1        tittle   iv th   e\trv.r    ��� try   .v.-our-
a ���������     " r   hearing   it played   two or
ti '...-I >S.
Tl ' phil< nophar L.-iini- ��� deelar i
th ; ��� knew a dog whlkh Was n t
i i v a r markedly Bn ��� sins r- ''"'
COUl 1 actually talk. All ti: ��� 1 -Iteri
of the alolniii t. with the exc Pt] ei
���of "ni," '���-���," an 1 "h." it couit) arti-
oi\;.t quite cleiirly. and could irive
it- mastt r, when .-ouk.-. to, a tuilablo
Lions, elephant*, and monkeys aro
t* ������. i . f music. I hav - i en ��n ole-
pt.anl pliiy ���' whole hand ol music at
one . using Its trunk Bn! fi ro '��� ������ I '"
plav tho various instrument*. Lions
will often fouak? tYir mwils to
!:-! ii to a '-ine. and t'ii- upplies aiso
to tig rs and olio rs of the fierce cat
Historic   Horns:.
The Petts family, tha bed ni whieh,
I. i i I'etrs, i.- now staying m London
with   his   mother  and  sisters,   is  o.ie
f bhe i lde.-i in England, and shares
with t'.ie Uu!;e o" Norio'.k the headship
il lat.iui.c society.
Tne real founder of the family was
.sir William Petre, one of thc principal Secretaries ol State In the reign
ol Henrv VIII.. but actually the P*
tre-- were people '>f impcrtance two
centuriej befoie liis time.
Thi ro is romance in plenty ot the
family. The fourth peer died in t.ie
Tower through being implicated in
tii- litus Oates plot, and tlie seventh
bai  was the Peer oj Pope's "Ua.e
oi the Lock"; while the tw��i homes
ol the fannlv-lnt'atjst'ioe and TN'iii-
don, both close to Chelm-f.'rd���liave
m -i tiit - v-:ii U  assucial.o.is.
i ;a .-! ne Is the Aud ley Court ������!
"Lady Audit ������'s Secret/' and it ha* a
��� uri .us "i ricH'a hole," tlitcbvered
i'--ir:.'. sixty veftrs ago. In it v.a.- a,i
��� ,d ' "'.est. wiili curious loc s, that hai
;. . ,i used for fceeplfig tno ssiereu ves*
Little Je-'i Brighten the Days In the
House ti Commons.
Cheerful little remarks and episodes
tend to lighten the most dreary days
ii the session of n legislative body.
H. W. Anderson in The Canadian
Courier recounts a few of recent vintage in the Commons at Ottawa.
It was the early morning hours
following the recent all-night sitting
of Parliament in which the Manitoba
school question was under debate and
discussion. It was, moreover, the sit-
tinn at which Hon. George P. Graham had resumed his ft at in the
House as the newly-elected member
for Soutli Renfrew. The vote upon
the amendment of Mr. Mondou, the
Nationalist member for Yamaska, had
just been taken, and the members
were trou ping out into thi corridors,
the majority on their wa/ to the restaurant for a sandwich and a cup of
coffee. The ox-Minister of Railways
and Canals was strolling down the
corridor with a frown upon his lace,
when Dr. Michael Clark, of Red
Deer, accosted  him.
"Wherefore so downcast, George?"
he queried.
Mr. Graham shook his head. "It's
pretty hard lines," he responded, "to
liave spent the past few weeks zealously endeavoring to defea'. the Government, and then come here to-day
and have to cast my lirst vote in
support of them."
One of the most ardent of the Opposition newspaper men was reviewing the supplementary estimates in
the Press Gallery. Ho was checking
off item after item with keen critical
comments. Very little seemed to meet
with his approval. "Gross extravagance," "A patent political vote
catcher," "Another useless expenditure." "Automobiles indeed; they'll
be buying aeroplanes next." were the
caustic comments whicli from time to
time fell from his lips as he diligently
ciinned the items. Finally, however,
he paused, and read slowly: "Gratuity to the dependents of an official
who served for over twenty years
in the House of Commons and is now
insane." He looked out over the
House. It was o tedious afternoon and
a western member, who can scarcely
hj accounted a brilliant speaker, was
fn the midst of an extended dissertation. "Well," he commented, "I
think that vote sh .uld meet with unanimous approval."
They were Conservative members,
and they had harked 1 ack to the victory of September last With its cam-
pai.'ii stories.
"Well," drawled Col. Hnch Clar!;.
"ihe most ueiiiii-e congratulation* I
received were written a m hth alter
the election. My ---mi'":- mentioned
that he would liave written hei're,
but had just come to. 1!.- in I heen
' elebri ting far the intervening
Interesting   Winler   Military   Evpeti-
ment Made In Eastern Ontario.
Two parties of Canadian military officers engaged fn a novel tactical
exercise between Ottawa and Prescott
on March il and 10. Xhe parties were
commanded respectively by Lt.-Col.
Morrison, D.S.O., of Ottawa, and Lt.-
Col. Uuell. cf Brockville. The idea
was to test the possibility of using
snowshocrs as a "cavalry screen" for
forces operatin" in winter.
The manoeuvre area was 52 miles
in length, and varied from four to
eight miles in ��� ���'��� 'At. Kach party of
seven hauled its blankets, cooking
utensils, anfl two days' rations on a
toboggan. The advance was made at
8 a.m. on March 9. Marks were
awarded for thoroughness of scouting
en route, keeping up lateral communication, comfort in bivouacing, greatest penetration of area from starting
point, and driving in enemy's-
The Ottawa party made 22 miles the
first day, and bivcuaced at G p.m.
under cover in dense underbrush.
The Brockville party advanced to
Spencerville, about 17 miles. Both
parties moved out two hours before
sunrise, and came in contact at 8
o'clock on the morning of Marcli 10.
witli tho result thet thc Brockville
team was defeated with the loss of
their transport and five scouts who
wore ambushed at different points on
tho line, which at tbat portion of the
area was four and one half miles
wide. The Ottawa party lost one man,
and were declared the winners.
Though the temperature was only
four below zero, the rifle oil clogged
the mechanism of the carbines so
that in a numher of cases the weapons could neither be loaded nor fired owing to the cold. It was estimated that the Ottawa soldiers, who
penetrated furthest into the "enemy's" area, traveled about 40 niiies
in 24 hours.
NOTICE!   Subscribers
There ls no connection whatever
between the City Dye Works and the
Royal City Cleaners and Dyers.
(Sgd.)    G. P.  BALDWIN,
345 Columbia Street.
meets in Eagle's Hall, Columbia
street, second and fourth Wednesdays, at eight o'clock. Visiting
P. A. P. s. welcome, p. C. Cook
Dictator; J. j. Randolph, Vlce-Dic-
Utor; H. L. Christie, Secretary
who do not receive
8 a.m. should
The News before
and make complaint. Only in this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Dirt-la's  Recipes.
N ���������; that .1. M. Uame has lold the
rt ry of "'pet -i- Pan" in book form,
vi iitt   and   r. a. i.rs   alike..ai')   o.uc
m  ;���
w   i I
asking what is his uulhoil  >l
I ii- novelwli himself has pari y
aiis.vi id this njuuiUou in a note to
a ii. i Mine nit l' who wanted thc
reci' b ".*lv ro.i'.ers wish Id ktftn*
how you write." said the c.i,t..r,
'- > toll l'< in."   .
Barrie accordingly formulnt?d hit
le-,:v into a Unci i'l |.re<i Ti;.th>i',
wn ich   read:   "Journalism-two  \r,]?'
,*. h nr; .ci hours���one idea; mi*
idea Ihreu pani.rraphs; three piuu-
graphs-  iii.o   leaner."
!������' ��� ; it;- '-i.i-'iit pipes���'ine -ounce:
h ven ounces���oho week; two weeks���
u;ie chapter; ?fl ^chapter*���one n,ibi
two r.ii s- one novel."
A   Fr.mius  Warden.
Lord Bi'ssfce:', who a'* Kord Warder
of tins Cinque 'Porta is going to (.renpj
Walmer Cast'.c is perhaps the txut>
liked and  the most rcniril Lniltyldi|%
has ever held that ancient ofiice
I. r! I'.i-assry follows niany i.slin
i ii icd men at Walr.ici- t'a-tln���I."i'<
i)' ;���"���- l/.'rd Salisbury, Lord DiiTiO.in
ulr. W. II. Smith, L -rl Uraiivi::-.
.:;!';> ii a! I'i'h'; ' I VVj IlitiRton. I'
i- dm lit rl, however, whether '">:> u
iij ,,--,I..,..-son ever possessed, ai
lie do s, a nm: ter's certificate to cor.
I ���-.! .i hli.p. I/.id Brasseys hi me i:
al Halt '��� Abbey, which is in the neigh
burhoi d 11 tha pert?.
About Ambergris.
A  press  report irr.m  Victoria,   !! C,
the other day ft a ted that   * piece cf
i mbergris estimated t" be worth $i.vi..
' i   was   taken   front   a  whale   killed
liv tlie winder 1'retrian.i. which nr-
rivjMl nt 11tat port on July f>. Till*
is said to be one "f the lar-o^t piece*
ol  amlieruris ever  found
Amber-ris is supposed to he a morbid secretion ol the liver of the
k perm see ti whale, found tl'istinit nt
v.a>h.-d ashore. It ia a Utile liirl'er
than water, and might ea-iiv be taken
for a piece of the hark of a tree. Oil
examination, however, it is h nnd t',
be nf a waxy nature, streaked with
-���ray, yellow and black and emittiiiu'
.i peculiar ar"inatic odor. It lu<e-
tt HC to ino degree* Fahrenheit ami
at a blither temperature cuts out a
white sin ,ke. which condenses tutu
i cry-talliue fatty matter.
It is t..iiiid in all s,7es. fr^in one
pound U]i to twenty i r thirty, hut
jcca.-i"iially pieces weighiu.,' i ne hun-
jrel or two bun lied pouudj are found
,n jtthales.
ftllilieni'rii" has been known lrom
an cuily period, som.- p!iurinio"poeia-
i^iesc-iiOiiig it lor lever- and neivoii-
complalnts. It is sometime- minified
min the incense burned m rhureiie*,
and is a!-o |iut in- certarn kinds -ji
iv.i.-.��� to impri've tho bouquet."
But the great u.-c cl Hiuberart* is hi
:\\e . maiiulaciiiiv iif perillllieiV. N't
tliat its iragiauee is eillie; v.iv pow-
Btlul or pleasing, but lt,|l"���-v---<'-, thv
pecullat property it cau-ii.i; 'ther in
rreiiients to throw oi.t'lheir odors hikI
iijukiug t.icui mora speciilc and dur-
As a Horrible Example.
Advocates both for and against
Home Rule for Ireland u-=e Canada
to illustrate and support their arguments. Time and again the great
British public is assured that Mr. As-
cjuith's bill will place Ireland i.i . e
same legislative positiou as Ontario
or any of the other Provinces ff the
Dominion. Equally strong assurances
are given by the other side that, complete autonomy such as Canadi enjoys is contemplated by the Ministerialists.
Sir W. Max Aitken told his eon-ti-
tuents the other day that the Govern:
ment were going h im-o tbeir flhihi
for Home Rllle very largely on iivir
version of the e.xt*er ment in Canada.
I'.ven on this ground be predicted tti**
Mil r. Provincial 11 ine Hull' in the
Dominion, he said, had canned diiii-
cultie-i and disat'rectuents in in "irj
end of Canada tu the "ther bv ici-mm
n! the authority tire province? exer-
cise.l lr"iii lim-t.i time ii nppnsiti .n
t" lb * Kedfrral tii vernineM.
Ot i-"iir-i',  he finds confirmation '-I
Ithia   arguiuent   in   the   cases    which.
' a'ter goinii t!;r- ugh the Canadian Inw
;-"ort'. coini! heu.it; the, Privy 1-mio
oil anil are ent<ireil nn Uie Cnu'a l-i'i
ns "The Attnriiey-(iei��erHl nl Unit
iur Millie other piovioeel v. the
tiirney-neneral tor Csoaili." Hut.
niter all, Ibis is a peacetul neth >d
���i settling squabbles, and the aut
munition of wig and gown and call-
hound volume 1 phi s no relation l'�� the
lihrapliel-KWept battlefields which ate
pro.-ui.-ed if an Irish Parliaiucnt
Bitatolwhed at College Green.
I. O. O. P. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. P., is held every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting breWmrD
cordially Invited. H. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson,-V. G.; James
Ferguson, p. G., recording seere
tary; R. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
Accountant. Tel.
Trapp block.
R 128.    Room
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room C, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
Spring Lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
Victoria Day
Tickets on sale iMay 22,
Good to return up  to May
fare  and  one-third.     Poland  reservation apply .
and 24.
Royal Bank of Canada
The    Bank    haa    over    200
fromC^8,A��ten(3ing ln Caaadi
from the Atlantic to the Paciiic
in Cuba throughout the Island-*
��Iso'�� p<>rto Rico, Bahamas
Barbados Jamaica, Trinidad'
New York and London,, Eng
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
citiea ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford everv
banking facility. y
New Westmlnater Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)
Bank of Montreal
Branchwi throngnout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng-
land, New York, CWcage and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
backing business transacted. Let-
ters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of the
8avlnge Bank Djpartmeat���Deposlti
received ln auras of $1 nnd upward,
tnd Interest alio wei ot 3 per cent, per
annum  (present mte).
Total   Assets  over   1186.000.000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Or H. W.
ED. GO.ULET, Agent
New Westminste.
Brodie, G.P.A..  Vancouvp*
at-law, soliciiois, etc. Offices, ltooai:
I'i and 7 lillis block, Columtfia street
Cable Address- "Sionack." Code:
Western Union. Teiephcne, iu?.i
Adam Smith Johnston an.I Frank
Alexander  Iacl;.-on.
ters and -Soilcltois. Uestininste:
Trust block. (. olumbla street. Xew
Weetmlneter, B.C. cable Bddresf
"Whiteside," Western Cnlon. 'P.o
Drawer 200. Telephone fill. W, j
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, ban-iner-at
law, solicitor, tic: eoraer Columbl
and McKeiule streets, Aew -., esi
Uiiusier, b. C. P. o. Box 112. Tele
pnone Tin.
O. V. Lew^'hwaiEe
New Westminster.  B. C
Workshop  611   Victoria   Street.
���Over  Daily   .News.i
f. P
solicitor auu notary. t,m Columbia
stieet.   over C. P. ll. Teles
Mr.   H.inna's   Ire',
lion. \V. .).  Ilai.ua. iu.urin>  Pn*
vii.i-ial   Secretary,   is   not  Uui".I   �����>  n
'mixer."  and  lhe irenci.sl  iui|if��i����-ini
leetus l" he ihat Im ia �� haid nmn '
.ipproach.    Hut be  kllOW.H Imw  In  nu.v
bumng i-i-iiiitiy  folk at eieiliuii  t.an.i: r   Haoiia ir-l ran Iur lne ilntir.
Ugi*latul'o .in  IIJIK. when l.e i'j-p ft.i
.vir.   1'".   I-'-   I'Dnlcc, then   nn inb'-i   i.n
���rest l.aiiiiituii.   It seemed very ilotti i
,ul  tnat  the   latti-r ciai.il  be  il-.li-.-ii  >.;
ii.,1   .-.line   ill    l-iiiniia's   I.i.   it*   ^i-n'
-uineuhat    clolcluny    ilii-cu.- -....-'     \!\t
. lijiilKiiilv* fliaiu-t h.    'linn ii  u��pe<u
-.iienilur bl liio^ un-ilp s|i-ikii up.
���'i-sliMw!" he riahL ���Hanna'.-
?iia,icirs aie all IW*)*\* tie ktlii** M w
tu iianil.e the laimt-rs. When Pai lee
rails at a huci-e I u llie snle arte- In,';
people won D-' kii'MV 'what. t>'ib> ��iln
hini^-he'd so'.well dressed and line iii
:ns talk. Aloui! will come Huona llie
ne.Nt-ilay, and vvlitMl llie lanner will
il.tect lit in to ico up to ,o 'spare
iiiiii' to wa.-h lor dinner, do v'jii
lln'i.k he'll i; i liliu rHV.Ieer Not oil
you lil-. ilaiina will yank off his
e.iat ami say: >|'arc UK-Ill nothiii'1
.SlioW iue the pump and some soft
soap, i hat s what 1 was used to when
I was a iny."
Ami suit- enough Mr. Hanna won
llu   elect11iii.
..�������� I
'Mi aim.
B.C.Coast Service
We bave no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38, Begbie Street.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Vancouver   for
ni. and 11:45.
m��� 2 p
Leaves  Vancouver
in. and  11  p. m.
Victoria   10
for  SeattJ
Can.-c.i's Lepe:..
.Sim: Foo. a bright little Chines? I��:l
is in the Toronto General H'spital.
-ufleriI i fn in an alvauceil .-taje Ol
iepro.-y. and his case bas cau-ed
wide ci mment.
This is nut Lhe I'r.-t nrr rnly c .se
in Canada. Olitil four year-" a��n the
Uuiniiiioii Goveriiiiient siippolted a
linspiUI for Ic.-efS ou D'Aicy l-liml.
ju-t off Ihe I'acilic Coa-t. At mie
t.uie tuere were a nuinbei i I e��-es
���il this disease in Hritish d lumhia,
.md fcariut; that it would sprea I. Ihe
iloininiin (loveriluieiit isohrted tly*
uHl.eiits on I) .'.rey HUrnl. I'Vur
years a��o the disease had cairie I 'II
ill ,ts prey exeeptii.K a few CIiiiksi'
tnd they were shipped l i Cant- n.
.Miere they are still suppoiteil by the
Canadian I) o veto mer. t.
There' is slill aiiuther hospital I'm
ther-e iiub'.Ytuuiite.-. It, is at, I meadiB
Ne-.v !ll'ujiswnl<. Tiiis- I ., |.ciiwn-
���Urted aboul lilteeii year.-, m. i iMi.mi
,e:."r;.sy broke' rut, -'in- tlf��f irii\mee.
dosl of .lie patients wen- .V.i.wetri-in-
.,:i,i weit'' r'c-i ued fro.iP a sbipw.H'.'K
ii imi -li-eil mile- ir si) lr ni tlcp (M".-t.
. ,u: ****\r. mii'li-sl the.-e | ti pic l-
.-airied "it hy the "'.irev Nni.-.'' (nil
!.ie lioveriiiiieiit supplies Uu luol-
i, r ltd .-upjji it. i
Mixed Marriages.
Hu'.v nuini'i-ui.-i me mixed niarriH.re-
,u   Lie   I'li'Viine  ol   Ontaii',  Is  sli   wu
���i.omii-iv.'iv-   oy   tne   obieial   lepoll  cf
bifcl'eputy l\c^i-lcnr lieneral iVleCui-
*^. ... ,   ... .*       I.A....       lb. ...la
. -.lUll.
;, id ii. c.
Ccmmjn Names Licking.
. The pn-.-'iit Oiitariii Leyi.-lature
il ie- nut cuiitain a single Smith,
llr.iwn, .lull'-, ur llobiiison. The Do-
iir'i, ,i I'ni'liMiieiit has " lirown and
a Siii'.;'i (al-o i f-'inylhe), Inrt neither
���i .luu"- no ii Robinson, Tlie Senate
has a .lone-, Imt neither a Brown,
6* Hli, nor Ituliijiiou, allbcugh it luu
a r ibcrtiou.
wincli mis just been m oil
i imi'.' were l|ii3 men ami li
hi.men of ttie It'"ian Catliolic la.lb
ah j inaiiied olliurs lliau ineuibers .,l
inc.r ow n chin eh, ���
Kuun.ii CaUiulie men tu the innn
,,-er iff Ji"* niaila-il us miiuy Anu.ii-ail"
���vuineii: I'iti. TluiiiMii Cathwl/c ^W urn
i...., i'resb'jftenan lindes; "is; Cainu-
.ies tm k Melliiidi*t#, lib Hupti.-t.-. W
Llon^iMi.ali')UillisU.   *-!>   l.Utlieisus.    .
On thev other hand. 'Jl/.i K uiuiii
UhUioIic briiles married Aligllcaci
iMooiiis; lli-l uiariied I'lesbyleciaii-,
i()3 took MethcclUts; ri toe; liaptists-;
11 took Coiiu'ru^atioiialists; 73 uiair.ed
Lutherans; & -u.^iriod .lews.
Tlie city of Windsor continues o
hi the Uretna Oreen o( Ontario. .,i
11106 there were 1.193 weddings it that
place, and in 10111 no less than 2,'^'JJ.
Tliere were lil.u.'lti marriages registered for the year 1910. This is an
increase cl I.C7J lrtr tiio/year.   v
There were &3,i?7l births, males 23,-
5(1-1. lemales 22,207. Deaths totalled
11^   A   la-
(lllOlt   \
and �� 1 ji
WADE. WHlCAl.l.Hm. Moon ,\ iuub
MAHT1N���ll��rrlBHTi una BollcltO'
Weslntlnsier omces. lioonis 1
Oulchon block, corner Columbia an
McKenzie Btrpets; Vancouver of
ficee, VVIIManis buibllni;. 41 GraD
vtlle atrept. f. C Wade, K. C,
A. Whealler. W. O
Martin. Geo.
McQuarrie. G. E
mln.-ter Hoard of Trade meets In tht
board room. City Hall, as follows
Third Priday of eacli montli: quar
terly meeting on the third Fridav of
February. May, August and November at 8 p.m Annual meetings nti
the third Friday of February. New-
members nitty- be proposed and
elected nt any monthly or nuarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secrn-
lary. ,
.Leaves  Vancouver  fcr  Xinalmo  10
a. m. ana 6:30 v. m. '   .-
l4��,9tveB_ VaTW^iviVteT     Tot     TpT\t.<Sc.  ~TVul- \
pert *x\r\   NofUwin     I��olnl��   \0   p.   m.\
Wednesdays. '
Leaves    Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service .
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. ���  -
Leaves Chilliwaclc  |, a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Axent, New Westminster.
O. P   A.. Vancouver
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. fith and Columbia
Rice "Booze."
Alcoholic beverages are manufactured from rice by tbe Chinese tad Japanese.
Local  Imorovernent .Notice.
The Municipal'Po'imjU ofHhe Clt>
of N'ew Westminster having by resolution- determined and specified that
it ls desirable to carry out tlie following works, that Is to say: To
seed, cover with mould and riant
shade trees on the boulevard on Thlr-:!
Street from Royal Avenue to Dlxth
And that said wor'ts be carried o ���
ln accordance with the proviclous
the "Local Impro,ement Geneial By-
law, 1912." si
And the City Engineer and t':e Citj
Assessor havim. reported to th<
Council ln accordance with the rrr
visions of the said by-law in.on t;"
Bald .works giving s-.ateinctit3 rho'\
ing tho amounts estimated to be
chargeable against the vario'is portions of real propeity to he benefited
by tho said works ani other particu
lars and the said i'e-0:'tB!6f the said
City Engineer and C^y Assespor having been adopted bv the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the sa'd
re--.Qrts ar�� o> tn tot Ins-ection at the
o'flce cf the City Aaaeasbc, City Hail
Columbia St'eet, New Westminster.
B.C.. and that unJ;rs a petition
against the pioiosc.l works above
mentioned signed by a majority of
the owners of the land cr leal rro
i:erty to be assessed as charred ln
respect of such worka representing at
least one half in value thereof Is pro-
sente.l to tbe Council within fifteen
days from tho date ol the first publication of this notice the Council wlll
proceed with tho pro] qsed improvements under sue]), terms and conditions as to the payment pf the cost
of such improvements as the Council may by by-law In that behalf
regulate and determine, and also to
mnke the said nsitsnincnt.
Dated this Eighth day of May, 1912.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
Date of first publication May 9, 1912.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Water;,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R  113   Office:  Princes* 8t
Sun: mer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
' .Mg��3B  iiiiii   .j, nm .iBagagjuaM
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214  Sixth Avenue. - Phone 567!
an teed.
tit and  workmanship guar-
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods just arrived. First-Cla^s Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
RE8T ....
.. .$4,600,000
IVferche|nt Tailors
24 Mclhnls St., City.
'     BRANCH
B. a
TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1012.
Screen Doorif^cljustable
Screen Wind^s and
Wire riofK .
Andean & Lusby
t 'l-:VilYfl.
Freah HerrinR   4 lhs. (nr 25c
Fresh Halibut ., 3 llis.  for 25c
Kippered StiWiiMti.  per lb 20c
Kippered .Salmon, per Hi IB""
Smoked  Halibut,, per. Hi 15c
Smoked Spring HSaHiron, per Ib. ..20'-
Fresh Clams 6 "'s. for 25<-
537 FrontW -   Phone 301
Six waterproof coats at '$!!0 each
will be ordered from Reld"ttn1 M-'-
Donald for the police force.
Hishop de Pencier connwnt'fl "*'
lnrge claas of candidate in;W: AlVWn'"
church, Kdmonds, Sunday thdrnlrtgr.
Don't miss hearing the Cameron
family on Tuesday evening at the
True li'.ue Concert.    Plu'te, harp and
Violin,     iiraage   Hall. *<
Mr.-;. Kdwin H. Joh.nstori, nee Mis-^
Mina Hoy, will receive the tirst time
s--i;iee her -m-arriage on Wednesday.
the 22nd. at her aipartmentr, suite 6,
Queen's Court.
Tht dust nuisance has called forth
ji petition from seventeen Chinese living on Mclnnes street that the road
be sprinkled three or four times a
The applicili n of Mr. F. Itaith
and W. H. Kennedy f ir permission to
sell Ice cream and refreshments in
Queen's Park during the siimme;- has
been granted subject tb arrangements
made with the R   A. .<.-  I.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A.  It. C. M.
Member ot the Incorporated  Society
ot Musicians   i Kngland).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint u&nd Musical
For terms, etc., apply
51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster, l'hone U4U.
Mr. A. W, McLeod has gone over
t > Victoria on u bus.ness trip. He
���will r-.'turn about raid-week,
The Port Mann ferry has 1>een Out
of commi-ision -ol late, but her repairs
will be completed and all ready ifor a
new beginning on Thursday next.
Sm will make live t;ips per J'ay.
there and baok from Westminster.
Edmonds road neir Btcrre, 6fixii:'.
feet, all cleared, fence 1 and planted
to fruit and garden, .six-room bungalow, now chicken house and 'barn,
$'1100. $7E0 cash. CtJRTIQ & DORAN,   city.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
All  Wcrk  Guaranteed.
541 Front Street.      Near City Market.
"Take ycu j our instruments, ploy you thewhiles"
| Lessons    on    the    BANJO,    ZITHER
- :������ t*,: ���!��� ���
IN AND C(iN*ri.T Ml-:.     I SPECIAL
Rp or-o Tucf.1 iy evening to attend
tiie True Blue Concert, ("range Hall,
.-nl hoitr t'-i- v. M. C. A. orehefira.
ten In number. Admission 25 Cents.**
The  Ladies'   Aid   of  Olivet
chUPBtl,   will   meet     in     the     Sunday
F��?hool room of the church this afternoon at 3  oVlock.
"G. Lawrence
For terms, Apply at Todd's or Major's
Music  Houses.
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia Bt.,
Phona   62. L% *����w  v����atmln��Ur.
How about your gar len ? King ui
phone L1SI and set Tidy, the florist
to quote you prices on the hest stock
that is grown in the country. They
make a specialty of hanging baskets
and window boxes.
Afr-(,; s r. et, near Eighth, 66x132,
bakirg on Moody, building paying
$35 monthly: $12,500. $'2500 cash,
balance to suit.     curtIo &    DOR-
GAN, city.
Thero h-s been a ch m-;e in the
man- Kc-mint of the Pacific Cinadian
I'r.r.t ng an.i Publishing Compan;-.
Mr. G. Lookle Brown, late of thi
Oaiy N.-ws. sue B< .is Mr. D. M. Le-
Sourdals as manager.
A convection of ladies from all
parts of C.ir.ada, will be held at Vancouver from June 18 to 22. in as=o-
i iation with the Women'i? Foreign
Missionary Society. Representatives
if the local organization have a;>-
Baptist I,,reached the court-ll with a view to
enlla'lwg 'its financial support towards
showing this very important delegation the advantages of the city and '.ts
A inn
Waist Specials
e display of charming new Waists, shown   !n
pretty 7110(1015, three of whicli are mentioned
New Underskirts
Just Arrived
Excellent Values
New Lingerie Blouse of fine cross bar Dimity, plain
tailored front, with pocket, sailor collar, short
sleeves, trimmed with lace; eizes 34 to 38. Dainty
model with open front, fastened with row of white
pear] buttons, sailor collar, embroidery and laoe
trimmed, cuffs to match. Another a;yliBh waist Is
'Of line hien-erized mull, high collar, yoke trimmed
'with flne tucks and Valencienne lace insertion; short
sleeves, trimmed to match collar and yoke. Tuesday Special, each S2.2.">      latent adjustable band
Seldom have we shown so complete n range of Underskirts as right now, and there are many values
that mean money saved for you. Come today and
He thia showing.
Underskirt  of gooj  grade  cotton,  tatTota.
with fancy ssalloped flounce and dust frill;
in   blink,
all sizes;
Work In the Public Works Department was suspended yesterday.
while overhead, as on the flag pole3
throughout the city, the Union Ja. k
was half-masted, a^ a la> t tribute of
respect to the late Mr. Ge i. A. Keefer. Captains Br >wn, Gosse, Newcombe, Philpott, Rogers and Young
went to Victoria to act as pail bearers at the funeral, and many Othei;
.itizens   journeyed   thither  also.
Manager Harry Tidy, of the Opera
ilouse, receive.! a letter from. John
Ort.   manage*   of   the    Narthwt-stern
in i'.-.r.c.ii  Association    yesrtefiay. in
It     he  slated  that Thurlow     Bergen,
the  emir.e 'l Amer! an    actor
,1,-ia.y   at   His  -total   o-uera
One of our prettiest Waists made ot white all-over
embroidery, low neck, with band and yoke of rase
linen; inserted front panel at waist line, and cuffs to
match; sizes. 34, 30 and 38.
Flannel Waists
There are about two dozen shown ln this lot, made
��n strictly tailored styles; plain short sleeve with soft
coi'.ar and cuffs; knife tucked in front; light stripe?
of grey, blue and green; sizes 34 to 40; values regular $3.25 arid $3.75. Tuesday Special, each . .$2.7.>
Buy Corsets Tuesday, $1*25
You won't get any better satisfaction by paying 50
per cent, more than this cor.-i.-t will give: made ot
good grade c-utill in white; strong caped steels; new
models with low bust and extra long skirt; ' n.r h ���
supporters! *V*ta 19 to 26; valuta worth $1.75.
Special, per pair Sl.-">
Black    Heatherbloom    Underskirt,    plain
flounce,  extra good  linish    and quality;
band; all sizes.
Shot Silk  Underskirts,  fancy
grade taffeta; in shades of tan,
grey; all sizes; with adjustahl,
lUtched flounce; good
brown, green, red and
Women's Underskirt of good quality satin, accordian
pieated flounce; In shades of navy, green, grey, tan
and brack; adjustable band.
Whitewear Special
Today 50c
Corset Covers and  Drawers that nie slightly counter
siiied. marked tor quick selling Tuesday; shown In
a   big assirtment in  lace and  embroidery  trimm-o;
all size.--, values to 85c.    Toduy. pi r garment ... -~>o<-
\ Monday   marmn-Ofl-
house   nest
Mr.   B.re.n   -vv-.U-lx
On  Thufirtay   ever.ln-se   nnxt   H��iv.   K.
1 Bivwclxn    WiU    fle'.lver    an       OM- \"r,)1Ivomitti-TCd   hy    the   ��how-*olii��    pen
A"        * \pltf   >>t   ��ew   WfcBtmlr.jitev,   m     havln-t
en the 'oafllng man  with    Florence
Start That
New Westminster, B.C.
Na- Dru- Co
Ruby Rose Cold Cream
Sec Our Window
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
New Weetmlneter, E.G.
Iratpa le< ture   In   trie "X.   M. C'
s..ml>ly   Hnll   on   "Hoy'fl   Camp   lilft."
Th,-   puh'l ���   and  especially   the     par-
enis ef ail l>0�� are Invited to attend.
There   wlll   be   no   admission     charge
f >r the lo-cture.
The seeond public meeting of th-
Political Equality league wlll be heb'
at the residence of Mrs. Alec l.amh
-20 Third avenue, tonight at S o'clock
Interesting reports are expected fron-
the delegates to the recent convention held in Victoria, followed by discussion. Gentlemen are invited lo be
Mesrrx.  J.  .   ohnaon    and    W.  ll.
Kesry are the ropresfntatlve-* of the
council upon th-- hospital board, but
their tenure expires on June 15 next.
The annual ineeting is four days
lattr, and elections are to be made
PO that the nominees of the council
may attend that meeting. The retir-
^ memelber* are of course eligible
Tor re-e'.cctio:;.
The Uurnaby council through
Councillor W. II. Madill. has approached the city to have the neces-
s;-ry streeta opened us so to give ulceus between D.ien i Vista and Sapperton. These streets are Surrey
'���treet oppos'te Carlv,oo road, and
Miilnu-s  street   opposite   Armstrung.
Mr. K, ti We'ibor. formerly HCH-re-
tary of the Westminster Trust Company, returned to this cltv On Saturday, having spent the winter in the
Upper Country, Mr. WefHbfar la greit-
lv Imprrved In health, and .will peafi
tha summer In the city. In the ''all
be wl'l return to the I'pier 0 iuntry
with his family and reside there per-
The Colombian College music department announces a recital to be
given by the students who are preparing fnr examinations In June,
hoth vocal and iplano. The recital
wiil be or. Wednesday eventnt <��r
tlii< 'wi ' k at H o'clocU In tKe g\-mna-
sitim.    Everyone is cordially invited.
Mr 1-: J. Uoughfii writing to the
eounell upon thc subject nf suiibles,
states that the war of extermination
upon the hoi-eefly pest Is of little
avail if we are tn have breeding
nbi. en of thia pest ln -our midst, lie
deplores the fart that many residential factions of the city had been depreciated by the erection of iiorsc
and cow  bayis.
ricHdentH of lient street, as its proper name in. want It made passtaible.
Th:y state that thl-. little street off
Fourth avenue is oalled Bent lane,
and would like this to be Changed to
Rent COUrt, The subtle difference
between a lane and a court waa stated to be that in European countries
this street would 'be known as court,
having ono entrance only, whereas ��
lane always has an outlet at the other end. The tioartls of Works has
tht matter In  hand.
Roberta when she
ago , In "Jlrti th
name of the Play
star   i.i
���Je-.l    Will
wa�� here some time
I     Penman."       The
In   whieh  Mr.  Ber-
"T'ne     Builder     of
I.. Christie has returne'1
business trip through thf
and the Okanagan districts.'
th'ng that's troubling Mr
at this time is the constan'
Mr. H.
from his
Tho onlv
disappearance of his chicken*,
mystery called for an amateur Sher
lock Holmes, which Individual with
ou'. the aid'of the well known D>-
Watson, placed the Idame on a ferocious looking feline. Funeral an
nouneenunts ure expected in the near
In onler to supply the ever growing
demands of tha people of Bast liurnaby witli water, the council of thn-
municipality last evening empowered
Waterworks Engineer McDonald J*
try and make some agreement wlt>-
this city so that a temporary supply
could be given to the East Burnab>-
residents At the present time the'-
are practically without water as thr
little water pumped out of the we'1
near the Edmonds station Is only adequate lo supply the residents of Edmonds.
The new system of Burnaby ls   'expected to be completed about July    1
and until then they have high hopes
of the local waterworks officials helping them out.
Well located Burnaby acreage is petting scarce and li'<e most good
things ls In pretty strong demand. It won't be long before almost
every acre between Westminster and Vancouver will have been subdivided Into lots and then the fortunate owner of a few bioud acres
will be able to get almost any price he may care to ask.
Five Acres
Overlooking Burnaby Lake
Between Hastings road and the Iiurnnby Lake tram line, is about the
last piece of acreage left at a reasonable price. Buinaby Lake property ls selling at from $11000 per acre and up. We can quote a plica
away below that, and We can give good terms.
New 6 Roomed Modern House
Situated close to Moody Park, east side; full
concrete basement, cement floor, laundry
tubs, fireplace, etc. This is a good buy.
Price $4,000, small cash payment, balance
arranged. Ref. 512
Columbia Street New Westminster
Do Not Waste Money
Save, a little systematically, tor lt la tbe stuff that th* foua-
da tlons of wealth and hanplnees tr* built of.
Money may be ueed tn two ways; to   spend   (or   what   la
needed now aud to Inveet for wliat shall be needed ln tho future.   Money cannot be invested until It le flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital. 92,000.000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. uEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,    Automobile
and Marine Insurance.
Everybody needs at leaet ONE   good   Whlek.
variety, prices from 20c to 75e.
Here   are a great
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles,
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. ��nd B. C. Electric Railway.


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