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The New Westminster News Dec 21, 1912

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 ' *.*
Advance West ^ ��?
The electorate har v ,�� .tl every
progressive measiy ����� ��� !ltted to
it this year. No v S* ��* ne city is
growing. ^r ^    ���.'
.���      '���?
VOLUME 7,".   JMBER 245
Weather Today.
ttmater aai tower raaintaod:
Light to moderate winds, generally
(air,  stationary ar lower temperature.
************* ��� in������ aim
In Spite of Evident Opposition from Unions in Vancouver.
Workers   Object   to   Saturdsy   Night
Closing of Banks���Recent Appointment Honors Council.
Lengthy discussion over the advisability uf placing a barber shop on
the unfair list, deciding to urge local
workmen to establish local unions affiliated with the central labor body
Instead of maintaining Jhelr allegiance to the Vancouver unions to which
so many union men employed here
belong, and grateful recognition of tbv
honor conferred upon Its president by
the provincial government In appointing him on the commission on Labor,
and opposition to Saturday night closing of banks, occupied the attention of
the Trades and Labor Council at Its
regular meeting last evening.
President McLaughlin of the Barbers' union, brought up the matter pf
a city barber shop, saying that the
union card had been removed and the
shop was unfair because it does nol
employ a union journeyman barber
but has only an apprentice, and it is
against the rules of all unions to grant
a card to any shop that does not employ a union man In good standing.
Promising Boycott.
After considerable discussion, the
matter was referred to the grievance
committee to report, and If that body
Is unable to square the shop It ls a
foregone conclusion that It will be
formally boycotted at the next meeting of the Trades and Labor Councll
That the Vancouver unions all alon;;
the line are opposed to the organiza
tlon of localR in this city was brought
out by a letter read by President R.
A. Stoney relatlviy to the organization
of a tailor's union here. It was decided to Instruct the delegates of the
B. C. Federation of Labor convention
in Victoria next month to present the
matter to that body with the object of
obtaining lta sanction of the organization of a looal union here.
Councll sl  Honored.
Westminster Solicitor Chosen to Represent  Canadian   Interests   Involved In Northwest.
In an Insurance merger pf such magnitude that it Involves several million
dollars capital and practically every
company ln the Pacific northwest, Mr.
Adam S. Johnston, solicitor of this city,
nas been signally honored by being
selected to look after the interests ot
the Canadian companies.
The negotiations are being conduct
ed in SeatUe and yesterday Mr. John
ston, In answer to an urgent telephone-
call, left for tbe Sound City to attend a conference of the principals
of the various companies.
It is declared that when the merger
is completed one of the leading financial and insurance men of Seattle will
be president of the combined interests
and a number of prominent Canadian
citizens will be on the directors' board
North Burnaby, Dec. 2.���Councillor
I). C. McGregor was unanimously en
dorsed for the reeveship at a meeting
of the North Burnaby ratepayers held
In the Vancouver Heights school last
Everyone was In favor of working
hard for the election of Mr. McGregor
and no other name was mentioned at
being in the race.
Councillor Macdonald was again en
dorsed and from all acocunts will have
no opposition.
JuSt whether Councillor FauVel will
be elected by acclamation remains in
abeyance as yet but it is understood
Ihat a flsht wlll be made In ward five
before the campaign Is over.
Delegate Hogg oroujhi up ,1k
matter of Resident Sloheys appointment to tbe Labor Commission and
oosldered it an honor conferred upon
tho council, which appeared to be thi
view of thc other speakers, who deprecated the rather slurring attitude
of the B. C. Federatlonlst In reference thereto.
It was derided to protest against the
proposed closing of the ssvings banks
on Saturday night after the clearing
bouse Is established, and the aid of
the city council, board of trade and
Progressive association will be sought
to prevent this, as lt was held to be
a h��rdnhlp upon the workers.
All the unions reported work as being plentiful.
Ons Each for Appellate, Supreme snd
County Courts���Assize for Fort
Chief  Justice  Wlll   Hoar  Application
for Writ of Habeas Corpus on
Jan. 7.
Tuesday, the seventh of January,
will probably settle whether Charlea
Dean, tbe alleged robber of the Bank
of Montreal, must remain ln jail or
Mr. Adam S. Johnson, tbe prison
ers solicitor, has Just been granted an
order calling upon tbe attorney general and the governor of the provincial
jail In this city to show cause why the
prisoner should not be discharged.
This formality precedes application
for a writ of habeas corput which
Mr. Johnston is endeavoring to secure.
The hearing of the application has
been set for Jan. 7 ln Victoria before
the chief justice of the province.
The order calling upon the government authorities to show cause wby
Dean should not be released was
granted ln the supreme court Thurs
day by Chief Justice Hunter.
Along Tchatalja Lines���Ambassadors Accept Albanian Autonomy.
���'       ������* J.;
From Old Country to Men
Wto Are Now Setled
Down Here.   ,
Board of Trade Considers Scheme-
Westminster at Boston���Hat Factory���Luncheon..
Dominick Slclllano, a Syrian, was
brought before His Honor Jndge
Howay ln county court yesterday on a
charge of attempted murder against
one of his countrymen at Yale Friday
evening of last week.
He elected for speedy trial.
This Is the outcome of a street flj?ht
fn which a. *a*or and revolver played
havoc with ttfo Austrians.
���mtl-i Lt l_G li    ���
New York,,iDec. ,20.���His Majesty
King Oeorge.V. of Oreat Britain, was
elected an honorary member of tha
'New York Yacht Club at the meeting
of tbe club tonight.
Dallas B. Pratt waa chosen commodore, succeeding Mr. C. D. Blair.
More than one hundred prises won
by the club this year were on exhibition tonight. The committee on measurements reported that It wlll submit a report-to tb* club early next
Vancouver, Dec 20.���Attorney-gen-
, eral W. J. Bowser announced at the
jaunual banquet of thu Vancouver Bar
I Association last evening that it was
proposed to appoint three more judges
| This, It waa explained, is on account
of the vast increase in court work dur-
fhg the last three or four years.
The appointments as outlined will
probably consist of one "appellate court
judge, one supreme court judge anj
one county court judge. The suprem.)
and county court judges, will, lt is
expected, be 'assigned to Vancouver.
There are now three resident supreme
court judges in Vancouver and the
new appointment wtll make a fourth.
Amendments to the various acta
will be made at the coming session of
the legislature and tht appointment-
by the federal government will then
follow. The federal minister of jus
tice It Is stated Is ih accord with the
appointing of a new appelate court
judge and will Introduce the necessary
legislation at an early date.
Among other announcements mad)
by the attorney-general was that -an
[assize court would shortly be established at Fort Oeorge.
Cheated C. Pa R. EnfplOyees.
Moose f Jaw, flask., Dec. 20.���Six-
Identification slips totalling almost
$500 with which C.P.R. employees secure their pay checks have been forged by ono of the local employees and
were presented to the pay offlc On
Dec. 15 for payment. Six slips were
obtained and two or three of the slips
cashed In Calgary.
London, Dec. 20.���The slow and nervous process of diplomacy Is advancing at a snail's pace toward a solution of the near eastern problem.
The only definite achievement of
the day was au agreement by the ambassadors of the six great powers that
tbeir governments would accept lu
principle autonomy for Albania and a
guarantee to Servia of a commercial
port on the Adriatic. Having passed
this milestone In their deliberations
the ambasadoiial conferees adjournua
over Christmas.
Mansion Mouse LuncHeort.
The Balkan peace delegates enjoyed
Wtth a view to Interesting tbe business men of the eity In the Imperial
Home Reunion Association, wbich has
for its object the assisting of tbe families of deserving settlers to the country, Mr. W. A. Blair, secretary of the
Vancouver board of trade, and Mr. J.
J. Foster, of the general passenger
department ot tha Canadian Pacific
railroad, waited upon the' board ol
trade at its meatlng last night.
Mr. Blair declared that the work ol
the Home Reunion Association  was
an Important one from humanitarian,
Imperial and business standpoints.
Four Hundred Already
Outlining the objects 'of the organ!
zation he stated that lt was primarily
tor the purpose of advancing money
to married settlers of 'abstemious
character but ot moderate means on
condition that it be used for bringing
out their wives and families Four
hundred families had bee"n brought to
Vancouver in this fashion since tht
organization of the. branch of the as
sociation  there seven months ago.
Assistance to the amount ot, $21,227
had been given, $10,000 ot which ha
already been refunded to the officers
The branch had been swamped by ap
plications, a good number of which
had come from th* Westminster dls
trict. In advocating the establishment
of a local branch It was, stated that H
was only necessary for a number ol
citizens to guarantee a certain amount
and then raise the money through the
bank. .       ,
Wlll Investigate.
Mr. Foster explained that the C.P.R.
allowed agents' commission tor each
passenger brought, out by the union.
Commlttes 8tsadlly Working to Link
ud Fraser Mills and Coquitlam
With City.
Negotiations are proceeding apace
in regard to the proposed 100 foot
roadway running from New Westminster to Coquitlam, and which will be a
continuation of Front and Columbia
At tbe present time, states Mayor
Lee, the Fraser Mills Company and
other large owners of tracts are being
approached and the committee ln
charge cf the matter ire meeting with
much success as far as they have
The mayor ls enthusiastic about the
new thoroughfare as he claims it wil'
mean a treat thing tor tbe city, as tt
wlll connect lt with the large territory of Fraser Mills and Coquitlam.
Wben completed lt will open up a
large area of valuable industrial sites
besides laying open a roadway'which
oould be used by the B.C.E.R. or any
other traction company which wants
to connect the city with Port Moody
and Coquitlam.
Stride Endorsed  for Ward
One���Municipal   Candidates Speak.
Police Stats Ambulance Was Too Full
to Take Doctor Aldhg After Burnaby Accident.
A verdict of accidental death laying
no blame on anyone was brought in
by the Jury yesterday at the InqueBt
upon tbe body of Angus MacKenzie
who was killed on 'thuraday morning
by the falling of an electric light pole
In East Burnaby.
A rider was also Inserted to thc et
feet that the sergeant of police of Neu
Westminster exceeded his doty when
he refused to allow Dr. Walker of Ed
monds to ride to the hospital in tin
police ambulance.
The local police do not take kindly
to the rider added by the jury as they
Btate it was just an act of kindness
that tbe ambulance was sent out lm
mediately word was received of the ac
cident. Although tn Burnaby terri
tory the telephone message did not
state so wben first received.
The reason Dr. Walker was not al
lowed to ride ln the ambulance, state
the police, was because of the vehicle
being full. MacKenzie and Crasser
being in the car, with one of the line
men, besides the sergeant of police
and the patrol driver.
Although little more will likely be
heard of the matter they believe that
had the facts been known to the jury
tho rider would have been omitted.
Proposed Immovable Structure Over Safmnf River
Is Objected to.
Progressive Association Urges
Lighting of Government,
Over Fraaer.
The   attention  of  the	
authorities will be oiled by the Progressive Aaaociatioa to the proposals-
of the C.N.P. to erect an immovable
bridge over the Salmon river at a.
point near Langley.
In the opinion of the executive of
the association, which met last evening, care should be taken in the erection of this bridge to preserve thts
navigability ot the r*v��r. At ptaa ���
ent there Is a road bridge over its
waters, whieh has had to be removed.
four times ln the laat two ;
Have  Already  Applied.
The stream ia navigable by
pile drivers and other marine i
ery and smalt launches find ready access to Its waters.
It was reported at the meeting; that
the C.N.P. authorities have already
applied to the goveitament for permission to erect fhe bridge of the-
stationary type. Considering that
such a structure would be an Impediment to both the agricultural and commercial Interests of the district* the
Progressive Association decided tr��
call the attention ot the government
to this matter.
Edmonds, Dec. 20.���The days when
Abe Lincoln and Douglas took tin
platform and debated the pros and
cons of slavery ln tbe sixties were
brought to lite again this evening be
Is Set at $7500���Charge of Attempted
Before His Honor Judge Howay yesterday morning in county court, Mr
Adam S. Johnston appeared for William Brownlee, who was committed The assocIat,on doe8 Bot necmKuQr
for tria a few weeks a*o charged with th    ^^    of      w        ����
attempted  murder upon  Andrew Ga   mieyea that ,t BholUd &, otheV thai*
brlel  and asked for bail to be set for  the ,mm0TaWB BtyIe.
his client. Historical 8tream.
Mr. W. F. Hansford   appearing for      T���e  SaJmon  river  �� |taeJf h(w fe
tho crown, asked that bail be set at  hUtory that [s ^^ ,ndTO(I    Manr
$10,000 owing  to the  serious  nature
of the charge.
His honor set the ball at $7500 so
that Gabriel will be liberated witv
fore the Edmonds district Ratepayers', ... .    ta        . _     ,     ...
Association, when ex-Councillor Stride  the next tew days lf he can raise the
, criticized one of  the candidates for amount. ...    v_ .���,���,���.,_
Though the board acknowledged the the reeveship In refusing to enter Into     Gabriel, the man who ^aa aenoujuy
objects ot the association were high   joint debates on the publlc platform.  Injured In the melee, will tte Pi^ea
years hack, so It was declared at the-
meeting, the flrst wheat ever exported!
from B. C. .was brought down tata
river by the Hudson Bay compaay tor-
the trade with Russia, while an old
fort on the river marks the scene ot
former operations of the company.
Towards   securing   better  HgMing-
ly commendable the concensus of opln      jjr. stride said the people wanted  under bonds in the event ot Brownlee I ot the ^^ 6alj of ^ j^u^,. hmt
ton was that the matter should be in-  to know what each man stood for and  obtaining his release. i bridge   Mr.  Thomas Qlfford.  ��J��J��_
vestigated   b**rra*m��    aoOon._ was \\i one was speaking la -one -pptti Pt MtB\     .        _���������-, ������ mill In' iniTiiil In hmihu Iba Mail Islam
municipality and another ln a tar away \ ��� . ���^.���^BBB.   M AM# 1 cf the provincial government.
taken. " Accordingly Aldermen Curtis
the hospitality ot the lord mayor ot and White and MessrB. Sberrltt, Rich
London at a Mansion House luncheon  ardson and Kennedy were appointed
Municipal Bank. '
Edmonton, Alta., Dec. 20.���The proposal has been before a committee of
the cltv councll that a mnniclpit bunk
established upon tlie New Znaland
plan, shsll bs undertaken by the elty.
One dollar! tt ttat tte measure ul
the Chrletniaa foaling IB New West
mlnsterT At any rate that Is all the
reply that haa bean received to the
appeal for funda to give tho sick children and sick grownups in the Royal
Columbian Hoapltal a happy Christmas which appeared in those columns
The Woman'a Auxiliary ia sotting
up tho collation. Laat ye*r they go
together quite a reaaohable aum anu
iny one who witoaaaad the delightful
scene at tho hospital In the evening
when patlenta and nurssa fathered n
the hall, ln bed and out of bed, to
see the Chrlstmaa tto* �����!�����* ������"
not avoid contributing wera It but a
wldow'e mite to ttalunda thia year
There la not much P������u��� " ��
rule In a public ward of *��*}*
nothing but pain **-*���*Z����*
a, sickening succasalon ot wttann*
The greateat Internal oouwras woo
will be the next ��W*��t * ����� ���
nearest one and what w�� ba the mat-
ter with him and har. But one*> a yaar
there comes a gtaditt "roaa this S*A
lite- and ramamhtf ��>����� of tha **
tients spend many months on end here
that gleam U Christmas.
However, even that solitary gleam
may be missing If the heart of tho out
side publlc is not touched, if the men
and women of New Westminster ar?
careless and pass hy on the othe?
slda. '
AU that ia asked ls that they alt
down at their desk tor a moment and
address an envelope to Tbe News, en
closing a dollar or two, that ls all-
Just a moment's thought and a moment's action.     . i       *.-'���*
Do It now, and It Is done and someone ls made happy at a season of the
year whan all should be happy. Put
tt oft and It will never be done and
there wlll be misery and gloom where
there should bs light, laughter and
quiet happiness.
, It Is tn the hands of each ot yon to
bring a ray of gladness Into the public
wards of your hospital this Christmas
tide. Will you throw the chance
awav, saying, "I care for no one but
Think ot lt���One day's almsgiving���
One Dollar. ,
tyat traditionally Ib given In honor ot
members  of foreign  missions,  representatives of friendly navies and for
mer presidents of republics who visit
London.   The delegation beard an op
timistlc  speech  by  Premier  Asquith
The delegates transacted no formal
business today but the embassies and
hotels whore the delegates are quar
tered  are buzzing wltb Informal conferences.   The sublime porte has empowered  Its envoys    to    Include Uie
flroek delegation in their negotiations
for peace and a messenger with the
documents containing this decision Is
expected to reach Ixindon tomorrow.
Dispatches from Constantinople say
the Turks are confident they occupy a
better  military   position   toward   the
Greeks than when    the    negotiations
were  begun and  that    Turkey    now
"���ould   not   e'en   an   armistice   with
them eve i lf the Oreeks requested it.
Qu atlon of Adrlanople. .
The  Tn.klsh  delegates  have  been
Instructed, according  to another report, to raise Immediately the question of-the status of* the Adrlanople
garrison  and If  Bulgaria persists  in
demanding Its surrender to break off
the- pence negotiations, but diplomats
generally are skeptical of this story
While the agreement of the ambassadors ot the powers on autonomy for
Albania   Is  an   Important  step,   the
working out of the details of the plan
wlll be one of the msat difficult problems a European conference has ever
grappled with.
Hupe Cost of War.
The Economist notified financiers
ind Investors to expect in the comlne
vear loans totalling $400,000,000 to repair the losses caused bv the war and
tho mobilization ln Russia, Austria
and Italy.
The newsfti"er estimates the cost of
���he wnr at f1TR.000.000 using as arbs
sis of reckoning th�� fact that there
i**p 1.000 000 men under arms^���400 00��
Turks, 300 ono Bulgsrlshs, 200.000 Servians, 150.000 Oreeks and 40.00ft-
Vonteneirrtns��� st at average expense
of ten shillings dally a man.
Dislike Remarks of Premier and So
"'���   Close All Exchanges.
Rome, Dec. 20.���The stock brokers
throughout Italy are on atrike. All
'he exchanges are closed, no quotation lists are Issued' and stock ex
change business Is at a standstill.
This unprecedented strike ls due tb
Premier Glolettl's uncomplimentary
remarks about the stock brokers at
yesterday's sitting of the chamber,
when a law was passed Increa?
Ing a stock broker's bonds to $20,000.
The Premier today refused - to re
tract anything he had aald, and the
strike continues.
I>. I i '        .^mm.m^
Dakota In Grio of Blizzard.
Orand Forks, N. D, Dec. 20.���A blli-
juu-d la sweeping North Daktoa tonight
wtth the wind blowing a 54-mlle gale.
More than a foot ot anow has fallen
since noon. Railway traffic has not
as yat been severely crippled.
Irish. Plsya'ra Kn Route
London, Dsa. JQ:���Lady Gregory's
Irish players are passengers on the
steamship Majeitle, which sailed from
Queenstown today for New Tork. The
players will make a second tour of
America. HJ^
a  committee   to  consider  the  establishment of a local branch.
Mr. J. B. Kennedy represented the
board at the Fifth International Con
gress of the Chamber of Commerce at
Boston during September and gave a
very Interesting account of the pro
ceedings tbere.
Honor to  Westminster.
He declared that he had brought sie
nai honors to Westminster by being
the  oldest  representative  of   British i
Columbia ln attendance.   He had been j
Introduced to President Taft who had
extended him a cordial welcome.
The calendar reform question had
come up at the congress, he stated,
but was referred to a special committee which will confer with tho
heads of the various religious bodies
regarding It. Mr. Kennedy was given
a very hearty vote of thanks for his
excellent report.
Mr. H. A. Harmon, representing the
hat manufacturing concern which proposes to establish a factory here asked for the co-operation of the board
in its efforts to provide Westminster
with another Industry. He believed
that hats could be made mucb cheaper
In this province than what It would
cost to Import them from Britain or
the United States. A site on Fourth
avenue was ln view tor the factory, he
district, they could not very well follow what was going on.
These  remarks   were   brought  out
after Messrs. B. G. Walker and D. C.
Patterson, two avowed candidates for
the reeveship had explained that they
had not come prepared to make any
Never Say Ole.
Mr. Alec. Macpherson who has been
endorsed for ward Two made a breezy
speech outlining his platform, saying
that so far as^utting on hla slippers, 1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 In event of being defeated and sitting ____
by the fireside went, tbere was nothing    doing.    He would camp- on  the      Plana for a new three storey block
trail ot tbe successful one.   One defeat  to be erected at the corner of Sixth
would not deter him. and   Carnarvon  streets  oil   the   pro-
He upheld the regime of Reeve perty formerly owned by Dr. Hail are
Weart stating that Burnaby had been now nearing completion by.. Messrs.
brought from a common place to one [Gardner and Mercer and tenders will
On    Former    Hall     Prcperty���Plans
���    Nearly Ready���Ask Tenders In
Two Weeks.
Needs More t-tgbts-
II was considered that an improve'
ment in the facilities waa urgently
needed from the aouth of the draw to
the Surrey shore. The question of
| lighting the approach to the bridjge
on the Surrey side will also be taken
up wtth Mr. Gifford.
At tlie present Ome only ihe draw
- ar i the Westminster end of the brf��fg����
i 'i lighted while the remaining: portion
I is in complete darkness which fa eoo-
I "idered   to  be  a  certain  menace to
It was reported that a total of JTO
had been received oy to date fn premises and oash toward the specter
campaign fund tor publicity
Seek New Lightship.
The department ot marine at Victoria gave notificttion that It was
seeking to replace the old Sandbeada
lightship.' In tha Interim of securing
thts craft It was stated a white gas
and whistling buoy will he placed In
the posltlou of the lightship.
Secretary Wade, speaking of Information he had secured oa behalf nt
boards ln the valley, stated that tho
postofflce authorities were prepared
to provide postal car aervlce to serve
tbe district between Westminster and
Chilliwack aa soon aa the B. C. E. R.
wera In a position to supply a car.
The entertainment committee was
instructed to complete arrangements
for a luncheon to be held h> the Russell hotel on the evening of Jan. 23.
Great Financier Saya Sueh a Monp-
Porta and Drop Neutrality
Washington, Dec. 20.���Occupation
of a portion of Mexico by Unltad
States troops within a month unless
President Madero at once accedes to
a new ultimatum sent by President
Taft. Is admitted today to be more
than a possibility by state department officials.
The department admits tbat efforts
to reach a friendly adjustment of tha
outrages against American ottiiena
and .Amertcaa-owiied property In Max-
loo have tailed, and both President
Taft and Secretary Knox recognise
tha time for action baa coma. .
Madero'a reply to President Taft'l
demand for^redwsa, reeived here Deo,
of the leading municipalities In the
province. He was In favor ot day labor gangs as much as possible and
was against skimping wagea If the
men were worth IL
Ex-counclllor E. B. Stride was unanl-
mousely endorsed for Ward One and
the veteran of nine years on the council board took the platform.
An Old Time Warrior.
He thought he knew a little of the
municipality, having been on the council since incorporation, less six montha
until he was defeated in January, 1912.
He favored the progressive policy
which ls now being carried out As
long aa the people got good value for
their money, Burnaby must certainty
forge ahead, hs aald.
A delegation from North Burjiaby
were present but no action was taken
on endorsing any candidate for the
reeveship. Tbe chair was occupied by
the president Mr. W. 8eymour.
Saskatoon, Sask., Dec. 20.���George
McCraney, M. P. for Saskatoon,
who has Just returned from Ottawa,
predicts that there will be an election
at the ahd of the present session on
the navy question.
He states that many Conservative
believe la tha Laurier policy and believes that tha Liberals will again
carry the country with a substantial
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Deo. 20.���
The steamer Mathews passed down at
S o'clock today. Thia la the Ust boat
through St. Mary'a River. The ice-
breaking tugs accompanied her down
through tha Ice, and upon thetr return prepared to lay up for the winter.
Tho season of navigation this year
~ five daya later than laat year.
The weather appears favorable for
tte Strathcona, which leaves tor Port
Arthur tomorrow.
Jaw Commits Sulolde.
Lethbrldga, Alta., Dec. 20.���Despondent because ho had a note for a
luca aum coming due ln a day or two
Sam Leckara. an Austrian lew aaar-
chant of this city committed, suicide
by hanging himself trom an electric
wire In the home of a friend named
Wyautn late laat nlgbt The tragedy
waa  not discovered until today.
probably be called In aoont two weeks
Six stores' Will be provided on the
ground floor facing on Sixth street,
while the two upper floors will be
made into apartment suites In such
a manner as.they can be converted Jn
to two or three room Biiltes.
Stairways will be built from Sixtli
street and, another entrance made on
Carnarvon street.
According to Mr. Gardner, this
building will be one of the most modern ln the olty and several Innovations
will be brought Into use.
Pressed brick will be used through
out wltb a terra cotta front.. The
rooms upstairs will be fitted with hot
and cold water while either gas or
electricity will be used for heating
Although only Intended aa a three
storey - building the plana are being
made so as to allow another storey
to be added when the time comes.
Edmonton, Dee. 20.���Raymond <tfX-
brecht, a laborer employed an themea s
storey building ef tbe Northern te- -
vestment company, fell a distance at *
100 feet down the elevator shaft fftte
afternoon and waa not seriously hart.
The most remarkable feature of Us a
escape Is that bo struck on his haadn -
and feet tn a wheal barrow fillod i**itp .*
mortar and hrtotaa.
Athabaaca Landing, Sask.. Dec SSl
���Yesterday two brothers named B��
nie eacb wtth a aleight load of
for tho Peace river country,
through the Ice an tke Athftbaac _
four miles below  Mirror Landtegv
They lost the entire mall, outfit amSt
horses. The uorthens rivers are aa-
safe owing to the mild weather. Today the temperature la Jeal below aero.
While the city council of Vancouver
is dickering withslhe. Canadian. North
ern officials In regard fo False creak
flats, tbe New. Westminster authorities are not allowing-tho grass to grow
under their feet In the matter of wha-.
route the railway company will tak-
between POrt Matin ahd Vancouver.
, lt Is now practically, assured that,
the rails will be laid through tho citj
and the negotiationa which have been
carried on by tba mayor and barbor
committee during the past two dayk
leads to tho belief tbat a bridge will
bo built near Tenth atreet, connecting
with Lulu Ialand.
A spur track will be built from the
bridge to the present alto of tba Royal
City Mills, which was purchased by
tho C.N.R. during tho summer, and
thia ground will later be used as thr
freight yards for New Westminster
During the paat few daya the company haa had ona of lta officials looking oevr the grounds but the actual
survey baa yet to ba started.
"It Is a little unfortunate," stated
tba mayor yeaterday afternoon, "that
tbo original plan cannot be plaoed In
off aot owing tq,the unfortunate med
dling of certain fndtvMnala. which hia
.made the first acheme practically i���
hibltlve, and we are bow
to   perfect  another         _
with the officials and eagineera of ths
Canadian Northern.
"An Important matter baa been eet-
tled'wlth," continued his worship. -In
that tbe Dominion sovanudent have-
passed as order in cooaoll approvtac
the harbor line. We era now wailtac
tor an extension of grant tn totatStatm
rights which win allow aa to MM
put an additional UT faet late tkw
"The order la ooaneil enable* ���*���>���
city to build out to that potat
out further negotlaHoaa. bat to u_���
any possible coespHcatloaa ta tka Mature we have ayallat tut OriU alien sion to foraabore rlghta.
"These right* caaaot ga toaar-
ono-else exoept to Oa city ttat ttat
grant will absolutely aa
session for ail time to t	
for an time any puaalbla ���   _     ,������
"The work la prograaalaa ttowty PPt
latlsfactorlfy and a large number Pt
the lessees or waterfroatage ara i
Ing themselves pebllc spirited
to advance tke wark we ara
-i.!,,. ���PACE TWO
Classified Advertising
*P RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month, 5.000 worjs, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,  $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
-Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice %1.*0.   Card of Thanks   SOc   per
eels for three days, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Must know the
city. Apply Johnston's shoe store at
once. (000)
everywhere to mail circulars for
large mail order house. $20 weekly for few hours work ln your own
home. Positlpn permanent. Outfit
free. The Consumers' Association.
Windsor, Ont. (291)
! Ho v Submarines Are Safeguarded
tho Irr.erlal Navy. I 	
The  recent terrible disaster to the
British fiiltmnrine B2, which wai cut THt LATE F. C. BOSTOCK HAD AN
| in    tea   liy   the   Hamburg-American EXCITING CAREER,
suite; all complete; large veranaa,
basement and bathroom; one blocx
liner Amerikn. was such that it waa
���! impossible to save the lives of those
who went down with her.
All the newest submarines at pres-
��nt serving in the navy hnve the most
from Twelfth street car,'$16. Phone j ViP-to-date devices for saving the lives
L616,  or  call  at 1321   Eighth  Ave-   of 'heir ere\73 in rase of disaster, devices r-hich gunnl against everything
except Iieing cut clenn in two.
Take the periscope, for example.
The periscope is practically the submarine's ey-'.    In the   early   type of
room, with stove. Apply 701 Agnes
street. (295;
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (2S8)
Sunbury, for $10 per month. Apply
Box 304,  New  Westminster,  B.  C.
housekeeping rooms. Also one furnished.   815 AgneB St. (260)
ence for housework and cooking.
Apply  evenings at 320  Royal  ave
one. (315)
on farms by two young men used
to horses.   Box 307, News Office.
with $G��0; no experience required;
net earnings $300 per month. To
take full charge in Westminster.
Address Box 303 News office.
to work on large ranch close to city.
Apply by letter only to 720 Royal
avenue. New Westminster.        (286)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for twr
or three year terra, singly or en blee
Apply to Manager the News.
England's Most Famous Trainer of
Wild Beast* Came oi a Whole Family Engaged In the Meragerie Business���Stsrted at Fifteen at-Work
In the Cage and Survived Unheard
of Adventures.
F\mous as an animal trainer and
periscopes allow the officer in com-!*"*** ,~n\dea'h ln ^counters with
mand to see in any direction. When ����VW beasts, has succumbed to i lithe old periscope "was in use a ship Jffl�� SMSg^SL ��!..J.^A^
mieht come up on the 1 und side and 8
sink the unfortunste submarine with-
more than $1,750,000. An appeal was
issued last April, asking private persons and towns to subscribe toward a
fleet of aeroplanes which were Intended to be presented to the emperor.
Prince Henry, in a statement Issued today, thanks in the warmest
terms all the contributors, and says
that the success of the movement renders it possible to "further aviation effectively for the upbuilding of the industry and well-being of the Fatherland."
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
- Apply  room  9,  Knights of Pythlaf
hall, corner Eighth street and Actief
street. (202)
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
ton, corner Major and Wilson, two
modern five-room houses. Basements, bathroom, electric fixtures.
sidewalk, city water, electric lights,
lots 45x 113 to lane. Price, corner,
*2000; inside, $1900. Only $150
cash for each, balance $25 monthly
or wlll rent for $20 per month short
lease.   Owners, box 567, City. (317)
paid prof, shares ot Title Holding
Co., Ltd; cost $125 each; will sell
at $100 each. Reply W. Lambie.
James   Bay  Hotel,  Victoria,   B.   C.
alow, containing five rooms, bathroom and pantry, modern plumbing.
nl city, two blocks from  Sixth  St.
��n car line. Lot 50x100 fet to lane.
Together with furniture, stoves, fixtures, kitchen utensils, in fact
*rrerythlng necessary for the household. Price $2400; $500 cash, bal-
titicp on easv terms P.O. box 481,
New WoRtmlnster, B.C. (320)
.cushion, cover on Burnaby Lake car
���on the 7th inst. Owner can have
:same by paying expenses. Daily
-Newa. (319)
achool books. Owner can have same
.by paying expenses,  News  Office.
1 hrown water spaniel pup.    Reward
H. V. Wright, Edmonds P. O.   (2871
Tenders wanted for supplyinj
School Desks (single). A sample mus'
be left at the Secretary's office. Tend
ers must be at the Secretary's office
by noon of Friday, December 27.
Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
(277) New Westminster, B.C.
Notice Concerning the Construction of
a Schooner for   the    Hydrographic
Survey Branch of the Department
���of the Naval Service.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed    to
the undersigned, aud endorsed "Tend
era for Schooner," will be received up
to noon on Wednesday, the 15th January. IMS, for the supply to the    Department of the Naval Service of    a
Schooner conforming to the following
1*ngth overall about.98 ft, 6 inch,
i^'iivlli of water line..80 ft.
Deitm    20 ft.
Mean Draft   8 ft.
'. Schooner to ho delivered alongside
Whnrf at li M. C. Dockyard. Esquimalt B.C.    Duplet of the design    and
ayaclfioatlon can he obtained on appli
cation to tha undersigned or to thn
Naval Store Officer at 11. M. C. Dockyard, Esquimau, B.C.
Unauthorized    publication    of    this
noijt-t   w HI rrot lie paid for.
Deputy 'Minister of the Naval Service.
'Departmont of the Navnl Service,
Ottawa, December 9th, 1912.
-32503. (2921
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of nil Kinds,
Prices right.   Sntipfarcon guaranteed,
?9 MeKanzie St.
Four Roomed House
���and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
719. East Burnaby, B.C.
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Kings-
way Paving" will be received by thc
undersigned up till Monday, Dec. 30,
1912, for the complete grading and
paving of Klngsway from Boundary
Avenue to City Limits, New Westmin
ster (approximately 4.21 miles). Separate Lump Sum tenders to be sub
mitted for the following
(1) Grading and contingent work
(2) Paving and contingent worl.
(3) Grading and  paving complete
The   following    specifications    (a)
Grading, etc. (b) Asphaltic Concrete
Paving, (e) General to all pavements
will be furnished by the Corporatioi,
but Contractors or Manufacturers wll)
be permitted to submit' tenders foi
any class of paving on their own spec
ificalions. Further particulars and
plans and specifications may be ob
tninetl at the Engineers Office on anil
after Saturday, 21st inst., on paymenl
of $10.00, whicii sum will be returned
on receipt of a bona-fide tender.
Contractors must furnish a marked
cheque for 5 per cent, of the amount
of their tender made payable to th��
Corporation of Burnaby, which ohequc
will be held until the successful con
tractors hare executed a bond as per
Oeneral Conditions of Contrer-t.   v
The Corporation will not be bound
to accept the lowest or any tender.
The Corporation also reserve the
right to award the Contracts for grad
ing and paving separately or for the
entire works at their discretion
f.tOl) Comptroller.
Edmonds, B. C. Dee. IR, 1S12.
out givins any warning. This actual
ly happened when llie Berwick Castle
liner mn down the Al in March. IIXH.
Kleven officer* and men were drowned
because tliey were unable to see the
dance,- coming. Such an accident as
that couldn't happen with the new
Another sslel; appliance found on
all the newest submarine* is Ihe safety
helmet. This saft-ty helmet i* u��ert
in connection wi'.li the "air lock."
and it llie men on hoard have a few
minutes tn prepare lliey ran he practically certain ot escaping frum a
vesop'l wliich lias been sent to the
The air-lnek consists of i,n nir-ticlit
section built, from the side of the submarine, and in which air is trapped
n, tlle water floods the interior. The
safety helmets (ire hung iii.-itle the
cavity. The air-look is fitted with a
pipe which leads from the cylinders
supplying the submarine with oxyeen.
When anything happens to the little
vessel the men Immediately make tor
the ai'.-lncks and put on tlieir helmets.
Tiieii can they escape by way of the
torpedo hatch. Once Ihey ore tree of
the submarine tlie air in tlieir helmets carries them to the surface. At
(he Enslar Submarine Depot the Admiralty have constructed a hupe tank
where officers and men underHO a
course of training in the ust; ot these
helmet* and air-locks.
Another novel invention brought
forward a year ajo is an explosive
cylinder. When a submarine is disabled ar.d goes ti the bottom it* exact
wherealioiits is often not discovered
till practically all hope of laving her
crew is abandoned. In case of an
.accident it is nf vital Importance that
it should be ki.own as soon as possible.
With lil* explosive cylinder lttlh
���these points are quickly settled. Kach
submarine is lilted with a number nl
"buoynnt explosive bombs, and immediately Hll accident happens two nr
lltree of these bombs are released. At,
the surlace they explode. Fastened
to each cylinder is a buoyant water-
light ball of nn tal painted r?d. uliich
'can easily be si-en nn the surface 'if
thc waves. By an ingenious arrangement colored balls of lire can be
made to shoot ;n tlie air at nivht to
help t"> lix the position ol the sunkeu
at the White City, whose death
took plaoe at his London residence
noi long ago, was lyirn at Darlington,
and was 46 years old. lie was educated at Kelvedon College, E-ex, for the
Church, his father, the well known
showman, Mr. James B^rtock, who
married a daucliter i f tho Wmubwell
family, intending bim to follow that
calling, but young r'rank had other
views. It was tlie lion and lhe lion
cage which attracted him. His lather's
lion-tamer got badly mauled one day,
after roughly treating a lion, and
Frank asked ti be allowed to take Ins
His father refuseii, but next day
found liin lyiung son iu the lion's
cage.   "If you come out ot tliere alive,
Bhe Market'
U~i     v gfejHMte J
Records went begging in the Christmas rush at the city market yesterday. Never before In the history of
that trading place, according to Mr. D.
E. MacKenzie, market clerk, has such
an assemblage of buyers and sellers
taken place and on no previous occasion have the departments been sa
well stocked.
The poultry department was, of
course, the predominating feature.
Here hundreds ot turkeys and
geese, besides the usual arrival of
chickens, hens, ducks and roosters,
gave a foretaste of Christmas.
All classes and variety of people
centered their attention on this end.
The thrifty housewlevs were on hand
10 acres on Main road, al! cleared, planted ln assorted fruits.
Splendid location; 8 roomed cottage: electric lights; barns and
stables; one mile from Hammond Station.
$9500���V3 Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
I'll thrash ynu I" shouted the elder Chinamen were continuously on hand
linstock, but the youngste- got through ��� actively bartering with the equally
his task with such  success, that the  keen vendor for this, that or the other
Ferry, Fraser River.
In accordance with chapter 85, II. S.
anxiously seeking thc substance that | B. C, 1911, "Ferries Aot" the Govern-
would make better part   of a Christmas dinner.
The wholesaler and the ever-present
crate which had found favor ln their
Despite the fact that the arrival of
poultry exceeded that of all previous
occasions, the demand was of such an
excellent nature that prices steadied,
stiffened    and      advanced.      Turkey
Curtis Bleck, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone MS. P. P. Box 777.
Prairie farm for
Burnaby property
Quarter section In Saskatchewan
first class loamy land, good water.
handy to two railways. Price J20 per
acre, which Is 15 below market price
Owner will take Burnaby property
in part payment.
Summerland orchards for city or
rural property. We have two orchards
In Summerland, all cultivated. One or-
orchard In full bearing. Owners wlll
both consider trade for New Westmln
ster. Vancouver or Rural property
Call and see us.
The best 50 acre farm In Cliilliwack
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 acre
whicli Is covered with 30,000 feet o'
standing timber. Large ten roomei'
house, large stables, barns, chlekri
houses, hog pens; $1R.000, $6,000 rasb
Terms for balance. Property Is unen
cumbered and a large loan can b'
raised nn the property.
Would consider trade for city prop
Flre, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile,  Burglary,   Employer's
Liability Insurance.
> Whan   Hens  Lay   Egge.
What time o' day
Does a hen lay?
That question lias pur.xled p^'dtry-
ianciots lor unnumbered decades, nut
.now, it seems, it lias been saiietai-tur-
ily solved by a woman. Site is Mrs.
Sarah Erickson, <���! Falconer. 1-.uk.
Having kept chickens lor thirty-seven
.years, she bei.eves she qualifies as an
expert in tbis line of effort.
"I have worked out tbe problem,'
she declares, "lly using marked ieg-
bands, trap-nests, and alarm clocks
���'attached to the nests I have determined that a hen lays an egg at the
some hour, minute, snd second that
she was born���or, rather, hatched
For instance, if the hen happened U>
be able to peek ite way through its
shsll at 7.43 a.m., she /ill lay sn
egg at precisely 7.43 a.m. And site
will do this without variation every
time she is inclined to lay. I have
kept close, systematic watch on my
hens for five years, and I hove never
known the rule to fail.'
old man allowed him to continue,
and thus, at the early agi. of between
fifteen and sixteen, yov.ng Bostock
started out with menagerie caravans,
and commenced bis career as a trainer, in wbich for many years he was
known  as  "The  Animal  King."   Of, ,
magnificent physique, standing well ! J',mPed 'rom ul to ,13 cents a pound
over six feet hifch. Mr. Bostock made ! llv,e' V 33 l�� 35 c:eut,s' whlle ducka
a Hne figure in bis gala dress for tl.e I sa 'led over $3 on the dozen
ring, and for many years gave untold! '" striking contrast to the balance
enjoyment to thousands i youngsters I ff "!" m��^\ eef3 ��;>ffert>1d anojher
and adults by his daring and dever i br"k'     Wholesale     hoy   dropped   5
cents  and  corresponil'ng  decline   occurred In the retail prices.
The meat market was exceedingly
well Btocked. A score of hog carcases, varying in weight from 50 to
500 pounds which adorned the stalls
were cleared off early at quoted figures. Other meats, were also in good
supply but suffered no weakening In
price on account of the vigorous purchasing.
The fruit stalls were laden heavv.
all the stock being of excellent quality. The buying was consistent
throughout the day and few boxe9
were left at the close.
Other departments found business
correspondingly active the greatest
call for their goods coming from
ChristmaB purchasers.
Ipples, per box 75c to $1.00
fears, per box  75c
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Reels, per sack $100
Carrots, per sack   75.-
Tnrnips, per sack COr
Potatoes, per ton  $13 to $14
Vegetables, Retail
COAL MINING rights of the Domin-
lon ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the   Yukon   Territory,   tho
Northwest Territories and  in a  nor.
ment ef British Columbia Invite   ap-1 tto. n. ,h. ���^.,���       . "   , �� * ^
- non oi tne province of Brltlah frilmti.
P ications far a oharter tor a ferry to bia. may be leased for a term of twe���
ply on the Kraser River between New I ty-eae years at an annual rental    of
W ��" atsra. Not more than 2.660 acrea
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Bub-Agent of the district
in which ths rights applied for are
situated. m>
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub-
WestminBter, Port Mann, Annacis Island, aud Coquitlam.
Applications will be received by the
Hon. Minister ef Public Works up to
12 o'clock neon af Monday, the 9th
December, 1913.
The charter will cover a period expiring on 31st March, 1914.
ApplloantB shall give a description
feats with wild animals.
of the vessel It is pr.posed to use, tke divisions of sections, and In unsurvoy-
method of operation, and the vessel i ed terrltorr thn tr.M .mJSLt , I,,
must conform in all respects to the re- be Mat out bi thlfnift���� ll8"
quirements of ths "Canada Shipping ! ���U    *** ��PpUcant   him-
Act" and amending Act. mimh  .l,���n..li���n  ���..-��  u
"SSrASS (adults), each.       ! S^^^bS^t'SSlSrS "J
tbi�����*l?r wltb saddle-horse. TtXtJ'^tT' * ^ "��
loaded er unleaded ' "������*<*"J��t��hle coal mined and pay the
Cattle and horses  ner head i r^alt*' t*oreoc.    If the coal mining
She��  per h^d Tigbt* m not b��ln�� ��>Pe���ted such rl
IlogsVpirhaad I turns should b. furnished   at   least
Calves aad celts uader one year old. I *""* * y**r"
per head.
Freight, perishable, per 100 lb.
Freight, unperishablo, per 100 lb.
The Govarniaeat of British Columbia Is not necessarily bound to accept
any application submitted.
Public Works Engineer.
BeparUnsnt et Publle Worke,
Victoria, B.C., 21st November. 1912.
He believed '
The time for receiving applications  ',r-
for charter for a ferry to ply on the  __
5c   Fraser River between New Westmtn-
Tbe lease wlll Include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee wtll be
permitted ta purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary lu tha working of the mlna
at the rate sf $10 an acre.
For fall Information application
should be mads to (he Secretary of
lie Department ct the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication ot
tbls advertisement wlll not  be paid
BHIiards and Pool
li'MKint   and   best   line     of     Pipes
Cigars    and     Smoking     requisite!
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia   St.
Kor   Kxccllence   In   Shaving.   Haircut
ting and Shampooing give the
35   Eighth   St.     David   Boyle,   Prop,
a trial.    Tour skilled  workmen.    Our
System Ol treating the scalp for dandruff anil  fulling hair cannot bo Improved upon.   Try It,
Face MaHsaglng a specialty.
Free  Meals.
Rochester, in Kent, provides a frea
hotel, where p*or visitors are n# only
entitled to a free meal and lodging,
but are giveti fourpenoe when leaving
Over a curious old house in the Higji
street of Rochester appe--s the following inscription: "Richard Wall*,
���Esquire, founded this charity for *n
-pi*,T travelers, who, not being rogues
-or ptoctors, may receive gratis lor mie
night lodging, entertainment, and
���fourpence eaoh."
On three days in the year Norwich
���gives away a meal composed of limttl,
beef, potatoes, groans, aid a jtiu "f
ale.   The recipient" aro expected t-i re-
jwat  a  prayer  Iur tlie  1   i  ol  tbe
,King and liiicen.
�� Appropriate!
'. The unexpected entry nf a rabbit into tlie Ituuliiig lireen Hotel, It iti-
well, was tlie cause fil an exc.ting
rhase. The landlord, ��li" IS the cli.tin.
pion heavyweight wie.-t.er in t'ie
Nurtli nf England, alutiq with tlirw
or four men and two dogr, j uned In
Ihe hunt, but after a chine umler ta
bles ami round *l'.OU ti.e rabbit gi t
away through tbe fmck door It i*
amusing to note that the li'use It
known as "Tlie (lid Rabbll   Imp."
Prlrei for Big Families.
A    few    t'.ny*    ago    Ilia    A uetrnlian
HnUH i'l Rcpresflitat.v-H pawed, without a division, the fecund reading ot a
bill providing �� maternity allowance
in respect, nf an�� child Imrir in Australia. Under lh�� measure mother*
will   receive   a maximum    benefit   uf
$��'>, winch must be  claimed   within
three tnonthl (run tiie birth ot a
A Shrewd Peasant.
A man who has Juat dio ! Ip a lonely cottage at Aberywesyn. near Ure-
oon, always kept a JK lieeman'e helmet
banging on a nail npllpsite ths foot
door to Jrighten tramps.     . .
fleets, per bunch 	
in��kin"dne�� "ratheV'thaii force'ViTl.tie . 0nlon��' ��er ,b 8o i Bler- Port M,anB> Ann��cl�� ���*"<l ��nd : '��'��� <"��� Work,
?���,, in��� r I hf, lion,   tbier"and   Z ' Potatoes, per sack, new 75-   Coquitlam,    l��    extended    up    to    12
training of bis lions, tiger., and other , fe      h        <m    ��� M Saturday,  the 2lBt  day  of
Use Your Phone.
performing  beauts.
Mr.   Bostock   bad  over   1,000  living j Cabbage, per lb 3c
animals   in   bis   various   shows.     He  Turrilps, each  5c
had over  100 circuses, shows, amuse- ! Epea and Butter.
ment parks, theatre', and l'te like st   Eggs, wholesale, per dozen.40c to 45c
wrirk   in   America.   Australia.   Europe. \ Bgg��, retail, per dozen   DOc
and South Africa, and was very proud I Butter, retail, per Ib 40c to 45c
Ol the fact thst lie was connected with j Butter, wholesale, per lb 30e
the Wombwell family, whioh lia.l been | Fish.
in  the  business  from  1805. and  had | Pink Spring Salmon, per Ib 16e
"showed" in the quadrangle at Wind- Whlta Spring Salmon, per lb *���
sor Castle before George IV'.. William  Flounders, per Ib Its
IV.. and Queen Victoria.   It wae Mr.   Bturgees, per Ib Us
Bostoek   who   revolutionised   the   old ' Halibut. ��er lb Its
circus Idea ol  "showing" performing  Steelhead, i��er lb Ite
lions in caravan cages, and he intro- \ Smelts, per lb lis
December, 1912.
The charter will cover a period ofl VVF ft FAM Ci FAfSJ
first years, expiring  on 31st   March, , "._  ,-��-1-^*'^i a-a.s_/-��i^
l81g/        ���      f      .                       ��ri.u, LADIES' WORK OUR 8PECIALTY.
J. E. GRIFFITH,      128 Clarkson Street. Phona 490.
Public Works Knglneer.  ���������  ��� m
Department   of   Publlc   Works,   Victoria,   B. C,   3rd   December,   1912.
Empress Approves Deposition.
Pawn, Dec. 20.���In an Interview
with a Huddlst prelate the empress
dowager of China declared that the,
establishment of the republic of China
marked the beginning of a bright
epoch for all tho people of the country.
duced the modem idea of large iron
rails being placed all round the arena,
in which the performing animals can
be seen to far greater advantage than
nnder the old system.
At one time in his earlier days Mr.
Bostock used to perform with 28 limn
at one time in a "cage" of tbis de-
seriptien. The "joy whr*1" was an-
other of his inventions, and scenic
railwsys and similar aide shows owed
many of their mprovemenle and spec
tacular features to his mind. Hi*
first "jungle show" wss started at
the great Chieago World's Fair, and
scored an instant suoeess. He also.
when the Paris Hippodrome had
fallen on evil times, lock the enormous bull-In.u' over, and i|inekly
in-.iie it a pio*i>eri us v uture. t'uney
Is.r.nd s ' 'Dreamland" was .uitlier rf
his shiiws, and lie was interested in
the  I.una   P-irfcr nf  I'aris and  'lerlin.
Mr llosUn-k paid particular nticn-
tim. to tno iv!-..ration nf anthropoid
apes, und wil* the sh uni.in Who III-
ti-.d'ired Consul I., tlie liinlily-ttain
ed chin panzee. Mr. Bostock had many
��-capes imni death, nml was severa
umrs Injured while pi'rftriiiiiig with
.inns, tigers, and other wild nninial.-
On une occasion in Kansas lie was
pinned d"Wii by a lion, and was only
r.sciicd by ii In ly tinner firing a blank
cartridge near the beait'l car. Unci',
wlnie the shiiw was at Birmingham,
au <Dgry lion jumped down a mnn-
bole, it ii-I kept t l.irur number n| men
and some dugs at hay for a lung tune.
Subsequently IWtock went down the
dangerous hole, and in Ihe end Ihe
ilo.i wns isssoeil, nud driven throng i
the strerts on a cart.
At thn Paris Hippodrome Uta grea'
trainer nearly lust llis life in an ei.
oounter With the enormous lion Wn.
lace, whicii seized litnt in the hai k
and mauled lni'.' badly, causing hun
lo be incapacitated (or i.nny week-
The lale Mr. linstock was always will
ing to talk about his savage pet-
"Many   people   think   we   feed   the
anim.ils  nn  anything," lie snid  uiicf,
"As a matter of (act   the fmvl ���  r-     ,-
ol   the   best,    line,   loo,   must   HllVljll
be careful lliat. the temperature id lhe
food ami water > ubout th" snme as
the body; otherwise the stomach Isl
affected, and the animal will be 111 lor
weeks in consequence"
Mr. Unstuck --anl it cost bim sl
least $30,000 a year for doctoring his
King's Hotel Pool R��i
A. ��. ���EATON, Proprietor.
D. McAulay
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rlk roasts Ue to Its
Reef, lets Us to Ite
Beef, reusd steak  21s
Bolllsg beer Ite te 14a
Veal  Its to 36s
Pork   12c to 131,4c
Sugar enred bacon  Me
Muttes  12c to Ms
Dressed Chleken. per b 26s
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large  ��c te Its
Veal, small   14c to 14'/ic
Beef, front quarter  9\4e to 10s
Reef, hind quarter 1 lc. ta 12a
Sprlsg lamb  lie
Mutton   llo to 12He
Pork     13c to 13M,--:
Hens, Binnll, per dot |6 te $S
Hens, large, per dor. tt to $11' who do not receiv*   The Newe before
Chlekens. per doz }4 te ��6.60  g a.m. should
Broilers, per do/. $3 te $4
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
The meet eeasiertaele -rooms la the
city.   Het aad eeld water aad steam
radiator la eaeh.   Bar and flrst class
eats run ia connection.
Best Pool Tablee ln tbe city.   Fine i THM. WITHVMAN, Prap.
line of Cigars and Tobacco.   Sporting ' Cor. Front and ���egble St.   Phene IM
evente bulletined.
Tel. 711.
Cer. Ith and Colombia
Phene RM4        ��      ��1t Hamilton St
Chimney tweeplnfl,
Cavetreugh Cleaning,
S**sar tenneetlng,
���eMpeele. Mptle Tank*. Etc
Bens, live, per lh.
("Dickens, live, per lb	
Ducks, per dozen   	
nne'ts. liv��, per lb	
Turkeys, live, per lb	
Turkeys, dressed, per lb.
l"c to He
19c to 2lo
.Ito te '.'Sc and make complaint. Only In thle way
.33c to 35o may an efficient delivery be main-
.39c to 40c   tained.
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
4�� Lome Stroet, New Weetmlnster.
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
Fund Being Raised to Buy Present for
German Kaiser.
Tlerlln, Dec. 20.-���Prince Henry ot
Prussia, ns projector of the fund of
the National Aviation Fund, announces that the fund haa reached
We Will Show You How!
If you have Ideas���If you can think���we wlll show you the secrets of this fascinating new jrofeeelon.
Positively no experience or literary  excellence  necessary.    No  flowery language" la wanted. t
The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturer* are jjmovlng heaven
nnd earth" In their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever Increasing demand. They are of-
fcrrlnn; $100 and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas.
Wo have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, KS3A-
photoplays to them.    We want morce writers nnd we'll gladly teachh you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays wrlten by people wbo "never before wrote a line fer publication.
Pnrhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only ore good Idea eyery week, and will
write it out as directed by us, and lt sells for only $25, a low figure,
Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Write now and learn Just what thla new profession may mean for you
and your future.
1*943 Broadway
..*,*'* SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 21, 1912.
An Always Welcome
Gift for the Home is a
Bissell Gacpet Sweeper
$3.25,   $3.50 or $4.00
This Great Home Store Provides for All
A New Westminster product and owned by New Westminster people, it furnishes hundreds of homes andjbrings comfort and happiness to the entire family by the wonderful assortments provided in its numerous departments, especially for Christmas giving Its
delivery system (1 big 2 1-2 ton auto and two big wagons) has been strengthened by the addition of several express rigs, thereby insuring the delivery of all parcels in time, and yet each customer can help materially by taking with them all small parcels.
You can Bave at least one-quarter
by buying now, as our special prices
prevail until Christmas.
Brass Beds now at $17.50, $21.50,
$25, $30, $35, $40 and $50.
20 new cases of Lamps have been
opened this week, just ln time for
Christmas demands. To say they are
beauties would be stating lt mild. We
urge you to see them and let you say.
Prices are marked for quick sales at
$5, $8, $10, $15, $20, and $25 complete.
We have full assortments now of
the labor-saving electric home necessities.
Chafing Dishes, Toasters, Ovens,
Water Heaters and Irons, $4.50, $5,
$6, $8 and $10.
Bookcases, Secretaries, Easy Chairs,
Pictures, Rugs. Our second floor pro-
vlds easy ehooslng. Don't forget mother's easy chair this year. Our prices
will attract you.
Couches, SofaB, Divans, Davenports,
they all add wonderfully to the home
comfort. Our prices this year are so
low you san hardly afford to pass
this season without a new one. We
start aa low as $4.10, $5.50, $6.50,
$8.50, $10, $15, $20, $25, $35, $50, $75,
and $125.
in assorted  boes and single are tho
uewes novelties right from the makers and prices are wondrously cheap.
Assorted boxes each 25c, 50c, 7c5, $1.
Ladles' All Linen Handkerchiefs at
15c, 20c, 25c, 50c, and $1.00
Men's All Linen Handkerchiefs at
15c. 20c, 25c, and SOc
Children's at 6c, 10c, 15c and 20c
We show a large range of dainty
hand embroidered styles for each, 25c,
35c, SOc. to $1.50.
Probably the most satisfactory make
of Kid Gloves to be had. We guarantee every pair.
Prices range at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.
Evening Gloves In white long lengths
at 12-25, $2.50 and $3.00
Good reliable Kid Gloves   for   street
and shopping wear at  $1.00
With beautiful handles of pearl,
gold, silver and gun metal, put
up ln nice boes. A most welcome gift at $4-50, $5.00, $500,
$7.50  snd    $10.00
If you want a trunk or valise
please bear In mind   that   we
give you the largest assortment
to select from.
Trunks at $4.00,    $5.00,    $7 50.
$10.00 and to $30.00
Newest     styles      of      fitted
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Solid Leather Valises at $6, $7,
$8, $10 and $15.00.
Buy your wife a sewing machine for Christmas. This wonderful Goodrich mahchine sold regularly at $40.00. Our Christmas
Bpeclal price, only $35.00
Says he will give away to just
1000 "Kiddos"
a sack of the
Delicious Chocolates
that are made at the new Chocolate Factory Just started
ln our city, if each "kiddie" will meet him at hls booth
Saturday   forenoon between 9 a. m. and 12 noon.
Mr. Marb, the maker, says he will do his best to
make the best to please every little "klddo," so don't
oversleep on Saturday.
Is the Uvest and most up to date in
the city. See the beautiful new Ties
at 60c, 75c, $1.00, and $1.50.
All sorts Of Evening Ties, Fine
Hosiery, Dressing Gowns, Swell Umbrellas and the biggest variety of fitted Travellers' Valises to be found in
the city, and prices range at $18, $20
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Regular Valises at $3, $5, $7.50, $10,
and $12.50.
For your Party Gown consult our Dressmaking Dept.
Miss Taylor, manager, 4th
Visit our Picture Gallery on
the Fourth Floor.
In choice woods covered with
beautiful qualities ot silks, velvets,
and solid leathers. Many a bome
will be made more attractive this
year by the addition of sets from
our "Gift Floor." ^
5-plece Suites at $30.00 and $35.00
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Cloaks at a Reduction
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$30 Coats and Suits marked down to   $37.50
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Raincoats and Mackintoshes In every size;  qualities
at $8.50, $12.50, $15.00 and $20.00
A Raincoat would certainly make a very
welcome gift
��� ���  ���
Mlss Hand has Issued Invitations
for a dance On Monday, Dec. 30.
��� a   *
Mrs. C. A. Welsh will not lie "at
home" again until the third Thursday in January.
i   *   *
Mrs. W. D. Reid, of Fifth avenue,
will not receive again until the fourth
Thursday In January.
��� ���   ���
Mrs. W. J. Winter, 510 Third
street, will not receive again until the
third Thursday In January.
��� ���   ���
The man; friends of Mrs. A. James,
who lately underwent an operation at
the Hoyal Columbian Hospital, will bt
glad tu hear that she is doing nicely.
.   .    *.
Mrs. G. E. Corbould has been spending a few days In Yancouver aB tht
guest of Mrs. H. Swinford, Melville
��� ���    ���
Mlss Davidson, of Westholme, B.C.,
arrived in the city on Tuesday, and is
the guest or her brother, Mr. H. R.
Davidson, and Mrs. Davidson, Queen's
��� ���   ���
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Anderson, of
Kamloops and thetr little daughter
Marlon, are spending the Christmas
holidays as guests of Mrs. G. E. Corbould, 11$ Third street.
��� ���   ���
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hardman. Mlss
Hardman, Mlss Mildred Hardman,
Mrs. Etherington and Misses Dong-
las and Gordon Hardman left this
week for California, where they expect to remain for the next six
Mrs. M. M. English, Blackford
street, entertained on Friday afternoon of last week at a very enjoyable
work tea. Among those Invited were
Mrs. Doylc.Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Brydges,
Mrs. G. B. Corbould, Miss Josephine
Martin, Mlss Elenor Marti*. Miss Corbould, Miss Bontor, Mlss Munn and
Miss Marion Martin.
��� ���   ��
A parochial social was held at St
Mary's Parish Hall, Sapperton, on
Thursday night. After a pleasant time
spent In games and carfls a presentation of a gold watch, saitably engraved, vas made to Mr. Reginald A.
Moore, the organist as a token of ap-
nreclation for hls faithful services. A
bouquet of Rowers was also present-;
ed to Mrs. A. G. Moore, bis mother, by
Miss Dorothy Mercer, on behalf of
the Woman'a Auxiliary. Refreshments
were then served.
��� *   ���
Tbe largest social event of the weak
was the "At Home" given on Thuraday afternoon by ars. H. R. Davidson,
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr. Wm. Sedgwick Saunders, Medical Officer of
Health of the City of London, Eng., was good
enough to say that a long and universal experience
has proved a cream of tartar powder the most efficient, safe and economical, making food which could
not he deleterious to the most delicate stomachs
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited.
Queen's avenue.     Assisting   the hostess to receive her guests were Mis*
Davidson i Wes t holme j, and Mra. Gaynor.    i he large hall aud pretty rooms
were filled with pink and white chrysanthemums,       itushton's     orchestra
played   during   the   afternoon.      Tlie
table in the tea-room was centred with
a large bowl of beautiful red   roses,
surrounded by small vases  of violets
and .maiden hair fern. Presiding at the
tea table were Mrs.   Corbould,    Mrs.
Worsfold,  Mrs.  V.  J.   C'ouJ tluuid   and
His. Mallns, who had assisting tliem
Mias Rand, Mlss   Wright, Miss   Cor
bould,  Mlss   Josephine   Martin,  Miss
Shildrick,   $(iss  DeWolf   Smith   and
Mies Nora Jpnatrong.   Tbe toes were
eat by Mrs. Gracey and Mrs. Marcon
assisted by Mlss   Mocre   <T>eteDoro),
Mies Marion Martin and   Mlas   Alma
Lteamy.    Among  those present  were
Mrs.   English, Mrs. Dickenson,   Mrs.
Brydges, Mrs. Potngdestre, Mrs. Doyle
Mrs, d'Easum,  Mra.  Hay. ��rs. J. T.
Armstrong, Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Beatty, Mrs. Cotton, Mrs. JfoMdll, Madame
Gauvreau, Mrs. CorbooM, Mrs. Jamee
Brymner. Mrs. C. B. Lewis, Mrs. Cloverdale   Watson, Mlss   Watson, Mlss
Drew, Mrs. Worsfold, Mrs. 'Charlesoft,
Mrs. McColl, Miss Armstrong, Mrs. M.
M. English, Mrs. Swan, ��ra. Harold
Leamy. Mrs. Coulthard. Mrs. Suther
land. Mrs. Mallns,    Mrs. J. E. Allen
Mrs. Motherwell, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. F
N. Sinclair, Mrs. Gracey, Mri. Haines.
Mrs. Ardagh, Mrs. BaTlocb, Mrs. Pope,
Tdlss Pope  (CharlottetownI.  Mrs. W
G. Macquarrie, Mrs. W. Norman Bole:
Mrs. JohnBton. Mrs. Clute. Mrs. P��ar
son. Mrs. J. S. Clnte. Mrs. Houghton
Mlss Gray, Mrs. Brjgri,  Mrs. Elson
"Mrs. n. A. Allen, Mrs. "Wolfenden, Mrs
OotgMon, Mrs. Marcon.    Mrs.    Hill.
Mrs. Richardson, Mlss Eleanor Martin.
Mlss Laidlaw. Miss Brown. Mlss Oer-
trude Brown, Mlss Ethel Homer.  Mis*
Wright. Mlss Corbould. Mlss   Moore.
Miss Shildrick,   Mlss   DeWolf   8"<'��h
MIbs Jo*��nhlne   MarMn, Wlss   Alma
tmsi**y. Mis.  Nora   Armstong,  Mlss
Rand, Mtss Rickman.
Death ol Princess Whom Some Englishman Wanted .as Thei. Queen.
The ciUit dav then.- died at Smren-
> to. Italy. Princess Ludwig of Bavaria.
j beloved in three kingdoir', mother <-f
, ten    children,    hiusewite.    contented
> woman. With her passing went the
��� hopes,
not entirely abandoned, of
thousands of the subjects of His Majesty,  King George of Oreat Britain. I charitable." Which eiways holding "her.
sue mai coinenie.1  to  ne  me wire oi
| Ludwig  ol  Uavaria;  that  Iter  throne
I wis raised in tlie  nursen  11 her babies,   her   scepter   the   warn inu   fore-
. linger which directed the litt.e princes
| and princesses into the right and sufo
I     The princess  always   was  a  deeply j  _
religious   woman   like  others   of   tba J oFwater an��i some soap woold
royal Austrian family.    If it had ever   it  ���  eweet nnd ciean ^ ^ ^n
been a choice between the church antl   jiuner plate,
the   llrit.-h   scepter,  she  would   havti'
waved the scepter away without a se
cond   thought.    She   slso   was   very
A Porcelain House.
A StafWrd-lue inventor ia ftuiihlnp:
a h ms�� of slieute ot porcriaiu, panelled mid welded un a steel framework,
Tlu- wails, being non-porous, would
l.ot r. um dirt or disease geims. Has
niutU;! im* cureless or dirty the pne-
vi'.u.���   tenant  had   been,   a  intcbatls"
Followers ef Monk Threaten to With
draw With Him From Chur-h.
St. Petersburg, Dec SO.��� * snljt In
the Russian orthodox cinrrch ls
threatened through' the unfrocking of
tho monk, Helelodur, hy the holy
synod. Helelodur caused a strain a
tew days ago bt announcing his withdrawal from the church.
Now his followers, to the numher of
8000 have notified the holy synod of
'heir Intentions to quit the orthodox
ohurch and of suing for $10,000 In
the event of the synod turning the
church of Heleotdnr at Tsarinsyn In
the province ot Saratov, whloh was
built bv the people, Into a conv.ent or
a hospital.
The disciples of Helelodur today
sent a telegram to the Octobrlst memhers of the duma demanding a public trial of Helelodur and denouncing
���he "profanation of the house ot Ood"
bv the pollce when thej' entered the
church at Tsarinsyn.
Died In London.
Winnipeg, Deo. 10.���J. B. O'Connor,
K. C, the well-known lawyer of Winnipeg, died today of peritonitis la
Tendon. Eng., where he waa appearing before the Privy Council,
To Church  In Flsh Cart:
In response to a challenge by tjo-
of   seeing   on   the   Imperial   English I ^"|T with" that "pride wbicli "imSeiXsd I �����>!���*  hsh  carter,   i  Giiiusi.y  conplw
.....    i....    _....._.    .i ...*,.j    ..i |]er ho���me fa the tjeg whjch  l,^und   on a recent 8unday uett his *��"����
her to the Bavarian roval family, she   ae  a  wedding  ooach.    Bride,   brida-
was first of all wife nnd mother. p��.   poom. best man, and bridesmaid, aft-
tient and broad-minded, eyes open to
the world a suffering and -adneas.
throne her whom they hailed as
/'Queen Mary IV. of Oreat Britain
and Ireland."
Princess Ludwig before marriage
rwa* the Archduchess Msrie Tberese
of Austris, d'Este of the formerly
sovereign Modena line. The (act tbat
she was less remotely descended (run
the Stuarts than is King Oeorge V
had been regarded by English legitimists and by the sooalled White Rose
League as prims (seie proof that she
should have been the lawful sovereign
of the British Empire. King George,
they have unceasingly argued, is ouly
descended from a daughter of James I.
These enthusiast* had been bitter
at times and the cause cf emburrass-
bent to the various lu.glisli rulsrt
who sceptered Albimi'i l.nLnues Continued during tV many years nl Princess Ludwig's <iuict Uavaria.. lite, tins
ef tlieir little trick* wiu to place
"Queen Mary" postage .-limps in
English packets and letter., well
knowing that the small stickers represented nothing but guiltiment.
Thes* stamps bore the ef'.jy t.f l*riti-
cess Ludwig, it Louise, as Queen,
and were, perforce, accompanied by i
bona fids etam;; carrying the pictur*
of King George. The latter was unceremoniously treiited ��� liis head was
turned down ky tlie arder.t legitimists,
who doubtless added a sound thump
ot a list -�� they stuck the postei fast.
Another demonstration <A feeling
also csme with the proclaimed reengni.
tion ot Princess Ludwig's eldest son.
Prince Rupert, as the aetual Prince
of Wales. The young prince at various times hss traveled about the
world and necessarily Into Knglund.
Here worshipped slway.i found bim
ont and /gave hl..i publlo acclaim,
which was extrefuely distasteful to
Prlnoesi Ludwig of Bavaria, in her
nineteen'.'i year, was joined In wedlock to Prince Ludwig, oldest sou ut
the' Bavarian regent.    The marriage
Bishop and Ihe Drunkard.
A bishop once rose to address the
r-iuse of Lords. Mild began by saying
he intended to divide hia speech into
twelve heads. Lord Durham there.
ii|s.n fcnt up and begged leave to Inter-
Kmt for s few minutes to tell the
oU"e an anecdote.
He whs returning hnnie. he mid, ���
f'W nights before, and passed St.
Paul's Cathedral ju-t before midnight.
A* lie did si there was a drunken
mau trying to sei' the mil". Just then
the ulnck begun to strike the hour und
slowly tolled nut Iwelve. The drunken
num listened, looked Imrd at. the
clock, tiiitl siiid:
"Hang you. why couldn't you havs
���aid all thut at mice I"
Af.er this nnrrntiou the bishop condensed his remarks.
tired in their wedding garb, dm** ts*
church and back in the opeu
Qodparsnts Wanted.
The need nl the proposed Guild of
Godparents to save innocent children
(rum the burden ol grotesque names
ia revealed by the registers st S.nui-r-
iwt House.. Hundreds ot examples of
this poor form ot parental wit occur
in ths entries (or the past lew yearn:
Noah's Art Smith, Sardine Box, Jolly
Death, Judas Iscsriot Brown, One-too-
mauy Johnson, Not-wanted Smith.
Bovril Simpson, Merry Christina* Fig-
g��tt. Odious Heaton. and Anno Domini Davis sre the names ol children
probably living who will have to bear
them through lite.
The Oat's Toilet.
Oats are noted for the carefulness
ol their toilet.   The lion and the tiger
wssh themselves in exactly tbe same
.  : manner as tbe cat, wetting the dark.
ceremonial wai at Vienna, the date India rubber-like ball ot the forefoot
February SO, IS08.   In the years whie^ and inner toe and passing it over the
followed and up to 1891, when Prin-
oess Gundenilde was boru in Munich,
there came ten little ones to lighten
tbe home of the "last of thj Stuarts."
During these years, too, the English
subscri'.*s to the view that the boose
of Stuart must sway Uie royal scepter
made many representation* tb the
princess, whom they addressed u
r,Qn*en." In innumerable ways thej;
reached hat ear witb tempting suggestion* that she should assert ner kinship to Charles I. and crete from
British subjects the throne which, lhe
enthusiasts said, was rightfully hees.
There is nothing on reoert to indicate
that Princess Ludwig em treated
saeh a communication or messenger
with anything bnt oourtasy.
.. But UMLAdncan mad* u nlaiaibal
face and behind the ears. The foot It
thus at the same time a sponge and s
brush, and the rough tongue comb*
the rest ot the body.
A Possibility.
Jinks���If I bed not married I would
be worth a billion.
Binka���But I am single and penni.
Jinks���Ah, but it you had married
yo�� might have learned to economise.
i mi
Qne Idea.
He���Chepley seems to see to he a
man of one. Idea.
She���H�� is more fortunate titan I
Meredith Was Censorious.
Of Oeorge Meredith's association r
with the publishing tirm of Mrs��OL
Chapnrin and Hall as literary reader."
Mr. Seccomlie says, in the new volaaae
of the "Dictionary ol National Bto-
gr��phy"; "By rejectiug 'Kast LynnsT
it has been estii.cted that he Inst lb*
Hrm a round sum ' money. He aba
declined works by Hugh Conway. Ilia.
Lynn Linton, Mr. lining Oould. Herman Merivale, Cuthbert Bede. 91ep-
niak's 'Underground Russia,' Tfcv
Heavenly Twins,' -.al '.lorne Kmotioaa,
and a Moral.' Samuel Butler's 'Kt**-
wbon' he dismissed w*tb a 'Will ts*B
do,' and Shaw's 'immaturity' with a.
A Bird Sanctuary.
Bird tiiictuarirs are following game-
park. in the development o( a systematic plan (or protecting Uie wM
Britis'u nitturHlists are making a hssA
reaervation nf Hrenn Down, a reasasfc-
sble headland of Somersetshire, winds
is the special home o( the sboldrafe.
peregrine and raven, and Is ale* to-
habited by kingfishers, sparrows^
hawks, daw*, kestrels, ihrikes. Hi
rockpipit* and wheat-ears.
A Record Fer Trevcf.
A Buxton engine driver, ol tbe 1
don & Northwestern Kailway, m	
Robert Garside, has lust ocnpieMI
(orty years' service. He haa tht*****
1.B47.0OO miles, a distance eqwlfe
seventy-! iur times round Uie
For three years he drove the ��_,
from Manchester to London and
��,0f��rB" ,outh ha,f ��' DlMrlct xpt
1362, containing 45 acres, more *w-
less,  Municipality  ot North  Vancouver, ^^
Whereas, proof of loss of Certificate
of   Title   No.   1UMC.  covering   tl.
above mentioned property, Issued ia
toe name of Corporation of Distiict <C
North yancouver, has been filed io
this office, notlco Is hereby gives fi^
I shall at the eipiration of one mS
from date of first publication heme*
Issue a duplicate of said  Certfflcmta
of Title, unless In the meantime ��3E
objection ha mada \o me ln writing.
this 19th day of December A n   lm
(��D District ~
-L L,
SRigBft"****'" PAGE POUH
PabHabod every aaontteg except
otML, by Tbe National Printing and
reMiahing Co., Ltd., at 111041 office.
CS  MeKenxie  Street,  Now   Westmin
���eeteeas Offlco   '
Mdilni    ' Office 	
By carrier $4 par V��". *l tor threfc
tooths   or 4flc per month.
By mall *3 P*r   f**r,   <*   25c   per
Mo letters will be published In th-
Mews except over the writer's slgna-
Care     The editor reserves the  right
pa refuse the publication of any letter.
���Westminster is indebted to Vancou
-*er for the suggestions made lasi
night by the secretary of the board of
trade of that city that there should
lie established here a branch of the
Imperial Home Reunion Association
The scope of thia body ls to stand as
security for funds advanced to men
desirous of bringing out their wives
and families from oversea.
It is not a new idea for at the pres
��nt time twenty-six Canadian cities
lmve followed Winnipeg's lead and
now have associations of this nature,
and by their work, thousands of sterling settlers have been brought out
lo become we trust good Canadians
earlier than Uioy otherwise would
tio ve done.
The money advanced for fares ln
this way has been regularly returned
and to date there is not a single defaulter upon the lists of any cf the u-
aociations.   That speaks for itself.
There have been several men In
this city who have made application
to tbe Vancouver branch for assist
ance. but they have been refused as
<]Uite naturally, the sister city consid
ers she has enough requests to handk
from her own people.
There are prcbably many Westmiu
ater citizens keeping up an establish
ment at their old homes and living an
enforced life of single "blessedness'
bere also. To tbeni the formation of
such an association would be a >erlt
able godsend.
Wc have risen to tho rank of a citj
and consequently must shoulder out
responsibilities. We should nevei
have permitted Westminster men tc.
apply for aid elsewhere, but, with tlie
capable committee which now bas the
matter in hand we feci mire that a
satisfactory solution of this niattei
v.ill  be arrived at.
ent the British Isles are for food and.
raw material upon keeping open ths
ocean trade routes, and how the unity
of the empire Is impossible, without
an adequate navy. The taxpayers of
the United Kingdom alono can no
longer bear the growing burden.
The co-operation cf all parts of the
British empire in providing for the
national defence is walat the duke
calls practical imperialism. He saya
the last few years have beon characteristic by a remarkable growth o
imperialistic feeling. This, he holds,
is not an outgrowth of aristocracy
but of democracy; uot an empty, vainglorious jingo policy, but the highest
and latest incarnation of democratic
nationalism, a conscious manifestation of the solidarity of the race.
The British Empire extends over
11.447,954 square miles. It( la nearly
one hundred times as large as tht
United Kingdom, lt embraces vast
areas situated in a temperate zone,
wllich have room for hundreds of mil
lions of white Bettlers, besides most
valuable tropical colonies and countless Islands. The empire possesscp
nearly all the most importai strategical positions In the wor'd that
dominate all seas. It ls essentially a
maritime empire aud most vulnerablo
from the sea. It possesses one-half
of the world's BhippfiTg. Half the
"orld's trade is carried under its
The empire requires for its security
an imperial fleet and an Imperial
army, paid for out of an imperlal exchequer, and controlled and directed
by an imperial government.���Calgary
���THE     LAST,    LONE     SPARROW.'
Industrial Canada continues to prod
������the Postoffice Department oil tho
.question of a parcels post In an ar
tide in the current issue it says:
"After Jan. 1, 1913, Canada will be
the only civilized country in the
world without parcels post. On the
above date a system will be put ln operation by the United States. Many
.confuse our merchandise rate, by
which we can post packages undei
five pounds weight at the rate of sixteen cents per pound, with parcel:
(mat. The real thing is much bettei
than the merchandise rate.
"The following comparison of post
���age rales on a parcel weighing eleven
pounds shows us how we stand:
From��� Postage
txindon. Eng, to Toronto, Ont. . . $ 73
Paris. France, to Toronto, Ont. .. 87
Berlin,    Germany,    to    Toronto.
Ont..      90
Hamilton, Ont., to Toronto, Ont.. 1.76
This Is not all. In order to sent!
eleven pounds by post from Hamilton
to Tornto it would be necessary tc
break the package up into three small
packages, each weighing less than fivt
"In  the words of one   of Canada'
leading  lawyers:       'This  country    If
���the last, lone sparrow cm the cliini-
ney top.' "
<t la to be hoped the Postmaster
General will pay attention to the pro
testa pouring in from all qmirter-
agaj.tst the continuance of existlnp
conditions. It is well known that Mr
lemieux was favorably considering
the j.rotili m hefore be left  office,
The only hostile Interest of import
���strirr* in ihat of the store keepers In
BTba smaller centres, who believe thai
a irv.id'irn parcels post system woull
increase Qu number tif purchase!
from Ole big city Stores and leave
thr liM-al stores but the dregs of tbo
retail trade.
It is probable Ihat there would lit
wiiti'- Increase along this line, but tht
���country storekeeper also would profil
Hreatly in hia business from the im
proved buying power ol his customers
At present a Iar>;e part of (lie Ultl
mate cost of produce to the consunici
goes to middlemen, who are Beldort
purchnflcrH of goods at country stores
A parcels post system that would
"bring the inducer of dairy product
pym.i poultry 't'i ii'.������ : r'j  wiljl t'i
eoccirr.ci ,;���:..: ;;r��'��:j.> increase [hi
-returns rf msny fare,'"-: ������������ i enllirR'
���thetr Hpomlin��� power. Anything tha'
TwdrnV'S the cost t.i doing buslnes:
���hou Id in (tie long run prove beneficial
to thc community as a whole.
An up-to-date parcels post for Canada Is a necessity. It should ho Inaugurated at once.    Toronto Globe.
The Buke of   Westminster, In   tht
of a current mouth's magazine
up a notable appeal for tlm co
Ion of the BritiBh dominions bothe seas ln providing money for
polnta out how utterly depend-
Somt Petty Squabbles That Have Led
ta Slaughter.
Countries have plunged into the horrors ol war for some very curious and
trivial reasons. Perhaps the most extraordinary of all was the spilling of
a little water. Mrs. Maslmm, the lav-
orite lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne,
was carrying a glass of water to her
royal mistress when she accidentally
collided with the Marquis de Torey,
on whose clothes the water was spilt.
High Words ensued, and" the marquis,
failing to obtain an apology, considered himself and his country insulted.
The brilliant campaigns of the Duke
pf Marlborough ensued.
, On Oct. 17, 1739. England went to
war with Spain mainly owing to pub-
.lie excitement over what liurke after-
Wards described as "the fable of Jen-
ikins' ear." Jenkins was the skipper
of a small trading vessel from Jamaica which was hoarded by the com-
.Oiander of a Spanish coastguard boat,
who, enraged at finding nothing contraband, flew at the English captain,
tore off one of his ears, and flung it in
liis face.
; "Carry it to King George," roared
the irate Spaniard, "and s.y we will
.serve bim the same if wi get ths
chance." Jenkins placed the ear in
a box, whieh he carried home and presented at the liar ol the House of
Commons, relating his adventure, and
adding that at the supremo moment
of torture, "I recommended my soul
to God, and my cause to my country."
Hence the crisis whieh led to the declaration ol war.
A thumb bite precipitated Britain's
war with King Theodore in Abyssinia.
Our consul was practical ly a prisoner
,at his court when Mr. Stern, a British
missionary, called upon the tlu-ky
king. The first mistake msde liy the
Englishman was to seek an audience
immediately alter the Kins,' had dined
too well. The seeemil was his choosing
as interpreters two Incompetent mon
The inefficiency of the latter sn angered tlie monarch Unit he orderetl
thein to he beaten. Mr. .'"lerii, unable
to bear the sight, turned round and
bit his thumb. Now the missionary
was not aware of the fact, but tti bits
tlie thumb is, in Abyssinia, a sign of
defiance and equivalent to a threat of
The king was quick to perceive the
innocent menace, and ordered Iho missionary to he also beaten. l-'r"ni that
sprang the war resulting in the rout
of Theodore's forces and his death by
liis own hand in his ruined city cf
.���'���'::���     .
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Christmas Shopping
"i ft
All Christmas
Goods Attractively
- ((Continued from page one)
The   Word   "Crowd."
Do ynu know how many word* in
the English language mean "crowd" ?
To n foreigner, anxious to master
the language, it was explained that a
crowd of ships is termed a fleet, wliile
a fleet ef sheep is culled a Hnek. Further, a flock of girls h eilled a bevy,
a hevy of wolves is cnlhl a pack, a
pack of thieves is eallt'd a gan_\ ft
gang of angels is called a host, and a
host of porpoises is called a shoal, a
shoal of buffaloes is called a herd, and
a herd ol children is called a troop.
a;;d a troop of partridges is called a
covey, and a covey ol beauties is called a galaxy, and a galaxy i t ruffians
is called a horde, nml a horde dl
rubbish is called a heap, and a heap n|
oxen is called a drove, and a dr. ve
of blackguards is culled a mob, nnd o
mob ol whales is rolled a school, ami
n school of worshippers is cal.od a
congregation, nml a congregation of
- ngiiiecr-i is eal'etl a corps, and a c r;v-
��� f r blurs is called a hand an.l 11
band of Ices is called n swann. .111.1
a Iwarftl ol people is culled a crowd
14,'angered tlie president, and btfore
.iea'iyug    last    night  for  Panama  he I
.tenii^g a curt demand cn fti.iclero ,in
whiemjevere threats wore made.
In ifes  answer  to   President  Taft's'
former,   demand,    Madero    intimated '
that tUe Americana slain b.v Mexicans j
unserved   Iheir  fate;   that  Americans;
would'not be lndemni.ied for proper-
ty .destroyed there, and that the Mexican government practically is unable
o koflp' order In the country.
The crisis  with  Mexico    follows a
long   series  of  d.plomatic   exchanges
ind  tjje latest   ultimatum    makes   It,
pliynpttat- Washington  no longer   intends to temporize witb the  situation.
Unless President  Madero has given a'
^atisfaotory    response    by    the   timeI
President Taft returns from Panama,
the latter will ask congress to authorize the following demands:
first���The dropping of the neutral-1
Ity  bars  between  the   United   States!
tnd Mexico, thus enabling the revolutionists to secure arms In this coun-I
try.    This move, it Is believed, would
encompass the downfaS of Madero.
Second���The seizure of a portion of
Mexican territory and Uie blockading
cf Mexican ports.
The! move against Mexico follows a
series! of conferences between President Taft, Secretary Knox and Henry
h. Wilson, American ambassador to
Mexico. Each agreed that the Ma-
���\i*v,6 government is hopelessly Impotent. I
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The New Furniture Store
Cor.  12th  St. and  Sixth Aee. C. N. EDMONDSON & CO.
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.
Conciliation  board.
Enl*rpri��ing Autlralian Rabbits.
About 45 years ago three pairs ol
enterprising rabbits were introduce)
into Australia, To-day the increase nl
these six immiennts may lie counted
by million*. They became a pest to
the Country. Fort tines linve been spent
to exterminate them. Wire fences
many feet high and thousands ol
miles lung have lieen built to keep out
the invaders.
The rabbin had to fight awful n<l<l��
to live, but they have now outwitted
mull. Tbey have developed a new
titii!���r> long nail by wliich they can
retail' their hob1 nn the fence'while
olhnMnif. '.Villi this same nail they
can burr uv .-ix or > ight inches under
the neltiiif and thus enter the Heidi
thai meiin food nd life to them, 'they
ore now laughing at man. Reserve
power has vitalized for these rabbits
latent possibilities, because tliey did
not tamely accept their condition, but
in their struggle to live learned how
to live.
Saskatoon's First Car.
Saskatoon. Sask., Dec. 20.���The first
car to run on Saskatoon'n street railway was* given a trial today and cov-
ieretl somo distance, but it wlll he sev-
Ieral days before the system Is in op
leratlon, owing to the tracks being
thickly coated with Bnow nnd ice.
Department    cf    Labor    Establishes
Board for Five Mines Affected.
Ottawa, Dec. 20.���The Department
ef fMOr has established a concilia,
tion* lfcard for the metal miners of
Kooteuay District. Mr. Charles R.
Hamilton, K. C, Nelstfi, B. C, has
beep jamed as representative of the
companies, and Mr. .Tohn \V. Bennett
of Penile, n. C��� ha3 been nampd by
the JiDihployees. Some twenty minej
are .' affected, anil originally tliere
were Jive separate applications fbr
llon.'T. W. Crothers felt that aa the
���'tispiite's were all on the same points
t wonj'l he better to have one heard '
to cat^lilish a general basis of settle !
ment. j Through the minister's infill-1
SDUffl j&nlh men and companies agreed [
to 01)0 board.
The ia'-l serious dispute in the Kot-1
���ptiay district wes in 1907 when
1 board established 11 svstem of a sl'd- ,
'ng Bc3^e of wages, which 1111" so fir
���vor'.pd: very satisfactorily The ap-1
ooiiitfts of the men and cmoanlei \
hnvn h��n asked to select a cV.lrman. !
and if .I'x'V fall to nerep the govern-!
int nt \tjll appoint 0 man.
Ncwjnnper'esn   fhrlttrran.
l^ndAn. Dec. 20- -This vpnr for the
rirsl   time no nei'-s"aner o'*lter morn-
inj; "x Ivenlns will be published here
(m Cjjrjftnius Day.
Special Holiday
JAN. 3. (All date3 Inclusive. I
 Trains leave Kew Westminster for Chilliwack daHly at 9:30 a.m.,
1:21) and 6:10 rircv.;   for Huntingdon at 4:05 p.m.
For .detail'Jt'timetables and  further  particular!(concerning  the
special c--      '' '        ' " -   "���' "'--   "   "   *������������������������������ '"���-'���
enrsions enquire at thn ticket office, B. C. Electric Block.
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tt,*** SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1��12.
[BUrnaby and  Sapparton���Moose snd
>    City���Herb Ryall Dons Old
Wsr Pslnt.
Two interesting soccer games wlll
be played In tbe olty tbls afternoon
wben four of the teams comprising tbe
City league will battle ftj��_��Upremacy.
At the present time-the position of
the leaders ls by no means settled and
a win or lose for any team in the up
per division makes all tlie difference.
At Moody Park the City and Moose
will meet at 2:30 o'clock with New-
some handling the whistle.
Herb Ryall will take a chance In the
half back line and the old veteran
firmly believes he can come back.
Burnaby and Sapperton will furnjHh
the excitement at Sapperton park.
The suburbanites sprung a little sur
prise over the Bankers last Saturday
and are hot after the scalji of last
year's champions. Tlm Mahoney wlll
handle the game.
Crusaders,   Crsck   Coast   Fifteen,   st
Queen's Park This Afternoon���
Westminster Line-up.
What may possibly prove the thTll-
ler of the local rugby season will be
Btagtd at Queen's Park this afternoon
when Westminster meet the Crusad-
���erB tor the second time in the Miller
The Crusaders are undoubtedly the
finest team playing the English game
���on the coast today and tbls has been
demonstrated time and again when
the selection committee of the Vancouver union alwaya play havoc with
the  team  In choosing a 'rep  fifteen.
The Royals have been steadily Improving for the past flwe weeks and
tlieir showing against the Firemen
���of Vancouver last Saturday justifies
the statements that Westminster has
n te|m in the making and wlll probably be among the leaders next winter.
There is no dearth of players and
the selection committee have had difficulty In choosing from the- list as
dvery man Is working hard to make
his plnce.
The following will be the Royal lineup: Smith, back; Hoult. Movd. Marcon. Stacey. three-quarters: Saunders,
l>ecker, halves; Savage, 1a*i*i. Blues
Turney, Ford, Railton, McDonald
Durnford. forwards; spares, Andrew,
Oraeme. Walker. Rogers.
Kick-off at 2:30 o'clock.
The Hovers will leave for Ladner at
noon today wbere they -will meet
'Westham LBland ln the first round of
tbe National cup.
Several of the Royals are laid up
-witb injuries and their chances of winning were not over-bright, last even-
However, a draw at least should be
coming to them and once emerging
from this round, they should be strong
contenders^tor the trophy.
���'.'.*-' ������M,.*',****.*l***a^*m* *        '' m  ���.-W
Vsncouver and Victoria Will Oet Eya
.        Opener Ones Ice greases, In-
"Just wall until we get on oiir own
ice and we will show the othit two
teams in the league that ihe Royals
are stronger than ever," stated Manager Jimmy Gardner to the News yesterday while taking a stroll around
the neW arena at Queen's Park.
This,was tlje flrat time that the
eaptaimnianager, of tbe Westminster
Hockey tann Sat a ���*-******>* pf taking,
s view of the situation and he feels
woll pleased with conditions at ths
coming rink.
"Witb' the addition of Charlie Tobln
and Eddie Oatman," he continued, "I
firmly telleve we have a stronger
team than we had last year. Oatman
is ten times the player Sue McLean
was last season, and Oatman, when
���once he gets. Into ovr style of plsy
will more than break even with Barry
Hyland./ .    .
"At tne' rresent time we are handicapped bv having to go ower to Vancouver every} noon and practice-for
an hour on their rink. We only, have
from one to two o'clock -and it H a
���-Tiard proposition to get Into rati hank
condition under tfte circumstances.
"When once the Westminster arena
ts going the player* will be out for
practice between nine and ten In the
norning which will t\** ���� plenty of
time to get attended to before junch.
������Johnson ls fast rounding Into Uhape
while Lehman Is out every day and
ls stopping them at all angles now
that he got.his eye In," went on the
crafty manager of the HvftJm, "and
during the next two weeks, we will)
atrike our laat aaaaon'a etride which
the Vancouver or Victoria teams cannot overcome."
All the players are beginning to get
their feet in tbe city and Btate tbey
are well pleased with their new surroundings. They are showing every
desire to mix with the people and are
making many friends during the short
time they have been In their habitation.
Gardner dropped a good one yesterday morning while, leaning over the
fence surrounding tbe famous lacrosse
oval at Queen's Park:
"So tbls Is where the Salmon Bellies clean up Vancouver and the
Eastern lacrosse team, eh?" said he.
"Wby, they were telling me back East
this summer that Dun Clark used to
lose sight of hls opponent In goal at
lhe other end of the field owing to
the heavy dip In the field. For my
part I do not see where the advantage
ll/ss. Lacrosse players must be bom
In this cl^y."
A few minutes later Fred Lynch and
Bob Cheyne blew ln. and goodness
knows how long they talked of the
olden davB In lacrosse, the News left
them blocking three parts of the
That Portland may be Included In
the Pacific Coast Hockey League's
circuit within the next couple of years
Ib the opinion expressed by a prominent business man of the Rose City,
who has written to Vancouver for data
on artificial Ice plants.
He visited Vancouver recently, and
was very favorably Impressed with
the local arena, and Immediately upon his return south interested several
prominent people of that city in the
proposition to establish an artificial
rink in the Oregon city.
Seattle financiers are also considering the advisability of constructing a
rink, in which event the Pacific coast
circuit will include- all of .the principal cities, and will become one of
the greatest centres of ice hockey In
the world. \
Great Flnanceers Says Such a Monopoly Is Impossible���On Stand for
Five  Hours.
Washington, Dec. "20.���J.; Pierpont
Morgan today told the money trust
Investigation committee of the house,
that "all the money ln Christendom
and all the banks In Christendom''
could not form a monopoly that would
control money. Mr. Morgan disclaimed any knowledge that be wielded a
vast power In modern finance, and
declartd emphatically that he sought
no such power.
For nearly five hoars the chief witness called by the committee In lu
probe of the Intricacies of tbe modern finance stood- a running flre of
questions that covered every phase of
financial operation:
Mr. Morgan gave at length his views
on competition, combination, co-operation and control In Industry and finance, particularly tbe latter. He
declared that he "did not mind com;
petition," but tbat he preferred "combination" In his Operations. He was
emphatic In ht�� " ftefciaratlon thai
'there is no way one man'can get a
monopoly of money."
��� '   j     '       L
Fjur  Extreme*.
.The cold** plnce oil eai'.h i habited
l**f man is Veikhoynnfk. ��� ulidvr the
. rctic circle, in northeastern i-'ilieria.
..* tlieiUKMnoter Ift��!8..lSrHB' l" *"
i egrets below aero in January, but
sometimes rises to BB de?rce< shove
r.ero in the shade ia July, dn |'|u��,
liowever, to the freexing point on Ihe
varniest summer nights.- Jhe hottest
place in Ihe world is tiie lnieHor ol
the great Sahara desert.'- in Africa,
V/hert the thermometer rises to 133 de-
rees.   Tiie wettest place is Greytown.
v'lcsragua. where the mean annui!
,HinlnlT is 260 inch**- the .place of
5east rain is Fort' Hotyrfh. fil South
Africa, where leu.than an inch sometimes lajls in a year.
Taxts Paid  In Wax.
Corsica produoes the largest quantity  of  wait'ol all the countries ia
Kurope, .1 not in the world.- In an-
eient as
and iuppliei ,__       __ .
Bine* wax is to honey jn- quantity as
one to fifteen the Cortieans must havs
gathered each year 9400,000 pounds ul
honey. <y     ' .
"AS    YOU    LIKE   IT."
Always ln the front rank of thn
moving picture theatres of the lower
mainland, the enterprising management of the Edison has secured fresn
from the hands of tbe makers a, film
of great educational worth.
The play Is entitled "As You Like
It," and, according to the advance notices is one that will give all those
wbo witness It a lesson Tn brave goodnature, patience and toleration. In
addition lt ls a sylvan cure of softening eftect for "glooms" growing out of
oppression and Injustice,
All readers of Shakespeare are well
acquainted with this piece. The story
was built on an old oue called "Itosa-
lynd," which tells of a knlgbt, who-being at the point of deatb, commended
two younger sons to the care of the
eldest. The latter's selfishness set
the youngest adrift In a wood where
his manliness was called out and thai
quality .regained the wealth and position he had lost, wltb a splendid Wife
Into the bargain.
From this frail basis the famous
English writer evolved the plot of a
charming comedy in a language and
style only known to hlm. He felt out
the soul of nature very much as the
camera does In skilled hands wher
focussed by artistic taste, and on this
account the play lends Itself to attractive presentation on the screen.   '
Tonight will be the last chance to
see the present show that holds the
boards at the Royal theatre, lt is one
of the most entertaining programs
that has been presented ln that
house for some time.
For Christinas week Manager Glllt
has selected some all star attractions
that have made a big hit in Seattl:
during thts week. Among them will
be Eul and the Lavlnge sisters who
are European artists who present a
novelty that is new In  this country
Tbe Two Wheelers are a lady and
gentleman who are rapid fire conver
nationalists and are hard to beat. Otl!
Mitchell Is the real premier banjois
and all-round instrumentalist tha
made such a tremendous hit on tin
Pantages circuit some thre years ago
Dancing Stone and Cecil Desmond
will also contribute to the new pro
Ventrlloquil acts are always a wei
come feature for the kiddies and there
wtll be an excellent one presented by
the PattersonB. Feature photoplays
from the Gaumont Film Exchange will
complete the program.
' Catchy music, graceful dancing, oc
casional witticisms, and costumes thai
looked like a moving picture of Fifth
avenue on Eastern Sunday, about de
scribes "The Hose of Panama," which
was produced for the delectation and
amusement of local playgoers at tbe
opera house yesterday evening.. Th'.'
musical comedy did bot break any tra
di tlons by having a visible or cohesive
plot, but no one ever minds.
As a natural mlithmaker, Roger
ttray, who impersonated a press eorre
���ipondeni at large In the Panama zone,
made a decided hit. HIb burlesque
dauclng was one of the funny features
of the evening. Richard Temple, wbo
portrayed an amorous president of a
revolutionary republic, and John R
Phillips, who doubled as a cowboy
(wearing puttees) and captain of the
<uanl, were .two other male members
deserving mention.
As the emotional Jacinto, Chapine
easily carried off the palm among the
fair sex, h.er singing and dancing be
<ng enhanced by rather clever acting.
Eveleen Dunmore, as the president's,
wife, pleased the audience, while Lucy
Monroe, a typist spy, had a captivating
manner that delighted the house as it
did the object of her stage wiles.
Some clever evolutions- were per
formed by the chorus, these furnish
ing a pleasing setting for the song
hits.- Ot th*** "Vou Cannot Blame me
for my Spanish Blood" (Chapine), an<<
"Thy Thought. My Thought." were the
hest. "Olle Olrl of Panama;," bv Gray
and four girls was also heartily en
There is nothing more acceptable   for   Christmas   presents
hsndsome, well finished Sheffield Cutlery and Plated Ware.
We show an elegant line of the best manufacturers.
Call early before our assortment Is broken.
M. J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd,
PHONE 237.
Penn's Letters Sold.
London, Dec. 20.���Autograph letters'
of William Penn, historical documents
and otber papers relating to transfers
of land In Pennsylvania, brought $475
at a public sale here today.
Be sure and secure your tickets early
for the big
Basket Ball Match
Pacific   Coast   Championship
In Local Y. M. C. A.
Belllngham vs. Vancouver.
100 Reserved  Seats at SOc;  General
Admission 25c.
Marries for Fifth Time.
Walla Walla, Wash., Dec. 20.t-Car-
lick H. Barnett, aged 78 years,'made
his fifth plunge Into matrimony today when he married Mary C. Rice,
aged 61, of Chicago.
Presented by tbe Vitagraph Company, with Rose Coghlan as Rosalind.
Kllborne, a poacner, la loved by
Rose, a daughter of an old charwoman
whose cabin ln the midst of a dense
forest ls Kilborne's rendezvous. Although Rose has often saved Kllborne
from the hand of the law, brutal treatment is her only reward, for Kllborne
Ib in love with a farmers' daughter.
He is being tracked by tbe gendarmes
and Rose, suspecting that he is at
the farmer's house, hurries tbere to
warn hlm of the impending danger.
Tbe pollce arrive at the farm Immediately after her and Surround the house
Wben Kllborne steps through the door
he ls ordered to surrender. He refuses. An officer raises his gun and
fires. Hose steps ln front of Kllborne
as the shot rings Opt sad receives
the bullet ln her heart. " As she
breathes her list'KilbSnue weeps for
the first time lu bts life and realises
the depth of the love he never recognized.
mmmBttaaam   tts Swam 11 ���
Head of Company Owning 8.8. Titanic
Refuses to Talk, But Announcement Expected  Dally.
Th. f lft* N.<ve. /
Sneesing is averts^ by pressing the
upper lip, because bf doing sq we
deaden the impression.n)sde pn 4 certain branch of the filth p��r��e. sneet-
lng Icing a reflex action ..excited by
some alight (impression o' that ttervc.
Sneezing does not take plepe when the
fifth nerve is paralysed, even though
tlw sense ol smell is retained.   .:.     .-
Ancient Cannibals^ . -
Historians relate (hat (n Seythia. in
India, and among ibb early inhabitants of Britain eannlbals were found.
Columbus found tliem among the Carl-
bees, and from the name Cafibce tin
^r�� cannibal jr|ta4aiiviMi:
 lifci'liiiln " .
A H*n*t*t Organ.
.   Havln�� sixty stops 'and 8.000 pipe*,
the otftt ai Haarifig;; north Holland.
|U one ol the laappt, Ip Europe.
1-ondon, Dec. 20.���A meeting of the.
International Mercantile Marine Company was held In London' yesterday.
Lord Pirrie, J. Bruce Ismay and Harold Sanderson were among the directors who attended It.
From -a usually reliable source, it Is
stated that the principal Item on the
agenda waa the resignation df Mr.
Ismay. as president ol the csBctfn,
and tha election of Mr. SaaderSon In
hia stead. From the aame source It
Is learned that an official announcement of the change, which ts likely,
to take effect on Jan. 1, win not be
made for a few daya
Attar1 the meeting Mr. Ismay waa
asked whether he wished to make a
definite anounoement on the su>
"I am sorry," he replied, "hot I
base nothing whatever to say."
Mr. Ismay looked vary well and
laughed when told of the reports that
he had broken down and had to go
to a sanitarium.
"tos Ma aee for yourself that It Is
not true," ha aald.
Lord Pirrie and Mr. Sanderaon declined to make any statement
finish Uifpm   Christmas
shopping; a visit to our
state lit you have not al-
ready 'been   here)   will
jp you in ypur selec
tion of gifts for the meri qjj$*
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quaintance*     Pay us a
Christmas call
New Brunswick's Rhode Sehelsr.
Frederlcton, N. Bl., Deo. 10.���Arthur
N. Carter, eon of E. S. Carter, oft Roth-
say and nephew ot N. 8. Cart*, chief
superin tendent of education In  New
' * s*lck. haa bean selected aa tba
Scholar from Naw Braaawlck.
, member of ����� claaa of im.
���5tV*i."f    \j)l><Tfl )
>tor thc >0/y/;��>tv '/,���  /   16 HKjQ.   ;
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close to Columbia. All convenience*. Rent $30.00 per month. Possession January 1, t
Store on Begbie street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 leeC
Possession about January 1.  will lease.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorn* Street,    New Weatmlnster.
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assortment of PERFUMES in this
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aa supply you.
RYALL'S Druggist and Optician
I 701 Columbia Street Phona 87
In Handmade Handkerchiefs, Collars,
in Made ria, and* Armenian
i Etc.,
The White House
A J. Birch. 617 Columbia
.,   ,.*.....*������������;���"
MMMHMMM��IWIMMHiwMar^yawarfw��" MB
Specifications, agreements ot sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
vork specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Room t, Mer
chant Bank Bldg.   Phone 715.
L. O. O. M-, NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, second and third Wednesdays
in each month In K. of P. hall at
S p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
I. O. 0. F. AMITV LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27.1. 0. 0. F., is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street Visiting brethern
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
Q.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. 0.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. *W. Sangster, financial eecretary.
CENTER & HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia 8treet,*New Westminster.    Phone 993.
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director and Embalnier, 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegla Library.
t��:60���Vanoouver  via  0.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
atreet, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.       ,
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, aolicltor, etc; corner Colnmbia
and McKenzie streets. New Weet
mtneter, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, deletion block. New West-
minster. Oeerge E. Martin, W. O.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. PO
Drawer 200. Telephone f9. W. J
Whiteside, H. L. Edmondi.
Accountant Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
minuter Hoard of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday ot each month; quar
terly meeting on the llilrd Friday ol
February, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secret
Bank of Montrea!
CAPITAL  (Piid-IJp) ....$1t,0M,M0.M
RE8ERVE    $18,MO,OM.0C
Branches throughout Canada snr
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
land, Lew Tork, CVtage aad Spokane.
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
baaklng business transacted Let
ters of Credit Issued, available wltl
correspondents In all para of th'
Savings Bank Diptrtme.i���Depoelb
recel-ed In snme nt fl aad iipwarO
end Interest allowel at I per cent, pe
annum  (present rate).
Total  Asiets over 1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Second Hand Store
buy and sell new and    geeund    hand
gon.i, of all kinds.   Tu'Ma especially.
��0 .Melnm-H Sireet. l'hone 100e
N.   R.
11:45���Burnaby Lake  and   Vancouver ria B. C. B. R... 7:48
16:45���Vancouver   Tie   G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 14:20
1:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Snnday). 11:16
12:0O���Vancouver Tla. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:0U
18:00���Vancouver vis B. O. E. R.
(dally except Snnday).2w:3��
10:08���Port Mann (dally exoept
Snnday) 8:4b
f:40���Victoria via B. O. B.  R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 11.18
19:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leavea
Monday. Wedneaday
and Friday 18:15
10:50���Victoria Tla G. N. R.
(dally exoept Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally exoept Sunday)   16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tueaday   and
Friday*       14:00
18:10���Abbotaford. Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Sunday)   7:15
c6:15���Crescent, Wblte Hock and
Blaine (dally except
Sunday) 8:46
16:16���United States via G. N. R.
(dally excent Sunday)..IS:0t
16:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (dally
except Sunday) 9:45
11:60���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally exoept
Sunday)    7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (daily) 7:1:.
18:10���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills    (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
��:2S���All points east and Europe (daily)   |13:1J
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Snnday)   7:15
It: 08���Central Park, Me Kay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11.1*
iO: 00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Hon
Villa 13:15
13:00���East Huraaby (daily exoept Sunday)   13:69
10:00���Tlmberlp.nu (Tuesday and
Friday)    18:30
11:20���Rand,   Majuba   Hill   via
B. C. E. IX. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner. ML
Lehaaa, Ald-rarore, Otter, Shortreod. Surrey
ley Prairie, Murrayvlile,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Bardie, Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Bradner,     Bellerose,   via   B.
C. B,   R.   (dally except
Sunday)     9:0b
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday) .18:15
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally exoept Sunday) .14:21
7:80���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.4C
20:40���Chilliwack via H. C. E. R.
(dally exoept Sunday). 17:Sli
11:20���Clayton (Tnesday, Thuraday, Friday and Bat-
day       H:0t
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
ria G.  N.  R.   (dally exoept  Sunday) 14:01
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. It. (daUy
exceot Sunday)   lT:8c
20:40���Cloverdale   ��a   B.C.B.R.
(dally except Snaday>.17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista and Oakalla 28:00
(Changes for this column must be
left at, or telephoned to, this offlce by
6 p.m. on Fridays. The omission of
sny church notice from this column
Indicates that no details have beea
TRINITY���Rer. Canon Q. C. d'Easum,
M. A., rector; Rev. George A. Ray, M.
A., assistant rurate. 8 a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m.. Matins, Litany
and sermon; 2:30 p.m., Sunday school;
7 p.m., Evensong and sermon. Wednesday being Christmas day, there
will be celebrations of Holy Communion at 12 a.m., midnight 8 a.m.,
and 11 a.m.
Tenth street���Rev. E. R. Bartlett,
M.A., rector. Matins and Holy Communion, 11 a.m.; Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Club meets Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
ST. MARY'S CHURCH (Church of
"Jngland), Sapperton���Rev. Frank
Plaskett, M.A., vicar. Holy communion
8 a.m.; Matins and sermon 11 a.m.
Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday
school 2.30 p.m.; Confirmation class,
3:30 p.m. Christmas musis. No sermon in the evening.
ST. ALBAN'S CHURCH (Anglican),
East Burnaby���Rev. David Dunlop,
rector. Matins and Holy Eucharist
11 a.m.; Evensong and Bermon at 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
Westminster���Rev. C. J. l.e.ma.d.
rector. Matins, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p.m.; Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m. The church is five minutes' Walk from South Westminster
3tntion, on the B. C. B. R. Chilliwack
���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath
school and Bible Huns at 2:30 p.m.
Special music at both services.
corner of Fourth Ave. and Seventh St
Rev. M. G. Melvln, B. A., minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sunda./ school and Bible class, 2:30
p.m.; Guild, Monday, 8 p.m..
KNOX PRF.SBYTERIAN, Sapperton���Rev. E. G, Thompson, M.A., minister. Snrvlces 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class 1:30 p. m.i Sabbath
school at 2:30 p. m.; Y. P. Guild
Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wed
nesday, 7:30 p.m.
corner Fourteenth street and Seventh
avenue���Kev. It. Wallace Collins. B.A,;
! pastor.    Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Idulld Tuesday 8 p.m.    Sunday school,
I 2:30 s.m.
j Moreton Hall.) W. .1. Gordon, pastor.
I Services. 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.r.i. An-
| ntial Christmas concert on Monday
Rev. W. W. Abbott, B.A., B.D.. pastor
Services 11 a.m., and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school at 2:30 p. m.; Young People's
meeting, Monday, 8 p. m.; Prayer
meeting. Wednesday, 8 p.m. Special
music, Messiah.
Rev, W. S. A. Crux, B.A.. paator. Ser
vices at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school at 8:30 p.m.; prayer and praise
service Wednesday at S p.m.
every Sunday at 3:30 p.m. ln St.
Paul's Reformed Episcopal church,
Royal avenue and Seventh street. Sunday school, 2:30 p.m. O. Borge, pastor, residence 1654 Eleventh avenus
east, Vancouver. Christmas tree and
festival, 2nd day of Christmas.
Ths Naw Head of the Canadian Medl*
cal Association Is a Brothar of
Prof. A. B. Macallum, ths Famous
Physiologist ahd Has Hlmsslf
Achieved a High Reputation as S
Spscialist In Diseases of Nerves.
Of the magnificent ScottirhCana.
c'lans whom Middlesex County, Oil'
tario, has given U) the country there
are few that can compare with thq
Macallun family. Two of tliem havs
attained such prominence in the science of medicine that no history ol
that profession in the Dominion could
be written without mention of tliem.
The better known, ol course, if Prof.
A. B. Maealluai, head of the physiology department in the University ol
Toronto, and known tlie world ovei
as one of the foremost inctlical investigators of the age. There i? no laboratory or clinic at home or al ruad
���where his name is not a bye-word.
L After years of work, which hss won
im signal recognition within the
ranks of his profession. Dr. Hugh McCallum of London hss stepped recently
'into the public eye. He is presidentelect of the Canadian Medical A9��>cia
.tion. He attended the rural schools
of Williams Township ancl went lo
college in London at a time when
Western Medical School was a very
young institution indeed. He ��ns
ntnring tlie tirst graduates and on leav
fing tlte college entered pnetire in
London, where he has remained ever
since. His special branch i�� nerVIMK
disc:i��cs. nud n_" is an authority in his
B.C. Coast Service
TWEED,   IRISH    SERGE, etc..   Just
Arrived.    Perfect   Fit  and Workman-
shllp  Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Leaves   Vancouver   for   Victoria   11
a. nip 2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leavea   Vanoouver    for  Seattle    H
a. m. and 11  p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo   3
Vancouver every Wednesday 10 p.m..
also Dec. 14, L'S, Jan. 11 and 25.
Chilliwack Service
1/enves Wesl minster * a.m. Monday
Wednesday nnd Bflday.
Loaves Cliilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday
1'liuruday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westminster.
H. W. ll Ito i UK,
O. P   A.. Vancouver
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital paid up.
. . .*1 l.500.CdO
. .   $12.500.C0O
The  Bank  haH  850  branches,
extending in Canada from th.)
Atlantic to the Pacific,, In (MM
throughout the Island; also In
New Koiindland. i'orto Rloo, Bahamas, iiutiiados. Jamaloa, Trin
Idad. Dominican Republic, New
York and London.  BD(,
Drafts Issued wlthuut delay
on all the principal towns and
cities In the world. These ex.
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
Transfer Co.
Office Phons  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Bsgbls Strsst.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any psrt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Wateri
Manufactured by
I Telephone R  IIS   Office:  Prlncsas Si
B.   D.   Braden.   pastor.    Services    at j
11 a.m. and  7 p.m.    The pastor will
���preach at both services.
CHURCH���Corner Hlghth street and
Third avenue, Burnaby. Rev. W. C.
Frank, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and
7'M p.m.; Sunday sakeol and Bible
elass at 3:30 p.m.
S. McKinley, pastor. Love Treat.
1:41 a.m.: preaching, 11 am. and
7:45 p.m.; Sacran.��.Jt, 13 noon; Sunday school, 3:30 p.m.; praiss sorvice,
T p.m.
OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH���Corner ef Seventh street and Queens
avenue. Services 11 a.m. and 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m. B.
Y. P. II.. Monday, R p.m. Prayer meet-
|ng Wednesday, 8 p.m. Pastor Rev.
Hospital street���O. B. Andersen, pea-
tor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.;
Sunday school aud Bible class i'i to 1
BDMONDS, Rev. Reid McCullough,
ll.A., pastor, Services, 11 a.m., ard
7 p.m.; Sunday school, 12 nunn till 1
p.m.', prayer meeting, Wudnesday,
7;30 p.m.
QUHHNSBOOOUOH BAPTIST���Service will be hold   ut   S p.m. by   Ml,
j I). (I. Macdonald, B.A.   Sunday school
at 2:30 p.m.
Pastor, Rev. Reid McCullough, B.A.
Sunday school and Bible class, 3 p.m;
servioes, 4 p.m.; prayer at.1 praise
meeting, Thursday, 8 p.m.
street and Hoyal aveuus���Rev. 0. B.
Wincott, rector. "The Low Cburoa."
Sitrvlcog at 11 a.m. aad 7 p.m.
Sunday school and Bible class at 2:Sf
p.m. Prayer meeting Thursday, 7:$0
p.m. Carrols at all services tomorrow
and Christmas.
SALVATION ARMY, Ensign Stickles and Lieutenant Manning���Harvest
festival at 11 am.,, 3 p.m. and 7:39
p.m.. In the    citadel,    Eighth    Btreet.
are held In the hall, oorner Fifth
street and Eighth avenue, at 11 a.m.
every Sunday. Testimony meetings
Wednesday at S p.m.
CHURCH OF CHRIST, or Christians���at tent, 215 Durham street, between Second and Fourth streets. Services: Breaching and Communion, 11
a.m.;  preaching, 2.30 and 7,30 p.m.
gospel HALIr-Cornsr of Sixth
aronue and Ninth street.
Making History on the Turf.
Lore! Hastings is a very popular lie-
ure in the liriti.-h racinjr world, ami
'has maintained the tradition* of the
family in thin respect. As soon as he
attained his majority ho whs elected
a member of the Jockey Club, anil a*
he is a wealthy peer, he is eiialtled to
indulge in thia mont expensive ol sport
to the full.
For a time Lord Hasting* served
in the 7th Hussars, and is now in
the Reserve of Officers, and alao a cap
tain in the Norfolk Yeomanry. He is
the owner of over twenty thousand
acres, and has a handsale resilience
tin Norfolk, as well as one at Beaton
Delaval, in Northumberland. The latter property brings him in a consider
(able revenue, for it is situated in one
of the most important coal fields  in
,the country.
' The name of Hastings figures largely  in turf history owing to the  fact
that a former Lord Hastings was a
notorious plunger. He is reputed l>*
have    loat    two    hundred    thousand
.pounds when Hermit won tlie Derby.
[On the other hand, he once won eighty
thousand when a horse of liis mimed
���Lecturer passed the post lirst at Asca
Trousers For Oxen.
Following the Introduction of pants
for horses eomei the news that Cape
Town farmers have supplied Iheir ox
en with trousera. The garments have
bee.me a necessity to protect the animals from the tsetse flies, whicli art
a tormei t. and often ii fatal enemy.
The fix receives a Until Itcf.ire he duns
the hah.luuct.M of civilization. Thl'
bath consists of c il and resin, antl ������
supposed to Iree tho animal of sli
I'.',,*..* and parn-ile��. llis "pants" are
then thorough y snaked in oil nnd
resin, and uh.-ii the swarm of flit's
como in contact with the trouser-legs
titty dio  by   thousand'.
Captured Her.
Here is a copy nf a communication
sent   i.v  a young man  in  Manchester
recently to a young lady at Liverpool.
It wu* typewritten, snd it resulted in
a  wo<iil,iii{  shortly  iifierWnrd.,.
'1 lovers sat beneath the shade,,
And 1  un 2 tlie other sent:
"How M 8 that you. I>e 0,
Have smiled upon this suit of mine.
If 5 a heart it palps for you;
Your voice is uiu 6 melody;
'Tis sweet to he your loved 1 1.
Say,  O  nymph,   wilt  marry   mo?"
She, lisping, suid, "Y, 13'.y."
Monument to WsL'i Bard.
It is proposed to erect a memorial to
Goronwy Owen, Mona's master bard,
in his native county of Anglesey,
Wales, where he was born on New
Year's Day, 1723. His "Cywydd y
Farn Fawr" is considered to be one
ol the oioaterpieoes oi Welsh poetry.
Hospitals   In  Smyrna.
Seven races have their own hospl.
tale  in  Smyrna���Oreeks,   Armenians,
Turks,   Jews,   trench,   British   and
Eagles Wlll Bs Used to Upset Aero-
plsnes In War.
As a result of the amazing success
of the aeroplane in recent military
manoeuvres in Europe, army experts
are busy trying to discover somo methods of spoiling the efficiency of airships aa spies. Several varieties of
gune have been invented for the purpose, but experiments have proved
that these inventions are of little
value, as it is more difficult, to hit a
flying airship than one would think.
Under present conditions apparently
an army must either flght aeroplanes
with aeroplanes or permit them to fly
aWay untouched after doing all the
harm they^can and after spying' ont
the army's dispositions. Even with
pursuing aeroplanes disaster is more
probable than success to the pursuer.
But it has been found that a very
slight injury to the driver of an aeroplane will destroy his oontrol nnd
���send him toppling to his death. The
late Galbraith Rogers, a very brilliant
aviator, is said to have met his death
because a seagull accidentally flew
aeainst him and disturbed his control
of his machine, lf such a modest-
sized bird as a seagull could wreck
an aviator, what could an eagle do?
The Swiss eagle ia a very powerful
���bird. The French aviation officers
stationed at Nice, which is within a
few miles of the Alpine home of eagles,
hnve trained six great eagles to fight
the soldier aviator. The officers have
constructed machines resembling aero,
.planes in shape, but supported, hy
balloons. To these they attach chickens, mice and all sorts of live prey
thnt Ule eaeles love.
The aeroplane balloons are then sent
.up. and the eagles are let loose. With
fierce cries snd flapping of their wings
they attack an aeroplane and tear the
living prey from it. In their eagerness
they light one another, and the aeni.
plane is sometimes turned upside
down in their struggles. It is incon.
ceivable that any men in an aeroplane, eveu if there were Ihree or four
oi tliem, could retain control of their
machine in face of such an attack.
No one who has watched an eagle
only on the ground can have any conception of it power. The bird is at
a disadvantage on the ground, because
it waa made to fly at.d not to walk,
and because it docs not develop the
full power nf its tremendous wings
until it has had space in which to
work them. But in its natural realm,
the upper sir. an eagle will be capable of upsetting any flying machine.
The eagles are capable of pursuing
an aeroplane to any height, and following it to any distance. Any gun is
practically useless against an aero
plane which lias risen above Hve hundred yards, ond. of course, the bullet
cannot pursue an object after it lias
once missed its mark.
Curiositic,   on   the   Cards.
At one time or another most of us
have been amused by tlie quaint inscriptions on visiting or business
cards. Hut we shall hnve to yield the
[���aim in this resitcd to France, where.
lor example, a young woman named
��� lartha addi after her name on ler
vistii.g card the lact that s'.ie is
"chamber maid to the wife of Senator
So-and-so. "
A negro from Hayti, in the same
zsy country, describes himself a-
"hairdresser to the president of tie-
law court." and a man named I'oir.t
is a "professor of the art ol getting
about l,hc streets of I'aris without suffer.ng bodily harm."
A very modest countryman's car.i
bears the words, "M, and Mme. Be
nerd and their young lady, local postman"; a Count de V. describes himself as "aggressive, assertive, and
impertinent philosopher'; while Au
Ktiste I>. ha* tlie honor of being "the
iir-t one to proclaim the Republic in
Some people hnve ths words "courtesy, business, thanks, condolence,''
orinted on the back of their card, one
in each corner, so that when the subject of the call is out they can turn
clown the suitable corner, nini thus
disclose the object of tlieir visit.
The Shape ol Sir.oke.
What is the shape of smoke? This is
not one of the numbered fool If It ques.
tions. but a subject dealt with sen.
ously in thc first bulletin Issued by
the smoke investigating commission
in Pittsburgh. The commission tt\
perts say that it is necessary not ojily
to know the chemistry of smoke ami
how It acts harmfully upon metal
work, masonry and building material*
generally, ae well as vegetation, but it
,s important to know also the slmi*-
and size of smoke particles, how Ins
lilferent kinds vary, whether tbey are
electrically   charged    and    how    they
orm   nuclei   for  the condensation   uf
���og antl  rain.
The  Scapegoat.
"You sav tho boy's maternal grand-
r.ther wiu a highwaymanr"
"All 1 his paternal grandfather was
.���barged  with arson?"
"And his aunt is a shoplifter and
his   uncle   a  counterfeiter?"
"Then to what do you ascribu his
"Why, to moving pictures, ol
Houses In Chins.
The Chinese, as a rule, are poorly
housed, ln the towns tho huildnig-
are mostly brick with tiled roofs, but
insiiy are built of wood. There ia
practically no attempt at internal de.
coration. The windows are papered,
but glase is coming into use among
the well to do. The laboring classes
live in mud or wattle huts, tiled,
thatched or roofed with matting.
Scotland's Population.
Sontland has a total population not
much more than half mat of Ureter
London. -^. .. -
Ventriloquism In the Bibls.
Ventriloquism haa its first historic
mention, as iar ns we are aware, in
Isaiah xxix, 4, "And thou shalt be
brought down and shall speak out of
the gn/uikI, and thy apoech shall be
low out of the dust, and thy voios
sh&R be as one that hath a familiar
spirit, out of the ground, and thy
speech shall whisper out of tlie dust.
New Assayers.
Victoria, Dec. 20.���As a result of
Ihe recent, examinations held In Victoria, certificates of efficiency In tho
prnctlce of assaying have been granted to .1. B. Adame, Alexander J. F.
Crnufurd and Vera L. Eearlloy-WU-
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 for St. Paul and Kootenay
13:29 for Agassiz Local.
19:55 for Imperial Limited, Mont
real and Okanagan points.
One and one-third fare for the round
Tickets on asle Dec. 21 to Jan. 1.
Good to return up to Jan. 6.
For reservation and other   partlcu-
rs apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, G.P.A, Vancouver
&4 nr ums'
ST. ���������������" SUITS
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R273
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with G. T. P. Railway  far points East;   also with  S.S.
"Prinee John" for Stewart, Oranby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
S.S.  "PRINUE ALBERT" fer Prises Rupert and way   Verts,   3rd,
13th and 23rd of eaeh meath.
Tiokets to all Eastern destinations aad to Europe.
H. O. SMITH, C   P. * T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL     	
P. O.  BOX 442 TELEPHONE   324
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Weatminater Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122. GL E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office IS an* 1*.
Gilley Bras. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which vie will sell for cash only
Pres. and Oent Mgr. V fee-President Boo. and Treas.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Christmas Day Is Near
Shopping Days are Few
Buy  Now, and Buy in
New Westminster Shops
You can get everything
you need in New Westminster and you won't have
to pay any more for your
purchases than in apy other
city on the c6ast,# besides
saving a lot of time and
And, don't forget to do
your shopping early. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1912.
Mrs. Rent Payer
What are you doing
to help your husband
"Get Ahead of The
Game" ?
Sit down at your desk
and figure it out.
would it not be better
for you to have your
rent money apply on
the price of your
home? $25 (including
interest) will buy you
a home.
Mr. Rent Payer
Rent makes the biggest hole in your salary. What have you
to show for last year's
rent? Nothing. You
might be $300 closer
to owning your own
home. Why not make
a start now? Come to
us and let us show
you one of our "homes"
that you can own with
just what you now
pay out as rent.
Would a Home of Your Own Like This "Look Good to You" ?
Our houses are on 12th St. car
line. All lots are 40 x 157 feet
to lane and are cleared and
graded have electric light and
city water. 18 houses already
sold.  Let us show you your lot today.
Bring us your own plans and
we will build to suit you. The
terms are $25 monthly. All
houses must be modern. Our
lots are only two blocks above
the Orphanage on 12th Street
Call and see us at once.
Call and see us at once.
Special Notice
Royal City
780 Columbia Street
Special Notice
' r~l   T
|      '.m      +JW*       '������������
K y"- ft 7J lii-'l '.: *��� ~ ���* '���'  '."'������
>   ���
Navel Oranges, from 25c. to 40c.
N.B.���We   buy   direct  from
Jap Oranges. 40c. and 50c. box
Jonathans   H-65 box
Spys   ��1-M box
Spys    81.40 box
Emperors  (blue)    20c. Ib.
Malaga (green)   25c. Ib.
CranberrieB, 2 lbs 25c.
Chocolates in boxes, Cad-
bury's, Ganong's and Stewart's
at very low prices.
Mixed Candy at 2 lbe. for 25e.
20c. and 25c. per Ib.
Mixed Nuts per Ib. 20o.
Cluster  Raisins,  25c.  and  30c.
Stockings  and Crackers.
Silver   Leaf   Lard    (Swifts)
3 lbs. 60c, ' lbs. 90c, 10 Ib, $1.75
Brussels Sprouts 2 lbs. 25c
Horseradish, per lb 25c
Cabbage, per lb 1(40.
���Carrots, Turnips, Onions.
Celer  ,yub2ncehs'2.gSSS7 ..  .r|
Celery,  2 bunches   15c
Parsley, per bunch   5c
Sweet Spuds, 6 lbs 25c
Public Supply Stores
V L. ADAMS       S. K. BR10O3
Perhaps you would
like  to name your
wife as your executrix, but hesitate on
account of her lack
of business  experience.
Or you would choose
for your executor a
certain friend, were
it not that you know
hs is so fully occupied  with his own
The solution is easy:
Appoint either t o
act in conjunction
with this Company.
See us as to the way
the plan works out.
vWith the usual ceremonies the Surrey schools closed yesterday for the
Christmas vacation." There was an excellent program in the South Westminster school.
J. H. Todd's music house Is open
every evening until Christmas     (263)
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's. 626 Columbia St.        (215)
Yesterday being another bi-monthly
payday and the last one previous to
Christmas, the city treasurer doled
out some $18,667.90 over his counter
to 425 officials and workmen.
You will be pleased with Rowntree'a
or Ganong's Christmas Chocolates
from the West Bnd Pharmacy, 509
8th St. (313)
Christmas Dinner for young men
away from home at Y. M. C. A. Christmas Day, 1:30 p.m. All are welcome. (312)
Mr. A. W. McLeod accompanied by
Mrs. McLeod left for California yesterday on a two months' vacation.
Santa Rosa and other prominent cities
of the south will be visited.
The carload of Christmas poultry
will arrive at the store of P. Burns
& Co. this morning. (325)
A cheap homesitc is what you may
be looking for. We have large lots
near the Douglas road. Only $425 to
$600; quarter cash, balance over IS
months. The People's Trust Company,
Ltd., 451 Columbia St. t?28
Christmas Cakes. See our wlndew.
Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone
281. (293)
Prom now until Christmas Gifford"*
store will be open evenings. (246)
Today ie the longest night and the
shortest day of the' whole long year.
It is the turning point towards springtime. You have an opportunity of
remembering it by giving towards the
Royal Columbian Hospital Christmas
Would the party who wants to buy
a nice large, cheap lot near the Douglas road, kindly communicate with the
People's Trust Company, Limited, and
they will learn of something to their
advantage. (323)
Buy your Christmas goose, turkey,
chicken or roast meats at the 10th St.
Meat Market, Mercer Block, corner
3rd ave. (326)
Christmas Dinner for young men
away from home at Y. M. C. A. Christmas Day at 1:30 p.m. All are welcome. Quality of turkey is guaranteed
by  P. Burns &  Co. (314)
A few copies of Mrs. Herring's lat
est book, "Nan, and Other Pioneer
Women of the West," are on sale at
II.   Morey's  Book  Store   in this city.
Only three permits were issued 1)>
the building inspector during the five
clays ot this week up to yesterday.
The total value was $13,450. The larg
est was Issued to Dr. T. S. Hall for a
$12,000 residence to be erected on the
corner of Eighth street and Queen's
avenue. - \V. Carline received permis
sion to erect a stable on Blackmail
street, at the cost of $150 while John
Ralph was granted a permit for a
$1500 residence to be built on London
They nre selling all right. The finest property In Burnaby today in large
lots. Sold 22 since Tuesday. Oet one.
| Only $42:1 to $G0O, quarter cash, bai
ance 6, 12, and 18 months. The Pen
pie's Trust Co., Ltd. (323)
Sheriff's Bale of household effects,
on Monday, 23rd inst.. at 10 o'clock
a.m., at 410 4th Avenue. Said effects
consists of piano, sewing machine,
range and cooking utensils, heaters,
beds and bedding, carpets, chairs,
tables, silverware, crockeryware, cutlery, etc., etc. (818)
It's a "matter of taste" when you
Buy Chocolates.
Fiver try Nellson's?
Sole Agent for this City
Successor to
(293) P. J. MacKenile.
the proceeds of Sir Richard's book,
which is reported as having a tremendous sale.
s The Columbia Piano & Music
House, City, is giving 20 per cent discount off all goods (Victrolas and Records excepted) till Jan. 1st,- 1913.
This means a $950 88-note Player
Piano for $620 and so on all down the
list, These discounts apply aB well to
violins, guitars, mandolins and all
Qfher small good3 except music and
Au'sfej kooks, and remember we do
jiisi/aeWe advertise. All goods marked ft Kflaln price tags. Open evening3
till Christmas. Note the address, .445
Columbia St. (310)
afRCyTEN  YOUR  HOME  FOR  1913.
" \\Tnet wlll brighten your home better than a beautiful pleasing picture
on the wall. ���. "Mother's Treasures"
is just the picture you want. It Is
frfftn1 any home in Canada and can
hn-. h��d free by subscribing to The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of
Montreal, the greatest and best fam-
ilJtiJWP^r printed. It costs only one
doJlai".e year, and no home can af-
Uitp io.be without It. Everr present
snbscr^jier to that paper should send
his renpwal now and get a copy of the
beautiful picture. Any one not a sub-
9&H8er' should order the paper and
picture at onbe. Thev wlll hplp to
mike tlie New Year brighter for you.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00       I
WHITE���Tho   funeral   of   the   late I
Oeorge   White    of     Aldergrove   took |
place   yesterday   afternoon   from   the
family   residence   to   the   Aldergrovj
DAVIS.-Leonard   Davis,    aged    73
I years, who died in  the city on Wed
nesday, will  be burled this afternoon
111 the Mountain View cemetery, Van
I couver.
BURROWS -After nn illness of a
few days, Kate, the infant daughter of
I Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burrows, died
! last evening of convulsions. The fu-
j nerai will take place this afternoop al
,1 o'clock from tlie family residence
| Interment will bo at the Church of
| England cemetery.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
given on all orders. This discount Is
for ten days only.
Room 6 Collister Block
If you read THE NEWS
���you get all the news.
Debts Cut Down Quarter Million to
About $80,000.
Ottawa, Dec. 20. The will of the
late Sir Richard Cartwright, who died
In Kingston In September, was entered for probate at the court house In
Ottawa today.
The- total estate Is valued at $228,-
$02.90, but out of this debts amounting to $155,000 will be Uken. This
Leaves his widow, three daughters and
I six sons with leBH thnn $80,000 to
share between them.
To his widow he leaves all the furniture, plate, Hun, china, Bllver. glass.
books, pictures, prints, provisions and
! other household effects. In addition to
; a legacy, to be paid to her by the cx-
, editors.
All llie rest of Ills estate and effects
I'lotli  real and  personal,  were left   to
!t!ie disposal of his two sons, Dr. Rich-
"nl Conway Cartwright and Alexander
Dobba Cartwright Of Ollawa. who nre
to sell the real estate together, or In
parcels   by  Public  auction or private
cnii-iici   wiih   power   to  make   any
stipulations us to the title or evidence
of the title or otherwise.
N'o mention  Is maile In  the will of
Bom* Headdresses That Havs Hanged
,, Murderers.
.Jhe,',man who murdered Inspector
Wells at Eastbourne recently left !>e-
liiiil him a fawn-colored Trilby hat.
Stamped on the leather inside it was
th^ word "Kelvington," while a piece
of paper stuck inside the hat was
inscribed "No. 56. H.062. P|6." Two
letters which resemhle "K" written
backwards and a "P ' were alao on
the paper.
Slight as sueh a clue is, the probability is that whoever fired the fatal
shots will be brought to justice
through it.
In the Black Museum at Sootland
Yard is a black felt wideawake hat
which brought its owner to the gallows for tha murder of a policeman
named Cole.
, This oase was almost an exact parallel o! the Eastbourne tragedy. Con-
stable Cole, on the night'of Dec. I,
1883. while on duty in Ashwin Street,
Dalston, saw a man named Orrock in
the act of olambering over the low
wall in front of a Baptist chapel that
faced the street.
He demanded the man to give an
account of himself, and endeavored
to arrest him. In the struggle which
followed the miscreant drew a revolv3r
and shot the policeman dead.
One of the clues the murderer left
behind when he fled was the black
wideawake hat. When Orrock was
captured it proved to be one of the
strongest clues against him, for it tit-
ted him perfectly.
The first railway carriage murderer,
Franz Muller, was captured hy mean*
of the hat he left behind. Muller robbed ami murdered a bank cashier
p*med llriggs, afterwards throwing lm
'��� victim on the Hne close to Victoria
i I'ark, where he was found.
Underneath one of the seats of the
I carriage in which the murder was
committed was found a soft felt hat.
Thn hat did not fit the victim's head,
and it was the only one fniind. It
was pretty oertain that it was the mur.
derer.'s, but the question arose "What
,had become of Mr. Brigg's hat?"
It was soon discovered thst the hat
found iri the carriage had been bought
at a hatter's in Marylebone. Within
a short time a cabman came firward.
identified the hat, and swore he had
bought it for a man named Muller.
Mu.'ler was arrested on landing at
New York, where he had fled on the
Victoria, a sailing vessel. At llie
time of his capture he was nctuallv
wearing Mr. Brigg'a hat, cut dowu
and slightly altered.
Being listless got a' man named
Toussaint fifteen years' ix>nal servitude. Ho was seen one morning iu
I8oG to he running down the York
Raad, near King's Cross. Now a man
running in London iariothing out nl
the tt-��y, but a refined-featured, well-
'df<y>sed mm running witl. no hat -n
fe somewhat unusual.
| A pohstftt>'.�� .stopped him and insisted upon taking him back whence
lu came. A short way back the shrieks
of a women le.1 the policeman to the
offlce of a dealer in diamonds. The
dhalor had been stunned liy a lile-
jire.^rver and $10,000 worth of jewe'.-
stohn. The criminal, Toussaint, heat,
lng a step on the stairs, had llel."fa;
h�� forgot his hat, and thi* very fact
secured him a well-deserved punUli-
I "Hats," said Inspector Williamson,
at one time, chief of Scotland Yard,
"are so easy to lo-e. Criminal) seem
to forget that. If they did lot, and
only knew how handy a hat is in the
hands of a d< I >etive ollieer. thpy iniithl
think it worth while to tic their haU
on Uith rones."
The value of a statement by Captain
Todd of the steamer Strathspey, print
ed in The News some months ago regarding the navigation of the Fraser
at the present time and the facts
printed In the B. C. Pilot ia Just becoming  apparent.
Secretary MyerB of the Progressive
Association Is gleaning facta concerning all points tn the river, the present
and future status of New Westmlns
ter as a seaport and the immense government work now being done at the
mouth of the river.
These will be compiled and forwarded to tbe tJrltfah bydrographic department as has been requested by the
department in,a hitter received by Mr.
Myers a few days ago.
Resident Engineer Worsfold. Harbor
Engineer A. O. Powell, the Coquitlam
Terminal Company and Captain Carter, river plloiS are working In conjunction wfyi Mthis'oMect'and It is expected that the, Hritish authorities will not
be long In tnskHig rhanges- In their
code which wil) be of material aid tr
shipping on .thf Fraser.
The Sandheads lightship is aeafn In
drrdock st Esnulmalt undergoing repairs. This Is the third time this year
that the guardshln of the Frn.er hs��
been taken to Victoria in a leaky condition and lt Is very probable tha* tb*
government will leave the gas buoy
which ls plante* at the mouth of It***
South Arm until "'t'ie time **���**���*���* another vessel suitable for a lightship
can be procured.
tf j.rt *,
Plans for Destruction of Denver Instl
tutlon  Mystify  Police and  Secret
8ervlce Men.
Denver,  Colo., Dec.  20.���A  plot   of I
persons  unknowu    to  dynamite    the
Denver   mint,   where    approximately
(50,000,000   is^g'tored, was   frustrated
by the   dlscofary of the plans   two |
weeks ago on, the floor of the Public
Comfort  station,  Dear    the    federal i
The plans were found by the super- ;
Intendent of" ttre Public-Comfort sta-;
tlon, who notified City Detective J. J. j
Yayden, it became known   yesterday.
Leyden turned the plans over to the
federal authorities.
Instructions were sent from Wash- j
ington to Frank Downer, superintend
ent of the mint to double the guards
at the mint.   According to the authorities, the plans contemplated the use of
enough  nitro-glyoerine  to  wreck   the
���nint bo'ilding.    Federal and local po- j
lice aMthorltfeft have conducted a rigid |
search  in the la"! two weeks' but no
trace of the vould-be dynamiters haa
been discover-d.
rathers. sorting
Your Sons Along the Right Road?
Many fathers regret seeing their sons idling away their
wages. They know it is the sure way to ruin, but are
at a loss to, know how to direct it otherwise. Example
and precept are strong but still the lure of pool-rooms,
theatres, and, in many cases, jthe bar-room, is so strong
that it wins out
Let us help you to solve this question. We have talked
to many young fellows of late and we get the same
Answer, viz., "I cannot make the first cash payment but
could easily save the monthly payments."
Fathers! we ask you if it would not be a splendid
Christmas present for your son if you were to make the
. first payment on a lot for him. It would give your son a
chance to save money and at the same time it gives you
an easy conscience to feel that you have started your
sons along a smoother road than you yourself have travelled. Our lots are all cleared and graded, and face on
12th Street car line, just two blocks above the Qrphanaget
Houses are being built and we will give you a written
guarantee that a house will be erected on both sides of
his lot. That will surely increase its value and give him
a good reason for working hard to pay up.
Fathers! give it a try. We will help you to start your
boy right.
If you are paying rent we would like to build you a
home on easy payments, $25 monthly.
Royal City Realty Co.
750 Columbia St. Phone 433.       Open Evenings Till 9
Supposed Military Pilot Seized.
Paris, Dec. 20.���A biplane piloted by
a German, believed to be a military
pilot, landed at Marney yesterday. It
had come 'from Mulhausen. and was
immediately seized by gendarmes, on
instructions from the sub-prefect.
Montreal   lunb'r Fire.
Montreal, Que ,  Dec.  iO.���A fire at
the sash and door factory here today
caused  $M,000   damage,  mostly  lumber.
Kllpatrlck for Senate.
Revelstoke,     Dec.     20.���Revelstoke
Conservatives are urging the appoint- ,
ment to the Dominion Senate of Mr. '
Thomas Kirkpatrick,  former   district
superintendent of the C. P. R. mountain division.
Baby Smotherod In Qed.
Walla Walla, Wash., Doc. 20.���Mra.
William Alexander last night laid her
foiir-months-old baby son on the bed
and. left him. Returning later she
discovered that lie had rolled over on
hla race and Buffocatud.
This covers pretty well any articl.i
you may wish  for n gift.
Toys and Dolls for the boys and
Fancy Jewel Iloxea, Dressing Cases,
Mirrors. Mrusli Sots, Inkstands, etc
for tbo grown ups.
Sea rus before  buying elsewhere.
We Invite You
���whether you buy much or little,
or don't buy at all���to call in here
and look over our extensive and
varied stock of all that is NEWEST
and BEST in
The Fisherman's Friend
This la the Engine that
haa created euch a
sensation among the
Five h.p. YALE, Gasoline Engine. The most
reliable engine on the
Tha Schaake Machine Works
���        - - - ��� ���-- ��� ���       ��� - '' ' ^���^-~"���������~*^^
Our lines comprise Stoves, Raages, Heatora, Kltehea Utensils ln
iron, tin and enemelware, Dlshee, Glassware. Furniture, Furnishings.
Llaolajims, Floor OU, Etc.. Kto. Sewing Machines and Otfice Furniture
We will sell you for cash or wlll furnish your house for ��� small
payment down, balaace paid monthly.
Corner off  12th  Strati antf Sixth  Avenue
The Jeweller
608 Columbia Street
Phone 338
646 Columbia  Street
Phone 455
These are ali in good locations and  are   good   Investments  at  the   price*.
they can be bought for now.
1359���FIFTH 8TREET near Eighth
avenue:. 60x132 te lane; a good buy
at 91.000; ono-thlrd casb.
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 60x130
all cleared and graded; prioe $1276
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner Of Sixth
avenue and Ash itreet; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot In good location; Just oft
Columbia atreot; price $11)00 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 60x160
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Wo write Flre, Life, Accident,  E mployers'  Liability,  Automobile    and
Marine Insurance.
Residential Site
$2000 Each      $100 Cash
will handle either one.   Long'terms.
No. 152.
 ,.. .��,,.,>,, '   '������ ��� "*'���" "���'   ���"���"���:    ���
628 and 746 Columbls Street, Phone SS., M*** ^Westminster, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 636 63 %lxth Street
i -v-
���   ; ���


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