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Westminster Daily News Jul 23, 1912

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 1 '���."��� iw��i^iFSip���������iiifr-TniWj|li
Government and Opposition Warn Nation of Present
Menace-Premier Asquith Calls on Dominions to Join In
Defence-Foreshadows Oversea Participation In Imperial
Policy-Churchill Says Build.
London, July 22.���The Bpeech of
Winston Spencer Churchill, first lord
of tbe admiralty, ln introducing today
the supplementary naval appropriation of $5,000,000 in the House of
'Commons fully endorsed as it was by
tbe prime minister, wil! cause graver
concern to the country than any warnings which have gone before.
Without the least offenslveness, the
first lord of the admiralty sketched
the "unprecedented" rise of the German fleet, which he described as "extremely formidable."
-  -   Menace of Austria.
In order to bring home its size to
his hearers, Mr. Churchill likened It
to tbe great fleet which all saw at
Splthead a short time ago. His text
was "llulld, build, untiringly through
successive years, as tbe only means
of meeting the menace in. the Nortb
Mr. Churchill alao told the House
tbat if the Information received by
the admiralty that a Mediterranean
power���meaning   Austria���was    eon-
��bte  to Speak to Grandsons���World
wide Messages of Sympathy
Pour in.
of military rule down at the camp,
which they appear to thoroughly appreciate, as every attention is paid to
the orders or uie commanding officer
and his assistants. The boys commence tbeir daily routine by getting
up tU. li o'clock. Immediately after
rising prayers are held, and later in
the day the bugle sounds the charge
when the lad3 are lined up on the
beach for a swim.
���Hie culinary arrangements are in
the ahle hands of a lady cook, who
has a complete staff of scout assistants at her calling. Under this lady's
competent, instructions the, camp can
now boast at least half a dozen young
chefs of varying ability.
In the evening the camp-fire is
lighted., aud as JJie dusk slowly grows
to dark a regular sing-song ts held ln
which ���every person attached to the
company take* a vigorous part.
Besides the usual drills the lads are
,.���....     __       _       given   training  In  despatch   bearing
torn plating another considerable naval *��* "many an exciting: ��� scene takes
program, proved true, "lt will com- j PJaoe in the woods behind the bay.
atltute a naval factor requiring our Crowds of people have visited the
prompt attention and not included ln camp since it started, and on Thurs-
any forecast I had given of future flay Bishop DePencier was down and
naval construction." inspected the quarters of the scouts.
Balf ours Suooort. \   *?*er    ^^nS   ���!*��*    �������"����    **<>
Mr. BaZr' tti fS&r tarter et ��**�� �����f c���;" thu boy will re-
the opposition, vu ***** ta V* *��*�� *��*����. *** tc"f, 0B
support of the government program.  *��*����� next by tbe 6 o'clock tr��U
"Those who have listened to   tbe , '-
speech of the first   lord."    he   said, MflsaWftftft   AC   unill
"must now be convinced tbat there is faMWW   IH*   lAr'All
no use talking about dropping    our UUI LIW51   VI    Jrtl nil
shipbuilding.   The cost cf tbe   navy i
must Increase as long ss kinase competition iu shipbuilding goe* am tjhe- j
Notable features ot ne dehate were
Premier Asqulth's call to the dominions to Join In the defence of "qur
common heritage." and his remarks
foreshadowing an early snmmontng of
the statesmen ot the self-governing
colonies to participate In determining
the pollcy of the empire.
Canadian Tribute.
Mr. Aaqulth. on behalf of the British government, gratefully thanked
Robert L. Borden, the Canadian premier, who was a listener, and his colleagues for the spirit they had entered Into the deliberatess of the ���government. He said he felt sore nnv
announcement they might make -would
be received in the British Isles with
gratitude, and he was eertaln lt would
be adequate to the dlgnltv and patriotic spirit of Canada. The hardens
of responsibility were being shared
by the mother country and the dominions and they could not In peace, or
in war. Isolate themselves from another.
With the dominions' growing participation ln the active burden of the
empire, tt was Great Britain's -duty to
make such a response as it couTB to
their reasonable demands that fhey
should be heard ln the determination,
of tbo Imperial pollcy.
Labor. Navy and State. -
James Jlarasay Macdonald, labor
member for l.��lr.ester. said neither,
Germany nor England long cou'lfl
stand such a stra'n on thelT finances i
and decided that the British lahnr-;
ites would join the iRhorites of Ger-
many In opooalng the constant 'Increase in naval appropriations.
Lord Charles BeresfoYd critlclzefl
the Increase In the naval program as
Insufficient. He prophes'ed that the
���country ��'ovld po on adding more
shins each vesr. bnt not enough���Jus^l
sufficient to Induce Germany to fol
low suit until wnr came.
Premier Asnvtth said the tnereaiefl
expenditures were "necessarv to Tnal*-j|
tain  the  security  nf our shores, of J
our dominions, and of o(ur commoT"'
and to insure the peace of tbe worifl
We are ropf reluctant competitors 1n|
thla naval rivalry which was not provoked by us."
Italian Draws Gun on Fellow Country-
man->-Prellrninary  Hearing
This Morning.
Fedele Cross!, an Italian, was arraigned before Police Magistrate Ed
monds yesterday morning on a charge
of attempting to murder a fellow
countryman, Frank Gonsales by uame.
Sunday morning.
His worship adjourned the case until this morning in order to give the
iccused an opportunity to secure
legal aid as well as an Interpreter,
for neither he nor his accuser could
understand English.
It is alleged by Gonsales that he
met Grossi near his home on Fourteenth street on Sunday about 10
o'clock. He asked the defendant for
the return cf a small loan, and an
argument ensued whicb he alleges
terminated in jGrossl drawing a revolver, at the same time giving voice
to the dire threat tbat he intended
to kill him.
Gonsales, it is stated, caught the
hand in which Grossi held the weapon and a man who was near at the
time, and witnessed the occurrence,
aided in disarming him.
Realizing the serious nature of the
offence which he had committed
Grossi fled to Vancouver, where he
was taken into custody late on Sunday night by two officers on the local
force who had' followed him to that
eity. . .
Grossi comes up for preliminary
hearing this morning.
Council Endorses   Improvement Plans*-Temporary
Loan of $250,000.
Residents Ask for Better System
Wire Connections���Arena Contractors' Mistake.
Mayor Gaynor Takes Hand in Rosen-
Case���Four Men Held for
Thursday's Inquest
Tokio, July 23.���The extreme ten
���titan (caused by the illness or Mut-
subfto. emperor of Japan, has greatly
relaxed, but tbe attending physicians
say that while there is reason to be
���encouraged, the public must wait a
week beforo assurances can be given
respecting the outcome.
The improvement noted Sunday was
maintained yesterday and the bulletins issued by the court physicians,
w'hidh are posted throughout the empire, indicated that the maladies from
which the emperor Is suffering are un-
'der control, at least temporarily.
The latest bulletin at 5 o'clock this
morning gave briefly the results of
the physicians' examination at 8 a.m.
'ft stated that the improved conditions
were generally sustained, but that his
���ma'Jedty 'had been unable tb sleep.
'The temperature of the patient at
that hour was 102.4. At 5:30 o'clock
a minister of the imperial household
gave out the information that the emperor was sleeping soundly and that
his appetite had improved.
Mutsiihlto yesterday was able to
speak to his' three grandsons, who
had been summoned from the summer
residence and also to the crown princess, 'to whom he entrusted a message
to the crown prinoe. For a consider
able period during the early davs of
'His tfldknesa 'the emperor was In a
semi-conscious condition, lapsing occasionally into unconsciousness. Delirium was .one of the symptoms that
caused grave concern to thn physicians, 'but the del'rlum has disappeared and the emperor's mind is comparatively efear.
"E'TresBlons of oeno*rn, couched in
unusually svmnathet'e teVma. are being received from every quarter of
nrr. woriB. from n'lers, great business
houses and individuals. Yuan Shi Kai.
president of the Chinese republic,
sent n special representative to con-
"ey hls Oeen pnrsonal concern, and
also that nt China. A telesraphlc
message from Yuan Shi Kal. described The emneror a* "one of the world's
greatest peace holders."
T��m thousand pilgrims dailv are
visiting the Imperial Shrine of Ise to
pray Tot the recovery of the emperor.
Many   People    Vlsft    Camp���Games,
Swimming,   Camp Firs    Concerts,
Cooking   Exploits.
Judging fron reports emanating
from Blackie 3;ilt, the Westminster
Boy Scouts, who are encamped down
there are having a very Jolly time.
Three of tho assistant scoutmasters
who are unable to get away from business to attend the camp went down
there on Saturday, and after spend
ing the week-end under canvas returned to tho 'Olty, bringing glowing
accounts with them .of the, rgusfijg
times the boys were enjoying.
The scouts are under a mild form
North Vancouver Band Will Play In
Queens Park.
The want of music on public play-
CTounds In the elty, which has been
felt by all and expressed by some, in-
eluding the Trades and Labor council, will shortly be Oiled. On Sunday
ner.L the 28th Inst., the North Vanoouver elty band v^ill arrive In tho
c'tv and give an open air concert ln
Queens park at an hour to be announced later,
The Vancouver Aorto-Welsh cbolr
aho purpose to five Sunday concerts
bere, and tVr anbllcatlc for expenses which has been suh-"lt*"d to
t'e city council Is in the hands of
the finance. oommltWe, and will- be
passed upon at the next meeting ot
that body.
���dfdw Tork.   July 22.���"Bald   Jack".
IWse, Sam Paul, "Brldgie" Webber.
William Shapiro and Louis Libby. all
hem by the police ror complicity iu
the murder,of Herman Rosenthal, the
gambler, were arraigned today before
Coroner Felnber?. The results ot the
hearing, hi which the district attorney
won the flrst scrimmage, agalnat the
attorneys for the accused, are briefly
as follows:,
Rose, gambler and friend of Lieut.
Becker, whom Rosenthal charged with
being his partner,- was held without
*>r��!l for the coroner's Inquest Thursday.
Rose is said to have hired thc
"murder >car" in which the gunmen
later went to assassinate Rosenthal.
lxmis Libby, part owner of the automobile, was held for the presentation of further evidence Thursday
and the case of William Shapiro,
chauffeur ot the car, likewise was put.
over to that day.
"Bridgle" Webber, the gambler ln
whose place ln Forty-second street'
the gang ls said to have congregated,
and Sam Paul, were held without ball
until Wednesday.
Jack Sullivan, alleged go-between
for Rose and Lieut. Becker, was beld
as a material witness.
^n Important development of the
day. was the entrance of Mayor Gaynor into the case. By order of the
mavor the Independent Investigations
which have been conducted hy the
nol'ce and the district attorney's
office have heen concentrated under
DlBtrict Attorney Whitman. Mayor
Gaynor summoned Police Commissioner Waldo arid .Instructed him nnd
Deputy Commissioner Dougherty to
act in harmony with. pm district at-
tirney. no matter what friction might
havo crrpt hetween them.' The result
was that Dougherty went at once to
l'te Whitman.
Meav.w.' 1-5 tie cowitry-w< 1�� n-v't**
for the actual us-sasa'ns of RosenfHl
continues, both the pollen and privuV
detectives whom the district nttTiicv
had employed taking an hctlye hatid
Five men. whose nftaea have hem obtained from those under arrest, lire
wanted and some of them are understood to be In Chicago; having fled
\ew York the day after the shoot hr.
Commissioner Doughertv has admitted that the actual mnrderers are n^t
ln custody. The grand Jury Is hu��y
with two prbpositlons���the question
ot police participate In gambling ua
iharged by Rosenthal, and the murder.
Lieut. Charles Becker, head of the
"strong arm sciuad," who has baei;
tbe central figure In the charge
a~a'r>��<t the police, was today transferred to an up-town precinct where
ho will do desk duty.
At a very brief session of the city
council last evening a report compiled
by the city engineer and tbe assessor
in connection with proposed improvements to ten Btreets for which, tenders were recently awarded involving
in all an expenditure of approximately ?176,000, was endorsed by the
This means tliat the projected improvements will be finally advertised
in tbe daily press, after which a court
of revision will take them lb hand.
The work in this connection���providing the ratepayers of the various
streets do not raise any objection���
will be carried out under the local
lm irr vement'plan, aboue one-fourth
of the entire cost being assessed
against the city. The improvements
consist "f clearing, grading, widening
and paving, and include portions of
Sixth street,, Sixth avenue, Fifth
street, McKenzie street, Fourth Btreet
Regina street, Nanaimo street, Cemetery street and Queens avenue.
Borrow $250,000. .
Pending tbe disposal of the recent!
bond Issue of 8250.000 as provided for |
under the street Improvement by-law
No. 134, the following resolution,
moved by Alderman Kellington, and
seconded by Alderman Dodd, was
''Whereas it ia desirable to borrow
Horn the Bank'of Montreal the sum of
8250,000, in connection with the street
improvement debenture by-law, 1912,
No. 134.
"Resolved that debentures or bonds
to tbe amoustal 9260,000. Issued under   tka  �����}&��  ol  lbs  .tr**  lm
provem��i��t dSfcoture by-law, Mtt. WS
Will Be Located in    Storehouse   and
Police  Ctation  Building  When
With the completion of the new
storehouse and pollce station as provided for under the $15,000 by-law
passed last mouth there will be another department located within its
walls, dedicated solely to the working man. Tbis will be the municipal
employment bureau.
Tbe special committee recently appointed by tbe city council to consider tbe advisability of audi a move
as this, which had in the first place
been proposed by the Trades and
Labor council, last night brought in
its report to the councll, and that
body adopted it without further discussion.
With the exception of Vaqcouver
and North \ ancouver, Westminster is
the only city in the province that will
operate a bureau of this kind.
Order .In Council Gives B*
C. E. R. Power to Cross
Burnaby Streets.
hypothecated or   pledged   with   the ��n<j thlniwtir-reduce the. catches to a
Bank of Montreal'as security for   a
temporary loan from the said bank to
the corporation, pending the disposal
of said bonds."
Underground  Wires.
Addressing the council on behalf of
the ratepayers of Fifth street, Mr. J.
J. Mahoney stated that lt was the
wish of residents there to effect a
better system ot lighting and' telephone connections on the street at tbe
same time that the improvements projected by the city on that thoroughfare were being carried out. Their
proposal was to have the telephone
and electric lighting wires; which
were so unsightly at the present time,
enclosed in conduit beneath tbe boulevard which would run down the centre of tbe street.
Alderman Kellington Informed the
delegation that the board ot work*
had already taken up the question of
providing conduits for lighting on
some of the streets, and would suggest that the Fifth street ratepayers
meet the board ot works and the light
committee at a spools', meeting on
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.
This was put In the form of a motion and adopted.
A Danger Soot.
When the board of works report
was read Alderman Henley pointed
out ln regard to the Item which recommended that the rails of the B. C. E.
R near the Fraser river bridge be
changed so as to improve the crossing, that this point was a very danger
ous one for vehicular traffic, several
accidents had occurred and these: had
been, ln part, due to the brush which
obstructed the view of pedestrians or
automobilists as they approached the
intersection with Columbia atreet It
would be a good plan, he thought, if
this brush was removed.
Alderman Kellington endorsed tbis
suggestion heartily and it was included In the report.
Item Omitted.
The Powers Construction companv.
of Vancouver, who were recently
awarded the contract for the construction of tbe new horae show building,
wrote that they hsfl ifnde a serious
mietRke In their estimates. *n item
providing fpr the procuring <of 100,000
(Continued on *��#��� Four.'
Price Still Stationary Around    Forty
Cents���Big Catch at Glenrose
Fishing on the Fraser Is improving
according to the latest report sent out
by the B. C. Canners' association, bat
the price still remains around 40
cents. Tbe Glenrose cannery yesterday received three thousand aockeyes,
said to be the heaviest catch brought
In there except during the fourth year
However, If the report be true tbat
some iOfi seiners are now located ai
tbe snout* of tbo Mrtrr, Ota ttttsttrtrnm
O. doubt be hit hard
minimum. Several of the canneries
report the use of spring nets, which
goes to show that the actual run of
the sockeyes has been delayed later
than usual.
The following is yesterday's report
as given out by tbe B. C. Cahners' association: Bellingham, 10,000 sockeyes yesterday. Seiners not doing
very much. Anacortes, 5800 sockeyes
Saturday and 1400 sockeyes yesterday. Phoenix, 7000 sockeyes Friday
and Saturday. Imperial, 5500 sockeyes Saturday. Terra Nova, 2600
sockeyes Saturday. St. Mungo, 1000
sockeyes Saturday. Fishing wltn
spring nets. Scottish Canadian. 1000
sockeyes Saturday. Ewen's. 400 sockeyes Saturday. Fishing with spring
nets. Brunswick, about 800 cockeyes
Saturday. Boats average about 40
tbis morn'ng-.
Rain, Hall and Lightning���Three Lives
Reported Lost���Much Property
\M Ruined.
Powell and DslrVrhp'e Triad Tbdsy In
. Martin Powell and F-ar.k Dilrvm-
nle t*e two m��n recently arrested ln
Detro't on sturWoii of beine. con-
���vmed In tbe robbn,-y ot the Bank of
Montreal here last September, will be
up for hearing, before the Detroit au-
ficr'tlps todav. Jljr. W. Phipps. of
the BanU.qf Montreal. Is (���' Detroit "t
fhe ^refart ilnie In oipder to clve.ey!-
Jrtence at tb�� p'ollmlnalry tr al. Tno
Plnkerton detectives concerned ln the
case will also be present.
injured Japanese Worker Died Yes-
terday���Had Been Long Tlmo
In This Country.
K. Aoki, a Japanese, died, in the
Royal Columbian hospital yesterday
morning as the result of injuries received in the Fraser Mill on Sunday
night. Ths body now lies at the undertaking parlors of Messrs. Murchie
where an inquest may be held today.
Aoki had. been In,the employ of the
Nelson, July 22.���Two storms
wind, rain and hall, accompanied
lightning, a terrifc one Sunday evening and a smaller one on Saturday,
did considerable damage in Nelson
and possibly cost three Uvea. In the
Sunday storm, which swept over the
city about 7 o'clock, the city weigh
scales building was levelled to tbe
ground, hoardings were picked up
bodily and carried scores of feet,
streetcars and houses were struck by
lightning and gatdens and glass
houses were damaged.
Scores were on the lake ln
I launches, row boats aad canoes when
Ithe heavy clouds burst, and several
craft were driven oa the rocks. Numerous empty rowboaU were seen from
passenger steamers, but no names of
missing persons have been reported.
Several persons declare they saw-
three women in a boat at the mercy of
the gale about a mile up the lake
from Nelson. Suddenly, they state,
the boat disappeared from view. Others say they saw the craft capslse.
Launches searched all night, but
could not find boat or occupants.
Torrents of water tore down the
strata,., blocking the car tracks with
When a lightning bolt hit a street
car on Sat<<rday, Motorman Chapman was hurled to the street by the
shock and a portion of the ear was
badty hurned. Later In the evening
the same car was again hit, the motors being damaged-
When lightning struck a residence
lu Fairview, a mirror was burned and
a woman felt a Mow Uke a hammer
on the side ot her head. A, white
scar shows the mark of the current.
At another residence, a brass Jardiniere containing a tern was fused,
Once or twloe ths  electric   power
Municipal Solicitors Kl ave Asked   far-
Repeal���Negotiations with Company Suspended.
Edmonds, July 22.���Amazement waa
written on tbe faces of the Burnaby
councillors last evening when at the
regular meeting of the board of worfc*
a letter was read from Meters. McQuarrie and Martin, solicitors to th^
municipality, stating that an* order In
council had been issued by the minister cf railways at Victoria granting:
permission to the B. C. E. R. to cross
the streets of Burnaby in connection
with the Highland Park cutoff without consulting the council at all.
Tbat fact developed on July lg
when the municipal solicitors visited
tbe office of Mr. V. Laurtatt, solicitor
for the B. C. E. R., with the view oT
drawing up an agreement between Use
two parties. The letter stated that
Mr. Laursen had made ne
to the Victoria authorltfcitf pending:
the arrangements i ii iiiWu! Several
grade crossings which 'appeared to
have been amicably settled, aald farther, he (Mr. Laursen) did not feel hi
the position to request the mialster
of railways to cancel tb<
council, nor did he feel
request the municipality
the question with the mid
Suspend Negotiator
Reeve Weart, who is at:
hia vacation, was immedii
fled ot the situation and
ordered the solicitors to suspend
negotiation-; with tbe B. C. B. Rand
] characterized tbe latest development
as "an unwarranted breach of
feaaionai etiquette."
On April 27, Um tminialpal
[wrote the <teput/ mttnlttttnrof t
otjaettar to amy of-the ��
tho ��. CtsFft. bettei
they bad bad an opportunity of
lng their case before him.
Was Issued in May".
Then followed the order ln conncif
granting permission to the company
to construct Its fine over all pubfic-
roads, dated May 23. Tbe action of
the municipal solicitors in writing the
deputy minister of railways asking:
that the orders in council be repealed,
and that the municipality be given
an opportunity of being heard before
a new order was granted, was concurred in by the councillors, and in the-
meantime . all negotiations, with the
company are suspended.
It is thought, however, tbat souse
mistake has occurred, and that a satisfactory arrangement will be made
between all parties concerned.
Sewerage Scheme.
A tv.Iter concerning Kast Burnaby
and tb" e'tj of New Westminster was
brou?' ' up witb the reading of a report from Construction Engineer
Thompson regarding the proposed
combined New Westminster and Barnaby sewerage scheme. The engineer .
here stated that "The present state or.
improvements in this district does Mt
warrant a 30 per cent, indebtedness
over the above general assessments
therefore I would not recommend that
Burnaby Join with the eity of Kew
Westminster In the matter of Joist
trunk sewers, for a combined sever
"However, I would suggest that
your council enter Into tentative -
negotiations wtth Nnw Westminster
for the handling of about two second
feet in their trunk system, such �� -
flow would be sufficient fbr the dls>
trict in question for sanitu-y aasecs
for many years to come."
The council instructed Mr. Thompson to take up the matter further
with Mr. Blackman. a
Trunk Water Malm.
On the recommendation of Engineer"
Macdonald, Barnaby will conatruct
another trunk main ucross tlie tatmt-
cipality for its water system thus baring a reserve pipe in case of aay *e-
cldent to ita present 18 inch state'
which was placed in operation hut'.
The present plan of the waterworks
committee ls to construct an eight
Inch pipe line from North Burnaby He
the Westminster read running slims
the Boundary road. According to Mr.
Macdonald the cost of enlarging
line to ten Inch will be very
and this would give the southern i
tion or the municipality two separate
sources of supply. His repoit was
adopted at the couucil meeting
mill company for nearly six months/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
coming here from Vancouver, where I was off. and several light consumers
he realded tor over eight years. (received shocks while using switches.
Over 700 Oraduates Reglstered-^Ottfl
McGill  In  Lead.
It is understood that 717 graduates
ot British Universities have registered as members of the first oonvoea-'
tlon of the University o{ Brittah Columbia.   The largest registration ftww
one university Is   from   MqfMM   �����"'
whose graduates .215 nre nti the MpL
Toronto   follows   with   200.    Queans
musters 77,   Manitoba   tm. naltkradto
->t,, Acadia 26 and  the  MniversltV sf
New Brunswick 23.    Other Canadian
universities register   30. und ' 4f
registered trom   Br'.t'.sh
outside ct Canada.
TUESDAY, JULY 23, 1912.
I'Mt1 w ^nacs
Classified Advertising
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less" than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices 50c per insertion.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
man for general housework.    Apply
Brunette boarding house, .109    Columbia street, Sapperton.
furnished house; will be well taken
care of. Apply Box 87 Westminster
Daily News.
rooms, suitable for two gentlemen.
66 Sixth street.
rooms with board, suitable for city
gentlemen; also table boarders
wanted. Apply R. F. Turney, 703
Third avenue, corner Seventh stree;
'and Third avenue.
day or,, week. 654 Columbia street,
over Royal Bank of Canada.
house, full sized basement; 301
Princess street. Apply to Warner
Bangs &. Co., Plione 1024.
for the best insurance proposition
ev *t offered in British Columbia.
Big money for experienced or inexperienced men. Any good man can
make good. Apply Box 86, Daily
News.   Correspondence confidential
qulre two comfortable furnished
rooms: old country family preferred. Apply room 2, B. C. E. R,
depot.   Phone 401.
City steam laundry.
ers.   36 Hastings street.
diately. Apply Diamond and Corbould, room 1. Lavery block.
1033 Nanaimo street. Apply at
Royal cafe.
rooms. 701 Fourth avenue: one
block from Sixth avenue car.
lcreplnji 1 ooms, hot and cold water.
Ar; ly room D, Knights of Pythias
hall, comer Eighth street und Agnes
Bank Balances That Gj ABegglng
Amount to Large Sum?.
Twenty million.* of unclaimed monev
in the <nf!or< rt Jlrili.-li bunks���dote-
lirt sold which nobody ..owns, and
which tiio banks nro naturally *, lea.<��.
ed to take care of! (lolJ nr ro linn
sufficient to pave every square foot
of  Cheapsidc  with  sovereign-.
The sum total may be exassreratcd.
But make a liberal deduction, and
you still have many millions to which
no rightful owners make a claim'.
There is no bank in the whole length
nf Great Britain (or elsewhere! which
has*not  its   lists  of  these  bank   ba!'.
$120,000,000 PLUNDER
It   Is
Pr !
ci   the
H.   C
U.   S.
Pays  Dearly  for  Bogus   Mines
Land and  Remedies.
Washington, July 22.���One hundred
: ,-i le,' and twenty million dollars was filched
II i  Oblsst
Co.'s Oil
I     Krruatin.  which   ha��  In
I up between Manit ilia rind Onlnria. I'fOtn the American people during the
' has withstood the prnprr.** if crjani/ i last flscal year by swindlers who op-
|.ed Canada l> r n In-.' time and is tho! crated largely through the mails, ac
.���runt itr
No line
'Idest part < 1 the "riaiiml
ihe Hudson Rny d\ Tlie
Crees nf tlie Chnrrhill and
districts w*re kr,nwn by the pi��mpa��������-'<
men. as "the Home Guard." I'ort
Nelson was for ling llW principal
port ol the company and the outlet
lor the L'reat area if the western
plains, the terrt"ry rpqrli��d hy tlie
Red River nn the n��uth. t'ie Ascitis-
linine   or   t'ie   Saskatchewan   on   the
ances that may  be said to so fl-hsg
Jfing.     Some    are    for   trivial   sni'iis. ! west, with the conneetinz water mute* |
scarcely worth the trouble of pocket-    "f tt,p  Athabasca reirion  hesid
ine;  some  are  fcr  amounts  run tl hie! -v-'"y ��' *'10  Nel-on  Riwr  c tin
cording to a statement just made in
a formal report to Postmaster General
Hitchcock. This was an increase of
approximately $50,000 in the aggregate of the previous year.
Of those who are alleged to have
operated the fraudulent schemes 1,-
0(13 were arrested by postoffice inspectors.
During the year which ended June
30 last, 432 persons   were   convicted
into thousands. j KUrnpea     supnlies   as   the   ('xtlfldU"
Some years ago. wh^n Mr. Goschen's Pf��'ric~ and thc woode I forth.lis <-f
Conversion Scheme-was in tho air, it ^ie Korkw; Mountains' ea-lern slope
was found that the Rank nf Knela'nd knew for all the Vears -*ueepediiiu'
alone had nearly 11,000 of these der- I t|le English coiiouest of Quebec up
mant accounts.' Forty of them had | *'" *'le advent of American traders f-.!-
over ��10,000 apiece to their credit; | '��wina the buildinc o.' tjie American
ono balance was written in six figures railroads. Ry the Nelson went ouf
�����181.508.    The  total  at  the  bottom | *he_s!'le prodlu��^H of that great area-
and   sentenced    and    577 cases
,iv j awaiting final disposition.
.n(.u\    The report  says Uiat   these
bedroom, furnished. Terms reasonable.    720 Agnes street.
house.     Address  Rov 7S5 Citv.
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. R-
���For Cement Blocks, Brick Chimneys. Laundry Tubs, Basements and
Sanitary Plastic Flooring, see J. W.
McCallum, Westminster Trust Blk.,
New Westminster.
class, full skirt length, nearly new.
Price greatly reduced. Reid & McDonald's.
street, opposite Dominion Trust
block.    Apply H. P.'Vidal & Co.
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
subdivision B, block 9, subdivision
171. Owner being pressed for money.
What offers ? See Mr. Farmer, care
White, Shiles & Co., or write G.
Tanner, Kerrlsdale, B. C.
- The north half of clock 8, D. L. 172;
11 lots, each 50 feet front to 16
toot lane; about 100 yards from cutoff; delightful view. I'rice $10,500;
-biSe-qnarter cash, balance ea3y. D.
D. Bourke, 1316 Cariboo street.
Phone 919.
The partnership heretofore existing
between Albert J. Hill and Geoffrey
K. Burnett, as B. C. Land Surveyors
and Civil Engineers, at New Westminster, B.C., is this day dissolved by
effluxion of time.
The  business wlll be continued by
Geoffrey  K. Burnett,  who will  settle
mv liabilities of the late firm and to
whom all accounts are payable.
New Westminster, B.C., July 15, 1912.
coop and chickens, 21 fruit trees
full bearing; lot 5. 60x132 feet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Burnaby, between Second and
Fourth streets. Price $1350; very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
ate sale, she roomed house, hlock
from city car.   A. L. N��� News office.
toxjei new.    408 Fifth street.
Jer, a tour burner gas plate, with
trv*n complete. Apply 210 Agnes
-street, city.
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per ir��ek. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
of the long list was ��7.849.775. This
Rinount was verv largely made up of
unclaimed dividends on Government
Scottish* hanks have, it is said, ��9.-
OOO.OTO of this overlooked gold���Bin>.
lish hanks at least double this sum.
How does it cmne there? And what
becomes of it?
It seems inconceivable tlist'sn much
money, for, all of which thero nm->t
have been owners at some time or
other, should be thus lost to sight. A
score or more of simple causes account
for the seeming impossibility. A iiiiii
may, for private or business reasons,
have accounts with more banks than
one. He dies; his executors know nothing of any hut his usual hank; the
balances at the others remain unclaimed.
He may die abroad, 'or disappear,
leaving no clue"'to his hanking affairs;
he may even forget that such and such
an account-'is not closed. In these
ind many similar ways��� mostly the
result of carelessness��� money is left
in the hands of bankers to .-well the
dormant funds.
For seven years the bank
the accounts open, prepared fo pay
over the balance to any who can prow
a title to it. This term expired, they
regard the forgotten gold as their own.
A million sterling of such ownerless
money went to build London's splendid Law Courts. The City, it is said,
has more than one magnificent bank
buildin? reared from the same handy
material. The Bank of Kngland, one
learns, provides pension for clerks'
widows out of such a fund.
Rut,  whatever  become  nf  it.   these
millions nf "mystery gold" nre a Iway ^
growing, fed by man's c.-iro'e-Miass or��
forgetfulness,    their    secret-    hidden
away in thousands of musty bank ledgers.
Mr. O. H. Rathburn ls not employed
by the Underwriters Dominion Match
Co.. Ltd., or the Dominion Match Co.,
Ltd. The public wlll kindly take due
notice of the above.
iiSlpned i
i Unflerwrltt.'i*i Dominion Match Co. Ltd
Dominion   Match  Co..  Ltd.
Thursday last. July 18, a blue silk
parasol. Finder wlll bo rewarded
hy returning same to 51 Columbia
Hlreet oast.
W# have installed a system for
���wrapping bread in white waxed paper
as soon as it leavea the oven, guaranteeing it absolutely clean.
826 Fourth St.
of land on Twelfth street, close to
business and industrial section;
Twelve-roomed house which cost
$6000; adequate outbuildings. Price
$25,000, one-third cash, terms to ar-
rat'.��9. This is a property bound to
Increase in value.   No. 28.
atreet, each 60x119.75; a snap at
$2600; onethlrd cash, 6, 12 and 18
each 34x145 to lane; $600 each
Terms for balance.   No, 41.
acres of choice land for $3200; only
one mlle from station; flowing well
on property, [.-roomed house, barns,
chicken houses, fruit trees, strawberry plants, crop of potatoes, etc.
$700 cash will handle property.
Balance spread over two years.
No. 15.
119.75 for $2600; third cash; 6, 12
h.nd 18 months. This is a money
Eleventh street for $4500, third
ca3h; 6, 12 and IS months.
and B. C. E. R. track; nearly all
cleared; $,'000 takes the property;
third cash; terms 6, 12 and 18
See  Us About  Highland  Home.
Real  Estate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis  Block,  New  Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Talked Just Like a M.in.
Miss Florence Marryat, the i.nvr !i.-t,
daughter of Captain Marry at. hnd
sr'nie mannerisms ol her own. The
following anecdote was told by \Yil-
'.ipin Downey: " "Here is a letter Irom
Florence Marryat.' said Mr. TinMey.
the publisher, to me one morning,
'She wants me tn buy a r.ew three
volume novel from her. If I'm out
of the wsy when she calls you can
talk to her.'
"1 asked how I was to recognize her.
'You'll recognize her easy eiiou.di.'
said Mr. Tinsley. 'She is a tall, striking looking woman, and she'll talk
to you ju*t like a man.' A few days
later a tall lady called. I fancied
<he might he Miss Marryat. She o ok-
ed around the oflire, and tben, ad-
dresAing mt, she said. 'Is Bill in?'
"To this I  replied that Mr. Tinsley
���tr* not in. Could I do anything for
her? 'I must see Bill himself,' she i
said. 'Tell the old bounder I calle I.'
'You're Miss Marryat?' I ventured.
'Ye>. But stop! How the dickens do
you know I'm Miss Marryat? 1 never
saw you  before'."
duns ot tti nt great area-
buffalo rohes, heaverskins, wolf, eri7*.
I ly bear, and the pelts of all the fur'
i bearing animals.   Ry emmes and Yoik
j boats traveled  the s<ile and complete
: commerce   n|   the   "ountrv.   and   the
Nelson  River was in*- chief hiirliwav
by which those carries, gathered lrom
the farthermost ^L-s ��� f the water-
ished, eoneonlraUi 1 i\  Norway  House
I and  came down  t >  the  sea coast at
| Port Nels,hi. i.-i gin, :nent fo Ln'udnti,
England,    There w->i~ , ther harbors���
Fort Churchill, for i-vampb ��� where
the company  h'ult n  great ^Une hr-
tress,   and   where   tno   French   cum.-
I and  seized  it without a  blew  struck
1 In   its   defence.     Rut   the   Churchill
| River was not so irwutahW fur can-es
and   York   boats   nr   not   as   direct   a
j route to the populous Indian territory
| of the prairies where was m st of the
1 trade done in those day.-.   Tli�� harbor
at Fort Cnuchill afforded better con-
veniences  for .ships,  h -wevci.  bavin.:
deep water close t,,  land'.
By  I'ort Nelson came and went tho
earliest trade -f tho western country.
By   Port   Nelson,   indeed,   caine   the
j west's  first   settles   ���   tlie   Selkirk-;.
rs  keen ' ^>(lr' -^*e'son, then, ft'lfld seem of na-
ti:.-al r'uht th�� sfea^ort of  Manitoba,
; for Manitoba "snw it lir-t."
When the Krenen )j��ld sway in Can-
i ada, the "Pays tl'tn flaut," that is,
Ithe Upper Country, the land beyond
the source of their home river the
St. Lawrence, on 'lie lower hanks of
which their settlements clustered���
formed ever the loadstone attraction
of tlieir adventurer!). Fur was the
ostensible end and object cl tlieir
wanderings, but exploration and cur
iosity ns to the unknown lired the
imagination of the traders, and the.
enticing wnter pathway at their d i-rs
leadinc to the vast Northwest "up
above"���that country of ureal tortile
plains, populous with buffalo and
with Indians, with whom llie trad*1
in fur might yield a fortune tn each
bold canoe brigade tliat successfully
braved the hardships and Uie toil of
tlie wilderness journey ���led thein by
successive stapes up the IH'awa.
across Lake Nipissing. d"wn ihe
French River���where Mr. Cyril T
Young, of North Itay. aud liis friends,
asked the Dominion (loveiiiineiil t ���
build ii eaual tlie other day���nut nil
Georgian Ray amid the Thirty Th u
sard islands, across Lake Huron t.,
Mackinac, and to the Sault Ste. Mare
It enticed tiiein to coast that inland
sea they called Superior. And when
thev csme to Fond du I.ac and thp
rim o| the basin of the St. Lawrence,
with its navigable series, still they
wondered and still they waiidered-
wondered whst lay yet farther "ut>
above." wandered b.v the portages
over the height of land' which divide-
Kastem Canada from the West, mt
thnt luring country of (he height, tb.
"I'ays d'en Haut." our modern Canadian  Northwest.
manipulators, who usually exploit bogus'mines, fake remedies and worthless lands, constitute a distinct class
of law breakers. Among those who
have been caught by the inspectors
are criminals who have posed as respectable citizens, leaders in their
communitios. Some of them are mil-
llomtrles, enriched by their plunder.
Many of these men now are serving
prison sentences.
By Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Throwing Bricks Better Than Present
Indifference of People.
Chicago, July 22.���"O, God, send 113
another 'Bob' Ingersoll to arouse people," was the plea made by Rev.
Charles B. Mitchell, pastor of St
lames' Methodist Episcopal church at
:he  Desplnines  Camp meeting  today.
"They sit in the pews with dull,
dead indifference that breaks our
learts. It would be better if they
threw bricks at us as they (id at Vv'es-
ley, Hiut they don't even talk back.
fh's is an age of doubt.
"We ministers need more than
upostolic succession in this scoffing,
ndlfferent and godless age. The pendulum, I believe, will soon begin to
jwing back again."
Punch for-'Six. Thousand.
A correspondent of the West India
Committee Circular gives a recipe lor
���nnch in which thc ingredients are
four hogsheads of brandy, eight ol
water, 25,(00 lemons, 20 gallons of
'ime juice. 1,,'lfK) pounds of line sugar.
b pounds of grat"d nutiii'gs. 'WO tnnst-
J i biscuits and a Ripe of drv m uu-
'ai'i Malaga. Mix the whole in s
'contain. The resultant punch is suf
i ient for fi.OOO men. 'I hose whil have
not forgotten the logical method nf
proportion will, it mny he observed
in passant, ,he enabled easily ir<>ri���
'he data given tn arrive at th^ ouiin-
-,tie> to brew punch Iur a p.:ity nl
half  a  dozen. .
Cleared lot half block from carline,
c��j120, $750, one-quarter cash, balance 6. 12, IS and -4 months.
New 5-rooined house for rent, modern,
$20 a month, ln advance.
Store to rent, suitable for restaurant
or butcher shop; |2B a month, In advance.
Suite of three rooms to rent, modern;
SIS a month, in advance.
Coldicutt Dlock. Fourth Avenue
and Sixth Street.
Phone 719. Eaat Burnaby, B.C.
A Turkey With a Recor-'.
An old Fogli-li country wouum. wn
vns famous (or hree ling Hue tur-
;eys, soli one to a neighbor named
v,V|.. The b'rd proveil particularly
toUfffl. nnd, a- Wells hnd paid a ruth-
:���  stlfl   : rice   lor   it,   he   went  t-i   Hit
"i dur In h r-t;ite of IndigtiHtion,
"Wh i do you mean by iinpi linj rued
n turkey on me one of your oldest
neighbor.?" he enquired. "Why. wa.-
there anything wrong about ith"
"Wrung, madam 1 fl wasn't (it to ent!''
"Well, it ought to havo been, for it
won the first pi'tf.n at the Country
poultry sjiow foi eleven years in
Cosniool"  said  the  dame.
Every Woman
is Interested and thoald know
' (bout th%jvoo<lerful
Marvfl| SgffljgJN
Ask yonr drnisrlit
it. If he cannot supply
the  MARVEL, accept no
other, bat send etaiop for Illustrated book���IMlad. It rives full
particulars and direction* Inviluabls
to ladles. WIN nsoit R v f pi. y CO.. Windsor. Oot
General Avenu for Caufcda.
The Biggest Crane.
The lar.'est'crane in tlie world has
been erected at tlovan, on the Clyde,
for the Fairfield shipyards. On slow
gear it will raise 200 tons at a distance of 75 fortlfroin the mast, and
on quick gear it^will carry a load of
100 tons at 133 feet extension. The
foundations of the crane consist of
four large tubes, 15 feet through at the
hase, filled with concrete and sunk 74
feet below the surface.
Guillemots'  Eggi.
Among British birds the cuckoo lays
the smallest egu in proportion to its
siza and the guillemot the largest egg.
Thoutih the latter bird is only about
tin size of the ritven, it* eggs are
nearly  live inches in  length.
Dignity of Judges.
Some Ontario High Court judge-
evidently like to imagine Iheni.-eive-
clothtd with "the divinity that doth
hed.'e a king" if their pompous en
'ranee to Tnrontu City flail, wlter*
their courts are held, may he taker
as a proper indication.
Nobody may ride in the elevatoi
with those judges when any i ne '���>
them is ascending to thj> court llm i
lhe elevator man has been |iopcrl>
trained, and he knows the hour h
which   the   judge   is   expected,     IL
ioIi|s bis elevator in waiting lir hi-
lordship's coming and other mer
ui.man beings may take to lhe stair
ways. The jiidjie is met hy the slier
ifi's officer, .-word and cocked hat n-
hand, and  escorted to  his chamber
"' nutv Court judge* have less iti.-
n tv.  nud   fiiijlmily  may  r.d    in    lh
>\iu cr,ii,.,i- �����vii t.i y nre 111 tlieUi
Canadian Courier.
P-yi-;s   of   Oib*t*r$.
Nev niBii wlio added tu the gaiety
>; debate in tho Commons last se.-sioo
ire Vyebster of llnx'kvilie, >vhn re-
erred to "the sun o| Laurierlsni sink
ing in a Iroiibl il eastern shy." Hum-
bam. ill I'l'K'rhoro, mixo- hi- nirla
phurs, nnd in the "nc t.-m -re" ihhal,.
.vis heard to iciir to the "bolli'uy
���aulilioii uf colli disfavor which wus
raging in Ontario." Nothing, however, created -o much sensation dur-
'tig tiie past session as the bullous remark oi Mr. Goodevo, of Kootenay,
hi the previous'Parliamentary tenn
when the reciprocity debate was at
its height. Referring to Mr. Fielding's presentation of the famous agreement lo the House, Mr. Ooodeve, with
dramatic intensity, said:
"'lhe Finance Minister opened the
Pandora Hox and out jumped the Trojan  bor
For   High     School     Electric
Ing,   Etc.
Sealed tenders superscribed "TENDERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL ELECTRIC LIGHTING. ETC.," and addressed to L. Avory White. Esq., Secretary.
New Westminster Scbool Board, will
be received up to 5 p. m. of Wednesday, 24th July. 1912, for the supply
and installation of Electric Lighting
Motor service and intercommunicating telephone service to the proposed
new High School now in course of
Plans and specifications can be ob
Gained on application to tbe under
ilgned on receipt of a deposit of $10,
vhicl. wlll be refunded on return of
plans. Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque
or certificate of deposit on a charter-
���d Bank of Canada, made payable to
���he secretary of the New Westminster School Board for a sum equal to
Ive 15) per cent, of his tender, whicb
ihall be forfeited lf the party tendering decline to enter into contract,
when called upon to do so.
The successful bidder will require
to furnish a bond of a guarantee company, satisfactory to the trustees and
equal to 25 per cent of the contract
amount for the due fulfilment ot the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Architects to tbe School Trustees.
New Westminster, B. C.
T/c are continually hearirg from
grateful people who have had experiences like that of Miss Alice E. Cooper,
of Niagara Kails, Ont., who writes:
"I wish to express my gratitude to
you for the benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken oilier medicines without
liaving received the slightest relief, I
heard of your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets and thought I would give them
a trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will lie only too pleased
to advise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give tliem a fair trial."        r
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tnblets not only
give 'the immediate relief from Jieart-
burn, flatulence, acidity of thc stomach
and biliousness, which issomucli needed,
but if taken regularly fo*- a few days or
weeks thry completely cure the most
aegravaled cases of stomach trouble.
When for 50c. you can get a box fro�� 1
vour druggist, why go on sufferirg?
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal. 144
Pertinent Query.
Sanator Dati Derbyshire of Brockville, is, as^erybody knows, an authority on the dairy cow. He was
consulted by Karl Grey on the choice
of a particular'Jersey cow which His
Kxcefl6ncy���contemplated purchasing
from a dairyman in Hull.
The animal under inspection was
tall and thin. Looking her over, the
Senator turned to tbe earl and said:
"Your Excellency, are you buying a
race hone or a eowt"
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster having by resolution d;terr,.lned and specified that it
Is desirable to carry out the following workt, that lfi to suy:
To grade, pave lay cement side
walks, storm sewers, gutters, dralni?
vater mains, and Installation of th*
dectric llj?ht system as on tho ad
olning portion of thn street- am
works contingent thereto on Colum
Ijla Street from McNeely Street t(
Tenth Street;    ���
And tbat said works be carried oul
11 accordance with the provisions 0'
he "too*] Improvement Oeueral By
'aw, 1018."
And the City Engineer afid City Af
lessor having reported to the Councli
n accordanco'v.-lth the provisions of
he snld by-law upon th��i said work!
[lvlng Ht.atements showing th��
uiioiints estimated to be chargeabh
ixaltrit the various portions of rea;
iroporty to be benefited bv the sale
vorks and other pui-t'eiilani and thi
���aild reports of the City Engineer and
.'Ity Assessor having been adopted b;
.he Couiic'l.
Notice Is hereby given that the sah
onorts aro open for Inspection at. thi
'fi'lce of the City Assensor, City Mall
'olnmbin   Street,   New Westminster
J, C���   and   that   unless   a   petltloi
igalnst the proposed    works    nbovi
nentloned  signed   by  a  majority   o-
hc owner's'of the  land or real  pro
ertv to be eisessed as charged    li
-espect of such works representing a
'eaBt one half In value thereof is pre
lented  to tho  Council  within  flfteoi
lavs from the date of the first publl
cation of this notice the Council wll
proceed with the proposed    Improve
ments under such  terms nnd  cond!
tions as to the payment of the cost o
auch improvements   as   the   Councl
may by bylaw In thst behalf re��?ulst<
and determine and also to make the
aaid assessment,
Dated thla Fifth day of July, A.D.
City Clerk
Kelvin Cafe
where both  PLATE   and
Sorter  Lorne  ami  Oo'urobla  Streets.
We aim to carry a
full line. We also
will deliver ihem
for you. Call in or
Telephone 1100.
Andrew Clausen
Expert repairing of American, English
and Swiss
AH Work Guaranteed.
541 Front Street.     N'~* City Market
Province of British Columbia,
County of Westminster.    To wit:
Under and by virtue of a writ of H
Fa to me directed and delivered
against the goods and chattels of John
Gibson Kenworthy and .S.dney Ken-
worthy at the suit of Harold Ken-
worthy and the Hatzic Pralrle Co.,
Ltd., I have seized and will sell at my
ofllce, Court ^louse, New Westminster, on Tuesday, the 23rd day . of
July, 1912, at 11 o'clock In the for*-
noon, the following, or sufficient thereof to satisfy the judgment debt and
costs herein:
One thousand two hundred and
fifty-one Bhn.es In the Hatzic Pralrle
Co., Ltd.
Terms of sale:  Cnsli.
New  Westminster, July  16th, 1912.
"British Columbia University Act.'
NOTICE is hereby given that Wednesday, the 10th Jute', 1912, Is tbe last
day for Registration ot Members of
the flrst Convocation of the British
Columbia University. (Sec. IL, Cabp.
234, R. S. 1911).
Superintendent of Education.
Victoria, 'B. C, July 3, 1912.     v
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
Date of flrat publication JTuiy 6, 1912. SO Mtolnsea Street. Ftumm lOOfc.
I ������HWi
TUESDAY, JULY 23, 1912.
Ellis Are Divided Into "wo Great
Classts, Privale rnd Public, and
Each Gels Three Readings Before
It Goes to the Senate���The Asssnt
and Signature oi the Governor-
General Makes It Law.
Legislative hills ara incomplete
Ac's nf I'arlianiont, and it in (inly
wh.i thy receive lhe "-ont of tlie
three branches of Parliament���the
Common*, tha Senate, and the Crown,
represented liy the (lovernor.(ienernl
- 'hat they Income law. If we trace
tin procre.*! nl a hill through Parliament we shal. see in outline hew our
htaluti t" lftw i�� made.
��� Hills nre divided into two (zene-nl
classes���private and public, the distinction being that private hills directly relate to the affairs of private
individuals or of corporate bodies,
while pul. lie bills, relate to matters of
public policy or to the community
in general.
The introduction rf a private hill
is not a matter of risht. Notice that
such a hill is to he brousht up must
Vo siven ki The Canada (iszette ��
number of weeks before the openius
oi Parliament, niwl alter the Hoi we
settles down to business all these
petitions are referred 11 a special
committee on ��:anding Orders, for
tho purpore of ascertaining if the riile-<
have hee.i complied with. The report
of the committee being lavoralle. permission is Lrniued to introduce the
bill. Vic puolic bill is introduced
without these preliminaries.
Hut some bills, whether public or
frivate. cannot he introduced hy a
private member The principal bill*
of this kind nre those involving a
cll4t1!ti upon the people, imposing
taxation, or asking (or an expenditure
of public  money.
For. these matters the Government
must lake the responsibility, the approval ol the .tyovernor-General must
ie "'htiiiiu'il. and the matter iV Intro
duced Ity means ol a resolution, upon
which, when adopted, ai bill is based
anil introduced in tiie usual way.
As a rule, bills are introduced at the
Strain of Sjffragette Criminality Tells
on British Ministers���Special
Police Precautions.
London, July 22.���"The surfragette
movement is becoming purely a criminal one and as such it will, of course,
perish of its own perversity, but it Is
time to ask who i3 paying for thb
campaign cf outrage and who organizes it."
The foregoing extract from an article In the Nation is based on the
outrage of which Premier and Mrs.
Asquith were the subjects on their arrival in Dublin, when a hatchet was
thrown at their carriage. This is
only one of a long series of attempts
by suffragettes to advance their
cause by violence. Mr. Asquith is
evidently a particular object of attack. Two weeks ago he was to be
entertained by the National Liberal
Club, but the meeting was countermanded because .the police hud obtained word that the premier would
be exposed to serious danger lf he attended the gathering at the club in
question as it would be manifestly
impossible to exclude all suspected
The arrangements for his Journey
to Dublin bad to be changed at the
last moment so as to circumvent the
plans of his would-be feminine assailants. Instead of taking the London
and Northwestern train to Holyhead
he traveled by another line to a provincial town, whence he motored to a
steamer from which all ordinary passengers were excluded.
Dublin dispatches show that the
suffragettes, balked In England, determined to continue their prosecution of the premier in Ireland. Four
English women were arrested in the
Irish capital after the hatchet throwing incident and the attempted incen-
Jlarlsm at the Royal Theatre, in
which the premier was to speak. One
report says that the police discovered
'n the lodgings taken by the women a
���".- ������-���; Ti.7'' "iZ^ZtuliiZ ".riuuantity of gunpowder, petroleum and
opening .,f n sitting, immediately sf-j*41 ,!��_��� k,_  *...m	
ter routine proceedings, when it gets
it�� rlrst reading generally without di*-
cussion. Tin��re are three readings of a
bill, nml ytt nt none of them is the
bill Mclually read iu the House. The
/ending* sre names given tn the three
ftoges id tin- progr'Si of a bill through
the House, st each of which it can he
debated and possibly defeated.
VWter being read a Jim time the
liUi goe* ou the orJer paper, wliicb j*
tbe printed program of each dayi
busii.Ci*. Jn due time the bill is
again reached, aji<J jh?w its second
reading   ia  moved.
iJ^is on ��M.���-lie, iVat Oie prlft*
-cipie* oj me bill are debated, and il
it lm a bill containing a measure of
public i.olicy it is upon this motion
that the contending parties RfM <yt
the question^ ^ese ,re ti,e tl(|g tlfc
bates of tnj; geMion, often carried oi.
lrom, <tay to day lor a week or more.
��srtf brought to conclusions by
divisions. .
���yThc nirdiuu for a second reading
tn.,J' ne yet by different amendments,
declar.ng sv'iue principle adverse t<
th^. principle of the bill, asking foi
rfuither iiiloiiontioti. or proposint
some other procedure with respect
tu the. matter* One of these amend.'
ments is that known as "the si's
mouths' hoist." which proposes.-(hai
the bill be not then read but that it
be rest! that dsy six men ths. whicli
ia usually nut at all.
The second reading, having been
carried, however, tho bill is referred
to a committee���a railway bili to the
Select Standing Committee on Kail
ways; a bill relating to bank charier
to the committee on banking, and a
special bill to a committee speciall)
���elected. The Government's hill-,
however, are never sent to select com
uiitteer. Alter having been read a
second time tliey go beforo the Com
mittee ot the Wliole House. Tliere h
bi.l is lead clause by clause, and
���very detail debated. The principle
of the bill caiiimi i>e attacked in Pom
mittee. tor the second reading lia-
accepted that, bul it is in order t<
propose amendment* to its elttu-e-
and to ciiunije it. a* the coiriu.lUe
may see til.
When the Committee of the Whole
has passed every clause tboy rep,it
the hill to the Hou.-e with the Speskei
in the chNir, and tue bill is ready lot
a third rending, which may take p.act-
then or lie de la j ed a few days.
A bill public or privale, bul which
.is   not   a   tioveriiiiieiit   measure,   i*.
ktudied   uy   the   select   committee   I
which   it   has   been   referred,    lhe.-*
aelect coiiuuiitt'e* liave  tilt;I. 'room-
on tho  M'coiul Iloor of the  Houses ol
Parliament,  and  hold  their meeting*
in the forenoon.   They often call wit
nesses   hikI   allow   interests'   affect*'.
by a bill to he represented by cnun
sel.     When   the   conflicting   interest-
are keen and on the spot there is. o|.
ten a li.ttei squabble which turns ths
ineeting   into a  noisy   and ulUiu  unparliamentary  affair.
Alter these Select, i standing committees lmve passed pie hills referred
to them, the lulls are report*! to tlit*
House, and have to '.he sllliied and
passed in the Cniiimittte.nl lhe Whole,
House in thc same manner. as are
paired the (Joveriinient li.ilIs that Hr*
uot  referred  to  the  soled,  standing
The next stage in the journey ts the
third ri-adiiui. Sometime* the motion
is debated and resistejjL hut this i*
rather uhu-'iihL l'he" third lendinu
adopted. ,lhc 'next step is u tliotluii
tl\flt. the bill "do now pass," and this
motion In'Vom ndopted, tho hill is nt
the end <d it* j.iiirncy, *o far a" thu
House is concert.ed. All tills, however, has to be repeated in the Senate,
where, having been road three times
and passed iu committee, it is ready
for Royal Absent, which beinu given
usually ou the last day ol the session.
the bill bt'Cdini's an Act of Parliament,
and part ul the law uf tho laud.
other inflammable substances.
The task of guarding the premier
and cabinet, ministers h%a become a
serious question for Scotland Yard.
Not since the days of Fenian outrages bave ao many detectives been
required to shadow political personages and according to one Conservation paper, "It Is common knowledge
that these incessant attacks and the
Bolice surveillance that ts necessary
are seriously affecting the nerves of
he members of the cabinet. At any
moment they know *hat they may be
I the subject of a dangerous assault
���>nd that tbeir wives and fatally ���,or ,
ba ��Li victims of suffr*rettea' atten-1
One /ubiiifct minister who is said.
OD good authority, to be suffering sor.
.ously from the attacks of the suffragettes is Mr. Augustine Bintll.
31nce the chief secretary for Ireland
was assaulted in Hyde Park by a ***������***-
man, wlio proclaimed herself to be ft
suffragette, he has aged .perceptibly.
Sights for Young and Old in Street
To young and old alike this le
'really the red letter, day of thq calendar, because if you happen to be
around the railroad tracks this morning you will see three big trains of
cara< pull Into the siding, and they
will be loaded to the guards with
heaped up happiness of every kind
and description known to the Ingenuity of man.
The coming of rach mi important
attraction as the Sells-Floto circus ls
always an event, because somehow or
other the lure of tinsel and sawdust
never wanes. It rehabilitates old age
tnd Alls you with the glory of living.
It Is the most ancient form of amusement known to mankind, and will tn
ill probability be pursuing the even
tenor of its way when other devices
fpr Interesting the public at large will
have passed Into history.
Now, of course, the Sells-Floto circus gives a parade. The beaut'ful
,tsv horses hitched to the red wagons
wlll come down the street this morn-
'ng prancing and curveting, the pretty
inillos driving tandems, and the clowns
cracking Jokes, and nine bands discoursing everything from grand opera
to rag time, and the herd of ele-
ihants, the baby hippopotamus ln tts
mitc. and tbe Pons and tiger*, followed bv the sbufflelng camels, the sh'lpo
of the desert. Last, but not least,
'here will b�� a callope player who Is
tiisrsnteed h*' the rreBS agent to
smash musical rainbows aqross the
street and to tear whole chunks out
of the atmosphere.
Two performances will be given today, a matinee ln the afternoon at
2-.30 and another entertainment at
8:15 tonight
This year we are told there are
Beveral special added attractions to
this show, which has always been distinguished for giving a performance
Universally satisfactory. There will be
a horse making a balloon ascension,
tbe Rboda Royal Troupe of high
school horses. The Qalaramo Sisters.
Rmma Stlckney, greatest Of bare-
bfiiflt equestriennes, 'the Hobsons,
Eifle Qutten, queen- of the arena, elephants rncln* with hones,'������. fmtv
������.'nwns. schooled hunters In wonderful high Jumping feats, high wife acts
-riB''veloits companies of e""obats, end
> fict everything tbat will make the
"erfermance Just rt l'ttle betler than
'<<e standard wli'ch hasfbwi set bv'
���hr* biggest tented organisations tour-
lnt tho conntry.
The reciinr ticket watto'ns will b"i
'ipened on the srovrds et^O o'clock tn
'he morning so that eyeryono who
Iopi not earn' tn be mired up in the
o.pikIi may procure tickets.       \
Tho svstem 61 cut prices still ^prevails. The management announced
that 2."> cents admits patrons to Jftu
clrcua in its entirety. j
Round the
Mess Table
There is every Indication that the,,
104th Regiment is entering upon a
new lea3e of life, and that before very
long tlie Royal City will- be proud in
the possession of a unit "that is a credit to her, aa in days gone by. For a
community, the foundation of which,
was laid by soldiers, the descendants
of whom form a lar^e part of the population today, this is only aj it should
The Minister of Militia is expected
at the coast shortly, and there is no
doubt that he will personally enquire
into, and remedy as soon as possible,
the difficulties under wbich the regiment ha3 ben laboring. Next year I
am sure that the contribution of New
Westminster to our first line of defence will be such that it will excite
the admiration cf the neighboring
cities, Instead of the jeers we have
had to listen to of late, and which we
have had to feel were only too true.
In a recent conversation with a
member of the local unit, 1 was asked
if I did not think my criticisms of the
104th had been unduly severe. I
hardly think so myself. 1 cannot recall that I have ever attacked the personnel In anyway, but rather the fact
that, although it was apparent that
the regiment could not flourish under
the existing conditions of service, no
attempt has been made hy the authorities to improve the same. That has
been my contention all through, and I
still maintain that it is correct. Results show so plainly that there is a
rift cf no mean dimensions within
the lute, and yet as far as those on
the outside can see, no efforts at repair bave been made.
It would be foolish to assume that
the men here are not as good as the
men of other cities; they do not pretend to be better. I am sure they are
no worse, and of one thing we may
rest assured and that is that the
young men and old men of New
Westminster are just as ready to play
their part in the defensive scheme's of
the Empire as those of any other
parts under the flag. That fact being
taken for granted, as of course it
must be. for human nature is alike all
the world over,.then It is fairly safe
to assume that the fault is not that of
Individuals but rather of a condition
which ls impracticable and needs alteration. To effect this alteration ia,
I hope, one of the objects of Colonel
Hughes visit to British Columbia.
The latest recruit to the ranks of .-'���
the benedicts ' ls Color Sergeant
Groves, more generally known as
"Ted." Everyone wishes both him and
Mrs. Groves a long life of happlnes3
and prosperitv, and trusts that every
blessing may be thel.s.
"We  Furnish Your  Home Complete,
What the "Caioric"
Will Do For You
It will save one-third to one-quarter the usual
time spent in the kitchen.
It will save wondrously on fuel expense.
It will roast, steam .or boil food, ���'
It will bake pies, cakes and pastry.
It will solve the high cost of rneat bills by making
more palatable the inexpensive cuts.
It will bake potatoes, boil cabbage and corn on
the cob. -
All this and more will this wonderful FIRELESS
COOKER do for you, and we will take great pleasure
in demonstrating same if yb$ will call at our store and
see this*2(j��h Century Wonder. You may have one
sent to your home on trial if you wish.
Venerable Mother Morgan: Ecurgeois
May  Become  Flrat.    .
Montreal, July 22.���Coaal','.rable interest Is being caused in Roman Catholic circles here by the news from
Rome that the Sacred Congregation
of Rites was considering the canonization cf Mother Margaret Bourgeois,
the foundress of the Congregation cf
Notre Dame, which would make her
the flrst Canadian Saint The name
of Margaret Bour-eois has besa ea
tered by the papal authorities for beatification since June last, together
\vith several others, and canonization
will follow In regular orde-.
Thirty-four years a^O/ the Sftered
Congregation bestowed upon the dead
Canadian religleuae the title Venerable, the first step towards beatification, and since.that the Notre Dame
congregation has always prayed for
her final canonization. This is a long
and weighty process, Involving much
examination as to the person who is
hoped to receive, such honor, as Well
aa into the reported miracles subsequent to his or her death. A preliminary examination as to this was held
at the archbishop's palace here several years ago, when much evidence
wai given by clerics and lavmen who
had experienced the Influence of the
Venerable Margaret's Intercessions.
The evidence was to ('���"> etTect that
remarkable cures had followed appll-
cat'nn of the dust gathered from
Mother Margaret's grave, some of her
mortal dv��t being amonpst the most
nrl7f-d relics at the Notre Dame
Mother House here.
It was also related that on the
death cf Mother Margafet b��r heart
in a leaden casket, was btdlt into a
niche of the old Church cf the Congregation, which was burned In 1768.
The- s��crv ran that on the following
dny. although the (lames had died out
bU a*ovnd, they were still burning ln
the hollow of the niche, and blood
seemed to be trickling down the wall.
^ho then chaplain gathered up these
blood-soaked remains, which have
ever since been amongst   the   most
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holy relics at the Mother House. All
this was laid before tbe Sacred Congregation of Rites, and when the efforts for Mother Margaret's canonization as Ste. Marguerite of Canada are
consummated the ceremonies will, be
attended by a large delegation from
the Congregation of Notre Dame.
which Is a purely Canadian institu
The Venerable Margaret Hourgaois
was born in France in 1020 ,and came
to Canada with Maisouneuve In 1653,
eventually coming to Montreal, then
Vllle Marie, where she founded the
Congregation of Notre Dame, which
has since become a very, influential
Columbia Sireet Improvements (McNeely to Tenth Street).
. Schedule showing the real property immediately benefited and tbe pn>
'   portion ln which the assessment is made on per foot frontage.
British Medical Association Sets Face
Against  Insurance Act.
London, July 22.���Trouble between
the British government and the doc
tors of the United Kingdom over the
National Hnsurance Act from all appearances may develop into something more serious.
Determined to gain their point of
securing a raise in.fees for attendance on the alck under the i zt. a private but very representative meeting
of the members of the British Medical Association was held at Liverpool
yesterdav, when it was decided by an
overwhelming majority that the present rupture between the physicians
and the government be supported.
The association will now await confirmation of this recommendation by
the plenary session.
The PI'y of It.
London. July 22.���-The tenth veek
rf the strike of doc'; workers ended to-
div with no settlement In alght.
About 60.000 men are out. and their
vlvnq and children, numbering about
250,000, are living on charity.
Blk.'  ILot! Sub. Resublj
Assessed Owner
1 i Falch. E. J	
15    ;Holland & Wolfenden .,
16 ; Cunningham, Jas	
i if i jSoon Kee et al	
1 18  Lam Tung Jack et id.'..
I 19 ; Brymner, G. D	
j 20 j {Macnuuiara. Mary ct al.
C2     |1&2| IQllley Bros. Ltd	
Custom House Square j ;���	
lease Can. Pacific Rly. Co	
r ����.w
r  c
Notice is hereby given that the Corporation cf the City of New Westminster intends to pass a Local Improvement Assessment Bylaw ansBsniac
the properties In the schedule above mentioned the sums of money amroat-
ly for thirty years set opposite each lot and a Court of Revision for the
trial of complaints and appeals against the assessment ao proposed to be
made will be held on Tuesday, the 13th day of August, 1912, commencing;
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the,.Council Chamber ln the City Hall, Now
Westminster, British Columbia, and any notice of appeal from such intended assesment must be served upon the Clerk of the Municipal Councll at
least eight days prior to such   Court of Revision.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, July 20th, 1912. :' -&* *
��� Date of first publication, July 22^1012. " "'%<.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layer; of Hassam Compretsed Concrete (Patented)
Lulu Island
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 803. Room 4 Trapi Bloc*
��� V VS0S FOUR.
TUESDAY, JULY 23, 1912.
��� Published   every   morning   except
>a*m*Uy by The National Printing and
Publishing  Co.,  Ltd., at their office,
- ��3   McKenzie  Street,  New   Westminster   B  C
ROBERT H. BEST, Manager.
Business Office    999
Kditorial Otfice   991
By carrier $4 per year, Jl for three
months, or 4<>e  per month.
Br mail $3 per   year,   or   25c   per
oth.      ..." Jt.'
TUESDAY, JULY 2$ 1912.
The Oventeg press of Vancouver is
very noVoomroittal upon the subject
of Saturcl^y's. defaulted game. One
journal disposes of it ln a lengthy
appeal for the purity of sport even
though other departments of our public life be spotted. The other descends to the inane lfi farther hackneying the already hackneyed and
misused words of a brave man who
went to his death like a sportsman.
But that is ever thc way  with    a
shall have power on the outbreak of
war to selie at market prices all the
food stuffs in and arriving in the British Isles, and to distribute the supplies thus obtained to the people at
cost price through the agency of depots established at central points all
over the country. We have the admission of tho First Lord of the Admiralty that jthe situation is menacing
and his assurance that Great Britain
proposes still to outbuild her Contl-
netal rivals in the hope cf leading
them to keep the peace, or in the case
of war of maintaining ths coasts of
the Empire intact. When the Mother
Country U thus straining herself
aginst what seems an imminent emergency the wealthy Dominion of Canada must lose no Ume in doing Its
part in the defence of the. common
welfare. Mr. Borden and Mr. Hazen
are now in touch wtth the British Admiralty and the people of the Dominion expect them to contribute to the
Empire's safety in no niggardly spirit.
We are well able to assist in defending ourselves and that world-wide alliance of free British States which is
our pride, and a chief hope of civiliza
In view of thu slaying on Sunday
which resulted in the death of an
Italian In Vancouver by the hand of
one of his own countrymen, the fol-
Horrible Butchery    In    Mexico���Men,
Women and Children Ruthlessly
Done to Death.
certain section of the community' lowing taken from the Toronto Mail
wbicb is gradually evolving into a ����*��*% $fi��*�� * ��^<��
w-hole ��n the coast. The finer things ( Commenting on th�� double murder
of life aire prostituted and degraded, at. the Polish colony on the Humber.
We would be sorry to think that this; some   newspapers   are   making   the
has been th*? case in tha field of j l??��*L!uA*?lt!0,!,^Lt}lf i^lf1?.410,!!
sport.   If the present breach in   the
lacrosse world brings about a fairer,
cleaner State of things it will have
had a salutary effect.
The general public may well ask
-whither the so-called sport of the people is tending. It may be the trend
���of the age'which is responsible for
professional teams and for the money-
making which ia so intimately bound
np with games now adays, but coast
professionalism has its uses if it will
rule itself by the same code that governs every good sportsman be he amateur or paid performer.
The present agitation may serve to
bring out one point very clearly,
namely, the great hold that sport ha3
upon thiCipinds of the people at large.
Enthusiasts arc ready and willing to
so to far greater lengths fcr tho sake of
their particular game than they might
be read);, to back up some project out-
sjde.tba^eld. Thev questionable slur
bas often been cast upon the people
of the BriiifIi fsles that "they play at
thoir wort, amd  work at their play.
I regulations be tightened up so as tr
keep out this class of undesirable
foreigners. That is easier said than
If the observations of United State?
authorities dealing with this problem
are of value, as much crime is committed by aliens of long residence ir
the country as by those more recently
arrived, and the recourse to deporta
tion is regarded as a supplement tc
the restriction at the poiuts of entry.
The undesirable alien in the United
States has. in fact, created a problem
of monumental proportions, both ir,
respect of social morality and industrial economy.
The seriousness of this problem has
brought about a demand for an educa
tional character test for all immigrants. So Ions regarding itself ap
"God's rich farm for the world's
paupers," the United States has come
to discussing the shutting of the door
on paupers, on the illiterate, and on
ail of low moral standards.
The foreign "colonies" are already
reaching too far and entrenching
themselves too firmly in the larger i
Canadian cities. They are making a
situation that cannot be- viewed with
equanimity by those who have regara j
to the importance of keeping the
Canadian people up to   a high   type.
Mexico City, July 22.���The dead, as
a result of Saturday's attack by Zapatistas on the Mexico-Cuernavaca
train, near Parres, on the edge of the
federal district, number 84. Three of
the wounded died last night in the
railway hospital..
���A seoond relief train which reached
Mexico City brought' 21 passengers
who had escaped the butchery and
made their way into Tres Marias, a
few miles away. Eleven were accounted for last night.
It is estimated that the train carried approximately 75 passengers, in
addition to the 50 soldiers of the escort. Forty-three soldiers were killed,
nine bodies of passengers were found
near the wreck. Of the remaining 32,
a majority are believed to have been
killed or wounded, and burned with
oil taken from the tank of the locomotive.
Before the attack on the train be
came known the Zapata horde had
routed a small garrison of federals at
Parres. Many women of the camp
fell into their hand and were subjected to indescribable barbarities. The
wife of the chief of tho detachment
was found horribly mutilated.
Captain Rosendounez, in charge of
the escort on the ill-fated train, is
said to have fought heroically. After
he had received three wounds he continued firing until a fourth bullet
pierced his heart. ���
The Zapatistas robbed the dead and
living and looted the express car.
"From the time the train stonped
until after the attack ended." said one
of the soldiers today, "there was r
veritable rain of bullets. At least flve
hundred rifles were fired in the firs'
volley and the car in which we wert
traveling was the target. Most of thr
bullets came through the roof."
"The captain was traveling in thp
first-class .coach, two cars back, and
his child was lying dead before him.
By the time he could get through the
two cars were crowded with screaming women and children. When he
arrived .we were firing from the car
windows. The only targets we had
were straw hats on the embankment
which we found out afterwards were
'eft by the enemy as decoys. Wher
we went outside .we were over
whelmed and unable to use our guns
:n the hand-to-hand fight."
(Continued from page Ott*)
feet of lumber  valued at $2300 had
U would seem that out in the virile'The  immigrant   who is  drawn   from [been omitted as well as several other
,|"the    submerged   tenth"    may be   ajexpenslve  estimates.. If tthe  council
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Lobster, half-lb. glass,  a very dainty article.   Bargain
price - - . . 50c
Herringlets, small fish in oil; reg. 20c cach.   Today - 15c
Roquefort Cheese, per pound             - - 60c
Gorgonzola Cheese, per pound          ' - - 50c
Limberger, 2-lb bricks         - .          - - 65c
Honey, this season's pack, large jars, only - 15c
Our Preserving Apricots have arrived.   This year's crop
is poor, so take advantage and buy at once, crate - $1.20
The Public Supply Stores
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Phone 2
weal we    not    only    work    at   our
work but at oer sports also.   But it is  for B���( :,  .,   ;  ;
all important lo work fair and t^pla;"  would not progress very
i necessary evil.   Were it not for hlm.? would extend the" price'bf their* Ccn-
siiovel, wt
!.j- vu.u.  mv v     ii*a.i*,aa.r,D     *CIJ faBt        With
railroad and other heavy construction.
Sport and games are of the greatest1 But the Vfk ��* controlling him as s
~,   ,  _ : .-A  . ���   .     | permanent resident, cf elevating his
possible influence in the better under- [conception of living standards, of
artandijjg of each other. There is no keeping in subjection his undesirable
tie stfflRaet than community of in-1 characteristics, is. to say the least.
terest in  games,  witness the  Anglo-  Perplexing.    People who are at    the
_, jr s.    .        a .i.    ���  ���     ,    . ���     i bottom of the scale in  Europe may
French c^ente and the introduction j not be nore ���rirl,n�� ,��� insUnct than
��f    Britisli    games,    particularly    of  others,  but their sense of social re
rnKby football, in,France.
Wifferences in sport are no less real,
and the present animosity between
Vancouver and Westminster Is greatly to be deplored if viewed from this
astaidpoint. That the press of Vancouver should so far demean" Itself to
sfaj�� this aniny>8ity instead of doing Its
?bes4 to adjust matters is too painfully
��� th* truth, or why was the news that
rtbe gome of Saturday was not to take
. tia.ee -wotfiheld from tho Vancouver
pnbl ic ?
This at 1 fast is not sport in the best
anise of the word, neither is it
Wr. Bbrden ard his colleagues have
reached Bn gland at what friany close
obperv��*ns regard 36 an acute crisis ln
Kuropean and world affairs. For the
first tlm? P.ritain's naval supremacy,
no nocc.i.��ry to the continued exist-
*��sce of a scattered Empire, is seriously Ibreatericd. Standing as she does
tor freedom, justice, humanity and the
extension of civilization to all lands,
tii\r downfall would involve worldwide loe*. to the human rape a
grafter reverse than any suffered by
mankind in ceniurles, Canada and
u��- vttnr outlylttg British
would lose their banker, their chief
market ami tli��ri armed protector.
Kvfji the United States would scarcely be able to lmiii Its own without
Bnglawi aid.
One of Qreal Britain's chief dingers in caw of a sodden'attack Is that
ic*. beinK Starved Into ButAnlsslon. She
��� flruwn fhe bulk of her food Bupplles
from b6tob3 and, if these were mil off.
her pmiTjiie might be able to struggle
;ii.r��". lor from Bb weeks lo four
months. Owing -partly to the necessity wr��ieencentr\tint. the creator pro-
jxmX'trm ttt her fi^hl'mc; Bhlps in home
waiters her trade routes are open to
:aUtacki>.-interrupt'mn, ami paralysis.
Without    food    supplies   the   Mother
sponsibility  Is not    unlikely    to    be
The United Sta!e3 commission or
immigration reporting in 1910 recommended that arranuempntfli should hr
made with the autborit'fftpf eertair
foreign countries for the'fgt'f'n'? t-
emlgrants c' ""Pi'i-'-q ^�� f> rton-
conviction .of excludable ofMbces. It
also recommended the exclusion of
Immierants unable to read or write
and the deportation of any alien convicted of crime within five ypars of
entry. An alien may be deported >fron.
r'anadi for sufficient cause after any
tenp of residence.
Magistrates do not exercise their
powers of having offending: aliens de-
norted nearly as much as thev should
IWere there more summary disposals
of case* In this manner, after sent- islallation
*?nce had been served, |t is likely tha*
there woi>ld  be less crime, and more
J men ity to the customs and decenies
f life in tbe country.
tract  to cover  the  $2300  loss  theii
tender would be still $3700 lower than
the nearest competitor.   This was referred to the finance committee.
Y. M. C. A. and Fire Matters.
The finance committee was also authorized to deal with the application
of the local Y. M. C. A. for a grant
from the council to cover the expenditure incurred ln the payment of Water
and light taxes, which thu city were
not empowered to exempt them from
under the Municipal Clauses act.
It was decided that in view of the
hot weather and the consequent
lunger from fire, that it would be un
wise to allow Fire Chief Watson tc
'eave the city for the purpose of attending the fire chiefs' convention tr
be beld in Los Angeles on Septembei
9 to 13.
Various Applications.
. The building committee was instructed to deal frith the request of
the Columbia Bltulithic company tc
erect camps for the convenience of it?
men  employed  on civic contracts.
The bojird or works was advised tt
proceed :*ith the construction of p
sidewalk in front of the New West
minster Trust block, providing thf
Trust company paid the cost of    in
fl.JTIicre hii recentlv   been    received
teom Ottav*�� a "H"iT��iilet on cr^n rMa
tfpn iit'A soil cultivation,   It peibod'e^
att' address del'vered bv    J. VI. Onls
dale. dir"rthr ef experimental   Pirms
I during the past session of carl'ii^en'
I before the standing eoimrrtteo ef th'
I penato on  agriculture and    colonflta
dominions | tlon.   "
At the-outset the point i". made thn'
(���'���(in retitr"s (i->->end e" ��nl] qnd Hdi'
management. The pamphlet then goer
r-i In flop] >vlih ttnil f'ncMons rwjii'M
ments of crops, rotation, cultivation
....ni.*���**���** .\v.>r��vMi. Ma'i.1. food, ci'l'ura'
operations and Implements. TheRi
fvbiPCtS n-" "Mi'vl'viclcr) until tho fiep"
of successful' crop growing fs well
covered. Uerfer crop rotations, sever
are described and explained. The thro
y<��r ww.tlojs���hoed con, grain, hav
���ls highly recommended, more e��ie
e.ially for farinR that include consider
ible, areas cf roiu��h land fit for pas
ture. but not available for eron production. Farms that tire mostly ara-
bio are better served by a four year
COsmiry wotilfl soon be forced to bur*,!course which adds one venr's pasture
b*��e��.' out* F.uropean power bas oven|to the three year rotation mentioned.
)!��� m��ichairt sli'ips ready to be used ed if lr'v hwua-h6 , -
��a.commerce destroyers. In view of Any of tjje seven rotations descrlb
Oil* datiRf^ Lord Charles Beresford I ed if care.fqlly followed and the cul-
j��nrt ^>��*>kr'naval experts advocate the, tural (fperatlniiH therewith performed
immediate touatructlon pf a large at the'right-time and In the right way.
number of commerce-protecting cntls- are claimed by the Author,'to Increase
aafat. and tho arming cf three hundred tremendously the crop production of
rnwecbant ships to defenq the trade any given farm and at the same time
rbp&s and th�� British mercantile ma- increase but'slightly, it at all, the cost
Tfne engaged in carrying food to the ,pf production. This pamphlet which
Km pire s centre. '     Rovers thirteen pages, Is available to
tne Imperial Defence League calls, all vyho apply for It to the publication
ovoo Parliament to pass an Act crp- branch, department of agriculture, Ot-
Jtwrnp" *""national   comiptes-on   that tawa.  ' .. **.
The application of the board o'
school trustees for steps in front of
the new school in Sapperton wa1
Mr. Hurrv Uoff was apnointed in
ipector of the new horse show build
ine at a s'llarv nf $5 per dav.
Mr. Jr. n. nusliton acted as c'tv
"lerk In the absence of Mr W. R
Duncan, who is enjoying a vacation.
South Vancouver Bather Drowns at
Point Grey.
West Point Grey, July 22.���John F.
N'utt, a South Vancouver lad employ-
id as a carpenter, was taken with
���ramps while swimming at Jerlchc
beach here last night and drowned
The fatality occurred shortly after 7
./clock, and was witnessed by several
fellow swimmers of Nutt.
Particulars secured by Chief Simp
wn aid Constable Walker of thr
Point Grey police, who arrived at tht
beach soon after, indicate that young
Nutt, astride a log had drifted somt
">0 yards out to sea. Plunging from
the timber and attempting to Bwim
ashore he was seized with a cramp.
Cemecrious Banlren, a French lad
who rushed to his comrade's assistance, was seized about the legs by the
latter and  barely  escaped  drowning.
The body was recovered by Mr. H. T.
Taggart. of Vancouver, who was passing In his motor boat at the time, and
was later conveyed to the T. Edwards
undertaking parlors in Vancouver. An
Inquest will be held.
Resumes Negotiations with Admiralty
���Many  Important Functions.
London,  July   22,    Premier   Horde-
ame to town tills morning from Hat
leld I'ouse. where he spent the week
md with Ihe   Marquis   of   Salisbury
n��d at once resumed the naval nego
iiitknis    with    tlft    admiralty.       Hr
imakes hls third public utterance this
evening at the dinner of the Londoi
'hantber of Commerce when lie wil'
respond  to the   toast "O^ir   Guests.'
proposed  by   Lord  Desborough/     To
Mr.   Pelletier has  been assigned  the
iroposal  of tho  toast "The Imperial
Forces of the Crown." to which Lord
Charles Beresford will reply.
While, of course, nothing like a deft
nite statement of the naval policy of
the Canadian Government may be expected from Mr. Bordon tonight, ^h��
occasion gains in Interest by reasor
>f the comprehensive statement on
the naval situation anticipated from
thc first lord of the admiralty today
In introducing the naval budget.
Other Important functions in whieh
the Canadian premier will take part
this week are the imperial government dinner at Downing street^Wed
nesday. and Lord Strathcona's dinner
Thursday. . Mr. Borden will follow
his colleagues. Messrs. Pell'etier and
Doherty to Paris on Saturday, and
while there will be entertained bv[
President Fallieres, the Franco-Amer1-
ian socletv and Ott Paris Brlt'shl
Chamber ot Commerce. ..,, -'
Fifty font lot close to Sixth street
���:ar lne. cleared: $750; $12,". cash
ialar.ee $15 pi r month.
One *,<L tool li;t Pi Lewis Orchard
fine   fruit   trees  aud   potatoes,   $77!">;
$50 cash, $^ii monthly.
Sb'.ty-slx foot, cleared lot on Kemr
street, $300;  ea.sy terms.
PHONE 1024,
Coldicott Blk.   East Eurnaby
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.     Vlco-Prealdett. gee. aid Treas.
-     t
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones No  * and S77.   ���hlnglea, Sasn. Doors.   Moulding* Etc.
W. R. GILLEY, Phona 122. Q. E. QILLEY, Phons 291
Phones, Office IS and 1��.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
*V^�� \a,
���l> V
*5 K
1 *. . *
pf mmm
Plenty of fresh air saves doctor's bills and makes sturdy men and
women of the kiddles. Build In Burnaby, where are all the comforts
of the city, without the drawbacks.   Consider this buy:
On Campbell street, a few yards off Douglas road, and three minutes from city car line; size 217x103.. Price $1470; one-quarter cash,
balance 0, 12, 18 or wlll sell In east and west halves. Price $735.
Sidewalk, water, etc.   This Is a good buy.
451 Columbia Street
. ���*~���*mBm*msmmim
"      TUE8DAY, JULY 23, 1912.
Sweden First, United States Second,
Great Britain Third.
Stockholm, July 22.���The Olympic
games concluded today with the finish
of the yacht races. With the points
gained ln the yachting events Sweden
lends the nations In the number of
points In all events, Sweden's total
being 133.
Great Britain stands third with a
total of 76 points. The United States
leads in firsts, with 25 to Sw&lon's 23.
Anent the lacrosse situation which
lias threatened to split the relations
existing between this city and Vancouver, some interesting sidelights
have been brought to light which tbe
fans of this city might care to ponder
upon. The actions of the press ot
the Terminal City have been admittedly partial to the side of the green
shirts. That much might be expected
in a mild form, but further than this
it ls now stated that plans are afoot
to bring a team from the east to play
three games during the week of the
. New Westminster exhibition. Yes,
;- that vro\\lA hurt the local institution a
great deal���not.
The Vancouver Province quotes Mr.
Jones as stating "I 4m through with
the New Westminster club from now
on." That brings up the question
"How is the Vancouver manager going to pay his galaxy of stars unless
lie plays the remaining games ot the
B. C. schedule ?" A trip back east
certainly would not help much, as the
teams in the Big Four and the N. L.
TJ. are too busy looking after their
interests in the race for the pennant
to even consider games with the Vancouver outfit, and midweek games are
. not very promising from a financial
A few more instances of the workings of the commission also came to
light yesterday. Take for Instance
the time when Dr. Doherty resigned
the cominissionership. The Vancouver
member had charge of two games and
following the one in this city his report to the secretary of the association made out that future fines would
surely be accompanied with suspension. The next game In Vancouver
saw Ion nearly cut Cliff Spring to
pieces, and after the latter had been
fixed up by a surgeon, the medical
man stated that any man who would
do such an act ought to be banished
from the game altogether.
Grumpy Spring nearly got his ear
lopped off by one Griffith, and in hiB
report to the Vancouver commissioner,
Alex Turnbull recommended that Ion-
Griffith and" Jlmasy" GIffdrd be suspended, the forriifer for at least a
month. What was the refult ? All
three players were handed a flne of
$25 each.   .
The following Saturday saw Harrv
Hyland take a wallop at Hess, and at
the same time use a little talk which
��� s not ln Webster's. After much deliberation, Hyland was made the goat
liy being suspended one game.
Tbe Dominion Day game came next.
Both teams were at full strength and
Westminster won on its merits. Secretary Lynch states that tlie Vancouver commissioner, tollowlng the game,
said tbat in Turnbull. the association
bad "oue of the squarest referees ln
the game today."
On  Dominion  Day   Mr. Jones  was pictures.
-seen   to   approach   Referee Turnbull.      ��. .,    * , . ,,.    ... ,
and heard to Inform him. in front of      The motion ptetures of theWg��g
-the oress    stand,    "You    HU    never   ^vers flght at Vernon  July 4, will be
, PI   ,��������w    ���,,,������.    while    1 am   ibown at  the opera house tomorrow
r?feT,^i ^.h1 the vLcouver ci,.b"   '^*ht.    The pictures are remSrtwMy
-2SMlW.yW^^ * good  "View   of the
*��     ��� a *. a I mr      mrm      ��� -fc, A. jJ*����.V��trt l.-n.inlrnill 1*1
when Commissioner Jardlno suggested Alex Turnbull as referee for the
gkme of July 20, Mr. Senkler refused
Pbsolutely to accept such, a proposition.   The reason why ls not known.
George   Hodgson,  Canada,   Wins
Metres Swim.
Hamburg, July 22.���A number of
the American participants In the
swimming competitions at tho recent
Olympic games at Stockholm took
part in a swimming meet Mere yesterday. The Hawaiian, "Duke" Kaha-
monku won the 100 metres events
in the world's record time of one minute 1 1-5 seconds. P. C. McGillivray,
Illinois Athletic Club, Chicago, was
George Hodgson, Canada, won the
Kaiser prize in the 500 metres race,
in which his time was 7 minutes, 23
seconds. Nicholas Nerich of the New
York Athletic Club, was second.
Bathe of Breslau, defeated Michael
McDermott of the Chicago A. A- .in
the breast swimming races of 100 ahd
400 metres. The American Olympic
swimmers defeated both the German
teams in the relay swim.
Comment  on  Canadian  Team���Some
Trophies Secured.
Bisley Camp, July 22.���Commenting
on the general work of the Canadiar
team, the commandant, Lleut.-Col
O'Grady, of Winnipeg, says a better
team never came to Bisley. The
Canadian Associated Press is desired
by the team to voice their appreciation of the kindness and* considera
tlon of Col. O'Grady and the adjutant
Lleut.-Col. Winter, of Quebec.
Corp. Mortimer is the bigges'
money winner of the team... The Que'
bee man carried off a hundred pound'
odd, but thia was.wan chiefly in thr
match rifle events, where he carried
off the Edge and the Bass and alsr
the Hopton cuns, following this up by-
annexing the King's Norton. With the
service rifle, conspicuous among Canadians were Capt. Forrest, Vancouver, wbo led the Canadians up to tbe
last range In the King's prize; Lieut-
Blackburn, of Wlnntpes:. whose fourth
was the highest Canadian position in
that event; Sergt. Armstrone. of Halifax, who won the Daily Telegraph
eup, and others, who were well up in
the aggregate.
Ooys Are Fit���Association Meets This
The Salmon Bellies held a full practice last evening and all the players
report themselves in the pink of condition. Advices from the hospital report that Jimmy Qlfford ia making
rapid headway and wlll soon be ln flt
shane to be removed to his home.
The ff. C. L. A. will hold a meeting
In Vancouver this evening at the call
of President Harry Cowan. Needless
to state, the Westminster delegation
will be there with bells* on.
louble knockout ln the thirteenth
���ound. when both fighters were floored. The referee assists Wolgast to
his feet and counts Rivers out. It is
'hls particular feature of the flght
that has caused so much' Comment
among the sporting wriVers. These
nlctures are the only genuine motion
films taken of the Vernon flght. and
shouW not be confused with stereojKi-
con slides.
��� ���
��� BASEBALL. ���
National League.
At Pittsburg��� IL H. R
Batteries:      Brown   and
Camnltz and Gibson.
At Chicago��� H. H. E.
Brocklyn    �� 10   i
Chicago    ������10,.r,1    Z
Batteries:      Barger     ^nd      Miller;
Richie an*'Needham.
At Cincinnati-- R- H- R
New York * ��|   *
Cincinnati      * ]   8   ���
Batteries:  Mathewson and Meyers;
Suggs and McLean.
At St. Louis��� * ' R- H. E.
Philadelphia ��� ��� ��� J JO    ��
St.  LouiB   . % ��
Batteries:'   Brenan   and
Dale and Bresnahan.
German Journal Assails Grest Britain
for Conditions.
Berlin, July 22.���The Berlin "Tage-
blatL" published a leading article Sat
urdav asailing Great Britain for tht
condition in tbe Putumayo rubber dis
trlct of Peru. The newspaper de
mands that the United States Inter
vene as the atrocities committed
against the Ind'an mbber collector'
have created a situation which Is variant to the Monroe Doctrine, under
which the United States can bring
pressure to bear on a 8outh American
republic falling to observe the standards of morality.
Such    a   course.     t*<e   "Tagehlatt
adds, would be tar more praiseworthy
*han    the    protpct'on    of delinquent
debtors against European creditors.
Fred. F. Pardee, M.P., Is No Mean
Hand at the Tat.
One sees such gatherings in the
great and growing West. To the
easterner tbey are strange���thrilling, (
but un-understandable. The "uidest J
inhabitant," ; who was on ihe spot,
when the "City" was laid out, just
four and a half years before, explained that the audience was composed
of no less than seven nationalities, a
conglomerate collection from the Old
World and the New. They had turned
out, three thousand strong, to greet
the then Prime Minister of Canada
on his visit to the prairies in the
summer of 1910. But their attention
for thestime being was focussed upon
an earnest young speaker summoned
from the background by his leader1
to bespeak the mission of the tour.
There were men, women and children, of different races of diversified
ideals, of individual aims and aspirations. They had come together���the
large majority of them���out of curiosity. It was a mammoth meeting, taxing the capacity of the typical prairie
rink, but it was impersonal, segregated, chaotic. Then the young man
spoke. He was not an orator, but he
had a message His greeting was direct, personal, sympathetic. And
when he sat down the gathering was
unified and enthusiastic. It was one
and won.
Just behind the press table sat a
hoary-headed stalwart who had glued
his right hand to his ear as a sounding funnel throughout the address.
Everything about him proclaimed the
Fatherland. His accent was pronounced.
"Ach!" he exclaimed, leaning forward wid .placing his big hand on the
arm of' a nearby newspaper man.
"Who it iss?"
He was told.   He nodded his head '
decisively, "Goodt, goodt.'Vhe repeated.    "Dat  young   man   bass   un   future!"
The Young Man with the Future
was Mr. Fred. F. Pardee, K.C, member for West Lambton and chief whip
of tlie Liberal party in tlie House of
Commons. He is 44 year* of age���
and younp for his ;. ears. He has sl!
the vigor .nd enthusiasm of youth,
tempered With tiie wisdom nf an early
and successful Parliamentary career.
He was born for politics, f< r his father was the late Hon. T. B. Pardee,
Minister of Crown Lands in the heyday of the Mowat administration in
Ontario. But Fred, is not the son of
.his father in tbe *en.*e *o frequently
evidenced in public life! Re-stands
on his own feet. He has come to the
front on his own merit. He has made
good on his own account.
Yet the chief whip is no exponent
of the all-work-and-no-play doctrine.
No man is more ready to enjoy to the
fall his hours of relaxation and recreation. Once the task of. the hour
is off his hands he is ready to participate in the lighter things of congenial camaraderie. And he is always ready ior a turn in healthy outdoor sport, and still looks the athlete
he was in his college days. It wa* he.
it may be remembered, who captained
the Parliamentary team that took the
measure of tlie newspaper men in
that memorable baseball contest on
the prairie diamond at Melville during the tour to which reference has
been made. Mr. Pardee marshalled a
phenomenal team, including one Provincial Prime Minister, one member
of the Dominion Cabinet, one ex-
Speaker of the Western Leiris'ature,
nne .Senator and several members of
th? House of Commons. He play-d
first base himself���and played it without a glove r The press still charges
its unexpected defeat to the support
tendered the Parliamentary pitcher.
Hon. Geo. P. Graham, by the man on
first base, who "pulled down the high
ni'.e.s" with one hand, and "scooped up
the grounders" with the ��� clean-out
perfection of a connoisseur. ^Moreover, the newspaper fielders Teamed
to "move afoay back" when the chief
,vhip came to bat.���H. W. Anderson in
l'he Canadian Courier.
Gathered From Experience.
12    1
.. 3  '7   1
,. 6 14    2
P. H. E.
... 4 7 ��
...15 15 1
Brown and
American League-
At  Hoston��� R,Tn    ;
Clevelatid   3   9   J
Boston  s xi    *
Batteries:    Kranse.    Basketta   and
O'Neill; O'Brien Snd Carrlgan
At Washington���
Washington <���
Batteries:    Wortf    and
Johnsen and Mnsmlth.
At Philadelphia���
S��. 1-ouH ...���>.	
Batteries'    /Ulson,   O
.Steohens; Rnell. Houck and Lap".
At New York��� ��   *   ��
Chlcawi  ....   ,f*   ��
.New York   ..13 13    1
Batteries:    Peter* and Kuhn, Sullivan;   Fisher and Sweeney.
Bals and  Map's  Leafs.
Tho   Balmorals   will   awiin   mnke
their"sppehTafleP tfn'the ball yard this
cvobifi; yi'en thev cross bats .with
the Maple Leafs.   Dlawih m v* I*'the
Proseedings    at    Standstill    Through
Juror's Illness.
Los Angeles, Cal.. July 22.���The
bribery trial of Clarence S. Darrov
was unexpectedly halted today by Uv
lerious illness cf Juror t.. A. Leavitt
Because cf the illnes3 of his wife, thr
juror had boen permitted to spend th'
week-end at his home in custody of i
sheriff. .   .
Shortly before court. convened, i
telephone message was received fror
El Mpnte to the effect that I eav t
had suffered a severs attaclt of appen
dic'tls Judge Huttcn selected a lrca
doctor to visit the Juror and report t
the court at 10 o'clock Tuesday morn
Ing, to which time an adjournment
was taken.
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
See the
Call for Tenders May Mean Replace
of Present Cruisers.
The calling for tenders by the
marine department at Ottawa fcr twi:
new lisheries protootlon cruisers will
probably mean the passing away of
the present   steamers   Kestrol   and
The Kestrei has been In commission for a number of years, but with
the advent of high powered fishing
boats as.,used by fishermen on the
American Side, it has been found that
the Kestrel was ot little due in overhauling the poachers eveh If thdy
were within the three mllallmit. The
Newington I? ��a'd to be but little bet-
y***** <am*TS*a**aa
"I wouldn't trust nny woman."
"You must bave been disappoints to
love some time."
"Nothing like that."
"Tben wby your lack of faith?"
"1 used to run u grocery store."
Obliging,     ����._���
"Can you keep ti promftiirMfr'i' '
"Do you want me to>"
"All right Write It out.'snd I will
take lt down and put It In my safety
deposit box."
Always the Best.
"First love Is tbe best, 1 suppose."
"Not a bit of IL"
���Think so?"
"I know It"
"Whgt lsr |
Tho Usual Accusation.
"It was a love match."
"The poor things!"
"Why do you say thatT*
"People alwaya say 'It wu
match' when the final breakup
HI flUHEU li
AL. W. GILLIS. manager,
JULY 22.
tw'rlfuL. and Manager Maiden has Ulr lh point ot speed, and a few
aatherSi together manv of th* pHyers months ago was converted from lta
thftt appeared In uniform at the *e*l��- use as a tug to that of a protection
nlng Of the season. erulaer.
i �����        '��� (.��� ...������������*������ ���*     ..������������*���
i ��
Fight Pictures
For the
Championship of
the World
WED, Jlin 24;
Admission 25c and 50c
A Fifteen Minute
Seance with the
N.B.���This is not
a draggy mind-
reading act, BUT
is interesting, puzzling and mystify^
ing to all.
11." "'- ; i	
ROSE and
High  Class  Comedy  Entertainers.
Tbat Laughable Comedian.
���.im.ii .ni !-���������......���in      w     ii���.    i ������������ M..I..-IM���
rps ��l��d .that Can fc. S^n
Antrim TMaTbifcUre.
"      ��� ���' '"��� '���������
'��������i   *       ��� ' in ii ' . in ij;;i' ''m   ��� i   ���
Splendid large store and basement on Begbie street. Just off Columbia street. All modern conveniences and ready for Immediate
occupation.   Rent $65 per month.   Will lease.
J. J. J0NE8, Managing Director.
Head Office:  28 Lorne Street, New Westminster. '
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���ait 6, 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 5:45, �����:_ Sad 8
a.m., wltb hourly service until 10 p.m.
and kite car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays���
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., witb hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Fiist car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
."    I
Reduced rates are offered
over the Fraser Valley line
for week end trips covering
all points on the division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale .Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
We are making some special prices good ror 30 days to Builders
aad Contractors in New Westminster. I* you have not received our
list, write or phone and we will see that you get one. It will be to
yow advantage.
;j :.*.t*.*-
illiilil I
All Roads Lead To
���    !!,  -.'*
��� ���:������ tu
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
arid payable ln all parts of the world. Savinga bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Managsr. |
Lat as figure with i you on
your lumber requirements;" Ws
carry a complete stocK 'of lum-
her, aad lumber proiucfa >t oiir
Sapperton yar*., -...['.*.ii-. <*. .^
i.i  ll ii in in ito' i _OJ�� nfcj*
. TELEPHONE ��0��.
MHIa at Vanbouver, New Weatmtnatar a*i Ci*��cmt 'VWW*. *'.������ C.
1 ��� >b"   I'*,-.;*
r WM|*t
mm "*"W"
t   Page six.
TUECDAY, JULY 23, 1912.
10: BO���Vancouver   via  G
N.  R.
an,\   Van-
C. E. R... 7:4b
11:45���Burnaby Lake
"couver via B.
?:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:16
12:00���Vancouver vta. B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:0C
jg-00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Mondav, Wednesday
and   Friday    14:00
- 7:40���Victoria  via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11.11
10:60���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday). 11:15
11:20���Tynehead (Tuesday and
18:00��� Edmond3    (daily   except
Sunday)  K>:00
16:16���Crescent, Whit* Ro<k and
, Blaine     idally    except
Sunday)    ��:��
18-10���Abbotsford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Sunday)   23:00
18:16���Hall's Prairlo, Fern Mdge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:4t
16:15��� United States via G. N. H.
idafly  excent  Sunday)..lfi:0<
9:2fl���All points o:\i\ and Europe  idaily)    ":4.r
22:10���All points east and Europe (daily)   14:16
9:2fi���Sapierton and Fraser
Miils dally except
-Saprerton     and
Mills      (daily
Sunday)   ...r 14:11!
9:ofi���Conultlam   (daily    except.
12:00���Centra) ParU, McKay and
Edmonds Idaily except
Sunday)     ' ...11.IE
10:00���Ladner. Port Guichon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa   14:3C
13:00���Kast Burnaby (daily except Simday)   13:0(
|0:0O���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:3(
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday) .14:3(
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday snd Saturday)    14:8(
16: *6���Vancouver, Piper's Sid-
lng via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:21
11:20���Cloverda4�� and Port Kells
via G. N. R. (daily except Sunday)... 14:01
7:30���Unlte'd States via G. N. R.
(dally axcept Sunday).. 9.41
11:20���Clayton (Tueaday, Thursday. Friday and Silt-
day        14:01
11:20���Chilliwack,    Milner.    Mt.
Lehman, M dert.ro ve. Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey ;,
Centre.Cloverdale.Lang-      ���
I, ley Prairie. Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. flar-
i ! dls, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Bellcrose. via  B."
n C. E.   R.   (dally  except
fv  i       Sunday)   S:0C
Jl;20���Ahl&tffu.'cl. Huntingdon,
tia Tt. Ci ��. H. tdally
except Sunday)   17:3'
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:3i
2:00���Fiaser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista    2'3:0t
11:20��� Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
2D:40- -Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
dally except Sunday) .17:3i
Humor and
air 9VACAA rt. SMITH
A  BRIGHT man  who \vnutn a  Rood
thing should make u Sjiei'lalty of
vindications  guaranteed   to   work   for
any exiwrleiU'ed politician.
Maybe women talk too much, but It
saves the men from makiug tbe same
error. ,-
Between baseball nnd the circus tbe
small boy has tlm tune of bis life
every spring
When n womnn doesn't kuow whnt
else to do sbe goes to a moving picture
When a man Isn't on speaking terms
with his conscience It is either time
to conduct him to the family minister
or steer clear of him entirely.
A man oujrbt really to be aronnd
home long enough to get to know his
children from those across tbe street
or next door.
Being good may be Its own reward,
but somehow people hardly ever notice it
When It comes to a thing to hls advantage, a man Always knows wbere
he can put bis band on one certain
It takes two to make a quarrel, but
the whole family make a better Job.
Hs Didn't Offer th* Usual Excuses,
"What's the mutter���you're not working r*
"No.   I'm out of a Job."
"But you bad a good position. Did
you resign'/'
"No. To be perfectly (rauk wltb you.
I was discharged."
"Ob, 1 see. Had trouble wltb tbe
boss,' 1 suppose. Hnd you told bim
wbere be got off."
"That's queer. He probably wanted
you to work overtime and you refused?"
"No. nothing like that"
"Tben 1 presume tbe boss let yon go
to make room for oue of his relativesV"
"No, I'm sorry to say. He had to
advertise for a man to till my place."
"Now I've got It Vou Insisted on
having more money, and be let you go
so tbat be conld hire a cheaper man."
"No, 1 don't think tbat is tbe reason."
"For goodness, you don't mean to
say tbat you were tired because you
"Couldn't do tbe work. That's It exactly. I was tired for Incompetency.
Just as nine tennis or the people are
wbo give nil thni*e otber excuses."���
Detroit Free Press.
OWNER will consife
Highest Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 and 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quick\y.   Address :
Han's work In from sun to stm;
Woman'a work la nevfr <\nm*.
���OM Saying.
Onrs on a tlm*
That waa the way.
It Ih not ao
In fcpotn today.
In foVmer yeara
It did apply;
Not with the modern
When women washed
And baked and spun
Il'n little time
They hud for fun.
For Ule at night
They xtwyed awake
The fabled alltch
ln lime to lake.
Now, what with that
.-And what wilh this .
And what with cluba
They cannot mlas,
It'a lillie lime
They have to toll
And their white, etalitfy
Fingers spoil.
Aa to the man.
Their modern lot I
From sun to sun
l.ikrwlne la not.
Vou may  have noticed
11 that tliey
Are sticklers for
The eight hour day.       ��
In His Father's Suit
Colonel Winter Wluilteriy ot Mncon.
(la., etijov's n wide reputation as a
story teller in Georgia, tbat land or
9tory tellers
Colonel WImberly was once engaged in n case In which tbe plaintiff's
non, ii lad of eight years, was to up
pear as a wltuetw.
When the youngster entered the box
be wore shoes several Hlzes too large,
o but tbat almost bid bis race, long
trousers rolled up so tbat ttie baggy
knees were ut bis ankles and. to complete tbe picture, a swallowtail coat
that bnd to be held to keep It from
sweeping the floor.
Tbis ludicrous picture was too much
foe tbe court, but the judge, net ween
bis spusiiiM of laughter, managed to
ask tbe boy bis reason for appearing in
sucb garb.
Wltb wondering look, the lad dsbed
In an Inner pocket mul battled tbe stun
moils from it. puiiitlng out a seoteuce
witb solemn mien as be did so "To
nppear tn bis fathers suit" it read.���
New York Sim.
Havs You Ever Noticed���
That when yon lend a horse to water he usually di-lnks?
That you need  no smoked gljlM ��;
gee the eclipse of a pollikal iuniliiftr) 1
"flifti two nnd two make hull a hundred If lliey arc !i";il|hy-boy��?~
That It Is a'.w.iji T lon g" day
man who Is short?
to a
~ Immune.
"I wouldn't hurt tbe fedlngs o( liny
man for the world."
"But suppose n fellow who owwl yon
money you had loaned lo kee^ hlth out
of Jull came nround and tried to queer
you with ti rich uncle."
"A mini of thnt sort has no feelings
to be hurt."
A Possibility.
"Now. \vb*l would you women do 11
yon had ttie ballot V"
"(\<eceed to-euact reform measures.''
"MViliiips jou would be for the reoili
V>f Judges "
"If ihey didn't behave, and of hns
hands, too. maybe."
Sole apent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Water*,    Aerated Water*
Manufactured by
Tslsohone  R   UJ   Office*   Prlnra**  ���
���t     It
Why Shouldn't Hs
"George Is uiar
"Is that ro'<"
"Vph.   and   i>er-
fectly happy."
"Of course."
"Sure!   His wife
Is    deaf    und
A Matter of Reach.
Judge W. C. Hire, clerk at the west
(Ide court wbo Is a six footer, and J. U.
Bergen, lire feet four Inches, wbo Is
also a clerk In the criminal court, were
arguing about a tlshing expedition they
bad taken to Long Beacb. Cul.
"I caught a bass down tbere one day
that long," said Judge Klce. measuring
lbe length ot one arm- which Is rer/
"That's nothing." returned Bergen
"I caught a tarpon down there this
long." be snld, stretching ouf both
armsjo their full length.
"Well, one time down there." came
bock Judge ltice. "I caught s small
shark iliht long/' und bPj joo,jjtreVJicd
bis arms at fuII~Vng1b,~t>eutliig Iter-
gen's fcKwKi eapnc|(y for mmtmurtBf
hy a good Ih elveVbes.'
''Oil. there's no use us> HrRttltttt Willi
you." said llcrgen, tul'ttlhg sway In
disgust. "Von know you're got longer
arms than I lmve."-Denver Times.
Two Hungerford Men Snlute All the
Ladies In Their City.
Just when Kngland is beginning tc
I pride itself on its progress nf modem-
I ity. Hungerford. on the borders of
j Berkshire and Wiltshire, slips hack
I into thc centuries because it is Hock-
| ney Tuesday.
Unless you bave lived thrnucrh
| Hocknev Tuesday ynu can have no
! conception of wliat it means. It needs
, strong nerves anil a stronger consti-
j tutinn thoroughly to enter into the
j spirit   of   ancient   times.
/t eight o'clock the town crier, in
1 prey and scarlet., with brass buttons,
j comes out of the town hall and blows
I threa notes on the ancient horn gjven
* by John o' Gaunt, and that is the
j signal for two tutti-nien to emerge
j from t'ie constable's house with staves
! tipped with flowers���daffodils, primroses, and tulip-, surmounted by an
It is tlieir business to go forth and
kiss the dHinsels of the town, irrespective of age or beauty, according to
Mr. Jnmes Blake' snd Mr. Anthony
Bowshcr were the tutti-nien last
Hocken Tuesday. Mr. Blake is sixty
years old, Mr. Bowsher is younger
but both of them kissed vigorously
from eight o'clock until seven in lbe
evening, with  a  break for dinner.
Tradition decrees tliat tliey shall he
liberal with oranges and pennies.
Therefore, having kissed a maid, they
gave her an ��irange as a solace, and
they hurled orances anion? the crowd
of urchins who followed them about
all day.
It whs a perfect orgy of kissing.
They knocked at doors, nud little,
high-pitched shrieks floated < v.t into
the street, showing how nobly the
tutti-men  were doing their duty.
Tliey went to the workhouse and
kissed all the old ladies, including
Ann Benson, wlio is ninety-t'hie years
old; they went to the laundry, with
their (loral staves. Up from house
to house, kissing, kissing, until, at
the time nf the sunset there were no
more left to kiss.
1 lity wanted to start a?ain, hut that
is against the ancient laws.
Meanwhile, during these goincs-on,
the H'ck-Tide Court hail heen sitting, doing Ihi serious business of
the year, appointing a constable, a
portreeve, an ale-taster, and what not,
and at the, end the entire court adjourned to the Three Stars for churchwarden pipes and bowls of smoking
Everyone   agreed   that   "they
(ood old times."
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room o, Merchant Bank Bldg.    Phone 715.
854���Meets ln K. of P. Hall, Eightb
und Agnes streets, second and
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia stieet. Visiting P.
A. P.'s welcome. F. C. Cook, Dictator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dictator; H. L. Christie, Secretary.
1. O. O. F. AMITV LODGE NO. 17-
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. F., is held every Mou
day night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth Btreet. Visiting bretherr
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
Q.; R. A. Merrithew, V. O.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Booim
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code;
Western Union. Telephone, 1070
Adam Smith Johnston and Franl
Alexander Jackson.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl:
and McKenzie streets. New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary.
611  Columbir
Cause For Gladness.
'Was eventide. The boy stood on
(he bridge, clapping bis bands vigor
ously Beyond tbe brow uf tbe nill s
dull red glow suffused the sky.
"Ab. little boy." remarked Ihe strati
ger. who wss rather nearsighted. "It
dow m.v heart good to see yon apiile
elate yon bountiful oloilil effect f
"Yes. sir." replied the lad: "I've been
watching It for ten minutes "
Upon llie boy's face there appeared a
*mlle of radiant  bliss.
"A real. |Miet. without a doubt.. And
do you watch sunsets often, little boy?"
"SiinHpta? Why. that r.int it sunset,
cur'nor! That's the village school
burning down."���Answers.
Transfer Co.
"Office  Phone  189.      Barn  Phone  137
Begbie Btreet.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbf city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
OttfUZSamm T����M   DSPOT.     .
Has to Do It.
"lie doesn't seem io know enough fc
Keep still."
"lied lose Ills Job If he knew that
tiiiieli "
"\\ lint's Ills JobV
"Harking for a nickel show."
Not Long to Wait.
"Kdwln cun | see a fault In me."
"Ki:iiiv and truly, lie can't."
"Willi  until  nfter you  uiu married
He'll iniiku up for It theu."
A Deathbed Marriage.
Tt is recorded that the tenth Lord
Strnthmnr' marrie.l on July 2. IR20.
Mary, daughter of .1. Milner. of Stain-
drop. Durham, hut died the day after
the wedding. A romsniin story is
nssociat d with this statement. Mary
Milner was a beautiful girl of humble
birth. The ear! went through a false
form of marriage with her, but she
lived with him ��.�� hla wife in all innocence, their only son Iieing sent to
Eton hs Lord Olatnis. On his deathbed the carl confessed that lie had
uctfd dishonorably, but fsid he would
now marry h^r. ��� ���
Tlie injured woman would have tty
rr,':rn ircret weddings; and, ill as the
earl vms, }j,e y;a5. cajrie^l |j church.-
and tlieir Harrtage JjpK fdr.te before
dH "tn* r*m\lil he summoned to attend
tlie tftMBflUy. I>ord Strathmore pass
ed nvay next day. and though
could not legitimise his fori.
worl liy and mucli-respccted gentleman. Mr. John Bowes, who di"H a
f?w vears n?o, Jic made 'he mother
OounVw of "Ptriiil more.
Subsequently Lady- Strflthmnr" married her son's iutor, Mr. William
Hutt. who became, llirough her wealth
ami influence, moinlrr for Gst--slicad,
and eventual!? a K.C.B.
Unique Collections.
Q.il'eetir* gather together articles
more or Vs interesting, but probably
few go in for such bnfcy objects as
those chosen by a distinguished Brit-
slier Old doors rfre the object of
'lis de-ire. His doom conic from old
houses, cartes, and abbeys of lii-tori-
���n! ii't rest. S'um time ago he ob-
talned, at considerable cost, a door
'hr >U'..'h whicli. during the I'rencli resolution. Mar'e Antoinette. Charlotte
Corday. Datiton. ai d Robespierre passed on their way to the guillotine.
Probably nobody of to-day has a
drotc desire to bring together a greal
variety of teas and snuffs. Lord I'et-
���rsliain, however, a noted man in his
lay. bad a hobby for acquiring various kinds of tea and hii.1I. Ail round
lis sitting-room wire shelves, on the
ihe side laden witli canisters of BoU>
���hong, Robes, Congou. Pekoe, l?u��-
sian, and other teas, and on the other
ivitb handsome jari containing every
'und of siiul'l tbnt the collector could
iiv  Ins hands on.
"What happened to the fellow wbr
got a l��>e lu nil bonnet last oigbt'f
The Chang*.
Nn��  politic! we time on trust "
An-1 turn unto ihe joyful season
When hlith an/y tnlirhty playsrs must
1'ley ball or no ��HJ know th* Mason.
"What would jrnu say. Nnnnette. It
I pressed a kiss ou your rosy lips?"
"Why, how could I say anything It
yon covered my tnoutb uli up't"���Dorf-
Generally th* Way.
Hlrks���Did Iho coroner's Jury fix the
responsibility for tbat railroad accident?
Dicks���Ves; they blamed tbe Jeweler
who   sold   tbe  train  dispatcher   tbat
jlloroo cloek.-St. Louis Times.
Their Two Medicines
Tie native pharmacopoeia
.ised tp be ot the simplest character,
\ mail from the island, during his
lrst week of night duty as a Glasgow
���unstable, went into a chemists <hop
ind expressed frank astonishment at
the bewildering array ol bottles.
'These medicines nre ferry numerous
���yes, ferry numerous indeed." "Yes,
>ve have to keep a great many," tlm
idtemift said blandly. "Now, in Skye,
where I come from," thc constable
went on, "the medicines am not what
you tnjght call numerous at all."
"Nop" yiid tho chemist, "How many
do you have!'" ".luist two. There i*
tar for tbe sheep and whisky f. r the
street.   Over C. P. K. Telegraph,
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichcn block. New Westminster. George E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L.  Cassady.
' ters and Solicitors, Westmlnstei
Trust block, Columbia street. New
Westmlnater, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
countant. P. O. Ilox 784. Phone 10��6.
Accountant Tel.
Trapp block.
B 128.    Room
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
Tbe Bank bas over 200
branches, extending.in Canada
from tbe Atlantic to the Pacuic.
ln Cuba throughout tbe Island;
also tn Porto Iilco, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (P��ld-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00-'
RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Branchee throughout Canada Rnd
Newfoundland, anc In London, Eng-
snd, New York. Ch'tago and Spokane.
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
basking bualneas transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with-
sorrespondenta In all parts of tke
Savings Bank D tpsrtmeat���Deposit*.-
ecived in aume of |1 and upward,
tnd interest allows! at 8 per cent, per
tnuum   (prese-it  rut*).
Total  Aasete over $186.000,000.00<
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
We have no hot air to peddle.
Just legitimate tailoring.
SS Begbie StreeL
minster Board of Trade meets in the
bosrd room. City Hall, as follow*
Third Priday ct each month; quar
terly meeting ott tke Cird Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on !
the -third Friday of February- New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarteaiy
. iS^PB:   ?-. H; 8l����rt Wade, secretary. ' '    ���'   ~-    -~ ���- -   .
J. Newsome & Sons
Fainter*, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimate* Given.       ^t%\ s
211 Sixth Avenue.
=��� II  ,
Phone 5��7>
:       B.C.
All  work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOS8E, Manager.
903 Dublin  Street. Phone 984.
D. McAulay
Tel. 7fil.
Cer. fith and Columbia
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phona  661. Box 77<
who do not receive   The News before
k a.m, shuuid
ind make complaint. Only in this waj
may an efficient delivery be main
Three thMUgh dally trains. Reduced
ratee eh round trip tickets to Eastern
point!, on sale during July and August   Good to return Oct. 31st.
On sale every Friday, Saturday and!
Sunday. Single fare for the roind.
' KD. OOULET, Agent
New Weatmlnster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
B. C. [oast Service
I-eaves  Vancouver  for  Victoria   *e\
a. m., 2 p. m. and 11:43.
Ltaves Vanoouver
a. m. ami ll p. m.
Leaves Vancouver
a. m. and 6:30 p. m,
Leaves Vancouver
pert  and Northern
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
for feattl*   10*
for  Nanaimo  10.
for   PrlncH   Hu-.
Point*  IU   p.   m. .
An Accident.
"What did you cut ott your dachshund's Uli for?"
"It was.Ml accident Elevator started np beforef I had got quite all ot him
Inside the door/vChicago Tribune.    .
Enlists at 102.
Mr. John Dursnt. of Weybridge,
England, formerly in the navy, wlio
bas ju.-t celebrated his I0'2nd birthday,
has been enrolled 'in honorary member of the local company of the Surrey  National  Reserve.
Guard  Your  Health.
Look to your health, mid if you have
it praise Ood and value il next to a
good conscience, for healin is the i��ec-
ond blossing that wo mortals are capable of, a blessing that money cannot
buy.-rlisak Walton.   .. ....
D V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C
Workshop 611   Victoria  8treet.
(Over Dally News.)
of Summer Goods for Suiting
. Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Sireet        {
I'ort.ii  f.t und workmanship guaranteed. *��� ������'
Chilliwack Serrice
Leaves Westminster 8 a.m. Monday,.
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 n.m. Tuesday, ,
Thursday and Satiifld��y,
Agent, New We��tui*��st��r,
II.  W.  UftODIB;
0. P   A.. Vancouver
Phone R872. eig Hamilton 3t
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavctrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspool*, Septic Tanks, Etc.
^ SignS
BROWN Trapp Btock:
Cards ��***^mmm**^*M*Mmm*HSHmmm
TUESDAY, JULY 23, 1912.
ST-I   *AOB SEVEN.    *
*rn rrn i"rn t
+ !.
leave It to us two men. nnd I promise
i Story of How a Thin Atmosphere : j
|    Was Turned to Advantage    jjjj
f., y
The thin atmosphere of blgb altitudes is very deceptive to tbose wbo
are not used to It. I remember going to Denver some years ago. arriving tbere In the evening. Tbe next
morning 1 looked through my window
| nml saw tbe Rocky mountains looming
up. us \t seemed a' few hundred yards
(away. 1 remarked their beauty nnd
thought 1 would like to walk out to
tbem und back before breakfast
When 1 spoke ot tbis to a resident of
the place be said:
"Vou thiuk tbose mountains ure near
by. do you? They're dfteen miles
Long before tbe railroad was built
westward from Denver through tbo
mountains u stagecoach oue day lumbered up tbe lucllne, reached comparatively level ground and dually pulled
up at n hotel lu (Georgetown. A bride
nnd groom. Tom uud Mary Atwood.
were ou the comb, makiug u wedding
trip. Contrary to custom, tbey hud for
a traveling companion Anna Thurston. I
.n sister of the bride, several years ber
junior. Durlug the evening Edwin
Chandler. :i clussmute In college witb
Atwood. wbo bud gone to Colorado to
seek hls fortune, railed aud invited tbe
party to make him u visit lu bis bungalow on the outskirts of the town.
A cnnsiilracy bad lieen entered Into
betweeu Tom and Mary Atwood to
make a match between Ned Chandler
nud Anna Tburston. Ned had lived
Alone lu u region wbere women were
ecarce. And now be was beside himself nt being thrown .in Intimately with
nn attractive yoni'g�� lady. "But Anna
iiail been used lo plenty of men In tbe
���<>��st. to nay   nothing of suitors, und.
:��lnce Ned bad fallen Into tbe uncouth
appears pee of a prospector, she wus
not luclhied to favor blm.
Atwood bud bad some trouble wltb a
(Ire <'iiting southerner.   I never learned j
. what was ut the bottom of It except
<ll.lt immediately after tbe war Atwood nent south to become a planter
There lie met bis wife. Being forced
liy Uie prejudice existing against north
.enters ut that lime to leave lbe country, r.e had murrled tbe girl lie loved
and brought her way wltb him Something that had occurred during this
troublous period bud excited the mil
mosiiy of the lire eater, whose humc
was M.irkbum, nud be rowed that the
world was not big enough for him and
Atwood liutl) to live In.
tine u.oiiiliig Mrs. Atwood nnd her
nli.fr, walking together through tin-
(own met Miii'Uliiim. Mrs. Atwood
wi.s lerror Httli'keii mul Miss Thurston
naturally oitlch troubled for her sister
uud ler sister's husband Tlle next
<l.iy Alwood received u ieue from Murk
'uini staling that be bad eome to Colo
;'uiiu lo kill hlm mid Would prefer to do
���o lliio a geutlemuu. If be could not
'hunt hlm like a gentleman be would
-Imot him tike it dog.
Atwood naturally took the note to
nls friend (.'handler and sought his advice. Hoih were desirous of kpeplug
the mutter from lhe two women, but
you no harm shall come to Tom."
This assurance took away a great
deal of Mrs. Atwood's anxiety, nnd
she consented to do as Fred bad proposed, provided tbey would keep ber
advised, whereupon Chandler agreed
that her husband should take no step
that she did not know all about. Tbeu
the two men went into conference by
"Tom." said Netl. "you and your j
wife and sister are bere as my guests
���not only my guests, but any strangers wbo eome here nre considered tbe
guests of tbe town. Yon bave no Idea
of the chivalry of our men. Now, I
feel responsible for your proper protection while bere. not only to you and
those with you. but to my fellow citizens. If 1 should let anything happen
to you they would bold me accountable. I can handle tbis affair mucb better without you than with you,.and I
waut you to leave It entirely in my
hands," i
Atwood demurred for awhile, but
finally cousented. provided tbat if tbere
was any serious risk to be taken be
was to be permitted to take It himself. Tbis closed the conference, and
the two parted. ,    j
Chandler went to the hotel, where be
asked for Mr. Markham. and wben
that gentlemau was pointed out to him
asked for n few moments' private conversation. Markham led blm apart
from the others, and Chandler said:
"My friend Atwood has received
wbat he considers a challenge from
you nnd bas asked me to suy to you
that he wl'l meet you; but. being tbe
Challenged party, he Insists upon making tbe terms. He proposes that, tomorrow morning at 0 o'clock, you leave
tbis hotel und ride down tbe stage
road eastward. He wlll meet you
within a mile or two of this place,
probably near the yellow bouse. Just
three miles from here. You are to carry one 42 caliber six shooter; be tbe
same. When you meet on the road
either or both ore at liberty to opeu
flre at will."
Markham pronounced these terms
very different from the code to which
be bad been used to in tbe soutb. hut
tbey appeared to be fair und be consented to tliem.
Tbnt evening Chandler. Atwood aud
tbe laii'es speut at tbe bungalow together. aII Chandler said about tbe
affair wltb Markham was that it wns,
lu a fair way of settlement lie pro-,
posed cards and npprared to take so
great un Interest In the game tbat neither tbe bride nor ber sister suspected
tbat anything'of importance was nt
hand.   All went to bed at 11 o'clock.
Long beforejflwu Chandler went out
In bis stockings, carrying bis boots In
Ills hands, und, going to u stable near
by, got out a horse, mounted him aud
took tbe road to Idaho Springs. lie
went, however, only its far as ibe yellow house be bad mentioned to Mark-
ham. wbere be left; hi* borse end at
ft o'clock started to. walk back to
Georgetown. |
Tbe mountains Inclosing this valley
nre very high. The moon standing
on (he meridian hud tbat ghastly bue
it takes on wben daylight has robbed
ber uf ber normal golden color. Tbe
nir wus crlap. "JUst the morning for
a duel !!'.:* tbls." remarked Chandler
to himself. |
When Ma-kbum saw Chandler ho
was three mhes distant. Chandler was
of a different build from Atwood nnd
tbe Sre eater thought blm some one
TT'ueu a third of the Interval between tbem bad - been eliminated.
Chandler tired a shot to let Ills enemy
know tbat he was tbe man to be killed
Markham wos surprised. Fle considered thut be bnd run n great risk In
not recognizing the coming man ns bis '
enemy. Judging Chandler to be nbout
SOO yards from him. Ue waited till
sudeient time had elapsed to draw his
enemy within range, then, taking a
sure nlm. sent a shot. Tbe eueuiy did
not fall. Nor did he opeu Ure. lle
continued to advance. Markham sent
another shot, ll produced no effect,
luivlntr fallen short, though Marl.hmii
ill I nut know this He wns astonish-
������d thn though Ills opponent cotiiliiuc.l
to advance lie sot no nearer. What
could he t'ie matter? Was his ciumy
a real man or u phantom?
1'resently Chandler retard tils woap-
ou and tired.    .Miiiklium was nut yet ;
within riuige. iimlCbiind'er knew it   lle
sent the shot  lo stnrt up Uis eueuiy. j
lie succeeded.   Mnrkhnm. thinking h's I
antagonist to be wttbln u few hundred j
feet of lilm. sent two shots tti  rapid
Ch'aiKi'er bud expended oue shot to
Maikhuin's rour,   Tbey were not yet
within runge, but Cbnndler raised ms
| revolver und appeared to be taking u
'deliberate  aim.    This   drew  another
shot from Ills enemy.
They were now barely wtrhln kliiln.r
distance,  ('handler tired n .%iot, tint it
fell n trlf.e short.    Mnrkhnm emptied
I his   lust   chamber.    The  ball   struck
! chandler's sliln, but only bruised it.
| He was about to Ore again when lie
saw Mnrkhnm draw another revolver.
IMiiiiilug forwnrd slgzng. Chandler
, suddenly stood fnce to fuce with hls
It Was th* Bearer of th* "Cup" Thai
Wa* Cheered.
Secretary Knox's experience wltl
tbe Central American crowd whicli
was uot. as be supposed, cheering foi
him, but applauding a local Idol It
Ms party, recalls tbe story told by i
sportsman who went Usblug last sum
mer ou the I'eco�� river.
Leaving the train at Glorlettu. hi
took a wugon for Windsor's ranch. l|
was n loug. bard pull for twenty-sevei
miles, and the sportsman looked eager
Jy for the resort long before it cutnt
Into view, l-'iuiilly Hie wagon rounded
a point, and Windsor's much wns re
veil led lielow. Almost as soon ns I'
appeared tbe wagon lu turn wns dls
covered from the ranch. Some Ul'teea
or twenty men boiled out of tbe cnblnt
and a tremendous cbeer arose in ihe
The sportsman was at once puzzled
nnd fluttered.
"Ureal Scott."' be exclaimed. "Ii
that for me7"
The driver clapped on the brakes and
reared back on the lines.
"Kor youV" lie laughed. "Not on
your life. I'm brtngln' tbe boys ten
gallons o' wblsky:" ���St Louis Post-
The Reason Why.
.lack Moukley. the athletic trainer.
was talking to a group of Cornell foot
ball men about uu overrated player.
"Why Is he overrated?" said Mr.
Monkley. "Well. I'll tell you why.
I'll tell you why by means of a par
"A sporting editor sat nt bis desk
one Saturday evening when a little
hoy In spectacles entered solemnly and
handed him n report, written lu nn unformed hand, of a game between tbe
Ilnrkawiiy Juniors und the Young
"The editor glanced over tbe report
It ended with tbe words: 'The feature
of the game was Mannering's superb
playing.1 Mannering tackled faultlessly.
He kicked two magnificent goals, and
the four touchdowns Mannering scored
were the fluent ever seen on thc field.'
" 'Who's Mannering?' asked the edi
" 'I.' the spectnclod midget answered
proudly. 'I am Mannering." " ��� New
York Tribune.
Cheap Metis That Ar* Served In Some
Ber,'in Restaurant*.
There are many interesting facts regarding cbeap food in various portions
of tbe earth. Berlin is snld to lead tbe
civilized world ln tbe way of cbeap
restaurants. Tbere are many places
wbere you may secure a meal of borse
flesb. bread and coffee for 25 pfennig,
wbicb ls about 0 centa In tbe poorer
parts of tbe city tbere are many little
restauruuts where you can buy a meal
for 1'.' pfennig, wbicb would be about 3
In some of these cbeap restaurants
tbere ls a long tabie, and oo chairs are
to be seen, hut tbere are long benches.
Tin spoons sre chained to tbe tahle,
soup plates are sunk into tbe table, aud
tbe one who wants to eat u meal comes
ln and sits down in front of one of i
these plates nnd lays bis 3 cents beside
It Usually a woman is ln tbe kltcben.
and In many of tbese places tbe kltcben
is a part of tbe restaurant itself. As
I soon as you have laid your money ou
| the table sbe trots forward wltb a
| steaming bot kettle of thick soup, although thin soup Is sometimes served.
She tills your soup plate witb tbis bot
soup and lays a thick slice of black
bread beside tbe plate, and your dinner
ls complete.
This is certainly a cheap meal. Tbere
are��muny places in ali our lnrge cities
where a dime will provide quite a generous dinner, sr^ietlmes pot roast und
u thick slice of bread and butter and a
cup of coffee -Mary V. Kausch in
American Threshermun
Baking Powder
Made from Pure, Grape
Cream of Tartar
Surpasses every other baking
powder in making delicious,
healthful food.
Protects the food from alum.
What'* ths Hurry?
On one of the most prominent street
corners of Victoria. B. C. two Englishmen were deeply ��<s,'rossel In cou versa tlon. This part of Canada contains a
great many Englishmen who are apparently from wealthy families and have
lieen sent over here iu ihe hope of tlut
country developing tbem���makiug the:i:
work, so to speak. .
A trolley cur had turned the corner,
stopped for sonic passengers to alight
snd started off ngnfn. when a ms'r
turned the corner o:r the run and Itoard-
e.l the moving ear.
The Kugllsiiineu looked ut eacb oibet
lu n:aa;:eiiieut.
"My word! Did you see blm run?"
one remarked.
"The hloomios ass.'" replied his companion. "I wonder If be did not know
(here was a not her car In tweuty uiiu-
utes''*'-Lipplncott'S Magazine.
Comet HigS, but It's There.
Tet I Is county oiScetl are honest, nc
cording lo a Immi company which his
Just finished auditing the boohs of th.
lotinty ot'.lcers for tlje past four years.
The hill of tbe Iki:h! company's auditors for proving that honest methods
prevailed lu Tettls Is about $3.000.���
Cass County IMo.i leader.
Absent Treatment.
At an examination of liurses the
young lady wns asked by the pbysl-
clau, "What would yon do to cure n
cold lu the bend?" She replied. "I
would 'put my feet In hot water till
yon were in .profuse perspiratiou."-
Catholic Standard aud limes.
Wasted Opportunity.
it wus impossible.   Mrs, Atwood knew ,
ihnt ii note had arrived for her bus-1,enemy, took deliberate nlm nud shot
iiand. was suspicious and would not be , his man through the heart        \
satisfied   till  she  bad  been  told  the
whole story.   Then a conference took
i plr.ee between tbe fonr friends.
"You needn't worry, Mrs. Atwood,"
wild ("tin nd ler. "There's more real
Justice In a region like this titan enn
lie bad In the most civilised elty In the
"Every   man   Is eipeeted  to   flght
Ntils own buttles, but wbere a lady la
Involved the case Is different. Our
men hsve nu unlimited reverence for
���woman tfcl were th let It'he Mown
that a man bnd come oat heie to rob
n bride of her husband I could gather
a posse at ones to run the 'fellow out
of low*.   Just you aod yvur sister
WIkvi the story of the light wns tola
In Georgetown Cbnndler was upheld
as having done Ills duly ns a citizen
toward visitors. Atwood complained
thut Chandler had taken a risk that he
had promised he lAtwoodi should take
If It were lo be taken at all. But
Chandler averred that with *>n enemy
unused to the Colorado atmosphere
there was no risk lit the premises.
Miss Thurston saw lir. Chandler tn
an entirely different light from before
the saving of her brother-in-law's life.
She not only consented to be bis wife,
imt to remain with hlm in a region
whicli sh* had foand ti eontala not
".lust my luck:   There ain't notbius
tbe matter wltb mel'-Hatlre.
Ne Room Far Doubt.
"Her letter rejects me finally and for-
"Sure It's flnal? Notblng betwten
.he lines?"
���There's only one llne^-I/mlsvIHe
Crafcy Angler.
"How Is It yon were so successful
with your catch In tile fishing party
when the rest wnldn't gel a thing?"
"I Invited the deaf and dumb girl In
tbe party to go wltb me."���Baltimore
AmeiiciM. ��� ���       . -.
Edith-How did you feel wben .lack
kissed you through the tunnel?
Rthel-1 felt as If I never wanted te
ee* bia face egsln;-Boston Transcript
Calling His Bluff.
"How is your lii tte son thnt we admired so much wben we were bere before? He must be quite a boy now.
Hoes he take un Interest in baseball,
foot I ia 11 and all of tbose boyish
sports V"
"Well, now. that's odd."
"It would be, ouly my son ii a
dan;; liter."
For many things in cookery, St. Charles Cream
is an essential.    It is as good as the best milk
or cream for any purpose.   For many purposes
it is much better.   It gives to coffee,
for instance, a flavor which even the
best of ordinary cream cannot approach,'and it aids in bringing out
the delicate aroma of chocolate and
cocoa.   For confection and ice cream
it is unexcelled.   For invalids and
infants it is indispensable. It never
curdles.   It strengthens the strong.
If only pure water is added it will agree with
the njost delicate stomach.
Sold by "best grocers everywhere. 7
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a .perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&��&��       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Milb at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Madam���This Delicious
Dessert Saves Time
Instead of spending hours over a hot stove preparing dessert, try Mooney's
Sugar Wafers.   Their delicious flavor will surprise and please the whole family.
It cost us thousands of dollars and took years to perfect this dainty. Taste
it once and you will say that both time and money were well spent
Here are just threeof many reasons why you should at least try Mooney's Sugar
Wafers. Fir*t���their delicious spicy and appetizing taste. Second��� it takes no time
to serve them���they are always ready���always good.    TWrrf���they cost but little.'
Mooney's Sugar Wafers
Canada's  Mosl   Poptilar  Dessert
Mooney's Sugar Wafers are made in the finest bakery in the country. Weuse
nothing but the best ingredients. Our flour is a special blend. Our butter and cream
are from the finest dairies in Western Ontario. We get the best because we pay
top prices. Tben tbere is the incomparable Mooney Method���the Method thst
gave to the Dominion, Perfection Cream Sodas���the standard soda cracker.
The same high quality standard that has made ours the fastest growing business
in Canada goes into our greatest creation���Mooney's Sugar Wafers.
At your grocer's, In dainty, dust and damp-proof tins.   10 snd M ecnts.   Try thera today.
Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd. ��I '*
>��� .-*.,.
I i
TUESDAV, JULY 23, 1912.
Is The Best:
You can k$ep fruit, butter, milk, fish, onions,
meat and cheese in it
together and have no
mixture of odors.
Sold and guaranteed only by
Anderson & Lusby
Sale Now On
During July large reductions ln ladies' and men's suits, of best goods
(all this season's), are being offered.
This is1 aeftaWe not had every day.
Call and see them at
46   Lome  Street.   New  Westminster.
City News
Alfred W. McLeod
4S7 Columbia St
one  62.
Naw Westminster | o,0Ugana- dollars
The telephones of the Westminster
Dally News now are:
Editorial Office .:991
Business Office  999
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
Mr. Frank Kirkland, of Ladner, was
in the city yesterday on business.
Mrs. Hood and family, of this city,
left on Saturday for their summer
cottage at White Rock.
Rye bread���like your mother use.'
to make. Eighth Street Bakery, Telephone R 281. �����
Mr. R. W. Lane and Mr. A. E. Foi-
tU returned to the city yesterday from
the Potlatch at Seattle.
Mr. A. A. Matthison. manager of
the local telephone exchange, spent
last week end at White Rock.
The Columbia Piano and Music
House, 622 Columbia street, is headquarters for Victor Gramaphones and
Records. **
Mrs. Davis and family, of Tenth
street, have gone out to Roundary
Bay for the rest of the season.
The spark preventer on the smoke
stack aud refuse burner of the
British Canadian Lumber company's
new mill on Lulu Island is about completed.
Mrs. J. H. B. and Miss Florence
McLeod, of New Westminster, will
arrive in Vancouver tomorrow afternoon after a flve months' tour of Australia.
MONEY TO LOAN on Residential
property; lowest, current rate. National    Finance    Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street. *���
The partnership between Mr. A. J.
Hill and Mr. G. K. Burnett has heen
dissolved. Mr. Hill ts retiring to prlr
vate life, while Mr. Burnett will carry
on the business of tbe !��te firm.
The Orphanage Guild will meet at
the home of Mrs. Blackledge, 210
Sixth avenue, on Wednesday afternoon. A cordial Invitation is extended to all.
Mr. Sam Papas has opened a fruit
store in a portion of tin* premises at
316 Columbia' street formerly occupied exclusively by the C. ?. R. telegraph offices.        _
Miss Margaret Bird of Everett,
Wash., and P. J. Walsh of Toppenish,
Wash., are spending the week at the
home of the latter's parents, 215 Second Street,
High grade, medium price- and a1'
grades of piands aud player flUtuu,
low prices, easy payments at the Co-'
lumbia Piano and Music HodEe, 622
Columbia street. **
The Fraser Valley Dairy company
with headquarters in this city has se
cured incorporation from- tbe provin-
j cial government wHh a capital of fifty
A marble staircase is being placed
in position,at the Russell hotel which
will connect .the billiard room with
the rotitmt-iii'tfr'. J. J. Kelly, the manager of the hostelry, is contemplating
n vacation in the near future.
Boy Let Off.
A young lad of about fourteen year3
of age waft brought before His Honor
Judge Howay yesterday .morning on
a charge pt stealing money from a
resident, of Mission. His, Honor dismissed the pnae on the understanding
that the-fad'should report once a
month to Captain Colllef,' probation
oflicer, at the city of Vancouver.
. k| ������
���Mr., Marshall's Funeral.
The funeral of the late Benjamin
M: Marshall took place yesterday
afternoon in the Odd Fellows' cemetery. A large, number of relatives and
friends.;were present, together with
I the .colonel and several officers, N. C.
O's and men of the 104th regiment.
Several members of the United Service dub also attended, the military
taking this opportunity of paying a
last respect to an old mutiny veteran.
Four Issued Yesterday, Value $4450���
Two Fine Residences.
Mr. H. D. Morgan took out a permit
at the office of the building inspector
yesterday afternoon for a $2600 residence on Eighth avenue. Three other
permits granted prospective builders
yesterday were: Richard Newell,
cottage on Archie street, $400; Mr. E.
Johnson, alterations t(�� present house
on Columbia-strept east, $300. and Mr.
F. N.*p(tjlm;>iesldence on Hoult street,
to Westminster Junction macadam is
already being laid, and within a few
weeks the thoroughfare, ivliich hai always carried a heavy traff'?.. will be
in shape for automobile tray$t Another portion of this highway whic'i
goes from Hayperton to the French
settlement will also be improved very
shortly, when aa agreement is arrived at with property owners regarding the deposition of claims which
now stand in the way of widening the
road to the required 64 feet.
The International highway or that
portion which affords a link of communication between Westminster and
Blaine is to be macadamized before
the close ef theyear, the work of
grading and widening having boen
under way for some time. This road
has ever been a popular hlghwav for
American tourists on account of the
beautiful farming country through
which it runs.
McKenna Expected Here at
of Month.
Dr. McKenna, who was deputed by
the Dominion government recently to
investigate and adjust the grievances
and differences of the Indians in this
province, will visit the ��� reserve at
Spence's Bridge, B.C., on the 29th
inst.. after which It is expected he
will cOme to Westminster for the pur
pose of getting iluto touch with tho
conditions here.
Cases pt Violation of Trades
^^1 License By-law.
Mr. A. DesBrisay, a grocer from
Vancouver, ^ah charged with violating the trades license by-law in the
pollctftCWjM/Xesteiilav morning, and
after h'lwa(grihe case his worship,
Magistrate Edmonds, graced the
prosecution    an    adjournment    UZt'l
[Wednesday in order to secure additional evidence. Mr. DesBrisay was
alleged to have solicited orders   for
Tax Rate Struck  for  1912���Road
Cloverdale, Jiily 22.���At a meeting
of the Surrey Council, held in the old
school house bere on July 20, It was
decided to strike the rate of taxation
for 1912. as follows; Wild land, 2%
per cent; municipal rate, 9 mills;
school rate 2V* mills.
Appropriations for road improvements to the extent of $1200 were
made as follows: $200 for digging a
ditch on the south .^de of Scott road
from Yale road, Ward Two; $200 for
Hall's Prairie road, tjorth road, from
the old McLellan road; $800 for the
new McLellan road In Ward Four.
The Surrey revenue bylaw was reconsidered and finally passed, and the
seal of the corporation ordered affixed. Acounts to the amount of $738.-
85 were passed and ordered paid.
A letter was received from Mr. J.
H, O'Neil, superintendent of the Great
Northern Railwav regarding the C. V.
road crossing. The letter stated that
it did not appear incumbent on the
railroad to change or widen the crossings at the expense of the railway
Mr. W. C. Gladwin, provincial flre
warden, wrote respecting the duty of
the municipality to destroy all debris
by flre when clearing the right-of-way
for roads. Mr. George E. Robinson
also wrote requesting to have the
Clover Valley road opened between
the Hjorth road and the river. This
leetter was received and referred to
Councillor Inglis for his consideration.
The reeve and all members of the
council except Councillors Brown and
Keery were present at the meeting.
The next meeting will be held on
Aug. 3, at 2 p. m., at the same  place.
I am open to buy residential lots or business
property in New Westminster. State number
of lot, block, etc., and
lowest price and terms.
BOX NO. 83
from getting a foothold in the
bouse by putting a good Insect
Powder ln :>laces where they're
apt to thrive.
We can supply you with an
excellent Insect Powder that is
non-poisonous to you, but deadly to Bugs and Insects of all
Get your supply today at
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
Start That
New Westminster, B.C.     I
Mabbi Farvlner was deported acros.i
the border yesterday morning by M.r.
H. G. Lawrence, the immigration officer. Farviner had just completed a
two months' sentence fn the provincial prison for entering the, country
For the flrst time in several
months the sidewalk in front of the
new Westminster Trust block is now
cleared and available for use by
pedestrians. The heating radiators
were yesterday unloaded and will be
placed in position this week.
MONEY TO LOAN on Residential
property; lowest current rate; National Finance Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street. **
Detective Champion, of the Vancouver police department, was in the
city yesterday on business connected
with his official position. The detective asserts that Deputy Chief of
Police Mulhern, who fs directing the
department in the absence of Chief
Chamberlin. is making things decide*
ly warm for the crooks who have
been attempting to work in Vancouver
of late. In regard to his mission here
the ofTlcer was non-committal, although he hinted darkly about being
on the trail of a real bad man who
was wanted in Vancouver.
groceries in Westminster without flrst
taking out a license.
Under the same authority another
grocer of this city was brought up.
He waa dismissed on the understanding that he, should take out a license
immediately.' ,>:�����.
Indian Pleads Guilty���Case Adjourned
Till  Friday.
While drink and kleptomania were
in the ascendency, over    his    better
judgment APatsy," an Indian residing I]
in Chilliwack,    last    week    stole   a
horse front, a fellow bra"?.
In the county court chambers yes-
trday .m&i-nlbg before Judge Howay
Patsy pleaded guilty to the charge ofi
steal'tia; the horse, but asserted that'
as soon as he became sober"after committing the deed he had returned the
equine to its rightful owner. His
honor adjourned the case until Friday
in order that the police may lift the
veil which shrouds tlie red man's
past career, and which it Is said conceals a penitentiary record.
Unloaded Sun Again.
Altona, Pa., July 22.���While alone
la their home. Saturday. WilUani
Dare, aged 8. a miner's son, had his
head blown off with a shot gun in the
f hands of hi3 brother George, aged 5.
They were playing "William Tell"
with a baseball for an apple, but they
.didn't know the gun was loaded. The
shot brought neighbors to the house,
ahd when they arrived they found
George so frantic from fright and
grief lt was feared he wonld go In-
aane. k
Government Rapidly Getting Thoroughfares Into Good Ehape.
Great pl-oeress is being made bv
the provincial government In the projected improvements on the Dewdney
trunk road to Port Moody. On that
portion  which  runs through  Millside
on the Banjo, Zither Banjo,
Mandolin, Mandola,  Mando-
Cello and Guitar.
Above instruments repaired, strung
and tuned. Putting on Banjo Heads
a specialty. Auto Harps and Zithers
strung and tuned.
"Dick" J. Lawrence
Leave instruments for tuning or repairing at J. H. Todd's Music House,
419 Columbia Street.    Tel. 694.
Bathing Caps,
and all Seaside
Requisites at
inster,  6. C.
Not how cheap, but how pood. Hear
the great Chiekerfng Bros.' player-
[ilanos at the Columbia Piano House,
opposite City Hall. Made and guaranteed by the only llvhig Chickeiings
making i ianos, truly the wonder ol
the age. W'e have other piano players?
as low as $450 In price. ���*
The launch "Genevieve," owner and
captain of which is D. M. Bartlett,
took a party down river as far as
Ladner Saturday afternoon. A calf
was made at Ewen's Cannery, where
canning operations were in fun swing.
Tlie management was vory courteous,
and in consequence, the call mis en-
joyed greatly, especially by those of
the party who had not witnessed canning operations before. In the party J
were Rev. W. S. A. Crux of the Sixth
Avenue Methodist Church, and fhm-
lly. Miss Falconer of Vancouver,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Casselman.
dence lots In good locations, and
good investments at the prices they
can be bought for now. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
HO. 90O���FOURTH STREET, 60x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
NO. 1327���SEVENTH AVENUE, 50x
120 to lane; cleared aad .fenced.
11,050; one-third cash.
BOWE -The death occurred yeatter-1
day of Herman Utto Rowe at hfs resi-'
dence, 707 Queens avenue.    Mr. Bowe
I was an old timer in the city.   Born fn
I Germany, he came    to Canada   over
! twenty years ago and settled in AlkaT
I Lake, B.C.. where he engaged in the
I stock ranching  business.     He  retired
froni this business and came to Westminster where he had resided up to
bis death.    The deceased  wag. HI for-
���^fcJj^rTtltte. over three"iftbntils. Hrti*!<iin";
i-er^l arrangements will be animfuiig/xii
lots, 50x132 each to lane. Price
$1050 each;' one-third cash.
Second Street; 48*13.2; $1,000; one-
third cash.
near Fourth Street, two choice lots,
cleared-   $1,275.00   each;   one-third
...  .
Twelfth street, on upper side; good
view lot; cleared; 50x120 to lane.
Price $1550.; one-third cash.
NO.'12��3���FIFTH    STREET,    NEAR
Sixth avenue, 50x132;  cleared    and
graded;  $3,000; one-third cash.
NO.   97.9���5   LOTS   ON   TURNBULL
street, 50x110; cheapest good lots in ,
the city. Price $500 each; one-fifth j
cash. .
Bdlnburg stieet; cleared and ready
to build or,. Price $3200; one-third
NO. 957���DOUBLE      CORNER      ON
Fourtli avenue, street on three sides.
$5,300; one-third cash.
NO.     114S���WISE     ROAD,     FACIN3
south, 67x114 to lane;  cleared and
In  orchard.   Price for a few  days
only, $1,100; one-third caah.
F. | HART & CO., LTD.
. _ _
.   Wjj ��*flt# Fire, LffS, Occident.. Employeea.' LWtlWt
amt ftiatfnis Insuranc*.
FIVE DAYS, ONLY $48, Including Me.1, Md Berth
Mondays, midnjght, to Prince
Rupert and 'Stewart (Alaska
Thursdays, midnight, to Prince
H. O. SMITH, C. P. & T.
Phone Seymour 7100.
A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER. 8.CI    527 Granville Street.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A spi tially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
N j. 2 Common Boards tnd Dimension.
Now u the time to build formal e or rent while price* are low
A new four-story
We run a general store and sell at city prices
hotel just completed. ^^^^^^m
LOTS from $350 up, $50 CASH, $50 every 6 months
Or smaller terms to those gliding this season
offke on the property.       I
Our Mr. Sands has an
Before deciding on that WEDDING GIFT inspect
our stock of Cut Glass. Articles ranging in price
from $1.00 to $65.00
Official Tims Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Irons, Cookers
��������������������~~���ii i in n	
and Heaters
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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