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The New Westminster News Dec 20, 1912

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The Fraser River.
ls navigable for 10,000 ton ��<F  i
I Has   a   well   defined  ohanne)����   *
from   25  to  26   feet  deep  at^- ��"
Light   li'lnli^iiiiiaWrilii   cbieOy
cloudy  with rain or sleet,
ary or lower temperature.
\J Among the many charitable associations actively exercising their professed mission of helping the needy
at the present time, there le perhaps
no more energetic coterie of busy
workers that those ladles who havu
undertaken to see that the little fellows In Providence Orphanage have
a beart-to-beart talk with the patron
aalnt of childhood, Santa Claus.
GoodleB���oranges, nuts, fruits, candles���all sorts of things that can mak.-
a bulge In the stomach of a healthy
child-are to be provided in plenty.
Useful articles are also to be given
the children, hut the boys and girls
are not so exercised over these mufflers and new shoes. Mufflers don't
taste good, and you can't eat shoes.
Incidentally, the ladles who have
undertaken tp provide the big treat
for tbe kiddles are going around wltb
a little book and engaging smiles
There Is already a nice amount on
hand, and Treasurer Mrs. Goulet Is
confident that the fund will soon bi
big enough fo provide everything
needed to make the little orphan.!
get a real  glimpse ot heaven.
The patients of tbe Royal Colum
bian hospital are not to be forgotten
the members of the Women's Auxll
lary having undertaken to distribute
gifts to all Inmates of the public
wards on Christmas day.
A large number of these are log
gers and railway camp men, who have
been stricken down by disease or accident, hundreds of miles from home
and friends, and tnat tbe attention of
the Auxiliary on Dec. 25 will bo Appreciated Is certain.
This Is only the second year thai
any concerted effort has been mado
to bring a little Christmas cheer to
the hospital patients, but the gratl
tude shown by those benefitted is In
duct mont enough to ensure thle be
coming a permanent feature In thl.-
city, as it Is in nearly all large cities
in thc civilized world.
To provide an easy means of receiving contributions, lists have been
opened at the offices of the local
newspapers, and all funds turned in
will be promptly acknowledged.
The ladles aro anxious to receive at
least $100 and as the fund closes ou
Tuesday, and only $10 has been re
ceived to date, lt ls urpent that all
charitably inclined send in their mite
without delay.
No sum Is "too small and this np
peal Bhould apply to all in the cltv
business men, shop and office workers, tradesmen, laborers, housewives
ord children alike. This Is the season
of gond will. Let Westminster show
her hand.
Promotions Frequently Based
on    Influence   Rather
Than Merit
Council   Meets   Delegation���rub-corn
mittee and Engineer to Examine
and Report.
From  Royal' Commission on Agriculture���Sittings" In  Westminster ,
Jan 17 and 18.
Victoria, Dec. 19.���The royal commission on agriculture, of which Mr.
W. H. Hayward, M.L.A., Is chairman,
began Its career yesterday, when, alter tbe members had been duly sworn
by Mr. Justice Murphy and the com
mission read, both morning and after
noon sessions for organization work
were held ln the executive chamber
Interviews with the prime minister
and the minister of agriculture first
being beld for a free and Informal
iuterchange of views as to procedure
and the scope of desirable enquiry.
Much to the regret of alfconcerned
Mr. Thomas Kidd of Steveston finds
It Impossible for him to accept tin
place upon the commission assigned tu
him, Ill-health Interdicting the requlr
ed activity and travel, and his reslg
nation has been accepted.
The commission is therefore cou
stltuted of Messrs. Hayward (chair
man); J. J. Campbell of Nelson; J.
Kldston of Vernon; Alex. Lucas, ML
A. of Agassiz; W. Duncan of Comox,
and S. Shannon of Cloverdale, witb
Mr. Chriatenseu of Holberg as secretary.
After considerable discussion lt wa3
decided to Initiate the wcrk of investigation forthwith and make such progress aB may be possible before the
session of the legislature. Sittings
for the hearing of witnesses and Investigation of conditions have there
fore been arranged as follows ;
At Vancouver, Jan.  9,  10. and  11.
At New Westminster, Jan. 13 and 14.
At Victoria, Jan. 17 And lii.
Arrangements have also been made
to hear evidence from members of the
Central Farmers' Institute during its
annual meeting and from officials ol
the government departments espeel
ally Interested.
Government  Alms  to   Bring   Outside
Service Under a Commission���
Railway Department.
Ottawa, Deo. 19.���The civil servlc*
at the capital ts agog over the repuri
of Sir George Murray on the cendi
tion uf public service in the Domin
Ion, some recouiineudatlons being gratifying to the civil servants.
One ls the Justification ot the oft
repeated complaint that officers or
employees of different department*
wh;>Ht! work is wholly similar are paid
salaries that ure widely varied. An
other Is the fact that promotions frequently bave been based on political
or other Influence rather tluin on
The third division, most of whose
memliers lor yearB have bo��n at a
maximum uf $1200 and unable to gn
higher without passing an academic
examination are especially pleased
over the declaration that this test
Bhould not apply and that the max!
mum sbould be increased to $1500 or
Action Problematical.
Commenting on tho report the Eve
nlng Citizen says;
"The government since coming Into
office has had in mind extensive civil
service reforms Including bringing the
outside service under a commtssloi.
and altering condition* ao as to re
lleve themselves of much routine. Th*
report will act as a guide to them
but whether any legislation upon It
wlll be Introduced thla session It
problematical. It depends npon the
progress made. In any event It is
expected that provision wlll be mad?
to relieve the third division and to
remove the stumbling block to nd
"Much disappointment, however,
was expressed that the report did
not Include some reference to the am
blguous position whloh the railway
commission snd IU ataff occupies Ir
the government service and some re
commendations In regard to the sal
arles In connection therewith.
Lawrence    Cheater    Waa    Probably
Drowned TrylnB *��� **** H,m'
���alf ef Clothing.
Redondo Beach, Cat. Dec. "-The
half nude body ot Cheater LW����?f
who essayed the owocean flight
with Avlatr Hrao* Kearney laat Sat
urday, waa foand today pounding on
"he  rock, of aa IBM savon  ��������
^aputh of here and positively Wangled.
"^Thn Identification waa ����** J^,"'
A. Miner, format ����"������* ���" "JJ
revenue cutter service and by Mveral
ther persona, Including a P*P?m<*
reporter, who had ^apas.-U^mw.
The body waa bron��M hare on order
of Coroner Hartwell.
��� Lawrence'* red ���weater and * ��W
jersey marked "pr*M <���� "M** ������
wore under It and hi* Alrl. ��jst SgJ
vest were drawn half W .�������* �������
head, showing that ha had jWw
frantically to frea.hlm��M ��< Wf clotti-
ing for hhi bwIb tor Ufa W*�� ������
aeroplane dropped tat��JPSJ{��*. ,a.t
A silver watqh ^MW.**?*! L,"
pocket. The mlnwle hMjJ��M "��)������
(Continued o* V*** W-'
A deputation from the Queeus-
borough Improvement Association met
a special committee of the city council yesterday morning to discuss the
application made for a special commission fcr the Island district.
The wliole situation in Queens-
ocrniigh was outlined by tbe members
cf the deputation and the fact that
conditions were different from anywhere else -hr-the -city was emphasised.
The committee realized the Import
ance of Queensborough demands hut
the opinion was expressed thnt before
any sctton was taken a clcise examination of tho district should be made.
A sub-committee and the city engineer were appointed tn attend to
this and a report will be rendered
to the council.
The suggestions made at the meeting Included that the city engineer
prepare a comprehensive sewers qc
ncheme; that concrete septic tank*
b�� Installed at all residences and
nlacrs it business, those to emotv Into a large central taok which ln turn
would be emptied Into the river by
means of an automatic pump; that s
plan be evolved for making house connections across the broad ditches.
Messrs. B. B. Sims. A. Sprice. H. K
Falrventher and E. R. Morrison r��o-
resented the Improvement Anspclp'lon
while Aldermen Curtya. Gray. K"|i
lington acted on behalf of the councll.
In   Naval   JFight    fee tween
Greeks  and Turks off
If !
Thre Oeatroyera Hit���Barbarossa Narrowly Escspey Sinking���Many
*    Casualties In Crew.
Athens, Dec. 19.���Vice-admiral Haiti
Pasha, formerly minister of marina
in tbc Turkish cabinet, was killed ln
the naval engagement between tho
Creeks and Turks off the Dardanelles
on Dec Id.
This ls the report received from a
Greek captain who has just arrived
from the Dardanelles and made public through a aegal-official, news agency. |
Admiral Halt! pasha was on board
tbe flagship Kyehera-Ed-Din-Barbar-
ossa, which, according to, the same
authority waa very seriously damaged.
Four Officers  Also.
Four other officers aboard the flagship were killed and a large numher
of sailors were killed or wounded.'
A hoapltal ship was taken to tbe
care of the wounded. Three of the
other Turkish ships engaged in the
battle sustained severe damage.
Tbe flagship Jlarbarcssa was pierced
by shells on both the port and starboard aides. Flre broke out but waB
controlled. It was necessary to use
the collision mats In ordefr to keep
tbe flagship from sinking.
The Oreek captain said three Turkish destroyers were hit during the
Turka at Old Game.
London, Dec. 18.���According to a
Port Said dispatch to Lloyd's, a wireless message from the Oreek vessel
Macedonia, save tbo Turka have massacred the Christians In Mttylene.
The number killed ia not known.
The message adds that part of the
tut ��� n ������ uriiiir Turkish fleet was forced to mn ashore
Hi! I\ MarHrNlII near 'he Dardanelles because of dam
tllLLS NlIAilH.lU.IL n~t> done bv the Greek warships tn
ithe recent engagement.
Vancouver Decision In  Dispute Over
Towage of Interest to Weetmlneter Shippers.
Vancouver, Dec. 19.���Following evidence In tbe dispute over the towage
of two pile booms from Blackie Spit
and Serpentine river. His Honor Judge
Mclnnes yesterday gave a verdict ln
favor of Messrs. Champion ft White
against Mr. C. M. Bell for the $22i
claimed as towage fees. Hla honor
also dismissed the defendant's counter
The contracts for towage were admitted by Mr. Bell, who claimed, however, that on the second tow nearly
100 piles were missing, only 248 out
of 382 reaching their destination, ne
claimed that the plaintiffs were liable
for this shortage- to an amount exceeding the towage charges.
A large number of towboat owners
and captains were called as wltnesee
by the plaintiffs to show that lt was
not the custom to hold the owners
of tugs liable for booms or logs lost
In bad weather. Mr. 1.. B. McLellan
appeared for the plaintiffs and Mr.
J. B. Pattullo, K.C. for the defendant.
Hundred and Twenty-two in Shade I
Sydney, N.S.W., Dec. 19.���One hund
red and twenty-two In the shade Is the
record put up by the first heat wave
experienced in Australia this summer
This was recorded at Euclla, a station on the South Australian border.
At Poma In Queensland, the mercury
stood at 110, while at Newcastle the
cool city of New South Wales, haa had
the hottest spell tor 16 years, accompanied  by  dust and   windstorms
Vancouver, Dec. 19.���One of the fea
tures of the conference being hold In
Vancouver between the city council
and the C.N.R. officials regarding
False Creek ls the demand of th-
aldermen that the railroad company,
should It be given any privileges, es
tabllsb Its terminus both for freight
and passenger steamship traffic on
Burrard Inlet.
The company Is willing to grant th'-
passenger terminus to Vancouver bu'
the other stipulation it rejects on the
grounds that property is so hlgn
priced in Vancouver that elevators and
big manufacturing works would find
't almost prohibitive to establish
They argue that these must go else
where, probably to the Fraser river
and as such industries would supply
the class of freight traffic the road is
after It would be absolutely essential
for them to make the freight shipping
points where they exist
At the afternoon session of the conference the time was taken up mostly
ln discussing the location of th
road terminals of the compaay i
some agreement be made tor H
of False creek.
It Is proposed to establish a i	
station on the present head of the?
flat landa and should the Hat be Mated
through the Grandview or Mown*
Pleasant hills, It was intimated
another station would be built .
three-quarters of a mile out to i
the south and east districts ol Vns��-
The company also ask that ft fas-
granted the right to operate a
at  Its central depot ss well
in the city.
So far nothing bat been disclosed l
the conference as to the route fli
way would take fn order tlo
False Creek. Should ft go by ny otr
Grandview as has been one at tte?
suggestions, it Is almost certain to
pass through Westminster. If by-
Mount Pleasant it will in all likelihood
branch off the projected Lulu
Five  Hundred  Members Arrayed  Behind  Horticultural  Society  Al.
EdmonC*]. DeDc 19,���Buitnaby l��
going to have a flower show during I
toe summer of l'J13 that ahould make !
Other "part* orNe"w"south"w'ales|no "tUe ��tir throughout British Co. I
were affected but In Sydney the heat umb1*- Thi�� was manifest at a meet-
waa less severe, the thermometer go l,?g of "".A0?1,61* ,lel? in *�� Buruaby
lng only to 83.    No deaths Wet*, ro-  Pub"c ba�� tWs evening when the re-
1 ports ot the various committees were
read, a constitution and bylaws adopted and plans laid for further progress
In the work during the winter months
In General Exodus from Ottawa���Hon. Gearge Fester Acting.
Member   Will   Ask   for   Investigation
Into Safety of St. Lawrence Navigation.
Decides He Cannot Practice  Profession  As  He  Appointed  Judges���
Wlll Oo to Yale.      .'
Washington, Dec. 19.���President
Taft has decided to accept the proffer of the Kent professorship of law
at Tale and probably will take up his
duties at New Haven In the spring.
The president wes said tonight to
have determined upon accepting the
Yale .professorship for several reasons. Tie wlll not be restricted merely to lectures to Yale st ents, but
wlll be permitted to lecture, If he desires, in other law schools or upon the
platform or to engage In sny other occupation which be sees fit.
If the president hod returned to
Cincinnati to resume law practice he
felt ho would have but little oppor-
tulty for practice. He felt that he
eould not appear In cases before the
United States supreme court, because
he has appointed a majority of Its
He remembered, when he thought
of tho law. that he had named many
federal Judges' In Ohio before whom
he might have to argue cases, and he
believed that about the only sort of
nractlce be oould tako nn would he
International and that he regarded as
And  Seriously  Injures Robert Cossar
While Building Pole Line in
East Burnaby.
Oue man's life was extinguished
and another man was seriously Injured yesterday morning in East Bur
naby when one of tbe guy poles held
Ing up au electric light pole snapped
and crashed into a gang of linemen.
'ihe man killed was Angus MacKenzie, who Uvea at 749 Twenty-seventh
avenue, Vancouver, while Robert Cos
ear hen in the Itoyal Columbian hos
pital showing signs of recovery from
his injuries.
The gang of men were In tho employ
of the Main Bros. Construction Company. South Vancouver, and wore
building a pole line on Sixteenth and
Mary's avonue, Rast Burnaby when
the acldcpt happened.
The Westminster police and Dr. O.
de B. Walker of Edmonds were Immediately notified, the police ambulance being sent from this city. On
arrival Dr. Walker found that Mac
Kennle who had been struck on the
head, was quite dead and ordered
CoBsar to the hospital.
Deceased wa* 25 years old and unmarried. The body was brought to
the undertaking parlors of Center &
Hanna. An Inquest will be held tbi:
afternoon at 2 o'clock
ItsW Hcnors Amundsen.
Rome. Dec 19.���The gold medal of
the Italian Geographical society wan
presented to Captain A.dhmjuen. the
Polar explorer, today. Amundsen lectured st the eolleee Of Rofne hefore
the Klne. the Duke of Abruixl and
ether distinguished personages.
HCUC  \MTFDVFMTlAM'ml"ly of Uie  no*wers best suited fol \l\e goes to New York where
nJllJ  111 1 L.|\f Lil I IVI W 1 culture in this province will be out in I spend a day or two.    Mr. Borttcn
..... ....... .. .^ ...^ ......... ���....,,,..        Ottawa,   Dec.  IS.���Premier  Borden
The carnival will be held on the rou-1 left  the  capital  thla  evening  toe aa.
nlclpal  hall   grounds   aome   time   tn 1 holiday trip which will exten*
August ot next year at a Ume when 1 the Christmas and New. Yeaa r
Aska U. 8. State Department to Force
Great Britain to Return Lands
to Canada.
Washington, Dec, 19.���The Seigneur-
lal Court of Canada, being tbe direct
lineal descendants ot the original
French Feudal Lords of the country
today, through Forsyth'e De Fronsac,
full bloom, when the sweet peas will  cltned to say where he woold pmctttf
be  seen at  their best  and  many of  trom New Tork, but tt la undeissomJ.
 that ho will holiday at Hot Stpincn*
Va.     fle  was  accompanied  by  Mm.
Only four more shopping
days left before Christmas.
If you  have   not   done   your   ��� j Vlscomte et Marechal De Blason, pre-
v-v    .the garden variety rf ..vegetables an^
fruit will be ready for display.
Entries for garden competition must
be made to the secretary not late;
tban   March 15, 1913.
Mr. W. S. Rose, president of the bo
ciety, read a report of wli.it had taken
place nt tbe five committee meetings
held during the past two month?
shewing that a real spirit existed
among the members, who at present
number   500,   and   that   everyone   ap
buying yet, start right ln this
morning and finish up as soon
as you can. There will be
plenty of last minute choppers to-keep the clerks and delivery men buay. and thev don't
like to work all the night ber
fore Christmas If they can help
If you are undecided about
what to buy visit tbe New
Westminster stores. Tho
clerks will be pleased to assist
you In making your selections,-, ���
and yoa will be surprised at *���
the variety and alze of tha, ���
stocks they carry. -  ev ���
Read the advertisements is. P
The  Newa' trttore  you' start. ���
sented to the State Department a petl
tion begging the United Stales to intervene to oblige Britain to submit to
the arbiV'ition    of The    Hague    the
accompanied by
During his absence Hon.
S. Fstcr will be acting
will preside over cabinet metingn. lt
's expected, however, that only matters of, routine will be disposed oC
J-Ttnar the premier's holiday, mom
-?-".-l:irly as several of the cabinet
milliliters wlll be out of town.
Preparing Estimates.
During thc recess the est-mate* tor
p p p p p p p*a P #��� ��� ��� P*S*a the usual consideration.
peared to be embued vi-tth the deslrs?
to  make  tbe  first  annual affair one J ��be fiscal year, wbleh comm
which will be heralded forth through   Aprll 1, will be finally prepared.
out the province  as a  brilliant sue   wm be submitted to parliament
cess. hy Bfter the house meets.
Acting on the suggestion of deputy Apart from a small number of tsssass-
clalm of the seigneurs of thetr vast minister of agriculture \V. E. Scott bers who will spend their holidays ia
properties and estates ln the New the Burnaby Horticultural sc*ty wlll the capital, there are few who bare
World, i which they assert they were be incorporated and thus will be en- ���ot already left Ottawa for tka "
unlawfully disposed of by swarms of a bled to obtain a grant from the gov-  days.
English peasantry which overran Can-  ernment.    Twenty-five   members  are     practically all the Western
ada after tbe cession of that country  required to sign the petition and this ���f (|,,, commons got away last e
by France In 1763
Declaring that this action upon the
part of the British Oovernment was ln
direct violation of the treaty, the petitioners beg the Government of the
United States to take up their cause
and Insist tbat It be arbitrated before
the Panama Canal tolls question is
laid before tbe Hague Tribunal. The
state department will give the petition
Five Armies ,Suffew: War's
Hardships WhiUWurks Halt
Sueh satisfactory' progress la being
made with the repairs to the submerged main under the Lulu Island
Bridge that it is believed by Alderman
Curtis, chairman of the water committee, tbat there will be no necessity
(ar any rush connection with the laying of the two new ones.
The emergency main across the.
bridge ltaelf Is working very satis-
faotorily. Men .are stationed at alt
houra opening and closing tbe valves
every time the draw is opened to allow a boat to pan.
London, Doo, 19.���The peace confer
enoe beld a brief session today. The
Turkish delegates announced that
fresh instructions had been dispatch
ed from Constantinople by specia'
courier; therefore adjournment until
Saturday was taken by which time
tbe Instructions should reach Umdon.
lt was said tonight that Turkey Is
empowering har delegates lo proceed
with tho negotiations with the Greeks
as well as the Balkan delegates. This
decision tends towards peace, .��*
there has been a suspicion that th��
Turks were Manoeuverlng for time so
that they might strengthen their
The conference after the first
week's work Is In exactly the same
position ai the Portsmouth conference
at the end of the first week. Th��
different parties are dally feeling the
ground before atrlklng a decisive blow.
Interesting Personalities.
Renhad Pasha strongly recall* Count
Wttte's shrewdness, while the Greek
premier, Venlgeles, can be compared
to Komura, on aooount ot hla cool attitude and remarkable calmness. There
are other Interesting personalities.
Dr. Daneff, chief of tbe Bulgarians,
la like an American politician; Nova-
kovltoh, the ex-premler of Servla, ts
an experienced statesman; the Montenegrin Mlyuskovltoh, ls a keen diplomat.
After the eltttng today some of the
Balkan delegates expressed disgust
at the way affairs were dragging,
while fl��a armlea and three besieged
towns were enduring all the suffering
Of war Ud the respective countries
wero the prey ttt desolation. mlaer>
and deatb.
Turka Mistaken.
A Bulgarian delegate observed thai
the Turka wera much mistaken lf thay
delayed tha eouference, hoping -to
strengthen their army with troopa
from Aala. These reinforcements.aft
ohlefly composed of undisciplined men
Who would prove a serious danger not
to the enemy but to the Turks thenar
In the meantime the allien are eon
centratlng greater forces along the
Tchatalja front to enable thera lt wai
Is resumed to arrive at Constantinople within a few days. The prevail
Ing opinion la that the various postponements are. aiming at Intervention
by the powers., ,
Turkey proposes to obtain bettor
terma through the powers, aome of
whom have predominant Interests ln
the Ottoman territory. . Besides Turkey would consider it less humiliating to ati* Turkey on pressure from
the powers than at the command o>
the Balkan states, which were depicted to tha Massulman world a* a negligible quantity.
Reeent Italian Speech.
Thn Balkan delegate*, especially tha
Servians Ud Montenegrins exprea*
dlssastlafactlon with the statement
made Wedneaday by Marquis Dl San
Olullamo. tha Italian foreign mlnleter,
concerning thp alms of the triple aill
ance, and rwnark tut Italy has a
unique position towards the Balkan
states, having herself rlaen from notth
lag to a nationality through tha union
of klngdomn.
They expected her support In a Mat
liar movement by tbe Balkans, whose
resurrection Is now occurring as pre
dioted by tbe great Italian thinker
and agitator, Giuseppe Maztlnl, wben
Ip hli Slav letters In the middle of
the eighteenth century he foresaw the
Balkan peoples uniting to expel Turkey from Europe.
Ip voicing their objections theie
delegatei point out that the Italian
gycrnment has followed a pollcy
strongly favorable to Austria by renew
lng tbe triple all'wio seven month-;
before the date ot Us expiration ar.i
haa made iti itatement thereon Just at
the moment when the fate of the Bai
kani wai being decided, while at the
aame time the Italian people are fa
vorabte to the Balkan cause and the
Italian reigning house ls Intimately,
bound to thse of Montenegro and Ser
Greece'i Proposal!.
Tbe Greek proposal* will be more
complicated than those of other al-
Itek, because they Include tba question of capitulation, which Greece
alon* among the Balkan states en
poy* In Turkey with the great power*,
Tha capitulations, originally Imposed
on Turkey by the republic of Genoa
Jn UBI, Include exemption trots taxation tor foreign subjects, *peef "
court* and other privilege*. Giro*
Is ready to accept a claus* Ih tte
treaty with Turkey promising to,renounce the right to capitulation* whea
the Other powers do the same.
Another Oreek delegate arrived tc
day. He brought important panew
to Premier Venliele*. Ha 1* Rigo
agiwho, whose father, wyttor, poet
number was obtained this evening.
At Heap* Company's Site on Lulu I*/
land���Hull of Dredge Now
Actual work clearing tho Heaps Industrial alto on LUlu Island and also
a commencement on the wharf, wlll
start on Jan. 2, accord lug to an announcement by Mr. Henry Sbaacke
yesterday afternoon.
Tbe lease between tbe city and the
company, has been delayed considerably, but wa* signed early In the week
and preparations are being made to
rush the work at the new year.
The contract for the clearing hai already been lot aud the successful tenderers have been notified to start
work ai -soon aa thoy can get ready.
The pile driving work on the new
wharf will be undertaken by crew* In
the employ of the Heaps Company
and two outfits and crew* wlll be
'rough t down from Ruskin during
lb* next fe* day*.
Altogether ono thousand -pile* will
be driven in for the wharf alone.
while many more will be needed for
tha foundation of the machine shops
and other buildings.
The hull of the Rochford gold
dredge I* completed and wlll bf
brought from the Brunette Mille this
morning and moored opposite the
Shnacke plant where the machinery
will be Installed.
Two-third* of thl* has been finished, and Mr. Shaacke hope* to see the
dredge on Its -vay to Hope before
another month ha* passed.
Passenger* on the Sapperton An* of
tha B. C. R. R. la*t evening enjoyed
riding on tbe fir��t "pay-as-you-enter"
ear to be operated In thl* city.
It* running, however. I* tor a limited time only, a* several ot the new
car* Wbleb lave recently mrrlvrJ'J
from St Loul*, Mo., have been refitted at tba Weatmlnster oar shops of
and archaeologist waa   called   the th* company and after being tested
"Victor Hugo of Greeoe." 'will be lent to Vanoouver.
lng and the majority of those
senting the eastern constltnenefaa.
Those'who did not go left on today's
St. Lawrence Route.
Ottawa, Dec. IB. -On the eve of the
adjournment of the house. Mr. R N.
I ewls, Conservative member for Wen*
Huron, gave notice tbat be
move for the appointment of a <
mittee of the house to Inquire
the matter of safety of the St Ijmt-
rence route. The resolution to am
follows (
"Whereas, the navigation of tfeer
gulf and river St. Lawrence Saa mmat
sat*, barring negligence. In thn safa-
lon of this house, a committer or SStf*
house should be appointed tortflwftftr
to Investigate the svstem of at**S sW*
to navigation now In nse on tka flt
tawrenco, and a comparison maPa Pt
the same with those now In aaa am
the Great Lakes and canneetfaw rfr-
ers of same. A report to fen mmmt-
of inch Investigation at tha i
Will Accommodate 6000 Cara at
Capacity���Eight Different Tack
System*. ''
The C. P. R. Coquitlam yards
completed will have a total capacity
for 6000 cars and the terminals wVB
be capable ot division Into night afferent system* of trackage i
to information supplied thn
tied* ot the company In '
It is expected that vast i
wlll be  made   In   thla  d
work next year had a laine
men wlll be employed.
The systems of traohagn i
will be classified aa follows
Receiving from tbe aaat,
for the east repair yards;
classification,    westbound	
tlon. reolving from tbo  ptat.
ture for the west and holding :
The main line along tbla i
double-tracked.    From  thn
westbound traffic la to bn i
a aiding   after   crossing Pitt W*
(Continued oa Pae�� rtv*>
I Classified Advertising
Classified���One oent per word per
stag; *c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as repaired within one yoar from date of
-osntract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices SOc.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice gl.M.   Card ot Thanks  60c   per
once for housework and cooking
Appiy evenings at 320 Royal avenue. (315)
Mx farms by two young men used
to horses.   Box 307, News Office.
Furnished room; give price by
montli. N. P., P. O. Box  222,   city.
with $600; no experience required;
net earnings $300 per month. To
tnke full charge in Westminster.
Address Box 303 News office.
wages to the right party. Apply to
Mrs. T. R. Pearson, 715 Royal Ave
nun. (300)
to work on large ranch close to city.
Apply by letter only to 720 Royal
avenue. New Westminster.       (288)
needs work. Elevator, porter, restaurant expert office cleaning; anything appreciated. Stanley, 1708
Maple St. Vancouver. (272)
ranges on easy terms; $100 down,
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. (201)
Shareholders of British Pacific Coal
The shareholders of the British Pacific Coal Co are requested to attend
a. meeting in Room 4, Collister block,
at 8 o'clock, Dec. 20. to take action
in regard to an extraordinary meeting
called in Vancouver Dec. 21. All interested parties please attend.     (309)
Block "B," south half of District Lot
135Z, containing 45 acres, more or
teas. Municipality of North Vancouver.
Whereas, proof of loss of Certificate
or Title No. 11596 C, covering tho
above mentioned property, issued in
tte name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been filed In
this office, notice is hereby given that
I shall at the expiration of one month
iroui date of first publication hereof
inoran a duplicate of aaid Certificate
ol Title, unless In the meantime valid
objection.be made to me in writing.
Dated nt the Land Registry Office,
Uiia 19th day of December A.l).. 1912.
Ollt District Registrar.
room, with stove. Apply 701 Agnes
street. 1295)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (283)
Sunbury, for $10 per month. Applj
Box 304,  Ne*  Westminster,  B.  C
housekeeping rooms. Also ene fur
nlshed.   815 Agnes St. (260)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
ttirlng purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms, hoi snd cold watei
Apply room !>. Knights of Pythla;
hall, corner Eighth Btreet and Aenef
Btreet. (202)
school books. Owner can have same
by  paying  expenses,  Newa  Office
brown water spaniel pup. Reward
H. V. Wright, Edmonds P. O.    (287>
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Kings-
way Paving" will be received by thc
undersigned up till Monday, Dec. 30.
1912, for the complete grading and
paving of Kingsway from Boundary
Avenue to City Limits. New Westminster (approximately 4.21 miles). Separate Lump Sum tenders to be sub
mitted for the following    :
(1)    Grading and   contingent  work
raving   and   contingent   wor!.
Battle Which Started In China to Be
Continued  by  Rivals  in  Their
New  Home.
Seattle, Dec. 19.���Seattle Chinese,
members of the powertul Hop Sing
tong, were arming themaelvea today ln
expectation of the outbreak of a tong
war between this city and Portland,
as a result of the murder last night of
Wong Song, a Hop Sing tongman.
Wong Song was shot to death with
an automatic revolver. Police arrested Go Young Ging, Ding Pon and Mrs.
Sing Ylng. Blood stains had been
found on a garbage can at the rear
of tlieir house. In the can waB an automatic revolver which had recently
been discharged.
This morning, at police headquarters, the two men and tho woman were
questioned in an attempt to learn
whether they were members of the
Bow Leung tong.
The Bow Leung tong Is numerically
strong in Portland. There are few
members In Seattle. The Hop Sing
tong is strongest here. The two have
been rivals for hundreds of years ln
Several months ago Seid Bing, a
Bow Leung tongman, was murderer In
Portland. His body was shipped to
Seattle in a trunk and was discovered
at the King Street station. Wong Sl
Sam and Low Soon, members of the
Hop Sing tong were arrested charged
with the murder. Wong Si Sam was
found guilty and sentenced to die, but
the supreme court afterwards for
ant of positive evidence let him off
with a year in the penitentiary.
Low Soon, after a long legal fight,
was discharged Saturday from custody
of the law. Advices from Portland
are to the effect that he came directly
to Seattle.
address the business meetings of these
J*r. WllBon eald that his open door
policy would be preserved at the
White House so far as It was physically possible and that he intended to
have the doors of the executive offices
thrown wide open so that the president would bo accessible at all times,
but only to those "who have business
to transact."
Another White House tradition
which Mr. Wilson probably will alter
to some extent Is the prohibition of
the newspapermen of referring to conversations with the president ln the
first person. Mr. Wilson said he probably would express him self often and
in the first person in statements 1b-
Biied from time to time on public questions.
Princeton, N. J., Dec. 19.���When
Woodrow Wilson wakes up on the
morning of Dec. 28, he expects to
find himself in the same house ln
Stauton, Va., in which he was born
just 56 years ago that day.
The president-elect said today be
would leave here on Dec. 27 and reach
Mb birthplace that night so as to sleep
in the Presbyterian parsonage In
which he was born.
Sir Henry   Norman   Appears   Before
Select Commute  on  Marconi
PreBident-Elect Announces That Public   Functions Take  Too   Much
Time of Executive.
Tenders     wanted     for    supplying
School Desks (single). A sample must
be left at the Secretary's office. Tenders must be at the Secretary's office
by noon of Friday, December 27.
���Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.
CJ77) New Westminster, B.C.
Notice Concerning thc Construction of
���a Schooner for the Hydrographic
Survey Branch of the Department
of the Naval Service.
.HBIALED tenders, addressed to
Uie undersigned, and endorsed "Tend
ore for Schooner," will be received up
to noon on Wednesday, the lr.th January, 1913, Ior the supply to tiio Do-
lartmcnl of tho Naval Service of a
Schooner conforming to the following
licngth overall about. Bl fi , 6 Inch.
'Uragth of water line..80 fl.
ftt-nm   20 ft.
Mean Dtmft 8 ft.
aaLaVtaataat to he delivered alongside
Whaif at ii. m. C, Dockyard, Bsqul
���Hit, BJO,  Copies of the design   aod
aprriflnttiiin enn be obtained on appli
nation to the nndarslgnod or to   th--
Nsval Store Officer nt 11.  M. C. Duck
yard. Baqulmalt, lir.
Unauthorized publication of this
notice will not be pnld for.
Deputy Minister of tho Naval Bervlce
TJevmrtment of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, December flth. 1012.
---32BM. (itl
Grading and paving complete,
following specifications (a)
Grading, etc. (b) Asphaltic Concrete
Paving,    (c) General to all pavements.!
j will be furnished by lhe Corporation!
I but Contractors or Manufacturers will
be permitted to submit" tenders fo!
any class of paving on their own spec
Ilflcatlons. Further particulars and!
plans and specifications may be ob
tallied at the Engineers Office on anc1
after Saturday, 21st Inst., on paymenl
of 110.00, which sum will be returned
on receipt of a bona-flde tender.
Contractors must furnish a marked
cheque for S per cent, of the amounl
of their tender made payahle to the
Corporation of Burnaby, which cheque
Will be held untll the successful con
tractors have executed a bond as per
General Conditions of Contract    .
The Corporation will not he hound
to accept the lowest or any tender.
The Corporation also reserve the
right to award the Contracts for grading and paving separately or for the
entire works at their discretion
1."01) Comptroller.
Edmonds, B. C. Dec. 1<I, 1912.
Kitty Marlon Given Month In Jail for
Turning  in  False Flre
London, Dec. 19.���Kitty Marion, an
actress, was sentenced yesterday in
Bow Street court to a month's imprisonment with the option, which Bhe indignantly refused, of paying a $125
fine for giving false fire alarms. The
magistrate made the sentence excei��
tionally severe because of the largi
number of such outrages recently perpetrated by suffragettes.
MISS Marion made a statement In
court throwing a curlouB light upon
the working of the suffragette mind,
Three years ago, she Baid, she appeared in the Bow Street court on a
charge of breaking a window. She
did that, she said, in order to attract
public attention to the conditions ot
Uie stage, which n""?6 ". slmost lm-
IppSSlblU 'Dr a woman to earn an hon-
\e*l living. It waB the unwritten law
that a woman who wanted to go
straight could not make her way on
the stage. She challenged the actors'
Association to deny tho truth of her
Since then she had been boycotted
out of the profession and had been
obliged to turn to other employment
She got work as a domestic servant
"All went well." she continued, "till
my employer asked for my insurance
card. I told her I refused to pay any
insurance tax. and had to leave. Then
it happened that Irish women were
betrayed ln the Home Rule bill. I intended to make a much stronger protest, lint mv friends of the Women's
Serial and Political I'nion begged me
not to do so. and. therefore, I content-
1 d myself with metaphorically turning
the lioso on the government."
Princeton, N. J.. Dec. 19.���The days
of public receptions in the big east
wing of the White House are numbered and in the next administration
people will not be received at the executive mansion merely for the purpose of shaking hands or gazing in
curiosity at the president of the United States. President-elect Wilson declared last night that lie saw no U3u
in spending time just to receive peo
pie who had nir business to transact
at the White House.
Outside    of the needless    physical. 	
strain of receiving thousands of peo-1 |(��g criTshVr WlLt.
pie when the president vas endeavor-1
ing to use his energies tur inure pub-'
lie purposes.    Mr. Wilson said, hedld
not believe in lnoossftnt receptions to
tourists and   the   numerous   societies
that, come annually to Washington, He
also  indicated that he would   not attend very many of the banquets that
Motional   societies   of   various     kinds
hold In Washington and to which tne
president iB so regularly invited.
"Many of these societies.'' he said,
'represent Important objects and I
appreciate the possibilities of assisting government work in speaking before them, but I really do not see any
need of going to the banquets of the
organizations.   It might  be hetter to
London, Dec. 19.���Sir lienry Norman, whose criticisms in the House
cf Commons on the Marconi contract
led to the enquiry, was the chief witness before the select committee yesterday. He declared that the ratification of the" agreement of 1912 would
be contrary to publlc Interest, would
Inevitably result ln something approaching a monopoly by Marconi
Company and would be an extravagance with public money, prejudicial
to the scientific development of the
wireless telegraph. If the agreement
were ratified, he said, Inventors would
be compelled to go to the Marconi
Company hat ln hand. If their inventions were refused they would be
discouraged. If purchased they would
be tended  to promote the monopoly.
Sir Henry held that the agreement
of 1909 gave the,post master-general
the right to present the future Marconi patents and all information as to
Bccret processes. The postmaster-
general had already acquired for cash
every right he was now seeking.
Therefore the agreement of 1912 was
The witness alleged that the urgency plea waa baseless and emphatically opposed to handing over, lock
stock and barrel, of a great Imperial
scientific undertaking to a commercial company. If the Australian post-
office and the American army could
maintain their own wireless service,
he regarded the suggestion of placing the service in the hands of the
Marconi Company aa humiliating and
protested against it as an affront to
British science and enterprise.
Letters were then submitted to the
committee by the postmaster-genera!
ln reply to press criticisms on the
transactions in Marconi shares standing in the name of his relative. Hon.
Gerald S. Montague, ln which It was
said that Montague never purchased
Marconi Bhares himsolf. but his name
had been used as a banker to hold
Bhares in behalf of Amsterdam correspondents.
10 acroa on Main road, all cleared, planted ln assorted fruits.
Splendid location; 6 roomed cottage: electric lights; barns and
Btables; one mile from Hammond Station.
$9500���% Cash, balance in 1, 2, 3 years
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
French Aviator Sets New Record by
Traveling ,160   Mites   Over  the
Toledo, <>. Dee. lft. -To prevent a
Chrlstmaa famine at Pelee Island, in
I akc Erie the Canadian Governmenl
has granted special permission for the
American Ice-crusher steamer "Olcott"
to touch consecutively at more than
one Canadian port.
The. Canadian steamer "Clark.' upon which the Islanders depended, wai
put out of commlSB'on in a caie la.;-,
week. Since then the Islanders have
been cut off from provisions Th->
"Olcott'' will make her flrsj trip tomorrow between Pelee fslt nd and
Kinesvllle and Leamington on the
north shorp.
Trapanl, Sicily, Dec. 19.���Roland G.
Garros, the French aviator, ma'de a
splendid flight today over the Mediterranean. Sea from Tunis. Africa, to
slcil.-. -He landed near Trapanl, having com red about 160 miles over the
This i -iibllBhes a new over-sea record. In making the landing today
the gasoline tank of Garros' aeroplane
was dtmiaged. Garros sent for his
mechanician, who will arrive from Tunis tomorrow to repair the tank, after
which the aviator will continue hia
[light to Naples and Rome.
Garros recently established a new
altitude record of 19,032 feet.
Describing hls venturesome flight
ton'Kht. Garros said:
"As soon as 1 left Tunis I caught
sisht ef Hip Frpnch torpedo boata
from Rlzerta. Tliey were crulBlng at
equal distances across my path.   Ab It
House Wanted
I have a client who will buy a new modern five or six roomed bungalow, situated west of Eighth street, that a small cash payment wlll
hai.ule, and balance arranged on montii.j payments. WHAT HAVE)
Phone (27.    Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
was Impossible for me to lose my way,
the trip was agreeable.
"Although somewhat cold, I was
obliged to rise co a great height to
avoid the air currents, and I was very
glad when I sighted the coast of Sicily
and found all the vlopulin of Marsala
(a little to tbe south of Trapanl), had
come out to welcome me. Their
boats dotted the roadstead and furnished a picturesque spectacle."
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up) .... $16,1 W.OOO.Od
RESERVE    $16,Otf,0M.OO
Branebaa throognout Caaadt ang
Newfoundland, aid In Loadon, England, 1/sw Tork, Chttago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
talking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts ot ths
world. Hi
Savings Baak Dspertmsat���Deposits
Tceel-ad In turns of 11 and upward,
snd Interest allows 1 at I par eent par
annum (prtsaet rate).
Total Assets over HJJ.OgO.OOlLM 1
Copenhagen, Dec. IS.���The private
library of King Christian has been the
field of operations for a thief. Tho
fact was discovered today, and an as-
Bfs*��ut secretary ts charged with belli? inv'^lvod- ^L^^^^ _,^^^^^^^^^^_
The loot included rare ahd uhlquo I    NEW WWM1��*** ��"ANCH.
bookB, miniature? and pictures.   Thc *-��� "��� BRYHNKH. Manager.
stolen articles were sClfl to dealers In ;      ���-_ _ n
second-hand  goodB,  who  are  aald  to
have disposed of a large part of them
in the United States.
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
NEW METHOD aEAN��RSi^-r^T betot-
LADIES' WORK OUR SPECIALTY.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
628 Clarkson Street. Phone 490. !��nd makecomplalnt. Only In this wsy
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables ln the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. Q. BEATON, Proprietor.
may an efficient
delivery   be   main*
Phone R524
���19 Hamilton SL
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavatrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Septle Tanks, Etc
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
*S Lorns Street.  Nsw Wsstmlnstsr.
Curtis Blook, New  Westminster,  B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Prairie farm for
Burnaby property
Quarter    section   In   Saskatchewan j
first  clans  loamy  land,  good  water j
handy to two railways.    Price $2u per
acre, whicli is ?.'i below market price
Owner will take Burnaby properij
In part payment.
Summerland orchards   for   city   or
rum] propeity. We have two orchard-
in Summerland, nil cultivated, one or-
orcliard In foil bearing. Owners will
both OOnildar trade for New- Westmln
Bter. Vancouver or Rural property
Call and see us.
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg
Of all  kind.-i.
Vrtccs right.   Bitlsfactlon guaranteed
59 McKeniic  St.
���Four Roomed House
'and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Caldicott Block, Fourth Avenue
*y**aaa ttS. East Bu-naby, B.C. i
Tlie best lilt aero farm In Chilihvnck
all under cultivation but 1 1-2 acrei
whloh   Is covered   with  80,000  feet Oi
lUndlng timber. Large ten rnomec
house, large stables, hnrns, chicken
linuseB, hog r'-ns; $lS,��nn. JG.BflO e.rih
Terms for hHlsnce Property Ih ur.er.
cumlicred and a lar^e loan cin le
raised on the' property.
Would consider trade for city properly.
Flre, Accident, Plate GIcbs. Auto;
mobile, Burglary.  Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
This is a store where Men's Wear is the only thing sold. Let us help you choose a gift for him. A man likes gifts
for Christmas that are useful He wants personal things. Give him something he likes and he will put it on with
a pleasant thought of you.
Christmas Gifts;
a i urge assortment ct Fancy Tlaa in Derbys, Plowing Bads and Knitted   goods,     The   very   la:-st   novelties,    Prlcos 50c, 7Dc, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50,
$2.oo and $2C0.
Kach tie put In a fancy box.    .Y-ik to bob our EXTRA SPECIAL American Tiea, fan;y  boxsd  at GOc.
BUWartff* end  Pool
Biggest nnd best line of Pipe
Cigars and Smoking requisite!
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   Bt,
A gift that will be appreciated.    Pure Silk st $10;   Silk and Wool, at
$0.r,o, $7.60, $0.00
Collar Bags
Something that any man wants.    In Silk or Leather, 75c. to $3.60.
Susponders,  Am>b.utdn  and  Carters ln attractive boxcj, 76c. to $2.00.
Taney Armbahdi in bc;:eg, 23:. to $1X0.
So warm snd comfortable that any man would want one.   Plain and
Fjn.y,  fron    J1.00  to  $8.00. ^sWWt
Night RoBes
The only pin that wlll iiiiikn hlm happy.   A nlco Silk Ilobe.   Pure Silk
at $8.00; Silk and Wool at $5.50, $7.50.
Give Him Something Good
A Smoking Jacket or a llnlli Rohe,    Smoking Jackets, $10 to $13;   Bath
Robes,   $11.50   to   $15.00.
Tie mul Handkerchief Holders, Comb   and   linish   Holders.    A   handsome gift cach $1.60.
1 ��� i
For  Excellence   In   Shaving,   Haircut
ting nnd Shampooing gl?e Iho
35   Eighth   St.    David   Boyle,   Prop,
a trial.    Pour skilled workmen,   (mr!
system of treating the Btialp for dan
druff and  falling hslr cannot be Im
proved upon.    Try It.
Face Massaging a Bpeclalfy.
Reg, Values to $U Week End Special $30        Reg. Values to $25, Week End Special $20
Reg. Values to $40, Week End Special $35        Reg. Values to $30, Week End Special $25
Don't forget that Fite-Rite Suits will be kept pressed by a competent tailor FREE OF CHARGE.
j H [Mick.,] ^1,.^ RICHARDSON & HUMPHRIES  t fHm^"^
709 Westminster Trust Building New Westminster, B. C. ' FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1812.
Every Day This Big Store Demonstrates Its Ability
To serve its customers second to none in British Columbia. We have
mt on more help to care for the last minute rushes, and still we
SSe moS shopping. From now until Christmas our store is open
until K) d m   Five great floors packed with Christmas merchandise
What Will She Say
When You Give Her
That Handsome Fur
Set This Christmas ?
If you buy at LeeB Limited Bhe will say they
are genuine, ior we carry only qualities that we can
absolutely guarantee and at prices much below tiio
market value, ^J^J
Ncrth Canada Mink Seta $1,25, $1.50 and $2.09
Single    Mink Muffs  $35, $50, $65 and $83
River Mink Muffs  $15, $20 and $25
Novelty Fur Neck Pieces $4.50, $5, $6.50, $10 and
300 New Waists
0. > Here especially for Christmas; dainty new styles
jusi ln advance of the coming season. Most appropriate for a gift, priced at $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00.
Novelty Silk Umbrellas
With beautiful handles of pearl,
gold, silver and gun metal, put
up ln nice boes. A moat welcome gift at $4.50, $5.00, $5.00,
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lf you want a trunk or vallaa
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give you tlie largest aasortment
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Trunks nt $4.00,    $5.00,    $7.50.
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Vallaea at $20.00, $25.00 and
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S.'.i) Coats and Suits marked down to  $37.50
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at $8.50, $12.50, $15.00 and $20.00
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welcome gift
Two Solid Cars
of new Furniture have been unloaded this week
ready for the big Christmas demand. Handsome
pieces in white enamel, clrcaalau walnut, solid
mahogany, fumed and golden oak and the new gum
Complete Dining Room Sets; tea table, 6
chairs, sideboard, side table and china cloBet for
$150.00,  $200.0 0 and $300.00.
We are anxious to show you these
beautiful specimens from the best makers
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Our Gift
is a very popular floor these days
It is filled with the most aoprro-
priate articles for gift giving���Big
solid leather "comfy" chains,
"sleepy hollows," occasional chairs,
den outfits, card tables, celtaretteo,
magazine   stand:;  and tabourettes.
Says he will give away to just
1000 "Kiddos"
a sack of the
Delicious Chocolates
that are made at the new Chocolate Factory just Btarted
ln our city, if each "kiddie" will meet him at his booth
Saturday   forenoon between il a. m. and 12 noon.
Mr. Marb. the maker, says he will do his best to
make the best to vlca.se every little "klddo," so don't
oversleep on  Saturday.
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PaMlshod every morning except
���ttsmday by The National Printing and
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���her. ��   C.
���        TELEPHONES:
BaefaMias Office     991
���editorial Office  991
By carrier $4 par year, $1 for threi
mmatha, or 40c per month.
By mail $3 per   year,   or   26c   per
No letters will be published In th
Kvwa except over the writer's slgna
tore.    The editor reserves the rlgh1
ta refuse the publication of any letter
increase the beef cattle herds of their
So long as the United States draws
all available cattle supplies out ot
Canada, such augmentation would
have little benefit for the Canadian
consumer, but at least we might derive the large profits from the export.
The Cattle Handling Commission now
lu session In the West should not
hesitate to recommend strong measures to promote ranching.���Torontc
Mail and Empire.
In the course of a speech at a banquet given by the New York Cliam-
bur of Commerce the other day, Mr.
Ellin Root, Secretary of State In tbe
Roosevelt cabinet, referring to the
Punama Canal tolls, declared that:
"Americans have a treaty with
Great Britain under which wo
agreed that all questions arlslns
upon the interpretation of treatlos
shall be submitted to arbitration. It
seems hardly conceivable, yet there
are men who say wo will nevor arbitrate on the question of the construction of that treaty.
"And I say to you that If we refuse to arbitrate on it we shall be
ln the position of the merchant
who is knwn to all the world to be
falac to hla promises. With our
nearly ��800.000,000 of foreign trade
we shall stand In the world of commerce as a merchant false to hf.
"Among nil the peoples of this
earth who hope for better days of
righteousness nnd peace in thc future, we shall stand In the light of
our multitude of declarations for ar
bltratlon and peace, discredited, dl*
honored hypocrites, with tho fair
name of America blackened, with
the self-respect of American gone,
with the Influence of America fot
advance along the pathway of progress and civilization anuulled, dishonored, and disgraced."
These are very strong words; but
according to the New York Times and
tho New York Evening Po3t. and
other Impartial organs of United
States publlc opinion, thoy are none
too Btrong.
It. Is worth noting that the senator's words were received b? a repre-
eentatlve assembly of N'ew York merchants with heartv and unanimous ap
planse.���Ottawa Free Press.
l'he real spirit that prevails at thlr
snuon of the year must not be con
fused with the superficial evidence
��f spontaneous good-fellowship and in
discriminate giving of more or les.-i
appreciated presents. There is some-
thins baek of this expressed goodwill
lo mm, a latent sympathy that cftcn
spends ilself ln ubcIcss channels lm
-cause there is no directive force.
Thc exchange of gifts at Christmas
tide ia so rooted an institution that,
lacking out3ide suggestion, few of us
think of giving without at the same
time, unconsciously perhaps, thinking
of receiving in return.
All the more honor, therefore, to
those individuals or associations
which use their influence for the di
reeling of gifts in thc more deserving
In Western Canada we are fortunate
in having no slum or Sliacktov.n prob
1cm, but that docs not mean that tbe
poor nre have not with us.
There is poverty of material things.
but there is also poverty of social ad
'Vantage.    Tlie stranger    within    our
Sates may have gold in his purse and
yet lack a home where he may spend
Christinas   wilh   friends.     Most   men
are chary of inviting outsiders to their
firesides   on   this   occasion;   this   1.1
first of all a family gathering time.
To these strangers the Christmas din-
ner and entertainment which is to lie
provided by the Y. M. C. A. will prove
a. welcome attraction ar.d th's splendid
institution will add lo its renown b)
this move.
Eigthy-scvcrt patients today lie on
beds suffering In the public wards of
fbe   lioyal   Columbian   hospital.     All
these    will    spend    their    Christmas
will, ii those silent whitewashed walls.
amid  sorrow and  sickness und  pa inl
nearly  all  these  patients are  bund- j Pub|ic HeaIth prob!erT)S.
reds or miles away from home or kind-1    "0M poUticaJ problems   sr��   b-ln8
red, many cf them are dependent on   thrown into the scrap hc-np nnd pijo-
.your generosity for what little choerll1' nr.1 demanding new leaders enpuMt
the Christmas season is to bring tliem. I ?f lradin8 them to a solution of pri b:
That   admirable   organization,   ths
'Woman's Auxiliary, has assumed the
-re��ponsibility of bringing a little sun
sh'rw. and love to the sufferers in the
silent white cots of the public wards.
Every  Inmate  la  to  l*e rememoerca
London Police Gather in Habitues of
Exclusive Gaming House.
London, Dec. 19.���Fifty detectives,
together with dozens of uniformed po
lice, raided a gambling house in Belgrade square tonight and arrested lc
men and women of considerable Bocial
prominence. The mansion was the
largest gambling establishment ever
tackled in London, the raid being tiie
result of a determined effort on th^
part of the authorities to crush the increasing gambling tendency.
The counters which were seized
ranged in value from ~i% to i'-iM). A
I total of $4065 were seized, while the
croupier held counters valued nt 540,-
Those who were arrested were en
��� raged in playing cliemln de fer, and
frantic   endeavors   wire   made   to   es-
| capo when the officers burst open the
I doors.
If Upper House Kills Naval BUI Feeling -Is That Drastic  Measures
Will   Follcw.
Ottawa, Dec. II).--The general feeling liere is If the Senate obstructs thi
.government's naval proposals, as Liberal newspapers have been hinting of
lttie, thc government will not gojto
the country on that account, but Is
very much more likely to bring ln a
measure for senate reform.
' If the naval proposals aro passed
hy the House and tbat Is practically s
certainly, the government will take
this as sufficient endorsatlon, as it is
entltli-i) to do, and In due course lt
isMll HO. to the couutry with its perma-
ll^nt pollcy. But going to the countty
because of the Senate obstruction
Would not In the least oegree alter tht>
Oljaraeter of the Senate and would be
ii useless move.
,Tho general impression is thnt the
upper chamber will not suffer Itself
to he made a puppet of Sir Wllfird,
particularly with Sir George Ross ln
lljr  leadership.
,'Tlie speech of Mr. Poster will, It ls
believed, have a big effect In bringing
the opposition to Ita senses. The general expectation is that the Liberal
members will take a much more
.peaceful attitude after the Christmas
recess and that the bill will be quick-
^disposed of in thy Commons.
!   i     ONLY   THREE   LEFT.
Miny  Deserters  From   Ranks of Suf-
I   ragettes on March to Albany.
feekskill, N. V'., Dec. 19.���Pilgrims
thltee. That was all that was left tonight of the suffragette army of 34
that started on Monday from New
YorK to carry a message to Albany
to Governor Surzer on his Inauguration day. /
The trio, Miss Rosalie G. Jones,
commander; Mrs. Ida Craft and Mlss
Levlna Dock, trooped Into this city
shortly before 3 p. in. today.
Three of the six marchers wiii>
"bivouacked" last night in Osslning.
deserted this morning, but protested
that the drizzling rain which soaked
the dust of the AlbanV Post road Into
soft, rich mud, had nothing to do with
their decision to abandon the march.
(Continued from page one)
sing and the hour hand rested on five
probably the hour of the tragedy on
Saturday afternoon.
After the inquest the body will be
sent to Los Angeles where the widow,
daughter of a banker of Ontario, Cal.,
awaits lt.
Lawrenco's body was found near
where the wreckage of Kearney's
aeroplane was picked up yesterday.
The search for Kearney was redoubled. Those wbo know the sbpre
current well, say the aviator's body
will be found close by.
Find Kearney Also.
Rodondo Beach, Cal., Dec. 19.���
Ten hours after the body of tho young
reporter was found on the precipitous
coast near Rocky Point, that of his
aviator companion was picked up a
mlle away at sea by a searchfng party
ln charge of Oeorge K. Harrison, a
skilled aeronaut and close friend of
the doomed men.
Kearney's body was found entangled
In kelp and partially attached to a
life preserver, the white cloth of
which, glistening in  the sunlight at
There was every indication that
Kearney had met death soon after
hiB liydro-at?roplane struck tho water
Cuban Congress Adjourns.
Havana, Dec. 19.���The Cuban congress adjourned last night until June
io next. It haB accomplished prac-
tlcaUy no legislation Bince the beginning of the session, November 2.
Presented by the Vitagraph Company, with Rose Coghlan as Rosalind.
Kllborne, a poacher, is loved hy
Rose, a daughter of an old charwoman
whose cabin ln tbe midst of a dense
forest is Kllborne's rendezvous. Although Robs has often saved Kllborne
from tho hund of the law, brutal treatment Is her only reward, for Kllborne
is in love with a farmers' daughter.
He Is being tracked by the gendarmes
and Rose, suspecting that he is at
the farmer'B house, hurries there to
warn hlm of the impending danger.
The police nrrlve at the farm Immediately after her and surround the houae
When Kllborne steps through the door
ho la ordered to surrender. He refuses. An officer raises hls gun and
fires. Rose steps In front of Kllborne
as the Bhot rings out and receives
tho bullet In her heart. As Bhe
breathes hur list Kllborne weeps for
the first tlmo ln Ills life and realizes
the depth of the love he never recognized.
<m Christmas day. Gifts, serviceable
and seasonable, will be distributed by
kind hands, and words of greeting and
cheer will accompany the presents.
The patients will be made to feel thai
-they are receiving gifts, not doles.
"Money is required to purchase gifts
for these sufferers, and an appeal Is
autdc by the ladles for the support ol
tbe citizens. No canvassing or per
9Doal solicitation will be engaged In
Pen contributions will be received al
the offices of either local newspaper
and properly acknowledged.
T>ul of your abundance remenihei
those who are frlfendlcas here. Pin
yaariu.ll in their place, and then add
your   mite   to  the   Royal   Columbian
lems that cofint for mitfe in the national welfare nnd whose pnlutinn will
result in greater bumnn cittcicne'v."
Theaa words of Dr. W. A. Evsnn nt
the convention of the Cannrlinn Public
Health Association should lie rxiruW-
ed over by the young men who arc
growing no into thc responsibilities
nf public Iif,-. The old ideals of fuo
ins deatli in battle and otlier military
imd naval ways hit beginning to leek
rnth:r crude beside th" life nrd dentil
struieles entailed by our clinijpinjt
������"cial conditions. An epidemic ofteu
kil's far more thnn a military cam-
pni^'n. DlsescR like consumption,
wliich carry off three thousand people
in Ontario alone every year, or?
plasties fnr worse than tli" encroachments ef alien nations. Pure wnter.
dean milk, (ood fr��e from gefms arc
of vitnl importance to tli�� people.
There has b en a dispoliti^i on the
part of some citizens to unilerv&lii*
tli     ^^^^
work done for month, past by Dr.
Hasting, in th" e-.ty health depart,
ment of Toronto, hut tV meeting ol
tlie health asfocinton should have the
good eff.et of laying proper emphasis
on 111" Importance of their ,TVrk, many
���     .... , ��� _,, .features of wliich hnve hitherto been
fnnd.   A dime or a dollar, according to negleoted.-Towmfc  WorlJr
your  means  and  generosity,  sent  t; j	
Tte- News will help in the briKhtenin,
tl a, Christmas Day  in  u  hospital.
Woi a pound ef dressed beef wa3 exported from the l'nited State! li
Great llrilain In September, OclobiJ
aoA November, and during the game
pern*! only !KiO cattle were exported.
Ftojb this there is only one conclusion, .unl   that Is that  the people   ol.
thia   continent will have   to endun
bijli beef prices for several years.
There niUSt be a revolution In th.
ITnitf <1 States cattle raising befon
prices begin to fall materially. With
tto hlsh prices now prevailing. West
��ra and Southwestern farmers have
stvted lo buy all the Btockera and
feeders In Bight, to consume theii
surplusage of fodder and feed.
Tiiis promises to give some small
measure, of relief when the finished
ealtle come on the market, but It ls tc
ke feared that the market will ba ho
���TOrsscions that price reductions will bi
jqnite negligible.
As The Mail and Empire has :;i'i
Twforc. Canada has a splendid oppor
"tmiity under the present circunv
stuncer- to build up a far-reaching cat-
tt* industry. The supply of cattle In
Ouuda has not diminished with the
XSdwUi of the population, as It haa in
tttia United States.
Ust the Canadian cattle reserve is
am ���mall, compared with that across
SSm Iporder, that we cannot well pre-
���aaaa*. prices and demand here reflect-
B*m United States prices and demand.
Mat only for onr own protection as
but as cattle exporters,
i ought to spare no effort to
A Test  for   Eyesight.
An int* resting test for eyesight mat
ht had by observing Ursa Major���tha
Great Hoar���on a clear starlit night
Net every one is aware tliat Mizar, llm
second star in the constellation, is ��
double star. To observe this dnuhlet
demands good vision. Some starry
night look up to the sky and see il
yuu ean rest rontent in the knowledge
Ihat your eyesight is not defective.
The nearest approach to Lew Dock-
slader's minstrels was that of the
Vancouver Moose in the opera house
last evening when an evening wltb
("Moose In Burnt Cork was thoroughly
enjoyed by a large and appreciative
The choriiB was fine, the soloists
could not have been better while the
eud men and the Interlocutor convuls
ed the audience with continual laugh
The show's object, that of raising
funds to supply the needy with gooil
tilings at this Christmas season, was
a laudable one and by this entertain
ment the Moose of the city and of |
Vaneouver showed themselves to bn a
broothcrhood that any city should feel
proud of.
"THE    ROSE    OF    PANAMA."
"Highly. artiBtic and wonderfully
fastlhBtlng," are the adjectives used
toide.scribe John Cort's production of
the Viennese operetta. "The Rose of
Panama," which will be thc offering
at  the  opera  house  thiB  evening.
Mr. Cort has sent on tour the complete original production with its
wealth of beautiful costumes and magnificent scenery. In addition, the astute manager has retained the majority .^f tbe principal singers and com-
edlans who distinguished themselveB
during; the run of the opera at Daly'a
Theaire, New York. Chapine. the
petite Frenchwoman who captured
metropolitan critics in a single night,
will be heard in the prima donna role,
and*.others of scarcely less musieianly
prCmThlmco wlll Icid their voices in
display of the melodious treasures the
score contains.
. llejhrich Berte, one of Europe's
most prominent composers, is respon
slble for the music, which will be ran-
dered with augmented orchestran)
while the libretto Is the work of lg-
nat* Schneitzer and Emorlch von
Ladies' Belt Uuckles, regular $2.50 to $4 for...$ .50
Indies' German Silver Mesh Bags at    1.00
Ladies  Sterling Silver Mesh Hags at  20.00
Ladles'   Seal Hand  Bags at     $2.00
Ladies'   Solid Gold Brooches, a nice line at...  5 00
Ladles'.Cold Headed  Umbrellas, reg ?7.5n at...  5.C0
Ladies' 25 year Gold  Filled Watch,  filled  with
Waltham   Movement at 15.00
Ladles'  Diamond Rings at Special prices
Baby Sets, consisting of knife, fork, spoon, napkin ring and baby mug at    1.50
Baby Set, Pearl  Handle  at      1.23
Baby Rings, all kinds, solid gold, at   1.00
Our Boy's Watch, absolutely guaranteed at   1.50
Special line of Gold Filled Links at   1.00
Writing Desk Sets, ln brass, from   $6.00 up
" Sliver Photo frames from  $1.00 up
Military Hair Brushes (Ebony )in cases $3.50
The Jeweler
Utilization  of College  Yells.
Farmer (whose son hns been nt college)���What was thnt liowlin' you wnj
doin' out in the grove,
Son���I vats merely showing Mlaj
Brighteyei what a college yell is like
Farmer���Waal, I swan! College ll
some good after all. I'm goin' inte
town to sell some tjuck to-morrow
Vou kin go along nn' do the callin'.
Different Noise.
Mother���Fritz, I thought I told yoc
* little while ago not to make tha'
Fritz���This is ijuite a different noise
mummy, The first was with a drum
nnd this is with a trumpet.
��� a
The newspaper adevrtlBe-
ment is far-reaching in Its effects. Each business man who
advertises In the newspapers
not only helps his own business but that of his fellow-
merchant ub well, and to a
great degree the prosperity of
the city in wdiich he dwells.
��� ��� ���
HARRY TIDY. Manager.
Friday Evening
December 20
John Cort Offers His Big Musical 8uo
cess,from  Daly's Tlieatre, Nsw York
1 he Rose
If You Want to Purchase
A Nice Present for any Lady
Have a Look at Our
oi P   	
WW Chapine
Thei|Hharmln8 French Prima Donna.
Cbmpany of 70. Orchestra of 20.
.Prjcfc'a.-SOc t�� 7*iMD.   Seats on sale
at TJdy.the Florists', Docember 18.
Supplying flowers Is our business, and we will have them In perfection. Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums. Violets, Narcissus,
I'olnsettas, etc. Also a fino line of potted plants, such as Ferns,
Aialeas, Primroses, Cyclamen, etc., etc. Beroro buying all yonr
Chrlstmaa presents call on ua, and let us Bhow you our beautiful
b^s'.inls and brans jard'nlers filled with Ferns and Flowering Plants.
We aro heaaquariers for Holly and MlBtletoe.
TIDY, Tke Florist
739 Columbia St. PlionesLandRl84
P.S.���Now is the time to place your Christmas order and  send
your Eastern friends some Holly and Mistletoe.
We Sold the Snaps
We Advertised
Last Week
Are You Going to Get In
2 Lots on Eighth Avenue, only $1000 each
ihr $1'
2 Lots in West End, near Orphanage, at
$675 each.   Good terms.   Good, eh?
2 Lots on Richmond St., $500 each.   $100
cash, balance, $10 per month.
Eastman & Wamsley
PHONE 312.
A substantial piece of Furniture makes a
practical Christmas Gift. Below are a few
suggestions worthy of your consideration:
Dining Suite, complete ..$39.00
For your ChrlBtmas dinner���3
piece suites made up of extension table. Bet of dining chairs
and   buffet.     We   have   them
from *39.0O
Sectional Book Cases, with or
without a desk section, to,, suit
your purse.
Shaving Cabinets from f4.S0
Smoking Cabinets.
Morris Chairs from  $5.90
Couches from   $3.50
Carpet Sweepers.
Pictures,   just   in;     travelers'
samples bought at a heavy discount, i
Ladies' Fancy Work Boxes.
Rockers from $1.25.
Music Cabinets.
Parlor Cabinets.
Mahogany Parlor Chairs $7.90.
Writing Desks.
Hook Cases from $4.50.
Children's Rockers from 93e.
The Big Furniture Store
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 688
IvNlltAUvnd cor prices on i-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
High, Dry, View Lots All. The
cheapest and best buy in Burnaby today.
$425 to $600 Each
Vi Cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months
We sold 10 yesterday.  Get yours
today.   Don't delay.
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669
it FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1912.
Fight   Promoters   Have   no   Use   for
Black Against Black Matches-
Negro Fighters Doomed.
Whether Jack Johnson wlll return
to the ring is a problem that must bn
solved by tbe hand of the future. A
month ago mention uf the black boxer's name caused a nauseating feeling
lo come over right-living people, but
time brings about changes.
Although lt has been generally concluded that Johnson Is an outcast of
the ring; that no promoter would bo
courageous enough to stage a bout
witli the Ethiopian giant a principal;
that the police will drive him out of
^he country, somehow or otlier there
ls a vague feeling that the ring haB
not seen the last of Jack Johnson.
There is widespread agitation
against the matching of whites and
blacks. Legislation covering that
point has been advocated, and lf such
legislation comes to pass negro boxers will no longer find the- ring a lucrative business to follow.
When Johnson was recently Involved In trouble ln Chicago over the Cameron girl, Hugh D. Mcintosh, the well-
known Australian boxing promoter
"who is at the head of thc game In the
Antipodes, cancelled Johnson's engagements tn Australia, announcing
that he would never again have any\
thing to do with the black. Mcintosh
Tias just taken another step concerning colored boxers. He says that In
future he will not match a white with
a black.
Promoters the world over maintain
that a contest between two blacks ls
a poor proposition. It Is obvious then
that if they all combine to do away
-with matching whites and blacks, or lf
legislation toward that end Is passed,
the colored glove men will find the
lioxing sport rough sledding. It will
practically mean the extermination of
the black boxer. No matter how one
looks at it. Jack Johnson looms up as
the man to blame.
Jim Corbett ls a firm believer tn
tho general movement t<�� prohibit
���whites from meeting blacks, but Jim
is morally certain that such a code ol
lawe, legislative or unwritten, will not
come into effect until after Johnson
has been defeated by a white man.
Ever since the Reno fiasco an effort
has been made to locate a llly-sklnned
boxer capable ot conquering the black
champion. The Caucasian race has
made an Insistent demand for such a
man, but, unfortunately for the glove
sport, Johnson has continued to reign
aa champion and has brought tne
game into ill repute through bis loose
Johnson has retired several times,
but haB alwaya returned. Jim Corbett
believes he ia not done with the ring
as yet and that he wlll be forced to
defend the title when the right boxer
to meet hlm ia developed.
"They can talk about ordinances,
stopping a bout ln wbich Johnson is
to be a contender," says Corbett, "but
Just as soon aa a white boxer can be
found who has an even or a little better than even chance cf defeating the
negro the bars will be lifted. No one
wants to see Johnson go out of the
ring game un undefeated champion.
When the real 'hope' appears Joh.i-
son wlll be forced to meet him, tha
same aa Jeffries was brought out of
"After watching the Flynn-Johnsdh
pictures 1 have reached the conclusion that Johnson ie done right now,
and I believe Johnson knows that bet
being the feature of the evening.
Here are the scores:
Coldicutt 250
Reid    241
Pye    250
Grant 245
Mansfield     225
I.uaebam   218
Clarldge  250
McMillan    23!i
Ashworth   250
Chapman  250
��� ���
��� OVER THE  FOUL LINE.        ���
��� ��
Following Is the result of a little
three handed' Beries last night at thc
Front Street alley. W. Burnett's per
formance was particularly good, scor
lng probably tbe best three game total   ever   rolled   at  the   alley:
1       2       3,   Ttl
Burnett    215    232   220���667
Walsh  202    186    234���622
T. Mills   200    196   236���632
Three records were broken ln the
house league last night, Capt. Lane's
team besides taking three straightB
from Capt. McDonald, chalked up
2279 pins for high team game, while
Lane himself beat out Capt. Knight
213, with 224 for high single, and has
the best total for the three games
with 545.   The scores.
MacDonald: ��� '     1       2       3     Ttl
Best    124    107    130��� 361
Randall    163    163    178���504
MacDonald    130    134    141��� 40r,
Chaput     88    116     99���30.1
MacDonald    143   131   112���380
648 661 660���195:'
Lane:���                 12 3     Ttl.
Brasslt   148 121 127��� 396
Wintemute    153 139 132���424
Hayden    168 123 173���464
Yeomans    138 146 166���450
Lane    130 224 191���645
737    753
P.    W.
Lane    24    18
Peterson   24
ter than any one.   If I were nlaking a Peterson   24 15
prediction I would say that Johnson I Knight   24 12
will   be  defeated" by   the   first   good   McDonald    24 9
man   tbat meets him,  providing  the Ayerst   24
referee makes hlm stand up and box
according to QueenBberry rules. Johnson's bold upon the championship Is
slipping���in fact, has slipped. He
realizes that and wlll probably try to
quit the ring for good, but egotism
and the press will force him to change
hiB mind. Once Johnson is defeated
I believe laws will be made prohibiting white boxers from meeting
The Rovals will roll In the inter-city
sweepstakes at thc Granville alleys to
(Continued from rage one)
which is having a heavy double-track
bridge constructed over lt as a part of
the terminal soheme.
From a ladder track the Incoming
traffic from the east Is to be received
Into the northerly yard at the east
end of the terminal, which will contain seven tracks 2900 feet long and
with a capacity of 455 cars.
From the receiving yard the cars
are drawn off through a similar ladder track to that on the other end of
the westbound hump. The hump for
the traffic In jthe reverse direction
will be similar to IL Both of these
humps when completed will have
run-around tracks for solid through
trains that have not to be broken up
for classification at the hump.
The westbound classification yard,
Into which the cars will descend from
the hump, has a double ladder approach and will, when completed, contain 27 track* 1"00 feet long with a
capacity of 540 cars.
The bulk of the traffic Is westbound
and ln consequence a large storage
capacity for Pacific coast freight is
required. The westbound classification yard, therefore, is to have two
outlets, one from the south Into the
westbound departure yard and the
other Into the storage or holding yard.
A track leading out at about the
centre of the classification yard discharging ladder makes approach for
all tracks to the south of that outlet
equally open to fhe westbound departure and holding" yards.    >
Chicago, Dec. 19.���Lawyers and
Judges throughout the state are
awaiting with interest the manifold
complications that are expected to
follow the ruling of the Supreme
Court that marriages within one year
of divorce are void, even lf performed
in another state. *
Property rights, tbe legitimacy of
thirty thousand children, and numerous  violations of the penal code   of
C. N. P, Gets Approval From Government for Branch From Port Mann
to Phbefftx Cannery.
Victoria, Dec. 19.���While the C. N.
R. Railway Company has not yet asked the provincial railway commlasion
for any approval" of its route beyond
Port Mann and Vancouver, apparently pending settlement   of the   False
Creek  differences,  the oompany  has
secured the approval of the minister
of railways for a branch designated
as  the  "Lulu   Island   Branch."    this
shows a line starting from Port Mann
crossing the bridge over the   Fraser
Into New Westminster, following the
waterfront in that city as closely as
possibly to the west as far as a point
opposite   Section   10.   tn   Richmond,
where the line will cross the arm of
the river to Lulu Island.    Thence it
takes a directly southern course to the
southern shore of the Island, and proceeds as far as the Pboenlx cannery,
where It apparently ends. No description  Is   given  of   the  lands  reonlred
AL. W. GILLIS, manager.
Scenic Singing and Talking
Tom Kerr
"Tbe Street Musician"
Introducing the
The  Talking   Fiddle.
Prentice & Cornell
Singing,  Dancing and Talking Comedian*.
From the  Story  By
New   Weatmlnster   billiard   artlsU
| made a creditable showing in Vancouver laBt evening when they took two
iof the five games againBt the Bates
Pye and Coldicutt wen their games reaching consequences Involved; they details have, in conformity with the
while Scotty Grant camo within five see points that may ultimately carry RailWRv. Act, been filed ln the regla-
polnts of beating his man, thla game | the case to the federal courts. | try office at New Westminster.
the state are Involved ln the decision.
Superior and circuit judges are not | within the municipality of New West-
willing at this time to discuss the far- minster, but It Is presumed that these I
Keep Your Eye on
Fine 50 foot orchard lot, $850.
$250 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Improved 1-4 acre lot, with
4 room house, $900. Easy terms
but must be sold quick tf at this
High 50 foot lot 10th Ave,
$800, $10 cash and $10 monthly.
33 foot eleared lot, Kemp St.,
$450, easy terms.
Warner, Bangs & ft.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt Blk.     East Burnaby-
Four roomed Sat In the Marjoribanks Building on Begbie itreet,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $30.00 per month. Possession January 1.
Store on Begbie street, near Colombia; size 20 teet by 66 feet
Possession about January 1.   Will lease.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorna Street,     New Westminster.
MAIN 8TORE, 198 and 443. SAPPERTON BRANCH, 873.
Those of you who have no eaten English Bacon should try the
delicious Peameal Back Bacon. We have stocked this line before
and finding it taking so well are going to do so ln future. It retails
at SOc. per Ib. sliced. t '.'
Swift's Silver Leaf Lard in 3s, 5s, and 10s, at .. 65c, $1.00 and $1.80
3 dozen "Our Quality" Eggs ...$1.00
E. D. Smith and Empress Mincemeat in 5 lb. palls at per pall 65c
^hlvers' j Fruits in heavy syrup at ��� 35e. and  50c.
Crosse & Blackwell'a Ground Almonds ln 1 lb. bottles at ....60c. hot.
Ingersoll Cream Cheese at   15c. per package
McLaren's Cream and Pimento Stuffed Cheese at..       10c. package
Heinz Peanut Butter at 15c, 25c, and 50c
Heinz Apple Butter, stone Jar    $1.00
Don't forget our Delicatessen Department   We stock fresh cooked
meats, Cambridge Sausage. Headcheese, DUI  Pickles~ahd~fancy im-
ported cheeses, and as the demand  for these  articles   is  great  you
wlll find them always fresh.
[Hassam Paving Co., of B.-C., limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
WE have greater preparations to handle the Christmas trade than ever before.   We have secured more assist-   I
ance, so that you will not be unduly delayed.   Our stock is more varied.   If you are in doubt as to what   I
you should get your husband, brother or sweetheart, we feel sure that a visit to our store will help to make
up your mind at once.   The goods we have on display are the best quality-handsome as well as useful.
Partial List of Gifts
Men's Dressing Robes and Smoking
Jackets, Jaeger wool, $6.50 to $35
Fancy and Knitted Vests $3.75 to $6
Umbrellas      -      -      $1.50 to $6
Mufflers, Silk and Wool $1 to $10
Neckties      -      -      -    50c to $2
Gloves, silk lined, etc, $1.50 to $2.50
Fancy Combination Sets - $1 to $2
Tie and So^ to match $1.50 and $2
Christmas Suit
$*m &
Aiiy $25 Suit in the: store
^$rn* now until Christmas.
$iy not spend Christmas in a New
.Suit? Everyone of these Suits Fall
1912 styles.   See them.
t (
"III     L'J
������ 'z:~t ���";~a-
.- -^ms^*****���"���" PAGE  SIX
The Evening Luxury
iicmT in an
Anticipated with delight by all who use it
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds,, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work stilttly confidential. M. Broten, Room t, Mer
chant ikink Bldg.   Phone 715.
10:60���-Vancouver via 0.
lm O. O. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
first, eccond and third Wednesdays
in each month ln K. of P. hall at
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
I. O. 0. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. 0. F��� Is held every Mon
day night at 8 o'ciock ln Odd Fel
lows hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethern
cordially invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
O.; R. A. Merrithew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER & HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors
405 Columbia street, New Westminster.   Phone 993.
Pf. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Director and Embnlmer, 612-018 Agnes
Btreet, opposite Carnegla Library.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 552 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices.
Rooms 6 aud 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlBter-nt
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbl:
and McKenzie streets, Now West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
pbone 710.
        t��. R-
11:45���Burnaby Lake   and   Van-
ppuver via B. C, B. R... 7:45
16:45���Vancouver   via   (1. N. R.
(dally oxcept Sunday). 14:20
1^40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:16
11:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:0*
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).2w:30
10:00���Port Mann (dally except
Sunday) 9:45
7:40���Victoria via B. O. B.  R.
(dally except Sunday). 11.U
10:80���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday 18:1!
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday) .20:3c
18:00���Kdmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)   16:00
11:20���Tynehead  (Tuesday   and
lfrlday)       14:00
18:10���Abhotslord. Upper Sumas,'
Matsqui,      Huntingdon,
etc.   (dally exoept Sunday)    7:15
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine    (dally    except
Bunday) 9: Ik
15:16���Untied State* via G. N. R.
(dally excent Sunday)..16:0t
16:16��� Hall'* Pralrle, Fern lUdge
and Hazlemere (daily
except Sunday) 9:45
11:50���Sapperton and Kraser
Mills dally oxcopt
Sunday)    7:15
11:50���All points east and Europe (dully)	
18:10���Sapportcn and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)   13:15
9:26���All   points east and   Europe (dally)    |13:li
Will Hold Up Nominations.
Washington, Dec. 19.���Democratic
senators today decided to hold up all
nominations except routine army and
navy appointments from now until
March 4, when President-elect Wilson assumes office.
J. Coll
Forbes, R.C.A.,  la at Work
on   "Christ  and  Barabbas."
Mr. J. Culin Forbes, R.C.A., the
Canadian, who has ]>ainted more public men than perhaps any other artist, and whose portrait ot Gladstonn
is frequently called the best ever
done ol that statesman, is engaged iii
the execution of an ambitious canvas
called "Christ and Barabbas." In his
studio the other day he was good
enough to talk about tbo difficulties ul
conceiving such a work.
"I do not renumber 'Barabbas' being used in painting as a foil to
Christ," he said. "Even in literature
the only book with this subject as its
motif that comes to my mind is Marin
Corelli's, considered by many to ba
one of the finest word paintings wo
"There are. of course, difficulties
which every painter meets in portraying sn Oriental picture ���atmosphere,
for instance, and for my picture I have
secured all the costumes arid paraphernalia from Palestine; but the outstanding difficulty, I find, is to mould
tlte face of Christ. Many of the
painters who have attempted this subject have coniessed their dissatisfac
tion with the results achieved, and
you will not have failed to note that
most of th*m have been influenced by
the type of *ace of their country."
J. violin ForL-es numbers among the
famous men who have sat ta him, the
Earl of Dufferin, Sir John Macdonald.
Sir Alexander Mackenzie, the Hon.
Fiflwsrd Blake, Sir Charles Tupper,
Sir Oliver Mowat, Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
the late l'rasidcut Harrison of the
U.S.A., and Prof. Schurman of Cornell
University. His painting; of Gladstone
rn the National Liberal Club is "not
to be surpassed as a truthful and effective wrtrait," according to one critic. What many considered to be a
better eflort ia that painted by Mr.
Forbes at Mr. Gladstone's home. Oi
this he says:
"I stayod fcr a considerable time
at Hawarden studying him both in
private and public life. He would
sit in one comer of his study writing
and Mrs. Gladstone in another, ami I
can still clearly call to mind the
strong, deeply-lined f^ce of the great
man ns he sat at his table, writing,
writing, writing, as if he never would
stop. H.e used a wry old quill pen,
-. j. ! which he would stick into a potato ou
" ' the table when hc stopped writiiif.*.
"I made a careful study of li ni when
speaking in public. I remember on
one occasion, at a public meeting, his
cravat became disarranged, and was j
hanging down the back of his coat,
but when  Mr.  Gladstone became elo-1
Man    Who   Has    Ruled    Bavaria
Years  Laid  Beside  Famous Mon
Munich, Dec. 19.���The body of the
late Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria was carried today to the sepulchre beneath the altar of the Church
of the Atlnes, in this city, where lt
was laid beside King Maximilian II.
The German Emperor, King of ths
Belgians, King of Saxony, Archduke
Francis Ferdinand, heir apparent of
Austria-Hungary, and a number of
princes representing the royal houses
of Europe, followed tho coffin In the
procession which passed through the
streets crowded with silent mourners
All the time the cortege was on Its
way to the church and during the service, minute guns were fired and
church bells tolled throughout the
Although during his life the aged
Prince Resent had declined to adopt
a royal title because, as he said, the
real king was still living but unable
to rule on acount of Insanity. Bavaria treated the dead Luitpold with
kingly honors. The funeral was conducted with all the ritual employed
'n the case of Bavarian sovereigns.
Including an escort attired In medieval
costumes while the coffin was accompanied by cowled candlebearers
The heart of the dead recent was cm-
halmed separately and interrpd with
those of many preceding Bavarian
rulers at the village of Altoetting.
where It reposes in a silver case he-
side the famous shrine of the Virgin Mary.
solicitor and notary, 811 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. It. Telegraph.
11:50���Coquttlam    (dally   except ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sunday)   7; 15 ! quent lie lost all thought of his attire.
12:00���Central I'ark, MsKay snd
Mark Twain Proved That His Old Tim*
Chum Was a Liar.
When th* great man "arrives" tbe
associates of bis boyhood days wuu
used to laugh at the idea of his ever
"amounting to anything" retire unobtrusively to tbe background. But
wben tbe opportunity arises to make
an example of some such skeptical old
friend surely no one could rise to tbe
ooccaslon more effectively tban did
Mark Twain on tbe occasion described by Albert Bigelow Paine iu Harper's Magazine.
He came to Keokuk to visit and wns
offered $5 a week and board to remain.
Ue accepted, in the same building
was a book store in which a young
man named Edward Brownell clerked
Be and Sam Clemens became great
Sam read at odd moments, at night
In  b��S, voluminously���untll very  late
Meetings Held In New York and London to Discuss Ways and Means
for Commemorating   Date.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon block. New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady
Edmonds  idaily except i on  this   occasion,   and  crossing over
Sunday)        H if ! to her husband sbe put her hand on
0:00���Ladner,     Port     Gulchon, i his Mioulder and just said, 'William.'
Westham   Island.  Bnrr I JIr-   Gladitone   stopped   puking   at
Villa 13:1 j' onoe ami simply said, 'Yes, dear,' and
13:00���EaBt liurnaby    (dally ex- , then continued his discourse in a more
cept Sunday)  13:001 modulated voice, but the tie still re-
  sometimes.    One  night Ed   Browned.
.\iVsU\Vladstoi*"wiron\hV7la"tforn; | Passing^ upstairs to hla^ NO^on  the
ters and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia streot, New
Westminster, B.C.    Cable    address
' "Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone ��9. W. J,
Whiteside, H. L. Kdmonds.
Accountant Tel. B 128. Room
Trapp bluck.
minster Board of Trade meets ln the
board room, City Hall, as follows'
Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting on Ihe tjird Friday of
February, May, August aud. Novem
ber at 8 p.m. Annual meetings ou
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or u.uarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
goods of all kinds.   TooIb especially.
���0 MolnscH Street Phone 1000
TWEED,    IRISH    SERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect   Fit and Workman-
shiip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
10:00��� Tlmberland (Tuesday and
Friday)   18:8f
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
LetuuB. Aldergrove, Otter. Shortreed, Surrey
ley Pralrle. Murray vllle.
Btrawborry Hill, South
Westminster, Clovor
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Sperling Station,
Denalaon Station, limit-
ner, liellerose, via H.
C. K. It. i dully except
Sunday)    ��: uo
10:00���AnnicvIHe   aud   Sunbury
tdally except Suuduy). l::  1,
18:46���Vancouver,   Piper's    Siding     via    O.     N.     K.
(dally except Hi.ud.iy>   14: a-
7:30��� United Statea via Q. N. R.
tdally except Sunday)     ��.��l
20:40���Chilliwack viu U  0, H. It
(dally exoept Sunday) .17:11
11:20���Clayton   (Tueaday,  Tliui*-
day,    Friday    aad   Bat
day       14:01
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via (l.   N.   It.   (dally  exoept  Sunday) 14:01
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
vta B. C. !���:. R. (dally
exceot Sundarl   17.3'.
JO: 40���Cloverdale    via    B.C.E.R.
tdally except Ssaday) .17:21
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla . ...!I:M
mai ned   h.-.nging  down,"
Mr. Forbes' pictures of King Edward ar.d Queen Alexandra are, ol
course, familiar to Canadians whe
have !*jen in the Parliament Building!
at Ottawa.
"King Edward," said Mr. Forlx*s,
wns a King wiUmut effort. He was
kindness Itself with regard to sittings
and scarcely a day passed while I was
ii.t work on the portraits that some acl
of courtesy did Dot testify as to hia
Majesty's thoughtfulncss. Tlie Queen.
too, was exgeedicgly gracious. Siii-
did not readily consent to he painted
but dtreotly she aooeded to the petition ��iio teemed Interested, and did ai)
ta   hr   power   to   a,s��ist   ine.'���8ta-
it* nr LAD,FS'
ll|    JL PLAIN
TT " * " **  SUITS
Ladles' and    Gents' Suits-dved
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75c
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27S
Social Democrats of Little Republic
Would   Give   Votes   to   Women.
Zurich, Switzerland, Dec. lit.���The.
Swiss Social Democrat party has held
its annual conference which waa attended by 200 delegates representing
-7,5oo members, Among the many
resolutions passed were those granting votes to women and the construction by the municipalities of cheup
lodgings for workmen.
In consideration of the fact that owing to duties the price of meat In
Switzerland had increased by 20 per
cent, and milk by 35 per cent, the
conference called upou the government to undertake a national scheme
nf raising cattle and reducing the
duties. BbH
Buying Band Instruments.
With   the  ever Increasing  tid>  ol
immigration  from   al)   parts <>f  thr
world  the small goods   trade,   which
Includes band Instrument*, string-d
Instruments, acoordioni, etc, na-
profited lo a (.'rent extent In Can nds
The new towns and cities of the Wes
hav* been lilKi u;> wih advanturou'
spirits, Ureal Britain being th; homt
ef many of them, As every villaur
anl hamlet of th* old land has somi
muiical organization or otlier tie
tieweotn *rs emulate conditions tliji'
they knew nt home, Immediately star'
t<> organise a hand, an orchestra, nnd
of course, a choir, or choirs, whicii
later often evolv.' themselves into n
choral society,
While we itn;">rt hand Instrument!
frum Kngland. France, Germany iin��
Austria, very little comes in from lb
Vnite I States. The leading maker-
are English and French, W�� manv
factur* t**, 'Vim extent here In Canada
R:r::'i?e<! Instruments for th�� mos
iiiul come from (>'-rtinny! as do me*
of the smaller inetrumfnti. Beyers
Canadian hnus-s make un cxclusiv-
business of hand aiu! orchestral i'i
s niT.ents and music, nnd the trad*
is growing  rsnidiy.
No Trace of Missinfl Man.
South Vancouver, Dec. 19.���Up to
noon today the local pollce have discovered no trace of Wililam Hall, who
has been missing from his home, Sixteenth' avenue and Main atreet, since
Dec.  11.
Every Woman
l Is tut wnti-'l nnd rtioold know
i about tba wonrtBTtal
Marvel **!rtU>B }'**i
marvei   Doucho
It.  If he camiot 8'_,.,..,
tbe  MARVKL, accent no
othqr. but Hnnd Mump fw
tratad book-eealo<V  It utves full
parllcutam nnd dirprtlnnn tnvnlnnblo
t'j ladli��j.WINl��s<,it si l-ri.v <���<!..Win ilnor.Onl
l..-iirriil Ai.-1-ulH Cur Canada.
Football   Box   Score.
The ReV. Fath.r Stanton.of Ottawh
College favors keeping a reoord of
whst the players accomplish in the
Rugby football games in which they
play, similar to the baseball box scor".
If a player made a tackle possibly he
would be Bhown with a perfect 1,000
percentage. Also th�� sooring would
show how many times each player
received the hall and what he did
with it when he ((ot it.
The kicks to the halves aijd their
disposal of the sphere would also be
carefully jotted down and averages
made up on them. At the end ol
each story of the (.'ame he would have
a summary showing tlie record of
each player.
fourth flour, poked his bead to at tbe
.'/What,are, jou .reading, Sam?" be
aakwd. .  ..
"Oh, nothing much���a so called fun
iy book. One of these days I'll write
a funnier book tban tbat myself."
Brownell laughed.
"No, you won't. Sam." be said. "Tou
are too lazy ever to write a book "
A good many yenrs later, wben tbe
name Mark Twain had begun to stand
for American humor, the owner of It
gave bis "Sandwich Islands" lecture
to Keokuk. Speaking ot the unreliability of tbe islanders, be said:
"Tbe king ls. I believe, tbe greatest
Ilar on tbe face of the eartb except
one, nnd I am very sorry to locate thnt
one right bere In tbe city of Keokuk
tu the person of Ed Brownell."
Canada's Water Power.
It is estimated that thc available
water power in Canada is 17,000,000
horse-power. Tint developed in 1910
amounted to 1,010,521 horse-power, of
which 742,000 horse-power was for
electrical energy, 158,051 for thn paper
anl pulp industries, and 115,615 for
other Industries.
The possession of immense water
power in the Province of Quebec, in
which industrial activity was greatest, mnkes still greater development
in manufacturing in thnt province
probable in the mar futuie.
Ths Climax to Palisty's Sixteen Years
of Misery.
The maker of porcelnln and pottery
bas decidedly tbe most exciting and
romantic trade In the world.
Tbe great factories of Sevren and
Dresden were founded by Bernard Pal-
Issy. This mnn invented wblle enamel,
but tt took him sixteen years to mnke
tbe Invention���sixteen years of hunger, misery and persecution, which culminated ln the episode, used In H. A.
Jones' play of "The Middleman,"
wherein Pallssy maintained bis furnace
flre by burning all tbe furniture In his
house and Anally opened tbe furnace
door to find within tbe glaze which he
had sought throughout tbe best years
of his life.
Bottgher Invented herd porcelnln
He wns sn alchemist, and one day.
chancing to discover that his powdered
wig w���� unusually heavy, he inquired
the cnuse and found Hint the weight
wus due to the knntln with which the
wig was powdered. This kaolin wns
the sul'stnnce for lack of wblcb Bott-
teller's Investigations bad for years
When Klein opened a porcelnln factory at Burnlsm. England, be employed
the most stnpld end Illiterate workmen, so tbat bts secret processes mlghl
not become known. Rut Samuel Ast
bury resolved to learn the Elers method, and. affecting Ignorance snd stu
pldlty. he got s plnce In the factory,
mastered all of Elers* secrets and even
tually opened a plnnt of hla own.
wherein he duplicated lu every detail
tbe work of Elers.
London, Nov. 19.���Earl Orey, ex-
goyeruor-general of Canada, was tli*
principal speaker at the Mansion
House today al a. meeting to arrange
the celebration of a sentury of peace
between the Eugllsh-apeaking,peoples.
Earl Grey waB heartily applauded In
his remark that aulhough the boundaries of Canada and America were
side beside 4000 miles, not a sentinel,
fort or gun was placed along them. He
recalled the visit to Ottawa of Hou.
Ellhu Root and the impression created
by his omphalic, declaration that peace
between the two countries would b��
The meeting having adopted a resolution of sympathy with tho family of
the late American ambassador, Mr.
Whltelaw Reid, Earl t'.rey read a long
list of messages of sympathy with the
movement, Including ono written by
Mr. Reid.
There also were letters from mem
bers of the British cabinet, including
Premier Asquith, and a cable dispatch
from Col. Theodore Roosevelt. Th��j
Premier In his letter promised the
support of both himself and the British government.
He pointed out that the proposal to
erect monuments in England, America
and the British Colonics to commemorate the centenary, had met with the
approval of the British committee, and
he thought that the three proposals
mentioned were worthy of adoption.
Emil Braun. Burgomaster of Ghent,
announced that the municipality of
that city Intended to asBist in the celebration by restoring to its original
state the room ln which the Anglo-
American treaty was signed, and by
holding a banquet In the same room
in which the peace delegates dined.
Britain and Monroe.
London, Dec. 19.���The Daily Tele-
garph, in the course of an editoria'
on the peace centenary, Bays:
"There is real recognition In the
N'ew World of the silent barrier which
Great Britain opposes to what might.
if not discouraged by the knowledge
of our fixed policy tward the United
States, become the aspiration of on��.
powerful European state toward Soutb
"Indeed, it is hardly too much to say
that the maintenance of the Munroo
Doctrine Is now almost as much guaranteed by ourselves as by the Uulteo
The other papers published . editorials in terms of the warmest approval
of the proposals.
' The Chronicle regards it as a most
important object lesson in the face
of the existing European crisis.
The Daily News expresses the hope
that Ihe settlement of the Panamu
question by arbitration will permit ofl
the celebration of the,-centenary hy a
practical demonstration of a' wlBe and
tolerant spirit.
New York, Dec. 19.���The American
committee for the celebration of the
one hundred years of peace among
English-speaking peoples, announced
tonight that lt had mailed a copy of
resolutions recently adopted, inviting
Earl Grey, chairman, and other representatives of the British committee,
to become guests of the American
committee for a conference to be held
in New York next April.
It is considered probable that several prominent Englishmen will visit
New York to assist In the formation
cf an international committee to have
general supervision over the entire
celebration plans and to consider representations at the ceremonies to be
heid in Ghent on Christmas Eve, 1914,
and In January. 1915.
It -Is expected that this international
committee wlll adopt the suggestion
made by Senator Root that all human
activity throughout English-sneaking
nations cease for five minutes on Feb.
17. 1915, and that tho celebration be
formally initiated tn this manner.
Other Subjects for consideration at
the projected conference will be th-'
erection of monuments and the joint
final ceremonies which ls lt proposed
to hold In San Francisco.
At a meeting of the American s"b-
"Tecntlve committee, at which Mr.
.Tncoh H. Schiff. Judge Alton B. Parker, Mr. Austin G. Fox and others were
present, the erection of a monument
to Queen Victoria and a b"st nf Chatham in Washington were unanimously
approved. Thc American committee
also approved projects for monuments
<n hi'-.'or'c places and ror state and
municipal celebrations,
A representative committee haa
heen organized In Canada and com-
���nlttcr��t are in progress of organ'*a-
ttiin In the Canadian provinces similar
to thosn formed In many states.
In Wages or Profit
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Pay Big Dividends
Th�� <Ur*ctioM wilh ��v��7 bos ar* v��ry nhnfch   mucIiIIj Id wowOi
Sold oTMTwboro,  Ib born**, 26c.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
MON0AY8 (12 Midnight) for PRINCE RUPERT
Connecting with ft. T. P. Railway for points East;   also with  S.S.
"Prince John" for Stewart, flranby Bsy, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
S.S.  "PR1NCB ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and wsy   ports.   3rd,
12th and 23rd of each month.
Tlokets to all Eastern destinations snd to Europe.
H. O. SMITH, C  P. ft T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Qrsnvllls Street.
(Via Central Park) at 6 and 5:46
a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., last car at 12 midnight.
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
(Via Burnaby) at 1:41, 6:18 >nd 8
a.m., with hourly service until 1* p m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundays-
First car at 8 a.m. '
t Via North Arm and Eburne) st 7
a in., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Vkel car at 8 a.m. regular
service thereafter.
Reduced rates are offered
0"er tho Kraser Valloy line
for woek end tilps covering
all points on tho division.
Tickets for these special excursions are on sale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
For Chilliwack and way points ai
9:30 a.m.. 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. Por
Huntingdon snd wsy polnta 415 p.m.
Tsrms of Vtnery.
There are terms of veuery which a
good sportsmsn wlll still obHcrvc In
hla speech. Thus he finds u "puck" or
a "covey" of grouse and likewise a
"corey" of partridges, but a "uld" of
pheasants, a "bevy" of quail, a "wisp"
or a -walk" of snipe and a "fall" of
woodcock. Having found tbem. be
"siirings" the grouse and the pheasants, but "Hushes" the woodcock, snipe
and partridges. Further, he wlll tell
you that grouse aro "challenged" and
pheasants "chuckered," tbat partridges
"Jug." quails "pipe," woodcocks are
"fui s" and snipe nre "at walk." Bo
the ulsliop was strictly correct who
���poke of "some who. Jog themselves
like partridges Into email coveyo."-
London ChroulctD. ^^^|
Military Department Forces Defaulters to Take Training.
8ydney, N. S. W��� Dec. 19.���In connection with the endeavors made by
several of those eligible and registered for training under the Compulsory
Training Act of the Australian Commonwealth to escape the drilling and
Instruction, the military authorities
have been forced to make drastic regulations to compel the "defaulters to
comply with the law.
In the future all defaulters wlll bn
held by the authorities at the local
barracks, and lnaiie to drill until
thev have served their deficiencies.
The pronosals of Mr. Keir Hartl'e to
raise funds to flulit the compulsory
clauses of Jh�� Australian Defence Act
Is not regarded seriously in the Commonwealth encent to be looked upon
as unmitigated cheek.
Newcastle, Eng., Dec. 19.���According to the Quarterly report of the
Ship Construction & Shipwrights' Association, the vessels under construction for the three months In the
United Kingdom, exclusive of the war
vessels, constituted a record ln the
shipbuilding Industry.
The labor demand Ib bo great that
It chn not be met, especially on the
Clyde and ln the uew government
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
���^___^__       BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX 442
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts snd letters of credit
sold payable In all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches. , ,
New Weatminater Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
W. R. QILLEY, Phone 122.
a E. QILLEY, Phons 2��v
Phonss, Offloe IB ant it.
Gilley Bros. Ltd
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
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Furnace use, which we will sell tor cash only
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Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 18B.     Barn Phene 137
Begbie Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hading
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Watcra
Manufactured by
ralephone R 111. Office:  Prlncs��i St FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1912.
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r i
.Report on Investigation cf Publlc Service Say* Ministers Attempt Too    j
Much Small Work.
polntB of defence between the minister of finance and one of his colleagues, ln respect to appointments
to the publlc service, recruiting by
competitive examination has given
geueral satisfaction. Nothing better
has yet been suggested.
It    is of importance,    however, to
ning, adviaing and training body, with
no executive functions.
lt would be responsible under tbe
control i.t the prime minister.
Sir George in conclusion says that
of all the topics he touched tbe two
most important were:
"The relief of ministers from rou-
It    is of ^Portance     noweven ^  tine and administrative duties and the
maintain a much higher standard or  ����� , the organliation and
Ottawa, Dec. 19.���Sir George Murray, in his report on the, publlo service of Canada says that nothing Impressed him so much as the almost intolerable burden which the present
system of transacting business Imposes on ministers. They bave too
much to do and do too much, top. j
Much ot the time ot the cabinet is'
taken up ln dealing with the minor
The suggestion is made that a committee of ministers should be appointed to review the whole ot the duties
now discharged by the council and
select those which can safety be left
to Individual ministers.
In regard to appointments and promotions tn the . service, a board ' of
two or three ministers with an equal
number ot permanent officials, might
be constituted td consider them and if
approved, the recommendation would
take eftect at once.
The treasury board should be abol
Ished and Its duties discharged by
the several departments concerned or
by the appointment and pronation
board which ls suggested.
The financial questions which now
come before the treasury board could
be left to the department of finance.
Having dealt with ministers In their
collective capacity, Sir George precede to consider how thev could be
relived of some of the multifarious
duties they have to discharge as
bends of the departments. The busi
ness of a minister, he says, ls'not to
administer but to direct policy. The
administration should be lett.to hi*
subordinates, Thl* 1* the foundation
ot rut sound ��y��tem of departmental
Greater responsibility should be imposed upon deouty heads. Their duty
should be to give effect to the minister's decisions. Four or five ot the
more* important departments political
. <lenuty beads should be appointed to
Telieve ministers, not only of some of
their ilennrtmental duties but also of
roani,;'i..l. lews and negotiations with
ni' "ibers of parliament and others.
ifBrn u uemitv head Ahould eujpy the
fill confidence of hi* minister so that
hn could speak generally tn the nnme
rf the minister without specific refer
ence to him and ob otbat oases could.
r^ter for direction a* occasion itmlr-
- ed.   I     .
Tha proposition of tbe estimates
oufsM, to be entirely without the do-
pnrtifientr, ot finance as the present
bystefo )�� wasteful tot th* tlm* ot
minltters and l�� likely to result in Ineffective control.
The proceedings should be carried
on ln writing by the minister of fl-
r"tice nnd the departments concern-
����� od.     Tbo cabinet ��mld. doal with
The limits ct all third departments
excellence than for the third division,
are tar too wide, The limit Is pf\ 35.
For subdivision B of the" second divi
sion, the limits should be 18 and 25;
for sub-division B of the third division probably 17 and 21 would be more
appropriate than 18 and 35. For the
lower grades such as messenger, etc.,
45 should be the limit
Too many temporary clerks are employed. ThiB should be discontinued
ln every possible way. Sir Ueorge rec
ommended that the outside service
should be brought under the act of
1908 as regards the postofflce customs
and Interest and revenue, ln respect
to promotions iu tbe inside service
the commission should not Interfere.
The commission can have no personal
experience of the man or his work.
The intervention of the commission
weakens their possible first appointment.
On the other hand, he says he discovered instances of heads and deputy heads, recommending promotions not exclusively on merit as the
act directs under that grave Injustice
had been done to officers who had
been passed over.
Dealing with retirements. . Blr
George says that some Bystem securing retirement Is absolutely essential,
If the publlc service is to be maintained on a satisfactory condition. A
system of pensions ts an essential element in any by item of retirement
He argues as ono of the most lm
portant Items of otvtl service reform
that some system ot pensions, such
as that which was rescinded ln 1891.
should be re-established.
If restored, retirement sbould be optional with the officer and the department at the age ot 60 and compulsory
at 65.
In hi* opinion there should be no
deductions from salary for pension*.
The pension should be an entirely
tree gift from the state. Sl* George
refers to the absence of control from
the authority charged with the duty
of oo-ordlnatlng the organisation ot the
whole aervlce. The result was that
each department arranged the staff tn
Its own way. There ls, therefore, a
great lack ot uniformity.   .
A central department should be established dealing wtth all questions ot
Improvement of the organization and
personnel of the public service.
Member    of     Austrian     Parliament
Makes Speech Lasting 16 Hours.
Vienna, Dec. 19.���Herr Frosl has
broken all records for long speeches
in the Dual Monarchy by speaking for
16 hours from 8 o'clock Tuesday until noon yesterday, in the Lower
House of the Austrian Parliament ln
the debate on the mobilization bills.
Herr Frosl was surrounded by a squad
of Czech deputies who obtained for
him short spells of rest by organized
Interruptions and counter-Interruptions
among themselves while he was hast
lly munching chocolate or drinking
milk or lemanade.
Other deputies who were determined to maintain their ground
against the obstructionists made plans
for a prolonged sitting. Divans were
Installed In the corridors, and on them
deputies slept tn batches duiing thc
"Speech" is hardly the right word
to apply to Herr Frost's efforts, as he
chiefly resd newspapers or pamphlets
with a voice that was hardly audible.
He talked about many subjects which
had no conection with the debate. At
times he only gesticulated.
��� ���������������������������������������������
��� OUR   POETS   CORNER.       ���
��� ���
publlc health.
A departmental commission should
be appointed to deal with surveying
and map-maktng. Several departments
are now engaged In this work.
One department ought to deal with
all steamship subsidies.
Customs and Inland revenue should
be amalgamated. What does not concern excite might be attached to
trade and commerce.
The conservation commission I* not
adequately equipped with expert assistance. ' The commission ot 83 members 1* too large. Three, or at mo��t
five, (or a permanent commission
would be a suitable body. This com-
��� mission would b* a thinking, plan-
(By Alfred Tennyson, Written in No
vember, 1886.)
Tou, you, if you shall fall to under
.   stand
What England la, and what hoc alt
On you will come the.cure of all the
Should this old England fall
:    Which Nelson lett so great
His Isle, the  mightiest  ocean-power
on earth,
Our own fair isle, tbe lord of every
Her fullest franchise���what would be
the worth���
Her ancient name ot Free���
Were she a fallen state?
Her dauntless army scatter'd, and so
Her Island���myriad* fed from  alien
The fleet of England ia her all-in-all;
And ln her fleet her Fate.
COAL MINING rights of the Domin
ton ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan antl
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and tn a por
tion ef tha province ot British Colnmbia, may be leased tor a term of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
tl an sore. Not more tban 2,560 acres
will ke leased to one applicant
Amplication for a lease must be
made by the applicant ln person to
tba Agaat sr Sub-Agent ot the district
in which the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions ef sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shali
be staked out by the applicant him
self. ,-.
Bach application must be accom
pooled by a tee of 65 which will bt
refunded tf the rights applied tor art
aot available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on Ue merchant
able output of the mine at the rau
of five cents per ton.
Th* person operating the mine shall
finish tbe Agent with sworn return*
accounting (er the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay thf
royalty thereon.- If ths coal mining
rights sre not being operated such re
tera* should be furnished at least
-toe a year.
Tbe lease will Include the coal mln
Ing rlghta only, but the leasee will bt
permitted to purchase whatever avail
able surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working ot the mine
at (he rate et $10 an acre.
For rail information application
shetdd be made to tba Secretary ot
(ke Bepartment ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent et
Dominion Lands.
Ferry, Fraser River.
In accordance with chapter 85, R. S.
B. C, 1*11, "Ferries Aot" the Government of British Columbia invito applications 1st a oharter lor a ferry to
ply on tbe Fraser Kiver between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Island, aad Coquitlam.
Applications wlll be received by the
Hen. Minister of Public Works up to
12 o'dock noon of Monday, the 9th
December, 1*11.
The charter will cover a, period expiring oa Slst March. 1814.
Applicants shall give a description
of the vessel lt Is proposed to use, the
method of operation, and the vessel
most conform in sli respects to the requirements ef tho "Canada Shipping
Act" and emending Act
Applicants shall state the tolls thsy
propose to ask tor-
Foot paeseagora (adults), each.
Foot   passengers,   children    under
thirteen years.
Passeager wtth saddle-horse.
Passenger wltb horse and buggy.
Driver wtth two horses and wagon,
leaded er unloaded.
Driver with four horses and wagon,
loaded er unleaded. ��
Cattle and horses, per head.
Sheep, por bend.
Hogs, <smr hoad.
Calves and colts uader or e year eld.
per head.
Freight perishable, per 100 lb.
' Weight, uuperlihable, per 100 Ib.
ThO Government ot Brltlah Columbia 1* not necessarily bound to accept
any application eubmltted.
,ama*^*B     Public Works Engineer.
Department et Publle Works,
Victoria, B.O., 21*t November, MU.
LC.Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria  10
a. m., 1 p. m. and l?:45.
leaves Vanoouver    for Beattie   16
m. amt 11 P. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo   t
Vancouver every Wednesday 10 p.m.
also Dec 14, 28, Jan. 11 and 25.
Cliilliwack Service
Leaves Westmlnater 8 a.m. Monday,
Wedneaday and Friday.
Leave* Cbilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Agent Nev Weatmlnster.
Q. P. A.. Vanoouver
Royal tank of Canada
Capital paid up $11,600,000
Reservs   $12,500,000
The Bank has 360 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific in Cuba
throughout the island; also in
New Foundland, Porto Rico,-Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
ldad, Dominican Republic, Now
Tork and London, ttap
Drafts Issued without delay
od aU tho principal towns and
cltlee In tho world. Those os-
oWoat connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford RIchartMh, Mgr.
D. McAulay
Tel. 76L
Cor. 6th and Columbia
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication at
this advertisement will aot be pr"
Tlie tive for receiving applications
(or charter for a terry to ply on the
Fraaer River between New Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Island and
Coquitlam, ia extended up to 18
o'clock ot Saturday, the Ust day of
December, 1118.
The charter will cover a period of
five years, erplria*  on 31fet  March,
Public Worka Engineer
Department   of  Publlo  Worka,  Vic
toria,  B. C,  3rd  December,  1818.
You, you, thft have the ordering ot
her fleet, I,
It you should only compass her dis'
When all,men starve, the wild mob'3
million feet,
Wlll klok you from your place,
. Bnt then too late, too lato.
7:55 tor Toronto and Nicola branch.
14:00 (or St. Paul   and   Kootenay
18:20 (or Agassiz local.
19:55 (or Imperial  Limited,  Mont
real and Okanagan polnta-
One and one-third (are tor the round'
trip. M	
Tickets on bale Dee. 11 te Jan. 1.,    Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.  .
Good to return up to Jan. 6. The mest comfortable rooma In the
For reservation and ether   pertle* etty.  Hot end odd water end stssae!
lars anoly to radiator tn each.   Bar and flrat dam*
*D.QO0t*T. Ateet    ��*fc nin in emmeotlen. rT^-
���       New Westmlnater, WOE. WITHYMAN. Prop,        ,
Or H. W. tUatUa, O.PA. Vanoenvegjcer. Front and Begbie St  Phone itS\
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Pette'a Dutch Cocoa, per y. lb.
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Fer H tin     35c
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Carrington Hall Coffee, lb. . 50c
Swelled Almonds, per lb 60c
We hare a few boxes of Jon*-
tftoas left, per box S1.65
Public Supply Stores
like to mm&' your
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account of hur fadk
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Of you would ohOOM
for your oxocutor a
feoti&fo t'rioml, wtM'c
it t>.v>t that yon know
'��� ;'    S y.\    t'uHv    OtVU
vo.-   w ���.���;:���.   his  own
'.'���'' a <**.'
���:*.:".   :::
m\ is <msy:
'.hor  t o
��������� :.'��� ���:.:���.:��� tympany,
'.'.> <*> :.- "s.c way
v'..V   v. .���'.':,>   OUI.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
>A* u :��auvo.oo
Duncan McLean fell down the stair
of the Oddfellows' Temple yesterday
morning receiving Injuries which necessitated his removal to the hospital,
lie is making progress.
J. H. Todd's music house is open
every evening until Christmas     (262)
You will be pleased with Rowntree's
or Ganong's Christmas Chocolates
from the West End Pharmacy, 509
8th St. (313)
Mlss Scott, Lady superintendent of
the Royal Columbian Hospital, will
leave on a tour of Inspection of the
eastern hospitals on Dec. 27.
Skates sharpened and set
R. Speck's, 826 Columbia St.
at  Geo.
lt Is reported that the first liquor
license In Port Mann has just been Issued to the hotel there. Though there
ls no direct confirmation to this, the
Information has been received on good
Christmas Dinner for young men
away from home at Y. M. C. A. Christmas Day, 1:30 p.m. All are welcome. (312)
Christmas Cakes. See our window.
Hlghth Street Bakery. Telephone
281. (203)
A mass meeting for men will be
held on Sunday by the Y.M.C.A. ln
the Edison theatre. Mr. H. C. Hunt of
Vancouver will speak and a program
of instrumental and vocal music will
be carried through. An orchestra will
be In attendance. A cordial invlta
tlon to all men has been extended.
From "ow until Christmas Gifford'..
stor? tv 111 be open evenings. (246)
Quarter acre blocks on Douglas
road, near Edmonds carline. Price*
$425 to $600. Easy Terms. The People's 'ir.ist Co., Ltd., 451 Columbia St.,
New Westminster. (297)
Fire. Chief Watson and .Health Inspector Pearce made an inspection
of the sanitary arrangements of thi
Du,ion block yesterday and found one
of the lavatories in a very" dissatisfactory condition. Steps will be taken
to have the causes of complaint removed.
Hello KLiit ' Tr^i^-* Sarti
Ciius ��ii.: .':���_ vtr: ':- "ir"..��:r,<j.
H* ���*������-. i<* .-. .r.'ti "m.-U.'-itti w-i&rw
Toi rti -.tiittiib'.n*. 1~-.ro. i to: v. :-
-i*.- 7:7 I^jiarnii-Hti". tit
Mb NWU Buna " Qiflsauj aaa
-mini" mnrsa ut -.tn Ifand baamf n
% BWam ::uumiu *m* n Ba ifflB ������*���
"Mi-iu;' 'n lm minim tnu* of Uuuum
'tun. ii vuniiuir" v.-iti &i: Sanaa
thi tnotf Baeaaga ill lltrnu vislwi:
tm man atar' a;;i ain Bb '-.met
acUtfiUthntstla i: tn Uatrtel uitm*
psxtttBI ^saiii tc:   ViucoiiTe:
!.,-���'        . Llll ;a-    thta      I SM
:,.-,i    ��� ������    -.    burnat)    t.i
- , ,,   ���  ..  .,.���-,    ,.;    B|  -,.,     Prioe   ar
laAei matin    m-m . only tim f  |Bo
aa    i"' ���'���    .;>    ' i.    ui    a"'!   '"'
ssnny climate of the Southern Pacific
coast. Mr. and Mrs. Bole will botb
stay In the city for the Christinas sea
son, where they have spent so many
winters, imt with the approach of
January the Judge, feels it advisable
to escape the ravages of la grippe
and will go south.
A few copies of Mrs. Herring's latest book, "Nan, and Other Pioneer
Women of the West," are on aale at
H. Morey's  Book Store  ln this city.
The program for the big Christmas
Day proceedings at the Y. M. C. A.,
has now been completed. The feature event as has already been stated,
will be the gigantic dinner ln the
banquet hall at 1:30 on the celebrated
day. Milk-fed turkey, mince pie and
English plum pudding with coffee
like mother used to make, will be the
chief Items on? ,the ��� menu, A program of song and recitation will follow.
LOVE-The late Mrs. Mary Eliza
beth Love was laid to rest in the Oddfellows' cemetery yesterday after-
noon before a large assemblage of
friends and relatives. Services wero
held in the Olivet Baptist church at
2 o'clock, following which the cortege
moVed to the cemetery. Wreaths and
flofal tributes were received from the
folmwlngi J. B. Davis, "Barry and
Annie," Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brown,
"Will and Malmee," Mrs. Morris, Chilliwack, Mr. and Mrs. Sangster, Mr.
ind Mrs. E. Lovering. Mr. and Mrs.
Grimston, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rennle.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Monteith. Mrs. Fred
HIH, Mrs. E. A. Postill, Mr. and Mrs.
Lew Davles.
The Columbia ttano & Music
House. City, is giving 20 per cent discount off all goods (Victrolas and Records excepted) till Jan. lst, 1913.
This means a $950 88-note Player
Piaiio for $620 aud so on all down the
Ust. These discounts apply as well to
violins, guitars, mandolins and all
other small goods except music and
music books, and remember we do
just as we advertise. All goods marked In plain price tags. Open evening3
till Christmas. Note the address. 445
Columbia St. 1310)
At Closing of Term���Beautiful  Ceremonies at F. W. Howay and John
Robson  Schools.
Parents and Children Enjoy First or
Christmas Gatherings.
Fraser Arm. Burnaby. Dec. 19.���
Tka first of the Christmas entertain
sects held in Burnaby was that whicn
toc-i ilace in the parlors of the Dun
tocxUi Sfe&cdisi ci-irci UUi eveBins
lu! siiri iu i.'.".-:* :-;: iy tearly il
Th* ti8��j��r -sts* -.tei* to asjns
ttif!nm��.''''ii vii'M .:���' * : ���.���:: r::i-r.-
uui lutn��r�� wat tin: jntiwn :*-*.i.-: -;
will t tiu7i)�� smiii a U)�� -i-t.: i.*:*:*.
murcii'ii m urn, tniiflniiil :- I past
u.  tm   nwapam  aid torn aacaftmi  -.
.-mtlalH-    p-Ll'.
l.v.i-vinn    v.-ui    -':u-."ii ii'""t    i
:::itn��rmi   viimn   v.-m   ttu   tlsatt ttl ni
inm. ti*0   n   liu   dlUJTdl   iiu'miniv.
tti   "    I    '''u'.ihii:    Bwtflu:   nSmti
sa)(eiim-:.iii':ii.     v.ui     n     <:i:ir-;;'     BUS
m.v    t ������   pat   i>   iMiarni.ii   ii   p&tftBC
.I'.-i.-ix;   titoa   v.'iu   mMbttaf)  in  th"
"i������.������[���ju.   mm  Missae    ah.     BnttM
iliuu-,.   HoVSBtl   Cot!    Hu(i|.-^t   Cn;ii-t;'.
'    , .      am!   I-r^uiln    i.ii'.u
In contradistinction to the statement made at thc board meeting on
Thursday evening last Trustees T. J.
Trapp, Peck, Thornbur, Mrs. Gilley
and Mrs. Cross, in speaking at the
closing exercises of the F, W. Howay
school praised the work ot the children and expressed the opinion that
the ceremonies were.of great educational yalue to them. Tbey were the
means of the children learning a great
The cerenjonles tu the F. W. Howay
school held both yesterday morning
and afternoon were beautiful Indeed.
In the morning the juniors held forth
before a large gathering of parents.
A light operetta depleting scenes ol
Christmas was staged ln a striking
manner. 'Other Incidents were vividly re-enaoted while good old Santa
Claus made his appearance and played
his natural part with the assistance ot
a number of stockings. During the
proceedings the children sang a selected charft In a charming manner.
The Mljses Wilson, Bradley, Godson.
Winter and Street were responsible
for the training.
: A somewhat similar program wns
put on in the afternoon by the intermediate and senior classes. The singing was conducted by Mr. F. T. C.
Wlckett, who hast accomplished a
great deal since he became a member
of the Westminster i school staff. A
number of special choruses were applauded heartily by the parents nnd
many words of appreciation were
heard. The program consisted of
Christmas musical selections by Miss
Christonlierson's class, tamborine antl
wand drills by Mlss Davidson's clas*
and a Japanese frolfc by Miss Gray's
A delightful duet wns given by Con-
t'lnce ltamm and Dnlcie Curry and
solos were contributed by Carlie Kennedy and Dorothy l.ee. Following
the program short speeches were
made by the trusteps present In whicii
i the work ot the children and the ef
forts of the teachers received merited
Tbe closing everoises of the John
Robson school were also held yesterday morning with a program of songs
and recitations. A good number of
parents attended and the children and
teachers were commended for the excellent standards set.
of hvsp'tf.i itti cr
'i j- U'.jt'u exercuM r' tn- t-'
*j-*ni q: Ui V, Briuimhiei' nAiHi'i-
H i :���������* t* i.-.- ������ b< held ii ir
'- ill ic h?_ fcl i ���-..-' :i, A mus.
c.j c-..'iu��f'i. ent.'tj^!. "'I :i Girl Kron
l<u<iui>e " ���' pui *D A vonlut \NIUL
in��il��tJw Ua> beep Kiu-ud'Ki u- al
avoUtftants ���**���'   Un -   fiend*.
> ��� i   moqttnt ft '-'i'   i".' ���' 'r "���'"���
ii ������ ��� i   ..���   "ie   ftftfP)  '��� ���������  > ���   ������������it-
\t  ,     c m.i- ��� 'i   Uumtl  .it-m>-.<!i .i   i'-vr
i -.   j..,-.-i. ifi..   i **i... pm tat*
 |IVU' i.f  u.<    ���������.-.. ll    ���������.   '��� ��� /���
iw-rt   ,��� </���
>flftoU t'Smi**: a rati Hts *'"* Wi    ���' d w *���<���>���*���'���������-- tM < kslmaa
Miow,"    will   dkfuQU��it*M*   lfl    I**.   '   ���'   ''j"-���'". ***i' i*vi'"'*iti'<i ���* '"in
ILtmitad Toy lievarlmmit i"��" wa Ut f��M** "> sonwimmt* i-��ie <��i"i I"
ciiristjsM    ynu inu iMaolWM May ** ,u""!    " ls i""i""""i '" rtl"'"i'
from tii�� Toy PBuari��������. (z78/!"'��-  Inmrtiut*,  asm  am  probably
in.mlli'     In    ulinill     ! "i '.Hli      i, l, i... I Mnn
Wt   ��.m' e\i-t>  little   "K.ddo'    u
i-ioii  Sauls <:laiib a'  lirf    iiuaneii!    :i
"V. wi.ai-i.rti.d '  li/duv      I- run    l,..-*     '.:
llioat i.i   ��>ill Iii��-k- llie u*'."i'
Ml     Willi    UU        1^.1-*    i.llljIUd If: a.
* :-:!-���-' Display In Columbia Street
���The  Ma/ Day Cup
BfaBsspBi iko esastoyeas cf P_ |3nnu
und dttapaas bt tM* '.:*.:������ have become
in.'.':    v    :   -.i-*    mat i.ivj!  vo\'".;
a  lit   :*ii.i-ut to ka taaa, but the
iu-pt    i:i-..tuix\.:f*i t :   ff*T*tti      ������   'A   a
BUMtKs i�� )ptt t��t vi-t. *. aa oa
".u   li-.nn    it.   :.:���*   i'--.*-   '".ot oo Col-
liu-uai ��;f*.n i. ���; Xo excite
.i.i   -,    ....   i.-i    .'   i ��� .i   !������ ���'���:���
Tin Sat tat -���' ftaaaa drt-nxg !-���
ti n)��.it::iu\i witli Mr T :���: Cain* and
li."-M,,it) ti,nj<l ni* a-rhibSts. all of
vItotfl i,*t*:S s%*. CPttBhtaa* spirit, is
���i,t aytodbd wn '>ff*r<-4 bv The News
..     m Mir isay ctMsratlon nl 19U
,-'   *.*���������    ��n   ���.',;, hy  Mr   t'alne.
Ti* tpaa l�� u��ilqu" In lu kind In
tii* tttt atUI a* It wlll In- on display
all 'A v��4��y, liundredn of persons will
vljilwil/ttdly b��i attr;ii.-t':d by the sight
Are You
Your Sons Along the Right Road?
Many fathers regret seeing their sons idling away their
wages. They know it is the sure way to ruin, but are
at a loss to know how to direct it otherwise. Example
and precept are strong but still the lure of pool-rooms,
theatres, and, in many cases, the bar-room, is so strong
that it wins out.
Let us help you to solve this question. We have talked
to many young fellows of late and we get the same
answer, viz., "I cannot make the first cash payment but
could easily save the monthly payments."
Fathers! we ask you if it would not be a splendid
Christmas present for your son if you were to make the
first payment on a lot for him. It would give your son a
chance to save money and at the same time it gives you
an easy conscience to feel that you have started your
�� sons along a smoother road than you yourself have travelled. Our lots are all cleared and graded, and face on
12th Street car line, just two blocks above the Orphanage.
Houses are being built and we will give you a written
guarantee that a house will be erected on hoth sides of
his lot. That will surely increase its value and give him
a good reason for working hard to pay up.
Fathers! give it a try. We will help you to start your
boy right. \
If you are paying rent we would like to build you a
home on easy payments, $25 monthly.
Royal City Realty Co.
750 Columbia St. Phone 433.       Open Evenings Till 9
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, wlll be
given on all- orders. This discount li
for ten days Only.
Room 6 Collister Block
II,.    |,1, ,.l.    i ..n.liill I l.e  of  llm   l< >��y ttl
I  lly   111 ill   oi limil   liuvi-   uli.ili|i.'I   rm   .i
dam' i" in in i'i iii Bl  Patrick's imii
nil   |K.     Li      'I lm   |ml|iii.. im -i .-  OH-   MlH
111    M    ll... I.rllll,   Ml.   I.   A    l.i-wln Hint
Mio i'  ii  \\.iu.,i,    11... Indian hi i
11,,.,.,.i, .i iii iiiiuei n.ni.oiiniBiiio
tin. r.-..|ilru TFHII i'..ii'iuiny, Until
11,1   ...,1,1   III I..U  Vtl.lcillluV   III llii.U   Mm
until    n.|l.,tl> loli.ll       Til,        111 il   till   tii.nl
-tli.1 .ti.i|i   Umi   null Ihnnioi-lvnii   Ciimiii
In   ilml   mn   lltu.Ill   llm   prOPQlitiflfl   W"
!>i,<  In  i .ui (Wl)
A   Mintll   1,1-ttr  ui nut lull   111   lllb   I Until
t.l... I,  nl..ml   tl ii i I,..li  umletilcl V Illlllll
ti,.. imi tin- itit-ii ii.mu uiiiiitii.1 mm flfri
l.iii  ..i i;....!  ..it  Un. ni.i-im In  limn  tn
1 tt.iit.n   llm   iluin.b   null   liitnil   tvlln
6lttottiio       I'litlll.-illlv    llll   llttlilHfii-    ��i��.
l,..,,,   UtiHllh   it   u   Itttil   imi   lii'i'tt   h'i
llm   i ..iiiini.il,   **<   ttt,,    fitniimii   a
.. ��t,.i,o  (li.i  lulfclil   Imt n   tr-.tlllBil.
i liil-iliiuin    |i||iii,-.i    (nl    imilig    limit
->,.������   I..mi, I,,.,, ��� ,u  \    Mr    V   I'ttilnl
I .. |i,i,    ,ti   I     .'   ,. in       \ll   ni..   it. I
...-.-.-   i;..iUIi  ulltttlti-r  lo ttinirtiilmni
���-. !���  n���,,.o ,v i,, .am
t     ' .   Minil il nn���niiii-! iif llm tUlti-l
|lit|HI>l ,,Illlllll IMI   \\V..tllii.tl.t!   tuoiiHts
:-.-   t,-II,m ii,.,   iiilii-ni.    tttnn   floiMntl
MiottHi^  i r-ttt     ItiHliHilt.    MtiitnlM
!.. .   i i t...i.-.ti   li,-iii   l'tnmt(i
, iti Iti it mul I iittln,  um.iiitir.
ulily mining nil Im-ul tlitnn nt u y
oiiihillnis  "i   inm'"  Irrnaiii'Hlvn nf llm
iiniiiiiur nt agenolo* tin-v bold
HOVJfl   HllNDfllilJ QOnBI-RR<t
a  radord trada iminv ��i  Lyueu
rti|iinrii lo fni'titnlii bv  Mmknt Olafk I
|i   ('I   Min Hnii/ln,   it lm lina  I'lii'll  btitv
fti|'   umtiihl   iIkvh   |ii-i'|utilni;   fnr   tli^ ;
hl(i ntnll  Unit always allmnln llm lus' j
ititiiUt'i il:tt  prior tn Christmas daj i
(Mm fnltliiiii nf llm nffiM'lim.n will b*\
lltrt   1-iih'n   iiiiuiIh-i    nf   lot-nl   tmki-vn ;
iivbi' four iiiiiniitiii iiiniH iisvina raaeh j
ml  Um  Wharf  yinlnriluy  i-vt-nimi  and !
lii'itit  tiniinlBiiitit'iiln tti'ti lii-lmiliili'il fir1
itii.iini inti morning
oihtir birdi will alao ba nlantlfnl >
wlllln -til lli�� intnitl llnrn Will ba urtMt
it  niiiiniiiiii'iiiii (or tlm aoeamtnoda *,
Umi nt tim imnv houaawtvaa,
Wlimlpi<a  Mlaa C.4t��i*r in Man With
Mini.v   anil   Blank.s  In   PockJt*.
Wnmll'iin   li..-    lit     William  Stan
lt'��   Sraroal   about  M  ywar* of a** (
gi��i��a iim nana nl   lUiuuifo'' aaaa
f'l.t   aimsileil   antl   BnOrtOM     **     Sl*\
'.i.'i-.-.i  st,! iuii.   is   In    cuiti.%1;   oo    al
���    .     '.-..   .I.,!.   Mi   .-iimiu     iiu.tmi*! ;ili��ti�� f(  aUfin;''. .���-.��   kg  talk   Sttt*
-���        u,    M   \    .ItmHo;  Miiittli��> tti'lt,'i>l   - tt, .:r.t'*.   MS *���'���   b**tip   4  BBBsta*   M
-   ,-. |uli ..i     M     \      i.-.nKo     itiyiii   ��m.'i   i-'ii'iux-s   ta   bia   i��.N*it:*wa.   witi
'.%.'..    t   h.ii    tim tv.|.,.it. pvt* i<-'t ������������������������������ Inal Intoal
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Christmas Bargains���Don't Buy any Fancy
Slippers till you See Our Stock.
Santa Claus Slippers from 35c
So - agenti for Weitminster for ths famous  K  Boon.    Dejot for
Lecior's  Coots and  Ahren'i  School Sheet.
A   $20,000  Stock to  Selert  lrom
assortment of PERFUMES in thia
city to select from by visit!. % us.
AU ItiiiJs oi fine Talcum l'owdors linro   toi��--l-fl
iu si>y: >��� J ou.
RYALL'S Druggist and OptlClM
'���i'   Cu'u-tiiji   Street
Phone 5?
i---.it 1 maattni ��tnt'h wttt
n'.-.. .1   l'.-.     ,. i>    I'ltaliU   mtWvm
,. ,���... , .   . - ,
t,..-.. ,, , 11   ..
is: .....l���-.,. ....... i
....: ��� ��� -..
wn.'    ill '      Sa '
Ittp,      .**��� *-,-!   .....
Curtis Drug Store
. -,   ������::.��� j
*.*    .    ,:  ��� ���
ii.*���*-..    . .
b>t    i>tt in-tns s<'Ai\-s.a it tia pattes >~.\
ittm -.-���.  -i": .-; akowl i'i" * i* '
tit   h'.*  !*.��,-��� .      i-"i   t.'iivi4tt<��  lilt
���   .���-, .,..  M,-ant^   IV.UIVV ��  Ui'.n  ,,m \*v.t(~l*:Mi  f\a--a  tN����t ������   '.? -       . '
-. .' M   ���  ���.   ..'.'. ,v t .��� iMtufUui '.t.i'. lv ���t���v> thr ium al uniiiHamar baaC '
. t .1. .-. '���,liti,in��l itaa |if.��nt at.-   (MM K'ftt at'tl  P-vi-t  'i tfctf ttt)   bid
���   ���'-���   " III 1."ta Wl I'-tim  |Hv-tm����ii '(���*����  ����ul-f'.i'.'��   t-.irstinl.      "Ulurit  v-tc-t
-..   r.^y.-.a,.  \hM ��  ttwttutttit  iiu* ��*h%��j| tt��*_��v ��k��<4��M  ���' ���-''. mai at n
='. lv   i.-.u'tiitut*   MNU����M umM^ ��| MM);   f'.-.il   -'..;-;    ���
-..,     a.ttia. tit* *l��*�� ***��� I v��lu��t ttv,*.  {���;.: ���:..* $.:! I I
.   1 ,1   -i.        r..'v- MMtKVM**** T%*      viM (| Qm nWavi-rn-t. Mad t*B*S  *B*
'.-..-  1,,.-in..-a ��uti * ���'hifiafal mats* al tagaataa   -:i>j.    ���'-
��� t ii  ���*,  '.Hit', tuftn-vnl  !���>   iti��  iv.iu.*  {.^^u  ,-.,.x...,, 1    1   v. -��� 1   :*:-t tM -v;m*<!
-.   . ���--...,,   ivu.'.-'tt'f*   *,tx-   ,,.���.. v. n ....   ..-trf.yii  .���/;   i tj-.-i? :��� -
i"- ..   I'lttt*  MlVO  l��*dw   bmiuriw ���;.-, *.- * > -   1 .. hat   v-.u.t
��� ..'.i.-uuudt ti* aH H 1.1 saataatod ttodi a��WB ttt*��\
���**�� t��i��w. in Itj j. ma atfea   urti*.'
-....     .-I   vt.to     1*tkw.it  ynu   di^^tij  ;.s  w^.-t!;   .-,.,.& aii,  Jt   pilt{f I
��� ��� '������ ���    �����' * wo mitii iaat aMhaca 13 Dwrtd ,"-.-n*�� m\
������ ��� ���      ���   ���>    --���-'��' .-njiiwh *')'..������) ��,;-ii- tttSm tattpi  :������
*..*   .*     '*y��\    KM        ���     -     1       ' Lt   i.;*t    It,    s-ll*:   -
���:.���:������.-������������*���    :     WM!, 	
���i^'l   to
>v x Wm's-���������. Oust.!*  \*.*mi*a\**it,
WUtsft>��i.!j<:w.t.      ������.-.-.      !. I      --*-..-tt,lHn.r.
u     \ ���   - ��� t\ t."     Md 'Wi ���wot to .t 1 iim.v.i Mn tta mim* .
ti  ���   *���������������.  -��� i.-. ���    ' ��� '��� 1    '������ ���   .1      . ��� *:m, ��C,
��� ..-.      ttktt**   ���<*���(>    **���!'   Wmottt- Iw  ���)���;   n.-.-ryifpftOftcvi at Ao-j
nan ms tM
n  in
:: .
JtitV    I
��� tm���m ~m men   -hm* -.. p*��
l "ii-ti'   VtttSSS ii  tun*.   ��� pn;it  m. 1
It I ...inn    iniMiumt null.
II HWfc   ill IIHWUM  (MBMC  *rar *%..
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1.'.   dtaUiri ��nl 4jrunut:   jrmi  f.Z~
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:*:i lm'lia �����������;   pneo    $1300    on
���111.17 Wmnj.
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are simple in design, sturdy in
economical and
easy to start
Built to burn
Gst your orders
The Schaake Machine Works
Our lines comprise Stoves, Raages, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils ln
iron, Un and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings,
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Htc. Sewing Machines and Office Furniture.
We will sell you for cash or will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Street and Sixth  Avenue
Residential Site
$2000 Each      $200 Cash
' will handle either one.   Long terms.
No. 152.
��S8 and 741 Columbia Street, Phone 89, Naw Weatminater, B. C.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
���at   writs   Pr>��   Hill
t-rV-ta-S-ml-.Mi?   -
X,u::ilit*rr.   ~ i :i.r
mat   L/j :    :,
Automobile    and
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street


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