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The Daily News Mar 28, 1912

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 Buy West En^prope.
Electric Cut-C
Lota from J.450>
WHITE, 8iv
In District Lot 171,    Right   on the
new  Cut-Off  Line.
Riddle Government
With Critical Fire
Oliver, Smith, Kennedy Redoubtable Triumviate.
And Found Wanting, Says Speakers���
Crowd Wss Not Large at
Opera House.
John Oliver "made political hay,''
as he said, "while the sun was not
shining very brightly for the Liberal
pai ty
was the occasion of tho last big rally
Without being called a "carpet bagger."
He had called the Vancouver Conservatives "rubber stamps"; there
were four of ti:em di awing $1200 for
signing their names und a rubber
stump could be got for $2, They were
however, not Hue stamps after all, as
there was never a stamp yet that did
not make any impression.
Turning to the political doctrines,
the sj.eaker said Ue had two In this
election, namely ihat there ousht to
bo an opposition in every bouse; and
thut the electors should know enough
to see tho necessity for having an
opposition to watch the government's
ictlons. lie had ulways believed that
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was a great statesman, but, he could not understand ut
one tlmo why Sir Wilfrid should want
lust night ln the opera house. It I to W M>�� leader of the opposition a
aaiary, as lt seemed a contradiction
lo representative government In p\-
ol Mr, George Kennedy's supporter* ,.lajlllng thlE sir WlifrLl hud sui J to
and together with Mr. Oliver, Mr. | him: "The next best thing to a goou
ituli h smith nnd Mr. George Kennedy | government is a good opposition, and
himself with Mr. J. S. bryson as chair-: f '"ave guaranteed criticism of my mln-
man. were on the platform to address j IJSwSW Kft frS
the lather snwil house. Neither Mr. Bride government, which was averse
Thomas Glfiord nor any of hls sup- W having any opposition,
powers appeared ln the enemy's camp ���    Going on to speak of his position as
to reout tne charges against the   Mc-  L^I^^I���J&���J��J<>1    y\l~
��� ., ., . .   woikingman, the sienker said that he
Unde government which flew aiounJ   wuu always a labor man vid thai he
thickly. ( was proud    of It.   "Yes,"   he   added,
Mr. Oliver, candidate for Delta, and "and ,t,le Liberal party is the Labor
Mr. aiiiu:.', ieaucr of the Vancouver l,a'ty." Lloyd George and John Burns
Head, laiu aoout tnemaelves lustily had detected the weakness of the Llb-
anu  bome  startling" lactB aud  Ugurea   ��'''ul I arty tn the home parliament, and
'oday they  had the strongest radical
were put up to ine audience. Kullway
policy, land speculation, public ac-
COOniS, Umoer licenses all came ln for
criticism of un exact uatuie. iMr.
Kennedy nin^ielf ;rotested against
Moiil'Ide'S appeal for a clean sweep
and complained ihat only a shadow ot
nn inj>,;e wa3 before the country with
all x allty :;one out of lt.
.lohn ulher began by picking the
railwftj ,o.i,'..' to pieces, claiming thut
the hauls oi thc policy had beeu llued
from lhe Liber: 1 platform and showing the alleged evils of tho governments actual contract*, "if the 42
me.ii-.eis of tie legislators were on
the platform here, not more than si:;
of them could explain those railway
oiatmcts iu an Intelligent way. They
lune no > iiice;tion of thc terms into
which ihey have entered and i) which
they lia.e given their consent.' The
speaker tben went on to discuss the
llnances of thc contracts.    Ue pointed
government ever In existence there,
i he time had come when the Liberal
party must consist of working men,
whose sympathies were with the
masses. Mr. Smith spoke warmly of
female suffrage, and passe.1 on to the
Subject of workman's compensation.
On this question he believed that any
man v.u3 entitled to compensation for
Injury. The Liberals, st:-fed Mr.
Smith amidst great cheering, were ro.
big to collect :m Industrial tax from
a'l Hie Industries o' the province and
"������ith the money pay workman's com-
: o isatlon.
In conclusion .Mr. Smith gnve three
reasons why tbe pr-onlo required tho
protection after led by an opposition in
Thomes Gifford and Gsorgo  Kennedy
Represent Two Parties���Who
Shall It Be?
The candidates for election to thc
provincial house are:
THOMAS GIFFORD, Conservative.
The polls will open at 8 a.m. and
close at 7 p.m. at St. George's hall.
Tho figures at the last elect on were:
T. Gifford, Con 811
J. J. Johnston, Lib 614
W. Dodd, Labor 165
Today the voters of Westminster
will be culle.l upon to decide who
shall leprcsent the Koyal City In the
provincial legislature at. Victoria. Two
candidate liave been nominated, Mr.
Thomas Gifford, the late Conservative
member, and Mr. George Kennedy, the
Liberal nominee. At the last general
election held on November 25. 11)0!),
Mr. Gifford was elected by a plurility
of 102 over his two opponents, Mr. j.
.1. Johnston and Alderman Walter
Lords Paso Second Reading
of Bill.
By Labor Leaders    In    Conference-
Conditional on Announcement of
Minimum Wages.
London, March 27.���The outlook ia
growing brighter with every hour and
it ls loiiituentty predicted now that
the strike will be settled beforo
Luster. Meanwhile prices are going
up fcteadlly and the distress is in-
cieasmg. Ten Ible scenes of famine
aro to be seen everywhere und relief
is very difficult to supply,
ti This evening the labor leaders met
In conference and they issued a notice
<o the miners advising them to re-
Rime work subject to the settlement
Uf the minima by the local boards up-
pointed under the minimum wage bill.
Second   Reading  Passed.
Forty Thousand Dollars Needed to Ensure Sufficient ��>tora;je���Reserve
Line to Queensborough.
Ex- Convict and Ex-Mayor
Fight to Death.
Sent Down for    Five    Years���Comes
Out   and Seeks   Revenge
The resi ii    of the noli for thu rltv I     Special efforts are being made    to
arTe'xpX' to be alounced about' K tk"? ST& ���� "Tv?   ��f
7-15 o'clock this evenlnc .Lords, where lt is meeting with    no
__ Iills e%enlng- I opposition.   This evening the bill was
read a second time. One more reading and the kind's signature are" all
that Is wanted now to make it the law
of the land.
With  both the labor men and    the
mine   owners  apparently   willing     to
accept    the    government's    bill    the
jEtrikp should come to an    end    verv
________ jHhoitly.     It   seems     likely,   however.
i that there will he no general resumr>-
St. Peter's Church Crowded by Those j tlon of work until the   local    boards
have announced the minimum wages
Eager to Hear Eloqusnt Discourse
Sanctity cf Martian':.
I for the different districts.
St. Peter's church was crowded to
the uoors last night to hear 1-atherl
Donneliy, ot Luiiuon, on tne niucn de- i
uaitd .>e 'it-mtie ueciee. dhther
Donnelly insisted strongly cn the j
sucreuness ol the muniage tie'whicn |
he sai.I was tne iuudanieutal principle '���
oi the decree, und also on the losisia-1
t;on of t.ie Hornan catholic church, j
bting  only  meauL  lor  catholics,  not
par lamont; IhcFo vr>re that ihci/bml jnon-Cutiioiics
had ca'ele?-, legislation; that nie peo-' llle woids Ne Temere meant "So
tip while thev were In tha han Is of;notil'hS lightly," and the one object
tbe McBride government were In the ' ot-.the marriage le&lBlatlon cf the
hand* of corporation!!-, and thnt th�� ' Roman Catholic cliuich wm lo prevent
railway act  wan not the work  of the  ba��ty    and    Ul-couaidered
Dominion   Housj  Will   Not    Consider
Question This Session���~re
for Settlers.
Forty thousand dollars will be spent
by tue city on waterworks exteneious,
if the. by-law now being published In
the papers pauses, in his annual report tuo city engineer dwelt particularly on tue need of extending the
water system oi tue city, pointing out
how i.enlouBiy near to a water famine
tue reBiJents hud been ln the nasi
without knowing it and how near the,- I
could come to it again in the future,
lu the same report ho outlined some
extensive schemes. Alderman Curtii,
chairman oi the water committee, took
these up energetically on assuming
oiilce, with tne resuit tnat ihe majority of tnem are embodied ln    tho I
new proposals. llou;;hly stated these ?loBe Mend of the mayor. One day,,
will raise the storage capacity of city llowever. he shot at Mr. Snow and
water from about live to thirteen mil-; waa 8ent down for five years. Yester-
iion gallons of water. In other words, j ^ay he Wil8 released and after buying,
in the case of a breakdown in the | ?L.']?v.oIver wa"ied straight into the
mains \vcsiiniiiRter >vlll havo a week'd
water supply to fall back upon instead
of thiee day's uutll repairs can be
The three chief improvements will i
be a second pipe line under the Fraser !
river to Queensborough, a new reservoir at Queens park and an enlargement of the present high level reservoir on Eighth avenue.
The new pipe line to Queensborough
is in the nature of a reserve, says
Alderman Curtis, In case of emergency. At present the whole of tlm
suburb defends on a single pipe for
its supply. In case of a bad leak it
would be without water. The Queens
park reservoir will supply all tha
lower levels of the city. By enlarging
the high level reservoir a good supply
on the hill in every emergency will be
"Uui e todav we can on'v store from
four and a half to live million gallons
of water. I think/* said the al.lerman.
i "we will, if the by-law pa=ses and it
I ou'lit to. be ahle to store n.OOO.OPO.
What mahes it all the more important
to have this bi'i storage capacity in
our contract with Richmond to supply-
that municipality with 1,000,000 gallons a dav in return for the $125,000
ihey j.ald for thc new pipe line."
Oakland, Call., March 27.���An ex-
mayor and hts ex-iiieud, an ex-convict, He dead this evening as the result of a shooting affray In a church
in this city. Mr, b. W. Snow waa
the former mayor and he fell shot In
two places after having first planted,
four bullets In hls assailant.
In the old days the convict was a.
church where Snow happened to be
and opened flre. Snow drew his gun.
too, and the sacred precincts echoed
with pistol shots for about five minutes. When the smoke of the battle
had cleared away and the frightened
spectators could take stock of what
had happened they- found both men
gasping out their lives on the floor.
Help was of no avail, both dying within a few minutes of the affray.
Contradictory Reports from Jimene;
Government Troops Await Reinforcements Before Attacking.
_1     Otta-wa,   March   ""..���The.    question!*
marrlaseB. I ot restoring the Peace river btock to 1
out lliat the government had told the ,'_";",��  ���� ""iH^"���, the heads ol   Sooner than iicrlttce'tWa princlpleTho * Brltieh Columbia win not be consider-1
people that tbey    were    guaranteeing   f"���Ve���^nJ���avt.ri',;rt or the heada OI iPope dllrins the reign o! W Henry ',<* at this session.    Such was the an-\
tho C. N. U. bunds for thirty years. As
a matter of fact, he said, they were
guaranteeing tliem for forty years,
and there was nothin.u in the contracts
to | io.ide that It should not be flfty
or even lfiO'years; the words ol the
coiitiuit were Ior "uot Itss than i.iir./
ye; rs."
Iiuntlng into figures, Mr. Oliver
showc-l how only $30,000,000 would be
spent on the construction of the C. N.
It., while the authorized Indebtedness
wa3  to amount   to  $01,000,000.    Who
1 nouncement  given out today  tn gov-1
tl'*> railwav Bvslems.
The meeting hroke up with the sing-' th�� Eighth���who had a Bcruple in the
shape of Ann Boleyn���had let the Brit-  ernment circles.
lsh empire be lorn from him.   A man |     It   Will   be  lemembered  that   when
ing of the National Anthem.
would t.et that 131,000,000, he asked, j Three Hundred
and replied that It would be Mackenzie aud Mann who would make that
protlt ou constructing the road. - Ho
hud asked Mr. Bowser that same ques-
tlou und bad been.told tbat lt was no
business of the government's. But he
maintained that It was.   lt would bo
Vancouver   Members
Attend���Initiate 150 Charter Members���Officers Elected.
The following were elected officers
tbe iiople that would have to pay the tot t..e -New  Westminster .Moose lodj,e
Interest' on those extra $81,000,000 ofi yesterday evening:
bun.is   In  higher  fi eight  rates.    Tho |    Past uLtator���Mr. Adam    S. John-
governinent claimed to have control of   ston. .
the    lales.    But    that    control    waa j    dictator���Mr. Frank C. Cook,
farcka..   Before the rates could be de-1    Vicc-Uictaior���.��ir. J. J. Kandolph.
termined the Interest on the bonds had ��� Prelate���Mr. H. H. llotson.
to be considered.   The   indebtedness \    Secretary���Mr.  H. Lester Christie
per mi.e of the C. N. K. and the Pad- i    Treasurer���Mr. David Donely (i ( n ,, iium im, ,.,,,������   , ...,,.
lie, Uieal Eastern, or as ho called    it ,    Mooaedom  held sway In the Koyai 'terlan nnd other sectg and lhe journal
the "hoiey,  Welsh unl Stewart,"       "" '""   "'
did not go to au auctioneer to buy a
wife as he woul X cattle or furniture,
nor did he go to a blacksmith to rivet
the bonds, but weut to a priest of the
church, thus showing marriage to be
solemnized and sanctified by the
In the Roman Catholic church the
espousal of a couple hid to take place
before a priest and It allowed the
young man to go away and make his
fortune, yet never to forget the marriage tic. Before the marriage the
baptismal certificate had to be produced ln order that the marriage
might be entered theron. and to discover lf the person had been already
married, which was a precaution that
safeguarded the mother of every
The right of the church to legislate
for Its own people had been recognized
bv the Archbishop of Canterbury and
It did not attempt to legislate for
those outside of it. There had been
fulmlnstions against the Ne Temere
decree from the Episcopalian, Presby
Piemier McBride vlsite.l Ottawa on
the (iiiestion of "Better Terms," etc.,
he included among his demands the
return of the Dominion block on the
Peace river to the province. The government, however, does not see its
way clear to tuch action. The block
consists of 3,600,000 acres, much of
which Is excellent land. Last summer
some of the blocft was sur. eyed and
it is intended to settle up parts of it
this year.
El Paso, March 27.���Latest reports,
from iue front state that the fe.iera!
! retreat    from    Jimenez    was of    the
(nature of a ruse.   Federal sources say
j that it was done to allow strong rein-
j lorcenieiitfe  to coipie  up.    These aro
luow   supposed   to  be  rapidly   neatluK.
'.the front and  when they arrive It t��-
\believed, that the federals will resume
, the offensive and make a determined
a airy   \\i ifir    r>�� fcllCC attack on the rebels" position.
B.W11   WMlV    l 1 a\l\r i     How  lar this news    ls colored    by
nilU    unu*.   VLnuOl. federal  nopea It la bard to aay.    lo
  I view ot the gloomy nature ol yeater-
 * 1 day's news and the apparent thorough-
ChEirman of School  Board and Trus-   ncBS ��j' ^ ,deffc"    ot    ����*    lr.����??
some doubt is felt here as to the truth
S��l CftHMOS
tees Criticized by Trades and
Labor Council.
of the report. On the other hand the
insurrectos nave made no further advance and huve taken no steps to follow up tbeir victory.
Will Devote Himself   to    His    Newspaper���May Visit Coast.
'Montreal.  Msrch    27.���Henri    Bon-
/, rassa  announced  today  that  he  was
out of provincial politics for good. In
future he will devote bis time to   his
Before he settles down to this work,
however, Bourassa will make a tour
of Europe. Late In the fall he will
make a trip through the west and it
" was
more tban double that of the C. P. R.
How men couid the government say
that the competition of these lines
wouid nave the elect of lowering thc
rates,    'ihey said the grade was bet
City last evening, the occasion being
tuc inauguration of a lodge of the
Koval Order of the Moose wllich took
place ln St. Patrick's hall, the spacious assembly loom being tilled, some
300   members   from   tho   Vancouver
(Continued on Pare Eight.>
Delegate Gilchrist was of the opinion that after the poor treatment the
lauor men uad received irom cuose
trustees endorsed by the council at
the last election, the time had come
when they must nominate no others
than members of the council.
Delegate Stoney ttok the chairman
of the school board to task who had
ls possible that the Pacific coast will j been quoted as stating "that some of
have a chance of seeing the   famous   the so-called carpenters in   the   city
The recent insertion of a fair wage
clause in school coni/acts    came    up
tor  aiscussiou   last  etemng  ac     tue   Mayor Tries to Suppress Hostile News
regular  meeting or  tiie  Trades    and I paper���Militia Called Out.
Labor council While the committee I nock Island, HI.. March 27.���Severe'
appointed to interview the school [rioting haa followed Mayor Sherers
boaid did not present their report, [attempt to suppress a weekly news-
several exceptions were taken by the , paper that printed an attack on hlm-
delegates to the clause which tbey as- | Eelf. One man was killed and t wo-
Kerted does not call for the present ' seriously wounded today before the-
union wage now in force in the city. : militia took charge of the situation.
One of the wounded men is not    ex-.
pected to live.
|    At present all is quiet.   Martial law
has been proclaimed and uniforms are
I to be seen at every street corner. It
! is not expected that any more flght.
; ing will take rUice-
ter, ��us uo more than four-tenths of lodge coming over in two special cars
one, ier cent, on the C. N. H. He hlm- to assist In thc Initiation ceremonies
self nud seen In the bnd registry i of l&u chaiter members forming tne
office plans and profiles signed by | uew organization of this city��� 1UC
MniLicr Hoss authorizing a grade of . beautiful initiation ritual was admin-
1>,.. per cent, and in another place a I Istered by Mr, H. L. lteplogie, the
cu.-.iuuro of 12 degrees. I national  organizer of the order, who
Tne governments policy of granting ! was assisted by many of lh0 oiflcers
towns!te�� to the railways, the tale ot of the Vancouver lodge.
lahtls to speculators and the publlc ac-1 Fraternallsm of tho highest type,
counts all came ln for scathing and with partisanship and sectarianism
detailed criticism. With regard to the swept aside, was the keynote of tne
latter, he said. Mr. Bowser wjs already speeches that vprevatled following the
taking u plank from the Liberal plat- election of officers. Tho Moose band
form not yet three weeks old, In say- ot Vancouver headed the delegation
lng that the government was working ! to the Hoyal City. The work ol
on a bill to appoint nn Independent ' organizing the local lodge has^ heen
auditor. He closed with showing ,up, ! in the handB of Mr. Edgar Master,
as he said, the Songhees reserve deal j deputy organizer for Canada
by which, he asserted, to the best of
his knowledge Messrs. Mattson and
Ellilns, Intermediaries for tho government, had heen given $105,000.
Mr. Ilalph Smith, who was received
with loud applause, said that he had
been informed in the car on the way
down thnt. he was up against a serious
and formldablo proposition lf he wero
coming down to Westminster to speak
against McBride and Tom Oiffor.l. But
he presumed that the Intelligent people of tbls city were prepared to rebuke even "a son of thelra" If ho dl'I
wrong. He might Indeed ho stoned
where he Rtoo.i If he eald half of the
Of Derailing Eburne Car���Two
Spikes on Track.
What might have been a serious accident happened on the Eburne branch
of the B. C. E. R. on Tuesday evening.
Tha four o'clock car from Vancouver,
when nearing Ebtirno, struck an obstruction on the tracks and was derailed. Happily it was going very
slowly at tho time, and a^art trom a
shakln7. the passengers escaped uninjured. It de'-eloned. upon investigation, that two rail spikes   had   been
Westminsters9 Facilities
Attracting New Industries
Corset and Garter Manufacturing Company Latest Concern
to Seek a Site-Canadian Lock an Novelty Company Has
Chosen Advantageous Location In East End of City.
Manufacturers seem to be flocking nine million garters alone are sold In
to Westminster now that the spring Canada annually and those interested
has come. An American firm whose feel satisfied that their buckle ls (ar
speciality is the manufacture of cor- ( superior to anything in the market at
sets, shirtwaists, fancy belts and slmi- present, It ls confidently expected that
things ai'nlnst these gentlemen  (hit I placed In such a position that tho fore
Mr. Bowser hid snld against (Mr. Oil-! wheels  were  forced  from  the  track
ver.    "But," added  the  speaker.    "It'' earning the car into the ditch.   Upon
(hero v.\ib a man   who   had   suTe.rei   enoulry at the local headquarters, the
from that vile and Impetuous attorney   officials ylavr the blame   upo'i   come
genera]   It   wr.-��   tm hlm-elf.   He had   s-nall boys who wer�� nlavlng ln   thn* i
bren cnlied   a "carpet   bigger   from   viclnltv.   These offenders h^-e n"L n* j
Nainlmn." an<l he hn>' believed thet
British subject   could   go   anywhere
lar articles of wearing apparel, is another concern wbich is looking over
this city for a site.
The firm is in touch with the publicity commissioner who is exerting
every effort to Induce the company to
locate In this olty Instead of in Vancouver, which ls struggling hard to obtain the new industry for herself. A
partnership has already been formed
In the latter city with prominent business men ln It, but Commissioner
Wade believes that he has produced
sufficient evidence of the advantages
possessed by Westminster to make
these parties agreeabln to establishing
tlieir plant in this city.
The factory will be a small one at
first nnd will beitln by manufacturing
enrters. suspenders and s'eeve sun-
porters. The*�� articles combine well
vlt.h the exploitation of a new patent
Vtc'Kle. of whlnh lhe   companv owns
the factory when established wilt
largely control the entire industry in
Canada, thus proving another valuable
advertisement for Westminster
throughout the length and breadth of
the Dominion.
Site Finally Chosen.
Yesterday also came the news that
the directors of the Canadian Lock
and Novelty Company. Ltd., had finally settled on a site for their factory.
Tbls ls situated in the east end of tho
town, and the papers for its transfer
are being signed up at the present
moment. Excellent shipping facilities
exist at this snot which is in everv
wav well udapted to carrying on the
work of manufacturing.
Operations will begin In the near
future and a two-storv hulldlntr. measuring 40x70 feet will bo erected. At
one "nd tbe-��> wlll be an addition 20
feet lon" and one stor" hlsh. wh��re
were dear at $2.B0 a day, and as for
.the city council granting a minimum
' wage of $3 for street lubor, he, the |
chai! man, wondered what the city was
coming to." He was also of the opinion that .the next move of the Trades
and Labor council should be not only
to demand union wages, but also insist that all future school buildings be
built by day labor.
All the unions reported that there
was no scarcity of work and that
none of the members were ut present
out of employment.
The matter of appointing a b'islness
agent was left over until the next
The proposed amendments to tbe
present constitution and by-laws of
the B. C. Federation of Labor were
taken up. Theso have been rent for
ratification to the many unions and
labor councils In the province. Many
flaws were found In these, Delegate
Stoney being persistent In proposing
amendments to the clauses on the
printed form. He told those present
that lf the proposal to Increase <-ue
per capita tax per month from one to
two cents went Into force several ot
the local unions would drop out of
the organization altogether. His motion wsb lost, however.
The Teamsters' union extended nn
invitation to a smoker to be held In j
the Trade? and   Labor   building   on
April 18.   It was accepted. ;
Vancouver, March 27.���A suicide
was found lying on the road in Point
Grey about one mite weBt of tbe
Wilson road last night with his throat
cut from ear to ear and a bloody
razor lying by his side. 'Mr. L. W.
Bruce, of tMs city, was the discoverer
of this terrible find. Tho man was
dead when Mr. Bruce arrived.
The pollce believe that the dead
man's name Is Gray, but they advance
no theory as to the cause of hlar
the rights, and which Is said to be a  the br*��-s castings for the locks will
u  yet. como forward and presented their,the rights, and which ts said to be a  the orp-i
to vcrilon of the affair. ' valuable aksot.  As lt ls estimated that be made.
Thaw at Djwson.
. Dawson, March 2".���A bl" thftw Ive-
pan here Fridav, This Is the earliest
soring ever known. Many are still
stron" 1* th��* belle* tha�� the Js-vi
current has been delected nni Ihat
thl<. mo*ne:l t.h*> cllmst* of YuV��n
and Alaekn. Tbe f���!*>-��>vdnr 'n-.t m
ii*- was **r<*?t. Trr-H traffic wltb
sleighs will probably end soon.
��� * v
<p "Work on tbe new cut-off at
��� Highland Park Is being pushed
��� to the limit."    This  wah. the
��� statement given out by ihter-
��� urban Manager Franklin  y��s-
��� day   afternoon   when    asked
��� about local extensions.    "This
��� Is about the most   Important
��� project wc have had ln hand at
��� present,"   he  continued,   "and
��� when the people of Westmin-
��� ster realize that a ten-minute
��� service will be Inaugurated as
��� soon aa this new line fs eom-
��� pleted. they will see that the
��� company Is  not  backward   in
��� making    Improvements    when
��� traffic   and   convenience   dc-
��� mand lt.    Aa far as  we can
��� Judge, tbe   line wl'l   be   com-
��� pleted about   the end  of Aug-
��� ust."
��� The B. C. E. R. yesterday re-
��� ceived thlrtv new flat e.v-s end
��� ten dump cam from tho FwtMe
��� Csr    Co.    Cfoverdalo    Wash.
��� The���� wlll be used on tb�� rew
��� c-terslnn wnr't polng on In tlm
A vicinity of thl? cltv.
* * * * * * *���* <^***r*r***^a��-**
���mc MQB.TWO
THURSDAY, MARCH  28, 1912.
restaurant, SOU Columbia street.
finishers on Sixth avenue Bchool.
Union men only.
WANTKD-IN SAPPERTON District, house on full-sized lot; deed
to good North Vancouver property
offered as part payment. Give full
particulars iu first letter. Don't reply unless you have something
cheap to offer. Apply M. F., 1021
Harwood sireet, Vancouver.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
cafe,   opposite C. P. It-
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.   Phone 600.
tnge In New Westminster���Ten j
acres choice land, easy to clear, ad-1 proposed
joining High school and Municipal
ftull at Murrayville, between Chilliwack tram and Great Northern.
High school, church and stores In
immediate vicinity. Price 1200 per
acre.    Apply Box 21 Daily News.
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of Britisli Colum
hla Invite competitive plans for the
general scheme and design for the
new University, together
with moro detailed plans for tbe buildings to he erected llrst at an estimated cost of $1,600,000.
Prizes of $10,0110 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted
Particulars of the competition
, ,a.***ai  tm ui.-i< TvuiVTll BDYslplan  of site  may  be obtained  on  re-
^SntPtoT^lffi^SHI'^ f-m the undersigned.
Twelfth Btreet car line   Price $'00.
V. B.  Ennis, 8 Begbie street.
most now, safety brakes, $20. Paid
?40 and only ridden twice. Apply
513 Liverpool street.    Plione 754.
Wilson   sewing     machine,     seven
drawers.    $30. cost $lu.    Apply
Liverpool street.    Phone 751.
The designs to he sent in by July 31,
1012, addressed to
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
Burnaby Homes for Sale :
3-R00M HOUSE ON LOT 33x122;
near Royal Oak station; $ti50, terms
$25 cash and $25 monthly.
near Edmonds Btatlon; $:��00; terms
$25 cash and $25 monthly. Ready
to move into today.
class; on Armstrong road, near
New Westminster, 5 cent fare;
$2500;   $250 cash and $30 monthly.
Applications will he received bv th-3
513 ! undersigned up till noon on Saturday.
thu 6th dav of April, 1012, for the po-
mmm I sitlon  of LIBRARIAN   at  the  Public
Library in this city.
Applicants must state qualifications
salary required, and give good refer
ences. <
City Clerk.
City  Hall,   New  Westminster,  March
12, 1912.
white Leghorns lead
Fifth   Monthly Record   of Egg-Laying
White Leghorns are leading easily
in the International Egg-laying Contest, being held under the joint auspices of the Britisli Columbia Poultry
Association, Vancouver Board, and the
Provincial Government, according to
the following official report.
Fifth monthly record, February 20th
to March 20th, 1912;
Class 1. BBW
White  Leghorns 331
White Leghorns 871
White Leghorns '������-"���
White Leghorns -11
White Leghorns 204
White Leghorn   -(n
White Leghorns ��"
White Leghorns 152
White Leghorns  WS
Bull Leghorns   W��
White Leghorns   >n
Whlto Leghorns    W��
White Leghorns    130
Brown Leghorns   1W
White Leghorns  100
White Leghorns 10g
White Leghorns    108
White Leghorns   103
White Leghorns   06
Mottled Ahcon'ae   JJ-
Whlte Leghorns      7S
While Leghorns      44
While Leghorns   -13
io    ���
Class II.
. ..24S
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster having by Resolution determined
and specified that it is desirable to
carry out the folowing works, that is
..���,��� 'to say:
NEAR,    (al   To
Buff Orpingtons .. ���
it. U. Reds 	
II. 0, Reds  	
White Dots  230
White Dots   22:<
Silver Laced Dots 223
Barred Rocks  161
Huff Rocks    150
Barred Rocks  141
It. I. Reds   112
White Dots     102
Partridge Dots 10J
Barred Rocks   9U
Buff Orpingtons  92
Silver Penciled Dots  69
Columbian Dots  30
Average price received for eggs 30e
per dozen. Pen temperatures, highest,
52 deg.; lowest, 26 deg.; average
mean, 39.24. Rain fell on four days,
snow on ono day (19th), and frost oc
curred on 22 days. On several morn
lngs during the frost, the water pi; t
w.is frozen. Heavy charges of stumping powder are heing continually fire.!
(lining the day time, the noon hour being tlie worst period. Except for the
heaviest concussions, the birds do not
seem to he disturbed as far as class
two is concerned. The light weights
do not stand the noise so well. It is
evident that thp egg yields from the
whole pens has been seriously affected by these adverse conditions.
Considerable changes will be noted
in the various pens' position since lasl
month.    Pen 3 has dropped from 4th
Their performance during the month
has been the more praiseworthy owing to the fact that 3 broody hens had
to be removed. These were broken up
very easily. In fact all the broodies
have been returned to their respective
liens within three days of their removal. The following pens have supplied broodies during the month; 39
(3), 30, IS), 31, 35, 2G (1 each).
The following pens have bettered
their positions; 39, 33, 38, 20 (1 hen
short for 9 days), 30.
Tho following ure the month's heaviest producers: 39 (88 eggs) 31 (771.
38 (71), B6 (72), 31 (71), 34 (69), and
25 (66).
Tbe "cul-lc-jatte" does not exist in
Canada, and tliere Is not even a name
In English for him, but in Paris he Is
a not unusual spectacle. There are, In
Paris streets, a number of men whi
for some reason have heen obliged to
suffer amputation of both le^s from
the trunk, and beg lor public charity on little carriages on which they
wheel themselves about with extraor
dinary skill, using their hands as pro-
! pellors. It Is an unwritten police rule
ln Paris tbat all traffic must be stop-
I ped whenever a "cul-de-Jatto" wlahe3
to cross the road, and ln these days of
motor-cars and taxlcabs the rule Is a
good one.
But the "eul-de-jatte" has discovered thut many people who are uncrippled have more difficulty than he in
getting from one pavement to another
and has turned his deformity Into a
money-maker. Every day at crowdod
street corners oue may see one of
tliose unfortunates on his little carriage, heading a crowd of timid folk
acioss the road while the policemen
at each side keep back the truffle.
When they are safely on the other
side, the "cul-de-Jatte" takes off his
cap and asks for "ferry money.'' Ho
rarely collects less than 00 cents, and
ns he repeats the performance twenty or thirty times u day tho, simplest
calculation will show that his trade IS
n good one. lt is true that lt needs
special accomplishments. One of thesa
cripples ^ted in Paris recently leaving
a fortune of over $100,000.���Ottawa
Free Press.
Round trip tckets for one fare and
one-third will be on sale April 4th to
Sth.   Good to return up to April 10th.
Week-end tckets, sold on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to local
points ut single fare for round trip,
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
r-ROOM    MODERN    HO.Mu,   njsak.    (a)Topave    Front    street    from,
Westminster, $3000;   $300 cash and j Mghtb st,.eet tQ t]]e n0I.therJy end ot   to'Oth place and has been replaced by
pen 14.     Pen 10 has climbed un two
$35 monthly; will exchange for Bur-j (he   acnaake   Machine   Works   lor  a
siaby acreage. I width  of  19  feet;   lay  water  mains,
gutters, instal electric street lighting
system, and any other works contingent thereto.
Make    appointment over long   dis-1
f.ance  telephone,  Sey. 8366.    Open 91
lb)   To   construct     sanitary    and
CO., 1108 Dominion Trust Bldg., Van-1 Btorm Mwer8 {lom j^ot x l0 Lol 15i
couver, B.  C. I City  Block seven (7)
I     And  that   the  said  works  Bhall be
carled   out   in   acocrdance    with  the
TO  RENT. provisions of tbe   "Local Improvement l mention for having laid six escs In one.
.General  By-law 1909." day.:    8. twice; 9, 10, 12, 14. 18 and 21
-THE   RINK   PORTION!     And the City Engineer and the City \one each
notches, and pen 5 has dropped two.
Pen 20 has jumped over fo:r competitors.
The star performers in clas? me for
the month were pen 2. 08 eggs, 0, 8S:
4 and 20, 84 apiece, 10 and 14, R0
apiece, 8, "4, 12. 73. 17, 7, and 19, W.
I 16 and 22, 66 eggs.
I     The following pens deserve special
���The  Sttcndevrd"
'Tha Collet**
4?OU  RENT- ^^^^^^^
ot the K. of P. Building is for rent; '
lease   if   desired.      Reid, Curtis tc
Dorgan, 700  Columbia street,  Ne.v
Assessor having reported to the Council  in  acordance  with  the provisions
of   the   said   by-law     upon   the   said
works,  giving    statements ,  showing
the amounts to be chargeable against
the various poi tions of real property
to   be   benefited   by   the   said   works
and  other  particulars,   and  the said
jLOST ��� A    DIAMOND    RING    BE- j reports of the said City Engineer and
tween  Columbia  street and Cl*rk-jCity   Assessor   having   been   adopted
son   on   McKenzie   street, between!by  the Council.
-2:30 anl 3 p. m. Monday, March IS. (    Notice is hereby given that the said
Reward given b.v returning same to  reports are open for inspection to tho
Royal Pool Rooms. I office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
  i _ j Columbia   street,   New   Westminster,
TENDERS FOfl SEVENTH AVENUE j apafngt "*   Jroposed'^rkta^bovS
SCHOOL. | mentioned   signed   by   a  majority  of
:lhe owners of the land or real prop-
Sealed  tenders,  superscribed  "Ten-; erty t0 be assessed or charged in re-
��� der for Seventh Avenue School" and  spect of Sllch -works representing at
-addresesd to L. Avory    White, Esq.,! least one-half in value thereof is pre-
. Secretary, New    Westminster School  sented to the  Council  within  fifteen
Board, will be received up to 5 p.m.  days from the date of the first  pub-
of Monday, Sth of April. 1912, for the   Heatlon   of   this   notice,   the   Councll
erection and completion   of   a three- i will   proceed   with  the  proposed  1 History school to be erected on Seventh j provements   under   such   terms   and
.avenue, New Westminster. [ conditions aB to pavment of the cost
Separate   tenders   will   be   received   0f such improvements as the Council
for , 1, Concrete, brick and carpenter j ma>.   ,)V   By-law  In  th:it  behalf  regu-
work,   etc.,   2,   Plumber   and    Tinner! hue and determine and also to make
work,  3.   Painter  work,    4,    Electric  the  said  assessment.
Ufht, etc. Dated  this twentieth day of March
Plaus and specifications can be obtained on application  to    the  under-
���aipned on receipt of a deposit of $10,
whh'h v.Ill be refunded on the return
of plans.    Each tender must be accompanied    by     an     accepted    bunk   ___________________���__________
cheque or certificate or deposit on a "
Chartered ban:; in Canada, made pay- .CORPORATION  OF ^UrtNABY���EN
I A. D.  1912.
riato of flrit puMI
day  of  March  A.  D
I Owing to the confined quarters,
feather eating has been rife amongst
the pens comprising diss one. Thc
prlnplpa] offenders have been pens 22
1, 9, 10, 3, 4, 2. 6. Birds in each pen
have been successfully treated with n
mixture of pure laid and Barbadoes
Aloes. This pernicious habit has been
found very hard to treat, owing to the
fact that the birds cannot be removed
from the pens, because of jeopardizing
their egg yields.
During the month (29 days), a great
variance In food consumption and results has been noted. For instance,
pen 29, producing 8S eggs, ate only one
pound more food than pen 28, which
produced only 18 eggs, and pen 2.
whilst laying 98 eggs, consumed two
pounds more than pen 1, which produced 45 eggs.
Just one-hundred weight of clam
shell was consumed during the month.
In class 2, even greater changes
have taken place. For the first time
during the contest, pen 40 have hud to
yield up tho premier position. By
only producing 28 eggs during the
month, they hnve dropped to fifth
place. The eggs from this pen h ive
been even smaller during the past
month than previously. Pen 39 has
drawn away from the pens succeeding.
City Clerk.
'ion twenty-first
able to the Secretary of the New West,
min; ter School Hoard, for a sum equal
to five (6) iver cent of Ids tender,
whicli Bhall be forfeited ii' the i arty
tendering decline to enter Into con-
tract when called upon to do ho.  The
To Clearing Contrac'.ors.
Tenders are Invited and will bo re-
colevd by the undersigned up till 5 p.
<-hei|uo�� or certificates of deposit of |in.LThursday. 28th March, 18
unsuccessful  tenderors    will    be  re-
tnrnc-d tti them upon tha signing of the
Thr lowest or any tender not neces-
�����urlly accepted.
.Architects  to  the   Bchool    Trustees.
New Westminster, B, c.
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department Is  chains.
Seventh Avenue Bouth, Hartford
Road to BiPion road, approximately u
Boundary Road, Government street
to Barnet Road, approximately 200
Johnstone Road, n. l. t:;7-i4i to
North Road, approximately 178 cliains.
.Northern Avenue, MacDonald Avenue to Queen's Avenue, approximately
47 chains.
Rumble Road, Royal Oak Road to
Power I louse Road, approximately 57
B. C. Coast Service
flthoui to start u campaign lor tho
cleaning up of all bach yard.-, and vacant lots In the city, and the hearty
co-operation of the citizens in general
is naked In this regard.
A clean clty Is ono of the best ads
we can  have,  and   tve  feel sure that.
. he citizens appreciate this to Ow full-
>est extent,     The burning up   Of all
waslo paper, etc., the cleaning uway
���nf anhes and other refuse, snd a thor-
���onph cleaning up will go ;i lor ��� way
tnwarh giving us a clty beautiful,
S.  .  PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
Second street. 11th Avenue to B. 0.
E. Rly, Burnaby Luke, approximately
49 chains.
Curtis Road, Cliff Avenue to I). L.
ill. approximately 78 chains.
Specifications mav be obtalnod at
tho Engineer's Office, Municipal Hall,
For   Victoria.
10:00  A  ,M Dally except Tuesday
1:00  P.  M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For   Nanaimo.
2 p.m Daily ex< opt Sunday
For   Seattle.
10:00   A.  M Dailv
11:00  P.   M Daily
For   Prince   Rupert  and   Alaska
11 P.M March 8th, 19th, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte  Islands.
11 P.M March .nd. lfith and 3()!h
For   Hardy   Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For   Upper   Fraser   River   Points.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leaves New Westminster. 8:00 a.m
.Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves   Chilliwack,   7:00   a.m.,   Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
00 A. M. Friday  for Victoria, ca"
Edmonds, B. C,   on   depositing 12.00  j'ng at Gnl'lano, Mayne, Id.. Hope Bay.
which wll be returned to all bona fldo
<n<lcrs wll] not be considered unless
Submitted on official forms and ac-
companlod bv certified cheque for fi
per c< ut of nmoiini of tender.
Port Washington. Gonges Mr., Gulch
��on Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
1 H. W,  BRODIE,
G. P   A . Vancouver,
We have Clothing for the Boys���big and little* Tent think
of a thing in Boys' and Children's Clothing >cu can ask for
but what we have got. Boys' Double-Breasted Two-Piece
Suit, with Bloomer Pants, for the boy 10 to 16 years, and a
Norfolk Suit for the smaller boys, from 6 to 10 years, and
the Russian Suit for the child from 2 to 6 years.
We sell most of the Children's Clothing sold in town, and if
you will give our Children's Clothing a trial you'll learn the
671 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Many of fhe Best Values
Have Been Held Back for These Last Days of the Sale
Fancy Curtain Scrims���This season's newest put-
it ni:-,   Gordon's price 25c.   Sale price, yard 19c
Madras Draperies���A very superior quality in three
tone effects���both light nnd d:irk colors. Gordon'*
price $1.0(1.   Sale price, yard  C0c
Ecru Curtain Nets���ii. inches wide, in a variety of
patterns. Gordon's price 40c.   Sale price, yard ������-23s
Solid Color Madras Drapery���in white and cream
only.    Gordon's price 5*0c,   Sale price, yard 31c
Gordon's $2,50 Ecru Lace Curtains, jmlr S1.75
Ecru Curtain Nets���:;ii to 45 inches wide, In small,
medium and large designs. Gordon's price 60c. Sale
prioe, yaid  35c
Solid Ecru Madras Drapery���A superior iiuallty, 45
Inches wl'o, 1 test 1!H- patterns. Gordon's price 7,r>c.
Sale price, yard 43=
Gordon's 12'/2c White Curtain Muslin���Sale price,
yard. ,.8 1-3c
Ecru Lace Curtains���$*A yards long. Gordon's pile*1
$2,00,   Sale price, pair %*M
White Lace Curtains���V& yards long, In rich patterns wtth pit in centres, well worth Gordon's price
$3.50.   Sale price, pair $2.65
The Man Who Saves You Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1912.
Thirty Years Tracing Criminals���Has
Thrilling Adventures.
The modost Ideal of the old Bystem
of British administration���"Do the Job
and save your wind"���that deacrlhes
the philosophy of Inspector Cuddy of
No. 2 police station, City of Toronto,
says the Ottawa Free Press.
That old Idea of tho British system,
doing one's duty, be It nice or nasty,
and thinking little or nothing about
lt aflcr It ls done, and saying less���
it. has produced some good men, both
soldiers and police. Such men when
you talk to them ���do not suggest romance or lulveuture. They have a
very' simple point of view about these
things! it all goes under the hend of
business, lt all comes in the day's
woili. Glory���If such be an object of
ambition���doesn't appear as such on
the surface.
Inspector Cuddy a Modest Man.
By dint of hard digging the retiring
Inspector was induced the other day
to remember a few things lu bis thirty
year:; of police experience ln this city
still there,  and that certain  women
In tho house had changed labels on
them to au address ln Chicago.   They
were u be shipped by expresB.     By
keeping in touch with these valises tho
pollce traced Messrs. Klce, lluiledge,
and Jones to un uddreBs   ln Chicago.
Two women, who during Kice'B shoit
stay here haj become attached to hlm,
York on tbe Steamboat, und shipped
them thence to Chicago.    Hico was  i
' notorious  lady-killer among  the  fast
j women of Chicago, and in fact whenever ho went,   he was n good-lookln;.',
educated and young, and he spent bis
Ill-gotten money freely, simply throwing lt awaj  alter every big "strike."
] The court. In Chicago where the extra-
i dition  proceedings   took   place   waB
I thonged with veiled ladies, who new
| him messages ani flowers.
Tiaccd by Valises.
Tho  Express   company offices  and
j the police ln Chicago were notified to
| expect the valises; the address on the
labels was telegraphed; and one morn-
t Ing  very  early,  Boon  after the  grl|>^
Iliad been delivered, the Chicago pollce
| paid a visit to the address.    It was a
stable on the beat to pass, seized blm,
and hound him with picture wire. The.i
they left him ln a shed. Fortunately
they were disturbed before they got
Engineering  Department.
To Building Contractors.
Tenders aro invited and will be re
ceived hy the undersigned up till 5
p.m., Thursday, April 11, 1912, for.
Complete construction of stores,
Workshops and Stables, etc. (frame),
ut Municipal Hall Grounds, Kdmonds,
B. C.
Plans anil specifications may be obtained at the Engineer's Office, Municipal Hall, Kdmonds, B.C., on depositing $5.00, which will bo returned to
all bona fide tenderers.
Tenders will not be considered unless submitted on official forms nni
accompanied by certified cheque for 5
per cent, of amount ot tender.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete.'
Your Easter
One story that, came up Is an old one ' big tenement house. The door of ��
now, but many will remember it���I room was burnt open and the three
the Drum case. lt was an Instance . men were found fast asleep, two ir,
where vigilance rather than a good po- bed, one on a mattress on the, floor.
lice officer's many other qualities | The place for the fourth man was va-
brought ubout au unlookcd-ior cap- cunt. Ue returned to the room, it wus
tui p. learned later, snortiy utter the policy
F. W. Drum, of Kansas City, stole left. The sleeping men all had le-
J6Q.000 from hit; uncle, a wealthy i volvers, but the surprise was so coir-
rancner. whose absolute trust tho | plate there wus uo tight. Detective
young nephew thus betrayed. A ph:>- Cu.ldy v\tut to Chicago to bring tliem
togruph was issued to the police o! tne   back.
Continent, and one day, twelve months i Rutledge alone of tho three objec'-
(atei', Inspector Cuddy, by meie ed. l.e didn't want any more Canadian
Chance, recognized hlm on the Btreet justice; it wai too quick,
ln loi ���mho, and he was arretted. At: ";So." he taid. "1 don't want to go
the police station he confessed. He back over there."
said the money was buried in the bush _ "I think he bad hopes thai if then:
outside Newmarket. was   sufficient delay in Chicago   he
Search for Buried Treasure. would  hnd  a chance  to escape,"  Mr.
'.'1 don't wait for any nesv develop* cuddy toid the press. "You see exiru-
mentti," said Mr. Cuddy, ".' got a rig dition proceedings were .under whal
and v.e drove out lo Newmarket that corresponded to our country author!-
nlgbt. When we got to the bush lt ties and their police were not as U3ed
was 10 o'clock and pitch dirk." to handling criminals as the men ot
Drum, however, said he could find the metropolis. 1 asked Kipley, super-
the burled treasure even in the dark, intondent of pollce in Chicago, as a
and he went straight through the bush special favor to look after these men.
to a certain place, wjiere he stopped | " '1 will,' said Kipley, and he did. He
and began to circle about at fault. Bent  them  back   and  forth  from  the
Then lie said that lf a liebt wero jail to the courthouse ln bis own van,
placed at a certain point on the fence guarded by ei^ht of his own hardest
at the edge of the field he could tako   men.
that  for  a   Bight  and   mark  the spot Tried to Use Police Revolver,
down fiom there. So the detective "Coining down the elevator after the
went to the railway station and bor- proceedings were over aud I bad eome
rowed a lantern and huns it on the back to bring them to Canala, Klce.
Jen e. Suie enough Drum wont handcuffed as he was, tried to pull a
Straight to the spot. He h-.d onl.v been gun out of tho pocket of one of tho I
from live to ten yards astray the first Chicago detectives. He was Shoved j
lime in  tho pitch dark.      It  was nor.   uway.
burled very deep, and Drum dug lt up '    "Mind    you,"  said  the    Inspector,
with hb i enknife���a box of heavy tin   "there were eight men or the police In i
VAith* for the  purpose, like a ballot   that elevato? car when he nude the |
boy.   b It B nailer.    There was T;:;';,0f.'0   attempt"
in bills in it. Tnen be walked straight' In "'c: mto the tiio was tried ln the
to tbe other place. There was uo IiceI- criminal court and found guiity. Des-
tation about it this tlmp. Here he dug ' pile warnings, they were lodged in the
up 0 3CL'oad box, containing |5000 iu Jail over the Don and brought u;i to
gold. ; court every morning in a hack, hand
"V.'e came bark to to~n," said tho ! culled  together.    Two    county   con-
Inspector, "nnd notified the uncle.   Ho   stables sat in the hack with them,
was a line gentleman as 1 ever saw��� ,    The day  they  Were foahd    guilt?,
a typical westerner, a big, tall man of   June 4, 1001, they were being taken.
4", with a goatee whisker aad Ions  back to Jail.   They had still to appear |
iue ;;ta ���hios. j in com t again for sentence.
Untie Wculdn't Prosecute. I    At the corner of .Sumach and Qer-
This Unci* refused tn prosecute o��i rard 1 newspaper parcel was thrown
extradite. He bad trusted Drum wtth into the cab. perhaps by the "fourth
power of attorney, Min nephew was man," who tud, It (gjtyppQSCl, fo'.Io.Y.-
to all appearances a model young man. 'ed bis friends f.om Chicago. Eve.,-
and tla uncle used to point to him body In the cab made a grab. Tbo
with pride as mi example tor Othera ��i , ".V**t* c��^}a^7 u?.8UB.pAc1'?"!' *!.*
1. O. O. F. AMITV LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. P., is hold every Mo.i
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Follows hall, corner Carnarvon an I
Kighth street. Visiting brothers
cordially Invited. II. \V. Harrison.
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; It. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
USB M. BROTEN, public stenogia
pber; specifications, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken
Pbone 416. Hear of Major ani*
Savage's ofllce. Columbia fit.
Accountant.      Tel.    R 128.    Room
Trunn  block.
at-law, solicito.s, etc. Offices, Roomy
6 and 7 Kllis block, Columbia street
Cable AddresB1 "Stonack." C)de:
Western Union. Telephcn.?, 1070.
Adam Smith JoLnston anl Frank
Alexander Jarkson,
We Advise Early Selections
As alteration work is piling up and we know
next week is going to crowd us to get orders
out on time. Handsome New Suits in by - express today will help materially in your choosing. I
just in. Novelties in Circassian Walnut, Mahogany, Bird's Eye Maple and the new
"Kyonyx." 5 big floors filled with choice merchandise enables us to furnish your home complete at short notice.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, II. L. EJraonds.
solicitor and notary, (110 Columbid
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers aud Solicitors
Westminster offices. Rooms 7 and t
Guichon block, corner Columbia am
McKenzie streets; Vaucouver ol
flees, Wll'iacs bulldog. 41 Grar.
*."o street. F. C Wade. K. C,
_. Whealler. \V. G. McQuarrie, O. E
Martin, Geo. Caeaady -
674-678 Columbia St., New Westminster
The   young    tello*   hut
a Rcuday B-.hJOl, bat he hai
el Rise and Jones to grab the puree
and  p0SE��"\i  themselves  of  the contents���two loaded revolvers.
Constable  Murdered.
Pico Instantly shot Constable Bovrt.
vho  died   in   the    General   Hospital
close by a few minutes later. Rutledge
covered     Stewart,    but    didn't    flre,
"Throw up your handB," he kept saying.   Rice also pointed hla revolver at
Stewart.    "Get out, get out," ordered
thc constables.
Strange to say.the de?perate trio
obeyed him. Had they killed Stewart
nnd taken his keys they could have
freed themselves of their handcuffs,
and noi a msn on the street would
have darcl to Interfere with them.
As it was thoy climbed  out of tho
cab linked together.   Once In the road
they made a dash for a    street car
which had come to a stop.    Stewai t
from the door of the cab fired, fatally
wounding Jones.   The other two dragging him by the handcuffs  attempted
to rclze the car. their Idea being to
compel the motorman to run them out
to the suburbs.   Stewart leaped from
the cab, and running to the back end
pulled the trolley pole off the wire.
Battle With Burglars.
Then followed a horrible struggle, lu
which the motorman and Policeman
Dodds, a guard from the jail, who happened along on his way to    dinner,
joined Stewart.    Several  shots were
fired by the burglars.    Doors on the
Bouth side of Gerrard street, near Sa-
niach, were pierced by some of the
bullets.   The three men handcuffed together, one of them dying, fought In
utter desperation.   The officers clubbing their heavy Colt's revolvers, beat
them down.     Rice's head   and face
were fenrfully treated.   He had shot
Boyd.   Jones died of hls bullet wound
ln the jail    hospital 12 hours   later.
Rutledge, too. was badly bruised be-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . fore he was taken.     When they an-
r three years. ''?*?', I peered next day ln court the defiant
In Kingston   penitentiary Rutledge I air hud vanished and their (aces were
met Jones, who came from the States,   scarcely recoenlzable.
having served time previously In Den-1 Desperado Commits 8uiclde.
ver. At thn end of the three years I Rutledge was sentenced to 14 years
the two went to Chicago, and became In Kingston penitentiary ' *"���**-
associated with Rice, the third man MoDougal. On the day he was senor the famous quaitet.     The fourth
man was never known to the publm. m> .......      .
though the police now have a good ' ed up the spiral staircase to the sec
idea who he Is. Rutledge persuaded ond gallery, and threw himself head-
the yang to come to Ontario to rob long over the balustrade. His head
country banks. I struck the stone floor with a smash.
Thugs Come to Toronto. j Death was instantaneous.
"Rice-told me afterwards that thev i Riae was brought up for the raur-
never would have come to Canada had der of Constable Boyd In the Septem
they ^^^^^ ^^^^^m
lilt "n
\i**.M \~*^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
c.'rrh d on ilicit aiul dirast:ous liasom
at the sjne Umo. He bad finally u?ed
tbe r<- cr of attorney to-secure $"-o,oon
of hla uncle's money, and "sl.lppcl
out" - iij! a young woman whom ho
iutcr.vards married, k was his nn\-
letv to get back to this young woman
thut drove him to confession, ln order to ha'e the matter brought to an
end quickly. Hut there was no propc-
cui lon.
"We let him out on hla own bai'."
said Inspector Cuddy, "and he never
came back."
Trio of Safe Crackers.
Everybody remembers the trio of
dcspeiate men wbo blew the safe ut
Aur.irii some few years ago. Rice,
Rutledge, and Jones. Tbe first was
hangeu, tbe second suicided In Toronto ja i. and the third was shot by
County Constable Stewart.
"1 knew Rutledge up ln Streetsvtllo
when he was a boy," said Mr. Cuddy,
"lie was one of those dime novel readers, uud  his umbltlon was    to be ���*
dime novel  heio.      He used to pose
among lbe boys as a bad man, and ha
practiced bhootlng.   He got bo expert
as to be able to show off before tho
boys, shooting pennies in the air with
a revolve!1,   tie could lilt tliem, too."
Dime Novel Hero In Tolls.
One  morning Detective   Cuddy arrested hlm on \orln street in Toronto,
at a second-hand store, ln the act ot
selling stuff stolen from    Brampton.
Por mis offence Rutledge received a
sentence of six months ln the Central
prison.   While waiting in the Jail at
Brampton, where he was   taken tor
/ trial, he struck the Jailer���an old man
���over the head with a cordwood stick,
and nearly killed bim.   Had not another guard happened    a.ong at tho
moment Rutledge would have escaped.
As lt was, he was sent lo Kingston
for three years.
J.    STILWELL CLUTE,    barrl3tcr-il
law, solicitor, Mc; corner Columbl
and   McKenzie  streets, New   West
minster, B. C.   P. O. Box Wi.   Tele
phono 710.
i n
minster Board of Trade meets in the
board room. City Hall, as follows'
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the third Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
tbe third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterlv
meeting. S. if, Stuart Wade, secretary.
Re part UO acres) ot lot 38, Qroup ,��
\i, formerly In Yale Division ot Yalell
District, in tbe Dlstlct ot New WeBt-'"
. minuter,
���Whereas proof ot the loss ot cer-
lfleate of title No. 1C955F, Issued in
the name of Francis W. Fcyd, haa
been filed In this ofiice.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here
of, in a daily-newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of tbe said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to tne in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry ofTlce, New Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
P. G.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Rhone  661.
Box 772
B. C.
-    GO TO
A Little Sa:# and Sulphur
Makes Gray Hair Vanish���A
Remedy for All HairTroubles,
Who does ootkno w the value of Sage
and Sulphur for ke -pin ��the hair dark,
Boft and glossy anu in pood condition T
As a matter of it *., Sulphur is a
natural element of l.air, and a deficiency
of it in the hair is held by many scalp
specialists to be coi.uectea with loss of
14 years   co'or an^ vitality of tho hair.     Un-1
bv  Judjro   <Jue8ti��nably, there is no better remedy
_^^^^^^^^^^ ...��   ������.    '��r hair and scalp troubles, especially
Mouou.sai.wn ju�� ���u,  .**, was sen-   ^^^^   gray^a,   than Sage  and
tenced he broke from his guaids when   gu, h     if p^0I^rty prepared. ���
he arrived back inside the jail, dash-1    T^0  fyye'th ^chemical   Company of
- ... .... .���,���, �����.,,�������� ,��� ,hft see-1 Now York put out an ideal preparation
ot this kind, called Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Hair Remedy, in which Sage and
Sulphur are combined with other valuable remedies for keeping the hair and
nice-torn me an.. **.*,**���, uw. ���..-.               . .     ,       _ scalp ia cloan, healthy condition.
er would have come to Canada had der of Constable Boyd In the Septem-1 If your hair is losing its color or
y been aware Rutledge was known ber assizes, and in due course suffered , constantly coming out, or if you are
e," snld Mr. Cuddy. "Rice sjid that tho legal penalty, bolng hanged by troubled with dandruff or dry, itchy
h he and Jones had been deceived   the neck till dead. ! ecalp, (jet a fifty cent bottle of Wyeth's
���       ii ti,��� tv ,.,iitn*   of  Sngo and Sulphur from your druggist,
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
has moved to
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suitings.   Prices low; flt guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. 6th and Columbia
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Potk and Veal
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for it le the stuff that the foundations ot wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   Is
needed now aud to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.   Money cannot be invested until it ls flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 92,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Central Meat Markel
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth
PHONE 870.
��� Prince
Prince Rupert
by Rutledge."
After the Aurora bank was robbed
the robbers disappeared. It was
learned, bowover, that they had boarded ln rooms over ft certain restaurant
cn Yonge street while In Toronto for
ii tlmo previous to the robbery. One
of the other boarders in the plaoe tipped the police that their grips were
Those who had the handling of Snge end Sulphur from your druggist,
him say that he was a game man to use it according to the simple directions
tho end-an end dreaded bv most ��d see what adiff erenco a few days'
criminals as worse than death by vio- ^"^air appearance
They weio an unusually cool, conr
na;60iiK trio of bank   burglars.     The
time they entered the Standard Bank .
In Parkdale they waited for the con-      Spocial agents, D. S. Curtis.
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611 Victoria Street.
(Over Daily News.)
of your hair. u^^^^^^^^^h
All druggists sell it, under guarantee
c0"r*  that the money will be refunded if the
The  remedy is not exactly as represented.
I'lfiTilr *
Phene R672. ��1�� Hamilton 8t.
d. Mcelroy
Connecting fortnightly wtth
S.S. "Prince John" 'for Port
Simpson, Port Nelson, Stewart,
Massett, Skidegate, Pacofl.
Lockport, Jedway, etc.
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting.
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
3500 Tons, 7000 Horsepower.
Foot of Main Street.
At Twelve o'Clock
SATURDAYS���South.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^******^^^*
Grand'Trunk Paciflc passenger trains leave Prince Rupert Wednee-
davs and Saturdays for points east.
Throueh Tickets Issued to Eastern Destinations Via Chicago.
Cltv Offices: 527 Granville * treet, Vancouver, B. C. Telephones:
Passenger, Sey. 7100; Freight, Sey, 3060; Express. Sey 79S6. Harry
G Smith. City Pnaenger and Tlc^t Agent. Steamer from Prince
Rupert arlves Vancouver Saturday! at 7:00 p.mv Instead of 9f30 p.m.
;.i '
U u   ..>
THUR8DAY, MARCH 28, 1918.
Ihe Uaily Mews
{Published by The Dally fle'fcs Publishing Company, Limited, at moir otfices,
earner   of   McKenzie   and   Victoria
^���i^������ip I     ^w���^-   ���hub
Today is election day. Tlrfs evening
It will be known what tho people think
of tho McBride administration. There
Js no doubt that tho Conservative
party will be returned a^aln by a
large majority. Interest.ftttaphes only
to the number of opposition members
that will be returned. We may be permitted to hope that in the interests of
popular government an articulate opposition will represent iSU political
minority of the population WT this province at Victoria. .,v<
In Westminster the light has been a
quiet one. Premier McBitae<*nd other
prominent members of hlBl>arty have
addressed the electors oa behalf of
Mr. Thomas Gifford. Mr. George Kennedy has taken every opportunity to
put his views before the electorate,
and last night local Liberals wero
given an opportunity of hearing some
of the big guns of tlie Liberal party.
Today the politicians are through. It
is up to tho people to do their part.
Although the attendance at meetings
of tbe rich Fraser Valley, lt has won-'
derful possibilities, and In lact ono
may Bay responsibilities, as a port ou
the Fraser river, and it is the economic centre of a vast, fertile, agii-
cultural district. Tbo elements ot a
great city have always existed there,
but 'tbo mnn' never seemed to arrive.
Six or seven years ago the peoplo of
the Hoyal City suddenly saw the light,
like St. Paul on his journey to Damas.
cus, Before then the citizens weie
upathello, tho merchants were ln content with old-time methods, grass was
growing on many of the streets, the
city lucked a progressive municipal
policy, and New Westminster waa
like a flne ship drifting without a
"A group of men with progressive
ideas and a desire to stimulate the sd-
vance of the city along lines that were
obviously hers to follow, looked about
for the man who could put their earnestness of purpose and enthusiasm Into effect for the general good. They
discovered him ln the person of .lohn
Andrew Lee. As president of the
Board of Trade he had proved a keen
critic and an uncompromising opponent of any Infrlngment of civic rights.
Mr. Lee opened the eyes of the citizens to the danger which threatened
tbeir water supply when a powerful
corporation was seeking certain privileges.
"As a man with an eye single to the
good of tbe people Mr. I^ee was elected mayor three years ago. Since that
time he has devoted practically all
his time to the chic progress and Improvement of Nev,- Westminster ln
every wny."
i Baki
Suicide Rather ���T+iafi Grow
Some of tho curious customs of a
pastoral people of Uganda, known a.s
the lianjoio, are told by the Uev. John
beld outside of the centre of the city Hoscoe. Ho said that when once a
has been disappointing, nevertheless ^ng waB enthroned his person became
we believe that the electors of West-  sacred und his food was restricted to
, th- tT.^ 'thnt -;ata n   ��ilfc and beef from a sacred herd of
minster are of the type that casts a whJch ^ ,ipan from Qlh.
reasonably   thoughtful    vote.     1 hey   e]. C0W8
will do their best to throw aside the j The Banyoro monarch never allowed
purely party elements of the appeals himself to grow old or his faculties ta
made by the candidates of both sides j genome Unpaired. *g^jg
.and judging by the essentials will caUed Q councui arranged the state af-
vote in accordance with that judg- rairs with the |,rincipai chiefs with-
m0nt, ' j out gii ing them any reason for think-
Let us   hope that a quiet   election  togthat nejvas about to^ie ^ndjdifr
Makes delicious home-
baked foods of maximum
quality at minimum cost.
Makes home baking a
The only Baking Powder
made from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
No Alum ���No Ume Phosphates
what wlll you have to pay for property along Its route ? There is no
doubt that lt ls the best buying, for the small Investor, to be haj
around Westminster today.
We have exclusive sale of a number of the choicest lots ln District
Lot 172.
ii i
Buy before the tram ls running und get the benefit of the rise that
WILL come.
Phone 1004. Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
From $325 to $475 Each.   Very
Easy Terms of Payment.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway  Depot.
Phone  1105.
missed them to carry cut Ills Instructions.
will not mean a small poll.   If we are
live citizens we   should get out and Then he returnei    to bis    private
vote.   Excited or not, every man witb house and  summoned his chief wife
the franchise should exercise It.   Per- and   ordered her to bring a cup   of
,     ,              -���������ui-   -f .^tincr poison.   He drank the contents and in
haps   he is more capable   of vftttog * ^ ^^ ^ ^   ^ wl(Ujw
wisely after a quiet campaign than : thereupon called one or tw0 of the
after a bitter one. More especially , principal chiefs, who prepared tho !
then let every elector vote today for ' hotly for burial. For as long as possi-1
the candidate of hls choice. >,le ����* ��<��th was kept secret.     Kach
' day the milk and beef were brought to ,
the    royal    residence, and    Inquirers
wore informed that thc king was suffering from an indisposition which re-1
q:iired him to rest.
In the meantime the chiefs were en-
ishment of the hare body shall not be
infringed. Some men can stand as
many as sixty or seventy blows, it Is
reported; others collapse at the fifth
or sixth;   most of them faint at  tho
| tenth or twelfth blow   and   meiiru'.ly
j remain unconscious.
"The piece of sole leather is perforated by many small holes, perhaps
an inch or two apart. These serve a
double purpose; they suck up the air
whieh would otherwise cushion tbo
force of the blow somewhat, and thev
suck  up    the victim's    flesh as    the
leather comes in contact with it. Tben
j when    the paddle is pulled   off very
slowly and   cnrefully, each    perfora-
j tlon, as it releases the flesh whieh has
adhered to it, sends its own message
'of pain to the man on the rack, thus
I intensifying   the   agony  a   hundredfold.
"A delicate touch Is added by covering tbe  victim's body  with    a  sheet
soaked  in salt water.      The  Btlng of
I the salt water, as It   penetrates the
lacerated    flesh, adds   an    exquisite
I touch of pain."
timber & Trading C6'y.�� Ltd.
Lurrher,   Rflould'ng".   laths    nnd    Shingles
PHONE   904.
Eight money by-laws amouhtlng   to
$4,00,000 are uow before the public. On
April  10 the ratepavers o'l* \Vestmin- 'gaged in making private arransements
ster will  be called  upon to vote    on   t('/u/"-d the bo.ly and protect the sac-
.    , ,.,,���, ,.     red  herds  of cattle  during  the  wars
these by-laws.    It is sincerely to    be   ffhJch wouId Mlow on Ule alinounce.
Iiopcd  in the interest of    the    city's   ment of the death.    When  the news
future that the people will support tho   leaked out the sons of tho dead king
���city council and register their approval I f��uSht among themselves, brother klil-
... . ...   . ,  mg brother,     The   survivor became
of the raising of this large sum    of , Ung .m(, aUemlcd Ws Tttther.��� tuneraJ<
.money. This expenditure will not be At the ceremony several o! the wi-
wasteful. It will not be a heavy bur- dows of the deceased kin;1; were club-
den on the ratepayers, for they will' bed l�� deall>. as were the cowmen and
>���      . v ..*.. j  I the cook.    Other widows too.; poison.
receive direct benefits from every pro- j AU fta    bod,eg wcrg   placed ��    ^
posed improvement. It wilt be, ln fact, ' grave, the idea being that their ghosts
.an excellent investment. A' well equipped city is the one that will draw industries and population .within bor
boundaries. Those are tfto two fuc-
tores that lighten the burJen of all
Lea.ing the ether by-laws for future
consideration weHvill take a glance at
the Water Extension Debenture Bylaw. Tills calls lor the jfaiging of
$40,000. With this money It is proposed to build a second pipe lino to
Queensborough under the North Arm,
do enlarge the high level reservoir,
and to build a new reservoir at
Quocns park. The storage capacity o:
the city's waterworks will thus be
raised from not quite 5,000,000 gallons
:to 13,000,000 gallons. Any money left
over will be used for other extensions
that may become necessary.
Thu idea that the ratepayers might
turn down such a by-law seems ridicu-
should minister to the ghost of the
king in the next world. When the
last king came to the throne the country was a British protectorate.
According to the medicine man the
"god" was displeased and indicated
that the first person seen coming
along a particular road should be slain
over the drum in whicli human blood
was wont to be poured at each coronation. That unfortunate person happened to be a tax gatherer, an Englishman, who was accordingly decapitated. The "medicine man" was arrested, but the Judge liberated him
with a caution, taking the view that
he acted out of ignorance. The drum,
however, was brought by the speaker
to England.���London Standard.
Ladies Against Beards.
The theory of M, N'oztere, the playwright, that the typical lady-killer
must not wear a beard or moustache
is supported by a number of actresses,
who have been asked if they preferred
men with Iveards or moustaches or
tliose who were clean shaven, says the
\ good water supply Is essential I Ottawa Journals Correspondent.
to   any up-to-date   city.   To   protect i
Seven replied, and none of them fu-
, vored the abolition of the razor. Mile.
themselves and their children the cltl-1 Polaire expressed the opinion that a
v.cns of Westminster should support mounstache was excusable only to hide
euch proposals when they are submit- an ugly mouth and teeth.
ted to them.    There    seems to be no'     ',ane    Marnao   endorses   the   mo;i
In the West End.
A new five roomed house,
thoroughly modern; piped for
furnace, open flre place; full
size cement basement; situated
in tho West End, close to Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street. Thia
lot faces south and has a good
view of the river. Price $:!500
terms $800 cash, balance over
throe years.
Dandy Home.
Large seven roomed modern
house on Agnes sireet, twi'
Tnird street; the minutes' walk
from business centre, This
property is on the market at u
sacri ;ce as the owner has ju.it
Mie South. Below market price
gone bo.un. Below market
price, fiiiits,, terms $1600 cash,
balance ou*i, Uo and turee
In Residential Section.
New six roomed house near
Sixth street car line, on large
lot, ail cleared end graded.
Thia house is thoroughly modern, has a basement, piped for
furnace; well finished; open
fire place. Price $3050; on
terms or $850 cash and the balance very easy indeed.
Just Built.
New six-rcomed modern house
near Second street and Fifth
avenue; full sized cement basement, cement fioor, furnace, etc.
panelled dining room ancl den;
fino large hail with winding
stairway; large lot 62x126 feet,
to lane. Price $4000; terms
$1200 cash, balance C, 12, 18
and 2\ months.
Rents  For $25.
Here  is  a  house  that,   rents
a month,    it is a six-
sign of extravagance about the by-law.
The extensions proposed arc necessary, it is always cheaper to do
things in time th.ui to do them later,
and thero ls no doubt that these extensions are necessary uow. They will
Jjecomc much more necessary later as
the population grows
;got to be spent some day. it h.d much
lictlcr be spent now.
studio only if it is a line one and pe.*-
turned. . ijujU
Alleged    to    Be    Used    in   Amcrica.i
"Xow thc paddle Is not a lash," Bays
an authority on punishment in Amerl.
The money has'CBn pttoons, to tne Regina Standard, I
"It is merely a piece   of heavy Bole
leather, shaped  like a tennis    racket
and fattened with copper rivets to a
wooden handle,   it weighs about two
rounds.    Tho auxiliary apparatus con-
si'.ts of a leather, barrel, chains, hand-
cuffs and ropes.    The ladder is ahout
nine feet long, and hns a set of brae- I
kets In wliich the barrel is held firmly, j
lengthwise.    The barrel Is small, per- j
haps the size of a "half" beer barrel, i
The prisoner, stripped, Is laid upon the j
barrel, his feet, roped to runus ut one
ladder   and   his    hands \
B. C. Magazine Recognizes   Possibiliti-
ties of Westminster.
This month's number of lhe Britisli
Columbian Magazine contains stiikins
���portraits of the non. II. H. Askwith,
ilon. Richard Mcliride, and Mayor J.
A. Lee of Westminster,   The photo of   end  of  lhe
roomed hoiu.e, fullv modem,
with basement, etc, Price is
$2600; with a quarter of the
paymenl now anj the balance
by   1914.
Eelow Mar.'.et.
Fine six-roomed house, thoroughly modem. Rents for $23
per month. Situated In the
heart of the clly on corner lot.
I'rice $2626; terms $800 cash,
balance over  two  years.
Residential District.
Fine cheery five-roomed
house,, newly built and ihor-
oughly modern; bath and toilet.
separate; furnace, cement basement, cement walks, etc ��� nice
lawn; lot all fenced; situated
(in Second street, between Fifth
and Sixth avenues; close to
school, etc. Price for short
time only, $2900; terms $l')oo
cash, balance over two years.
Located at 5211    Second    street.
When you have finished reading this big type matter I want you to carefully
study every house advertisement fn this corner of the paper. I want you to look
on this as a personal and direct message to you���to a man who is looking for a
In looking over these advertised houses you are going to find something that
suits you exactly. You will find the price��is right and the terms are good. Of
course you want to see the house.   Well, now:
Come right down to my office and I will take you out and show you the
property. If it suits you, take it, if it doesn't, why, alright. You know best what
you want and I know better than to pester any client by trying to make him buy
something else.
ONE LAST WORD���Sometody else wants that same house.
Terms Until 1915.
Fine seven roomed house,
thoroughly modern, wilh cement
basement floor, best of plumb-
lng, laundry tubB, etc.; piped for
furnace; deep ceiling; panelled
walls; lead glass windows; magnificent view of the Fraser river.
Lulu Island and Delta; lot
40x140 feet, with street at rear
This is near Fifth avenue and
Twelfth street.- Price $4600:
terms $1000 cash, balance over
three years.
Nicely Built Home.
This five roomed house stands
nn a lot 50x1 mi feet, running
back to lane. The house Is nicely built; has flne open fire
place; panelled strips and plate
rack; full size cement basomont
with laundry tubs, etc. Owner
will taxe $3150; one-quarter
cusii and the balance over two
Something Cheap.
Five roomed house close to
Twelfth street car line; lot 33
by 140 feet. Price, for Immediate sale, $1X00; $500 cash and
the balance over two years.
the last named is presented in un ar- bound with steel cuffs which aro
tide entitled the "Prosperity of New chained to the other end of the lad-
Westminster," which runs us follow*'   der.
"On September the llth, lS'JS, an
area of over eighty acres of the city
of Xew- Westminster was swept by
fire and the entire commercial district, was destroyed.   This disaster ro-
"Two men then unite their strength
to stretch these ropes and ChalnB
taut, in order to prevent the prisoner's
hody from moving or giving at unv
point, thereby weakening the force of
suited in B setback to the progress of the blows.   The prisoner's head is cov-
the   city und for some years   thing* ered with a sheet so that he may not
*eemed to be almost   dormant there, see his tormentors.   Another sheet Is
"New Westminster is by its geogra- placed upon his back, so that the pro-
jihical position the natural metropolis vision of thc humane law against pun-
Phcnes 1090-1091 HMnHSHHWHi THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1912.
"Tecumseh Chief Signs Up Two Prospective Players of Pacific Coast
Montreal, March 27.���The lacrosse
war Is getting exclllng, Charlie Querrie, of the Tecumsehs, it ls reported
today, has beaten Con Jones to the
signing up of two of the players that
Con wanted to play on his team.
These are Roy Kinsman, the goalkeeper, and Fred Graydon. It ls
rumored that the former player is to
get $1000 for the season and the latter $1200. Con Jones, lt ls understood,
had asked these players to take no
in i ion until Thursday when one of his
i��presentatlves would call upon them.
Charlie, however, slipped one over on
the redoubtable Con.
The western magnate, however, ls
not getting beaten all along the line.
Kd. Howard ls said to have been taken
In tow by his emissary, Fred Stagg.
and ls believed to be an almost sure
starter-for the coast. Keith Barnet
and George Kells also have received
offers from the coast, if reports received ure true.
exercise attractive. That ls our main
slogan, lf you take away the drudgery
element, you can do a man a lot more
good than If he takes no pleasure In
it. Tbe second reason ls that business
men, naturally clumsy and slow bv
roason of their sedentary occupation,
grow old and tired because they con
tinually do the things that old men do.
If we could make them do tho things
thut young men do, we could keep
tliem young and active for a much
longer time than they actually romat i
A F;egular Circus.
"It's a regular circus to see thesa
men," continued Dr. Welzmlller. "We
started oft with a class of forty lasi
Tuesday, so you can see that the lde��
ls taking amona thein. They range in
ages from 18 to (iO, from the youny
clerk to the gYay-halred business man
They gather In a large double circle,
with tbe instructor in the center, and
go through the steps of the danco, ftvst
without the music, then with it. They
wali around tho room in pairs humming the dance tune and helping and
correcting each other. The dance is on
especially fitting form of exercise for
business men, as rhythmical exercise
requires the least expenditure of nervous energy.
of the valve for the hot water' cestor presents at Christmas   a lam-
In breaking it   prey pie t0 the king ag ^ token 0l loVe
The Senior Amateurs have arranged
a football game with St. Andrews for
next Saturday. This will be played
on the Cambie street grounds, Vancouver. The team wlll leavo on the
1:30 cur from Weatmlnster. The players will be chosen from the following:
BlrcbflOldi McAllister, Patterson, King,
Ferguson, Smith, Craig, Speedie,
Chlel, Petrle, Cadyzlcn, Wilson and
Barnes. *���
Uurnaby made a clean sweep in the
billiard series last evening, taking
three games from the accountants.
'I'iils evening the mechanics am! tho
real estate teams come together.
Not Fast  Hersss.
"My dear old father csme to visit
me last week," says a friend whose
name we omit. "He's one great old
scout, rny dad, but of course he's a
i villager, and lie can't see this easy-
come-easy-go method of getting rid of
money. He had to be tliere with a
little advice.   Says he:
" "Son,  I   hear you've been  losing
a lot of money on fast horses.'
I    " 'Father," I came back, 'that just
shows how news will get twisted by
the time it arrives at the old town.
I It  is  true  that  I   have   risked  some
I coin  at the track,  but it wasn't on
; fast horses.   What lost me my money was quite the opposite, dad���quite
' the opposite.' "
On Friday evening the 10lib Regiment Athletic club are sending four
boxers and one wrestler to compete
.jn an inter-club tournament with the
James Bay Athletic club, of Victoria.
The boyB are In fairly good condition
and expect to be returned winners In
the events for which they are entered.
The only Snowball O'Connor will
meet a Victoria wrestler weighing 120
pounds, and he will have to step lively if be succeeds in pressing O'Connor's shoulders to the canvas.
Tbe regiment will also be represented In two events at the boxing cham-
���-plonshlps which are to be held in
Vancouver on April 13 and 14.
Fortune 9pent en  Buttons.
Forty thousand pounds was paid by
Louis XIV. for one setoff buttons for
a   waistcoat.    This   monarch   had   a
positive passion  for buttons, and in
the year 1685 be spent a very  large
1 amount on  this hobby.    Among the
I items   of   his   expenditure   two   are
] worthy of note���August. 1685, twojlia-
i mond buttons, 67,866 francs; seventy-
' five  diamond   button,  686,703 francs.
I It is estimated that during his life-
| time he  spent  $5,000,000 on  buttons
alone, ai I that at a time when tho
empire of  France was in a state of
pipe, finally succeeded
and flooded the cells.
. For this he was taken before Judge
Leet and when asked why he had done
the deed, replied: "I want to go before
Judge Bazin again, I have something
to toll hlm." "Just for fun," he stated
he had cracked the pipe, While awaiting sentence on the charge of destroying government property another
charge of burglary was unearthed
against him and this morning he was
charged before Judge Lanctot and
pleaded guilty: "Go ag far as like."
be said, "the Jail or the pen have no
terrors for me."
"You wlll be accommodated," said
Judge Lanctot. "two years ln the penitentiary."
A few minutes afterwards Vlllen-
euve was taken back to the Court: to
answer to a charge of destroying gov-
ernment property. "Ten days In Jail,"
i;aid the court and Vllleneuve laughed
uproariously as he was heln'; led to
the cells, where he enters upon a three
years and four months' sentence-
Montreal Star.
Lampreys Back Again.
The royal lamprey, that toothsome,
eel like lish beloved of kings from th*
early days of the Roman Kmpire, haa
returned to the Thames, says the Ottawa Free Press. Thames fishermen
cannot account for the remarkable Invasion, bat tbey are naturally delighted. ThOitsa&da are coming. How the
lain],icys have worked their way up
from the sea through the long stretch
of muddy reaches of the lower part o;
the river, Is a mystery; but there they
aie, and fishermen declare them to be
liner, cleaner and larger than an>
they have seen for years past.
Of couise the lamprey was dubbe.l
royal lon^ before Kngland was known.
but lamprey p|e Is looked upOD as a
dainty and alluring dish for anv table
It is of record thut King Henry I. died
suddenly from a surfeit of lampreys,
and to this day the loyal city of Glou
and fealty.
This Glouscester pie Ib a matter of
history. King John fined the men of
that fair city forty marks because, as
the writ runs, "They did not pay hlm
sufficient respect in the matter ot his
lampreys." In the second year of the
reign of Edward III. the Earl of Berkeley was sent from Gloucestershire
by the king agulnst the Scots, and he
took with him nine lamprey pies.
NO SLUMP���Just in a
Hurry to Sell
The modern home we advertised for sale a few days ago at $5250
is now further reduced to $6000.
Al locality, and on car line. Attractive-looking house, seven
rooms, turnace, hardwood floors, etc.
All you need is $1800 cash, and $25 per month afterwards. Must
be sold within a week.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
28 Lorne Street
JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
New Westminster
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
O. E. GILLEY, Phons 291.
Phonea, Office 15 and 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
FIRE BRICK. ���������
Dreams ot becoming a Captain
'Webb, a Holbein or a liurgeas aie already entei lng the minds of those win
Intend taking advantage of the opportunity of learning to swim offered by
the Y. M. C. A. trom April 8 to 13 in-
elusive. On those days the large
swimming tank at the local Institution
will be thrown open to every man and
boy ln the city who desires to master
lhe art of natation.
Profeusor Callis, who will hava
-charge of the Instruction classes. Is
working in the Interests of the Inter-
nation swimming committee, whose
object ls that every man and boy
ahould be able to swim. No charge
wll| be made for this Instruction and
It behoves every enthusiast ln this
important line to get busy. If he can
swim It will do him no barm to.get
acquainted with the "Australian
Crawl," a speelsl method of progressing in the water which according to
' Mr. Callis is every way superior to
that at present In vogue.
A special list of prizes Is being prepared which will be awarded to those
who show themselves proficient In life-!
aavlnc short and long distance swim- j
mlng. i
Professor Callis wlll arrive in this
-city ou April 8.
Nothing To Do But Live.
The Friendly Islands oi the south
seas are described as an earthly
Eden. Ths natives have nothing to do
but catch fish, gather fruit, sing gongs
and grow fat. The women are very
beautiful, but a trifle heavy, weighing
between 250 and 400 pounds. When
a white man goes there to live he
has to deposit $50 with the Government. If he lives a decent IHe this
money is returned to him at the end
ol two years. II he makes trouble the
money is confiscated and he it deported.
How   It   Happened.
Aunt Maria��� Oon't deny it, Martha.
I saw you. Your lip* and his met as
I came into the room.
Martha���Yes, auntie, but it was all
an accident. I started to whisper
something into Charley's ear at tho
same moment that he tried to whisper something into my ear, and that
is how it happened. Charley felt as
bad about it as I did, I'm sure.
Working an Adsgs.
'Doctor," said the medical student,
"is a blind man apt to be an idiot?''
"Why no! What makes you ask
"The adage says, 'Out of sight, out
of mind'.'*
San FranciBco, \March 27.���A committee of 300 of the I. W. W. demanded work today under a threat of
violence. "If you will not give us
work." tbey aaid ln an ultimatum, "we
will begin a course of violence that
will make the world shudder."
San Diego, March 27.���I. W. W. men
Issued tin eats today to the effect that
tliey would march south across the
line to l/owcr California and declare
an Independent, communistic republic
there. The federal authorities are
taking tho matter in band. They announce that they will prosecute the
lenders under the net against the
violation of neutrality.
No Laughing Matter.
"Don't make me laugh," said Arthur
Vllleneuve to. Julge Lanctot the other morning, after the court had sentenced him to two years in the penitentiary for burglary.
For cynical remarks to judges who
have passed sentences upon hlm, a
youth of barely twenty, vllleneuve
heids the palm.
Last week he appeared before Judgc-
Bazin charged with burglary. One
year was the sentence.   He smiled de-
, rlslvely at Judge Bazin and asked him
I after sentence was pronounced: "Is
that the best you can do." Judge Bazin merely smiled.
Three days afterwards he was' up
again before the court and received a
sentence of four months   additional,
i wltlt bard labor.
I    "This is not worth while, he spoke
' up, "I will not have time to wear ott
, a pair of prison shoes."
j He had no sooner entered the cells
than he began hammering the stop-
HARRY TIDY,  Mrnsger.
One of the brightest and most tuneful
plays of the year.   Smart and fast.
60>/2 People,' 75 Per Cent Girls.
Coming to tickle you with the same
splendid company that has .delighted
every "Grouch" ln the East.
To the public���We guarantee this
attraction to be one of the finest
traveling and wlll gladly refund your
money, at the box office. In the event
of you finding lt otherwise. This guar- J
aiitee ts offered so tbat you will not
put this excellent attraction ln the
same class with other slap sticlf cartoon shows.
Program for Wednesday and Thursday
Special colored Itlm by Pathe Freres
Siege of Calais
In two reels. With halters around
their necks and the keys of the city
In their hands. Actual scene from
play. Two thousand men and horses
in great battle scenes.
The Fatal Chocolate
Farce Comedy.
���Got a Watch ?"
Farce Comedy.
A day   at the West   Point   Military
Academv, New York.
By John Bunny.
"Chumps" produce the laughs in
chumps, ln fits and starts, an.l jumps.
It fairly beams with hilarious screams,
covering the earth with irresistible
The Vagabonds
A dramatic subject of superior quality.
Illustrated song by Mrs. Clark.
Vocal special by Mr. T. B. Currie.
corner  lot,  G6 by
Splendid site for stores and apartment  house;
132; three minutes' walk from post office.
Only $6,500
Speak Quick for This Will Go Quick.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
47 8lxth itreet, Saturday morning.
Spring igjjg Sale
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
Change   of    program   every
Monday and Thursday.
10c���A D MIS SIO N���20c.
Old-Folk Dances Latect Fat Remover
in New York.
A way by which the fat' business
man rnn become Blender���or, at least,
less fnt���Is suggested by Dr. Louis R.
Welzmlller, physical director, of the
weal, side brunch of tbe Young Men's
Christian Association, siys tbe Seattle
P.-I. on Information from New York.
Old-folk dances are the arency of reduction. An hour's pracilce, tv.'Ice a
week, ln the Irish I.l't. the .Tumping
.Tucks, or the iMxey Kube, will give tbo
tired business man, according to Welz-
miller, a e;ood lifW*"<�� and a graceful
cnrrl'iuo In a surprisingly short spacfl
of H'v>c.
"Thero are two reaBons wby I am
trying lo Introduce tli*��> danres as a
form of exercise," sal.l the doctor to-
d:ty���"Bret, because I want to make
"Our Personal Advice
to all Skin Sufferers"
F. J. McKenzie, Druggist
We have been In business ln this
town for some time, and we aro looking to build up trade by always advising our patrons right
So when we tell you thnt we have
found the effective eczema remedy,
you can depend upon It that wo give
our Mdvlre, rtnt ln order to sell a few
bottles of medicine to skin suffererB,
but because we know how lt wlll help
our business lf v e hfclp our patrons.
We keep iu stock and sell all the
well known skin remedies. But we
wlll say this: If you are suferlng from
r.ny kind of akin trouble, eczema,
psoriasis, rash or tetter, we want you
to try a full e1. p botllo of D. ��>, 1).
, Again and again wc have cecn how
a tew drops of this simple wash, ap-
j piled to the skin, takes away the   Itch
Instantly.   And the cures all seem to
be permanent.
D. D. D. Prescription made by the
D. D. D, Laboratories, of Toronto, ls
composed of thymol, glycerine,, oil of
wlntergreen and other healing, sooth-
- lng, cooling ingredients? And tf you
are just crazy with itch, you will, feel
soothed and cooled, the Itch absolutely
washed away the moment you apply
tbis D. V). D.
Wo have male fast friends of mere
tbun one family by recommending this
remedy to a skin   suiferer   here   and
thero and we want you to try lt now.
T. J, I,I:icKenzio> Druggist.
All Package Soaps, 7 Cakes for
Sunlight Soap, 6 Cakes for
All Soap Powders, per.package
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 packages for
Lux, 3 packages for
Fels Naptha Soap, per package
Amonia, per bottle
Reckitt's Blueing, 7 for
Scrub Brushes, bass or fibre, each
Mops, self wringing, each
Mop Cloths, 2 for -        ���   -
Clothes Lines, 2 for
Clothes Pins, 4 dozen for
Wash Boards, glass, each
Brooms, each
-     25c
- 25c
- 15c
- 25c
-    10c
-   35 to 60c
Mack's No-Rub, the only thing for Laundry use   -   5c
The Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAM8.
33 8th Street      "THE WHITE FRONT"
Phone 2 y*
hibition    BuilSing   Loan    By-Law
ity will be taken on the 10th day of
April 1U1Z, between the hours of Nine
o'clock u, m. and Seven o'Ciock p.m.,
at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fireball, Sapperton.
A By-law to . <uiui)le. the   Municipal i    No. 5 Hiehall, 13th Stieet.
Council of ihe Corpo:atlon of too I    And   Crime's    Bulldln'',, Queensbor-
Clty of New Westminster to raise | ough.
by Loan the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars _ufto.000.oui  for the
purpose of etxendlng and Improving   the Exhibition Buildings   ut
Queens Park in the City of Newi,
Weat minster;
WHEREAS it  ls   necessary to   ex-]
tend   and    improve    the    i-.xhnution |
Buildings at Queens Pari; In the City |
of Xew  West minster, and the cost ofl
sink    extension    and    linpiOv-eiinenU ]
will     be   Twenty   Thousand     Dollars [
lfi10,000.00). I
AND WHEREAS it appears tbat if |
the said sum of $20,Q0U.UU be appro-;
prlated from the general revenue of j
the City for the current year the rate)
of taxation will be excessive, and ill
Is expedient that such excessive taxa-1
lion Bhoul.l bo avoided, and the said I
sum lie raised on the credit of thei
Corporation iind that debentures I
should be Issued for that amount.
A.Nn Wll hi It I'l A �� for' the payment
of Interest on the debentures proposed to be itsued under thin By-law,
und lor creating a sinking f.md for
the payment' oi the ( iid ���.'.ebentures
when uue'it wi.l be l.ecessaiy to raisi
by ti.ecial lata In addition to a.l oth-
*r r.itcs cach yen. duiing tho currency of the sau! debentures the sum
ot Sixteen Hundred an.l ifoity-Ioui'
cn.i 32-ioo Do.iuis t .n;-u.;;i!).
AM) WHBRBAS in or.ier to raise
the sajd yearftB sum of fl644.32 an
tqu.i. s, eelai late ou t.ie dollar wi.l
bo reijuncd to be levied on thewholj
rateable pioperty of tue City of New
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
City Clerk.
Citv   Hall,  New   Westminster,   Marco
2(th, 11.12.
city c:
Bunkers    Debenture    By-la a,    181
By-law No.���.
A By-law to   enable   ttic   Municipal]
Council of The Corporation of tho!
City of  New   We.vtuihi.-.ter  tO raise
by Loin tlie suui ol Bix Thousand
Dollais ($0000.00) to a:eet  Bunker*
for the Storage of Crushed". Rock.
Sand and other   materials   In  the
City of New Westminster:
WHEREAS it is necessary  to erect
bunkers Ior the storage    of crushed
rock, sand and other materials in the
City  of  New     Westminster,  and   the
cost of such bunkers will bu six thousand  dollars   ($0000.001.
AND WHEREAS it appears that It
the Baid sum of $(JO0u.uu uu appio-
punted from the general revenue o;
mo City lor the current j ear. the rat.i
oi taxation will be excuissKe, und st
is expedient thut such execute taxation should be molded, ami the Bald
sum should be raised on the credit
oi the Corporation and tu. t debent ires
should be issued for that amo.int,
AND WHEREAS torthe payment of
interest on the debentures   promoted
lu  be issued  under this By-iaw, and
'ior creating a sinking tuud for the
payment of the said debentures when
      due it will bo necessary to raise   by
of the said City according to special rate in addition  to all othe:
sent of the Electors of the said City
in the manner required by law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on the ��� day of , 1'J12.
cil the ��� day of , 1912.
RECONSluEttED  and  finally  passed the ��� duy of ,.1912.
City Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that the above ls a
True Copy of the propose! By-law upon which the Voie of the Municipality
wiil be taken ou the ICth day of April,
1012, between the bonis of Nine
o'clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p. in..
I at tho following places, \T/.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fireball, Sapperton.
No', ij Flrehall, 13th 9treat,
And   Crime's   Building, Queensborough.
City  Clerk.
City    Hall,  New  Westminster, March
27th, 1012.
follows un.l not otherwise:    Towa.da  boutures shall havo attached to tliem
paying tbe cost ot the passing of 'this I coupons lor the payment ot interesl,
which sulu coupons snail be signed by
tne s.wu Mayor.
���i. a Bptwai rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised In each
your, in uuuiiiun to all otner rules, on
.ul ine rateuuie property oi the Lily,
SLiilieieiit lo pay ine inteiest upon  tiio uebvUtuies and    to  create a
By-law and tne Issue and njno of aid
ueDeniuibd lueiein reierrtu lo uuu
all expenses connected with the iss a-
ance of the said loan, and tbe balance
snail be paid over lrom tiiuo to time
as required by the City Treasurer to
tiie several persons to whom moneys
are payable. ...	
V.   ThiB By-law shall take effect on'sinking fund for the payment of the
the 1st day of May, 11112, and may be ; piiiicipul   uiertof  wub.i   uue,   subject
cited    as    the    "CEMETER.*    pUh-Uo any  Act or enactment respecting
CHASE      DEBENTURE       BY-LA vV,! the sumo.
1012." i>.   Subject as aforesaid there shall
8.   This    By-iaw before    the    final   be raised annually by special iaie us
shall receive the SB-1 aforesaid during the currency of the
the said Clly i Bald  debntures   tho  sum  oi   flauu.uu
passing thereof
sent Of tha  Electors of
i iu the  manner required by  law.
RECEIVED the assent of ine Electors on ��� day of , 1912,.
DONE    AND    PASSED    in    open
Council the ��� duy of , 1012.
BECONSIpERED and   finally   passed the ��� day of , 1012.
���Cemetery   Purchase    Debenture   By-
Law 1912."
City  Clerk.
the lae! revised Assessment koh
thereof Is Nine -Million Five Hundred
and Ninety-two thousand Nine Hundied and Thirty-two Do.i.irs ($9,592,-
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debeni ure debt of the
said City is Two Million Four llua-
dred und Fifty-two Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2,452,000.00) irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raised under this by-law and tha
"Street Improvement Debenture Bylaw 1012" Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1012," "Water Extension Debenture By-Law 1012,"
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-Law
1012," "Cemetery Purchase Debenture By-law 1012," "Fire Appartus
Purchase Debenture By-law 1012" and
the "Hunkers Debenture By-law 1012,"
of which none of the principal or Interest is in arrears.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the City
uites each year dining the currency
oi tne e.ild neiientures the s.nn of Four
1 Hundied and Mnet.wlirce und o0-10d
Dolars ($403.30).
j AND WHEREAS In order to raise
the said yearly sum of f499-.80 an
equal special rate on lhe dollar will
J be required to be levied on tbe whole
' rateable property of the City of New
j Westminster.
AND WHEREAS the whole rate-
I able property of the said City arcord-
j ing to the last revised Assessment
: Roll theieof is Nine Million Five
| hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
���Nine Hundred and Thirty-two Dollars
I l$9,692,932.Q0).
| AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing dehenture debt of tbe
! said City is Two Million Four Hundred and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
! hundred Dollars ($3,452,900.00) irre-
j spective of the sums proposed to be
'raised    under this  By-law  and    the,
By-law No. ���.
\ By-law to enable the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of tho
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum of Nineteen Thousand Doiiars ($18,000.00) to pur-
chaBe Site for a Cemetery within
the City of New Westminster, and
to Clear, Grade, Improve and Survey the eame:
WHEREAS lt Is desirable to purchase site for a Cemetery within the
City of New -'Vv estminster and to
clear, grade, Improve and survey the
same, and the cost of such Site and
Improvements will be the sum of $10,-
AND WHEREAS it appears that 1.
the s.ii.i suui of $19,0uu.uu be appio-
printed from the general revenue of
the e.itj mr tne current year the rate
of taxation will be excessive, and it
is expedient that such excessive taxation should be avoided and the said
bum suoutd ue raised on ihe cieur
ot the Corporation and that deben
tures should be issued for that
ANu WHEREAS for the payment
of interesl on the debentures proposed to be issued under this By-law,
and for creating a sinking fund for
the payment of the said debentures
when due lt Will be necessary to raise
by special rate in addition to ail othei-
rates euch year during the currency of
the said debentures tne sum ot four
Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty-
three and 66-100 Doiiars ($443U.(io)
AND  WHEREAS  In order to raise
TAKE NOTICE that the above is ll
True Copy of the proposed, Hylaw up
on wliich the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the loth day of Anrjl
1012, between the hours of Nin:���
o'Clock n. m. and Seven o'Clock p. in
at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall!
No. 4 Flrehall, Sapperton.
No. 5 flrehall, 18th Street.
Crane's Huilding, Cueensborougb.
City Clerk.
Cltv Hall, New   Westminster, Marco
27th, 1012.
'Water  Extens
on   Deoenturs   Jy-La
Street   Improvement   Debenture   by",   equal special  rate on tbe dollar  will
! be required to he levied on the whole
of   New   Westminster   enacts   as   fol- :,--.--��� ���    ..���, ~i,,7'r~*.���-77"7 L-T r I r-iteahlp nronertv of the Cltv of New
. Debenture   Bv-law   1812,      Water  Ex-  raienoie proptuj  oi  me. en;  ui .-**.**
1.    It shall be lawful for the Mayo,  '.f^^^ZTleheniuZ   25K      S^ WHEREAS   the  whole   rate-
ri.n'nomany per on StiSi&d^l^^^SSbS rtSffSilStK  {^^W ��f the ?"" <&' """J
lo.m iioin .mi perton oi persons, Doay , - ��� }.-,   ,..,,,.���     *.���,���..������_   ing   to   the   last    revised   Assessmenl
o. mjuieu corporate who may be will- B>"'aw 3!t1-- "le H|e Apparatus , * the.vnr i. vine Mililnn Five Has.
in, ,o auvunce lae a*me on the ��** .?��"������' BuiWh.^'Loin "fc^ 8S S^M^SSaS? sT>
u. mo debentures hereinafter men- ffl������ iclfnone ot the orSZ Hundred aud Thirty-two Dollars (SO,
Lent J,  any  sum  or sums    of money i1Jl-.    OI  wnieu none ot ine principal   r,.., ,VJ., r.n.
not exceeding in tne wnole tha slim ol ,01' interest is in arrears. I   -ffen WmnnnAq tho total .,���*um
v..iu> Tuuusuna Dollars ��20,00.00 | N^W. THEREFORE, the Municipal LXS^WwLW
i��id to caUBe the same to be paid iu- Council of The Corporatton ot the City ,"' ^ ,'hv U Tw uu��* V'L h���
to the Treasury ot the .at.t  Slky  for  ^   New   Westminster   enacts   as   fol-   ^ ^ \^x*���Zu��n*l   liSTe
lhlP\?��B���L n"^�����t'��sy.,n'" U 8"a�� be lawt"' f��r ��- Mayor  "un^rea   Dollars   tW.452.900^,..   lire-
to   cause   any   number   oi   debenture* \��  *** >����id  CUy   ,���  raite by   way  ol   ^Wo o^theeums^ propoa^^o be
to be made not exceeding ln tbe whole ;loan Ucom any person or iiersons,.body >
the   sum   ol   ��20,000.00   16r   such   sumlor bo<lles corporate  who may  be wlll-
ot   money   as   may- be   required,   not 1 ln��; l0 aOvanoe tne same on the creak
less  than  $100.00  eacb or  an  equiva-lot ihe Qebeiuuies hereinafter mention
By-ia-.v No. ���.
A By-law to enable the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the
City of New Westminster to raise.
by Loan the sum of Forty Thousand
Dollars I $4o,0.i0.oii) tor the puipose
of extending the Water WorKK
System in the City of Nev Weat
WHEREAS applications are mad.-
from time to time to lhe Corporatioa
of the City of .Sew \\ e&i tiLiister lai
tho extension of the Water Works
System in the City and the laying o. I
new water mains along btreets Where ]
residents aie biing erected, and it It
Impossible to pay the cost of such ex-1
tension out of the" general revenue o:
the City for the current year, and tt |
is expedient to raLe by loan the turn j
of Forty Thousand Dollar;; l$10,00o, |
00) for Uie extension cf thc eald J
Water Works System.
         __ _      AND WHEREAS it appears tbat n '
fhe said yearly sum    of $4453.G5 an [ the said sum of $4o,0ou.uu  be appro-j
pnatej fiom the general revenue o< i
the City tor the current year the raio
Of taxation will be excessive, and i:
is expedient that such excessive taxa- -,
non should be avoided, and iln- fc.ua:
isum should be raised on the credit ���
of the Corporation and that debeu- j
tures    sbouiu    bu    issued    for    mat i
lor the payment of Interest thereon,
and the sum of $3j4.��>2 to provide for
the repayment of the principal.
(i. The jiroceeds of the sale of tbo
said debentures shall be applied ua
follows und not otherwise: Towards
paying tho cost of the passing of this
By-law and the issue and sulo of the
deben lures therein referred to and
all expenscB connected with the issuance of the said loan, un.l the balance shall be paid over from time to
time as required by tho City Treasurer to the several pereons to wham
moneys are payahle.
7, This By-law shall tako ���fi"ect ou
the first day of May, 1012, und may
he cited as the "WATER EXTENSION DEBENTURE HV-LAW 1012."
S. This By-law befOrS the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent of the Electors of the sy.ld C.t.\
In the manner required by Jbw.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on ��� dav of , 1012.
DONE AND PASSED In open Council the ��� dav of 1912.
RECONSIDERED an.l  finally  passed tho ��� day of , 1012.
City Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that the atavo la t
true copy of the proposed By-law u,
on which the Vote of tie Munic'.palits
will  be    taken  on  thp  10th    da; ol
April,  -1012.  between  the    houra    N
Nino o'Clock a. in. and Seven o'Clock
p. m. at the following places viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall,
No.  4  Flrehall,  Sapperto.i.
No. r. Fireha'l. i:;th Street.
Crane's   Building,  Queensharough.
City  n*'1'
Citv Hall, New   Westminster,  Marcli
27th, 1012.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc,
ln Cuba throughout thc ishi ml:
also in Porto Itlco, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford evlery
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, avallahle with
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspsrtment���Deposits
received ln sums of fl and upward,
md Interest allowel at 8 par cent, per
minim   tpreseut rate).
Total  Assets  over $186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manaaer.
Tiie Municipal Councll of the Corporation of the City ol New V ostium
ster liaving by Resolution determined
and specified tint lt is desirable t>^
carry out the following wor.vs, that L
to say: ���
To pave Alexander Street from Col
umhia Street to Carnarvon Street
with stone setts, and that said works
shall be carried out in accordance
with the provisions of the "Local lm-
piuteuietii General  i>yla,v lt)u9."
And the City Knglneer and City Assessor liaving reported to the Coun
cil in accordance with the provisions
of the said bylaw upon tho Eai.l woihs,
giving      statements      showing      the
Sole apent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mntra; Waters,   Atraled Water*
Manufactured by
Telephone R  113   Office:   Prlncais 8t.
A.NU  WHEREAS  for  the  payment |
of Interest on the debentures propos -j ---��-,;-- the~ various  portions of real
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
ed to he Issued under thin By-law, auu i~" '    r   7" v.    >.*...��m~i0.i  k,. ��v.*> ail 1
ror cieuT-.iu a Unking fund  for the Property to be benefited by ttw_saia
..,.,_ .      I works and other particu ars. an.l th"
payment ol the s^id debeni ure i wnen | ""'"�� ��"'"  u"""  ' ,.,���,,,..���
1 anld repot fa of the said I ltj   l'.ngineer
lent expresed In pounds Sterling of I "*��� ail>' KU'�� ��f s'"u* ��- '"""^ no_l tx"
the United Kingdom of Great Britain ������������� "> h* wno.e lhe sum of six
and Ireland, at a. value 9t:4.866 to thoU^uwai Dollars uomiu.mi�� and v,
pound Sterling; and aU auch deben-! Puso tlle san,t! u�� ���>��� Jm'a lnL0 tllu
tures shall be sealed with .the Seat
of the Corporation, signed by the
Mu vor and countersigned by the
Treasurer thereof, or by auch other
person or persons as may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
3.    The   said   Uebenfure3   shall   ba
payable on lhe first day of Alaj, VJ'.U I ,   , .	
at siwfi place or places as the u��uncll Pre"��d J" ^ounds, ,Ste'J12* 0I ,l19
of the said Corporation may from I Ull,(ed, kingdom of Great Britain and
time to time appoint with the approv- M'tiand ai a value Ol *.Kti�� ,o tne
al of the holders thereof, and sliall P��und Sterling; anj nil anch deben-
bear inteiest at the rate of tour and ^i'us shall be sealed with the Seal of
one-half per centum per annum, pay- j ^,e, C?2?���}l_?.u.'_ s.iSn*;d P &* Mayor
able half-yearly on
I treasury oi tue said City tor the purposes mentioned hei Ola.
-'. It shall be lawiui Xor the Mayoi
to cause any number of debentures to
be made not c.\ceedinj; iu the whole
iue sain of $0uUu.ou iur sucn sum of
juuiity ua may be required, not iess
than ��100.00 each or au eyuiva.ent ex-
^^^^^^^^^^^    the  first  day of!
January and the lirst day of July in
each and every year, and the deoeu-
tures shall bave attached to tbem oou- j
pons    for  the payment    of  interest,
whieh said coupons shall be signed by ,
the said Mayor.
4.    A   special   rate  on    the   dollar
shall   be  levied  and   raised     i��   ench
debentures and to create a sinning
tund lor the payment of the principal
thereof when'lint1, subject to uny Act
or enactment respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there snail
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid daring the currency of tbe
said debentuies the sum of ?1��00.00 for
the payment of interest thereon, and
the sum of $744.W to provide lor the
repayment of the principal,
and countersigned by the Treasurer
thereof, or by such other .person or
persons as may be thereunto lawfully
;!��� 'ine said debentuies shall be
payable on the first day of May, 1!):52,
at buch place or places as the Council of the said Corpororior mav froni
time to time apolnt with the .*pju:oval
year in addition to all other rates ou  ��' lhe "oiders thereol, and shall bear , \.^_ s?���
all  the rateable property- of tbe City  'n,*reSt at ,lie rale of foilr umi  0Iie-
Bufflolent to pay the lntereBt upon in* \ ia-f Per-oentum per annum, payable
^ bull-yearly  on   the  first day  of  Janu
ary and the llrst day of July in each
and eveiy year, and the debentures
siiu.i have attached to them coupons
for the payment of interest, wfajcii
said coupons Bhall be signed by the
said Mayot'i
4.   A   special   rate  on     the   dollar
shall bo levied   and   raised in   each
year in addition to all other rales on
all tho rateable porperty of the Ci'y
The proceeds" of the "sale of the ' ��"ffl��Ieut to pay the Interest upon tho
said debentures shall be applied as fol-  <'e�����"t.ires  and   to  create  a  sinking
lows  an.l   not  otherwise:      "lowuids  fl,nd for the payment of the principal
paying the cost of the passing of this   ,llt'leo1  v>llpn dlle- subject to any Act
Hy-law and lhe issue and sale of the  or enactment respecting   he same
debentuies therein referred to und all   .   ���'���    object as aforesaid, there shall
expenses connected with the issuance   '��'- raised annually by special rate as
nf tim i.Miri inun u���h tv,., holonV>�� Khali   .noretsald daring the currency of the .     ^^^^^��� __^
oi  the said loan, and the balance snail debenture the sum of Two Hun ' llal"y and the first day of July in cacn
be paid over from time to time as re-  ""id dehentures tne turn ot   two nun- ,      * and the    debentures
quired  by  the  City  Treasurer  to  the  dred a"(1 Seventy Dollars f|270.(K��) tor Ia?1 every  >ear and  tne    oeoeatures
several persons to whom moneys aro lh�� payment of Interest thereon, an.l
payable 'ttle 6"m of Two lJundrerl and Iwenty-
7.   This By-law shall take effect on'three and 30-100  C$223.30) to provide
the first day of Mav, 1912, and may be  f"" the repayment, of the principal.
cited as the EXHIBITION BUILDING      \  ,J'ie proceeds nt the sale ot the
raid .'ebentures shall be applied as fol-
ows and not otherwise: Towards pay-
in v. the cost of Ihe passing of this Bylaw and the issue and sale of the debentures theicin referred to and all
expenses connected with the Issuance
of the said loan, and the balance shall
be {aid over fiom lime to time as required by the City Treasurer to tho
several persons to whom moneys are
7. This By-law Bhall take effect
-n the 1st dav of May. 1!H2, an I may
tip dted aa the "BUNKERS DEBEN-
TTTRP  BY-LAW. 1912."
s. This Bv-Ibw befqfe the final
(.Easing thc:eo" shall receive the as-
unatr this ay-law and tn��
"Street Improvement Debentiure Bylaw 1912," "Electric Light. Extension
Debenture T'.y-iaw lOlBJ' "Water Extension Debenture By-law llil^,"
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-law
1912," "Flre Apparatus- Purchase Debenture By-law 1U1^," "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1812," aud "Exhibition
Building Loan By-law 1!H2," of which
I none of the principal -or imAerest is in
XOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster enacts as
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said City to laise by way of
loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate wbo may be
wil.ing to advance the same on tne
credit of the debentures hereinafte--
mentioned, any sum or sums of money
not exceeding indue whole the Bum of
Nineteen Thousand Dollars ($ia,0Jn.-
M>) and to cause tbc same to be paid
into the Treasury of the said City tor
the purposes  mentioned  herein.
-. it shull be lawful for the Mayor
to cause anj number of debentures io
be made not exceeding in the whoie
of Nineteen Thousand Dollars ($19,000.00) for bucIi sums of
money as may be required, not less
man $100.00 each or an equivalent expressed in pounds Sterling of ihe
l'nited Kingdom ot Great Britain and
Ireland, at a value of l.Stiii to tho
,.ou.iu .u.-l'iillt; mid ail BJCh lic-bui-
tures shall be sealed with the Seal of
Corporation, sinned by tae (Mayor ani
countersigned by the Treasurer there-
of, or by t>uch oilier person or persuii^
ai may thereunto lawfully iiut.hOilzed.
0. Tbe said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of May, 1917
at. such place or places as the Council
of the said Corporation may from
time to time appoint with the approval of the holders thereof and shall
bear interest at the rate of four and
one-half per centum per annum pays
ble half-yearly on the first day of Jsui-
due, It will be necensa.1 _y i.u .raAae by
special rale In auuiiion lo ail uili.-r
ratea each yeur during the curie'iiey
ot the fcaid deuentures the sum of
Two Thousand One Hundred and
Fifty-four and 6^-lnn  (���$2164.021,
AND WHEREAS in -order to raise
tiie said yearly sum of Y-HM.,V1 an
equal special rate on the dollar win
be required to lie levied on the whole
lateable propeity of the City of New
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable property of tiie said City accord
ing to tne last revised Assessment
Roll thereof, is Nine Million Five
Hundred , iind .Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thiry-two Dollars
AND WHBHEAS the total amount
of the eijsttag debenture debt of the
said City ls Two Million Four Hundred an.l Fifty-iwo Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2,452,900,00) irrespective ol the sums proposed to be
raised    under  this  By-law   and    ���.,:���
8. This By-law before the final passing thereof shall receive the assent
of (he Electors of the said City in the
manner required by law.
DONE ANI) PASSED ln open Council tbo���day of -,���������-, 1912.
RECEIVED the assent,of the Electors on lhe��� dny of ' , 1912.   ,
RECONSIDERED and finallv passed the ��� day of , 1912.
City Clerk. Mayor
shall bave attached to them coupons
ior the payment of interest which
said coupons shall be signed by thc
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised ln each
year In addition to ail other rates on
all the rateable property of the City
sufficient to pay the interest upon the
debentures and lo create a sinking
fund for the payment of the principal
thereof when due. subject to any Act
or enactment respecting the same.
Subject as cforesaid there shal
"Street Improvement Debenture Bylaw 1912," ""Electric Llghl. Extension
Debenture By-law 1912," "P.nrks Purchase Debenture By-law 1912,'.' "Cemetery Purchase Debenture By-lav
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Dehenture By-liiw 1912," "Bunkers Dehenture By-law 1912," and "Exhibition Building Loan By-law 1912,'
of which non*; ot the principal or interest is in axncajis.
now THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of Tbe Corporation of the
City of New Westminster enacts as
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayc
of the said city lo raise by way ot
loan from uny iierwm or persons body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on the credit of the debentures .hereinafter mentioned any sum or sums of monev
not exceeding in the whole the sum
of 140,000.00 and to canae the fame
lo be paid Into the Tresury of the
said City for the purposes mentioned
2. It sliall be lawful for ihe Mayo>-
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding in ttlie whole
the sum of $40,000.00 ior such sumt!
of money as may he required, not
lees than $100.00 each or nn equivalent expressed in pounds Sterling oi'
the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland at a value of 4.8f>6 to
the pound sterling; and all such de-
bentures sliall be sealed with the Sea
of the Corporation signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by th"
(Treasurer thereof, or by such other
persons as may he thereunto lawfulh
3. The said debent ures slirll he
payable on the first day of May, lflti;!
at such  place or places 33 the Coun
ana City Assessor havlnii been adopt
ed by the Oouncil.
Notice ls hereby plven that the sale
reports are open for inspection at the
office of lhe City AFKCSsor. City Hall.
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. C, und that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned, signed b.v a majority of the
owners of the land or real property
to be assessed or charged 1n respect
of such works representing at least
one-half iu value thereof is presented
io ine Council within fifteen days
from (he date of the tlrst publication
of this notice the Council will proceed with the proposed Improvements
under such terms and conditions as to
the payment, of tho cost of such improvements as the Council may by bylaw In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this 27th day of iMarch A. D.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication March 28th,
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & Sons;
Painters, Paperhangert
and Decoratort
Estimates Given.
214  Sixth  Avenue. Pnone 567
NOTICE ls hereby given that the
first meeting of the Court of Revision
of tbe Assessment Roll of the City nf
New Westminster will be held In thc
City Hall, New Westminster, on Wednesday, April 24, 1913, at 10 a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment must be In writing, and deliver
ed to the Assessor at least ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court of
Revision. ���
Dated at New Westminster, B. C.
this 12th day of March,  1912.
City Clerk.
Board of Health Department.
Notice is hereby given that the tags
In connection with the Garbage System are now on sale at the Collector's office In the City Hall. Thlt
system wlll be put ln operation on or
before the lst of Aprll.
Sanitary   Inspector.
T\XE NOTICE that the above Is a
True Ca*,i\> of thc propose! By-law upon  which '.lie  \ote of thc ��.!'iulcipai-
Se raised annually by special rate as jell nf the said Corporation may from
! aforesaid during the currency of the  time to time, appoint with tho appro"
'sail debentures the sum of $S55.00 fo?-1 al of the   holders thereof, and   rbal1
(ho payment of Interest thereon, and | hear Interest a' th" rate of four nnd
the sum of 13578.85 to provide for the ���one-half ier centum  ner Piiii'lm. pav-
repayment of the principal. ||ble  half-yearly  on  the  first  day of
'1.    The proceed" o' Hie rale nf thn   January and  the fhfU rt'"-  of -Tilly in
said  debentures  ..'.'.all  bs applied  ai each  and   every  year,  end    the  tie-
No person may make connection
with the new West End sewer with
out first obtaining a permit from the
office of the City Engineer, and tin
work to be carried out under the Inspection and sanction of tbe Plumb
ing Inspector.
Any person making such connection
without first having the work unproved by the Plumbing Inspector is
liable to u fine under the Plumbing
Plumbing Inspector.
City Hall, New Westminster, March
26, 1912.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
Bank of Toronto
RE8T ....
. $5,600,000
10:50���Vancouver via G.
       N. R.
 , 23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. B. R.
'    (dally except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) ^20:30
'7:40���'Victoria via B.  C. E.  R.
(dally except Sunday).11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
15:15���United States via G. N. R.
tdally except. Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points east and, Europe    (dally)     8:15
22:43���All points   east   and Eu-    '
rope (daily)    13:15
.11:40- -Sapperton    and    FraBer
Mills      (dally      except
Sunday)    8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      (dully      except
Sunday)     .    14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (daily    except   Sunday)     8:16
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.16
14:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday    14:30
10:00���Timherland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston   Islands   arrives
-   Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday,    and    lcaveg
Monday,       Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
(10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham island. Bun
Villa   13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily   except   Sunday) .13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via (J. N. R.
(dally except Sundayl ..14:21
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O.   N.   It.   idaily  except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat-
day    14:00
"11:20���Tynehead   ( Tuesday   and
Friday!        14:00
7:40���Burnaby  Lake  (dally except Sunday   16:Or
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui. Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)  23:00
15:15���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine (dally except
Sunday)    9:46
16:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:45!
tl: 20���Chilliwack. Milner, Mt.
l-ehma*. Mdergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, Soutb
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. R. (dally except Sunday)   9:00
11:20���Rand.   Majuba   Hill   via
1B.   C.   E.   R.   (Monday
Wednesday    and    Frl-
09o4>o<fto4o<g>o4>o o$o$o$o<g>o6o+o
!    A SERF    I
o o
o   Wolves In Front and ��� Pursuing   o
% Master  In  Rear f
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)   17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
12:00���Fraser Ann   ........
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
1    Ofllce, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggape Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
li^'KC'-IfftM DEPOT
3%  to 26 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Plione  63.
Tenth  St.,  New Westminster.
V��ii***mamaams*****ami iiiiulw a****a**s**W
During the flrst half of the nineteenth
century a Russian gentleman. Count
Koronlef. living in Finland.-owned a
beautiful serf girl named Soula. Adjoining the Koronief estate lived a
small farmer named Orloff. OrlofT's
��on Peter and Soula were wout to play
together as children nnd when tbey
grew to manhood and womanhood be-
i-aine lovers. Unfortunately for tliem
while Peter wus a free man Soula was
S serf.
Now. the count was n firm supporter
of the government, while even at that
early date ilu-re were evidences of discontent unions' the people. The tnur-
niurlugs wero beard mostly ninong lhe
higher classes, for the nerfs were too
Ignorant, too degraded, too used to consider ilii'lr master, the czar, u divine
being, io protest against anything that
('ununited from blm. Voung OrlofT wiu
far lu advance Of the small farmer
rlass. to which, he belonged, supporting
Ihe few nobles nnd many Intelleetiiul
commoners who desired to see the au-
torruey of the government curbed und
tbe lower classes educated.
When, therefore, OrlofT senior offered
to buy Sonia and give her to bis son to
wife tbe count refused to sell her. "No
oue belonging lo my estate." he said,
"shall puss under the Influence of these
new notions which ure Intended lo Interfere with the will of tbe emperor.
In Russia we have ulwnys needed and
always hud n single power to rule.
Certain people are uow beginning uu
agitation wliich If persisted lu will educate tbe lower classes. Tbey will become discontented wilh their lot. and
We shall bave anarchy."      ,
Wben tbe farmer gave tbe count's
answer to his son, advising him to
think no more of Soula, a rebellious
tire tlarcd lu lhe young man's breast.
He dure not tell Sonla. for she would
undoubtedly feel lliat the hope of happiness which bad been born to her hud
beeu queocbod, since sbe would never
id ren in of disputing her muster's will.
The law gave ber to him us a serf,
Bnd if she rebelled Ihe law would punish ber. Indeed, a marriage without
tbe count's consent wns impracticable
If her lover attempted to defy tbe
count he would be sent to Siberia.
Renin's muster told her that tbe propo
sitlon had been made, that he bad de
dined It. and there was uu eud of the
Peter brooded over the matter till he
was ready to tuke any risk io pomaeiw
Honbi. Ue hud expected to work Ul*
father's farm after his father bad
panned nwny. ns ench boh bad succeeded bis father from time Immemorial.
With Soula for bis wife he would
have been content to do RO. If he
should possess her he must do so b.v
running uway with her. and if caught
the >-o!isei|iiemes would be terrible,
not only for bim. but for her. But
love wlll take nny risk. Peter bad
beard of America. Tliere the people
were their own rulers. If he could
only get Soula out of Russia nnd tnke
her to America they could be united.
But any attempt to carry her away
would be fraught with great danger,
and there wan every chauce of failure.
The only chance for such an attempt
to succeed would Ite by bribery, always a common method of accomplishing objects ln Russia, but Peter, so
long ns hls father lived, could not raise
much money. The old man wus not
minded to cripple himself by rnWnc
funds to carry out any wild scheme
of his son's tq satisfy a whim. Besides, sons and daughters tu Russia
were not supposed to choose mates:
tbey were provided by their parents.
Peter secretly saved whut money he
could, knowing Hint even If he mic^
ceeded ln getting Sonia out of Russia
he could not tuke her to America
without means. In one way and another he got together enough to pay a
patisnge. Tben he began to weigh the
different plant be had been forming
for kidnaping Ills love, ne dared not
trust her wilh uny intention of what
he had In mind, fearing thnt even a
knowledge of lt would cause her unwittingly to betray lt. Theu. too. be
hnd no assurance that she would consent to take a risk fraught with such
frightful consequences to ber snd himself ln case of failure.
The plan be chose embodied Its formation. Its execution und Its responsibility solely tu .himself. No other was
to share the secret with him, not even!
Sonla. lt wus to kidnap the girl and
carry ber around the gulf of Bothnia
Into Sweden. The couutry through
which they must pass wns cold and
desolate. The only thlug that rendered
the scheme at all feasible was that the
estate from which they would start
wos only n hundred miles from the
Swedish border. But to puss over this
dlstonce without being caught nnd returned was u dnngerous undertaking.
IVter had enough money in hire a two
horse slelgb. Including the necessary
reluys. besides suQlcient to take him to
u sailing point for America. His arrangements were perfected ln September, and, with loverlike Impatience, Instead of being satisfied to wait till the
next spring, he plunned to carry out
his attempt before the winter set in.
Knowing Bonln's habits und tbat she
bnd nn afternoon  to herself once a
week, wben sbe would usually visit u
| friend, be watcbed for ber on one of
Are you one of those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
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Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. iso
these holidays, driving back and forth
ln his sleigh. He wns fortunate enough
to meet her and asked her to go for s
ride with blm. Fearing tbat lf seen
with blm she would be punished, sbe
demurred, but he fiuully persuaded ber,
aud wbeu well on Iheir way he lold ber
thut they would not stop of their own
accord till tbey reached America. Sbe
nerved herself to tbe risk, and from
that moment Peter pushed forward.
Unfortunately ihe pair were seeu by a
member of the count's family, wbo as
soon as possible gave information Mint
tbey were drlvlug rapidly westward.
As soon us horses (���ould be harnessed
the count himself started In pursuit.
Peter bud provided everything tbat
he and Bonis would be likely to deed,
In the sleigh were warm fur rugs,' -provisions, u bottle of Ibiiior uud au armament of rifles nud pistols. The hitter
were to be used In case tiip escape was
dependent upon resistance, for Peter
argued that (o be cn light meant Siberia
for bim und possibly for Sonla. und the
punishment could not be worse If be
killed a do/.en people. Should lbe pursuers come to close quarters be would
tire ut them, trusting to disable the
horses or those attempting to overhaul
l'he niitumn had set In. nnd already
tliere was plenty of snow, well beaten
for easy going. The pursuing party lost
lime by taking a wrong road and having to retrace I heir steps. It was therefore near midnight before they came
Into the vicinity of the fugitives. The
moment Peter heard Ihe sound of bells
behind him ringing in gallop tune be
heard tlie bark of a single wolf uliead,
then another and another till u whole
pack were bowling.
Sonla and he turned and looked nt
each other. Sonia with despair, lie well
knew tbnt there was uow a double danger. If ihey drove on ihey would be
eaten b.v Ihe wolves. P.eliiad (h^m were
rapture, separation and Siberia. Peter,
rising to the occasion, gave the reins
In Sonia and took up such arms from
the bottom of lhe sleigh as be might
havp occasion lo use. He had Intended
theni for human piirsiiprs. Now he
might need Uie in for l-oih man uud
The lovers hearil lbe Jingling behind
slacken Evidently the burking had
been beard by lbe pursuers. Hut It
was not long beiore the bells again
bespoke a  gallop.
"It's tbe count." said Peter. "I know
him well. He would face ciTtalu death
rather than forego an int of tyrrany."
As tbey drew nearer the wolves Hip
barking not only grew louder, but
came from more ibroats. The moou
wus near the full and lit tbe dark
bodies of the animals coming to meet
tbem. The horses, frightened. stitrtPd
to turn, but Peter gave them the whip,
and (hpy continued In iheir course.
Handing ihe whip to Bonin. he seized
a rifle, and as Ihey sbm through a
dozen wolves one making a lodgment
nn lhe sleigh was drlveu off witb the
iron barrel brought down on lis bend.
The npxt instant another sprinting a\
Sonla rwelvpd it bullet In Its breast between Its tore legs and dropped dead.
Tbls gave thp pack two carcasses to
fight over snd tbe fugitives a brief respite.
Meanwhile the sounds of the approaching party behind thera grew
nearer. Peter attributed lhe count's
pressing on. knowing tbat he was chasing a park of wolves which would turn
upon his party uud devour (hem. to his
mud desire to get possession of Sonla
nnd send hlm and probably ber to Siberia. In ibis be did the mnn Injustice. Doubtless if be caught them
he would take Ills revenge, but be was
a brave man and rpady to risx bis own
life to save thai of others.
As soon as ibe wolves hnrt devoured
the two of their number ihat bod been
klllpd they came on nguin. It seemed
to tbe fugitives tbut coals of fire were
pursuing tbem. the eyes of the beasts
shining out brightly. Again they overtook lhe lovers, und again Peter fired
Into the puck. But by Ibis time, while
the double danger added to bis desperation, his nerves were not so steady
as at first. He tired three shots before
he dropped a wolf. Then he killed two
Sonla laid on the whip, though It
was not necessary, nnd the lovers
drew away, while behind them they
could hear their pursuers upproaching
the wolves. Tben there was a cracking of rifles, a yelping of wounded
animals, the cry of a horse, aud the
sound of hclU ceased.
������The brutes hnve saved us." sold
Peter exultlngly.   "Tbey have downed
u horRp."
The fugitives sped on. hearing again
and again I he crm-klng of a rifle till at
last either the tiring censed or passed
out of  Ileal ing.
The count uud two of his servants
uad not been ns, fortunule as those
they followed. B.v the time they reached the pack the number of wolves hnd
doubled. They fought well, but one
of the wolves sprung at a .horse's
throat and disabled him. Overwhelm
ed, the three ineu. ode after another,
And so It was that a man who wns
trying to recover n fugitive serf Ipst
hls life and carried down with him the
lives of two other persons.
The lovers, being freed from their
pursuers, proceeded with deliberation.
The next evening they reached the
Swedish line, nt tbe head of the gulf
of Bothnia, where they left their conveyance nt an unfrequented spot, on
the east side of the Tornea river, and.
crossing, found themselves In Sweden.
Prom there they made their way to
Christiania'and from thence to America. Setting out toward the west, they
at Inst reached the new territory,
which ls now the stnte of North Dakota, where they found many of their
countrymen and became prosperous
farmers and Peter one of the principal
men ln tbat region.
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*-     1��A0B EIGHT
THE DAiL^ kfeWi
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������ ti Father Discusses
ClTY NEWS!        Ne Temere Decree
(Continued from page one)
**^ i x^ i rvrT
I x^ f r^r i T'i=:rz
and Garden Took
J. J. Jackson   of Sapperton, is Just ] 6igts dld not understand it, as anyone
finishing a nice new house out in that i r0u,d se0 from the newspaper head-.
l.i\wi\ Mower
tir.ll Hf.vt.'ui
The regular monthly meeting of ths
Political Equality league will oe lit Id
in tha Koyal Studio at 7:30 this evening.
Ice cream   on
next train office.
hand     Ira A.
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Mr. M. .1. Knight Jr., lately with tho
Pacific liaidwiire and Steel Co., ia going to open it large leuUJ store on
Sixth street.
The Port Hammond Lumber Co. has
almost completed certain extensions to  I  -
their pla-nt as well as
lines. The church never would nor
could tolerate divorce and they found
tho mind of Christ on that subject in
the words "Those whom God hath
joined let not mnn put asunder," and (
"If a man putteth away his wife anl
marryeth another he commlttelh
adultery." He noticed that in the
I Episcopalian prayer book list of persons one might not marry the WJ-&
1 cmuse said "Wile's sister," yet MM
law of the land allowed it. In burning
words Father Donnelly denounced the
i '���:***���'���.:*^.*'*a4:t.s-*t*r��ait -..Tttkijii*-
Alfred W. McLeod
their machinery, which are expected to
bo in operation in a tew weeks.
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|62fi    each.    F. B. Ennls,    S    Begbie i
The funeral of the infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles fox took place yes-
icr.lay afternoon from the residence
on Napanee street. The body was In-
itrred at the Church of England cemetery.    Rev. E. R. Bartlett oitiei.ited.
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I avment privilege, or straight loan,
.epayable in three or five years,
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The Women's Auxiliary of St. Barnabas church will hold their annual
meeting at tne rectory this afternoon
at 3 o'clock, 'lhe annual statement
will be presented and officers elected
for the coming year, lt la particularly
requested that all members anJ
friends endeavor to be present.
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On Friday evening Mr. C. J. Bjorko,
Instructor of the Norwegian Singing
society, of Vancouver, will give a concert in St. Patrick's hall at 8 o'clock.
Mr. Bjorke is bringing with him a
chorus of sixteen who will render n
program of solos and part songs in
their native tongue. Mlss S. Hoffard
will act as accompanist.
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who would break that law by |
a.i.ii.Mus   -l'"-'rrjinSfa^Itervd''elS011'      'i'   '    "
favorer of adultery,
he exclaimed.
Regarding mixed marriages all that j
Lhe Ciitirch required, the preacher said,
was that the non-Catholic read over I
the Catholic form of the marriage
service. To see how sacredly mar-\
riage Is held in other churches, he
said, one had only to stand with the
nondescript crowd and watch tho
voung couple pass out of the sucre".
building, where each hai U on
pledged to the other until death did
tht.n part, and one would see thorn
bombarded with old shoes, rag dolls,
rice, confetti and other things.
In order to cope with the increasing
traffic on its interurban lines, the B.
C E. R, yesterd.iy awarded a contract
for twenty-four new cars, the success
ful bidders being the   St.   Louis   Car
comuany., Twenty-two of the cars will
be o'f the passenger type, the   remaining two being baggage cars to be used
m tue longer runs.   The total cost ol
I the new equipment,    including    elec-
i Lrical equipment, amounts to $250,000.
Special attention has been paid in
demanding an early delivery so that
the new cars can be in use when the
summer traffic is at its height.   Shipments must begin within 85 days of
receipt of the order.
Competition was keen for this litest
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It was a dark morning, and Mr.-
i Dorkins was groping around in the
I basement, when somebody suddenly
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Mechanically    he     threw    up    hbi
"I'm the gas-meter inspector/' explained the intruder.
Whereupon Mr. Dorkins held up hi?
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Ex-Alderman J. S. Bryson.    Mlsa May (Singing,    Theory,     Harmony,
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Judge Howay f'ave an Interesting
lecture to the Literary society \ester-
day evening in the kindergarten room
of the High scliool, Unfortunately
the lantern gave out at an early stage
and the judge had to change tlie drift
of hir, lemnrks on the early history of
British Columbia somewhat accord
(Ugly, The meeting opened with a
duct by the Sangster brothers and
closed with a selection by the High
school orchestra.
A Death.
Miss Jemima Hill, aged 47. died at
the Roval Columbian hospilal yester-
^av.   The funeral will take rlace from j
Center k Hanna's undertaking rooms
to the English Church cemetery
Friday, March 20, at 2 p.m.
Eor terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminister. Phone Kill.
B. &.
Royal Sturgeon, per lb 15c
Fresh Halibut (half or whole), lb...8c
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Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C.
Electric Railway.
MillR'S DM5 Silt
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New Westminster   PC
Judge Dismiss Armitaos's Claim for !
$1000 Damages. I
In the county court today before
Judge Howay the action for $1000
damages brought against the .city by
George Armitage was dismissed with
costs. At the conclusion of thc plaintiff's case Mr. W. G. McQuarrie, who
acted on hehalf of the city, applied for
a non-suit on the ground that no case
had been made out against the city.
His honor stated that ho would ask
the other side to address him, and
after hearing thc arguments of Adam
S. Johnston for the plaintiff, the Judge
dismissed the case with cods, stating
that no negligence had been shown on
the part of the city and that the
plalntlfl had been guilty of negligence
by using the crossing when he knew
lt to bo slippery, thereby sustaining
certain injuries.
The appeal of Hookum Singh was
;also dismissed. This appeal was inadj
against a conviction by Justices of the
fence Roe and .Noble at Port Moody
on January 29. Mr. J. A. Russell, of
Vancouver, appeared for the appellant
and made objection to the crown having put In an amended conviction, but
Judge Howay overruled the objection
Mr. W. G. McQuarrie, who appeared
for the crown, then took objection
that notice of the apieal had not been
riven before the right court. After lu
lonp argument between counsel th"
apical was dismissed. Slni'h was than
taken into custody and will have to
serve his term of six months' Imprisonment.
There wns no decision in the cast
of Gray vs. Siitchcll.
Sixth  Avenue
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
(109(1) Seven-room modern two-story house, well built on stone foundation. Price $.1500. Terms $700 cash, balance to be arranged.
Sixth avenue is one of the most promising streets In New Westminster. It is looked upon na a future up-town business street. A car-
line has already boen promised for this street. With thc cars will
como permanent pavement. It is the first uptown street having direct connection with tho east end of thc city (Sapperton). Westward It
extendi to Eburne, Few streets tap as large nn area, city and suburban. |
Buy ou Sixth avenue for safe Investment,
half sold.
Property well bought b
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. and Treat.
=====   LUMBER  CO., LTD.   =====
Manufacturers  and   Wholesale Dealers In
Tir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phones No. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash,  Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
TO CURE A r.O'.D IM ON~ llv.
Tablets. Druggists rerun' rrrnev if
It falls to cum. F. \v, GLOVES signature ls on cach '*ox.   S&c,
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
F.J. Hart & Co.,
New Westminster
Head Office,  New Westminster       (tranches at Vnncouvsr
Chilliwack And Aiderprove. B.n.
Westminster Branch. ��� cars
leave B. C B. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:45 and
C:45 a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. Af.
ter 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch.-rCars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, fi:45 nnd 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaveB at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Curs
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station nt
7:00 n.m, and hourly thei eafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First enr
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week dny service thereafter.
Freight Sen-fee,���Leave New
Westminster for Von. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch cars
leave B. C. B, R. Co: station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 am., 1:20 and1 (1:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.


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