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The Daily News Jan 13, 1912

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^. m
J? INDUSTRIAL   SITES���28   aeree
** ietween two railroads, with Fraaer
^ t Mills Una running through tha pro-
party.   Terma for   genult\s   Industrial proposals.
adjoining the ��H>  en   the   turn*.
$���00; easy U  n*   Sea
****** '
Italians    Chase    and   Sink
Sultan's Gunboats.
Flotilla    Carried    Contraband    Goods
Destined for Troops at Iteman,
Rome, Jan. 12.���The Turkish gunboats carrying contraband goods destined for the Turkish troops ln the
province of Iteman, Arabia, were
sighted and pursued by Italian war-
One ot the Italian battleships
opened flre at long range, singing two
of the gnnboats. The flve other Turkish gunboats were overhauled after
a two hours' pursuit, and made a
futile attempt to give battle. The engagement lasted for one hour, but
the guns of the Italian battleships
finally sank the Turkish craft. The
Turks took to the lifeboats. The number of the casualties Is not stated.
After the gunboats sank the Italians discovered an armed Turkish
yacht endeavoring to escape. It was
chased and Anally captured.
Many Turks are believed to have
perished in the fight that preceded
the sinking of their warships, and
many more undoubtedly went down
with the ships.
No Italians were injured In the
The Turkish gunboats had beea
eluding the Italians for weeks, carrying Immense quantities of arms, ammunition and food supplies to the
Turkish  troops in  Arabia.
Leading   Parts  Are  Well  Acted,  But
Marguerite   Was  Coli���Play.
Was Well Staged.
"Faust" Is a play whicb makes considerable demands upon three players
at least. Mephlsto, Faust and Mar-
; ..t-.it��; must be In good hands or
tue play wlll fall. It did not fail last
ii..-..ni at. the opera house because
hanford Dodge as Mephlsto. the spirit
i>f evil, and Edmond Kox as the devil's
victim and instrument, Faust, both
j.a.e readings of their parts that
bi.oite an understanding of the play
aud a sufficient sense oi the dramatio
tu make the great satire convincing
lo the public. Miss A delle Nickerson
as Marguerite was not really as good
as eitner of these. She played her
pait quietly, but with too little feel-
lng, and her rather strong voice hardly suited the simple love-led village
maiden, on whom falls all the burdeu
of the devil's mocking sport, And of
fraust's wild barter of his soul for ihe
sweets of life. - "All tbe burden" has
been written, but to let it ataad wouid
be to misread tbe full lesson of the
play. For on Faust himself the punishment, though less open, falls more
hopelessly, helplessly Intimate and
Ironical. His love destroys the one
he loves; it ls through him she loses
innocence and life. With a soul to
recognize his sin he cannot make
amends, and he must perforce atand
aside (haling to atone, but bound by
his devilish bond, the slave of the
spirit ot evil.
Sanford Dodge as Mephlsto ga��o a
clever reading of tbe part As tempter and mocker, as cynical heartless
liend, stirring emotions but to scoff
them, playing on human sentiments
and weaknesses for his wanton
amusement alone, he did not fall with
change of tone, and shifting manner
ta give a true portrayal of the devlL
It was ln the more melodramatic
scenes, where he should be terrible,
that he failed to impress. But it may
be long before those who heard it
wlll forget his wicked, taunting laugh,
the Satanic sign of mirth, wltn
which ha greeted the idly vaporing
sentiments of'his victims, aad their
helpless flutterings to escape.
Faust was also well acted. Mr. Vox
was a handsome lover for hia Marguerite with a rich voice, and some
command of emotion, while Mr.
Castle made a very efficient Valentine. Marguerite, as has been hinted,
Called to be sufficiently Innocent befoie her fall, and waa never sufficiently stricken with her guilt
The staging of the piece was excellent, the scenes of flre and transformation being well carried out Tbe
Bracken scene was quite a triumph
of the "horrors." and that "blasted
heath" must truly have appeared horrible to conscious-stricken Faust,
while the duel scene, In which
Mephlsto kills Valentine, waa Very
impressively produced.
Warrant for Grain Man,
Winnipeg. Jan. 12.���A warrant was
issued by the Winnipeg pollce for the
arrest of Bruce Campbell; genera]
manarc" of the Paciflc Grain company, with head offices In Calgary,
on the charpe of embezzlement ot
$60,000 cf the company's funds.
Campbell disappeared last summer.
Mr. Weart Fires Last .Shot in  Fight
that Promises Victorious End���
Polling Today.
Reeve Weart closed his campaign
last evening at tha Dundonald school
bouse, where he gave a resume of
the policy and the work of his administration during the past year. De
spite the difficulties of travel toe
-school was well filled.
The reeve said: "The campaign
closes this evening, and most of you
know the platform I am running on.
This section of tbe municipality has
experienced a growth in population
during the past year. You need better roads, and, if I am elected, no
section will be favored to the detri-!
ment of another. The passage of the
by-laws will determine the extent of
the improvements ln all thc wards.
"While serving you for one year
as your reeve, my work has only begun. My ambition Is to put my brain
and energy to work in the best Interests of Burnaby.
"1 stand for   the   letting   of road
work by big contracts, when it will
work for the be3t and most economi- !
cal    accomplishment.     The    trouble |
with  the British  Columbia    Electric i
Railway company, as I have always ���
said, will have to be adjusted judici-
ously.    My part played ln the perfec- !
tion of your water system will    be
mare appreciated  by  you at a later
day. I
"I am progressive, and I want   to
make Burnaby progressive and  modern.    My  policy   has  been,  and    always will be, to administer the affairs .
���of Burnaby In a businesslike way. If <
you  return  me  to  the reeve's  chair I
you may look for a year of continued
success  ln    directing    your    govern- j
ment. We must measure to the stride
of the natural progress that this community Is now making."
While Mr. Weart is not of the sort
who gives out pre-election statements,
he appears to be well pleased at the
interest shown at his meetings, which
commenced at Central Park on the
evening of January 2. Since then h"
has addressed large gatherings in all
ithe wards, and a'so ln Vancou'er.
The contest has been at times a Utile
warm. At times the opposition t*ttn
made unfounded 1 statements, but
these appeared to have IltCe effect
on the present reeve, who answered
them all to the satisfaction of those
present at the meetings. Never before bas such interest been shown fn
an election in Burnaby, and the result will be eagerly watched for
when the ballots are counted this
Fight of Many Parties Agitates Fatherland.
Political  Situation  Is    Complicated���
Moroccan Settlement Caused
Berlin, Jan. 12.���A general election
is being held throughout the German
empire today to choose members of
tbe Reichstag. Rarely bas an election excited more interest since the
founding of modern Germany and
raiely has greater importance attached to the result.
"Anything to beat tbe Reds."
"Anything to beat the Black-Blue
Bloc (reactionaries)!"
With these rallying cries of the
clericals, known as the "centre," the
Agrarians, called the Conservatives
or "government" party and allied
groups on one side, and the National
Liberals, Progressives and Socialists
on the other, one of the most strenu
ous campaigns ever waged in Germany is being settled today at the
The widespread dissatisfaction over
tbe policy of the government in tho
Moroccan negotiations, a dissatisfaction which left it apparently without
a single friend in the Reichstag, and
the great increase in the coat of tue
necessaries of life, which bears most
heavily u;on the wagewoikers and
an persons of small incomes, have
cieaied a situation in which tbe most
acute lolltical prophets flnd themselves at a loss tq predict the piob-
able result at the polls.
- It seems to be conceded tbat the
parties of the Left���the Liberal
groups and the Socialists���will make
gains, but their probable- extent is
The Reichstag Just dissolved was
elected in January, 1907, and sat for
tbe five years term provided in the
constitution. It was constituted, following the elections of 1907, as follows:
Right (Conservatives, Free Con-��
I    eervatives,   Agrarian    assorJa-
[..   tlons)    '..    na
Centre (Catholics,
XHfCtL win dorm.
Manchu Princes Advise Re-
moral of Throne.
Plan to Re-occupy Several Towns   in
Province of  Honan���Clash
Expected  Soon.
Peking, Jan. 12.���The Manchu
princes of the imperial clan resolved
today to advise the thrcne to retire
immediately to Jehol, about 120 miles
to the northeast of Peking, where
the members of the imperial family
have usually gone during the summer.
The whole of the Imperial army at
Hankow has started on the way to
Honan with the object of destroying
a revolutionary column there. IThe
imperial troop intend tb reoccupy several towns in the province of Honan
and Southern Chi Li, which had gone
over to the revolutionaries.
Speech from the Throne Foreshadows
Introduction  of  Important
Ratepayers' Committee    Meets   with
Favorable Reception from Representative of B. C. E. R.
Fuel Famine Threaten* Fra*
' ���
Bound Chicago.
A street car line for Agnes street
was the subject of an interview beid
yesterday afternoon between a committee of the Agnes Street Ratepayers' association and Mr. Conway,
of the B. C. E. R.: The meeting was
held in tho council ball, and lt U
understood tbat the company's repre
sen'tatlve looked very favorably ou
the proposition submitted to him.
The scheme outlined at the conference was that a line should be uuilt
from Columbia street up Tenth street
to Agnes, and along Agnes to Duffertn
street.   There it would turn north to
Royal avenue to connect   with   the
present city line!   lt is believed tbat
as a result of this new line the present congestion at Leopold place would
be gieatly  relieved.    It would, however, entail a large expenditure   of
money by the company, as the track
to be laid would measure a mile or
more.    Mr. Conway also left tbe im-:
pressicn that the B. C. E. R. would
be unlikely  to  consider  the project
unless the street was widened, as he j
seemed to consider that a width   of,
60 feet was not enough for a    first |
class business street.
No definite decision could be reached at this one meeting, but Mr. Conway told the committee that he would
send an engineer over the street to
take the grades, so that he could
know how practicable the scheme
might be. It was considered that, cn
the face af it, the scheme is an excellent one.
BLIZZARD w�� nuns
Wind Romps Through SoutfMrn
souri at Forty M** an Ho.*-
��� Pa** ' "'
boosted a��-
antterlag  hs.
At the opening of   parliament   cn ! NANA,MO
Thursday, the lieutenant governor ut
teied the following si.eech from the
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the
Legislative Assembly:
|    It Is with pleasure that I welcome
you to the third session of the twelfth
parliament of British Columbia.
i    The ceremonies  attendant on  the
coronation ot Their    Majesties,   thc
King and Queen, were in no part or
the    empire    observed  with    gi eater
loyalty and    afte tion   than   in   this
province.    Tt is fitting to note    thdr]
British Columbia was    by    invitation
.    . .��. ..      . ������. *^     ,1*     U'!) ' officially presented In London on that
Lell (National Liberals 55, Radi '
cals 51)   j^anV^^HH
Chicago, Jan,'
mometer regi
low zero and
dieted, Chicago.
of one of the I
winter.   To make,.]
prjee of coal ,*gty
otbir fl a tom/;*mm:t(t
tha poorer dlstrifcto'.--l* ,M
At   Des   Moines,   Iowa,   tba thermometer today drppjed to 20 below,.
and the city ls threatened with a ��,.,
famine. ,' '
Record breaking ,fcw temperature*-
are reported   front   ��ll. sections   ��*
Lincoln, Neb., .*}**, 13>-Twenty-ahc-
below zero was rtgtttered' here today.
This part of the state.1ft experiencing;
the most severe weather ever ki
Today's temperature   ls a new
record.   Considerate f uttering
the poor ls reported.
Worst in �� Yeara.
Kansas   City, Jan. 12.���Not#ln
yeara has the southwest expetftpc
such   severe   winter   conditions   aa-
those of last nijffc and early today.
Although the blfc jW r**ich    swept
Kansas, NdrtWMH" "'Oklahoma and
Southern Missouri yesterday at 40
miles an hour, h^d,,abet*d, the mercury today d?wMjO&��$he loweat
point of the leasfoE^TwpBty degrees
j below zero was recorded here   at S
The presence of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught at Ottawa as governor general of Canadu
is regarded by the people of* the Do
o'clock today.   Conditions ln Western
Kansas were the worst since 1886-
Train service on all western llnee-
was ln a chaotic condition, and on.
some roads was temporarily abandoned.    The whole Squib west, after   *%-
Nanaimo, Jan. 12.���In spite of un j
favorable   weather a  good   vote  was
polled   ln   the   civic   elections.     For
mayor:     Alderman John  Shaw, 455;
Hodgson, 432.
Aldermen elected: South ward,,-��� ��� ���-~-*~tr���mF'*ia.*k~-'
Young, Cavalsky. Ferguson; middle m��8t three weatajAjfttreme winter,
ward, Shepherd, McKenzie, Busby; coupled with gas and transportation
north ward. Forester, Greaves Mc- famine, faced a situation, which, tm~
Klnnell, with Stevens only one vote leM conditions Improve within a.
behind McKlnnell. A recount miy j tew da>'8- W,H &* desperate. Swamp-
change this. The $50,000 school by I -��d by apFeal#.>da��tfaM|��4Jie heaviest
law carried. since  its orgaotaaO**,   the    Kas
I.C'ltX Provident association
Social Democrats (Socialists)
Scattering    (particularistic    parties)           g
fJ^-nS 7?Wth 0t .*�� d,"?S uat I mln,on as a "J-**"*1 �����**" ofUie royal
���-��d  ��� ��f ^ frura' dlst^ts has   tavori and j am confilent. lt  wlj/be
*hn�� , he,Spfec'aIly !?* th5 SoclaUst. I a pleasing duty on your i*irt to adopt
whose chief Etrength in Germany, as 'an ttddress of welcome to^e present
elsewhere,   is   mainly   in   the   great | ed to His Koval Highness.
'Flre  Destroys Newspaper Office and
Does Damage Estimated at
Halifax, N.S., Jan. 12.���A disastrous
flre broke out at midnight ln the
building on Harrington street, occupied by W. S. Munny's dry foods
store. The flre spread with great
rapidity and ln five minutes the brick
structure was a mass of'flre. Flames
spread ito the Herald newspaper building, a flvo story structure in the heart'
of the olty, and other adjoining buildings took flre at the same tisse.
At 8 o'clock this morning tbe
flames had got beyond control and
soldiers from the local garrison wein
assisting the firemen in an effort to
confine the flre to the block bounded
by Banington, George and Gran vllle
i Fanned by a high wind,- firebrands
were carried throughout the city, endangering the legislative buildings
and hotel section.
; At 10 o'clock the flre was wider
���The total ansa ls estimated at 9500,-
centies of i ovulation. Five of Berlin's six delegates to tbe late Reich-
���stag were Socialists, as were all three
of Hamburg's delegates.
The original two parties of 50 and
more years ago���the Royalists and
Democrats���have developed Bince the
erection of the modem empire into
xo iless than forty parties. Of these
1? had representatives hi the late
Reichstag and seven delegates fnore-
ever were without aay nominal party
allegiance. Disregarding, however,
all but the essential points of various
parties, flve great groups can be
earned which comprehend fairly the
oancrote views of all bat the .particularistic voters of the empire. These
gnoups are the Conservatives, Centre,
National Liberals, Radicals toff Progressives) and Socialists.
Economically, British Columbia Measures Up to the Prevailing
San Francisco. Jan. 12���From bleak
St Helena island, Alfred Mosley,
coaamander of the Order of 8t
Mickael and SL George and a wealthy
Engliah philanthropist, who ls here
today, will bring to a selected Arcadia
in California   an   entire   colony of
j poverty stricken people. He Is today
seeking a proper alto for establishment of the colony.   There are   3000
.Inhabitants on the Island.
I Immigration officials here have already been consulted. .<-'
Having completed his term of office,
as His Majesty's representative in
the Dominion, Earl Grey, on his return to tbe Mother country, takes
with him tbe warmest regards of the
Canadian people. The great interest
he has always evinced in this province entitles him to a lasting place
in the hearts of British Columbians.
The long standing difficulties in
connection with tbe Songhees Indian
reserve, Victoria City, have been
adjusted, and tha reset ve bas passed
into the possession of the province,
while due provision has been made
for another reserve for the Indiana
The report of the commission appointed during tho year to inquire
into the subject of taxation is ready
and will be presented to you in due
COUT9& ^^^^___________________________________________i
The consolidation of the provincial' velopment of the province, amounted
statutes has been completed and the
Victoria, Jan. 12.���The estimates
for the laat completed fiscal year,
which were presented to the provincial legislature yesterday by Finance
Minister Ellison, show great growtb
during the twelve months under review. An Increase in revenue over
that of the last preceding year of
$1,618,150.33 is recorded, while the
Increase in the aggregate of public
expenditures, keeping paoe sympathetically witli the growth and    de
r. Nelson May Have Received Sort-
tm* Injury in Accident at Brotk-
man-Ker's Wharf.
A serious accident occuried at
Brakmaa-Ker's shod on Front street
about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Mr. A- Nelson, who was preparing to
drive a sleigh loaded high wltb ha/
out' on to tho street, waa seated on
tho top of too balto with no roots for
himself to pass under the roof of the
door. The horses aeem to have
started unexpectedly, aad the unfortunate man was badly crushed. He
was rendered completely unconscious
result of the work of the commission
wlll be laid before you.
- Following the report of the forestry
commission legislation has been pre
1 pared providing, for a department of
forests, and a bill will be submitted
dealing with the conservation and
administration of the timber wealth
cf the province.
During the past year work has
been proceeded with under the direction of the minister of public works
in accordance with the development
of tbe Strathcona park. You wlll be
asked to place a sum tn the estimates
to provide for a vigorous prosecution
ef the undertaking during the coming
During the roar the flrat minister,
together with tli*' attorney general
aad tte minister of lands visited Ot*
town to discuss with tho Dominion
authorities various important ' questions affecting the province. The
[papers dealing with these matteia
j mill be placed before you.
Aa one of the results of this con-
to the
Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 12.^-The general unrest among tbe 26,000 textile
operatives of this city developed Into
disturbances at the Washington and
Wood mills of the American Woollen
company today. Striking operative*
became demonstrative in the spinning
rooms and a riot call for the police
was Issued. Severn!'of the overseers were injured la hand-to-hand
for about flve minutes.   He waa taken tetania with the federal government,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     it haa boon arranged that tho admin
latratlon of tbo water ln the railway
belt wlll be carried on under too
water branch of tho provincial lands
department A bUl to give affect to
this agreement will bo submitted to
yon In du* tourto.
The rapid growth of the bnstneaa
of the province haa called tor a necessary increase in nubile worka. Under
the authority of the legislation passed laat session a contract has boon
awarded for the much-needed extension of the parliament buildings and
the work ls now proceeding.
Owing to tho laereaaed demand tor.
down and carried Into the
Dctor Kenny arrived on the
and ordered him to be taken
Royal Columbian hospital.        *
It is aot known exactly what Injuries Mr. NOlson Buffered, as Dr.
Kenny refused to give any information on the subject '
' Winnipeg, Jan. 21.-H3eorge
Powers, express meesenger,
charged with theft of a large
sum. was arrested hero late
tonight. Detectives made toe
arrest by shadowing his wife
at midnight.
to $1,811,809.68, tbe grand totals fo
the contrasted periods being:
Net revenue, 1909-10, $8,874,741.94;
1910-11, $10,492,892.27.
Net expenditures, 1909-10. $6,382,.
993.27;  1910-11, $8,194,802.96.
At the close of tbe flscal year 31s:
March last, the balance sheet of the
province showed a total of provincial
asaeta over all other obligations and
liabilities of $1,497,694.35, with a casb
balance in the banka aad ln the
tieasury (inclusive of the gold bar
deposit of $51.18 with the Canadian
Bank of Commerce and various sums
In caah In tbe hands of district agents
aggregating $269,388.71) of no lesa an
amount, than $8,744,197.63.
Analysis of tho several sources of
provincial Income.producing the general increase of slightly better tban
18 par cent, in revenue indicates de
velopment and expansion in all do
partmenta proportionally well main
tained, for while land salaa constitute
a notable exception In showing a de
crease for too year tronr $2,618,-
188.75 to $2,431,211.36, this ia almost
offset by the one related item of land
revenue, leaping within the year from
$176,788.11 to $321,586.98. Other conspicuous example/of Increases are
hoted In< the' advance of license ro-
celpts from $68,951.49 to $92,498.00;
of succession duties from $108,495.39
to $200,469.88 (almost double); or
registry feea from $408,826.16 to $613.-
092.22; of wild landa taxes from $260-
904.71 to $316,130.83; of printing offlce receipt from $66,1*4.44 to $127,-
776.49; of rebates under the Chinese
AeetrtcUon act tram $366,200 to $1,-,
066,000*.; ot fishing and cannery 11-
etnsea ftom $31,340 to $82,685.70
and ot latorMi,.flNM  flSMS��.13
tributions were received at once, st
vation and freezing among dependents would result Thousands are
without employment In the efty.
Record-breaking temperatures extended throughout the Missouri valley. Sioux City, Iowa, felt a temperature of 35 degrees below zero. Ac
Omaha and Lincoln, Neb., it waa 26"
below. Tbe Kansas state publlc
utilities commission and the railroads
today Jolnedgto an effort to relieve
conditions in^restern towns and communities isolated on blockaded'
branches. \
Reports from Junction City, Kansas, ,
say that despite   the   intense   cold '
farmers are drawing tbeir wheat 15 '���
miles tbrough deep snow in order tot i
take   advantage    of    present    good
prices.   A school house oear JuncOoa.
City was destroyed    by flre   today:".
Teacher and pupils saved   tte   eoo-i:-
tents.    Two lihildren were so' Sadly
frozen that their condition la dangerous.
Paris Report that Minister of Foreign
Affaire Haa Been Offered
Chief Post
Paris, Jam 18.���Theophile Delcaaaa,
minister of foreign affairs, it eras
learned today, hns boon offered tim
'French premiership by President
Fallieres. Delcasse, lt ia said, ls e*ri-
oualy considering the offer.
It waa learned thla afternoon tkat
lt Delcasse decided to accept to*
premiership offered hlm Una? *r
President Fallieres. he. *-fD\ lUeo retain the office he now holda, thnt ar
minister of foreign affairs.
Now . York,   Jan. 13.���Jtow   T<*k
City today facno a gas famine, a general strike of employees of to* ffeats
of the Consolidated Gas era J
ing probable to go Into effect
I    Tho situation   is admitted!
'notions.   If the artmbers of toe On*
.Workers' union are able to foree th��
1 general walkout. SO por rant Of INnr
York's gas supply will be cut off.
Union agents Insist that t*> C
o'olock tonight tke Astoria pfenr-
which furnishes most of tha gna oh*
In Manhattan and too Brona, wCl to
crippled. '��� V'^Jffi?
.   Later leader* allege diacrinrfaatta*
to against the union. Tbey have e^wed'
 :*.  AMSm   a ^aj -   Lm   efc._ ������ia'ii^Jt-*-^'.m*yA^.m	
transportation"   facilities,   measwee $882,77140,"%Tynrr different condjtioa' tlU bwtog of toe AraerfCTiii^
will be placed before you designed to
further encourage too building of railways in the province.
It Is interesting to note that  sub-
' _\
I.it 1 Til,    >n"-
<Continued on page tour)
from that Indicated la toe acconate tlon of Labor, and General Ornntor-
for 1902-3 (tba flrst year of the He- Wyatt tt In charge of the mfcitlta..
Bride retime) when toe Internet totalV who comprito tbreefouslhp of to* u**--
yestdrday appearing in the statement' ployees od too Xnnts eontrdPaf' ftr
of provincial revenue amounted to **��� <3onaoU*ated company. ��� -
er-actljr $��M.��8.    ,��� .   *     tooy will>waUt V*t ~7^')
ply Westminster Private hospital,
223 Townsend street, near Third
flve    months.      Apply    Columbian
by intelligent single man, not using
liquor or tobacco. Can help with accounts, lf required. Address Box
1000,   News. Office.
men, good proposition; no dead
ones need apply. Apply Room 7
Bank of Commerce Chambers.
housework.   Apply 320 Royal Ave.
class salesmen; also one stocs
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia,
New Westminster.
know that I am now operating tbo
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
tn the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district Milk,
�� quarts for $1.00; cream, SOc a
pint. Phone your order to R873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queene-
boro, Lulu Island.
Fewer Big Game Heads.
New York, Jan. 12,���Walter T.
Hinds of Portland. Me., says that
American taxidermists are away
ahead now of the more famous English specialists in that line. He re
cently spent four weeks ln Nova
Scotia, followed by three weeks ln
tbe Maine woods, and brought back
some reports of the game up there.
He ls now on his way to Tampino,
Mexico, to flsh for tarpon.
"The largest caribou taken ln Nova
Scotia this year was a forty-six point
one," said Mr. Hinds at the Breslla
yesterday. "The finest collection of
six caribou was taken by E. H.
Morse of  Hartford,  Conn.      In  the
More buyers than sellers appeared
in the market yesterday morning, but J
this did not have the effect of stimulating prices to any extent. Tbe
scarcity of produce is easily explained by the shocking state of tbe roads
on account of the heavy snow fall
and the thaw, and it would be surprising if tbe Tanners showed any inclination  to  rush  their products    to
 ���   --.-*. market.   The best showing was made,
Maine woods the game has been In , ag ha8 been the case at all this year's
creasing immensely. Two years ago, markets, by the pork, but there was
it was thought all their feed was I aig0 a very fair supply of veal, con-
gone, and that the moose were gone, gidering present conditions. The sup-
but they are coming back in larger ��� p|y 0f poultry, however, was well be-
numbers than ever.      There are no j )0W  the usual average, and dressed
large heads any more, however. Continuous inter-breeding has been bringing down the size, and the game commissioner is entertaining the idea of
taking the law off the cow moose for
a while. The record deer taken up
there this year had forty-one points.
birds were practically off the market.
As has been said, prices were not affected by the scarcity, and even
potatoes, those roots that always
show a tendency to soar at this time
of year, remained at last week's
figure.    Very few of them were    in
Defence System of Australia and Now
Zsaland   Considered.
The Australian defence system,
coupled with compulsory training, has
boen fairly launched throughout the
commonwealth. It follows the lines
laid down by Viscount Kitchener as
regards the land service and the
plans of Sir Reginald Henderson for
the sea force, ln the budget proposed by Prime Minister Fisher at Melbourne last month a total outlay of
$22,915,000 ls proposed for military
and naval purposes, including $1,000,-
000 to be paid to the Imperial Government under the naval agreement, and
$7,576,000 toward the construction of
the Australian fleet unit.
Altogether 153,637 youths between
the ages of fourteen and eighteen
have been registered as liable for tho
military service. Of these 102,194
have been examined and 95,772 passed ae medical fit. At the end of September 87,389 lads were actually under military training. Observers
speak ln tones of commendation regarding the physique and military aptitude of these boys, cadets they call
them in Australia, or Tommy Corn
wiih a 34 Mi-inch spread and a live- j evidence, and other vegetables were  stalks," when they desire to be face-
Inch  pal mated    horn  on  each  aide, j conspicuous by their absence.
That was  the finest head  killed  in ^^^m
Maine  for  at  least  ten  years,  and
the  animal   was found   at  Danfortn
Lake,  which    has    become
place for large-headed deer.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   tious.   Tbey are uniformed in khaki,
The fruit market was nonexistent. I with   tunic   shirt,    wide-cut   .riding
Not an apple tempted the purchaser,   breeches   and   puttees.    They   look
and those who wanted a supply    of  smart and sinewy, and shoulder their
a great this product had to go empty away.' rifles as if they meant business,   it ls
Eggs were fairly plentiful, and sold ' said that their sense of military dts-
"Down In Mexico I am going to col-' wholesale at 40 cents a dozen.    No  cipllne and subjection   to   their offi-
leet Mexican partridge, which aro
known in some quarters as fool quail.
They are sold ln' Mexico city alive,
and the skin is worth $5. That is
the only bird, so far ae I can learn,
whose eggs have never been found.
rise in price is anticipated from now eers ls not yet highly developed; but
on to midsummer, and, in fact, it' as the idea is wholly new to Australia
seems more likely that eggs will Uke it was anticipated that time would be
another drop again as soon as the needed for tbe cultivation of these
spring  opens. I qualities.    With the right type of of-
In the auction ring there was little  fleers it is believed there will  be no
i��S��    Ve*&��     ***** \*     MW . ��� ���      V V_     --��� ���  j -               .___ _____ ,.
I shall  go to British East Africa or nothing doing, and goats were the   trouble with these soldiers.
another year and start in after some
of that business over there.    By the
TOR SALE-VIEW~LOTS CLOSE TO j J���*01*1 K*08*���11 ���*����������� ������� ��3*��
Fifth avenue car, $250 up, $26 cash,',n  ��h*  Sm"h��""i<��'    Institution    un-
$12  per
month.      Box   CO,  Dally
and cheapest place for a home or a
speculation tbat there Is ln New
Westminster today. Think of it, a
six-room house, bath, toilet, etc., lot
50x100, ln all kinds of fruit trees,
comparatively new house, everything in apple-pie order; close-in;
Just a few doors above Third avenue; price only $3500; one-third
cash, balance G, 12, 18 and 24
months, or monthly. Can you beat
It? Tbis will sell for $4700 within the year. For sale for balance
of month only. Address Box 25,
care of Daily News.
in the Smithsonian Institution un
mounted. I understand they haven't
enough money to fix it."
only animals that found a sale. Better weather Is needed before this side
of the market again shows its usual
|    Following are the quotations:
I Vegetables, Wholesale.
1 Beets,  per sack    $1.00
������" ~~~  Carrots, per sack   75c
TY^D A /^/"V"^ IJ A DIT i Parsnips, per sack  $1.00
1 \jDl\\**\A*J FlrlDl i    Turnips,   per sack    60c
Dr. MeTaggart's tobacco remedy re-1 Potatoes, per ton   $27 to $30
moves all desire for the weed in a j 0nl0n8< Pf/ 8f*     '' _.'7',; *1'50
few days.   A vegetable medicine, and I Vegetables, Retail.
only  requires  touching    the  tongue ��e��ts- Per bu"cl1  ��c
Onions, per lb 8c
Potatoes, per sack   $1.35 to $1.40
Carrots, per bunch  Sc
Cabbage, per lb 3o
Turnips, each   5o
Eggs and Butter.
with  lt  occasionally.    Price $2.00.    j
Marvellous results from taking his
remedy for the liquor habit. Safe and ^___________^^^^^__^^^_^^_
inexpensive home treatment;  no hy-;EggB, retail, per dozen  50c
podermic injections, no publicity, no Eggs, wholesale, per dozen  40c
loss of time from  business, and    a
cure guaranteed.
Address or oonsult Dr. McTaggart,
ranges,    $1.00     down,    $1.00     per j 75 Yonge Street, Toronto. Canada,
week.    Apply market square. \ ~^m~*m*********mm���***********
FOR SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
$500 dollars under value. Apply
626 Columbia Street.	
ed bouse with all modern conveni
ences.    Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
money, will sell flve acres near Port
Mann for only $185 an acre. Easy
terms. Apply Fleming, 310 Columbia
'   street, Sapperton.
TO     RENT���A     SUITE    OF    TWO |
furnished      housekeeping      rooms,
furnace   heated,   gajrner   of Agnes
and Dufferin streeHr  Tel. L638.
Butter, retail, per lb   35c to 40c
Honey,  per comb    25c
I Blue cod, per lb 18c
Halibut, per lb 10o
Salmon,  choice    2lb8.  for  25c
Each year 3225 recruits are to be
drafted into the naval reserve. There
was no difficulty in obtaining the
necessary number of volunteers. The
naval service is proving unexpectedly
popular in Australia. When the time
conies to man the Australian unit of
j the imperial fleet no difficulty is expected in getting the necessary num-
; ber of bluejackets from the existing
naval reserve and corps of naval cadets.    Some fears have been expiess-
jed that it would be difficult to britr;
the Australian youth, the "larrikins,"
j to tolerate the severe discipline of
naval service, but officers of the Brit-
, ish navy who have taken the Australian reserves to sea on their ships
for training say tbat there is not the
slightest ground for these fears. They
j find the Australians flrst-claBS material  for man-o'-war crews.
New Zealand is also making rapid
progress with her defence plan.;.
During'the discussion of the estimates in Parliament the minister of
defence reported that the government
had decided to postpone for tho ire-
Dividend No. 27.
Notice Is hereby given that a divi.
per cent per j
dend at the rate of 10
Steeihead"~pe7 lb.  .....'.".'!7..*."'.. 15c ] 8fnt  th* universal  military  training
plan and would organize a maximum
force of 30,900 drilled men. This, he
said, would be an ample war footing
for New Zealand, and the country
was not yet prepare! financially or
In any other way for universal service.      He   said    the    government's
Smelts,  per lb 10c
Herring   4 lbs. 25c
Retail Meata.
Beef, best rib roasts  15c to ltsc
Beef, loin   15c to 20o
i >   _ .       ...    .      . ��� _��_i.��__'__ 'Beef, round steak 1St I
annum has this day been declared on  Bomng beef 1()C t0 li9  	
I the Permanent Stock of the Company j Vea, ............. , ^^   contemplated   physical    train
for  the  half  year ending   December   p<)rk   '    15c to 20o ' 'ngand discipline  for all  youths   be
,30th, 1911, and that the same will be  gufar'c*ori_ bacon''.'.V.'.'.'lJOc to 25c   tween the ages of twelve  and   elgh
'payable at the Head   Office   of   the  Mutton    12c t0 20c! teen    years.     As    the   military au-
j Company   330 Pender street  Vancou-! Dd   h,k b thorities were   of opinion   that   the
! ver, B. C, and at the Branch Office | WHoUmu m,
in   Halifax, St. John, Winnipeg   and
I Victoria  on and  after  January  16th,
Vancouver, B.
C, Jan. 12, 1912.
Wholesale Meats.
j Veal, large  9c to 10c
Veal, small   ll^c to 13c
Beef, front quarter   ,.9 to 10��
Beef, hind quarter  lie to 12c
Spring lamb  12c to 13c
Mutton   10c to 11*
Pork 12%c to 13c
private boarding house; all home-
cooking; use of telephone and batb,
nice quiet home.   Terms very reaa-
The Night Schools will commence
again immediately, and it is hopei
that all  old   pupils   and   many new
oaable.   Centlemen   only  need  ap- onei1 w,n attend regularly.
ply.    513  Agnes street. I L.  AVORY  WHITE.
������������������������������  Secretary  Board of School Trustees.
rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
light and bath; front view; also
elngle beds: rates to suit, at 224
���Seventh etreet.
hot and cold' water. Apply 643
Front street.
office. Finder deliver to Mr. Wil-
burg, B. C. Cigar factory, and receive reward.
months' old. Black with some
white and tin. Return 527 Eightb
street.    Reward.
and warts permanently removed by
Mlss E. Short, of Vancouver. Room
S, Collister block, Wednesday   and
Thursdays.    Phone 978.
t/ltt. H. C.  White is no longer in
rthe   employ   of   the Royal City Dye
Works and has no authority to collect
Furnished for attractive enterprises
rjn all substantial lines of business
Railroads,    Tractions,    Water   and
Electric  Powers,  Irrigations, Timber,
3flning. Agricultural and Industrial.
Bond, Debenture and Stock Issuer
^Underwritten, Purchased or Sold.
Properties purchased for European
-exploitation and investment.
Financial Undertakings of all sorts
Miscellaneous commissions and
������orders of all characters accepted for
���execution in any European country.
Correspondence enclosing full do-
-tails at flrst writing invited.
The International Bankers Alliance
0446-78 Btoomsbury St., London, Eng.
Re Lot 28, n subdivision of Lots 1
and 3 of Lot 95, Group 1, New Westminster District.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 1971F. issued
in tbe name of Tbe Corporation of
tbe District of Burnaby, has been
filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the flrst publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published in
the City of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless fn the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster,  B.  C, Drc.  21,  1911.
Sealed tenders endorsed "Tenders
for Pump House" wlll be received by
the undersigned not later than 5 p.m.
on Monday, 15th January, 1912, for
the erection of a brick pump house
and store shed on Carleton street, ln
D. L. 187.
Plans and specifications may be
seen at tbe office of the Engineers,
Messrs. Cleveland & Cameron, 50fi
Winch Building, or at the office of tl\e
Municipal Engineer at Edmonds.
A deposit of 5 per cent of the
amount of the contract will be required with the tender.
The Municipality will not be bound
to accept the lowest or any tender.
Clerk Municipal Council.
Edmonds, Jan. 9, 1912.
Geese,  live, etch    $1.50 , Sun
Hens, small. do?cn $C to S7.50  ae���=
Heas. small, retail  $7 to $9
Hens,  larg��\ retail    J12 I
Broilers, dozen    $5 to $<
Chickens, dozen  $7 to $9
Chicken, dressed per Ib 25c to 38c !
Ducks, dozen  $12 to $15
Apples, per box $1.25 to $1.76 .
| force of 30,000 could be raised from
' the male population below the ages
' of twentyone years, the draft would
' be made from below that age limit
' instead of twenty-flve, as originally
I proposed.    The law  authorizing   the
government to draft men up to the
; higher age would   be   maintain   tor
emergency use, however.���New York
Tenders will be received up to 20th
Inst,   for   the  Erection   pf   a   throe- \
storey brick building, corner of Roy- ���
al  avenue  and  Tenth  street.    Plans |
and specifications can be seen at 406
Agnes street, city.
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Titles   Examined,   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
Double corner on Edinburgh street,  $2,000.00;   third  casb,  balance
**, 12 18 months.
Three lots on Eighth street, $3,200.00, for the three; onethlrd cash,
balance C, 12, 18 months.
Corner lot on TWrfl street, $2,250.00 on easy tetms. This Is an Al
Five-roomed house on Dublin Etreet, $2,100.00; $500.00 cash, balance
to arrange.
Seven-roomed house on Hamilton street, $3,00.00 on easy terms.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
For Coughs���
Loss of
Pains in
the Chest���
and all
Throat and
ytkm&l Dna. 6
is a Safe,
In 25c and
50c. Bottles
at your
Burnaby Elections
We Carry a
Full Line of
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Etc.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Phone 59 New Westminster, B. C.
B.C. Mills
Timber and Trading Co.
Manufacturers and Dealera la 'All Kinds dl
Fowl C ty Flaninj Mi!ls Branch
Telephone 12 New Weatminater Box 137
. nmmsstmmssm .-���
I Lorna Fraser (Vancouver), Mr. Keith  Go*"  aB  they  bad   formerly   eaten
Macgowan, Mr. Frank Major, Mr. *m* *** in &%Z��*X��X�� M** j
ritt, Mr. Pelly, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Harri-     Though most of the Christmas cus-'
Mr. H. C. Ma'or left for the south  son,    Mr. Harry   Greame, Mr.   Gold-  tome have a Saxon origin, the use of
on (Thursday auu wlll be absent about   smith, Mr. Angus McCall and Mr. Wy-J green   for  decorative   purposes   Kpe.s
a month. no. muoh further  baca  than  Saxon Tiis-
*'���' I *������ * tory could trace it, and was an  an-,
Mrs. W.  H.   Mathhewson   of  Mis-,    Mra   A. F. Cotton   entertained   _  ctent custom   before   Christ s   birth.:
slop City, is the guest of Mrs. R
Davidson, Queen's avenue.
number of the younger set at a jolly | Jhe ,.Je���   u?*  **�������   ]?*?**  ��fd
party on Tuesday evening at 5 guess-  boug'?s at lhe feafl of th��� Tabernacle,
���      <? -       -.������     . _���< ing contest.    Miss Josephine Martin  an observance whicb corresponded in
Mr. A. H, Wjlie returned  to   the  wa8  the winner   of the   first prise I many detallB wlth our Christmas. The
city on Thursday, having spent his  Among those present were Mlss Hei- Nor8���men held tbe tree In Patllcular
holidays at his home ln Ontario. en Rand,  Miss Lorna Fraser   (Van-'reverenc���'   and   hai   a   le��end   that
*    *   * couver), Mlss J. Martin. Miss Elinor, there was a "world tree" which was
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Stinchcombe left  Martin,   Miss   Alice   Rickman    Miss ; rooted in a lake of flie m,le* under'
on Wednesday for a visit to England  pope    (Cbarlottetown),    Mlss    Nora'ground and 8Pread lt8    branches  in
Armstrong, Mr. Harrison,* lir. Shan"  __*3_|:_ l*?'tLhoIiy. a.^d bay8. veTe. the
and Ireland after an absence of twen-	
ty years. ,   ,   , I non, Mr. Held, MrT Sellery,' Mr ^Rob- fav��rftes of the Saxons, and we have
Mr   i .ii. n��n r., .*.     . **   . .u    ert Beatty. Mr. Darreil Shildrick  Mr clung to thero to th,a t*V*     In Ox-;
Bank oVwitt^   I   ^LBtafl ��f^e   Harry 0r**me. *"-��� ��elth MaSSwan' fordBhire there still exists   a custom:'
Mo-i^eL   ^H^'fthf b^n.m��.,:ed *��  Mr' RoB�� and *'* w- Kear���    g    *"' *htoh makes it obligatory on the parti
Sundav ��vliV tUat CUy ��D i ... ��f the master of a household to pre* |
Sunday evening -^ hU  maldS���rvanU  with   ,    * t J
r*   .*   .      . I ,        ���-    ��� R- Davld8��n was on Thurs-  deck the house.    Any man falling to
Mrs. C. E. Lewis and   the   Misses  day afternoon  the charming hostess  do so will find a pair of his breeches '
Lewis returned on Monday from Call-  at a most enjoyable progressive   eu-   stolen  and   nailed   to   his   door   on!
fornia, and are guests at the Russell  chre given in honor of her slster-in- Christmas morning
H��te>- 'aw, Miss Davidson of Vlctoila.     Thel HollY   ��nd   Mistletoe.
v    o*n*    mi*    o    *   ...      r*     l*"t,fpr,fe *[a8  won hy Mrs. Georgo I    Holly, the holy tree, is most prized
Mr.   Rand.   Miss   Rand, Miss   Ger-   Beatty, the lone hand by Mlss Rand  of all the evergreens, though thegoli-
trude Rand and Mrs. Carroll  of Van-  and the   consolation   by Mrs.   A. H   en rayed mistletoe, of course  figures
couver, leave on Wednesday morning   Marcon.    At the tea hour Mrs. Char-  more    sentimentally   and   plctorially
for a six months trip to Europe. leson and Mrs. G. E. Corbould presld- The Druldic ceremony of cutting the
...     ���, ��� fd at the tea table and Mrs. O. B. Cor-, "dark foliage of the twofold tree" ou
Miss F orenoe Curtis left on Mon- bould served the Ice cream. The the sixth day of the moon nearest
day morning to resume her studies at young ladies who assisted wore Miss I New Year's was solemnly impressive.
Mills college California. Mr. Curtis Wright, Mlss Corbould, Mlgs Briggs, I Pressed ln white, the officiating
and Mlss Edith Curtis accompanied Miss Josephine Martin. Miss Elinor! Priest cut the sprays with a goldeu
her as far as Seattle. , Martin, Miss Brown. Miss Nora Arm-'sickle and they were reverently bit
nn -,.,.. " * *. ��� ��� . ?t.ronf. Miss Gertrude Rand and Mlss ! on a white cloth. Cheer* plant, now
On Thursday evening Mrs. F. J. Phyllis Coulthard. Among those pre- associated with love and kissing and
coulthard entertained a number of sent were: Mrs. Charleson, Mrs G E the throb and thrill of young life was
young people at a Jolly party given Corbould, Mrs. L. H. Matliewson (Mis- then so regarded that bulls and hu-
ror her two daughters, Miss Chloris ��lon City), Mrs. Gaynor, Mrs. G D man beings were sacrificed in it��i
Coulthard and Miss Phyllis Coulthard. Brymner, Mrs. Macrae, Mrs. C. B. Mc- bonor. It was supposed to keep I
.,���.   i   w   ��� ,   . ^'lfteZ' Mre' C- N   Macdonald, Mrs.  away witches, and the people paid the '
tr,,/   n G&y.n0r 5nd   MlB8   G���r-  ��' R   Grant' Mrs- G- E- Martin, Mrs.   Dr��ids dearly for a bit of it to band :
trude  Gaynor  returned   last   Sunday   Coulthard,  Mrs. Arthur  Mallns   Mrs   about the neck and so ward oft evil !
from a six months' trip to England.   Marcon,   Mrs. James   Brymner   Mrs'I 8ome   0,d   C����toms   Lost.
They also visited In Eastern  Canada   Beatty, Mrs. W. G. Maoquarrie', Mrs'1    F'om some Pagan source probably!
berore  returning home. , Balloch. Mrs. J. E. Allen. Mrs. A   F   came the Christmas custom of telling!
1 *    "   * ! Cotton,   Mrs.   Sutherland,   Mrs.   Ar- "fortunes  by  mistletoe,  which is now!
On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. C. B. dagh, Mrs. Dart Mrs. Cambie, Mrs G almost extinct, probably because tne
McAllister received in her new home A- Allen, Mrs. F. J. Armstrong, Mrs hearth stone on which the demonstra-'
on Third avenue. Assisting her in '-��� A- Lewis. Mrs. R. E. Walker, Mrs tion was made has also disappeared. !
the tea room were Mrs. Lee (Vancou- J' Stilwell Clute, Madame Gauvreau Two 'eaves were chosen, one to rep-
ver), Miss Briggs, Mlss Macrae (Van- Mr8- Creighton, MrB. M. M. English resent the lover who was applying to i
comer), Mlss Corbould and Miss M,8S Homer. Miss Pope, Mlss Rand' the oracle and the other to represent I
Nora Armstrong. i Miss   Wright,   Miss    Corbould,   Miss  the object of his affection.      As the
���   ���   ��� Cotton, Miss Drew, Miss Brown, Miss   heat began to shrivel up the   leaves '���
Mrs. C. E. Doherty Is entertaining Briees, MIsb Fraaer, Miss Freese they moved, or "Jumped," closer to-
at a luncheon today in honor of Miss   ^lis Nora Armstrong, Miss Josephine   sether or farther apait, and the inei-'
Rand. The invited guests being Miss
Rand. Miss DeWolf Smith, Miss Josephine Martin, Miss Elinor Martin,
Mlss Rickman, Miss Marion Martin
and  Miss Shildrick.
Martin and Miss Elinor Martin.
On Wednesday evening Miss Freese
was the hostess at a "runner" party
given ln honor of Miss Rand.
Christmas and   Easter Customs  Owe
Much to Ancients.
dent was supposed to decide whether
the lovers wOuld marry or drift asunder. With the disappearance of the
Yule log went a beautiful observance,
for the flames were thought to burn
out all wrongs, jealousies, meannesses and bitterness of the family
grouped around it.    So, too, we must
Many Christmas   customs   show an | regret the disappearance  of  the old
,     ,     The In-  interesting blending of Christian an I   fancy that at Christmas the bees ie
vited   guests  were  Miss  Rand,  Mrs.   pagan  ceremonies, and indeed
Diamond,  Mr. and  Mrs.  Ardagh,  Mr,
and   Mrs.   Sutherland
Sinclair, Miss J.
Clearance Sale
Proves a great boon to thrifty housekeepers. The fierce storms no bar-
rier to our customers.
$2.50 Wilton Carpets made and
laid, this month, per yard   -    -
Mt is cite a litany, the cows kneel in honor
owing to Christmas and to Easter of the manger at Bethlehem, and the
Mr. and Mrs. alone that they survive at all. C'en-1 sheep go In silent procession in com-
Martin, Miss Lewis, tuiles ago they passed awav and be- memoratiou of the visit of the an-
Mlss Alma Leamy, Miss Nora Arm- came as a dead language, but at each g��ls to the shepherds two thousand
strong, Mlss Lorna Fraser (Vancou- Easter and Christmas thev are reviv- years ago.
ver),  Mlss DeWolf Smith, Miss Shil-   d, aIU), although few understand tka j Christmas  Wassail,
drtejc, Mr. Rand, Mr. Frank Major, significance that once attached to Not to be deplored is the passim of
Mr. Knight, Mr. Dar.ell Shildrick, Mr. them, they remain a nevor-fai.ing the old wassail, which still survives
Pon lit, Mr. Sperry. source of interest to the students of  to some extent in the eggnog  of the  Sj
���    '   " ! rhe past.      The fashion   of   feasting ' Christmas season, and it is not to be  s
Miss DeWolf Smith entertained on   heartily on Christmas Day is one we j denied   that   Christmas   is   too  often    .        f   .     exchange of -mall tokens
Thursday   evening   at   a   progressive   owe to the ancient Britons, who were | used as an excuse tor an over-lndul-   o{ attBoUon   j,ut It Is only in
eucre  party^. The  guest of honor be- J wont to gorge themselves in honor of | gence ln strong drink.   To some ex- (��� .    ���   ..
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B. C.
" "      ' - *"'     ������"�����*    *��*     Mwuwa     **%r- j   nwui.   iv   ftwipiC   uiriUDVivc��    IU   UUIIUT   Ol   I B��UW    au    DiiuiiR    villus*.        au    wuiw   B��- j ^sba��m ��Vat       *K����       PhvlatlM**'     nTAMht
ing Miss RancL   Miss Josephine Mar-, some of their gods,    When St. Aug- ] tent this may be explained by the in-  J*^,'��� hM ��own to monTtrou. nre-
fashion has grown to monstrous proportions.
Frederick     the     Great.
tin and Mr. Keith Mncgowan were j nstlae arrived In England to spread tintlons of the revellers to "swear
the.-l.ic.cy winners of the first frri7.es, i the Gospel he carfled out Pope Greg- cfif" at tho beginning of the New
ana a iss b. Homer and Mr. Lloyd ; ory's Instrurtions to blend, as far a-. Year, which worthy resolution In turn
won tlie booby prizes.    Among those ' possible,  the  heathen   and  the   nev   makes it necessary for them to drink
anTnM,r7lariLaMfafi P,;,fUlrfr* 1Chl;1,stian 2*����^ an1 not t0 V1* i an extra S"���W in U,eir few re���! " i Beilin and the other cities of Prus- i
F Homer MIH* I?tJ��t, Ii?% , '"I '' 0,T* f"St��m8 that were not Ing days of freedom- �� "�� �� ��on8 time ' sIa will have a flne time this monta I
Lrtn W?Rrnwn L, rl " ^' '" themseIv���8' *Y��� ^uRh their since there has 1 oen any new custom \ celebraUng the two hundredth anni- !
llrown Miss Nora i���.tm�� ��i t T���"*.. 7*** aB90C^ted with added to those of Christmas, a'though | versary of the birth of the greatest I
llnhlM   v.rtil    v.rSr'   �� rJteS-,,^��  the   p*0,)Ie  were I the modern   tendency to  extravagant   0f all   the   Hohenzollerns   (Including
SWta? Hani   Mi*l qmm!? *   m^'   encouraPfd ��0 kJ" a P��af number of  glft-making might so be described. In j even the reigning kaiser) and one of
tin.  Miss  Han-I,  Mlss Shildrick. Miss   oxen and eat them "to the glory of   earlier times Christmas was the occa- , the greatest men the world has ever
1���  as i i produced.   The program of the Berlin
~"~~"~^ _^^__^_____________^^_____-_____ ! celebi ation was outlined in the Marconi dispatches to the Sunday Times.
Absolute monarch, and something of
a tyrant in his way, Frederick tho
Great cultivated science aB few sovereigns had done before his time, developed the arts, fostered agricultuio
SGOLD   DUST   wilk
! sterilise   your kitchen   tMftgls ��n&
| make them wholesome and sanitary
Your Opportunity
To Buy THE BEST GOODS Offered to the Retail
We Sell You Suits
Worth $30.00, for  $22.00
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We are not doing this to save you money. We lose
on every transaction, but must have more space for
Spring Goods.
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a creasy7
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigs deep after germs i
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
,P.������, ^ ���.��� _      Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, i��i&
��1 KSSfStS SFSKS "1 ifine]; ^P,LD DUST d.oes aU ti* hard Part of tfe
men, a poet (in a smaii but kingly work without your assistance, leaving you to talde.i
way), and a musician.   His youth was   _-���___. ���..^���^:��^ I��� ��� _,^_��� ^^.:^���_t.1^ T
ailed with genuine hardship. His ty- j your exercise in sl more enjoyable manner.
^ro?U^nrnn.eru%sdeapnrdivat \    GOLD DUST is a sood, honest, vegetable oilt
SSSS^tfSSfi Sufthat ?oaP�� to which is added: other purifying materials
the boy   studied   Latin, French   and   IU JUSt tbe light prO- V    I   f-
music on the sly, making his pursuit ���nnrfrionQ *0 r1p9H��U> V��\\ll///S
at forbidden knowledge his only dis- POITiOnS TO CiedHSe ���*^^���'/M4.
sipation.    French   he   mastered,  al-   easilv��   VlgOrOUSlv, ���,  ���^��-
' ways wrote it, and rarely spoke Gar- ' j      ��. ���_      _, t.     ��.       ���
man, which he detested, though he and WltUOUt fiatm tO ���'
had a somewhat vague sense- of Its
possibilities as a literary language.
He was the greatest soldier of his
age, and there have been few greater in any age. He was a free thinner
in religious matters, which is to say
that he had no religion, though he
lived long enough to comprehend tho
importance of encouraging religion
among his people. He believed ln
plain living:, but his kitchen cost him
$9000 a year, ao that none of his dependents starved. As a financier and
economist he was probably a little
ahead of his age. What is more, he
waa the friend, counsellor and patron
ot Voltarle, and whatever one mar
think of that crafty, meddlesome, cynical and ribald philosopher and poet,
there is no doubt that he accomplished much good ln the world, helped to
make, life better worth living, encouraged independent thinking, stimulated literary taste and effectually rebuked Injustice and superstition.
{Wherefore we may fairly envy
Prussia ita chance for a bicentenary
festival.. The thih, wiry old man,
wearing a cocked hat, a faded hlue
uniform with red facings somewhat
discolored hy anuff, and high hoots of
soft, well-oiled leather, remains ani Illustrious figure ih history. Frederick
the Oreat met Ua responsibilities
bravely; ruled, lived and fought according to hla convictions, and bequeathed to Germany a rich inheritance. The celebration, however, will
bepurely military. The great War
Lord 4111 be glorified, not the student
and patron of the arts. The Germans
ohbose to remember Frederick in this
, hour only as a German soldier who
lyott many victories.���Portland Ore
goniaa.      - ,.
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.   *
3600 Tona���TWO  Horsepower .
Johnson'a Wharf
Queen Charlotte lalanda Sn* Eaat an Q. T. P. Railway.
Through tickets te Eastern Destinations via the Grand Trunk
Double Track Route���Standard and Tawiat Sleepers. Meals a la
Csrte. ..
H. O. SMITH. C.>. aad T. A. Telfphone Seymour 7100
L. V. DRUCB, C. A. Telephone Beymoor 3M0
CITY OFFICES: M7 Graavllia Street.
It Pays td Ad^tise in the Ds^iJittC
f ���vn BOA*
JH�� t>
Th? Daily, News
l by Tba Dally
1 .
Nawt Publish-
,t their otSc**\
McKentte   aad   Victoria
ht__W0>tL*U ���    ������
CANAO��lsni����lMSJ   OF   MM.
AlthoUli !!)��������������� im during mi
more UnurwrWTrttwme for books or
^eacriydaB W W Blgcusslon' and- ad'
aairmtion lntotiea countries, the inter-
" ami o^tpultlUeraUim' was rather
below the average' df recent years,
saya the Toronto Globe: The presses
��T British fi^UMnP] we.re gorged
with works ^MfBibg, this country's
scenery aftrlfelMree/ for a euriou3
waiting publicly Uw efforts of our
own mea of Imagination were largely
orient i>n commerclAl^nd other more
profitable "pursuits. Tt is true that
the opposlflffl W^p'rodty with tlte
United Stat^'CB8irrfi6 form ln some
aainda of"i patriotic outburst. The re-
mtM. however, was clever work la the
newspapers, and nothing in 'literature
of aa enduri^l|r|*l��|fl3, .
It were unJfsMRftly Canada is not
progressing aflfcg the lines of art and
literature.   Tjft*-, Canaan publlc are
among the best buyers of books of
any    people," attd "polishers,   while
complaining- Bl Vi-h Expense of covering anch a large.jand 'sparsely-settled
mrea with their nw Wks, proclaim
tbe good taste   of the   book   buyers
once they a^[^jhWM��P   The building
up of a young aounjnr  ���* absorbing
the abilities* of JiMfg persons of constructive Imagination.   There are men
earning many thousands per year  as
railway W bMHTpfWIdents or as arch-
Jtecta who- might-otherwise have been
briUiant   WTitwiVW  artists.    Com-
aneroa will not even   leave   us   the
writers  we ..have, , for  Ralph  Connor
Lady Proposed, and, After art Inter-
va*.   T^era.Waa atgrntiln*���
A-''* Who's LeH.
**S******** MM SMS SSSSMi
(Changes tor tbls column must be
left at, er telephoaad to, thla office by
9 a.m. on Fridays. The omission of
aay church, notice' from this column
4Indicates that no detalla hare bean
supplied.) ,,.'..
Chicago, Jan. 12.���A girl proposed.
Forty-eight,, hours Intervened, aad,
there waa a weeding.
This la the story-of Cook county's
flrst Leap Year marriage of 1S12.
Dorothy Grossman add Benni|
Steinberg went together to a watch
party on New Year's Ev*. At tbe
stroke of 12 the two werq seated ln
an Obscure corner. At���the -piaae-
Bomepne was playing "The Girl of
My TwiHiht qreaflja."      > '        -��*t\
Dorothy coyly leaned toward ner
sweetheart and asked:
������6*nhfr, am 1 that girl V
Bennie answered "Yes,"
"That's all the proposal there Was,"
said the bride yesterday, after Judge
Newcome had married them without
"I knew Bennie wanted me, and 1
also knew he was shy about asking.'
Of 129 permits to wed, five wer��
applied for yesterday . by. women.
None of them would admit she had
Legislation in
British Colombia
(Continued from Page One.)
<Rev. C. W3
)   was   silent   in
mil t*^toJfe$'%% awfty ln the
Rockies settling' a miners' strike.
There are not a half dozen Canadian
men earning a living by the exclusive
writing of books; indeed if we mention Arthur Stringer and Arnold Haultaln, both of whom are most of the
time abroad, we have about exhausted the Ust���Others, such as Harvey
O'Higgins "anJ Arthur MeFarlane,
.make a fair'proilu6t'(6nvof book work
mm a ��upplem��nt   to   magazine  writ- \ Heturum
*SB- .
Th*} cmnlortpBt fe&ures of
books of 1911 are the works on history, *a Utile poetry in bookB, and
snore good .verse In the magazines.
Arthur Stilnggr'ft "frish Songs" arc
Jiumafi and good interpretations in
dialect of the joys and sorrows of. an
-emotional race. ' Frederick George
Scott's Collected Poems, issued early
In the year, but ia convenient form
stantial progress Is being made with
the preliminary work leading up to
the establishment of a provincial university. Land clearing operations
are under way at the university site,
and" steps are being taken to give
effect to the provisions of the act.
You will be asked to provide a sufficient grant to permit of a formal
opening of the university at the fall.
term of 1913.
The public accounts for the past
flscal year and the estimates of expenditures for the coming year will
be duly laid before you.
I feel assured that these and all
other matters submitted to you will
receive your most careful consideration, and tkat you will be guided in
your deliberation's by what you believe to be in the best interests of
the province.
After his honor's withdrawal tha
first bill of the year was introduced
by Attorney General Bowser, and
took its initial reading, this being
merely a technical measure amending
the act which governs the administration of BmaU estates of tho insane,
were    brought    down    by
(Finance Minister Ellison of the pub-
the'VUc accounts of the lij&t -TjKcal yell��
and by Dr. Young of the fortieth report of the department of education,
the first repoit of the provincial sanitary inspector, the fourteenth report
of the provincial board of health and
the yearly report of the hospital for
the insane.   The House then rose.
Transport Arrives.
Manila,    Jan.    11.���Tbe    transport
Logan, carrying the first battalion oi
tthc work of a sincere poet who has j the Fifteenth United States infantry
a sense of the epic grandeur of the   u> rhh,a   k*f*   M��n,,a  ** "���"''" "vw,<
Xaurentlan country, and who renders
.int�� music gome of the divine sadness
lot the rom uk n day.    Isabel E. MacKay,  . Virna*ujlyeaj|d t and    Marjorie
ficktball   were   repi esented  in  some
���excellent m^'^4nf ,v*rBO lle: e and ln
i-the United States, and the collection
'*r tfcrir best work In book form wlll
vrin^jdJown  *am*%l^pr*from many    admirers.   ThjLfOeS&.wdio   blossomed
twenty years  ago  are almost never
> . heard   from    now.    Charles    G.    D.
BottnrXa is devoting his time to   anl-
Hautl stories, Wilfred. Campbell Ir wrtt-
i tag hiatory   from  the  seclusion    ot
��the Dominion archives, Duncan Camp-
Vbell Scott ls absoij|f.d In the uplift ot
i the Indians, Bliaa Carman sends forth
Utile verse from his Connecticut retreat.   Poetry, it i�� pace more evident,
ia the outpouring oMhe bouI of youth.
Tba chan gcjuiart -from names, most
noticeable ia-Canadian verse Is    the
character <of the subject. Pure nature-
worBhip of the Lampman and Roberta
.brand is giving place to deeper stud-
Jes   ��tf   human   life,   such   as   Mlss
Pickthairs .*'T_Ail*mp of Poor Souls"
aad    Mrs.    MacKay's     "The    Home-
-jBteader" and "The Bridge-builder."
Worisa of history    and    biography
during the   year,    though   few,    in-
elnded   some   creditable   productions.
Katherine Hughes' "Father Lacombe"
Sm vivid and worthy of the rich fleld
ml Western life upon which It draws.
Madame  Albani   conferred  a  lasting
benefit by her autobiography. "Forty
Year* of Song," covering the brilliant
of the great   French-Canadian
donna.   J. Ross Robertson unfolded a record of unending Interest
Jn the "DWy'oT'Mrs. John Graven
xSfancoe," wife of the flrst Governor of
.Upper Canada. |"Jhe Scotsman    in
.Canada"   by   WJBfnil Campbell   and
Dr. Gwige BryA,   ��   a record   of
achievement mdlt -��!fedltable to that
roue, while  'Annexation, Preferential
Trade, aad  Reciprocity,"  by  Cephas
Bl ABin and George M. Jones, ls   a
mat Investigation  of the annexa-
ar��^o^wmwti��fcftM9, long since a
to China, left Manila at
this afternoon.
:: 30 o'clock
Enters Action for Damages.
Toronto, Jan. 11.���Captain A. E. C.
Deacon, of Bedford, England, baa entered actios against ' the Toronto
Railway company to recover $10,00)
damages for the death of hia wife.
Sbe was killed in an accident on King
street east on Christmas Eve. He
has also entered action for $5000 for
injuries sustained by himself.
Ctifaposes ' 8? Wight '
A gentleman visitor to London was,
during the night, awakened by weird
strains of ghostly music. He sat up
in bed and listened, net displeased,
despite the interruption of his slumbers. The music was low, lilting,
snd full of charm. Presently it ceased and the listener slept. Next morning he mentioned the experience to
the friend with whom he was staying.
"Oh," jaid the friend, "that was Mr.
Pelissier. He lives just a little lower
down the road. We oiten hear him at
nights. If an idea enters his head
while he is in bed, he jumps out and
makes straight for the piano and tries
it over."
Dreads Friday.
Mme. Ctara Butt confesses to being
rather superstitious, especially about
Fridays. She says: "I suppose it is
foolish, but I am sfraid of leaving
town on Friday to take a long journey. I avoid it il I can. When I
sailed for Australia from Tilbury on
a Friday I made our whole party go
down the day before and go on the
boat. We remained all night at the
hotel, so that I could feel we left
London on the Thursday, people chaffed me, but I felt happier about it."
Tall Peeresses.
Lady Galway and the'Marchioness
of Ripon phave the distinction of being the tallest peeresses. The occult
fascinates Lady Galway, who is able
to tell some "sreepy" tales of which
she herself is the heroine. She has
written prose, poetry, awl plays, and
is also an excellent platform speaker.
Baker, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and
7 p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
���Rev. J. 8. Henderson, pasfbr. Services 11a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
school add Bible class   at   2:3�� p.m.
ETd: ,%a*!en. pastor..' Services a),
��1 am. and.7,p>u; *Cf*aa,meeting,M,
\S 4.to,; .Sunday >��j��>l. and, Bible
class at 2:30 p.m.; Hpworth League
on Monday at 2:30 p.m.
CHURCH OF ST. MARY THE VIRGIN; Sapperton���2:30. Sunday school'
7 p.m., evensong and sermon by the
Lord Bishop of New Westminster.
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easum,
M. A., rector; Rev. George A. Ray, M.
A., assistant curate. Fourth Sunday
in Advent. 8 a.m., holy communion;
11 a.m., matins, litany and sermon;
2:30 p.m., Sunday school; 7 p.m.,
evensong and sermon..
Tenth street���Rev. E. R. Bartlett,
M.A., rector. Matins, holy communion
and sermon, 11 a.m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; evensong and sermon, 7
p.m. Monday, Men's club In hall at
7:30 p.m.; Tuesday, Young People's'
society In rectory, 3 p.m., Sunday
school children in hall at 7 p.m.; Friday, litany and sermon at 7:30 p.m.,
choir practice 8 p.m.; confirmation
class in rectory 4 p.m.
and Royal avenue, "The Low Church."
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m. Morning subjects for January, "Israel as a Tvpe
of the Church." Evening discourses
for January, "Prophesy, Past and Fu-
Rev. Okell, pastor. Services wlll be
held In the ��� basement of tbe, new
church. In the morning at 11 o'clock;
Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.; evening
service at 7 o'clock.
Rev. C. W. Brown, pastor. The pastor
wfll preach in Olivet Baptist church
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The
pastor will preach in the evening cn
"The Foolish Farmer."
CHURCH���Corner Eighth atreet and1
Third avenue, Burnaby. ,.Rev^ W- �����
Frank, pastor. Services at li a.m.
and 7 p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30
p.m. The pastor wlll preach mornlm
and evenSaug.
ture." Ctoofr practice FrWay earnings
at.7-.30. "   ., .i
corner of Fomrth Ave. and Seventh' 9t.
Rev. M. G. Melvln, B. A., minister.
Services at 11 a.m. . and 7 p.m.
Bible class, .10 a.m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m. Evening subject "The Now
of the Emigrant."
G. Thompson. M.A.. pastor. Public
worship at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.: Bib','?
class and Sabbath f'lool at 2:30 p.m.
Rev. F. S. Okell wfll preach in the
morning. . Tbe pastor will give an address to young people.' Mr. Godfrey
will sing.
Hospital Btreet^-01 B. Anderson, paa-
tor. Morning service 11 a.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class 12 to 1 p.m.;
eveslis service 7 p.m.; people's r**.e*%'-
Ing Thursday at V.VS p.m.; B. Y. P: U.
Monday at 8 p.m.
earner Fourteenth' stewet and Seventh,
aveaue��� Rev. R. Wallaoe Collins, IA,
pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m,
every Suaday at 3 p.m. la St. Paul's
Reformed Episcopal ohuroh. Sunday
school following the aervlce. O. Borga.
paster, residence- 1654 Eleventh aiw-
aue east, Vancouver:
S. McKinley pantor. Preaching at 11'
a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by the pastor;
Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
SALVATION ARMY, Captain McLean���Services at II a.m., 3 p.mi and
7:30 p.m., ht tke citadel, Blight*
Services wlll be conducted la the
municipal halt at 7 p.m. by Rev. Reid
McuCllough. BJV. Sunday school and
Bible class in Moreton hall at 2:3d
CHURCH, St. Andrews and Eleventn
streets.���George N. Andersoa, pastor.
Services every Sunday at 7:30 p.m
GOSPEL H ALI .���Corner et Sixth
avenue and Ninth street.
Services at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Epworth Leagut
Tuesday at 8 p.m. Dundonald school
bonne; Servlee at 2 p.m. aad Sunday
���ehoel at 3 p.m. Rev. W. Ewart Jones,
��� ������
Always Kept Fit.
it is a curious fact that Sir Charles
Lnwes-Wittewronge. who died recently, and who wns one ol the finest all-
rouii-1 atlilctes of his time, had no
great belief iti tjaining. "lf you keep
yourself always 'fit,' " he once re-
insrked. "why should training be
Or. H. K. Hope, D.O.,
Eye Specialist
657 Columbia  Street,  Upstairs,
Over Curtis' Drug Store.
Hours: Dally 9:30 a.m. to S p.m.
and later by appointments.
Phone 295.
Now Is the Time to, Prepare
Yourself for a Better Position
The Moderh Business School
Is the place where Business Training la made a Specialty, if yoa
were only convinced of how. they could help you, no time would be
lost on your part ln enrolling. i
BUT LOOK 1���You enroll end yw will soon be convinced of the
beneflt of a business training as given at the     ' ft*
Modern Business School
\-   .
Phono 893.
610 Columbia St.
A. L. BOUCK, Principal
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone 8eymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Revelstoke Ele-tion.
Revelstoke, Jan. 12.���The results of
the civic election here yesterday were
as follows: Mayor, Dr. Sutherland
(acclamation). Aldermen; Ward 1.
J. G. Barber and H. McSorley, ward
2, H. McKinnon and R. Howson;
ward 3, F. II. Bourne and O. F. Abra-
hamson. Iu a keen contest for school
trustees, H. Manning, T. Kilpetrlc!.
and Alexander McRae were elected.
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Lathe   and   Shingle*
PHONE  904.
(Old Glaaa Works Factory.
Worth $15.00 and $18.00
Suits and Overcoats Worth $22 and $25 for    -     -   $16.50
Slits and Overcoats Worth $28, $30 and $35 for   -    $22.00
Every Suit top-notch of style and quality; every pattern of both cloth and clothes new. w,nt" '���
with us now and we are overstocked, so you can reap the benefit. We back every garment with our
usual guarantee to be absolutely as represented.
UNDERWEAR -Every well-
known brand in stock.
Regular price $2.50.   Now  $1.90
Regular price $3.00.   Now $2.25
Regular price $400.   Now $3-00
machine knit.
Regular $3.00 Sweater Coats..
Regular $3.50 Sweater Coats..
Regular $4.00 Sweater Coats..
Regular $5.00 Sweater Coats..
FIFTY SOFT FELT HATS, Od��n/n��s. to Mw Ont at $1.00
A. S. Mills &
Exclusively Men's Wear
517 Columbia Street 'fHIHl   SI   ll^ill
/ \  SATURpAY, JANUARY" 13, 1S12.
- ��� ,
SNot Easy to Get Linonon
Result���Arrangements Mad* to
Soil Tickets Here.
I Preparations are being made
to allow the residents of New Westminster to go over to Vancouver to
see tke next ice hockey match in
which the Mont-team- wltl participate.
fThls m^jm**^**** VlOprU .and I tr"aintog he. hM"eve7re^eiv��d"7t"^
New Westmlnater, and wlll be played^,^ hIm   regponslbiflty   and   seTt-
Sao, by one all tbo' advantage* tbat raise money through their owl%r*d*t
I* nearness to ihe Engllsb market i societies on easy terms, to purchase
should have brought.him.aad to drift cheap and sell dear.      Co-og*rttton,
        " ��� '--            " In fact, eliminates the ��MUtf*r; trader
ln his capacity of agricultural middleman and money-lender, **nd restrict*
him to his legitimate business of d>'
Into a position aa helpless as thnt df
a small American refiner in the grip
of the Standard Oir Company. .
Magnitude ^ot the M jf*me
From that fruitful Idea nas sprung
the while of the Irish. co-operative
movement. Today it embrace* ever
900 societies, comprising a membership of all bnt 100,000 and representing, I suppose, some 400,000 persons:
its ��� aggregate turnover, from the beginning hA amounted to ��25,000,-
000; its annual turnover ls some ��2.-
500,000, anB"nt the fund* needed to
carry lt on three^urths has been
raised by voluntary subscriptions. Its
beneflt to the farmers and through
them to the country has' been very
great.' It has increased and steadied
the Incomes of all who hare joined
the movement; it has given the Irish
peasant   almost   the   only   business
nm iw
Col<jn*l Hughes, tbey were
to guarantee to supply ra|jfcj|,iBsilii
Swords, lf %**r nseaaayy nrten were
paid.' Vhe iorelgn mat* *WorS* wer*
much cheaper than English    ���
Thfl   flWAffd   tfftdA    ******-*   B\ftW^^R >^^MI
even hare lt threaten* to Invade hli
provlnc*. Now, as the country Under, h�� addition to his other activities,
la the political boss of his neighborhood, controlling the local press,
overrunning all  tbe  Ideal   treasurer
rtbeHJWted Irish League. h*1s able
bring to bear un��n tbe parliamentary leprcMUatirCs an amount of
pressure they have neither tbe ability nor the Inclination to resist
In Vancouver   on   January 16.   The
Able result of tbe game. Both teams
have been practising for some time
now, and, at any rate, a good fast
and had been killed ky th* constantly
recurring period* of dsprs**ton, duo
to the smallness of the trad* and the
uncertainty and irregularity .of Government orders. There wa* a ran* of
orders when there waa a new pattern,
and thfen their* were tm* ��or three
yeara of absolute barrenness so far
aa orders were concerned, and It was
not every firm that.gotfd atand IL In
their own case tbey had bsd to adi
flrat set themselves athwart the
only movement of all Irish industries
on a soand footing. It was at their
demand that Sir Horace Plunkett was
dismissed.froin the vloe-presl^ency of
the department of agricultural, and
Mr. T. W. Russell Installed ln his
,.,.,,_. .        .       confidence; it has conquered his dia-  Place-     Mr.  Russell   bas   constantly
only njfetch played between these two trust of himself and his neighbors; "*��d all the powers of his office to
teams, so far, resulted In an ��asy it has both brightened and "enlarged break up the. cp-operattve movement
vin Mr New Westminster, but sine* nlg horlion. | He began by cutting down the hub-
then Victoria has beaten Vancouver, | Moreover, the thousands <of meet- "Wy granted to it by the department;
rthe team which defeated th* men sup. jn^g tnat nave heen heW jn coaaet. he wei) t on to abolish it altogether; he
ported on the-Fraser river, so that tt-tion with it, meetings attended by fought tooth and nail against.the idea
is difficult to get a line on the prob-' men of all classes, creeds and parties,
have mitigated the asperity of social,
political and sectarian strife, have
made for comradeship, mutual under.
Thus the Rationalist, havejrogi tha., other branches of trade.   There were
game should be ensured, as tho men .tanding,   and   tolerance,  and   have
must be in flne condition and used
to their surrounding* by now.
A number of ringside and other
tickets have been secured by the local
management, and will be sold ln the
���city at Ryall's drug store, and Duncan's cigar store.
Some splendid basketball was put
up in tbe senior game won by the Y'.
M. C. A. over the llrst Columbian col
lege team last night. The scoring
throughout was level, and as fast as
one side registered a tally the other
would come back, and score an Immediate reply. During the flrst half
the college boys had a little the better
of the game and shooting with considerable accuracy they stood at half
time with 13 goals to their credit
against 10 of the Y. M. C. A. Duiing
the Eecond half, however, the latter
played up strongly and gradually
drew level with their opponents, until when the time was called they
had their noises In front, winners by
28 to 27.
The second teams also had a good
match, but the Y. M. C. A. were too
ctrong for the oponenta, and won by
25 to 12, the score at half time being
16-4 in their favor.
The following were the teams:
Senior game���
Y. M. C. A.���White, Gilley, Smith,
Horn and Sangster.
Columbian College ��� Wheeler,
Smith, Place. Hoult and Morrison.
Second team���
Y. M. C. A.���Dougherty,    Swanson,
Fader,  Whittaker and Cooper.
' Columbian       College ��� Nordman,
Crowcll, Marwood, Komlg and Finley.
Policy   and
It is high time that a friend and
know* attnantn-efrbome j-ul* ahould
address to the leaders of the Nationalist party a word of warning and remonstrance. They have Just sanctioned a proceeding which their supporters in Great Britain can only regard with amazement aud dismay and
their -opponents in Ulster with malicious 'satisfaction. One cf tbe most
formidable objections to home rule
is the fear that the permanent agricultural and Industrial Interests of
Ireland will be sacrificed to "politics,"
personal animosities, and sectional
pressure, lt ought to be one of the
objects of the Nationalists to combat
this apprehension and demonstrate
its hollowness. They bave, instead,
taken a course which lends it a sinister Justification.
Of all the many agencies of regeneration that are building up what is
nothing less than a new Ireland, there
was none which more Impressed the
members of the Eighty Club during
tbeir  recent   tour,  and  none  which
opened up a new and nbn-contehtious
I sphere for united effort. It' was the
flrst movement that suggested to the
Irish mind that the work in Ireland
could achieve wbat agitation and politics at Westminster could not. Its
success and the spirit of self-help It
1 was founded on led directly to the
Recess committee, and so the formation of the department of agriculture,
the youngest and by far the most useful of all official institutions in Ireland. All the movements Indeed that
are today seeking constructive ends
by non-political nnd non-sectarian
routes derive the impulse that has
alone made them possible from the
gospel of self-reliance preached by the
co-operators. It Is the solitary public
enterprise ln Ireland that foreigners
study, not as a warning, but as a
guide and example.
Necessity of Its Success.
i There are two reasons wby the development of co-operation is today
more than ever necessary to the
greatest ot all Irish industries. One
ls that the department of agriculture
can only achieve its best results lf it
Is enabled to work with farmers, not
as Isolated individuals, but as organ-
��� lzed   bodies.      The   other,   and   far
{for momentous reason is that the
ultimate security for the repayment
of the loan of seme ��200,000,000 will
have to be advanced tor land purchase ts thecapaclty of the Irish far-
I mer and   his Irish  peasant  to   make
agriculture pay.    The whole success
ofjthe land-purchase policy rests fun- j
dtmen tally on that.   But there ls not
an economist anywhere who   would '
not dectate that in the peculiar eir-'
1 cumstances ot Ireland co-operation is '
essential   to   the   stability   and   pros-
I perity ot the new order   of   peasant 1
proprietors.    Without It their future
is of tbe gravest peril.
Now, nothing   has  done   more   to
that ^he new congested districts
board- should employ Sir Horace's society to spread co-operation through
the west, where it 1* most needed;
he has unceasingly sought to discredit its operations, and particularly Its
Invaluable Raiffelsen banks; 'and he
has threatened lt with official competition, backed by all the resources of
hls department.
His latest exploit, with the help of
tbe United Irish league, is to produce
from tbe Irish council of agriculture
a vote adverse to the claim of the cooperative movement for a grant from
the development fund. And the paradox bf it ls that during the past five
years we English Liberals have made
It a foremost part of our rural program to encourage co-operation ln
England. It was one of the objects
expressly aimed at in the small holdings act, and the development commissioners have already made grants
to both the English and Scotch co-operative societies. Yet it is under a
Liberal regime that agricultural cooperation in Ireland, where lt ls not
merely desirable but a vital necessity,
so far from being fostered, ls deliberately harassed and obstructed.
Cannot the Nationalists leaders be
made to realize tbat their policy in
this matter is being watched by their
English sympathizers with increasing
anxiety and-distrust, and ls seriously
damaging the cause of home rule?���
Sydney Brooks in London Chronicle.
firms which did a regular trade in
swords with German blade* and English hafts, and he waa afraid many
ot them were sold aa If all of Brltlan
make. It would be to the advantage
of the legitimate swordmnker lf tha
Minister of Mllltla In Cinnda wolffd
Insist upon articles being entirely of
British make.' In Germany there was
a large and regular trade In sWorda,
nnd the surplus products were nent
over ta Britain under the free trade
Take  LAXATIVE   BROMO    Ift&Lr
Tableta.    Druggists refund annoy If
it fails to cure.   E. W. GROVE'S signature ls on each box. 26e.
Made    In   Germany���London   Times
Discusses interesting Question.
On   Thursday,   says   the    London
Times, we published a telegram from
our Ottawa correspondent stating that
enquiries made by Colonel Hughes.
| Minister of Militia, revealed the fact
' that nearly all the swords imported
Into Canada are of German make.
I    The  manager of  a   British  sword
manufactuilng company made the toj
| lowing ��tatement on the sttb]*ct
representative of the Time*-.'; ���
alienate their  well-wishers   both   In |    "The  Canadian   Government ��c ~.
England and in Amei lea than the per-, have avoiled all trouble and difficult:
sistency with which the Irish Nationalists    have    striven  to cripple   and
thwart   the   co-operative   movement.
Their objections to it are three-fold���
personal,   political  and  trale.      The
personal objection is simply that Sir
Horace Plunkett originated the movement and still directs It.   As a Union-!
1st or quasl-Unlonist, as a man of hu- j
mor, the Nationalists flnd him highly '
obnovlous.   Then, again���and this isi
their political objection���they resent'
the building up of an organization of' parts
nearly 100,000 farmers on a non-partisan basis and for non-political ends.
It looks suspiciously like an attempt
to   regenerate   Ireland   from within,
land their case has always been that
if they had adopted the obvious and
simple course of writing to the War
j Office in London for the names of the
! British   firms   who   manufacture  the
I swords supplied to the army and ob-
'taining the swords direct from them.
That has been dene by otber colonial
I Governments, who have thereby pro-
j tected    themselves    against   foreign-
| made swords being supplied to them
j Your Ottawa correspondent   says    it
! was discovered tbat in some   cases
of the swords, though of Ger
man make, were put together in England.   It is the practice of some dealers ln swords Id this country to buy
the  parts abroad, to   put  them   to
gether, and to sell them here or ex-
home rule alone can effect that mlr-.port  them as British  made swords,
acie.    It looks like a subtle scheme' Of course they remain, in fact, for-
to kill home rule   by kindness   and��� eign made swords.     Some  of -these
prosperity and to erect a machine ln-  swords are, no doubt to   be   found
dependent of and competing with the even. In the British army.   Troopers'
mm   ui/i��;   ****** *.  Nationalist    organization���on    infer- awords are British made, tor they are
they praised more warmly, than Sir ence strengthened by the disturbing ' supplied to the Wnr Office by. British
Horae* Plunketts   magnificent work ^ablt of these co-operative societies, manufacturing firms.     But  it sonje-
in   developing  agricultural   corpora- practically all of whose members are times happens that swords bought by
Nationalists, In passing no political
resolutions, but quietly attending to
Hostility of th* Small Trader.
Finally, there is tbe trade   objec-
tion or the objection, to put   lt moro
accurately, of the Small country trad-
tion. Mt ls the most vital and constructive achievement that stands to
the credit of aay Irishman of our
time. Sir Horace was the flrst to see
the' need of co-operation in Ireland
and the flrst to preach and apply it.
A quarter of a century ago he, alone
among his countrymen, perceived that er.   it is easy enough to understand
so long as the Irish farmer remained
an Isolated unit while hi* European
and Transatlantic rival* were banding themselves Into organized, pliant
and cohesive trusts, so long as he
(continued to buy in the dearest and
sell In the cheapest market, to live
from hand to mouth without capital
or credit or any chance ot getting
any, and to place himself at the
mercy of the middlemen and the railways, he was inevitably bound to lose
why he is opposed to co-operation. As
middleman, he buys the farmer's products at the cheapest rate and supplies them with agricultural requirements at the dearest. As money-lender, he advances them loans on more
than Asiatic terms; as   publican, he
officers individually from dealers"and
outfitters are swords the parts ot
which have been made abroad and
put together ln this country. This
can be avoided by officers going direct to British manufacturers for
their swords, instead of to dealers
and outfitters."
The telegram from our Ottawa correspondent was also brought before
the notice ot a Birmingham flrm, who
told our correspondent tbat they had
seen the Information contained in the
Times,' and had in fact, written to
Colonel Hugheq, Mini:'.er   of Militia.
scores again by sealing evpry trans- in Ottwa, on the subject. It was undoubtedly the ease that a large jeo
portion of the office;*' swords sent.
to Canada were either Vhol'y or partly of foreign make.   Ae they had told
action with a drink. He I* the instinctive enemy of co-operation, because co-operation releases the farmers from: his grip, enable* them to
��. ���y'&wI'mSI^H
r-:'^ji    K
A<i>fc? '^fl
^H^fl ���HcMIwnf*^Bffl                     sB'
HI                                         K
1     m
fl                                  ���mUbUHhH
j^B^H          ^fti
Volo, Velare and Campbell, presenting the "Death Cgge"   at   th*: Koyal
theatre, Monday, January 16, 19, 17.
GILLIS. Manager.
Three day*, Beginning
8ensational I   Wonderful I
Presenting tbe
Most Marvelous Bicycle
Act Ever Attempted
'. They  risk their lives every
time tbc; perform this feat.
Illustrated Song.
���    ���. *tx��*i1t>M    lei
Oflle* on Columbia street,   well lighted and ceatraliyattited.
Six roomed residence, corner of Third street ani Regina' StrnTT'
new aad modern; 130' per month. n*r-M8 ,c
Large house on Sixth avenue, |30 per month.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe fepositfo^;;
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.       -r '. .,
28 Lome Street New W<
��� ��� i
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. Cm^^*^,
Are well stocked up with all kinds and griWof r: '���:
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles J&gf^:
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension, !���,BO��"
Now is the time to build for tele or rent while price* *re
II."-V -M
'��������� ' ."--IV.'-t h IV
"-.' saw .vr/w
,imvi ���
Three  Show*
Do Not Waste Money
'���''' I'**'*
Savo a little ayrtematlcally, lor tt to thn *tnl that th* torn*
datlona of wealth and happtn*** nr* bnOt ot.
Monty may be used la two way*; to spend tor whit, to.,
needed now and to tnv**t for what ahall be n**ded tn thf future.  Money cannot b* Invested until tt to flrat saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, *2��00,000.    ColwnM*. corner Eighth i
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. It DONLEY, Lccal Mai
R. QILLEY, Phon* 122. ' O. E. QILLEY. Phona tS1.
Phones, Office 15 and 1S. ���.-<������  loa  Hi
Gilley Bros.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
���$*Hit  lw-n2
Today t nly Extra Special Value iii
>!tj*  '>rft  ?<*
r     ��� ���)    ���(*���}
Including Tweeds, Worsteds and
Serges to be sold at Less than <3ost
Price.   Regular $12.00 to $1&00
Today Only $7:i^S
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Fine Shi
{Negligee Shirts
jiniade of Madras and Percale Cloths,
fiilar price $1.25 and $1.50
...,,.    UM   ,* *,*.
<;���<������*,'   .���'.��� v.-
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it       .'!!����'<
Men's Working Pants
,s|> Regular price $1,50 to $2,00
'; SALE PRICE $1.00
I" 'R*>ii.fi'!-. ������'ai
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''���.,...    li-.ttlt:    �����
'���>������>���.    ;. a\   V'<
'���'������>���'���>..���.���. J^no8 tc
'   '  *#*IS   ��ap   )*>
*tt*>i\ X    stotmii
Kf!   lO   li Hlj:';"!    li
ReM &
'       The Store of Satisfaction.
601 ColumW* Street     ,; Clothiers, Hatters aad
ta  Usotstt
..."'fintrTf "   ���-l.'.f.
.;< JSaH^.'t!
-���. .
���I 1 Ba ,
r  paob sa
Catarrh of the Lungs
Threatened Her Life.
Mi A Ninette Forter, Brsintree, Vermont, writes: "I hsr* been cured by
'I liwl serersl hemorrhage! of Uie
1-jng*. The doctors did not help m.
::uich and would never have cured me.
"I saw a testimonial in a Pernna
n'manr.c of a ease similar to mine, and
.'. commenced using it.
"I was not al>le to wait on myself
v. h -n I began using it.   I gained very |
, !..\vly ot llrst, but I could see tbat it
-���as helping me.
"After I had taken lt a while I commenced to r:.iso up a stringy, sticky
,ml)8tanco frjm my'lungs. This grew
l'.-ss and less iu quantity as I continued
(ho treatment.
���'I grew more fleshy than I had been
(or a kSfi -ime> *na now * caU niyaeU
Simple Device For Holding Pets Upright en Slanting Surfao*.
Painter* wbo bave much roof painting to do most bave apme sort of
device to ho.J the paint pot ln an upright position, ss it is very unhandy
to carry lt wltb one band and paint
with tbe other, says Popular Mechanics. A simple device to bold tbe paint
pot tbst Is easy to make and will work
A Colored Preacher's Eulogy.
A negro minister was called upon
to preach the funeral sermon of a
member of his race in a certain Mississippi town some years ago. Tbe
.deceased was a general bad character
anl had been killed in street brawl.
In addition to bis other derelictions
in life he had incurred the enmity of
tbe old minister. However, the old
fellow, in a spirit of "Christian cahr-
ity," as he expressed it. consented to
"n.ake a few remarks at de grave."
Wben the gathering assembled   be
arose and said: ,' ,*"-
"My breddern and slstern,, I ain't
er gwln ter tell you dat Bill Jackson
wus a good nigger, 'ca'se he warn't. I
ain't er gwlne to tell you dat he was
er frlen' ar mine, nelder, 'ca'se he
���warn't dat. I ain't er gwlne ter lie
i) bout him Jes' 'ca'se he's dead, but
den I ain't er gwine ter say nothln'
against him. I jes' wants ter call
yer 'tention to one thing. We has
er been tole in de good book dat de
mills uv de gods grinds slow, but dey :
sho' does pujvorlze, ^o* BUI Jackson I stm�� ''���'"
is er victim uv dem succumstances."
on a roof of any pitch is shown In
the uccompanylug sketch.
Secure some keg hoops and make a
basket, as shown, large enough to hold
tbe. paint pot. The basket should have
o wooden bottom, nnd the top hoop
should be fastened to two uprights of
u woodeu frame, ho that It will swing
freely between them. Kuur saw tooth
clips, fastened to tbe Hup|K>rting frame,
will bold It securely to the roof. This
device can be easily moved about the
roof and will always hold tbe paint pot
iu an upright position.
Tablets. Druggists refund money if
it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each *��ox.   25c.
Arrival: Closing-
18:10���United States via C. P. R.
(daily except Sunday 1.23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:15
12:00��� Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
,  (daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B.  C.  E.  R.
(daily except Sunday) 11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N, R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
, "������'n���United States via G. N. R.
| ' T3ftHy ��ycept Sunday),. 9.46
16:15���United States via Q. N. R..
tdfclls **OMrt.. ���ttnjti|iv>'/'.l4..oo
��.*o���AB tfWSW ewrt,   tod   feu-
rope    (dally)     8:15
2'2:4i���All points east and Europe (dally) 13:15
11:40���Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mills      (daily     except
Sunday)        8:30
IS: 10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
nulls      (daily      except
Sunday)      14:00
I j: 40���Coquitlam      (daily    ex
cept  Sunday)     8:30
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (daily except
Sunday)       11.16
1400���East Burnaby (daily ex-
Sunday)   13:30
10:00���Timherland I Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally  except   Sunday) .13:30
10: (to���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:50���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) .14:20
16:80���CloverdftTe and Port Kells
via O. N. K. (dally except   Sunday) 14:00
11:80���Claytog (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 8at-
day       14:00
II 2<j��� Tync-head   j Tuesday    and
Friday)        14:00
7-A'i��� Burnaby  Lake   (dally except Sunday    16:00
18:10���Abbotsford Upper Surnas,
Materpil, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
16:15���Crescent, White Kock and
Blaine idaily except
Sundsy)   fl;4f
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Kldne
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday   9;4E
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
I^ehma*. * ldert.rove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, via B. c. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. B. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday  9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford,    Huntingdon,
via B. C E. B.  (daily
except Sunday)   17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   ...;... 23:00
Ingenious  Timepiece  Voices th.  Pas-
sag, of th* Hours.
There Is dot li lng outwardly remark
ntile. according.' to Das Echo, in the appearance of the Ingeniously eonstnict-
ed tltueplece known ns the "time mat
ing clock."    Hut every quarter of an
hour mi agreeable voice issues from It.
announcing   the   i orrect   tlmo,   as   12
o'clock. V2M, l'2-7.'M. etc.
'l'he  works of the cloi-k  actuate  *
which runs over a roll con
nei-teil with H sounding box.
Upon this belt, or rather film, the
hours, which have been recorded by a
phonograph, are impressed by galvanization on m copper plate.
The mpHiuiiisin which moves the
hands is connected with the speaking
device and this with a funnel, which
re-enforces the sound and projects It
outward through a llnely grated open
ing attached to tlie narrow (tide of tbe
At night a touch on a lever reduces
the clock to silence. But If one wakes
and wishes to know the hour without
striking a light an easily found button Is pressed, mid tbe clock imiuedi
nte.'.v states the time.
The speech film Is practically hide
stmctible and occupies very little
.>p**r*n since,  because of Its elasticity.
British Hen.** ef Lords Is New Practically a Powerless ridy.
The     talkins-shoffr    shutter*     are
down,   and    I'Hrliament   U   at   work
again.   But "thing* i�� changed."   In
place of  an  Hncient.  long-threatened
Constitution, there is to-dsy the momentous  "Parliament   Bill"���now,  of
course, an Act���ior dealing with disputes between the  two  Houses ss to
legislation pronosed by the Common*.
Everybody sliould  understand what
this all important act provides.
First of all, th? historic "Budget
Crisis" of a couple of years ago can
never happen again. All bills which
simply impose new taxes or alter old
ones, which deal with the National
Debt ��� in short which directly affect
the national income or expenditures-
all comprehensively known ai
"Money bills" ��� are in future to be
subjected to a sper#Sl treatment.
"Bill"'is, by the way, a word used
ever since the time of Henry VL to
describe the "law Which the Commons
want in the form they want it."
When next a Money bill is passed
by the House of Commons, it will be
the Speaker's duty to certify that It
is truly a Money bill, and nothing
more, and thereupon it will go to the
House of Lords, which House is
given one month to consider what it
will do. As a matter of fact, it is
practically Hobson's choice. For if the
Lords do not pass the bill unaltered
within one month, the Commons are
entitled to send it straightway to bis
Majesty for royal assent.
There is, however, a provision which
enables tjie Commons to extend the
month's grace, if they think flt to accept any amendment* proposed by
the Lords, '   ������
Naturally, considerable responsibility is thrown upon the Speaker in having to decide whether or uot a bill is
technically a Money bill, and he ia
therefore to have the assistance of
two M.P.'s specially chosen at the
beginning of each session to help him.
But it is only regarding Money bills
that this short shrift is given to the
Lords. Other bills will follow a different course.
This is whst will happen under the
new act. A bill���not a money bill-
having passed through the House of
Commons, will be sent to the Lord*
in the ordinary way. If the LoruS accept it unaltered, or both Houses
agree to alterations, well and good���
the act is passed. But if the Lords
reject it, then ther? is an end of the
matter for that session. Next session
the Commons may pass the same bill
again, and a second time the Lords
may reject it.
In yet a third session the Common-
may pass that bill; but thi* is the last
opportunity the Lords will have, (or if
they reject ^he bill for a third time.
it is to be presented to His Majesty
for the royal assent. Here again the
Speaker's certificate is required���thi?
rime to the effect that the Lords have
had three opportunities of accepting
tlie bill, but have rejected it rich
time. If the Lords am��nd the bill and
then pass it. and the Commons do
r.ot accept the alterations, the bill is
to be regai\L.:l cs having bc?n rejected
by the
; LoTii,
Butter From Cocoanut Oil.
A new substitute for buller ba* been
r'wvd ��>�� the mtirfcet In" western
hernia It contains no nnlniul tti*%
i�� manufactured from cocunmit oil. the
yolks of eggs and n small | ior portion
of cream. The cocoanuts are Imported
1>5 the shipload by wag ot Hamburg,
Up tlie Kibe river to Aussig. In this
consular district, where the factory ts
located. Cocoanut oil lias been used
for some time in Hurope in the manufacture of oleomargarine under various
names, but in combination with lard
or other animal fats. The "vegetable"
imtter is prepared in two forms, soft
nnd in firm cakes. It Is shipped by
parcels post from the factory in packages of eleveu pounds. Tbe claim Is
made that this butter substitute haa nn
agreeable flavor. Is not injurious to
health and Is excellent for cooking
purposes. It retails for about 14 cents
n pound.���Consular Report
A Voj
Mt. Allan. Jam** Lawr
een 1 .uc:efded Mt. Lov��lan<
Mo 1K.C, r.s deputychairmar
bttl I lon Quar'. r Sessions, is
8 J'.irlil.
Lnwrie.   who  lias
Dogfish Do Not Feed on Lobsters.
It lias long been accepted iu Nova
Scotia that the dogfish fed to a con
siderable extent upon the lobster, but
an investigation made not long since
by scientific men at the rendering
works at Clark's harbor showed cou
cltislvely that such Is not the case. Of
the millions of dogfish put through the
crusher oue only allowed Ihe presence
of lobster, and that wus a small piece.
The dogfish swarm ordinarily near the
surface and eat nothing but what they
first snap Into morsels; therefore It Is
difficult to Imagine how they could do
(his with the lobster In full armor. Although Ihe dogfish is a great pest and
destroys thousands of dollars' worth
Of tish, there were no Indications that
they feed to any extent od lobsters.
On the other hand, the investigation
allowed that the skate, which is only
i ground fish, was very destructive of
this particular kind of shellfish.���Consular Report
Importance of Camphor.
The agricultural department has boen
making numerous experiments in the
growth of camphor trees and bas dually announced that these oriental trees
can be successfully grown In Florida.
California and other southern states.
The Importance of this wlll not be appreciated until It ls understood that
camphor is one of the important Ingredients of smokeless powder and
that Japan has practically a monopoly
on nil the camphor used in the World.
If the island empire were to be opposed to the whole world In war for any
length of time the rest of the world
Would soon be using black powder.
Drawing With Ruling Pen.
The easiest way to draw a wavy
line with a ruling pen Is to use the
edge of n course toothed comb ln
Which the teeth aro fairly stiff. The
pen should be drawn fairly rapidly to
make u smooth undulation ln tbe hue.
:id    Irfivelnrid.
an oftVic I.nrt-
th" youngest
ours?l tn ba rai*od to the ['*:'.pl;-'>
Bench, being only thirty-eight yfears
of aj?e. His appointment came as a
surprise to the Bar, for amen; the
likely names mentioned in connection
with ttie appointment before the publication of the official announcement
were those of a Recorder, n Metropolitan magistrate, a well-known K.C..
and an eminent Treasury counsel. Mr.
Lawrie, however, had considerable
claim to the position, having acted ih
the past two years, duripg the absence
of Mr. Loveland Loveland. Mr. Lawrie is noted for the quickness with
which he deals with cases, and tlie
voluble witness, like the man of many
convictions, receives rflurt shrift at
his hands. ���    ��
An Aged Minister.
Probably the oldest officiating minister of nny denomination is Rev. Alfred Brandon, who though he is just
past his ninety-fifth birthday, still
preaches at least once a montli In
the little creeper-clad Baptist chapel
near his home in Drayton Gardens,
Chelsea. Mr. Rrandon has been a
minister in Chelsea sixty-four years,
and has lived there seventy-two. A
remarkable fact concerning Sir. Brandon is that he has been a cripple
sines he was a baby of two. when
one of his legs became paralyzed.
Another wonderful Baptist minister is
Uev. Grey Hazlerigg, who. although
ninety-three years oi age, is still engaged in ministerial work in Leices
ter. in which town he has lived and
worked for a period of sixty-one years.
A City of Philosophers.
The famous Dr. Samuel Johnson
was born in Litchfield, to which town
he once paid a tremendous compliment. He had taken Bo.well on h
visit to  Litchfield.
"I found," writes Boswell. "two
strange manufactures for so inland a
place, sail cloth ar.d streamers for
ships, and I observed them making
some Saddlecloths and dressing sheepskins. But upon the whole the husy
hand of industry seemed to be quite
slackened. 'Surely, sir,' said I, 'you
are an idle set of people.' 'Sir,' said
Johnson, 'we are a city of philosophers. We work with our heads and
make the boobies of Birmingham work
for us with their hands'."
Plli Nuts.
Pili nuts are two to two and one-
half inches long and triangular in
shape, with three ridges. They are
brown and have a shell that is very
hard to break. The meat is of a cream
color and quite delicious. At the present time these nuts are not used for
commercial purposes, but are eaten by
the natives of the Straits Settlements.
King Breeds Pigs.
King George takes special pride in
breeding black pigs, and has reared a
particular breed which brings him in a
nice little sum ol money annually.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
���ftSSSSk       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of thc
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
Try the Taste Test
* mma***ma**a     *aa****ss*smm*mamm    **s***************s
On Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Forget for a moment that ing are all important details of
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are the Mooney Method of biscuit
made in the finest sunlit sanitary   making.
factory in the country.   Forget,
also, for a moment that a little
finer flour���a little richer
butter���a little better
fruit���a little
more care in
NOW base your opinion
of Mooney's Sugar Wafers
solely on   their taste.   We
are confident as to the
the outcome of
this test.
Dessert Shipped
In Private Cars
That's Mie way  the delicious flavor of Mooney's Sugar
Wafers is preserved from the ovens
to your table.    It's expensive for us
���but better for the Sugar Wafers.
Tbe cars are especially constructed, so when traveling from Province to
Province, the temperature is always
uniform.   We  are  the  only biscuit
shipping  its
goods in its own cars.
The   Sugar  Wafers
keep flaky and   fresh ���crisp
and whole.    Their enticing flavor
Is retained to the last crumb.
Try a package today.' 10 and 25
cents in dainty, dust and damp-proof
Your grocer has them.
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Co., Ltd.*
Your  Advertisement  in the
Daily News is a Salesman-
Reliable, Indispensible, E{fective ' *��'
.   SATURDAY, JAtJUARY 13, 1911
By-Law No....
A By-law to authorize the Corporation of the District of Burnaby to
enter into and execute an agreement
with the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
.Bridge Company for the purchase of
.-shares ln the capital stock ef said
'Company.  . ��� '" ��
The Municipal Couifcil ot the' Cor
poratlon of the District ��� of Burnaby
.enacts as follows:
1.   Authority is hereby given to the
i, laat Burnaby.
chdPj. Burqult-
Mr. Topping'a Of Ice,
Hamilton    Road   S
| lam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burn-
Mr. Mohr's Store/'Burnaby Lake
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice ls hereby given that
the vote of tbe Electors of the Dis-
Heeve and Clerk of the Corporation I    ,T   , "nlcer to WKe   tb*
to sign on behalf of the Corporation ! J���*^ ���"���gg": w,th the usual
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
Done and PASSED in Opea Coum
the Eighteenth day 4ft Decern**/
D. 1911. '-**
RECEIVED the aasent of the Eleotora at an Election for the purpose on
the   day   ef   ���'���* *-��� a. D
RECONSIDERED and finally adopt-
lboL��f BTabHy Tt * "*** "��� I ^2 and* cKd &�� �� IS
above-mentioned By-law at the time Corporate Seel on   thV��� day   of
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. -Jijoore has been appointed Returning OffitJrf to take   the   vote ot
and to seal with the corporate seal
an indenture of agreement between
the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company of tbe one part and the Corporation of the other part in the
terms of the Schedule appended to
this By-law, and authority is hereby
given to the Corporation to enter into and agree to all the provisions of
said agreement.
2. This By-lew may be cited as
"The Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Company Aid By-law, 1911."
3. This By-law shall come into
operation on th% date of Its receiving tbe assent of the Lieutenant-Governor ln-(.ouncll by order ln councll
to that effect.
Council the Eighteenth day of Decern
ber. 1911.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors on the  day  of  ,
passed the   day of ,
THIS INDENTURE dated this ���day
of , in the year of our Lord, one
thousand nine hundred and.���.
incorporated as a Railway Company by a charter of the Parliament of Canada, hereinafter referred to as the "Company'
of the ONE PART,
DISTRICT OF BURNABY, hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation"
of the OTHER  PART,
WHEREAS the Company has been
pnrpes* ef farming a atakingV fund
far th* payment ef the aaid debeni'
tures aad the sum ef Two Thouaand,
Two Huadrad aad Fifty dollars ($2,-
SSSAQ) tor the payment el the inter-
eat al the rate aforaWM, the aald special rate to be la addition to all other
ratea te be levied and collected in
the said Municipality during the currency af the said debentures or any
of them,
3. This By-law ahall Uke effect on
and after the Eighteenth day of January A. D. 1912.
r.irj.^,,     .*. . r^-~'       '    *'   T*���� By-law may be cited tor all
,������,��,  . Notion that the above   is a | purposes as   the   "BURNABY   SIDE-
powers true copy of the, proposed by-law upoaiwALK8 EXTENSION BY-LAW 1912
'which the vote df the  Municipality1
will be taken on Saturday the
A. D. 191���>
C.M.C.  Reeve.
... *���
- ���
W. GRIFFITHS, clerk.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 2D, 19^1.
% By-Law No....
A By-law to enable the Corporation
of the District of Burnaby to raise
by way of loan tbe sum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars    ($50,000.00)    to
purchase stock in the Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Company.
WHEREAS a petition dated as  to
each signature and signed by the owners of more thanone-half of the real
property in tbe District of Burnaby
as shown "by the last revised assessment roll has been presented to the
Council of the said District requesting tbem to introduce and pass a bylaw to authorise them to borrow the
sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,-
000.00)  to be expended in the purchase of stock or shaies in The Burrard  Inlet Tunnel and  Bridge Com-*
pany incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada.
Alfo WHEREAS it ls necessary to
raise tbe money required to defray
the above expenditure upon the credit
of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it wlll be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Five Hundied and Twenty-six dollars and Seventeen cents
($526.17) principal and the sum of
Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty dollars ($2,250.00) interest making together a total amount annually
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Seventy-six dollars and Seventeen cents ($2,776.17) for the term
of forty years for the re-payment of
the said loan and interest thereon a*
hereinafter mentioned.
���    , AND WHEREAS the net value of
incorpated Inter alia for the purpose | the whole ^teaMe land  In the  Mu-
of, undertaking the erection of a joint   nlclpallty according to the last revls
day of January, 1912, between 9
o'clock a. m. untll 7 o'clock p. m.
at the polling places:
Municipal Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural  Hall,  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Office, East Burnaby.
Hamilton Road School, * Burquitlam.
Dundonald School, Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Mr. Mohr's Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Public Notice Is hereby given that
the vote oi the Electors of the Dlatrict of Burnaby wfB be taken on the
above-mentioned by-law at the time
and place above mentioned, and that
A. G. Moore has been appointed Returning Officer to take the vote of
such electors, with the usual powers
In that behalf.
J.   W.   WEART.   Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20. 1911.
By-Law No..**
Councl) the Eleventh day of December A. D. 1911.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors at an elective for the purpose on
the ��� day of ��������� A X>. 1912.
RECONSIDERED dnd finally adopted by the Council, Signed by the
Reeve and Clerk aad Sealed with the
Corporate. Seal all oa the ��� day of
 . A. D. lift.
C.M.C., Reeve.
Take Notice that tho above ia a
The regular meeting, of tbto lodge
are held In Odd Fellow*' Hall, cor-
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
���very Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting Jfothren cordially Invited
to attenoT ���. J. Purvis, N.Q.;   W.
C. Coatham, P. 0,-recordlng   seer*
tary; R. Purdy, fflhnctal secretary
The O. E. S.. Royal 6ity Chapter,
no. (, will after this meet in the K.
of P. Hall, corner of Eighth and Ag-
nee streets, on the second and Fourth
Monday of eacb month at 8 pjn.
By order of
Worthy Matron.
true copy of the proposed by-law upon whicb the vote of tbo Municipality
will be taken on Saturday, the lith
day of January 1912, between^ ��
O'clock a. m. until 7 tfctotA p. nu.at
the polling placeo:
Municipal Hall, Edknemde.
Agricultural Han, Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Office. East Barnaby.
Hamilton Road School, BuruuLt-
Dundonald School, Fraaer Arm.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Born-
Mr. Mchr's Store, Burnaby Lake,
Lakemere School, Duthie.
Pffbffe Notice ls hereby given that
the vote of the Electors of the District of Burnaby wlll be taken: on' the
above-mentioned by-law at the tline
....      . , i   .*.   r, ...      an* P,ace above mentioned, ana" that
A,^*Z. V>1e.nab'eD"1* ?��'I>or'ulf)af A. G. Moore has been appointed' Re-
of the District of Bdrnaby to raise | tmnrfng Officer to take tils' vote- of
by way of loan the sum of $50,000,-'^ft electors, with the usual' powers
00 for the purpose of providing, and  fn tftar behalf.
traffic and railway bridge across the
Second Narrows of Burrard Inlet
from a point in the Municipality ot
Burnaby and Hastings Townsite to a
point in the District of North Vancouver and the construction of suitable railway works to give connection
with railway systems on tho South
Shore and for the opening up and development of the North Shore of Burrard Inlet.
AND WHEREAS the whole of
said works are so situated as to be
���of great value to the Municipality of
Burnaby and the Corporation has
���agreed to aid the said Company by
.subscribing for five hundred (500)
shares of one hundred dollars
< $100.00) each in the capital stock of
Bald Company.
AND WHEREAS the price I r value
of said shares Is fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00), theiefore the Company hereby agrees to sell to the
Corporation and the Corporation
agrees to purchase of and from the
Company five hundred (500) shares
of one hundreed dollars ($100.00) each
ot the capital stock of tbe Company
at and for the said price of fifty
thousand dollars ($50,000.00) subject
always to the terms ot the Act of Incorporation of the Company and to
the following conditions, namely:
1. The said price shall be due and
payable to the Company within two
(2) months from the date of the assent of the Lieutenant-Governor-in-
Councll lo the By-law authorizing
tbe execution of this agreement and
upon payment of the said price and
ln exchange therefor the Company
*ha)l issue and make delivery to the
Corporation of the share certificates
for said shares in the capital stock
in valid form.
ed assessment roll amounts to Eighteen Millions, Five Hundred and
Twenty Thousand. Four Hundred and
Fourteen  ($18,520,414) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total existing
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand, Five Hundred dollars,
($1,208,600) exclusive of local improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments of which none
of tbe principal or interest is in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of Interest and the creation
of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said principal sum of $50,000.00
it will be necessary to levy a special
annual rate sufficient to raise the sum
of Two Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Seventy-six dollars and- 8even
teen cents ($2,776.17) the amount to
be calculated annually on tbe whole
of the rateable land comprised within the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for tbe Reeve
and Clerk of the Council for the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of lean from any person or body
or bodies corporate who may be willing ta advance the same upon tbe
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $60,-
000.00 and to cause tbe name, to be
placed ln the Royal Bank of Canada
at the City ot New Westminster, Brit-
Ish Columbia, to tbe credit bf the
said Corporation for. the purposes and
with the objects above set forth and
to issue any number ot debentures of
the said Corporation to the sum of
$50,000.00 ln the whole ln accordance
T ...  _,_��� ,   /-,���_..__.    �������������
2.   In respect of the said Corpora-i with  the   "Municipal   Clauses   Act'
tlon  holding the said  share*  ln the, AND the said debentures shall be Is-
capital stock of the Company and
while the same are ao held the Reeve
of tho Corporation shall be and act
as one of tbe directors ot the Company.
3. The Company agrees within
ten (10) months of tbe date of the
assent of the Lleutenant-Qovernor-
in-Councll as aforesaid to commence
and proceed with the work of the
construction of the said bridge and
to have duly completed and ready for
traffic tbe said bridge and at least
four (4) miles of connecting railways
before the lapse of three (3) years
from the date of the aald assent ot
the   Lieutenant-Governor-ln-Council.
4. As regards the Corporation tbls
agreement is provisional on the as-
lent being had of the electors of the
District and the passing of the Loan
By-law to provide the funds and also
on this agreement receiving the assent of the Ueutenant-Governor-ln-
Council and falling any of these
events then thia agreement shall be
Ipso facto null and void.      ��� '
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Company    and    the   Corporation   have
caused    their   respective    corporate
seals to be hereunto affixed.
The corporate seal of the
Burrard  Inlet Tunnel  and (SEAL)
Bridge Company waa hereto affixed in the presence ot
The corporate seal of the
Corporation of the District
of Burnaby was hereto af- (SEAL)
fixed in   the  presence   of:
���"    Take Notice that the   above  Is a
true copy of the proposed By-law upon whicb the vote of the Municipality
will he taken on Saturday, tho  13th
day   of   January    1912,   between    9
sued to consist of 102 debentures, each
of the denomination of one hundred
pounds Sterling (��100) and one debenture of the amount ot ��73-19-6(1.
being the Sterling equivalent of $50,-
000.00 at the rate of $4.86% to the
one round Sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to bo payable
ln Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and auch debentures shall
have annexed thereto coupons expressed both in Sterling and Currency
for the Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-halt (4H> Per centum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th day of June and the 31st.
day ot December ln each year. AND
such Sterling debemitres shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said
debentures, and both aa to' principal
and interest shall be payable at tbe
office of the Bank of Montreal tn
London, England, er In Toronto, Montreal or in Vancouver, Canada, or ln
New York, at holder's option. ANb
the principal ot the said debentures
sball be payable on the Thirty-first
day of December, A. D. 1961.,
2. There shall be raised and levied
annually by a special rate sufficient
therefor on all rateable land within
the Limits ot the said Municipality
(he sum of Five Hundred and Twenty-
six dollars ' and Seventeen cents
($626.17) for the purpose ot forming
a staking fund for the payment of the
said debentures and the aum ot Two
Thousand. Two Hundred and Fifty
dollars ($2,250.00) for the payment of
the interest at the rate aforr said, the
said sfeclal rate to be in addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected In the said Municipality during
the currency of the said debentures
building additional sidewalks with*.
In the Limits of the Municipality.
WHEREAS lt is necessary and expedient that the Council ot tha said
Corporation be authorized to. borrow
the sum of Fifty Thousand ($50,-
000.00) dollars to provide for the construction of additional sidewalks within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS It is necessary, ton-use the moneys required to. defray
the above expenditure upon the cnad-
It of the Municipality.
AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to raise annually by special rate
the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-seven dollars and
Five cents ($2,497.05) principal and
the sum of Two Thousand, Two- Hundred and Fifty ($2,250.00) dollars lfa>
terest making together a total amount
annually of Four Thousand, Seven
Hundred and Forty-seven dollars and.
Five cents ($4,747.05) for the term
of fifteen years for tbe repayment of
the said loan and Interest thereon,
as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of
the whole rateable land ln the Municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to Eighteen
Million, Five Hundred and Twenty
Thousand Four Hundred and Four*
teen ($18,520,414.00) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the total exietths
debenture debt of the Municipality is
One Million, Two Hundred and Eight
Thousand Five Hundred ($1,208,500.-
00) dollars, exclusive of local Improvement debts secured by special
rates or assessments of which none
of the principal or lntereet ls in ar
AND WHEREAS to provide for the
payment of interest snd the Creation
of a sinking fund for the payment of
the aaid principal sum of $50,000.00 It
will be necessary to levy a special as>
nual rate sufficient to raise th* sum
of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Forty-seven dollars and Five
cents ($4,747.05) the amount to> be calculated annually on the whole of the
rateable land comprised wttftfo the
NOW THEREFORE the Miiinlcipol
Council of the Corporation *t the Dlatrict ot Burnaby enacts  aa   follows:
1. It shall be lawful for tha Reeve
and Clerk ot tho Council tm the purposes aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or body
or bodies corporate who nray he willing to advance the earn* upo* tke
credit of the debenturea hereinafter
mentioned a sum not exceeding $50,-
000.00 and to cause the aaaae to be
placed ln the Royal Bank of Canada
at tbe City of New Westmlnater. British Columbia, to tbe credit of the said
Corporation for the purposes and with
the objects above set forth and to t*
sue any number of debentoxes of the
said corporation to the aum of $50,-
000,000 In tbe whole in accordance
with the "Municipal Clauses Act" And
the aald Debentures ahall be issued
to connlst of 102 debenturea each of
the denomination of Ono Hundred
Pounds Sterling (��100) ahd one debenture of the amount of ��73-l9-6d.
being the Sterling equivalent of $50.-
000.00 at the rate of $4.80% to the
one pound Sterling, each debenture
being alao expressed to be payable
ln Canadian currency computed at
auch rate and auch debentures shall
have ' annexed thereto coupons expressed both In Sterling and Currency
for the Interest thereon at the rat*
of four and one-half (4H) per centum per annum payable half-yearly on
the 30th day of June and the 31st
day of December In each year. And
such Sterling debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of the said
debentures, and both aa to principal
and Interest ahall be payable at th*
Office of th* Batik of Montreal In
London, England, or in Toronto, Montreal or in Vancouver, Canada, or ln
New York at holder's option. And
the principal of the laid debenture*
shall be payable on the Thirty-first
day of December. A.D. 1926. .
2. There ahall be raised and lev-
led annually by a special rate suffi
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
W.   GRIFFITHS.   Clterk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 20, 1911.
Royaf Bank of Canadn
Capital' paid  up Str,Z00$*m
tt**mi***t  7200;{JOO
The Bank ha* over 200
branches, extending in Canada-
trom the Atlantic to the Paouic.
Id Cuba throughout the Island*
also, in Porto Rico, Bahamas'.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on- ail the principal towns and1
cities in fbe world. These' ex-
eettont ee���ctlons afford' every
banklmr tocllltr.
Maw- Westminster Branch).
I.swfbnf Richardson, Mftr.
Varden No. 19, Bona ot Norway,
meet In Eagles ball tbe flrst and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Vialtlag brethren are cordially
Invited te attend.
3. i. AUNE,
Financial Secretary.
USB M. BROTEN, public stenogr*
ph*r; specifications, business let.
ters, etc.; circular work taken
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlc*. Columbia SL
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westminster; B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streeta; Vancouver ol
flees, WUMaaas building, 41 Gran
vUle street. W. C Wad*, K. C,
A. Wheal ies, W. G. McQearho, G. E
Our process of Dry Cleaning
and Dying I* MARVELLOUS.
W* can reclaim* many   gat**.,
ment* you might decide te cast
Phene R278 for the Best Work.
Gent'i Suiti Pressed    -   75c
Gent's Suits Cleaned $1.50 ������
Cleaners & Dyers
SOB Columbia Street
ttt to 25 H. P.
S and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Ires Works
Pfcen* SS.
Tenth  St.,  New  Wsstmlnstsr.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimate* Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phon* 607
solicitor an* notary, 610 Columbia
���treat.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
I. S.T1LWELL CLUTE, barrister-at-
law, solicitor, ate; corner Colombia
and MoKeuzl. streeta, New Wm*
mlaatmr, B. C. P. O. Bos 21S. Tela*
rtbtmsy 710.
Choice Beef, Mettn,
lamb, Pud aril Veal
CMtral Meat Markel
Comer Eighth St an* Fifth Avenue.
Tennrt* Espreen leave* at .
Chicago Expreaa leave* at
Imperial Limited Leaves at
Itoraugk Palhnan Touribtt and
Dteera. Par Reservations and rataa
appiy to
New Westminster
H. W. Brodie, O.P.A.. Vancoow-
Transfer Co.
Phoae IS*      earn 'Phon*    <
���egbl* Street.
a��n����rn    irrumoui
any Dart m tft* eltv
tight and Heavy Hauling
OPPICI���TPAM t��**n
Phon* 3SS.
P. O. Boh 6S7.
Fine Off ice Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� - ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Squar*. New Westminster.
or any of them
I    3.   This by-law sball take effect on' dent therefor on   all rateable   land
-o clock a. tn. until 7 o'clock p. m., at|Rnd after the Eighteenth day of Jan- within the MmlU of the said Munici-
th�� rolling places: luary, A. D. 1912. | pallty  the  sum ot  Two   Thousand. I
Municipal Hall. Edmonds. I    4.   This by-law may be cited for ftour Hundred and Ninety-seven dol-
Agricultural  Halt,  Central  Park.      all   purpose*   a*  "THE   BURRARD lars and Five centa (f3.497.0B) for th*
Phon* 106.    P. O. Son S46
Offle*. Front St. Foot of Sixth
Barristers-at-Law, Solicitors, Etc.
Adam. S. John***. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch RuiMtng; New Westminster,
Rtmmi 6;. Ellis Black, Columbia atreet.
Telephones:     Vancouver,  Seymour
2163; New Westmtester, 1070.
Cabin-   AMnas:     "Stonack."  Code:
Weatern Union.
minster Board of Trade meet* tn tn��
board room, Ctty Hall, aa follows:
Tklsd Thursday of eaeb montn;
quarterly meeting on Ue tmro
Tnursday of February. May, Augusl
an* November, at ��� p.m. Annus
meetings on th* third TborMsy at
February. New member* may bf
proposed and elected at any month
iy or quarterly meetu'e. C. it
fttuarf-Wade  secretary
F. S. SARDINE*.       A. L. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
Ik IA.
m Ml. Boa 77S
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up)   ...S1S.413.000.00
RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Branches tbrongnont   Canada   and
Newfoundland, ano In London, Eng-
*aad, N*w Tork, Ch'cago nnd Spokane,
a.S.A.. and Meilco Ctty.    A general
banking    business   transacted.   Lot
er* of Credit Imu*4    available   wltb
orreepoodent* la   all   parts of   the
Saving* Bank Dspsnmeat���Deposits
ecelved in anms of fl and upward
���nd Interest allowol at I por cent, por
nniim   'prerait  r��t*��
Total ka*et�� over 1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
��� IN ���
B.C Coast Service
For  Vteerfa.
i*:S* A M DnBy ��xe**4 Tuesday
VS* P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
Fer Nanaimo.
2 p.m.. Daily except Sunday
Far Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M ^Dall*
For Prince Rupert tm* Alaska
7 P.M. Jan. 13th, 27th
Fer Hardy Say.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For Qulf letanSe Polnta.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano. Mayan, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agont, N*w Waotmlnotar.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
-ole agent for
Hire's Root Heer
Misersl Waters,   Aerated Wfters
����nuf*ctur*d bv
.   "   ~>***i Princaaa St
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such' people
the facilities of their
large and strong bmk-
Iattrtst b paid ��i Ssifap
BqeistW'ftmle   ***m*4
os favanllt tones,   tt! ::
ASSETS f48,00(MH>0
SIB CelnmUn
.���Mitfiifjjl::   ������
���  ! *  ' mmmm
i-GJIJ*   ;���
ftt tm ���
Ifi^iRg Stoves
Tbo    (SMM.
���T-  >���* >     i '   ���������-���
���jqSStn;   ���    ���
B"*ei 'and
rk Guards
n .
The annual meeting of the Local
Council of Women will be b*W in
the Baptist church on Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. At 3:30 the meeting will be open for citizens and
friends who would like to attend.
Ice cream, all fruit flavors, promptly
delivered.   Phone 310.   1. A. Reid.   ���
of ' Queen*    Avenue
Methodist church will give a render
lng   of   Maunder's   sacred     cantata
Penitence, Pardon and   peace,"   tomorrow   (Sunday)   evening   at 8:30,
j after lh* uaual evening service.    Mr
Herbert Mackness, the organist, will
give a short organ    recital   at   8:15:
and there will be special solos   an.!
quartette*.'  A collection will be taken
in aid of-the choir fund.
Take the ateamer. Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. **.
634 (Columbia St.
b^o��* <r.:
Phone 22-23
An address of special interest to
men will be given at the V. M. G. A.
building next Sunday, ar/3:45 p.m., by
Professor Bray of Colombian College.
Special music will be provided, and
all men will be made welcome at thl*
meeting. Following this meeting the
strangers tea will take place, and a
good program i�� being planned for
this feature.
Grand Maalt Carnival at Pythian
Rink, Wednesday night, January 17th.
Good prizes. Admission 40c; Skates
Walter S. Rose, of Burnaby and
this city, is the proud father of a
flrst born son. The happy event occurred on Wednesday. Mr. Rose has
Just had to retire from the municipal
election owing to some mix-up in connection with his property qualification, but he has found in his own
home a consolation for his retirement
for the moment from public life.
With Such Values As These There Should Be Early Shopping
Miss Cave-BirowiieCave
L. RAM-      A. R. C. M.
Member of tins Incorporated Society
of Musicians (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing,  Theory,   Harmony, L
Counterpoint    and   Musical
For nt.
Prepare* candidates for Teachers'
Diplomas. Licentiate and Local examination* of the Associated Board of the
Royal Academy of IWelc a��d Royal
College of Music. Hat had numerous
successes ta past years. Lessons by
correspondence in any of the above
&r terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Pbone L638.
J&#f��fr$>,*et'that e*"'tbe
Insurance    Is    a God
send to mankind.    It means absolute
lions j> $��� '_>/'
protection  against all  the  accidents
*Ae utrAc -��� . .    .
ahd lllk that flesh is heir to.   An in-
Headaches caused
eyesight. Get your
a graduate optician,
glasses  made    to
from   defective
eyes  tested  by
and  have your
suit,   satisfaction
suttanee policy, means an Insurance
ftW-ffkuWIfffiliy against poverty. Ever
think of it ?
Alffed W. McLeod
7 Columbia St.,
New Westminster,
fcg+XfttlSHED 1882.
i. Isi *r
We have imported from England a
'lirgti'^teek'iof  Stone  Water  Bottles,
wWcl* we are selling cheap.
We have alio Rubber Battles
from $1.50 up td $3.00. We
-    ������-   fO   -,f*.u,*.t
guarantee all our bottles to
"*������������- ���'���-,-������ (ij*f
bs satisfactory.
guaranteed.    W. Gifford Optical Parlors, in T. Gifford's Jewelry store.   **
The regular service in Queens
Avenue Methodist church Sunday
evening, January 14, at 7 o'clock, will
be cne especially for the young people. .The Rev. Dr. Hetherington, of
Columbian college, will preach, and
it i3 hored the young people will turn
out In large numbers. The regular
meeting of the league on Monday, the
15th, will take the form of a social
rally, and all members and friends
of the congregation are cordially invited.
Now Open.���The Excelsior barber
shop, new Tidy hjock, 35 Eighth
street. Mr. David Boyle (late with
C. H. Diamond, Begbie street), has
now opened a complete and thoroughly up-to-date barber shop. Gentlemen
may rely upon their wants being satisfactorily attended to hy expe: ienced
assistants, every comfort and thorough cleanliness guaranteed, electric
massaging a specialty; children's
hair carefully attended. D. B. hopes
hy strict personal attention to merit
a share of your generous support.
Agent for Royal City laundry. Give
Dave a visjt, he'll be very, pleased to
see you. Note the address, 35 Kighth
street (near Tom Oven's). **
Up-to-dateness is good, hut ante-
dateness is just a little too much of
a good thing. A paragraph in this
column yesterday gave the results cf
the elections in Delta and Surrey. The
elections take place today.
Look !
A full sized lot and large house
Apes Street
An exceptional investment as
Agnes street is the logical place
for the next business district.
(4000 cash, easy terms.
Major & Savage
Greatest of Offerings, Children's Rubber Capes
Regular Values $4-00 to $6.50.    Saturday Bargain $2.25.
Th!�� should be a bargain of very special interest t# every mother.   These little capes are of the finest
quality rubber; in navy arty; with hood.ftMd plaid silk; lengths from 24 to 39 inches.    For quick clearance Saturday ���%?. mark them down to a fractional cost.   Don't miss this opportunity.    Come early.
Women's Suits ^
A line of extra high-grade suits for women in homespuns, tweeds, worsteds and broadcloths; coats lined
throughout with silk or satin; single or double-breasted; some plain tailored; every garment a distinct model; colors ln the lot. brown, green, greys, navy and black; sizes 34 lo 40; regular values
to 135.00.   Saturday Bargain, each             $18.00
Women's and Misses' Coats
'                                    Saturday Bargain 1730 Each.
These coats on sale Saturday will be sold at prices that have no relation to values; they come In beavor
cloths,  tweeds  and  coating  stripes; variety of styles and shades; sizes ln misses and  women's;   regular value to $26.00.    To be cleared, Saturday Bargain, each       $7.50
B. &'M. -H
537 Front St  -   Phone 301
Curtis Drug Store
In accordance with its custom the
Ministerial Association at. its flrst
meeting in the new year arranged foi
an exchange of rulpit3 for Sunday
morning. January 14, as follows:
Olivet Baptist���Rev. C. W. Brown.
Knox Presbyteiiim���Rev. F. S
Sapperton Methodist���Rev. C. S.
Saptertcn Baptist���Rev. J. S. Hen
St. Aldan's Presbyterian���Rev. A.
r. Bakeer.
Sixth Avenue Methodist���Rev. E
G. Thompson.
St. Stephen's Presbyterian���Rev. E
Kree Methodist���Rev. D. B. Ander
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Uev. R
VV. Collins.
Queen's Avenue Methodist���M. G.
Underwear Prices That Mean Economy.   We Want You to Compare These Values
The extraordinary  price  reductions made on underwear for the second Saturday of our big sale means
savings that every women In the city should avail herself of this opportunity to supply these   garments.
In  buttoned and elastic   tops;   ankle   length;   all
sizes;   regular values $1.25 to $1.75.    Saturday bargain, cer pair ���	
White; special weight; buttoned fronts; with long
sleeves; all sizes; regular values 35c. Saturday bargain, each        20c
In StanSeld's urnbull's unshrinkable makes; heavy
and 'medium weights; in white or natural; vests
with long sleeves; drawers ankle length; open
or closed styles; regular values 75c and 85c. Saturday bargain,   per  garment    45c
Of finest grade wool; white only; in long and short
sleeves, ankle length drawers; all sizes; regular
values $4.50.   Saturday  bargain,  per suit    $3.50
Regular Values to 75c;  Saturday Bargain 15c.
One of the greatest offerings in laces we have ever
held. The selection includes laces of many different makes ln line and medium nets; widths fro.n
4 to 7 inches; shades are cream, ivory, ecru and
white; goo.l choice; about one thousand yards in
the lot. Get here early and have the best at
ya: d       ���	
Women's and Men's Fine Cashmere Hose; women's
in black, and men's in black und navy; all sizes;
regular  worth 35c. Saturday bargain 2 pairs for 45c
Values 50c ; Saturday Bargain 20:.
Fancy ribbons ln plain and fancy stripes; mostly
black and white effects; widths 5V& inches; extra
Priced   to   Half.
Women's SWrts, Gowns, Drawers and Corset Cavers; of flne grade cotton and cambrics; trimmed
with lace and embroidery; many pretty garments;
legular values to $1.50. Saturday bargain, per garment    75s
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.'
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb.
Fresh Cod (half or whole), lb..
Fresh Herring  ,  .4 lbs. for
Rock Cod 3 lbs.  for
Fresh Skate  ���4 lbs. for
Fresh Shrimps, per lb	
Smoked Salmon, per pound  20c
Smoked Halibut, per lb 15i
B. & M. Brand Kippers, per lb.  ..10e
Finnan Haddie   2 lbs. for 25^'
Smoked Cod, per lb 10c
Prime RAbbtts, each    35c
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4
p. m.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Phone 43: L. D. 71:
Res. 72.
B   C.
819 Hamilton St.
Phone fW7z.
p. Mcelroy
i * 11 t
Chimney 'Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
I   '����!  ii a 	
We   Have  Successfully
Filled 80,000
since poming to this city, besides iif the repeats.   This na
.tura'iy fneans experience.
Bring your Prescriptions to
In another column of this issue, tho
B. C, Permanent Loan Company notifies Its shareholders of a dividend
at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
on the Permanent Stock of the Company for the half year ending December 30th, 1911.
During the past year this company
made splendid process In all departments. The Iteserve was increased from $400,000,000 to $500,000,-
000; the Permanent Stock from $B00,-
000,000 to $700,000.00 and the Assets
from $3,211,511.86  to over $��,500,.K)fc
The Company will this year Issue
the balance of the Million Dollars ol
Permanent Stock and tho Directors
are confident that with the increased
learning power, a dividend of 10 per
! cent per annum will be permanently
Dispensing Chemists, Et:.
Doane Block.   441 Columbia St
Naw Westminster. B.C.
Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 12.���Wemen
suffrage probably will occasion the
hardest struggle in the first legisla-'
ture of the new state. Indications
are sot lacking that ;i determined ef-
fort will be made to defeat suffrage,
although some leaders of tl:e Republican organization, until recently
classed as react.loiraries', have publicly announced their intention cf supporting tho measure lo enfraadulae
the women.
The proposed hi'.l will' bo fn\w*d
hy a number of the radibni Derw
cnitlc legislators, while the Cocsrtrr
vathe Dcrr.oc: sta *.C1 amjosa '.iu
I  . *     *
(999. We have Just had luted for sale a new modern bungalow
that will be sold below value. The owner Is in need of money and
has put the price low In order to make a sale.
This dwelling has seven rooms, has basement and Is piped for
furnace.   Throughout the houso the best of material hu been need.
Price $2,750
The location ls pleasant, having a splendid view and being bandy
to local and Vancouver car lines.
The terms are easy, only a few hundred dollars being required,
and the balance can be pail monthly if desired.
Established   IMI,   Incorporated   190ft.
F. J.liart & Co, LM,
Chest Protectors, Chamois Skins,
Electric Insoles, Etc.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y
Jt. k   t   New; \ycsjtmiitster .
Head Office, New Westminster.      (Tranches at Vancouver
ChilliwacU **d Alterprowa. BjC.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Bac. and Treas.
=====   LUMBER CO, LTD.   =====
Manufacturers nnd Wholesnls Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonss Ns. 7 nnd S77. Shingles, Sash, Doers, Mouldings, Etc.
Westminsterbranch. ��� Cara
leave for Vancouver at 6, 6:45
a.m. and every lo minntea
thereafter until 11 p.m. Last
c*r 12 p.m. Bunday leaves at
S, 7, 8 a.m. and evdry IS mla-
utes thereafter.
Lulu- Ialand branch. ���Cara
leave for Vancouver avery hour
from 7 a.m. fo 11 p.m. connect
fog at Eburne for Sfovaatpfc
Burnaby Hnn.-��larB laatfa for
Vancouver e����*y hour,froBi 7
n.m. to IP p.n>. ���,
Praser-VW*T Una. ��� Cera
eave for fchilHwnch and way
points at 9.80 a.m.,   1,80   and
' HunHngion and way   tfolnta,
leaves at 4.06 p.m.
Tha B. C. B. R. Co. offers reduced rates of a fare and a
third (or week end trips to all
polnta OH lta Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Bunday, good for
return until Monday.
,,.. TRIP.


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