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The Daily News Apr 8, 1912

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,   <s'
' ��*
Four Reasons for Supporting Money Bylaws at the Polls-
Wednesday Fraught With Great Importance to
��� 'll"" " I'll '      ' ��� #��� ''
Only two more days before the ratepayers of this city vote for the bylaws ! Wednesday ls the bl; d3y for
this- city. On Wednesday Westminster will choose either to progiess or
stand-pat for another year." There are
many reasons why the money by-laws
should be voted. Here are only four
of them:
1. Because the city needs the Improvements proposed.
2. Because t,he city can afford
theso Improvements. The money ls
being borrowed on last year's assess
ment. This year's assessment has in-
crersed wonderfully, and will allow
of lhe borrowing of still larger sums.
3. Because all cltie3 in tha West
that liave not borrowed money hive
fallen behind.
���I.    Because Westminster means to
get to the front.
Here are four reasons why just ons
or two people  want to  turn the bylaws down:
1. Because we do dot b:ll:ve in t.ie
2. Because we are '.fraid.
3. Because we hate to spend on3
dollar to make live.
4. Because we don't like thc men
who brought in the by-laws.
Here are the by-laws the aire, ves:
Street Improvement Debenture By-
Jaw, $250,000, flfty years at 4Vfe    per
Water Extension Debenture By-law,
f 40.000, flfty years at 4% par c:ni.
Parks Purchase By- aw, $.IC,000, flfty
years at 4% per cent.
Electric Light Kxtens'on Debenture
By-Jaw, J25,00O, flfty years at *txh P3>'
Exhibition Building Loan By-law
twenty years at 4% per cent.
Cemetery Purchase By-law, $19,000
five years at 4 per cent.
Flre   Apparatus   Purchase
$14,000, twenty years at 4*
Loss Is $7500, Insurance $4500���Lurlcf
Glow Alarms Wholj Dlstrlst���    \.
Mill Saved.
2 -per cent
Brave F.'escues and Warnings���faring
Escapedes of Reporters���Generous Oonaticns.
Memphis, Acnn., Ai rll 7.���Lai.e this
evtiuiir, uiu uo.uej i^aae ,uv^e UJrui
ot ...iiupuis v...s hji dug tt u-g.
t.iouj,.! (,0'Oinmenc (���..gma.s s^y .a
caniiOL ujid much lon&tr. a bretca ai
i.iio i o.nt means tue inundation o,
thous-nus oi acres cf Ai Kansas farm
lanuti. there has been much suite.-
JUK unions uundreds ot Hood refuge.'*
during tne last is hours. G.ne.ou.,
donations fiom all ovei tae com
immityare hcioriseiHrW'mtiR^r.n tj
aid the 3600 tlto.1 rtfugoti woo niv-
stragtied luto that city. ' ' ���
. A large number of s\e :rabo::t3 cro
plains Wt*<*�� thia c'ty and' the
flooded towns hfiipw in search 'of
stoc.s wliich i| bii.ig laud?d on tte
hills near Wickliflc, Ky. E p es,
companies are carrying supp I s to
ref'igees tree of cbargo.
Tsles of Adventures.
The scene south imp: esses one with
the power of the river.    Homes that, midlcns over
om e nur..ed the centre of rich bJttjm
lurms now boat in a toire..t thut can- ���
noi ue stayea.    Bits of w.eck ge carried along in the tide reflect the extent of the Carnage    ln    the    valley
above.            : '    ��� -   . .      ��� |.-.
. ll.Cre have been repoits of fa'.ul.tlej
among "poor whltea" and negroes wha
risked their lbes to save their muleB.
Attempts to ''cover" the stoiy along
the stretch of levees from South Missouri and Illinois to Arkansas have Li-  ?*^v',
 ��� ..I-,.. ���_ i ;*,,.  this a
territory were suddenly inundated and
Eettlers had to (lee for their lives.
There are 2000 of these efugees at
Tlptonville and Ridgely. Tbey have
shelter and the state will supply the.n
Rescue parties In boats are now
traversing the flooded aie:i. help ng
people fiom housetops and other high
places where they took refuge. Theie
I will be no crop loss for no seedln; has
Ki>een done. The less of live stock,
especially cattle, will be exc3tdng'y
South of the Reelfoot b.-sin md In
lhe lower .Mississippi thc Li.u:tion Ij
Six Thousand Men Out for
Ten Days.
j British Canadian Flre Insurance Company Taken Over by People's
Trust of Westminster.
A flre, which for a Ume threatene
to wipe the New Wcstmiastsr M.h
Company, on Lulu Island ou: cf existence, broke out In the d.y.ng kiln of,
thut plant at seven o'clock oh Satu.v
day evening, lesultlojHn d.mage to',
the extent of $7,600. The origin or
the blaze is unknown, but ls thought
to have been caused by spontaneous
combustion, a high temperature having been maintained throng unit th.;
day, drying out some 400,000 shingles
which were ln the kiln. Acting Flre
Chief Davidson was soon on the spot
with the entire equipment Of Noa, 1,
2 and 5 stations, but seeing the hopelessness of trying to save tin kin.
Immediately tinned tha men's .effo.tj
to saving the surrounding propcr.y.
A high wind was blowing at the
time and the luild glo^ caused by th3
(lames could be seen for miles around
causing alarmist rumors to peiebroad
that a ^reat conflagration was raging
in the Royal City. By 11 o'clock the
flames were weil under control, a fe*
men belnp le^t to guard against any
possible dinger throughout the night
Canadian   Revenue  Shows  Largo  Gain
!���Expenditure   Makes  Proportionately Moderate Advance.
The mill Js owned by Messrs.
Beecher and Ballard, wbo give their
loss as $7500 with insurance of $4500.
The kiln will immed'ate'y be rebuilt,
this bcins the busiest time of ' th3
This Is intention of Contractcrs with
100 Men Available���Same Intention in Washington.
In Rural Population of Eastern Provinces.
The controlling interest in the
British Canadian Mre Insurance Ccm
pany, a board company with head
offices ln Vlcto:la. tf.C. has passed
Into the hands of The People's Tiuji
Co., Ltd., of this city. The deal,
which has been pending for some time,
was cons um mated in Victoria on Wednesday last, Mr. A. C. Flumer.elt,
president of the insurance company,'
and Mr. F. C. Look, gsne.al manager
of the People's Trust, canylng on th3
Speaks of Victory,  Peace and  Life
Abundance of Life Is Ours Here
I am living aud was do ul an.i ba
ho:u i am alive   tor    evei mai i>   tn-J
.   KamloopB,   April   7.���The   railroad
contractors  will  endeavor  to  resume
operations tomorrow after a long tie
ftp brought about by the strike called
ky  the Industrial    Workers    of    the
Woi Id.    Six    thousand    laborers em-
loyed In building the Canadian Nor-
hern railway have been out ten days.
he contractors have now ma.'e pre-
iaratlons to put 1000 men to work iof tne 8tock a meeting of the directors
Ind the provincial government has [was held at which Mr. F. C. Ccok was
' elected  piesident  of    the    insurance
Tue biltl h Cunadlrn Fira Insurance
company was organized about eigit
years ago and has done considerable
business in the province, but paitxu-
larly on Vancouver lslan', a largj
number of the shareholders bJlng Victoria gentlemen. The company; is a
member of the Board of Und?rwriters.
The new board of directors of the
company intends to inaugurate a very
aggressive campaign and will at one3
secure a charter for operating in every
province of the Dominion. The lie ad
office of the company will still re-
oit have declared that they will not ] main in Victoria, but a shift of off^es
ejiploy any members of tne Industrial | will likely be made to t'ie new bulld-
wrkers of the Uorld. Efforts are j ing on Douglas street where the Pec-
bing made to fill the places of tne i pie's Trust company are opening a
foreign strikfers with American labor, j handsomely equipped office.
��� There are rumors that the same   in
terests that secured con'ro! of the
British Canadian Fire wil also shortly be In control cf a large fire Insurance company now wrltlns business
from coast to coast.
As Many Live In Towns as in Country
Now���Rural  Increase Only
74.&7S. ,   ���
Ottawa, April 7.���During the recent
session of parliament a committ.ee of
the Upper House conducted an Inquiry Into the causes of depopulation
promised adequate police protection.
Apart from interieience with the de-
Lmery of supplies there has been no
^violence of consequence In the rail-
Bad camps and ihe Industrial Work-
Sis leaders have advised their followers to avoid a clash with tne constabulary.
I. W. W. in Washinaton.
/Seattle, April 1.���In Southwestern
Washington saw null operations have
nen viitually at a standstill tor several weeas, but will resume work tomorrow it possible. The operators
ft^ve grantea an increase in    wagea
bit tbe strike leaders deelare that
eifc'Jgh labor of this class cannot be
obtained to operate the mills and insist that they will keep the mills
clqiped until the operators deal with
"fhe only attempt made by the Industrial Workers of the W'orld to ln-
terfeie with the mills In-L'ie Pu^et
Sound  district  is  at  Tacoma,   yvhere
wue iue keys of    life    tnj    d8ath."ii��me o! tbe men emE!��ied in c-e jC
i ue.-e -words-HHWfijnv-the   TT2 T**�� '^tett nni:? fc tli a state   ha\e"
an eiSjuSSr termor^'TschTty \���� ^e m,�� ���>"������ ^ave ��?����>���*,*��\
Bishop ue i'eucie, las, evfnlng in Hob he ,Ta<;Ta po,,oe t0 rrotcct the 1
Trinfty caihea.al. '     "    "    ' 0yal ^��rkmgn-
ilse bishop   first   raftrred   to   t'.:e I
,   "'"";     .""      ***i*..b *.** <���������- la tlie ruraj sections of Canada.   Tlie
negotiations. At the board meeting ut he ^^-^ sh3W4
Jnt fl f8    ,11    ���! that while taking the Dominion as *
was made Mr. Adam S. Johnston,    of ���,v,���,��� �����.���,  ��� ,.i���.i����� i������..������o���j    w���
XT       ,., .- ._ , _ i      ��� , whole rural population increased    by
New  Westminster,   was  also p eient ,c. .������ .��� tl%" v,.. j--,,-.*-   ���n ��,,�� i^
provinces was 74,970, Ontario alone
showing a decrease Of 50,960, Nova.
Scotia 14.0S8, Prince Edward Island
9546, New Brunswick 385. A leduo
tion of population by 13,400 was shown
ln the Yukon.
/ While the country districts are being thus depopulated the urban population Increased by 776,845 to the decade, and now eiuals the entire rural
population, including farmers, miners
and fishermen.
A suggestion is being made in the-
eastern press tho|. a nortlon of the-
half million dollars voted to aid agriculture throughout the Dominion
might be spent on ascertaining tb&i-
causes' which are producing th? depopulation of the country dlsr'ctst.
;    Ottawa,    April    7.���The    Cant.d'ai
(revenues in the fiscal year which end   b>' lne ��on8" ""d
,.,i   >!;���!���,.i,   ii    ���*���***r....-..,.,    ��'���'-_4j    been song I.i
'beautiful music the cnoir hud raider-
'ed, ho.v this glad season is obje.ved
 Braise which had
ed  Marcli  31    aggregate I    ?'3j,T4j,- ! been_sung i.i  thousands of ei u c!.e.
386.07. an incr^eo of r.e...ly e'g.t.e.,   throughout tho woild that d-y.    Th;
'text of my ser.uon,   said he,   cju bj
last year's tct^i. of
5111,666,225. Ths rivanuj wjs m d;
,up as follows: Customs, $25,80,',13?;
excise, $19,035,563; post offi.e, $0,854,-
905; public WQiks, lnciuuing is.lw. ys
and can iis, $11,524,768; mlscella .eous,
^6,620,511.   . ,,|   .
" Thi C::pe;idituie du.lng the year or
consolidated account was $83,560,593,
against $75,590,196 the ye.r prev.ous.
Capital outlays for the twelve mantis
totalled $28,909,985, compared witi
$30,447,470 ln the fiscal year 1911.   O. j
summed up in three woids Victory,
Peace and Ll!e. The v.ctoiy over th ���
last enemy of our race, the Peaca o.
God which passeth all understanding:
the Life which lino.vs no ending. T) -,
thoughts of Victory, Peace and ' Jfa
are thoughts that apfiear to us '-very
Easter season.
Victory hath different me ^ngs 11
the olden days when Rf^ wa8 .,
gieit city, the popu:ati ^ JL-jj ���Iv'e
LeU to their feelings ^^ a Romiu
  amount all but $765,816 paid   Ja (consul  would  biinr   >to ^    c_p lva8
yolve4 many rersouul ^* ���/ *��i rall-..ay 8ub8|dies  was expended    on  taa ?hJ^r^     ^   Historian's tei.
s *trasfea"aBra is^ssss is*and!~��� '^^,hat ew"c
atsESJisras vfk^*^^ ��r$322'788-"4
up   to
the cretl of the tidj whe.i llift KVoc
broke at Hlcl.m a. He made his way
to Tlptonville, Tenn., then telephoned
his story of the (light from tte Reel-
foot country to fcempfei*. An:t c
news writer, a young woman of Hics-
man,  Ky., hu f swam, half w?d��d In
imminent rcril to ',et rearer home V. r��nis sudjcci u.o *>*;**������*..������ *,**. JB vu u/
the long distance t.laphone la , -j?. the council the pau fo* w^ks, and
that the flrst definite stoiv >^*\ | notices are now et�� he Been fn promln-
rescie of a thousand p' ^^ .: '.ent places otderlng *U work to cease
Dcrcna, Mo., nilgnt reach *wT��S��]de on Sundays'undo* the p-.f.vls on^ of
r]d ��*'9 �������M<Ie  the Lord's Day Act and rihat viotators
>figlaud   wlie.i   the  new.;
jfitr uction      of   thc   g.ea.
, was passed from hi.l.cp    to
Cf/fiitlam, April 7.���Work in ,^s
r.��tnielpallty on a Sunday mui^ttop.
ThiB subject h"8   been   4lsc i8Sed by
wcrld, ^^^^^^
.   Of the striking
of the d
,,����.-_ rm**m     |NMBVU     I1UUI     it.   l    v. |J
nl",��^ -to the people of our land,
r r*fe all remember tne days of
.eikrdebei'g, of Ladysmitb, In. tae
South African war, when the victoiies
of the British forces were flashed
across the wide ocean. Even sttons
mea were moved as never before. But
greater is the victory that we celebrate today, this toaster time. The
victory that Christ achieve! bilngi
peace and concord to eveiyone.
Victory and peace are c.osely asso
Exciting  Fin'sh  Promised, But  News
Cut Off���Malamutes and Scotty
Allan  Close  Behind.
Ballot Boxes  in  Newspaper Offices	
All School Girls May Vcte	
Rules ef^h*>��|iH9W ._
y^nHBT^RFftw tchco\ g\v\}
city may vote tor the Queen ta.
the manner that has been in vofjue tor
many years. This morning at 10'.3��
the ballot boxes will he piaced u. th*
unices of the Dally Columbian and
the Cai y News and from then on until
1 p.m. next Saturday every school
girl may come ani deposit her ballot
paper.    At 1 o'clock on ihat day tha
-   Seattle,    Aprll    7.���With    the    do,        ifvmt   .��� . __,	
teams participating    ln the    il2-mlle lcoram|ttee will  come and  take trwux
All-Alaska   sweepstakes   approaching 'the boxes to make ihe count -
,<Atnr��is ��f bravery.
possibly the hi - ^;uiiBW~a-^^
been thore r4 JJ^J J^ rode in
aovance ^. g,    Mt tg wwn vlllager8
ana '>merr   jt um ragUg itiream.
x fai mr r \fhnt watched Ifor the break
At. lit* %\. /Trsaicis tevee yesterflay
��Ht*rrioon/'m<M��ai*d his Siorse when the
tide brr,fv0 through the "embankment,
���slid af./he atarted to vide away his
wife gtswi^d the bridle of his horse.
"V aoi�� are y��u goiag," she called,
B</uggllug wltb 4Jie horse.    "To Warn
of this order will be d ,iu witb.   The \<**��* with each other.   Peace comss
latest mav* by the r Ainiclpailty   ^ after caanict. after the obstacles and
muLv-ut.    *****    -m * r v LahamIao     hatPA    Kaon     At'DVuiimn T��i��*��i_
caused no little dls(Aissi3D
dents, who, while l\t' favor
observance of the Sabbath,   did   not
look tor such a ' drastic   step   being
taWen by the council.
pauty    nasi   ���--������ ------   -���"177
by   resi-lenem,'s have b��en ov**00?1**   Turu-
of a better ,n* t0 L"e- the b'shoP askel,   "If   a
aia   ..mt I man dies, shall he live agaii ?"   The
bottom falls out of our whole Christian fabric 11 we do no; bl evo   that
Ood raised Him from (he detui.
All over our prosperous. province.
men and women are living a life.
"What kind of a life f You hat*
duties to perform, there is a challenge
to us.   In this province, this fair Can
Arthur Hawkes Said to Be Piqued���
Wss Hon. Rogers Disappointed?
Ottawa, April 7.���The Kvenlng CHI-1 ada of purs, we have vast' oppohunl-
ay^eighbors,"   repMed -the f-ftntor.  ���n stated that there are no founda- lien that will be a> credit to th^ne |     ���� K ^elTplwes th the 1 In
Aon mm, ** *o the boat.:-      ,_       tlons    for    the   story    .hat    Arthur , tlon.       the ����� ^.��f ^^.ttaWh- wi J
Waited   Since    Dtttmfeer   to   File  on
Tieton  Fruit Lands-'-Will Be Assigned by Lot.
Washington, Ap:il 7.���A vain v.'gil
was that ot lanu seekers wbo h.,ve
stood ln line ln tbe North Yakima,
Wash., bind office since Januaiy wait-
ins; the opportunity to file for irrigated fruit lands in the Tieton p.oj.ct.
Acco.ding to the announcement, all
of the forty farms ln the third un.t ac
Tieton, soon to be thrown open, will
be dispose^ of by lot. These fai mi
are among the fined f.uit lands in the
Pacific Northwest, some land In tbe
mme project selling as high as $120U
per acre.
The reclamation service i nncuncea
that all persons who file may designate the farm they want and all applications for each farm 4ill be put into
a box, shaken up and the lucky app.l-
cant decided    by the drawing   of a
��� North Yakima, Aplrl 7.���Eighteen
men and women were campe.1 before
the door of the United States land offlce here when the news was brought
to them that their long vigil had been
in vain. Of tb's number sixteen had
kept places ia Hae since Dec. 26. They
maintained their places ln the hope
that the government would change
the method of assigning the lands anl
that (he first to file application for a
i homestead would win first choice of
the Tieton lanu.
Tne eighteen men and women retui-
to rumors that he had found lt not
up to expectations.
yet    depided     whether
abandon their pasts.
tbey    will
tions     ror     me    awry     mm     /��m��u, .-������    -��� ����� ���������  ������ ���,- ���..._..,.,,_ ,
Hawkes has abandoned his Investlga- are built upright, they are like a* thel*v���� nftjrthe dispatch from Wasilng
tlon Into Immigration questions. He house built on the rocks. Beneath the ton.was shown them. They have not
was engaged to make a special report surface there is a ray of hope like ths
and has done so: consequently, his ! anchor that holds the ship safe In a
services are no longer required. It is | storm. We must bear disappointment4.
said that Hawkes Is somewhat piqued and business worries knowing thu
because his report has not been made brief life Is here our poiCon. The
public. Victory Is oure;   the Peace 1> oiii's:
Hon. Robert Rogers "as out of the Ithe Life, the abundanca   of Life,   li
city and could not be seen with regard ', ouri^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
The woman   managed   to   get her
' ren  away  ta BaWty While    her
husJiMUBd raced with the flood, warning
Karment.   Tke warning .yrohahly aaved
ecoTes ot II wa.
Memphis, Team., Ajpittl 7���More than
IfUKK) persons will be homeless as a
result ol tho  Mit*lsstppi  river floods.
More than 10,000 persons wilt have to
he fed.   These predictions are bised
on retorts of army officers who have
been Investigating the flood situation.
Assurances have been received that
the federal government will take cara , .   .. ^���_ ..... .
of   all   sufferers.     General   Leonard .NEW STEEL PLANT WILL
Wood, chief of staff of the army, con-' SHORTLY OPEN AT EBURNE
ferrofl today with President Taft and | 	
wis Instructed  to take at once    all I   Jlburne, April 7���The industries of
necessary steps to deal with the Ekua-  lh|s district will receive an addltloa tt.wm.1**
tlon. the first of the coming month, when ,to the Lelpele UnlveWlty.
The Red Croes ls sending   a   large the Walker Steel Company's, plant at     The professor planted a piece,of  ho
field force to the flood dstrlcts. Bridgeport on Lulu Island begins or>-lth*rold gland taken from   a healthy
Lelpslc. Germany. April 7.-HH 'ta*
markable operation lv-s just been performed with great success on an Imbecile child by Prof. Erwln Payr. director of the snrsrlcal clinic attached
Five hundred square miles of orcratlon here at the pressnt time.
Breaks Up  Mob. When  Riot Call
Turned lfl. B^IbH
Los Angeles, Cal., April 7.���A
unique method of dispersing a mob
was effectively employed this afternoon when a squad of police appeared
at the corner of First and Los Angeles streets in answer to. a riot call.
Instead of charging the mob with
drawn clubs, the police stood at one
side while the automobile patrol
wagon was driyen back and forth
through the crowd, scattering the disturbers. Severs! were slightly injured and none arrested.
A clash between Industrial Workers
break  up
the goal at Nome, news of the progress' of the race was shut off today
by the failure of tbe military cable
connecting Seattle with Alaska.
The laat report received from tHe
north told of Alexander Holmson, diiv-
ing John Johnson's Siberian wolfhounds, and Scotty Allan, drivin3 Mra
Charles K. Darling's Malamutes, leaving Camp Haven, 172 miles from tbe
goal. Holmson left Haven at 3:45
yesterday af tei noon and Allan followed 44 minutes later. The dogs
should have reached Nome tonight
and.followers of the race predicted an
exciting finish. No news of the teams
driven by Charles Johnson and O.
. Blatchford has been received since
|they arrived at Haven, although they
probably started for Nome soon after
Allan took the trail.
The United States army signal
corpSf which operates the Alaska
cable system, reported tonight tbat
the cause of the failure of the cable
had not been determined. Another
test will be made tomorrow and tf lt
is found that the cable Is broken the
cable ship Burnslde will be dispatched
at once to make repairs.
Nome, April 7.���Scotty Alltn's mala-
mute dogs, owned by Mrs. Charles K.
Darling, of Berkeley, Cal., were the
first to arrive at tbe turning point o.
the Ail-Alaska Sweepstakes rr.c>���
Candle, 206 miles. Allan rea'h-d Cav
dle at 9 o'clock on Fridav, and Ale x��n-
der Holmson. driving John Johnson's
Siberian wolfhounds, was second.
Charles Johnson, driving Fox Rim-
say's dogs, and Blatchford, In charge
ot A. A. Oliver's entry, were thlid anl
A rest ot six hours was t>ken at
Candle, and the return to Ncnn was
begun at 3 o'clock Saturday morning.
The teams pause 1 Gold Run, 230 m les
from the start, at 8 a. m.
It appeared then that Allan w->s a'-
most sure of victory. Thn hard tral
has given the Allan and .lohneon d"**
sore feet. Holmson's dogs are lamr
and Blatchford's racers are in bai
condition. It being-necessary to carry
Ovp of them.
The weather la very cold, the temperature being 30 degrees below zero
There are Just two or three points'
to remember in voting for the Queen.
Tbe girl chosen must be between WK
and 13 j ears old inclusive, she most
be a good looking little girl too,,   of
graceful figure and not too smalll. But.
the girls themselves know best what
sort of Queen they would like tar Save*
and their choice will naturally cow    ,
ply with thc conditions. On the-voting
paper must appear the name of   the'   ,
girl wanted for Quern,    the  vole "si
own name and the mme of a teacher.
The committee will choose the-
Queen in the same old t-.ull lcnal way:
They will select the two, with tbe
highest votes from Lord Kelvin, Central and Sapperton schools, and the-
flrst one from the convent. Then one'-
of their number wlll be blindfolded'
and be will pick up one of the papers;
aud the name on that paper,will be-
the nj.me of the May Queen.
The only innovation will be In   the
choosing of tbe Queen's two maids of
honor.   These she wl'l have to choose
herself from the remaining six wh��-
were unsuccessful in the last stage of
all and not from her friends.. Th�� result ot the ballot and the' name of tbe -
Oue*>n will not be known till abans
Wednesday week.
On a warrant, issued by the immigration officials in Vancouver. a-<
Chinaman was picked up by the local'
police on Saturday morning and takesat
back to that city where he Wfll b��'
charged with perjury, as he Is allegail
to have made a false affidavit regarding some children which he brought
back from China a few weeks acn.
The Oriental went ovrr to Cb'mt some
months ago and returning, b-ought
back a wife and also some childran
which he stated were bis own. Tbo
immigration officials afterwards* discovered that he had only been married
six months and spread out the m**
to land him.
Stewart. April 7���Road Superintendent C. J. QUUngham has been Instructed to lay out and estimate on a Stewart to Ground-hog trail immediately
with a v|eW to Its construction this
summer.. The route from Stewart la
East Burnaby, Aprll 7.���The qrrea-
tlon of having a school for the growing district of East Buinaby h"s b*e*r
finally settled by the school boar!
purchasing two.acres of land'from T.
D. Coldicott, located on the cornier or
Second street and Seventh av��nir��.
The necessary papers wl'l be sigr^r
this weak, the price tk>liig tn *h��
neighborhood of $4000 an -t>ca, T"r-
land ln question is ssld to be nt f v��if
the shortest and most direct to the V-1
thraclte coal flelds and Its huildln-1one for school nurmoset. b*"-ir ��<*irli sr
presages i\ larice volume of trade an* free frqm the fo��, ove-looking th��
through this port. lofty mosntalhs torthfe ifrrft.
MMMtotwoMm* ��M ***********
* I      III���SigSMIHW��� PAOBTWO
MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
able home for working men. Apply
625 Tenth street, city.
cafe,   opposite C. P. it
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
wants to do washing.   Apply P. 0. i
Box 43S.   Phone 600.
red Rock Cockerels. Laying strain
$2.25 delivered in New We3tm.nster.
C. A. Mitchell, Allceville, Barnet.
of excellent fruit land, easy to clear,
In southwest one-quarter section
26, T. P. 15; only one mile from
proposed tramway. Price $110 per
acre, payable 20 per cent cash, balance by four half yearly Instalments. Apply Alexander Phillip,
broker, Club block, Esplanade, North
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
DOUBLE CORNER on Seventh avenue, close to Queens park, $2200;
one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18.
No. 3C9.
52x150; beautiful.lot on Fourth street,
all cleared. $1200; one-quarter
cash, balance 6. 12 and 18.   No. 228.
ON FIFTH STREET, widest street In
city. Price $1100; one-third cash,
balance 6 and 12. This ls a snap.
No. 42.
ANOTHER SNAP. On Tenth, close to
Agnes street; snap at $11,000; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18.
No. 85.
DOUBLE CORNER, Fifth street ana
Eighth avenue, all cleared, good
buy. $.115u: one-third cash, balance
6, 12 and 18.   No. 324.
-nese, such as their   excellencies Wu
| ling-Fang and Chang Chlen, minister
Chief Cause of Revolution In China���  0f agriculture and    industry   ln   tne
Sun Yat-Sen Wise. i cabinet of President Sun Yat-Sen. On
There is a science in charity and January 17 the latter communicated
the more Its methods are applied the'officially the intention of the govetn-
further will a dollar and a loaf of! ment to do its work along lines of
bread go. Earl H. Cressy Is an a u-1 sclent 111 c charity advocated by the
thority on scientific charity and he ls ] Famine Relief Committee, and back-
in the Instructive position of being ed this declaration by a grrnt of $80..
able to discuss, up-to-date methods 000 with which to begin work. On
with n'o less an   authority than Sun Jan. 25 President Sun Yat-Sen tn an
Jk      The Old Folks      fc^
.^m_wL    find advancing years bring an Increasing tendency   ^H^
to constipation.    The corrective they need Is
���* NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
land near Murrayfleld and Great
Northern Railway Btatlon; small
holdings for fruit and chicken
farms to suit small purses;  soil of
very best; near two sawmills wlierc , ,
work can be got.   Areas from 2 to i The People S   1 rust L.O., Ltd.
3%  acreS;   one    block  has  seven- j451 Columbia Street. Phone 669
room  house.    For price   lists   nni
full particulars apply to Alexander
Real    Estate   Apent,   Club ,
Esplanade,    North   Vancou-
house; rent $25 per month; furnl-
flire for sale.    Phone R1140.
Ynt-Sen, the directing spirit of the n?w
regime in China, the land of the
Sun Yat-Sen says the republican
government ln China will take effective steps to prevent famines in fn-
His country is four months frcm a
harvest and all the provinces ure
stricken with hunger, the Central Relief Committee has appealed to chambers of commerce in 350 American cities and has written to nearly 4000 individuals and to hundreds of newspu
Interview stated to tha secretory qf
the committee that as sonn as the republican form of government was
firmly established, it would take the
necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of those fretiuent famines."
Paris, Aprll 7.���One of the most lm
portant are  sales ever held   in  this
city was opened yesterday, when th=>
collection of the late   Mme.  Rou-sei
jiers.   Mr. Cressy has made a trip to | was pul p f01.u auctlon   at tne Holtsl
the famine districts and writes of the l DroU���t   Ti,ere waB a notable assem-
Enllrely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
doses never needed. Compounded, like all the 125 NA-DRU-CO-preparations, by expert chemists. Money back If not satisfactory.
25o. a box.   If your druggist has not yet stocked them,
send 25c. and we will mall them.
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
I near Vancouver, Britisli Columbia.
The Government of British Colum
LOST���DIAMOND RING BETWEEN bia invite competitive plans for the
Columbia street and Clarkson, on'general scheme and design for the
McKenzie, between 2:30 and 3 p.m. ] proposed new University, together
Monday, March IS. Reward given on ; with more detailed plans for the build-
returning same to Royal pool rooms. I lngs to be   erected   first   at an esti-
' matPil   cost   Of   $1,500,000.
Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
situation for The Survey.   At the end
of his story Mr.vCressy says:
"As this is being written there is
every probability that a few days will
see the consummation of a foreign
loan of $1,000,000 for famine relief.
Yuan Shl-Kal has telegraphed his approval and President Sun Yat-Sen has
sent a personal representative to ex-
prress his willingness to co-operate.
This means that the New China has
taken the flrst step toward the assumption of complete responsibility
for the relief and prevention of famine conditions.
"It must not be thought, however,
that this will render help from abroad
unnecessary this year. It is conservatively estimated that $5,000,000 will
be necessary to deal ln any way adequately with this famine. Contributions may be sent to the Red Cross
Society or to any foreicn mission
Mr. Cressy tells of the many
changes that are taking place in
China and how that teeming nation is
waking as form a long sleep to take
her place in the pageant of nations.
He says:
"Two great changes for the better
j in tiie attitude In China have taken
place which, in the midst, of the rapid
progress which China is mailing, are
in danger of being overlooked. The
first is, the growth of the conviction
that the time is past for pouring rice
bly of world-renowned limit, ur.s and
dealers, and in many Instances tae
prices realized exceeded by u consiu-
erable sum the reserve fixed.
The feature   of the   Mie was   tha
amount realtzied for Sir Thom-s Lawrence's great portrait of the Countess
of Wilton.   This was bought in by M.
Georges Pelt, one of the auctioneer.), j
at $8i.(i00 and costs, in   all, $95,7uo. i
Another  La wi ence,   the   portarlt   of
Sir Charles Lauther, for \vh.ci $3 JO J 1
hud been asked, was bid uy tJ no less j
a sum than $23,200.     Messrs. A.new
bought the portrait of Georg.na, L d/
Gordon, the later Duchess of Bedford, I
for $0000.
Gainsborough's famous "Blue Bsy,"
one of the best known of English
paintings, whicli was valued at $12,000,
realized $14,400.
A fine fragonai d, "1,'Edrcatlon P.I;
Tout," brought the seccn 1 t.i'���'iest
sum, namely, $50,000, the purchaser
being Messrs. Agnew.
A record price���in Fr.mce���for *i
Corot was bought by thnt m-s'er's
"La Danes Som Les Atbres An Bjtd
du Lsc," ofTered at $10,000, an.l Anally purchased for $(i2,000 by Mcss.-s.
Arnold and Tripp.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
��� ,��������� .. I, ��� .      1 i.       ���,-  i.H M..,   -.I. -mi������1-  1.1    1
Now is the time to build for'sale or rent while prices are low
^he/ir works shall ye
^know them
teir performances alone are
them judged. Simplicity of
mbined with a skill in manu-
the inheritance of genera-
Melhodiits Favor Union.
Winnipeg, Ai ill >.���Nearly o :e hundred   Methodist   congregations   hive
completed their vote on Church Union,
other is the action of the new government in    undei taking   the    responsibility for the relief of the present, and
the prevention of future famines.
FOUND. the most successful designs submitted.!    "Such conditions as those which ex-
Particulars of the competition   and jiEt at Present have hai much to do in
COLLIE  plan of site may be obtained on re- bringing about the 'present revolution,
quest from the undersigned. |a,1(> tho men of the New China clearly
The designs to be sent in bv July 31,1 realize that the permanent prosperity
into the  rat-hole of famine, and  tho ; anil   the    proportional   vote    is  over
dog. Owner can have same by defraying expenses. Apply G. Grady,
pomidkeeper, Edmonds.
seven to on? in favor of or;inic union.
Out of 500 quarterly officiil boards '
only tii opposed the amalgamation. I
The 500 boards voted 737:' for union |
and 1OG0 against. The congregation
voted 14,961 for union and 1957 !
against. |
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches t
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.   They
��� are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed. *
McKenzie street, near DiDIDy News
office. Owner may secure same by
proving possession and pay for this
advertisement.    Call News office.
191", addressed to
-Parliament  Buildings.
Victoria, British Columbia.
and peace of their country depend in
large measure upon the economic welfare of the people.
"The present  famine   is  a greater
calamity  than    any  that  China    lias
. - _  j-a(,e(j f0r seoreg of yfiar.s.    The esti-
TENDERS FOI: SEVENTH AVENUE ' mates of a month    ago, according to
taV^H-JOL,. I which   U.&OO.UOO   people    wero    fating
  \ starvation, are  now  mit of -flate.    Ap-
\ Sealed tenders, superscribe! "Ten-j peals from new districts are coming
'der for Seventh Avenue School" and iin almost daily to the office of i.Iie
'addiessed to 1.. Avory \\ line, Esq.. Central China Famine Relief Com-
Secretary New Westminster School ; mittee. Already In many district] the
Board, will be received up to 5 p.m j death rate is high, and children are
of .Munday, 8th 01 April, WIH, for t.ie [being sold in order to purchase food,
erection and completion of 1 three In a distiict personally examined by
stoie; school to be erected on Sev.mil I the writer during lhe last wee; in
avenue, New Westminster, [January fifty-live homes in a number
Separate    tenders will  be receiveJ 'of country villages in North Kiangsu
for, 1, Concrete, Ibick and C-iipeiiter i were thoroughly examined.
work, etc.; 2,    Plumber   and   Tinner      "In  only one  home  in    eight   was
work;   '���',, Painter work;    4,    Electric j there any rico.   The food every .vhere
Light, etc. I found   in   preparation   consisted    of
Plans and specifications can b3 oh- sweet potato lea.ej and carrot tops,
tained on application to the undsr-| while one family in three was eating
rooms, thoroughly modern, on car sjgned on receipt of. a deposit of $10. elm bark. In thes.1 fifty-five homes
line, a double corner comprising wbich will be relinked on the re'.ur.i four dead were found, and many oth-
three large lots; good barn, fruit 0f p]ailSi tati, tender must be ac- | ers who could live only a few days at
; long terms. The companied by an accepted bunk j most. In this distiict at least two
cheque or certificate of deposit on a out of three are certain of death unchartered bunk in Canada, made p.iy- ; less there is help from outside���and
able to the Secretary of tlle New ! there are still four months before har-
Westminster School lloaid, for a | vest. These conditions are typical'of
sum equal to flve (5) percent, of hls the whole North Kiangsu famine
tender, which shall be forfeited if the area, where missionaries who for
party tendei ing decline to enter into ! many years liave been thoroughly fa-
contrnct when called upon to do so.   miliar with  conditions estimate  that
Curtis 8t Dorgan
706   Columbia   Street.
City and Suburban.
EDMONDS���Two lots 80x201 o'l graded street Jutt off Douglas road, near
city iar; a grand home site. $1200;
one-third cash, balance (i, 12 and lo
Twelfth street, 50x132 foot
$850; one-third cash.
FINE      HOME      SACRIFICED���Eight
lot^ nre worth llie money.
QUEENS AVENUE���Near park, mag
nifi. ent modern home, nine rooms
basement, furnace, etc.   $8500.
SIXTH STREET, near Eight avenue
���Five roomed modern home, lull
basement; lot developed to fruit.
$3150;  $900 cash.
'.4.0NDON STREET���Lot 50x132, close
to Twelfth street. $1050; one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
BURNABY���Two lots on Sixth avenue, Just off the car line; all cleared. $71*.");   one-third cash.
Curtis & Dorgan
706 Columbia Street.
Notice Is hereby given tliat I shall
ot the expiration of thirty days trom
the date of tlie llrst publication hereof cancel from the books of the Land
Registry   Office,   New    Wesl minster,
U. ('., n certain    agree'inent for sale,
dated the twenty-fifth day of February,
11)10, existing between Chas. S. Hrown
-as Vendor, of  Vancouver, H   (.'., and
Moulton   Shank   as  Purchaser,   form-
���erly of Vancouver, M. C said agreement for salo covering the oast half
��f lot  8, and  the west half of lot 9,
'block   1,  being a subdivision  of east
'half of lot   158, group I, New West-
.minster Distiict.
New  Westminster.
1)ated nt the   Land   Registry Office,
New   Westminster,   B.   C,  this  3rd
���day    or    April,  1912,  to    Moulton
.Shank, Esq.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them tipen the signing of
tlie contract.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Architects to the School Tiusteas.
N'ew Westminster, B. C.
1,0011,000 people are facing starvation.
"Whenever there is any question as
to the reality of famine conditions,
test work is offered by the Central
China Famine Relief Committee at
such a low wage that only those who
ure in great need will apply. This
plan has been used in two place?, and
the great numbers who have come and
remained at work Indicate the severity of the conditions. As a general
thing there is in China no  possibility
Extension   of   Time.
The above' time mentioned  for    re-
eei'-in-, tenders has been extended to [ of question concerning the desperate1
12 noon of Friday, the 12th Inst. j need of the people in the famine dtSr
 . :-���������_   trios
Re part 110 acres) of lot 38, Group
1, formerly in Vale Division of Yale
District, In the Distiict of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title N'o. I09B5E*, issued In
the name of Franc's W, Ford, has
been filed In this ofiice.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here
of, in n dally newspaper published ln
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate unless
ln the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry  office,  New  Westminster, B. C, March 9. 1912.
��>* V. Lcwihwaite
New Westminster, B, C.
^Workshop  611   Victoria   Stre-t.
(Over Dally News.)
Spring lamb, Beef,
Pork Mutton, and Veil
Central Meat Market
Corner   Eightb   St.   and   Fifth  Avtnut
PHONE   370.
Plan  for Conservation.
"To the sick and those incapacitated for work, relief is, of course, given
outright.   The committee aims to coa��
serve the self-respect of those able to
'��� work by giving help in return for ta-
: bor, and at the same    time to build
j dikes and dig ditches which will ire-
vent future famine, provide an object
'lesson  In  reclamation to the Chinese
land  owners and  officials, and    ghe
| the people some hope of the future!   A
j method   which   renders    the   present
i Famine  Relief  Committee   unique  is!
jthe attempt to secure the adoption of
la policy of conservation by the Chi!
j nese government and thus to become
i the lust, foreign Famine   Relief  Committee in China.
"C. D. Jameson, an engineer sent
out by the American Ited Cross Society, has reported that tho reclamation of the wliole famine district In'
North Kiangsu is possible, and the s��c-
retary of the Famine belief Commit,
tee has devoted much effort to tlie attempt to interest lhe Chinese government In the immediate reilef cr
famine conditions and the adoption of
a comprehensive policy for the future."
Mr. Cressy tBti3 r*f t'.��� i,r-., (jVPn
the eharttv lommlttees bv CM'i"?p of.
"fin's ard l'"' '"iger manner In wh'c'i
'he handT of Mr. .'amr��ii we-e h'1'''
���in bv natives of flminrlil pnrt Eoclal
"*'-l*-*'l\ **jq lar .*l****l**-  " .-q-r, *��� I **
** rr.--a      .l\*r,    l.n-1    ).-,    '1,1.    M, -    r* -,. r* - r,...
atlon c," a O'.imbcr of taflrerith! chi-
We begin the last week of our Final Wind-up of the
Gordon Stock. These last days will be memorable in
the mercantile annals of this community. We intend
to wind up this Sale with the most stupendous
Avalanche of Bargains Ever
The Man Whe Saves 1 ou Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
My cousin llertlni unit I were brought
np together. When b.v the dentil of my
uiotlier 1 wus left nil oi-plitiii m.v mini
took uie to live Willi her. 1 was I lien
M Ind of ifti. Bertha u year younger
1 wus too much of it boy to iippivclni'e
Bert hit, having very little use for girls
mid selling great store by football,
baseball, tenuis nml kindred giimes. I
hnve a photograph of her when whe
wus llfleeu, mitl when I look ut thnt
charming little fnce with those iiinlilen-
\v eyes I Wonder bow I could have
been indifferent to her.
Re i'l hli seemed to like to he with
me. She wus always glnd when It
stormed ��(> hnrd Hint I couldn't pluy
Outdoor Clinics nnd wns obliged In stay
In   the.  house   mid   pluy   dominns
Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson, Frisnd
of theConnaug'ntj, Is Considered
One of the Loveliest Women In
American Society.
SON,  herself accobnted to
bo one of the most benutl-
t ful women in America, re-
Ieently started u dispute thet Is as old
!tis tlie days of Troy.    She undertook
jto xele t a group of the most beautiful
IjoV.ii;; women In America to meet the
Pr.tn ets   Patricia   of   Connaught   at
' luiu upon   when   the   pretty   English
Ini'lncess   recently   visited   New   York
city.     The   interest   that    the    pub- i    ���  --��    -  ���
[liq took  iu the choice probably  sur-   add to It to work  underground and
... ��   in prised tho lovely hostess, who hnd uo I have a useful animal,
ch ei tiers with ber. games I considered 'Intention of causing heartburnings or \   Fi'om " Plftw ttrf horses tnke havlnr,
very  dull.    And  when  I   wns kept   In   envy    "   "-    ""        '   ''"��� M   '"    ",,h *   "   "'"*"'
Na. 1662.���Riddle.
Whal In thui whli li Ib
The iiealniilnK of eternity.
The end nf time and npner,
The beginning- Of every end.
TIib end of every race?
No. 1C63��� End Letter Changes.
For cloth a measure, now i|ult.> rare;
A woodland sprite nt prunl<!Mi ulr;
Thu lust, u shade iree.  I decline.
To languish from distress of mind;
The color of lhe roses I wined:
Bound of n bullet, this defined.
A forward violence, hard to fiterti:
A light, hurd tako���luck's fond of them;
An urtllli-e: u atrntuuem.
No. 1664.���Verbal Arithmetic
From absorbed tnke n knock; to this
add comfort und hnve to sinnn.v.
From one who ents tuke U noise and
<m  in iiiiint  of smile  ludisposlti
would sit by my lounge or m.v
wlmie. er I rested on und rend to nie
dill imt occur lo n:e to lie griiteful for
this.    I simply regarded It as N  very
llnttiritl  llilug Unit  the Inferior  helm:,
gin. siiould minister to the superior
being,  hoy.
remember   thnt  though   manly   In
... .   ...       So fnr Mrs. (ilhsoti hns refused
on slie lo give thr> names of her guests for pub-
bed or lication, nnd the Intlor are equally re',1-
It i out. As a result, un earnest effort has
I e'.'n pintle to decide Just who Is who
In beuuty, and Interviewers have been
bc'slegl.ig art!stS nml others supposed to
he i.':;ie:'ls l:i tho Judgment of pulchritude, nud In every case thdse modern
Pn risen lune award'd to the fair Mrs.
some things 1 wus Inexpressubly weak   (Jlbsou herself a pre-eminence in boau-
iti others.    I regret to sny Unit It usunl- |
ly tool; me from half fo three-quarters
of un hour to get a dose of medicine !
into toy stmnnch    Threats, contempt, '
irony, were Insufficient I" put enough
coiirnre lulu me for the purpose.    On
one occasion, nftcr being alternately
liriii-'d mul threatened to ns purpose.
I tinnlly mnde up my mind to have (he j
tiling over  with  iind took   the dose !
down nt u gulp.   When a little Inter I
���was asked  if  1   hnd taken  It   BertllOj
who ws'.r, sitting beside tne. snld. "Yes.
and bp look It very well too."
Thnt was the first realization I had \
thut there wns anything admirable la
. a girl. Indeed. I wns very much i
ashamed .of myself and Just n trifle \
griilef',:! tn* Cert ha for standing up for ,
mo who dtda't deserve anything but n '
A:: v.p BTOW older I camp to consider |
thyrelf n ���ort of protector to flpr'.h'i. j
loo��Iug Bpon  her nn sirjp1h!i!.~ very I
Weak   that   needed   something   very
strong to keep her out of trouble cr '
dnnrer.  I  didn't  know exactly  whit. |
Thc t:".ith Is that Bertha didn't  nee I
my Strong arm nt nil. while I needed
n eertalh rural courage there wai hi
power, mid being, subtract n weed,
add :i step nnd leave distance.
Divide ,-i word meiming to lean upon
by ti small sum of money und obtain
ii (hite.
Divide extremely warm and a small
child by ii number and for quotient
have a xiivnge.
Divide upright nnd n boy's nickname
by tlie most Important part of uu Individual und for qtiiillent have free from
prejudice.'���Youth's Companion.
No. 1665���Beheadings.
1. Behcnil a place where goods nre
sold nnd leave that which a young
child wlll do when playing.
2. Doubly behead u lurge country
and leave n large, strong cord.
3. Doubly behead to mnke an attempt
aud aet n stronghold.
No. 1666.-.Charade.
My first In like a little girl,
Sweet lips and eyes ami huir a-curl;
My second's alwaya on a lish
Exeept when he Is In u dlah;
My whole could hardly live and spare
My second. Hamuli he owns a pair.
But with my tlrH'.  I'm sure that he
Would feel himself Indeed ot sea.
A Simple Remedy Beautifies
the Hair,  Cures Dandruff,
Stops Falling Hair,
What a pity it is to see so many
people with thin, wispy hair, faded or
6treaked with gray, and realize that
most of these people might have soft,
glossy, abundant hair of beautiful color
und lustre if they would but use the
proper treatment. There is no necessity for r;ray hair under sixty-five years
of age, and there is no excuse for anyone, young or old, having thin, straggling hair, either full of dandruff or
heavy   and   rank   smelling   with   ex-
i cessivo oil.
j You can bring back the natural color
of your hair in a few days and forever
1 riil yourself of any dandruff and loose
.Uaii'3, and make your hair grow strong
and beautiful by using Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Hair Remedy. For generations common garden Sage has been
used for restoring nnd preserving the
color of the hair; and Sulphnr is recognized by Scalp Specialists ns being
excellent for treatment of hair ana
scalp troubles.
If you aro troubled with dandruff
or itching scalp, or if your hair is
losing its color or coming out, get a
fifty cent bottle of Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur from your druggist, and notice
the improvement in the appearance of
your hair after a few days treatment.
Special agents, D. S. Curtis.
,_-., ' \,...,i nv.ay in boanlin ;
school, nnd When 1 returned nt fds-
teea I! occurred to ue tor the Brut
ly.   Rhe Is said to h.-.ve beet? thp orlgi-
r.r.l icv her hxtnh .'.d's fuaou* type, the
V .ti ...  ������     U****
\V7.'.';...: ,,;��� uot Mrs. GIbsoa is, ns
solas claim, thp mort Leauilful woman
in America, she ranks hlpb in the list
"Hubby, do you love me as much as
you did when were first married?"
"Of course, I do."
"Seems to me you don't tell me so
as often as you did."
"Yes, I do. Seems to me you're
harder to convince."���Louisville Courier-Journal.
Scene from "The White Sister, at the Opera House Tuesday Nirht, April !t..
K.KJWGtmMjCTT' -f *TSfll 2ET3Cr*
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
i i  ������ r i��� n        ��� , I������������ ,i w IIWHI.IMII      ���ii^.i���,ii,ii MKawii   ii. -m ��� i^a�����xc,iiii���irM.
^^^^^^_...   to  ue  for the nr.it     ���   .       ,^sm
time that P.orfn wns rather n nrettv i"f A,1:v:'' '' s u':;l;;i's  :;''i,i ,!le 11,u':l'
Le ...'_   " ���::-'.;! '������ sli... rei ''.veil from ihe Cou-
1" '"     ,   ... ...-lilt Uar i-m one of tiio wi kl-
.      . *��-" " ���*   ���"**   U c'.o t.     Not  only  did   rrtuccsS  Tat
trUMj :.'-...::- h-r. When two years (^^ f:, ... (U(. r-���- ,,,-. r, of no;a.
latef T liiwjrbt otP of my ciasma.es bles nU-ch b , (.,.{bvv,**} tn imsch
hentu villi  nip therp wan something |-^.j,   ,, ���   . irc..,..,   !lt   tne   wtrteiaw
i\\i'-:7. ',���.:.' r.lmirntion he expressevl for ,  "gJ.   in'v���V- forV    '        'v r"
li ;��� annoyed    me   pxceedlnglr. | ,< ��� ��� .~^a\\****\\*****\****
J*r   .r    (i  ������     |..-��-..-i    o��    r.i.-i,i .-!'
(tin. 9-m..^ra, **^^KaaK_\\\_\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
er.:1  vot'jln't nilud Stl-C of ny fc
ferreil   that ,
fr'r'.ili   to   r. : "i...   I   p:
thev !."c;' awry.   In fact, 1 waa BJOfltl
er.rt- h nat to Invite Ihoni to my h >��a����
Cr ^^^
trr.a n
tbey       :y ���' *���   ���'
. ..ored by tiidr pW'Uto'A'
Yi'l'.cn  the Cotllinur'tt* t"
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
'fcrned t" Canadn It v.;:s to slgtmllM
Christens while 1 mS'ak t-OUA^S^T^ tt^*J-Vt?^
rowe one gave Bprtha a:, of g*"" ty l?xM"K, ,,,,',' ,,n' i'Lll,bo,
*. vrhe-i I came home foir tU I JSSfJS l0 7 ,1,elr ����1>S,:< 'l r',Wu
Wtfltfir. rer,.-., f-he w����� Wearing a tiny II��K the le'ideuce o the governor gen-
BOW plntod key Oh a narrow vHvot ,".'1 of Canada. Su, ha mar, of favor
rV.,U:i ...brut her neck. I asked her f,-om u'eJ*���1��� 0,J?' kln* ,at'U
wh-l (lie key unlocUed. and sho kuM ?������ of tnK and *f?" ���* enongb to
It wa, u fimrnir iti her desic. I aske.1 n,ia ������������!> ���� th<? I^Hge ornny
her wlint ;h.t drawer contained that
wn* so irtrrlons. nnd for reply rhe
Bnve me o-dy a blush. -
This wns wn-sp than Introducing n
frie'id   ntirl   endnr'n-j   his   ndmlratltin
nf h:>"    Pone fellow hnd been sno<>i>-
lr��  r.i'imnd.  and   I   wished  to  know j
vln he wns.   Of rortrse I didn't want
Rf.-ihn  fer myself    I  hnd seen n��r- '
pr^l rlrl'1 whll:> (it eollerp who cmilil i
cut   a   cv.eh   liner  rwa'h   thni  nhe.
PiTt whnt bti^lnpsH had ur.v other mni
to rone lulu the timiw. and���well, it
wfi i'-:rl wrong. I
Whea I re'.'.irnp''. the nprt .Tune n
fmC'.ir'r* I found thnt Itertha had not
only budded, but lilnimied. She was
jinsf twenty. She still won' the key.
I d'dn'f kpp nn* fellow linuginc round
hor. but ku;>!k��kp<! that he wax nomp-
whpip pIkp. I w��h dlshonomhlp
enuur'.i tu lay plsnn to gpt Into thp
treHHi're nrntcw nnd loam who he was.
Oni'dny I SO* nerthn'sdesk Mtiiinllng
open, and on the blotter hIip used to
wr*.'p on wan tlie llttlp key. I knew
1 bad flu lins'.npss to pry Into her af-
faltn. but flther I did uot realize wl.it
a rontemptlNe thing It wns tn d<> ��r
I was ton ilepnly Interested to rpfrilln
from oticy'nir the dletntw of Jenl-
ouhv.    I  tool; tip thp kpy nnd. Innert
wx-lpty woman, but ttie fact that Mrs
Clhsnu was popular ln I^uidon high HO-
' ciety when she was thp guest of her
sister. Mrs. Waldorf Astor. Jr.. gives
her further claim to be e-onslderpd one
of tli.' ejueetis of American sni-let;.'.
As lt happens, Mrs. (ilhson hns no
siH-lgl ambitions, nor has her husband
the wealth to support the position of
leader as understood by plutocratic
society In New York. She was one of
the beautiful  I.anghm-ne girls of Vir
What L'uKnl Whiles president?
N6. 1t!68.���Middle  Letter!.
Example: Place n letter ln tbe middle of a trllie and make neat���Cl-e-au.
1. Place a letter Id (be middle of a
wild untnial and make to put off.
1!. Place a letter in the middle of
visage nnd make broad comedy.
3. Place a letter In the middle of a
nllly smile nnd make a small measure
of weight.
A. Plaep a letter In thp middle of
abundant anil  make to chew.
Ti. I'latT a letter iti tbe middle of expires and make ditches.
(i. Place a letter In the middle of to
tly aloft and make iiertaiuiiig to the
nun.  *
7. Place a letter tn a French cook
and make principal.
8. Place a letter In small rodents and
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they   are uneq,ualed for  delicacy  ot
flavor and *t*od vatue.
The New Mill* at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of die
Catudian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mill* at  1000  ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
till' Ifl.tHW... __.    ,
glnla. and brought no fortune to her j
hiv.band. while  his  eani-t gs.    bough ,
very  urge do not ..lace ,1m In the mil- , <(f American who Jived
lionnlre class.    The (lllisotis orp slm-   ,������.., A . ,,        .  ,.   . ,.   ,-.���.
, .        , .       ., ,     ,   . ��� _,     In Philadelphia uud died in liUUi
ply u (banning- and well b;vd Amerl- \
cnu couple, without aCi'ctnilnns of any
sort, nnd the tribute whieh royalty
pays Is to the treiiius of the husband
nnd the loveliness of the wlfp. If
American society ln renernl was as
r.lscrl'ailnatluj; lt would speak better
for our republican Institutions, whpre
tho spnrkle of a diamond tlnra wins
ni'n'p respect than auy sclutniHtlons of
A Hat Box Table.
The hr.se hntbox of pnstpbonrd may
  be trnnsformpd Into an article of rpal
oiwy. I took up tne kp.t nun. mw-n- , ucpfulnpss. First thp Interior must he
lng It In the hwk;��� opened Kip trpitsure j rp-onforcpd wlfh' a llniiift of oonvw
drawer On the top of what was In It crash, nml the bottom of the box must
wiih the rascal's photograph, but In nn hp stitched, with the aid of n long
eimehive I could feel It. I yielded to | nppdle and course thread, to as heavy
teiii|itatlon nnd took It mit It was iuv In plecp of enrdboard ns cnti bo oh-
own picture taken when between boy   tnlned.
and youth |    Four flat nnd smoothly pinned sticks
tuvestlgnMnv further. 1 found a scrap | eljrhtepn   Inches   long   nre   then   pur
of mv writing and im reading It rpe-   ihnaed at some smnll enrpenfer shop
No. 1669���Charade. ,
My flrpt you carry whi-rever you roam.
And rlfthily shonlil ynu use it;
Hy second Ih a ilmrmini! home.
Ami sad nre those who los>e ll.
Oh, be my whole or you will never
Uo might that's wise or good or clever!
The Dessert That
Is Always
VI      Tl, >        ..... ...r.
ogtihu'd   fumethtng  eompllnipntnry   I
hnd written her ten years before.
From an overweening emneelt I dropped into a bottotiiless pit of unwortlil-
ienx S" great was (tip change that It
wns ii long while before I could wrewl
tip my courage lo tell 'nertha I loved'
her. Hut when I recovered, aiy eipia
nlmlty I rPL'ttined my rasnv' ti*. \ '
her that I had loved b,A g3m\
she was a llltlp girl.     , A    *ool
Aftpr nil. It doemiV .boys   n����d
Lrenl: a woman s 1.1^* ...j,,,,,.,
|,oy without en(...8nd wh,le they
dose "f castor ijf pore over u
a  .voung  mi-fa the vlst pf th?
nd when these havp bpeii tacked
against the sides of the box corners, If
It Is of square shape or at equal distances If the box Is a round one. you
wlll have a fairly substantial four
legged low tnble. which must then be
entirely covered wlfh furniture tapes-
trv. denim, raw silk or printed ernsh.
Thp Ikix Is not Intended to hold any
of thp homply articles to bp mpnrted.
children's stockings nnd mihPtn
in the aim*" '^7.i t���we|R. but It Is a charm
out of a possmle1 h-j., (*>,., p)pP(, 0f niikem-
MInli, also of that city*;. v*.-i.,dtunde Ince
total ln  the i rofesslcnal  ranks ���*������� .. ���
105 out of a possible 110,   Some Ann      ��� ' ""'  '    _        _    .  ���,___, ,   o������ ffff
... . ^ .... shooting w.-s shown In the sixth event.'    S��at�� on S��re -Vrtalllnffi: \* f ��f��
Phe wmt'd 11/which give them  Clarence  McLean,  of  th.'S oily,  and 47 Sixth Street.   Phone' Clo*.
riajje uuywau v
My nr��t Is In Inat; my second ts In past;
Bly third It In grin, my (ourth I* In pin; ���)
My nfth In tn pain: m.v sixth Is In gain  .'
Tbe wholo ts a llm* whan uaathar la flne.
Answer -Sluing
Key to Puixledom.
No. |(W4.- I'rlttittl Aetwtic;   Rahblt.
CroKswords:   I. Ued.   "-��. Ace.   8. Bud.
4. Rob.   5. lun    ��. Ten.
Xo. Klo.".-Novel AeroMle: Chnrln
Dickens. "Pickwick Papers." Crosswords: 1. Capers. 2. Height. 3. Accuse. 4. Raking, fi. Lawful, fl. Kdl-
ble. 7. Sachem. 8. Diking, fl. Impose. 10. Cradle. II. Kopeck. 12.
Emergp.   13. .Normal.   14. Svstem.
No. lfi."i(l.-Depapltatlons: Blear. l*ar.
No. lft"7.���Homonym: Water tbe
Rt oek.
No. Ifl.*i8.-Plptiired Words: Agate
No. HEift.-Coneesled Square Words:
1. Potash, oracle, tartar, active, slaves,
hevesy. 2. Cares, alone, route, enter,
No. UlUO.-Hlddeo Generals: 1. Napoleon. 2. Wellington. S. Sherman. 4.
Raglan, h. Sheridan, fl. Taylor. 7.
Oordon.    8 (Jrnnt.    9. Burnslde.    10.
��� III!
It is no longer necessary to spend much money and hours of
time making desserts that "might be good," when you can buy tiiis
delicious confection���Mooney's Sugar Wafers. It costs but little
money, requires no time and ti always good.
Mooneyls Sugar Wafers
llu- Dainty   DesseVt   in  the Dainty  Package
There is nothing like these spicy sweetmeat sandwiches in all'
Canada���nothing half so tasty.   Years of experiment, experience and:
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as Canada's premier biscuit makers���you've eaten our Perfection
Cream Sodas and our Chocolate Chips���now try our Sugar Wafers..
In 10 and 25 cent dust and damp-proof tins.
. Ask your grocer.
I        (W>
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd. . . . Stratford, Canada:
-  ���������������WSJ������
��� rwviiitr*
���, i_,y��� I,	 *aor Form
MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
lhe OMUL Mews
Mr^Mhilwd by The Dally News Publish.
��m Company, UriQfe<C'�� their oillces,
Zm*ai*   ot   McKedRi  knd   Victoria!
Decrease In   Number  ot Catttle   and
Calves���Prices Have Risen.
[system is   alreaay carried   on   in a
small way in the West.
Feediuj Damaged Wheat.
��� At the present moment the eattle-
mon have several thousand consuming
tlje damaged grulu roun.I about Qui-
giry. They pay the settieis so much
ah acre, so that,' after al., his 1j.,b
irom the bad weather of tyst year
wlll not amount to a great deal. Ths
cattle do not care for. the- wheat in
the stocK, which Is mir^o.' less bl��4Ch-
MONDAY, A&WL 8, 1912
The front--.pa
aire aaily occui
4lusUial unrest
lexM-the newspapers
Ve* ji'.accounts oi m-
The coal strike in
Oreat Britain, the coal strike In the
anthracite aud biuim^wus tleids of tha
��astern Aniert^Stflftifes, the 1. W. W.
trouble* In liouukm*.nimliiii- ti'oyliles
in California, and lastly the strike on
the O. N. H. "consTfuc't'lou work, ali |
theee art ocbHfl$ln�� the1 attention ot;
the world today.
What does it all mean? Is It but a
temporary 'phasft of passing unrest
.and dlscont^nt.fjr>Isll; on the other
hand the llrst'Jp<tjyjy and uncertain
-workings of a gTeat movement that Is
A return Just Issued from Washington shows that between the years
1U00 and 11)10, notwithstanding ths
great luorease in population, there
was a manned decrease ln tne number
of lanoh cattle ana spi lug calves; no
a relative, but an actual uecieas.,-;
which probably accounts for the h gi
cost of oeei. The big Ame. lean paciv-
ers are buying land In the Aigjutlne
and Mexico, tor H is plain, that the
.going to change
the economic face of
the world? In considering the question It ls weHUflKsS^tife- th.u tlie discontent rs/.'jjenaM.ily,..among these
when pay and conditions are not the
-worst. The coitt'Wtfors ot Great Britain form a sort of aristocracy of labor.
in that country, ...Uie. west Is the part | uSe passed
*ot the world-��teE��J��bt>r llas thln��3 *r"W W
more its own way perhaps than any-
���where else. Yet lt ls here that the I.
W. W. are if anything most active. Although the workers on the grade of
tbe C. N. li. bs>v| doubtless some legitimate grlevnhueS, yet compared with
laborers in Europe they an almjst extravagantly paid. Nevertheless, it ia
not their brothers back in the home
lands that strike, hut those who have
invaded this 'cbmiAV of prosperity.
It would seem that the more man
know1 of comforts the more of them
they want Greater knowledge is ac
companied  by greater discontent
United States, says the Mail and Eur;-
pire. i| ,    ��li '
a similar condition of thing3 prevails la the Canadian weat, and tm
ol the most formidable tasks before
Mr. Rogers, the.new minister of tho
uini.o., is how to. restore the Industry to something like Its former self.
As ln the L'nited States the principal cause of the decline ls tho advance of settlement. Years ago It.
was believed that the Southern part
of the vast territory now forming Bat-
icatchewan and Alberta was lit only
for raisin-; cattle and horses.   But as
_ Bottlers  flocked  In  anil
grew wheat, oats, barley and flax; bo
that the area of ranching land has
been steadily, reduced and the ranchman ln not a few Instances forced to
sell his herds at a loss. It Is not easy
for him to start afresh. A'n outsider
Imagines that cattle multiply very
rapidly, but that ls not lhe case. A
mixed hunch of 100 head, hulls, steers
and cows, will not, as a rule, yield
more than 25 calves a year, nnd it
dikes four years at least to raise a
marketable steer.
Demand Outstrips Supply.
Moreover, with the growth of population m the West ihe local co..suuip-
to the end of the month of Febiuary,
live nionihs in all, and It includes tue
u'AUSfOK of tioops anl stores of ev^r/
kind from lood j.nd dothlpg tn te.o-
planes, and the attyul maintenance of
the. troopa In Tripoli. The value of
ma'teilal of all kinds which, removed
to Tripoli, has had to be replaced ln
Italy is estimated at $8,000,000. Ttie
lnci eased naval expenditure involved
by the expedition is estimated at .$(>.���
000.000.     Another   sum   of   $4,000,000
hV'a practically lost iioUiine, fpr .they
ed, but are 'dolag well en thai ln tl.e Lwlll be necessary to complete the re-
stack, which has preserved its'storatlon of inateiial removed to the
strength and sap. East at Calory tne'seat of war. And, finally $3,000,000 ls
Canaaian Pacific Railway has bein [already engaged for the purchase ot
building dwellings and barns oil'farms ["uhlmals, mules, camels and othe.1 ac-
of from 80 to 160 Acres, of which | cessori��s necessary for the formitlo.i
about half the area ls broken up be-!of the new colonial corps. The total
fore they come tor settlers lrom, tae sum,.,Of $40,00,000 will be p ovlded fir
01.1 Country. These people h.id b-sen by the treasury balance, June, 1911,
sowing a little wheat arid consldeia- of $11,400,000; by lhe balance expect-
hle oats, barley, alfalfa and peas, and led on the budget of 11)11-12; and the
should co Into all-wheat on a large
scale who cannot afford a steam or
gasoline outfit, and even then It lg.not
always a safe business.
Mr. Rogers is asked by the g-aln
grower organizations to estab.Ish government chilled meat plants as a
lemedy fcr the decs^' of the cattle industry. I have not found many actual farmers In this part of the coun
try'who favor the jiroject . Pirst or
all, as has been shown, the present
supply of cattle ls barely sufflc.ent to
mtet local consumption.   Ag.iln, chill
remainder will be distributed in tix
eiiual portions over the budgst from
1912 to' 1918V i-fV
��� --!������
' Chicago, April 7.���The "chauffeus6"
ls what Chicago will have in the coming by and by when twenty women
now preparing to pass city examinations will be employed by the bigg ast
laxicab company ln the city. John
Hertz, manager uf the Shaw taxi concern, said that one young woman,
Mlss   Julia   Sullivan, who has   been
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ working ln his shops for a month pre-
ed meats seil In England for about 2 jparlng herself, will be the tlrst. cbutil-
cents  per pound   less   than   freshly ! feuse to yo to work.
killed; and while this does not hinder |    Ho expiessed confidence thut the In-
a large export of chilled meats from  novation  will eliminate   many of the
the Argentine, where the prairies and objections   to    the   man-dilven    carj
ranches begin close to the s<a and c t- Among these are:
tie are wonderfully cheap, lt would cei-      Impertinence to customers.
talnly prevent a profitable export or      Overcharging for thdr own ben?flt.
chilled meats from Canada where tha j    Recklessness and fast driving.
price ot cattle is ao much higher. Fur-1    Inattention to the company's inier-
mer, western cattle are ready for
killing between July and D&cmbar
only, whilst in the Argentine they can
be converted into chilled meat tha
year lonnd. Obviously a year-round
trade  will command   a lower   ocean
"We are having a hard time with
auto drivers," said Mr. lieitz. "We
ure not going to employ women ea-
tirely. All the nlijht driving will still
be done by men, but our idea is to
the oast ignorant, and    cuntentel na-|itoii ol beet, mutton and polk h-s m-1  .oll|(, ,)e ,lke,   ta oDt,ia;'8jyinj not i
ine  put*  iiuui����i (w��  I,.-.���Q�����,|   nil    it    is   now   a.moit   e.lllal h .-.���-.. ..._�� .  _.' . ,J
tlons have'acquitted themselves per-1 creased till it is now aimo&t e uui
liaps the best. Wnt:'rhe marcli cf edu-[to tue local supply. Inueed, so lar
cation is now sq far advanced that jas hogs and sheep aie concerned, Liu
any man who talked ,of stopping it orllocul c.emanJ has already outstripped
turning lt back^fa^d he tnought I the local sujply. Air. Patrick Bums,
crazy. All our hopes of better things Ithe well-known Calgary packer, retk-
are now based on still moie eiuc.i-jons that ill 1911 about 1(15,000 sheep
tion. (were consumed In Albeita and British
But to return tO( the original qu s-1 Columbia, of which 60 per cent cunc
tion. Are we attending today at a j from the United States, and, in the
temporary disorder or at the birth-! shape of frozen ma,ton from Au.st rail i,
pangs of a new economic era?
^^^^^^^_^^_^^^_    Tll��
���question can only he answered finally by history., ..,,,, .   , n't!
But the signs  of  the timer,  woull
aeeem to be pointing to the gradual
abolition of the wage system.     Tno |
imposition hy law of a minimum wage I
in   England,  the  payment of a mini-1
inum   wage by our western    corporations, these are both attacks   on the
old wBje system.    They seem to ac-1
knowledge tliat a certain standard of
comfort  must  be   upheld   by  statute,
whilst not less than V5 per ci-nt of tne
hog products had to be imported f.om
Eastern Canada and the United States
Alberta ani Briii.-.h Columbia consumed, in 1911, 130,000 head of cattb,
of which 65 per cent consisted of females; together wiih 30,000 calves.
The killing of such a large proportion
of calves and cows is conclusive us
to the decline of the industry. The
expoits of cattle from Alberta to the
United Kingdom have fai en oft great
rate and better terms for dis.iibu bn Istation women at the big department
by agents in the United Ki.g'.cm than ! stores and hotels, whare the nujjiky
a trade possible but for haif the year  of customeis are women."
' Mlss Sullivan said Ehe could hardly
wait until she was a licensed cnauf-
"This line of work Is s^m^thins; nsw
for worntii In this count.;, but It will
become common within a few. years,"
ing of the higher cost of operating the
plant by government tlmn by pr.vate
enterprise, .. ',.
Some  farmers of experience  think
it  might be well  for Mr.  Rogers, in
granting fiee homesteads to stipulate !��he said.    "It is   a fine, healthy cu
that the settlers should have so many | door life.   The pay is also much bit
head of cattle at the end of the third
year; others that the experimental
farms should pay more attention to
the bleeding of cattle, hogs und
sheep, fortunately .both settler anl
ranchman have the utmost confidence
in Mr. Kojers, anl are pre. a:ed to ae-
wpt his solution of the problem with
good grace.
ter than women can earn in mest otl
er lines.    I  huie been studying haru
the last   montli   and   I   knov.- every
pieice of mechanism."
After the women are licensed they
will be given le:sons in repair ln th.
,i id 1906.
The decrease  la
���    llaiX'ir*""**
likely  to continue
that wage�� mtaStat**S ibe regulated by ��
tbe law of supply  and demand nudi- ,
l\cd     w>\��s\y   to-y   ttie     necessity ot   tY\e \
T��oiM%gniaii being  able to   reproduce \
himself.     The   IqMfencty   to "mu-nic'.-
palise Industries iMIife west and elsewhere Is another working In the sime
tlirection, especially after the corj orations have    accepted  the Idea    of a  because    of  the destruction    of  the
minimum wage.    It is true   that this i Bioeding; stock.    It is estimated tha'
sten     is     generally     taken    without  local   consumption  in    Manitoba   and
thought of theories on  behalf of the I Saskatchewan requires   the killing   of
consumer alone,, but Uie  result  will-i15,0-000    of  beef   cattie    eve'>'  >'ear-
he the same.   -If- tfckes the ad minis-! Iiere ae|lin ft ^ fast overtaking the
tratlon of capital out of the hands of   local   supply.     It  is.   Ihe'e'ore,   quite
private Individuals, and crnscquentlv  Possible, if things do not mend, that
inevs an increase in'the  importance  the Canadian West m.\v be ob'lgsd to
tit the condition of the emplo-ee rei-- Import beef, just as    it now imports
ttvelv to thn of economic   edrnlnh- pork, mutton, roultry and egg3. but-
tration.   Fnr^��tjj�� n(%'��hos-> emn'ryrei iter and cheese, vegetable?, milk and
a  vote
-point fitelf i
.nnd in i^'ot  they help to aj
Self OTii*tiosses?
Nelson  Laokijia. .Xac^vard   to   Record
Nelson, B. C, A?rll   7.���Indications
arc unmistiiKealne that 1912 will he a
��reai development  y.^ar  In tho  Koo-
leua.'.    ln  me^ttifeidus  mining;,  Uis- ^^^^^^^^^^^^
couii.ing all mircHti^aouncemeiKs and j three times that tiguie. There seems
j-echoniug on^,.flpra, mines now op, to be uo way of replenishing the
crating, there wfll be a gieat produc-, Western herds, save by pillowing them
cream; which would be carrying coals
to Newcastle with a vengeance.
Rise in Prices.
Piice-, have, of course, lisen tre-
..iendously, A steer which H^e years
ago brought $40 now brings $7o. Cattle for Import into Canada are not to
be had in tbe States, and Alberta
ranchmen who have sent buyers tti
Mexico tind that whereas they used
to get young cattle there at $10 or
��� 12  per  head,  they  are    now  asked
Inter-urban   Highway.
Victoria, Aptil 7.���It is expected that
during   the   preeent   week   arrange-
  I mjpjts wi.l be made for a coafe.eac:
Lethbridge Prepares for Greatest Con- ofjtho Interested  mur.lcipalit.es   with
vention Ever Held. Ithe provincial minister of public works
Lethbridge,  Alherta,   A;ull   7.���The  oitthe subject of the propose! paving
thousands of visitors to the Seveht i  of itbe trunk highway connecting Van-
lUternational   Ury   taming  Cangresa .cojfter anl   New Westminster, cliles.
at    Lethb.idge, Oct.  21-26  wiil    Had  It,will be remembered that these im-
iLcthbiltlse a mg�� hospitable olty, ,1�� IvorUnt    projected    woika were    thor-
\ order tb please  tbe  viBltar the Cana-' ou��t��ly   discussed  at  a  cottfereace    In
I dian" Hoard of Control has decided tolVJjiBnver shortly before the election,
(hold all of the Congress sessions, as  at;'whlch conference   the government
well as the nine sectlen meetings and ' w4s represented by Mr. W. W. Foster,
Institute in the hall3 and thentiei of Jd^ty mlnlsier cf the wo ks d p rt-
the city pro] er, devoting two and los-.aient.   The   arrangement thei reach-
silily three aftcrmens   at the expost  ed'-was that each of the two interest-
tion grounds.   This means that thee|��d municipalities should present a d.-
will be ten or more meetings sim il-  finite proposition as to the extent of
taneously every morning cf the wceK 'the contribution toward tha wo k thai
and only'the general cDi.-g.es j sessi uis. II is prepared to make while at  the
afternoons   and   evenings,   with    tne  same time the government wcu d have
probable necessity for overflow m et-  a thoro'.tijh investigation made and re-
lngs almost daily. [port jreiaied as to the cost of the de-
lo provide for th; large number of ; sired improvements.   This report has
meetings will be heid in the    Minis  n��W  been   received  from    Mr.  G.  P.
problem,   but   the   local   committees j Napier, assistant engineer and as soon
have solved it in a s^ti factory mm-'as the municipalities are heard f om
ner, and they have engaged all thei-|a date and place fcr the next confer-
tres and halls  for  the  entire week, .ence'on the subject wlll be fixed by
They   announce   'that   the   princ p it j tbe (jinister.
turn. Part oti .thi* -expansion will be
due to the success of new properties,
and part to the rise in the prices of
���metals. In land settlement 1912 will
Jbe a banner year, due partly to the
colonization methods in vogue, and
partly to the increi.se 1 appeal th���t t.ie
lake region is making to the settler.
to increase and multiply through the
slow processes of nature. Meanwhile
local consumption will make aa increased demand every year and to
keep paee with it it will be necessary
ior a considerable hod;- of settle.s t>
got out of all-wheat and Into mixed
farming,   Experts sily the three West
The railway deve.opment ln the 8lo-lem provinces could 'carry" 600.000
can Is giving that section a new im head of beef cattie lier annum If ti.e
petus, while the construction ln the industry were oneo set on its f.et
���Kootenay-t'oltimbia valley will hasten again, by which they me..n that these
���the opening up of that higher region, i provinces ought to furnish that num
The C P. R. touilst hotel, and the l'. her tor export and local con unipil 'ti
P. H. advertising, will.Increase louri.u combined, without trenching on the
tratflc.   Normal conditions reign both j breeding stock.
in the Crows Nest Pass, which last
year felt the blight of the coal st ike.
?itid also in the Boundary, whose copier region was an indirect sufferer.
An indication of local confidence is
. the increase in the number of both
: I hfj wholesale and retail houses in
-.Nelson .in the last twelve ra - nt lis,
while the current jear, in business
*>iorks alone will exceed any previous
building year in Nelson's history. AU
these factors were operating before
ihe iatest and greatest factor wus announced, the contract with the province of Hritish Columbia unt'er wh ci
the C. P. R. undertakes to camp'eie
:its tihort line between the Kootenav
vanri (he Coast by July, 1915. Tiiih
means that the Ciows Ne3t Pass
roule. which will commence at Wey-
Jiurn. Sask., will Join the present line
at Hoje, on the ocean side of the
���Coast range, and be the main line. A1?
the miinniain territory travel sad has
a present census population of eve-
40,000���tributary to this city by eigiv
routes��� this (actor a'one, apart f-om
���20 houra heing cut off frcm the time
hetween the Kottnay and the Coast,
must hive nn Influence en tiie Imme-
���diat.e development loua In fore th:- las'
B5n"U is finally completed.
The cattle men frankly allow thai
Mr. Rogers should not mik.- any
changes on their behalf that might
interfere with the Well-being of the
settler. What they suggest is thai
inuts of land lit only for ranching
should be rented to the ranchman ou
20 or 21-year leases. They do not
ihink a 10-year lease would w. r. ant
him in making the necessary improvements and perfecting his herd by the
introduction of well-bred animil^. Ac
one time 21-year leases we e the tule,
but. under the late administration they
were made terminable after two years
notice; which, the cattle men say, was
i heavy blow at the lndustiy.
They add that. If instead of growing all-wheat, the settler were to
raise more feed he could buy cattle
from them to fatten or they might let
him fatten for I hem In winter, giving him a percentage of the money re-
nresented by the Increase In weight.
Thus a steer weighing 1000 pounds,
���nd worth I een s a round ai le be
{inning of the winter will wilgh, say
1,200 I oitnds by spiing and be wor h R
-���ruts to (i cents per pound on ec oun'
if the superior quality" of the beef
and the Settlor who did the fat:cnlng
could  bo paid  nccordinging'y.      Tie
meetings of the congiess wiil be hel��
in the Majestic Theatre, "which has 'a
seating capacity of 1100 and cveifloW
meeting will be heid iu tl.e Morris
Theatre, while the sections for Soil,
Tillage   an.1    Machinery, Crops    and
eeu.ng. Agricultural Forestry. Llv*
Stock and Dairying, Agricultural fediu
cation, Farm Management, Seientiflej
Research, Rural Homes (which is th^
International Ccngreas of Farm Women), and the Conference of Agricul-J
tmal Colleges and Experiment Stations will be held In separate hail*
that will accommodate all who attend, and wherever the seating opacity is Inadequate an overflow meet.a:<
will be held in a neaiby hall, several
being held in reserve.
Th-t.se plans are deemed far better
than the bull ling of a temporary co i
seum at  the fair grounds,  wlie.-i; t ie
acoustic properties might be b;id
'���    Winter Breaking  Up.
Dawson, April 7.���Freight has beea
moving across Lake La barge fiom
White Horse in ccnsideiable quantities for some time. Ste.mbo.ts and
scows will make Dawson and Fairbanks as soon as the river opens and
long before the lakes are fiee f.om
Ths extremely mild weather indicates an early breaking up. The overland trail has already gone to pieces
and wheels will have to be use' hereafter.'; The last rig on runners left
Dawsftn today. It was heavy dr.g
ging for six hot ses.
McNamara's Trial Closed.
The case  against  McNamara,    lh
alleged robber of the   local    H ink   o'
Montreal, who is fighting aga'nst ex
{tradition In New York, wa3 completen
where there would be the conteinl m !Inst Friday.   It is expected tbat a d>
Of delays in trtinsporiat on of the peo
pie, inability to properly feed all an.l
the possibility of a cold snap or of
stormy  weather.
The general conference Bttislona
Will be held three .times daily w.ih t i ���
exception of two and possibly tine-
days, when the congrtss will a:J urn
in a body to the exposition an I witness the great demonstrations of plowing, cultivating and the farm Implement show which will bs a marvel of
the age. In plowing alone it is planned to tear up 160 i cres, ind al
makes of plows will be utilized, and
deej) plowing, even 16 inches or nr r ���,
will be a feature.
Chairman McNicol, of the exposition committee, also announces that.
there will he free stereoptican and
moving picture shows running continuously in three largo buildings, showing the modern methods of dry firm-
Inir. and there will he lecturer! to ex
plain these met'o's and their adv.n
Clslon will he handed down ab il
April 18 when lie will know hls fite
as to whether he will be bn.ugiit h
this city for trial or no.
Cost Forty Millions.
Itnme. Ap- II 7.���Tho bl' lrt Cduc 3;
ln the chamber ,ui!l orb/lee thi ev ri.
ordinary exrrnditnre made on h hiT
of the expedition tn Tri; o'l dei'"' wlf'
a total sum of a lltttp ova<- Xin.ooo-
noo. Of this nearly *2n.noo,oia i.oes
to defray the cost ot th",o-p?-'lt|-r'- r -
corps from.'V  '-'-������Iiti!-'- "   -q-T   m��
(/-'l,,   l,���.|    j���    .,,1.    IV,.    r~, .o-o".
(   ,. o* a n-tmbcr of hflrenthi chi-
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40.
Nowhere is the power of Ridgways
v -      _ organization better shown than in the
Aw a r d e d .   production' of a tea of such extraordi-
Gold Medal    nary quality at so low a price.   Try a
LONDON 1911    package and see how superior it is in
flavor toteassoldatmuchhighernrices.
Sealed in air-tight, du3t-proot packages.
50c par Pound
S*SS��?*r~���^.    Other rJdrjwaya Specialties
���HrrM.i-v'sDlend"   $1.00 pcrlj.
���5 O'Clock'" 60c     "
"C*pit��lH��iuc!io!d"      40c.     "
JtUiy A'otv be Had in To-msi
r.t ]',cst S/m/s.
Five Acres cn the Austin Road, near the Golf Links.   Price for a
few days only $500 per acre; ose-thlrd   cash,   balance   0,   12 and   18
One Lot 50x120, near Eighth   Avenue,    in    Sapperton,   for   $350.
Terms one-third cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Special Easter Excursion
VICTORIA and Return
By the big, comfortable S,S. "PRINCE GEORGE."
Leave Vancouver, midnight, April  Oth:   returning, leave Victoria,
10 a.m., April Sth.
Special excursions to Eastern destinations  In  May,    June,    July,
August and September. !
Regular sailing for Prince Rupert  (direct service)  every  Monday
at midnight. i . - ������ '
City  Ticket   Office:     527   Granv'.:le  C'.r:et,  Vc.-s-u���. :-,  B. C.
Dock Office:    Foot o'.  Main rt eet.
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Wiontrf al-QuebccLlv: rpool (Sum mer).
Portland, Me.-Halifax (Westbound Liverpool (Winter).
No trouble with Customs, baggage bonded through to steamer.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *3.S. Laurentic     New Twin-Screw 8-S. Megantic.
14.8D2 gross tons. 14,788 gross tons.
'Turbine and  Reciprocating Engines.
Last word in shipbuilding.    Electric elevators, electric heaters, skilled orchestra, wireless and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $92.50; second-class, ���53.76;    third-class,    (closed   rooms),
Comfort st moderate rates by excellent one-class (I I) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Sorew 'TEUTONIC, 8.8. Twin-Screw CANADA,
582 feet long.    ��� 514 feet long.
���Larpest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool I one-class (II) cabin
Best accommodation given $50.C0 up, third-class (closed rcoms), $31 23.
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and-Cherry Sts.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C.P.R. Agent, and  W. F. Butcher, G. N. R.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a llttl.  systematically, for It ls the stuff that the foundations of wen iti. and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend   for   what   la
needed n  .' and to invest for what shall be needed ln the future.   Moi-',.  cannot be Invested until It Is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. JEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
��� GOTO
P.  BUPM'f
 odves 1 ou Money
Sixth Street near Colum i
. \
MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
Six to Five In Favor of Visltors-^Was
Great  Spectacular  Game  on  Saturday.
an Insight Into Ins and outs of the
game played ln the league of the lower mainland. Chlel opined the scoring in the first half, the defence of
the Senior Amateurs being a Ittle
too strong for the homesters. Half
time, 1-0. The visitors increased tbeir
lead ln the second, Pttrie soring a
beautiful goal, and completing the
The Sapperton team, champions of
the city league, have booked the Rovers for a friendly game to be played
cn the Sapperton groun 's on Saturday
afternoon next.. The local prof3��s on-
ala will place on the field a etrbng
team, not wishing to take .iny chancea
with the boys along the Fraser.
PAGE *ty*
Coming through with a dooi-ila
spirit in(i Lasiein All-ouus aeieutjii'
tue i'uenic coast team on Saiu.uay
evening at the  Vaucouter A. eiu by
tne cio��ej6core of six io live. A Uigj lg0a|, the lesult of a
trow'd est'iniatea to be near.y s.x thou- j teams on the whole
sand strong, gathered lu the exptcta- ^^^
tion of seeing somttulng out oi the
ordinary ,and they were not disappointed This was the hist occasion
that the slx-men-aslde game had b.c.i
B. C. E. R. Wins  Cup.
The Iroifiiols Cup contest was finally settled (lood Fi iday, the B. C. E. R.
winning from the V. A. C. by an old
penalty.   The
 .   were    evenly
matched, although Referee Leith allowed some apparent fou's to go by
unnoticed, while Procter, the fast f.r
ward of the winged V was banished
fiom the Held as a result of a fistic
Ma^ed on the coast, and whi e opi.- encounter. "Tlm" Mahoney aftsr
ions differ as to which is the better, wards presented the cup to the win
tne fact remains that the game on hers on behalf of Mr. G. N. Graham
Saturday evening lurnlshe.i more atti action from a spectator's Viewpoint
tuan the seven-aside eame. True it Is,
ihat the combination plays
which en-
Scotch   Beat  English.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips ,
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
^^_^^_    _^^^^__k .   i. . ____________________.________________________________________!-      Scotchmen
abled the Royal City aggregation to. triumphed over the English team at
annex the championship this pan wia- Vancouver. Good Friday, the occasion
ter were laoklng, but the spectacular j being the annual international match
rushes whicli thrilled the onlookers between natives of the two countries
time and time again were a feature residing In Vancouver and district
that   kept    the    crowd    continuously | The result,  four  to one, did  not  by
irar.  Crowe, of  Victoria,  tied  for  the
Before one of the largest gates of prize donated by Capiat Maybrs, the
A      annnar        er***araaa        *%...        fi~~*_��	
the   soccer    Eeason,   the
any means rei resent the pby. the
Northerners being' exceedingly lucky
In  the  scoring    line.      Sampher.  for
The lirst period opened disastrously
for the East, Hyland making a rush
and   beating   Paddy    Moran   with   a j England, played a brilliant game be-'ster
lightning   shot.     McDonal 1    followed .tween the posts, repeatedly saving al-'
*'"-   most certain goals.
two minutes later with another tally,
the Easterners not being able to
break up the wicked-looking rushes
of the home forwaids.
Tbe reaction soon came, however,
Odle Cleghorn bringing down the
house when he went through the
whole line, Darragh converting.
Newsy Lalonde went through in the
second period, but the visitors In a
wonderful hurst of speed beat Lehman
for three straight, evening up the
score, four all.
The teams tool* the ice in tl e third
and lust period with a determination
to give the onlookers their inmey'j
worth, ani for twenty miuutes showed the western i eople why heckey Ij
really the Canad an winter gjui.\ Du-
ragh, who with Lehman, was the star
of *:ie evening, sent his team ahe id
nnd was followed by Koss In a brilliant Individual eiTort. On the point
of time, Johnson went through with a
cyclone rush and bulged the net for
tlie tinal score of the match.
. .Goal   Summary.
Fi-st Period���
1. Western SI  r.-t.
2. Western Stars.
'.'. Western St.irs.
4.   Western Stats.
Second Period���
*>��� Western   Stars.. Lalonde   ..
0.    Eastern Stai s. . Hoss   	
Eastern Stais..o. Cleghorn
Kiutern  Stars. . DairjRi   ..
...Hyland .
Darragh ..
, 1:4)
ird Period
Eaitern Star. .Darragh  .... r,-.07
Gostern   Stars..Ross   3:50
Western Stars. .Johnso.i  ... ti:3D
Second Period���Johnson  (Western),
lo minutes, replace! by L. Patrick.
Third   Period���Shore   (Eastern).  10
minutes, replaced by Taylor.
Second  Period���S.  Clesrhorn   (Epstein I.    replaced' Ronan:     Dunderlale
t Western), replaced Lalonde.
Third Period���McDonald  (Eaete n),
replaced S. Cleghorn.
Scottish  League  Results.
Glasgow, Aprll 7.���Forty-five thousand people saw the Celtics defeat
Clyde In the final of the Scctt'sh cup.
A strong wind assisted the Celtics in
the first half, McNeneny scoring close
In. The Celtics added another in
the second half, making it two
Scottish  League.
Ahprdeen 1. Morten 1.
Falkirk 2, Kilmarnock o.
Alrclrleonians 1, Hearts 0.
Hibernians 4, Pat'lck Thistle 0.
St. Mlrren 1, Dundee 1.
Third Lanark 1, Motherwell 1.
local man winning out in the shoot-off
Twenty dollars ln cash were donated
for prizes by Mr. C. G. Major besides
many valuable prizes from business
firms of this city und Vancouver.. Da-
First event���1. Porter, Vancouver;
2, Pike, Westminster; li, Vo.'gnt,
Second event���1, Volght, Westnrn-
Bowlerby, Westminster; U,
Hlssls.. Gn shrdlu etaoin etaoln n
mills, Vancouver.
Third  ^vent���1, Hlllfs, Vancouver:
fact that we took over the assets of
the United Wireless Company In the
United States (from the trustees ln
bankruptcy) on such favorable terms.
By this means we got the better of an
opposition company which I can
scarcely regard as a worthy opponent,
as some of the heads of the corporation are now serving  terms in pi Ison.
A Cheap Honte
On Easy Terms
House and lot in Sapperton for sale. House is small. but well-
built and comfortable. Lot Is large 'size and well situated. Price
$1800, with enly $400 cash and balnce as rent
The Westminster Trust and S tf e Deposit Co.,Ud.
I. J. JONES. Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY,. Phone 291.
Phones, Office 16 and U.
Gilley Bros. lid.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Pressure on Jail.
Nelson, April 7.���In order    to    relieve the pressure on the jail at Kam-
..     loops, one of the centres of the strike
Porter, Vancouver; 3, Mayers, West-   trouble caused by the I. W. W. who
have called out the Canadian Northern construction gangs, 24 convicts
have been transferred to the provincial jail here.
minster.       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Fourth event���1, F. T.'.-pp, Westmln
ster:    2, F.  Roche, Westminster;    3
A. Field, Vnncouver.
Fifth event���1, Pui teh,  Vancouvsr:
2, T. Gifford!    3, Bowleiby, Westmin
Coast League
San   Francisco,   April
Seattle, April 7.���A proposal to locate the headquarters of tto pu se
seiners' fishing fleet on Puget Scu.id
at Seattle through the construction of
suitable -lock faculties at Salmon B y,
is under consideration by tbe Seattle
port commission. Engineer Paul P.
��� ������������������*   Whitham, of the commission, is draft-
��� ing plans for the   Improvement   an 1
��� preparing a rough estimate of cost on
4 | which  to base   a nominal   charge to
*) I the fishermen for the use o:' tae facilities.
The plan embraces  the iue of that
���* *��� i ���.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
too* both games ot a double neaaer g��J�� &ft��38E38L ^L*"***
from ban "ranclsco today by teores j bJ*eJ��nt *%fA ' tlle b0U,th:
of 4-2.    uaiuand  has  no.v    won    six  rf4B^&?S*S5^kir '* 'i'Sft*
straight games oat of seven from ��J l,me m.til U wili be acquired, for
bun i<ranclsco.    Scores:
Periling game��� R. H. E.
Oakland ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ban Francisco    -
Uatterle*: Uretjory and Mltze;
ley  and  Berry.
Af tet noon game��� R
Oakland 4
Sun Francisco '-'
ii 2
6 3
H. E.
li    1
6    2
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
Week of April 3.
Big Europaa Novelty
Globe Rolers.
Comedy  Entertainers.
The  Different  Ventriloquist.
I .ust iilglit saw an exedua of hockey
players i trom Vancouver, Newsy Lalonde, Harry Hyland, Tommy Dunderdale, Hugh Lehman und Sue McLean
"-ming on the Lan. con 1 ental exp.eaa
lor the'.cant. Both Lalonde and Hyland expect to return to the oast
early ln. May to play lacrosse. Tne
former will doubtless be seen in Con
.lones' line-up,. while the latter has
heen In.communication with the local
lacrosse executive ond will probably
be with the Salmon Bellies. Hyland's
work on the ��� fee this past winter
.shows that he is a fearless youngster,
despite hls diminutive size, being always in the thick of the flght in the
hockey battles.
' of time until  it will
I deep-sea  shipping.      Th'.s,  it Is  estl-
I mated,  probably will  not  be for two
'or three years.      It is proposed that
the commission construct two  floata
eacb,   1000   t����t   long;  snd    bight   te?
-wide,   affording    sdme    3000    feet
space for the use of the purse seine
to    moor  the    small    power  fishing
Another feature proposed is. a working unit float by which boats can b ���
easily loaded or discharged by me?ns
of an electric crane.   Sheds for drylig
..__,_. .      'nets, reels, etc., steam arrangements
this atternoon, shutting j for tarrInB nets  a mar)ne rajiway fo
out the local3 ln a well played game. I....     .
Batteries: Pope and Tiedermonn;
Baker and Schmidt. i
Los Angeles, April 7.���Portland
took the last game of the series with
Los  Angeles
But Soccer Final Must Be Played
Local Eoccer Is likely to take a
boost next season. A keen f.Lower
of thc gape ln tbls city hns given a
.silver mug and flfteen mtdila to ba
played for by the prof, isl n.l leagua
mi condition thut. the final shall hi
played In Westminster whatever
teams are competing at that stage.
The cxecuthe were only too glad to
accept the handsome trophy on these
< nn .minus und now this city Ib sure
of seeing one final next year. The
donor wishes bis name to be kept
Thc game was marked by sensational
fielding. The crowd was the largest
that ever saw the Los Angeles, team
play oo home grounds, exceeding tbat
of the opening garni', when 1:1,000 attended.   Scores:
Morning game��� R. H. E.
Los Angeles 8 12   2
Portland -.        8 11   4
Game called at end of the eighth,
time limit.
Batteries: Flater, Cober and Smith;
Steiger, Gllllgan and La Longe, Howley.
Afternoon game��� R. H. E.
Los Angeles  0   6   3
Portland 2   6   0
Batteries: Chech and Boles; Koest-
ner and Howley.
Sacramento, April 7.���Vernon finish-
cd the series here todfty with a 7 to 3
victory over Sacramento. Today's
game was the fifth in the series in
which Verhon has played without
error. Vernon took four games of
the series and Sacramento two.
i   ,i _ ' .        R. H.E.
Vernon  7   9   0
Sacramento 3   7   6
Battel les: Carscn and Brown; Williams and t'h'���'���';.
removing the  boats   from  tbe  water
are also Included in the scheme.
Good   Reasons   for Rise   in   Stock���
Splendid Outlook.
iMoptreal, April 7.���Signor. Ma'coni
Is spending the day here in a general
inspection of tbe station and plant at
Montreal. He threw much light on th?
recent and apparently unfinished rise
in Marconi shares which ls a consp'en-
ous feature on the New York cur6 at
"There's capital reason for. an appreciation in the price of shares which
you speak about," said Marconi. "The
company is Improving and extendine |
rapidly and the outlook is distinctly
bright. The British government has
closet a contract with the company
for" all Its long distance stations
which It requires to Install throughout
the world. Another important point
which has, no doubt, contributed In
raising the stock," he added, "Is the
Billy Fitzgerald, the star home player of Con Jones' team, has signed up
to play another year with the Vancouver aggregation. It ls believed
that he ls to receive $3500 for the season. Ho Is expected to arrive In Vancouver on April 20.
Calls Royals to Win.
A well-known lacrosse magnate ventures the guess that New Westminster will win the Minto Cup this Mason, jays the Toronto News. He gives
as hls reasons the fact that all friction ln the Royals club has beea
smoothed over and also that going
nicely, the Salmon Bellies are the
greatest aggregation in the world. The
dopester ls a mun who knows tha
game from the ground up, and desires his name withheld for the time
being. With Con Jones rale ing such a
"holler' over players,'lt Is Interesting
to hear such    a guess, from one   of
Singing, Ta king and Dancing
Tbe Flexlbl" Pi'r .
Comedy Skit, entitled
"Trimming a Rube."
Illustrated Song.
PHOTO-PLAYS.   ���*-*
Three    Shows    Daily���3:00,
7:15, 9:00.    Extra Show
Saturdays and  Holidays.
Must Be Sold Before April 13
66x132 feet, corner of Ash and Clute streets and Third avenue.
Price $3500; terms, one-third cash, balance G, 12 and 18 months.
Price after April 13 will be $4000.
i.n. .-
REGINA STREET.���Seven roomed modern house, lot cleared and
ready for garden. Price $2800; terms, $600 cash, balance $20 per
month.   This house rents at $25 per month.
Real Eetate and Insurance Agent.
620 Columbia Street. ,
Phone 307.
Snaps lii Acreage
Bargain on Hjorth
Road, 10 Acres at
$800 Per Acre
Easy Terms.
Bargains in City and
Rural Lots
$350 to $7,000
Terms to Suit
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
P. O. BOX 777.
What $10 Will Do
The Senior Amateurs defeated the
Mission team on Friday afte'noon,
two to nothing', aftrr a hard contest,
tli�� Eraser Valley boys, while not
playing much of a combination gcim-1.
heing always dungcrou'. A iJool
numher went over w'th the boys and
��� n'oved themselves tho'-ous;' ly.
This was the first. d?f?at su'tilnel
by the Mission bunch, and Wh'le thev
naturally felt, a little rore over lt.
they wore pleased at the vls't cf thi
Itcyal City players, which s-ve them
Vancouver Visitors Took First Prize���
Close Shooting In Sixth Event.
A good. attendance of shooters and
the general publlc was seen on Mcody
square on Good Friday, the occasion
being the annual shoot cf the Westminster Ouii club. A number of lm-
iiort.lnt. competitions were held as
well us nn inter-city match botween
this city and Vrncruver. The Terminal City reverse! thlrgs thl3 yea-,
Alf. Field, of Vancouver, taking flrst
in the amateur class with 101 birds
out of a possible 110 Fhot n*,. while C.
Mlnlt, also of that city, coppe;' high
total In the professional ranks wtth
105 out of a possible 110. Somo Ann
shooting wi>s ohown In th�� sixth evetit.
Clarence  McLean,  of  th.'S  city,   an:l
' HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Tuesday, April l
Viola Allen's Greatest Success.
Vi fteoot'n '
.      ''    ... . ����sh wtJ ��� '
.   ���    .   . . }-*" ���:������������,. ,
���  ��i
,-    lit ,
^  ,   ���*.
Spread, 2 towels, Chair, Dresser with 3-drawers and-
It will furnish a Bedroom complete, comprising Bed,
Spring, Mattress, 2 Pillows, 2 Blankets, 2 Slieets, Bed
From F. Marion    Crawford's   Novel,
presented by a ren>��rkable company including
Jeanne Towler
"America's Most Beautiful Emotional
large mirror, Reversible Rug 9x9 ft, pair Lace Curtains, Curtain Pcle, Window Shade. Pay $10.00 deposit; the balance, $18.75, as the rent of your rotfm
comes in. Outfit complete, $28.75. This is the way
to make a start. Your roomer pays for your Furniture in three months, then all tiie rest is gain. It
will help you out on your rent. All you need is $10.
Don't forget the store.
Seats on Sale at Tidy, the Florist's
47 Sixth Street.   Phone L 184.
Honest Prices, Cash or Credit
Sixth Street Phone 853 New Westminster
"���* i
Mjii~.-iui��saiimJuiuMwwinaw����sB^ PXtjte sft.
MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
Building   Loan
t ity will be Uken on the 10th day of
] April 1912, between the hours of Nine
Cy-Law   No.���
A By-law to  enable   the   Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tho
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum* of'Twenty Thousand Dollars  (T-'O.OOO.Oii)  for the
purpose of etxending and improving'   the Exhibition Buildings    ut
Queens .Park In the City of New
WHEREAS it is   necessary to   extend   and    improve    the    Exhibition
Buildings at Queens Park in the City
of New Westminster, and the cost of
such   extension    and    Improvements
will    be   Twenty  Thousand
AND WHEREAS it appears that if i
the said sum of *20,00u.uu be appro-:
pnated from the general revenue of j
the city for the current year the rate |
ol taxation will be excessive, and it
Is expeuieut that sucn excessive taxa-1
lion snouU be avoided, and the said
tu.ii   be
Dy-Law j o'Clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p.m.,
lat the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Firehall, Sapperton!
Xo. 5 Fireball, lotn Street.
Building. Queensbor-
City  Hall,  New
27th, 1812.
City Clerk.
Westminster,  Marcn
Bunkers    Debenture    .By-law,
By-law No.���.
Dollars !A By-taw to   enable   the   Municipal
Council   it The  Corporation of tho I
City of New Westminster to raise ���
by  Loan the sum of Six Thousand j
Dollars  ($8000.00)  to erect Bunkers |
for  the  Storage  of  Crushed   Rock. .
Sand  and  oilier   materials   in  the
City of New Westminster:
WHEREAS it is necessity to erect
i-adsed ml^w^Tr IS I *��**��*. tor the storage   of Crushed"]
sent of the Electors of the said City
ln the manner required hy law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on the ��� day o�� ���, 1912.
DONE AND PASSED in open Coun
cil the ��� day of -, l'*)12*
RECONSIDERED and Anally passed the ��� day of ������ , 1.912.
City Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is a
True Copy of the propose.l By-law upon which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day of April,
1912, between the houis of Nine
o'Clock a. m. and Seven o'Clock p. m.,
at the following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. -1  Firehall, Sapperton.
No. 0 Fireball, loth Street.
And Crane's Building. Queensbor-
City Clerk.
Citv    Hall, New Westminster, March
27th,  1012.
,,,.i���.���, ures | rock, sand and other materials in the |-cemetery   Purchase
Westmlnstei',  and   tlie
Coi poratlon     and     that      .
^$B^;����ss��it -lir "siSRdf*ue six thou-
of interest ou the debentures pro-1 ����nd dollars UbUUU.lOi.
posed to be issued under this By-law, AND WHlSKEAii it appears that it
taia ioi- creating a sinking fund for pe baid sum oi iptiOOu.uU i>o appio
tiio payment o. the t-aid debenture* dialed fiom the general revenue u-
uue.. uue a WLI be i.cctssaiy to raiss -t city lor the current Near tue rats
bv .-icciiii'iu.e m ui.uitiuu to ail oth- u.-taxation will be excesUf.e, uud .t
ej- rates each year during tho cur- >* expeuieut mat such excessive taxa-
nn,-, oi mo said debentures tbe suia ���ia should be avoided, aud the sum
ol bixtten huuoreu una ro.iy-iu.ii- -,-ui suouid be raised o.i uie craiu
and 3MO0 Doiia.s IU/IUM). 'JI lhe corporation wjd.thai debenture*
->. ,ii Wl.HUEAS in oruer to raise -iiouid be issued lor that amount.
the said yearly sum of SiiM.'iz ao ; AtiO WHEKEAW toitne payment ot
euua special rate on tue dollar wi.l Intei'fiBt on the debentuies piopuseJ
U. reouued to be levied on thewholo,^ be issued under this By-law, and
rateable pioportv of the City of New j ior creating a sinning tuud ior tue
Westminster. payment oi the saiu aebentures wheu
aaij U'liH.tEAS the whole rateable ! due it will be necessary io laise by
property of tbe said City according to snecial rate in adaiiioj io a.i othe.-
tne la'.it revised Assessment ivou I rates each year uu.ing the curieno
tnereol is Nine Million Fi\e Hundied I of the said debentuies the sum Of FOVU
una ^may-two 'inousand Nine Hun- l-Hundred and r��jaetj-Lhree and Ju-iud
D3benture   By-
Law 1912.'
died and  ThiK>-t..o  UoJars   ($!),51)2,-
AND WHEREAS the total  amount
Doiars   l$41)3.30J.
A.ViJ WiiEKEAS iu order to raise
the    said yeariy sum of jpit^.Jtl    an j
ou  lhe doiiar will
of- the existing debentuie debt, of the i equal special rat
said City Is Two Million Four ilu.i- he required to be levied ou tue whole
dred aud Fifty-two Thousand Nine rateable property of the City of New
Hundred   Doiiars   ($2,45.2,ii0iu)())   Irre-1 Westminster.
spectlve of the sums proposed to be
raised under this by-law and the
"Street Improvement Debenture Bylaw 1012" Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1912,'' "Water Extension Debenture By-Law 1912.''
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-Law
1912,"   "Cemetery    Purchase    Uebeu-
AN1) WHEREAS tbe ivhote rateable property of tne said City according to tue last revised Assessment
Roll thereof ia Nine Million Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundied and Thirty-two Dollars
AAD  ViHEKEAS the  total  amount
tuie Bv-Jaw 1H12," -hue Appartus of the existing debenture deb; of the
Purchase Debenture Bv-laiv 1512" andj said City is Two Million Four Hun-
the "Bunkets Debenture Bv-law 1912,"'dred and Fifty-two Thousand -Viae
of which none of tbe principal or in-! Hundred Hollars Ii2.4u2,i)0l).lht) itr**
terest is in arrears. ! spectlve .of the sums proposed to be
NOW, THEitfcJr'ORE, the Municipal I laised imder this By-law and the
Council of The Corporation of the City I "iSlret'l; Improvement Debenture B)-
of New Westminster enacts a3 fol- j 'aw 1912," 'E.ectric Light Extension
Debenture By-law  1912," "Water E.<
tension    Debenture     By-law     1912,
"Parte Purchase Debenture By-law
1912," "Cemetery Purchase Debenture
By-iaw     1912,"   (be  "Fire    Apparatus
By-law No. ���.
A By-law to enable thc Municipal
Council of The Corporation of th )
City of New Westmiustcr to raise
bv Loan the sum of Nineteen Thousand Hollars iijlli.OiiO.Oti) to pur-
chase Site for a Cemetery within
the City of Now Westminster, aud
to Clear, Grade, Improve and Survey .the same:
WHEREAS it is desirable to purchase site toy a Cemetery within ihe
City of New Westminster and io
dear, grade, improve and survey the
same, anJ thc cost of such Site and
improvements will be the sum of $19,-
aad WHEREAS it appears that it
the said sum ot $19,uuu.uii be apjjio-
1 riatea trom tue .general revenue UI
iue e,iiy iur uie curitnt year tne rate
of taxation will be excessive, and it
is exjieuient that such excessive taxation suouid be avoided aud tiie sau
sum snou.d be raised ou the citur.
oi tiie coi poratlon and thut debentures shouid be issued for that
A.su WHEREAS for the payment
of interest on the debentures proposed to be issued under hub oy-.aw,
and for creating a sinking fund for
the payment of the said debentures
when due it will be necessary to raise
by special fate in addition to all other
rates <eaiii .year during the currency al
the said debentures the sum of Four
Thousand Four Hundred aud Thinj-
three and tiu-xmj dj.iuis Ct>-ii.i3.o.>)
AND WHEREAS in order to raise
the said yearly sum of $443H.65 an
eiiuul special rate on tbe dollar will
be required to Ue levied on tbe whole
rateable properly of the City of New
ANU WHEREAS the whole rateable property of the said City accord
lus  to   tiie   last    revised   Assessment.
follows and not otherwise: Towaids
pay lug the cost of the passing of this
By-law and tne issue aud saie of tht
uebeutuies   tneiein   reierrea   lo   ana
all expenses connected with the issuance of the said loan, and the balance
shall be paid over irom time to time
as required by the City Treasurer to
the several persons to whom moneys
are payable.
7. This By-law sball take effect on
the lst day of May, 1912, and mav he
cited as the "CEMfcyi'EKJT run
8. This By-law before the -final
passing ihereof shall receive the assent of the Electors of the said City
iu the manner required by law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on ��� day of - , 1912.
Council the ��� day of , 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally passed the ��� day of , 1912.
City  Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE-that the above ls i:
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which the Vote of the Municipality
will he taken on the 10th day of Anril
1912. between the hours of Nine
o'Clock a. m. antl Seven o'Clock p. m.
at the following places, viz.:
Tho Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Fireball, Sapperton.
No. :> Fireball. 13th Street.
Crane's Building, Qnecnsborourh.
City Clerk.
City Hill. N��w   Westminster, March
27th, 1912.
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayo-
of the said City to raise by way oi
loin horn any person or persons, bad/
c. Louies corporate who may be willing to advance tue sjiii
e. i..e debentures h
t.oued, any  sum  or  sums    ot money
uot excecdinu. in tue wuoip un num al ior  interest is  ill arrears.
. ..~n,,-'buI&wVa   oinSit   e��i��.ouoo>\     NOW. THBREFoaB,  the Mvmtclpat\      -***��>   WHEREAS   tii*   total   amount
be naia ln-\ Council ot Tiio Corporation ot the City 1��'  Ui��  oxUtlng debenture debt ot  the
ie o i 'the credit Purchaae Debenture By-law 1612" and I Ho" thereof Is Nine .Million Five llua-
creinafter me�� i"Exhibition   Building'   Loan    By-law  ,lre<l and Nbety-two Thousand Nhn
of which none of the principal   Hundred and Thlrty-
two Dollars ($9,-
and to cause the aame to be pata Into the Treasury of the Bali City tor
the purposes mentioned herein.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
lo be made not exceeding in tue whole
the sum of $2U,OUO.OO lor such sum
of money as may be required, uot
less than $1U0.0U each or un equivalent expresed in pounds Sterling of
the United Kingdom of Oreat Britain
and JrelanJ, at a value of 4.80(1 to the
pound Sterling;   and all such deben-
ot   New   Westminster   cnams   us   loi-
i. It shall be lawful tor the Mayor
of the baid City to rai6e by way' of
loan from any person or persons, bodv
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on lhe credit
of the debentuies hereinafter mentioned, any sum or sums of money uot exceeding in the whole the sum of sl<
Thousand Dollars uouuu.ioi and ii
cause the same to be paid iuto the
tures shall be sealed with the Seal |1 reasury of the said City for tbe pur-
of the Corporation, signed by the poses mentioned herein.
Mayor and countersigned by the I -. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
Treasurer thereof, or by such" other j to cause any number of debentures to
person or persons as may be thereun- be mude not exceeding in the wliole
to lawfully authorized. H'e sum of $0000.00 for such sum of
'���I* The said debentuies shall b3|mont'}' as muy be required, uot less
payable on the first day ot May, 1932 than ?100.00 each or an equiva.ent ex-
at such place or places as the Council Passed in pounds Sterling of tbe
���7,1 the said Corporation may from United Kingdom of Great Britain and
time ti> time appoint with the approv-1 "eland, at a value of 4.8tii; to the
al of tha holders thereof, and sliall j pound Sterling; an:l all such deben-
bear inteiest St the^ rate of four and | tures shall be sealed with the Seal of
one-half per centum' p^r annum, pay | the Corporation, signed by the Mayor
pons    for  the  payment    of  interest, I    J-   'l'he  said  dob
.which said coupons shall be signed by j payable on the firs
the said Mayor. at such place or places an the Coun-
4.    A   special   rate   on     the   dollar   C!il of tlie said Corporation may from
shall  be levied  and  raised    in each!1'111*-' to time apoint with ths approval
said City ls Two Million Four Hundied and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars ($2,452,900.001. irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raited unucr this iiy-law and the
"Street improvement Debenture Bylaw 1912," "Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 1912," 'Water Extension Debenture By-law 1912,"
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-iaw
1912," "Fire Apparatus Purchase Debenture By-law 1912." "Bunkers Debenture By-law 1913," and "Exhibition
Huilding Loan By-law 1912," of whicli
none of the principal or interest is in
NOW THEREFORE tho Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster enact3 a3
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said City to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate who may bo
willing to advance the same on thc
credit   of   the debentures  hereinafte-
"Water  ExtensTon   Debenture   By-Lav
bentures shall have attached to them
coupons lor tbe payment of interest,
which said coupons shall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised iu each
year, in addition to all other rales, on
all tho rateable property of the City,
suiiicient to pay the interest upon the debenturea and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
jpiincipal thereof wueu due, suuject
to any Act or enactment respecting
the same.   ���
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special'rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
said deontures the sum ot 'jloUO.uu
for the payment of interest thereon,
and the sum of $054,02 to provide for
the repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as
follows and not otherwise: Towards
paying tbe cost of the passing of this
By-law and the issue and sale of the
debentures therein referred to and
all expenses connected with the Issuance of the said loan, and the balance shall be paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to the several persons to whom
moneys are payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect on
the first day of May, 1912, and may
he cited as the "WATE.t EXTEN-
8. This By-law before the tlnal
passing thereof shall receive the assent of the Electors of the said City
in  tho  manner required  by  law.
RECEIVED tlie assent of the Electors on ��� day of , 1912.
DONE AND PASSED hi open Council the ��� day of 1912.
RECONSIDERED and finally passed the ��� day of  '- , 1912.
City Clerk. 'Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law Up
on which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day ot
April, -1912. between the hour/ ol
Nine o'clock a. m. and Seven o'CIoc'.;
p. m. at the following places via.:
The Council Clumber, ritv Hall.
No.  4  Flrehall,  Sapperton.
No. r. Fireha'l, 13th Street.
Crane's  Building,  Queensborough.
W. A. D!*NC��N.
City  Cle-k
Citv Hall. New   Westminster, March
27th,  1912.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada'
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
In Cuba throughout the Island;
also in Porto Rico, Hahumas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banklne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Bank of MontreaL
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ...$15,413,000.00-
RESERVE $15,000,000.0'}
Branches throughout Canada snd
Newfoundland, ana ln London, England, Nsw York, Ch'cago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
balking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In . all parts of the1
Savings Bank Dipsrtmest���Deposits-
received In sums of $1 and upwurd.
aud Interest allows 1 at 3 per cent, per
annum (preseat r*te).
Total  Assets over  $186,000,000.00
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
By-law No. ���. .
A  By-law to    enable    the    Municipal
Council -oi The Corporation of the
City or' -New  Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum of Forty Thousand
Doiiars <$40,0u0.00)  for the purpose
of    extending    ihe    Water    Works
System In    tlle City of New Westminster:
\\ HEREAS applications are madj
from time xo tune to 'lhe Corporatioa
of the city of 'r\ew Yi estminster tor
tne extension of the Water Works
System in Die City and the laying oi
new water mains along streets wnere
residents are being erected, and it is
impossible to pay the cost of such extension out of the general revenue oi i
the City ior the curtent year, and it] The Municipal Couucil of the Cor-
is expedient to raise by loan lhe sum j porauou of the City oi i\evv Vvestniiii
of Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,U00.-jfltar having by Resolution determined
00) for the .extension of the taid l iiU,l sj.eciueu twit it is uesiraoie u
Water Works System. caaiy, out tue loiiovving works, tnat l..
.1SD WHEREAS it appears that It Ilo *dy:
.the said  sum bt *40,0uu.uu  be  appro-1     iu *>ave Alexander   Street fiom Col
piUteu   tioui  Uie general  revenu
j lunula  &ireei    to oainarvou    street
the City for the current year the rate | w.,lh, ��U)Ile *.L'Us' u,ld Ulat Baid worKS
or taxation wiil be excessive, and it sJmlJ ^ ��Wied out m accordance
is expedient that such excessive taxa-1 ttiiu Lh�� provisions of the "Local lninon shouid be avoided, and the saiu J P��v��miu Ufeneral bylaw 19u!i."
sum should be ruibta on the credit And lne City l-.ngineer and City As-
of ttue corporation and thut debe*. fi8Mor baving reported to the coun
tures Bhould be issued for that I ^J*: accordance with the provisions
ANU   WHEREAS  for  the payment 18lvln^
Of the said bylaw Upon the eai.1 woi Us
statements      snowing      tue
of interest on ihe debentures propos-! u"u;ullts   "United to be   chargeable
od to be iaaued under thin By-law, and l aBul,1BS lV�� val'!OUB l"�� tlons of real
tor creaVag a sinking fund lor the ; property lo be benented by the said
payment of the said debentures when ! works and Othej particulars, uud the
due, it wijl be necessary to raise by i sald leIJ0,ts of the said City Engineer
special rale in addition to ail other |aud ciV Assessor having been adopr-
rates each year during Lbe cun ene-. |e<1 b-v t,le Council.
of the said debentures the sum of Notice Is heieby given that the sahl
Two Thousand One Hundred and j wpotsare open for inspection at th
Fifty-four and 12-100 ($216442).
AND WHEREAS in order to raise
the said yearly num of f21i.4.i,2 an
equal special rate cn the dollar will
be required to be levied on the whole
rateable propeity of the City of New
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable property of the said City according to the last reviseJ Assessmeiii
Roll   thereof,   is   Nine    Million    Fivi
Hamm- ��� - ���-
Sole agent fcr]
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113   Office:   Prlncees St
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Squars, New Westminster.
office of the City Assessor, Citv Hall,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
U. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of the
owners of the land or real property
to be assessed or charged in respect
of such works representing at least
one-half in value thereof is presented
to the    Council  within  flfteen    days
     from Hie date of the first publication
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand !0f 'hls, notlce tl,e Council will pro-
Nine Hundred and Thiry-two Dollars , ce��d wlth the Proposed Improvements
119,592.032.00) I under ""ch terms aud conditions as to
AND WHEREAS the total amount Ithe ^"^nt of the cost of such Im-
of the enisling debenture debt of the I nm,rfment8 as t'ie Council may hv by-
said City is Two Million Four Hup ' , ,at, beha,f regulate and deter-
died anl Fiffy-lwo Thousand Nl.ir Imllie antl aIso t0 make tbe said assess-
Hundred   Dollars   (J2.452.000.00)   irre -ment'
spectlve of the sums proposed to he
raised under this By-law and uio
"Street Improvement Debenture By-
iaw'l912," "Eleetrlc Light Extension'
Debenture By-law 1912," "Parks Pur-
biMiturCs   ,t\,p\\ H,\".-2 ,lle Treasury cr the gaid City for ,chase Dehenture Bi'-lo 1012," "Ccm-
t duy of May, 1032,   -:'e P^pBISl mcatlciiCj Mrfcln. ��itei*    P'PCh.ue   D^uuit.ii-e    IV.;..   =
It shull bu lawful for the Miyc 'IMS," "71 rg Apparatus Purchaae De
Dated this 27th day of .March A. D.
City Clerk.
Date of fl: st publication March 2Stb,
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. Newsome & ��on8;
Painter. Pap^hjulf���W
and D'^orator.
214 8lxf     -stlmates Given.
NEW       "* Avenue. Phone 567'
year in addition to all other rates on
uli the rateable property of the City
sufficient to pay the interest upon Uu
debentures and to create a sinking
fund for the payment of the principal
thereof when due, subject to any Act
or enactment respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rate us
aforesaid during the currency of tho
said debentures tbe sum of 1000.00 for
the payment of Interest thereon, and
the sum of $744.32 to provide for the
repayment of the principal.
ti. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied aB follows and not otherwise: "Toward!
paying the cost of the passing of this
o! the holders thereof, and shall bear
Interest at the rate of four and one
halt pur centum per annum, payable
half-yearly on the llrst day oi January and the first day of July in each
and e\t-iy year, and the debentures
shall have altaehed to then coupons
lor the payment of Interest, Which
said coupons shall he signed by the
said   .Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised In each
year in addition to uli other rates oa
all the rateable purport)' of the City
sufficient to pay the Interest upon the
debentures und to create a sinking
fund for the payment of the principal
thereof when due, subject to any Act
By-law and the Issue and sale of the or enactment respecting the same
dehentures therein referred to and all 5- Subject as aforesaid, tliere shall
expenses connected with the Issuance ' be rained annually by special rate as
of the said loan, and the balance shall i iforsesaid during the currency of the
be paid over from time to time as re-1 satd debentures the sum of Two Hun-
qulred by the City Treasurer to theidrC(1 and Seventy Dollars ($^70.00) for
several persons to whom moneys arej'ho payment of Interest thereon, an.l
payable. the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-
7,   This By-law shall take effect on   three and 30-100 ($223.30) to provide
the first day of May, 1012, and may be   'or the repayment of the principal.
cited as the EXHIBITION BUILDING      c-    The proceeds of the sale of tbo
LOAN BY-LAW 1912." said debentures shall be applied as fob
S. Thlr, By-law before the final pass-]-ows and not otherwise: Towards paying thereof shall receive the assent I h'S tbe cost of the passing of this By-
of lhe Electors o.' tbe said City ln the la* and the Issue and sale of the de-
mi'iiner required by law. j bentures  therein  referred  to and  all
DONE AND PASSED in open Coun- -Tenses connected with the issuance
cil the���day of ��� , 1012. of thp said loan, and the balance shall
RECEIVED the assent of the Elec-j bp paid over fi'Wi time to tljn.e as re*
tors on the��� day or , 1012.    quired  by  the Ciiy  treasurer to tho
RECONSIDERED  and   finally pass-  sevoial persons to whom monevs are
ed the ��� day of , 1912,       payable.
City Clerk. Mayor. "i*    This   By-law   shall   takq  iSp-
vvrT,,���, on thfi Ist tJay ot May. 1 rj',g, fay     -t
-NUllLh! he rltcd as the "BDNKHHS D'     tn!ly
TA\E .NOTICE that the above Is a  TCRE  BY-LAV'   ml* jBBN.
True Cry ol the proposed By-law up.:    fi.    This    By-law' befwiv. *
wi    Bab the Vote of the Municipal- paselnx ihc,:e-,r shall *****   ,,le     3nal
ih<j:eof ahall i^fcs*
ve the  ua-
to cause any number of debentures to
be made not exceeding in tn; Mholo
the sum of Nineteen Ti.oUB,'..id Do.lars 1*1U,OOO.OOJ for sucn nims 0.r
money as may be required, l.ot less
than $100.0o each or on equivalent ex-
pressed in pounds Sterling of th.;
United Kingdom Of Great Britain anl
ll eland, at a value of 4.fi(!i; to the
pound Sterling und ail such debentures shall be sealed with the Seal of
Corporation, eigned by the Msyor and
countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, or by hiiih other person ur persons
us may thereunto lawfully aut ho: lzed.
3. Tlie    said dehentures shall    bo
payable on the first duy of May, 1917
at such place or places as the Council
of  the  said    Corporation    m.iy  from
time to time appoint with the approval  of the holders thereof and    shall
bear Inteiest at the rate of four and
one-bali per centum per annum paya
ble half-yearly on tbe first dav of Jan-
uary and the first day of Julv in car'
and every year and  the    debenti-      a
shall hnve attached to them co      -es
for the    payment    of Interec       ipons
said coupona shall bo sign'      t which
Mayor. ���       j by,   the
4. A special rate f
sball be levied and jn "10 dollar
year in addition tr raised in each
all the rateable all other rates on
sufficient to pf property of the City
debenturea ' y the interest upon the
fund for V -Od to create a sinking
thereof. ie payment of the principal
or w       .vhen due. subject to any Act
%'     ..ctment respecting the same,
b' Subject as aforesaid there shall
>. raised unnually by special rate as
-iloresald during the currency ot the
said debentures the sum of $R1>5.��0for
the payment of Interest thereon, and
the sum of $3578.05 to provide for the
repayment of the principal
��. Tho proceeds of the ?,iTe of tTio-
said  debentures ��hal]  bj fl.TlV.ed to.;"
,**% %.C.
NOTICE is hereby    MB- *���
first meeting of thr   ^ffi?   Lha' iti"*
of the AssessnK      'JS���. jt '^vision
New Westm'     .-��"-,lft" ^f 'he Clty "c
City Hall        jSWf fyW: be held In the
New WWtmlnster, on We-J-
prti W.T012, at 10 a. m.
belli nre By-law 1012," "Bunkers De-
benture By-law 1012," and "Exhibition Building Loan By-law 1012,'
of which none of the principal or Interest Is In aire at s.
NOW THEREFORE   the Municipal
Council   of  The   Con oration    Ol  Oil
City  of  New   Westminster cm.cts ai i��e^'fai', X(:
follows: lr-    -*'    *M*tfk    against    the Assess
ti Tt .shall he lawful M lli6 M^yo*' AisA muri/IS: In writing, and deliver
of the Bald city 10 ralrC by way r ,f**\ to 'tl* Assessor at least ten day��
loan from any jiVrson Sr l'*Slv ous b   / llWev'fbu&to the sitting of the Court of
'ttftid at New Westminster, B. C,
Wft 12th day of March.  1912.
City Clerk.
or bodies corporate \VllH 1luly I    ���jSf
lllH-    tt*    lilt *. i, I,,,.*    lUaa    nail* ._ r***    W1J|"
lng to advance tht> pair . on S.f. ,
It. "f the (lohettttlifca > i.w'.\.\Z irf*
tioned anv |UB o- '������, >*tiet' men'
not exceert.MB K &&**"*$
of 140,000.00 ��� '��� �� *'h���* the slim.,
to b�� paid ���*r- T0 vi'^ "10 *?fk
said Citv int0 the J?eeV 0L^r
herein-'       r��r the P<"V0sos 'mentWaW,
2-       ' ,���    ,k
to It shall be lawful for'tho.,*layor
cause any number of (Mrmntuwi
to be made not txcdoAhtg"ln; ft e wnole
the sum of $40,000.0(1 foir (hdi earns
of money as may'bo 'T*i,ulied, uot
less than $100.00tca(i.h'JW an equivalent expressed'in' pfttytfa S'erllng of
the United K^ngdom',,^ Great Britain
and Ireland at' a ^vtjlie of 4.806 to
the pound slefiip^Y-nd all such debentures shall best*: led with the Senl
of the CqrpdnillOT. signed by the
Mayor and r, ��(}*��-. terslgned by the
Treasurer tlj.or^?*<<', or by such other
persons as may ue thereunto lawfully
3. The.vga'id debentures shnll be
payable o�� -He thnt day of May, 1902.
at'Such .place or places as the Coun-
't'll of -the said Corporation may from
llpietp lime appoint with the approval of-the holders thereof, and Shall
bear Interest at the rate of four and
ione-haif per centum per pnntim. payable half-yearly on tbe first day of
January and the first day of .Tulv In
Cni/h and  every  year,  and    the' de-
the partnership heretofore subsisting
between tbe undersigned as the "NEW
WESTMINSTER GARAGE COMPANY," Carnarvon Street, In the City
of New Westminster, Province of
British Columbia, has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. All
debts owing to the said partnership
are to be paid to John Dobson. at
Carnarvon Street, New Westminster,
British Columbia, aforesaid, and all
claims against tho said partnership
are to be presented to the said John
Dobson by whom the same wlll bo settled.
Dated at the City of New Westminster, B. C, this 21st dny of March,
A. D. 1912.
The People's Trust Co. Ltd.   G. W. N.
Boulton, Secretary-Treasurer. Frank
C. t'ook. General Manager.   L. S.
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
CAPITAL $4,600,000
REST $5,600,000
�� MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
jrbui~ii''��"'"'"���"���*****^ *�������* w����*��<��*^^�� * ���,
She Did Not Tell All
She Knew of Her
.        Parentage
I had been brought up ln the dread
i,t making a mesalliance. Mother bad
lectured me time nud again ou the subject, and I had thoroughly appreciated
die undesirable results of marrying
,,nt uf ami especially beneath my class.
Mul ber did not Insist on my marrying
�� rich girl, but she deprecated my mar-
rylug one whose, station ln life was
different from mine. My father agreed
wltb her.
A day or two after the Clarkes mov-
ed Into the place next ours from my
window I saw Alice ln tbe garden in
I be rear. Whether sbe would bave at-
tratted others or not on sight 1 don't
liiiow. She certainly produced a profound effect ou me. She was fourteen
years old, but had completed her
prowlh���tall and willowy and graceful
In her postures aud morvements. Her
,,yes were her main feature, bespeaking something Impressive, though one
wbo looked upon tier for the lirst time
���ivould not know wbat it was.
It was early spring, and the girl had
evidently gone out Into the yard to lo-
rnte a flower garden for the coming
season. She Inspected what beds
tlii-re were nnd looked nbout wltb a
view to locate more, laying out one by
putting two sticks ln the ground with
u -triug between ihem.
How 1 should have liked to Join her,
lake a spade and dig for her! But I
knew my mother would see me, nnd
lids would cause a commotion. I never liked duplicity, but 1 uever liked
painful Interviews either. 1 restrain-
i-.] myself for the time, but I knew
lliat I would not be uble to keep away
I iv in tlie girl next door. Had 1 kuown
ttjeu that she was a foundlluK It would
have Increased uiy alarm at having
her so near mc. hut It would have
uiiiile im other difference. 1 should
bave heen engulfed all the same.
It was evident the same evening that
tm mother bad cntight sight of the
dancer lu tbe garden.    That she and
my father had bad some words about
ti.e mutter and that they knew more
iliau I did obont Alice Clsrke Is evident from tbe fact that they conversed
on Hie subject of heredity, the disgrace
iittiuhed to unknown parentage, and
es| lally  the  stigma  of  being  born
e'til of wedlock.
I confess 1 was much shocked. 1
would have been crushed to learn
these things about myself and-felt a
deal or pity for the poor girl who was
obliged to bear them. Aud that was
tin- most, dungerous feature of the
"hole uffulr. She became an object
ol cum passion.
if 1 had bpen of a combative nature
1 should have made the acquaintance
of Alice Clarke and quarreled wltb my
lather and mother. As It was, I fell
Into the channel marked out for persons of amiable dlsiiosltlon. I met
Alice without letting them know anything nbout It���thnt Is. I met her when
tbey were nway from home. The beds
In the garden hud been dug up for her.
nnd one morning when the sun was
shining warm I saw Alice go otlt-wltb
seed packages tn plant 1 took occasion to go out to the barn for something I didn't WHnt. There was a
low hedge between the two places;
therefore no obstruction Intervened
between ber nnd me. I did not screw
up my courage to sprnk to ber till I
returned from the hiirn: then I said:
"Aren't you putting ln yonr cror
i rut her eurlyV"
She wns bending over the work, and
wben I apolie rose nnd faced me. It
���seemed that xhe looked right through
"Why. no," was her reply. "1 don'l
rhlnk we'll bave another frost. D��
Ton ?"
"You can't be sure, but lf we do and
yonr plants hare come np tbey can be
cohered to keep them fri he'.ngnj
I chatted with ber nbout what she
m*Hta��i and on var.ous7ub eeis
but did not cross tbe bedge-not then.
I was not hurrying ou to forbidden
ground.   I was drifting tbere
A month passed, during which no
one lu my home knew that I hud any
acquaintance with the foundling When
Hie secret come out It was lu this wise-
On a frosty morning tbe plants next
door were seen to lmve beeu covered
for their protection from the cold J
knew by the demeanor of my rather
and mother at the breakfast table that
something was wrong. Wben my father finished hls breakfast und bad
scanned his paper he went out, leaving
me alone With my mother.
Henry,"   sbe  snld   Impressively,  "I
am very much nlarraed."
"At what, mother?" I asked,
"1 fear that you have formed an ac-
iltinlntaiu-e. possibly un Intimacy, wltb
the girl next door."
While I eoiisliler deception as a necessity I never could get down to a deliberate Ile.   I said nothing.
"Lust night." mother continued. "be*,
lng wakeful. I arose and sat by the-
wludow. ln the dnrknesn I snw something white moving from our place to
tbe one next door. That white thing
this morning covers the young growth
planted by lhe girl there."
The secret was out. I bad been
caught red handed.
"1-1 thought there would be a frost,
and I wished to stive the plants."
"Did you think of those in our own
I maintained a confesslonnl silence.
That was all su far as words were
"onceriied, but tbe next week I was
packed off to school. I found opportunity to meet Alice and tell her what
Iind happened. She made no comment
-did not reproach me or my mother.
But In ii way In keeping with her
youth she suffered���that wns evident.
When we parted I bent to give her a
Koodhy Llss. but she quietly prevented
Sly parents sent me from scliool to
college and continued to keep nie nway
from home during vacations tin l had
Qblshed my education. There wns no
."omiiiunit-iiiluii hetween Alice Clarke
nnd myself during this time, imt I did
nut forget her. (bough I tried to do
��o. I liad a number of mild tllrlatlons
with different young girls iu my student days, but they mnde no Impression on nie. After my graduation no
'jbjectitn was mode to my going home.
I wondered nt tbls nnd feared Unit
lomethlng had happened to remove
Alice Clarke from the place, But since
she hml not been referred tu between
my mother and myself after I had
been sent away to separate me from
ber I did nut like tu nsk. I tried to
onvlnce myself that I would he satisfied to find the danger removed. Imt
the irlrl hnd left �� tender ��i��at In my
heart wlileh  wuuld not be honied.    Aa
noun us l reached home���the inst of
lune- 1 kept an eye out next door, 1
did nol see Alice, nnd the blinds of
her room were closed. But I saw that
the Clarkes were still living tbere. I
was a-tonlsbed nt the sinking I felt
in my heart ' I could refrain no longer
from asking my f.iother wbat had bennie uf my joung love.
"There is a story to tell." she snld.
"nnd I will give It to you as It oc-
'itrreil under my observation. One
morning a bunt n year ago a cnrrlnge
with liveried servants drove up to the
Clarices, anil a lady alighted and went
Into the house. An hour after she and
Alice came out. hand In hand. The
lady snld guodby very feelingly, but
rame ngaln the next day. taking the
girl with her when she weut nway.
Since then Alice hns come often to see
the Clnrkes. but always ln the lady's
carriage nnd hnndsomely dressed."
"And you hnve not lenrned the ren-
ion for all tbls?" 1 asked wonderlngly.
"Yes, Mrs. Clarke and 1 have oftca
spoken from tlie windows or from the
grounds, and she told me. but only the
bure fncts. The lady ts Alice's mother.
Sbe Is of the blue blood-lf there Is
sucb-of America, ln her youth she
eloped, was married, and her father
disowned ber. Her hlisbnnd became
un Invalid, starvation stured tbe couple In the fuee, and when Alice was
born there seemed nothing lo do but
place her In u foundling home. But
the mother knew wbere the child had
bpen taken and. since she wns well
cared for nud poverty prevented, did
nor claim her. When the grandfather
died nud left u large fortune It wan
found thnt he hnd relented und left
bis daughter her share of hls property.
She Immediately claimed Alice, or
Beatrice, which Is her real name���Beatrice Fariiswortb-aud took her home
with her ."
Oue morning I snw a carriage drive
up, and Alice, richly dressed, alighted
snd went Inside. 1 watched for her to
appear again and presently saw her go
out to the flower garden where I had
tirst seen her. 1 Joined her, and the
delight that sprang into her face on
seeing me brought me an equal happiness.
no need now." I said, "for
here ever.   I knew that I
Id of luxury from my baby
^^^^^T found."
"And you didn't tell me."
"No; I never dreamed that 1 would
he restored lo lhe sphere lu which I
wns boru."
My mother snw us talking In the gar
den. but tliere wns a great difference
In ber action In the matter from wbat
II would have Ikh-ii bud tbe young lady
remained n fuiiiul'iiig. ludeed, mother
seemed very eurloiiH to learn whether
our past affair was to be continued.
I wn;�� unable tn satisfy her at once, for
I did nut know. I could answer foi
myself alone. However, a very short
tluip elapsed before I was able to announce my engagement.
They Met
The Ocean
I sometimes believe that there have
been more matrimonial matches made
on the oceau thau on tbe laud.   1 have
crossed many times between America
and England nnd lu most of iny voy- !
nges have Keen one or more cases which
1 believed to lie court ships.    1 can nc- ',
count for it only ou the ground that j
during the period of crossing certain
persons who nre thrown together have
nothing to do but mnke love.
On one of my voyages 1. nu elderly ]
woman, roomed with a young Swiss
girl who was coming to America to I
make a new bome. Sbe was a young
thing without experience and spoke
onl.v tbe Herman language. Since I
npoke It, too. Bertha Gersteln relied
upon me to tell her what sbe should
do In all tliose mutters coming up In
travel nnd especially whpu she reached America. I was glad to Inform her.
and she appeared very grateful.
One thing 1 noticed about her that
incited my curiosity���her underclothing was profusely decorated with lace,
not worked lu. but loosely tacked ou.
Seeing ine look nt It wonderlngly. she
told ine thnt she bad understood that
the customs olllcers In tbe United
States did not levy n duty uu anything
wurn on the person. If she could got
tiie lace through the custom house she
could sell It nt a good profit and thus
Increase her little savings.. 1 told her
that day bad passed and passengers
were required to sign statements ns to
tbe goods purchased abroad which
they brought over with tbem. This
troubled ber. but she decided to wear
Our policy is to care for the
people who work ��� whether
with their brains or their
llano's. We are out to prevent
the growth of poverty, the
tyranny of private monopolies,
and the evils of the dangerous   accumulation   of   wealth.
"We say that the people
who work shall be the first
charge upon the results of
their labors. We ssy that the
first care of the Government
must be to see that these
have free access to the means
of obtaining a livelihood, and
that access shall not be barred by any artificial restrictions imposed by monopolies.
���Premier Fisher of Australia.
via  G.   N.
Kelvin, Cafe
.    Trapp B^ock
Entrance Lorne and Alarkson Streets.
for an enjoyable
refreshing AFTERNOON TEA.
Home Cooking.
would  have m>J746 COLUMBIA STREET.
i-        m
the Ince ashore as n  part of her Par-iFROM 622 COLUMBIA STREET
tnen'.s nnd  hoped sh
The tlrst day or two out from Ix>n-
dun 1 sat a good ileal on deck with my
roommate,   a young mnn with a lot
uf tumbled blond hair s:it near us one
morning and entered-Into conversation
with us.    He was a  Swede iin-1 going
to America on the same errand us r.;>r
thn���to make a home fur himself.    Ile
seemed to be nn excellent .voting ni".n.
nml. seeing tbnt be nnd Bertha appeared tu be favorably predisposed toward
each other. 1 left them alone together
and went lieluw.
I  seidom  sit  lung with  Bertha on
deck  after this,  fur tlie young man,
Peter Jacobson, almost always joined
her. and I knew that lu ti youug couple I  wonld be superfluins.    I conld
see distinctly,  however,  that   Bert hi
li;:d caught a seasickness t!i:it does nut
pertain tu Pie stomach    : lie was falling In hive witli  Mr. Jiro'ohou.    ilow
over. mIh- < o-.itlmieil to rely on me  ror
what ��he n'.iould do nfter mhUing v>ort. 	
aial  1  ngYeed to take her to u  house |    The  Municipal Council of the Cor
poratlon ot tue City oi Ne>v Westminster having by Resolution dete:mined
and  specified  that it  is  desirable lo
��� carry out the l'olowing works, that is
;io say:
(a)   To  pave    Front    sireet    from
e��� ,o ju,:, their fortunes InAtner- | JfSSg MS-FSB "r ��a
Board of Health Department.
The Board of Health Department is
about to start a campaign for the
cleaning up of all bacK yards aud vacant lots in the city, aud the hearty
���jo-operation of the citizens in general
is asked iti this regard.
A clean city is one of the best ad3
we can  have, ancl we  feel sure that
the citiy.ens appreciate this to tlie fullest extent.      The burning up    of��all
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away
of ashes and other refuse, and a thorough cleaning up will go a long way
towards giving us a elty beautiful.
S.  .  PEARCE,
Health Inspector.
f:40���Vancouver via B- C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
(daily except Sunday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
15:16���United States via G. N. R.     *
(dally except Sundav 1..1 (!:()(
11:40���All points east   and   Europe    (dally)    8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (dally) 13:15
11:40���Sapperton   and    Fraser
Mills      (daily     except
Suuday)  8:15
18:10���Sapperton   and    Fraser
mills      (daily     eicent
Sunday)     -. 14:00
11:40���Coquitlam      (dally    except  Sunday)   .... 8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.15
14:00���East Burnaby (dally except  Sunday   14:30
10:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:3f
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon.
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally   except   Sunday) .13:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday) 13:30
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F.. is.held every Monday night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon anJ
Eighth street. Visiting "bretheru
cordially Invited. H. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; R. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
UbS M. UKUTEiN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work ��� taken.
Phone 416. Rear of Major and
Ravage's ofiice. Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers-
at-law, solicitors, etc. Offices, Rooma
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address' "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
*        i
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone C9. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
solicitor and notary, C10 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
or \
v, here I iiiiii boarded for a number of
years till she could learn what her
in : s> permanent pinna would he.
:': irtly I efuiv ti.-e tenaln if-on <>r tbe
voyage the little Swiss nirl confided
to  i_:e  (hut  she  nud  the  Swede  hud
In. It seemed very quick work lo
me. nml I nsUed her if she thought she
t-or.ld trust him on such short acquaintance, whereupon she declared
that She would US soon distrust the
Aniri'i Gabriel.
The night before we reached the
duck Bertha told me Cult she bail cou-
fideil to young Jacobs.in that she had
n lot of laije sewed oa to her clothes
that she proposed to smuggle through.
I gasped for breath, but. knowing It
would be useless to say anything, held
my peace. The next Qiutuing Bertha
went ashore with me. Jacobson going
before. While we were standing over
our baggage waiting fur an examination 1 uotlccd blm talking with au inspector and looking toward us. Then
the customs man came to us und told
Bertha to come with him. I went. too.
and she was taken to n room wbere a
woman examined her clothing and exposed tbe smuggled lace.
Of course It was confiscated. When
wo were through with (he matter aud
drove uptown I told liertha that ber
lover hnd Informed upon her. Contrary to what I expected, she believed me
and wus heartbroken, but neither of
us could understand why he bad done
��o, I strove to comfort tbe girl und
rend her u lecture nt the same time,
idling her thut the world was full of
sharpers nnd their most prolific field
wan women. For the future she must
trust no one except after a long acquaintance, and even then It was dangerous.
Wi- had arrived early In the morning,
but owing tu Bertha's trouble did not
reach my boarding house till Inte lu tbe
afternoon, when Beriha went directly
to her room to weep. In the evening
1 was told that u young man wished
to see me in the parlor, and 1 went
tbere to Uud Jacobson.
"I wish to make un explanation to
you." he said, "and I will trnst you not
to give me nway. Before leaving Sweden I put all tbc money I had lb diamonds und smuggled them through the
Mistoin bouse In my hair. Seeing nn
inspector looking at the greut growth
on my head suspiciously, to divert his
attention 1 directed It to your ropin-
niute. telling him that she was a smuggler and that I would claim a reward
for my Information. I knew the diamonds on me were worth ten times the
lace on her. I have come to make this
explanation nnd assure her that my
diamonds nro bers ns well as mine.
Wlll you kindly se<> her mid make my
iipnlqglps to her."
One of the plensniiti'sl duties I have
evpr pprformed wns carrying this message to Hip nobbing girl. They are now
�� happy married couple wilh a number
ol 'lalidreij.
width of l'J teet; lay water maius,
gutters, lnsta! electric stieet lighting
system, and any otber works contingent thereto.
(b) To construct sanitary and
storm cewers fiom Lot 1 to Lot 15,
City Block seven- (7)
And that the said works shall be
caried out in acocrdanca with the
provisions of the "Local improvement
General By-law 1909."
And the City Engineer and the City
Assessor having reported to the Council in acordance with the provisions
of the said by-law upon .the said
works, giving statements , showing
the amounts to be chargeable agalnsl
the various portions of real property
to be benefited by the said work*
and other particulars, and the said
reports of the said City Engineer and
City Assessor having beea adopted
by tbe Council.
Notice ls hereby given that the sal 1
reports are open for inspection to tba
office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
agalflst the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged ln respect of such works representing at
least one-half ln value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
days from the date of the first publication of this notice, the Council
will proceed with the proposed improvements under such terms and
conditions as to payment of the cost
of such Improvements as the Council
may by By-law In that behalf regulate and determine and also to make
the said assessment.
Dated this twentieth day of March
A. D. 1912.
City Cle"��.
Date of first publication twenty-first
day of March A. D. 1912.
Vancouver,   Piper's    Sld-
lug     via     -j,     N.     it.
(dally except Sunday)..14:21
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via  G.   N.   R.   (daily  except   Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thurs-
Quy. Friday aud hat-
day 14:00
11:20���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
7:40���Burnaby  Lake  (daily except Sunday   16:0(
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas.
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally except Suuday)   23:00
6:16���Crescent, White Uock and
Blaine     i daily     except
Sunday)   9:41
5:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
M.-.HO 0\,\\lVw��oVt.      IHton.      Si*.
UtamiB, Mdertsro-**, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Mutray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. R. (daily except Sunday)     9
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Fridav        9:
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
11:20���Abbotsford.    Huntingdon,
via  B.  C.  E. R.   (dally
except Sunday) 17:30
15:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm ...23:00
MARTIN���Barristers ard Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver offices, Williams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E.
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets in the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each month; ([uar-
terly meeting on the third Friday of
i Fehruary. May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of Fehruary. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any, monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
���s.. ����� ��a��*
***.-**.  OKI^^^H	
M. 8. A.
Phone  661. Box
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough  Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Eta
Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
fit and workmanship guar-
Special low rut<"s to all Eastern
points will be on sale commencing
May 2; good to return up to October
31. < These rates can he used for passengers going to the Old Country.
For particulars and reservations
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.     Barn Phone 137
Seqble 8treet.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Westminster Junk Company
Will give you a square   deal   on all
Junk, and highest price.
207 and 208 Front Street.
Phone R 619.
B.C. Const Service
New additional,:steamer to Prinoe'
Rupert, Goose. Bay and other points
leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p.m.   Additional April 8 and 19.
i,    For   Victoria.     j'
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight....,...Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m .lialiy except Sunday
For  Seattle.
10 a.m. ahd 11 p.m. Dally.
Chilliwack from Westminster 8 a.m.
Monday, Wednesday and'Friday.
Agent, New Westminster.
,   H. W. BRODIE,
G. P. A.. Vancouver
Tel. 761.
D. McAulay
Cor. 6th and Columbia
Or H. W
New Westminster
Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
SH to 25 H. P.
S and 4 Cycle.
Local Agsnta
Westminster Iron Works
Tenth  St.. New
tj   ��TR\   |	
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prlcos. Spring
Goods just arrived. first-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnls St., City. j
______m__m*Ma**U*^f**St''m' PAGE EIGHT
i i "I'tfjfl
MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1912.
lA1*     HI*-
The local police had little work to
db'on isauiiday and yesteiday, o ie
lone druii!; occupyii.g, t..e csi s at the
i Ice .cream   on;
next tiam oijice.
hand     Ira A. Rei J,
l'hone till).       ��*
:��� i-ieoe
Solid and Guaranteed by
B. &;!*1.  FISH
Fresli Salmon  2 lbs. ioi 25*:
Fresh Ct* thaTo- whole), per lh. 8o
Fresh Halibut (ha f or whole), lj.. .8c
Salt Salmonbralljea. per lb too
Salt LafcraWr mot ting, 'per d :'....50c
Larue ttpliblts, each   353
Dill Pi/il/^ftj??4pz 25c
Phone 301
.The Local Council of Womeii will
hold t.ieir lnoiit.u.. meeting in the OUit
Fello.vs' hall on Tuesday 'evening,
Apiil 0. '
Eighth street Baliety',-fresh crump
ets daily.   A. Hardman, JJhoiic LUU...
A May Queen meeting will he held
in the board of trade room on Wednesday night. '1 he different committees
will report to the, meeting.
Fresh cut flowers and Easter plants
for   Bale,   corner   Sixth    and   Agnes
Says Professor Callis, Swimming  Expert���Campaign Starts Today
and Lasts a Week.
professor C. A. Callis, the noted iir-
tcrnutionat Y. M. C. A., bwililmlrtg   in
ior//who will couaujt a   *eei<s
at the    local    association's
staiting this morning, ar-
Vancouvcr   yesterday. An
rlvfc'u Lom
balmlng.   Physiologists   tell   us thai
the hody changes every four or flve
years.    To a cei tain extent they are
correct, hut lf we close our eyes we
can see very clearly ten, twenty jeais
I ago.   We who live in the prjsint d.iy,"
j ne said, "ought to have less d.tficu.ty
| in solving ths mysteries of tie Bible,"-
The next three Sur.dayB, the rfter-
I noon class at the Y. M. C. A. wil. ba
Iln   charge   of   young   men from ths
different churches who will give ehon
addresses.    The  young  men of    tne
Baptist  church   wiil   have   chaige  o.
the service next Sunday.
tf ��� ""*   ������
IIOMiiiam, April 7.���Bcc;.usa cl lz3ns
of Uoi|iiiam organized   special police,
537 Fix��itf;S*.
gtioke method, which he states
picked up ta two lessons while the oU
breast stroke system requires full)
en lessons, and In the ' European
schools takes a year before tne pupil*
are ln any way proficient
,Vi    0u,0,   w.-..    ~     -���      -       ,    "The art of swimming is not hard
streets,    Davles    and    Son.      Phone       maater if tHc pupil Is fortunate to
807 **      come    under    the    proper    system,
Mlss Luclle Elson has been appoint-1 gtated  p)0fessbr Callis to  the  Dil.1.1
manageress of the Great Northern , .       yesterday.   "The breast stroke,
She was former- r hlch la being taught by most swim-
"'   "*"'" mini? instructors is bui   a hindrance
6    '      '"���-   aid  to  the  work  of
^^^"^Se'nex^vela^Pm-iwenL heavily armed to the Hoq,lam
r,8or^T&t ?he A��straliai irawl Lmher & Shingle Mill where . they
les'?T li   H   whIrh he states can ba  took 250 strikers, placed them In bax
ei manageres
Telegraph company
TO    ^)iriA'flE;.Y.OUR    CHILDREN
WHEN?   *H^*:'vNOT   SHOW   HIM
Mted W. McLeod
ly stationed at'Clevolund, Ohio.
St. Patrick's hall, Wednesday, April
10, at 8:30, vlolln-vccal recital hy Mr,
Holroyd Paull and .MIes Hcf.ie Frank
Iln. At the piino, Mr. C. W. Open
shaw. Tickets $1.00 nt F.ank Major's
music store. **
If you want tickets for the "White
Sister," which plays here Tuesday
night, ring up Tidy, the florist, 47
Sixth street, and have them reserved
for you.    Phone L184. ���?
Staff Captain Crichton,   Vnncouver,
conducted  the Eastertide services  in
'��� the Salvation Army citadel yesterday,
I preaching   appropriate   sermons     to
large congregations.
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, can he consulted daily from 9:30
to V2 and 1 to 0 tor later by oppoint-
ment), at room 2, Collister Biock.
Phone 1121. **
Very heavy trafTh was experkne"!
on the interurban lines yesterd iy, although the Inclement weather of ilia
moi ning kept a gcol number Indoors.
Train No. 7. coming in from C.I II-
wack last evening, .was crowded by
peqple who had heen taking in the
signts of the Fraser valley.
Holroyd Paull, the celebrate.l violin
virtuoso from the Salle de la Grande
Harmonic concerts, Brussels, who will
appear in St. Patrick's Hall next Wednesday, is described b.v tbe critic of
the Petit Bleu, as being, "Always
musical, refined and lull of temperament." �����
Mr. F. C. Cook, general manager of
the People's Trust com] any. returned
on Saturday from a several days' visit
Ito   VaiYCOUv<ar   lal&md.   -where  \\\n   com
pamy      lm   ov��i\ln��
one ot    Vlctoila
t-WO    Tfce-W     liV:ilVill;H
and    tYw    otYier
cars in pfepat alion to ship them out
of the city, and because the HoqUiam
Commercial Club several weeks ago
refused to hear a committee fiom the
Trades and-Labor Council on-'labor
troubles, Mayor Harry Ferguson late
last night delivered a bitter denunciation, of the actions of both organizations before the Trade3 and L-bar
Council. >   ��� ���
He made a plea for organized labor,
telling the union men to get their
wives and sisters interested, siyiug
they are concerned and "don't lei.
them he crushed."
Ferguson termed the action of an
armed hody of men unnecessary and
said that they had made a fa'liro of
the matter. He said they had usu:p
ed his authority and that frcm now on
he was going to be mayor and rut
his police force.
The Meaning of a Name
means everything thikt is choicest in fine tea.
"SALADA" means the worlds best tea-"hill-
grown Ceylon"���with all the exquisite freshness
and flavor retained by the sealed lead packages.
Burnaby Home
Full 66 Ft. Lot Cleared
Good six roomed house, chicken house and    run,    near Twelfth
Etreet, at city boundary,
$1800, Small Cash Payment.   See
Who will conduct Y. M. C. A. swim
ming campaign this week.
*.a. ltea'cUlng' everyone to .wlm. It IB muet
at \ tc
657 Columbia St.,
Phone   62. New   Westminster.
Photo .Supplies
Toronto Parks
The Best
Curtis Drug Store
m .oin
Hev. G. A. Hay. of Holy Trinity
cathedral, received the sad news of
the death of his father on Friday. Mr.
Xeil A. Ray was for many years a
practising barrister in Ontario, and
but recently letired to live in Parry
Sound.    He was seventy years old.
Tonight tbe Sunday school scholars
of the Salvation Army will give a
juvenile demonstration in the citadel
which will include, hesides singing
and leeitntions, a display of dumbbell
exercises, tambourine drill and flag
drill. There will also be the prize
distribution to ihe successful pupils
ior proficiency and attendance. Captain Maclean, Lieutenant Held and
Supeilnteudent Dunlop hope lo see u
large atte.id.ince of friends present.
"White Sis'er" Appeals to Every Cried
and Class���Strong Company.
No play that has been presented In
'.ate years has been so universally
I raL-ed and endorsed by the press an 1
public of this country as Viola Allen's
latest success "The White Slater," lu
wliich the gifted actress Jeanne Tow-
tasier ior me to taue Uoiu ot a Doy o.
man wbu naB previously liuU no instruction or has not attempted io
master the art, than to cnange thu
jiuiili from the hi cast stioke to tue
crawl, A very lew learn the breas.
ttroiic graceiuily, but my greatest objection to it Is uui ii uiteify dsstroyB
a swimmers prospects of learning tne
scizzors Kick, which biings Into pia)
every muscle of the body and yet is
more lestfuJ to the whole.
'"lhe original Austiali.in crawi
stroke is that ol swimming with tne
arms oniy. Now, however, the legs
are tise-J, giving the swimmer i.i-
cieased po*er as well as speeJ.
"Starting out from iNew York a
little over a year ayi, I have given les
sons in the principal cities in t.ie
South coming round to California and
up the coast to Hritish Columbia. Very
lew cities have swimming tanks except in the Y. M. U. A. buildings. 1
firmly bejleve that every city of any
size should devote some money towards establishing tanks where everyone would be able to leatn to swim.
"No person has the right to lie ln a
canoe who cannot swim and swim
well," declared Professor Callis. "The
soldiers of the French
armies are taught   to
Brooklyn Men Make Valuable Discoveries���Many Difficulties.
New York, April 7.���Valuable bl>
loglcal and geological d.scavtrl s
were achieved hy several Brooklyn
men who accompanied the rcsea.c.
e.xvedition sent by the class of 18iK>
of Amherst to Patagonia last sum
mer, to investigate tne geclagy an.
paleontology or that leglan. Among
the discoveries wus a veritable g-av--
yard of piehistoric anlma.s, in one ot
which it is believed a mammoth ancestor of the elephant, the Hist oi thj
sort to be uneauhed, has b:e:i lound.
lhe expedition Jias In ought b.^ck to
the college museum a valable ollcc
tion of new specimens.
One of the many theories held In r>
gatd to Patagonia was that animal3
ancestral iu form to those of No: t.i
America and Europe at on3 Line 11-
hablted that country. The data
brought buck by thc Aniher-t exp. d-
tlon, it is believed, will throw wimble light on that question.
The expedition was in c'.iargo of
Prof. Frederic B. Loomis. Amang
the other memheis were Waldo S.uim
way, who Is now a member of tlie biJi
logical department at Amhirat, anl
Philip S. Turner. The fjuith man wa.
William Stein, of St. Joseph, Wyo.
Turner was the official   photographer
of the L^ai-ty, and succeccle.l In ob.aln-
liiB sonic 1(6 exctlltnt ph^tci; apli.i 1 -
ldStratlng the expedition.
The expedition left Ntw York carly
in July, just after the close cf tlle
college, and sailed direct for lit.enjs
A.>res. After a long voyage the parly
reached tne proline? of Oflubut, ma
disembarked ut Puerto .Mad yii. Here
me men put chased hones for the ialand journey. Soon they set out Ir.jm
irelew to cioss the pampas.
"For several weeks we obt.iinjd
very few specimens, and our hp.s b>
,;an to falter," said Professor Loomii.
"Late In October we found a h u.T
rich in fossil shells and shark's teeth.
A most valuable flnd w.s tn os.r.c i
nest, containing seventeen eggs, eac.i
equal to eight hen's eggs. We savjd
the shelU for our Amherst museum.
"Toward November, as we neired
Port Visser, we discovered an ex e i-
sive fossil forest. The abundanc- of
petrified logs was amazing. Huge
logs, some as thick as four feet
through, were heaped un in carel iss
piles. (t looked like a greit woo:'-
tlirough  which a cyclone
>ust  i assed
The members of the evped tion pro
ceeded up the Chlco river, whore thev
had learned there was
rivers with their clothes done up In a
carrie I    dry    on    their
aad   Carman Iof petrified hones
swim    across I      .
ere thev
Heli d: posit
Phor* 48:  L. D. 71;
New 'Westmlnater.
Res   72.
B    C.
We Have Everything In
Shaving Nacessitie
Your drueriRf will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cue any
case of Itching. Wind Weeding or
Protruding Piles In G to 14 days.   Mie
Miss Cave-Browne-Cav*
L. R. A. M.        A.  R. C. M.
Member of  the  Incorporated  Society
of Musicians  (Kngland).
tSuccessor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,
| Counterpoint    and    Musical
  _.   ���*.**. have not the time to devote      por terms, etc., apply   51    Dufferin
tbe flrst cut tain and keep9 Increasing  to the open classes. I Street, New Westminster. Phono K411
until the final fall of the las'.    It is a |  -������. ���' ' ' ~~... ��� I
 i-i���     r._.. TALK8   ON   "MYSTERIES."
Ier   and a strong supporting company I bundle and
T esihTnYi;.,"1 ThaS l^Tti   ��" hcads and flh��"'<^. Everyone shoul,,
saM.,  -The  White  s^ rr"   V !"'J k'",W U0W t0 8ttim f,,r three '<**>":
etirv oatholloihoni. i ?  P'''y U   ,8   a   ��|,lendid   ��erolse,   ludged
I       i    ? '�� "" " ll set'' from ,h�� Etandi��o,nt tf pfcyilolcgj* re-
'   iionolo ,��� >Ve'ly rTlU"n ,hat KlllU��-"'   '��   imp-oied   health      I      im-
I   to   Hip   f,? I   It "ft??*  "'"'  Bnl��ylP��rt�� scl.-re.lancc and cou.   ge   Wh    .
siiinen.   wis   -cho?'      ',"iS   '.ir '"-"'���o'����oleuie���,si,ia,���a:,'sH,a:acter
<f Ms!   Yuri! ��� y  ""; '""<'8 'ncreaslng his power both    for   good
oMheVh2SBl?lM' aml '" f"Ct ����' <#&! -ll;   and  flnaily. 'it K
"Th- ivi, ,   c        .' l,rov�� a means of saving life "
its life   s^ essenUaM   T,Wlr!8:an,1"U'     Tht' "r8t  Cl��8s   *��'  i��*Zs*4 tbh
its title Is essentlallj  ror unm-uncnt   morning at 10:3(1 o'clock.   Those Who
It ls a human sto.y of   tie  have signet curds wishing '
'tm1. llV' n8?'8 m!iy be resetvei"aT
!ph"    '", "orlstB-   *l   Sixth   itreet.
t Phone L 18-).
Rev. J. C. Bowell  Speaks   to
Men at Y. M. C. A.
"Great is the mystety,"    was    the
subject taken by Hev. j. C. Bowell ai
Y. 'M. C. A. yefcterday af ernooa
Brusca, Razors, strops, AfteT-
shaveVCreartns, powders, eet.
����e our window displav
���-frU-'   ""
r*   r1 ��� ^
Dlspeh*����9 Chemists, Etc.
Degur^rtwtir.-441 -(VMuinbla Hi
: I!,N��*! m*atnlna_t ,C C,
of    Assessors    Decided    c
Vlctoria^T" Crh,U,,ted' , 'Tha ?8* acCor(il"s to~the"speaVer
.���--       1 '     P      ' ~lh3 ,l0ird ��- as"   wns fu" ot mysteries.    In  th<T earv
tcssors to tass upon the ooops | |ve ty$, when the   heathea   wo shffi
I aus for the   new provincial   t.n.v.r-  wooden idols, they   were   it     eaH
llty bull lngs will consi t o." th. mini,-  wo,shipping    myitcries     which
,mt,1/,'UCa v��n:. the chl,c '("'0f the Priests themselves wore nb
uuherslty. who Is to he appointed by solve,
con voc-tion; the president of te tin - "There 13 a gieat  mystery  In   thn
ir8'^Lwhoi3 ,0 "e VWlnttil by tha me cf chrut/' said Mr Bowell.   "We
Bought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
able   to
government; two members of the
Prltisu Columbia Archlteo s' Association, to be chosen from aaiong thos:
net competing; and Mr. A. G. C.iroe
of London. England, if he It wi! l'g ti
act. It U understood ihat th: n une- o
Mr. Caroe was submitted-to. the
vlncial an l.ll"cts' fS'OClFtO
dr.red to be cmlti n ly sa isT
" n 1 de-
must be careful of what, ttrnis we
ure and keep alert to he3r whit terms
etliors use. Todar ws are comme.r.or-
iit.'ng the mystery of the d a h of Hie
Sniour. The transfoi mat.'on of n
11 lng body by n living God is i n >th?r
mystery. The Egyptians, wiio bcllivp;
In tiie Lart tJay. trird to ke ;��� 'h'
bo'lc? from beccuili 3 ciniri: by cm
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and  Heal  K.ttate Agent.
421^CoItinn.io St.
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window  Displayj
Official Time Inspector'for C. P. R. ana B. C. Electric Railway.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr. Vice-Preaidett. Sec. t nd Troas.
=====   LUMBER  CO, LTD.	
Manufacturers   and   Wholes*!', dealers In
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce Lumber
Phones No. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Moulding*, Etc.
New Westminster
to Chilliwack
Return Trip
To provide a cheap and enjoyable
er-curalon for residents of the Royal
City over the Blaster holllays a special rate or a fare and a thi:d for the
round trip Is offered from N'ew Westminster to all points on thc Praser
Valley division of the company's lines.
This reduction lowers the round"
tiip rate from New Westminster to-
Chilliwack to $2.45.
Reduced rale tickets may be secured from Friday until Monday, gooti
to return on Tuesday.
Trains leave B. C. E. R. Co. depot at
9:30 a. m.. 1:20 and 0:10 p. ni. for
Chilliwack;  4:05 for Huntingdon.
We have for sale in Langley one and a half miles from the electric-
tram depot, postofflce and store, 10 acres of excellent clay loairn fruit.
soil, high and dry ,wlth gentle slope, overlooking Langley Prairie,
for $100 per acre. I
In order to close up un estate we are enabled to o.Ter this land  at,
the abovo price In a ldgj|fr where land is selling at $150   per  acre
and up.    This i.s an uaQpal opportunity, and is a good   speculation,
though we prefer to sell to on actual,settler.   Very reasonable terma
can be arranged.'
Established   1891,   Incorporated  1905.
F.J. HartS Co., Ltd.
^^^^^^      New Westminster ^^^^^^^^
Head Office, New Westminster.     Branches at Vancouver    Viotorls,..
Chilliwack and Alderprove. B.C.
On The Market


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