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The Daily News Mar 12, 1912

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PORT   MANN  /    w'iAGE   IN   AND
(Low    * fflce.)
WHITE,     c _E8 A CO.
yp*. -
I, *���*  I
Enthusiasm Attends Forming
of Mock Parliament.
Governor General   Indicates Imposing
List of Measures to Be Brought
A meeting for the purpose of form
lng ;i mock parliament was held at
the Y. M. C. A. last evening. Tbe
meeting wus largely attended, and
the re.elation ot ttie amount of talent
ttvuuu.jie ior political life ln the community wus proof that the political activity iu whicli New Westminster is
sharin); with tlie rest of the province
at the piesent time wlll not only be
maintained, but largely augmented
once tne i. M. C. A. parliament gets
down to business, 'lhe institution wa.-;
successfully founded last night, u rehearsal wi.l beheld on Thursday, the
14th inst., anu the public will be in
vlteil to attend the opening meeting
of the session on Wednesday evening,
the 20th inst.
As yet the cabinet Is not quite complete, nut last night Ex-Alderman J. J
Joht.otou wus appointed governor gen
eral, and Mr. Adam B. Johnston
speaker, while Jt was also decided '
that Mr. F. O. Canfield will lead the
Lust night the governor general out- ,
lined  briefly  the  subjects which  will I
Burnaby Board of Trade Heartily    Ir.
Favor of Royal City Board
. Edmon,ds, March 11.���An important
step towards the proposed deepening
of the North Arm of the Fraser rive;'
was taken by the Burnaby council last
evening, when it resolved to do ail
in Its power to assist the joint harbor
committee tn taking the matter up
with the proper authorities at Ottawa.
Mr. H. G. Walker, presijent of the
Burnaby board of trade, representing
the boards of trade of ivew Westminster, Richmond, Point Grey and South
Vancouver, appeared before the council with a statement regarding what
took place at the meeting of tne committee at Eburne last Friday, and
;;s..< u their support of the scheme.
He showed that the proposed dredging of the North Arm is ot great importance to Burnaby as the six milea
of water frontage in the southern
section of the municipality will
eventually be taken up with industries
and dock yards.
liesident Engineer Keefer has gone
School Board's Communication So Described.
Many By-laws Come Before City Council���Sapperton Park���Old Age
Numerous matters received the attention of the city council at their
regular meeting held last night with
Acting Mayor Gray ln the chair.
Notice was given of many loan bylaws, several by-laws were read a first
time, and many Important question*
were    considered.     Incidentally    the
Constitution of New Republic
of China.
Temper  of  Northern  T.-oops  Causes
Further Anxiety���Personal  Devotion to Yuan Shi Kai.
Nanking, March 11.���The constitution of the new republic of China, as
finally approved today, places the
supreme power in the hands of the
national assembly. A notaule feature
ls that all the acts of the president
require the approval of the assembly,
and this body also has complete control of the cabinet. The assembly
���fleets the president and vice-presiden
Municipal Council    Cancels   Appointment   of   Mr. Whitney,   of
Three   Hundred    Thousand
Out in Westphalia.
engage the attention of the house dur-
�� ing the ensuing session, lie announced thut the go.ernn:��nt will bring In
a bill which they will late;- endeavor
to make an act, to aibw the enlrv into the Dominion of Hindu wives who
over the plans and states that the
work could be completed within two
years time, which, in view of tho
" i opening of the Panama cati.ll, will be
none too soon. Councillor McDonald,
in moving the reaolution, declared
tbat the council was a unit with regard to the matter, and daett upon
��� ue tmrortance of taking up the matter with the Dominion officials aud
the local members of the House.
������ 1
recommendation of the light commit-  and may pass any law over tne execa-
tee that Uie meter rent ue abolished   tive's veto at its pleasure,
was adoptea, but no reduction in iates      Dr. Sun Yat Sen wlll   turn over the
was made. _ I great seal of the presidential office to
ng Shao Yi, Yuan's personal repro-
ntative,   as soon    as tbe details ot
unching the   constitutional   govern-1
raeta *������>��   ''e accomi^shed.   Pendih,.
1.In5. 'IV. t'iff cont nues to hold office
as ac'.ine r resident.
Edmonds, March 11.���The question
of the legality of the appointment of
an American engineer by the Burnaby
council, a to; ie which has been a
burning issue throughout the municipality during the past week, came up
before thc council this evening.
Before the minutes of the previous
board ot works' meeting were adopted, Councillor McDonald moved, and
Councillor Madill seconded, that   the
clause  relating to  the engineer,' Mr \
H. A. Whitney, of Bellingham, Wash., |
be referred back to    the   board.   Ap j
amendment  that   the  whole  deal   be j
cancelled was moved   by' Councillor j
Fau Vel and seconded by Councillor
Mayne.    A   tie    vote   occurred,   the I
acting reeve,   Councillor   MacGregor.
casting the deciding vote in favor of
the original motion.
At the board of works meeting,
held later, it was decided to advertise
the position in all the papers on the
lower mainland.
It developed yesterday that a largely signed petition had been sent   to
World-wide   Struggle   Possible ��� Another Conference in British Coat
Dispute Today.
....      ,   l   I*******************************************************.} *S      HAUCU     UCUIIVU     lull     UCCU     DCIll *.*.  I  .   ^H^BM
lr��mM 1 ,1. Chef��,0'     ^rch    Jl" ~ Re^l��*an 1 the counclfand this, no doubt, had1^' ��
-th?..kl.^ i tJoop?Iro��� *!* .8O.uih_C0n-t!?ue. %&?. faoraewhat to do with the decision last ,���*$?��>
ilicady resident in
*, liu I
Approval of Council    Conditional
Fresh Consideration; According
to the New By-law.
have hnsbanaa	
it is confidently predicted by the
oppofltlon that this measure will
mean the defeat of the government.
because aher discussion In the house
the crivllege of the li^ht to vote wiil
he eUended to the public in attendance H���^���^���^���.^���^^^^���
C ile- (juestions oi  great public im- ' 	
portance to be dealt with during tho (
������lon. should prorogation not fol- The PIuns Approval
low immediately upon the flrst meet- ! brought in by Alderumn i.ynch
Inpr, will be "The extension of the
intercolonial to the Pacific roast���and
farther, if neccssajy," "Subsidization
of the horse show building, Nov/
Westminster," "Enlargement of tho
post ottk-e," "The building of a    rui'-
way to Ladner and of a btidtrc
New  Westminster to    Ladner."
others of almost ciua!    Import
mentioned last nignt.
nlghl. and passed its 111 et and second I
readings,     ihls   by-law   uiaKea   some]
important irevisions for the drawing!
u.�� of plans lor    subdivisions,    condi- ' *jar
lious necessary  to    their   acceptance
by  the council, and their subsequent
r*rellmlnary plans according to thn
second clause of the by-law will have
to be submitted showing the physical
[leatures and  the  topography  of    tho
j.land in question and the approximate
1 grades of proposed streets and lanes.
-jtlayse three provides that before final
'approval of the plans the owner must
'slash roads or streetB to the full' width
thereof as shown  on  the plan,    aad
rough grade    and    render   the    said
! sti eets   or roads    lit   for   vehicular
travel to the satisfaction of tbe city
A letter from the school board
brought up the old question of Tipperary .and the High school. The
school    board's    communication   was
designated  as  "childish"  by one    of
the  aldermen,  while  another  wished
to know whether it came
regular  school  board on 	
gai ten one."    After quoting the coun- j rive here at an average rate of about I"���". A "��� ���
"  ""1000 weekly, and for the most nart to'T'en   ?'   Reeve Weart   l8   expected
proceed from here up country to or ,? irom New Vork on Friday, and
about Peking. There is no question'M, T w" ,the ProP0** of the ap-
that the Republican leaders are nerv- P��,ntmlflnt. }*��� will be interesting to
ous concerting the attitude of the nor- }?arn hlB view" on the Present eltua-
thern provinces. From the first the "^^^^^^^^^^^^^���H^H
northern troops have been devoted to
Yuan Shi Kai, rather than to either
the Imperialists or the Republicans,
and the latter have all along showB a
lingering suspicion that once he had
���^������ Uvprvthit,g   gathered   into   bis   own
1910  a  majority  of the  people   hands, Yuan would develop into quite
voitu ia ia.or    u*    uuii-..u0    i. .i.^.* t as much of an emperor as any Manch'.i
scnool and    also   a    majority    voted I ruler ever was before him.
against buying a new sue instead ofl     The general impression is that it ll
usi-.ij Tlpperary.    in 19*1 a majority Ito guar.! against a coup bv Yuan tha'
voted in tavor,  of building   s    High | General Li Yuan Hung, who is at the
school,  while  the  school  board  wer.3 , head of Ihe Republican military eetab
expressly    in favor   of building    the ! llshment and   is probably making his
tame on    Tipperary   school    reserve j present disposition of troops in   suit-
Tnere was a plebiscite put in 11U1 by , of  Yuan's objections,  is  taking such
vour council without    any    reference ' elaborate   precautions  to  police    th".
northern country wiih southern Midlers, who are Li's own mep and can
be relied on to obey his orders even
against Yuan's.
London, March   11.���The   National
Miners' Federation    unanimously   decided tonight to   accept   the   prime
minister's invitation    to   meet   coal
owners and   representatives   of   the
government at a round table conference tomorrow.   'Mr. Asquith will preside.   Tbe   acceptance   was   coupled
with a reservation that the principle
ot a minimum wage be excluded from
discussion.    It    is    understood    thia
means    that   granting   a   minimum
wage will  be assumed to have been
conceded, but it does not imply that
the schedule of minimum rates drawn
up by the Miners' Federation will not
be discussed.   The owners have   not
yet accepted -he premier's invitation,
is taken foi granted they will
eil's letter of February 21 which embodies a remark "that a majority of
the voters have twice expressed their
disapproval" of placing a school on
Tipperary, it goes on to say "that tho
oi'iicial returns of all votes referring
to the High school in 1910, 1911 and
1912 show that the statement that
"the people have twice expressed
their approval of placing a school
on Tipperary" is not in accordance
with fai.ts
to the wishes ot the-school board, and
this i leblsclte was worded in such a
manners to give the Impression that
Tipperary school reserve was a public
In 1912 a majority voted againsi
buying a new site for a High school
and by a large majority voted tNi
money for the building of a High
6chool which could only mean that
the majority of voters favored building a new High tchool on Tipperary
school reserve. Also that during tho
last two years at each election member^ of the eld boards standing for
re-election and i.uown to be in favor
of using Tipperary school reserve for
a High school were returned at tho
head of the polls. I am instructed to
inform you that the school board is
Will Cuit Within Thirty Days Unless
Request Is Granted
Will Consider Matter.
��E fl. the firemen do    not    receive    a
higher rate ol pay within thirty days!	
they  wlll  all  strike.    A request was \ Large  forces  of  pollce  are  on
submitted  to  the   council  last  night
signed by nineteen members of    the
fire  brigade stating that they askel
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i f or higher wages in January, but bad
_.   .  .. ���,        _, . K,      'heard nothing since.   They according-
F.rst Meeting Since Election of New,,y 8UbmJUedba sUdjng sca)e of galar.
onicers- |ies, and if this was not adopted with-
The regular  monthly    meeting    of jin  thirty days they asked that  their
the iNevj- Westminster board of trade ! resignations take effect at the end of
will  be beld in the city hall on Fri-; that period.
The miners' representatives are not
authorized to agree to any reduction
ot the federation's schedule of rates
nor to any scheme   determining   the
rates without   a new   ballot   of   the
miners.    Therefore, a settlement    of
tbe strike at the joint conference cau
be attained only if the owners agree
to accept the miners' schedule, which
lis improbable. -
New York, March 11.���A world-wide
I strike of coal miners is regarded by
(the coal trade as more than a likelihood if the negotiations of the anthracite and bituminous workers and
their employers in this country do
not result in a settlement
Berlin,  March li.���The coal strike
went into effect In the Westphalian
coal mines today when about 50 per
cent', ot the 350,000 miners employed
there obeyed the call of their leaders
, to cease work.   In eome districts tbo
j cessation    o'f-    work . was  prac! ;raJJ/ ;
complete, while in others   only    from
15 to 30 per cent, ot tli* men struck.
everywhere. The strikers, however,
generally, are peaceable and onlv two
isolated attacks on non-union miners,
have been reported.
Ladner Board of Trad: Held Annual
Meeting���Officers for Year
ready  to  meet  the    council    at  any
time on any matter of public Import,
engineer,   lroceedlng to clause flve lt   bllt fl8 your Ietter ie based on a mls'
.- * a ��u_�� -it r��.��� ���_��� *_ #.�������� ���   statement of the facts the board would
like tb know if it is still your wish
is found that all lots are to front on
a street at least 66 feet wide. They
may, however, front on a street allowance of at least 33 feet, but In such
caae a guarantee will probably be re
quired from the owner of the adjacent
land such as to ensure a 66 foot
srrti.L    The next clause deals    with
ther in nlmum width >
J,adnt;r. March 11.���-The annual
meeting of the Ladner board of trade
was held In the Delta hotel this afternoon, and the election of officers took
place. The rest of the business transacted was the making of arrangements of 40'feet and a mmimum denth
for sending representatives to a joint 100 feet Ciause eight forbids all
meeting of the boards of trade of the  bllnd Toad8i ,ane8 and C0UrU
to meet them and, Jf   so,���-on   what
in speaking to this question Alder-
man Curtis favored a paciflc attitude.
He thought that as the facts in the
council's last lettc- n'.f.ht not have
been quite correct, they should with-
lane i ana
at !������ '.of*.
_. ,.���.���... ...... _ ���r^i^���m ^���#v    ���,  onder for a motion to this effect,   as
T.ie mi. "n.urn superficial  draw them fcnd ask for a meeting to
,<���  fixed in clause seven  dl8CU8fi the question of a High school
! further than favoring the sending o*
day evening of this week commencing
��t 8 o'clock. , It is expected that there
will be a large attendance, us this is
the first meeting since the new officers and committees for 1912 have
taken office, and it Is probable that
much work of importance will be
Tbis meeting will also be tbe flrft
to be hel.i on Friday evening. At
tbe annual meeting of the board hell
last month tt vas- decided to change
the night of meeting from Thursday
to Friday night, in view of the fact
that the latter night would prove more
convenient to many of tbe memhers.
At tie meeting this week President
Duncan will deliver his Inaugural address in which ke will probably outline some of tbe worn to be tasen up
by the board this year. The various
committees will also likely have some
Important reports to make on matters
referred.to them at the last meeting.
The scale asked for is as follows'
For first six months, $75; for second
six months, $��0; for second year, $S5:
for third year, $90. They also ask
that all men now with two years'
service In the department be put on
the maximum wage. This matter was
referred to the finance and Ore committees to report, no provision having
been made tn the estimates for Increased salaries.
Curtis    and    finally
lower mainland to be held ln Vancou-   finally   clause  fourteen  directs  thit a l���tt���'" expressing the councll's will-, - --���-,-*.     ��� .-..
ver on Tuesday  March 19. This meet-  the g^, plats' must be deposited   i��� <}?��������� t0 df��?�� *"? matteAr,?f pub'  by    Alderman
Ing has been called   to   discuss   tho   th    i__d rGeiB,rv office within thirtv illc interest with the board.   Alderman passed.
building of a bridge across the Praser  d��a J thelgr acceptance by the conm  whlte ""^ "wa? u8ele" t0 ^ I    f6??1 -.impor0!!It , JL0,,?,V W*���
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^��� l cuss the  High  schook question  with  raised by the report of the light com
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*********     ^^^^^^^M..~ .���_.��      tk._     n-.n1IHs\n
river at Ladner in connection with a
car Hae between Vancouver and tho
Delta. Representatives of the Westminster board of trade will be present
at this nieelin-;.
The officers elected for the year
were: Honorary president, Reeve
Oliver; honorary vice-president, D. B.
(Grant; president, R. E. Kltson; vlce-
pres-ldent. F. W. FIsheT; secretary-
treasurer, W. J. Lanninji.
Assessment  Roll  Toils  $13,030,000���
Council Appoints Court of
Tbe assessment roll was   received
I by the council last night and a daie
appointed for the sitting of a court of
Constables   Were    Busy   on   Eighth
Street Last Sunday���Recent Protest Produces Quick Action.
The Westminster police were on
ithe job on Sunday as many an auto-
I mobile driver knows. Complaints hav.
mODlie unvcj- jiiiuito.  i.vui]iiwii�� ****.- ��� .   --.^b^b^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
Site   ot   Alberta   Town   Freouen'ly iln*   recently    been    received    about wished to go on record against   dls
"    j speeding on Eighth street,   two   con- posta; of Sapperton park or any part
^^^^^^^^^^********************************^M .a, ,,      ^. M rat      It ,. ��� ,1      ��� ��� IH       thljf      hll      fol*       RMTO     th��
the board.    Tbe school trustees had  mittee, which included the audition
the right to build lt on Tlpperary and  of Xhe f.eter rent,    lt also provided '
they practically had to put lt there.' for a change ln the primary from 1006  revision.   The figures were not given '
He accordingly    seconded    Alderman to 2000 volts   and   various   arrange- \ outf   ,)U't   ^   Ja understood the total
Dodd a original motion that the com-  ments for Joint poles with the B. C.  jg   over   $j3(ooo,000     This ts an In-
munlcatlon be received and filed. (Telephone and Electric Railway com-!creaSe 0j ovejl   $5000 000   since   last
Another vexed question which, how- panics.     Alderman   Dodd   expressed j ycftr< wj,en the real estate of the city I
ever, took up but little time last night,' his disappointment that no reduction , wag 'aBgeB8ed at $7 29'' 785    In othsr
is that of the Sapperton park.   Two in the rates had been recommended I wordg lt can be 8tated'that the value
petitions from    Sapperton    residents-, and said that he inten.'.ed to move a of real property in the city   has   iu
were received asking the council to resolution to that effect later.    Tho creagea ln the pagt y���ar by Bomething
"."w^L1 or PaIt ,of "��e present ^k alderman was agala on his feet on In ^ nelghborhood ot <,6 ier ceEl tbuffertn streets with a double track
with the object of securing more busi-1 the question of the reply to be sent to Not havlng. the flgure8 h0WeVeri.lt i3 all along. The majority of the coun-
neBS sites on Columbia street, and of Ottawa with regard to old age pen-i lmpoMlble to calculate tbls exactly. ! cil expressed themselves ln favor of
purchasing a new park down by the slons ln this district.and he secured m addition to the $7,292,786 of as- Ithls project and stated their belief
Brunette river. A derman Dodd ex-, the re-submlttal of the matter to the ���.���,,,, Uxable real 9��XMt )n lm ^ thl, WM boBnd te b^mi^ D
pressed It as his opinion that they had finance committee which had brought 9Mmptei property was valued at $1.- ness street shortly. Th* petition of
stirred tir11 hornet's nest ta this mat- ina recommendation that a letter be 96m6 and tlw otW ,13,0oo;ooo of I a few of the ratepayers thatt&e street
ter and that they had much better sent stating-that there did not seem thlg year may |nclude thlg exempted Improvements be at least carried on
drop the whole thing   at   once.   He to be any need lor sach a scheme in reaj r.r0perty, "     '       ^^ ��� ------ -���-�����- -- r__.Sc!	
Twelfth    and   Columbia   mra   Luck/'
Streets��� Company Undecided
Concerning Agnes Street.
The B. C. E. R. company has agreed
to double track Twelfth street from
Columbia street to Sixth avenue, an I
Columbia street from. Leopold place
to Brunette street, or as far as necessary, in connection with the permanent Improvements ot this street to bo
made by tbe council this year. This
satisfactory arrangement was made at
a meeting of- the council with Q. R. C.
Conway and C. ii. Vorce, chief engineer and engineer of construction of
the B. C E. R. respectively, beld 111
the board of trade room j esterday
The question of the Agnes street
track was also diaenssed, member*
of the Agnes Street Ratenayeis' association being present at tne time. To
tbem Mr. Conway stated that hts company was not ready to give any definite answer, bnt he finally agreed to
give such aa answer within a week.
The Agnes street ratepayers based
their request on their original petition
tbat tbe street be paved, wideue.i aad
permanently Improved from Tenth to
I from Fourth to   Lome -streets   was
Swept by Snowclldss Ordered
to Be Removed.
stables took up   their position   near of tt, and said that he felt sure the
Westminister ni mai eat
Winnipeg, March 11.���A special gov>
erntntnt commission    today   ordered <wer^
Moody square,   between   Sixth   and  majority of the people were against
Eighth avenue, and lay In wait for any such move. The council, however,
the unwary.   Quite a number of cars referred the matter to the parka com-
whlch appeared to be exceeding the , mittee to report.
: city speed limit of ton miles an hour' Petitions for the following loan by-
ernmeni commiHsion iuu��y ��rum*u!weTC Pulle<1 UP- flnd th* names and IaW8 well�� recelved: Civic store house
that tbe whole town of Frank Alberta j addresses of the ocoupants taken. (and bunkers, waterworks extension,
be moved as a protection' against I 0ne ��* the victims stated that he electric light extension, cemetery pur-
rock and snow slides It has three was stopped both coming and going,, chase, park purchase, new flre amM
thousand Inhabitants {although, on the second occasion    In  police apparatus, new hospital, parks
Nine years ago In a slide 84 lives ��� particular, he was driving very slow- Improvements,     exhibition     building
��r�� wt    kv���. OBV_rni Aaja'rork anil  ���>'.   When he told the policeman that and -municipal gas plant.   For the lrst
he hvil already been held-up once ha. six purposes Aldermen Dodd. Curtis.
was allowed to proceed   unmolested.  Lynch. White and Henley gave hotice
Altogether, lt is   belleyed- that   hot
more than   ten summonses   will   be
served as a result of the day's work,
as some of those whose names were
taken will probably not be troubled
further  ftf+ey   their  cases  hav*
were lost. For several days rock and
snow has been tumbling down the
side of Turtle mountain, at whose
base the town lies.
Msnson for Dewdney. .
At the Conservative convention at
Dewdnoy yeeterday, Mr. W. J. Man-
son, former representative of the constituency ln the provincial legislature,
was nominated fo contest the Impending election.
On the mot.ow ��.< Aldermanate, on A ri, 84    10 d     ���
who reported Cie action Jaken by the composed of the mayor and Aldermen
i��,��t,Ttingwf J?"   m??le,'?!^ie" 0ra* Ke��ta*on. Curtis and Dodd.
held last week to discuss the deepen-1 . _. '
tag of the North   Arm,   the   council        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B
The court'of revision will be held j mentioned, but not   much   time  was
passed a resolution ln favor of a
depth .of 15 feet to the gulf and the
purcfyUe of a new suction dredrn to
be used exclusively on the North Arm,
The resolution asked the federal government to Inaugurate this work at
spent discussing ttj)
The following were present for the
Ratepayers' association: Messrs. J.
J. Johnston, presides*; 6. V. Mark, J.
C. Blair, Rev. A- & Vert aad John
Reid. All the MMKll hut Alderman
Curtis were in, ateadance.
that the would Introduce by-laws at
ihe nevt meeting of the council.
! Alderman Henley also gave mjlcc
that he would Introduce a fire prevention bv-law. Other by-laws before the
council were a plans approval by-law
Lvnch.   read   twice
Tenders were received by the coun- ]
ell last nlgbt   for   paving  Alexander
itreet from Columbia   to   Carnarvon
p^p^p^p^p^p^^.^^^^^^^^, streets with stone setts.   Two sizes
Aldermen Curtle, White and Kell- of setts were tendered for, the .first
lagton brought up the nuhlect of the quostatlon referring to those 3 by 6
cemeteries In the city and their un* by 9 and the second to those 4 by 6
kempt   condition.'     Alderman   White by 9.   Hassam Pavlne company tend-
stated that the 0<U Fellows were "re- ered at $5.50 And $5.26 per square Jetty at the Bandhcads. One of theso
raring to put tht In ta order, h<!t he I yard; R. H. Travers & Co. $10,269 for Is the overhauling of the tu^rhoat
conld ;et no answer from the Masons the whole, cr about $6.14 for .either" Nation. This boat Is at present on
nor the Church of England.. Alderman ��Ize: IndepenSent Asphalt company the ways at the Star shipyard tmder-
Kelilngton thought that lt was time |*5.S5 and $6.10; T. Erickson k Co. (going repair*. As noon as these arr
the cltv snd the trustees of the ceme- i $5.35 and $4.fi8; Powers   Contractln* , completed she win be used hy   Mir.
Steely preparations are heing made
by the Sinclair Construction, er rather
Fraser Valley Tile and Cement company, for the work  ef  feultttag   tho
been investigated. >'     -\ot. Alr'erman   Lvnch.   read   twice: n
Ah Effort wlll be'mtide to bring off ��� nltmrMng reirwhrtHm by-law lntrodtice-1
aome of the trials on Thursday morn- by Aldermnh Dodd and read once, an 1
lng in the police court. a grant to institutions by-law fathered'meet the park* committee PAOB TWO
,TU6��0AY, MARCH 12, 1912./
Apply Mrs. P. Birrell, 106 Royal
al servant. Apply McQuarrie, 622
Columbia street..      	
work or nursing by a Scotch woman.
Appfy Box 15 News office.
wants to do washing. Apply P. O.
Box 438.   Phone 600.
rapher desires position. Apply P.
O. Box 13, New Westminster, B.C.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
tn the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or dlatrict. Milk,
8 quarts for 11.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R 873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.
bomeslte subdivision, nearly cleared, on the car line In the west end.
Price $450 per lot. Easy terms.
Come early and secure the best
selections. Fraser Valley Invest
ment Co., Ltd., 626 Columbia street.
ble Range; Canada's Pride; on
easy terms. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square.
_ So Bobby Burns tersely describes the
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics. But their
case is not now so desperate as when
Burns wrote. For the man who has the
food now can eat without suffering for
it, if he just follows the meal with a
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet.
These remarkable tablets banish the
troubles of the chronic dyspeptie���the
man who is bilious���the sufferer from
heartburn, gas on the stomach or occasional indigestion. You can eat hearty
meals of wholesome food���and digest
them, too���if you take Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemists, after
probably the best formula known to
medical science, they are qnick and
certain in their action, giving prompt
relief from all forms of stomach trouble,
toning up and strengthening the digestive organsand bringing about permanent
A man isnostronger than his stomach.
Fit yourself for your best work by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
50c. at your druggist's. National Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
Montreal. H6
706   Columbia   Street.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free ol
H.  P. VIDAL & CO.
City and Suburban Good    Things
Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given that I, Wil-
| liam G. Sherriff, intend to apply    to
lnjthe Licensing Commissioners at their
next  meeting  for a wholesale  liquor
I licence  for  premises occupie 1  by  H.
Edmonds���Just off Douglas road, very
close to car, two lots 41x204 feet;
each SHOO; one-third caah.
EDMONDS���Lot 50x120, just one lot
off Vancouevr road, opposite power
house; $550; $150 cash.
P. Vidal & Co., Thomson block, Columbia street, New Westminster.
EDMONDS���Near corner Salisbury
..���and Phillips roads, large corner of
-'three lots one-quarter   acre   each;
: J3000; one-third casb.
706 Columbia Street.
al the K. of P. Buliding is for rent:
Ttaso   if   desired.      Reid,  Curtis 4i
Dorgan, TIMS  Columbia  street,  Ne,v
Sealed tenders for the constniction
and completion of the propose! Surrey Municipal Hall, to be erected at
Cloverdale, B.C., will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of March
15, 1912. Each tender must be accompanied by certified cheque equal
to �� per cent, of the amount of
Plans and specifications may be
seen at the office of the Municipal
Clerk, at Clo\erdale, and at my office,
Sixth and Clarkson Street, New West-
minster. Lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
C. H. CLOW. Architect.
Where   Sodden  Vice   Leers Through
.    the Fog at Poverty and Filth.
A dreadful, fearful underworld. A
wilderness of sin infested with crawl-
! ing atomies as with vermin. A gloomy
realm of festering unrest for which
there Is no peace, no hope, no relief,
no salvation. A place of darkness,
in which children awake in the night
to grapple with the unclean thing.
And that ls what all the poor souii
down there are doing, all night Ions
and every night, but not by day, be-'
cause there is no day in that foul To-
Down there lt Is all darkness and
a nightmare of haunting forms and
faces. Faces and forms made visible
in the darkness by the phosphorescence of their own corruption. The
old, old faces of little children. The
hideous childishness of senility. They
gibber at you as you pass, and flout
and mock you in your dreams afterward, all dabbled with tears and
sweat and contorted with pain, yet
bursting and swollen with evil mirth
at the sight of one another's misery
and suffering.
They loom through the driving reek,
pale, spectral, floating on the unclean
wind that forever driits through these
malodorous stews of infamy in a ne.--
er-ending succession of ogling death-
Women's faces drift along wltn
theso others, weeping with an infantile abandon, making an ugly moutn
and letting the big glittering drops
ooze from their sunken or rheumy
eyes and trickle down their bloated
and hollow cheeks. Young men's
faces, perplexed and frowning, that
should be gay or resolute.
The sky above that Intorted maze
of charnel-houses is red as if with the
vital stream of life as it ebbs out with
the dying day. Night comes down a.-i
if God frowned.'���The Forum.
\  ���
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Tiie Greatest Hit in Years
The One Great Big LAUGHING Musical  Event.
watchchain; weight about 1' 01.
Finder will receive a reward on
bringing Eame to Daily News office.
Applications addressed to the undersigned will be received at the city
hall, up to 5 p.m., Monday, March
18 inst., for the position of general
assistant In the accounting and treasury department. Applicants will pleaso
apply in thulr own handwriting. Salary $100 i a* monih.
J. .1. MACKAY,
City   Treasurer.
New Westminster, B.C.', March !), 1912.
In  consequence  of the   rapidly  In
[creasing volume of business, it is or-
I dered by the council that In future no
I applications, will be considered by tho
1 Hoard of Works unless such   applications are received seven days before
the date of meeting on February the
19th Inst., and on every alternate Monday thereafter.
Edmonds, B. C, Feb. 12, 1912.
Re part 110 acres) of lot 38, Group
1, formerly In Yale Division of Yale
District, In the District of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the Iosb of certificate of title No. 10955F, issued i:i
Ihe name of Francis W. Fcrd, has
been tiled in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
al the expiration of one month from
the date of the Hist publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published in
the City of New Weatminater, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
In the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry office,  New   Weatminater, ll. C, March 9, 1912.
Wanted male teacher as first assisr-
ant at Lord Kelvin School. Applicants are requested to write, statin;;
qualifications and salary required and
must be prepared to undergo an examination by tho school medical officer. Applications to reach ihe secretary's office by noon of Thursday,
March 14.
Secretary  Board   of School Trustees.
New Westminster, B. C.
Ro b.ts 43, 4(1, 47, 18, 57, 58 and 01,
G2, 68, 64, 35 of lots x anl 11 Suburban Block I'i, in the City of New
Wbereai proof of the loss of Certlflcate or Title Number M66F, Issued In
the name of Barah Ann Douglas, hus
lioen flled ill this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the explrutlon of one month from
Ihe dale of the Brat publication hereof, ln a dally newspaper published In
'the City of New West minster Issue a
���duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
lie male to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry Office,  New Westmln
Bier, B. ('. Feb. 16, 1912.
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
To whom it may concern: Take no
tice hereafter I wlll not be responsible for any debts made by Mrs.
Rhoda McKamey.
Dewdney, B. C.
The statutory meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners will be
held In the Municipal Hall on Wed
nesday, Maroh 13, inut., at 10 o'clock
In the forenoon.
ARI'TIU'U (i.  MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B.C., Marcli 2, 1912.
Precedence Among Servants���"oot
man Gives Duchess a Lesson.
French footmen are rising up in
protest against the wearing of livery
Yet it was once considered an ornament, almost  a coat of arms.
When the Marquis of Genlis found
that one of his servants was a pois-
er, instead of delivering him up to
justice, he gave him notice, after having had him ceremoniously unfrocked. "Burn that suit," was his order;
"no servant would care to wear it
after him."
In those times the servants' hall
Jealously kept np a certain table of
precedence, headed by the chaplain
and descending to the footmen, who
"were expected to do obeisance to the
principal domestics." The Duchess
de Lillian wis given a little lesson in
this table by one of her footmen.
Coming back from a walk, she exclaimed, "I'm dying of hunger! Quick,
bring me something to eat'."
A footman vnaa present, but he oaly |
knit his brows.    Not  an  inch did  ho
stir.   The duchess reiterated her com-
I mand angrily.    The footmin stood as
still as a statue.    Finally he uttered
I these words with the solemnity of a
Judge; "The steward is not here." H3
; knew his duty;  the duchess had for-
I gotten hers.    She had to continue dv-
i ing of hunger, as her steward was not
After dressing their master ln tho
morning the valets found time hang-
i lng heavily on their hands, wherefote
Abbe Fletiry In 1688 advised them to
study mathematics, music, drawing
and surgery in the.r leisure moments.
He considered that such pursuit i
were quite as congenial to their profession as the arts of hail dressing,
tailoring and  upholstering.
Tirewomen, observed the good abbe, should refrain from decorating the
hair of their mistress more than they
were positively ordered to. Besides
this, "let them avoid balls, comedies,
and especially the opera, if they are
not obliged to accompany their mistress there, and If she does compel
them to attend, and that often, let
them not stay long ln her service."
Valuta and maids were not always
content to wait for the cast-o.7 clothing of their masters and mistresses,
and sometimes anticipated the event.
They felt that they made part of the
family, and were entitled to take tho
initiative. So It was that Abbe Fuse*,
thinking In 1775 Ihat he was approaching the end of hls life, bad a leaden
coif in brought into his room, and then
said lo hls valet: "Here Is my last
coat. I hope It. will not entei' your
head to rob mo Of this one."���I.e journal des Debuts
TWO Carloads
Of Scenery
It's One Big NOISE from Maine to
Everything New and Up-To-Date
with a $75,000 Production.
MUTT and  JEFF, It's a  Corker.
AND  Don't   Fall  to  Bring  the  Little
Ones to  See  MUTT AND JEFF.
March 15
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
47 Sixth Etreet, Tueaday morning.
Prices $.150 to 50c.    Boxes $2.00.
Prince Rupert
Connecting fortnightly with
S.S. "Prince John" for Port
Simpson, Port Nelson, Stewart,
Masaett,. Skidegate, Pacoil,
Lockport, Jedway, etc.
3500 Tons, 7000 Horsepower.
Foot of Main Street.
At Twelve o'clock
Grand Trunk Pacific passenger trains leave Prince Rupert Wednesdays and  Saturdays for points east.
Through Tickets Issued to Eastern Destinations Via Chicago.
CITY OFFICES:  527 Granville Street.
Telephones:     Passenger, Sey. 7100;    Freight,    Sey.    3060;    Express,
Sey. 7986. .	
_p. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611  Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally News.)
White   Star-Dominion   Canadian   Service
Montreal, Quebec, Liverpool.
Largest and Finest Mail Steamers from Canada
New Triple-Screw *S.S. Laurentic.     New Twin-Screw 8.8. Megantic.
���Turbine and Reciprocating Engines.
Last word in shipbuilding.    Electric elevators, electric heaters, skilled orchestra, wireless and deep sea signaling apparatus.
First-class, $92.50; second-class, $53.75;    third-class,    (closed    rooms),
Comfort at moderate rates by excellent one-class (II) cabin service.
S.S. Twin-Screw 'TEUTONIC, S.S. Twin-Screw CANADA,
5S2 feet. long. 514 feet long.
���Largest, fastest steamer Canadian-Liverpool 1 one-class (II) cabin
Best accommodation given $50.(0 up, third-class (closed rcoms), $'!1 2").
Company's Office, Room "B" Bailey Building, Second and Cherry St:.,
Seattle, or H. E. Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, and W. F. Butcher, G. N.
At the Fisheries Wharf, Sapperton.
B.C., on Tuesday, the Nineteenth
instant, at two o'clock, p.m., the
Gasoline Schooner "Edrie," with
Equipment and Furniture.
Approximate length, one hundred
feet, beam, nineteen feet six inches,
engine one hundred and fifty horse
Further particulars and order to In- !
spect boat can   be   obtained   at   the
Dominion Fisheries OfTiee, New West- I
minster. !
Chief Inspector of Fisheries.    |
New Westminster, B.C., March fi, 1912.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
Competition for new 1'rfiversltj
buildings to be erected at I'olnt Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbln.
The Governmenl. of Hritish Colum
bia Invite competitive plans for the
general scheme and design . for the
proposed new University, together
with more detailed plans for the build
lues lo be erected first at an estimated  cost  of  $1.5011,000,
Frizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most luccesaful designs submitted.
Particular! of the competition and
plan of site may be obtained :m request from Ihe  undersigned.
The designs to be sent In by .Inly 31,
l!H2, addressed to
Parliament   Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
Street Names From Dickens' Ch.ir-
Although Dickens is comomoratad
in atreet names abroad there is no
street named after him in I/union.
But there is near approach to It in
Copperfleld Koad, Stepney, not fur
from the People's Palace, and to
prove that this was Inspired by "David Copperfleld" .ve flnd a Dora street
and  an  Agnes street In close proximity,���London Chronicle.
A Simple Treatment That
will Make H&ir Grow
Now Sold in Canada
Every up-to-date woman should
have radiant hair.
There are thousands of women with
harsh, faded, characterless hnir, whb
do not. try to Improve It. *
In England and Bails women take
pride In having beautiful har. Ever;
Canadian woman can havo liistron.
and luxuriant hair by using salvia,
the Great American Sag,' Mali Tonic
Kvery reader of 'lhe News can hav.'
an a 1 tract ive head of hair In a few
weeks by  using HALVIA.
Ryall sells a larae bottle for 50
��� cents, and guarantees It to banlsli
j Dandruff, stop falling hair and Itch-
I lng scalp in ten days, or money back,
I HALVIA Is a beautiful, plcusant,
non-sticky Ila'r Tonic.
Interest in the Gordon
Bankrupt Sale
Continues to grow. Saturday was the best day up
to the present. This, the second.week, we expect to
break all records for big selling. Hundreds of new
bargains have been added to the already large list
for your choosing. We mention a few selected at
Gordon's    fl.00    Wool    Dress   Goods,     *** g\
both light ami clnrk colors,    Bankrupt     ^1 Sf*
price, per yard          Tr
Gordon's "lie '12-lnch shepherd plaids,     j* q
large    and small    checks.    Bankrupt     4Xf
price,  per yard         *\J\*
Cordon's  12^0    Apron    Check    GlnK-T7lA)f��
hams.   Bankrupt price  ���   f *��*
Gen don's ."dc Table Oilcloth, yar.l nnd     f%*t*t
a <|'iarter wide,    white    marble   and     xftf*
coloi ed.    Bankrupt price, per yard  ..     ********^**
Cor'em's 17c Oriental Crepe Drapery.Ql   /
beauttfti]   colorings.    Bankrupt  prlco.Q-l/Q/'*
Gordon's 2!>e Turkish Towels, bleach- am  mm
od  or Unbleached,    large    size,    good I i^f*
weight.    Bankrupt price, each   w\*
Cordon's l.r>c Pillow Cases, each   * ***\*
Gordon's 25c Pillow Cnses, each   * %J\*
Gordon's $2.60 Sheets, two yard* wide, yj- *   r-*r
full length, extra good quality. Bank- \\    J*\
rupt juice, per pair   <fi*S*J
Gordon's 2Hc Cotton Voiles, choice soa- ^   ..
sonablo colorings   ln    stripe   effects. lip
Bankrupt price, per yard   * A V*
Floor Oilcloth, secure yard   *i%J\+
Store Open Nine to Six
The Man Who Saves You Money
Cliff Block 6th. St., near Columbia St.
Jfkjttj a    .a,, TUE8DAY, MARCH 12, 191&
Copyright by American Press Association. 1911.
The happiest day in my life was
When Alun Constable proposed to me.
1 h;:d been expecting a declaration for
weeks, and perhaps this added, to my
delight. Alan is a. steady, slow going
fellow, who never does anything iu a
.   *   ���    ���        ��        ���      .���        ���        ���
There is a girl In this town who was
once engaged to Alan. I met her at
Carrie Watson's last week. Hev name
ls Wentworth���Kate Wentworth���nnd
from all appearances she must be a
lovely girl. At any rate, Kate saya she
ls. It must have been embarrassing
for Miss Wentworth to meet me,
knowing thut I was engaged to tbe
man who wns once her lover, but she
didn't show It. Kate says she has got
all over that affair long ago. She said
something else I didn't like���that Kate
wouldn't marry Alan now if he were
worth ten millions.
I haven't been able to sleep nlshts
since I heard that Kate Wentworth
wouldn't now marry Alan If she
could. I spoke to Alan about hls old
flame, and he snld that he didn't care
to discuss the matter. 1 wonder why.
There certainly can't be anything
about it that he's ashamed of. Yet
what Carrie said about it troubles
me. That a girl formerly betrothed
to the man one Is to marry wouldn't
marry him if he had $10,000,000 ls
not a pleasant thing for his present
fiance to bear. Suppose he has some
Weak or bad spot In blm thnt She happened to flnd out. Pshaw! I resolve
solemnly that I'll think no more about
��� ������������������
I trent to caff on Carrie tho other
day and asked her whut she meant
by Baying tbat Kate Wentworth
wouldn't marry Alan now. Kate sal.I
Bh<> didn't know. When I Urged her
to tell me something about It Fhe said
she never mixed herself up In other
people's affairs. .So I let the matter
drop. Just ns I wus about to leave
ber she Baid that out of pure frleml-
���ttip for ne .he would tell me something sir* thought I should know.
Then r*\io told me tbat Kate hnd bro
ken off hr>r engagement wilh Alan because lie hnd treated her shamefully.
I asked what (he shameful treatment
hild (onsi.-ited ln, to which she replloj
thnt there were so many things that
sbe didn't cafe to name thetn, and
Kate wouldn't ('nre to have her do so.
��� ���        ���        *        ���        ���        ���
My enrngemeut with Alon Is bro
ken. 1 j'.'.si couldn't drive ont of my
heal whit Carrie had told me about
bh tre.-iluienl of Krte Wentworth. Al
last I told him about lt. Instead of
hurling back the accusation like u
man, he didn't even deny It. All Le
���old woi thut I Iind nothing to do
wilh hls previous iiff.ilni of the heart
no:- ba wilh mine. That's nil he would
say ubout It. Then 1 told him that if
men things were not cleared up before marriage (hey would lie a thorn
in our sides after marriage, and so
lo:;g ns he wouldn't give me nny snt-
lafai tlon In the matter we had better
coll our engagement off. To this he
agre'd. 1 gave him back my beautiful ring. And oh. hiw I did hate to
part with lt!   I'm very miserable.
Ob, my goodness gracious! 1 surei.v
shail hnve nervous prostration. Some
thing awful has happened. The engagement between Alan Constable��� my
Alan���and Carrie Watson Is out. But
this Isn't all. I've been told by Grace
Friier. Carrie's most Intimate friend
and >ne of my own, too, thnt Carrie
Is v,-e:-.rlng th? (fflgngement ring which
AUtu care nie end which I returned to
bin. To think thnt Carrie���the ser-
peat-should have toid me nil these
things ubout Kuto Wentworth ntrJ
Alan, brenklng my mntrh with hlm,
then accepting him herself. I do b3-
llovo she told them to me purpose'? io
part 'is so that she could get hlm. Oil,
my ti<&y stnrs!   I think 1 shnll go mud.
There Is n time when silver tongues,
Backed tiy the strongest leather lungs.
With uiljfL-tlves can't, hit tlie spot
They're spoken, but as wkII tie not
There ts a time when anger rash
Cpsets tlie table, dishes smash.
But anger then Is as u vupor.
To smash a house a little caper.
When Is tt thus that big words faU,
That dictionaries don't avail;
When muider even seems to saintly
And cuss words thus affect so fainttj ?
It's when on Sunday after prayer
Vou to your breakfast do repair.
In your fair hnnd take up a rot
And It explodes like cannon shot.
Gusts on your snowy Sunday shirt.
Its rot around on all doth scuirt
And from tho cellar to thc loft
Smears that rank smell that won't come
C.   M.   BARN1TZ.
Worn by the Great
French  Dressmaker.
wll. is tWjJ jJouISi Miue i iieaiil Out
Alun Uns engaged to Currle Watson.
Todiiy I have received a note from blm
saying thut his ongajwawt wltfc C"f-
rle lasted only u mbE PM) ne had,oni/
brought It about to show mo how sill};
I wii3 to listen to tales about blm. lie
jjrjr'j Uigt hojprer was engaged to
Ka(e"Wen?ccryi. He sent with Ms
not? thi- engagement rlngutv'>��K6a��Hfc
to rierppt It as a frrenaly'gTft, laying
Ihat ho kna no fault to (tad wltH me.
I v'"'' pimply caught lU, n trap by an
nWropuTonn yt**VmS. ' He closed by
laying thn* lfc* Incident had prejudiced hhft ACfttast marriage and he bad
(|i��'iiM to stick to tils club.
�� thought n long while before deciding t" accept tho ring ai n "friendly
Klft." but finally decided to do bo. 1
alone wn�� nt fnult. My brother, whom
I havo told all about thp ttnoblfc, fcays
Ihat a man nl tacked by n woman Is
iTtctlcnlly defctmalesB titiA When I
was told that he hnd twmrod % former
fiancee badly I should npt hnTfc expected him to license lite*- of "her friend of
falsehood. 'This Is a ��uin'1�� rlew of lt.
I can't mu iMKf titi/tm In 'tttie who Is
miillgnca 'by a "Wtrtoim defending him-
gelf. To flils 'my bi*o't'Mtir says thnt
thcMiTftMylie'ftn lmrm'fn lt.'litit nthor-
ouejlillrell M'l'l never Jto It, and lf he
dons It won't do nrty gdA'd. I don't
iihilWsWnil this, but I know'ihnt C��r-
'ftt>'WWsriii hns separate Wffom fhe
JtjbtaTldro nml wlll ainviiys love.
���� '�� * * ** '��� ' '*���'
'thirty yours Inter. NoltliiSr 'JUan
��CUtrttal/te'*l'Or I hatVtt*Y!r'rddh1i>a.
Certain weeping Jeremiahs have
mounted to the top pessimistic poultry perch to prophesy that the poultry business Is'soon going to be over-
done-thls fn fuce of tbe fact thai
the world Is hungry for fresh eggs
and chicken and never bave poultry
products commanded such high prices.
Last year New York alone consumed
33.0C0 miles of eggs, these 1.410.000.
000 eggs selling for as high as lfi
cents per do7.eu when strictly fresh
nnd still there was demand. In 1010
Furls got away with 20,000 tons ol
poultry nnd 21,000 tons of eggs, and
the market was short. Last year Ger
many produced 270,000 tons of poultrj
nnd eggs nnd quit exporting because
of scarcity at home, while England
has the "high strikes" because she
can't produce enough eggs for home
consumption nnd nations on whom
she depended have quit exporting.
Dedprocity or no reciprocity. Canada ls yelling for f:esh eggs, and prices
there were so much higher last your
than in this country that over 1.000.-
000 eggs were shipped ncross.
Tn 1010 225,000.000 dozen more eggs
were produced in the United fttntes
than iu 1!X)0. nnd the price for A No. I
wus unprecedented.
The egg crop of this country. In pro-
j portion to the population, allows each
! person about one-half nn egg [ier d:i.v
i If nil ure used for domestic purposes.
| but n lnrge part of It goes to the arts
[and the trades, so thnt ench human. If
the   remainder   were   '1'vlded   evenly.
would g?t a mighty small fraction of
an egg dully.
New Vork Is the gront egj; jmrket of
the l'nited Suites. Her perffi|illa con-
suni|ilIo;i Is about one egg per d:iy.
Tn reach that figure nil ever tin-
country the egg output would have tu
Increase over BO per cent.
It I.s estimated at Washington tlyit
Inst year's poultry product reached
$720.0(10.000. Was tbnt egg you used
for nog. that chicken you fed preacher,
counted?    No.
A strict poultry census would put
our poultry crop up over the btlliou
mark. Doubtfe that egg crop and no
oin- will get bilious; triple thc chicked*
ami preachers and all will yell for
nunc. Our weeping Jeremiahs b;ive
Joruotten tb.it this Is n growing country and win outgrow anything on
earth, and that meaus a permanent,
paying market
Tou    have    often    wondered    why
snakes,   cats,   hawks  nnd  mongooses I
were clashed as snerod animals lu an j
dent    [Egypt,     Simply   because   they
catch ruts and mice, the germ dlstrlb I
nters anil grain destroyers.
Sporty game feathers make tbe best!
Brtlflcl.il flies for trout fishing. Jap
bantu ms' sk'kle feathers cut o swell
figure o:i a lady's hat. The fair oje
who cackles much should wear white
Leghorns to make a good match.
lu one year over eighty-eight tons of I
poultry were seized and coudemned '
by London health authorities. This:
shows you that the United States Is j
not the only place where these devils,
that sell rot nre getting a hot shot.
Tho Chinese prefer eggs that are,
threo years old and sell them at n '
higher price than fresh. wHen yc?.'
go to China sample them, but wear a '
mask and a cor.* of tnnll. for they j
shoot. A clothespin on your nose wll! j
corse liiindy.     u.-. ��� '
In soTue cases as hl(;h as twenty doz- j
ens of rots mil spots aro found In n
flngle crrto cf eggs by professional
?J!T" JaudTcru at the big egg ware
houses. Think of 210 rots out of 830
eggs, r.r.d all generally from cureless
nc���� 'm handling the prolgct._
^.voiding"XT a re;cat Tulli.ff, a!i
I'e'.iiis.vlvanh r-'yr",l schools musl
give TuSruetldOn^Icullnre and do
mestis iclcnce. As her agricultural
adjunct Sblppensburg NorKaJ added
a plff itnd an Incubator. Huts jpt*"
the tacubator chicks, but lluj L.g sti'..
Tooplft talk of the hen's, fflfiVvelnuf
fecundity. A. Norway, ^at nvpruge*
forty-eight young a year. Moat of
thosa mature before tba year t& Up
hnw families of their own. ahd the
Mtm total reni'hos as high as 880
Thnt bouts the Texua gra����hopper und
tho Jersey skeeter.
Arthur Young, an English poultry
writer of 1S02, states tbnt lu thosp
daya turkey rattwrB considered It n
healthy nnd necessary thing to battrt
young Tttfke.ra 'dally. This Is on a ���pwt
wilh .Tobn Hull's Idea that little iplreim-
nnts shon.'d hare no water etcept'Wblft
1 toy g*t off tho dewy grass.
The eggs that reach tho mnrkiii
���atallttWl'd reach the critical ClMfonief'*
fmcktit'tioolt. nnd If ytwr Bodk doesn't
ray fhrtt kind discard the breed farotlf
lluit 'fills tho need. A man dt markel
vWllh what the people don't want feel*
'ns much nt home n�� a woman with a
(ftWh'alht tititi Merry Wl\JdWh*t'4t ���
/HiirchTitaefal. ���
"We   Furnish  Yous  Home Complete'*
This strikingly handsome three piece
costume  was designed   by  una  made
for   Mme.   Paquin.   tbe   head   of   the
grent I'urlsian dressninking establish
ment that bears her name.    The skirt
wraps the hgure Just nliotit ns closely
as possible nnd does not  bespeak  in
creasing width In skirts.   The narrow
petticoat   or   undeif;i;i-t   Is   of   White
broadcloth, with ornamental straps ol
navy   blue  cloth  placed   al   equal  dls
tuiice* to fm-iu in, n and u ball' Hirlpen
Over   ibis   Im   puMMl   tin?   tunic,   wluilj
opens nt the left side to reveal thn
stri|HKl iietticont. On one corner pt
the ttlnlc Is a large motif In soutache
together with ball buttons in while
pearl placed In double Hues along tbe
Dancing School Wrap.
Very   much  on  tbe oruer of n  Ked
Hiding Hood enpe Is the little wrap seen
In the Illustration, which is cspeclall.t
designed for wear over tlie dainty lit
Devoted To the Interior of Your Homes
We buy in Car Lots and have trackage to our own warehouse, hence
we land our merchandise at Your Door much less in price than anv
"One hundred and fifty par cent, increase in our Furniture Sales the past year is
an eloquent support of our claims."
Our 5th floor, reached by our new Otis-Fenson Electric Elevator
is stocked with choice new novelties, in Mahogany, Circassian Walnut Bird s Eye Maple, Quarter Sawed Oak, and all the other standard qualities.
Get Our Figures Before You Buy
We have the best trained and most competent "shademen"
in the city, therefore our work is always satisfactory. Window
Curtains, Nets and Draperies at about one-half the usual prices,
"all from the Gordon Dry Goods consignment." ��ee them on the
tables (main floor rear).
Have You Visited Our New Dry Goods Department ?
Transfer Co.I
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Seaoie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
���. -ffllfra HP   UBOA1.0I.OTU.
tla dnnrtug acli&ol dress. Tbe hood h
a One protection against the wtMty
wlmh. Broadcloth or nny niVher
heavy material Is suitable fer ttoe cape.
with a pretty silk liuliog for Ore'hood.
A Georgia Wenmn tarveMtor.
Mre. (Jertrode smith Of A'aldom.
Ga., has recently Invented'two kitchen
device* wtolcto will bo of 'great good
to fawsefcetifwrs. 'One '4f these ta a
coffee and tea Hfrnlner.' tbe other a
pcreolntor, ond both mly be used with
tbo orrtlnary teuprtt'rtr coffee pot
The two net* mvttAMoua aavo money
%a wall us time, ttre' Inventor claims,
und Hire. Smith1 is "being liesleged by
Inretltore and "mtffinfucturcru for the
Tlglit of snte M'��� 'Ber"uaeftil articles.
Mrs. Hmith's'lhretitlou, Which Indl
Cates n (tirafctlclil1 Interest tn house
hold niTairs Bf tills time when women
are ao generally charged with enre-
lessness In tbla'direction, Is most refreshing, and she bas been tnrlted by
tbe Atltthta committee to exhibit her
Inventions In tbe woman's department
of the Appalachian exposition, which
will bb held ln Knoxvllle, Tenn, early
In September.
Phone RS72.
619 Hamilton St.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for it Is the stuff that tha foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used ln two ways; to   spend  for   what   is
needed now aud to Invest for what shall be needed In the future.   Money cannot be Invested untll it la flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.     Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. C OEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
has moved to
701 Front Stftfct
New stock et fancy Woollen Suit-
ngs.    Prlc** low; fit guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Tel. 781. Cor. 6th and Columbia
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Sp.i lng
Goods just arrived. Fity-Class Fit
and Work Guaranteed.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
INew Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Lathy, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now U the time to build for sale or rent while prices are low
theirworks shd/fye
know them'*
On die merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnla St., City.
good time keeper) and
consequently comfortable watcher to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of-'
charge by the nearest agent ip any part of the world. They �����
are not made in grades which cannot tie fully guaranteed. *
��� ���������**��������>**��������* vimm* PA���HVmV%r
V   /
TUE8DAY, MARPH  12, 1912.
aily News |
Published by Tb* Dally Newa Publish-
tag Company, Limited, at their offices I
���raw    of   McKenzie   and    Victoria!
J^sssS*. '������' ���%&���
Ijet    oa forget    pilities and    each
other's shortcomings tor a little while
thla morning and think over some of
Colonist, speaking of Its home town
but the words apply with equal fitness
to New Westminster. The golden
sunll;ht lies athwart the green flelds.
i [These articles end illustrations must not
that really count, says tho |   be   reprinted   without   special   permission.]
We don't take  ln rooster  washing,
sun   ��� ht lies amwari ine fi��."  .....aa*.
sunn,ui �����*��� ��"��� ��� ...   t . pointers whereby  birds
It ia only Man*, but the sward ,. al-, j* ���� ^ be made ^ thftn
ready spangled with daisies like stars | ^^ Provm three tuba, a Cake of
In a grassy firmament" The trees are j goofl ^httftipap. towels, sponge, n small
taking e��.'lhelr spring verdure. In. i,rust,, ammonia, plenty of hot and
the g��r^ns the early flowers are re- j cqij soft water (\nd coops bedded with
splendent in yeltow, which seems to sawdust for drying. Have the room
be Nature's favorite color In this warm, (he fowl tame nnd a surplus of
. i * .rs** nir is In some patience on hand, ns you and assistant
western land.   The air   to   in   sope  l carefully.
mysterious way charged with the im- j
pulse of spring.   It Is good simply to
bo a part of all this, and to think that |
after a winter of content we are entering upon a summer of brightness.
Look around the city. Note the signs
of a new life. From all appearances
future generations may feel like writing 1912   as   A. U. C. 1.   after    the
fashion of  the  ancient  Eomans,   re-j
calling it as the   first   year   of   the
building of the city.    Enterprise    is
wriUng the words  "Optimism",   and
"Expectation"   In   letters    of    Bteel,
stone, brick and wood   In    whatever
direction we choose to look.   The very
air seems charged with the impulse
of the spirit of preparation.   It is    a
good thing to be a part of all this and
to think that after almost a generation
ot restfulness, we are entering, full of.
vigor, upon a period of unprecedented |
How  Soldiers   at   Kashing    Enforced
Magistrate's Orders.
A week or so ago our Pen Fu ordered every man's Queue Cut off.
Many at once did so, but the business
men were opposed- Also some other
classes. So the magistrate wrote a
conciliatory proclamation, delaying
the time a few days. Then he resorted to the method, qf appointing a
great gathering of'Chinese of all sbrt9
especially the soldiers, at the Hashing Fu .Sciiool.-     ������ -  ���   ��� i tm-}
The only requirement for entrance
was a "queueless head." About 1000
were present. Then Fu himself with
his officers appeared before the people and gave an account of the
history of the Kuh-mintang movements in Hashing. One of the most
interesting features of the occasion
was the presentation of the volunteers
of a number of goodly presents, from
rice in quality to dressed pigs and
other delicacies of all sorts. This for
their faithfulness to the cause and a
mark of the respect and sympathy of
the people who were In and around
But all the above methods failed to
secure the shopmen's queues and also those of many other people. So
finally the magistrate set a day and
proclaimed that every man not having
his queue off by the time set. wruld
be compelled to cut the badge of Manchu servitude off and relegate it to
tbe waste basket.
So in due season soldiers were stationed at the gate recently and many-
were the queues sacrificed. Many
I were the howls of some of those
whoEe dignity, in their estimation,
was thus lost forever! The writer
passed along the street lately and
could not see a single queue. So the
Fu has proved his words!
There is a wild enthusiasm for foreign hats, overcoats, cloth, and everything of this nature. A good tailor
might make a good thing of it here.���
Shanghai Mercury.
aide-de-camp to the king brings him
out whenever there is a public cerer
monial. He is still a great huntsman,
regularly following Mr. Garth's
hounds, and gossip says that his favorite repast in the hunting field is
cold plum pudding, a delicacy which
dietetic authorities say contains all
tbe essentials of food.
He came over from Schleswig-Hol-
stein to marry Princess Helena in
1866, -The ubiquitous Bishop Wilbei-
forpo <��>'0apy Sam)^ who, was present
at the1 wedding feast, recorded: "He'a
dull,- but seems very good."-��� Tho
great grief of his life was the loss of
his soldier son, Prince Victor Christian.
For Eczema
Use a mild soothing wash that instantly stops the Itch.
i We have sold many other remedies
for skin trouble, but none that we
could personally recommend as we do
the D. D. D. Prescription. If I had
Eczema I'd use
D. D. D. Prescription
F. J. MacKenzie, Druggist.
rhoto by C. M. Barnitz.
in t;:k lun bath.
  quietly and firmly or everybody will
get splashed and the feathers be bro-
From a point of view that la .non- |;en nnd spoi|0(] for shou.
partisan, it may fairly be regarded as I |)ln] jn R     h about'half
creditable to British Co ^to*ndto ^ m
tha BDlrit of Western Liberalism tnat ���
u�� provincial fight is being waged Vack and press him down mo ub ace
with such vigor and intelligence as toward you and soalc him thotojghly.
are manifest in Mr. Oliver's address, Soap bim completely, always nibbing
and in ii�� UaUtrm adopted at tho with the feathers, ammonia poured 0u
recent convention in Vancouver, the soapy brush aiding tbe process
Those are printed in another part of nn(j killing the crawlers. Most dirt
this issue, and prove interesting read- wjh ^ found at oil sack, roots of tail,
ing. !    i   U.J  ' fluff,   thighs,   underbody  und   breast
i  '     ��� I Wings nnd tail should be spread ont ou
MOTTOES    IN    WEDDING     RINGS,   hand and ench large fulfill scrubbed
^epnrutely. hfiftd. <��9inbvv.i-.ttU's. sh-.iv.Vis
and fei-t be wnsiieo���tbe whole bird b?
i'deno clean to thc s'.:in.
Prince Christian's Diet.
Prince Christian, who has just
reached his 81st birthday, is a remarkably hale and fine looking veteran and is well known to London
crowds.      His  position  as    personal
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, marked "Tenders fo,- Supplies." up to 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday, March 20, 1912 for supplying
tills hospital from Aprll 1, 1912 to
March 31, 1913, with the following articles:
Bread (white and brown).
Milk (per gallon) and cream (per
Wood, slabs (per cord).
Coal, lump, washed nut,   per . ton
anthracite in carload lots.
Detailed    lists   of drugs, groceries,
hardware, meats and flsh may be obtained at the hospital.   Th* lowest or
any  tender not necessarily accepted.
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B. C.
Here are Two Good
Business Propositions
Corner Lot on Sixth Street and Fourth Avenue, 94x132; this is an
Ideal business or apartment house site. Price $8800.00; one-third cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months. ~
Double Corner on Columbia Street East���This Ib a coming busl��
ness corner and with the ekpected Improvements there this year
this property will Increase In value very rapidly. Price $3800.00;
$1000.00 cash, balance over two years.
Phone 1004. Room 5, Bank of Commeroe Building.
Five Acre Blocks on Langley Prairie, on B. C. E. R. road, all ready
for the plow; deep black loam;  above all Hoods.   $400 per acre.
Nice House and Three Lots on Main street, Fort Langley. Close
to   railway   station  and   publlc wharf.   Buy cheap at $3000.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway  Depot.
Phone 1105.
Lumber,   Moulding-.   Paths    and    Shingles
PHONE   904.
.. :,'>'��� $>���   '.
Wearing of Plain Gold Circlet a Continental   Custom.
��� . ... , '   After removing; us much soap rs pos
-Any agitation to abolish   he wed- ��� 2
ding ring must be stamped out, hall
the Rev. Hugh Chapman. ���iMeantimo
perhaps the extremists would be sac-
lstieu if a man wore a ring is well a3
the woman���the practice on the Continent.   Perhaps tney will some day.'
In England it ia not the custom for meu to wear such rings, and
that is the anBwor given whenever the
suggestion is brought forward. But
it doeB not follow that what is not th3
custom now should not be the custom
next year, or next week for that matter. It is the age of progress, ancl It
would surely be a matter of progression wero boom definite rule la.ddow.i
that when a man marries ho should
carry som ��� t.'dfio which would Identify hlm lrom his single brethren.
There uiu a ceitain number of Be'.-
cher rilles worn by men, sometime*
on the l.Kirth, or little Unger, and
sometimes un the third linger of the
left hand. These rings are very
broad, plain circlets of gold, and morj
ofton than not are affected b.v bachelors, merely aa an ornament, In a fe*-
cases they aro used as wedding rings
by men. Well-known firms oi jewel-
era aay that the proportion of wedding rings sold in pairs, that is, on?
for the bridegroom and one for tha
bride, Is comparatively small.
But when a foreigner marries an
Englishwoman ho very often orders
two tings; when two foreigners marry
in England it Ib generally Ihe i ule for
each of them to hive a ring. Therefore, it la to foreigners living in [England that wedding rings for men ara
largely sold. The man's ring Is much
narrower Uiun tho "llclcher" ring,
and, therefore, once the. difference between the two Btyles became' generally known il could not be confound-
ed with It.
In days gone by���In the sixteenth
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
���when people were not po m.it ter offset as they are now and had more
time, i>��fhapa. to think of sentiment,
It was the fashion lo have a motto or
"posy" engraved inside of the wedding
ring; many beautiful thoughts were
hidden away under the plain gold
circlet which adorned a woman's
hand. Many, no doubt, are familiar
with the French motto, "Apres Dion
��'est loi que, Je t'uiine," and perhaps
the Kngiish motto is somewhat similar, "In Gol and thee all comfort be."
Another poBy reads, "In weal and
woo my love I'll show," and "Joy and
care let vn take shurc," and most
praiseworthy Is the wish, "I,ovo and
respect I do expect." which Is the expectation of every wife, no doubt, The
posy, "liove Is sure where filth Is
pure," Ii another beautiful sentiment,
ajid equally so, "Nol mine, nor thine,
but ourB;" a slightly different version
reads, "Not two, but one, till life be
done." An inscription found in a.i
old wedding riir; ran, "Virtue pnflsetb
ricbec," anl in another, "Whllai life
is myn my heart ia tbyn," and ii Is to
lie ho|.ed thli the maiden Whoae rlns
liore lhe rosy "Let love abide tii!
death divide" had do iea.;on I t r
j;rot.--r'aII Mall Gazette.
Photo by C. M. Earnltt.
OtnORHN iuiiiopodt.
well In medium ���warm wnter, then convey to tub No. 3 for Until rinse in water almost cold.
To get n duad white some use about
the same amount of blue ns for laun-
airy In last water. NOW press water
out of plumage, throw bird up und let
Iiiui ISnp Ills wings, set bim near lire
and remove dirt from nails and scales
with a toothpick (ind place blm ln
clean coop to dry.
A two grain c|u!nlne pill prevents
cold. Too miii-li heal curls ll:c> feathers. A liml rinse means yellow surface nnd sticky feathers, A room
should be gradually tempered down to
outside degree before removal. We
Hnd one thorough washing two days
before show HUfiielent.
Don't  expect  poultry   badly  bled
keep, well, look well and sell well.
Don't forget Ihat line poultry badly
packed deteriorates during shipment
Don't fall to atudy market conditions. You mny ship wben the market
Ib glutted and get little for your stuff.
Don't forget that Into chicks do not
[���atch the early -worm unci meat food
must be substituted for the Insects
killed by the hout.
\ Don't fall to clean tho Incnbotors before storing and close all the slides bo
mice cannot enter and work on the
mineral wool lining.
Don't expect many cggn In Into summer. 'Tis then good Biddy quits the
Hest nnd Keeks n cool spot for n rest
nm^ Dually drops every feather to don
MW clothes for wintry weather.
Don't sell your reputation for n few
dollars. Every time n rogue hls customer bents the news goes farther that
he cheats, und in the end hlH business
goes to wrck, while he gets whackod
right in thu neck
New five-roomed cottage, piped for furnace and thoroughly
modern; one and one-half blacl;
lo Twelfth atreet carline. Price
is $2600; ?500 now and the balance over three years,
Here is a house that rents for
$-5 a month. It is a six-roomed
house, fully modern, with basement, etc. Price is $2(100; with
a quarter of the payment now
and the balance by 1,914,
One thousand cash Will take
this new .-even-roomed modern
house, with cement, basement
floor, cement laundry tubs, etc,
piped for furnace, fino view of
North Arm u::d Delta. This
houte standi on a large lot and
has tbe advantage of two street
Price $4tiC0, $1000 cash, balanco
Well finished modern house,
with cement basement and furnace; panelled walls in dining
room. This house faces on Ke)-.,
gina street and backs on a lan'!.
Price is $1000 on terms of $120.)
cash, with tho balance easy.
On Fifth avenue, near Seventh street. Tills place Is quite
modern and stands on lot 30 by
125, facing south. The price of
$2125 Is good only for a short
time, and tho terms wlll please
New eight-roomed house, fully modem, with furnace, etc.
close io fifth avenue and Slxt'i
street. Half a block lo car.
$���1000 takes it, unci $1200 cash
handles It Balance is ovi-
three yeara,
New flve-roomed modern cottage, fine sized cement basement, piped fnr turn ice, etc ,
one and one-half bl ickt to
Sixth streel carline, one anl a
half blocks to school etc; largo
lot facing south. Price onlv
$2500; terms, $600 .ash, balance over two years.
$340 CASH.
Five-roome,i modern house
With furnace and basement, t\.
This is ou Second ��� street Btltl
the prire Is only $3000: cash as
.,i���>. ., balance of payment ar
I Don't Do Anything of the Kind
I am placing now on the market
something that I know is better
than the other fellow has to sell.
Before I advertise any property,
house, lot or farm, I must know
that the bnyer stands a good
chance of making a fair profit on
his investment within a reasonable
Now I have looked up the best
buys in this city. Some are houses
and some are lots. A number of
these are real money makers for
the man who takes hold of them
now. And in every case the terms
are easy enough. ' You don't need
much money to get in on these.
I want you to read every one of
these advertised buys. It is more
important that you should do this
than that you should read the political news of the day. There is
money in this���money for you if
you act, money for the other fellow
if you just sit back and let him get
everything good in sight.
Kor u beautiful home location this lot on Princess, near
Second, will tnke some beating.
It's only balf a block from the
new school und close to ca".
Price Is $840; only a quarter
You can't do better thun take
theee two lots at $425 each.
Terms are easy; one-third cush.
The location Is right and view
just dandy.
Hamilton street lot, near
Fourteenth street, with a beautiful view. One-third cash and
balance in six, twelve and eighteen  months.    Price only  $945.
Tho size of this one Is 60x100
feet, und It's on Dublin and
Kighth street. You who know
values around here know that
the price asked���-$1000���Is certainly right. Terms $250 now,
balance over two years.
51i/2 BY 148l/2.
This big lot on Fourth Btreer
near Fifth a vou no, Ib cleared
ancl fenced. Terms extend over
eighteen months. Owner will
tal e $1000.    Pay one-third now.
Fourth street, near Kighth
avenue, cleared and with lane.
Good view, price $800; $20')
cash, bulance six, twelve anl
eighteen months.
Faces south on London etreet.
near Fourteenth. Dandy vlow
$840 and terms are easy.
Hetween Sixteenth nnd Klgh-
teonth streets, partly cleared.
$825 with gcod terms.
PHONES 170-173 TUE8DAY, MARCH 12, 1S12.
" Westminster's chances of winning1
this evening in the last match against
Victoria are good. The Royalists are
feeling confident, while Lester Pat-
rickle Crowd somehow has An Idea
that James Gardner et al will onpjaj
again capture their i hollow-horned
ruminant. In any case tonight's match
is sure of being one of the most Interesting of the series, and will be
watched with interest alike* by the
many Victoria fans who will accompany their team, and the hundied odd
WeBtminsterites who will be on hand
to root for the Orange and Blacks.
Westminster will go on the Ice with
Its regular team, Kenny Mailen being
once again at hla old place ln centre.
���* *
��� BOWLING. ���
-��� ���
After considerable delay, caused by
the removal of the local alleys and
the absence of a number of bowlers
in Los Angeles the house league will
be set going a^ain on Thursday evening of this week, the Rubes and Nabobs being scheduled to roll the opening match. The schedule for the
final round is as follows:
March 14���Rubes vs. Nabobs.
'March 15���Wanderers vs. Angels.
March 18���Dinkelspellers vs. Nabobs. ��� .���*    .  Ll
March 19���Rubes vs. Wanderers.      |
March 21���Angela vs. Dlnkelspeilers.
March 22���Nabobs vs. Wanderers.
March 25���Rubes vs. Angels.
March 26���Wanderers vs. Dinkelspellers.
March 28���Nabobs vb. Angels.
March 29���Rubes vs. Dinkelspellers.
The inter-cltj  matches will be   resumed  on Wednesday evening when ]
the local team  will  journey to    the
Terminal City.
The employees of Lee's Limited roll- !
ed a friendly natch last night,    the
upper   floor competing    against    the
lower floor.    The    latter   team    had
somewhat the better of the argument,
nnd (Onslderlng most of the boys were ,
making   their   initial1 appearance   in)
this great Indoor sport,   the   scoring
was  very goofi.    Another match wlll
be arranged later on, after the teams
get In a little practice.
In the scene that follows between
father and mother there Is a debate
as to whether the son is dead forever
ae the New Religion teaches, or
whether h6 lives as the mother believes and aB the old religion to
which she has always clung has toll
O, Death, Where ts Thy Sting.
The curtain falls on this scene:
Mary���I forbid you to imake   this
dark world darker.   Blow out the last
star ^nd I  will  follow you into the
,    Stephen���You?
Mary���Yes, I. Let them hea* a
woman for once. You and your dried-
up thinkers! I tell you that the great
.live world will never take your religion, and that even if you deluded
all male humanity the mothers would
rise un and tear it to pieces.
I (Stephens turns silently and resumes
his walk to the door.) Go 'into your
pulpit, then. But���over the body of
your boy���I dare you to tell them hd
is dead.
I Stephens (turning, as at bay)���And
will you there tell them he Is alive?
Mary (In trumpet tones)���I will tell
them that this corruptible shall put on
lncorruptlon and this mortal Immortality, and 'I will cry, "Oh, death,
where is thy sting? Oh, grave, where
Is thy victory?"
(Stephen, hls head bowed as beneath the storm, opens the door. The
triumphant requiem bursts out from
organ and choir: "Rejoice, the righteous cannot die.")
Stephen (raising his head)���Wilfred's music!  (He goes In firmly.)
Mary (snatching up a great lily and
uplifting it, her face ecstatically transfigured, her voice dominant even over
the organ)���The Resurrection and the
(She stands over the body that is
hidden by palms and lilies. The music
swells out In loftier jubilation, the
curtain slowly falls.)
A start was made yesterday with
the new store that the Edmonds Development company is erecting next
to ItB block at Edmonds. The lumber
was brought on to the ground, and
the building will be completed aa
soon as possible. The contractors are
Disney and Tucker.
���'i!n>Wfl& nvrf
The steamer Transfer has resumed
her regular run. ���*
Feminine   Phyllis.
Women are becoming more woman-,
ly and are giving up many of the mannish tricks which they have acquired
in recent years.
Phyllis I have looked upon for year
aa a divinity
In spite of sundry lapses into ways
described as mannish,
So I'm glad to be Informed of her return to femininity,
And to learn that very shortly these
absurdities will  vanish.
For months she's worn one trouser-leg
which outlines with temerity
That form divine of which lt hides
much less than <t expresses,
But   since   I  know  she's   shapely, I
shall welcome with sincerity
A trifle less publicity and    candor
' in her dresses.
i ;
She used to go a-hunting ln a costuma
wl^ose affinity
To breeches was notorious because j
she rode astraddle,
But now she has abandoned that   attempt at masculinity,
And once more has adopted the Vic-
torian side-saddle.
She's shed her beetle-crushing boots
whose heels were rudlmentarv, j
And resumed the shoes and stock- '.
ings which she once describe.! |
as silly,
But happily it's needless to continue
the inventory.
Throughout she'll soon be frivolous
and frilly.
���London Sketch.
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
Three  Days,  Starting Today.
Tbe Dispensers of Mirth
Presenting  "The Girl  and  the
' i >       '
The Musical Tramp.
Illustrated Song.
4���NEW   PHOTO   PLAYS���4.
Kootenay fruit Is second to none.    Kootenay fruit land -J*, .aheap
pu7chitrhecbeape8t���There,8a Bma11 fonune ,n f j&��m 38*
290 acres of finest fruit land, on navigable rivenl two miles from
Kootenay Lake, with half mile river frontage. C. P. R. runB through
the centre. Large creek runs across the upper corner, but Irrigation
unnecessary. About 20 acres cleared. Two million feet, of cedar on
property Would sell readily ln five-acre plots, galubl'tous climate,
beautiful scenery, excellent fishing and hunting.
rar^,** ��!Liy *35 Eer-��cre. on good terms (about one-tenth the price
���Of Okanagan land),,. ,'.(   i        ,.   .<...,.,.
Tiie Westminster Trust andSife DepositCo.,Ud.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
This Will  Be
Business Property
Within a Year
Your druggist will refund money lf
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cu.e any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days.   50c.
Certain Passages Likely to Give Offence to Established Church.
Zangwlll's latest play. "The New
Religion," has been forbidden by the
British censor, who objected to certain passages as being likely to give
offence to the Established Church. |
The play will be produced in the United States, and is very likely t:> visit
Canada. Both the fame of its author
���and the action of the Reader of Playj |
will contribute to lta success, and
"** tfflwrUsance ovet the pliy Heelf ��.t
would api ear to be worth seeing,
though lt lacks the romantic element
Ihat ls almost essential if a religion a
drama ia to have a long run. It was
.this that made "The Christian" so
jopular, anl although the "Servant in
the House" lacked what is called
���"heart interest," it was strikingly original ln conception, nnd was helped
t) success ')>' a remarkably stron-i
<aste of performers. "The New Religion" offers powerful roles for i
man and a woman, antl It would not
be Zangwill's work if the dialogue
were ��iot brilliant.
The Rector Without Faith.
The story opens in the bouse of
Rev. Stephen Tramc, the rector of a
country parish in Kngland. To hlm
comes Hal McFadden. an old friend
of the Oxforl days, who asks Tram*
If he wlll perform his marriage ceremony. He Ib astonished, to learn that
Trame, who was once full ot belief,
has ceased to accept the doctrine that
he preaches, and though he does not
flinch from reading the marrlaga
vows to the bumpkins of his parish,
he would not insult his friend, as a
man of intellect, by mumbling words
that have no meaning to either of
them. In the discussion that follows
Trame's conception of true religion is
presented. It Is, ho says, the rells-
ion all honest men are comlsg to the
religion that accepts the Revelation of
Science. He does net believe In prayer, and the supernatural or the mystical plays no part ln the religious beliefs he Is slowly evolving.
Darkness and Dawn.
Trame's wife,  Mary,  the  daughter
of a colonial bishop, seeks to dissuade him from  publicly declaring his
views, and for a while he yields to
her. but eventually he gives up   his
living anl    goes    to London, having
In the meantime written the book that
Is  to  revolutionize  religious   beliefs.
The   family   Is   reduced   to  extreme
poverty, for thero hus been little demand for tho book, which merely accomplishes the  purpose of having a
couple of teachers   who ventured   to
approve of It thrown out of employment.    Trame's cup of bitterness is
filled   when  he  learns   that all   the
rofifs of his hook but one have been
bought up by his wife's father, who,
ln   the interest  of  religion  and   hla
own  i ood   name, means   to   destroy
them.    But the darkest hour ib lust
before the dnwn, and suddenly, whoa
hope was almost nt an end, Hal Me-
F,a:lden's  father,   who  Ib  an  atheist,
(urns up with nn endowment of ��3.-
.      000,000,  which  he  places at. th<i dls-
posal of TrnniA to fo.ir.,1 his chureh.
The New Relljlon.
Tho next scene shows th<�� New Ra.
llalon  flrmlv established In  nil nnrt<?
of the world, with millions of adhe.r-
���   entB. Trnnie. ho^O'-er. h-"< h-t't tn ��
most elaborate rlfirrl pnch ns he iis"d
to  denounce na   Tlest'ernft.  rnd  tlm
service  on   tho   div   "'linn   M��   rrr-i*
cthotlral  Is  dedlcntc.1  It ni impres-
slve    a* th" f-n>��--"i r.v,ip,.|ir~    nf lt
TMro.   P"dt!enlv In'-M.'es a rle-htrmiH
M*>r,-"mlth.     formerly     n.     mother
of   Trfmo'i   rmintrv   pnrl��h.   Filled
with    fanatical    real      nnd     armed
v-H.i a hammer, *e murders thn, pon
Of the founder of tho New Rellrlon.
Putting the Finishing Touches
On the New Battleship Wyoming
Get the utmost care lf handed in to
our dispensere. Our checking system
makes it practically impossible to
make a mistake.
We put in exactly what is ordered,
and charge a fair price for these ingredients.
You know it Is absolutely safe if dis-
I pensed at
Davies' Pharmacy
Phone 40. Cliff Block.
Splendid View   .
Near two car lines
124 x 132
A sure money maker
Good for one week only
Price $4500
Here are two lots, 3(1 and 31,
block 8, subdivision 9, on Sixth
avenue (upper side), within' a
block of the new ctrt-off and
near the Twelfth street car line,
that are sure to beopme business property within,,. �� year.
The price is $4500; ' one-third
cash and the balance at 6, 12
and 18 monthB. There is no
finer residential site in the city
than this. The property is on
the market at this price for one
week only.   Act quickly.
Head Office New Westmins
Peoples ^rust Go
Phones 646 and 669.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.       Vice-President. Sec. and Treas.
Manufacturers ��� and  Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Ns. 7 and 877.   Shingles, Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
���-     Westminster vs. Victoria
At Vancouver
Photos by American Press Association.
THOUGn the new Dreadnought Wyoming, the most powerful battleship
ever built for Uncle Sam's navy and the equal of any lighting craft
afloat, was launched Home weeks ago at Philadelphia, tho vessel will
not be ready for her ulllclul trial for a year or so. Indeed, tbe warship
tpdriy looks bnt little like lt wlll when It is ready to take Its place at the head
of a squadron und he listed In the Navy Henister. The picture above shows
the" deck of tb* Wyoming us lt now appears. Two of the turrets that are
to carry the twelve Inch gnus ure shown, but they have not yet been covered
wtth the armor that wlll protect the huge rides and the men Who operute
them. This armor will l>e twelve Inches thick and of the hardest steel that
can he undo. The other picture shows two of the propellers that will drive
the Wyoming through the wnter. An Idea of tho Blse of the propellers can
be hod by looking nt the figure of the workman under the propeller at the
right, 't wlll be noticed that each of the three blades oa the propeller Is almost n> long as the man
lai-h;   ,
m*   CREAM
For many things in cookery, St Charles Cream
is an essential.   It is as good as the best milk
or cream for any purpose.   For many purposes
it is much better.   It gives to coffee,
for instance, a flavor wllich even the
best of ordinary cream cannot ap*
proadi, and i} irftta in bringing ��J��t
the delicate annua of chocolate and
cocoa.   Por confection and ice cream
it is unexcelled,   l'or Invalids and
infants it is Indispensable. (lt never
curdles.   It strengthtiis tne strong.
If only pure water iu added it wiil agree with
the most delicate stomach.
Sold by best grocers everywhere ;
ST. CHARLES CGSDENS1"6 CO.. |n��#fsoll, On��<
-- _    m*amisma*m*-m��trsis*Mn*sarKK';\���
agtaf*:iris*a-..^-mxx: Imim il mswi�� tiu, ���>
XK'VBJli- .
Tickets On Sale At Ryall's Drug Stare
and the Hub Cigar Store
ti ���
Special Cars Leave At 7 O'clock Sharp.
Included With $1.00 Tickets
fl-mi     	 vV
Tuesday, march 12, 101I
��� ���"">������-rr-1
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up..,,* .$6,200,000
Reserve ., 7.200,000
The Bank teas over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from,the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
In Cuba throughout the island;
also in Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts  issued  without  delay
. on all the principal towns and
cities in the world.   These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson,  Mgr.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27, I. O. O. Pi, is held e.ery Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting bretberu
cordially invited. H. \V. Harrison,
N. Q.; C. B. Bryson, V. G-. James
Ferguson, P. G., raccrdlsg secretary; It. Bi Psrdy, financial secretary.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ,r .$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    915,000^00.00
branches throughout i.huhiiu cue
Newfoundland, ana ln London, Eng
land, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
baaklnc; business transacted. Let
ters of PrertM leaned nvollftMe wltl
corr��>spoud#nf��> tn nil part* of fh<
Saving* Band DepaTmeM���Deooalti
received In sums ��T $1 ��wl upward
and interest a'towel nt 8 pwr cent, pei
annniTi   iprese'it  rutei
Total   Assets  over  $18fi.000.000.00
O, D   BRYMNER. Manager.
'ISS M. BltOTE.N, public stenogra
pher; .. specifications, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
at-lavv., so.icito. s, etc. Offices, Heoms
H And 7 Eilis block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, lft70.
Adam Smith Johnston ��nJ iFrank
.Altexander Jackson.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Reer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
tters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia Stroet, New
Westminster, B.C. CaWe address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
"Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmemds.
Manufactured by
Telaohone R  113   Offlcn:   Princess St
Phone 388.
P. O, So* 557.
solicitor and notary, Clo Columbia
btreet.   Over O. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barrlet-ere ond Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and i
Oulchon bk*!?i. corner Columbia am
McKenzie street*; Vancouver at
flees, WHHanie building. 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C.
A. Whealler, W. fi McQuarrie. G. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, Mew Westminster.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at
law, solicitor, etc; comer Column!
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Hox 112. Teln
phone 710.
minster Board of Trade meets in tn.
hoard room. City Hall, as follow"
Third Thursday of each month
quarterly mating on the toir
Thuraday of February, May. Augee
and. November, at n p.m Anner-
meeMnea od the thirl Thursday 0
Fehruary. New members mav >���
nroposed acid electev) at any montf
!�� Or quarterly meetl/'e O M
Stuart-Wad", geeretary
We have no hot air to peddle:
just legitimate tailoring. "
38 Begbie Street.
3%  to  26  II.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
PI>one  S3.
Tenth   St.. .'New   Westminster.
I /    ' J
Vrrlval: Closing:
10:50���Vancouver  via G. N. R.
':40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11:15
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:00
18 ���.(,���>���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
(daily except Sunday).11.15
10:50���Victoria via G. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .11:15
- 7:30���United States via G. N. R.
(dally evcept Sunday).. 9.46
5:15���United States via G. N. R.
idaily e\ceot Sunday)..16:00
11:40���All points east and Europe    (dally)   8:15
22:43���All points east and Europe (daily)  .....13:15
11:40���Sapperton    and    Fraser
wilts      (daily      except
Suuday)  ...,  .., 3:16
18:10���Sapperton    and    Fraser
mills      (daily     except
Sunday)     ���    14:00
11:40���Coquitlam       (dally    except  Sunday)     8:15
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)        11.16
14?00���East Burnaby (daily except Sunday    14:30
.0:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    13:30
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Mondny, Wednesday
and 'Friday M:00
(0:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville   and  Swnbury
(dally  except Sunday) .13:30
it: 0��>���Woodward* (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday) 13:30
16:45���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via G. N. R.
(dally except Sunday) ,.14:2(;
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via   G.   N.   R.   idaily  except  Sunday) 14:01)
11:20���Claytou (Tuesday, Thurs-
ch). Friday aud Sat-
day       14:0i
11:20���Tynehead   t Tuesaficy   and
Friday;        t4:0(
7:40���Burnaby Lake (daily except Sunday    ' 16:0t
18:10���Abbotsford. I'pi er .-Sumas,
Matatpji, Hiuiiin^cion.
etc. (daily exeept Sunday)  23:0b
16:16���Crescent, White Hook and
tiiulno icaiiy except
Sunday)   9:4f
.6:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern PIdge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    9:4t ,
11:20���Ohllliwack, Milner, Mt.
I.ehmaa, \ Wergrora. Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
Centre,Clo verdale.Lnng-
ley Prairie. MurrayViUe,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan. Sardis. Speriin:; Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
ll. C. E. R. (dally except Sunday)    9:00
A Simple Remedy Gives Color,
Strength and Beauty
to the Hair,
--L.1..,      "������; n
Don't envy the well dressed man���
*****************   *************jsess mu mmam^sstn ***********************t ***me***ma
wear.Fit-Reform Suits and be one
Ycu don't have to havs gray hair or
faded hair if you don't want to. Why
look old or unattractive? If your hair
is gray or faded, you can change it
easily, quickly and effectively by using
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair
Remedy. Apply n littlo tonight, and in
the morning you will be agreeably surprised at tihe results from a single
-Application. The gray hairs will be less
conspicuous, and utter a few more
applications will be restored to natural
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur also quickly removes dandruff, leaves the scalp
clean and healthy, and promotes the
growth of the nair. It is a clean
"wholesome dressing which may be used
mt any time with perfect safety.
Get a fifty cent Dottle from your drug-
-gist today, and see how quickly it will
Testore the youthful color and beauty of
���your hair and forever end the nasty
-dandruff, hot, itchy scalp and falling
hair. All druggists sell it under guarantee that the money will bo refunded
if you are not satisfied after fair trial.
Special agentB, D. S. Curtis.
Brutal    Man.
"Oh, dear." sighed Mrs. Cumso, as
she tossed about in bed, "I'm suffering dreadfully from insomnia."
"Go to sleep and you'll be a!l right,"
growled Mr. Cumso, as he ro'led over
and began to snore again.���The
Make up your mind that this spring
your new Suits are coming out of
the Fit-Reform Wardrobe.        ,
Fit-Reform spring styles���in all the
new and elegant effects���are ready
for your choosing.
Let us show you these Fit-Reform
creations ��� that well-dressed men
are wearing.
i Tablets.    Druggists refund  money  if
| it. fails to cure.   E. W. GRoVE S signature is on each Hox.    25c.
C M. GREEN. Manager.
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
J. Newsome & Sens
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates  Given.
214  Sixth  Avenue. Phone  567
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and M
Ihe Continuous
Growth of a Bank
Bank of Toronto
CAPITAL $4,600,030
RE��T $5,600,000
Central Meat Markel
Corner   Eighth   St.  and  Fifth  Avenue
PHONE  370.
Toronto Express leaves at  8:50
Chicago  Express  leaves at    13:50
Imperial Limited Leaves at  19:40
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
8. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:30���Cliilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday). 17:30
11:2#��� Abbotsford. Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sunday)   17:30
16:50���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm    23:00
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada. Made hy a perfect mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
flavor and food value.
The New  Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of tho
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Milk at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL
Phone ML Box 772
Through Pullman Tourist and
Diners. For Reservations and ratea
apply to
New Westminster
Or H.  W.  Brodie, G.P.A.. Vancouver
Phona 105.     P. O. Box 349.
Office, Front  St., Foot of Sixth.
ll. C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Daily except Tuesday
1:00 P.  M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Daily except Sunday
For  Seattle.
10.00  A.  M Dally
11:00  P.   M Dall>
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska
11 P.M March 9th, 10th, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11 P.M March 2nd, lfith and 30th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For   Upper   Fraser   River   Points.
Steamer  Beaver.
Loaves Ww Westminster, 8:00 a.m..
Monday, Wednesday und Friday.
Leaves   Cliilliwack,   7:00  a.m.,   Tues
' dny, Thursday and Saturday,
For Gulf Islands Points.
| 7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at GallanOi Mayne, Id., Hope Hay,
I Port Washington. Ganges Hr.. Gulch-
eon Cove, Heaver Point, Pulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P   A.. Vancouver
It is no Honger necessary to speni much money and hours of
time making desserts that "might be ^ood," when you can buy this
delicious confection���Mooney's St%ar Wafers.    It costs but little
money, requires no time and is rJways good.
Mooney's Sugar Wafers
The Dainty  Dosser,   in  the Dainty Package
There is nothing like these spicy sweetmeat sandwiches in alT
Canada���nothing half so tasty.   Years of experiment, experience and
excellence are back of Mooney's Sugar Wafers. You know our record
as Canada's premier biscuit makers���you've eaten our Perfection
Cream Sodas and our Chocolate Chips���now try our Sugar Wafers.
In 10 and 25 cent dust and damp-proof tins.
Ask your grocer.
��� Stratford, Canada
The Mooney Biscuit and Candy Company, Ltd.
tfciAW*. ��**'-��� -^V
_>   'V t.    MJiJj. TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1612.
o the Electors
of the Electoral District of Delta
rentlemen At the earnest request for the commission's eixistence ls to
nt �� lawse number of my old friends I curb the rapacity of the railway coin-
"OI 8       _ ������t_j   tr.  again  become  a  panles, binding the railway companies
have  consented  to_.agam  Dec ^^   ^   ^^ ^^. comml/Blon   ��   t0Q
| funny for anything!
The railway companies are also
bound not to apply to have their
works declared to be for the general
advantage of Canada.
This provision actB as a bar to prevent .the Dominion Government aiding
the construction of these lines of railway, with the result that Instead of
the whole or the greater portion of
the aid needed being contributed by
the Dominion, tbe whole burden has to
be borne by the province.
Another eftect of these works being
declared works for the general advantage of Canada would have been that
they would be brought under the authority of the Dominion Railway Act
candidate for the purpose
renting you ln the local legislature.
As it wlll not be possible for me to
aee you all personally or even to visit I
all parts of the district before elec-1
tion day, 1 take this method of placing my views before you.
Credit of the Province.
The rledglng of the credit of the
province in such immense sums to secure   ���>""""v    construction    Is    UN-
railway   construction
UNNECESSARY for the reason that
the Dominion Government waB, and I
presume Btill Is, willing to assume
the major portion of the coBt of aiding needed railway construction In
British Columbia as well as In other
i.rovlncee of the Dominion. Had the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
provincial Government sought, they and of the Board of Railway Commis-
would undoubtedly have obtained tho. sioners of Canada,
ro operation of the Dominion Govern- The competition of the C. P. R. and
menfm providing the neceBsary aid. the Great Northern Railway and the
CjwWW Placed obstacles: control of the Railway Commission
the way of the Dominion Govern- f���m the only protection for the peo-
-....__    .hi,..   th��   Canadian'P'e of B. C. against excessive charges
either   the    ~	
the Paciflc Great  <��* these railways.
inent   aiding
Northern Paciflc or me r��..uv. ��..-���, Governmental   Failings.
DANGEROUS for the reason that I The government have failei In their
whils the province is liable for both duty to the peop e in that they did not
The principal and interest of the guar- P^ov de that oni/ the actual cost of
nnteed bondB, the security which the construction and equipment should
Overnment receives does not apply to charge up against the railways,
any of  Uie   companies' terminals   bo  flJphahtv1"uCOn'P?1Ung the rate* charge"
Sfl^lfwW^Xi��� WOrWng expenses should be consld-
tribab.y0fruf jS22t 52S�� I f J�� ��* �� ��<>t provide for an ef.
r   t KlSWSarttS ; SSS ��r S? for^^of^
Control of Rates Neglected.
The contracts between the govern-j
ment and the C. N. P. ani the P. G.
E   R  companies do not secure to the
people reasonable rates ln rftturn for
the aid given.
The power given to the Lleut.-Gov.
in Council to modity the passenger
and freight rates Ib limited by the
declaration that before modifying
operatlon of the Dominion Government in aiding construction and thereby decreasing the responsibility of the
My   Position.
1 am now, and have always been in
the past. In favor of securing railway
construction in B. C.
Let me point out to you that with
the exception of the railway from
Kamloops to Kelowna, every mile of
railway which has Just been authorized to be built, is over identical-
KSl "f^.-���*-��� r.VV��cmfwm ��nd Iy ,he 8ame routes which 1 advocated
PANY MUST BL CONSIDERED, anl durjng the mo Prov,nc|al Electlon
the railway company may appeal rrom You wl��� probably remember that the
the decision of the Lleut.-Uov in coun-, premler described the Hope Mountain
ill to the Supreme Court whtcklsij route a8 a -toboggan 8llde i. and the
so bound to cons der the ���f1{'U�� attorney-general said it was onlv
AND INTEREST OF THE RA1LWA\ i passable bv flvIng machine8i yet tne}.
COMPANY. " I have now contracted to pay a subsidv
The position of the railway corapa-  Qf |1000fl p���r m,,e and $2000uo fQ\
utes be that they will have an   ndetK-  a  bridge Qver ,he Frager {q connec-
edness vastly in excess (probably dou-   wUh the maln ���ne Qf        c
^****************>**************************W.*^�� * ** A       1*f\Qfl_ :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|^^H
thrown away on account of the.wnbua-
iness-like methods of the administration.
Powers of Attorney Used to  Subvert
the Law,
We have a provision in our statutes
which prohibits the sale to any person of more than 640 acres of public
lands. This for the purpose of preventing.* Ippd monopoly. The government have knowingly connived at and
assisted in nullifying this provision
of the Btatute.
The methods adopted ate: Any pert
son, syndicate, or corporation wishing
to obtain large areas of public lands,
supply themselves with blank forma
of powers of attorney. They ijext secure the signatures to these powers
of attorney of persons (either male or
female) who have not heretofore applied to purchase landa in B. C.
Many of the signatures bo obtained
are of persons residing in Eastern Canada and in the cities of the United
States. So far as any precautions
taken by the government are concerned, the names may be entirely fictitious.
The next process ls to hire an ajjent
to stake the lands in such names.
They have been credibly informed
that men employed by the government
ln surveying publlc lands have at the
same time been receiving pay from
land speculators as agents for staking the very lands they were engaged
to survey for the government.
This whole process of acquiring
public lands Is carried to completion
in the names of the persons who have
Bigned the powers of attorney (in consideration of a drink or a dollar or
sometimes both), but the speculator
gets possession of the Crown Grant
and he is able by virtue of hls rower
of attorney to transfer the lands to
any person he sees flt.
In my possession are details of one
transaction whereby one little buncn
of speculators were enabled to oo-
tain permission from the minister to
purchase lands aggregating 42,800
acres. They were allowed ample
time to send to their agent In England, who gave an option on this syndicate's holdings. This option was
transferred to the Columbia    Invesv
out iise aflff to the detriment of the
and the credit g'ven are both absurd, amount actually paid these persona,
The government took control of the but no information on the subject was  province as a whole.
affairs   of   the   province when    the  forthcoming.
treasury was depleted and tbe   flrst  An Unnecessary and Unfair Election.
butch  of legislation  passed  by  them'    Will you ask yourselves,  why   this
was for the purpose   of transferring election has been brought on'in such
money from the pocket    of the tax- Indecent haste ?   It cannot be to ob-
payers Into the  provincial   treasury. I tain the sanction of the electorate to.
The methods adopted were so crudo  the railway contracts which have been *
and  inequitable  that   within   a  very ; entered Into, for they are now an ac-1
short time they had to abandon them,  complished fact, and even if the gov-]
The next mov$ to raise revenue was, ernment were defeated any succeed- \ rigatjon,   and   Other   permanent" I m-
by the    dissipation    of the   natural' ing government would hesitate before provements.,^-''
wealth of the province. Ithey would incur the responsibility on    Surve/s of   all   accessible   agricul-
' Ihey have alienated 75 to 8Q per jre&udlatloir. 'tural lands to be rapidly completed
cent of the   known   timber   wealth.      Many government   supporters   aro and survey sheets and all necessary
They have alienated almost the whole I asking what ls the motlv* behind this; Information to be made easily avail-
We hold that agricultural iand
should be disposed of only undei/sucu
conditions as will ensure its Continuous use and occupation.
Free homesteads to actual settler.?.
Holders of pre-emptions to be given
benefits of thiB provision.
Advances to settlers ort easy term*
to assist ln land clearing, dyking, lr-
of the known coal areas.
They have sold millions of acres of
the choicest public lands.
unseemly haste ?   Why should not the able to the public.
election have been   defered   another I    Settlement in block to be. encour-
year ?   Why was not a redistribution aged   by   the   removal   of reserves.
In  disposing   of   those   natural   re-1 bill fairly apportioning representation  which scatter population and greatly
sources, the government have by their
unbusinesslike methods Involved the
claims the Miners, Pre-emptors, Holders of Timber Licences and Speculators.
The government have actei the pan
of the lazy ne'er-do-well, who inherited
an estate of great undeveloped potential wealth, was too ignorant, or too
lazy to develop it skilfully to obtain
the greatest benefit.' They took the
crudest methods and parcelled the resources of the province out to speculators for whatever was offered, and
because their feeble efforts have resulted In obtaining from the alienation of ten millon acres of timber a
corresponding number of dollars for
which they had no immediate use,
they set up a great shout of "SEE
HOW WISE WE ARE," and every
pop-fed newspaper, and every satelite
from road boss to deputy minister reechoes the cry.
Losses   Through   Governmental   Neglect.
The government have for many
years refrained from collecting; from
the C. P. R. on account of its B. C.
Southern and C. & A. Subsidy land
taxes amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars rer annum. They aro
losing hundreds of thousands of dol-
I lars annually on account of the unpaid purchase price of lands sold and
I taxes on such lands. For ten million
dollars they have sold timber rights
in the legislature brought down and increase   the cost   of roads, schools
passed ?    Why should an elector   in and other necessary facilities.
one district have four and even five
times as much voting power as an
elector In another district ?
The fact is we no longer have representative responsible government in
No public land for the speculator.
The  immediate  construction  of   a
railway to Pefcce river.
We will co-operate with the Domin-
B. C, By hurrying the elections thous- ion Government in securing all-rail-
ands of persons who have applied to way connection between the railway
be placed upon the voters' lists will systems of Vancouver Island and the
not be allowed to vote on the voters' railway systems of the -mainland,
lists which contain thousands of | The construction of a line owned
names which should be removed. The and controlled by the government to
basis of representation is most unfair, j give direct communication, by the best
Railway promoters, timber, Iind,
and coal speculators are enriched at
the public expense. It is to their interest to maintain the present government in power and they will spend
money freely to do so.
Another four years like the last six
and what will the province have left
except the power to tax ?
Political Abuse.
Through the appointment of license
commissioners in cities and    througn
the  provincial  police  in   unorganized!
districts the   government   has    such
control of the liquor trade that they
are enabled to utilize the business as I
a part of the POLITICAL MACHINE.
We   all   remember   the   gold   brick
handed out to the temperance people
in  the local option  plebiscite.    I believe the control ot  the liquor  business should be vested in locally elected commissioners, and that the powers
ble)  of the actual cost of the road,
and the interest of the companies wltl
The difference between the Liberal j population, which can only be obtain
Party and the Provincial Government J ed by making the conditions for agri-
beUto"pay  Interest andJ>lvldend8 oa   ll that "w'e would "provide against tbe I cultuVai'leVelopmenrmuch" mo"re"fa.:-
lh��C"rf ov.,  CwUaHzatlon.        ������"������� heing loaded up with a fie-  orable than they are at present.
Danger of  Over fcepitauzai on. titlouB  indoAeinesB   upon   which   the   Practical    Help    SeUlere    Advocated.
The  government   f^^JJ"*" , province will have to pay Interest and      I think that as the credit of the pro-
C. N. P. R. authorizes an Indebtedness  dividends.    We would co-operate with   vince is being pledged to secure rail-12.542.000 acres of  mountain tops    in-
of |X0W6�� P�� mita "? ��� *��";���Ti the Dominion which was and I believo   way    construction,    we    might  safe-  eluding snow and rock for the price
with thc P. U. *- ^Aulno_   _-,,_    " i still Is willing to assume the larger I ly use the credit or the province, to a M 40c per acre, plus over half a million
with railway builders on such terms
as will enable such railway builders
to profit to the extent of scores- of
millions at the ultimate expense of
either the people of B. C. or of the
purchasers of the unsecured bonds o
stocks of the railway companies.
If the electors wish a fair sample
of the business acumen of the McBride government, take the case o*
the repurchase of the B. C. Southern
railway Subsidy lands. This railway
company received from the province
subsidy lands amounting to some 3,-
700,000 acres. On these lands are
situated the valuable coal areas of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company.
The company have disposed of or
retained for their own use all the
known coal lands in this area, they
have sold all the agricultural and timber lands for which they could find
buyers. They have sold timber where
they could not sell land. They retain for their own use 643,000 acres
ot timbered lands tn tbe valleys ani
they now sell back to the government
ment should be extended.
Workmen's Compensation  and   Industrial Insurance.
ment Co. Ltd., who again resold it to I worth   approximately over   two   hun-|0f municipalitiesTfor^ local" seff-govem
the Fort Fraser Land Co.,   the    go;-1 dred millions.    They have contracted
eminent    obligingly  waiting    for the
purchase money until the Fort FfSfter'
Land Co. with Bowser Reid and Wall-
bridge as their solicitors, got ready to
pay it.. 1 do not know if this purchase
money is even yet paid.
Government Retarding Settlement.
Immense tracts of land acquired by
speculators as above described, together with large acres reserved for
educational purposes, prevent compact land settlement, necessitate an
increased expenditure for roads,
schools, etc. These have had, and are
having, the effect of driving away
thousands of intending settlers, who
would under favorable conditions settle upon our waste lands and make
them productive.
One    of   British    Columbia's    most
pressing needs is a large agricultural
route as to grades and distances, between the Similkameen and other interior points and the Coast.
We favor the husbanding of the provincial credit to assist lines that wlll
open up new territory.
Provincial credit and resources not
to be wasted in paralleling' existing
. No land subvention to railways beyond what ls necessary for tall way
Abolition of the system of giving
away crown lands for townsites free
of taxation and under railway control.
| Aid to railways not to exceed what
is reasonably necessary to secure construction.
I The prevention of over-capitallza-
! tlon of railways.
The province to co-operate with the
Dominion in aiding railway and highway construction.
All franchises for the construction,
operation and ownership or leasing of
i government-aided roads to be open tor
I publlc competition.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Freight, passenger, and express
I am strongly in favor of extending rates and telegraph tolls of all govern-
the benefits of the Workmen's Com- ment-alded roads to be under the Jur-
pensatlon act to all hazardous em- isdlction of the Dominion Railway
ployment8 (and as a matter of tact all ^^^
employments are hazardous). A de-1
partment of labor should be established under a responsible minister ot
the crown. Conditions under which
labor is performed should be made as
safe as practicable.
A permanent industrial commission
should be established to secure compensation for workmen injured during
the course of their employment, without delay and without litigation.
A government system of industrial
insurance whereby employers could
be insured against accidents to their
workmen freed from the excessive pro-
Commission. B
With a view to meeting the demand
for the transportation of grain from
Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Immediate construction of government-
owned elevator*.
[    The people to  control the railways
and not the railways the people.
We condemn without reserve the
wholesale disposal of timber landa to
speculators, which has been the only
timber policy of the present government.
We advocate the survey, cruising
and valuation of timber lands by the
fits and expenses now exacted by ac- government before the alienation and
cident Insurance companies. j disposal of all  such  lands by public
Representation. {competition to actual users.
deMednesB of $115,555   per   nflle,   in ' portlon of the burden of "aiding such '
both cases exclusive of terminate. Dur-   railways.
lng the election of 190U Premier u\Ic- We would have (he contIO] o{ ratesj
Bride stated that the C. N. 1. K. un(Jer the Board of Hallwav commia-
would probably cost $50,000 per mile 8|oner8 of Canada. Local 'control of
.and it Ib not likely that the P. G. E. j rateg ca��� on|y apj,,y wlthln the prov.
It.  would cost tiny  more. |nce, whilst that of the Boar J of Rail-
There are three things which you ] way commissioners is national.
can rest assured of: ^^^^^^^^
1. That the difference between the
actual cost of construction and the
a mount of authorized indebtedness,
probably amounting from $20,000,000
to $36,000,000 ln each case, will go in-
The Land Question, ^^^^^
I think tbe government should   be
condemned for the manner in which
It   has   administered   the    provincial
lands.   I shall not dwell at length on
iu f..,..",... ���  .   how   the   government   secretly  sold    __	
to the i>ocketa of the promoters and  an(j deeded the reserved lands at Kit-  steads and I suggest to those electors
manipulators. i      | umat Harbor, or how they agreed to ; that they Bhould give their influence
���I.   That the people of British Col-. gen   t0    e, v. Bodwell, K. C. 10,000 | to secure the same boon for settlers
umbla will have to pay by way of ex-1 acre8 of ]and fronting on the harbor
limited etxent at least, for the pur-.
pose    of advancing loans  at    a low
rate of interest upon   the security of
permanent improvements for the pur- i
lose  of encouraging    the settlement J
and    cultivation    of our agricultural
lands, and to thiB end I would further
advocate   the   exemption   from taxation by the government of all Impiove-
ments upon agricultural land.
Many of the electors of this district
know from actual experience the en-'
couragement and benefit they receiv.
ed from a free grant  of their homo-
and divi-1
���cessivc rates the Interest
(lends on the full amount of the authorized indebtedness, or alternately
tbe purchasers ot the unsecured stock
and bonds of the railway company
will lose the amounts of their investment.
3.   That   both  these   railway com
in other districts.
Profligacy In Timber.
The  administration   of our   timber
resources by the government has already resulted in an immense loss to
at Prince Rupert for one dollar per
acre, or how Mr. James Anderson received more for his interest ln such
agreement than the government did
for the land itself, or how they allow-1 the province.   The timber area of this
ed tho railway company to   get   tho province   is   estimated   at   15,000,000
best of them ln laying out the town-[acres.      Of this,   area some    ten to
"������   *-7V IT       _ **.**.*a  Blt0, or how the corporation of Prince  twelve million acres have been placed
panics with their enormous authorized  RUp��rt Is fettered ln Its endeavors to funder lease or license
-debt without terminals, will have to  carry on the business of the corpora-      The  total  amount  of revenue de-
compete with the C. F. R. with ail  U | tion, or how the premier's hlght-hand  rived from leases licences and royal-
aplendid hotels, terminals  and equip-  man> Robert Green, was forced to va-, ties during the last eight years is less
ment and with less than one-half of  cate   his   position   of Chief Commis-
the amount of indebtedness. | Bioner   of lands   on account   of the
No provision for the control of ex-  scandals connected with his admlni3-
press, telegraph or telephone rates Is  tratlon.
contained ln any of the contracts
Too Much Given to Railways.
The    government    allows   railway
���companies to pay their engineers, contractors, and for rigjit of way, plant,
or materials,  In   stock or   bonds   or
both.      This  makes transference    of
-stock   and   bonds   without  value   received  very easy.    All  the directors
of the Railroad company ne<d to do
Ib to form themselves into u construction   company,   contract   with   themselves    to ' build    the road    for the
amount  of tho   authorized   Indebtedness, and pocket tho   difference   between the nmount of such authorized
indebtedness  and  tho  actual cost of
construction, less what   they   divide
with their friends, or   subscribe   for
campaign purposes.   The government
contract to convey free to the railway
companies such Crown lands as tho
company  DESIRE for townsites and
divisional points; C40 acres for town-
sites nnd    1280   acres   for divisional
points.   These lands not used for rail
way purposes are to be free from tax
I will, however, request your serious attention to tho following facts,
and what they imply:
In 1905 the government sold 50,101
acres of land.
In lt'iir,. U25.8S3 acres of land. i
In 1907, 211,650 acres of land.
In 1908. 181,211 acres of land.
ln 1909, 645,389 acres of land.
in 1910, 2,006,173 .acres of land.
In 1911, 918,669 acres of land, or a
total of 4,238,976 acres. During tho
Bume period the government deeded
only 1,994,614 acres.
Here we have the fnct that the
quantity of land lold and not deeded
has been Increased during the years
mentioned by 2,244,462 acres.
Assuming that 5(1 per cent of the
land sold was first-class land (and as
these land* are chiefly picked lands
along the valleys to bo traversed by
linos of railroad, 1 think that la a
low estimate) wo find that the purchase price thereof would be $15,896,-
160 and as the revenue from land
sales during tho same period is stated
atlon of all kinds UNTIL SOLD OR ' by the minister to be $7,119,998, there
OCCUPIED, the government to re-, is nn estimated deficiency of $8,766,-
ceive one-third of tho net  proceeds. 1162.
This exemption from taxation of the | If to this ls added the amounts re-
companies townsite lands means that j ceived from the sale of town lots at
the f-it ure Inhabitant', of theso town-1 Prince   Rupert, Fernie,   Quesnel   and
sites muet hear all the cost- of municipal government, roads, streets,
brl'lgea, sewers, lights, sidewalk*,
nchcols, water supply anl flro protection. The company w-111 benefit there-
bv, but will not   contribute   to   the
Farcical Crr:''tlore.
Pnlh the C. N. P. nnd the P. G. E. R.
companies nrree that thev wlll miko
no npfpnl to the Railroad Comml'Bloi
of Canada In rospect to fright or pna-
���senrer rates.   As tho rrlnclrai reason
other i laces, lt must be quite apparent that thero are many millions of
C* liars whLth should rightly be In
the treasury and which are really ln
tho pockets of ro.il estate speculators.
Another featuto. The province Is losing the tares rn this 2,244,462 acres of
undeedod land, which If assessed ns
wild lands nnd at the lowest price for
which ftovcrnment lands are now for
Bale would produce $488,892 per annum. This amounl of nearly hnlf a
million   dollars per annum   is being
than twelve millions of dollars
The present market values of the
special timber licences alone is approximate* at upwards of two hundred millions of dollars. The loss to
the province on timber alone would
more than bulld all the railways
which the McBride Government has
contracted to aid.
You will be told that the government have not sold the timber, that
the licences only convey the lights to
cut, that the Legislature can increase the royalties at any time, all ot
which statements are partly true.
But notwithstanding all this, these licences to cut are being transferred
in the open market at prices up to
$40 per acre and the shrewdest investors In America are paying these
prices in cash, and the difference between the amount received by the
province and that received by the vendors of these speculative licences U
the measure of the loss the province
has suffered up to the present time.
Coal Resources Handed to Speculators
The government have deliberately
deceived the people ln respect to tho
coal lands ln B. C. Aa a party they
stood pledged to the reservation ot a
portion of every coal area so that
state-owned coal mines could be operated If necessary. k   >
Up to the present as far as I have
been able to ascertain, not one acre
of coal land has been reserved by the
Early ln 1908 over 529,000 acres of
coal land had been alienated and such
alienation ls being lavishly extended
to speculatorB.
Finance* Bolstered Up by Selling Resources.
Great credit ls clnlrr*O. nnd too
much given to the ecvernment on account of tho allocation mnde that the?
havo rescued the Province from a
sta^e of bankruptcy and planed It up-
dallars which the government should
have collected and did not in the
shape of taxation. The government
also repurchased from the Columbia
& Western Railway 1,500,000 acres on
similar terms. The government have
also made an arangement with the
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway company whereby the province will lose
a large amount in taxation.
Weltern Expenditures
The government's wasteful and extravagant expenditure demonstrates
the fact that they cannot realize the
same degree of efficiency or value for
their outlay as is possible under private management. There Is a very
lar;e preventable waste.
Contracts are let, changes made,
and extras allowed which often more
than double the amount which thc
works should cost.
I In tbis electoral district much better results could be obtained if tin
moneys expended by the government were expended under the different municipal councils.
Whilst I am referring to government expenditure in the electoral district of Delta, let me say that I am
quite well aware that in former years
when I had the honor to represent
jyou ln the Legislature the government
deliberately starved the district.
I well remember that in 1906 only
$2500 was voted for Delta and that in
1907 the magnificent sum ot $1100
was voted, and that ln 1908 another
vote of $1500 was passed. I am also
well aware that for the coming year
$85,000 has been voted and lt may be
that should you again elect me that
the government would again penalize
you tn a similar manner, and it may
also be that there are some amongst
you who will be swayed by such considerations. All I wish to say to you
on that point is that you should consider whether men who would so penalize a constituency which does not
approve of their actions, are big
enough to have charge of the destinies of this province.
Frankly, I say to you that I should
prefer to see the public moneys expended upon roads for the beneflt of
resident producers who are giving
their lives In clearing bur lands an I
making them productive, rather than
upon paved highways tor the enjoy-
ment of motorists, among the wealthy,
and often foreign tourist.
Grave Neglect of Public Accounts.
Tnere has been no examination bv
Ithe legislature of the public accounts
for years past; many public worka
have cost double the contract price.
No enquiry as to the reason has been
made, The government does not even
give Information asked for.
As an Instance I cite that when In
Victoria recently I waa Informed that
$105,C00 had been raid to Mr. H. 8.
Matson (proprietor of the Colonist
and other government papers), and
fMr. H. D. Helmcken. ex.-M. P. P., for
Bettlement of the Ronphees reserv?
question.    Repeatedly during the re-
There should be an Immediate re-'
distribution of representation based
on the censuB returns, bavlng regard
to area, sparsely populated districts
having a larger representation according to population than th# cities and
thickly populated districts.
Constituencies should be so arranged that there should be one member
only from each constituency.
Electoral districts should be divided
into polling divisions as the best
means of preventing    repeating   and i
Improved methods of preventing
timber waste .and ayBtemized reafforestation.
Hand loggers' licenses to be granted where conditions demand.
Public Protection In Respect to Coal.
Coal land not to be alienated but
leased under conditions to be fixed
periodically by the Legislature.
Whenever practicable and necessary, government operation of coal
mines to he at ones undertaken with a
view to reduction pf existing prices.
We insist upon the appointment of
personation.       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^���
Voters' lists should   be   thoroughly 'a Ro>'al Commission to investigate tho
revised in ample time before each gen-1 Preeent exorbitant coal prices,
eral election. .    Practical  Education.
Women's Suffrage. .L_We eofideCW the present education
I am strongly In favor of extending
to Women the right to vote.   It is a
monstrous and absurd theory that
the women whom we consider competent to care for our family life, and
ui on whom devolves the greater portion of the most practical educa'.lon of
our children���who in the future will
form a majority of ihe voters as well
as of the law makers of our country���
are denied the right to vote, while the
ignorant foreigners who can neither
read, write, nor understand our language,���to say nothing of understanding our national institution*���can by
taking out naturalization papers, become entitled to the greatest right ^��^
now denied to our owtt mothers,'
wives, sisters and daughters. If our
young ladles would just make op
their minds to say No ! to every pro>-
posal of marriage until they were accorded the rights so freely offered to
naturalized foreigners there would
soon be a change ln this respect.
Oriental Immigration.
I never have believed that the McBride government were In earnest In
their expressed desires to stop the Influx of Orientals. They declared that
lf the Dominion government would
not dis '.How their Natal act they
wo ild prtvaat these people landing
u.*ca ojr shores. Their own political
f: end) are now ln power at Ottawa,
and I.' ti.oy were ln earnest before
why ha"e they not passed effective
]egislat! j'n during the past session ?
Whv ha' o they not enforced the provisions of the Health act to prevent
the herding of these people together
under Indescribably filthy conditions?
Liberal Platform.
I fully endorse the platform adopted
by the Liberal convention held In Vaucouver on February 29 and March 1 of
the present year.
I am yours respectfully.
fai autocracy of the government.
We recommend tbe appointment of
a representative advisory board in
educational matters such as exists in
all provinces. �� -
The present curriculum ii ao overloaded with subjects as to render
thorough education in any branch Impossible.
We advocate an increase of manual
and agricultural tiiilning and domestic science teaching, and the establisn-
ment of an efficient system of technical schools.
The present school system, bears unjustly on settlers ln unorganized districts and should be immediately rem-
persons, syndicates and corporations
.,  ., ,  ���  who have been allowed to obtain mil-
cent session   of   tho   legislature   the (lions of acm of the Iholcest ncce��sl-
Tbe government's pollcy as to revision of the voters' lists and precipitating the present election without a
proper redistribution of the constituencies is a complete subversion of all
the privileges o' representative government. We favor personal registration and Insist on Immediate redistribution.    .
Woman Suffrage.
We favor woman suffrage..'
Abolition of the poll and   personal
property taxes and raising of the exemption of income limit to $2000.
Exemption of Improvements on all
lands paying taxes to the provincial
government. ,c-
A ro-adjustmept of the system of
taxation whereby the province may receive a fairer proportion of the unearned increment.
Immediate - reform of the present
costly, cumbersome and inequitable
system of collecting school taxes In
unorganized districts.
Labor Workmen's Compensation Without Litigation.,
A provincial department of labor to
be created, and free government labor bureaus established.
Thorough and frequent Inspection of
all Industrial premises to insure
health, sanitation and safety.
The completo prohibition of child
labor In factories and shops.
The present system of liability Insurance    bears     heavily   upon    em-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^feloyees, and is a frequent source of
  | injustice to workmen and their faml-
i lies.   We advocate the establishment
Wo emphatically condemn the Me-1 by the Government of a permanent ln-
Brlde government for Its connivance dustrlal Insurance Commission.   Th}s
nb the evasion of the land laws by | commission to have, full charge of a
Platform of British Columbia
Liberals,  Adopted at the
Vancouver Convention:
system providing positive compensation 'receive!    during    employmnn.
on a sound financlnl basis.   This calni jromler was   questioned   as   ta   the ble publlc land, which are held with- (Continued cn Par* Elfc'hL) not EIOHT   -*"".WHBI1
City News
rTrHE very fact that ��nere are
* more Great M.jcstio Mal-
Iteblr: end Chorcoal Iron Rgb|c��
sold than any othar range on the
market, is proof positive that it is
the best. ' 11
Dcn't You Want the Best?
The Great Majestic Range lasts
three Lines as long as a cheap
range, but it doesn't cost three
times as much.
Anderson & Lusby
Alfred W. Mcleod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New  Westminster.
tfc Give You
Money To Build
Your Own Home
\X7C   supply   the   money   to   build
a* IT*   your  QWn  hom(!( meet    pay
ments, pay off mortgages or buy property.
YOU  pay back ln month|y lrv
^*-> stalments of less than $10
on a $1000 loan at a cost to you of
only 2i/2 per cent, on a 5 per cent,
Head Office In the
Phone No. 655.    New Westminster.
Mrs. Frank R. Pearson, 422 Third
street, will not receive today.
Ice cream on hand Jra A. Rc^l,
next tram officeA   ?tt5*MQ*      **
��� Mrs'George P. Weir, 2f Harmon, ��
Visiting her pai ents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Ll. Bourke.
The case against the Bismarck cafe
was postponed yeste.day, and will
come up again tnis moi ning.
The Fraser River Pile Driving
company has secured the contract for
the extension of Bellyea &. Co's wharf.
The numerous friends oi Mr. Doug-
aid Bartlett will learn with jleasure
that he is getting along niceiy alter
undergoing an opei ation lor appendicitis at the Royal Columbian hospital.
Mrs. Susan Gilley sent in her resignation from the position of janitor
an.l librarian at the Carnegie library-
last night. The council accepted it
and instructed the clerk to call for
applications for the post.
Mrs. F. C. Cook and Mra. E. St.
Albans returned on Sunday evening
irom Hot Springs, Arkansas, where
they have been spending the winter.
'Ihey were met on their return at
Seattle by their respective husbands.
Twenty-flve more prisoners were
shipped from the provincial jail yesterday to Nanaimo. Chief Constable
North was in charge of the party as
far as Vancouver, where he handed
them over to Warden Monroe, of the
Nanaimo jail.   .    I
Edmonds���Beautiful view lots, all
cleared, 303 feet,,*'from Vancouver
road, (iiix210, $1050; one-quarter( cash,
balance 0, 12, 18 and 24 months. Reid,
Curtis & Dorgan. **
The end of that notorious sunken
pontoon at the foot of Fourth avenue
and Shteenth street is now ass.ired.
W. A. Gilley is getting after the old
enemy in good shape with dynamite
and powder. The job is proving a
ticklish one, and another day's work
will be necessary before the last is
seen of a hindrance to shipping which
has engaged the attention of every
public body almost from the city council to his majesty's government at
Dr. H. K. Hope, D. O. Eye Specialist, has removed his offices from 057
Columbia street, to the Collister
Block, corner Columbia street and entrance on McKenzie street. Hours
daily 9:30 a, m. to 5 p. m., or Jater by
appointment. *��
In Sixth Avenue Methodist church
this evening an opportunity will be !
given to hear au excellent concert
[Aiven by the choir of Sixth Avenue
Methodist church, Vancouver. Perusal
of propram shows that thu choral
selections will include pieces fror.i
Handel, .Mendelssohn, De Pearsall,
Brahms and Cowen. Tho solos are
also of e:.:cellent merit, and the ability
of the singers is well known. Insttii-
mcntal music will also form an Important feature of the program and a
delightful evening is in prospect.
The St. Patrick's Day concert to be
given under the auspices of St. Peter's
church committee at St. Patrick's hall
on Tuesday evening, March 19, will,
in point of oration on Ireland's patrou
saint and a splendidly arranged rr>
j-ram, far eclipse any similar concert
thus far given in New Westminster.
Already more than half the seats
available for the concert have been
soil an.d those desirous of obtaining
admission to a concert of unusual
merit would do well to secure seats at
the earliest possible moment. Admission charges are: Reserved seats 70 ~,
general admission 60c, children 25?.
Tickets now on sale at Lavery,
bakery, 515 Columbia street.       ������
Platform of British Columbia
(Continued from Page Seven.)
��UESDAY, MARCH 12, 1912.
without recourse to litigation, and
giving employers the benefit of accident insurance at a minimum cost.
The extension of the scope of the
Workmen's Compensation Act, ao aa
jo cover all hazardous   employments,
The payment of >ag6s should be.
made at least.,'trvftlghtly.
WC favor a minimum wace established by lnytr in government work
and government aided work. We
favor the. eight-hour day and the six-
day w^ek in all public works.
-   Oriental Immigration.
We unhesitatingly condemn the hypocrisy of the provincial government
as evidenced by its refusal to enact
their own remedy, on the ground that
it would embarras tho Couservative
Dominion Government.
We stand for a white British Columbia and advocate continually increasing stringency in Immigration lawa
until this result is attained. The Liberals of British Columbia are in favor
or the total exclusion of Orientals
from the province.
We insist that the   provincial  authorities shall enforce strict sanitary
regulations in all congested districts.
Extension of Municipal Powers.
Increase of local control in municipal matters.
Election of license and police commissioners by popular vote.
Public Ownership of Utilities.
We emphatically declare our adherence to the -principle of public ownership of public utilities, and advocate
limitation of terms of franchise to cor-
portations, renewing the same, if in
the pubic interest.on equal terms.
Public ownership of telephones.
Local Control of Liquor Traffic.
The liquor traffic of British Columbia is nt present under the absolute
control of the provincial government
and is used by it as a political machine.
We insist upon the complete removal of the liquor question from
party politics.
The control of the traffic shoul .1 be
vested in municipalities, or, in unorganized, territory, in locally elected
We favor a local option law.
ln the protection ot the public we
insist on the frequent inspection or'
liquors offered for sale.
Public  Accounts.
We denounce the McBride Government for withholding year after year
the public accounts from examination
by tne yiiblic accounts committee.
We advocate the organization of an
auditor-general's     department      independent of the go\ ernment.
Fishery   Control.
We advocate immediate steps to restore the fishing industry to white
The protection of British Columbia
lisheries from foreign poachers.
The adequate policing of Canadian
Protection of Water Supply.
We condemn the short-sighted policy ot the provincial government, in
alienating the timber lands on watersheds tributary to cities, towns, and
municipalities, it should be the im
mediate duty of the government to
remedy the mischief caused by this
mistaken policy.
Torrens   System   of   Registration   of
The present system of lan I registration is expensive and cumbersome.
We advocate the adoption of the Torrens system of titles, and the reduction of registration fees.
Nen-Partisan  Civil Service.
We favor the organization of a
civil service commission for both inside and outside services.
Appointments to the civil service
should be based on fitness, and not
on partisan service.
Z___ '/~rs*r
Marks the Formal Display
of Our
From the leading manufacturers In England, Scotland and the United States hdve been arriving thousands of yards of artistic rurtahi fabrics, representing all that is new and dainty and beautiful in spring designs and colorings for 1913, In the magnificent showing are all that one could wish for In scrims, nets,
muslins and madras. 1.
We Give Here a Few of the Values
Now On Display
Table No. 1.���Shows all of the daintiest nets for the
season. They are in tine lace effects, with broldereu
and scalloped edge; in shades of cream, ecru and
white; widths 46 to 52 inches. Priced at, per
yard    85c, $1.00
Table No. 2.���Madras in heavy filled pattern effects;
plain and scalloped edge; in shades of cream and
two-tone effects; widths 48 and 50 inches. Special
at, per yard 75c
Table No. 3.���Curtain Nets, in bungalow and fancy
effects; widths 3S to 42 inche3; shades of cream,
ecru and arab.   Special at, per yar;l  40;
Table No. 5.���Dainty Voile Scrim, and Marquisette,
in self Ehades of cream, arab and ecru: widths i.i
Inches. ��� Special at, per yard   .50c and 60c
Table No. 6.���Scrims and Voiles in white ground;
With border and all-over patterns; wi.lths :;j to
I!!' inches; beautiful tone effects. Price, \*er
yard 30c and 50c
Table No. 7.���While Swiss Muslin. In stripes, Jr:
and figured designs; widths? 86 to 44 Inches. Special,
per yard 30c
Table No. 4.���Of White Swiss Muslins; widths SB to Table No. 8.���Cream Madras in rich pattern effects
44 inches; in clot, shamrock and fancy effect.?. sheer and heavy filled designs; widths 60 ttaebee
Special,  per yard 25c     Special, per  yarj   50c
Klegant  shewing of  Finished Curtains; in all the latest r.ovelt!*3.    Extra special values.   Don't tail to
see this C.reat Curtain Exhibit Today.
���jm, msiJa,*ruiaUJ)mU'i   ms��iwii��mi
Take   LAXATIVE   BROMO     Qui^-^
Tablets.    Druggists  refund money  it
It falls to cure,    B. W  GROVE'S Big
nature Is on each box   25c.
One mare. 10 yeais old, weight 1-150
One bay horse, fl years ol;i, weight
*.G50 lbs.
One bay horse, 8 years old, weight
.450 lbs.
One bay horse, 11 years old, weight
1450 lbs.
One gray horse, 9 years old, weight
1300 lbs.
Just in from the country to be sold
by private sale, up to Thursday Included. What Is left will be Bold by
auction at the market on Friday,
March 15.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
BP���������S*** ���
Anniversary of the Handkerchief.
A curious anniversary which fell
on the second of tni-i month has
passed unobserved. It Is the annlv-
sary of the introduction ������,'. the pocket hanrferr.-hief in the form we know
it. In early time*, snd well up to the
I period of the French f:*.vo ution the
handkerchief ma ot various lhapM,
each   country   baring   Its  own   style.
One day at. thf- Trianon Marie Antoinette remarked that it would be au
Improvement if handkerchiefs were
j made square. Louis XVI. adopted th��
suggestion and on Jan. 2, 17S5, issued
the following decree: "The length of
hnndcrchlefa manufactured In thlu
kingdom shall henceforth '���(... equal to
the breadth." The revolutionists disturbed everything that Bavorsd of royalty, yet they did not Interfere wltii
this decree.���London Globe.
There are many kinds.
Als<o the latest.   Try
ENtlulsitc Oder.
Dispensing Chemists, Et;. -,
fJeat.e-bln**. -44-1 Columbia tM.
New .W.mttJtilnaiar   V C.
.1. '-"T
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.        A. R. C. M.
Member of the  Incorporated  Society
of MurIcIsiih  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferln
Street, New Westminster. I'hone Mil.
eaae i i  st sas:  i
B�� Sl.      	
Fresh Oolichans   ?, lbs. for 20c
!-] ring EaltDOn, ] er lb .20c
Saj mon (half or whole), per lb. ...To
HaMbttt (Inlf or whole) ,;.er lb, ..8c
Loggie'S Finnan Had lo 2 lbe. fir 2"c
Large Rabbits, e ich  351
537 front St.   -   i'hone 3C1
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
See   Window Display
CHAMBERLIN  ���������
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Forty-five acres of splendid rich land of the very best quality for
pardoning and nursery purposes. This place has been well farmed
for a number of years and Ib ln a high state of cultivation, and has
been subdivided into three blocks. Buildings comprise \rge and
comfortable seven room modern house with fully equipped bathroom
and running water. Barn 34x36, and several useful outbuildings.
Never falling stream Bupplies water for stock. All fenced. Churches,
school, post office and stores within a few minutes' Walk.
The property lies within tho area that will be affected by the
building of Fort Mann.    For price, terms and location apply
Established   1691,   Incorporated   1909.
J. Hort & Co., Ltd.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
New Westminster
Ht��d Offke,  Now Westmln��ter       Hranches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'der prove. B.r.
Westminster Branch. -��� cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 5:00, 6:46 and
6:45 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service untll midnight.
Sunday Sen Ice.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight 8ervlce.���'Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
B .C. E. It. Co. stu tlon. for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Heguur
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu     Island     Branch (To
.Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
untll 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter,
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch Cars
leave  H.  C.  E.  R.  Co.  station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:Z& an* 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points   at ,
4:05 p.m.
W. R. GILLEY, Phone 122. G. E. GILLEY, Phons 291.
Phones, Office 16 sod II.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal


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