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Westminster Daily News Jul 24, 1912

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 ��� ���
VOLUN C -.'JlhVlbKrt 118.
.    &��� .\. ______���^_^_-.
1 3 ? - ���
wminster refuses
Lacrosse Situation at Complete Deadlock���Royal City Men
Walk Out of B.CL. A. Meeting When Preposterous
Change of Schedule is Carried���Vancouver Papers Were
Notified of Last Saturday's Decision.
Itefiising to accept the dictates of
the Vancouver club any further, the
executive of the Westminster Lacrosse
club made a dramatic exit from a
meeting of the 0. C L. A. held in
Vancouver last evening. It was expected that a little fireworks would be
let oft" at the meeting, but very littlo
of that happened for the simple reason that the Westminster delegates
were only at the meeting a matter of
fifteen minutes.
The    climax    came    when    Lionel j a fratxl��^_
and to the heaps of abuse that hnve
been handed vn the pasl few weeks by
the Vaucouver press."
Royal City United.
The otlier delegates all stated they
would be ashamed to come back to
the Koyal City if they had accepted
such a proposition as that last evening. Delegate Nels Nelson adding
"This has any political meeting that
has ever happened anywhere beat to
Yorke moved that the game scheduled
on July 27 in this city be held over
to September 14, and the game scheduled for the latter date be changed
over to this coming Saturday, thus
giving Vancouver a game on their
grounds. This would mean that Vancouver gets the two next game on
July 27 and August 3. Westminster
at home on August 10, while the nexl
two would also be In Vancouver. The
changing of tbe July 27 game to September 14 would give the last three
games on tbe schedule to be played
on Queens park. No wonder tbe local
delegates balked at the suggestion.
Walked Right Out.
As for Matt Barr, he appeared
greatly agi M ted at the state of affairs
and tried his utmost to get the local
delegates to stay In the meeting, but
all to no avail.
Matt  Barr'9  Comments.
Mat appeared to take it much to
heart and was very, outspoken when
seen after the meeting. "If we /illow
this thing to continue we lay ourselves open to tbc publlc as Incompetent to manager attr own affairs,
petent to manage our own affairs,
the two teams, but have always managed to heal up the breach and as for
myself, I feel sure there is aome way
out whereby  the game will still be
Manage".;" stated before the mo-Wd between the two.team*   The
tion was put that he would not aland  whole trouble In my ������matlon lies
���    ��� -,al. but it went through  In the commission.    1 voted ag
and tben  followed  the  It ^n It was proposed at the o
.... ..._:._ |an(i am still of the opinion that
for such a deal, but it went through J" the commission. **."*$*���*<"*
nevertheless, and then followed the It when It was proposed arf the outs^
walkout of the local delegate.. and am still of the opinion tha    the
It evidently came as a surprise to  aseoclatlon can manage Ittown    af-
the   Vanoouver   delegates,   as   they   talra without being dictated    to    by
thought tbst even though It was a cut. these commissioners.
and    dried   affair,    the Westminster I �� Vf *��� Con-    ���     ... '/-_
delegates would have to swallow It.! J"��t how the matter will result re-
However, they misjudged the calibre ��ndns * be seen. but as far as the
of the locals, and at the present time.. local delegates, are concerned, the
the situation pertaining to lacrosse on ��e��t move will be on the part of the
tha cc*.t might be said to be up in  J=er^ 3��^����'J3
Italian Laborer Charged With
Attempted   Murder Re
serves Defence.
Prisoner Has Good  Reputation���
to Be Applied for���Witness'
Fedele Grossi, an Italian laborer
who resides on Thirteenth street, was
committed for trial at the next court
of competent jurisdiction by Police
Magistrate Edmonds yesterday mornings on a charge of attempting to
murder a compatriot, Frank Gonsales
by name, on Sunday morning.
Mr. J. P. Hampton Bole, who appeared for Unaccused, reserved defence.
John Hammlnk, a resident on Thirteenth street, who witnessed Sunday's
fracas, was the first witness. He
stated that Gonsales,was sitting on
the doorstep of hls house about 10:30
when CrosBi caine along. Grossi stopped and demanded that Gonsales pay
hiii) $1.75 which he said was owing
him. The trouble arose out ot this
and after an altercation the accused
produced a revolver and threatened to
flog hla debtor. Witness then ran
to the office of the Walsh Sash and
Door factory and telephoned for the
Escaped Shooting.
Gonsales, on the stand, asserted
that had he not grasped tbe wrist of
the accused at the time the revolver
was produced, he would have certainly been shot
the air.
Events at Meeting. .
Th�� meeting opened a tttfto after 8
o'clock with President Harry Cowan
In the chair. In his opening remarks
the chairman mentioned that this was
a Bpeclal meeting called to discuss
the causes of Westminster forfeiting
the game In Vancouver on Saturday
last, and the present crisis that now
Manager Gray, when called upon
for explanation, had very little to say
other than that the Westminster club i
had fulfilled all Its obligations In
paying the deposit money, and thus
abiding with the constitution.
Papera Ware Notified.
As tar as'this talk about tbe Vancouver morning papers not being notified was concerned. Manager Gray
produced a document signed by the
chief operator of the local exchange
which was proof that both the News-
Advertiser and the Sun had been
spoken to and told there would be no
game on Saturday.
Mr. Con Jones questioned the veracity ot the statement that .these
papers bad been notified, but a cross
examination of the representative of
the Weatmlnster Dally News appeared to leave no loophole tor Jones to
crawl Into.
' Impossible to Play.
Manager Gray also informed the
delegates that It would have been Impossible to held a team on'that date
as flve of bis regulars were not in a
position to play. George Rennle and
Tom Gifford were under suspension,
Tom Rennle andStlrumpy Spring were
. down with sickness, the latjtcr with
the measles and Jimmy Gifford lying
ln the hospital.
in their places they had McCarty
and Pat Feeney. as Sandy Gray positively refused to even consider to
play after having been out to pra^lcS
onlv two Mmes.       *
Then followed the motion by Lionel
Yorke wh'eh was seconded by Matt
Barr. Dolegat" Kell'ngton moved it
was out of order, but the chair ruled
otherwise. y
On a vote, Manager .Tones.i Matt
Barr, Lionel York. Arthur Oarvev
holding a proxy for Will Ellis, and
Harrv Cowan voted |n the affirmative.
the Westminster delegates, Messr*.
Grav/Agar. Nelson, 8m|,th and Kellington. voting In the negative. Delegate Cowan, holding an extra vote as
, president, declared the motion carried.
That was all there was to It, the
local delegates, leaving the room.
No Game Siturday.
When ppen later in the evening,
Manager Gray gave out the following
statement: "You can take It from
me, but the Westminster team will
never appenr on Recreation park on
Saturday afternoon. We have the
monev to pay the usual deposit, and
the Vancouver delegates can change
all the remaining games on the
schedule to their own grounds, but ye
will never accept such a deal as that
handed np thia evening.
What w are flehtlng for Is clonn
sport, and I believe tho Westminster
public are back of us In this demand. We ryro fully able to. meet nil
our financial obligations for tbe rest
'of the season, and aro not worrying
Finding of Accidental Death in    the
Japaneae Caae.
"Accidental death" was the sub
stance of the verdict of the coroner's
Jury empanelled before Dr. McQuarrie
yesterday to inquire Into the circumstance of the death of K. Aoki. the
Japanese who died in the Royal Columbian hospital on Monday morning,
from Injuries received the previous
night in the'Fraser mill.
Architect  Reports Alta  Vista  School
Progress Slow���Provision Made
for Fire Protection.
Burin Is Capable of Handling
Present Trade and Has
Kept Schedule.
Need fcr Immediate Action If City le
to  Enjoy Regular Victoria
It appears probable that something
will be done ln tte next two weeks
in connection with the tangle between
���lie Alaskan aud the Durin in the
traffic between this city aud Victoria
At the last board ot trade meeting
held on Friday evening, it was stated
that the steamer Hurin Is not equip
ped with a large enough derrick tc
handle laiye shipments, while tin
Alaskan, which is a larger boat, Ie
making intermittent sailings and cannot be relied upon. Now it is believed
that the Alaskan ts chartered on n
Seattle run.
Non-Support Alleged.
The owners of the llurln. upon read
lng the report In the local papers, np
pear to be highly Incensed v^ftH   the
remarks   made at  the   meeting,  and
point out that their boat Is capable
of handling  all  tiie  traffic  betweer
Westminster   and   Victoria,   and . hat
never turned down an ounce of cargr
to date, but that since lt was placed
on the run nearly two   months'  age
with the support of the Victoria board
of trade it has not received the support which they claim is due from the
local merchants when they consider
Ithat the Burin bas maintained her
scheduled sailings right from the
start. On the other band the owners
have bad to turn down several entlc-
Purchase Price Reported Between $600,000 and $700,000
���Is Part bf Tremendous Scheme for Utilizing Westminster's Harbor and Terminal Facilities���Is Second Recent
'Big Deal of Vendors���C. N. R. Routes.
For some time past, and particularly since the big tire that occurred on
May 14 last, there have been persfst-
ent rumors that the Royal Ctty mills
site had been transferrer! tn tho Canadian Northern railway. It in now definitely  announced  that each a deal
Extradition Papera Are Already signed in Loa Angeles.
Chief of Police    Bradsha-v    stated
last evening that he had received advices from Los Angeles to the effect ihas Men consummated* ��wd. ivhJle all
that   papers  for  the  extradition    of. officials, especially   tfcoaft   connected
Charles Dean, who is being held    In | with   the   situation   locally,  maintain
the American city on suspicion of be
ing concerned in the Bank of Montreal robbery here last September,
lad been signed.
This means that Dean must return
to British Columbia to stand his trial
with others for the historic robbery
tri due course an officer will be sent
to fetch the prisoner bere.
shooter, and was loaded with BBBB
shot cartridges, wbich though not
considered dangerous ammunition except at very close quarters, would Inflict a painful wound even at long
range. ,
��� As soon as a copy of thf evhfcmce
can be obtained an application tor
had wtU be made before Hla Honor
rude* Howay. It i* otaHHrdtaod ifcal
t number of Italian residents are
willing to give bonds for Orossl, who
has always borne the reputation of
being an honest hardworking man.
Progressive   Asaoclation   Moves   Concerning H. R. H.���Try to Secure
Colonel Hon. Sam Hughes.
West Burnaby, July 23.���The new
school at West Burnaby is now quite
completed, according to the report
���presented this evening by Mr. J. H.
Bowman, tfte school's architect, to the
board, -but progress on the school at
A lta .Vista is nery slow and he much
doubted whether the building could
be completed by the time specified.
Inspection by a committee was invited by the architect of tho West
Burnaby school, but Mr. Mayne, chairman of the board, expressed his entire satisfaction with what he had
seen, and the report was adopted.
lt was decided to ask for tenders
for septic systems at the Inman avenue, and Armstrong avenue schools
tenders to be in at a meeting two
weeks from tonight. .
In order to provide the best fire
protection available, twenty five extinguishers were ordered from the
Vancouver Rubber company, and this
number wlll provide eome protection
for every school In the municipality,
'n each of the larger schools four wlll
be Installed.
A communication was received from
Mr. Walter J. Holdom asking the
board to erect a school on the school
site at Howard avenue, and the reply
will be that arrangements will be
mnde as soon as the children oT
schdoi age In the nelghborhobd Increase to a number that will Justify
bulldln sr a school.
The board of education approved of
the auoolntmpnt of Dr. Fewstet as
medical inspector of schools at $70
a month.
Tokio, July Cl���The offctal
l.rtletin on the emperor'^ condition Issued at 6 o'clock this
morning reads:
"The emperor Blent w��ll.
Temperature'100.4: pulse 96;
reRolratlon 82. Oeqeral condition unchanged."     ���
one iota alonp this line
"I greatly deplore tho slaw of at- *
fairs that noW exists, but weKre prepared  to  drop the game altogether
sooner than attbmlt to such demands, ���������������������������������*������������! to be beld at 1 p.m. next Tuesday
Two of the most important matters
taken up by the executive of the Progressive association at the regular
weekly meeting yesterday afternoon
were in connection witb the visit of
.he Duke of Connaught to the city
chia fall, and the visit of Colonel Sam
tiughes to the coast within the next
.wo or throe weeks.
It is felt by tbe association that u
welcome befitting the high station of
the Governor General should Ue
accorded the royal visitor when he
arrives bere. and yesterday the opinion waa expressed that it was a subject for the entire city to be Interest
ed In. After the matter had been
discussed as to the best means or
making a start iu the right direction
with the definite end in view of preparing a reception tor His Royal Highness, the secretary was instructed to
write a letter to tbe mayor requesting
him to call a general meeting of the
oltizens to talk over the matter.
In connection with the visit of the
minister of militia to the coast,
though hts Itinerary does not Include
a visit to the Royal City, It Is confidently expected that he could be Induced to come here If approached in
ihe proper manner. To this end the
matter waa left In the hands of a
special committee which will make
every effort to have the colonel pay
the city a call, and have him attend
a luncheon of the Progressive association If possible.
If the colonel could be persuaded to
c.^me here it was confidently anticipated by the members of the committee that the members of the National
Reserve and of the United Service
club would co-operate with the association and any other public bodies In
glvlug blm a rousing reception.
Mr. H. E. Rowley, of the steamship
Burin, addressed the committee and
isked for the support of the assop'a-
tlon lu buildng up n freight trade between New Westminster'and Victoria
The members of the committee were
persuaded that It wns of vital Import-
tnce to the commercial Interests ot
the city that the service given liy Mr.
Rowley's boat bo continued, b'tt pre-
��� -jaratory t" taHIn* any action the mnt-
��� ter was referred to the shipping coin-
��� ���ittee,  and   to   Mr.   W.   I..  Darling.
P  ^ha'rman of the Industrial committee,
��� who will thoroughly thresh tlie ones-
��� Moi out. and see what can be done
��� to keep the vessel,on the run.
��� Mr.  W.   R.  Slncla'r.  reporting for
��� t't<> luncheon committee, stated that
��� ;>rrangements  had   been   mad*   with
��� Mr. A. 0. Powell, engineer of the hajv
��� bor Improvement scheme, to speak nt
**. the next lunebeon of the association
ing offers to maintain their schedule.
Furthermore, they claim tbat tbe
Burin Is capable of ha:: JUng a 75 ton
cargo, and in the agreement with the
Victoria board "of trade, they are
supposed to place a larger boat on the
run wben the traffic demands IL
When mm yeatk��Uy Mr. ft. P.
VidAl, who (��� chairman or the navigation committee of "tbe boaro of trade
disclaimed any connection with the
statements made at tbo meeting, at
he was not there, and. furthermore, it
was not in his line to handle the case.
He referred the representative of the
Westminster Daily News to Mr.
Arjhtar Davis, chairman of the transportation committee.
Favors Burin.
Mr. DavlB stated he wa-i entirely in
favor tof dropping the support now
given by the board of trade to the
Alaskan, as the owners of the boat
when they see a cargo awaiting them
at any other point, will leave tht.
mixed shipment* at Victoria and New
Westmlnater, and deal wijth the
straight cargoes, thus leaving the
shippers at both .points helpless until
she again arrives on iho scene.
"For the firJt two weeks." stated
Mr. Davis. "t��e Ataskan kept ur V
schedule time, but since then we havr
had to take a chance of getting our
goods through to their destination at
a time when the Alaskan ls not busy
elsewhere. I am certainly ia favor of
the board of trade supporting the
Burin, and if we are to have a regu-'
lar sailing schedule between tbe two
cities we must act and .act quickly.
I understand the Burin cjwners made
a three rdonths agreement with the
Victoria board of trade, whereby they
undertook to keep to their schedule
and as this expires at the end of this
month, tbe sooner the local merchant?
Uke up the, matter and give them
their support, the leBB danger there
will be of not having any boat on
the run altogether.
Cause of Trouble.
'-'The whole trouble," continued Mr
Davis, "occurred when the Victoria
authorities wrote the local board of
trade that they were arranging tr
have a boat on th*e run. and asked
for our co-operation. Nothing wae
done for a while, and when it became
known tbat Dodwell & Co. were ar
ranging to place a stenmej on the ron
the local board ot trade at once took
it for granted that thU was the boat
the Victor's hoard b��d arranged for
It certainly looks to me < that the
Alaskan oners got wine to the movements of the owners nf/**" B"r'n. and
denned in tho breach w*��'l'. ~- were
mder the Impression that this was
the Bame boat. The Cmntng'iam
Hardware companv. with which Lam
connected. Is giving its trade to the
Burin, and I trrst that   other   mer-
Mike  Harvey, Arrested In Vancouver
for Hold  Up Identified aa
The   mystery   of   the   Sapperton
burglary case, which took place
Friday afternoon, was cleared up yesterday    afternoon    when    the   )at
police wero able to ideatUjr *\ portion
Ot mo etpimti gtfod*- which were found
on "Siiito Harvey, who la" being Wid
in custody hi Vancouver charged with
highway rolfbery.
Harviy was captured by the Term-'
inal Ctty police at 12 o'clock Friday
night wbile in the act of relieving
John Fady of bia belongings at tbe
point of a-small cannon.
Fady waa walking along Powell
street when.be met Harvey who told
him to deliver, but Constables Lowry
and McLeod happened to be around
and Harvey was arrested.
Chief of Police Bradshaw, hearing
of this, immediately got in touch with
the Vancouver police, with tbe result
tbat tbe person wbo owns the aback
ln Sapperton which was burglarized,
was able to identify his missing
artieffcs, which include a revolver.
Harvey will appear in the Vancouver polios court on Thursdav morning, and tf the evidence Is insufficient
to convict he will be rearrested and
brought over to this city to answer a
charge of unlawfully entering a dwelling. I
Doctors and Nurses   of   Moose   Jaw
Refuse Cheques for Services
During Cyclone.
chants will do the same."
��� ',- ���(���������
Reg'no. Sask.. July M.���-A man
named SoIJisj sentenced to 12 mo"thr
Imnr'sonmnnt for theft at the time
of f>e cvelono her*, w released
���his morning by order of Judge Lambert.
JameB Cordo". oh��rr> d wtth intlmi-
dotlcn under the ifcleotloii Act. -was
dismissed bv Magistrate Trant tWs
T^omlnor. No evidence wsj offered bv
the Conservative association'attortey
Regina, Sask., July 23.���In response
to requests tor accounts, the Moose
Jaw doctors who came to'Regina on
the night of the cyclone have writ
ten saying their services were given
without a thought of reward, nor will
they accept money. The Moose Jaw
nurses have written to tbe same effect and the Regina nurses who gave
their services at tbe aame time bave
returnecTlhe cheques sent them, without exception.
A cheque for $12,000 haa been add
ed to the contribution of the Canadian
Manufacturers' association, making
$25,000 iu all from that body.
Agreement has been reached be
tween the Bank of Commerce and the
Saskatchewan Hotel company, and
the bank will now proceed ln the- erec
tiob of Its building here. The foot
ings of the Kings hotel encroached
'two and a half feet on the bank's
property and the matter, which has
been in the courts, has delayed the
erection of the building more than a
considerable reticence, tbo purchase
price is said to be between J��80,<KK>
and $700,000.
Nearly $2,000,000 in AH
The acquisition by the C. fi. K. or
this property ia in line with the purchase of that    extending:   from   the
bridge over the  Fraser to  the cltr
market, which took place in December
last, and which was said to involve
the sum of about one million dollars.
Tbe company now possesses in   the
neighborhood of three quarters of   a
mile ot property paralleling Om river
front, and, taken ia conjunction witb
the harbor scheme, the opinion is  expressed that there ia little doubt thai
thia latest move is bai part ef the
program which Sir William Mackenzie had in mind when fco if fl at
the   banquet   tendered  him  in    this
city that the C. N. R. wwdd nahe
Westminster, just an tha C. P. R. had
made Vancouver.
It is stated that fhe railway say
enter into possession of the Royal
City mills at any time nov, hot It is
considered unlikely that may operations will develop at least dariax the
current year.
Two  Big Deals*.
The vendont ot the   Uftmstatj    asm-
tho B. C. Mills.  Tlw.kts��im*m TrmaVaK
oompanr. nf Vaneouver, at the havd ��f
which is Mr. John Hendry.   This is
the second big deal this company has-
put through    within   the   past  fear
weeks, the other one bein* tbe aale
of the site of the Roynf City rattle hi
Vancouver to the B. C. Electric This*
site is located near the terminus ef
the B. C. E. R. and will be used far
trackage purposes.   Its purchase price-
was reported to be in the   neighborhood of one million dollara.
-    Alternative Routes-
Mayor Lee haa already announced
the  probable  route  of the C..JN. It-
through tbla city, and at the present
time there ia much speculation ats to
the method which will he employe*
for entering  Vancouver Dom  Westminster.    In Its issue ef Jfa* 9 the
Monetary Times, through its Vancouver correspondent, saya:
The Jicsetary Time* was stoeii tori iy the blie print outlining a Canadian Nortueru extension alone tte
lorth bank of the Fraser. Annacis inland and beyond to Woodward's lam***
Ing. just east of Steveston.
This blue print was- attached to an
agreement between tbe Canadian Northern railway and a property owner-
on Lulu island appertaining- to   the -
transfer of land for a right of waty.
Tbe  agreement  sets  forth  that'the-
line must be completed'by July  13,
1913. so that no time fs to be hwL.
��� A year ago real estate at Steveston ���
and in the vicinity was active following a report that the Canadian Northern was seeking a location on   1ke>:
Island, and the stesy ptatar hr   tfre
Monetary Times on that occasion   is
now being corroborated.  The supposition Is that this new ertenaioa hi the ;
flrst move in getting into Vaneouver. !
If that is so, the route will doubtless j
lay through Point Q��r- <\
Via North Aim-
On the other hand H is advanced
from other sources of information
that the C. N. R. will proceed from
Westminster via the North Arm ef
the Fraaer through Burnaby and
South Vancouver and will then strihe.
tbrough Point Grey either, by a diversion or by tunnel and ao
Resident die*
on way to hoswtjbc.
��� ��������������� ���* �� ���.���;��� *> �� ��� ���
Practical Church Union.
Nelson.    B.C.. ' July    23.���Pnwt'col
MONTREAL BLA26,    .     <
,    EATS VP $75000
trt���. ���  ,
Montreal,'Julv 23.���Damage
amounting no 173,000 -wittf no
insurance , waa Jaone today
when lire destroyed a Ume Wih
and oltlco buUd��ng3 of the
Sovereign Lime Works, along
with 5000 tons of coal and 3000
cords ot wootj stored nearby.
'Nelson. B.C., July SX-i-Whae dHr-
Ing to the hospital in;�� tijMfc y��d��w^
day, accompanied by Bpr fciafcaiidt
Mrs. John B. Baxter, aft old timer er
Nelson, expired. She^waait enffisrer-
from heart disease.
Assault Airege^-
For an alleged assault on a yottos
girl yesterday noon, a eaW proprietor on Begbie street waa arrested yeeterday. and will appear before NTigfe-
trate Edmonds this mornfoc ACcord-
Ing to one of tbe witnesses a-hhife
was displayed tn tbe argument.
church union vllJ bi In force In Nelson during the nert two months. Dur-1*
lne the respective absohces . of I ���
Methodist and Presbyterian pastor* J ���
on their "vacations, each pastor will ���
al tern atei v administer to tbe united ���
congregation. [������������������������������������ ���'��� ��� ��� niajarfty
��� Election Definitely Settled.
��� Moose Jaw, SaBk.. Ju!yJtt,HPf ^
��� only teday fliat Willow
��� be safely considered as,��
���. tive seat lit the proylaclpi
4 Tbe scattered    state   of   the
<* sti tuency JmA   m��ny . dW|����n*��   ����
��� transpoMatlon1   dtte te!.'we��*i -inht,.
��� caused a hold-im of final fignrea.   w.
��� ,W. Davidson, tbe mem����re��apt, haw
��� I gone south' to Bengonrh to attend <*K*
��� official flaunt.    life eLdcre Wftpefas **"     PAOBTWO
WEDNESDAY, JULY 24,  1912.
EClassified Advertising
��� ���
One cent per word for day.
Four cents per word per
No advertisement accepted
for less" than 25c.
Birth, death and marriage
notices 50c per insertion.
keeping    rooms    at    224    Seventh
j    street.
rooms, suitable for two gentlemen.
66 Sixth street.
day or weqk. 654 Columbia street,
over Royal Bank of Canada.
ply Mrs. T. J, Armstrong, 89 Sixth
man for general housework.    Apply
Brunette boarding house,    109    Columbia street, Sapperton.
furnished house; will be well taken
care of. Apply Box 87 Westminster
Daily Newa.
for the best insurance proposition
ev-r offered In British Columbia.
Big money for experienced or Inexperienced men.    Any Rood man can
- make good. Apply Box Sti. Dally
News.   Correspondence confidential
quire two comfortable furnished
rooms: old country family rye-
ferred. Apply room 2, B. C. K. K.
depot.   Phone 401.
house, full sized basement; 301
Princess street. Apply to Warner
Bangs & Co., Phone 1024.
1033 Nanaimo street. Apply at
Royal cafe.
rooms. 701 Fourth avenue; one
block from Sixth avenue car.
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room !>. Knights of Pjthlai-
hall, coiner Kighth sireet and Agnes--
bedroom, furnished. Terms reasonable.    720 Agnes street.
house.    Address Box 765 City.
street, opposite Dominion Trusl
blocl;.   Apply H. P. Vidal & Co.
City steam laundry.
ers.    iti Hastings street. j
diately.    Apply  Diamond  and   Corbould, room 1. Lavery block.
Bohemian cafe, opposite C. P. R.
depot. <
suitable for two gentlemen or light
housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh
Alberta Is Steadily Turnln- From Hei
Old  Time  Ranrhes It Wheat.
There   is   one   Cuttle   Kim?   left   In
Alberta.    He is Pat Burns, of Oal-'flT.
the  first,  the   last  nnd  the  only   Pat
Burns.     He   has   watched  the  transi-
tion as keenly as the olil cattle mnn
���perhaps  more  keenly.    But  lie differs with  tiie old cattle mnn  in tliat
he has figured out the ultimate result, i
And he i.s not in the least pessimistic |
Pat Burns is practically tlie only old I
time rancher left who can still count-!
his steers hy the thousand.    Ho  was '
one of the  first  men  to try on'  the!
country   as   a   cattle-raising   district.!
That was back in '80. when  lie came'
west with a few head ol stock,
then   he   lias   become   wealthy,   won-
drnusly   wealthy   oven   for   the   wast,
where they.made money  111 a hurry.
He has two htttte packing plants, one
at Calgary and another at Vanentiv��r,
has a string of distributing an I retail
stores throughout British Columbia.
Mr. Burns says, and lie lias argued
to the point many times, that the
breaking up of the old time ranches
will not only benefit tlm country, bnt
will also eventually benefit the cattle
industry. And Ig) explains, it thus:
When an area previously used for
crazing becomes split up into countless sections and quarter sections, and
is used for settlement, the large herd
disappears. But smaller bunches,
kept by each individual fanner, and
fattened and looked after instead of
of the herd. The total number of
cattle may not be quite as large, hut
what remain are fed up and fat and
ready for market in the Spring, whereas oftentimes in tiie old days the loss
by drifting, by freezing, by winter
starvation was frightful.
Just now Alberta, with the exception
of   Mr.   Burns
Coer, to S-i* cn L"ng Voy _is on thl
B.icks f Chnt Tir"--.
Among the many curious crabs there
is perhaps it""ij inure iinerestiiv! than
thi sailor ernb, a name applied tu it
because it uoes  to  sea,ou   hug  voy.
"Janey Canuck" Is Ihe Mo*f Intersil-
fng of Our Women Scribes.
Mrs. Arthur Murphy, rf Ivliomton.
K pprhaps, the mi��t interest ine el
the large group of Canadian women
wha are making nntewnrthv crntnhu
ages, which it makes on the hacks ni   tions to the literature of the  Domin-
dgger-i ton.   Mrs.  Murphy was  horn  in  1:168
big   green   turtles   and   giant   ..,������-.  ....        .    .- r.y. ������-.- .y.TV.!       .  ,,.���
l1(mn\, . i 'sue is not afraid to tell her aee! at
The' sailor crab is a little fellow1 Cook stow n-the south Simcoe village
with a Iio.lv three-ouarters of an inch' famous as the birtholace-and present
or an Tnch'in leir.'th. With its claws ��nmo of Hon. .1. R, Duff. Ontario's
extended it might measun ar inch 1 Minister of Agriculture. Emily Fer-
and a half. It is a verv prettv crab I P"30n vvfl'' her nal��e, and she enme
indeed, with color marking* (hat are' "' H noJp,? Simcoe County family of
various; it mav be found with a shell' Tory politicians, being a . [coe of the
all ycildHv. or' with a shell of dark j '"te p1- r- ����� Fereuson. and stand-
Since! co!o��� wit|, lighter shadings like those1 oancnUr cf the late Col. (). R.,(iow-
of finished tortoise shell; or it may! *"< J'oth nf whom were memhers cf
havi a mottled shell, or a shell whose ���e 'inn"1e nf Common.*. Sir John A.
coloring resembles that of veined j Macdonald was a euest at the weddinu
marble. It seems all the rettier seen | "' "" parents. She was educated at
amid its rou?h surroumlincs on the ��!����"P Strachan School. Toronto, win-
bie loirrrerhesd's dingy brown shell.     | nln*f   the   A,e*-   Mannimr   medal   for
The bi? loggerhead, with a top shell
five, six or seven feej in length, may
afford a floating home for various
othr living thincs. Barnacles attach
to it and niarire vegetation that lodges
on its baek -ticks ther? and thrives.
Some day when the bit? turtle, with
all this life on its back, swims into
shallower waters tn feed, or works its
way throueh some floating mass of
seaweed, one or two sailor crabs may
come aboard, shipping thus for a long
I voyage.,
general proficiency. In 1887 she mar
ried Rev. Arthur Merphy. ��� Clturr'i
of Eneland clergyman, and for years
has lived in the west.
Mrs. Murphy writes under the pen
I name of Janey Canuck, and her hook,
"Janey Canuck in the Westi" was
enthusiastically praised when it appeared. Her publishers. Cassells A
Co.. Toronto, have just issued a de-
lishtful seouel to this work, entitled
"Open Trai's." It is not a story in
lhe  ordinary   sense,  but   a   series   of.
,      ,       , The sailor crab finds foil among thel Impressions'of western  fife, skillfully
oose to rustle, take tbe place   meadows  or  forests  if  vegetation  on   an'' fhnrrTiirialy recorded.    Mrs. Mur-
lerd.     The   total   number   ol | itq js|Rn,|   nr in ft,, Scrar=" that come ! P^W  '* " V("rV  keen observer,  with a
to it from'the turtle's table, ft might j fea' H.,ld, r",hu.st x,'pin, "f *W��T: ^��-
seetn that the bi? loggerhead couldn't i ""'** "'deed, is the hest word to de-
catch fish, but it i.s a irreat swimmer. ! s"l,,p ner work hs a whole, for it is
an', it will smash into a school of , ��", Rtr/""J- **M. and refreshing. The
fish and snap up what it wants, and ^nlY, J??1**0. 'T found with ' Open
scraps from this float back to lodge on ! "����!�� '�� that th�� Ia?t e\'~M chapters
___^_ the   turtle's   back   and  Aere   furnish I aro unnecessary-just a few rambling
        I*   not  able   to   raise   f���rd for Me sailor.   So the sailor crab j ""/narks   ahout   a   visit   to   the   east.
enough cattle to supply her own needs ut sea on t)le turtle's back Is likely Bl'ich might have been condensed in-
and tliose of British Columbia, and to ^et en0U1,|, to eat but it has to lie |tn a paragraph, if a comparison of
the Burns steers, branded with a huge 8i,vavs 0I1 the lookout not to be swept we.��t and eBS,t w"��l desired.
"Nk   H."  on   the   ribs,   are   the  only   ����� ti,..���u:..-- j--i- -- <��� '     M"   "������������' candid in criticism
���For Cement Blocks, Brick Chimneys. Laundry Tubs. Basements and
Sanitary Plastic Flooring, see J. W.
McCallum, Westminster Trust Blk.,
New Westminster.
best offer I get this week on lot
west side Tenth avenue, just half a
hlock south of the new cut-off
<nuniber 12). One-third cash. Name
the price yourself. Gordon Tanner,
415 Cordova street west, Vancouver, B.C.
The partnership heretofore existing
between Albert J. Hill and Geoffrey
K. Burnett, as B. C. Land Surveyors
and Civil Engineers, at New Westminster, B.C., is this day dissolved by
effluxion of time.
The business will  be continued by
Geoffrey  K.  Burnett,  who  will settle
any liabilities of Uie late firm and to
whom all accounts are payable.
New Westminster, B.C., July 15, 1912.
on   the   ribs.       ^^^^^^
ones you may see any more traveling
are   the  only   off th(J jjh, >g deck |n ,)eavy \fcjjtff
Mrs.  Murphy is
unco juu niHy see any more traveling ancj g0 ^ ]()Sj [n the ocean or devour- I*' '',e WP*L much us sho fovea it.
eastward for the old country. Last e(i by S(jme ,,recintory monster uf the i ^*^e t,,is parairraph, for example:
year only forty thousand head of cat-   fieBV)~ ' ! "The Egypt of the Pharaohs did crcat
tie   went   out   of   the   country.    Ten,       "' i thin*.    ��>>�� ���***�������� ���' '���������������    " '
class, full skirt length, nearly new.
Price greatly reduced. Reid & McDonald's.
*X>R SALE���A SNAP���LOT 12, RE-
subdlvision B, block 9, subdivision
171. Owner being pressed for money.
What offers ? See Mr. Farmer, care
White, Shiles & Co., or write G.
Tanner, Kerrisdale, B. C.
The north half of dock 8, D. L. 172;
11 lots, eaoh 50 feet front to 16
foot lane; about 100 yards from cutoff; delightful view. Price $10,500;
oiie-quarter cash, balance easy. D.
D. Bourke, 1316 Cariboo Btreet.
Phone 919.
���coop and chickens, 21 fruit trees
full bearing; lot 5, 50x132 feet, garden and vegetables; Ninth avenue,
Burnaby, between Second and
'.Fourth streets. Price $1350: very
easy terms.    Apply on premises.
ate sale, six roomed house, block
from city car.   A. L. N., News office.
most new.
���A   BELL   PIANO,
408 Fifth street.
der, a four burner gas plate, with ,
oven complete.    Apply    210   Agnes
street, city.
���ranees on easy terms; $1.00 down,
'$1.00 per w��ek. Canada Range Co.,
MAri;et Square,
LOST    AT   0.  N.    R.
Thursday last, July
parasol,    Finder  wl
by returning same
street east.
18, a  blue  silk
11   be   rewarded
to 51 Columbia
We havo Installed a system for
wrapping bread In white waxed paper
as soon as it leaves the oven, guaranteeing it absolutely clean.
of land on Twelfth street, close to
business and industrial section;
Twelve-roomed house which cost
$6000; adequate outbuildings. Price
$25,000, one-third cash, terms to arrange. This Is a property bound to
increase in value.   No. 28.
'street, each 60x119.75; a snap at
$2600; one-third cash, 6, 12 and IS
each 34x145 to lane; $600 each.
Terms for balance.   No. 41.
acres of choice land for $3200; only
one mile from station; flowing well
on property, 5-roomed house, barns.
chicken houses, fruit trees, strawberry plants, crop of potatoes, etc.
$700 cash wlll handle property.
Balance spread    over    two    years
. No. 15.
119.15 for $2600; third cash; 6, 12
and 18 months. This U a moneymaker, v
Eleventh street for $4500, third
cash; 6, 12 and 18 months.
and B. C. E. It. track; nearly all
cleared; $5000 takes the property;
third cash; terms 6, 12 and 18
See Us About Highland Home.
years ago nearly four times that number croiaed the ocean to make tha lam-
ous roast beef of old England.
Some years ago it became evident
that a change must come over the
method of cattle raising. The old
ranch system demanded immense unpeopled areas, and as it is estimated
that twenty acres is required to satisfactorily feed one steer it was inevitable that settlement and hotiia-
steading in the country could not go
on without the .sacrifice of the ranges
on the part of the cattlo raisers.
Therefore, as settlers commenced to
make application for land* the Government by degrees cancelled the
grazing lease and restricted ���'eriously
the operations of the cattle rmichsrs.
In fact many of the larger ouf'ts sold
out' and quit business, swept ttsidi:
by   the  changing  conditions.
The result has been that ill the last
few years tliere have lieen very heavy
sales of-heifers and female stock, ��n(f
there are fewer cattle on the range today than there have ever been since
1890.���Canadian   Courier.
Couldn't Do It.
The pianist engaged to play at a
"smoker" which waa hold recently
played by ear and was famed for
his accompaniments to songs of ail
kinds. He maintained his reputation until a young fellow was called
upon to, favor the company with a
comic song. The would-be comedian
had a very tuneless voici and, being
nervous, forgot some of the words.
The result was he gave Ihe first
verse in three different keys, and
when he broke down at the chorus
he had the cheek to blame the pianist,
saying: "You're putting me off. If
you can't play better than that I'll
sin? without the piano."
."You'll have to," replied the pianist sarcastically. "I can't accompany
a stump speech."
Real  Estate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block,  New  Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
A Sbm.
Ranee Logan, ex M.P. for Amher-t.
X.S.. was among the guests <>I the
Saskatchewan Legislature on the laving of the corner-jtone o' the capito!
some few years ago. Regius then lm1,
fewer paved streets than it has today, and the Parliament Huildin'.'S
were a little way out of town where
pavements were not.
Regina is the centre of a great agricultural district, and wlii's its soil is
excellent for growing wheat it has
very little voirue with the pedestrian.
\Vhen the train pulled into l'.egnia
in energetic Saskatchewan rain hail
h 'en nt work over night, and wu*
sti 11 busy.
Mr. Logan and ffis frund were
forced to walk through the mire t'i tlit��
ceremonies. A good ira i had sWr.ed
on the occasion to spread the irosp^l
among the eastern heathen ami hid
established himself near tlie site ot
the Parliament buildings, where he
displayed a conspicuous sizn which
read. "Where will you spend et>rii-
Mr. Logan waved an internyative
hand to the sign, pointed to t ne "f
his party, and said. "Anywluie but
Regina."���Canadian  Courier.
Cleared lot half block from cnrline
60x120, $750, one-quartor canh, balance 6, 12, IS and 24 months.
New C-roomcd hduse for rent, modern,
S20 a month, in advance.
Trouble al Campbellton.
During tlie election fevei* of Septem
ber   last   tliere   was   trouble   between
tw i   prominent  citizens  of  Campbell
ton,   N.B.       Dr.   Doherty's   umbrella
ilercpil the eye of Daniel Bruce, and
the  wound   proved  fatal.    The  doctor
wis lieen acquitted of m'anslaughtet
iid some of the citizens ar.' in.hit
aant over what th��y claim t.i be h
"miscarriage ul justice."
Will,out expressing any opinion oi'
Uie ease, it may be pointed i lit thn'
,t will now be in order l"r - me freak
.egisliitor   to   introduce  a   bill   forbid
!:i!;> lhe carrying of umbrellas [or .i
period "I thirty days preceding a ueu
���ral election. Mr. Lewis seems pi
nave a fondness for freak bills, and il
sit, bere is liis opportunity.���Calln*lian
Store to rent, suitable for restaurant
or butcher shop; $25 a month, in advance.
Suite of three rooms to rent, modern;
$18 a month, ln advance.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
and Sixth Street.
826 Fourth St.
Cinadi^n Scholar's Laurels.
Mr. l-'rank Lowden Uaruet, li.A..
son of Mr. and Mrs. William Barnet
of Cobourg. (Int.. who took bis de
irree at Queen's University. King.
ston. last year, winning li e g"id
medal in political science, has imw
won a $400 scholarship iu the L'lliver
sity ol Chicago. Mr. Barnet is 21
yeurs old. and Is said to he the joiiiik-
est graduate of any Canadian llm-
varsity to be awarded this coveted
prize. He will go to Chicago to begin a three years' course.
Sewing Roo.n Siyings.
Dressmakers' superstitions tr) is
ujmerous in the sewing room-rs the
pins and needles about which they
circulate. Some of then sound as
if thejr tni^hl have originated out
of tlie reecf of placating the p-tweM
that be in case of accident. For instance, if a new gown slips nut of
th? operator's hands and falls tu
the floor "it is a sign" that the
gown will be sold quickly. Still another saw that carries placation on
the face of it is the one that promises
that if you spill a box of pins "it is a
sign" that customers are comiqg.
| things. She boasted herself tn be the
' granary of the world, even as we claim
to be the siranary of tlie Kmpire, but
in this day we are not particularly
concerned as to the number of bushels
she produced or as to I -i-w she marketed them. Our attention is riveted
on those records which tell how she
lived and loved, and what she looked
like���her color,  so to say."
"Janey" believes in fair play as veil
as frankness. She defends the cos^
of construction nf the Urand Trunk
Pacific in the west. It may have cost
three times as much as other railways, but she points out that the na I
is sound and solid, not "cobweb*
strung on a muske.'." She has a wor 1
to say for the French nuns at bt.
Albert, who have nn their monastery
windows not a cross and the lilies of
France., but a etrn*** and maple leaves.
As to the Canadian who puts up a
notice "No Kngiish need apply." she
says- "I delight in that Kmtlisliman
who, on seeing such a notice, riisod
his ..eyebrows, ami said: 'tty. 4<v��t
Copied off the gates of He'll! ���Star
Riddle ef the Sphinx.
The sphinx���some sort of fabled
monster���proposed a riddle to the people of Thebes, it is said, and > mrder-
cd all who could not answer it.
Oedipus finally solved it, and in chagrin the sphinx put herself to death
the riddle was as follows: "What
goes on four feet in the morning, two
feet ih the afternoon and three at
night?" The answer given by Oedipus
was this: "Man, because he crawls as
a child, walks upright in bin full
strength and walks with a staff when
an old man."
Buffalo  Cows   Fierce.
Buffalo cows in the park at Wainwright have  become very  tierce, arid
in all probability it will be necessary
to shoot them.
Chatham lstButy.
Ihe total cost of the building operation* in Chatham, Ont., is given hs
$22.ti.S0, an incrsas uf 31.ri |c cent.
over A;nl. 1011.       __..__.
A huntsman called on Hodge to
sett'e for damage done by a run to
hounds and  found only  Mrs.  If ridge
at home.
"Has your husband," he inquired,
"made an examination yet?"
"That lie have, sir," replied Mrs.
Hodge, with a curtsey.
"Hather a cursory examination, I
sus|*��ct? '
"Oh, dreadful, sir. Sueh lanz-
widge I never heerd���never!" And
tha -(good woman held up her hand.-
it   the  bnre   reroliectlon.
Flyihling Csasickr o.
Tliere i* i.ne p ace in ii shin where
the voy.uo-i i..iv hs ul rest. This writer discovered it during a iiiid-Altantic
itnr.ii Wi ei h ��� wei t down to th hhtll-
room, tumbled Into a wan., ?ea bath
tu.J llo ed, The vessel v\a�� perffil'iii-
[ng tlie most hmailing sntlc's, bul i iu-
water In the huth kept its ii-u;il grav��
ity, ai.d the bather floated with n
sm.le u.m.i) its bo., in. -Lui.duii i'atler.
Such    Is   Life.
"It's a hard struggle to conduct
one's business without plenty of capital," observed the man with the ingrowing  chin.
' .ou're right.' 'agreed the man with
the malice nose. "If a fellow hasn't
got plenty of backing ho has to do a
lot of sidestepping."
Or. A.  H.  U. Colquhoun.
Dr. A. fl. II. Colquhoun has been
"lected president of the Canadian
Club of Toronto. It is a position that
does not go by promotion nor by election, as a president is selected esch
vear from among the members Ky a
representative committee created lor
'the special purpose of finding the best
man available. An excellent clinics
has lieen made on tl.is occasion. Hr.
Colquhoun is Deputy Minister nf Edu.
cation for Ontario, was a golJ medallist of Metiill. and received an tion-
>rsry LL.D. from Queen's. In journalism he occupied a place in the
front rank before accepting the post
of De; uty Minister, while he is a
Conservative he is more a student
than a combatant in politic* and is a
recognized au'hority on Canadian political history.
Dr Colquhoun, side from heing a
collect r of Canadian' bonks and
pamphlets, seeks diversion from his
official duties in long country walks.
in an occasional game nf iroff at the
[.ami t ,n Club, and in trout and baas
Sir William Whyte.
Sir William Whyte, who is �� genial
man with a keen sense of hum >r.
tells these two stories of himself. A
young reporter who had just cffllie to
Winnipeg was sent to tlie C.P.R. of
lices (or news. He was eneruetie and
enterprising and managed to make his
WBy up to Sir William's office.' hj��
secretary heing nut of the ante roofn
at the time. "Anything fresh this
morning.-" snid he briskly to the irrey-
laired o.llcial, "Nothing that I can
-ee except you," replied tM v|ce-
president with a smile.
On another occasion while Sir Wil-
'iam v.ni making a lour of inspectinh
he .-topped at a little ��tatiun, and g��-
.n�� ii.lu the room of the operator,
who \wis a new employe, emptied.
'Are there telegram* for ine?" The
voui:.* in.ill glanced up, n<t I nnwilK
to whom he was speaking, and said
in a sarcastic tone: "Did you think
your picture would be on them?" "My
name is William Whyte," replied lhe
big man quietly. The operator led
over himself.
A.   H.  Savage   Landor  Had Ter.
rible Trip Over tha Andes.
Interesting particulars of an eighteen months' journey across South
America and back have just been given by Mr. A. H. 8ava?e Landor, who
has just returned to England, havintr
traveled by Araguaya. He has not
yet recovered from the effects of hards
shins endured on the expedition.
"M.v journey." he said, "included
the whole of the unexplored part of
Brazil between Rio and Mstuns in
the great central basin of the Kingu
Tapajoz and Madeira Rivers region,
whicli Brazilians themselves have always regarded a? impenetrable. After crossing Brazil I went over the
Andes through Peru to Lima, thenee
to Cuzco and Lake Titicaca to exam-'
ine  fnca ruins.
"Next I went across Bolivia and
Cbifi to A nt of ami sta. From (his
point, to Valparaiso by stAamer. and
once more across South America to
Buenos Ayrea.
"With the exception of thirty hours
in the train, all the traveling wa*
done on mure, canoe, or on foot. For
about half the distance we hnd to cut
our own tracks through the forest,
proceeded along the great campos or
b.v the prairies over vast areas of absolutely uninhabited country. The object of my journey was scientific, and
the expedition was my own venture.
"In tlie main, the chief difficulties
were due to the absence of roads and
the fact that I could obtain no help
from anyone, as all tried to dissuade
me from proceeding. 1 could get no
information, and existing maps proved to be very inaccurate. During my
journey I took careful observations,
and have prepared a map, scale one
mile to the inch. When I left Rio in
March last year. I took enough provisions to last for a year, but owing
to wastage on the part of my men
and loss these eventually gave out,
and towards the end of that part of
the expedition through the unexplored
portion of Brazil we remained for sixteen days without a morsel to eat.
"Happily there was plenty of water,
but there was no game, no fruit, no
flsh. and uo inhabitants, and neither
my men nor myself bad sufficient food
to.cover a sixpence. Our experiences
were terrible, und it was one of tha
most tragic marches I have ever
made. At this time I had with me
two carriers���my'only companions���
and they suffered even more than I
did. Both wanted to put on end tn
their'sufferings. and it was only with
difficulty that I prevented tliem lrom
committing suicide.
"For myself, although accustomed
to roughing it. I nearly died. I lost
fiftv pounds in weight."
Mr. Savage Landor Mated that he
studiad several new tribes, made vocabularies of their languages, and
some interesting geological, geographical and anthropological observations. His zigzag route over unexplored or little known country in Itra-
cil was about 5.(Mil) miles, and the lira-
silian Government are so astonished
at the succms of what they had regarded as impossible that Congress
voted a grant of $80,000 to the explorer.
Mr Sava're Landor ad led that this
was the last of his twenty-live years'
exploring. He is reserving full details' of his experiences [or his forth.
coming lecture at the Ro--il Institution of Great Britain  uexi  mouth.
A   Couple   of  Geese.
Thomas Hoar, the devoted servant,
upon whom Gilbert White, tbe nadir-
aliat, depended to carry out bis gard n
plans and to look after his <-< nifort
in many ways, waa noted for lus exactness. '
H. C. Shelley, in "Gilbert White
ai)d Selborne," gives sn amusing il'm.
tration. There was one occasion when
Thomas cam* to report. "Please, sir.
I've been and broken a glass."
"Broke a glass, Thomas! How did
you do that?"
"1*1! show you, sir," be rejoined, ,u
he disappeared for a moment.
Returning with a glass in his hand,
he let it fall on the floor, remarking.
"That's how I broke it, sir."
."There, go along, Thomas; you an
a great goose." said hi* master, ad I-
ing to himself, "And 1 was hs ureat
a one fur asking such a foolish question."
All   One   Racs.
I'rof. Keith in a London lecture
on the evolution of man said that the
res-.mblance of the prehistoric monkeys found in the Fayum, iu upper
Kgypt. to South American monkeys indicated the common origin ol the anthropoids of the old and new world.
A Hall Partner.
A���That woman who (u..;t went out
is the partner ol your joys and sor-
rows,   I   suppose.
R -8h*'s partner to my joys all
right, but wl eu it conies to my sorrows sbe slips over to see her mother.
Condensed  ContrsdlcHon.
Many a piece of news tb.ve day* is
food tor handling twice. kayr'The
Canadian Courier. First it is given
out as lad. then it is coUradicUd.
Sometimes the contradicting item
runs to a.i great leiihtli a* the original
one. The Ottawa Ji.urnal i fc* d*ys
ago. howevei. gave lhe folkwimt
splendid example ol condensed <ontra
"At Government House tlen is o
knowledge of the coming to Canada nl
Prince Arthur of Connaught, a statement which was .made in a c-ble >���
ppstf from London yesterday. Nor
is there any knowledge at Government House of the repcrted forthcoming trip of Mncesa Patricia to
the Old Country and Sweden. It it
also remarked to The Journal that
IVince Arthur ol Cniinamtlit ia uot
employed at tbe W�� Ofllce."     .   ..
Ths Vest a Minor Garment.
The wairtcoat has always l��e >n �����
garnieit of minor cn-siHcatinn. H
appeared anl disappeared aco r.ling t��
the requirements of tr.e varying cos-
dimes in earlier limes ami first had
official recognition under the reign of
diaries 11. It was in 166G that I'epys
makes mention of tlie waistcoat in
his'ldairy: "This day the king be^au
to ; ut on his vest, ami I did so*
several "persons of (he House of l,oi,|��
and Commons wearing a long cassock
close to the body."���London Mail.
One of thi
in the worli
Cannon-Bail Tree.
e most remarks bl'
_^^_^^^^_ pl'in's
in tue (world is the cannon ball tree,
to be found iu British Guiana, I Im
natural height of tlie tree reaches t'i
80 feet or 1U0 feet, ur t -u taller, lne
fruit is a hard globular oiipsule, 7
inches or more iu diameter, ciiiImjii.
ing number of Hat, circulai seeds,
rather larger than a sixpence. It
reiemhlcs a 312-pound shot, is brown
in  color, and very  rough.
Taming Tennyson.
Of Tennyson it is related in "Xuts
and Chestnuts" that at a cluh dinner
he insisted on putting his feet upon
the table before the guests had risen.
All efforts to make him "behave" failed until Brooklleld (Old Biooks >t
the sonnet) whispered: "Dolnkeynur
legs down, Alfred. They're saying
you're Longfellow." Down went the
Is a Whole Councll.
Mr. Fred. Cooper is chairman, claik.
and member, all rolled into one, of
tlie Parish Council of Ashen, iu Ks.
���ex, England. From disuse tha powers of the authority have'lapsed, ami
Mr. Cooper has been officially made
the whole eounell until tha eud ol
tht year. WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 1912.
;r   _ na
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.President Thinks   American   Statute
Might    Now    Be    RqpstftaM���
*       Mttacta Elections.
WMfetnjrton, July 23. -^President
Talt sow .favors the repeal nf tthe Canadian Reciprocity Act .He ihae .written to Use .Senate finance (Committee a
letter jttatlng that, ln view of ihe Canadians' Aallure to accept lhe .policy
ot closer .trade relations, ihe legislation .now standing on tlie -American
statute hooks might aa well ihe repealed.
At present the United States is in
Ike attitude .of making a standing offer to Canada, the beneate of Which
may te rataeaed at any time the Bo��
minion enacts reciprocal ounceaalons.
The .Senate has already mated ;to .repeal the Reciprocity Act, an amend
meat Stv -that purpose lushing hp.cn
attached to the Steel Bill. Becauae
the House Democrats, led iby Oscar
Underload. Mie still devoted to reciprocity, that, with all other Senate
amendments was disagree!! to, unti
tbe SfeeKQ UIU nrematns in enUhueuae.
Tte tSmmue (committee has ^lueady
favorably reported a separate bill for
night or three red vertical balls by
day will be displayed. It is also proposed that special care must be taken
by. mariners ln entering the large
ports mentioned' when searchlights
ar�� working.
Provision is also made by which a
special ship will be appointed to examine vessels desirous of entering the
ports mentioned, and as the Institution of the examination servlee at any
port will be never adventeed, special
care should be taken ln approadhing
the ports by day or nlgbt, to keep a
sharp lookout for any vessel carrying
the distinguishing mark* and So ite
ready to at once when halted or warned by the Bring of a gtm or sound
Masters are warned tbat they must
give due atteatioa ta tbeee regtfla-
t'ons st their own risk and strictly
obey all Instructions given tbem by
the examining steamer.
with Turkey, but that on the contrary, Italy is deserving and is receiving constant support, as far as
neutrality exigencies will permit. The
kaiser's angry pronouncement Is said
to mean that he would approve of a
holy alliance to destroy once and for
all the last vestiges of the,Ottoman
Mr. Gordon Grant and Recent Breath
of Promise Caaa, .
Vancouver, July' S3.���Action taken
yesterday by (he Bencher** A��soela-
tlon at Victoria, resulted In Mr. t3or-
don Grant, a well-known barrister oT
this city, being struck from the -rolls
as a practising banister rn Brit'Mh
Allegations were made against bim
that he had taken fees from ���cTieirtu,
contrary to the rules of fhe profession, in the breach of promise action
brought by Miss Currle Fagan against
Theodore Haller, of Seattle. Mr.
javoramv r.-pui�������. i* t���-:,���*i.,...������ ..... ���������. , Grant actiid for Mlsa Fagan in tbe
the nwecil -of reciprocity, Introduced i suit, which was settled by Mr. HaTler
by 8enator McCumber of Nmfh pa-1 paying into court $25,01)0. It was al-
kota. Reciprocity was so unpopular leged that Mr. Grant -made a bargain
in Mr. McCunjber's state that >resi-1 with his client to receive a portion of
dent TaW, -aa its sponsor, ran a poor
third te the presidential prefeenoe
primariea.  -
President Tatt aroused   mac* ihoe-
whatever damages were paid, and
tbat when the money was paid be
only gave $10,000 to Mlss Fagan. Of
the rest he kept $5000   for   himself.
tllitltr fiwoughaot   the   middle -weat '(gave $5000 to a Seattle eomeltor, aad
andttort>weBtby*lsadvocaoy��tf'recl-|lB<>00 to a Mrs.   McElderry.   who   is
orocltj    Ht waa tfbout the orfy Tsrtt said to have financed Mlas Fagan.
rollcy that the third party caaiWhrtel    The young lady sued for the recov-
endorsed.  tatt 'to   repudiated ��*t aa *ry of the last amount and won the
soon be fflscovereB It was impeding
hls eatress tur Hdhwates agalaat Jftt.
It ls expected tbat,a further and
more apettfc announcement of 9te
president's willingness to see red***-!
city repeals* -Will .be made before ite
assembling *tlt the tBiBl Moose convention Many ttf the president's friends
have adTiaed Vim to Jettison tbe policy.    Reetpi*e1*y, "they say, ia ��������������-
ease, and a few davs ago Mr. Justice
"Morrison ordered that 1t be paid ont
to her. Mlss Fagan was a witness before the benchers yesterday.
Situation Apparently Calm���Royalists
Flae   Country.
Lisbon, July 23.���Calm reigns
throughout the country, but the republican troops continue- to patrol
those districts In which Royalist outbreaks have occurred. The temper of
the people is shown by the fact that
the peasants fraternize openly with
the soldiers everywhere.
Madrid. July 23.���Hunderds df refu
geea from Portugal are arriving in
Madrid. Among them are several
army officers and journalists, who
have Issued a statement today in
which tbey aay:
"We will go to America. Germany
or Japan, If necessary, but-we-will
never return to Portugal, so long aa
the monarchy ls not restored."
works and other particulars and the I
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council. j
Notice is hereby given that the said |
reports are open for Inspection at the
office of the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia Street. New Westminster. B
C. and that unless a petition against
the proposed works above  mentioned
signed by a majority of the owners ot
the land or real property to   be assessed or charged in respect of such
works representing at least one-half
in value thereof is presented   to the
Council within fifteen davs from the
date of the   flrat publication  of this
notice tbe Council will proceed with
the    proposed    Improvements   under
auch terms and conditions aa to tbe
payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may by bylaw in
that   behalf  regulate  and   determine
nnd also to make the said assessment
Dated this 23rd day of Julv. 1912.
Acting City Clerk.
Date  of first   publication   July   24th,
Columbia Street Improvements (McNeely to 1 enth Street).
Schedule showing the real property immediately benefited and the proportion in which the assessment Is made on per foot frontage.
Blk.   'Lot Sub. Resub.lj
Assessed Owner
(Feet) |
1 I ]Falcb, E. J	
15    ���.. Holland & Wolfenden ..
16 ] .Cunningham, Jas	
JT I [Soon Kee et al	
18 1 Lam Tung Jack et al	
19 | jBrymner, G. D ,
20 |   Macnamara, Mary et al.
1&2| |GUley. Bros. Ltd	
Custom House Square I	
lease iCan. Pacific Rly. Co...,
. 99.00
. | 33.00
��� H 66.00
Extract ol
Wild Strawberry
is safe, reliable, and most
effective in all cases of
Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum,
Summer Complaint, and
Cholera Morbus,
In 25c. and 50c. bottles,
at your Druggist's.
mtmoi om m saoKu. ca.
OF MMM, LIMITED,     j,,
Suffragette Leaders Blame Government's "Treachery."
London, July 23.���Mlas Annie Ken-
icy iteciprucn-v, .i.n��} ���=.**. ���= ---��� jae*, who, in theabeeae#<sf Mrs. Em-
anyway and to 3nep ��tt on the statatel mellne Pankhurst and ber daughter,
books Is only -nursing �� forlorn bo��eJ and 'of Mr. and Mrs. Peflslek Law-
and malatalntafa scare-crow against  rence, the .jdlht editors of Votes for
the farmer vote. Repeal would deprive the third *erm candidate of a
chance to pitery yreaWbnt Taft as
the champion ��f a jwltev highly na-
pomilar ln the agricultural states.
The presldeat, tartlng enrged the repeal of reciprocity, can -readily maintain that he atni brieves ln lt but also he thinks that when Canada desires the advantage now spurned, a
���new agreement ean be negotiated up-
pn which the repiaaentatlves of the
American farmeT te congress may
ratss a new bllL
The farmers of tbe Chicago platform stopped Just stew* of an antl-
reciprocity declaration. It is possible
that <lhe president -wTB rfeal With the
eubject in his speeeb.
His recommendation of repeal by
no mean* insures tbls'action. The
Democratic House wbleb made possible tbe enactment of the bill still
support* it. Mr. Underwood has publicly stated that the House will not
vote to repeal the act
"Standfast" Republicans and Progressives, <*ho are equally opposed to
the po��<^ would like nothing better
than to fasten upon the Democrats
the responsibility for keeping tbe reciprocity offer open.
To Govern snd S*fenuard Canadian
Naval  Stations.
Ottawa. July 2* ���The Canadian Gatette contains not.ee of a number of
new rpgnlst'ons representing the
ports of Halifax, Qu-.bec and Esquimau, which wlll make entrance of
these ports more difficult.
The regular ones follow those of
the British admiralty and are of the
most stringent character. For Instance, If entrance to a port is prohibited, three red vertical Jtfbtn by
Women. Is running the Women's Social and Political Union, sent today a
���pWftaU reply to Mrs. Henry Fawcett
���wfco on Tuly 19, on behalf -ot tfne executive of the National Women's Suffrage 'societies. Issued a protest
against tbe militant tactics of the
Women's Social and. Political Union.
Mlss Kenny declined to do anything
to fmentlh the militant spirit which
the "government's treaebery bas
Tbe government says Mlss Kemwy.
"lit tbe lire of revolt In the women's
hearts anA* must accept the full responsibility *or their recent protests
that may be -made in the future."
���     KAISER   AND   TURKEY.
Would Put a 'Stop  to   Mohammedan
Berlin. July 22.���The Christian powers wlll bave to step in and end the
Turkish menace, fhe kaiser ls reported t have saW in a recent talk witb
thn British and Russian ambassadors.
The situation In the Ottoman empire
ls a.disgrace to civilisation. His Majesty said, and added, "and we most
put a stop to it at oneiy"
This strong pronouneement on tbe
part of^ Emperor William has sur-
prised a good many persons, not
merely because It is���enen for the
'cnlprr���a most sensational utterance,
but tor the reason that Germany has
long been suspected of aiding and
tbetting, for her own purposes, the
serious unrest in the Mohammedan
dominions, while affecting to support
tbe ifounn Turks government.
Semi-official   denials  are  made   to
the report that German assistance bas 1
been given to Turkish war measures.'
It is said by a high German  official I
that Germanv has no desire  to hamper Italy In ihe Cvoiae ot her contest
Mr. O. H. Ratbburn Is not employed
hy the Underwriters Dominion Match
Oo., Ltd., or the Dominion Match Co.,
Lrtd. The public will kindly take due
���artlce of the above.
Undei wnieis Dominion Match Co. Ltd
Dominion Match Co.. Ltd.
Local Improvement Notice.
Tbe Municipal Council of the City
of Kew Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that It
Is desirable to carry out the following
works, that is to say:
To grade, pave, lay cement s'de-
walks, curbs, storm sewers, gutters,
drains, watei' mains, Instal electric
lighting systems and any other work
contingent thereto on the following
Sixth Avenue from 4th to 6th street.
Sixth Street from 4th to 6th Ave
Fifth Street from 3rd
to 6th Ave
Leopold Place from Columbia
Street to Royal Avenue.
Queen's Avenue from lst to 6th
Slrth Street from Front to Columbia Street.
Regina Street from 1st to 4th
Fourth Street from Columbia
Street to Roval Avenue.
McKenzie Street from Front Street
to Columbia Street.
And that said works be carried out
I'U accordance wltb the provisions of
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor, having reported to the Councll
ln accordance with tbe provisions of
the said bylaw upon tbe said works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeabje
avainst the various portions of real
property to be benefited by tho Eald
Local Improvement Notice���Improvement of Nanaimo Street.
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster, having by resolution determined and specified that
it ls desirable to carry, out the following works, that Is to say:
Purchasing certain properties where
necessary In order tbat Nanaimo
Street may be straightened to a uniform width of 69 feet between llth
and 12th Streets.
And that said works be carried out
in accordance with the provisions of
the "l.oril Improvement General Bylaw, 1312."
And tbe City Ensteeer and City
Assessor having reported to the
Council In acordanre w^1.' ������>�� prov'a-
lons of the said bylaw upn^'the sa'd
works giving statements showing t^e
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
said report of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
report Is open for Inspection at the
office of tbe City Assessor. City Hall,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. C, and tliat unless a petition
against tbe proposed work above mentioned signed by a majority of the
owners of tbe land or real property to
be assessed or charged ln respect of
such works representing at least one-
half In value thereof ls presented to
the Councll within flfteen days from
the date of the flrst publication of
this notice the Councll will proceed
with the proposed improvements under such terms and conditions as to
the payment of the cost of such improvements as the Council may by
bylaw in that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said as-
Dated this 23rd dav of Julv. 1912.
Acting Cltv Clerk.
Date of first   publication   24th   July,
Notice is hereby given that the Corporation of tho City ot New Westmlnater Intend, to paa�� a -Local Improvemeat Aaaeaameut Bylaw assessing
tba properties in the schedule above mentioned tbe sums ot money annually for thirty yeurs set opposite each lot and a Court of Revision for the;
trial of complaints and appeals against the assessment so proposed to be*
made will be held on Tuesday, the 13 th day of August, 1912, commencing
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the Council Chamber in the City Hall, New
Westminster, British Columbia, and any notice of appeal from sucb Intended assesment must be served upon the Clerk of the Municipal Council at
least eight days prior to such   Court of Revision.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, July 20th, 1912.
Date of first publication, July 22, 1912.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented).
Local Improvement Notice���Widening
of  Cemetery Stroet
The Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster, having by resolution determined and specified that it
ls desirable to carry out the following
works, tbat Is to say:
To purchase certain properties in
order that Cemetery street may be
widened from Cumberland Street to
Alberta Street. And that said works
be carried out ln accordance wltb the
provisions of the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Councll
in accordance wtth the provisions of
the said bv-law upon the said work
gjylng statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
agalnut the various portions ot real
property to be benefited by the said
work and other particular and the
said report of the satd City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted bv the Connell.
Notice is hereby given that the
aald report ls open for inspection at
the office of tbe City Assessor. City
Hall, Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed work above
mentioned signed by a majority ofthe
owners of tbe land or real property to
be assessed or charged ln respect of
sucb works representing at least one-
half in value thereof ls presented to
the Councll within flfteen days from
the date of the flrst publication of
this notice the Council will proceed
with the proposed improvements under such terms and conditions as to
the payment of tbe cost of such improvements as the Council may by bylaw in tbat behalf regulate apd determine and also to make the said as-
BfiSSIQfiD t
Dated this 23rd day of July. 1912.
Acting City Clerk.
Date of first publication   24th   July,
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AB^VE T. ,1  TRAPl' 4 CQ,
Jorver  Lorne and Co urn bia Streets    lILlJUllir.QUi\ El   1. Ua VAflE tOUK.
Wednesday, julv 24, 1912.
FabHabed   every   morninj:   except
~ Snnday by The National Printing and
PoMtsking Co.,  Ltd., at their office,
��3 MeKeo��io Street,  New  Westmlnater. BL C.
ROBERT*H. BEST, Manager.
Business Office   999
Editorial Office   991
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months, ar 40c per month.
By mall $3 per   year,   or   25c   per
���*��f��- . .   ~   ,.   ..
_U L  >
WEDNESDAY, JULY 24,  1912.
To alt true Imperialists the news of
Monday's happenings and pronouncements is that old Westminster from
wbicb we take our name, must bring
both messages of cheer and of additional warning^ By "true Imperially! is to' we mean   all   who   have   at
. ��� i'i "i	
heart tbe. binding together of the British Empire Into a closer and more
linrninnioiis wb'olc. They are to be
found in al! shades of political creeds,
all of tbem are very different to the
flag-waving frolh that the enemies of
the Empire movement would have us
iM'Jicve them to be, and, just a.-; on
Monday there'was given an exhibition of the one-mindedness of both the
great political parties of thc British
Isles on Empire defence, so it will be
found that throughout the empire
ini'ij of all thii myriad parties hold
similar vieics.
In passing it may he mentioned that
thp. peniiMMMHts expressed by -the
imihnr member for Leicester are very
different to those evidenced by tbe
J��ilior governments of the great Australasian dominions. Labor men the
empire over deplore the necessity for
the tremendous; expenditure upon war
material, but tbe opinion of the majority ia that ii is a necessary precaution for the preservation of the state
���that, more tban any other system of
SOTenunent, haa accorded them the
privileges they now enjoy, and which
ta even rtow working out more
schemes fbr''fiieir betterment.
In the speeches of the British ministers there ia"foreshadowed the be-
t,-iri.'iinpr of sjbat, Jniporial parliament of
. tbe Empire around which the dreams
of all Imperialists have centered for
smtny yettfS. in J* em also Is forecast
a speedy BMlM of the problem of
Canada's naval contribution to the defence of tiip. Empire, and her share in
directing tbe policy, not only of that
siavy. but of similar common burdens
ami responsibilities in peace or In
Tba Brlttoh race throughout its history has proved capable of meeting all
emergencies, and constructing a government to order its goings, and there
can be no d^jpbt that eventually a
truly Imperial parliament will be
evolved. That Canada should have
played so prominent a part in laying
the foundations of this movement is a
matter for congratulation to this country as a whole.
.���MeaaTxh-Jfe -%-e Jiave to wait for the
details of the naval program, which
vm think tb# future will prove to be
bm. vae ul the buttresses of the
^renter irtnitfrnre cf inter-Imperial con-
trjteutloii and representation that will
be gradually iliuilit up.
The enrae of ihe world today Is in-
The suggestion that the age of entrance into the kindergarten and Public schools be raised from flve years
to six and seven years respectively
will flnd support in many quarters.
Beginning about the fifth year, the
school period of the average child
now last3 about ten years, but the
flrst two or three of these are pretty
much barren of real intellectual development. Educationally they are cf
importance only as they surround the
child with disciplinary influences,
commence the training of tbe infantile mind in most elementary matters,
and lay to some extent a base for a
more fruitful guidance later on. It is
conceded that the premature development cf brain cells results in arrested development at a subsequent period, .when* the I powers- of comprehension and of perception should be unfolding freely. Play Is the principal
element in the formation of a child's
character about the fifth year, and the
absurdity of attempting at that time
to obtain a symmetrical development
is quite manifest.
Probably if the home conditions
were quite insanitary, the child quite
neglected, or in otherwise very unsatisfactory environment, school even
at such an early age would be preferable. Against this must bo placed
the fact that such a child is more apt
to be sub-normal, and, therefore, to
be retarded by an attempt to force Its
mind to a working equalitv with
those of normal children, or those of
greater Inherent capacity. It seems
unquestionable that, apart from those
r.n3es where the school is the happy
"leans of throwing a protecting mantle around neglected ch'Idren. little
can hs gained educationally by diverting the child's energies at such an age
from the natural lines^ of development. A healthy child of kindergarten age is more fatigued by enforced
sitting than by play of its own choosing. The fault is not, perhaps, so
much that of imposing school disci-
nline on the child, as in the seemingly irrepressible tendency -to develop
precocity to the Iwiif.
If bv the postponing for a year or
two of the beginning of school training the child makes quicker progress
because it is possessed of a more vigorous body and a readier comprehension, there would be distinct advantages in the proposed change. What
is learned in the first two or three
years of schooling is swallowed up by
the larger vision of later years. The
question is essentially one of the condition of the pupil at the public school
leaving. There seems to be valid
reason for believing that a later start
might mean, on the average, a strong
er and  earlier  finish.���Toronto  Mail.
;����������������������������* *>,*> *>*>*>
If ���
��� NOTES AND NEWS OF    ���
POLICE CONNIVANCE:���,. ���7.7.77.j
' |    The following is the latest report of
the Department of Labor:
Attorney Throws Down Gage to the j    The record maintained   in the De-
AuthoritieS���Gambler  Makes        j partment cf  Labor *how8  industrial
j conditions to have been disturbed to
Important Statement.    ��� a   considerable   extent by trade  dis-
���</ - I putes during June, the number of dis-
I putes and the number of  employees
New York, July M.-Important de- i �����wn out of work by such disputes
velopments in the Rosenthal murder ! ^V?s neater than those of the pre-
case were expected to result from   a!f,flng ,moTn " ?��<La,B2��reater tha?
consultation  tonight at which  Harry I  'losf. of .J����9' "".There were al-
Vallou, the gambler and gangster who i t0/fh^ thirty-seven disputes  report-
was in  the "murder car"  the  night I end to "" a*W ment as having been
Rosenthal was shot, made a stnfcement l-,n,.f ^e"c,e,duri"g ^'ar compared
to     Deputy     Police    ifl*rotoMd��ei'te',��^^
Dougherty     and     District ��� Attorney
Whitman.   Vallon gave himself up today  and  was  held  by  the  coroner's
jury without bail on a charge of complicity m the murder.   Apparently the
authorities were elated at the information obtained from Vallon although
its   nature   was   not   divulged.   All
Commissioner Dougherty would   ,say
was that Vallon "was ln the murder
car and that an important arrest was
expected shortly."
From Vallon   the  district  attorney
and Commissioner Dougherty hope to
get  the names of those "higher up"
who hired the gun men to slay Rosenthal. ��� Mr. Whitman has thrown down
the gauntlet to the police department
declaring that the ''murder smells of
police connivance."
Outside of Vallon. interest centred
in the appearance today   before   the
grand jury of  Mrs.. Rosenthal.    Her
husband had promised to tell District
Attorney    Whitman    what    lie knew
about the    alleged    partnership    between the police and New York gamb
Iers.   The district attorney now hopes
to get many'of the facts from    Mrs.
Rosenthal,  who  is believed  to have
had  intimate knowledge of her hus
band's affairs.
Mrs. Rosenthal is believed  to have
sanctioned, affecting 14.H12
Thus in a year and a half 27.471 acres
or nearly 45 square miles, had been
dealt with under the provisions of the
act. In addition, three schemes have
beeu this year authorized for Scotland, and lt is expected that by the
end of 1912 about 50,000 acres will
have been planned, which, at ten
houses to the acre, will provide housing for two and a half millions of people.
The City of Birmingham, which
owes its'strongly progressive trend to
the mayorship of Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, has now completed a town
planning scheme fcr east Birming
ham on the principle of div'd'na; thr
area into zones w'th different building densities. fhm lowest." llm't of 1"
houses to the acre was .that adopted
in the case of the flrst two Birmingham schemes for Harborne and Qnin-
ton, and the highest eighteen, while
the Intermediate zone will have flfteen houses to the.acre. New powers
are asked by the o'ty council to keep
advertising under Its control, to make
railway sidings, factory areas Rnd to
difference���such at least we are often I give the use of the sidings to intend-
i Town planning in Britain has proceeded actively since the passing of
thc act promoted by Mr. John Burns,
president cf t!��e local gVernniont
board.    In  1311, the first year of its
ence, during June a year ago. Ab<?ut
three hundred Arms and flfteen thousand employees were affected by
these disputes, the majority of which
were not terminated before the end
of the month. The loss of time to
employees through trade disputes during June was approximately 205.00*1
working days compared with 60.000
working days lost 4n May, and a loss
of 355,000 working days in June. 1911.
A feature of the month waa the unrest prevailing among workmen in the
building trades, fourteen strikes actually occurring; Ui-rlng June amone
employees of these trades, and throwing out of work more than four thousand men. Two disputes, those cf
garment workers at Montreal, and
carpenters at Winnipeg, directly affected more than three thousand men
each and were not terminated before
the end of the month.
Upward Movement In Prices.
The steady advance i�� prices continued during June,, the department'?
index number having advanced frorr
135.9 in May. previously the .hlghes1
recorded, to 136.9 in June, as.compar
ed with 126.1 in June of last year. Thf
numbers, it will be understood, are
percentages in each cise of the average price level prevailing during the
Clean, Fresh
are our strong specialties. We carry
everything obtainable that pertains to
grocery business. We buy right. We
sell right. We give grocery satisfaction.   We sell
3 lbs. Good Butter for $1.00
3 dozen. Select Eggs for ...-. |1.00
Fresh-Eggs, per dozen at .......,4t>e
12 lbs. New Potatoes for ....... ;>S55c
Miss Wilkinson, expert demonstrator for Monkhouse & Glasscock, Ltd.,
London, Eng., will be at our city Btore
jail this week demonstrating.the famous '
Sapperton and West End Branches
next week.)
Ladies, don't miss sampling   these
delicious hot weather desserts.
told the grand jury much about the j ten   years   1890-1899. the   period   sel
ineeting her husband had with Polic
Lieutenant Charles Becker, who, ac
cording to Rosenthal, was his silent
partner in his place on West Forty
fifth street.
Whether the four gang3ters still a'
large, who were In the "murder car"
at the time of tlie shooting, will sur
rodder is causing much speculation
District Attorney Whitman has an |
nounced that he "will protect every
man in the case" if he can get thr
evidence he wants against policemen
but Commissfcner Dougherty and his
private detectives are making every
effort to round up the men.
"Whitey" Lewis, gambler and gin?
sters; "Lefty" Louie," east s;de gang
ected by the department f<s the stand
ard of comparison throughout its In
vestigation into wholesale prices of
seme two hundred and fiftv conir'id
Rips of representative character. The
estimate of the department for the
month cf Jure, therefore, ^how
nriees tn ha"e b��en nearly 37 per
eent higher In that month thin wa��
the averse for the decade 1890-1899
The chief increases dunn* June wem
in animals and meats, fodders, frnttp
nnd vegetables, hides a"d leathers
there having been alight decreases lr
dairy products, prepared flsh, sugars
coal and cokfi.
Industrial Accidents During June.
According; to the industrial accident
ster; "Lefty" Louie, east side gang | record of the Department of Labor
the Blood." an uptown lieutenant of i fi2 persons were killed and 249 injured
"Big Jack" Selig, and "Dago Frank." I during the month of June in the
an ea3t. side gunman, are sought. course of-their employment.    A com
It Is said that "Dago Frank" and | parson with the records of tHe nrevi-
���Tflb the Blood" are in the vicinity or i ous month and of June. 1911, show?
nearby.    The  police are  not  sure of   'here were ?8 fewer fatalities tbnn I
operation, there were ten' applications / Hie whereabouts of the others. It is May and ^ 'ess than In June. 1911. Of
ancM-ofrlcial engtilries Iif Engtasd. re- thought that they may be in Chicago.j thft non-'atal accidents, there wer'
suiting in the approval of schemes ln- Mr. Whitman said the grand jurv ' tM Iho, n recorded than In Mav. and
volving 12,559 acres. Up to June of is anxious to have appear before it | 13T mor�� v'lan in June. 1911. There
this  year,  other   eleven    plans  were   all   persons   whose   names  had   been   were bui  two accidents   recorded in
in rn.   mentioned    in    connection    with    the
'gambling situation.    Pe said  he had
written to Lieutenants Riley, Costigan.
and  Becker requesting them  to    appear as voluntary witnesses, but that
told from the pul/iit. The menace of
UcnuJagr is a real anenace. Thc problem of Austria's development as a
naval power jnaj' very probably constitute nn additional menace. It is
i itry hard tty convince the frontier
farmer nf the prairie provinces that
in- i: if, uuy way concerned with the
number r.f B;uisH ships that may or
tii-,.i ntt t>e stationed at a far-off is-
land in (be Hi dlierranean. Hut the
facl i   ;��iins thst ho ia affected.
I) appears only too probable that a
mpinri balweai Britain and Germany
nir      The   s!a!e3i::e:i   cf   th''
On have striven their V3t
' > ��� ���  ��� 1 :ioj recognize tbal tbe
lams of achieving this GKd is
��� y. i Is oi ������ tporlor Csroe. By
aid ag ��� i a play Canad i win bt
tardll) ii ,)i ....'.ny Hi" lead rr her sis
iter don ... in helping to praaetvi
-���'!'    inl i i  lhe Bmnlro  antl sc
ma . . oi the w< rid.
Even ��� | �����< ." ;������.., with all thl
��>!/.���>>.. J ab'ic -.. - .'j tliat may be es:
pteted Ire .: ife such as that be-
(twtyn Ibe <?n>pin:s <,f (iermany and
*7irvrA\ Rrftxhi, ��i \'*, well io remember
that g(x ��� ..,* follow in its train. It
will rtmjn.i;<- Hi', blanket of Indifference and misunderstanding which at
prcaent ban; like a pall over the
ej'usof looniai' Hritish people both
In Uie ��ld land* ���**��������� lhe new.
Tber* hsr*) been many appeals to
^TVakelBiL" A atriif: sm-h us now appears in be immtoean will at least
Muccee4 tajHlBglnK abo'ii an awak-
������nin*. \'Whe%ar flwre la yet time to
firepan^ and 4�� prevent war, is a matter wUBk rests witb Germany, a na-'
drion xtrWe-UB molflo la efficiency always. *
sumar.awaayamta a.
lng manufacturers ori such terms as
might be thought desirable.���Toronto
Dlssusscd in  Recent Bulletin   cf For
estry    Branch.
Ever since the Province  of Quebec
forbade  the export   of  pulpwood   cut
"rom Orown l&nds, considerable interest bas been taken iu the question as
to how tlie price of   pulpwood  would
be affected.    A leading   paper   trade
perlodioal est'm&ted that the r.-ice o'
pulpwood hid advanced one dollar he*
cord.   Th!s is eoi-rebof.ited bv the b'll
ietiri on pulpwood I Ately oomp'lcd b
the Forestry Branch   of the   Depart
ment of   tbe   Interior.    Aceord;,tg   t
thia   bulletin,   the   average    price   <���
pulpwood in Quebec province ditrlrif
1111 ��a'i hfgher bv 97 cenH thai] dur
'ng 1910,   in Ontario the price aotual
Iv  fell   2J  cents  per  cord,   wli'lo  thr
Vova  Scot'i  and   New   HrunHwick  In
ireases cf 29 and 22 ceista respective
ly nre announced.
A ni'e^'ticn that Is .lust bt Rinning to
-ome Into notice In the Dominion ip
'he utilisation of saw-mill waste tt"
naterlal for pulpmaking. A very smal'
iiiantity of such waste Is so utilized
bv three flr"i3 wb'ch own botU naw
tiHU and pulp milb.
volving the death of more than one
workman, one of which occurred o"
Tune 1. bv which eight cQns,rucHor
laborers Were kil'ed during blasting
operations   on   railway   construction
he  would    not Issue    subpoenas  for' work near Stones' Corners. Ont.. and
them. He sa'd he would resume hiR
investigation before the grand jury tomorrow.
Rich   Findings    in    Cariboo   Country
Near Quesnel.
��� Qresnet. B. C. .TmIv 23.���R'cb gold
in*Ttl hns been discovered neir here.
While nrospecting through the hills
east cf the town a couple of weeks
ago a man named Adams discovered
\ quartz vein which looked particularly good to him.
He obtained a number of samples
and after staking off a couple ot
claims brought samples to town and
displayed them, offering a half interest in hls ela'ms for $200. He found
no buypr at the time, but a few davs
later the assayer found the Bampleo
fabulously ,rleh,| yielding in a rough
way more'thatf $1700 to'the ton In
gold. 9
NewsVof the   result   of the assay.
the head-on collision of railwav
trains near i*lpiron, OtU.. ll "-Mch
four railway employees were killed.
One cf Fivo Gunmen Surrenders to
New York, July 23.���Harry Vallon
alleged to have ben one of the flve
men who were in the gray automo-
b'le v.'Wch William Shapiro drove tr
the Metropole Hotel, and in which
they fled after Herman Rosenthal was
killed. :���'��� rendered to the police here
early today. Hc was arraigned on a
cbarsre of homicide.
The grand Jury resumed its Investigation of the case today. On orders
from Mayor Oaynor. the police arc
now en-operating with District Attor-
nev* Whitman Is every possible way
District Attorney Whitman, wher
told that counsel for , Shapiro wa��
readv  to  have the   chauffeur   of  thf
which was made Thursdfv. was knot- ."***.*   t,lrn state s evidence il
he would be protected, said:
T.will protect every man   in
is qe'ot as poss!ble bet It gradually
leaked out, and the rush bfl^an. M'in<-
have left town supplied with their
miners' licenses.
New Policv Inaugurated  in Albania���
Troopa   Wlthciriwn.
Constant'flople. July 'i".���The new
Turkish cib;ret tofiiv celebrated thr
'.nnivers'tv cf the day on whie'i thi
constitution .--f, wrested trom Abrtu'
''aei'd, the fnrrrer Btt|;-.in. b" 'nau:
'rating a new roi;cv i-i Albania.   Or
case if I can get the evidence 1 wan*
against policemen, evidence I know
exists. I will let Shapiro and Llbbv
turn state's witnesses if I can get tht
police conspirators."
To   Sjpcrcri   S-jfTrafjettas ��� Premier
C-.p-.-'-.   C'-g.T-emerits.
I.i "-;���;'���.   ;' I    ':':.    Premier   Asqultl
has 6 <���''.',-' ������ ']������.'  tn forgo tho plea*
lire r.r tu^par'ng   -.t   prlvau   receptee n(.re I's-rd to BUSnend all mVc    t!0D, ,;nt;l ,,���., H. IT-nrette i thai] have
\*"\ the autbor'tlea '  -re insttuo'ed t'
':i';e every means of pas'fvlnji the r"
'ip.l province, while the troops are  tc
lie wlthdrswD.
Two  Lpiportanl   dlsml'tals nf off:
���'als were ���-���nno'-ncod  today. tho:-te of
viohab  Rrld!n   Boy, the conniftndanl
>f Constant'noplo. and cf I-M'b Ley
;omma" ' ' ���* ���'"nnerlea
a ��
London, July 2:i.-���Twelve
women were burned to death
and several, others Injured by
���ro today In Moor Lane, the
centre of the danger sone of
the city of London. The flre
occurred In a building ocan-
pled liy clothing manufacturers and Christinas card
Scottish Higii Oort r.-ntencc cf Eigh
Edinburgh. Scotland, Ji'ly 28.���KsY
'Jr">'t;s. a f-ert-an. was fovnd   ?"ill\
���odav bv i)"* Sc"ttlHh Ill^h Court or
i. charge of spying.      Me was    sei'
"need to elcM months' Imprisonment
V^tos re^'t.rdt'ig "ims under construe
'r'i In 'he n-'I'sh Oovernment. arsen
���H   and' r'i*r*r   iticr,T"inatl-ig   a* **t*
ments wnr. t'nnvwl   in hls   nosiosslon
H. M. 8. Algerine Goes South; Shearwater Off to Bering Sea.
The two sloops-of-war which COOl'
prise the royal navy representation
on this coast will shortly leave Esquimau on prolonged cruises. II. M. S.
Shearwater will go north to Rerlng
Sea, and H. M. S. Algerine wlll go to
South America.
abandoned their ���;-.-int m'lltant tao
tics. At three rcaptlona In aucces
���tiou, I'e wai personally asanlted h-
votey fur women, and a bi'; receptior
that was to have been held al the Na
tional Liberal Club lasl weok In hip
honor was Indefinitely portponed o'
the urgent advice of Scotland Lard
which had rece'ved a tip that a band
of suffragettes had planned not onlv
to attacfc the premier on that occa
sion, but generally to "rough-house'
the function.
Lond.cn. Julv 13,*   The governmer'
la seriously considering criminal pro
ceedings against the persons who an
believed to lie doin? the suffragette
'lnjra'gn r.f <��� olonce and murder
ir'i'naf the cib'net mlnistera. The
nol'ce nro now sat'sfled tliat the out
ragoa In Di-bl'n and other places were
not the action of Individuals, bu'
"ere arranged and financed from Lon-
Rubber Heels
��?���r AUSHOEMEN     ����
C A. Welsh
"The Peoples' Grocer"
Columbia St.    Sapperton.    West End.
Fifty foot lot close to Slath atreet
car line, cleared; $750; |125 cash,
balance ?15 per month. ,
One 50 foot lot In Lewis Orchard,
flne fruit trees and potatoes, >775-
$50 cash, $20 monthly.
Sixty-six foot cleared lob oa Kemp
street, $800;  easy terms.
PHONE 1924. V
Coldicott Blk.' East Burnaby
New SS. "UUKENTIt"       New SS. "MEGANTIC"
1 15.009 Tons Each.
Sails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. ju(y 6, Aug. 3( Aua 31
582 feet long, 18.000 horsepower. 10,000 tons, 514 feet long.
Sails July  13, Aug.  10, Sept. 7. Sails June 29, July 27, Aug. 24.
Company's OlWce: $1�� Second Avenue, Near Cherry Street, Seattle.
Pres and Geni. Mgr.      Vlce-Presldert.
Sec. i nd Treas.
Manu����cturers  and  Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
pfconet Na   ��� ant) 877.   Shingles, Bash. Ooort   Mouldings Etc.
'22- Q. E, QILLEY, Phons 2B1
Phonas, Oftlee IS and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal
Plenty of fresh air saves doctor's bills and makes sturdy man and
women of the kiddles. Build In Burnaby, where are all the comforts'
of the city, without ths drawbacks.   Consider this buy:
On Campbell street, a few yards off Douglas road, and thres minutea from city car line; size 217x103.. Price $1470; one-quarter cash,
balance 6, 12, 18 or will sell In east and west halves. Price $733.
Sidewalk, water, etc.   This Is a good buy.
The Peoples TrwsK Cojfr
451 Columbia Street
* WEDNESDAY, JULY 24,  1912.
iLtim atkA ���
page nva
��� ���
��� ��������������������������������������������
Tomorrow  Night May  Decide Championship   of    Intermediate
Ttie intermediate championship Ia-
cro&ie g^ine to b��' played' pn Thursday
evening iSt- 6.'45 iii Queens park promises to be one of the most keenly contested competitions ever held on the
. local field this season.
Ol tbe four games to be played for
the championship the 'Sappertons
have annexed two so far, and the
West End lads have... one to their
credit. If the boys from outside the
eastern limits of the city should bap-
pen to put It ovef the boys from the
extreme western limits tbey will become the champions. Should thd
AVest Enders win out on Thursday,
however, another game will be necessary to decide the contested honors.
Both teams are confident of winning, but judging from the determined
ma: ner with which the West End
boys are preparing for the play, the
Sapperton stlckhandler3 won't have
everything their own way, The honors
at stake are the championship, the
senior amateur lockets, and the W.
J. Kerr cup.
The West Ends will lipe-up as follows: S. Mortison, goal; M. Mort!-
' son. point; W. Mortison, cover point;
J. Burr, first defence; R. McDonald,
second defence; M. Lougheed. third
defence; L. Sangster, centre; J. Alii
son, third home; G. Feeney, second
home; T. Storme, first home;' E. Pentland, outside home; B. Gilley, Inside
Drawn Game.
The Eaat Burnaby intermediates
played, a drawn game with Coquitlam
on Monday evening, the score being
one goal each. Owing to the absence
of two of bis regulars, Manager Leaf,
"ma'ycr" of East Burnaby, was forced
to piay ten men aside.
Senior Amateurs Meet.
A special meeting of the Senior
/ mateurs Is scheduled to take place
this evening in the club rooms at
Moody park. The recent showing of
the teim and proposed changes In
the rules governing the Intermediate
league is supposed to be part pf the
business to come before the gather-
ine. Members of the executive and
plavers are urgently requested to attend.
Tennis Tournament.
The Paciflc Coast Tennis tournament which is being held in Vancouver this week has attracted several
New Westminster racket artists who
aro attempting to lower records, and
to hold up the fair name of the Royal
Cltv. Among those from New Westminster are Mlss R. Watson. Mlss
Peele. Mlsa Rickman. Miss Corbould,
pnd Messrs. J. A. Motherwell, V. A.
McRae. A. C. Eddy. Ray Thompson,
A. L. Meredith and L. A. Lewis.
London, July 23.���Strong endorsement of a suggestion hv Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle that a slnfele team from
the whole British empire be entered
at the next Olympic games is cordially supported here today by the press
ns a whole..
It is declared that with Indian runners. Ceyloft and Malay swimmers,
nnd 8lkh wrestlers, the British contestants would be able to put up a
strong bid for first place.
Defeated  by  One  Run���Players
Late  Again.
In a ding dong battle the Maple
Leafs nozed out a victory over the
Balmorals last evening by an odd run,
the final score reading 10 to 9. Captain Ryall certainly had something up
his sleeve when he gave out advance
dope about a rejuvenation of the
Bals and gave the Leafs a fright at
certain periods of the game.
Owing to the fact that several players of both nines appeared at a late
hour, the game was ended in semi-
darkness much 16 the disgust Of the
The eyes of the baseball enthusiasts
are nOw turned to the coming game
on Friday evening when the Moose
and the Maple Leafs loci horns. The
Maple Leafs have not forgotten the
deal put over them in the last game
against tbe herd and are just aching
to get another chance. This will come
on  Friday.
It Is to be hoped the managers of
both teams will see the necessity of
having the game start at a reasonable
hour so that It can be finished without the batters taking a chance of
striking at a phantom sphere.
Vancouver, July S3.���Vancouver
came back strong in the eighth
inning and scored four runs, winning
out by 6-3. It was the opening gam.R
of the series, and Schmutz delighted
the fans by his work. He kept the
hits well scattered.   The Bcore:
R. H. E.
Vancouver 6   6   3
Spokaue  3   8   2
Batteries: Schmutz and Sepulveda,
Lewis;  Kraft and JJeVogt.
At Victoria��� R. H. E.
Seattle   4    7    1
Victoria 2   6   3
Batteries: Thompson and Whaling;
Kaufman, Kantleliner and Grindle.
At Seattle��� R. H. E.
Tacoma   7   ��   $
Portland 9 15   1
Batteries: Hunt, Merkle and La-
Longe; Veazey and Harris.
American League.
At Philadelphia��� R. H. E.
St. Lodls ,t*.,,  4   8   2
Philadelphia 5   8   0
Batteries: Powell and Seymour;
Pennock and Lapp.
At Washington��� R.H.E.
Detroit 12 12   2
Washington -7 11   3
Batteries:    Willett, Lake and Stan-
age:   Vaughn,    Relty,    Groome    and
'   At Boston��� R.H.E.
Cleveland   - 3   9   3
Boston 6   9   2
Batteries: Blanding and Kaler and
O'Neill; Wood and Cady.
At New Vork��� R. H. E.
Chicago    6   9   2
New York  4    7   4
Batteries: Walsh. Benz and Sullivan;  Ford and Sweeney.
National League.
At Cincinnati��� R.H.E.
New York ...11   9   4
Cincinnati  ..,  1   4   6
Batteries: Marquard and Meyers;
Wilson. Humphrey, Davis and McLean. Severold.
At Pittsburg��� R. H. E.
Boston    0   7   0
Pittsburg 1    SJ
Batteries: Hess and Rarldan; Hen-
drlx and Gibson.
At Ch.cago- R- H. E.
Brooklyn 6 10   0
Chicago   0   5   2
Batteries: Allen and Miller; Smith,
Maronev and Needham.
At St. Louis��� R.H.E.
Phllao.iluhia  ...,  10 14   1
St. Louis   8 14   2
Batteries: Alexander. RKev and
KW " r; Grler, Woodburn, Willis and
corded one of the liveliest roastlngs
Imaginable. He made it his farewell
appearance in earnest:
Tji^. leading, hitter, of. the National
league and the batting sensation of
the majors, Heinle Zimmerman, is an
Coquitlam Case Against Cartage Company for Hire.
In the case of Mr. Donald McLean
vs. the Columbia .Cartage company,
both of Coquitlam, heard in the small
debts court yesterday morning, Magls-
odd fellow off the field.    His biggest j trate Clute awarded the plaintiff $100
hobby is neckties. He carries at
least 100 ties on everv.trin the Cubs
take, and keeps adding to the collection. Zim changes three times a day.
Every time he sees some one wearing
a necktie he likes he flnd3 out where
he Tian get one like It.
Zitn does not carry many clothes
outside of neckties. He never has a
collar laundered. He wears a collar
once, throws it away and buys more���
generally of a different pattern. He
bas worn every style of collar on the
Outside ef baseball Zim likes to
play "Rum," a new game among ball
players, and pinochle.
Zim is hitting better this season
than he ever hit. because he is a reg
ular. In other years he was switched
around from one position to another
because he could play any old position, and sat on the bench when the
regular could play.
This season Zim signed a three-
year contract at a big salary, was engaged to be married, and settled down
to business. He got into the game as
a regular. He knows just where, he
stands, and is full of the old ambition.
Zim goes to the plate with an air
that indicates he is confident he can
hit any pitcher in the world, and the
confidence is partly responsible for
the remarkable record he has made.
the full amount of his claim against
the cartage company.
Mr, Wesley Routley, who is the
only member of the company remaining in Coquitlam, his partner Frank
Vann having left suddenly some days
ago, disputed Mr. McLean's claim
which was for the hire of a team of
The ruling of the court was agreed
to bv Mr. P. J. Mclntyre, who appeared for the plaintiff. The defendant
company will bo given time to make
good the claim.
Washineton. Julv 23. ��� Whether
there wil be built this year one or two
battleshiDS or none will be the principal subject for discussion by the
Democratic caucus of the House Wednesday. The call for the caucus was
ordered vesterday. It followed on the
.report of the conferees on the naval
appropriation bill that they were
hopelessly deadlocked, and under the
respective instructions of the Senate
and House, there seemed no hope of a
Glad They Told Him..
What it is to be a genuine, single
minded egotist la Illustrated by an occurrence related by an American wbo
spends much of bis time in England.
Among bis. acquaintances is a certain distinguished Britisher who is a
great Invalid and spends most of bis
| time in bed, a fact which, however,
does not prevent bim from receiving
I a great deal of company.
i    One day while thus in bed tbe Britisher  received  several   guests.    They
all began tu shiver and pull their costs
nbout tbem as tbey huddled around
tbe bed.
"What!" exclaimed the Inrflid. "It
It cold here?"
"We nre freezing," answered a guest
"Thank you for telling me." said tbe
distinguished Invalid, who thereupon
rang a bell. Tbe guests supposed tbnt
be. Was summoning n servant to build
a fire, but wben his man came in tbe
invalid said:
"Mullins, bring me my down coverlet."-Harper's Magazine.
C. P. R. Payroll.
The payroll of the British Columbia
division of the Canadian Pacific Railway during last month amounted to
$640,000. This does not include purchases of material or supplies for the
road or tbe payroll and supplies of
the company's coastwise steamship
.  ���
Splendid large store and basement on Begbie street, ji^st. 9ff Columbia street. All modern conveniences and ready for immediate
occupation.   Rent $65 per month.   Will lease. > . ,
THE '���>���;���
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office:  28 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
1(11!!   "Wi
(Via.Central Park) at 5 and 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
untll 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., laet car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6, 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 6:45, 6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p.m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays-
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way points 4:05 p.m.
Reduced rates are offered
.over the Fraser Valley line
for week end tripe covering
all points on tbe division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale.!Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
TRIP.      ','      'tr,
French Amateur Failed' to Reach
Boulogne, July 23.���Jabez Wolfte,
the amateur swimmer,, made an attempt to swim across the English
Channel yesterday. He was unsuccessful, giving up some distance from
Dover, where he boarded' an accom-
panving tug and returned home.
Wolffe, who has made the attempt
"before, entered the water In the vicinity cf Cape Grlznez at 4:15 a. m.
He was accompanied bv several swimmers, who alternately kept pace with
hitn in the water.
��� ���
A Difference.
";     Some people nre happily mar- '.'.
��� * ried, and then again some peo-
'.! pie,  happily,  are  married.���De- '.',
��� * troit Free Press.
tiild the young 4>rlde, "I
you   going   to   baseball
Toronto. July 23.���The plans for the
monument of the late Edward Hanlan
for many years champion oarsman of
the world, have been prepared by
Architect Denlson. Tiio monument
will be placed Immediately south of
entr��Pde gate to the docks, at Han-
lan'a Point, within BO yards of the
house In whicli Hanlan was born, and
will cost nbout $20,000. The Toronto
Ferny Co. has donated $10,000. the
-city $2500 and tho Provincial Oovern-
men $300. The remainder will be
raised hv popular subscription. The
monument will be 100 feet high, of
white marble with granite base, and
Indues a bronze tablet recording Mr.
Hanlan's prowess and a medallon of
the head and shoulders of tho
All Bern In   Montreal With   In   Two
Montreal, July 2'.l.-'-Throe Bets of
trirlets have arrived In Montreal
within forty-eight hours. Mrs. Shapiro of Esplanade avenue. Is tbe;
mother Of two boys and a girl, all doing well. Combined Jlioy weighed at
birth sll*htly over 13 pounds, a few
ounces heavier than Mrs. McEach-
ren's trio, two girls and a boy who
an* also doing well. '
The third set is that of Mrs. Allen
Cltv Hall avenue. The children were
born Sunday, "but together when they
care Into the world onlv.tipped the
fcalcs at nine pound*. All three wero
boys anH ftm 'tave died.
don't :nlii'"
"Thu-k ) m, dearie," he said.
"But there id *oe thing I wish you'd
"And what is that?" he inquired.
"When the team Is going to play
an extra innin* ime I want you to
call me up beforehand, so that I will
know when to have supper ready."
��� ma********ai*a**
Everybody knows the type of a girl
who has you beaten on everything.
She knows tli ��� exact dimensions o(
the earth, moo i and stars, the precise
status of. the recall of judges, tho
Chinese problem anil the area of the
polar star. Not a subject but what
she's there with Uie correct Information as quick as a flash.
This girl was discussing basebill a
dav or so ago with a tv%n who knows
the averages of most of the b'g league
players, thoir lives and deeds. He
also can Judge pretty closely betwixt
n hTa"'1 an error. wh"',h Is the OS'
Bence of scoring, according to manv.
"I Just love baseball," she (TM
"W*'n'�� playing in Chicago todav?"
"Why the Washington Senators,"
wtu the ro-'ly.. "Clark Griffith's team,
you know." .
She. ��"iUed pleasantly, "Oh. yes.
iftr. Griffith who owns a ranch out
west.   Isn't he a nice man?"
The mnn was determined to see
how much she did know about the
nine, an lingallautlv nuerled as fallows: "O: course, you know Gr'fltb's
pc^'Hon on the t��f(m, don't vow?" .
''Yes, indeed, h��'�� ,the bitter."
Sa'd In a tone of flmltty, there was
absolutely no comeback.
Fr��A Clt-*'* teHs a f����n�� itorv of
th time Bill Ho itTrrer, the first baseman, vs h*nded l1'* release by the
loulsv'lle club. Bll was verv popular, and when he was turned looso he
r^re'vei the Idea of strutting across
the lot with his bag*a��m. Accord'nglv
he took un his big vails* and walked
f-rfm the fleld.In front of tne crowd
Th~fc fans cheered thnlr depsrtlne favorite, sang out r"od-Wes, wished him
wotl luck n*rt nil that twrt of thing.
'Tn��t."ier had mnde sueh a hit that he
decided to repeat the stunt the next
day.   This' time, howerer, he was ao-
Clasaified Herself.
A woman with little wit sat dt a public meeting between a bisbop and a
She thought she would be clever and
���aid to the rabbi. "I feel ns If lewere u
leaf hetween the Old and New Testaments."
"Yes, madam." said the rabbi; "that
page' Is usually a blank one."���Ladles'
Home Journal.
Abundant Malarial.
"So you discovered great mountains
at rbe south pole?" said tbe geographical expert.
"Yes," replied tbe explorer.
"Well, that's good. When we" gel
tbrough with tbe usual polar argument
we enn starr in on a mountain climbing controversy."���Washington Star.
K fiUHEi 16
AL. W. GILLIS, mattagW
We are making some special prices good ror 30 days to Builders
and Contractors in New Westminster. If you have not received' our
list write or phone and we will see that you get one. It v��JU ��� pe to
jour advantage. ' * *****   '
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Fight Pictures
For the
Championship of
the World
TWO SHOWS AT'7:30 AND ��� P.M,
Admission 25c and 50c
A Fifteen Minute
Seance with the
Psychics   -
N.B.���This is not
a draggy mind-
reading act, BUT
is interesting, puzzling and mystifying to all.
ROSE and
High  Class Comedy  Entertainers.
That Laughable Comedian.
��� -������. fl   I ���
'Ill I I ��'������
All Roads Lead To
'     '
Ml.    ttl   '..
,    .  ' ��� ���     I
���* lilltf '.''1* I
��� fl    I.Tif K ���*'
Tlie Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
si 'd payable In all parts of the world. Sarlngs bank department at
all branches.
���maamm,      il     i   In
New Westminster Branch, Cor. Sth aad Columbia $treet��
O. D. WILSON, Manager. '
, > 1     ! 11' t
The Kind that Can W Ssfbb
Only In Tbla Theatre.
 : T^"
Let ua "flgure with ybu tm
your lumber requirements'.'"tVe
carry a complete stock df'lumber, and lumber products at dur
Sapperton yard.
r- ���
Mnta at Vfncouver, New WaatmlMtair and Crescent Valley. # "ft.
M-.*' ' ���H, PAGE SQL
.Arrival: Closing:
10:50���Vancouver  via  Q.  N.  R.
....  : .-.23:00
11:45���Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via 3. C. &. R... 7:45
j: 40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:15
11:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 16:00
18-00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
10:30���Barnston  islands  arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and   .
Saturday,' and    leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and  Friday 14:00
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11.15
10:60���Victoria via O, N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
11 -20���Tynehead   t Tuesday   and
Friday)        14:00
18:00��� Edmonds    (dally   except
Sunday)   lfi:00
16:16���CreBcent, Whit* Rmk and
Blaine i daily except
Sunday) M��
18-10���Ahbotsford. Upper 8urnas,
Matsqui,      Huntingdon,   .
etc.    (dally except Sunday)  23:<W>
U:16���Hall's Pralrle. Fern iMdee
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:*6
16:16��� United States via G N. ><
(daily excent Sunday). 16:0<
9-ofi���,\n points east and Europe  (daily)    7;L'
22:10���AH points east and Europe (daily)  14:11
9:2G���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills daily except
Sunday)    "'���'���'
19��30���Sttppertt?n and Fraser
, Mills idaily except
[i Sunday)    14:15
9:26���Coquitlam   (daily    except
Sunday)  * 7:4."
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edrjiopds (dally except
it' Sunday)       :...ll.lf
10:00���Ladner, Port Guichon,
Westham Island. Burr
Villa  U:30
13:00���East Burnaby (dally except Sunday)   13:00
to:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   1S:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday).14:30
10:00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)   14:30
16:*$���Vancouver,   Piper's    Siding    via    G.    N.    R.
(dally axcept Sunday).. 14:10
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via a. H.  R.   (daily axcept  Sunday) 14:0X
7:80���United States via G. N. R.
(daily axcept Sunday).. 9.45
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and But-
day       14:00
IJ: 20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehnaa, ��idergrove. Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie, Murray vllle.
Strawberry Hill, Soutb
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Sperling Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner, Bellerose, via . B.
C. E. R. (dally except
Sunday)    9:01
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
except Sunday)    . .17:3'
20:40���Cloverdale   vi��   B.C.E.R.
(daily except'Sunday). 17:3(
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and    Alta
Vista    23:0(
11:20��� Rand. Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:0(
20:41V -Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
.dally except Sunday). 17:S(
Majestic Even In Its Ruins Is the
Historic Old Edifice.
OWNER will consider
Highest ^Cash Offer for
the following property
in bulk:
Subdivisions 89 And 90,  Lot
3, Suburban Block 14.
Act Quickly.   Address :
Sole apent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,    Aerated Water*
Manufactured  by
Telephone  H   113   Office:   Princess S>
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 18S.      Burn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly te
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
On the Occasion of Its Inauguration
five Thousand Wild Animals and Ten
Thousand Captives Were Slain In an
Orgy That Lasted a Hundred Day*.
Second onl.v lo the Acropolis at Alb-
ens In Interest to tbe antiquarian and
liistorliin ln his study of ruins of Europe Is the Coliseum ut Rome. This
historic ediHce was erected during tbe
reljms of Vespasian and Titus aiid in
honor of tbe latter. It ls said tbat <!(>.-
��K�� Jews were engaged In Its erfection
for teu, years.
lt was u feudal fortress for a long
tiu\- and finally n quarry from which
were built churches nnd palaces until
by Its consecration ns holy ground on
account of tbe number of martyrs supposed to bnve been immolated there,
further ravages were stopped.
It is snld to bnve given seats to 87.-
OO0 spectators nnd was Inngurnted A.
1>. SO. tbe snme yenr In which Titus
(II��'I, on which occasion 5.000 wild animals and 10.000 cnptlves were slain.
Thf Inauguration lasted 100 days. An
ecclesiastical tradition mokes tbe architect to have been n Christian, one
Caidentliis. afterward n martyr.
This structure was orlgiually called
the Amphitbeatrum Klavium. but since
the time of Bebc it lias been known ns
tbe Coliseum, probably given it because
of its enormous size.
The Kotpan Coliseum became tbe
*IKit where prince and people met to-
rclhcr to witness (hose snnguiuury' ex-
J''|i'tlons the dcgr''lng effect of which
on the Human character can hardly be
overestimated. The circumference of
the building ly 1,041 feet, the height of
the outer wall Is 1.77. the length of the
nrenn 278 feet and Its width 177. It
covers an areu'of six acres.
It Is only b.v ascending to lbe upper
terrace that the enormous size of the
Coliseum is fully seeu. and b.v moonlight the effect of size nnd mnsslveness
ls much Increased. The nilns south of
the Coliseum are supposed to have been
the yivnrtnm. In which were kept tlte
wild beasts for Ihe comhats.
As a general description of the building the following pnssage of Gibbon is
said to be perfect: "The outside of Ibe
edifice was incrusted with marble and
decorated with statues. The slopes of
the vast conenve which formed the In-
���Ide 'Were filled and surrounded with
eluy or eighty rows of seats, of marble likewise, covered with cushions
nnd capable of receiving with ease
about 80,000 spectators. Sixty-four
���vomitories* ifor b.v tbat nnme tbe doors
were very nptly distinguished) poured
forth the Immense multitude, and the
entrances, passages and stnlrcases
were contrived with such exquisite
skill that each person, whether of the
senatorial, the equestrian or the plebeian order, arrived at his destined
plnce without trouble or confusion
Nothing wn? omitted which in any respect could be su'iservlent to tbe convenience and pleasure of the spectators. Tbt>y wpre protected from tbe
sun and rain by nn ample canopy, occasionally drawn over their bends. The
���Ir was continually refreshed b.v the
playing of fountains and profusely impregnated by tbe grateful scent of aroma tics.
"In the center of the edlfl*^ the arena
wns strewed with the flnest sand and
successively assumed the most different forms. At one moment it seemed
to rise out of the earth like the garden
of the flesperldes. nnd was afterward
broken inio tbe rocks ��� .id caverns of
Tbrnce. The subterranean pipes conveyed an Inexhaustible supply of
Wnter, and what bnd Just before appeared a level plain might be suddenly
converted Into n Wide lake, covered
wilh armed vessels und replenished
with the monsters of tbe deep.
"In the decoration of these scenes
the Human emperors displayed tbeir
wealth and liberality, uud we read un
various occasions that the whole furniture of the amphitheater consisted
either of silver or of geld or of umls-r.
"The poet who describes tbe game of
Ciirlmis In tbe character of a shepherd
ullraeted to the capltol by the fame ot
(heir magnificence a (lirms tliat lhe nets
designed as a defense agninst the wild
beasts were of gold wire, that the porticoes were gilded and that the '1*11' or
circle wliich divided the several ranks
of spectators from each other wus stud-
<ied with a pieclous mosaic ol' besiuti
ful stones."
In ancient times there wus hnrdlv n
ton n in the Komaii empire which had
not an amphitheater large enough to
ronlullt vast multitudes of NjH'clfltnrs.
and a* specimens of architect uie the
Nlupllllhealers were more remarkable
tor tne mechanical skill ami admirable
iiilaptatioti to their purpose Ulspliiypd
In tliem than for any beauty of t,hape
or iiecoruilou.-Chicago News.
Sams   Have   MiHi   Fortunes   on
Stork Etching!*.
Tha Bceeptiince hv I,r>rd Kitehc'.er
nf a sent oil the direct "ruts iif >* well-
Vnowi railway re. alU ths fart th'it
two i ther famous !.-"nrr*.Is ol ui.wl.irn
times went into hu-ircs, himI .-ot
wild especially hippy'rc-nlt-.
Of the ndventurcs of I,oni Roberts
rs a "City mnn" there are stii; -nuny
old stagers who can talk.    T'ueie w.��i>
Earl of Durhcm'Wis nn Arrienl Guilder ol Empire.
One nf the nio.-t intcrestin-' nml iv-
t.iarkabld clmrneters cimfpiciiciis in
the noliticil history cl Cauniln is Iho
Karl of Durham. V.e wns (inventor-
Uenera! ef Canada for about live
months, nn<r he nevrr held norther
post in the colonial service, and vet
he. solved tlie problem of c-lonial
government nnd   laid  down  ths  lines
tipecnicatious, agreement.:, of bale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strictly confidential. M. Broten, Koom &, Merchant Hank Bldg.    Phone 715.
nothing  spectacular  about  tin; *ureat . nn which government in Canada has
The Artiktic Temperament.
Millet, the painter of "The Augplos."
had a standing agreement with n tirm
of ait dealers who took all his work in
eichiinge for regular payments of ��40
a month. When (fe wus told that they
could sell a single picture for us uuuil��
as r.'.ooo hc said:
"That Is their affair. As long ns I
bave all I need and can paint what I
like and as I like it I do not mind whnt
tbey get for my pictures." ��� I.ondo��
soldier's iterations, nnd Irs ��� ofiice
were as modest as his capital. Nothing of a wild-cat nature entered into
the general's scheme*, as may wp!I
be imagined, but it was not long before the financier discovered that his
genius lay not in the direction of financial operations, and soon, like Kipling's veteran, he was back to tha
army again.
As to 'Lord Kitchener's financial
ability, there was not much question
among/the stockbrokers of the City nf
London, who. on his visit to them
in-1808 to urge a subscription to his
cqllege at Khartoum, were more limn
obce astounded hy his intimate acquaintance with the mysteries of the
"market" and his knowledge of good
and likely "futures." Though by no
means a stock gambler, it is said the
grant of $400,000 mnde him b.v Parliament hns been trebled owing to lucky
investments  in  "moving"   markets.
In 1902 the late Lord Salisbury declared that Kitchener possessed nil
those qualities wbicli were desirable
in an efficient Chancellor of the Exchequer, and it is certain that no
business concern will lose by liis intervention in the councils that direct its
Perhaps the most successful of modern soldiers, however, was tlie late
M'arshal MncMnhon, Duke of Mncen-
ta. Before the Second Kmpire Mac-
Mahon, wlio was of Irish descent, was
one of tlie poorest of French officers.
Possessed of "inside infoitnatinn."
however, on the. eve of the Presidential poup of 1948 lie ventured his a'l
h-*"'\ parried on. almost from his time
down lo Ihe present dny, nnd hnve
beeti npplied. not only to Canada, but
to every sell'-iroverning dominion beyond the seas. That they ore self-
governing is because Lord Durham'*
doctrine has been accepted and put
into practice. Lord Durham's pointed the way, and ether have followed
Baldwin and Lofontaiue are commonly spokei) nf ns lhe apostles of
the principle of responsible government. And *n thev were. They taught
it to the people of Upper and Lower
Canada, and won it* acceptance at the
polls. The Karl of Klsin put it int**
practice. And here is another link
connecting Lord Durham with Canadian public life, for the Karl of Elgin
was the son-in-law of the Earl of
Durham, and to the son-in-law fell ie
task of giving effect to the plan the
father-in-law  hari designed.
For other reasons besides tbat nf
being the foundation-builder nf lhe
true colonial policy, can the Earl nl
Durham be called a remarkable mnn.
His character nnd his work are the
subject of a sketch by Mr. C. P. Lucas, published in a recent issue of
The Royal Colonial Institute Journal.
Writing of the man, Mr. Lucas says
that the Karl of Durham was "made
up of strangeHy contradictory elements. He was on aristocrat of the
aristocrats, nnd at the same time a
Radioal of the Radicals. While he was
a pronounced Radical he wns a no
ess pronounced Imperialist. . . .
Tha fact of his having been from child-
on the "DuriO, rind came out n  Mg I hood  master of a great inheritance,
couple  with   indifferent health,  probably accounted for some of his chor-
winner. He died worth nearly three
:ni''i<ns sterling of English money,
and wealth alone condoned tlie lack"
of ancestry In liis son when the latter allied himself in the 'niueties with   "bje bedfellow fcr lift ^Ileagnes
tics.    He   was   arrogant,  over-
bearing slid ,,.,m;ir.U3. an uncomfort-
a daughter of the Royal Due d'Au-
male. Other French soldiers of distinction have won vast fortunes in
speculative enterprises���the greet Marshal Massena, for one example, who
died in 1817 worth several millions
sterling, a large amount of it made in
Bourse speculations.
- i    in
A Wonderful Feat.
One  of  the  most'remarkable   feats
ever performed by a diver is related
by   the crew of the   British   sloop-of;
war   Shearwater.     J.   P.   Lingen,   a"
young   Kngiish    shipwright,    hoardod
up th? propeller well while the vessel
wos rolling   in  h��avy   seas, and   so
enabled her to mnke   the   voyage   to
pn*'.    The  Shearwater  wa.   cruising
off the coast of  Mexico  when,   in  a
storm, she lost her propeller.    Resort
was  immediately   hnd   to   the   sails.'
Imt  it   was  found   that  steering   was
almost   impossible,    because    the  big
arch, or well,   under   the   stwrn.  in
which   the   propeller   hnd    revolved,
made  the rudder's  work    ineffective!
The officers decided that if tliey were
to   bring the  ship  tn  port,   this  well
must   l��e   lioarded   up.    Lingen    wss
sent  down  to do  the  work.    Though
hampered  by  lh-  heavy   divi"g  suit
and  by. the weight of water,  lie  was
sble to adjust himself to the bad rolling of the ship and hnnd!" the heavy
timbers passed  to him.    H ' fastened
the boards so securely that they could
only   be   shifted   in   one   place   when
the  Shearwater    reach",!    port,    even
th.ingh   she   had   been   batter-d   by
henry  seas ou  the  wny.    Navel  men
2i'v-  high  pbiise  to  the  young  man.
ind n special report has been -ent to
the British Admiralty.   A special trial
to the  nerves of the diver   while  he
was  nt  work    was   the   preseno'   of
sharks, which at times enmc close-to
him.   Arm.'d   men -on   the   war-hip.
V wi-ver,   k''pt   them   from   attacking
His achievements in the public life
of Great Britain were not conspicuous. "He had, it is true, taken a prominent part in shaping tlie lirst Reform
bill, and lie was a recognized leader
of the Radical Wing of the Whig Party." The only political office he ever
held in Kngland was the nominal one
of Lord Privy Seal in the Ministry of
his lather-in-law, Lord Grey; and for
two years he was Ambassador to Russia. And still, writes Mr. Lucas, "he
was beyond ijuestion a master builder;
and >���'��� he did net build himself, but
taught others to build. . . His name
lives solely as that of the author ttl
a most notable report on Canada.
Ih his youth he had served in the
army. For his entrance into the Lower Canadian capital he put on the
Jofgertua ���"uniform of ��� full > general.
Then mounting a white charger, and
surrounded by a large and brilliant
military staff, he rode through the
streets of Quebec to the Castle ol St.
Louis, then the residence of the (lov-
ernor-General. When he rode out on
subsequent occasions his staff, it is
said, was almost as showy ns thit of
an Rastem Prince. "The mngnificnt
appointments of Lady Durham's
drawing-room were a marvel; royal
feasts were given at Castle St. Louis.
And all the time Durham was half sn
invalid,   confined   to   the   house   lor
The   Devon   "Tongue."
L-ri Aldenham, at the annual diner iif the Devonians in London, observed   thnt things  changed  even   in
Dviti.    A few years ngo the  -quires
{ Devon used to spenk in the beau till! "tongue" of the county, but  now
t   was   almost   impossible   In   tell   to
vhat   county  a   mnn   belonged.    Sir
Ino. \V. Spear said he wondered what
(Atndon would do without  Devonians,
t in re was hardly a  Ministerial,  pro-
eSrional, or literary movement in the
Citv  of  London,  and. indeed,  m  the
��or!d. in   wliich  Devonian!   did   no!
t.i i.v u  prominent  part.
Smoking   Hemp.
"Oie of the curses of l 6 natives of
.'entriil  Africa." said a Scottish   mis
sionary,  Mr. Crawford,  "is  suiiikniu
ii ui)>.     II   is   worse   than   opium      I
know  n case where  a  native tied  Ids
wife up in a parce! nnd sold her for
i smoke "I hemp.    I  was told I I  lbe
SI sati' ns of hemp smokers by n chlel
who   had   conquered   the   habit.      It
auses a  peculiar glazelike enamel tn
���on).- into the e.\es nnd has the effect
if waking a  man quite friendly  one
moment snd the  next he would  like
to  stub  you."���London   Standard.
days,  with  the  shadow   of  his
death 'already upon him."
A Safe Bet.
wa��  showing   his
friends hi��
of tlie new metnl.
him   six   hundred
��ere dubious of
She Grows Shamrock.
One of the largest growers of shamrock* is an Irishwoman, 'who staited
tiie cultivation of the plant ns a hobby, and now employs a considerable
number of women and girls in her
fields in the southwest of Ireland. Her
trade extends to remote ports ol the
w ��rld, lo which bunches of the trefoil
are exported weeks before St. Pat-
riak's Day.
Progressive New Zealand.
Milking machines have ben in
gericml ii.t* in New Zealand for lour
y ers. Over n hundred cows rnny be
imJ>' ,| by one' ol them in less that)
i wo hoars.
fiomestlc happiness. t\%*> only bllsa ot
piuvdiMxibat luis imir��tt��a> .ttie talL���
1. Uti.nLge-.
new  watch, mad
His seven  friends
its tensile strength.
"Tell yon whst we do. bny��," he
snid. "Vou put up live dollars ench
acainst my six hundred dollar Watch
I'll not it to tir' tc.-t. If it break-
I"II lose the watch. All you'll lose i-
th> thirty-fiv ."
They didn't 1l '��� k it out n.nffe clear
ly. but the wager wa? made.
H" Iur led the wiilch Against n
briek .wall, lt broke into a thousand
"Wfll, boys. I lose the -ix hundred
dollar watch." he suid with a loin;
face as he gathered up the HI -if ley
diimhhuuid'd they saw him il > it
Knowing that all was not rlttlll ihe\
examined what was lefl nf the watch:
it WM-n't i ven nickel plated.
T Anibros . Wood". Toronto, whose
hers' Kelvin won Ihe King's plate,
tell* the slory; lie Wll* one ol the
coutiibiitors. ��� ( aiiadian   Courier.
Tired ol Crop Talk.
Ooru'c Lane, pfsident ol lhe Ch!-
tary Horse Show, was entertiiinitu'
l)r. Rul lie! ford, late Live Stock Com
' fssiotii r lor Cnnuda. in the gu ���*!���
Im x it that show :i lew days aim. Mr
Lane Introduced th.- doctor |o a num
ber ol friends, and iu most instances
the doctor rt'civcd wu invitation to
do -om tiling wbich would keep him
over ii day or .-;<��� longer.
For instance. Duncuri Mar*liall
wanted him to in-pect some i��l h s
d'inon.-tratioii farms. W. .1. Staik
wanted him to g i up to the Kdmonton Sprinu Hor-L- Sh >w.
The doct-'r invariably r-plied
"Well. I would like to very much,
but I mti-t uct tnil to Hr.tish Colum
bi.i t ) md  mv crop in."
Alt-r Mr. i.rtllt' had listen.d b> tln-
fl lew time.-, be turned to the llnt'tot
and raid: "If vou tlntl'l keep rttll
Ulrot.t il, I will go out to Vour place
this uiiim r nud stay a week ��t��d
rut that crop."
A Slighting Terr.).
In the provinces down by the Atlantic, the people take their . olitics
seriously ��� ttt least several of llie
newspapers are nut at all backward
It) eritt.'iaung the editorial lemarks of
papers on the other side i I the rol��-
lieu! tetire. ihe words used ��i�� re-
leiinnu t-i I'ppostii'j! -paper- are i lien
Cheap   Living, tortus  nl   belittieinent.     Pri bably  fli*
In lh* Blue Nile region In Wt a li"'it **C r.^f;,'t'<, 'wt'e'' u,<> *��''*:
ntftvf [Shnm cni, live veiv cviLuitt *'*'* N*" 1 ?.*���"'* ""'e"Uv r,''e!.,"d
,.;VU tituS ctiiU ti. da* ) to the ( dtbMbvuUtid yaptrv u.* tka.   or-
8C4���Meets In K. of P. Hall, ElfcbUi
and Aunts streets, second und
fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock,
Club rooms over Sinclair's Shoe
Store, Columbia stieet. Visiting P.
A. P.'a, welcope. K. C. Cook, Dictator; J. J. Randolph, Vice-Dictator; H. L. ChrlBtie, secietary.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid up $6,200,000
R����erve   - 7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atfantlo to tbe Paciuc
In Cuba throughout the island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New Yprk and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cltlee in the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
Naw Weatminater Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, tAgr.
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F��� la held every Mon
day night at 8 o'clock ln Odd Kel
Iowa ball, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth atreet. Visiting bretherr
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
G.; R. A. Merrlthew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barristers
at-law, soilcltois, etc. Offices, Rooms
6 and 7 Ellis block, Columbia street
Cable Address' . "Stonack." Code:
Western Union! Telephone,, 1070
Adam Smith Johnston and Frank
Alexander Jackson.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl;
and McKenzie streeta. New Weat
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
solicitor and notary, (llo Columbia
atreet.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Gulchon block, New Westminster. George E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Weatern Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
JOHN GRAHAM, AUDITOR AND Accountant. P. O. Box 784. Phone 1066
Accountant. Tel. R 118. Room
Trapp block.
minster Board of Trade meets In the
board room, City Hall, as follows
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on the t Jlrd Friday of
February, May, August and Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
a =    .    i" '"I'll ' ���' tea
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...��15,413,000.00
RESERVE  ". 818,000,000.00
Brancbea throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, anc In London, England, Naw York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Let.
ters of Credit Iaaued, available with
correspondents in all parts of tka
Savings Baak Dipartmeat��� Deposits
ecelved In sums of 81 and upward,
ind Intoreat allows 1 at 8 per cent, par
innum  (present r��tt).
Total  Assets over 8186,000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
88 Begbie Street
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhanf ers
and Decorators
Estimates Olven.
211 Slath Avenue. Phone 567
AU work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. GOSSE, Manager.
903 Dublin Street. Phone 984.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cer. fith and Columbia
Gardiner & Mercer
Phone  SSI. Box 773
Three through dally trains. Reduced
rates on round trip tickets to Eastern
points, on sale during July and Aug'
ust.   Good to return Oct. 31sL
On sale every Friday, Saturday and
Sunday. Single rare for the round
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A.. Vancouver
B.C. Coast Service
who do not receive The Newa before
8 a.m. should     ���
and make complaint. Only in this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
t>. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C
Workshop 611   Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally Newa.)
of Summer Goods for Suiting
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Perfect di had workmanship guar-
Leaves Vancouver ror Victoria 10
a. in., 2 p. in. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10
a. m, ana 11 p. m
Leaves Vancouver ror Nar.almo 10
a. m. and 6:30 p. in.
Leaves Vancouver ror Prince Ru-,
pert and Northern Polnta 10 p, in.
Leaves   Vancouver   every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 am. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent, New Westmlnater.
G. P  A.. Vancouver
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrounh Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceeepoola. 8ept|e Tanks. Etc.
S?dws *-d Signs
���PHONE 1123
BROWN Trapp Block WEDNESDAY, JULY 24,  1912.
*almi r*\m BKvtik.
at 1^7
A Story of a Labyrinth
It was a June evening. Tbe old
Dougbton mansion was bathed ia tbe
light ot tbe rising moou. which Hooded
tbe old fashioned garden and showed
tbe ancient maze called "tbe spider
web." In the very center of the maze,
the spot so difficult to attain, something white gleamed.
I Molly Houghton was standing tbere
picking tbe great white bride roses tbat
formed u snowy pyramid In tbe center of (lie spider web.
1 Hastened down tbe path wbicb led
to one of tbe many entrances to this
puzzling maze formed ot trimly cut
hedges of boxwood, its exact uge 1
did not know, but It was very old.
"Who Is tbat?" called Molly ueross
tbe web.
".luck." I answered. "Ktn.v where
you nre. Molly. I'm coming after you."
"If   yon   can."   she   laughed   gayly.
-Stephen says he can thread the muse
���also    Shall lt be a race?"
"Lome on. Jack." Ue urged.
"Very well."
"And tbe victor recelvee a buncb of
.bride roses." declared Molly from the
"Wbat ia a bride rose compared to
*t bride?" demanded Stephen srjru-
mentntively. "Kor my part I'd rather
"liout be too fussy over your re-
-wurd." Interrupted Sr*oHj coolly ''.Nothing Is lovelier than roses iu .lune. and
If you don't cure for lbe trophy you
needn't enter the contest."
"I'm Kind to take a rbance on anything you offer. Misa Molly.' cried Me-
itlieir nastily. "Confound this spider
weP Tbis makes three times I've
���come oui at in* very place I started
"Same bere:" I complained bitterly
-Is tbere auy time limit on ibis race.
.Molly?" *.
"Of course'. When the clock strikes
12 everything and everybody vanishes
like muglc!"
"(loud for me!" crowed Stephen sud
���deni.v. "I didn't return that time. I'm
gelling abend'some!"
I wns smearing softly to myself, for
1 was starting ugain for tbe tiftb time.
I could see Stcpheq plugging uwu.r
��heud or me.* and I knew be was Hearing the goal or desire. I felt that I
must buttle wiib blm If be carried olT
the hunch of white roses thut Molly
was plucking for the victor.
Again I started bravely forth, keep
tng i.iy eyes away from Molly, and so
1. like Siephen. passed b.v Ihe futerul
lurulug und entered one of the inner
< iivies of tbe web hearer tbe center.
"i'r.i ti spider.'.; declared Molly. "Vou
nre ties, or course. *'t*ehii|l put todeath
tlie one that <oiues;i^J��yh m.v reach."'
"Happy depth!" taurmnred Stephen
"Kouiish fly!" JeertU Molly,
'l wus silent, fiotoebow tbis race was
"t winter or life und death to me. I
Telt th.it It I reached Molly's side Brst
tlle victory might prove an opening for
me to suy something Important to ber-
to declare my love. It needed moon
light and June magic to bolster up m.v
couruge. for I was fearfully afraid or
wonueu and of Molly Dongbtou in particular.
Sgaln.   Of course the right turn would
bring one nearer to the center.
Unce wben I wns a boy Molly's
brother Tom and I bud spent u night
in tbat wretched spider's web. We
bad essayed to thread its Intricacies at
twilight und hud become lost within
Its mazes. Too |5t��ud spirited to call
for dellverence. we bud wandered
around and around until, tired oul. wo
fell asleep to awaken on the outer edge
of the web with our Indignant relatives
bending over us. Since then I bad refused to enter Its mysteries.
Tonight, however, with Molly stand- j
Ing In the center, the prospect was al-1
If Stephen Drake had not been
tbere! But be was tbere and mucb In
evidence. j
"Which road do yon take. Jack?" he
I looked ;at the two openings. The,
Inner .one appeared to lead to tbe goal j
and yet might traitorously land me i
without tbe web. Tbe outer one might I
lead me by devious ways to Molly.
Something drew my eyes to tbe
ground, and tbere In the narrow way
between the box rows I saw white
rose petnls scattered. They drifted
here and tbere along tbe ground like
vagrant flakes of snow, nnd they led
to tbe outer opeulng. My vein of sentiment prompted me to choose to follow
tbe rose petnls and abide by whatever
fate they dealt out to me.
I "I'll tnke the outer way." I said and
stepped punt him Into a path where
: more petnls flecked Ibe way.
' Stephen chose the Inner opening tbat
circled nearer to Molly and apparently
led directly tn ber side. My heart almost stopped beating at the sight of
Stephen drawing so close to Molly���
my Molly. I cried lu my heart.
��� "Jack." Molly called out���was there
a note of anxiety lo ber sweet voice���
"you are sfaodlnu still!"
"Coming!" I called lustily, and started nuew on my race over the white
It wns singular that they should lead
so  persistently along the path.    My
heart   beat   fastW.    I   wafe
nen rer the gonl! |
Stephen was ahead of me. though.
All at once I hf ard a groan of disgust from his direction and saw blm
bearing away on an ever widening
circle. I
"Going home?" I called out. I
"Looks like It." ba grunted. - "What |
would happen If I Jumped artir Ibese
hedges nnd landed beside you. Molly?'
"You'd be out of tbe game." declared
"Not fair!" t called.
-it'a. a tedious Journey." complained
Stephen as his >ath drew him uway
from us.    "I've worn out a  pair <r.
shoes already, and If 1 had measured
the distance���why. I bave walked miles
"Isn't It worth tbe goalT" challenged
fYes. iIndeed!    Coaslojc  hack. now.
MolIy^Tie"culled out more cheerfully.
There I was plodding away, follow
Ing tbose rose petals along tbe iinr-
| row  paths of tbe maze.    Horoetimes
they ied away in a Wide circuit rrom
I the center and quite discouraged  me
from ever reaching Molly.   Again ihey
brought  me so close to Molly Ibat I
i could smell tbe sbeaf of white rose she
1 beld in ber arma.
j I compared the maxe to Molly her
self-sometlmes approachable, sometimes distant and ptuzilng-and 1 had
been for montha striving to thread tbe
mase of ber moods and reach ber
heart. Even now I did not dare think
what ibe outcome of my daring ques
tlon wonld lie.
All nt once Stephen gave a wboop of
delight \
"I'm on tbe rlglit track now." be bellowed Joyfully. "Tbls M a clm-b
Watcb me!'
' I iiuused to watcb bim. I was not
far from Molly. It would not take
ninny more turnings for me to reach
Iter imivided tbe rose petals still isitnt-
ed tbe way. Wbo had lost thero -Moi
iy. pur|>osely? )
Stephen was hastening through ibe
aisles or tbe maze wtth astonishing
speed. It irrtttiui.v looked us tbougb
he hud solved the secret. Kroiu the
bouse cnine the sound of a piano .Moi
ly's sister. Sylvia was pla.viug ibopin
���'I'm coming. Molly." pnnteU Stephen
as he approached. ,,
Theu Moii.v's voice, low and anxious,
drifted across the intervening row* ot
boxwood lied-e.
"Hurry. Jack!" she breathed softly.
I hurried: nay. 1 fairly galloped
around the circle, following those
blessed rose itetuls to tbe center of the
spider web.
An agonized howl came from Steuben
Drake Ills treacherous path hnd sud
denly gone astray aud led blm out Into
the midst of ibeberb garden
"Good nlgbt. greedy spUier!" he call
ed back to Molly. "I'm going ttiHuotb*
myself wltb music."
"Good night, happy Oy!" teased Mob
ly. nut her sweet voice trembled, for
now thnt Stephen tind gone to Sylvia
sbe and I were alone In the garden-
alone In (he spider web!
Only a few rows of boxwood separated us. nnd tbe white rose petal*
were scattered along tbe path I was
to follow. '.
It led me 'straight to the allm white
figure standing there among the bride
roses, and when I took ber Into my
SHE'S fat ami more than forty.
ThoiiRli 1 can'l say Bhe Is ralr.
Hut   nils >ia��   ten   thouaand   baa-
Wtth nobody else lo share.
She lives In a sheep wagon.
And lier children number three,
But Fhe has ten thousand woollies.
And sbe wants to marry me.
There's n nesler's gal that's purty,
A reg'lar turtledove. ,
She's got me roped and branded,        '���
And I know Ihat I'm In love,
Uui the in-innn In Ihe wagon.
With her bauds of bawlln' sheeft
Has got me ulepiiui' sideways
Till I lest can 1 eat or sleep.
I loan a coin bei ween "em,
But It never doex no good.
I alius loss another.
Of course no Hero wouht,
But I ain't any hero,
And I'm bothered lest a heap.
Shall 1 wed the neater's daughter
Or the range queen with har sheepf
-Denver Republican. ,
t Talking Business.
"'The right kind or u girl doesn't
bnve to do the actual proposing, even
In leap year." remarked Paul Armstrong the other day. "A business
man of my uc.|uulutunce hus a daughter and also a confidential clerk, and
the confidential clerk bus for some
time been attentive to tbe daughter,
but he bas not- or bad uot a week
ago���sufficient courage to come to the
poltit. though the young woman,
goodness knows, tins never done anything to frighten htm off, for be Is a
lirst class fellow in cve#y respect
The other evening be.was making a
call, aud ubout U o'clock the father
came la.
"'Ah. George.' said he, 'how about
tbat deal we were talking about tbis
afternoon?   Old you see the party?'
���"Yes. sir.' replied George, "and I expected to see you this evening and tell
you all about it.'
" 'My dear.' said the father, turning
to his daughter, 'will you retire for a
few moments? George wants to talk
business for awhile.'
"Tbe    daughter    hesitated.     'Why
drawing , muat 1 go?' sbe asked.
A Poltroon.
"Don't you think a man ls a fool to
try to drown bis sorrows in strong
' "And don't you tblnk chewing tobacco Is nn awfully filthy habit?"
"Don't you think a man who smokes
is foolish lo burn up money ln that
"Don't yon think lt ls ridiculous to
deny women tbe right to vote wben
tramps and Ignorant foreigners wbo
have no knowledge of our institutions
are permitted to cast ballots?"
"Don't you think a woman who does
a man's work as well as n man could
do it ougbt to bave a man's pay?"
"Well, for mercy's sake, why don't
you spunk up nnd argue about something? Haven't you an Idea of any
biud?"���Chicago Record-Herald.
A Beautiful Decline.
Ollle James, the gigantic and genial
congressman and senator elect from
Kentucky, wus in conversation fhe
other day with a Wasblngtonluu when
the latter made certain Inquiries with
reference to il mutual friend whom he
had not seen for a number or years.
"And how does Colonel Prescott
spend his declining yenrs?" he asked.
"Beautlfuly. sir; beautifully:' f*n
swered James. "He has a fine farm,
sir. and a string ot trotters, sir. and
a barrel of whisky sixteen years old���
and a wife of Ihe same age. sir!"���Saturday Evening Post.
Baking Powder
Made from Pure, Grape
Cream of Tartar
Surpasses every other baking
powder in making delicious,
healthful food.
Protects the food from alum.
Every Woman
is Interested oad should kaow
I about the wonderful
Mapvel tsst
���Because, dear.' replied tbe father,
'you are not Interested.    Why fio you ;
wnnt to stayT
"She blushed and started ont. 'Because, papa.' sbe twittered. 'I'd rather
like to bear Georgo talk business Just
"Then George got red. and father
looked nt them both significantly, and
tbe girl (led." - New York Evening
Ask yonr drnufrtst
It. If ba cannot supply
the  MARVEL, accept oo
otber, bat aend stamp for Illustrated book���netted. It gt��es Ml
particulars antl directions Inriln.ble
to ladles. WIN DSOIi SUPPLY CO., Windsor, Ont
General Acenu for Oan���H>.
many things in cookery, St. Charles Cream
essential. Tt is aa good as the best milk
for any purpose. For many purposes
It is much better. It gives to coffee,
for instance, a flavor which eveQ the
best of ordinary cream cannot approach, and it aids in bringing out
the delicate aroma of chocolate and
cocoa. For confection and ice cream
it is unexcelled. For invalids and
infants it is indispensable. Jt never
curdles.   It strengthens the strong.
only pure water is added it will agree with
uost delicate stomach.
by best grocers evoywher?. 7
CONDENSING, CO. Ingersoll. Ont
Worth the Risk.
Many   people   arc   willing   lo  J [
catch a cold fmm kliodiig ir they   ���
can  only  ki**  tbe rlsht  one.���
Judge's Library.
Out at the Mouths of Babes.
���I la I in .-dome fteee. tittle * weef heart;
and tell me whom papa lores better
tban any one else iu (be world.
Little Lola-1'apn.
I.Ittle Dorothy ��� Grandpa, ran yon
remember Abraham Lincoln.'
Grandpa- Ves. dear. Vou see. I am
a great deal older than you an*.
Utile Ixtrothf - How much older
must I be before I ran rememlter blm?
An old gentleman who had Just finished shaving himself said to bis little
grandson. "Come bere, Charlie, and
I'll shave you ton."
"Von itn't shave me. grandpa." replied the buy. "cause uij whiskers are
not rl|>e yet"
Klmer. aged live, went to the black-
smith shop lo aee bis father's Imrse
���hod. Wben the smith began to prepare tbe horse* hoof F.liner said earnestly. "Say. my papa doesn't tfnnt
bis horse made any smaller."-New
Vork Globe.
Unkindest Cut of All.
liiciiil-.Vnd what do you regard ai
the greatest triumph uf modern sue-
Hoc-Collecting the bilt.-Mllwauke*
If pnly Stephen Draka 1iad oot been
But he waa there and a formidable
obstacle, for now we W*i��'lu the sume j arms and my face was crashed agalnat
t>ox bordered path with Molly several hers and tbe fragrant white petala I
yardnJieyond uh. knew that she had been waiting for
At tbut momeut she appeared tohte  me all along In tbe mase of clrcnm-
to he the unattainable. i stanees-and ��he herself, had drifted
-Whlcft- road do yon take. Jackr de-,
manded Stephen genially. i
I looked op to aee thnt there we*
choice of two paths to Uke now, Thl*
was the most difficult turning of all.
If one chose tbe wroojt turning here
he might go buck to the outer ed*e of
the web Md ��w�� ����� *������� *u *m
white petals of hope along my path,
just na this June night Abe had dropped while rose petala to gowe me to
her place tn tbe center of tbe web.
It wns not yet midnight, and yet
true to Molly's prophecy, everything
and everybody vanished from my happy sight-that Is, everybody ssrs Molly.
Better Walt.
Vou may think you can take
trouble b.v the forelock, bin  he
��� ni ways winds up by leading you
around.-Allitntu Constitution
Cpuldn't Stand It.
Brown - I'understand that Senator
Green wanted you to act iia hla private secretary?
Slniinon��-He did. bnt I wouldn't accept tbe ponltlon localise I ahould bave
to algu everything Green, per Slut-
uious.-Chrlstlau Register.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made by a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New Milb at Montreal * are now in operation and for the convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Point* at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL �����������������������
Learn the Difference
Try Mooney's Biscuits with all the rest.
See how much more flavory.crisper Mooney's are.
Their superiority is due to our painstaking W^;
~_ ���&>���      Jaa\\'
'���!.-.'������.������ ' 'ij.'ijS?'^'.;--'--   ������'���-:"\
methods���our modern facilities and using the cost- ^p^[j^^^d^M,
Hest materials. -We get the finest cream and butter
from the famous Western  Ontario  farms because
we pay top prices.   Our flour is a special blend.
Yet they cost no more than common kinds.
,'"'.������������ 7 '
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas
Canada's Standard Soda Crackers
���   u C
Up te Date System.
Hosteaa (to her little gneatl-Ho yon
don't burn ma up at your house nt aill
Dorothy-Oh. no. Indeed! Bverjr tilt
ef Hi ht we use Is aeot b/ telecrapfc.--
Boeton Tra���crlpt, L     " _
.**.������   ' �����**�� <i^Bijbi:-'Tr.<aiRh>k
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas are made in our large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splendid budding with its hundreds of skilled employees���each an
expert in his line��� we create this delicious and nourishing biscuit
After these biscuits leave the ovens and while they are
still piping hot, with all their oven aroma, they are packed
in dust and damp-proof packages.   We even ship them in
our own private cars.   No other biscuit manufacturer
does this.
So they reach your table���wholp, flaky, and
Try them today.   At your grocer's. a*
The Mooney Biscuit fcCutdy Co., Ltd., -    -J��^*^
. "~ fkdi wdto
the mm
City News
Is The Best
Yo\j tffflk&ep fruit, butter, "milk, fish, onions,
me&OP*9 "cheese in it
together and have no
mixture of odors.
only by
Soldi aitar;^t��ranteed
a.HiX*.   ti
AnJ[e,r?on & Lusby
Sale Now On
During July large reductions in ladies' and men's suits, of best, goods
(all this season's), are being offered.
This ia a chance not had evory day.
Call and see them at
Lome Street,   New  Westminster.
mm wTMcLeod
657 Columbia St.,
62. New  Westminster.
CATTLE WASH to keep off flies.
OIL   to   keep   off   Mos
Drug Store
Phone 43:   L. D. 71;
New    Westminster,
nt*. 72.
B    C
Bathing Caps,
and all Seaside
Requisites at
The telephones et the Westminster
Daily News now are:
Editorial Office  .991
Business Office  999
For all calls after 6 p.m. ring 991.
Mr. Judson M. Welch, of Eburne.
was in the ci��,y yesterday on'business.
MissDaTey's Miliinery Parlors will
be. closed until September 1.      ,  .**
Owing to illness Mr. C. H. Stewart
Wade was confined to his house yesterday-
Mr. James MacKay has taken out a
permit for a $1400 residence on Tenth
I street.
Acting Mayor Gray leaves today tor
Victoria on business in connectlou
with the city. .
Miss Roma Carncross,   of   Cloverdale, is visiting Mrs. F. E. Brooks, of
j 114 Eighth fvenue.
Rye bread���like your mother M*'
to make. Eighth Street Bakery. Telephone R 281. *v
Mr. W. Cook will shortly build a
$2000 house on the property which he
'lolds on Nanaimo street
Don't forget the Wolgast-Rlvers
light pictures at the opera house this
evening.    Admission SOc and 25c. **
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Streight, Third
.ivenue, are leaving shortly on a visit
'.o relations near Toronto.
The Columbia Piano and Music
'louse, 522 Columbia street, is head-
luarters for Victor Gramaphones and
Records. **
Work was started yesterday morn-
ng in nnderhrushlng the grounds on
Columbia street opposite the Fraser
river bridge.
A sterling silver, ch*spd, coin case,
obviously the property- of a lady, has
been turned over to the police for
reclamation by the rightful owner.
During the last few days a large
?ang of workmen has been engaged
n clearing the west end of Seventh
avenue, just inside'the city limits.
MONEY TO LOAN on Residential
property; lowest current rate. National Finance Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street, *���
Mrs. Thomas Meredith returned to
her home o�� Sixth street yesterday
after an absence of several months
during which she has been touring
Mr. Fred Swanson, owner, of the
FYaawr hotel, who bas recently disposed of his lease, left on Monday for
San Francisco, where he may remain
for Bcveral days.
Mr. D. J. McQuarrie, of McQuarrie
Bros., returned from Pender Harbor
yesterday, having spent two days with
his family who are staying at that
place for the summer.
Hiph grade, medium price and all
grades of pianos and player pianos,
low prices, easy payments at the Columbia Piano and Music House, 522
Coliinfbia street. **
Mrs. J. H. B. and Miss Florence McLeod, who were to have arrived home
from their six months' tour of Australia yesterday, will not reach the
city until this morning.
The Powers Construction Co.. of
Vancouver, today begin work upon the
erection of the new Horse Show building which it is,hoped to have completed in readiness for the fall exhibition.
* Mr. F. S. Spence, President or the
Dominion Alliance, will speak lh
Queens Avenue Methodist chnrch next
Monday evening. Everyone is cordially invited, as this is Mr. Spence's only
meeting in New Westminster.
Alderman Fred Lynch and Mr.
lames Woods left yesterday for Chive-
land. Ohio, to attend thc annual convention of Eagles. Both gentlemen
will later visit New York and other
enitern points before returning to the
city. #
Hon. W. Norman Hole, K. C, nnd
Mrs. Hole are back at their city residence again after n month's holiday
at their summer home at Belcarra.
Burrard Inlet, where they now have
a summer home constructed by the
Not how cheap, but how pood.. Hear
the great Chlckcring Bros,' player-
nlanos at Ihe Columbia I'lano House,
opposite City Hall. Made and guaranteed b.v the only living ChlckeiingB
making r lanos, truly the wonder of
the age. We have other piano players
as low as $450 In price. *��
Local Odd Fellows are planning a
trip to Bellingham on August 5 .where
they have been invited to attend the
presentation''of a jewel to the past
grand master of the Washington state
lodge. The brotherhood across the
border hav6 always proved themselves
to be such royal entertainers that
everybody belonging to the Westminster lodges naturally Is very anxious
to make the trip.
An interesting old relic of the days
when the B. C. E. R. first operated its
line between this city and Vancouver,
was yesterday removed Trom the old
car barns at Edmonds, and taken to
Vancouver' where it will be exhibited
at the annual picnic of the company's
employees. The car has been left out
side tin- barns for a number of years
and has probably been noticed b>
thousands qt persons traveling be
tween ttte two elites.
Balloon    Ascent   by    Horse���Human
Statuary Displays���Better Than
Forty-three Recorded in June���Births
; and   Deaths.
The vital statistics for the past
month are' ot considerable interest,
showing as they do that Westminster
does not depart from the usual custom of making the month of roses
the month of weddings also. Forty-
three couples in the city and district
are registered as having entered intrt
matrimony during June.
The births during the past 'month
total 71, and in proportion to this the
death rate is low, 45 being recorded-
During the rirst six months af the
present year 210 little British Columbians have seen the light, so that
June's record is tar above the average.
and tal-
Notes and Happenings Along City's
Waterfront.   .
The tug Glenboro left for Mt. Leh-
"ian yesterday afternoon having in
tow two Darges loaded with logging
mac'iines. which will be used ih the
forests around that place.
The Beaver made a record���for this
-oar at '^ast���ves terday bv arriving
from Chilliwack before 1:30 o'clock.
This is accounted for by the fact that
the ranchers are busy with having
crop and have little time on their
hands to handle anything else in the
Droduce line, consequently she had
fewer calls'to make.
Displav   Space   at   Exhibition���
Many Cominq In.
As the time set for the annual   exhibition draws nearer,    the    applications for display spaces from municipalities and townships all   over   the
nrovlnce are growing day by day. Yesterday Secretary D. E. MacKenzie. of
the R.'A. ft I. society, received a letter from the Salmon Arm board    of
trade asking for a space to display a
large exhibit of fruit.   Applications of
.a similar nature have also been    received trptp* Burquitlam. Mission, and
other places tn the Fraser valley.
Now that the circus has come and
gone it cannot be gainsaid that the
shows put on In this city yesterday
by the lar.iou3 Sall3-Floto company
were bigger, better and more attractive than any previous ones staged
For two hours yesterday ,afternoon
and evening the celebrated artists of
th�� circus held two large crowds of
New Westminster people alternately
spellbound and hilarious. /
Old people, young1 people
most every class and race of people
living in the city were represented in
the' audiences that crowded the gigantic tent at Moody square and every
person appeared to thoroughly enjoy
The program was commenced at
both performances with a grand parade in the oval inside the big tent lu
which almost every human being and
iMilgial attached to the company took
j batt.
Following tli^ procession came
trapeze work, slnck and tight wire
walking, bareback riding, excruciating
ly funny exhibitions by ridiculously-
looking clowns and performing ele-
ohants, horses and dogs. Every number on the program evoked rounds of
The stellar feature of the affair was
the ascension in a balloon by a horse
ridden by a lady. Tamely, this equine
stood suspended in midair, while Its
perilous perch was swung hither and
thllher, and fireworks blazed on all
The usual exhibitions of horse dancing were superb and sim'liar displays
by elephants were exceedingly good.
The human statuary displays in
which several historical scenes and
characters were portrayed in a striking manner by a group of people incited continued applause.
To a good many people the strefct
parade was a disappointment. Instead
of appearing about in o'clock as was
expected the show did not turn up
till shortly alter noon. I When it did
appear, it was easily observable that
not half of the company were present
and all of the wagons with the wild
animals were missing.
When questioned in the afternoon
as to the reason for the unfavorable
showing made by the procession, it
was stated by the management that it
was next to impossible for some of
the wagons to climb the Eighth street
hill which had to be negotiated on
the way to and from Moody square
and for this reason thev had to be
withdrawn from the parade.
I am open to buy residential lots or business
property in New Westminster. .State number
of lot, block, etc., and
lowest price and terms.
BOX NO. 83
from getting a" foothold in the
house by putting a' good Insect
Powder iu places where they're
apt to thrive.
- We can supply you with an
excellent Insect Powder that Is
non-poisonous to you, but deadly to Bugs and Insects of ail
kinds. ���
Get your supply today at
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
Noted Germarf Visitor.
Vancouver, July 23.���Dr., Paasche.
vice-president of the German Reichstag, and noted scientist, visited this
city yesterday. This is his second
visit to Canada, he having come here
twenty years ago at the time of the
world's fa'r In Chicago. He ls on a
tour round the work and expects to
soend a lengthy period in Japan and
Need 25000 Workers.
Regina. Julv 23.���Government official here estimate that 25.000 men
wil be required ^o handle this year's
Thev are laving plans to get this
number from Eastern Canada. Last
year this plan was followed with immense success, and for 1912 it is intended to d'iDlicate where possible,
Tom Malloy, head of tbe labor
branch, and Frank A. Mantle, minister of agriculture, have the matter in
The G. T. P. and other roads are
MCVEY TO LOAN on Residential
property.: lowest current rate. National Finance Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street. ������
on the Banjo.  Zither Banjo,
Mandolin, Mandola,  Mando-
Cello and Guitar.
Above instruments repaired, strung
and tuned. Putting on Banjo Heads
a specialty. Auto Harps and Zithers
strung and tuned.
"Dick" I. Lawrence
Leaye instruments for tuning or rp
��>o<rtnr- at t. H. Todd's Mus'c House.
416 Columbia Street.    Tel. 694.
Four Aoori East of Bank of
" '    Montreal.
New Westminster, *.,(.,
The brutal spectacle of two men,
undoubtedly intoxicated, engaging in
a bloody battle, to the apparent edification of a large group of fight fans,
was noticed In a Front street hotel
vesterdny afternoon. The affair was
hushed up before the police could get
around to the place.
Two Westminster students qualified with high honors at the recent
intermediate examinations held under
the auspices of the Law Society ofj
i British Columbia at Victoria. Those
were Mr. Alfred Postill of the firm
of McQuarrie, Martin and Cassidy.
and Mr. Eldon Lane of Whiteside and
About twenty men began work tiiis
morning on the new driveway iu
QueniiH pari:, which Is to be a feature
of the improvements to be carried
out in that piny ground under tho $'*.7i.-
000 parks bylaw. The driveway extends from Leopold Placa .(Uat/tKilly
across the park.
dence lots in good locations, and
gocd investments at the prices they
can be bought for now. Suitable
terms can be arranged.
NO. 900���FOURTH STREET, 50x132
to lane. Price $775.00; one-quarter
120 to lane; cleared and fenced.
$1,050; one-third cash.
lots. 60x132 each to lane. Price
$1050 each; one-third cash.
Second Street; 48x132; $1,000; one-
third cash:
near Fourth Street, two choice lots.
cleared; $1,275.00 cach; one-third
Twelfth street, on upper sde; good
view lot; cleared; 50x120 to lane.
Price $1550.; one-third cash.
Sixth avenue. 50x132; cleared and
graded; $2,000; one-third cash.
street, 60x110; "cheapest good lots in
the city. Price $500 each; one-fifth
Bdinburg street; cleared and ready
to build on. Price $3200; one-third
NO. 957���DOUBLE      CORNER      ON
Fourth avenue, street on three sides.
$5,300; one-third cash.
south, 67x114 to lane; cleared and
in orchard. Price for a few days
only, $1,100; one-third cash.
Mondays, midnight, to Prince
Rupert, and Stewart (Alaska
Thursdays, midnight, to. Prince
H. G. SMITH? i}v$'ft T. A
Phone Seymour 7100.     V
 ���        W. E. DUPEROW. G. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street:
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A spt cially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
N j. 2 Commot Boards and Dimension.
ii i      ,  <t'i ��n    I i    i ill    ii ��� i ' ���
Now it the time to build for'wab or rent while prices are low
We run a general store and sel) at city price*.   A new four-story
hotel just completed. ���
LOTS frcm $350 op, $50 CASH, $50 every 6 months
Or smaller terma (o those building this season,
office on the property.
Our Mr. Sands has an
; .
FIVE DAYS, ONLY $48, Including Meals and Berth.
��� ���lUSsiU'l*
Before deciding on that WEDDING GIFT inspect
our stock of Cut Glass. Articles ranging in price
from $1.00 to $65.00
Official Tlmetottpedfor for C. P. R. and B. C. Eltetrlc Railway.
,il?)\\\: -W* , -iJ ���
��. I. HART & CO., LTD.
We write  Fire, Life, Accident,
an* Marine Inturanc*.
Employers' Liabillt
Irons, Cookers
and Heaters
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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