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The New Westminster News Dec 11, 1912

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2Sft*^^BBdi3EKr* 9
The campaign.fund of the New
Westminster .ProgressiveAssoc a-
tlon now horde ��" 7s*4000. Thia in
leas than one 5 �� An additional
$2000 Is requi �� S* ore January 1.
tto ������
>2 Pi
VOLUM  ���  $    UMBER 236.
M��yor Lee end Reeve Weart Predict Ultimate Amalgamation of Western Portion of Municipality with City-Councils Meet to Consider Drainage Scheme and Road Improvement-Banquet to Retiring Chief Magi trates.
It the remarks passed yeaterday
morning and afternoon by the councll
lore of Burnaby and Mayor Lee and
the aldermen of New Westminster .at
a joint meeting of tbe two councils
���nd afterwards at a luncheon tendered the visitors at tbe Westminster
Club bear much fruit, the feeling be
tween Burnaby and New Westmlnstei
In future years wlll grow to such ar
extent that they will eventually be
one and Ihe same.
In fact both Mayor Lee and Reev
Weart stated that ultimately one mus*
Join the other, and that within  th-
nert few years, ��� geographical chanav
would be made on tbe lower malnlai
Whieh will mean that the western por
tlon ot Burns Hy would be annexed tc
Vancouver, while the eastern portion
would loin hands with the Royal Cltv
���ad help to make the latter place the
real seaport ot the Paciflc coast
To Dlseuss Drainage.
The gathering was one of the besi
erer held between the representatives
of the two municipalities and all thc
distrust thst eacb had for each othei
as regards the grabbing ot lands and
rich political apportionments, slinrn'r-
ed and finally disappeared from view
The gathering 'was called tor thi
purpose of discussing the proposed
drainage scheme to include a portion
of the Sapperton district and alao K is
Burnaby and Edmonds.
Thia undertaking baa been mooted
f-r some-little time, .plans have been
prepansd showing the exact taeatlor
of the proposed sewer mains and tke
territory affected, bnt Jthe chief pouii
at Issue is the division Ot thc'eoft pn,
ratio.- '
Too Big tor Thsm.
It was explained at the meeting
that with tts present small populalloi,
Burnaby could not hope to undertake
the building of lateral sewera can
nectlng with the trunk mains. Th
cost of tho undertaking ln tbe trun'.t
mains alone will total 8226,000, cover
ing an area of 1237 acres.
perton district with an outlet Into the
Fraser. The government, he said, b>
allowing the main trunk to run
through the ravine property in the
penitentiary grounds, were saving the
city and Burnaby $18,000.
Surface Water Dispossl.
Crude sewerage was bnt lightly referred to, aa tha chief question at is
sue is the disposal of surface water,
which will be a aerioua matter to
handle now. that the city and adjoin
ing district Ib making headway ii.
building operations.
The question of improving the
Boundary road between the city and
Burnaby was also discussed, as wat
also thc matter of cross walks and
street lights.
According to the chairmen of thr
roapectlve boards of works. Tent>
nvntie will be well considered in thi
1913' estimates, while Alderman Ora>
will take up tbe matter ot cross walkr
with a Burnaby representative. -
As regards street lights It waa de
elded that Wiring Inspector Bowler ro
over the ground with Municipal Engl
neer Macpherson and report as tr
new lights needed. Burnabv will sun-
nlv hnlf. while the c'tv will turn's1-
tlm other half, thus obvlat'ng all d'ff1
cv.ltles as to correct charges.
Westminster Gas.      .
Tbe municipal gas plant, ln Its rela
lien   to.Burnaby,   was also   touched
upon.   The cl}y gas cbmmittee report
ed that they were preparing io aoouqi-
modate Burnaby with all the gas tha
was needed.   The gas will hc brough'
to   the   city   .boundaries   and   there
metered so that Burnabv w'll he In a
Tw-slt'or. to run a municipal gaa sup;
(lv in the same manner as New West-
minster Is doing with electric light.
*n*.<. Joint meeting adjourned at 1:3"
r'tlT.k to the Westm initm- CMih where
|�� fireweil banquet wae tendered to
i Rf tc Weart and Mayor Lee.
I The rast record3 cf the retlr'n-
|r-[;-!*��r��tei of Ne-v Westminster and
! Brrtabv .were   d^elt   upon   at somi*
Day's Bag Amounts   to   ���7750��� New
Woodworking Factory on Lulu
Yesterdays building permits aggre
gate In value $7750, a record for any
one day for some time past.
The two largest taken out were for
$2000 each, Issued to W. Rlgby, Sec
ond street, for the erection cf a si:
roomed house, and O. I.. Boissonneau
for a six roomed double bouse to be
built on Albert street.
A permit for $1000 was issued to
Joseph Bambrick for the construction
of a woodworking factory on Lutu
Island. The building will be 40 by CO
feet The figure does not include the
cost of the machinery for the factory.
Other permits issued were: J.
Fleger, live roomed bungalow on
Eighth avenue, $1500; M. Watson, alterations to house on Fourth street,
church, alterations, $S50.
Westminster   and    Burnaby    Forces
Worked on Information of Holdup'
In Newspapers.
Naval  Bill Has Precedence
Over Alt Other Business
Vta*t Indian Trade   Agreement   snd
Pay ot Northwest Police Advsncs
Further Stages.
Ottawa, Dec. 10.--This was tbe flrsl
government aay of tbe week in the
Commons and good headway waj
made with the business on the ordei
paper. Practically all the minor government measures were advanced a
stage, Uie resolution on which is
baaed Uie bill ratifying the West In
dlan trade agreement; was passed ana
the bill introduced a large number ot
$1M0;     Sixth     Avenue     Methodist  m��*io1? lm, r*lwm? �����***** to and
a number of formal questions
A remarkable lack of co-operation
:n the part ot the police of the lower
ma.nland bas been brought to light
lu the recent holdup of the C. P. R.
train which lpft Vancouver on Saturday evening.
Although the Vancouver pollce were
fully cognizant cf all the details connected with the case, it waa left to
the authorities cf New Westminster.
Burnabv and also the provincial pol-
llce of this city to glean -the news
trom tlie press.
Not s> ward, was received trom Vancouver  ln  connection  with the hold
up. although the robber Is said to have j afternoon  and  evening   sittings,
'eft the train In a territory whicli is iDr.' M'ohael Clark, ot Red Beer,
According to the plan ^paredb* i>i'Tthj^jhejjjjfCS,i;.KW;aJa;ra. sftilt
Consulting Knglneer A: "O. PSW��ir1t.0JV genflem?npot'red out aome snhfl
Burnaby's share
would be $33 acre?
at a cost of $123,841.
While endorsing the proposition
the Burnabv delegates could not sec
the light as to how they could finance
thc scheme.
It would mean, explained Reev?
Weart, that they would have to pay
out this su ti to New Westminster Just
fnr the sake or having a part owner
ship in the trunk sewerS which they
oould not hope to use tor perhaps
severs! yesrs to come. ,
Weart's  Suggestion.
He suggested that Burnaby enter
Into an agreement'with the elty o
New Westminster, paying an annua!
cost of about $7900 wbich would cover
the interest on the bonds and also s
percentage of the maintenance fund.
They were doing this at the-present
' time with Vancouver ' IA connection
with tbeir water supply.
This suggestion, however, did not
meet with the entire approval ot th'
New Westminster couubil, as It would
mean that this-olty would finance the
whole business, and as the matter
was of tbe local Improvement nature
It wou)d be extremely difficult tr
secure approval Awn tlie ratepayer*
cf the whole of Ota elty regarding an
Increase of tha fanned Indebtednesr
t>f tbe elty.
Wilt Meet Thursday.
The Burnabv council Mowed ever}'
good spirit In the discussion pnd thev
aperoved of the plan tor Burnaby. to
enter the sohem*. Another meeting
wlll be held in Vhjwwnr ��Mt Tots-
day morning when a committee from
each municipality wtR discuss thf de
It was nolnted ont hy-Mayor I**
that PtanW Buinaby decide not tr
eater Into-Mm scheme It would eost
them probably three times the present
proposed amount In later yean to construct main sewers through the San-
cnntlmitni  ���h"
West Indian Debate.
There waa a. debate on the Weat
Indian trade 'agreement resolution
which lasted over an hour, but thc
matter will be discussed at greatei
length on dip second reading of tht
bill wben tbs treaty will be printed
and all other details laid on tbe table
of the Housi
Premier Border's bill to increase
the pay of qjllcers and men of the
Royal Northwest Mounted Pollce was
put through (be committee stage and
now stands tor the third reading.
Premier Borden'made an explana
tion to the House ln regard to Captain
Landry, the Nova Scotlan who was
given a lob in. the outside service suh
sequent to his sentence cn a charge
of forgery.
Naval Resolution.
The naval bill resolution was adopt 1
6d    without" discussion    and it was
agreed that It would have precedence]
on Thursday ovei all other business
after questions until the end cf   the
The speaks on Thursday will, in
' all probability be Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
"on. t*eorre.^Yl. Foster, Hon. George
P. Oraham and   Hon.   J.   D.   Hasan.
'This  rrobabfi   will Ml In the entire
""���   and
Confesssd in Chicago to Have Bean
Implicated In Bank of Montreal
Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 10.���In i
police raid on a house ln the out
skirts of Memphis today, "Ktbey" Ber
gen, believed to be a widely known
safeblower, was killed by city detec
lives.- Frank Holloway, who is Credit
ed wltb a pollce record in many
cities, two other men and a woman
were arrested.    . .
The detectives, heavily armed, sur
rounded tbe house. Bergen, Avowing
he would not be taken alive, directed
a steady flre at the police and drove
them back a few feet, then leaped
from a garret window. Surviving thc
35 foot jump without apparent injury,
Bergen got away.
A short time afterwards, however
he returned to the house. Detect, ver
on guard surrounded him, and fn the
pistol battle that followed Bergen was
The woman, as yet unidentified
Holloway and two of the men, known
as 'Texas" Wallace and Jack Monday
were taken without a fight
Bergin, however, apparently having
taken warning when the detectives ap
peared at the house, bad armed him
self, and the spectacular pistol due!
and Bergen's escape followed.
Holloway, who ia credited with be
ing the leader of the gang, was,arrest
ed in Chicago a few months ago, and
at that time made an alleged confes
sion implicating himself in the rol
bery of the New Westminster., JR. C
bank, when a aum in excess rift'4300
000 was stolen. He confessed, it is
said, to avoid being sent to Texas,
where he was wanted for safe blow
Holloway, however, was returned to
Rusk, Texas, and sentenced .to seven
1 years In the penitentiary. After lr'r
conviction   he   pleaded   Illness,   and
', while on his way to a hoapltal jumn
ed from a fast moving train and
escaped. ,
PowerfulMilifary Paity in Servia and Hatred of New Austrian Chief of Staff May Plunge Europe in War- Dual
Monarchy is Undoubtedly Mobilizing -Sends Sharp
sage to Servia-Differences Become Acute.
London, Dec. 10.���Official quarters
in Vienna deny that any warlike s'g
ulflcence attaches to tbe military
changes, but these assurances fai tt,
allay the uneasiness aroused by tin
fears that the powerful military party
in Servia may force the hands of the
General Von HoetsendorX, the new
Austrian chief of staff. Is credited
with being the sworn enemy of Ser
via and to have been for a long tim;
posse' | d of tha conviction that noth
Ing but the sword can settle the deferences between Austria and Servla
Recalled from London.  -
Further proof has reached London
that Austria-Hungary is mob'lisin"
Many Austrian and Hungarian residents of London. Including Count
Oeorge Apnonvl and the note<t art'si
Philip Lassie, have been called to th?
According to one report. Austria In
tends to demand a dlmir-tlon In the
present strength .of the Servian armv
���a demand to which Servla. in her
present temper, ia not likely to agree.
Peremptory  Inqulr".
Lonodon,   Dec. 10.���\   \'lm****i    *���*
Vienna assert that it ts already weft
known that Russia will remain neutral
and It is probable that Servla, waling.
herself Isolated, will comply with thes
Austrian demands.
World Conflagration.
Bucharest. Roumania, Dec. IS.���In as
published interview, Dr. Daneff, thra
Bulgarian peace delegate, snld fa reference fo the change In the military
commands at Vienna:
"Thera is no cause for   alarm   ma
long as the powers are In __..	
and Servia Is ready to recognize
interests of others.
"But If. aa is hardly probable,   fl
powers should be unable to arrive :
an agreement. It will be not an Sa
Servian confl'ct but a conB
which  the whole world, nnd
larlv the Balkan   League,   wishes
Bulexrlan Premier Confer*.
Belgrade. Dec. 10.���Premier
Itch started today for Uskup to
suit th" f.h'.eT t*t staff, snoposerlty
connec'IOD   with   the   dispute
Servian Is Pessimistic.
apatch aays Prague newspapers prh VIor.naV Dec. 10.���M. NovakovMA,
Hah messages from Vienna saving tt*' ithe Servian ex-premier. In panning:
Austrian minister at llelcradf h->�� I through Vienna on his way to frossPoo
been instructed to present a nole t- to take part In the peace negotiations^.
Servla tomorrow, couched in Khar* ; Is rerrorfe* to bave remarked ta m
terms lnqttlrln* how So-v'n ��">nn����- rrember of the staff of the Zeit
to brine her policy Into line w"h th" the antagonism between the
of Austria. The note hr***"-" < - ' pn'ntt-of .Rervia and Austria
no* to he resa-'lod it a**' ���:l*'*"**tim rrvttt that tt appeared hardly possible
Well Informed diplomatic c'fles '**   It could bo bridged.
������' ���-���ffli\\l"7.
relations of the two municipalities.
Many Congratulations.
Councilor McGregor, in proponing a
toast to Mayor, Lee and Reeve Weart
broi'ght much of hia Scotch wit int.-
The Burnaby representative 's lithe a-M for the reeveship and tsM
the ratherlpg that at one t'me b-
thought be was heir apparent, bat now
he was'helr presumptive.
Reeve Wear! congratulated tbe citv
of New Westminster upon the progressive stand taken' during the
regime or Mayor Lea. , ���  ���"   ^
"New Westminster has put on a
new suit of clothes during the pas'
three years," he satd, "and my onlv
wish ls that It will continue t<vwea-
good clothes, to keep pace w'rth tn"
times ind continue to hold Its name
and the standard tt rightly elauns today." ^ - - . .
Mayor for Unity. ���
Mayor Lee spoke In the same lone
as regards Burnaby and concurred
with Reeve Weart regarding- the, possible --d probable division of rlnrna-
by, part ro'ng to Westminster.' v.-h'l,
the otVr Is tacked on to Vancouver!
The a'ms of both were Identical and
he bored that both would pull to
gether for the common good.
The heir presumptive. Conne'ttn-
Meiregor, snd the he'r apparent
Alderman Orav. Part called upon ai""
each declared hts Intertlon. If elected
to tntsr i���� spirit hetween the two
Tli�� tnt.t tn tb�� enklneem. Me����rs
Black, A. O. Powell a*d P. '-. Mac
oher*on. waa nrbnosed b" AMt"'
Kell'teton. AMnrwan \v�����'�����. pmnoeel'
the Presi. while . aie-wh was n<->i|e
hr r��wn����'tlor M��*rv>nsM The gathering bv'-e tin.wtth tha *ttar'**~ it   th"
Vstlnnal   Anthem   and  -Auld   Lang
considered covered bv Ot* police ot
Burnabv and New Westminster.
. A creditable feature of the affi'r **
disclosed in that onee the news of
llje rebbery. wM,, obtained ~ft����a the
rr.rirjeTs. the pollce of Burnaby and
***** cltv started working on the case,
although they had but meagre dotal J
to go cn.
Hon. Dr. H. E. Young
Lay* the Foundation
Stone of Hospital
This afternoon nt ��:!��� "tbs totinda
tlon stone of tka Mff *������ Cnlnm
bian bospljtal wtu ����� UU. Mayor Ler-
and the alderman Vffl rttNssnt tlw
city, while Hoi. MfiiH ���<������
m.d��� provinolnl sastitm-�����*.!**�����
ter of education, w!tt;|��i(Wfc *S cere
inony. -
Premier 81* RtotarA *���*����� ��*
tbe other members ol ����������!*(.
have slso been invited %����M
The event wMI ** ���***! W **��
speeches by Vt. 1SW,'*WW..!**
and President * *-'*��SSL��f ��!j|
directors board.  Thnintfljlmn *>"
end with a reception to   tfca  tavlWO
guests In the mirsM^hMW^
The corner stonn Itself  >�������"*
of fine polished grnnlte. .tkrse Iwt |n
Secretary and Minister of Education
December 11. 1112."
The north tace of the stone bears
this legend: "Royal Columbian Hoa
pital. Brected hy the citiaens of Ne*
Westminster assisted by the Provln
oial. Government   established IMS.'
A receptacle la tha stone will oon
tain the tollowlng articles and d^ta.
Lists of memhers of the Dominion
eabtast. members of the - provincial
parliament, prealdent and board ot
directors ot the hospital, the mayor
inl connell of Uli, officials and stall
ef ths hospital, tte last annual report
of the hospital, a bony of tha invtta
tfott oards, a eopy of tbe N��w Westminster Ntwa pad British Columbian,
a Ust nt Ohm Invited to attend IV-
ceremony, vldwa of the old and   new
The stone will be located o-   the
move lhe adjournment and continue
the debate when the House meets on
The House adjourned nt 10 p.m.
unknown mm
Mr. E. H. P-.dard,    Injured    in    Car'
. 6-na��h, t,fes in Hospital.
IfVCC    M-   MITFUCl    Aa the res.-.U ot thc injuries te ro
Lv5j   vl    tlWttVUOIc-lve<i    when    lhp    8ixtb    streetcar
I crashed into Ahe telegraph pole at :ne
 . 1 corner of Sixth and Carnarvon stree-
'last   Wednesday   night.. Mr.   R.   H
Claim Brought by 8awyer Against Mill I Bedard has    been    removed    to   a;
V.^nw, Mnt-vV +,n��r,lt��l
Company Proceeding���Question
cf Proner Guarding. t
Have Ma.iy Advantages Ov*r "Plain"
Cis'.ers���Steadiness Great Faster
for Naval Craft.
^i���,   .t������   V*rhe"*M this tascrlptWfinn^wesr l^lr<*  the   provisional
���Th "a^n* ^ sSSTutt l^Wfm^SS WMthW^the   offld
Some remarkable claims were mado.
for the -corrugated" ship at a meeting at the Hoyal United Service lnsti-.
union recently, when a paper on the
subject was read by capt. u. S. Mau
llwaine. Tbe author esplatned that
thn "corrugated" ship d.ffere'd from
the "plain' snip In that ahe had two
corrugstloaa or projections running in
a tore and aft direction below the Lad
Uns. Among the advantages clalmeu
tor, this innovation were mentioned
strength, greater steadiness and sta
billty with less vibratlcn. increased
capacity for cargo, taster s;>eed for th .
same horsepower, a qttlcaer respoaau
to the helm, eta. "
Particulars of trips hy the Mon:toria
and hyltonla. tao corrugated ships,
showed that this type was much leas
vulnerable than her "plain" sister:
that they stood collision nf all sorts
much better, thst they were' more
easily repaired, and that thay were n>
every way much, stronger than the
plain ship.
With reference to the claim of increased speed, In hls opinion that
claim had beon conslulvely established. The space between the eorruga
:lons seemed to act as a conduit pipe
supplying the screw, whloh In its turr
seemed to play the part of a pum;
drawing a sol'd body ot watar alonx
'.he ship's side In whloh to work. It
waa a question of tha reduction cr
���slip" and he claimed that the aver.
age "slip" of the computed sh'p wat
i. oer cent, and that of the Malt shir
cf the safe class and build 18 pet
aent, which reduction meant the sav
lng of over a ton of opal a day.
��*l<*> nnrnigated principle was applicable to the- most heavily armmtred
battiesMp. VI* faljh In the eornig
ated,ship was such that In h's .tnd?
ment the country could net afford ��
stand aside nnd lee her pass in*
other hands, An egpertmfnt tn *hi>
btilldlng of n torpedo boat, eVen.if li
failed to reallre the highest expects
tlons, would post nothing! if suooess-
f-tl. it would Inaugurate a naw ern
Sueh a vessel would certainly be
stronger nttd steadier, and either of
these result* would Justify the mperl
ment She would bn no mors expensive than existing types. At the mors'
the corrugations oould be rnmoved and
plain elates substituted, If he was
right, thn birth of the corrugated Idea
mesnt nothing short of a revolution In
the building of the ship, whether-plea-
sure, mercantile or hnner'aL
In tb* dlscttsston Whloh followed
flommsnder Caheme sa'd an ertrcme-
Iv good, case hsd been aUtad Car the
oorrugatad principle.
Off. Portland Bill���Triad to Cross Can
turlon's Bo-.-.s���Canfc Before Che
Cleared (aoke.
Devonport. Eng-. Deo: ���������10,���The
Ofl'tlah dreadnought.Centurion, while
speeding twenty knots off Portland
Bill hefore dawn, today, ran down and
sank a small unknown stesmer. Tbt
uattlesljlp returned to port this after
poon,' leaking badly and with a tat
tcjed bow.     '.<"���'
The steamer tried to, cross the bow/
of the warship, which struck her wei
forward with >ucb   force    that ��� the
steamer'* .port light waa found stli:
burning after tbe   colllalpp   on   the
Centurion's forecastle.
'  Before   the   stesmer   cleared   th��
battleship's smoke she-sank and   no
trace of her could be found, althoug
boaU were lowered and the Cfenturtoi.
cruised about until long after dawn.,
*. tb* steamer plapged to .the bottom
so quickly that the crew of tha fepttlp
ship could not determine whether sh.
was a tramp or a passenger ship.
��� The bows of thp   battleship   wer-
damaged bv the anchor being drive
tbrough the platen *
. i    .    i in
MonepnMss Bill Passes final Stage���
Bssull M C)t.i��rlsn��^ vrlth t'.ssl
'   and ���saf-C��inbS***. *
Melbourne, Australia, Dea 13.���A
monopolies hill wss patted through
ita flnal stage through the House ot
Commons of Austral'a today by .i
trots nt 41 to M. Tho measure gives
thl government ot:c!nl* of the Coin
menwealth newer to MrgtMate In re
nard to trusts, oomblnss nnd monopo
Tka Commonwealth government in
oenHy toutd itself noneerned In the
position  of the International   Stoet
The actlcn at tbe Instanco cf And
rew Sand, sawyer, New Westminster,
against Uie Royal City Mills, for. pn
stated damages, for. the loas of the
index a::d middle Angers of his left
hand, was partially beard   yesterday
bef^rS Mr. Justice Murphy and a Jury, fthe only two passengers on the car.
Two witnesses for the defence" re-
Marv'a- hospital
When the ace'dent cceurrrd M
Bedard was thrown ont ofthe doorway I
and landed on his heid. His injuric I
did not apr��ar serious -' "���~il* b-tt hi' !
eonditirn altered later a"d he lift :���' j
,into uneonsciouFneas on the fTHo"'-
<!��v. fe waj tlicu rente cj '.o th
Up to Mondav h't cond't'en *���>t "*l
changed, but he recovered yesterday!
to a semi-comatose state. {the
Mr. Bedard with Mrs. Bedard
tra;tt*y���Wo^fd Utilize V/ocd
Block on Trunk Road.
.--.S3. Dec. 19.���-Burnaby fins air
ou of starting a conflict wills
main to be examined and tbeir testl-
ntcgies, counsels' addresses aiid Mr.
Justice Murphy's summing will prOb
ably occupy the. court until the after
The accident' which' caused ther
tnutilation ot Sand's band is alleged
Ijy the plaintiff to have been caused
by an unguarded saw. which defend
ants ought to have provided with a
orotectire guard. The'saw Is a combination one which hoth "cut off" and
"rips."    ,
A number of witnesses tor the plain
Iff who were acquairted with the' aaw
!n question sod who bad worked upon
It testMed that the saw should have
heen provided ,wlth a guard and, tlial
3aqd hn�� worked It M tha ptaper
On tbe other hand defendants- aa
tert that ptalntlff should have uaed
the moveable table. Instead of (he
stationary one. with which the machine Is provided, tbat he did not sp
���o nnd was Piarajora guilty of contributory negligent.
The eHdenos was very taehn'oal
���\nd conflicting on the point whether
It wns necessary or even expedient tt*
���ml a guard upon the saw. Models of
the saw and the art'clea ripped, wore
-diown ard demonstrated In court.
Mr. J. O. Le'ghton.'tba superintend
ent ot the mills, gave evidence tha:
tha min machinery was suUsnt to
^crerttiaeRt lasfrttlou ?.cd t)��t. th.
���sapector was apt to visit the pre��-
'ses st anv time. Anvtltln* be called
attention to for remedy wss dred un
H* ewer nMered any graM to be pu'
-n this maehtne. nlthnugh he had seer
't. and lt had uever been so guarded
Sand worked at tt without c/uftptat*
't*r tor a year snd a half He saf
S**A was a canable m��.n and had a*
�����avn given est'efaetlrn.
"Mr. W. tl. tte*****st*T'.a en"do��*ed thr
^iase fer.l'��.',l��'''f'T. and Mf. Douglas
Armour, K<C.( for defendants.   ���
Tnift when tanking
rails, snd It was ��lso
tha alleged Intention ol'<
Beef Trust to get the
tralia Into Ita hand*.
asp   ot
Ratepayers Adjiwm.
���a Bdmonds, Nov, 10.���Thn Joint tmrtn-
tng of mt��e#eatatlve�� of *e varinw
Burnaby Ratepayers' Associations in
Moreton haU last night wna adteurned
tor .two weeks onaooounrofthe tatf.
that tha delegates from irard tnw
had ocann without power to nominate.
Wlll Bs Operated   Sunday   Mnpip
Coquitlam and Vancsuutr.
. Tb* anaouncemeat oomea trust Van-
.wHI be pnt In operation   on
M. r|M nddltbultf
ocsspleted.    Thn-
signals and   other
irw aU inataltsd at thn
Spaas at nnarry n thousand
hu been at work on this track
soma time back and thn worn
ried tk����th In n vary   sxt
mannnr.  It Is vary ptohpble thA the
donble tracking operations will   ta
OutUy of |2 500 000 Is    Prcdi'cted   a'.
Port Msnn Terminals.
According to a report In the c'ty
yesterday the Canadian Northern are
planning to spend the huge sum or
$2,500,000 on the freight terminals sl
Port Mahn.
Tt lii understood tbnt the program
calls fpr the construction of sixty
mllea of trackage, an Immense round
house and.repair shops.
The srrlvaj of Colonel A. p. David
son. toe chief spokesman tor fhncotn
pany, irto ts expected here within the
next few days, will no doubt be .ac
companied by otber important an
nouncements. .
The board of works department had
a large gang ot meu out yeaterday de
stroylng a nnmber cf old ahac'-s and
nendefttned buildiugs in the lower end
ol tbe town.
Some old sheds, at one time owneP
by the Small A- Bucklin Lumber Com
pany, bnt bitterly used by Ilindrs a*
a boarding house, sre among those
being torn down. Budding Inspector
Thomas Turnbull is supervising tht
it: ;en
Use p. c viniial government In the
ter of pa vine material to bu used am
WaotjD Inster-Vancouver
vrar* {Kingsway, during the nacttma
This statement was mads by
Weart this morning following toe
nounccmeot that the aathoritfea
Sooth  Vancouver were Hail* to
tbe $70,000 gnat   from   the
ment becauae the municipality wamkt
persist in using wood btOc��a.aa,m
rond, while thn government d^.iirn   a.
bltulithic asptattnm material'.   .   ,.
Dnrnaby, to order to asaiat, .BonHk'
Vancouver,panned np the annual en*--
.rnmeht grant early thla yaar oa tfeei
andentandlng that D'-^-By **mU*l
secure the gtytni tuaaVi^mff**'
lt would appear nt thn preaent tlapB
tbat both win ta left lh Put* eoM
as far as dhin yeara
are concerned, altnongn
through Reave Weart hns ohtah -I
the promise ef substantial
Ben. Thomas Taylor, m
���mbllo works, towards the hpflMTnw at*
this main highway between the ��ww
cltlesoo thn tower malnfcwd. ,
Aodordinc tn nev-mKtft tp* neontr
in the know, tha reason cf Sdut* w����
couver-n retoeal to use the asphaltomi
pavement Is- taennse a ereesbtd ******������
pany operates tn Swth Vnnowvwr amp
"'11 i��a.nt*thettnw n>�� irn6d Vfattsa. nff-
though at n eost.ttl.09d greater tttan
other material
It is expected that ��wd'tf(��tt? vrfl
be auch aa to nllow Burnaby to enB-
"���'t hv-iawe at the hontiwr -
whieh will prcvtde ���****, nnsnqen
������nrtftrtaHn* at U����t halt t*t flHsi __.
and * half mOea of rand to he pnvw��.
x ih mat mh
Votes for Women
Gaining Support
In Westminster
The spirit that Is driving tbe suffra
gsttes to violence In nn effort to m
sure thn vote wns In evidence las
light, only to a lesser degree, at .-
veil attended meetlag of the Ns
Westminster Political Bquatity League
held la thd Ctascrvatlvn CInh renins
In addition there was a toeling of
optimism abroad that the time was
net tar distant Whan the tody of thr
house woold mark the ballot as wel>
ap tar husband. At the conclusion of
speeches ta Alderman Dodd. Mlss
Onttridge, ��� prominent walker of Vancouver, who has Just lately returned
from Bngiand. Mr. O. BmaU nnd Rev
M. Gordon Melvln, tbons prccant ntgn-
the coming session which
the franchise to women.
Th. document r^sf *Thn pctltto
ot the undersigned wossert or voters
(there arc two petitions with this ene
change) of tha province  tf   British
CtiH?!*ta <���**!�� *��w��it
"Whereaa "Vnlnttoa witbOBt
sentntlnd in tyranny.'       ^^
the vote, thn
pcliUoal aad i
our nmpM whpt H I. ,
urgent anai wCm tatm
>n iMMwhlM
���"AptfptsatSBB, ,
.���py**!*1*?!- ���****** u
lng thn voto to
"   ineMfttocr
<*<at^^w)Wt^>ill^iiiii^ite ��� PAGE TWO
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
. Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; ISc per
month; 5,000 words, to be used ss re-
Quired within one year from date or
contract $-'5.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice SOc or with Funeral Notice $1.09. Card of Thanks SOc per
Inch. '
llrst claaa security. Principal only.
BOX 250 News. (260)
eae for scbool boy. Apply M. Mory
879 Oolumbla St. (242)
weeks, light delivery horse. Apply
to 613 Eighth Street. (221)
Must understand cooking. Apply 48
Royal Avenue. (220)
gines, factory benches and ma
chinery.   Apply Royal City Mills.
bjngalow, strictly modern, large
corner lot close to car line, $500
tvtiih. balance arranged. Apply box
209 News office. (209)
day or week, 654 Columbia St., over
Royal Bank. (241)
place and board; use of bath and
telephone; hot vater at all times.
Apply 83 Sixth St. (219)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufae
turing purposes. Will leaae for two
or thr�� year term, singly er en blec
Apply, to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, hot and cold watei
Apply room 9, Knights of "Pythia*
hall, corner Eighth street and Aimer
street. (802)
City "Voters' List" 1913.
Notice   la   hereby   given   that   thr
Court   of    Revision   on    the   abov<
Voters' List will be held at the Coun
cil  Chamber, City  Hall,  ou  the 21*t
day cf December, 1D12, at 10 a. m.
City Clerk
City Hall, Dec. 9, 1912. (234)
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
fl.OO per week. Canada Range Co..
Market Square. (201)
City of New Westminster.
Notice ia hereby given that in compliance with the wishes of the provln
cial government, a plebiscite cf tha
electors qualified to vote for mayoi
and aldermen will be taken on Tuesday, the 17th day of December, 1912.
between the honrs of 9 a.m. and 7
p.m., on the question of leasing the
"Arena" at Queens Park to the Westminster Arena Company for a terra ct
twenty yeara, during the montha of
December, January, February and
March, at the following rental, viz..
Seven hundred and flfty dollars
($760.00) per annum for tbe first five
years; one thousand dollars ($1000.00)
per annum for the second five years,
twelve, hundred and fifty dollara
($1250.00) per annum for the third
flve years; and fifteen hundred dollars
($1500.00) per annum for the fourth
flve years; and such other conditions
as may be agreed upon, satisfactory to
the. City Council.
The votes of the electors will be
taken at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber. City Hall; No.
4 Flre Hall, Sapperton, and No. 5 Flre
Hall, Thirteenth street.
Returning OfTicer.
Dated thia 10th dav of December, 1912
Two large Iota, North Vancouver $503
Large lot , Point (Jrey.
-   Edmonds lots.  Wise  Road, $400.00
cach. .......
1S50 ft waterfront, loins c'ty New
Westminster, wit-. S) acres all under
120 acres, t miles from White Reck
station, $100 per Cere.
S acre blocka near car and city,
easy terma.
3 good houses In elty, small payment balance aa rent
Hotel, South Westminster, 18 rooma
furnished, $3200.
.10 acres reaidental property half
mile from proposed docks.
Excellent dairy farm $200 per acre.
Fcr lull particulars ol tMs and
other property npply
Phone F 607 South Westminster.
Eighty Rooms, New and  Modern.
The most comfortable rooms in the
olty. Hot and cold water and steam
radiator In each. Ilar and first class
cafe run tn connection.
Cor. Front and Begbie St.    Phone 18S
It's the Work.
Uas Your Phone
$28 Clarkson S'.reet. Phone 499
Four Roomed House
ind Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Cnldlctitt Block, Fourth Avenue
71P, East Burnaby, S.C
Bradner School.
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Ten
der for Bradner School," will be re
ceived by the Honorable the Minlstet
of Public Works up to noon of Wed
nesday, the ISth day of December
1912, for the erection and completion
of a large one room school hduse ai
Bradner, in the Delta Electoral Dls
trict, for the Provincial Government
Plans, specifications, contract, an:
forms of tender may be peen on and
after the 4th day of December, 1912
at the office of S. A. Fletcher, Govern
ment Agent, New Westminster; Mr
Wm. Merryfield, Secretary Sehoc
Board, Mount Lehman, B.C.; and th
Public Works Department, Farliamen
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal muat be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque"or certlfi
cate of deposit on a chartered ban)
of   Canada,    made    payable    to   tht
Honorable    the    Minister    of    Fubll'
Works,   for   a sum    equal    to 10 pe
cent, ef the  tender, whieh  shall    b-
forfeited if the party tendering declin
to enter  into contract    when    caller
npon to do so, or If hc fall to com
plete the  work contracted  for.    Th'
cheques or certificates of deposit o'
unsuccessful  tenderers    will    be   rC
turned   to   thein  upon   thc   executloi
of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered ur
less made out on the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature o
the tenderer, and enclosed In the er
velopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarlly accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 2nd December, 191"
(200) ��� deB
For Excellence  in  Shaving.  Haircut
ting Snd Shampooing give the
35 Eighth St. Oavld Boyle. Prep.
a trial. Fsur skilled workmen.' -Out
system ef treating the scalp fer dan
draft and falling hair cannst be im
provnd upen. Try lt.
Face Massaging a specialty.
Curtis Block, New Weatmlnster, B.C
Telephone 2*5. P. O. Box 777.
Snap for a Few Days
The best 50 acre farm in Chilliwack
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 acre:
which ls covered with 30.000 feet ol
standing timber. Large ten roomei'.
house, large stablns, barns, chlcket
houaea, hog pens; $18,000, $6,000 cash
Terms for balance. Property Is mien
cumbered and a large loan can b"
raised on the property.
Are yon insured ?   It costs but llttl
and makes you feel safer.    Insurance
Insures sleep.
We represent only strong Rritlsl
Board Companies, and shall be plnaaoi'.
to tell you what It will cost yot
whether ynu in,une or not.
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile.   Burglary,  Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
Fa! Suits
for Ladies and Men
**% Lorn. Street.  New  Westminster.
British Columbia's   Anna'.    Make a
Fascinating Story.
Soma idea of thc cxtft of th*
.pineral resources ot British Columbia
can be gathered from the- wrll-nsccr-
tained results of mining operations
carried on since the year 1852. Th"re
was mining at Hint lime, especially
the mining of gold, and the officio!
computation of production begins
with that year. Th? total production
for all years un to and including thc
year 1911, amounts to the enormous
sum of $397,696,722. Of this sum.
gold Iibs contributed $137,175,683; silver, $3*053,395; lead, $25,715,126; copper, $65,315;<M!t; the remainder being
madp up by the contributions of coal,
building stone, and metals such as
zinc. -
Between 1852 and 1891 the production by years has not been tabulated,
but since 1891 the total production
year by year is given. Of tlrese years.
1910 still holds the record of $28,377,-
066. Last year the output wns three
millions less, the decrease -being
largely due to n falling off in thc
output of coal, owing to certain disturbances in Ihe labor market.
Last year llie output of the three
precious metals���gold, silver and copper���had a total value of $10,681,450,
gold leading with a value of $5,151.-
613, but copper was a close second,
with n value of $4,671,644.
And aom* say thnt mining has only
commenced in British Columbia,
which is another way of saying tliat
the present operations, output and
profits, are small in comparison with
what they will be whrn operations
are more fully developed, when other
know.i deposits are worked, and when
further discoveries are made. But it
is not lo the future that it is here
proposed to look, but to the past���ti
the long ago time, when gold was discovered in British Columbia and gold
mining commenced.
It has been stated thnt as early as
1852 Chief Trader McLean, of the
Hudson Bay Co., when at Kamloops.
procured gold-dust from the najives
of the Thompson Kiver. Respecting
the truth of this statement some
doubt has been expressed, and it is
pointed out.that three years later the
same man was "ringing the praises
of the mines in the American territory, without savins a word of any In
liis ctvn vicinity"���which is held to
make it quite, unlikely that he knew
of gold liaving heen found in British
Coming down four years in the history of lhe Province, one renelie?
sur"r ground respecting tli> date nf
date of the discovery of goH, for it is
certain that in 1856 or 1��'>7 po'-d was
found in the crevices of rocks on
the banks of the Thomoson River.
Hearing of the fir.d, Chi-fTrader McLenn, of the Hudson Buy Co.. went
up tlie river and examined the banks.
Sure enoujli gild was th-re ss re-
port��d. and McLean promptly sent
down to I'ort Victoria for what he
call.d "iron spooii3 to lis n-od in dig-
gin-; out the nuggets." These were
promptly sent tin to bim with the
instructions that he give "as much
encouragement ns poss'ble to the Indians willing to el-vote their time nnd
energies to that purpose."
News ot the discovry traveled fust,
and soon renelied the Pacific Const
slat-s. whieh had had the Bold fever
ever since th? days of thc Californian
"Forty-Miners." Boon a parly of explorers and miners arriv-d nt Vic-
lorin. nnd Ihence intended the Fraser
Itivrr to within a short distance of
Fort Cal" where th"y discovered Hill's
liny, which proved vry rich.
These miners on Hi'.i's Bay "panned-out" d-iily from one hundred to
on? hundred and fifty dollars' worth
of gold dust, and after a considerable
quantity had barn secured it was
s��nt down to Victoria in charge nl a
celebrated character, "Billy" Bsrdou.
an pxpressman, who had had much
experience among the gold camps of
California. As soon as It was known
thst gold dust wss being shipped out
ol tho catnp more miners came pouring in, and so -the gold lever spread
n.i more gold waa lound.
The Rev. A. G. Morice, O.M.I., in
his History of the Northern Interior
of British Columbia, states that "tba
first lot of the precious metal to leave
the limits ol what is now British
Columbia, found its way foito San
Francisco, where it was taken in
February, 1868. by the company's
stesmer  Otter."
An Energetic Author.
Though the diancos of Sir Gilbert
Psrker, tbe member for Gravessnd.
Eng., are generally favored for sti
Under Pecretaryship in the neat Unionist Government, it is as a novelist
and not ns a politician that he hold*
a promici.t position in the public eye
When an:or.gst the political pack Re
is a somewhat colorless individual,
but in tlie realms of fiction ho is king
Sir Gi bert Parker hns hu��tlcd s
trifle during lhe pn��t twenty .year*".
He is a t'anmlian by hi rt "n. and reeeiv.
e<i his education ai Trinity C'ol'eg-,
Toronto. In his early Canadian dsyi>
he hit on a method ol replenishing his
pocket by   leeturiii';,   with  ths  aid  i.i
a magic-lantern. Then asms a period
,,t journalistic work in An tra'.ia. when
he nel rl    as Uioolat -editor   of   The
.'���ydiey fttornlng llir.ild. Alter traveling round the g��obe he arrived in 1-lng
land nnd persuaded the free and inde
I>endcnt electors of Grave.-er.d, at lhe
1000 election, 'to send (lim to I'arl.s-
inert nt their member, and he har
stuck over since.
O ir New Citizens.
During the six months, April 1 t
Oot. 1. ol the currei.t fiscal year, 273.
r,i;i Immigrants arilvei in Canada. o>
this number 138,000 arrived at -can
Jortj ni il t9,r,59 from tlie Uniled
States. Theta figures show an increase
ol 13 per cent, ne co.il fared with tlie
number nl arrivals for the corresponding months of laat fiscal year, whieh
were 133,814 lit oc'nn ports mil K'.'Mi
fT'n.i ti... 17,8 , a tuial Ior tim si*
tumiths ol INI.rai persona,
I),!! inu Si plemhcr ihi. ye ir. there
were .'jl.KO -arrivals, iO.fOO ol them
hiivuig been nt ocean ports, anil 1.),-
450 Irom the StBles as against 29,077
ior September lii.-t year, 17,593 ol
whom were nt ocean ports, and Il,4d4
lrom the State*.
Would Have Citizen Army.
London, Dee. In.���Tho Weekly Dispatch, In a leading article, recommends the adoption of ohrd Kitchen-
it'it advice that llrilnin shall eatabllah
a citizen army nlmllar to the one lately
established in Australia,
They Are Built to Stand ths Hardest
Kind ef Hard Wear.
Tbe Yukon sled, while nut a thing of
beauty. Is built to stand all kinds of
hard wear, or, as the irishman said.
"It wlll last forever and after thut can
be used for firewood."
The sled la about eight feet long. Is
tnnde of any kind of hard wood, lies
rlose to the ground, costs from $10 lo
$14 and makes a trull sixteen Inches lo
Another pattern la known ns tbe basket sleigh ami ls to the Yukon slelgb
what a three masted schooner Is to a
conl barge. In length It is frum eight to
fif^ep feet. IS made of birch, oak or
llifckory, cuts a trail .twenty-two Inches
In width, costs rrom $4ii to $200. Is
raised a foot or more from the runners
and in the best examples is lushed together wttb rawhide
The basket sleigh, as Its nnme Implies, Is fitted with a basket, into
which the load Is placed, and from tbe
back of tbe basket a pair of bundles
project, to be used In guiding tbe sled
on the trail. It often happens tbat a
Yukon sled wlll be fitted witb a homemade basket In Imitation of ita more
aristocratic brother.
In very cold weather wooden runners are beat but In ordinary circumstances steel or brass runners are used.
-Wide World Magazine.
Grading Brings Results.
One WposUnt feature of the Nova
Scotia apple business this year is tlw
toning up of its quality hy the good
work United Fruit companies of Nova
Scotia sre doing. In the pnsl it wns
impossible to get two uniform packs
'of apples from as many warehouses.
'This year all the co-operative puck,
jwhich will be fully half of th* apples
'sent out of tho Annnnolis Valley, is
heing done under the supervision ol
iinstructors employed by tne company
giving a guaranteed standard from
TV*ry warehouse under their control.
The co-onerative compiniics have
net a standard higher tlinn the Fruit
Mnrk Aet calls for, which has oft*
iblrd Ihem to command an advance
Df at least 2 pw cent, per barrel, above
lhe ordinary farmers' pack.
Mr. Holt on Feminine Thrift.
Mr. H. S. Holt, the Montreal bank
m<i power man, has increased confl-
leiice in women as flramciers since hs
���ecent trip abroad. Interviewed in his
ifflce, the other day, the magnjta
alked ol his stay in France. He
raveled through the rural districts
md was much impressed by the (net
ihat the women of the households ad-
ninisterod the family exchequer; mere
nan had to account to his wife (or
Mr. Holt judges from this that wo-
nen in genera! possess thc virtue of
.hrittiness to a greater degree than
By the way, Mr. Holt did not give
iny Canadian illustrations.
Secret sl This Curious Product ol ths
Vsgstabls World.
The "jumping benn." which Is always sure to excite the wonder of
those wbo bare nut before seen this
specimen of the vegetable kingdom, Is
the product of a small bush which
grows In Ibe northern part of Mexico.
Within eacb blossom ure two fertile seeds and a third, .which is the
home of a amall. exceedingly active
worn), whose performances are re
sponsible for the queer conduct of the
bean. Wben this worm emerges from
Its prison It lici-omes a beautifully
colored moth. The seeds uf the Jump
Ing benn blossom ln the month of
May. Then the female moth deimslts
one egg on the pollen ot the flower.
As the flower develops li forma s
triangular shaped shell on two sides,
with a convex shape on the* otber.
Within tbls the chrysalis develops
Into n grayish brown worm nbout one-
tenth of an Inch In diameter and about
one half an Inch In length.
Thla worm lives Inside Its cell ror a
period of six months, or until the mid
die of November. Then, climatic conditions being favorable. It bores s
hole through the end of its shell and j
flies away as a moth. ��� New York
'      Lacrosse Is Spreading.
Lacrosse, the national game of Can-
r'.a, is rapidlv becoming a world wido
pert. The Britisher has scattered
ricket and association football wher-
ver he has settled.
On the other hand, lacrosse is piay-
d not OV Canadian residents in for-
Jgn lands, but hy teams composed ot
wtives  in  the  United  States,  Great
rit.iin,     Australia,    New     Zealand,
���iith .Africa, japan and the like.
Every Woman
. Is Interested anil ��bould know
i atxmt Lhe wonderfol >
Marvel *��!"l���� ��P�����
"���nW Douche
Aikrrar druggist for
It  Ir b* cannot sopply
Um HARVKL. accept so
other   but und sump fur 111ns-  ,
tntod book���HSlwL  It glTM fall
partlralars anil dirnctlnne InV-iloable
OcDtral Aioili (or Canadn.     .
10 acrea on Main road, all cldargd. planted In assorted fruits.
Splendid location;. e roomed cottage: electric lights; barns and
stables; one mlle from Hammond Station.
$9500���V& Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Pros, and Geni. Mgr.      Vice-President. Bac. and Truer.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
fr*   nr LADIES'
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75:
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone 1127<
Keep Yonr Eye on
Fine 50 foot orchard lot, $850
$250 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Improved 1-4 acre lot, with
4 room house, $900. Kasy terms
but must be sold quick If at this
High 50 foot lot 10th Ave,
$800, $10 caah and $10 monthly!
33 foot cleared lot, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phono 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     Kast Burnaby.
Pruisle Acid In Plsnts.
The remarkable fart Ihat consider-
nhle quantities of free prussli- ni'lll nre
ai-eumulated In the living tissue* nf
i-ertuin plants was observed hy the Inte
Dr. M Treuh. and there nppears to he
little doubt thnt this poisonous srld Is
actually utilized ns food tnaterlnl hy
llii-se plauts. Rome Interesting de
mils concerning the Occurrence snd
function of prusslc acid In the cherry
Inurel are given hy Pec-he, who con
clude^ from hls observations thai the
prusslc arid found In the leaves nml
other nrgnna Is produced ns a direct
result of carbon assimilation In the
green leaf cells when exposed to light
and thnt It Is not merely a product nf
Ihe hjdrolyala of glucosldes. Peche
found evidence thnt while part nr the
prusslc arid enters Into the bulldlnc
np of glucosldes some of II I* transported In a labile form, probably In
lens* combination with a tannin, snd
bi stored np In various tissues ss s re
serve food.-K'atnra.
The lerly Trusts.
Trnats were sometimes dealt wllb
summarily IB old Knalaod.' for In
stance, the records of tb* Brewers
company show that "on Uonday. July
SO, 142-2, nobert Cblchele, th* mayer of
T.*ndon. seel for th* mssters and
twelve of the most worthy of our company to appear at Ihe guildhall fnr
selling dear ale. Aftw ninth rttapute
alwnt the price and qtinnllty nf malt,
when-lii Whlt.vnelone. the late mavor.
declared thai Ihe brewer* had ridden
Inln ihi- country and fur^stnllcd Ibe
mall, pi raise Its prici'. they wer* ron
Tlcti'il In thn penalty nf ��31. which
iihlci'tliiL- tn I he iiuisti-r" wem nrdnred
tn lie kcpl in prison In thn chnmls.-r
llllll'* custody until thev should pay It
nr lliul si-i-tirlly fnr thn payment there
A Quaint Inn Sign,
Al Knifed In l-'.ssns. Kimlnnd. Ihem
Is a beer house with the straiten slat!
���if Iltn IV hls nnd I'ldgnt, limulr)
elhtind the fm-l Ihnt the hnuse wns
built ninuv venrs ti��o bv n mini nlm
w-iis n W'hli; in his political opinions
llls'nnl'jhliors ni*n mviirrind hint as a
"lldgnty" mail: hewn when llm hnusn
wus opened the people nf llm perish.
tin vine reirnrd In lis owner's peculiar
Ulna, niinieil It llm Whin and fidget.
otherwise the Kldd-ly Whig
Wife idurltiK llm tirri-l hnvn suffered even citjiiiiilly Unit enn befall a
woman. Ilitahiiiul tcnlmlyi-Oh. no.
vmi haven't, my dear Von hnvn never
been a wlilnw. Wife-Yon evidently
don't iiiiilcisiiiiiit me. I mild "entnni
Ity -
No N**<S Fur �� L**d*r.
The KIH'let.V reporter* III Wll VH speak
of ii hrliln benn- --leil In llm nlbir" pisi
ns thnntili n bride couldn't tlml her own
wny there blindfolded - Philadelphia
link follows the hopeful; III luck, th*
leiirful.   I'.erinuii Proverb
Shows Abandoned.
I^rnrton, Dec. 10.���All the usual
atock slinws which attract such shows
durinn the Chrlstmaa week ln England, have been abandoned as a remiit.
of tb* outbreak ot foot and mouth
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it. piMiflnsnpKi
. .^.m^A*l-t**p*<tSH.<
., .. ,    ko'don, Dec. 10.      jour franchise may be terminated  by
w�� ' ���" T.T' 5fn,r1,meet"lg held purchase on 'air terma in 919! In
here a llnal dividend on the de particular wo own tranchesirPoint
ferred atock. at the fate of 8 per cent. Grey and S^uth Vancouver wheh^ave
?�� teSftwST4 W11,Ch m?H 8tl�� 37 years to runT!orethese mu
^1.^ L5.!���?"---..0? .th0   wholc j "'c'P^' �� have their flrat option   to
j purchase. At the end cf 37 years these
inately 'i% per cent, the actual amount
of cash capital expended on the onier
prise being 34 million nine hundrM
and seventy-six thousand, nine hun
dred and ninety dollara, and the total
amount paid out in interest and dividends being $1,467,190. .It Is some
times thought th^t the B. C. Electric
l\allw��y Co. is paying Its shareholders
8 oer cent per annum on the money.
This Is not tbe case. Only the deferred capital which is less than one-
seventh, of the  whole.
options occur at intervals of 10 years
In South Vancouver and Koint Grey
and In the case of old Vancouver at
intervals of five years after 1919.   '
These franchises constitute thc
guarantee on the strength of which
we have Invested your money. Your
Directors are satisfied tbat they sufficiently protect the future. We have
not Initiated any steps to get them
changed, nor bave we aaked for further advantages.
a very much lower rate, as almost the
whole rf the deferred stock has been
aubscr'bed at a large cash premium.
ThyB for every $100 of deferred stoc
t.m.'.mA A���mtm-"��!.'��'7m'.', 77*777.7. "ItWT"" 1I commercial advantages which acci-u
1     w 1*   ���mT�� Vf?   i *m,of\to great cities, and lt was-thought by
caali has been paid Into the treasurv | ������������ _���_Ji- 1- ���*.- .--.-....   *���   -- ������
Over fourteen million dollars  of df'
bent'tre stoe'r. for whlcji 100 per cent.
bas been paid Into the treasury, only
yields 4V4 per cent.
Mr. P   M. Horne Payne, the chairman, said:
I jtd'i's and Gentlemen���We have endeavored (o make the report and ac
counts clear to everyone, and nothing
occurs to me In connection with them
that requires further explanation.
They record another aatlsfactory year
ln the history of the company,
v I airf verv pleased to be able to tell
you that our two hydro-electric install
atlons which have been so long undei
construct1���, and wbich have Involved]
the expenditure of each large amounts
of capital, are beginning to earn
money. In February last the first
unit at Jordan river waa put into operation, and it has successfully delivered power into the City of Victoria
ever since with satisfactory results to
tho earnings of the Victoria branch.
The second nnlt was alao completed
successfully about a fortnight ago, and
we have commenced the work of increasing the water storage capacity, In
accordance with the original planj, a,.
that we may be' able to gradually In
crease "tbe electrical development unit
by unit to its' utlmate capacity cf
about 45,000 H. P. Thus we-are providing In advance for the Increasing
demand for power in Victoria and the
surrounding districts where  lt seems
nent stability as an enterprise ls on
tlrely unaffected by the failure of tht
negotiations.   Our position briefly is:
The City of Vancouver can  purchase
ln 1919 our lines within the  original
limits of the city (excluding our inter
urban lines), and   no   more.     These
l'nes comprise only a very small portion of our 280 miles of railway.     In
the districts .recently annexed to thi
city, our railway franchises   cover   i
long period, and In South  Vancouvc
and Point Grny our franchises, I hav
already mentioned, have at least 3"
years to run.   Accordingly, if Vancouver exercises Its option to purchase lr.
1919, people traveling between th" out
lying suburbs and the centre of ***���
city must pay a double fare.   I think
thla is likely to be so objectionable ti
the people and so injurious to the b'ts*
nesi Interests of Vancouver, that thi
option to purchase In 1919 will not b   I
exercised, and that we  will  contlnni
to operate as at   present  throughon'
the cltv and surrounding areas for ai
other 37 vears, when South   Vancoi,
ver and Point Grey will have   the1,
f'rat option to purchase.   Our llghtlm
and power business Is not touohed It
any way by these negotlat'ons.
fn the ordinary course I should clos
my remarks at this point, but I fee'
that It Is due to the management ant
to the company Itself to make some re
ply to some of the misleading stit<-
ments which have been n'-J>UshPd  b"
_^^_^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^_^^_ various people in their efforts to cud
Bome people to be desirable to at the jsel ua into accepting impossible terms
same lime    consolidate    cur railwav | It has been alleged against the com
franchises within the three Municipal!' I Pany that it has not shown energy anc
tiea so that we may operate under the , enterprise in providing for J^e r��q*iire
ceive Bj.irc^^t.rbTricSy'receWe | J*J*M. %>*��-* deB-,re_ ��"
sprung up in Vancouver and Point
Grey and South Vancouver to consolidate the three.Into one great olty,
thereby   securing  the  financial   and
-_<, "^rdiitlons and charge the Bame
fares throughout the new city.
We were first approached by the
City Council of Vancouver on this sub
Ject some three years ago, and we had
every desire to meet the wishes of the
ments of the cities and Slstricts I
serves, and that It Is grinding untoh'
wealth cit of the public. The truth 1
that no city or district on the Amer'
can continent���I siy tMs dellberatel"
and witb fail ci'is'deratlon���has eve
people fairly and even"generousl�� but | bee�� sojiplend<dH nr had Its Intern;
we were compelled to break off fhe
negotiation*-because we found thit th
opportunity was being taken to put
forward a number of evtravagant de
mands upen your Company, We cduld
not concede these demandv as, had
wn done bo, wo should have beea un
nble to f'n&nce, and .should actually
haro landed the Company In bank
mptcy, and we found that In refusing
them we were making enem'e.s who
intentionally or unintentionally published statements which were utterly
misleading���some of them grotesquely
untrue���to the detriment of our bu3l
ness. On two subsequent occasions
we have been approached bv tho c'tv
authorities and Induced to reopen and
to carry on exceedingly lengthy ne
relations, but each, time we hav;
been compelled to withdraw fcr thi
scne reasons and at last wc had tc
decline to again d'scuas the s lb-etiv
few weeks
so much advarced btf  any   compan'
and for so small a profit.
The prosperity cf Vancouver has t
a very large extent been created b
the enterprise of ycur company durin.
the last ten years.
I wlll give you facts ln support c
this. In fourteen years wo have grow
from notblng to be the largest elec
trlcal enterprise in the British Em
pire, with possibly ono exception. Wi
have expended $36.000.0n0 cf cash u
to the present, and In order to ralst
Ihat sum we' have had to keep British
Columbia and its resources constant!
before the investors of Great Britnlr
n"d ha-je advertised the progress o
thc country day in and day out. an'
ne have been and are st'll tho great
est mfans of attract'ng Britisli cap'
tal tn every class" of enterprise in tht
' rovince. As one result, we have now
9000 stockholders.
A nugh. but fa'rly^   reliable esvm
There Is no method" of  distributing
pr. fits other than tbat of paying dividends and interest on our stocks, and
our  accounts, audited   by two   well-
known firm* of accountants, are open
to all.   1 halve taken out the amount
of casb Invested in your enterprise ln
each xear since 1398, and the amount
paid out In dividends and interest. The
figures involved are Soo numerous tc
be read out bore, but I have had some
copies printed for your information .':
find that tn only one year,   namely
1903, have we pad more than   5 per
cent, on the capital actually employed
At  the  end. of   the   past yea-^ th<
amount of capital Involved was "$34.
976,990, and the amount pad out, ln
eluding the dividend which   you   ar'
."trrtl to declare  todav.   will   be   $1
457,190,dr say 4% per cent, on tbe ac
tual csh invested.
I think that none of the Vancouvei
gentlemen, whose property ha'
doubled and trebled In value dirt"
the last few years largely through (hi
fforts and enterprise cf your company, or of those who are lendlnr
thcir money on mortgage at from C
per cent, to 8 oer cent, will again siy
tbat our profits are too li'gh. The
fact Ib that you are entitled to recelvt
a higher return on your money that'
���nn have In the past, and I think thai
ln due course, as conditions In Rritlsl
nrl'mbia become more settled, you
wlll receive It.
In conclusion, I would like to say
that your enterprise has been care
fullv and jiaHently built up in a con
servative and thoroughly sound wav
ind that "m-r investment Is in the
opinion of the Directors tin absolute!'
safe one. and that we bel'ev<> the sue
iess of the Ccmnany Is absolutely as
sured tor many years to come.
The chairman's report and accoun'
���vi-re unanimously adopted and the re
'ring directors were re-elected.
In dlscuss'ng the chairman's speec'
i shareholder expressed the hope tba'.
he proportionately high working ex
enses would be reduced by the opera
ion of the new power plant, a3   thc
previous Iqw earnings on the capita
investment  were entirely  unsatistac
tory.    '
A few weeks ano we recs'ved - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
written proposal from a commute-- ;ate the Companv has Itself eTnence
composed   of  representatives  of   the | In- wnees since 1('98 $14 430 000.00. no'
     councils of  the  three  munlc'nalltles.   Including contractors'  -wages.   Durin-
probable that trade of all aorta, aad iThfl '"ms of this proposal being roa ,the rast year alone we have s"ent or
our business, will increase rapidly. i "enable we accepted It, b.it were It no' |mrit��rand revenue accounts $12,564
Our great Hydro-electric development |,hB' we ,,ave d����lred to avoid the ap->717. of .wh'ch $674,638 represents Ba!
ait Lake Coquitlam and Lake Buntzen |pearance of unreasonably stand ng In
Is described at some length In tbe An- i "><��� �� ay of the development of the o-t��
ntial Report. The completlon-of tbls ���**!.* the wishes of Uie citizens. I do no'
mighty and eodUy enterprise is now (think that we ahonld have acenotel It
well within sight, and I think It Is safe  Th'' ""���""�� Included the consollditlon
of our franchises In these three mu-
to say that lt wiU not oaly be one cf \<*t our��� l
the   greatest   developments    la   lie  ��� _,_J '
world, but also one of tbe most satis
factory from the standpoint of producing clieau powor and Of requiring comparatively little expense for up-keep
and .maintenance.     Wc should  hav
es Into ore franchise   lor  a
aries cf the local otflclala and staff
and $3 676,720, the wages ot otlier em
ployees, leaving I8.21S.H59, a large pro
portion ot which .represent* wages
paid by contractors \vcr.ihis fbr th*
The total number Of employees o
oi pomr in�� \7*s"^m be obtain
$��ower Company. �� ��"*"SB!,'wi
rd chcaoly enough. J*�� "�����; ���"��
thoroughly diww*>J2J5X hrt
rcsentatlves of tto tJO �����"��~d from
unfortunately tto g*J���o^��
was not ��ec?P*|^" Vlcrward bv
and a ��������*��^J?L;��aoeepts<l
your Directors *M *L*",!Scom.
by the Westem^Cato*" T^m on
pany.   Tb*t ls Ml tSSf* �� �� �����'
the subject "    BtWrtl*tl<>n*
With rawed W ��*���!*�� n^^
which have b��cn,'?22?aKirsiitborl
,aicr. between ^JjBjKrwMM*
tiea of VancourafJWllwf Tto*w*
'"" ";'\:r',hit u iEbt ��m *****
covered bv wnai u^*TzU^a Great*''
city and.whlofc m*rtoojM���� ^Bf.
Vsncouver. Is for/ftjUlls*!gJ^J)j^,t
poses divided ^.ftJlToSySl*
t.-s    of Vancouver. P*m   un.
couver orlirlnally ^"KJJ.iffen Bt*
lively small ^ ���Mfjfii* .'*��
tended In wc*ntJ^^���rastinifr
nreas formerlyJ^S^sJ^m. rrtnr
Townslta and ^SXtaBSSStSsmstttm
Gnmpany owns ^^xJ^n*j and
It to carry on '"^JT'^Stotont th*
electric power tosmi",*^rMualclna'
whole of the .��to*MJ��2�� wm*'
aroas, as well ^J,vjHBw!o|':y��i "
tricts. for very l����>if **��r oSidlWe*
Your Company ����f��� ,J?MectHe
aulhorlilng It ,to "WifflL'ffllJriodi ef
railway business UP ""J^., ���f lhe
years throughout *J# *3f|ftrtidg.
ehovement "ned *���f*t...i.il got the
period ol twenty-five yesrs and 5-cent the company's payroll at Jupe 31, 1M12
fares throughout their area, an ' in-; was 6660, and the estimated numller o
crease In th.e percentage oa the ra'l- 'employees paid through contraoiort
way earnings n'ayable to tbe cur. and ; was 2'50p, snaking a total of 8160 cm
-um *.,.m....~..m..ma.. the retention for five years of certain [ployees in the service.   Aasum.ns  ai
been dcr.ving aome of tbe SeattH of ; cheap tickets, a privilege which ws average number of persons dependen.
the increased storage during the past i hai decided to withdraw ln conse- cn each wage-earner as two we have ,
���.m.h k����� far ��he mtt iltja v in thc <inenco of Increas'ng e penses tf every I total number of persons maintained b
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the British Columbia Electric Railwa
In Vancouver, This wodld bave in -Company directly and through Its co
volved a considerable financial aacri- Itraofors, of 24,480 ��r 11 per cent, o
fiee to tho Company during the  next (he to'.SU population Served by ths com
At the ead of 1RSS sue had 49 mile
of track, today we bave over 2S0. Ii
1S98 we had 2000 H. P. available, tt
day we have MW.090 H. P. In 1898 w-
vvere opcratfng 1* passenger cars, n
1908 we had 71, in 1909 ��/, in 191
128. in 1911 Z40, and today we own o
have under contract for prompt dslii
ery 369 passenger ears.
It may be that .jthe service that wi
orovldcd In t'^e early pfcrt of last yea
seemed to tto Vancouver public to la
behind the IncttrM'ng demands of tra-
fc.   There were unavoidable cauat
for this, among them the large araou'
of relieving work undertaken  by th
i'ty, whloh dislocated traff'r 'n Jrni
*r five places at oneo fhnaugbottt th
/ear. and the fact that a certain firm
��ere six mcnth�� late In delivering co
'rames, but, ln the main, lt was due tt
���he  unexampled   and   ntvprecedtfnte  ;
growth of huslnen ln*BrtWah  Coliim
bia. .. *������    .*    ptff*      *)*
We foresa-.T great prosperity, but *' i
ponld not foresee  that onr hnslnes^
was going to Increaae SB per eent. I-
six months, aad oa the abo"* facts
���hallenge any companv hi the worlt'
tn show an equal record ot effort am
We have kept, well ahead of devel
opments by bulld'ng lines Into terr!
fn.f!es pr-ict'cslly unsettled when w
first went there, with the Ofciettt r
bu'ldinr? np, these d'strlcts. Vta rr
tc'ay giving a splendid servlee on ��ev
>nl llrps which do not even pav op
orating ctenses. We have at emot
���"ous ran'tal oat and at onne'derab'
risk, built up an enterprise tn Vs*i*ov
fbr. of which a town or d'strlet thr*
times the sire need net to ashnmc
and In doing so we have been ��� th
means of Putting much monev int" th
prmV^s ef thousands of wage-**T��r
ind (if all the land owners In th* fl!"
���rftvt. At th* j��re��rt moment w**ha-
ixtenrve deV��16'nm*nt pla^s ��i��*<*.
nut. vh\t*t*i will b"ief;t nil concern**!
and I .would appeal to the eommoi
aeuqe Af B^itlfiV Colitmb'ans In the!-
"wn interests to eaalsl ti* In ever
nnsn'M* scat In *hair riarer apd ;*���
ritrnronslv n**t. dorrn ell suoh unros
'nn'rc on"osltlon lour rltns <����.^">
'���nnntlr raised tp connection wltii th'
I'r,!-. .'trev friuchll"".
V't', re"""^ to   fhe npiflts   wh'cV
w* hare made, ther*   Is,to' aecrot
month but for the great delay in'thu qm noo
xnanufactura of electrical machinery, duscrl itic ti in the Knllwav Departmen
(���wing to strikes In thla country. Youi
Directors ordered thla snaskinery so
weB ia advance that lt seamed lni pus
sible that it would not be Ttatfiy and
would not be delivered In time to assist tn carrying the present winter
In addittati to thtae great engineering umi.-rtiking*, the compaay baa
coastraeled new line* of railway in
many directions, and tos carried out
impnoveaseats oa Its old ltaes. to meet
this demands of traffic, aad It has
greatly extended Ita light aad power
ayatem. This wofV eanaot be. de-
eeribed la detail, but It bas tamrtved
large eapevdlture and a vast amount
of thougnt and planning aad vork to
yonr Managjranent and also to your
There are two matters In eonnec
tlon with the Company's affair* whieh
have reedved a great deal of publicity
In the Press, both lo thl* country and
tn Canada, on wbleh you wm expect {
me to gltt you some Information, and
1 proooac (mtxaavata* an year t'me
*hW��rT dM wKh them -at aome
length. H. bas been stated that your
t'omrany has entered Into a subtract
for the purchase ef power from the
Western Canada Power Company. The
forts are that tto General Manager of
the Western Canada Power Compan;
approached your Director* In an entirely businesslike and oourteons way.
to ascertain vrtiettor your Compan;
would be prepared to purchaae power
from his Company., TOUr Directors
came to the etmdtaston that although
the works at Lato Coquitlam will su*
ply all the power w* shall heed tor
aeveral years to tmatajlt ynMt to
wise to secure ah sttsisattve supp y
of power from tha Waitsrn Canada
svitli theeirecutloB t
extended, City ot
seven years and we also.propOeed ti
g ve up the last twelve yeai-* of ou
franchises In Point Orey and'"South
Vancouver, and It is these last twelve
years of the franchises -which will b.
b.- f'ir the most valuable years to us
On the other band we would have
gained a further eighteen "year* In th
old cltv, which would have ensbled u
to better centralize on Vancouver our
plans for the development ot the sur
rounding districts, and have gained
some other-advantages. It ls evei
aet mite certain that we would hav
actually gained a full eighteen year,
ln th* city, for if la by no means cor
tain tbat Vancouver, will be able Ir
1919 to raise the very large sum of
money necessary to buy out thc ra'l
way and Its appurtenances, even with
'n the old citv limits, or If able to d
so. wlll be willing tp cripple herself
and postpono all othgr Muntoipsjl de
relopltienla for severfB��years by dotes
ap... -, ��� '. - ���%,:���. .*. ' "* Sv '
���The committee referred to repre
sentVg the throe municipalities in du<
course reported to tbe Vancouver Clf
Counc'l unanimously recommend n
their irroiosilB and request'ni< tbem t
bo laid before the ratepayers,'but to
their astonishment and to that- ot
evr.rtbcdy concerned, the ooupc'l d't"
not approve of the arrangements and
summarily rejected a moC'.u to in
struct the City Solicitor to prepare ,.
by-law tor submission to tbe people
This closed the matter. 1 think tbe
oompany Is directly the gainer, but i
nevertheless regret the decision of the
council aa all.that bonef-ts Vancouver
benefit* us. and tbe advantage* of the
arrangement to the olty were. In my
opinion very grant A single trans'
portatlon system, giving a universal
fare over the whole of the united mu
nlclpalltles. would do mucb to consol
dato their Interests and *~ **.}i to e��
tabt'sh Creator Vanoouver in tha eye t
f the world as One of the greatest
seancrls of the Hmplre. ��� Repeatedly
daring th* laat three years we, haw-
met Uie advance* of the nltr mor"
than half wav In thl* matter of franchise rtmsolldatlon and If we r*fti��e t
reopen th* ��u**t!on aga'n we canno*
he Sen''*��d of standing In the way i"
tto sltv's progr***, As 1 have *n't*
a* d**li*d to we*t tho wish** ttt tho
s'tl'sn* and ��nne*d*d ns much as
imild b* safely aoncede*  Our perm".
The figures above referred to:   .
Expended dirlug   Total Caitta!
WOO .... ....
1907,. ���
year aiding
to date.
Jum* $0.
... ....   .411,7*0
...<... 1,3$*,185
... 1,148,605
....... l.l����,7*5
.;; ...: fl.62T.705
Imtrammkr * nd"
. Dividend*
$ 63;e65
���    187,770
, 164.496
' 114.090
on capital
Th*y Ar* Usually Pur* White With a
Psculiar Glow.
At we all know, tbere are both day
blooming nnd nlgbt blooming flowers.
Tbe former are generally decked In
red. blue, yellow or purple and bar*
lines, spots or markings on tbeir petals
which often act a* golda* tu the nectaries wblcb are visited by tlie beea
and butterflies.
The night blooming flowers, on tb*
other hand. Invite the vlsiis ot moths
ar otber nlgbt flying Insects and therefor* have recourse to something like
Ibe tasks of tbe tin-flies aud the glowworms. Tliey are usually pure white
and bave such a peculiar texture tbat
tbey aeein to glow with Internal light
In tbe dim shades ot evening.
At times yon might almost fancy
thnt they were stained by nnture with
some forerunner of luminous paint so
clen rly.de llwji reiki* every visible ray
of the faint twlllubt Tbey thus succeed tu cinching the eyes of the moths,
which, of course, are modified especially for perceiving and receiving tbe
slight stimulus of tbe dunk and gloaui- I
[..lng:   _
Hut the nncturnnl flowers bnve no
line* or ��|inls. lMi-nii.se these Inst could
never lie. perceived In lh* dim gloom
nf Ihe evening. They mnke np for It
however, hy being very benrlly scented. Indeed, almiwf all the strong
whit* Bower*.'which *re nnoh favor
He* wltb florlKts. such a* Jasmine.
tulM-rose. gardenia, stejihiihotlx. serein
��n<l syrliigii;'ti-hlrb liplniig tn the night
blossoming plants, pre raiHi-htlly adapted tri attract the senses ��f ivitiewl nnc-
titrnitl.lnsecta-St Louis lilolie Detuo-
'  i i
Lincoln's  Rnpens*  t*  Hi*  Brother's
-      Request Per 1 Lean.
Abrabaiu I.lucolu's k��mI sen** 1*
witnessed by alnurd every art of bl*
llf*. - HI* sound vlfrw* on. ludlacrlml
uiile charity and tb* bent uieiini ol
eiKDtffaglb'rt tinifl and' IndiMry art
shown by the rollwwing letter to un*
of bl* brothers:
"Dear Johnson -Vour request fol
$su I do nut think It best to comply
with now. At tb* various tlibe*
when I lmve ln-l|M-d you a little you
have wild tu iue. 'We can get uluug
very well nuiv,' but in a very nhurt
tlm* I nml yon lo the sain* difficulty
���gain. Xuw, Ibis can unly happen by
���ume dvfis* In your iiimliii*��-whiil
Hint defect I* I think I kuow; yon sr*
not Inat'. mid sllll >������� arv an hilar * * *
"\mi arc now In newl uf nviue r**dy
money, and whnt I pro|Mwe Is thai yuu
should ipi ly wurk. twdb and null, Air
miuielxMl) whu will glr* yuu inouey
for It * * * snd tb��n to ��i*r�� yon
a fair mwsril fur your labor I uow
IHroiula* ymi libit fur *v*ry dullar yuu
will del iveeu thl* sud lb* flrsl of netl
May get Iur your hi hur I will tben glr*
yu*'nm> etaer dollar ������ "��� ��� Vo*
hav* nlwiiy* been kind to ni* aud I
do nut iuihii to iw unkind to yon. Oa
th* cuutrary. If yuu will follow my
���ilvht you .will Hnd It worth mon
than eight tlmw $NU to yvu. Attac
tlua��t*iy yuur brut tier.
"A. Ll.NCOLM."
-Tuuth's Couiimnlon.
Animal Ttormanwtar*.
, Crlikei. hsr* a tendency to chlr$
���yiii'brunmisly or In Mm* with on* another. . ll I* claimed that tbey chirp
miir* rapidly lu warm tban In coM
weather. Tto Incrsas* tos *v*n b*m
rnied at tnar cblrv* a mlnote for **ck
degree tto lewpsmtnr* incr**ses.    h ���
Certain anMMls sppcar to act to bn
rometent. It It said that white frogs
remain yellow nothing tot Bns wttti-
*r,may ba tiliotflcd. tot thst should
their co*U togln to sssum* a brown
bu* bqd wesHMT I* spproscblng.
A spider ***n (pinning IA web In tto
morning herald* a Ono day. If ***n
In th* evening th*n al le*��l the whol*
ef Hi* nlgbt and tto following morning
will to Iln*. 1/ M I* raining and tto
oWl arm-lie* totter VMttor .Will an-
Wagon*, Toy*.. Dolls, Christmas
NovtKiet cn First Floor.
��00 New QIH Umbrstfa* Marfcsd
at popular Prices.        *
$1.00, ta-sxi, $6.oo, sr.su, tun
Have You Visited Our
Gift Floor?
*" *
Covered With Choice Novelties in
Solid Oak Easy Chairs
$7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00
"Removable Seats" In best "CiarWTsh Leathers.'
Morris Chairs
In Early English, Colden Oak, Fumfd Oak and Mahogany.
$12.50, $15, $18, $20 and $25
In Oak and Mahogany, covered with
choice qualities of Silks, Velours and
Hand-Buffed Leathers. Five-piece suite
as per cut at $32.50. Others at $40,
$45, $50, $65, and $125 per suite.
to tto northwest quarter or Section
$$. Township IS. ln tts District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof ot the loss ef Certlfl
tats of Till* Number l$15tr. Issued
n the name of John Smith, bss boen
i*d in this oKo*.
Notice i* hereby gl��*n that-1 shall
tt the esplratloa of on* month from
to data of MM flrat publication toraot
n a dally nawspapsr published In tto
'Ity of New Westminster, Issu* ��� ��ap
Heat* of tb* aald Certlflcate, unlaa* li
he roeanttm*' valid objootloa to mad,-
o m* In writing.
C. 8. KVltH,
District Heglstrar of Title*.
Und Registry Offlse.
Now Westminster, B.C., Novetnbe
1$. 1$1$. '    ($$)
Second Hand Store
Buy and sill tow *ad   second   ban*
<o*d* of all Made.  Teals eapeelatly.
ts Hatoae* tore**.       '*   Ptone IMI
P.O. Sox $4  �� Dally N*w* flldg.
ot all kinds.
PrioM'rtglit.  toUsfaetton guaraattod
N NI*K*Ml*4L.
Billiards and Foot.
Bigg**t Md &�����]!������ * V3**
Cigar*    and.   Smoking    requisites.
WhoUskle and retail,
j. L. Duncan, Ltd.
���W Colombia it
W. H. OILLtY, Mien* 182. -      a K. OiLLCV. PPawm Sat
mtsnea, Olflc* 11 and tt.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stoc^ of COMOX GOAL
which we can recommeni for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
iVia Central Park) at 5 and 6:4$
a.m. and tary H minute* thereafter
until $ p.m., with lull hourly service
until U p.m., Inat car.at U mldnUhk
Sundaya���m $. T, 7:��. t and $:M
aaa., ragular nnrrlaa th*r*a��*r.
iVta Bnmaby) at t:46. 1:41 and 8
a.m., wttk tonrly aarrlo* until 10 pat
Ud lat* ear at ll:$�� p.m. Snadnyn���
Itrst ****��� at $ a,m.
(Via StorUi Arm and Bbnraa) at 1
a.av, wak Satuif sorrlee uattt ll p.m.
Buaday��-^Hsa$, oar at $ a.M, rtptpsst
torrle* ttor**Jt��r.
Far ��kliU��Mk and way paints at
IM aad ��1�� p.m    ppt
aad *ay polnta 4:$$ p.m.
!.$��� a,m..
ftedue*} ntan ana
B**Sf tto ttaaor Valtoy lltt*
for was* oad tttaa aatartas
all yolatn oa  tka  ��*totaa. ���
Tkkot* tar ttoaa apnotal aa-
c.rstaa* ara aa art* Qatar*
*'-***k ant Bunday. aaaStmta*
tto* aa Monday.
ansa*m toor rusms TO
fttip ii m m,M.^,;,ttmmmwa��"
���*'������������� rAGI FOUR
���;y   ,
���hed every morning ..except
to The Nattoaal Prt.tlk�� ab,<l
Co., Ltd, at thetr office
B MeKaazle Btreet, New Weetmin
ar. B C.
���088 SUTHERLAND, Manager
ImamBm Office  W��
JMtoilil Office    991
My carrier $4 par year, $1 !br three
or 40c per montli.
. $3 per   year,   or   tSo' per
totters will be published in th
i. except over the writer's' signs
m.    The editor reserves'*tWTt1gb'
��efMe the publication of any letter
dent was unavoidable.   No blame was
Attached to any one.
The remains ot Williams were shipped to Vancouver yesterday by Murchie & Son. l'he funeral will take
place there on Thursday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
Commenting on Saturday evening'*-
Pullman car holdup a Vancouvei
gaper advances the theory that the
criminal was possibly under the In
Ounce of a drug at the time, and goes
oa to statu tliat the "police would b<
dad to divide the reward offered for
hia apprehension with that person
who ean inform them tow I to cato'.i
their man.
We liave no preteneions to a plac-1
in the school of Conan IJoylo, t>iit
from reports received from the police
tot our own city and of Burnaby, it Is
intent to the least Intelligent that one
ct the most Important stop* 'which
night be expected to lead to the Capture of this or any other criminal-Was
omitted entirely. The police ln this
vicinity learned of the occurrence
from the ��� Sunday morning papers
They state that they were not 'notified
from Vancouver of the robbery of Sat
urday "night last.
In thia case, as on former occasions
a lamentable lack of co-operation be
tween the various police forces of" th'e
lower mainland is evident This par
flcular culprit escaped ln territory
with which thc Burnaby mounted
police an- perfectly familiar. On
their own initiative they took up th?
trail if it may thuu be described -
some twelve hours after the man had
Onr own city police were also on
the qui vive, but no notification was
aent them nor to the watchmen upon
the government hridge. Herein Van
coaver is to blame. _  .. ...
It baa been proven indisputably that
It. C. is proportionately* harboring
more than three times thc crimlna
pop.-I.ii ion that is borne by nny othe,
province in tho Dominion. The otil..
bright feature of this is thnt It in i
further proof of its prosperity, bit It
blackest side is Ihat while based or
the number of criminals caught, I;
takes no account of tbe very Inrg'
number who are going about unappre
Neither of theae facts are lost sight
of by the criminal population of the
Tbeir harvest Ib now due with the
dark foggy weather and Vancouver
has already experienced its beginning.
But what Vancouver in particular han
to date failed to recognize is tliat for
police purposes the whole lower main
Isnd saoifld bo considered as one ter
Tbe pruximhy of this area to the
United Stales border Is known, but
Tew steps nppeaT to have toeh-talcen
by any pollce authority whieh might
give oae an impression that this vita'
fact trreallzed. Or why la the main
artery or esoape left unguarded ?
Tbis artery Is thc govcrirtnom
bridge over tho Fraser. Unless a
fugitive crosses the river by boat or
by thp Mission bridge, he must corn-
to Westminster. No notillcaltnn of
Saturday* holdup was aent tfl th'
watchmen nf this bridge, neither Ir
adequate police provision mado there
The growth of thc whole lowei
mainland is une of the most astonish
ton things of our time, but wh'le w
are seldom slow to reap its benefits, I
certainly seems that there Ir sloth
ia appreciating and shouldering thi
responsibilities entailed.
The drowning fatality cn Sundiy
f*****ta% establishes the need for het
ter lighting on thn Surrey side of th
fcrtigr. the almost regular escapes ol
perpetrators of daring crimes on thn
mainland shows clearly.,that
Is something wrong''wtth the
police system of th^t.area.
Tbe public haB a right to be protect
a\ aad to willing to pay for 'that pro
aettasL    Surely lt Is bigh  time that
ba varVms authorities on this penin-
ala took steps to make the pr-wii'
at least as   efficient    as   a
aa the various pol'co corps nn
t ln thi Ir own respective area.-,
Te Rebuild Afietsnt   Capital   on   th*
Anniversary of II* Destruction.
Tt ti significant of lhe   commercial
spirit ol the age that al the very time
when Russians aro preparing to celebrate the centennial of Napoleon's defeat at Moscow, the French nre pre-
fiaring to rebuild the city which was
he   gr^at   religious   capital   of   the
Muscovites prior to 1812.   Thc change
Ihat has been wrought in the spirit
|Qt the world, from the day when the
\ great French general sought  to  con-
j quer the Russian) shews that instead
. ol worshiping   military genius   these
���lays. Ihe world psys homage  to  Ihe
financial  and   industrial   genius.   It
is down wiih the captain of Ihe armed' hosts and up with the captain of
For the Trcnc'i do nol propose to
rebuild Moscow as a charitable act or
as a memorial to their great general
and emperor, not a bit of it. They
arj seeking investments for their
capital. It is merely a coincidence
tlmt lhe same year that sees Russia
calehratinj the centenary of Napoleon's downfall���for thc defeat at Moscow was the beginning of his undoing
���sees also French capitalists projecting Iho rejuvenation of the ancient
city, the city where eastern and western Russia meet, the city ot almost
Oriental splendor. In a way it its
the final triumph of the French, for
thei.- great commander failed, their
capitalists nre succeeding; it fs
merely a. difference of aim. He desired to conquer nnd devastate; tliey
desire to Imild tip and -eonijuW." He
was unwelcome; they are welcome.
Tho coincidence about Moscow calls
attention to the fnct that of late year!
French capital hns' lieen seeking investment in Russia to the exclusion
of the United States. Where formerly
American recurities drew forth Krench
savings ii abundance, now lh' frugal
Gauls hold iheir funds lo buy Russian
bonds, one uf lhe recent issues of
which was oversubscribed more than
ten fimv.
Tlie project to rebuild tlie western
section of Moscow in such a manner
ns to mnke it one nf tli.1 most beautiful cities in the world was undertaken
by a group of Frepch capitalists, who
hnve pure lie ��ad Imhli'nie tracts ul Ihe
city proper., nuii are ready to improv; tliem r.s soon as Ibe Czar signs
the necessary papers. The stock lor
tl is enterprise will bo subscribed by
the French public and thus the
descendants of I hose who followed tlie
general who was t'sponsible f"r tlie
destruction o," the old city in 1*12 will
furnish the ensli Ior the rebuilding of
thp city in 10U
In many branches ot industry ihe
Russians have shown a progressive*
ness that would surprise those wlio
j have the notion Hint the grent bear
of the north is a sluggish nniiiinl. On
occasion even a benr can give n man
a cba'se. Fer example in iheir dairying, the Russians "" hnvn,. Adopten
'methods mo.-t advanced and scienlilic.
Her.-tbt-etik, Illness and Worry Hidden
by Actor's Impenetrable Mask,
6om^h<ijr.*ite seldom, if ever, associate i anything heroio with the men
snd womet^of jlh ��� stage. Froth, pettiness, itfatitertfrated egotism, a certain
flamboyant,.'..' stagy generosity���these
ara the--^fiallties which 99 persons
out of 100 consider typical of the folks
wlijo devote themselves to the interpretation ol, lfje "drahmer." OI the
smnljj amf 'Wen large accidents, illness*^, worries a d heartbreaks no
on* knows *Sve the player folk them
selves and even they will not- stand
for,a treat'deal of "sniveling." "Grin
and fieaT If,"'Seems to be nccepted
unconsciously'��s/ the motto of thc
actnijifrom humblest super to star.
'Q Shave seen," relates an old experienced actress, "a frail womnn
shiwjjthe grit of a mental Sandow
during a performance, succeeding in
almost mnkirtg her fellow-actors forget tie gainful scene we had wit-
nessefl when she read a telegram that
day b'lling of her mother's death.
She, Bas plnylhg the part of a mother
in 3lit play;! and Ihe won", 'mothet'
was An in her ears like a toiling bell
over and over again during the action
of foV&&%sThe Jaini "ndu Powder
seeiieiTTo Torm an impenetrable mask
except Willie' eyes of us who sym-
patjhiasA-oiMWOg 'been there' at some
tin* 8urselves.
"I snw,* maru so badly cut on the
stage Jn ff|duel scene that he fainted
as soon ns the curtain fell, though he
srijjpad ftfi rapier with his bleeding
hand Sun tithe, had finished thj scene
ancj, fid not relax until the curtain
reiichsil the floor.
"Number of cases con'd be quoted
of JxKnple who suffered mental and
pl,#ijal pain in shilling silence in
th.iEtieatre who, had they been out
of ftajhiess, would have succumbed to
thefrjteriof or pain. Naturally they
pltf tfr it later, but they even do that
without  'grudging the  throe.'
"Perhaps the most pitiful thing in
that jvny_ I ev.r witnessed was the
raM tf a"tift)e girl, 12 years old, Wh'n
hadi C"en singing on the Australian
stage ;seven 'years wh n her mother
took tier to England. There she soon
becslCs n 'favorite at one of the
niuiia hulls, bor mother always stationed in the wines during ber per-
forfjitifiee. The child looked off at
tl)* end of each song for ber mother's
nporoynl. for she wns teacher as well
ns blather, nnd a word of encouneee-
meat "pr ini.truetion wns always wlii---
per'd'^to h'r When sbe mnde her exit
lieTore point? rn fnr the next son?.
Onf fceht 'he child looked off '* she
wns; fjjnping nnd snw h r moth'T full.
sho'.Seiught Iter mother's eye nml wenl
ri'-'ht'pn with her work, scarcely a
quay* in her llttl" tr.ble voice.
Thcti.\ ns she broke into the dance
whicli; closed her act. she could see
her mother, a limp, helpless form h"-
in-^carried cot of the th"atre. The
mother had died, her last unspoken
COtdjmnd to the child being not to
spo:\ h-r performance."
>   " '��� ���
:P SCOTTISH    NEW3. ���
>     - *mm ���
i s. p P p P .�����������������������������
I    Mr. Jinnee, M. P., has been elected
entering into competition with dairy i   a vice-pres.dunt   cf   the   Edinburgh
inti rests   of   England    and    western   Hoss and Cromarty Association.
Kurope    most     successluilv       Kvery      The hody of Robert Chapman Dal-
week.from four to six * nee al, "h.te-     .     , ,   k reoov��red from
,i    te,     rn.ns    b'ave  Siberia    l;,ad,'dhr,  $| h      d Qm ,
i:::;:.,!" Kr,u,Lfcht.,...',;:!^>����� ^- -^��-
Kvery train consists'of from 2!l to 25! lir. Anstruthcr l.awBcn, of Glas-
refrigerator cars. The greatest fea- gow "University, has been appointed
tore of this dairy renaissance is not first occupant rf the new chair oi
the ix tensive production of butter. ( Botany' at the University of Sydney,
n't even tlie modern scientific inn- N. S.W.
chthery nnd methods that bnve been'
adopted, In ', llie selling
that has been formed by 1
Tl ese marketing corporations formed
by Ihe producers constitute the ln!e.-t
ileeelnpire ' in the art of distributing clieaply aud adequately country I ;. Lord; Hobdhery presented a Bolirt
products to con��umers with the mini-[silver mace to the "rtiwn   Council   of
Glasgow, uhlc.h has been reconstruct
the mtM?r*.
The body of Mrs. M'William,   Gar
bity,   near  Fochabera,   was  found   in
the  Spey  at the Chapel   Farm,   two
miles from her home.    She was the
i wife of a well-known stock breeder.
to con��umers with th
m it 111 delay  an I   the   minimum   cost
f' - middlemen and   other selling  ex-
P inset.
So. while the Russians are bunting
i ' nil tbe vivid Vere-tohnu'in pictures
of the Napoleonic campaign In tlieir
count.y, the Fr.nch are preparing lor
a now Invasion, this time one with
Iheir francs not tlieir mills and one
which will not arouse tbe opposition
of the natives.
Fighting the Current.
Capon has swilt streams well stocked with lish. Au explorer 'tells nl
1'apuan fresh wster mullet which
iomotllUM weigh ns much U lilteen
pounds. "These lish nre wonderfully
provided by nature with nn appliance
whieh helps them to couibnt the ex-
tiaordlnary currents. At one moment
ynu will sec them being swept down
resist 1*411$, but suddenly they (limit
off into the quieter wnter and nttnch
themselves to the rocks liv a strong
sucker near the mouth. There tliey
hnrg just outside the current, their
tolls moving g*ntly with it. nnd when
they have recovered, their itrfUuttj
they make another dash fliraugll the
iwllter waters."
Th* Sardinians.
Sardi la wns a wild | Ince iu lhe
middle nl the last century. A traveler
says: "The men nre clothed iu gnat
skin-, one In fore and another behind,
without Ineohespshoes ir StncklilKS,
and a wni'l in or s! in cap on the head
The Women have on other hahiliiiifiiL>
than a long woolen gowfl and >t worleu
rap. The pensnnls always gn armel
to debrid themselves Iri i one an
other, so that traveling in the inlet
;or is extremely unsafe without an
escort, sn<l it is even ilingemus lor
ships U) send Iheir |>cii|.le nil slinre
for water unless t'ley nre well armed
In Ctnrt, the Sardes are the Malays
n! t.TT: Mediterranean."
ijft verdict of accidental  doatli was
by the coroner'n jury at the
, beld upon the body of George
who  died  as thc  result of
received when struck by an
ir near Royal    Oak   on
' *g*i*i laquest waa held yesterday, Dr.
.tm. MeQUMTle presiding.    Evidence
I gfrem lo fhe eifect that    it   wan
at Ae time and the acci-
Tree Snak-�� ol Borneo.
The llyii g frogs nf the Malays ��p
pear lu liu mythical, but the Iret
pttiskc* ii| Untlico are ered,led (villi
IliKlntj llyiiu haps from the bnityhs nl
tl.e- tu toe en unit It is Innn,I that
sckh'S mi Ihe Inwer part ol the body
may lie drawn inward so thut the
whole lower surface becomes concave.
The resistance to the air is thus greatly increased, nnd experiments iunicnte
ihit the snake- do not lull in writhing
coil", but nre let down gently in a
direct line by the pnraeliute-like action  it their peculiar bodies.
Eat Lots of Cocoanut*.
The   natives   ol   Ceylon   cat  about
tJOOOJOQQ cocoanuls every day.
ed oa an enlarged basis owing to the
extension'of the municipal boundaries
Mr3. Ann Wright, sixty, of Luetics
died by being.choked with a piece of
meat. She waa sitting at breakfast
partaking of stewed beef, when a
piece Stuck- in her gullet, and she died
before -rncdielil aid arrived.
The body of Ale-ander M'Doiigall.
palrttef. who lost hl3 life ln the Lev-
en at Alexandria, while attempting to
save the life cf a little girl, was recovered ln tl'e river ln shallow watei
above Cordal? Point, Renton.
Mrs. M:l)ar. a centenarian, has d'ed
at.. Ui^h Auehinleck Farm. She was
tiVTiter* !|0M|l year and was born in
Balfrbn. When on! ' sixteen years ot
age she went to Klniac lm. and has
heen^refcldert In the district since.
Mrs. George Spencer, a daughter-in-
law of' Chfirlcs Spence, the Oowrle
poet,1 'died In her elght'oth year. It
was she who tended tho somewhat
eccentric poet during his decl'nlng
vears flpd collected hls poems for pub
The Edinburgh Corporation Mu-
scion has been enriched by the pre
sftntathm to It of two letton written
by Sir Walter Scott, the quill the
groat novelist used, a loc'i of his ha'r.
and a box cf paints with portrait of
Sir Walter on the Ild.
A married woman named Brown
found a postal order In the atreet al
lilalrffoVrie. Instead of reporting the
matter, she defaced the name and
presented lt for payment at the post
office. She was detected and f ned 2s
lid q,t, the pellco court.
Aoolit'15(fl) merino workers, mostly
girls, were temporarily thrown out ot
work by tho bursting al flreenock of
a water main. 42 inches In diameter
which rtippjiod Messrs. Fleming. Reid
and 'Crf.'S -mill. The water flooded
houses and tore up the roadway.
Ceitnln and Mrs. Iti b"rt Macf'o r'
Rothesay celebra 1 their d.antond
veeiT'tln^. Both are nuti^ei of fin"
town and v.'orc mari-ii 1 t.h<ve on Niv
2, 1Sr,2,''��V thfi Hev. Alejit<d'?r M'Br'i
and have mado thoir home ln tab
coast town ever since?
The Edinburgh Town Council
unanimously adopted the rncommen-
datlottfrom the Tramway Committeo
that the Council should resolve that
tbey dial) , .em solves undertake the
working, ol the tramway system on
the Oxplry of thn present lease of Ihe
trainways to the. Edinburgh and District Tramway Company, Ltd.
Some strong remarks regarding tho
position of tho territorial wore made
Make the Christmas of 1912 a happy one by freeing yourself from the
rent bogey. Get yourself a home; be your own landlord. I can help you
do it with one of these choice houses, selling on terms just as easy as rent.,
Each one of these places is close in, close enough for you to walk down
to business and get back for lunch.
$20 Per Month
For Easy Payments
Modern five room cottage, just
built, full sized cement basement,
piped for furnace, wired for electric light with chandeliers, etc.
installed. Faces on Dublin street,
between Eighth and Yen*h streets
and only two and one-half blocks
frbm carline, school and park.
$150 cash, balance $20 per
month.   Price $3000.
Five room modern house on lot
33 x 148J/2 feet, close to Fourth
street and Seventh avenue; full
sized cement basement, fireplace,
piped for furnace, etc. Price
$2800; $800 casb, and the bai.
ance easy.
Only $2730
Pay Just Like Rent
New six room house, all modern
with full sized basement, wood
floor; panelled walls, beamed ceiling, electric fixtures installed,
piped for furnace, etc; close to
car, school, park, etc Sewer con- *
nee tions, lane at rear; three bedrooms with clothes closets; large
parlor, dining room and kitchen,
with pantry bath room and hall.
Price $3150; $150 cash, balance
easy monthly payments.
New five room house, modem,
with full sized cement basement;
piped for furnace;' lot-33 x 100
feet; two blocks to carline, half a
block to school; connected to
sewer, cement. walk around
house. Price $2730; terms $600
cash and the balance easy.
$000 Cash On This
Five room modern house, facing on Cornwall street close in;
lot 33 x 132 feet facing on two
streets. Price for immediate sale
$3000; $600 cash, balance to
Close To School
Fine View Here
, New six room house, one story
and a half, faces on Seventh ave.
neat Sixth ttreet carline, large
v��mbi M 33 x 132 feet; close
to school and park; tewerconnec--
tioiir Price for immediate sale
$2950; terms $500 cash, balance
as rent.
Five room modem house, close
to Fifth avenue and Twelfth Sts.,
on lot 33 x 140 feet, lane at rear.
This house commands a fine view
of the Fraser river and Lulu
Island, etc., and can be had for
$2550, on terms of $650 cash
and the balance easy payments.
614 Columbia Street
,  .
Phones 1090 and 1091
at the gathering at Anstruther by
Captain Murray. He thought they
were worse off liTKife than anywhere else. When ln camp they found
other battalions dressed In the kilts,
but they, with their old khaki outfits.
were known derisively as the
"Drown Bugs."   .
The death has occurred at Brunt-
land Park, Whitetairns, Aberdeensh're
of Mrs. Catherine Adams, widow of
William Oownte, farnjer, at the age of
100 yeara. Mrs. Oownle had been
bedridden for thirty years owing to
an accident, but she retained < her
senses to the last. She is survived by
one son, three daughters, and forty-
rive grandchildren.
There has juat retired after an active llfn of hard and honest toil one
of Wink's most respected tradesmen
In the I erson of William Uremner.
blacVstnlth, who has gone with hla
wife, to srend the evening of his daya
In the pleasant, little town of Brora.
Mr. Bremner waa apprenticed to the
trade Ot sm'th when he was nine years
of age, and was 50 years at the forge.
Information haa reached Cnmbus
lang that the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Bums, had been killed ln the Un'ted
States. He was working In Detroit
on the new chimney cf an immense
building. With two others he had
clambered aboard an (levator for Oe
scent, when the cable snamied and the
elevator and men fell lo th'e basement
from a height of 135 feet.   They ware
terribly mutilated.
At a meeting Ot Wick l'arish Conn*
cil it wu freely admitted that there
were numerous instances of tinkers
entering tha bonds of connubial telle
ity without going .through' any legal
ceremony. The'Inspector of Poor related a oaae where he had endeavored
to persuade a female tinker to (get officially married to the man of her
choice. But she said, "Na, I want to
leave him when I like!*'
A well-known Itinerant amusement
cateiyr passed away In the peraon of
James Gambit, whb died on the showground after a long lllneaB. Mr. Gamble was in his sixty-fourth year, and
a native of York. He had traveled all
over tbe United Kingdom, but was
widely known ln Forfarshire, and
Perthshire. He had a long connection with Masonic Lodge 309, Forfar,
and was an enthusiastic member of
the craft.
Mr. and Mrs. Klllln, Renfrew, who
were married In 1862, have, just celebrated their golden wedding. At thc
time of their marriage the couple took
up house in Renfrew, and have remained there ever since. Mr. Klllln,
who was tortv-flve years an engineer
In the employment of the Clvde
Trust, Is a native of Mauchllne and a
grand-nephew of Robert Burns, the
poet. Jean Armour and Mr. Klllln's
grandmother were sisters.
Bank of Vancouver
A general banting business transacted, draft! aad letters uf credit
sold payable In all paris of llie world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
,     ,   , ���_^^_
The White House
No. 488���Klght roomed house, modern, on First street, close to
Royal avenue and queens park; site ot lot Mxl3f. Prion
$7000.00; one-third cash, balance 6, 13, 18 and, 2* months.
No. 485- New sli roomed houae on Oak street, modern,   Price 13409;
1 |275 cash, balance $46 per month, Including Interact on loan.
No. 484-
-New flve roomed bungalow on Sixth atreet, between Bighth
and Tenth avenues; size of lot 50x150; all eleated. Cherry
trees.   Prioe $8300;  $700 cash, balance over SO months.
Three roomed house cn Dublin street; large lot, all .cleared,
and all klnda of small fruits, chicken house and yard. Price
$1850; one-guarter caah, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
472���Six roomed house on Hamilton street, eloae to Sixth street
car line; large lot.   Price $2860; $260 cash, balance
No. 470���New six roomod house; flre place, furnace; lot Is all cleared; cement floor In basement; close to car. Price $3700;
$1000 cash, balance to arrange,
451 Columbia Street
PHONE 669 sam
��� m"
���'���    "MMM
1. ���' '-  -  :-" ���'
ma.. *****m
���Cupholdsri Downed by Lack of Combination���Big Crowd tees Thrilling Gams��� Score 7-2.
���  Mccarty wins in
sixteenth round
Lack of practice and combination
���on th'e paft ot tbe Paterson cuphold
era lost them the flrst game of the
coast hockey season which was played
on the Vancouver rink last evening.
the Terminal City septette piling up
the big score of 7-2.
The contest was purely one of in
. diriduallsm'versus combination   and
Frank Patrick and hla   merry bunch
. Just romped home with the hacon4
Although the score Indicates a loosa
game on tbo part of New Westminster, the contest for an opener waa a
thriller from start to finish and the
-crowd, estimated to be between live
and six thousand, simply went wild
when either of the two teama started
Tbe flrst period opened with a
rush, Vancouver getting the puck past
Lehman twice before the gong sound
Westminster came back In the second and Jimmy Gardner engineered a
pretty run which ended ln tbe captain
notching the flrat point. It waS'only a
short spasm, however, for Cyclone
Taylor next got an easy goal past two
of the defence players.
Vancouver came through with a
Vengeance ln the laat quajter, scoring
ao leaa than four goals.
Of these Kendall, the former amateur, obtained a couple, while old HI
Griffls broke Into the scoring column
by going up the Ice all by his lonesome.. Charlie Tobin added the second fbr the Royals close on time.
For-the victors Taylor and Parr out-
fhone. The latter, between the nets,
was brilliant, although at times luck).
On the Westminster team lt waa difficult to feature any player. The two
new players, Tobln and Oatman, show
ed uo well, and with a little coaching
by Jimmy Gardner, they ahould soon
fit Into the machine work of last
year's champs
The following la the goal summary
First period���J. McDonald (Van.).
Harris (Van.).
Second period���Gardner (N.W.).
ThU&ie'riod���J. MoDonsld. Kendill
OrlfflSfTKcndall (Van.)., Tobln (N.W.).
First period��� It. McDonald. Mailen
(N.W.)J Griffls, Harris (Van.).
Second period���Harris, J. McDonald,
Harris (Van.), R. McDonald (N.W-)-
Third period���Gardner, Mailen (N.
The basketball quintette of Colum
hi an college will try contusion* with
the Hustlers dn the armouries court
Priiin      enlng ol this week.   .
Th- Hustler* are going strong at
tins ,. holding the premier position
ii. Hie league, but the college bor*
ha ve been training hard during the
past two weak* and imp* tp*laa��t
the colors of the. wooM be champ*.
Hi., expected tbat a fast prallmln
ary will be staged as a starter.
I-os Angeles, Dec. 10���Luther
McCarty, of Springfield, Mo.,
won the 20-round heavyweight
championship elimination contest at Vernon tonight frpm
Jim Flynn, the Pueblo fireman.
The battle ended tn the six
teenth round after Flynn had
gone down twloe. Referee
Eyton stopped the llgbt.        /
������������������������������������������� I*
The rugby players of the city an
preparing for the coming game on
Saturday afternoon when they mee
the Firemen of. Vancouver at Queen*
Although a victory Is not looked for
the Royala are confident of putting
np a stiff game against tb* top notch-
era of Vancouver. .   , '
,'    ���             ,   i,i.'
Mr. Ar O. Powell, harbor engineer,
la still negotiating with the Westminster Dredging and Construction Company concerning their bid for tbe
harbor improvement, work. A meeting was to have been held in the
,otfic�� pf the engineer yesterday morning, but the representative* of tbe
flrm did not turn up.
It ia understood that the oompany
ls not incorporated under the lawa ol
the province as yet, but it probably
will be, lf the harbor work I* secured.
The principals are: Messrs. N. E.
ilroley, 11. F. Martin, J. H. Greer, C.
E. Moreton and F. N. Sinclair.
Lest Vassals Whots Ghosts Ar* Said
to Sail lh* Ocean, .
Th* number of phantom ships I*
legion. Several ot tbe vessels which
were wrecked In close proximity to
tbe scene of lb* Titanic disaster are
even ssld lo reappear In tba same spot
on certain occasions. Tb* Packet Llgbt
I* one of tbem, aod tb* story run* tbat
whenever a (torm Is threatened a ball
of flre emerge* from the-spot wher*
lb* ship sank, wblcb presently form*
Itself Into tb* shape of a vessel and
then sink* and disappear*.
King George V. and hla brother, tb*
lal* Duke of Clarence, Wben on (heir
cruise In tb* Bacchant* from 1H70 to
1882 ar* etated to bar* *een tbe phantom at tb* Flying Dutchman and tb*
dak* mentioned tb* fact In bi* diary
nnder dato of Inly 11.188L
A three masted frigate I* said to
baunt tb* English channel In tn* vicinity of lb* Owner lightship whenever a gal* or snowstorm I* threatened. Hundred* ot people have declared that tbey hav* seen tb* appar
Ition and beard the crtea'of tb* ghost
lv passenger*, It Is sometime* aald
to be tb* phantom of the training ship
Eurydlre. wblcb went down off Ib*
Isle of Wight on March 24. 1878. In
volvlnit tbe lows of atJtfot 200-HtW.->
London Standard.   |
Thar* is nothing mor* acceptable   for   Chrlstmaa   presents
handsome, wall finished Sheffield Cutlery and Plated Ware;
We show an elegant line of the beat manufacturers.
Call early before our assortment Is broken.
IVI- J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE 237.
Mayor Gaynor Sued for Libel.
New York, Dec. 10.���Declaring thai
he told only the truth In asserting that
certain aldermen extorted graft from
newa stand licenses, Mayor Gaynor
has (lied anawer here today to tho
$100,000 damage suit Instituted against
him for libel by Alderman Henry Curran.
A discount of Sl 13 par. cent, will be
given on ail orders. This discount Is
(or Un days only.
Room 6        ' Collister Block
,!.vt tiwy*
Being the fifth.story of "What
Happened  to Mary,"  produced
in collaboration with the Ladies'
World. - dm ���;.
BIOGRAPH    .'.,-.
"MY BABY." .
The   story   of   a   thoughtless
Paths Special In two parts ;>���
The lateat from Toronto I* that Bu*
Mri.ean, who figured on the New
Westminster hotkey team Ust winter.
lias slgneo to play with th* Torostos
this coming wlrtif. taeLeaU'blew Into tiie Queen City laH wwk ant reported to Bruce llldpatb.
The Toronto papris ar* ft��ll of ddp*
about McLean being ��bont the fastest
i'1-i.vf on the New. W catntlfcrtttJIii*.
up. but cast fans will go �� little
wary on thl*. fl- irlng that Patrick
*< "uld have retained Til* aartUTB* ��������
li" shown the clas* of th* r**t of tM
Wanted te Officiate.
Jones, able *e*man of H. M. 8. Ver
mont. gated Into Ibe fare of hi* com
mender pleadingly. "Vou ar* always
on leave," exclaimed the offlcer. "What
on earth do you require r*<��* '�����**
tor nowT "My afatar'a *b*bf* goin
to b* waxtnated. Hr." replied Jones.
-And what ha* tbat to do wltb your
"Bb*** my slirtrr. S'r* ���**. altr a*
claimed Jen**. J wllb n hurt took
-WbsL lb* babyr "No, *lr. Tb*
baby's skier's my Mt*fc*r-1 mmn. ra*
thn aMtlwiV teWNWP-wr-IMbw'*
my mother rr no - I mean"- -tmt
tartar   brok*   In   thf .iomman��lhg
glr." ���inftewd* *h*a*a. "tb*r aaat
m mm* t-i* eland a* godiuolbsr."-
Gifford flsttln* Round.
Lacrosse fans In th*'city wlllb*
pleased to learn that Jimmy Olffbra.
who was recently on*ttlA*6 naon tor
uppondtcttla at th* ft#kC��W�����n
i"'m>itnl. waa around its thi
Hie flrat time yesterday.
the city for
By Port Haney ComstaW* In W**tmln-
ater���Alleged A***uK *n China- '
man at Mill*.    .
Canadian Juatice pur*����d H*rMH>
���Sin,;h, a hludu. from ttm tlptS.abat'
he ih uiiegeu  to bats tpmsms a
Chinaman at Haney OH Jul* ��*. ����"}
>'��� 'lay morning whan b* *���* Br-
"ated in tins olty by LoMtoM* Pop*,
nt Port Haney. .    ���.
Singh Is said to h��v* picked Up \*
l.iiivy slab of wood at * SSP' ��U�� *'
Haney and dropped It.wttMtfee Ou
11 v nt tho oriental, nearly-UMturtof
the Bkull. besides smash!**'tsXtam M
lhe man's finger*. .^.
Tho Hindu disappear** *f"Wfi**
nnd was not heard ttxfcBntll l**8*1'
I'er 4 when he deputlM* on* of M*
fellow countrymen to ooll*ot tne
wages due him before th**��#pn*-
A warrant was Issued m ��������"***
which took place yeaterttay *n* later
in tho afternoon 'Op M����Hd wn*
taken back to Han*y to \a*p%-f�� *W
Appeal F*r Aim* at Wedding.
Tbri*' art- omny HM****. <��i*elat*d
will! lbe rn*>t wrMlng wbicli Amerl
ran lirtde* mlpM ***��., 00**onr��
Ibe duilni'of the makte af-boai* Aa
American srbo-niteiHWTa OwSfinahl*
wadding in lhe MaBrtrtn*. �� I*"*
rrrstnlly wa* lm\-n**s*fi wllb IS* tut*
lowing Mill* rerenwHiy: Th* �����*>|*��
paaaed I hrough lb* awrmhljr of guests
making * alien! ap|��*t for aliha for
tb* put*. Al a we.Mlng Where a*
money had ta*n f*t*S a**S.a***** aa*
trnvagamw exhibited tto on* rwMI h*
gnidg* tb* o��ertn�� at alitor Miwcted
t* b* St*t**V**\ ��*��,���� *fl*| 2&.
ribbon and iWiwera. wblcb. wb*n Mt
In uh.. wa* bung on tb* arma la Ilea
of a buiiqnH.-.V*w is** Sna*
Whn* Art I* Ung.
In India th* native th��*tre* op*n
mw ^     fi*i*p
Ugcrsnd"ss lh*"lui tram iW* loo
A* playgoer* ��o��*s hma oSUyli
���arly to*y d*mand to b* enurtained
��*|fl tie .rrival dth* tMtP^BPtX
morning. Fortunately for ** attpn,
daatom only requlw* thfTOjJ* flat**
Sunday   .and   W*dne*d*y
fvenlngs.    .   .    ,.,;.,.      ...
Wh*r*diatterten Wed,
Brooke itwWJwMs'tKw** 0<.*.,l
Lord Btonke who a** "����*��d>y
Chatterton. potoonrf ,hmatM. *t th*
houae of .HnThapry in thl* rtrest
Th* hou** in whfch Chrttert��m di*d
wa* th* Mcond lrom ,H^��2.0" *h*
west side.  It pi
kwwaty y*M*,
Men altered
Hsd down about
..^TWa. Y*ar:
t(-10.-t*w th*
'_vH��.        __
ug^S^^iiteMlaSMWt^ tba
b**n no work
th*sri*��H;'<* taa-
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
The Neapolitan Wonder
"Samathy  Jane's Visit.''
Banjoists and Singer*.
3 Never Seen Before  t\
-PHOTO- pim-j
Imported Cheeses
Swiss, Roquefort,- Edam, Gordonzola and
Creme de Pemento.
FH&NKHFft HfllKF on Columbis Street nsmr Post
llRimJHLU nUUOl office. Seven, large mens and
bathroom, ill modem conveniences. Rent $50 per
month.   WiHIease. '
CTADF ���� Beffaie Street, near Columbia Street, size
JIUHL 20 ft by 66 ft.   Possession about December
1st.    W3I lease.       For full particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, ManagingO'r*otarp . .,
HMd Offl**: 28 L*rna Street, N,w Wert^wt.r.   .
���iw -im v.
House Wanted
1    "i i J ii     i.      ���
I bar* a elicnl who will buy a new modern flre or six rssassd bungalow, situated west of Eighth atreet, that a Bmall cash payment will
hai.dle, and balance arranged on mouti.y payments. WHAT HAVB
VOIT TO OKFKR? 9fll   i.
T. H.
h.ir ,.,in::
Phon* ��27.    Suit 19, B. C. E. P., Depot,
Ntw Weetmlneter B. C.
Smoked Fish of AH Kinds
Finnan Haddle, Fillet* of Had. dl*
Smoked Salmon, Stripped Salmon and Kippered Salmon,
SalmOft, Kippere, Bloater* and Codfiah.
.    Strips���Salt Mackerel and Degby. *
~ Chicks, put up In small wooden Boxes���30c Each.
Sealshipt Oysters~-Fresh Shipment Due
This Morning.
Cambridge and Tomato Sausage.
Smoked and Cooked Meats of All Kinds.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
���   U   *\
Sol* agents for Weatminater for tha famous K Boota.   Depot for
Leckle's Boot* and Ahren's School Shoe*.     " ! '   ;
A  $20,000 Stock to Select rrom
What would be a more
ffift than one of our teeairtif ul
,-:���,.: i.   ���-
���irif.    jaa
��� if lii i*.    ���
.,..;.': ,; ������������
ilfK ���?-������' ��� ' ������
..} ��� ������> .j; I* ���
Dressing Robesl-m* House Coats ?
. i
iMtfxult. ir. a
nttl sill 91$*
, <i -mbstt>*ro'
-fiiiiM .rtH*.
Wittf it
<im mil .:'
'.* '���.������r.w ���
Jaeger Wool in all colors of the
rainbow $6.50 u^ $25.00.
Beautiful Paisley Silks, taffeta
lined at $30.00 ?Tid $35.00.
A Latfge Rangeto>Cfeoo3e froin.
-     .*���>���
Iff :,: jfV.U
%*t\*waf% M a*fffmT liitfttintiltiiM '"'
feSO, $9.00/up to $12.00 inrthe
ii d-iM ���   ��� '      ri-.,- fifi*0'*i*
Wool Coats.
'V.*'" :,*rttai
ml    .il .;.. ���
Beautiful Velvet Coat^}-.
ijiiba -.in - '} v-th *<��� ���������
:������ with Taffeta Silk $15.00��f r
Un,:    t\t    '.it
>���*���*�� .*:,-^nm**r'*^i**���m.*.*'*-*.,**���
��� -r**!.::--.*.^ attifM ay************ f* ipastPi'***
*We want you to pay us a "Christmas Ga'
^iteroii^M^il^ of gift su
'.iir.. **it liifn \
'r- it-til n b'l.t
cn v.ttn'ff <>e
HylTltiM    A
I  a ttttll'*-'
tOf*a    i..;   ������
!(V. l.'lSil**-*]   )������>'������
.... ���-. .to.nht* '.*
....<il?v'w��' v*f-
m* nt i| .-���
i ~.}-..iir .��,! .
���i'i  <(j  A-fi
We will take ||egs^
ions.   See Oa^;f v(^qw&':
^T9 ��� '  at** n . .2-*$M#  'Vfteii
\ Sfm:r>  Appar*-1
Mor the Younger Men
II. *J     :.-
'6(060. 4
. i*.  iiWiwwi lunrtMWl PAGE  SIX
Possessing exquisite freshness and w
fullness of flavor not found in otter teas
CEYLON TEA-"Pure and Clean to a ILeaP
BLACK, MIXED OR I Sealed Packets OsHf
NATURAL   GREEN I Bewara of Imitetmns      ��
. From  Portland. Halifax.
New S.S. Laurentic  Dec.   7       Dae.   ��i
S.S. Teutonic  Dec. 14       Dec. 15
S.S. Canada Dee. 21       Dec. tt
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, 15,000 tons, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,080 h.p., S.S. Canada,
614 feet. 10.000 tons. Carry only second and third* cia**. Baggage
checked through to steamer in bond.   No hotel or transfer expenses.
Lord Brougham'* Cwfeus Experience With a "Spook."
New York���Queenstown���Liverpool.
8.S. Celtic, Dec. 5.
S. Cedrlc, Dec. 12.
S.8. Bailie, Dec. 19.
New York���Plymouth���Cher-
���S.S. St. Louis, Nor. 30.
S.S. New York, Dec. 7.
S.S. St. Paul, Dec. 14.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three door* from
Cherry Street, cr E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Paciflc Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, Agent G. H. Sy., New Westminster. �� :
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with O. T. P, Railway for points East; als* with S3.
"Prlng* John" for Steward, Granby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly. ���
S.S. "PRINCE Al-llEfe**' ior Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd of each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
-H. Q. SMITH, C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, Q. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville 8treet.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
P.  O.  BOX  442
Do It Today
Send in your order for
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may be losing a lot of
good business by delaying.
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THE NEWS are well satisfied with the results secured; you will be, too.
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Tha Creepy Story as It Was Told In
the English Statesman's Autobiography���Gootha Ones Sew a Specter
of Himself���A "Ghost" C����*r tew.
Tbere wns a certain I'lsander whoae
nnme has been preserved la one ot itbe
proverbial sayings of the Greeks becnuse be lived In continual Hear of aee.
IhV hls own shout Jost that thing <bup
pened to tbe Germnn poet Goethe. One
duy, when bo wns out riding In a
spot somewhat removed from llie ukuiiI
hiinnts of men. he saw a horwuuin
uppropchlng blm, and as It drew arm
be snw thut the rider was no lens a
pernon tbnn hliUHelf-bia older turlt���
HiimikIi dreMset) differently. Twenty
.Venn, nfter he found himself quite
Without forethought of the matter la
Ihe snme place on liorselituk and dressed Just as wns the apparition of liliu
self which he bud met tbere two dec
ados lief ore.
Lord Brougham (pronounced Itrourni.
Ibe English statesman, onii.ir aud so-
thor. nfter whom tbe well known
���species of vehicles wns named, had a
reuinrkiilite experience WlIU n'"simttk."
lie Icll.s the story iu his autobiography
published in INTI.
"A most remarkable thing bnp|iened
t�� ��ie," he snys. "so remit rkulile that I
liiiwt tell the story from tbe beginning
After I left Ihe blgb school (lu Kdin-
blirghi I went with U.. my most Inti
male friend, to attend the classes lo
tlie university. We frequently In our
walks discussed nnd speculated upon
man's grave subjects, among others
on the Immortality of tlle soul and a
future state. This question nnd the
possibility. 1 will not say of ghosts
walking, hut of the dead appearing
to the living, were subjects of much
speculation, and we actually committed
lhe folly of drawing up an agreement.
written with our blood, to tbe effect
that whichever of us died flrat should
appear lo the cither and thus solve
nu.r doubt we had entertained of the
ilfe after dentil.'
"After   we .had   finished   classes  at
college fl.  went to India, having got
nn appointment there In the civil serv
Ice.   lle seldom wrote nie, nnd nfter a
lapse of n few years I hnd almost forgotten lilm.   Moreover, his family bar.
Ing little connection  with  Edinburgh.
1  seldom  saw  or  heard  anything of
tbem, so that all the old schoolboy intimacy had died out nnd 1 bad nearly
forgotten his existence.    1 hnd taken,
as 1 have snld, a warm bath, and while
In It nnd enjoying the comfort of the
heat after tlie late freezing 1 had un
dergone  1  turned  my   hend  round toward  the chair on  which  I  had deposited my clothes ns I was about to
get^iut of the bath.   On the chair sat
G. calmly looking nt me.    How I got
out of the bath I know not, but on re
covering   my   senses   I   found   myself
sprawling on  the  floor.    The appnrf
tlon or whatever It wns that had taken
the likeness of G.  bnd disappeared,"
It wns afterward ascertained that (I
had died in India on the very day his
apparition was seen by liord Itrnughnni.
Very similar Is an  Incident  related
b.v Sir Walter Scott under ilnteoMSIS
A Certain  Mr.  Ilullock  had been em
p!med by Sir Walter lo make Improve
bieuU  nt   Abbotsford.    Mr.   ltiillnck'
was called to London, and during his-
absence  the  Incident narrated  tn  the
following letter took place.  Scott, writ
lng to a Mr. Terry, says:
"The   nicht   before   Inst   we   were
��� wakened by n.violent noise like the
drawing of new boards along tbe new
part of the house. I-fancied something had fallen nnd thought no more
of It. This wns about 2 In the morn
Ing Lnst night nt the same witching
hour the snme noise oeurred. Mrs. 8
Ss you know. Is rather tlmersome, so
1 cot up with Henrdy's broadsword
tinner my arm ���
"Hat bolt uprtaM    '
Anil ready lo ncht
"Hut nothing'was out of order. Nel
Iher conld I discover what occasioned
the disturbance" Tbe strange thing
shout this is thnt Bullock died In l��u
di>u mi the very day i.ml ns near ��*
Could U- ascertained nt tlie very hour
that Sir Walter beard the "spooks" sl
Abbiitsford Iti writing later to Ihe
same correspondent he said: "Were
ynu not struck wilh the fantastical co
Incidence nt our uoctiirunl disturbance
���t Abbotsford with lhe meliinrhol)
event Hun followed! I protest to yoi.
tti.it the noise resembled half a dozen
men  hard at   work   pulling np boards
��� nil furniture, and nothing could he
more certain than that nobody was oo
the premises nt the time." /
These are Instances of what may he
termed successful ghosts. The ghosts
that have fulled are perhaps entitled
to a brief notice, A "ghost" oure nn
dert.iok to frighten the grent natural
1st. Curler. I'hls ehost appeared with
an ox's head Cutler awoke and found
the fearful thing glaring and grinning
ai his bedside.
"What do you wsnt?"
"To devour you." growled tha ghost
"l>evour me," quoth Ihe great
Frenchman, "hoofs, horns, graminivorous?   Yon emit do It   Clear out!"
And clear out th* discomfited ghost
did.-Kansas city Star.
('D like to run for president; 1 lasllr
think 1 ehould.
Because I stand for everything that's
right and wise and cood.
I've thought about li alT and on the past
aire, weeks or more.
And every day 1 Ilk* myself some better
than before.
If everybody understood lh. kind of man
A  popular uprlsln'  would at once take
place for nie.
My platform 1 wlll try to give without no
uielese frills.
Then let the people cheer me from tbe
valleys and the hills.
I'd  have a tariff that  would make the
cost of llvln' small
And   keep   up   price. ' everywhere,   wltb
benefit, for all.
The farmer and the millionaire, the clerk
and hlraal hand
Would alt be treated fair and .guars If I
could rule the land.
I'd have a plank provldln' that all wrongs
should dlaappesr.       '
We'd have a navy that would fill all other
landa with fear.
There wouldn't be no watered milk, the
germs would all be hilled.
I'd  do  away  with  Hoods  and  have all
empty purses filled.
TAe' gover'ment  ehould  have control of
everything In light:
The people ahould have cheaper coal and
dogs should cease to bite.
Another plank 1 have In mind and which
'   I'll now explain
Would put an end to early froat. and regulate the rain.
I'd have all kind, of alcknes. .topped and
accident, should cease;
The rogues would all reform, and we'd
havo universal peace.
I'd Ax It .0 all married men should learn
to love their wives.
And woes would never come again te
darken people's lives.
If  I  could   be a  candidate  I'd   promise
thera should soon
Be boons for every man and child that
wished to have a boon.
I'd have disease abolished, as I think I've
Mid before.
The old ehould all grow young again and-
death would come no more.
The once who have to work should re.t
and have their pay Increased.
And  happinese should  nil  the  breast  of
every- man and beast.
I'd fhe up everything that's wrong. The
digger In the ditch
Should throw his pick away at once because I'd make lilm rich.
The Ignorant should all be wise, the
wicked slinulil be good
I'd legislate awuy the flies. Establish !
Spread sweet contentment ait about and I
fill the lund with glee.
Come   on.   folks,   swing   yowr   hnts   and
ahout!   L'prise. dear friends, for me.
���Chicago Record-Herald.
Humor and
DID you ever see the breakers
Swim agalnat the undertowT
He was raised among the Quakers
When the lights were dim and lew.
It was snowing In New Jersey
When the .summertime was Isle.
Tea. her Jacket Is a kersey
, While she's swinging on the gate.
Once I had a little kitty.
Hut that Is another tale. . r
When a girl Is very pretly
Johnny', getting rather pale.
He's ss nimble aa a monkey
Ur a rose Is In the spring.
Coras now, do not be a donkey
As Ihe choir began to sine.
I.enve me here, and when you weal nu
Telephone for the police.
Wlll her ssd eyes always haunt reef
Very red snd quite obese.
lie wae happy till ne met her
Where the shining waters flow.
Teddy tells Ihe story better,
Bul she doesn't answer no.
Down beside the sobbing ocean
Uncle-Billy scared a quail.
How, I really have a notion���
Bought It al a bargain sale.
Tell me nol In mournful number*
They ara talking more or lesa.
Here's a load of green cucumbere
Aa Ihe paper goes to press.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up) .... 116,000,000.01'
RESERVE    ��16,000,000.<X
Brancnaa tbrougoout Canada aa<
4ewroundland, anc In London, On*
and, Naw Tork, Ch'tego and Spokane
��� J.8.A., aad Mexico City. A genera
���asking buslnus transacted. Lat
ere of OredK Iaaued available wltl
Orrespondeote In all parte of tb'
Savings Bank Dipsrtmeat���Deposits
eoel-ed In sums of 11 and upward
aid Interest allowal et I par cent, p*
mown  (present rate).
Total Aewts over UM.000,000.00
O. D. BRTUNBR. Manager.
Her Grief Stricken Household.
The rensou some men can get
married Is because n woman
simply must love Something nnd
some of Hicm don't care for dogs.
���Cincinnati Enquirer.
"Mrs. Brainless hns recalled ber Invitations to ber diuuer party."
"Uer poor little doggie Is quite seriously ill."
"Wby does Jinks look so sod?"
"Kb sh: His wife bi going uway on a
"Well. Is that sny reason he should-
look like a funeral procession?"
"Sh-sb! Tie's practicing so be can do
It well nt home."
'���I don't understand"
"If she guessed how really glad be Is
sbe wouldn't go."
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up 111,600,000
Reserve  $12,600,000
The Bank haa 350 branches,
extending In Canada from thi
Atlantic to the Pacific, ln Cuba
throughout the Island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Rico. Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
Idad, Dominican Republic, Ne/r
York and l,ondon, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns nad
cltlee ln the world. Theee ex-
oelent connections afford ovory
banking facility.
Now Weetmlneter Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Specifications, agreements of sule,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strbtly confidential. M. Broten, Koom It, M��r*
iliant Dunk Bldg.   Pbone "15
U. O. O. M.. NO. 854���MEETS ON
(lrst, second and third Wednesdays-
ln each month In K. of P. hall at
* p.m. H. J. Leamy, diotator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
The regular meeting of Amity lodge'
No. 27,1. O. O. F.. Is bold.e-ery Mon
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall,' corner Carnarvon nnd;
Blghth street. VleKtng brethern
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson. N.
O.; R.A. Merrithew, V. O.; W. C
Coatham, P.O., reoording secretary;
H. W. Bangster, financial secretary.
D. McAulay
rol. 761. Cor. Cth and Columbl.
������*���*���������~w     tm b
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tablos in the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
Circumstantial Evidence.
Dark Outlook.
"I never had any luck."
"What would -yon do If .yon hud
"Oh. I suppose some fellow would
up ami steal It from me."
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated W��tei>
Manufactured by
NEW  WE8TMINSTER. B.  C.      -
Telephone R  til   Office:  Princess Si
directors and einbalraer/ Parlors
406 Columbia street, New Westminster.   Phone 993.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Din c-
tor and Erobalmer, 612-61X Agnes
street, opposite CarnegU Library.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
atreet, New Weahrlnster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Jolin-
���t6n." Code, Weetern Union. Offices,
Rooma < and 7 Fills block.
I.   STILWELL, CLDTB,   barrister-at-
Jaw, aolicltor, etc; corner Columbia
and  MoKenslo streeta. New  Westminster, B. a   P. O. Bos 11'!   Telephone 710.
ssllcltor and notary, 410 Columbia "
���treet. Over C. P. H. Telegraph. '.        '
Barristers *nd Solicitors.   Rooms 7
and 8. Guiehon   block,   New West--
minster.   Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
"That-reminds me." said the man
who liud tbe slory huhlt.
"Me-nlso," suid hls-'frlend. arising
and hutting In.
"Of what?".
"Thai 1 must go."
Something Less.
"lie has set hls mark high."
"Whnt does he wont'/"
"Tu lie president."
"Itui what will be cotnpromi.se on?"
Uary Jane��� Xow^tbut Just proves to
me that Muster Tommy bus joined tbe
hoy scouts.- Onlooker (London).
Stubborn and Disobliging.
T!io Lawyer���Aii(l jvbat age the alleged grounds for tbe divorce?
The Ijuly���Grounds?
The Lawyer-Yes. Whht does your
husband do that Is cibjeetlonnlile?
The Ijidy-Mercy, he won't do anything! Von never snw auch n ilist-
obliging man! lie iuiiI-m me do all
the objectionable things  uyvelf
The Lawyer���Then It Is your hue-
liunil whn should apply .or the divorce.
The Ijidy-Of court* 'ie-a!��>ulil lle
won't even do tliat Why. what do
vou suppose ho snld when I inked uiiu
for n divorce?   He lold me to ito to-
The Lawyer (eitgerlyi-Yea,    ts'.
The Ijidy-lleno!
Wlieretipim lite lawv-r llirows ip
the I'lise.-t'leveliiud I'm ���    Dealer
A Sure Winner.
"I am dying It ���oiuetbiiig exciting.*
"You nre?" .
"Yes.  Everything's n.-ale."
"Evei try tilgutuy?"
The Modern Way.        .  ���%
.  "I gave hlm n hint about tbe matter."
"And did he take itr
"Take ll?  Xny. be annexed the whole
shooting match!"
An Impossibilit.'.
Ms ml - Uentrl* bus Ins' I wen /
pounds lately, her new gowis nre |a-r-
'eet successes, her sweet'iellrt propo*
tl to her hist,nlght. ber rich micle died
reateritny and left |ier a million, and
low she has gone to hi funeral today
'o try to look snd.-llnrprr's Hasar.
No mnn Is so tall that he need nevei
stretch and none so small tbnt be need
never stoop-Prom tbe Danish.
II Is well for one to know moro than
ie says.-1'lautus.
Oldest Mason Dies.
San Francisco, Dec. 10.���William
Schuyler Moses, aged 85, probably the
old Freemason in the world by years
of membership, is dead at his home
here today. Moses was a native of
Rochostcr, N, Y,, coming to San Francisco !:i 18.V).
A Trade Grievance.
"Our advertising .dub bus condemned
ihe Wisconsin professor who snys nose
rubbing should take the place of kissing."
"And why. pray?"
"For encouraging a 'Just as good'
Insidious Scorn. -
"Ase you really looking for nn honest
msn?" nsked the suspicious citizen
"No." replied Diogenes, "t'onhden-
tl.-tlly, lam merely taking this method
of letting my neighbors know wbat I
think of tbem."���Washington Star.
Another Thing Entirely.
"I always sympathize with tbe nnder
��og." N-
"But do yoa bet oa him?"���Judge.
Battleship Rams Steamer.
Devonport, Eng., Dec. 10.���The British battleship Centurion collided with
and sank an unknown Mcanicr off this
port today. The bows of the battleship were damaged and sbe is returning to DevonporL
Sing a song ot sixpence
Just sum It und tie game
It's nutt�� as easy slngins.
And Ihe price Is lust Ihe seme.
Tbe mnn who works bis tongue mon
than  be dues bis  brain bns a  lot o.
explaining to do.
One sharp tongued girl says the rensou why she cunt get her own consent to marry is tbat sbe fears sbe
hnsn't brains enough for two.
Cupid bns to show bts bank account
tbeee days before be Is permitted to
tako out a marriage license.
Ho ia a fool wbo spends his money
over night and has nothing but a
grouc* to sbow for It next lutirn'.ng.
Sk'n on Fire ?
Just the mild, s:mpta wash, tho well
known D. D. D. Prescription for
Eczema, and tbe itch la gone.
We have sold other remedies fot
skin trouble, but none tbat wo could
personally retiomiuend aa we can thc
D. D. D. remedy; F. J. MacKenzie,
who do not receive The New* before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.   -
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 189.     Bam Phone 13'
Begbie Streot.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the eity.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Ferry, Fraeer River.
In accordance with chapter 85, R, S
3. C.i ISM, "hurries Act." tbo Govern
menl ef British Columbia Invito ap
ilicatlops for a charter for a ferry ti
>ly ou the-fraser River bet weep Nev
Westminster. I'ort Mona, Annaclt I*
iand, aud Coquitlam. -
Applications will be received by tht
lion. Minister of Publlc Works up n
12 o'clock noon of Monday, tbe Ott
���Jecember, 1912.
Tho charter wlll cover a period es
tiring on 31st March, 1914.
Applicants shall give a descrlpt'or
if the vessel lt is proposed to use, tbe
method Of operation, and the vcaso
must conform In all respects to tbe re
(uirements.of the "danacU Shippiu*
lot" and amending Act
Applicants shall state the tolls thet
propose to ask for���
Foot pciaeiigurtl (adults), each.
Foot passengers, children uudei
thirteen years.
Passenger with saddle-horse.
Passenger with horse and buggy.
Driver with two horses aad wagoa
loaded or unloaded.
Driver with four horses and wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
(fettle and horses, per head.
Sheep, per bead.
Hogs, per head.
Calves and colts under one year eld
per head.
Freight, perishable, per 100 lb.
Freight, imperishable, per 100 lb.
The Government of British Colum
bta ia not neoeaaarlly boupd to accept
any application submitted.
, Public Works Engineer-
Department of Publlc Works,
Victoria, B.C., 21st November, 1912
The time for receiving applications
for charter for a ferry to ply on the
Fraser River between New Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Island and
Coquitlam, is extended up to 12
o'clock of Saturday, the 21st day of
December, 1912.
The charter wlll cover a period of
fire years, expiring on 31st March,
1918. *
Publlc Works Engineer.
Department   of  PubUo  Worka,   Vio
toria,   D. C,  3rd  December,   1912
iVHITKSIDB A EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westm.nster
Trust block. Columbia street. New
Westminster. B.C. C'sble address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.'
Drawer 200. Telephone <!9. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant      Tel.    H  128.    Room,
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meeta lu the
board room, CUy Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each month; quar
terly meeting on the tJlid Friday of
February. May. August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings ou
the third Fiiday of Feh'ruaiy. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or i|iiarter)v
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wnde. secretary.
Phone R524
t 619 Hamiltci St
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavstapugh Cleaning,
Sower Connecting, -
Cesspools. Septic Tank*. Etc.
��� EVtri:
V^B.Cte! Service
Leaves -Vancouver Jor Victoria 10
a. m��� 1p.m. audi 11:43.
Leaves Vanoouver for Scuttle lk
a. m. and 11 p. ns
Leaves Vanoouver for Nanaimo a
Vancouver every Wednesday 10 p.m.
also Dec. 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack  7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
.        a BD. UOULRT,
Agent, Now Westmlnater.
O. P   A.. Vancouver
Winter Schedule
7:55 for Toronto and Nlcnlu branch.
14:00 for St. Paul    and    Konlonay
18:30 for Agassiz Local.
19:65 for Imperial   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particu-
lars apply to
Now WenlinlUHter
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A, Vancouver wmtmaWLwmmm
mt** *m
*mr-m.;,       . ��*tl    If.   I
mm., ...a* i in ii *' m
('Virginia of
tt  ���'
hd the Man Who Made a ::
Fight For Her.
11III l-l-l-Ll 11111111111
asn't be nice-blue eyes'r said Mlss
orrors. child!   Don't yon say inch
out loud!   What If be ahonld
stand Englishr
biMisslble.  Aunt  Ellen.    German
���ness, rending ��� German paper,
jjlng lb a German train with bag-
narked 'A. von 8, Bremen.'"
glnlal    What does fusses* you?
pr beard you talk so."
Dressel laughed a hearty Amer
sugh.   "I am to glad to shake
hst of Europe off my feet Ihat 1
|keo|i R In.    I'm so glad we're
for Hamburg. Ihe Kaiser Wll-
er Grosse, America aud Wash
Ihnt-tbat-well,   honestly    1
[like to kick tbe epaulets off the
gorgeous blue and gold unl-
I Don't falnj. Aunt Ellen.    I'll
oot aay another word for an
hour and flre minutes Miss
snt silent, ostensibly watching
"eys, the German gables, the
' meadows end forests, as tbey
For an bour and flre mln
��� young German fellow travel
bis Germs 11 paper, nnd for sn
five minutes Mlss Ellen Vnn-
njoyed perfect peace of mind.
Dressel coughed, and Mlss
1 inwardly caught ber breath.
(Ellen," snld Mlss Dressel, In
ng her hand toward the seen-
Cane were discussing It���"Aunt
you know tbnt yonng man
adfully nice face, even If he'
���an.   Ob, don't look shocked/
[.out Ihe window ns If I were
put the scenery, nnd he wlll
the difference.    I've been
blm off nnd nn for lhe Inat
I see what n nice firm mouth
He's so  well groomed  too
his linger nulla,   (lh. Amit
ah you wouldn't cvp an.    I
oka, lietter Ihnn nny foreigner
rn In (he flve yenrs we bnve
Eiiroiie.    Really. I shouldn't
elnu married If I could get em-li
ilsoiiiB,   well   groomed, mnn  ns
Inrintn.    oh.    Virginia!"    groaned
Vniistrum.   "It's-It's Indeeeut to
Rt alsiiit a man Ilka Ihnt wben he
n't nndenttahd." ~
"Don't Jingle your pninpnAamV rrook
*d. Aunt Eljhl." Mid Mine Kressel
��iitmly. "Don't worry. If lie nmler
stood English he would hnvi�� Is-trayrd
lilnnHf long ago. lle might be a chunk
of pink nml white end yellow tnlTy for
all he iiiitlerstniids of the English Inn
gunge. Thank goudnpfo. Aunt Kllen.
bere we sre almost at Ilandiufg Here,
let me lle yonr rell. Vou nre getting
tt nu rmoketl. No. let" ine carry llie
-suit ease. It's n young house. 'Now
for my last feo-eliiawt-un forrlgu
The train had hardly eone lo a long
ecrenhlhg stop In thp great elation at'
Hamburg when Iho doer nf llie car
rtnge was Jerked violently open and a
young man pulled Ihe Herman not
with a hearty grip, eaelelinlng In Kng
"We're In Inch. Tb��re pa* a ***tm
room unengaged mt the Kaiser Wll
twin., nod ire na 0*11 it^.a*** *******
1li.ni we eip*��cted. ttood tor*, tm*'
Why doot yoa toy ���tiOrthtng }n��to*d
of hHtking et mwllk* a dated Irfhitr
The German pnlMSUMfr'Pa******
with a noticeable attpfl **d ***** **>
atnniuier out a/pmahp 'to tufmaa.
when tbe other Interrupted Mm toi|��
"Aw. ent ibat.oMl ,Ttal kaow--par
fectly well I ran'ttetnds-mtand V w��re
���of (ii-riiuin.   Nstver ndndlcloe ahmgr
The young German mndi.il tr-Si aa*
with uue upiiealliig ***** -irabjbt UBe
the eyes of lhe ast oiiW1i.il Mbw I****
sel Im- picked up ble will ***** and was
soon lost 10 view' lit th* hurrying
MIm Dnwnel ulleuriy picked OP Mr
luggiige, < artfully availing Iter pwf*
��ye. snd fm a minute after*"tetvtot
the cnrrlnge ��l�� looked hel|il��a*ly ******
her. Then tho label "HeHl*" ������ ���
cnrrlagv caught her oyo, and srttbow
n word to hei piisalrd retatl** ahtt.look
her by- tbe arm. tim* *>f 'SPma tbe
suit lon nml pushed Her In. etuuibllng In
herself, just aa the guard |tot bit hand
on the disir lo chise It.
"Why _ wlinl - wbtre"- ssM Mine
"1 don'l know.7 osM'^tr ***** dee
fierniely, "bill wool onywbere out of
, Hamburg."
' Hm our atenmorr p****** Miao Tan
strum.       , *'.*--
Whnia losing a ttrenitr. Anal Kl
���wt. "But the family lo ono of tbo
kind tbey call bere -Y. Y. V.' end will
���ot let her accept any of tbe offers she
lias bad for grand opera. This Is ber
only appearance In public since sho relumed from Europe. Tbere'a Anton
von Stosch. Did you ever see any one
so esger to go everywhere aa tbat mnn
Is? He's simply crazy about ineeting
"American women strangers, yoa
sbould gay," laughed a mnu wearing
tbe cross of tbs Legion of Honor. "Vou
ran get Tony von Stosch to go anywhere just by hinting tbat gome 'new
girls' wlll be tbere."
"Tbey say at tlle Oerman legation
tbat by actual count Tony von Slouch
baa met 800 'new girls' alnce Ihe season opened.   And he'a still going."
At tbe ripple of merriment greeting
tbla expression of tbe well known foible of tbe popular Anton ron Bloecb
died away aome one aald: "Ouch! Tho
program begins."
For some time Anton von Slouch
watched the artists come and go. hit
face wearing nn unwonted look of weariness and dlscop rugement. For mont lit
be bsd sought diligently for (lie two
American women n bo i-ntled Washing,
lon their hobie, wbo bnd been bis fellow travelers from Iterlln to Hamburg
on tbnt fateful August dny. Mure limit
once be bnd followed a lithe, active
girl witb glinting chestnut hnir. only to
flnd It wos a stranger Inntepd of "Virginia of Washington," ns he had cume
to call ber. Dny alter duy, night after
nlgbt, he bnd followed tbe whirl of Ibe
social wbeel. but never hnd he round a
clew to their Identity, lie bnd spent
hours iiorliig over Ibe elty directory,
hut never a youug Virginia nor an elderly Ellen proved to be llie llrst bearers of Ibe names be bad met go oddly.
As a rlpilu uf enthusiastic applause
greeted (he appearance of the slur of
the evening Anion von Slouch raised
hls eyea nml then grew rigid ns be snw
."Vlrglulu of Washington" in Ibe flesh,
smiling acknowledgment to tbe enthusiasm. Oue long look to assure himself
It wns really the. and Anton von
Stosil'sat bnck In bis chair with folded arms nnd a look of content upon bit
fare such at Jt hnd not worn In nil the
months since be hnd arrived at Ibe
Germnu legation. No sooner was tbo
program ended than he made hia way
tn the blue room wbere Mlas Dressel
was holding court nnd without,delay
sought 1111 Introduction.
"Ob!" said Mlss Dressel. her band
poised bnlfwny toward bis. "Why���oil.
I'm glnd to meet you, I'm sure," she
ended lamely ns she snw her exclamation und gesture bnd attracted attention. Anion ron Slouch looked straight
Into her eyes as be look her hand.
"I nm ghid In meet yon-ngtiln," he
said quietly. "I have bunted tbls town
over tu Itnd you. May I rail tomorrow'."
"I-1-oh* I rwilly dont know." mid
Mlss Urnwad. Then she liegnu to laiigli
almost bystorb-nlly. "If* all tooiiluuinl
-and 1 can't talk atmtit It now-nnd
plensc don't get offended, Imt I wns so
surprised nnd"���
"I'll wnlt." aald Anton von Stow-h.
quietly falling back. "It It quite
enough to know Hint I have found you
at Inst"
Though he spoke no more to her Hint
evening. Mhm-1>rrnwl wan well awnre
Ihnt he followed her from group to
gniup ami frem renin tfi mom, ga If
fearful of losing night other. An Iho
door of her earring* waa guapivd shut
Ma "fare appeared In Iho opening, and
���ft* ssM Q'lleHr.'1ml firmly:
"I shsll do myself the honor to call
tpno yon itiowiretW afternoon."
Had   A Won : von. rtnw-h   taim   lent
���r determined he  would 1mve
Explaostion ef the Party's Failure al
the Pells.
much edllk-d to overbear tbe. following colloquy on a railway train
on one occasion when be was ou his
way.to opeu a political campaign:
"Time was " observed oue passenger,
"when we bad our county so well In
baud Hun we could elect a brlndle pup
to any oltlce we chose to nominate him
for." '   *
"And you can't do It now?" naked ���
second passenger.
"1 should toy not Tbe other fellows
bave lienten us horribly In the last two
elections." t-
"To what do you attribute tbt
cbnnge7' -
"lly friend." snld tbe flrst passenger convincingly, "I buve about reached ibe conclusion tlmt the reason Is
beenqse when we hod the power we
elected (bo many brlndle pups."���Llp-
piucott't Magntlne.
Little and Big Religion.
Tbla story comes from Australia,
where all conversation turns eventually to mutters educational, because' every parent Is painfully anxious that
bis sons shall pass Ibe standard wblcb
wlll fiee tbem from certain yeara of
military service. A visitor was conversing wltb bis host's small son and
opened, as n mntter of course, with
tbe words, "Do you go to scbool uow V"
"And wbnt do you learn? Reading,
writing, sums'/"
"Ob. yes. nnd I learn religion too."
"Ves; 1 lenrn tbc little religion whicb
tenches thnt we nil come from Adam
But my elder brother Is In a higher
class, ne learns the big religion, and
tbat loaches that we nil came from
monkeys."���Mnm-healer Guardian.
Humor and
��r 9VHCA/t ft. SMITH
TT Is so mucb easier to flnd time to
do wba( yuu want to do tbnu It It
lo flnd time to do wbat somebody else
wants you to do.
A girl's Idea of a good time Is Ice
cream, cake, moonlight aod a black
Rome men are not happy unless tbey
���re paying a smooth fellow a big salary
for working tbem.
A fast msn may be defined ta one
wbo loses money faster tban be makes
It. Tbe other tort ta alow.
_ We can't be bright all the Ume. Tht
price af el|>ow grease tnd scouring material la too high.
Tbe only way to cure a man of arguing Is to put up a mark and let him argue It down.
A woman does hate to hare her bno>
band bet���aud lose.
Isn't It queer that the better looking
mr (ibotograpb Is lbe less our fdeeds
tblnk it resembles nt?
The man wbo gett on in the world
led ves a lot behind blm.
The man who takes a little notice of
what his wife did during tbe day Insures a big day's work to foils*..
IM no more anil on tho MoUtr
now tbnn I'd fly. diinl.ltlleo. you're a
Jewel nol to tay. 'I t��M to* **���' ������*
e\tii to look ll"
"Vou biivvn I gTrr* W* HiiW.">u?h
,cd II Iss Vnnstrnm, "bull mtml toy I
certainly   think   It.     it*****   *'m  *,B"
. were off nt Inst.   I dortl think I my,
' self care to romc fMre tof��e* Wllb thai
young fellow ngnW���'' ' r
e        e        e        ��        .0        ���        ���
It wns the cveolnif of llto *"*��}*'
alenle of the senton tt Tht Wm'��
House, nnd an unwonted altatamlct-
pinion pervaded tho lidllWi��Jbr<m,l!*'
It gathered In the iWOf oott ��o��.
"Thoy tay she hat OBO Wtwjl**"
vot<-e�� ever hetrd <**8 th�� tSBpaFM&
the wife of ��� Bouttt AUPtkan ��Wf
Robbery at Tooomt, ���
Tacoma, Dec. U.-ta^mj^
tory store owned by QootfO W""-"*
2501 North Puget ��"����* *W"5 *,?
held up and rohWd by * ��^**J��*
ber, whom the pollct btUwftit ��gon
slble for other robberlot.Jj! ����� **���!,
borhood.    ^*.'' �� ���
tiM Md||^lko'<��iirrntlaN|l-Miir ����
uyilng and nAMr hare mtagrl Mho
g and tafcdl.fr hate mbwi Mho
*4 *a*M*��*l****a.*am%Pa*>Za*,
m la* Mttrrd On *arty apt), pai*.
SPat- m        ,.
pwlrdly a|��n the orMO Ihot |�� wai
sobered Into the Ntrary. where **�� sat.
"t-Stm't ��m.��JkW ttafr d.tlhta*��t til
May* Hue. t deolre math tbot J��d
tboukt be my attsr be taid nlmplr.
dremdiw anc��narM4r Into tbe Her-
own IdUtat
||lre \*t\ps***\ Knd rem |he night be-
tor* juet what Ihe InlrHlinna of Anion
���a*M Mmeb were, nml she bmt Iwen Iry-
'tog tfMMKke ap birr mind wbelbtr tit
(et tpa affair inn Ita ttnirse or t���� evndo
4fc��*tamM> hy another flight, (the wn*
token whtdlr unawanr* by the r��|tedl-
Ueueneas of Ms stlai-h. -
t *1tol fre only oreii you three IIumM
ib mr Ufor oho gunned. "I rani ����������
older anything of too hlpd tttpa a nan*
I know on lillie M flub1'
-Xtm don't. lore tuotbprr told An-
log von Woecli. growing imle.
"X��K" said Mint Dreamd. "but"���
-Theu I'll make my light" sold Anton ron Blotch, "and I metn to win.
lft lift or deoth to me. and ho man
Who It a mon wlll girt hp bit life
without a tlruggle "
Tbat wan lh* beginning of one of
tbt preltlrel courtuhlps thai ever
creased tbo horloob of WnsWiigloo
lift, ood tlnre Aataa von Wowb wot
a itotlktiain tt ttsAt at t nmn of
promlee In hit choaen enwer lhe J bnt
Tbe lovers whispered together before
Ibe doors of ber father's hangar, plan
nlng the last details of tbeir elope
"Hurry, dearest." be urged. "We wlll
wbeel out your runabout monoplane.
nnd together we'll fly away on tbe
wings of lhe nlgbt, nevermore to be
"Wait," tbe exclaimed. "I bnve a
better plan. We will run It out and
hide lt In tbe old stable; tben we will
walk to tbe trolley nnd papa wlll
never supect ua."
Tbey were hardly half a mile on
tbeir wny down tbe rond when, from
overhead, cnme the roar of tbe triple
propellers of the racing monoplane as
papa dashed out Into tbe darkness In
bot pursult-1'uck.
Virtue's Reward.
Lend Ibe average man money
nnd no wlll be to grateful that
lu-'ll eome nround nnd borrow
mora. ��� I'lillndelpbla Publlc
Saving Time,
lie was cashier lu a downtown busi
ness house, and bin vacation hud Just
ended.    Aa be entered   the office ou
Monday morning Ids associates rose t��
greet blm, but lie held up his baud for
elience. antl before anybody could aay
a word he distributed among tbem a
number of neatly printed littlo cards,
reading thus:
'"thank tronr
"Tea. I bnd a dandy time."
"Oh. canoeing; flshhit. golf, tte."
-ITee. Ibe weather wa*:*to��pjt bully,
"lldrd to Umi mraalf atfatt **
-l o*��bt to.   It*
die."        v���.
��� And wltbnnt ��� word bt*attrfed In si
4ts regular wort-Ihitton
Pipe Dreams. ���
What should we do without the dreams
'that come to cheer and teMy,
That stem the tide, the seething streams
Uf somber melancholy?
Hard pressed and sore beset by care.
We long fqr dreams aot visions
And know that we shall Ind them therein nicotine Klystuma.
At night wltb pipe beside the flre
We set the smoke clouds rolling
Anil dream that wltb our heart's Asslre
We In sweet neios are strolling;
That, wrapped In mantle wide ot peace,
with dear delights around us.
From trouble ws have found release-
No more can sorrow wound us.
Mot for the dreamer Is the tsH
Ut dismal nlRtils and dreary-
Above his head the emoke clouds roll,
Am sllll his heart Is cheery.
Bo All the pipe not listen to    '
Tho rasping voice ol trouble.
And dream of toy and hope anew.
��o will your pleasures double.
TU the last fly ol eaaunev that flits on
And my heart almost Meet* ler lbs lonesome-young thtnc
No mat* ot hie ol* asa. aa eemade has
To slick. In the jelly ev draws la the tea.
I know, te I epare him he'll frisk on my
nose  ,
Or. perehed on my bald soot disturb my
Bereft of. his vigor and. shorn of Me pride,
I'll send him to rest where the good flies
Oo (sweto let me flnlsh hie eaHMy career.
Then (bing!) goes a glebe *ro�� my best
And.(smash!) my aoreea swatter Is dashed
at' bia head;
Butt, oosh, 'twas a. (loose bowl sheltered
Web- (biff!), ain;* IS eartal/t   Saa missed
him ono* mom!
Aaii (bang!)  this- deetruetloe le snaking
me sor*
���fr Madly let'egeOber th* wreckage away
A��di hope that we. lend- bin o�� sentr other
���OeeelanA Plain Dealer.
At Wt* Pheteeeepber^.
Fond Mamma-Here's a phot* of mj
little boy when be wa* a baby, and. I
want yo�� to make oue of blm, a* be Is
rhotographer���Haven't yen bro.'jgh*
him wltb you?
W. M.���No; I tbought you, could make
an enlargement from thfc.-1'tlo MM*.
MEW   WWTtolNBTEa   mail
irrlvhlr ' Cloning:
W:50���Vanorevec via Ot Nm 'P.
*..m. ..; .tt-SS
11:45���Buriiaby Lake  and   Vkn-
couver via B. C. B7tt., 7:46
16:45���Vancowver   via   OiIfLft,
(dssly except Sundav).1*:2��
r: 40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dotty otcoet 8undbr).U:U
(I:0(l-Vinatswor via. B. C. B. R.
IStttr except Sunday).16:W
(8:00���VtMonver vtoB. C. a R.
(doay oxcept Soaday) .Su:M
10:06���Peot. Mann (dally exoept
Sareday) 9:46
1:40���VMorta via B. CL B. R.      ~
(dally oxcopt Sunday). 11,16
10:80���Bnntton Islands arriv aa
Tntoday, Thuraday had I
Saturday,   and   leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday ...IScJS
10:60���Wttorl* via a N. R.
(daily oxotflb Sunday) .��:3fc
16:00   Mdttondd-   aod  / Central
Park (dally, exoept Sunr
Itoy) ....MUS*
11:20���l^ynehead  (Tueaday   aad
- Friday)       .....14:06
l8:l*-Abbottlordi Upper Suaaa,
MattquU Hnntlngdon,
tte. (dally exoept Son-
day)   T-.JS
l6:Jfr-CretcenK Whlto Roek oad
Blaine (dally oxcopt
Snaday) 6:16
l6:l��-Unitoo>8tatoo vtott N. R.
(dally oxcopt Sunday)..16:00
to: 16���HalLt-Pralrlo, For* Ridge
aad Haslemere (daily
eaoept SUndacH  9.: 46
ljli:&0t-��Sn|perton aad: Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)  7:16
l$:&0i���Alt points east and Kurope (daife) T:ti
1*:10���Sapperton and Freoer
Mint    (daily     oacapt
Sunday)  ...13:16
9:2(1���All    potato east suM   Europe (daily)   |M:li
11:50���Coqultftun   (daily  except
Suadbor) 7:15
l��:00���Centred Park, MoKay oad
Bfeaonds (dally oxeoat
- Sw^ay)      11.U
10:00���Ladner.    Port    Oulchon,
Westham Mand. Bnrr
Villa ....16:15
16:00���Cast Bqraaby   (daily ox-
/  cept Sunday)  13:00
I0:06r-Tiaiban*ad (Tutoday aad
Priday)   16:80
U:W���Raad, Majuba Bill via
B. 0. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday aad Friday     ' 6:00
10:00���AnatovUI*  and   Banbury
(dally exeept SutSfcy). 18:15
16:��6-Van��ouv*r.  Pipeft    Biding    tto    Q.    tt.    B.
(dally exoept Snnday) ..14^0
7:80���Ofcltod Stat** via O. N. R.
(daily axeept Bnnto).. 8.46
to: to���CMMwack via B. OB. It r
Mdtdfr OMoat Sunday).17:80
11:86���Clayton  (Tootday, Thorn-
day,   Friday  aad   Bat-
day      ..M:6��
t!:M-Clovordal* aad Port Roll*
ria O. N. R.  (daBy dto
ctpt Sunday)....   ....\i:PS
n-.iP-hVtPUtarS,   HunUngdon.
via B. C. B. R. (dally
'    oxooot Buadav) .... ..17:80
Z0:4��-���)ev��rdale   via   B.C.B.R.
(dally oxcopt Suaday).17:8*
8:00���Frastr   Arm    aid    Alta-
Vhrtn aad Ookalla ....88:00
COAL MINING righto ot tka Domln-
lon ia Maaltnhs, Satkatokowaa aad
Alberta, tbe Tukon Territory, tba
Nortbwret Territories aad la a tor.
Hon ot too province nt Brittah Colombia, uay ho leased tor a tana of two*-
ty-oa* year* at an aaaoal rental of
f 1 aa acre. Not moro tbaa 8,660 aeroa
will be leased to one' applicant.
Application for a leaae nraat ba
mads hy the applicant la perton to
tbo Agent or Sub-Ageat of tbe district
ta which Uie right* applied for aro
I ��*r   ���	
ENGLISH    WORSTED, SCOTCH |U:80���Chilliwack,    Milner.   Mt
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, 1-1.���  ��m��~ "��-
Arrived.    Pcrftct Fit nnd
thllp Guaranteed. -
..^- .1
"Do you know
t good preventive
fcr seasickness?"
"Wliat ts itr
~* ��    ft
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
_ Aldttgrofo, Q6;
ter, (Bbortroed, Surrey
. Oentre,CloverdaleJLing-
ley PraiAe. Murrayvlllo,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster. Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Bardie, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad*
ner, Bellerose, via B.
C. B. R. (dally oxcopt
Bunday) f.W.tor.
ln surveyed territory tbo land moat
bt described by saetions, or legal subdivisions of acotltat. add la unsurvey-
ed tarritory the tract applied for shall
bo staked out bar the applicant Jttaa-
Bach application must be accompanied by a (00 ol $6 **lch will bo
refunded if tbo rights applied for ara
not availably bnt not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the lata
of five oeata por tea.
The peraon operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable oral mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated tuch ro-
turn* ahonld bo furnished at least
onoe a year.
The leaae wiU Include tho coal mining rights only, but the leasee will bo
permitted to purchaae whatevfcr"*��all-
able surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working ot the tain*
at the rate ot 6"> a* act*.
For full Information application
should be sonde to the Secretary of
tbe Department, of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Laada.
J,    ,      Pt. Pt. CORT.
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication Ot
this adverttaemeat villi not be paid
Covers Toe Much Ground.
"Wonder why Hrown never gelt any
Where?" j
"That's easily teen."
-Point It dut"   :
V ... *m.*^**<mmaaaaam t[ -
* Mlstd Idtntlty.
Here I* a cms* of mixed Identity-two
Drbmlo* who recently were of the dr*.
wall* peraonlM* lh a Merlin ertmlnal
reurt Two men, Ptoy *ud Kritioh.
fritodt, Iwre a reafmring reremblanc*
lo each otber. Proy. for ���mite Ttffcna*.
Had iMon'ttnltnml to three- month*1
"luiprtaonnitht lie. ��** engmwl to b*
umrrieil. tnd Wltrh. piirelog blmMlt
ott *a tbo culjirlt terred tb* renlenro.
THen thlugt wool wrong lietwet* ��t*r
and bll Wtoibtort. PtanMS tiatrtt.
tha toM tbo aMboritleo of th* trick.
tnd now Prttltli haa beet teotenred fa
sU wookf taprlotaaMnt on to* own
ttoooat   .
Urs** Nltobontr PI**-
llnbby-Whtl In thunder doc* thto
nlll mean. Matilda} It oay*. "Ante
uwiiiie tu*t liau; trlmaihwA SMWU-"*
Wlfey- Ves; It's all right. Jear. *ou
���ee. tbe Item "trtniiulrig*" M-*n *ulo
uioblle unlered to match th* eoat-St
Uult I'oel IXslwtcb.
Tb* Law *f Ayorogtot
"I tm going to tucceed."
���m��\m you doirt boltoro tt.'
^faSS'i^Ctoowd mt f tSP*p\ ;
M Wtofto.-
-Are   im   'tHoyihg1'   I
Brownr'.       ,"   . ���
������.Vol thto month,"
"Indeed! Why***? ��,
"Oils I* Mr, Brbwa't mod^ to I
ftiktr." ''''' *
Heme Treatment
"Here.- iH'gan a woman known to t
writer to Hi* Canadian Courier-"here't
lia grtlrle to l.bo ��rwitog paper.ua
���Woiwu't Work Por tb*. Peebi* Ultd
Her hntlwad granted. Iieing In a re
aritonKry.manfL "I'd WW io know,*
he joiM. "Whst women bar* oror duao
for Hi* feelil* winded r
"Tliey toMmllJI. man? H��*��*. *���"������"
retilletl bl* wlf*aw��>elly���Yotlh's Com
It Afftetsd HI* Nature.
"Old llloglt Is pretty ��h��w. Isn't her
"Ve*. IikIpmI.   He's 11 fo��sll.   I dunt
believe lie ban progreiweil an Inch la
twentj year*.,"
"What** tb* mutter wttb blmr
-I gum* If* tbo fadlt of tht bual-
uttt N!�� In."
"Wn*P* thatr
"Why. h* ba* the contract far paint-
lug all lb* dty'* 'Keep Off lb* Or***'
slgna"-Cl*ret*ud Plain Uaalar.
The Lancashire and Cbeahlrt Mln.
rt' Federation bat demanded a five
t'.a bnt *uch tu awful lot ��
��y ���; ���
"I tm an glad."
"I d..tt't know why yoa sbould bo.*
"He voulda't b* happy wlUiout It."
Bern* Liar.   -
"1 wotlldb't belter* tbat tbSa uM*r,j
"Buhl   That't .nothing-   I woahto'n
to-llttve blm It l-bmrw bt wt*
toe truth."     '.."   ,-"     \.i "" -       '1
Seme TWjn* to',*S,*��*t.
Pailliutjluwnwti. r 1
-KdiilKgld low.
Palling toi a mulUenre gam*.
Pilling oe tb* BK-fc of a poor tti*}*,,
Van*      -    - ���������;���     '���; '   *
Judg* Ptr Yourself.
���Wtft whi ever In lore't"
"I Ibnught t was ooeo."
"1 ta'tftv it dklu't turn mit badly."
"i��*M. w* aiept married."
"lie's ��i��'h �� t-mnlortiiht* pereonf
"llettni<ii be. enn liellcve nnrthlng <
any way he ���unit to."   ���
You Bet
Mary hart * llttl* tsmb.
We've iM*rd the thing bsfor*
And every time we hear R a*w
It man** o* twtol tore   ���. y
Lowering the Cost
Reduced to its simplest termsf the price of s*pt article
is the cost of materia?, labor of manufacture, transportation, distribution, sale, and deliveiy���plus a profit on
each of these.
liet im take the ca?e of a fountain pen to show what
price is.
, Pint, th* mtrerlalo mutt' bt pre.
dOMd-^tb* rubber in 'rtsra���tt* gold
ia Soath Africa or too Tukon���iri-
diutn in Siberia
* Tboa all thes* mutt be transported
to. tb* factory. ' There tho rubber Is
vulcanised Into holder*; tto *oW refined Lai stamp** into points; th*
bUlMB tipped onto^th* gold; and to
������!*-    "a          *���'-.-������* -       -   ���
Tb* labor operations on a fountain
����a rea wdl p**,r tt* b*ndred*to*rt.
aad wpenslva ma��*ln*ry I* rb��ulrod
for *lsoo*t avory on* of them.  *'";'"'
Manufactyrlng completed, the pens
are told to. Jobbers and retailor*���
transported hundreds, and thousands
cf miles. Ahd profits are taken at
���very ttep, remember ttat
After tto (whole tal* dittribdtloa, tte
retail   talt   It   mad*���dtllvtry oon-
plpted, and tb* *���* at, laat put to ito
do*tta��d at&. ' '
Suppoo* yoa bare -void 62.60 lor
one of tbo ttiandard woB-hnown taaa*
pena Do you begin to realiso
an Imptotog number of thing*
that' 88.60 ha* V*U fort Haven't yoa
a pretty' (Hoar W��a ttat, if thee*
operations Ware applisd ta the making
of on* alngle.pan. It woold break aa
oil magnate to buy ItT
la It aot perfectly plain ttat Quantity control* prlc* by one of tb*
simplest of natural lawtf    '
Pasa rubber by tb*\��hl��lo*d���gold
and Iridium by poonds Instead ot
milligramme*���labor of thousands organised and dlrected-rtranporUtloo la
oar Iota���and tales by tt* million-���to
���very schoolboy, tteuograpboi
mm man���to ovory ono wbo write*.
Nearly thirty ttoutand employ***
are killed or Injure? annually oa tto
rallwayt ot Oreat Britain. It hat boon
Estimated ttat a   brakesman   runt
pur cent advance tn wage* and a uniform rate tor the whole of Lancashire
aad Cbe*hlre. Joint mooting* are be-1 thirteen timet more risks of Injury
tog hold botwton the mlaore aad mtt- tbaa a Britt* toldltr did tn ttt Boor
tort. I war.
...  -. ���-���''        y jU.  , ...'   ��..\
It is all this gigantic expenditure, DIVIDED,+y tJje
countless units of millions of Mes, that maKfe ft p6��-
si^e to buy a fountihipen for $2.50. The more Sales,
the smaller beeves the cost of the unit
We know that Advertising has raised Quality. '
We know thisit it has standardized prices. -,
And now we see that Advertising increases, sales,
shortens the road between producer and consumer���
and lowers prices.
Adulc* renrdliM yonr adrerttolni preklomo It avtllabts through nny
rtregnlttd Caredtan tdvtrtlttof aftitay, or th* Secretary of th* Can-
adUlt PrM* Attotlttloo, Wtom (tf Lunwd** ���ulldlna, T.renta. Kto
paity iavolvoo P* tMlBtMta aa your aatt-ao write, If toteiWii.'
***** CT
enwn.wnu.t*' PAGE EIGHT
1 V
YOU".       "*
' Listen���If you wish to aemire
one of the nicest boxes odf
Xmas Crackers, Chocolates cor
Xmas Stockings, you sboOM aot
fail to inspect our Offerings.
Candy Special.���Pure, hard boll-
���  ed candy, contains no dbeap
gyms or  creams,  rSaaXte *tor
15c. per lb. Special I to*. 36c.
' Xmas  Candles  fo? fttaaratlve
purposes, box  - . - -'toe.
Raisins, Not-a-Seeil, 10e. .per T6
"oz. pkg., 12 pkg*.-.?.-~.*rOO
beeded, 16 oz. pkg., 8 tor.-., :26c.
Sultana, 16 os. pkg.B fiftii.aBc.
i Currants, "3 pkgs. fbr L:'.:!'.-2Bc.
' Flgs, regular 16 os.
3 for ...- Jf.
New Valencia AlmonBs, New
Nuts and awfully gooBtqaality
lb ..;.... .4,..tSe.
Shelled Walnuts, per to.... .4Sc.
���New mixed Nuts, Pecans, Brazils, Filberts, AlmrmUn and
Walnuts, lb ....25c.
Pork Sausages, per 1Jl,.%v .25c.
Headcheese, per lb. .......15c.
-New Dills, German, doc 30c.
Sauerkraut, per lb. .:'..'....;.20c.
New Cakes and DooRfcsiuts.
Maple Creamery 'Button -te .delicious, 3 lbs J61-10
Public Supply Stores
V IL. ADAMS       8. K. BRIGGS
Mr. A. D. Mackay, of the Emerson
Lumber Mills, Port Moody, was l
visitor to the city yesterday.
Mr. E. R. McMillan, principal of
tbe High SchoOl, Is seriously ill at
home with pneumonia.
See our window of beautiful Dressing Gowns and House Coats. A. S.
Mllte & Co., 517 Cttnihbla street. (251)
'Reeve Mars,-Ccsjiiitlam, is confined
to bed through a severe attack of tbe
grippe, but ls improving.
Seer Oifford's   selection
watches from $1 up.
In your will, we
shall say, youi have
appointed a. trusted
friend your Executor.
Should he be taken
in the midst o�� administering your estate, who will [then
complete his work ?
Had you named
this Company as
your Executor you
would have made
sure of faithful, responsible and continuous service until
the completion of
the trust.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
This Is the best ready mado Cough
Syrup on the market. We back up
thl* statement with our guarnntee t<
refund the money in any case when
not aatlsfactory.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS.
Phono 43:  L. D. 71;   Res. IZ
New   Westminster,   B   c.
Skates sharpened)-and set at Geo
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.        (215)
The annual meeting Of the members
snd adherents of the Olivet Baptisi
'Church wtll take fbsce i on Tuesday
Decent ber 17. ���
Christmas Cake*. See our window.
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
2S1. (203).
The iBenevolent Society   will   hold,
its -regular monthly meeting in . thi
Hoard of Trade rooms ttomorrow after
noon,at.2 o'clock.
From now until Christmas Gifford'.-
store will be open evenings.       (245)
The   license   commissioners     will
meet in the city hall this-evening tc'
consider applications tar riwnewals o
liyuor! licenses for 1913.
Miss iUndine Howay, a Slaughter oi
Judge Howay, ls at present iin a hos-
pital in Vancouver, where *be under
went an .operation   for   np-peiidiciti
last week.
Theioamentiisidewalks on ��ither side
or Sixth,null McKenzie (tracts, between 'Columbia and Front, -arc;now
practically completed and Wlll Ix.
cleared Shortly ffor pedestrians.
At tbe crown timber office (this
afternoon at 2 o'clock the right ito -cu<
timber on tintber berths 537 and 548
wlll be eOW, These berths contain
665 acres ntnd IK'S acres respectively
Ladles' gold umbrellas worth $7.50
tor $5 at Gifford's. -  "     C246)
It ls understood that an organita
tion meeting ot the members of the
recently appointed labor commission'
will be held In Victoria on December;
23. "A start upon the work is anticipated early lp (he new year.
Messrs. R. AbeeiMttfry and C. I.
Churchard, chairman and secretary
respectively, of the incorporation
committee of Port Moody, were in the
ttty yesterday in connection with th?
tttforporatlon proceeding*.
Why does John Rindal. the tailor
m*\\ a lirst class $40.00 suit for $30.00*
Because the location of his business ic-
���nit of  the  high  rent district.    John
i Rindal. 612 Carnarvon. (204)
The choir of St. Andrews church.
j are reminded that the final rehearsal
.of Caul's "Israel in the Wilderness.'
| takes place on Thursday evening at ;���'
o'clock.    Kach member is expected U
attend promptly.
If you intend purchasing a diamond
ring It will be to your interest to set
fiifford'a selection, lie will save yon
money. (245)
The V. M. C. A. Debating Club will
hold a mock council tbis evening. The
mayor and aldermen of the real coun
cil will be impersonated and th;
chairman of each department wlll be
requested to report on the year's
The frame of the new stores and
garage block at the corner of Lorm
and Carnarvon streets is now erected
to tbe first floor. The contract for
the installation ot a lighting system
!n the building has been let to the
Dominion Electric Company, of Vancouver.
Perhaps he would like a beautiful
Dressing Robe or House Coat for
ChristmaB from A.'S. Mills & Co., 511
Columbia street. (251)
St George's Dramatic Society repeated the "Brixton Burglary" in tin
public hospital for the insane lasi
night. ,_About 200 of tlie Inmates and
many of the nurses were present. The
party, was afterwards entertained by
the matron. The performance will be
repeated in the Burnaby public hall on
Tuesday next.
Before receiving renewal oi
licenses for 1913 all theatre proprie
torn will be required to see that their
premiseB meet the requirements ol
the building and trades license bylaws. ThiB Is chiefly In respect to
the position of the rows of seats
which must be a distance of 32 Inche.-:
apart from each other, back to back.
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the New Westminster Retail
Merchants' Association held on Mon
day evening lt was decided to hold ti
general meeting of tho association on
Krldny at 8 p.m.. In the Conservatlvi
committee rooms, at which all mem
bers of the association are requested
to be present, and any merchants wil
are not yet members are invited to ni
tend. ���        (252)
On Sunday evening next, at 7:30
rVolook, Gaul's cantata "Israel In the
WIlderneBs" will be rendered by St
Andrews choir, assisted by several
friends. Thfl work Is of abundant in
lerest, comprising several fln��
nhoruses for full choir, a male chorus,
trio, duets and solos for soprano
tenor and baritone of exceptional
merit. The soloists nre Mlss Munn.
Mr. Graham and Mr. Hamm. Organist
^nd choir master, Mr. C. W. Openshaw.
Typewriter Agents���The Fox Type
writer Company havo appointed the
Rutlcdge-Saiinders Brokerage Com-
tinny, Westminster Trust bloek, ns
heir local agents. Miss Barry has
opened a public stenographer's office
n these onarters, where ahe Is demon-
trating lhe new No. 24 Fox Machine,
which htm among the new Improve
ments several unlquo features.     (248)
Burnaby  Men  Banquet.
Edmonds,   Dec.   10.���The   first   an
nual banquet of the office staff of the
Burnaby Municipal Hall will be held
in tbe Carlton - Cafe, Vancouver on
Saturday evening -next. Reeve Weart
has promised to take tbe chair and all
the councillors wKl doubtless be in attendance.
Peculiar  Awctwrt IPiifvilagss  Enjoyed
by Certorei Citizens of London.
Some peculiar privileges are granted
U> London ���olBcialls by law or custom.
There are certain institutions which
cannot be interfered with. They have
survived lor aenturies. Traditions
cluster rosimd tthem, iand the bold reformer has no chance with them. Nowhere are cut-'turns and privileges
whicli have amoieitt sanction more jeal.
ously guarded ithan in the cily of
London, and none cling to their privi-
legetrtotm tenaciously than the liverymen. These privileged citizens, ol
whom there are about 7,000, have a
great deal t* de with the election ol
the lord mayor and sheriffs.
A 'privilege ttOie .-Stationers Company
enjoyed ior centuries has been taken
nwky ftom titeao. They can no longer
������rtjiStef-'the aojsrcight .of all literary
THU' Watensaen's iand laghermen's
Colin pany clang .tenaciously to their
privwege, <mbodied in a charter
grWfti&l lo tbem .al .a ;Ume when royal
progresses were made in barges, .ol
isMrin? certificates to those who had
quaHHWas watermen.
The most privilege personage in the
city of London is the lord mayor. He
tates. precedence omct every subject ol
thoncrown, not einepting members of
royal family, in the "aqiuaie mile."
B^.js:,f^i admiral ol tbe port of Lon-
doDL... and he lias the privilege of receiving, the password ot the Tower ol
Lqndon.nuarterly under the .Sign Manual <if the Sovereign. Another of llis
privilege* is to receive venison warrants, which entitle him' to l��o does
from .the royal forest* in midwinter
and. two bucks in the late summer or
autumfi. .
.Members of Parliament are not without Jbei'r specia! privileges. They vie
wi,tiv���the Ji very men in upholding them.
they claim exemption from arrest on
mil process during the Parliamentary
Rttjsioil or. for a period of 40 days before and after. Members of the House
of-Xorls also have this right, and peeresses may put forward the claim.
But the most novel privilege is claimed by Lord Forester, who has in liis
possession a grant of the time of Henry VIII.. "giving to John Forester,
l(sq., of Watling street, County Salop.
Uie privilege of wearing his hat in
lhe royal presence."
Several  noblemen  to-day  make ac-
Itanowledgment of the privileges given
f.ottheir ancestors which they enjoy in
J-),*  shape of  rent  service.    In some
cstee tha rent services were nl a singular character.    For" the privilege of
hoMioS   Stratlifieldsnye  the  Duke   of
Wellington presents n flag to the sovereign every   year,   ami  he   holds   ths
state on this condition.   The fliig is
displayed at Windsor Castle. Fur hold?
ing  Blenheim the Duke of Marl bor-
'iU2h performs a similar service. Thii
privilege  dates  from   the  lime   when
t'he  land  beloncrej   to  the   sovereign,
xho niH'le grunts  to his rubles, wlio
n return had to render service which
>ften tonic tlie form of providing men
:'<>r the ilefeiicu of the country.
Probably tlie most peculiar form of
rent s.Tviee is'rendcred by ^ir George
,'lerk, a Scottish baronet, Tlie condi-
ion attached to holding land in the
neighborhood of Edinburgh i.s fiat lie
���its on a particular rock and blows
three blasts from a horn should l.'io
Kr:g go to bunt at  Penicuik.
{Jo other financial establishment
110.5ses.ses the privilege accorded the
flank of Ergland���that of being guar.l-
���d after ti o'clock in tlie evening hy
���i band of about 40 soldiers, wllOS*
luty it is (o visit the vault and tlie
various rooms at intervals. 1 he leader
of the guard has certain privilege*.
Meals and sleeping accommodations
are provided for hini. and he may invite one guest to dinner, who must
take his departure before midnight.
The bank is patrolled with systematic
regularity until daybreak.
Must Dodge the Ants.
The extension of the Cape t->-Cairo
Railroad is now proceeding from lluni-
keia.to Elizabethville, a stretch of
evi-ral hundred miles over a plain
varied only by the enormous ant-hills,
whicii in some canes rise to a height
*il 60 Jeet. In tearing down one of
these ant-hills the greatest care muat
be oxercised or the ants will attack
\h* dijapoilers of their home and make
it very uncomfortable for a time. In
.oio-s instances these hills have been
nade use of as observatories by the
jiijveyors who arc conducting the
*ork. A very comfortable hut was
oui.t on the top of the hill, with steps
out in tlte sides to afford an easy access to the top. When the ii.torior of
the hill had been cleaned out it wai
inntU' use of as a dark room by the
photogrpaher of the expedition for developing his plat's and making prints.
Preventing a Collision.
When warships are steaming in fleet
lormatirin through log ,t become ne-
^���ssary to prov.de some marking by
mo��iis of wllich '.be vessels mny main-
ain their places in I.n. uhd i.t the
Icslr-ii distance from each oth'r. The
usual method adopted hy Br.tish Hee s
whon caught in a fog is the trailing of
a huay in the water behind each ves-
m. This buay makes a flapping noise,
w'hfch is easily heard by the lookout
tin thn ship following as well as leaving'a wake discernible to the eye.
A Footstool Church.
Mr. Raymond Unwin told a storv re.
lating to the building of St. John's
Church, South square, Westminster.
The architect, lie said, wus reputed to
have worried Queen Anne about the
design. Her majesty, at length losing
patience, kicked her footstool over
and remarked in anger, "Build it liko
that!" Tho architect fulfilled the royal
wishes, and the church was built as
it staiuls to-day ��� with the corners
protruding upward like the lour legs
of a stool.
Snowsho* Rabbits.
The big snowsho* rabbit or northern hare ol Arctic Canada is something oi a dresser. It wears a white
ooat in winter and a gray die in summer, the better to conceal itself from
lis enemies by looking ag the giound
looks in the two seasons.
Assurance that tlie car service on
Sixth street would be groatly Improved In a short time was given the
transportation committee of the Board
of Trade during an interview with
local officials of the B. C. E. R.
It waa announced that as soon as
the Eighth street tracks were connected with those on Columbia street a
even and a half minute service would
be Inaugurated.
Tbls will be done by looping the
city cara which terminate at present
at the intersection ct Fourth avenue
down Sixth street to Columbia.
BLACK���The sorrowful news was
received in the city of the death yesterday morning of Mrs. Elisabeth
Kathleen Black, widow of the late Dr.
A. W. S. Black, formerly of New West
minster,' at the residence of her son-
in-law, Mr. H. H. Watson, M. L. A.
Mrs. Black was a native of Cork
Ireland, and a pioneer resident of
this city, hut of late years had made
her home with her daughters in Vancouver.  .
Until recently Mrs. Black wns in excellent health ahd ber sudden death
following a serious operation last
week wlll be regretted by all who
knew and loved her.
Her children are: Mr. Alfred Black
barrister of Greenwood; Mrs. H. M
Burwell, Mrs. H. E. Cannon Mrs. I1
H, Watson and Mr. Arthur H. Black
civil engineer, all of Vancouver.. Mr
H. L. Edmonds and W. F. Edmonds
ot this city, are nephews. The funeral
will take place from the residence o'
Mr. W��t*on,' 1246 Brodghtoh ' street
Vancouver, to..St. Paul's church 'on
Thursday morning at 10:30 o'clock
and from thence via the G. N. R. noon
train to Westminster, where Interment
will be made ln the family plot In
the Masonic cemetery. Sapperton. Tli"
train arrives at tbe local G. N. depot
at 12:47.
STONEY���Tbe funeral of Harold
Clifford Stoney, tbe six weeks old son
of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Stoney, took
place from the family home, 44 Lorne
street, to tbe Church Qf England conic
tery yesterday afternoon at 1:30. Rev.
Canon d'Easum officiated. There was
a large attendance of friends and
sympathizers. Wreaths and other
floral tributes wen received from the
following: Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Mon
teith, tho family, Mr. and Mrs. Angu.5
and family (Vancouver), Alderman
and Mrs. Walter Dodd. Columbian
Chapel, Mr. A. Cripps. Mr. tt. J. and
J. A. Stoney (North Vancouver).
Murchle's parlors to the Odd Fellows'
cemetery at 11 o'clock.
SING���Wong Tie Sing, a Chinese
cook aged 54, passed away at the
Chinese hospital on Agnes street yesterday afternoon, Wong had been at
tended by Dr. Hall and death was
from natural causes. The funeral wlll
tako place on Thursday at 11 o'cl^cK.
Interment will be made in the Eighth
street cemetery.
*"  "       P*rfmn*ry C*k**
'Although not new, tbere Is an Increasing demand for th* cake* of perfumery. Theae solid block* of pressed
aachet ar* very easy to ose and th*
fragrance Is decidedly mor* lasting,
as tb* attar* are not distilled by alcohol, ah Is the cas* with tbe liquid extracts. It I* taid that each block contain* a* much floral essence as yoo
would Bnd in a quart of the liquid
perfume. When the odor b*come*
faint all that I* necessary Is to *crnp*
otT a llttl* of tbe wax, thu* exposing
��� new perf��(me surface. Tbere sr*
various odor* which hsr* been corralled In * wild lo thl* way-tbe ever
popular violet, tb* bellotrop*. lilac
rose, carnation, coryopsls, lavender
and sandalwood. Rach cak* la in-
cloned In a llttl* oent looking box. suggesting leather, and tb* prlc* I* ?*iy
Our prices on Toys, Dolls and
all other Christmas Goods are
far lower than anywhere else.
We carry the largest and most
varied stock of the kind, and
our Hand Painted China cannot
be excelled.
646 Columbia Street
Phone 455
SHEAVES���Mlss Lillian Sheaves,
tbe daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheaves
of this city, passed away late on
Monday afternoon. Miss Sheaves waj
eighteen years of age, and a native of
New Westminster. The funeral will
take place from W. E. Kales' chapel to
the Church of England cemetery on
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The
deceased Is survived by three sisters
and three brothers, all of whom res'de
at the family home at Sunlniry. Mrs
George Mackie, cf this city, is one of
thc sisters.
WHITE���Mr. Robert White, of Sno
bonilsh.  Wash., returned to his home j
yesterday after attending the funeral |
of his infant daughter, Elizabeth May
White, who died at the home of   be
grandmother,   Mrs.   Archibald,   Lan-
caster street, oil Sunday.
WILCOX���The funeral of the late
Catherine Wilcox, wife of Solon Wil
cox, will  take place tomorrow    from
LODGE 854.
Initiation Ceremony
K.  OF  P.  HALL
Wednesday, Bee. lit!'.
AT 8.30 P. M.   l
Last Initiation of ths Year.
H. J. LEAMY, Dictator.
JOS. H. PRICE, Secretary.
The Gift of Jewellery
Gives pleasure not only for the fleeting seastn, but but* a* a lifelong memento of the giver. '*" '
We bave Solid Gold Brooches add Bracelet*   set   with   precious
stones. ' "
Broodies from $3.50 to $5(T
Bracelets rrom $10 to $75
We have all that's BEST AtfD NEWB&TTN JEWELRY.
The Jeweller
608 CoIumbiajStrect Phone 338
assortment of PERFUMES in this
city to select from by visiting us.
AU kinds of One Talcum Powders here   too���Let
as supply you.
RYALL'S DruggistjRd Optician
701   Columbia   Street
Phone 67
These are all In good locations and are good  Investments at the  prices
they can be bought far now.
1359���FIFTH   STREET     near   Eighth
avenue; 60x13! te lane; a good bay
at $1,000; ono-thlrd cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
Btreet; two lots; upper side; 60x130
all cleared and graded; prioe $1275
1377���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy ternis.
66 foot lot In good location; just off
Columbia atreet; price $1200 on
easy terns.
near Sixth street car line; 50x150
eaoh; seme are cleared; street ls
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, E mployers' Liability, Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
If you have not sent ln a coupon for a copy of our free literature descriptive of Bast Princeton and Its manifold opportunities KINDLY
do so at once. The first edition, Just from the press, is being rapidly taken up by prospective Investors eager to learn more of a city
with such aa abundance of re��enue-produclng industries already established. _
EAST PB1NCHTON Is attracting more attention from intelligent
investors, and settlers lhan any other city ln Canada. Picture a city
surrounded by moro .than a dozen great manufacturing and Industrial
planta; with railroads AUtBADT BUILT; with hotels, 'banks,
churchoa, schools, etc; with a half million dollar light and water
plant; with scores of modern homes built and bulidhigf where there
are today five hundred workingmen; and best of all, where lots are
being sold at original below-the-market prices. Every lot in BAST
PRINCBTON Is fronted by a cement sidewalk���FREE OF CHARGE.
LOTS $300���
No Interest
No Taxes
interest is a mighty Important Item to the small Investor. When
you buy at East Printieton you KNOW exactly what yoh pay-one
prioe���no interest or tax bugaboo to embarrass yoijrfuturo. A sura
ategdy, miraculous advance In prleee-that la the one thing In store
for buyers today. Will you gain by ItT If you can't call, send the
coupon. It means money to you.
00n HASTINGS llf\
"����ST, WEST ��MU
330  Hastings  Street  West,
Vancouver, B.C.
,  Kindly mail your free bootlet
"East Princeton Facts'," to
-L, -_���	
Is a Nscessity���Not a Luxury.
If yoti require constant power you must have a thoroughly reliable engine.   Yoa cannot afford to have your boat out of commission if you expect to lead���or even keep up with your competitors. -
The "VALE" is trustworthy.   It is always ready to do your work
���honestly snd efficiently. ��� . ��� i
��� '" If you Intend purohaeing ad' engine, let us send you specifications of iny siitp tbat you are interested in. A careful study of the
���YALE" will, well repay you
The Schaake Machine Works
' W���*r*tlNSTER, BjC.
J-    l.l'PjMi
IT li sooty.
...    11,  iirjii,   ... ii _
Our lines' comprise,Stovbs, Ranges, Hatters, KltAe* Utensils In
iron, tlq an<Teu#melwan). Dishes, Glassware, Furnlftfte, Furnishings,
Linoleum*, Floor OH. Hto., EU. Bewipt Vaehlass aid Oftm Furniture. : ,'���.,... '       '-   ���     ' "������"'    /Y   ���'
We will sell yoo for cash or Wtll furnish your ious* for* a small
payment down, balance pst4%onthly.
C. N. EDM0ND50N & CO.
Corner of 12th  Street and Sixth Avenue
Residential Site
-T" '���*���  ��
$2000 Each
will handle either dne.   IJDiig terms.
No. 152.
628 and 745 Columbia Street, Phene 85., Nsw WsstmlnSter, B. C.
at-aawMaBaaanaa- ^
%     i
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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