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Westminster Daily News Nov 27, 1912

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 VQI* <    I, NUMBER 224.
Liberal Press and Majority of Unionist Urges Neutrality-
Disquieting Attitude of Russia and Austria-Servian Occupation of Adriatic Seaport May Precipitate Events-
Turkey Drifting Toward Triple Alliance.
Shipping   and   Cargo Worth    Nearly
Two Millions Absolutely Unprotected In Montreal.
London, Nov. 26.���The danger of a a former attache of the German for-
greater war than that between tha eign oltlce, died today of cholera at
Balkan stateB and Turkey absorbs pub- San Stefano. He Is the tlrst cholera
lie Interest fur more' than the first victim among Europeans. Two other
bout of diplomacy between the belli- German correspondents have been
Barents. j stricken.
The steps toward mobilization which ' The death of the Bcumenical Patrl-
Austria and Russia are taking, al- arch of the Greek Orthodox church ha3
though hut preliminary precautions, produced a deep impression on tha
have made possible a vision of the Greek community and the public gen-
vast consequences, which, as far a* erally. Peachlin III was archblsnop
Great Britain is concerned, are con- of Constantinople and attained thn
sidered nothing less than appalling. I age of 78. Ile had a noteworthy career
Entente Situation. j and had been patriarch eleven years
Apparently the British public ha3 His body will lie in state fol- three
no desire to sacrifice lives and money, days and the funeral services wlll be
paralyze commerce and risk the navy conducted with great pomp,
over the settlement of the status ofj Faladjian Effendl, ex-vlce-presldent
the Balkan peninsula. Yet It Is un-' at the chamber of deputies, who was
easy because    ignorant   of   how far j among those arrested on the charge
of opposing the government, was re-
Great Britain's diplomatic' engagements with France and Russia extend
In the direction of an alliance and of
how much likelihood there is that thu
government will be drawn Into a conflict in wlilch one or both of its partners in the entente may be engaged.
The Liberal press Is unanimous In
urging Great Britain to preserve
neutrality. The majority of the Conservatives demand the same pollcy.
The Times, declaring that none of the
European peoples want war, says.
"Yet that Is whither the nations are
blindly drifting."
It asks, "Who, then, makes war V
and replies:
"The answer is to be found in the
chancellories of Europe, among; the
men who too long have played with
human lives as pawns In a game of
cIipss. and who have become so enmeshed fn formulas and the Jargon
of diplomacy that they have cease<t
to be conscious of the poignant realities with which they trifle."
A Clarion Voice.
The Pall Mall Gazette almost clone
speaks in a warlike voice, lt a?
"England ought to net firmly with
France und Russia in refusing slmplv
to be swept aside. If the conference
desired by the lirit'sh government Ip
refused, we ought to face the alterna
tive and stand by our frlendB."
The mobilization of the Austrian
nnd Russian armies requires weeks
for what Germany and France can
accomplish In days. Russia's case is
this on account of the great distances
the troops must  travel;   In Ati3lria'x
leased today on ball.
Pack Your Trunks.
Loudon, Nov. 26.���A Belgrade des
patch says: "After several hours to
day with King Peter, Baron Hartwig
the Russian minister to Servia, said
to leading Servian Journalists:
' "Gentlemen, get ready to pack your
trunks soon. The King shares my
opinion in every respect.'
These words are interpreted to Imply that the situation is extremely
Greece is Accused.
Vienna. Nov. 26.���According to ths
Nen Friee Presse several states including Austria-Hungary, have com-
"latned of the excesses committed by
the Greeks on entering Saloniki.
B. C. E
R. Lets Contract for Sixty-five
City Cars���Delivery Before End
of May.
The tlrst big contract for new rolling stock, as mentioned in the press a
few days ago, was let yesterday to the
Preston Car aud Coach company, of
Preston, Ont. Sixty-five cars, representing an expenditure of $600,000, is
because the units of the army are on I Lhe apportionment handed to the
a peace tooting, which is only one-, Eastern Canadian firm and other bids
third cf war strength.   Therefore, con-  are being considered from other com
sideration of safety compel them te
begin when the danger signals are remote.
The Peace Makers.
England, France and Germany ar?
playing a peace making role. Their
efforts are directed, apparently toward keeping the powers together In
a compact to refrain from taking up
piecemeal tbe questions which the war
raises and to defer their consideration until the general conference.
The withdrawal of Austrian Avar-
ships at Oonstanttnople to join the
fleet is taken as an unfavorable sign,
and the Imminent Servian occupation
of Durazzo, on tho Adriatic aea, tends
further to bring Austria and Servia
toward the breaking point.
,   .    Consul  la  Safe.
On the other hand the safe arr'val
at Uskup of the Austrian consul
Prochaska. whom it was feared had
heen killed, should lessen the tension,
and the fact that the Austrian ambassador lunched today with the Russian emperor would seem to Indlcat"
that the relations between these, twe
powers still-are oordlaL
Turkey and Alliance.
London, Nov. 26.���fhe Constantinople oorresrohdent of the Telegraph
sends the following despatch:
"Turkey Is rapidly drifting toward
the triple alliance. A rupture of tb*
armistice negotiations is regarded as
Imminent and certain.
"Both government organs. Ikdam
and Sabah, employ unusual frankness
panies in the business.
These cars are to be delivered, ac
cording to the contract, by the end ot
May, 1913, the flrst shipment being
due on April 1.
Together with this announcement,
made by the B. C. E. R., lt Is stated
that the shops in this city will be kept
coastantly busy on repair work alone,
without mentioning the future possi-
b'llty of the shops being enlarged so
as to KB able to cope with the work
cf turning out new cars.
The cars ordered yesterday will be
c f the most Improved type, somewhat
similar to' those recently manufactured
by the Brill company, of. St. Louis,
which are at present in operation on
the Vancouver lines. They will d'ffav
in eome particulars in order to com
nly with the new provincial regulations which go into effect on the firs*
Of tiie year. One of theji will be th?
installation of gates or doors cn the
platforms which- will be closed by the
mctorman vhen the car Is ln motion
and also when lt is filled with passen
They wilt be of the singlet end typr
and 44 feet In length. The majority of
the 24 interurban cars which have recently arrived In Vancouver from St.
Louis are nearly ready for operation
ln fact two of them are being used
on the Central Park llr.e.
Practically every official department
of the line Is working over time Just
now for the order of the attorney general affects the whole system, and
Montreal, Nov. 26.���If a single one
of the nine ocean liners at present in
the port of Montreal and which ar��j
worth approximately a million dollars
was to oome to grief while on the
wa^ down the river for the last time
this season, not a cent of Insurance on
either hull or cargo could be collected
from the underwriters, for local
marine insurance risks automatically
relapsed at noon yesterday.
Although, of course, no movement.)
will take place after darkness, since
the gas buoys are being removed and
only the spar buoys will be left aa
aids to navigation, the fact remaiiu
that there is shipping worth nearly a
million and cargo worth three-quarters
of that sum In the harbor of Montreal
not covered by a dollar's worth of protection.
Attention Paid to Present Waterfront
Industries���Tenders Cloae on
Monday Next.
According to the specifications pre
pared by Harhor Engineer Mr. A. O.
Powell the work of extending the
water line on Front street out for a
distance ot some 119 feet from the
present line will divided into three
sections, namely A. B. and C. .
The Tlrst section comprises a stretch
of about 700 feet loug, commencing ai |
the end of the Royal City mills sit?
and ending at the foot of Tenth
street. The B section commences at
Tenth street aud runs to a point about
250 feet from Fourth etreet. This
stretch is ahout 3500 feet long. The
last section starts where the second
breaks off and ends just west of
Konrtli streeL
The divisions, it is stated, are for
convenience in estimating only and
will liave no other significance whatsoever. The project is described by the
engineer as follows: "The work will
consist in extending the line of the
present waterfront out into the river
to a new harbor line. The extension
will be made by a solid fill of earth, j
sand or gravel, having an outer slope
of one on one and one half. The slope j
will be protected by the revetment
rock, approximately two feet and six
Inches thick and where necessary by
rock toe. Over the slope will be- a
round pile quay wall constructed in
general accord with the plans, but.
subject to such modification as the
engineer may direct, to suit the contingencies of the work and adapta-1
bility to the use of the watefront oc-j
cupants.    Back of the quay wall will
Dominion Government to Assist Settlement on B. C.
Better Salaries for   Civil    Servants-
Higher Educational Facilities
Desired for Indians.
Ottawa, Nov. 26.���Mr. Clements,
member for Como-.-Atlin, B.C., gives
notice of the following resolutions.
"That in view of the large areas of
excellent agricultural lands in British
Columbia at present unoccupied and
undeveloped, immediate action should
be taken by the government to en
courage agriculture by assisting actual
settlement on such lands and also to
establish a number of small experi
mental farms in British Columbia, par
tioularly in the northern portion ol
the province."
Industrial Schools.
"That the government should taks'
immediate steps to revise the presen
Indian  regulations  1* British  Colum
bia,  with the Idea of establishing Ip
that province more industrial schools
and   also   more   systematically   and
thoroughly   develop     the     preserves
held for the Indians in order to furn
lsh them with a higher standard   nf
educational   facilities   than   they    at
present possess./'
_ Inadequately Paid.      ,
"That the members of the civil ser
vice in British Columbia are at present receiving salaries that are very
Inadequate for their welfare, consider
ing the high cost of living In the
province; aud Immediate steps should
I be taken by the government to sub
| stantially increase the salaries now
William Brownlee   Arrested   on   Bus
picion���Jealousy Is Motive Put
Forward. _.
As the result of a mysterious affra\
which occurred about lo o'clock last
night a Greek namqd Andrew Gabriel
is lying seriously beaten up In the
Royal Columbian hospital while an
other man named William Brownlee
has been arrested under suspicion oi
being responsible for Gabriel's cond
Tbe particulars of the" occurrenc
were not available at police head
quarters last night, hut  It is alleged
Under Provision of New Act
to be   Brought Down
Brandon Member Prefers Not to Withdraw His Bill���Heavy rfnee for
Allen Voters.
flt of jealousy. The incident took
place near the corner cf Twelfth and
Front streets.
Evidently the police got some Inkling of the affair as the unfortunate
man was found and despatched in the
auto patrol to the Royal Columbian
hospital with all expedition. Erownlee
was arrested later.  ���
Ottawa, Nov. 26.���When the Houso-
,,,,,, ��� i?et ?' A' M> Aikens, Branaon. intro-
that Brownlee set upon Gabriel in   a I duced a bill to amend the Bank  \oL
'" "'    '"-'"-"     ���"'- ' -' He explained that section 88 of tha
Bank Act authorizes a bank to lend!
money to purchasers, shippers and
dealers in products on the security
of products, but that the banks are
not authorized to lend money to th<*
farmer on his threshed grain, no matter how great the quantity or bo-tr
safely it is stored.
The proposed amendment provides*
that money may be loaned to farmery
on the security of their grain and the-
general products of the farm.
Dr. Schaffner: "What about livestock ?"
Mr. Aikens: "I. am ln favor of the
loaning of the money on live stock,
but the urgency ls not so great, nor
the reasons so apparent."
Reasons for Measure.
The member for Brandon then pio-
ceeded to give hia reasons for Introducing this bill. The farmer, mora
particularly in the Weat, require*
money as soon as his crop ia harvested and threshed.   The   time   be-
Plans have been perfected by    th-  }hfe��in,?��e,iharve,t ��nitbe ,?��.mil,B ��f
eHtminater   nm*,*iLnZ7*\   Jl~���.7 Ithe wU?ter ls very ^*orU so It la neees-
Weatmlnster   Development   Company
Buys Corner at Acnes and  '
Victoria Streeta.
Westminster   Development   company
sary  that  the  farmer should devote
tf&SUtf?2?��2�� 0% Caarl  - ����3T tl��. as pTssibleTVeT-
of $!.,.��...(><> for the erection of a four! paration of hlg la*nd for the cre�� ���r
storey block on the southeast corner
of Sixth and Agnes streets. The cor-1
ner embraces 132 feet frontage on
both Sixth and Agnes streets and also
on Victoria street.
The deal was consummated a few
days ago by Mr. Ronald L. Cliff to
Mr. W. S: Rose, ct the British North
Tower Hamlets Division Contested by
Suffragists���Former   Labor
Member Resigns.
the next seascn.
However, he can meet his pressing;
cbligations only hy taking tils grain
to market. He proposed to have loan'*
on the products of tbe farm made on
pledged receipts and thla would obviate the necessity tor chattel mortgages.   It would tend to relieve con-
to the Westminster Development com-  !!uV��-LdJe?JeJ�� *Wl��e^!?
aeH   it   when  it   beat  suits  his  pur-
elopment company, in which Mr. Rose is   also   in- Boge8
terested.   The purchase price is men-,    m \*   ���*,,., .,_���  ,,..,.,   ,,.,,���    ,,
tinned nt J7* nnn w. *. McLean was urging the   In-
Rose and work will be started in the  ��"��",'?/* th�����*el���?��gS* ent,re,r.
to tnat line, when Mr. White rose and
be a curtain of creosoted sheet piles,
placed close together and securely, be-'
fore any Ailing is undertaken." j
The round piles to be used in.construction will be all cut from sound
trees and lt Is required that they be
of straight grain and regular taper, j
The bearing piles will be of cedar and ���
will vary from 50 feet to 90 feet ln
length. The piles will be driven In
inclined leads. All the sawed timber
used will be of sound merchantable
Douglas, free of loose and rotten
All the metal work with the excep
tion of Iron washers will be of med'um
steel. The floor stringers and track
ioists require to be 24 feet or over in
length and all other timber of standard quality.
The fill wll) consist of sand, good
(Continued on Page Four.)
London, Nov. 26.���One of the most
Interesting bye-elections    In    London
ended today in the gaining of a seat
by the Conservatives    in    Bow    and
Bromley division of the Tower Ham
lets.   George   Lansbury,   tbe   Labor
member, bad resigned because he was
diBsatislled witb tbe Liberal policy c.
tbe woman's suffrage question amcn0
other thiugs, and sought   a   straigh
flght iu which he was assisted by tin
suffragettes,  who  worked very hard
for him.
The Liberal party did not put up a
candidate and reconfteended thei.
party not to vote. The result of to
day's vote was: Blair, Conservative.
4042; Lansbury, Suffragist, 3291; a
majority of 751.
lt is said, however, that the result
cannot be regarded as a reliable
criterion of the views of tbe con
stituency regarding votes for women
owing to the many other issues which
were Introduced into the campaign.
At the last election the figures
were: Lansbury, 4315; L. S. Amoy,
Conservative, 3542. I^ibor majority,
863. The defeated candidate on that
occasion is-well known In Canada as
a member of the editorial staff of the
London Times and a frequent visitor
to Canada and friend of Earl Grey.
In discussing the situation.   They ��b-  w|th the near approach of the opening
Bert that while   the   triple   entente 0f tj,e Highland Park cut-off. an   ao
(Great Britain, France and Russia) is ^v<tv never before exhibited by   thr
urging the porte. to conclude   peace, officials Is now proceeding.'
the triple alliance (Austria, Germany ���
and Italy) advises resistance, foreseeing a. geheral war.
"Both papers argue that Turkey
should profit thereby to obtain, the
best possible bargain when the settle
ment Is discussed by the European
conference. Th��s, they declare, can
best b". procured by throwing
Turkish mllitarv strength on the aide
ot tlie triple alliance."
Guns and Met Return.'
London, Nov. 27���Tb'rty more heav*
guns were brought tq.. the fortress at.
Belgrade oh Tuesdav, and strong
forces have been recalled from tho
aeat of wir to the Servian canltal.
This Information Is sent bv the Belgrade correspondent of the Standard,
who pd1s that there are still a con
s'rterable number of freab troops
there. .
T"rW��h ��nd Alh'r'an pri^one^ a���
employed ln strengthening the .fort! II-
cations. .
Cholera Claims Europeans.
Constantinople, Nov. 36.���Dr.   Bun
"St. Petersburg.    Nov*.    26.���Eleven
men of the Black Sea fleet recently
condemned to death for Inciting mut-
the j Iny were allot at Sebastopol today by
firing parties from the warships.
Four hundred sailors of tha flee'
are being transferred to Raval and
Strikes are being declared In various parts of the country aaa protest
against the action of the government.
Chlaa'e Flrat Primary;
Chicago. Nov. 26.���A spec'al cable
gram to the Chicago Dailv New* from
Canton. China, says:   "The first prim
ary election of the Republic nf China
for members of the House of Renre-
sentatives In Peking wlll take place
In Canton, Deo. l to "Dec. 4.   Of the
males oif voting age In China, estimated to number 30.00d.000, only 1,906,516
muellerTa German^correspondent and have qualified to vote."
The bualneas men of New Weatmlnster are makiug clear their determination to stand by the Progreaalve
Association and to establish It and Its
work on a firm financial baals. A
lozen of the leading merfchanta and
citizens gathered together at a luncheon yesterday to discuss thla whole
matter and arrangements were en-
thusiastlcally made for the holding of
a general business men'a meeting
next Wednesday afternoon at 8:50 in
the Council Chamber to discuss a
broad scheme for publicity and gen-
oral activity.
A committee consisting of Aldertnan
Curtis and White and Messrs. Nels
Nelson, D. W. Gilchrist. H. Schaake
and John R. Dunoan, Pres'dent of the
Board of Trade, was appointed to urge
actllvely on tbe merchants and bualneas men their attendance , at this
Everybody present was Imbued wltb
a determination to make th*s affair a
success is all regarded the Progres
sive Association as a most Important
factor in the building up of the new
New Westminster. Further enthusiasm was aroused bv several offera of
substantial subscriptlona.
The original creed ot the  associa
tlon was reaffirmed aa fbllowa:
���    t.   Mutual development at ctty and
near future on another structure on I (��������,���-j'���".*.- "57777. 77' ,, . ,,
Sixth street which is fast building up ; L/nk a�� JhJv "���!? tl ���, ""! "**
as a business section. The ground | **",kd A��th��rt"y SL LT^1 "T
floors of the building will be used a. ' S"id ��� ���u,',h0^" ""* ^nJ" to ?"***
stores, while the three upper storeys taSf^f?* ftLffi��*8 0t tb,% t.arm'
will be laid out In the most modern 51* ! ��C* i"Ci"?e,l' Jlf T"1? '5���
stvle of aDartment tiiltes I   . to the men,ber for Brandon in ylesr
RelntoSS^SSS^""^!!    be    uaed '%^��ZT%��*.*Z **%*&&!��
throughout and the company is plan- %����w "(rf^ ���������'���'"*'ead "*: Mr-
ning to face the building with the best ��'*���' ��'-* ^'rea^ing' to *�����
of material bo as to make it one ofi p�������������� ���,.'  JliJf'
the most imposing structures on the      Major Currie, of North L^coo. Tt**
troduced a bill to amend the Criminal
Code. Its objective was to prevent
foreigners from taking any part bt'
the elec 'nn in the Dominion. Tb*
bill he stud, would provide a flne of
Siono ami six months imprisonment
for any alien who votes or In any
participates in an election. In
event of non-payment of the fine
terms of imprisonment would be
creased to one year.
Major Currie said he understood
that it was proposed in some of the
western provinces to allow people not.
British subjects to vote. This hill
would prevent this. He was, however,
speaking more particularly for his
own constituency where . Americans
had appeared on the same platform
with the former premier and asfre��l
the voters to defeat him. The bill
was given a first reading.
Hon.W. T. White deVoted a major
part. cf his speech  to' settUg forth
the causes leading up to and the gov-.
ernment's  action   in   cutting in two.
thc duties on cement entering Canada
from the United States last summer.,
and a long discussion followed.
Fraaer Valley In every branch of Ufa.
2. To carry out this development
by making known the agricultural resources knd Industrial opportunities of
tha valley among thoae who are moat
able to avail themselves of them.
3. To s've asaiatance and Information to all those wlahlng to settle In
this part of tha world, to establish
manufactures hero or to' atart up In
any legitimate business.
4. To discourage ill-advised boosting and bad advertising.
6.   To support homa Industries. ..
6. To lend every support to the city
council, board of trade, Trades and
Labor Councll and other authorities In
every work that tenda fo tha advancement of tha elty.
7. Ta encourage every activity In
the flelda of business, sport, art or
literature Which appears to tha association to bo for the benefit of tha
reneral publlc.
ft, Last and above all to Inafat on
outstanding fact that tha Fraaer river
and Westmlnater conatltutea tho port
possessed of the greatest potentialities on the Pacific coast, and endowed
with a future that surpasses the Imagination of all but a vary few of us
today, but which depends on our personal efforts for Ita realization.
Crew of Ruth Shore   Snatched   from
"Graveyard of Lakes" by Life
Sault Ste. Marie, M'ch., Nov. 26-
Survivors who reached here today told
thrilling stories cf their last moments
on the steamer Ruth Shore and their
rescue by life savers just before the
boat plunged to the bottom of Lake
Superior near Grand Marais Sunday.
"I have sailed the lakes for years
and never before encountered such an
experience as this last one," ��sald
Arthur King, foreman of the steamer,
"It was not long after the boat
struok the heavy seas that ber seams
opened and the water poured through
them just like lt does over a waterfall. There were two men and their
wives tiboard as passengers. The
women were remarkably cool, but they
did not know the real danger. We,
down below, knew we were right In
the graveyard of the lakes.
"The windows were soon smashed
and the atern torn away. As the
boat began to fill tbe Area got low. 1
waa standing ln the water up to my
walat and deck hands passed coal as
fast aa tbey could scrape lt together,
Aa soon aa they would get a pile ol
It together, the water would wash It
away and finally we threw a number
of bage of hard ooal we were carrying
aa freight into the flre boxes.  ,
"All night long we tossed about the
lakes in tbat condition. At noon Sun
day life savers on the shore alt miles
distant aaw our white flag and came
tn the rescue. We all Jumped Into the
Ufa savers' boat and made for the
shore. When we gave up the ahlp the
"wheelsman lashed her wheel: headed
her straight for the shore. She started In aa prettily as anvthlng you ever
aaw and then suddenly dropped out
of sight."
. i.i   ii; i        "."".���
Sa''*r�� Disappointed.
Halifax. Nov. 26.���There la much
dlsaniwlntTr,<",t aboard the Canadian
crulaar Nlobe because of the orders received from the naval aervlce at Ottawa caner'llnr -the cruisers departure
for England, whloh had been fixed for
Deo. 10.
Perjury Caae Again Adjourned���Centres Around Movements of Horae.
and Cart.
The tr|al of Albert Oeorge Sterna*
for alleged perjury in an action Bar
damage* by C. T. Saunaer* reel estate agent, Burnaby, agalnat Sump
Municipality for injuries sustained tat
an accident, and decided before Wr.
Juatice Clements at laat June
waa resumed yeaterday. ..       -
The case hinges on an alleged i
ing by Mr. Stevens that' he taut i
a man, John Wolfe, have awns -natality oh the. Market Square wltt lliae
horse that waa killed in the tarHtWiMt
on which Mr. Saunder'a suit wane
baaed, ln effect that lt waa a.
"baulky" horse ahd that an �� particular occasion he had seen Mr. W
get out of a two-wheeled cart and I
lt by the bridle to the Fitter tla
John Wolfe swears that he
bad tbat or any other bone aa  ...
Market Square, that he never had fcau.-
(Contlnued oa Page- five*. PAGE TWO
I Classified Advertising
������ RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5.000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
beatb Notice SOc or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 00c per
Ash street. (157)
Carnarvon stieet. (162)
wishes position to assist with house
work.   Uox 158 News Office.   (158)
Apply 159, Daily News. (159)
work, 25c per hour. Mrs. Lacy,
phone 1099. (160)
ets.   Apply at Clly Theatre. (155)
at light housework. Apply in afternoon at 57 Elliott street.       (154)
rooms, heated. Apply 701 Agne3
Btreet, opposite Library. (147)
artment of three rooms and toilet.
For particulars write A. Telford,
406 Agnes street. (150)
House, modern, veranda, pantry,
bathroom and basement. One block
from 12th street car. Rent $18 per
month. Phone L 616 or call at 1321
Sth avenue.  (149)
unfurnished housekeeping rooms,
410 Ash Btreet    (U7i'
week, 654 Columbia street, over
Royal bank. (115)
Nerve Racking Experience of a
Hunter In the Tyrol.
mother's help. No downstairs work.
Apply 731 Sixth Street. (153)
Baptist church. Duties to commence
on December Sth. For particulars
apply F. T. C. Lever, Box 777. New
Westminster. (145)
er wants position. Apply box 146
News Office. (146)
man with store experience. 431
Fourth street. (119)
Mrs. W. Baker and family wishes to
thank their many kind friends and ac
quaintances for the sympathy they
have manifested In their recsnt bereavement. (165 j
Notice re "Trades License By-law,
The City Council will meet on Wed
nesday, the 27th inst., at 8 p.m., tc
consider the "Trades LicenBR By-law
Business people and others interest
?A are invited to attend the meeting
and offer suggestions to the Council.
W. A..DUNCAN, City Clerk
City Hall, Nov. 2Hth, 1912. (118)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh street.
kpeplnt; rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, coiner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (5)
seller and buyer together.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sitting of the
Licensing Board for the City of New
Westminster for a license to sell
liquors by retail on the premises
known as the Hotel Lytton, situate on
Front street and Lytton Square, in the
said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 22, 1912.
lots on Douglas road, near Edmonds
road, Burnaby, size 54Vixl75, all
stumps blasted and brush cut. $4000
each; one-quarter cash, balance to
arrange. This property is $500 below market prici:. Apply owner, J.
Bone, Colonial Pool Room.       (140)
maker's shop at Matsqui. with full
outfit for repairing. Good busines3
stand. Apply to Jens Berg, Box 586,
New Westminster. (130)
ed Bungalow. Al! conveniences. 303
Seventh avenue. Phone R104C. (121)
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sitting of the
Licensing Board for the City of New
Westminster for a license to sell
liquors by retail on the premises
known as the Premier Hotel, situate
on Carnarvon street and Eighth street,
in the said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 22, 1912
ranges on easy terms; $1.00 down.
$1.00 per week. Canada Range Co.,
Market Square. 4
sell that lot for you.   Try it.
$100 REWARD���I will give one hundred dollars reward to any person
who can prove in court that the
horse, mentioned in the evidence in
the case of perjury against Albert
G. Stevens at the assize court as
being driven by me on August 15th,
was bslkv at that or any other time.
John Wolfe. (163)
white with black ears and black
spot on left hip. Finder please notify
A.   S. Moore,   412   Second   street.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
lo apply at the next sitting of the
Licensing Board for the City of New
Westminster for a license to sell
liquors by retail on the premises
known as the Hotel Windsor, situate
on Columbia street and Begbie street,
in the said City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 22, 191J.
Notice to Holders of Registered Agreements of Sale.
Holders of Registered Agreements,
who have not transferred their Interest, are requested to make the Statutory Declaration, in order that   their
names may be inserted In the Annual
.Voters'     Lists.     Such     Declarations,
'should be in the hands of the Clerk;
i not later than the 39th day of Novem-
ber   Instant.   The   necessary   forms
may be obtained on application at the
Municipal Hall.
Edmonds. B.C., November 6, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that . Intend
to apply at the next sitting of the
Licensing Board for the City of New
Westminster for a renewal of license
to sell liquors by retail on the premises known as the Kings Hotel, situ-
-ate on Columbia street, in the said
City of New Westminster.
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 22, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the ne\t sitting of ths
Licensing Board of the City of New
Westminster for a renewal of license
to sell liqaors by retail on the prem
ises known as thc Central Hotel, sttu-
sited on Columbia street, between
Alexander and Eighth streets. In the
said City of New Westminster.'
New Westminster, B.C., Nov. 22, 1912.
NOTICE is hereby given that I Intend to apply at the next sitting of
Hie Licensing Board for the City cf
New Westminster for a renewal ol
license to sell liquors by retail on the
premises known as the Royal Cltv
Totel, situated corner of Customs
TToe.se Square and Columbia street, to
the said City of New Vv estminster.
Kew Westminster, Nov, 15, 1912.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Here's a snap. $650 cash buys a
four roomed house and large lot near
Sixth street car line. Owner leaving
the city.
Alberta street bargain���Four roomed cottage and good cleared lot. Pric��
away down, buyers own terms.
���Are you Insured ? It coats but llttl'
\nd makes you feel safer, lnsuranci
nsures sleep.
We represent only strong British
Board Companies, and shall be pleased
to tell you what it will cost you
whether you insure or not.
Flre. Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile. Burglary. Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Perils the Daring Adventurer Braved
to Rob a Golden Eagle's Nest of Iti
Young and the Anxious Hours He
Spent'Dangling In Terror In Mid Air.
An Kugllsbiuau who was spending
bis vncutlon iu the Tyrol learned Unit a
pair of golden eagles were ravaging the
[valleys of poultry aud smull game and
found that they hud their aerie on a
certain mountainside. Being of an adventurous disposition he obtained the
services of several woodcutters uud
started out before dawn determined to
' capture the youug eagle that was believed to be lo the nest
I When the party ascended tbe mountain nnd looked over tbe edge of the
perpendicular cliff tbey cuuld see a
ledge about lot) feet below them. One
of the party remained at the top while
the others lowered themselves tu the
ledge liy menus ot a,rope.
| Here tbey fastened a flfty futboin
hair Inch rope tu the stump of u tree,
lixed u bluck ut wood against tbe edge
of the cliff for the rope to run over, fastened an iron hook in tbe crevice ofthe
rncks and prepared to lower tbe Englishman tu the nerie, wblcb they cuuld
now see far below.
A stout leather belt was fastened
round bis waist, witb an Iron ring In
front, through which the rope passed.
To tbe end uf the rope a strong piece
nt wood was knotted, and tiie Englishman sented bltnselt astride IL
With u ritle on his back, n revolver
In Ills pocket, a big knife In bis belt
nnd u lung pole lu his hands be win
ready to start. Five men took hold of
Ihe rope, while two others lay Hat upon
the rocks, rllics In bund, looking over
Ihe edge of tiie cliff. It the old birds
should titlark the Intruder his life
would probably depend upon those two
Tbe descent lusted ten or fifteen minutes. Then the Englishman tumid liim-
Felt opposite the eagles' ledge. He
Jerked the OlOTill line. He was ten
ui twelve feet from the leilpe, lint with
llie hooked end uf his long pole he
was able to draw lilniselt in and presently was gnxltfg cautiously over the
edge of the nest, which, to Ills surprise, contained nut uue eaglet, but
One of them, not without a lively
Struggle, be put Into the canvas hag he
had brought lor the purpose. The
other he finally managed to secure by
running a noose ovei IU feet lie tied
the bug lu tiie olguul cord, arranged
himself upon his wooden scat, took tlie
second bird in his left hand and gave
the signal. TIQ men on tlle ledge
above, contrarj to Instructions, gave a
vigorous pull tbut wrenched the pole
from his bunds nud f>ent him away
from the cliff nt a frightful pace. The
return swing was likely to dash liiui
against the rock with deadly force.
There was but one thing to do, and
lhe Englishman hnd the presence of
mind to do It. He tilted the upper part
of Ills body backward and Ills lees forward and struck lhe rock with Ills feet,
with nu worse lesult than a paral.v7.cd
feeling In Ills Ice* and n twitching sen-
Ballon in llis hack and loins.
.lii!<t then a dark object flushed by
him, lt passed lu such close prut-
Imlty that the innn felt the rush ot air
produced by Its flight At first he supposed It to be a falling sloue, but presently he perceived that Instead of being
drawn upward he was quite stationary.
One bour passed, then two. nnd still
he hung motionless st the end of the
rop He conld of course form no Iden
ef what had happened. The strange
Situation Anally got upon his nerves.
He Imagined thnt be hnd lieen abandoned and must swing there till he lost
his hold and fell to tils death or until
tbe parent engleit sbonld return nnd
pluck out hls eyes. To ndd iu his misfortune*, a sharp thunderstorm cnme
on thnt wet hlm to the skin nnd nearly
blinded hlm wtth lightning.
At last, when he hnd hung thus he
tween heaven nud earth for more Minn
three hours, he felt a tug upon Ihe
rope nml In flfteen minute* was nt the
top with his two prtr.es.
Then he found tlmt the falling oh
Ject was the block nn which the rope
hnd run. It hnd hnd to lie replaced,
lest the rope should be cut b.v the sllllrp
edge of the rock, mid the long delay
had been caused hy tbe necessity ot
ftcndlug tlie one man nt the top dowu
to the base ol the mountain tu cut a
small tree and uialie a second block.
Buying Tea In Shanghai.
An American tourist, in pricing tea
In �� Chinese store in Minnglmi. was
surprised tu find Hint lie couid pur
rhnse live pounds of n certnln kind ol
lea for **���>, but that If he bought ten
pounds the price would be *"> I ll*
American argued wtlh the t'liinaiiutn
that Mich nn arrangement was rtltlou
Ious. nut the prophetoi ol the sp.re in
���Isted that logic was otl bis ��tde "More
bin. more rich. Mure rich, more >an
puy,'  be explained.
Drawing the Line.
"From this point." snid lhe mnn In
the front seal ol the nutomoblle. bring
Inu ihe machine tu n stop. "\on get a
good view of Pittsburgh proper."
"I iu sure," spoke np the prim matron
In the hack seat, "that's the only pnrt
of Pittsburgh we wish to see!"-Chicago Tribune.
Curious Effects From Red and Blue on
a Black Background.
If onf a screen ot bluck velvet placed
ut u distance uf ten feet from the spectator large letters nre pasted, some
blue, some red, Ihey will not appear to
be at un equal distance from tlie eye&j
Tu sume persons the red letters will
seem nearer lhan blue letters, while
to other persons the contrary effect
will be manlfesled. I
To produce ibis effect both eyes must
be employed. When une eje Is closed
the letters nre all seen at the same distance. On opening the otlier eye one
set of letters immediately uppenrs to
take a position |u advance of the othera,
Tlie explanation offered for this effect
Is that a sort uf stereoscopic Illusion Is
produced In the eye Itself, depending
upon color. The Image of a blue object
Is shifted by the eye toward one side
und that of a red object toward tbe
other side. J
lf on looking at blue and red letters
on n black background placed ten or'
twelve feet away you see the red letters'
nearer than the blue, screen ofT one-.
balf of tlie pupil of each eye on the
outside and you wlll see the red letters retire behind the blue ones.
If you screen the pupils on the side
toward the nose you will see the red
letters advance apparently still farther
ahead of tbe blue ones. ;
If. on tlie other band, you naturally
see the blue in advance screen the Inner side of ihe pupils of your eyes and
ibe red will come to tbe front.
Beautiful effects are produced wltb
one eye alone when, Instead of letters,
red or blue rings are pasied on a background uf the opposite color. Placing
red rings on blue paper and using tbe
right eye Wltb the Inner side of the pupil covered the appearance Is that of
circular red hillocks resting ou u blue
To produce this effect ln Its highest
degree the paper must be held to the
left und sloping In that direction.
When the ouler side of the pupil ts
erreeued ihe red rings will become circular trenches iu the Lint* paper.���New
York Sun.
37 ACRES alder bottom land, exceptionally good quality. 1 mile
from Milne's Station. $150 per
acre, on terms.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Pros, and Geni. Mgr.        Vice-President.
Sao. aid Treas.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
It Is not enough to run.   One muat
start lu Uuut.-Kreuch 1'roverU.
Ths Liberty Cap Dates Away Back to
E>rly Greek Times.
From very early times one of the dls.
tinguishing marks of a slave, both In
Greece uud oriental countries generally, was the lack of any covering for
the head. Accordingly the cap came to
be considered the Insljjnla of liberty,
umi when slaves were given their freedom they were presented with a cap
as an emblem of It
In Sparta the helots wore n cap of
dogskin, und tills was reckoned a
badge of servitude, but upon gaining
their freedom this wus replaced by n
cap of a different material, of another
shape nud ornamented with Mowers.
A similar custom wns observed In
Itome, where the presentation of the
plleus, or cap, was always u part of
the ceremony of manumitting a slave;
hence nrose the proverb, "Servos ud
pileum vocnre"
Also on medals the cap Is the symbol
nf liberty and Is nnsiiully represented
ns being held In the right band by the
point When a cap was expused to the
people's view un tlie top of a spear, as
In the case of the conspiracy uguliist
Caesar, It was Intended as a public Invitation to them to embrace the lllierty
that was offered them,
The Goddess of Liberty on Mount
Aventlne was represented ns holding
n cap In her band as a symbol of freedom The Jacobins wore a red cap
during tiie French revolution, and lu
Gnglund a blue cap with a wblte bor
der Is used as a symbol uf liberty.
The custom wbtch prevails among
onlverslty students of wearing n cap
ts snld to hnve bad Its origin in u wish
to signify that tbe wearers bad acqulr-
ed full liberty und were no longer subject to Die rod of tlieir superiors.
Chinese Currency.
Peking, Nov. 26.���I)r. W. Roest, or
Batavia. Dutch Kast Indies, is to br
appointed adviser of the Chinese Government for the reform of the currency. G. Vlsaerlng, who was originally proposed for the post, will be ap
pointed honorary adviser. Mr. Vlsser-
ing is going to Amsterdam as president of the Netherlands Rauk. Tho
Dutch financial advisers do not consider a large capital necessary for the
currency reform. They propose to establish taxation on 4 gold basis.
GIN PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Ont., March 26th.
"I had been suffering for some time
with my Kidneys and Urine. I was
constantly parsing water, which was
very scanty, sometimes as many as
thirty times a day. Kach time the pain
was something awful, aud uo rest at
I heird of your GIN PILLS and
decided to give them a trial at once.
I sent my chum 6<j miles to get them
and I am pleased to in(or:n you that in
less than six bourn, I felt relief.
In  two days, the pain  had left me
entirely.   I took about half a box and
today I feel  as well  ns ever and my
kidneys are acting quite natural ayain."
GIN PILLS soothe the irritated
bladder ��� heal the sick, weak, painiul
kidneys���and strengthen both these vital
organs.    Money back if they fail.
50c. a bot, 6 for fj.jo. Sample free
if you wri te National Drug and Chemical
Co., of Cauada, Limited, Toronto.     139
Ferry, Fraser River.
In accordance with chapter 85, It. a.
B. C, 1911, "Kcrrles Act," the Government of British Columbia invite applications for a charter for a ferry to
lly on the Fraser River between New
Westminster, Port Mann, Annacis Island, and Coquitlam.
Applications will be received by the
Hon. Minister of Public Works up to
12 o'clock noon of Monday, the 9th
December, 1912.
The charter will cover a period expiring on 31st March, 1914.
Applicants shall give a description
of the vessel It Is proposed to use, the
method of operation, and the vessel
must conform In all respects to the requirements of the "Canada Shipping
Act" and amending Act.
Applicants shall state the tolls tbey
propose to ask for���
Foot passengers (adults), each.
Foot passengers, children under
thirteen years.
Passenger with saddle-horse.
Passenger with horse and buggy.
Driver with two horses and wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
Driver with four horses and wagon,
loaded or unloaded.
Cattle nnd horses, per head.
Sheep, per head.
Hogs, per head.
Calves and colts under one year old,
per head.
Freight, perishable, per 100 lb.
Freight, unperlshable, per 100 lb.
The Government of British Columbia is not necessarily bound to accept
any application submitted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 21st N-vember, 1912.
no28. (142)
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 1 1* . M. Wednesday.
Nov. 27, 1912, for moving bridge tend
er's house on Lulu Island.
Ixiwesi or any tender not necessarily accepted.
The Schaake Machine Works, Heaps
Engineering Co. Ltd., New Westminster. B. C. 1110)
The Bird ef Daath.
In New Guinea there Is said to he a
venomous bird culled the bird of deuth
It Is about the size of a pigeon, with a
tall of extraordinary length ending in
s tip of brilliant scarlet It bus s
sharp, hooked beak and frequent*
marshes Mtul stagnant pools. The ven
out with which tt Inoculates Is distilled In 11 set of organs which lie in
the upper mandible, lust below the
openings of the nostril* Cnder them,
in the root ot Die mouth is 11 small
llesllj knoli When Ihe bird sets Its
beak In the tle-ii of 11 victim this knob
receives a immure which liberates tlle
vriioin and liioctiiiiies the wound.
Baby Seals.
Baby seals are Ml lirst snow white,
which makes them Invisible nn tlle
white Ice un which they are burn
Their eyes and noses are, however.
blnck, and when i'��e little ones are
suddenly iiliirmeri they close tbeir eyes,
bury their noses nnd lle ipitte still It
Is only when tbey grow and begin to
seek thetr own fond that tbey become
dark and sleek
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 1 P. M. Wednesday.
Nov. 2T, 1912, for clearing of site of
the proposed New Machine Works on
Lulu Island.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily acoepted.
The Schaake Machine Works, Heaps
Engineering Co. Ltd., New Westminster, B.C. (Ill)
Rhone R524
610 Hamilton St.
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sowar Connecting,
Ceeepoele, Septlo Tanks, Etc
Too Full For Utterance.
��� "Up Invented n dandy story to tell
his wife when he Kot home ufter mid
"(bind one. was ItT"
"A peiidi; It would satisfy any womnn"
"Did It satisfy herT'
"It would have, but be couldn't tell
It."-Houston Post
No Fatted Calf.
Rrlde (hnek nfter elopementi���Well,
here we nre, pn. Won't yon give us
yonr blesslnuV Her Dud��� Yes, dnuith
ler; no trouble about the blessln'. hm
Imnrd and Imltrln' will be nt reg'lur
rates,- Boston Trnnscrlut
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mir era'Water,   Aeia'id Water*
Manufactured by
Telephone II 111. Offlee: Prlnc����i ���
1   Four Roomed House
and Large Cleared Lot
$1300 Cash
Three Lots, 50 x 166
$450 Cash Each
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. Eaat Burnaby, B.C.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ... .$1S,000,000.0��
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00
Branches tbrouguout Canada IM
Newfoundland, and ta London, Began*. Una Tork, Ch<cage ud Spekaae,
U.S.A., aad Mexico City.   A general
kaaklng business transacted. Cutlers of Credit Issued, available wltt
correspondents In all parts of tke
Savtnga Bank Dtpartmeat���DepoeitS
rec��l-ed in sums of $1 an* opwert,
atsA Interest allow* 1 at I per eent per
tunum  (present rate).
Total  Assets over tll��.000,M��.M
Q. D. BRTMNER. Manager.
It'a the Work. Use Your Phon*.
628 Clarkson Street. Phone 4(6-
���1 , .        . =3fe==M
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. 6th and Columhla
Second Hand Store
J. Q. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
HP Mclnnes Street. Plione 1S9S
who do not receive Tha Newa before
8 a.m. ahould
and make complaint. Only ln thla way
may an efficient delivery be main*
talned. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1912.
Addition to Local Police  and  Closing
of Bars Believed Responsible.
Victoria, Nov. 26.���The situation at
the Cumberland colliery strike centre
appears to have lost its serious tension since Attorney-General Bowser
took the drastic course of assuming
full charge of the preservation of law
and order in the town and disrict, reinforcing Chief Constable Stevenson3
command by upwards of 100 special
Last weeks demonstrations, window-
breaking and intimidations ceased ab-
rutlv upon a number of arrests being
mado, and half a dozen men, reputed
to be leaders of the dissatisfied miners, being sent up for trial on charged
of intimidation, rioting and unlawful
Tranquillity now reigns ln Cumberland, and a deputation of union men,
accompanied by a number of their
women (for the women have been
taking a very active part in the demonstrations of the past ten days),
waited upon Chief Stevenson on Sunday to convey the assurance that they
had decided to abandon their demonstrations altogether and that there
would be no further Infractions of the
It Is quite possible that the closing of all bars by order of Mayor McLeod and the license commissioners,
acting on a, hint from the attorney-
generals department, has also been a
lactor in tlie termination of disorders
Movement   Is   Popular   and   Demand
May Be Made Later in Present
Ottawa, Nov. 26.���A movement has
been started to Increase the pay of ]
the members of parliament to $3,000.
For the past six or seven years the
allowance has stood at $2,500, and
last session an allowance was made
for stenographic help.
S'xtv-five thousand dollars was
voted for the purpose, which amounted
to about $400 per member. This year
Home members desire to draw the allowance that they might spend it on
help as they wished. However, the auditor-general decided this could not
be done, but that the money had to bs
paid to stenographers direct on the
certificate of members, lt has been
arranged that groups of members
shall employ a stenographer for each
group, und these Khali be paid direct.
The movement for tbe indemnity increase has just' been started, but it
seems to be popular, and the government Ib likely to have a demand for It
presented before the session is much
Thi Story cf the Prayer In Rossini's
"Mo��e In E:itlo."
Tbo Fiihlimc prayer oi the Hebrews
when pn'purinj: to cms* the R'-'<1 Sen
i< rwhap* one ot the ib<*��t i' emu -nd
majestically grand compositions thut
be found in th' choral repertory, yet
at the came time dimple to a decree.
This was nn aflerthou^i.t 'ii the con-
poser and waa not introduced until
till secn:d season of the production
ol "Most; In Bgiito" at Naples.
The opera then, us now. terminated with the passace of tlie Hed Sea by
the Israelites; but. although the audiences were entranced with the music,
tliey invariably saluted the pasture of
the Ited Sea with y��eaU ttl laughter,
Owing to want of skill of lilt machinist and tqefia painter, who contKv-
ed to render this portion of the affsir
superbly ridiculous and brought down
the curtain amid  uproarious mirth.
Rossini exhibited his usual indifler-
er.ee. hut poor Tottola. the poet, was
drven nearly cra*y by ibis unwelcome
termination of hi' lit.-rary labors and
intensely chagrined at tbe idea nl so
sacred a subject exciting lau-'liter.
This lasted throughout the first season. The next it was reproduced with
similar brilliant success (on tbe first
night) for the music and titular
laughter at tlie end uf the opera. The
next da-, wliile Rossini was indulging in his usual habit ol lying in lied
f '. irossiping witli a room full ol
friends, in rushed Tottola in a most
exciti-d state, crying out:
"Kvivo, 1 have saved tlie third
"How?" asked Rossini lazily.
"Why," replied Tottola, "I have
written a prayer i'.T tlie Hebrews before crossing the dread ul Ited Sea,
and 1 di 1 it all in one hour."
"Well," said Rossini, "if it has taken you an hour to write this prayer
I will engage to make the music for
it in a quarter ol the time. Here;
gi.e me |>en and ink," saying which
h:1 jumped out of bed, and in ten
minutes be had conlposed the music
without the aid of a piano, and while
his friends were laughing and talk
ing around him. Thus, owing to the
blundering ignorance of a stoge car-
[(enter and scene painter, the world is
Indebted for tlie moat sublims pre-
ghiera ever penned.
Night came. The audience prepared to lnuuli as usual when tlie Red
?��a scene came, but when the new
prayer commenced deathly silence prevailed, every no'e was listened t<> with
rapt attentvun, njid on its conclusion
thc entire audience rose en masse and
cheered lor several minutes, nor did
it ever again lau='b at th.- passage ol
the Red Sea.
Practice cf Unloading So Mucl) Grain
At   Once   Condemned���Remedy
Umbrelli  Bath.
umbrellas   a   specialty'
Assessment Commissioner   Makes  In
vestlgation and Advises Against
Toronto, Ont.. Nov. 26.���"In view of
the circumstances and having regard
to the rapid growth cf the city and tho
ever Increasing demands caused by the
cltys development, 1 am of the opinion
that no change should be made ln the
present system cf assessment. However, Bpeaklng personally, I would
favor a lower rate of assessment on
the value of improvements.
-Such ts the conclusion ot Assessment Commissioner Forman as a result ot the Investigation which hc
conducted recently into the working
of the assessment system In Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, to ascertain
the effect of partial and entire exemption of the improvements and the
desirability of accepting such a system for Toronto.
Mr. Forman submitted h's report to
the city council this afternoon.
Refused to Resign So Commissioners
Declared Office Vacant.
Nelson, Nov. 26.���Refusing to resign at the eud of this month as requested, by tbe police commissioners
at their last meeting, Mr. C. W.
Voung, chief of pollce, was this afternoon dismissed by the board and the
position declared vacant on Dec. 1. A
new chief wlll be appointed at a meeting to be held next Saturday.
In his letter to the board Chief
Toung declared that the action of the
police commissioners in asking for his
resignation without notifying him at
tbe meeting at which the step waa
taken was not ln harmony with the
principles of British fair play, and
asked that a royal commission be appointed to inquire into the administration of Justice In tho city.
At the receut. assizes Mr. Justice
Gregory criticized the work of the pollce ln collecting evidence ln the Manhattan aaloon murder case, saying
that they had evidently being care-
leaa, thinking that the case agwnst
the prisoner was conclusive. One
man from Frank, two trom Vancouver and one ftom Calgary have already applied for the appointment an
ehlef. vrj	
Indiana on Warpath.
Douglas, Ariz., Nov. 26.���With
Southern Sonora devastated by the
raids of Yatlul Indian bands. Federal
Oeneral QUI wlll take the field sOon
at the head ot 3000 trained rurales,
with orders to exterminate the Indians. According to lairt. reports, the
red bandits are fortified In a fertile
valley ol the Mescallon range; ,
was the red let tir notice printed on
cards distributed by n west sidi
laundress. When seen she carried ��
bundle ot umbrellas wbicli customers
had yielded up tearfully lor a thorough scrubbing.
"Why should umbrellas be sent to
the waahtubf" she was asked. "Don't
they get washed often enough by rain
and  snow'r"
"():tc:i enough," she said, "but not
the right way." At the end ot winter
every umbrella that has seen much
service is beginning to look shabby.
What it needs is a -hot soapy hath
That is the kind it gets at my Ivuse.
with suit brush tpaatage thrown in
to rub the spots off and an .applies
tion of glycerine to the ribs to prevent rusting.
"An umbrella thst has undergone
that treatment and hung out open
in the sunshine to dry will look l.ke
Winnipeg, Nov. 26.���W. D. Lanigan,
assistant freight traffic   manager   of
the C.  P. R., ln an  interview today, j
opened up some interesting aspects of!
the  present marketing conditions lu j
Western  Canada.    He  esimates  that I
$5,000,000 a year Is lost to the west'
by reason of the vast amount of grain
whloh is thrown on the market in a !
short period.   An indirect but substan-
tial loss is also caused by the railways ]
having to haul an abnormal number
of  empty  cars  from   the  lake front.!
Under    these    conditions,   he   says,
economic transportation Is Impossible, j
improved   storage   facilities   on    tne I
rami and an amendment to the Banli j
Vet authorizing    the   banks to   loan i
noney to the farmer on the security '
if the grain held by him in storage;
tre the principal remedies proposed.   I
In the first place, the   Bank   Act
ibould be amended so that the farm-.
ir will not be obliged to market   so |
large a proportion of his crop  imme-
dJately after harvesting, to meet hisi
������res3ting necessities.   There Is no rea-1
son, in my mind,  why   a farmer   of
;ood   character,   having   a   tangible
asset in the way of grain, should not
be permitted to get the same accom- j
���nodat.ion  from  the  banks that is af-1
"nrded  to  any  other   business   with
similar assets. |
"It is estimated  that   the   average
farmer Is forced to market at once 60 i
ier cent, of his crop to meet his cur-
-ent. and other liabilities. The result!
s that in the comparative short period between Sept. 15 and the close of
navigation,    or     practically    seventy!
lays,    roughly    speaking,    a   million
bushels of grain per day is pressed on-
'he world's market at the lake front, a
greater quantity than the eastern do-
mettle or the export market can ab-
sorb. i
"The effect of a glut of this kind
on the price is apparent to every person. The profit of the farmer, and
his consequent purchasing capacity is
seriously diminished, and the whole
country suffers as a natural consequence. The railroads are forced to
j transport enormous quantities ot
^rain in one direction, and to do this
are obliged to haul in the opposite direction an abnormal number of empty
iars, producing a tremendous activity
Cor a period of practically seventy
days out of 365.
"Economic transportation is impos-'
sible under these conditions. Tha
lake and ocean service given by the
water carriers is seriously congested,
and because of the tremendous offer-
ngs, lake and ocean freights, which
are governed by the demand and supply of tonnage naturally go up, In
creasing the cost of marketing our
grain ln the United Kingdom.
Sugestions have    been    made that
the erection of large interior elevators
would check the movement.   I do not
nsree with this conclusion.    If a car
of wheat that must eventually be marketed fcr export is stopped   and   unloaded In transit and then reshipped,
not only the cost of the double transportation service, but of the Intermediate elevation and storage must be a
tax on the grain and consequently on
the   producer.       The  cheapest  grain!
storage is on the farm.    To my mind
the  greatest  good that could  be  accomplished for the farming community, on  whose  prosperity the rest of
the community build theirs, Is to put
the farmer in the same position with
regard  to  the  banks as every other
business man is in, so that he need
not make such    an enormous   sacrifices.
"I have been told tbat there ls an
average loss  to  the farmers of five
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Too Good to Lose.
Tn the soft firelight even the boarrl-
in^' house sitting room looked co<y
snd attractive. Tho warmth and comfort thawed the heart of the ".<t��r"
boarder. In sn expansive moment
he turned to thi landlady, who wna
his   only   companion   in   the   room.
Clasping her hand   fondlv.   he   tnur- | cents a bushel owing to the present
mured] I marketing conditions.   On an export-
"Will vou be my wifp?" I able crop of 100 mlllton bushels, this
The woman did not stark or blush; j means a direct loss ot five million
no maidenly coyness shone from her | dollars to the Western farmers, a sum
dear cold eyes in she replied thought- iof money that would not onlv ndl very
|u;iv". I materially to their comfort, h't *o t><e
"Let me see. You have been hi��re ! prosperity of every community in the
four   years.    You   hav*   never   once ! WeBt."
grumbled at th.' food or faited to pay i	
,���v  bill  promptly  and  without que-- . DESTRUCTION
tion.   No, sir; I'm sorry, but 1 cannot ]CAU��E  OF THt  otsi Wfcijw
tiiurrj- vou.   You're too t'��<)d a boarder
to b�� put on the free list."
Taxless Town.
There is a community in France
wtu-re not only are there no taxes Mn
the timbers on tlie communal lands
are sufficient to grant each person ft
small annuity. This happy hnd is
Montrtiarlou. in the Midi. There sre
seven electors in the hamlet, so tii
avoid anything like rivalry the seven
return themstlves to the local coun
cil. Cutting down the trees and soiling them is sufficient to provide a
livelihood for tiiese simple people,
whose tastes are so modest that the,
may be termed by some uncivilised.
Irish Wit.
A smart man saw rn Irishman
whose bibulou* appearance led him to
"Pat, what   makes   ymir  nose so
"Shure." replied Pat, "it's the reflection ol me soul."
"The reflection of your soul. Whst
do you mean?" asked the now senator.
"Bhure, it's the reflection nf me
soul." retorted Pst. "It's glowin' wid
plessure at ms ability to 'tind to me
own bitness."
Still In ths Fsmlly.
Jack���My  grandfather  had a  fins
collection   ol   silver,   which   he   bequeathed to my lather on condition
that it sjiould always remain in the
family. .    " ,.   ... '
Ethel���Then you have it stiil?
Jack���Well���er���my uncle has it
A Polite Editor.
The almost total destruction ot the
tamarack, or larch, which took place
throughout Eastern Canada almost 30
yeara ago was caused by an insect,
the Larch Sawfly. It appeared again
about eight years ago and ln its
spread westward it Is repeating its
former devastation on the younger
To all who are interested in our forests the appearance of a comprehensive account of this Insect entitled
"The Large Larch Sawfly. with an ac
count of Its Parasites, other Natural
Enemies and Means of Control," by
the Dominion Entomologist, Dr. C.
Gordon Hewitt, wlll be welcome. This
has been published by the Dominion
Department of Agriculture as Entomological Bulletin No. 6 and Bulletin
No. 10 cf the Second Series ot the experimental Farms Bulletins, and may
be had tree on application at the Publications Brauch, Department of Agriculture. Ottawa,
Dr. Hewitt has stud'ed the lite, history, habits and means of control of
this injurious sawfly, both in England and North America. In England,
lt was found that the natural enemies,
especially parasitic Insects, effectively
gained control of outbreaks ot the Insect. Other natural enernlea were
mice and birds and a system of bird
encouragement was started on a large
scale,. The devastating spread pt the
sawfly in North America was due to
the comparative absence ot the natural meana of control. Several Important species of parasites new to
science, were discovered and have
been studied and described.
To Increase the number Qt natural
and ot the methods devised to encour-
age the birds and other means of control are described in tbis bulletin,
which consists of forty-two pages and
contains twenty-six figures, including
a coloured plate.
The publication of this bulletin ls
indicative of the attention whicli the
Division of Entomology is now devoting to the insect pests of our forests
which are responsible for incalculable
loss each year. ,-
Los Angeles Crank Appears Before
Grand Jury.
Loa Angeles, Nov. 26.���Carl Riedel-
bach, alias Carl Warr, the "human
bomb," was bound over .to the grand
jury today by Police Judge Williams
and a few moments later the grand
jury was Investigating the case. Reld-
elbach's bond was fixed at $20,000.
Rledelbach was not represented by
counsel. However, he appeared to
take a deep interest in the hearing
and frequently interrogated the witness. At the request of Chief Sebastian, Rledelbach made an accurate
drawing of the Infernal machine with
whloh he caused a panic at the central
police station last Tuesday.
He declared several times tbat he
had no Intention of explodng the machine, but that he was Just "bluffing."
Gardiner & Mercer j
M. 8. A.
Phone  661.
Box  772. I
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 189.      Barn Phone 137
Begbie Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
AU work guaranteed.    Estimates
furnished free.
H. C08SE, Manager.    -
903 Dublin Street. Phene 984
,,,.i-.      . .   is*���v  enemies of the Sawfly, attempta are
"Why did you tell thrft poet t- hitch  be, de l0 ujtrortupie **dlet*bllah
.  . ... �� ..��n> 1,^ o^^.^rRdtifc/lWlWi were die-
covered ln England and which appear
his wagon to a star?
"That," answered the editor gloom t..,,-,,.,. ,��� ,.���,���,.,.��� ....��� , ,	
ily, "was my polite >ay -'raying I ed t0 covtni tjje pest there;   An ac-
wislted he'd *et oil the earth. ^^^ ot ^g, interesting experiments
Foreigners Meet Death  In Corn Products Factory In Illinois. .   ....  ,
Waukegan, 111., Nov. 26.���An-explo- [Explosions would start it afresh
sion which wrecked the dry starch
house of the Corn Products Com-
panys plant this afternoon, killed between tour and twelve workmen, Injured twenty-seven others, aeveral ot
whom will die, and caused about
$100,000 property damage.
Uncertainty as to the number of
dead waa caused by inability of flre;
men to aearch the ruins. Nearly all
the workmen killed or Injured wera
Polish, Lithuanian   or Austrian   and
they were on the company's payroll by
numbers and not by names.
Although the flre appeared under
control tonight, the firemen aald they
expected it would continue to,burn tomorrow with the possibility that new
.   *      Woman Burned to Death.
Edmonton, Nov. 26.���Becauae somebody had aaid that she had escaped
and gone to a neighbors house, Mrs.
F. S. Bradley was burned to death in
her home at Battleford thia morning
while her husband, three children and
a servant girl stood by and watched
the building being enveloped. In
"Oh, How Mtched!
What long nerve-racking days ot
constant torture ��� what sleepless
nights of terrible agony���Itch���Itch-
Itch, constant Itch, until lt seemed
that I must tear off my very skin-
Instant relief ���my skin cooled,
aoothed and healed)
The very first dropa of Dr D. D.
Prescription for Eczema stopped that
awful Itch Instantly: yea, the very
moment D. a D. touched the burning
akin the torture, sensed."
Royal Baak of Canada
Capital paid up $11,600,000
Reserve    $12,600,000
The Bank has 350 branches,
extending in Canada from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, in Cuba
throughout tbe island; also in
New ;'oundland. Porto Rico, Ba-
t,<,..:a.;, Barbados, Jamaica, Trin
idad, Dominican Republic, New
York and London, Eng.
Drafts lasued without delay
on all tbe principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
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banking facility.
New Weetmlneter Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
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Published every morning except
Sunday by The National Printing and
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��3 McKenzie Street, New Westmln-
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By carrier $4 pw year, $1 lor three
wonths, or 40c per month.
By mall .2 per year, or 26c per
No letters will be published in the
Hews except over the writer's signature. Tbe^-editor reserves the right
to refusa the publication of any letter.
t Correspondence
On*L} of the most striking character-
iatics of Westminster and one which
���onr publicity authorities have not
been slow to make use of is the fact
that here Is iu very deed a city ot
homes, of beautiful gardens, of road*
lined with shady trees.
At Monday's meeting of the council
The Westminster Dally News does
not hold itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
Editor, Westminster Daily News:
Sir���Permit me through your columns to make a few remarks in amplification cf the formal notice by advertisement announcing the annual
meeting of the LlberalAssociation on
Friday, the 29th inst., in Eagles Hall,
this city.
Under our system of party government���the best, with all its defects
and abuses, that the Ingenuity of man
has thus far been able to devise���it Is
necessary for the well being and safety of the body politic, that ls, the people as a whole, that both the positive
and negative polos of the political
machine shall be properly functioning
at all times. By "political machine" 1
do not mean the term ln Its sinister
sense, but the whole organization and
mechanism of self-government by a
free people, which we have In theory
at least and which it is our own fault
as individual enfranchised units of th1?
commonwealth if we do npt possess
in essence and in reality as well.
Ihe Liberal parly in British Columb'a, occupying in the inevitable vicissitudes of political change and fortune, the. negative cr opposition role
for the time being, has duties devolv-
it was suggested that all the mountain
ash trees upon the city streets should j^g upon It not less essential and hard
*e cut down, while another comment ly less important than those ot tho
upon trees in general was that their ' positive or government party and up-
��jwu e ������������.  on the right performance of those du-
roots spread and damaged the cement ��ne8 ^^/^   great   nieasurej   not
sidewalks. The proposal to cut down only the safeguarding of the public
the particular trees referred to was welfare, but the interests and fate of
occasioned by the presentation of   a the party itself���whether it shall prove
itself fit ar.d Worthy fcr a return tu
power when the inevitable opportunity presents, or haa to pass the opportunity up through inability to grasp it.
As the functions of a Liberal Opposition, so far as British Columbia is
concerned, both federally and provin-
cially, are now vested solely in the
Liberal electorate o( the province,
which constitutes doubtless (active
ard Inactive! at least 50 per cent, of
the enfranchised people of the prov
ince. it is the more incumbent upon
the individual elector who hoid^ liberal views and principles to do his
duty at such a timo. so that there may
be evolved from the ample material
at hand a party wlvch shall at a verv
early day effectively represent n. C.
Liberalism 'n the councils cf the Prov-
ine.n'and of the Dominion.
In calling the annual mpet'ng cf
t^e New Westminster Liberal Asso-
o;at!on. which it 13 their dutv to do at
i this time, the Executive of the asso-
c'at'on cordially invite the a*tendarie>
i rf all.Liberals of the citv. active or inactive, whether formal members of th..
association or not and whether wishing to    identify themselves    actively
claim for damages against the city by
a lady who had sustained injury from
���dipping upon the fallen berries of the
Mountain Ash.
To destroy is generally far easier
than   to   construct,   but with our en
���eumbrance of timber upon the land it
may be that in some quarters the life ]
of a tree has come to be looked upon
as a    thing    ot    little  worth.    Tha'
Mountain Ash, or as it is known    in '
Europe, the Rowan, is one of the mes1;
beautiful of flowering tree3, while its.
bunches of beautiful red berries evei, !
now add a touch of color to the other '
wise sombre aspect of the streets. |
If it be decided to cut down    all,
these trees upon the streets now own-1
ed by the city there will still remain
hundreds . in   private    gardens   con
tiguous to the sidewalks.    Accidents
will always happen, but they are the
exceptions   wliich   prove   the   general
rule.   There is fur more danger from
frost  and  snow   upon  sidewalks,  yet
"Wp. do not remember to have seen an
On Burnaby Lake   Line���Large   Substation Is Planned on Boundary
Edmonds, Nov. 26���The B. C. E. R.
is making plans for the erection of a
large substation at the corner of
Boundary Road and the Burnaby Lake
line of the company. This will be a
distributing point Tor the northern section of Burnaby, and it is surmised
that it ls a prelude to the operating of
a half-hourly service on the Burnaby
At the present time the feed wires
are strung from Vancouver to New
Westminster with no booster station
In between, and it Is understood that
before more cars can be operated on
this section of the system, a substation will have to be erected.
With the rapid settlement of tha
North Burnaby district, the linemen of
both the B. C. E. R. and the Western
Canada Power Company are being
kept busy connecting the houses with
the street lines and are also placing
additional arc lights on many of the
(Continued from page one)
Powers of Regulation by  Dominion-
Arguments and Questions Before
Supreme Court.
Ottawa, Nov. 26.���In the Supreme
Court this afternoon arguments proceeded cn the reference by the Cover-
i or-Oeneial-in-Cotinc 1 as to the powers
of the legislature.-, of the provinces to
grant exclusive rights cf fishery and
as to the ownership there and of
powers of regulation by the Dominion
The questions submitted ure as fol-,
1. Is it competent to the legislature
cf Britisli Columbia to authorize the
government of the province to grant
by way of lease, or otherwise, the exclusive right to fisli or in any or what
part or parts of water within the Railway Belt ?
(AT As to such waters as are tidal,
and ill) as to such waters as, although
not tidal, are in fact navigable.
2. Is it competent to the legislature
of Britisli Columbia to authorize the
government of the province to gram
by way of lease, ur otherwise, the ex
i elusive liglit. or any right, to flsh be-
earth o�� gravel, water packed into
place to the grades and slopes furnished in the plans. All rock used In ths
filling will be of a strong, hard, durable quality and of specific gravity of
not less than two and one half. Two
thlrd3 of it will be ordinary rip-rap
size, but at the discretion of the engineer some piece3 weighing as much as
a .thousand pounds may be used by
the contractors in the construction ot
the rock toe.
Clause 58 of the specifications
states: "Because of the occupancy
cf the waterfront and because it ma)
be found necessary to provide accom
niodatlons at the new locations for oc
cupants before disturbing their pres
ent water shipping facilities, it may
not be possible to commence opera
tions at one end of the work nor tc
proceed consecutively ln a continuous
line. Therefore the contractor may b������
required by the engineer to jump from
place to place as occasion demands
The average length of quay completed
at any jump will not be less than BOO
linear feet.
Some idea of the magnitude of the
work may be gathered from the fac*
that 805,600 piles of all varieties and
lengths will be used in the construe
tion and 14,27,000 cubic yards of gravel or earth in the fill. A total of
55.950 tons of rock is required for the
quay front.
The contractor Is required to pav
to all workmen employed a rate of
wages not less than is generally ac
eepted as current in the city for coin
petent workmen of the classes men
tioned and under any circumstances
the contractors will not be allowed
the rate nf wages less than those set
fort1! in the wage scale of the city.
The specifications also state that at--
much of the Improvement will be ac
compllshed as available funds will per
i"M. It is expected that the sum available will not bo less than $1,10.000 no-
more than $600,000, though it ytfti
probably be somewhere between thf
two figures.
Tbe tenders for tlie work will clo3"
on December 2.
�� From  Portland. Halifax.
New S.S. Laurentic   Dec.   7       Dec.   H
S.S. Teutonic Dec. 14       Dec. 1")
S.S. Canada Dec. 21       Dec. 21
New S.S. Megantic and Laurentic, 15,000 tons, largest from Canada.
All classes carried. S.S. Teutonic, 582 feet, 18,000 h.p., S.S. Canada,
514 feet, 10,000 tons. Carry only Becond and third cIubs. Baggage
checked through to steamer In bond.   No hotel or transfei expenses.
New York���Queenstown���Liver- New York���Plymouth���Cher-
pool, bourg���Southampton.
S.S. Celtic, Dec. 5. *S.S. St. Louis. Nov. 30.
S S. Cedric, Dec. 12. S.S. New York, Dec. 7.
S.S. Baltic, Dec. 19. SS. St. Paul, Dec. 14.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle, three doora from
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific Ry., and W. F.
Butcher, Agent G. N. Ry.. New Westminster.	
atloj t less strenuous measures of prevention than those suggested.
all patriotic citizens who believe that
it is desirable ln the public interest
���over abundant desire upon the part of ,llat a health* and vigorous Liberal
the householder to keep the footway opposition party should be developed
-clear or upon the part cf the city to  are invited to be present, take part
enforce thp ordinance. Iin |he F^lSf' ^Ji^..%2i
,, ���     ***/y I ports and addresses, chief in interes*
If the falling of the Rowan berries   belng the pr0mised address by Mr. M.
���constitutes ar serious  menace to  life j A.  Macdonald,   Inrrister.   of   Vancou-
and limb it should not be difficult to | ver. chairman of t'ie Liberal Organization Committee of Rritis'i Columbia.     |
The annual meeting of the association is moreover a most important occasion for Liberals locally sneaking to
attend and take part in. as the officers
and executive for the ensuing year
will then be elected. With the close
of the Association year, this month,
all officers, of course, become automatically vacant, and it will be the |
privilege and dutv of the meeting to
fill them as it mav think best. Th?
present officers and executive, who
were re-elected by acclamation lasl
year, have no desire to monopolize
tv>pse positions, and hope to see. no*,
only a large attendance at the meeting. h**l. a desire mpnifested bv "new
blood" to be not backward In coming
forward but to keenly content the various offices.
CEOwr.E khinvptw.
President Liberal Association
with the organization or not���in fact,   low low water mark in anv or ,\vhui
Colonial   Secretary  Says   Not   Necessary at Present to Form One.
Ixindon, Nov. 26.���in the House of
Common*,- yesterday, Col. Yates, calling attention to the decision of the
Canadian Government to establish a
womaris Emigration branch in Britain,
asked Colonial Secretary Harcourt If
he would consider the question of
forming an Imperial Immigration
Board with 'Oversea representatives to
j;o thoroughly into the question of female emigration. He said the excess
of females over males in the United
Kingdom in 1911 was nearly a million
and a half.
Hon. 1/trx Harcourt was not, he said,
prepared Kinder the present circumstances to consider the question of
forming such a board. The subject
was und fir the consideration of th.i
Dominion Royal Commission, and it
has not yet been considered necessary
for the British Government to offer
any BporitiU encouragement to female
emigrant s.
Colonel Yates���Will His Majestys
Government'take no steps whatever?
Mr. ilarcourt-1 do not think there
are. any necessary, for female emigration tt) Canada and otlier parts of the
Overseas Dominions has been greate-
in the last 12 months than in an/
previous period.
Ratepayers of Alta Vista   and
land Park to Gather.
Alta Vista, Nov. 2tt.���A meeting or
thc ratepayers of the Alta Vista and
Highland Park districts will be held
in the Baptist Mission hall. Royal Oak
avenue, on .Thursday evening for the
pnrpose'Of Obtaining householders declaration.*, for the next voters list,
-which close1 on Nov. SO.
Magistrate B. G. Walker will be present at the rheeting for'the purpose of
swearing in the applicants.
This district will poll a heavy vote
at the approaching election in January, and already there ts much discussion as to the prospects before the
different candidates who are now in
the field while rpmors of various un
jknowa aire rife.
Montreal, Nov. 26.���-A dramatic
scene was witnessed in the police
court here today when two wives of
the same man faced tlieir common
husband, who was standing In the
prisoners' dock, charged with bigamy
"Tliat is my husband," said Mrs
John R. Davis, wife number one, "We
were married in Tliessalon. Ont,, on
September 21, 1KR8. 1 am the mother
of three children,"
Wife number two, gowned iu hit
wedding dress, said: ���|
"That, is my husband, ^'e were
married in Orenvillo, Que., Septembei
10. 1012."
The prisoner was held without ball
after marriage certificates number
one and two had been' filed.
part or pails of the open sea within
a marine league of the coast on the
province ?
3.   Is there any and what difference
between a marine league of the coa3l
of   British   Columbia   and   the   gulfs
bays,  channels and arms of the sea
and estuaries of (he rivers within thr
province or lying between  the prov
I inces    and " the    United    States    of
'America  so far as concerns the    authority of the legislature of Britisli
Columbia tf) authorize the sovornmen'
of the province to grant by way    of
lease or otherwise tlie exclusive right
or any right, to fish below low water
mark in the said waters, or any   ol
them ?
Mr. Newcombe, K.C Deputy Min
Ister of Justice, and Hon. A. W. At
water, K.C, appeared for the Domin
ion government; Lafleur, K.C, and II
A. McLean, K.C, Deputy Attorney
General for British Columbia, for th��
government of British Columbia; Mr
Nesbitt. K.C, Mr. George, K.C, Mr
Bailey, K.C, antl Chris. C ISoblnson
for Ontario. Quebec, New Brunswick
and Manitoba: S. B. Woods. K.C, for
Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Counsel for the Dominion govern
ment were first heard. Tho argument
will be continued tomorrow.
Xawyer Defending Bank Clerk Elicits
Sensational  Disclosures from
Former Manager.
Wilson Better.
Hamilton. Bermuda, Nov. 26.���President-elect Woodrow Wilson was completely recovered here today from the
attack nf indigestion with which he
-ama seized yeaterday . Thanksgiving
���jilRht Wilson will go to a theatre and
Saturday he will take tea and play
te.pnin entile residence here of the]
jjnvcmcr general.
���  ���������������������������������������������
Kvery man should be a
booster for hia home town, and
one ot the hest boosting
schemes I known of, and one
that Is directly profitable to the
booster, IB for every man to
boost hls own business through
the newspapers. Every stranger
coming to town reads the local
papers, and forms hls opinion
of the place largely through
the impressions conveyed by
the advertising. If the papers
are filled with bright snappy
ads as well as news the Impression is a good one, for the
place must be alive that has
live business men. Uo you belong to the large family of New
Westminster boosters ?
Moose Jaw, Sask., Nov. 2C��� Ureal
inteiest was displayed at the ses.i.u.,
of thu Supreme court, before justice
Lamont yesterday when the caae o.
ilex vs. McKinnon came up for lieu1
ing. 'lhe preliminary hearing was held
at Regina last spring, and McKinnon
la charged with steullng $2665 from
the Craik branch of the Union Bank
of Canada.
As a result of the day's proceedings,
J. !���'. Bryant, of Ileglna, who is appear
Ing for the accused, made quite u
legal sensation by his strenuous defence and scathing cross-examination
of the principal witness for the Crown,
George Crawford, a former bank manager over McKinnon.
During the proceedings the latter
was forced to admit that he kept two
race horses, an automobile and threq
servants on a sulary of $1400 a year
und alsti tbat he lived at frequent In
tervals in the Kings Hotel, Regina,
where he engaged rooms on the firsi
floor at considerable cost.'
Crawford also admitted thnt he often indulged in games of poker, another witness stating that he had Hner.
Crawford playing ln a game ln which
no fewer than $50 were in the "jackpot" at one time. Crawford Is a
familiar figure In Regina and was
formerly manager of the Union Bank
of Canada at Craik.
This is the best
Ready Made
Cough Syrup
on the market.
We back up
this statement
with our guarantee to refund
the money in
any case when
not satisfactory
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
41 Hours to Hazelton
Connecting with G. T. P. Railway for points  East;  also with 9.3.
"I'rince John" for Stewart, Granby Bay, Massett and Queen Charlotte
Island points���bi-weekly.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT"  for Prince Rupert and way   ports,   3rd,
13th and 23rd of each month.
Tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.
H. G. SMITH. C   P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
Phone  Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Granville Street.
CONTRACTORS eOR prices on -.-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Curtis Drug Store
Phona 43:  L. D. 71;  Rea. 72.
New    Weetmlneter,    B   C.
Liberal Association
of   the   Liberal Association   of New
Westminster  will  be held  In
i RIDAY EVEfflMr, NOV. 29
X p.m.
for the purposes of electing officers
Mr. M. A. MacDonald, chairman oi
rhe Provincial l.!h��'ral organization,
-.vill address the meeting. All Liberals
cordially Invited.
(118)       Secretary.
East Burnaby
Beautful view corner, cleared, I
block from Sixtli street, only
$900.   Extra good terms.
8 acres, all In tardea or orchard, an ideal subdivision, one
hlock from King's Highway,
Orchard lot. 45 x lflO fc��t, two
blocks from ear, $750; $50
cash, $15 per month.
Warner, Beiigs & Co.
Phone 1024.
Coldicutt  Blk.      East  Burnaby.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
P. O. BOX 442 TELEPHONE  324
No. 404���New bIx roomed house thoroughly modern, full sl��ed basement; several fruit trees; on Seventh avenue, close to Twelfth atreet
ctr line.   Price $3600; $600 caah, balance over flye Jreara at 7 per
cent. Interest. ,
No. 448���New seven roomed house, modern, full sized basement,
furnace laundry tubB, flre place, electric light fixtures, beamed calling,
panelled dining room, built iu buffet. Price $4200; $1000 cash, balance
over two years.
No. 454 -New flve roomed bungalow on Regina street, panelled
dining room, full sized basement, stationery laundry tubs, flre place
ln sitting room and one In dining room. Piped for furnace. Price
$0750; $1000 cash, balance over two years.
No. 4 70 ���New six roomed house, modern, full sized basement,
furnace, flre place, cement floor In basement. Beamed ceiling, panelled dining room.   Price $3700; $1000 oaah, balance to arrange.
451 Columbia Street
// *****a*****ti***m
If. .a*a**m'*** ***********
ers being defeated by six goals, the
'Spurs by 6-1, and Newcastle by two
clear goals. They have a goal average for games played on their own
ground jol 18 to 4. ���
Away from home they are not doing ",
quite so well, having been twice de-1
feated, in the flrst match of the season at Sheffield by the Wednesday,
and again on October 19 by Liverpool
at Anfield. Taking them all round,
they are showing great consistency
and will nevtr be far from the top.
Beavers  and   Bankers Amalgamate
Fraaer Mills, Y. M. C. A. and
Moose Make Up Four.
A tempest In the teapot was not to
be compared to the meeting of tho
Westminster Amateur Hockey association held In the council chamber.-
of the city hall last evening, and for
a time discussion waxed hot as to thc
number of teams and as to what teams
should constitute the league.
The affair however blew over later
ln the evening and all hands declared
their intention of pulling together for
the furtherance of amateur hockey in
the city.
The feature pf the evening was the
entry of Kraser Mills, and on a vote,
the Millside aggregation    were    well
supported and will be strong contend
ers for the title of champions of th?'
city  league.    The  teams  which  will i
constitute the league are the  Moose j
Fraser Mills, Y. M. C. A.    and    the:
Beavers. i
The Bankers forestalling any trou |
hie. der.larlrc: their intention of amal-j
gamating with the Beavers, but the I
Sappertonians fought to the last
ditch and were swept aside on a vote
hy two members from each of the I
club3 entered.
A strong list of officers was elected
as follows: Honorary president. Alder \
man A. W. Gray; honor vice-president i
Mr. James Anderson; president, Alder
man Fred J. Lynch; vice-president.
Mr. R. J. Hickman; secretary, Mr. V.
K. Andrew; treasurer, Mr. H. J.
Leamy; executive. Messrs. H. .1. Mac-
kin. Fiaser Mills, James Graham,
Moose. McCallum, Y. M. C. A., II
Malins, Beavers, aud A. J. Levy.
Tlie committee on the constitution
and by-laws was allowed further time,
but it is probable that the constitution
<f tiie Manitoba Hockey association
vill be adopted.
The officers wlll hold a meeting
v.ith the olfic'als of the Arena com
pany next Monday afternoon at 5
o'clock, when final arrangements wll'
be made concerning the playing of
games on the local rink.
Montreal, Nov. 26. ��� The
exoduH of eastern hockey players to the West continues and
tonight Jimmle Gardner, wbo
will again manage the New
Westminster last year's champions, leaves for the coast.
Along with him wlll go Slbby
Nichol, the former Shamrock
player, who made a big reputation on the coast last year.
Although Pitre ts said to
have signed with the Quebec
club, the westerners have not
yet given up hope of the
French-Canadian going west.
(Continued from rage one)
an event, as leading the horae to tbe
Mrs. Wolfe corroborated that
they never had a two-wheeled cart
She had a claim of $10,000 against the
Surrey municipality. She would swear
that her husband never drove tbo
horse except on one occasion ln a
The defence was opened by Mr. McQuarrie, who ln his address Baid he
knew perjury had been committed ln
this case, but not by accused.
Mayor Lee, Alderman Henley and a
number of the most prominent merchants in tbe city, and real estate
agents, farmers and business men
were called and all with one accord
swore Mr. Stevens to be a man of the
highest reputation and Integrity. The
court then adjourned.
Less of Hyland and Johnson Is Mere
Than Offset���All Machinery
on Ground.
Special Cars Chartered for Saturday's
Match with Thistles at Recreation Park.
, One ot tlie largest Westminster
delegations, that haa ever attended a
football game in Vancouver will make
the journey on Saturday afternoon,
when the championship of the Senior
League will be decided between tbe
Thistles and the Rovers. Both teams
have made an enviable record ao tar.
In an interview with Mr. Ed. Savage,
secretary of the Westminster Arena
company, It developed that Eddie Oat-
man, who helped Quebec win the Stanley cup and She championship of the
East last year, will be seen on- the
Koyal line-up when the hockey season
Six plityers have been signed for
the New Westminster team and the
moguls of the coast are stringing their
lines to nail another of the eastern
stars to make up the Royal septette.
The l03a of Hvland and Johnson,
who jumped their contracts and precipitated the war between the N. H. A.
and the Coast league, will not he seriously felt, In fact the new add'.tions
will make the team stronger than
ever before.
Dldier Pitre is slated tr- - " ������>'
and as he is well known throughout
the Dominion aa the most dangerous
forward in the game today, the goal-
tenders of Victoria and Vancouver
ahould have a merry time stopping
ihe traveling puck.
The last car load of machinery for
the refrigerating plant arrived In the
city yesterday morning and the signing of the lease between the company
and the city Is the only thing which
is preventing the placing of double
Rtrfts on the building a"d proceeding
with laying the miles of pipes necessary for the Ice freezing.
This is expected to be done at   the
end of the week and if so will just
about allow the company to open up
on December 20.
P        STRIKES  AND SPARES.        ���
this season, keeping a clean sheet in
the lost column, aud the battle will be
one worthy of the attention of all soc-
��er sports ln the city.
A feeling of confidence is being exhibited ln both campa, but with the
new additions secured by Manager
Grant during the past two weekB, the
chances ot the Hovera turning tha
trick, look bright, indeed.
, Tt mlinson, ln hls flrat game with
the side, made a great Impression with
local fans on Saturday afternoon, and
appeared to Impart confidence to the
other forwards.
lrummond  wlll  turn  out  fpr  the
first time on Saturday and there Is a
possibility of another player, named
1 .awson.  donning a   Rover   uniform '���
���for the first time.   Thla player was'
captured on Monday and la aald   to
have made t^ulte a atir   In Scottish
football during the few years he has i
been in the game.
A special car haa been chartered
which wlll leave tbe B. C. E. R. depot
at 1 o'clock, but trom the demands
made during tbe paat few days for accommodation, there la a strong poa-
t.'billtvof two cars Ming requisitioned. The car or car* will return at ��
eclock and special arrangements have
been made with the B. C. B. Tt. to ensure a quick return to this cUy following the conclusion of the battle.
Recreation Park will be the acene
cf hostilities, and according to reports
-emanating from the Terminal City,
one of the largest of crowds wlll he
present at the game
The^Scrlbes took the odd game from
the Bricks last evening in the House
League on the Front street alleys. It.
K. MacDonald had high average and
tied with Hayden for high score, 173.
The score:
Scribes��� 1
Best 129
Randall It*
Roy MacDonald  . .1J9
Chaput 139
R. E. MacDonald ..175
Bricks��� 1
Hayden 112
Yeomans ....  11J
Brassit     - JJJ
Wintemute 13��
Lane *��*
702 2021
3    Ttl.
JOHN T.iRUSft b��AB.
Owner ef NfW *or* National Leaflue
Baseball Club Expiree.
T c"islana,' Mo.. Nov. W.^John T.
fir,,*, president of the New York Na-
t'rnals, died ��n hla VSty**-.. ""
Oceanic, here ear* thla morning,
was on his way Weat for health
627 759 6*4 2080
The Hr*-* ron^d rf ih" Inrt'v'dual
knockoi-t tournament rn-v in -fogreaii
at the Tf-ront lire*"' a.P "-s was finished
tip l-<it nVtht.' jwttl defeating Corbett
a^'i WV-.li wlnnlns from Monteith.
The scores: '
Dill 17T IM i��7 1���� 149���871
Irv-'iett ..   ..,"? n* 1��<l 1*4 164���12*
Walsh 210 156 161 149 145���821
Monteith . .166 106 196 168 147���781
' The *>-"ond round will be as. follows: Dili vs. .T. C. Chamberlin. Pierce
vs. l.athnm, Pike ft. Walsh n**A Sloan
vs. Walters, the latter settling their
argument vesterdav afternoon with
***<* following result:
Slnnn 215 180 18? 2"2 138���<m<��
WtiUera .. ..lfc�� 180 181 220 154���864
The Pnvalq will go fi again it the
real sfiiT t^ntttht ���"���hen they tackle th��
e^nmnlen ShamroeVv o^ the'r Twn
drives ln an Inter-City league fixture.
mi  .  ,"' *,    ���   -
On their  own   grounds   Blackburn
Rovers are one ot the moat difficult
teama in the old country to Ret the
better, of, aa Newcastle United foifnd
out when they visited Ewood park.
I and had to travel back north without
.... I any recompense for their efforta.  The
He', Rovers with this victory climbed into
He, second place ln the league, with  17
points to their credit.    ...
|    Bob Crompton and hla colleague* o(
from' the blues and white lpve yet to lower
flag to a visiting team this sea
i son.   A "ton Villa ran them close, however, taking a point away, when thev
lad" Mfrered fur yeara from Wcdmo
^M^Br'uah. who �����>�����*!��? \Zr 7�� toVrl.TtiS tei^ttl. sea
���V-am vork Sunday night �������'��'0���J. ���lr "���f���; villa ran them-clone, how
ded between ����*J* *��� ^STiE T.
his way to San Franolaoo.   His pn
thing exeept a pony, four feet, six
Inches high, and that he never drove a
two-wheeled cart In hls life���except
a dump cart. He was particularly emphatic ln these assertions.
John HoatMon and Robert Stevens,
two of T. J. Trapp & Co. employees.
gave evidence of selling to Mrs. Wolfe
per John Wolfe's order, a two-wheeled
cart on Aug. 27, 1910���the accident
took place on Aug. 16.
On cross-examination by Mr. W. Q.
McQuarrie, thev both stated that accused bore the highest reputation.
The latter stated that he would trusl
him with anything.
C. T. Saunders, thp plaintiff ln the
action in which the alleged perjury oc
cured, said, examined bv Mr. Grant
crown counsel, that the horae whicii
fell over the bridee and was killed be
longed to Mr. Wolf". His action
against Surrey was dlsm'ssed. The
defence to 't was that the horse wa=.
baulky and he was an unexperienced
Cross-eranjined by Mr. McQuarrie���
Was not th��\riain question to be decided in that action whether the
bridge on Hjorth road (where the accident occurred) was in an unsafe and
dangerous cond'tion; that the municipality claimed it was in a fairly good
condition and reasonably safe? Was
thnt not the main feature of the case.
Witness���I claimed it was not.
Mr. McQuarrie���As a matter cf fac1
you swore that there were a number
of holes in the bridge, and Mrs. Wolfe
also, ,  ���      .
g Witness���Yes. Proceed'ng. Mr.
Saunders said Mrs. J. Wolfe had a
case against the municipality wh'ch
came up at the present assize. He
was going to be a witness for him. He
did1 not lay the charge of perjury
against Mr. Stevens; Mr. Wolfe laid
Accused's statement at the trial being quoted to witness, he denied having said ln bo many words that Mr
StevenB averred that he had followed
Wolfe along Columbia street to th"
bridge, but that was the inference.
He would not be sure that Steven-1
said he followed him, Wolfe, to the
Has Mr. Wolfe made any promise I
to nav half the costs of your case?
Witness���He agreed to pay half the
You are Interested ln Mr. Wolfa'fc
success in his case?
Witness���Not financially. It waf
prafctically the Bame evidence in both
his and Mrs. Wolfe's case.
It is important from Wolfe's stand
point to dlscrrtTt Stevens' evidence
By thos* proceedings Wolfe will be so
frightened that he will not give evidence in the Wolfe case.
Witness���I don't remember sayin;
Mr. Saunders admitted that the bors ���>
once stopped in front of a Mr. Hardy's
house for five minutes. He thoughf
it was the noise of a loose puncheon in
the bridge. Mrs. Wolfe said it was
1 because the horse had his foot In a
hole In the bridge, and Mr. Wolfe
said because a stick rose and hit tue
horse on the head.
Re-examined, witness said his can;
evas a test one and that was why the
arrangement about Wolfe paying half
the costs was made.
John Wolfe awore that he only
drove the horae that was killed once
in. a buggy from Central Park to Port
mann via I<eopold Place. He never
had lt on the Market  Square  in hi?
4291 life.
43S Cross-examined, he denied being a
��� I party to a ault against the Surrey
municipality, and when confronted
with hla claim for $720. ln his wife's
action, declared he knew nothing
about lt.
Several statements ln thla examination for discovery In the civil ault
against Surrey, and the preliminary
examination in the present case
ascribed to him by the oourt atenog
ranher. Mr. Wolfe strenuously dented.
He laid the charge of perjury against
accused. A man guilty of perjury
Ought to be prosecuted. All the property which he shared was in his wife's
"1 had nrt a cent when I got mar
ried." oiioth witness, and 1 haven't a
cent yet."
Laughter In court and a smile hardly veiled from the learned Judge.
Witness denied consulting with Mr.
Blunders about laying thla perjury
charge aglnat Stevens. He ha,J no
conversation of any kind with him
"h-"t M before the arrest. He might
ha^e had after the,arrest.
Mr. McQuarrie���-Were you recently
������rrested tor being drunk and d'rarder-
ly and had your boots taken' awav to
prevent you kicking the police office
down? ���     ;
Witness���That haa nothing to do
with this caae. ,
Juatice Murphy instated   upon   ap
answer  and   witnessed  admited   the 1
soft Imneachment. -
A number of statements ln the stenographer's transcript of the evidence
in the preliminary trial were read and
although hla answers *ere rather flln-
pant ln some Instances, such as "I
guess so." In answer to whether eer-
Italti statements wer correct or not ha
adhered to his account of Stevens'
evidence, that the latter had Seen him
with a horae on the Market  8qnare,|
Brandon, Man., Nov. 26.���Magistrate
Percival at police court here todav
strongly advocated a home for habitual drunkards In preference to sending thera to jail.
Magistrate Percival. who was several yearB governor of the provincial
jail, has had wide experience and
claims that terms In jail to the off ul-
ers does more harm than good.
FIIDNKHFn HflllCF on Columbia Street near Post
I IMMJllLU IIUU3L Office. Seven large rooms and
bathroom, all modern conveniences. Rent $50 per
month.   Will lease.
CTADp on Begbie Street, near Columbia Street, size
JI UIU. 20 ft. by 66 ft.   Possession about December
lst.     Will lease.       For full particulars apply to
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorn* Street,  Ntw Westminster.
New York, Nov. 2$.���The populai
vote for president In the election of
1912 shows that Wilson polled throug-
out the country a total of 6,156,748
votes;  Roosevelt, 3,928,140 and   Taft
The socialist vote for Debs amounted to 677,783 with the Socialist count
still unfinished in seven states.
In 1908 Bryan's popular vote was
6,393,182 and that of Taft 7,637,676.
A Comfortable Home
Situated in one of the choicest districts in the city, with unexcelled view. Three bedrooms and b��th and toilet upstairs, with front
and back balconies, large front room, hall, dining room and den ar?
panelled and have beautiful electric fixtures. Kitchen and pantry, front
and back verandas, cement basement, furnace and toilet Front and
back lawns wtth cement walks and nice garden.
For further particulars apply to
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New 'Weatminater B. C.
In The
Black Douse"
(Via Central Park) at 5 and 5:46
a.m. and every 16 minutes thereafter
until 9 p.m., with half hourly service
until 11 p.m., laat car at 12 midnight
Sundays���at 6. 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30
a.m., regular service thereafter.
iVla Burnaby) at B:45,'6:45 and 8
a.m., with hourly service until 10 p.m.
and late car at 11:30 p.m. Sundaya���
First car at 8 a.m.
(Via North Arm and Eburne) at 7
a.m., with hourly service until 11 p.m.
Sundays���Fiist car at 8 a.m., regular
service thereafter.
Reduced ratea are offered
cer the Fraaer Valley line
for.week end tripe covering
all points on tho division.
Tickets for theae special excursions are on aale Saturday and Sunday, good to return on Monday.
For Chilliwack and way points at
9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 6:10 p.m. For
Huntingdon and way polnta 4:05 p.m
������ ���    i-i
British Canadian Lumber Corporation, Ltd.
���raaana.^m.    mm.   Ba   nCOT    OA4        Uli   I      nCKll*.a   JMA.
Mills at Vancouver, New Weatminater
and  Crescent   Valley,  B.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Tuesday, December 3
at 8:30 p.m.
Tke Brirton Burglary
A Farcial Comedy in Three Acta.
By the SL George's Amateur Dramatic
Society. '*
Tickets $1.00, 60c, maj ho obtained
from membervof the Dramatic Society
or the New Weatminater Cricket Club,
or after November 28 from Tidy, Uk
florist (161)
m        i I ���Tir-  pt y*m\ ., , 	
Pioneer Renovatory
f��rtlQE Ll��t:
Gent'a or Ladles' plain SulU cleaned
and pressed  HAD
Cent's or Ladies' plain Suits pressed
only ...-...' Ws
Gent'a and' Ladles' Overcoats cleaned
and pressed   $f.��
Four club suits per month ..'... XI JtC
All other prices reduced   .accordingly.   Orders called tor and delivered promptly. '
'    M. GISSCH EN, Proprietor.
Phone 480. Worka New tM Second SL
The Bank of Vancouver
A jgeueral banking business transacted, drafts and letters at credit
aoM payable in all parte ef |he world. Savings tank department sX
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Colnmbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager. <    ',..u <,/
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Fronl Street
Mix With the Bunch
j    '    linrii'i"  I------       ' "   *'-���'���-'������'��� ������������������,*
FlBtsI fui Tates hfe Oy
We are after you with a long a*ick called
VALUE, and we have all tiie BEST MARIS
for your selection. ,
the stenographer had not all that In
his evidence did not matter. Nor that
jillhoosth the stenographer had "up to
I tho brlrtvn" in his notes, and admitted
valeTr "as^eUched^m a Burling-'. tWU*^^J^S^ ttlto ��l*t taw ZUZi��to��ie.w that
't" ��?aln here nnd -tmrted had* to St. they only WiatjNoua *^n^ "j^;' ������,������ wItI,aMM asserted   that thev
Bngllah football resulta
and   league,
John Hotchkles
Sole sgents for Weatminater for the fafftoee
Leckle'a Boota and Ahren'a School Shoea.     ^^^^^^^^^^^
A $20,000 Stock to Select rrom
i ""is. where
this morning.
U will arrive at
"> ��*JMW3?WS:K JSJr^=M-ttJ5 ���*,.*�����"'��*-*.
/ *******������* tm**""***
ft   *,
Spain's Great National "Sport''
and the Shame of It.
Th* Gam* of Blind Man's Buff Requires Mors Courags Than Doss tht
Work of ths Toraador��� The Poor
Hack Hortai Are tha Real Victims.
The great majority of tbo spectators
nere Spanish. Here were young dun-
dies In faultless suits and boots of the
most brllllnnt patent leather. Now
enters a womnn In the famous man-
tliiu or white lace, reserved solely for
tbe DiilltlKlit Tbere one saw father,
mother and little children of quite tender yen l's. A special box. Immediately
over tbe door by wblcb tbe bulls would
enter, was reserved for rlie president
of the flglit and bis friends.
In tbe ring stood balf a dozen policemen. They remained In the arena all
through the proceedings, but there
vrere Wooden shelters nt Intervals lie
bind wblcb they discreetly retired
wben tbe bull upproucbed. Half a
dozen red bu kets Oiled with wnter
Stood In a ruw on tbe sanded Iloor. A
bund. Just below our seats, played lire
ly airs.
Tbe audience being now complete,
tb. tirst matador marched round tbe
areuH wltb his little troupe or picadors
(on horseback i toreadors (with red
clonks to wave In front of tbe bulll
and imnderllieroi, the last named carrying darts wbleh were presently to
Lie pluiittsl In the back of the bull.
The toreador Is unite a minor person
flse.     Tlie  slur   performer,   afler   the
I hull.   Is   the   matador,   who  deals   tlte
Ideatbblow   with   his   sword.     All   the
other people lliat I  have mentioned sre
under the control of the matador.
Tbe weapons were uow Inspected by
tbe president, tbe men and horses retired and the first hull trotted Into the
arena. He was a big fellow, rather
slow moving, and he stood tor some
little time In the center of the arena
pazlng about him at the general scene.
The band wns playing gayly all this
t'me. A couple of toreadors advanced
and set the bull In motion b.v waving
tbeir ele ks Just In front of his bonis
It   ts   commonly   supposed   In   this
country that the toreador Is n uingniO
eently brave person wbo risks his life
for the pleasure of the eiclted populace.    That Is quite a mistake.    The
hull never goes for tbe man.  but always  for the clonk.    So long os the
toreador holds the clonk to one side
instead of In front of him nnd has the
Usual   amount  of   common  sense   and
ability  there ls no reason nt uli  why
he should receive a scratch, and I believe thnt he very rarely receives even
a scratch     lf be Is fool enough to get
drunk before he enters the arena, tlmt
Is   another   mntter.     Under   ordinary
conditions anybody who Is pretty good
at  "blind   mnns   buff"   could   do   tbe
work of the toreador.    The bull, as s
matter of fact, cannot turu so quickly
as tbe "bllud man."
After a little of this teasing from
tbe toreadors a picador advanced,
fiance ready poised. Here is the really
cruel part of bullfighting, the part
that makes It hideously revolting to all
decent people. The borse ridden by
!the picador ls n poor old back, and It
Is brought Into the nrenn for no olher
purpose than to be killed by the bull
In the sight of the populace. There Is
a bandage over one eye so tbat the
borse cannot see the deadly approaching horn or the bull. Tbe piendor rides
his horse right up to the bull, nnd the
bull Is allowed plenty of time to gore
the borse to death. Not the slightest
attempt is made to save the horse. I
wnnt to emphasize this because one
had always understood that the horses
were killed more or less by accident
Why are tbe horses brought In to he
killed? f'linmplons or bullfighting wlll
tell yon that the 'death of the horse
Saves the life of the matador, tbut It
gires the picador an opportunity or In-
flirting llie tlrst wound nnd that the
mere act of goring the horse robs the
bull or Ills natural strength Twatl
(llel What the picador does could he
done Just ns well hy men on font or
by u man on u truper.e or In fifty
ways. The horses nre killed tn mnke
n slnucliter for tlie crowd, who are
BUgry If tliey do not see enough blood
The denth of the poor horse I will
leave you to Itpoulne, It is ultonethrr
too horrible and too pitiful for detailed
Now comes the turn of the bnnflerll
leros Knch has two little darts. Thesf
darts must be placed in the buck ot the
bull. Just about the end of tbe neck
from In front of the animal. This requires skill and speed lf Is tbe only
rnrt of the whole proceeding wbich reflects the slightest credit for bravery or
agility upon the men lo tbe arenn.
The bull, after being wounded by the
picador, Is now currying the darts of
tbe hnndcrllleros In his back. Natural-
ly be Is bleeding profusely and Is nearly dead. It Is the proud work ot ths
inmtador to1 finish blm off with one
I thrust of his sword. He stands ln front
of tbe bull, who waits for tbe thrust
with lowered heart. The wretched
business is quickly over, and the car-
rass Is drawn from the arena by foar
Thnt Is tbe stpry of the Spanish bnll-
flght. "told in cold, bald prose. Considered as n test fnr bravery, 1 ennnot Ord
a better comparison than the one 1
hnve already nsed-"bllnd man's hoU."
Considered as a national sport, \'
wonld he Incredible It one had not writ-
iiesuivi it with one's own eyes.���KtIM'
iluward In London Mali. j_J __,
: ���' ��� '-..
Ancient  Legend That Corresponds to
-Our Biblical Story of Eve.
One day. hs thiy rested at noon
neneath the thick shade of a Kadam-
3a tree, the King gazed for a long time
at, the portrait of his mistress. And
suddenly he broke silence and said:
Rasakosha, this is a woman. Now, a
woman is the one thing about which
I know nothing. Tell me, what is the
nature of women? Then Rasakosha
smiled, nnd Raid: King, you shouM
certainly keep this question to ask
the Princes ; for it is a hnrd question. A very terrible creature indeed
is a woman, and one formed ol
strange elements. Apropos I will tell
you a story, listen.
In the beginning, when Twashtri
came to the creation of woman, he
found that he had exhausted his materials in the making ol man, and
that no solid elements were kit. Ill
this dilemma, after profound meditation, he did aa follows: He took the
rotundity of the moon, and the curves
of creepers, and the clinging of tendrils, and the tumbling of grass, and
tiie slenderncsn of the reed, and the
bloom of flowers, and the lightness ol
leaves, and tiie Uipcritg of the' elephant's trunks, and the glances ol
deer, ard the clustering nl rows nl
bees, and the joyous gaiety ol sunbeams, and the weeping of clouds,
ai:d the fickleness of the winds, and
tho timidity of thr hare, and the vanity of the peacock, and the softness
of the parrot's bosom, and the hardness of adamant, ond the sweetness
of honey, and the cruelty of the tiger,
ard the warm glow ��f fire, and the
coldness of snow, nnd the chattering
of jays, and the cooing of the kokila,
ana the hypocrisy of the crane, and
the fidelity of the chakrawaku; and
compounding all these together, ha
made woman and gave her to man.
But after one week, man came l>
him. and said: Lord, this creature that
you have given ma makes iny Ufa
miserable. -She chatters incessantly,
and teased me beyond endurance,
never leaving me alone; and she ru-
quires incessant atteiitio-, and takes
all my time up, ��r:d crie.: about nolh-
ing and is always idle; and so I have
come to give her back again, as I
cannot live with her. So T.washtl'l
said: Very well, and he took her back.
Then after another week, man cam-��
again to him and said: Lord. I Iind
that my life is very lonely since I
gavf you back that creature. I i j-
member how she used to dance and
sing to ms, and look at nie out cf tlu
corner of her eye, and play with ui^.
and cling to me; and her laughter
was music, and she was lieautjful to
look at, and soft to touch; &o give tier
back to nie again.
So  Twashtri  said:   Very  well;   and
gave her back again.   Then alter only
three  days,  man  cnme  back   to   linn
again and said: I.ord, I know not how
it is; hut after all, I have come to Ibe
conclusion tliat she is more ol a tumble than a pleasure to me; s" plen-e
take  her  back   again.     Hut Twashtri
said: Out on you!   I!c off!   I wi'.! have
no more of this,    Yi>u must inniiMje
how   vou  can.    Then   man  said;   Hut
I cam ot live with her.   And I waslitn
replied: Neither could you live without her.    And he turned liis back m\
man, and went on with his work, '1 lien
man  said:   Whut   is   to   be  d uie:   I, T
I cannot lhe cither  with or without
And Rasdkosha cense I, and looked
at the Kin^. lint tlie Kirg reniiiiied
silent, gazing ii.len'Jy at the portrait
of tlie Prrnces3.
k IS Interested ud fhould kaow
i about tha wondarhil
M�����' *DouNohT
Ask roar druggist fbr
lt If ba cannot anpplv
I tha MARVEL, accept BO
other, but eend stamp fbr 111ns- ,
(rated book���sealed.  It glvea Ml
particulars and rtlroctlonn Invnlueble
to ladlea. WINDSOR SUPPLY CO., Wlndeor, Oat
Qonorml Aftoti for Caaarta.
Wo have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
Winter Schedule
7:55 Ior Toronto and Nicola branch
14:00 tor St. Paul    and    Kootenay
IS:20 Ior Agassiz Local.
19:55 Ior Imperial   Limited,   Mont
real and Okanagan points.
For reservation and other   particulars apply to
New Westmlnstei
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A, Vancouvei
Lulu Island
street to 470 teet west.
Knox street, All.
Cedar street, All.
Buchanan avenue Irom Hospital street
to Sherbrooke street. ��� -
Blair avenue trom Hospital street   to
Sherbrooke street.
And that said works be carried out
In accordance with the provisions ol
the "Local Improvement General Bylaw 1912."
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Councll
in accordance with the provisions ol
the said Bylaw upon the said worka
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions ol real
property to be benefited by the said
works and oilier particulars and the
said reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Council.
Notice Is hereby given that the said
reports are open for Inspection at the
Office ol the City Assessor, City Hall,
Columbia street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed works abovo
mentioned signed by a majority of tho
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as ch rged ln respect of
such works representing at least one-
half in value thereof is presented to
the Council within fifteen days from
the date of the flrst publication of this
notice the Council will proceed with
the proposed Improvements under
such terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such improvements as the Council may by By-law
in that behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated this 12th day of November.
A. D., 1912.
City Clerk.
Date   of   first   publication,   Nov.   13
1912. (68)
Local Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City of
New Westminster having by resolution determined and- specified that it
Is desirable to carry out the following
works, that Is to say: To lay Main
Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
works contingent thereto ln Section 2,
A. District, of the   Sapperton   Sewer
age Scheme, to which the following
area is tributary:
Columbia street, Cumberland street to
Braid Btreet.
Keary street, Columbia street to Brunette street.
Nelson street All.
Spruce street All. '
Sherbrooke btreet, Columbia Btreet to
Fader street.
Major Btreet, Columbia street to Fader
Braid street, Columbia Btreet to Fader
Fader  street,   Sherbrooke   street   to
Braid street.
Kelly   Btreet,   Sherbrooke   street  to
Braid street.
Brunette street,  Columbia   street   to
Keary street.
And that the said works be carried
out in accordance with the provisions
of the "Local Improvement General
Bylaw, 1912."
And the City Engineer and Ctty As
Bessor having reported to the Council
in accordance with the provisions ol
the said Bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions ot real
property to be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and the
aaid reports of the City Engineer and
City Assessor having been adopted by
the Councll.
Notice is hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection at th��
Office of the City Asseaaor, City Hall
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned signed by a majority of the
owners of the land or real property to
be assessed as charged ln respect of
such works representing at least one-
half in value thereof la presented to
the Councll within flfteen days from
the date of the first publication of this
notice the Councll will proceed with
the proposed Improvements under
such terms and conditions as to the
payment of the cost of such Improvements as the Council may by By-law
in that behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the said assessment.
Dated tbls 12th day of November,
A. D., 1912.
City Clerk.
Date of flrst publication November 12,
1912. (��9i
Specifications, agreements of sale,
deeds, business letters, etc; circular
work specialist. All work strl;tly confidential. M. Broten, Koom 6, Merchant Dunk Bldg.    Phone 715
L. O. 0. M., NO. 854���MEETS ON
flrst, second and third Wodneailay*
in each month in K. ot P. hall at
8 p.m. H. J. Leamy, dictator; J. H.
Price, secretary.
Rising Sun Realty Co'y
Phone 868. Room 4 Traoo Block
A Dutch Flower Market.
A Dutch ilowir market is �� beautiful sijht. stretched a'o: p a canal, under the trees, tended by the quaintly
costumed wi mon of the land. BatTviiits
moored by the water's ed-c, their
masts (ictitly raking the air a- tliey
sway up and down, late arriving btiali
slowly f.'lidiii(: along tlie waterway-.
bringing tiieir gayly colored load* nl
fragile plants and blossoms. The H"i-
land tourist rever forgets the li-h
wives with tlieir baskets, the white
clad cheese weighers of Alwmaar n r
thi tlllip venders of Haarlem. Hut
the best sight Holland has to offer Is
when tlie spring is drifting into r-uin-
mer and ttie Maurlcin bulb lields uie
in  bloom.
The Batter Half Indeed.
A-i Kngiish judge recently had ; n
inspiration. A defendant appeared lot)
dull to make a defence or answer III-
te ligibly questions put to Inm by '. e
Judge; Suddenly the juiL'c s'.id.
"VNhere do you live?" and tlu intelligible reply, "Ahout'five minutes ofl. '
was at once fortlic .ming." "Then ju-l
run home ai.d feteli your wife and :un
a little quicker than you tails." It
��'j^ done, and tiie wife's clear and
business-like statement of tiio tart-
won the day Ior her helpless husband.
Land Registry Ofiice,   New Wesfmtn
ster, B.C., November 20th, 1H12.
In   the  matter of a certain   Agreement of Sale   and   purchase   of   Lot
' numbered Forty (40), in the subdlvis-
| ion of the easterly  part    of    Section
j Thirty-six (36), Hlock Four (4) North,
Range Seven (7) West, New Westmin
ster District, dated the   2nd   day   ot
October,    1911,   and   made   between
James A. McKinney of the one part
and Evans J. Davies of the other part:
Whereas     satisfactory      proof     of
breach of covenants and of re-entry
and recovery of   possession    by   the
1 vendor. James A. McKinney, haa heen
I produced to the Registrar and filed in
' this ofiice.
|    Notice is hereby given that at the
.expiration of thirty days from the date
! of service hereof, 1 shall cancel    th?
| registration of    the    said    agreement
upon the registers of this ofiice,    ln
pursuance ol Section 1G0 ol the "Land
Registry Act," and nthat publication of
this notice for two weeks In a daily
newspaper published   at  the  City  ol
New Westminster, B.C., shall be good
and sufficient service thereof.
District Registrar.
To   Evana   J. Davies,   160    Hasting!
Street Weat, Vancouver, B.C.. and
Room 5, 112A Eighth Avenue East.
Calgary, Alberta. (124)
Cockfighting Among the Greeks.
The sport ol OOckflghting seems t>
have originated with Thi-mistocles'of
Greece. When he was leading an armv
against the Persians he noted two
cocks in a desperate battle. To stimulate the "ouraga.ol his soldiers lie
;*>itited out the bravery of birds, and
having won his battle with the I'er
���.iars, he ordered tlint an annual cock
tight should be held to celebrate hi-
victory. In England ibe records show
Ihat the lirst cocklight took place in
Out of  His  Line.
Crawfoot^I say, if you are so jolln
*mart at problems, toll me bow far
off thunder is when yon hear the lirst
Calculator���I   can't  do  that,  fir.
Crawfoot���You can't?
Calculator���No; I'm the ���lightning
calculator.���London Mail.
Forgot  Himself.
She���My husband is a brnfe.
Friend���All mer) tir" brutes. Aetr.
She���Mine is simply abominable!
I usked him if he did not think ynu
as pretly as I, snd he said "Yes."
Re the northwest quarter of Section
35. Township 13, iu the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certifl
cate of Title Number* 10154F, issued
in the name of John Smith, has been
filed in this office.
Notice la hereby given that I shall.
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof
in a daily newspaper published In ths
City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in
the meantime valid objection be made
to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New  Westminster, B.C.,  November
15, 1912. (9S)
Having One's Doubts.
Tummns���Aye. I'm sometimes disposed tae agree wi' yo that tliere's nt ���
need for everlostin' punishment, but
when I think o' that unpreencipl"d
xcooudrel MeMuckLe I hae my (tool.-!
Local   Improvement Notice.
The Municipal Council of the City ol
New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that lt Is
desirable to carry out tho following
works, that is to aay: To lay Main
Sewers, Laterals and Connections and
works contingent thereto in Section 2.
B. District of the Sapperton Sewerage
Scheme, to which tho ftjllowipg area is
DeBeck street from Cemetery  street
to Columbia street.
Strand street from Cemetery street to
Columbia street.
Alberta street from  Richmond  street
to Columbia street.
Simpson street from Richmond street
to Columbia street.
Keary street from Richmond Btreet to
Columbia street.
Hospital     street   from     Richmond
street to Columbia street.
Sherbrooke    street    from    Colnmbia
The Municipal Council of the City of New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that It Is desirable to carry out the following works, that is to say: To lay Outfall and Trunk Sewers and works contingent thereto in Section 2, of the Sapperton Sewerage Scheme, to which
the following area is tributary:
District A.���
Columbia Street from Cumberland Street to Braid Street.
Keary Street from Columbia Sireet ��0 Brunette Street.
Nelson Street, All.
Spruce Street, All.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to Fader Street
Major Street from Columbia Street to Kader Street.
Braid Str.-et from Columbia Street to Fader Street.
Kader Street from Sherbrooke Street to Urald Street.
Kelly Street from Sherbrooke street to Braid Street.
Brunette Street from Columbia Street to Keary Street.
District B.��� ��
DeBeck Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia StreeL
Strand Street from Cemetery Street to Columbia Street.
Alberta Stieet from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Simpson  Street  from  Richmond Stroet to Columbia Street.
Keary Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
hospital Street from Richmond Street to Columbia Street.
Sherbrooke Street from Columbia Street to 470 feet West.
Knox Street, AH.
Cedar Street, All.
Buchanan Avenue from Hospital Str?et to Sherbrooke Street.
Blair Avenue from Hospital Street to Sherbrooke Street.
District C.���
Eighth Avenue from Richmond Street to 400 feet North of Wlnthrop Street
Richmond Street from Eighth Avenue to Lee Street.
Wlnthrop Street from Richmond Street to Eighth Avenue.
Elmer Street, All.
Burnaby Street, All.
Surrey Street, All. ,
ladner Street, All.
Kent Street, All.
Lee Street, All.
Carnegie Street from Matsqui to 300 <eet North.
Digby Street from Matsqui to 300 feet North.
Coutts Street from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
Macdougal Street from Matsqui Street to 300 feet North.
Tenth Avenue from Matsqui Street to Burnaby Street.
DintHct D.���
Eighth Avenue from William Street to Richmond Street.
Carnegie Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Digby Street from Scott Street to Matsqui Street.
Coutts Street from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street.
Mahoney Street. All.
McDougal Street from Mahoney Street to Matsqui Street
Tenth Avenue from 300 feet South of Chilliwack Street to Matsqui   Street.
Matsqui Street from Eighth Avenue io Tenth Avenue.
Water S��'-'"��t fron W"""m Sf-��"t. to tfcntt Street.
Langley Street from William Street to Scott Street.
Chilliwack Street from William Stre?t to Scott Street.
Scott Street. All.
William Street, All.
District E.���
Richmond Street 150 feet South of Alberta Street to Eighth Avonue.
Archer Street All.
Devoy Street All.
Munday Street All.
Alberta Street from Richmond Street, 708 feet Westward.
Slflles Street from McKay Street to Richmond Street.
School Street. Al).
Sherbrooke Street from Eighth Avenue to Richmond Street
McKay Street All.
District F.���
Rlohwend Street from Cumberland S'reet te 1S�� feet Soutli of Alberta St.
Carroll Street, All.
Harvey Street. All.
Dixon Street All. ���
Fisher Str3*<��t. All.
Cumberlaad Street from Harvey Street te Columbia Street
Aad that the satd works be carr'ed ont ln accordance with the provisions ef the "local Improvement General Bylaw 1��12."
And the City Engtneer and City A ssessor having reported to the Counc'l In ancerdance with the provisions of the said bylaw upon the said works
giving statements showing the amour ts estimated to be chargeable against
the various portions of real property to be benefited by the aald works and
other particulars and the said reports of tha City Engineer and City Asses
soi* having been adopted by tho Courcll.
Notice ls hereby given that, the sild reports are open for Inspection at
the offices of tbe City Assessor, City Hall, Columbia Street, New "Westminster, IJ. C. and that unless a petition i gainst the proposed works abovo mentioned signed by a majority of the owners of the land or real property to be
assessed as charged In respect of sui h works representing at least one-half
ln value thereof Ib presented to the rouncll within fifteen daya from the
date of the first publication of th's nt tice the Council wlll proceed with the
proposed Improvements under such terms and conditions as to the payment
of the cost of such Improvements as ihe Cminell may by By-law In that bo-
half regulate and determine and alHo to make the said assessment
Dated this Twelfth day of November, Hit.
City Clerk.
Date of flrat publication, November 13h, 1312. (70)
Th* regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F��� is held every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Odd Fel-
ldws hall, corner Carnarvon and
Eighth street. Visiting brethem
cordially Invited. C. B. Bryson, N.
Q.; R. A. Merrithew, V. G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.O., recording secretary;
H. W. Sangster, financial aecretary.
at-Law, Solicitor, Etc. 652 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlster-at-
law, aolicltor, etc; corner Columbia
aud McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
solicitor and notary, 611 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. K. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7
and 8, Guichon block, New Westminster. Geerge E. Martin, W. G.
McQuarrie and George L. Cassady.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS���Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
"Whiteside," Western Union. P.O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69. W. J.
Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Trapp block.
minster Hoard of Trade meets In the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday ot each month; quarterly meeting on the IJird Friday of
February, May, AuguBt and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
tbe third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. 8. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Re the southwest quarter of Section
33, Township 10, in the District of
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 7338F, issued in
the name of George Seeley, has been
filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
*t the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, ln a daily-newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless
in the meantime valid objection be
made to me in writing.
District Registrar ot Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 39, 191E.       (1)
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria IS
a. m��� 1 p. m. and 11:46.
Lts ves Vanoouver for Seattle 16
a. m. amt H p. m
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 3
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert and Northern Points 10 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver every Wedneaday at 10 p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Westmlnater I a.m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a.m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
A��ent, New Weetmtnster.
O. P. A.. Vancouver
TWEEO,   IRISH   8ERGE, etc.,   Just
Arrived.    Perfect Fit and Workman-       /.
ahllp Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
��� WEDNE8DAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1912.
He Goes to the Woods to Get a
Tonio For It.
A Suspicious Farmer Orders Him Off
His Premises, and After Their Argument Is Over Bowser Has Lost
His Interest In Herbs.
By Nl. QUAD.
fCooyrlght,  1912, by Associated Literary
Press. J
Mil. BOWSER sat ap In bed and
Tben be gaped.
Tben be ran bis tongue out
and tried to see It
Tbeu he got out of bed grudgingly
aud sighed aud grunted ami groaued
all the time be was dressing.
Then he slumped downstairs like a
sulky boy, and, taking u seat at tbe
breakfast table, be looked around wltb
��� disgusted air.
"Don't you feel well?" asked Mrs.
"My darned old blood must be out of
"1 tblnk you ougbt to let up on smoking for a week or so and get the nicotine out of your system."
"Wbat bas smoklug to do wltb It?"
be at once demanded.
"1 think you smoke too mucb. It mav
be, however, that yon have grown too
fnt again."
"Too fat again! When waa I ever too
fat before? There Isn't .an ounce of
eitra fnt on me, and you know It Tou
seem to want to pick a fuss tbls morning."
"1 don't wish that, of course, hut If
1 were you I'd get a tonic or something. I'm quite sure your blood ts out
of order."
His Own Diagnosis.
Mr. Bowser looked at bts tongue In
tbe gltiHs over tbe mantel, dallied with
a pimple on his chin and Anally turned
and observed;
"What's the matter wltb me ls that
1 need an old fashioned tonic made of
roots. It's vvortb forty times anything
a doctor cun prescribe.    I  lined lo nl-
ways dig tbe roots for mother when 1
���was s boy. Sbe made a sort of beer
of It rnd It was the greatest thing for
the blood you ever sjiw."
"Well, you might engage a farmer to
dig you aome roots," suggested Mrs.
Bowser, though feellug certalu In ad
���unce of bis answer.
"I tblnk I see myself! I don't care
to die of poison Just yet Whst 1 propose to do Is to tuke the day oft and
go out after my own route. I want
dandelion, aaraaparllla. aa**a free, sweet
neely. splcebuah and several otber
kinds, and lhe welk wlll also do me
good. I can show tbe rook bow to
make a keg of beer, and It'll be tbe
thing for both of n��"
������Very well, but of coorae you II be
careful. It Is msny years alnce you
*ere a boy."
������Yes. a thousand or more!* be ssr
castlcally replied after a glpre at ber
"It ynu didn't lake advening* of every
possible occasion to rail me a relle of
the Mayllower you wouldn't be bappy
However. If I dou't biip|HMi to know
eitrsiipurllla from thhrtle I'll take tbe
An Auspleieus Start.
Mra. Bowser bad polhlng further ����*
aay. while lhe eai got ��>P wltb a solemn'
look on ber tail and Mr. Bower-
<louned an old suit of elothes eud got
a hnsket and a spade knd stsrted out
on bis trip. He looked quite bnnpy ss
be fairly got sisrtwl. and He paid no
intention to Ibe two or ibree wicked
l��,v* who yelled after him and warn**
to know If be was going out to dig ror
woodchuoke. A yellow car waii soon
speeding Mm eountryward. and bis
*gy feeling wss quickly "?""���* b' "
picnlcky one. He enjoyed every m<>
ment of tbe run to tht lermlnna. snd
be would have June on looking for
,t,mehlrds If the eondwtor hadn't poked
t,l�� nose In. He was a man working
tor S1.W a day and conseqnentiy had
un sentiment ahoni him. .
���Yon don't expect to flnd clams ont
this way. do y��n.r be asked a* Mr
Bowser goi off the eat
-Who said r dldf was the reply.
������Nobody.   I only Judged ����� "����� '��"r
looks   Yon'H b* dfceiilipinte.1. old ">�� ���
|��ed io he mlllVm" nf Vm roosllng In
the trees, but lm epidemic of whnop-
Tn cough cam, ft* n��d choked Vm
o des b    Tou inlBhttun down a mud
iSSTsSSiISA P-nchln. th.
man's hend. Then be suddenly real
lzed that It wax all Mr* Bowsers tuuli
snd that he'd make her p:iv for It when
he got bome. mid be picked up bis titen.
slls aud Journeyed ou lle saw robin*
flitting, aud he found uiudllules twenty
feet across. He saw luiulm frisking,
and he fell off a fence uud split tils
coat up tbe hack.
Baek to Nature.
It was only after an hour's wnlk
that Mr. Bowser gained the primeval
forest. It wns primeval because there
wus ns much as Ihrpe ai'res of It. und
the acres were under mortgage altogether and under wuter to a large extent Flowever, It wns In the primeval
forest that be used lo dig roots when
be was a bounding boy. and he looked
around blm with expectancy. The mud
dried on bis eyebrows and the wuter
squashed out of his shoes as he searched around, but be didn't permit tbose
trifling Incldcutx to interrupt the harmony of the occasion, tt was only
wben be paused before a milkweed
plant tbat was getting ready for a
boom tbat be begun to doubt hls knowledge of rootology. tie wus digging It
ui to see wbetber It was sarsuparllla
or sweet flag wben tbe old farmer who
owned tbe primeval, subject to mortgage, came that way looking for a
stray hog.
"What ye lookln' for?" he queried,
with suspicion in his tones.
"Boots." brusquely replied Mr. Bow-
ser-"root* to make a beer for the
"And do ye wnnt milkweed and
skunk's cabbage to make yer tonic?
Them's the only kind as grows arouud
bere. Wbo be ye anyhow?"
"My nnme Is Bowser."
"I never beard of It before, but l
don't like tbe sound of It. Sounds like
tbe name of a man who'd steal bogs.
I'd mucb oblepged to ye If ye'd root
yerself out of this!"
"1 want to flnd some roots." protested Mr. Bowser as he'choVed bis anger
back-"s��rsuparills. splcehush. sassafras, and so fortb. You must bnve
heard of root beer. Our mothers used
to moke us drink it for tbe blood, you
"Yes. I may hev," replied the farmer,
"but I've also heard of bog thieves.
I've missed a spotted bog. and If ye've
stole hlm I'll roller ye to state nriRon!
Git outer my woods or it'll be the wuss
ror ye!"
"I won't do Itr
���Then I'll muke yer'
The Combat.
There  was a  monal combat    The
rarmer wns the oldest nnd bad a bow
to his back, but  Mr. Bowser bnd leRS . .
wind and more tat to make It an even |*rognnua.
thing.    They  struck   and  kicked  and
pulled balr ror ten minutes and then
bucked away to yell at eacb other:
"You InfeTpal old hayseed!"
"You blamed hog stealer!"
"You ought to hnve your bead knocked off!"
"And yon orter be In Jail!"
Then   Mr.  Bowser  leaned agnlnst a
tree to show that he couldn't be bluffed, and tbe farmer sat down on a log
to show that be couldn't be scared off
his own rnrm.    After glaring at each
other ror ten minute* Mr  Bowser said:
Tm  out  here after roots, and   I'm
going to git >m."
���Clt era and be hanged to yen
There hain't any around here that
hain't plien. Make beer or 'em and
drink one glass and you'll bust up like
a bller!"
Mr.   Bowser  considered   tbe  matter
and then decided t�� abandon his quest
���You'd lietter go home and sonk your
bend!" said lb* farmer ss tbe root digger moved off. .        _,
-Don't ansa me or HI H'k ye sgaln.
Tho Retreat
Our hero hnd been rolled In the mock
and he bad fsllen into ponds of water,
and he was an ohh-t of rldk-ule and
���     It wns
fProfesaor MetchnlkofT declare* that the
g��rm which I* lo overcome the process of
senile decay  Id man Is found  to the Interior economy of the dog |
Dear Homo, 1* It really true
That If your well loved torm I sever
1 shull locale a germ In yuu
By which I may exist forever?
Bo says I'rofeasor MeichnikofT,
Father of many a Drilham notion.
And since, ll seems, sour milk la "oft,"
Suppose I try nis latest polion.
Though naturally I should pause
I'n-line accomplishing your section,
i own I never yel had cause
To doubi your deep und true affection.
You  scarce   would  grudge your  priceless
Despite unpleasant complication*
Or bougie o'er this tl It le rift
Within the lute ot our relations.
That germ to you 1* little use.
fou   soon   must   paa*   through   death'*
dark portal.
While I have got the grand excuse
That It wlll render me Immortal.
Tour fate, becauae your love la strong.
ls one that you ahould gladly rush on.
Come, Ponto, 1 wlll not prolong
This rather harrowing discussion.
���C B. B. In London Evening News.
The Island of Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on the
mountain-tides of Ceylon.. The native purity and garden-
freshness of this superb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
Black, Green or Mixed
From a Nsw Angle.
"I hear you've hired au eighty-year-
eld veteran as office boy!"
"1 bave. But It's no Improvement
Duiing tbe baseball season he's all the
time asking for an afternoon off to attend bis granddaughter's funeral."���St
Louis I'ost- Despatch.
No Help For Him.
The eminent specialist leaned back
In bis cbalr.
"Wbnt you need, my friend." be said.
"Is broadening of vision.    Tou should
read more.   You should read Ibe opinions of leading writers on the current
eventa of tbe world.    Your   mind  Is |
Tbe |ietty   battening* of |
tbe little sphere In  which  you  move
have dulled your mentality.    I advise
you to rend tbe newspapers snd  become familiar wltb dully happenings.
May I a*k your business?"
Tbe patient sadly smiled.
"I'm nn eschunge editor." he replied
and   drifted   awuy.-Cleveland   I'lain
Thinking It Over.
"Ma rangbi pa kissing the hired girl."
������What's sbe gulug to do about It V"
"That's   Ibe   trouble.     Kbe   doesn't
know.    Hhe cant  wake up  her  mind
whei her to get rid it pn or the blred
girl     Sometlme-H *be ssy* sbe  l blnks
sbe cau gel a new husband easier than
sbe can get a uew servanf-Deiroli
Free Pres* ���
Nice Distinction.
"How do yon tell the difference between s yacbt and a sailboat?" said
the girl wltb tbe Inquiring mind. "Bv
lookln' Into tbe pantry." replied Captain Cleet "if she carries plenty of
refreshments and aeegara ebe'a a
vacbt If It's mosfty plain vlctuaia
she's a sailboat"- Washington Star.
inl vai: ��� Closing:
0:60���Vancouver via 0. N. R.
 % 23:00
11:45��� Burnaby Lake and Vancouver via B. C E. R... 7:45
16:45���Vanoouver   via   O. N. R.
(dally except Sunday). 14:20
: 40���Vancouver via B. C. K. R.
(dally except Sunday).11:16
t2:00���Vaneouver via. B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday).16:0C
(8:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday).2v:80
10:00���Port Mann  (dally except
Sunday)   9:45
l:40���Victoria via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday).11.IE
0:30���Barnston Islands arrlvea
Tuesday, Thuraday and
Saturday, and leaves
Monday, Wednesday
and Priday 13:13
10:60���Victoria via O. N. R.
(daily except Sunday).20:30
18:00���Edmonds and Central
Park (dally except Sunday)   16:00
16:16���Crescent. Whlto Rock and
Blaine    (daily    except
Bunday)  9:4E
11:20���Tynehead   (Tueaday   and
Krldav)  14:00
18:10���Abbdtslord, Upper Sumas,
Matsqui, Huntingdon,
etc. (dally exoept Sunday) 7:13
16:15���United Btate* via O. N. R.
(dailv evcoor Sundav)..16:0(
6:16���Hall's Pralrle, Fern Ridge
and   Hazlemere   (daily
except Sundav 1 9:45
11:50���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills dally except
Sunday)   7:15
7:30���United Statea via Q. N. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9 45
20:4ft- -Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally exeept Sunday). 17:80
11:20���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O. N. R. (daily except  Sunday).. 14:00
11:20���Abbotsford, Huntingdon,
via B. C. E. R. (dally
excent Sunday)   17:30
20:40���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
2:00���Fraser   Arm    and     Alta
Vista and Oakalla ....23:00
11:50���All points east and Europe (dally) 7:15
18:10���Sappertrn and Fraser
Mills     (dally      except
Sunday)  13:15
9:26���All points east and Europe  (dally)   [13:15
11:50���Coquitlam   (dally   except
Sunday) 7:15
12:00���Central Park, MeKay and
Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       H.u
���: 00���Ladner, Port Oulchon,
Westham Island, Bun
Villa 13:15
13:00���East burnaby (dally except Sunday)  13:00
.0:00���Timberland (Tuesday and
Friday)    18:30
10:00���Annieville   and   Sunbury
(daily except Sunday) .13:15
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
16:46���Vancouver, Piper's siding via 0. N. R.
(dally except Sunday)..14:20
tl: 20���Chilliwack,    Milner,    Mt.
Lehaaa. Aldergrove, Otter.   Shortreed,   Surrey
Centre.Cloverdale, Langley Pralrle. MurrayvlUe,
Strawberry  Hill, South
Westminster,       Clover
Valley,   Coghlan,   Sardis,    Sperling   Station,
Dennison Station, Brad-
ner,    Rellerose, vta  B.
C. E.  R.  (dally except
Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Bat-
day       14:00
COAL MINING rights of the Dominion ln Manitoba, Saakatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territorlea and in a portion of the province of British Columbia, may be Ieaaed tor a term ef twenty-one years at an annual rental of
fl an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which tbe rights applied fer are
In surveyed territory the land must
he described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and ln unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant Himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall be paid on the merchantable output of tbe mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The leaae will Include the ceal mining rights only, but the leasee will be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for the working of the mine
at tbe rate of 810 an acre.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Domin.-l Landa.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication ot
thle  advertisement vslU not be paid
remark on the ear going lack. It wn*
atKMit 4 o'clock wlien a deleWwt ��l
lapidated something appeared in the
front hall of the Bowser mansion wttb
oot having rnnc lhe Ml Mrs. Bow
���er looked st It. end the cat looked at
nd while IheJT were ***** *"*P**
tt   suddenly
snd wondering It suddenly ntllred
these words:
"Woman, you* murderous t��'������ bus
been laid ban- in *���* <��* wickedness,
and yon and I will nave a settlement
this evenlnt:!" .
Then ll drafted Mself upstair*, and
tbe est winked nl >'->��� Bowser and
Mr*. Bowser smiled IU return.
Strange. *
It Is strange that so manv men ���
tim*e loola ttt meweelve" when .*
there sre so many otber*.who e
desire lo do the Job fof them- #
Chicago Record Herald. ���
Qure Enough.
Cbnrch-The Eeklnm ��f�� hi* doctor a fee a* ***** a* tie cornea. If the
patient wover* It le kept: It not It ��
returned. R-_
Oothsm-Bnt If Be ratnmaM *��*
doe* be know where to send '�����-
Yonkers HUteeman.
-Henee to Whom Moneir*-^
"Coliimbn* 4����>orered America,    re.
cited the yonthfni ei��d��t.   "T��. �����
son." replied Mr I*"*"" "��$,**
lumbus discovered AWiert.a. Imi M took
, few men like your tellier to put ��be
dlwotery iw a bis **tm *���<"��� -
Washington "����r^	
He Wea WHe.
"tieorge tVa��hl����t,Hi never told a lie.
It dues not seem |KX��lhle."
"lie knew M **'M ** of'"*
"How nAT*' '
"He married a widow, and row ��*��*
lie io a widow and fel ewaf arUs. If"
-Texas Poet ��� ������-- ~
This Enouoh.
grott-Jonea says ibat he cleared be-
tween flve and six hundred on thst
stock deal of hla. I wonder If It's s*
Mott-Oh. ye*, he made between SS
and tm. The exact amount I believe, was SS-Tb.- Boeton Transcript
"If yon don't stop nagging me. Emile. 1 shall, shisit myself thl* very mln-
"Yes. that* Just like yon. when yoo
know how iiervmi* I am when I hear
��� *bot"-Tlt-Blt*.
Never Finished.
"Yon *ay you have pluved Hnmletr
"Yes "
"How lonFr*
"Well. I've played It a* long as aa
tveir and a half ome or twlce',-.ritta!.
burgh I'oi*. "
- Hap W *terted.. .
The ancient king hsd cast the Israel
lies lino tbe llery furon.-e.      ^
������Is It hoi epougb ror your* be yelled.
WhereuiHin he lieen me known-n�� the
enieleet de*|iot In history.-rMilwaukee
. Not en Expansive Sum.
Illcke-Don't you find your flat eery
Wlcke-No. Yoo aee. I *��� ���'way*
lived within my Income, no I'm need
to cramped quartofre. - Boetoo Tran-
scrlpt ..v      ;       '
Net le Oeer��e.
Madge-What mak* yoo aay tba
golf Is a stupid garnet ......
Mnrjorte-I went out to lhe links
with George, and he paid more atten
tion to the old ball thao he did to m*-
Puclt ��   ���
Paw Knows Bwerythlni.
Wtllle-Paw. what doee taass temperature meant :>7L��aamA   A.A
raw-It meana the dadfotted. dad-
Misted' temperature we ere baring
theae daya.-Ctocluoatt Eu��otl��c.
Who is Your Customer?
LJAVE you ever met your real customer?
��� * Have your salesmen a speaking* acquaintance with him ? Have you told him
about the merits of your product ? Have
you explained why he should give your
goods the preference ? Have you done anything to stimulate his desire for your goods?
In short, ha\e you made any attempt-
whatever to sell your goods to him ?
"Moat assuredly." you say. "Every
dealer In Canada ia known to our travelers, and we certainly wouldn't pay
a salesman who couldn't tell our customers all "
One minute, please. The dealer lan't
your customer. He's simply a part of
your sales organization, and a dqpid-
edly independent part of lt at that.
He la distributor for other concerns in
whose goods he la Just as much interested as he Is ln yours. And he isn't*
particularly Interested ln your pro-,
duct, any more than ln your competl-
The dealer realizes that he eaa
serve six who order their goods by
a well known trade name as quickly
as he can serve one to whom he has
to demonstrate that s product la
. Tour real customer ls the Publlc���
the Public who wear your clothing,
eats your pickles, uses your safety
rasor. You've got to aell your goods
to the Public.      j
When the user wants your goods
and won't take any other���then you
are Independent of all but him, your
real customer.
To make the user want your goods,
you must do two things.
(1) Produce an article of value.
(2) Tell him what you make, and
why be should prefer lt.
That's advertising.
When are the makers of piano ac-
tlona, for example, going to discover
tbat they do not know their real customers; and, what ls worse, that their
real customers do not know them?
So the publlc have to buy pianos ln
blind Ignorance of the quality of ths
most important mechanioal part of the
piano. ���
What Is It going to be worth to the
plano-actlon maker who flrat discovers
that hia real cuatomer la the public,
and not the pianq manufacturer who
Incorporates the action Into tbe complete instrument?
Advloe regarding your advertising problems Is available through any
recognised Canadian sdvertlslng agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian Prase Association, Room SOS Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry Involvee no ebllgetlon on your part���so write, If Interacted.   .
.fi tm
ll-    f
"PAV   feASH   IT   WILL   rtkY
AlfotMs week we will have
with, us -Mra.. Healy, demonstrating Rnijway's Teas and Coffees.
Conwjjirvai}^ .pay her a visit and
incideiA&llj'iftmpect our store.
Oncf- Aialn and for the last time
we will sell B. C. Cream 3 cans
for 25c
Salmon, large cans, regular 15c,
today 2 for 25s
Raisens, 16 ounce packages,
3 for   25c
Tomatoes 2 tins for 25c
These are three pound cans.
40 oz. Bottles of Pickles today,
each     25s
No. 1 Cooking Apples, box $1.23
New Swiss Cheese, a splendid
cut, per lb.   35c
Oregon Cream Cheese, lb. ..403
Limberger Cheese,, one Ib. 35c
Two pounds 65;
English Stilton Cheese, lb. 60s
Roguefort Cheese, per Ib. ..60;
Edam Cheese, per Ib 35:
14 lb. Boxes Butter, each $4.70
Public Supply Stores
Reflect a minute. Try to recall
cases wliich have come under
your observation where persons
who owned property died without leaving a will? What happened? How often was the estate depleted by legal entanglements? How often were rela-
lativ?s embittered and estranged?'    '���'
To make a will is �� precaution
no wise man will neglect. It i.s
a precaution, too, that need cost
him nothing. Where this company is appointed executor we
pay all legal expenses connected with the drawing of the will.
Our charges for carrying out
thu provisions of the will are
very moderate. They amount
to only a small commission on
the revenue derived from the
If you have not already made
a will, or If you have appointed
some private individual as executor, we think you will be interested in our booldet.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000 00
Fraser Hotel (j\f[
Meals at all hours. We serve
the best t'.ie market supplies
11 BEGBIE Street
Weather Today.
Victoria, Nov. 26���The weather fore
cast for the lower mainland durlffg th"
next twenty-four hours is as follows
Light   to moderate   winds,   generally
fair, stationary or higher temperature
Secure tickets now for the Sins of
Scotland dance Friday. (166)
A meeting of the Ladies Aid of the
Olivet Baptist church will be held at
the home of Mrs. .1. Travers, 330
Fourth sireet, this afternoon at 3
A. Hardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Blehth Street Bakery.
Telephone 2S1. (9)
Mr. W. Turnbull, of the Dominion
customs department, has been transferred from White Rock, where he ha3
been stationed for some time, to the
position of chief clerk in the customs
office in this city. ��� ,
After November 28 you will find u��
in the big Westminster Trust Build
711 Columbia street. W. E. Sinclair,
the shoeman. (152)
A paving gang began laying the
stone, setts on McKenzie street, between Front and Columbia yesterday.
A few days will see the work completed.
The Walsh Sash and Door Co. have
been obliged to run nights to keep u,p
to their orders. (122)
J. B. Agden, the C. P. R. brakenv-in
who was injured at Sapperton on Monday evening, is progressing rapidly towards recovery and will be permitted
to leave the Royal Columbian hospital
in a few days.
Why does John Rindal, the tailor,
sell a first class $40.00 suit for $30.00'
Because the location of his business Is
out of the high rent district John
Rindal, 612 Carnarvon. (65)
Mr. J. II. Turner, agent general for
the province in London, has acknowl
edged the receipt of considerable information and data sent to him by Mr.
K. Myers, secretary of the Progressive
association, some time ago.
The work on the eight inch emerg
ency water main laid across the Lulu
Island bridge to supply the residents
of Queensborough and Richmond was
practically completed last night and
tlie water will be turned on some tim<��
this morning.
The seventh annual convention of
the Woman's Missionary Society of
the New Westminster district will be
held in Queens Avenue Metiiodisi
church, beginning al 2:no. Mrs. J. J.
Ashton. district organizer, will preside.   Tea will be served at 6 o'cIocK.
Doors, windows and frames made
while you wait, at Walsh Sash and
Door Factory,    l'hone 413. (122)
Mr. J. J. Randolph, district chief
ranger of the A. O, F.. was in Nanaim
on Monday night where he-instituted
the Pride of the West lodge, the first
female juvenile lodge to be instituted
in B. C. The occasion was marked by
a great gathering. He returned here
The anniversary of St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal church was celebrated yesterday with a grand social
<ir.G sale of work. The sale started a*.
3 .i clock and continued rifeht through
until 9. Many useful and fancy article?
were auctioned off and the proceeds
reached a sum well up to expectations.
Si.pper was served b.v the members
of the Ladies' Society during the even
After November 28 you will find ifs
in the big eWstminster Trust Build
ing, 711 Columbia street. W. E.. Sinclair, the shoeman. (152)
Allocations    of    Coquitlam    Council's
Adoption of New Principle Overriding Dominion Laws.
The arbiters In the Sinclair vs. Co-
quitldm municipality arbitration case
recently awarded Mr. William Sinclair
$1116 as* the value of the piece of nib
land on Lake Como road expropriated
for road purposes. From this wan
deducted $500 as the enhanced value
of Mr. Sinclair's land through the
formation ot the road.
Mr. Sinclair assumes that the council ha- adopted the principle introduce^ by the award of assessing
land for what he describes as "supposed improvements by the formation
of a road." He writes: "Although my
land has a frontage on the road of
half a mile lt contains less than one-
fourth of a quarter section or a depth
of about ten chains." At the rate
levied a full quarter section would be
liable to a tax or $2000 and a full section would produce a revenue of $8000,
according to Mr. Sinclair's calculations.
He further alleges that the I^ak-3
Como road ls practically impassably
towards the Junction, and that the
Western Canada Power company, Who
built it, could not haul their materials
over it owing to the steepness of the
gradients. They had to make a detour
of ten miles via Port Moody and th"
Forks to reach a point one mile arid
a half from the Junction.
In Mr. Sinclair's judgment the arbiters' award is a clumsy attempt to
thrust aside the Dominion law relating
tn roads formation and an invasion of
the province of the assessor of taxes
who was the only lawful authority in
valuing improvements upon property.
weather as were other contractors
holding city jobs every dry minute
was taKen advantage of any witb the
assistance of a relay of heavy moto.-
trucks transporting material the work
was carried through In an expeditious
The connecting up of various sidewalks and the removal of earth and
refuse is all that now remains to be
done and with good weather the street
wlll soon have an appearance equal
to the best In the city.   .
Messrs. Peck, Reid and Thornber Complete Their Terma���No Opinion
on Re-election.
With the automatic closing of the
terms of Messrs. J. Reid, J. Thornber
and J. W. Peck at the end at this
year, three trusteeships on the schoo',
board will be open for contestation al
the coming municipal elections. The
trustees, whose number is seven, ar��
elected on two year terms. Three are
elected one year and four the yeai
following,, so that there aro always a'
least three members *of one year's
standing on the board.
Interviewed yesterday Trustee J. W.
Peck stated that he had not decided
whether he would stand for another
term or not. Mr. J. Reid and Mr. J.
Thornber, the other retiring members,
have expressed as yet no opinion as
to whether they will be out for
honors this year again.
Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Gilley, Messrs.
T. J. Trapp and Dr. Oreen are the
members of the board who have still
another year.
Foreman   Sustains   Broken   Leg   .ami
Bruises When Log Rolls.
Robert Burns, one of the foremen
of the Small and Bucklin lumber mills
bad one of his legs broken and an
arm badly bruised as the result of an
accident early yesterday.
Burns, it Is understood, was directing a gang of Japanese who were en*
gaged in moving a large log, when he
got in the way of the moving timber
and sustained the injuries.
He was taken to the Royal Columbian hospital where it was stated las'
night that though his hurts would
necessitate a king stay in the hospita"
I !3  condition  was not  serious.
T " # ' *f SUITS
Ladies' and   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  .75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R271
Wilh the exceptions of a few odd
job3 here and there, the paving of
First street, between Sixth and Royal
avenues, work on which was started
about thc middle of August by J.hi
Bitulithic Paving company was practically completed yesterday and the
highway, which has been closed since
that time will be opened again within
the next two days.
Taking into consideration the fact
that the work was held up practically
a month on account of wet weather
the work has been executed In a remarkably short time and is cons'd^red
a record for any similar stretch of
paving done in the city. Though the
company was handicapped by the wet
Tonight in St. George's hall Major
John F. Clum is billed to give an
illustrated travel talk under the aus
pices of Holy Trinity A. Y. P. A. Major
Clum has had a varied experience
ranging from life in Tombstone. Arizona, in gold rush days, to planting
post offices In Alaska.
His slides oovor the Canadian
Rockies, the glaciers, our own Ii. ('.
Uie Yosemite, the Yellowstone Nation
nl park and are practieuliiriy strong
on the present and the past In Call
fornin. In addition there are moving
ploturel ot such scenes as the
Shriners' procession In Lus Angelgg
ami iho Portland Itose festival.
It seems probable thai most peonl
who have Been or hope    to    sec    thc
scenery Of this continent will wish to
have a Irr'.- ill the pictures.
Admission is free, this being thr>
lirst or a Series of frtioli evenings dur
lng the winter to be arranged by Holy
Trinity young peonl". The second
will take place In January, being an
Illustrated talk on B. C. history by
Judge Howay.
With the exception of the installation of the healing and electric wiring
systi-ms the construction of the new
Lord Lister school at Sapperton has
been practically completed.
The heating nnd wiring work will
cost $12,000 and a permit for this
amount was taken out by the board of
school trustees yesterday. This brings
the total expenditure for the. school up
to $47,000, contracts to the extent of
$.15,000 being given for the construe
The heating and wiring systems will
be installed at once as it is .hoped to
have the building in readines3 for occupation about Christinas.
A discount of 33 1-3 per cent, will be
given on all orders.   This discount is
for ten days only.
Room 6
Collister Block
���OF OUR���
Chocolates andjBon Bons
Today ? As a toothsome confection there's nothing sweeter
or purer.
They are always fresh, beautifully boxed and come In half
and one pound boxes.
Try them today.
Druggist and Optician
Westminster Trust Block
These Are All in Good Locations
and Are Good Investments at the
Prices they can be Bought for Now
Hlddlebro Succeeds Goodeve.
Ottawa. Nov. 2fi.���W. s. Hlddlebro.
M.P. for North Grey, was today select
ed chief whip of the Conservatives. Ho
succeds Mr. A. E. Goodeve. ex-M.t*.,
now a railway commissioner. Tin?
Liberals will have their first caucus
of the session tomorrow.
135ft��� FIFTH 8TREET near Eighth
avenue; 50x122 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third, cash.
1195���SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
street; two lots; upper side; 60x13')
all cleared and graded; price $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
66 foot lot in good location; Just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; 50x153
each; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
W�� write Fire, Life, Accident, Employ eis' Liability.   Automobile
and Marine Insurance
The Queen's Meat Market
,  , Formerly on Columbia Street, has been
Re-Opened in the Mandeville Block
���     ' With a full line of
All Kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats
Our driver will call for your order.
1113 Sixth Avenue. (78) pi,... �������
Phone R509
Mr. Fisherman���Four Reasons
YOU want to be prepared for the large catch next year.   The
surest way ls to buy a Reliable, Common Sense Engine.
ARE built to run on CHEAP TUEL and will   run   continuously
under any weather conditions.
LESS ruel Is used on a "YALE" per horse power than any othei
Engine on the market.
ENGINE bed ls extended to hold Reverse Gear   which   allows
the Reverse Gear to be always ln line with the Engine, thrust
also comes on engine bed instead or Reverse Gear.
Fall in line and purchase a "1913" "YALE."
The Schaake Machine Works
Our lines comprise Stoves. Ranges, Heaters, Kitchen Utensils in
iron, tin and enamelware, Dishes, Glassware, Furniture, Furnishings
Linoleums, Floor Oil, Etc., Etc. Sewing Machines and OfTice Furniture.
We will sell you for cash or will furnish your house for a small
payment down, balance paid monthly.
Corner of  12th  Street and  Sixth  Avenue
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster. B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinas and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimensions.
Now ia the time to build for-sale or rent while price* are low
W. R. OILLEY, Phone 122.
a E. OILLEY, Phene 291.
Phones, Office 16 and It.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
6-Room Cottage
on Twelfth Street
Between 5th and 6th Avenues.   Modern
conveniences.   Lot in bearing Fruit Trees.
$3750 Easy Terms.
628 and 741 Columbia Street, Phene 85., Nsw Westmlnater, B. C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656
63 Sixth Street


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