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The Daily News Feb 2, 1912

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 PORT MANN���100^ es adjoining th. townsite ty f$. t Mann with
Oreat Northern a* xage; Ideal sub.
division pror^S jn; $800 per acre.
Terms to   v>   .ige.
WV    a SHILES * CO.
Lots on the new B. C. Eli
Cut-off $460 and up; one-quarter
each, balance 6, 12, 18 month.. Th.
company ha. announced the early
construction of thi. line.
' i  ii��m.
McBride's Timber Policy is
No Good.
Lon. Liberal, with Hie Leader Pursuing Agriculture, Makes Telling
Two Hundred    and   8lxty   Thousand
Dollara Involved���Corner Twelfth
| and Fifth 8old.
More than a quarter of a million. In
fact $260,000, are involved in a gigantic Port Mann deal which, lt is reported, bas Just been closed over in
Vancouver. The transaction has been
carried on throughout with tbe greatest secrecy, and no further information baa leaked out as yet; but there
appears to be no doubt that such a
transaction baa taken place involving
the above hupe sum of money. It 1.
conjectured that a ayndlcate 1. the
buyer, but further deUils cannot be
supplied at present.
A good-sized deal in city property
was closed up yesterday when tbo
corner of Twelfth street aad Fifth
avenue was sold for $4000. The purchaser intends, it is understood, to
put up a business block on his new
Taylor Still Poses As Labor
Leader. .
ex-maVoh hulds conference
Victoria, Feb. 1.���Speaking on the
Forebt, oui ln tbe legislature yesterday
Mr. ti. U, Brewster claimed that its
principles Involved those brougnt forward Dy tbe Liberals as lar back as
liiuu. uis address was a stinging arraignment of tbe timber policy ot tbe
Mcerlue administration.
The hon. Mr. Koss ln bis speech,"
be said, "proclaimed tbat tbe timber
policy stopped land aid to railways,
and no uouht he thinks ln making
auch a statement tbat be ls appealing
to the people of the province and asking tuem to Use note tbat this is a
move which the Conservative government hai uken and tbat all the
credit is due to the Conservatives.
"ti** was entitled," continued Mr.
Brewster, "t whatever credit he was
able to tet out of his statement, but
it was a. fact that in 1900 the very
policy be claimed, was the policy of
the Liberal, on the floor of tbe House,
and that in 1002 many Conservative
members now ln the legislature and
one minister on tbe treasury benches
favoied giving the Canadian Northern
immense territories of tbis province
to tbe    extent   of    some    10,000,000
acres. The credit for the defeat of Oone ,��� the offlce of the Domlnlon
tbat i;ro;>oeaI was due to the Liberals dredglng department from New West-
of that time. So it would be seen mlngter. Mr Bayfield and his assist-
that the relegation to tne scrap- anta have qult bag ^ baggage_ fol
heap of the policy of land aid to rail-, Vancouver.   The flitting   took    place . -      -
ways was not due to   the   Conserva-  yeBterday morning    wnen    the Polnt 10ne or two of the charges have been
tives. but had    very    active   support  Enlce came round wlth a BCOW and | Wjlhdrawn ln the light of subsequent
Dominion Superintendent of Dredges
Flits to Terminal City���!Water-
front Feeling Bitter.
Charged with Taking Part In Unlaw-
ful Aaaembly, After Being Charged
by Mounted Police.
Vancouver, Feb. 1.���R. Parm Pettlpiece and' 19 other Socialists were
committed for trial by Magistrate
Shaw this morning on charges of
Uking part ln an unlawful assembly.
Tbe evidence in the Pettlpiece case
waa all Uken yesterday, but his case
was not called this morning untll
11:30 o'clock, at which time Magistrate Shaw formally committed him
for trial ln a higher court. He may
Uke speedy trial or may choose trial
ut the next assize by Jury.
The evidence against the other
men was all in by 12:30 today and
without exoeption tbe defendants
were committed for trial. Tbe
names of the committed men are: R.
P. Pettlpiece, Walter Read, William
Home, James* Carson, W. H. Coombs,
T. Clinton, William Roberts, Percy
Hurst, John Taylor, William O'Brien
Paul Schultz, Dennis Hayes, James
H. Fisher, William Love, Peter Johnson. W, McDowell, Mark Bodner,
Charles Lester, Mike Doyle and Albert Penn. This practically disposes of the batch of prlsoneis
brought ln by the police last Sunday.
Old Story Re-Told in South
from the Liberal members.
Easy for Speculators.
"It would be found    that   the
towel the whole equipment over to
the Burrard Inlet city. Feeling on the
waterfront yesterday  was rather bit-
menae territory of between 11,000,000  ter  about  the  chanKe     u  wfts  felt
and  1^,000,000 acres  bad been  taken
, ,   , ��� . ,    ;th4t not only had an old land maik
up and alienated from the crown by , bcen. lemovedi but one of the 3^
this government. The very best that acttvlt,e8 of thta atf hM ���een uken
could be said wa. that the govern-: away .Just, at a���time when New West-
ment might claim a nominal owner , minst���r-8 importance in the Dominion
ship in this vast area.   In 1888 there  1g increMing more rapldiy than ever
developments, and one or two of the
men are out on bail' and' may be
bi ought to trial later.
When   Guard   was Killed    U. 8.
porter Had Close Call, But
Finally Escaped.
EI Paso. Texas, Feb. 1.���Fifteen
persons, including two Americans, ono
a boy ot 12, are dead today as-the re
���nit of mutiny in the Mexican federal
garrison at Juares, across tbe river
from bete. The Fourth 'United States
cavalry, commanded by Colonel Edgar
t. Steever, is guarding American interests on the border. Men, women
and children, both American and
Mexican, are fleeing into El Paso.
Four troops of American cavalry
from Fort Bliss are guarding the
American side of the Rio Grande and
assisting refugees across the border
from the Mexican town. There havo
been no violations of neutrality as
yet, and all bridges are today being
carefully guarded.
Revolt broke out in the garrison
���pon the arrival from Chihunhua of
newspapers stating that General Pas-
eual Orozco, who was one of the most
conspicuous revolutionary figures in
the recent Maderlsta movement, had
resigned, because of tbe discbarge of
100 men in the Juarez garrison.
Mutineers captuied their commander and threw him into prison
shortly after sundown last night.
Then they opened fire upon the loyal
federals, beginning a conflict .which
waged about  the  government  house
January  Stamp  Calea  Show    Thirty
Par Cent Increase Over Laat Year
���Money Orders Multiply.
"Money order sales are something
phenomenal, and stamp sales show a
wonderful increase over last year. I
expected them to fall off after the
Christmas rush was over, but tbe big
business ha. kept right on." Thus
.poke the postmaster of New Westminster yesterday, and certainly the
returns of tbe post office are very
satisfactory and form an eloquent and
reliable gulJa to the growing amount
of business that"'is being handled in
this city.
During January the stamp sales
amounted to $3500 against but $2700
ln the same month last year, showing
an increase of $800, or of nearly 30
per cent. The December sales reached
the big figure of $5000, which compares with between $3800 and $3900
for the same month of 1910. Comparative figures of the money order sales
are not yet available, but it ls safe
to take the stamp sales as a barometer of the increase in business in
every other department. A noticable
feature is that the incoming business
increases faster then the out-going,
and is heavier all the time. This ls
partly due to the fact that the New
Westminster office distribute? the
mail for the Fraser valley district.
lp this morning's proceedings there,for hours and finally s?rea;l through-
wax ����� poHcy,,-.,,y��api��hy - the- actual
operator ..could obtain his timber at, a
nominal price, ln lSf>5 speculator
wer* allowed ln and as the tenure
was from year to year uo great areas
were taken up and as a matter ot
fact very little was done In the way
of timber alienation for speculative
purposes. But taking it now the re
verse would be found to be the case.
The i rovluce was not ln tbe same
position because lt would be found
that the small operators must go to
the largo speculators ��� ln order to get
timber cut. The minister had referred
to these speculators as Investors. On
the opposition of the House the prac
tice was to call them speculators.
Tbey were allowed ln 1995 under a
special license for twenty-one yeara
As a matter of fact what did occur i
The government at tbat time changed
the land laws so that tbe speculators
were allowed to come in and secure
New York Stirred by Diecpvery   that
Fashionable  Mansion  Held no
' Valuables.
New York, Feb. l.-4n a three story
stone house in the fashionable section
known as Prospect Park Slope, Brook1
lyn, Henry Bensfleld, aged 79, waa
found dead tbla morning. He had been
was little evidence of an exciting na-
tuie taken and the prosecution and
defence expedited matters considerably by refraining from complicated
points of kw arid weaiy cross-examination, ,��, , .
tx-Mnyo* *\m
trial of the *ei\*arged with
part In ��n unlawful assembly
lant Sunday was again late in starting, several petty case,   bein^    dis-
'posed of before the name of ll. Parm
' Pettlpiece    was    callei.    The    cases
j would have been called    as poon   as
i Court opened, but counsel for tbe defence was late in appearing on    tbe
Scene and tbe men had to wait.
During the long wait before tbe
cases came on, Mr. L. D. Taylor, ex-
mayor, held a conference in tbe anteroom with Pettlpiece, McVety and
Wilkinson, but the conference seemed
to be merely of a friendly sympathetic
nature, and the result, lf any, was
not-given to the press. The ex-mayor
oould not afford the whole morning
and was compelled to go downtown
before the cases weie called.
A peculiar feature ot the trial, of
Policeman   and   Victim
Give   Chase   and
of   Robbery
out tbe town and as far Into the outskirts as the  race track.    Gambling
houses were wuckeu, iucludiag   the
partial demolition   of the    two   big
K��no games run In Juarez )>y Amerl-
-   .fbane. '�����* nitobi and Ifc,ait V,Uy'i,.
Americans employed tn t *e   . imbltng
houses, were w6unded.   The visitors
at the resorts were thrown into panic.
Numerous Women tourists were present when tbe fighting begat   .nd bul-
j lets crashed tbrough the walls.
C. F. Davis, an'American reporter
for a Memphis, Ten., newspaper, was
arrested by the mutineers as he was
telephoning from Colonel Estrada's
headquarters. The guard placed o.er
him was killed and as another soldier
approached, Davis knocked him down
and fled, amid a hall of lead. Davis
says two other American, are yet under arrest
"Howld Me, or 111 Fifht" Says
Demonstrations Notwtth��Undln��, Pro.
grsss I. Eternal; Nothing Can
���Uy It-
London, Feb. 1. ��� Mr. Winston
Churchill'. Belfast meeting on Home
Rule,,which i. scheduled to Uke place
on Thursday next, had an astonishing
prelude today. Fifty thousand mem
bers of the Presbyterian church In
Ireland, representing 5��2 congregations In all parts'of the Island, are
today concenu ated ib Belfast to declare the unalterable determination of
tbe Piesby tei ian church to resist.
Home Rule. 'ihi. vaat multitude la
distributed among twelve different
gatherings ln various buildings near
the centre of tbe .'. city, A leading.
Presbyterian clergyman, referring to
tbe supposed attitude of Lord and
Lady Aberdeen, says:
"This is not the time for honeyed
words. I say the Viceregal Influence
bus been used to foster the false impression that we Presbyterians bave
changed our view, and to Induce
members of the church to go back on
tbeir allegiance to the cnown. lt i.
true several weak-minded men have
succumbed to the blandishments
showered upon them, but these men
' represent nobody but themselves. I'm
sorry the viceregal influence waB not
, used for a better purpose than to try
to persuade Englishmen to forget tbe
glorious heritage handed down to
them by their . forefathers. Thank
God, however, constancy is still a virtue in Ireland."
Fear Encroachments of Home.
Principal Stuart, moderator of tbe
Church of Scotland, while not entering into the political aspect of the
question, says the members of the
Church of Scotland on. both sides of
politics, wouuld vlejr with pain and
Indignation any encroachments oa
the part of the Church ef Borne upon
the civU rights and liberilea of Irish.
Urettttaa for twentv-oi , years forthe *"* for t*�� dayB' durin5 which lito  the Soclali.U is thht Mr. jf'W&B.
licence? for twenty-one yeais ror tne 44.yttlM,d daUgMef, Mary, who wa.  Farrls, who ls conducting tie defence
Th�� ��� tfSSr$anX Flourishing lBter 8ent to a h0,PIU1 tor �����*����*<>' �����* of tl^ men. is bein5 assisted
1 ���L^Li��n^.�����h ����� rnJia&an w���� 0on a�� to her "n^. ��*>d ihe''.Ikp by Mr. JamesUz-Flndlay, who 1. .look-
lTXT^S^ ^S^JS llw^ Mb ""^P-   Anally becoming '
deCl,D'B,LfcnT��? wl���Ztln^llt ***��***, ��h�� ��*������ neighbors.   Heart
such as:whHejine ��K rtttaw cut aUe^.',   w   ^     s c
V^X&C&ft5?w��l d"th-   The hou.e conUined no furnl-
���P by ieaps end:bound... B^.&^*&^^*i
most feverishly by Investors. Under
these conditions the government
should j)Qt liftve allowed.tha alU&fl.
t'em of these lmtaense areas."
were roaming about the room./
I" The Bensfleld house bas long been
regarded as one ot mystery. Outside
lt jgave eyery. evidence of wealth within, and despite its squalid furnishings
the police found Six bank book, show-
ON WAY TO FRONT lng deposits of more than $10,000,-��n<!
Athens, Greece, Feb. 1.���The Turkish troop. In Macedonia are to be
heavily reinforced in the near future.
Several brigades of Infantry, regi
ments of cavalry and batteries of ar
many valuable deed, and mortgages.
Had Picture. Taken.
Lansing, Mich., Feb. 1.���A craze for
....    *..       ... .        .������ .i_ having their picture, taken to .end
Ullerywlll be brought from Ariatlc lhe|r ffJenag ��uUMe th    ^,     ^
Turkey.   It '1. reported In authorita
tive quarters that Turkish troops of
all arms from the various army corps
stationed In Anatolia, are on the way
to Rodeeto ih the Sea of Marmora,
where they ar�� expected to arrive
within the next few deya. They will
be .ent on to Macedonia.
Taft Satl.fled.
PltUburg. Pa.. Feb. 1.���Convinced
that the Ohio delegation to tbe Republican national convention wlll vote
solidly for his nomination, President
Taft, tired and worn from hi. three
day.' .peechmaklng trip ln that .Ute,
.topped over here a few minutes today en route to Washington. Although
hundred, of peraon. were at the station when the president arrived he
made no speech because of a sore
throat.   ���    <  i *
Western Superintendent.
See9ttle, Feb. 1.���W. D. Scott, of
St. Paul, succeeded today to the position of general superintendent of the
Oreat Northern railway for the lines
west of Cutbank, Mont, made vacant
by tbe resignation of E. L. Brown,
who haa accepted the position of vice-
president {ind general manager ot the
Denver ft Rio Grande system. Mr.
Scott wa. formerly .uperlntendent ot
captured convicts In the sUte prison.
Eaoh ray a large number vl.lt the
photojtaph gallery. For th. few
minute, they pose they are allowed to
wear ordinary clothes, a coat, shirt
aud collar being loaned them for the
occasion. Tbe phftograph. are Made
by Captain J. 0. Shane, a photographer who la serving a life sentence
for murder, and his work Is highly
satisfactory to the convict..
Ing after the'others. But Mr. Findlay Is no relation to the mayor, whom
the Socialists blame for all their present trouble. ~Mr. Gordon Grant appeared for some of the men impli-
atfed, ..        i    ...   i ..... .
Tremor Waa   Felt All Along Alaska
Coast, But Damage Waa
Should Not Mental Disease Be Treated
by Medical Skill���Insanity la
, Not Incurable.
.r!"&ML       /��� *
The number of patient, in the asylum has increased again during the
past month. Fourteen' more patients
were being treated in the hospital at
tbe end of the month than at the be-
Vancouver, Feb. 1��� Before Clement
Furston, who gave his adlress as
Alberni street, could get his shooting
iron into play he was looking down
the barrel of the Colt in the hands
of P. C. Jack Walker, a short time
TallemacTi, of 13��3 Alberni street, had  <"��ie wesWVSn ��WftiMft6e,   writes:
been held up   by a man   wearing   a) "You are   not   flghting   for   Ireland
long coat and a heavy moustache on  onljr- but for a nation and the whole
Georgia street and relieved of foi ty J church of   God."   Another   ex-presi-
cents at the pOint of a revolver, after  dent-   Rev-   George Wedge wood,   ex-
whicb  be disappeared.    Just then a i Presses  full  sympathy  with, the Eel-
taxicab came   along   and   Mr. Talla-, *M* demonstration, saying lt will es-
mach Jumped on the seat beside the I ��****& ie'1   apon  the  Liberal    non-
driver anJ drove in the direction 0f, conformists of England.
Granville    street,    where    Constable I    ���*" th,B foreshadows the approach
Walker was on duty.   The ho:dup was iot the ��t��'u��K,�� over, the Home Rule
told to the officer in a few seconds  Proposals    ot tbe    government    and
and he in turn boarded the cab which   both P��rti��s are warning    the    con-
was soon whirling along in the direc-' stiiu��ncies   to   prepare tor   another
tion where the unknown one bad done KeneraJ,f.',t^,J'^
the trick.    Speed laws   were   disre- """"      "
garded and as the car went the pace
alon? Georgia street the victim recognized his man.
The signal was quietly given to the
driver to stop and in the twinkling of
sn eye Walker had got the drop on
Furston. The mousUche dropped off
and instead of a typical bolderiip,
there appeared a pleasant looking
young man of about 20 years of age.
At the police station he broke down
and said he was an Englishman just
out of college. When searched he
had a fully loaded revolver, two
watches and some small change.
City cracksmen varied their
methods yesterday when they raided
Gault Brothers' wholesale dry goods
Urarehouse and carried away $600
Ytorth of, silk goods. Plain clothes
men, who Inspected the premises after it was all over, say that the burglar and bis   assistants    must    havo
Government Determined.
That tbe ministers themselves
realize the grave character of 'the
contest is evidenced by the vigorous
speech last night ot Sir John Simon,
solicitor-general, who declared the
attempt to prevent Mr. Churchill's.
Ulster Hall meeting was a classic ex
ample of bigotry and Intolerance.
The government, he declared, would
not be diverted one hair*, breadth
from tbeir determination to carry
Home Rule. They would never be
parted by a party which desired to
gain the ascendancy at all costs
against alt comers. He recalled how
in 1840 there existed in Canada a.
small body of Orange opinion which
loudly announced that if Britain
threw them to the wolves, drove thera
outside the constitution and put thera
under tbe heel ot the rebel, they
would call '& the United SUte. to
help them- (Laughter.)    "The truth,'
ginning, but the number on probation, making hi.   selection   h?   departed,
5 Ji'Lj u_ . IrtKi-ltrm forcing the lock on the door.
crept into the place   before   closing j *? a<"ed' "ls ln .th�� *��rtdwide maxim
time   the   previous evening.    After 1 ^ ���th�� cure of discontent Is   free-
I dom."
Leaped to Death.
Vancouver, Feb. 1.���Though dragging operations weie carried on for
some time no trace ha. been found
of the body of the man who Jumped
off the end of tha Gore avenue whsri
last night. The unknown one wa.
seen sUndlng on the wharf for about
a quarter of an hour. He wa. then
minus his coat and suddenly he Jumped off the wharf into the water. The
crew of the fishing steamer Manhattan promptly threw a lifebuoy, but
thej man refund to Uke it and sank.
Intimation ol the occurrence was at
once given to the police and Captain
Anderson and Engineer Macaulay of
the police patrol boat dragged for
some time, but were unable to locate
the body. A block bat wa. founil
Hosting on the water, but
Seattle, Feb. l.-^An earthquake felt
at Alaska point, yesterday afternoon
waa recorded on ihe aelamograph at
the Un*ver��lty of Washington- The
oscillations continued for a period ot
an hour and a half. About 45 minutes
after the flrst vibration there were
two' severe .hocks, lasting two minutes, and sepaiated by an Interval ot
one' minute.
A cable despatch from Cordova thl.
morning sUted that the temftler waa
felt on the Alaska const a. far west
as Seward and Fairbanks. 350 miles
Inland, and report, thnt ' tt "wa.
���ever. In the Tanana valley. No damage wa. done nt any ,of the town. a.
far a. reported.
The warm weather which Alaakans
attribute to the reported chance in
the course of the Japaii current, continues throughout much of Alaska.
Heavy rains are falling In the foothills, which ls without precedent at
thla time of the year.
1   Eight Drowned.
Hamborn, Germany, Feb. 1.���-A car
loaded with workmen capsized In   n
decreased by two, malting the total
increase only 12, the respective
figures being 723 and 711. Five hundred and twenty-flve are males and
193 females, .galn.t 612 and 199 in
Two patienU escaped daring   the
Freeman's second hand store wa,
broken open about the same time and
flre arms, a i~uor and a case of pocket
knives stolen.
Eugene Schneldter, who conduct, a
lunch counter at 385 Cordova street,
month, and one of then waa map- told Um.police that he had been held
tured, the other apparently being Mill ��? �����.����� wnw of Dunlevy "d Cor-
at large.    Thirty-two wer. ^admitted
during the month, nnd 12 were ite-
charged.  Nine died.
-.. i     i rn_ -i   ii
Masonic Funeral.
Vancouver, Feb. 1.���The body of
Rev. H. G. Flnnes-Clinton Will arrive
ln Vanoouver from Pa��b Roble. tomorrow mbrnlng. It will teat In the
chapel of SL Luke'. Horn, until after
evensong on Sunday, when lt will be
carried Into St. Jnme. church, anl
Vespers of the Dead will be Mid. On
Monday morning there will be celebrations of Holy Eucharist at.��, 7, 8
and 9 o'clock. A solemn requiem will
be sung at 11 o'clock by express wish
of Father Clinton. The burial .aervlce
will be at 2: Id at St Jnme.. Fart o*
the church will be reeerved, for the
Masonic brethren attending. . The
Masonic service will be held at the
cemetery. It wn. Father Clinton',
wiih that no flowenushould be sent.
..Want. Sunday Fun.
collision with a fjetehtejc #b��e ctomk     Toronto, Feb.   \r-^thx**   thouund
lng the Rhine \w* tibia morning snd tittMHttf gathered tt Money hall last
dora at midnight and robbed of $16.0')
He gave a description of the men to
the police.
The personnel of the B. C. E. R.
company In New Westminster Is still
undergoing changes. Mr. Stormant,
the trainmaster, and hi. clerk are
both going to leave the service of
the compnny here, and Mr. Kerr haa
been appointed to be the new train*
master. The depot muter bss also
been changed, and- Mr. Robinson's
stentorian tones ���ill once more call
ithe passenger, "aborrrd "on the outgoing tram.. Mr. Scott, who ha. held
the position for the Isst two month,
or n very popularly, will probably so
to Vancouver.
There 1. a good show cn at the
Royal for thta end of the wnk. Per-
hap. the clevereet turn i. thnt ot
BUly El wood, the original cartoonUt,
whose rapid sketches k<M�� the audience, delighted. ��� wondering and.
amused from .tart- to flfcteh. His
"���tyln" tickle the ladlesr who are��
kept In a continual Mate of nervou*
suspense, leu the heartleu . pencil
ahould choon one. ot them tor lt.
next victim. At Watson lb at home
with hi. oompany anywhere tn thn
west, and he acored. a good hit with
hi. mmurtng .ketel*, In which the girl
who play. th.'Kew York tough givee
an excellent reading of her part. Thn
third turn I. that of Signer Irving,
who piny, a .teadlly decreeing cello
with Some .kill.
Louise Byr$ vjlth her dainty singing to .till a feature ot th. program
and the theatre', reputation for goo*
Scture play, it fully supported   by
on that are nfcown In  the present
wn.      ��� -.,:'. ���;",'.,���..���..��� _   ���   >��� ���
���Ight passengers were drowned.   The
there was I helmsman was unable to ne the on-
the ea.tern
of   the   Greatinotblng in lt that would assist In th. [coming freighter .on account
.;..:,.  ,,, ,iidentification of the man. heavy snowstorm.     .,
night and passed resolutions demanding that the council rewind the bylaw prohibiting tonogganlns tt the
city park, on Sunday.    ��� ., V :  ,
Verigin to **��� Bord.ni
Ottawa, .Feb. 1.���For the purpon ot
More Mill. Open.
Lawrence, MaU. Feb. 1.���Only twty
of the textile mill* In thto city falle*
obtaining the old ot the government j to open their gatea. thto morning. TB*
in moving 8000 Doukhobor. trom number ot opemtivu returning t��
Saakatchewan to Brittah Columbia. I work wu thn tonut ot any dhy
Peter Verigin, their leader In the .Inn thn �����% *ra. *s*tt> Hkmm
former province, to here to see wnk. ago. The .treet. feeding to
Premier R. U Borden. the mW. wer* furded by wt��*na> PAOBTWO
maklng or plain sewing. Mlss Cousin, 309 Keary street, Sapperton.
four or five room bungalow with
furnace and flre places. Must be
clone in. Address K O. Drawer 170.
overcome by reading the prospectus
of the British Canadian Home
Builders Ltd. Authorized capital
$500,000. Call at 626 Columbia
quired by strong financial company.
Apply room 7, Bank of Commerce
must be thoroughly competent. Required to take complete charge of
email infant and little girl. Apply
stating experience, P. O. Box 159,
New Westminster.
housekeeping  rooms
close  in   for
Box 7.
Apply,  stating   terms,   to
era.   Address News office.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
Auction Sale
ply Westminster Private, hospital.
223 Townsend atreet, near Third
class salesmen; also one stoctc
salesman. Apply Fraser Valley Investment Co., Ltd., G26 Columbia,
New Westminster.
know that I am now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
ln the city and wlll deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk,
9 quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R 87:t
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens
boro, Lulu Island.
An auction sale will be held In Big-
gar's Hall, South Westminster, on
I am Instructed by the owners to
sell by public auction:
Over two miles of valuable waterfront, ln 35 blocks, situated on tho
main channel of the Fraser river;
suitable for small holders, factories
and mill sites.
Also city property ln Vancouver,
North Vancouver, South Vancouver,
New Westminster, Sapperton, Port
Mann, White Rock and Mission City.
Land to clear or grade. Contracts taken; estimates given
on cellars or foundations.
Phone 1074. 214 Fifth Ave.
Over 2000 acres of valuable dairy,
fruit and chicken ranches, ln the lower Fraser Valley, in convenient blocks
in the following districts: Agassiz,
Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack
Langley, Mission, Matsqui, Lulu Island, Sumas Surrey, Richmond, Whonnock, Burquitlam. South Westminster.
Mt. Lehman, Delta.
Any person wishing to list their
property ln the .above auction sale
must do so by the 31st January, so as
to give time to list In the catalogue.    I
The auctioneer's terms are 5    per
cent, straight.    No charge unless    n I
sale Is made.
South Westminster. B.C.
Phone F507.
Vanoouver, Fob. l7���It ls a coincidence thnt tbe loading pon ln Claas 1
(pen No. 2, White Leghorns) Is credited wltb having laid 149 eggs, which
is exactly the same number aa laid by
tne leading pen ln Clase 2 (pen No.
40, Sllver-laced White Wyandottes).
The second pen ln Class 1 (No. 9,
White Leghorns) laid 103 eggs, but
tho second highest ln Class t (pen 30,
Buff Orpingtons) went a little better
wife 111. The flrst ten pens ln Claaa
1, or the lightweight class, are White
Leghorns, then comes a pen of Buff
Leghorns, followed by seven pens of
White Leghorns. A pen of Anconas
has produced one egg. In this class
pens 7, 15 and 16 have not laid yet
In the heavyweight class a pen of
Rhode Island Reds came third, White
Wyandotte fourth, Rhode Island
Reds fifth and White Wyandottes
sixth. The pens next ln order aa a
production of eggs aro Buff Rocks,
Barred Rocks, Rhode Ialand Reds,
White Wyandottes, Partridge Wyan-
dottee. Silver-pencilled Wyandottes,
Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks. One
pen in this class baa not yet produced
an egg.
The average price received for eggs
during the month waa 69 centa per
Pen temperature was: Highest 43,
lowest 19. average mean, 32. Rain tell
on eleven days and snow fell on flve
days, six Inches falling oa ono day.
The pens were snow-covered from
Dec. 29. Freezing occurred on sixteen days. Heavy blasting continued
during the month, no less than nine
windows being broken on ene occasion.
In Class 1, pens 2, 3, 9, 10 and 4
distinguished themselves, pens 2 and
9 laying 62 and 61 eggs respectively.
Pen 10 continues to lay regular and
j     In Class 2, pens   31  (73   eggs),   38
(66 eggs), 33 (62 eggs), 39 (57 eggs),
land 34 (50 eggs) have been the most
1 productive.    Five more pens have entered the producing class.
Several pens in Class 2 have moult-
wlth good weather and favorable
wind, tbe Schwaben or Schuette-Lanz
can carry this much armament and
could stay over London for more
than ten hours or over Paris for
twenty hours, during light winds. ..
Unlike warships on water, airships
can change their armament to suit
the kind of attack Intended and tbe
distances they must travel to reach
the enemy, the kind and weight of
their armament depending on the
general conditioni ot the weather. If
the Schwaben were order to attack
London lt wonld, to conserve Its endurance, probably be equipped with
only ono cannon, but would carry 150
rounds of artillery ammunition besides two big machine guns and their
ammunition, and at the same time retain eight light machine rifles for
Emergency. Then lt would not carry
a bomb.
Armed with modern quick-fire guns
tbat from above carry as far aa
heavy artillery. It is not necessary for
the airship to flre while nearer than
from three to eis miles away, and at
a height of one to one and a balf
miles. In May the Schwaben cruised
for two miles, wltb 13 passengers
aboard and two tons of ballast, not an
ounce of which was cast to reach
that altitude.
Not only ls an air cruiser absolutely
safe at this height, but lt means she
may flre down at a slant not less than
45 degrees. At that angle a long shell
propelled 'with gravity, flies as
straight as an arrow. Tbe "arc" of
the projectile from an airship fired
from a mile up ln the air is no greater
than that of the projectile from the
heaviest piece of artillery fired along
the ground at point-blank range.
From' the airship the projectile actually becomes a gliding machine.
This absolute accuracy wltb tbe lightest kind of guns���the heaviest of
which, pivoted on an airship, can be
moved as easily as a rifle���wlll make
every ounce of the magazine kill or
destroy.���From "Heralds of Peace"
ln January Hampton.
Competent    Stenographer   required
at once.    Must be thoroughly experienced and   familiar with   filing   sys- So close  together grew  these young
ed slightly during the month.
A Bit ol Rlitory.
More thsn half a century ago the
old timers say that part of the conn-
try which is now known as the clay
belt of Ontario was bald as the prairies. This was due, they tell ns, to
the country having been repeatedly
swept by tierce forest fires. It wa*
not long after, however, before another growth had sprung up, snd the
country was again completely covered with second growth tamarack,
spruce, hemlock,   birch,  and poplar.
trees that there was no room for them
to grow other than skyward. Up, np
they shot in a mad race te keep in
the sunlight. Taller and taller they
grew, devoting all their strength to
upward growth, and having bat little
to spare to add to their circumference. It was a caVs ot the survival of
the  fittest,   and   millions  upon   mil-
FOR  SALE���GOOD  PONY,  OWNER I Printing and  Stationery,
having no   further   use   for same, j    Tenders will be received up   to 12
Apply 214 Sixth avenue. noon   on   Saturday, Feb.   10, 1912, for  UOOS ��' these saplings niust have per.
-*. the year 1912.    Specifications can   be  lshed   through   being   outstripped   in
ader-  *^e race and deprived of the hAavsnly_
light.   The result is to-day a forest otr]
FOR      SALE���AN      ATTRACTIVE  obtained on application to the un
home of six rooms, containing large , "tened. ' GRIpF1THg     l*^ a thicV jun,le ^^ %imot*.
Comptroller.   "mblea*, and bearing foliage only on
reception hall with handsome stair
way, living room with built-in
book case and music cabinet; din-
ins room has panelled walls with
plate rail, built-in buffet and seats
and beamed ceiling and fire place;
laiye, bright kitbhes; built-in ironing boards with electric plug, and
well tquii.pei pantry. Upstairs are
three lar;;e bedrooms with windowed closets, with bathroom, toilet,
separate; full-sized basement with
cement floor, furnace and laundry
tubs. This house, is on Hamilton
street close to Twelfth street. For
price and particulars apply to Mc-
Culhmi,li fi Gostlck, Builders, 903
Henley sMwt, city, or phone L955.
Engineering Department.
Tenders for  Portable  Rock  Crushing
The corporation invite tenders for
the supply of tho above, consisting of
the following:
th��ir topmost branches.
There is nothing appalling in th*
task this tall jungle growth presents
to the axeman. In addition to the
smaklness of the.se tree trunks, the
wood is. in most c&ttes, soft (pulpwood), and easily cut into. The chief
advantage of this peculiar rgropth,
however, lies in the faot that although
the trees are of considerable bright,
their roots scarce penetrate the day
below the  moss.    Consequently  it is
1.     Portable   all    steel   jaw   rock   no jjreat task to rid the land of th��
tke    chopping   hag  been
on Friday.    At ply   w.   Hatt-Cook,
F27 Fronl Btreet,   Phone 550.
ne��v Utes in flrst class shape.   $200
cash  wlll handle.    Sheaves &. Cor-
, maclt, 206 Front street.
in larfce or small quantities at $:i5
per ton. or $1.75 per sack; guarantee every potato sound; free delivery within city; term cash. Hatt
Cook, 627 Ft ont stieet, New Westminster.   Phone 550.
purf; milk���four and a half,
p;>- cent, butter fat; pastuerized.
fn ni herd of purebred rows, all recently passed government tuberculosis test. Handled in nmst sanitary manner. This is worth looking lrto. Mothers who recntmb.p
the value of pure fresh milk for
their children photild apply to H. T
Hardwtek.   Phone L552 ^^
ranees, $1,(10 down, $1.00 per
weak,    Apply market square.
FOU SALE���HALF ACRE Business property at Edmonds Station.
$.r>i'fl dollars    tinder   value.    Apply
*2fi Columbia Street.	
ed house with all modern convenl
ences.    Apply 214 Sixth avenue.
crusher, capacity SO to 100 cubic
yards for an eight hour day, with elevator, Manganese steel Dlan revolving
screen, etc., complete and assembled.
       2.    Portable rock bin, raowited   on
CALF  carr'a8e,    capacity    about    10    cubic
References as to where respective
rock crushing outfits are ln operation
locally, and statement of satisfactory
guarantee of life of plant to be provided. I
roots   after
Sydney In Earnest.
Sixty of the leading citizens of 'Syd��
ney, N.S., sat down at tha festival
board in Sydney the other night.
The t occasion   was   a  striking   one.
The citf waa entertaining the direOr
tore ol  two of the largest industries
in Cape  Breton. ��� Theichisf ^business
���   .. ..    , .    .   . men of Sydney, over cigars, Tiad the
Further particulars can be had on privil(.ge of talking heart te heart
personal application to the municipal Sydney's future with the directors ol
engineer. ,.  < ^ two great Nova Sootia companies
Separate tenders, specifying time of ���the Dominion Iron Vst*el c��* ��ni'
delivery for the supply of the above   the Dominion Coal Co.
F.O.B. at Edmonds    Station, B. C. E.      Men like  Mr.  J.  H.  Plummer. Mr
R��� to be delivered to the undersigned   Fred Nicholls, and Senator MacKeen
on or before 12 noon, the 10th    of discussed problems which sre imraiu-
February, 1912. ���	
Municipal    Hull,    Edmonds,    B. C,
February 1, 1912.
1 have been instructed to sell the
following property  (subject    to    flrst
ent in Sydney just now.
Mis. Plummer aroused grest enthusiasm when he declared that ther* was
no better place on the coa>t ior a
shipbuilding plant than New Sydney.
A Tale of the Sea.
There is a sea captain in Halifax,
and the fish plead to eat rijjfft out
ol his hand.
He is the gallant Captain Chambers
nnn w-conrt mortgages):    A flve room ; of ihp Furn���ss iin,,r Durango.
fully   modern   frame  dwelling  house, j    (Wain  Chambers  has  just   sailed
K12 feet, half block  j,is g^,jp 0VPr the seas from London.
^ ^ result of this trip, he is not
bystreet car line, situate
avenue, New Westmin-
coi ner lot Hi
from Twel fib
at 1108 Fifth
ster, I!. C.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The highest    or    any    tender    not
necessarily accepted.   Tenders will be
received by the umlerslimcd up to 12 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
o'clock noon, Fri lay, February 9, 1912. i ocean the liner came to a dead stop.
so sure that appealing to flsh is quite
the best sailing quality a sen captain
may have.
Trie Durango had a peculiar experience on ^he way over.   Out in mid-
For particulars and permission    to
view apply to
j .1 OILS' M.
near Columbian College. 112 Fourth
able for two gentlemen. Apply 701
Agnes street.
^^^^^^^^^^     LACY.
305  Winch  Building,  Vancouver,  B.C. -
Dated at Vnncouver this first day of to board the boat by thistle
February, 1912.
On investigation it was found that
the circulation pumps weren't working, and would not work until ths intake pipe was relieved of ths school
of swarming fieh. which wer�� trying
J <*   %** *
Titles    Examined,    Land  Registry
T<!n"i��F Ptmlehtened out.
Curtlt, Block City Box 482
We have no hot air to peddle;
just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Just ths Thf ng.
He���I oertainly have eobwebe tn my
She���Why don't you try a
Fruit In Ireland.
There  are  now  fourteentthoaemd
acrea under fruit cultivation in Ireland ��� a large increase ea praoieus
The Armament of Airships.
An airship that carries one large
bomb, of not less than twelve hundred
pounds, will leave behind one cannon,
its ammunition, and part of the ammunition for the machine guns. But
whether armed with bomb or eannon,
Quality Tells!
The emphatic demand of the public is for
Tea and "Salada" Only.
Black, Mixed or
Unooiored Qreen
Sealed Packets Only
Refuee Substitutes
Mailed ea Eajsiry.       KMmmt   "SALADA," T
Trenton, N. J., Feb. 1.���That Col.
Roosevelt would no more decline to
take the nomination for tbe presidency than be would decline to enlist
if needed, in time of war, is tbe opinion of Lawrence Abott, one of the editors of tbe Outlook, contained In a
letter received here today by Edward
C. Stokes, former Governor of New
"I am convinced be does not desire
tbe nomination-, and win enter no
contest for It," writes Mr. Abbott. Mr.
Stokes visited tbe Outlook office last
week, aad had au Interview wltb Col.
Roosevelt, and suggested tbat he
write a letter defining his position
relative to the presidency.
Weetmlneter Branch. ��� Can
leave B. C. E. R. Co. suUon for
Vancouver at 6:00, 6:45 and
6:45 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter untll 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Ber vice.���Cars leave
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Servloe.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
15 20.
Burnaby Branch.���Cars leave
B .C. E. R. Co. station for Vancouver at 6:45. 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week dny aervlce thereafter.
Freight Servloe.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station at
7:00 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
��� Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day servloe thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
at 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.
The Ladies of New Westminster Msy Now Hsve Beautiful Hair. Ryall the Druggist has the Article and Guarantees it to Grow Hair, or
Refund Your Money.
Ryall, the druggist, backed up by
the manufacturers of SALVIA, the
Great Hair Grower, guarantees lt to
grow hair.
SALVIA destroys Dandruff ln ten
The roots of the hair are so nourished and fed that a new crop of hair
springs up, to the amazement and delight of tbe user. Tbe hair ls made
soft and fluffy. Like all American
preparations SALVIA is daintily perfumed. It Is hard to flnd an actress
who does not use SALVIA continually.
Ladles of seelety aad influence use
no other.
SALVIA ls a non-sticky preparation, and is the Indies' favorite. A
large, generous bottle, 60c. The
Scobell Drug Co.. Bt. Catharines,
Canadian distributors.
3500   Tons���7000   Horsepower
Johnson's Wharf
Queen Charlotte  Islands and  East on G. T. P. Railway.
Through tickets to Eastern Destinations via the Grand Trunk
Double Track Route���Standard and Touriit Sleeper*. Meali a la
H. Q. SMITH, C. P. and T. A. Telephone Seymour 7100
U V. DRUCE, C. A. Telephone Seymour 3000
\i&lttotK$}&   '. CITY OFFICES: 627 Granville Street
the/rworks shd//t/e
^ know them
On the merit of their performances done are
we willing to have them judged. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance ol generations, make
and warts permanently removed by
Miss E. Short, of Vancouver, Koom
8, Collister block, Wednesdays) and
Thursdays.    Phone 97x. ,
good time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world.  They
* are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed. ���
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
����&&       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for tlie convenience of the
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at  1000 ALBERT STREET,  MONTREAL
MiHilVSnitfliin  !.,".** FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2, 1912.
Captain Blakeney Recalls Voyage of
Flrat Stea.i.er on Pacific.
London, Eng., Feb. 1.���Dipping deep
Into memory's lucky bag, the tact is
extracted that the history of Vancouver fs closely associated with a little
vessel���the Beaver���tbe first ship uader her own steam to plough the vast
waters of the Paciflc. In the Narrows, west of. Brockton Point, the
Beaver remained fast on the rocks
for many years, then broke up and
disappeared, but not before innumerable relics were obtained. That a
man who served on the Beaver was
living until a few days ago hardly
seems possible, but suoh is a fact. By
the death of Captain William Blakeney, R. N., which took place at Bath,
there passed away a great figure in
the annals of the British navy.
Captain Blakeney was the oldest officer in the British navy and u a boy
���aw the launching of the Beaver,
whicb took place ln the presence of
King William IV. In 1834. Having
aeen the vessel launched, Blakeney,
although still a boy, Joined her as a
middy and wns one of the first few
to cross to America by steam. In the
course of time CapUln Blakeney entered the navy, and, curiously enough,
wu employed on the Beaver, whicb
was purchased by the government, in
surveying the coast of British Colombia for the Imperial government before Queen Victoria came to tbe
throne, captain Blakeney never lost
his interest in the navy or ln British
Col umuia, in the development of
which he assisted by becoming interested in many projects financially.
Earl   Grey and Y. M. C. A.
The London Y. M. C. A. ls trying to
raise il 100,000 in a few years. Earl
Grey, late governor-general of Canada, was present in London when a
luncheon was beld to Inaugurate the
movement. Called upon to speak he
said that he was heartily in sympathy
with the movement. If people in London realized what it meant be felt
sine they would go for a million. He
happened to be in Ottawa wben Mr.
Waid oiganized a fortnight's campaign there. Unfortunately, it was
during tbe blackest financial week,
when it was extremely difficult to get
cheques cashed into metal currency.
In si ite of that a population of 80,000
in Ottawa contributed ��40,000 in that
fortnight, or an average of 10s per
head of the population. Only recently in Montreal-In a live days' rally���
the shortness ot those campaigns was
one cause of ��� their efficiency���they
collected over ��300,000 for the university requirements of their young
i he l.r.ew there were some who bettered Hut the Y. M, C. A. wtS nothing more than an evangelical association, chieily remarkable Ior the texts
upon the walls. He had been to several Y. M. C. A.'s and he had never
seen texts in the roams of the clubs.
It was nothing more than a young
men's club and it was of the greatest
posslole service to the young men in
all the towns where it WU established. Last winter he visited the V. M.
C. A. at Ottawa.
Tbere he found rules dealing with
tbe training of the young men in order ta enable them to compete triumphantly over the course ul Henley tlie
following summer. He'hoped tbey
would be able to organize anjnterna-
tional competition in gymnastic excellence, the competitors to come from
the i. M. C. A.'s iu every part of the
em; ire and from tne United States as
Farming in the Dominion..
It is announced that a new scheme
of oversea land settlement ls about to
be put into operation under the auspices of the country Gentlemen's Association, lt is felt tbat the association can do a great deal in the wey
of assisting the sons of gentlemen,
farmers and agricultural laborers
wishing to take up oversea life, by
organizing them into groups according to the country they wish to go to
and tbe class of farming tbey desire
to undertake. Each group will be
sent out under proper leadership to
suitab.e selected land wbioh they will
set to work to develop to its fullest
extent by means of up-to-date labor-
uvlng machinery- Wages at current
rates wiil be ci edited tor work done
from tbe beginning, anl the wanes
will be Uken as part j ayment for tbe
holdings. As the development proceeds
ench settler will UKe over his holding in turn, until the whole party is
lbe capiUl of the settlers hnd laborer, will be supplemented by the association as far u necessary for the
full development, fencing and stocking of the land. The farms, large and
small, will be sold to tbe settlers at
the cost price of land and development, plus 10 per cent, which tbe as-
���oclaUon on IU part will Uke ln land
nnd labor and maintain u * center
for tbe settlement, providing upon It
anything necuaary for the un of the
community, auch u stoies, creamer-
lu, pure bred sires, threshing machinery, ploughing Uckle, etc, to be let
out at rate, to cover Interest on capital and depreciation.
Empire in Million*.
That the British Empire keep, on
growing I. shown by figure, contained in a blue book dealing with Britisn
Overseas from 1896 to 1910. Here it
i. shown that the Empire ls 11,186,000
square miln in extent and that the
population ha. grown since 1891 from
307,470,000 to, approximately, 371,102.-
000 at the time of tbe census last
year. These figures, however, do not
Include the British Isles. The population of the principal dominions and
colonies last year is set forth as follows:
India      314,955,240
Commonwealth    of   Australia      4,449,483
Canada      7,08l,8fi'j
Natal      1.101.938
Cane of Good Hope......     2,663.024
Transvaal            1.670,(511
Orange River Colony         62fi,n06
Rhodesia           1,708,871
Uganda            3,603,664
Northern Nigeria      8,069,071
Southern Nigeria       7,836,189 I
The total  imports of tbe   self-go.-'
erning    dominions,    crown    colonies, j
possesions and protectorates  are on I
the Increase, 1910s total of ��426.060,-'
000 comparing wltb    ��366,624,000 in
J909, tbe total of  exports  amounting
lo   ��444,479,000    ln   1910,   compared
with    ��403,792.000   in   the   previous
j year.
; The enormous oversea postal business is shown by the fact that British India in 1910 boasted 18,642 post
offices, dealt with 809,308,372 letters
and cards, 103,803,623 newspapers,
etc., 6,412,232 parcels and 12,301,703
telegrams. Australia had 5497 post
offices, Canada 12,887 an Newfoundland 587.
That coal forms a not unimportant
item in the output of other countries
than our own Is shown by the fact
that India in 1910 produced over 12,-
000,000 tons, Australia nearly 10,000,-
000, New Zealand 2,000,000, Natal 2,-
250,000, the Transvaal 3,500,000 and
Canada 11,000,000.
Allan  Llrib   Prospects.
Tbe annual   circular  of   tbe Allan
Line to its agenU states that   it is
gratifying to nnd the number of pas-
iscngers   carried   by   tbe   company's
steamers equalled  that of last  year.
Tbe saloon passenger lists testified to'
an augmentation in tbe   numbers   of1
travelers availing themselves  of  the
advantages ottered to those in the position to pay the higher rates and tbe
ejiorts to provide tbe best accommodation and an exceptional table were
a remarkable feature was the continued popularity of the second  cabin '
and an increase on the   returns   of:
last year.    The volume of third-class
tiaffic had also been very satisfactory
and   was  the   legitimate outcome  of
the particular attention paid to those '
traveling in this, as well   as in   the ;
hlsher classes. ,
The outlook for 1912 was excellent *
iand they anticipated that  the volume,
I of traffic would be quite equal to, !f
! it did not exceed, last year's figures. I
IThe harvest just gathered hai   been!
I very  satisfactory, the  acreage   sown
j being   greatly ln excess   of previous '
I years and the high price realized for
��� grain would  !>e an Incentive   to   the':
��� farmers   to  place  considerably   more'
I land under cultivation and thus ere-'
ate an increased demand tor labor.     j
Two palatial  liners are now  bein?
built at  the  renowned   shipyards  on
| the Clyde for the   Liverpool-Montreal !
> route, the circular adds.    When com-
pleted they would gross about 17,000 '
j and be the largest steamships in the |
Canadian trade.      These vessels will
I express the latest  in. naval archive-1
.ture, marine enslneeilBg aiid paficcn-1
o6i* accommodation   and  would   -em-1
I body  new  features, the principal de j
parture from the orthodox In mercan-
! tile marine plans being the adoption !
Of the "cruiser" stern, hitherto- pec\i-
, liar to warships. I
I    This design not only afforded addi-
I tional protection for the steam 6tear-
ing gear and increased their value for
admiralty purposes as armed cruisers
| or stouts, but was most distinctive in
i api-earance.      The vessels would   be
{propelled by the latest type, of quad-
j ruple-screw   turbine    machinery   and
S would exceed in speed any vessel on
| the route.    The passenger   accommodation   was designed  for  250  saloon,
525 second and 1000 third-class.
merpus other typical industries, with
portraits of prominent empire builders.
The views were Illustrative of an
empire tour through Barbadoes, Jamaica, Cr.nada, British Columbia,
Vancouver, New Zealand, Tasmania,
Australia, Queensland, the FIJI Islands, Tongalan4, the Solomon Isles,
British North Borneo, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Slam, Burma, India, with
scenes at the Delhi Durbar, Ceylon,
Sierra Leone, Malta and Gibraltar,
ending appropriately in Trafalgar
Square on Trafalgar Day.
The pictures of Vancouver especially commanded attention, showing the
city twenty years ago and then today,
with its wonderful waterfront, Fain
Creek and the Narrows, with an Empress liner passing out into the gulf.
Return of the King.
Tbe Medina, with the king and
queen on board, is due to arrive at
Portsmouth on February 4. In connection with their majesties' return,
the following naval orders have been
issued at Portsmouth. The second
battle squadron of tbe home fleet,
with the second cruiser squadron,
will leave England on or about January 13 for exercises on tbe coast of
Spain, returning on February 5. The
first battle squadron and attached
cruisers and the flrst cruiser squadron are to be at Spit hea.1 on February 4 to welcome their majesties
and are, to soli next day for exercises
on tbe coast of Spain, returning to
England by Februray 28. All available battleships and armored cruisers
of the third division of the home fleet
are to be at Splthead with the first
division for tbe king's, return.
King Haakon a British General.
Military men here are discussing a
rumor that King George intends, on
his leturn home from India, to create
the King of Norway a general in tbe
British army. ThiB would be an unprecedented compliment, but, ln view
of King Haakon's close relationship
to King George and his keen Interest
in all inings xiritisb, there is no reason why It should not be entirely acceptable.
i he highest rank at present held
by any f#rei��n monarcb in the British
army ls that of colonel-in-cbief. The
kaiser, the czar, King Alfonso and
the King of Denmark are colonels-in-
chief of, respectively, the lst (Royal)
Dragoons, me Scots Greys, the ICth
Lan^eis and the Buffs and King
Haakon is honorary colonel of tne
Norfolk Artillery, lhe names of the
Kings of Greece, Belgium and Bulgaria and of ex-King Manuel do not
appear ln the Britisn army list. Nor
do those of several queens who figure
In the continental army lists.
We Must Get Out
Of Our Present Store by the End of
February. Our New Building, Corner
of Sixth and Carnarvon, Cannot
possibly be ready on time.   We have
a $20,000 Stock of Carpets
and Furniture to Dispose of in
Twenty-nine Days. If Low Prices
Stand for Anything WE CAN DO IT.
Little men c&n be
Swell Dressers, too.
j World-Wide   Empire.
With a profusion of world-wide plc-
I tures, many of them artlctically colored, to aid him, Mr. W. H. Garrison
I lectured  before the  members  of tbe
! Royal Geographical Society.   To show
! the  vasteness of the  British possessions maps were flrst displayed   and
| the   enormous   figures   of population
I and  production   were given,  with   a
| brief description   of tbe   many  and
I varied industries carried on in different parts of the empire.   The lantern
slides depicted  the  chief cities  and
many   noteworthy   geographical, features of the oversea dominions, colonies and dependencies, corn harvesting
and   threshing,   sheep   fanning,   tea,
planting,  sugar and  banana cultivation, rubber growing, timber pulping,
cod Ashing, salmon canning and nu-
Lanett Battleship.
The largest, fastest "anl most powei ful battleship ever ��3sl���ned for
the British navy is to be begun at
Portsmouth this mouth. Miss Mcorc,
sister of Admiral Sir Arthur Moore,
naval commander-in-chief, will perform the ceremony of laying the keel-
plate of the new ship, the name of
which ls not yet known. The vessel
is to displace some 24,000 tons and
will be longer, faster and better aimed than any preceding super-Dread-
nought.       *
Rev. R. J. Campbell of England was
talking to a Philadelphia reporter
about politics.
J'Modern politics," he sald,"Is worse
than modern business. You here in
the States are so used to political corruption that you joke about it.
"I heard a joke about it on the boat.
An aviator���the Joke ran���descended
in a fleld and said to a rather well-
dressed individual.
"Here, mind my machine a minute,
will you?"
" 'What,' the well-dressed individual
snarled. 'Me mind your machine?
Why, I'm a United SUtes Senator!"
"'Well, what of It?' said the aviator. T'll trust you.' "���Washington
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
lease of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
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The Store of Satisfaction.
601 Columbia Street Clothiers, Halters and Haberdashers
��� IN ���
Re the North Easterly half of Lot
2, Block 13,"ln the Cltytof New Westminster.'
Whereaa proof of the loss of Certlflcate of title number 1132F, issued in
the name of tlie Westminster Masonic Temple Company, Ltd., haa been
filed at this office. ).
Notice is hereby given tfiat I shall,
at tbe expiration ot ope month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplloate of the ,sald   Certlflcate, un-
.leaa in the mden&me vUJd .obfcotfon
.be made to me Ito writing.
' *...->       C. 8. KEITH,
\ District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Oftloe, New Westmln-
, ater, B. C, Ju. 27, 1912.
Scientific ooloctton Is the principle oa whicli St Charles Bvap
cnem is prepared.
The be* milk Cows fed scientifically
Selected dairiie       All unitary s%\**-*td* applied
Tou take no ckafvoee when you nse St. Charles Cream. It is as*
for any pwpoee as the best milk or cream produced by the best
dairy anywhere. For many purposes it is far superior. It never
ctndlea. lt scrim with the most delicate stomach. AU it needs
is the addition of pure water to make it the best food on earth
���best lor the nuqery-ntest, far the kitchen.
aSbfd *r 9*ft Grocer* ��-tfryt**h*r*,,
-m>^L*mm^m^^^ iw>*m^A*w* *\w w*Wa^m*tS*s* ******** ^���vk^^h wm *-wttm~*r**9 h<i mm*        S^^^m
tt��� npo> *%pyHkMam* .-..>.-.'
It Pay 3 to Advertise in the Daily News nim -
Thebelly Newa ~
fm Cirnifany. Limited, nt their offices,
eener   of   MeKensle   and   Victoria
1HOMA     3
Leckle Brown .Manager
UARY 2. 1912.
Changes of government do not al-
wayypiWWWWW'hleaslngs. The new
regltttf'M mat** has aeen fit to
transfer the office of the Dominion
nuperintendent of dredges from New
Westminster to Vancouver. Word re
ceived "fijcgi Mr.-Qj. D. Taylor by our
contemporary states that the inquiries
of the member fer Westminster have
brought,,tm llgty. the fact that the
���changis watt Made on the order of a
subordinate official. An attempt ls
also made to jftcrlflce Mr. Bayfield,
the superintendent In charge of the
office, ffie personal predilection of
this gWillWWIFf^tfenerally supposed
to be for-Vnncouver, but that subordinates should be able to remove
���a, long established government office
tram one town to another for no apparently/fttffJpieflk. reason, points to
a sy ste A ewL|et Wsion ln the department of "fcublic works that will hardly
be comment by the people of New
Whtltf th*'0ffic*"was situated here,
several' ftdVtthfi(gfeli were gained. One UOus operation, exactly like breathing.
Important scenes of
river, was under direct supervision. The orders as
to where th# lodges are to be employed , t are .given out from Mr.
office, in this city, and Mr
the opposlta wall, and said he waa
to make the plain assertion that a
Democrat who la not a Socialist is no
"I say 'no gentleman' in'tbe moqt
Insulting and personal sense of the
term,' he added, gently.
What, then, was a gentleman? Defining terms by opposltes, the alternative to a gentleman was a cad. What
waa a Democrat? Tbe alternative to
a Democrat was an idolater.
Not being sure of th�� alternative to
a Socialist he defined Socialism positively as a state of society which proceeds from one immutable condition,
namely, that the entire Income of the
country shall be divided exactly equally between all the people of the fcoui��
try, without regaf* to age or attj*-
thlngUht the faePflrtrt they are 1WJ
human beings.
He did not care what the Noah-
maniac said. The Noahmanlac wan
the man who, like a certain patriarch,
divided creation into pairs, only the
pain consisted of very good people
on the one band and very bad people
on the other.
"Even if.that pairing method were
true," he observed, "the true Socialist
says that both should receive the
same dividend of the nation's wealth."
Then Mr. Shaw plunged fairly ihto
the wood. He touched lightly on the
circumstances attending tbe death of
the late Mr. Barney Barnato, upon
Mr. Chesterton's probable Income at
the age of thirty, and kindred topics
which left the LLP. members (whatever may have happened to the Fab-
tans) gasping.
"There must be a daUy output of
political virtue.   Salvation is a contln-
you do that thing that, however much
we admire you, we shall be bound to
kill you."
Soon   afterwards   the debate   was
concluded upon verj, amicable tortus.
of the    rnqftl;       .
operation, the Praser
If you stop breathing for ten minutes
you die. If you stop saving yourself
for ten minutes you're damned."
As the chairman's hell rang before
Mr. Shaw had fairly launched his sub-
, ject he rapidly summed up his argu-
Keefer's signature is necessary on all j ment by declaring that an anti-Dem-
pay checks of the dredges department. ocrat or "idolater" may be excused
Much inconvenience will surely be ' f0r insisting on class distinctions, but
caused by the~-^lvorce of the two ��� that no excuse is possible for the
departments;:   ��� l.l. democrat who denies class equality to
But what does the removal of this. his fellow men. Class equality must
office paean to New Westminster ? It' finally mean Socialism. Therefore
is cleaif thiAeenpnent is violated,! ^e adoption of Sacialism becomes a
and th��* tke^lgn.^ of the city suffers matter of gentlemanly conduct���"a
from iUe loss dra government office.! personal and national point of honor."
The amount of money expended on I Mr. Chesterton, encouraged by Mr. |
blue-print|ng gad office supplies may ��� Belloc, came up smiling, in a moJest,
not be veiy wge, when with the con- yet expansive way. I
trol of the   dredges    transferred   to j    "i have listened with the   greatest
Vancouver^ U;'tii orift   too   probable j pleasure  to the  extraordinarily brill-1
that much of the repair work on the  lant gn(j interesting address Mr. Shaw |
boats will he given- to that city. The  has delivered on   a   totally   different. |
dredges" win "continue, it is said,    to  subject," was his bland opening.   The
tie up altiu} fctf&fhment wharf here, \ orlgia ot the trouble waB   that   Mr.
as they have been In the habit of do- |ghaWB definitions    were    all    wrong,
lng in the past; but with the pull set-  For example, you might as well say
ting  steadily  towards  Burrard  Inlet,' that the opposite of a gentleman was
we may expect to see the King Ed- ' a ca(i a3 that the opposite of a sailor
ward and the Fruhling calling moro [ wa8 a pirate.
(The Dally News la not responsible
for fee opinions expressed hy its eer-
Editor Daily News..
Sir.���Perhaps this incident will Interest any unusual traveler who mny
have per chance to travel from Vancouver to New Westminster with the
6 a.m. car, such as I had, Thursday
morning. Well, on arriving at New
Westminster barn the car drew up
and two passengers dismounted, leaving me the only one aboard, aa' the
motorman and conductor had stepped
off. On realizing my situation I made
for the exit, just In time to wltneee
a car ahead pull off with thy late
traveling companions. Now, 1 wfll
vouch safely that one minute, of eten
flfty seconds, did not elapse from
the drawing up of the car nntll the
fresh car got agoing. Then, plcturf
my misfortune having legend the
journey on foot, and more especially
when my convenlenae was time. I
trust this will be a help to any finch
travelef whom tbe B. C. E. R. leavf
to guess and calculate on their owi$
For not a word was said, not a sound
was beard, untll the speedy departure
of the car ahead.
New Westminster, February 1, 19ll
Laat Chance for Free land.
A reservation of fertile valley ls
now open in Mexico. Homesteads
Free. Only requirement ls to have i
acres of bananas planted within 6
years. An authorized company will
plant the bananas and market them
on shares. Your share should bring
$200 per acre annually. The Janathq
Plantation Co.. Block 2008 Pittsburgh;
U, S. A., distribute Mexican land IB
the U. S. and Canada. Write for par.
ticulars. You need not go to Mexico',
An Englishman was recentl y lasted by a New Yorker to accompany
him on a hunting trip on Long Island:
"Large or small game?" laconically
asked the Briton, wbo had hunted In
every quarter of the globe. 9
"You do not expect me to flnd lions
and tigers on Long Island, do you?"
queried the New Yorker.    .
"Hardly," responded the othek
with a laugh, "but I like a spice of
danger in my hunting.'
"If that's the case," answered- thi
American, with a grin, "I'm your mai
all right.   Xhe last time I went out
shot my' brother-in-law in the leg'."-i
London   Telegraph. f
and more frequently at the port of
Vancouver; un'flf'perhaps this harbor
will kriWHrearte'tawe. Now there
are some forty men employed on
these two dredges, and thirty moro
work on the(Saiison and various tow
boats. Most tt tiesatjmen are married,
and thelT f^pilft^five in town. Today the men sp��id their wages here,
and bring gpjtj^r,children here, lf
the worst happens they hay have to
sell out their homes and remove to
Vancouver: ���   ;'������[ tr. fl
Against this every citizen of New
Westminster ahouW protest, and
strong pressure should be brought to
bear on Mr. Taylor* ib ensure that thia
department is re-established within
the city's houmfcirtes, whence it
should never havo been removed.
j A democrat was not the opposite of
an idolator, but simply a man who believed that the direct action of the
citizen on the state was the best way.
of governing the state. As for a Socialist���Mr. Shaw had said something
about equal incomes without respect
to age. Did Mr. Shaw really mean
that a new-born babe	
Mr. Shaw nodded his head vigorously and said "Yes."
"���Shall be at once In receipt, I
cannot say enjoyment," Mr. Chesterton went on, "of the Income which
would be right and proper for a
grown working human being? 1 cannot believe it of him. One of the first
things would be that the grown-up
man's wages would be cut down to
the baby's. You will say, "This innocent infant in the cradle���he is content with ��100. Do you not admire
hia sublime abnegation?" ,
Therefore, he asked, why pay more
to any one?
Dealing with arguments for the abo-
n   Memorial    Hall    Engages
Brilliant Dialecticians.
So many epigrammatic squibs were
let off recently in the Memorial Hall,' lition of property, Mr, Chestertoi) ad-
Farrlngdon street, says the Daily vanced this gem of metaphor. "Sup-
News, London, that even the intellec- pose we ail had wooden legs and were
tuals of the Fabian Society anl LL.P. living in a hospital. And suppose
who  filled  the room  mnst'have'  felt  there was a rule that we should tak<;
rather like children al Brock's benefit. Not knowing quite whether to be
frightenod or amused they compromised the matter, and clapped.
Mr. George Bernard Shaw and Mr.
Gilbert K. Chesterton, possibly the
two cleverest dialecticians in England, were the protagonists, and Mr.
illlaire Belloc kept the ring, to use a
���phrase in his own manner. The proposition which Mr. Shaw set himself
to. uphold was, "That a Democrat,
who is not also a Socialist, Is no Gentleman."
Unluckily^-there- -was a disagreement from the.flrat about the meaning of the proposition, and as the debate proceeded the tangle grew. Mr.
Belloc confessed that it was a subject which -to'him meant nothing.
Whether Mr. Shaw��� meant to argue
that Mr. Chesterton" was or could not
be a Socialist, or a gentleman, or both
together, or neither at onoe, or
whether it was the other way about,
he was at a loss to know.
After this happy start Mr. Shaw
stepped briskly forward, flung his
chest out, directed his beard towards
I our legs every night into the cloak-
' room and get tickets for thera. That,
would prevent a great deal of wrongdoing of a certain kind. There is no
doubt that one man could not sterfl
another man's wooden leg, or pawn
his own, or make a corner in wooden
legs. Hut it is not true that such a
process would enable the wooden-legged people in thc hospital to govern
the hospital. It is not true that thero
would be any kind of advance in their
power of protest against abuses."
When Mr. Shaw returned to the
charge his flrst care was to explain
that in the true Socialist state every
citizen would receive from the moment
of birth "Its modest dividend of the
nation's wealth."
Mr. Chesterton's manner when he
rose a second time was especially benignant.
"Your proposals," he observed, "for
detaching the child altogether from
the support of Its parents are so manifestly blasphemous against everything we call human nature fiat I
will not discuss them. You will be so
detestable in the eyes of mankind lf
Rose Melville
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Fresh Sealshipt Oysters
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a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever ha4.
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
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A speciallyjlarg^ stock>f Laths, Shingles knd
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
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a reepeetable fraction of the buslneee what tbe eoamiasioBer of navigation j neat,   with   Premier   McBride,   bad
now using the Sues Canal and   tka ef th. United Statea calls a model of 'pledged themaelvee to a watt*  Uia��
HARRY LINDAHL  . .     . . _
READY TO SKATE  lu fu" t,u#> Greedy bas bad a watch
question of toow to pay the Panama regressive   commercial   regulation
Canal expenooa will solva Itself. - in the form of a late 6uei Canal rule.
It may not be doubted that the Sues Should a veeeel at any time transit
Maritime Canal company, that  being with   merchandise   of   any   kind, or
bunker ooal, or stores   of   any   de-
tul and hostile eye tpon the way tne scrtptlon, ln any portion whatever of
Harry Lindahl. the Norwegian Ice-' *1m*r*��el!f*iJ.. Uotth��,��   *   shoring any exempted   space,   the whole   of
" ' ��� Inn tr    ihs    Kl or   mitr* h    *tn    ���!���_.    Iatk_... ��i a _.       ��� ^   -m *       * ����_
, , . along the big ditch on tbe Isthmus
racing csaaplon, whose present home j Drop In Sues Canal Ratea/
Is ln New Weatmlnster. has been over For on the flrat day of tbe preaent
to the Arena rink at Vancouver two month tha Hues concern voluntarily
cr three times lately.   He finds that and J?0116 ""ddenly, so tm* as notlc��
s.*. /.on .mm ���������� ******* ��_ .1. t . a *�� shipping was concerned, reduced
he caa still   go aome  on the lc* and the to,,, ohargw, from |LM
Is willing to race, if anybody can get ton for loaded ships to $1.30*4   per
up a competition for him.   At present :��et ton; and from $1.01 per net ton
he labors   under a disadvantage on ���for ���***��� ** !jl��l��a��t to 82 cents.
tbe rink, which ls not big enough fori'1 fL'SJSgS!' 'th!*'! ?b.��Ut
' P r     "   *      t��oc. 9 the House committee on Inter-
a man of his speed. He finds that bis tei state commerce left her to make
Norwegian skates are too long for the the most exhaustive examination of
Sunt* (here.   Having been uaed   to a ! conditions ever conducted on the Isth
that apace is addeJ to the net too/
nage and can never be more exempt
ed from measurement."       f j
Tbls shows graphically the manner
ln which th�� Sues Canal has reached
out for dividends under the protet)'
tlon of tbe monopoly wbich that *<fUf
al enjoys.
Tbls same rule alao means tbat 11
a temporary supply of emergency fuel
should be found stored In the engine
room of a steamship or In any of tbe
otber parts of thevessel usually deducted ln figuring her net tonnage,
.thevessel never could   pasa   through
half mile lap, H ts easy to understand *"* '? *"?*��� at * +���"*** oI govern, the Sues Canal again without paying
kitUifJutfck ***** Z *n ���f .���. .��� mnt f0r tha p*"��*�� Canal zone and tolls on the spec* thu* ������urn******"*
that he finds the acre or so of Ice at ni th, tote & tollg t0 be   0..,^ occupied,   even    though   tbe
Vanoouver cramped quarters, wben; That committee conciudel lta labors
going at full pace. He has written to on the Ithmus the day before Christ-
Norway for a shorter pair of skates.'m**- *** I****1 d��7 thelnformatlon
..,.,.,. . ., . . . was cabled from Colon that a major-
hut it wlll be a long Ume before be lty of the mwnbw, fayored tolle\hat
ean receive tbem. "I couldn't buy would enable the Panama Canal to
them here," he says. "Qnce you have compete with the Suez Canal, indeed
got used to one kind; It would be like th* ���tatement *aa tbat all of tbe
learning again to d*j�� to another.^ JTSffteftftfjeS
���   Mailen ls the fast man among tka
hockey boys on the coast now, and
act figures to be adopted
Undoubtedly   thla  newa  found   lta
{tolls on the spec* thu* temporarily
should remain ever afterward unoccupied. The advent of the Panama
Canal Is expected to cause tbe abrogation of this and otber grasping rules
Inflicted at Port Said.
Another source of Income at tbe
Suez Canal Is tbe passengers taken
through by tbe various steamships.
-The charge for tbla Is $1.03 for each
adult passenger with half rates for
children between the ages of 3 and
Tbe i. jvemen t of passengers
through tbe Suez Canal will average
something like 250,000 a year.
Lindahl la ready to give him or   any w*7 w,tl> ""le delay Into the offices
^ X* r.t\,*** - **,** wimmar .h���� of the 8uw Maritime Canal company.
tL      ml       s. * *hWW,ver# the' Certainly, on   January   l.   the Toll,
like.   "Even If I am not aa fast as 1 charged  by  that company tell with
was once���end I won my   flrat   race a slam that waa heard distinctly ln
more than twenty years ago���I can every shipping center on tbe coasts
���till skip along pretty good" he my*   ^J^Xn'canal authority ber. *���**���*. On*. Olrl Rec.lve. K.M
'.'Yes, I'm getting used to tbe corners. Iajr the guez company   rftmlIjr ^^ | 	
1 can make the turns   much   totter and that It Is certainly reasonably lt     Miss
tban at flrst.    Tbe Ice ls good and will make somereductlon every year stock, Ont., j irl, baa charge of a leper
"the unt" **���  Panama Canal ts officially colony  ai  Rsmschandrapuran,  somi.
Ir-i-HInd  Medal.
F.  Isabelle  Hatch,  a Wood-
fast, and," be added   laughing,
wooden barrier ls very hard.   I know
thrown open for bualneas tn 1915.   It 400 miles from Madras, India, between
ls   anticipated   that   whatever  rates the mountains and the sesceast. on
It," and he rubbed bis head, from the may be decided upon by Congress, the th* Oodavari River. Every seven
top of which some forty yeara have Suez company wlll meet thm, and 7����� ��he gets a furlough and revisits
.,1^ .w    ,���k,    H..ld��B belna a that lt Is starting now. her birthplace in Canada. ,
atrlpped the lpcks. uBWMgW�� ,t ,��� ft,f0 M(MJrt% J^ ,f ,t ^ BOt 1 This year the Governor-General ol
great skater, Undabl is a good rifle been for the Panmroa Canal( th, toUg India bestowed upon Miss Hatch the
shot, and la well known on tbe Lulu 0f the Suez Canal would nave remain- Kelsir-i-Hind silver medal in recog-
Island ranges. led at the $1.60 rate indefinitely. nition  of  her  many  years  of  work
fsiana rang         Speakin;   from   a   practical   view-  "^t.^ outcast lepers of the Te*
nnint   ��rt,��rta   in  >ht��incr   ��.   ��h* lu���� district, which comprises some
sport notes.      , gf jg; * jt8K?iSU$ aEMfcasfeft a
I Everybody should turn out and go. Its course If It oa* ta, the various &gf fiSt^^iWS
the Senior Amateurs plsy the West lines tied to the Suez route by a grad- ^ption-F. f. Hstch, 18&-1911." and
fends, of Vancouver, on Moody squara JjjWg S^tLSSSSi SSfflB.2^ " ^ 1
next Saturday. A fine game ls expect- that Une that ,t y���, ^ d,fflcult for HpCT";ra for many years1
ed, and New Westminster will enter the Panama Canal to wean them j��� indi* when a visitor called atten*,
the field with a strong team and   a ��**?���      . . tion to her native servant, who had
Wisdom of Course Adopted. fbe��B in her employ two y*ars.   She
On  the other hand,   lf   the   Suez jmnfcdialely took him -to a physician.
r    th�� hlirh    _v_..  j: ,l.���j v.t*  J...  ���.  ttla~*r..* ��
A Crimean veteran. Mr. wilscn,
triad to got a bearing, but was
���'���wamped" a* an outsider. He was
told to sit down and stay down.
Continuous Journey.
��� Th* matter," aald H. E. Irwin,
t. C," ls probably out of tbe bands of
She association, aa word from Ottawa
tad'eoao' to tbe effect tbat if the
Hindus'. wives and children came
fram'Bombay through the Suez.Canal,
across tbe railways and through to
Toronto, according to tbo Immigration Act, notblng and nobody could.
stop tbem."
Interviewed wltb reference to statements published as coming from Mr.
H. H. Stevens, M. P., Dr. Sunder
Singh said: "I have got a telegram
from my people advising me to stay
bore aad see tbe'matter tbrough.
"The.300 Slkbo, whom Mr. Stevens
quoted as leaving British Columbia,
have only gone'to India to bring over
their families. They are only awaiting tbo raault of a teat case, and lf
necessary the amendment of the law
beforo returning to tho province."
You Need Not Be Hard Jk.
, iki .xnsfflinO
.d'AoU   lo   ma
YOUR ASSETS -ytr*^-^y--
^-.      .mwonS"alaooJ
We discount AgreemenU of Sale at reasonable r��tOS~AnA.wlth.
out any delay.   Brin gtbem ln and get our figures.     StK.^
; ��� w> .
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposiltt^ytB.
I.J.JONE8vMgr..Dlr. M     ^ ,
28 Lorne Street New W^tmitutcr
have   been
good chance of winning.
The Senior Amateurs    nave    ������ company keepg   lt8 toll���   at   th<s high ^~"dT8gno^d hU ^ftse as ''leprosy.'
putting up some splendid games this r��int till the Panama Canal is com- When question, he admitted that his
season   and every soccer   enthusiast pleted, and the full reduction ln rates mothet and   sirter   had   led pariah'
ahould make a point of seeing them then forced at one lump, the shock -JiVes for years because ol the disease}
*                        r       .,      .           ^, may be sufficiently severe to brea* and finally had drowned themselves*
play  on  Saturday.    Already  a  good many of the oM Ueg and ,ead ^ the fc %%cs^ further ravage,
deal of interest has been aroused in establishment of many new routes.    |    That was the start ��Mln; leper col*.
tbe matches, and more and more sup-!    Hut while the Suez Maritime Canal   ��ny    at   Rsmschandrapuran.     Mist
hnrf w heine accorded to the same 'company Is keeping surveillance on Hatch had no money���nothing but at*
��ort Is being accoraea to me B ra    ^ Panama CanaI  the Unlted gtateB  abiding  ftith.    Bit  by bit the way*
In New Westminster. But there Is a government ha8 not heen idle ag t0 op<ned. Land was given her, and;
lot to do yet, and supporters should tne operations of tbe Panama Canal's helpers came. Much ��f"*b�� rMtna*
always be In attendance to cheer the competitor. Every ship passing work snd supervising She "hersell did.
ttttme team on to victory, espectally I through the. Suez Canal is counted for There now are wv��^ got* buildings
When thev nlay in the city I the United States and the record for  erected by pople ���who-.deswd to.helfr
r8Ttu?d.7.^mwn,beWed from'each   year's   bu.ln.sk   is kept   with   }��^^5 Jw^WfiiS^mI
e foiiowlng:    Birchfield. M^llls^.  ^SiSJSJ!*S " ^ ^gS^^Sffii
rergus��,,    Th<> profl^ ^^^^ by ^ swn com |tWnk oI nothvng more suitable thah-
aterson,  Speedie, Wilson,
"Where  Everybody  Goes.'
  _  ' ',*       	
The Cartoonist Who Draws
Pictures from the Audience.
'The Dog Catcher"
Italian Cello Soloist.
Illustrated Song.
Petrle. Chlel, Craig. Aylesbury. Evans, |    ine pronts made ny tne Suez com-1 "������ ��-��"����� ~g ���"    h doomed
Forrester,  McLaren. King and Tyler.  P��f for many year, past have been, ��u_0h��Xut   crying  "Unclean^ un-
t Kick-off at 3 p.m. Saturday. I stupendous, and the people who have  **��   ��D0Ul   CT?ln*
i money invested hav bad so little reas-, c^*n-      ,,      . , ,, .  ,   ,,���,
1       -'   -     -. -   ���.- -'"I would not have you think that
Versus    Panama���Rumors
Coming Competition.
Washington, Feb. 1.���The world
on for dissatisfaction that there is
scarcly an Instance of any of tbe
'stock being sold. The year 1910 is
of the last for which the government has
I obtained all details pf the Suez busi-
is ne3s, and the record shows that dur-
��bout to have a look at some real old- ing that year this canal made a net
fashioned competition. It will be be- profit of $16,486,408. The expenses
tween the Suez Canal and the Pana- of running the canal, including a sink-
ma Canal. Tbe Suez Canal* company ing fund of $800,002 ad tbe interest,
controls the eastern gate for shipping insurance and contingent funds, were
between the Atlantic ocean and the $10,266,434, making the total receipts
Far East and the United States gov- of the canal reach the colossal sum ot
rament soon will control the western $26,740,842 for the year.
gate. 8harp   Practice Alleged.
That, there is big money In, the bust- The United States government has
aess of opening these gates to Ships tho satisfaction of, knowing, however,
is made evident" by the attractive divi- that th�� Suez company haa been
dends paid by the Suez Canal com- guilty of sharp practice of which it is
pany to Its shareholders. not expected the Phnama Canal ever
If the Panama Canal   can' acquire will be frulltv.    For Instance, here is
Director for t bo "Dol 8V
life is all gloomy at the colony/' ssid
Miss Hatch. ~~
The chnrch is open tor services each
and cyery day. snd there these unfortunate people msy meet and talk of
the things which interest them. -1 find
employment for each one who is able
to work. Some hate garden plots
whieh they cultivste1, the nu?n can
slways finds something to doVound
the buildings, and the wqmen have i
their household tasks just the same
as do other women. There ia the
lsundry, the cooking, the sewing, and
the hundred snd one things I try to
tesch them." '���
The Hindu question gave rise to an
animated and prolonged discussion at
the meeting of the Toronto Ministe'
rial Association last week.
On the motion of Rev. Dr. R. N��
Burns, seconded by the Rev. H. A.
MacPherson, the meeting unanimously decided, "That in view of statements made by members of the committee which presented the case of
the Sikhs to this association, setting
forth a change In the situation, the
matter be indefinitely laid upon the
table." '
All of which was not done without
considerable uproar, says the Toronto Telegram.
"It must be seen that nothing gets
in tbe papers. Telephone to the papers
and ask that it be kept out," suggested one reverend gentleman, but which
reporters were excluded the exclusion
act didn't work well.
i The Ministerial Association was
not a unit by any means.
Dr. Wilkie pleaded for the admittance cf tbe Hindus' wives, anl asked
If the labor perty of this country,
210,000 in all; was to antagonize 350,-
000,000 BrltWh subjects. He told how
a conRress ln India had been whipped
into an anti-British passion because
of the Exclusion Act of Australia, the
South African states, and British Columbia.
"Let Them Fight*
"The labor party," he, aald. 'Ihad
threatened to fight the church on the
subject" ���'.'
"Let them flght," can* a mmlsMi-
Hal chorus.       '   * '*���";'';..;}
E. E. Scott wes one of tbe exponents. He spoke against the Introduction of the wives of the Hindus Into Canada trom a moral standpoint,
emphatically declaring that labof had
a right to be heard before any decision on the subject could be arrived
at He quoted the figures ot Mr. H.
H. .Stevens, M. P., that 2600 of the
resident Hindus had no wives at all,
pointing out that it was Interference
in the affairs of Britiah Columbia, and
that the  present  Provincial  Govern-
BC. Mills
limber and 1 rading
ii\\\n t��il)   i
. .    iilobil'j  :
'I   Ol   itfHn'.-:
MM Dealers ta AU HMi �����' "'
FANCY GLASS. ufefa  eJanlfrt
Royal City Planing Mill* ,*#������*
Telefhenp. 11 Now Wottmtnotor ,n���.M] Bj* W
i 'iim-iiI-.  mei
'j iftsildatfn   in
3UNSURPA88ED      *~*%
PHOTO PLAY8.     ^
Three 8how.  Daily.
Do Not Waste Money
'���"��� * 't-i..*Y'--
Savo ��� littlo systematically, tor It to tho stuff that ShStttffc-
dattona ot wealth and happlneae aro boot of.
Money may bo need ta two waya; te epond for iwhat to.
needed now aad to tnvoot tor what ahall bo needed In the f*
tnro.  Money cannot be Invested eattl It to fir* eoved.   ,
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, HfiOSJSS*.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. U DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Lew ^*n*9*r.
iti lo
W. R. QILLEY, Phone 122.
Phonee, Offlee 16 end 1S.
Gilley Bros.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
FIRE BRICK. .,/, ',,,'r
"The House of Quality and Low Prices'
' umjL>i 4.
e Have Just Finished Qiir
��� ii ', f��t!   I
ii I   tl di
And we find there are too many Dining Tables, Buffets and Surface
-  ���      - ���    ..      .���..;>'   Rifli    i-
Oak Dressers.   To clear out a number of these goods, we had' the
price cutler get busy, and the following snaps are the re
Dining Tables
Surface Oak . Table, 44 Inches square; top extends
to six feet; golden finish; 112.50 value for ...19.35
Eight feet extension, |14.00 value far ...... ������10.50
Solid Oak Table; 44 inch square top; extends to six
feet;   $15.00  value for ,f,., ......$11.26
Eight foot extension;-4l8-9�� value for ..,...$13.50
Quarter-cut Oak Table; 44-lnch squite top; extends
to eight feet; EirlyvBtag|lsh' finish;5   ��28.50'' value
(one only) for ifiM . ��� *������'* ......%,;���   ���.. .$80.00
$27.60 value (oneonWl'ifor $19.00
$30.00 value (one 9*_**kpr  ;.$22-00
$31.00 value (one oAflfTTor ,.....:.... $22.50
Quarter-cut   Oak Buffet golden finish;.$37.00 value
tt***     .$28.60
Quarter-cut   Oak Buffet; early English finish; $42.00
value for ������;; .v*32-00
Quarter-cut   Oak Buffet; golden finish; $46.00 value
for ...,,..;..$35.00
Quarter-cut   Oak Buffet; early English finish', $44.00
value for  ������ ....$��.50
Quarter-cut   Oak Buffet; golden finish; $55.00 value
for   ,.,.$41.00
Bedroom Furniture
Combination   Dress*i>nd Stand; hardwood; large
oak finish; $10.00 saino for   ......VM
Dresser and Stand; hardwood; large mirror; three-'
drawer case; large stand:
$14.00 valuea for .,i...   *'i***** -W-99
$16.50 value   for .1..;:. ���'.':.';."...i.i  .......$13^5
$16.50 Princess Dresser for    $13.25
$19.50 Princess Dresser for >,.��� ..$16.00
$29.00 Quartered Oak .Dresser for ......... ".. .$22.00
$15.00 Dressing Table; mahogany flntah ....$11.25
$16.00 Dressing Table; mahogany finish* $11.75
$26.00 Chlffoniere; mahogany and golden quartered
oak tor ..  ..i....... *;.. .
$28.00 Dresser and Stand for
$17.25 Dresser for
$24.00 Dresser for
$23.60 Dresser for
$34.00 Dresser fpr
$26.00 Dresser for
Ticket No. 11906 wins the Dining Room; Suite.   If not presented by,
- ti
another drawing will be held
_v.... $22.00
.���;, ^$27.80
:..,.. .$$040
muiii. !.iii''
il i|)0��s
��� 'ii.   il'   '
Galloway & Lewis
401^403 Columbia Street Phone 829
���s,1  ������'"���'Mi T
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
, Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
.film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ i /
portions to cleanse *^^"////,/���
easily, vigorously, ��_^> -1* yy>
and without harm to
fabric, utensil
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Trained Eaglea Are Uesd by the Teeter Tribes ef Asia.
There are many ways of banting tbe
wolf In Russia, some rery curious and
exciting and others as tame aa target
practice.   Tbe most sportsmanlike way
! Is by means of bounds, and all over
j Russia   today  tbere  are  well  to do
| sportsmen wbo bunt the animal tn tbla
fashion.   Wolvee are also taken ln pitfalls and shot, while still another way
Is to drive ln a slelgb through tbe for-
ent tn time of hard frost, when tbe
wolves are beld wltb hunger.   At tbe
back of the slelgb one or more sportsmen lie snugly under tbeir fur rugs
with their rifles ready.   A young pig la
curried ln tbe sleigh, and ita crlea soon
reach the ears of tbe larking wolves,
wbo cannot resist following tbe slelgb
snd sre speedily shot
One of tbe most picturesque ways of
bunting the wolf, perhaps, ts tbat
whicb one mny see ln tbe west of Asia
on the bleak Kirghiz steppes. Tbe Tar-
tar tribes are wonderful horsemen, and
they ride after tbe wolf ln very large
parties. Not only are dogs used to
overtake tbe quarry, but because a
fleet wolf may get away from tbem,
eaglee nre used, being trained to help
the hunter In very much tbe aame
manner ns falcons In olden times. Tbe
grest bird sits on tbe hunter's wrist
untll It is let loose. Then It soars Into
���he ulr. sails after tbe quarry and
swoops down upon tt Its duty Is not
to kill, but to "bother" tbe wolf by
flapping Its wings ln Its face and driving Its sharp cIiiwh Into tbe animal's
hack. Such hunting makes capital
Hpnrt fnr the riders; but. apart from
tills, wolf hunting l�� n real necessity ln
ihose part*, the brutps being far too
partial to the lamb* und kills of tbe
tartars'   flocks.���Wide   World   Mags-
A Soda Cracker Was a
Soda Cracker UNTIL���
*.   a   *
Six years ago we gave to the
Dominion a Superior Soda Cracker
���better flavored, better made.
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas caught and held
popular favor, through their flavor.   Tons of them are
consumed every day���and the demand gets bigger every day.
You Want
Shipped in Private Cars
We use none but th�� choicest ingredients.   We get the best because we
pay top  prices.    Then they are baked by Canada's master bakers in
the largest sunlit sanitary factory in the country.
But we don't stop with making the finest soda cracker���we go further.
Every package is shipped in our own private cars.   The cars are
specially made so an  even temperature is maintained.    We
are the only makers to go to this trouble and expense.
It's expensive, but better for the biscuits.
They arrive at your table fresh, flaky and delicious.   And
they cost no more than common kinds.
Try a package today.
Ask Your
Biscuit* Candy Co.. W
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but tlie choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of the beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England, and MONTREAL, Canada
_____  �� ' re
:___wm?jwi**z?M3^^ v-jmp&i?''
Is a necessary attribute to
the most successful kind of
advertising. The effect of
an advertisement is sustained by one following it.
Can never be overdone as
long as you can deliver the
goods, and it means as
much to your business as
fire in a locomotive. Steam
will generate so long as the
fire is stoked and water
kept in the boiler.
The Daily News
Is a proven medium that
'  will bring your advertisements in it the most satis-
satisfactory results.
The Readers of The Daily
News are a class worthy of
your most persistent efforts
to secure and retain their
patronage and esteem.
I tm WW II fi '" TRIDAY IfEfcoAPY I, 1��1t
Wrong Carriage of the Had Re-
* aponiible For Ungraooful Gait
Exit th* Kimono llwvi   tsrwsrks of
|  tho amort Bloooo an* Preck���Alan-
,, eon TmII. Uood Aliko ky Dressmakers
���nd MllllB.ro.
Dear Bl��� Its a mighty food thing
I that most of oa don't ose onnelreo aa
othera aoa no wbea wa ara walking.
Tbla uncomfortable fact waa brought
very peralotooUy to ay attention yoa.
terday afternoon while ta tha ���bopping parade ea fifth areas*. It ia a*
long, dear, elec* yoa hsve boa* bora
4b Nsw lark thai 1 aa ear* yoa
j would hafdly retogalns th* preaent
ahopptae district Tho old stamping
ground a* r<* knew tt centered about
<Twentjr��*tad street bat we've changed
all that Maw the Mg stores hare invaded tba artatoenMo seeded of "tbc
avenue." aad ao far ap aa ttfty-nlnth
atreet tha aid reeldeaMal secttee ia
flven over ta trade. Wall, aa 1 aaaa-
Un& along looklag at tho sfcon wla-
dowa aad tbo eptesdtdly groomed
women la their good looklag fall eulta
1 auddaaly became aware of tho verj
indifferent, almeat eloachy, gait ot
dheae paaaanby.  There waa the girl
J ... *(%*. ��$k
\t*Z7 ���
y i
��� *
f ���
" i
wK$ -"''mm
ft '-i-P-Wi-Vy*
"   >��� -1
a csbtol un rawrrr ocarina air.
wbo came along ewlnglng ber arma
like a windmill In full action, and
���even wben ono arm waa engaged with
a bag or umbrella tbo otber member
awung at a lively pace.
Then tbere were tbe people wbo
Tocked from aide to aide aad wandered
all over tbe pavement In an almlese
manner, bllasfully unconacloue of the
annoyance caused to tbeir busy fellow
creature* or the abeurd contretempa
of running Into a stranger's arma.
, Another offender waa tbo Individual
who paddled along, taking mincing
< steps, with .boulder, up to tbe eara
and carefully rounded, cheating ber-
*eir with tbe delusion that thla attitude conduced to rapid walking.
Some turned tbeir toeo ia like pigeons, and an equal number preferred
{to walk like duck..   Now. dear, both
; bird* nr�� charming In their way, but
Jacarcoly   modela  of graceful  deport-
1 bare com* to tho conclu.ion tbat
tbo carriage of one'a bead la responsible fur moat of tbe bad walking one
���eea. Inatead of Iielng beld gracefully
erect it la either poked forward or
thrown buck In auch an exaggerated
attitude that it force* tbo waist forward.
Tbo next time tbat army couatn of
yon re come* to visit you Just notice
tit* straight back and well carried bead
and tbe awing from tbe hip* and try
to copy it in a alee, aa mother aaya,
'"ladylike" fashion and aoe how much
letter satisfied you will bo wttb your
personal appearance. Tbe next time
you aee me 1 will bo aa graceful aa a
Wood nymph.
Such perfectly stunning blouse* nre
to be seen ln tbe autumn display of
now things! And I am sure tbe question has arisen In yonr mind, a* It bas
in mine, what la to be done with the
kimono sleeve? Shall we leave lt in
our frocks nnd blouses or cut It out
aud put ln uew ones? The truth la
tbat If tbe kimono sleeve Is In the
shirt waist It will date Ihat garment
a year back. Still, tbe shop* are full
of these models, bnt the Purls edict
litis gone forth tbat they are passe.
And Ihe discouraging pnrt of this
newa Is thnt the klinono sleeve ln your
ablrt waist does not make It a Mt
more old fattliimieri tbat the peasant
���cui. The round neck, the fastening In
the liw-k nnd the tint shoulder and
ali'cvc in one are gradually sinking
Into the shade* of another Say. .
Vour smart shirt waist for morning
as tvi'II ns for afternoon should be fastened up the front and hnve long
4deev��>�� authored 1nt(i a perfectly visible nruiliole. nnd It wlll bnve a high
atoi k. And. specking of atocks. tho
fumit wrinkle Is to ua* ntencon tulle
ior gitlnipOH. snilor collars, tlchne, r^
Tors nnd lint trimmings thla autumn.'
The lieMt Orowwnnkers consider It bet-
!tt��r style than tarpon blouses and aim-
file frocks, nnd the milliner* have lost
tbeir hearts to it. Tbla tulle washes
j beat'tiro Up and dors not sbrfsh.
'. Th*�� lii�� t��!i��ck velvet bat you bad !h*t
winter would he brought Hrht Into
fashloh by irlmmtng It wltb Irregular
loops of'this nleneon tulle wirad and
drinvn Imck from front to back.
Tlie pvett.i ci*iom of plunlng n sin-
pie u rtlflt la! Dovfcr w a smaU bunch of
Uot-Koms to the tape] of enea tullored
���* nel to give ;i bit'.of cplo^. to the Btreet
toilet Is to he much in vogue thla win-
���ti'i. as it was Umt season.
The woman who bu aa ey* for col
or wfll kaow jost what Sower to nee,
but tbo wrong selection would mar tb*
oaartaat coatume. The .bop. are
ohowlng a dollgbtfnl aaoortmont of
French flowers arranged la email nose
gayo for tho otroet ault small buncb-
ea of natural looking panale* aro tbe
thing to wear wltb a purple hat or
one with purple wlaga. white a aaug
clnater of moas ro.ee la alwaya ault-
abto with a bin*, black or gray ault
A alngle American Beauty race, With
lta natural looking long .tem. though
Inconvenient to wear, la alwaya smart.
provided no other bright shade appear*
It th* coatume. Tucked la among the
fllmy lacea and frill* of a aealdraaay
afternoon gown orchids, with a bit of
feathery fern: gardenias, wltb their
natural foliage, or a bunch of gauao
aweet paaa ar* tb* proper flower*.
These artificial poaloo rang* in prlc*
according to their quality, hot coarao
oaea ar* utterly out of tbo qaaatlon.
lias, don't y*u Ind tt convoalcet or-
ery bow and then t* kaow acta* amwv
tag aad maj gam* with which to ea-
tertala a fow people whoa tboy happen to drop ta la tb* eventag-the
people. I aaaa, who don't play bridge
or card gama* of cay oortf Hero ta a
very ksatereas pencil oad paper game
that I havo fesad saefU aa a auaaa
of amoaamcat
A number of .lip. of paper aad eev-
eral penclia ar* provided, aa many aa
thero ar* pereoaa present Now eack
peraon la aakod to write th* nam* at
a book, real or lmaglaary, aad than
fold tha paper over ee that hla neighbor caanot see wbat ta written. Thla
hi done im every caae. Wben tbo book
title la written tbe slip ts handed, still
folded, to tbe peraon alttlng at tbe
right, and be la asked to write a eub-
tltlc; tben the next one tho name of
an author, tbe allps being again folded and passed on; next tbo publisher1*
name la added; tben an advertisement by tbe publisher; Anally three
or four "reviews" of tbe book, eacb
by a different person. As each one
does not know what tbe other bas
written, tbe result 1* generally very
Before aaylng goodby let me ask
you wbat you think of tbls dusting set
1 am making for a Christmas gift to
be given to n friend of mine wbo ls
an unusually careful housewife. Devotedly. MABEL.
New York.
ITO *���*��� down to tbo .Ao* te�� '
Asd upa prssMss ~ epgadaa
And mate. eh. preudee* Milan
The pnttdanc.
Whs war. * diamond Id hi* attrt
That makes ths vary optic hurt?
Wbo always la abrupt and curt?
TM�� (.saral
Whs mikes ya. fMi Ilk. thirty eaatar
Whan you would lid. without eKp��MOT
Wbo ha. . turndown that'. tmmssMT
Th. insil pinwnpr ag.at.
Whs boras you through with haughty
When you would trav.l anywh.ro
And grab. tb. reo.tr for your tar.?
Tb. tlek.i again.
Who take* your ticket with disdain
And fri.... you wltb might aad mala
ror darlaa to *.t is Ms tmlaT
Ths conductor.
Whs to th* .baby old aaioot
Who wear, a tautiaam dai lar aalt
Aad grest. yes with a kind aalut.T
Oh. thai*, salr ths old dugor who
own* ths railroad; that', alf!
-rDsltoe TtoMO-Harald.
When Cletat Ro.m  le at a Premium
Try This Method.
Closet room Is alwaya at a premium.
There can never he enough apace to
bold all tbat a household contains with
perfect ease aud comfort. Particularly doeo tbe problem of hats need solving. Closet shelves are generaUy capable of holding but one of tb* size
thst fnshlon now decrees. Each hat
should hnve an entire box of lta own.
roomy enough to allow It to He flat
upon a hat rest, for tb. least cramping la liable to crush lt or alter IU
A very novel aad practical idea has
been evolved to meet the needa of the
woman who possesses half a dosen bate
and doesn't know wbere to put tbem.
A light atand made of four alender
posts, wltb a shelf or two. containing
prettily decorated boxes. Is a gay addition to a room and does not mar lta
beauty. Tbo atand contains no aides,
so tbat the box may easily alip In and
out. A better arrangement ts to have
one aide of tbe box attached on binges,
ao that one need not go to tbe trouble
of lifting off the Ild each time one
wishes to remove the bat.
Sometimes these stands are stained
to match the furniture of tbe room, or
they look fresh and pretty wben enameled In white paint or. again, tbey
may bo draped la chlnta to match the
hanging* of tbe boudoir. They may
alao lie made of crude materials and
placed In tbe storeroom If space allows. But tlie woman who ponsesse?
sucb a one wlll tind lt ef groat com
fort. Hat rests to place within the
boxes of light wire covered with either ribbon or silk or chintz, ot course.
are made tc carry out the prevailing
color scheme.
A Virot Fur Toque.
The name of Vlrot. tbe great Parl-
slau milliner, always commands re-
si>ect where headgear ls concerned,
lilts fall he haa turned out many
charming model* In fur, which pelt,
by the way, U going to figure largely
am voom. m ax*iaxr��.
In  emart   millinery.    The  delightful
toque Illustrated is from the ntelier of
this artist.      ,    .
Tho hat is of nenlslrln. trlth n little
tirlm of the fur rnlllnic.'rnl,Mi!y away
from the fnee In front, t'lulcr this
upfiirned brto ts tucked a cluster <si
pomegranate b.ouioum lu u detp luce
ol red.
Her* Men'* Jekao an W*m*n.
"Why did y*u **i*ct Charle* iaal
af O*orgor asked Maad*.
���Well." replied Maywla, "Qeorg*
���aid I bad *y*a Uk* vtolota. cheeks Ilk*
wild roam. sb*tl-llk* cat* aad Upa Uk*
-Very pretty."     *
"Ta. But Chart* Mid I had eyea
Ilk* dlamonda. tooth like paarla aad
Upa like rubles. It aoomad to me tbat
bia Ideas wer* much mor* practical."���
Washington Star.
"My wife haa Just got ber new fall
bonnet" "Sorry, old man. hut I can't
���pare a penny; I'm broke loo."���Houston Post
"Mother." Inquired tb* llttl* Boston
boy, "I* a parasol a feminine umbrella?"
"Why. yon might call It that Waldo."
"Well, wa* the flrnt parasol mad*
from an umbrella rib?"���Philadelphia
Translated. J
A narvaru professor rises to ,
remark tbat "syncopation In har- <
monlzatlon baa no Immoral con- ,
notation,"  which,  being  rough- ]
ly translated Into Idiomatic Eng- <
lish. means. "Ragtime Is de pure J
goods."-Cleveiand Plain Dealer. <
In tbe Btate of Georgia Uvea n banker who Is known behind hi* back as
"tho human eafety clutch" He baa
been accused of being nearly everything except a spendthrift
He lives a mile from town on a plantation. Ono Sunday he remembered
that be had left aome Important papers on' bts dak. and bo gave an aged
negro servitor on tbo place hls keys
and sent him for tho document*.
It wa* a hot day. and the road wna
dusty, but In an bour tbe old darky
returned wltb tbe papers Intact. Tb*
owner felt ln all bia pockets.
���That's too bad. Uncle Jim." he said
Anally: "I thought I bad a nickel her*
1 was going to give you."
"Mars* Henry." said Uncle Jim. "you
look again. Ef ever you bad a nickel
you got It yit"���Saturday Evening
Th. Chelee.
arrival: Cloning
18:10���Unltad Stata via C. P. R.
(daily axcapt Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:15
It:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 16:00
18 :d0���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 11.15
10:50���Victoria via Q. N. R.
(dally axcapt Sunday). 11:15
7:30���Unltad Stata via O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.46
16:16���United States via O. N. R.
��� daily except Sunday)..16:00
11:40���AU points eaat and Europe   (dally)   8:16
22:43���All polnta eaat and Europe (dally)  13:15
11:40���Sapperton   and   Fraaer
Mills      (dally     except
Sunday)       8:30
18:10���Bapperton   and   Fraaer
mill*     (dally     except
Sunday)         14:00
11:40���CoQuitlam      (dally    exoept Sunday)    8:30
12:00���Central Park, McKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Suaday)      11.16
14:00���Beat Burnaby (dally except Sunday  14:30
10:00���Tlmberland (Tueaday and
Friday)  13:30
10:80���Barnston Islands arrives
Tueaday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leavea
Monday. Wednesday
and Friday 14:00
10:00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Ialand, Burt
Villa  13:30
10:00���Annieville and   Sunbury
(dally except Sunday). 13:30
0:00���Woodwards        (Tuesday,
Thursday    and    Saturday)   13:30
10:60���Vancouver, Piper's Siding via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday)..14:20
15:50���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O.  N.  H.   (daily  except  Sunday) 14:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Sat-
day       14:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
7:40���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday  16:00
18:10���Abbotsford, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (daily except Sunday)  23:00
.6:15���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine    (dally    except
Sunday)    , 9:41
16:15���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
nrday   9:4R
U:20-CM!'<wack, Milner, Mt.
Lenmaa, '��� Idergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Prairie. Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
L. Valley, Coghlan. Sardis, Sperling Station,
Bradner, Bellerose, via
B. C. E. R. (dally except Sunday)   9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
11:2(H-Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (daily
except Sunday)    17:30
16:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday) .17:30
12:00���Fraser Arm   23:00
L O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 27.���
Tbe regular meetings of thla lodge
are held ln Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
���very Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.   C. J. Purvis. N.O.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. O. recording secretary; R. Purdy, financial aecretary
-Yardra No.,43,   Bona   ot   Norway,
meat in Eaglea hall   tbe   flrat   and.
third Wednesdays of each month, at.
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
���tISS M. BROTEN. pnbUc stenographer; specifications, business let-
tars, ate.; circular work taken
Phone 411. Rear of Major and
Savage's offloe, Columbia St
Accountant Tel. R 188. Room
Trspp block.
WHITESIDE A EDMONDS���Barristers and Sollcltora, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia atreet, New
Westmlnater, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
I      -'4       ���
Toronto Express leaves at 8:60
Chicago Express leaves at  18:60
Imperial Limited Leaves at ....10:40
Through PuHman Tourist and
Diners. For Reservations and ratea
apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A., Vancouver
IM to II R\*.
I aad *..<5y��a.
Local Agents
Westminster Inn Works
Rhone 68.
Tenth  St, New Wsetmlnstar.
V  af
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors
Westminster offlces. Rooms 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Bees, Williams building, 41 Gran
vllle street. F. C Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler. W. O. McQuarrie. O. B
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
���'    Eatlmatee Olven.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phono 667
NEW WESTMINSTER       ���: 8.0,
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veal
solicitor and notary, 6lo Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and Mc-Kenzle streeta, New West
minster, B. c. P. <). Box 112. Telephone 710.
Barrlsters-at-Law, Solicitors, Etc
Adam s. Johnston. Frank A. Jackson. Offices: Vancouver, Room 405
Winch Building: New Westminster,
Room 6, Ellis Block, Columbia street.
Telephones:     Vancouver,   Seymour
2163;  New Westminster, 1070.
Cable   Address:      "Stonack."   Code:
Western  Union.
<UAKD    OF    TRADE���NEW  Whal
minster Board of Traile meet* in tn��
iwiard  room, City  Hall, aa follows
Third Thursday    of   eacn    month
Quarterly    meeting    on   tne    tniro
Thursday of February, May, August
aad November, at a p.m.     annua
meetings on the third Thursday ol
February.    New   member*  may   h��
proposed Bad elected at any montn
ly or    quarterly    meetm*.      C   M
atnwt-Wade, aecretary
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
.C. Coasl Service
Tom-Can be alng nicely V
Dick���Well, be offered to alng tbe
baby to sleep tbe other night, aud hla
wife said. "No: let her keep ou cry-
lug!"-New York Mull.
So to Speak.
"Wasn't your town dry wh.��n I was
it year ago? Seems like tbe Ild
is off now, all richt."
"Betcba: Us free an' Independent
voters got busy last 'lection nu' broke
that Ild Into n million smithereens."
"Ah. I see: converting It Into a sort
nr griintilnted ltd. ao to apeak!"-Chl-
cago Record-Hera Id.
If tbe economists have their
way the only middleman tu remain will he tb* chap who relays the Jokes In  the  minstrel   J J
show.���Denver Republican.
Of Real Importance.
"I anppose now you wish to know
If you are ih* flrst girl I ever kissed?"
"No: t am Interested in know-Ins If
I wlll be the last."���Houston 'Poat.
Ryter-I'vp bslf n mind to write a
popular novel. v
Crytlc��� Well, that's aa much aa yod
wlll uwl.-Mllwnukee Sentinel.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone 661. Box 772
Transfer Co*
Office Phone 185.   - Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
tight Am Heavy Hauling
OPFIC*.       ��� �������  ti**''
Sole apent. for
Hire's Root  Peer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113  Officet Princeaa St
W; li ii^ton
Phone 10a.    P. O. Box S4B.
Office, Front 8L, Foot of Sixth.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  paid  up.
The Bank haa over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
in Cuba throughout the Island;
alao ln Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities ln the world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banktne facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
For  Victoria.
10:00 A ,M Daily axcept Tuesday
1:00 P. M Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dally except Sunday
For  Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M Dally
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
7  P.M Jan.  13th, 27th
For Hardy Bay.
8.30 A. M Thursday
For  Upper  Fraaer River  Polnta.
Steamer Beaver. -
Leaves New Westminster, 6:00 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves  Chilliwack,  7:00 a.m., Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf lalanda Polnta.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayne, Id.. Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr., Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney id.
 ���-- ���   to ED. OOULET,
Agent, New Westminster.   * .
G. P   A.. Vancouver
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Itrancbes thrournoui Canada end
'iVwfa'ibilland, anc In London, Eng
sad. New York. Cb''-sgo and Spokane
..8.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Let
tera of Credit issued a alkble with
correspondents lo all porta of the
Savings Bank Dipsnmem��� Deposit*
received in aunis of 11 and upward
tnd interest allowel at 8 per cent, pei
tnnutu  tpreso'Jt rute).
Total  Aaseta over $186,000,000.(10
G. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
��� IN ���
Phone 388.
P. O. Box S57.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing cl Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market ^quare. New Westminster.
Mwiy People who have
never jbefore; been in a
position to tto so, may^
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of >. orento
offers to all such people ���
the facilities   6f their <
large and strong bank- -
ing organization;
Interest is paid on; Savings.
Balances half-yearly.   ::    ���:
Business [Accounts   opened
on favorable terms.   ::   ::
ASSETS  $48,000,000
aasfcai���ism it i mi *tr*mtm***r*** -    ��3mm
61B C<Mum>'�� tfcaat
-      MAXWELL'S
Electric, Water Motor
and Hand Power
��� ������;'...' ..61(31* !	
Gity News
Mr. F. C. Cook left yesterday on a
business trip to Victoria.
Mr. H. B. Smith, of Ruby Creek,
staying at the Windsor hotel.
...  .--'Uutrjl-
634 Columbia St.
* ;i    .Bg   C:' ���'
Phone 22-23
���'    ���-���"���"���T*r
Mr. B. W. Lefroy, of Ladner, was
staying at the Kussell hotel last night.
Edmonds���Few cheap lots, $350;
$50 cash.   Held, Curtis A Dorgan. ������
The tug Haro came up the river
yesteiday mornlnt, with a boom ot
Remember tl\e lantern lecture on
Honolulu in Queens Avenue Methodist
church tonight. **
* Mils Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M.       A. R. C. M.
Member of the Incorporated Society
ot Musicians  (England).
(Successor to Mrs. Reginald Dodd.)
Teacher of Pianoforte, Viotjn,
Singing, Theory, Harmony,
Counterpoint and Musical
For terms, etc., apply 37 Agnes St.,
New Westminster.   Phon�� M38.
Mr. C. W
Is In town,
Newton, of Port Moody,
He Is staying at the Rus
payb to Take risks of loss
SURiNfcB'���' ��6licy   will    save
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
Phone  62. New Westminster.
We still offer special terms
to those ordering suits now
for delivery in the spring.
You should come in today
and talk it over. Don't
let this opportunity pass.
The materials, colors and
fashions jwiH delight you.
..... tt,
i)ii,ij       i" i  ��� 	
46 Lome Street, New Westminster.
Phone R678.   ,
619 !-.  -nilton St.
d, Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
8ewer Connecting,
Cesspools. SCptlc Tanka, Etc.
Mr. Keefer, Dominion resident engineer, ls expected to arrive In the
city today.
Fresh cut daffodils, violets end car-
nations. Tidy, the florist. Phone num
Bers L 184 and 1037. M
Two years ago today Canon
d'Easum arrived In New Westminster
t - ��ake charge of Holy Trinity cathedral.
Mrs. T. H. Levey. 12 Granville
street, will receive on the first Friday
of the month during the remainder
of the season.
Mrs. McNamara has returned (rom
California after spending some months
ln the south. She Is now staying with
her daughter, Mrs. Clark, of Carnarvon street.
The Ramblers' club, of Burnaby,
wlll hold its first dance tonight In
Moreton's hall, Elmonds. This cluh
has lust been formed for the purpose
of holding dances once a fortnight,
antl lt Is hoped that it will prove a
great success.
Van Dorm, now serving six months
ln the provincial Jail on a charge of
theft, was brought up yesterday morning on a charge of housebreaking at
Harrison Mills, and remanded.
Now is the time to get a close-in
lot cheap. We have for sale, exclusive, 12 lots on Ninth street, 33x132,
between Third arid Fourth avenues.
Each lot has 33 foot street in rear.
Price $1000; $250 cash; balance 6. 12,
18 and 24 months at 7 per cent. Gray
& Gilchrist, 675 Columbia street.
Phone 595. **
Messrs. Walker Bros. & Wilkie. the
firm   with   which   Mr.   Otway   Wilkie
has identified himself,    has    secured
offices  in   the   B.   C.   E.   H.  building
I looking over    Columbia    street.    Arrangements are beins made to furnish
' tbono rooms Immediately, and as soon
as  the   fittings  are  ln   the  firm  *v\\\
or<Mi  for  business hero.     Mr. Wilkie
will ����� in charge of the Westminster
Edingburgh street, near
corner Henley, $1050; very
good terms.
Fourteenth street, near
Dublin, very good view,
$900;' third cash; balance
6,12 and 18 months.
Major & Savage
B. &M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole, lb..lie
Fresh Cod  (half or whole), lb 8c
Columbia River Oolachans, per lb. 10c
Halibut (halt or whole), per lb. ...8s
B.&M. Brand Kippered Salmon, lb. 15c
Smoked Spring Salmon, ^er lb 20c
Smoked Halibut, pound 15c
Kippers, per lb 10c
Loggies Finnan Haddie.. 2 lbs. for 25c
Salt Salmon Bellies, each  20c
Prime  Rabbits, each 35c
Eastern Oysters, per pint  u*-5fl6
Delivery 10 a. m. and 4 p.
. '.Terms���Casn.
nought and Sold.
Highest Price Given.
Fletcher's pool room was sold yesterday for $4000. The purchaser was
Mr. Arco Benedict, and the deal was
put through by R. H. Corbett, of the
People's Trust company. The new
management have determined to
clean the building out, and to run it
in firBt class style as a thorou 'v up-
to-Jite "ool room.
Mr. Fletcher, who is an able locomotive engineer, will shortly leave
this town for Japan. He has accepted
a position there as a master mechanic
on a Japanese railroad.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
For Builders and Investors
Indications point to increased activity ln building tn New Westminster this year. Not only will there be more dwelling houses
erected, bui new business blockB, apartment houses, hotels and some
important manufacturing plants will be constructed this year. All
this will help increase the value of New Westminster property. The
time to buy Is now.
We   Have   Successfully
Filled 80,000
since coming to this city, besides all the.repeats. This na*
tura'ly means experience.
Bring your Prescriptions    to
.    fyr   ' ,:  * '.     	
Dispensifjr| Chemists, Etr. (
DeauMv'to^tg'C&'i (Columbia hi    ! ;
**'&**��� \VlMrtt��firi��r    �� r I I
(900) Fourth Street���so fool
lot with lane at rear, $700.
Terms to be arrnged.
(801) Thirteenth Street���Lot
with double frontage, $800.
Terms to be arranged.
(1004) Eighth Avenue���Two
lots overlooking Moody Park,
lune at rear, $1000 each. Easy
Fifth Avenue���Near Second
street, two cleared lots, $1500
each. Small cash payment to
suit. Good opportunity for
(748) Princess Street���Lot 65
by 132, near Sixth sttect car
line; price $1000. Teims to arrange.
(1043)    Seventh
Sixth street   car
One-third cash.
line,   $1050.
Sixth Avenue and Ash Street
�����6 toot lot, WOO. Buy before
Sixth avenue car line la built.
(757) Arbustus Street���Near
Queens Park, lane at rear,
$1250.   Terms to arrange.
(1005) Fifth Avenue���Near
Sixth street, lot 66x132, cleared,
$2500.   Terma to arrange.
(1040) Burnaby Lots Cheap���
On Second and Third avenue,
near Sixth street car: partly
cleared, 50x150, $650 each.
Terms $50 cash, balance $20
rer month.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
3 r. 1 Hart & Co., Ltd.
New Westminster
Head Office. New Westminster       Branches at Vancouver     Victoria
Chilliwack and Alderproye, B.C.
���.   ���'
'  :" '
The succession of wonderful selling days during our
January Sale has left over many odd lots and shop
soiled goods, that we have decided on Clearing. In
quick orders Friday will be one great day of Bargain
Specials in every section of the Store. Note the
extraordinary values itemized here.   COME EARLY
Greatest Dress Bargains This Store Has
Ever Offered
Values to $35.00 Friday Bargain $5.00 Each
This remarkable offer means right here at eight o'clock if you would wish one .of these attractive
Dresses; eight only In the lot; included are three black 'voile, one navy foulard, one wasteria taffeta and two colored serges; sizes are 34, 36 and 38; all In one-piece styles; neatly trimmed with
silk and bralie.   Friday Bargain Price, each         $5.00
Exceptional Waist Bargains
Values Regular to $7.50, Friday Bargain $2.00 Each
Perhaps the best values of the present season are contained In these splendid waists for Friday. Waists
of taffeta, silk, Jeager delaines and nets; the shades shown aro black, ecru, white, wasteria and fancy
stripes of blue, fawn  ,green and pink;  all alaeai',. ,see these wonderful bargains Friday, at each $2-00
 ��� ��� .;��� '��������� 	
Kitchen Aprons---For Friday Selling
Three dozen Womens Kitchen Aprons, in ptercdle,' H$n! end lawns; with pockets and some with bib. regu-,
lar values 45c and 50c. Friday Bargain, each ��� ��� '��� ���'���,* ���',*��������� ���      20c
I .   -
Thia offer means that you will save half on these
t'jie Irish linens because of being a little soiled.
T.ilsle Cloth .sizes from 45 to 108 incheq and Napkins IS Ho 22. Jnches; priced from 60c and up. FrK
tSay    Bargain HAltf1 PRICE. '
Lace Sale \
Values 5c to 10c    Friday Bargain 35c   Per   Ooxcn.
Five kundred yards Torchon and Curtain LaoOf
varying iu widths from 1 to 4 inches; tn ahadea of
cream, ecru and   white;   flne   and   heavy applique
Hosiery Special
Boya' strong worsted Hose; double knit; flne wool
feet; ia hlack; sizes G to 7V4; regular values to 30c.
Fi i;lay  Bargain, per pair  *0c
Sizes 8 to 10; regular values 35c. Friday Bargain,
per  pair        ***
Final Clearance of Children's
(Water Soiled)
Values to 75c Friiay Bargain 25c Each.
Children's   ribbed natural Vests and Drawers, line
fleeced  finish: sizes   from   2 to   8 yeara;   splendM
Nine only colored fleeced cotton quilts; In shades
of pink and red, with white design; size 72x78 in.,
hemmed ends.
Sample Linens
'Reg. Value* to $1.25.   Friday Bargain 50e Each.
One table of fancy linens;  slightly soiled;  marked
[for record selling   Friday.    In   this lot   are   Tray
Cloths, Runners, Centres, Towels, etc.
Tray Cloths 2 for 25c
Size 16x42 Inches hemstitched Tray Cloths; with
neat design rsgular value 20c each. , Friday Bargain     -. ��������� 2 ,or 2Sc
Crib Blanket.
Eight wily Teddy Bear Crib Blanketa; size 36x54;
heavy wool nap finish; regular values $t50. Friday Bargain,  each *1-00'
Ten pair Grey Flannelette Blankets; 11|4 size; reg.
values   $1.80. Friday Bargain, per pair ��� Mc
bargains,   each
Women's Underwear
Regular Valuess $1-00. Friday Bargain 75c Garment
Women's flne Vesta and Drawers ln white; Zenith
unrhria,ktibi��, brand; vests with long, short and no
Great Price Slaughtering on Curtain
;   Friday Mo Per Yard.
Madras and Curtoia ierlma ranging in price from
36c to 78c, oft sale ��t tbla   ridiculously low   figure
Friday.   In tatter floral and figured effects, widths
from 40 to 48 Inches.
Bed Spreads
fcegul^r Value, to -U*V>. Priday Bargain $1.25 Each.
White Oroclsn and hoAeycomb Bedspreads;  also
sleeves,  open or closed fronts; drawers both a^rlei    colored  honeycomb in pink and yellow; 11|4  sizes.
 ������ * ^tach ghfl#tlB^ flM BngUsh cotton; fttH bleach.
Night Gowns
Friday 90c Each.
Women's white Flannelette Night Gowns; full sizes;
regular values$1.25.    Friday  Bargain, each
S- extra w��ls��t; regular value 40c.   Friday Bar-
gain, pOr yi**    ������",  "."���
ae-lnch Coloied Stripe^ flannelette; in all shades;
wgular val|Mi20c.  Friday Bargain, per yard
feV��R Ki-!


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