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Westminster Daily News Apr 29, 1912

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Death to Bandits
Paris Automobile Terror and Notorious Anarchist Corner-
ed in Garage Desperate Battle With Pol'ce and Military-
Two Detectives Killed���Thousands Watch Desperate
Stand-Cinemetagraph Machines Busy.
Paris, April 28.���Bonnot, the leader
ef an organized gang of automobile
bandits who have been terrorizing
Paris and the sur roun .ling district for
months, and Uu Pols, a notorious
anarchist, were shot to death today tu
the most thrilling encounter lu the
annals of French crime.
A garage at Choisy-Le-Rol, six
mile:: south of Paris, in which thc
bandits had taken refuge, was blown
Rev. George A. Ray Discuses Controversial, Question���W. T. Stead
Appears to Disciple.
he was o-erpowered. carried down and
placed In an automobile.
j Howl for Bandit's Death.
It was' tben that tha crowd changed
Into a wild    mob,   howling   for the,
death of the bandit.   The soldiers pro-     0ur Present iif a ic one of sensation;
tected him with the   butts   of   their""   ' '"'      "     '   i?       ""' '
carbines, but many blows fell on Bonnot before tne automobile started off,
"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
neither have entered into the hear*,
of man, tne things which Ocd has prepared for them that love 111 in. But
God hath revealed them unto ug by
His Spirit." With this text taken f.om
Mrat Coilnthlans, 2, 10, Re/. Georgw
A, Ray spoke at tlie catnedrai last
night upon spiritualism and tbe spirit
Wlll OPEN Will
Striking Sermons  Mark St
Andrew's Fiftieth Anniversary Services
Convener J. R. Duncan Sayi Everyone
Must Work for Good Attendance
on Tuesday.
Board of Trade Takes Depositions Before Releasing;
Preaches In Morning; Professor
Welsh In Evening.
li'eraity crushing down a score of persons in clearing a pathway, and speed-
The inauguratory meeting of the
Westminster Progress club will be |
Rev. Robert Jamism, Pioneer Minister, held tomorrow night in the city hall. Lapland Met by Three Tender*���Sea-
It was regretable that this should
clash with the appearance of Mr.
Faversham at the opera house, but
J  oihor engagements   made   It   impos
sible for the leading business men to
The opening of the flfUeth anniver- get together on any other nIght
said   he,  the  eye    being    the    chief 8arV celebrations at St. Andrew's Pres-.    Mr  j   R   Duncttn> who ,B c0nvener
medium by which we recel.e lmpies- byterian church yesterday was mark-
tu tne landing of  tue small
farerj' Union Protest Men's Interests���Some Annoyance.
Plymouth, April 28.���One hundred,
and sixty survivors of the crew ot tbe
Titanic disembarked from tne Laplanx
i, ,i      Pn  qt  Paul    writing   tn   n,       ,   ���                                                   .. of the meetl��*>,believes that a good here tnis morning,   crowds witnessed.
; "M!      ���'"-    '   ' "���"'���   writm      iu     lie ^(j   by   two  interesting  sermons.    At Bend<5j .-  i-TIL*..   u..���  ,.  . .��<��  in���,.i���c  *<  ������_  .�����n ., ,.,.,
ZA^aH^oThou���leiar7 r i ��rr0 ParU.' BonnVot was unconscious
had kept at bay for hours a large pai i      d w       h, .
of the police force of Pails, a coming; ��� &�� f?und 12 wouSds. S re
ent of gendarmes, two companies oi ���,��������� ,_,��� u���n_, ������ *., V " , ;"c,,:
.epublican guards and a company of T'h^ ,Thd��� n��� un, n^���0
engineers. Ten thousand spectators '" '" abdoraen- Du Bois had three
viewed the battle.
Today's engagement equalled ln dra
malic circumstances the encounter in
January, 1911, described as "the battle
of London, when desperadoes suspect
wounds. He wore a belt containing
poison, but It is thought improbable
he bad time to swallow the preparation.
i On Bonnot was found a statement,
consisting for  the  most  part of    an
ed of being the murderers of police In anarchl8t,c confession of    faith    ��nrt one o! hii disciples in Chicago, said ��"nied.
Houndsditch, were trapped in a house concludine wltll fh_ wn ",g �� ipV�� i ** the preacher, and this led to the ques-1   A man's life, said the speaker, can
i    the Whitechape) district and went h       u'�� ^ divided   Into   thiee   rartB.   Tne
to'their death battling   against    hun- ,,., ���,������,������,     ..,",���     ,.., ��. S���_i ���  We  arc ourselves  dual  rersonalitie?. theme, its destruction, an J last,    the
neorle of Co-.intli  a neoole who hart a  ~��  '        ���    ", "enu��u is In iflght, but It ls up    tu tne landing of  tue small  contingent
hfgh  * "predaUon   of   the   jLSfu" the mornln6 Bervlce ReV' Robert Jam1.' every active &ganizlng member,    he |uu' """J"- ���� "were* which had
told them that far above even their ��". who 20 years ago preached   his ^ ,tQ brlnR ^ afJ many peop,e   ag K'^*��rd^S^
own perfection of architecture, or the first sermon on Ihe mainland in   the possible.   Thero is no doubt that the ,ZZ��� ��L.Tl i��lSn^T��!
beauty of the outward garb of earth, old  structure  then  tne  St.  Andrew's id<ea of the C|UD 1b catchl=;B on well ��al!a? �� ,hn��,. ���%n ilir.i���,   Q
were  the things  that God  had  pre- church, described the   changes   tbat all round the town and a large field        ' "
pared.    But our e;es see only  those had taKen place during those    years. 0f activity is opening up    befoie    it.
things  that  are  pe-ishable,  the   text La;t evening Protessor R. H. Vvelsh, The co-oreratlon  of   every    member, tntii   ,,,���    ,,,.,,...,   ���f   ,n    ������,,    ���
says that God    has    revealed    these of Montieal Presbyterian college, oc- however,  is necessary to its success, m ,u  "'   ,l"  couUI    u-
t hings.    The pure in  heart se
but not with mortal eye.
W.   T.   Stead,   who   died   in    iur ���"������  ������""""-*,  ......mi. ,,,*��� ���..���,,  ���,*.,*- u.-<iau- aim  im- oiwuuy.atrm io���!:�����, ,,,.,,,���   ,������,,,. ...,_.,    .,r���.1,,|...,,,,���.     ���,u���.,.
Titanic, Is said to have appeared    to ed with flre and the buBh was not con ""' .""- s,lmi    <" ���-""-���atlon   wbicb
i    The plan of tbe board of trade officials to detain the crew in barracks..
3 God, euplei ti.e pulpit, preaching an   eio- and sleeping partners are one thing a/t���of Preside" ��wi. ���S *��,����
quent sermon on the text "Moses and that will not be tolerated by this up   officials    o     theBrittah    fiLarer^
the the Burning Bush." _ "The bush bum- t(wlate and llve organ.zatlon-to-be.        "n on  th�� same   ������i�� ,^,^^1
 ��� ,���,v.lshly scribbled at the
.     , ,       , , ,      , ,.   "uu" last moment:    "I die.   Jules Bonnot"
dreds of London police and soldiers. w_  ���,������ ���rra^w  .������.  ���JU"'H DU""ul-
.���������   .  .' .  r,������._i(,, '    ��e  was armed  with four revolvers
Trapped and  Dynamited. and a carbine
Bo9net and Du Bois, after wounding ,    ,t ,8 estimate! that 200.000 persons
'-1 ilslted the si:en�� during the day. They
caw tnly the ruins of the garage.
two policemen, toolt refuge today
the  garage.    They  were  trapped    in
the buildiug which at once was   sur-,
rounded.     Kelmorcements   were    dis- j
patched to aid the pollce.    A battery ;
of artillery was on the way from Ver-'
sallies when  a  small detachment    of I
soldlei s succeeded   in   placing   dyua- J
mite against  the structure and  blow-
lua out the front walls.    Bonnot was
cajtured alive.    Ke waa rl Idled    with
bmlets an.l died on the way to a hospital.   The great crowd, with cries of
"death  to  Bonnot," clmos;  tore    the
bandit  from tho soldiers,  s2\c:al    Oi
wham were Injured.
After the tlnal murder of Assistant
Superintendent Jouin, df the detective
department,   anl   the   wounding   o" i 	
Chief insp'Htor Colcmar by Bonnot oni    rr,.    ..      ...       ", "
the morning of April 21, the eovorn-     The Ne"*' Vvestm.nstu Typographic,-
ment ordered all the available police "- union gave a most suTceesrul ban-
to hunt tlie assassins day and night.      uuct at the Labor Temple laat evening
The Chase. at  ��. ���ich practically eve.y  union was
At 7 o'clock thl3 moi nlng, Gulchard, up tt<-uted, about 100 persons sitting
superintendent of detectives, tracked down to table. The Typoa were ce;o-
Lonnot.. to 'the Uoiuteu garage at brating their anniversary, ani tMs
Choisy-Le-Rol. As Guichard and hls supper was about the flrst of the k'.nd
men appioached, a iandit, who pio^ea that the union men have put on, but
to be uu bois, was preparing to mount it does uot look like being the last,
u motor cycle, l.e ans%vero'.l th% sum- Ono 'home that was taken up in alliums to surrender by opening lire, most ai. of tbe excellent speeches de-
while be retieated to %the garage.   At llvered. waa the   Importance   of   the
We  are ourselves  dual  personalities, theme, its destruction, anj last,
body and soul, and, said Hev. Ray, we recovery.
are to an extent inheritors of a cer-1 Moses had a theme. He did not
tain belief in ghosts. Personally ho desert his own Kindred even tuougn
was Inclined to believe in s;lrits and he was brought up in a rich man's
spiritualism,  but   was  not  committed home.   Instead he was always anxioui
to the superstructure which some had  to help in  the work of uplifting hU
built  upon that word.    We may  H33 own people from the    bandage   they Mackay Bennett Will Arrive at Noon 07"t^e b"oardof7ra(iralx^oUoU*^w
un...   In Uava    **�����.   onv    ,*:, I i,:,r��'.o   with .. *  **1A,��ulll-llOr8  IOT
.compelled the striae of the Olympic'*
crew.   They advised the seamen, that
[the board of trade had no power to*.
confine thorn and that they should not.
submit to such treatment and, alter a-
Tflirtr   prmru rew  hours  dctentlon,  the  men  wera
I KAll I     \I~AkI M give" tlle  liben>' of ,he Port.    When
IlirtUlV   kJLnilVII the Lapland anchored three big tenders were waiting, two of which took.
.off the passengers   and   malls.   The-
third  carried several representative*
ito heights In the spirit which may were in. Have we any patience with
tender possible a communication with the young man who is al*a s guarding
; spirits. As for tapping of tables, Chri;. hii i-wn Interests, going along stealth-
!or any spiiit in this connection was Uy afraid to assist ln any move to-
unthinkahle. No spirit has material wards the uplift of his fellow manpower. Things are not re.eiled by k!nd-
hearsay or by word. Moses was a marked    man    during
Today���Further Identifications
Sent by Wire'ess.
New Vork,   A^ril 28.���The   steamer
the transcription of the statement* ot
the survivors. White Star officials, including tho managing director, Harold
Sanderson, and Director Greenfell,
head of Morgan, Greenfell & Co., and
the port officers. This tender had been
chartered by the board of   tiade   f.->>
rhe e��� irituailty of   a congregation part ot bis Hfe and had to retire to Minla, whicb has taken the place of the reception of the Titanic's crew
I3 what counts with    God, not    mere the de;ert,  but  his  thoughts  toward
Held Succcs:fu! Canquct Last Night��� numbers.    Everyone   has  a   different  his kindrel    dil    not    diminish,    but
idea of God, who is a   spirit;    some rather increased.    Many people come
Humorous Speeches and Songs
Enliven  Evening.
the  steamer  Mackay-ITennett in    the I    Twenty stewardesses   were   amon:
I earch    fcr bo3ie3 of the victims of the survivors.   The tender manoeuvred
the Tilanlc disaster, has recovered a abouf the. harb��r 'oi' some time before
f-ven think of Him as a being of li,:e here from  the old    country,    leaving  "'"  *���'��""< ***��-*��*-a,., ..����� .*.,*,**..*,*, *. gtartlng for the Uock
passions as ourselves, or a god whose good   positions  and  enterprises,  only few bodies,-   but    because   of stormy informed that their statements would
seusuality is the   .ground    for    their to be;!n life over avain.    How many  weather toJay, it was impossible   to be taken and they woald be set tree
polygamy,   /rhe revelation    promised of us have done this, and hsve over- C0Dtlnue the ge^ch. according to wire-1 .....   Seafarer*' lini��n Officer..
in the test Js a present one. Love God  tomw all ndierrities and risen to ojr      .   ���.���_.___  received at the White     Among the small    boate    toUowfnK:
and He will dwell lu us.    Obey Him oil position in life.    Mcse* was forty ..'es*  Eessa8es  recenea  at tne. wnue 1 * r��nrasent��t?l��.    Jf
and  He will reveal  to the tOul    tb�� years ln ��e w��dom��.��. but tUat tort>  Star Una otttee. ��� IL. ���."1.--.1.. "l?,!^?!!^1^.^._?*:
things that He    baa prepared.    Obedl- years waa llie a Aozen in tbla moa��tn V   T*"�� l��acwas>-eotin��it, bow*v��r^wnt ^t, ^ ,Lwii,*^.S       rt"",   '?'V
encB  mav mean  a dlfferpnt  thintr    ,0 day.  and during  tbat tltte  was  con   an  additional  ����t,*. ot.    laoatttoafaiaa ^BBgaBBiW ���' .-^ . y    'ailtto��    '��>���.*
��Sh H,~eteS���rot uTk'Lws Hiring sfheme8. t o bring bl. people ��d repon.d ^+����*Z?*���*- ^^S^^^t^S^,^^^&
.what it means to himtelf. from   their   affliction.    Many  a  man ��** T'1*1  ^']��??����?��? ���n veTe *��*�� ^��**�� " P������~ t*
  would have forgotten his former land     ��he "ddluoaa   names are^ the proceellngs.   The sallora loltowed.
and people.    The greatest danger ! of I    ����� J*  S'1810^'    \*���*j��*Tn    ,S���h' **����� ^vlce and after much parley .ng
life Is  nildtlme.    Prominent Denton Cox,   Hy   Faunthorp    ltolph the board of trade   o3Iclals    todi
tl.e san e moment there was a hall of
bullets trom a window and two detectives fell, one with two bullets in
bis abdomen, lt was Bonnot shooting
fiom the llrst floor. The detectives retired and a general alarm was sent social entertainment staged
out. Police, gendarmes and all union men of the city,
classes of ;eople came Immediately. It waj a nice free, and easy t'me
They, were armed with muskets anl Ihat tverybody had last ni^ht, with
rei oh ers and directed hundreds of bi'l Maiden in the chair to regulate
bullets at the garage, from which 1 roretulngs. The program was good,
came a steady rain of lead. M. Lepine, t'ie  'btudout" was equally  good and
unions getting together socially end
if w.is suggested that every year at
tome date or other a sort of Labor
Day should be celebrated by a ball,
barbecu-.', flcnlc   or   other   form   or
by    the
UNE Ml LIB AT     ggS&=3������ �� =���SS rp8S^:^riS;
of middle a-e.   The mi.i-watch Is the Montan, Robert D  Norman  -^ Poggi,,    when the 8Iirvlvor> ,1^,   c!amber
latest   peril    of   life.    The   great G">'ge, Swfne- fDe'canr'�� f^"8.^110' ed up the wharf at noon, loud cheera.
Charles Lamb, when spurned by   his Leopold Weisz, Mauri Der Zacarlan      greeted th_,    They aade stiaIgM fQr
betrothed depicted a good description I   The following message dated on the tbe wlDd^ ... 0l tlle walMng room ���,.
of the middle age of life.   By hta flre- Minla at 8 p.m. Api il -6    also    was, wklng     the   streL.t    gearcWng    /oc-
side he looked over the past and the ^yen out at the White Star office friends    and    ���lWlv���t>    0ne    Itaker
present    When a man loses faith in I   , Co,n?,r��� ^^ b??LC 2UH'I e8cr'����J    nl"   brot��>er   to   whom   h-
his own ideas, his faith in human na- 'Alio flowing third c aee:    Segud H. ehouted:     _       -
ture, that Js the dead line.   Those of Moon Jacob AlfredJVIWund. Engineer     .*Tom.a ^   M the ,m ��������,��� ���a
us of Scottish-Caledonian decent some- A- H. F   Italo DonaO (waiter    A. S^an- ntuBetl to go overboard."
                              '"�������� "��y there is dinger In becoming brok�� (steward), .^f^EWot    flre-,    Maay   velW*   waving   mournin*
Slight Improvement In Keir's   Condition���Terrible Burns Inflicted���
Was Recently Married.
his best at one period of his life, but
marked 'G.'   AH on board.
the ship.    The rules forbidding    ro--
prefect of Paris, telephoned    lnstruc- the <-^n:i any was Just as good.    The of Eighth avenue and Tenth street on - |   "Also burled fireman not Idenllfled. portew on the dock ^^ atrlctl,. ea-
tlona to the police to do nothing until ..���.her unions spoke gratefully of their Saturday  morning,  a lineman  na���eJ �� james Bryce. the prewnt am- ,L^��U^ 41.35, longitude 49.20 /orced.   Tbe 8eamen had countetl   m
he arrived. hosts, wbo, they said,    were   always J- Mr- said to be a resident of^^ Van- -g^1^   Jt    lh    United StetesTwrote I   "Northerly gate rough sea and fog: , 0,n(f   dlrectly    t0    tht,lr    homes   ia
We wiil blow them up with dyna- ready to back with funds and influence ^Tl^'fTC^t Vh\t �� the "Roman Empire" when   only   2* 1^^n^^^^l1^^^0M1,t^^ ^��i��ngered^attl-s.
mite," he said. every labor movement that was work- ��������� h��r�� Wn�� held out for his re- ���   "��   a       ^     ^ ^, ^ no ^^ necesBary 8team 0Ver wide deIay and ^^ aemi-lmpnsonm<uu.
Meanwhile   the   republican   guar.ls lng for the good of unionism.    After ,covery.      0���Arntinn, life of the great Gladstone when he a oa: a" vesseI�� r'",,r!  ' ' w**& 1   ^��>�� -fi��f ����iwin, fnr th�� h�����r^
and enfelnecrs corps arrived.   The cro some three hours of tempered joIUflca-1    ^J ^?e\ ^ the n,Xpo^es  wh��re *������ ����>"��: 60.
He was picked up by the other   em-
dynamite. Ilundrcd3 of gendarmei
am.imi with carblnei, then began to en
c-iicie the building to prevent tne
escaj e of the bandits.
A cart was rigged up with thick
mattrcstes as a barricade and the attaching party backed slowly toward
the garage.
Pr.or to this excitement bad been at
fc<-r height. Officers galloped back
and forth giving orders to restrain the
crouds which were now surging lu the
streets, but us the   cart   approached)
sesses a flne soprano voice, sang   "O
and engineers tons arrived. The tion, sprinkled with buooroai �� ��� ����� ^WT "S """V "���1'" Spsdil m'nilc wai rsndsMd Sir Uii
crowd became so numerous that the speeches, songs and variegated stunts ^ransiormers are iw-aieu auu mu He(tIe franklin, of Vancouver, and
soldiers were forced to dive it back llve evening broke up in time for   the have ^omejnjjonuctjmn ajive wire. ^ ^ Graham.   The former, who pos-
as it was interfeiins with the piocr3S3  members to go "q church or duty   or    * '
of the siege. whatever else was calling them.
Storming  Party. I	
M. Lepine, M. Guichaid and the com-1
mander of the republican guards, hell
a council of war an.l decided to uso
Governor Hunt's   Experiment   Proves
Successful���Went Home on Trust
and Came Back.
Ployees of the company working near �������������� a "    �� ,    ��1h���
{here, his hands being terribly burned Mighty King," by Handel
and also one of his legs.    Keir was 1 .������...,.
throw'n a distance of between 30 and SEATTLE BOWLERS CARRIED
40 feet to the ground.   Drs. Rothwell 1 OFF BULK OF TROPHIES
and Rowe were called ln on the case,, 	
and they immediately ordered the In-1 Seattle bowlers practically made a
jured man's removal to the hospital, clean sweep of the prize money oJer-
On enquiries being ma'e late last ed at the Northwest championship
! evening, the authorities Btate J he tournament which wag pulled off last
showei slight Improvement, but that week on the Pender street alleys,
'.little change had taken place since he Vancouver. Not only did the boys of
was received there. It Is believed, Uncle Sam capture the Three Star
that Keir was only recently married, trophy, held last jear by .the Royals,
 ���-. but also won high money In"'the two-
BOY SCOUTS TO PROFIT men, grand aggregate and high   in-
BY AMATEUR ACTING dividual score.    Bert Frost, of Vancouver, won the singles, and the Van-
penitentiary at Florence this morning
the building, a great stillness fell,   lt      Dlww,_,_     .,.,.,      ��_,��� 9fl     ir������pnin
wus so marked that one could hear '   Phoenix,   Ariz     April12 '���-E^io
the click of the   cinematograph    ma- Mata; fon,f of ^TTi "th*   ah ���
chines   which   the   operators   tinned ^^J^&i*1* lh.�� **����.
c.hiiiy so as not to lose a single pic
ture of the drama.
When the cart reached thp wall.
Lieutenant Forteau emerged and coolly placed two huge sticks of dynamite
against the building and Ignited the
fuse. The horse galloped out of range
and the s;ectators waited, but no explosion followed
a ea; all vessels,report ri wreckage)   The cnlef solicitor for the board ot
or bodies seen.    Believe Mackay-Ben- trade,  Mr.  Wolverton, explained that
nett collected all."  he was acting strictly within the taw
   lja demiting their men until their iter-
osltions were taken. The board ot
trade assumed full responsibility for
this action, saying everyone would bat
given his liberty as soon as he soado-
a statement, whether he waa wanted
at the inquiry or not. it was added.
that all would be required to report,
to the receiver of wrecks.
Tbe flrst squad was released and:.
newspaper men obtained many interesting stories of personal experiences,
similar to those told in the United.
States, tales of suffering on rafUr
death from exposure and rescues. All
agreed that the crew and passenger*
clung to the belief that tbe Titanic
could not sink and made light of tb��
According to one seaman^
Smith's   last   words
Inaugurated  In   Brilliant   Weather-
International Crowd Attends First
Ringing of Bells
in i��.. than two weeks' time West- couver and district bowlers alao heid
capable amateurs who playei "Dandy lng this.    The tournament was    u��
Dick"   at   the   opera   house   a few best ever-pulled oflrby U~l. *�� Mar
visit his aged
M. N.
Mata, who Is 32 years old. ls serving
a 25 year sentence for murder committed when he was 19 years old. He
    ThrsTpe^MonwIs ^ftB Place<| ��" hl" *on��r ** th�� BOtver-
repeated twice.   Then came a terrific nor Lt0 mak�� the t1"1" .h��me and retur''
report and  a  column  of smoko and ,0 th�� prison unescorted.	
idehiis shot skyward. I _,      ' ,    ^   ,,    .~ ,
All the while the bandits were flr-1 Civilian's Weekly Shoot.
ing, but no one was lilt. As the front Weather conditions prevented any
wall collapsed with a crash, the police remarkable scores being made on t'ie
nnd republican guards rushed up. On rifle range Saturday afternoon by the
the ground floor they found Du Bola member of the Civilian Rifle asspcla-
dead. Thev mounted a narrow stair- tlon. E. W. Jewhurst won the weekly
way and observed a man streaming pri?e with a score of 84.
with blood, his left arm in   a   sllns, Ing are the results:
and donned prison garb after having nmnthsaao This time they are go- ri8< ����OT�� t��*mB ����������>�� t!wLevf
Vs leave of absence to C^^t a very amusing farctaal before. From now on plans will be
parents   at   AIneeda, JrS,'i��dT^��S the^MusIc." of ��*��� ����� �� JSfSnK'S^E
XhVe tangled ptaBt ^duceT' the **-��"��. "W��* *��l *�� ^ ,n
crouched behind a mattress. Blood wa^
pouring from wounds In his head and F. .!.- Simpson ..
chest. "Course yon. curpe you," he E. W. Jewhurst.
cried as b*> pulled the trigger of an George Burr ...
empty revolver. He reached for poison A. F. MenxleB ..
in bis belt, but before he could take it H. Lindahl ....
most humorous situations.
The money that wlll be realized by
the sale of seats will be devoted to
the Boy Scouts. The latter are very
anxious to be able to go Into camp
this summer, but they have no funds
available for the purchaae of equipment. Accordingly the amateurs have
offered them this money and the boys
will very shorfly begin actively selling tickets for the opera house performance.
The following is the cast:
The follow- Rev. John Smith A. A. Matheson
John Smith ? Mr. B. Hill
Dick Desmonl      ..W. A. Weill
Col. Duncan Smith  F. J. PeeM
Mabel (Rev. John Smith's Wife!
Seattle Has Them Too.
Seattle, April 28.���Timothy- Kellogg,
owner of tin eral parcels of land in
the vicinity of Charles street and
Twenty-third to Twenty-eighth avenues south, where paving has been
propsed by the council, toli Ue
committee that
Venice. April 28.���Tbe Inauguration
of the new Campanile of St. Mark's,'collision,
to replace that whieh fell ten years Captain
go, took place in hrilliant weather, ;��� Every man for himself."
and assumed a chaiacter of Interna-1 Eighty-five seamen and fireman
tional Importance. Italians and for- started for Southampton in a special
elguers arrived by thousands on spe- train at 6 o'clock tonight. The reet
cial trains and in boats from both of tbe survivors comprising stewards,.,
aides of the Adriatic. stewardesses and cooks will leave to-
The whole city was gay with flags' morrow noon. By tbat time the baud:
and bunting, while the piazza and 'of trade will have the statements OT
piazzetta ot St. Mark's besides the an.
national and    Venetian    colors, was
decorated with ancient, damask and
tapestry of tbe time of the republic
Tbe three palaces surrounding tbe
piazza ot St. Mark's were decorated
according to thoir architectural lines
by 60,000 electric globes for the illumination.
Tbe ringing of the hours by the
bell of St. Allpio, which for years bas
been silent, jis the clock did not run
didn't ear�� If he ever lived   on   one.
Hd opposed the proposed paving because hls assessment would amount
to more than he could pay, he declared.
Other taxpayers ln the district eild
Roth Pet ter j that Mr. Kellogg for ten years had
Nora (Mr?. John Smith) Qrace Finder Ibeen a confirmed opponent pf tfl tin
Mlsa Fotheringay Mrs. Watts ^provements.
streeta and sewers ,
although be was 78 years old he had   because of  the unsafe  condition of
never lived on a paved street   and | the- corner, produced great emotion
in all Venetians.
The mayor, the aldermen and the
other members of the municipality
formed a rreat gala procession, wltb
gondolas richly hung, escorted by the
historic "blssone," with whicb they
went to meet tho DuVe of Genoa and
bts suite st the landing plaee of tbe
(royal palace.
New York, April 28.���Lieut CW_
Francls H. Hardie, U. S. A., retfmt.
who in 1910 was appointed inspectoral large of the Panama cana), is tfmafi
at his bome, after a long Hfmanr from
an affection of the throat.
He was 58 years old and before hrp
retiremea'. tl.tee years ago, had s<
active  service in the  8raw��Ii-JK'r-"
icsn war ln Cuba,   in the l*Jgw    ^
islands and in many IndiaaJT^r1**-
Lleut. Col. Hardie was jlC "I,"'*
late Inspector General >��/i, /w,����*
Hardie and wss bornSaL, *tter/*'
barracks, ln C8llfoijSfcr^'",e ft*>~
Mexican revotntlonjn' ���.��� ' "��**m��~
formed deeds JGii^,Z*.l"T
brouj^t to PUbU%--4,u"1 a book:
by Richard *
I '7:vmm
"?t*~?"^?tt*t PAGH.TWO
MONDAY, APRIL 29', 1012.
Classified Advertising
One   Pen
Breaks   Century���Slastino
H.  Stioyan  and J.   R.
litory, the others   being   engaged In
demonstrating    such    crops  as  kaflr,
mllo   maize,   sorghum,     Spanish   peanuts, emmer, oats,  barley and ilax.
Every demonstrator signs an agroe-
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per word per
No nd voi tisement accepted
for less than 115c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices SOc per insertion.
gentlemen or ladies,
vuiience.    l'hone 11119.
Kvery    con-
��� !to rent���part use  OF  ROOM,
learn electrical business. Apply
Webber & Buy, Sixth street.
housework, no upstairs; family ot
three.    Mis. W. Orr, 74 Fust  St.
maker desires work by ihe day. Apply box lf>0, Dally News.
day. i Co.vm, SOU Keuly Street,
md   boarders,   m   Fifth
li\'H) feet, in Dupont blo:dt; 'i'i
chairs,, gas, etc. For particulars
api ly T. A. Laniard. Ills Hamilton
street, city. 	
TO RENT���TWO NICE Housekeeping rooma; $1S per month, luiio
Third avenue.
ftirnishe:i.    -117  Second street.	
ishc 1 housekeeping rooms, aim one
furnished bedroom. Apply corner
of Agnes .-ui.l Dufferin streets,
Phone L tiHS.
comer boa	
ernment, have issued another oi tiiel
mei eaiing reports
and his assist ants make  personal inspections (luring the growing season,
uiie.eaiing repows. ,     nrogreBS made in the demon-
This is what they have to say .ibout ��M Uc  pug
'k'll'0!;lfiSSlf''^T^l;;r      Tvr        d   the   increase  in   the
terent pens entered tor the competi- Jw        i ,    l(11.a     ,���    BOme
"|ts Qelicious Qrawing Qualities"
Are manifested In millions of Teapots dally
su.ticicutiy heavy to interfer-a ver.>
seriously with hutching operations o;
eSveral have repoit,
tho railway  furnishes seed  for
is still carried on, and isi'ise.,  .��� ._..     .
t ie   demonstration     tract,     providing
he farmer    dues  not    already  have
nearby lesidents.   eSveralhave ropon-.  omething very good.
td total losses ol' seveial sittings so    'timely  letters are  sent  throughout
to the explosions. tie  district,    giving    mivlce    to  tho
passed,   together I"mora in regard to soil preparation,
the  periods   fitter se^ds and the handling of var-
l! (mis  cropa,  nml  this  work   has  been
��!:tremeiy   beiie.'ieial,   as   the   results
Keeping looms at 224 Seventh
1-0 RENT���14  ACRH   WITH
Apply Box 101 News.
able for ono or two gentlemen. Apply 701 Agnes St., near Library.
keepcr to a group of gentlemen, In- ���
stitution, or othe:- similar position, j
by n. thoroughly  experienced lady'.
Town or country.    Good reference, i
Address Housekeeper, 311, Bank of
Ottawa. Vancouver.
avenui).    Kellington di  Hendry.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
city property, We furnish money
to build or pay off mortgages, re-
payable monthly or at end of three
years. National Finance Co.,
5^1  Columbia street.
W VNTE1.) -
cafe,    opposite
C. P. H*
housekeeping rooms and rooms tor
rent.    Apply Room ID, Liuir Biock.
der, a four burner gas plate, with
oven complete. Apply -10 Agnes
street, city.
ranges ou easy terms; fi.uu down,
91-00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
m^mw��2***mmmmmmmma^mmm**��gmi .* .,.m..Mmm*^maa^mm
Parties   intending   building   in   Alia
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phene 669
HERE'S    A    SNAP���Let    50x132,    on
I    London  street,    high    side.    Price
$900; one-third cash and the balance
ti, l:.'   and   IS.   improvements   are
going on this sireet.   No. 133.
'l-IILL   STREET���Snap, two  lc'-,  $G7a
each;  $150 cash, balance G,* 12 and
I    IS.   No. 355.   .
ON  TORONTO  STREET���Four-    lots,
56x132;  cioso to Twentieth    Btreet.
Price $75H each; one third cash, bai-
ance (1, 18 and IS.    No. 12S.    These
lots are all cleared.
Eighth an:i Tenth, bia lot, Price
$11001 ono-thlrd cash, balance 6, 12
and 18,    No. Rig.
FIVE LOT3 .on Eighth avenue, c'ose
to Sixth stieet ear line; all cleared
and in grass, 4Bxl48.C feet. Pries
$i)i)i) each; one-ouarter cash, balance
6, 11 and IS.   No. 70.
far, owlip
The montli Just
with nexl month, are
gcnrally recognized aa those In whi
thu heaviest egg production occurs.
This fact, together with th��,favorable
climatic conditions wliich picvallcd. accounts for tho very creditable records
made during the month. In class one.
pen 18 claims the distinction of being
the first pen inthe contest to touch
or pass i ho century mark. On one
occasion li eggs Were laid In one day,
and on six days, 5 eggs were 'aid
daily, and on six days, I eggs were
produced duiing euc.i twenty-four
Other peits deserving especial men
liou are pens I I'M',), tl (96), 12 (95V
14 (94), 7 (��2), 9 (90), 5 (89), IS
(SO), 17 (83), 16 IS2), 23 (81).
The following pens produced fi eggs
in one day���1(1 (twice). 17, 1, 7, 9, -1
(once each).
In this month's standing Pen 19
goes U'P three places, pen 5 displaces
pen 10 for fifth position, Pen 1:! moves
up two notches, pen 18 ousts pen 6,
an.l pen i drops live places.
Pen (i deserves special mention for
producing 56 eggs with only tive pul-
iots throughout tho month.
The fust case of bloodiness among
Class One occurred during the moinn,
!'<n io furnishing a pullet.
1.* Class T wo, the Pens producing
the largest, number of eggij were: Pens
32 i loi-), 29 (90), 38 (bi), and 28 (71),
-Pen 10 managed to hold sixth piace,
hut by the appearance of the pullets,
their performances duiing the fiist
thiec or four' mont bs Eeea lo have
completely exhausted iheir hying pO'.V-
ers. The listless manner in whicli
tbey move about indicates lac;i of construction and staging power.
The following pens laid G e_gs in one
day���29, 32, 37 and 38. Broodiness was
icsponsible far the following birds'
removal from the pen during tho
month: Pens 25 (3 birds), 29 (4);
30 (1), 31 (2.1, 35 (1), 30 (1), 37 (1),
39 (4).
All the runs were swept an.l litter
cleaned out during the month. Each
nn wus also partly dug up. Green food
In the shape of clover, chick weed,
and dandelion is supplied regularly,
| and much relished by ali the bird's.
| The fowls in class One consume moie
rn beginning lo show, although it
was only two years ago that the
bm  was  put in operation
i'rof. Balner is planning to have
his year one or the finest exhibits
f dry-farmed products ovei' grown
n the Southwest, and he bas been
e"dared a large space in the big In-
eraational   Exposition   of   Dry-Farmed
roducts. nexl (k-'ober. lie lias nl-
, ended several dry-farming COngreBS-
a.* and Is enthusiastic over thn lienor's Ihai the Southwest reaps through
;his greal world's propaganda to
ft the farmers.
BLACK. MIXED or 6REEM���Seated Packota ffjjjj
Addressi "SALAUx," Toroute
FREE Semple Mailed on Enquiry
visu or  Burnaby (and v|=n:ty, aet j The People's Trust Co., Ltd. ;freell f00, ,han the {owls ,a t!]e heavy
my   estimates,;   plans   and   sieclflca-f 451 Columbia Street. Phone 669.'class.
1 '     Total egga laid  up to end of  sixth
month, April JOtta., 1912.
estimates,;   plans
lions lurnUhed.    T.  UL. MoorVvouse, \
.*wlt�� V\��Va P. O,
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of thirty days Horn
lhe date of the Hrm publication hero-
Local  improvement Notice.
Twelfth Street Improvements.
The Municipal Councll ol the Citj of
New Westminster having by Resolu-
1 tion determined and specified that it
of cancel from the books of the Laud \[a desirable to cany out the following
ltegistry Office, Xew Westminster, | WOiks, that is to say;
B.C., a certain agreement for sale, J0 construct cement sidewalks,
<laied (lie 2uth day of February, 191U j storm sewers, paved loadwuy, grad-
-��.visting between Charles S. Brown, aj ,ing and works contingent thereto, on
vendor, of Vancouver, B. C, and Moul-1 Twelfth stieet IT om Fifth avenue to
*on Shank as purchaser, formerly of the city limits on Tentli avenue, and
Vancouver, B. C; said agreement for that said works be carried out in ac-
ssale covering the oust half of lot 8, cordance with the provisions of the
and tiie west half of lot !), block 1, be- -Local improvement General By-law,
lng a  subdivision of east half of lot 11)12."
And the City    Engineer    and City
Assessor    liaving     reported   to     the
Council in acocrdance with tbe provisions of llie said bylaw upon the said
works giving statements showing the
amounts  estimated  to be chargeable
against  the  various  portions of  real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assesor having been adopt-
!ed by the Council.
I    Notice is hereby given that the said
Irejorts are open for inspection at the
office of the City  Assesor, City  Hall,
Columbia  street ,   New   Westminster,
IB,   ('..  and    that     unless    a  petition
against  tin;    proposed    works    above
mentioned  sinned  by    a majority  of
��� the owners of the land or real prop-
'erty to be assessed or charged in re
spect of such  works representing at
I least one-half In value thereof Is pre-
j sented   to  the  Council   within   fifteen
days  from  the  date  nf the first   pub-
I Mention   of   tills   notice    the   Council
I will proceed with tiie proposed Improvements under such terms and
I conditions as to Ibe payment cf the
cost of such Improvements as the
Council may by by-law in that behalf
regulate and determine and also to
rrtaTte the said nssesment.
fated this 17th dav of April, A. D
City  Cle-k.
Date of first publication April ISth.
1 Ten  No.
2    White
Class One.        Eggs laid. \
Leghorns    404
There dwells a miller hale and hold
I     Beside  the liver Dee;
He  worked  an.l  sang  from  morn till
No  lark  more bright  than he.
And this the burden of bis tong
Forever used to be,���
"1 et*--;   nobody, no, not I.
i    .v.,'I nobody envies me!
'Tbo'i'rt  wrong,  my  frien.l,  said old
King   Hal,
I    "TUCIiVt wrong as wrong can be,
For could my heart be llghl u thine,
I'd gladly change with thee.
And   '.ell   me  uo>v,   what   makes thoe
With 15'< .��� BO loud ;;n 1 free,
' U'fcilc I ; ������*i E.34, i1 ough 1 am king.
I    hoi do lie river Dee?
TKi .'niMcr smiled, and do.fed his cap
'I can, my bread," quoth he.
'1 lo.e -iiv wife, I.love my frlen I,
1 love my children three;
i owe no penny i cannot paj ;
I thank the river Dee,
That   turns  the  mi'.l  an!   grinds  the
To feed  by babes and  me:"
, "Good  friend," said  Hal.  and  sighed
the  while.
"Farewell, and happy be;
But say no more, if thou'dn be true,
That  no man envies thee;
Thy   mealy  cap  is  uoitii   mv.eiown,
Thy mill m., kingdom's feo;
Such    men    as   thou are    England's
O .Miller of the Dee.  ���Isaac Blck-
c: stall.
The World and His Wlfo," and
er husband ln "The Squaw Mun,"
""The Wo^ld and H1H�� Wife," und
Herod," and now this season she has
on for herself new und enviable
aurels by lwr impersonation of a filer ln a suffragette band in Mr. Knoblauch's thoroughly amusing satire,
"The Faun." It ls a certainty that if
Miss Opi> cl'.ose to seek a separate
path she would speedily become ono
of the most populnr und noteworthy
stars in America, but alio Is entirely
contented With iwr position ns chief
support In her husband's company,
und takes us much delight in each
up-1 fresh achievement of his versatile,
stellar cai ear as though It wore her
own. lastsrn critics assert thai
Miss Opp'u performance 0? her ires
ent role Is easily the finest she has
yet created.
Waste Paper or Rago.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
Public Library.
All  per ons  having  books on  loan
from the library are hereby respectfully requested to return same before
May 1.
Books will he received at the Ubrarj
on Week days only between the ho-.ui
of 2 p.m. and 1 p.m.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department Is
about to start a campaign for tue
cleaning up of all back yards and vacant lots in tho city, and the hearty
co-operation of the citizens ln general
is asked in this regard.
A clean city ls one of the best ads.
we can  have, and  we  feel sure that
the citizens appreciate this to the full,
est extent.      The burning up   0' all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away
of ashes and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning up will go a long way
towards giving us a city beautiful
S.  .  PEARCE.
Health Inspector.
158,  group  1,  New   Westminster  dis-
. trict
C. S. KEI'lll,
District Registrar,
N'ew Westminster, B. C.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
'Xew Westminster, B.C., this 12th day
��� of April, 1912.
j 12
I  8
I li
i 13
j 1
I 7
I No.
Mottled Anconas
White  Leghorns
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned will be received up to noon
of Monday, April 29, 1912, for the
���erection and completion of a three-
story frame store and apartment building at corner of Columbia <fc Brunette
stieets,   New Westminster, ior .). A.
1 lan key.  Ksq.
Plans and specifications can be obtained on application to the architects.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
New Westminster.
Tenders wanted for supplying
.school desks isingle) In carload lots,
a. sample desk to be left at lhe secretary's office.
��� Alsn. tenders for teacher's sanitary
���desks, sample may be seen by apply*
ing to the Secretary.
Tenders to be at the office by noon
of Wednesday,  May  lst.
Secretary   Board of  School  Trustees.
Class Two
Buff Orpingtons   ...
Rhode Island  Iteils
38   White   Wyandottes
33 Rhode Island  Reds
34 White   Wyandottes
40    Silver  Laced   V \.
Barred   Rocks   . . jH^H
29    Buff  Rocks   	
37    Barred    Bocks   ...
32    Rhode  Island   Reda
35 Barred   Hocks
86   Partridge   W; an lotl 1      	
:ui   White   Wyandottes 	
25   Buff Orpingtons  	
27 Silver  Pencilled   Wyandottes..
28 Columbian  Wyandottes   	
Average price received for eggs
per doz. Pen tempenu ure���higl
63 degrees, lowest 31
age mean temperaluri
fell on six days; frost ,,,s present on
five mornings, seven days were withoul sunshine. Tbe weather during
the month was the best experien ��� 1
since the contest started. Brilliant
sunshine was reported on every dav
excepting the few dull days already
,lta Julia O-n Will  Stay  With  Faver-
nham and Not Star.
"1  prefer not. to act  the ioi   nf
rst-aiil   to   the   telegraph   coraoanlai1
n.l     postofflce      stamn    windows."
aughed   Mlss Julie Otp wnen a friend
sked her whv she did not aCCfiDl  the
civ    Mattering   o!fer   tha:    nad   been
ade  her to star in  a  production nf
<r own this season.    Since i_i >   marriage    to    William    Faversham    who
plays here Tuesday evening, April the
Oth,,  In  Fdward  Knohlauch's
nd     refreshing    comedy
187 life,  "The   Faun
186 latently tnnio.l a deaf ear to aii su?-
186 geatlons of an artistic career apan
177 fioia   her   husband.     Thu��
171  Opp  prove  tliat .   !
170 artres.s    on    the  state    wbo    prefer*
home lite   end     hum-   ties���tor   Mlss
Opp  Is     the    proud     mother  of
��� ��� 98 bright,  bonny    lads!���to    the   al
Egga   ments   c-l   an   Individual, career   with
Laid her  own    nam,.    ��nnii��*   >������   ���	
..350 e'ertric   lettei.  mnscie   ine   theatres
-320 of the  land.    Miss  Onp  has
. 269
. . 238
. L'".",
. 233
Of     r,i(nin; r
Miss opp has con-
does  Mlsr
is  at   Icasi  one
the   thi
woman   with
In William Faversham's comedy success "The Faun." at the Westminster
Opera Houec, Tue3day, Evening, April 30.
ew Wool Dress Goods
' - nes,
Specially Priced For Today's
75c AH Wool Serges
desirable,    suitable    for     skirts
bos and children's wear; come in
lm luding navj  and
1    1    -r^^^^^ms    woo'l     worth
regularly ?6c,   Special today  v 1
nearly an colon
Mack; guaranteed
OWNER will consider
Highest Cash Offer for
pio* following property
SuWKlions 89 and 90>   Lot
3. **Surban Block 14.
Act Qui
Spring lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Vea!
Central Meat Markel
EWS OFFICECorner ,*h?H&ft��f Av,n^SK
our      Hundred      Demonstrate:-      In
Texas���Increased   Production.
Amarillo, Texas, April 28.���Tha
demonstration work being done by
the colonization department of the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railwav
system, under the direction of I'rof.
H. M. Balner of this city, eclipses
anything heretofore ua '.ertaken in
the Southwest.
Four hundred demonstratpn will
be occupied this year teaching fanners Iioa to increase their crop production and how to belter themselves
through raisins belter crops, ma''ker-
Iiik them at the proper time and in
the proper manner, and In conserving
whal nature intended should be the
food supply of their crops. Include l
in this large number of demonstrators
ti'ere are 1HI1 fanners who are woi'U-
the line of developing the
S of winter wheat  in this ter-
65c Black and White
$1.00 Cream, Grey and
One of the most popular of this season h fabrics, eome In large, medium
and small checks.   Per yard	
Navy c'
An Item you will he jnterestel In A
splendid quality, much In demand'antl
will go rapidly at the speclil price per
$1.75 Heavy Serge
54 inches wide, superior finish; colors
navy, scarlet und cream, with chalk
llne stripes. Without doubt the 'best
value offered this season in a popular
dress fabric.    I'er yard  '	
The Man Whe Saves "Vou Money
Cliff Block ,      Sixth Street near Columbia ~^__tgpl
MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1912.
The Home of the Precious Stones la
a Grey Rock Called "Blm Ground,"
the Origin of Which Remains a
Mystery ��� K?.ffir "Boys" Dig Out
the Lumps and Get a Percentage
on Their Finds.
At Kimberley, Cape Colony, is probably the biggest hole in the world���
tlie old "Central" Mine���with a space
measurement at the surface of 14
acres, and a depth oi some 400 feet.
Tliere are, in addition to several
smaller ones, four other enormous
ercavations, all witnessing to the
tireless energy of mon in a hurry to
be rich.
The diamonds nre found in a grey
rock called "blue ground." which tilN
a "pipe" or natural shaft of unknown
depth, widening towards the surface
ii.'.o funnel shape. Below the. few fcot
of red sand on the surface comes the
"yellow ground," ��� lime ��� for fifty
er sixty feet.
Underneath that i* the "b!uc
���round," which, although the "yellow ground" is not without diamond*,
i.< the true diamond-bearing rock.
Scientists lielieve that these "pipes"
Bre the craters of extinct volcanoes,
#ml that at some time when Hie sur-
tc muling country was under water,
this dlamondilerous rock was forced
up in the form of volcanic mud. How
and when and where the diamonds
were formed remains a mystery, but,
they are undoubtedly of earlier date
than   the   rock  wliich  encloses' them.
The lirst mining operations were
restricted to digging and scooping nut
the earth. But, by degrees, as the
holo got wider and deeper, trouh'e-v
��� nine in the shape of accumulation !
Ol water and fulls of "reel." In
C<>M mining the "reef" is the gold-
bearing roc!;; but the "reef" of the
diamond mines is the surface shale
anil   basalt surrounding the  "pipe*."
This was. the cause <f grci.t tribulation to the early miners, as it caved
in again and ugain, and overwhelms I
tlie working below. After various experiment-' had been trie 1 without permanent success, it became impossible
ti work .he mine any longer in the
old way, nnd many thought the industry was absolutely ruined. |
Heie was tlie opening for the capitalist, who soon superseded the "dig-
Thp larger claim-holderj handed io-
gether, and sunk shafts outside the
area already operated upjr with galleries running towards tlie centre, ua'- '
til tlie "blue" was tapped. In l.i-xj
M's rs. Rhodes, Barn a to, and 'Ii.-it. .
having bought out the smaller hd'l-
ers, f<.r:::-"l t'y.' V'i 5?W C
ed Mines, Limited, thut gieat eor.xi?-
a.tlon which has ever since Contro lad '
lhe diamond mining industry. I
Tin-   main   shaft  at  thj   "Central" '
tonnects   with   tho   "pipe"   of  blue
ground by means of several ga'.Ierie-,
t. e distance from shaft to "pipe" being 1,1.'14 feet.
Armed With the necessary permit, !
ebtained at the Uo Beers offlces, wa
make fur the "Central," and seek
1'. courteous manager, who shows u*
into a sort of dressing room. Her.;
we strip ,and re-clothe ourselves in
a srecial suit in which we may mnrs
suitably faci the heat anl dirt of tha
ilv* ent.
The outfit includes flannel shirt.
and coat and trousers oi "duck," or
dome such material, tlie articles being
decidedly the worse ior wear. lust's I
of braces or belt, a looped leather
I' Tig does duty. An ancient sou'wester with cur-finps, and tied und-r
lhe chin, a pair of s"cks that havs
seen service, and rubber Weiliqgton
bo' t-i   complete   tbe  costume. i
Accompanied by the manager, we
get into the cag^ ct the top of the
shaft, and a.tor a few seconds of swift
motion, step out at tho 1,000 foot level.
Bach supplied wit'i a composite can-
die���but no candl-stoek���we proceed
to explore lhe workings on that level.
We pass stalwart natives at work,
with here and there a white nverseui-.
Borne drill holes in the rock ready for
blasting; others gather up the fra:-
Uieots into small steel truck*, whicli
are pushed along on rails to tha
"shoot" which conveys the "b'u��"
down  to  tlie 1,2,0-foot  level.
These "boys" handle many a lump
with a fortune hidden in it. Bonn-
times their quick eyes detect the
"stone," and not being without tho
desire for pelf, they covet, lik ! Achan,
and. like Achan. take���if tuev can du
so unnoticed. They will make an in-
ciji"ii in their flesh as n secure hi.l-
Ing-pinco for their "iind." and even
dwaiicw stones. To encourage the
"lnys" to give up what they iind,
tliey are allowed a percentage on
the value of the diamond*.
We descend the remaining 2C0 feet
in slices of twenty feet by means of
[>*!'!H.-iidicu!ar ladders. Tho utter
blackhest into which one steps is
friendly to the nervous nian who
ihU'lders whenever he look] at mesons
end carpenltrs at work on scaffoldings.
Nevertheless the ladders have to ba
negotiated wu.\ care ior tne rungs
arc slimy, and the candle has to be
carried, while the approach of your
friend above you is heralded by lumps
of mud dropping from his feet to your
��ou'vwester. Water also occasionally
falls fmni the roof. But we emerge
safely at the 1,200-Ioot level into comparative light, greater dampness, a
cooler atmosphere, and deafening din.
Thi none is caused by^ the constant
running of two se4s of iteel trucks���
the one carrying tho "ground ' from
the bottom of the "shoot" to the foot
oi the shaft, the other returnipn empty���nnd the mechanical emptying of
tie full trucks into the "skip" for
convpvance to the surface.
Willingly enough, after an hour and
a hai' unileriM'ouiid, we re-enter the
"cage'' and speedily measure lhe 1.JS10
teet to lhe eur.'nce. Resigning, with-
out a sigh, our be-sludgo,] disguise,
Ave enjny tlie thoughtfully-provided
hath, and return lo life in the sunshine.
Lovers In Soma Landa Meet Many Earners to Matrimony.
In Norway no clergyman mny perform n marriage ceremony unless both
parties prove that they have been vac
PlnOted or have had smallpox, in lbe
same country a guardian may retain
bis ward's goods and chattels If she
should marry without Ids consent. Marriages between one of orthodox faith
aud n non C'lulsllan nre forbidden.
Parental consent is necessary to mnr
riage In Kussia. and If the prospective
bridegroom bus h-'ul'cd bis parents oi
fir.'Kidpavoiils 01 thL- bride's parents or
prandparciiis tbcli pardon must be ob
(allied lo make the marriage legal
'Mil* rule of obtaining parental con
sent when tin- pin lies ure minors ob
Inlns In ileum every country, nnd In
rotue of lllem the consent of grand
parents Is necessary. IHvoroe docs rird
ijl-rc've jt.* ������ ������-Imocfal bond lu most
Ll.tiU   Cvu;i!ll:-.
Mailings  to.*^ sftnHloned   by   th'
ftyy.iu-.tlni> emperors nr* sllll in force
In (iieeie Thi'iv are many conditions,
Ihaf prohibit miinhise thrre.
rracllciitly any reason llial woulfi
Justify the belief thnt the marriage
would be unluippy. Plii'll ns riotous oi
Immoral conduct on the part of one ol
llu* iipplicanis for n license. Is a W.u
to marriage In Peru, where marked
dl-parlty in class nnd social condition
is recognized as an Impediment.
I'rovpd Immorality aiH liu I: of sufll
eient means lo support u wife serve u��
n bar In Austria. Wliile n marriage be
twpHii n Christian .and n nunChrlsthin
Is Illegal In Austria, a change ot faith
after marriage In snel; cases does not
validate Ua- union. ��� bau Kruurlxco
Bulletin.    ^^
Betting on Life' hrnecs.
netting ou oilier people's cIi.wiopb of
life was ii favorite nttnit^nu'iit ol lhe
young blades of the elghtpeniii ci niury
and ome led lo u fa nous lawsuit.
"Old Q." when Karl Of Mnn ii. luld a
wager with a Mr. lig ot tli i timi nen
tlcman's father, ngeci tttvei y. would
uot survive Hlr William Cocirtugton.
wbo was* fifty. The odds weie *h..XKi io
I'.'/iUU. Quite unknown to either.
Plgoi's father was utturlly dead al tiie
time lbe bet waa made, and iljot re
fused to pay. March, however. atied
Llm In court ancl :iftcr u sensational
IrlnI obtained u verdict In Hls tavor.-
I.oudou Chronicle.
Why Coat Lapel* Kava l.lcki.
The tollowlng Is said m lie Ibe sfory
of (he origin ot lhe nick In tlie lapel ol
men's coats; When .Napoleon llrst fel'
(he sway of ntuhllInn he tried lo liupll
cute General Moreau in ii conspiracy
Moreau bad been Nupolisiti's superior
nuU was exceedingly pvopulur. hut lu
(he clrcuiustani-es. with lhe Man of
lies!iny in power. It was not safe (o
express publicly sympathy with Moreau ills admirers ami supporters
quietly net-nit to ulel; their rom lhpeb<
lo show I Indi fellowship, the om lines
of (lie cent nflet (lie nick wus inudv
lormiug Hi*- It-tlet  ,\l.
An Exception.
Some one or uiiolliei once Mid.
s   poor   rule   thut   wont   work
I -Well, try telllnc mother that she
looks mi like tier daughter Hint you can
lot ten ihem Mpai't And theft try a on
[he duugbiei."��� variety Lite.
| .
Net Unusual.
"Did your hou go through college.
Bunkertou'r" asked Wlckiy.
"NO." auld \\ Ickiey. "He went
through me, nnd i hud to take nlm
jut"��� Hurjier's.
1 Pect Coldiers Who Travel Thirty Milei
an Hour,
; One of the most fascinating military
slgbta iu Uu- world Ih to wutch iNor-
wegian in funny, inounted on skis,
traveling und uiuneuverlnfj;. Even witb
rllle and full marching kit on his buck
a Norwegian soldier, when equipped
with bis snowsboes, can tr".el at thirty miles un hour on n slight grade, and
eveu on level ground lie can cover from
fifteen to twenty miles an hour. The
skis used by Uie Norwegiiiu soldiers]
consist of flat pieces ot wood eight feet
to twelve feet long and four aud one-
bult in hIx Inches broad. The Norwegian Infantryman is trained from childhood lu the use ot skis, und his skill la
such tbal lie cun glide In and out of
She trees without a crackle to betray
his w heron bouts.
When marching ordera are sounded
the lender swings out and keeps up a
bot pace. Oiic<- In nlgbt of a supposed
enemy u pile ot snow Is quickly scooped
sp. uud ensconced behind tills simple
hut effective protection the sklman cuu
tuke pot shots al tlie foe.
During some recent maneuvers tn
whicli KMKiti infantrymen participated
tbe value of skis ns an adjunct in warfare wus clearly demonstrated. Over
roads piled so high with snow that cavalry would have liccn unable to make
any progress whatever, the Infantry,
mounted on thelr skis, covered irom
twenty to thirty miles un hour without
mishap of any kind. Of course, It
would be practically impossible ln most
Instances for tlie artillery, with their
heavy guns, to follow the In fun try over
the snow clad roads nnd pusses, but for
skirmishing and scouting ski running
soldiers ure extremely valuable.
He Is the Firtt Commoner Sine) Wai-
pole la Receive the Ordor Reserved
For Kinss and Great Digniaries���
What It Me-ns In Politics of Britain Is Still Doubtful���Marks Him
For Premier.
On Sir Edwu.d Clrey, Foreign Minister, the blr . ribbon of tbo Garter
was conferred tlie other day by tin;
King. It is an amazing distinction.
This it the first time in !wo bundle!
years that the honor bus been confer.
rea. on a commoner, and the lust one
to receive it whs Walpole.   Since thu
order vvas founded, Sir I'ldvvuid is the
fourtli commoner on whom it has been
bestowed. This magical piece of blue
ribbon entitles him to sit with the
crowned beads ol Europe when tliey
are woil.ing tlie thirty-second degree,
aud naturally Kurope attaches the utmost significance to the favor shown
thc British foreign Secretary. How
much it moans ig suggested by the
following wilds iu a recent Cable despatch: "t'oinc of the newspaper* (in
London) suy the conferment of ths
Order of the Garter on tiie Secretary
of Foreign Aff;irs givc.i Sir Edward
(irey sucn eminence that he could .mt
he expected to serve in the Cabinet
under A'r. Lloyd-George." That gives
one a be'.ter idea of tlie value of thU
piece of ribbon than anything cist)
could. Like a magic carpet, it elevates Sir Edward and leaves Lloyd-
George far beneath him, altln ugh for
years past the little Wilshman lia-i
li^cii the governing intelligence of a
Ministry to whicli Sir Edward hai
been .... ornamental front facing
Th" Knights of the Garter, ol whicli
Sl     Edward   has   just   been   made   a
A Simple Remedy Gives Color,
Strength  and  Beauty
to the Hair,
You don't have to have pray hair or
faded hair if you don't want to. Why
look old or unattractive? If your hair
is gray cr faded, you ran change it
easily, quickly und effectively by usinn;
Wyeth's Sage nnd Sulpiiur Hair
Remedy. Apply a littlo tonight, nnd in
the morning you will ho agreeably surprised at the reaults from a cinglo
application, The gray hairs will ho loss
conspicuous, nnd nfter n few more
applications will be restored to natural
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur also quickly removes dundruff, leaves tho scnlp
clean nnd healthy, nnd promotes the
growth of tho hair. It i:i a ctean
wholesome dressing which mny be used
at any time with perfect safety.
Get a fifty cent bottle from your druggist today, and soo how quickly it will
restore tho youthful color and beauty of
your hair and forever end tho nasty
dandruff, hot, itchy scalp and falling
hair. All druggists se][ it under guarantee that tho money will bo refunded
if you are not satisfied cftcr fdr trial.
hteclal agents. D. S. f'urtis.
Special low rates to all Eastern
points will be on sale commencing
May 2; good to return up to October
31. These rates can be used for passengers going to the Oid Ccuntry.
For particulars and reservations
trrnf eir.   Mould'ngs.   Lalhs    *nd    Shingles
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for it is the stuff tbat the foundations of wen ith and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   ia
needed now aud to Invest for what ahall be needed in the fu
ture.   Money cannot be invested until lt ls first saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. UEWAR, General Managsr D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager*
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the t'ms to build f create cr rent whi'e prices are low
Or H.  VV.
ED. GOL'LET, Agent
New Westmlnstei
Brodie, O.P.A.,  Vancouver
D, V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop  611   Victoria  Street.
(Over Daily News.)
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122.
G. E. GILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and II.
ey Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal
Fiction and Lisa,
Mm. Knwiey���Are you fond or flp.
tion, Mrs. Kluhmnn'f  Mrs. Hlnbmnn-
I'hi- kind I read, not the kind I bear.���
Boston Transcript
A dishonest man Is always sOspicloua
���bout hi* fellows.    ...
member, ranks indisputably ns the
first in the wi rid, and foralun ruler*,
who prufeis to de-pi?e Kngiish imbil.
ity, lmve always been ca.^er Ior the
knighthood, lt is the imri exclusive
ordpr in the world, being limited to
'!'*> Kni.'ht Companions, wi'h the Sovereign. Prince of Wales, and (ther
members of iii? royal family, and such
e:;tra kni^M-- :ind fcr '-i rulers aa
u.   / he ndTrt�� vl by ppecir' statute.
The BritUll Foreign Secretary, who
it ' now suid is sure to succeed to
the headship of His Majefty's Imperial Government on the rumored re-
i'rement of Prem'er Asquith. is traveling in {.retly "swell" oc ipany. a*
will be seen from the following ?ist cf
the Kninhts who at present rt mpese
the Order and ladies of ;he Garter:
Her Majesty Queen Mary. Her Majesty Alexandra, the Queen Mother.
tl.e Rtnnernr of Austria, the King -l
Denmnrk, ihe Gorman Empi'ror. the
King ol Greece, the Kniperor of Japan.
tho King of Norway, the Kiuij of
fcouunanis. the Kmperorof Rns-ia, the
King of Spain, tht.' King of Sweden,
ti King ol V\ urtemben*. Kin? Manuel of Portugal, the Princi of Wales,
the Duke of C'niinaught, t.ie Duke < I
Sax^Cubur.., the Duke of C'umlier-
'*��� d. the Grand Duke of Hc-r\ Prince
Christiau of Schleswiit-Holstein,
P.ince Henry of Prussia, tbe Crown
Prince of Germany, tin Archduke
V anois ol A'cta, Prince Luitp'dd if
Bavaria. Grand Duke Michael of \lu*
sis. Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-
Stoe'.itz, the Dukes ol Al.ercrn, Ar-
syll, Uadf rd. Buccleugh and Qucens-
bu.y, Grafton, Marlborough, Norfolk.
N irthmberlaiid. Portlai.d, ISichm���unl
and Gordon. Sutherland. WVIIIn tin,
the Marquis.so; Abergavenny. Bread-
alliBne, Crewe, Lansdowne, Louden-
deny. Northampton, the Karls i.i
Cadovan, Carrington. Durham, Klgin
sud Kincardine. Minto. Roberts, lime-
bsrv, 5e borne. Sir Kdwsrd Grey, till
Bifliop of Winchester, the liishop <1
Oxford, the Dean of Winds.-, t r A. S.
Scott-Ga'.ty (Gurlcr Pilncip-l King of
Anis), A' iiiirul Sir Henry V. Stephenson (U*her of the Black Rod),
C<!. Sir D'.uuU.s Dawstn, secretary.
The famous garter is a band ot
dB'-k blue velvet, about an i ch in
width, edged in cold with the motto
on it in gold letters, "Houi suit qui
inal y pense"���(Kvil be to him win
ev^l thinks). Ti|e garter has a buckle
snd pendant- of gold, and is worn by
the gentlemen on the loft leg and
by the lady knights oij the left arm.
Adding Insult te Injury.
At  a  theatre  in'Guelrh,  Ont.,   a
tew nights ago, two women discover-
.ed  that  a  rat  was  crawling   about
[yftmong their wraps.   One of the women became much excited and did a
little jumping nbout and screaming.
Au usher, hearing the noise but'not
knowing its cause, made his way t->
tht excited nine and politely lequested
her to net laugh so loud.
Job; Are Scarce.
Some 2,200 applicants answered k
London advertisement for a caretuker
to be paid $8.75 a week. O. these MhO
had excellent testimonials as to faithfulness, .uneE'.., t*et and intelligence.
The job went to an, Oxford graduate.
Re the eouth halt ol the NoiUrweat \!
quarter ot Section 7*. Townahl'p 15 tex-\
cept one-half acre thereof) in the dlB- \
trlct of New Westminster. ���
Whereaa proof of the loss of certificate of title no. 430F, issued in the
name of Catherine Olivet', has been
flled In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
I the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry office, New Westminster, B. C, April 22, 1912.
Tot many things tn fcooltery, St. Charles Cream
is an essential.    It Is as good as the hest milk
or cream for any purpose.   For many purposes
it is much better.   It gives to coffes,
for iastance, a flavor which even the
best of ordinary cream cannot approach, and it aids in bringing out
the delicate aroma of chocolate and
cocoa.   For confection and ice cream
it is unexcelled.    For invalids and
infants it is indispensable. It never
curdles.   It strengthens the strong.
If only pure water is added it will agree with
the most cielicate stomach. ,
ftr-M^ J II )! ^ Sold by best grocets eve^rwhere. ,    ||
mJnttm. i :1st* C1AKLES C0MPENSIN6 CO, Ingeraoll. Pad. J j
Learn the Difference igll��ilil!i
Try Mooney's Biscuits with all the rest.
See how much moreflavory.crisper Mooney's are. |p
Their superiority is due to our painstaking v0^-y0^.
methods���our modern facilities and using the cost- %�������;��    .	
liest materials.   We get the finest cream and butter   "���' ���  ���'.���$&��>
from the famous  Western  Ontario  farms  because
we pay top prices.   Our flour is a special blend. /*��p
Yet they cost no more than common kinds.
Moortey s"Perfection-.Cream Sodas
Canada's Standard,'Spda Crackers
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas are made in om- large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splendid building with its hundreds of skilled employees���each ant
expert in his line���wecreate this delicious and nourishing biscuit
v After these biscuits leave the ovens and while they are-
still piping hot, with all their oven aroma, they are packed:
in dust and damp-proof packages. We even ship them &*
our own private cars. No other biscuit manufacturer
does this.
So they reach your table���whole, flaky, and:
Try them today.   At your grocert..
TlieMooney6i8Cuit&CandyCo.,Ltil.^ -��� t
MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1912.
Published    every    morning   except
Sunday by The National Printing and
*>Dlishiag  Co.,  Ltd.,  at' their office,
*A  McKenzie Street,  New  Westminster, a C. I
ROBERT H. HEST, Manager.
Husiness Office      L 999
Editorial  Office    R899
By carrier $4 per your, $1 for throe
snonths, or 40c per month.
By mall $3,per year, or 25c per
Weatminater Weekly News $1 per
in \h;
MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1912,
Westminster will don her brightest
���dress and open her gates wide to
���welcome all and each on Friday, when
she crowns the Queen of tho May.
Special efforts lmve been mnde this
year to extend the invitation? aa widely as possible and" it is hoped that
many of our neighbors will visit the
Koyal City to share in the pleasures
����[ the day.
Hospitality of the right kind is like
ipercy, twice hlesse:'.    It blesses hiin
that, fives and him that takes.   In ex-
fending hospitality  to friends, neish-
tiprs and strangers on  May 3, Westminster not only has the pleasure of
playing  hostess,   but   she  also  gains
���directly by Ihe better knowledge    of
herself that is spread abroad and tlie
Idndly feeling with which ;he comes
io be- regarded by those who visit hor
ns guests on  her    ceremonial    occasions. Tho guests themselves will, we
hope, enjoy themselves too, especially |
the children, for after all this is the
���children's day and everything is directed to give them pleasure.   From Van-
-convcr and the Fraser valley will, it
is believed, come a goodly number of
school children and this is what wo
���want,    l^et them all  come, and    let j
them enjoy themselves in doing honor
to Westminster's -May Queen. So shnll
this fair city appear iu her true light.
.as thc mother of the valley and    a
���worthy rival of the great commercial
<nity of Vancouver.
The   Westminster
about forty    stioqa	
Drill Hall on Tuesday ,&st for the
selection of the lecijirents tor tne
medals for cleanliness-und drib. The
judging; Milch v'.as no o^sy task, was
earned out by aeif|'eani Major
Haines. Ivicdais were awar.led aa follows: ���
Cleanliness of clothing, equipment
and general smaitnesV Oolor fc>ergeaiu
Gamon and Drummer Linn.
Best Section Commander, Sergeant
Hest drilled Non-Commissloned Officer, Corporal.
Heat drilled  Private,  Pte.  Heilson.
Medals for attendance will not be
awarded until parade states up to the
May  Day  ceremonies Ure completed,
when they, together with the ones al-1
ready   mentioned,   will.be  presented1
by the May Queen.
The Boys' are driling very well ln-1
deed and amply repay1 their Instruct- [
ors for the hours spent ln  training,
and it. cun  be safely said that they I
will hold their own, and.* little better!
with any other corps Jvilch they may j
meel   at     the     celebration.     Great
credit is due to Mr. nnd Mrs. Brown, I
who control  the organization  of the
Brigade and to .Mr. Burneti, who is in
charge    of    the   instruction   of   the
?Hp.rs* Brigade, a fine thing, and I doubt very much,
padded at the however, enthusiastic a Militia offlcer
might be, whether he could learn
enough to tiain these under him, wita
the facilities alfordej him at present,
Io." so uoi.'-. However willing he maybe, an excellent training in Real Estate, Daw, Commerce, or anything
else is not going to teach a man to
be a soldier, because fighting is a
profession with a more extensive curriculum than any other, and It Is un
to the internment to devise a means
whereby our amateurs may be given
opportunities to fit themselves, to vie
with the professional soUlers of
other countries.
The United Service Club of Vancouver, are giving a Smoking Concert tonight in honor of the Officers
of the Garrison. 1 should like to see
an Officer's Club grow from this reunion, where all kinds of Military
lltcralui'o could be obtained, and opportunities given to the Commissioned Ranks to get together to discuss and rend matters of military interest, and to glean knowledge which
they could In turn, impart to tliose,
for whose training thev are directly
Sergeant Major CWffiths of the
104th Regiment was granted his discharge on April '..'."nl. Everyone will
icgret to hear that this "popular Noncommissioned Officer contemplates
leaving the city.
barking   to    the  bank,    and   others
came uown trom the rocks and joined
tueui-    'then  the group, with  bodies
han rulsed out of tne water and eyes
riveted   on   the   Instrument,   listened
in  astonished  silence  until   the  rollicking laughter of the son-;  began;
���the latter provoked a loud chorus of
barking, and finally one of the largest
! ta-lions waddled out of the water up
tbe  bank  and   thrust his   whiskered
snout close to the bell of tho gramophone.    Ke  kept lt  there   until  the
performance ceased, and  then, barking, he joined his companions.    The
tigers  liKed  a  piece from  an opera,
but did not thinK anything of an artificial roar from the instrument,    'lhe
Polars    sighed    when    they    beard
"Home,    Sweet    Home,"    responding
hiiskly  afterwards  to a  band  selection.     A    male   llama   would   havo
smashed the gramophone lf he could
have got to it,, but he was forced to
listen to one of Harry Lauder's, and
it finally put  him In  good  humour;
the songs quieted him by distracting
his  attention    from    the  spectators,
whose   presence   always   made   him
irate.    No sort of music could allay
the  normal  clamour    of  the  'iarrot-
houso.    To &ive the elephants a concert was like playing to a brick wall
���they  were    ready  enough  for  uis-
The Horse Show in Vancouver set
aside two nights for the militia. On
Wednesday, the 72n.l (Highlanders
and 18th Field Ambulance were present and on Thursday, the Sixth Regiment. Judging from the complimentary remarks of the pre;:s, the regiments added not a little, to the lustre
of the  Show.
The people of Vancouver seem to
take quite an interest in their Militia. I am pleased to note There is
nolliing s'.> likely to ghe impetus to
a Regiment, as the Interest of the
civil nopulation and it is to be earn-
eslly hoped that somewhat of the
same spirit will be developed in New
Westminster before long.
San   Francisco,  April  28.���Governor
udson   Harmon  or    Columbus,   Ohio.
as  been    especially    invited   by  the
C. Make: No Cheese���Big Increase I hio   Society   of   California   to   come
In Butter. here and select a site for Ohio's Statj
Ottawa, April 26.���The Census and Building.     "Buckeyes"   all   over   this
Statistics Bulletin   for March, issued E ate are anxious that tho Governor
today   gives   the   records    of   butter fho  is  authorized  to  come   here  by
cheese  and   condensed   milk   as   col- I^B    Ohio    State  Legislature,   should
lected  at  the   census   of   last   year. , o so at bnce.
j There were 3,028  factories in opera- j	
tion in 1010.    The quantity of butter'
made   in the   year     was     59,875,097
pounds, having a value of $15,682,5(14.
This is 211,818,358 pounds more than
in   1900,  and   the   value  is  more  by
$8,141,502.    The quantity of cheese is
231,012,708    pounds,    which    is more
than at the previous census    by    10,-
170,529 pounds, but the value is less
; by $(100,776.    The total value of butter,   cheese   and   condensed   milk   in
,1010 was $.',9,143,089, and  in 1900  it
was $29,731,922, being an increase of
$9,411,167 in ten years.
!    Taking  butter  alone  the  value  of ,
tho factory product was $7,240,972 in
1900 and $15,682,564 in 1910, and the |
value of cheese alone was $21,890,432 i
iu 1900 and $21,620,654 in 1910.   The |
average pnice of  factory  butter  was |
who do not receive The News before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only in this way
may an efficient delivery he maintained.
are new tnd entirely different from ordinary preparations. They accomplish
their purpose without disturbing the rest of the system, and are therefore the
Ideal laxative for the nursing mother, as they do not affect the child.
Compounded, like all NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemists.   It
unsatisfactory we'll gladly return your money.
25c a box.   If your druggist has not yet stocked them, send 25o. and we
will mall them. 24
National Drug .nd Chemical Company of Cn��da, Limited.      .      .      .      Montreal.
Spring Jewelry
We have Opened Up Our New Stock of Spring
Jewelry.   Inspection Invited.
Official Time Inspector for C. P. Pt. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Grand Trunk System-"S.S. PRINCE GEORGE"
To PRINCE  RUPERT, connecting for STEWART
/   M
V ��
 J2 Midnight.
For sailing dates and Information, aoply Company's Office.
GRAND TRUNK   PACIFIC  RAILVVAY���Leaves    Prince    Rupert    for
East  Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, 1:00 p.m.
Ask for ILLUSTRATED LITERATURE giving particulars of agricultural land on GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY in BRITISH
H. G. SMITH, C. P. A T.
Phone  Seymour 7100.
A. W
B. DUPEROW. G. A. P. l��.
B.C.     527 Granville Street.
The 101th haJ a better turn-out on -0 cents per pound; and of cheese 10
Thursday, than has been seen for j cents ier pound, whilst in 1910 tho
some time, about twenty of all ranks average price of butter wus 26.2 cents
answering their names.. This is not per pound and of cheese only 9 cents
\ery marvellous, of course, but is dis-l-cr nound.    ,
tinctly encouraging in vie* of recent |    A comparison of the quantities and
figures.    It  shows  at  any   rate  that I values of the production of butter and
Holds First Banquet Tonight���Bowser
Will Speak.
Seattle.    April    28.���"Tlie "Canadian
<JIub of Seattle tonight  will give its
ttlrat   banquet   at Uhe   Haif.iier   cluu.
lion.   VJMlatn  I.     Bowaer,     att.tivnV.y-
%aneral  ot  UrtUsh  Columbia, -wilt  ad
dress the club, which now numbers
more than 200 former residents* of
Canada, lt was expected that Premier McBride would also be a guest
of the club on the occasion ofthe lirst
banquet, but he was called to Europe.
Invitations will also be sent to
prominent public men of British Columbia. Lieut. Gov. M. E Hay and
.Mayor George F Cotterill will be invited, both of whom will be asked
lo make addresses. Assurances that
���delegations lrom Vancouver and Victoria, B. C, would attend the banquet
were re:cived yesterday by the execu-
.*j*e' committee.
John K. Douglas, president of the
clui>, will presiie at the banquet. The
committees in charge are as follows:
Arrangements, Dr. A. McKay Jordan, Capt. P. D. Hughes; invitations, lrojerty necessary
J.  Q. Dick, Arthur  E  Maynard;   din-, ���
ner, John P. Douglas, A. R. Fenwlck,
'Dr. A. McKay Jordan, Capt. P. D.
Hughes, Arthur E. Maynard, Dr. Alfred Raymond, Dr. William A. Shannon. I   ;   |
a certain amount of interest is being
revived in the corps and that we may
hope for better things in future.
There is no doubt that the prospect
of losing twelve days work to go to
camp is acting as a great detriment
to recruiting. Last .year, it wus well
known, Ihat quite a number of men
lost their jobs thi ough going to Kamloops and whilst we have such self-
sacrificing patriots at the head of our
business concerns thf nMUtia ls hardly likely to thrho. lt ij punishable
by a heavy fire to present or discharge a militiaman from or for, attending a camp or institution; but
this ls easily evaded,' itntl any excuse
will serve as sufficient cause to lay
a man off indefinitely; a lew days after his return. 1 know for a fact
that this was done >yjat least one
huge flrm in tlie city last year and
1 hope to be able ^ make known
the names of any adopting similar
tactics in the future. Thc lights of
t..ich public benefaotors must certainly not be allowMjft remain hidden under a bushel". These concerns
would probably be ftj&ftrst to cry out
for the Militia should* any strike or
J lot render    tbe    pqpBectlon of .their
cheese is given in the following tables
by provinces for the census years
1901 and 1911 for the preceding years
Censu: of Factory Butter���1900.
Provinces lbs.
Alberta      40(1,120
British   Columbia       395.808
Manitoba        1,557.010
New   Brunswick..     2'7,814
Nova Scotia           J 1,211
Ontario       7.""9,542
Prince Edward  I       ." ;2,220
Quebec     2)   25,000
Saskatchewan   ...    ;;::9,014
"'..739 $7,240,972
Totals         u<f
Census cf Factory Butter-^1910
British   Columbia
New Brunswic i
Nova Scolia  	
Ontario     1
Prince   lid ward   I.      . .
Quebec     37,346,107
Saskatchewan   .  . t.548,696
���M49.12J  $
i >���:.202
$16,682 5(14
Census of  Factory  Cneese���1900
I saw the Annual Inspection of the
(ith Regiment on Saturday at Vancouver. In the absence of Colonel
Waddlemore the ifcd|ction was carried out by Major &%s of the Royal
Canadian Garrison /U-tillery, who is
acting D. O. C. QMLirrf to the inclement weather the iTtfrade was beld in-
; side the  Drill  Hall. It consisted  of
The work  the usual Roll Caffflffh marching up
acres   of   swam])    or and down, the only    difference   from
on   the  Harbor  View   previous years beirnrttrat Major Mills
was moiu outspoki rrgttym his pred;ces
San Francisco, April  28
���of filling in 72
overflow lands ^^^^^^^^^^^^
site of the Panaina-Pucifie Internationa] Exposition Is now under way.
Tho giant dredger ".lohn McMullen''
owned by lhe San Francisco HriJgo
(Company is now pumping mud on to
:.bc tlais and will continue to do so
for tho next three or four months.
The sand is being taken from ihe
Hay cIofc to the shore at. Harbor
View. One-half n-.i'.e of piping is being us-cil In this important work. Moro
than 1,000,000 cubic, yards or fill will
be neceSEiury lo complete the contract. This is the inauguration of
work for the coining 1915 i'niversal
British Columhla
New   Brunswick
Nova   Scotia   . .
Prince  Ed.  Is.. .
A Couch That
Speaks For Itself
Totals    ...
Census of
ment   that ! British Columbia
...220,833.269 $22,831,430
Factory  Cheese���1910.
193,478 $
I Manitoba
INew   Brunswick
Nova Scotia  . ..
Ontario   !	
Prince Ed, is...
I Saskatchewan   .
i      23,47!
354 ::7l
The Chinese adore their children;
fnmily life is very close, and all the
numerous members assist in bringing
up the little ones. The babies are
always in the arms or on the back
of mother, sister, lather, or. brother;
:ahd as booh as thev'  can walk, they
sors. He told ^^^^^^^^^^^
there was lots of room for Improvement las undoubtedly there ll. In
every Regiment) and that ho hoped
to see signs of it next-year.
These Annual inspections by ihe D.
O. Ci or his deputy ave more tor the
purpose of ascei ui ning that everyone
lias their Imtiuns on the righl side
uppermost and thai their boot-laces
have tats on tbem, than for the purpose of examining thera as to their
fitness as lighting men, The real Inspection is, I understand, to be held 'especially In Quebec al the cost of n
In June by one of tlte Imperial staff | lowt'r production of cheese. Tbe
otllrers.   .This will take a more prac-   "hanKe   Wilb   further   Induced   bv   the
of fleld tow'ei rate of duty on cream in the
saw onlrnite(1 Stat**, which encouraged larg
of  llie,er '"Ports to that country.
In Velour $8.50
In Verona   $10.50
In Panteso'.e  $16.75
In Leather  .��� $34.00
A Watered Oak Moulding Couch, 30 inches by 6 feet.
Wp have found this couch to eive great satisfaction.
We now carry lt In all grades���plain or tufted seat.
By the way we are selling Go-Carts
Westminster ls growing; of course, wa
certainly have the carts and the prices
are right.
Totals    881,012,798 $21,630,661
The increased pilce of factory hut
iter Ird to a JarM'i' |iodii<tioi: In
11910 than In 1900, and this was made
Ileal course and will consist
work. Judging from what I
Saturday, the weakest pari
Regiment Is tho company commanders who were evidently somewhat
out of practice. This state of affairs
is evidently brought about by the fact
that liaving a permanent Staff Instructor, the ofllccr.s no longer con-
slier  tbomEolves   td  be    responsihle
Our Cur J ain Department is
Attracting the Crowds
Our stock of Curtains and 1 rapery materia] would do credit to
city four times the size of Wes minster.
Special for Today
eludes all makes ancl styles fro a $1,00 t��
need oue pair this Is your opportunity,
pairs of Curtains  to clear at  half    price.    This    offer
$10.00 per pair,   if you Just
toddle about  with  their elJers, their for   the   training   ol their companies.
little bodies trussed  up    in    waJded   A  most    erroneous - impression, and
���<Jothes. and their yellow heads a varied  pattern  of small,    erect   pigtails
.and ehaven surfaces,    i'ntil they are
flve pr six years old  boys and girls
sake treated  much  alike.      They  are
always underfoot, swarming   on the
���streets, and  in  the  cramped  houses
��f the poor, playing softly together in
atbe many-rop.med. sei i ional mansions
wrd   garden ��� courtyards  of the  rich.
Tlieir elders   seem to    enjoy having
them about,  perhaps partly   because
thev are by Instinct quieter than wort- _
t*m children, -haWag b��rn'-traiii*d ror that ho mu"t s-ai^jte effort in order
centuries i to  a  code of  rtfMmicc.���  that   he  mav  bring Ills  men  to  the
Tl�� Century: Mf   i   )     ,-;imt' testable c'6rt\llllon.    Chance is
one likely to do a-n*aat deal of harm.
The Captain should be first, last and
always, tbe solo,, Instructor of the
Company, il is he who would have
the handling of hls men in (he field. I
nnd only b.v constantly associating I
himself with them in iheir work, can
he expect to lcaijji _|liclr capabilities
and weaknesses, in order to leach
his men he must first make himself
rfllclent mil hough many wlll say I
am a hot-headed-..^vvoiutlonist for
Bjggesting  Buch  u  thing), an.l  after
The number of condensed milk fa
tories    in operation    Increased    pom ,
four in  1900  to  twelve  In   1910,  and I
the  value of product Increased  from I
$2(19.520 to $1,889,871,   There are now J
six factories in Ontario with a prcducl
value of $1,885,689, two in Nova S'-o-
tia with $13.'!,95(i, two in Quebec with
$275,000. one In Bill lsh Columbia wit'
$44,326, two in Prince Edward Island
with $50,91)0.   In 1900 there were two
factories In Nova Scotia anl o"e e-'-h
in Prince Edward Island and Ontario.
Strang^ Experiments With Animr.b���
Harry Lauder a Favorite.
In The Animal World some amis-
ing experiments wl^i a gramophone
at the 7,oo are reported. The sea-
lions proved sympathetic listeners,
bein'; especially please 1 with music-
hall soni'.B. On hearing something of
Mr. Harry Lauder's, four lions swam
-^q   We Now Buy
Linoleum in
Car Lots
This enables us to offer
you tomorrow Nalden's heavy
Linoleum, four yarls wide;
choice of cjcht patterns, per
sciunre yard 65c.
Honest Prices, Cash or Credit
Sixth Street
Phone 853
New Westminster \ .*    WONDAY,  APRIL  29,   1912.
��a<Sb Offl
formed the National Baseball Commission, and peace again reigned.
Since that time the game has grown
i wonderfully. It ls played pow ln
many other countries than the United States, where It commenced. Lasl
season over $12,000,000 came out of
Ithe pockets of the public in Canada
and the States for the support of
'Won by Margin of Four Goals���Keenly Contested Game���Bad
The much heralded soccer game between tho Rovers and the Senior
Amateurs is a thing of the past, and
the former have now the undisputed
claim to the championship of the city.
Old Jupe was not in very good mood
on Saturday atternoon and the attendance and also the playing qualities of
the opposing teams were below par.
After being unsuccessful ln landing
lhe services of a Vancouver referee
the captains of both teams finally
called on that old veteran ln the sport-
In., world, Tim .Mahoney, to handle
���he whistle. Although the supporters
ol the rival teams occasionally gave
yen' to tbeir feelings at what they
I bought were glaring fouls and errors,
���Tlm kept the game well ln hand and
favored neither Bide. The Rovers won
the tOBS and elected to kick down hill.
For the first fifteen minutes the Amateurs worked in some pretty combination plays but the forward line failed
to take the opportunities of scoring.
Craig skimmed the bar with a lightning shot which would have beaten
Sampher, Towards the end of the
first half the Rovers were continually
���on thc offensive, their half-back line
feeding the forward division to good
effect. McAllister and PatterBon, the
opposing backs showed up prominently, making clearances, when it seemed
certain that tlie Rovers would score.
Half-time found the teams on equal
footing, the Roverr perhaps having
had the better of the play.
Dining the interval it was expected
that the championship sprint, race between Messrs. Ryall and Beaton
would be pulled off but for some unknown reason, neither of these old
wariir.rses showed a desire to toe the
line, the failure of this hair-raiser being a sore disappointment to the fans
Play opened fast in the second half,
both teams showing a .keenness to
bulge the net. Seventeen minutes
after resumption of play, Waddy Robertson wormed his way close ln, and
beat liirchiield with a slow shot
which the net tender ought to have
saved. The Rovers supporters, who
up to then had been the weaker, as
far sa cheering wus concerned, let
loose their pent up enthusiasm, Scotty
Giant, the manager of the ;<rofession-
also being prominent in this regard.
This disaster seemed to dishearten the
amateurs and they failed to stem tlje
tide. McAllister, In ft hot attack, w*3
rorcei to concede a coiner from which
Wa'.ker scored. Shawcross and Cairnduff rolled up the total to four before
the final whistle was sounded.
On points of play, the better team
won. Their defence line was good to
watch, Lyon and McMillan leaving
Sampher with little to do. Bruce on
the half-back line was a tower of
strength for the Rovers, being continually in tho thick of the fight. For
the Amateurs, McAllister was the
shining stur, but for his work the op-
position would have penetrated the
sticks more than they did. The lineup of the teams is as follows:
Rovers���Sampher, goal; Lyons, McMillan, hacks; Bruce, Lewis, Melkle-
john, half backs; Hayes, Cairnduff,
Shu wet oss, Robertson, Walker, forwards.
Senior Amateurs���Blrchfleld, goal:
McAllister, Patterson, backs; Aylesbury, Ferguson, Smith, half backs;
t'raig, Spceuie, Chlel, Petrle, Caldzen,
Referee���Tim Mahoney.
Was  She?���Early  Queens  Fond
^^^^B of Game.
Who was the first lady golfer?  No
murbie  marks   her    sepulchre;     her
name   is   not   handed   down   in   her
Bong.    Whether sho was honoured by
the world as a pioneer, or burned for
a  witch  because   she  holed  out her
' tee-shot at Kden, history has  forgotten to record.   It Is only in keeping,
however,  with  the  traditions  of  the
?aine    which    is  proverbially    both
Royal and ancient Ihat the first lady
players of whom there la any chronicle   should   be   Queens    of   England
and Scotland.   The unfortunate Catharine of Aragon, the    first Queen of
Henry    VIII.,    writing    to    Cardinal
Wolsey at a time when her husband
and  most of the  Kngiish  champions
i of  the day   were  taking  part  in  an
I unfriendly match In the neighborhood
j of La Boulie, says that she "thanks
God   to   be   busy   with  the  golf,"  in
which doubtless she found some dls-
I traction   from   the   weariness   of  the
deserted Court. It is right to mention
1 at   the  same   time  that   there   is  at
j least a doubt   whether the golf that
��� was played by Queen  Catharine had
any   very   close   resemblance   to  the
game  as  known  in    this generation,
for the English writers of the Tudor
i times   do  not  always   draw   a   clear
distinction between golf and the kindred  game of pall-nlall.    No  similar
j doubt, however, exists in the case ol
the  other  Royal     pioneer  of   ladles'
golf, the    beautiful    and unfortunate
; Mary Queen of Scots.    Her fon.Iness
��� for  the game has  supplied  the golf-
j ing   world   with  at  least   one  of its
technical terms, for there is no doubt
| that  be word "coddle" is only a cor-
: ruption  of  the   French   "cadet,"   and
traces  its derivation to those  sprigf
, of French nobility who    followed. th��-
Queen's  Court  from  Paris  after  tht-
! death of her young husband, and wiio
j were    willing    to   carry    the    Scots
j Queen's clubs or even���the more dai
; ing  spirits of them���to  submit  to a
defat at her   hand with    a   gallantry
t truly Gallic.   Queen  Mary's golf was
one of the things which were seized
upon as evidence against her by her
j enemies,   for   it   was   remarked   tha;
not long after her husband's death iu
15i!"  she amused    herself by playing
j golf  in  the flelds around  Seton  Palace, a recreation which the strict folk
consiieied   was   too   frivolous   fer  a
princess whose consort had Just lately  been    blown    u;> by    gunpowder.
N'or   did   they   fail   to   point   to   this
haid-heartedness  as evidence  of her
comnlicltv In the unfortunate event.���
Ladies* Golf.
Baseball, /although possibly tbe
most popular game in existence today played as It ls by many nations,
only came into being some 6i ;.ears
ago. ln 1846 the flrst club to play
the game was founded, the Kicker-
l.ocker Club of New York. They did
not play tbe game us lt Is played
now. 'there were three referees nnd
a runner was out lf hit by a thrown
hull. 'Ilt'3 first annual meeting of
baseball clubs formed into an ubso-
ciutlon was held In New York in I860,
and this may be called the start
of baseball as it is today. In 18t>2 the
flrst admission fee was charged to a
baseball game and soon aiterwaidB
the game changed from amateur to
professional! the fate of every sport
in which the gate receipts loom large.
In 18 il the Amateur Association
passed 'out of existence an.1 the National  Associnlion came into being.
Alter this the dark years of baseball arrived. The game was attacked
un every hand, even from the pulpit
as being dishonest and tending to
etuouiate gambling. A few ot the
leading spirits ln baseball got together and formed the National Association cleaning out the gambling
practises and putting the game upon
a clean basis once again. Club owners
made large fortunes and the players
were under-paid at flrst, but ln 1887,
���lohn It. Ward, now president or the
Hoston club, organized the Brotherhood, and in 1889 when the slogan
"not more than $2,000 for any player"
was heard, the players formed the
Playets' League.
The league failed, but it taught a
needed itoson to the club owners and
not since that time has a salary limit
heen proposed in major league ball.
In 1900 Ran Johnson 'started the
American League, nnd a baseball war
���Blurted. It ranged with varying for-
t'ines for a couple of years, and then
the owners, finding that they were
losing    monfiy,  came    together  and
i   , by Onions* dispuYe.
New York, Aprll 28.���The Clyde
line steamer Comanche, which cleare.
today for Charleston and Jacksonville
turned about when six miles down the
bay and anchored oft the Statute oi
Liberty waiting orders from the company.
lt is reported that a difficulty arose
between the firemen and the engineers, but this repoit was not verified
at tho oliices of the company, which
declined to give out information.
The cause of the delay, it was announced later, at the offices of tht
company, was a disagreement betwee,
members of the cooks' ani firemen's
unions. Detections from both organ
izations conferred with Vice Presldeut
Raymond, who declared that the ship
probably would get away tonight.
The Comanche has ninety passengers on board.
lucky enough to beat them to it. Everywhere you go, except right In the
largest cities, you will see deserted
farms, houses burned, livestock
stolen and In many instances the decaying and headless bodies of their
owners  lying about.
"The bandits are In suc;i large
numbers and so scattered over the
Interior that to resist them is useless.
We Americans had to give up everything to them when they came to the
settlemnts, no matter how well armei
we might be." '
Sanburn, the place where the refugees say some of the alleged atrocities occurred, is in the state of Vera
Cruz, thirteen miles northwest of
Santa Lucretia. It is on the Vera
Cruz ii Isthmus railway uc;oss the
Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and Is listed
as a railway and telegraph station.
Rlattress Tapes.
By sewing pieces of stroug tape wide
enough for tbe hand to slip through
easily to each side of tbe mattress you
will lessen tbe trouble usually bud in
turniug it, for tbe bandies give a gooa
bold on un otherwise cumbersome object
Dividing the Hour.
The hour wns divided into sixty minutes because no other smaller number
has so many divisions as sixty. It can
be evenly divided by 2, li, 4, 6, 6, 10. 12,
15, 20 und 30.
Camels Carry Mails.
It Is net generally known that for
many years past tbe Cape of Good
Hope governmeut hus used camels as
a means of postal and police communication In tbe more remote and arid
districts of wbat ls now tbe cape
province, stretching away nortb to the
area of Gordonla. on tbe Orange river.
English Shillings.
SIxty-stx   English   shillings  can be
coined from one pound of sliver.
Island ef St. Thomas.
9t. Thomas is not an agricultural to
Inad. Small patches of vegetables and
a few small groves of banana trees are
scattered' over tbe island. Guavas,
mangoes and otber tropical fruits growing wild constitute tbe vegetable and
fruit products. Tbe total live stock ls
about 4,000 bead, of wbicb 2,800 are
cattle and S09 goats.
-?*,,. .  ' ���
�����m:*,���.  chalk, ,���	
The great bulk ot chalk Is composed
of eight different species ot tiny shells,
but'nearly SOO kinds bave been found
ln chalk.
...-:  -v.
Everybody needs at least ONE    good   Whisk.    Here   are a great
variety, prices, from 20c to 75c.
AL. W. GILLIS, managed
For Three Days
Commencing Today
King Pharaoh
The Most Wonderful
Horse in the World.
He Reads and Writes,
Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies, Spells, Dance;.
He does these things
not only for his Trainer, but also for the
Other Good Acts
Red Hail.
Red hall Is not unknown. In May ot
1885 there was quite a beary fall of lt
at Castlewellan. in Cottnty Down, Ireland. Red and white fell together.
And tbe red hue was' not merely oa
tbe surface of tbe pellets, but went
through and through.
Alleged by Americans  in  Country of
Galveston, Texas,-April 26.���Forty-
seven passengers, all but one, citlzcm
of the United States, who arrived today trom Vera Cruz on the Bteamei
Texas, told of alleged torture and as
sut si nation  of Americans  in  Mexico.
All the refugees left their lands,
homes, furniture and everything the>
possessed except enough mouey foi
passage ami tue clothes on theli
narks. Among the entire numbe.
there weie only four or tive trunks.
M. H. Ish, one of the refugees, tok
of tho muruer of an American citlzet,
j named  Walt,
"Mr. Walt was a neighbor of mine,'
said Mr. Ish. "He had sold several
head of cattle and hidden tbe money.
Desperadoes came to his house and
demanded money. Falling to get it
they deliberately beheaded him with
tbeir machetes and herded his cattlt
eft. There ure many instances Jusi
like this
"We lived in a little settlement
where a colony of eleven American
families had founded the town of Sanburn. VI departed because we were
afraid to remain longer, knowing we
should b-> killed or tortured. Before
eavlng, we filed our claims for dam-
aces with the American consul in
Mexico City."
John T. McGee, a wealthy planter,
who went to Mexico two years ago,
returned to America minus more than
$20,000, and left behind land and livestock. Mr. McGee tells of alleged
cruelties practiced on an American
woman, a Mrs. Shay, now In the hospital at Mexico City.
"What has been true of the Shay
family," said .Mr. McGee, "has been
likewise true of scores of other
Americans, and by staying there we
took our lives In our hands. The
bandits are evervwhere. The Mexican government is not able to quiet
Practically everv man on board the
Texas had a similar story to tell of
experiences ln Mexico.
"The only reason we arr* here,"
said one of the men, "ls that we were
The Division Mark.
Division was formerly indicated by
placing tbe dividend above a horizontal
line and tbe divisor below. In order to
save space tn printing tbe dividend was
placed to tbe left and tbe divisor to tbe
right, wltb a simple dot ln place of
would   still be alive
it I haa known tnat
a    complete   line    ox\
Dog Medicines was
kept at
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40.
Cliff Block.
Rssl Estate Mortgages.
It is said that tbe oldest Investment
security Is tbe real estate mortgage,
money having been loaned on land la
Babylon as long ago as 4,000 years.
8e�� Water.
Sea water freezes at 28 degrees P,
and bolls at 218 degrees.
Largest Topaz. H^^^
Tba largest topaz ln tbe world la uld
to be in tbe Vatican at Rome. It
weighs seven pounds, and three Neapolitan lapidaries spent sixty-one years
making the carvings on It
Saved by Providence.
There are i��omo curious parallels to
th^ case of Lieut. Craven, the commanding officer of the A"*, who happened to be absent on leave when
the unfortunate submarine weut down,
ancl thus escaped death.
Mr. H. W. A. Deterdirg. a maturing director of a petroleum company
of .Loudon, Eng.. waa ready to .start
w'.;en his wile telephoned to him and
implored him not to go, on account
Of tiie state of the weather and "some-
thin^' elsb."    Fortunately he yielded
j I to his wife's entreaties.
1 I A dream, which he regarded as 4
! warning, influenced Mr. Claude Sawyer, a passenger in the Watatah, to
lrive the vessel at Durban. Since
Ie in<; Durbun the Waratah was never seen or heard of.
In December last the steamer Win-
prove disappeared witb a crew nf 23.
Mr. G. Iliffe, the seeend engineer,
luckily escaped the fate of tbe other
members of the crew because be broke
Oeesn Steamships. '
On two topics tbe great transatlantic! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
steamship companies are not agreed. , hU leg and was landed at Plymouth.
Some creep through a fog at a snail's I                            ;           ���  ���
pace; others dasb through it at top- An Ancient Barber's Greeting,
most speed-the quicker out of It tbe |    old-time   barbers   had   to   display
better.    Some Insure  heavily against more variety than tbeir successors,  k
loss by flre; others carry all tbeir Ure
risks themselves.
Four Companies Conquered an Empire,
In tbe sixteenth century a whole empire was conquered with'' 400 soldiers
and sixteen horses.. Tbis wss the extent of Cortes'.strength wben he conquered Mexico.
Licorice Root.
Licorice root grows in abundance ia
tbe Oral territory of Russia.
A Mystery In History.
From whence euine the Tollecs, tbe
Aztecs and Mayas who lived In America even before tbe Indian bus never
been determined definitely. It Is presumed tbat tbey came to this country
from Asia wben a strait connected that
country wltb Alaska.
.    A Boiling Hint.
Never leave a spoon ln anything that
Is required to boll quickly.   The spoon
(weducts   the  beat  ewsr   from   the
work published in 1692 describes a
barber's greeting to a customer: "Sir,
will you have your hair cut after
the Italian manner, short and round,
and then frounst with the curlinu
irons to make it look lil- a half moon
in a mist, or like a Spun.....I, long at
the ears and cur'-'d like tin two end*
of an old peri-rig, or will you be
Frenchified with a loveloc down to
your shoulders? The English cut is
bas.:, and gentlemen scorn it. Novelty
>�� daint.-. Speak the words, sir. My
scissors are' ready to execute your
worship's will."���London Jixpres*.
Snow Flower of Siberia.
The snow flower, so named because
it blooms only in the depth of icy
winters, is to be found growing on
Libera 11 soil. When it opens it is
star shaped, its petals .1 ihe same
length nn tlje leaves and half nn inch
in width. A' Russian nobleman took
n num" er of the sepds to St. Petersburg. They were placed,in a pot of
Know and frozen earth. On the coldest day of p* following January the
miraculous HoVler burn through its
Icy covering nnd displayed its beiiu-
tie: io the wondering spectators.
with solid ebony handles,
with braided straw handles.
with wire wound handles,
with nickel silver handles.
PVAI    I      DRUGGIST and
���PHONE 57
Nine and one-half acres in Ccquitlam, near the   North    Itoad (the
Uurnaby Boundary), and the Coif Links.
The property has a road cn two sides, ls easily cleared, and has
a beautiful southern slope.
The price is right at $900 per acre.    Terms,    one-fourth    cash,
balance ��, 12 and 18 months.
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J.J.JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Sireet New Westminster
1 mm ��� ^t.maMamBm\m\m\\i m\MtatnmmmMaamaamemmmxaimiitmumm\tm\ium\ in
Pool Room For Sale
Three tables, show cases, eic, $1800.   Receipts $700 per month.
12 Roomed  House. WOtCh F0I"
30 Acre Farm.
Matsqui, not far from
Car; running water on
property. $2700. $500
An acre orchard in city, flliP   ���
$16,000.    One-third    cash.. P..L.1*..!  j
Terms.      Fine    boarding  UuDulVISIOIl
house proposition. AuVt    ^^^^^^^^^^^h^^^^
White  Star-Dominion   Canadian  Service
Wireless and Deep Sea Signalling Apparatus.
New S.S. Megantic   New S.S. laurentic
' 15,000 Tons Each.
Electric Elevators, Skilled Orch cstra, Electric Heaters, Etc.
Sails May II, Jane 8, July 6. May 25, Jane 15, July 13
First Class $92.50, Second Class   $53,75, Third Class. $32.50.
Twin Screw S.S. "TEUTONIC."
582 feet long. 18,000 horsepower.
Salt* May  18th, June 15th, July
13th. $55.00 and. up; Third Class
Twin Screw S.S. "CANADA."
514 feet long* May 4th, June 1��t,
June 29th.   $50.00 and up, Th\rd
Class $31.25.
All steamers sail from Montreal, calling at Quebec   Embark night be
fore sailing.    No hotel expenses,    no transfer charge*.
Company's Office: 619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry 8troet, Seattle.
Westminster.Branch. ��� cars
leave B. C. K. H. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 5:45 and
6:45 a.m. and every 15 minuter
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Sen lce.-"-*Cara leavo
fnr Vancouver sit 6:00, 7:00,
;��� .on, S-;;o. !i:00 and 9:30 a.m.
P.e'-uiar week day service prevailing thereafter.
freight Service.���Cars leave
N*w Westminster for Vancouver "t 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 snd
Burnaby Branch,���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, >6:^5 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly ^service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars'
leave B. C. E. Rc'Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
untll 11:00 p.m. %
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day servloe thereafter.
Freight Services-Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.i- cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
E. H. BUCKLlfc,'
Pres. ud Geni. Mgr,
W. r. H. BDCKUN,
Sec nnd Treas.
=====   LUMBER CO., LTD.   ..    ';
Manufacturer*  end  Wholesale Dealera In
iti    B
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phone* Na. fc.^il 877.  Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Ete.
I.    I II    Hll M       "<         "itl     111)     I  . "         ,      j,.	
������r���m PAGE 8IX
MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1912.
Corseted   and   Perfumed   ftre
These Splendid Creatures.
The Varied Wardrobe* ef London'*
Twentieth Century Beans Might
Make Most Bride* Blush For Their
Trousseau���Artificial Aids to Beauty,
The Dining Car Alans, Riady For
Service, Weighs 14C.CC0 Poundr,,
; The heaviest of nil the our* lu r. "llm-
't lied"' i im in Is tlie dining cur, watch is
! oi-dlmirtly ol a weight in exW* of the
���oilu-r cars by luooo or l.VtWi pounds
I Between the c-ur constructtr n uud the
I necessary kitchen wjtrtpAfnt snd Ice-
I bos eutitents. u lull size standard din
1 I up ear tips the scales ut -140.110(1 pound*
when ready to make it? customary di-
Vision run.
Therefore,  on   llto principle that  In
case ul collision ii (etssetigcr is saler In
the siroriK. heavy vouch in the center
With a locomotive-nnd lender welshing '.'tiO.OOO pounds, one may estimate
hy these figures the enormous weight
of some ot tbe through modern railway
trains ofseven ears.���New Vork Press.
A Parisian Gourmet'* Way of Getting
at a Woman's Age.
A Parl(*an gourmet thinks he has
discovered an Infallible method for
getting gat n woman's age���watcb her
at dinner.
If  she  goes  through  every  course.
Chattering all  the time, and Is equal
jto an   lee  after dessert,  not  10 mention chocolates nud crystallized fruits,
she ls sllll In her teens.
If slhe makes a good start with the
j hors   d'oeuvies.   does   well   with   the
'���caviar,   salmon   and   such   delicacies,
I but stows no iuterest In the rest of
I the meal, sbe Is between twenty and
j thirty and married.
When she declines every other kind
j ot game, hut takes some pheasant, aite
j has passed thirty, but has uot yet
j i-euched thirty-live.
After thirty live she dotes on every
j kind or game, tbe more highly flavored
| ihe lieller.
I If at the end of dinner she takes
[���cheese, showing special partiality lor
! the odorous Canieiubert, then, says the
I Parisian observer, there can lie no
I manner of doubt about it���she Is a lady
I of uncertain uge.���I'aris Cor. New kofk
I Suit.
More than a century has gohe stuct ;of u vestllmled croln. the dmiug car is
tbe last of the Macaroni laid aside his a good place to remain,
cont of mixed silk. 1)Ir pink sutiu waist- j A sixteen section sleeping car may
Coat, white silk stocklugs vrlth |dnk 'weigh from IIO.ihiii to R&iNW pounds,
flocks uud'pluk satin shoes with lacgt '-while the bnllct-llbrary c.-ir ot the
^earl buckles. The dandy of the tweti- I transcontinental type comes next In
Itleth century does not strut on red j weight nt N37.O00 pounds. The bag-
beeted shoes, with hia clouded cunt < page car. weighing BS.OtiO pounds, may
dangling from his wrist, like the beau ! be the lightest In a (Tain, but the postal
of the restoration, nor does he adorn j car next to It weighs ou an average
his shirt bottom with line inecMin lace i 103.C0O pounds, n reclining chair car Is
uud leave a wake Ot perfume behind 'full weight at 87.0110 pounds, while the
blm as bo swappers along I'ftll Mall, ordinary passenger coach weighs 1)3.-
llke the "pretry fellow" of early (ieor- 000 pounds
glim days, says Loudon Tit-Ulls.
Hut, though he may cut a less re-
IPpU'iideut llgure than Ids (���M'eOei essnrs
Hi iue woritl ot UaJKlylsW. lie Is not)?
Uie less a spfeniiiu creature, with a
Jiropei sense ot I'ls personal chUI'Uls
und Hun adornment.
ilis wardrobe t* o thing lor the or
Miliary man to marvel al and in euslli
lie>s nr.d variety ot llm- oti.Ii:imii| might
l;i:iK>- must brutes blush lot their lions
tseau His shins alone are a wonder In
themselves In Ihejr stacked Clwsreus. of
tiie iMiutrest cambric and ninny lined
Us Joseph'* cu.ii���shJ'ils of pink daintily patterned wl.'h wliile tlowers, blue
Shirts, bug spirts, ot olive green and.
most iiemved'nl Mil, of dark purple.
tJ Is. uandkercbiefs are -of lhe most
fragile and line cambric, each bearing
Ln (i|.|j<-t embroidered in the corner In
exquisite stltehery or iulet In the form
ot guipure lace. His tie pins dazzle
the eye with tbeir pearls of pink and
purple and black, each H (lawless uud
<*0Btl,V gem. His vest buttons for eveu-
lug wear, with ttttnlM and cuff links to
match, are marvels of enamels, garnet*
or inert ber-of-pearl enwlirinlug rare jewels.
Ue has watches fin- oil times nnd sea-
sous ot wear���one for evening, ll not lief
for town wear In the daytime, a third
for siniotiiig. a fou rib for hunting, and
so on. And Ids In:is and suits iu (heir
Infinite variety for .every conceivable
occasion would make many h lady of
Society green with envy.
Aud what shall we say of hls cor-
Pets, which dowel bis figure wild an
elegant waist, or. If be is no lonuer
young, of his array of wig�� and ion
pees, eyelintws Ulld eyelashes, willed
give to sixty fir seventy the facial
Comeliness uf the twenties. i
He wears few jewels, hut he has eas-   j
kets full nt tbem'at toome wlttcU would
not Hbnuie a society-betlu ut top Uetgfel
ot ber career vt conquest.    Antt lie Is u
prp-.iter   cunnoliwteur   ot   dellcute   per
fumes than the <landy of Queen Anne's
dsy, who licfore l>e promenaded in the
|��irk deluged himself from flowing peruke  to  gold   clucked   stocklugs,   witli
tuusU. civet or orange flower.
Our modern dandy, however. Is more
discriminating and   less prodigal.    He
flll'ecis sachets, carries a tluy phial of
bis  favorite perfume in bis waistcoat
r&ii-kct   and   wlitt   a   silver   sprinkler
sprays Ills lingerie before he puts it on
.Nor. we may be sure. Is tte any less
careful   of   the   Oenufy   of   tare   auu
bauds.    In his dressing room you win
Iind such an array ot toilet lotions und
cosmetics   as   would   excite   envy   in
Inuiiy a female breast.    .\or Is lie by
Duy   means  conlenl   with   sucb   name
treatment as pomades and creams uud
toilet waters placed at bis disposal.
Ue  ha.s   ids  own   face  specialist,  lo
whom he pays periodical visits at so
many guineas a time, for steaming,
massaging and other mysterious processes for restoring the smooth texture
end the complexion of youth.
If he lias a tendency to baldness and
the usual lotions fall to stimulate
growth or if be is troubled hy balr lu
UQdeslruble places be has recourse to
the beauty floctor, who, lor a sub-
Btantlal fee, will remove lhe latter or
Induce n luxuriant growth ot the
former with the aid of electricity.
Tlie electric spark will equally remove
any pimples with which too generous
living has dlstigured his face and (It
massage fallsi the wrinkles with which
envious time threatens bis youthlul-
Our dandy must, of course, pay
regular visits to hls manicurist at it
guinea or more tl visit, for he may be
Jironder of his dellcute hands and ill-
1-ert nails lhan any debutante of her
rreiim and roses. Uo must also devote
part of every day to physical exercise
uiiilei expert guidance lu order to
l-eep hls too solid flesh In decorous
subjection and to retain the supple and
elegant figure of hls younger days.
If he pours a few shillings' worth of
perfume into his morning bath, who
.shall find fault with sucb an effeminate extravagance/ tie can well afford it, and, ut any role, cleanliness Is
a virtue we cannot cavil at And If
he crowns all this costly care of bis
precious person with an annual mouth
at some foreign spa���well, be probably
Heeds all ihe help he can get from it
in order tn keep his place in the ranks
oi masculine beuuty.
Tho Meanest Man Bill.
They were discussing tlie fieak Mils
Ihai   get   themselves   Introduced   lino
congress every   year wbeu a Colorado
representative said:
''Sometime*     I     think    the    Blestest '
l��m�� we could tc.vp In ttil* t'OUtHTH
would be thv nrtoptlon of H federal
*titt.iie In ncceidanee wltb n bill tin
< ��1<I character to Colorado nine want-
ill tne to offer lo lhe stale ieg.s attire-
It was entitled tlle meanest man bill
cud provided for uu election tn every
county each year to determine wb-.i
was the meanest man In the county
The man receiving tlie highest vote
wus to be bunged, Think or thu good
such a statute would do! Just consider what decent citizens all the peo
pie would be who received a few
scattering voles: And those who stood
any chance of leading the ticket would
move nway. lu two or three years
every place where the law was ln
operation would hreome n model community. "���New Vork Press.
Music of Street Boys.
One   point   regarding   street   music
puzzles tins writer.    How does the HV
crape small boy manage to add lu his
repertoire the latest song from Ihe lat
est   musical  comedy  within  a day  ot
two of  Us   prodded lot)  at  a   west  end
theater?    li ls hardly likely thai he at
tends  tlte  theater  to  hear  it  at   til-si
l.and     Une  can   hardly   Imagine   hlm
buying the score to learn it that way
^ntj us for those Important factors in
musical  education,  the  gramophones.
the park bands and the barrel organs
le generally forestalls them by weeks
Whence, then, does he gain Ills knnwl
edge?    It Is as mysterious as the pas
s.-ige of news lo the Indian bazaar before the official telegrams have arrived
���London Spectator,
Facilities to Economix*.
"Our forefathers lived much more
Simply than we did." said the man wlio
takes everything seriously. "They did
uot hesitate lo economize."
"Yes. but look ul the room they had
to economize In, Vou couldn't expect
us to churn In a flat or keep chickens
and a garden on ttie tire escape, could
youV"-\\nshlnglon Star.
I Oot Off Easy.
"Tlte nndlence doesn't treat ms
right." growled tbe bad actor.
-'.\o." replied tb���� local manager. "1
Hover knew It to too so tolerant."���
<Vrebirirt Plain IValcr.
The child Is a brindle of Instincts, not
jl eiieet of white paper.-U. fcl. Archl
What a Man Eate.
Mrs Stihhiih-I wonder what's come
I over Harry. liiMead ol being cross, a*,
usual, he started uft happy and uhls
tllug like a bird this morning. Nora
1.1 new glrli��� It's mv ill til t. uillin I
pot the wrung package and gave hliu
ntrd seed im breakfast luod.-Woin
mi's Home Companion.
Clara ��� I've been locking Into .lack's
lie   and   i in   awfully   dlpuppointpd.
Miiry-Why?    I'lura���My    worst   stw-
plvluiis uie unfounded.���Satire.
The Weddinq.
"Was lhe wedding a success?"
"Oh, a huge one.   Why. women wept
Utterly   who   dldu't   eveu   kuow   the
Bome of Them Are Bullet* and Poets.
Heutee and Even Stoves,
Paper can be made from nearly anything, and nearly uui tiling can bo
made from paper.
With compressed paper ar�� made
wheels, rails, cannon, imrseslioes. polishers for gems, bicycles utid asphalted tubes for gas or teleclrle wires.
With wood ptilp nnd fine sulphate
there has been an attempt in Herlin
to make artificial bricks fnr paving.
After subjecting them to u pressure tri
2.01)0 tons per cubic centimeter ttiey
are baked for forty-eight hours. In
sitrilar fashion are made rooting tiles
aud water pipes. Telegrupb pote:��
made of rolled sheets of paper are
hollow, lighter tbau wood and resls-:
weather well.
ln Japan they make of paper clothing, window frames, lanterns, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, artificial leather,
etc. In the Uuited States and eveu
iu Oermauy nre mnde pa|ier coffins,
lu <Jermany they make jtaper 'barrels,
vases aud milk bottles.
���Straw hats may uow be bought Into
which enters not ao atom of straw
They nre made of narrow paper strips
dyed yellow. Artificial spouges an;
made of cellulose or paper pulp. Ono
tuan has taken out a patent for paper
thread to be used In sewing shoes, and
ii brand of artificial Bilk is mnde on
a basis of paper fsiip.
The use of paper In Industry may be
Indefinitely extended. It Is employed
to make imitation porcelain, for bullets, shoes, billiard table cloth, sails
for hoats. boards for building, impermeable imps for cement und powdered
substances, boats and vessels for water Tbere bus even been made a paper stove -which Is said to hnve stood
the tire well. Cellulose may ho used
to prepare a waterproof coatlug that
may be applied like paint. ��� Whole
houses have been built ot paper, in
Norway there is a church holding 1,000
persons built entirely of It, even lo
the belfry.���London Tit Hits.
The Orama That Began With Columbus Ended In Sorrow.
Arriving in Uuvana ou the ufternoon
of Dec. 31. 1SB.N. tbe day beiore Spain
surrendered the island. I preseuted to
Major Oeneral Ludlow a tetter of In
traduction from tlie son of one of his
friends and usked for a pass which
would enable Mrs. Thayer and niysell
to see ihe next day's ceremonies at the
palace. The pass was prevent!? form-
It was flve minutes to 13 next day
At Ihat Instant ruse tlie solemn slralns
of  the  Spanish  anilieiu.    As  It  ceased
there wa- a moment's silence.  Then up
Ihrongh die casements came the -'Star
Spaui'led   Itamier."  and  lhe procession
which   bad   lorined   below   wound   its
���wuy tlironeb  lbe  trrent porvnl  nud  up
r.ito ��be ruotn  wbere  we  were.    Mujot
��� leuerjil  Brooke and the olllcers undei
nts command, Ibeli dress uniforms and
vellow sashes ii   bright note of color
entered first.   Then came the swarthy
I'tiban    leaders.    Hnir    uniforms    less
splendid, bat their ditrnlty Iievond ques
ttnn.  and   last  of   all.   (leneral   Cuslel
Ianos and bis staff
The scene was too pnlnftif lo prolong.
A moment of formalities and It was
over, ami the defeated said farewell
It was nn otdeHl tor a man of t.'asiel
lanos' temperament. Tears cn ine lo his
"I   hnve heen  In  many ���battles."  he
faltered, "many living situations, bui
never In a position like this"   Then, as
we watched, the little handful oUSpan
Ish   troops,   headed   oni."   by   life   and
drum,   set   their   faces   toward   Spain
l'he drama whicb began with Colum
bus wus finished. - .lohn  Adatus '4'iiay
era "Out of the Hut."
A willing mlud makes a bard Journey
: ti'.y.   Mnssluger.
Well Answered.
On one occasion a young British attache was oue of the guests at tt state
banquet in St Petersburg, nod during
the banquet be bad the misfortune to
upset his wine glass und make a bilge
red stain on lhe white tablecloth. The
I'Star happened to be looking iu his direction when lbe disaster occurred uud.
noticing the youngster's painful cur
burrassmeut. lie asked rather erue'ly.
"Do they often do thut sort of tiling In
England 7"
The trodden worm turned.
"Yes. your majesty.' came the swlfr
reply. "Inn nobody lakes any notice of
It.'"���London Ausu.rs.
A Dangerous Dive.
In his reminiscences of lilty years or
naval life Admiral Kennedy tells this
"An absurd adventure happened io two
of our men at the opera. They were In
lhe gallery and were both conslderablj
Ihe worse for liquor, when one of ihem
fell over lhe rolling lino the pit. Ill-
cliiiin. under Ibe Impression that ne
had fallen overboard, look off bis coat
and dived after hint. Wonderlni to re
late, neither of them was kiinsi one
broke bis leg, the other wus unhurt."
"Is the boss going to give you the
raise you asked for?"
"Well���er���I'm afraid lo any. I lold
hlm I thought my pay ahould lid com
mensurale wilb I bo amount or work
I do, and be promptly agreed with
me."���Philadelphia Press.
Many a man would find It easier to
do his Christian duty If he were not so
busy trying to do his Christian friends
���Chicago Jleconl-IIernld.
Marie���Is your husband considerate?
Alice���So  mtieb   ao  he doesn't come
awrtlit at night for fear bell wake me
If There Is No Bright Side Burnish Up
th* Dark Sid*.
A gentleman remarked to tts tbat thc
true theory of life was lo get on the
admiration side aud not on the cynical
nnd objurgatory side of life. We believe that ls sensible, says Ihe Ohio
State Journal. "Look on the bright
side and If tliere Is no bright side burnish up the dark side" is n little quotation that wo put In our notebook more
than a score of years ago. lt Is good
gospel. It is the doctrine ot hope.
Grumbling at everything Is un-Chris-
tian. It will condemn u man ns sure
us profanity or lying.
The Hible say*. "But let all those
that put their trust ln thee rejoice."
There is philosophy for this. A person cannot do auy good In u tiad spirit
If one hates a uiau he cannot reform
him. Every goud thing thnt n man
does pulls some evil tip b.v the roots.
<Jood deeds grow by smiles as tbe
wheat grows by the sunshine. Boost
the good nud lhe bad will have u poor
It * right to curb the evil lf one does
not waste all his strength at It. so that
he will have to sit down and lose heart
There Is no tlnal defeat In an honest,
sincere effort, nuii that Is the doctrine
of the upward look and the bright side
of life.
10:60���Vancouver via G.
Two Pairs Are Sometimes Broken to
Oblige Finicky Customers.
When u one legged man buys a shoe
the dealer sends |u the tuctory for u
shoe to match the one left remaining.
In these days ot the use of machinery
ln every process ol their luuuiifaciure
shoes are made with the utmost exactness and precision) and it is easily possible to male that remaining shoe with
ihe greatest nicety In size, style, material nnd finish.
Kew people have feet exactly alike.
Commonly the lett foot is larger tban
(he right, so that one shoe may bt a
little more snugly than tile other. Commonly, however, people buy shoes tn
regularly matched pairs, the difference
in their feet. It It Is noticeable to tbem
at all. not being enough tu make any
other course desirable.
Bul there are people who buy shoes
of different sizes or widths, in wtnen
case llie dealer bleaks two pairs lor
them, giving them, lo tit Iheir leet. one
shoe from eacli. In such cases tbe
dealer matches up the two remaining
shoes, one lrom each ot two Jairs. Just
us he would where he bad broken one
pair to sell one sboe to ti one legged
Halcyon Days,
The seven da^s preceding and Ihe
seven days following tin* winter solstice were called by Ibe iiiicienis "bai
cyoti days " ThU phrase Is derived
lrom a fable which sets forth tbat Hal
/join", a princess who prleveU so deeply tor tlte loss at sen of her spouse, waa
sent ttiilher In pity In lbe form or n
ball-ion bird or kingfisher. According
to the legend, the halcyon bird bad
during the liuie of breeding the power
ot lulling the waves, and it uas be
lieved id tills time the sea was always
calm and might be navigated iu per
feet security. Kxperieuce. of course,
dispelled this fable; but. like many an
other old world story. It has left behind
11 a distorted meaning. In this case
the connect Ion between the old and Uie
new significance is clear, for the lerm.
ome expressive of peace uud calm
upon the waters, is equally expressive
ot tranquillity upon the sea of life.
Th* Lump Fi*h.
Did you ever hear oi the lump lish?
Well. It's a peculiar species found in
sail water. This strauge fish |Missesses
a sucker formed by two ventral tins,
which are so shaped that when Mulish reclines on a rock the Hus net as
^tickers und hold It IIroily. As soon us
Ibe epgs ure deposited In shallow pits
between stones, the female reeling
(hat she has done her part, deserts
tbem and lhe male at once assumes
I-bltrge and guards the eggs until they
hatch oul uud I hen lhe young until
they are able lo take care of themselves, ln moving round he Is closely
followed by the numerous family
which has given rise to Ibe term "lien
and chickens." At times they attach
themselves lo llie sides of their parent
by Iheir sin king disks, thua presenting
a singular appearance.
N.  R.
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. B.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
11:0*��� Vancouver via. B. C. B. R.
(daily except Sunday).16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11.15
10:50���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R,
(daily except Sunday).. 9.45
15:16���United States via G. N. R.
(daily exceut Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points east and Europe    (daily)    8:16
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally)   13:15
11:40���Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mills      (dully     except
Suuday)     8:15
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      tdally      except
Sunday)     ���. 14; 00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except   Sunday)     8:15
Central Park, McKay and
Kdmonds  (daily except
Sunday)       11.15
East Burnaby (dally   except   Sunday    14:30
iO:00���Timberland tTuesday and
Friday)    13:30
Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and Unites
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally   except   Sunday) .13:30
j 10:00���Woodwards        (Tuesday,
Thursday    and     Saturday)    13:30
j 16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding vlu G. N. K.
(dally except Sunday).. 14;20
��� 15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G.   N.   It.   (dally   except   Sunday) 14:00
' 11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dally except tiuiHiay   16:0(
18:10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumaa,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
15:15���Crescent, White liock and
Blaine (dally except
16:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern lildge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    n
11:20���Chilliwack. Milner. Mt.
I ehmaa, > ideryrove, Otter. Shortreed, (Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,
Bradner, Ilellerose, via
B. C. B. R, (daily except Sunday)  ....
il:2�����Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. R. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday      	
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R
(dally except. Sunday). 17:30
11:20���Abbotsford. Huntinpdon,
via B. C. E. It. (daily
except Sunday) 17:30
15:50���Cloverdale    via   B.C.E.R.
idaily except Sunday) .17:30
12:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista    23:00
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge'
No. 27, I. O. O. F��� ls hold every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall,   corner   Carnurvon   aniL
Eighth   atreet.     Visiting   bretherii.
cordially invited.   H. W. Harrison,.
N. G.;  C. B. Bryson, V. G.;  Janie.-.
Fergm-on,   P.   G.,   recording   secretary,   R��� B. Purdy, financial secretary.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
..  9:00
Elasticity of Conscience.
In (he majority of cases conscience
Is nn elastic and very flexible article,
which win bear a deal of stretching
and adapt Itself to a great variety of
circumstances. Some people, by prudent management and leaving It olT
piece by piece, like a Annuel wulstcoat
In warm weather, even conlrlve In
time to dispense with It altogether,
but there be others who cun assume
the garment and throw It off at pleas-
tiro, and this, being the greatest and
most convenient Improvement. Is tbe
one most in vogue.��� Kroui Dickens'
"Old Curiosity Shop."
Transfer Co,
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Bepble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Specifications, agreements of sale,,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room 6, Merchant Bank Bldg.    l'hone 715.
Johnston' & jackson, barristers
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Rooms-
(i und 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cubic Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 107n.
Adam Smith .lohnston and Frank
Alexander JftCbson,
WH1TBSIDB & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columhla street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone ii9. W. J.
Whiteside. II. I.. Kdmonds.
solicitor and notary, C10 Columbia-
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooma 7 und 8*
Gulchon biock. corner Columbia and.
McKenzie streets: Vancouver of-
lloca, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C.���
A. Whealler, W. O. McQuarrie, O. E.
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
J. STILWELL CLUT1C, barrlster-al-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets In tha
hoard room, City Hall, as follows-
Third Friday of eacli month; quarterly meeting on the third Friday o^
February, May, August and November at S p.m. Annual meetings oin
the third Filday of Fehruary. New-
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or tjuarterlv
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
t*. G. GARDINER.        A. L.  MERCER,'
Gardiner & Mercer
M, S. A.
Phone  661. box  77^
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
B. C. Coast Service
p.m.    for
Sole apent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water;,   AetatcdgWateri
Manufactured by
Teleohona R  113. Office:  Princess St
His Paying Powsrs.
Old Gotroi-I don't think much of
tbat young DudelelRb wlio pones ns u
purlor ornament around bere occasionally. Pretty Daughter��� Wby, pa, be
pays   me  the   loveliest  compliments.
Old (iutroi���Yes, and that's all lie
tvna ever known to pay, so fur as 1 can
leu rn.-exchange.
"They sav she Is devoted to ber bus-
band anu baby."
"Yes, pour thing! She hasn't token a
prize at u bench show for three years!"
Bad men excuse tbeir faults,
men leave them.���lien Jonson.
[D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. 6th and Columbia
Leaves    Vancouver    10    a.m.    for-
Seattle,   via   Victoria,    daily     except
LtaveH    Vancouver    11
Seattle direct daily.
Leaves Vancouver 1 p.m. und 11:45.
p.m. daily  for Victoria.
Leavea    Vancouver     2    p.m.      for
Nanaimo dally except Sunday
Leaves    Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,
Wednesday und Friday.
Leaves  Chilliwack  7  a.m.  Tuesdav, >
Thuraday nnd Sutnrday.
�� ED. GO D LKT,
Agent, New Westminster.
O. P   A.. Vancouver
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect fit and workmanship guaranteed. ,   , ���   .   I
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods Just arrived. First-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St., Clty.
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on all
Junk, and highest price.
207 and 20B Front Street.
Phone R 619. X^HI
���MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1912.
Buy Your G
You can purchase all the necessities and luxuries of the present
day right here in New Westmin-
as cheap, and in many cases cheaper than in other cities in the Paciflc North West. .
This fact has been thoroughly investigated and proven, and is significant enough to demand your attention and careful consideration.
The merchants of New Westminster are telling you this story day
by day through their advertisements. They are showing you how
to save money and are appealing
to your intelligence on a practical
basis and in a way that you cannot afford to disregard.
New Westminster stores and business houses are stocked with just
as complete and up-to-date a line
of merchandise as is to be found
The progressive men behind these
mercantile enterprises are staking
their business integrity and reputation on their goods and prices���
and are making good.
thoughtful people in this city and
district are patronizing them liberally and are the gainers thereby.
You cannot afford to pass this up.
Read the adds-these daily, straight-
from-the-shoulder, plain-statements
of facts and
Buy In Westminster
Take a look at the May Day
Windows this week and SEE
S arm arid
Unless Precautions Are Taken Gum*
mosie Will Limit. Life and Usefulness.
"Certain varieties of the cultlvt'.sd
sweet cherry found In lhe Pacific
northwest are very subject to a diseased condition which Is 'commonly
known as 'cherry gutnmosis,'" says
i-'red L. tirlllln. a graduate student of
the Oregon Agricultural college, discussing some Investigations which ha
carried on iu the plant pathology department there.
"The disease Is characterized by a
more or less copious exudation of gum
from the tree," Mr. (jrltlln continues,
"the gum coming from the branches,
spurs and bads as well ns from the
trunk, nnd a pustulated appearance of
tbe bark is noted near the diseased
areas. Often but little gum ls exuded,
but lu such cases an examination of
the affected trees generally discloses
discolored tissues whicb are Infiltrated
with gum. Such areas nre spongy to
the touch und are usually discernible
by the variation lu color of the bark
as compared with that of tbe uortnnl
"Cherry gummoRis appears in both
n localized and generalized form.    In
Photo By Oregon   Aeilcultural college.
the former the disease Is apparently
Confined to a rather limited urea on
the trunk or branches, such area being
most often associated with a blighted
spur or bud lu the generalized form
large areas of the trunk or branch may :
become Involved, nnd tt often results
ln complete Blrdllng. This latter tyne
of Kiuuinottlx often appears to origt- \
uate In the crotch ot the tree."
Mr. r.rill!n has suggested thnt tbe
use of top worked, resistant stocks wlll
prevent body pirdling. Mazzard seedlings top grafted to Lambert cherries
liave proved quite successful In this
connection, as have tbe same seedlings
top budded to Royal Annes. The
Prunus Mahaleb is a species distinct
from the sweet variety and as a wild
seedling is native to Europe. It Is.
like the Mazzard. a resistant stock,
though the Mazzard bas proved the
better for the cultivated sweet cherries. By bavlng the body of tbe tree
of a^stork Immune, or nearly so, like
tbe Mazzard. ihe worst that cun happen is the loss of a branch nr so.
whereas If this precaution Is not observed the main body of tbe tree is
liable to be affected and tbe* life ond
usefulness of tbe tree limited.
Tbe evils of one crop agriculture are not to be measured in
tbe immediate present, but ln
our declining years or wben we
turn over a wornout farm to our
children. Tbe vast cotton fields
of tbe south and tbe wheat fields
of tbe nortli and west bear mute
but emphatic witness of tbe suicidal policy of adhering to but
one crop.���Kansas Parmer.
Useful Hint* on Keeping Busy During
Otherwise Idl. Staton.
Th<�� fruit grower Is often confronted
by the problem of providing profitable
labor for Ills employees during tha
wIisvt. Without cuttle nr other live
stock on the place It Is often bard to
provide such work. Since gooti help
Is becoming more scarce each year on
tbe fruit farms. It means a good deal
to be able to bold laborers over from
ono season to another.
On the farm which Is so fortunate
as to be provided with a small workshop many days may be profitably
spent In repairing nnd oiling the harnesses, inaklug orchard whi filet rees,
painting and repairing all the tools,
wagons and farm machinery. All
spraying machinery should be completely overhauled for tho coming
season. The packing of all the pump*
should be renewed. The engine should
be thoroughly examined, all the badly
worn parts should be replaced, and it
should lie oiled well to prevent rusting. Much time Is lost by farmers
during tho rush of spring work
through failure to overhaul their machinery during the winter. All tho
small tools should also be carefully
examined. Axes, scythes, mowers,
hoes, shovels, etc.. ahould lie repaired
and sharpened, for good sharp tools
Increase the elllclency and rapidity of
labor and therefore decrease the cost.
Plllnt Is a great preservative Of tool3
and especially of wagons. To gtvo
them once a year n coat of paint well
rubbed ln Is as good an Investment ns
a farmer can make. Ills equipment
wlll then not only look more respectable, but will lar.t much longer.
Many fruit growers during the past
season have experienced difficulty In
obtaining packages fnr their fruit during the harvesting period. Strawberry
crates and boxes nre always scarce
during the picking (tetiflop, Apple
barrels iind grape baskets are just ns
difficult to obtain In the fall, and the
demand for packages at these times
causes the price to be higher.
Why not eliminate vexation and expense by buying (he packages "knocked down" or " In the Hat" during the
winter when the prices ate more reasonable nnd Ihe laborers may be profitably employed In making lhem up?
Oue not only can save much by thta
procedure, but the packages will then
he at hand ready for the harvesting.
Kerry crates and boxes may be made
up and packed away for the spring.
Crape baskets may Ue bought, and the
handles may be nailed on at this tlmo
Insteud of In the fall. Apple boxes, if
used for packing this fruit, may also
be made up during these nionlhs and
set away for the fall.
In  some  states   the  barrel   is  still
the most popular package for artples.
Within the last few years some of llm
growers with large orchards have solved
the problem of winter work by Installing a cooper's omttt nnd innklns up lhAv
own   barrels  AtirVnjt  the, wtutter.     "Vtta
1 material may be bougtot ready to **���
1 semble at a reasonable price, and the
I tools uecessary for making the barrels
may   be   procured   at  a   slight   cost
Wben proper storage facilities are at
band many fruit growers can save a
good deal in this way, besides utilizing
tbeir employees during the winter.   At
times oue might also contract to supply  a   neighbor  with  barrels,   which
would permit one to buy tbe material
In larger quantities and make a little
money on the contract, besides prolonging tbe winter's work.���Country Gentleman.
Convenient Grain Box.
Take a dry goods bos. about fifteen
Inches deep, eighteen Inches wide acid
two and a balf feet long.   Saw a rec-
... ^_        ���  .' tongular   hole   la
^ ^i one end large
enough to receive
tbe grain and
binge a cover. A,
overlt Next saw
a bole about three
feet by four Inches in tbe front B,
m a k I H g the bottom cut slightly
rounded. Cut i
piece of tin about
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
Tbe Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Paciuc.
ln Cuba throughout the island;
alBO in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world, Those ex-
eclent connections afford evbry
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford   Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Drenches throughout Canada nnd
Newfoundland, and in London, England, Naw York. Chicago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and- Mexico City. A general
baaklng business transacted. Letters of Credit iaaued, available with
correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Djtartnient���Deposits
received ln sums of fl and upward,
snd interest allow* I at 3 per cent, par
innum  (preseut rutt).
Total   Assets  over  fl8d.000.000.0b
Q. D. BRYMNEI?. Manager.
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
8% to IB H. P.
I and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
8t,   Naw
Grade Seed Grain Early.
Do not wait until spring to clean and
grade your seed grain. Do Ic now,
while you bnve plenty of grain at hand
from which to select. The beat twenty
tive bushels Qf grain out of a hundred
bushels are worth mucb more for aeed
than is tbe grain that can be cleaned
from a much smaller amount in th��
spring. Tbe cost of thus cleaning and
;;ni(liug the grain is very alight, and It
ennbles one to have heavy, plump seed
grain at very little outlay.���Exchange.
Fertilizer For Dahlias.
Any good commercial fertilizer rich
in ammonia and phosphoric add ond
liberally supplied wltb potash wiil suit
di.bllns, but the best results are obtained by using It ln connection wltb
manure. Prepare tbe ground as you
would for corn. Wben the plants are
dowering freely a handful ot top dressing to each plant and four parts bone-
meal to one part nitrate of soda will bs
very helpful.���Rural New Yorker.
three ond one-half Inches wide for a
chute. C. curve It to fit tbe cut at tbe
bottom of It nnd nail In place. Nail
two small strips of wood, D, with a
groove in tbe edge of euch, to the box,
so tbat a door, E, will slide up and
down easily.
Make tbe door of a tbin piece of
board nud round lt at tbe bottom so
as to ttt snugly un tbe chute. By nils-
lng tl e door the grain wlll run out
Into a measure. Screw the box to the
wall tn the baru in it convenient place
iiboiii three feet from the floor.���Farm
it ud l-'iivside.
The farmer wbo toted flowers
tn tils sweetheart iu lbe courting
days should not object to help
tug his wife weed tbe flower bed
once ln awhile.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painter*, Paperhanger*
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue.
Phene 507
���*��� a*
Before you kick tbe otber fellow for not bringing bome the
borrowed maul go down to the
barn and see if bis borrowed az
stands  behind tbe door.-Farm
For the Farmer Who Thinks.
, Hard wood asbea contain from 1 to
10 per cent potash and considerable
lime. Save all of your bard wood
asbea and apply to tbe soil.
Most farm homes are seriously lacking ln proper ventilation, especially In
winter, wben every one cares more
for tbe warmth of the room than for
tbe purity of the air in lt
Make ail needed improvements at
tbe barn. See to It tbat the barn is
comfortable for tba animals during
cold weather. You cannot afford to
waste feed In trying to keep up animal beat wben tha animals ara ax-
posed to severe weather.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
���THAT    THE    SERVICE     IT
RE8T ..,.
1 ���P
r7 '.
Pktto &&_��
    .    *
Monday, april 29, 1912.
Coat Hangers
Egg Beaters
Pie Holders
The tug    Cheerfi;!,'.   or Vancouver,
came up river yesterday afternoon.
i m*et
Dressmaking aud^-plaln sewing |1.80
Fer day.   43 Columbia street east. ������
fresh crump-
Phone 1(159.
���SOLD BY���
I fi. i
Anderson & Lusby
Kighth street Ra,lt^ry
eta (daily.   A. Haj-fl.Huin
Tenders have "l^w called for the
Installation ot new -.iimps on the government dredge fyling.
We are headciuajlti.rs for beddlnK
plants, Davies, ufflq florist, cornet-
Agnes and Sixth,atrqets. Phone 697.
Ring up L184 an&aserve your seats
for William Fa.v/3ttham ln The
Faun," Tueaday jjjfjjtyjfl*. at the opera
house. ,',,(
The Prcsbyteri^i'Syr.od of British
Columbia opens M Weduesd-ty at St.
Andrew's ehuu-ii'iltjd will continue
throughout the
B,~.       i N,-,        K-HCO Three drunks Wtre the only captures
,  &.   IVS.     FISH     'made hy the porfi'e;lBaturday evening.
'  **���"        " They will apnear thla morning before
Fresh Salmon (half or whole), lb. 10c cw, Esmonds.      '���
FresU Halibut   3 lhB. for 850
Fresh Cod, per lh IGo      Water consumers not us.ng meters
Rod Spring Salmon, ier lb ,fic ' are  reminded  by" the  city   treasurer
Roval Sturgeon, per lh i-r>c   lhnt the tlm0 for saving the rebate
Fresh Oolichans, per  h 15:   foi. next three hioriths' payment   ex-
Smoked fish a specialty. | I;irrB at 6 p.m. TtoMffiay. April 30.
537 front SL   -   Phone 301 |   ^ rf ^ JJ[ gtroet C!ir8   has
���  '"" taken its first tf* Wt the line.   About
y-15 yesterday e'Wtting one of the
cars golne up tlWMHH left the tract
Pt the Cixth BtMSWP corner. The de-
lnv. however, was-only a short one
:,nd the car waSi quickly replaced.
Dr   H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist   can be consulted daily from 9:30
to 12 and 1 to 111 (or later by oppoint-
ment),   at  rooW"*,  Collister  Bock.
fPhone 11-21.       ;f'  '
: ���     l<
The management of the Edison
theatre have taken a lease on the
building CoriuWft known as the
Crystal theatre ah'd are making exten-
rilcturea shown there are not like the
average lovey-dovey pictures, out are
educational, scenic and dramatic. Besides these there wlll be shown, once
a week, the Weekly Gazette, which
shows all tht latest, bi-; events of the
world, in pictures. He Iiub made arrangements with Rushton's- orchestra
to supply him with music.
When asked by a New* representative lf he would have any colored picture songs, he   said   no,    firmly anl
finally.    Asked why, he sali that he
did not think  the show-going people
liked the picture song, but he intended to get a llrst cluss soloist to sing !
during the evenings.    Mr.  Tidy  said j
that he toould not spare expense, as ;
ho knew that lie would have a hard i
time getting the people'to climb the
hill, for just an ordinary picture show |
and thai was the reason for him try- j
lng to make hla an extraordinary one. j
Of course, one of tho main things that j
will attract the citizens to tlie o'eru
house wil) be the fact that it will be
very comfortable during the summer
months.   When everything Is hot and
stuffy outside, this place of    amusement can he practically thrown   open
and the cool breezes allowed to   tlo*
gently through the house.
It Is not. quite certain when the
house will be open, hut arrangement
are being made to open lt nevt Mondav evening. The price of admission
will he tlie aame as every other plc-
tuie house in the city, ten cents.
OF she alterations! preparatory to   open-
in ��� up a modern hnd up-to-date picture
THAT ��hov     The wort Is expecte.' to    he
completed within the next two weeks.
A rally of the Methodist Sunday
schools and Epworth leagues of the
citv will he held tonight at 8 o'clock In
the Sixth Avetiue Methodist church.
FAMILY | An address will he delivered by Rev.
J. B. Vestman, field secretary of S"n-
WHEN dav FC.h00]8 and Epworth leagues for
Alherta and    British   Columbia.   The
Alfred W. McLeod
asqaaaaaasHEo^- \%>-'	
[general public will ho welcome.
i The death occurred Saturday even-
ling at 8:30 of Jane Uuest, fourtn
tjaifgtter of Mr. and Mrs John Arai-
��� ?t.one, of Clo.cidale, aged 15 years
land five imnlHs: The funeral wlll
'take rlace this aiternoon at. 2 o'clock
'.trom'frte reauience  ot  tier  a\vat,  Mra.
i.  Kluun.  a40  Beccm A   street,     tlnls
Westminster   Choral   and   Orchestral
Society to Perform.
An excellent program is to be
"laced before the public tomorrow
evening by the Westminster Choral
and Orchestral society, anu all things
point to St. Patrick's hall wltnessluT
one of the brightest and most enjoyable events of the musical season.
'The Banner of St. George" is to he
given, and those who have heard tlte
'Dream of Oerontius," which is pe"- (
haps the better known of the crea->
tions of Sir Edward Elgar, may be
assured cf a similar treat In store,
Mrs. G. Byron Renshaw Is to take t'ie
solo part, and her record rs a singe"
renulres no reviving in th's city.
Elrar will also he heard In the p'pe1
"���hlch Is In the capable hands of Mr.
Af. J. Kn'eht, "Land of More pn '
Glory," The great national s^n? "Cl
Canada" will be renderel h* f1,p choi"
of aho-it sh-tv voices, assisted by 8
'arge orchestra.
We have set aside this week as one for the
Children. Every department ��� throughout
the store is in line for May Day. The exhibition of Children's Apparel will be of interest
to every mother who wishes her girl to look
s charming on May Day. Visit the store today
or tomorrow or any other day this week.
Coats for the Girls Children's Dresses
657 Columbia St.,
62. New   Wettmintter.
Moth Bags
Moth Balls
Lawn Grass Seed
Blue Stone
Liquid Veneer
Household Ammonia
Silver Polish
The now hrldi'e over t'/-.c Serpentina
on the Yale Road waa opened for
tifttflc on Satur .lay afternoon. The old
bi kl.e was dismantled und ihe new
c&e ] ut in '���] os'uion in the short
Bj.acO of three days. The work was
fono under the snjervison of the Provincial govcrnrctut. who are building
several su;h structures in that vicinity.
A new real estate flrm, known as
Lew Davies &. (o., composed of W. H.
Hutchison, T. O. Porter and Mr.
Davies, has opened an office in room
4 Collister biock. This lirm is handling Vancouver island property especially, and Mr. Thomas P. Wicks, a
well known resident of Hardy Bay,
can l��? seen at their office until May
1. All interested in island property
would do well to consult 'Mr. Wicks
in regard to climate, soil, etc.       **
Curtis Drug Store
Phona 43:  L. O. 71;
New    Weatminater,
Res. 72.
B    C.
For Sore Throat and
See Our Window.
m% �� STORE
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block.' 441 Columbia St
Naw WaffnUnaier. C C.
Columbian College Men Wind Up Interesting Series.
The third and last of a series of
me*;in^s held lor the benefl| of the
young men of the city too.; place yesterday afternoon at the Y. M, C. A.
The men of Coininldun college were ln
charge, Mr. C. V. Watson presiding,
und an address being givtu by Mr. j.
It. Butler. The theme which held the
meeting witt that whlcn centres
around the words "We Would See
Jesus." Mr, Man Marwood and Mr.
Jo���n Wheeler sting sa< red song! in
solo, anl hymns, aud ie:-llal8 of personal experience rounded out an Instructive gathering.
This ends tho afternoon meet lugs
until fall again comes round. Nexl
Sunday a morning Bible class will h->
begun ai which the Bunday lesson
will be studied, opening at 9:46 o'clock.
Mr. V. O. Canfield has consented to
he the teacher. It is hoped that by
this means recruits may he won for
the service of the Sunday schools
throughout the city.
The closing tea held after the
meeting was well attended.
G. N. Railwsv    Has    Men    at Work-
Many Improvements Under Way.
White Kock, B C . April 'id.���White
Rock is keeping pace Stride iy stride,
with the progress and activity ol
the Sister cities of Vancouver nnd
New Westminster. Not only are tlie
residents here, the property owners
and the townsite company all energetically making Improvements in various ways but the O. N. Railway has
awakened   to   the    fact   that   White
Hock ia worthy ot duo consideration
on their part. In addition to the
steam shovel and attendant laboreis
tilling ln and grading for the new de-
; ot tliey have had carpenters aim
laborers putting in plank drive.-, sidewalks and ste^s down to the beach
irom the sea front road across their
right of way at II. and C. streets,
making a convenient and safe access
to the beaches south of the Rook Itself.
Mrs. F. Diss and family of Central Park, and Mr3. JD. Winch and
family of Jubilee, have arrived and
will remain for the ba'ance of thi;
Mrs. L. Thornber ls arcupying her
bungalow and others from town have
given notice that they will he moving down shortly.
Buildings are still being erected as
(Illicitly as carpenters can be secured
some of the latest contracts to be
signed ��re residences for the Rev. a.
E. Vert, and Mr. McGibbon, Westminster and Mr. R. Leison of Vancouver. Mr. Ansty of Vancouver, is
having his bungalow considerably en-
large.d and White Rock Cottage, the
residence of E. II. Sands, the town-
site agent, is undergoing improve
The C ���mpers S- ,,ply Store operated l.y the >|>cwntlte company near
ihe Kr.ck tp*i.ed for the season at
Kaster, and Manager Hell reports bus
iness as brisk.
Another sign that White Rock Is
attracting attention outside local
spheres is tho fact that in tho current issue of the 11. C. Miu-a/ln".
there apnears i> tt-ti-ra-re illustr ite-1
article, dcatrlpilvc of this place, It is
understood that the 9. N. H. wl'l run a
sieclal excursion tral-i fro"' Yi'��t""'i.
ver, New We?itnlnster to White
Rock on  May 24th.
Several Imnorttni rc-tl estate triii-*
���icllons have gone throti'h ''tirln-r
the vast few davs. Four lots bein'..
sold to one party by the Townsite
Company, and It is understood t'lal V.
C, Cook of the I'eop'e'n Tru��t, hv-
i'tst bought tbe lot ad|oinl"g oti�� be
already owned, from a private Individual, the purchase price bein?
ine thousand dollars ea��b. white
'lo-'i looks healthy, is healthy and Is
owinr; fast.
of Beautiful Fine Kngiish Serge. In cream with
Black over check. Regular style Double breasteJ,
plain self collar, also detachable sailor collar of
Cardinal Drill, trimmed with White Braid; Sizes
fitting aees from 5 to 12 years.
Prices   from $3.50 to *4.25 each.
Children's Coats of Fine Linen, in Pongee shade,
Plain collar, wilh over pointed collars of Cream
lace Double breasted style, large buttons of self,
two pockets. Sizes 5 to 12 years. Prices, $3.25 to
S4.50   ench. I
Children's Coats of Fine Drill, in Lawn shade.
Deej Collars with set in revers of white pi(|tio
with red dots. Cuffs, and double breasted style
with   pockets.    Sizes ti to 12 years.
Prices,  each $2.50 to $3.50.
Reefer Coats of fine all wool worsted, in black
and white checks: velvet and jdain collars; double-
breasted. Fastened with metal or brass anchor hut-
tons. Sizes fitting S to 11 year.'. Values, regular
|7.00  to  $8.75.    Estra Special. $5.00 each
To those wi.o have Children's Dresses to buy
these three Special lots should ctalm their attention. The values are exceptional and In many
cases much reduced   under  regular  prices.
Lot 1 will show a Rig range of little Dresses in
Ginghams, Percales and Lawns, in White anl
Fancy Colors. Showing a wide choice of Styles and
Trlmmlnes. Sizes fitting ages from 3 to 10 years.
Values to $1.50,   Special $1.25 each.
Lot 2���A large range of pretty little Dresses In
French and Mother Hubbard Stvles, developed In
Lawns, Gingham, Chambry, Lacks, etc. Sizes 4 to
11 years.    Values to $2.^5   Special offer, $1.75 each.
Lot 3���Stylish little Dresses of flne Lawns, Organdies, Drills, Ginchams. Muslins, etc. In many
choice novelty c-fects in style and trimmings.
Shown ia blues, pinks, pongee, white, etc. Sizes
4 to 12 years. Values regular to $;1.25. Special each,
�����2.50. I
1 Miss Cave-BrowEe-Cavo
��� Id I
L.  R.  A.  M. A.   K.  C,   M
Member of the  Incor<orsted  S<
of Musicians rEuglandl,
ISucresso'   lo   Mis.   Reginald   I >'
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
Street, \ew Westminster. Phone 11411.
HARRY  TIDY,  Manager.
Manager Tidy Secures Best Movin-j
Pictures to Start Monday.
Manager Harry Tidy, of the Westminster oi era house, has decided to
Instal moving pictures in the opera
house. This does not mean that the
regular road shows will be eliminated,
hut the pictures will be run between
the dates of the show. He has purchased a now Powers No. ti moving
picture machine, the latest und best
make on tiie market, and has made
arrangement* i.lth the Gaumont com-
p;.ny of Canada, manufacturers of th^,
best picture lUlfis in the world, to sup-
|ply blm withfJfilins. The same pictures
Will be shown in the opera house is
are shown irr the Dominion moving
picture thetrtrw? the largest and most
up'-ticdafce picture house in Vancouver, If net on thc ccatt   Th.; ci. es of
Tuesday, April 30
The Distinct Event
The eminent English actor. Supported
by Mlss JULIE OPP, and his original
cast in
"The Faun"
Double Corner
Size 108 x 141 feet. This is a good proposition for a builder. Will make four lots
35ft., 3in. each.   FIFTH STREET.
Price $3,600, Easy Terms
Itef. No. tiL'5.
Columbia Street New Westminster
A splendid comedy of old
manners   and    thought   by
Knoblauch, the acknowledged
of romance and comedy.
Bare Titanic Pictures.
Philadelphia, April 28.���The exhibition here of moving picture, depicting the sinking of t!.e Titanic wa< forbidden today by Mayor Blankenburg,
who commented: "I think It is about
the limit for the proprietors of moving picture houBes to commercialize
such a terrible disaster."
Seats on sale at Tidy, tho Florist's,
47 Sixth Street.    Phone L184.
day, Jane Guesl, fourth dang liter of
Mr. und Mrs. John Armstrong, of
Cloverdale, 13. C, aged 15 yearn and
flve months.
The funeral will take place (his
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of her aunt, Mrs. W. J. Sloan,
StO Second sireet.
nought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Barnaby Lake
We have just placed on the market a splendid Subdivision overlooking -Burnaby Lake.
all cleared and some in bearing orchard;
city water, electric light, telephone, good
roads, sidewalks, good car service and low
fares. Every convenience for a comfortable suburban home in a select residential
district. Terms 1-4 Cash, balance 1, 2 and
3 years.
For descriptive matter and prices, see
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability,
and Marina Insurance.


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