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The Daily News Jan 3, 1912

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betwesn two rallrsada, with Fraser
Mills line running through the property. Terms fer genuine industrial  proposals.
Bereavement   Descends   on
Burnaby Family.
Domestic Group at New Year's Dinner
When Heavy Timber Crashes
Through Roof.
Burnaby, Jan. 2.���Yesterday afternoon a falling tree crashed through
tbe roof of the house of Mr. Arthur
H. Smith. Husband and wife, with
their four children, were partaking of
their New Year's dinner, hbout four
o'clock, ln their home at Ravine
park, near Jubilee station, when a
huge tree, felled by two men nearby,
crashed through the wooden structure, resulting ln tbe death of Mrs.
Smith and seveiely bruising the husband and some of the children.
. Immediately after the occurrence,
Messrs. Dickson and Mlntle, the men
who had felled the tiee, ran to tlie
.house, accompanied by Mr. T. Weld-
man, who had witnessed the accident.
They found the house smashed to
splinters and the human inmates
lying amid the remains of what had   trip I believe that many settlers from
l    ,
Mr.    Stuart    Wade    Has   Confidence
that His Trip Will  Have Concrete Results.
Mr. Stuart Wade, secretary of the
board of trade, is hard at work getting matters at the board rooma into
shape after hls long absence. Ho
was, however, able to spare a few
minutes to talk about the results
which he expects to get from his publicity trip tbrough the United States.
"I expect many thousands to come
and at least see British Columbia
with a view to settlement. I found
the people most Interested ln the
Kootenay, Boundary and Okanagan
districts, but the large proportion
was anxious to come through to the
coast." Exact figures, of course, are
Impossible to give, but Mr. Wade's
private Impression Is that about 2000
will visit tbe Kootenays, 2000 the
Fraser valley, nnd 400 or 500 Vancouver Island before next Christmas.
Ignorance of the province of British Columbia, its conditions and Its
possibilities Mr. Wade found everywhere.
"The utter want of knowledge regarding the Pacific coast, which prevails on the Atlantic sea-board, was
astonishing, but as a result of   this
been their pretty bome. Mrs. Smith
was terribly mangled. She was placed
upon a stretcher and carried to the
bome of Mr. Peter Lambert, where
she was attended by Dr. Walter L.
Laird.    She died a shoit time later.
Mr. Smith ls warehouseman for H.
A. Edgett &. Co. He sustained severe
bruiaee about the body, and all four
children  were more or less injured.
Another child, lying sick in bei In
the east, who are looking for new
homes, will study Vancouver islan.l
and the lower mainland with a view
to establishing themselves on the
Paciflc coast. The potatoes and apples shown at New York were an eye-
opener, aa the people of tbat city had
been le.I to believe that Ontario was
(lie only province in Canada able to
produce even an average quality of
fruit, and they could scarcely credit
Empress Dowager Gives Up
Large Fortune.
First Official   Act of President   Sun
Yat Sen Is to Chanjj Chinese
Peking, Jun. 2.���The empresd-dow-
ager, who is desirous of carrying out
a campaign against the revolution
arles, today advanced about $2,000,000
to Premier Yuan Sbl Kal for that pur
pose. There are many Indications
that the northern troops are anxious
to resume hostilities.
Nanking, Jan. 2.���Dr. Sun Yat Sen
took tbe oath of office today as provisional president of the Republic o?
China and was formally Invested with
the powers of chief executive. The
ceremony was simple but dignified. It
was attended by all the prominent
men of the revolutionary party.
The flrst official act of Dr. Sun Yat
Sen was to change the Chinese calendar. ;   i   .
Tien Tsln, China, Jan. 2.���All ln-
perial troops stationed at Lan Chow,
the capital of the province of Kwang
Bu, In the north of China, have forsaken the Manchu colors and gone
over to the rebels, and, under command of General Wang Wei Tse, who
was one of Premier Yuan Shi Kai's
most trusted deputies, they begin a
march on Peking tomorrow.
Simultaneously revolutionists in
the south begin a march northward
for the capital. Tbe fall of Peking
seems     Inevitable.     The     northern
another  room,
escaped    without    a
Sa�� Death of NartH V��MW*Mwar ear���
Vancouver veuih Haa Leg
With the snow comes the pastime
of tobogganing and the toll of lives
lt tn.es. Happily, New Westminster
has not thus far been tbe scene Of
set I-jus accident among young people
indulging In tbe delights oi sieleii-
Ing, but It is otherwise with some
.neighboring cities. In Seattle two
gins weie fatally Injured and three
were seriously hurt when a bobslelga
on which they were coasting ran into
a telegraph pole.
ln North Vancouver a boy named
Donald Smith, twelve years of ase,
was steering a bobsleigh proceeding
at te.rifle speed down St. George'*
.avenue, when the sleigh collided with
a wagon. The boy sustained a fractured skull and a lacerated brain aad
he died without recovering consciousness
Hn Vancouver Campbell Weeks, 1469
���artlay street, sleighing on Nelsoa
street, crashed into the rear of a fire
���engine and got off with a broken leg.
A numher of minor mishaps are reported irom Vancouver.
ConoidsrUng    Character   of   Country,
Wcattter and Other Condltiona
i   retaliation Is Record.
ITrt monds. Burnaby. Jan. 2.���With a
municipal election now on, Burnaby
plumes herself on a record Installation of light*- The system of street
lighting ef the municipality, numbering 117 lights, Is expected to be completed wfthta a. St* days.
At the end ef last week SB lights
were put In operation in the districts of East Burnaby, Edmonds,
Cumberland mad and Cariboo road,
to the Burnaby Lake line crossing,
making a total af 98 already In operation In the municipality. This leaves
one circuit still Incomplete, thia be-,
ing the section lying north of the
Brunette river. This section was held
up owing to' some uncertainty as to
the location of poles on tlie North
road, otherwise, It ls stated, the
whole of the work would have been
finished within the time specified ln
the contract, which waa the end of
last year.
It Is Bald that this establishes a
record for the installation of such a
system, considering tbe difficulties of
tte country through which the line
had to be cr--' "1. f��m�� 1��00 odd
poles havo i*t**n erectec. and from
7." to 80 miles'"* ���'��� c stitched In
.order, to complete the different circuits, and some delay was occasioned
ij bod weather conditions.
the fact that pears, peaches, grapes. ,        ,  . .
and other fruits matured freely in ��*** were depended upon by >he
any part of Southern British Colum-1 -Manchus as the one mainstay that
, i7., would   prevent   capitulation   of    the
Mr. Wade found the people particu-.throne-
larJy Interested In a .map of the prov- Thousands of troops are numbered
ince which showed the areas from among the deserters. They comprise
which tbe different exhibits came,! practically the entire imperial army
and especially surprised and atti act-1 In that section, and the wholesale
ed when shovn that these districts ' defection is taken as a sign of the
lay immediately north of one of their i ultimate total dis;
'who referred a large
Many Aldermanic Candidates
Make Speeches.
Sapperton    Residents   Given   Opportunity to Discuss Civic Politics-
Five Minute Limit.
number of inquire!s to the British
Columbia commissioners when they
were at Chicago. This action very
soon convinced those Interested, that
the statements made by the provincial officers were based on facts."
With his trip as a whole Mr. Wade
was naturally delighted. Besides the
above results in the agricultural field,
be believes that several Industrie
and manufactuilng interests have hai
their eyes directed towards New-
Westminster and Vancouver. These
results may be delayed ia their accomplishment a little, but he has
faith that they are ensured. "As for
.the different exhibitions," he went on,
"in my own op.nlon the St. Paul
show wafj not ln any sense of so
much value to .the inquirer as either
of those at New York or Chicago, although it was very attractive in Itself. But it is an unquestionable fact
that the further .east you go/ the
greater desire for Information about
the Paciflc coaat ls found among the
The Chicago show was given a
more elaborately decorative effect
than that at New York by the Introduction of large photographs, and
sheaves of grain and grasses, and
other agricultural products. At St.
Paul, however, Canada was barred,
api ifhls difficulty had to be overcome
by hiring a .store, where a similar
exhibition to that held at Chicago
was displayed. "An electric sign
drew everybody's attention to British
Columbia's free .exhibit, and handbills were distributed from door to
door, nnd outside the Union depot lh
the morning hours and inside the
exposition building for the rest of
tbe day. The raeult of this advertising was Immediately apparent, and
every visitor waa a man who meant
business, and was anxious for info**
motion. 'Here's a letter I have Juet
got from one of these men In Nortn.
Dakota," nnd Mr. Wade itoad the letter aleud wtth Its announcement that
the man wm coming out here according to Ms promise as soon ae lie had
collected n large payment due to him,
and, what Is more, was bringing another man with him.
That this Is but tke first of many
Mr. Wade bas no doubt, and ihe Is
naturally elated with the success secured. British Columbia must surely now be known in at least thnee
cities of the eastern statea, namely,
New York, St Paul and Chicago.
iow was the first to desert. The
remaining troops followed their ex
ample shortly afterward. The army
stationed at Kwang fcu was aUay
loyal to the throne, and tbeir unex
pected desertion is a severe blow to
the Manchu forces, weakening the
defence of Peking to such an extent
tbat virtually the only enemy to be
met by the rebels advancing from
the north and south will be loyalists
in the immedii-t..' vicinity oi tho
Dissatisfaction was spread among
the imperial troops by the inability
of tbe Manchu government to pay
them, and this feeling is extending
throughout the army of the northern
provinces. Agents of tbe proclaimed
republic succeeded in getting with
ln the ranks of the troops there, and
by promising the soldiers teguiar
pay, plotted the wholesale desertions.
Peace In Sight
Nanking, Jan. 2.���"China will soon
be peaceful." said Dr. Sun Yat Sen,
newly-elected president of the Chin'
ese republic, here today, discussing
the future of his war-rent country.
"Military government will be necessary for the present, but within a
few weeks I expect to see the country
in such a condition that a return to
civil rule wlll be possible. Our dlffl
oulties have been greatly simplified
because the entire imperial army bas
become republicanized since the
declaration ot tke armistice. Now
only two divisions are loyal to the
old order of things, and lt is likely
that these will Join us soon."
Angered at the way in which bis
envoy. Tang Shao Yi, sui rendered to
the demands of the revolutionists tn
their conferences here; Yuan Shi Kal
haa accepted Tang's resignation and
ln such negotiations still In progress
he is dealing directly .with Wu Pang,
the mouthpiece of the rebels.
No hint has yet been given as to
what��is the subject of Yuan's new
negotiations, tot It is beBeVed he li
holding out against the establishment
of a republic until assured thst when
he finally deserts the Manchu cause,
he will be taken care of with n ro
sponsible and powerful place in tte
government to be framed as a result
of the revolt!
Milan Mystery Nsw.
Milan, Italy, Jan. 2.���Disease similar ln its effect to that efhich killed
nearly 100 persons In Berlin last
week, has made lta appearance here.
Six deaths were reported today.
Physicians are unable to diagnose
the epidemic. i .. .
Head Was Hard.
Alameda, Cal., Jan. 2.���Knocked
down by the propeller of Av|ator
Frank Bryan's aeroplane as the bird-
man, wee preparing to leave the
cround, little John McDonald picked
himself np, felt of the small lump on
Calcutta, Jan. 2.���King Qeorge and
Queen Mary spent today visiting the
Tillygunge horse show and ln official
receptions and courtesy calls. The
visit to,the horae show was a state
affair. There, was a magnificent die
play of horse flesh and dashing riding and jumping in competition foi
the King-Emperor's and the Viceroy's
cope. Many military entries -figured
In the show.
Reception of native princes and
local notables occupied most of New
Year's morning for, tho King land
Queen. Visits to hospitals and im
portant public buildings followed,
with many addresses ot welcome and
Last night Tb��>ir Majesties attend-
his head and grinned. But tbe pro-" ed a big state banquetyat government
oeller was splintered and the flight j house and witnessed a display Of
had to be abandoned. fire works on the Lladan.
Aldermanic candidate! were thick
upon tbe ground at the meeting
organized by the labor men and helu
last night in Johnston's hall, Sapperton. Mr. Alexander Garrett was ln
the chair, and he gave permission to
all candidates not standing oa the
labor ticket to speak tor five minutes
only, ap opportunity of whloh Messrs
Minthorne, Hardman and Travers
took advantage. Labor nominees
spoke as long as they liked.
The chairman opened the meeting
with some general remarks on a progressive policy, and ie manent improvements for the city of New
Westminster, and then went on to
criticize the water supply and the
handling of the Coquitlam dam question ln more detail. "He wouldn't,"
be said, "take a drink from right
where the intake is" at certain times
ot the year, when the water is low
ln the fall for example. "The dam
end will be the dead end of the lake
forever," and he maintained that the
B. C. E. R. Bhould be made to carry
the pipe Une to the best water In
tbe lake. As for tbe water main, lt
was nothing but a 'spr.nk.ing system," and should be attended to.
Mr.  Turnbull.
After making these remarks Mr.
Garrett called on Mr. Turnball to
address the meeting. That gentleman thought tbat ln the past the
policy of the councll had been to
assist ca[ ital and to avoid taxing
land values. A change, however, ha:l
been made during the last year owing to the agitation of the working
men, and a flrst steo had been take.:
when   taxation    had   been
cy   of   development,
but as Ions' as the present system
pievalied, lie did not see bow any
development could better the condi
tions in the home of the laboring
man. They would rather make them
worse, bringing, as they would, slums
at one end and millionaires at the
other. Therefore they must chango
the system. The labor men were jus;
as much interested in real progres
slve development of New Westminster as anybody, in fact "the working
people are the progressive people ol
tbe city and the ctty should be run
in their interests." -
Mr. Hardman.
After this the flve minute allowances were told out; the first dose be
lng given to Mr. Hardman. This
campaigner thought that too mucn
was being paid by the citizens for
water and light. What he wanted tn
know was why they did not tax
"the fellow ln the old country," and
he advocated that every vacant lot
be forced to pay a minimum tax for
light and water.
Mr. Minthorne.
Mr. Minthorne managed to get a
number of points into his space of
time. Mayor Lee's program was flne,
he thought, but If It took that gentle
man as long to carry out bis program
as lt did to formulate it, it would
be a thousand years old before it was
completed. The barbor scheme was
a very important matter; bat why, he
asked, should it be kept secret ? He
understood from some people that tt
meant widening Front street to 100
feet, while others told him that it
entailed the building of a harbor at
Richmond. If the latter were t rue,
the people should be given a chance
to rise in protest against it Ono
more point was raised by the speaker,
wbo condemned the policy of paying
178,000 for a high school Site.   The
Sy owned Tlpperary aad ne alts, he
d, could be. more suitable for the
purpose than that.
Mr. Trsvere.
Mr. Joseph Travers then ness to
make hts few remarks. He specified
that one of the Improvements he
would get carried through If elected
would be the permanent paving of Columbia street, and tbe laying of a
sidewalk along the tame street right
to the city boundary, and also ths
putting of Brunette etrsst Into good
shape as far as ths city boundary. Hs
proved himself to be another sap-
porter of cheaper light, and thought
tbat there should be spent on evsry
portion of ths city sn amount ot
money proportionate to the sum contributed by lt in taxes. English-
speaking people alone should be employed on city contracts, and thus
the money would be kept ln -the- elty
instead of going to Italy and Spain
and elsewhere.
i  Mr. Cameron.
The first labor candidate to speak
was Mr. Joseph Cameron, who claim*
ed to know something about the Coquitlam dan^ question owing to ids
having served on the council of that
mnntctp^I^M some years. He then
argued that Sat only ehbuld English-
speaking men be employed, by the
city, bnt- New Westminster men oni-/
when possible, while ?5 a-day was.na.^
too high a wage. The workers si
���  -    '    ��� ��� ���*���' r -
Passing Motorman Gives Alarm���Pire
Brigade Have *n Hour's Hard
Work Subduing Flames.
Chinatown was thrown Into a sadden state of excitement last night,
when the tobacco and fruit store of
Mr. Em. Boureopolos, situated on the
B. C. E. R. tracks at the corner of
Kelly, Douglas' warehouse, was burned out. The alarm was flrst given by
the motorman of an outgoing interurban car, who cried to Mr. Murdoch
McDonald, who happened to be passing, that there was a flre in Chinatown. This young man accordingly
started up the track and spotted the
blaze In tbe top corner of the two
story shack, where cigars and fruits
were sold by tbe Ore. i.s. He lit out
for a group of Chinks, yelling flre.at
the top of his voice, and the startled
Orientals immediately rang the flre
bell, while Constable Walter Bourke
turned in a call from another station
This was at midnight, and in about
three minutes the file engines fram
Nos. 1 and 2 halls were on the
scene, and the water was playing on
the blaze.
Mre Chief Watson was in command,
and after about an hour's -strenuous
efforts the flames were overcome, tbe
firemen climbing on the'roof and ripping off the shingles so as to put ont
the last blaze; It lurked in the attic.
Practically everything in tbe store
was destroyed, but the shell stood
firm, and not even the roof fell in.
although It was only an oil wooden
building on which the firemen were
Tbe building and Its contents were
insured, but for exactly how much is
unknown. No explanation of how the
fire started is forthcoming, and there
appears to have been no one in the
building at the time.
'ersons    Hanged
Russians    Exaet    Heavy    Toll    fer
Casualties Inflicted on Czar's
Tabriz, Persia, Jan. 2.���Eight Pev--
sians were hanged yesterday by order
of the Russian court martial and another eight were executed this afternoon in connection with the recent
attack on the Russian troops.
The Russian court martial ls exacting heavy toll for the casualties sufc
fered by the Russian troops. The
prisoners are tried in batches and in
���early every case are hanged summarily. Their bodies are displayed*
throughout the day ln a public s iiiare.
Among those hanged were Shegat
Ulislma, the bead of one of the re
llgious sects, and the chief member
ot the local assembly, Seik Salem.
Shuah-Ed-Dowlen, brother of the ex-
shah, arrived here this afternoon to
assume the governorship. He was
escorted by a body of Russian Con-
Government Defeat.
Kermanshab, Persia, Jan. 2.���Salart
Ed-Dowleh, tbe brother of the ex-
shah, has defeated the government
forces under Asem Ed-Dowlen, who
has taken refuge in the British consulate bere.
A special dispatch, from Teheran*
Sunday said that Salari Ed-Dowleh
had telegraphed the government that
unless tne $80,000 belonging to him
and conficated by Treasurer General Shuster, was returned he wouldj
demolish the Imperial bank building
at Kermanshab.
Deep Snow   and   Scarcity   of   Gras;
Works Havoc Among Colorado
tbe river. On.
Sunday the Paystreak could get oj
higher than Ruskin and bn Monday
the Beaear. .asJjr made her way ter
Whonnock, bncicfhp Ice aU the way.
Yesterday the ice blocked the river at
Barnston island, and the steamers ���
are laid up for a week or so until the
J weather changes up country and ther-
,ce ����������� out	
zero for more tban two weeks, and [
with from 12 to 18 inches of snow
covering the ground, Southern and
Eastern Colorado are experiencing
the most severe and protracted period
of cold weather that has been recorded in these sections for many
Cattle, it is said, are dying from
hunger by the hundreds, due to the
deep snows on the scanty range
grass, a great part of wliich was destroyed by a prolonged drought before the opening of last fall. However, it ls claimed the heavy snowfall insures bumper crops for next
year, as the snow will put the ground
in good shape for grass and grain.
Chicago, Jan. 2.���Forecaster Cos
here today felt on earthquake which
sent a slight tremor through Chicago
at 10:21 o'clock this morning.
"I have no instrummti, ts tecstd
the intensity of quakes here," said
Cox, "but I distinctly felt the distmrV
ance in my office. It was an east
and west vibration and lasted only s
couple of seconds."
Victoria, Jan. 2.���Dates have
finally set for the anneal conventions
of the various associations operating
under the Jurisdiction of the department of agriculture, which are held
here yearly.
��� Members of ths B. C. Fall Fair association meet on 23r* Inst; Bl C
Stockbreeders, 23rd; B. Ct Dak jaws,
Mth; Central Farmers' Institute. Sth
and 26th; B. C. Poultrysssa, XStk: B.
C. Fruitgrowers' association, 30th and
���sit        .   '     -
.Stele Cork Les.
Vancouver,   Jan.   2,���Last     night
some one broke Into the
pied by J. Barton at 334
street and stole Barton's   cork
owner hss been ooafined sp
Holds It Down; Fares Badly rn Cltie
snd Towns, But Carries In the
Rural Districts.
Toronto, Jan. 2.���Local option held !
its own In   the   election ln Onaafot >
municipalities yesterday and recnafts-
ed a few more municipalities to   the
Ary column.   The measure fared baO-
ly in the   cities   and   larger   town*  ���
where it was voted on, but carried   ���
in a number' of villages   and   townships.   By-laws to repeal   the 7 local   I
option set were submitted   in fifteen
municipalitiee, but In not one did tbe
repeal measure carry.
Seventy   municipalities   voted   tm i
ths local option by-law.   In fifteen It
carried.   In 36 It was defeated by a
straight majority, while in 20 it failed to secure the three-fifths   ot   the >
vote polled which ls necessary before -
the law can   become   operative.   As-'
the  majority   of   the municipalities--
carrying the by-law are   rural   only
fifteen bars will be wiped out.
(Continued os Page Ftva.)
Wall Known Clergymen Qytaa.
Vancouver, Jan. 2.���A
Worn PssC-des-Roblee, CUitorata,
where Rev. Father Clinton, oC 8t
James church, has lately been stay*
lag, says that his condition Is ex-
trendy low and the doctors have
given up all hope of recovery.
*    Burned st Own Fireside,
Vancouver,   Jan.   2.���-Mrs.
Watts, of- Eighth avenue, ls la
hosfttal suffering from Severe !	
she st^tslned ass result of her doth-
ing notching fits from a fWHnr etsbe?
while seated -In her own Mm* Bo-
day afternoon. Mr, Watts, who wss
turned in attempting to exUngaMh
���he burning clothing, is ah
ftspttal treatment Mra. W
���sa ef Ksntueky Fusdlst M Danger-
from Mob Violence After Kill law
-   Doctor.
rtirnvme^W.-Va, Jaa.. 2.���Arsmd
dspety sheriffs are todsy guardian.
WtUa Hatfield, locked In a fnO*
prison, fram threatened mob vtolenen.
HstfisM. sen oT "Devil" Ansa Hafc-
���eH, ths notorious Kentucky feudist,
shot snd killed Dr. Bflwin O. Therms
WU, 36, while the   physician was afc-
sa injured person in A. Hal- -
He's, tor store yesterday. Ths dorter
rafusMto give Hatfield a wttsfcp ���
prsseriptloB. Hatfield fled after t**
shorting, tat wss captured sad l
bro���ht to the county sett guards* 1
hy a score of officers.
Dr. Thernhill was killed   with taw
MRUs "thong* --ta**- hody innd iwo-��
thtaegM the head    It Is declared to
eye withes**   that   Hatfield   gtear
abasire when tike floctotMefufcd MS*
the praerription.   far Therflhltl Ms*.
  face then, it Is ded*sed.d sa*.
*g&' /
servant;    English
Apply mornings.
glrl   pre-
48 Royal
apply mornings.    318 First street.
fceeping. Apply L. T., Dally New
office '���	
drive baker's wagon. Apply Eighth
Street Bakery.	
"WANTED���A     YOUNG     BOY      AS
baker's  apprentice.    Apply   Eight!)
.   Street Bakery.
class salesmen; also one ston;
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley In-
veatment Co., Ltd., 62G Columbia,
New Westminster.
WANTED���HOUSEWORK    IN     Exchange or part exchange for board
and room by young lady.    Address
Box 10, News office.
sewing.   Apply Lees Ltd.
house, furnished, close in. Repi;
K 4. Daily News office.
house, unfurnished, close in. Reply
It 4, Dally News office.
vant   Apply 712
Twelfth stieet.
houses and vacant property in Sapperton. Kindly send me your listings. Geo. E. Fleming, Room 6, 310
Columbia street.
Snow tjhat I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
In the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
S quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R ST.!
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queen3-
boro, Lulu Island.
How It Affected France and Germany
���Both   Benefited.
While the Chamber of Deputies ls
making ready lor its debate on the
Franco-German   treaty,   may   not  an
outsider���1 mean one who is neither
a deputy nor a member of the committee on foreign   affairs, and   who
has made no special study of diplomatic questions and gains his information, as everybody does, from the
newspapers  ��� state    modestly    his
views regarding that agieement and
regarding the attitude it will be wise
to take duiing tiie preliminary discussions as well as ou the day of thJ
linal     balloting,     writes     le    Comto
d'HuussunvlUe in the Figaro of Pai is.
Doubtless, those who see these mat-1
ters at closer range have had a much
longer   acqalntance   with   them   than
he has.    Hut are tliey not somewhat
In the plight of the man who couldn't
see the forest for the trees?    By Insisting too ardently upon certain details and  by  hypnotising  themselves
before certain clauses of the treaty,
do not ut leust some of tliem run the
; risk of losiug sight of general consideration.) und of falling to strike a
proper   balance   between   t e   loses
and   the   gains   the   transaction   Involves;  for this treaty  ls a tiansiu-
; tlon, und, like all transactions, it necessitates   cei tain   sacrlllces   :in   exchange lor certain profits.    To strike
��� a proper balance, if possible, Ib the
purpose of this article.
No one can deny that within' the
past fortnight a prominent change
hai taken place us regards the pub-j mal.e your
lie's attitude toward the Franco-tie.- appraisal on
man treaty, and this change has not
been favorable to the agreement. A:
the outset that agreement wus welcomed with a degree of satisfaction.
Public opinion was delighted with
the prospect of a French protectorate
in Morocco. To be sure, we were to
pay for that protectorate by malting
sacrifices in the Congo, but nobody
has any very' clear idea how much
they amounted to. The Congo is a
long way off, Moiocco near at hand,
and there were many who cared moro
for Morocco than for the Congo'.
Little by little this feeling has
changed, und the change must be attributed to the successive disclosures
now in one newspaper and now In an-
otlu r���of all the notes, replies, secret
are losing the Congo, for, after all,
two-thlrda of the Congo remain to
us, since we are to keep the Gabon
and the Upper Congo. Doubtless, communication between the two halves of
this splendid colony will be hampered
by the two tentacles Germany stretchout toward the Congo and the Ou-
bangul. But communication is nevertheless assured by the river Itself,
and it can be improved, not only bv
boat traffic on the Benoue, which remain. French, but by the railway
which will retain the right to build
across the ceded terrltoritlea.
It is therefore a manifest exaggeration to call the "abandon du Congo"
one more "abandon" added to tliose
Unpttted  to  the  policy  followed  from
1902  to  1904,  namely,   Egypt,  wbicb
we had already  left, and whicli was
only   a   pretext   for   recrimination;
Newfoundland,   which   we   had   left,
and we merely exercised a prohibitive
right, which was a plague to the Newfoundlanders  without  greatly  benefit- i
i ting us, and finally Tripoli, to which ;
; we had never had the shadow of a *
I claim,    lf  what   we have   iban loned
in the Congo amounts   to   no more |
| than those other "abandons," we certainly  have  no husiness t3 complain
of tho bargain. j
What is thc value of the portions   ""���"
J of the Congo we have ceded?    That
mother country. She must abandon
that idea. It will not be easy for her
to dodge making, some reduction in
the amount of tne consolation granted
her in advance under circumstances
that account for the generosity she
ln any case, the negotiations must
be carried on with great tact, and
high-handed ineasuies must be avoided. The Spaniards are not only ii
pi uud people, and justly; ihey are
sensitive, like a grand seigneur who
has lost his money and is afraid he
cun no longer count on the respect
due to his lank. ivi. Caillaux maue a
botch of it at Saint-Calais when ho
spoke of Spain as ono of the second-
rate powers. Tliere are nftiOSI one
knows and privately recognizes, but
that one hates to hear mentioned, lt
we take tco Imperious a tone Spain
will be capable oi giving us a peremptory lefusal and taking advantage of
her weakness, knowing how absurd
and contemptible,  we  sfiould  thlnis
; ourselves, If after avoiding a clash
i with Germany we should go to war
' with Spain. t
Let us suppose that negotiations
should gain ua nothing; would that
be a reason for refusing the protectorate? What is represented by the
where Spain keeps thc right to
rule?    At most, it is only u seventii
There is nothing like a "Tea Pot"
test at your own table to prove its
sterling worth!
TEA "Always and Easily the Best"
BLACK, GREEN, or MIXED.    Sealed Airtight Package* Only
Is somewhat difficult to determine, for j ot  Morocco.    Not  to  want the  rest,
estimates  differ.    1 have consulted  a   on that  account, would be to behave
man who is Intel eati i In one of the  Uke the sulky child who wont liave
thirteen COMKMJOM that are no,v io  a cake a' all because somebody has
come under German rule,    lie tells already laidnlalm to a ��Hcfr of it
me that this  value varies greatly OC- j     In   that  zone,   which  probably  will
co.uiag  lo  the  locality   where   vou ba very badly governed (tor no conn-
eatimata.    lie nets a high  try   knows  less  about  managing  CO.-
certain portiona of the onles than Si ain does), we can sti.l
exercise the famous policy ot  pacific
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
***** aaaa a
.   ness property ut  Edmonds Station.
$500 dollars    under    value.    Apply
62G Columbia Stieet.
ed tioviec  ��\VYv"��\\"TOoo��ra<'col8����ttv .
ences.    Apply 214 Sixlb avenue.
money, will soil live acres near I'ort
iMann for only fl85 an acre. Easy
tenua. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
street. Sapperton.
$1 down and $1 a week; no interest; four styles; old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone 990, Market Smare.
private boarding house; all home*
COofeing; use of telephone and bath,
nice quiet home. Terms very reasonable. Gentlemen only need apply.    513 Agnrs street.
keeping suite.    22i Seventh street.
1 Which should be kept for reference).
New Westminster, B. C���
Jan. 2, 1912.
To the Citizens of the City of New
Having been asked by a large number of citizens to present myself as a
'candidate at the coming Municipal
Elections, I beg to state that 1 am in
favor of Municpal Ownership of Public Utilities owned by thc city; of a
liarbor and dock system; of permanent Improvements of streets; of re-
duction In the cost of lights; a prop-
or  sewerage   system,  to   encourago
new industries; of a bitter street car
���ervlce   and    a    belt    lino to    serve
the middle and north parts of the city
and also of any other reforms that   i ���
may  be asked  for  from  time to time '
and considered  In  the  interest
the city as a whole.
Should vou favor me with your
yotc on Election Day, 1 moreover
pudge myself to abide by my platform nnd serve the citizens to the
best or my ability, having always i,i
mind Ihat my policy ia equity foe all,
I remain your obedient servant.
421  Columbia street, city.
Thp O. K. S��� Royal City Chapter,
No. 7. will after this meet in the K.
<of P. Hall, corner of Kiuhth and Ag-
"nes streets, on the second and Fourth
Monday of each month at 8 p.m.
By order of
Worthy Matron.
Titles   Examined,   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
.Curtis Block City Box 482
treaties   and   mystetious   agreements
iof this date and that) involving pret-
; ty nearly all the European powers,   tt
v. as one of the monstrous blunders
' of the present cabinet that all these
documents were not immediately
spread out on the table around whlca
' the committee on foreign affairs sat
in conclave. That those arrangements
I had to be kept secret at the time they
wero drawn up, one can to some extent comprehend, though there remains something strange in the way
an ephemeial minister can autocratically embarass tne future of France
I he republic's secret lacks the sanctions possessed  by the king's secret.
* Vittfler ttie* preWem c<rciAmaxi.��7>
the government should have made a
clean breast of it and given the committee the facts.
As each newly revealed document
teems to involve some new restriction of the rights of Fiance, the public became exasperated. Distrust
arose. Frenchmen asked themselves
how many other secret arrangement;)
were still hidden. Well, it appears
that tliere is nothing sticking to thc:
bottom. W'e can, therefore, discuss
the situation in its entirety. Let us
go back  to  the beginning.
In April, 1905, the kaiser bndeJ at
Tangiers.   after    lieslitating    several
hours���waiting   for   smoother   water,
tney say'.   No sooner had  he stepped
ashore than he delivered one of tliose
speeches that weie more of style then
than today.    With a sweeping gesture
he declared   iii grandiloquent   terms
that he would never allow a blow to
be struck at the integrity of the sultan's domains.    Abdul  Aziz was  proclaim! d  a client of  the empire and
I German   interests   in   Morocco    were
', given a place in the front rank among
j those     the     imperial     policy     was
I founded to def. nd in the world.    The
j Pap-Germanic  press   applauded   this
speech   vociferously   and   in   chorus,
I even coining a word for the occasion
: and   declaring   that   Germany   would .
never   permit  the  "Tunisitication"  of
Six years have passed.    Today the
Germans   formally   grant   France  the
protectorate   of   Morocco,   for,   whilj
the word   is not  contained   In   ths
agreement itself, it is used In the explanatory  letters,    it is the realization of a beautiful dream���the dream
Prevost  Paradoll sketched out In Lai
France Nouvi lie���the dream <��� ilonials '-
h ul long cherished and whose fulfilment they burned to see,   An African
France,  reaching  from  the  frontier
i ot  ii'iuli to the sbi res ol i. <��� \tian-
and conni cted   with our - -   es
j .lions  in  Equatoi iai  Afrli        :       cer-
f j tainly, was a thing    worth the    winning. ���
li   was not to be hud for nothing,
and dermanj   gave   a new force   to
those words of Bismarck's, "Do yo i
think it a free gift?"    If we had waited  i few years, might we have gained
our   end   without   loosing   our  purse-1
strings or making any sacrifice whatever?    If the present cabinet had had
taore confidence in France, might  It '
have been able from the lirst to avoid
the excessive concessions that are so
painful  to own  up to now?    1  think;
it might.   That Is easy to say, not so
easy to prove.    Hut the real question ;
is not that.      it   is whether we are j
paying    too    dear���in    other "-words,
whether what we are giving up In the |
Congo  is  worth  more  than  what we
are gaining in Morocco.
The Congo question is complicated
by sentimental considerations, and I |
say this in no spirit of raillery. Mme.
Savorgennan de Brazza's letter, so restrained and dignified, had a tremendous effect, as was inevitable. There
Is no denying that there is something
Ivitter in reflecting that after all the
labor, all the "devotion, and all the
lives poor Braz'/a's enterprise cost,
the territories bought with French
blood are to bt handed over to Germany. But regret must not be carried
too Lir.    We must not sry ttat v.e
equatorial forests; others he think)
of only mediocre vatoe. All are unhealthy and dangerous for Europeans
to settle in. Said a Jocose Germ in
in the reichstag: "We have ac itilrel
the headquarters of the ileeping sick-
ness." At all evi nts I :r:,i convinced
that among those who Int i'i l hi ;'.i-
CBt value upon t'o Co:';."- thc c is n t
one who thinks it ns pre:ious .1 po*
session as Moiocco, which is equall'
rich In farming and mining possibilities, and wliich has the advantage of
being only forty-eight hours frcm
France. And this leads me qulta naturally to Inquire wl'it ta tho woit'i
of the protectorate conceded u.s In
I purposely employ the word "ccn
to  certain   eara   it
,v�����fei t.viw\lis���nss;v vi.r ,ui^'^-li\?��^v. *?����;a _l?...*iv.�� k^m .tbs satis
ceded"   because
brings   a   shock.     Su; h   i e >;i!e   |8v:
"Germany cedes us rights that were
never  hers."    That  is perfectly  true.
Germany  had  no  rights  in   Morocco;
neither had we, for that matter.   But, j
like   us,   she  had  Interests,  and  her j
way of protecting her Interests fore-'
ed us to defend, and especially ta de-1
velop our own.    Th" I hing Ge;mtnyi
gives up Is this policy of obstruction. I
No doubt one may regret that tho
renunciation is not    more   complete,!
and   that   certain   economic   clauses
prevent our deriving from the protectorate all the commercial und industrial benefits we deserve,    One may
Ot       l.UtjL
  -     . ><llw,.y��   ~
ler-Fez and on IJa-1 ,ez���win havJlfoy sir
to be begun at the same time ito. it j ated all
is perfectly right to insist that tbe
Tangiers-Fez road s ould be begun
before the others) and also the too
frequent intervention of the HanH ol
Morocco, although the control of that
bank is in French handa. But while
these details may hamper and retard1
the "Tunisitication" of Moroeco, they
can not pievent it. Remains the big
objection; the concessions that mus;
be made to Spain.
Without, doubt, the tract that must
be ceded to the Spaniards, while nar
row, is woeful y long, s nee it gees
from the Algerian trontier all the
way to the AC.an ic, i nd Spain baa
determined to la: hold of it with an
eaf-etntss thut is in no wise in keeping with either the letter or the spirit
of the agreement, fan we contrive,
by well-managed negotiations to cur.
down the length, and particularly the
width of this tract? We may hope to.
But this is not certain. Spain has always wanted Morocco: she fought
there before we did: she had hoped
that Morocco, which is so near by,
would be to her what more distant A
geria is  to  us���an- extension of the
penetration that has so long been
our watchword in Morocco. At
worst, the existente of that zone is
only a nuisance; it cun't prevent tli"
establishment of our protectorate
eltewhere. -'���!�� for imagining that
Spain has some dark projects for putting o. stacle) In the way cf our
building the Tangier-Fez railway,thu
is io trump up bogies and get t'i*J
However that may be, there Is one
point on which It steins to me that
all Frenchmen should agree: This is
to hasten the conclusion of those debates and have done with tli'1 treaty.
one way or the other. Dawdling may
be dangerous. Keeling is rising in
Germany, ivher, the PamGeimaain
element is doing all it can to persuid i
the country that the empire has suffered a humiliation. Little by little,
feeling is rising in France. At pres
ent, the French attitude is admirable
���calm and dignified, proud withou'
being over-aggressive. Let us not
spoil lt. May I venture to say that
within the la9t few days those who
liave a noble record for giving an
eloquent and happy exptession to
their patriotic sentiments have seemed io me to be somewhat forcing the
note. A meeting of young students,
full of the most generous steinImei.ts,
replied to them yesterduy. Very fortunately  tlie   Berlin's  departure  from
Burnaby Elections
���,  .     Hd      Oiut     vw��
hilward  m-uy*. Bpuerh tHnslji
uncertainties as to the solid-'
ity of the entente cordiale. Let us
make tht most of this interval of
calm. The larger the majority in favor of the treaty's ratification, the
greater the triumph of France will
Furnished for attractive entcrpr.sus
in all substantial lines of business.
Railroads, Tractions, Water and
Klectric Powers, Irrlga.iona, Timber,
Mining. Agricultural and Industrial.
Bond, Debenture and Stock Issues
Underwritten, Purchased or Sold.
Properties purchased for European
exploitation and investment.
Financial Undertakings of a'l sorts
Miscellaneous commissions and
orders of all characters accepted fo,-
execution in any European country.
Correspondence enclosing full details at first writing Invited.
The International Bankers Alliance
14-16-18 Bloomsbury St., London, Eng.
Will Meet the Electors:
January 3rd, 8 p.m.
Vickers Hall
East Burnaby
All invited. Invitations extended to Candidates for Reeve and
Councillors for the wards.
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 29 New Westminster, B. C.
We Carry a
Full Line of
Tone���7000   Horsepower
johnaon't Wharf
Great Norwegian Soprano at St. Patrick's  Hall
Thursday, January  4.
VICTORIA and Return $2.70
Leave Yancouver at 12 midnight. Dec. 30th.
Reurnlng steamer will be held at Victoria until 5 p. m., Jan. let,
to accommodate holiday  travel.
and Queen Charlotte Islands, steamer will leave Vancouver at 2 a.
m., Dec. 2Gth and Jan. 2nd.
Steamer from north, Dec. 30th, wlll arrive at Vancouver at 11.30
a. m. Instead of 9.30 p. m.
Freight will be received at Johnson's wharf New   Year's Day3
from 9 to 11:30 a. m.
G   SMITH  C  P. and T. A. Telephone Seymour 7100
L V.' DRUCE,' C. A. Telephone Seymour 3060
CITY OFFICES: 527 Granville Street.
7) ^^m
' li*
L O. 0. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of this lodge
srs held In Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, NG.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary; R. Purdy, financial secretary
tisa .vi. BKu'l'tiN, public stenographer: specifications, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
SsvaKo's ofllce. Columbia St.
Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean Block
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant Tel. K 128. Room
Trnpp block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112, Tele
phone 710. 	
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and fc
Oulchon block, corner Columbia ana
McKenzie streets; Vancouver ot
Bees, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C. Wade. K. C,
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
solicitor and notary, ttlu Columbia
Btreet.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Humor and
from   K>r��am:an<1.   tat
COME   down
Cease living In the at**
Things ilo not come by nccldent
In lari;e anil si,unl supplies
By thinking how ihey ought to ba
Tou never turn a hair
Or make a dicker or u deal
That gets you anywtier*.
1 know It's very nice to alt
In some large easy chair,
VTitli eyes hulf open and half closed.
And draw things from the air.
But ti-11iit }'ou draw will never buy
The tables any ehoei
Or bring home victuals that the cook
To save her soul can um.
But that la not the way things com*
In this large unlversa.
The dreamy hour* are not tha onea
That (111 the empty purse.
Tbey may be pleasant while tbey last
Cut it Is mighty nice
When dinner In the dining car
Is called to have tho price.
Come down trom  Dreamland with a
Tou wlll not like the Jar
At blush thc flrst, but very soon
Tou'll see things aa they are.
It's flne to have the cash to pay
For what you eat and drink
And In some small emergency
To bave a little chink.
Deferred to Hsr.
ju.ntu Or" THADtr-NKW V\b.ai
nnusier Board of Tram- uiee's in i"��
board room, City Hall, as lotiowa.
Third Thursday of eacu montn.
quarterly meeting ou tne tniro
Thursday of February, May, August
and Noveinher, at n p.m. auuua
meeaugs on the third Thursday m
February. New member* mo.* t**
proposed and elected ai any uoniu
ly or quarterly nieeu.m. C. *i
Htiinrt-Wad*. secretary	
Arrtval: Closing
18:10���l'nited  Statea via C. P. R.
(dally except Buuuay).*d'.oii
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. II.
(dally except Sunday). 11:18
12:00���Vancouver vln. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .20:30
7:40���Victoria  via  B.  C.  E.   II.
(dally except Sunday).11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunaay). 11:15
1: SO���United Statea via, Q. N. R.
******j*ma*0t **au*a*y .. ..**
���SS:i�����OaMM Beat��� t*t*_o. M. n.        ..
idaily ascent Sunday >..ie-.ee��
11:40���AH point* east and Europe    (dally)    S'-tS
82:43���All points east and Europe (dally)    13:15
11:40���Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mills      (daily      *sx*.*=iit
Sunday)        8:30
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
nails      tuany      ��Ac��pt
Sunday)      14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except  Sunday)     8:J0
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       1116
1400���East Burnaby (daily ex-
Sunday)  13:3o
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner. Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   13:30
10:00���Annieville   n-id   Sunbury
(daily   excel t   SunJny).13:30
10:0(1���Wouiiwiiiiib        i i uolSuu)
Tlmrsdiiv      anil      Sfitur
day)    13:30
10:5*���Vancouver,   Piper's   Siding     via    G.     N.     R.
(dtillv except Sunday).. 14:2i
15:50���Cloverdale and Fort Kells
via  G.   N.   K.   (daily  except   Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday,    Friday   and   Sat-
"Is that an Interesting bool: you Just
Bnlshed?" \
"I don't know."
"When do you expect to find outT"
"When my wife reads It."
Municipal Pride.
"Percy   Isu't   worth   the  powder
blow blm up."
"How cau you any so!"
������Well, what's he good for?"
"Hare you no civic prideV"
''What's civic pride got to do with
iss Use
Canon Lyttelton   Has   a Passion   for
Beautiful   "rets.
Nntnre ��tudy has nn ardent and
Inyal supporter in the hcfidtnaMcr of
Eton. Canon the Hrm.'Edward Lyttcl-
ton. who has k-;>t his ffy-sixth
birthday. It cin m*d Dr. Lyttcl'.in
���t the its'* ol ��:xt"-n whsn ho b"?:in
to lea:n to r!r:nv trc<">. whicii from
that time onward exprcisnd over him
a nr.>Rt potent charm. The excitements <.f rrick��t r.otwtViKtandine. h-t
I'e* during n mat^h cared with de-
litrht on stately tress "in verdure
Not very \ontc ago Dr. Lyttelton
drew in nn unreported eneech an interest nu comparison between mime |
and nature study. "Music," be
pointed nut, "stimulates the imaeiiv
ation, wlrle nature study stimulates
and steadies the imagination." H;��
thinks that boys between the aaes of
eleven and sixteen, the most impres-
sionahle period in their lives, should
be persuaded to r��Rsrd nature study
as a pleasure1, nnd e"rta:nly not
mer��!y as som��thing that may be
useful in after-life.
Dr. Lyttelton denies that he is an
autocrat. He regards, at nil events,
tho genus puer with calholic and
humorous sympathy, realiz'ng thn
ths dune�� nt scliool may posses*
mental faculties which sooner or
later develop. Dr. Lyttelton tells of
a boy who, regarded as an idiot hy
masters and pupils, spent his holidays n Paris, bought a Continental
Brndshaw, studied it intently, and
ultimately knew th�� times of departure and arrival of every train; he
eventually became, indeed, one of the
cleverest of  ra'lway   specialists.
Canon Lyttelton is almost perfectly
ambidextrous, and when famous as a
cricketer he was known to throw a
cricket hall 105 yards with his right
hand, and then, changing over, tu
throw   t almost as far with his left.
Naturally this gift often enabled
him by a quick change to run out
an unsuspecting batsman. It is said
thnt this little dodge of his "came
off" triumphantly one day when
playing for a clrrionl eleven, and tha
victim on retirinc: from the field w-is
heird to murmur. "Hang it all I
when nlayin? r��ir��on�� vou don't ��*���
pact to bs diddled out."
The "Father cf Southwark."
Thousands of pi^r people in the
''������u'.h of London will r��"ret thnt. owing to advancing age, Canon Horsley
is obliged to leave h:s busy parisli ul
St. Peter's, Walworth, lor a quiet living in the South of England. For
ytars he has worked zealously on be.
half of the people of the slums, aud
there is scarcely a braneh of parisli or
municipal work in London with which
Canon Horsley ha? not been connected. To the people of Southwark lie
has been :n every sense a "lather of
the flock," and it is stated that he
once refused a colonial bishopric th.it
he might stay at home and work in
the slums.
The canon is a min with a fund of
anecdote, and describing the odd dress
ot hngiisn bishops some tiniv ago, he
told a story ol the Bishop of Bath and
Wells, who had been visiting Scar-
boroua'n. .Oa tba w���� Vo iktm loin !�����
& uast�� ���sys'rwss.'?
tt'.iS MWiAN
MOCil aim. SASK
so is a
Makes lighter.
better flavored and
a more nutritious bread.
and more loaves to the sac!l
than any other flour. ROBIN HOOD
FLOUR ia made from the choices^ wheat
from the most select farms in Saskatchewan.
A money-bach guarantee in evcr7 sack.
Robin Hood Flour���made in moose jaw
"��B^ GOLD DUST will
CAPITAL     f 14.400.000.00
RE8ERVE    '.2.000,000.00
Branches througnoui    Canada    rnd
Mewfoundland,  anu  In  London,  Bog-
���cd, Nsw York Ch i ago and Spokane,
C.3.A., snd  Mexico  City.    A   general
making    business    transacted.    Let- ,
ers or Credit Issued    available   with :
correspondents In   all    parts of   the {
Savings Bank Dtps-tmeni���Deposits
-ecelved ln sums ul tl and upward.
Mid Interest allow* j qt 3 per cent, per
snnutn  (present rate).
Total  Assets  over  $186,000,0(10.00
O. D. BRYMNKH. Manager.     !
��� IN ���
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
French Rats Is 7 Per Cent���Sometimes
No Interest Is Charged.
With none of the timidity or hesitation or the shamefaced aspect of our;
user of pawnshops does the Parisian
perform hla journey to the money lend-i
er. Far from feeling, after tbe door
has closed behind him, tbat he ls in
the country of the enemy, the Frenchman con have his patriotic ardor at its
highest, for over the pawnshop flies
the tricolor of France Instead of tbe
gilded balls, and the guard at tbe door
^w> -sa- S_ il iiluJii
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy-
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safSy.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, itte
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \
portions to cleanse ^��^y
easily, vigorously, __^>
and without harm to. "
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
~ "eu^m****** r*ugc
"1 bed been ion three days ln the
wood;! without food wben suddenly 1
man run fn ui ted by a big black bear.
"Wbat did jam do?"
"What would you have done?"
**t think I should have eaten tbe
Hew ft Happened.
"Why. Johnnie!"
"How did yen get the back ot yonr
seek so sunburned?"
"ff'y, 1 was.facin' the sun with my
back w'es I wss In swlmmln'."
IV&'fef't**. wbo ba? Mfpt ���)��****'*
>. lbUhop before. The*, staring at the
bishop's knee-breeche* and eilVt stocking*, he added, "Halloa, (rwv'fiof,
what's op? Somebody swiped yer
"? am going on s .fishing trip."
"I didn't kaew yon liked to fish."
"I don't"
"Then why de yoa.go oa a Ashing
"1 can't afford any other kind."
Harking Back.
"Just n case of reverting to type"
"How ls tbatr
"You ssy tbe girl made a monkey
of him." 	
���������       4,
Specializing.    "-��  **""'
"Do you tike to Bab?"
"That depends.   I like to catch fisb."
day       14:0(1
11:20���Tynehead  ( Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake  (daily except Hunuuv 16:01'
18:10���Abbotsford, Uprer Sumas,   *
Matsqui,      Huntingdon,
etc.    (daily except Sun-
etc.    (daily except Sun- liar lng a pell belpe s lot. bat posh
day)  23:00 is the thing. I
1��: 16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine    (dally    except
Sunday) 9:4F
lf:IB���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
nrdar  9:4B
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
T<ehmsa, * idert.roTe. Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murray vllle,
Strawberry Hill, Routh
WeRtmlnater. Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
vis B. fl. Pt. r. (dally
except Sunday)     9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. B. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday       ,  9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R. ���
(dally except. Sunday).17:30
(dally .except Sunday).20:30
11:20���Abbotaford   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sunday).17:30
IS:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm _3;00
An artist's eye would probably be
al) right If it were not appended to aa
artist's temperament.
The stout person who bos Ul health
bas a hard time of lt
It depends apoh results whether we
consider an enterprise wise or foolish.
The man wbo doesn't know how to
do a thing is always willing to snow
Lack of material Is often ths reason
wby mme people can't make np their
It is hard to Jndge of a man's Intel-
licence by the speech bs makes to a
pretty girl.
Ton can't make some people sts*
turned down, so what's tbs ass trying I
Ton msy not be able to depend upon
your friends, bat your enemies will
never disappoint yon.
There are! people wbo art so constantly making mistakes tbat ws feel
like regarding U��em In tbs light ot ss-
oerta. ���-���**-- ��� ��� a_i__4
Hew Camera Got Library Idas.
Dr. Andrew Carnegie told an audi-
encet at Liverpool that he had "taken
I to library forming became his father
did it before him."   Wm.   Carnegie's
efforts at library  founding  were,  au
Edinburgh   contemporary  points  out,
extremely   modest  as compared  with
the work of his distinguished son.   In
1808 Mr. Carnegie's father was a journeyman weaver in Dunfermline.   H*
and two other drivers of the shuttle
met and agreed to convey books they
had in their respective homes to ont
house.   The combined libraries figured   out   only   twenty   volumes.    The
pioneers were joined by other weavers,
and they agreed to tax themselves to
the extent of a few pence per month
and   from   this   fund   purchase   new
books.   The little institution ultimately   blossomed   into  the  Dumferniline
i'radesmen's   library. ��� Westminster
He Tried Himself.
A good story is told of a former
magistrate of Winnipeg, who urrainged
himself in his own court upon the
charge of being drunk and disorderly,
i.nd dancing an Indian snake dance in
a public thoroughfare?
The magistrate took his seat and
rapped for order. Then he called:
"John Blank, stand up!"
The magistrate stood up. Then he
solemnly tried himself for being drunk
and disorderly, and fined himself V2U
for it.
"But." said Magistrate Blank, addressing himself, "for twenty years
you have been a sober and respected
citisen of the community. In consideration o! that twenty years of good
conduct I will remit the flne."
A burst of applause was sternly repressed by the usher, and the next
ease was called.
tranesettee, wWh tbe government.
It Is not oot ef appreciation of these
conditions, of course, that 7,000 people
dally visit tbe municipal pawnshops,
bnt tbeir business trip includes a
knowledge of tbe fact tbst whatever
profits will accrue to tbe establishments will finally go back to the people.
I  Tbere Is no haggling, says s writer
In the Philadelphia Record.   On jewelry four-fifths of the value of tbe object can be seemed; on tbe otber articles two-tblrts.   Tbe inteiest Is 7 per
cent per annum. Shook! s borrower be
ln the unfortunate position of baring
paid interest for many years without
being able to release the article tbe >
authorities will return It   Wben biter- i
est bas not been paid tbe object In j
question goes to the auction, and tben I
tbe righteousness of Paris pawnbrok- j
lng la decidedly In evidence, for after
the sale has been consummated and
tbe original loan and Interest are deducted from   the  money  secured  by
the sale tbe surplus goes to tbe borrower.   Should the money remain un- j
claimed It ls turned over to tbe Paris
hospitals, and, curiously enough, these .
hospitals profit to tbe extent of 100,- i
000 francs a year. i
Wben one  has made  a  study  of
French pawnbroking lawa it Is easily j
seen that tbe first object served  by
these lawa ls to protect people  wbo
want  Immediate  money   advantages.
France (and we may aay France, for |
municipal pawnbroking Is to be round
ln every corner of tbe country) cares
little tbat many transactions sre carried on st s loss,   in one year ef some '
2,000.000   pawned   articles   in   Parla i
1,000.000 were effected st s loss, sines I
no auction will bring s complete return on small objects.  Of coons this i
Is offset by tbe return from losas on !
the other million articles, bat ribeald i
there be s deficiency tbe municipality
bas no hesitation In going down ia Its
pockets snd thus bss sn Indirect mode
V,'"'- '-r~'7' '
) i   *sit   .    _���
B.C. Mills
limber and 1 rading
Manufacturers sad Dealers Is ail Kinds of
Roval City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone If New Wsstmlnstsr
Box  137
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Lt<T.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for sale or rent while prices nre low
W. R. GILLEY, Phons 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phons 291.
Phones, Office 15 snd II,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Oral
Romanes of Self-Help.
The romantic career of Sir William t of taxing the well to do to support the
Hall-Jones���who is retiring trom Lie,
High Commissionershjp of New Zealand���Is an example of what hard
work can do. He was born iu Folkestone, where his father'was a carver
and turner in quite a small way.
When he left school he was appren-'
ticed to a cabinet-maker in London,
but hia uvii**.u uroK�� down, and thu
doctors advised him to emigrate to
New Zealand to **v*e his lite. There
he worked as a carpenter, and event u-
a.ly entered Parliament, uhere ne
greatly distinguished himself as a
member of tho late "Dick" 8eddon's
Special Thrones.
It has been decided to make special'
'lirones tor the nie oi tha King sad
Queen at the Delhi Dnrhsr. Two
thrones of solid silver, beautiful in design and workmanship, sre being esat
���r rhP Calcutta Mint lor ths
needy*. Since no country bss raised s
cry against chsrlty, this, as eas form
of It, can bs passed without criticism.
Tbe fact la, money la lost on sli loans
under 20 francs.
Tbs capital of ths pawnshops consists of legacies, gifts and subventions
of the state, department or tbe commune. Occasionally, as st Grenoble
and MontpeWer, the establishments
are so well endowed thst as Interest
* Is charged. Paris, for no unfathomable
reasons, does tbs largest pawnbroking
business on ths continent 84,000.000
francs. being ths average yearly
pledges and 80,000,000 francs redeemed. Tbe total revenue Is 4,000.000
francs, tbe expense of management
lJBOQfiCO francs, ths Interest on capital
about 1.800,000 francs sad ths aet prof-
Its 1C0.000 francs.
���OBOL.        ,
Sctonttftc selection is the principle on which St Charles Svapocata*
.Cream is prepared.
The best milk Cows fed scieniificalljr ,
Selected dairies       All sanitary safeguards applied
Yoa take no chances when yon use St; Charles Cream.  It isle Ma*
"fllor any pwpoee aa tbe best milk or cream produced by tte best   :���   ���     ',.: J
dairr anywhere. Por many purposes it is far superior. It never >4��3V9l
cunflaa. It agreee with the most delicate stomach. All it needs
ia tte addition of pore water to make it the best food on aarth
*"���*. fof the nursery���best for the kitchen.
SbU ky *9*tt Croetmt Erj-rrytv/tSr*
mt taoktat ef t��'u��W- In   ,msu. - i'j motu. .ind ntnaMi
fit* upon appHws*"'
CIAM.CS C0SBWSW5 COrt^KT.  j����*a>lt, Q->t
���ftrnrrA I
.' ^S'' WW ������
f ���
r+at roim
The Daily News
by Tho Dellr, Newi PuWIA-
would have cleaned up more than tliat are killed, and not hull*. Tbe
1500,000. .       ��� ' I bulla are required mostly by the pea-
Loot $40,000 Once. sants tor their agricultural work, and
"Jim" Flke to the wheat king of hence the only animals that could
He hot lived ln Western ! be uaed tor tood are  cows.      This
  many yean, and In spite of! enormous slaughter not only, deprives
the failures of rain to appear at just j the peaeant of his nourishing milk
tbe prober Ume be sticks. [supply,  but  also  very   seriously  1m-
Gambllng on the weather has been [ pairs the breeding of animals for
tbo "Jim" Pike method of chasing the [.agricultural purposes. It Is quite a
festive ducat for ten years. He mado J well-known fact that- animals ate
a "killing" In 1903. and Is waiting pa-; harder to obtain and becoming more
tlently tor another big year, and then .and more expensive every year.
be says he will cult gambling pn
rain. Since 1903 he has bet $1.6,000
that lt would rain at the proper time
He never lost entirely until last yea.-,
A large petition has, ��� therefore,
been prepared, and has been signed
by over 1.500,000 people ln India to
be laid before His Majesty the King
*RY  3,   1912.
when the weather soaked <up $40,000. j Emperor, and a small deputation haa
Koch year he got his wager back, ��� arrived In England to put the matter
and three years he was able to show | t>efore the public. The petitioners
small winnings, but he has not 'bust- ,piay that the first practical step to
ed" the bank yet and wants to keepI prevent this great slaughter, and all
on trying until he does smash it good j the paralyzing consequences to thu
and hard. "'���-��� j agricultural and industries of India,
Two years ago Flke sowed 13,000 ; would be for the government of ln-
ocres of wheat and cleaned up $20,- dia to cease using Indian-bred beef
000. A year ago be sowed 47,000 for the feeding of the British sol-
acres and lost $40,000, the only com-! dlers ln India. They propose Instead
plete loss he has ever sustained. Thla that the government should Import
year he sowed 900, nnd lf rain only | Australia beef, which Is certainly of
comes during March and April, a sin.! a higher quality.   This would save at
One of the moat Startling features
��af the census Is tbe recorded drift ot
women from the farms to the cities,
��aya tbe Toronto Globe. While their
adventurous brother* *o .wost the sisters are crowding into the cities and
towns to take places in whitewear factories, in departmental stores^ond ttI ^_^i^ltj^MUli*^f*^' of it* j fabiit 160,000 of the best Indian ani
ty days, Flke will make a mint of n^als yearly to be used for breedln;
money. At this time of year the prov- and for the supply of milk and allied
pecta usually look good. But- they products. The effect of auch u step
are better now than In any of the last' would be that very soon the otber
flve years. people In India who use beef would
No Hit or Mlas Plan. also see their way to use Australian
Flke doesn't do his weather gamb-   beef, and thus a vast market opens
ling on a hlt-or-miss proposition.   He \ out for the great  Commonwealth   of
puts everything favorable in the path. . Australia.
He  plows well,  uses  big steam engines and gasoline engines that tear
*ol the Province, because tbe place of, up the ground flve Inches deep, and
Uie migrants ls not bring taken by  harrow it at the samP time, at tho
.    ���        .. .j,*r _,���_��� I rate of 100 acres a  day.    Then  h's
anyone. In Bruce there are 1875 more , gow# ^ ^ ge,d obtalnable In mo .    g^  ^
males th��n females, ln (Jrey 1719, and he goId hl8 wheat at |107 a bushel in < terms of fou; docu'ments ,Jied t'or rl!.
in a small county like Welland 2381. Kansas  City,  when   the   usual   price I cord ln tne C0Unty court here Nnt O.
Tbere is scarcely a county ln Ontario range was from !)0 cents to $1.    Not i Goodwin has settled all  claims held
devoted    chiefly   to    agriculture   In a F��"nd �� hlB ���he'dt gf* ^J "'lJ   against him by his former wife, BJna
��    i.**. r    ��,    n���t m���nv mnrp men   meA f0r fl0Ur-    U Was boUght by ,ar'   Ck.od.ich Goodwin, for $60,000, to be
which there are not many more men   merg who wantod first-clar,8 seed.       I, a|d in three installments.
"It's all a gamble," he said the \t was agreed, according to the pa-
other day. "We have had live bad rer8i tnat Goodwin would d.smiss UK-
years In the last eight. In a bad EUit he brought in Los Angelas
year we get flve to eight bushels an against his former wife and she in
acre, and we Just pull through. In turn wag t0 relinquish all claims she
a good year we can easily cut thirty nad   aga|ngt  Goodwin    arising   from
The Modern
Business SM
Winter Term Starts
January 2
Have you ever Investigated our
meritt? Our courses are complete*for
the training of young ladles and meji
for office work and clerical positions.
It will pay you to enroll with us.
For particulars
A. L. BOUCK. Principal]
Phone 853. 610 Columbia St.'
stenographers and <jto$*. "Tho ml
.gration of young men from the farms
af Ontario has been going on for
many years. Ift"sOr|e-vW?*��ure tho
drain has ebon ntialje good by the Influx of male Immigrants from Great
Britain and other j3uroj#an countries.
(The migration of ihe young women
la a more serious thing for the future
Much-Married Nat   Goodwin's   Settlement on  Edna  Goodrich.
Santa   Ana,
than women, while in the single con
stitueney of North Toronto there are
7500 more women than "men.
Why is rural Ontario unable to keep
the girl on the farm? In what respect do the cities and towns present  or more bushels off every acre. When   their agreement signed  in London'"
superior attraction*? The steady
drain upon the country to supply
school teachers for the west accounts
for only a few hundred girls yearly.
Ontario sends them forth Joyfully,
knowing that their career as teachers
will be short, and that in their prairie homes they will become the mothers of the best type of Canadians,
God-fearing, patriotic and educated.
But what happens to the gill who
leaves the farm for a place in a white-
the rain comes right it's Hite shooting
flsh in a barrel."
Goodwin, by the terms of the ���settlement, ls to make the three payments to his former wife as follows:
December 15, 1911, $15,000; January,  IU,  1912,  $30,000,  and  Aptil   16,
Mr. Balfour's political career dates   1912, $15,000.
from 1874.    In .lanuary of tbat year, |     The  flrst  payment  of  $15,000  was
at the age of 25, he was returned ln   made, the papers state, ln the form of
the   Conservative   interest   for Hart-   a   mortgage on  an  orange  grove  nt
ford   at   the   general   election   wiiicti   Plascentia, Cal., given to Goodwin bv
made Lord Beaconsfleld prime minis-   c.  T. Crowell to secure a loan. Tho
ter fnr the second time, and he con-   other  payments  a.e   to   be  made   in
tinued to represent that constituency   cash.
until  1885.    Four years after he hail 1     The London agreement referred to
entered   parliament   his   uncle,   Lorl   was  signed    by  Goodwin    and  Mlss
wear factory or behind, the counter? . Salisbury,    became foreign    minister   Goodrich, In London, August 14. 1908,
What of her future?   Why should sho|on Lord Derby's resignation, and Mr.   just  before their marriage.    In    this
nrafer the discomfort of a hall  bod-1 Ual,our   was    appointed   his   private   Godwin transferred  to T. H.  Dudley,
prefer the discomfort of a hall  hodU 8ecretary   accompanying hJm in ttm   of  0cean  Pa,k   Ca,    &g  tT ���
room and the physical weariness of capacity to the congress of Bet Iin. of his property in California, consist-
factory life to the freedom and the After the general election of 1880 ing of bonds and real estate in Ocean
healthy conditions of a country (and the return of Mr. Gladstone to Park, Los Angeles and San Franciso.
Home? It would.be worth the while jfower, Mr. Balfour associated his par- Dudley was Instructed after their
t **. v������. ml���'. p���m anH tt,�� UamenUry ^tunes with those of marriage to divide all of this prop.
of the Young Women s Guild and the S^,, Handolph Churchill, Sir Heniy erty equally between Goodwin and
Y. W. C. A. to get a few hundred an-! Wolff, and iVir. Gorst, though he toox his wife,
���swers to these questions from farm-'a less active share tuan his three col- it was also stipulated in the agiee-
��� a-   If ������*i.i. tm. V*%m ******* anl to��-\tucu<M *** Ule guerilla warfare ����i,��il   mani ot aettlement Ated that tbe New
-���       y-T~"   - n wo��\* ������toS!v��V m����,taM,v   ��*�����    *o-��aTnmant   toy    ttoe   ta,   Vortt attorney   tor  Mra.  Goodwin   waa
nouses roR sale
We have a party who has two houses on Third avenue, which ha
wlll exchange for vacant property and some cash.
���    '       ' ���   11       ��� n
LOT ON SIXTH AVENUE, between Tenth ahd Eleventh streets,
$1675, third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
LOT ON ROYAL AVENUE, close to Sixth street. Price $5600,
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. This Is good for a few
days only.
LOT ON ST. ANDREW STREET���66x132. Price $1900. one-third
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 1004. Room S, Bank of Commerce Building.
An immense stock we have
imparted from England. A
Stone Water Bottle CHEAP.
We have also Rubber Bottles
from $1.50 up 13 $3.00. We
guarantee all our bottles to
be satisfactory.
Do Not Waste Money
Bave * little systematically, for It la tbe stuff that tbe foundations of wealth and happlnMs are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   Is
needed now and to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.   Money cannot bo Invested untll It Is flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR. General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43:  L. D. 71J  Res   72.
New    Westminster.    B    C.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Bums*& Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
money and the instinct of gregarious- election of 1885 and preferment canle
ness are the two chief causes for the to "������� ^�� tla(l worked lor lta
j ... , .*. <i <...������. ti. ���..���. rr_�� overthrow, Str. Balfour, who had been
drift of the girls from the farm. Too | fctllrMd for East Manchester���a con-
many comfortable OMariq farmera stltuency he was to represent for 20
think their daughters have no need of yeara to come���was made president
monev, and that for their services an ot the local govemment board iu
occasional dollar grudgingly dried i^^^gftSl to*'SgSfiT
out is ample recompense. Many a I in xiie toiiowing year in lhe -^0^
jtfrl   becomes a  wage-earner   Is
Devour your food 'like a Hon." and
you banish indigestion. This advice,
which controverts the well-know.i
maxim of "^at your food slowly," le
the considered o. inion of three doc-
,,..,. ,       . , tore aB the best cure for inability to
the  Salisbury  administration,  he  became   cat a square meal
���cities   so   that   she   may   ���metlmen  secretary  for  Scotland,  wilh   (a tew"     Such an  unorthodox mode of deal-
have a do'.lar to spend, even though   !"0!\thB 'aU?r>tt Beat ln the cabinet.   ing wlth dyBpepBia was first suggest-
In earning It she must live under con-: L^The   comlaTaUvr'obscurUv'ln   5* by a d��Ct0r in  a Bplrlt of fro,lc'
, irom    ine    tompdrau\e    ooscuruy    in.  but on talk ne tho matter n����. with a
dltlons that are not nearly so agree-   which  hitherto  his  career  had  b^jl^^^SwSSS^Stt
able as life on the farm. j passed into the very centre of the po-1 a famlly doctor wlth ��� large Lon<jon
The desire for social intercourse la  "Uca'    ar��na-      #slr   Michael   Hicks   practice,  it  was  found   that  doctors
another potent reason for the country I u^^J^V^J^ JS attecUon ��r   Bcout   th��   suggestion   that   there   is
' ,    ....���- I tne ejes, resigned the Irish secretary-   anvthlnir fnnnv in U *t *n
girt', migration.   It seems to be gen-1 ship and  Mr.  Bal��our  w��� aDDoint/d , ���n^hln. funny tn It^t ^
Balfour  was appointed I
erally   agreed  that  there   Is  not  so  hla successor.    In the next five tur-
much  Bocial life  in  the   cp^try.as  bu,ent >ears Mr- Balfour's reputation
there   waa  a  generation  ago.      The'*8 * -nart*  lea(ler was    flrst    "���������
spelling bees, the Templar meetings,
and sleighing parties, and occasional
dances of the earlier daya have ln
many cases been refined out of existence, and the church socials are not
nearly so useful a means of bringing
the sexes together in the intimacy
that makes for life partnerships.
as a
The  passage of the Crimes act,
thing," the specialist said, "bu* I find
that the patient who ls allow to eat
chicken by picking it up with his fin-
i ..... ,     ...���      ,        ,   ,. ,      f*1,8 is th�� far better able to digest
^^U^^^J!^0^6,^!0!^   his food than Is the invalid  who is
worried by a knife and fork.
"A great deal of decorous formality
in eating makes for bad digestion.
Eat With the fingers like a healthy
savage, and you will digest your food
like the savage���at any rate, for a
time, until the novelty has worn off.
"Probably after the novelty wears
oft the good effect    will    not be    so
benefits of the legislation of 1881, anl
the Land Purchase act, the creation
ot the congested district board, and
the Bteady enforcement of a pollcy of
"coercion" In the teeth, In parliament.
of unremitting attacks from the Nationalist  benches  and,  in  Irelanl,  of
The time for selling Winter Clothes
is growing short. Plenty of time
yet to wear heavy weights, but the
time for selling is not so long. We
prefer money to stock, and are going to make great sacrifices to get
limitless calumny and vituperation,
Political and fiscal change, will not C^'* .n*! "i 'viVw'^ ?*�� ,?l
keep the girls on the farm. The tele- died and"Mr. Balfour succeeded him TJ��� Efti.*0 'T"" 1�� d""Uy h'"'U
Vhotie, with its facilities for arrang- aa fust lord of the SfcSS?S!lS l7ZZL?Z!Z%^l ""*' ^
ing Hocial gatherings; good wide er of thei1'|lll����-i An Irish local gov "The moro like an animal vni nnt
roads that would permit women and ^SSA t^X^S^ ^ "*" "ke ��-3"tfW S ?
*irls to drive about more without dan- IoWing year, but was withdrawn on
ger of being crowded into the ditch the eve of the dissolution of 1SH2.
*y every passing motor car; the mak-   From  that  year  until   18'J5  Mr.  Bal
ing of regular, systematic money al-; fou!" le,d. the Opposition, and on  the
their  own   initiative,   and   the  Intro-  of Commons in Lord Salisbury's third
duction of sanitary conveniences into  administration
.farm buildings would do much to pre-
mentnry system behave itself, ar.d the
better it will be for vour' general
"If  a  man   takes   liis  meat,  in
    (nen. wnose instincts are often  very
sound; love to eat tlieir food hold
in their fingers, and thev are right"
���Philadelphia Times.
vent rural Ontario from becoming a
country of elderly and middle-aged
people, while the cities are swarming with pallid and restless girls who
should be the life and the joy of tho
farms of this fertile Province,
Single Inch of Rainfall In Sixty Days
Means a Mint. ��       i
Most Important Economic Possession
of the Agriculturist.
The most Important possession of
the tiller of the soil in India is doubtless tbe bullock. Its economic value
to the people of India can not ade-
quately be appreciated by the people
of the West, It is to India all that tha
horse Is to Europe, and much more
besides, for the cows also supply
most of the food of the poorer
classes. Doubtless, it was this Immense  economic   importance   of   the
Topeka,   Kan.   Jan.   2.���A   Kansas
tn-dji has bet $20,000 that rain will tail  animal   that   made   it  sacret   to   the
an   Thomas   County,   Kan.,   between   Hlndn race.
March 1 and May 1 of next year. If] The flesh of this animal Is also
the good rain comes, "Jim" Pike will largely used by at least one section
dear up $200,000 next summer, go to. of the Indian people, namely, the Mos-
Enrope, wear patent leather shoes lems, and also by the English people
and a silk hat and "kill it" gpneifclly residing there. Every year the beef
A year ago Flke bet $50,000 that it used hy the British troops alone in
would ralh in his county between India costs the lives of at least 150,-
Lf.heee dates and he lost. If rain had 000 cows. It is the most noteworthy
.-some oa any one.of the sixty days he'feature   that   cows  are  the  animals I
Your druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days. 50c.
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and Oil Plants Ltd.
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Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
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601 Columbia Street.
Clothiers, Hatters and Haberdashers
41 mio
1 '" I       'I       ��
lee 'Hockey Team' Puts It Over Capital
City by Eight Goals to Three
at Victoria..
New Westminster wins ! The flrst
Same of the ice hockey league was
won by the representatives of tbis
city over the Capital City team last
night at the Victoria rink. The New
WesUnlnsterltes put It over their opponents ln no uncertain fashion,
scoring eight goals to their opponents'
' three. \
The following were the players on
each side:
New Westminster���Lebmann, goal;
McLean, Johnson, Hyland, Treherne,
Gardner and Macdonald.
Victoria���Lindsay. Goal; L. Patrick, Smalll, Smith) Dunderdale,
Poulin and Rowe.
Davis Trophy.
Cbrlstcburch, Jan. 2.���America's
last chance to win the Davis International tennis trophy went glimmering today wben Norman E. Brooks
and A. W. Dunlop won the doubles,
defeating Beals C. Wright and
Maurice K. McLaughlin, 6-4, 5-7, 7-3
and 6-4.
Misa tone Hammer ' Has   Attractive
Personality���Takes Holiday In
Land of Midnight 8un.
.  ���     ���
1    yllzfA*** rrtnl
"Seven Days," Mary Robltta Rlne-
hart   and  Avery   Hopwood's   clevev
comedy that relates the adventure of
a dinner party   daring   a week in
quarantine,  will    be   presented ., by,'
Meeera.   Watfenhals   &   Kemper,  at '
the   local   Opera   House   Thursday!
night, under especially att/active con- ���
dltloas.     The company comes from
^^^-^^^^^______m_.,        I the Astor Theatre, New York, and the
Miss Sofle Hammer, the singer I thlrd year for "Seven DayB�� on Broad.
from Norway, blonde and petite, ls to I way It w,n be -g^ven Days," tbe
give a conceit at St. Patrick's hall, leading comedy success of the day,
next Thursday evening. Mlss Ham- wUh tne brillant New York cast and
mer has been In New Westminster 8ttperb Astor Theatre production. To
before, having sung last November | gfgn^me the comedy's third year Iu
under the auspices of the Sons of j New yo'k mi for it8 tour f0|lowlnK
Norway.   This time she will be pre- * **--    ���������-    - ���      ������'
sented by Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, and
will make her appeal fo a wider puo-
lic than on the previous occasion.
Mlss Sofle ls a charming little person, who does not mind prattling
about her life   and   ber    work,���for
the notable Astor Theatre engagement, the cast was carefully chosen
and extra consideration was givca
to stage settings. Tbe flrst setting
for "Seven Days," an Oriental drawing room, ls rich and novel.   The sec-
singing is very hard work-and' bath I 25* J22*I * Wtc58,,> is ��"����!����. while
Mr. Beaton, late honorary secretary
of the Senior Amateur Football association, left this city last night for
Winnipeg. Me was accompanied to
tbe station by a number of his
friends, who saw bim depart with re-
subjects are very much wrapped up
together. She has spent four years
in Berlin, studying under the very
best, teachers. "Ves," she said, "1
have done much hard work. My
teachers? You want to know tbem?
They were Llll Lehmann and Camille
Steinbruck. Four years I was with
them ln Berlin, and then this summer
I took a holiday and went to Norway,
right up in the mountains, where the
midnight sun is. Yes, I went all alone
with a farmer's family. People say
to me, -why do you go all alone ? and
I tell them I am tired of people. I
want to get away and concentrate
myself. And I go and sing to myself and to the mountains, and I'm
so happy tbere."
After this holiday among her own
the third ls a roof garden at night on
a house on Riverside Drive, New
York, overlooking the Hudson and
Jersey Heights beyond. Quite naturally the costuming of "Seven
Days" Is ln keeping with tbe rest,
and women wlll admire the gowns.
They are the latest Paris exportation. These, however, are accessories. The main thing Is the play.
Of "Seven Daya" the dramatic critic
for Vogue wrote:
"For brightness of lines, laugh-
provoking situations and brisk snappy action, New York has ne\er had
a play In any way comparable with
"Seven Days." Indeei, so far as memory serves me, no play has ever been
given In this country with anything
like ita success.   Beside it the othera
-      -    .become  insignificant,   for   what   this
people and In her own land, close to  cpmedv has they mainly lack, and lo
the  natura  that  ��h���  i����o-   wltu  the   the ]agt moraent of the play the fun
Montreal, Jan. 2.���Navigation on
the St. Lawrence river for 1912 was
opened on New Year's Day, In Ideal
weather conditions, considering the
time of the year, when tbe harbor
commissioner's tug Sir Hugh Allen,
with the commissioners, harbor officials nnd guests made a trip down tho
stream and back.
Not since 1878, 34 years ago, has
a New Year's Day cruise on the St.
Lawrence been possible, but the long
continued mild weather in December
has left the river practically clear.
Tacoma.   Wash.,   Jan.   2.���Walking
into a downtown  livery stable a few
minutes after 7 o'ciock last evening,       ^__
a masked man levelled a revolver at persuaded her to sing them, and they
.....   x.r.r.A  _. ilrm.���   Gordon, nlgbt are SUre to prove as popular this side
the nature that she loves
instinct of her race, Mlss Sofle flitted across the sea to New York,
where she sang on several occasions.
AU next summer she will spend ln
New York "coaching" for light opera,
In which sbe will sing next season.
"I like this continent," said the
little lady graciously, "and then my
people live ln Tacoma. Yes, I have
been here on the coast once before,
four years ago for a few weeks, when
my people first came out. What are
the people here like to sing to ? In
the States they are nice, and here
too. They like my folk-songs���you
know I sing them in Norwegian costume,���best, better . tban the best
music. I had goQd success down the
coast, wheie I have been singing���
success and flowers, lots of them."
Miss Hammer will sing some of
those same folk-songs on Thursday
night at 8:30, and also classical music
including German's aria from the
"Merry WJves of Windsor," and
pieces in Italian and English. She
wanted to leave out thesp Scandinavian folk-songs, but Mr. Nelson    has
Dr. H. K. Hop*, D.O.,
Bye Specialist, bean to announce
that be has taken over the New
Westminster branch of the ;
Vancouver Institute ot Optome-!
try, for which until new fee hike
been the local specialist and
Dr. Hop*
trusts that
the many Appreciative patients
of New Westminster   and   district who   ao kindly    assisted ;
bim in establishing his present.,
practice, will continue to dhow |
their good will, by recommending him  to tbeir friends, and
he can assure anyone wbo may
wish     to     consult     him     of
straightfordward    advice    and
conscientious services.
Dr. Hope's Consulting Roomt are at
857 Columbia  Btreet,  Upstairs,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Dally 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and later by appointments.
Plfene 295.
the   head  of  William
stabkuian, and ordered him to throw
up his hands.
Gordon did so. and the robber, on
searching him, found and took 19
cents, then taking to his heels. Tbo
holdup could easily be seen from the
of the line as down south
Miss Hammer will be accompanied
on the piano by Miss Smith, of Tacoma, and Mrs. Nelson will play somo
piano solos during the program.
Judge's House Blown Up.
Tyrone. Ky., Jan. 2.���The home of
Judge   John    Lancaster   was
Scheelite, Topaz and Tin Shew
of Porcupine Fields. i
Toronto, Jon.  2.���A special   fo the I
lab*   from   Soutb foroaplna    says: J
AU W. GILLIS, Manager.
For Three Days Commencing
Thursday, January 4.
The Cornells
Presenting   "The   Darkle   and
the Soubrette."
Eleanor Hatch
Operatic Soprano, late   of   the
"Spring Maid."
Kern and Kent
In a Hodge-Podge of Nonsense.
Nicomen Farm fli Sale
Imrroved form of 50 acres In Nicomen District, with half a mlle
frontage on Fraaer River;  40 acres under cultivation;    good   form
house, bame, etc.   Buildings,gad fences are % good repair, and the
land ls extra productive.
A Bargain at $5,000.00
The Westminster Trust and Stfe
 jit Co.,Ltd.
1.1. JONES, Wgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Sireet New Westminster
The Great Norwegian Soprano
recently of Berlin, win give a' Colleen at
St Patridft Hall, THURS., JAN. 4
Mlse Hammer lir a coining star and every ipuelc Dover should attend
this magnificent concert.
Seven Days" at the opera house
Thursday. January 4.
Dandy Dick
An Original Comedy in 3 Acts, under the direction of B. R. Hill
Will Be Presented By
At the New Westminster Opera
ve just received a ship-
fl     ment of
Polloe        _        .   __ _       	
����d"��j^i "21?  ��*���������.�����  �����*���  t^/otoiSTft^BUli   So^Stai "ifceTf    Ohleaad.   Boston.   Philadelphia
*nl��r?"    I   �� bSEtd t��? SEJTS  *����">����� 5.  ��o��t aofwortfcy  utt-r- 'th��� Mg c|tles have rivalled New York
wiU kirn eatslZ to"*%!��-����* ET?S?  "��<*> ����� **���. potable meeUna ot mitt-   |n   eothiwtaain   over   "Seven   Days,
_. th* cats*** tor blowloa ap the
ttotsss*. A|j. Investigation is twins
made.       B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ine men held
aiueurate th*
the   Canadian
Labor Leaders Obtain Delay.
Los Angeles, Jan. 2,���Olaf    Tvelt-
moe, Anton Johannsen and J. E. Mun-
eey, the labor leaders Indicted by the
federal   grand   jury   last   Saturday,
were .arraigned ln the United State*
district court today and obtained   a
delay until January 12 before entering their pleas.
������7������������������ j
Steamer In Typhoon.
San- Francisco,    Jan. 2.���Reporting ;
an  extremely rough    passage    from j
China.ports during which a typhoon
was   .encountered,     the'   Norwegian'
steamer Jason,  Captain  Nleleon, ar-
rived ln port here    yesterday.    For
nlnt days the Jason  struggled with
the typhoon', during which time four
sailors were Injured.   Billows 40 feet
high Swept the decks ot the vessel
and damaged the upper works.
heie last nl��at to In-  ^ich everywhere' and' by everybody
S   !!,..S!i   .�� 1lB dec,�����d the best comedy seen ln
m,.*  i���  .11  ii.ifi����Lf �����"   S������nT!! itbl* <*>��Mry.   Amy Leslie in the Chl-
god-bearing    veins     carrying   their  audlenoe  ,nto w  hysterics."      Ths
values,  were of deep seated  orlgliJ BoeU)n Golbe ��%.    .fIt , f   ^
and woul^ go down several thousand . mogt amU8,ng comedIeB thatecan be
��� .        .     . .1 Imagined." while the Philadelphia In-
Burroughs, who has made * qulrer declared, -it has mirth enough
at 8:30 p.m.
   Work on 6. T.   _
The following construction work on
A. O.
more thorough investigation of Porcupine areas geographically than probably any other man, produced a piece
of scheelite rock containing tungsten
ore, which he had found in the Jupiter mine, in close proximity to one
of .'the richest pay streaks. He
pointed out that, as it waa worth
|375 per ton. It would be of great
economic Importance lt they found'tt
In quantities, as a considerable quantity of scheelite was to be found on
the Jupiter dump, and tt might easily
occur in quantity at other mines, as
lt could be easily be taken for barite.
It land other minerals, like topaz,
and indications of tin, pointed to the
Ldeep) seated character of the" Porau-
f pine gold flelds.
*   J.'B. Tyrrell was still more empha-
been under way since January, 1911,
to stock half a dozen comedies.'
Campaign Opened
(Continued from page' one)
*11��3    lUIIUWIllg    IUIIOU ULL1U11      RUIAUU   I  4.        *���.��-���   4.^   oU -    ��Jh,.-nM,aA.   ��#   **v        Da,.
the .Grand Trunk Hallway system. h^J^Li*** Sf^L? *? ?��J*
cupfiie" veins.
        He pointed out that
id    waj    nmuu   jnuutsiy,   suss..**..,-      _u-        * t     ...-   ...   i    _   a ,   *	
and wlll be completed by the end of 1 "*��''*'��� b",c to, the,r nature1. rlk*hj
'     " on  the  surface,  since so much  had
! been eroded already, and therefore
] the difference ln depth of these veins
would not, ln all probability, very
greatly influence the gold-bearing
contents. It seemed to him that that
was a very important point. He had
looked with considerable confidence
for the extension of the Porcupine
veins to depth, and later developments in the camp had only accentuated that opinion.
Dr. Prank Adams, president of the
institute, presided at the meeting. A
special car brought about a Bcore of
Toronto engineers, and there were
over thirty Cobalt representatives.
Another subject of discussion Was
the employer's liability act, following
a letter from the Toronto branch
urging that the English act be adopted.
this weeH
Overhead Bridges at Brighton, Os-
hawa, Scarboro, Oroveton, Grimsby,
Mallo-ytown and Palmerton, Ont.
Subways���Bast Brighton, Vt., Pow-
nai and Cobourg, Ont.
New ��� Stations���N( v' freight sheds
have been constructed at Cobourg,
Paris Junction, Glencoe and How-
manvil'e, OU., and West Detroit,
Mich., also a fruit shed at Detroit, I
Mich,   j �� ���
New Stations���Wyebrldgeburg, Guelph,  Manilla Junction,  Brule Lake, 1
Thorndale,      Wyebridge,    Hepworth, \
Maxville, Dublin, Ont,, and Beloelte j
Chaudiere   Junction    and    Beauhar-
noisa, Que.    A large engine roundhouse his been erected at Tiffin, Ont.
Coal shoots Have been built at Ottawa,
Ont, and Elsden, 111.      Y, M. C. A.
buildings have  been  constructed  at
Port Huron, Mich., and Elsdon 111.
The only addition to mileage of tbe
Grand Trunk Railway proper haa
been the building of the cut-off between Tay and Birch, Ont., about
nine miles, shortening the haul between Midland and Toronto.
  ������      \ ���
Turkish Ministry.
Constantinople, Jan. 2.���Said Pasha
the grand vizier, has not yet been
able to form a new ministry to take
the place of the one which resigned
last Saturday.    A dissolution ot tho
_"j_. ''���'"������
Hydro-Electric Power In Ontario. .
London, Ont., Jan. 2.���As a result
ot the hydro-eleetrlc power by-law
carried yesterday, Hon. Adam Bech
announces that thirty million dollars
will be spent during the next two
years, and 1 rfem established that
will be complete from Sarnia to
Cornwall and Ottawa
Flre In Ontario Asylum.  ..
Toronto, Jan. 2.���Late tonight fire
broke out ln the   city   asylum,   the
largest Institution of its'kind ln On
be paid enough   to enable   them   to
build up homes in the city.
Alderman Dodd.
With the exception of Alderman
Dodd, who recapitulated the Important events of last year's history as
he did at Eagles hall recently, thla
concluded the list of aldermanic candidates.
School Trustees.
Mr. D. Grant, candidate for the
school board on the labor ticket, was
accordingly called upon to state his
views. Mr. Grant pointed out that
although the school board was sadly
hampered by the legislation under
which lt worked, yet lt performed a
most important function. The children were, after all, more Important
than the men, and it waa they that
the trustees bad in charge. He himself believed in a broad education,
"in an education that wlll teach the
child to think, that will make him
independent. In the past they have
thought too much of the higher education of the few, and neglected the
elementary education of the many.'
Teachers, he said, should be well
oaid, as being men and women to
whom one entrusted one's dhlldren at
the most lmpreeelonable time of life,
and the children ahould he brought
up to be workers. With regard to
that aum of $78,000 for a High school
site, he looked at It in this w^. A
higher educational estab
ahould be removed as fair as.
from the noisy centre of the
there were mapy avallahle dlL_	
able for the purpose to be hid tor
much   less   money   than   tbe   sum
.  Other speakers followed, including
Trustee   Stoney,   Mr;   Hoirg   having
taken the chair owing to Mr. Garrett
having to leave to go down town.
All klnde of Watches Repaired. WorK
Andrew Clausen
541  Front SL
Near the Market
Brush and Comb Sets
Shavtag Sets
Ebony Goods
Ukther Goods ~
Brass Goods
Sterling Silver Goods
A New Lumber Yard
COMB TO vb;'i!pVn '-'t '���'������'
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   ftnd   Shingles
T- !>ifT        <>?���'.'    ��������� w
PHONE SO*. (Old Glass Weirks FfcjflflSfo.,,, .��� SAPPCWTOM.
chamber and a new selection of depu- tarlo.   There are 1400 Inmates, all of
ties is regarded as Inevitable. whom got out ln safety.
Tour dreggist will refund money lf
PAZ�� OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Pile* in f to 14 days.   50c.
If you have not seen our assortment you have not teen the:
C. S.  DAVIES, Proprietor.
SS Sixth Street.
Phene 40.
'Hl��l   ano'ti*'   -*���'���-
SeaU Now On Sale at the
$1.50, |1;00, 75c aAd
>.   Prices:
inS iW
It Pays to Advertise in th�� Daily Newa ^enr - 	
fags aa
"Public Schools By-law 1SU."
By-Law No.
on the day of A. D. 191
Heconsldered and finally passed In
Open Council the day of
A. D. 191
A  By-Law  to  enable the Council  of
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to  raise by loan    the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand Dollars  ($97,000.00)   for the  purchaae
of  a  alto  and   the  erection    of a
Public School  In the West End of
th* city at a coat of Sixty-six Thousand   Dollars _i����6,000.00)   ana  for
payment  ut  tho    'balance     for  the
Fitv  of the Sixth    Avenue    School
Twelve  Thousand    Two     Hummed
end Twenty    Dollars    ($13,220.00)
and for payment of the balance of
tho   cost    of     the    Queensborough
School Two Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Dollars I$2380.00)
and for the completion of the Sapperton    School    Sixteen    Thousand
.Four Hundred Dollars ($16,400.00).
Whereas it is necessary to provide
a site and erect a Public School thereon In the West End of the city and to
pay the balance iliie for the elte of the
Sixth  Avenue School and   balance  of
tho cost of the Queensborough School
and to complete the Sapperton School,
ancl it will be necessary to raise    the
aum of Ninety-seven Thousand l>ollaTS
($97,000.00)   for  the (purposes aforesaid.
And whereaa lt appears that if the
aaid sum of $97.0*0.00 be appropriated
from the general revenue of the city
for the current year the rate >of taxation will ibe excessive, and It is expc-
" dlent that such excessive taxation
should 'b^ avoided and the said' sum
should be raised on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
should be Issued for thut amount.
And whereas for tne payment ot
Interest on the debentures proposed to
be Issued under this fty-law and for
creating a sinking fund for the payment of the sold debentures when due
1t wlll be necessary to raise by special
rate ln addition to all other rates each
year during the currency of the said
debentures the sum of Five Thousand
and Twenty-four and 95-M>0 Dollars
And whereas in order to raise the
said yearly sum of $522 4.95 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the city of N'ew Westminster.
And whereas tho whole raiteable
property of the said city according to
tho last revised assessment roll thereof ls Nine Million Five Hundred and
Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred
Two Hundred and Twenty-four and
95-100  Dollars  ($5224.95).
And whereas the total amount of the
existing debenture debt of the said
city is Two Million One Hundred and
Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) irrespective of the
sum of Four Hundred and Forty-two
Thousand Dollars ($442,000.00) proposed to ibe raised under this by-law
and the ���'botfl By-Law 1911." "High
School Site By-Law 1911." nnd "High
School Building By-Law Hll," of
Whloh hone of the principal Ot Interest
is in arrears.
Now UuTi,!\ire the Municipal Coun*
CHMr   ot
City Olerk.
Take notice thnt the above la a true
copy of 'the proposed by-law upon
which the vote ot the .-lectors will be
taken on the Hth day of January,
1912. between l'he hours of nirie
oVlo'ck a. pi. and' seven o'clock p. an. nt
the following places:
. St. George's Hall, corner of Clattapn
and Church streets.
No. 4 Fire H.tll, Saipperton,    and
No. 5 Flre Hall. Thirteenth Street.
,~> .City Clerk.
City Halt, Dec 31, 1911.
thne aa required by the City Treasurer to the several persons to whom
mo��eys are payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect
on the final passing thereof.
8. Thia By-law before the final 'passing thereof shall receive the assent of
the electors of the seid city ln the
manner required by law.
9. This By-law may be cited as
"Loan Uv-Law 1911."
Received the assont of the electors
on the day of A.D., 191
Reconsidered and finally passed ln
open Councll the day of
A. D. 191
City Clerk.
Try The
Taste Test
'Loan By-Law 1011."
(By-Law No. )
_^W��aAl����*l    est,
l\e saAd city Xo ra\se t>y
* way ot io����\ nIT\^J
ions,  body ori SUe'Ry-
 ,��. _     ...ml���       lt,ii'aiT.o
A By-Law to enaible the Council of
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise the sum of One
Hundred and Sixty-five Thousand
Dollars ($165,000.00) for the
purpose of paying the over-draft
covering a number of years and
now existing lfi the accounts of the
Whereas It is necessary to ralae the
sum of $165,000,00 for the purpose of
paying the ov*r-draft covering a number of years and now existing ln the
accounts of the city.
And whereas it appears that If the
.-aid sum of $165,000.00 be appropriated from the general revenue of the
city for the current year the rate of
taxation will be excessive, and It Is
expedient that such excessive taxation should be avoided, and the said
sum should be raised on the credit
of the Corporation and that debentures should ibe issued for that
And whereas for the 'payment of
Interest on the debentures proposed
to be Issued under this by-law and
for creating a sinking fund for the
payment of the ��ald debentures when
due it will.be necessary lo raise by
special rate in addition to all other
rates ea.'-h year during the currency
of the said debentures the sum of
Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and
Eighty-seven and 80-100 Dollars ($8,-
And whereas in order to raise the
said yearly sum of $"88X7.80 an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the 'whole rateable property of the City of New
And whereas the whole rateable
property of the said City according
to the Jast revised assessment roll
thereof ls Nine Million Five Hundred
and Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred ana Thirty-two Dollars ($9,592,-
Aad whereas tfr.eF total  amount of
the   existing   debenture   debt  of   the
said city Is Two Million One Hundred
and   Fifteen  Thousand    Three  Hun- j
dred Dollars ($2,115,300.00) irrespec-i
Uve at t>V\a sum ot b'uur Hundred aod 1
Take notice that the above ls a
truo copy of the proposed by-law
ni>on which the vote of the electors
will be taken on the Hth day of
January, 1912, 'between the hours of
nine o'clock a. m. and seven o'clock
p. m. at the following places:
St. George's Hall, corner of Clarkson and Church Streets.
No. 4 Flr�� Hall, Sapperton, and
No.  5 Flre Hall, Thirteenth Street.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Dec. 29, 1911.
A  Resourceful Legislator.
"It ��1U be Impossible for ns to transact any publlc business tonight," uld
the president of tbe city council, "because of the lack of a quorum."
"Mr. Chairman," said the new member, arising quickly, "I have been elected on a pledge to my constituency that
I shall work untiringly and unceasingly for the upbuilding and uplifting of
our city, and I now and here move
that a committee be appointed to consider the immediate purchase of as
good a quorum as the market affords
and that the committee be instructed
to secure the quorum and have lt properly installed by the next meeting
night And furthermore," be sold, with
a fine patriotic touch, "let us obtain a
good American quorum nnd not one
Of those ancient Roman things!"
wm ��� ��$%
In the Swim.
A serious accident happened at tbe
supper table Somebody���It's always
"somebody" wbo ta to blame���upset a
pitcher of water orer the cloth. There
was a general scampering and a calling for somebody to remedy the mis-!
"How could you be so careless,
Tom?" cried Freddie indignantly.
"Nerer mind, my boy." replied Tom.
tn his airy way. "It's all right We're
��U in tbe swim now."   .,,**���������;���.*- ���
 :���i _jrt '
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the judge and decide which you like the best. Mooney Biscuits have
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Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
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from any person or 'person
bodies corporate who may be willing
to advance Lhe same on the credit of
the debentures hereinafter mentioned
any su.ni or ttiima of -money not exceeding in 'the whole the sum of Ninety-seven Thousand Dollars ($97,000.-
00) and to cause the same to be. paid
into tho Treasury of the said city fir
the purposes mentioned herein.
2.    It ahall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
t>e  made not exceeding in  the  whole
the wm  of  $97,000.80  for such sums
of money as may be required not less
than $100.00 eaoh or an equivalent expressed in pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Groat Britain and Ireland at a value of 4.8C0 to the pound
sterling;   and all such debentures ahall
bo sealed with the seal of the I'.'urpora-
tlon, signed  by the Mayor and countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, or
t>y  auch   other iperson   or  persons  as
���may bu thereunto lawfully authorized.
3.    The said    debentures shall      be
payable  on  the flrat  day  of January,
1962, at such iplace or places as the
Council of the said Corporation may
from   time  to  time  appoint  wiih   the
approval  of  the holders thereof  and
shall bear interest at tbe rate of four
and one-half per centum  per annum
payable hair yearly on the first Bay of
January  ami   the first  flay  of July in
each   and   every .year  and   the  debentures shall have attached to them coupons for    the    payment     of interest.
which sdd coupons shall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar shall
t)e levied nnd raised In each year in
addition   t"  Bl!  other  rates  on  all  the
rateable property of the city sufficient
to pay the interest upon thi debentures
and to create a Sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any Act or enactment
respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
he raised annually hy special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
eald debentures the sum of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty-fiw
Dollars (M3G5.00) for the payment o1'
Interest thereon and the sum of Ki<?bt
Hundred and Fifty-nine and 95-100
Dollara ($859.95) to provido for the
repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as follows and not otherwise: Towards paying the cost of the passing of this bylaw and the issue and sale of the debentures therein referred to and all
expenses connected with the issuance
of the said loan, and the ba tance Khali
befl lid over from time tc time as re-
qutrcd by thc City Treasurer to the
several persons to whom moneys are
7. This- by-Iaiw shall take effect
on the final passing thereof.
S. Thla By-law before, tbe final
, �� l�� j 'hereof shall receive the asset'. ... the electors of the said city
hi .tie rnaniier required by law.
9.    This By-1 iw may be eftivd as the
VFuMic Schools By-law1 1911."
.   .Received the assent of the electors
X.8.W      l��tl,"       ���'��\kV>
lluilding By-Law 1911," and thc
"Public Schools By-LftW 1911," of
which none of the principal or interest is in arrears.
Now,     therefore,     the     Municipal
Council   of   thp   Corporation   of   the
City   of  Xew  Westminster  enacts  as
1. It sihall be lawful for the Mayor
*t the said city to raise by way of
loan from nny peraon or persons,
body or bodies corporate who may be
willing to advance the same on tbe
' redit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned any sum or sums of money
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of (SlGn,0(0.00 and to cause the same
to be paid into the treasury of the
said city for the purposes mentioned
2. lt shall be 'lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to Ive made not exceeding in the
whole the sum of $166,000.00 for
.TUch sums of money as may be required not les>s than $100.00 each or
an equivalent expressed In pounds
sterling of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland at a value
or 4.86B to the pound Sterling; and
all such debentures shall lie sealed
with the S-'fcal of the Corporation,
Blgned by the Mayor and countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, i.*r
by such other person or persons as
may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
8, The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January,
1!'fi ��� at surh plaice or places as the
Connell of the said Corporation may
rrom time to time appoint wilh the
approval of th, holders there if and
shall boar Interest at the rate of
four and one-half per centum per
annum payable half-yearly mi thp
first day of January and the first day
of July in each and every year, and
the debentures shall have attached to
them 'coupons for the payment of.interest, which said coupons shall" be
signed by the said  Mayor,
4. A special rate nn the dollar
shall be levied and raised in each
year in addition to nil other rates
on all the rateable property of the
City sufficient to pay tbe interest
upon the debentures and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
principal thereof when due, subject
to any act or enactment respecting
the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by s;,Pcjai rati*, as
aforesaid during the currency of t'.ie
said debeutures the sum of Snven
Thousand Pour Hundred flnd Twenty-
five Dollars C$74fB,0S) for the payment of Interesl .hereon and the sum
of One Thousand Four Hundre 1 and
Sixty-two Dollars and Eighty Cents
($1162.SO) to provide ror Die repayment of the principal.
6. Tbe proceeds or the sale of thn
���said debentures shal] be applied as
follows a.nd not otherwise: T iwar.ls
paying the cost or the passing of tl,j.
by-law and the issue nnd sale of th?
flehenturrs therein referred to and
ur" expenses connected with the is--o-
ance of the satd loan, and the balance shall be paid over front time to
vratu I ��UM it. but mayba It didn't
trnto*. loo feiiow m* vaccination didn't
. **�� ��*a* Una.
^' A Cat* of  Diaballaf.
Bill���Tou look bad. Jim. Been laid
up? Jim���Today's the flrst time out
of doors for three mouths. Bill���
What wis the matter with yon? Jim���
Nothln', but tbe magistrate would not
believe It���London Telegraph.
The Easy Part.
The doctor says you must stop eating    meat    and    drinking    whisky."
"Well." replied the major, "meat nerer did agree wltb me."
The best farming lands ln Siberia
are those nearest to China.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness oi
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.      Made    by    a    perfect    mechanical
process,   they   are   unequaled   for   delicacy   of
flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Scene in "Seven Days," at the Opera House, Thursday, January 4. w
By-Law No....
X By-law to authorize the Corporation of the District of Burnaby to
enter into and execute an agreement
with the Bui rard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company for the purchase of
shares In the capital stock of t>aid
The Municipal Council of the Cor
lioratlon of the district of Burnaby
���outlets :ib follows:
1. Authority Is heieby given to the
Keeve and Clerk of the corporation
to sign on behalf of the Corporation
and to seal with tho corporate seal
an Indenture of agreement between
tho llurrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
-Company of tlie one part and the Corporation 'of tlie other part in the
terms of tho Bchedule appended to
tbls '.By-law, und authority is hereby
.given to the Corporation to enter into and agree to all the provisions of
*ald agieeinent.
2. This By-law may be cited as
"The Biiriard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company Aid  Bylaw, lull."
;t. Tnis By-law shnll come into
operation on the date of Its receiving the assent of tbc Lieiitcnantduv-
���ernor ill-Council by order In council
to that effect
Council the Eighteenth day of Decern
ber, 181L
RECEIVED tbe assent of the electors on thc day   of ���.
passed the   day of  .
.THIS INDENTURE dined tbi; ���day
of ���L���. in tlie year ot our Lord, one
thousand  nine hundred and ���.
Incorporated as a Railwaj com-
pany by u charter of the Parliament ot Canada, hereinafter referred to as the "Company'
Of the ONE PART,
DISTRICT OP Hl.UNABY, hereinafter referred to as Otf "Corporation"
of the OTHER  TAUT,
WHEREAS the Company hns been
lncorpated later alia lor the purpose
cf undertaking tlie erection of a JOlnt
traffic and railway bridge BCtOBS tbe
Second Narrows ol' nun ard Inlet
from a l'oim in tfie Municipality of
Burnabv and Hastings Townsite.lo a
point in the 'District ol Norm Vancouver and the cons: ruction o". suitable railway works to give connection
vith railway systems on the South
aore and for thu opening up and de-
lopment of the North Shore or Bur-
rd inlet.
i'AS'.i WHEREAS ��� the whole, of
Id works arc so sltuaUd us lo bo
great valuo to tlie Municipality at
iurnuby and the coriioruUon has
red to aid tho said Company bv
subscribing for I'ne hundred (500)
abates Of one bundled dollars
<$100.0ti> each In the capital stock of
snld Company.
AND WHEREAS tho price fr,value
of 6a"id shares is fifty thousand dollars ($50,000,00), theieforc the Company hereby agrees to sell to tbe
Corporation and tlie Corporation
Agrees to pmohase of and fiom the
Company live hundred (��110) ahaies
���of one hundrecd dollars t?iun.0u) eac.i
of the cai-ital stock of the Company
at and for the said price of fifty
thousand dollars ($50,000.00) subject
always to the terms of the Act of Incorporation of the Company nnd to
tihe following conditions, namely:
1. The said price shall be due and
payable to the Company within two
(2) months from the date of the us-
Kent of Hie Lleutenant-Qovernor-in-
Council to Jthe By-law uuthoi izing
the execution of this agreement and
upon payment of the said price un'i
.in exchange therefor the Company
shall issue and make delivery to the
.Corporation of the share certificates
for said shares ln the capital stock
in valid form.
2. In respect of the said Corporation lidding the said shares in the
capital stock of the Company and
while tlie same are so held the Reeve
cf tho Corporation shall be and act
;as one of the directors of the Com-
:i. The Company agrees within
ten (10) months of the date of the
assent of the Lieutenant-Governor-
In-Councll as aforesaid to commence
and proceed with the work of the
���construction of the said hridge and
to have duly completed and ready for
traffic the said bridge and at least
rour tt) miles of connecting tall ways
before the lapse of three (8) years
lrom tlie (Me of the sold assent of
the   l.tcutenant-Governor-in-Council.
4." Aa regards the Corporation tills
agreement is provisional on the assent being had of the electors of the
District, and the passing of the Loan
By-law to provide the funds and also
-on this agreement receiving the assent of the Lleutenant-Qovernor-ln-
Councll and failing any of these
events then this agreement shall be
Ipso facto null and void.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Company    and    the    Corporation    have
caused    tbeir    respective    corporate
teals to be hereunto affixed.
The corporate seal  of the
Burrard   Inlet  Tunnel  atod (SEAL)
Bridge Company was hereto affixed In the presence of
Tho corporate seal of the
Corporation of tho District
of Uurnaby was hereto af- (SEAL)
fixed In   the  presence  of:
Tako Notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law upon which tbe vote of the Municipality
will bo taken on Saturday, the 13th
day of January, 1912. betwean 9
o'clock a. ra. until 7 o'clock p. m., at
tho polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.' INLET TUNNEL  &   BRIDGE   COM-1 purpose of  forming  a sinking  fund
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burqult- j PANY LOAN BY-LAW 1912." i for the pavment of the said   deben-' 	
lam. i    Done and PA88ED In Open Councll  tures end the sum of Two Thousand,   Ro Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm. the Eighteenth day of December, A. I Tjro Hundred and Fifty dollars ($2,-  and 3 of Lot 85, Group 1, New Wert-
Barnet Hall, Barnet. D. 1911. 250.00) for the payment of the Inter-   minster District.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-      RECEIVED the assent of the Elec- ��� est at the rate aforesaid, the said spe-      Whereas proof of the loss of Cer-
aby. I tors at an Election for the purpose on j cial rate to be ln addition to all other  tiflcate of Title Number 19,IF. issued
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.    I the    day   of     A   D ; rates  to  be levied  and collected  In   In  the  name of The Corporation of
Lakemere School, Duthie. 1191���. j the sail Municipality during tbe cur-   the   Distiict  of   Burnaby,   has   been
Public Notice is hereby given that      RECONSIDERED and finally adopt-   rency of the eald debentures or any < filed In this office,
the vote of the Electors of the Dls-  ed by  the   Council,  signed    by   the ! of them. Notice is hereby given that I shall,
tilct of Burnaby will be taken on the   Reeve and Clerk and Keale.l with the'    3.   This By-law shall take effect on  at the expiration of one month from
above-mentioned  By-law at  the time  Corporate Seal on   the   day   of   and after the Eghtecnth day of Jan-, the date of the first publication here-
and' place above mentioned, and that   , A. D. 191���. j uary A. D. 1912. > of, ln a daily newspaper published lu
A. G. Moore has been appointed Re-1 CMC. reeve,     i     4.   This By-law mav be cited for all! tbe City of New Westminster.   Issue
turning Officer to take the vote of I Take Notice that the above is a' purposes as the "BURNABY SIDE- a duplicate of the satd Certificate, un-
Riicb electors with the usual powers true copy of the proposed by-law upon ; WALKS EXTENSION BY-LAW 1912" less ta the meantime valid objection
In that behalf. j which  tho  vote of  tlte,  .Municipality:     done    AND    PASSED    In    Open  f mad�� to me In writing.
BY ORDER OF THE COUNCIL. > will  be  taken on  Saturday the  13th   council the Eleventh day   of Decern-, C. S. KEITH.
J. W. WE\RT, Reeve. iday   of   January,   191*,    between    9": ber A. D. 1911. District Registrar of Titles.
o'clock   p.   m. J     RECEIVED the assent of the Elec-      Land   Registry   Office,   New West-
tors at an election for the purpose on   minster, B. C, Dec, 21, 1911.
the ��� day of ��� A ,D. 1912.. -
W.  GRIFFITHS, clerk.
Edmonds. B. 0. De* 20, 1911.
By-Law No....
', o'clock   a.   in.   until
! at the polling places:
ij     Municipal  Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,   Central   Park.
Mr. ToKlns's Office. East Buinaby.
Hamilton     Road    School,   Burqult-
 ^^      j lam.
nn^nnnnn] Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
,.l     Burnet   Hall, Barnet.
A  By-law to enable the Corpoiatlon , j      ,,cr(J,8 0ff,      Nonh Burn.
of  the \\\\\\\\\\\\WWWWWW\*^*^*%^^^^^^m*
by  way of loan the sum of  Fifty i     '���
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt-;
cil by the    Council,    Signed by    the      ^^^^^^^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_
rZZ& 2&-*nifti^ "21*5 NW Westminster Land District, Dls-
to. ioi ate beal all on the - day of, ,     of New We,tmln,ter.
 ,   A.   I).   1U1J. nBBn
Mr. Mchr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice ls heieby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
ahove-mentloned  by-law  at  the  lime
Thousand  Dollars    ($5(1,000.00)    to
purchaae stock in the Burrard Inlet
'runnel and Bridge Company,
WHEREAS a petition dated us to
eacli signature and Signed by the owners  of moie  tlianone half of the real        . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
property ln the District or Burnaby *��*���pI��a !i *ve ,nen,,oned-,aml tliat
as shown by  Hie  last revised assess-  f <*���  Mo"r.�� ,laa been, "I'l'Ointed   Re-
menl  rol] has been presented to the  tu���ln'>  0fflo��r   �� *���*��� ,he ��*" of
Council of the said District  request-1 Buch plec,0,B. "���� the usual powers
ing Ihem to introduce and puss a by-,
law to authorise them to borrow the,
sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,-!
(uiii.oo)   to be expended  In  the  pur-]
chase of stock or sbaics in The Bur
nnnnM C.M.C.   Reeve. Take notice tbat I. Walter S. Rose,
I     Take   Notice  that  the  above  is  a   of  New  Westminster,  B. C, occupa-
1 true copy of the proposed by-law up-1 tlon broker, Intend to apply for per-
on which the tote of the Municipality I mission   to   lease   the   following   ae-
wlll be taken on Saturday, the  13th i scribed land ���,������.���,. nno
day   cf    .lanuarv    1912.   between    91    Commencing at a post planted one
o'clock a. m. .mill 7 o'clock p. m. at I and a half miles from Lillooet river
iard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company Incorporated by Act of Parliament   of Canada.
AND WHEREA8 it Is necessary to
raise tlie money required to defray
the above expenditure upon tbe credit
of the Municipality. j
AND WHEREAS It will be neces-j
Bary to laise nnnually by special rato
the sum of Five Hundied and Twen-
t* six dollars and Seventeen cents
19526.17) principal and the sum of
��� wo Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty  dollars   ($2,250.00)
00 for th ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
building additional sidewalks within the Limits of the Municipality.
WHEREAS it Is neccsBaiy and ex-
interest mak-1 pedlont that the Council of tlie said
ng together a total amount annually I Corporation be authorised to borrow
o iv.o Thousand, Seven Hundred [the sum of Fifty Thousand <$5o,-
aild Seventy-Six dollars and Seven- j 000.00) dollars to provide for the con-
toen cents (I2.776.1TJ for the term struction of additional sidewalks v/itii-
pf forty years for the re-payment of In the limits' of ths Municipality.
Lhe said loan and interest thereon a* AND WHEREAS it is necessary to
Ih m inafter mentioned. 'raise the moneys required to defray
AND WilKKKAS the net value of the above expenditure upon the cred-
the whole rateable land in the Mu-jlt of the Municipality,
nicipality according to the last revis-1 AND WHEREAS it will be neces-
i I assessment roll amounts tu Elgh-; sary to raise annually by special rate
ii -ii Millions, Five Hundred and the sum of Two Thousand I'Hir Ilun-
I Ainty Thousand, Four Hundred and died and Ninety-seven dollars and
!'ou i<en  ($18,620:414)  dollars. | Five  cents   (12,497.06)   principal  and
AND WHEREAS the lotal existing the sum of Two Thousand. Two Hun-
d i ben Lure debt of the Municipality is dred and Fifty ($2,260.00) I )!i��rs in-
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight terest making together a tot:-' amount
Thousand, Kite Hundred dollars, annually of Four Thousand, Seven
($l,2u8,6U0) exclusive of local im- Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and
provement debts secured by Special Five cents ($4,747.05) for (be term
rates or assessments of which non.' of fifteen years for the repayment of
of lhe iiriacipal or interest Is In ar- the said loan ar.d lute-rein t^e.Kjon.
rears ���  -' \*�� ***t****t*ttatU* naomi^n**.; ,'"      ,\
AND WHJflRBAS to provide tor the\ AND WHKRKA8 Hid net value of
payment ot interest and th-e creation the whole ratable lan.l in the Munici
or a sinking fund for the payment pallty according to the last revised
Of the said principal sum cf $50,000.00 ' assessment roll amounts to Eighteen
it will be necessary to levy a special i Million, Five Hundred and Twenty
annual rate sufficient to raise.the sum I Thousand. Four Hundred and Four-
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred teen ($18,620,414.00) dollars,
and Seventy-six dollars -and- Seven; AND WHEREAS the total existing
teen cents ($2,776.17) the amount to debenture debt of the Municipality is
be calculated annually on the whole One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
of tlie rateable land comprised with- Thousand Five Hundre .1 ($1,208,600.-
in tbe Municipality. j 00)    dollars,  exclusive    of   local   im-
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal provemer.t debts secured by special
Count il of tho Corporation of the I rates or assessments of which none
District of Burnaby enacts as fol- of the principal or interest is "in ar-
lows: ; rears.
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve; AND WHEREAS to provide for the
and Clerk of the Council for the pur-! payment of interest and the creation J
noses aforesaid to borrow or raise by of a sinking fund for the payment of'
way of loan from any person or body the said principal sum of $50,000.00 it
or bodies corporate who may be will- ] will be necessary to levy a special an-
ing to advance the same upon the nual rate sufficient to raise the sum
credit of the debentures hereinafter ��� of Four Thousand. Peven Hundred
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,-! and Forty-seven dollars and Five
000.00 and to cause the same to be cents ($4,747.05) the amount to be cal-
placed In the ^toyal Bank of Canada dilated annually on the whole of tho
at the City cf New Westminster, Brit- rateable land comprised within the
ish   Columbia,  to  the  credit   of  the j Municipality.
said Corporation for. the purposes and I NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
with the objects above set forth and Council of the Corporation of the Dls-
to Issue any number of debentures of trlct of Burnaby enacts as follows:
the said Corporation to the sum of j 1. It shall be lawful for the Reove
$50,000.00 ln the whole in accordance and Clerk of the Council for the pur-
with the "Municipal Clauses Act" j poses aforesaid to borrow or raise by
AND the said dehentures shall be is- way of loan from any person or body
sued to consist of 10^ debentuies, each or bodies corporate who may be will-
of the denomination of one hundred ing to advance the same upon the
pounds Sterling (��100) und one de- credit of the debentures hereinafter
benture of the amount of ��73-19-6(1. | mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,-,
being the Sterling equivalent of $50,- 000.00 and to cause the same to be
000.00 at the rate of $4.S6% to the placed in the Royal Bank of Canada
one pound Sterling, each debenture at the City of New Westminster, Brit-
being a'so expressed to be payable lsh Columbia, to the credit of tha said
in Canadian Cui rency computed at Corporation for the ptirpeses anl with
such rate, and such debentuies shall jthe objects above set forth and to is
have annexed thereto coupons ex- sue any number or debentures of the
pressed both iu Sterling and Currency ^ said corporation to tho sura of $no.-
for the Interest thei eon ut the rate 000,000 In the whole in accordance
of four und one-half (4^) per een-, with the "Municlral Clauses Act." And
turn per annum payable half-yearly on ' the suld Debentures shall be Issued
the oOth day ot June uud the a 1st., to consist of 102 debentures each of
day of December In oach year. AND'the denomination of One Hundred
each Sterling debenutres shall be de- Pounds Sterling (��100) and one delivered to the purchasers of the said | benture of tbe amount of ��S"-19-ti(i.
debentures, and both as to principal being the Sterling equivalent of $50.-
ond interest shnll be payable at the 000.00 at the rate cf M.fiflfe to tht>
office of the Bauk of Montreal In one pound Sterling, each debenture
London, England, or In Toronto, Mon- ] being also expressed to be payable
treal or in Vancouver, Canada, or in : in Canadian currency computed at
New York, at holder's option. AND ��� such rate and such debentures shall
the principal ot the said debentures: have annexed thereto coupons ex-
shall be payable on the Thirty-first! pressed both in Sterling and Currency
dny of December, A. D. 1951. j for the interest thereon at the rate
2. There sball be raised and levied iof four and one-half i4V4) per cen-
annually by a special rate sufficient turn per annum payable half-yearly on
therefor on all rateable land within j the 30th day of June and the 31st
the Limits of the said Municipality I day of December in each year. And
the sum ot Five Hundred and Twenty- such Sterling debentures shall be de-
six dollars and Seventeen cents llvered to the purchasers ot the said
($526.17) for the purpose of forming! debentures, and both as to principal
a sinking fund tor the payment of the and Interest shall be payable at tbe
said dehentures and the sum of Two Office of the Bank of Montreal in
Thousand. Two Hundred and Fifty \ London, England, or in Toronto. Mon-
dollars ($2,250.00) for the payment of treal or in Vancouver, Canada, or in
the Interest at the rate aforesaid, the New York at holder's option. And
said special rate to be in addition to' the principal ot tbe said debentures
all other rates to be levied and col- shall be payable on the Thirty-first
lei ted in ihe said Municipality during day of December. A.D. 1926.
the curiency of the said debentures | 2. There shall be raised and lev-
or any of them. led annually by a special rate suffl-
3. This by-'ew shall take effect on clent therefor on all rateable land
and after the Eighteenth day of Jan- within the limits of tbe said Munici-
uary, A. D. 1912. pallty  the sum of  Two   Thousand
the polling places: ^_^^^^^^^
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall,   Central   Park.
Mr. Topnlng's Office, East Burnaby.]
Hamilton    Road    School,   Burquit-1
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet  Hull,  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-,
Mr. Mchr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere Scliool, Duthie.
Public  Notice is hereby given that I
the vole of the  Electors of the Dis- j
trlct of Burnaby wlll be taken on the
above-mentioned   by-law   at  the  1imej
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _ and plac? above mentioned, nnd that!
A By-law to enable the Corporation' A. G. Moorp has been appointed  Re-
of the District of Burnaby to raise I turninc- Officer to  take tbe  vote   of!
by way of loan the sum of $50,000,-  auch electors, with the usual powers
In that behalf. 	
J.   W.   WEART.   Heeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS    Clerk.
Edmonds, li. C, Dec. 20. 1911.
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains north, thence
SO chains east, tbence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west to point
of commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
Date, September IRth, 1911.
Name of Applicant (In full).
By-Law No.,..
purpose of pio\idlng and ' in that behalf.
J.  W.  WEART.  Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20, 1911.
NEW YEAR Holidays
Round Trip Tickets for One
Fare and One Third
Re Lot 12, in subdivision 2 of Lot
30, Group 1. Map 478, New Westminster District,
Whereas proof of tlie loss of certificate of title number 15308A, issued
In the name of Olive'Bell has beeu
filed In this office.
Nc.tiee is hereby given tbat I shall.
at the eviration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published
in the City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid
objection he-made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry OlTice, New Westminster, B. C, December 6, 1911.
On sale Dec. 21 to Jan
HO^d until Jan. 5.
Barristers-at-Law, solicitors, Etc.
Adam S. Johnston. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch Building: New Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Telephones:     Vancouver,   Seymour
210:j:  New Westminster, 1070.
Cable    Addre = s:       "Stonack."   Code:
i .     Vi'��au���  taton. ,
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying Is MARVELLOUS.
We can reclaim many garments you might decide to cast
aaide.    ���
Phone R278 for tho Best Work.
Gent'i Sniti Pressed    ���   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
Cleaners & Dyers
345 Columbia Street.
3% to 26 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  63.
Tenth   St.,  New  Westminster.
For tickets and
apply to
Or H. w.
Varden No. 19,   Sons   ot   Norway,
| meet In  Eagles hall    the    first    and
��� ! third Wednesdays of each month at.
other   particulars I 8 pm- vlsitlnS brethren are cordially
i Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
New Westmlnstei
Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 346.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
Wonderful Praise Accorded
Perunathe Household Remedy
Mrs. Maria Goertz, Orients, Oklahoma, writes:
"My husband, children and myself
have used your medicines, and wa always keep them in the house ln case of
necessity. I was restored to health by
thla medicine, and Dr. llartman's invaluable advice and books. People ask
about me from different places, and are
surprised that I can do all of my housework alone, and that I wasenred by the
doctor of chronic catarrh. My husband
was onred of asthma, my daughter of
earache and catarrh of the stomach, and
my son of catarrh of the throat. When
I was sick I weighed 100 pounds; now I
weigh 140.
"ta��w ********* my h���itfc tt*****-** *****
I cannot thank yoa enough for your
advice. May God give yoa a long Ufa
sad Maes yoor wortuP |
J. Newsome & S
Painters, Paperhang
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
314 Sixth Avenue. Phone S67
Transfer Co.
tMBce 'Phone lie.     Barn 'Phone i>
Begbie Street
Wacfftx*   deuvnrea    prwaptky     ���.*
tuny- pert of Mm elty
Light and Heavy Hauling
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacnic.
in Cuba throughout the island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ez-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^__^^_^^^^.._^.....1.._^    ,       NKW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
4.   This by-law mav be cited for Pour Hundred and Ninetv-seven dol-
all   purposes   aa  'THE  BURRARD Ian and Five centB ($2,497.06) tor the Telephone B 118. 0��ee: Princeaa St
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 567.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� - ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westmlnater.
B.C. tet Service
For   Victoria. ���:���������
10:00 A ,M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M.- ..Dally
12:00 Midnight... Saturday Only
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P.  M Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M Dec. 14th, 23rd, 30th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. M Dec. 23, January 6th
For Hardy Bay.   ,
8.30 A. M. Thursday
For Upper Fraser River Points.
Leave New Westminster, 8:00 A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack. 7:00 A.' M., Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano. Mayne, id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganes Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New WeetmiMter.
��� O. P. A... Vancouver.
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank acpount.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Interest is paid m Savings
Balances half-yearly. s
Business (Accouts speaed
���n favorable terns,   a   a
ASSETS  $48,000,000
S1S CotamUS ��M*. ^1^^
���������*.,*��� ��������,
CARVERS,      ^
634 Columbia St.
City News
Mlss Sofle Hammer, the noted Norwegian singer, Is the guest ot Mr. and
rjle. T. EL Nelson, 332 Twelfth street.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Cross held a
reception on Monday afternoon, and
a number of friends called.
Tonight the ladles of St. Peter's
social assembly will give a progressive euchre party at St. Patrick's ha.l.
e cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Phone 310.   I. A. Reid.   ���
Neville Smith, surveyor, ot thl.
city, will entertain hll employees tc ,
dinner tonight in the Hardman block.
Edmonds���Few    cheap   lots,   $350,
'Reid, Curtis &. Dorgan. ������
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M. ^    A*' R*- C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
pt Musicians (England). .
(Successer t& MN. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violir A
Singing, Theory,  Harro^jnyi
Counterpoint    and   ^ Musical
Form.' /
Rrepares candldr'xeg   for Teacherg.
Diplomas, Licence and Local wara-
o ,nBA J ^Associated Board of tho
Royal Acao^my of M(|glc and Royal
College o^jjmjCi Hag bad numereu8
succesF ^ ln ,pwt yearg
,.F jt terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
^6w Westlnlnster.   Phone LC38.  .
^^��M EV
Bay of Big Sale
$50 cash.
The tugs Active and
of tbe Royal City Mills, came In yesterday with booms of logs for tho
mill. WL
Two hundred thousani dollars
available for loan on desirable city
property, repayable ln flve years or
monthly payment plan. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
street. ��*
Reeve Weart, of Burnaby, and his
councillors, Stride, Rumble, McKee,
Coldicutt and McGregor, took lunch
at the Russell hotel yesterday.
Mayor Lee's Committee Rooms
are opened In the rear of the office
of Mr. Joseph Travers, 421 Columbia
street, near Fourth, Burr block, and
he will be glad to receive the help
and assistance of all interested Mn
the welfare of our city. ���*
Hamilton street,   near   Fourteeth
street, good lot on north side.
Good terms.
TECT        THEM
Alfred W. McLeodJ
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62.
New  Westminster.
Our customers
r*f it*   '
pro\e  that they
Ure satisfied when
they recommend!
our workmanship
and materials to
their friends.
The postponed meeting of the
Canadian Highway officers with tlie
members of the provincial executive
of British Columbia has been arranged to take place on January 8 at
Two hundred thousand dollars
available for loan on desirable city
property, repayable in five years or
monthly payment plan. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Columbia
street. ����
Miss B. Morrison, who works for
the firm of Wade, Whealler and Mc-
I Quarrie, iB taking a month's holiday,
j She will leave for Fernie to visit
j frii nils at that town.
Mr. D. A. McMillan, Vancouver real
estate man, late of this city, bad the
misfortune to break his leg on Monday. He slipped on the ice on Broadway, Vancouver, and fell, injuring
himself as stated.
Headaches   cause*   trom   ����t��ct\vo
eyesight. Get your eyes tested by
a graduate optician, and have your
glasses made to suit, satisfaction
guaranteed. W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's jewelry store.   **
Fourteeth street near Tenth ave
Good view lot.
Very good terms.
Major & Savage
B. &M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Take the steamer Transfer for    a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leave
UlaclimanKer wharf at 'Z o clock. **
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
Fresh Cod  (half or whole), lb.,..8c
Fresh Herring  4 lbs. for 25c
Halibut (half or whole), per lb. ...8c
Salt Salmon, per Ib 10c
Salt Labrador Herring, per dozen.50o
Fresh Shrimps, per lb 20c
Smoked Spring Salmon, lb 20c
Smoked Halibut, per lb 15c
B. at M. Ktp����*m, par u> VOp
Prime Rabbits, each    3flc
Eastern Oysters, per pint  50e
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
Starting Off With a Rush
The many who have already visited the great sale
event seem to be much surprised at the wonderful
savings offered, and there is little wonder many people think all sales are alike, but once they visit Smith's
thing are dfferent. When this store advertises a sale
you are assured of getting bargains of the highest
order, and this is going to be a sale of sales. Don't
delay your shopping, come right now. Best Bargains
Always Go First	
Here Are Mentioned a Few of the Savings This Sale Affords:
Staple Section
15c   Flannelette     	
SBc Flannel 	
45c Sheeting 	
$5.50   Tapestry Table Covers  	
50c  Towels,  per   pair       	
Table   Linen���25 to 50 Per Cent Discount.
$6.00   Blanket       $4.50
$1.25   Flannelette  Blankets    85c
$1.75 Cotton Sheets       $1.45
Women's Furnishings
$3.00   Hand   Bags
$11.50 Hand Bags
75c   Women's Belts
$1.25  to  $2.00 Women's
 ." 25c
Gloves    90c
50c to 85c Women's   Gloves
.$.'15.00   Women's   Suits  for    $12.50
$:10.00   Women's Coats for   $10.50
$9.50   Children's   Dresses  for    $4.50
$15.00   Children's   Coats   for    94.50
$.".00   Women's  Sweaters for   $3.25
$3.25   Children's Sweaters  $1.25
50c   Women's Underwear       25c
75c   Children Underwear       .40c
Hosiery Section
3'.c   Women's Black Cashmere Hose- .frpalre for 45e
35c   Men's   Socks, Cashmere 2 pairs for 45c
45c   Men's   Socks, Cashmere   2 pairs for 55c
35c Boy's Worsted   Hose    25c
see window display or sale bargains.
Ladies Suits from $35 up
Men's Suits from $25 up
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Mayoralty  Election  Notice.
In the interests of the    mayoralty '
candidature of J. S. Bryson the elec-1
tors of the city ot New Westminster |
are notified  that permanent committee rooms have heen engaged in tho
old  Knights  of  Pythias hall  directly
above Curtis' drug store,    Columbia
street.    These rooms will    be    open
day and evening until after the election  and  everyone  is   cordially    invited to visit these rooms    at    any
time, and   any   assistance   rendered
thp committee will be greatly   appreciated.
Alderman Bryson will address the
electors tonight in Johnston hall,
Saprerton, and on Friday evening in
St. Barnabas parish room. **
We have no hot air to peddle;
lust legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
BouRht and Sold.
Highest Pi Ice Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Arm Cut Off Inch by Inch.
Nanaimo, Jan. 2.���A terrible ac
cident occurred at the Western Fuel
company's farm west of Nanaimo last
Thursday. A Chinaman was engaged
feeding a chopper when his hand war!
caught in the rollers and drawn into
the knives. The sweeping blade of
the machine cut off the fingers, han I
and arm. Inch by inch to the shoulder
before the machine was stopped.
Phone R872.
619 Hamilton 8t.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning, I
Sewer Connecting, ��
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
Seattle Sledding Faatalitles.
Seattle. Jan. 2.���Two girls were
fatally injured and three other young
.people were seriously hurt last night,
when a bobsled on which they were
coasting on North Sixty-fourth street,
ran into a telephone pole.
Fatal Test.
Everett, Wash., Jan. 2.���L. Keyes,
a young married man. was killed at
his home here yesterday when a gas
plant he had Improvised out of an
old oil can exploded when he struck
a match to test lt.
CADBURYS   (English)
RO'   NTREES' (English)
WEBB'S (Canadian)
POPHAM'S  (British Columbia)
Deane Block.   441 Columbia St.
,    New Westminster. B.C. g |��
Dynamite Explosion Victim.
|    Lindsay,  Ont,  Jan.  2.���An  Italian
| named Velentlno Luicano was killed
I at a construction camp on a line of
j the   Canadian   Pacific   Railway   near
I Glenarm.    He was thawing dynamite
when  a  spark  got  into one of  the
cases,  causing  a  terrlfflc   explosion.
Luciano's body was bdown to atoms
and a companion assistant some distance away was seriously injure!
{ Montana Snowstorm.
j Missoula, Mont., Jan. 2.���A blizzard
ls sweeping over Western Montana
and the northwest. Pnow is falling
rapidly nnd is drifting before a B'ron..
wind.  The   mercury   fell   20  degree
, In five hours today nt  Hlossh'irc. on
:the Continental Divide and    extreme
cold Is    reported   at Garrison.   Th^
storm  is  moving rapidly    Wostwarl
Three   feet  of   snow   has   fallen
Lpoiout. tho summit of the \'or��i^-, v
Paciflc line in the Bitter Root range
Cadbury's Fry's Webb's Lowney's Chocolates
At All Prices #
We wish all our Friends
and Clients a
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
... ii-*-
Nevy Westminster
Head Office, New Westmlnstc.      Branches at Vancouver     Victoria
Chilliwack and A'derpftve. B.C.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
See. end Treas.
Manufacturer* and  Wholesale Dealera hi
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Na. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Sash, Deere, Moulding*, tla
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 5, 6:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
8, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter,
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vnncouver every hour
from 7 n.'v to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave tor
Vancouver every hour from. 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Car*
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1-20 and
. 6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon aid way points,
leaves at 4.06 p.m.
Tbe B.   C. E. R. Co. effort r*.
duced rates of a fare and   a
third for week end trips to air
polnta on   Ita   Fraser   Valley
Tickets win he on sale oft
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
^^^^m^TJTZfi-i '���.%,;ii*)*;.'


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